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Title: Gainesville Daily Sun
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Title: Gainesville Daily Sun
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Creator: Gainesville daily sun
Publisher: H.H. McCreary
Place of Publication: Gainesville, Fla.
Publication Date: July 24, 1904
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Alachua -- Gainesville
Coordinates: 29.665245 x -82.336097 ( Place of Publication )
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Volume ID: VID02000
Source Institution: University of Florida
Holding Location: University of Florida
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6L-' A-W 9

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.f l t; ." -' ^ J .- ? ". -. ._
-*. '"=: -- C : -*1 _- --; .-_:-* .

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lug^~ t fII M I ew the pskar oo of the most
]IlgWE--.I-- -jar- ..a .06 out-
and Wbo; Ib^ tey stw ih
i --2---^,^- _-. ; ;.^. i--! -:-l tewM ,ldtr wlth .t e atood out.

The privilege C arbitrafto within the
time limit of 41 daym overs the Qqumw
^ -.-:-:----- .---. t--at- e-a-.natfio- only and is in
nway-I:n n d -. no wy nno guarantee to the

"- '-: _-..., " - --. u. o h -t js -UfI: . ..
% hmn"O--,.N.wSi: n tk e-m*lTaes that they win be

S.-.m :m t u L e t "' --" --" -
azes omn and gieen the powa "e
Sawmdaw Wy-
.4" A-fter
!. I -r

.nozwm-.C-US ou- Phekt- n ou ,ek7 t aft.,
--4 ad

'- .-zl """"'- -g--ve
--^- A.LL rTuht e pecer agreed to replace the
._. 1.1 i..- 4. with. -_ ftout dicrmtnton. They
i'-..-i 6- "- y I -_.... US *Ordr, god that the men should report for
*.ei- ----.--- work and be twake back. oInstead of
Ja "- f-l r-fle strike ber ongher with check thie morn-
i g .g when the men went, back to work, --w.N.. r wor they were m et by ar sup w iohtndet or
--?- ethnt by -- policeman" who picked out certain
.I".S .--n-t. :, -. men ad i toldthem to go and get their
a i.-- ft t he. bhecks. They told others to go home,
t _t -- -. that they aid not knpw when they
SDo.m neflyo aDth-eto e y wouldbe eeded. was a plain
-. vdl-m s-.:--i p-lkop t -- on of our agreement. I called
^ttte: dUep affected by the previo u Mr. Connersc of Armour & Co. and
out-- ,ea ewimastold him the agreement wa being vlio
^ ^~ralout tie, _departmeDo"
fe. _. Compa e qrnkaa aty so; that the men wBay refuse to
Mieae Noamei' gam D ak hot 1 diI that as wOi
t- '.nal Bt at CurW aM Ruitttbt Wm tk a the men had repored from the
"- -o yatds what was being done there.
.At .muvd to Work. Mr. Conners wanted me to come t m-
S*a_ - .y me_-diately to. see him and show bow
Mo"- &A" ttli bw-mr r '--te.d-'N xe ~ebXh -1- tk
..-e -i ..wh te_ s reported tm agresant was being violated. I
t, s tho -b kmv for wark.e f -told him that there was no chance to
;-- h. aRt- thqre mbendid o basin.s wi-th him until the other
W- ._ -. _br[ .u -rpu -n o.- vn wunkd ~U
-I fntSwo tOt Wrk TMd tr ady. hs been repre-sented.e
l:ifted I& a -body at their union hnaul-
q-_-ter -r a MayorH arrison Recalled.
The general order fEw a renewal of Immediately upon hearing tkat the
-the strike was soon ortou Ing- strike bhad been renewed. tegtramns
f l'Bi e e imned iat p rovocston -o0 were sent by City Comptroller Me-
eew-- of the strike wa pan xt to recall Mayor Harrison to the
the f-ilun of the packers to take back city. The mayor had gone on a va-
a BMi er proportion Lof the str ked catie m after the strike had been ap-
l- .reported for wotk to4ay. the real pareutly settled. He left for Mar-
--cae 9f the rupto was iafen e to Quette,. Mich.,, whee heo weas to take a
7-e a cirWisr bused yesterday by the boat teja"
C 1^ Ta- rpc Not slice tdo bijnnhhing of the strike
explain to the public the agreement had such activity been observed in the
eatmie into with the labor leaders. stock yards. When the whistles blet
MeealbgIythe cirurCUcoald bewkake for the men to enter, the crowds had
t as Implying that agrement did not begun to gather at the various gates.
NW the packmr to re-employ all of Rxchange avenue was necked with hurn
the mae whe walked out The eon- salty. There were few cases of per.
autmetlo- the lasbor sliders had placed soatd violence -on the part of strike
arms ia. wemeut was that aii should sympathlzers. though the strikers,
be r*-emfloed within 45 *ays. heeding President DNanelly's advice
Cotfd Nt Tke Al avoid trouble. let nonunion moM
-We th 3,000 buchr 4. t as generally without molestation.
^wM ul 39 ^ ^9att ther ^The strikers, when they appeared
kaMIser. Wet 1330 tfl yards here to at ti packing houses, carried their
Si* to taMo their old p15mm, th gen tol and overalls and were In fiee

at gpeetig rcqre vd wa: -W e uam- hu,,or. When the men found that
flt tate b6A nwe that half tb revs the packers expected to take back only
S rfqrct." Immedately there wasp a sal proportion, the smiles changed
=-OM A-:- "U -- a" d-s c ka. plto
.. w-. .dsla .ocg an,4 d..Ifp-' to frownsJ A committee was quickly
p-latment The men held a- confer,. appointed and was sent to Interview
.- l "of -a. lmpnmmptu nature and Pack tn house superintendent&.
ache an.mS enti to at -s A Hows of Ra Went Up.
UK- t atL- "You must take us all Tommittee returned with long
... -:or .w -m ..reply o.f the f t cesand reported the decision. Howls men., The packers refused to a mgme went up. and the packers were
" .ee -to ths.. and a committee was eursed- roundly. Then tbe great army
r- Sot to see Preident Donnelly. The of .trihte turned and filed out of the




Taoinn of Anglo-Ran Sit.

nation Is RelievS


Said that Russia Has bmtted to

British .Govemnment

Which, If Acceptable, Will
as Dasis for Adjustment


yrtary Sa ad by- n P fl -
Ca oPSRY, the omm. 4 t" p
that there iaS as ft a
board, a stataeat flick h &1U*ti
wanrueant aDms &bon t" tM
AP da v -UW
alugof the amI.s ao w
-m' awaiting a verileat t (he
^inpinrs statement.

Nuss Celde. Ifts Wrok on Beard
Tax Act
Atlanta July 23.-The house Cos-
eled Its work on the geerial tax set
yesterday and passed the bill by a
vote of 99 to 1. Mr. Hall voting against
it because the house bhad refused to
adopt his occupation tax amendment.
The feature of the .-session wa the
debate on the occupation tax amend.
meat This amendment proposed to
put a tax of one-tenth- of I per cent
O the captol stock of foreign eor
porations used In this state, which car-
ry on business in Georgia. It provP
ded for the same kind of a tax as the
xup noent to the general tax __bill of -
fered two years ago and passed by
the house. but defeated by the senate,
only the tax was not quite so large as
that then proposed.
The "money lenders" bill drawn by
Attorney LUnton Hopkins on behalf of
the Fulton unty grana jwury and W.
Ma-o.A. W%46im- fS.amam an a eL a a '



WfUlb w iflce, _snremau 01 we 55 SM
Jury that Inaugurated the crusade
against the *loan shark evi.' wilL.
without doubt, pass the senate and in
all probability by a unanimous vote. PwwM
The house committee on general
agrTliculrture yesterday reeommevPded Oyste
that the pure food bill. by Mr. Stove o
all. of Chatham. be passed. This da. <
bill prohibits all adulteratims ot foo ber of
which are dangerous to the health. tee,
and requires all foods that are aul. C2-minh
terated in any manner to be marked Troy T
ad branded for what they art. it 1 f1t ]j
alswo puts a pnalfy nupon adniterataons the R
of stock foods, which Is a nelt fture m r -
in pure food lawas. Violatkions of ti#e._tbe .f
act are made mIsdemeanors. d a A
Following action on the general tas iI
act. the house took up ari passed .ev- It Is
eral departmental bills& which were Mr. WI
necessary measures and to which lve
there was no opposition. The.-e ime t' mlJee
w r I abmas
ures. all of which were by Mr. Reld, ,bei
of Carpbell. are as follows: I T O
A bill to provide more effectually Yk-
for the collection of etpeerftc or. 1
tio. uS Ulense taxes, by enacting
that such taxes may be collected by"i"j
execution, mand that the .state may 'also bweve
crIminally prosecute defaulters as ua &e
der the present laws._ The
A bi to prove for the levy o a
taxes for the skinkg fund for the pup
pose of raising $1,000 to -pay Aod u
Georgia bonds which mature in 1L5.

