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ht a* .~a. .5r. e of", *so
itt m ie. TBkt. 4"Feob
aaH.MdIJA* 9~im E w'0f *"0
one d4

^||iJQiy itii eQTth&sbf the illS of m&dind can
:tO i:1aced to irregularities of the stomach
h E4 bowels. When these important organs
Sto a0 ',r~gularly the System hecomos clogged With
Sim i ~~tand perfect health is impossbeib. Moz-
ley s Immo~k Eixir is a pleasant lemon drink which
acts ge" l yiand thoroughly cleanses thfe system. It is
Tho potfeqt liquid laxative, and is good for every
member of tlie family. Fifty cent- a bottle at all
drug store. 11ozley's Lomon Hot Drops M oz '
are withat-iny equal for coughs, colds, o
-b"no ',' o throat, etc. Lemon
** Elixir


SG rinesville, Florida

IMen We Want to Talk To.
It be.diAe thItf (crery m wn in t (ii siila/c -w as ( i clothing capert-
if c6vt ey mae i w t 'ri,.ill kw A (i the josiWtiiv ffats i e ( tCca -t hlat
evw my an tli t. 4'(6,, i/ie ,urdd owies straight to i forit b /l(ll clothiflyU7 .
S ach i'ek i. r ill d i,'piiih a. little argl onentwf E this s iUctf(. 7his
tVceIk's ar Unt t i directed



*4~' Ck$MW~

Spe'naklrtng of ,tpeorl.p i on o1I(lthlng, WO
.~zua ia Ia.~a g~'~a~tt )t!abt

Why are the best-dressed men
in Gainesville our patrons? i
Why do exports on dress Inva,
rlably buy from us?
The answer is obvious-they
know what they want in cloth-
ing and thlir discril minuation
tolls then we have It,

1le', ientttnre' w o oy t/ehat ( the,
qulC.-tion wivcre 'pt to tll the rwit i
all$//,y- (m'rfef dreswersi.i (/f4ines-
vtil/, indivhduailly or ofteIvell, i
ai 16 who aodl the beat. ohIfhintnt i
th a J1i'lll,(ltseouu ain'ert( wotdt
be.: Why, M<>'<;Aar ufndel, of l


.rmalttrr t. thai Ij4^ ^.AIth io A* (' : o
9 lltIsat~t i3 h4 if(t~ tiakt'rA
o'." h" "-U w tr ' p i n .. ..T.. l .. i
: their t. -, et. bear th. a.wl 4.

,. "i;^ :;:.: :11 fa || ^ TPitt~ a ~~S~/r 11^

.. ... ,- X L .-

1 E~ra-f% ------ -~

* -* . ....

"i t"a Li' i .- tei' D rs,.

IBott'r.sof :W. t".): rt;i: p B -t w:tg Oimpzly's 8tJ Lou's,

,, / 0, 1, . .. .l*

to 258i

Mir A,~
'ja S.
*.98 P- ^A .
^*aB s~iET .o

SAdga ,..

Jacksonville, Fla.

B;^;N /: ..^* .:., *



inavv ^k h I t9&^adIt^. S t

this a ad0 4 fot OT Ct t
In ad~irne*. e rti oi!.. '4,1n* 'J t V 'o :'^
Please .yover, it Verkse t
the oMenoe 0 iie i.
tos slqni nto with' t4 ttlO ,( ito l .....i).
Their names will not b atel to ttIl riVk".

DO YOvo wanitatewtna tneohlues V-.4f

ne" ile. Fla. 4-T w I ... ; 4
b u y O ftlI i y o gi h a ve <*e n It .:, I ^ ; A lt i ',
ioney i lkeep on hl> nut*ls $iet WI.tot.NA
needles, atn to ataOts wll e i t t!' Ytiii
ot tia holnhe Olq n.l tt ble3 li.,.: aIket l:,'l .ib
ohb AUo. Sooond-hatnnl nitOhthop:s yO tiQWW
.rtoe, Call on or md0rtreo C. i .l ,':t1 1
yUlftll vle. lk'Ia. 4-' lOawt< "'.
_" " l W A N- - _,A l : ,
WA T NTEl>'- Meia to l mve4,: Thorougtlily .~tr' nt iaw
I.onluta. i StI h'anulU'l Oim,,. al,,i. I nV mlftW
Too f i tven, no alto wIl tton. nr .
1l4tl O. I L q1t It A U I K
,l*rl~ ----- -.-
IF YOU walt neat, ui-lo-now oI.O Jo i llnti ":
Ti ut SUN Ofloo I le t oh vlaue I rti .

Mathushek Piaii,


h boost natertials, lintu tos, I anlurti -.
Up Co (itto Ill v aori'
dltallt andl UnI
o i t ti t i ta '.-'. :
Sold by u, coitltnoumly fo, .
without slnt lo failrn, If you i.'
Wa-t s Iintt ft faai rntm'4 ii|
serviooe bty the

11rloos tam low a" Ic nodalot. wii t lio w (w q tl'l lA |
Oal or on ttaiy ttoitnw, Seta on t IN1 f A% '
trial. We pity frolglht. it ,\^.9

Ludden & Bates

Southern Music Hi seA

HMTABIias EU 0 a 1-


.als, Iron, Wire, Pipe, t FiC.
t'hgs, Belting, Paukinglge,

Bought in Oar lia)t. otld itny asy
I^ ; qluaht-ty. .*

\ t One0 of Our Catat)ulne .

Baird HardwareCo



It g a t Pr~~ lo P#I

SAY 48 w an et.
$AVAllAR. t;U G1





;i .i (l;-~~:L--'- ;r_l~.ii ---- :--' lilliiiri_~l- ~I-I-_~L-Y-I--L~. i - ...~__-_i _..i__~:_Lii_.i__-I~1._~ -ljl;~:_l_l--iii?



1 I. ;. ,. L. 11 .-




v -

0 top Oildrrp~'u~"~Li~ ~



W Al NelStiNn of .

h Leading Cler0gymen of the
o|:v t te Advanve of the
ring Man #Olary 0ecausde They
k it WI C T'Mpt Hjm,
lonati, Tpe '.-tUniider the sub-
"A. Morning With Preaohors,"at
ine 8tteet ongre-alonai eficroi
iierberp ^. 1igelpOw, the pastor,
sy in partl today :
sin tihe ctyof J- I hap-
1 to be therf for.a course of lee.-
ad4 accepted an invitation to
Cat the preachers' Monday morn-
tinmei was the labor problem.
ipted to show that millions of
Tio.w creatures, by reason of1
s'titht waige, are comp)elle I tol

Ald IvO iIll COiii.UlnjOi w u1i iI f1 1 '4 "i ,)i*. "IYj I wv, .W1 vu-
thra ind aind discourage, lftnot lence anmd short on liberty. They nover
itA, the formation ,of moral, char- doubt their fitness to manage the
.-I declared that it was thepiaIntlffairs of others. They would be fpster-
of the preachers to encourage fathers rather thifu brothers to the
riwse and just, plan of economic multitude.

iient, in order that tho dis.
lagements to right living may be
lhlOsd4 iand a more wholesome en-
'04nnt provided for the masses.
? 1pt10 to the customs Inth te as--
the address of the day was
b*. ab general disouusIori.
e mi.tu rn..J-o listen. That
8Pi,~ itsn threw no. light. on
V, it< pr^ablem..n but it threw a flood
IV jp 'if riaoher!.
Shelightest shade of color-
to report the ausbstanoe of
t, 4i#rarrks oi this important
e enoher,0 with breezyOoptimis,
h( a4sdo my oonrteltion as. to low
W ilid hbad b ondidtOna, with the aa-
atht the ninuers. in the neigh-
4Vdt 3f Jo .were getting $84 a
so e id t hie had heard of some
Wiotri was said to have made that
ioh,. He 0oould not tell how manty
i4k during the year he had made
'tha'He eoould not.tell how many, if
ttis minter had with whom ihe was.
4164iied to divide his $84. It is true
p'tihoe lspeclat c0ommsleonm appoint-
hby tihe Preoident rtoported that --the
lr go Wage of the contract. miner is
i n.ff~tlurtown to sixteert dollars a
V k; ThBis omminm ion ought to.
knovW But this preacher thought the
omtminlitiolt mnst have been mistaken
beoaut sehe had -hoard of a miner who
gll4 Oi more. How trustful mon are of
an evidence which Justifies their
p.udice. !
'iho.i next speaker was still more op-
tihtiu,. Hils assertion was that Ia-
borersl i Ia i around. J --- werO
|atni from ,2.no to $10 a day,
'Moreover," said le, "ifh t ttare a
Wheo do ntbget entioghi,, we< 't
'enietdy thie 'matter. believe 'Baor
;ut ..Morgatr amid Crniiegite and Itooke-
tfe-ler are :good, coltlcltfious Oihris,
mtsioa and are doing asi well as they
"o for ,the Workingneun, What do
46 know about buintless? Holw ctn we
iv0e them any sutggestions? I ltll you
th., pretcheres art-. tall right. The
iotibl ias with the p)Oople. i.i4 d
-,oro of tahtuisi their heart. att's
"iMAt's the matter. l tiho people will
| timii tt .h'Im right, he will treat the
people right," Timis remark elicited
usltl allmens from the brethren,
AIst' every preacher who took part
i, tho discuasiotn voicod this sentiment
aI(.l*: w thing needed was.. iot eoo-
4 .omio betterment, but; ndividual sal-t
lo Oi.o.. One and. all they declared;
I':hfie great neeid of the workingiman *ii
is Ohriet and him orooitled."
ihfat truth ll th-ere,-inv this thread-
ejhra.e. a. workingmazn wter,
Sand a ottversion l0 Cria.
'made him i sober, t that .et.ent
n to condition would boe ti
SBut supioee he is already a
..... .d .hardworklng matn. How
e.v^i^on raise his wages?
Ulri a bO.general and l p ma.
S At erae In wages save thropghl
I o h e monopoly

toIg~i it tIY, employment.
PmBt that .annoh be dobe without a
>Y n eo ztloumi? Wit twoh,. Wil

The preacher who thus delivered
himihielfwas one of the leading .letrgy-
neun of the city. If -the teachers arae
capable of such ohildish utteranees,
what cian be expe oed o1tther pupIs?
'It thl light that il in thee be dark-
nes, how great is thatdarkness?" If
tho nmn (rom whom light Is suppdsed
to come are so hopelessly ignorant,
what chance its there for the illumina-.
tlion for the mass?
Sti ll Ainother preacher depre iated
,tho citation of these questions siince
there was danger of the poor becoming
WThen -iagar fled from her cruel and
julodus mistress and took refuse in
the dotert it it said thatshe was visited
by an angel of the Lord. 'And the
angel of the Lord said unto her, "Re-
turn to thy mistress, and submit thy-
self under her hands." That, was a
bogus angel. To the workingmoan who
are trying to escape from a condition
of virtual riavery this preacher, like
ihat false angel, Would say, "Return to
your masters and submit yourselves
under their hands."
Too long that has been the cowardly
advice of the clergy. And still the
preacher wonder why workingmen
shbuin the church.
Fight Will be Bitter.
Those who will persist In closing
their ears against the continual roee-
onimmendation of Dr. King's New Dis.
every for consumption, will. have a
long and bitter fight with their trou-
bles, it not ended earlier by fatal tor-
minattion. .Read what T R, Beail of
eodl, Miso., has to say: "Lasit fall
ny wife had .every aymptom o.f of
muption. -Shet took t, I.lug N'*iwW
ioovery, after Iv rYrttg i. a
faiTled mprovementoai i ston
and four bottleiO entlrrly etd 4ih,.r '
00uaranteed by k dWfi e. Pr

ParmIne Threatend I s s*P -Caspl ii
l in d .'. .+ .. ....:-....

