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Title: Gainesville Daily Sun
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Title: Gainesville Daily Sun
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Creator: Gainesville daily sun
Publisher: H.H. McCreary
Place of Publication: Gainesville, Fla.
Publication Date: July 21, 1903
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Alachua -- Gainesville
Coordinates: 29.665245 x -82.336097 ( Place of Publication )
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Source Institution: University of Florida
Holding Location: University of Florida
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1 L I % I r I I h -



fr to
V ~ ~ I
";-Y. S
I I~
~ q1 ~ I q~
r *I*
~ 'II
. I *
.-'~ .
*pp .
I ** j* *

-P -r
Lttendatq s ~~Detroit Num-
1~ ~ 'A".tl OO*
to a I."I
4 .4 L -, -

any Interr..t'tl 0.Adrestess Are Made,
SNotably. Am..o ng Them Those of Rep-
rose nttttvn fr.Om the 'Southern
,0a~ I
state4fHaflfnllioua Gatherifng. t
Detroit, July B20.--DespIte the leaden
kiss whibihb greeted them today af-
aera nilght. of rain. more than 1,000
nthuslastlo Spworth Leagders were
resent at the ...oraln; witch this
morningI tU h.:,entr&l M. E. churcFt
hich-b begsun :* d .680 oc. Joseph
7. Berry,;: the 0l.neral secretary ,of the
league,. .I t:,e mpeettng. The Lago-
uers this fO no*Q %ttaered at churches
for the U cQnYene. The Methodist
lptsc6paC..hurth met in the Audltorl-I
Uum Epwortk Wi"th Bisbhop Joyce as
chairman ..of the....conference, the Methb
edist church south in the Central M.
r K. clur4ih,. with Bilhop Hoss presiding
and the Methodist church, Canada,,in
the Detroit. opera house.
SThis ."afternocn several of the state
delegations held rallies,.
, The attendance. o' delegates last
night,. It was said/ was 22,500, and it
is understood the number will pass
26.00') today.,
There ..Were tnpre than 2,000 dele-
gates in9 Auditorium Epworth for the
conference of the Metho4ist EpLacopal
church. After devotions by Dr. J. G.
WolfC, of Chicago; Bishop Joyce intro-
j duced Rev. N. A. Swielard. of Aber-
I deen, S.DD., who dismcssed the literary
work of the chapter.

IR, E.fl Dlfenderfer, of Chicago, talk-
eA 'Bible Study," and outlined the
A b 4,^4t." methods for tho Leaguers
Sto tiuse Jn re&dJng the scriptures. Searle
"Taylor, of. New York, discussed "MIs-
Spiuiary Study, and Rev., W W.W Ma-
.gnider talked on "ChriStilan Steward-
Ihip .
The Countral Methodist church was
crowded to 'the doors with southern
1Leftkenerm wthan thi c~inmrebroici rA n\h

r ;.
I. I ~

I. ".'." *.* :* ; ** ^
... **** '* **- -
i = *' .
I .
. ".Gi.


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FLO'. 1
b "4 ,r4..
Ir 1 tY:^t. Amt M4+t
.- .. .. ?.. ,, .. .;..1..,. ,. / . ?
'* ,: -.* . .*. 4 *I. .' ." '.' "-.-
--"-* i = " '
.- ,""--. .. "-.I-- ... I "1 I
. . ,. a . .I. .,*. j : .. ,: ; ;
I' I I -. *. I ,
"' -' "-r ' _f < 1 . t i 1
-. -- . Ir . i . i i .,
1 -" "* A *

nwuA wqh ur Iw "66

"Interesting Bill Introcuc'ed by Mr.
Shannon, of Monroe.
i' Atlanta, July 20--Outpide of the
discussion of the convict bill there
was little buslnese of Interest trans-
acted in the house yesterday.
11r. Shannon, of Mpnroe, introduced
an interesting measure which proposes

to amend
1897, givi
power to
vent the
all othor

the act approved Dec. 20,
ng county authorities the
enforce regulations to pre-
spread of smallpox. Sr,.
bill proposes to extend the
ofq this act so as to cover
Infectious and contagious
The measure will be con,

sidered by the committee on hygiene
and sanftatlou.
The following bUls were Introduced
in the house :
By Mr. Rankin, of Gordon-o---o
amend section, 840 volume 1, of the
By Mr. Buchanan of Early---To
amend the act creating the city court
of Brunswick.
3By Mr. Shannon of Monroe-To au-
thorize county and municipal autboril
ties to enforce vaccinatlou and quaran-
tine regulations.
fBy Mr. Watson of M'eDuffile-To re-
quire more than oneo witness to con-
fesslons or IncrTiminating statements4
]By Mr. Owen of Pike-To Intorpor-
ate the Milner school district.,
The senate passed the bill of Sena-
tor Hopkins, .of the seventh, to .permit
occupants of certain lands asued for bY
the state to plead as d(tenfse th4 pos.
session of the lands for 20 years,
This bill relates to the sults &now
spending or to be brought for tho re-
covory of land lots originally set awlde
for school purposes.
In executive session the senate con.
firmed the nominations of the follow-
ing gentlemen:e Hon. W. W. Stark,
Judge of the city court of Jefferson,
.tmd lion. R. L. J. Smilh, sollcitor of
the same court, Also that of Hon,
William A. Slaton, solieftcor of the city
court of Washlugton for an unexpired



One of the Most Profound Pulpit Orr
toes of Georgia.


S N i " "

ISovereivi' P00tif 1'*
I U'aincrA ttl m


JAMw TV g w



After Heroic Strugglet
Roman Catholic' 01
Away--A L.fe of Gr4
An illnessof Many W
Rome, July 20, 8:8 .,
ed by the prineos of ih
imnembers of his. tamn-44
away of the aged NPontil
peaceful and.R gentle w
been. There -wa Pno stt
peace that passeth ll i
SWhen thet. spirit let ti
worn body and ended'A
gle it was.8:80 p. a.,
I Since )ato yesterday
gradually sinking. Th
no surpriee -The por
general amenta. Tuhe
passed in semni-consolou
unable to speak or take
Ievea the free use ofr ohi
revive hl.,
The Pope's Ci
HBorn at Oarpineto Ma
Entered college at :Rc
Matridcul.ted at ot
sity 3]$3Q
SEntered college or Nq
.ties, 1882.
A appointed domestic
'regory XVI, 1887.
Rtferendlary to Cour
March 16, I887.
Order of priethoodcoo
ber 81, 183.

Apostolic delegate
Governor of Spoleto,
Papa iunoto st Brns
Made Archbithop of ti
Created cardinals
Made Cardinalt Cam

- --. 1

ahbill Day the Interest, amoaunttlng to
t of Segnatura,, $TOU jwo annumI, also an tanes Instar. I
Fiance ant) a^sosaments.
iiftvrred Deiem- In tile event that Mr. fItoebart
Swishes (o tear doon the preint hotel
ft Benevenwo, building to. erect a more pretentloul
one tho right is granted, wtth-provieso
.431-1$45. !that be give security to the amount of
I.sB, I8s88.I845, > 00. 1
l gl af 1840W Another provision Is (hat the less1o6
i)eeembr 19, til lt pay off t'"e moripago wheon duo,
-"1Sand ea4rry It uatlh the pxttratlon of
o.. tbhe lose, when the lessoa will cancel l
niengo, b paying Its full ai e vflace.
..... .. . ._ _. .. .... ...._ _.__ ____ 'I



--0-- --- ...


'.' "..-': ,!'",L" ""

i4 S 4 We 1 1 ; 1 I- r I rr 1- *" 9
fai^P~i ,l, I ij ,l iW.

. .--....* . .
... . . ..

IfLl HJDct Ala Jl20-T oa
K:bxYJOLY 21, 1903
I, "I *
4"'~ -.~st -4 _f_*__ __-. I~~I.Iq.Iii4I '~I t a ". L .
PE A F ...* ".PFAL bt&"ASQ-UT *tRL W P
Tragedy In Mountaln. of WInI
SiAT Ir '. CoUnty0Aabai. '""
T rLA ST.. neatu AL,, Juy h20-Newbs ot W
,trasedg y whi ch tok place in th@. aQ ot.f
-Ct n fu. of Winston Cols.ty.sL let

la Tam

"Resda ite quAarryl reuetied, her*ft
di.-S!urd day, .,o -ach of. (

P EAiCEFUiL i.v ototrntatnieer, Jaa Wrh tot 1
S--- as ad John Young.
i Hsadofth e'f For two years they he hn rivals

4g Head ofl the'.1^o ^ I li n~ti _..I InoVn, eeach seeking the hand ot
huch Passees .tiss Maggie W illi'ams,. a winsome
mt Usefualness mounttln las s.
oks. Two weeks ago the young men met
. and a bitter quarrel resulted, Wed nues
r-Surround- nday aftetnoon each of t e youtitng men .
i hurch, theo went eqtirrel hunting., ad a they
Stht passing di not return at night, a search a1
!a. a 380, was made. Both men were found lyiun
Sbi ifb ha4 on .the creek bank clos E together with :
l eonthe a load ofi hot In thclr cfhte' Col) 1

,.gge onlytne thoJuy2,-h
uwndors tandin.g. w o ,dead and !Young was mortally i
e rrai earth- wounded and unconscious tam. eaw
"re de .ath trg t uot recover.
S: yIttim pposod, the young men met In
.e .._.e".athe wood lt ld renewed their quarrel

and Ita eac ,aplae thtchadto
. be en rdthat eac. shot about the 'amne
'e4 4nal oreated wla
itff expired. of _______
closing hours HOTEL LEASED FOR 50 YEARS.
SI!tss He was I'- ---, .
a tleaks. li W1
siourilshmentt. Important Real Estate ,Del" In StC I
oral failing Ito ]August ine, Fla,. .I
I t At gum t.i.e, Via., July 2O.-A- ht 4
steer.a G !ran~ada hotti and V~la Zorayda hmve
iroli 2, IiQO-' been based to Ira 0. Winehart for 50l
1824 yt[7C rs. I .-.i
I ~ it jS rovtdw In1 tho letase that MW~."