Paris, July 22.-l:4S p. m.-ft was
said at the foreign .office a noon that
the exchanges of views goitg on be-
tween ljndon, St-. Petersburg anu
Paris show that the tension of the An-
glo-Russian sitnatiop has be mate.
really relieved.
It now appears that Russ# has sul-
mitted to the British government a
certain -proposition, which, if aceepta-
blJe, W1il serve as the basis for an ad-,
These exbchanges have been some-
.what Informal. and are beli Wdescrlbed
as hints, but they are sufflcieutly clear
to show Russia's willHicguts to arbi-
trate the question.
i.The outome Is hinging -on Great
B-ritalnWs answer. It is understood-
that Russia contemplated the release
of. the Mjlacca but the officials tisay
the previous reports that orders ha4
aItually been .Issued for her- released
are Incorrect. It Is further asserted
that the pr.pCetlve adjustment will
twe confined to to the seizure of the
.atiacca and will not Include the- gen.
eral question of -the right of Ruhsla
under th. treaty of Paris, to .en4
vessels of the vnluiuteer_ fleet through -
the Dardennelles. It .Is co siered In-
op0irtune to discnzs jt jjustment
6foTehrthits of thf 0fd ir the
trt-aty of Paris during a time ot war,
and. therefore, If the question of a
re-adjustment Is raised, probably
will go over until the close of the
Japanese-fRutian war.

General Battle Imminentr
St. Petersburg. JuJy 23.-The aot
clal messenger this morning prints
the following special dispatch from
LUao Yang, under date of July 20:
""Our left flank yesterday withstood
a powerful onslaught of the ememy.
Reinforcements were sent out.
"The Caucasian mounted brigade
left Liao Yang this morning."
The above evidently refers to the
Japanese advance reported by the As-
sociated P4 e :;from Ta Tehe Klao ye&.
terday on the northern Saimatsza lao
Yang road.
If the advance on Mukden Is corn
tinaung, fighting Is Imminent, and a
general battle ir_.y be expected.

Fight Lasted All Day.

- --T---

and hfb
ISd. be




the imeo

Ing Me
9c a pa
r Axe.
C. Woo

.h"d b"
^ by pway
the M4
ao, amp
I iei

A bill ; ospproprIate *iU nuauic&
a! for the payment of rewards for thb
capture of crimtInals for the year 19,
the former fund app Mprated for this,
purpose having been exhauostd.
A resolution authorizing the pover.

ifs oad Joen SimB*-.a- ; IS
te'A Weekiy sat wapt e -
Wh -t Bdtme d.-t-.. a., 1
S.a a -.=-- ._
- wa flt' n

m -aw clt n pt-

mfeS-d --to be Sei tyfl -.
ii VS be aa ber C flda

a* .bly .t-- :%.lra Im

h r t-a atU W -!

a ._ _
Tard am- to Or ^ --^ _.....4..1a

r.relatu -.lab -a p." u
s _tati m In Nw Yak flam -.
"alt of 0te ote S -


i^- rw U S ^-B^^
York, JMly n-mwh flawiq
Sftl have. saySan the SMr
em put Ik cantri of ,the Ow
sad Ft Dodge ned, wf-
toov am~


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*-- "- ".--'. -B


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.. _ --'" '" -" ; ^ '"^ '.': ... ^^-S

:.-d p-- a .. : U smv.-.

Miea Datbinr C SS. .^
at tr-tft --,- PIN-* BM-

o -N.Ypre.dt, a-k- -W.- .
fIngw at theIinCa
mitts whi tao wi-
inkyeea of Bath Nflte. nS^^

sed e Emm-a hl t of at
ads whe Ducati areflhlafl -
e.-. .- .- ... -^ l
& pr.--t..t a w;. |-..-..!
ttoreyot-sW--f ._ -

g ath f l. *---_-. "
. .. i,
?r Bay. Jl- .3ML P il.-i:

ela Albmatd eeLY2 adS ^
eaut cmthi v.a

goie hadflamambmt *ema
4the atlea. a .-ed be .
to th na t o-- .w,,imMO.-. ..

..e, .o ..ate -ia_ i. .--_-,:.

- -r-ce :i- --.i m m a ^---/-
. a July L a.. .-.-:..

itn Wila I. W w .-.: _.. .

s.a Giw sad Ori ts -


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r : * :
a^^f '-^
W i~f".' *''- '"- -.


:': ..- ., .- 1 -. .- ..: .

b mra~lm arIatmae of.

- -- ...-.


Vb 3OSWE4M8~ A
ver 'dw how! I
I. Wemx

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- r ...-......*.
It Bf ." Ed

good 4MU^., 4 -* all
, tm 'rIS *fte meU.'rV

f>rfEt~btys wad 'jwmndy ist at '
a ^WIk P..YNNu

ThbTI.M f;

IWy b^Ffromma4 tree tteti
flt vad we iorn to gina, Mteckr
in" otet ~r 1-&Cp o iftt

, a-,_, ^ ^- _ _j .- a-.* ^ -^"^ ^ ''*""** *T* a*'" .. a.

.. -..



ws a ond the nft-,

S yards. --- .

^wete. detb~~.'atstfkbuslt, rot
-M of whom ws "-mtor, I s It

t 4t Tna li w ..t e --s I

'yboedklInJ,.sip 4Z.,4 -^ *
b j3 of. Mex6 .f i..Ambma16."
b .J: UbIIS4LIW ,T.Wa+.-
I wMn a InSitirm, .okd .. b.,es
yh. whfSint iifaWught ar Wit

V14"460 Oft*^ 'boxes' 6
S .linw8toT.e nTghbmra: -

bdfc- -ai ;- 9tho aodtver
by here. who flrnt boa aft' -64A~ bof o

rri6Ad Whif Ai W toA QM4UMo

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iii .- ** -tl 1 --

awl. ,swtsguw
.ICauie all


.ri.u" iflC" "i -t -tI.
.1 inftk ^ Sr^' ,' -. ---,..-- ,,Q .,+;oQ ,V+i-,- +
A-- I OletA& DHT etDbMfAS

rn*"k"x .- Pi .- ,. '--
a n r" ir '*- .

AMM^ ^ y r~ ^ A^ JiMdW-. ;^.u-- u ^-a :L^wui
t . .. .. .' .,' ^ l^ -:t^j ---- ..
I i .ii. *i. .r ," -. _1 Jl ~ ..... . -J + i. ..-
i --! -. fl L" f

_"' ' t I Ia t,; s -~ g Jt h-s --ttit
s. a. . ---.
-- ,-- + f." t..
; 7 . -* "t 4 -t.- I.: ., r--- -
; o , ,, T,.- " ;+ .. '; .: + = t---
+-- ,.. ,.rigk.'.. ', .4 ...- -4

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- Si-' *s I'
- .--iI! '~

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i f h _UU j.W.... .... "^oeffectof the table wmake i -aJ..,

. L ll T i M r ,t+o,-~^I tjm. .- *r, &= r Ti -p- i /. '..-' .. : ,: e,.-' _d;- ^ /,'-----.: . t' S rtBB .^
oil^SSt^ M'.^^ ^ -iljudj,* ;,.,,.. :+ +,^ -- ,, ---. '.+ .. -, ,. P ^ ^ y W ^ Jf

M-r .]! ydc_,e-_-t- ----- )tb, leT stile o y o
!*: etflh. feu frb ewe. For
'1DIG p)b gl6pgs c.

