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Title: Gainesville Daily Sun
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Title: Gainesville Daily Sun
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Creator: Gainesville daily sun
Publisher: H.H. McCreary
Place of Publication: Gainesville, Fla.
Publication Date: July 12, 1903
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Alachua -- Gainesville
Coordinates: 29.665245 x -82.336097 ( Place of Publication )
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Holding Location: University of Florida
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if ~JhIt~..z
- ;~ K
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--- -- -I

rounaings 0o tne Assoclated Press cor-
"It might have been expected,' he
said, "that I-1 would find a weary .old
man with exhausted body and 'pirit
and ready to enter eternity; but., on
the contrary, when I approached thMe
bedside I Immedlately saw that I had
been mistaken. In spite of all I had.
heard concerning his marvelous vluItt
Ity, I was amazed to find a min of
such treat age, after so dangerous an
ilness, exhibiting sUtch versatility. of
mind and such power of mental con-
trol. .
"As I approached the bed he pressed
ed my hand with a slight effort and
looked at me Intently with his bright,
blacK, expressive eyes. He wore
a calm, dignified smile and beoan
asking me a number of questions. It
seemed almostFncomprehenulble that
this was a man on the verge of death.
Very power of will and intellect re-
malnel intact. showing complete con-
aclousness of age. Imagine an Ind
valid, 94 years old, anxious to make
the acquaintance of his new consult-
t g doctor, asking suggestive quest
tiona and testing hitdopinion of cllnUt
cal science. That any -dying mum

should be able to make such a prompt
decided effort. of the will ts certain-
ly aatonitahing,.
'"The pope asked me If I had read
certain essays upoj Med(IIcal pathology
,written by a studeist who took his
degree Dn 1824.
"'I was very young then," said the
pope, smiling. 'bait I rememebr mainy
Clrcumstazes of that happy ;>eriod
of my ltfe.'
'Aftur hearing his questlo-n teslng
my studlea and sclentlfic ability, 1 Es-
sure you, I. was almost ready to b*
lreveo some miracle was being wrought
concerning the pope's condition,$"
Proressor Rossont said that the state
of the pontiff was vury serious. There
was little danger of an Immodlmtoe ull
max, although it was constantly pres-
ent, The,pope was makIng a brave
struggle but, the doctor continued,
"his weapons of 'defense are weak.
Even the finest tempered steel be-
comes tioless after so many years of
yse. There are few serious com pil.
cat:laons. The defective resplr&tion
has had a bad influence on the ciren-
latlon, but the great quoestlon ts can
this eleof be sufficiJent and proa.
-- aF f 4* % 2-+ V% fte&eV% a%4019 A. Am It _'W%%_- L W%- A,



Constable Saokson Shoots and
S Kills Newt Bfritan..{


I Trouble

Occurred at an Entertaln-

ment-Britain Ran Prom Constable,




Attempted and

a Latter Fired.

Nashville, Teanm. July t1 ;-A spe-
vial frurn Mutrfreesboro to The Ban-
zcr says that NOH*w r'lttain waa shot
and killed last night by Coantable
Freelaad Jackson.
Brtttln becaLne boisterous at a aup-
per aMC drew his pistol oh a oy., who
reported the matter to Jack,b. and
he started out to put BIrt4Ifin under
Britt&aJn &w the offiCer coming and
proceeded to runi. Jackson gave
-chase, when Brlttan suddenly stop,
Spod awl tried to draw hist pistol. Be-
fore he could usee the weapon the
constable had put a bullet In his bead.
blowing out his bra&lna. .
The shOeriff has gone to the scer
the tftaedy. .

.~- N_^



house a
cli1 ii I'CIIh

and rt

Atlanta Pastor
Ille. Tenn., July

To RooMter

1 1 .-- r.

o, book aagut of t1?i
of the -- Methodh.4
, Soitth, .hae reaiti",
to his lione In At
t-onter the m.nlf,6.y.
announcement v 1ll
surprise tD Dr

R. J.

ptu blushing
Flh) lfopCJN41
I a)nd Will
]acita, Qa,

nome an a

friends throughout the ltiounda of the
Methodistt church, as EL even an In.
timnatton ofl 0uC- a Rtoi had prevloufs-
ly been gl %$i ouit by Ilrr BfIugbtt4m.
'The first notice any <7ne0 ha4 of Dr.
BInghamn' Intentlon wnas the reception
of his rettignatltni te0lrod to the hook
committee of the chlitit -t through. D-.
Collins Donny, chrirwman of that conk.
mitres. This was Pauded T)r Don
ny yesterday afrtetrii,. The rosig.

.. I ** ~ *~L. p *.
.. I .
. ~1* '. ~ ~ I *
.1 L j~ .
.-- i -

* ** ~ $!j 'ft
1 r 1.
I .** '.i I.
I 2.]-, 4% ~ ;*~*rv~ Ii*.t:!Kp
,,. ,.
I'. '
F *
I .

I *. ~-Q4~ jt
II I r
I *~' *
I Ij
U -
I.- r ~ I
. I ~ *

V '
'y. c4
, LI

w w~ 7w r~wr
a 'Cr
~ -It **- PS ~ ~ ~ -~ -A. ~ S. *- ~ ~ fr P

JLY 1zrKia.. ~*'17
r-~ -~*~ q- I L ~p. ~ I -~ ~~-**r ~ W fl W~ -I* ~- ..p.- I- ~* ~4 ~ ~I ~a -~. I I~ ~ *~ *~ *~


tloction of Candidates For Papacy by
Leading Ctatholic Power,
Itomeb Italy, Jqtly 11.-'Premlar.
ZiuiarJlolll had a IotUg conforetice to
day wath th.. mIlo iater ot jutlce, SiW
nor O(Nsju Ortu, under whls Jutriadic-
tlon' are all rellglou. affaire in Italy,
about the eventual right of vrto which
the Italian government mi&ht ezer-
clue RI the .naoxt conclave. T reo
catholic powea's, Spain. l'rance andi
AUstrian, enjoy this priviloge. tornmited
the "right of exclusioug," which eMI-
tiws them tou the elictlou or a eMdM4-
dtf& who Is not a iersona grata to
their govern iraeats. In such case a
power which may dosiro to prevent
the election of a certain candidate de-
putes is cardinal ,of Itj nationality to
announce the objoetton at t~ho (on-
i daV n hlnl hi.Wk I-L aMttmh e. n t-% Wk.t a4n A



%.PW' ., FOUl, IUu TL: a IIUtliUInUuniiIt 11 5l Ialt t
maC?1 wl"ilo the scrutny Iw guiug oni
before the candidate hasa received the
majority of votes .required to elect,
otherwise the prqist would be Inval-
Id This right i'Z .)eIn rega ired as
extroimely tumportant, evpoclally In the
middle ages, when Italy, heltu the
largest field of action Ctor franct, AUs.
tria &nd Spain, the chotie of a pon-
tiff ws a question of ttipremno Ltnipor-
tancot as he played loadinguI part In
ther Jimputes. ttaly clatnims th0 right
"lKrred to as the ht4ir of the king-
ionm of the two Sictlles, which enjoy-
ed the right, but Italy did ntit exnrcite
It In t lie last concave And -may ptcr-
bhAps fn4 It difficult to do K&BnOw, UN
no ltalia.j cardinal, even R&loalg h11n0oI
who ai: oi inost com,.419ttorye w(uld li-
drt;alt(o to, represent lniited Italy,
whiCh is conaldcred by tithe hehureh to
have zaittrpntl t-11 tor491a vovprci)'
iy or the pa:cy. Besides. Itrly'nl
policy eonltlits in constdoring theo pun.
U;y to be nMertly thet a itItual power,
whiclt, onjonving untlor Italian law corln i
plet, )lt)rty anitd lilotionden'o cnn i
without political Intorvontlun, Cxor
liase nltihtry i Romi, the Cnlital of

the kingdom.
Portugial alim claims to bo eliglbli
to claim the veto of undtfiorablc can-
didata to thie imPpaeyY. ut her rights
novor have beon acknowlidgKod.
Austtria tried at butt lth tlt, IStL (-()
clavti respectlvely to the
ptlectlon or Pltan amdi 1.4 XII. t1it iuth
two cartPnimlla. lynick aind ltanglo-
i- k_ -- -t a a ^ r@

* i '* [ *- '
I..I .-.

.."II l
* "
/~~~ ** I :. :*
:^ .

