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Title: Gainesville Daily Sun
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Title: Gainesville Daily Sun
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Creator: Gainesville daily sun
Publisher: H.H. McCreary
Place of Publication: Gainesville, Fla.
Publication Date: July 16, 1903
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Alachua -- Gainesville
Coordinates: 29.665245 x -82.336097 ( Place of Publication )
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Volume ID: VID01920
Source Institution: University of Florida
Holding Location: University of Florida
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.9 ' ' L~ ~ *!9 J I. ~ ,.
~:.* .9. I." *
'I. II ~ I 7 ~ '~* ]:%~& j~
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'' I ''. r *

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L ~ *- 1 ~ I ~ *~* I* *. *~ **~**'~ .- -
I I ~ ~ ~i ~ II .- .4
a' ~ -. I I I *,.~j. ~ ~** d*
. . .9 . L I *
I. a 4 I.
Il-I- r4.. -* .
P~9 I I *
I.. 4 I' I L '\*
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'p . I *1


rj4y j(~, t1It1~3 k 'I
~ .----

I flC. nvKc*An MiiiL iun.

Important Conference Is Held at Sag-



Great Warship Has Been Overhauled
at Portsmouth, Eng., and Her Comr

Establish Rr.-

Portsmouth. England. July 15---Cap.
tain Hexnpkhlll, of the United Stated
flagship Kearearge, receivcj instruc
tioN:b (oLiUy toI ctdVan .iU wUi 1tiUp*
P)rop-ellera, fill her bunkers with the
boat coal and go at the highest speed
with natural draft, to 'renchma3.s
bay, Me. This Is the tirst occasion
tt l11ip of poae l ?at aLn American
battloahip has seen suUJr'itud to the
tef.t. TPhis rocalla a S14zliar voyage
of the battleship Oregon during tho
war with Sp]ln.
Divort commenced world tY. morn-
Itg on cleaning the .ty ts and
1,500 tons of coal will Xo. .-,vored to
morrow. CAptaaJn n IVI ,1 will ol.
Low the great circl Putv,, lek.vtnfi
Portsmnouthatt o'cpel"k Frlday morn-

Admiral Lord Walter KLurr vlsltQd
the Kearsarge this morni g. Hle was
reteivedbi by IHear AdtIlrad Cot to.aind
CaRptain Hemphihl 1nUd \izi\or theo lat,
tors guldauce inspected th, thbp. i I
T'relx Karsargo returni-l tli, couir
air tixtendoed the UniteI Status sqltF
rol) iiuro h1)3 a reeption 1 til afternmon.
The ship waB elal)oratQly dirosed wLith
flag and the quarter 4lovk was cov.
erod with a'canop)y matdvi by the flagH
of all nations. Admniri1 O)tton, Cap-

tain t1.*iuMilitll end othoe Wo4rlerican CAI
tains rocirod zorc.r There waMI
dtneIug on thle 8IuItJntrtitturo dOck.

Keen Interest In Naval Circlee.
Washington, July 15>.-Keon ittoer
eat Is ifilt Il naval <.tcloa In the re'
cult of thi, traneatli tic, critlo of tlii


I Oyster Buly,. 1I., July 15----An Im.por-
tant cC)) rer(t[o w Its lield at Sagaitnore
Hill to(dyt, btwtt'n thie prS4Ildvfmt And
t rojre uta-rive JtowIsb citizona ofr the
Society of the l'Nat BiftLi regartting
i tho pet lion to tht lttwslan govern-
niemt onL the Kisitlnoff outragus. lieo.
sides tlio imrstdiient inartltos to thie con-
feroncv wtwer Snin 8. VtL, Wolf of \Vash-
ington; C0car S. Stati.s aid IAO N
SLIs.vI of Nvw Yuik.
i "'"i tt 1tIliistrkatiuon Im been otinmur-
rassod by tte iltoliy oWr tiho reprosonta.
StivosfU tihe I'Na l U'lUth wtoety in
presontifngtig the putitlon. Tho draft
of t Lic to<'tvi'iJ2t Iwans hiindtod t( Pros-
WdoW0t l!oct's4 vl t o'eral w t rike ago by
* Mrt. IA 3 It wvas ti'clod to nrodify

the txt< of the
Boating It formal
for trinsniissilut
desired, too, to I
the algnaturs (
.eZlls of till LUXn
religou fis ot lsa.
umont w\tfi not p


of tho


S11111l ?1i not lbtioa dmt1 ltusod yut. but
Sa strong IitlniMtiU.OI, L$ givotln tliUt th1
! potltlti llay atot bo for1YwtulILP)1l to i li
SRutlfsinsIzi guo rii inuuiLt. ''lit dt'l.nIrt' or
, bodi thei Irtitfldtnt antid Bocrutary Ilay
Is 1t t:t t hS I(tIiliel l it ircIlent tilhottlld
: be t1lo,,tdl Stm Soon 1a8 Iot)lble', as fur-
thor ditlay in Ii confldorttrtIlon nmiglit
prove i~nir)rrlisailg to thiils gov4baru
*IflMEut in other dj)iplo fatic liogotIatkonsl
I wtti i(iis a.

potitiotn bivfdre pro-
ly to this governmeout
to lHusala. Timo was
obtaI1 to tho petite ln
of riprn'raontat1Uve (it*
Itod State -of all thio
Att a result tW"e (ftm.
laced tnI the hands oC


tod ay
1100 nt

Thri ro-

IniLhiJnirh a's
I'Lt Lain llllllcl <
Or' $o 'V\t'Q l (U LHlt
811lolt to ilputlali
traturs of the K
in addltlin tlit
gatOdl h-itoh, It
prnvido nt and

tlii~lr repsric-ntt Kntlolfi conerl I
Incldlont are now Clt)tor doilrable
n o erir L
fl(9ce fl ry:~r)

th Ie tizstin govtirn-.
'ttttIl l y t1o aelI o tlo)i (
111"!314 It1 KV11111 1141 dlal9)0-
av.l.] qiiat-oly ttlo .
Ishlnotff murdirttrz'n iiil
hrtto thiIoRi wh1i Iatl-
1 a iproblImn for ths
SMcrOnLrly It1y w1ille

It It Li HUggentod that th
terr fitv lie, rsmilvrial In ir



%-IIIlo (iat-
bknI it s n Isi-






V U Wq
itl h<
of w
tf ti

andl t
Ing s



In rai
Ti Itn

ft r It)1
ttio i
C! i -J
(:? I a LI
Lho u
jin a



I. 'Pr1 ^ i ?J-tk 't ~....:"i j' '- . " *- : 1'-i '. "
YJ'I.. : .- .. *,' : .,, -...- -: r ... ' '" ". '
LI BJ Q ~I II B mImm

^ ''nn* n n ."j n n .in InnInU", " .

t4ItM ILL HifJ '.Ee ,Ipotn.-,RailIrn l Commfcslo ors I:. ,
.1~ II T. POOD--q by Hous.htf g
L 1L*II ^y. p 4 V yt 4^1^tfat4, p 41t2) 15.-Wlettlou of rai.U te l. tCr.i
mal n" or a--"l l
____ ^. &s^ F -''^d coatBg.sjoners bt the -people
qdr and et oabil- by. Mr. Rankln It po tlwly
4. Qf 'wqa, .wbi~t ute kOtLU r of repre.
4 Wt Pa Sos' :.. rM v ,LBsed yesterday by a Vote I f f
4.,4LjV. ;. .... .or !0 100 o '6;-. S 1-
Ar FOR *iOOO .AN SID D*1t4ulo of the measure wa- brief, .
rf I '"-"' Ptct"lrly fn vtew of the tact that CM&t. I4a
: 1 rDozier Recelv*d Nottie mTh it proposes to make a radical han-ge 1 1 BAR
)itik Fnha WOuld IOoverih Bftv. In n exaUns law. -Under the pres.
Lt, Wod a o Neut 0lt law a Is well known the rai
i Proaod commissioners are appolnted by a,
,.T'Mach the governor. PA N E D by .fc
Mr m the llq n Rankin'as bill which went before ^$. bl I. MaColn

o'.0 tbuouesUniq at the J1bt Insnt beor%
la s the foilowng which will be o the general judiciary coamltteeo, came -
StoQnve fan or I will back with an adverse report, particu-
"O iilto to Qoineisv~llle fi"l,.(r I hwli"I i M~ P
*.'1 1." t-I thextibitlo\.f larly on accotun of the' fact that It [(IN11\ IS!
,i igle: provided for an extension of the ternas IL I LI
lielalovi.e n w er e o f/ office of the present commissioners.
Sm &he iwmpresmioni that Tampa 'had Another ground of opposttion was that AILROAD
her sportiantaervq w convino d the peOple do not gi e enough attention offe Veo Ra e o
"a oatxry 'e.trd' Whi a I to m1nor state offices to qualify them
II-.... ,1,"y ie"n" v we R Iet lto mae the lbest selection. Colonist Tickett to CaUtoi
"' -r cesived. bj ,e Dozier, l__ ._ .. ._-Nevada, .New Mexico. Ar
hn. tii.h.' the bill came budk -to- the 1draho. Vye.on sale U
S,.., rntUtlnt t ahmpa would houe r.- Rankin, without any dif Id, o
: oor Jviokiouv111-,* ,dounlan~
I1 fo' r Jt ooavl1s thounn d l g. r culty. sect red a reversal or the eom St. Louis and Ru
t three games at"'-- Gjnn_'--o" '- I a tctv `F ,on, and the adverse t ONE PAre rs 25 CENI
him )m..-tr she manager of the por, to .
4^.4 T The .s was June 1017,goql ( Lorecurnuni
444" 'hat th Tompo r ; ^ ^ ^^ ^
. . n . . . .. "& ... . T h bil was rea th s-c=-.,.,, ,.a,,o nd timue a*
.:.t.ut, b!^ J..l^epnlhle! boeat bad at on SAtutrday, and yesterday was So n Francisco, LOS A
'*v. ir' *u,|RU. 4 -I1 J0tha be thinks, as reached on the calendar. MP, Rankin Return
nwqW ,fstj Mkpuflk ]ionel a. then offered a substitute removing thencapent .
4.~bi F Natjnal mvapxnet a
1 LtI W1 PW' 1tb *6 S. t tat object nabe feature, the extension of e on ai July to Auus
g 00, b U Ma,.gNer Dozier the terms of the present comm ssion.- t0 return until October .
...-, I.". "b y e ers Denver,"- Col., and
1g.. .4 Mt*Mbn oppo rtulty to orawi. The substitute siMply pTovideB for Juno & to July ofli.
b 't'c Pbea imeetiin;g held in the election of these .commisstoners turn uatt$1 Aurut s3,
tM at rj0^ pattiem interested, by the People at the expiration of the * P- .... ..
I.' I "I.' ThPI"Ii I i III -"- 1 rouab s!Ia .oelLJInR oat
no.the'suqs alre to' be arranged, terms of office of the. Inoumbenta. Jacksonvile, Macon. Atlanta.
G itrat ma ed sealed and On motion of Mr, Hardemam. or Jack car bewee Ne a ue
A .-trJ ,Coudlitl o under whiob o". the resoluflon provtldna for the throu^,ac,,....tian sleeping oar
I. W Shea Miu"elIMOd are IiOflaCltd Placing of statues of Dr. Crawford W.i ,~Unoretween hc
l,4. p' CpX- Isagr-ed that the a-ofl anS Alexander H Stephen.p jl River. Por ful particulatrs, tick
-. .- statuary hall in the national capitol, lo, addreRs
rFE .MLLER, h path e e
th.+tn'ashs" play 'Ut. sante m el whlch was befor. 'the ho"ue at the FR ,CU LI
&% hav been plat thi sea- re r bf adjournment on friday, waM No. I Brown Bldg. ,
'.FA"IA( % a tth aa P z ,n ofthe playen,,mb.n. .a nl Slnf 4. &tn,, .all. a.- i *-TI4.-----A3Mrru.. ... --'-_r.........a....uuU---w-LC-

Iftohe4 to A_,,,. MuArthur ,- .-. m. u- u, -i n
1.Rkido dance.
B el0llle who ito be a kind of W ldRlHiN
., In the Senate.
il Sm*:m.Ii ll H
rbeia- ar eDoneer stated The senate had a short session yes., V IVORl 1KUG

iD0vey *tlould4 be. put up t terday, most oat Its time being devoted 'm
a :'AY gist the trrangemeo toa reading house bills the first and
P'I-*1~6 son ! t;e inter- sc tix tme. But one bill was pased. 1 lIN 511
s oul a ast '" togther Iner. That wa y by Messrs. Mlenmder Lad
i^ % rlould~e together. Heo.Bbe~il l^ **j M M
tM acoul gtt 'toge-the r.n lie Granade, of Wltken county, to abolish A -
I ''APP US at .th ein~v Aw '*i v Ui I I.. d-,... .. ... ww nn F t ua t.u
r' ~~~ ~ ~ ~ ~ h boardtdu ht'akov~~ a wn~ of wounty eixmiesio nenrs
S. atthere will be agreatdal that county s ated on the Jacki
'- 4I~f ajt~ three gtainesf
I r e 1 _i. "'.The senate concurred In the joint Soutbweatern railroad, e
I jJ 25mpIOU*ibIt i go ready for eolutlon intnroduced by Mr. Oalvl n. of north of thetown of Alach
4$ ,i&41rme bf .fl next week, slnoe Richmond inviting Cbnancellor Hi11 to ent alphur in Florida.
t... a.' grta many thing. to at,. address the legislature at such a date matim, Kidney and Stom
.mi. ote the game oan be played. M4 mlIht meet hs Ceonenence. F flhig and hunting.
1n,^ y n At Gainesville arrangomensts are to Western and AUantlc Exten" on table fare. Rates $ per
-;,"t bi4Made tot exzurflous to run Into the bats.
place front all part. otthe SlatSe, and The sPecial committee appointed to _, -
t"ere w' htve a iasspeei*) train consider the bill by Mr. Oarrtniton o(f---
'~~~ftII tIr 1 sei'r i


. salve in

ore, Cut,

oi.W 5ti

nu art


rtia. Utah,
zonl. Colo-
. MontanaI,
rail June 15.

VS. On salc
t1i June 25th

ngeles and

r. IL Tick-
t 13. Good

Return i
Good tore-

r dafly between
reclininr chair
t, LIouts, and
daUy between
the only double
ntd the Ohio
ei and paWIp)I

L. P. A., "
Atlanta, Ga.


. I

Bonville and
-leven miles
ua. Strong-
Cures Rheu-
ach trouble.
week. Free

I .i " -" -


Wortbhy of


We cover these imp,
solicit a sih






SVictor Safe a

^ The "Victor"- is the best s
Sing the purchase of a
V from a box to a bh
[. by consulting

SuInfornatiokn cheerfully furnis

SV 1LrO r Ir~r q %LW6 AF~h








I 31 1

15 1
40 A
* 9 i
M p'
5.5 p|I
14 )
11 p
I pj
id p

00 lP


d a i

00 p
54 p
34 P.
p * p* J
. a Is .
50 a
41 aF
43 a:
3046 p

55 J

2 10

) LV.


-P 4

2 0 0P.
420. p.
4 Bo p Ar...
4 15o p Lv..,
7 45 pAr...
i..p.. Lv ^,~ip

U BY P P *- I .
S. . i..
/. .''. I'1A r' 4 @


Lv Jacksonville.y.......
+ArFernandlna U.........
Ar Brunswick ........4...
Ar Savannah... ......
Ar rlairtax.... .... .. .i
Ar lue msrk.. ,........ ,..
Ar Columbia..... ..4.R.
Ar Camden *9 9U*FE4
Ar Hasmdetn...........
Ar W il ington........
Ar Southern Ptien,.....F
A r l alelgh..... ........
Ar Porlamouth.........
Ar Richmond, VaC..,....
Ar .n to .... .,.
Ar Baltimore .,......
At Philadelhia -.........
Ar New York .., 4..i..o..

- I

* *q C U B
. I a y E ** 44.
* a 9 4 I h 4 Sm.
S 4 I 9 4. 4 *
r a. I 4* I 4
, .m. .

- a h 4 I * 4
W q

I 34
;2 05
1 10



10 10
14 15


j =&6
*- p. P U I
I p P'
P 4
*. L *
I r 4-* *
. CI *

i I


750 V.
900 p".
10 35 p,
11 b si .
1 44 a;.
2 20A.

8 05 a .
12 05p.
10 45 a .
605 p
8 12p',
11 2b p.
256a6 ,


Connections for Palmetto, Mt
Saturday, fromni Gainesville.
Train No. 34, Seaboard Expres
Tanmpa, Jacksonville and New Yoi
buled day coaches between Jacksoi
dining car service from Jacksonvil
No. 66, Seaboard Mail, day coi
tween Jacksonville and Washinpt






'L* ~ '.1
&4 l. '*~ L ~* \ ~ I *.. ~

47Pf..I** ~ j I4

I * : ^ : '
I ,I .' l_ l l ., i I t.I
.. t* . -. .

r t .-rq-. 1*. *-,. ,

,* r

, .. Irh~r. U
. .~II .- t

b~.ti r.


vimaI Live in Cow Luxury
hde Owner Wrangles.

.: *



I4cruggs Resides Beyond City
Sand Declares City Has No
| to Impound His Cattle-Rer
* Which Worked Both Ways
. Sorugg, who resides a few
etiward from this tCity, has a
of cows which seem particular-
: of the city street grass. It
"that they have been perform-
od deedfor the city by keep
grass eaten well down ; but be
mt may, five of these bovines
rested a day or two ago and a"-
uarter at Pedrick's cow ho-
re a fee of fifty ecats per head
red to reease themrn
SMr. Yoruggs' cows ilid not
.me he suspicioned that they
e the guests of this cow re-
d came to town to see about
tter. Sure enough he found
Srnals quietly grazing iU the
-and when asked to kiss the
ftve half-dollars and take his
he 'e became indignant, arid
e would never do it.
ruggs sought the services of
5rhey, gave bond and caused to
d 4a writ of replevin for the
ion. of the cows. In the -meanl-
le city caught on to his actions,
i' sooner were the bovines re-
than another writ of replevin
if of the city was served upon
tier ofthe cattle, when Marshal
n again took possUession of

battle are still in the pound,
they will remain until August
h day is set for the triaL, unless
ruggs sees fit to pay the $2.50
^ enstis and take themr out, ini the
owner of the cattle coiitenids
lasmuch as Iitb is nJIt a resident
b~ity, thie aui, ittritik:s halve n~ot
peer to arrest the cowq, while
[l PinkoS(lJ and t1he city au-
BS declare that they *txurcise
ite rights over a cow violating

enance as a man. Simply be-
he owner of the animals resides
I the city limits is no reason why
k should not be taken up for
bn of an ordinance, because the



wiy3rs Witltl i glrace sotoLld with salt."
Silt, i uied )by Catholics ItI baptisin.
Tlhey cotnlsider It n symbol of' wisdom
ani(I put ,fafPw grains In the mouth of
the person iihp)tJzeIl.


