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Title: Gainesville Daily Sun
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Title: Gainesville Daily Sun
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Creator: Gainesville daily sun
Publisher: H.H. McCreary
Place of Publication: Gainesville, Fla.
Publication Date: July 23, 1903
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Alachua -- Gainesville
Coordinates: 29.665245 x -82.336097 ( Place of Publication )
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Volume ID: VID01926
Source Institution: University of Florida
Holding Location: University of Florida
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--- -- a.--

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ordnal InIm *e~
^ *; l ^" 1-P, ^

~y~is1A1fl *0;*=0emsmble

ToViw N

L y conducted W th QGreat Pom p
1 was Mpt'iwkptpHfaifvl-Cardinalu
ro orlinon Roe00 With Violet
rlar, Inditiye 0 f Mourning.

MOPe, JIy S24-ThIAbl 0Morning beg&n
4Art of those IMrandose and u Ique
mnies w hih fellow the demise
... popoP ard althoughh private. It
'.eontducte4 #W1t-i4greaai pbop aud
=0mo t Imp rW tQ. .= All the cardl-
SpresentJ I. ) iy numbering 29,
blBiEbed 1t tho' toUc palace to
.,the remind bt the late L6 Xiil
.,to officially pronounce him dead.
dimal OregltA, 4ea of the sacred
Is. and e*wwri1no of the Holy
an church, had-lto put aslde his
Sueal robes as a ptgn of deep nmourn-
Sind waste gowed entirely in violet.
Scardinals wore crlmson robes with
Scollars, Indicative of rzourning.
t i the Death Qhamber.
Istttin the death chamber the body
with a wiite Ai over the face,
":the bed. surrondd by Wranelscan
,ltentlariea, while outside the noble
Smatnutalnned ,a o0temn vigil,. The
foumd Bilence ^ra, only broken by

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nib ~a

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j0RI A v .- T,-n f,

--a -~r--**

Offers For Embalming Body.
Hundreds of offers have coMie from
taiy and abroadl front4 doctors, druaf
:',ts and ile-iaHits, for the ombaLm-
ng or the rexnains of Pope Leo but
LMtIJrally wit oneW of them has been
Cardinal Rnamipolla intended to leave
ho vaiteian last night, linmedlnteiy tft
c(' the death of tho pope, when having'*
itiially accrolLted to the vatlcac and
o the apajl nuncios, with lInstruotlone
o have thi ni lews conmnunleated to the
rarlous forlgtin ril-k, ho considered his
titles as paiapal sec-rotary of state to
lave been eded."
lainpollti was on the point of loavlng
vhen C'ardinal Ovirglla insistently beg,
.1 ; him to r ienaln in the ailimtment he
aad occtupi oi for ovor IC years, An, the
i,-eretary of state aceedod to the rM
lixest. The vicar of Rome, Cardin
P'lutro lesjdighi, has caused to be &b
a-ihott to tihe doors of the churches am
tnnotilncoiilont of the death of Pope"
.eo, with Instrue-tions regarding the
layerss to be offered and also givlingl
nformatonL about the funeral services.
The cardinals preselat In Rome mel
Lhis morning under Cardinal OregllA
.u a prerparatory congTegMtlon, hbe I
,1o hall of the co)iisi'tC'y.

Cardinal Oreglla (otnhTunleated to
t(emn the first intructkoins .he hift glv-
.1n 5inkL'V tihe dathl orf tLo pope, tIrform-
g thimru of the uunierows lwteSftag@l
)i eondoionce reelvcod from all parts
3t the world and t0li unTvorsal mourn.
2ik for letoo XILI. Au exchange of
'k'astt toOik Il)ith rlgarlling tho coretno,
Mc.s$ I)'rcediiug tlI<0 eoneTave., When
air"(iiil H) OrfegliI a sl(PdI for the advice
*i 0110 O(f thle eaui'llnIals present the iat-
(* roJl0)Ii(.l
."It iH (tlfinlillt to give an(vlo. liI
T(l-((, y u(MI inirist tI'('lI Un w tVIR to do,
:s ritt rn0 I' Its ijvua' Iltl"tl(l)ato(d In a
toric]avo "P
'I'ho Italian guvorniflent hiaR given
:SIiora IA tbeo vallrond officials that
ir inaTis coinlng to zome Lor the con-
L:ivo hlmal he cunsiilered prlnceis of
hlie iaoc)iI fi4iil4 hav icaerved ,'oznpart

Li,-nts, or saloni earsn, placed at their
lispoial from the frontier. In addI-
:btin, tritruttlots l have boen gIlv0ih to
i1l tLjO gPoveIrtJn)iitt authurl'ctIs to put
LU)j Elnuve; iltt. Ow1 dliposal oif the car-
JIA ..1L IF-% t13 iF r ttb,5 i f ,^ w^f &lliIrn t Pltkil Itvri i RlH -


-, -. __'_-_k 1" ... ".t
Jap3 Don't Liko Conoossi

*Idatde By Chini.

\ .

.d !
r.,, .. .





xPlanaticn I10 Wanted.of IRuczva'e Arl
bitrary Conduct In Korea and Man]'
chvria.-LittIe Empire Will Eravely
kRsort to Arnir If Occxwo'Fl RequIrem;
c Victoria, Cu.. J-ly 2.-Th4,I
,oQtUa)r liiurasniiaha -which lrriveod
it iikitt, brought ews tlit iLho wilm
I1'it:g ill Was' strong rL. thiiii
Irt:' w<1lIn tiO sk'arntwvr tilled, lktauiS'
tf ti6( allt.Iv. ; tolceaiilons nLadl by thq
;hli7fle g)ve tVnirnt 'to ftuaia.. The
ucrVas.iS eIxeltowent Of Jtpaimiso ila.-
lrt' i s alo, acce(ntuatod by the chaugct
L tix ttflo (.tf Prlneo Ching, whlo is
Md -. to 0 avo gone completely to the
tu .4kifl itA ,i
Thc Kobe Chronele raye Admtiral
tflla;ka, chief e onimander of tho Jap.
i"AeOC Squadroa, has addreaeit a i oe.
4Lorilal t ttlho naval staff department
itgustslig the advtsablltty-of ,rglulIz
ig. te Japialnes squadron anri also the
o(.f rty of f4linflUlaILIUMg a plan of de-
'(,Iso anid gen4wkal, operation from a
S.' I st ln d point, |
Count ()akurmat, a piromtinAnt Japan.
ImNe ftatcentii, 1atl Japan should &ak
I r. explin:ithii of iluula's utrblti'ary
roiduLIt't In Korea rlifdl Mancliurli and
-hm litlt th antwor bn uimttfitatItctry,
a I',.ttrn ;ru',t sh1ti i NUl hie s.ti l jid a
it+jle.iRn at the safltieo tthle LIhilttod(I
[.) Lh,' other powvors. HO ie aai In ti('
Ing sl(ji a a ttep Japan muist tnt i repair
-uil to r :1roscLit iaihlali wits surerlor ttn itsifltt
lo arnmaninnLa In |tho Paet IF4t, *i;t
JaIran f l-uie \wasi -a right oi,(c; how-
ever ImplaU1onit ItLWSIa anlgit h:o. tt
w .11iLd not vetit ii'C rjl..'4ig to a'tir atin
!sIik ofl'cnd.id1 Ig aN t~ti Jd)V\ .r Clt) 1):.
btlliovod tjio Jrotrft. wt ild jI- euict ,c'r.*
IuL *
(Jt)!( VH rciv' ( l l:rtw,,:tW 1 ii I'fl;Ut(,l .
AfltCUrf tif It', h,'. I n l- I ', if::..-'4t I.
thlo: 1 "'.j'"-; -.,rr 'i iT1nil,
9lutI). (s1;MiRIlH It .;.,'Jll l'tl Ujtj l T'

IlQnflniIry Fire CVause Renewed Feim
SOtY Feud Trouble*s.
Jaiekeon, Ky,, July S3-Tho mifltAry
OAftip WI aRI#Iml at 2 o'eock thIn
moirntn, by the cry or "etr.!" and by
thota fiwtd by tho provost ptar44.
Two details of, troot were eout Into
tiw,. Tbohe firo was noar the depoL
A e-jmll hotimn belhmning to Henury ColI
Hiir wwa burned, The people were
wtlWy rxelted for fear It was a repve-
ttlon of the bwenz fouid. lnvest1gatlon
showed It Sfs of incendiary origln, and
a negro It 8ulivtei.a(, Tie troops.
are hunting ftor hiui. The burned
house was neaT a 1ho9e owned by Heo*
ry Oorlngna andl ocupiled by the trong
family, ,The tWrongki are the last of
tlne noted StriNiug-Arnlts f euti, The
Armis were all ktllud. .tll&han hol
Irterqnrrlod ltto the Armis la family and
tuok up tbe feud for several years afi
X.f J. Swez remained tn the oexprem
car, In which he"- wa brou.g1lit from
Lexlnton until 1 o'clock In the morth
ing, when he wasn removed to cituup. It
appeared under a strong hollow MquirOe
zuard today and Inaisted that tho gr.nd-
Jury firnt consider the caoa ot COraw
ford amn Tharpe, clarsed- with ettlug
firo to kiwen'H house In whtch t&cum
Ewen is not a witness as ho wasi lu
companyu with the soldleors whOu h in.
otol was biturned.
It stat d tkiat lwen'sa rrtol4ds want
to astiertaljn holw the ponding Inquiry
rrorfceods .oforo thoy totlriy in the
bribery cpsea. i,
Cap)taln twoin itald that ftrney
Pluninier, who )ffttro.d him $5,000 whIun
he had two wltnoews concoallod, WaI
ono of his beut frkonit and thero wat
n) sllho ro Ito putIaIhI Phunmmer, ms the iuzn.ii esaap. who fufulshosd tte
15 0i)! and rtiado lunimur ac't a the
Bo-l^r t~weoil" .
Wbhlo nOthlng (an N~i loarnod. from
, the grand Jjury. thorn Art many reports
about tltv' courthouse WaiL0 causeit dtu.
*atlsfa Ation,




of tU
tor t
of it,
ter I




Will Not ,xrtt Any tnfluea@k g Apf n ^ t
promching Conclav. e it
lParls, July 22.--Th Asociatltd lreni ,liI
t atlthorzlxeld by thtn 'rench rorelsa of ...a

* 1

.-. -..I .. .... -

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2 1 . *.. I .j.., ,.
.-",, i |I I rj. l ,: i -' 8 Q ''+

Vw lllmortorohoA
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a r n Al ..
.... : I .4~ *., ., .: 1, ,' 4

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14 .0.jdF 4
fjIi:l e i*frny ~iaOlA'j SfotH 4

a.oouby re b 4 0:111
Iifct *te^otin'^ltDMWt', -^M
00 untiQ*erI *I11
ia I .d4D *0910i et %h0I:
v 14,
LL%41% I41U#
Sl~~ti ^ $0ttnesI~I~ay 4Ot asflW^

DiO: D o ,nen-,. ElM IMO ... .-..-..,
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4 'p It. 1R1 .h;"' 'a .
t PItMriM,; W^Si ^^ N
.- 4. 4 0 Ife. i'I

I $'*9d'*j^rAWiA4Ill4J%
P ; I*
lip, A g..o .., ,, ,

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^y;, iw^ th(<..K.A-".+ .,.0..b<:.. ,,* ?^ftd<.i. ;n

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^ I*(% ^fp i' I J'44IP 'W&N^

r4 hjR t jhd''
j'^|e exopMioiw^4i m. D^i

IMSpliwB to^ th bon tQhe p$Wl3%Anr

4? y '^ vtotglr to*1 iy ao it i
ii% i ^U^^M nQi-in I, 4l-U!t

.4..eA( W^ w'tLI 'A
' .' ,, . .