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&P~~ ~!fl~i

.......,.i' ....w... ;
i; I;-. ,. I. .." t : p"'. I *
*11i| I|I. hA
J, r' .J .-_..L

r ., "i ...I,' : ; :..S.K*. M'i q 4 8 h e ..h
,..,, ...,-.4 I.. It cc Sore
*...., ..... a,
An I a I h
A 4r .: L t O ft t. :
.r *F .r ll1
41^K' t'W .^r~t Lo;:^ ^^ ^~~i- *F6: *^

-I~~~-s r A 7--.

t.v^x:i ,..,1...^.^,., ., -S .,t snet aS n 4 ,, P uree RI
li 1tho' 11 4 Of trn
4r-,+ ... .... r ,... 1otu l th e ....
________'I,'!101 od ~vPTgm >ibS */* *A^n^*^**KIKA
V^^^"'V *- A I' 'i*Vf'CB'r b J uprn;. ';. ^'ti i*ter J. .0-j
M. t e .t weekv 0. 0 .
rrtG. s y z..d. ., .uW..,g W5. f th*.. o .utb.
,ir4 4 ..,,., ., rm& pos.e..,.,pJI SUt we atul j ety.
l-. nild.., t' ..t ti..-..,..., V ,.lbk tfl% A.the beaorsloould W tue teathim. --. .to..0 riun.utilJi
I^5 55 I : ~g;rrI ^ 4 ^ ^ p'e, b vtotqwourad Abrt back, i
'K'^ 8n Zt^uro tfe( IsO&,.L. Ecollu J
IN T Obd. o np e at, t h e s t

^i.^ 1^ b Rf*:) br ri4 itn o 'ip ur n.X*Ub
S 0 .. one .. -, -

^^43ip-WimesuUn off r18ps4d ntg4 3 oRA fl1A40nd &ear, Witohi tbe oarn bT ^W W^g
l+ + )i0, oedy, 7.th14&y uitSsEu torf tta.te4,#:Y 1the tratuqr consietrte t NIIIIH I e I I I
int 4 1,

4rtqo o th* %evt dteter tl Idtistrve oil 151
|IAi-. .lay womeat. then ncceppde I o- .... d tAI. u RAILROAD
t d
r.'*, y ...'; ,m .' IF: r* I -* ,.. .- le ,.. ... .'
1.911ik'^ ob :-' i 11''- "----: -.. a m oay oucdtand. t hen e ped. t T:,

^1^^ *.O .ta..r--. 'W +,.+ t,'mc," .,,+."I"W, ,.m nd! owlux rto h ,e that [m .hei (rtii Iohletrd !! T .:+-,W ~ .- mm, *.tproiiuon .... Eih" t 'n .'cl "cp .i :e -M. o -u "atouns l t --
fl^(tt de'ay o u ~I$t000 per th gara*t B4tt, makot one y theth conlltion that .MILR.T
,tsdM. Mc tbeu Tabe .raieowsd to arpe three eeks of Offerseryw la Bon FoAllo
& M' .t "ud.' wu t bi.. "d "liberlty ,p nra i. onanNevda, In a Mi Ar,'onvn
t b0g exulo.0u I.] -IAte A "wagre vi" Wai efsNw oto r

"',ro, Oregon, Wasbingon. M
~ M(*.t Thlu points into .nrcnedtb, b++ .wasr.y .t tz + Wymnnj on sale until
1+: ,r*)ek .: t ptocfle.of sttrvng tne lion. beg p *st.. Lu an Rotui

Lbirthur wivedtflst ThO Jflngfluman kept guards pos ed

Ii *ciuld: be a' f4+ .~I~p6 -1 "ot R.Ve.OUtKI the.,l*+ 4ay'an Pn)gbt to makei ONZ+, FAt PLUS 25 CENTS..
.. _. .. e ...1*.. q "* ,rj-.. ,,rti tat nom re o. food ho d Jua o toreJurt uz'tll, Ju
S9# tbt: tis_-.:; el.-ons Q .. l:be gvm totheanimate A~t-tbe explrft',- It th a
-=kp -' .Ae 40,. pe+o+.r.,, Xd., uy... .

boing.. ..-.. por..iot.y flQG_.flI, tiou of the. rep days all Amsterda af seQ1!0 Los Anlgt
,g4j 1wro~Ir*t.,,hem, an4, rushed to th cif. Te 1to w e re
:.'**k# ttm,* ZZ:sttei that ors~- r..IaddODed .with Ihungeras 45,=nPD- ^n 011 N, oalWnspmnt0,A,
-aI.I .0 F r tnI. .

WAt OQMI4 bosepd ad )te,0 coub ne un4, Ibear, for they roared i eteon saleJuiy a1 to August i3,
*';4, en. hope4 to haVtb.he timp&l conttnualIy, S and,+ their attemtnpt tol to return untii october Th,
1t. w Jli|e telmv:lwith 4u/urlnj Ibmak tthrougb the ~bare showed bQW,[De
S.tvor, Coal. and Re!
+.J /.+ L" nar tlw roihad become. ;nth )egh .-nSoeJn )t uy9h
.fl e* qtg: lwes wI]1lbe,:tbe flnom ot tb#e .wroar th ~or. enterede _the I Qfl sal June+ 30t ,U 9h,(o
Idl 44oz" FtoI. 4n, I.'amopd, L CU le0 with an Ipuxmms&. piece of b~eef in *. ... __........
~IJ' '.i ,.ll p i m|i "a .hI. ftr.;o tIm Ee. to...S~ed.l ut o the floor or Th~roughl Pulilnmu s1eep)[ng ear dlil
;OI~r. _. w1.o5-n$ i .the cage ralst"ht whp and, O JaokmonviheMcoon Atlanta, Oh
.3.l~i lye, te..-;e~.filiag ....oot n"ae"t oe"'.+' Nashvl._Ll~e and ,St Louis, Fr ee r~eoli
__,. .. _...,... _, I O O lo da d9.. t o ppr c b It,. mahe oar between, Na vI e and St.
s;; .ittlrmof tho *1*t~mach, maght bn~te l oay croche tonn atuhv~e mid Qbleago. hs, Is the .(
.* ,A #i 't .' It ftfldx~~ -i r o..o -oo .4 ul .

A I r A' V .o 1 :...;.. of A
p Is taken .IloitOIt that00(. rfl yellow .yes fxed b on thedy PRl MILLER T
t1 iwCoast R. Inflame. ,th meat BUt nton at them stirred. o I D D d e
I: A. *b, exposin the The trainer stooPed, lifted the bee r &tA
it*02AR4 otios the *anods to ne...nud tGBW&d it to them ngain, and In I-- to .
Iiad -b O

j'ilon, rtes of thne nata. nonot t Qo were Iln. a- great
1."". t..'!an...-y -ball, rendlpg ansnarling andg r e rio ua
..,*.of :Thtu I allid tearing. with blood from th0 mangle4 1VA
rPt h stomach. or years I beet kptttIng all over, the, cage. The .4+I m
I.. castarrb o the stotnaoh. EnIglIshmaini pald iwabet land tbentried Fr1
1 nd e*tOn. "Dootorq and to find out how the lion tanmet bhad. ac-
S0ailes .t0 benefit me until I quired .uchr wonderful control over his 0 ne ear, .. ........... ...
0,1..Or Dy esa(r,--9 Re rot. tee1ls.
> .d% Dy4IpsER Oure. ,3.' ". beasts,. At first the mani would not Single copies..........
?ttOil O BSold by J3 8, tell, but at lnst he consented to 4ex _____'
.I..... Pi plain It. During tlhe three weeks' pe-______
4IW,,Tt*ARroNCO, FttNLEY l d of pir ttton tie bad always A andsomely illustrated
:i +,:T starved the llons from the very begin, devoted especlall to he in
arv a a
rkt il.rI 7,..^ ;,lr, __. -I aIxlg, Then, on the fourth day, he the fruit and vegetable gr
qJ'e'b Thi Dl btjrIdt;emxtt
I ..'. "11* te o .lIfe of Thfs Dis would enter the cage with a piece of Florida.
Elk"HrO beef 'm.e twhlih had bee. floakkd in kero. A i,
A~e^ ^Io~lbhi euaae nteo special .ttial subsorirtic
IUdtor Sun: I .as a loyal 010e oi Thp lona o *uld no sooner m ths will be sent on rce
i~~~~~~~iou b ftrS n + +' i"y l Iv"! o!h !b e toce
S,*I.i.4 to say a wod o-,mnemo. poutce u0iwtt than they would shrink Oents. Stamps taken.
tlon l = p I' the.^ lrA ifo f-t1 %,..sokkened 1y- the stene. Then_ _
,oni. outpon A e to -i deserved ai.j I cld throw thet. .a fresh and good 9 I...
ho0 My o bas t6 Ist da ec se rvit Srd ItV1 1n #kt% I& S% AW etan M Th9At.%=% %~r 'i I.~' It t %.* M

4tM';&'T:AI t4 ,,:A ,L L ,. '"""
':. 'N bl' t ; ,a- ,: % ;*~ ''' ".L;* F'' i
",as' "; ; ". :~ .
PI .e. va0r
."i t tW I, ,t" f t. j .f l -- i r t r -f"--5 1 : K I + *t s-- Fl U' .i
t|. .. ,LL, .. ..

on i i.-IF. I_,II
Fl I^'^ *^ ^ ^ r ** ^ il r k h^^c^ SI II1 '' .'( 'I
l-^,v, n n T lMT 0 Rs^
^~ ~ ~~N 4-(iPlf o
, C., # o worthy, of
I Consideration
< 11 (r L

', 1We cover thee importai
^ersolicit a share 4
J : I C. ,
at-" ". Fire Life, A 0ijtj

,, SAMi +

SCt. V tietor Safe and

A r IThe "Victor ''is the best safe
A| iing the purchase of a safe
lL r + fronm a box to a bank
i by consulting us.

