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Title: Gainesville Daily Sun
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Title: Gainesville Daily Sun
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Creator: Gainesville daily sun
Publisher: H.H. McCreary
Place of Publication: Gainesville, Fla.
Publication Date: July 22, 1904
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Alachua -- Gainesville
Coordinates: 29.665245 x -82.336097 ( Place of Publication )
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Source Institution: University of Florida
Holding Location: University of Florida
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v* --v~ ~
-, IM r^ st.KAHtt 4H riu ff -eta iat -

e L --- t t-h----
%^ -S r~tttrw -t Pa*Tatr fAiam ranMrt e eaigte eed
a-'' I"*" Swa towa Ma. _alrc.adbfaeft -relt oa o-


|| --^ -.l~l -Qeee Inotli.fteal .Ot 1hep


Ili-l-a ataethoed an impt wf vane Wad

drsa te at. ayfrack as f al ataf laS t W at da Teer is ne
-t M sd bereh andhf eI tt IS A fhb tsen

-~'Ore mus 114 .MI. Isda on he" Oraf the wh~itecnvent 72F PROPSentTIvON SUMITE oTHaEze laosd-^ xoteIdht ie nv
OWN*& u.y shucceter ded Iobthepning the nt UeN A

Ata&Mybik howsMs atr Vmml owf. wter thb~en tlc-o ted ex- Emanaten. -Not FromteqBust lrch abut^ ^^^prsae
tofln t1308 t e e een wns U uit oQ ber mrs hows tth bfleto tae

1Mn aut Tradesd lthotes two pa ins s a as tee ar, buy 2s tuor

^IR flmb Isra Isufh SRcdi t mdh2 Ok ntere [theS carig BSof Mi"Packers tor D o decide ashto Anotbnw cwatams. Amour Stifto and Nelo:
7:1 whix ma, a visitor of Ahesbtrd prisnBe Morrs &o COe Oclaplagthe InubE

fttn4wt Wit^ywotag. hral stay ars 1a4 taken awkyenwper-, Cofeene to kilhe strou~be Cr AP cattl
anal I e In Mar. Mayb and bfle night Theaq ucelfls toay OplA
33a117 S S In obtair lag the ald U s heep i
U k M embw started of her punshen to tranem IFroUthBuhers b tnda

tat^^^ ^ ofsec there b s alowsierd to spend the^^^ Packae Reportea Proymsn.
^^'in' '^^ Tat siremothsto herec o'fiemn Manyw AffectedS^ Trde Inldn th r bee Caity, 10er LPckents to
,-n as we ce.BHs abmut Mrs. Mqybrck's Imprasnment flS^B^^^k vace esltad progress sckstartly adding T
mot terminated with the clang of new enr to ther aincea
tB -doors,, the last sound which remains C, Jul 21.-it W5 ) lag tbh outptoaiy Tere Istm
;~trw. Wmwfl, mms, tq ~L-Is the ears of so many of her fellow- Packers to *ay today whether the usbotbttatteotpto*h
r kabirick is fra. fle prisoer It closed before the arch would hold another conference with. ve ln has In in
sa1y her, doorway of the white convent of representatives of. organized lab" 'ei Apat 24 hr In t
whoftsm -*the Sisterhood of the Epiphany, in this ative to -the atrake of the butcher temtesrk ednpyt
Mr. ayrik. wa MssF'-little town, with the black-tobed Sit oke. h eustfrsc neary20mnhvebe esae
masatInr ai sflbmitted-Ls nirht t
-""-.Elimbeth q)ade 'a memub rers woftly uttering their blessings$-- .-------- 1 ----- to join t unfoin. Ato reporter w
~ wll minandprspeoussouh.And god wIShe4 for her future. thes owners .of the pac~lg t bywatkethogteAmupat
usbuly- asmrrie -July2n, issi. With -two companions, Mrs. May- th no edr fCig.Tefound afreo bu ,~a ok
rWt p jmadi pg~ to brick entered the carriage of M Is emp players were to decide this~ At the lnssalrfctaea
41* ]aMyrik tUjjjrerpoo gbw; Dalrymple,, secretary of the sisterhood, 14ag -what reply to Make.- work. Atheudlypatanm'
themIS earsoat Herha-ad ws divennplfly o S. AUIIThe labr propositin emanated not coshebentknifra
-c=dvnrvfl oBLAset from the* butchers. but hum aL comvak
tatwas MSa yew WSof amO &small sttn14 mine wy hr ftesrkbekr.Asb

prset ther is cosdee IprM W Prinft ofStakAvacig
ti,.re.. --' Cht).-{-.-.-i,.+ -.-; -+-i, :: k 3-J:cag,-;o--. : --- -- July11: 2--1--; : -+ Prices;- of m eat
-, -. The'. greates -_t secrecy:.-_.+ was5- -- -.' .. -- -.:26 -'--:+- ,...=! + %+- .: thrown ha-e bees .../+-,. raised.- if'... pe cent--- as
about M rs. M aybrick's.. _ture ...,.. .++. ... _,t. result. of_. th.e stock. yards'... ._..._...,.. strike.. The1..._... :, -. .. ..- _
to th .h.e.ffc. Oter at theen -T e" -. rr suh a...: ? -

...- ,.t..- convent wee qulluco mulc ... AT .ESOPUS._ +-o. N V. ._

-a ti e. -
At the railroad station orders were, Pbmer senator Davis and Others
-d' ^ ^ l j laed forbidding the employes to d4s- V \ I I lsit J'dge Parker.
I :-lfl !ikL eusA Mrs. Maybrick or even to admit t opls. N. V.. July 21.-For.-r Sen-,
er t H|- that she was at the convent. a A IIiIlator Davis, the Democratc ic res-
ER:^ RThe little town has taken deep In- I deItial candidate, arrived at EWnus
terest in this International figure. W Itoday acronipainld by National Corn-,
.--Crowds daily stood at the Irou gates Dflttfl^JL mttmau Norman K. eMack. w::w
fl+ N.AYS -of the grounds, waiting for Mrs. May- J..;S: RcYork, Yo D. J. Campat or Myichran.
His brothers investIgated bla death brick to appear, but they were rarely' ., ,@ They were driven at onlu to R'e
Sand chraged Mn; Maybrick with the rewardett she going out only when The mount. Judge Parker and Se;-atur
murder tof her husband. A long trial road was reported clear. Darts had never met before
-followed, md a number of dotr- When Mrs. Maybrick first arrived | t It is bcomig daily more evident
awer the deceased died of arsenic here she' was kept under strict stur- tt .- at Resemount is not the place in
polso g. The defaseproved that vellfance. naver leaving the convent "- which to look fo iformaon con
for -0 years Mr. Maybrick had been walls. ICWAKL XS qL. ; .ceming the Democratic national cor-
a confirmed user of arsenic leand tat ren fur a walk In the grounds she (The leader ot te strilsW.] mitteeman. There can be no doubt
to have kiled a dozen ordinary men. would have to be escorted by one ot mlttee represents many affected that the present conditions here favor
Mrs. Maybriek was eventually sen- the sisters. Subsequently she was trades. including the teamsters. It the selection of Senator Gorman. if be
- teed to death by the J dg% Sir allowed to walk In the quiet streets consisted of a letter sent in duplicate will accept the cbairmanalp, but
P'Itzjames 6tephe, who spoke for two of this picturesque place and in the to. the union on strike and to the Judge Parker today apparently knew
.asJ hIn carzing the jury. He said shady country lanes in the vicinity, packers, in which each party td the no more about the final selection than
It was imposmible tor them to find her Those who have seen the published struggle was requested to participate! did the newspaper man who asked him
mot gulty in the face of the medical portraits of Mrs. Maybrick sooan got in a Joirt m3etlng o? employers and! about I.
.Sdete. The Judge died some Utime to recognize the black-robed woman, All trades tuterested. The butchers -
Iner in.a &mad house. with black bonnet and flowing strings, promptly answered that they were BIRTH OF TWELFTH CHILD.
From the time of Mrs. Maybriclk a and gave her tindly greetings, which r2ady to go Into the conference.

+ -+: V ** '; --- *-t_ : "' *
: -- --C r--*y:._ --'. ---ti-5' .-+

-" "' -: "- .. -;" f"_. .. -' --= *'-' .- ^
_. ---.'- ..- -:
..- : .. o ._L.

COAvestookV I
*_ :: : S. ;*.- j

-.m- -_
4 1.

TIg Coll Ar W__
Tokdo. Jly 2S.-1: Sf-L- :.
Usian V diEasto -rt :

mmopanie4 by torpedo boasta setene I&
the Psdlle ocean at 7 WoMoc.I U&
destt know bat Is V .

gewted that It Plans to rat& the ca"t
OoWs of Japan &Ad Mhe% eibwthe eot m
to Waninvsato. eV iSg to I d
southward, or am to :- a- '
Junction with the Porpt Ab s.
The squadron was N 7 i@ Ced Is te
mting mimoving rapoy u ts.m AS

e:30 a. It ,wast Am S b"d OR Tam

Oape and at n7 a *, shaar- at -F a
Hakodate discerned It -aS wapld to:
Tokio that it *as tbf Sobg b: _,
tho ast .
Warnings have pee cut to uh11 .. .
slong the eastern coast of Jqpn, aSd--*
inerchantmen are Runledly uoeSlE ^
cover. at Is expects as sa t ,- !
the shipping will be warmed bsfr c --
Russian vessels Ju liet sim- '
damage. it a raid is ptdo pmet 1
Ordinarily, a lack of el v .alid .i
vent an extended cmise, but -t bps.
._I.e that the Ruelians a.m -

Uer at rendeIaous In OWNSt e n e1 oW,
a,. I
Action of Russia In m-u W -
In t" Red s. ;
St. Petersburg. July X9.--4:3 p. a. -
-Sir Charles Hardinag, the Brhgf a
ambassawr to R sa thi a8eo -
in behalf of his gov -r- t :eseatI
ed a strong protet to Russ.a .,
the seinare on the Red sea aod am
tion of the P fila. r mad Oat,, Is
steamer Mlacca. which w" cMri .
o0 ts of British goera- t ae- -a
for their naval establsm t at Hag |
Kong. each case of wi'was mibd I-,-
with the broad arrow. ick as the .
govemment stamp. -
The ambmador also mrse m d a- -
general protest against the adeks t .
the Russian volunteSer of teas
in the Redsea. .