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, :. ..' : '. I. I* .', A.., .,. .."
At I i I -. .w.n ri
C~~~~ wiF~MI.
' 19 j I''"IrI "' '* <*" t r P.M"bf
lit hO4, {i*I 4 P1oWjc'.A:$**a 1
VOW "of -,&* c (
1-.r.y.; L "church, '" o t l oky a"

'he-,i''. by tb'.rf lidtg P reof.ow to s
^|Y I.~ a~~ *rltt Of hk.''*T
I. ~;.. tsr I"'. : i .. ,.. I A W. 4: AL. A; AL I I 1 i I L Z .0-LL AOL V a wn I I .I iiiiI
I*,.a..>-,: I, AMJr tom l.era",, sn!l4 Io4hr- *stit
'".*.' r* a .h Jl' .' I I l ^ a ln.- '. a a J a t ,I.4 I

t a II'. P
-I' *^", r. T '.- "-'"'; '* *" .^,' ,- ".. :: ,. ". ".*' i
Pr!. 4*' r **y *tjr'^:.' y -- ..
+ L o '." +i / :. "- "*' i *-'.. r" '. m 'r ,I "
, '.'-r -" Lr,. '' *' .< ,-. o ,I '* ,I .
1. /'- m L : n, np .r ir
**f~ --/ ,- . ,. ) .
I -" %. *1 f .. 1. jl.
iI1 1 i- I i"
",I '. +. "* ."
i.^C' *" | ^ """ ". r ^ _.
^ ,- : ,* '- -''~ ; 1 '
IB^ ^ t^ :1*" ''*'.
. I-s j 1


- : ~' I



r .lfll r
wi. p-. I,,
I cop*amt I **I *
t" I **

mmF,; ''*oJtcit a

A 9c
qr IIo 1
/^^:^N ^j^ l^K^,'^^ ^^^ +1 I? ,i*p '.i

SWt^ 1* S O

Awi:. Y o u'...* S &
JL'",-" .- l,.FI i f eA co
rrk .1'^ 1 1 A' V v iio bae
I ~ A i IAlit Jj:f- p
* '. ."".. L ..". ... n' d ""

oA of;.JA I V
tdj* Pp Si. .7 Vit rs f
. r^ I^ty I, -:'ll,..t4I^alhSn~fl~i~frlfl.4 .. -O^

TA. 4 t al4l.Oitno
IO r35r'. to:- IL -Th "Vi.ctor *15t he be
.II L' ..1, .i 3 g te p1r.ha e
w4 W!$0"S'+*1 pt *:e"A .' ..from"n .. 1 -a box to :
CMe iiltE)i~t^WA i~ Owt up "y^ OUW* .a bI auo y consalt

i b!4h*^ 4 b~vy walkingl emape |p|qy r .~ C TXS HLUV
li^.'* 4nii. p+ pl4 *5( ..on. to, tI.* +1r:1. Qtgalu' |I I Information cheerfully foa

-C+ ,- +.. 'I. t & a. Cs .I1 porv e.. H .. .t+ .
4+ Iti^. i.e
Ktan ef SaSfl~e w Mlad 1 ndtwtaims~o4 acton, notwlebcs 4 q__.
Air tb @+ tln!t+,t:M andle ete :; tb UVOISe SQSIYTIr. S.Kadl fo nd thratonche l

I ","", """ + "," "l:( ":w ^ 't ;" '* Hv '5 3 : ~ !m .ft,. Y
, ".. :" :"" Ai l ; W ,.4 !., -..-, --w
,t~lm,.m + o< I I .. ,.. ..

4psrtt~i0 Auot aer oue t b# %weo nhe jwondorfu
li S?*!.::t,.." ..W 'Mo (>n. Uw l.otit +rasmenm ..uhtiontalnodwm_ III l*. **+
";"B "'n;. +,-:':", : 'u .**t "" l"".."t l:,...." tiato mpak flgl so mn aianya. i
,' -SLim p --A|.O m

.a thebl4JgntPa t. "i* anft o 1 I hO. A iri B n o .
mmitt t wm4imm mm te a 'mmmm. m Qub b mmm m t 7 u rt o th ptrbod
n ilnthtt .mm,. m6 W .r I. < 1 .. !]
q. jo 4 SouiWU,-,,t" rt,,in uabut I-. o_. ... 7 .. -!
II d kiist't pL tbitb usli1e

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j.'i"M'--. /; "" '. Z's b 'k 'maybe _O_" ._ lg __ _*__- .

,:r j ; ', ,. 'i..... ;: I i ,0.- ^ .- ; { 2 S -.; ; : *: : :
"i l.-1 1I $ Rlr I 1 11* Il SI ? ; ,.. ..:::
'%w@. jmaft kq43tth tiasUrAm

_ne .. ..)d 0 0 0 m|..... s,

mt~h ets the thitbrsoy hs tt .o eg
a* w2ifi t Uiq* I n isat s yn t b .__*d. It L V o, .IIB *4e I Iw I au S. .Euds"*.
t.aotbh n twam nlt je ekle. ..p.2 ,r,. x W ..... q.*.w..,, up... *,.
ti-. f l S. p 4e..a ,. *, .,-i _T Im"r....... ...... .. ,,..
i# tw* s I "A.h l" "ittl e li'i ut jatto In. ff1.i K S A E 45. 1180a..............
P&ZL" 4M4C$ + long .tesLme., I | P ... ,C.w**-gp..+, s

r' j.*not oI thie m n f a g : most ,if ljj hflekir NT Q-A-DEA--.1.............
r ." "" + "."+ I I Ii.,, n" '" I "i "' "" Lv J tson v l1le..4....... S 4 Ss 71e
/I >PJ^ii" gi. -! said, nl". I kdm -_l_."--it cure t-tfL eut.eeeuSS u i 0,8 94,
to&? td om.W~mh'd .Klctme' 80~ 10 imf^ S S ":::::5 S

&Sob was 'ound te UterI OBi'e. Tho n Rwtpt4ma)i Skin1 IWsoans ^A .,..iE....... b0 op B8
.i.j t.' IJ j s t v

.I%** 1.* k ~ 'rm*r.. .-, .Ax W l ma kpaUU S .... U S4 57f.
:.| At' U P SI3 p a. soptnt I btI4 ,10 aafng t07, I- -........ Ar C.mden o*.-*I* *. .. 7 .I =
set. you wop"Itnt' baotbetI'+ +""u+a'"j""'I8 we. II r o s A +r Mu let. . . ., o p s
.06 rOW.4. FUQDIIs 20
A.4 i i l id#
toC toto*e pr bia I

,I+ta4 d .~t w+ ++ u + m L I ='" mrN i Aroutis. _tooi.os.......... 11 _sp ii
atrun room--awbile. Then, !,i fl. l! : ... smajpn........s ___ "" "' A lIoG+Vi,..., 3
*ANZUSLVZAr.okuo4a..h em
13 4p U

41u -Uweekalyp.u. 1 I)

"1d'vr;%w1-iWaAtlual64 ui 1125.11
au~ 10=3~a'~st.&Ar Phil#e
wn^oiad qrawI In afa$in an4 put our J W' J37 ma Ara Newyy VOAiy^ tSP*:IU.S-SU 85
CI&%, fnt- apinat his back. and keep.ArNow. .
3!a^ t. 4 t.i.t.VWU. i. ,ho t old O anetb'm9. '=f inP i "_----_----
;~~~~~~ *ea ute~r OBb eoeat^NEf yBwyW fonnectionu for Palmetto,
aYvrttVtd, "Bob"beae t SCk4 Tol'
Smou 4 lecturer and story telie e-and Sold b .- J.' MeCt-ua SO. Sa tudays from Gaineevile.
tl~l~po_____________________________^^ *r. 1J Train o. 84.1 Seaboard Ex
I*s'.-p jlyfr1 Is the waybho -tot.. his I MW ir-r
I "ti .. -., ..,..--.1. .l-- Ta i sa, Jaokso ville and N ew
i .T o ni a
.t tiMf TUM -- -TAM buleS day coaches between Jal
i^ '; A I > :'.'IAA: ..A- Il.ilnnl H dining oar servloe from Jaekso

;. -at Aw g a o -sthe 'C-ontess- .... I..I V tweeu iacSnvite.n Was
i s ...rq.ot-a.41, .._...L*` a" a'.*. .s twee Ja ksonvill. e and NeW i






e t B.

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a a I
P 4 41 P
ing q II




'or it


m ..: ,., ,: -, .

Irib* ,Very known
fc.AD 7,,7,i Btates o

%p 4fl as'." bi #A%., "--'mu known
1 atr8a6v 'jtb'ttOwfa the most
ht~.~,. g ooi' l South. lie Central
]. in '.r"i"ft^ il^^i l!'ad been::

e fl, bor# ~l~a *.WTernbt N. C.. 1 a
' _, .; .K ** ** ...:,' .* ..., -.: '..

iban r n id <#; I-et, a versa.
-j : ; _*, *'" "

l* senI"u. Re! lit ine to Ftor
-Ce about 23 year W.lIOb .and up (to that
- had bee" 0e4ealy "a bird ol
I: ag, ." ."f' ." "a"g'"e:
yitffore "iotu; to .'i enyoe he was
d lto have beei a peddier of pat eat
iines, or'wer ot several Sida
wNlS, advanCO ".gent for nearly al
tbie ,bg cirOuF9QS, tM a fact recently
,JnIon ieveraI. ocOiona had m'ae
essUtl b&ait* aceUilonas. He be-
. work as'.'I.IrOk at the Central
i.l over 20 ye0&ri. ago;flmnd held the
9 eposltibn# at the tUime, of his death.
,'1. was considerea one of the bnst
formedd and amOBt anvermaally popua
*tI.el ren Itn the country.
p bhiIs past life atu. little Is known ci
Si yelptlvSe, except= thMt he has a
tier living in CtCiago. He was 0
eOtea hubnfn ta:d survived his wite
qt quite two mimthls. a. leav* no

***"^~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ I' ,. ?*t *m S ^ *' ';- 7 -' .*> { '.*' .' i
... ',- I .-I i:r.
.' .."' ...-.~ ----- _:,'_,. SO, ...
i i .. -'.,I
"N ,.,. ., .9 ..." n l ,. .,"
.' :. '"" ',. *- "I *1 :
'4q" : '*, "
:" ,I. I'
n a ..- .. l_ .
..I. ..,.. -


..: ,


" First Tli. In' Many Years Cater,
t pllar Ha"Ve Appeared.
':A4lbany, cAily $tm'-4here 4ipearg
be6 no doubWtba* caterpillars bave
INde their tppairance In Baker county
A the flrst 'newt. of the discovery ot
0.. pest Was received last week and
,been ath6entlcate4 by rellable par-

..An Albany business man has just
tU~Md from f- several days business
..p. through :-Lker county, and hih
Utat* that ca pill1m b have uippeared
-t. a number ,T.f fields. As yet theft
niimber Is rot great, but tt Is not
4uubted that they wlTl multiply rapid-
It, aeUd-CtI0W Isqj great fear for the
r.tiwi1^ of the cotton crop in thfs see

, There
tlis part
ht, and
SI be at
is6 time

have -I
of thl

)een no caterpillars in
b state for some years
Isa good deal of Sur'
*udden appearance at

,:': Dana"wsa aRa k't, I nrt i inr$t nn




drw's (croiMH onn i rol ground. Thll
Vw;H' 1,4lly S (IdlstIgtlslUblei and was
i1t'v('r ChilhI1g d.

"W-I o
FI ')001

An Air Tljlht F.It
,Ttuul liigs < lil h"
fx frit';dN. "hlow att

MoI)rs('"' skl
k0,9kt (In grt.wFT.
"VYell, ll I'l
.Tinitngs": "A it
yP'-1Z that win'ri
N i.Mhiin, whiwv .1
urI Iri,, to lihtvit i

the cousini. "6llal slie
F frttIer nnd fatter"
flfl. Il this," tmolt Mrs.
114' I l'i told ile Inlst
Luc1y sent home from
slie was nursing hlier
silk wAilt luielo, Annto

re izod o lli;nlti 't iot iy inetiurs,
a*- a t2 kt. & I ..&

t~i. t,, --, -Iol
R Costa It. VIct n om Many A LDtlar
anti Many a PLau.
Is It not li fact that en rc'ally spend
ln tr.atitig ZtImouflts that they would
hlsjitjtj> tO gIive tsRtAy uO 'matter ho.*.
dk.'rvilt tehe c 4hairity? It Isna trait or
?i:lsik ctlurartctt:- that smuea trknigli
tILil u ;H li)bsurlbiitg 1 iSp>.(Sitloi to *'hol
yoar &.tnid up1' WI.Ithll with1 It frkn. I-aHuu-
(lt'Ht of Ixtr'!J ti:ke (iois:i its. of ilrinks
tlt, tliy d( lit)t 1Ai nt. ilJ &ta c 't tgtniiin-t
.tihLtdrI [,iy ftor zLx)us:ltts llhat tIre nut

ijwr o, 0 Ii&atbt, 21i1 'pilz < a4y:' "M.LNtighlt3y
glad to -'e Yon. Ipt's have SomIe#thing."
N',itizr gctfritlr y ne(lds or even wttnt
a drink, Paulu i 1inkn1n v1W1 ot0eOrs It
N%.:Iits to lhw Il- ll:it I t. ggtlormt lrs. lit'
t.VoK(s thiks i:.>;ti,1 Jr I'r(ovingII ttatt hle Is
jh.ljl to ini-'t l iLs fril'til. 'Thie frie d
iitf ,'r lihi' ii:ts til|u1 tile tlriik tali t lie
did 11 ot wtnI, tO i pr've thtit hle, too() is
, gcioil 1it'l)..V, iIiNsist4 l[p)Onl It sti_('(PItI
ro(I g AI. 't, 6s
JI]p ((I'.ri*::n [ ('1, t L n, tikhi it dr[i l Inl fui, U' ki ti i ^.tu rjjtj if h r,(1 JtI1Yl lnt A mrflIt