,. .PI r u.. Juno .- tIe tr. .t
0 4'n teritory i *thir0tei." Wt
serit:, 'm.~.sa ln consequenne of the
., ripi.i.(e4 Ia ch myri.. ets" that's. .t
taiposaible th*. protect '. <*lI:si and.
fruit crop*"s from ;their rv .-,.
Faminelt ahrelady prevaIe la Wtaet

o nther Danlit B1ate of Q":;Otltervillsit~ lwa,
writes "av hav ad sathmiat tor three
or tour yean be he tried aboui ail
the cough and asthma astres In the
narketi and hl e received treatment

Wunil I tri,4 Fooley oney and T.,
whlao gavo me. itnt edlate reltef and I
wll neveT be wlthottIt in maT hoiat.i
I tineeooly recommend it to it. Bold
by W. 0. Wallace' drug store.
Case of Machen
Waahlawton, June .-- e eM a.t
Atmust w. Vohls, late .upetainfB'
dent of tho, 4ree 4sTve arto o,
the ixostofflCee *ptfMsm*t, wt. u.i
charged with ihUvll citedd t.reb
to the amounatot Ot.,OOl In coaner!
tion with d4&e nt 60otrtetlt, WW
pr"msoted to W9V*4 tda'. .
Chamberalin e Cofk$ (Cotetr and

UDb R*RSIthaft ebatekDct^i^t

aetabor O ep en ra pr
*4it06 tthe harale h60

:Zt:ed : teven.. 6tt 44t;. Tv:!h
'this: ti:e tWarklin m a0 n oIb th ,
g.it.beggsr.y wage, Thet he goneeded.
eis affirmed thiiat thiy oighc to get
more. I ndweetd ).e wer$ so t' aso as.'
seft, that it was, the dii-ty f the preih.
er. to see .that the 'got wore. -
said be, "suppose we shbuldj iJeaise!
their pay, what then? There wo id be
just. that Imiiy more that they would
'have to squaiidmr on ithine sa.loo nd
theater, if we did nothing more than
to necreasu their wage wow'ould make
them seven times more devilish. Let
us preacher demand more- pay Ior'the
workingmenu but let us als&o demandad
that we have some control over, their
wages; let u, .,have charge of their
.money; let us save it and iraoet'Iit for
them, for we know better than they
how to take care of it."
Theea preachers look upon them-
selves as the shepherds of their flUok,
until they got, to Lhilki14g of the peo-
Iht wt lhAee Thev are l An o hnttbeev

fa girs IL 5

The Largest Selling Brand of Cigars in the W

Oiant Ct-varn4r 1Vlli Soon Be Floated
an4d HkcuWme Journey.
New York, Ju3ne 6,-The steamer
Deut.':,hland which grounded last
night G.odney channial, has msffer-'
ed no c:t:lala aitd as soon a sAhe is
onided A'-.I proc,.',,I on her voyage
acmoe the Atk:ntic. In the mean-
Ui; l Wo i A> 1 Ii no dititger, tltLUitl A1h
B dy; imried by a hoavy mantzLa of
S:mioke aid tog.
14ikn-o s. placed on the ftrzt-cli.zS.
pAssergier and .their frlen,:' s b thli
accl-d;rt. ..CsptaiPn I arenids, tl n.. .:
Pn'.in]d of (f. sh.lp, fSiured on r,, ^;4),.
thbe hbar pt :15 o'clock yest:'V.r y a,
ternoon, -ut Vo fiany friends :f th:e
pas-scnger' crowded the v-zrA o! th.
i'.et was la:ttn i getting a-way. I.n 1I1
lut:.rval 1tbe .-sioke had set-tled eve:
the harbor and bay, and tho big stea.-
er la.-' to crawl slowly ou hewr .. Vt
to the open see She was u:m'. ,
El o, bels whoesi she struck and the L .:.-
ie-s were rrCvsr.sed 'but despite tuh'
mhe -burled ftHy half her 'len0th lW
the mu:l. dtirtPi~cation was eztl-,
llphed with the Martonl station at Flre
island, and ftrote there the neWs waLa
sent to Now York.
Northern !Securities Company.
Paul, June 6.aA6rgumeuts were
begun today before 'United States
JujO'ge Ichrtien In th te ctse of the state
of Mianesiot versUli t-be Northern So-
curlties ,oteimany, and the roads whosOe
Control is 1mergked in the New Jersey
corporation. The aitments are based
upon p'ractlci1ly' thie same testimony
In most respects as that In the case
4a01nat the mrer or by the federal gove
errnment. The otate's ease. howev.ir,
tl" pA entirely differt grounds. The
:'federal case alleged t violation of the
fhterrpman1 *nltltustrat lw, The etate's
itse la brought imd4or a provision of
Mse Mi.neabta constItutian, which pe
iCtlcally prohibits h.e sonection of a
--rll.el and compete line .of railway.
he arguments may aist two or three

ILadli and Children Invited.
All ldle and children who cannot
stand the shocking ttraln of laxative
syrup. cathartics eoto ., are. invited to
try the famous Little Early Riser,.
They are different rom4 all other pills.
The'do not puretho ystem, l vena
double dome. w1i JI gripe," weaken
or ken mnyeol call them the
9Sy Pill. W. iL, Houton
Tox., s*ys nothing betterots be used
for .-Onstlpation, iOk ieadaohe, etc.
Bob Moore.i, Lfayetnte Id., say s all
others artpe and ien, while De-
Witt's Little t ieri do their
work well and eay. Sld by Bodiford

Stmasded aesleated.
Ol, Aa lil .Te a three
tiesn from Tortug a to Paseagoula, to
loatd umber oar srttos whlch went
Utooar. ft a ,e ,S ott ..o..

awty Maa ile4 the ,.w lerWai.ve.
A sure aan o* apboee .oebro 2olt

.a..d seriI.. La : qa m if
nenooux0, Iust".a| I or Stoae.
upets..Ultri:$a tU I l <| uitaly

CigarSmoker' Prot

S'T]he band on Cre mno cigar i S to rtect
the smoker. It stands for rept ation;
for quality; uniformlity and cea.nlines&n
S"It sttand ,f Cia' 1:ot alhz .ned ,Ofiti
ustandiloi C. I k 1; 4

onby agitating the
bowels, but regular action cannot be secured until the lIver
secretes enough bile to make the intestines
execute their natural functions .. Unnat-
uratagitatfon, caused by ca hartics, compels.
continual and Increasing doses to '
at(410'-4 the results.. ... -

I P acts on he
livert; cures Chl;,;;
Vingand Fever, and every form of
Malarial, Bilous, lRemitting and lnt r-
mitting Fevers, and, by golng to the seat of the
trouble, works permanent cure.

For Sale by Johnson Bros.., Gainesville

a 1n7r Besin Quanlty.
f or. 2e a s aLed alWorm e Ies.
4,^ 4JAMES F. DAB.ARP, St. Louis.
For $ale by Johnson Brcs.. ainesville

.. et.b.l.'a.ed 1 .

9LF u-IxOTTOSJ& 00.

B. -E~.

Forbftifn and D -tOido Eohnire
)ns. flremO, rmeoianl iiod others
ne, ino tir Ueot, oa oo al'


t A

01,n i

IT'S UP ? dO


' ^ *. ,.^ ':- '' i 1 : i


dr "; :i
..-.. 7 :i:::17

*^ : .... :: 2 7
oi .

*- '*t' * A. * :

Do a Renor-l bank!n buirdes, buy and as5lI
The s eounta Of ban .s bankers. mori a ratio
receiv on favorable terms. e falR
60cessle0 poin tshe Unite ttesas.


- ..... .


Door, < keys and. Wild' G\mU
to 'olh rotected in lAPayet


Hunters Hava Been Accustomed to
Slaughtr' Precious, Game Without
Mercy, an.d the 4ill I Intended to
OhaoiTheir Cruel Work.

The o-llowing bill regulating the ..rs tho p ,'t y 01. wom lthx i)tt d
hunting f wild game in LiFayette giv9 p J I. I, ll'vrT WWooclpud, l!A &

.is agoiod bi and will Stop the reek- . C U
less and. heartless destruction of the C Feunor, re fl4
wild gnme'of the forests of that coun-
ty which' has been prevalent for so
many year 1. K A/ I In n
An Act! to Regulate the Hunting of B S 9. 'T I-
Deer,,:. Vturkeys and Other Wild
Game in LaFayette County.
Be it enacted by the Legislature oft ouA hioti rerular, helty roo not o1 rhe
U r. ibowe ry day, yoUI'o 111 of wilt. w i K1p. you it
the State Of Florida: taowolaointnnCt1'lowoll..t'oree.tIn IIt shn peor.volo
Section That from and after the eZ i. l.t, it liect wty o( min Gi o t boweit
". ". .161. 1r "41d o1i.1i I to tuikQ
passage of this aot it shall be unlawful OANDY
for any nonresident of the .edunty 'of ATHARTIO
LaFayette toYhunt,shoot, trap, kill orf
wound anty deer, bear, panther, wild
cat, 0tter :turkey, quail, or other wild ....LL^,- *.^^^,,3,,
game, fowl o6 bird iW LuFayette ooun-
ty at.any ti me until after hle shall pay
tolon" Ithe o.gate .wardens of sutich
coun tylhe sum of one dollar per day
for each and every day or part of a EAT E.: -LIE CANDY
day that te shall hunt in such county; N uverSci,,, a etou1o U0r ps10, 0.i, lan rst )o
anidit shal' be the duty of any such u o w, uor personbefore hunting or shooting any : E Y BL 0 LE A
of saidgae or Wild fowl in said co,,1 EEP YOUR BLO00 CLEAN
ty to giye to.one of the game wardens ---- .i -
of such county five days previous no- l--" MEN ANDWOMEN.
tice in writing of hi6 intentio to b -gj d hia&tarunlnaturol
hunt therein, an.d naminginn slch no- "rfter t irrltitaitn or ,icrIonsp
T.tie a day certain and some well ,'.h Painle-o u'd not aitill.
allt TNEEVA ISCEMICALCO etpt or poionous.
known plac. in-such county where he SVCINCINlATI, f old bI pronlisa'
will meet such game warden to pay for .5 or.W olt lt pl si wrv pir,
the privilege of hunting thoreil. Any 1- 00,or bottlet ti.
person violating the provisions of this ,rouhar sent o rqus
section shall be guilty of a misde-
meanor and shall be punishable on TO' THE PUBLIC.'
conviction by a fine for the first of- We, the undersigned, hereby agree
fense of ten dollars, and on conviction to pay $1,000 to any manufacturer of
of a secootd offense ahall be punished paint who can show, by similar tests,
by a fine of not less than twenty dol- any paint standing upon any metal
lara'nor,more than fifty dollars or by surface as perfectly and for so long a
imprisonment. in the opunty jail foa. ,time as o'r- -
thirty days. Trials for violation of ,GRAittXiTE ELASTIC PAINT.,
this act shall be before tho o, ntylY. We guaranteed GRAPHITE ISI!CLAS-
judge or juice f! the peaee; and the TI0 pOaltiit to donthIn t t i rn ros"n,, ais
game wardlnes of Suchb. county are phaltum or any of the. prpduets of
hereby authorized and required to ar.- peStrOle.m, tanId when e apined :to any
rest without warrant any person vio- surface according to our directions to
lating the provisions of this act arid to wear perfectly fr. period of five
take him forthwith before the nearest years, and we agree to furnish, free of
justice of the peace or county judge charge, all paint, neetesry to repaintt
to be dealt with according to law. any surface where .I hait proved de.-
Section 2, There shall be appointed fective... 'Signed,
by the Governor upon the passage of The National Ptint and Varnish Co.,
this bct in said county of LaFayette Cleveland, Ohio, U. S. A.
two game wardens who shall hold;their We take pleasure int aonouneing that
office for four years or until their suo- we havto secured eontriol for Alachua
cessors are appointed and qualified, omity f0r the sale f the celebrated
whose duty it shall be to see that the CAH6A iTE ELASTIO (generally
provisions of this act and any other known as Uncle Sam palttt.) ThIt
game jaws are complied with. The Plint has the highest endr!t'ssiiettsa fo
territoryit said county bouinded ats tin, aUd ,.i f roofs'a:nd all eped
follows: %Commencing .t MOrib :and IT !. ToWrA. $ If O.l
running .from thence down ntd along .
the Suwtine river to iti mouth and ________________.
from thelote along the meanderings of
the Gulf ojt tI..to he mouth of BStana- :
hatchle 'i fer and .extending, from 0....11 kW
thenoe ini siitraigeht i 'e back to. Me-.
Crab on the iwanee tr.iver, is hereby *
assigned to the jurisdletion of one of 3 I <
withiniuchittrrirtor, itand the residue
of such eoutityk thereby assigned to
the care of, another of sch gam
wardens who shall reside withtn the .p n .
territory signed to him. The -, P.
amountiaeolleted for the privilege of : ':
hunting itisch county under the pro- :....: ;.
vislionsia ot isetlo one shall go to ad antw l t*i of !ir.
belong t tbe g .ne warden eolleting -Xlp< "-
the saiue. Nothing in this set sall be tU{ IStg ee,1 ras, fO

hunt. or ilL a^ in4. sc cona mo stlo Sewi W& Mai tines, eto
side ot t uManotbs or seas01s pr'ovd
ed for yir:lW: for bhuiting or killing y -"o :,-t "n .- o'i.n' .
such Ea,1a., h^ 1 naothilng herei I je I..n... n711 nrt, T ivUmn AI^f i r
halil be ..uatrtl to relieve on-re- LU T WNil I li
dents of the S'tat e of l-da from the .ret-Ca.s ServieSe L 4

