breaking hIs neck,, u AtlSOhUIowuslitv. i orwait; thore ,;-
om~frn byU i t.rlu 9ifB dite lWSo iI u
Mrs4 ElIabeth GallaUdet D6a- II el0r01 A-.itht CO M e A'
New York, April, 21.,--... El.abeth xi4ane t od l wiiet or teia
IudW4 Qalaudet. wtdow of' the l.te hiitt Ia Alhaiti *uottxtyl'. w1i
Vr t.......... lA 0vetng p
Rev. Dr. Oallau.t, who wa widely t W the Cd | t"uyor "J"-11
know a us s i.netluetOt of deaf utel *orLs4 ete'wi4l) Wi
*M4 ai Ob-,ry worker, 4l.6 at het. I 'I. T 4I1i10 1(11

When Governor Jehnings and Hon. W.
J. Bryan Were Guests-Manager
Ettel Declares He Will Surpass All
Former Occasions.
The annual banquet of thlt E1leve
Association of East Florida Seminary
will be givon ait Lho lIrown I tousto this
year itas usual, but Managr Ettol of
this popular hostlery lias expressedd his
intention of eclipsing illn grander nand
in all other ways aniy ,cnaion which
hies over beon held here. 'le l'oi'vo
baittl i4 t,44 hav always' ld in ll ilt
f Ulk tio i aI' .thyv j111 tI I alIitays -1' )v1 II
tirs-it-class, each year growing mnor,' ii
favor, llowevyr, preparitiiit ifor tho
banquet this year lhavt Ili't'ltdy l'gun,
and Manager EMCttAl iays tai te,
splittlor and lonltty it wil outclass
anything of a similar hattic ove. r sHeelo

"I gave the boys. ft111 t time tiat
year, wheti (hv. Jennings and Col,
Bryan weor here," romarkoed Mr. Ettel
to 'ho Sln man, "but I'm going to
show them this year what a real ban-
quet is. I don't care whether [ make
a cent other than the advertinslig It
will give my house, but I propmen to
give 'the boys' and their friends a
spread that they will not soon forget,
The decoration a nd utihr features
.will not bedivulgod umtil theo laot mo-
ment, but I can lprmise aomet thing
new and original for the oooasloi."
SaricCAL TAx D)I'PtiyP T 'CT'PUIN.,
To the IHotard of Publio Instruction of Alaohuts
We. the utilder0idunod voters and.i taxiiyev4S
remklinir In the territory des1riled as RollowMi
Commenotiz nat the Mouthwaot corner of Seo-
tion 1), Townslhi lO. 0, H mothf ( Itiniioe oW. eoat,
"nd runlntlo thotone mi b to the moutheititt ot-
Nor or MSioiton 10, Townmh1 10, souLth r ofRange
21, eAtnL: tihono1 north to thle uOthOes0t oorO'
of oot h tiit 2iOw, oo wl4hII, 44 h or ltlng Il,
eust; thouea West tW tho hatlf-title post otb0
sok)th llinet of Setion 2, 'I'owntlhip 0, south of
fHlne 20. eit .001141mo north tothe alf-mille
post.on tile mouth Hllmo of A 'ot lon 11-n owhahlI
Hs. moith of Itanoe 1, east: thenco went to thb
Houthwimt corner t of Satitn 34,. 'Townthip It,
multlh of Hun1tU2.o usmt;.t)~lito tl(iOrth to the
mlalf-illo l) 'vowW shll Hilp ottll..4 |f RougeK0, ast-,.; thonoe
west to tMhe cotulr for Sotlolln 1 3 ''.TownhlI ipM ,
Attt it f I IJ0 V0, M tOt; t o u1100 K0111-, 0 to t
l) tr(-illf i o ll N out h oi of S(10t lotlmlo f Seut It 11i
'Toi'w4tl ftill 44, 5U(,I4t of tKI I 2O *, 6114t; Ltha lo
wemt to th lli norflhwtnl tti'r tif 'owutorvw (,m
AitiLhL of i 44in/ e'OW ,, t(; tleliefi' O tlon h oi I thtl1
rt wo e ll e4 to Im I Iliu, or >lli (I>l1 tto m t111
r'>m tn:.<'rttllv pjetldollt ytI l u r ho4,lltitli. 1 1 ho v (to
o4Mell nto1444il lii.t.l i .lr t ]it, W lnniie tons,
UK) 4,4'tlerlll 'rtt 414. 4 4.iorll 1 Ittl vo j ul ll ln. (t 4u",1 U-
(If 1j'II> talx -whimo 1to str. 'll, 1`4 f114 l h'11 |i'1u 4 (in it
414v)y lle 4 t1tl4 4ollh tEng W 40l<,, 1,1 h11 4i(hool, ltoX ft O
0)v ix Kt iI i iI o (W In )ll fv r>l' < hoh olln w1t1t,4r

l a lliemt ltle, A ilr tr ml r n ip ltt .
(halncisvllle., A lrll 1.. IH):i,


P ., t vio ~~-~~. ~--i

-- CI-II I

Eessed .pob That uwe


i l Wats to Protet- Sheep and Lambs
Fgo the RaI e. of. Ferocious.
8*woA, and .Intr6duces a- Bill .1 That:
End--Other Matters.
~te Hoasem assembled for bsi-nesi
1 prOmptly at 9 o'clock Monday morn-
.in, itand went to work with a vint. that
sheAwed the members much. refreshed
from theirrest. Mr; Rivers introduced'
bMil tO legalize and validate all war-
runati heretofore issued by Boards of,
Pablie Instruction for educational pur-