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WSUYIN 'S't'J, ,W44pq Sa: .4re wq ,psfly de-titgbr0t4f e s 6rotea nd )r .a i;4
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M; Hyide m iss. ed;...bsev to pp Ieo n ..we.t t we toWi ndsor ,' hm I ajuwed
l~~r.X~~thi a Wedspday^ Ao Mrp matti^ing of tbeid Chiuy o it3P ty^ 3.h~ed rdw Setbem -:IZ^ K~
hnS l.'Ibenbnte o ah l I*

^~ ~ ~~ ~~sse oaa'^^^^^lBii fa ighawu tbi i -" 'm*r' ocew r ante 3AcD fitlcly set'r*hy bunslk I.rllml.^r ^ ^,/' ...

: ^ ^ ^ ^ **W ^ --- ^I. ^p *V n m y i ,wo-- .* .. .. . ..... ... ... _., .+_ i... ,
-- ^^^ ^*ldi Mmi dilm- -^cc --icj T t i' ,,;. A ,' eoon ~t lllyB ",et -z ,'lOI S 4.rW- K1_: ,___ : .. *'. *,.*..* :.. .+.
.- PB* Wwa :nca: tIbmii wbi sfl e r"'ftuae~rteft WAXaD:rf etl ob by I I eiypl. .. . e. :* ; Ct ^i.q-gf _
btwm*mmumslsl tWj"-14-p;ivn-et'- .d bea ._57 theboys playa gbebb libr, th e grocery w't .... 5-S 1. f. .
7 inasV u; S la1s ;,O rt-. -4S qU, %e .e w tc sedbWr"y Bet the b euedlg bb __

* p_l' . it. fiB lin ..4l b' aA O5 @. "tbin ... bwq .. we..rFf'JU

en 4 T ef".boys 8 g., t.. wer sle "r nI,-l.. .._ _"._", ..

'Sa^ 'aP.^Bwn ^ ^r.., *(MnO..wore pile biwe,... Nr, 3... M, rd,, of' tihto^,'' rhh Wiri.b-f: ia. rJ.,,?^ .. ,:. Su
fl^ "" <...,. ...n. Wte th w e nt4bef they couldbb rte ue | +- .Ct-Oe-l*iA
The briaddwon de hlo q rf bnwowMe rtI droyehndi I *S '

-"~rt te h 6 ~ of , ^^WMSWW^W^^^ Om 7-mw ireimfg **^ eln~lt< fw~~o]oat -10ft> Mit Pt^!Btoc

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3 q^*Mte.i*.. -W '|(.xquw'w o4~Iwg own otf c(rnm oiwd Htbtrinjre ntteo m p6~ tlng tc -. p^:.- - '-i
-WI iltoer tffq .1 sbe . -* 3., o- ,: ir Or
of tie b ~~fl I6V-4Wtb W8t abtEIW4 thiPW #Saeuadthihdeol~~'~~~

.t '(Mar. __b _+ e H ed ~ ian *.. ....d
0 f^^i no, wore pate b e. Mr 1.- 6bard. lu Thetem o 9I&Uh rrr

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: : : d a p fi-l -, .. r, e.-: -, A ., -. .Y- ; S --: .^ -. W. -t h e .a--.-t h-.f.
ggfafil<~w I.v -E.lfrtay'.^ Webs^W thwidfe onlJ.y^ MU.W."'W'
m atter.of sew-mg ,4 rs. W .- ht.. San t t f .....the y ou er 0 s l. e.S. :
O3J1EUV-, , A1 Uewo th-c. eel_d

.-or- j a':+. .i _...Vr ,._. ,Mumun, or. W41.4ff; ,..4Itw+ by the tiel- 't Obaabvma
it,_R. lOI. Oi aw%- ,lh. j .

*d IW .R WIA U -..V A'- f Qushman Mis Mal..-. n -t~e .-,, bi- all -n,tpt. -. N .-.,+
iS ^- -S f A- I Thet- r.* i t : *W a ,;. (Ao d. ne. The L[ _
KMC9.MJi4RI0 aag
Re17S amsl7 :;in.DbflA AWAeiJta 4 r'Pon gw-t-.4--- *.d
O ka* ftelheflWt Yhn*A*Srtbn tt. lbm,545Mi
QS0ta140EMB S T W wii oe. ak-h*.JC4A..I.6%s'of ir i and Aiowa. 'ofthe Ari cas, MU

i~att^oQ^ ^^5^^;^ 'a *' St^-

--- .- .: .

'fluB^W fl^lrI^raj
.4-. + '- _.5. ., -+ -, .

[ a o ti"ern ;s '... ;-

J. tmQ3T aJUK 41.-..

atha-,t t *.a+--
.-. t.aT.- *
3M0 -0 10 40 10

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; ).-, ^^* t'l.,,W ,' i,. ...,..'-'"' :+:+

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AC. B ** a - *0,
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fn a.
A iLas b aa. .an la S ^^^^ ^^^^ *>^^
0 -l4 .n i -w - ;- ^-n*", iiljBI^

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w .u A .s N-e,-,e i vl p"U- . JU -f _" . -,r.., -- -_. _... .. ... ..
S._ --:. -ROME ; -. -T ij 3
. a | .., *.' .. k ... -i :r. ...i ii.....M. "-- ,- -. - a- ! ^:-.;-
^B,'t an w: ci oi :.,'-,,< ..-,,, -i ?,l trx. - --'^ ^.1,..
"," ^ t^ t _> i, ,- :.s . . j -- L ,- V ^ ^ v .I -,. i-j ....... t. . ,, ...-, .. , --T ..- -^ ne -I- : ^ '",fO W. S yjW-
^^^SS^lte^ ?Alt-
i_. ] K" ..u "nj M i ;. ; i a Ila 'k& .L' . "ei-u. f-r-f .m_ v-, ..." -
L _, ,. ..., . ,, ., .. _, .mo.w .._ :-
sI rul L.l- rob .,.,. It~tI/ ~lll/l ,/ i -=- -.

p:Ir~ I lI I I -' t- "-' :" --'-" '. .. a --' ----i .T,--or I -- .. - -. - - .---. .. __. -- --- -
.2 .per of opereng. -The Sun alo '-til wrnt ef' -lt "mI'r
.eletri Pth t e pe : n "g. 4b' i

gaengin ,-which-ha been ss for ,_ :a. ., -.-.-- r --wttn ,.

^(^.5f ;21,T Zt#I-LrI'J^^^^
deft "4.I t.. Ie "-,"

,6i^ *'uhe*&d WI..#*&*MAW9.l,414 CA
a for a. I.5Ib wV-b@ i'. *nAbsv

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low SM.----I o l. a dm. ictnefullo q Iia DOW i:,.,i, j ,1' 16- R 51 OI I wb us 4%hII. _-...,.....

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WUW;l-^Tr Snh,fl Cl^Wif O W~bGWNJE ICUW l s)aa Emm~ia PiS -MIMIC |05^Aml'
b.e.: ..mtbe o ied, ;.- .. -~co di at her home on North iwbe w Open -AEI l1g| l r i ,
Fwtmns so. obticeC a coored ied rida nigh, afer W dirOf Aunust, A.-----
SC. T. Seott and hiyhj I I I -ams, riday ngh after_ i uv a- i
- :e, MIs sYJa. of Orang Lake" of several. weeks, In the nure n q" 9T -tosTXATOTXO
-in use .IT for w kerssor. fiftytbhird yearspt her #A 1)q IeSa. g ESYI
t. iii Tthins ,0 e A
44" hrf..) iom L~o' ..L, l ;.. . ^ s
S-sojot o ,alai for a few day ---. The' funeral w held from a2 mf.aim ._ ..m ..! ..' Ie *"---W ...
"-I A- _i3the C. M, hu.e.. atr regmnraUon of elector, ireft hip .....Mtl- t
A06 9g seem. Ge "nan K J U IlleHwo Ot6Ab~ nob wek 3 wAndtk~aSW
iwyi.-ul. i.wu. .' t_ n,..- w.- S T W 1 .'d- d.. a. Ia&... ass wela, sh e, t Z _
liP- - I I -* *" :' : I '1--'"w"""a-a:g .-"-- -* e l ua wmnau ~etW.UtUa iPe .1 ,ee, ...--,. -'" '
j a m pl e ty Sheriff W. or tc btu snt a. daJ. W L ft C I of La .I
w:; "f Gore - puty en J. w Mcann o 1- - an nW- &.W. I D i r
( e ht d. arrived i n the t- yesterday in . .SUPer"i-r "a "i4"-t' I>^u^
flfl BI~tfTftiT flip. ^ p9UI pW#^ rf~frtIPU~t~yr Beekham, colored, IEIP 4AW YTbILPCtA$VM4.
a~tmtaively Awl Asgu W.swraant
I[ -.Mr,_ b is becoming quite I who was convicted a aultand t,-ij .. i 1 ,- 0.I: d,' .,
:: B' .... -Ki .wuore -r oeIi.D uim e vi .. .. "" "- t^ r R a & f k ^ i i ." ... .. ..- i ,.
I 2 --M.. i -.. O RO _4,, IL I -
.J4 F.j a nenncedtto p5)4 flue of r9TovlTj01ytr
S'bor of '^ IMX) 4 ^_1110 costiwor -pend four months in g- F *JC
older^?0^ of RiLRAw r jirtfc^ 4i
I N.-- o "tke_'.sinesui---. the ag." Bei-nguabeto raise the IlIIILORUlII ln Berug unab-t, .a.-.-.
0 M ._ -. C h u n kh A-th e a r ri ve d in .: t h e H i - .- Jn .. ._ ? ._ .L. n 1- .
u ,.rjIMPrti Heptk = heed .1h1Sh m ill -ta.e sea nse in 'THE-
tqt ^ise ^lphosphate minding which mba-y be ed Qolmmodious, a
^ ^frarsdiw, hero he will,^.-?^^^^
IO er-. at It o'clock thisto-i-o e e.. ... t *- .d.l o1 4 $-
3 ; ,,- ItM nltt^ Q U*w LLi vitofEU ite H5 -'IlII INeN!2 t r A './: *ftI
I .... :, ..,,i7,. : m 'e^ ^ ,^artftm~nnHete-8;hgt M;ieir!4 "'fr~S "~H -~^ .. ..< .i "i "^ 'i