Am WeeemarI In Our Dallp1 Litfe as
SIn Our Dail# Food.
Hlow could w4 get on without salt?
In our dally food, as In our daily liCe. a
Little of it is necessary. and the absence
of It takes away from the flavor of ev-
erything we eat. tihe "6sait of life"
which we hear about .Rignlfltes. the
health, vigor itud wit .vhlch we hind i
life. There was tis tinoi countriest far
from the sea when primitive man nev-
er usedl salt in his food, anti It was
only wljon nations advlnotlll In civill-
Vatioun tlhit ailt becamne all absolute neD
But It was not alone as food that salt
was v valued. Among'the ancients n salt
spring was regarded as a gift of the
gods, and it wais believled that any salt
foun(d in the 8oil lent it a itviuliar saimc-
Uty and miEdeI It a pi*t wliere prayers
were imnost reditly ieartl. Every meal
tliihat included salt iid a certain tfiqrcd
character, erenthiug Ei lbond of piety antl
frienldshitp- ietwvetlu lICt Iti 4l guest;
lihiene tlhe expression.4', "Tiier. is salt
)between tus," metaiing ffta'mnship, aint
to lie umtnite to ilt" means to be dis-
loyal or ungrateful.
In the middle ages, when all clauses
nnid de(grtts isat tit the samiiie loard,
thliy were pliacx atnenordling to rnnk,
above or below the great snaltcellar,
WhlIcI always stool in the middein and
mark(,td the (ividling s(cin line. "Above
tin' stilt" wieant "of high degree." 1e
low tihe salt were the yeomianry, serfs
aicI vnssnls of the feudal daiys. A goodl
despcriptlon of thllils custom mu.iy lbe
found lit "Ivailioe" whrI1u teIric, the
1i xi)1ri, (ilitertaiiis his vassals and
A )ifntch of sait Is always considered
lucky in "wItti a pinch of salt" means to excuse
or ianke allownnces for it. A "CsltIW is
a snllor. 1o salt onms cojiversation
meats to wiako It sparkle. SaIlt is an-
ways employed in a sense of benefit or
Thie 1Ili Ile has mnny references to
Anti tuflnigon tliomf twirling "Ye arc Ute
Malit of the ealr4h)' Matthew v, 18, and
St4L PanI says, "I~et your spteeh be al-

***'q I
, a I.

.. ., r * i *. i -

p .1*

- --- 'I




.r , .
. __ i

Per feet Is one 'which is palatable, pleasant to take.
S .. and pan b relied upon to act gently, but
L.axative thoroughly, cleansitr tihe entire. system of
I all impurities.. Such a. inedicine is Mozley's 7 Lemon
Elixir. It is a plea-,iunt lemon tonic, acoeptablo to the
most delicate sto.n ch, anrid acts thoroughly upon the
bowels, liver and ktidneyq without the slightest urin.
Splea4sa witness Soi by all i'r1uggists at 50)c a a bottle
out an (l tual for (. oMghs, col(V, sdieo thr0tt L enot
/and I iIronchitis. 2 nc a bottle.' Le


- t<


, .rL... .

- ..-, i.-.f. .ilil.... p.i







----a.- .

I Curgi Colers-Iofaltu
nho~ea'ntery, a i
IN Ithe Bowel Tobesof of
1" 9Childr tu ofAn AgeS
Aids Digestion. *gulafts
.A E W GW the Bowels, Se"ithem
C'ost s Only cats at Dlrugsts the Child and Miks 25 cuts matTEETHING EASY,
O Or mli 2 centU to c. 4. MO trfl. M. 0., S;T LOUIS. MO.
DRt C.i.7.30 (wumbMsl EI_0. 0*.8)
K ,, ITJ~r^J~r ><- fito" vwor TJrTrr~ IP^M0th
foadere) .toor goer _nd eU .tyaw# t# TAipple Ae0 0g.n dCR EUjr.ywE
rre"ha ep it an I
Wlers at .rno-U cca~rilifi d-y oflR icrtcntv *5- *im/tort tirtg U.l an4 .gfA~
Mm jwi iwr w ,.. -1. tiprjfi= W, J tH K41
(Aoof 89"thor" McthedW87. &I"Jj ftear mA. i@4a






. my a A at ft *


uniuerneata im e Aragtn f iotiOel, )orL
Julia anld logai, Jakvotviit 0le,


headquarters fbr
Canadian Club

ho -Springs,*.. .

St., lftwtbot


L L 1

66, Echo Springs, Wilson.()l, 1i
, guaranteed e.e-year-old wiiskies
, I ..$1.(I) ner quart or $.5is p1o
..... l 5 5 (00


i gals

w ilS)1so t . . . ., q, I (J iatt s ft)t ,.)()
Mail orders a ,specialty. Write for priSc list oli
otler goods and c1 )l on mine when in the city.
Jo] ST- A, L )YO(NS, J acksonville, 1in.

.- a


Fire In the hlinrt Renmls snoly In tl,
head.-German Pro verb.d
An1 envious iliflt wl ixot lettli at thi
faitiness or his nIiglibor.-Socrates.
Oiw of tUII very bo:t of ail ea.rthij
possosSions- is self possession.--G. I)
The tire you kindle for your oftt(n bumns yourself more tuinu hlim.-
Chi i neso Pro'v cr t),
Th iIte cvlious aiin pine In ip'nty, Illki

il Xn-XLoorpo ]Prnt octJ







Lraets of Title tid full iuforniation furTinhiedI re triling lfand. I
coIInt)y. Our inaltzigtr ihas lived hi this etuaity tlirty yjfltra lnlt
is thtTtitoghly converaiitt within land tItlIta.

AiutItVth a I,*&bIra t ONlt I iu 11 tti.Itm A N )t .) t I I4'EtCtIZ lt CIefft1 mbtI kl.

I1 m
Itei f(is



, ,":|




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R *i

- --- .- N T -- A 11 It"q - - L I -

.1 - -, ..., -., .. ..

.. I.. .


t t




')F i.& '',*
. '. .


V '

. I *'4k't ir-f
W 1 .. .
,, .

I,-, S;r!
,' .. 1 !.

~% tj ~ V.
Ir "

.- ,r'.
- ..

n L ,. .-. .
tbp nwri

I S p-,q l .., n | .. r *- .I.

In;!-/; I-4 .4y,,; k .f. *
r : m0 *
B ' ' ".-. : ** q "
r^ . ,- -. , .* '. . .. '* . . .
* > **- .'.*; ^ :. *,. *.. .,, : .. .'. .. .. : .
"q " :" 'i .'V I
... .~~~~~~ ip 25 ,

'," . -. '
nM pibtspwae,
4flm^ y Mdfr

tVAi q41%tsas. all

@ rtfree, to
S9t Ot Car uad for
77.'- .' -. *
., ., 4 .' ; '.. *



i .... ~- . . . .
&,m. due after Smtp
b1atb unless otberwme,
PRtn, es no kiowa to
,rr"0ver nt I ad-
ifl DAILY SUN, q
. G-hw nMULu W 31.6

it r.i. .- .. --1 ,--- --- r
L6 it lite-mavlng ser-
I*L V. l t
.. 1 \ ' nI a W 5' '_J .n t : ." .
i ,

pai ,h United
|r;......10 u million in
if I : .
S ., "p;,, "" '"/ ', ',. ," I"
".a -.iZ r I Y='' _l _".. .i" - ''r . ', ". .. .


A" a tfLeglslaturo has passed
I d*the railroad oommislson
ia ,ol0tiv', by the people.
:K *% L *; ^ ''1 r .i *1
l''t<,: ~ ~ ~ 1.*; ...* ;llf-ll-~liml I l lll*- .

pIt, recently published In Chris-
d'Wib that the amount of money
1e frosm the United States by
i ,pNorway last year was

jII lfthaoustom recelpts of the
S 4}- 0 t6,t' e will exee4 $9cK,01o0,ooo
.t j.Wb tAte nJ.rnal revenue, $222,/X,000.
,:" ; i msS6imllanoteaq sources will come

A.4 ,. "
L:.. \ 1. : i C '' ,,. . i. t
Sa .m'Te men who linvst their money In
*Atisw.mepondng paper in Jackponville
: ."r. axwinh w they had, Invested In ome-
14 i .\ 'o 'm
'.. 4I lse. Thete Is n! ro'om for
j, 'A -S. wo nng paper In the State
l*':. 'l .tK l t I _____________ __________
,' ; '. * S . * '\ 5 1 W:. *

S: The cost ofhauling' a ton of freight
"Ia ntle ;on the London Northwestern
S Iralwayb InWland'- most. Important

' .'

W, iT

inant power. In that country now
there are thousands of square mites of
desert, where formerly there were fer-
tile fields and busy cities." Dr. Bell
may not be entirely right in attribut-
hag ... f ttnna
tioins to thegoss of .-their forests, biut
there I t every reason to believe that
they have suffered to no small extent
from this cause. We should, thlere-
fore, heed the lessons of history and
not permit ourT land to be entirely do-
ftorestized, as it will be, at no very dis.

. ftj-1.
L L-.I'.r.i

Ac. #.fflLD O0A t nw,,
i~mMU~ r1M n q CIOX oo

y' bOol ChOba, A : OhoateI, he. vettan.
jou ntrst.,now a znembtr onf ithe
editorial *tafftof th6 Penneco). Pnes.
Mr.., pboate I. one of the. best a4id
ablest. writer In the State, and Editor
Dbenhasm ,is to be congratulated upon
scaring hi service.
-.-,. N *'i. ii .* -It '
East: Florida Seyinary 4d an exo
ser :nsr71 -.:...8*

ceptionalsy strong faeiUty Inl"t ter,
but it will be even stronger tHe coming
term, Superintendent 0a$Uianams is
undoubtedly the right man In the right
.place at the hqad of this institutions of
learnmnKg. The Seminary Is without a
peer as a State school: (no matter what
its title) and parents could not do bet-
ter than arrange for a, ommodations
for their ehUildren for the approaching
fl~holafitic termj. " "

Rev. Dr, Franklin Oliver Bellt of
New York, has-sounded a new alarm
which may be well for consideration,
at least. He declares' that the real
menace to the country come not from
the trusts and other organization, the
conduct of which has converted mime
people' to the belief that great woes
are to befall our natiou.. These. may
be partially real or wholy Imaginary,
he feels, butof one thing he s. :eonfl-
dent in his ownt-mind, And that is that
the destmrueotion Of the forests. is a
menace full of terrible meaning. -Dr.
Bell set forth his views on this Rubjeat
in a discourse in church the other Sun-
day, when he went so fr as to asAcrlnbe
the decay of numerous nations of an;
tiquity to tho desolation of the land
by the cutting down of the forests.
"In Italy," he said, "'we see muoh the
same thing. Where once there were
.200 cities, there is fnow, perhaps, r the
moat desperately poor. population in
all Europy. The destruction of the
tree in Spain was a& ,immense factor
in the fall of that country from a doh-

,- *'/ ,. ." :' .- ; *" . \ ,- ,'.' '. .. .* ",
*1 ,.* " ', ,, . ..
o r .Lf UnIttd State Department
A .\ QfflrIcultUret .
j \ 15c(Thie weather
bursrw,,.,erid ry t cf rop con
dW 1,0, ias4 follows:
,- Tie, "tonperature during the week
-eniing July 13' ias very "vorable in
all isatrticts east of the z jy mo'um-
tuna. amdi middle plateau rgibonst it
WaSi too col with fronts In exposed
lfceae Pfortions ot the lower Ohio
RIFI central MIslssltsppi valleys, south'
I etn FlorMjd -and eastern Texas are in
neod of talnm, but .'elsewbete there .is
amplee molt.ure. Portions of the south
Atlantic and east gulf states having
uffered.ftnrb excessive rains.
Corn hasa everywhere iade ,spleadld
growth and Is much Improved, though
generally ,backward and In portions
of the upper Ohio valley and middle
Atlantic states is weedy.
The week has been very favorable
for harvesting winter wheat, which
vwork is very lEurgely competed except
in the mo, e northerly sections.
Thbe. oatbarvest I1 in general prog-
ress In thU centrall valleys, good yields
being reportcrd from Missouri, Nebras,
Ra, K an a and Oldahoma, but light
yields tram the states of the Ohio val.
/ throughout the cotton belt there
has been a general Improvement In
cotton, Which has made vigorous and
hoalt'iy growth. There Is, however,
generaI complaint of grassy fields in
the coast district of the eastern see.
tton and In Texas, the crop being In a
better state of cultivation In Mississmip
p1 aWc over the northern portion of
the central dS.trtcta; Boll weevil in
Toxaa are less numerous.
The general outlook for tobacco is
very promnfsing, the least favorable
reports being received from Ohio.
Only a fair crop of apples is 2ndIcat.
ed in the most of the principal apple

Very Remarkable Cure of Diarrhoea.


ana awrrA


bowels, but regular action cannot be
secretes enough bile to make tho
execute their natural functions.
ural agitation caused bycathartics,
continual and increasing doses to
after a the results. I


trouble, worF




by John
i . . .

Florida Ea






I* ] I

a S i'1a
a 0 4ISa
610 66Ra
ull 42a a

13 1o t
11 1a a


a a
II n

Le * m

9 U jP i *

Ar. i
Ly q .,

Ar Y q


4~~~ SO I h
. S.* 0 0 6 P *SvP il
....... ..4

. i t *- i, .]
.; 9 A' * *t_ S t; J

, ......s.s* Ba

..... .. .. t U ,BatI



I ^^6 _____

I-- .







S '"

dtugs, but is a pleasant vegetable
remedy for toning up the nerves an
in a low state of health, or osick anm
S. S. S. improves the .'aie
Sppetite, aids the diges- 1many5,
tion and reinforces the er.dlAtheI
;system, and its good ef- s not
fects are seen almost from Mor"s
the first dose. It acts COare Stol
J promptly in cases of chronic dyspep
,,and does away with the uncomforta
drowsiness and dizziness that so of
S S. S. S. is not only the best tort
properties, and if there is any t
searches it out, and removes it. I
to a bad condition of the blood and
and tonic combined, or such a rem<
t If you suffer from debility, it
btidd digestion, or any of the saymp
so soon put your blod ian good
system as S. S. So goo Aue i
fect arse amos1rCLf. ouSM&Rs

"Aboit six years ago for the first
time in my life I had a sudden and
severe attack of diarrhoea;" says Mrs.
Alice Miller, of Morgan, Texas. "I
got temporary relief, buLb it came back
again and again, and for six long years
I have Suffered more misery and agony
than I can tell. It was worse than
death. My husband spent hundreds of
dollars for physicians' prescriptions
akidtr"eatzrent wi thout avail. Finally
we moved to Boasque county, our press
ent home, and one day I happened to
see an advertisement of Chanmberlain's
CoIio, Oholera and Diarrhoea Remedy
with a testimonial of a man wiaho hind
been cured by it. The case wtas so
similar to my own that I concluded to
trv the.reinedv. The result wf wnn..




r Ii + '' JF'4 -? r jIL. *

:~~~~ -,T~i 4
p.~ ~ *L 1 *1'~* i ~. ~r~ S~yRap:~Q

ii .
!iA ,

SA "" -* J. 1 ^ .- ^
10, 19 Q
":"- I: "q -?!h =.:;
a. :.,', ''.Lt I&

=.-.,- ',,rr-rm"


Wi.,.!tiTs WITH JAYS
. .... '."- ^ *^" '^ ,"

o ville Boys HaVe Them
Completely Outclassed.
r *


S Looked Gdod to Gainesville
irday, But Indifferent and Weak
ng in the Field Caused Loss of
G mes.

S a foregone conclusion that when
Iak Halls run against a propose
like the Jacksonville Jays they
K) Use thie expression, not in it,
Sis evident they are outclassed.
)ak Hall team is composed of nice
N who can play a tine game of
e ball, but wlion it cones to
4ng up against the real thing they
demonstrated that they are nout

re were two games yesterday.
rame in the morning was called at
- W'clock, and a good crowd was
mnt to witness it. The Oak Hlalls
od tolerably fair ball up to the
inning, the score being one to
but int the fifth the home boys
i to pieces and permitted the vis-
to bunch five runs, after which
t core was made on either side
[ the ninth inning, when Freeman
ked a ball over the fence and
, a home run. The result was
Pre of six to two in favor of the

the afternoon it was event worse."
Oak Halls started oIT good game
kept it uip until the fiflh inning,
D the score was four tou three in
r favor. But they again went to
bad and permitted the visitors to
B four times three of which was
ed by errors of the second base-
1, Lawahe, who either could not or
Id not stop the ball. 'Uhe score in
afternoon was eleven to five, and
ipeetators hNd a right to feelfiomne
t iore over the result, since the
ie boysbad sucli a magnificent be-
Ing, which they retained until the
0e of the game.
batteries were as follows: Morn-
Jacksonville, Tritton and Wouten;
esville, Moses, White and Streety.
rnoon, Jacksonville, Cray and
iten; Gainesville, Anderson and
le Oak Halls left last night for


lifted their
of streams



' o vs! VERM.IFU
r -qu V^ MW qw 'W-i --" -
II Otto X&:V,

soFw20bl as. aLd az nved 0' L i rm
0, 400 *0;, m iw A meb =lmr X a43P< *'r =I sm OW mlA
-pkpM-bML--yi i" MI JAAMSS :V. BAL ILAjRtD; St 4 Lou Is.


SMot ot s lo1k twtt at a little
tawe trowncf unher.-'4PaulI Kel-
ver i -
It to onIy Ja bleiclnee thlt worn-
en can loee tc hgit ti O* ad. yet ro-
main bewlteblng.-9'Te Gray Wig."
No, man who it not an egotist or
worse l. ever sure of a woman's love
till she has told it with her own lips.-
"His Daughter Pirst."
When In doubt go to church, for
there's nothing that lets a man think
better than a long prayer and a slow
nermon.-"Adam Rush. ,-
There are sixteen ounces to the
pound still. but two of them are Wrnp-
Sping paper In -a good many stores.-
"Letters of a Self Made Merchant."
a used to think that marriage made
nIen old, sour and silspi)ioIs1. I fiId
I w.ns t-fistaken. It Is not the wife; It
Is the inoney limrket.-'"love and the
Soul 1i'rsp "
801I Hmtrs.
I Wh'lleve in havin' n good time wben
you start out to liave it. If you -git
kuwkutl ouit of olte plan you want to
git yo Itf atitotlitr right quick, be-
fore Vour siXrrlts hais n chance to fall.
-- Lovpy ,1 a ry."

