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Title: Gainesville Daily Sun
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Title: Gainesville Daily Sun
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Creator: Gainesville daily sun
Publisher: H.H. McCreary
Place of Publication: Gainesville, Fla.
Publication Date: July 18, 1903
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Alachua -- Gainesville
Coordinates: 29.665245 x -82.336097 ( Place of Publication )
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Volume ID: VID01921
Source Institution: University of Florida
Holding Location: University of Florida
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I, I '
44~4h C'
dlvI e-1
'I LI I -
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r *3lk



ati Ifl SBettlement of a
VcxM~4a -Questio*
I.*I^ %L J .t s *=. ^ ^ *

utsla GoIem"nt Co0veys Formal
Aspuraho0 54 the -United Statoes that
It Wi t In No Way Oppose Opening
or MenobeIan -Ports to Commerce.

4$ 14 l17Y-The Manchu.
an queatl h& has U Leon settled satia
ctorlr) thte morning.
A6stsuraitc0 hive been receffld from
e OXtInJk government that it will,
die uear -future ( open as treaty
Irts noW cOsed to the world's traffic.
I The R$!SIaRn government has con-*
eyed torvP" assurance to the Unit.
d StateWtft0 cement that It will not
any way Oppose such opening.
While. *.tb6i .I Pr to be opened are
|ot yet spocfled, U Is 'gathered from
ie comnutit9atIons received that they
re Moukd4 tlhe principal inland port
I' Mance.Itao and Ta Tung Mko, at
he mouttb 9* tiAe talU river.
The stat departmentt Is highly grat-
fled at tils, .outcome, feeling that It
*as secire. not only for American
ommerce.,;bUt or the commerce of
C worIdIM: large, a very substan-
ail gala.
It now 4eVeiops that the meeting
t ile Russian offIcials at Port Ar-
ur Jist concluded was, but one of
.k -q's though an Important one,
tib.t St* Petersburg government
ti tanne4 in execution of its ptar-
BeO to place matter of internal ad
l .tkration In Mavcburia in Much a
|onditIOU that the ports desired by the
fnlecd S4tei nd tiJapan could be
lcpened to tzade without causing dis-
purbaice' ot involvIng undue 4 Bacriflce
pf Iussian ,interests. It already has
peon reported that much ot the trIo-
10] that had grown out of the Man-
chturian question was batised by a sort
i triple yet independent administra-
ion of affiirs in Masnchuria by repre.

tr wulh'u uuutuuvueuy win prove utri-
utary to the new port. At present
Ta TuxngKao doe' not ambunt to muieb
but a rapld Ieyelbpment Is, looked fq i
after It becomes a treaty port. At
flrst the United States .vernment
tried to have lTaku Khar made the
iopen port in this part of Manchxura,
but the Japanese favored. Ta .TtVo
Kao and the 'iUnited -States abandon,
Takusha In favor of the Ta Taung KR
as It is open the year round whi
T&kushan is bound by ice.jiuring aes
eral wlnteS months. Houkdena I s ,
the head of navigation on Ltao rlvei
and Is the potut (r& which, caravan
s tart through' Man.ehirl and 8Bib:
rna. It Is at preset the large .st mart
ket In Manchuria and next to New!
Chwang. ,





-'--I----- ~' ~- -a.
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*.j*** L, r, ILArO-

-4-- -rn-4
h I ~ *I I* F441 .*q I
qq I~ rrI~

Ihw*b IP -0=71',d- e-Adw

- I %.,IinA -&a N -&w -k" a m p wf a w- d

_ i

.. ", .
i. r -I-- '-'9 -- ^ l' ^ ^ -- I* T -t *^* i T -- 1 tb* ... 1*14 nH-.4 f Ph ^. ~
',. U LY "908I
Itie Y.,JULY 18, 1903..;


Every InComing Traln 8wll? *th*
Hosts that Are qgrting In the City
by the Lake-Thrft Oreat MnWng&o,
Addre-n Dktlve*r. '

Detrolt, Mlbeh, July 17.-.4wry 'In1
coming tr.sal through th b night
brought Its qota to ..Well the hosts
of .Lpworth tr.aguor* and hundreds
more arrlvqt 0on the morinlng ,tralna,
both regular, and .*poel,W untpl, Wh*en
tho alsixth intenatlonA .eouventloi
1 ,. 4 "" '. I
oppned this afteftnoon. -t ho re Were It
bqeslimated, 16,000 of. the leauers A:
the city. "
The, convention wan. p,wnell at 23:80
0 o'clOck thi. asteron : Ith e w
preat meetings. o0e *Il' Tent Qntario,
si the corner of rFovth and Lttatf-
ette avenwestM one In' .,i Detroit op-
era house and one In thi l Central M.
E. chure.b. Ejeh meeting followed
Identically the same,6 program, tdl4
rdreieB of welcome, retpofie l and a
1ceynQa addrost.. p t
The large chorus O wganzed among local singera to 'ftrnilah the mtu:
sic for the convention was dlvtded,
and onaethitd o ..the__ nuwumber .aUg..l.
eacb auditorium under thu leadorshIlp
of lvangeltats "Johbs Huns, 4J. IW.
Black and Charles D-. TIllman.
STlie keynote addrOess was delivered
by Rev, D. 0. Powney. ud Brooklyn,
N. I .
Blahop Nrl WinntonPDbI4,4h; pre-,
sided over the Cential M. LM.hourch
meeting as ehairmian. and Rev, Jamoft
H, Potta, io this city, niade the wet
coming address,.
The keynote a4doe at -the meeting
was made by Rev. J. I1 Wllteion, of
Jacksonville, Flta.'t
Tbe Detroit onra truse wn Crowd-
ed when Rev. 1t. W' Weathettun,
Coj Hfattlaburt. Mlss., 1he cMairmnn of

4 ~I
t h..~ bi(1 a*iIrJM~.~~ II
.1 *I
I I ** *.~!I* .
'F ~':
,*I Ij. ~ *~ I ~
III' .4 r I t
** ~1 ~ -
I '~
~ I.,

." .' ;- .. ,' "qj .'
* .,' '- 'A 1 '"
ir 1 .9 .. -
'. ,- ..,..'.,- ^. l.1 ..... .. .--- *1 -- ... .. i .r -'i .
*. '" ** .; 1 1 ;' "
,r -*
...1 .
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f r" q'" i I

L k T '. I ."'i a


r K ** L
7~* ., I* I.
~( ,; tar
*1I .~ ~ ~ a



His Physicians Doom Another Opea-'
tlon am Necessary. ,
Ro-Ue, July 17,--Te 0 pope's condl-
tio) today again assvmea a grave as-I
pect, Besides the continued weak-'
,ness of the pontiff the doctors tdif-
During one of theue he gave anot-ir
Operation for the removal of the pleu-
ritic liquid.
The IoPO continued restless, but had'
several .periods of cot6paratlvem e*O.
During one of these he gave anottre
evidence of his remarkable vitaIttyby
taking holy communion during the cel-
ebration of mass In tinor of tht' ma-
donna of the Carmelltes. The cere-
mony was held In Lhe chapel, adjoin
Ing the sick room, the doors 'belng.'
open. It was a pathetically solemn
event, as by the pope's request thpoe
participating, beside Dr, lIa.pponi andl
Ris Contr&, included n number of htII
trusted domestles, five sweepers a.t
two portters.
The doctors are unable to anaounde'
definitely 'when the next operation
will be performed. They fear it Y
become necessary this evening or
morrow morning, but they. are deter-
mlnod to defer it until It ls imjera-
tive, fearing that the enfeebled condi-
tion of the patient may bo taxed be-
yond the flnal lmit. Toward noon
,the pontiff dropped off Into. -silep.a



kRtwn\ that the Iresient answered I
aM for6 o10 a: Il t '" '. W
"Yea ofor every one except the trait. 18
o1f Verrora, txie author of so many tesri
arnd the cauSe of rma)ing 8so many or I,
Phasu b ." I

q .. .. W .O

Sixth Internationsl Oinon*
i A

tion A leeDAt







~-L I

q ,*'

;.' .... i -" ,.: *, '** .T -,-> .__i ..* r ^ ^ *,-' -- ..^ <* *>^- ':-^t,
I o .- ..*- *"

te WUllson avd Pratt meno takf sg e
:twed courage after yesterday after',I
meoW'a Blradley demnlQetrltto. They
ere ielatinilng that the vote for torm i
tlraTy chairman -was not A tair ltest
dInd hatbt Major Oweas received Mrtny
VOtes Crom a large personauM rollowuAg P
the majority of whom wore agitnstI
.BellEap. It war thiIs state of affakse
Whih led to the determination to
tlr the report of the committee oan JU
c renttals to the. Dfloor ofBthe. coaven
tlo The opposatlob tq: Belknap r00k. M
o0w4 the moral o-efft or a victory ai c
At past a obard ftght worth t vice the
.cont-ested. votis in that jelegatton ,
eattnag on former Clovernor Bradley t
tf Judge W. H Holt, of Porto Rico,
aL dark horses,
While the delegates were waltinsg
f.the call to order the Bradley boom er
was I8ven another snove. Tbe for-
amr govwnorr whop he entored the .,
Ibl waR given ama onwtton mearoly.
I,M- enthU1laRtli than the one of yea- n
terda;. The. conventIon was called
ttorder at 10:;15- but the eomiInltt ieu
*weoe not r 0piy* t
I To eonventlon adjourned .untl .ti
ooclock with the bommlttoe, on creden-' c .'
alit atlzl Qot U


