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Title: Gainesville Daily Sun
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Title: Gainesville Daily Sun
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Creator: Gainesville daily sun
Publisher: H.H. McCreary
Place of Publication: Gainesville, Fla.
Publication Date: September 19, 1903
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Alachua -- Gainesville
Coordinates: 29.665245 x -82.336097 ( Place of Publication )
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Holding Location: University of Florida
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IDAY., SEPTE3I.ER 19, 1903
.4 -t ... .- A .^ ,*- 4 .J~ *.J1 aY T .__ ^ __ __


Wills Will Tikoe Up, Leon-
V'ase at Bronson Tueday*,

:d:.n This Account HisiM Honor Grant-
,r:4 Him a Respite of One Day-Both
0P!ialntlffs and Public Anxious for

w o Decision Qne Way or Another.
j. Attorney Robt. E. Davd, represent-
ag the plaintiffs in the wet and elec-
join,:contest, haa returned from Starke,
irhere he has, been on business con-
*ioted with the case. .
2[ Attorney Davis stated to isf Honor
-audige "Wls the exact status bof "the
*'*3e,"together with the fact that the
i4ttoer had been delayed on aeoouft of

Ms absence of Attorney Thr'sher, at.
ri rney ofr the defendants, the .Board
...Counpty Oommnissionpra. He also
*plainud the employminent of, Attorm-
OChiristopher Matheeon later in the
0*8.,e andaeked that nociontinuence be
1= Ei nted beyo'id reaIon, the case of
-.Ifitnuel Leonard, bll) for injunction,
4-aving been set for hearing in this city
I 0 d w : ",[ I" -r-

r,.,His.oor stated that he was in re-
Ve*prOf i application for oontlnuapce
I4rom Attorney Mathbeson, setting forth
.j groundss the fact that, before hie was
...employed in the cade, lie had been re-
," tiined to represent a oa.* i the just-
ft" lee court at High Sp'rigs on Monday.
:" Inasmuch a the services ci Attorney
3%..atheson were not employed Qntil
., C afttr 'ihsazppoinstnent was niade tfoe
h the High Spring justice court, the
tI/ hearing would be. QofltinnJie for only
, day, in order to give Attoriley
M .atheqon an opportunity to be. prus-
t, ent. He theretore ordered ,. tinuanoe of the eame until Tuesdajr,

Sthe 22d inst., when the hearing will be
. held at Bronsou.
." The plaintiffs in the case, as well as
. the p6blio, are anxious for a decision


Sof gootd hen!alt. Ifttho clid Is.growing
Srupldl! It should not beulllOwed to full
lli )eli blow it without being mwaide to
I rest more than bas been tiat custom be-
I for'. A deflcleincy of wellit In propor-
I tiit to height tIs lway arin unfavorable
Bsign. Any Interruption In the progressm

I .



.Oi x W I ',,i^ib..- l o..-, l '. ._ *
Couraige Wllth Whkeett a Young .
.Offieor Qrnejt D^ath.
."S.eakLa" of beroism," said a navy
officer at his club a. roew evenings ago,
"t is rure thattnite tan texaumple Is sea
Sas that of lynusqn, who was a patWed
Smittshipmnnu litI Vr. Cruz in InltO., It
was really nmore thin oa. bit of Lheirolm;
It wras fortltlldet.. pasive courageo, that
confront peculiar Anpge., a .irlt
C sacrlflee, tUnt was L most coinspicuous.
S%'Our flte.t wawoX t o a tiarbor-.-on
, blockade diuty whieni one daiy a Spantlish
I merchant vessol mnatnaged to sli) itt
witoliut being dtscoveitd. Uyuson mon-
eeilved thi Iden of tCpturing the vessel
by a nlght attack, and ho siuc leded in
doing so. Uulit -as be eoul1 not btike the
vesse'l out oft.hoarl..o fAr the reason
Utit shie Witt uud(ltr the elose raa1e
Sof thlo rtleiliy's gl'Vnin. Hynson& "et lr,
to the v-tsRteiIn d(t1iIl: s)1 hio I ttr'ed
1 bot isanna so bzdly that he eaoricd
0tho. I n slitg fr(ir several days. VWhile
InL thOi disabltel condition a terrific
s quilli 1uio lup iiIt1 played linvce with.
. severnl of our little ve-selso, and the one
I on irbhili Ilynisoii w-as Qrvit)g was cap-
stx1,. H llynsoli lnd one of thle other ot-
flcrrs iiiiinttg(,d to got totil tif n floajjug
t spanr, h'lt i it 'vts not suftficent 'to
keep them Ibot1i aflont IIynxoti let go
htis lhol i ld i In ft'W nrmomienits BnLuk to
his- deatlI."-.-New York Tribune.

\Veigiat ort a rovwin Child..
I'hlieo wglIt of U gromltrig child Is the
Most Importint liidox to Its general
V-.'lih. "1 he ttadiAlird of weiglit for
growing childreti,. that uifuilly givenl
by iuttorltle. Li the lixittur, Is that: at
five years of age it child Hihould weigh
about as many po0iidS1' us It Is Intlchs
high. As a rule, ttleii wilinot be much
over or under fqrty pouId)lR Clkildren
i\wF19O come of ilirge g.kIintblrI aboubld
iv'ig sontttliing" liore than thit. ''bo
I rat. ot IrlivrtjstH iioulQI bi, *IlI(~ttt two
I p,,uIt(Is 'cr every ICIk of gtiw1th, with
Ia tgdctwy fox the weight to eoieed
ths Etf fllndnfl plo.irtlona.tely ra their
' thsmn to fall below It. When a child Is
..uiter heavier In proportion to its
i hgtht- tlhanithls et:indnrd It Isa s ign


SWIIle werq amended &and others wiped
entirrlIu oit.. Ithi naniir arms liiusiaIt h

The Vilsh's apett r !Por LeaL I nl
Palnaally Conztracted.
Most filhea seek their food by il
N$ay)R Profriir F]Animund (hurk. San
lit the Internatlinal Qurtrterly,
tlwhse do not uswfstlYl nottle It by
other sensee" But thoms that aro atc
tontl- to find It by smell seldom
any itttentioLi to It wlhon thoy lue
see it.
(attitl i dIpend prinolpally on
Kenwa of taste, and they oeeiu to t
nill over, not only In the mouthl, bn
the oiter skina t far bnvtck. ns ttihe
It inttniortaieir whether fisIh cnn
paixi or tiot, Iirtre ot a gi4 dai
OVidetilEC to shoW, tluat tbvy eanuipt,
A tsli tlihit iiLai loit tsa sllit
ltnri to ivoiiltI am osltai'It rifttr sv
;itlhg 41mulilift It si tigit' Il.M1, Inlt0 ft
thlaw t! c -V t" W I l! J .lltlip JI[lltNt t i i1
glasas wull f) til In aL1iuraI y daiy i
day, so0illiitw rfor it yv r.I, Iit tiy e
to Clithl thilign <0t1ldr.
Thelib olitiriitsl ot coupiliwsiet L.i
Qiiti of' n lli ftrit oeiip t ottatl "eqt
1Wnt, Khrl'tii)R, to tohte lowOst h)l0lo y
ineusairi.l by htitiati attmilnturntls'
p(WN11tlt' thlit thle Vdla's ,iAplIt'lIty
Io(LrnigiEI tI "ilholIt bitIl Itvol vtith
of i4 111111i I1i tt1.Wt'II sleti) o1 p PIVotc
tien; 'p. .

Ulrdm That Exer.Imc Rtucu
'fInit lu titilhlliig on hli treca 111
10 \wti3' lt 1-1I t ito t'*1o111(tIltI tlit of rt
neNtI i inr(Ig' lIuIItbr$ niil tlono
Mtqk t11w tsrtIglg in1 colrn Oo1 $fliE
for tO)! sIft1l'r ir tiotilr oiis, trit'
  • rity. A aint UI|oInl tlIa gt i
    htiti 'Ut!,istot ln1iugor of 4exIpoure,
    brTmwlilivg neuiittiuI li glht dteMr Oy
    Tiulii tIlt M43ytlIo witlh ono tiwe'l (
    MIloli&II3y ly!&H .iii 'it OIlI, or trtro II
    Ittl'I Iy' .,iliiglti ujt, rll a .',ggw (hi ('0
    iQStlitiM. 'lil's nrtlrin' thto pl
    jirn % -,,'y% wVry tilt ('!IItKN tluit
    I)rutott'1,o gitt ilxigeinitity In tllt'ii
    rurtw'l Ill pI'in'ttl, th il,:,onnll l)tr'tl;.
    "J:lie Nk3 IU ii hlit I) kiurwpm tO 1;
    Its egg "r cfttIuprIitg to a pittut.o (hr 3r
    tftter ai" iiiOti-Ii'o of tlw rfIvut. o1r

    New License Tax taw Discussed,
    at Length Thk440y NightL

    .~ .*i., I
    With the ExcepiI9Z4( a Few Wherie
    Council Could N10 Guarantee Pro I.
    tection---BSkers an Wood Dealers
    Will betkxempt ir. License.
    Thile Oity Counqltisi l Ita pcial
    niee-ing at itt uhawi z'ItI"ht)rs(Iay even..
    ing for thb purpose-. ctottsid revenue ordiiaafiOnj ,hicli fixes a
    ltiisensetax tt i ever: iigt conceivable
    asulning 9 busine r:r; l'rtii.1
    iThe ordtlanoIe i* a letIthy doc-I
    unient, and was tak Lap aiud diSCII4A-
    ed by seationms, witbi:.t rtsllt that thiw-
    Council was in neaiti in this work
    alone until ine I
    Tle ordinacpdP10vitLs a icenise tax,.
    onr bulinemese wheiot" always been I
    exempt, and on lSi& lOeUeLitLitS Vewre was
    aons iderable discOupoioz. 'i
    When the section Wa reached iin,
    posing a license tax on ik oars, the nIl
    derinon spoke at le0gmth for amid agatinsL '
    the same, It finally (1evvltipd, how-
    ever, that llo tax coulti I: placed tptiol I
    this tradodt ince biehr. waR 1io way
    i in whi.ichlo proteo *ttllt9,. vrlivre o4 wa
    I no law gaitLSL th hanlliniig otf liakrf'
    Shares by grocers and suttir taireliuaits
    and the ooncluliouiWna iuinally recavtd '
    thattt bakers an"4 tI'aktra prjirt .tltw
    would be exempt.
    The next Rieetion tipii which tltere
    WIM cofiftkIderlbtIb 4i~scIoii wigs the ,
    taxing o wq04yl% It waE ti-
    0toverod tlhat .o liaili< could to plitoed I
    updn thIi industry, !iifeo it wouId be)
    inpousible to protect the wood yard,
    |an who paid hiw iioensb againsL thei
    man from the c(.htry)LV who tii'lkd
    wood to thsiriarkrt for sale.
    A fterwaditig through and d usoussiing
    the ordinance by 6otiotts, ttUicu of

    . .. .. T T -.- .. / '
    S* .. ., 1- .
    I; ** .. "



    n "T

    . LP

    I .