Ta Tehe Mao,. July n .1.-- of I
the rnnulepa nf llentmmnst flome-"

.-- S a i...-- :: ... ._ ..:.-6;--i__ -" .- : ; i' '
Sr ni a sut eans damsJJDIDA JUY2t19
%- a
alt F9.4~ ~~J .~s td '~ t -~1 -


* ~ ~ _- *^


40WO J

-ml Iwma (IITE wrarkT-

1 Jsi Qhsves Plisted a Vp. Orchard
SBm Hureda : Acre Threes.
s Ar, mad- This Seme; n Seeped
-ti:* !,,,m. r t iSlltss tA Ga -.

%0SwSatml. hpB ud on o W.
..-,."._:.."- .' ; (! o ] --- -j

A snu .i.ton to. GiBr1M.e.

I -- ,P.:0-l T- W- tot S7 .
* fr~S o OWd Ton anud Rewberry.

kfl"W Ed, but ven.sly, jear ago
in a j4sM@ ta lt I1 Cd firtuae lI s
.-. Gs- -.b. -It was an became hb batd
p|5C S bfee. pmepeulag 1. hts Florida

r^ anr m-led neon. .wely upon aoj
- inmaia promni1 to she capital 5nw
I 1 v.; ba the JTo d cided tbat,
S-...- mti9, proper pilOs for him,
_- .." a : h w!g me abooat shis em,
-d. met -o Ze~a l.eltk, ad bga n the
slsmy of p~eahes with his brother,
.J.PoObvit.-w. Agroe of 1W or'I
^*','iw e-. .n -t, e.amprising- WOW( tn about
Otree pestu. samo whien time they
..-. ."-o. .e m aproleig. sad -this or-
h~as-is "' te dudtorbeomew oe of "e
^~~mn wR~rfltsbht for ite sli (a Georgia.
It will b>e isermeDg as well k
*hxlg nois to thbe friends of J9d"e
h. so. lea rn that his see in
-. *. -altar, h" beau nmarkabfr.
Is... BO es Br n. hare"nd from
.. -alO 3L- ,00 tre b s thieas n but omtA
r pgl to ship lea oarlosdm of trait, from
Wh.h6 they mIltS a net pods of
|f- 0^00. ThiS 15 flBn5Idetd exception

.':; -- d d .. -ae .a.-a.--
S"..a-y fod-young tgmsr-, and next
year thee puogreelve oriotr
;-. tapeS -to double the output, -
m--.U. the profit of the menu jutI
.-" '- "..'owd .
il--.-e C-mle
V -... S ip Vne owns onsIiderable
.-." phosphate and imber lads In the
.1 Ul 3ed, sd Thursda, Iyn ompsay
1t with 3. W. Fattma, west to tb~s sec.
E^~ f or thp perponet o locking ater his iji
_~ tsfls*^. Ulsfrleads herm gae d to
F -ew seaust~samee, sad glad also
|/_. tata he u pretparing Iu his new home.

^-j P~es Upon Top f Piles.
l^'- 9File ups. top of piles .f people
hav tmt plies, sad VsWIis's Witch Ba^
Ft -d uS C ki res them. There are many

dibeun kItdS of piles, but if you get
;he gee.oval ud original Witch Hazel
S the., nd. by, 0. 0. DeWitt & Co. of
0 AIsgo anre ls cersain A. Tie-
dal, of Sommerton, 8. C., *ay. "I
bad. W lye puss I yea DoWit's Salve
.n; 'r e me aftr e"ething else failed."
-Sold by alldruggusts.
.-- -- I --


IT The New York Racket Will Soen Dee

Scupy 1EWgnIt N"eW Store.
The elegant new building which is
being ermted at the comer of East
SMain and East Union streets by Phi
-fer BO. of the New York Racket -.s
fast ne .ng ompletion, and the firm
experts go Id bin position to move into
&La a.lntaaiX*Lt-a aLa. ine& aLIcia- A..n

J; .- "'

ah- -- .-

, *. ., .

It is in tins. of sudden mishap,
accident or Schuems that Ham-
115 Wi.ird Oil cU be relied
upon to ids the the
Family doctor who cannot al-
ways be found upon the mo-
ment Tbea it Is that Wizard

fnni Fmund

In cases of sprains, cuts,
wonds, brns and scalds Wit-
ard Oil takes out the soreness,
dr es away the pain at omce.
IItsa-p&ic ocausesl a woMund
to = without danger of blood .
poisoning or other cmplics.-
tams. Pain cannot exist where
Wizard Oil is applied.
-0 1 On0,, ,mnla
S-I~, inm Srs lm" Wvapp.
mun Bs t. In.tle0 Prics50c.
Hmnlins Cough Balsam quick-
*ly relieves stubborn coda. It
;oataiMs nothing injurioMus.
Tastes good and children like
it. prtco 25c.
llamlins Blood and Liver Pills
cure cotipatiaon. They are
pleasant to take and do not
~r~g rim25&.

Growers of Alachua Are Tfred of Poor
Profits on Watermelons.
Among the prominent county folks
who visited Gainesville Wednesday was
W. T. McLendon of Alachua, who is
one of the oldest watermelon growers
in this seethn.
"We are tired of planting watermel-
ons In ouor section and getting no re
turns for profit.' remarked Mr. Mo-
Lendon, when asked regarding his
crop of melons, the majority of which
have already been shipped.
"The growers around Alachus have
worked ard for the past few years to
make a profitable crop out of water-
melons. but, like myself, they seem to
have been unfortunate. We all prom
pose to plant eamtasloopes next mason,
and there will be in the neighborhood
of three hundred acres in these mel*
ons. I propose to plant forty acres
myself, and there ar6 others who will
drop watermelons and plant canta-
loupes Instead."
SMr. MeLendon is one of the most
extensive watermelon growers in the
Alachusa section. He enjoys the repu-
tation of planting the finest seed and
harvesting the finest watermelons, but
for some reason he has been unsUe-
ceessful for the past two or three years,
ant has naturally become a little pro-
voked. He has shipped so far this
season thirty cars, and expects to have
fifteen or twenty more.
Weak Hearts

-- ISL0M3 DO OfA.

*~ ~ ~ ~~ w 31 ues w tl the.
A. Il.f.. .,-- : M Y .t. of.. ".

i~m,-beo,-o ,h
o-iwa .. a Warot -,."
dW an sMt-, July I.-News el
the Sth a-nd brial of Ce f Poa
tome flg cf -te Masdad im Mtuhs
be noni~e hote.
l.e_ D.g was-, oAS warrior Sa
Mi burial was the noeahs for a eat
*ssoastrstlom of grief .a the pat o.
the redskin'
In accordance with his last wish
the efu was buried wrapped Is an
America flag, which was peet
to him at the time be vTisited Wash-
tigles asa a member of a Sioux com

Was WasiNg Away.
The following letter from" Robert I.
Watts of Sales Mo., is Instrcwtie:
oi1 have been troubled with kidney di .
ese for the last five year. I lost
f.e and never felt well. Doctored
with losing pysiciaMs and tried all
emedies uscst without relief. Fl-
sally I n $reO 'g& Kidey COrse ad
leM than two bottles ampleel cared
me and I am owsonmd a well.
Sold by J. W. A30 o1m A Co.

V. Au5ai3a Dream?
Much resftearch and Investigation war.
rant the atiertlon that man Is not the
only anlmil subject to dreams. Horse
neigh -and rear upon their hind feet
while fast asleep: dows bark and growl
andd In many other ways exhibit all
their eharacteristle passions. It is
highly probMtble that at such times the
remembrance of the chase or of a oe6m-
bat Is ipassing through the dogs' minds.
Besides the above signs of fleeting
pain.' etr and- excitement tbese no-
ebi f crenItWrp ofteti tnnifest signs of
klddnes. playfulness and of almost
every other passion. luminanz ani-
mals. Ruch is the sheep andu tlhe cow.
are believed to -be less affected with
dreams than those of higher pamnlons
which spend their waking hours in
seen@D of greater excitement.
Philosophers and. investigators tell
us that if we trace the dream faculty
still lower In the peale of nnlj)ql life
we shall probably And that the same
phenomena exist, and judging from
analqy -it is only reasonable to reek-
on dreaming as one of the unersal'
lan-almost as universal as sleep Wt
edtI -___

ConW pTives Need Pht Dnpar
As many eases pronogieed hopeless
by physicians have been cured by Fo-
ley's Honey and Tar. L. M. Ruggles of
Resoner, Iowam. writes: "The doeown
said I bad onsummmptiou and I got no
better until T used Foley's Hooey andI
Tar. It helped me right from start
and stopped the spitting of blood a Id
pain in my lungs and today am ond'
and well." Sold by J. W. MCollum
& Co.

A Deerte Vtmlt.
More patients become d smted be-
cause they are not visited often enough
than because they are required t pay
for excess of oerries. One of tb*4tlt
grateful families that I ever knew was
one that had Just paid a young medial
grafter for fourteen tsits made be.
tween 5 and 11 p. m. of a tugle day,-
when two visits would have bes am-
ply sufficient. Small wonder that some
of the younger men yield to tht temp-
tatlon and shortly become known to
the profeion as repeaters. But them
soon lose caste.-The World Today.
The Dill that will. will fill the bill.