Prity" Will Not U.-* mmdd ely At* by
[, ." W I,
r tacked-Caatro Orderm *l.g! 1
0~otcda<, VoflOauola, ^W~ W~dte~~;*. -
7. ly 15,-The slttatIlona utga,0EOfned. M
SThe attiok on Ctutd dollaar by M-
the VenzcauelaWn government troops, *l
iwitcb _appteitredl .Iwialneat y terdzs I.
pmoruing, at cabled tu rhle AMsolated WI
Press at the time hba boen deferrrel )Ij
at Ohb request of .n!tnd tales Con. 1
eUl -Htonderson, Tbr.1 fBrokmat;t, be Ic
Oeraofn cotuvI, and the blbop, who w.
trajSinlttea to Presl~est Cantr0 t h
tbaroutt@ General omes., .tLb 9R I
dcrrfh-chlet 'ot the IoVerPbV"t FrCee, .4
a Jang telogram assknit h!mbn$ be 'o1
mtfav&ntrouu and shuow mercy to ail
tt the 'revotuttontsts wurven4er. It a 1 I


.L l. -. 49u
.. ,K :* .. i *" ". 4,. F;L l v .

'" jYh ..
,,1 -, L ..:$:~ I ;: : .:*
f*..-" .. / .I' ... ~. ... ;, +.. (4 L$ I II .t--tj,,.;'
1~7 1 J7;{ ~

1p ....Ir r ,,.'-'* j, thG' '.:
1- ; I .
r. e Cj iir

i{ .. .-" : ; -- -- i ,' ..4.. .,, V, .. i ,

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:. '4 .' 4 i., 1

.",r ,,.:' ..i. .'.... ,. I :" ;: lICC..i r ,li4 mmli .'-,I/ ll .

, 1 m*! ".. .;. ,,x- ."'"".:. .t "' ., "' .. '" ."

# & I I i ,- ...- IF- J

:Y,? .t i!i- .r. I k$
.W,6 1 "mq 4.4 4 4.' .' .
Pt ~ ':0t 4 .. :p
II~ rg
.i ,,*I.,.! S":iI ''*

W. t L. pMf n ~ t 4not.
r,' ;, 1'="','. -= l,': t :~ i: Er, "_ rn Q I$.t ;a t 0itIt. to. LL "C[ .i li lI l i~
-.-.1 -A. ,i

hi e r1 ~ ~A0 t y t o tI

ong n 11
dr ~ ~ ~ ~ g towr4 b r & M VI%4 $ *1 w
..... "'; :l :" .. ..... l LIN;. .

.r, '" I ., "'- ,, (r [ r ..k4 it .~ I s.;a i.4 i *.&. ..A r m l s,'. $ 4.*o, .) L ,;; i is=." e n d R..1
., ;p ..... ee o. 0 I n I$,i -C ?LU$iS. OSN'
of 4"0V"' I"pft 0 I gf

trot 1 I
... .. .". 'r,"-'. .a.. k r r e e l t:~6~ a ~ a l t w e u .A 'l9a n'Fa,c i s to.L o s .

Ftr i.0~
..Ai .a r0 to r.W unth e
r. "' "-I '-"

I L 3.O l
T -mE O L 4ut o *~sM ~ ~anu p Q 7 mn

ar n ''du'A
m 4~' i r .,I ..ii r 4 n .c.p |t"w)$s,. tt h e.. o w at$ ,, ..iu.lrfl4."0ut :W".im" yp- Jack :; /;V"
t -'i~b ~ '. ,, I" I'.Z .,' : +r t4 *i b-;A o.Z1-*,l4 s 9t b P o t e.-n~ e n "z t[ '. .
ri' r '.I 7 J 4 I I h ..9~~ rh ...."'f i m '" rI I "" .l~ l t ha t e b o W. m .r *,
I 1. a .G f n b .'' fl .j .. .i m e a,
ft WU' a we.. .. .. V V f $ '. ~ i I-.. l

I I. IZb s pEafl tlo tt$e tb S 0IO g ra11i 1 1 1.e. n C .
:,<.,...... ..<. ...., ,. ***, A Ai;,.^.
,J;i hllt ti W t fltl C# do n ,er en tu f reo to I Nr.. .
'..', 4! "
g^ "^^^;g ..- ^.!;-
S tJ i goI za
-%.-.r_ tI I 9 o iI Ine I tki f i I I W z m : p R IIIIl
,9 & t1 ,! ;,'t' i ; ', '. ,1 ': :r; :' "nef g A bla c k a n d
dL UP I!-
-, .r. S 6--.. ,E ..t.'.ur t ...-.-.-.-'- ..-5-
7hL 0 4 t 'IW e
.fi Jw.x .t,* tire.. pW er au4 aI t re ,.,

*qzjw;r t ~in 40# of 14E* d. -te ;dod of
,, iP W,
11 "M...n"'- "?L "4 I ,' birt f,*"" "I". a wl" J 4 m m o w'ta t Ao A.,
tit ifie
!!ii""KS5E;? ,,y? ., ~eil5ietn.:le.,!vi .
l ,. "-; -:O ver .th .ew, lg a n116d 10'b .II....iIIi III. ie I I
I ',jJ* nr r to-"W ^ b zn -i an ie l hrg a d nto
110R, d,0, .. ,01,..0 1. | p
.4 L rtW rtrunflan I tt -o a 4p.ate ,I.-
..1 a rwwww**a Z'Vydltb1d eemr dt tIt ca.l"d ma I --4-
-,I d.. 4be. ium 6t ." moth,.a 4d the pel- .'.
I~1I I I'~~ : I fIII I t r O I WtS ntdu In o it. WI whII I t 'III WI RII ItS I -e -ij
M* I* V.~k to t

'at ]pR4izt 'a tr IPfiiruII t heI
witan h was Q$ tI .5 4 trab W sf Ot as the lfitmt I
m* t bQ, b~hp'(t!ie thyr. *".(',mtvtng! crealtur~e that mmspflagii ,fronim~ tbp, 8;6t on th S

.. "4ift $e 4*.s bte tfeta c .w a .qt.. te m -wu i ng iI,*. I t n. 8o uthe .iotm o a e

i m Q W estli a i$V.0Rii kteiiily, p4 u ed is" an aq w~et of m v te g virt ueen asiot.phur in YVorida,

~ I v~w mu h ~~ m ftrthe it in a 4 Q mt e Idea&mt h K d e mg 4 S o
= F in e f s i g a d h pn i g
t I,0 +ls lgh W. 41).~n Nvr
i~ <..~lry| --!!o e -;by -. A~~l -t. ,,-, r~- _ki". d.
(I 'A flu." waen" tablefare. Rta es per
....,, .e rs:i~iwh41o .b/bEitn uu sl one4; nl t..Lb N~ ~y Origin !4 o I IQ Inlwoman mlatbsl .
','pc.,,, n" W4U, 7 i j*9i hn'tl i, atd ieem ed COI III' IObe her Jnwbiindm e. calti4! a 'girams .'"__. .. .. .. I--L;_...... ....

f -.,-i.l ,4 ,. .
^ "F U** i ,': ^ ::^ ^ .e1''- ^" i -' -' dr ^
:',. .._'L
?f *1 4 r L

q11.r -J d~q m p
m,.* ... ,-4 : ... .._ _._1 ;:, .: -

*44 a-m.% 18^0 1
*4 '"r '., 4," <,';: .. .
iT 'i : *"? :'. ,1 I *I ": i, l. i'i'-. .' l" ri j '* '* .... 'i' -I; 7' ,. ". % .' '." V ^ '"^.: ''';;.l.'.': r.. : -ii" .. -. I. --':r, "*

,r F w ^ [.' .". r L. B ''. ": I ."' "# ;i' "" ',k ,' .:': "'' ""iw '*..

,'9 ..". L

Ow Oons .der.ton,. _

mi I ,We covetrthese imp
.I i .-".licit a .sh
.. .. :.. "-' ,I : .
i"Lll -i

I Ire

r.^i:,:.'..,.".. ^; '.. l.,* I ,F h, rA A i &.

P'- ^ .' ****'' '''i ^ *' f A ^ ^

or t r

I ; The "Victor. is the best i
I iiKpII I i e rchasrh e ot a
Ii V bI by Colasdtltig

i ICoiI n' J m o -at1 cheerfully furniof
II !onfcow, .! f'! -"]rom a b x^to a
MtIJ June 05.

s "'tu rn .. *- i ..