S o 8 AU 31wa and part. ofM OVw O*lwu2 AT
hereof anaw es w 6ps a ,* ts T. LOU s mad Al @oldm
se whaUt t le to im ee y upon Wa 3ta W4ktth3wW.

a ' h alla roliodeapea 1upo $ names sea
..a/W:-Ii^ 9411s7 Twls Tieket. 'il 4'
A' ilia .

-fit"i .

KIDN Y and

BDoab>e. 4TO isouragt. Th1 J
te isa spent alIl tuie c.im curtu. juai .c
cases as yours. All coilltatouta 'i
" your Kidney sod Backacho Qurojae'

G.inesville, F l

iarnes iloek. 60,f a0* the hall from Smlt b's
3 W.PATtO .
a0l1wiii ,a1. Wlto.tunA.
Dealer In r tas S.tite. Thoroughtly poted
wiat every aotsOil ont land In Altohuibutovunty,
Correasondence allotted,
and Maide New.
We buy or seloU 'nitare, or oan dontr(cti
with you on the Ooumllkion bNOtss. Patronage
GOltelted and eistltsfaclon ulways.
PA iNV I i AND t

iJMAPANY, New York..


Jacksonville. -


D, l I. l. i l As rV.AX .

, 00 Q*,*()rown and ridge-weo

1^w. --- -
S iiftIST.
Graduate BaIttlmoig Colleite Denttl Surgery
Ivae yearS'o exoleikRito in Now York City.
rowun. < i w klit F illingnnr Spioolalties.
o 4 W% iAlhoXQUAlRANlTNan...
0IrtM;i' Ew,^ ^': (UrAKiTh. ELA

a a,

13 43
itso A

In, 'ConnIc. With'Al ,N
* ' *.* ^ l ;:w- l ; *
as twejnese' n* *'' ^ ltw"^

8 4& a
ai p
I t (
isar u

Ar.. Cohttoc ,.N. ( .o.... ,.. ..
Ar, (ireenasborp, N.O. .1........
Ar. Danviw U .V .. ....., .... ;,

South side .s..r.e ,
South SIde Snu(r<, .

!M ..... .1 ...~~l .M.l.iJi -il ^ !i gl

77, ci ^ix



J3 ItlA E .,
GAU~ :L44."

l rid ea

| ;i Yi4 q
, .960, 46lll

1-8-02 _
-.--...... -.., ... ....--_-- .. -.-. .... .
WM. SMOtstJ2. Proprietor.
182 W. Forsyth &tC, Jacksonvillo, FIn
Oppodlt.e P0o.tiuo0e.

Best di.ntil place in olty. Finc
Wines, Liquor1 s sd Cigars.* .
.H WEST P.1n
O HM-5I W. Uay t.,. Jatolksobvli.,
F aust beer, ot t le addrfug t, Don
fall to ',f11 6onbt', wIhn.ln <1aJlt'konville


...* .:.A . aHDIl .
The'bet, liquor I the alty. intSy-
tsinment e very itightait l foof Cardep.
Theat we. .-
rpllt.:''bu .ftN i A il .::... ." .

*''* t:' ,,il!.llXF? iBVA.L A ND

O'k A* i0 W Wtq*4, an

ck snnvdh'. -; itn$4a
Pr.h t.rnNo tuz s i 12 to rit4 T

., y ")<< hB ...)r-. J

* .. .. ... . ,* '" i \ '

. 8 k... .i. .h. ... -., :. -... 1

to. or Pot,, t, s1 B
Alrl ISO W.B a.y .L e


JA~~ POT Tt'

** otw
m. *w.;A


U. &. A


10191 p
13*6 a
1100 a
6191 a
Pa k) p


ON p to 111 'B tAr. IN h7oOd! V). iWo f it : '
417 p i,, t ...... ,.va...... .........,,. / I

,p1r 741) Ar WaLingtOilC. ". ..; I 1 i.
S 4 tAa .Ar. N w itt pk .... .. ,.. Lv, I
Nou. 31 indIa .*-' \he Southern nimu Ltuited." Solid Veabttiuled trtlih of Pullnitt i.w
roomt, oupartutent. olutIh. omipoltt, observations tt il l dlinni oubotweeo Jaou J>Co vtiU
Now York. Ailves tlidy. exoelt. iyotltli lo'es oillon t: tle o iue u tlitya.
No. 3i iand a.--"NNw YOrktt al ll~i'rlt lCRIxreos," i mllua x ,tnraAwin'l room ,lttfo(! )01
tliltig iusl hIetwooni Jiul tkourllto lntid New \ ork. Coo)hoi b6tweon J0toultt vonilt) mu
No)s. th a 0la(-"'WitViahlhnitln ltnd lloSrtit [rnltelld. PunlUaman Ar#winu room Aleopln alI
bUtweenl Jluokltsonvule nnt New Yrk, CUotcihe between Jacokllyuolle itUit Wtiithuio,
otrs beotweoneiolubltt-anW id usInirton. Dutilv.
SNo. 3ao Throutali the '"Laid of tiloe Mky" o, 4i.
Il I ......,.. ............. .. itt ,tt ... . .. . ..... y .. . 1 0 .610
0 Ar ..... .,.....,, ..... O hluinrl),t, H. C......... I .. .. .. I
Ar ....... .. .... ..... .A hovU .. U .n;,,.. o, It' . 40
V 87 Ar. ... .......... .... i ot S.Ipritr, N. c .......... 8 ..... ..v..... 43
00 r ...., .. ....v......... Kno T nn. .... . o. o. .... v 11 '
i I Ar.......... .00......... .. (Iln stn t. Ohi.. .& ... ...Lv 16 ::
AChiohtnU -N l l
NON. 20MAU'M- Pllm r nw rootua'ind btiot, aloevtn cor beLwon Jan ston

No,.a I i.tweo a.ckwil. ie > nd the Nor.th Mad WNo .
10 t 4 4 A ALv. iako nviiA le A. .... % .. . ............. ....... .... 0
1*01 046 v. JesAtup,otw .,, .... ...... .................... r. A0r ,
SO 1) 00 i At., M o u,oit...... ..... ......... ....... ...... .... .... A. .. 1v
S 5 0 Ar, Atlxit,. t .........., .... .. ".... v. T
Ar, lo tt ....... ..... .. .......... .........
042 S4I Ar. tOhit i ,tl t i... ... ....... .. ................ ; Iv I
40 a h Ar. CLi6xlliuint. ky .,. ..... ~e .... ......... ..........I.. 1V
S 40 T$ Ar, O in itaU ....... .... ............ ................ .. Lv 1
H a0 a a 80 D Lv. C4O l1o flotl. Ohilo.......i hi 'our Ar..... ........... Ar,
30 p 70 a Air. Omoult t.ti ... h,...... Blt 1\)ltur............. ... ,, ... v. 1 0so 1
310 a S ). 1) LLV. Clu in l Oliltoi ........P1nn, IJnelt ............ .....A ... .0 64
is%) t) 7 o i> Ar. b.l( n gQo ............ 'is A L. i iour.. ............ ..... ..., 14*): 01)
,10 a 6 p Lv.cln fnrnil. Ohio ,...,... ,. A b..-Mon.on......... ..T . 4 t
SO 1 t Ar. oj X P. en ,..... . D. on.. ......l.. o 1. p
90 6 v. nl n, ,O io, ;.,.0 o, I, it--Mti Oott... o.. A 70 A11,
.ti.p 7.1. V 3 Ar. Toledoits l ......, ... L ... >,,, o '
*o 1 6+10 A S A. r. Tolo W oo ...IT,. A Ita. h) S
4 2 730 Ar. Det.rolt, MIo b.......,. ...... .... L. 1) W
3o a mop LJv., ClnolnnattL Ohio ....Ponn, Lneat.................. .,
h640 p v 4 it Ar. iLttlburt, P ...... ....... .......... .. 1 ) 11 '
0 a ) p t Lv. ('Ctaiorlnt Ohio...... li Four '....... .........,.... A...At .
00.p 6 a A r. a.ilevi 6l.O o....... .,............. ......... v. 30 1 )
.780 Milkp tv. Loext& top. y. ...... 1 O Y........;.................Ar. i, 1045 3 a .Wf
708 Sf Ar. liUi. vlliBf No ..... '. ....,....A.................,. b y. l ..p,04
o. s3 ,NAr i l.outi r, MO.,... .. .. .... ,..............." .....Lv. .. "
S' t o.. ... . ... ...... ... ... ',.. A r ,
T. ,. l o g tOn-K I ,cy . .... s oe InV L ho f ... ..... ... ......... .... *, v
Zii*v1 .nt. U- *r*nesi f*a .j
Nom,5a"4ii1 0..'0t4t0l111o 90 td ftS1reotiV" ""olid v4 ltibulTo trlkl between '6
t\nd Cinolntiitl, Arrlves dally f ooaiep Miladnvi leavoes dally 1iopt IMb(My. ,h1routN
idrtwiit roolilde tllic eftr to r Citlogo viai4t Foiatr:V Wto liW VIl s ilat ,i mvit;w
via Pon ml1-vikilt I T11140. .Abr r1.... ob1to r o loul'vtllo!,,, rtjt-oloiwit horwt
via t)i a0lOi our to !myI1I0%
to OlilttuaooR. D)ilin oatr to O iolitlnatt, Also 'Juoiy, Tlhutirmaly iu Atur
ulriallni slelintti ei 0 r 140to Ditr t.7, A .
:Nol. IV ttnd l-,-"-he lle torittla4lmtd." t0ol4 veltItulM" train. Pul.lmntse lwionlw .ftp a A
linij cnnir, 1l)trst,0lnss tlihouvflifnrr Oeuntiaol l(itti dintfln oar. between Jaol!ilonvltle rtt i
Pisil. ','hr)uirh Pulljtueitiritw ntiM rom (4eplna etarsi to Obltoio vhi (Cl. iitto vl aIl i ne lrnivlt Utie tty. mi

goo a i ~ :. $4Ai aj i#/
ile. 1)40. l)l. Aii..ton Ala. ....... ........ ,.,.....".,,.. . A A' 'A,
536 114. A-x r.) no n. .... Ala....... ,, ................. ... ......,,ir t ;#
t. 1 Nr, A )i1* ti l 1* .. .. .. .wo ........ .. ,
IS 45 Ar.. AW mfWl nAli, N......,, .,,........ ....,. ,..
Nostt 1rt.1 Arps l rni:neh~ l >AhV ...-..." ............ 4 ...*........... r,..om 5,;l... I r :W,
'A r A r ilt p tl t ** . lt'i o ...... ..W........ . ,. ... . v, ,^ XAV,
r ^ ,... .,.-.,.,..., ,. .,,,.,t.,l ,

t;.1.0lolt ii-'.... li 'T|ltiirtt .>iltTlG iTit.llfiik drlawing rio l J ieovns0tl it. 1i.i:l. i
rJtoklnvllt.c ttand Kt wi ^t Wntotrl ftiit > ".
J fj :l h) ii IrtiV' .... A l t ty ll o.i A~ int'-V r 1tio;oltl.. :. *.' /: .,
*:* \Mi yt :l:As#t#*.108 W. I1 #ol't ^v1 i, A

saft 00yb-1 1 90..
W 'sii-ihable suitttely leti te iBonliitio piaseperweek. &p- TUliE CO;^ IISSIONE
stowe oil. Manasre $yks 3Iaa L, W.. Jaeeso. 81w
40ew styie blaci .54 a bit* Monarch A cortale barnai -tit od: Uti l I U
*idrse $1 to P2 314Zwas,1Wa del. q' ity, s ~y $ Msreus Ende
|agj..t o rt fMrs' M 2 I 13a1*CdSN of W*do was I. A. CO 3Usoc0 oDtton was amot, Alnds ] I a :
a.bo"ing in the rity yee .tdsy. the prmiscs w eame.w to *010mI IJay"
V, eors eks. new belt. Gobd city yeste!.y. :30 OPCi Sttra r
.as..-sble p ies. a ,,HatmSm cks ir Hks OS~c a tON. PROMPTLY. CLOSED