,. ,. ,.- *I) time fr* ISO&0OGP ?hme Is now
n~b Eokslasc a mortgage of $14,OOO on thA property.I
,.. sa~d it i. Etit)ulate4 thst,,.In addition
,pIrolat. by. i to a rental of $1iOQ per year, the lemnee

pm%4 MO-ob-M


-.., ,-. -
1~ -:* .. AC
I. *.tt~ jy

, a


. r


, i
. -' *
1 I


I *d

awk plei tM-
*i / *L J. ..
, . | I, r. I .
i : .: ..*' ." .^ i. ., ,* . .: ..- .. -. :

k .ng down .on the
*1ar pro*, Ja tba
V :* LA*' I / 4 V L . ***' '.
. ir"t" :er a0 i 9 el
.,.,L ,.h.r.-. ,,..

*. '1 a ".;* : *.\ ; ^ .A..V: t* *'- A
I... .t^^ P ^ E ] *, ^ f t*'' ''' ^ T.

A I L -L t
*~~~. *- M U tf** I.*
,,. N* t u tt t **' <(:, -

61 m- -
BrOttteS ulatt tow bt~e tflk ant

I -Ite tf which -UNAL tI~ *
puflsaS by t0. ~.)iWIQS C;:. Qbain._ .

. .. ..... i-'
"' /'

ill* ri **. ~

1 9~

~t J
I It


I-,, i ,.',l. y .'..f.-I r"
i +; II I +II "
+,+'.'.' .' *T^I ' ,t: .': J *' .J '." )
M ": WI"o -' "; '"II}".

|< -: .,seato ,;

We covet theaQ. in|

solicitS St
_m r_ .. .l .
'7^ T*l' '' ^L



, r


.The "Vit or"' is' the best
,' ~ ~~ .* .'
1 'hft' '. .^

'ictor Safe a

The "Victor" is tbe best
Itug the purchase of a
from a -boxtto a
by coeiiUltin

topmntion cheerfully furni

". e l ^

IAir Li
P' *I
- ""

. i o_|* tST-


8 6i5 P
Io 45 p

0 3 I U U 4

.+ io a

89 a
1 0 a 4~
2.1 -44

.$ L V__ a w La s

.-S00 p
"S40 P
5 08 P
5i .,o p
5' P

',*006 S

b,- Be -p

I a *p. a m

94 *~. 0 *
I 56 U4

614 0 UPA
.s I' !4.mS

.7 0s.t
9,. 4 0 '__4

S9 4i I 0 aI 4 | l al-
U t Sl C1- 41 OW @ i@@
At...,. ,...
Lv a ......N'

Ar 4 *e ee *
o v rC 40000pw
a a. . ma W4
*..SCCSCa aI pm"t
ee *** *** t
I.S 4 II

' .,.



pe m




L I .. .I '

U. 4 0 .,l
S* 4 4I

4 f t

p *6 4h

P I d 4
i I 4 a
U A *4 U

LIP lq
^ *3i-,
}; .r .

al .T w s *.n' s-a a 4'ew '

, ,igiR. ... O ,"tI"J" tRP ,...... .., 4. :o i t ,.. .,.. bate ,.
^*r asi,. tQ itW." twn totq ngutltae .r

^^^*abm4u e Trh offe Oota 1. ptts-
.., fotbt4Lbath tonbh- s, r6vadI4d a- bet"'h

.- L ftiff-er .no-n aev& ed-.from ome of e.
;',-itf ~o~h WI t:^^ li e^"S e, :" :I'*.

tnri hbb .h:i :: :**.*-. :**"* '; -:Our, ScJatic.,. ; :. Ii
iM. 1t; 1e.W Rley L LL.. p., O4ub%.i.
"o tthehwYtw, .r ""Aer ftfteen
j a n,. .- .a "', -... ...r: .. ,,~ . ... . .... . ..

0LUtheo *thwYot,r wriesi"ttrfiteno
,hold 8u.."tbiumsttIm, undew r various retmentB,
it theitest 1i aqihdu:tiie@ td tfpl D&1a&n'B SanO*n
i, LtlnitOne sho flint applIqstion glvitg

WWI241 A.a t # N i 0 6 0 A 4 a 1

p a * e eo10q0 0 *a PC
biflo .',.. .1

Sa 4. 44...*4P9I b-:0 .

Ii +:4 ci O ei S a 4 C 4
lhl .'... .,,** C* W -
, 11 _.n ^ -,... ,

% O~wi t i9 4 C C C
B~t, \. a4 CU 0e -**
SP rn:. . o0
lb .... a .s
fh.h,,. ,,..,,. ,

*iXtonda .0' 0b Rb9 6

B)0ia. . ip 0
roirkL -,Wp ,

....CC. r o*W ,:O
S 1 8.1th, 4 MecVIhim A Ce.
'' fc 1 ,5: .j. .*- '- ^ *

ih '"

- I U-..'a I.'-WEE M M RSI

8d~s a

ILI ol
110 p
1 lop
'0S9 p.

8 00P
4.l i

ii SaP~

ea /
?0 10 R'
4*.t p


I 44a



"1"- ....
..'", Connetloons for. ametto, 3
Sstturdys, from GainOeSvillee
Train Noj0 Seaboard Expr<
TI as, Jaoksonville and New Y
buled dayaoaochei between Jacks
dining oar nervioe from Jacksonv
X44:1.o9-66a"'Ma" -d I c,
Ii.__ .i- -. tl A'%, M.%a %Alm i"r

&I :?




_____ .. .

I'" i I II r i i

w -- "1 --


P ,



". l



-,'1" .



,. I


. i< ^ "^4$J ~ *I ,'I'" '' ' *' -
. ',,dIL
+..-_rr .,.r --..., ---
.4.i! t~tII)!~* ' * m

IJ 1tA .[j~ *k
II *1*'~ti1gi~ p
4%. a'
.dc*.~* ~11 I
~ *
ir II

. I -


,:4 r


*O I
I I.




. W a'* *-**uF .. W.-T Ji.r* 1T T LSn*^ ^f "*~- "..- ^ *! I'* * ,*
.1 Y.' r.* 1' 004J"
|^ ~' g4~tl^~ l '*ot WORK

I *nlod:: i ?0*1Pm Written Descrlp-
|tloh~o H*^lJit~d From She INf

of Br "Ity
1 '

PeI~ t7rq h rSthereves as anP officer
ificer-6 MifOn

0 soingt0&kea big success, if one

ay judge-fwi. ;..hin.manner in re~iog-
fiting ciia on phorfc not ice. He
Arrested ...twr6win. this, city Sunday
tiphom h m 4tM WiBen and Roland

Eo mpkn MIMI"Whl, and it was atcer-
pained-ilaer6:0Nhad the right parties.
ir---- m'he rre tit under r ather pecu liar
Tuir Imngtax.00 :,...-.saturday the officer
treieilved tnf jtnidon from the officials
of Brafo that thBe two rmon
were wuty4.ItfO6flleged robbery, iv-e
ing entejd ore of J.0G. Alvarez
t StPrke anid taken the refrom a suit ef description of the men,
as well a the,,. clothes, accompanied
thief letter.-*od rte euir
.Mr. OheeIes wa taking a morning
IrouU sutaO. at.While on Southe Ulieer
versity street In the vicinity of tile
eaboar4dlAr LQne depot he met two
omen tewhq tanhWered te dAescriptionsi
nd sas onoe the responsibility
s. laying The hash-grabbers on them.