C inesville,


IHan Chanred.


Fl r..ida

n tetupera tile
Africta t tbcu

"wn by its fossil
al during the mao-
*11ry epoch. An-
ln Germany anl
atmion trees flour-
tUr icllltll, up to
ItUilde, iiinglollus
ipettI4 tlclir fruit,
tIRd evtu ini Grin-
ttle more than 8
woiup cy presses
limes, plnnes and
wivater lilies cov-
pIolS otnd Irises

liheads by the Rnargtn'
rivers.-El dinburgh ItRe-

WVhen the Barbeqr Wram a Wit.
In ri giniil Ititoiltuimo tle barber
great tigur, and! Arabitil tales i
!l "C lil i. I1 Italy la ( Spalhli lie v

ofteII tlie
Ills slhop
anid litrig
11 It kj(tt't
Cited ll[s
brusI t it d
ei ttJl*' hat
goi tll tlit I


brightest iniii ilk town, antl
*Ias I\u itiRuarters for wit
lie. Jaszumn lI nbwame ,funmous
Ii sooutlitrt u France and( re-
veIo.s with razor, scissors,
tx"mli(l gestures as he! dress-
r and Itird( of' fine l&dlea ndnl
in his shop.., lie ihal a great

ruill, tIdc* O y1101103',
BSumiles made a book


abo I t





Ir l tli, ',, *iiuf
Publiho i o

ihi., i f )L A lt( ITS E'NDUlI, vi. nat 1 i.'iw 'lhoo
.v.:; L gnu :1 C1l1)thi4'4.

Iq-" U m





m^ A







Puw qL -


A '





. For Salk by Johnson Bros.,, ( inesvill?
Z _' : .. _- -' __ __ .. . . .. . . . . . . . .. L . ... L . . . - - 7 ... --- -
** a

Iow tCliin 4te


a, ,

, ,- ;. -.. :7)j- .


MEME661 1.4?



In Switzerlaid a
equal to that of ) nor
present tiiie Is xiho
flornt to hl iv pr'tvaili
ceine or mi ttle tert
tlrol'oild (lipes llved
Fratc I ; tig antci cI)
isitz-l lt ):tz;itzic; In
70 (khgreesu o f luti
blooieda nnd vintis ri
while inj Spitzblirgeni
nell Laiind, within II
di'gercs of thle Lo l
andi waluuts, ct. Iars,
poj)lars gN',w freely.
eredt over stnndaing



i.1 4 i',



""'. i N' ."" ,

sV, Il, .,---lth .U-ntl '

r y FN "" '" b .. '' -

V.ri'nt *, .1ObjectedJ #9,a B' of, His
I : Daughter, .but function Was
**~ ~~j" T :OWff In- MIdst of FVId of the
H'"',l:" i .' ,'a l"' I*s n' .Cr a "
."..,.,.i4Srlaqe whiha blended with"
r *;t4or bfo. waving, orn tasels and
i RUOO wa.^ performed I the fleld fo
S8pirw-tre fsthr of- the hand
A ? :7youngU-bride, near "Newberry,
r, i t .. rt), pfter U1 o'oock last dight, for-
2 $suate Timothy Bailey perform
lU:Iih4*I0wtict the midst of aS waving-
k1it..1 rgOldep poereal.
q1 w 1 IedWing, with theexoeption of'
bMrq s arreOt5 of Mr.
BjV'ty'"Ihe uen.ietOon of the neigh-
f.3P, 7b*11 Mr. Spire f tor so me reason
S 0b, the tohMt ot his oharming
: Li saaghter, Mis E-dna, who has.
HH^^n year, to
turned, her sixteenth year, to
'r xb>r iy ; but the ol& adage,'Love
i, Kl 1at lokMmlths," etc., proved
UL" .-Ia this izistanee, a3 matters were
i -,.. and worked with all the
l % &hsat c would be desired.
i ..t It*er Justioe Bailey, who had been
lipprived of the Inteptionus of
vI oying couple and who had prom-
I #4:t wperforin the sacred function,
4, ith and promptly at the hour,
'64'UDI upo n. In some manner, how-.1
l I '7y." the .mater became kniown by a
l 4lbtg rhood, wih tle re-
ll^^~~ll^^atqfltaave a *umbwere o win.'s
!'. ^ : ird-boutt he pair as ;hey stood .
! .]$: damp ground isnder the paleI
it ,ti)oIt*tool,.an i had administered
' ;t5:! them the word., that bound them
P togKejther ror the remainder of their
'h4- ,!~ttilal lives.
.ri,1." Mr. &ind Mrs. Kirby drove directly

* I.,1,tO Nto swberry after .theo ceremony,
,nowhere they will it1 future reielde.
S- .. The News of Hawthorn.
tUy : Hawthorn, tly.t 156.--The heavy
i.i4 rftins aContinue.- The water courses
1 A'vi nad .akes are all full. ThI'l seems a
< 1* reguIir olddfaihioned Florida July wet
)tasozt1, when the wintern were wairm
a4 -aa orange trees were all right. The
)^ r l tree are now in a moit flour-
).: Ishing condition.
rV torn orops are very fine. Cotton is


*1 .Y'- I-.,T~f~ ..... L. .. .;,.,.,,.,r .. .o ,J,.,I,. .'., : ."
\. ,1. :.I,.-. ..... .-.- ... . i ... * ..
do 6 ,4 O W, -,.-A
:f. 1 '
T I. *'wl nl*n Trk1r *f -*
Unit Xsyarn' : F*Irtifl~fl
Not long agO an old .-, ,v .was
wandering iin the Junglj about hlf a
mile trom the city of AcimadMtgr, In
India, when he found a round bail ot
metal. Iit was black *nd looked tike
A looked. --
an old Iron round sbot, but when the
old man lifted It lie was struck with
Its immneI,' ieCIght. He carried It
home an(lr fouli oon scratching it that
It WasA 11 ii1)np of iolld gold. It weighed
elglbt poittRda anid Its sale made the
finder rich for Wie1.
There tii' IY Iy'" more of these can-
notn ImlJS, e!1h E JICI rth L sinmall fortune,
,yItlg. hid o6r ':iriotl 1V the recesses of
this juilglz*e. nid tleir story is a curious
one. At til' ellI of tlio sixteenth cen-
tur'y Akimu,, thJ.e. .roist .ihperor ITin-
dusti:n (w:' M2W. Vis ot thie height
of his glo;y. At thh1 J1t4tid of his con-
queo iltg ainixmy 1:i: Iiultene(Id Ahmntid-
nager to suprrcwI'. rlhlQ tefty .and Its
ricli trersnit w,,1'v tIc dtiit lt r Ivthie rule
of the Prlincess ('rtnt. TKrrw ng tlhat
resistance cotild le it t slioajt. iinId it
bitter rage ait fJstt lio oppressor, Hue
caused a till the tr&iI:ml rt or gold a inl
sllver to be InIlteItil Olivn. !ie cV.Ist
the metal Into- cnan<:w Ii 1111s timd en-
graved upon each inn IUll'to)Tms ,ii.
'the conquerot, These wre lreid In-1to
the 'Jungle anA, n'{w n Al.:fkar entertedl1
the city, Instead of the ri hl ioiirdl Ne
had hoped to win. he found i t r'iucIry
absolutely empty.
That this is not the only ocii1slrima
upon which cannon balls of gold have
been cast Is proved by the fact that In
the treasury of thp shah of Persa1i
there may be seen In the same room
where stands the famous peacock
throne two smnal globular projectiles.
of gold. They weraestiimated by a reo.
cent visitor to weigh about thlrty-onr#
pounds each and are roughly made.
Their origin or purploc Is, however,
totally forgotten. It i1 only known
that they are very ol1&-ChIagb Chron-

What the GlasedF Metalle. Markl
. Thereon Told the Broker.
HAlf a score Of clerks In one of the
largtvft brokerage houses In New York
were astounded one morning when
one by one they were called Into their
employer's private office an.d asked to
hold up their feet and show the shanks
of their shoes. They thought ithe "old
man" had gone quite mnad. Each
young man as he entered the office
was told to sit down and put his foot
ip on a corner of ,the desk where It
could be examined. Then the head of
the house put on his lnglasfRe and very
carefully., scruUnized the sank of the
Wbhen all had beeoon put through this

*1 r

C pi=J,. MOIR. .



The. Association Needs d-Funds to
S"SqUare Itself for Season.


If Musicians of City Will Get Together
' an Evening of Rare Enjoyment May
be Had and Association Will be En-
abled to Pull Itsolf Out of Hole-
The Oak Hall Bas.ball Association
needs money. This is no joke. The
team lhas been playing in'hard luck,
largely to empty grand stands on ad6
count of inclement weather, athd the
association is in straitR for finances to
meet thle expense of the team.
It ia proposed for the musical fra-
teiVity of the city to give a benefit to
the Oak Hall Association Friday even-
ing. Every musician, vocal and in-
strumental, in the city is asked to lend
their assistance, and those wiho are
willing to do so are requested to report
aL once to L ; J. Burkhini, at his store,
today or at the earliest moment, so
that a program can be arranged.
SThe program and place of efltiettain-
ment willibe published Friday mnorn-
lastr in n]uma&.
Easter In Russia I.s the greatest festi-
val of the year. Russian Christmas
presents are as nothing compared to
those given at Easter. Eggs are of
course the principal feature, and not
till one lias seen the Easter bazaar In
the (.1osLinot Door and the shops on the
Nevsky I'rcopect Is it e'sy to imagine
tlhe l)(tutity and dalriantess of Easter
prot-iatlona%. Fortunes In trinkets,
lltic(,. 111id Jewels are spent on the con-
tents ot thne eggs.
A vety pretty i'gg Is zyade of pink
voi IHI(, marble rinIflh(d with gold.
Smial 1 ivory eggs Iliji.t with silver ro-
sary beads uplko a lovely offering for
the ilovout church woVia'n, and for the
practical lboustewIf icot rul! of frrtsi eggs is wonderfully

A Voranctoul Mtonxter.
rie l most vort',)ims of all marine
beats's of pIrey Is tlt, o)rca or killer
w1LnIC. It rintcliess a length of twventy-
fltI* feet. nJd Itf jns bristle with
tooth from four to six Itinclhues long andi
as slinrp iit ( lirk kTlife. Its digestive
I power is proportioied to the tremton-
t douv etincacy of its jaws. It seems also
I to b)e nil jiLtt'ocih)4 gltton, ts one0 spec-
. men exatmiIne( d contunite(d in Its stomach

STake The


- DuponL
Jacki'n rle

' ". s. : .

At, a


E astl
I rak


Time Table

Depart For


3:40pm I ' igh
Daily J n
12:37pm Ocala, Let
Daily Illt(

2:25 ph Palavka, J
Dailv North
I L :40 a in High SpringP wa
JPaily Albany. Atlanta.,

3:25 p m



3:50 a il
ex. Sunday

SInte.rchangeable Mileage Tic)
cipal railways in the Souithern Stai
Through Pullman sleieer Pol
Line; also via Atlantic Coast Lin
For complete information, ca
J.A. (C
Add ress:
188 WV. Bay at., As
H. M. EMERSON, Traf. Mgr
Wilmington, N. C.

I Ce to 2c d= 9


J4 lix

- . n- -

I.i *" .l


utlonary Forces Still In Poasses-
1* soion of City.
.. I .. ^ ^ I
10,.84k, VenemUela. Sunday. July
situation before Ciudad,. Bol.
tiu unchanged. It was reported
night that the revolutionists had
sated the city, but this turns out
lncuctt. The commander of
evolutionary forces is still in poS
gop. Yesterday afternoon at 3
ck a ship bearing United Stated
A rllnmentary truce flags left Clu.
Bolivar and crossed the Orinoco
SSolena. President Oastro'a'
rlt y received the -'miissary, a
*ti Who said he came In the name
a torelin consuls the bishops and
.g tndes, to adsk General Gomez,
government commander to receive
tomorroww saying he had an Im4
unt message for him. Learning
SGeneral Gomez was not at Sole-
i the priest departed promising to
I-n. The Associated iregs eorre-
tdent questioned him concerning
treasona for hoisting the United
ea flag, as he was not an Amerlt.
? The priest relied:
Because the flag of the ITnIted
e 1is respected evorywhere."
He priest refused to reveal the &at>
of his mission.
I 11 o'clock last night the marn-of
SBolivar, with General Goniez on
rA, arrived here. As she passed
ire Cludad Bolivar she was fired
ri but without effect. The Bol
I anchored 2 miles above the city
I placed herself in contact with
besieging government troops. Tho
alnder of the Venezuelan fleet
^posed of men-of-waT, Sey Oura,
tauraeer, Miranda and Ventre de
O, 0t0 due tomorrow. When they
B srrved 4,200 men will be ready
attack Ciudad Bolivarh
be govei aanont authorities Intend
rlve General Rolando a chance to
milder 'his desperate situation in
r to prevent the useless shedding

blood. If the will surrender, ho
Sbo given full guarantees of safe-
tor himself and followers.

Repulsive Features.
ackheas, pimples, greasy faces
muddy complexion, whicli are so
n among womeKI, esApecially
ta certain age,destroyint g beauty,
rring and making repulsive, fca-
Swhich would otherwise appear at-
tiveand refined, indicate that tihe
ir s out of order. An occasional
of HerbinewiJl cleanse t he bowels,
late the liver and so, establish a
.r, healthy complexion. 50a at
non Bros.

V~~y %F.I; W' T Cl.l-- T 7 :7 d-I*jj ~ih T(:t 4 VKY 1E .* 'LL.~ii~'r


rd ~r~
lit" I~.J~4, *?~ P~t .rj ry .~, 4!1 2

-- - IL-

Letters fr


r k r 4h. .q t
j--d ;:* rIjr L ra i *


U . .




Cured by the use of Kod Lare received daSly.
Their trouble nermarly begin with Indigea
tion or other stomach disorder.
If the food you eat falls to ve strength
to your body. it Is, because th)Juicetno-
creted by the stomach and digestive organs
are inadequate to transform the nutrient prop-
anrties of the food into blood. That It1
Indigestion. The system Is deprived the
amount of nourishment required to keep up
the strength, and the result l hat one or
more of the delicate organs gradually grows
weak, and then weaker, until finally It is
diseased. Here a great mistake Is made.
That of treating the diseased organ. The
best doctors In the land make this very
mistake. Why should they ? It L so easy
to see that the trouble is not there.


Lu tres
This famous remedy puts th stomach anm
.digestive organs in a healthy condition so
that rich; red-blood is sent coursing through
the veins and arteries of every muscle, tl- u
and fiber throughout every organ of the en-
tire body, and by Nature's law of health, full
strength and vigor is soon restored to each.
Kodol cures Indigestion, dyspepea and all
stomach disorders.
I have taken Kodol for nearly two montk'
after each meal and it Is the only remedy
that gave relief from the terrible pains I
endured. After a time I would takelit but
once a day. and now, while I keep a bottle
handy 1 seldom need It, as it has cured me.
MRS. J. W. COOLBAUGH, Milo Center. N. Y.
Kodol Digests What You Eat.
Bottles only. $ 1 .00 Size holding 2M times tihe trial
512e. which sells for 50 cents.
Pnpard by E. 0. DePWITT & 00.. OHIOAQO

M, 1-6 jld g l, hereby
to pny $1,000 to atiy Iultftfactu
paiit vJ*io can shIow, by similar
any panllt standiuig u1on 0any
turftce its perfectly and for so 1


rer of
lohIg f

tiztv s t on r

\Wo guarantee GRAIlIT E EILAS-
'lIC pnaiiD t o contain no tar, rosin, as-
jiltmILItt or tziy of thie prdtIucta of
pet roli.I.:1), andt when applied to any
surface atecordiing to our directions to
wear perfectly for a period of flveo
years, and we agree to furnith, free of
charge, all paint necessary to repaint
any surface where it Jias proved de-
fective. Signed,
The National Paint and Varnish Co.,
f'llaianI-rn i N l I I _-S A


0-wR >
cflu p

[Suceao to Seller& A ldermail
Over Dutto & Oo's Bank,, Gainevttle
Special attentUo to orown and llrldre work.
Phone t _________


Graduate Baltimore Collete Dotital Surgery
Five years' experience In New York City.
Crown, Bridgre work a nil FMling SipecIaltles.

I. r -~



aptt Mtale New.
We buy or sell F'uirnlture. or oan contract
witLh you on the oouinlsalon k"is,' Piatronatge
solilited and satisfaction alw.k_ s-.








13\M. SCflIT.A.II.IZ IIb ', lv, iLtr.
132 'V. Forsyth it., JncIksosnKvll', Fla
Ot 'osiit' P tostI'he I


dtin ir jlaice in v
Liqu r -. d (-li-K-r.,
Wjr U"N1,



JOl! N MENZIES. Pr i' rictor.
31D-221X \%. ity tit.. Jt6Okutvlte.

Faust beer, b )ttloandttrnii ht. Don't
fail to call i m% Whenz in lacsotnville





The b< -b

---V isi tnthe
'ST I.\ al SAIO)N .ANI)
,111, jU' mrs in Li,' ti Ly.

tRininll .' ry night it
THlieat re._





. - 1 - -

' L N S H S oI M F 1. N- F,
I'"ILMUlINt; IMSTA. -H t "1 -NT

U. A ir.i it i'.Tr.,

()a SliNeviti-e.
- WI. .06- m ,S mp. .

l. lt,,nill M.llI#er
ritn l^ -

' rI m ea trl .... e rU-w wwr

. *. . .. .



n .mm --- W '


4 "






I A II 1l

aS n U! T"
k i; it


t/t NtN% |AO [

S10T o. ,

andth EST


and the EAST.D

The. A. "uw,. ?. T. N., WEhST ..on D.OV S.
W0s W. TABnom. A. 0,
I: ______________________

i Lira =qw ==m m

I V" ot) f



i. 90, 3

,'r 't *. 5,r .
l^^', ^' >*.*. r,,
', p ,

,:.-.| ^^' i-T.'.. -.;:.:. ,", ."/
IwN. .-.:... .=.,.. :^
,%, 4 ...:: ?,-. ;:- '

,- . ., I, : 1. .I
.. j .'' ' I ".*
F t 5 n.a ...
p a H IjflpenTHop
z r ... . .'h #' r l*.e i J q" L

;, '. ".' '_.o" + * . "*; ./"'" *< .' ", .,',.- ; ',. *
: ." . ,. ;', -. './ -. - - .. '. . :
*. I. q t. , n ,* *r
p -t*' .' .. ": .' i.' ',* ..* I I
I.L, '. *.*I ~.' ""
I.... .r: .% q ;q ,... : *.: . ,
,.h I.* : . I nt.* '. .!. - :' ; "" I + '

bo wit~do I peda Oweno
'. .-' *, i. ^' 'J_ -- ',.""..' Si .1 s. ,(i L.i_ ". /' ; '*-
:" ",, f..: t '" ': ," "'. '
3'II ... L... *
.. t!,$ ... ;P .. ... ... a : .'
IW^t ~h'C't.was a.
iS I, 0." 1 "

,. t * t Q .. $ S y ... I .*

:j3-;,::.:':!,, :' ..I .... A 'J ^ ii.' .
,. p # dr ,. .