    . I r- li-Rhakfc.


    1ilt lI),I 83 k111 ILJ Ilog ftiml elaiw-
    -14be () W Mitl'I bias pliaInzk(l tiany s
    rVilllHK,4-l wp'cl iily itlaptedl lby htil
    for motjirn ('ily I 'gritplg iinimdl tranilj
    ingl Mts rInti!f-P14 frotii t it Nourf
    (IiiI I3'r. VI4ie*i tike youti birtdil
    to.! iliICy to b,, tlut r12i11v4 the,
    - --a 1, i.I _t S. -

    1 ^^^^~~J J; ^ll^ lKi
    ,'- .-, 4.. .. ... .. ; .r .f J,,
    ; 1. 0, *,, ....J- -a_ .* -.* ,I .6,r
    t .- ,P..5. -: .. 1. ,
    r '. l- "* ::' ,A- I u" 9 r-.j 4; gi "'L h. ". v* t .. I ...1. 'r '' n ,' .*
    It. 't4 1 -" '.l .. ." n.. I,,"'. 4 ... h ". ,.,'' "I'" '/ r"

    LgI rl^'^i^^ an ._n'^ 4wgrard I~ of l^Ji~ fl

    1'2 It~flfN p^f| .r Irnh.J i1i>eK I. ;7 *j I~
    45.., .,. ..- *I "'r, '. P, ." ; ', rI f. h, ;*,' ; '. '-.' .... ~ J. r h".5,IL 1.. i"" ,"
    ,-.'.,. ..,,.4. .', .
    .... ~ I I,( .... *a .,."1 _.: r ". .I "" i.'Tt *' .% s i t.Lo ar f "!-' "-I "* "> -C '' J a '
    IIJ~~~L I aL
    At*~ ..(f:~ ".I ..t ., ,.. <. i
    Ov';~ trti'i*Sw.r i: I14.'. ,Ii* I IT I. I... -,; .. r,.. .FI' "a ,A l lT h BW [ I i
    "', I-;h': Ai4 I OI' Ii

    IK ^^'*'-i*"wl^We^ltrm.-Alea lar- th .nt ., ilW* Im b could :e..- **J. .. g.t..,g ,. ni./ pIT

    ..%.,: ..... ',,:--', ....oi:- r+',M.--b.... .... eb-h..-, h r .. ..'1 ZI,i^^^ i'lli
    .LAW. v. :Y r Y v Y
    -I.~IN L.r~.6I

    1: *=* I..--P..-l'. *'ll. ,,! p4 8 rti 6 1. -.

    VR *:.* **-t f^ C^ ^^ ^ toow~c~ro #rhJ hnv kueww s'f faw
    ''.' a ," F. "' .i ., ," "' -* '. ,.' ". '4' i I .
    -...:.4 .' ... ,. .... ... ,, ".a,.; "'l .. Iw e a ,. m. d, r N oi r ,-
    ; "J r p,,I, ''..1-- U. l : _I '- ,r ..I-" -"1
    .d I. ;A L","" ik- th e m 'g "hi"- e '. y ,
    -. = -a7T a "i*""'- .m. i i : .
    EU ...,.. .. .. ,--.,, 1 iWiw 4 nfon cn# l q 4 b i- hy
    H. L.. *.. rail:- .. a :,
    *1 P _. ., ... ... : .*. .. *... .. ..r
    nt 1u, O.W..w tr.en

    ,. i a. -u= '. : 1"" % 7 ".ih tc' "'a 4'"'owf.luiq 0=, 1Mn. a." M ...."-"ay. oz.
    :--< 1~~ ';<.../i t#. a r:..~ i. .":lnd.$4a 04.4 .. iS.r K:ti .Sib fi;Psdaiog, her, Mn. JI V ..-,XPCoIT..4
    !LA A. psINa hp
    h~~4 .tI16*~;*~
    I 17 P 4

    i*'i J "" "' "l i .. I I .*" / I .. "a.. I r x n .. .
    .e- .*k .. Af.. -Ig ,.h.r bor .. Igor. 1i.t

    uI .d A *

    .M .i 0
    ,'.. .,Ll.. .,o W.. .. .. : .1 d .. .-.W. .,...

    i* -.1 40, tmod i.flt;Wb.'hrWO..4y,. 41 h'-r'.- r.e en Mrs Pehe., while p
    .~ ~~~~~ .. ,.. .., .. .. .,... ... .. 0 ,, ..

    X,_r. ,*$ont Inft 4
    I Y It t, I

    aT !tlS hl 'c Esgettfnle onnIey
    l a I-IC e
    .~~~~~~~~o .kw u wi %~v4$0Wer0=fo

    a~ ~ ~~o ,1 wb4'tiaob.l b0raep theastor r-Wtrantb ls ost r ~o
    4 1. At o .c id, gVl d.L
    'k 1-t~wek heu r aotd from$fe VA4 leaves toda tobgi isnwppesIssr
    of MO metrunkst~beVieal hrairaaet
    a. 4. au*eUk in
    k~r'jy~*F a. ~ tO IDta an bISO tw childenwohv er
    A t.t"rF-".a. 1 7 *. ... "- a .4 a" q"'ul t W it h o on-'n u e 4 f e v e r a r e a ll

    LL bo,~tos* nanununntu
    F.wwoh. w 0 pa.
    r~~t d ti
    g." R. '" ".' AV] "$QOi4A"p.wi'op6 T q irs', av
    .. ,: .; ....,.. ,., lim be 4W.pvnd..that .the bfiztimge" had b,en en...loytb.ltlatebt pi <.epila~ tda4gptrern I.f:|,l~ ~ttl
    *I -,q-.,--.D ,.,..P. :.. ..' .r .., ....-. .-. ; .-...I. '..~ '' ,l : __1- i .- ,

    J9:i.; ;.t -..' aiM iii* a4i:,4j4iQg lown thsi! stwamei- I'.U l! heav nie, wh lob d l no mut ri. ..odruly U
    "iiI''' ,''' "" : "!''_.< I 'r,/. .- .; '. l.. ... .i .'[... ilii~i / .i ..l l ii~mei back, kid.. ....iI ... II"
    :,. .,.:- r.,-;,. la. aiA at damage.ii--. .ii .u m wl lt ll.!.! ur ...!z-r t -7-- ...
    I n'""'. ". AsvbsIo tbII-IP ot e .id be w a i ...... .-*-a. a d Brght

    'i......- won.01. 0 ultt.ever, tee. Was t0), ". R nde Awakuak tai. form of kidney-
    ....-"" L pos!sble .to secure a teaint, and1 he -wR4 Thb Centervlew (Mo.) Record tells of Dr. Klmer s
    :tI c 44fompeljled4 to walk a dletsnoe of eight a young manu who bad been writing c ornnendediore
    ^ PI 010 .l4to0reobtte point wvero he ginr In Mtiunctopolfs for three years, In- '
    :.F .'" ", :w u 'go'd to take lino. t, After tenlng son day to ask her to .Inso My way
    ^. ...- .. thinovelAhoj hard hs ezperienoo, hoW .b- I)t i'.otte. day lie. ri a let .ctife.. n.on.
    ". "v .' fin" l -.,;... -.,. frt or nd a jIg*ti froom her. The letter @h.a? rellfaiid
    7fe ver".M.tcaIlyreached-Zcdfro $.prins, ncnnctnef.l that site fiand been married ery ca Ihat
    b ra- w !ho eaub; ilflit the train for "tbe twt yenrs, nod te picture wnu of ter been mad by'
    .a;.. ". QO.Ut6lld world,. bby. "My Lkusbaind and 1 have ew- /ho.have fot al
    :^ / A *"1 *A Prof Fpikm arrived in xdinesvUle Joyed your letteriw very wuch,' eho nampie bottle e
    -Y':.,", yo-.erlsaTy afternoon, and at once.went wrote, "but I gtinsa y.ou d better stop F telling nore a
    I I,, ind Qut If you h
    I- v;, *0.0 OahQ ie of SqpFlnteond. ollo- writing aow, a 1 mao to pond al! my When..h- wr_
    -i;" I -:" a. U e.. .. "cord" l IF I rlll T
    M.L: :'a a.WS. $*Where.e wa gladly' welcomod. tme culri for ihe baby'" The ld r
    -r":"...:.**;'., ."lt.pThe Bun, h=ad ie r tle wordq tbe young m an ts end yur a
    aftor d rea1ng the letter would sboc i a i ^ Kllrcr&Q
    ." pinmur PfFrnoon. mkt In t flild of oats. :na tIon. Y
    ;-'.-"., I ... l a n o N

    .- *ntbttbiplto OVer the prqspoots of tfhe nakes. dotar szea are
    ,f." 10hoo1, and4,requesed that -i meeOing Mr, rEolker In McClure' robs us o fo)'t mi,.
    pr"..-" 'I" of the faculty be called, at thoe bshool oew milsvbneptlohi as to aikes*J bermtIse latne
    .'. a.- *. .." building for 2:80 6'dlock this after- Whenp a snake is deeniltteat i ls dead. Iter's Swiinp
    floor)":,,,, "* ...t" The tail wilvl rietatn sensltlvo for some Binghamton.
    rli jf^ 4e 1' "A ii Jl ^^F i f .' .r r, --"*
    .-,/., ,. ., -.----. l ouil w tl Oitt r_.rerVa. eu to sundow n, --...-- --,=
    .... Oheap Excursion to Baltimore, M, D. ,,the rnttleslltikt* !(ol not liilclle by bit

    S* ;^ *;- *<4 ; 111, ^: *1 :* a I N. *.'* J *
    ...",.."..,.,:. ,;:,' :. .1"". ..a ,' ,.. .. ,.. : ......,.: t : ,a ; .. a,
    a. a a r 4 I *.' .I .. a .
    44 Y'., Y
    a'-" ," ". :. '" .* :. '" .. "' : ..' "***
    a. Ira OI. PaP ... a ^ ^ffa *'J

    A .