vingDatesi 0 L SHMA J
Utah, Information cheerfully furnibled.
i .c o l o I'I"
LUa, CoI0o~ f-r =
an tanti, r ^^ ^
June 15I&lllf
rn -
on sale 1 No
Inc 25th
iles and IA L- -as
Air Line
p Tick-
I Good
turn ,
d tore- 27 I I s S OUTH.
315 a. "'3r 9 00 pi 2 10 p:LV...,., ie. *....m.,.JankI
; L 39 15 | 9 54 E '!1 2 !O p ............ U..i..,,..BI
I1 40 1j 34 P1 4 20 P^ r .F .. .. WI.*. 4 I.,I,
ly between 12 20 pr ..... .I 4 50 pAr, .... .... nAi
a U t l n o o n u ., ,; I. 4 5O p i L v ,. ^ ,, t '+"'" "
mlitn hair /..- .. ..... i 7 45 1iAt...... .......... .Ced
L ouin, and 1 26 p *...*.*. ...;, I Iv............ ... *ilver
v between i 58 p 1 5O a ..... .. I ......... ...... .
)nly double 2 65 jp 3 02 a ..w.. .f... .. ......f W tl
l1e Ohio0 5 10 p 7 46 ft ....... l 4............. F .,. Or]
nd pf- 4 14 p 4 42 al| .. q.. .. ..*.* ...* .. h ... Dad
6 II p, 6 43 a ... L .... ..,....Plai
_ 7 08 p Il 20 a ..... I .: ..... ,, .. I h. .. -*Pal
U, A ,, 7 28 p 1i 46 a ..... .....* ,..,,,Ma
rt+..++ alt .7 5 .13 30 p! .. ... -^, ........... ,--.SO
.U.q lift.. 00 p. (_ 45 aJ......: .!Ar.. .. ...... a"'4."."a
------- NORTH AND EAST I 84 I 6i I a

L-v Jack*onville...+.. w 45 7O Bp .,
+ArPFernandina.,.,... 4 05 Oa 1 0 p ...
A Ar Brunswick............ 12 01 p LO 5 p ......
S Ar Mavannah ... ....... 1 10 p 11 ] a ......
Sr ,Ar Fslrfax,...m P .......... Sq09 p J 44 a ... ,
rIwel, Ar Deumarko,,,..e.,..... 3 57 P a7a......
Ar Columnbla....,,...... 30apIo a0 a .. .,
SAr Camden ... .'.,.... ... 7 40 p 54 0 ...
. *1900 Ar Hamlet................. 95b6p $80a .,
^^ Ar W llmingtton. 4.d .... ....... J1205P .....
s10 Ar Southern Pines........11 I4p 36 aa......
A r Italelgh.. .. .' 4**wm, 11 53 I 10 45 a ...
Ar P rtsmouth... .... ,. 80oo a _6R8i 8p ....
S IArtcehmond, Vq,.....e.. a6 t a 812pO.,,.,
__ _-Azin. I r Wa hlntu gtoa ............O 10 10 a 8I80p.....
ft Ar Baltimore 1.....6...... 126aca B1 bp!.
terests of Ar Phldel 1a.. E.i.... Ip S6Oal.
owers of Ar New Vo-k,............ &415p 6301.. .
I. Connections for Palmetto, Manat
In of six. Saturday, from GainesviliJe.
ipt of 2) Train No. 84, Seaboard Expresa, d
Tampa, Jacksonville and New York,
... -- buled day coaches between Jacksonvill
.- Odining car service from Jaeksonville.





I ~*. I

.' a I
r "i "

6 Y*

'k, 0* 4 7' ..A ..

"r. I -. "*.I J .* ,
tL **. ,r .: ::' .' .t I ; =

10 t4 -OF o SCHOOLS
,' .' '.. *' '. *" ** .'_I'".
^ *^--------- .. -. .,.., ,

VPrlncipal Topic of -Debate.
i.& nd Supervisors
.'"e : ".-"'"" -" "' '
.11 Section of the County
tM.nt *

4 at ?Piblic

. Instruction

tiT.has- ordered an imc
*ting of the school officers
Ity tobe held at the auad itao
ie Gainesville Graded and
1. about August !.
ting is one of great signifl-
se schools of Alachlua county,
kuious questions of import-
Sschools will be di0sewsed,
imong which will be the
I the consolidation of the

the transportation


p1,program for this occasion;
hanged, and a number of
school supervisors will be
he program to discuss nub-
atest interest to their re-
bhools '
L ipat speaker of the occa-
|e Hon. Geo. P. Glen, super-
|of schools of Duval county.
pt will be "''Ie Oonsolidation
p and Transportation of Pu-
f ttom this address a great
rormatioan is anticipated.
eting will be attended by
Ihe most prominent school
rthe county, and it is calcu-
Ki great de'l of good will re-

AA Very Close Call.
ik to my engine, although
It ached aud every nurve was
.h pain,,' writes C. W. Bel-
tconmotive firnnai, of Bur-
0was "I was weak and pale,
ty appetite and all run down.
boutb to give up, 1I got a bot-
etric Bi'ter4 and after tak-
pit as well as, I ever did in my
eak, sickly, run down people
tin' new life, strength and
a theft uae. 'Try them. Sat-
6uaranteed bI)y all druggists.

ome of Ball Will be Pulled
trk Tomorrow Aftetnoon.
.a eq *u i 'i

n*t^ ffn skr Itsan L I gnull A an nil'



1"1 i


Vamn pa.


Jitly 11.-volf

have received notice from CincinLnati
that J. Wolfl, the snmoot swindler, of
who m so much has been heard of
late. has been arrested. He Is the
young Maun who worked so extehgrvely
In the OQhio city, where ho claimed to
kWpresent the Tampa firm. When arn
rested .he had a number of valuable
rlngs papers. etc., In his posgess.on.


Slick Swindfer Arrested.

-1-no teseription of the party tallies
closely with that of a young rnmwa who
was tIn" this city several months ago,
6see ui. ewploymtnt,, anid It lt be.Jiv.
ed tuat It was then that he laid his
Plans. It. is thought that he placed
ordtcrs to the amount af. 10o000, aF.
of which, however, have been eawl
tbled by Wolf Bros.

Extreme Heat In New York.
New York, July 11.-The heat here
today we.s more Intense thai yeaterl
day. The temperature d4li not fall
below 81 degrees all night apd began
climbing up again as soon as the sun
rosailn a cloudless sky. Up. to IVo
o'clock five deaths from the .heat Vf6t
reported from 13rooklyn and two
deaths from the heat were reported
from Drooklyn and two dostha and
five proastrations In this city.

Jelks Pardons Many Convlctt.
Montgomeary, Ala.. July 1.-nExecIu.
tlve. clemency has been extended to
five Alabama convicts by Governot
.Jelks. The p)ardonr(ed prisoners wtor
Wesaloy Rogers, of Crenshaw county;
Ben M. Carireck. of Morgan county;
Anthony L&ttimer. of BullocI county;
Will Rasberry, of Chllton cohinzy, andi
Frank Jones, of Chambers county.


Secretary Moody
Washington, July
Moody, of tile n
that he will leavr
iay, on a tour alo
Itt-. ta (olA V% l-

Will Make Tour.
11 .---Secretary
_bhan, announced
next Wednes.
lfMoapt to Boa.

1.1..* ~*. -
,. ~
I-. I S~~* 4 f~'t *'I
. I %* ~ A ~'j:a~ P
A 'i. *..


t V '

- .... .- 7 .77 ,' "
President Vvist John1urroughs, the
- .Poet $Ntutal i.t.
Oyster Bay, July 1.-ld
V ,. Y *
Roosevelt t t guest td.,ot Jhn
Burrouighs, th@ b Poet naturaulst, at
West Park, UIter county, N. Y,
A eon-IanietI by Mrs. RoIsev t th'if
-Rose...., the
presIdent left 'SaganrOnr Hun about
.9 o'clock last night, boarded ihe ni.
val yacht Sylph aind started for West,.
Park. So carehilly gttarde were th
plans for the trip that not' even th
offleera of the secret srvieo werp In
formed, lNne of the officers accom"
panted Lle president. The president,
expected to Vand at, West Park early
this morning, and pass thW time w.-
Mr. Burroughs until 2 o'clock thi I
Afternotn. The retoturn trip to Saga.
Wapre Hill Will be made without a
stop. -

' V *

". ,

~ I I..

-E Elixir

a. .%~-~ *A '. 2 -1~4-AI. *y ** z-~4~-4 --


.- -.

" q .'.

IM.. 1 .


Childrt otA A$e
c~flt~rn~btAlas Digut6ion Rtp
Bh owesStnus gh
SCuls (y 5' cto at kgsb,. tISWCNEdASM
=Dr IMIt OP '."&" C1. MOprPtT. M. e.. ST. LOUlm, MI

p* p -~ -

~- ~ ~- -__
. *1 I .


... 6Ots.







C r ~ r7:1.I-r- -71

GaiesYille &


- ~- I- -~ *~ ~ ~ 'U- ..4 I. .* ~ I .~- I ~ I I ~ *1 -~I~*~ *II It *% ~ t~ 4**ft*~ .4 hIgh &4m--~ rc..,. ~ ~ -. p




1 yi



Time Table in effeoot Januarp 4, 1002.
_r a -'.J..,

~;twt ~a


.rfect 'Se whIbh t$ pJataiit1 pleasant to tU&3.
'.. t it..
.d.o. an..,.q .an be reied "Ipon to act gent.tly brt|
-X.axai v. thorcighly, cleansi'i the entire systmof |0
Ad mpuriflesh huehh a aeliciae is .Mozly' Lemon-
Elihir. It .is v"ple.saut leraoa t onio, tucI O)table to the
most dL4Icae atmahI
bowt dels-iate stotxrh, d-acts thorough y upon t.he
bolea liver (i kilneyvs wii hl iut the slightest unr,
) "leaa),nesSb ,l y all (ifurggsS at 5() a bottle,
6iit au 4 q11 4 for 0oUt,, c01ld or t-oat ,
Sand bronchitis. 5c a little. ILemon;
aad bronrchitis. oC-.1%at ;ottltt -I em r

= I







. 1.