For Sale by Johnson Bros.. Gineemville
Alk- h









Jacksonville and New York,
tw~iug at OHARLEWOK. L. C., both ways.
The FIewt flouffy Eu tk Omiwbe Uwiht
(lyde New &gland and Southern Uane
Dires ervie Berwes JACESONVJUZ, BOR ad
PROVIDENOK sad A" -ham NbM,
Calling at Chautesfl bo* ways.

soathb& rs. .1 ... Sa..*. ...*.a.. .a. FES Icw1'to'kiaf, 311S
Northbodea...... ..a.g.... FFom Ft of rtclarima S., 3einmvilh

Gdin. St 3obs River Line
Betw eon3 JJLCROOWVILLS andl SAWronM
Stopping at Palata, Astor, St. Pa-Fli, Beatemd (PeLad),a .andk
Laudbp a St. Jobms Rimr
Leives Jaeksccville 310 p. m aaya Tnraps an Thusadays.
leaes Sanford 9 tADa. m. M.o sTSIDce-S6=- Fad ays.
IsiappoWnted tostail asfolain:
^Sctgoea scmu~inz Maey
LeaveSADpa..... ............Jacksmville. e a *AwrTlys
S pm ..........*... ..IBatlatka. ..-.. .0;*
S3O am ... ... .............. ..**.t.Ji- a*.................... I
A a a I.o- *. ..-. Bem fuOw(DeLImd)..... -9- lK
Amive SUBDama.....0.aa- .. *....... .4 A a -aa.... *. p. e a

t.1.tRmwlfowaR*Xaaa GaPam an. S.ONWOOD"la
A-C. RAxaor Gum Egsfli PvL A.RNsa Sork. CJYAoRI Mrs
General Manager. GeaaaJ Agmaw.
CQe'brom bJwUc, is3 Bsainae&* i3t Yat


An nsmCsu
m Vt Pt if
Acaos 0ass
fBXs sBs






.- ~ '.~

'~ -a -~ t~atz9e
-- s~~rs
.-,- ~.. ~1-~g Z'.s-~1wr -~ ~r
*.it.' r- ~* p
-~ r

I _,~ -.. .7J~

A* ando
fel ine t o- ai

I inf abe at o-fI

.I ..hl. .f-l .m .l

b^^ffl~fi~Iiikk amfeflX^ beiee tha

ptM. rM banj at hes
bI -uia%- mre,._.s _Bwk L .ho

mbb --r ---JQ or

e t .ta- WnW W eye
m lab an a be.wo I

at fea om-

| ^le~wt a eal awba Bogae.
SSlmro owere: Pe a Buthla0 nm Aw gw ot

g||lk~~aw Meeka Iridenl bethe
TIhe Toha umpfr ale

!Pr|ie et&e aaiforune tor $6.
IM- ht nina, ama Baaarn
watar~~dr neo themsswaw
I ftuIn Graham, whoper

SI .t-hm o t he;, -.-ad epi sow.
his "withouttfear or La.

I Th;e -came w-.,,e palduof,,oi/
Sifina hecmteryn rldlehes a the

under wblgsatiu. for t-e,-

I I **.--. : .=i t. Or '

J.1. to him the basneballepisode -iaofu
nI ne fnw wwa s a
I.' B pm.w of fo the!

Fhe of the esmeterniy weoeiaaloa,
pt. e.gars amountg n to-

Tsampount willaosmnplfhe hpial grat
de the nasty, and foltheg paem- t
ocnisatirn t eaner CoblIgationfr thei
remat ooo. ma mI-o,

Tod Fom e Galnavinglea and Alachune
fThe meotedil fraterityheld murg In.
'-a"- ~L
meetaa=: nlrht_ icre,,o
SOSSUOD ionud fOrmutlai~ig plSflfl n 0
Seve- was asafete at thi.b meeig
and: th folw'a a.l was p roen te
sad requestd publihed throuh The

-All those who have .signed the
arter lit of the Gaineille nd Ala-
sham CouOfy Hospital AssociatIon and
othe who deAire to Join the aom
e. ipa, are to meet at the
anrt hosme at 6p. m. Friday."

Sanitary Inspector is Badly Needed at
/- Thi easonof the Year.
Nuomero complaints- have been re-
eived at T.l Son ---offce of the filthy
sedJitioW 'W the streets and -ertain..
| -premie- throughout the city. Thin
, .onditou.of sairs is to be deplored,
u--ila.. we are -now in the- midst of the

I-_ ~OPT: orftm_

iTh Seeti- w- airl y nl atf
tends sad sete the Ommibet of a
fw. matM-te -Iatpns a eni
w ap awsbS..o -draft re.slgw of
sppuistiin and (eb thene n*ser.
chiaf who tsp.bee Im s oo
emmhb to nb. them a huaWlf-:ollday
*a& Week by lssing their ievme.
esakmlas pnsiasted the follows
in. n iom whi- were .a and
.8 ural,.;oa ~hjj !d.ptnd :

"Be.nd .-fint. That we appmeiate
the set.n of the mrehanse in gn0tiag
ma balf-day eah wee.P and we prom.
ee them outr hneMy eo-operatioa
tamsbgaf their interests.
lM oaUS mood. That a sopy of
she@e meiqaIou be spread upos the
mnates Of the a.slatin3 ad that
they be furntshed T.4he 8Rnd The
Sear for peb~lsile..
"0. B. B mw,
."W. T. LaGasns.
_A- "DIYON AvwL."

N"Wtng. of Creditorm
A plremiary meeting of the credit-
.or.t the Eupsaiu Lumaber Oopsny
of Pui$.r Diet will be heldls the of-
Se of Attorney W. H. Palmer, referee
in bmtarupwy. today. Inma uh -a
this wiH be oily a preliminary meet.
ling, it diffiult to ate just what .e-
tion may be taken.
-A. ?-stte-mo manner of the Es-
panol. LUomer Coapany was In the

would turn the mill back tohis oha rge
and permit hi m-o operate it, he would
ipay off u.e Indebted- of the con-
eem in a hw weeks, bu he would not
soomust to manage the business at the
diotationuof a trustee.

SNrth Ianev~ mprovements.
The go people of North -Gaines-
ville are k keepingg apse with their
Gainmesville neighbor. in the matter
of I provemenas. Several handsome
residence have been erected in that
thrivin_ barg within the past twelve
pnathsb and till houses are going up.
The lae t addition to North Gaines-
ville is:the handsome residence of
John ITyfi! which is now well under
way. The framework has about been
completed, and in a short time the
hous w.IU be fin ished.
.The building will contain eight
rooms and two- eommodiOus hallways,
and will be constructed in a modem
manner with a view to comfort. Con-
tractor Van Netta is superviing the
woik. -"

I Noe Is b-eby sivei tha J. J. Harman.
Spumtser of Tax CerUloFte No. 138S. Ated
the I* dar of July. A. U IM. bn 0ed- sad
I orUeaitne In m oMaee. aml hid made appilet -
I tor Um tax dee to Iue In aecordtnoe with
law. Sai M erfieate embraces t following
described property situated in Alachua eoun-
tr. normda. towt:
U4Lot' 1 Sea.3. Tp. I1. I.. I5
The a land betin aameed at the dae of
the ihuaee of such certificate In the nameof!
Unlm ad eertkeate hall be redeemed a6-
Cordl. to law tax deed will luoe thereon om
*kow4 Am m ora w A t ena* A fl -Ifni

-. -- ... .. "-'1 -. -- ; :

c1 1e. .Ut X-. ti .wiltb

A 6w sewams1 t S eat
vtsimgaj brothews will recitre a oosSIS
J, e,.. oi ,,. 9 ... *
V ?'B. FL .c"AK, N. 0.
J. G. TOzat, Seswethy.
.-P. F E.. 6_L -L C I
ccv, T^RFELL crllr~tDr.

C: -. C4r
~< -~ r
4 ,~fl


i :_

-.- :Z -


4 C

~4 ~. ~.
. 1..~ ~ -

Dae P.r rJi Cf Iantf Ste Ru n

Buford. Ga..- Ju l21.--At a mettng Jlmj E IT O I c- 0
-of the ciUzens of Tilord. beld ],In tWe I. I "I -- I I | D |
Busha hall, resoluntions were passed .. r z- -W .
ltdorsaing a communication of I [ --.. F- IN
S. G. Mc Lendon. in w-lch he crtu.w-. T -.- -
cis". the governor for his silence 6 inOBe., 11 IISI Vftl6. t
connecton _with the state road. ...-- --_ ------
It is sulfaed that a state con- $D "Jand Cotton B "g"
.^ .T -.._~nse ..._.I la.d Cotton Seed._Bgil and Twr...Wabuts
atios be called In Atlanta Aug^. .3 ,m S. ,..
to ur.e the general asembly to,, ore
vnt t1e Louisville and Nhlfr l ------ -.
*W-ala-ir the tate roa. Maufacturers of the Jams Dag Improved &gl
o p ea Isand O. tton Gin, ad 8 Huppli for A.
No PMaiSown
"For yea fate was after mee e- IA
tiDnou lp' writes F. A. G ltege, Ver ---- ..- : _--_ __ __.-._ --
t a A la. "I hada temible.ease of J.I X. G aza,, Pr.X. M.d -Sn
piles aaim-g tm .monr. When ai -- .. -
failed Buekien's Arnica Salve cored
me. Equally good for burns ad all| l lr I l lfl K-
aebe and pa Only- 25e at all drugll E F IRST lIIAVTIO RAL-
ftto re l. -- .. ---" ,- --
"Pittibur- Phil" Ill. OP GA. STES r iu.-.
I Smith. popularl1y known among horse ,.
men as "Pittsburg Ph-" is reported as*sptas. ..................,....1 50,000 00
to be seriously ill from lung troub.e. ,. _
according to The American. He b urpus and U vndived Profit... 25,00 ,
oeing treated near Saranac lake. In D aowe -- Ia a a -'
the Adirondackki. but-fittle hope Is O b .m .rianiam.- Ir-_syae -
Wimealfl eaAfl m fame In
felt for his recovery. Smith accu -.."- "
mulated a large forume In his ttur IU tIAYW1mB.I.
ventures, but was warned some tin .-.I- m-.-- "- i. .i. -ia.
ago that repression ofh bis emotions Esab "-ed -- -
while witnessing races upon wh1r
he staked large eums. was deFtr.i,- r | A IA- il l i.L A "-- -"
his health. and e prattlealy reurz. a hiuy
Found Dead in Hotel. .
Nashvilie, Tenn-.. Ju;y 21--J. Bi. -. U A E ILL, FLORIDA
a prominent young man of Jackou. '- -
Tean., was found dead In a hotel at .- -
JacoSnn this morn-ng. He had taken Q b i s t em tt.i.
twil, !-ann e. btP,,luics of laudanumOur .uOr, Im i tr i et a nl!d to th iroe dita i-- _=4_d -10)t e I--
tw, 4,l, hi o., f enhipoflandadwea, aweiavo oprateworperiusalantpIS.M.
-had been d.i -king -with that bsine. We make a specialty of the prepaska of m .=."A.
make exhaustive investigation of titles.- We reprmmst- -C-.S hafli
Working Night and Day. all matter to e a*mement aSnd rfmat 47 Uw iMd I-w
,The bs.iet and _f.O-S idem.p._ of o utasndi tax eA sei When yo .-ptm -a *mh m
Thin itht ev-r wa ma i Dr. King.te v in our line .all on or write us. Notary public i6 oI e .
thing that ever was mde ..Dr .- -King* ~ i -.
New Litfe Plls. These pls eb.auge B." I R-. COLS6_l awLu.