,l;a wi;v))I Ill |rov a lilb.lsilg. The Anlmer-
Ic..1t1 Cl1(lli of(1 it,:titlg b4 (lecidtily ft
C('tINI,, \V\Iu twi lod( .t-fr frIeidsIlt1lt*
4iki1 l i t% uw;s iliny 1i 1 !irllar and iilly
a Iat1I--h -SlriiigtlchlI! l1i3Llfl't

Confedleratet Flniftfa
.., Cs-feIq 'lerggt ] Paingl.
Iiri ;,i,-r, 14;I S tli &?out lofederate cou-
Srt'sqs 1iei)(f us the ntlonmientl mbli*
thie IslIth ;iiicl ni'xrs." It wIs tmade U)
oe tltiitt! ,tti'i:'.Otlt l )rB of red, whittt
t11l 14r411, wii'h a) blueL union In the upper
l4ft liu:,il ((onfIbr, on w0 which were dIs-
I;1iyoiv tlirtt,'i1 1'itIte st0rs In 1 circle,
tliugq giving tlho lilstori(: ri-d, white imid
t1lI(, whImioIh tricolor nIpperted In all
tL, o si0118.totihe a rsllili
rrliClO rtst'iilIj-niee of tihls to the stun-
arlt stlpi'Mit lld to colfusloii, Unlstaki.a
aziil los of rlf^ nt the battle of Mn-
ftlqsils, n!nl S l(i't1ly it rttbr flint lCttlon 1an-
othier tl~ig wts born jo tlteCoztfederacy,
in September, 18G(.
Tlirj battle flag wyas tlem ndopted.
This, in tlu' Iiiriiiit;p' ut tuiruildry, wns
a r w1ilH n inrrow !o(niar of wMhite, .n
wlviclci wI:R'E' (1L!sJiiy,"d tlilrti'ett white
slirs--iti othrr ,Vli'tdS, i bluo St. An-

.4.8-~ ~ S WU~ .- ~ ..t-I ~ .~* .. r 'yjn ~ .~ .y-. ~ i~I~~d**.*qISI ~ ~ 4r~f baj.,J.~...F. ~- '- 2.
-U- ~ "-~~iL-',*'ft~.A ~

hbstracts of Title and full iinformatltetn furnirhed r,,t ntsing land*.
& & - -. 4 1 1 .t S -

t-- U














l--. '..,


; i
'I' 'r.:".

w ;' '' r '- 9.
I'.A "" ,' L4,

4 4Mk Lj y I J % ". '
~ ~ ~ll } *,;:*; ,' i** ** '.-
.. .._' .

";i y -". eS-- *M- 0 W O ,:

i!:i ^ i ^ ^. i + n..::+ JI .
I. 4* r I* or

1 t
-A U,:. 4.-v+ ,_. .. "
i* W :...Tw.joe.-#- e ; SUn ..I
rf'lj ColuR pV-r.. p-uth t
L.,., 4df snt flurnmst. si.mnd I(
;. R.,*IM of .the W o.m. e.s1s
J .*.I) U4wfllbe lonss poot

P;. of teUti S dtap c.O

19'.. .. l, .J. I' ;'. : lu" .t h,

.5 +':.II i .. .
IF:j r k,*;" PO s( I U] ,"I
.,.''?,.,t+l~ Iee 1i r iI(I}*~ i
J t AU ,fleUfU .- 4theI wasnad

: PMftho osky.*erd res
!'-. ,,( ".. :.. ', : .'i ', = '' *i f. ^ f,. .' .-* .

-:. ,:.:, ;'., i hey^sh l ll broe, I

tha n;R4 4 Pani

iib;,+;: ;,..,:. ., .- nft .. ^ 00 ..
'.'* i",*..*i *' ".* ;' I, -:.- '. n .. '11 i r i i i
.: j,;.:; ';.''-, r,"': h th r W *, *""iVV si ^.1 notlt
,. -.LatWhI, ttlflmd #prbe i

..rei| re, 'L I t,'
; iy*-' p.. o I. Tn sol + U

*k6' 1 o' *
.. "' : J I .** *. .* : '

4: "i ,h:'::a4h eolu e,. tT notni

pei "thent wy.qUify "At
,. ..Would her owner-. have
1:,i, wee nohr oi
'J;i on .bntOoe mna thed
'. i9...i* SJ.. t.O Mflee .t I l l 0Ifone I

..L peswsruJd Qerp i thse bute
$eh: hed-. been ki114d.
F yh *10oto.QQ fOtI nollhudli

lnr6lg *aqv aidth a applha
*iIf OfI I mU Ba
~~if 'I andII4I peirl the o
~t h 'Wfen Ther wiy as noth

found It neaessarv to wi

.,. v 3 it.. r t, L r -'" I I *
..+'/.,,I L-- I. "" ,, t r n : 1 I IP. '"' I -. I r I.- ,' .
r, . '*'~
III"' [1"I=irl;L- . n.' ., '4 J j- r ,-I '- I
9 -'., 'I. ,
-IIL I-- J J I *** II I I I

..** .-1" rR E QO.tS A R- G W. E..
I*1+- ^ .. ITH _Re O* OR AN wIn*REPO. I

4i ', Mr r jrfjo It *e reply to a ree t
LC*iliy 5.... .r. en .rwiuon B.Ree"w4.!
.%0. .-.,. 1 ,.ith. e Tsz-U pa
11wa cny : 1t Q5 'S t 'mB 10A itself &lh@tUt.s
I ..Cl. ....P:.f'r~d.. sib!i U ,""]+' Dotv|. 99' ~ p
^.''-"^,rnor,,s.imo lb U e ond StatesB ietor
,3S,0 ,M To1llfer(o0r re eieetoion. The Com-
.a A..10
S ^s e o l ay. I ;W I** *;* .'* **;;. *1
.. '.eThe Mia4luon Recodeor 'Is. against
fl 6nt .tokt. W. ,avi .for governor, be.
minnx .,Ion .irt. lUtt0.t 4i 'Ifrald of a return to cor-
1t*, Ste wserr-- Ortate:conatrolI whatever that means.,
ln.... ..-..,.-.- r, 'cannot -forget the years he was
OlUmnn, 1w 00 Cfl connected with the Plant System.' It
.-,esoh. ,s filled with fear. and mlsgivingw.
lnD# $nw lits mind is woefu1ay dlstreused. But
_-__"_' ._. a"- :*,.1 why.Shouldit worryX o? Why take allt
l6) an ett-.p&age,. the weiht of responsibility upon its
ibe" eve..4 MoWnr shoulders?' Afterall,tthe people, the
IOnt i~gtheoe LI~a tbcI .....e"
3 .te=eIa ,, whlt' Intelligent Demoertio vqterw
;3.,.. u, f will-settle the msnatter, and as Wob
r QMi4s-fr'i.OO Davis is 'their choice ior governor, the
" ". 1Recorder should not complain; If Bob
. i____________'. Recorder 5h00 4 n "
,. due atW firstavis is good, enough for them, it'
t-vtn)othrwmi0 o4ghtto beeantafled. Another thiog:
a sA-4 .-knWon to iThu people are not scared like they!
awSnu-h 1 use d tobeaboAt thi bugaboo 'oorpor-
tAvThYSUM.i t late omtrol,'. Became some of the.
"beis. ibt men, the ablest mei in the State
.B 7_hI ..have been in tho employ of the rM1-
is Phlilad l ph lat .
is. hiad pba roads is noreaeon why theyshouldnot
e00 a oa b U sed by their fellow country-
toavod ,,* mn In admibisterlng the affairs of
____ State, For. Instance* because Jament
L.-,o bn P. Tallaferro,. .U-nited4 States senattor,
the buy"nlnB or b"
S te .,s "i" .has the Aupport' of the wealthy and ln-
ngtate "lBftt.ttluentia. men, large property-holders
ng 01t. ;-OT. l taxzpj ters i Ahi0 t ctndidaoy for thhe
woes for ire Smte, Is no reI0Son why he should be
vWI}fled and abused. Mr.,Taliaferro Il
, u he t Ranhoneitman. RHe is oauable and
so don .. -coeefuL. Hecamo out of the ranks
roreve thao'kn of the Oontederate army a poor boy
rand mMde his rStart in life carrying
I rogh ridern slab wood In Florida saw mill. and
handling saw logs. He is and always
-r )isbeeu a&worklugtnan, azd to his et-

it. tbaB ,t ,ow forts is Florid largely Indebted for
3 ,* N for her. presentL prosperity and prestige
propoau'do he
propo.d the Beoause he has been successful is no:
whbt amount reason whiy hle should be barred from
valued Mer If hoswrs that may be conferred by his
)y a raiIrod fellow-country nen. u J. R
jse. "Parrott t hit ieigIIbOL and friend, is
tIddeolare war,- ? ,tf"W s should npt receive
~we, Ibrf.rL1PpOrtta h. work In the Senate has
o i d, it1,* nt bemi practIcAIl He has been instru-
l" rUn *e."ry I.neital In securing appropriation. for
orqratelnmw Florida and he brought back from
dforthisttlle Washington $700,00 o due the State,
Sto slaughter tle-roesult of thle effective work thero
Daytonahe have himself and lhis colleagues, Men
wse war 'n4on. e DavIs and Taliaferrto are no.t to be

fl,,j' ..'Vf 'I' '' ". : .,ir-"l.::""-rirrI,,I "!:; i'.p.. s .-," i" I ;" I I"
.. .

T rI "r. i p iriAI
-r-7 11a4L
"i *t0 IDJ
II~~~~~~~~~-V L ,"i iI
., .. --- .. -- --J .. .:..
6 o' ." P I_

* .' ". +ii *
The ."Atanta institutionon. says the
rid at btold
-~~s, re .6 _,-~ 3 1t$e
I '.. .. i .,

,old to the u ountoun of
ve.. at ,al e ,last week,
.t *hle that reqlon is not
ubslc attention o much. a
is still keeping busy.

ocoupyrlg p
fotrmerly, it

. ,""I F
A Montgomery0 county,, MtIssouri,
citizen went fishing on Suofday, suiys
the Atlanta Oonstitution, 4nd.-t s bit-
ten iby. a rattesnake. Their warning
would have been A terrible one had not
She pUnful mxan had a bottle of booze
wit n eas y reach. He applied the
antidote arid went home joyosifly in
the glooming with a long string of
fish. _______,'
...- II h n---n--
SThe. Pennsylvanis terminal to be
erected in Manhattan will be the -big-
gelt rTflroad t stlon in the World, with
acco0nmodations- for handling 200,006
as en ir a- day, or about 70,000,000
or 80,6"b000, .;a year. From sixty to
ninety train will enter and leave It
hourly. The, tunnels will be lighted
apdt..lins moved. through : themtn by
S... -: --,;.
Therq are V,$48,165 depositors who
. have :coeounte with thepost ir.and pti-
n .vte Rsvngs banks of England,. Their
.aecamulatlous amount to $970,678,048.
In the'Stale of New York,.alone, there
are 1J 59804 depositors of this same
class and their credits amount to
$1,077,8980,000. -Surely it isn.' difficult
to tell'whloh i really the most prose
perous people.
sI a
The Taw pa Times uses strong lan"
gage in referring to the parties who
concocted a scheme to have Sheriff
Lesley removed from otie. IIt says:
'It appears that the gang of political
highwaymen who concooted that
scheme to rob Sheriff Lesley of his of-
floe have decided' to give up the at-
tempt. Such a storm of indignation
was arouMed that they feared o face
it. The political history. of Florida
doeg, not contain a more diabolical plot,
oven'durlng the days that the carpet-
baggers overrtin the State., This is
conceded by even the fair-minded inen
ainonig the sheriff's political oJpo-
z 1en t '." *

Cures Sciatica.
Rev. VW. L. Riley, L. L. D., Cuba,
New York, writes;: "After fifteen
days of excruciating pain from aiclatic

I ^^^^^^ I.^"^*^.,* ( ZE -f*if
'No 4iSeas causes so much t61
Uzema. Beginning often with a
spreads, follodwd 'by pustule8 or b
oozes which dries and scales off of i
pears on different arts of te body
fegs and face, ands is af ,.
veritable torm en t iat de of'
times, especially at "
bight or when over- .