:tqziug~n ma a
rige opital yeterdiy.
j yL.bIl3t .theie son.
'. U. s l -I ,I... .aea m aa-A',

^:i:)t arefv11sit to his
p g..*: ,iq a t
-hi't ct, returned to
.tOt .ulpned
"i*j:..It ##s t onhlng of several days

Nu I.1. "
or _s don,,
^1l, j4 Alitba Warte& of 0 8'mOU,
1 : : A" ,l '.reil-i. '. .. : ^

J, ..l"rhtO'",hO~~,Ot$ Or low days, the

4IbeIotid1nt' Mortqn ofr the 8 toc tc-
P, 17.?pos~phaw., 'i ICVe, was am on g
~[ %fji bte"mines, Ie.
i 't *r y w'tore. to this 01ty yesterday,
IlASt Sale-Lo6 to 'feet. square. 8-
oiidwel*.Ing, fruit.-trees and flowers,
f O^ u^lt7r.i Pargain, easy terms.
1: ;, -J
.^2*|I|g^Moyrers. tf '* ,

Jo,& at"0eP.#. $aoon 'for celd d ri nks,
w ;'. :j.1,14re1w, oonrectIonery, -fancy StIa-
I I:I': ertyc',.t. Free id prompt de-
g .4% rnr rrf.lfflf ;J
l :vi, i~ y,,Pone A71,

t:.i' p ^ The builld.inge of the Diamond Ice
i r4omufty are eoelving =ew coats of

_.l!r ,i ~p a 9whIch will .greatly add to the
"ppeQarane of the same,
''": G$ 8, OS."hamberlaji. G. V. Chamber-
;;^ ^ 'i . .' *. ', .. ., .. .. . :
S w+AIa ln-d -wle, as'd MIas Enfliish, were
:k.: among the 'aotnoma folks who favored
J I.'"" :
. Gainesvlle'with .a viit yesterday.
* u ' ' : '. -
0I- I-I'",: 1'role 'a $idney Oure purifles the
tII, blood "ystraining Ot imupuritles and
S'; toness lp the h ole system. Cures
He r' kidney and .bladder troubles. Sold by
ty jZi&MoOollm&Co 0 '
:,,:A- A handsome new sign has, been sus-
\ n pn front of the store of st.
.". : Bodltord A Oo. The work was exeout-


lightful resort, bled to witness the marriage of these liery y,
Stev. F. O, Edwards of Micanopy was two popular young people, those from quent inquiries have been mad
In the olty yesterday, having come for outside the city were as follows : Mr. the progress beig made npre
.0 .o Svnnh b sfor same.ledprtdo4t
the purpose Of officiating at the mar- and Mrs. Griffin or Savannah M rsame. lie departed on t
riageof ihi. nephew, Walter E. iryant. Poberts and son of Lakeland; Misses train for Ocala. __
and Miss Ola Jackson. Laura and Rachel Mixson and Mr. and A Very Close Call.
A. R. Base of Morgantown, Ind., had Mrs. Lawrason of Jacksonville ; Don "1 stuck to my engine, a
tog aet up ten or twelve times in the Finley and M. J. Ward, Mr. and Mrs. every joint ached and every nt
nB1lUt, and had'a seveiQ backache and v. Chamberlain and Miss English of raekud with pain, write C.
pIains in the kidneys. Was cured hy1)7 ,y aoco otivo' fr n
ieys-Kldn Cure, Bold by 3. x Tacoma amy. J a,.
meOollum o. iThe prcseuts received on this occa- tlington, Iowa. was weak an
H 0. t e phens, the Jeweler of High. io"n wore as numCeroU as- they were without any appetite and all ru
Springs, was transacting bushinessa in lh'andtome,' and were greatly admired As I was about to give up, I got
0h i .ty 'Yesterday. He states t.hat t-b hosewhosaw then. They include. tie of Electric litters, and al
High Springs, while not booming, is on d anumnorous articles, both useful and ing it, I felt as well as I ever di
a steady growth, aud is bound to be- ornamental, some of which were very life." Weak, sickly, run down
come0 the leading town In the North expense always gain ew li tren
|End. I The groom is a very popular young vIgr froi their use. Try the'
G i. F *rl manMdis.a.nophew orM. J. Wardof Sfactu guararteel by all dr
Gmau Fowlrero a f proLn nent ransber tTacoma. He was virtually reared in price 50c
manufaoCtrer of Lenion. was transact- that vicinity, and has numerous friends THE PUMPKINS ROTT
ing business in this city Tuesday. ,,J bo.o bwmn ns^zmA .n,I in

-, 7..,! ....I .. ..... : A HAPPY MARRIAGE. I 'fPPC P
.i; i( ^-,-.'j^. .ii iff yFpfF :^ ; i "' W:"_i t\*v ** ,t^ ^ .* J ^ "^^ tt a f' E .,t IV .i! lftflO l '*^ ,U f^~e l a,!!.i !. I V Bt~
w%^4%f:04of ,WflC i. Ui' t he I Circle r iS PE T R PE I S
4R I Befor*A. Lane
-, ,.fre--LrSb Circle of *Re$R WINO AiX
,.....Vr,. ,l .Voung P.ople i4ted. G O A.
A_ n.otrtlos*.1S s1rroQ# -dwelling on, or 4rn .prLIs wemdkig aere-. _v--.---
^^ if~ei Oefil e w~teld tgcere- iwl>u i
e, Las *
oFfn Stee. Qe Mtiv ".... e Une or Wie pr we._ ,*--- .r. -
i 4...-: L dr._ rsonies ne r *r *olomnized in this city .' "".-> F-.
:..evlq.oa.. this cit yp r ,trapid at the home of' Mr,. ad Makes FreqiwOt ftrj
I: -''1'$ 19: :;.,- re. :' .. .L#. I. ".ja o y
SM ." JksonYsterdayaL high vie t6Ascertain Pore
Lu _foo Pade, 1tb ee c noon, tQ 0 contracting parties being -- .
bkkeLpUM ra orf3 ; Pg dt'e, thetem, w eas Wa&ttr K,B'1Dryant. prormienlt youn"l REQARDING FREE DEL
I ook0e'o orjqr:"J. ; -.13.Padgett, was .n l ,, f M .-nu,, and M is .ola E., ""- A ......
-rIman (if Xleariopy., and ~i$$los!,0a E.,]
tha tyoeseday. -d
3hMQTMyyese.U .l I the accomiihed daughter of Mr. andt P a Prgrs Al
. Tisono0f ala arrived Ai the r. Ja9bei, Her. Frank 0. EdwardS lae -ork .Ede
p .''. t ,,#skzo e ,i al .I, ..... s o fde tI~n s ,
t yand Fee
C.ty yeot rdo. ard will spend several of Micanopy officiating.
dasy. with relatives hier. |Arthur B. Chitty. of Micanopy and Have, Free Delivery Before th
United Sttea Deputy Sheriff Hamp, Mi"s Leila Jones or VWiliton acted as of the Present Year.
Chamber. of O .ala was among the the at endantp. Postofice Inspector Peer, wit]
arrilvs ,ti the Brown toua0yesterday. At exactly 12 o'cl]ck the bridal par-e Jcovila
Plasant, eattyf turnished rooms for ty matched into the parlor ,under the quarters 11 jacksile, i
*pii1le youngzmena*lI per week: and up. strains of, Mendelssohn's weddnf n i
On of Watht'1ree. Apply Brown House. mnarch, beautifully rendered by Mrs. th.giaio fth yse
. Evans Hille h va retwwned from a M.A. Beniiett, Wihere, under a beau- mai dewlvery, ansgatfd
brief vitit to Tallahassee, Lwhere he tiful wedding bell composed of fra- progress wc is bn
/W9 sumcnoned on buslnes's before the grant flowoere, the iipreasive ceremony ireco.'' .. el
supreme court. was- performed in the presence of ira s inee weork of yu
SSound kidneys are safetuard. or about, one hundred gtieits, friends of am glad to .ee the, woro nun
life, Make th0 kidneys healthy with the contm' -itig parties A. -t h
Foley's Kidne OCure. Sold by J. W. The bride was attired in a beautiful marked 001. Peer to Hon. Li
Mo0ollom 0.t UO O hubb, rcive fteUie
/~MeOo~lum &o. -white organdy costume, trimmed in hubrecevro heu
L. J tnlgbht departed yesterday for lae, while the 'room wore the con- Jand n offl, whw th
Ocala and other points in the interest veotional black. fow aid Hon. Walter .ohinE
Io (8.S. ThOmag, hardware, mill and After the happy pair had received betn influential 3 bringing the
Lutpentine 1supplie's. hin
/tprpent!e ipp]es. the congratulations of those present, prominently before the postof
'Rememter Mason for cold drinks the guests, with the bride and groom, apartment. "Another thing I n
and ice oeamw. His 'phone i 17, and repaired to the diiE riog, welre he continued a that the nur
he wilibe glad W serve you. Prompt i throughout the city is systera
delivery.. "guarawed .- a most elaborate, luncheon a ev4
StookOvabn Agente Hsedtonof Both ro dining room were I perfctorder. In manypI
Spabtdook irm Lgenwt hadrlon oq ner- beautifully decorated with eergreenrs platting isalmoeL unineteillgbl
Aboard Airt Lne, with headquarters and flowers, whc exhibited great person who is not acquainted w
aI the_ tyB rwan au ong ythe arryvs taste on the part of Alto decorators. Bane but I have m^e Par
Iat.the Brown House yeserdsy, The wedding bell was especially vestigation of the work being
MrdandMrs.G.W Moyershave re- worthy of mention, being a perfect hereand canis, that it is aba
turned from&a pleasaiit visit to St. mass of hands~ome end fragrant roee systematic and correct."
?6tersburg, Whero proportion. rfiso Co Peer states tha.t Gai.
Joyed a few days outing at thi db- O the hundred anesta who aspem- chances are excellent for a i



li <



a. Cr











U ei lpe' .j
h ~ :# J6
.1 -62

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!w m. -: '-Wy r. *- '5 *l. =-- -- ;"V- : -- m -- r - -----, rp..
.'.* **' * *- *- ,'. **. ; *i .
-' =* .. . .. . t *" I."q) "
i.. ..':*.. 'rr r- **y- .^ : B ^ ^ ^ ;;,- ^ *. l-(. .^ . .. I* '*;
Ph lSdophIa Men to'O( Ior Traure
-.." , .... ."* ' .' '< : :* : : .. .
,,,, ALI'+.In W^ ^aw.i^^ .
*L li 'hi U

Srh;4yfl*Q%^ 4i3r 1&'W. a a.'*
f l a t .p : l t' f It a J E 1 . ,'"A'..-L' f ." :' .. ; - .- : 'i ,

.110t V 04 r Out'.
B'q: j7;\^ 0' VitaI-ty i I :'r .f t, It.Is net a wild. Wtfl.n *Ctdki
I;NO m oim *.* J tJ& .
t -,jtI* i :U ".- : . - . : : ." . ...I : I # . ". .. *. :
F^ -' '^S ' -. .... :'-- * ; *"'" , .' r .' '^"*'" he 'te w u .mrt" d.
we"USSS?^e Ate(* J.1 ftK? ^n^l8< W otf
i.--I '1 .J...p rw ''..... .. I .ii. ;. for the p w t^
-,*:'. .., *., '..::-.__ _-..n. ,. i ,' '-e oa- A coaa *' ,! e** *
".'), b. i I *, #,. I a M o me nt !ry il, ll @ T h e<"- % e u M h e i_ is..&tteii. i.s t ifle
*pL1r~.t cm W r$ p~ A ku An 1869 it. cc
II 4 1o f t h i p n a m e Ao0 ,' $ *t5 .
Ai.i 1. ..Nnt D c o T h n T :-t : n y e t tt k I to n l .hn
: J I h t h.I .dtr ~,o ia
? i....:. P fl..:Ir nsd I a.-* tr tatio st *.3**4r fl o 61pcR tfg, f jgpjfl ) O
lo ' a

tjn.8t.,e .1V02 9tl Mfre flMs fovtr i p the '. pam .
TAM" 11"w non l dla
S" .; '" *1 L' W 1"Ifl 0 " ," m ; oten t. t . g.- ",en t l e m a
...o ..l.t' *--.._, ,.e d ...ylS..a tia.t h '.ha 4 t r "eas urq b. rI, o n t M.,
5 -- aTheZ ..,t
4-11 ? ?1 EEItUp that 1 aunn
rp uA I FI

a'..- -, .....c.. ..o i.. ... .. .Q..L- .. '.*o ul14.b e of. value -to ha M. ta d .th~ t
^aSSt....4eteoped featre s flab. *ptw.rty w jon. to .o. te-M ..11am'
;.^?^ ~ thre mB )Jnd lia folfcd dunr ied4y Ven,;t
I.1 al o 'hi Il ze us be gsore. .r a u
B, :pot ,l Il' aIn mtlntd the truant
t A^ w o b ed upon the ptieoutp A mong ot thiags beirs foAn ad -u 4a
J !t S.e rbflej buf .frequently. f iutrh $ th t ehn M prh nen *W @
^.of i : :delrumo. Yeutwtyk ertdrnafl d m ate duty as "a u .
-.. ,.. oV.e A' a ba " "em omi e d
.4R0 pt'W4m b
cbara?^"*tM,1 a fti n a otWw4t lc u a tced
".t "W'. Y t bef e O t v p rr t o w i .t -D A ci ;l I W ft
^^*.^U tkt*o '0d 5" ab rai n- hoWetOEtI4OR#UO
Kt, XSt. eGt 1^ ,o nerv ,pr!!:^ ::':: in .t i.a- i~fev Kfi t wia-:.
14 -I Btu i v m o r e .e
I, Y *O d;L~. *1 m trp wiPno
5." .. lli'F4bIii?^ ^-'^ -^r.,'4 1 -:,... . ,. ....^u^t^f. -.;: -'

*PI/ tL~ Z f be pwt~ yodsw of det x t_ %+t%.ia pm^ y ZiM 04Bta ke WA
~ ni 4Iad e a n 4 Y m t

.j .fa I..e irn *f ft t ot J bovir4 to* Ver e' w in ha ed y
li"' ter# t erg en t 'ly U n ,it se tt tta
...a..tre f "tti a *^,!e rooam.. o. t w a v m1 .^,e.
.. ....r^ 'c l ~ ae t a ... .....c ,^ .,* : *; ** ., .. ,:^ *;. ..* ; l .. i **

.1k ., ?ltht n g t "o"wsef o v e r a u l e d 'St
1.. telo 4 mi. t* the p ." o ..t.. .. t A E .. .

was,* deent~1 toe u1pyry th teaur
o p'".. . ..... ; , c.onar o .. .. l.a. t .. som .h r ,
O.11.iestIa oifnd $drRY D. l no m aeA COt asr i eia. of is ta fld 't* by.n

Ing I i.t
Sit~tl I benedact)o. Whih Y@ I was war. gtv hn I bury th trns te So mVd0 'm
is WOW'i are Mitring !b.It, k i roo0m. .llr' .l ivi,~/ ldllll t

;.1 l 'h IU d m o e t h ,' ,p o rI I I f I h IO OIt$ % lt' O Sl @ tWi "'l!S d II w hIic h
4!0r. jfl -l il Viv trp the.T tUrf e as

o e4 1 *meli^ Y i t v 'fa t t h e orrtt

W" Ir
Ff` , -: - Uw.m 00: on. w. --re.--- -.- -- -- j.D--

c a nW"t* IO e . e pdu ri n g t h e m o r n tA s sit 9 td tot8

UidQ A -
nn pl es *011t# p Ca .. i 'p- rntiui $ conists o Qf -j
be~~ ctel- w i
31 1 : V- I 1..' 4 p.. ,.. i" l 'l ~ ,l! y! iuA ,,! :

!. -: -- t "'= "4- Ip 'o m U C. c o! la l a t a ,.Mi n tv: v I*
rr A "'j.6d
.... 'SO S t rev A T 2 A 1 "

i f l b w a r d n o o n o m ci o n Wi Ig ei... i IIII i I 1 I I"I 1 I II: il I II I
t A d"k m ebr L ir ~ a a f 1 I I ln n d s b aaJ I I I II" a % S a.. . a a a Iaat.i.
"" . .. '... ,v .,,. .w I. : WAN "- "!- .- -' .-'.- '. .
4.j.w .. bNJ"'e ALI ..! 'CA, A + ,; 0.~ ~ ii ,:
i ~~~~~ ~ ~ ~ u NO&O-'Ii lI:iI" 7 =.U '_. ii .,----,,- : -.=.< s -.,- .----

Fl* .


., ..
A .
I ::
. |!

L h l.I,' t m 'I --- T --
*1~ hi *. 1 r2,... .

p k I -. r- .- = --;.::-j *t-

I *

* .^ *' *. ** IJ h*
S ... =..U r

..a n d t.:. I d .
i t I ,.

E ~


. I'~'~~


DAY; JULY 16.. 1903
g ~ *1 :


.-.. ..
I, ,b J ,l *, ,*
,. *:
' '

I~ .


* --q-- -. -' .. W .-, ..