;i N DUl ... the visitorss t: e s y t
day.k lpute o of thoeO.n Ofe ad rte
p:".e: .d .tw is Going o wawh t in eorr a ong the as te y
iTokI ha S port Paragrh RemlemberiTamsadthe sloth<>g se f J Conwiw0f EverBlndTixerMan,
N k TWAir Line June 1t I* pre b MrI. I. Walawrht of Stark.e has or Any Other Who is jau$ht Sel

... ,C .m ilL ndsgu.e were 8 aon the traders t I th. for a fewdays. Thersafle board prenty
S...ori. f H e w. tr.ading.in cit yetrda.y. H..gh O.of High Springs,oneof the & o lo of p
te Frank *alphBro of Ifathe wajs eRiet engin of the Atlantie ug the Vote of tre weta o dry el4-
larteb' white negligee shirts *sog those who sited this cit 0 a Coss Lieas aong be wvitOrs to tion held Toeday.
4. Mot. End e trading expeditinn yestetyRd .j the city yest*erdt- Tblre was a full board preseWnta

"i' "M iae onday. .

: o of Paradise was regis-
e B 'Dwn lf ouse yesterday.
ee Msyers about those co-.
t away quick, lest ye forget,
glish of Tacoma made the
SpitaSl boin visit yester-

*."m drawers--never heard
e for only 38 eents per pair.
'n Taylor and Mise Julia
Recky Point were shopping
* yesterday .
arty, the logging contractor
.reek, wm. amo-ng those who

.: m*n and L. ogers .,,.of
gs;: werp among the business
this city yesterday
4d Casper HagRsue two pro-
.* '..::,.. r atot the village. by .t at.
re trading t the city yester-

"'" r f rosse, more tfa-
; :.. ..wn as "Uncl* Datn. wa"
oe wlho paid thi city a visit.

to: se en the new style straw w
hey are ibeamutties. Come in
o fit you up with one. Mar.

ion PlWfcirg-Any width up
es. $.;sbxsvt sk rts plaited.
i 29L W Dal street Jack.-

pi *'Ier of Hague, onei of
t and most widelyknown citi-
he ouity. was a visitor to
l yesterday.
Y;ur wath i, eda repairing
*- C. s, Ilith i #ln work is al-
.. ranteed and he never falls to
S o atomers..
ec.ursion to Tampa Junte 1.5.
r rin (rainuaawvIlip. good return-
"the 1'th, Vare, only $2 r.
otsud trip, dS .
%fMn ot 'tocky Point, ciei of
_. 'suigcevgsfij.l truckers in Ala-
.rty, wa. a visitor to (sines.
'L MU*iletWS yesterday.
.. tawhaa departed yesterday
: o Springs, where he e9peout
PV:! ror lrlrfnon'.. no ial and
hool. Ile will be absent

O c'rmkehry yeti want dmi't
^." ...lon 't old. reliable L,. ..
All maWi-s of. watchese an
ha641died b him and hoe never
yo.' pa most Will'. 0 t
a,,-:, .g fltC*r will ftnd th
rr'i:. :'tOnihed romit at the
llut.'Ho Annex, 7f costs per
t Aso rvreral roomatr for'
i... o :tMkpiig. Apply Brown

ln:o. gg S ty,. Mr,i logges hIMs beene
N' Dado City for' th pat few
; but deiled to Oeek a climate
fuirtlhr north, with the result
l' ^to (U iui titth'n vll ThIe iwo
M < city will whi,-ome ithi young
d trust t Ihat he may locate

s''* bt en t.-' trudtled fu'r soMiTt time
ltg ititktt anld our sitotafdi,
+im. warah W. Curtis, of Lee,
'and hase lebo? taking Cham-
s $totnach and Liver Tablots,
tao e hVelpd me' very moit, s6
.. o* AitU eat' many kihhnlgsi hair
I 0oul4 not." If you 'have aiy
wih' your stotnmah why not
'4 i 1tablts at.d get well For
all druagists and m ediaimn

''tlantic 0oe0t li.neo ofter special
)Derolt, .Mieh, In July; At-
,: : : Julyy;' St. Louis, Mo., in
.Knoxlllie :.Ti,,tI June and
*;t:i. mnlmos, Md). ini July; haIti-
I 44.,:i $eu .1laton,)Mass, in
", Ashev.lle .0., nto jne; Sal
(I.., is Jte1 1Nashditvllie,
,: June :and July. Sp':' cl low

.save, you to le..i so about


tenoew It beboov tferybody to have
a rodablalit bandy and taresOi&w
as good .as Buckleat's Arnts w, ,#^.
*d Sores, w^^ ai efc d

Capt, 0, 1. ,Wingate and wife of well as a great many who were inter-
G-60 aflambrevk, after several days jeted ai the election one way or at2e


The commissioners eanvassed the re--

turns as follows:
District Selling
do .. .. 32
La~ro(ss .........-. ... 30
Alaehua.. ........... ...82
Cow Creek .. ......... I
Trenton 46...... ....
Newberry .............. 25
Gainesville .............195
Island Grove........... ...
Micanopy............ 54....
Archer ............. 20.
Arredondo ............... 8
Fairbanks ..... ........ 7
Melrose ... ............ 17
Windsor .... ........ DD
LakeView ......... .. 4
Hague................. 16
Oseeola .................... 6
Orange Height......... 8
Hih Springs ... ....... 46
Be 29
Campville. 5


Alien uooPoy of MiionseqtOa, one of
the solid farmers ofthOatsetion was
trading in the city yesterday.
Elasati seam drawers-never be-
fore heard of at the price. of only 88
events per pair at J. nManase .
Crockery, chinaware and glassware
are among th-e spetialtie handled by
LC. Smith, aitd he sie -r falls to give
Frank Rou returned yesterday
from Williuton aa4 othetrpointu in that.
section where e has been for the past
few days onb b nusls.
"Noew line of men's Kirschbaum
clothing, which I. ab-solutely hand-
made and an i be fotnd at no other
point in thie State. 3& Mauasw.s
C.- -. Pettit. of Waldo, one of the
O*Oft widely known* citizens of the
etoouty. was among those who paid the
eonty capital a visit yesterday.
The W. (. T. t. will hold their reg-
Sr-w kly seetiSng at the reading
rooms Monday afternoon at 4 o'clock,
At which a ful otendance i desired.
For ~ile or faaet-Corner Church
and Pleasant streets (Drake's, cornerr,
store, lviot s room 'up atzirs atwl ter-
vaist teninmrt i&yard. 100x104. B.
C. Drake, Trustef. It
l0entinber the grand excursion to
Tampa over the Seaboard Air Line on
the 16th Inst. Fare from Ghinesville,
round trip, only $2.25, tickets good re--
tuning until the 18th, inclusive. 8t
The family of Ou# Perritt, who have
been residinf in the rear of the store,
225 WVet Main street ,S., for the past
few months, haev removed to the rei-
denee adjohinng Ferd Bayer; on Eastt
Arlington street.
William Dampier of Hague wadl
trading in the city yesterday. Mr.
)Attnplier is ono of the most progreses
ive citizens of the county, lie statd,4
that the dry weather has almost ruined
the crop prostpets, and good-natured-
ly added that King Green was rapidly
advancing ai4d ailed for volunteers.
Chamberlain's Stomach and 'Liver
Tabletsare Just what you' nted when
you have no appetite, feel dull after
rating and wake up with a bad taqte
in your mouth. They will improve
your appetite, cleanse and invigorate
your stomach aud giveyou a relith for
your food. For saJe by all 4 druggist
and medislne dealers.
Having become thoronghly con-
vinced that (alncsviUe is a good biul-
neo town, M. A. Coroneas will move
to this o0ty from Jacksonville with hlt
family a tan early day. Mr. coroneas
has owned a fruit business In this city
for the past few weeks, which hau been
under tho direction of hls son Andrew.
lie ha for many years conducted a
*imnllar business ..in Jaeksonvile, but
recently dispK4 d of the same. (aines-
vill wilI gladly welcome the Oorneas
family, who are regarded as among the
most progresslve Europeans in the
Kirby Smnith Ohapter, U,. C,
wishes to thank all of the friends and
artists who asuited so ably at the ice
cream sale at 'Mr., MasOn* store on
Friday. Through the kindness of this
i enterpritling erehant and the liberal
patronage of the public and the able
assistance of our members, a very sat-
isfactory sun) has been added to the
tainesrille Confederate minonunient
fund. The most enjoyable part of the
entertahumeut was the musical prop.
grari whieh waa rebilered during the
afternoon and on-ing by some of the
best artist in the city. Prof. Leyo ,
Swho is the guMet ot Pr, Guslliatni,
very kindly honored the occasion with
t4everal of his choloett selettol st
among which were "soa 'of his own
euoupositions that always appeal to an
audieou . -
A Frighltened Horse,
unning Ulike mad down the street
dumpig the l cupant or a ..tw -ed
other a

For I






spent in this city as 'the guests of their
daughter. Mrs. Jssie MacFarland, re-
tUrnd to their home yesterday.
"Mis Eloie 1Doiwd expects to make
her departure today for Nashville,
Tenn., where she will spend ihe sunm-
mer among relatives and friends. The
nameroms aquanltances of this young
lady wish her a pleawet, trip and so-
Hon. J. 31. Rivers has returned from
t llahasee, where he has been for the
past two month* representing Alachua
county in a most efficient manner. Mr.
River' e'ffort.id the House were all of
sterling value, and he establisabed for
himself a reputation that will be,.,ap.-
preeiated by the people of Alechua
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Lees of Phila-
dciphis 'arrived i- the. city yes-
teltay and will remain here forseveral
weeks. Mr. Lees is representing the
produce commission firm of G. W.
Strate, and will oslicit consignmentsa
for his house, Hie is possessed of a
very clever manner, and will likely en-
joy a suectssofl tay here.
A. E. Miller of Eviuton, one of the
most progrestive youi g citizens of that
section, was in the city yesterday and
renewed his subscript ion to The Sun.
Mr. Miller paid the paper the corn-
pliment of-saying that it is tihe best
semi-weekly In Florida, and furnishes
more readable news for the matter
than any other paper at the price.
Kirby SmithCObapter, U. D. C., has
just forwarded to h rs. Fleming of
Jacksonville, who it chairman of the
Florida room n the Confederate .Mu,
seum at lehbmond, a sum's efficient to
purchase a handsome gilt Irame for a
portrait of Gon. E. Kirby Smith whiah
has just been completed by Mise
Fletcher, a pupil in the art school at
(tichmond. The press of Richmond
has eulogized the work very highly,
which was xop ed from a photograph--
and has said that the expression and
life-tints are perfect. Kirby Smith
Chapter is very proud to furnish frame
for this portrait of her gallant name-
Hoe, II. H. McCreaiy, senator from
Alachuea ounty. iired last night that
.he was unavoidably detained in Talla-
hassee for the reason that he wanted
to confer with is Kxelleney, Gover-
nor Jennings, ont the Sminary matter.
The Governor it is said has been in.
lined to veto the appropriation bill as
far as Eait Florkida l8mnary wa. con-
cernted, on grounds of reverting title.
senator McCreary has worked hard tot
the measure, and the people of Ala-
eia county realize ai appreciate the
flet that he will exercise every In-
ilueneo In eScuring Shedestired appro-
priation. The Senator will arrive
homoe topglt,