The cause of Ecze- |k
ma is a too acid and li
general unhealthy con-
dition of the blood.
The terrifying itching
and burning is pro-.*
duced by the overflow +tation
through the glands and
pores of the skin of the fiery poisc
Ioglded. 'V
washes, soa
cooling the:
touch the i
does, and r
thin acid blood and cleanses and I
akin clears off and Eczenma with all
Send for our free book on the
medical advice. prE SW

t MI.-" I

Florida Ea



- -a------ C ~ EX i




Ad 0
* 4'




: Si
li !,

'a Oip

of is
S 15

sA 24 ,.
*s I 5op
t 9q 60 a4
++o 10 !

.12 15 a
f it 4
t Sl 01.

s 1 49 a'
38 48a
US 49t'5 a
t4 ( Oa

It 4 flRs
' TwOOa

No. 29

9 40
'tIn 98 9
10 Do A
Fill 28B
all 42a

-I -U l 1-'

at p

I piO

B Sp

a p

iI p



t I I *
U4 .i
Sk p

A, r ,
LyV,, t.qk

A r;, i.,
1.T r i


. ....we..a.a..J
4, ,.^,, .+,.B
C ,,,,,,,,,C as,
Sit IE t t*s 9i U

-r.-- --


S I C U U S S S 4 5 S 5
F.- F~SS99J*SC*U

. .. ,...... mim
, ,,.. ,.,..; 8lB


L w... U 0.-..ha s e

otoodb4Ilv + al go4PiIil
M o 0 C S oW Uso a 0 0 0 DO& 0 og Ua
4 4**g I 0 a ig 00*9ge P
wm *uw~bs11* o0eFgequ0 9O' S4p N M
wa 0 eeMs c eee9 9 m eee VnIV
0 9 M US* Is 6 03

' C muaineuES ge 4Jpgumeet
, 0 a 0 IFC 9 4bS a 0g0e* q 0 s &e 1
q 4*IN S ininSU, S at** Uet we
9 i a q p p Sl q 0 a q I w pI
l,... ** RI
S *wCW Cuee*sbeb**eae*
* 0 J*vcrW*>W

4 t *6 0 a 0 aote
I _. I j *. i. ..... I
U t I U 4 4 p t*
I d I9.pa4 bb Mip ..IF t.%U0
A r 1 I S U p p p p a0 p


I I* 1
1 -I 1 j -;j
's? '.. I /I2 4.t!



. "__ _____---- : ... .. .....



.- m =.


F ~I ~r ~

LI itt I, %4t~;*~~ft *?~~' I ~ ~2~''*
I ** E1~ ;.I~ I. *r* I
4**. *1 g*~ j*~j,
F.. -I I~ '" 0
~ I ~
I ~
______ I

K*' '

, .


1. 1


..- -* ':*i'."-, % '.. .I.["* b i% I. ..*...-' : '. w w i
*. *** *L *l *,- ^ *qJ1. 1 ** *, I- -.
I .-* :*,*:, .*" :2 i : .

PlayS QGood J1 Wednesday but
MI tdt. Down the Pets.
I *: .p
' '

oaiinovi1 Played' a Good, Snappy
Garne And From Beginning to End
Kept the Soutth Florida Aggregation
-Gueslgh-cMYtfor Valdosta.

Gairesvjile is to the good proper for
the pastI twofdays when it collies to
basebaU, tJfor theji have sent the Crabs
to a place; which 13 warmer tIhan the
city from whence they came.
It wis expected that the .oys froim
South Florida, would make ni excel-
lent show, possibly defeating tle l\t'ts
by a small 'score yesterday, but thi
local fans are delighted tlIat Ci tilis
did not. tarn out as they expected.
Being the fastest' thing 'rainilja could
put inthe box, and judging froni hiis
own confidence, Gainesvil1 feltL wvak
in thekuees before the game, but tit'
swift, snappy playing of tlu lPets Sooii
oonvincvduthen that tho Crabs wer.
not "pp warm" after all.
The game. however, VW'aS a swiftI
snappy one from start to ini it onl botlI,
sides. The Tampa boyti pIiyed ni1ich
better than the day before, aisd alto-
gether the contest may be recorded as
one of the best ever &eein oe it 4,liies-C
ville diAmniond.
The game was called shortly before
4 o'clock with the Pets lit tht hat.
The home boys never slnIled tIit HfrAt
bag, but In their half of the first Trixi-
pt. managed to squeeze in a run, whiic
put the Pets down to real busiitss.
Notwithitanding, however, .that they
played as, good ball as possible, they
suffered three goose-eggs in succesiioi,
but managed to shut thie visitors out
also;*In the fourth thej ltts tiaitu
good I r one run, witich eiicouragedl
every ody in the game. Tih rtst wUa

easy; tor with the elicouirmmgem ntr o f
the ."rooters," tLhey broughLt in fLour
;Ait 1*b41he fourth--and thie game wits
The score ran as follows:
Gainesville..... 0 0 0 1 4 0 0 0-5
Tampt,,. FE. 1 0 O I ) o 0-3
Batteries-Tampa, ()Childs aid Brun-
301); Gainesville, White anid Streety.
One of the prettiest plays ini thel
game was a long, ruiniiig catch in the
rilht field hv Moses. It liarn-'rie( iust

1* a ~

a'.i7 ,


.' ., .". .* -. '., ; ". ._ '' 11 ^ ....\ .** :/ ..
"' '- ". :; 7 ";;;"' r^ ^ r ? -^ *. ,** ,- :
I h 1 3

r I '

~~I-~-ffi ~- 4 -

one M~nHas ,ev.
Bdw e Vtnge, to BCutt HIs ca
to Ii.f Shirt Sbnve.
"'r e t atd how did you lose your
left iariii?"'
'"iC'ive y>;tinst rga- I 9V2s working In a
retI'IIyTMii gol tily tirn tiallibght In somo

t):i1 i.(itr r i4lit rIn become iore
s rv i L,'I Ih 1.I )L1,,t) ; <4 t0 I .,ot..i- >I

wit I

a. I 1 '

)j p j }TI:

H 4f', li
nWv ^ ,
ci.'' [l." 1, ,
[1(1 U'( *
I ,'i ,.: 1
I j] t L ,
cnn r', '
,. '.,.,:

'1 I




, I

iI I .


t. .N.

I : 12i; 1
. I .'i ~'uil h
^ -; .ii. 1
I i*'!; :( l'4^

.. t 4 i, *
I I i

: I! i I '
" i Li
' I 'q- ; q ';
, ,
I ? .-: ~


hin I 1

t114 t ; To r :f ; .'
Si T 1-r -I -
l l I. '
'-T "T ^^ 1

I )LP Vt L q
EiEt ,b : ,



I '

' fi^



I: :'.

TI,- ~;F'~f ~ 7''
.. ~

flQ '^^ '/' *^ : p A^ W Fm;; th.. .
I, .l. -: ". l~f t'rA.?" ~ .I ('...l.,.'., ., ; ./% '. -. .. rIJ i i',rn : I :% ."*,:.~. *'. "!11 '* ? ;*: *I." *: *
,:9. # ;..t .. + 4..I-. : .. ,,.;J j ,. . j .. *,, .. I ,, .. . .
'" j. 1 A.'" 'I J d "1 .V: ;'' q' .
r '"'I

fitBEDAUXLY 2:,1903
'. 1 ."

-- A -

% r-- ~ -..- -I-

I ~
. I J* '*

*"' ""

I N I Ii it1 V .. i.

ltiost n1nythilng
lis-t'4so lsis vt i i
in (jt(h ..jgjg tl3y.'
.. I V I '1till t<(,
Z-fl:Ittd ttllt, put
;' Sltirt; : i fztcti ,
E !zIt :ti wtfit!! a

' l;iiilst'
.5' f l iv m n

, 'tu'y Fv rl( ttiI

i ', .'. t^if, hl lti~ 1
V' *F C ;! 1 ho\ do ^J~

' h-I( (t i4. I"t)1
.' p' [ 4' y n n < ,
4" 4 <.i' LiI 'L l y I 3

S I : 'I i I

C. .lV:"\ j;1

q !q

I t^i 't

, '. i '
\,)1 o *';':"

I ItIi( i P O'"V n <' 1

befy >til il).'."
''\1'by. C Iut the
foist 0ill fll, IT1tlti
And Iever.- Ilimilid

i-n1 li,'i

J1~1t'h I
Nvev -:.

I*!~~ ~1 Vj

>1 1 I ,,.


-- 4'

Ill^ ,


.v !fi


*' i

b: r|,a

Caruse of Yatawilnn.
Yawi'iing Is e oitnoily caused by a
te1inotrairy (It tIlotily of teIo air sup-
ply Ini thle iiigs. \Vlien I the body Is
Wt';rxy Willti hlnrd ni1d continuous work
or iwiitil sttudy, [ItsItudo fronm the ef-
fecL't (ifc tlose, leavy air or intense beat,
or 1i'prlhIms from thio peculiar ktate of
tthe 11o4ltl. tlio respiratory process Is
SomfbtiuIl Involuitarlly stayed for a
ftew iimetini!ts. T l( CotUipilanto for this
Stoppage of brehlklhingi nature steps In
to tltie rescue anmil sets up a sptismodle-
fl(tifi I II the unusclfi of thlo e fouth,
tbt'oat anid cilest, which produces a
dei'p itiH)Iration whicli takes the form
of k y3kwui.

An Old Chareh Kanooker.
Th<1 grotesque knocker on th0e Nnc-
tunry door of Dtirhliam cathedral,
wI li k ibeari a rmther distinct resem"
blantci to a lionu, Is paid to be of the
tw Itli (-untuiry, The hollows for the
eyes itiy have been formtnerly filled
with cryttali or enantel, or, as It had
bieni suggested. the open eyeu may
have Ibet'n contrived to emit ligffbt from
within tihe oditrch, so as to guide the
lhiiIPlss M ltig seeking sanctuary by
nighlit to tlthet wileotme haven of safety.
-Chauiabers' Journal.,d





InII til



ill int
|litl ,Ji11

* ,

Otil i' ttb

[n!Itf. r hrti' rn i f t

cmiis or MARCU S>L 0 t 00d t.l>l 10 .

dl ~I.1
iNaiute v. -Pilt, F i st. -.!

.inI I 9v

to dross .

LtIlngly to)

D I)E!. I


r Io i'tt'ttcnigr MNI .t

j (Cmi!rt :
A ll il, ll who with
will will gi l tii






S ".

A I .

Ii 1

R i. I"q.

PII ,f ida


" 1

V. I%
.1rF.. *2 ~rj

F .T .' ."., -F_- -.-hI, ,-,' ..,W A Y'....-
h ., -' ; .I *I"p I :q",=: ."I
In I t ~ r.. Li" r. ik ~ ~ s d. .. .. . .. .., ... .. ... 9
L &., b *S i I 7j I *. 0 I
J.1 -.JAI *r*I
VhL& yQu)~4ljp2;193K

re *r r' *
# ,. ., 'up-W', ""-.: L -

~ *1 ~

' ;

***: J *I i

pt work p
*"n:,., '.a, as

h P
M"41 a

d r and oow a04
.-. dbalippea wheti tW*k
S nqWy*i_ am out of ord
-,. Kidnsy trouble :ih

1 ijihat tt tIns f l n I
... I hU4l to !MI
atf aed *Jtb.Wnk ai
-' aDfl, If thi Cbi)d .W
*:ets toe U'vf-L W '6
. m0-r x, VI
,"s:::' w, ,,: ,

.j IWMAON* S N'cOWgT .,
I"* f r. p'' i i i i i
Two C'A Br*pu*ht BefoOte His Honor
S. Y4stirda but BOth Continued.
i : '-.- *
There were two casem -broutight before
i His Honor Judge ..Mason yesterday,
hi- but both were continued.
WQ ,.The flirt, eae calied.'wa thst 'of the
oa States. FIBM.- KIrby of dewberry,
o concealed weapons, Which wOas con-
Stinued on mowton of Col. Robi E. Da-
2$ vi., attorney for the defense, who
t gstatMd that the defense was not ready,
a This ease will come up for hearing An-


Ired cnadtu**, of tb
ar not to a habit i
I : J .
r Mnd... bad4p ,rou b
p ^A< .a re dy
I imm ordet. effect 0
i ,. r aa. It B.sold
lII&;d#W..fl'S~lfi ,.

is ab1 flout It, InolidlI
tho.dunds of tntIrnmnia
from euffnera poured. 4Inj)
8- C08.. BlnShsmton. N.
' mi mn tb6n .ar r. .