= I I





.6 &
"17-514) Wo -JIAT.STIIFE'Tq
ix .


.1 .
ate lbe

I restt~na-


rl. 'w' i..

.-.-,--:-..-,-- s-. L LL..a&. ..~ .,*

,SW .. V P
-P 4 *,- 6ther. tT wiIt, be remembered that
r .LQt whle Mr, Pno nteIp.te 'a per-

d .! t. i d* flWEOEM tn furit ry bnvelIgatIon, ho., never ci-
ateS.,M wr moralnz- Iythorough sBtling of the
I4 El.TV -the bY 0 *Ur intb city. poitoffice 4ffahn, swtod during his ab-.
Cst Btowa pow BSOnctap w oPe First Atistant Poatmater fGea-
i a.I*44 0 rear* iS'Six month; *) o ral Wynne made representations to
.or W o bM tot fl~e w eekr '
p,,B" .vI' w 06k@ th0 P)reMidehnwholh caused the: latter
.:i-. -,.. --- to orde r Fourth Assitant Briatow to
4.06 i*4tn 1n1 -o061hmouin. 10 QenP S make a relentless investigation of the
nwkq *and 6qent. for e.asab ad !e4fad
i,, ,$ ln. -altge frad. he result was that
td ad no whbnePayne returned from Porto Rico
... he found the department in a turmoil
Sl nand wa- boeged by the guilty ones to
p.put.a-3$stow.3 lsn Bt anI ohtt, BntRowvit. This
j vapor. -* publtsbed ev-ry T'f "" M, nr 0o 7 Y"
4uv. nt contains atl te he was capable to do, slsce Brtstow was
o o nt aln r.l .P l
'At.0,." week, lootl, state ar flewon- acting under direct orders from the
:..:4. t,U bn mailed..M prstage free,. to any President and had already been fur-
iv" 8*t r0 *nlo001' shed _.a wealth or Information by
4#be.Uitedi. Stte or %3amap weaa oiorr*1OO
,:~ ^ W.w s ",.* -,' nys~ Xm O 4 1, "' 1 -- --- ..
..""__.-.Wynne. About this time. the Preal-
r |4W.*vrW till tbeeooe due after frpt dent left for the West and now that he
r.., ,.4 1 .Itjt* vrttnO=et.n10 ule otherwIse has. returned he has been placed in
Po'.00 DrIt. ortleih no known to
BII.L. .l .. _possession of extensive evidence show-
BaluBred to a -too ayeartxng in ad ..,
%I "r"4?I#Sr m tIPDAvILY SUN, ing that Payne has done everything
".! "j Gazwmv vuviaI. possible to thwart the Investigatiou,
me a -and that the Postmaster General has
'.9eat problems whldh now con- even retaiued In the capacity of. his
SApo, og'olalt'loo I.s I the Ohio confidential clerk" a man, H. H.
Spatform Rand, who is hand in glove
.. -., with the Machen ;crowd, who has
h 1n Is sald and done it mnat be U9ed hie .offce to further his
tttde that Mr. Miapna wouldn't private ends and hm generally.
'V '. ttd h "'M~. Ha n wol abdd hs fnla .oiio Fr
o put." The Preeldent hauled him abused his official .position. Froin
___ remarks dropped by. the Pres /ent,
ip....' t:' ___ there is no doubt that were be+, .ot on
"" '" i __fro_ t a- hu .far
&, :'r blnt t the eve of an election he w,
p~%~I~~It*SLW~~hYallmanfly dismiss Paytie, but. vaid Sam-H
4dlgging of the Panama canal is mavly dtemiso Payng butdat he wtll
9|X .being done with pens at mahogany have the souraga tO doi4 under sei
"'"A-ia "' oaseircumatances is doubtful, lapegially '
a.ss6 I" "* a yneisthefonrdi rotege of Harna.
,:i' ;; .".-.'"""'" ='_' .* -' 7-.* ... -- -- T .
iki iJ t'Uw do the scribes apnd :Pharisees TIn it
i -'iNtoy the news.that the latest lynch- ThI Preb.idont" and his Postmaster
Snfu occurred In that good IRepublioan .General have .ben to Oleveland to at-
..te,. Illinois? ,tenid the wedding or A Bes Ruth'afna,hn
;II( ,.. .' -.I. "-- ...a. *-. a daughter of the Senator, and it I4 re-
d|ltrii te: Mttr.8oott OI West Virginia has gad^ as especially slgitlcant, that
Ihl~t%(iued to the task of mending his Mr. Payne went to Ohio twentydfour
S.:an,..lnone too sooti. Some peopkr hours before the President, his pur-
..alrafdl tIaS obate ,/ pose undoubtedly being to talk over
:i .. -- the situation with his real chief before

I ,, .. .. "- '" "- the Presideit arrived. It has boeii as-
,< II s!mon0.what signifloant &it$ Hon. ot arrived
S\.e..j.fls"th"shotid. pinaeoo. r 'ertained that Payne now has on his
"-"-OIP. 'eg hould -lne ."for -sojournonis
MI flaI.t. t tklis 4t g of desk a report made by Brietow in re-
Clilna:.Uit at twffs stage of
0 ;6to0oo31.. rlivesit, !p..ta~n. gard to the Tulloch charges, which
ai OWNI, ,I Ad places former First Assistant Postmas-f
p.1-.i -_..1,.r 1 I *'ter General Perry Heath in a most tun
!P1.6 0~l for th e Uii ited,
tt d o t K fortunate,. light. Denatd has been
4"rIe t.a.naOn te haasers md on the Postmaster General for a
S Hw llan brewers have copy of thi report, but so anxjuoust i
-1 Ae kb N_ t A I- Am AP A~ copy of this report, but so HflXiOUtl isi



ed th
of pe
the pi
on th
vaB, t


pie fat
In wt
t the'

ng to be In order for us-
Coliseum was nearly full
the time, The chorus,
lite, and the distinguished
president's were on
; the audience was mnasse

^ wide floor Every pillar and
r was draped with the unionn
Sand the stars and stripes," en,
!d together arid making of the root
walls a- sea of color. And the
throng sat silent as Rev. Ialph

Hobbs, of Iowa, offered
The first speal;er intro
president Wis Goviiior
talked In his usual hap]
coming tho v!'tr, to
which he 39' 0v cxecutiv
.MayorAnvw.e!lI followed
speaking on behalf of the
tp ., Ills. refmariks were

duced by
py vein,


the state of
o. head.
the governor,
city of Atlan,

with humorous anecdotes, the kind he
I* f amots for. a(nd kept his hoarera
Iautkhtlig niot of (ie tinme.
Thpe HaptIsts, of GCUrgia were iej)re-
sext&d amrncg tle speakerH by ex-GOov.
ernor Northor, who sketched the hIls.
tory of the Baptist Young People's
UnIoin Inthis state and spoken of the
help to the state union to come from
the convention's meeting in Atlanta,
He also referred to the sentiment of
brotherhood in a reunited country
Which this gathering exnmpltd.c"


. S


Wholesale and Retail



'. "' *'," .* WP, U. CONVENTION. .
J^ ~ 1W~ f-* '" .
From Every Quarter DOlegaten* Com
to Big Gathidrtnig.
4tlnnta, Jfitly 1.-Men csnd women
SoYeeVry'Sectioo0 of thejNorth Atner-
ICa-t corlttient isiembled. In the O@k-
peuam na PiedmontI park .yesE.deY
sMornlng to. witness the opeing of
the thirteenth atnua) convention of
the Iternatlonal Baptist Young Peo
ple'S Union.,
There were visltora from the Rocky
mountains, from thM orange groves ot
Calirornia, frozin the wheat land of
the middle wust, from the hamlets oa
New nglagfiAd, from the blWeak steppes
of Carida anJ from. semitropical Flor-
Ida. '
Just at .9.O0 o'clock Presldfent John
H. chapman, ,of Cht vcago, arose from
hi8 chair on the rostrum and annoiun&



No. 09 No. 29
Dally. Daily.


Four full rItuaIrtl old Monoirrm VIL Whls-
key, express prepatki, for..........
Four full ijuarts olt l irylnl ItRye
key, express prepakL ....-....* .
Four bottles Cauotude 'renunessec
Sotur Mash. express preild. | ....


.! O L Q T4Ti I t






40 G))
a S 1p
a- la -
.i aar1.

9 9 40a
a 0 48a
SlO 55 a
I wit U i
fIll 4is
It15 Ua

Ly lb

I .4

..d ..* .*..,. 8ot.A
.,:..,.......s K
- A. g 4 Si aW IBa a 13
. -.4UEksa4 to*q 4 .i..

A r. ...U4a*a ,1
Lv .'9..-.944apjO bS' I


.T f'r

CL .-


f\ ^_


W2- m -- M. m -



- ...