Iwer. They're wonderful in build-_ n n l "V Pf ll-
nf .up the health. Oonl 25 per boxi. I \ I MI I I M* I I I- I -
Sold, by, all druggst. A d AM h-+=
, iiii _.I.__ D I -m -. .- [ l 1o=,--=_-- 1 _- .

Illinowi kontral E. E.. VOYLE. MR&-,
---.-,....-- -- "---"-- ---.I Abtr of Title and full ihformatoam fumnIhed nIudtoc bod,. fl -
II iLBUD i county. Our msaacea- lived imbI scjt7sss -I i
) nXILIIIIRW ias horoughly con versnt wt edUta
DIltE ROUTE TO THE ---------

St. LouIS Exposition. _.F Ee Vv.TF
TWO TRAM- DAIL. .mating a number of proimant Anwrieaui. n a ....d+
I. canerfle with W. A. IL ud tIk REAL ETwTE AD c Ai
s., c. A St. L. URy. fts Atlasta. G3ainIesx--le *a. c nr Am p
Lv. Atlanta 91% a. i ..' Ar. St. Louis .X a. t -.
Lv. o' $t:p. SEING ., I H"Ar. St. Louis 7:Ia. I. U nA n

THROUGH-SLEEPING CARS 11 11 Proprietor lEA M Inn


~*i~ -.
-.F '-~

- -it.
U -';-F*
-1 4.~

-. I

"1 H
.. .. _'.

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.: '... _.... ^

-C -t .- i
" "- -. *- ;
_-..-^ S

-- : t."1

4- 4ws4J'

'- S -r

?-.. :.-.i:-':.

.. ..: -_... : .

-- :-..

- 4'' i
-.. .. A. : .

.- -, .,
-. .. .- -9
... -+
L.--. t-^
*-=- .. __ ^;^


.-:! ;-' .:

~ ~ -. ":. a

-*.' : +._.'
S- .- ".. _= :.-
/ '" '* i i

_.: : :
- ." ^ -,I .
... .;: .^ .
*" t-* --^i -=
,_ _.,.

.- *: -^'+: S^'"

.4. I- -

- --

Sw wift fl-

B ..+B. t.hey.--,' ]. _l ... do now...
^^.S^S...i:j -. ttsh: ftm'-- -ha-- BO pere.,...ei
r---. .. t e m
[^+e-* A^ -,Wi this r.. flu- mM, ,Mw,-

t.-f_.... Lt" .. t o

I K^:l Smi ^ =W S UtS26S enlm do Mie b oo hmquidair
wbleb in eshag aet'Will be equi

If^''-171ML slee to ein)to"eOf J ce.. a

^^"^^*^ jfwk C-siTaft-w wayotijo fftlmiug to.r
The omlgr andwtsd sant wyt
gt a elan in ameWo ls to do what

you- la oodoanId do it e_ be. __
-.-a we StMV fl re alo ma5. N't be om fta of work.

.: '-a T mIa. a they. dno mt i te moir ,o look at i I

L fl fldolbledo the woDe do rk theme

7 i* the,. m b< itodo Oelow1714O yer,
-+ *ms n.ntwmselvtteyeI ped Mnt b hi mo.Some
.. ..... a n loo k i g fo r ao a p T h e

:- .2
#mae ae tdy taken4. Don't waste your

!, -I fa y u-s t. Itma fo r nt forthe m. Joit& take a
-an. -' thayotuere iempl nm iexets sad stick
ST rXllii .i -ltk unotdiaWyl yoomuhWs ms entamrtbe"t r.
-I we ryy. a p n oa

.t" n n '" n T. ...... .... .. o y o u .
Saraf u. ra m' m -, | o thOae a whfesingf a p iethore

!- w *5 pd -s Su. eu t.toi. to, m JUIfU w
AIM, Tic Thgl ngi oerty a" lealytheday.

++ "n- i A W C" mm-In -- I tyz of is a.d Hi ,.nd s k
me NOvM bae.ofthe the empeie now hie is

tR I t- -iIS9 dobl th. u nuble iithey had there in
-. "I &- I. Berlin for. y-six per cente of
sy: -- WlC thie baris whesn below $714 a year*
g5:. *-^ ."* sw a tn a.
B^<- ~~~~~~ ~ n of Atoac-B-eL 'eyi e wy
7 tWMJC2l f enS oyr threse only
eang $21 ayear,while i s edtevo wr
n ?$AS Eu M to 7 to pjset foraSADor ma no
-= I study i@ine aand sab oba himoalf
maw 0 Wn.&U I Liin La af rasebut noiwishassadingI
San CLAK. fthee dlmbng g las tmhe numer
ann' .1 u AIstudents j4 s asn" sly in.

-".'i N.. BaflBT. emaulag -
*.-Jr.t CIL !=noQuOneof she fint requisites of the
ta.Ms3wyoR. kaer. luejuo I t *i~a the fet-
~ESWMA~t0 Wiyof is lnd.His land likes
-, bank. ThetnkwIll not have any-
*fOlnhnWWBwa WPthWing ItnaIsmo ite.Is I.pustihemo. The
=a) will gfive what it has rewired and
cnw S Se.; an gaive so More, The bees farmer of

1 rm .m Co4 e. A sonny man attacks business acc
r- JOHL. MOflA.I. eem. Everybody likes to deal with
I X fee SumpBe ac.. $Is e Te. amreable. cheerful people; We JIM-
IL. rtICK TAYLO1 stinetively shriDk from a crsbbed
-nn"_ eme, contemptible character, no mat-
:*;-.~f J~sSupreme Cocit.
W SX CSL s. ter how able he may be. We would
swa.SAS S.HACKLSgtD rather do a little less bOSiness or pay
l I IJ. WX WITUt. more than to trade with an optimist.

-Mj .RSB&CB Aceowding to The-National Geoga-'
i0.. x.TILLMAN. phie Magazime the total catcheof food
: --- fishes in the United 8utaes and Alaska,
Count JTSIt as .shown by the last ea s, was
: i --M I .1,7,',14,S pound. valued as 45,,
s ha. t 5S i1.14. The number of men em-


- 7"- '-p -w.--- p r ~uqi~

-S -a-""
u3~,). Jan ~mb hit ye ws
S Ott Isgltan flrSS n

a.e nna amd they psw
dhg mett a 3.nw s b ep it s

During 101-the a year aw wbieh
he figure af,.
lust eighty-tw registered ships.

Thirty-Peves per eat of the Amer.
ian people nmo ie in cities of more
than four' thoosad i hebisfats.

One press nie wS' t ake yoo u0f-
-ms, bat proper advertising will take
log a louj way p the ladder.,

Many a ma who imagines he aid
ran the earth can' even manage a
small garden uaeenfully.

You cannot dream yourself -into a
character; yoo most hammer and
forge yourself oMe.

You may have w'ha fm
this world if you want i
enough. _______

av nt in
iS badly

It is said that the good die young,
bort the oldest inhabisanfs woe's ad- I
mit it.

Every day is a gift Iroma heaves .
and we should make the best of it wel
eat1 _
If poor wage determines your work.
you are never worth it.
4k I
Railroad depression- is general all
over the world. j

No trpe, Pan
Or &4m Dno numnax o of the n.
LbagLe prn
h~tnn rnartigQwm you tt

Noudes PWb
r by &Uemeago&a



a" lbr
* vo-to 8. ann.. ..

b w bnv",u- a- -d -'"


_**-Tb -r tabei gaspS- CDin S
-Mtate^JLm4 M-M,1 ttW ajnfTJ
cwarn you rjimny kf kl .
Stow, SCVmemor V.?. o



r~ Neili*lttcruinoit 1We 1. dtee ntfr tt theat lr

*B ic.a thx ten.l di OtAAC, aegwsmnkte'at hug _-
imed wI hE ai it we~y4~ o.AlIbi -o

asiy pmclqasS ~recommm Opsac to tfr
b psely vegetabk menOer auu that q
bthwn quimia amd other &ugu costaising opiate*.

WAF WE '*:' .-

aa -

Th A nderfu remey was m diwm by .h
6 the mrmt of scientific aresri-1l1 by a pomeat iA*y
after may years orf study and labor. AU sab dr-p sand opiates, are cilsltta Tb. eweS. psupS
of OPAAC act Immediately and Is guaateed to bruk mup .4
bars ay aodd or ivertsh symptoms aot to. bg MsW
."1 '
h*.xT my ftimaJ ^- ftl9^:

Dout y gutS. pad N-.S. I *uu' d ain
ft. memi.ayew-mdaduhrfeepi


I. W. Uwb. A Coos kqglSb, 1MB at.W UM mmO, Ebe'MX n








RodadTri* On
aLt daiy. Good
Wti Dee. 15.
Round Trip. On
sale daily. Good
sixty days.




".d Trip.



Roma 4do ale um
dam on-SmhT ua
COO" naI



Either tbrougb Aunta and CtaUaaoona or Cgiumtj and Ashertie. XLmd w
Skym roite. -
'Only 2w e from Forid with it& own rai into St. Lici-. Two in dA fra
J4acksosnle. Throu z bseeping erw-
Stopovent GotniA mid Returnl a prhicptl mountain sad tia tt e fish
- Croh2w md Uat TeMnewee. No ezu- sct.o A omwonut to Mis ts seen
of mWoM u mIFaimI& spend vacation in it aomtaf.m -* b I- w emea" .be inow
throws the Sapphire CoatBU.-. Lake 1Taway. the flrSs. ec.
Iefkni and valuable inlormatlon. Bn. tolers. etc chrntuf rystpa& w
applea~toC. j* Arict Passenjer AneaL. UK Wea Ba Sk. Jsint It. N.