Km~f> r. at||^~o
1% iLm y of the
lettem. =rolved
*itng V .r Klmer
Yo, a urn and

P ea W- uv Arooi.Xtakev but rewema
tr*B the flU0. SwavpRoqt, Dr. Kl-
AWN ''.. .P a...-n ... .m W .- +. ,,. ., ,
*are,, ap44the0dres.
.*1 UVS" wQ ora tb othe. ,. t.o QvY bottle.
Ill ..4tA 1 .'ft ter eenventtg tue th/ -en. .L....... -TI' ....*': .. ..
-lfI f.tFt4 out ofrte'.ct to -tbe ;/ AS A .-
t7. ot ce Lrmpklnu. .Afte OD JOB.
..the'rqa.tua aoMrl upmes e.r ., W, .Ky.ft .Thw CiOty Has Assilgn-
;a ae Josni Ao Ky s- '. ih .
a.l TfllSat reeeve thVW mont With a Oireus.
4.. O 8a* rec tvod. Then tbi "I '
i' VtA6fl'exOuttve. ansoon of abUout I 1. W4 Keys, i;ormerly a printer on
I^ [ites' clu 4rattI4 t admit of the The Sun staff tbut who 'afterwards as-
4 ...fre. ith.- se;8at, of the gover- O*Ertainoed tha0 ohe could devour molten
k.o lzot1ttont. As .eomn gs-. the lesadwithas much relihh 'a hie would a
"tttve seIsNtO concluded Senator dib of toe oream, writes now that he
:=wa rea;nixed 4 'He prosont-
1 ...." .was .-re.o..s.o le pro0 ont hsspIred with the Southwestern Oir,
ir,-othe :expreastng the, deej j|* Oomnpary of Texas, and that he
.AD0 ne K tao, at tVis 4.u h 4fh_;Y_,, '_
,nnr-e. at te *dtfp.. lh an eltoelent and lucrative posi-
.:svrlnaElhod jtt,1*t and moving tii. _. .q" ,
0 i it ( tjpsu meT.t I A a trib9t ..
yi"'Ior' -T'iu aa. a tlb .t / .. r, .eys demotnse ted before ]eav-
m Y was .unuuftuou S -.
^od md tht rnetmt was, ngGainesville that he had mastered
"V.tortdltr the art of a ttret-olasm ftre-eater, hay-
:,.ZI.-:-- .. I -Mng given seVeral private exhibitions.
4j,9 RimsrksbI Cure of W"arrbon, Him power to handle the red hot metal
A) $;$AboutsIt yOrS tgo. tcr' the fitPr.
IK'" tit B sdomecthing w6ndarful,* ad we do not
.It% z-e n a smtalen and ..-
J .. _.#..,.lie ha a ..idenand doubt that he will make a big success
nnftk-ufdl ays Mrs.q
,WI StaI .r.t .oa s ir./n ) is new-profeislom.'
i.illet, of Morgan To'ex, T ei. nw proteaii.
:Nit4,orsry Ioilet b-n 1ame back/ Mr. Key. states In hi. letter that the
t..s 10ot and atan, and for sIx log' yers osr company is a now one, but that it has
.av* suffered-more misery and .agony strong fnianolal backing, and is in the
hsn i0Un,. tel ..-twas wo hz
4> .SQ. *.nt- It- wa_- won .th business on a big soale, bidding fair -to
iseath.. My hueo and tpent hiunidreds- of -grea
I^r*lk& ti.for e*lIan* ;rscI, tipttna equalothegreat Barnum and JohnRobs
-I.r'fLdttea'Len wichaut avail. 1b atB51 shows. The attraction expeets

gust i p,

The case of'taste v J. B. Matti
the eiialnesr nn the Scitbanrd Air L


whom it, i alleged shot and. merionasJy
wounded Obnductor Sirngtetary of the
sane system asfew weeks ago, was albo
aohtiinue4, Awaiting thio result of the
Sounds .,-on the plaintiffs. Evans
Halle of this 6isy 1a representing the
defendant. Conductor Singletary id
yet confined 'tp his. room, and-b hi.
wound is considered serious,. Engi-
neer Mattair Is also carrying his right
band In a sllignR. from the effect of a
Wound which the defendant declares
he Infileted upo' himself. This trial
will be a preliminary ono, and will be
held August lit. if the plaintiff is in a
Scondition to attend thetrial.
Saved From Terrible Death.
The family of Mrs. i. L,. Bobbitt of
Bargerton, Teun.' saw her dying llnd
were powerless, t leave her. The most
skillful physloint and every remedy
used, "aed. while e0onsumption was
lowly but urey, taking hier life. In
this terrible hoirDr,. Kilig'sa ,New Dis-
covery for.ooAnnipbilon turned despair
Into joy. Therftir bottle brought iim-
mediate relief and its continued use
Completelybured her. It's the most
certain cure In t;be world for all throat
and lunag troubles,, Guaranteed bot-
tles 0o and *1. Trial bottles free at



Dade Ctl




I qaa 4,%.4 --. --- -
Murderer Ercapes and Can*
not Be Traced.
ty, Fla.,Jtaly 22.-Meager re

pjorts4 have been received here of the
killing of youig Aumtin Glllett of ]Bh
ron... lie wvas staying at the home of
h is brother-In-law, Leo e-lis, and. wet,
hbot. Pind killed by an unknown ase
:in through tho wluidow.
Dogs were secured and piut. on the
trail, but they trailed the party ,t
about one X4pin -ad- then- gave op Me
chase. Yoani Glileft had no enemies,
.n: It is .a mytry .wlky he was killed
in suol t brutal mafler.
S .4_. _- ... .=. =
All Druggists and Medicine Dealers
Will Buy It Back.

You asumai no risk when you buy
a A iA ai% i Ia


bqwels, but regular action cannot I
sccrdes enou&Ih bile to make .
execu their natural functions,
ural agtatIlon, caused by cathartics,
cotlInual m andA increasing doses tc
att..n ,p the results*


.- F

i i I .



trouble, w

by JhU




3w4 3. V, Bwr4 Arkansa MbthOCdlr Cmlt
w- kwr0 W-f 0 TE7INA ". Wewoindew h
4tm it aine&pachke. md It came at a mousOp
etna nto annd aot4tEDE nonitl
tzrt~ mad be 'u"'hno inter an
;upefatni. _____






V" ,
Dupont East



0J o

Rapid Transit a
rTime Table

neparwFor (*1
83:40pm High t
SDaily u
12:87 pm mOaIla, tee
Daily inti
1 V

;:zop m

11i:40 am

3:25p m


raiaKLa, I
High Sp rings, Wa
Albany, Atlanta,


3 :&Oar
ex. Suit.ay

Interchangeable Mileage Tir4
cipal railways in the Southternt St
Through Pullman sitel er Por
Line- also vi4 Atlantic Const Lin
p For complete Information-, ca
J, A. aC

, L -'si



J.. -

-I .


'"' I "" r 1 ...
I'. y -^ --__ ____ P^n;l+,l .... -', ."+ "' ji+..^^i'^'i.
A L Ali
-S tm,

condition, in shortest timtne, aid at low-
est rates.
In no part of the country is tlhert a
greater abundance of gaiie and listi
than on this line.
Northern farmers art, inivitctl to
write for information in detail lhl)It
the territory of the Atlantic Coat

4 Cholera Infantum.
Thi has loug been regardedi ns oiwt
of th most dangerous awl( fatal lis-
esnWa,0.which initfauts are st bjec tL t
Scan be ourkd, however, when properly
treated. All that is necessary is to
giie Ohamberluin's Colic, Chiolera adi
Diarrhoea Remedy and castor oil, as
directed with each bottle, al it a urt
Is certain. For salo by all drtiggisL

I *o

4. &;Offeru One Way
S:' '"...* C~^ieameekers.
". I *i' fr-'QL ne RI a i I road
Comin p,'pate i o .e way
:" *.a Oe^SSo ,,,,M sa
w y eiut,,.
*ip$ wr 46 $$RS iCinaati, 0.
XLoijin yj^ ^ E asviUe, hid., i'a-
p ip
d' 0" -.St. LotiIs,.
anld 'I* 1 h41A0*11; o in mntsing ratis
, rom;3**VtZ'Tean, (tickets inot tit
be .M I :jI.'i 'Mirmphis proper), for
pointQit4 0o. tbhof the line of tier
'riasoo: *ywkiir (Memphih to Kainsas
OCity),..0"tothVUfowing poit,!s in Filre
ida, .QC EiiNlorth and South Ctair-
F oliniS H -Z Alabama located on thiH
TsysteW, tihe Cotfpa1iy formls
par$ of an atithorited ticketiig routes
at foJJ6Wing rates under cAnditictiis
Rate-Onie-halflof the titled a rd Olu..
way fare, plus $2.00.
SDatea :of alale--Mare]i 3 and 17, X1003 1
AprilARdtl,,1903; May 5 and tr
1o08; Sune:2 and 18, 1X03; Jiuly 7 anid
21,1908; August 4 and 18, 19<*a; Sell-
temnber 1 arid 15, 1903; Oettber 6 and
20,1903 ; member 3 and 17, a.
Limiti-Coutinuous passage,
Oonditions-Contract atId altcm i ,l-
p ot of tiokets.sto be faced "sceoiit-
olass, not good in parlor or slitpiL1g
Here are some of the staple le cropM of
thie different sect ion as of tis territory :
All vegetabler and small frmts,
poaches, pepre, grapes, figs, or:tiges,
pinUePppIeB, grapefruit, wat rineloiis,
citrus and other fruits, wiveat, Curl,
oats and other araine, tobacco, cotton,
poanubt, hay, rice.
The policy of the Atlatiivi Cto:tst .ilo
is to foWter all developnwevts alnig its
It claims that it is t/he grteast
.tracking road in America, and it p)rV-
vides every facility for gottLing fariti,
garden and orchid products t.1 t lt
northern markets it thu best itossiiltl

pill('t upon
W. JcLhkgO!i1

the pyre.-P1rofessor
in 'L ravetor.



1V ~ .R'pfl~a ~ib HBHlR' c ^^^*UjJI4.. "^

i l^'Tr t -'rf :*" /L i& '" 1 '' : '.:,
FEc L I, ** I]*l' t ; t "
1 .. '
I -. .

jMSumoworeto k*,Or& AleAmer 4.
I Over finn a 0b" o~zu..,rn.
Qown andUBMW* iworkL
Phoi&to tO- -I^

Do It Gractou~rln0 ot blakofc the
I .,feclet Peel. Couteijam jb*0
The essence oft truest kindness lies It
the grnce with which it is performedL
Bome men ecmu. t6o discount all gratit-
tilde, tx'joast ruaike it iupossIlble, by the
I Way iVl wit tey grtnit favors, The
Sii'kt,' )o ftet so stall, so meaii, so t I
teitor: yot)! C k, burix wih lIthiidtgua-
thi In Ie m See, at their Ia il(s. You fool It Is like
i l~iIC t IiX)l it t11(log Ugtisetid ao the
cjtii1cIo 41 tlititie grli lbf that
foi0r.talIs yvIJt, IXlmi'atliogas and
wtMA your thnks Xwitti a smile, the
pleastitr rf oti' trt,(11 i ho bits been fa.
VOtil witli ti' lOpportuiiity to be of
service to :tiitthr. lthe ii who
inlts aiiotti r foIt elie na tiisect re-"
S iti.: o it rt-llit stovo "vV lle lie ts
Ittot'hIl i. l Vlg favor li8 1o rlght to ex-
1e'ct fritiire gtnUtitide; lie sh would feel
siatiil i liVwe t'i-'ivts forg|yelness,
lIt S friLgt llito' good tltdtis Fwe have
dotll i, iiiAi g them Se.lil small h1
tOxl)lUp18'i)ml with the greater tRhikgs we
arI tlo[g a ti1 tht Bstill greater acts we
lhil' it tIlt. 'ltLij is true generosity anidl
will iilk\-% itI) ) gtrati ltti Ilk th.1e Stoul of'
liii" \"Ai( ti:ii IteTIn hielpeds unless hlie Is
so i'ttr-i[ itl iti sitlsbouis, a us to imlftte it
Iiipiiss(i +i uc. nt natflitLy ;evludiing
I n I:1or tof ti r avoras he lias recelvled
rrouti 31i ,11most cail(Sf the debt. The
Ci1r of thi' st:tiUtk(H should be his priv-
liego:; ynt1 iire titirpitig his prerogativo
wiiu11 you i'reuilltl iliN(l. 3I.&icly CeaitiSe
it hai 1&t'.i ouri' .;od t fortiine to hbe able
to strve stine o(Io we should not act
; if i&' l ie lat mortgage on hh. mi)nor-
tail ty midnil txp'th limi to wIlig the cen+
at- r of nii d ijtJori forever Ini our presence.
"-.7 FLol l'" I., ),%wur of Trutht'", by Wll-
L (t ii-i (-t orff jortn fIiihIllhed by

__ .--U" "_

GrtlGu.te Bftltfmof College Deikal Surnert
irew yemr' ewp .rlno in New York lity,
Crown, Xrktl Work at mnhir $peolwlta.
OmrrOm iXN IMSH BloCat. (UAUWIVU-11, 1LA

:rrXnucnun REPAIRWD
and MSf. New.
We: buy a t ell VQrNlIture, or eau oontraot
with you on thbe oomwlwoii bnd* Pauironame
soUeolted ands tfato ilw y.