One-of -them carried a vali*,ad
upon exllhnation, the identiea cloth-
Itg which. d been described was

fotind ,nm.0hit B. hel.
Mr. Cheeve watrched his prisoners
to the county Jail and telegraphed the
authoritiess "o Bradford co 0Unty. Deputy
bhear4ff A. ELi Johne arrived in the cityt
yesterday fW oan Starke, Identiped thei
tprioners and took theg bn custody.
SThe re'thmoral to tries story: Keep
our eye peeled. ted ialt
i Studying Ghbrman Canalrd.
s Berlite July 20.BdRepresentative T.
LI. Bprtone or Clevelandt i., chairman

- f'.Bfl~yers and harnora commIttee
of the houie of representatives, and
-Major Frederick Mahan (retired), of
the engineer corps, nave arrived at
Berlin, and are studying Germany's ca.
nals,.river Improvements and harbors
generally. General Stewart L. Wood-
ford gBus arrived here.

I- I .. -- b

,,+'-. ,- -:! ,..m_ -' -; -.. 45W,1-.,,,, ,
* -._ ,,""'.'.'l l ','-...". --, ,' t+t- l.'ui~l .-) ll l "ll t-WmB^ *3
::, .. / q, r . ...-Lt ,'1",.
'. '- r '. . ' I



-~*d* ~

- J ., ,
-t I -"---t~i-~Th-t-
,yr --

j q *
__ "'.,i* ,* '. .."
He Ra4JnJT .Natwr.'g Bawfln SR. KS
rNot a MerP Butcher.
The angler's art is but a pretext, or,
rather. the incenUve to a ramble, and
not thlo sole object Of the fishebrman,
unless. alas, he belongs to that too
comiuon variety, the man whoe sole
object is his cutch. Such a mwan felist
with a worm, hides fluQgrIng In the
d6pth of his basket and photogrAphs
his catch as a witness of hs cdeC.
He is not a fisherman,. but a butcher.
A yellow primrose on the rivets bank
is to himn a primrose and nothing
The true fisherman loves to catch
fish, to -mWatch his Wtts against the
Weary trout, but as he wanders from
pool to pool the songs of the birds
greet him restfully. Every turn in the
stream reveals a nook In which strange
wild flowers nestle. XTae geutle ex-
citement of the sport prevents the
scene from becoming monotonous. The
element of chance, the Vucn(rtainty of
the catch, add the drop of tabasco
sauce which gives zest to the day. And
the noontide metl by the brink of the
strea ni! %lhen did ida meal have a more
deliglit filtl flavor? Deluhonlco never
ser-vedl a trout like unto those we have
eaten by the banks, ot a mountain
brook with the clear blue sky above,
lthe -'taving forest round about and
thi ntriniurhth;g streni at outir feet.
Thoe hour pf contemplation coaXes
nf terwardAih.t theo pipe of peace I
our luind Instoad of the relinquislied
rod. Hlow fartvff the city seems! Are
there su8lC. things as corpora tious,
trusts, stocks, bonds, electric lights-
Vi:tt 1iimi:4ue the sight, harsh warnings
of trolley gongs, the rumble and grind
of the wheels and the brakes on the
elevated road which affright the ear?
The harshest note that breaks the still-
ness- lcre Is the boom or the bittern In
the distant nmrsh. I
IIome to camp the flslaermttn goes,
taking a cast In this silent pool In
which the trout rose in tho forenoon
to ills cast, but missed the fly, -or In
that dark hole deep under the bank
In which a vigilant eye may detect the

brown sides of a tro.4
nlug fins andU tail, an
not easily cnnlght.--Dr.
In World's W.ork.

Wl th

lazilly wuv-
T. Bristow

In Came of Slckness theo ShIfp CoekO
Asked N6 Questloam.
'4 'Twere a new governor of New-
foIIndlaind, and e li woro'shockin care.-
ful or the seniors' health," began the
old sealing captain, his deep 4ct, eyes
"Tlie night pfore tle North Stnr left
Sen Jobhn's foe the ite he came aboard
to inquire what kind of stuff for nieml-
ci,, we had.
'You ought to have fll jip's doctor

,r...,( N It I. ; , ,
fli^r. mi^^l^.; ' -.';*' ," .." ",".
"l i l ." 1 JI l-^' L .'l ." ". ,*^ .
I^ iJ ^ ~ , ., ,<;.... . ,';'
,---. j^ --^.^ -_l _ T s *1' ; *.lkl J, '' 4 '' i -'^ ""_________ _____

. .. .? 7 .l l

. ~ , .



CflAS- .BLX3 & COm,

517-i191 W. BAY STREET,


- -b-.a 0 '4k ..~~.LF&h -m-im+si m_ *

-" --.4-,..4 ,- -4IP -.,





U- U- flwr n~ -

I ~

Jacksonville's .Finest



. ..! ... . 1. % JIL -- - 1 4

- ---- -- -" X'

Sc !QfInlt MjI****bliIlfin manyiy< S11ijtygob ghe SipE c tha'
neck aitid threak, Cxtoth weak esye,W Shte) I ma ig, offensin norm and ab<
Mcespse, Au enp4cU*, jaseot sties cia wet~cqesinM muuSi~ce n'tm4otxut
It te4 isettilme diiiease a~4 traosbe it lzuost even Instance to soua*
famil: blood 'taut. .
41 R.

roifula. I k & a .n i. ...." n "I

bIone l i anaa'' ex 6. , AM 1d .
frma .are-t tq eoit child ta "rlnEt A r511^ T aO "
the seeds, a4t__ pate4-.if ItiI ^t I wL ?f *^ .4 WO t'a1 I8
I iuknc~ ands upli tb~~a .w 4: jtii bnteyilsus Wnf .*x~~t5 Uti j
b lo. d _= ,.* ,. .. ao.i,,ut It wi it etn ", .i ..
bis- wdste not .
rifiediau everto ato. ap soet atom*te we.
thtt aint removeaMIcr*i S VOU tay fle newp^ aief 1g .4ur
ula is su reto develop at _t a mr"t. q B& &VtHBI
ooneperiodin you're. o ut t i

No remedy eqaU B. s. Sa aS. a cue for Scrofuln. It cleansca &Anl builds 4
uip th t blood, make it rich and twrf, and under the tonic effects of thtu [
/great Blood Rmedy,. the general heAth izuproves, the rliestive organs are
I *^ .,,,_ ,ir- strengthenuv, and there is a gradita, but eurw teturn <
to .health. The depemit of tubercular matter in the
2. %S.-V2S.3-.. oionts and glands is cayicd off as .soon as the blood
'~~~~ a^ resL^/11 ^totedto a nonnul coiudition1 and the sores, entpe N
I n "I. .-...tlons, and oUter symptoms of Scrofula disappur, 4
S 8. S Ia gnaantd purely vegetatle and harmleass;T an ideal blood z
purifier and tomicthat resiioves all blood taint aizd l>uildls up weak contstitu- I
i tiona. Our phyiians will advi without charge, alt who write. us about *
their case. B hmamled free. q,-
vsortwin secwirc cc., A nam ,n imi
up th________blood., it Ejrich an uLjm-j^reT, and unde-r ---eto' -nr icrr.i' e1- ff-- of th



1 -7, %T. F -1 -9t - -, =.





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J" .,- '. IJ , ,. . .
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E I S hU1
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-, ... . I.T. .. JI . '.. .' .'1 ,,
** * . * .iI * l ?
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. r " " "I.J !
21, 190 1
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I. I", ** u'1 '-w 1 ***

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"r.-i.+ s:u i "4 4.M* I banktnkug iystt
J,1Win p1ST"IrP-., san pi.ts have been orgti
r t~t i'^t ^^ ^ '? g*~l^l^ *time trhis. ihtth*r Uacre' are Miti
,-7.t ,-riP.,. .r 1! $ % ton. .Sine tb

I b | S C .-d. meaotof.te system, only so:

jl B'1.,: ^^;.- Ja d -^ 'vsve a2 Ifre
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r^r "" t ' .-,,'-.k V flQ.. '" -1 j ,g h# k f E ,IP / I ,e ben Iau'

"'(~ .W r*SnAf Tb~ty^.^tD: ^tt :.^^ ^Ai A&tf*e# ao~ tnl^ t *4I tian atlot rwtal nu$e ranize.
,3P. M 0, 9e
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jr'p. ^l~;.t~97 .itIr.%lJi$fl SYrLW9U0 J *,Ie4d to t. 4tat jifldpwtedflepl.
_____ ____ those In Lh0 past thee yea
-too^5 0hw M) f lea Bf toaldl.hch IIwreogaie

. . ... . .. , : '7 ,t' : ; ., . "' 1 -, ,,'rr :' " P , "'T,_m ,*4S I .T * 7 '7 W:" ," m a m a o '' "": " ,"

SSW nlt.s.-t. ThU...i.., tVflp $J_,:e N'. bts elP93W +Leo XIII wato .ea' lc oMlonai banksge nP
Ilii. f ,m., ,m:hi. 4lsil nas who dIis tpgoshed peIri t98bsnksr hate been i
Mo ~t -A.IN .b
t' tlc tt. n ,, 0$% *eV1.O OtIO0gG and b-"a I te cv i
7t)9 ., h'.n".tH agoo lrtn4 Staes wi teIIO nltn wt
-, .,- -., -, I^itr **fl- 4t4- .1. rp, b it, fOt0 W -6i of ShWa h *oe ogatre gt e sm

w$ nasnfc*n +psper.". on a"l-""he "i 'I i +0ia d', '-.nty t' +b,"++ T:.g ~e ap ":+- dithl~l a f dk|thl ooft 1nt]

*444;5,, b Y M I&beld._ib ,W towr whi4 ItS 4e oanize
or~~Tb Wee ..
,9;** .;T I.--a. ; '*.$,: ok o" ?--r n ', '.-4A.,.IQ. rpo. : ,'.. .
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t~~~thei"M(~ l c~' a^^ :.1 Lnb^ en. 0,w ,he.r)
0 t!#i Faesfllw.