Th e memlbleri4 frot Escambia coun'
g" ,-extremely lively in the intro-
doctitl and advocacy of useful meas-
ure, fMr. Loftin th.s morning intro-
douced throe bills as follows: To m e-
Si, il..ioriize the Congress of the United
S taies, during eesion to the $tate of
Florida Of certain parts of the naval
S reervation at the Peiosadola Navy
Yard; also an set autnhorizing the
4tate to accept any.:granty conform-
tlty with th4 e above-; at ala set -to
Amend $eetion 1012 ,f the Revioed
8tatutex of Florida. Mr, Olopeon, also
of* E eambia, Introdieed ia bils to
S amend Section 000, tRevised Statutes,
relatIng ,to- the intermarrisges of
r'.'W W ilr aiid negroe,
A bill that will be far-reaching int
I elfects was introduced by Mr.
V.: is of Hfltiborough county. It re.
te5 6e tohe disposilion of property
'. t. s l been, or y be assigned for
s the benefitof creditors.
An act to regulate the iemploynment
S nd oceupation of railway employes,
nd to establish a State board of tele-
graph examilners, was introduced by
S IeNameo, oa Hillsborougb county.
Mr. Ware, of WashIinton, is deeply
interested in the stock Indnetry, and
has introdnced a bill for the protee-
S ion of sheep and lambs running at
large on the range In the various coun-
tile of the.8tatse. The full text of the
S" measure follows
S Be It enacted by the Legislature of
the State of Florida: -
Sekction 1, That any perion or per-
sons or companie owning an A or
swine that are permitted to run at
largii on the range, and that are known
to destroy any sheep or lambs, shall,
after proof'of stichl destruction. he re-
quired to coiefliei said hog.s or swine in
a substantial cucloliirv, or to sell soid I
houe or swine to the owner of said
iheep or lainl', at a price to be aKreud
Upon by a board of arlitration,consist-
1pg of three dlislntorested persons, two
; Of whom shall be chowun-by the parties
in interest, and the third arbitrator to)
be chosen by the two arbitrators here-
tofore selected.
Section 2 provides that all persons
or ebmpanles who are thit owners of
*tsuch hugs or swine, or who have the
custody of the satne, who shall fail to
S Conoply with the provisions of this act.
.,. shall be liable to the owner or oWIIr
of such tshewp or tambli for such ul in-
S ages its may be done by aoid hogs" or
Sw tin, and iinty Ile sutil f.r tho r,,,,ov-
-.: ery of souch damage's by thi' ow, ,r or
S ownlors of suchI sh ,loop r intilnh, in ijj
~II justie, of peace's, ontniy judl,,'.o. ,r,
; ircuilt courri of t -tI coi imyt hnvy
juris dict ion of said soi'
.e - 'The military of Fl,,rida will li. -
garau .g tiz'ed in .oiforimtity wilthli il inu
o.Of the UInited Sitate r's ,-i I'.e
wisa ot l' z eMlmph siz,'d t liby ih n in t .'r i,
which llouie lull No. litl l Mi. il
ba't.,' ib of ) 'val, was rs. ,ii- .i tlrt' Ih ..
l.. oorn this lumorin i, ti1 l ..
t lt..t., til., "Air 1 te to rt',irg t- ,,i | ( .. I

S tary forest f t lt' tI i>i 1o a ,tio I -ii
i *. riil< of force 'r muimniiry iu'od,,. indl t,
'provide ps naltles for ilt>% violitin im
S thereof ; to rep-'al all ai ws r. f rr in t
Sthe ilittry fotrets iot lh'r-in r<' -
actedO ; and for otlier puriosus's."
i' T- Trill bill was prparotrdl tilh Iri
auet tlt of ii th, o Gv.r norirand Ald J it a,
; iGeneral, and ha-s t h, ,ohiorsoiit,
the' ill enti't i ilitry for''. of It i St ri,
S It wa takki uI) oi it", swo l0 ilti ri'-aldItl
read by tlle: Ionly. i.,vI'.Itw d i, i
tl third reading; rted in 1 il d .-.
by i' t.t of 40 to
Mr. Johis no l Li(frt y i bill tuipruhibbit lthi carrying i ( io'ir
i' t^ At'ea s"'s 0)1 o n'". y pa 't~rl i I' i *>> \o
A iwM titetrS ofny m tui n o i'i
^| id jpirsBriboig a ;eirh iha. hit
'Vr swi ..rrpuriel aidvt.,'er .i'ly i' ti., i li.
^. S. liBol t u.t t Mt'' M o w.i,', o.. i
ion" spoke q t. ; \.
.' M.ta'te, a-td rii H-l an '- ri i M
l ''* ^Whereu" pon Mr...K ictn ', ...
tiigh s ti-,d ati te t a, ..'
or ^ i - .,;: I.. :^ ;..:. :"%


WJL A- ---
Em IRiriE bole Qf SCOtt's
E9rijii costing ,fIty cents
will mfst a baby a *woth-a
few drops in its bottle each
I it m as fed That's a small


I R.I L, urri .R


nvie4 Tuesday orniing.