J acksouvti le I

,1 Irida


T FT *-

*. I
. I'



. 1r lil .- U .4' SA3
C/.7 00IL


4 F

C I* p.




** I

I ^ ;:7


S _________________


-. I -.. I ~I --.P% .,% -d*. ---

W M. SCHTZLt Pr'oprletor,
182 V. Forsythi 4t., Jteklouville, FIS,
OppotltC PCu0tlce.

Wv ine,


place ill i
a id C(igiurs.




ivir END,

Juli-N MIUNI KS, PIlrleoritOr.
akll, \." H 1 JuacksouviUo,.

Faust hi,
fail to call .


nd draught ,Dont't
il JaosontVille


lpd- -L -No&* y I 1 I,[ w w


The b-.' )'qisnors in the city. Bunter.
tailnier i ,v try iihlt at tOOf o&oArden
I 1 i..t -*e ,rP q .. *... ..- .................".'_...... _.- "- ---- .... -....... .. ."'.-

IoflI,4q U41 for nmmAlurfl
as, rtilt/4 Ih 1 K", I it ItiItIIlk%016
f I rriltalttni tir ut.wrrlons
%04 1 of.II lIN .0. o 1tl I % abIt il l i ki *.
or.. IP .il.,t .. ShOd I hot aIltl,*.
tM L. gi,',i or lgsnmni ,
0 "o id ity nnumt.ti.
irc a e vint In pIlai wn iper,
v liv *2rrosR' proetpd I for
6 1St <1h. i'r U boIlk ip*021 .
.(<'iular uout Oil


lit---- Isd *W sw1 t R] It w irAI


To I
and the EAST.
The NORTH and WEST...
NMw eee Dse(ga
Pullman Cimr
Of A%% T rwemss

We A. Nu rM P. T, N.. Wui, emtnW. 0 C. I
1 Wa. H. TavsUa A. C

-Llk- ~ *" P" li Im wllr l a -. +. n.4.i-s Is-.m 1..f +Ol l



a, t U

RI.rr a m31



... .. -. -1,..... -,- '--
. a "O

Ill tlie Street* of Denarem.
Through at nltreib' street linedl with
fiehriHiit,, tt'bipllsI :in&l shops th e way
lends towrtid the sacred river. Hlero
lTit tlihere It Is uctersiLry to pick one'I
(ItL[)1. O(Jt of the first Blights to nt-
tr;ct tt ye its a (lt dead rat festering be-
foV&t tILt ( do)or of tl d wellIiig, nndi tliO
ruts itijh said first to have spread the
plzigii it ItI)lm)1ty. A luoimieut later o
(lirg'lltu cry breaks upo1 the ear. It
Is "'t0iiu, uaLii. *Itiiiii in memory of
the stiiit(ike prince of ancient x India.
Four [ eitirrs nre cnrryling a body to
he hu ted. So narrow Is the street
that It becoLsl necct.(,Siry to crowd
1i111Ck rig-iitist at t d' nuslinr. aIn!] tile? fI(' Is cov'ere(I. The
Spail Is sprinklefd with drops perliaps
of roiewoter. pt'rhaps of the sacred
tG in -gI's. p jLjis j. the pntl oft the dead.
No guiile I i'uid(ld except to follow ha
the Iiirryliig footsteps of tlloso who
We'TI c(irrryliig their corpse to IttH resting







.F tr rr r-:T7r- r
r! L-I 5 ~ *r 'i
I ~ >4~* I : .N *

7fY IT .*'7. ,, -.,.*-.. .1".. I

7 YlM^r ~; *ppebp .4.5- )4 itl
4t IL 3,I- 1.
,I4,, .- : ... -' ,..
4.J~AI Goi.;:

I ,i t.rTold In Short PParAphs
i n1 n .n 9 .
'Who' Re S 'rHo'Wbo RwnssMay Read'

i "0f11i1 has returned :fm-,a briefoi
S.' p; u n" .". 1'

Bt^^ ll to *tioikle,'i
,r..ryquick ,406 p 4 Irp
o Ain"1ig of. Csabilop wn-..o f
o e county capta yes-

f^^f~~wriiion of oamp~~twi h
di %I ?%S]t to J"ao so vI e t "'
i|yie|terday and -gmade The Soaft
|I *.. 2 r I. ,.
jgprDi:m0w of the' Now York L (ei
.. l ane. ompm A0 I0att the olty for
f W '. l- w. q'ul *r" *
W ga.'vr :. ^ ff. :. '. ... / 1*
) !3-' k 1j aWthen of aisOry e wa*. in
^^lie4AItyeto&ay to thee ooun m capital t-

^ j^ efi^ ,n(Sgteeable: 1],'ri.< *.'....., t:'
^J^:^>- Andrewxt. orel apoeu
J, t e 4pa otFo WI b..ow
., a .Uf, t ay.
.I # K, 4.. . .

.:. L I 8Mnison of OLamAp41k* wAs In. th.
1(A *tOda.t Heamdea The Sun an

lft .. ca. a re

(,. tSWelllng, fr t trees )Nd flowers,
B,,!Q,,jtOerfttY, Bargati, ealy term,.
"0e.. 'tf .i..

'l^0.Prry. Ratsey of Waoahootao
l' e4r fthe Boaohrd of Nworkty Oomt
Eto the omty ye-t rday' ... .
|,,,,......raer"Jumttce,. Tim. .Batle~y. of New-. ,
] ^ a" i, among. the &vitorhe to thtf
t*.At yesterdayy. He rep rt I things

,),rsnk Oau.hen of t4ague waS among
ggi.".$ ;Tlator9 tO thisl city yesterday. -Mr,.
..: ..,: annt mt;.. -Tb... P .9 aQw .
i~~~~ ,lt I '~n"cdhm~ta

.4tdo1Wttfor sheriff of Alachua county.
It Ab1iti1veI n an early, campaign.,
/H'bliJnQ.,. brown,' wIfe ad five children
Nt '6ky *Poin were vslots o to the
r 4 iy.?erday. % Dolph Ohfmberlain
0i.nAtWt dly rtmarkpd that r,
.FhIB/'i'' left iorp -than halt his

. O.1r Sam -liver try Ohamberlaln's


ArC ."H1~'~ :~ ,~

J ~I~ Ctax'.cei Tl j O-wen
': Son. ,

;, aMrt :,rip
ba r3.: fctpi elers~ned t Owe

howw in ~t^s 4r44rtyfrain a brief bat
,, ."' b .-' N o r l...' ...... .. ,b ...
::-if.ijh plmClsit to 1frlen4u t
XOS Wt4W* hao rem
tuir ipo4ta bow'ienth city. ,
,- ", '. *~i .r "- '"*' :i *"q-' -q q :

C ok 3 ... .. ,. 1
Q-dUIjamu has returned
fro' a 9l. t" itlp tq." W,. 1io, In the
ie40s o CiOUZt A$ Florids S Bemi nary
PfUJC ntR, liMit)z farnnied room for
9i0."ao upg V44PUp ir wk' al"nd upt
" o. .. at .e. .pply $rti House.
plea0; t.lm !t ',lrii a l. :. : .. .

G 0. M 0Legp ot oonant, oae of the en-
Mrpisng tru,-k.ra- and 4i.ronants of
thi .- f'aWelas In the. city on buthes
ye t nl y ... .", *'

yostnd sip,
I traveling tasaqrener Agept Stprke of
the Atlantic Cosat tine, with head-
ftluarfn- in JaakuonvalLe, Io In the city
on bu6.snes.
I SaaoUd kidneys *re safeRusard of
[ife, Make the kidneys ,healthy with
ol0ey's Kidney 4 ure, Sold by J. W.
*- *
.Retmeiber the exoautson toTampa
over the. SeaboardM Air Line Wednes-
*day, JulY 29. Ja" ,round trip, only
4$.25.; Tkets Jlmited to thee days.
Mrs, 3. W. Olark t Jacksondvlle Is
In the olty visiting her brother, Jap.
IDa'ii0. 8he cameI to attend the mar-
ifge. of her relative, Miss Mamie Wil-
*Wanted.-4 goo4 _swyer, an all-
roundd nan,". Must 'be compotent to
S*perte planing wmlehine. Oal! on or
a d.w. XLAP-ckett & Son, Newberry,
nina1 4^J it-- C& .... .

Mrs. L. J. Burkhim and children de-
parted yesterday for North Carolina,
where they expect to reniperate for
the remainder of the heated term.
Friends .wish them a pleasant sojourn.
R. Evtins, after a visit, of several
weeks to Baltimore and other .points,
has returned to his home in Evinston.
His friends will be gratiffed at the in-
formation tLhat his health is greatly
[Lmproved. Mr. Evine spent yesterday
among. his old friends in Gainesville.
Dr. J,u, Pierson, the denties, has
returned flom S proresriional vieit to
Williston, Montbrook and other points.
He reports a most excellent business,
and4 a prosperous condition of the peo-
ple of those sections. Dr. Piersan is
considered one of the most competent
dentists In the State and enjoys a most
lucrative practice.
Capt. George M. Lynch departed
yesterday for Khsimmee, where lie will
take the poltionwof Prof. Those. F. Mc-

Beath, principal of the Kissimmee
Summer Normnal, for an indefinite
period. Prof. McBeath has been called
to Webster, N. 0., on account of the
serious illness of one of his children.
It is to be hoped thnt the patient will
rapidly recover, apd that this eminent
teacher will be enabled to resume his
dutiestin a few days.
Jos. E. Waugh, formerly of this city
but now of Macou, after a pleasant
visit, trOhis family here, expects;to re-
turn to his duties today. Mr. Waugh
is nowlyolding, a Iuorttive position in
A- -A S -L. a t _f.


Fole-y,, Kidney Cure puriffle the
blood by sbrAining out impirlte5 and
.tone. .up. .the hole Istem,. Our.ea'
kidney and bladder troubles. Sold by
J. W. Co.,
J. P. IIH. Bell, one of th eoff ioent
clerks in the-GaIneville postofRoe, hasM
returned with his fanilyafter a pleas-
ant Outing covering a period of about
ten days in the vicinity of Cedar Key.
W. H. Tucker asnl H. F, Schlater of
Newberry were visitors to this city yea-
terday. They came on court business,
having beeja luummoned In, the cose of
$Eate vs. J. H. M, Kirby, concealed
30. BQ Geraftld, the clever and sue-
Oewiful representative of the New
Home Sewing Machine Company, de-
parted Seaterday for Tampa and other
points, where he goes in the interests

SVfU4Ii igw StB is i
the city on b$r$nes3 I
STampsPI. ,abpkha JOy 29. $2.25[
round trp, treu das. t. .
SMI.' 3.W flgue, aRd.1 daugbtert of
3K dr*i, ,T- i
Hflgw wire 84oppiog 41 the city 75-
tewday.. a r
Sheri! L~; Vfe'?nnell made a trier
pvofelioaal trip- to High Springs yea-
George Beak',of Rocky Point was
aLmo*) the viftltors co this city yes-
Mrs. F. B.. .Foye of High Springs
paued through the city yesterday en
route to Leesburg, where 8lie will viit
her husband.
ig SS.6orS Tacfter of Rochelle tre-
turned Vo her hornet yesterday after a
vpleasanp visit or several days to her
citeT, Mrs. flenj. Duke, in this city.
SMrs, M. E.Tinsley departed yester-
day for Seabretez, where she expects
to spend the remainder of thle heated
term. Her friends wish her a pleas-
ant anud healthful sojourn.


E. J. Baird's Big Mill at Santa Fe \
Begin, Operation in a Few Days.
E. 3. Baird, the orate and bas
manufacturer of this city, has decki
to go extensively into the manual
ture of lumber, and for- the pastI
months has been engaged in repair
a mill which he purchased at Santa
The pant has been thoroughly oi
hauled and improved, and in some
stances now and improved machine
installed. A letter from A. F. Sc
superintendent of the plant, sti
that the mill will be started wit
the next ten days or two week. It
one of the largest in that section,I
will give employment to a large 1nt
ber of hands, proving a great boi:
to Lhat section.
Mr. Scott is a competent mill a'
He was in. the emnploy of Mr. Bi
for twelve years consecutively, at(d
regarded as a valuable mai.
rf n-- "heuna
Treat Your Kidneys for Rheumati
W11011 Vnit CrA aiiffaorintu fmrrm ,4




'-.* -. .- ---. *11 i.4 : : r *. I .: .. Eb!Ie n .* k uI Eu, 1. ,* j I I j* *,.l ***. "* *i f t *' -t -.1 -- ; 1 | .:
Tam* ByReaosnIzbnr Good M
Tampa BO7S.. I
teril. SeCure-Four Qainesvllle Men.
The Tampa Crabs know a go!d thir
when they see It andas a onsequenC
Ishe 0 rfr*aJs* B& 4isbn4P4##
W mw itely signed fqfl rnembera oo ftit
titeajr-White, And*rson, PajRon ai
gRuhji. These gentlemen will lea
with the Crabs for Valdoata today, ai
the people of O ainesville may expe
to hear nothing but victory in futu
for The Crabs.
.--Whhe and' Anderson are excelli
al-round played's. They are go
either in the field or in the box, a'
are regarded a. safe batters, Ever
body has admired thR work of patti
son and Ruhlih, who have played j
most errorless games throughout t
season. The best wishes of the Gain(
vIkll fans go with them, and we f(
sure titat we voice the sentiments
the boys when we say that "Lthb
hearts are left behind.."