4' rj tkM,;.^). ,-"rflYnrt#Iw prea" 'b *w Iatens n nrevtwotha carer.eri- ber ot organtion s with .
4e9t, t.n otipt t+eibnew Yor Pot (f>pe puer. p!banks oar aeni

7P c eorhaM,. Ioflo. . e U.pItet,. ,.."',, ,m.lacant at .od t lw tcliowtg : Eastr SLs durely tking the
.^. t w '.oo.nnoo*nn.emva. tn be o ur *,,

6da1hti n thU Ie'T A rie te P0P0 mnazoe4 to years was a97 Inthe on

OboO~bipmr lb In lf o$a W l&-'3 thaa~nbe1en~t thUntedostates bamakslycrd e..t
;h.- __________.. cona,.i. ,mII Io bleqOatlieu oThroie- r n atna& Iolrs in owr h
ar r0- 400-,p ."o n

' +'"+ "'5- "' I d int oiWe 01 was orsanus rIn ofe to

I e, $Me 1LIp i ttsafk Rc ~4pwIwt nag
Q 4. .l by.-Uba, d. beldestowaprdes It o.., in oawai..
Vien 'a -- t. F cam
JI14g iv I *e w j. ret9. Sber o-.lnesowvr.bu
p.t $eO-s ofmail rsb.tIabts L.o..; i tell e

Ait1vRf di9tot opntat0, d the. Interven- wore PWI! tom r
e. ... -to -year

f.i l u,, rMW mr !. ,, . .:. ."- ,. .. 00ofU d nt O .bb "s .. 't t Pop ak t., p y IiaR a d e
1S w
44k+ :,:. Wax., s O:qQ e tb Vt i~arw%% 0Id cogn 'thello, IThe mourn sw bho' swrelyPtakingu he

Ms i,oflS ::IIII tblh I ...I II poI U Q QaY f 8WW' of D 'r' MoG" yn ,hi A. td.Rt tis te"'~ hour" Dr--. King a
tal4 Int joy Th fls botl brso abo olo heS
beyon th OreIes. Fbttatewad LrfWle o hnolpssite e n tscn
n. ., I*,o
,ttf'~ A- .'.tv oas a eoht oornp'ete cured her..'.8. W
bl.1 , er tain...ura...
i x: ..... b it-..
VV1;a..;d 041$0 SoltloquI:o t -0spprop.os..-. ofnthewateFatter Reeker; I lun troubles. uara
..... VIA ... bo w ,: _.+; _+_..
.. '4' ..,416_ _+ .
SAO W+ A .R -00 uers-onu' +rei urntiu bv eo ar9( n. en. e

*R<490 +< Jir gladnew In 9Sbout a certain Amorloanlp" in the eqyaasg.t.
+aer, hg3dns wbon, e*os 8,0 a and Qothollo ohr h, t Is., uneQeary only ---- --
t"e It Lstrils ti her s-adfe wbb We In the ,edtcyolioals of the Town Was Not Deotr
S. 'betthit gladaetl of her glad 01 on Socialism we see how hls sym- olet 1. July 2 The
idne6 wlheadn~wa shesfortLI struggling and aspiring the destruction of Gardner,
M dteladnei, l.0fhe~ssdnusrefor tlte struafgltng and Slr n
l l htog *her"mdnes .when *ho'B i asses. was balanced by hMB flrm sense e <'r tt ntghtprove unt
:=:;;- ih n, M6 th8tr1 wate os
'L- _he _do__ d __ t_ the necessary order and stability of th SEQT fl te w t
Th ,:-."2:: j ", * _______________-|^ ..+ -" I et the ,town,: no' lives,..werc
r ~aOerSGy tDeaware. is o
4spe,* Now's This?. repuam
;s I 'ag W ant oer One Hundred Dollar Re-- and wind. _i
rker. and ote orgahld lab or wrngd tor any cqse of Oatarrh that 01f" FotOYa
I I. __ ai~OflL& Lhfli&%dhtbdA Karw tTall9a nOfln vs h (lamuma- s~r.. IT..ata.Aa O net

I . ds i0
i-ten- o-

Mized, .O
156,0 in
I pationBa

iC hands of
,ent of the
Of the 8"92
d h: the
tmber paid
I a~etpot
rly ,7& per
e Middle-
he orgaat-
uring that
884 banNc
period, of
in Texas.
a the num-
848. The
ed in. the
lasat three
w En gland
sued to 19

,w lnemular
one bank,
Sin Porto
eogato cap-

)eath. .
Bobbitt or
dying and
The most
ry remedy
option was
hr life: In
New Dim-
ed despair
ought izn-
tinued use
I the most
all throat
nxteed boc-
p. fraci At

yd .
report of
111., in the
rue. While
the history
e lost and
ry districts
e by raina
Q~tE~tn w^fI an

^1 7^'1 IV. ;? 1 ..T^ .

action c -n, b 'a
bowels-, but regua a pa i
secretes. enough. bile to makl the.
execte- their --natural- unCtIoth$.-.
jral agitation caused by cathartics,
continual and Increasing doses to '
'ar'tt-n the results. .

- I "/

. r

1 trouble, Worl

8ae bY J 011

F' ot' atlebvJohph

..4 I, a

Ucw a oMI

mAil 26 nmta to
rfl-JDear Jpoc*
to gran4 ChaIt
ou, and. ewtIfatlU





600 1-
2 !030* m048
*M 9S1 ,M 2 p 0
I;, II all 42

"Ij ars .-O
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jl UP 11 49

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3,a seast

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as W 6 Ca a rxal


+ p b 9 @ *e 'mope d* 6 I St ol
. ....... *...,... ,pi
r.. . ,pb...... l.. ....
.Ar.............. ....
Ar...,.... ,.......
Ii4 v 0 I 4p . a u** U f L* as

A, ...P..m~ S C e*4 9 S S M
.......>.^^. :. fl<.

V S h0 P S C W IG0-4k PI6 lm
a a p a e a a4 e 4P

bo 60 0 0 am o 0 d 0 oU, 0 0uhim q a mi 4
v D e s t P U 0 4p0 0 i I S **0*IP P1 0
U Ip.t**W **** ** *
e gea it IN 4U1 It aP w e*1 e eB w4 a4*sit

Rb lb q 4 9 11 0 00l Ii m f 0 1 a qh
........,,........ ...4 i
9 d* 4 i* 0PU U it 0* b u a w; P
ip t m *-b 0 6 -k 4k C0Sd C U U 40 '0 4 4S1 b
a 4kSp4 a a pe &* U0 0 SG SU4*090Up
Rh 1 I F 0 a a 4 i 0 BU0 U 4 46 M
ob m v v.v. o v S m9S U S1 0 0Steel
I ***~***w**q*us****
0 t 26 S fil a*4p A 0 U S 09 0 955 'k
@'sw g 4 0 A OS b S 6
m o w 6t S C0 a qp s ua a w0 @ S iW
au0esu*SDQSUU d i 4 *e0 tS
* e0 av & qb do ,*,
Ik &*se* e0t E** 4pA-
I& -b meee Qwa*S
I ,,*Qme .a@0SSSCE gq i.
I a .g. iS U* ,wmsqO S
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1^F*~*^ *' .. *^
,*' .. -,+'> .
' r r .. '., l. ".
\,. . .:,-.' ^J,
S . . .
S. *1* * L t *
p.. C" .
I ,' / -;
qi j .' F,
'*. *' .
-. V.
"i Kh

VIP. J ones.
a t'-4'he fed-
1gra .wdo'its final r&
ort bhQWI+bYtbad returned 99
e bil,-!MvtTrB:" IS persons. for
on 0g an1dI&Crc The jury
reported ttt* OOPIr1let# wre' form-
dand cOrflO4 Of tjnitwo localities be-.
Weqefl jufltcs it peace., constables and
MaployeF -rf. labo0ir to convict tgnorv
|nt and 4feteniSeless persons and sell
hem lnto- llOtbilntaiy servitiude, that
te partJies gjgmt make pecuniary prot-

|The report then gives detailed a'-
toints of .how these things were car-
Tied oan aad adds that the state author-
itles, althoug':b te offense has gone
on for -sveral year, cannot punish
the otfenmlers because of their 1nflu-
*nce, tbe t.lmidity or.. witnesses and
the uriwiiltngneBs of jurors of the Ti-
cinity to do their full duty.
SThe grand' Juiy further says these
things extst In only tyo localities and
.thcy are gratified to report thatt such
t state of thJga eXists nowhere else
dn rhe district. We set out the facts
In this report Without exaggeration
Cn the one hafid or extenuation on
thte other. WethU!lc that the truest
%rivnds to our people are UAse who
tell thie. exact -,truth as to these mat-
.totrs TiLe great body or the people
:an this district, save very few, who are
Jost to all sense of justice and wish to
.pr'aft by oppernwion, are violently op,
josed to thee practices."
t Judge Jone complimented- the Jury,
: aying:
d"The time to not far distant, If It is
:oot now here, when all right-thinking,
honorable people will reallz.e and de- that in 'setting tlwe laws of the
.Inited States In motion to prevent out-
wages upon helpless anct ignorant citl-
Rena. of the United States. and under
Its protection, you have been thg tru-
resL and best defenders also of the
wonor of the South, the state and Its

