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Fruit and lr-k Grower
One ea. g.o- .....

*I'n ea .ples,,.............. 100

A sadsomely Ilustrated magazine
devoted aspeoiily' to the Intore.tu of
thS)e rtt aid v-etable growe, of-

*ictot!"-rtlub'w ?( b. b- oit receipt L'Oi 25

,l M M p d.. week1. Rate

bathe tree. cold

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o. teto wIe
8ttb Chapmter, jUJ k
ot )Ers. J. V Meotwau
4ftletrooa at4 obolook.
** .Ts toesire.l.
1 a0 1 a
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..i. 923p 45
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H si 6Ieepers betw
^UiThtfton Yel

IZaress cars
eai sleepers
da, Wannee i
.kon vill1e.

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lntermedte ~~i
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E. 0,.0COB, Ti

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ScliTonville, Fla.

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a Lines
iW and


!pp: ,- ~S^: 3 : : :t: ::
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aorday at
iridays At
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,I!~ii~-------. ;~--~~--I- ~J



"''",.;.* .-


t on i a V

E e :.ere brought'
ken to. St. Vtia-
ppy re both bdly
Ity l. It ls not known-
they ca recovr.
I' Occurred *hile Drs
.en m0u who was ktlledE
S.hndfUl .of' powder to
,not 'is wogd bWrn
o:one of te mines
Sseirl kets of dsamtp pow-
V4 purted. it: ovpr his
et would not burn, s-J
A thi ,haWfiul ftoim nother-
1a vad t4' be dry, and ,a
tt OW^041, 1whre i mera
Stt* was a tterr'ble, explo-
o m.en w; ta d ing: around
uAndLnot one of thnam -es-
ia a 0cr gii died in a few
be 'others a re painfully I-

i t NE XHI '.*
I~. toek Pre .ers ,re
S k r W d's.. Fair.

rr qts leAKentucky le
atibi ?orl t' fair ,as

U tromn -f tter, to : ,t

awk Vtoek wmt to
S~ak owi~0rs 'hi.h.lod'0"
state ill. have st me
fat t. lh4 ii next "yU"*

9ftolloo.r Physician'seoe

l 19foea1y 2 oorai a and phe
ltha' 15 B more will be needle
e exltibit of Ketuokny t ior.
room at 8t. Loeul Ia fpe4s
lob, I ttntion of the' Keteuopt
20ittlek# stock sent to the
(. 14adtt^too the awards
b, t N't. 4 air author
tibtt ageoctationl wil1 offer

4Wa fatr haa recTested Mr.
^l tg.t judges for the dif'
ptantmUts of tbe live tock

Igi pO goiH Afier Physician's
|whe four years old was
th collo pnd erampe in his
E sent for the dootor and he
norptine, but the child kept,
of Oiwtrlaop $.medv, and





In thi.
W'~e p.ad ID she
4'~se~w".. *'rwee~&

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M ~es", isa;
e F 9.,th

Rlot 11ing Sill ,Kenhady Riteas' h^*ti

;Th;i(iTuns*MIo, tio ;* : te~ 15tihen

the r let elder for the 3ackonl
^teau,; had been rilea ed and 1ird *e
oeptibd a poitelowiwitI B tirnrttiyin wa
reeftVed heroe With regret 'yestiRday.
n .e d. I l' been negotiating!wit
the management of the Bi'rmxighata
teami and, flnalfly, aep ted: anofi-

AKennedy is a tood ball layer. He
hai: plaed profrts;o,6l b .,l h Ithe
'BuWlth Yf.r 'some t iwi am4A 'h a
some. of' thq r eolege"s, hbtenelasd
among the best. It was Mr. reKnedy
who selected the winning teamI of the
Sand Leagre. He managed te team
-when It w~A first organised, aindgot
golhiri mnos :of. the girelitstoing ag
gregition. "' He is a good f'tellw, a
hil work at the bat has always been of
the clever kind.
Holland, who has been fielding with
the Columbia team, will be engaged to
succeed Kennedy. "
A Worm Kit er.
J. A.J. Montgoeiry, Puxieo, Wayse
Co., Mo., writes: 'I have Ittli twin
girl, who have been bothered with
wormsall their lives< I. Itred. e er-
thing to relieve then whieh failed
until t used White's Cfrem .VeVnai
floge; the frst two doses brought foWo
Worm from one of thom, nthext nistwo
doses, twelve, one ofthem n meaurlng.
ere inhti heot child was
only .rliev04 of four worms. It i s
mt.. e~elUa.nt medieisi.. White's
It.t nQonl detroy worms, it heps the
ehldM toprft, growth, wards off l.ok-
m a at Jnso Bros.

WlAuo u, ^og. 16.-J. King of Tamn-
pb eilpendibg a few days at home this
Em ibthel Holloway of Oainesvile
QUOi('ngila. Williq Dann.
well ep rep ented in thi,
iaiby XI. J.JBRkhIit
l l3oogamery, A. Wilkinoon, .
ull S olly:, a eharming young
e.vil-,I-e, was visiting b.ere
jTesdao o&tor Aseadi ab
'a moe hi. family in a few
-ra,-i^ f''-*. .^ '-' :

. -ap-- M

1 a
nakle I


Ads on t-6 *

*aer *nd every form of
: .atl ai .h ,i il (, , .
mnitlitg Peveri, nd, by !g~ng bI the pet of-th,
uble, works ptrmaneit'hr. .:
Po m Ca6 tot~a.

by J.ohnSo i... e e

\ .E. YOyLZ, MG
Abtrt fT' and falU aunnftato firnShed wreIrdil land in hs
ur man big V4 in t hlf, gO n4ty ljil. and,
li tho th i1 onversa with 1 ttlei t .