The Perfect Liver Medicine.
MrB. M. A. Jolley, Noble, 0.
writes: "I have used Herbine to
number of years, and can eheerfu
recommend it as the most pertf
liver medicine, and the greatest bli
purifier. It is a medicine of posit
merit, aud fully accomplishes.all tl
is claimed for It.",. Malaria canm
find a lodgement in the system wi
the liver is in perfect order, for one
its, functions is to prevent the abso
tion of fever-producing poisons. H
bline is a most efficient liver regulate
650e at Johnson Bros.

I k

I h ~
: .q ~
F. -

4 St
'J41L &p
~4I ~

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-~~y I I I ~ -; 5- .2: .-
q4 q ~- ~ ~ -4
\rt 4 S~ ~
'. S .
r~ F -a r C
I ~. ~ V,.1 t
I. I p -I
F- I ~ I ~ .~ I
\ I *. II 1*~ ~*~*
I I ~ J**'~j. *I*~, ~'
I ~. I. C *
1r .' I .. -a
'I *~ I. I I' I *~ I.~-. ~-:----'
.,I ~ I

I ~ .1 ~ -
r juI
L' ~

I~ I
% I
4,' '

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~- -

F, ._I "



t IcItl*
I .,.
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. 4 .' ;p '. .. 7, l.." : .. "t
F- .-.".- .
r~1i)~ ,tj aiq;~I Dit I

Pu ti r" 'W"" 'jIII0avyan Thursday
L ""0 1 !; 'Y 7",,,'. )L

- -.---------- -------- -- w- ~*'~1 r 'r '~C2r.~..C m ~ .'r ~ '

__________ 4 I.-.- . 1 .* *.. ~~ ~ :i. ~-- -~ar- F*s .. *!-~ ~ a- -'--s--i-. ~ -~---.-- ---L-----I-Lr0

.. ~ __ ____IA
S V 1J %kL
ON -Ts.

-.r --

r d-op--"-Wft

F~~~O .- r --- 45 a~ ?I -..-. .- p .1
iika. I
11. Af11 1fdrl

- --- -~ -- *1- -r~:--- ;--'-- r ~ r -~*.-r VL K 7-7 -7f~ ~*

I, ~ ~ ~ S~ *W .X *L~*I ~ : tSLti --~- -9 ~ ~ nfl ~ '~'~ i ~ k j*~ ~ ~ *' ~ -. .. .-~ 1

&il I 4 s -bt
I| U. U Ip",*4 LLi r. .;*, *"
,4It. ". ,. 4 4'A7 "

I ,J !t *..L. ..

-S-r ..-l:'.". \"'" "' .- %. '- I ,*
S %tetu Ctd W Ith Gmt0 t Po.p
I i^ Moat iwIernmsivGvow4dInelm
Mton Robt Wih VI
"9 ** '* "'.''f,^ .* i.." ,'"* "' ^ ^ '

n' .u,"u 9 -.dl Uitve of' Q Mournr, 'I /

^*flpiiMI nl 33-'nhist nx~roit Ib~pa
ti ^:.; (prauifdloo andta
h. ..,.p. ttmhsg priva te t

POWP Ltandd
!Ire.ol All th* oairM
j^^i^^.)*4znB, cumb~erin p
,,',.-.. wo~ to1Ic. ,aoe to
Jl. :^matiu of ttie 1lat eo ,IaSf
S. WIfIQJIlY pronotanoh .him 4fld.

^Hi* -a~dcJtwrlngo o the Holy
Ii"o-WurNh ,A M tow. ut a.ttd hip

4lp! jM_ &.Aflof t, A ep tno
1 I?..~ W 4on~~weed e 1tt0rl tIt.
4 4;...ll. clrnoa wt
O*i( 9oiltV4& indicate of -oV r -na.

I..In th Death CtIntIer
Wlt.n theii atih chatbem the .ydy
4.. .wlOte, vek over the If ,
t t durrouiiadea by lMaM40 Ia
"lniare. whil, outaide the *19,l
.i4nalILed a so =ua vIgUI.. flio
n '.hikn* wa. on.iy .bro.A,.., bY
S''-,-' + "4 I "


we w'-q--A.~ ~ p ~




- I I

ttli blood and h.ave re. Oed& O.W W 4t1isk offending All the. rper,, d hv ---:"--- -'-
iLomefts, or palooi oan, glAeI at, t*e. Mitered the protest would b io iUcoas', lANCM TAKES NO N
dfspomal trom the.t fiotter. In t4 ftii / ., -i, "
a lLaaa-- --At-- I %*--.A: il I M I i- -I-w i f'' a t I. t ]is IT ZSaitVn- i alml*M





,.,Il 1.,
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vw,-,J ,*

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*' *t

I --.~- il .U*fl. *..--~ a:.-~ .-. I



kr U-


M_ I IF' WMmh.



t* wq*/ S 0b l JACKSON Ky, _IN X
Hu dr.4a .rf ..., h..< <(|^ ... ---.

Itl 'j f+t 'l+"." '-.W :"Bt .:.!WI Incendiary FI "a. Ce f rt
lu y mi +.u !i ... ,. I '.l~-Ai ,, Lt m ._ _,
Ulyta Uab 'euidta, (w^^ e i^ M"'^ of mlnid Trouble"
gfl s nt SCIUFB
of 6I q o4 IM Jackson. Ky.. .July 2,-Th4
5w a .... k pn' t lull --' ^. -" ... t -; ,...,.., was M O- ,-.
:Wd of .- l" 10 Li : '!+ '

UxtVSUY .$'0 one '10.Of t4 ""44
ce t ...'-a.,-.L.<..t*O.n-40si : s ons morni,, by the cry or n"rt :l
I ia aw-pona mtr- L uw to J- .. '. .." .: .. hots fled by the provost gv
Uth .ati lst night, Immtdtatelzy ',.;. By Ob1a" Two details of treouB were
I t "opqr-'.q ,p qqS I, tnwn. The fire wts near t
ter..,-60A.,fthe, 40" [A o te o woe Mji' M ae ,v rr A euall houmo bokoaglug to l
ito Itbl* -,al t0untloG wtI thIntAoAl In fl4" ,tier Was burned. The peo
Stlb"ive thaRnoW s wICmunlcita.rtWiMSn 4 tc Wd of Ardlwmy exceed or tar tt wi
v.t owa fhralvea r'ln*, he un fICdeti 1' tMt6Ory Conduct In. Koret;*nd Man ttton of the 5Kwrn feud. Inv
vart& ovtr*Ign ruRlie ISt whlerC*vxI sow4 *Wr iicedlay
4uttes Xp&I secretary at'' *- .irl-itte Empire WI Eravy howed t wao ncendlr
"'BV :nla tb ^ oi* ,. ,.;. o .egro la iulpocted. q'n
havo beQ ._. 1 *eltortto Arms It Occaeon.ft ta egoiIcs. .I *p.d.,_ ,2..
.Wo" oUa nC the polit oa l ,- hunting 6r him. The
: F, . ,- ., I ..
whemw Cainatl OreolgliatIS. tMy bo.. VictoriA, B,. C, JQl- ,i Ged htaremln In the* aitwt he f enxr tfndraEWVah.M, wltiq"h' rljv d ry Coming and oooupled by.t
&Md o01$ 0 r over 18yfw..tsd th,., .ilZl^Q..Irou.t wews thftth4 a; i family. The Strigs are U
seretrv .t s.tateto scededtot. tMi..oetIig lin J3in. o4 a sto.a. tain the noted Stronzw-Armls Uet

qunp .-t VI.! -.Va ot Rome, (Mr4 :u. .I retrwheu the istoanet B t.l~i r- i'.c AVlbitt2 were all killedS Iall
Piteb'ot R'kag hab caused to ) Ib fl ti/e allege coaceSeiont tIeir y I, ltermnarrled intQ the Arnni f(
~. 4 kc ?. ," "':'''-i !

ttrhod to the dore a ot the elzurchn it, ChinosB sovennment to Rii*4a. Tipe to.k up th feud for sever)
siKt hnamosent o tbe dGnt, of poX.lncrnlng excitement oref .tiero pa terwardsfea
leOO .with ,lntnwtlons r~eg ng ard. e plera i tIlsu accea.ttiated by tb change R J, Ewen remained In th
trmr, eto be offered 4 Lgdfl ,rlar o9 atttud of Prince w]i a n which he wa brou
atiuoov Pie G In w~to ll ~titu nl 'l~
toh&O pout .thfth* prpl. A.aid to have, gone comply to Lxnton until oclok I
Tle .uldbla present |i ,i l an side, iokg when he was removed to
_Mr ThMu4nspeetb 1-*Crn -. Agi~dera
thisG iW t I rfe Kobe .Ohrontcte y Atduiral apPelred under a strong holl
nt." Vrftrat&y onk. -a tlkksle, chief- co-mmander ttiVo JP guard toa.y and Insisted that
the hlUI. of th & nelty.., ,.tiOese squadron, has-addresid a moo- Nlu' tlrt consider the oase
".- ::" *^-^ ;.. "...+.iorl,&l to the nlval staff! department fTo anSI Tharpe, ctwrged wi
C-noriol to the -- l saff'e
rdlnal Orei ,ommpnlcnate to s:iageatsUag tho advlsablmttyr,4i' orgnj-, ftir to Ewoin's htune in wh
ito the flrst.I us*.l i.e hlw ivl- ig the Japaneae squadron I alao the wn n a wtnes a
eneethe. d h oieppe, fr. noesty 'o f.mulatn a pto, of do, company with the soldlors
int themt of .te U.."n.,.W eer and ge a otlt.fom a hotel was burned..
X 0b50 and geneaOPrM4.fma
of oondolenecrecelTIYd4 ftma ll rt ravri staiudpolnt. -. 1 It Is Sated thalwen's frl
otftheworld an1athe.unurtoraltmownm Count (Okuma; a prorlneltt Japan to aser-tain how the pend i
lrig for Leo XIUJ. An xelhiaie- use atateman, said Japan (uld ask proceeds before they totl
Ideas took place regarding the, cer*=mo- explanation 6Z YusslVS". arbitrary bribery casPs.
Wn 0 preedting the cohiiaVe., Whtn conduct in Klore& a(ina ManI uia and Captalu Wwon naid that
oardrinal Onegl!a asked for the advIce should the answer be uran factory, Pl*mer, Wlo off,.rdihim $E
oi one oftthe cardtflala present the lit- a strong protect should be iiq-t a'nd Ik he had two witnesaes CDcone
tea replied: I question at the fine tim01*tImbiaed one of hIs best .f'leieds and
"It lI dicfwiult to give advice. Znr the othte powoeia. He si*d, In takc dostro to puntsh Plumm
deedr-you must teach ur fwlat to do, Ing such a stop Japan must be prepare, te -in escape who "ur
6s not one p us over participated II f oid to resort to arme.,f tneek try. At *o.000 .anad ifl Plummer i
conclave." present Japan was supcrtpr rtusfo ll ioR-Iotwoofl ,
r^B. Italian government baa gtvtm hi n armanint. tn' te Thd *!&ti and While. nothing fcaM be lea
erters to the ralt*rbad official. tMat japans cause was rtght de;, liow- the^ ran< Jury, there oe re
cardinals comlng, t1o Rome tor the coat. ever tmpruuent Ruswla mli4.t. !V6 aitout the courtbuHtbc at.
clare.- ball bA conaltdet4.: Pflb*^*! would :uiot Vtnture !dinrto waran4 **Mtfactlon. .,












. -'-iL -T -I-, F '.)- IL -% b --L --M.


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. -i I '.; -', r --.; -t A-IL- -t- lu A; d.