For&.. t Ysars
Mrs. Wilow' Sotit Syrup has
toeea ued by chlid while t"thing.
It soothes thechild.ofte the gin
allay" &ains. ctrw wind ea I*, and

ty-ftve c0nt4 a bottle. Sold by all rqfg
gist. throughout. the world.
Determined to U .e Every. Effort to
:..Stamp Out id Ters ..,
the eilttens of ( te. e '..who
wanted the eity dvy want It dry in
erery. senM of thiei l't from the
standpoint Cf selUing qiqor. A as -.
iag of eiUena, a I called for to.-
tnmorrow night at8 o'alor$ at the oort;
honMs, at which e ) ..atl. wll be
made In bhe matter of keeping the
"blind tigers' sbt t rot the

The error was c.aud by Ut. fta t
that the licene had been missed, and
that the record was seeuted from the
marriage licewme book in the oefle of
CountyJudge Maon, wbiah is public
property. Dr. Drew tlates, however,
that the mnatriage wl:a oeer on the
10th. tst., and s *4tm isat on the
eongratulatious, for both yoa. people
ae vw dwesryhigt and poj r waih
sti who know them. :. '

Neuralgic pains, rhanatijm, latw-
bagotan4 sciatis paine yild to the
penetramtg 'iv aetee of Ba.llaS I's
ow iim to th

are ao ey to le

and Orange Heights, respectively, were
thrpwn out upon the grounds that the
returns were not properly signed.
Both districts, it will be noted, went
"wet" Island Grove was also thrown
out for the reason that there was no
vote there, the polls not having been
Before. the adjournment of the
board Cominissioner Dampier of Hiague
offered a resolution making a standing
reward of $50 for the conviction of
every party convicted of selling whis-
key without a license in the county.
It is said by some who are supposed to
be in a position to know that the eorn-
missioners in this matter exercised
themselves where they had no author-
ity, but the resolution was adopted.
The commissioners were very fair to
the saloon men in declaring the ballot.
They were virtually through before
the noon hour yesterday, but notified
the liquor dealers that they would an-
nounee the ballot at 3:90 sharp, which
gave them an opportunity to keep
open and do business until that time.
A Serious Mistake.
. C. DeWitt Oo. is the name of.the
firm who make the genuine Witch
Hazel Salve. DeWitt's is the Witch
Hasel Salve that heals without lear-
ing a scar. It is a serious mistake to
ase any other. DeWitt's Witch Hazel
Salve sures blind, bleeding, itching
and protruding pite, burns, bruises,
ecsema and alOskin diseases. Sold by
lodiford & MetOollum.

National HolInes A s ociation.
De. Moines, Iowa, June .--The an
nual mefttog Of the National Holtae*s
asaoe ation opened In this city today.
vangeiste Ha rris, of Leo Angeles:
A, Joke and wife, of CTr cago. and r..
W. Eldr, .of Etmporta, IKans., ar
aKsoM those already on the gron..
e.iate. .ons- Massachasetta sad

Coonstlpated Bowels.
To have good health, the body should
be kept in a laxative condition, and
te bowels moved at lest onee a day
so that all the poisonous waste" are
expelled daIly. Mr., ,L. Edwards,
3 f Main St., Withita, KnSMA,
writes: "I bave aued Herbine torega-
la.I the liver ad bowels for the past,
teu o er, and foMid it a reliable rem-
edy. Ito. at Johxr on Trw.

SLat s.'. WI. ... Jue .- The butt
nes pP rtl, of tl town yf .et s as.
,ta wa, laone.i e :",ly .;troyed bty
-Ae fsty tbi$ 19W 1: Ti o i
MM Atca tth k wtryi

Corset To,.

4 w.et. We ay i y '"I
frw the W. 1. Caaeety the KaW
Crqito4 Canop4 ies. Cet.

$2t MA i ., .- We Ssl te
Special Values
... s I lcparof t n ilhA Swe-c
It will pay es to vlsltteueire

Mosquippto anopies
At $1.0 1.20 $1.V and
Pe.So ready t t hea

ullb line of F inE GAS-
ROB ES, etc. 11$iuer-
al supples to date.
Hearse al carriages
furnished when desired.

Personal attention to
all business in this line.
Orders by mail or tele-
graph promtly attend.
ed to.


(118 E. UNION ST.)

Special Reductions in several

grades while the cards la t


States That The Sn Erred a Regards
the Date. "
The Sun stated in ita isue Qf the
6th int. thlt an important wedding
had transpired i this county, the con-
tractingparties being D1)r. 8. D. Drew
of Jacksonville and Mi8 Pauline von
Luttichau ot Santa Fe i&Lakep. It ap-
pears that this wedding hais noit yet
been Dol mtniaea a let ter from- Dr
Drew b,:as the information that the
function will transpire on the 10th

Majority against selling, 300.
Districts No. 16 and 19, Lake


Title: Gainesville daily sun
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Language: English
Creator: Gainesville daily sun
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Place of Publication: Gainesville, Fla.
Gainesville Fla
Publication Date: June 7, 1903
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Dates or Sequential Designation: -58th year (July 24, 1938).
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,O). 9AL O ISUN:41Y, JUNR Y7 J T OENTS A: |J|^$1|