*il June th

ingelosat.nd S~' ~ ~m

Tiokt A

mkptprn *, m<*"
Good to- .. m a hel 1\?--S
I. ".-'.b s I. s w 'r a '0 xi v........ ..
6 Atil h tnr *n 10 lb 5 6 u' 8 40 P) ..,n ,.....bSi .tC ....
i t&e w10,110 'm .0.4 p 608 p\ r....." .. 5.....
reo~otof .bsmrW **' b mP A f.....P.... Q
t l br et en t m q7V 7 p. .... .....*.. *
'". 2 p *.. e.I.* Is,. e ** E I
.,- I a t

a t t110 i .OmfQ J I U flpl f I t 0E.o 0 a. .d ,14 d0. 1
e tl a n d p au p h ;7 01 m.$ !" 4", m b. v.. .. '" "".4
I 4 i p 4 318 S ,., ,.,, .., ,,. .... /. ,...
T. p A i- 5 p i .89- 6a *a,... .m.. ,,.E m.....,,4 ..E

A t i A f 0 8 1 1 W t .... .. ... r .. .. .. ...
4iitu 3Gn t~i, **^ y 3$ p 11 4.8 a ^ ^ **..*a -* **. Fp 4q ..**
Y,,,'ff 81111*1 .. --W. --, -1-2 "O p <. ,, *,--,
- m 1 \ m L0 0 a m *~t ^ A 1 -. 4 S U a 4 P 9
*1TH AND EA8T 1 84 I to I
Imi .mt V JV.0? ko vlle*,, a...,.. B4 Si 7 0p
i.!..i: I !.&r :1i l'O.,8,,, .,..i 05it a p
Wt -A-. At Bfll~a Nau -Wqeqtrn0 py p 1201 p lo 3. p4
mI VAIrI -.VAa Bi iw k ...4.....,. i1lOipip
o .. &r t artait0....;...V...... o p o a
S. t4- A.m rilk..U. A.;..-....,. .8 p *44 0A
i ii I .Ar.Dolanft k,., ..* ....<.. 857 p l I10 i
L "" Ar laColumbl.a..,.....,..... 5 n0p Ba&
I '" A r mm den............... 7 Op, 40 a

KOIEATIQI W. t bSi l 1 FtM, ,.,..u...i 1 flp O 46 %
A V Ar o t No h,,*...,m.,.0 .,s1 1 1a it10p 45p
tonvtlle mand Ar joluonIVa ....... 6 85 a 812p
.' "A- r.W07ih olkfii,.... 0ai6.0,4 RLt10 LO al 8 tSOP

u a.B S tro ug rr ib.r ]4PhIe.. g.....0. li a mp 6lf
IUH I o t-rA New 1ork8,38.i..0.a 4 p 6l
Cures Rheu' -E M O
ach trouble. Connections for Palmetto, M
. Firt, 0la8 SatuIdayse from GainesviDe.
week, Fr Train No. 84 S aboard Elprei
]Fe Tampa Jacksonville ant- New Yc
buled 4ay ooacheu between Jacksc
--' ...... .. -- l- .....m-- a-I a a. -- ,,a ,,n ,,m t .-s a JI .. -.aa -- 9T A 9. ... ..1"o

.6 "

.4r S o e
9ff "j p ^ "*"f4adiL*- *,* t )*: ** a T .

i .y ^ ,',. *.:0;;: : -1 : ,;?:.,,.. -.."!;;. ., ..
.- ,- -.L..--.:-.' -:'-^...^ i.: ti ^ ," '- f" -. :'-",-;,' -~. :- .: -
f '#r &itand
pt, tpftt.Ohr 'Notes.

fB l^- ''r '" 1 ^ h ... *i 1, I **, ,
,, =' I ... *, ,. .. \ ;, ,. -' ." .. .:,* .' a- .' ..._
|Jet*t& 'n th.o $l*r fl fewig^'K^^B *Ot*woo; in lourtietil,
winsg%$13 0Al*i ~aoflc~
Q'h. L ;!tk Sa played several
&achinalM h 4" na o ouar people,
Ith whftbhiP #1 w.-Ie p tensed.
It huat5'. dbri ftr the past week
nd ,mo bt ertb I fullsa of Adam's
le The.,lake i' overflowing the farms
roins .
Our Ib*IOlt$P InrotIOaaing rapidly this
peek' ye ot'#Ur.e )ot9 in yet.
Ptof. t mPnd and Weeks Miller of
rrentbun W prie resent Saturday night
It the rewforgTDfation of the Literary
Society. The -interest manifested
proves its future success. Officers
elected vt:' Albert Martin, presi-
dent, Butler "Love, vice-president;
isS8 Ruby 'HaWklas, secretary and
treasurr[- MIPs Fannie Mizell, editor.
S-M. Sapp'has moved to Janie,
Levy countY,, being employed by C.
U o: Lovewith the Tyler Lumber Oomn-

We regret
friends Wish

that Mrs. WV. 0. Coleon is
this week. Her many
heir a speedy recovery.

Thb BOS Worm Medicine.
H. P.,Kwpe, druggie, Leighton,
Ala., writes: "One of my customers
had a child which was sick, and threw
up all foodpOiuld retain nothing on its
stonmaoh Ie bought one bottle of
Whiteis`,eNream V'ermifuge, and it
brought'ull9 worms from the child.
Its the boos worm medicine in the
world.- White's Oream YVermifuge
is alsotf the children's tonic. It iimn
proves their digestion and assimula-
tdon of fbod strengthens their qer-
yous system nand restores them to the
health, vigor and elasticity of spirits
natural to childhood. 25c at Jphnson
Bros. -


Kirby Smith Chapter Reviews Plans of
New Monument.
There was an interesting arid' 1arge)y
attended meeting or Kirby Smith
Chlapteri ; pnitld Daughters of t.he
Confedodea4y, at the home of the preaui
dentt, Mrs- H.' H. McCreary,' Friday
,t;!rmeeting was called for the pur-
d 'of reviewing Seevetiral plants and
pecifioations from various bidders for
the proposed Oufederate innonun.ent
which che chapter will erect in Gaines-
ville. All plans wore good, but inas-
much as the order will not be placed
until some time in August no definite
action wap taken.

I ., p~.

.. I

.1 C- F


'. I .__ A lt
The Esuential Things, Oat of ltshlx.
. Blood !u m. ,,
These are the things out of whith
blood is made. If the tad. Is nutri-
tious and properly looked, Itthe air Isto
pure and full of oxygNu. It ,he water
Is clean and free from impurities, the
blood will be rich and Ted apd full of
Barring physleal accidents. there ia
no .sickness except tiMt devpeMllgn, di-
rectly upon a want otf food ,or water
or air, sometimes all three. Wben'ajny
one Is sick the presumption Is that he
has been trying to subsist on' poor
food or vitiated air or bad water, oine
or more
I1 order to have good food a person
ought to have the first eating of It.
Food that has been mussedoveor and
left by one person Is not fit to be eatea
,by another.
In order to have good air a person
ought to have the first breathingof IL
Air that has been breathed by other
persoIs is not fit to breathe agaitr.

A Trick Witlh an Egw.
Place two V shaped wineglasses Of
the same size neor the- edge of a table.
iU the rigtvit hauQ one pat an eag, just
fitting the rim of the glass. Hold the
bases of the glHasses firmly dowu, the
top rlius touching each thoer. Now,
with a quick, sharp breath, blow upon
the line where the egg and thb glasm
meet. The egg will jump to the otier
glass. With a little practLe this can
be done every tne. Be0 carefuIl to
blow In a ue WVittfi the left hand glass,
or tlhe eggjWill jump in the wrong dll-'
rectlora aud land on the table with dis-
astrous results.



Her Objection.
"Don't you think you are taking the
wrong stand whon you say you do not
wish your son to marry, Mrs. Wil-
loughby?' asked an intimate friend.
"Don't you know it is natural and besl
for a young man to marry and that lie
will not think any the fess of his moth
er because he has a wife?"
"Oh, it isn't that," protested Mtrs.
Wlllonug1by. "I don't mind hbs marry-
lig oh general principles, but I don't
want to be called 'the old Mrs. Wil-
lougihby -New York. Press.


'Fi ,.T I
1 I ,i. I i ** : \ L I i l IL
,. .
r- -'/ *^- -* q,'"^ ^ ^ 'i V^ '"
i '
. .1.. qi .
. .. :'i'./i' ,.

*.i I

." ., ,,

. 1 F

. r -"
. *. .


I I-






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.- .....eqw4-~.r ~ V. ~.

yon-s u~r

jndeiinth s Aruigon lrntrl, Pror rt
tJulia id .1logitr,,Jick3o vivit,

r)imnT. .TAI

FIP. bet
IC ii


vi/ WnrtP r. LI$JCi[ A

ST -
\ *~ F *



T14L l)AY



Said the ]

to the K:i

Water should be fresh trom some
spring or well. If hytlpirant water must
be used lot It run a bit, as the house
plips reo aipt to be of lead and not
Iron like t4e pipes thlat convey the wa-
ter through the city.
Footl! that Is relished(L air that cools
and Intivigorates, water that is quaffed
witli e igtr thirst-those nro the things
that makeli blood. Put fresh air Into
the Ilings, good food and pure water
into the stomtachi, and nature will do
the rct.-Medlcal Talk.