L:. w eople i ...4 *,_


V/hile Seing Spirited Away Murdewer
.,'ke his Handcuffs and Fled.
JN Wyo. July 20.-Grcat excite-
ent exists, throughout Big Horn ba-
IBMin over the cape of James Gorman,
the convicted murderer of his broth-
er, Thomas ,Qorman. On Wednesday
evening Sheriff Fenton -received infor-
mation that a party of d(letermined
citilzens from Shell and Paint Rock, in
this county, were coming down to Ba.
Min to lynch Gorman and Walters, an-
other convicted murderer..

AnrL "'J
I 'W** ~ ~~YAt tV k W ,~
~ ~~ ~I PI I* *
L.r L J.

7 7

a nqi1 r -"_

. . . 1
. I I I. ,



,. "L-;..'_+.-.-/.. ^ '.+ +,, ," + .. .. !P .... .. +!+ .+f Hn ^ ^ ^ ^" -
* .. .... .- ,.,.,, .- .. : t;^ ^ ,^ ^. ., i
r . .. .. I */& i..1-^. '^
' . .. t" -_ ,wI T**l:3 '"
** . *- * .. .. ... .. .. *. ,. .'
-- '. .', .,
*. : -.. 4-. 1 '
. ,.1 .

-r ~ .~ .. .

cwtrr'Mrr ru PNO R --
-" i .-* Re t

Cleveland, Oh.I 1,
ClMveland, o0., July 20.-T1he tun&
al services over the remains of the
late Qra.nd Chief P. M. Arthttr, of the
Brotherhooil o I ocomotlve Engineers,
who deL sutldenly in Winnipeg Tburs.
day night, will be held at the family
residence. No. 14-29 nucld avenue, thLa
city, UlondU3' afternoon at 2 o'colck;
SThe servi,-,s will blv private: Nq re-
m.t1F,- V 1 ,il iP de, excitit by then Rev.
PI'l X Sit'Li V[ n^ zIf the Srcond Pres.

byr:ti, n clttrr:I f
ed W\, s n :-,v '}ier.
artrIv,, h. iL,';.'\ .4

'y iL ,e I ,
v1!1v. P + x ,-, :." r

ly bc-tt t j,,, I-'.;,

which the deceas-
t":4 remains will
Si-1la3' a morning.
'. A. BI. Young-
iI.h, wnvo has tbeen
%1rt I- j at Mead*
.! I (u be slight.

ItS::-:" : F- _.ZTIOQN.
-'.o '; : ," X *. 1 i j

Reason Givc:r by rLs on Goverirrent
for He u&2a t to AcCeCt Same.
ilt- r^ 't fi'; ,\ I'! j ,I l ,, "''l It r \
S.>t. P t ** .... .. ,,, *,.. ^ -, -" i ,. -k .., 3-
elgn (rit'[ c -iall )1' I t P*ICL
P reR S .,ri' [.< ,..-h ., L L r, i ;- I .r, r.
r ess" for 1tp r -. t 1 l
Kishinoeff ,ltition ;v -1 ,i""4 -'.,',,
F8LhOI1(AT 1.vor t ,,1' eu t t
objection of tlio 1!S. ain\ i. i C-, n1at'i
to ou t t .li.'.,i-nt rfi 'Vt.m i i t' In \' I'. ." l_
affairs of the empire, tn 1 tht. c-. ,,
had the etUition bool a 'N,,tO' i a a
diplomati( ., document, }neI: i' vo ld
hav e regarded the *1)Ibfl(.,.ih)i lf t i
text before transmission as -t uisiial.
The foreign office says It is; willing
to regard the Incitidclt as close! amnd
adds that Russia continues to cherish
Americau friendship.


It I1m a Valuable Aid In Buldipff Up
Our National 4(reatniuea
0od's K reatest gift to ninn was the
laugh. Witliont It the human race
woull ldhave wept Itself to dentlx or ex-
tor1miuttd lit ilf ttmCag g 1io. P1atho ist
Ib,:utitirtil; tragty it absorbing. But
Iooth iittIhos tIkd trngtly aire Instantly
kouttl iJy the uInlgl.
Lnugltr ihas suuiahtne In it. It Is
lVrn1r1]. LeInolt(d inet liave arched
for tl secret of life. WVhat Is It but
rcod liunior? Tlhit's the secret of lifre

being worth living.
\Vliut suntisMii Is to earth j
niQr Its to man. 'rTnke theo sr
tlVte liiig" away3, atud It would<
enjd of uman.
Men can't fight while they
joke. Deanth blinself recoils i
nlaugli. Tie man in a goodl 1n
tnl (uflOrlllolRu advntage over
who is angry. Anger Is dnrk.



enjoy a
trom tho
mor has
thel man

aw 9 wa- aI a C

nu)s 19i filld with Bullow. lKntoler-
ance- Is grim and black. PrmJudice Is
IA i t-, r1


o 0 R ---r mw-I--a -wMw

a lmmft n "n o **

rFzr 20 s4Toot Led !eeall!,a

'Rar.a-!or n,

For $al by Johnson Bros. Gainesville
I ._ i_ I I .. .

A 4I~

- ~a- r*'*_ A. if ~ Z=.-a~a

Gainesville, rrida

- I .*


In thii Court of
Public tOpanioti




Oti, se or 'MAIt(C;IS
. wani t I)Ed ulotLta,.


vS. all men who


". Im..l- r kl-I u~~ . = -".. I .- r% ., p i. yr ".
[ :,. .; i;.: .t..r. .sI" : .. .j.. i, ~ .
, 4 .. p a * '. +. '* .. 1 .. .'I"**- ^ ,. '
. , '* .'.. ,. ., *. * ..* *- '. . ,
*! '1. J** I Ip' i' . a .
; . .
_h .I
4r ILI

FLOtIDA, JULY 21, 1908
S- -, r . '



& i ,

-& 4h



'J-l rl. ".


", '..:*."p r .'- -
S ': I I ' .. "* '--
=i i' . = '*
, : r-'-i lA

thi lhteatur'a e 9f .nbelt. 71yI
"* . " ~ i ~ . .. ". * .. f ..", i '. .' '., 1 ', ".";
i,, In.reality It iS onlz !.fleoaoa-;
O0,o04.. The elsgenee oftae iea.
Ld4Qn^qupfitoned e ven by nofete.4
fsila. nThy AI'y fsiiting the God p1
lOgy snid not th4.0 !vtfv ,gOd.!
RhtIId .s* thalt q- evety h"'t
ems in -'0 4 MW o belle ves I n. be ,rt
LS rn hivm the .ePiSen)OOo ..U f#tih .' I n
':who. bsblievea that llberi Is aia's1
a- 144

FLT O^d at all tItnes prsIta -,. q
w'Nf'tzI nGpdeans faith -in this
314.h. I
i :; !,LIverae, TI mefane," faith in the ration"
P ,." 'b'( -"thlB .u lvirt e. It meaus fs:h
S .ir tha .morality qf. his ontverre. It
tnp h.e
*,w tthatsuel,.iwn tbe, oifture. of the

tto.rsthat trhtb m ust pr)eval .here,
v,'rlg ..h t nu Q riumph.. It Ineauzu
kL I I ttg* Ju the 4 evft hsMrnoniea, It
LI^'., .,.fl'n h boundless hope forth feature.
."" ,ni e, detny. of
.bN0 all... ;, thd uieopnquetable splrrlt of
:! ttmlm W$h$ob Insp red the word of
t"..W k ,rt., ,e rt .. ., .. C ,.. .. ,
% t
"%(;4$$ iao vhs1r i on .id upward go ..
q"; *" ; oh' tern*tagi: otJ ,rogreiistbeal s'
:.4 ...1 .