    S;-..I*,. ...1., l. ..... ... L .
    I. LA PF 16L "L

    Lo~ o7 jliln IhnrJ1wt<
    . j. w a. io I *.. .- .... '-. r a
    S ". 4 *
    #4I tOaqm t
    .m .. swt.,stNt ;P,.- la.' i ... .. "-,."


    . i r I I -I I i i L
    l.1mt I' R."" o.. -b. '- a

    ~ We CoI
    i ,. 'I .
    I IIrw
    J .. a M"ea ." a.. '.. n. a
    fl tlb ~ko a* ebannel J S |nP|LirP.
    A~, fOr
    wit Mbawt ; and4 a ltar r "w "V.
    d t: 4eaI It or
    itralt or 4s 'JovtaI. sea
    'vb'ikwgt se-but.
    t I d4liftate, bad very UPi I I r
    M but -whatt forc. heh b e

    _e _lv_ "" The "Victor'

    GSET UP" fm

    r Ob .^ 9 ^ noraine

    C / Valgcs You Miserable, ) in*mo ehe

    rbody who reads the Pows" k^^-^ ^r^^
    o know o. tho wonderful .
    cures made by Dr. -"
    i il Ktimer's SwattmpfRoot, M --ww
    Ithe eat kidney. liver T "l t j
    |L an!rdlb.!la:der remedy. I -JL-i-i 'u
    .= it j$ the great medi-
    ctl triumph of the nine-
    l teenth century; de-
    i] B covered after years ot
    1flcltntlfto research by
    =s.B Dr. Kltmer. theainb
    S nent kidney and bYad.
    dcr specialist, and is sT 1 I M L
    :cednul in promptly curing 9i r5 b, B 0 P( 3 0o p;bv.
    tey, bladder, urtic acid troU 0 lb | S 65 p B 40 pr
    scblawwhivhiaeibe worst II 4t 10 46 pi 603 gLJr
    curesAmsta by Dr
    houbm r' Ip aIe t *' ** F* IO. Wfl

    troubLI 4IF*il !# 4 h S pILv.
    Swamp-Root Is not rec. ...... .... a *f6 p Ar
    vcrythIng but If you havekid I hM& I0 p A -M 6 0v
    adder troUble it will be found 5 a .. .. :I
    you ned. Ithasbeen teted 5Io1 72a ... p
    s, in hospital work, in private 4 4 1 1 I. w
    the helpless too p6or to pur- 571 J 5 i e \ q
    708 p' SI. l,.a..,. .
    ; b'ASprovedro suctCeSisl in 7 i8 pi 46 al..
    a scial arrangement .has 7 40 i p .. ..- .-
    vhloh all readers of this paper -.6 -T. --
    ready tried It. may have a .- R-T AND IAT
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    ave kidney or bladder trouble. Ar wavnnah ............
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    .- r,. Ar DenColu r .........
    Lper and Ar Coluia*,,. .
    resA tlo Irfll3p/ Ar amdniD. q..... .h4aA
    raftlamIet~~ 4C
    Dp,,ln&g- Ipmapf Ar Wilinato..,,..
    The -I Ar BSol LkhorfPie...n..
    snt iCd E.awSo.M C sw R $o Ar AiAirsh., .." ,.,..4.
    _,A i^ -1t .= --A^^ ....t-,_ A r l"oTrMtikloUtn sold bi all Eoud drugglota Armou th.aa. *
    R t .ab wb.nd iVa a....,..
    Bdy mistFake, but reunern- Ar Wahlngtc& -0 -
    A rBalIMU4ore6..onFd-p
    f Swnsnp-Root, Dr. Kilt Ar Phitaelltaw*E hE.ds
    -Root-, anrid the address, ArNw Vork..........
    N. Y..on every bottle, -
    -, ..1. ... 1.. Connections for I
    ...r Saturdays, from (Gai
    ao -.

    ,iT, -* ,- -" p-- A .

    f~f^? ig ph its"il J
    I. Ulatr RaUi -- tre
    ..Ii... rleettoven's WUt Walks.
    ^^^^Iifeta t n musical comiposers MC
    1r^i. peculiar-Ideas and mauner
    ^^nlg 'They hald their petul1Iar
    :it >i*ir moods., their eccentriv hab-
    Hlaft- are generally said to: mark'
    l Ii "Muafei o St.
    MeJac tells of their pecnlUarierItles.,
    K i Wydn was a very early riser, he
    I l, "and yet he never worked ex-
    r*Mr ful) 'dres 1rin which 'hte was
    B flButton'. le began by shaving
    kbielf carefully, powdered himselff
    .K"Putt on his tlhge.r a certain ring;.a
    hire, I .believe, surrounded wIth
    lliapts,.* hic had been givna dim
    i ..the grebt Prederick, unless It as
    Alce -.Esterhazy. that done, he shut
    H.telf up in a quiet room anij wrote
    i. Several consLecutive hours, five or
    #t!.,Without .stoplplng.
    .4^if~art". the gentle and pious Mo'
    .t-was sEottlvnines lesa particular
    .l c0 npotied a little ev'erywhiere aud
    .te .all conditions. Happily the
    came often enough and pursued
    lm eveomtito the restaurants of Vile-
    .,'. pIrague andi MuIilci. where lie was
    etTair fond of playing, billiards andt
    #Ztxoklng a prpe aud composing tn Ils

    ossheiw n conii p'Md almost constantly
    i tnd in all ways, rarely at the pinno.
    '. ,-,0tt 0tften in the evening or at night,
    ..a.n4, like Mozatrt, often found inspira-
    "lltl In a carriage or post chaise. In
    h.te regular Joigs of theso vehicles
    lk -ercelved iyrthan, and of these
    J'.:y.rthim mnelodies were born. 'There Is
    t;'W doubt that he would have fVund
    |, .tbeemIii the trepidation of the railroad
    L." if he Iipd dared to try, but lie had such
    a dread of this mode or lQocotlotion that
    I. 'no fone ras Crer able to Iuduce him to
    [ et foot In a car.
    [I";. "Gluck composed violently gestUcu-
    '. )atltmg, wvalkiug up and down and act-
    kg".,t all his characters, often In the open
    .Air, on the iawni, hi a garden.
    .I ', "fleetliov en also 1111doWuitedly found
    l.-a powerful tiuxlllairy to tspiratolon Ini
    r :-motion and wixlkiltg.. Wliatover the
    | season, every day atter dinner, which

    I vuas at 1 o'clock, acixcoling to) the Vien-
    ne8e custom, he tc4t out for u walk,
    Sand with big strides twict made tihe
    circuit of the. city or Vt(jigit1. Neither
    . cold nor heat inor rain nior lhail wal ubitil
    , to stop him. Then it was tlizit htis l) t3t
    of fancy attahined Its full airdor. Ii l1
    : woti Id etvitelr f t''stittri nt, alt down itor
    Stin insta nt itid last tih1e tuptilled wl it Itr
    rot the bill, wIthout buyilng ordered
    nntiytlhing. HlS cUwsliiieal was pro-
    - digtotts. He utiually broke everything
    Ito touched. Not a single piece of filur-
    nature Ii Ih)s hoiu., and laly article of
    value less Tbhn anything else, was si tf
    *frnti himu nftuuokmjtni mi tvhnliv tlntdia 1i

    row old or ti V fl tI.t
    iaVe enough t.." or, :4ter. d t
    Sutd the ttlngthey are1*itte40 to do?
    Tin hardest wobria j .eot'.in te.
    world ui tile ntrwse-s yet &mn of
    th1 m, without 4uemoptint*pig ptmen.n, are
    61ix: tvutl Som1e ph% y t4 parW of lovers
    atil (oiAteroisi, yoX.01 tunaoy. at an
    ev-ni g-r^oe tegr zg: ,
    The1 Ameraeans &re.the 'hneqadest work-
    et p-obple In tUo world, yet foreigners
    calt u:s-ayoung Itkltng nation. Noth-
    ing wake a people look so young as
    liberty. Theeo is noue ot th6 cramped,
    cast. reatrctl ,blight upon our people
    tbut h sieait n ltl rtN The oldest Iotki
    tugn people in the world atire not those
    who have. worked hardeat, but those
    who hlavo not work-ed at all. If one
    WO*tld see themi ho want% to go to thi
    tasbltp;ibhIe vttertng places. 'Ther be
    WtIl swt (\Jpltar:tUvoly young uix aind
    wolCon wxho l::ive never woree, cihter
    witli oxxty or mzild, driven arocmuid In
    bith chatra or. hobbitng about on tines,
    While it nbsorbedil In biidiies ram% of-
    ten qiutte io)uKt at seventy.
    \Vr lto ihltiid \ourlt ever kll a KUiIk
    latzin tii tlui( Li nat. io. blhiiv killed a
    [w)re. It Is tlhe dius thait feols abovp
    world thLit iiatiUiT htns littio e ,sL for.
    Work I and lot) youi,- .lotoi t111ob0e

    . II it

    Tint: lI4.eI Thlat Mtl% eu "S1ote.t
    The fmI'iis "iosk In Iioreb." al-r
    dcently cvllud the "Ho-ck of MiaftSah" I
    ain( at prvimut known throughout the
    orient aIs lvie '"Stone of thbo eIirfetlo4S
    Fountain." b(tlig the Ideotical rock
    whith 2iciwo'R siorusk with hiW rod in or-
    tier to :ive winter to tthe children of 1s-
    MeO. Is religiously prsiarved and
    guanrd(l1d evein down to this late ditt.
    Dr. SMttw In his book a"Shaw's Travelt"
    sayM. "It Is t1 blOck of granite about
    six.. yards sqiliJr, lying tottering- and
    loo0.4 in tli -irilddlo of the valley of
    ROphiI&1IIlI1tidi HI tR1s to have ortglnally
    been a itprt of[i MountIt Sinai4"
    Tr4 li1Lttio of thie waters riicilotis foluntalXti, Has related In the
    BOvObnItIlth c!ItjUtc~r of Exodtus, bol-
    lovp'td it itIIhtti(l ti)bout twol InchOsA 4elp
    anill moft1 thain twi Uie Ctc.(' of the rok, this not uponu tin-
    Fuppo l-ti teetiiotly, but upon tlhe
    ,i ,4f suc nen' ns ttie oRev. Dr.
    Shi, v D)r. 1noroek, L.etuteutiit (Jldgbtr
    a11(It UUi'Fr i,!llnent s elt i. '3elI' U11iull1/r 0toitc it (Jo4l'"iRIs l u-
    blenixii wbo vl1t'cl to "flock of Tlo- Inii tih ye'i l,5 150T, d4tInars hlit be-
    i11r in thP geutrrailly accepted story of
    It j Ilg the rock of Moses famo9$
    fofin ti n.
    FasmousE Mfed llonsNe.
    TIP e aioat w UliIh ot)ften surroundled
    hilll 11t tnd. tistlesi 4i t l 4)1(1 days t* now
    grhriiwll3o" 4li fnd l(1III$ lip, but somei
    ri'r1:ir1rltible pIF)t'(im .lie stitLl reniil.
    I'pti'unps thiO fllet exaniple oft a inoliti
    hoIkse is Lictmlnhixbm llat, heo. avst of
    Lord Toll)nUitcioA. in Suffolk. about