K -~

"a- --r:


Air Line ,RailwA. +




. .....

. ,* /+





~L... Th'- -U
IL --v 2 -
II,. *~~*-* -~


pt~..-- -I-

a -0
I --i--l- A0 W IN O R iON

pflry h uini -plant,
A 0 O
m~n~c T- eenpybesn Miaya Ma4e

|| ttt pac. Te cpactyof Shte Plant
I .+---2 Tndou-&-. -' -

BI o pe dayr andom'"
0 6 a tbe p in good T an ing

; ort A impmeto that 6 great lmoy
Sfe plant w pleted-s abm .at two

041i40, Itit *quipped wi of new
n te pmant for -the oil-
hd wid wllmb dm' prove aloom

4 g Mat peels to the proprietor.
fb tat Mr. Harvward b aa been what
be term 1 experImenting with the
-- sh~t. Kwee-er, he has 'fleeS- in
-. eling ral thommad crates of to-
-~mtsB ad the quality of the prodet
bsmaa-of t a. tha', could be4 de
Atn I -ihthe porpe or the mpro-
ri or ,t aniy to employ tomato.
.' tt Iqewmet *of a3l kinds, as well aa
pew-s, wWl be p.m"ed. Whm sihe
:-.--- ,elxt year th.-e. plnt -will
S-be rey to rmceirve the fruits- and
-:e-. ab6es at.-gen-ri-ght down to bai-
-mm from the stal".
Th.i4mkaanery wl not only be a good
Sthin-g fdor s b who expect to receive
I t bit a god thin f tor he
S grone aS well. a here they can di-
p- poof their asurplu- crop at a fair
pr-fit. That it will be a snoeI and-a
ad thing for everyone the is no
doobt,.and fiendofd r. HarMard are
Seongntolating him upon his eneqffrgy.
.' .*'- Nerve Tension.
Aloe to health ia nerve tension,
aometimee due to burry and worry, but
sine .imes oot of ten due t poor indi-
ntion,a bad sterneat,a torpid liver
or coatipatlon. Thee. condition al
react on the mind and will keep your
nerves on edge if you do not remove
.them by using Green's August Flower.
there is no better stomaeh medicine in
the world than Augout Flower, and no
aorer core for indigestion or dyspepsia.

T riall bttle, -5. Big bottle. 75c. at
W. MI Johnson'.

Large Crowd Took Advantage of the
-Low Rates to Gulf Town.
The eseuraon to Cedar Key Tbhn-
day was a m-et u-eerful affair. Not-
wiksamtdin-g it wasm conducted and
managed by colored people. there
Swee a large Crowd of white folks who
took admtag. of the cheap rate and
convenient schedule to pend a day on
the coast, and eight coaches and a
bi ate car clearOd from Gainesville.

If the Baby is Cutting Tooeeth
Be sure and use that old and well-
tried remedy, Mrs. Winsalow's Sooth-
inlg Syrup. for 'children teething. It
soothe she child, softens the gurs,
allas all pain, cua wind colic and is
the bes remedy for diarrhoea. Tweno,
&Y-eiS eenha a bottle.
The Beautiful St. Johns River.
One- of the pleaaree of travel in
Florida at thi time of the year is a
trip on the St. Johns river between
JacionvTille and Sanford. The Clyde
Line is runntng a strictly first-class
service and its patrons are well
pleased. The rate in each direction
between Jacksonville and Sanford i.
only $8.75, including meals and state-
room berth, and is certainly very
cheap. Steamers leave Jacksonville
Sunday, Tuesdays and Thursdays at
3:30 p. mi, and are due in Sanford
about 9 o'clock the next morning;
leave Sanford, returning to Jackson-
|tille, at9 a0a. ma. Monday. Wednesr-
days and Fridays, due in Jacksonville
2 o'clock the following morning. Pas-
sezgers may retain -stateroomn, get.
ting up at their pleasure.
I If you wish a cool and pleasant trip,
with plenty of good things to eat and
Sstaternom accommodations, our advice
is, take a trip on the beautiful St.
Johns river. F. M. IRONMONO R.

+ U


w~ 'w a a~~e~ws w we ~ erw~s SW en
S ~ ae'-
-Ot~ws OIIO-ws a

.- *
- '.

.^ B---" -" -" "- "- L_- ik k l .^^ ^ "k -L ^ ^ .- "
WE77f7- 3flYze
i'lk -y-aay e the B Bn

i' ON- W ,,- ,i-,. v^
e s Istats a,.s....l. ar..

.w*.a +,m,.um 'o settle ,,sp-
naff fo7 hr.e mIeeUR y
isidl floarne --I O the lover
oef. AMfl s aEe ofn of binrtyoe,
b taMin sals, whisk wo drive.
wbtleh i elai fls feltendsy ao their
wr to the Leq maty rmhM Thee

rnate mre it charge of d. M. Turner
dl Tabe Viw, who afinae $ode) arnd
who daesi dit is the fiUe aggega
0"on be has eeD for -m tfia.
Oroup. ^
Is a violent inflammration of the mu-
on lamembraone *of the wind pipe,
wpich sometime extends to the lar-
y7x ad broutelal tbes, a nd i one loft
the most dangerous diseases of chil-
dren. It almost away comes on in
he nit. Gire frequent omall dose
of Basllard'a Horehoand Syrup and apw
ply Btalla's Snow Liniment external-I
1to the throat. 25c, i, a n$1. Sold by
llM. Jobtse I
A PFiw h
One of th.e anat portraits ever
turned out of a n gallery is the life-
ise picture of'Dr. L. Montgomery of
Viesmopy, wbich has juoat-been COM-
plet by Je. F. Smith, the photog-
rtpher io the Barnes block. To those
who s&e familiarly acquainted with
te subject, the picture can be more
particularly appreciated. It is of life
*ele, of Melow tint finish, and Mr.
Smith bat reecined many handsome
ompllmeats on the work.
As an artist Mr. Smith has quite a
reputation. H bhas two of his por-
trait productlofm-one of General Fin-
negaa and one of General Patton An-
taoS-in the Confederate Museum
at Richmond* Va., whish were ordered
by Martha Reid Chapter, United
Daughters of the Confederacy, of Jack-







Cbi eapest

aud i
we a
less i

Stox"e 0onL .tSartb2 '"

We will remove to our new store now being built on the-
beast corner of East side of Square in about thirty days,

in order to decrease our stock and save expense of moving
re offering a line of specials which are at prices -egard-i'
of cost. Our stock must be moved, and in order to do it

we are giving Barg
purse and sense of
ar< at bargains. but


iins that cannot help appe:
economy. Impossible to m
below mention a few that g

Sto the whole.


ding to your
ive you an ll our
rive you an in,


Granulated Sugar, 19 lbs. $1.00

A Tfllkug BMOW SRt SUB
For a general crowd catcher w start Monday's
4 m OA maetic barpains with a I 70
8vc yardnwide dheetinp. Fora v
Xgre drive to wtaf off this great le--unmatehable
and oneomparabble sgaaim-we s y

As long as they last. This is just a small lot of a
half dozen skirts, nicely made and a great skin for
the price. Jout a few of these, so do not delay, but
come early Monday if you wish to get Some of these
at the prtee.

Lace Curtains.

These are matchless bargains,
the kind for which you usually
pay 90te to $1.00. The only
trouble about thene, web haven't
enough of them. but while they
last they are yours at


Gentlemen's Linen Col lars,
torn down and tandin. Great
d-oA d ---_Grea-


3,000 Yars Royal Bi ClidM

As long as they last. The preuilent line of Caliwou is
Royal Bloeis een this seamsi. e. g- ar, -a m$ad-
up-to-date.the greater baevros we h'r- bee- -kis
to offer in many days in this Uine of "qPa4pe Sna s.
oIed" merehandie. Be early mnd et a chia si
these mae less nalme. They mn't lag]s g.

OW Handkerebifas. all aortmentam -:am_ -u5
wide hem. Ladies will enjoy the feast.; A go a94e-

Pocket Combs and C e
Do you ever go to the seashoe
or mountains? If so you need a
small eomb and ease. We are
offering one gross, pecial for old

Sayt Lnghs in Pralues.

2,0(X yards on our middle coun-
tersm, worth 12c. They all go at

Gonte li-.
How about a nice eontnip-ie,
something rich,good qualq
full Sie?- Lay in a prepp-y wuhe
yea have this rea- barKau
portmity. Two Iot, oe a4n2
and one at



-- I-"7
'-: -, ". ^ s
-. -. : .
*/ Z",;
.. _. :. ;

". -- _-_-.. ..

-_ .-- _i';^

-. .... ...
-. __ .._h+

'. ,.
~- -'I7-

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* '. _,-, _. -:J -*
. _- : --_:

_' .
A'F" '*'r-
A '"i





Special lot of. ribbon worth
1'e andl:e. All at



...... .. .