7 l .i i .. i w l-"


You know-when rich, red blood
the veins, fort shows in the bring
beauty and clearness of the complex
skin, and robust, healthy constitute
that imparts strength gnd energy
healthfulness and vigor.. Good bloa
to be physically and mentally aound
People .with good blood possess strot
steady nerves and are blest with gc
appetites and. digestion, and enj
sound, refreshing sleep. It we cmo
always, maintain the purity of 1
blood then we might enjoy perpeti
healtli, -but it becomes infected a
po'soined and most of the ills that aff
hlwipa.tity and undermine the consti
ticn are caused by an -impoverisi
or polluted condition of this vital flu
VWhen the blood is diseased the si
lo-;els it3 liealthiy appearance, and 1
C, :iplexion, its freshness and beal
and I)UcoIfnes red anc rough and full
pimnipleis and splotches. Itchiiag, sci
eruptions, blackheads, boils and rasi
break out upon the body when 1
bloud is too poor or too thin and nc
and IS nt n-u P! proper lourt,
tncnt to th2 2vStem. Debility, pc
appetite, tba( digestion, restless !(
and nCrvo:sness more oftci comn PfrU
slug.gisl, imI)ure blood than any ot
cause. To build tI) thle t toi, rest
and nntritiot, a.,ain i the ottly rnti
g t :i h %f 2-:Li' '1'lcre is n

- -A.. ^ I JJ N r) i
'rrrS t

disappear, the appetite ivx.tjoves, tl
thl< i scru.ble dererssi ng Lec in cs i
be st of' oir'1 h0 ^t-SI .. is -"
eas.,. It c~nttis .,() ,,n1nnra1s \what
\Vrite I ,ooL. NIt) charge
desired. W a.

IFiorida Ba1


a _


~-*- -'I

. I

,,. .. .
v .I : "
I,~ 1 i l 1 n
l 1 1 2 ir, ,

r .lI rF :*
I *.' I* 1

L41(^' .\J


;, 1.1

4 LA.,,
M1 L 'l a i
":' 2'. -B -

I w

q *r -l
Jeses ertofor"
-t *2*License *
L r! *tMf

,C Orate Factories, T%
Xprs and Many Othe
hich Never Have
|be Subject.
., -St*
licenste tax law is g
rtth the various indi
., declared. Count:
okinsoi yesterday,
iand one of tw new 1
th he had just re
lte printer, and which
i min must give i
. its value under aftf
requires tlie applice
statement of his hb
rnent of the valh, c
bhe amount of capital
r his business. III
'st be a mercantile i
ed pnd sworn to by
e*nd it is not going
sector Dickinson says
I of th6 average bu

naturee of the law
bnsiderable reluctai
lieh corn pels a greal
atu, such as saw mill
&tq factories pnd
La' plants, to pay a I
al tax.
.w will go into effect
Ilt is needless to adl

|p False Claims.
fetors of Foley's
bti advertise this as a
Iflptiof," They (
|cure this dread cofl
OeaSes, but do pus
Will cure in the
ibver fails to give c<

the worst. cases. I
ar 1is without dotu
at and lung remedy
tIes. Sold by J. V

Ii' 1t I 1-I
*1* ~ I' '** **
I J .
. I. ~ ,1
r~.V* ** *

~Z7 '~ ~ _
A mu

Unjacuted tourag@e" to e t. tb*
0Bathe to thq e ad.
ilK' If you are Keeknls to alCtOnmpllab apy
great serious- purpose that Your mindld
and your. heart*.,-tell you is rlbt. you
SEX t must hawew the pirlt o& the reformer.
SU You imttst have the courage to face.
'a trial, sorrow and dlsappotatm1it, to
ni meet theti squarely and to move for-
-IiB ard unsctitlld and undaunted. In
,^Il.*the sublimity of your perfect faith in
4 rthe outcoime you can make them as
^ i.powerless to birm you as a dewdrop
t 1 tAd1ling oit tLt, pyramuids.
SPaid tritth, with tine ais Its ally, always
l1kn.II) the end. The knowledge of the
I lnapp)r'biittion, tli olidness end thq
)irfg to lnrlifftiti'tia of tli world 1sIould nvier
ustries I11 ke yit>i t'SSliiitl heyt "- ib") sxhottid lin-
4ls -br-. .'Ol1 with tliat lirge,, ltroktd opti-
V T a x ." l"t
as ih tliet -t st'ts tlhat nll til' opTwostioit
as no i,., .
of t!it' w'orl d CIin Nt'veor k..ep t )Iick the
iceilse tx~itit ~l![)f trmth; itlitit your work is so
ceived gre-it tliat thie pretty jezlousL&,tc luisrep-
'h pro- r'ent'litl:ttlions ind l larclsliIps e:CUgetl lby
in his tlo.i' saroiiul yonu &l%'vintlle Into notliing-
Idavit. fnl'S, \Vl ii lt (tfi''as tti4 :iiessenier of tihe
int to king for hi- tri-lM attiti siifterliRS If he
elong- katnor tiknt liit, aM tic-liv'-Cm'l hits niLs-
S the. Ls ,I et ? Iar:trg' il1.V'lItktIts, great pin isL
stock aI .ysti ^ ak time for detveloplinent. I1
Is (bl 1 w \f'Tiit igrc: it tltigs p, I)ItY tli Ir priceL
other jtiI
lik ti inalji;1.l
report, .\,tm )Zl' i '"tti I[l11int rnillslies. It tanke
a n1o- r('ouraiin 1% j, 1 butrit n(-)oriis tid-to wait for
to ( tE( thl(' u:1tls. Lefrjl to l , uponl tilt' od(1011(s, tut thilrugllg iltirmia L) (lit'
isinossl lu litinle l< t hile lok tlk-t Ir| yolutr wVelap(i)n flrinir
ic initl tlit[ harizier. Thtirl is ISft'wnyst
1COis nure progressI tllmi youi (ein pereelve,
ice 18 t it is rth lly ( :; Many baitit ttinit 'oiIt..
S, bhasL A iiI \l 1 lici. it .1 h all RVl('r I L.4l t1tiL vlt-
otlxer tory is yours. zmriil theo HI1(oku' elIen1N
1icenis, utI*(y I!MI- I tl*"tl H[1ii'1I f tlit' I)v.wteFr 1$
t.i a,,: i-.:t,! ztid~ ynii ), ry t1)+I1 frI l,,1 hl, ^l
A", tlhat tli't'l benio .se t ey coil I' tlt<1 strnltil, nn Lt ltl (IEn t1 nfhd failTtt ln irtt'" "t '11"o 1 3'1113
slol S_(t Iy Vyoul, t \' n \\ wi 1ll tits''i 11n I t- h itl y3 :irr 1 o4 Ihfig tilHg 'w ill
4 ao^!iira v e, I't It lrt'ii Yotur \vh igiiiMtR thl
ll li Y br~ivt,, lit:iftrt iintl. .sqtlpll2 t nll~~r,( l)3' tlio;
i en ,, re' ;t ,^t i-^r i ti l to) ni lii \ .iftt r I nli!

do nuot rtig lil'e hy t i noble Iiittlt iotibly
IIlainL N1v I ii t;: t l ii i i n 1,lo (Llush. And the pirlc'('
ILivetlyi will lien stit Ii)F l iotti ug.-IFroa
earlier I'4 '1 f r SItI bFy lIIitii
olmfort UC klet.rionlin. 'ulislhed lby tr 1olev's taao I1

)t tho
h Re-
qr. Mc-


ittlers' and Round-Trip
be Seekers' Rates.
tLrd Air Line railway Ihave
following attractive rates

;h pllron.
inoE'! pw~

. A i ~ P ~: phi c


~r -

p ,i

I *L' I I l l / I
---4' I j -.;g ^^^
.I .
.190" "ir
If i *il 1 1 ru I'
- -----,--. _. ,\..- -






[FT"i 20gaas Led aii Woirr *ame 1,3$0. 1,X5


For t4al< -by Johnson Gainesville

sp sm qp



mnhr3tr-y Ijj lti rttt %1it l's r ('4,ntly imnuli'
by thin' dirtor Child Study fot the ,.c:litigo pulbi
8C1I)1M. It waIs folulil, aHmoIlg itliar
inLerIstttIlng ri't.ilts, thiit-t- I Iior e IR no
4-memorli)y ierliiil,"' no t[trloIl In enrly
scrhoo l i l w9ill tiane y lmterIy t) stroln-
szor 1Man i it I at alny later portfbit of


Ill th i''
PnllijL" (


I ~
1~. ~ ii

S I t I :.. .
h hi- i I I q l"

.' I % l|"L S IKNI)i'AL. 'V All 111 11 %lli(1
, j j'i(I IIL(W .