.J I (, d r i i
.. %1. -t

I^ ., -
/ : '. I
r !
# *A q

fe.- 4

I .
i f,
l~rft 14
rp-" i
Stc -
9 S I

STOfWb^fc^ .


1u, ifnd

, and






..vt I J dII, ," j .:, '. % t
d trd 4
Wp4 6dILI
"..,. I, -.-,-=. h''*J i i. J ..
4 Ii
I 1 "tr i ." hr" i PI ":"I1p I "il L0.:a

4 I "'.\r. '7I
p.14 T:7, J

J/1 ,-.? "--' "- ..- ,-..,.i .,.7.. -.
J g.. JLI.,*t ,, p ,, r t. .-
4 4
1 .,,,li.- d" w""" V ". ',,b up.' -' .' t a.. D.i' P,4n tt.. Abolih Dst

I.^7. w rI ry a- rid .
i I wi| J I O;the Mat er ..
'1r"" .i <. ,-C.,, .. .-i .ll J'... "-'. a b-ll "

10 ,- O- 4p
r., f*1, a IF Fp o.1 r om ,
*H--- fi-- l ^-i ^,. c* 0'. **'IO '..,:"," *. '-" '-.-,.,..-. .. ^,. ..' ', q," ;'l~ n Jrrl e .. """ .fo..n,

whi,....- # .,u| r4iu a wer-Te an i
I J ..- ...---, '. -r. .*Wo,-R ',EV.-W $,".b"' be oo.ed rtJ t4 i olet 1 b ol r aRWi

W t6
r1MI5^ ^Bco to w~e4 p^M ,'i.,A$ bt tle. ws, pk Of^ tU theanoug 4Itirobe eell~i(itaeonc~ouin
.lfB^ i" bl IS'.';~ 1i '' i'l'as4t t*1*1 Cbims *d~Tdo manj ^eau uyB~ r rexecu~ntion, a3r
C *vi-&gV^ 9 Uww \4 grsnthe all~d levy tort e lt.Ther annala
re 1,1tf4 a bijg otst' i
-Bto .-- lo
"."' +... iiFS,.'a room..w .,.....m t .to n -1 T _y e.

IaIw siS9 iitO 'I a d-
". t V 1_ __linl_ '.__ kid- f" .' ,n .
#tfli rti a CnMII
;~n0~a'pi ng:ZL* T*R~IsRhob4~uiry prtnt in awn hwro~t ck~hi
Oro j'' ;WflV't"n''* pper: '"5i reareiplonioohllndr. prf*
...dlIr 1 O 4O1 ,,.,_ *,o,'....k i-. .. ..., ..,. .

______________________" nix"h nu aaru n ee anf Nee i ed or Ihe~ rxea'n btflste was
',:;r,~ 40.,,: ...'',T.- .*n sq".0,0 0"-Me.1s Sh"'as e .. 1~l)W r" ', t t~ od
.,;.." ,' ,~~^^ 1'. "!;---.- .. t,*e boo c xontrta, pndbillth

S~0 S el*1

HB ~ir f^ ^aYnK '' ThI 9ut ord i 4p*avtn th the daysit %rac amdoWtinfaE
'I- Ii
A&4ttk#Sn.: klGWW y ., A, s aead, sten 10-s atty reies'o to*In se tionu. 3
M. J t .@J4 o-,' -cd e., of .95 p gnJ ood of. _. Ther. e w i
0her. -rewar
IM i ..,. ,,.,, ..wlerl-. '-: ; 's? i1 ^ "^ ,"." .o^ ^ l.06aO.L";DlSsl

I- .I..T. .T,,,. re OW 'rd c ,, .,...-P gA ceL O n. erolr tbpe

y- p e Lr iee 1ntgret 4ebante onIN this
.jaIrt p1 sp .... ,- -- -, W -be"

i*1* Ii =I.6 .fl.-,. tapipe a*,. lrber r of lth .. Sail r d, l df i ol
^* M ,lrit.J^ ..x P.u'.a ,:da 190.--t ,i5li Plll, "_ _u p"ovded.("

intli~ ~ ~ ~~4 OOii14ii1 Iso no..we toi.i/ir g, $1 rere nelRed.: to.-."''""
,.H ^^ ^ "^ ^ ''+ "'' l' ." ....l"-. .' "* ,' ,'., ,'" .. ._ : '-, ". .' o'b"k '.cml."al' th C h

$f.i,"' .n.lO .ohr .leO h the all othierolty a p
XsNwt 4 r~ gia 5G.
"a t'..o 0 n -61430 dWrtnk Governor Jenanr .amt ns Irea "The ho e too kup a s'

'I^ ^ .h '., d"e. t'''" Com s on r orp h phe d o
his:P^,- de th-i .,"r., ti gnn" te dsen akte r eoluio
i iffR U'^ ^iiin>n>'iiiiji ."n iV i." ... "*' / '.. .*._M -.L A^'. .- _^ '; ** -..** '-Jl "j HI ? '~~ ^

^1^^ ; ; ;,. *, ",. ne n p "

k lt q t..: .-. Mui n i de Int hent rd ...,--io a 4 ot, l Park, o f tropoe l rt es e lv e
suclhan' idea never -on terejib9 for theptun fti r
*6- .3*eR .tro to *:-.--_---. boki eosabtratte pondtin th

9qTBZPIAILY SUI Thb Punts Ar a iewrald, sp the the quesbn of atop ing hae
"Ft{' m" n -l -& ofe tPm t bc oksad pil

,p~ ~ M GSZ~flIYUJJMA f W..ile SpringseapVreldAS, teIin% same
*1 u'.i oftb9 Whopplnglw&~~'....-.-f fih si tube titute, the slbst itut h
,. Pok t ounty W ever hD4 '4d Lk., offered .y"MGRotStM
farm -and re- a ways p roduoce Iiko0oeotns Tn I RA fn fe
4'4 l'te .mh0 re seesnakes-nte.rovi"-not.only-o, --.
i-. ,.r ,i have visinsof hefis down
A.. slon of etlaf soiool o bo
~h~g~t- i0 una Gords. .1ut~i1Q.btpoieU
,. r' i Wht Srn* ea~,s~el' smeV _.:
*.I, ~ 9 ,bI th yfak the__________ '" mip ll-I fs r=d l& 'a bzlm .. .. 4ttSl~tttt

t. 1'""- book ,eommirsio witheCa
ML..em JW4dq'fty Brother QVai-we:l ate the o0f1 th r kt.l u a _
,n o tkpquesto0 of%
0i wate1 op, a
m e wate' e t,, the bbok uniformity and .report

7&% 9d..!n ~ more .pepsin fojqp Wng In hisstlen-".n.. ...'.,." .- .
:0ilr "' 'out ": '"the ol ." ,.. ... M$,,. I .sueF.An4 now!, Wttentioai wailt caUi~d to tU
,,L,. l coffin, infer hv fo e4 a._O_ _.. I%-
,..., .,r .' 4- .I blnenod the seprnupatO ha4, pwl,
sI, Ij"j twi( C9w enough tQ .knaw... Thq 'G..un juflstake their, 0t4 coffns form,- tex boi.-

? .L;,- .'.r~ :I :.. .'.-1. I". --..-- -- I-s. .-. -A. l 1)4, thei nubstttuf t eafl eo-n talE
t .LtflI4 ,v.. ba.n e,-. s ,M en-. Thei new arn.rm fl~e will. ploro* .,ill ,p1oylvston decnmtiry tn-t1 at

!fI yjrn.n an we.o bodies or a i and ahatftpine for an extenopt o thepre
4si.i 60's ot, their battlele'' boo
.i... /. ,.. ",.,r it. 8 feet The use of iuch at cart, book .ontracth In all coi
________ ____ .... d Lit4 riots would ondanger l4te 1ive4 ilod o twoyears, by whi
afiT~ ot.,v....tI'1f -rMn within.a it and4 necessary school boclc legi
WL44,4. trilk.', For"that rsasom. tohe "riot be gotten in baope.
I a.S;..- 06 -,, ,.vie. .roml a !., Mr. Mller, Muscogee,

Yoa beIeye :aiiathIty-fou r grains 6t povwded Toe hsap the nfty
,.-., Q""f ':; -. :ah~g O" ham bDeen pwrviuded. eon. substitut 4..