And Lasting Seven Days, a






.: r..-', .= ~ ti_ ...- -.-'-- s.,. -."r ;.--..r ---_ ... "_.. '

..-. -. .. -


.... ...

|^^^^ftiirii_.^Fr.kjR At W0"A. VtfAfa

I 0p' C-.. IL
^F^~f^-tf v tt CW9fl bcue for

o^t" vWbq ASbdt ft
a wnW
alpW Wr vW

W md aMr. IS wwe to she fa

| -*- Tl t e AfaMW *wate xt
| si<-dpio bi0s Attn K Parflr a
E''S tWo 1'srU IfUYI*Stcimint.

a *99tie' ture of S- p ----
V^ lb l tb cofm wdexpe ckred ao0to
il" t a Swf to the.metngof
k'~Dimr~e -maialcmmittee

Numaehy-the3ea today tor a few
Akjs; tmtl1 is time for the commit.
a a n met and pouibly a visit to
Jw Puaker but his P-a were
- dapaBd at the I1st moment In
oa or goltg to the &hore, he wn
Sa .ied back to Absay oa& permomal
_; hwse. He expects to retura with'
|.-/Bft tW.^v '*

SBrutay Tortmned.
A em, camo to'light sbat for per.
slaot p d OsDereiful wortore hu
pue. seyw been equaled. Joe
GS skhof00e1, CaL, write: "For
IS jamCT I endure iMufferablo palst
ho fhedomaam and sething reM
^ I-e tbo I tried everything
t M ems nrors Destrie Bits
S*e, ad Wesa Ohe revert medicine on
erar oi that roubAe. few boitla
eotls eombwly relnd and oared
S--.A j.lats good for liver and ki-
erabis sa d saeral debility.
*Io guSranwted by
2~' ': ----


6??) -


findeds by Poem Wife Stayer Cont-
mits Suicide.
Cmrofltom. Ga., July 21.-Dick Teal
-vh killed his wife last Friday. df!s-
pslrbgof further flight from the poa~e
mu wvhIle-surrounded In th. wood3

awa B or Koopviie. this anmnty. shot
0*f: VhA brains and diN! on Tuesday.
-Tel g as w 30 rmars old. and had been
sf n In a good family or several
:A- s eparaton last week took the
1tvib to her widwed mother, 'another
EmahOter o-f whom married Teal's
I She -was putrsuned there by Til and
- d- t thro(wgh the heart witht a rn.
S NDefyi- neigshbors to arrest him, he
S a-id she was not tnru to hil. anrd
-that- he would dite fre. Mob violence
S. was everywhere threatening, and find.
Mg u himself fallir g into the hands
~of puritsrs, he die,. -Teal was a law
Sless. man.. bvin"g rereently served in
Sthe federal prison. Atlanta. for distJl.
In&u g, and had ben involved in other

NIght Wa" Her Terror.
"I would cough nearly all night
f: agt write Mrs. Chase. Applegate of
-i Alexandrla. I nd. '"and could hardly
at an sins. I bad eonuomo&5on so

Ii. :


--p- -'L
" .*^B-B^^^ .^^ *MIi t n BB BA a

'e -mIs --indl-_.
a~mjm amm
= am a- ,,a
UP 1 0w a e@we

saiadn Uy


* wiheS .slah aiur. hIm. _
waIMt a pisn for fa tin ia
srn..s buy the

Hathuwoliel k. "

mm tL We w fra". I-Itntm
for -Kief t AY.

Lu~en &-Bate



POLBYS KIDNEY CURE will pos Itively care any cs

ot Kidney or Bladder disease that is not bend the reagh

of medicine

No medicine can do more.

If you notice any irregularities Ammen taking

POLBEVS KIDNEY CURO at onc and nqld a fatal maladt.


A. H. Thurnes, Mgr. Widls Creek Coal Co,'Buffalo. 0, wrtes: "I have bee afflicted
with kidney and bladder trouble for years, n gra vel or stome with exrct
ting pains. Other medicines only gave relief After tak3 A W KM W
the result was surprising. A few doses started the brick dust like fine stones, Sc,
and now I have no pain across my kidneys .ad I feel ke a new man. W
kidve CW has done me $1000 worth of good"

Two Sizes SOc & $1.00.

Refuse Substitutes.

An tertn Booklet, A the afIhs Ai
Adre, FOIEY & CO.. Chcago t



T '
i TAN fl "

ViLi L. LW

pon.TbeL.& .& ,e&~i~
Excuruiom tisteto now on pat. daly
from (ainfiie St. Loouis ad t
$4N4.10. .Return limit-Dee. 16th
Wo .Retu raimit 0 days-
sn o. Re un limit lb day.
Special osach e-10" rain OCM Re.-
turn liuit 10 day. from dat. of sasl.
fiekets =old Tuesdays ia July.
Correspoad in lot rateau* fiwhert
pol ntTheL.& N. ms &he be"lUse.t.
8t. LouS.
For rainchdules w and sleepiNg Oar
rewvataIons apply so
J, rL FLHTUNG, fAL Pa^mAct.


2 W.VB aySA..Ja simllk. V
L.e TONE,0. P. ?..iabvuise.

mTy J. w. eUm t e.


Take moteice that the regi-tratlon books for
Alachua county for the registration of elec-
tors will be open for regIstration on Monday.
the 1lt day of August. A. D. 1114. at the court
bonne, in the offee of the Supervitor of Rew%-
tratton. until the Atth day of October. I 4.
Hour of regiUtration from 9 o'clotk a. tw. to
IM o'cmock nm. andd from 3 o'clock p. m. until 5.
o'clock pm. on Monday. Wednesday and Sat-
urday. The district rewistratlon offcers will
open registration bookn- In each district from
the Ordt Monday in Seprrwher untinlthe eeond i
Saturday In O ktober. from o'clock a. m. un
tlI U m.. andA from l o'clock p. m. until p. m..
for registration of elector. District books
will be open two days i each week. and 46-
stamt n-mwkczO ma*tmIna n-tnmvaa %will 411 Auiranit%..&Iaa






eutraily located, therughly repaired sad rmVated.
Eurspea PlaN.



Newly hrtlnsb


I. A mA aS a -

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AW$ -
','''. '" .. = : ,. : r ... -- ."' r' %" -rt t' -. .'_ -_. -' ,--4 "
-" :'-. : .. : :.: .-." .- ..: ;- :' : -.! .- "d .. :-,', :;- -_- :... .. iI ":"" -."
.. 1 .. Z -- = -- U.. .. f_"l"f l-S. ,-- "Sm" a" .,-a a a a. -
_ _ __-b'-: --__--; n..i na --' .R -..-; '.- ; ."' .- .. :. .:. .. ...- .-
.- .. .-. -- -- _- ... -, ', -- i : ." -I -, "' r u's u" "m" "f l""t "t f" -i''"l Y" T I U.. .' ."
-_ ,. .- .. _-_ .. ,-1. "' .- a sa.. .. ." =' : : _: :: : ". r a.a.- .i n .9_- t i a -a'. s ww" .x ..


,-, 7- ." .
": '-v -" -a ~ -:'r- !-, 4J .: ... %'.'. < -


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-w -w -w- -I [
rU01DIRT B &W W("WBeAmou
j l : -^ -S vX lS A .- P-L C IE-- -- i -g-- -- fly-tflQMWfe al 4
[] m __. -i :-ai I I -!i --laa a....,. vv,^ ._ !_ ^ # aA .'~n~a .miinn..^\ ,a *. won, .a LIaflAL ax or POUiCYWITUACTS sas fSintbpye is tb z psrzt
^d ^ ^ ^ ^ -- wT ^* ^ -- <^--- :-^ .' i ;_^^C -- -- hH k 4i : .* ---- -,--- ,_m r**m w -d ^ V S~- w_ _-- I-.-_-: -:- vO..
J^~rotty *Owl fler yaerdaq N Orn~ftfl~.l~ FIOEPT PA TMZNT utASf rUO b flUBBF.hM ----:---o-ow
La .. -- klO-,,

VBs. the b UtNook iii We coer. te > important poit, andI respectful
.elicita-tanof ora--., t O f Vi4 A M es,- or

^ re tal me. jIsm .1 !! -- #4 wN t Psm .....ota.. ....
&*i ow"wN= ......T62

SV the bqunrttm anv Mn ;.W.MN-...
pita-of g U -" ft. disee A n S 4 I.a" J.c Mh. OCAM .w,
Im a ejag4ta x b t5UbeAEI is haColc4ef vsw4ofa
I editor afe an LkC dpan
Is ot1f.'r S fe ock r0nn v 4rQVebo.u U
It hnous-e p romptly tat effectual. 4" O k -.. clotnwi-4&eItc
rimrn C im nana *. s30thw GOWN
-t down- upon! a the proposed The rW DuayR tem Co ni-to! netwi
-aTe"VictoC is the best safe made. pandparftie otpt-It~AM e...elcu
"IC -orders but oze, recommeC.eW ^"-^" the b _-
S Abe ommtee on reoeed l mg the prca of a sfe, or anything m at line, .. woBi-44o
fla ... co mte .-W- I DI I II$WI -e -| '14. .I .. I4OIbWH .....
With.- the* ce.t & what is froam a box to a bmk yvult, will aTe me ey U s. W Tha.u of met-i &
the bol weeovioulbwftlIeyown by eoawulting us. Call on or addrew, Fi.AP1 t. _^... w-otm- -o
wevivl b w v --- -A-- ....... .-
a u eU, every one of e I i -eof4
1tTa Ior 20 ropmode l special rdersC flY 'r.r n It -I F Io .. ....
ol ut LoutWe l*st i-cluded the nvva rn r Mlthlradeet.-Co An of county ine . increase the arlle or ig Iutornmoauoeoheeflully furnihed.. GAINESVILLE. ,,,FLORIDA r. Ph Co 4 ... ..
ti t se pe or courts :4 and others olf J -. ___ lc wen1e ... t...bkl.nAlbus -.
I n taCe __.___________ (- /".nletI tat o .
S lB boll w*el bill provides for an '------- -.-..----. 1 -- .-- W N. Cam .-. W & i- o nel4
:sp9:- aloa of $siEON -to the state C C...S Aw H A we s a- ,ot
4of entomology forthepT he i A R I E T-I 1 e..:. .
pus^ of fightng the i.twdueta into 1 j l rl B11- 1 I 1l J w. R M.. A.iCSeSI4ot N
Iite titate of the Mexican boU w, w I J. I 1 i Jo.a. eU .... Ellai. l.,I
B i' an:I d for the prpos. of .pg M. f .l m W.ASLd .A4. ta
b ceck other plant ad ftitJ pests A. A .ipwtneo 0f WUCevernoWss .C"Ai .ofawl
E ~ki h e ctat T~hl hiHs ,,=. ma -.n nIf "I wonA ra .. ei ke S 0r ....