Ar.- t

outlay for so large a return of WELL PLEASED WITH THE CITY h
health and comfort it S ha
Babies that are given The Party Were Met at the Station by
Scott's Emul n quickly re- I Conmmittee of Citizens and Driven to an
Scott's Emul n quiCkly' re-
pn t its hel a on. Places of Interest rin City. a
spend to its helpful, action. to
It seems to contain just the Exprsed Great Satisfaction. t
elements of nourishment a CaliNesville had the honor, Tuesday vi
baby needs mostof entertaining J. R. Kenley, vice- ha
rdinar fod re etly president ainil general manager; E.
foondy Los frequently v1phe
lakdiary food freq tl IsB. Pleasant, chief engineer of the At- h0
lacks this nourishmentjScott S lantic Coast Line with headquarter, t
Emulsion always supplies it 'at Wilmington, N. C.. and Capt. W a
B. Deniiam, general superintendent ot Cf
We'lln edYomamplefrepooin t. the second division of the system, Sa- fa
SCOTTE& aOWNE, 4fPet r StNtwYorfk. I vannah. They were accompanied by yo
Division Superintendent H. A Ford of
.. ..The distinguished party arrived in
Proposes Amendment of Constitution this city at 9 o'clock Tuesday morning
Relative to Legislative Department. ro he outh The pe tra
from the Soutn. The special train
The following is the full text of the which conveyed the party comprised
Senate Joint rsoution introduced by the private ars of Vice-'President to
Senior McCreary providing for a con- Kenley, General Soperintendent Den- gt
stiturinail an .lmitr :"""t ham and Division Superintendent u,
be it resolved by tihe Legis!ature of Ford. The party was met at the sta-
the 4tate of Florida: .tion by a committee of city officials Y
That the following inrwnidmnernt to and prominent citizens, omprising w
etion lof Article 3of the Costitu- His Honor Mayor W. R. Thomas, G. m
tion of tihe Staie, of Flirid be and K iroome, president of the City w
the same is hereby .agreed to, and Council, Alderman A. J. McArthur, i
sha.llthb submitt-d to the electors of ja.. M. .Graham, president ..f te
thi Stauite at the general election in alesvill and Gulf railroad, I. t.
90 for ratiieationor rejection. 'Dutton, .G. Niehols, Dr..J. F. Mc- w
bectiom 1 of Article 3 of the Cotnsti- Kinstry, Marcus Endcl and Philiip o
tuition is hereby amleuded so as to Miller. Y
read as follow,: I Carriages were in waiting and the h
Section 1. The legislative author. distinguish eed party was tendered a P
ity of' this Staeshasll tbe vested in a drive about the city, visiting all the to
Menate and flousetif Represenlatives, places of inet'est. Each Of the party, p
which shall be designated "The Legi- more especially Mr. Kenley, expressed u
lature of the 8tate of Florida," and themselves as being delighted with the c
the sessions thereof shall be held at city. They expressed a great surprise
the seat of government, but the peopleI at the prosperity of the place, and
reserve to themselves the power to were deeply impressed with Gaine-
propose laws and amendments to the vile in general. The visitors were
Co.nti.oitiron, and to enact or reject driven to the Gainesville Graded and
the same at the polls, independent of High Sool, and were siown through e
the Legislature, and also reserve the the building. They stated that they
power at their ow n option, to approve entertained no idea that such a fine ry
or reject at the polls any act of the school building existed in interior it
Legislature of a general nature. The Florida, and complimented the com-
firt power reserved by the people is rittee upon their educational enter- tb
the initiative and not more than 10 prise. Tey also visited the tabernacle, p
per csent of the leg\ voters shall be re- now nder curse of construction, e
qluired to propose any measure by pe- which was also a surprise. They
titomi, and every such petition shall seemed particularly impressed with
inciude ti e full text of the measure this project, which they declared
0o proposed. would prove of great benefit to the
initiative petitiont shall be filed city and our people, e
with the S ,-cr.-tairy of Stat', Int After the drive about the city had o
latir than fatlr mnia nthis befon been concluded the officials visited the
.eleotioin at which th y are to be d passenger and freight departments of a
'"1'on thire system. They complimented both t
T s..cond pow.r id the raferendumI, departments generally,more especially '
nwi. it may I. ordered (except as to Ticket Agent Goodwin, whom they de- a
laws niv..4snry for the immediate pub- dared was one of the most competent t
lie p,('-<, hsIllth or safety or raising and industrious passenger men in the c
of reventiu) either by a petition, signed employ of the system. P
by nt los titan sev,-n (7) per ent of They also complimented Agent I
th0. li.,al vote-rs or by the legislative Strobharand hs efllcient corps of as- t
a tui.b ly, a oths.r bills arn enacted. sistants, and expressed gratification at
Referendum ptttions shall be filed the great volume of business which has h
with t ho $,cr,.tary of State within been enjoyed by the system both in and
inroty dtays after the final adjourn- out of Gaineaville. The officials were
n,.nt of th.e'sttiotllf oth Legislature frank enough to admit that Gaines- t
wsich p 'd he bill or bills on which ville is one of the most profitable ,
th.e r.-.'er, is .mand-d. points on the line in Florida, and the a
Thi. v.-to i.orr of the Governor patronage of the merchants is duly ap- ]
^ltnll I oo .xi t'itud to meniauros referred reciated.
o it.' t.o'(),il'e The visit was made especially pleas- o.'.r aind ma..r,.s referred Ant by the presence Of Superintendent
0, I,. i o ,l.. ,,.lih> l,, d lnit tihe bien- I)e ,,. ,.,l 0, ..I ,tI o,,' r, .X peilt. when tlhe resident of G(ainesville,, and who is
I.,,r .. n.'.. ', ir,,r a i t ,,,ial ecc- very popular here. As a matter of
"" course thr city felt honored to enter-
\,, ,,.,, ,..r, ,', t,, h, people tin Messrs. Kenley and Pleasants, but
*.,, '. tT .i :.,i tooeo,,t a law the pleasure was greatly enhanced by
.. ,,v ,l y -a ,jority of Suplerintendlent Detnhal's presence.
S,* . ... ", "1 ,t oth r-,, The train bearing theofflcials left at
\> d t11 o'clock for High Springs, where an
t1 .... l ', , (l r, 'h it,t, ection rof th shops of the company
. '" '1 .. ri, : "l, to ,ac,' interests was made. The train then
' i, .. .. ,I' Fht ,u t prru eeded t tithe m ines of the Duttoo
S .,, ,tt' it Praasphtrut. to Ptsphae Company on the West
,! r ,t" h* le >is- (.h't division, where the party, under
," "I .... 'k ,t ", Iinro'' any h escort of 0. W. Chaso, inspected
S', "" ', 'ithe miines.
Iii ' i'iirii." oof v',te.'! (ea, t fo,r -. --

[l-" r J j.' ,,' 0-mi 0'.i rt ut l l the -r3 RED
"" *' .. .. l ,| n,', lzg th- ill- .
Si -," '0 ,t,- 'It.i v.' or .:-,, .,..., A,; A nThronceofRu.
t,, 1 . ... .. r of lI Al v.-tI rs .. i. ard Er3'ar.-l.
S- ti t O shall ej Ndw Yor-. April 27.-Add1r(ssing a
S* .. .. 'o t '.i.r- fir thi e n'o tkng f a ntrh!s.s In this cty last
', *, .. ... ron t h.tll lt iled nls-ht. John MN st, who w s .rewctntly re.
S 4t . u'. uitad in leased after having served a term of
..... ] l-' 1 1he Impritonr ment on Blackwell's Island,
S '- ,. inisttlg declared that John Mitchell was either'
, e pe- 1 a fool or a knave for not snubbing the
-.:- anlthrite strike ommlsslon,
A Love' Letter "As to kings," he sd,,t theret its
S'y t if yd~'re Idiot on the throne4 of Rusala atia dn
r. it, i' ' ror sores, Ettglantd they haYv 0i o it, ,i, of Plod,-tr. h ItlUy the ghosts of popes pIsy hlg) h
S'. : .red iWith in Ugly jkt.ll, bbutt. w*ha~ b a p .ompar
- o'* '. bo. r o. Blitrklt.. .s txa M.atesa orto Bf.r.clt Anarch ts.
-, V orn ; d. o. ... .L'tet. .best lb. o ly pat ` .to, geuwtle
4t all drug4str^.
-*:~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~4 T*; L ,, :*A; ... * -* 1-' .^^Naa,

. I

on him and threatening his life whei
he shot.