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L, m' r" --

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ILLE. 1L93154 :,, :

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. .. -. ir .. .: _-"

)Ra 'xbo GUESTB 't -
i"__ V i V '. -""i- '*,- -. I. I:.^ --;.
, ,".. ^,^,ft' .,0 .-_ ^ ?. -- - t r ^..,.. '. .-- ..:;l




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JS~ld -S~e~ia~l t mera1tleoo asslomal pemvdent, liossr A
*.-.-. *Y .- e.( -S. h Repv bli. wh OtW ..t thS She .oI@V*

a, ,,la-.. l^. _a- madee -.. -f h e we e-notonly a
-W-669. voP- I"aJ.

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rf! + flm awed the a- he at bi ta
.- ..._ .. .-. 'W :ow aI tdse.rns Aom be tat w i ded a a

!! 'e.: i.-! + -. ..... .* ....t _ift Prof Boke T.+ W h in
B?6:. .,-!^SSSS. !aoivtt -bal be the Ife eia Candid
a -. br L smial equaL To emphsis. thisf fath
"+ he had+. she eora. so ave at his tabl foet
IAt em m a. Pet. SBo k T. W Son "I

w&!Zwsarnu. Rax*.uewet w elecinted Betwllwencoure-
Ui WT fth--e -olo d nmeo what we wilel .-e
to S~YWo~ebsadtatPof.Boo kf oeraer T. Whng -

--!: .'+-,-._* .-: .- .. ., ':" .m e o f a .l- i *e -O | .] ~d I -
s'u 1 T mt s SIn bee tRepaubican MAndioamte

-pme of= T EsItep nt o e_ u ---

--.+. .y.wokt -.- h .I nte cole mal o i
to' iw a i b eediu white gorl was L

S_...:- -m -BK CLX. -.: e i~tftr of th w hit ant h.arty.
-,---.-,. ,-.. 'u ~ .o .I .o emer e n wh o iv en I -*.
a.--dTrbadwma .-y he -.. *-I

dw_.-in thei-arnha-. and.a. Boo, e t he oi t
Stnemn lit.o it heerin ia pll b S &m '- vI
S.... a 52 ns.- fir tg nd grdove t eaim e if llhe '

A-- -i I AH t b anyoe who h B Tasin l-
Wa Vm. ualm-Ity oftheraces tha hwi oteI
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.U- in1tth-NRteo--en o hrm e -

-.- I-sYlAUwS u6.olu& ahort of a sgeclb wold ma an. e
a rm by--Jilpreti0o Upod. I 1
~w~~.uawwLin wordhas& anmdeed a white mato V
Mwan -6 aaa comvenloe of a whie m par f'ty. 1
e. .i All ofwthe eveltwbhatghen90u
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V'UM ARK:ktset ofeadwgithe above it heny
AIR MHstill-- iwho bdogies not

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oom to ner.
A. 0. COWM

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I- ,. a n .. :
7 .--.^^^^^^^^^ J^ ^^k U^ .A ^^^ ^^hl -^^
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.w. R. MOWAY..

liiko B oEa der-*
Onna of Aarlgeamwe

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-ff-ee- Suwme Oo.ts.
4 -~ca t.ccnj
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Ia I.. R- .R.,

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0. A. maa

Gay JUte.

S-r C

I -.o~ ,, _+,,

Philander C. Knox is to take the
stamp for. Mr. Rooevelt,. the president
having aligned his erstwhile attorney.
general to the direction of several im-
portant talk.'feasts In thbe grand old
uate of Pennsylvania,Say The Atlanta
SJournal. Peanylvacia would seem to
be a very good State in which to exhibit
this redoubtable enemy of the Trust-
Fandly.Oetupue,inee the voteof Penn-
sylvinsia is always carefully baled up,
labelled and stored away in Republm
can headquarters from the beginning
of every campaign. The president ev-*
I deftly does not care to risk the effect
of springing Mr. Knox upon a doubtfqi
SStae. The trouble about Mr. Kio: as
a Repblican asset I that he m- so per-.
feetly undentood by the people ie
general. One might call him the per-
ionfleaation of the Republican attitude
towards the trustws and the president
doe well in hesitating long abqut pre-

2 r1. -: ... .... ,.

JtWJl hizwtn- a fl]W

,-B ^ .._ .-:^ . -'- .^.. ._^ ^

: ,. C h F_. .* a W!WWS

A~yi. Jul 21.- rstbsl
Ma" hat n- pft nig l lrpaJ .
* Wao e b the Ommat beeUntbal
he Us --dte-s .o U Arts a sh
rsord Fair. TM plr mde us a
ter roof tiey that e be h tly

Isergia Negro Farmer of Dughrtp
County Talke Palm.
Albany, Gt.. July 23.-The first bae
A Georgia sew crop cotton wat
brought in today by Deal 4. Jackso,
Snegro farmer. who bas ben Ant bale
man several jears pam.
The bale of cotton weighed 351
pounds, and was clawsed mnidding and
vmu sold for 15 cents a poad.
The fAret bale was marketed by the
mme man Ixat year on August 3.


it to3 -1 aS.
Modern pby es teach us that the
molecules of all boda are in a tats o(
nemant motion; that the Intmate
ructoure of matter i, in fact, a repro-
luctlon on an hifnitely wmute saM ot
be revolving su and plaets.
In gases and liquids this motion Is
not extensive- In range, but In solUd
1be movements of the AOlml ae
core restrained, and they merey o-
Wlate or rotate about a certain mean
o.itlon, the rpmga of notbn being
triety governed by the attractioa
modaudcing It.
If by the pull of an outside force the
noleculea are drawn out beyond the
mit of their -udtual attracdoin the
dy Is broken, but within this limit it
ill recover itself when tbe pull eas
We may regard te partide of rub-
r as revolvting In dreka. When It it
tretched thee orbits become elllptk
turuing- to the circular form whe
*am'd. As them tis substance poe-
ems a very wide rane of rariatIon
t mokular ditSbuce witbot nkpt
Is U eminently elastic.