. [I I *1% **" I i I II : "ii >' II; 1I
I- :. : .. e". '. ,.. 'b h *

I = IOI O i d Iln' IiiII f :I ii:' i
Gruit Warehip H Ot#vcrhauloc)
A*I ft %rt*oWtN 4 Her COmp

' ' .- '. ,': '. . 4 ., k i' 'P'.
Snan4er Ordrd to 6, 1Ish Reo
a r sI # p e s d ", . ". '* I..I ".IM
Ord .C;
**~~ 4 i I' '' ,?
?ortw*Qoath)W Eula4n, 1I y 15-Cap.
taio HeDWlIlIP, of the 0;Ilted Stati-
IflMa."lp Keersarge. Ytod Instruc-
,UOn tnody to clean w l ward tpo,
VtOPeiters, fllther bu#t*ra with the
bit coal 40 gr a*. tiWe theat sapoed:
wuit natural tW~tt)ii W renchmaa'
bayt, MI0 rhts IStkR;*ta8t occasion
fur tte ot pq ce thC. American.
battleship- has been1 saitfb tod to -the
teat A i Thl reall W I t6 4jar voyage
lo the battloihlp Ooreg,4 during the-
War. with MS~aia Lu y
DIv era 4oam're'd 4ahi this morn*
en# on. cfeanlung U0 pollept and
t'1500 tons fi cof.i.l Will I delivered too
morrow. c~tl HeatS hill will tol0
P .,M the great' clrele. to, leaving
or e outend at 9 eotclh 'Uri .Siday morun
lu g .'li . : '*"
Admiral bord WplW*t K Korr visited
thbe Iearsrge this maorltg. He. was
fecl elVaod by, ser Admr 3 Cotton and
Qaptain Hmphill andA. (t o r hthe lato
t sr# gnlduice Iuspectde& the u kip
The Zearsarge retgrvd the courts
les extended the UiltAStaom sqaad-
V ron here by a rceptioQ44s afternoon.
SThe s.hip wag elaboratpey JdresBod with
anugs a*nd the quarterDck WAS
r6d4 with a canopy r4O45 by the Reag
of al *itlon. Admit I Cotton, 4Cap-
talin RemuflUt a$n ofl* Almerlent cap?
taintf tacoived ,the tgueta4. There wag
danceln; on. the *upern4cture deck.
I ** .. -/ :- . I I. .1 L 4.
? Ksn- Interest It.Nsv!t Cirole. I
1 e W igwc, Suitll 15.-^4Cee n atetr
sit; Is 1fol( in **tst oirca Lu thle re-
suit p( a.e tratsatlantic cr415a of the
Kear~arg., whieb leaverZ'w~r~iiotith.



: RU 8IAN ,liK[T4T! Ih

; Conflono*t 1i Held!
. *1 V



J */
I ~
~ *1

~ ~ ~
'0. ~

.ter zmay -bi resolved Into &' brli
maui tb-hrmninh ilnlnnattnA^ nhan




,,4i .~

1 'a n-!*


SOystr Bay, I-. L, July 1IY A&
taut confereice was held at B.
Hill today .between thle prew*t
representative. Jewtsh cltOzn,
society of tie RB'NaL BWULI reag
the petition to the Russian i
ment on the Klaihlneff outrage.
*i4,e the president parUe to U
I fereTice were Simion 8. Wolf of
,giwCon; Ocar 8. Strauss and A
Li0V, of- New York.
I h adinltraUfon aa been
ramned by the delay ot the repr
tivos of. tze BWNjL B'RIth 'so1
Spreaentlngi te Vttlon. The
Sot the document was handed t4
Stdent Rpoaosveit several weolks
%Mr. WoIft, It was decided to
the text of the petition botoi
' slentlng, It formally to this jovej
for trapsmlaslon to I Russla.Ttn
, drealrod too, to obWXtn to the i
the signatures of representatt
j lenis ot the United State. ot
religious falths. As a remslt t2
ument waai not placed ip the Iti
I the president until today., i
sult of the conference at Sai
i!ll has not been disclosed y
a iStrona, t4timatton is given ti
J petition may not be torwamded
Russian government, The dci
i bo'Ah the president and Secreta
Is that the Kishlneff Incidont
She cipfod( as loon as possible,
thor (delay In itits onaideratoin
Sprove embarrasalng to this
meant In other diplomatic taeo!
with Runla. t
Inasmuch'-as the. Iuftlan
meant ba, Indloated by the.ii a
of severe moasuren a genuine
4 sittcn to, punish adequately the
i trators of the Kih.lIneU murder
I In addition thorsl. tboae, wh
sated them. It Is a problemW
" ,pRoIdlLent and Secretary HiA;
their roprtMmntatlon.i npl0rnl
inncident are now eihert dor
} tI LJI Sutllifted t hftt fhe whc

dfpl mo

- OMWV&-Pffqpm-mHw




'w /.^ .-- *
: .' P

I1"" i "( '. .

i". I ": .: d I' t
-, r. '

K,;. .. S',

St ,' ': ...

' .r 2.- ... .. .' -,
L el i.. a .I lll i
I '. '* i: l *. I,
Li ,. .
4r*Qt Kd



Ii, .r9 l :ti* N L ''w *i *yL^ *iw, fj A '3. .J. *..*."*. *.1*
ofIHrly WrLitt, d 4 .Wctor7 K'
*1-., .:..- ~ I "-&45,.-L I A" A"-. :; -' .': . ,- -
,, n, "hul be: ;: n<,#:;;lVt| !^ M^ ^ % 'f , fw ...,-:.-

i lnif of' *'g^:l^;^ lpSt^ miif ixrtt" enerrfnndfwl
rfr%1o'4OAP' t I ,7 IB
.I4Io 18I

010 16.ari al;GIQb~~f' jovw^ d|.99&ft~i Ipty of thePlnty to1
r I IF~~ ~~ ),II ,IIf vs'6
r"64..' V ..419~ 1AEr4 ~ ''

0, ; ,*<* ' '* '* ;* ; -, :: ', .' ; .'.* ' / .L .,'i' ,:':,' I ,j .^F .' ':,r "* '- '^ T: '..' l *^ h ^ ; ",' '' B J J- T ** a *
IVt $.4u14 be. En . .t. W .. .
811h odusnrdn6 6*0I Per
.I*r ^, id-A."..^^;. ''''.* & ':Ii WoIep, of Twenty-five Mti

Propshiy %ir'tid^ A 'Talk ^F i',i .^' .nlr 4 .S' ^)0^r^!; Iop~i ropiy *1d *w lh j op(
1' 6.If N.' '6' '. I .q fD I. .I ,' ,A" ,'7,1'

..* 1 1 '* *','n 1 "- 1 ^ ^ * 1 i .L ^1 I * ^ *f ~ : **..' i* "' '^ '^ "" '.' ., '' .T 'i ,, '- .*i .^ ^ .,''*- *' :q : i ' ,^ ." * . ^ ^ .- . -' "
i n te r e, ''.''_"f, "i "' ""jk I "*I "" ." ",I., ... *^." ,":" r
.6 LIPi L

U.goegei c; ,1 lgrjj^yOi otfom $50 to $6

K.wiitit *W*"~ b~b ot Saetp 1 ;w f^~t^^ ln ~e ndbf eie
,-. :." ..,1 .."' ~^ .. ./." .f' '.', i- "'" ,V :':. ',. t *' ;' .,*.'", -" + ..- "+'. ,-. /. ^^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ j ^ hI ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ K ^ ^ ^ ^ ^* i~"- ., ': ".. ..* '. '.' ,. ', ,' .
hiI, ih
i4' 4 iot ''" ,tO QOCO9- J. I -' "'

1ursge^ theil o.fiefl'in fOth Ab#pe.e
ifi ,g^ ^^ Im l! f O ... + . ,. ;. .,f,... pe n ,e t.ll g. -..of,' -, .
.pdlg ad S^ ^ ^ oILf-^ a o^<*
If,;he94l rjsg jt;l* r4,o Wo' atetr*0otrn O, .of ,the Mh

l! tt4fvtb ho; '4 V

"dip Ir~el W*^S A Idpe tsh iwaatueo
46L" Voajda, 'ha# een i
#;* i ?fde. I9t"'s

ISiL4@Ifa a*ato no us on r4^^^^^^ fnoiry the fe daysd aro
Ii^^ H J~ttedIheiti i^^lfe.^ q gfitatleofeatrooby
L1 7w. L p1yRt bt and ha de post

l E ...c .itl o n ., ..,re ^.. '"T., .. . .. .... . ...b,. .e.,.P
r 7y.. ....

yht~< k no a nteegt yth^ ^ S ^^ barlik-gpoe rtb
1 4 rstlal every't 77yiy re1arked
*ijr+L h F tw4 t..: tQ ns .l hp -l an aa o h.
?wilt "PbZeoIn o pe.ton wilehion thi

WjA4l:IL J I ot' Al1,)1IiyuL'; Popular P op-o Na-p'ly" 0$O'P" Mr.I,_U,.. s
,'L. 4 .1p7t 00 stno tA T QP at 4ba of be ak In the ete

Ret, F In ofledrhe
-ILi4f LA b nt4dQ ie*a$E.~01t07btenI?
e ,..,,;,,. ,4.,,. .10t

I*O;Wt$ rn he s"",aIe )f" iU SmtI.4 Miss F Marin beasy ofe acoemi

I. d The b~~~~fld@ and* groo0 ertoknid' theirhnust.eeI~bt4t
thi& . ;ri,... s.. dnw be ."-n- theo 'ta1!y, awh te re t- p fttb 'r .
I + :( + *' .: rGnfoer'l+n i~, wpg p y g he ._.,,,=. . :: _
9~~y4twin. tLoo4t Ows~e L ln
r :ll h4Qr; I:. okt.. it :life; wk_ .tbe. tbriilesI asm.o ,rote arun th on Thr capacity n& ofo 4he
ii atapel oryar wk
w+~ + march~tll Iie~oQ 1- ..+ WO! re0e.e by Mis Georgi stoeS estalishLns-nts in Aeaohu
14 po' z+ortcrm h4!11eO' Wt441 4utyP @ud-- M'r t,uisterof. th t.$4.., 0pnI, : with~~n possib~ur+y a
.n4$norei 0014 19$be
1. 4. oo-Jei ,
>3 jI : ._. ,. Wms h d eleos 'ntefreshment. -- .l .... +-'.
<44 $i,,,o, oongrsptlen., ,,ttIP0OA.t L l*. was...,tE.ed in a... ,ar.,9ik_- proves profitabi
b+;g;"u4 q wend .. .. ~..+..h.,.bte,..'.d'. witmwroom so'_,e-mir r

I if ewh er: 1. .-a ia m. _, t S. Yoseoh0,. foree thearyeaolauswhu
i d .. i i'-: ." ir 0.. ..
h i.. 109d. ,inr -IL'. :,,I E rLx e n e ..

i,0,6 N1 0,F o ,T r l lo Dh ,I l l M r I s h ~ e a u n e ,.,--- -A &_ ,: :...-. q_ .. _
,,4 ,0.'' : .... ',,Ma n ,..s+-the. ._ ari e frol to 8 per da]
.3~ I vam
tinfit *ezt-nM,.L. BbIBt~t of of MttadMrt. M.tartin, &nd hasr fair snles fr.. .. to--. $8ber
,ig! tennho.:,^w h e dying .and. many friends in thiltyot.[ se nd te m fe The^^^ ^
*n wotWaeti o ens her. The most hee gkr.omjan sgen .QD the Atlan-I rll wil ru here on an avege
per day, which is an average o.
eivter emphndr emdj tioOoastLlq R ailroqd. He OanfelI prweek;. d you n.ay f005ur4

;;" Ru^ly taking her life. In of JBostot, *a., and $ htghiy esteemed yoi.r merehauts will get nine'
eiq ve-ik
|i|W$b*boaur rZKig' aew Zfls-by ill, who knw hm. Is many. Mr Joeh i wll eaed
- r p, tioatn. e ir friodl are ong-aflOustifg 'irm on the o o
107kg? k.Wie tnuri b t1,e brought im-. p ttmtb haas won. The hippy paitr 4nev):tolas cefltr ,.
her, ~f;ll~ tt 0nInued uleq wets pre snt~ed with' .rmany. hand- ,city ad',.a my .posilyloat
i. *tl|t* ;l edt l4 It s^ th. most. pres.s Lahor friends and rela- hIB family. ...
P 5)) thne world r IN HANDS OF JUDGE WIL
0Q&VaU&004 bots _
Ip t sl S+ y anted bow-ed

U!.;, a]tes tr $r ad 'Mrs. Bi..ey ihmmed lat t -,.l yt. d
bIoitt..s fe R'dopsarted for Oitra. #here they expect Atorney B. A. Thrasher and.
l~~~~~~r^~~.f odd^ la lo 'him' oBp^^ the^'^^^ BT ^ ,^ *.a*.*' t ~ ^.i^ B^f

:^ ." :. "..

.i ..

"...Ala, i
I I I "

in .

me ss~

.. that.

be aao

oa -.' ,:

r ar.

:e Aa'
nt be

ir 4'-

b ear

I pay-.
a that
y per

iut aa,

LS. ,

3, A.i


h f~ *~$L~'

Ifju'1*ftlLm^ ll i "
'CiHO .^--U B
.,.-: "' .'. 'e :. .'.
HP^^ ""^ ,Li W ..H

. .:









avw Q Ol tory, .. ;..

ra. bJ~r, win.r *a.e~ ^^,nja
I 'GLm3MN : I aS, a' nvoner v
typhoid fever Wlx yen og .fblo
my kIt * nuap*.r of r~mudtOR t~a& on
'Mont from docto*' but l~i ftrte
Tonic baa 4QnO me mpfUxl od
V:.rflb11 SWO.l a( C|oRiKer;,

I Mercban tmd Mine A4
Theor 0 are thousand--= or0tu
oaspth auIbove' hand (*t*Np
without macits because tmb;
.eon. r trnted. MAr. Coi
oonthu)pz rpeuat04 born a nixb
Ing font;' tbe ktedneys, as wi
tbe nit of the syteimnb had
.td diaehse. No ,ibdc
Hapte'y, z Tonic promptiyc.
0os ufid- gapd. e00ricet
an .90h lodAO wxlried
M aIngt ftd flt t
kidneys and to
=,'. 414 AiLf W*S~ftflte'sitt.*.*b!
*. WP ^ flI^F ^t^^^B~l^^.^^^^ --.-. ....B^ *^ 1 fr'A f^ ^^PHW

. I *. ~ '
'. -5- I' ~

, .-[ .-r N .


" '- "
Owing to Misunderstanding as tc
. Etc.. Would Not Go on Stag
It is to be regretted that' Mr.
Southere.,who was to baye pre
the French playlet, "TIwtxt Ax
Crown," at the, opera house last
decided on account of misundei
Ing as regards the d ate and th
that the- att rtetion was ngt pi
advertised, not to make his a
sn~e. .. ". "
-Te advance agent of Mr. So
arrived inthe ocIty Saturday, tw
late, and for8 8o0 reason fai

1. *.'.~

B BF.. I. A '. ,Q,

V .,. N p.

PK Justice1 '*Ifiak*:rwr h-P-U.B
t':..-.'-', ::',' ., l..t .
1H' "I ,~ '.C, :.."1.

Lii, T im. . o :n '

c f l5 W 'L .' .'
t f~

r L I~
STim nOIAL Thi
Cort WS.iR

rtune W k , *i ,
c s r .n .. C outt W as,...'..'' R .r

l&~tpri^t~tn0Ioe Tim Bn]iIey 'ot'nv*
"i'itn envexlopedh a th loud. ;

;Vb4 agaiJ .-fl.D-Guthrle at r
in- n the complainant.
f" -Mr. Bailey s trouble 1 ,.', :,
;1: ':.._.bee r. published and 'rea s '. ,.,
4 -tIr:- a romian-e.. He".. ..waIs .
WO.Ir ') arrestedd upon a warfru 4 ,

fl^rt. him with breaking aud flrtev- O1
flOOUarnanged by M', Gutb h`
'Iiiowberry and taking away whiff I I p

an ,r.d beer to the amount of 1 :
9 I After having waived exauilna- a.
fre County Judge Mason. and r
49fl sho -d a bond of 400, he was "ear.-I r *'"' t i.
.'#4A and 'compelled to- furnish
,^Q44$ bonid of $bOX to keep hepeaee
OTih was iho seo ,,rdE the ,third .* ,
I sl" was arrested upn complaint " fh: I,

04 utritn carrying o-opaleda^t
||i^^th coniptloiant statigta ^B
tITw wl e a in his in -I '*e4

~.S: .~

F ~ -~

1.4 -" '

EIwmmp "wpm."~

o-t I

~i 4 *. I
Ipi I-v

ri~ *1
I L ~ ~
I, 9 .
*LI* .
I .,
... I *
.r ~ '
I ~ '
'Iv .~' I
~(I ~- I
~-1 k

I .*I*fr-~~.

?L U *~ 1

Ii 1I A '


TI la
r I ~ :F
1 4 ~c'4-
A, 1, I-

-.'., .t:I


: '.: ,, '.- !

.." .. ., ,. ... ... .." ,. ,: ., ,,* .. ..
n 4 $%' '" 'r "." "

i. I < "' 2 '

U '..
z .J r".i"

Kj; .,

I j'\ ; -
* -. ..
I '
I I -; .


I I :
I ~* **


P. P

';7 L" 7W "" ""I. I T ` ". PI -

I'T;l" *4.. .. . w I ,. w a a.- d ir1
I.: ... ..Ai .foeeeded. in proving that he. ,. .. ,.._ = :, .... .: ,,.:. ^^
Sthe *ht to earry the gn tof K d ey Bl* ddrd
; "h" '. '
ph t, tizme the oharge was ader he haL ,.