President Baxter Resigns.
Nashville, Tenan., April 27.-Jerry
Baxter has resigned the presidency of



eminent Virginian's Desperate Ef-
-fort to Commit Suicide.
Richmond, Va., April 27.-Archy D.
ibney.'ja prominent attorney or Char-
4tesvlle, attempted to commit sul-
de while retrnin;. from Lych.burM,
At Oakridge he tried to j)mp from
e car through the window and was
,ugit by passengers, bat not until
e had smashed-the window and was
.If out. '
He, grabbed a pece of broken glass
nd drew ft across his throat, severing
a artery. There was a young doc-
s c the train waho .held the cut ar-
ry untl the.tra.Tn reached Char!xtCes-
ae. Otherwise Mr. Dabney would
re bl!ed to death in a ',rt tme., |
When he reached the- un: o junction
P was in'a prcstrated condition from
le losa of bhlod. He was carried to
e university hospital, where he is in
critical condition. The wound is!
' a serious character, and may prove
tal. No cause is given for the
oung attorney's rash act.
ew York Detectives Carry Investiga-
tions to Boston.
PEst'n. April 27.-New York inspec-
irs, assisted by members of the Bop-
>n police force, are pursuing investi-
ations In this city In connection w!th
he New York barrel murder mystery.
A telegram received from the New
ork police stated that detectives
ould arrive with Information that
Right lead to the arrest of an eye-
itness if not a spectator in the kill-
ig of Madenia.
The, detectives came and at once
ie full detective squad of the city
as at work looking for an Italian
hose Identity was obtained fsomione
f the suspects now In custody in New
ork. It was known that the man
ad fled the metropolis, first gding to
'rovldence, and finally coming to lBoe.
on on the request of friends, who
romised to keep him in concealment
ntil he could be gotten out of the

lussian Demands Regarding Manchu-
ria Are Confined.
London, April 27.-Viscount Haya-
hl. the Japanese minister here, recelv-
d today a cablegram from the gov.
rnment at Tokto fully conarming the
eports of the Russian demands regard.
ng Manchuria.
The minister expressed the opinion
hat they were entirely opposed to the
ohicy of the "open door" but he add-
d that he was anot yet in a position to
ay what action would be taken by
he Interested powers.
Manchurian Quesion Discussed.
Washington, April 27.-The Japan.
Bse minister, Mr. Takeshira, and Bar.
Dn Von Sternburg, the German min.
ster, called upon Secretary Hay today
and it is believed the Manchurian ques-
ion was discussed. Secretary Hey
has no advices from St. Petersburg o0
London, but it is expected he will
shortly hear from the latter capitol
through the ambassador here. These
conferences and exchanges are alt
)rellminary to the preparation of e
)rotest which is to be made agalnsl
he Russian demand, but it is not cleat
what form this will' take. A protest
however, munt be directed, not to Rus
ila,. but to China, who will be warned
hat the nations which sign the protest
will not look with favor upon any ac
ion by China that will alienate Chi
iese territory or will confer special.
advantage upon a nation meaningu
REussia) over others. .
White Man Kills Negro.
COhatanooga, Tenemi., April 27.-A epe
e1al from Annlston, Ala., says tha
Cooper MeClurkin, a young white man
of prominent family, living near Ox
ford, Ala., shot and killed Gilbert Pat
on, a negro, In McClurkin's barn. Mc
Clurkin surrendered to the authorities
and claims the negro was advancsni

(73- Tj

A, A.3 9 ._

E. M. HACKER, ProPrietor

the Tennessee Central railroad to take NOTICE O APPLICATION O A
effect May 1, or as soon thereafter as DEED UNDER SECTION -8 OF OItSr
consistent. Mr. Baxter will hereafter 8OO. LAWSOF FL OF AP. "
devote his entire time to the Nashvlle Nottce t is hereby trven that Joseph
Dally News. which he owns. J. A. Van nurchaser of Tax Certificate No-1lOi
the 4th day of July, A.D 1W1 ba
Blarcom, of St. Louis, will succeed him sak certiatei n my ,Gce. and tino s
plDcatlom for tax deed to tisue- in ac
with la Said certltlcate einbra t, e ,
ils Neck Saved lowing de.cribed property situated In Alicha
Atlanta, April 27.--Gov. Terrell yes. Lot 5of See. W. To, 01. o 21.
The said land beirut ,iu sesed at the d&te Of
terday. onrecomtnendation of the prl5 the isuea uce of such certiiseate in the dame of
on commission, commuted the sen, X. Jones. Ule s aderth a
tence of Joe Colbert. of Oconce coun aisu e ena on f tita da
tb, from hanging to life i nprlsonment A.I of 14yQ.
The prison commission had passed o0f the Ithdy ofA pri nar and al t jt
the case once before, deculnng to rec- t'- A H DENTOn.
ommend, but after that several stTong ut Cuert ASh. u "tonty N.
petitions In Colbert's behalf were re. ...--- e.... .
cetved, and tht governor requested NOTI "
the.commissn reopside whi h i hereby kive that lettersof daa-
the.comtnissit0 reeanopld~er tt, wh:ic.h iutrrlation on the estate- ,f T- e -
was done. Colbert ktled his wife brueh bCenu rantedy ithecat
tI a It of Jealous anger. jde 1All b rount. Fsoriotir.e in-
or demindN ait rd sal are eaut-ets
stowlAterm In Wit Virginia. ,e thin the
Ocea V A il 7.-A he
I ewttelI is raBs he o1J RE
Atsqwadtzi ^
l i * teo 0NI





While ii W


Was Taken to 'His Hov ~i in E as
Gainsville, Whvre Physician /Wt.
Summoned-fThe Young Man is Cor*
sidered in Critical Condition.
While fooling with a pistol, at
hour last i.tghi Bev. BevitIe, sixten
years of age, sustained a wound which
may prow fatal.. The weapon, a 3x
calibre, was discharged, the ball en-
tering the right side just above the
hip, and in a most vital part, being
near the kidneys.
The accident occurred ini the vicinity
of the Seaboard Air Line depot, and it
was some time before a carriage could
be secured to convey him to his home
in East Gainesville.
Dr. J. H. Colson was summnoned, but
did not succeed in securing the ball.
Young Beville is reported to'be in a
dangerous condition, but hopes are
entertained for his recovery.