4)' "0'thf great wtuwhem.,"oarm Itg4d Jow,9
11 u a ""

Ia OP W4od GodO besi

. .,." ,*Ow .1 It noCt apparehit that faith in
SIi ,b : Irtt .t .t a o.ollary of t,. P
l : <..- s ., '* .b. MO

i'* .' .**y^ ..
m.. e

4t) '
i ,a
led, ti


r A ~ ~~1 tI

DA JU-L,-,. tt4.: I.
".teu!ki : #. p i" ..& "f.
*....1I*J ~ ~ r ~ I/l J* j~* ,I, ,,, ., ,
3" "-. Ii), :.,YE. *I. :"" '' I
' '.i" ' C',

01 :. '75 :
o, 7L

ro r trut1 Lov
m.s' .v. wo ree..f ever the
wods :. prrhet rwfre insrfred II4
M 4,hen Iaiah boldly stated that to
'Otinhlp Qqd trily s, to serve (he cause
t.Ulierty 'twloo.0ge the: band of wick-
I40"U, to 0unzi4t tM, "tespyV burdens,
sndto let the oppre1sd go free, and
$)i4 ye break -.ver yoke"'
Very R'emarkable Oure of Diarrhoea.
. -Abot Ilxs yeas. ato for the first
tMme 'In my lf ad.Z bd a sudden and
severe attack oa dtarrhoen/, saje Mrs.B
c Miler, o6I Morgan, Texas, "I
got temporary roller but it came back
Again and agal .and for six long years
Ihlftve suffered mire misery and agony
than I can tell. Iu was, worse than
death. My husband speat hundreds of
dollars for physidanD' presorlptions
and treatment without avail. Finally
we moved to Boaque county, our pres-
ent home, at!d one day I Isappened to
see an adverttemvent of Othamberlatina

- ~U*

rimatavoar Drutak.
OGricv-Just see how much your lit-
tie wttlo, loves you. She made this
ecke fOr you all by herself.
Arthl ur-'.epmS, my darling. And now
It yo* wIll oat It all by yourself I shall
possess indisputnble proof of your de+
votion.-P-lttsburg Press.

--- 1~-~ -

She Met It.
He--If I should.-kiss you wbat would
you do?
She--I never meet an emergency until
it arlsea. ,
But if It should arise?"
"I'dt meet It face to face."'-Yale Re<%


. S ~S*~* ~ ~: L




. .. r.

te~i^ ?N-1. 7'^dty lw~ e 71-
__________________ '' l ASdS '' 1 "-" I '
[ j '-- ," "' -..L,. .
M1. .: I .

.~^*,b *.*m f if ^ :,'... e .- \ ,.. ..,^ '* ..., ,, .-, .. .. .. .* .
'... r t... d''".^- .1 .~ ... L' ", [. ' ':" " ". i .ii*"i-h l i '" ~ * r '.L ,.r
F, Wl;

3p.- .- 1v dney tuble preys upon the mind, r
B ...J a r.&*t hak.n + L ooh .At*Mande J1 abiMeor boutyb vigor

! il^l 0'itly,(hat uneatrnea mnore; ,^- +T .,; disappar when the fcld-
I t yi d,4 to^l "he growth, P Jf S~f neya are out of order

' * .. r .,..; i f . ', Ky t .as
.;,'s...,'.-, i . ", ,' ',' -, ':.-, ,' *. '^ fi'S^ ' e o e *"! rl o
libi of -Ib~r.i ItwOutdid ife ; J: '{_ i.^Llo^ "^l to IN), mmr
'14 p1

'./OdlS*to em, *l MprJnge-d it..tlu-0.
!i6^^ l eo; omentting ,ou" these -rtB + iife) (h.fca.oc f"yhff t~e. **' a ,.'rjrT'.. .r"y r .? :.".. ,,. .' 'I' I "rI -

l$,em.4 V L ]hI 'r

:,..:a',.:',^nJS,.. ablio revenue:'.tumuli + ^pa. wc. tt yt aH+pt .<
.,: ..:^T ? t.. .M i ,kSL t.L^ttt^ e- 1.rl t hal r mobd pub- de tt lexniy pryeublep -. mhn is-

li~ionn Ibd tOWne !O mtai' fa!th p bep towamrds the trnJ4tyn ior
Airlmly *tateo that 'aparO U 4.Krtant rganes. Then tnhek4 tho -

[-;q~tittio +S right and 4uati(?e) r' 4 toot it.0 dlaea~se cena++;i~n u( *.M~
"nc nn ve16ar e 's "er- ney ae g ut of.-ord. ir
th MIihne f the lado Womr well as men are made r
0", I twhatIcal an able wth kidney and bladder trouble'has
j.opo~lthepi Ao)n f^Sf~eluftf JJ1

; '+_ ,,. f i < :- _-a .t-n Tho+ mild and the fanmedtate effect ot
601 I f~lgI Id 4ke1-so aroat. 'WentatI IiotUV0o1

' a" h ..... r "gh. An. ,en to w ump-Root es soon realized. t Ip v ole
!( ill hope 0f about, by drug- tn Iiftv. i ^o aiaow_
e hreare vforoeWhtoh op-fo.or a child to be rllar

;:,. thst1 faltfh 1^l thfl' tevll, it isai*.: Y~ou _ma~y have a IB~fiI
i.j&- LI 'pIII I +....t!..-tf,.,. .,free, also .pampphlet toll- H ~eo Svmmw o .
Bovr.bgn trt. fl wnU all about it, IncludItn t many of th