MNcintiory lu
An Inve'Mtl iit Lol

%, -bftm


. .. d




S -
p 4


--~'~b *'-







P~rtoom nm I
Ctanh or


I -

1 .% 4




- r w m T A' r r -



tlia heoa It
In atdvTanoe,
Pl604 a n
ID the dire
The ownf
ftoe* aIgn"q
'Their ruame

buy until:
money I
,, see4l,
op mtatc

Ihttlent. al
prioe. Ci
wIvareut lir
g--tD tltlA

.I.RO- XlI

'^t vikit
,Mlj en Loir, 'i
ne ,4, by i
who for c
yK.uhd~t'4 A
()Wt' anti

Over tn)
va~mlnhto f

t1"lo Wall()
IIitu n^fl Ii
etbr piwIt~i
71W Aren Ii


TY (
TT ,

tuna luit

'.' :, ', .'. ': .- .r' .
0rdanee wth
.. .'I,. on*. ,,ye. .
,i ,. : L + ,

?LI, V,," i,*' W.@ -Iij
) *. .,<,;*2,
,. -*.:' "y .. ..,. 1: ,

r i

r~ ~ &~df~a1~ Ut Wi~tI1d~~tbill K.
e fWTr t; pop, *66 j- JW I..1 f 5 4 421@to^<^ 0 t$44&trethm. *rea-
tAork 0 ,.I 'ATE $ 'r. :' ',, ... the bd.,.I
'rt -., ^ Af!_tn~i'.- ,M,,...:!a vi e e^i .,a-.,i., .,en-ld,. b^!.. Q r,

-0 Ots, t e. 1 60 2?n., b ll
V Tey, -iWrzl4,$t(nrbe fl4cmfl&t Qeroas
r^ flfr^6^~ terC~ 'and ftti t^ jj rt yns I*'~.ntfr t^Iai;(t1.4rnrJiI IW~0et BS~slofr bitt Ifi eclarea their
, ..' ,. -,.f.. ,' '.T I -* : .t j' :8 *8.t..1* a x a U .'-
T.,sin, ..... **.. r d~ rd eo sd r,. ole
-..^ -,. !, A.. I ,, .o,.: ,- .B.__,a_ 9u,_._i and,, ___,_tituu

.' : ." '. I *"" '" 'tt""" res t was rez'"ched. .*.' e... .ll

nPeto A 0afl10S4Itrib by o?^ ^iy 19 V~l 68i/h said
IQU SOMO.fl tot tbw- 5 ? tuflt.t -b sft abe t"dt tmeany
..: i .. : ... .'.- t. eb w when they. wo tn horn

1,JI 1 4 0 41 p e, R... d7'-' lIQ'ta- Ai.:o'LAO m at te r .o v e r -w ith the:r
!1$WSthitthr.^ 1. )^ UpX wou1 taito a different

tlT.,.n ."i..0^... "-h ,*tob'tbe 'vote tlie ioe .,BC to
"olt 41"vith' CU0^ In Ul~tur the bill
fji.4 4 4. e: 1.W.b0"
Jew. .hla oosbl V."-,-Ur 1Buwerof Decaturp ctifd i oa
I;nc $heP$nvrktly:.ef 'thost4 o couasderatt o the action ikof the house
1 .k*p 5tru 4. wb .ch. b .'roubt.p....4... ... .. *42. t, wer o D..u, oqd e

'K`40_Y1i0'tthis .ye ,iiorit, stboat ii efeattn" his resolution to 4lrett
_p5h vpa aofoade j I; I0cunt1r tthe #.:e.
k. ILtheir'dsceto 4 td1 vf t4irro.
I. ., .. # ,. .. I ,.I' .I ,I ." "' ,.; ... ,
flisnre- WAS, MOt :-"b: portionOf county anoQI, tudn be-
'; a s O erppw~samalouyltwee' -te r '
4L Uw, yearit", 1*C the orpp twtr* g4*b twe e negrqpg atd whlto xin pro
.oh.g.onuInp dvbdbouth .while 4.he prtion to te amount of, mpai4 '
3qi,.e, e lrowtnE^ by each. riBrown Mi le h Ba
a .i-Zpdioatfiotsr, th-; -the acreage had many lebterw the* subjec trom
ytt wyk Will be ftUy) a great if not 0cttzes of tof e ate ugtung the adop
ore etle^i*veIyeh.,tbfl'U.I sanoh Jestt...i.tknh of. wOuch Ielg!uItlo ias.
I 'ued.,in&tth. grwers are. avore4 .T motion f toeonsider w lost
Lab 'oLoweatheoo a viva voCee'v te.
SUn1tant,. pon rewest If..Mr. akin, tof dr-
,... J 4 a, _.... [don, the houo.e ook. up his ,b1 .ro.
R The Perfe'ot ,LIver Medicine, v.dinj for tie leetJou oe railroad com- (
i" ,.:,a A:,0io y. ibi suib. nalsloners' bY the People, -n& tr x-
,, tendiI the torma*.t$p~0~~ f~
~~III~~~~jte $Of "ItAhe.i obeo. T
Iw~rttn "i fthve used Herbtn forfoa and t diro. dto thes'a
ii;=i ra:'.2 X UJl.* WOhr'~li ," l.,l11 'i1- '' [ a.s0 erii, and,.- div4' xd -to -tjei a! ,-
S-v tnd can chertuI ^Vee adrt agn
1 m...' p the mont perfect 'mIee" he -- -e a
udl:Jelnead. a the greatest blood for a teeooo read at? h
C iil. d j,,:'' t al Jt medicine of positive ealendr. -
i ,".c.RBndhfull, BCcoip)II4NU.J all thac The .fiends of tie Austn"Mn ballot
i k t"r 1"Mala aira craannot bill, who had county upon the reon- f
ta ,i.odgieenmm int the Syatiom while sOlderation of ttat emeture yesterday 4
i .V. in.-Pwrfeet order, lor une of lta fnal adoptLon In 'ame shape i
.:ttnton. sb t o preve the aborp- by the senate,. wee, aoomed tbo dtaf *
p J.f"evep Her- ipintment Vbo mren actvaoIn sup-
tt! P0.d-bg Olson!..
be0Wms.lent er regulator.. port or t .i- eAsture believed .they
.O;s,.a, 0400hls o :t. Ioha! a.zsu-t.&yea 'OL wutsugh addlflonal T
Ij'1 : ."" .... ."*~. .Itto to Irn" "re Its VRBBS&"e wi tho t
r r *,^.4aUwt.tftflfVtlSn -Ville^ttsniHe, trld, July, 11.- "lPh. when tihe nnte .in _U
$e phe, ,&r.wa ea*.4' p yester-
4't# 4i' OfIre cent trouble I
.:.da"y"m, .r." il-orning It doe 1eop thAta m 1
.Nty- mwhichtf ary ting, and t ^ killingt a._ t

po.4t Prow iatlyl aron the alterat. Ul" wP to t b-_- .- _
JHr .e*t. t aim nd nk LAmble Ltr- St red Him. o
..... .;e#e at.a Mrr'o ideIt.A. was i bo

0&ml "m I wa,,obl wt kidney oom-I-
4#io\nnttactl o (, any kind: udf. then for 22 bo. two years." writes A. !
c; ie :- W~l thbl: altrito0(n ttra; alt h."Davl of Mr.- iberl-im, la,, "bus two f .
," p* :..4.z.e,s of 4..t!s .mr.ln attome, bo title of Foley'd Kidthey kre esonit- '

PH :
I ~ : *~ *' =*

' I

- :
IC.. *i.

, *'. I

1 .i
r S1
,* I '* _

, .. .. ,? ','r*'- .. ; .' .
. : .
.I ,r I,. I

. -: ? :" 1., ,-

f "'

. '...V

,. *,-

ta =

p i

. .\'


. I



i:.. j


A 5c cigar witl
cigar of one price

The Lagest Selling Brai
in the World

The Band is the Smoes
'* .-. .

*1 ~ ~
I- ~ ~a-J~ ,J -h

. ."


>olusnbU3 To ave Ar.otor
0]bli"C"a Pc.:1.
UsKi iy'hue C n. Juit' .-M .


-r, Clem.

ace., Lmer tirasror of thes flaa-tt
mLd P antx Mi,1-1:. 1 -as I-t. fr the
TOrthl:." p the Intc'rtst. or thie mot-
or 1DII he aivi-ot, i'ssswi aro. to
mild [n Colqurnh uv.
He' it1 tritervlcw Ncow York atd
!oetomt spltalsts while away. M'.ch
f the c!pftal wvif lr furnished by
ornme people. The mill will repre.
43t am nrvetrnent of tabmout $300,OO),

A Surgical Operation
s always dangerous-do not submit to
he surgeon'B knifo until y(u have tried
eWittss Witebf Hazel Salve. It will
jire when everything else fails-it has
one ths. int.thousands of cases. Here
i QeU Of them: I suffered fromni
leedisgankprrtrudiug piles for twon-
V years. was treated( by different
pecialiats antd usetd many remedies,
ut obtainedtno relief ftuntil f. 1 need De-
Vitt*B Witch Raz,) Salve, Two boxes
f thtM salve cured me eighteen
Months tgo ad I have not had a touch
f the piles Inoe.-H. A FTisda)e,
ummerton, S, 0. For blind, Need-
ag, itching and protruding piles no
amedy equals ]eXOitt's Witch Hazel


I Atla

Sl vlt vi:
Dupont Dupo
North1 Joriwnii
N A orU Jacta'nvwle1lE*- as J ae kFa

Rapid Transit a

Depart For

Time Table

3:40pm High i
Daily .
I 12:37 pm Ocala. Lee
Daily InIte


"25pm -Palaka, I
)ailY Nortn]

High Springs, Wa;
Albany, Atlanta,


11:40 a ni

3:25 pmn-




Wf r -j, .