Dimt thifl ou can ewe ymo Wyp"rt
In any ptter pay than by trgeOetleni
and toning re stomach-.
That Is weak ansd incapable of puoimtng,
Its functions, probably beuue you have
lImposed upon it in one waly or anohe_ ote.
and over a un.
You SthIood take

It strngltehs and toImm the stomah,
ani perrnarently cutre dyrws and al
toni sc troat lee. Accept Do sbtitute.


a ft- "d



Mrai. k a an pos.b ut i.-A,. -bas a -. ,-p<
dsmguly rootsd what it taefa (-rmmmda f the yin -K
m We bmthe i t, hug the pobi, -
's-d a the little skeinm t flr .ICt. the qua .--

moss educe thi. vatl, life-etanumg flind to such a. 4W~
-. c w- ta r y *-a. t-n. e -.- - --, t h-at t -h e.-b---s
man and eo-mic, and _w- -_--..o- .-. s,..
Im~u V um m o+ f 1W. bkm_, u
I--..~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ A&- -2, + .,.,, I I .

l __ ti., :

Iye md tfairr; bat JS S-_ ^ l y ul^JSS^
.Twith slight rig oi, a Saa ma fla- nal --y=
grdull al parts of the z~2?kSflmwmnaer .maanmenaa22r.II
stem ar tfcce; theX. I8z.S .d. Z I...

dark or yellow ealowhes ,
appear upon the skin; the stomach fail to pnpsrly dirt the f .-,
apt there are frequent headaches, di"xesa bad fl- a the su .%-]
conmtipatio and a general worn-out, tired felimg that solya et- a
from Makria can d .crib. Other and m- dangers q
arc apt to follow where this dusease i. neglected, such -arjrnap-
truths, pulpitatios, sleoplesnas -e i, week
end risings and dangeroosIlooking -oe and abeamM. M-is ad] *,
the more dangerous because of its insidious aa telh aaf It ba
an nm~uble atopei Powa apd th gei a mcaa tlmtm a-
lodged in the blood are propagating and mining is- ..t-..
while, clogging the circulatho- and grad-ml winkingth a.
_W- __ i is M.alaial
^^^j ^i b& pA&*e ..d oe & &.S. p a arI.-.
abae pfMdjr perfopap tuexr MOa

been~a poarugtheblod he1 taid cILgtM etttm

lt".a na -g mineral, utIs i -tiktly a wgmUteb ins4,. fbi
.rif er iont and equal, ad 4hn ths eoa tk. If.- -,l M:&

amy Ma" of Maladi, wri.m, and medical SdvIew bsle _
.Jdgdan u. irnmares m a.sw-a
& e more, "b.-- _--,it .r-.- -n-mod:i t .t"i-




Fmn nWP---l--ae



Rtond Trip. On
sale daily. Good
till Dec. 15.
Round Trip. On
sale daily. Good
sixty days



K...d Trip.
ml.* daily. GoodE

Go"S SY h oaks5


Il.r ItbrOx AUattI tta ChanCStfOa.o o Colnr-a and -le,'w tl .ae. Lf i
Ot.. Rue from forMa withltt own nminto o S. Lootk Two traSt datr fron
Jaeksoav -e. Ti brougb-'-nc.av. -
Stop*vrmS Going aS m ReR^ur at wincipS-momfl -a sear amer1 b
Caroluas BEM Teeee. NSo ex.ra eon. AsaA on toy to vmfl6 gross
of WorM'*s fair S wem a Tavaato in the aMte wheM reIe nita ea abe =oft
,I uh the S.aphire Caty. ta7ke. Toxa,.. tvke Mo. .e.
Demtand r& valuable intia mbtao. rflet, arty In We
-I....r....J.C.aUS -
I" rict POWSP W4W eDt.,w Bay St.. 70 e. v-"iL




I AMPPM--qwhk





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,~ ~ 2-C -I *&~* ~


-*- --:- -- r~---. ~ 77~-
* --- 7- 7


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_::.ob &&I : T

a : Po ire" P.

Gemfis 1hr ersi -
N U^^iti~~Rlpav.mb aesd at s (

_; elm at Se Imp
J*gaHol aLmJ dao asks

i s ?a--g mZatm, t. L
-^ flh# Jagwt eof LY Up-rn

: _pe ef-,e e_. be :-,
m- : I pJ.m. N 1p..aeb-

^^H.-:: -". *: _-*- .:rBa m^ 9',,WoU_- .
--- A, to neaml iNs e atom ,
:-- ,t-e tie ot o W kad to. poe._ Pnd..

rif pred~ A. b a mop-d ulr

I-... -- OB BO^-_ '-_--_D_ -, *fr^bB ooHI .w"'OB *f
..::: i.. its ,.,i n .In
-: fuomla a*mIIUinlOn

:-- -! 4: --m ... at .... do to ---. In i
YuIS adlleep your
M. _a--- oaed. i s you.Ot mS
wfl mad aims at aloW
| fle wd Awtfcis gt Chawrt, En. LO
I' -wsebg.-wa foto h.rin odabepamof
Ithrilbte, 26eni will bote. f.a

*:-.:: -_.-W' : -.RW ^^ RB .. : _"
St-o-. -f ."amp . e

Em.u King. ub pss ity emr -k n
-aeiBdlclertdStna tmorta hurryt sadffit

e^ SSMlty *.ud$ all) kSrtQt ynour

-- .ar of hk iMval In Gainrille.
-M. tdel-l one of -the oldest ad
t I'veprogeiTe citisens in ,Gahom-
S. .le. Wheo he ame here thirty-dix
y- es-ago be mu aly a lad of fear,
W e itk tw frai t eimerprbis|
k-a-,-t w h. bas ins wo'r be

-e-:. m ni ., -si .. --;
.:_ f-Mbe pimpered own safim o.ld

I"T^hwere beenu a big change sinee
nJ_..m.a.dd m.GmewW," he me-
|i.od ktuuday. '.Wh.o. my father
meW 4o tAuevil. e is was nothbia
I-moe thsa a vilah wih -l b alf-
S.d-s s.onr. Wbme I went Into bust
p..I: 5 I st-r oorreetly, that

10m -.- "
W di4

tte ~erof War",ta -atot
wf te M! fe -day.

AW"e0an" ife more aral t Ube wene
t eang- .- M ern s

|tiiSW aaa maneofe with 0. W.
(& pwidatof the Daum.nPh
ph~teCoapu v wh reltnied 0n the
01" th n Cridy forM am ext-ded
. to New York. moton asm points

ROL. .
A e tihe imompt feature whwehst
rma -the vnn, more sikinx is -the
e r.utha expeMted to haC e

bspanedoth for Weral weeO yeOth.
= m aad Is 4. wihaed thathe Twtig pho-
pbate mie hmlg aoin i th. pri-W.
S Mt offie of Mr. hae like beef

aromnd awsugar. bowl,, it this expre&-.
The oimulpanmiy w vit of thed oen-

-Ummft a-y halve no oIftiffeave&, but
mPget rain wFiday fertaioml indicate
huit ome in York, tonat may bap-o

Pni as a result of their Proranee t
-irU Was Her Terror.
a.4I thd eoc nearly all night
fag.. writes Mr. Cha. Appegate ofex

Alexandrft. Ud_-,"aod mould hardly
n iiIlaS orth tot aevers! weeks e,.

Ad a P I had eo o iampition W.-
phase. uminr 5o around". he pri!

bad omat oif M. walked block I wo uld

eooug frightfully and *pit Wlood, but,
an a othesugar bowl, if thin express

.$ bottles of Dr. Kiaea Now Discov-
1soadl. I, s RAibr. .ateed
a~ppomu'aae~swold oersanly indicate
that anthing Impo.rtant may hap

o oM lod ag neary al ppe, bnigt-
llong," writes Mrs.Ohms. Applegat. ofi
Alsmarl, 1.4., "and could hardly

ekti and yep.l hroat ad noung troib io
Pe Ws Iad 1. i rial boles free at

when aoker mepdicaine, failed, hiEW
IP boe of Dr:. Lug's New Diseo.vI

ponds" It's absolutely .fapStDW 4
ILan o ugorhida la ppe bro-I
aiw. and thns and sang troubles.
Prioefe-sad $1e Ir i bottes free at

Law ,sof Foisr,,ids.
!- isoIs hswbj given that ppo-I
too .Fagis, puraeser of Tax Oersif-e
ate 38, dated the 74.ayot July!
4. D. 902, has 614ad a ud eeuifae in
my .Mee, sad ha. made appUemtiom
for tax deed to Inue in meoolaeoe
wIth law. ard oe ieflite em.brasee
the Amiwlg d-.erib.d propel *it-
ated In AJhboa county, Florid, to-
8.-e See. 7, Tp.-7. U. 16-160 ares.
The said laud being aessed as the

date of the musnaee of such aertifi-
at ia the name of J. B. Elli.
Uaenidm oertifinatse *hall be re
deemed aeoo ding to law, tsax deed
will ee tbereeon 1 the 25 dlay of
Auis-. A.. D. 190M.
itop" my offiia signature md
seal thisthe 29d day of JulyA. D.
Clerk Circuit Court A mchua Co.. Fla.
pd .Per 8. H.Wienges. D.O.