Iculne en.ertainment, amusement and mental recreation are the motives I" .. *- -. 4
'=:- *^ Tw. (3oun geu".S S^gere.,.tht ,S^: .o te .. tS o 1 ...
I^ rr^CY, /of The Smart Bet. the IJ-a. L... .. wi-t i.e. xiaei
:- MHo. Augustus DuPont, of DPoI o fiTheUan7i-o5 ... -
mwa tworn- In Tuesday morning. as tteo~ lC6sflo S SIO M=11St~e~?I~wMrMi4
eorw Ttm =r= tv Inf JMostSuccessful of Ma Iaza Azes of
n:preseutatve i-rom, Clinch county, H. .-ir of AA. Cielous .. oft1i-mi &.W-
awec rceedtng the late Honn.. B. John- s novels (a complete one in each number) are by the most brilliantan- auE a i e ........ wl-t4.crest4ot3
who died just before th open- tho of both hemispheres. .l o e....... or e
ftag of the preMent seWon. I Its short ories arematehlep.-edean and faoil of human interest jC .. LoS. Sub. H,
effor: t to--- pass the ro luio h-_ It. ~oetry covering the entire field of vv-ne-pathoP, love, humor, tender- G.K.fro e....... LOiS-s ot, t
SAt eo- to pass he resolu t n essB-Isr-by the mOBSt popular poet men and women, of theday. mrho- r.....e14^tsst
s toeqUI retr ear.llr whmn Its Jokes, wieimso, sketches, *et., re sdnttedl7 the moo mirth-pro- _ftsj
: o equip -lmberears, wtth aand.voking, ...R.wite e x ? ?_. .
ar ds aa .a-special -or04onedant |a nodJL LC ichrISUSd M t ...i, after adv1e a160m o Pb 1o: ages Delightful Reading -WiLt

1In The ig eay ad idltde disussionS. m.D Trbx wI4 ofaotacto
.. En : i K-r vey page will interest, eharm and refresh you. w.......
. The +*en a-e neda ebuy M 7o91 Subsertbe now-421 0 per jesr. emit in ehequ P. 0. or express order, I_ -. *1on S.Mt
-* a. nd c.--a-ld--_-- -- -- Of or reig"tered letterto TUE ANAR SET, 4E2 Flb iA ne, New ert. AfNe .w. ""tt ."e
KL 'N. B.-Sample Copiffe Sent Free on Applcation. A- AIW LOIS
-.we Mrtue,-"-ty k. -..,. da.. .. (I rf aid aceth. A. D hea saddel
.. -.l- awno--------. ,-, the .- .b--',----. wl u i. th
frth. ad Mr. MMdtiuekafc, of the.-,rA~ imsnV C0SlTBB OAJKflfl .
twateveO, x.Slwe to a reolsRVKYRTYANK BAKERY -------- Clerk of
toiC kPpUS C to Dr. J. 3. W. DIRA *V"ai Dx.VERE B. MORRIS, -- -...
Glen of ockaleount"""
Gln as nM ot techniicalyetiTtled tc 1s T. SCRAPER, P'' ...DNTLST..~ GafinesvlleA a Guit
a pnson usdathe law but the houae o< o.-Cn-r. aS CnnsISI aimllU .
had paused a resolutie allowing the THE F-.RU &-- ,
penuio to be paid. -The measure PMbin 1* THE UIT A V
"- een .. t ..oc~ over Marcus ade~st A work ruar-
IldO n t the se oate bcol.- GAINESVILLE. PA. OF F!
atd was defeated. Yesterday it wa" i -
reconlderedS on motion of Mr. Middle VERDINAKsD BAYER, Time Table 1i

bmoocks, o the twenty-eventh. ...
"Mr MeM.cee of the twenty- CHOICE READS. CA AaTORNEY AT LAW, o
fourth, aid he was opposed to the GATNISVILLu, LOW l... .
--.- Every lmI N 0 V No.2.
paying of the pension because It wu _. ._,_ ,_, ,.
Il els -- .w edto AU tu ot- tym. t -'
111G.W e t. A ...a...o fOr Can sell your city property, (im- uandsy
by a unimmous vote of the senate stfct proved and unimproved), phoaphate, .
the Austr ballot illU wau m"d ,-'- --._-.-. .. = -- ..- -- ...-- trucking and farming lands. Bend him
' a ipeclal order for- next TeMlay. K I v 1 a TC ist of what you offer foreale. 2142mI Lv PiM:LvP MLv A
.Senstor Hopkin and coma wee MAX a CtmAUSS ,1 76 .........' ..
appointed on the Joint commiattO to1 w .7 E. BAKER ( ;"" .... "D
cod.y the game l m of the tat. Rpree ting ............ .......
The Joint ommIttee of the bom .-.fY ATT-AW, s 8 0 I. i%... ..-....-
and snete on .state sanitarium EIL ... 80LICITORN CHANCERY.... 81 ... ..... sk
that onwditins at the state IustItu- Y.--LU. 843- =
t/on for -the Intone Is well.nSf h pe ;' -W ... ,8 9, ., --: .
th'7e .% mmte el nghsi ] ,WHOLESALE SHOES GAINESVILL, Ala.hua Co.. FLA. si :8 ::.::.:;:..

The committee declare m that tht 9 AI e-- 1 n5 s..... .j.. ........ ....I
ey appropratedby ..........t......., ......
mauey appropriated- by.the -M a n D ........-

- tani a a a .

": --"t ".

Or LAND. -4

-. ..........*.*...... s
w < ...... -. ,-,: ...9.. t g .16 '
a--9-x go.-*-Afs: am
-... ... .....-..... -,. M -I
....................... s n -B i .
....- ................. i.s ia s iam-
rS-tsw ......... 14 s WI a a-M
. I..- I ...m.... ... I. i -
........ .. ..... S o e ag I -
...........q... l la M a -m ai
el-4&swl4ofeI- m 1 17 ] .
II3of 16 9..... !.Mi
. ....... .. .......... i i
...............i. .0 I S n i
.......-........... si- aS a m
f". M.... ..........i S m U
....... .. .......... 1 S S B
el-4We l4 IM.... 1 IT W .
of nvl-4 A swl-4of
....... ."... ..... .. 10 1: S I- C
............ .. l i M a w
...S....t.............j 31 l 17 i 4 S
.-t- 4 o 1 r s s
................................ 5 -1117 S
Thwn of A....-.s.. 1 a a. ao a

w~ofol-a.... .4.0 i I I

-.. ................ 4 18 I1 a a
atract Ia -1UN

.e-o~e- .4.4 ... C M5 16 S a* a
...................... I l M

........ ......... *... fl 9 6 S a-
ree 9B re sor so m
s ....... of ... ... S IS s
. ......... .... 9 Is sa .

4wl- .S........ ...3 0 S C
Sre. 2i41 w9 I i M.m
..4 Of....2 ,1..0. 4 m S S -I -
iLe30.-^ .."''*' IL De n > L
4 ....... .... .... 8* Is m V
- .........................4 9l i5l SI S flU
.... ; ........ i.Si 93 32 5H S
1.." ............ .S a a

ailwio......a..... *0 5 I
& 4.K 9 Onn. Ui S as I

* I. t 4* fnMtlaii,, ,
I ft w, & ader-wur -. _
istnIaaw 33 w 1 o S 0

s l4 ........e. ,.eel..SU. S S0 as m

Lbk^&lL i' ...
. ...... ...3..........oooS.. SI
ben.K~s~..go w t w iA"-I*1

tw A.................... 1 1 ft S
t IonI SBm of HWao

.8 ......... ....".... ... I 1t N 477I .
.Q- -.... ._& t
.............-.. 10 I S S -

......... ......C *.......... I 1

tL Off~-
LbH. D3a O*Wam.

the B


wttet Jly 5t. .
S.-.. .** ...... 7 Is U 47Y

Ibily. hi!
Ko, .nL
ATIONSI. Driy.0 bool^ 112

'AL.PMArA l r A
^irfd.........._.^...*....o@... i.
**%a* 1t

4s~4~e. S e a a. at449D
CiY 41866~w *eo*# es*** 46 o4W a AN 0** 0 se
iD,- a........*...... ...... SiB
utbdde..... ... ........e....,.... 6
kmatt.*..,,...m ........e........ aB
SSlmostou.. .... .e...* ........... 53
eu iy :...............:..:..-- ^1
sloop 7. *006.SO.**e***s*'**** .eesm-
[rg~ meefl,,a*S e,,.egSeg e.UUU 131. '
Irk od.............. *e...*.t 5
Clyatt.......... ....... ....a. 5
A &mlle .._..... ............... *i
samobab.... ... ............... 41
y Pott.......... ....-........ a
.... i .. .. :_a a

. -. .._.":, .
-- *'- ^ ,
.- r -""*-. g

' -..-- -...i^l?

**-. "b -fl

.. : ---? .
-k ^ '

- I


I -. 2.
. Ad
I *


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42 -P



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. I .
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-I -* ~-
, A
- bit

=-- "' -- _" -; --:.7 -V -.
.- .; ? .d : : --* --



"_ : h .. -.. "- .

.; L -
--"- ^ .T "-' *-*.'.. :* S..
* *- .. _* _." ., ".- :'- : .^ '.