1 :"ri " o- a comm flosl bWy N m I-e. lt
. 6 tF. U.e i Jpeeial constable,. After as0ery- r csI N CUR ,,VJ|

gIan- that this statement was car.- *.n . ..!OWCy

too' ret"aie "Frtason rele]aed, BaSley, s-r^9 Jin..J:iri^Ayi.V"rl3&^ f"^
.i in K.-
of- aotBla de d0tthe matter eded UL .i ir
::, s.nM 4 le wt tth caty e te ay. "1 'w g'u '''" "'" I' i," " I I"i' '

,' immediately upo. h. li , 9Mii mM

lto.gaa Mr uthrie 'left -Newb6rry, j*& uAVUit~ t~ V:
.:.,ita, 10 ti, that he would go to the bmoun- WH OV -A It.I .lr i
,f e ', N M~3 t ft jg _4I
JJbieen -isto f a Noortom jsro b I a a, and wuldI t
i't tarn unt I a i tu m n. i A. H. Thurness,Mgr Will$.Ce Coal CoBu

l^^t ^"=':'There'; a .nigger In the *oodpfle- ,with. kidney and bladder trouble foryeara pn
" .a 'i .. .. "J "J* nn I " *

ithe," remarked Mr. Bailey, i tng pains. Other medcnes only gaveree
as. " .. qi p c a o s a l f e o r 0I - ... .

rtng th the sktater enuthrie I s
t"t the mater. ed e1 the result was urnn. A fewdoses tar
Lt satisfied,.be outwitted. I N,. i_ ''" 1"
""Ver ointe, Tehee whoi rl I. and now, I have,,- no pain across my' uidne.
9H4very point. There a whole. lt :

..-",-all *hee -.proceed*g, and I |Kiey C"has do, me 1000 worth ofgo

4g'btls e that thi e man, who has I Iwho I *S I.* A .:, l 'l : I :
elating.h~rat.~ he would go o te moun, I *0:

i I

. I "

1' 1 4 .f . *. .i' ." ., *o -" .
91S1., ' "* 1. 1 4 ,. . .. '** *' ,* .: '
,,V .P -'. !, .. ,' ', r^ '. ...- -- L ** ,
r 4 -. r ... . F I. : * *

r" ^ :" ,... ** ,*- ..^ -, ,-.. .* .' ., .
"7": : l I" : ', ; " *": 1. "
. 1' d " .. .* I -.1 .K I . . .. I .: "
I I . , l,,.,';. ,.* : ...
, -, .. '." ., .' . .. .,. . .
"., i I IB * .l '- ,n'
bp4" %
S. .' ,, :;\ : ,: ,^ } *. ., . . ..

1 L ..- .. L J : =- .' .- i ." ." ". . .
1 ". 1* .* . s ... . '

... .- i ...
, .. '.. . 1 ,-, .I ~
t " 4 x i ;. r. % -I.. .., T.*
A, ,Lr

n 1"1 I I I"
'd,. ,,eL L

L *.'mr4- .'.. . 1 .
I .1 I
.a I ...

''1 _- .1ii I' *

. 04 ..1 ,, I ,,-. -- .- ii~m i


.. .. ..I .:. ,
L fr 1. rIr,-Idip
- t .. . . . . .- .. .
.' I r i" 'x" "

'*4iL'", ,I'I .
I I. 1 y ..I
A.. *'"'.:.,, :I, .II r I' V1 I I l l r I H
L'-. a d

I. 4 .' -.' 'I
.. yc,,.: ,I,' o'I" II

I .i I --m ra r i I J k
.-.F .% :'A *" '

"" .' .. / .' .,
fr* I' .%
. 44 A

9 -* -~ A .

i positferly cure case8
i4: .-* a.^ I r e a c
It Is not Isyond the rech
i p: , ' 1 ,
i..more,. .:.-. . .
* *4 I "
I j.. *I -I -L
'-,q .' ; * L

Sitkies, QromnInce taking

K-A avoid a la l awl


Il.Oi .,' writes; :"I have been afflicted ,
S:ing gravel'Or stones with excruci"

A After takingV .-My' ie ,. ,;
Sthe 5ric dust like fine stonesetc

o and MA eel like a new man. H.*'
H is. .i .
V U A fte ta i g o ey in e u

; :t e b i k d e i e f n t n s t .

".,. ,:. FL.

; % .1JIL";
:; Y




F .'- : i



II .1~*

4* a *1

It L JV ^
i^rr a '-t-f?1

^ ./*1. ..

. .Nl.*

-A- I /- .

%,~ **~I~ J
q ~ -
. *J~j I.
t-q--- -. : I*

,', -- ...: .
." '". : "." ,W I.

C^^^N^B]t~~I^e-^t K~ A arro t I
..1,. 1-4, A s

r *'% 'V ; i;.;in In *i n1"*BIIn i

j .bm toFe C the1-.,
LC: ,p .- J..; '".j." ""

.I r

fr. S4* tip .ae wiafbs I anu4 a ofaor Wld's flit

B(',": ^ 1' 01 .* 3'. "I" ", 1 ;' ' .'\ - ,'::' "' ": "' ':
o tmI0.Iog *,. .....-I

SI: L e* I _,_ __e_ _'_ __'._ I ".O I : :the i +
S.....,,. .:' 'Adl", doend Ay.te,.' f r. Wor. I "

NOW. Isha. ** aias obiId. th at
.,y.,.*. .. :...~ ~~~ u. And z. .. 4)n, wi. ,, ho.,t

:r; hi, s 1 rii fun of*dt oyle.nlba "b.EIor

4A wt bI pG6u*aet* twcs t
,p | . ., '. a. .* . P ., + . :. . .-
I R 'A.N 'wl, I il+

tht RA
;A b*I srnn-
ttI/ I : QendsyO's ITwse .of tFhorI4&'W

.u g~e~too.:SP0W Wee OU-tto tbsS

A\LA, t~ isu~bdtI s omloe 'Sditorw
~ g %At "id 't .Sd hIS abler i statare oe r.ial-it

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,++.s+-, ,.:..,o4 u .tm eq 3ntou,, IL*. .. ..... ..
,. .S .. . ..t ,, . ., - .. .. 7.. _.. . -I .. M
jt+:""": I '""",The OP9 ot0Mrs., ~otJ: seems w be.j
.+1"h :,: WOfl.iCntpofl.-of; o.ur StaiteL c ontenw.
::r'.t:1I.- .-.3.P1 IT!I .: .!. h!. d i.b 9 .! -P r t
.,,:""i,"* : :j~sm*:b !It &JIe q mlilad, Is aN toii pew
S ".g r ':.i, I '" .- .. .. o -

it .1 r .
* J '" '' *. : . .: . "
"3 '. n'"',upe 'i
DoerP 1" n!Uleeo. !-A

B ~ii^^ oft~ip thg te condit~ios
'.' g '4.e *m1i4emesnor oonvit
.pi8 o% *,Iomo., of the @ounttea Rive&
become hntolerablen. I Is nob necesary
gre to 'p -" ae,1bU4 that the
Icopnty syet-xi +are o rvaprious and'
igo mejinitgi"... o !vtiousl U to need
.the e*tdI0) proenOe of State #uthorl ty
I ntelt reaultlWn Is. beyond .ques.
l K o n., -,, .. ; , .:.".- ." i* .:,, . ."*r .- .. "- .
IAc 6 preient 'the State commission
4ee0s op), wil the felony onvit ad
;tht khazpw In which they are confined
and wotke d. Asa gener*1 tthing In
Gthe. 4 boMpwsmane treatment is en-
foro 'tn wjaiue:ttoifled
!t Is khig4 #imeto e*tend4 thi exoel-
lent uftslon over tie mrmdoemeanor
op.l.ilota-mP and condUtons In.. the
Itt, The county mfdemeaneoaor con
j94io f. a orfl"ttuve apart from the jdrlas
dtiohn pf the Sta &" thiap ao' now,
That tatb soul ot epgr Lbe n
ashrtsbe. one "aud the dealing with
him ass .ubjotptofofldrsl *,peoulatIon
*bolI4d be prohibited. The way to pro-
hjbit abases of that strt nmo.t eReoct.
,usily I "to Include tb0e coont'ovdti
*-nder thegener) l upQrvibory proteoI
tin. of t.he State. prion oommlisslon,
.where. they properly should belong/.
The O0 ,.tl ut'bni! "-dlsposed to In-1
Slat tbattn whatever the Leglilature
d*es with the oconviot-tbie partoulasr
jlauose of inclusion of the county 'o6n-i
Vi0ts Jn the careef the.: State.. commnis.
Ions.hoId be a 0 central feature in the
syitetn finally'adopted; '
.: .: 1
.Manfl7)nltsnes of reMarkable flcs
OeP iElhtevedq by truok fasumen in.
.florida have been recorded by the
TImxe, flHere i. S paragraph ftrqkm the
SOcala start t "oas have been a line
and remunerative crop around WIIsi-
tonft and a number ot the planted:
mide big mosey, but the most. uS,'&
aa1 S S a at t 0* ** .- h '' ** i' ^

", a

Th.- .*., te :i*n -- q o. tSihe
, .Yu pqi vu .,.o-* : e .r :: :' I.. ,
Vai. i W Od -0
., t ea.,. -., : ,- .

;rw mi ulae~. snou ics #111ci.ome

* .' '1 - I . .. \ L *^ ^ I I
m *--_.. _* ,. *l .-.. p.. p o""i, i .. f.. 4 'i
. Tbhtpn who Invos&6bhelw mofry i.
.3 new mprniug par in IJ'nknwilf10
will w h1lthey had .i i i ome
thni.-*i@ie. there.,Is nO roonu .for
a.noher. .nornlnh.g pperp n the Stae
,U.:. to. iis .. :
i "." -" " :/
. ,,:' :.. .... .^" -. ',. n "|
9b*har1 FIldes'4Imdqoveryt" 'tst the
]on. Fsnk Olurk ls"%6tawepd .mo. fmar
as rujifing for oongress is epnserwd,
doesn' m to have ospcI..e4 tht gen-I
temwantoQloste.ay :'-.leep; TIo HU.
Frank ,i somewhiatf of a oommtltc ltlonal
lawyer .i.mself and i perfectly willing
to argTuet1 he case, with :.. the astute
O h '* l -- .t **' ;, < .:-. -. :". :" :.* I. *
* -- I *** I 1 l I IL *
L-- .. r:

peking of. tjxes, propert.Y owners
In GIhslntville have about as much of
the bunden as they Wish to bear. The.
8ity taz is 20- mill,. State and ooun, ty
17%, nd. sub-district 8 mil),) .making
40p ,"iltt, or 4.(A ,per cent, 1 oU more
thar either of the banks- in the .town
pay upon havingg doepoilts' 'Yet .those
Who Ipay no taxes :would have the bar-.
den still further iicreamed. '
: .. '.'- - --"-i- __,_ _-:_-4 -
J' .j i__-___~___.__i__i

; I. . :"W

I 4 1
., +a '.,. "' ,'". "'' ", : ..

I4*ah 6 tow s
.0k4tIM 1 t 41A.

4ioV~ *tf I-thpn
*S~$#L~b9.4hI&PO1* t

*w..&r wflteu* I t19 $Ctat,
tiiq..- J... to be pongratl

i'"3.~~ flj+ioenimn!,ir. d
n .l :. I o *s elI
[: .-:* :,,. 1. ". ". :*, .1:1
. -e +. -" ",., '' . , "* *'" -.

l o~l~iurpm, nG -popO.0 re
l..*'Te 4ilzWi4' isnd..,-m4el--..,
S..+oto drIto Iloantl are d..
. !OkC un$tagn. tor0 aelt-j

1To heirW gode s Fa[ fi othe
lbivJtg o $oen4're o popi ri
*tmd10, That ip1rpt after 1t
,,'dci 'hbz and bed
Vorto UIoo is tutiqiPated.-*

fI. the yong.. Mwen o fo. 0i
elect Mt Sarih Ha rris or
to the Wor4 Fair for the
!4IvIuon they are a woehte
lows, and should be 'NtO"
rtir town'. Show your loy
BIok Olty, oys, and.. appi
one of Florida's brightest a
tractive women. '

. fll~l1dl .~lql .

..- I~*\ ^. ---
t 1' Itir.6 &4h there
teresting debate between a
State qolool official and .1
teaeherof.thils State during
se.cmsion .of the National.
Association In B* ton, iin
A.s. so. 0*ame b t secoond .bei
-I said to have been at hi
handled her subjectt" witi
while the s." o. 941Cwt hi
made the usual spectacle
More anon.

of tl

'" will
It Is qulte true that SBnator Tslia-aver
ferrodoe6 not pose: as 'an orator, but, -'av
like all practloal business men, he Ithe
states pI#inly whathe -wishet-and prp. ,,
ceedI. to obtain"It, bythe -mot kuobef-Iw
fol Of l l. methodfl Work. "Nothing Boa
succeeds, like ucoess,' aind J- PA.-
-Ta-laferro ,as proven the greatest sua- tha
C'ss fh tiorldt'b b.noftt the State fig8
has ever had- a ab q mnber of the Unj ted
Stia Seate Thi
" : -'--:--"--- :-;-:---- *" sued
t tas Fkorid Semtinary had an ex- bull
oepttonally strong faculty last tetm, "Thn
-_._ L -. -.I._.-.. : *. I _

A teportof-tbe

te general report of -the
hie country .s that it m
itwortby reports from-i
te that the yield .of wi
be. fair, thoughh not'qui
age. There is, howev4
t conflict iei the report.
entire orop is. haryebtei
pro6speot may be
iged. The crop reported.
rd of Ax.rau4uIre of K
, 29, uaim sA prodlgi.
StM*e, and in tImatt.thi
res of 19 rol ay be ettt
ie Bureau of. Eorean'y
L. a remarkably clear
etin -on forestry. It
e WoodlotV' and canI
L a wl waaa iaaa t.L* a... afli


;.I "1 1 1.

4 .; .1:

, .


In W

'I -.


Imm mm h m

]::v. A'



....t.L. fl Ka^. ..'... -.,..
'IJL,, F ,? ': .' "'i .i ."" "; " ' '"'" -"- '

t. 4. "'H'"h. ,. n k 4q n a n".li'l,' n I. '"1 .." n . .. I ^ ,' ^
I. .*44..I 1 91 -. .I .. ... ... ..,,~ Y ',J,...,-,tw *. ...6. -, .. t Ir1 :.

..". J' "'* *" ', 1 ;. itv:*-d ') A Ik ,i '" ""
WTH it.M, U.. ,f
.t T i ., " . . . . : ..=.. ..- ,,: '. ~' 11. 4 J '* '* -* .* .. Nvi.--.' 11' . .I. .'..d.''

3gBi. U01O i '*ti'S^ "' ai. rt'1 . .;-. "-., i --.- -w","?h- .' -IJ IV!' S^
ii'.'-!" thervl ,n,. j ft itl, to iy-afew~wo rdtl toJMs. A.braro,: W.-hi.e OwnW r
L... ...* W ill ... ..t
nn. ." n ,- *.r I'*.' -. *m* 'm** i I n in. w ho a r fo. hIene* ro t Vf to off. h. $ ,;'I'.** 4. -
,. .. kI I L -,.'.O r

...: WE T,.t, EN&I .,-.SENSATION 1org io th~e.!p.... who rllloe,. (nd do,. ARE ...ION.TEN IO.!I
hJ" 1L % h 1j-

: B T : .' .-.=-...;:g, *i^ j:..'^ '-, .,; |U1 Ivered mpT*^ ^ChQ,.iMi itfg ntloo iau '.. ;". -*. ",j. .-_-i' ii.,.,-:
^^''"'d, l Midst o Fied thsm w > a u to m ;i ht at tm l d,

WE E.Nf0.d*K *a!. -. B. epa *f t sUy. ad 'A I eimchkd

L"- "....lwper"orin lO S."rR. HABVW.L. h" to "-" "4e "i -'-
C r a 1alw *II;
Ie'the father .of-he hand-l" A4ao&aaI Ju-ly 11 *W1t03, Ia b ha Ua M"

.:l.^eioun. bride, near0 "oberby -..-;-...-- ing aodl deed fo wleeV

;..I:.A.. Voh I ltvhiwi*

.-. J-d !A-. "sia of H 7

p*^~te Pioh Bat*Ud 1erom Hqj^ yourO 'Hl M h~a tmy
theI~l .1 rite inlm eh mia fawvn AfUTI U IrIOUwr wtd* y

S, .t a ,d le i O _
WO -/ I biQ" at aredid
of.A *Ie

ltel, whereI fee of fi
R **0hood Mr. Spires for som~e reason| z Completely 0utclaflfed. oomeho "I-eheaa.p i I ronected to the match.of hig o arm iHns w o in dInrn*s- e d1 forowScruse R*! 4n

l^^^,jlig daughter, Mios Edna ,'Vh- hai' W-,^N T..---- STRAI-.--.T -----ES sort, anaoame to tvWi
... .o.. _i erce!ly turned ,her eixteenth____. ye~ar,. to/ -- n'a- the" matter.- auro-,#n{
.4*^>n Kirby; but 4 th old adage, .oItheMRargen Looked Good bo hainesvtlle J "LI LmI

--'....ction . W
7i yoghs at :oDksmiths,e etcP I proved ,.tern..,ir. B,* year Lim it, .an.dDcat

PulS...Qf jgu Md stre ofoFlold as of'r q 0ente Si) *o sa* uRIh to rImp un
Sarms tha could be desired. Bo Game. vowe he wol r

igl' n FomerJultice Bailey,m whyhad bpen it ia a'foresone otbolueasn that when p- P Sorugp nWhc Whrked
5 )II 4 ww"am: n --n t oI
r;' "' ecretly apprised of the Intentipou o theOkHlI uaantapooea 1tolylv Q

the young couple and who had prom- tion like the Jseksonville ;ays they -e~e *. .._^
.'.to p ror he..ed f ncin are,.to, use t.le expression, nopb t _tn ti me the^0 oily ,-ligho '
a on hn p p ora or ih ii evisenN e & iy are outthakinsd whA As
1- % klltl !0 I~ir w r ;

aP'lll'igreed upon. In Somw mann.0r, how;[ The Oak Hall team to 0ompoaed of nice ,_ '_ ,_, .* ..__.-_
I "t ever, the matter became known by an fellow who man play a fane bame of tomles from .
t. .. .jp, was 'performed it the field of a.
o S. U. flAflittva. lfn fteCt
4I 4 father of- tbQhad Macbus2 J Uly 15. 1ow'* betattqt

II s~ip&Voung bride, -near IaSpryIn*godddoth
I444Q4after 11 o'clock'last night, *r"I
U. ~ ~ 6tle Timothy Baiky perform A AL IHJY
I ~~~rite in the midst of a waving V
~~0 o ~r.f golden cereal,, R O NT E u H ures&
.~ .t:(MN:~t-swedding, with -the epeptiou of .'__
LP'f-tM, recent. numerous arrets>, of Mr.b
& ..$1$MleY. is the seneatio ot the, aneigbaBhtkomil [~P We rBrg
U1 rhoo. Mr., Sp-e for Qrne ~~fl Cmpltel utclAsed. wehm assIa
Tr f e4fted to the match-.of his o4airmiag, 11 Mud
~~p~ngdaughter, Miles Edna,whha WON THREESTAGTGME sotardnetoow
OSI.l turned iher sifleeuto year,. to-__ h ate.Br
.4g~i, Kirby ;but 'the old. v4'age,' 'tLoie Maflers Looked G'ood pto Gainesville teahas unyq
hr '3~ugs atlooktnits, ec, pved esteyday, But I different andWekp ,adwo.ft