Notice of Application
aUnderSection 8 of
Laws of Florida.


for Tax Deed
Chapter 4888,

Wotie is hereby given that J. H. Vi-
dIL, are shaenr of Tax Certificate o.
s0=, d the 7th day of July. As. P.
aIm, ha Sled -aid eertifieate in my
office, anmd has made application for
tax deed to iue ins aeeordance wish
law. Said eerntibate embraeeu the gol-
lowing described property -situated in
Alahu eoaonty, Florida, sowit:
- Oo- meine at Nw. corner of lot
owned btv Gasar Bolin. run N. on line

S-. .-:: =- - ^-_ .i-. .: -. -?. - .
--"- ":

-''1*. '

a :... ..- -: .

t SC-S V

w : -- - -- -! -
re*3... ~._ -Otb.- i.ers._


. .S '.-

I *- : -
t *2



. '*- K ,**

And Lasting Seven Days, a



and in

we are
less of
we are
purse a

great bargains, but below m
dex to the whole.


Grau lated Sugar, 19 bs. $L
4 *.. --~ ^ ^ -

For a general crowd meateher we ,tart.- Mday'
4 17 OA nmmgetic tbarains whi, a 3 f7.OA
74C-H sae of 5CW yards bes AAA L
-_ :vyai-dwde -sheetig.- -ForIa v .
grnt drive to aus off this great sale-enuatehable

S9c hitis' !Ikii~g Skints 8t'
As long they last. This is ast a samail lot of a
half domes skirn, nicely made a great skirt for
the price. Jost a few of the, aoo donot deiay, but
oome eIarly Monday if you wib to ge t o we of thee
at theprime.

Lice Curtains.

Thee are matchless bargains,
the kind for which you usually
pay 0e to $1s.00. The only
trouble about these. we haven't
e nogh of them, but while they
lat they are yours at


Gentlemen's Linen Collars,


3,000 Tubt- bl


4i- .
A luathey taat. The prtSufrf lade Co tsaic
Boyal Bmen e ths mans. Deulgusae am -f a
up-to-dase, the grsatss Magmias a hen beC S1
50Ooffer 15 may days h thir Mao of "sepapt ahM
saed" merohand as. Deearly sad gst a ..ra
t hem .. i.o

Ha dkerehnlfi.
o. lo Hue"Relnrie. D eoj.sel, gsl 0.Ae4
w,, ha. adi, will 0y t. ,-- m Ali Am

Pckot Csus ad sC
Do you ever go to the seashore
or mountains? If to you need a
small eomb and cae. We are
offering one gras. special for old
bachelor .


. How aat-a nieee-aterpm
something rich .ge q.Uiy a
fun s? u y in a apply WW
yo havie this get iai i
penalty Twolow, oa at
aod-s. as

...U :.. .- -. I ." .-


K-.Sr0 Idngo ourn fri e
24O yards on our middle woon.
-a a wn- 0%-



cams i



=--T -- -t -"-. _-..)
.!...- .. _: J^.,
r. ,- :- -; -
S-.._ *^ .:.:
* ;^
* - *--7

^-.: .- .-_
- -^.
": ...--:-,

T _- - :'^ -
- .: > -..;_ -
7: '- '^'"
K Y '--.. ..


a -
~I~j~r -t

wz, *


- a
.1 -


bet -
* -~

. .


lot of dbg. ,ata

-' -


, -

_"' -."^

eape Stoe OL -a-
---"Cheapest Store on.l Eartb....

e will remove to our new
ast. corner of East side of
order to decrease our stock
offering a line of specials
cost.. Our stock must bi
giving Bargains that can
mnd sense of economy. IE

store now being built on the
Square m abbtt thirty days
,k and save expense of moving
which are at prices regard-
a moved, and in order to.doit
not help appealing_ to_-- your-
npossible to mention all our

on a few that giveyouaaim.






-~1. ~


-- -





M- S. at4... BBBI-

I- -

tsELPdL 41hW

Then bilE -momaatwatIONEW
;..i AI -40M efr

Ain were daslaed

WC m thSte bV Var, 7 6

~ a ~a&LaHall.
B^SPW^ t~^P*.^^.: r1* Ef^tseiyn^ft,8c Io-,
^^MM~^^M~ik^ fa ter etr^ l~rnl~ft 5 ntU~l Otadr irtiltta-rn

~itfl 341
.~ t


6:60-09i. es

-li wrT zflat NitI' m 0 W1^'

a4n t -1IJ in AS

,4 4
a-oc-Aoi alwi



MM ,soi GOA *b MAK1 ef
"W.^fcs&S- at '-otr^ait Tarn st~tr
WIIS*SW .n&omi a1itwn* r
s^"kj ~i.2 nb'-Orlt o L ia

~s adw
a a
4 ~J-Jg~
91 2~ et


i t aebr Nwr* Dow 'b4j ot ;io wf-

APlBT bUr~ V ci - hetl(bc.*Li a o l bik=4. .^!

Sl~lffji'l.(111 >M
4Wairn a I

SQnukorOt. the new dtpntahtektkfirn
dbdeoer -4Ps *o- '2. 1{u nIhbbrxlit
i~ A .a~z~ Emaaaa sri a l1 Miamies even lo child rn,

lk # I M . ,r

i ,qoickly dest

- .- Ma .a- I L -L n11-

SnfSte. FM-f 5

-*ft. Zes frmU: swim!BuI5ra ^PAtOu1 aid4

W.,Loa:to fI^g

# bdc.SWJ4W&JC& h"''4

'- ~lffbJidl* t~wt9 #,br Stef~

ve.erta't pit MV
^''"iMI^^Btt^'Q W~mPW selB^HFH tA I

3' -wrn

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I-.?' .Im*j
I) ~'t~'

Eo3 It

- lU


'3Wa~~~H. r rI o &Sf* iiiflt

i Q Mamc, B0O. for COaWs.

[ OS aa. ma

Ib~1t~l3*wrtt c StffI '7
U~t- J1f i ')- r 'e .*- i~ a'"
* 1.. * *'tw0 csz.. * _T .



-7-i' Nod
QC.. c~PhEO a f-ic24~





I~ ,- %f 7 I _- -7

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FMAEMAWi-R*flift ha lamj
-L W'fl( ^<&it n(intftwcdti
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'-it .n t T to t1nrnrtrmuq .Igw
|~~&C~b& 1T^t~ci'Mi fm 8E tAC
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'(1 .abnnil .tsu~ewni wuti^iA nr bcis I0*SpmislsnekOWR~l
Jacka0nvllp Frrr^^g ml 4y* ^**
"Gi" L .A
Oda -" r g i tutiw binv ,iT O lag -tOS tW
t^rb Ix7 wwt? ci.ooa b.crwr l Mwiinb^M 70=3
I*> 1t^ ^J* ,. a nn n'~v~rti ^~tt-ti #1 ^ 'lTji r~ i ^^ U ~ a i m
h^ S~ffgR4'qarB^s
(1 A .tffgnWftff .a41t45.^g~s^'ifiwnui
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,M.8884 rar$C) Thq 0 vse isbn-

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'1s)~ - '911.1. a
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tat dfl*ta*7 Mm

t'ittglfrIM|*tt~e LY wflrrr pLlModi

te, w~^^mI'l lPWP* bnQSN Th^rW gfi-srtc2
rj.Z Sr, L. .r... i.L yurfjk jf;Oir tr .I

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la ;M C-4a.A-it-_.

.i^ S .^ ---.- - -elfl(Ls"- .*' ',, p.<*" e t^" -"s uw s 9 lAnIn 1- vlwa.
^^^^ |o.4A fGow f^l ^^^^
^M & ^Sy S!bg !t2( *-w ^'*fMAktrJ Jr's~lii Jim. *i'e D^'S'S^'^ tRC.^^ftl*PI
Sg1 electMIMS.$Jf n jjjj la crAWN~F .i 01
W B ,i~l , .ii a oit 41ii i *"ai ."- ^ .".