*wtin iiifctbI-r winAmfrloa ndI ihoshap. EFW
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caJQH& auTonor&, ?*ropr.,
^"*'**"^ OHMi

*ruaw wues, Uqi~iuirs leer.>
Bott1. seer as^tye^4 Man oeas wl lae p apt
atteW : .hi( o
Wrt~or p~s~bz41
.*~~~~~~~~~~ v.^,^j^ i|aK,|30w.<

sofidVa ,wa Vp
leave for ISI~
e. Mr. Pope
upsile beaiD*MI*
so es. bs ise
La Gariasswto U
b i -. ^.7
ar ft plaaa
BHaNa t hrtMI .*
t1"'"- '. f

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111^^-itRlf^ J|~

-i"I'll- -01


Ise cosmetics.
:p0,Sons in the

zor Of yc'.s
'i;LbP. Itftrf
0' 1 started
Anir three
d have
a. cionally,
0 teo'ble along
health has
'. :.tW onIamnend
ino and

r0'suffered a
i A'cQunt of bad
.l"lea broke
S t getting
T r avOr a year.
ied in the pa-
ia so it had
,'* tbhi.s city,
J fair triaL.
sr ome
S a I was
,V3 0. LONG,
aucauh, RKy.
iB the: digestion
a blood purifier'
L.mors and poi-
tie blood made
'.amte time the
:,rapidly built
ia1blished, and
t '.of a smooth,
SSkin and It1
ir case.

W*4a n00g,;ti4tboh

iscape Psroa Death.*
SAugust 18A Wr4
iparrylaa yvoltage' t s
*ae~ 4let4 to 'thq ase*
4 I:dwar4 eYpwoc4s
the Bioaway-cBr lyt
in hi trako or 04
he Io still alive. Pl,
'sons saw f Yoeat'per
Yockero waV stas4tqi
al*te wire *when 6 t 3nap
4 abottt his 'body. Whs;
uteq.;n ,ablanc6liewba^r
i& hitm an4 eAsd. YOchC
l), recovwr
mnr and Dru:E00ts.
geon, a'p promntheb u3
%ill Station akcy., wri-tes
qu to b to

h.V a .r, i i. '

: from azke osy .Mrosa idit*

Il does not ring sort, a
,4000 and he want 10,k.,
)tO.QO a4tihe wants 91y0t,00,

" he wa it~to be: Vgoernor,.
e00,00~)and he wanilts,0 ,to-
r, wakeh1, asnatd r law hea
,0. give rm $1b00O0d^0O

be t*a!*re pti atke whim
and he wataO tU be res(-
abatful~l' ~ .

tfy lung to low- that the gov.
ha. at lt pqedtesd the deede
tk HUll propsrty that'the pd-
een filed h sh" o0f0e of the
the sotoit m ti. and that the
:eW Movwenit buidlnl 4,

obUti for Itfeuauip ltnothr
t 4treation (of progre, abld
i6 (alnwpeefle will hTae one

Oilf o tf eu e
*h wOd yt tfatithttlly for
'bWdii kI
II~lk^ iuk^llli~kf~l ''AW **tte

re a6e supports h,000(^i00 pen.
4nalattains costly government.
psys Stfe'I~ttspri:t on a national
ORl, as )w:ge as that of a she
states. .. 'he larea hlhth ican
Pm itdfro the ranfis
the Po. Th^ population of 'the
'erain Valley t about twenty p;o-
Sthe squnretn uil. 'In the Itaftiai
Sla 14t etout' SOQ p lople to the

ated St eh a sett emwta 4bt the
Q l~earth h -' ta otha

4.04 Wi0 a a i Sto.
b 4i th t ae l W,

t4 Oated ~ss*5 Otere t l~earn
iii t^$t E.lBs 0rKtre
e op) itsitW. @ure 11oS known to
^;,*! ; setat psprrlt beit
Iro oale disee tat oeqnoe htow
Aload teltap^ 145.;iM~i Ota~rt

11O panett tttagt- atl
sonatltution atod MU
log, t1 work0
om fititz hh(n'51.
thatWh7 t^*r;. Que l
.for istrl~fw,


A vokles bets
w.1ee A t t.6 tb
Sold 65illdkg to

Hall s a oily ha

P2 is mOnfoiotf

gr 4 anrionton. natc we nav c4uii-
e4Nh orlday mrhe mant tod
we y s alewn otherr order
It" atoin Hoerbo Ir,,s

Offer Very Low ItAt on- ollowln gbtes
olomatst' Tioke t.' OaUornti mx i ,.
I Ney N(w eixbo, Aribon. Coilo-
6do' Oretfon.W .iagtOx. Mootbpns.
S,0.. L l.:,W0 :noune

NO' J6tM Oa(HY.omi qri. rn untl)l J ane *th:'r
int Francisco, 4os Angelp and

aiu nA. a. nevfa tt- 0 . R. TI.l-T
to return until Qtoaber 15.
Denver, iR, and Return
On sale .une o30 Jat 9t h. Good tore-
turn untld Auntus lst.

. . . . . . . . . . . ....I... 4*. '.
......,. .,
-...woo 044.44
. . . . . . .. .. 4
. . . . . . . . . . . . ..*..4***.404
. . . . . . . . . . . . ...*.4.'..,I.
. . . . . . . . . . . .......,..-W...
.. . . . . . . . . . . ..*....49^...

0 .4' .4 0. 4 , 6 .

. . . . . . . . .. ....
54<*., ** .4*.. <
.4444 .::
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .4.
^**'****^*.-** j*


At > l*'* *14"' .
..... 6". 4
* .4,^ .,. .;;.,,1

S;.;.<'. .*,
St*. V.(

m^ ^--

'Y9 S...O
P 81 D. ilL8t.ERL 4. P. A., Ufl
Np.I Brown ., Atlut, a.