.. .... __0 ______ Wh le KannS TEN C LNT
I rtorWhich Supwyd New Yrk .. adsnce w mus not stand n th
t+.ynffr If['.' .citettn Low. , idLJ^T~iT O C D II. w + aor of t ass to oart out neigh borsl .
SVILLE LOSSES Cit Gt ta : re-erIs N ATI STAR .YIN. a other sotio of te trjo I ANTA FE WRECK
comes oon to replenish the reservoirs all those willingo t at thee ar d
minttee's Report of tr ter il eo grave Cnger Great fistress I. -aug-Si dt s their ofer to W. h raddoc Revisad List aof Victims In
the Disaster. water famine rovince,:i% Mayor of Kansas City. Rn" Late Aodo".t. i
th Diaster. Elance the ioeginnIng Of May.the stor- - i ALiN '-
the rate of 380,000,000 gallons a day,, . _ .. .. ( *'
etic Report sent Out-Lib. and now Oolonel it. C. Monroe, coc;-i Ri, Harveot Promles !, hut It' Conditions About the Two Kansau Each Train Conted of Nine Care.
missioner of water, gas rand olectric- Cities Improved.
riabUtaions Are IBeing Sent In t, lias issued a warning in the tornm Wtil Not Be Avalid1fb;* SeveralI Kanss Otty. Mo.. June ti.r-The riv. The Baggage cars ant the Smokers
Se 8ctlons to the Storm Su of a request that citrus be as spar' Weqk -Chinee WoaMtrely Of, era here are now fnllag as rapidly Were Completely Domliishfd-Pult
Ing as possible of their use of the. fee d af e r a they t(e 'before tho flood. The
fluid until the rughthI hall be fen re for ale tIi has t a ot ad nine ne Kept to the Trck,
1ue1, Ga., June 6,--'he relief broken. Colonel. Montroe says thera' Hang Kong, June .' eotihmlate inches in the past 24 hours, and at 7 Kaasuw CThy, Juai 6--ollowlng iL
; met last night and issued, was a full storage supply of 40,000,-I of Govoruor Woug, oo KW -.s1 prey. rcloe ot this mornts the auge regi- revised lint of the personal killed
as to lives lost, houses do. 000,000 gallons on hand when the ince, that over 1,000,OQ ives art o tered 31 feet. 'i Kw fell nearly in the Saita Fe train wreck last ailgbt
nmber dead stand injure, drought began i 1 starving in thatt province is'p onounced 2 feet in the same tmte. ly Sattir at StilweU, Kans.;
ing hospital treatment, etc.: With the Uimited mens at its di- here to bhe. approximateIy rrocl. t noo the platform of the union Iank ltay, t. Atgeles, Oal.
first authentic report from posal, the denpartmonat haa made inm The distress in certain stricts L abeg w t y illiamll PlAnleld N. J. a
ttee, vestigations coverlny 13 ,d-sttricts la more teunt. p iay above waer, John Monah ni, Pros'cott, Arti.
tolland: MManhattan, which conttute about -Chinese women are t offered .Permanent wire comnunicatlon hba E, H. Ward, NewvttAtle, Pa4
kIled 33; sure to die, 4; q-onetenth of the area of the borough. tfo iale. The rice h t promaea bee opened up between the two cities A. Kuakern, Mnett, Mo.
5; ne d hospital treatment, anid it hns 'ben found tSpt there las wpl, but It wll not h 6lable for for the frst time since Sunday. The Ca t os e T rari do, torto Rico, a
r in hospital, 22.. a waste of 32,000,000 gallont.of water fwrm-tdur to six weel 1 sever. hd ed refugees from Ar- student t Ka unverty
totally demolished, 40; to- a day in the interior of %Tildngs, with. InDtesive relieot opera$ will b mourdae and other cLties who hal Frank Johnsona, conductor of Pul i
of tamilies, 60, represent ottt taking into account the leakage. dioult without forn vsin, b housed i Convention Hall, have a car,
pie, a1 of whose effects --wh-Iph will be hard to i Iwaznig- ben removed to 'tent in the south Uunpown man, apparently a labor..
yed; houses damaged, 42; WEARY OF WANDERING SI.: Aessstanee bi t WMt em portion the city 1of or.
'e families, 60, representing plpviaie from ron:g X{ ae Cat unnry condon o o a u. nown maa.
one-third of whose effects Man Returns Home to Face Chargs b$ tho fltnds avalis. je.oqtn$g -i u Tthe most ttserilously injured ao; e:
'yed. of Crime ethated. The Hog ..cou.t Ju.ne Cev... .. lagaagomaan Owen Patchln, of Ot
'le Mill district: New tee will welcome pub ... ...... ns J tawa, Kanai, .
killed, .6; number mesi New York, Juno 6.-After .amndo rh v a"pin.to4; "n."t 'l of 00 s morning waS 0 feet below the A, L Celer, th Maucheterland.
injur needing hsptal tinreatCh, arls Ster wearied an years, t0 Tsi Olus Sueh,. is in lI. V&e hest recorded .oin The amp* John Green, of t.phnapolt To, .
injr need,3 total injured. oeat Strn' weartehdfo penniless,1 j, '-y to his po, t i%. oUfhe M* heat'Ia t the '(elan ridge ci; Kami- 'thomas Meflonatl, t Temple, Vex
umber now In hospital, 7; b rer d t this city to face any tirn cou'Jlitione in, 4 a e et.eprelyto- W illitan Woods, of Mt. P1arost, Ont.
be moved to hospital. 1. t h i an da to acc.ep.. t -e punish- '"' T'e .poptlatil 'n& fl I Y an, d a stoad'y stream of people cart Wliam Graves, of. teubeanvllo, O,
Athens and Main streets- catgest of crm tho acept may phe brugiht lesly ah i. uItu olC A- 4n sbovels and' brooms Wete soon "1 e trains that collide, wego the
dead,.20; number injured ert 'mlargly. aiura '. 'Sntheh- way to North Topek ra ne dng hos ital trea.:r Stern, who is now only 30 years of KANSAS CITY AK4'AID. elr homes and sores T'phe water {o nt aifrat .hicago, a Noi. o 1
umber in 'hospital, 5; num- age. came hero from Poland when a. f re'ed"utfrom t mai businleI Li)1oo1, te lalif r ll) JUnitd .
e to' hospItal, 7 Ibo. Before he was 21 he was the RSiaef Committee Psas (Statement Vtreets for a distwnrce of five bloclks! E, - o. .. t +.+,.. .
of houses destroyed, owner Qf two small banks and money to Pubilo.'; north of Gordon street. arnd has left h bacit train o ns".d tf -ner f.r:
le homes. "00 ' brokerge offlees.' After some un- Einsae City, Mo., Ja4 6"-'Tho cit-. n acoumulation of tmud tand allm bg wgagJ ca and d. 'e moIe of
h..s street to Pace t. mill hky -.eulations, he disappeared s1 ..d general rel o-eow a2tpe of Kan- th't tIn so en ca.a la piled 3 anti 4 'Tho Pulman cars it to 'the tracl.
dead, 5: number fatally in 1896. Hias banking houses were be na Cit$, Mo., b.ass isuei a ratqmett t.est thigh along the fronts of stores i t ... "
total injured, 46;, number stnumerr^1aged by poor on ho to publi a alny ori th but1 ltag MYSTERFOUS SUICIDE. .
piltal treatment, 10-9 col the loss of money they declared' they fao of aid, and asking that assittce ---- . __
white ha!d Intrusted to the young ba.nmkere. bl enst to 3tCanss .ity, Katm i he WTatehr Hlh t St. Louis. hockl. Dis.overy Mad by Saten
estroyed, 60; number p ,- Stern was'tteat*ed n Halifex ail th*tu ent follow .t Louis, June 0.-The river thtis Shocking Discver Made b St ate
as30 ta ken to Montreal, where h was '1' i "A. we e, ts tm, t a tning wastl, ft a o latd Womn,.
led, 95 total will die 12 leaed after h a htHipp He stys 0i,00 j ftaltatma-e. from wi.hocu ltt ')k Soet during the past 24 hours, Thhe New York, Juno 0.- -ra Ida. r. .liil
led, 261; total number need tw'ich he .then haa Wa takqn awa aue o belye it' our dqty to "i'est of the flood which 1i expteted CouarseO, of North [rlgchton, Staten
Streatment, 0; total num and seat here to meet crta-na. Bter. mt the tuitionn which confronts ua by Sunday, may be 86 feet, and may tSland,4 found the boy of a atranage ma";ip
b .rtial d.stroyd.. 40 to- hyta he trteled ttroUgh, many euo.t;t tho e the 4tt'ettetont (Mr bility.I gio even higher, a the rivers north and hanging by a rope to theotrWaonmo o -
r ieraons hosltr s, 40 t;ltres and baa returned ppuniles's to T7e calamity' wsrcb bits c(tae to us. west are still pouring in their qnotas a door iiin aaa uppor r)oini of her htuain
Ve list of houses dertroyoi meet y j. that may .e 'e is to doubt great. but It not di- of water. In North and S"ith ot. early today. A poll anrat Wa CAl !
es ,resid ncee and cottages g I 'et known' whether a I Louis Ie -river In severatt mltes wlid., ed And found that the nltn Wa sitl
ot include stores factories any wiltl "u gt. ".- o the general publicc of the coun., Along the river front it Itencroach, altve. H. was cut down and re- '
dw molshd I '- "try not familiar with our < ity it may, in on buildings, making necitata y tte fived, but would give nol adout oft .
a LABOR LEADERS TO CONFER.. be proper to state that the two K.. movlnt of h ou sehold goods aid bUil hmpI'f A. moment later b i d ak
f OR SUFFERERS o f e ti t o Misou ril and tht nes .tocks. i onto thr polkean' rmt iatnd 4ted., 4
FR MitcheUl, Preident of Mine Workers, of Kano afT- lt m the mala $tltIl j t body ws left sn te ho uaatl .
tibutio. Are Flowlng Into oes to Chiaego. o.. n high bttits.; otween te. two MURRICANE IN PHILiPPINES, datyreak, prouding the arrlvl of( the |
e re ng o Indisampois, June -dhn Mitch- .ities lies low bottom cutry, '"" ---- ot ner, and r., Oouron, with her s
Gainevllla ell, president of the United Me Work whic, owing tp its accAttiy by Oret Damage Has oen one to f hllare were hyastorleafiro
lIe, Ca., June 6.-Money ra, started for Ohcao to ct e fer with a-roads has ppwn up ir atl 4str.b .- *ping I terests {ig m t Igrt t'eof
lies for' the Gatnesville Foreman 'Jut, who represented the oi "ter, w -er~ ate mny nlia, June 0.-A buraine he A is here not the .llrtt o :
orer continue to flow in. iine *oake of ilinois, ad' T. J' of our whole.ws ht si t a td iIt of Georlgfia dln Reznolds. ..reet the mia ,. turin~ eattblih tlt,. Tmrsit this ret damage bee -'hep 'o' .ld 'poed to enter the home of a str!angr :
amud the fitki. of the ...an ct' The confer section ot 1t $a' river. Te, p lg. e M United Statde tro .d hang himself, A h .4eT appae
Bonoe et ece will t fi tegad' to the local rs?1e bottom anitry bias mU* Vr41 Sl am ,us i porter to haver130011 ly dobte, is a myery,
From' o.rt Se it ot eb scales in those dw-tlet. ,ces.. ,of the w s; ....... r Rlgat .Hartle--st* *e kedmhovev'et',E a'srinotniseeaC'
rme le.t ~ a I ine rpd pt teo e et Pennasy' : ubumu 9A It ..e n d. ., ., -. e IRONDACK rOqswT F IRiS. .
f for v-IuS^ISaoper ofoator uetetre .asle Suite a stnnrleotdea
rnonw Are tSend In, 'nt o* t be 4eijtra ip of sir-M i 14 4 tioe abOikieI i. ncaitts h the s be t a.. .. FlmT frPbiTe aa ea ae a te forte k"
Srpt rt maMw rni oa e bosa tt they were teelected .Beolet saofe AasiloI u d d httd wt u a 9lAh.
direct to tbt hSe u. .t'the oonventilot of t as store Ar, of lA rntu aWo, riruiS aT d O tt 9Or*Coat pl et. ly., ,. e-0'rh
il 'SOuat Sqet tn o far Wisel. at Pottavlle, Seoretary M. B. -t4as.es ,at- tols td IOtl obned ,y dene ,moke.. ..
,W."i.son said today that tleh Man am. .'t!i o ltand.s 1owz among lth ioted States s ip .... as a- .. ashsstll from .Adi dck .,:.. ds.em
.--r .tangement would not be satisfactory. s Wos *,i ft1Is severest sur blows tesr at Ormot'sa, e Rte Clp'skq reoahed *e
a from Port MPblrno., to the minersIf. it It would esttlsh a ts.r. t.ter bbas restbaia hen sea us r l ton, June 6s--eneral Cbaf decedent, as It would ost the miners a l. l o it., ia4 there ev r nthe t w rsM l ff t I. br4 ...
t to general er-bIna copy 1500. reason to te.. ... there ha .w t ve' t. y eleihal

low ing disptch front AeIUt BS t Offer Wlll, Get Reunlos & + As rof te I el eh SAt
wtiatn Gati-le. : Wo,,0-AOw ,orlea ns, *t l to 1.' goodfItsbly te t1 wr f ........ s.itet:, .issr o bovn ot-#
ade at ...... general of tWhe ftuwu So or F Mfau rW :of 0 O ti*
t.y T.,ps o.nu.V a t.bb d au, b there ..a mall ve 'It
try. *l4 Oert< on Vo M e se tot t ah" de O @lof, tJseamy e 4*.* thae the Sgbterp te p.. a'
H ve requested 00 ra. daf that he'loPOd that all clies which be auol, pontb4o, t .f M ne. wlsuse U e Ieamn eu'tf, MntisA. o-ht "m"
ic stpies ed to wt v eors, ite t"he ort n ,ti0o6 ful to esia t et 4 pd ,aeu e,
S-No fu ,immedalit bo~l' it. l t rouutn, as theta 1 1 to St i es anyt Iat!lo tl'gee t*ts u, A p q...p at o A
ary. Sw o .Uds in.hei uSW. tobi i.seaqwt.aghe an otet tti h.i 2sf th .a
.rA e AtSSaj s a most savs %.Oele M. e t that wh ie ei t mtazeia0a 'ta 431 .V i Ds mee *snstfl' Frem V en
eiayao. oe t o mt w osul go to lwislll tit me ez stive *4g l fa he m s -oil .a.t w a.
4, 4 i" 0 "
se. 6-4twet i)t.w a t wa tperobmble thate tohe folUStn I he s aan d hut coe O. 1 r mil e 'e- ., ..''"
trensntt are* i a' Ipt l n-|~ f ~m iteo*ldid cosderdi all vt& hfer -na -s uteo agy srhims ora ,. *i w. Vas

asing nttwortcompl wit h ti c as s, wo l bM co fie to^t isprit the o pie Wes mind4 t e daed the eoma.s .1l the Dx o ts e ,4 t.
"el ... rt T e pobayc mha g th e e tOafl 1 i dve thefos 4 t i* ej vie.tos .'.
: tso, th.agaweamey t Oer es td. g. ohe fa eSS *SaoS of aso tr i sseehatsof as se.., e -
Ilauis Iel e .tt *%tIwo" -"7

tree ot o th has ai .wllcel ast a .t, 1w- e :,;aI s .dr te ,<. "s5 *'
*P...t.t.. 14.e :" S. ;.a'... o. ... 4 v -
e ... U fl '. PM, L .-th n C47r.hl ac tisan.thr u the 0 t

.det e, sE 0* oS esUal tciwfma le h w ihels~-w, asmr Zb* e w Z*$ Ji
0 ...t...w. ..s.btewk s"04
J 1 ie 'l^ ^ ~ l i ^ "'il if i t t 1 t '''A ^ j .llfi iM ^"1 1 *1*- It a ta ~ L fi <^ ^ f^' ^l H -B 11' B ~ il ''1!! ^ ^ >ft t w ^ 'l~ H i' f M F ''w M V ~ w M ^ ''M~ i H '^ **'''f I ''.w i l l' M;i^^iFFr K- c h u rc h .l U lst ^ Ifl i ^ B~ i t -'^jcrt' i''!'" '**''^ **^^ ^ fl

*o ^ a a d'b1 ^ for Aive wed-

A 0l# 4i4 Qp91I41xon1. 10 cents a
^t oente foffenlsh a-
^ a:..t*n aridp. J A,
5t4ar 4WA1^* Wa vertIing o made known

Z*^'btw i.'Wee.ok Sjjn Is an elirbt-page.
fApo-1P r publtshed every Mon-
; pdl p4 bXU14M ana contains fill the
201V f' lee1, 'local, state and eVn-
Sgaod wiibeWmAiJled. ipostiufe free, to any
Sthe United States or Cansda. for $1.00

Iaveisn bis become due after flrst
*PrSl|eeo AdyvWrteaement, uriless otherwise
il'%ilied OIn ocatrfe5. Parties not known 'to
-e required to. pay tor advertbisng in 4d-
16Ai5 Addres, ,l)Z tt DAI.Y SUN