^ ^m---"-r.h '-- ... ,.1 W a -.! .f . '" 14....

^S~iHHK~wS~fS~i ) i- twmpitsctattbutkwttt~r?'1{*uesr n1e F. ^^3^ ^^^M
VFAWt acA ts'
.-k un 8_- w ... -r "t tt ....(aB0 f a o r. " 4 |- *Ii:.M.-
. ,, ---+ -. - .-- -.e :+ :,'_: -.,-. -

..H w r.rjieI~~ -u S''^ t*"..r a icei..*w ~ tl lXo
-f,.-I d ( ,3:
.... ,B .I >iJ '.'it, ltr l''J.lJj'' J ," **, .,,.. .; .- + ._*. .. -i 6 I *. W s .
kiLd r .. i.,. ., t,.e a. ,,r t w i St Ib.-o:., ,- .
- ..... ."I I -V I t W ._ -f .W" d A_ A f l"g . . . . .

I : : --"" ---j- -fl" 74. i: '.J* _;..*. -,*.. 48tt ZL II I -,---'1'I 3' S.. JJCD"t- OIU. ^-"
5-/I. to'-.
I -.- Ir.- -. K., ,:,- +';.'.., -:.3--1, m.I 5.b 4 .. .... A!144B j. .......

. .. --iw i. if ... .
"awn'., 1-

wB t tobe neomineE wawuaq^#lt^b tturieS*wfted tent?^ e$i *i^.:. aSIj3SS0t & ^ 9
.-"-e rs .. .. W S " - . .. w ts, ... e^ *& y u
.. ..i* *IWMSQISI bqheo. ..&sfaco.ssf oft' M. daZit.S :, A-,LtJ t',;afr,*a .,,,owrnvi.
___ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ t! o -ot, _ __. -_ ,.e in.. .. -.- ..

e w ih eachb r) by tui odt brtlliaut # '~iomt
I-'a. .. I to' J4...