All diseases of la ey s,
Bladde, Urinary Org. an.
Also RheZmnatiem.Back 1 -
Dropsy, Female Troubles. CURE 'ILk
Don't become discouraged. There Io a
cure for you. Lf necessary write DFr. Inner.
lie lasspenti a life tire curing Just sucb
cases as yours. All consultations o.:
"I had severe case of kidney disease and
rhouetnatistn, discharging bloody matter.
Suffered Intense pain. My wife was seriously
affected with female troubles. D'. Fenuer s
Kidney nd Baickache Cure cured; us both.
F. M. WHEELER, Randolph. Ila."
fDruggi9st. 50c.. 1. Ask forCook Book-Proe.
ST VITII^'nANC Stre a-re, Curcular. ID
ST.V TUSO ANC Farner, FreduO N._


Stl most fatal dA &so

0 uarSted Jl

or money refunded. Contain
remedies recogned by emi-
nent physicidans as the bat _fa
Kidney and Bladde troubles.
PR X61c. &"$SAL-

GE0. S. HACKER & 80N

and Building Material,

Sash, Weights, Cord, Hardware


1T. ;Mi Venabla gie 4d w^as a

W lO.' Chitty of Mieanopy Laa "a
brief visit tt his sons in this ity yes ,
A Foley's Kidney Cdre makes kilneys-
,and bladder right. Don't dely' tak,-
lng. Sold by W. C. Wllaice's drug
store. -
Mr. and Mrs. 3. Fletoher:1-111
returned yesterday from. lcan'opy,
where they have been vIztinth for-
mer's parents, Mr. and Mrs I O .
Mr.and Mrs.S. G... Wtkins of -
miaigharn Ala, are iii the eity for.ia
IB I''" ' L' B tf. few days. Mr, Wat, kPrisosa :prmir
'' net shoe merchant of that city. Both
',' he and his estimable wifare delight
R d with Florida in- genral'andGaines-.
ville in particular, -
-" ''1 O A tOIsutely Paurp Chief McArthur of the fire depart-
-': T meut requests us to announce that the
THEREIS NO SUBST7ITEUT alarm will be sonded at. various
hours today, so that the rtaidents may
S... not be alarmed. The syst em ia, out of
repair, and workmen are now engaged
S OF ITY ANDn p g sa order.
O -CT N Prof. S. J. Ellis,. for the past; term
COU.NTY ON ENSED the efficient principal of th0 Meltrose
'|OU.Y00 ...IV .U S school, was avisitor to thisPityyester.
'' d. He states that the school closed
Matters of Geueral 'iterest Gath- last Thursday, after one of .the most
'ered by O / reporters. successful terms in its history, there
1,ered by Ou eprters. beingg an average attendance of 85 per
S----cent. The foulty and pupil enjoyed
'PERSONAL AND SOCIAL ITEMS a grand picni 'Friday, a large crowd
being present. Prof, Ellis says that
i What Has Happened and What is Going the sub, tax school district election will
Sto Happen Told nr Short Paragraphs be called in Clay county ia May, and
S So That "Hfe Who Runs May iRead',that the at electionwill be held in Put-
-t n The 1...- a RaminJuly. J.Inasmuch as Alachua
t I -.The-S n. county.has already carried the special
From TueasM's Dcily Sun: tax issue without ain opposing vote, he
V. H. Ell11. Alitchua was in the feels confident that Olay and Putnam
.city yesterday. ... will Votethe sameway, -
Miss Jattie Knighti of High Springs Fromt 1ednes aWs Daily Sun:
was shopping in the city yesterday, J. A. King of Orange Hejghts was in
1 A, U. Hilleary of Evinstoi was the city yesterday.
among tim visitors to thii .city yster- C. W. Wejls of Alachua was a visit-
day., :or toAthis city "esterday.
S. M. Fryer of High Springs was a J. H. Reynolds of High Springs was
business visitor to this city, yester- a visitor to this sity yesterday.
day. A, J. Dacosta departed yesterday
Roy. and Mrs. Mi. A. Clonts have for the West, where he goes on
|. moved into the Baird cottage, North business connected with the phosphate.
Garden stit. industry.
J. Cauthsn of' Newberry was in W. B. Aycock of Melrose, one of the
the city yeiteteday and pa4e The Sun most extensive naval stores operators
an iageeabl6 call, in the county, was a visitor to the, city
H. Rollins of Rochelle was in the yesterday. ,
-' p 'city yesterday. He came to attend the s. W. Allen, a naval stores operator
i nemnrial exercises, of McKinnon, was in the city yester-
T J. A.- Stephens, those druggist of High day and made The Sun am agreeable
prings, was among the business vis- and profitable call.
Itors to this city yesterday. W. I. Carter, one of the leading eiti-
S0. W. Wells and IV. J. Hodge of zens of the LaCrosse section, was in
Alacehun were among those wl.o visited the city yesterday. lie called at The
the county capital yesterday. Sun office and ren wed his subscrip-
-i; -- Claude George deptirted Sunday for tion,
Ohio. His wife, neM Miss Coldham, Foley's Honey and Tar contains no
expects to follow him in a few weeks. opiates, and will not constipate like
Ir.exc itgomlru (Cf l i W wepy, nearly all other cough medicines. 'Re.
: Dr. L. Montgomery of Micaltopy, fuse substitutes. Sold by W. C. Wal-
one of the oldest rnmd most influential lace's drug store.
S oitions of that soeteon, was in the J.F. Deshea and son of Hatchet
S city yesterday. D)r. Montgomery is Creek were among the visitors to this
S owner of one uf the hatdsomest homes city yesterday. Mr. Deshea is one of
i nI the county. the most prosperous farmers of that
W, A. Jones of Tacoma, one of the section, and brought to market a
oldest and most prominent citizens of quantity of fine sweet potatoes, which
that section, was a visitor to this city realized good prices.
yesterday. Mr. Jones is an old Con- Mrs. I'. H Mc~reary, president of
federate veteran, and came to attend Kirby Smith Chapter, U. D. C., an-
Sdecorative exercises. nounces that she has several crosses of
1 Mr. and Mrs. L. I,. Mcl)onald and honor yet undelivered. These crosses
$| Mrs. Lizzio White and daughter, Bes- may be obtained by those entitled to
i sic, Frank of Paradise departed yoster- same upon application or they will be
day for Nashville, where they expect delivered upon written order.
Sto spend a fetvw months. Their friends J. O. antd Arch Hague, J. A. J. Strick-
( wish them a pleasant sojurn. land and St-eve Oullen formed a quar-