The current issues of the Sanford
Ohronicle has the. following sensible
mitrd nnt on keeping money at home:
Ea# 4you ever Ptopped to think how
rn, u n bSousthe.ery year into theb mail order
departments of the I rthern storesf'
S've you ever, asked yourself, and'
ibave. yoU evetr beedablAto flnd a r Ial
oilnd business reason for this?
Let's sit down and thIink it over a
moment. Does the fact not appear, t
u ^ that every dollar spent at home
as a value other'than that of Its ex-
sot purchasing power? Don't you
aknow Iw that every bill of goods pur-
db oased out of your town or your own
State is just that much money with-
Sdrawn. from circulation at home?
,Cant you see the disastrous effect of
this poliey,-ad don't you suffer, at'
lesatind'ireatly, by it?
: It'ill not be contended that every
man' aid every woman can find every-
'thinig they wait in their home
But the exception to the rule is cx-
tre;aely rare, In the smallir towhs of
S house, tlOhe neersslty for sending else.
whie, for certain articles is more gen-
oral, butr., even there,.the first impulse
shoiild be to buy It as near at home as
possible. The Inevitable results of tills
inter-tradizig, this keeping of money at
Shomo, are obvious.
Tliews thoughts loud to two euigges-
lions; first, that it. is the diity of our
people to spmud every dollar lit home
that Is not absolutely 'ncvceiissary to'
send elsetwIerei. Second, that it is the
duty of hirgt-r iwerehuints to e'xteiid
their miil order business into every'I
section \vlhere home, buying is not
alw ly praciicable; lit l eat to make
every effort to stop this flood of
money thatliL gos from the South every
year into the cofters of Nort'hern n er-

After tstilying and photographic
S moro thnt 40, o) imirt of ours of per.
S onsll, inclutiii totoie of 2 "iO stian
and $.) cIi;rlitiiii ii ;d to eli of o00 alii-
vials, ini Eliglislh fl iliihologliit is
forced to toclude thlat thli Ar gives
. no lo1< w t.o "pit r.rlilultlraits." Thit' li a
hard blTw toli nlld pietin tit who
think they -1411 pitk oit thle eemioes of
S soi,'iy by the ll igles it whielh the lat-
ter wear their cars,
... "ypo,ii*,rs (nll tlinir gooeda, .0 O
ht C l htS ihpit* e l their fri od s, ex-
elo1 Imi 6.Triilh 'Nlt l nllitt il with o li kg
6 wortlhh l sharess. ill-.ciindulted MIhorses,
|i i illmput'e w6i'il, itt14d unistiokaible cigars,
S ldies and .ihimitell of th11 day ap.
:|arn ly sell tnith ili r lO the middle.
"- olas atpirants for tltoiil dilstltious
': hind tot radt i i Ouktr o usli t i w 5 i a orulhinttiiu of touts for all
: trades" .
: A# t.ur ,ly its a m1: sp.ion s his ii tcinio
"'' as fattt ait hi tlth i ko mioly' will
; nie ot gol AtIl tI l itly". If a 1u ,rl is
6^ s. lltcl c ,64d li) haul bith,1 for hli> ,.., ,_

gal it r 1t'1Ak tiort6 (tinl Ye't, Y tnt
is what't I t goii,.tv o i t,%,ry day l t a

Mallnd: o ils. n1 1 I'l I I* t, all 1* "
or: ni a tins' i' 1vu n t .uitnitr 1 1i j, lit st

FWoarkl o 51 Ii ('. atw lr^ 011.41.5.' A4-6 i tVk t!. l's
O;t.uis;. .eli(i Si lio t n lti. '.laall i tlw iis 1 fi4'l

-'.F r ..... ... .t..
i u ri rd. t13i-, .ud' 'tt ,^ ltt'ni lh :llt I,
'.4 to 1 s ml ie. broa. ;i i s ah i area of
4W at v .alesg I O chain of moun -?
6.t6 n (hgt ist *,0(9 fet) rits tfreanI
E a B to west.' The' poplattoe in 1890
6 y tth 7 ',6 6 ''6 '1-au' 6i i i 6~
~66'66.6'6 ,-
6,66 66.C:\'6, 6 411 10S;7 6' i := ,< .,7 .,;:":i ,.

R6 PUBtlQAN8, 9 OAL 4.% O
the Republieo COgrsPsionaT m
In ittee of' the Firs 1on0e46,a1-v
'triet met in Ocl on Tiraay, 4t
for organu tzation, :i .... 6 I
NTie committee was called together
by 10on. H, 8. Chubby, "oh irraB of tlhe
Republican iState Oentral0 Committee
The ditrice con itteert orgtaned b y
electing Henry W. Bishop of Lake
county as chairman and 'A. bhaver
of Monroe countya Sieerotry,
A strong resoulu tion ed orsin'g the
vigorous and patriotic administration
of President Theodore Roaosevelt was

A resolution wa as passed4.i ending
th; intiring efforts of Hons.. John' G.
Long, Hevry S. Chubb, J. E. Lee, J.
W. Coonibs. 3, R. Scott, IV. O,, Robin-
son and M. S. Whiit'i to strcingtilien and.
stivocate the interests of the party.
A voteo of thanks was tendered Hon.
M. B. Macfarland' and Hon. 3, M.
C('.cenCy for their self-sacriflcing etrts.-
in the ennipaignr of 1900;
After a number of speeches by the
following prominent Republicans, J.
M. Cheney, W. 0. Robinson, H. S.
Ohubb, 0. 0. Peck, Capt. J. F. Horr,
Fred Cubberly, F. W. Lundy, H. W.
Qhandler, W. A. Wijkinson, S. 'A.
(len and others, the committee ad-
IHons. Henry S. Chubb and Walter
G. Robinson took up their headquar-
ters uNthe lcala House, where they
were constantly in conference, with
members of the committee. Judging
from the unanimity and harmonious
action of the committee the reputation
of both gentlemen as leaders of' the
RepubliCans of Florida is still unc.hal-
lenged, They are the recognized Re-
ptiblican 'leaders of the State, and
prominent politicians everywhere en-
dorse this fact.

There Is an easy way, if you are
a cigarette smoker, to tell whether or
not the habit injures you, said a
physician. "Do you. fpel, after inhal-
jng the smoke, a languor, a uelikiuig,
and a great depression? Do you feel
timlancholy, hopeless, weak? If you
do, you should abandon smoking at

Catarrh Cannot be Cured
With local applicatioNs, as they can-
not reach the seat of the 1ilsease.
Catarrh is a blood or constitutional
disease, and in order to cure it you
musLt take internal remedies. Hall's
Catarrh Ourre is taken internally. and
acts directly on the blood and mucous
surfaces. Hall's Catarrh Cure is nota
qeack imediciin. It was prescribed by
one of the best physlciais in thil coun-
try for years and is a regular prescrip-
tion, It is composed of the beit toni6is
known, combined'witi the best, blood,
purifiers, acting directly on 'the mu-
cous surfaces. The .perfect combina-
tion of the two ingredients is what
prodtuees such wonderful resUlts in
cu ring catarrh. Send for testimnonials,
F. J. Cix Ny & Co., Props.,. Toledo O0.
Sold by druggi ts, price 76o.
Hall's FamlTy I-ills are the best.
6 *J I^WW 1 ui. ln -lllrrl

Trtol Wth i.. Catlled Moznday,
a.. soA, Ky.. JTnio 6.--J'otn Jo es,
S'.;' jy a;e.,:,'o r('*d eld or le f or
'ut.' "a Jt The asoe will: b.
.."''','Moi Mtel'u.y. ad It Is expected 4the'
v; 1 4 ill blgui I at.* oneo. The
t;..i1t 0tla :.Rtirdialg Fwert'a house, hei
.1l~, ,a;{ re tuliiod.' A comu ikatlono
( {' tli, .Ca n tn .Ch;A' ,tAiZU, *t ylieJ e:. Ike
,w I t- here when .needo. Thiie d
i'fo so l"isnllalin.g every eifort to irell
a, ,t strong front. Mrs. Maru_ I
111, th Altrain hafv-ng told 6eriovaly op

C" Company's Effects Attaiohd.
Lexitunton, Ky ., Junoe .-4flette fur.
ltuitrp,.lxtu,6es. franchtsee and etfecs
et. the ltihegrass ponholMl ted T'iPr
tion company. headed ,1ty ieiator. Do
via, of rDetro.t, and capitalltzed at
$1,.(M0000, have teec attached by N,
C, Alford, on an alleged accoust at
$~.700 attornf"y's tow. D*vin :(4. wt
of the city. the. nipani; proposed
to buldM a nework o!f ater-urbt tsr'
tion llnos in the blUtgram rtegies an
ham begin work. ,

Hot Weather Weaknetls.
If you teel fagged ot. ltIes
lacking th energy, ou a*re. p.rhp
s uff ring from the Odebilitating ot ff~t
or uulitnle..wesithe. Tht .iymp4ip3
iil IIIdtate.0 that a a S e 4a
\u il r.tS a healthy api it4e t a:k
,t ;yt tion perfect, regulate h !l: b_ i
,n1 inpiart natural seitvity tii ti
li .,r. Tids, rterbue will do t i
tr.i. garxti .'ropr Grand 'Tew )itet'l|
C'it -.y, Knl.,.wrrites: "I bae uIe.
lie.rbin, for thp past twelve y Sowld i te
66a~ 666'6f^

M o .e peion were dled ,, .
04C i$ ue evelt traveted through 4o '
Aaekbuay. IR O ees m -d blotches, or the itchbi adburag skin cr
24E to, ington U tI*ae one's life a 'veitable tortsent a n n0
A re' ha 'been iued at Bogo- the ti c to begi the work 6 a and building
t ttAtlii tlat order has been reatorn oow a hed stren@ thoin bthe w kea 6 uilin
4 tBroutoto Colobia. l a youtrnastition, Dringthe n ORRIBY AFFLICTED WITH
l t property of the Atlantic old winter months we are compelled I had a h
est tiumber company, of South. Oar, tU lv i rdooar and breathe the iipureJ I Sttack of k

n be et. tes ad the blood a hot-be of germs et
Bat''azonuks burned a viItae qer and humorsof every kind, and warm y o r :e
Mont and butchered the (liabi weather i sure ti bring a reactio, and from
. nS-'Manb" women O and glla died aditle veoisonows matter in theb lo Periono0 i
Sd their honor. and system will break out in bois and my
'adthanyr. c pustules or scaly en rutisner and red, is tu i

has 'een exonerated of the lobby acourseof S. S. S. in tiie; it will m op t r' Wt.. u.le no,
charge preferred agBainst himn. only purify your blood and destroy the TlE EST TONIC AN Pol
Work hs topped on the mammoth germs and poisons, but promote healthy v her T
S eyind, in sherma.n. Td. S.,e
Mohawk steel' plant at Brunawick, Ga., .action of the Liver and Kidneys and Yamrea. Victim of irn.. .,
the constructing company claiming give you a good appetite at a time frm n sanrcl ,.
that payments are overdue. / when you need it most. bot; and had to lto can
Solicitor Pottle, of the Ocmulgee i. S. improves the digestion and to . S. I
circuit,' is working to have the ball tones up the Stomuach, and you are nouL iro or i e at once. 66i6 c'"
of Mrs. Jjzie Griffin, charged with continully haunted by the fear of well ink a.'. B.the. 1). mbe.,
the murder of her husband, raised. indigestion every time you eat, or ove used as alpe ti'. ., "-'
troubled with dizziness, nervousness orartonn I '. S, ,''
The case of August W. Machen, a~.d eplessness. There is no r on 611; Kailroa street, 1.., d
cuase'd of accepting bribes while th o dread the coming of warn vwelter if you have yor system n f rti
government service, hs been present-o and the blood iit abormal, healtL-y condition. It is the pollu. .
ed to the grand jury at Wahington. blood that in vite disease plerms, icrobe and poisons of ever ] 4
CoIlbnel of Cavalry J.oaqula Jimines, bring cn lo.:g train of spring an! sGi:rmer ailinents, break c '' t:'
well known In military as well a In' stitution, and produce weak ness, lhseiude, a::d other ,eObilitatND ,
socIal circles at Orizaba, Mex., Is dead, i Eczemna, Acne, Nettle-rash, Poison Oak and Ivy, rand other i::' : s
hirn. the. T'uxepbe revolution he troubles are sure tp make their appearance unless the humor:; :.i ,!i
coniaded the rural forces, sustain- i a i are antidoted and the thin, i
Ing the established government. nade rich and strong be 'oc c.
What la believed to 'be the first sy of wara vweathcer.
tem t( rrlgation farming ever adopt- A course of',-dS. S. r. 1 'o
ed g this state to any extent hat a tafe precaution anxd a g-(. ::
been Inaugurated on the fu.rm at the and enable you to pass : s ,,
State insane asylum at Binghanon, through the hot, sultry .' t a
N, Y.' t was made necessary by the escape the diseases common to spring a:gd sunnmer. S. S. S. i ; i :1a
drought. purely vegetable and is recognized as the best blood purifier a:: It. :
S I tch from Pu h, N. 'VigoratLing and pleasantof alltonics. Writelfrorurbookn "'t
" A aath frm. aul mh, N. 7., Its Diseases."" C ,,WFT' ,SPEIFIC CO'1 A ,~ FL '
Says that in the last 24 houwr the -
forest flresare ieporte to have craoss- -
ed 'St. ReLis mountain In the Yrc- RI OiL'ETT GUU Chrolera mInag
.te camps on the paper St. lsrrhoea,D yscnter
Regis lke, and eaten their way the Bowel Troubit
though the private park of William iLt b Children of AnyA
Rockefeller. Mr. Roekerfeller haas IBnd D nhe B ,o Stre
sent out calls for men, and '50 Ire ASA the Child nd ai
fighters' were secured' in Malone to .re- -osts Oly 25 cets at rUgsts, the Child and EAS
Enforce those who have been flhting Ori mail 26 cetsa to C. J. MOPFETT, M. D., ST. LOUIS,.
the flames. In the park for esdvral ur by CNo..1900 .-walsflItadvled by our family physlolan'ni Oharleton to is T6 T
tIth when he was but a very younh Infant, a a preventve qtcollo and to waBm and Bw6.,.n ths.to
days. of late lwa usefrl in teething troubles, adits erect ha been fo4to besobveryboaeflohtandp .frrssfronl,
j s*, . U3.C -Z ns ,'