1. .% .. .t 1LW--
f*: ew in the neighborhood, with the rei college ball, but when it oomes to the oner o.' 't.ncaw
ult that quite a number Of witnesses bumping up against the real thing th-r .
& Plnkoson ag!.r in took
encircled about the pair as they. stood have demonstrated that they are not l.-- "
Supon the damp ground cnder the pale jin it. ,
rays of the moonandhad administered There were two games yesterday. The catth .e ria
to them the words that bound them The game in tne morning was called ao V Ih C fo
together for the remainder of their 10:80 oclook, and a good crowd waM Innn
Natural" "-lives* Oa Ball* """ M ~lUtlr' l!:fLl| .,
l niaturaliives.t' ptesont to The Oak Halls ,
1 Mr. and Mrs. Kirby drove directly played and exp' ( tak
b played wwrausy fair ball. up to the
m 49 Im N8wberry after the ooemOny fl th inning, the- sore being one to mean-n- tlI
a. where they will in future rede. one, but in the flfb the home b e .
%&I :-- ,- ------ Io i f th h bys (hat, inasmuch as ho Is
N -. went to pieces and permitted the vias
SPROBATE JUDGE FLEE8 JUSTICE. _. = in after whichof the ity, te auh0o
tore.: I*' **Ii 'a i- the power to arrest twi

SJudge Whatley, of Clay, Under erl. n oe, am on eher ide Mar l Pikoo D
1!: Iu Jha*gS unt1l the ninth inningB when Fteemanhole, ?rLAhai
11^-M0 Qaeknocked A` ball over -.the fence, acd
Xdu~omery., At U hesiilrihrsov'
madeI -&f',I home za.The. reuth.a
Ifc probate, of' Alaboama.:, defaulter m-d hm '^""^^ i~ri^c w
I J t.e extent of perbapn ,6,000, and a a spore of ix' to two In favor .of the
Ir reffukee from Juattee ia6 the present -ser Jays. beyond thB City HI6ftS
pt^^%^' ^ I In the jtftervoon L a e
L>I~f tJOin state polities,.
L *-. I&' .W6 119h AR II& A A-J A6 171 &I Ch a tf 1 a I I MJNh1 1 PAM W-h ft hisk t out IF" d n

I '.-." -- _k I-, . '. ,L L
.' .. i + ,- r *.. *
% AP 1e

/nUUBLbI !J -. q _4.

t -"' "'--'J !ON MODAIY; theba t% day Of"J^.
,,'-. IMMmtOAxe or thoiVm. -
AUI S *W Luxury *..aoM o&HM~dibow .awtti ,e1 wI
ow V

.I-I*oangle.w. m'm

a,.sh. Wa..."a'1:.. ,

" 1 * ,' ..
* Beyond City -r---i -....---------
;"-_ W%, N, (Cllmo ,, ....1-orf 5WI
!.. City Has No. Tir. .Thompioon .,,,,,, .-I ..,l *.*..,
,IL. -. 0 .SW,-SUW7Wl

iIt Cattle--Re-m Ch, AA. wnmam ..... I -S of Ulttk
lil "L I < t,_rud lota
'9oth ways*. I wi(aArhe s-
Jib W i, ID4BIl 1 q, ka %% % 9l`.P.~ t* i And 31 @
resides a few/ _hu ou ..;
. Lux kt U Brothers. 4 L.., UOW I (0ft o
Ja city, )a al a6l a -eo
e n 'north 16)0 6
en1.partLIoular- L. oN %pearooe,.,...... P :, it OL',
Vet grass. It 6&<-, id
Peen parforu- J. lcioud1.. .... .,. 0 ,lk ,%
St ;.,t ---. N'fl OP OKWNZw

B nity by keep- -h
_ J, N, Cuon, ... t ..,,,,YLos fSWtn ,
tet Hbovines N T. Thr. ......... 4,ot l %
.' *C a*uh *

-- Ctt ,.a -e ot' A. W UUamaw. ..... q,. .CoS 1 t 0 w
two ago ands- eaat tudiLoft,
rot ow hoy I"Alsohu a'a
ie s f",w ,eT .yP:i.N r .... .. ,Uonn 0 ft nol
*r iais i" r head northtaO ti
AM, I, west 150.ft
, '. Mrsi, K EKmnerly ..Cow m 9 A t v
,' ,w dil li~t "S;l$run laorl
Wet, did "t Dik., wii4
flre tpe tift n-ty Almia, Wnrehiotme Co.All thfittPrt
city y kep- JLatCOQ4~i.qqrtW,, 111,1l

f his cow rb -I tWia.
,ei to ^ real
thes btovie ltb~ lb F.*** oi 1 .~

Lwl ligo fouid Helrs fd W. A. m. t.l.e9CclCIl t.Lwc*
rI t H-- east 1WN ft,

,rai.z ico thoeI Almohuli'
A to k. i the Mt ,n Shiae r y .......C o 1.I
Smid ititke hit r b utoh i
'if "nt^ l<l -" t Aliuhu~ti
iidl l iiiilt, na Mrs 0, G. Shelold, ... Lot 4, Uilt,,.
Io itL J. lt Ilutlol Co, ........ (Coil ftZt (o
t I (t, west
;ho &o~rvioe ft "o f t (iAtitohi
. .,.i ,...i f. Mrs, M. D, Downlnf,. .., Tuhat part ol
*n1 to uueti ot .. ,-re-s1 to ma
alevin for the T. S. Ke9i80 ft. .,Lot, Uti!t
r v r r C. O.O Woriey.,.. ,... ., Lotl, Blkl 1.
Idk the notho hf0- ..i.t.r L i.Hik
I -,J Atltti Lunhor Ca .... tke hi, 9b I.
i go lit, budOl8t AtMints o Lu ibor Coh A ,'ewohuNi
lo bov(ii0- re- Atetlftll oer ho t.. wji ort 1,W
o s Aervicesc Lumofer tIo,.. Sof AWi
rt of replevin fe Su..oL1 fl
i. .-.. ....,-._., Atlauttlo Lumber GO .,..l.8 4o(r *7t8

L3 sUUV t1U ui41 Nw amd
Swhen MarshalI w J, Aoker, Trusteoo .. Lot I. 11 i
W J"1 WJ.-Aoker. Trustee. a J of AW
; posseM5oit of W. J. Aoker. Truiteo 0 *Wm of Noe
Wt J. Aqkar1.'rusee L .ots.-I1 ?gop
W. J Acker. Tru~tae 11do ttl. 1o a, f,
i the ound W. 3. Aoor.'t'rustee ... intitsl. i
ii unti l lAuiiust J, J. Cali 4 ..... .,% v r .t.i1
lie trial, utilemsi8 ,
W.trial, lo J, Aokor. Trusitee Nw1-4 *i
pay the $2.50 Atla&)iao ILGmber CoA ). ..Nw I t ..A I
S- ,1. !- it i.
themin out il the Atlant.c Lumber Co.. N4 ul t Ni
A t iantio Lumiber Co..N. N',x 1,4 of N
Atlantio Tumber Co, q... N' IOft' Ne i1
not a roaidiut!t Jtrlnkly.& hibitnsN .-.. S.(" t-4oflo Si
4 eI -t ot12
ritLi l have iian ,rny & Btne ... f A.
lie tlowq, While Z., ( Herlonwi & Co E .Ifl of Noe._
1 "me L-4 and
SL-he ety aRU- ;. Horlong &CoA., llmAlasa aw
tley exorolse AlSW. ; .
All . 4
cow viohiting 1-.1.S.. .. ... , .-i
A. .Stoat r611..eenr. ... ,w 1- s'n-
'p Simply be- Helrs of J. P, ,(vr61.0. a w 14 $DO.
antrnis resides Atlantic Luamber Co. NN of lSW I
1* "1 3-44of Be
z no reason why --- - ---
taken up tor The Bored will moet at the .01erk
An a A A 110M u-rl hK hiR knew ndAntamnili

5. ,

, :1

'.-'d I
I ~ I
*~:~ I

k-I g,7*W16t Ifltohw
.4* D 00 411 fo
Fr* TetiS.rtnoeS as f4oI.
li, r"1' ,, : '

40f1K h4Wkk- 4U .Li3,Klitp-
|^ |^i^( ; :Wt"t8~gte V,; ill,
I! ,.t 1i the phypilantI and pre

S#tw ,apa a
in~ao~this ~ slo
i:' h~i :dr Jp.d1,e adia
O !!5'' :1(i!d .! t-`l4 4 t04lidn ilaoon

^^A~iilfifledi aii4trh;Afti.jib~itid, did ^p

I h'tl) traitn ao explain Ing to

jip -person rho aoiii S$O idf f), s a
Ps't;"V 0 .:0)fl:I. y%;tao the" w"s-key
*iihoo"t Bcot.i wrmnrkhig -'tttt it te
K -,ld0be ,o(f Pli .ervOU Is would at-
21> 4hitm phias. .' : .u. o -, .
1 i'r :i # i4.tnhrtueoae wit or t4eO party to
L hOm f hi the. albon mafn Ye0 the whim-
I. took l tO Lbs churoii0 and tem per-
Ij.ii.. workerr, who pniId her for. .the
7fifiaiakae2 8 oent !.' -:'Feellng ;hat'tliwre
!'.a w'nbIiyR:-! g wtotl In. the traneaotlon;
,j.F'. ui-e pie1 thi*ItIoYe unheM tat)l)giy.
O e ''If
!i.ItW hUubanL f the lsi4-y negleoted
^i-:0^ h9 wreo
i.tAl hNb Wift that bhe! Wbhske
!k. atB gI't';id- that she was not to -
"'' '" 'r ' ".. i 1 r . "' .. . '. "' .. " ,
t.mfnv' frtw them/mk_ and

.: .I .
,q k i. -

l' tw
^tA *J.j-^ ^Tf,, S ';^^
a- ~ t~Pr N' 1
lit I-

Wr f

". .* "
p. ,\ c
*-\ ^

e p.L

r;~~~~ .. *, *- **; -* r
". ', *.'I ,' -
" ,. .- .,. . a .
-^..i .., ." ," ".. -, "**.*' 1 rib ",i ,


, ,I

SJ r r - r -
Vi 1-**

i I'
^1 Jlii o'and, Prof. DeLan'd .aid"
ii;tl i^^^^ .'^.taffoUI'. tbtou:oart!dra*choold

.)fl^^ lliu:._ jho' !.i. Judson- then
-e tigh *i.i to1en months Instead of
tih the'Y1 r. I" "
,.. golddr,-puiillng a. oommele4id, but
It r'ifl so iztaieh no- we fear we, will
.i :O'5T9.. tiU; ;h :..
,.C.tsirIii0 3%aIln, son of Tornm, Martin
rot, W eI .. h1!e viitingU relAtives.
Prof. W W.$rtn barn agone to 3--
per, v1iitihgl Mr SBrown' rolatlves.I
JaopAb Zgbtsey of -South Florida was
here a tfew diy *go ylisItln relative,
', i. .^ ^ .. q ^ '" . . . "
MrA. A.B. San1choe has gone to Dtbnoer
.to vlstt:JohinB. SanOhe" an4 other ao-
qualSntLiOS.anOe We wisbh her aa enjoy-.
able time. I t r
i.t t(ns so much now that the grass
i' ab tak to tae *om'e eo'tof 6 staohe.
PDr,. oyatt hal had. hl drug itore
q.dd4wetling hou'e painted and it has
fitproved the look of tIhe plaoe., won-
derfully. .
Is Ira Oarnor Is now having his .store
rep*red4 and enlarged and will have It
pAiuic1. ,
:Rev., s; N. Sheffldld .is gettIng. his
ni.le U4'as a paiuntvr,- He has been at
work Ihere all this year repairing. and
palnlting op thf oldhouses, and -h is'

improving Ine place woplaeruloiy
Iftwe.I hId railroad Juudson
be In the rank If lot -In the lead



P-onage Tial E.loVI tSharp Word* by
AIebamg Jurist.,
Montgomery, Ca.. 4ly' 1.4.,- utte
Thomzr 0. JpnOs, of ti0 United tatpe*
court here> -has dellverSd .,a ssensA06tiw-
AcbIa g.e to the jury thatbas in hanu
the case or the United States v..AetchW-

~i: ., ph
* I',
.It ='T
. .



^.^*r.-]+.. ;.^ *.
F L 'i . # .* ,. *. *,'
".'.-^ *r *. ". .' ;.,

"'.' * ,
.'i; <. . I .- / ,, .

6 J "1 7
iL;l . / p '
l '; ,* .,* ,
it<' **/** .*i
., J ., ".

klzzey ond .bladdar' tfhiteg, Jaa S4:P.
., II lteaoleiUliar to. Wot.eAn,, thikit, will
o qus) i ;i Sure%:' 4t^ i req
Siiiety a9iT.r.per ient i.t i.r, 'e-caueii
treated, with Smith's :8'4r0 3e .
Ogre thpt iave Coma Aiide
l ierva r,|0I. hxv bee ". MOO: '. + *.'-1:
beeiys onatrd. -~Wes1
our m idii on a posif ve 0t4a4$iiflfl,
If dIrrco4qpare tollo 1will be riitupded I.t 4tQde otA e oet*a
PriCe 60. GOttiS, litand ($14..4 For sale
by oohnsi $ro. ;,. : : "

: .z. *1 ; -*
i- / *' K ir .
Terrible .tiraeedy Onum Near Bir
|",.~~~~~~ Ner ,-""61 ir!illlr 6l, ..+-
S*inghalnt AIl.
'. irmlnxigham, Asla., ZUiy 14. re
men were lflntW~y killed sad &iotlew.
tally aju4d by .n eploalion in
the coining ll of! Birihm
powder, mills near '.royits, B mles.
from the Saturday afternoon
about 3S o'olck.
SThe buU4lig was .totaly -wreckM.d
.by the :explolon, although It 4d1i not
eftItt B ay of the otbr 11 buildlags
oft the plant, being too fttr separated.,
T te deaA aire:
A, .4Norrt, white, employee.
T. Cook, ,white, yard boxes.
r Jamei $chltz, white, powder boss.
S ata'at lly njw'ed, L."O.e Jon-ias, master
imnechable. 1c.
SThe to-en f the men had to rbe
pulled fromr the yard .wlilch .urroupdsa
i the buldtng-by ropes and: books.
SHundreds otf pounds of powder are
bf lttered. about- In .- the .gras and the
owners ot thre ill will not allow any
one to go )Int-de the Inclosure.
SBesldes theo damage to the ir'I
there- were 400j kc'gs oX powder either
exploded or scattered. It seems. that
I-the mpiehinerty In the building haa
been stopped to allow sofme replntr[
Ito be made and, that while theee ten
ware woritini; anit one- of them struck
a #park tit i h hmmer. ,


plf": r

Sowannee-W. A. Lindsey.s
Godwin--O. M. Tiliman, W
Into, ,
'HawthornP-Edith Hunte
Hunter, Aleen Moon.
Antioch-Zoe Bell Proetor
SAlachna-J. G; Kellum, I
Spencer, Oylla Kennedy.
. Wqldo--J. H.Coffee, Ellen
OlaudiaWilliams, ClauIa Ai
8,ntaFe-G, A, By4He, .e1
SG4lnesville--C. W; Vaugh
Hampton, Florenne Baits, Ks
kiea, Serona Shannon, Mabel
Nolle Striokland., Mrs.'W. P
:Nannie MOlntosHm. Ethel M

7) 4 r~l E : .j
.+.. ;. r L

Il 5
| r -. ; .," .: .."' ". ".- i. "^' "' ; "'> ., i ** ^ ^ - J J ~ n '

"'tilLift' of Nates 0.4
-, t io .. '. f "l l i_ .

3'^ ^;i^ p
, *' .. .. -. +- : D '; ,;' : r " .i
.4 4". '. " *" '. .* . : .* . .. Ai E r .
"- 1 .LrP

List Nett Y.Lrt Complete, '
",t ,tifrsW:I-bo Named.

' t^lPfng ts ft1t6
t arl istf

,_ ," ... < t -.. .. ",. : ' ',- : : . ...- ". , ,*
~. " "L''41 '" "

[:~~~~~ -i01 !lbe Namd

Ur AJl*ua county wii
palntment otn teaehen thenetc
tlw, ;.ppolwfntets l.have beo
Thfbre. are yet remaining a nI
Vacaic.peletd o oonseq
reisiden teaiiher worthhyot an
Lm~tfl peeti feel Jeflt out. 1
poiftAiimets wil be ooinmpletei
BeanSd ot ?ut$No n~taotou
*etrliet praeticoble mpment:;
trredondqou-l$ Fuqua, .
La-ke AViewa-ZIia 8harmsn.
Robe)emi-A. UH Bell, JCva
fP almeri-Tobe filled. :
Fairbanks--Fannie Misel!e
Cow Ort~ek--To be.. flJ odt.
anUkIitn-To be filledd.
ITsOrosee-A. M. Pattersi
Jo0nesville.-Besslie Baker.
Aroher'-eMo McIntosh, Ei

'Gracy-Mon tine DunAgan.
I Yewntog# lake-to be filled
i Melrose-S-.J. Ellit, Belle
Edith Batrd;. /,
Mlcanopy--Aimena Leitni
Leitner, Sophia Merry..
= Trenton-To tie filled.
Cool Springl-S M. Mathew
Island Grove--J. A. 0ronan

:~~t A;'. T-". c', ,. r.""~ :
.J*A 6:)A na

;'"V "p "- I', *A.. A. '' ".:'

BBS Prtsmotb, K~anl, Juyr-^V
.II C '
gg13(rteakfat W?'lsersi
"1 ':"t' " "* ... : , ,: .'. .': . .

i **.... .. ... I 'i*ga h lp is **,. I J %fr

ali>e Is tI hrbran'qecfdf
eottou 4 O4i4X* WO~**

'^;''^ W|^.>fhh^ maiiue.d. aie a..,,a4d,,
'A I* j "fl

'8hI LS1p In 1fa' 'luten Q' I rc oa n. e
t mt le .aUP~~:Ore ,

;II'': m. a' ,a ^ ,. 1 1 i .I "
-'I er~cs~ F dphi. I
S '4~m.1 aj -- l %
V. PQtB4**tb .iewlati, .July 1V9Th*
v tice" *i .1e. v isMitedthel UPt.A

4 ..lirntedu w the Rear Amrn-e dot-
0,0 (to dgh *Ka r Abiv
04.. .br.,, at l.c._-e. ..d

y^^^lJ..4h~ mtter isaklat a the prince' ladir4,
1::.,. t"t" htpp t- the harbotrt. anod :f ea
tI' i\ %4 :flet.. '&t 4'Ined U sh'irJop p'

/ deIk ofvPtbwfbl ,X. myaAded BdOB
"'i ^ "h 'sce."n ' "t' "e 'o
uld his offfkoarval. Alkei
i \ 4 a& t w eoyal suo.:te as the prince ad 4.