th! in GQd4,|lnalte +faith in man., tho-uaafds, of testlmonlal -letters received
n"e"o o" .h "ce " 'upwa' ro; i^orfnrew cured. In wrlitin Dr. K~lmer+
ftOjbse 1.4164',.lw ,hichpr Yp sur-
i ~.!:h Spl..!e),ew rmisngnoe, + . - ..,---O....
po jjj^ W it onfri these 411n Whot 0e S Onlityw ma t #60 4A156
~~~~~~~b ? btIA ~I qiY fwv MO gjo' ~IU.~~dt.aWl to-

-, r *bl. ; .."revenue. Yrt %ainswapSyaeootu Dr4. K-
rood meniyoauonlypmaue mer0 S4amp-Roomt and 'the address,

i ; ,'*. I ,'. \ y ....
f$Ionu bss .siows 00imuch faith41
states thUc paar op.,04114be .-towatatet~zrat.
01 04.$part dw i16kir~tetttorgama. Tlit.UnpiCAw".t
righ'l-ud lstle tMQUOto de, o 'adfsetied ConQttiOn of !bG
:~fl~ 4 arrid ou be~ksdpvw ad bladdr and miot toa habit .- ~
t$Q selfish nose r'b*thW adjoudtot@9~ upse
Of$ SOf#hes,,-fadod Women aswaft as mein are inwds mide
it bt. 1'h I -caFI ,pisaleilt kidney .and bWadder trouble
J4Otir 'a$PtII~hep~t o-m 04both Moed&the anwgeat remea'dy
a ts nlg, 4a h .And then Eto Tno mild.- snd tho imrmediate .effect ot
Swamp-Root is oon realized. It ws sold
t all hoy.
J ;. OfrinigIta Itb rug sw~s In flfty t
0 shae Me oth oes -wbio4 op.I cent a Xoedlaa'
It F htstIJ itetev4J, it Is sites. You ma'y havesa
-saplebottlq by msiI
~~f pi the~j I pbp~Vp,*r.Itisnot fr.1th %. ~6p~p~ el-a.o wwUo
novor~elgt rt;q, i utt. I ht, Incuing mwyo the
_4% Li6 0,i,.1ou g m n
Ut1 in 4$*i iqthhma Ibuedof testimonial letters received
soa enoy '.aoI' ~ca. F. 4U~IU'fromh.s4*oruicred. lIn writi SUr. t 04
,.mstlos irtnh nDr.Kflne
L'bel-eV6pg4na f06p0a1,Itheir- weds- 4 vr r
IQ~~Do't !rv" 'P ftOwbrde a*ny sMistake, but rememn
V -tbe!ptsys y r to bar the name, E5~kanp-LjtooLPr. Kila
YOo4 yU, will only m ake Imer'sSapltoSind t heoaddiress,
tek,' ?IV ten ftdo a4B~gh~M~. .Y.. 0QJ'every bottle,.
'a ~ ~ 'M + a'k .s. I .0 v __________A%_A_______ma__n_______________________




qJi +..!1r 'J1
.' .

I ? 47 Iii r7n*[ J I :'C 4 *
PSSe OQe Way

;Ati1A i0tM^F4^ a -Railroad
r .yi 91 41f 4 te in one way
*erv rtitWi wothio and Mimais-

-~R*asileInd Pa-
4h @ro"a r 8t Louis, Mo.,
points tz$ ; ; leo in ,basing rates,
Ei mei %I Tetaiim (t ickets not to
eid SitoWf nbigmphie proper), for
its on d north of the line of t he
O y t :".(Memphis to Kansas
), to thde t'flptrn points in Flora
GsorIa, Ntthand South Car-
a and .4)abama )boated on. this
em, or tWa whteh the company feoris8
.ofa am.ulthorized ticketing route,
ollorIwi rate under conditions

ate-One-halflof the standard o01e10
fare, pin l$2.00.
tee of sale-March 3 and 17, '!1903;
il7 and 21, 190; May 5r and if
; Junu-2 aind16, 1903 ; July 7 and
lK S ; August 4 and 18, 1903; Sep-
-ber 1 and 16, 1903; ,October 6 and
1900 November 3 and 17, 1903.
imit-Qontilnuous passage.
onditione--rContract and each eou-
io tickets to, be faced "second-
ia, not good in. parlor or sleeping
m *

ere' are some of the staple crops of
Different qeotione of this territory:
i1 vegetables and small fruits,
ichea, pears,. grapes, figs, oranges,
applee#. grapefruit, watermelons,
us aud other fruits, wheat, corn,
Sand other Araine, tobacco, cotton,
nuts, hay, rice.
he policy of the Atlantic Coast Line
Foster all developments along its

Claims that it is thle greatest
Hiking road in America, and it pro-
se every facUlty for etting farm,
den and orchard products to the
thern market in the best possible
dition, in shortest time, and at low-
Sno part of the country is there a
water abundance of game aTd I"oaIl
Un on this line.
northern farmers are Jnvitodl to
te for information in detail about
territory: of the Atlantic Coast

. Cholera Infantum.
is hai long been regarded as o1e
lQ0pt dangerous and fatal dis-
8sto W(fUh infants are subject. It
Lbe cured, however, when properly
ated. All that is necessary is to
e Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and
arrhoea Remedy and castor oil, as
ected with each bottle, arid a cure
Aertarin. For sale bv all druggists

aill in the back
swelling of the
, Wte guarantee
t Suiro Kidney
will be effected.
.00. For sale by

" .- 2 .
II .
I* I * I I


Has Cured Thousands, Will
Cure You.
If you are troubled with kidney or
bladder troubles, mueh as dropsy,
Bright's disease, catarrh, gravel of the
bladder, albuttiwn in urine and u.n-
healthy deposits, or too frequent dis-

charge of the[lurine, p
and bladder, dropsical
feet and legs, etc., etc.
that by using Smith
Cirt, a complete cure
Price ) c0nitas and *1I

Mani. Hndit of Runnntalg HE islnguw
Tlhrouigh Him Hair.
tW)]y oclsi n umn always run his
hadti t l hronitli is ha r when he takes
1His hl:it ot" aLpked A tn observant minn.
" D)id! yoj3l' vor Iitleo that mau wviil in-
V,1ritl1ty do this very tilng? Is It just
a I1Irvou s l ibit? Is It vanity? It Is
ilt o(t ld:lbit. I lwvoe In('ver known 1t
mtau wito tlid not litlulge this lhabit.
E 11i(fl \'Iim Iiivei no hair to run
J'iJi tig i' thrI1O1) 11. iner thos<
)ti'ui(,q z are wi% -)illd S billiard balls, vIi
Lsli [tk tiir tiniids over thoir lieftiL4
ti'jjhj tj I(%3' lift tl(ilr hatiS. If ttlo itie n
sIi)ijy iaitilt'd to MIHauYU their tousledI
hialr. (t'if I)irs(, thkis, woul( afford ni|ple
exf^I r~it it! Iot'':14 (hithR lini~,Ht irliy
shIhld d team wit lm lnr o ivtmr ont his
lh:nld do tho smlin1th tld"? It Is not a
HiiPtImlt IatljM'^r to sztw thtit sfuch a
m1ni maiUy haiv; hadiiid full stit or hair
lit odI ti i ci ;1iTd t!li& f It Is simply l
m;rrti, ;r r r i:iltt

f(.r' lit
llll<' knoVw
1tla IitI


in n II
< 111' II.

rnt! tl


. ('(iZ;4]itIlhl9. A R ri
t4( '4io iM of tlit f'('t.
\I1i. j1V *or '%jW'n II
I I I1'i' wir 1i c':ds. I
([%A'-l^ S"LIllk\ Cil 1






';t 1 '

' I) 13
Ig tot
rti M'.I

1n iN t A 1iiiii

(ringi 1n ly

!llt. 1ke!n tiro
't'twy (to int
i('V run thelii
Iut they all
into) n IouLrt

l i,v ne whuV r !!im(n con-
\;'hure It isl n('Nsszry for
i't- tlitr lints aiid wVitcli
wi ll obs('rve tlinit every
lirA"1migl the saimite .pejfrnI-
Ins o t)be :1 j)rrfe('tIy nnatl-
I L' Iil ti3 d(. I [ (y o\vu Con-
it It 1I n1l evItI wItI4 lila shair to loe jJuft

I -)ro 1 ax ) 4

it was simply

t iitnttU(r of t1(Idl(("1. But It his grornl
Inltt) it :tot 1' vtTilty, Tfiolity3ttr, for
IlbNut f'L if 1P11 h:is enough hai for the1
4 1 1 a.a S A *- .1 A 1. as'

1'l :'4'. A



J. raMPSzY,

Sand Made Newf
We buy or sell Furniture, or can contract
' wth rou on the conm- 'Ion fbskt. Patroniuge
' mololted and astSlfaeiotto aw ,_ays.






b trida


WM. SCHILLl:RR, Pro'iiietor.
132 \'V. Forsyth Lt., Jaoksonville, Fla.
OppostLi?< PoatoflotY



dining place in eity. Fine
Liquots ni-d Cigars.


JOHN MENZIlflS, Prolcrltor.
219-221" W. iay uit,. Jftoheuflv11ie.

Faust be''r, )ottlie and drau htt. Don't
fail to aR I 11 nit' wh1n in iacksonville

--- Vh it t],e-':
(iA ILL)iNN.
The b t-'. l, 'it 'rs i n the city.
tainmet)' tov,.-r3 right a t I'(of 4

-S -t-- S



Pul3cbh Use Big 4j for tunntmtural
irant I 4 rrltttloii, ,r th'6-ArljIttnm
ltrfIaiut orf iza qj i t, '! 3 hrI hi|ilftIIl.
mit NtiatiTof. Palnileosa ii1 1t sIriN,
NSCHWMIOALO; Went or ,,'l,-^., i
H, A k ^ o r lnt In plain wrtplr,
h' e^xpre1m$. pvmpald for
4T.00a. for *'nL owtW92A.&
Clrcular ,nit o utaqutta
=i=r I_ = . . . ---- .. . . I ^ -a .


Y" -jz w i W' f.AP S & 1. ) wIV a 1

I ." I

** ; '' *- '. 'L1^ "^ ^'" -^ *v ,.,. ,-rFr ;- '.. '.' ;. 'r-
...~ FM..:.-;,

"" " IST I, I .'

D Z Tr

Over Dutito ta0 0% Gtit
SpeO O1& tMento W> Orow WI Bridge wor".
Phone 70M 4


Graduate Baltimore GOlleg fDUentIl Surgerj
Five ya&rui experience tA New York Clty
Crown, trudgee work nd UMit Sipellttealm,
U IN lA iUt WoUnO GlysNmnVw F.A
Orrion rn Ernst 8Loct41 Q iuarit,,




Fot a




and the EAST.
The NORTH and WEST,..

Umllman anw- ,
ON&,A All TVt044.

106 W. Bq &wi., Jam