North," to Make Address.
Moentgom~i, Ala., June 6.-Ehx-Gov
ernor W. .'.tTotthet,, of Georgia, has
been ielt", ,li the Alabama1 o0m-
uere iI 4liiht~lI- aaaoct*11t6 to
dellyir 'tie (prlit-lpal Wddiss la Mo.,
bile June 1 d 19. He will. speak
an Agriculture in
the Sootuh." Matiy prominent men. will
address the meeting.

'M.r. Greene WlIR'StilV Go Armend.
New-AY6rk, June 5.-4Mrs Hetty
Green, known as the richest woni.ani in
the Worl, hias called on Police Com-
mftisloner Greene, and ts alid to have
secured the renewal of her permit, re-
Sceived one year ago, to earry a revol.
ver. Th first permit was granted
apon her statement that she often oar-
.ied large, las of m.oney.

at commonulT nherlted.
Fey are enitltely free from It
Pale, weak, puny children i e
affilcted witlt It ti nine cases ot0t of
ten, and many adalits suter from it.
Common IndloatUons are bunches in
the neck, absceekii, cutaeons erup-.
ttons, liutflamd eyelldt, oyre es r
riakets, catarr. waiting, and general

Hood's SarsaparIlla

radlcate it, positively and absolute.
ly. This statement ti baed on the
thousand' of permanent cures these
*iked'inets bo wrought.
Mty datagter htid acrfula. with e lven
oreseon btrar 'l 0 abo"t here i. od's
Bnritparli. wahliy receoataede4 eau8
shie ook It nI ws ia' Bbe Sd e 1 nw ia
good health, J. U. J ous, PWrftr
Hcod's S*fttpparita prowftoi *
oune'am promI *

Fruit af l uk flwer

.bmgade emg1 .10

A hand dalm Is$t tcd Iui n a
MOthe *a0t w .b- hwrti of
^ti^,, ^ ^^^ *,.'

I LUA wA u uiioluui 011 i.l uiJ .S u uek .U IUHBt n ruu Sylu pK U f rJB mtat wo hav O e! co me to ard. It, ;:,.r 11 v, 'i 1
91114Tcn, aoneo the ee ticwhen therels anew laby in the houseand until the teethlng t r. I. r ,
we tako pleauro In reco mendingit toourft fendu Instead of the horrid stuff that so many pPo' kr6 p
baby, qat. HA WELLM. AYER, (anAmget Daily Ttimesand Weekly Ti,- Mlssen.er,

EiQ8'I'A .QBLJSgEmi' 1809.




iu Seed or Lint" ,argo or Simall Qlintitles.
Advances made. Warehous" charges free. FI rn i e
made by letter or wire. Correspon1-
once soliCited.

Gainesvlle& Gulf Railway Compa
Time Table in effect, January 4, 10.l

.tilf Dy. N 1 TA1%. 'No .
SUt s 7. TATIONS. Dlly. Th

.. ::...... .. Irvila ........
........ ......... ... .... aT t..... . .: :
,. ....... ........ ...... l e lic ..... ... ,., ... . ..
8 ... .. .. ... 'VO ....... .t. .. ... .

$ 6. .. I .. .... ..... 'W i ',t,t o' 4 . .......... .... :
8 .. ,.... ....... ........ .. . .
8 ........ .... 1 :.: 9 f

1 ... l0 Gt. ho4'....' .
86 9 A L e & ,nt

It 20 18 7 17 8 17

S. .. .

A .... 1* ... ..A. ....... r I-I, "'Eu .....

I"T' 'A A ai t*iII i t runh n l i r .t ld 1

JI a sup

i1 .

--- ~ ry~]



tl~~"~"~c"~~clm3*"i- ~~T~-~-~n~lT ~.........,i --.-.~ ;--





Milo 1 0 ,0I. famOus planist, will
I spt riitl0one for the benefit. of
the Oak atl baseball team .-Tuesday
ad Weda6saay evenings. '
p.rof'. pytis one of the, finest, piari.
iatsitxi this o ntry, and his work is
highly 'ppreciated here, where he
gave' sI'yr0 re6ita isa few weeks ago.
Of his .reoitKlaWe publish the following
'opin!On ,. ": .. -
Milo., Dey lays with wonderful skill
anS4 p0we'06t depression. Personally
Ihe it ,an"ti'ff ib and pleasant gentle-
man who is a pleasure to mect.
Those.whphear. his wonderful play-
ing in Leeebug a re hhiqfriendsand hope
that he will coie this way again,--
Leesburg O0mmorcial.
Milo Pey is. a truly marvdylous in-
terpretei'1 of the masters. His re-
cital lasttiight was wonderful, one of
the best, (f hot the best, ever heard in
A eultired audience greeted Milo
Deyo last night, and very one present
was delighted at the power of the
world4famed musician. Nothing in
musical Qircles has been given hero in
years to compare with this entertain-
Tickets may be secured at Miller &
List of Various Places of Worship, To-
o.. gather With Sdbjects.
Services will be observed at the va-
rious places of worship today as fol-
lows ;
First Presbyterian church, Rev. T.
P. Hay-4Morning service beginningat
10:30 o'clock. Subject, "Decay of Our
Manhood." Siunday school at 4 A'eloek,
and service in the evening at 7:45
o'plock. Subject for the evening,
Kavanaugh Methodist church, Rev.
W. J. Oarpenter--Sunday school at
9:30 a. m.; imorning.service at 10:80 a.
m. by Rev. L. W. Moore, editor of the
Florida Christian Advocate. Epworth
Leagde at 4 p. m., to be followed by
preaching in the evening by the pas-
tor, who will preach upon the subject:
"Young People-The Odds and End.
of This Life."
Church otthe Holy Trinity, Arch-
deacon John Gray, rector-Holy com-
munion at 7 a. .n;. Sunday school at
9:45 a. nm.; morning prayer ,4nd ser-.
mon at 10:80 a. m.; evenibn prayer
and address at 7 :45 p. m.
First Baptist church, Rev. J. B. Hol-
ley-Preaching at 10:30 a. m.,and 7:45
p. m.; Sunday school at 4 p. m.
St. Patrick's Catholic church, Rev.
P. J. Lynch-Servieea at the usual
The public is cordially invited to all
places of worship. Seats, free, and
strangers will be accorded a warm
Acres of Valuable Timber Land Burn.
ed tIn Vermont-
Burlingto, Vt., 3uneS.---aAt least
1,000 ien are fighting fort free In
Vermont yat thousands of acres of
valuable timber land have been burn-
ed over and, there Is little pro.epet
that the fires can be checked until it
rains. At Hardatek two restldence
were destroyed.
The most serious situatlon I1o 'on
Worcester mtoountAl, near the toW*ns
of Worcester td aBore.ot The fIre
there has burned over I,40O acre,0 of
heay timbner ltnd valued at $60 An
acres, and is itpldly isproadlng. Fixe
iSmoke at that lO.ililtY i3 Id4a
obijet. 50 feet aWf-cannot bete .

T'Mabe, wante! that awtuflr 'liii-
Patet young tlutterby to reform ul'h.'"
"And r i siwe .aUfied- wrlth ,w
"I mhald say hes I unHI clAe
last week and lIft iO bf a III* I
-Clevelgj4 ',Li"n ..l'le-

A rliw
"What do, yop tltte of the o.W
"Oh. I Gon't ItreWa." replied Rta*e
bon rd.
t' i t.k 'i vaI I : ,' t.w .-
rT u4rktht or 9y Atentle. D14
'ou hear blhm ak Itf Id hae tie

, tort .e J e, :. : ,....e.. * .

U* .e. sot t oe too sr
byt o in. 'Oaoyri i -'of

.***,*^y^f.44 fa^

Thoua nd e4 Ar' Wilt Plood d
L9t. Lt6t4,ine d.-A special to thea
Po8-Dtspi~t~dtfroni Loutsiana, Mo.,
The' nyi tevee brole oppose lte here
at 10 o'cliclr this rM tritrning A l'I^b*"
dred thousand aeres-of fari la-and pro-
tected by the levee will probably be
flooded, an4 it ia estimated that th?
losses resMt ilng willlaggregate milllona
of dollars. '
Elected College Presidet.
Knoxville. Tean., June ..-,.av, ;
D. Jeffrie's, pastor or the Second BRAp-
tist church of this city, has bLeen el"t-
ed president .of Civrson and (Newft.n
eplle0e, at Jefferson City, Teuna., to
seicee. Professor J. T. HonTdersai,
recently realgned. Dr. Jeff rla 'wit
accept. lHe came here aLout "ten
years ago from a I-ou'svIlle, Ky.,
Will Cempete For American ODorbh.
Chicago. June 6.-lrlsh'I,ad, wlnncr
of ithe Brooklyn handicap, will. bI a
coAmpetltor In the American derby .t,
be run at Waabl.gton park June 20.
This statement was made officially
today by Secretary Howard, of the
Washington Park club.

is the most healing salve ln,
the world. It cures Sores, Cuts,
Burns and all Skin Diseses.
It positively

Cures P11eS
S. Kigabaker 8 0 xat Ohio St
Chicao,. writes:' h1a a 4 ba. oa
Pil for ealywrs. SAWMBt'R $A1V
cared ne quldy sad peanme4t14%
evral to.tor 0 4ra A 4. ed :I= .5
to Wlieve m oa."
8old by W. eD. WiAtepJa {Store.

Via Seaboard Air Line
JUNE 15th.
$b OR RoundsV

Linmted o> Return
JUNE 18th, 1908.
P tanters aod *rowen fln

Staple Sea Island Cottoa will find

it to their interest to 0ommuni-

cate with THM CA .O. A-

BAR IY A, Charle

ton, 8. C. ': .

< <...^a^ T $|: -.*? *! t &; ;
\'iwmt fti ..r~gg ^W^flu,,.^^



opposite U. 5: 'Ptpnt o^0..
SWASHi.( N t:

Contract for Electril .t
Electric ell ifaid tih a wpan

Electric lLlglt VWIrilA lse|la lty.y
All work go l n rI, aIB
with the 8outholi
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