    *1 ** i
    Z )
    - '
    . a


    . .. *1
    . I ~ ~
    *1~ ~


    ob q -.,-7 m
    %b : 4 -'- -* *



    Th real hoeines r4 e srrv day axe i our ht)OlII&ts8. itIbyhoi
    ever it in A niat4tkoeu afi tstles le)iiL.
    'Wounen seemq to'listt'a to e'vi-ury cN tf (ltts tcN.'lbt mt u iiupcn
    Otte that tlLq theioxn to gimdl their helaii. I:Ulxw vieIih. litrler iitC. (1
    tasks b (mil;t w;ixen t8ie derau euoeii of A h fit'.bio rgitiis :iahkq
    every m()voIment pifit fal An( keep }It w it'tvou i xy zi unAtraQi
    IrritabilLtv takos W j1t60001 of h11)pA!,i C.dA alli )i1iiAuitlitiy ; ituid w vokne
    and st fTeriig ta kes tho iplce of health atlr i.riii,,l!i. AJ8. IR ig t6h1
    can drag thiemselves aromuit, wvriii ic i x il(;io to w r ; mid i 1irfot
    their hoaeholdI duties. rlIbey 1lu&vI1 t' ll t0(1 to Iit!i, t sufferth
    is necessary because thcy are mwoit'i. XWhat a ii-sttki'"
    iTht: Ut Of LydiaCT, P klattitt 'egttti)le Comiipunill \\I ilt ttli,
    pain anId restore hapPidiesi. I ).ion)'t 3t1irL, ttotrol g sliiiult. ts or li' Ui
    cotoesi when this greitt strtngthui0.1ig, liliuig wii-dtly for wtoIlulI
    always within a.
    If there t Is;Ani Ing Inl your eao flmobotmt wvllelt yoil wVould 111
    special advice, writt freely to Mrs. Pinktmtluit. No iii ui will s
    your letter. She an surely Itelp yot, for no imraon Ili Anier,
    as iucali vide exzwrienco in treatlg fenillo IIIsN as she oin 1I
    She hha mcipe4t l iiti-ndlrcds of thbouinmai of WOaieli back to Wlioli
    Her address Is Lynnt, Matas. and ther udvlcc Is free. You arc vOe
    foolish If you do not accept her klud tinvitt.tion.

    For proof read the symptoms, suffering and cui
    S recited In the following letters:
    ."DRiAN Mna. PnKlAn :--I wish to exprewn to you tme g'at benefit
    have derived fromun your Advice andi the uxO of Ly'tlI I. IIlIIt Ptukha'm Vegt
    table Comupoun Mvy trotubh1 "as ftuIulo w(akte$s In it, wrst forui a
    I wa In a very bad condition. I could not perform no y houiuhold (tt cities, ]
    back ached, I was extrernc'ly nervous, imtud cotild not eat or sleep, and I
    bearring-down pains were terrible. My D uiutbitAt qent htuzidrtdl of doll
    to get me well, aInd all thtu ,modlchln thati t1he d3atortit IrtrlfIdrEilMd t o3
    Many good ; I roasor ta ti( operation wh1ih the phyi tln ttl said was neCtKM
    torestore me to heL'lth, but Iufletrt.d moroe aftcr it tlitnI I did kbefotn ; I I
    hemorrhagia of the wminh that nio.ting could tKwri t'o I)t4l.
    6IX loticoi one of your adverteofiimnLtt ytid Mwrote tobti for altvie., I
    celiOd your reply 5ml4 eUrefully followed et ll Instructions. 1 itnradllat
    besgna to get Mtrol r,', and In two weksi wnn aboitt tlie hue. I t.ooulc tI
    'bottles of LydiaL. klikhlliut'M Velgo ,t!)l (.-onmnimail< nd ut ount.ul
    following your advite, and to-day I amin a voll woman. Your rt'i#I te I
    help are at O() end to suffering wonii, ianitd I eiinuit, fl1(1 wordts to the
    you for what you havi ,l:one for we,"-Mts. LoirVEi V. NAVI,)1t 812H N.
    Ave., N.W., Wahinglix, D. C0
    4' Dr MtM. PI.PiNicIAr ; -. writ eto teoll yon whant Lyd di!j Vlir
    hatL's V'egetabl@e t'ia1jpouind litis tlmn forr me.
    46 I wLs sufforin with falilIit ,of the womun nind eonild hardly dr0ij nI
    but after taking five bottles of Lydia 1, 1iCP thmlisms < poind E was cownpletely ourod., I ant now a we1)ll woeunu i il Jblo to du



    I *
    II. I '
    1- 1h '

    m I




    h, S *L I .T *


    I b otrnskInt pah
    *L. i *. -' '' L *
    I r.
    . j~ 'i

    - '

    ~N7 r
    I-I-I ~.L __

    *1~ S

    Jr I ,

    . .- -r

    . ^ ^ j*i4'.f-iI~3 D~o of PJIwoptoa Int-
    S. kateeI1Qt und Weds ft
    V An 4oa1IS out of it,*.
    .r I .- L j -I N o o Ur~ m
    l^^ ^'ii W~0t~fRx0*~i 5Q4 uiIIroa4 ownepri be-
    ^ Ois' 1e that theba. SOr bnrdoflo
    r fITb foetstdeutroctlon bushiest.

    the! fa) lIs a LW pain, and
    f :otIUrpapintgugO sotve -color. enkItre
    A t2y'dhfforent fxob wh*$s1 not on.

    A I-~
    .11; m^ '. .There ;are .new A-iO^ ares of
    |l~ f pxxiduoPiie toen Jsnd : i the Uie
    S^ tates. *1Ttesun~tial owttlng of. )qmber
    a*p2unutf to 85,00kdoC000 fesnta year;
    |I 'of timberv, 8,000,(N0,000 feet (Or ot il
    Oet road ties, 32ajOX*000' and .for fene
    J^^ 1HMS, 8000,000.b
    1:;,-- *: *. .. ___ I_ : I
    I *.* .v I*.; ** ,-; ** -*l .. I v l ii .. i .^ ^

    bu. b row. they xre
    I. ooductloa bpersio, no Mr. Baer
    Ak' t o.-aM thigh gronkid' nthat being eIn


    Northern mills consumed a total of
    2I098,0OO, of which 150,874. bales were
    foreign Cotton. '
    I "Thie truth Is Interesting in view of
    01ie Situation Iii tho $outhbru mf'nI. as

    occasionally described by

    men with an

    ^0 ~couI4

    r.f cer 14 W r 1 01 1 .'1 2k .;:'#i* tbt htgk .- .- .

    V AhoT^^y.. hat' e, -
    ..III .*%$I aflr -n.n th't beJigJ
    MI.*1A or

    F11b- .outb-&
    iti iM 1* ~#t i~brsa#*d &.flch flpuid
    ji rui &4. S$gt ^thfeen. besn-!rom
    r^ r ltr' t Le~aRe ri:P#ifained thnt thi IM'vored
    |0fbpwil eenta'H Consume she
    ,rodI pvt0Dhu'Ilt too
    .~O .0ptoPLI
    p ^ *itNl'$ew, Y^ork' CO~fn4ot*JI ~~lz udor
    4b 0head 4f "Tbtj'outh ka t t in Got-
    tQS Qoods* Malkinje/,!'says s to the
    soutuera cot on niOll situation :
    tI ildqatlott of th0 fots .concprn-
    in'ttheb dIoppultionof( she cotton crbOj
    *naklu It plain that cotton gopd# nnin-
    utscttaflngin the R rth is dwindling
    with a .pee$40 whiob few appreclpte,
    each y#ir sthorwing greater rapid Ity.
    TWifteau years ago zthe mills of the
    8outh took $8to8If the cottonr- crop 0on-
    sumed by Awiertlon itillWs; the Nortb
    797 p6 r cenzt. In 1908, the per oentage,
    while noC whojly revelrmed, sthows a
    change that commands attention. ..The
    Sowbh now takes 50.42; the North 49.58.
    For the firt timeo in its history the
    south lJestdu, 'a a make r 9o1f coLton

    ItW the beginning of Septimber,
    theyeatsi'srop0of cotton stood 10,727,-
    529 0 se16, an '.increase of 4G,S79 bales
    over last year to The value of the crop
    IS 480,770,282. It is impossible tto
    may just what the Southern man ufac-
    tUrer paid .for his cotton, because many
    of the znl ie contracted for their sup"
    plieS calya; In fact, fully 75 pet ceuL of
    thel4- purchases were made before Ithe
    increase in the price of raw mnatetial
    bq^gan. At any rate, =the Southern
    znanufaoturors did n ot pay an exorbi-
    taut price for their portion of 'the mill
    takings, 2A000,729 bales of Amerloan
    and 9,878 autuat bales of foreIgn cot-
    toD, th0 latter mnost ly Egyptian. This
    la qua to18*B8American bales1

    afternoon. But .I re .o 'tplt no siti
    for 'me to Wapa tr you tonight, seei'
    she wa'n't no blood relation-.-Phfls-
    delplIAg Iteder1 4


    r ~

    ~ -

    - -t
    F JV -V

    zzm-1---m----~ -ia.u~ 1: ft t .

    tbwit'P TjAM", wArt no s mtorni jtUVt'
    hia .b~p It was e steadyy sa 01*
    Srgti. WfOSQ?6u1d bank on It 2 OUt atO
    tbefer tha*' ,1th ecoipts Brook. &f
    ZflKob paid tereut for tfrautrs, paid
    Ithe -malartflb o f the o'mpahI2YF the '=MI
    roa4 and t otel bills and the adverttWo
    hxg throujhout the COdtRy od uade
    big proftth, Which they Obakd with
    Uormeo Mg*ie er, to whow D'.thb tit
    =w::;t4 talOAffairis at the trts andi wbo
    ea'rd- awitoh'ate4. tlwwlf Iwt

    46Ropt4s ajarreement with Henry in.
    Abbey wgrs thi: After all expenses of
    every description were paid Booth got
    85 per cent and Abbey 15. Bootb .Jolt.
    a week, Itn PhiLuitdlphla owing to the
    death of his wifi< The company was-
    put In there b without him, and we bad
    to Uadexnltfy thu, local mafnaker. Our
    1os, that weck wFUR $4,000, Deducting.
    that, Abbey's profits on the Season were-
    $3SO.OEX, I do not know. any stai-, save
    Booti, who' ever commanded 50 per
    cent of the gross recelpts.01-New York.