W. A. TviK, P. T M., WMhlitton, DzC. 8t H.
WV. H. TA.Aa. A. 0. P,
^^^^a -"~ ~- & ^*^^mv :^"^"^^^^*^^^T^^^*^* a*

- "~--- ,

rV :


p .." ~ *: ~ ~ A.. ~ ~*- -.4t*-r~----.~*- tW*-

' w -




Zr tou








; i.

'' . ...
*1. A

"I ,, '. : ?... *It, *' f* -
:-' ;. L, ,' ., ?',., -",, : :. -. '.. ,'i.:. ,K." : .'
*'l^ ^-^;^ '* *..* ;* ..
*1=W = I I I =. .= I J
". l' .'- I '

'. I . n *n n J 't "' I '"fn'- 'r 1
CIr *I q 'I* I" i 11i 5 J I r ,
(eOV,- oPRoS!heIls w ..,pF vim
V r. # 4 ' ..

e tpty Sherif'f.i. *'0sof'rw
i' i ,"' 0,' ". ' " ; ni ',; '" '' r '' "l "o t o h c ot otl:
A visml rpb o th
I' dl I I -* . ": '.* 1: : ,** '* .* "1 / ' '- f -
* ? .:.. *.. o .. ,, .,,. .- *; .... ..
upes Holder,4the mer'httnt 4.of
114, wFg bpane In,
. I 3. r" I r i __
u.S t.. S.. .-, ,' m .
, .11li.'., ;*. ,fc ; ,. ,r' A "". ,'" ,' "^ -- ..

p.. -n"'- ~p .
I" :" "* I / fj h ." .' ".'
S ' 'r h ""
? ; :, ', :.. .* ^ .;.. .: .,. ..
J ,. F .. .* ,1 .

e '., rM ..

^ H'l s .. July 3S^.i- xr ou
,t M&r4id4. J9!. 2.. 4. J1f
r I- .. .

^^ pwei *1 :lEfluf *wk a4 AU$a~.
,,. r..;' iif^ ^B ,tpe we a! r r
&ik .p 1 "2, .t. Z Browt toll,

iltol [ *!nI't utldot Al' .Spfieip;e of'
'I li %$ 3$SebRII. 4AuocItlohn
J' JQ?8. ""d *llo-'irt'. " '.' 'd
, ..... .A .. 4r .IJ& .. 0 k44.i .f ,o T a m r
pr is. r b y
, .. .. .

pqs 04 (s4 new tsvw'~tets at Edwar^s'
I Qper SO aa Wet esda Wednieng
ROw Thly 22ndi. B Dneflt b)nsebsli assocla-
-.r M t .'' ^ *:" ', -:, .' ,, .' *.:* n- -

A. .A. pZf l podrggfltot r, twa., haM
1 ,;:':.: T!8.~too:, lle,:Io he ~
.,./.-- m. .....' ''-"? ; ... r"4. '.A : : :.i,'",V o i .i i .t~u e t 1 ,m ~ o b
pQ; 0 hi.,. ..,W2 ,w a,
L...:o,.iOel. fo~ .,;., e ~ ~ ar. e e ts
RO./:I!.. ,~i !;Bneit b~b4l aora
PLO, t,

s nIahtO ,d- hatla neveze, bt $aihe and

O 14 byd I gey.. wSl bured by
"' *01d by I. ;

01 WM 6 Mi61aod p4 Otter Creek,
1I* wtn*reor frr tbhe. io't0le depart"
eont of the cOstv vqreek Lumwber Corn-
i- pwas flnltnfOr to thsll city Sunda,
I, H. ...,..f$E,.O n' oQ. 0.i&6x-i youfg
. bu#Ip3s.~~" e m the Stat,. I .
I lam' ",n'. A aat ,"taf a r nt u a, a. demA.

I ,

I~Ita. a i psy flL'iA
l in t !' ..pi n WD Umi,
ytIorld Sphould
Ie ga.Td eOur-
von__-. _to a ,Tnp

ir I r q .d e~d
oni r" oV tLfn GlQrd A4Ir.oe WetodnogyS
po^s^0toia &i4t' ~IL r U tlef9b2nn. ltThicolzonlt $SZ. toun
0t41I4 8atn .ep W Marehbt Ohampj trepr go4ureumni n C thren dys. lot.
"":Ii.. 4 ..Qpmla .a 4 trtO.ugh the *Ity .SeM oewbere In this Innue the
I E. a ou l Livek Ok ii4 rtIafent pf tanley' Rubeas
r,";,*.4;.. jA ,nb34e bOuepaf-butes IOo(iege, Ttb(rn 'ville, .a. Jvery
V,.I1..,....t Ou purhfe te young vin desiring better qaluflfca-
to e work, and good govern
oItica,- ,Soldbymnt,,hoA Id opt the f bera), offer
Mtgoa1 mle Th is a. o ne hool that away-
Ui '4ogheuv \ p liveN tW to itSR pomrlsn.6
a44:IittMS;.."'ante MO4all, Among the prominent visitors to
*,peS; .x *sto mlake.,telr artnure 0odY this elty yesterday w*4 Edward O'D0 n-
M,1 'for KhtgI FWry, Whetr they wi taid, fornmerlyf Goa(Inevi Ile, but now a
" bd''*'ib a m01thwlts roelaIived he fam- promisin bultinsBM "nn oW Jackson-
r'J.:.It rM')^ ii t'iVelltt. ville EMr. ODontild was en route
-%L ,3a,, -r ti i-a a io fro Areher. where hlItwife is spend-
it m6 |"i#1 ttlihti*;* t I tho Oottl tng a shorP whlewith nlatttves. HhI
.^ atbe canrflendw hIwro tlie' glad to greet him'
h 0 'pdo.p. aPxof, van -is
siw A:0on BMwn House 'M -He io one of the oCn you speak MpnP"al* f rt not yot,

To WA-.-.

soutith on offloetilal bitenes Thet family
of Mr. Parbtam arcat preent soutinrn.
ing at White Spring., buts are expected
to returnwhome in a satho time. ,



working team
No. 20, Knightsm


Mt. Vernon

parted yesterday for High Spring*
where last ntiht they directed the worb
in the ampl''fied thid or long tOrn
of rank of 1K night upon several ceandi
dates of the ighb Springs lodge. Thi
tepm enjoys the repwlttiqn of beinAj
on* of the bewl fIn the State, and theit

work t way mpreie.

....,; ... ,-.. ... .. .. ., ._. .
F 'Il4 4 1,q
v 'j'1 *- *'i * r... ".'. .. ' '. .':, T " ' *'
". ', ".' .,': i n., r ..., ,,. l- .,

46'1 90 ;1i;.tf, rfA0b. attve,, Mr.
S u;T. ,tucManintki. '/*'.
J; e heA4'teJ { r nd Ibake
Mnots ourr mad & -birlif b4111nesi
tripra otig Wgfrip4ga RJ*Dt.a

:. I, *i.*&iJr,, "sfpnd seoupl4e-of-,dye".
'I ~ww.

s -* f &Ottp4 gutSl bf i s, a ivty,' re
Mtaredltol" oont r *hoie a ii Hagu',
sza K$.r'..: r, pi ae b'f b i
* ,* *. ,, :

}ife. M ake the k dni5' he'p4hy with
rOeyp' -t& iney CureI Sold by J.. W..
Wco 0611,ii A o.; .
I r

L, W. Q#i ptr Wdei one of tyhe
ciccf~flyoung mnerehani of the
WeiE^,waf trn^~rg businai
ethle City yeotyerdty. e
ves pt" wi -*':-'*q r

prao, tenorr: ba and alto solos,
iusfrtette, dueON, see./at Edward':
i Opera Hou.e Wedneyduyevenihg, July
2$1nde ",Gt your tickets earby.

or a y liver try Charnberbsrin's
StoJ r iah and Liver Tablets, Tbey in'
MvC1orate ti1e AIver, aid the digestion,
regulate the bowels sdrd prevent bt-
*U" SI

Je;Wis WtIlksIFar sale by all dorugfsth

v/mN. B. Peam r of LdAnthofyb

pommed through :he city Vto rd ay en
Woute from, Alachua, where he bfliledm i
iensageme t Suynday. He t. a ple'aing
an- Stanore.ting bspeaker.and never fath

tob, Attra'dit.'a congregations,
IDr. and lift. 8. B. GiddinlgB are me.
aJourne sn dAtl, sno., sThe dweta i
expetH iSre turn inea few dayv, bul
!Mwe. C~id'dling will remain in the Geor.
gi, Gtety our thaikest of her aAy ughte.
during he re'r$.dlier of the amummers
DIvoBMah Tralnmer r T Ol W. PbThain
nofthe Atlantic Coast Line, departed
ayeatefday for OMchu .nd other points

trin6 LaFontisee will be please'
1 learn that she has accepted a lner
position with the Florida Tinws-I
I Jacvaksrnoville, having been asij
Lhte",-maitagement of the woIman.Ri
' patrbinit of that excollent paper.
Miss LaFontisfi is already maki
Uflrt suoces of this department,
i withstanditng that she has been
I ployed onJly a few days and has
yet. become thoroughly aequai
c with-the work. As a writer she i
h m.rkabole, and in the future th
Sdiesemay feel sire that that thIey
i find the woman's department off
g Idd& leading paper one full of imtf
r No False Claimus
The proprietors of Foley's'a H

. F i,. o. .. ........ . ..
I : aflrt St. Petrsburg.
The8t : fltsnebuf Tte9s Ta tha
init. contaih4the tolowig nuotg.e

'". C, Oanovaoi -amrn4 r.
Ur A:. PO CAD$ rm#
In tilp tyFriday, th& i0th inst,
tkphobie at' her daughter, M.S. 'Tin
Carpenter, wite of the popular AG., o ,Fifth avenue,. of h<
eongi neer, on ,
S"Mrs. Canova was seventy yOars 4
aa4,bsd uo$ beenlo good' h a6h
I Boe time, and had bee. vi.ting
daughter here for several. weeks,
SOanova having corte over also bu
short time before the fAtal illness.
['The fqneralwaisheld at the F
Baptist church on Sunday, Rev. W
Thompson officiating, and the in
meznt made At Greenwood ce
"The bereaved husband, daugi
and family have tihe sympathy .of m
St. Petersburg friends."
Deceased was well known and h
ly esteemed here, where abe real
with her daughter, Mrs. Carpenter
some time. Friends here will ext
,a hand of'1symipathy to the gi
I stricken IueS tnd and relatives.
SStanley's Business College, Thoa
viNe, Georgia.
We need more young men to su]
the demands made upon us for c
Speoent bookkeepers and stenorapth
L If yoU will enter oir school within
[ next S0 days and pursue one or x:
of our prescrIbed courses and suoc
fully complete samere we will place
in position. The above offer is (
only to persons of good character
correct habits. Cwme to see u
lonce, or for full inLormation add
; (0. W. H. STANLEY. d2wl
Te nnMin u LaFontlseens Position <
"" '"'-""
.T he name rous friend of Miss K


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