Jan.*** 'i


S.. ,

BA.****V l!**

j. I

3, 1903.



ftp C
WP x-4T
p mmi
I p 0-1


| .i i'
63 &31
to 91

444:.1 **Bllt i




lp of Count
B|4 @t cure Teacho6a
aolidate : *;.,
ofg t the Alasehua cottiy
i' ephl ooflcialat the air
O aD aineavile' orade4.
6iol Saturday was a grand
a rehat many present
|jn# of. the' county and
Sentbhuolastio for the.
Sotf th.aohools, for whio

( ean, "the principal
6 oton, favored the
a of th l;ool interests of
|ti~Lw, but competent
4, 0t6#% ,and :work oyv'
blibest advantage.
Jh. ntage. wi.,h
phool& by o-esoo Ia-
a fill ed wIh I (6
o. Ji3pressiion upopi Iyi
,iivers, representative, of
t ly t the )eglelature,.
takf i1e told his hearerm
l nA pa tlpe. oonducted a
i, andbe appreciated the
o saime, and : that he
* a ;t Idad ito bring the0
prTholre the puplls ould,
g liite advantage.
'(ottl7y 'th.e consolidal-
lI(ta sthfemployment of
prominent "speakers
#| pi'lauis, su perintaend
TFrid Seminary, who
en; talk on education..
W 04,rvisors abd other
amn the abject,:
eiR eteSing- was one'
lW ot-o wh0 are tachh-

i ien Arralgned on a
*sf Treapass'( aturdt*'
n arrraigned 8at-
)Tgetof trespa..*
SF"o IanR since the genial
bj0eitfoe hiIm that he
ie seii J'Ust the proce-
t e@^mioi "got himself to,.
r ,Mled with the case.
qa Wi~:d by one Sylvla
iibaf.V1at Dickinson

taut ay lTaigned and
r~ ,ett ..ced that defen
't tbidmedefe.d

^4WiM' i4Wltot' 1. apU

t wwtl



A- ~ A~A
me I&~I.d~

'A'. r^ _AtA1,,-'.''' :,s ^' '^ .';-^

t sumort. a -~ArVe'. srm n. O .1pte'
WOO BSandey aqhstoo4 p. m. ftok.
sera:ses at 'p
O'ttrEb of the etyte:. ithd ,t
ndeanu ray-.RoHoly .ommn aloui m 4
ai m.a Sunday eciotl at 8. a. -rNm a
anorItot.g pr|ayer d sermon a:t 1 )S
S*o1.e; maol.M s~ica-e 7s4t- 'pn W.
Mise Lynoh, Misa Oord and Mr-s. B.h
r wthly turnih p e.lal ialoti at' theI
evening serv~ae.
"ava h Methodist 'hu-rt-e .

SThe blood, eni les, bone and othe
partuS of tn .uoin body ate c p .i". e,
of marny correct to,la i analysts wo4f be
of the bltoo&t lO)$ and tT9 parts of
it.f"y 1,00( water. Of the other
,pars i e il'ibt odium, chlorda. e po-
tusa'ttua i tioan ate aeaglnsar. tcalit e
phoba.te.l ealcUr lctae, p.toasl.lua .
phos )hate. 4 uIm d arbobite and otl : lp
eonsItotents are toiypc4. Thi las ge0- ^
erllyv truem ith Viratl>in also, of
tissues and iwue. 'yhe funida mental
llaeiuncJ oft bone otpoAsed Mof A.0
gamic thatter, combined wfth 1arlou ;
plate largely jretontiat r. ,in addm
tion the boeuts ontaIn caleum a rboni
ater. calumn Ouoride. magnesintu phoi '
pliuteY 9oditu phosphate and soditgi
chloride. __, ___ O

)"Parion,' soel6 th closet bother, A'
"don't you thlnit dat did time ge
place what $atat itve at otter be cheek
"Well'. replied the parson, "'eordink'
ter 'all, human ,alkerltaflons hit orsetr
be, but yoe kin da~aepJ o one thing.
'Satan ain't gwtle ,)et 'vn tool im
In de real estate tbustuine .n gpbble ms 1
do outlyin' coal lan** I wani's dee o A
asiner l]e In do worlt-'*Atlanta Coni '
stita ion. _____________

A wate o.ae es..
** never could unod4ertand'" bega
the cheerful Idiot, wbo 0ad Ji.t been
listening to a dissertatlooonn potlokoui.
anakes. : ..
"iever could under t s .w:bt put
In the rubborneck.
never ould ful anditad wby
a rubber shoe wasn't en0titl4 to be
called a water moecada."--(Iltihmr .

Aire You ong
S North 0r stI


s O! excelled passenger service,

ootheinr ai. Northern citit. he-
bt..t nlng ea ervie in the 8outh,
A^g|nts sell- though t-ket. vta
t|t. < skedules and sleeping
ear neaervatians apply to.

-*.' Jeiisoa e Via.

,avflj aad

-. V...g

in esvifle, P :rida.;,

i .r,' L :: :

I f^ 'i t a,.- -**

N [c

-".:' , .> v : ; .'- ; "


Pub 4)pnfas wat& gQood eloLthee


0, f~,r
~MARCTj~ ~
Out flt~kIr to P*rticula~ ~f"'i. (lalneavIfle,


all v'u'a ~


.ii w O. rtr '- A
All who wish to 4me'
wello wilt to unhosItatiaglyto



i. By aIrous Iw.19l sells the fta i Bl-loth 4ithe
World," 8| 6y SO4ep ;.s. G BaA* Oo l'tt.Wbri;


jo :*'

" ""4 k 00 %


S-0s,14".0Swi a log
A7 0" W O kBa E. r flI
llIghBt F1ark1t re Tp:
A Om eseek o'i l>'

*,'ti Aae s bi : ir* iai ffc li:^
0-W AP* 7-7 777-lr~iCH.






i :^'^ '', ,' .7 "

li' ,. ; / ^ '!' ..- ,+ ,
^ ^^^ ;,:^, (..
i^ yl^^ ^ /9

e ppe-
J hlad|le:
||b. ur|i1


~riot 11

' .',. p : '',,

A Olpt o, cre A 1 oed. tb Se

'" i IO^,. 'og :, ~ ;l

TUVION .R or oatalogines address

ainegve Fla.