_________. *.t.o. ."VO"na-b'.- o t"o n -na wogifor e twoule *ubtut byav teo re8t
i.,.i !. l .p I I .
..', rtlns.Its f ire Is not ee Ive at over
41 4'." outp. f.n' M'P" ast it:' -of ,U ply means that eaeh count
the 3 nfrmt
i -o .paN, t.M,. d.. b l. ___ ,,-,

B1.*"1.i.^ ;i- litpoI..0p..1 ; 9slfonta, Ni!matter what you do, provided you nal determ ted lt,
'i4 .-. Kliillii~lt~l,.,xpe ',,;Q~l~y. '"do ;"Itbetter tijan mome 0 one. ele would The houerefue t r
",aooa.*~o r
.... : .. :, ,,an ,'T he
r The *~ro~inip I=e *r !do tbs Same thing, there s 1 welcome tttlous.i defeai th
I States,
., "Ii ne'r1 O ft S, waitinK you In the world,. IS was Er Oc of Pulasic, to amend
muchiflge Edooatlon. wi t 0MW), we believe. who-*ald :/,"I" a tutlon so as to d,, do tb a
4.,.to; :, *Dan ..ean write oa better .bpok, preach" tund between the WhItes a

1 i

Fue yester-
owe rewolu-
zf.leud. .twt

it( Apeclflc.
,idlng for
nklug fund,
three days'
The res-
[ity Fm the

the b-ill by,
to abol4 ah
ircial paper
,680 o. the
i rather 4n
easuro, and
if It would
iassed'It on
)te of 98 to

special or-
by .Eentator
I, provtdng
sent scbk4ol
a action on
inform sys-$
issbd It by
having -been
I, of Thornm

.e from the
r the extend
k contracts
)r a school)
cellor Hill
airman, to
rtate achopi
at the uext

,lI *stmWr i
0- D *C0B
ifat sttp1
o necefl~lt
SlIQa. He.
oed every
Is IlOfldSM

sent school
cities for. a
ch- time the
slatlon can

opposed the

'solution by
) 18, It sim-
:y shal ex10
ik contracts
lueftlon Is

consider te
)ill by $ r.
Late scoiool
ad negroeS

*;*1 -? T '-'* *iL-' ,- '* iur^'-ly_ -"': 1*. vlu _lr ~i o" rlf
" I- '-""^-" 4a* ,! C T-., + -',--r ,I t ; ,
^'*i~ ~ ~ L L ^i .. .Af> .. ar*f'^ ttj ^
"-. .' '. ,,I *
U. 8 .,.
.'* : *'^ ; i' "" .' i *I "M;

- .l, "." i .,, .,1! -
-Y 18. !90~ .

4Cyss Mflh5
ior man 2its#Cu to'
lMo raI em td

and Cntan

CFloridar a


Co- rt n oaiou m u tr DI

T-. ,_- ,-__. -_--
I.,.--.,'--'".... o.,
I' ." '" "'".. ..^..8.,
.,.l. *-.*o^ ,. ..l lllil
t *b -stpt' m**u'***^aij

.r. i ow m 'ai & a* iq* a bP*

* t .0*- 0 4 1 t U C S U
*+ S t tIm u 0 0aa 0* a 4a. 4p lS

P 0 0S0S0 I* qka C 4 0 a C41 06 .0S diC
S.p a ,...-.-.__,..-,..
S* S IF SW641P V U Ni i U P 0i0 F
tv'e. a w m p I a 6 *a4 0 S 0 IP4
a i* Me a e e e a e& ea

4. M a* 0 *4 Ia g
a 4P a e t 4 0 U U 40 S0:&:0:0:l1
S iCE 55e i W.6 s Ia 1s ltO*O i

,.ae ..(.em*.eememeaI
* im gq a it be ua eu40 beIF iG,
i S 4P i *t l*SS4PU *sdo ce a
U b 4 U 4 0p 4l e 0 a & U 0 e a m alid
*p ad 0 6 000* 4b C0S0*41 a e 4 Au
* i m uW 'i i SSU SS*6* @0449Im
a Si iOP i i mut4OS9mp #&S Ulil
I lU 0 4t *4blt'IS 5 Iq
qP as 0I 0 0 4 0t 0-i~i '
41 6e t a s* .m ew6eq
41 9 5 40 a& Ea 1%*b*S*0 044 99*. W
.,,,.c.&u.eut,, 5,t5
a ,.,i.pas.a .,.b .. Xl I
k. I all 4D b p i q i "wl 'Fel P b t lb.
4 0 l m U a m nk*-A0 b absa* I







-0 *
JI! ~. I*I ~h. ... ,. a .1
I *.**

;QLj -

-- = ..--T.t. =" .. : "*. ;

[W ^ -- W f I +' ..yB. ^ : i m .n ,** ^
vl" ... ^i' '. f- ." = .-/'

jore Coif>tt .Veterans from alI
*3 1 s9 4 pJLn (l lgmot

. rn O -.4 ., uesmay and

Sed iec da if oftiext week..
u Ev Lee .-i aere final arred .oger
re onBfqetatq! eerVGt ,t (rota] aI

bre to a9ttnd .he reunion of the Sec-
o.rtar bf t~V ;SI'ta Thuerea a nd
redesdy l4t iettwee..*

ltte numbt e of veerasonthly meet ngof

iese ca'rps wim be h~ero.
SThe Lspecia, committee onal arrange.
ient of ih-efle -visitors, who will be

e to attend the reunion rorfed that

cy liRd.,/-se-aur={ d the Bu~art of Trade
oIdS as a invade. There are on
ertion wi4 l bsilh ,) Agarder, anti a0

*<]ock. Mayor N .,13n \\'\.\ make..the
rlr-e number of welo.terans rptes cty and
leste Caam PS W-4Il

oiie ande dal, I. con:,ittee Qfl make
e tor.tlh^e reuud a \reported that
ICY ht'setk t~te Bitard of Trade
)DIHS as a cortvciiuoiri lail. The con.
Rnltiofl will be c%-i1 j, s l tt) order at 10
': ockC. Ii9aYar Nc.k in i-i ;Il1ma-ke.the
Idrc~s .f1welecrc11utb tthcty and
ouniranden, flr .U I il Lake
ie welcOflhIfg zd,tre2 -,"or the Camp.



wo Americans Subjctec o t.rHz rror:
of Russian Pris.n.,
San Rafael,. CaL, July 17.---(P .-
fcComlsh, 'whose Icwt ives VC W'",
as written them froni a IiwFIj t ;:r',i
a at Vladivostock app1caiit!42m r 131'1k
McComisb and two A mc rhC it s *SRII
d from Yokohama with p.ri.slf,,
romn the governor to visit Japaln :
lunt for animals In the Kurrle island.
They were caught. in a gale and
wept toward the Russian islands,
here they eventually, went ashore to
et water and supplies. Theft Rus
hans suspected them of sealing and
Oaprisoned them. They have since
remained In Jail, talf starved, shut
f from any appead to the represent,
t Ivre of their government, d(loomed to
ng terms of Imprisonment. Anx ef
prt has been made to have the au.
orioles at. Washington act In the
la tte r '+ 41' :
tI R/:_-: I ':_ ,-



rsonalitles. In Joint Debates in the
A State of Ml8ssssippI.I
Jackroun, MisA., July 17,--The closing
0o w-eks of the ,state campaign in
^Ilppi eppromilses to break all trec-
ds for torridity and display of splr-
Satid factional feelings.
Masked batteries and heavy artll-
ry that heretofore has not been
ought Into the contest will be wheel-
d into line for participa1lion In the
nal struggle.. Personalities are be-
ming more pointed, the Joint debates
haracterized by more aggressiveness


o .. '- :, '. : 4 : I 7' ^ I J : ^ .' d^: ^: ] ] ll' t '

___'__"_'-._______ 1 .. '/ '
.. .. '" .... '" "-" +" .'I- -, + ,

- 1

The Pounty That I Gleamed Pirom i
Barren Shore,
&I.4 .4 .

in uygone times It Was the p.rnticUoe
of the Newfoundland coast folk !to ap,
I)roprlate everything they secured, but
this law lesstless haId to he sternly re-
plressed. Now the unwritten rule Is
Ithat they get halff their hand," or 50
pe'r eeut. atts salvage. In portable :and
V.aluabte' artltlea,. suchi us silverware,
tlere. is still a strong temptation to
keep. thie wliolo, but the puir4tafmet iS
severe. Cliazmpiagne, liquors., cjbin1
ttort- j ntt thii like have also a trick
Of dIsi nl)pIiring, 1nud ift the poora'st
fisher's o totlagt. yo wiIl co011o 1 U)poM
r;;ro m'|Iir, f I)rf pi UI(1 wig- i C11(ar. 'th s;i -voris Imi v rvkl*ss ulmnitl n-
llhiitkkllg, itiiil :1 s I Ii3y gltl-br in htii-
ili'vts ('vtJ"ry I:11 1bi ltlrt-tbfvt ls aitlie
C1:II. lIu tiif, i'usli tItlak tb is im elalit dl-
NVrIvthd \! in ttit' I I nmtr %vwas lost
In ISSM2 t hht bnrile(1 F*I I;IItIh(bi4 leworth
$lZp.toltb t (uti tt s;tvet1 Ihlt'thbr costing
20 ctCtits 11 I)uitnf. In tlio E 11CIIiit ljii
Wz iV'k H(If tl t tloey t'Iiii lle4l e .1 r r tCS or

t'Mly .i:sWit\\r'll I get t it four cases
f j,,roiji lprI3oer ho.kls vzilNaut -at 25
ts"nits iiS a i t- 11h i oiit' O rI(Isloi ttwo
'Sn lXtII's lhil (otL isliro is I piano u(ld
iIN1E' :14qlt. itigt thie Solot14ou-Ikt! eCx1e of sNWviig it iin lutl f iWiheu a
4I-r(vtILtr iiitim Itlughlt it from them
for J)ioltl' of wlisky Ilotetl fn)n tlhe
_tpt ni's t.a)ixi., 'lien tinu ( n ''iit a1slIort il ISl) O Imery nt1 n) lltho
tbIlhtin r Iotvitd e idhusef vitli a (torunin