    Where BlooC Tells.
    It was In one (t the farming districts
    of New Englnnd.T, ite young foks had
    banded thibtSv(' together for month-
    ly Jollfleattous hiring the winter and
    were about' to ceP4'rate 'the last dance
    of thpO ?ePROUJ tS well as a couple of
    c6gtgeiimecizt wliic h iiad resulted from
    thin ussernblleA. In Hawklus, the 1o-
    cut Pagaiunu, and hlx $tradivrtrlus had
    beeu engaged to J(I:d tbern through the
    Minzcs of the Vo0:hLry d ince.. Atnda all
    Wo, lobpk1:ic; (C\.ieJ-d k) the "time or
    their life." d .

    hirs. 1=Thwklns for his own pn thLe utfter-
    no0on of the eventful pjnrty. The young
    IpebpIo1 gathered as arranges], 1n4t hoP
    moaned the absence of Old Bcn' and
    games were being Rsubstitutes] for 'the
    dancbing when, to, fnowklns and his fLd-
    die appeared on the scene.
    Great astouilnnhent and many quesw
    tons greeted the old man, but he caln-
    ly sllpp~d his 04dhil out of Its green
    bag and iii be mnedltatively rubbed the
    rosia pn the bow said:
    t^WaaI, yea; Maria's gone; died tia,



    bofwels, but regular action c
    secretes enough ibiWE to m
    execute. their natural fuhc
    rural agitation caused by tati
    continual and iuftreasing di
    gtta U I 3 the .results.




    --- ---




    4' .*



    -. iti.'ri

    ^ .' ... J ^ r* ,' ;' .* .'" ;"

    S.* 54i ,* ^i o 't .'t p ."? -.**^

    % te,


    Smi3wrsD also #a Bsas]

    s. LF EPWAWS W


    1 ^- k

    / *


    ,t Line Offers On Iay,

    l H^IhtO to ome~e~kerL ;," :
    %ATE. SETTLPIc in gm L

    ::-^rateB lrrol ,Ohio anrt ^,i^~; ;

    !^^Pll]e, Ky., EVanyille ind.' Pa---
    : "Y*~I "' "

    ..y, Jairo, I.,, St. Louis, M.,

    .!,,l f beyond ;:, a y in alngraea
    STenn (kets not to

    Yld" from. Memphis Cprperi, for
    to n nort ome lneke r t
    ti m ,(Poast into Kansa

    0 0 JI-t0 the following ot .In F oJ-
    1tta, 4 1orth"d SoInh Car-
    r fnd.Atesabama lohred sn this
    iQor toewhih tai company for0.

    rI O*y. airo, 1U.., St.. uouis;Me
    ...n autbeyorized ticket ing rate

    :. S .
    ~1vMnphti, Tenin.. (-tackfts ot to
    d'ci froma Xowep pnpertir) for
    on at--Onde-half o pf thel standard one
    System :(al-Marph 8 and 17, a08;
    is'to the' follwn tinto' 4n Flor
    ,Z9eoga,$ Nouzn4 SuhCpar-
    St7 'Aniban2 lo90; Mady 5 and this
    r to whi h te OM190; July fo7 ands
    Auat 4 antorized sid18, et90 outep-

    m~br. 1 ad I5. 1i0; October 6 and
    .jj&/l r8 November,3 and 17, 18038.
    j|t rttt ofint uo u9 paesage.-
    jeP.wiin ratts under each tiouis

    *-tOtf.kethafto b&te faced econed-

    H^. 1^99 0oigood. iii parlor or-/ leeptng
    are ome of the staple c.ropsof
    ,iffrnt ofo ctione- of thri terrtO, !Sy :
    Tan'I4 vbgtable ; and a1 fruits,'
    je pear,2 grapend16, fi,; July orange,
    I. Augusmt 4 and 18, -1903 ;. Sep-.
    apdles, grapefru1t0; Qwatoer8elo. and
    Seand othvember frit and 17, c903r,
    rI~-:~conhtiIrnit-Oontinuous pseage.
    .t4Qand 0thlor o raina, tobacco, cotton,

    t*oft ek 'tc, oIefen
    goqt.1poiy of the Partoi Coraet Line

    l^ I io fOigtgstr al-1 developments along its
    rlt riareha shaome ot the thpl greatest of
    4ilerent ections or this terrltbry

    : q6110B, pears,- grapes, figs, oags,
    ~$4ecpiplos. grape! ru It .9154

    {teiflzsig road in America, and it pro-
    J 1t1 eoery faoility forgetting farmo,

    4' 4en and orehard products to the
    nthern m xnarketsa in the best possible
    SWtidition, in shortest time, and at low-
    i nt race.s
    ^ r Ip to part of.. the counLry is there a
    .reatr.. ab, tdapce of game and fish
    k On this line.
    ST'rthnern farmers are invited to
    |4rdite for information .in detail about
    | territory of the Atlantic Coas

    ...State of Ohio, City of Toledo, .
    i,', Luoas Oouuty. "
    S,. t Prank J. Oheney makes oath that hI
    SttIotpartner of the firm of F. J.
    It euwy- Oo., doihg buipnessB in 0h.
    Civlty ofToledo, county and State afore-i
    , 4&i4i, and thatvaaid firm will pay the
    i(?1A'U.i of One Hundred Dollars.for each
    ^f^nd .every case of catarrh that cannot

    ze II: *It"" -
    ~~^,j i _. 'i J .- .'
    * 7 -- I; qg. C "(>
    . ;ra' I ,.
    .J' I" .
    I .
    I *, I ." "
    i.: "' ,I .' "" 'M "'""H

    ,jib' 7
    1*J^ ''

    " *;ff :

    ".I" J

    . '

    ' : ..- i ."!

    I- *~ .aLtj~


    '- 1
    K A

    - J ml-
    ' .-'L ..-'.

    * I.


    I *

    SIts Cured Thousands, WiUl
    Cure You.'
    l .you are troubled with kidney- or
    bladder trouble, sUch as dropsy,
    Bright's disease, cstarrh, gravel of the
    bladder, albumen in urine pu4d unw
    healthy deposits, or' t6o frequent disA
    .charge of the urine, pain in the back
    and bladder, dropsical swelling of the
    feet and legs, etc,, ete we guarantee
    that by using Smith's Sure Kidneyr-
    Ctre, a complete cure will be effected.
    Prie. 50 oeints and $1I00. For sale by


    To Go East at Small Cost Via Atlantic
    Coast Line .
    Account meeting, Sovereign Grand
    Lodge, I0. 0. F., Baltimnore, Md,,
    September 21-26th, Atlantic Coast
    Line will pell rouid trip tiketks from toB1alltiin rF and return $27.
    ,Tickets will be sold from pulnvirs south
    ofr aoksonville Septembner 17-20, in-
    cluItvoe, atd from all ,tlier points
    September 18-:20, inclusive, with re-
    turi limit Septemnber 28.Lh,. 19 D By
    laytnent of $1 additional at Baltimott,-
    liimiit w.ll be extended to Octobor 3rd,
    1903. Superb hleepinfgand diuin g oar
    service. See ticket agent for ru\ in-
    Sform tio iia
    , W, H. LiCAitY, D. P. A,, Savannah,

    W. J. CRAIG, 1P.
    N. .

    A.., Wiimi-igton,

    A Remarkable Record,
    Chamiberlain's Cough Romendy htast
    remarkable record. It haas been iin ui.
    for over thirty years, during which
    time many million bottles have been
    sold and used. It hae long been the
    satwidard and nain reliance in tOe treat-
    mient, f croup in t.hotiaiand of homes,
    yet during all this time ,!no- Case. htsi
    ever "been reported to Lthei man-
    uftctureri in which it failed to effect a
    cure. WVhen given aseoou av tha croupy
    cough appears, it will prevent the at-
    tRck.. It it pleasant to,. take. many
    children like it. It contailns no %pilu n
    or other h-larmful i0ubstance and may
    bet given as confidently to a baby aS to
    an.aduiilt, C or saIoe by aUlIdruggiUts and
    medicine companiess"

    . .. i J
    :..: .. ', *,-; !'. ''\ .,- :. \ *' **. ',. ., *. ',
    ,".. ,-' "* ,7 "-. ';:> "' "': ^ ."" :.'
    1 "* ",,- ; *, ., '.
    - .. *.. .. .'. 1- ;'- .,"'

    h !~ L .*:
    '~ .
    vJ~h I*
    I .9.
    II I...
    ,w, *
    1 LAY

    r -

    0~*. ~w*


    -,-" ...yI
    __ .u

    "i p J *" '
    I i
    . *. r h-" -4. .- '^*. ^^^*F* 'c .ra hi. .


    1 { 4.
    t .."..- :

    . : .
    &24 :' ;:h..j..c.~ :~* ***I~ *} 1 14 ,k

    . 4I

    aw d aI. ""0 tr,,,
    i \

    and Men's Outfitter.

    &. .

    t received Npw

    Fdll Styloes





    A spientdi(1
    Ak. V

    L)orbieos, F

    t sold fo I
    tsl ib

    I lin of the latestsliljWes

    e odftras and. Combituation.

    is undoubtedly

    tle price, $3.00


    t e,



    -a ~ w


    rji; f2t

    4tnu i

    AN Z A N DT,,

    teed 4 ply i1(1, cqiial

    quality usually sold for .
    A __ ^ c

    in value to




    . A


    < r

    I I .