, .a-.

f^ 1* ***J

.. : ,
A >

1' ,

tat b'mn ors. Wawsautr* ao
-as. g.. ren t.o tex.w1Rei

.t^t ", *t .. r -

. .t

rhe tot#Uank 'libe* the I
aMitereiis besi p p~ or
n.era so rat 15 4 I
pb(S ctar. 'ar -s to l
Sls:;Tregarding (?it 448
Prea.Ctfldeit, Rdeei^^li4
||os; .In extra asioti
$Etested. ubain'^
O tl egsla^,,'^ wl, ^^:/ 45,: 1
Swr nwoct PairP ,< f t4e I
ty"ra' avoeitleft., seakta.
4kor 'to idge J uynch, *l
satertt ur aa ary

^atit i#t ; Grea Briagg "
illA)' oriticall *** I-'-*** *IL ^^ ''it

a^R & Gulf tllwitA iOU y

O*~ be

G aM.

L I ~R1~TZGI~8.

'q~. *i*
9* I ~
Im~ I


N wi... ...
* **** lt~t

i: ,l C raal
.-^^ ^,. : tr.;*;*. a^

* q '*...*:
9 ... *; 4* 949. l.
9*i*...:..;,9 ..i^ .
' .1 9 *( '. R.|lt **..
*t .'. ^.. ju,* .:'49 ,99 ^
^r''''* **'" f A^

^,*,-. .K .::




512 ~--


I 10






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rI U





I~1~ tQUIh4


S. . . .J..


- F

-: ; -~ i,

-- ..

--- --

. i 5 i I , .. 11 .. I I



: .}

-U L

i::: :



S,.:' RISE

tns irregular.
ns Advance la

p4ar to be In Oomn-

anoes8or to Flemin g
at in tootton, Ntooka and-
ipaliUp*hurch building,
-I'., who has privateZ
Oark, Ohicago and New
bi4s The Sup with the
Xtions for. yesterday .
k Potton Market.

-Highl.- LLow
128-0 12.80
S10.81 10.V7
10.02 900
9 i.80 9.78
-0,79 9.17
Slose steady.
adi i Markets.

*, -T


I 1.8.10



1i gh. Low. Clpse

2% 528% 8
828 52M 52
58 52% t

8- 84Y 841
18.1, 18.00 18.00
48.10 1800 18.00
8.00 7.96 7.05
-7.7 7.65 7 65
7j7 7.70 7.70
7I, 7.72 7.72

ir Yirk &itock Market.
Ag.gh. Low.
-18% 116%

47% 454

98 95
108M WI
1 45J
S 1285U 125

1 22 218
08% 82


82e 8S00 85
4% 95 4%

Sal.. 622.BO0.





lven Upto Die..
Spiege of Evanaville, Ind.,
S A" y flye years I was troubled
I iey and bladder affection
de .ie wieak laid thbif and I
u tip work. Th w, f our
Sruled to help pane and 'I was
*o de. I bought a W0s bottlipe

4tat," by J. W.


e Iekers' kste. s
aAir Liln railway have
the following MttraxttvT rates
. 4.ee Btd own, Zilewtostand

R .et&.ftl t kato .-domrd

ys, to be eold to ll petls

lated ithe phss P.00.
I.m :W..IeaM ,l* *v

seke'aS' eboesiQi $Si*l t

and B$ago work,
I I,

The Sotu
lowiI low
lines. ,

Lauena, S. '., I1I LUake oik~hyi |^^
0.. *14.80; LeantAr N. 0., *nS,^ w
oolton., N. ., 18; Vo.kout )tb l
Ten., X8.80; MaXrtin N
Montxagle, Teasn., *16.il; }Oeaa '
Vs., *15.80; 044 Poit 0oatorNPt

Sewanee. Tenn,H p4.95 t Sparataiang,
0. 9., *12.10;, yVirglnig Beaa' s ,
*1d0; Tryon. N,0. ^ 1M0, WalB1I,
85O ., I11 ; WarMt 8pritge, (sV*t0
Waterloo, .8. 0.,, (,l: bais L4b
Springs) $12; Wayeneville 0o ..,
*14.25; Whiteston, 8. C., (.WbhitStne
101thia Spring*) A12.10
All ticket round trip. 'Tiokes o
wed Wednesday, August 19, 1(0.
Xtynitc of tieketa rettirwinDg to and In.
oluding Septemuber 2,1B08, .
*tter Than old. "
"1 was troubled for several Ie*y*
with'chronlc indigestion and nefl f
debality, "writes P. J. Green, of Laa.~,
anf N. H. No remedy helpd m
until, began using Eleot0lo Bittes,.
whiCh did me mire good then all 'h
mleditines I, ever uaed, 'hey 'hi
also kept my wife in excellent healt
for years. She says Eleoric t Bi ife ir
ore just 'splendid ifor female t'i'otUIew4
tiat they are i gmaud tonuItd aa {n'
vigorator forweak-, tn 'down women.
No other mnedioalno4n take it0 pi4 6i4+
our family.". Try 'them. Only9Qe.
Satisfaetion guaranteed by all dug-
gis ts; r -_ 1 _
Po,,sI Wealtdiu Cvov.aua.
According to titme ollsh custom, the,
marriage ceremony- usually occa e on a
sunday. this being-.done to permit the
men to attend without loslnf any time
froin their employment, Whlle the bride
Is supposed to miaintaidn the greatest
sercIey concerning her Wedding utitil
she is actually elad in her weddittlg
garments of thin white and brldal
veil. Then uhe goes from housee 'to
house, regardless of the conditions of
the weather, and invites her friends to
her wedding. which of cotirse, liUpa*