1rozcertljin. of which iltst ri 'mits of
(oruttlro slhe t hlid itl a Itir FeConislignment,
utnd to M'sCll( tlhem i'tkiVbckors Of muchI
IlktIro cthstly t ratig!t wvre1 tlar)wn over-
boaltir fr d'o U II:I t1 OiI, strucmk te Ihblct-
imor for tCopenhiutgen, strut-k theo Nick

of (.Cu)po ctte
had n Irlarge
oil Lboards iuuti
5t. JolmI'Samnd
isla tli. TI -
189$S incltlrlel
I.ngllsli rltsils

Iiti d wolnt~to
;htu1IgimIHltnt 4

(1s 1)ostel ofI
A4X InI0 I3,1l(t)''S
S,4tI1!( ('I1IS tM 4
P)1r (?;u I Iiadn,

IlkCQs shO
of blye0les
uetioned .Il
itl1 over the
Inilug In
)f splendid
Inid these

a re vow to ie seei ftulortinIg every
(Is11li. i cottllgi Iitl0ig thle sl],z.-P. 1.
MGr(ilalA in MtI't1lrtr s.


We hake


bretal; In Chiina they stem

We divide tlhe day Into twenty-four
hours; they Into twelve.
%%( locate Ititt llct in the brain; they
Jocaite It In the
Our r ntla0d11(ir Is imtt1I on sollUr time;
lloheir. 4s based on luntiar tne.
W\rIth 'tus. lia seat of lhonor Is on the
right; with thpli It is oil tile left.
Our givsoel ntuie prctedes the sur.
natie; tellrm follows the strnanoe.
The nutedle of odfr co)pti)ta points to
le1 njorthi; tliru' Ipoints to tlhe south:%
%we have Rt#1Ei4drd w(1 i'olgntts nud nwn&

ofr Sdfilr

Jbr $40by
Yl IiiS

,~aA;~-;- -.

* ,* *..._...,,- : ..^-1 ,,,- "' '_ -,',, "" *. ,". .,4.- '.'; .. .* .. .. +-.' .'
"' :. h. ;" "... %,"d ... ,"4 .-'"'."' "J, "' "
i.1 ; IL. ; : "; : *'" ; "* r "
.. /' i- -;. -." *:' .." '' **'... .. .. .. .
S. Lw'. 4 ITTT.Vl 2 1; -1,41Lt
Sa u i
IjuL. J jd II903

f ER Wpa RuA!t2e ac~!E~asto

JA PNKSo Fe MALLARD f lt"ou ts
,ea au sona mu mec i, < iv~ ue m

Johnson Bro&., G^ainesxijleU
.. -- ..



IL pqw-k

IPI n" n '


1 It t .. .1 :,.& & r m


. -- -

R.-O I qp % 1* w 4p 10 w mlw

i .


'7lv I
!--" ;'-" -" "
D "" ''

. Y -f X 1, 1Yb r j

0 ;A for.,'
ha kt^


V :"' lier'..# .I4
.. : i ', .
'.. I -*

.-ww 4

., ;'


%. I(..I a

. A ..

Ia *

^^^^ ^Sb The *t25 twflpiy
4ipjr .%-l"tyn In Q a Ys 4nP
*H~ffi~lt4 6 ho9 oxqu raIoM run In te
B|^^ilP ^J'0K 1*e^e 4lP 6vr^1* W$4Ofitnto '1be
,A4 h r; w ",' k iji '. be -I ;_ -.'iirowdia.
all.. :", -'." ,r '.' ".'l .- '

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I- '.-I"-.two 0 ro a the l ea'4iagI iloopher of th. e o.intry, ... "- b'

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..,*l1n4sr o: o ,* t a i ,'Weoi, P l ipI. we'll put Evnere ^ ^.'
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|,. con+t Lot.. .$be oases pose a iti.. cfeiotwre te. totfoe ren- ;r Uf,',::GF'
Ii 47 *tth 1m i't, t1e'.'iP,. S Kidney coura et% *tE qi t- ,. "*" ;' *L '
Ondl .. r 'ob- ', .-. i ,_e n1 e the ad u
,K ctred. We. Buoll V.s Carest < of tn ,S P. Ashe
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or to ,, t.e a,3

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in~ti~t~thel^ lowi' tm*.apidir
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?Wfl .tnb~e haoaiien Jn on I~ t tt 1PCL4OCIt~l whiskers.~e en ^
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I EmeroRapid Trwth
4ow gat$1 GIo.piu'u *e nith tbe Time.e'WU.

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p WAIL hfl$ pl!.n : tuited....W piee. W wflt, tt t" atr'..Jud e." Dear IP ot!L llo A h
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p .0t.. fired ..,.?,ofI. Ino th:raa..enty a ur..p. "

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; t., eet n.F,,~r Ah.!Osse Polleer tnhIaf r f 'tenha n thogh !IOltl~ Dn-t
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0.1 4 0 oi "_e n d :" '" .'" ,l. ..' ,' '' a"ll ''N
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.a~wal M (;e~a g n ihj1,0eH,. h0.Z, -`l ..9tmat n ew. nn Wvilat *- .e

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4 : 46". r, .4, "t t':'" '+ --'-"-'"' :-" I. .. .. ..-- re a r Lo
.,:o~/fie, n.0 the,,tri~a. rnly at.hii ,m'?l ~iIng all l:bot i ad a' 4~

.... li~illll!# l~lall! i0 -" .. L,,. ,;"' -. ': ',.
..,..... S oo go.. .. .ith....e., .. w' -,, u,.a,-I D aily

*.". 'i,... v*. "-." ---'.'- -,- --,.'-'. a .l A AM l iA !
I. ',.-, i -pn Sw0 I A p B. 12-:7pm o
I ...&lrlngbiarn :. Ala. J4y lZT.-4t, l _,I ... Mae.. s --.Y c! Daily '
pllal"y ,nouncod that the Tronnemo Kidn:y TpPae.- You. srle I --
(lORIJ Iron an q flsm'roaft oaepawsy Dail
'' have eu-b by te e o AImo evebo who reads the new
yerUl eave explban by; to, oin sIf paper Is. #is0 to no w of the wondrfol
yer no lo than,! 3000,000 Jn n.- cures made by Dr. 1 ; 4amn High Sprin
r-,ove-r.ents about, geWl'.4merou.- jin-o KfKilmr's Swawfp-Roqt. Daily Alay A
,d.u4les lti. ti i. r-ttate.n +Mu ch.. wrkt .ra.kidney liver -. -- .. -
.Will be tlonO abOput, Ute steel plant snd dd re.._L 3:25p
'04 it to th.e great mcdi L 3 :25p f a converter 'wil be added, e0 cal trIumph of the nnm- Dal
abltng the lndusntry to eonl&rge its cad l teepth- fntury; '
'.pjldty. ThereI a strong demand I coerd after yars o
'ortiol antdi teel ra) andall onr t hIPi' J s4ntitio research l B3:&J0t tf
%,prY.4vet boing nanu/acturedis findilg Dr.'. Kme. the cp^.in_ Daily ...
i........ -- , .nt kidney and blad- eX. Sunday
!, Br,4 n a1 .. ... .-n der spqfQallst, and. Is ....---.--....-...
I p""";",.-. 0.f. o-r-a-Cr-e. wonderfully successful In promptly curing I.ntero.Ifl l ,.
W Pah yn.opf fior. y .irulso lame back, kidney, bladder, uricoacid trou-eI railway is, the Sou
1 Psnt.. b i os ,an .d ,e in Bright's Dtiam, which is the worstei pTlrao a se
,WY*shhniton, July IT.-PoratmtorJ'.. .... _. ].Tliroueti^ullina,,-i
to" "-f"(grm'n-ol kidnef trouble.
X-.neral Payno left bore today on the Qr. Kilmera Swmin-ROt l, not ro- also via AtliantieCO
S-...... _.. .-- r L f.l Ahp .- -. a. e 4-_ !maA nI +,f,,L s A, n- ai 1i' Aft 4 n. I .l 4 rM. ,a. A .-

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.t t fl -I _. 4:m:1 : H m i~4 *jk. r I

ild irlnta W-riid { f.--Oici bsnn ati, O. \ |

+ =sold <)?.,. [etoph t8 p roper), for |
iointa-Vh oniu~LhOff tes line Wfaye

+risecf B+iiSm +(Memphis to. Kansas. [ ^^1
3lt') tpthefAiRgapointsin Floro
.., p, .*. "' .p" t ., "i tt: s

t da, Gor id so1 war- I

)liua and Altbama 1ocared on thism i n
stepi, oto whrh the company frms
1at~ri|ujhiie tiktn rotto *' q

SfOllowigI T'.e uder odinio. s P i.