    *%' .




    V, ..
    ,. ,. ,
    ^BIiH ^^.N !lll

    .iqe capll1 t ,* I
    "'!"' r I .~ -'% S I ''4',,, fI
    r Err

    r.I!o. r to* Wt. b p, i ..;..
    "~~ no tak 'ir -o "ea A", "ett- 'i

    Aidp. sftrtIfl A; li a :'
    ^.^ .k, 0 as; vfl *" 'prwew. )"-' ''"""
    -M* uW ele q otwt,..-.,1'qr 1,

    wentto tlo-. ,omet.!! of ,aA;J1' I h

    I &gPjo 4.tid to34 2flewt#L w4
    t" mro around tb &gs -4

    Kl~.90 to.W^ tb*~f
    Sl i w agsn 0 i(g$ >py di .f',r,,
    473C WolWiao~r
    I-tH.':^ .noW, ftll lili^i, 'l!O^%^ I
    ) I ". ""q I""

    v:~ )fl' tt, lc, S r *T0QY.S, 1$.
    ,P fl...L'e Tbt *." Is4* N

    "I .
    . I.

    . O,'1 .'*.
    I',i l !, '
    ^>w ^
    ,tr-.A^... %..^,


    ~' Ii A

    7, .. h F I. 14 .. "I '1-" Ir ".
    K4ftwft* oth4at jWr
    ?l ~ i!!teed:nforveuaut that W.,O; *4*P '',

    a'l^ abl *0in b t$!Qt hOtS0 io $4rI& mo
    *AP r 14.l i .'. ,T '.^B-^^ ,'A "B|^^^^^ -^ .^^^^ "."^^:f .^ ..P^^^ "^*-*l^ ^^.^^^^^^^^ ^..^^^ ^-^ ,^ :"+ ; ;:^ ;- -' ."h ... .
    ;; ,:/ -,-... a e wireclfron y aflggi fcst sb$1.00 bottlIe..

    . ,FR I TawIf' s L.3*5, F, ",. : "7 ..
    p^..".. ., :i ".~o ^^^^^ '"I B K .':, ":' "' .- '?:' *. *" ,."" ..' -'''i yc "a. a" "9<-

    jut ..nwIUn CW J,., ., o Qnep mo

    P I l a ", ***; A, I I. '.. i .. I .".
    ^WkaoteoW)4S Q II:ruL,

    . k", t *"' ''' I u. d:t'e nhU. "-r"of"t'h e ..'t' t' .' E '
    0r ff..'. ., ,,a. ..t. '
    poit! wap ,lllk"^' K^ a lrbfl~ roth otteb '~andfl 'struormaioUIYM4^rearin

    % mia*.a tn ): !: birh tO h1 Qvi c7nr tebir t tyen

    .B w + ,:, .. ,: .t h : .....:-X .. ey ,,* ,* ..;,',. .: ,. .,. -:,___, ,

    MK M^ !iiiii.. en lon :w ftl: be f0.1- ] a: >, _. -o <:^ "1 ".'* "i1 *T TIP. 1-S'I. T-.
    -. 353. rnf aAQ5tiie'

    iem I. '1 'ro~n e "I E A""neir BUA "' N IN ENi I."NSOAA,.] .".
    .iR. |- t I Ii ** ,j m u ia- .o
    1I' TleiIt tri IW#t JaYIBWW UCSU1STiS INlt'C

    Br.->LI 1 ".i. .@: rV h l4@a te =i -. ; .4att ; I __

    l^^'.'Rnt hi 1 to throm l v l>*iii th r e- =O T i =====1<1s = 1= = m i" VmrS A V m =: i*
    ,,,.TI i. .. ., i I,*ifedBtii! e *o*- ru n .. ...
    "A=J'r 4 ." 14

    .': .t ...D .U ... "..
    b i
    -7.% w.p q

    ,! ed .ldr (tly Beer l ": '
    4r,,f tr e JWL I-. .5 r-.Le
    JAEN. : I. I I *. ,: .*

    I K....XZ ,. ...*IW.4F flPW.- .5I. -...I, &.~~o p f ~ a %r*0
    ...t I :~~--"-- .t"4 =-iif wb!. .14B.V, %4L

    ,'',,,. .- ;k .i~ colfapse ", neu ae tta t of Ti an full .~n l f.r. i .,,
    +:':-.0l+.7;1n 4.t Ii-)--r:n. ln#U+.01u,_ h rem oou.ty TOntanae has lTxive't t i. opzt iti,,dy ye

    ^-",-'iittt to orV' tiOS noth ugiot- wit. et o .: -
    a;:woui, .ertaJ f -. flEj

    ,,. ,h ,.trn ,tlr ld tl,+,. t'uwu plaBtl- !n Paiatka. n nrFI Vi r/ fA
    .?",".--". a'4o to .disel! -FotIRE, AOOt, d. 3.kNT! flU GLA ANDn.1 NDKnf lY n INSEAJ
    ':.Imxo ri via SliLQ.lmtv"I r.eli t1, senting a nrnaber of prmnn En~ lieb eow

    +;+ t a~i.4z tt, t u ih l w r u .- .- .,- -.~*. -. .. _________

    I f.+ : .* ., I .I ."I. _'I. -- '. : __ I _-. _l _I -
    h. .1 .L
    j Its

    AV OrA7 1bO

    V VYon4.3I

    1 1J.YCrit,5j .9*
    Ali lo.r L
    codN ty O ma aerh i I e
    I~~~~~~~~~tu~~~~~~1 Z'bo it'sng@1rt'D linln ieW nsiquri
    q* ~~ott~cor~irsiweS It1#oUI bf~UQ AuFir


    ''A; Fa n dL
    o w 'T ro ot toA tS A T he I t eAh QVbItb_ __ __ __ _

    d1' ':' *"7
    .^ I

    .* I

    ....-- ^ .
    I ., I:..
    t *
    Ec. '

    A *
    *1 f

    . I.-
    p s.

    Er* ,

    ris, e 'JI P '

    ^tx this S.. 4'' .' .^ I
    ptVime *I ,
    antdltb 1

    Qid.. 4. '
    ,- S

    -I. 1 *

    .* *

    re. pro
    A, t

    9-. ---
    .OE Rere
    1 auie..

    ^. ~I

    .1., II

    (i *.

    re promIpt
    red. .

    fr'I~~r ,^A *' **^ -~ r -,' ,,'p5 '1"^' "-^tA ^ i "t' ..^ ,,. ', 't
    .4 :1 "i j i .C I* r J U-

    S*1Tf *S ^ *.^ I#. 1;**;* I j) ^$. v7'' y. :. I .

    I :: F .. .,/* .* ,2' o k. ..- ..
    d"o, :' "-. _- ..
    .. .. ," .* : ''- **, '
    Y ;. ', ". '" 1, I i 1r. .. .
    N" -. 4' .
    SI 1 J.

    S '. '. I '
    *" I- "", ;":"". "
    .- .' '. ,* '. '. ".

    ph ^ : '- I / ..* ^'
    .. .- '. "L "
    ., ", ,. o .
    S'" | '. i .' i\
    ; .; L 1 F I
    "I .' */ r"' ". *" : '
    1 f. .' : .,. '
    i T .

    I r n | 1*
    -. I. n

    r 'I .
    ., .. .

    .. .

    *. ,* x :*
    I ,
    '' S i 1

    S ... ." .

    -I -" .1 "
    * I "* I = ^id


    'J b& kedCl d b

    t dollars of Flc
    It cures In

    Iat i a plea

    tite ahd street

    =If your Pr

    it, wrjte to tL

    or No Pay.


    -^ i
    ,Note. -TrT
    and Wineis

    the Florida
    and Grape V
    pure and a ti

    *'m~ N4

    I -


    M. -


    .' W. S MUSTIU4 Editor.

    Rt -ev. A. A. -W. who has been
    citing friend. in this city, laha re-
    p:* turnd lohi h#oia in Leestkiug.
    Ret, J. A4. Brown of the Ah M. Zv
    L hurnh, who hbasteensmItsting io n ar0-
    *lirftlBmeeting at 3Ioanopy.t reuraed
    ^^ ted y' S ;*
    U William Mack of Jonesvilee vicinity
    t was'a ''visitor to the city yesterday.
    q Xm;tMamie Moulroj of Taniwa in,
    ; the city visitinghet unule, Silie Olark,
    Paptore of the different churohes are
    taked to hand in their annouaeements
    for 'Sunday-s serviess not later than
    2:80 p. m. today..
    4G. Pinkuey of West Palm Beach is
    iIn the city.
    Miss Mamie Gass, after a pleasanit
    visiUJa South Florida, has returned,
    Jack Elliott is doing sofre artistic
    painting on a stote in the Broore
    There are quite a number of our peo-
    pie that are having'their homes im-
    proved, This shows pride,
    S. D. Davis, after speeding several
    V months in Fernardina. returned Thurna
    S- p
    M Mre. Rose Clifton of Buokner was
    visiting in the Qily yesterday.
    Rev. 0. A. Ousely of Dutton was vies
    iting his family in the city yeSter-
    I You will greatly -assiut us by sending
    your news to Drx Molver'si drug store,
    The second game of- baseball w|
    played Thursday by thm Little Star f
    Ocala and the Young Leagoe ot this
    cjty. Thingeilooked bad for our boys
    'r'p to the flffch inning. when White got
    'at his old tricks1 throwing men out at
    -the bat'. WVhen the game ended it was
    7 to 2 in favor of the Young Leagues.
    We are sorry to inform. our read era

    that Miss Lena Sims is stillon the siick
    , P. Armstrong of Roclkj Point was in
    to*n yesterday.
    There was a birthday, party given
    Thursday evening at the residence cl
    Pr.* and -Mril. 13. Ayerinlhonor ol
    Mrs.Ayer. There was quite a crowd

    of invited guests present, who enjoy-
    ed a pleasant evening.' Tme last leaw
    taure of the oceasfdon was refreshment9s,
    which were served like all other Four
    Hundred occasions., After a good re-
    past they left at a late hour, speaking
    of the good time they had enjoyed.