Go o.' .w" VM 1',1- 1.i o"
., *A). o: 554cna5

J liionvll - Florida


,Tl' IhO ,'tatb'lIbi. n the city. Enter.
fi liotB.'e a,'i4t at -Roof Gorden
Th~tm., ::", : ^'./ : :i


The NORTH dpd WEST... m 'TS. i v !$~Ir.i Cortry i "

W* T I Om -P, T .w.a p T M A. T l. *, 0 M .
Wo. .N Uvum

Take Th eAtlantic Co asLin


Vp vit t V It .
or or the -WM0 0o. oashp

Ia Trpid Tnsit ns rpawsed wqe
"Time-Tal tnuebe] o t ?y /4 10 A

ing them a very pretty compt. ----- Depart For AI8V
Again, according to custom, and duri A r- A -- -
the court 'otthbe reception, a thiUn W .y S A .. '-I -l l-
bowl iS laced In t. l center of tlo Dly e A V
tni n .. upoowhich Athe fNatt ;I ipromd. -Who"i'-and,9Rl l .......
aid qtach manl whom tbo bride bonors 12holM soe 1:87pU_ 0U 1.. L...bir0 f4'TAmps and
vith a wanlt understands that eto t 1 0 D A R h W tojI POiti,
throw with all. hisr might t L ten Jcdso ma2i.. .pi
slvhr piceO fito tWis l4owl. tbe Idea 2 Ptlls< IM 1Wik U*
.being to break it, and the o n wboa,- Dai.ly NorthVsJ i East nd4 WOS
o. fortunate as to shatter the vessMl Isa 0 1o gui QuataliM4onoMrnaWhe- 4.10n : a u* sbh Iprifti. Wa0r eO. &vannR, )s W|.1
entitled to the farewell dance andi t e MI0. o. .... I ly Albny, Atiat, l PotI.se o
k4i fror the.bride. fr m ty a.riWhible the en-. 'Il...s ..Mar..- -4.20 .--. ---I. ..---.... ..... .. -- '--
toni Is curlous It Is none the le t prm-or h.e 4.,5 Miaowp and O
teatl, as It Is not a" lhInfrequent. hlMC f 4L ,., ...$4.25 8ndhi
thn Sour asmtu PrO
for the newly married couple to e y- RIE *, DA1
ceive three or miore undroe4 dollar e. -
at their Wedding feast. ,A. B 1. ...it +::I.;: 8
a.s 1 Jacbonvill, P Da1ly 01 Spri
-.A Dos sud a smu. -, - .:,'. ex,. : .
*:Dnrhtg Setelast birtbdaede. UIi IbAMA UAPIPE
abrMtlons of th-e poet Whittler bhe 1e, | 11m iltX e16s$ 1 ioaI 1
b a clebrtked oratorto. "- 11| RJUIIJ IIUUJL =oe "oWC0
The ladyr wan asked to slng. "tsAl4 It k i ab I
I.g herself t the piano, ahe beKBgan tl e n o M .1.IRS ..i.
boautfisl ballad, ". obin Adair/' Wh4 ..... *-0-. IW rile
.hd4 hardly begun lefor Mr. WWh. I. L R. !.PATIl W, :an er.
tier s pet dog came oit the itwarU x ad,
seating rinself by her wlde. wat&ebd T -RA O O Oouiio Wd P
Sas i fascinated. IUstening withaT )Ay A S0AlBi The fla .
dellght u6usotlai an aulinma. When fresh uild e etlt HMt tshfl t sh t. -be" a.
shle fslahed. he eme anl! put hi pew i ior a d a inst Wate th-W''
gry vtWy into her hand and lcted iSa to he b tf a short M liaeo fror
Pt' heek.."itobin takes thatt a.-a hotel. ft t.lbtstraln t<.ooifv* IT|
tbe tobl.l." enid f tdMr. WbitttrI40 iW i ovr Ot By ort S a ,prvt .
fH istl It obina Adait." 0The-O.. M* N E
beare be hs an A ve hem ,eifety eon- i .JM
i.m t ,at be wa t.. hwol. oftl. .m SV 11. .I.lV .. '*..'* I .,, T ,A1, f, ,
s *',V#0 it a.* was' bet v is *T^t**a d p o po1-l
t1$ was h tor* aud aceolpanid be- '.ti
I Wi e toh l "

31 t o,101Sateanda
and watech s"wne WU 1- .

.q ~TA-7u



^ .-^ i ; ', *.'

1: 25
^^i^ '^^ Ci^, h4

te l "hlOt nly r
tei d uantity.

~He is ~i~o of 'Pheles

pf.~ ~ Iphurs; of




jl ENTAL !
. 1, v

Pi M11r,4says
:4j.tthe wotk
lb:, He made

f t

i~ p. 'sn.



h&fter a brief 1at 9lk4^ vsitro to
Ol'. M. s. P~'e tn iit^y,
ifllam lbokett reku^ni4 ieher4* to
I home at St. AuAgutinAe. krs. Das
ttI s the wife Ao the pvive soe-
l r ot Senator Taltaferro, and is
oinent figure in social ireles in th
Ancient ?ty,
Mir. and ,Mrs, PF. A. Teague of Ooala
he egis*red (' the Briown Rouse
00 4; A / *were : n route hobmei
tlngtOn Bpring., where they
sy(. bee sojourabig for the past few
Teiaue'ts well pleiA;s with
the st"ngs: whiolt he declares to -bet
Sthe loestin Florida.
M 6r Iolle Alten, of South Fork,
saysheb haipretveted attacks of
c^01ieraorbus by taklnim Ohamber.
atan.tomach and Liver Tablet when
shlta t anattaok coming on. 8uch at.
tacks are usually aused by i-ndiges.