I. -

. I k



I 1w.
i&' >~ '
, I ** 'JA ,*:* ;r:~g-.
r *~ I- ~ *
4 -
I *


i1 1 l i e r r I.
., : ZL le &
p:. rkr~nHELLE.
^. .M L'-'.-'1 _. ;M k

A. W, L.4.o orjik.,. I
5 1' I ~ I
*2t QaOrves Another

..I. % -

W With.llk-W an Ugly Knife,
beta .Made: His Escape and
'13 q '". Captured.
----uaQuttngtffray at the tur-
I M. i re Co.,

.rid, afternoon., ruled
,;,, .. o J..,+

4 tiOU Gwounding of George
,nei ,by Bud Roberts, ag lO
i' on.": Mae"is'sap.n

yht have been expected, there
I0tan in the case. From the
-?r nation which could be ob-
t appears that MorriN had been
min to interfere in the domes-

arson of Roberts. Upon nieetm
Fri dRoberts reprimanded him,
|ealtereation followed,
id tha t Morriu advanced upon
: .With a 'e,'kidder," whe, thee
aulted him with an ug ly-look-
ow knife, with erioul results.
itg wound inflicted was on the
otheneck. Roberts next mnade

lunge into the left side of his
R, the wound being laid open

Sdiatoly after the cutting Rqb
4 the knife avway and lft thep
auto ad him winth ant uglelookap

who are in a position to know
at the fault of this tragedy lay
ily with Morris, whom ft is al-
,2 been harrassaing Robert&. for

he Boss Worm Medicine.
,R Kumpe, druggist, Leighton,
rites : "One of my cuatomners
1ld which was sick, and threw
ood, could retain nothing on its
ih. he bought on]e bottle of
H Cream Vermifuge, and it
t up 119 worms from ihe cliild.
e boss. worm medicine in the
White's Cream Verniifutge
.the children's tonic, It inm-
- their digestion and assimniuta-
food, strengthens their nior-
wot6s and restores them to the
vigor and elasticity of spirits
Sto childhood. 25o at Jolinson


c C.0st Line Oflfers One Way
a: B-ra S- LI- m n a- a a, .aa r.a


ih.- l w .... rit
]:. .. .," ... "." ;' g.
i p. '..* *
q r : L ".
.n 1 .". "" i "
_ '__ "' *i .


amui k .a IL vetbeyA*- *
i^ j **i 'y** 'iiJ i! "^ W ''* ^
I. ml .AAA ff"iv.9_fL L we v- tbor ..atll fIN
.derful Mty daughter and I weremOt=" q
il Okatot0useb andlIar breath wor very blt4, A
takn t r w closes do tawsoartm we t ve
wou4~fin y. Thby aro a freth beltit Ihe n am2
l" t Ri tiami bo uoA NASltt.4
1 _Ulnlboi. a 8n, .tucluit!U Obi

,y. T '' .

117%o 4

.Pleasant. salable. Ponmt. xPaf G(o. Do
Qood, Nevter SIoktra. Weaken. or QGTpe. lOc.2,&c. m,.
bq"in LRemedy gnep 'hmka gwt, allNntntiNew !ta.Zi&
NORTOUBAC! :t"tand .iqtarniteerd by 1 allirug-
40owT^mAC~g1:sto tto eiM KtlC'Vobucoo H&bl:

U U ~ __________-a.-

.-.~.-. ------ -in- w *4-n~- .~ I ~ rr ~fr .....~-. .





. i. .."

All diteases of Kidneys, W 1
Madder, Urinary Organ, I
Alm) Rheumatfsmlaok r
aohe.HeartDtease.travul, I 1
Drope y, Femaie Troubles. CU R E
Don't become discouraged. Thet In !
cure for you. If it vctitry write l1r., 1Fneu.
11H lhas spelit I lifr ttitne eturl.g Just uC
case4 aayouirs. AiJ coiihultatilim FfeS '*
"Poryoears I hod bnckaeho, severe palns
across kldtiys a;nd pLcaldlng urine.- 1 could
not get out of btLcd without help. Tho u % oi
Dr. Feurier'ls Kidney and Backacht, Cure re-
stored nio. 0. WAGONER, K ino)lvllte, PjI."1
Drutgifsts. 5Oo,, $1. Ask torCOo()k hook -PFree.I
TM Sure Cure. Yt, re Ialnr,1)
SI-VITUOS'ANCFenner, Fredonla..

Ve, the undersigned, hereby agrA
to pas it,o00 to any manufacturer of
paiit who ca'n llshow, by Isimilar tests,
any paint .antlding Upon any metal
surface as perfectly and for so long a
time as our
We guarantee GRAPHITE ELAS-
TIC paint to con tain no tar, rosia, as-;
phaltutn or any of the products of'
petroleum, and when applied to any
surface according to outir directions to
wear perfectly for a period of five
years, and we agree to furnish, free of
charge, all paint necessary to repaint
any surface where it hais proved de-
fel,tioe. Signed,-
The National Paint and Varnish Co.,
Cleveland. Ohio, U. S. A.
\xvc take pOeauuros in announcing that
1 -0 U .1 0



Grduate BUim one Couot Dentikal Sur
Piie to'ars expertefaleIu te.w York 01
Crowa. Bridge work mnd Winwr SteiaIll
Orrc IN EsspaDl ul ocK; (I N I tV LLLU


. ,"


Dealer In trea .otatet tbonuflt y p
ws.hl every secton ofo land In AlKobusu cc
Corresvondana*e solted.



,n- e1

- uind blade NOw.
We buy or soel Furnilturi* tMntonftraOt
with you on theo comnilsdon r ..k. i'attonle
toIoiIetD atl I s.tLsrutlon tAiY .



COMPANY. New X ork.



%r A Ial 11i



Sl i AYL<







vii. I f-

Now tDo D*& fn
Ol All Trwaissa
1, 0 W. Bam Strnt. Ja
W A. I Tut. P5. T, M.. WshlniOh. D. 0. 8. H
( .. WM..Ta.^.u. A.0. P

* vhb n- .*- _~ iii- ee .e r i



Jacksonvll r,


S\%VMr i SCITIA.S6FA. Il'pritettr.
182 W. For. ytli qt., Jaksunv ivIlloe,
OL 'VOsItC Portoflt't,.

Wines, I

,Te i
$Il9'2+ 1

'. ,it|I < In cityC
.,. 1 igitr ,

I \ . IL*N 21;N1iN:/ S, J'lr i'.i.tor.
\V, HIl y lt., ,TghI'-.tIL i Ic,',

IFaust bivr, bot'ti and (I 1t. I
fall to c'tl l ( IJtI wIIxl. ii eJni tlIw SOI'





,. -- -\'i .it tin'"-.- .
THE ('1Z\SiFV k IL ,A L 'M'ON ANt'.)
li.N V MI)I.N.
The bt!'aLiciqIorI ilr lie (pcit y.
talrinent rvery night at Rioof




I%. 1


I F -tl t




r. *. t | := *I ... .i ,1 ; i *. 1 ,' ** .. .. ..... ._ -.
, ,_ ... ,. ,,. ... ,*.., -. .U
t 't: ""I "t"' 'rm i a
i l. .n ".7. .. .i r ,1'- .. .
L*R "* *" m m B+ c A m m**-m

._ _APE RM A ,
l -. Ip k. I w _'r w ,/
iC SuoesortoSelolrIr* Aldermian)I
i Ovnr faton & CoaCorn Buk. I vIU*
t Speoal attentto m4 Own and BrlICE work*
ritm Phone 704cf I

. .. .- hoh-6 %


-Apm -W -Wp I

= lm!Ii ==

m = ,i l ,= ,. m %1 I





rJ A 3 ~ I
.4. .4 a ... r't ..'. t". r t : '-r k* t t .** .' tt ;tF*k ;'4 t-4 a

41l." ^ Se A'~ l li r '.' .lBn .,. ,:;. ..*'....1,*. .. '-;,I III, ,.. '. I, ,,,Jl~inmelr .rIedIu-i-ion st+ all,
S n H P .
r:+. .- .'i -,. 0 1t 1 o.
I. .Stq^. P'A" ? ." '"ol* -' :""'pri e' 't L"r. .. ..

.:. .f.. .- .ND. Ql l ,i T K B pi it....;.+ *. ,-.*,..m + '...... ... + ,; **.+ +. ... M.H o l ,. d p t '.
I+!,;:'; \ :M ,"!*~"I".*M I.'* 0 In Q) pou..nds *ef. i ci, ,lour,+ for. wPerenl aiiireit .,.e e-iMi oye_ ,io
IKE. I 'N ,- .,, ,- ,| + "- I T + ,. r -' .

j ,l~ '-..'.+ '. + '... :,, ... p + ,-, oet" O on l .A ye te'.y/ ,! _
I' .Y ."" -' ." It". "

ItT rfnw hki._ nf g-e iesh Mar I Ti..TR FTrs l.2
JM J. i h ^ ^ ^mpdlTii^t .Tlm
I ,14h~ I

L. .' .1 .; .. ..a* A'c

j'"'ij"- --o .--- ,--jgu..' 'e. .... -u./~ ., 'UI ". 'al-,., n "."' be "."kin "-to- l .ra .n +. l !n .l f"ed
I1 Au 3L tCie
-; feP Iai 0t Bok Pb~ wa rv ;gK^ SgTS? 'u4* 4t 4epMa *al Anto k4 atd S-rom

.,..+ .,iclt. .,__ da__ ... | ,.O 4 l._. \a 0l Donal--a&! kndsi .^ ^ .nn h truk.
"..-a,'? o' ,ew York allI1 ixl p sll ar i le, r e, a'.n ,.. a
7 a.aid trBC .itW .ic w e .ol a,
+Ip Fail',+ : My ~ l
,-;;+~~ 'A :+

-'y.or. .e ..a .. ar. t.Q t .r or.W WS II.UU ,. P,,
1,w n &*i*lntvii. torWthO ondtnbe doapkta yto ted pL taby Browi; Hw seed ein
1s wil ra Midsetoe redlctions.