    , ., a41% f r a

    Sj'. .b(' ltD- 'L)i '- ~egrrA1l : 'QT~f A ATW^
    ..^ ." 1 1 4'* t jr* -- L I ^ -4 i^t2 j i
    ,- y ,---i i ,,J d I' ** L i jt- 2* *_ q5 ** J- 14 &I Ia 41 ** i: i L r -* -^
    I^I: r J S **. -\ *_ I df 4 'S fl tk Yrft a' h j ** A j .** __-*:: r ^ *
    eq N
    -..,TlE _U :tw u -SIT F O f
    C Th
    j -u
    _____ S %W .-*T7 Ed

    - Cr 1 _______
    S T ~ -

    -~~ ~ .. -; ** .? -- <. L
    *n.e 3'&tatM*r rnhnaun W S< lMt *4 SaA lost Cntq.
    edy aBnbrnan accidentally
    nhebe4 somoe .nnrean object with hti
    Uttle finger. TheZ Brtunia thiouqbt tkht
    low, h18 little fipfgrr having become 'n-
    4-IA, lny imbiAtance wbieb It would
    touch would bQ also rendered uflcenD
    8:?ulzl :uttky hil a-t unclean mae.
    See4i0g no Qoter \Any to get oit of tt*
    uscrapt'..t1 rso vo~i to got the ofteadij
    memCb&r m;u; i p tUt14 V Portb vgbh tie wept
    to ite i.'i1p t;r and e.4u1lned tb him
    thatt jj4ls t tl tiiritr %vaas cut off he
    (tb b. Trinltin ti-iiable tn taketo fod.
    Tif t- t a to (1$VtIhOthe
    devotee a iid t1nh1 It-kd lt illt itpplicatlon
    o( 6(3kW Vri$^ uf w:eor fnmii the 'ame.
    crcd rlx'vori t-i; t w ld intkt tibo fine
    gtvt miv-l Lvt^i*ly, buwt the-a Brahman
    peri(% :t i 1. j i..t ,.,t 1 ::.'at *t13 lIxger was
    of t) U4 t' i h.:a uny Ivlg('1'r mid tbat
    he wNvlE)(l tF'L% JILS t It H as stovered.
    .%SU W IA Y,1"%:-L4 Z
    41\ t L U)lAS 1" l 0'.11110 ij4 rp'iator f-
    soI~.('l tol piny 1'~i s :I\v/Z \2 r j'iy (^. otem r a

    S 'I

    I II *'

    11 lIN JO* r P..N. P N

    D R. GOJDO EL'"IR014A
    V -DRtTTSW.T
    i (Suoesmr whsuttV1er it Akernta]ug
    owir mhtwtoQ af on ).fia. GaluwvfU^
    Speoyear attewUo'n MCrown and Bridge2 work,
    _. -_ 5 ^ _*_ _
    IiIt GOUDON Re ?SlO>t
    .. '. w '' .
    Gradusti B~tmA ~l~ Dentitt SurarrrT
    FiM baft'r .XP*4taCC in Now YonR cay.
    Crbwn. Brtdiwp wort endi Futng SpeeW~lien
    Aid. WOaNL0UuAIANTIwwa
    .przcm IN RNiDiufl K Rita. (;AI~~lf.FKm.'LA










    I rot

    -ewfl -p





    *nd the EAST.
    The NORTH and WE;

    Wewot Dedlan
    Ptallmna %tti"

    soUTnMreKn RAXLWDA
    104 W. B]
    WI AC. tr-VM. P. T. M., Weiahgn(omg ,
    Was.,H. Tav

    C *~ C~- ~C~C~Ct C ~ .r



    A t Pe

    FORf ALI


    Du it



    C j

    trick. li weold0
    Clitger (n Vti iii
    sky w~lniie1 klz
    The 1rriltnt'ii
    took u.p ) t lNtI
    a sininrt blow x
    ~iHcittol (Tvy
    tionti whn ait o
    mouth to tallny







    at l i o-^i t
    k- ilk ;in'tf r

    4. L\
    3 1 4 SLtt t NL q "IC. h q
    t I/^ -L I lb IL ^ "

    ter, InaUIIl1ugf Cxphd ^'L I
    mian thatt the blow f !]I4I jti 1 :diit Uae
    little finger w\ s still '-, .IJ vI o:;(u.~tt
    of ill thhe itaailanui id dliJI'ti 10n^1'tr
    by i)lIttihl" the in2wrW m tii lii kh1tlit
    1he obldifjugi ope~ra tx oi ru'~io(v er, fl't
    . to t'rfrin lbo I oprnitlon 0 iblf itrt'.
    but tht1 l1rnisnjn had had iunougi pilaln
    (or the nonet and l(l dethiii with tbatiks.
    -()OltIeT PenIiPny.

    t~ win- -

    Mcpe MinmtnchcX History,
    What is the liVNtory ofr tbo nxi tactu?
    In Grtoco and Romne no mustacbes
    werev worn without beards, but Ii the
    Cmoquering days of the Romait mplrs
    sevenil half rcvilItAd races whob hd
    eottI partially *uinir thte Inflimnc' Of
    tleio Itoznnni akn(1 who wlsied to be rid
    of thIo nine of rIfirthrrl, or wenirerl of
    bhnrils. Ittctnirtcd to mutte In t twitatjou
    of their vnqwrorm: but, am they bil
    very lpiperfeet milpicbIJeinthmfor the pur-
    po4t. antI as tile ipper lip Is notoripusly
    ti hartloet part or tlt face twplhxate la
    ttw cense of tiny one poorly skilled In the
    .nrt, they were unable to mrtke a clean
    jot of it IIn lVft a qiuantity of bair on
    thM upper lp,
    This inrk ;wan cboracterfatle pf BoV
    enil nations on the conftrWi of' Roman
    clvfllzntlon, of the Gaulm In parUenlvr,
    of the Dcl'enm und some others. Tbe
    [a1t11 langnage bas no word for m4s-
    tncbI. This barbarous accident wqis

    ffrr LOWs.
    <'* \C

    Ji flfflP$RYC

    autlAdthe New.

    We buy or fWU 1Frcitarcr, or can oonlrunt
    with you on the wsmikslsi basts. Pstronmto






    & HAYLOI

    i:RNEYs- k wII A%.



    . --C-". C 1 0 -4-- %M%

    A-1 Vi Ii. t It-e
    UARI)E'N; 4;
    The bebt Liquorsn iii th city. Entera
    taininent oveiry night at Root Oardor


    'S.. .r

    F E BA,

    Ihole(saleI uii' Retail



    Four tfuI1(atI, < -t-t cId Mtnoi0r)itn IV hiIt's-
    key!iwItrI if for
    Four full i|unrt oit MIkry!nIt2 Hyt'
    Whts4ey. excprevs tIn.Mia.. .. -
    Four botteN di%& Iifl 'I'rnnuttice
    Sour Mitdi- txif r t'4 I'1i~Pb l *
    6jAI Pf'0) '? PRICE LISr.

    109W. 'uy "t


    aIekoti~'itl). Fin.

    U U I II I I *u-ttu*i~ ~ e -

    .- -' -I .

    - -C--- eta ~ e
    C. ~ ~ ~ ~ t~*~-C~CC

    .. .i C

    tro 11Wf di tifir itutnziAtiI4iiI
    diowrwtldi". Inl fi't mn* iq^ .>
    irltfOinis ui trIliC,1( *^
    wi it tid .m i i itto lvt i b u sIIbt b-i--s.
    gont air po(uHtiect,
    foMd byt rumgteI 4
    Or *111i In ItS1itWrampro
    fly .xprus4C', flhrep411 folr
    LIN),4'-r 3Ict ftir r LEA
    ('irtnolnr stiit (lii

    lDu giont
    ^ It -I "i tif


    Rapid Tritrisit

    Thiivs alI

    .DijparL Fot




    S. ~ ~ J5 CI -4 I Jrp~~ii j~4#~ T S.teJa
    LliI 7r~ p J

    BA, 6
    qc .. Oh m*. .

    ~%*C ~.
    ~ ~ ~ C *.
    L'* ~ j ~
    ~ .5

    4.. ;. C

    *, I: 'C


    '" \

    I S. C



    . .1 .-- -.-,* .. I I -1 400

    1\ I I.q. 1 4 E I IA .




    P,, I T... m. .. ., ,

    ry ` J. .~._ _*1_ : '' l
    ,"'. ..- ..
    p4 j. :LN
    V. Lh Ie it P

    ,:,, .,. ,. .:. ,. oI,9o: l?,: : i, ., ,.;-1
    ^^."**'5;* .' ..^_ ,.:*- .i*;., ", ', ^ ^li ,,, .: .-i ': :: : ,...,',-%,.r v'- ":' : t'"" b i"" ![ m '*...i*..*..'.. .h te ...,. r.'"ti. ;
    H*i,'iieta :,..n- I ,.. : '< >- .,... -.-. ,,^^-^ .tl-(.:v ,: "/*. ^ : "' .;k "' ''." *.J h in r' "
    I P r e... ..
    ,- h .t q L spi, t1-j6;fp., L < .... r r 4 L,
    r r. I1 rt r,'I ml S. -

    .. eO. .I.-L.i.:.,::. ., : "f 'F ". ;" .-.

    .>^ .\! '. ,-. ... ls .' "'^-^ ; .'- "'_^ .. ".. ...1, ', -*,; ....**^. ** .' ** / ." .. .. l r ti i i ^ ,v r i ft .,
    I. ___ A
    F ,' 7.. .?-?
    -<.0^ .?f i^.

    r RSOlN k ,. ,, .. A O so
    r .r
    I L~4f A 1 1r
    h,.J,,r J)' h A~tr e *.,_ *"

    Ite .^ ..., .<- .:,... *. M .^.aph,1fctic.Main o.)* .ieke go ,
    Ii^ pe^^ra er meP atJ; the

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    .rer.ip i.t" oF In a y 1 1 ng

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    Ct$Refl^^ ToW In"- 1rn"MW QJtre;. t. Ale Moy er, J : jvemp., 0avseo limov

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    .4* j -V-

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    II., A.. H P.
    I 1 144r^^ re %vlen S tot reltitps 8sno orrlvl at bhe I.

    I" ,,,* .., ,_, ...., ,,,., .. ., .od y .,E ,.e r .