^^iJ^^Un~ngthe turrfca Crdgsab*'
A T S,' ft Ater rlcan ftat' h'p. -Ift'emi'"n
4L.,. ., w reclved on

'.^iilf~'S-daped gKiniswy^t riie ro
Sq'.,a'.tt-r dek ot mpedKernr56 by 4-,i
.,',VEioatt4' and hel of lkbors n4 t1ae

4 i'.I .4mnrdesvetnwud to .the mterlMs eu
p 'm 4[ t p r breakate at whech ,e.rldent

) 'i ,". th Admw.rahlp.- firincgtt Ajio a tn
; a 14 t a l and- king ta j4 wwer Aandi.
A t -f*td 4mal thoa dnh nqunt
I e I$o prnes o Wils & at
,.,--!0r ,ship after vrVteh he prince. )amd~rI1$ ]

I !- theilm mmi'm
[~i.'*t..- i !te,. .a4 ..ok. a. tra L~jor IndQu, '
q* I II *I I i:lI. ,
.,-,,, 0. pcfc of, W.e'ian.y wth the, .
I *4 f h. .white uz Jforms apd xmi fla!k,
i ,~nn ach tur-rets; bridges ind!
A I, 4' 1a r, "'I g 'lst,&#"
?i matmarns mtd ah, wboihlp a-was|
K .V4 i soed'tan rain bow, rast~ea.- Otto
":?.. a, t..4wd~raped g&ntway 'l!ie yrime,, whoi
I,:: 'i *A acmpanied .. ,by .....nbsss~s Iot
1 j@2zote; o d eat ot Sekotne." .f-irst
I '."}:I .'. I"d thnaugh -=the-lain kI: s0.--raiwlatra. I
i: t'i!!i :i:i: Lth ,Admirl~r OaSt an4 Gaptain/
(r Pnw,:[ Etandhg& ***t their b~aads.
.tttheir.ohapnas, th.. dw. n

bnloes gomd4 Mar flowjobem n4 tr:
"AtS#..9U4D to the sgnal. from. tbe flacg
^ *pWi all the America veaett )icgtea
, OWe royal etada6rd at' t iiu Mueiand
4' red B autes of $1 5A1U.0 j As e ilat
. 1 guin. boomed all the 'bhips In the har-
' 9l i 1 y Including th, royal ychtbt the
s Victoria and the Chonuei Fleet. lying

* biook hands wlth them nd w'lked
\$ ,o' n pIithd dI r a e'ednd nith Ithe
l arltne guarsat ATwirlvCn month anC
d e pCatstHemp blalthd .th prin e othWers
& 6. . .%' 40. ,l n

..,SeI aeee.. otoww t-.-
0 ^lebook, hatnd wlohr,.t hemend twnal
,r'ft ith 'he. ei sluThe *rinte

S i : nn I 'n In II n nInH n I' In *n i i, n '* i: *__ : IInn lI; i" : in'* :iI i *' :i i In nl i n:' .: t I nI I* ni\ i n
F. BA1 M.
nmDnver mm ll l nIit.n '4,_4_, "W"
1 .." .0 ,.

t rI In.. flVe. rhe3 ma ked"

of ath n twesnt*- btata oLaIt(tatlo1I-
c11 .,Chrlaa Ede;vor convenCto, f
X~rEe ~incef ttem44 hee
-I n :
oVe mutvne and t4-uware of .Soavo

toen pl#ewgin itfived theM5 n m aed
to t e o ,tte worit btpwleli -tfte otr U,
O -a pth u nderticep,'tt ro iL 8he i
to 9:30 clock Wtudy o sea Wore In
u rs~oa &t mtx '
'"9hi~t'. was the 'ubet t of( d.Icu'
me19 Zy the foreign I m uto
claiues, aOt which Rev. -Rv*atb1n Pb
Beoah:, of New YcTk, was leaderr
"ev, OChtlyers, DP,, aOt ..W
York, led the -discuas of "Ot
Brother In Black,' at the session- a(
the home mission "tu-dy '.lam. AS
conference of. "flo&ttoing aocety work.
er' wa a held wt the flrst UltversaF
let Cadbirh, at whicwtte subject "BWw
Cati Floating Obrtcttqn Btdeitorer
.Ze Elrtknded. was diacusae% by Qhap*
, E Steel, or Nawport Ne ws,
A., Mad other$e 'k U
r Tr asurer Wil.rmin Shaw prt*lded at
A prison worker" cohfereWme In the
Plymouth Conigreogatlonal c r c p 0t
*btthe addresses w6re ade:by Mre.
George H. Wtili-ams of Nashville,
Tenuz., ntid others.
I ''How to Save- Boys'' was the tubs
ject of Judge I~ndawrs remarks and
..much A Interis t was shown by tthe deleo
i.gates In lWe relation wIh. youthful iOf.
l enders brought before blim as county
Judge of Denver, I
*'o le keld Is te World" wwa the
toixZ of the forenoon mass moetlig iu
I ?ent E'ndeavor. Under the generr t
. head "Our Home Problems". &~drernee
i were delivered by aeveral prominent
! Dt:N Sherman Doyle, of PbtAadetphta,
presented some carefully prepared Sm,
mlttloaton stMtlc. amd in the coune
0 111 adres ona "The Pbretgr Nob.'
lem at Ho*Xe8" 8md :/ li'Many of tho,
who come to us from LIteant point

baye .n'q Intention tof spending thr
days here They a e undesirable we
clalY, pafrtfulrlXy lntelloctualy, morf.
illy and *pfl-tualuyI They Mve no
undentandhlg or <,ompreheleon of
our poll fa principlesa and. Inetituttons
oand dsqply $ret ignoramuce upon po-
Utica! suhjqote. Thor an moraly
1a ,jpirituafly degraded. Our foreign
problem at home is thus seen/to ,be
avry pgrftt one. We mustt Amertean
a i~a a a" a a_ i & '


4'~i"* 14~ 147, tthkL A
II' :" .; .,.,., ;! .' ' I.I...JP J" '; .r.j, .
n4 I I i nI nI In HI I
S1. I n I ni n :4 .4 n
R 'T.f," RBesumeMa

f," n ." n *f W a rk
,,,4-',.'.." ," '*. ...:.".^ ... I
wit,, fl.9 At .I op,*.. to Joint
*oafl ofitI1": Aryt chLsr ; \S .
Ii ii n I i n In n L i *'i I n ni In n n 'ln'l l l : i '* I I ': I I, l n ''. *'* I

O$ew yT;k, JuI t"t.44enmo 20,000
nIzed li mchunlea. I the building
trade ae ,eetvrdA to wot:* today u doer
thu I taodle4 plwt (ffIh.I tire4,oy
'ers5 ats0claton. Thhisnthomer will be
I IiXrease& to S0,00o :b: Wednesday.
onionss with that embtrshIp haviWg
voted to accept the, tosa of the em-
ployer~v, one o( thWe 4iR*cts of which
1 4 to do p-rwAy wit Wt11g(ng dtctgates
, sud refer all. disputeto,-a Jn'int board
o Ofarbltar&tion. Wt ;'- r ; .hanica
a large number of aborg ...~ 'iod to
Sworii adoperAtUosl a wrec ibj I
m aaterial I5QQp!y men.



Propo"n to Weld WSaAOh Roads Into I
One grand L4ysteCm -
Plttsburg, July lt.'G o.w., j. Goult],
wbh, with a party of Wltbash aud MIt-
sourt Pacific cCtclaIa, .p nt' the last
36 hours iu peoting tO \Vbash. ox-
ten'ion to t. Is city, It, al i.itervtew,
idc ; 4 f
"Itt t 1our purpoMe tq.wold thi Wa-
bah roads Intt o one grind systoin be
f tore long tl: :& till reach from Ogden,
4 Utah, and Ein Paso, TeiI. at the Mex-
taen border cin the west, tlirough Kafnl
as City, S.L li.'t4, Putasburg to BRla
) thmore, W. intend to make the lat-
ter city cur seaport on- the Atlantic,
It is a mttagil|lclnt one, but has been
tpegleeoted" V.e propose to develop
and nake It r great p6xt. Wo do. not
Intend to rt i r Now York. There its
more4 ecL In A trunk lino into .t'.
d motropol:, of cotr$i), Ibut it Is too ex-
penlsive aU ; f. !kltV-it exporting tor-
mFLI. 1.;IntlIor1 Iso tlbo lrhst port
on the A". 'M'l. lotr the oxiorting Of
h such Qo:.:flo(lteS as will mrako up our
toniage---coal, grain and paeklng-
-Louse product.",

Southern OClothnrg Manufacturers to
i Form Anoctatfon.
; Loulsvllh^, July t,.-,A number of
*osthebn oL Lthl ig ,Uanuifacturer, yare
in iessilon at the board Of tradn huild4
intag today, the object of th4 m4oottng
bifng the brganlzation of the Bouth-
ern Olothlns Dealers' association.

* *- ..J; '- 1*i' in-v *l t*7
-...lI. 'i " 2 I' .
' J K -,i .. : "' ,. "- .. ,: cnt T--rt T '>.,^*'**; T. .
1' JM A',|~MM|||M

Perfect Is one whi'
i Py mn 'n"m i a m m .nI
Laatv and oawtbw
XR [e V thorouhly
Small impurities, Sueh
Elixir. I-t is *a pleasant
most delicate stomtnol
b)wels, liver and kidr
S.pl0autness Sold b'i
out an tqual for coug
and bronchitis, 25

-. 'I
.*--. -~- .-.-- h~~pE*t.. *

at~A. ~ U


. wOr 'Mauli t...ut

tel 21t, Sf -rle28Ana
DPI f\ Y.a!.LflWtfl

*evdArsl tvakOtflhoj f
'tcete ruitqtnv as4*1f*

S.I -... [ ..... .________

-.-inrflI- ~..=-I-~ I ~ J*=*IdJ IS. I -1%--& A I =U I

. 4- .6--

W~q ITt












."4 r '

.m raFAEP-


thlnant ta aft




V "W- -

jI* 'i1Ll

I' V,

1 *. .*
-. -I

/ l.

1. ,- . ..- -...
i ', *. . 6.,k 7 ,
i1-., -hq*; kPL^- .*t
' . .., ..- .* ^:.,. ,,
.-,, -o .. .,......* . ,' .

.t- 4 i

" I"L t"


k". A

*1l I S

m It

I^ i , L * ; I . .. J
illI"l,.1 i; h ,i .i .i o f
Bron~on oe r",

fi.*f.. -* ,* .'.. ",**. *- (I J* -^ ." -" ::' .'. '
. r**. *" "** %.* *.* ,.. -., .. .
"e "** --' j .' .
I . , .. I I

r. . . -. . .
II. : - ., - .: ',
r e a a a
V i c .. ., ,, ..,
lp I: "'" m -R n .

owty: *he'*ixes t 9 of Mil gf
I.I" ", ,, ....has ".tar. ed
is ,40. eceftle., ..

l ^I.Ite to AtehvIUe4 Ii.' 0., Stid
'En. whipre li .^ Jan ^ennn
t W f:W S OMt 'l e a a un tl". '* 1 i
'. ...'-' .. -'" . .. v
AU 'A0 su tg~r ~p

I Al
A 0it fW a my
^^P& ^;Ott "d:
i tIth ot iig, i h ,.yI the 1i i t $vtIi H sguo w o .i the
,.1-0, k 4.H* bi #br lawbi'hogt 1to h toEIn atre a-h
4*: m m -. I It1a t . 1S.ta*Iir),".Ij s .a b sboo1o& n orop' ...
II Ornr'L0 ,]Pd

"'.Ttun soIt"" IM"d o ".1&. ,w- tQ t*o t Rh g ,
ffiMP~iW I$ct few,'bocnare(te
B B 04'"Worv ooh&W4 0.....:.. 1', -".1.. I... h o
-"I I e I.,b *' .. .- III M.. II II; IIob lnIIII I a '""- !

..,. ,..<-xL.. e MoerrR >.. In .-l**" iAI.I_
*1 I ^.Jnhlnl.?w says on but h* fire

.m.-r w q.ww;.ri..>;ts; .he..W.eI li-wi town of LIOroe, .Fla., known I "ID
^, ^i-' ~t ?L6 t ftItlrtest fWaanWat'pttt.Cer4 *wit EB. S I-
AWRobinu wMof> Tmpa IL.
rit1 *t,1hewItb, g9 grzes ytg frind In. ;hit b fori s. e w ,. r W
91' I

i-i,..I t isiMl."f-bn'w1on 'R1'- old* 1 "* '.-l 1I *11 Ill I,* 1i" .&0 -r, ". t
wJZ P Ig...rRN' or Neba .r a '""- ',-'. ,-. .--- lor aynd e her rn frid swadt

:-,.. ... L I "77 0 4 7'.,-^ e wap ;.soompsnd t I iiiI
~I :W~hflI~*f at ette an
"II ^ coun, W ow obl.T Sa t DapiOna -and .ne-

. >.t[ *:iutoblnehndand g Itlpe dlson. bmorek hewldfacrs laeeeenda sroointe ycottqin
13 40 .' to.

.f I i ri: i.i1: I i 419i I i i : iIili~. flfl f iiII I i IIII um p *a to e re t r t o ze -ii i 1.1
,t !i^.l., 6. The. tig toLA iW redento4" esectdy
6i *1. 'wad IN I I *'
fa,*r .. 'w0.0" pa. e teI
~t. : A!$IJ Iisot~cosrrentibc ofthe VolusIt ecouuty'i Sow
~, ~stda.h dy coos.Sh pets to spend
Roinon*3 uil uazEl16 fw days CSaroese of sitePa

Is: 0vstossQtrabroowurtg oe
The. 014M cottage! redenly rocpe44
A a ~~f,, ~U~ In A i rSt"MDimhtan" A..9z I L ~ a tkt u. P _

. ipV N-.J

, *1/ ~ I ~

0 ,t,%4&a new ptohta. when.r.-

iqetftbei r add #eq- ohtbne4. .from
pie": t4 4Panother. .. .. . '.
\ 'G^ ; AjqipffQ* w a *
'p tti.e t.y ester4" having ecoze for
el pu.. pp of offatios ..g at the m"tr.
v j61Thisa nephew, BZ Zryautt,
e .pJ
and MIM0 Oa Saok'beb.
flr1 George *VaT1 oft Ohicago,
who hfl bpen spepdh 'tohe paet ew
#nonthg .l.: this city, dparrted ye sor-
day for'Zyitopna, where oshe z'pO' 4o.
sojounrx for tbe remainder of the ,eated
t e r m ; 4-. ':.: .. .: I. I. :" ..* . ,. -.i
AttoulonI directed to the, notio of
Inortot:ae p"ounty Baseuiteein." Pais
ties, ILnter*Ot*d should .takeO. prtloular'
nott I0,& ppear before the 'Botrd of
Oun4'slonern St the proper

t. 'e ' ::" 'i. I .J
tbIt'-1^ *1 .. I ':../ '*

ti, A ,n- .ny...1 .. - ".. - I.., . .: ""
4 I.'.
.o s0 J".. or :bI~e .dGifin. ,s.. two, Iesd of Mieansopy. pased
through the city yesterday On rate to
Ze w-bewrw`he-'-."e"re -for thew
doya they will be. toIe ghet8 of Mrt.
-hd -, ] ,, ":. .: ', S: ,: :
I A, ,. -Bst 07 Morgantownd, tu.K hAd
Wto l t qp irt or twejye ttmew in the
at htt. a$ iad a uavere backache and
Rp sitnai)h ktdrneys. Was ocred by
Moo1. b3.
a. ,q$f%.Pens, th jewol, of HiMgh
S prings, *ss transacting burnlewma In
thlis 04yyesterday6 R I$e stteat th.t.
Higo 8pr Slgv while not booming, aI on
TM mteQy gmowtht au4 is bound to be-
come 6 the'einding town In the North

A, UI. W11oaty 4a sOld from hiar
pw~l~rtraw"am at, EBvfneton tp9 Col. N.t
Stwabhar of tbi~gsity *a umter of the
0lnest IPly mqu4t Roeboreer brought to


.:The prefees received Ort 1
s woreI as .umevou. As I
hacndsonme, anud 4er greaqly
by those whbo Saw them.o, T.hi
ed nuumrous. articles, both U
ornamental, some of which V
expensive. "' .
SThe groom is very popul
man, And is a nephew of M. 3
TraoomA. He was virtually
tMAt vloinity, and has numerl
Who ave been anooiated .i
ineoo. yhood,- The bride is



L ,

*,.',.,# bf.

S i?*rtet^Mo
-a ., and Mi,
^ iif~o.pllabd. daughter o0
J77,"R-T: B##; FVAIk log

jfl X1"r' 4 fWili tonda
r I
,i.Q.. 1 U.9" ,-b". '
J f 3 I$bfl4O
i v,6 i-..Of %en1oeluohns
M 1 dyrenore4
-::,A,. e^nn *b we r:., under
tWlful weddlgg bell o ompa
pmant 4owqr# tba^ Impnlt~e
*n:-qrrwMed. t,.f-he p
aboutgtne hqndre4 rests, i
the @on^tra@tptwniher "i -
white 9 *ct. tri

Iac0r, whIa toe grroom wore.
ventlonal bl6k",

After the happy pair had
the-oon' tulasto.w of those
'the gUstt, with the br.fe 0an
paired to theo dIng tooi
.4 most elIbo7atC 1UnOkQU N
-13h the'parkor and dlilng rc
boau&If ty de orate4 with.
iad flowern, which exhibit
tzst. on the part of the d
The Wedd Ig- be)ll. wa
wpttby -of nl&1Qip R, besIng
:m &ofo'hsndsome and fraor
imme.a pro-ortiop.
O, the hund4re4 guess wi
b1.14 to- witness Wthe I go
ble towtteu marriage
two popblsr zoung people,, tti
oufide the olty were as .folk
andtbt. riiffin o, Saann
Zioberts and sont of LakeIand
Iauifrau4 IRaohe) Miteoti 0zi4
.M r.:La tfo.i of Jacktonvi
yin~y an a. '3s Ward, Mr.
G" V.QObamberlatn and Miss i
!4ooma. ., Te: p e r oh

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