lamed 4.; 6L I n

Rate--One-l~ttaloft ten e standard otte-o mi
fay fare, pt (ta.uc. |
Dates 0 slde--.arix3 nd171, !903;( **
rlpOnd21f9e; Ma 5 a Wd a |
961d. 4I'r. r
loll June"O til Und o6f 193;J ly 7 nd

1908i; November akd 17, 1903. of t
J. ". I qr u l

p irifl pttef--MoCtinuou I pasinage- I Idnt
ldfLC~l N)ro,' i LStLouihsCaro,

rondtd* eJmb4o4ntrat and t ate h COk ii heot

Ion of yt(ceg to be ftced eaicond- s
)i, sold 60 ooM phie or )--iio

Here dreeioe of the Staple cops of tini
he different etion of this territoryo:

All veg- ab1es and sn al 1 frUi0ts j
iay he)a, potarQ grapes, figs, ori a, I.F J
)inDap apa, mg wape rit, lwoatedons 0s
P~pk17xnd.2t -90;Aln 1V

ywtBun-a nod1 wher teit c pheayt, fors, ,
ean'teso hay,. rioe. 4 B d17,903
ot M rouble

Liznit--4JO0htIUOUS paissage.tobI
Oo4~cxwCPr. ade~i had elft
C o' dI I A~sw--Co tract an k"1 aq i cu- his hear
)Oll of itiekeW to -be fated "'seeoata

The pplioy of the Atlantic Coast Line .
StO foster allddevelopmentfs along its
no, A,.. .. -
SIt clainj that it is the greatest ) '
rucking rpad in America, and it pro- N %-
ides everfaoeiliy for .gettitig farmt, tI
arden an orchard products to the to PLY *V1,
ortlern market i i the best possible I)int wlo
ond iLon, in shIrtest time,and at low- aly ,at"
Srates.surface, as
In io part of the country is there a urf a
leat&r abundance of Kame. amid fishl tiite as ou
an ou this line. GitA'
Northern farmers are invited to gn
rtm ttnrformation in detail al)o ,, -,., .
"0" IC t3lftlltI
ritory of rthe Atlantic Coast paint
e. L pa1tuni
OCqt0es Sciatica, tiurface ac
Rev. W,' L. L"IRiley, L, L. D., Cuba, wear-per
rew York, -writel: 'After fifteen years, and
ays of exottciating pain from sciatic charge, a)
heumatism, under various treatmenwnt%, any surfai
was indaced to try Ballard's Snow rfnv.+

- I

-I. *r i :*41,Ak *,
.. r h. ',. *. .' ..-t, t! ," t n l mI .
r' '* t* *' '* .. I J. 1 i1"1 iI% I II k v ; ^ ; \ ; ^ V ^ *
p ". I.I

*1~i ';tf% 4' I3TW trj? TT^ B~j"' r li^ t'A[ 11'viJ...
..-.. -I .- -. ,.i
.,I *I .. ..I I.

*"9"oi B H, soDCM n, + '^"...
'* I I ** *I s.. '.. *<* .p ,.--.

.m_ t.mtE mn IlmIT. x, EL&RWA, j

l "B | .^ "" .h I [Suoca.r woss' i w 4lA A ermai) I haton Ja 'utak "via"uvIlle 4 j
I^J -.^l~ l ; SJpI4il&tt.tUMUofl 1 Crowa Slid UhIGIS WQ$L.
II f TO ..

,K~T 1
SDZ -- .

Graduate Bfltliporq OCUd'e DePntal Sunery
Pl1ve" 0eaf exPertdoOe In Now York City,
SCrow, Bvrifge work *an4d lUir S. loalttIea
J J _i

OylOIC iL L nC1UlXUw IUICK. UAI ?rXnlSJ!.3

L Wlid Mde tKew,
We buy or soil Furnlttirt, ur oancOn
with you on the oomnmsldoi blilk. Ntrc
solilted and satlijfAtaUon tlwa 4.







M I" -.


iv#I, SCHIL Iftlli'iC tot.
182 W. Forsyth t., Jak
COppiltc P9,4$ fltl'-'.


I underaigned, hereby agree
COO to aIny manufacturer of
can show, by similar tests,
Sstariding upoti any metilt
itperfectly and for tso long a
to contain no tar, rosin, am-
or any of the products of
I,and when applied to any
'eordiiRg to our directions tu
fectly for a period of five
I we agree to furniish, free of
11 paint necessary to repailb
(te where it hit proved de-
Si-nned -


Best dining place in city.
Wines, LiquorAs aid Cigars.

THE W:str END,


Jol1 N MZNZICS. Pri'brltttor.
C 219-WI W\ ^Iy 43tlS. J~cks^imvllfe,
Is. II

Faust be ,r, Iottis and drntight. D
fail So call 4911 t u when il Jacktonvy

I.I I. I: ,;.'-. .rm.. .

,: -.. ^ .' .. -
14 ** *I I '*I

lILY '18,
*V J' "

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Sr tui









---ViaIt thw--
Tlthe b,-, l i taignmenl vit'ry tight al ( utf Gardeu
Theatre. i

T-HE 01Jl) iti'TJlJ,







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0or a p





To i
and the EAST.
The NORTH and WEST...

NOawtAll, DAttras
.Osl lmsn 4 elieta

I 106 W. 3er Sgrnt, 1
W. A. Thin. P. T. M.. Wblt4on, DV C, 8,.
S.Wu. H* TAInon, A 0
^ A O__- ^ -, _



O. A Paem.KITTK,

r.fee and Manugor

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__m =-- I=

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j ";,' ",;---i"I' : "', i"\ 'o'.'" .."*:-:", ,,, ,.,, m .
,4,p,|'N^-^ ^ -. I ,, ),..: .1 7.
VAi i ik, 1 1 ,
,5 11Y 141
L. 1Ai l* LI .7L 1774;tfr A K. T,

i]fB t/S~ rt "1?- ^ *]: '' u'. u^ i ij-w i i- 'i I ... .ii ri .i "1' ,' fj* *t'.i' :iM^ .ll~ ,~ ^.-^ r' ^ fr^ 1 *i'i ** I'I I 'l; '' ^" '* ^ '- ^".'"'*'- 'rI '*. "^ III
I y ,~ r : ,.+4.IoI. ,o .,O _l

S .' I "''i), r1r" .*'*'9....:.. i..-. -.r" ',1" '.'. "I-
r1 *t4i.J4e hill'* *^^ *M^fSE^ y:^~fA'~fe^
V .rbI V4N
r. IL
II.* C O I N". ..- t I I "It, .., "' "II
jfHrJSI11 ^tt A^^ S~ W ^I^ )i.jn4p -e^^ Itip to h*IB$1s
..lIi Ay
,,...> I:r ,,'. .,Ji.f,.", .. "
0 t I Ih -tfer'I ';'*i : iE"ID"iisi .sue t ay '- I I
|iK I *: i ) t r ;ii c OIrIi IS Ii

"" ""'n.. 'J''-'iIi','i" t.' "-' 'll .'" ,"_:_,.-_ I ~: i lr.'Eqlh o thel fslrr of
~ e1hOs d&M'nIiI#rI(~~f1 PA^* AI..1' "^i thliit w.iiitenia nr
J^a^ a- 9~trw qlW~t I W (^ tr4 .f I r *b if. 4Uh Mruaen A.R.
,.Ol4ALM r* SOCIAt r S : IOi .nvII.ewith ... ..
^M^*iy^ i rdW6'If visit f thI

Tha Ed a WhoI; /..,^ ;,v;,''", ',,- ;;: Runs 14j ,9 ; sn tl~ i t~lrj I~f 8I ~lql Sb a:ll
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jVOjfl. *d pN$4Iefdh n& a%

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"U '' .,. : ; i J .]" I .. '.Ti r.1-..,N i 4 1....:. ,p;. o a'" I "" i.,. '., ..: : .I.1.Il e4, .' t t

a m I! I A VI e b O 1 I. 4 U W ,r I r" J. I i* Ii I I '4 7 l R iIt f ilW. W i )) i s o
iF4 ., t0 9 A I 4 Ij I. e. ..