    $sfi" i; rer4 r "c "'n "" ->....- 'L m e .port.nt" Osi s "" "' the 1cuiMg
    II' r in rr
    IV r I L
    1 .9 Pr *p it e

    ,i, a!', ~ p I ;tt.hii J, 41 g,,issry = t.-" q
    S.',.. <, ,..n ni., ,... i i .... .. ... T .. _.- I. e I. e ae

    .,H^ .1'*- ., i, *- ,LJ' f~ ,U' j''.,,.IK .,,.'...,, :I(U & .."-.v^ "J<-'" ,: .' ,' a -^ .. ,_ ,,_ k ^ *'i ~ r jki
    Cbfl,. n:,# S..t ", I t. spTe.n er A y s ItIe r h n i veisf r y est erv ac : J ,
    ~ ~~~~~~T P! 011 'uL:~ o~~d$* e e

    '"I PS B O s p & 1Tik),.
    A k~s Ir* h~

    r ,I 41 t. .7

    ,.-" I 'Wi "1 1" I. '' "," i.,* r i.i inf= F r l o. 1. r un.d e ll g Li i ed suppl w ie.0 i.s W
    L L 7~ L
    'tk 1 *~ I a d ;u rant ed. O' oan l t

    4'o F.I% I,
    fi. Ilk G &~1 tf r 1

    184 -'d ,; "." :1,", tju ke of, Pa'." 3 ee e ~ d r n L
    jtr) idt

    :." .i*c4ilir,: !I 41 ":*her Weran hauc .. After plw e fi~ i f, l visitr to~ htr siser, to Sa kn il 1-.d
    4~LIP I II r~ r 4J, ~hd.,d'
    VI Id i t hi o33y Miss Wit 2 s.os kt g c =
    44 Th RI. r

    .'.. N' a ,

    I- ,,, q ,I,.V 1,, .fl 0 t,,or y ur coe e r iu n d4 y st rd y t.e khonvflle0 Sothis sessa
    ? 'ht I ': i' ...I"t ll |IL :a 'l' I' t l d edr ea Cer I o I -:t th last-- -- che.
    O.tte.A A so,,.
    I~j /b4 F. Pe #r. Po n tra ke f-akrbe s ueen o r sr e s

    I AY .rl~lt,::. : t<.. O r srad .r,, .,. oi In thisel dl l g W.eom!nd. whieran h i ea- hav beeunpre id lug ate I
    It II is LImied jiupplWtrmyip n~af

    jp .<~ ..:t ,ic ,:4",' i t p R ev."VE iarro.'.t he'S e c o nd'A d-, h o u ml. a d S u* U
    :~# 4 Pt, in Jtvx 3 d Sua ai ti l d he ex OO oo tlh ed a c b

    Mi.l :, rominent .v.lsitp~ra t6t CO,,IPflta thenext few das,.. I 0 E; fleLand, ;whc
    *1 ~ "" 1 ; 1O"" Gainesville rrom Kirkw
    .-.,&*I)j.JI.I j> t~q sterday, was t:-tarrisn of' E ]on. Henry B,( u b eev r of -
    ,:,,+;.;.. e-Otty, counsel fat..the B!, A. L,-. e, United Staties land 4~ffk0e4Opart!- Hon, F.DP. P eer., post
    .... 1 ., '
    r: LOro eftr h tei fission o this district, warn amc

    tj#J1 :'"!t id.mules to arrive soon,.. W ~.;I, .tr _itv Ooa. a. r.epet to. retur nentar.riv l attber Br
    !,_i-'... otna/sh ow absent hi l~en&Qaky arnd S .,., C. ,.. -, the mattr of securing
    4.,;. t emxl essoe J~pying! lo nook,. dllwtf W.. ._ ... UT omt is nbwabs n in Ken- ,.-Il~ r ,-e vc nO
    7;.,,,.- : ,,- tucks...l !;i d T'ennessee bulyisgl at seleot JI VO y. ser ici.G
    SFor a blioui Mt~efork Uhaob r ao ot hrses and mu e aet w r e a th u l n c

    ... ..".,.For. a blo stta ,tte, iUh'mber-. ot hone8 and males. pate of ar-- worked fathfully in ad
    i" lain"s $tomihb and Liver Tablet. and rivaJsqoi Lo be announced, .Watch Postmaser Arno* and a is. aertaiu. For? Rle l for it. 'dawtf i^. o
    .% aoo niotm nt He Is
    r .; I a rltlflgglLU Rhd ANldiclne ,oomp-- ielnj0 1 d -, I oinpui H
    ,.,.... ..." .. ,. ,- .. -. Mi Nanne Mcntth of Hawth, orn gentleman, weII verse
    mmrV W oson. epa itrlved in the city yeSte y Shei matters, Ad it is aple
    |B:" ray fo r 1l' thom Trend .' 0f th efficient asslstants in" the him. :

    S, H xpet remove-hli failyto Qalnesville Graded and High nShool, "-------
    I I tlS oity about Odtober 1, when they where she ha made herselfqnite pop.
    h: will be gladly wojonmed. her
    .. t tir wItIher pupIIs..,I
    I" ..t5J round trip to Jacksovillea Take' ad vantage of the last cheap exe i
    '.... AtI"tiC .Co.t E,. M'Ondyt, Septen. ourplon thi season L -O Jacksonvill le .
    SI..,beri.Lst ..T et pil-to return three Th Atlant c Ooas Line will sell round l
    ,, .: days,-' a il tip o tvaly. the la, eheap .,
    da.. ., Th-. i poitivel.. the a Gh P t tiloketm to Yaeksonvilleo onMonday,.
    oil.'A ~ ez ur IQl l U.o.nv this e a
    -1Z... ... ,0t nbevfla... .epbO tst, fot $1b50. Tickets im ..
    f : : r O"' 6,t I' ,' ited return three days- .. 5
    I' HominPieon for Sal ,.
    4 I I *
    Jo e y oty 1i Ba rd,. Hamburg, .. ,
    i:: ;.::.iO ;who s| in ter~sii~d4 I In Le y- coounty from lo11 t)I :u ,B id t~b r, :.' : "
    :- *eal a0A-te -xid lubibet -nanuaturlbg, P d ll i'dre't descendavp of the dt m i
    I "I e e I i I --"-" --'' -- --elebrated Rexand awden Girl, who I
    .-..rrive In h it? yestrd .aud hanve regbrd of 1,700 miles. 1 per .
    o.. egfteredat th -rown- .ou11 e Pair Address. Elmer McOrearyn f osI


    I ~ V r '"J / .j fr ^ t ^ Ii\*T *\ I | .* ^ *" .' J '* //
    P .* ,
    .. r -. ... .-.

    ? .y ~' ,^IW, *, ,! '*{ ,,,'*?*" *' .7 *' ,- ) -." "" it' -i' f 1 : :<"

    -, *... "r:" ",: o ifdf!O
    gwilt pSfle44# $'# i ^.klw 14!'in' of'~tj /1
    ..I,*^ ; ,,:,:. ..,,. _<_ .:,:, .... ..^.
    |1(U 4Oo~e yee-tie'jiowi^V uw it nne'4bs If
    b-. 9l i, : :.. ,:: i lblif.!: *.a : .!. ':: !. ;-::. : ;* ,:,;

    .*.,.. .*. '. *.:. *;,':: ;,, u b :iir a ft t ,.v S ... ., .li
    r .:,, H o e. ei <- h

    t~ o l ** *ien '*.*. 'L rh|!. .i' ^'^.,e *iL it! H e .eam r
    ,,. ,F .,i O,,t,., :_ ; .

    50,.:1: .s :'./ i totf' hep gasd. c .s1 .t'b, -.. .
    L O L t

    Sto thi eii eitl # i ".,Io ;to tIoit p Ir

    -_ i e bero, thipBIrd o..'Pll
    b' Preiaflve WAflVen rnol d aie o t

    laofdj .c pi-k Lhet the oard.y ;. ,
    r dI h S %h u

    *. "' P* '1
    uato thebub0k7 t p16 ron trp *1afmth Sn binB oiieie
    a~,p eptmber hoo bard.
    ur hoi4t; days.i.flGiteqody2Secm
    t..' ,..t eOrner We4t Main ad E

    attFntieee. who|Streetshas leaped more comic
    50 ". ]' ,..'8-SoUth Ok Aind prom/htenrY quarters hi t-
    r eri RW*tWiitr N,-,pand. tl ioveuito: tm
    0. 1 R th spqoip

    m remove to "rdremodeted i when: COt
    "-_o i- 4wJl be on'. of the most at
    r 'tore o knd n ho Sie.L

    Boufle, in,.Pecs 0 I 6 'i",- Go
    mg the pr6mH-a U Ho Siopped $hn LtEk.

    0wn Htouae yei- z A oou.ty dtAge fl a t#rn
    very actv iten duties an4olved aupon i tmit
    u tyree lmil d- most p. a ant os theboare dutie
    kvlle, and peroring of a .marriage Qenof Lexire
    thes Phosphate song the West".-Enderewho'
    nong .-the'. bu as- this &olty yest4drda*yG. Mr.M-oQu
    ynete rd fahLeMI trustee f0h Lxin'gton echo
    1*60,POOnd It~rp gai -n, o6 usiness connected u
    ayBep~mbor school board *1
    75*to m qOoVerni, th =aI lor, whole I
    I ''flpjg aftroom hi the Por~rset
    Peul Seil 0m10'iL West 'Main -And East1
    mFointls'ee,=.-Who !re,,asedI
    KO$ South Oak adp~la
    to the1 Ta box i"'k~tiLdiug, 106 We'st Main
    iveult I tret.N,., and-wUI i movetint&. them -
    thcn ha-lIes is-15the purpcpee d&C-M r.MoGo

    *0HestoesofitkndIn h tae
    ~ng4 thALm-I tpe 1u.WR- L_ k.

    junction with poi6ibly becau-e- i'se atl iroflt.
    Other. for its Hi Houor Judge Mason was
    avery, amiable quietly in his offlee Friday r
    I in all public ppuffing away an a cheroot,
    waure to talk to feeling a little blue over the po
    d diion of business, when a .l
    red-gummed colored man; lei
    Si"chwooiate-colored damsel rather
    S. in years, entered the office.
    15 die dc place where. peol
    marrieded" (ventured the i
    - .!; I darkey, as he faced the $qdgeb
    S" DiM ani jtD replied thetfio
    IIpg someWhat encouragedd w
    prospeet,,oE a".jobL," *
    4'.-Weul, Jedge."' continued t
    .. .peo'tve ebqny-hued groom,
    m., "Lin Leak, al
    r', furn WSnee to git hitched up

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