T. M. Vonablo and B1. F. Mathey of 4 tette of visitors to this city from
Arredomido, two of the highly esteemed league yesterday. Mr. Cullon, who is
Con federated veterans, were among the onte of .the progressive young truckers
visitors to thii' city ytev rd ay. They of that section, stated that lie is now
Samifo for tht- pIurpose of Iatt ending the shipping cuitribers, which are bring-
exercises of Kirby Smith Chapter, U. ing fair returns.
5' I).(. ,Mrs. J,. 1', Leepqr of Birminigham,
After a few days pletisantly spent Ala., after a pleasant visit of several
:. WL, hn his parents iu this city, Hal My- months toher niece, NI Mrs. . 11 ig-
Sers, agent of the Soutl:en Expross don, in this city, left for home yester-
--Coipany at St. Petvrsburg, returned day. This estimable lady has many
to,1118 h home Sunday. lThu friends of friends here who bade her good bye
Sr. Moyers will regret that he has with reluctantie, but trust that she
been "under the weather" for a fuw will return again next season.
Supervisor Davies, having completed E. Reeves and son Si of High
the block on Liberty street north of Springs, were it the city yesterday.
,. the court house, hai turned his atttn- They have fitted up a wagou and
tion to improving East Main street be+ stocked the same with goods, and are
- tween West Liberty and West Mo- soliciting wbusineas from house to house
S chauie, As a street builder Mr. 1)a-i throughout the country. Thly carry
vies has proved himself a success, and a regular department storeassortment,
thle people appreciate lili work. and are matkiig a big success of the
-A few nights ago some mniscreant itn- v'ill ire.
tered the fowl house of a citizen of tTu friends of L, E. Barker,. who is
North Gaieavi)lle and robl d the nests now in an Atlanta hospital, will be
of two settmiga hens. ,f any bad eggs gratified to learn that lie s rapidly re- tpurWhased'in: thii s ity the pu4,- eovering, and the probabilities are that
hasers would ceoner f Wr by noti- he will be enabled to return to his
aig Wte Bs un oote, furolshing the home n this lity at an early date. Mrs.
I ke, party selling, ag -the loser Barker is still with- him, and wtftes
i th < ^ desirous of apprehend- most eneouraghig letters of his im-
14 i e ; .ity pOrty. proveent, -
,. ... in- '-

I M 'ithN of ~' M. Ilaile ofachlua was Ea vi-; T
he^le Jreaa ong the visitors to this r to thi city yesterday More Th
Olty yesterday' Wallace's Drug Store, sole agent for U. $, L
s,the p o man, has re- Simonsis Wonderftl.SalvNotwi
turu from a successful trip to vaI Prof. N. B. Mott oft Micanopy made t
riOu ;lp int in the West End. a brief visitnto this city yesterday. IUhited S
Gqepge M, ogOrs, the successful Ping Pong. .deoguod t, shows o
young merchant of Wade, was a basi business
... o .{ .- 4.k in,0 ,i ..... .avt S RC O. Bafrnett. a pIliater of LaCrosse, fio

'an l00Elnt'ies Were Madei
and,, in S ,Present Month,

spare t ig iness 0f tie
staterl|,,(Se. in t hi IQ
ne o .he t remarkab
I careers i ,t & s ever
'j a ver- J'ye