Att. s .. p he pR.oap~eiling at-
S K At~acs ,of bilious oalie
b preventein. ,Inthe same way.
.eby all druggists antd mediltne

'oilo.land son Fred of Orange
were among the prominent
y t:lkp who paid the county cap-
S't'it yesterday, Mr. Jolly i- a
e.*e, and came for th* piri.
t"4,n inig the conventi atrf:
Lwith S i talk a ion. G;o,.
ft Jaoksopvile on *'TIh' Con-
BgaT7,; hi^
HH tLP*':d' iita

,"cok r

,* 'has
0 uble
)44b i

mit hOmE

a ann look aftr two .ae:. Ad.
dre Jl, yon eSaloo, Jack-
..l..a. l tt 8 r.iit 4 w f t. a he
.a"d. ,a4 < Whist* porlntgs

Sty rel0oupeAwtirt o sfewsd

o. -1 W efA na

tit, ath e h1* k, th

.41 Uttkt hi at ta rlpro hae1sedtn
4tmson^i~^-S;W -a^ thpi; ha s o
thoroughty (Qtoviuled4 sa and is

rfeonlr toutralibo tn w a ay s.inaing h

T3hSun job depatgeent. Mr.,Thoats

d Rro i.-len. ib ,.ut it tfib

1wilneoewktfste *ouAsWA a 1 05
mnore men. 1*. Hemaaagee wlth nem ext.
option& the largm s orce ,tte ifamp In
t7 Ttate. -W I K. ;J-
f^'.^ titti din l.sew~ littl
plasant vitst to the i.^sty M, 8.
Chv ln ts oity, 8partted yester.
i4 l t:l. wheI hey wU spend
9 to ppwish lelatltres aV,
iev as e known ntht eaosy ha
Jug r9IA&y emes 4: '
Heha sfothe sen Utsrea ans hs

Bh**pwt Stor. on Earth.
-'r"'7 *WNi A l* "1"n" e"

We still cotinue to sell terlven's
genuine hktrethyseam, drawers for 6l.
Men nen's or:ated Taloum, the gen,
uine article, .
S .olgate's Vielet. Borated Taleaum,

BIg Sale of Str Hats This Week
ou 'oan We d oust what you want

HatR that ero 75e, now 7e.
Hats that W^ere ost, now 89.
at. that w0r4 Ik, now *Ie.

Coat, that wer*a.0 now.3lp,
qahs. thate we #&S, W now.- *-
:0asta that were o$ n80 ow 1.8.

All geb** sW e thear uerisW

Olt ,t^'e t rorsaB aJ ,M iter, 00of 4bht
Siereo x 2~'5.aSearn good"
Qe^ g. Shaiden ot Orange Reight4
was t iX 44e e 6sterday. Mr. 6wowl
den doew notappreeiate the idea of the'
consolidtiohof schools, and to ex,
*presed; hbint1f before th speoil
.r.0it'n yest ,av. ".
. napp ; family of High
prngsepageew thngh ti4 .. .itysyester-
40y eh ifr 7e to Grovei ark, which
place they wil&majio their future homue.
Mr. XnKnapp hab fo dthe pa, t few yea'
been identilled with the newspaper
busip"se at High Sphings, and ha
IroveT.very competent.
W. F. Bleoe, ti isthy year a resi-
.P.t of Arywldo4o, buit now living at
Wydney, HiUllborough county,; i"a -lta
itg old friends in this seeotia.
states that, while i- I. well pleased
with his new home, he wil -alwais
have a kindly feeling for old, Alachi.'
and will appreciate his friends and a
visit here.
After several days. pent in Tampa,
St. Ietersbarg, Tarpon Springs and
other placed, B. M. Heckard retu e
to lis. home in this city yesteiriy.
Mr.. Heekard is a practical printead
one of the best, in. thecounty. a has*
accepted a position with the Tampa
Morning g, tribune but will not assi
his. duties for three or four Weere,
Mises Edith, Oaydeand BesUi0 Loti,
charmig youg ladles of Wayc rqss,
Ofa;. who. have been o the, past fo,
weeks guests of MKr. F. X. Miller. re.
turned to their home Yesterday.
These little migsses made manyrta[ds
during their sojourn here, who.tegret.
ted to see, them laWve, but !hope they
will favor the oity with no.ther visit
another time.
Among the prominent people who
visited thisOity yesterday was W. j.
Tindale of Bronson, one of the leading
eitisens of that section and supervisor
of the GommifehOol.' This school is
what is termed a "line school,' bein
situated directly on the AlJaehu an,
Levy county lines, and supported by
both counties. It ia in a most flourish-
ing ondition. Mr. Tindale reports the
fAt wodsof tlevy county overflowed
e than for th past twenty Yea

.a.ag.. ....