Ir ...5i .I t a." .I Ii. .i ""ii 4;__hr :7 If lo P t I I*" I" ott-i 1 e I g n tqa"t
,.titII-' "" ./. r.:, :"h *. ,.,1,. Tt '" ."1 : ".f .{ I. T : _tI l,. .f U c it y o n .
r{r ALI ~5 tt4

r ~ ~ I ': '' '"" : I.' I # ." Z P n $ t 4 r. o n-'' p, t e d l ,I
9`1 11 ,
,+k 5' H-S= Sk::?? !;: I.:A &:E OAV,,,{ .. ~fin lh e]y e~

L- 01 0 .1 V. Kr,- --. .t.i... w Q o s, b.a..41f,.
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'P L OaI a a ioe qofk~

a I r J I' ,! ~ i I,.i I I rI ii i I' .. .CrI t h eI f Ino
~~~~~W .1- 1I *I
0 I,. ditad i t .wastrani

eam 1L ag

Lm avta .es,., ,, Mr, M4...Mr... A 1.
I!Fki. A ...Ia tla so
.. *. .. ,. .. .. .;,.. ....,.. 4. r e l a ti v e .,, t h... ... .i. ,.
.P..,,. ..,WV,, 9.. ni. an 0h ht en 0X t.n.a ..j' T a p,w h r
a ea a, ,I w,, tn~ ...r. .. M pi e o, : .t..... S au ~ tr
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..,,~~.,. Lb.. .. .

,b,+,t.tT+ itr., ,I
Mol p.16p Wu.a 1a n 1r 4. ~ e 1

..,1 ,, .:., I ,,.frjh 1*.O M Q ,f us a te s For s by
iI,,/ I .. or- h
j Ii a.,L P M
:L a, v: sea, .4p -i:m% u + .n m etn K al. .. .__
'' ;1 "a";. [', '" ":"" '.. "' .',.' ,'". '. .: '" :-' .": .. ,,. ; .. I'': l i rb e ai a e
1po 4e : ,,. P ..'a ,::,m. -~~d ..u ~ ,t m d A.,- .. ...
I. % i i i. I L .. 1 i .. L ." n. "1" 1' M i. 'o"" f
,,"..: ,,: ..., .. : ... ". ". ." l~ l II t l tyy714a y
4 L. :r:. .V t,,- +- : ,. .I ,, .

01D;t ilk ',' ,;-' o l t en a ,! :.a p ,w e ot
+ & gu~~~ine. : i' t::i +~~~~' ; s.i,",O naht ..| A
.. A .. .. .. .. q r .L1 T e $ l v
0 s .', Od l ,,Ii't,,' -D o ;. ,ha .. .,. ,. g -.
t,,- ,, e ~~~~~~~~~~~.,. A ~ei. $ se le d ~r tl .,..
i'- Lr ,. a "" "' # .J .. : L'. :f k .." ""'.I"." 3..'. ""'', ""'
I:,:!"{. -"!t(.ad vi.,:I .:,1o6Jo ]o1,..h en "'h.I 8! ndr .

.j 4;'1 N&O.PO Ir +O i ~~l ,o ,abyl
:,I, e 0 t ;o mr 44=r.nlt:.". ."n:,"llu''h n" ,.'',, ;"..n+r J- d m d n e ~ m
.=,, :.::,.,, .,. .,, ..-..,,:.,.,..:. I'= ,! n t ,. tl t r ls tI e r.41 = ,.7 ..,-.r

S, l, ,,, Ii ].W. WOOdiJ and lutt
I, -,,"+ !rb nkI 1 .J, 1,.1, ~cII. : '. .. I"I *- r 'U '' 1'AI
#st fPtrp so sev bb"oe $et Suie tetuwepod last nigh4 fr
AAl.." Sg ttW, 11 .. where thbe had been for

1*1 ^1 I^1 4 3'twl^ tme 4 90 o havbh$p operation .pe,
*& *et .otyy4 dta. aw.s.n..ftt"I flke baeMfbe Sho lts). tri's throat. )
in"En.Slut..pV ,<.-:". ,n Ws:^. I .1 getrattiJed. to learn that th
~h1; (PPIA I~t 1. e... .J A 0- an

.i,.., .". .. ..**.Vw mu c o s stu. l'. v"e s s f a n d t h
A ofJI-wm4rn ,ra$Iro.i 4\,. uat I wi pe'ence no troutl
.a 42 r 0sips&ft~tI II
.~w .W11W

La> ^~y '? 1 ft *IIVA .^^SSodue 1
...t *.I *q *i. 'I n 'ot"t O I .. .I l- ". ". .I || iU" ,-' "I." I" .
nb.,... .... Btii the lavatt.hre i,:ot.;.rth gra .AxourI W M. "3.lnley, for the
iV4 .,QI R -LIn ...was ian -te olr h" d.A.. r i o W $.... OWJR7-onthe 8o suth E zp ree It
o.1 t1 :t n ,Expre":
.s~~So#r 7W d' b b 9hhW l k-so l 23,r~
L *" r3i w a

'', ."pbI tW soutb-oR eflolalitrflp, go"tsratutflutnli ng three days. 10t. here, has b.en assigned a
:, *":.. -...-. 'O d. -y r i to.k"" ,pi.ipaksiaIl fIt Q y W est C0 at_ dtviwton bet
BiP'i' W IoaheHe;w'l.t.the I).ieuy ,l!ep_ b R.e ,dfn tWQ@o its $WpftlEB sn4d-Lakelnd 4.and
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"eI it r 'nw W^ t*tthg'^or, ,?eraI pnsen. lI d4 nte once. Mr. Fln:
aG...,,~rf *3W ..V )u' ,,, ... .*** ....VI^^ .l~t .,-3 Sf-,. ,,. ^riat| i .:oF.t*W, *uHthft~t'-t bt orftt .aee l!Ub .0. a, t. tIhe it.1 1 ; Id1 okl e" or W R pve FeatureI
U.r r: ga .. l ao gOtAw Sone aned .hisp lo
wJ I' --.,I

A...." .. ., I. .Blackheads, pimples, gi
*I4 "+I ": 11k j i: I : e*I qnt v1 i t FI R VI rI i f Say.--, Zt tt *I I I "I "II I
1. i-oe, a.0 nudy oMplexiow, wi
_oL-.: L.: Po9 N -i.j.9- -re y. l ot!o, he'r'e
.I Fri I bt61
,i*U E ES W U0 After a bief b~i pleaaht visit topsi mn-on .pK m I
I I Cj'I 19. rl R PhI bwW ,iM i'.t'Po a (-eA

tr' 1"1 l mm Iv *jig YtmI OI % 'I I
,.. 8. ..1
/ :r ';| !* .I i |' Ii I^ : I I I' L : : II .i i_ ^ .... ",


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"04 |I." i I' I Y est' 0
"g.d .yeet ydly IMore, the TaCa. -!"rabs
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deitay, t bef Bartow, tfle score being.-t:urlreen
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Waldo fa+ | ..dbut judging fr0m the.e<
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eo v isit ye- *omeboij played ft vcry rotten hat
S".p BAttte..ForT&W pai Hickma a
e Co, TV. Srovsp"n;" for e'Gainesville, White a
p home i*n: Uf I e
S.Tbe ;sm&e between YaI4Osta a
i osb/ibaS, Jaokso rile vnwust havOp been a be,
let viit to tif1ul exhibition1 fifteela innn ."hi
been played.WI), aBOcure.offvato ft
n t.I when & ;game was ealifed on aceoi
1,0 tI. cfllMae o darkness The Yair boyss mu hi
Si0u offic -P e .
stengthened t4eir te ir wo4eorr) u
laehua sinj tLhry permitted.,the"Petm ? .-"
'hat I"ee thmzn tbhip -ety,
)t~~i -h Yee ,,re,
1+ issi e W tvomnent they evidefltay re
isines ye! zedthat they needed ball players ,a
ileoetred them. r
'e u rd.. of. Th e oaint.sville aPd Tampa boys a
Isathy with
I by Tw play the last lsme of the series toQ
when the Petu will probably dtsba
SPad gettt for thb season. Pee. r to their aheI
rT. of -tr. ..0 A ,Very- Close Calt.
koting bus-. "1 stuck to -Iy engine, alhoiu
every jo9nt ached ard every nerve v
qrugg. -and rqcked with pain,' -writes 0'4Wt W", B
parted yeei imy, a 'oI motoe..ofl.,rsMan, of B
ie will be linuKon, Iowa, "I w wpak a1d p
? family. oQ without itoy appetite and a-lp.indo
I |, I I IWas a~oeL to give u ,d/got a b
---n =ifn'sl tie of" Zoctric Bitten, /nid after t:
ThIT.. in- $nl it,I felt, af well aSI ever did In
. digeBtion, lire." Wflak, uidcly, run 4own-peo]
eventt bile al1ays gain new life, strenga. .
,11 druggits tviro m from,.their use. Try them...
isfadtion guaranteed by all druag4w
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eto daughter price !'..
L I 7
mL Atlanta, K. of P's to Have Royal Time.
the pqrpoue High SptingstLOdge No. 61, K. or
rforned on are arranging to bhve a big rally
friends will their next regt4in eeting, on o
egiJr M eetin, paMor
iL operation evening, Suly Oth.
e little MWis They have ertended"-iuvitatlons
Ale in the the lodges at Gainesville, Afaohua,
I White nd Newberry-and quite
past -few number have sigtiifled their intentiU
Sthe office of. being present. There will be- p
i Company ent three candidates for the rani
run on the Esquirp and three for the.t.tank
Heen High Knight. The rank of Knight will
will assapme conferred by a team, from 3t. ,Veri
Sley ia conm. Lodge of Gainepville, and the smn
years appre- fled form will be used. This teani
tlhe finest in the State, if not in
countryy, and there is a treat for thi
s. .a'ewho are fortunate enough to be abli
easy faces L
ilt are ao .tend
especialy mA ost cordial invitation I i extend
ci M -to every TCnicht in thn nw tn ha ni

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