p W(haa^ :": .. :nod<. ..d --"f .,--.=+-- -,. s U lg- ny2 une
.' L. .. I J .$ .dbJOU. RmP PIjE Wa .ua .tI Ja atl f r, r a _
; .e..r min ,l :-.:-. .t, '__ ye- M. la rmeh w.erden laro ngter se Jsot was poat,]a ter a
IP bid se toew

a .-tte o. rOakdryo sad Isfhoa reta1I kns alie.,C
Y 0, a t .rK i te city y est e one I Ih II -I
I.etedy I -_ r^ -edn ai~n of.. crvn, ug e^ S-

i :|FB~~re~eltei--a Sth+BOd S^See~ waas: bUleB viio to|i iyya cou f
a tIt 8. L. T.I tesdry. p i, ate P-e of W
#I .7- .7a
irR oNAL aNO *a8QptAL TEM lbaw t A%*uite .a peopleat allaptoe you L. JC tEe o ..dan
___ ___ b P at aW S n at2 Iya 14. floit
J fl Y ---paL I I a d.
|Iit O h"ifw retronteed her hie In LU1ill irfo' twe' It
*SappBnod'd.rWhat 160Going B6" I 2 a ds g fo
Va tO9fVta r a 'Donald
Am.m~ Im ue Voa sr: Int t
.ic,: Thater'H. /b Runs MIe ayLRtd'1 TnioJame Tlulne of Lane Ve wa iona tLFra Un a rotie ar Ut

R5W0RD1 haSH H r VM F i in
WIL. Euhvhu t. UU# )f$4tn boxes 'umolcng tow bran,araltdaltedsuf
Davis~~~~~~~~i ofl R2ck Poncuenitags5 aJat01l. aid&ainerJJ
... Dai 00 V~tdSA*a$uln FGog an rce
1!% I ty.''esterdMAYq. Geoa~
~3itottotbie 3K a~ -vy a, I e sq Rapsy &1 a~g planater and Point, wser i h~
Uw"I & teotri. o ew aYor'k.alo trpoter ot the-'Wacaboota district, was aIAv10ysedy
~4 sspaid~ Se ~ rundel .I....0
4K1 I'$tiyr4i4&elties- ail th(ats ads.~ I I0aiiysedy Mrs.MVeblofAr
k4 jptgqr the ladles IA084tb oeph OCoroneas dprted yesterday speiidi~gafwwesi
V~~~~~'~i Metrsexyn bu hs .fr Jackson vile,_ wbeTre he will remain &I-tl
~ wi~ir~ght way qkk,1 lOt fogt or- moveradayup with- hi. brcaliens.(lu.CSndeiIJts
I taa;~Mf JiA.Williams -of AIRghlIS It .Plefsat3ft, nieatly furnished rooms forweeaogtiOrnell
oR~~~~~~~a~~ bifvsttraUehisioij sigle yrnrng mnen.$1 per week and up. wopi arsi~ ii
I~rI *Use or With tree. Apply Browen Houise.
00orga ]Jle ofi Sanders ofs Hawthor.
a:Sa oH. Pole mamll .t1 e lumber man ufac-'
~~tip4&y were ayIni thet visitors
Stti~lftfda O P41-regsterd i-tt the Brown flouse yes~tereaytedy
IIu Stikln 'aSqud kinys ae ae
rf IParad i se waso --d a
r, A j tt0e er bo gh-!oodsto beai t B uiesvstrtoLd iyys ootiu o
i~~J Ic V atti tedy It aoe Miss Kaeoane of Faifie

k l Mesdauves c.W MaPbOnald and .W. few days, thc guest df Mrs W W. to this eity-yesterday.
I"B. Brown, two. esthnablh ladles of Hampton w. Riggs of Waycrtae,
:L RO:kyPoint, were tradi*g In the cy For your watch and jewelry repair ra days spent peaat
yesterday.. ing consultL. C. Smith. Work always friends and relatives in this
It' ." roo qia 6- guatanstod to be she best and toa last
1cl.a1, For .XWr---Lot f9et quare. 0 fe.e.. returned toQhis Georgia horn
ro*mdwelJi, frulctree and flowers, a
1 NJ UniverSity. Bargan, easy terms,. 0. W. Hart of Paradise was avisitor ,.SBI. Frd, M....
I' ee.1f yeri. -it to this city. Among other business Geo ryer and V. .a
the beautil tjuartte "
tt ./k, Mri. Walter Cloud 0f Alachua paFs- transaotod was a renewal of his sub- ] t tcpa
N.4L' through the olty yesterday en spription to Alachva's luminary. Sri
.'. route to aBoTdman, were she will Mr. and *Mr. T. J.' Swoarlingen and nrnn
:V jiionds eI0a few days. children departed yesterday for White or every 2. purchase I
BoIfl."'to Mr, sand MS, .. 0. Hail& Springs, where they will recuperate holder tc a fine tailor-nnd
a',.. oht, ThpsOsy morning a bright, at the Hamilton 1lotel for the next September 16. L. J. Burkl
.ta..,po.nnd boy. Frleads are rtne. few days. will be a su
Foley's Kidney Ou re purified the Large lot toilet sBaS. W
t.ing4Mheatty ORrtuIoS Foley Kidney
.li_ order to reue --n stock or fana blood by strainin out impurities and at actual-cost. CoId cream a
I.: : =n'ordler to vied u e il at oo l~ o f[ Ilal! n i -++ -r- --. F .. .
. a-tilts a1 -ofterhAg reat bargains, t10R UP the 1)oQe tRyIem. Cures ile. royal oquet,thlwsenator
k, 0.k.od ryceap ptrloea kat and bladder trouboles. Sold by n aon. ertnl a
Ly !"r 3\ot apTc at oury oap p rtce vm Co. Regular prioe 25c box thizi
.4. aom andaMesfu' Mros uel. 1 forre bars. O'iImald &0
I"r.- LtIqnn--o H0 g i Eprints was iu IMisis atbhel WllsuO, a oharmitg .
u;.* city for a few hourn yesterday. young lady who formerly. resided in J t t
iQ Uka-...b..., .. .bva f.n Plt.ka ths city, but whose houts is now in .amongte vtors to
k.:,".: :i, '' kin t. n hn', o, ton PAnlntkj. th~lIff t tG Wh T -- -- -- 1 ---. --- JI

S .' -.-'-' ; '-T :. "
'J.- J,..%. I -, J ;4 ..; ,:1 : 0 .
1*+' : t :,.,.. U1
+I-JIilKIDJ U u++J-xh,+,.. ...


ipcoUda ... ni-oService Will be Held at Met0C
.'-..iI dist Church Ton igtr .
.on1 L. *
A. First bPreblytb4rib n dhurch, t
. gj.a. Ths. i T-y1-.stor-Servilee at 1O:80
a, o'ckloka I. mSubject,. "Christian aHe.
alt*. ajois in OrdinarY Life." Buida3
Mareui"- school at 4 o'clock p. in., A cordial in
vitation to attend thee services is ex
JoneSviJle tended to everybody.
this city .FiIst Baptist chureh.---In the ab
Banco of. h,.epastpr, Mr. Clris. Mathe
.0a _gO, son will occupy the pulpit at 10 :30 a
t pricoea. nm. Sunday school at 4 p. m.
SpIChurch- of the Holy Trin'ity, Arch
nrn. ,ottS deacon Gray, rector-Holy communion
i. O'Doi- 7 a. n. ; Sunday school, 9:45 a. in.
morning prayer and sermon, 10:30 a
of Rocky i. ; evening song and address, 7:45 p
reading in mh. Subject, "Baseball and Religion.'
SAt Kavainaugh Methodist church thi
hdondo is morning Rev. W. J. Carpenter wil
TaShingtonu prencli on "John Wesley, His Life ant
I Work," which is on account of the bi
S ',.i century of his. birth. Sunday school
Iht folks at 9 o'clock a. m., and meeting of th,
ghtes folks pE worth League at 4 o'clock.
Sa Union service will be held a
n and W. Kavanaugh Methodist church thi
Nettleton, evening at 7:46 o'clock. The sernoi
thi cty will be preached by Rev. Thos. P. Hay
Subject, "The Young Man's Snm
guards of mona." The young people are spe
b wy 5t. XV ally desired and invited to attend
but, every one will be welcomed.
Id, one of Very Remarklable Cure of Diarrhoea
es of that About six years ago for the firs
Fletcher time in my life I had a sudden an<
severe attack of diarrhoea," 'a ays Mns
netoitone Alice Miller, of Morgab, Texas. t
Jis of 'that got temporary relief, but it camne bac
ess visitor again and again. and forsix long year

I .[I have suffered more misery and agony.
after ev- than I can tell. It was worse thai
S o death. My husband spent hundreds c
ly "'among dollars for physicians' prescription
city, has and treatment without avail. Finall
C. we moved to Bosque county, our press
A. Becker, unt home, and one day I happened t
e wi ing see an advertisement c f Otihamrnerlain'
Swill sing Colic, COholera and Diarrhoea Reined
God is A with a tostinmoijial of a man who hai
iurch this been cured by it. The case was s
Bsimilftar to my own that I concluded t
try the remedy. The result was won
will give derful. I could hardly realize that
ill, entitle was well again, or believe it could b
ie suit oni so after having suffered so long, bu
lim, 'PTlis that oie bottle of medicine, eostin
but a .iw cenits, cured me." For sal
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sale only Mrs. A. M. Wood Passes Away Afte
l wa an Illness of Several Months.
chelle was
city. Thie After an illness covering, a period c
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