,, e s\ be Seas r D .* G m,

As^la" 1* 16 -


Ma.ls snd ~ e.al orders. Dr
Ooo.049 L4.lntr* room,

Special Reductions in sev

grades hile the cards last.


a Ox Chase.
A part ,,f tq. hunters, comprip
sheriff' Fennell, ol. J. B. D)ell, W
PaganK and A!th,- Jackson, went ,
fox chase early yesterday morn
SWhen about tOt ro uilea southes
the city they; jliped a fox, whiehl
them- an exdcing ohase, covering t
stance of abotut'fve miles. They hi
captured ,heii anmal, however, w
was' B tine oA0,,'.This i t4 iOtl
ehase that h aJ been indulged 'B
several ,ontl'h., bum the cranceFi
that th, hounte.t will go uut at read
intervals in efafu tu re.
SThe merchat'i ving, (iAketo it i"
W te for4 o rk havey
"qe.te i ri eto lemen to
ast de aeme ayl the prise
Amges|t ;t.: Dr. J. F. M
Sised i tcki e. dl

ust Go

Ia'ba 64k

for tlhi

__~__ ____ _____







?.mr i


Title: Gainesville daily sun
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Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Creator: Gainesville daily sun
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Place of Publication: Gainesville, Fla.
Gainesville Fla
Publication Date: August 16, 1903
Frequency: daily (except saturday)[-1938]
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Subject: Newspapers -- Gainesville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
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Dates or Sequential Designation: -58th year (July 24, 1938).
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Full Text

Y-_. ----l-



a i hom Guilty of
lAl m'5 Murder.
wa s CA 18 colCLUDED.
Sii? New Trial Will Bo Made
O n ots' Attorn6eys-Verdlca
,. Gauisd Little Surprise After
*irongB Deliberation.
iati I(y., AMgust 15.-'bhe
lhe oae of Curtls Jett wad
Wbte oia.~ge4 with the a-s
oni of James B. Marcum at
'hi rmoutAigg returned a. ver-
it, ftsg the pi4mshment of
t tlife .pr1ionment. The
*5.reptutrned when there were
reoro I' n the courtroom.
o~n57eg present was Coun-
hP W ithter. Jett received.
It ith comparative indiltter-
c "E 16hle.. t, hie, who has
ArtWy Undeor a severe-atrtWn
to.t$,ia fluahed up and hi4
;th teare. ;Attorney Golden,
SeO*i. Started that a motion
ii'tvi vtM 'Te made as soon'
i:, The general opinion
b' t a the motion will be
'Wb the court an4, that it will.
1 the court' of appeals.
veN4t ocC4sioned little SUer
gfteV the deliberation of the
beae so provonged- .
.l. queptioni whireh .caused the
t^itd, waw- that of punlish-
iat or life Pimprisonment. The
ii ve whole at regarded -as a
q e defeseaet, as the prose-
e4 .that nb middle ground be
^ ht#.hie en either go clear
eo has 'been on trial almost
Slil hAOing been begun Jly.
thei frst trall at Jaekson, the
a -reet and It la.i-believed the
ty~'.ly; a a comnpromisp with
"oed to capital piunlismeAnt
di of Captain 1. L. BSwen and
iasesae for the. corn monwealth
k s*"iu.ter ~ ~reatly ,and were
tar of their lives 'are great.
4. 'hey expected. the death
Mib they were confident
avI been followed by confes-
ithe ondetzned men expos-
Shielth in authority in Breath-
i ?.ho are considered to be
'the coa 4racles.
hav ben 7 lives lost with,
4t' tWo' years In the Hargls-
j In BreOthitt county and
Stt coa tloe. No ar.t'
etiednctf s been made usn
pthe ty.( e~~ re ore -
*Jokson te Iet the grand
tirw 4 t tiidaliJry ad.
t1 gaeder I gdlteit tA r
r ~ e II lls o ni TCwi
0*4ulttt st*a lat eight
lba4 eT e a e a, with
vs a nw trijl, ain even If
,* that hbt.i h might be
Sthe a:e ., t" .
of the attendant *how.
B Sliqt a to leav4 te dobt
g vrimea anhbeaatoo of tue
uwo^ e for th dette wre
l1ea th Jut'? ca5e lat oaosrt
SOsbeofe atseat for Weut. TWhe
led thes if they hed anyt1la
fter the verdict wve tead. Ak
*Batetsad Gofiea. tr thed d
$4 they d4d not. The adge
,htht be wouldia4Jouura cotut
thfi metala. Bs G.itde
he destlto ti ieate earitl
st BArbotn1>le. J1sk c
ti rn to teos their so.

a w' triaL Wbea It wan
1^ that the f$ry hMR ew out
dherei. at h* msartroom
e.* t*oflaso *am. to tb*~i

J49 a 0oim for R SW 'tula.
1 Jiitri g4e O~w sad he.
^^BHuteA dft '-Wtlt^''-*b~~eJjumiAJ~^*
ti^^ .wr^^^ e^ V* ut ^'''Aj1?-'"' 'u.L ,