m .r r m...e utim to th, e t tI. of both b misberos 5
~~~~ 1g^ mm W t3t tb *2iet04 .s........Wt ptbi' 64* 'mnfnhtpimq^ ";- i .-fli-t.fl

si ou .t-,.t comes up for coB n .66 i. i-P- 6tDg .....
I2Wf ^ lS^ lS fl&c~f r^ftn Itt! hflbMtditbriMaAf vbpddet&o ^erf 100ic~o W^ T~jbkjL
. ^ .._ --rqf w t ', w 1-' -.. ". " ''" ';: I -: S -"
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-- r --- r o, j, A- j .9

7is~ua,bet sk sousa ok4Aa'Sent NCeeonLLpplnetifl.c)'r)') .iA $111 > A !itet>
Is aidy a p against I 7^af 0 Af.^^ ^ ,.^ ^ ^ .i J a a s
S flt_ er g ji hea. a.d . .. .. ,+,..,* .m a ..m..... inm t_ .......
....... j- -aL ; a ierr- i. A 1"1

for .- -- ", , .. ..., .. U, 1,.-!;^
Ma &-. gWw IsI a. W I-U t l-r... I + m-tftr?

list " 2.ii, _. T -" "f" *. "4i *'r

-.-.-.- . -.. .. -'- . :. .... U .
_II_____I I __ .. I -B YIE ;;m t
._._ _. ",. Lr
___________4-. ~AVi40

- -4k'L ete-f".,-'4
.+ : I +1. 4, +_
'IN + 4" 1- -Does"( v6h n"c u*4)*e "bi "b111f n

van v.A. Jimr-AC1rfl5 Ow KADS. AK ant PIES

laye prin.D.UIM! to AU PDu of Cow,,
that no convicts of the state Saaote GuanaflS
stm"be:l tj
cit. ft at Pre
.1 un~ t coAikfc y I* as|[fA B5.
r dfro es t t Y v
Y TWlU by labor the e'x. Repreaenting
em e says ifl tiY Y&-4:
y opinion, It is 94
*t~o Consider the, 1e1P^^ W i L1&C *t

peftt upon the operation of oosl NOLESALE SHOES
t In^ the 'distribution of<^ WIa 14hrh ^
In other words, to allow tha
-of emvicts from a maine
wtpsa such to another' mine w
s o~nrte4 by free Iabon c"44
"be e for any other tesmis thin -mi SohIHY Shoes. Every A,
A -- - up

4 ii

11W) -e hill; -* 1W


an *an furminia lar s .... t him



o. ,.; .' A !i :- '

-.. ..* ......... .. +;. O a i^5 *--..-"-
*"" a di1 iIIII I

,' ~i ^ ^ -." ;.,, -: :++::
*, a.:v .-.., A.4 n U._ -.
:a .......*... **** 1 4 V m "

..., .......- ^. ,._ ,,J,_jftf .i &&~tf ^ [- -:,.^ -
.,- .zt = .. .-.qsU BSh -..w -

L- -. :.: .-.- --~ .! ^ "1 -i -I tU '- '^
;I ...';... I.- III S O r S I u I I

^ ^^^w~;rdt 7n^^^
r Of AMaoiusAt
All4I # 1

---I .......... .'I - ,
M"te.. 9 4 a / 4 !' "iB .-^

:Iti-^ ...... t S 5 5I S I I

^*^^r^^lWM^ofl1111 I I
tto n --ol B 9 Ml I _.n (J i - :.
- -. ... .... I .-
..-aurp^inmsr..' c

"wlpe.... ....... 10 w- II ~ I -I*i i:
$1 'ivs to tT, A 4-4* -- _::-..j

, ,- .. ." .. .. .^^-f I^ i I I - "---:
+ _ .... .. .m -.- ._I^ ._. - :" _,

* ---- ------ i -- : -- -
I4 M tS. ..... ..... ,, ._. ..

-; ... ..,....... -~ I .iI .._:..=l
Bit& 3 A s4 o o --. --
_ ,, ..- .11 I. n-- .. - -.,
^bt BuSe*-

Sa..N.mfls. aE n ,m. ..|

wrt I I "im v -. .. :. -'" _-
491:- c, .-.

* &S W a a
40040 W 4Ytal W ILwaD Sei S ;

.I,,b 9,+:..,+..i --_,^.lR ***.- j -ij- .:.*'
" "flflh ulwr W"' II I I
l~tDA i *..* y ^..'..t ** 'S S^ S-it ^* F f

I-- .1 -- -5iI

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WG 9. )I .'2. b'ii LI" '"t-'. ; *] @.1: N@ Si:
*PSIp .? -,s uJ--AiA II Jl. N- ..I 3a_

uPetot M .aO I"u eaoe1ua -- X sn s
Ti tiate -7 L.' 1W~r1 ti

; tr CPO ---W
";i I...^.^ *.a' r-.I 'o,' ',.it t0.. .t'* 4 ...* *,*. .- ; H fl tl W1 3
aag_,----- __st,: r^{ i-,rr r:H'n;.^-f.;'.-^ -J+ ,"..' ,g"..".
: !" i t s" "

E at* J1 tr 9 g-"1-t." ~", ;;j1--q;u3 ai
m cLd i Y ., i *. J5, r. v ...- ....,ot4* 5 .4e-.,
*'? fj4 ) \ Iii- 'CT ,:^H jgWt'f.ijrcn't>Bi.s en' ^**^y^"
Ll~lSS~lJLAEAiyb3n. .Co. . 4 F ^ l L". : s^ ":

DBf-V I,,' ,,,8i.,4 ,u-,w. .t1 ..'eahYlM
]0 ,:1 *+ALv' 5 Lv 6 .w..45




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b a la ? "it Ai
* 4****** **t, j^ H .-j
.TJIi I^ "fi + I "-ftU

o.- ....4 o i..t... i -- ,
+..:.^ --,*-^.^.. ..



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- A

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A1b Ait. ii- uj1i1 tf f

IA T I M -;-ux7-I f it V.A 3 ff!f w h

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r :'.. . ..

.-._Iitt. .- -- -

w* Two .D'ai O-ly.,,.--
.-._.* wu m=._..;.. ..! k --_..


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i :- .. :-. . l I . - -- -I I. At


.and WIU UWOoli
.. .. -.- a a- n -ft
TO in-sho lo w.
.:' -I p -, o- ..J r,,
I 4i:!:-.-IY.3.!EL' !

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| -+-i,"I .--oak o.; -,. ..I

*i*biff &be e*o ing =_leof 64IT

: -..a--" Wood*r"_l l for a ,le
J. e-Ic'm & 06.

!.+ ..-" -_ f -M d d.-t --ry -a -r-i._
Ce Smut latestwGhet?

I JB.,. :; mr_~ *yei pr.. !-.o, ,-- o*_
r.-:_-.*_- -_-_,_= '-_ ; .inH^^^^t ^^^-^^ty y^BB^y^^^-tB^
^ Ctrw f-Rocky Poin was* a

>liftity all yeofterky.s

I ',-;- -Lob-.. .of- Wh" g- t
Oits tppsmd a-indthast 1 Gyong
is b&*-ms.i Tod be terlat

-S ---.f --aM a a

-;", IL"mL R ,o te of -Aiipia
the "-"--. t t- h s-- k

i g .- F. ---a-"J .B o. WUiH fA o 1
B?6 w w w w w r ww* *r.w ww-w
j5- fta- hEELBt-^-^

I +;-O; far sae The Sun.

- 'te mlear cilng e aleof. 3.t
.- Ubmi.ica W fte fr, a.l
K^~~~b K-- -art Set? wi~ fo
r, V~im soOuge speia~l PIssastw
|- 7. M. Fois pntv wa~s a

pf NY Bags.gite of flag..ot was yrftlg
a^ uate ust e-fd alte kns

IO. baMa nhnaad o- boaae slaeL.

i ^ :; ,---^ ..- .- .. .
K 4tmsriis a new usae of ob

-inm, D. ,6-w, ,, M es

I'-t- m - ..
P- i .O. fWener. Ki Wammn,

UftV. 0.,---, 'T,-WIN. -."1
Sod H Xi*m-Xi aay Warner, bate me-
S.- Windisor.
a-. Merba.t of The Sn ofae de-
parted reee f or Pablo, *lre be
will reape 1t rs few days.
Mrs. N. Martial of atSudern, af-
ter a pismut visit to Mr. and Mr.
T-B. RBliuae tM tj1 bas retased to
Wr bone.
im o Helena Poaroy leaves in a few
days for tbe Geo-rgiaos. Later MfIss
a.n. will oisit New York and other
plasmo of interest.
New Hoearth shirts, new Oluets
shir-ts, i white and colored negligee.
They ag he best goods and latest
syle. Popular prism. Marcus Endel.
IdM. ad Mrs. J H. Truby of Jack-
sovill have, arrived in the city, and
will be the guests of the latter's park
ete, Mr. ad Mrs. S. V. Doke, for a
few days,
F. H. Clysts of Cplst. postmaster,
railroad and express agent, and in fact
be wholele Roquefort" of that thrive
ilg settlement, was a visitor to this
oiy yesterday.
J. N. Silvester of Hague, Mr. and
Mrs. L. B. Stroble of Tioa, Thomas
Green of Boardean and T. O Kennard
of WMaldo were -among the visitors to
this city yesterday.
Mr. andMn. H. I. Arnold, after a
pleasant visit of several days to Cedar
i _y where they enjoyed %be exhil-
aratlag Gulf breeu's, have returned to
their home im East Gainesville.
Insyaor honts of deep distress the
Gauiwatile Undertaking Company if
sai ,urosed will relieve you of all
Imbie and anxiety b arrangiung
mvrythlag for she faunea of the de.
J. 3.tFeaser of Wabaoota was in
'the city yesterday en route to his for.
met home at Roshelle. Mr. leaslte is
engaged in the fish business at Wana
boots, and reports good success.
Just received a full line of ohlldren's
bsrifsot sandals, asin a eomplese lime
of mimess' aod child rent's oxfords,

strap medals, G ibson ties and French
ties. -It will pay O to see our line
before purchasing elsewhere. L. C.
The Stork has visitd the home of
Mr. and nrs W. J. MeCormiek. leav-
ing a bouncing batW girl to enlighten
ad make happy their home. The
Son, with other friends, extends eone
gratlatios. ,
SMr. and Mrs. Chas. Eddy of Orange
Heights and Mrs. J0. .Eddy of Haep.
toa wre among the visitors to this
city yesterday, registering at the
Brown Hoosm. Mr. Eddy killed at
The Son oSee and renewed his sub*
eription for the coming year.
Mr. and Mrs. William Littledate and
daughter. Mi Lotta, were in the city
from Hawthorn yesterday. Mr. Lit-
tidal. 0I the clever traveling sales-
an for E. Smith, manufacturer of
eonfeetionery. Jaeksonville, and en-
joys a fine trade.
v Aft S em a -0 a a

-. C .."t- !

-r- -

-White Spdi ad te S.eqin

-da ga mesoa_.- 0w G. N-
ha ie m/il 7:es-=:----. day.
O~my-doIr. Thrh. Id
iThe Gaille Uln eakig COaS-
S i n polite, sU eSilbSIO US up-
endut ofa funezra. Brown Hoes.
earner store.
bamsel )eeley of VaidMst, Ga.9 the
fler aend suesesful tmvealg reptr.
senative of the Gbo. 0. Smith
Barnvlee boc. In in she city iN the
interest or hm borne..
Strayed or stolen-One creani-el-
owed uol, brand on right sboltbder
^P," with a.#le uabne. Brown s9eak
*kmcIft I I Of $6ofif re am"
Lalg bak. Reward f $5 invormed1
to L. B. Courneoa. Gaineuille. dl w4
Remember the excunion to Ferns-
dis on %be 27th. The lt oppo t
Sof the reams to visit the ome hA
gently reduced rates. OGly a dollar
for the roud trip. Special train. See
Cobb. ee
George W. Hyde bai returned from
Candler, Mario. caty,, whern be has
been looking after his orange inter-
est. Mr. Hyde, as has been recently
stated, may alio egagein peach ul
true in a short time.
Strayed or stolen Thursday night,
one small male hones.;for white feet,
white spot in flank, blamed forehead
Liberal reward for any information
leading to reouvery of same. Aon'-
on Jaskson. dawiU
L. J. Borkhim expeete to make his
departure today for Baltimore, New
York, Boston and other points in the
East where he will purchase onew of|
the inest and mot complete line of
clothing and farnIshings ever brought
to aInesville. He expects to be abs
sent about three reeks.
Capt. Ws. BSdd of St. Petersburg
passed through she Gity yesterday en
route borne from- sigh Springs. Cap-
taim Butt is stook clam agent of ibis
district of the Atlantic Coast Line,
and a great deal of hi.stince is natorale
ly conmomed on the road. He former.
ly bad his offlees in OaiuesviI~e, and
has many friends here who are always
glad so see hint.

The Gainesville

Undertaking Co,.

Carry Complete Line of

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- Coffins

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the bspe that she earnmeMol prove JJV
bmal. Friends wish for her a --

J. A. B well., anwr of ,thea ft .
cOmmr 4b. Company oaval f $^, .-i5i- b.
So plant ear Tioga, 'is in the city a
for a day or two oan a visit so his tea- QGajlqeville,
Uly, w ho are eiding here. Mr. Black- "
well aied at The Sn Soee yesterday _I_ _" "
ad aob S ,or, The s. He il -,
san that the Gnaw Oompaay is IS NET
working thirty-one crops this farm, m
the U timber is fine, and is one of the
prtt et turpentine ats he has v-Ter
seen the timber being large an d well

Mr. ad Mrs. W. H. Dreger, who
have bee a residing at Rocky Point forI
the past few years, have removed S"toe
Ganvie. and are mosupying for t i
preet she home of Mrs. William Da
vis. Weat Orange street. Mr. Draeg er
has been fuosesdully engaged in truck-
ing at 1oeky Point, but has abandoned
this mtiom to accept a lucrative p i-
situ as sioitor for a large soma -*
Sion house in Washington, and expects
to proceed to that city in a few days. Mum n A=S 0
Mrs. Draeger will remain in Gainete- a- Wam
Ville tot the present, however. ___..-

Firte! Fire Ir
Are you prepared for it? Come to
the Fire Station on Wednesday after-.
noon st o'clock and see the American
bChemical Extinguisher tested by the
fire department. All are.ordialy in-
vited to i me and see this tet.
I. L. WALUE, Agen.

NB!...W J 1011
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and the Latest Styles




Fine Fadeless Fsograts
From Locket to Life 8ize.
High Grade Copies a Spe-

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