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WOOp -PW14

..f',;pp c7 da ade le('n In favor sf he. p ain,

.J. 4 1 t;v 4t
^^tS^^11J I?1 t 2tI obS4 fl Davis reprentented thi
I1 Iubij he W. S; Brotfe, Egq,,
;'.,._.:,ow .,

.4._ I: ... ..'.. pea.. fr~~. the deten ut. .din
-" It "" .". ,I I... .. l/ ir *u I T ~ i v ..m .-"- .
.. ,-'-'- ., t . *, ". "' ., Ij.''I~ .'I ,. a S .n ra n. 1 Oa th
:,iP;;~r ,'*'**' ,il ...^^v d.,Fro)m~...T.errib^o !)e th, .". i
.. .r" II'.N G,' b I ""If t of'ML." .l L. J ,e bb {n o f
L ~p Il i
r^. t*ia rut:&i5C* f~srto4mTeun, saw bet 'd
r-*.-. ,.,." :"-" W' vo.n wn .oet Iqt I Iphys cin'' 0 ".FAant i "y""4

by4,. slw b,.t, hiIe ao .mptioA w,
s^^ *.,.bu t lburely tiiOWnj her life. --
.S?14..1!.?..--. perWrbre 1$.urbt King's New
*..~.-.& ,,. .j...0-bM ,. bi, 00?6?7, to ) .O Q tIp.o turned d4.epfr.
NA..V4W*Itbtrl,,,t,,Jaoy,. T-t le brb*: b.,
: b1e4negmu.: tt-. eQfi% m.:,t fe!,ef and Ibd4obtinOed utd
I-, ,, ... 0 t.

bt.hIwb rL tn... t fpni e. cUnb hd hew.:. It's thb. s tnh
..... --..q...t"._..a r -_ :n ou i~n th wnrld ft i.all. thn t

4-' d.," -. 7 '. 7 7..' r- f 4*. -'c:p t$
I'.,, :. ."..'.o,-U'te. .. ,..j.. perlntendent o?
7 Uv uen-oudi 4

|. : at. -06.1 '.l
l~a~t^^;Wl tI p$ ofA. A. Mr*.7%4

r orixCp4,Ais idt ateHOo44fl
A'lo t. r" ,.
I'.- r. -

.. I I .. i ..-
-, 4 r*'l "-. : : : .' : "^ ; ." p ,> '. r,- .^ : ,' ;i ... .
".. IM M' A' S 0N.S" OO- .i fl: ".. I-". .- ...,* ,we ,.

6 k B h E
,0. .. n. .I...t li W-...: ;0
.. '..Q.,t-to., 'e.Sicu- ". 4& '8*hma"nIeyet 1 .Aillst il rl l ,.0m.,...,","..,.,,
..-. ,,..: ... .:., -,,.,,:.. .. :, Corn.: ?#QFP a Tor,,:

S, 1 Aga., I. nst14Wf fr ntLr M f"tb,. ,.p "" m ,'"4 '' '"'"-" P..'.'4$da"," .. .-'.*t4.", ,

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! ^ .:, -r^T ..--.,T.---- -r ^v --1. i[.| i- .m ..', w .. W W,^.| *" fm,'M W T J W ^ t US u ^ J.lm .U. .',my .-. H:
. w 5.... -.: -' -i .",- *.1- ,. ,'; -'. -'=7 -"--.
,o ., .. : ..-- i --- *, ,. *' ; ;. -;. ., -.. ,.. ., ,,, ,. '** ',: .'I -*. *,-f ^ : '. It -." ..,,, *.. .
S I ', r "" .. -.w., : -" i W "W 4. .M '.t r
S,"'". "- ..'Jt ir"''. ".. ..

! -....,...J..r".. o.'Ot ... .: .W.. .* *L 1z. ... ._ -..

,hy.. ,t,. ,4 .,. r. t : .. ,, .., ,.,, .
" n. .' .t .,w...t .. tak'n ". .. m '

.. ,: .... *l ,l ..a e e "w t '~e '" '"" .'. "." : **,. .' ', ..-." i,' .* .; ".^ !*. :"' -" 1*',-
10 i 4 q ',. 6 f

X Ti~lor. ternte IQrt old Ho ynoke nti w~rc-Qw

/-,retuye -mt ~ h : u bl!:. J8...] b. y .. .

.: irff^mSe~~ e L -e omoe ,-o'/o itvie tbf d .,eio"a b hfiwa.'
. .... : -. .. .. ...- .... .

I*ms-t7;000 i-C ..., -611 1, UK. .: '31. ^'^ **. .^ op, .11"*V ,^
of. 01
mf-,-'.n-, ramrn.,It. ..j/-'l-. &naioc by" MO.trm... !

/"."a undecxo. ts:hared ,wie ama.nit ,.de...... ala, oi..
4' by cry Cou GRlgd

iTa4 OOR1Af /A Mn tg efl ha tht th-t

I !: : F .4rat ,,e.vd l lii,. i .l. ,., =: *.-,
T,# TAY.e,- otuer clr '.eo,. S.w
.. 41
S"t tad tate -isran-rot.boctb*p ~o~

i~sef'n the-.c te ''fore 4 --this'.16- _Oh :. : ,Wf: "..
:be.v aeTm.I mstowa04
rnfl nae l-'I'J 31 t CUP*

.h e. ti
o, on froftht ,et r tb ho./.. m. th.ol.gical _portet.t tu
tfa t t citoyamnatc'sbat$,,,ia

/., a aortodthe it u.aPntol eed'" tOmoaks ,1 ,,: 461.11,0. i
le t -

a mm O.,.-wil'., be'' vtscw'ousjp#i t '0uty W0e a-, oile the. .
ed by. he cant beti nthe ., o dnnd.-nd..oblehuobwtWe.refp

flu onc.qedi ..... attobognqfbrrpOrtmview th-a nLtuttpns tod he
the EO IA a GrT, PsIewimn.hadt'htver' w"A.he

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I* 11111 9' I ~* P J
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L)~~ T

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1;Programn 1' *

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lne .i Tb" 'ta',- q~, i l

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*I I h14 ~L
. I.
rw .

^rvenlyotrs .
ier o hod al

ENJ+ XWcohoipen as 4$L plc
i" r.ef e will be a. p QVAC

h, oJadiea o 10nnIf1 ae
$biui I whom tbe,.S9 a.
: ""'r #rfion. tIn the d |ifti
0o~d.u coze betceri~p~ oe

ili :tait to respond, .on: r : ll li l: ll n d -i ; II I I i. .. . I* : I I ..- l l' l; ;I
|r 'I laI beenO arranged 1 0I'

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,4 :^.^@ MI4thui e af fir were two ne f t.O Moii Profotnd Pulpit
tort of tGqrgtt.
m 'mia..aps. Jam 0 i W..,0l Neva4 l as' JY 12.-fte Jd"
-.:. 4o i 'Thitk*; pl lt:l'-tt 'ety
1. r woh", bzfl b rt... ~ Hall, RD., ntot f the Qet
AY h=w t n ri*4. Bapttat church of thiS citi. au4
lo l ,..eekn' t/ ,.ond of the mort pwomound pulpit ora
'Miss E.ui. I Wilitans, 0 winBoSOe o the stte. dIe this 9rln
iuntatIu las. 1 o'clock after a- vry short thlnes.
-TwOe*tli:to,,the youn m a net only lastt wek .bhe was setiv, Ib
r m4ter Vt tl Wtnn. ,,,.i ;t s. efrch, during Wk bkt
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*Ot tflh apId a they *. which physcians coutd uot tay1
at a1ka naca~ws ~brn, aa
,iW noa began''. ao
w'mair, H, bh nmen we1t found 4lyln military i; iOG, inl in 1870wa
oi the 'crotic. bank cloIa Wtotbar with: a thhA ihirwh m thi Olcies. WI

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^' W ore orderf)S.^ I I" r,:**.. .~ ,g H".* :^,'y'
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^w '^ tbe .1(QllodL-fnH-r F.^^^
.k. '.'.V-4quence of 'te.,thet
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)Uhh Hay called onI rDeJn .u^
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floficIaI. -74 The Man
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It .d4d not go y, beyp,6 tbaZ 1
^$ l^kUtat&U21ctME
taetory underafldt4^ ilL I"
.cJturtan quesltions ;ll 4"'t~l or
*t4sched betwe'a tttet a lit
But. I repeat, eIs4 'rragnq t
:^*.n made by mv' 'Wb^ t4iWa
'.9ioi .by. the .o^Wargp 4'&W?(,Q'tT&(^fr C
I ,rrturo? To4 dayj alo; t dk lt 1o*.:
4 "Regarding the Isztelfle petfl.oc,:ihe
Ualtod States AN *^tt%
I )itowsth lat auch a'. vt9Zon WoWiiz a
boe r~tetv-ed I flo *u pelttio*i oV$4
be received by &ny IpdepAndent f4M*S
The United: States, trptEf iJ
4fot consent to spny roreipi tuiterje*n
It Ate 4o00840c atfktr4. )30Y9M4^ tt,
'I kwn^ ow PythtILr~I*$ ltittet'
ta. My relations !t
Sti~tn : 5OVenliJofl h&ye CW&$^ n
plnAnOnt Mid CondSI 4nrlu$ I irb
stay at *asktlngtorL Mr bbIefo
my poaho I due WHf td!tbIt
tangt.. a tnck ueedod ret4 K .14
piot see tkj president before my 4qd
pzrfure. 48 the was abent from Washu
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br't oatr tntervtlW WM apt dfficha;. but
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p *'t expect .to tetur4n to Io ofa
$'ou tuI t.>]my Posta
my P. expires, whiieh u11
6*44L $ thne monthsa., : I*.' '' *'
Count Caassnl wihl remain here teb
r a 1onater and ttaea will go to Qt
F tenhumrg. *** .*:.',. *. *' *,'*.


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Oyster ;' Ltfly7 Ii. t 4U Sttir""-P
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0. St:ele, *W

,q was touut nfto&
reugly wmx~derlnag
lulsnoe ad
IS since hit: dlsajp
6%t av4d with only
Ilsronucted story
0 to glvg .otf .19.
1y Is as SaewuatezNW
la znyst~rlou, di&*


wife was

4j 4*ft4ft*4 ^$#M 'Cef, while trietids
fore **ritlo 4 oarceing I every!
J Mrewatrds were -or-
S14red\ SYUEL tibj cc I' ^ #0t1^chittk 4^rywhere for 10m,
'$t r.enr.p 'dtr~fltqffered 4m1d th1 U -i
2 irot~ 4iT4O ,W Wro leaving nc
rtOae usztizwned to 4di him, the missing
,lying Qot the woods untdof
r9k t^t r4 eoblivtotuq to Uth
ous and, trOatai9 that cauupd
t Wb mniad ti g.iWe'ay. WitiIln thbi
to'HuxadlW trofley .a iui the w-agaonS
r4tug by othq \Sftsoaly 'road (t he lxy
$o iogxrday flni1hts In A stupor.-
1 l het wo^W I*4t (lHi there except.
t **I th.1 tacLtLh ~ ot a F-trdng *Nbtatltu
A *tk^Hhi tan d the n'trata
JWp4 lit. 4own .ahql rnaay that h&ad auod

f..1 &tcjh, 1a01 ..ntr woodI had. ben
r; ffo~lo dlstgnt t iwsw tolejtmphp9t to
44*'( *' %hL* Pit? ': udig( 11y s earptuid,
aieIb *a'4dico.ved gOing toward 4ts
. boaYe 1 hh fliderInrgs, an4 when.
'write &ti4 :tv1e him be wa#t but ,
S s!tofle's tb rotZNoni his own tote.
/ ftt &. e:-cov>ia on Inveadgtldon
tlitt.thq1 un etAo e man's body #W4
litera'y o o,( red y*Ith tug b'eSoi'h
his h1ad t' de .et. Indicating th4
tie must ba* fl*i' ~t a great part 4t(
time whII*0 aV flterp on th' ro
iJ bIf a boo Wce receiving1
attentiswi r -I

SMIIIon^ Dyes. Not Sjop bath,
New Yr.-., 4iy,,an2t.-~e&ptt 'naa op.
^t~ttIu 1v..h3S t zpected- to gavey.
k I t* t oo( wlcw of F. 0. Matthloe
P0.11 to!rur n prreie1nt of tho 4werican
SuB ZXQ$4ntngqompafly, dead at
he bbde in Morrlstawa, Nh
I t fF00 &ippon4%4tti^ I-Je vtusbtnnd
dlfdln lIZt .^ $50aag, tetvinj
art estate of #15lOO().ooo. UIa .WidQWI
was a lptrge d~not~to vaflotWIcharitab~lC
1 watk#. *7lke ooupl*^ 11a4: Io cbldy
'-ifd ., *thb (f rnt rftn~~e e '~*1 :* U
C^irMd 8. M~tthIl*ok a uephwv.* 6

Grand Master Hvdnba Delhvsrm Addrans


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TM lf4 7-T.


"lMl'li,.: 1 =. r

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