A'.^UITRAI"" ^ "liD^M|DM4K N
ffrtiit to Ait Differences twee

opening of the fItt day of the hartin
Sthe arbiration board which to
adim't the difference' between the Al-
abama coal aipners asi4 operatotoe.
bowed no dilmnutloi l In tereet, ia
large "crowd being present to lioteu to
the, proceedings
C60loel T. G. Q. h, president of th
A6baona Contolidated Ooal and' Iro
company, who took W the witess stnd
for the operators yesterday afternoon,
continued hls testimony. In reply to
questlons by Judge Qeorge-. Oay.
chairman of the board, he aSld that the
PurpoSe- of the cost operatotre as.oota'
tion waD not to: control prices, but 'to
carry on negotiations with the .rinters,
Regarding the comtotiar ies ort com-
pany stores, which are operated at the
mines, he said that the -* stores are
not rut for large protea, but rather a
a benefit to the workete4, as thet y tu
lah fresher goods and exempt the
miners from garnishments. Discuss.
ing the question of semi-mbthly pay.
days., he declared that the eatablish-
ment of this practice would entaUi a
great deal oft additiotial work, upon the
operating companies 'He clalmen
that the monthly pay day systemv was a
benefitio the miners in tha it enftbled
the thrifty mineral to save' more money,
The witness described the prevent co 6
allton of the iron market, saying that
there is muaq6 iron now on hand In the
furnace yards.' He sai4 that his com.
pany had iron which nad been in thb
yard for six months.
Bays He Is Not Candidate for Conm
mander-in-Chlef of G. A. R.
-lalt LA o City, .Utah, August 15.--
General Nelson A. Miles, retired;, a-
oompanied by a party of even, at-,
rlvey ffromt the east shortly before 2,
O'clock this morning. He' we met
at the R4io Orande depot by a delega.
tion of officers from Port Douglis and,
driven directly to he poet, where he
will be entertained today.
In ai Interview with ai Herald Tre-
porter general Miles declared he was
not a candidate for commander-in-
chief of the Grand Army of the Repub-
lic, and that he wduld support the.
nomination of General John C. Black,
of Illinois, for that honor.
After a brief rest here the party
will proceed to Sao Francisoo to at-
tend the national encampment of the
Grand Atmy of the Republic.
Assaulted Woman, Murdtred Her ad,
Threw Body in Well. -
Charlotte, N. C., August 15.-At
StateYviti. Judge Allen mentenened Wll
Roeboreo to b hanged Thursday. Sept.,
10, at 6 o'clock la the afternoon,
W~illithe eateate. we. being pro.
nom aed4 aOsaeboe mswed thbe -rstt
signs ot frt ht. He wan esceedingly
nervous, and could hardly stAntd dur-
ing the*tryintg ordal.
The crtme for whk Roseboro will
pay the death penalty was one of the
moat heinous* n the criminal asnalas of
the state. He assaultd Mrs. Dilf
ever, sad to hide bhia crime Smur-
dered the woman and then threw her

Manta, AMgust Ws.-Vetereaa of the
Army of the Philippines celebrated 0-'
empetdit day with a parade il which
80W ees. took part, clad in the old
regultotlas serice clotbhig of blue
ebrto asg4.MhkL. A banquet was at
tqrwvrde etred at whIch the story of
th eSmpatig during the stirring pe
jrl' lit thg, ;.rly occupancy of the
tiEr^Cy, <*o*4 47 thbe capture of
tbhd cy oatla wa told and the
hattle fo@5$a 050 again around the
fsitive hMead. Coimissboner Sr
wea the *5t*( *pech-makh otf th
*eve.Jg. TWee-tiho of thoe v.airs
sian Pt to< (s6 g ow erve is
ads posUas seooser sher the citvi

*LeaIe. S-oBw JI

.A.T ..... 1 10 6 ,

I Sothen aA oI i Two A.

PANhIC 0FREVAHlaIITHE TOWN, A4 a turn In the'road neAr Metro K-NT
S, -- ( dead. : A re --=
Masare or th beyondt Inhabita tt h gtneer l H Averll g nr., of Atshe r rFnanoci Le
sb4intanY If -Plo outy fthe n rpalwayThuDvvAYtater,

M. rder rof. RulM nt .l. t... ... Th injured: a xtlordynawry I.n ps a

recently e B. by- the tsrgnt. the tradontatn, and mts peed ncreh of

force of< .4000 .tro>t .ea. d the pla fl,with. eaoeh m~le of the long run. Dy The Statt wrrit alv we rtl Gewst
ANd bI arAe4 it with TilleOry. eth tme the tat !a reachWdN< Meltros .Sh adt a ritMnolo roptwl

overtmovmentlthOsemtwns fonthe rfaout to see wh It did not top twith him e
part of the r att r, cometu n...ila.ne with the stal l flag. -He e eroftdnaey *as aS
wil lead. to pae mAusacre ti the Buig. etneged from the station Wdoor .Just xtho w o be ftlonI 6 t the, ita*Ntil
a ln. ,tuhabltants by .the ,uasuls"t to titime t to aee fowaitau Hatr .,wave a with the ion e adt ohe Wrt4

.hR panto contlnu ift Monatt. last tareWell and smile grimly < the wihth, tertlcularny woth rega dto s t
whore ahe shops are -I 'trilnsoon a ter lea g the tho e p g traorhpr y wto .eo| t
r settlement of y the4d: mt nty f rto i Wth u rdnta ing a wayI.. Hpeatherly Wat oart~ tw iehaas rtdalt : 9 C
the murder of M. R8 tkOg y, the 1 -4 .tea .und fell, tO th law-consul at Monasti, 3 immnminat,.,., th on.ineer antd reatr n-s tuck t ei iderable of eaiir g l i ,e e rd a
The offer, of 4 80,000 to tx wbdow -ltpt w thtr eacts, end whe long trulo tn hh toh O t ro Tle pl A tSoh 1
ear to be sa-tiaf4e tory O itusatql The tie a ctmre te trial mlhe below Mel sany enato riokS o pei ve
Ruthaeh goverth met coptinues to inU rt it aIumingd the ratek and Itanded Iat e hed durn t l t t I
Sstir op thio execution of ths murdeto erw n a d. Confused masa0 t tte botto oof e: cm lKaand thAtuoi4
a* , thoe I----": iA tep emtbankofet witapph tri4 n, ticale yastetio e fo
ver. t Courtmartl Held. l" i en canlt tlo e Ioh.det id debrt,.... Thin r stit ht suh pitl i
at of' the'. rVo)uAutaotar' toI o wes compliance ith the .dll4 bothi e onale to f the s

Wmitll h1d at .M'aSiatr yeOft rdaye 0ot org ed fa ero eith eted to diet ..doo.s on noS t _thee d 0 t

condesned .the ge4d^ e. (H-lalia, tOi. -, = "- ,, :. -trkofdlnard1y s41sltion has' 'M
ski, the R010ota cOn0wl at Monaht-ir, I : '-- -: tt the pr de8rilh 'i|l^
The senten wAS -iedb, t(,ly earried ake .Errle Qlte Likely To Me li***m of- .e member ,oSf; bokh braet
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