.-. .-. -.. :* > si

-. .. -:


I' aa-' .-. ,,, -a t

I ...j,. : ::t:.:'-^ "v:: *(** ,- ,* ft- dII
-. m ^u.-O ....
ng pS^^B" [-"*""^ ; _ea f ,l~-*: t,,; --.nI
.. .... ._,.,,,.,:-:_.-t -a... : -. '* 'i -r (* p B s --,tte f if

I --; .- H. --.-- :i,. ,"6--BI. .I4i, **UtoC-Hb. ty me~i

I^S^W ^IM Vii) ^_ e~ca r&#. a" aIr other
o'de ted In the Iafqt

I^~-r~~-- S l k -. ..,, u. I. yMggri, d M-i,-l
B Mtieauy fDw O 1m,, where she. Ws
I ,-:i .i ~m. Ha.ue, ,,a sembsrd

muIiW ad as & w .r eout of the illi. .of
.. *.i "U --- ---- ,w ,o -,. w aho is o-- el

. !f f:S 5$kaiSt.iIp r iem. ee. tooJ. .Bftk d 1k. N
.' M... N... Nm _, r pwic depstedy
te-1.da for wriaos ocwihresh -e

I ,::1::: :. : :"-met-Nsr- Kelley,-mr the water-
-- .ll UIir isitOs- Te le wf t ow- i quite ill, t
I. -bu Lia t'.a"." .U s- '-- h vo. Sob e hod tsha he rllesoo

lU io rb u fd e distv -:::_.. the: ,." -
l~i ..::-" : wllm Ga iLThUnlerutas gComp~any ifl
,..'"-; .. .'. -''^MI ,, -. '..'- -- -'-':MM "p ro ld u *lrh v o f ,
i:-O1- 0f Dye 3 3 D sad K. K.l

if SiT LIII Mrs- J. ey blewudas ailb yru n
.,.M -E" day to the bedside or f her little ode-
B'I tf~ewTVsmina~fW a SOB. Muter Kellep, near nse fr.
P ^ uHRI JI w~^lCc orks The lint. fellow is quite iul,
g___ but- iwiic~^ it yI to be hoped that he will nsow

.- crAL ITEMS:
I r'" *' : *" '- ". i .

r!''. -.'.. Mr-. s" ad Ur. n W. W -, Wadhave
i':.!-' L '-'n '- I -: "K kn .-fro= nava a, Cub s wnem
S J-WUI WS'~~ VS Ijo oournx Wo b of deenp distreps- te
I ii:-*:- 3 m | ,,,., Guianvilh Uudenaking Company It

S": -u l m -J M i eialed upo wtill reliev em h of all
S- ,.-- trouble an.d anxiety bdy stnagingre
SWIAL innS .veqtblag for the foueratof the de.
^^S lbs i p mS Wt fioa Kr. and Mrs. K. W. Wooding have

!/ : :-'-^W I '"- W '--"- --^^^^^'- -- -U .m^d i t he r l i m; e w,..v. ql^r v u w mlf ^^p ,^^;w^^ _, ,, o ,
marmn"fr;om-".. revee Al Havana, Cobs, where
J^.';:,-61~ft ToW b Tri ~i~ii Mr. Wooding baa been as a represented
g:.:.*Th#fHs k 5 UW 0 tsreof te Southern Expres Corn-
ftb IMTh* S. pepy for she -u few week. Friends
|N s S -a *^ : _a.- l ae L -to welcor*e, them bhome gml ai.,

"; -_ "' -- '. "an "he "r ga "o "e "e .
fe^: .OH W*p 'w fo a at ,, Th o.. !,.
^ < *cfc f^^ B.Colsom and family have e
hml Wign km~Ctof Haguewasmh 1 9T~d isto their elegat newwee
K- .--- .iM ene Air lashnaav.enue, East. Tb"."ir
;-,-:L. -w ,.^ .._ h k ,oe of tie ma.t eamod ions and masat
as usti~Sa^^ wa inodera reidess in s te eisy, adMr.
p ;W wwe.. ^ Olouo has a right to teel proud of his
p I V.- -naflo & v t ^-_ Remember the excursion to Fernana
*^ KSLhrrbh of Fask favore dina July^ Z. ia Seaboard Ait Line.
ilh-.- "wa.ka vis.t yesterday. Special rate of $l for the round trip,
..: (Obp-._C R. L ,tou departed er- with speeial train leaving Gainesville

da l be pnfsiaal trbip So at lock, and returning lare Fer-
Sandina at 6 o'clock, arriving at home
M L- Rit .y of High Spring waU i b pleny of time for bed. See Cobb.
-:. leve.d at :.. 51033 Hose yes, James Lorelaee, one of the employes
i* IW. -* of the mechamicl department of TheI
U ha BO-O -of Wonbiagtoa Spu &m., departed yesterdayy for Brewom,
awemog tbe. viios to.o Gaine.ilmle Ala.. where he will apend a few weeks
7- i n.. T Twithhi-sparmat.Mr. and Mrs. E. B.
K it- --er L T. Tylor of A re- Lwaee. Thi is Mr. Lovelaee's old
IS ow eaamogte viitoe tm. ths W bome, and he willo doubt enjoy hi
flgnetyorday. visit there.
Sadele mal Fa dmigs i E. Bryson. for several gean a
, a bu.s-- s to o-er at 00mui8ik Un- ialued employee of G. 8. Merchant &
1S Co. of this city but now keeping
IL U o. Wtns is oat egmai, after tea books for the Rawl-Crawford Comn-
r. d~p~is the Odd F" o 's 8i- panjy, extensive merchants of Mot.-
"flb : wVhe hn.r. b rooa among thevstre vis to tso s i
12.ffiJ her, w ell fenied ola Sto yieteday. His friemns were glad
SOlb blk et tosa Apply at to lene him aain.
~~t sqwbK -a Alf to we **
a ( rap tes to White Springs and
I-. a Hall, a ang young eturnviaG. & G. Railway. Daily
ytfH'i:ghpb, Wt nep ing Ui U, mSdayp.$. Week end. gois
F.4 ao hte -urdy and Sundays, returning
Oml. W. WO. Ba anad Hen.m Hen- Moodas following. J2.5t. Leave

* 1 -





: ,y~,^s E ..__" -' :. :- s --- :y -. .,,, .- *'*.;:. .*--"*..- ._ SSS
"i'y. ;., -. ...- **"'-:- ,-,-_.-,:' ..-fr ..-.r_-.
^^^S ^it :!-_ : ^^ '. .^*^ it .L: ",'-'' '"
"--"^B'~~'~ *. .-^^ E1"'^ ^ .-,^^.B.
-,- i- .
_..- .. : .. .. :: .f7 i

:. i :. **':- "-O
F.... -- *, ". *"'



s.3 an

Sm -
Oainenll, F~oi45

if -
a .
,. -.. -.: ....O.,

l~~~~~~w l.-lIA. L v .
t- InbIi A 4
aStli flIS adowg- mL
HF::iE i I l~wi-W smeasL._ v--S uSm_ _-
nw p-stS -
II- .: ,,,rwms .so n-
II ,= ti ll TrW, : Alay _d

b M s-vl

I reI witlhC A. U & OFFICERS IfSTALLED. ... .......-.-
.Job Pris nt a Oo for @alp. Add revs
nn -Cama.nve.. W 8,. 0A.
J. Collier of ElIsy,. a meht Wdeayerchant, l / I
Of. -" -Ple, There ivs ans m Aninto s i meniag .1n inof'
Washiagtou Camp No. 8, ?rak
in ity yef*ay_ -Order Some of America, Wednesday
The Sun hasabist 5/31oe old papers i te presidmt Y.
oeueulag, when TheersePresidentiN
Io hand which will be close ,-R. Carte -intalled ooes for mthe em- I
%af of 1.0L orore $1 per LmW. IIIII I
TA nd (Teiststored ~suing term as follows:
I ward 0,DonaIdm. ,retmed t He nry Milliner. president; S. II II IIII
home i Jacksonville yesterday. after Hall, v ice-p. ide; W- Beck. BII kIIII
several days spent oa bufinsin this F.; J. I Prevatt, conductor; 3. 0. 1 !i
ehy. Prevatt. guard: A. F. Harr d. s -
White Spring and return Sundays or; W. R. Anderson, financial se- e" ___
do rng seasonvTi"a G. i. 0- i tr Ry. Nine ry N. R. Carter. recoedinge- "M AM'
hour's at opriags and return same dy. -retary ; G. B. Tion. treasurer.
Only-one dollar. Through coach. It The meeting was largely attended, -- "_-"-- "-
Remember the ezeursion to Feran-- and a great deal of interest ma-a3 3,W.-^. A
dina on the 27th. The las opportuni- iteted, which demonarated that the j '
ty of the reaon to visit the ocean at order in Gainesville is anything bat __, -
reatly reduced rat s. Only a dollar dead. Ml Mi l
for the round trip. Special train. See At the conclusion of -, the regular 6t ceremomeS the lodge parLni ipated in-
I"TO'' "". an old-fambioned watermelon cutting, .-- .
M-n. T. W. Pics, who owr s hand- after which cigars were enjoyed. I km, -
WomS place on West Arlington i t"*. |
has grown some very fine peaches th is
seasn. The quantity was limited.bus ||EV A E.t. IUNTS t y
the fruit wa very large and handsome D "-- -- v } B t a i. M n
and of exceptional flaor. and the Latst Styles I f ..-
Among tbq prominent Floridia ns FOLDERS t
registered at the Brown Ho ue are a t -
Hon. J. Nuardoek Barm and W. E. -
Gallea of Jacksonville, and Fa-. -
Tay low of Tamapa, the clever unaveIl
p.nger Iagent of the Seaboard Air B, Ilw o.-
G- 1 0-
injt;. I? -- ILL ^ *^
For Sale or Rent-Houw and 'Io Fine" Fadeless Fotopafs
known as the Jaekfon hoous: eoontali s v a .
nine ruos, situated comer Arredon- From LoCket to Life Size. -__ _-__ -_
do andMNfbaiem S.. Also 6 mre of ___
laId two milet frm5cit tyn Grae Coi-Ge a a Spelo..._-.=
Ville, FM.; W)ac"fe nltinted ; M1 a0 Vt Ge a TUE ILY St t A WEEK
nm plenty water. I e 11 __ _DULY_-=IL-_A-___.__-_--_ _-
of 3. E. Voy, oainesvw. or : :. as
S8tevens.1 Sooth Third w est, Ocala-,. "
Fla. dltf "kiA ".
IGeo. W. Hyde departed yesterday
for Caodier. whore he owns onea o f the .
handwomnt twelvesere orange groves
in the State. Mr Hyde sesta t -4 I 1
the it, are jet young. The yield G- W iH Y D J I- I I
have grown so proliflely that present ^ ^- r
indication lead bm to believe that BIG STTTK, ORK" ^
she yield nexit n~ton ahoald be in the ^_____JnE ~lrJ~ KS
nIghborhoo of one thousan bore..,-----.,,.,-
Mr. Hyde will probably go into -- A
peach culture, and it ia for the per- e Tl
pIss of looking op additional la l W ll
Ia We we-t t aaodl, na a. a1a I aa I 0

Among the visitors to this city yes-


Caf 4 .. .=4


* Tt '

>- ** '"



I "- .


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