' vo U i o rUis toy tu s y %Is eU y} .% I or o y -tioeviU
...8o, e .... e.ase aong the traders in this city inelp itsee has I
E. 'W. MillioAn of Waldo, one of the no; ..g he trader. in ths J a
most extensive nutval stores operators yesterday to last nigh 6er
in the county, was transacting busi- Dr. 3. Harrison lodges returned tnore than 100 lii"stead w *r ,
n6is in this city yesterday. yesterday from .Baltimore, where he this office,. aid the branches 0,, "
Marrile, at the residence of the has been on a brief visit office have inereaed prioportin,,,,y
i3ese 0!blute'r Waldo, *pril 26, Mr. T. W. Pitts arrived in the city yes- Ohief Clerk Lyriefhtated ytnia
Fran Irwinof Flrbanks and Mis terday from Tampa, aid will spend a thaLduring lhis ier in i
Annie. Opultey, Rev. D. L. Branning few days with his family. ored position he. 0Lhtao;nt'xp[).ri,id
officiating. Foley's Kidney Cure if t'ken in time such a rush, especially in ti ,tr
N. D. Wainwright of Starke was affords security 1 1 il1 ,1l0"y iid of lhomestoad entri a, and i#, h
among those wh paid bladder dises's. old by C. WaN with the remaindere theP.orev., e
among, those who paid Gainesnille a lace's drug store. compelled to wQrk h they te
isiyesterday'he wa en rouin te t L. B. McDonald of Paradse passed biness a mplme o he ofli.,.
in phosphate mining. t roughly tlhe city yesttrdy n route t o This business is evidence th 1 iiltr.
-phspman ofng .' .the niew mill of the I ley-hcionald ia is prosperous. WhOW the lmm,.
T. $enniogs Cone, the mhill man of Lumber Ctiompiny. steads comprised ,some of the !iinst
Ralilgh, was a visitor to Gainesville
yesterday. w e states i to the demand Super-heated air cures maiiiy dis- and most fertile lands in the State, the
yesterday. He states that the demand eses when scientific.lly used by up- applications for entries went a< v
for his product continues, with the re- to-date appliances. 115 East Main ppcatons or entrie wnt
suit that h., is keeping a large force St., Gainesville,Fla. ltd-ltw deuce to show the confidence mai.
engaged. B.F.Vnlndnha, proves tested by tle people in Florida. of
engaged. 13. F. Vanlandinghai, a progressive the numberof entries many are madei
Among the prominent visitors in pnteof Capvle, was in the city bypersonsfrom other sections of the
GainesVille yesterday was Hon. E. P. yesterday and paid The Sun an agree- country who have come to Florida to
Axtell o9 Jacksonville, one of the most able call, renewing his subscription. settle and becoe identified with i t
brilliant lawyers in the' State. Mr, T. R. Pickett of the firm of T. interests of theState and th popl'0 *
Axtell was for many years a resident Pickett & Son, manufacturers of luni- whi tereanst o gre ate d hco ro il
of this city, and was at one time a ber, was among the visitors to this city .ic a r
ly. agriculturally and otherwise.
member of the faculty of East Florida from Newberry yesterday. T',e Sun Not only the Statof Florida and it
Seminary. It was in 1881, when he acknowledges an agreeable call. people, but the land ofice and 1111
states that the only male members of Beyv. .Beville, tne young lad who waste l n e i il'
the faculty were Superintendent Cater accidentally shot Tuesday evening, homesteaders are tob b congra whti
and himself. He is gratified at the is yet considered in acritiealcondition. the magnificent progress hi
anbdingade in tie development oh te grtie
healthy condition of the school, which The ball has not yet been located, and being made in th development of the
he says will always occupy a warm the patient is suffering with a high public lands' within the State. The
place in his heart. fever. It is hoped that a change may congratulationso are in order from -
A competitive drill between squads occur for the better.
of Companies A and B of East Florida In the case of Foley & Co., manufac- er' bc ey have elected the
Seminary was held yesterday. The turers of patent medicines, Chicago, best homes i1p the Union, th6 State le-
squads were commanded by Lieut. vs. J. A. Stephens of Hig Springs, se it s prospering, and the land
Pemberton and Capt. Her;og, respect- which was held in Judge Mason's ice, because has enjoyed the mit |
ively, anid after an hour's contest, the court, a verdict was brought 1in in Successful business in this depart
honor was awarded to the' squad from favor of the defendant. Evans Haile existence.
A. The judges were Cadet Major represented the defendant. BASEBALL FRIDAY.
Wheeler of the Seminary, and Capt. Miss Maggie Morrison, an accom-
Layton and Lieutenant Blanding of plished young lady of High Springs, The G. H. S. Jrs. Will Meet the Wal-
the Gainasville. Guards. The squad who has been visiting Dr. and Mrs. do Jrs. in This City.
from riComany B have issued a chal- Alderman in this city, .-has returned Announcement has been made that
lenge to the winners, the date of which to her heme. She has many friends the JUanior team of the Gainesville
will be announced later. here who regretted her departure, but Graded and High School will meet the
Capt.,A. R. Elmore, formerly of this none more than her clever host and Junior team of Waldo tomorrow after-
county but now a resident of Jackson- hostess. noon at the baseball park in tlitis 'city.
villea arrived in the city yesterday The residence of Peggy Watson,'a The game promises to be one of great
from Arredondo and other -points, respectable colored woman who resides interest, as both teams are in good
where he has been traveling in the in- on the south side of Paine's Prairie practice and both are confident of win-
terests of ha improved sewing machine about eleven miles from this city, near ning.
tucker atid hemmer. The Captain re- Kirkwood, was destroyed by fire Mon- The G. H. S. boys recently played
ports excellent success, and says he day morning. The building was a total the Waldo boys "on their own dung
has the best thing of the kind in the loss, and the owner has the sympathy hill," at which they were defeated.
world,, He has. purchased the entire of thap community. They have renewed confidence, how-
right of Alachua county, and says he After a pleasant visit covering a ever, and fet*l sure that they will carry
is not only going to favor tlhe ladies period of several days to her mother in the honors on this occasion.
with the advantages of a modern im- this city, Miss Bessie Hlaile, chief 'The(-imIl will be called promptly at
pleme t, but, is going to make a big stenographer to H. M. Steele of the C. 2:30 o'clock in the afternoon, and it is
flnanciel success for himself. F. X. cars, has departed for Clayton, to 11e hope that a good crowd will greet
Prom Thursday'sJ Daily jun: Del., where she expects to remain for the boys. 'lt admission will be 15
T. J. McRae of Hawthorn is in the the summer. Miss IHaile's numerous cents for adults 10 cents for school pu-
city. friends wer. glad of an opportunity to pilsand children.
Maj. E.W. Peabody of the Times- see her again, but regret very much Wednesday Fire.
Union is at the Brown House,. that her visit was of such a brief na- An alarm of tire was turned in from
Marcus Endel has returned from a ture. Box No. 42 at 10:45 Wednesday morn-
brief business trip to Jacksonville,. At the home of his parents, Mr. and ing which summoned the department
Sam Leonard returned yesterday Mrs. E. A. O'Neill, Master Clarence to the building at the corner of East
from a brief bsinesa trip to Vaioeta, O'Neill entertained a number of his Union and South University streets,
romar s young friends at a party 'yesterday occupied by the Jewel laundry.
SR Laondeare yesterday afternoon The afternoon was passed The fire was discovered on the roof,
C. R. Layton departed yeAterday for in a manner appropiate tothe occasion, near one of lthe chimneys, and the
Philadelphia, where he goes on import- and incidentally delicious light refresh- alarm was lriumptly sent in. The va-
ant professional business, ments were served. Master Clarence rious hose companies responded with
Justice J. W. Smith of Micanopy has many admiring friends among the usual promptness, but Albert Eddins,
was, among those who favored the young folks, and notwithstanding that who had made the discovery, lost no
county capital with a visit yesterday, it required a great deal of work and time in ascending the roof withachenm-
The surest a nd safest remedy for patience on the part of the mother, the ical extinguisher and when the de-
kidney and bladder diseases ia Foley's little folks were entertained in a most partmexxt arrived the fire was Under
Kidney Cure. Sold by W. 0. Wallace's royal manner. control loe r wao under
drug store. An excellent opportunity to visit ,er, was the first to secure water.
f. o'rtt of Jacksonville, for thmany New Orleans and enjoy the Confeder- The horse attached to the No, 2wagton
years the city ticket agent for the ate Veterans' Reunion at moderate fad tlw ihfortuned to sera wmi osd
Florida East Coast Railway, but now cost. The Atlantic Coastine wil sel fall, wlich cued several minutes e-
St-ter agent for the Remington type round trip tickets to New )Orleans for lie (,rign of the lire was supposed
writer, is at the Brown lmse. Confederate Veterans' Reunion May to have been fro:t a defective flue.
LeRoy N. Pearce of Alachua, one of 16th to 21st, iictlsive, with return lirn- The da.age wa slightflue
the Ieading business men of the coun- a A x f-- -
ty, is in the city. He came for the imit May 2-th. AnueXtdnsioh of retur o Saved the Loved Onesl
purpose of attending time meeting of ticket by original purchaser with Spe. Colo write believe Ballard's
the Knights Templar, of which he is an ticket Thiaal Arhadernwithrlpe- oroun, es: I believe Ballard's

Among the prominent visitors to 00 cents at time of deposit, linal limit that is c laind for it, and T o aso
Jacksonville is W. L. Hill, inspectorof thereby obtained to June 15th, 1903. pleasant to take. M tli'ii ,T-t1k '

agencies for the New York Life In- Atlantic Coast Line will spare no pains to take it when she has noneed.tor 5
surtnce Compay. Mr. Hll is a citi- to hand visitors in good shape. Quick .Ballard's lorehound Syrup is the-
Hschedule, convenient service. Stee great cure for all pulnonary ailmenis
zen of Gainesville. Hohad-been mak- ticket agents. ec and $1 at JohnsonBy osm
ing a tour of the western part of the Bouet. at Johnson ros. -
State, and will rmai in the city for Congresso Bouquets. ANY CHURCH
a day or two. He states hat the in- A telegram to the Timoes-Unioli from etitution Saluported by o t n
suraziee businessin Floridb is growing Tallahassee under date of Aprii.1, tribution Will be given a liberal ua
at a rapid rate.-Times-Union. says: tity of the Logian & Martinez Pure an
Lassiter, well known in this city, "There has been within the past few Paints whenever tiey paint. -
where he spent a portion o lAst sun- dtysa marked reniakWl of the politi- Note: Have de s ntv
mor nd sho*0tdhis ability as a ball oal gbosip connecting the name of years. Sal Tens of mlion ofya- -
pliar on the OIak Hall team, has Senator McCreary with the Demo- leons; painted nearly two millonhougs-
g*autated itnmed oine from the Tu- ratio Congressional nomination froil under guarantee t o i notsas-
lae Universityof *ew.Orlat. The hSecond district. For many rea- factory. Te paint wrea fot tteriod
nuitneroast d on f this ~oug a oon it is claimed that he is not only up to eiha teen wye ars Lsed io
will oogratol e inm p ItW honor Uathoroughly logieaeandidat, but that be added to the a LindO in two.
and trust thlAt i wll l, tl leo. te j ale wellkknown conservatism would be .minutes Atualo i tt b1si h u wo
. ma posiby eisl 1enl

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Uniform Title: Gainesville daily sun (Gainesville, Fla. 1903)
Alternate Title: Daily sun
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Creator: Gainesville daily sun
Publisher: H.H. McCreary
Place of Publication: Gainesville, Fla.
Gainesville Fla
Publication Date: April 30, 1903
Frequency: daily (except saturday)[-1938]
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Newspapers -- Alachua County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
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.' ..... .. ::. i . . ; .:,
'~-'-: r.,




1W1;iU6 A lauglt~er of lgeorge H. Will-
.nfp ldentt of the Advance Music
company, of this city. The ceremony
Was performtbd In the chancery of
Oftace church, Bishop Potter officlat-
tig. A number of the personal friends
Sof tb.:honupe were present.
S':' ..liltsrt's best man was Orrin
Pee of San Francisco, and the wit-
nesses were S. S. Carvelho and C. J.
Mar. The newly married couple sall-
ed by the steamer Kaiser Wilhelm II
this afternoon for Europe.


Distracted With Fright, Giovanni Can-
cale Seeks P otection.
New York, April 2'.---{Govanan Ban-
ca.le, who caused the arrest of live Ital-
ians and charged theiu with trying to
extort money from him to doeilei the
prisoneie in the mudtirr of fi,.nedetto
Madina, has appealed to a magistrate
for permission to carry a revolver. lie to be. almost dlsttractediwlith
right, and begged the coveted permis-
He told the court that strange Ital-
tans had -called at his house and threat-
ened t-at unttls he wittbd4rew the
charge ,.gaOteat the men arrested he
will be kletIl, as Madianl had been,
except trtpt he would first be subject-
ed to horrible torture. The rnagis-
trate sent him tO a police captain.


Fatal Culmination of Bitter Feud In
Oklahoma Territory.
Trinidsid,f Colo., April" 29.-W. A.
Roman, a wealthy stockmlan of Gal.
linas, Oklahoma. is dead In the ho. -
lti here from thte ffoets of two bil '
let 6uvounds recei d'( about ,ten d1ay11
aK0 while riding on his k iwt ". The
shooting, It Is alleged by his 1'rcot her,
C' F. Roman, was the culrmnintioii of
one of the bitterest range feuds in tihe
history of the territory.
The two, it Is claimed, were amin
bushed and shot from their horses by
three -aene who are known ond ares
trotigly fortified In some rocks on a

STrain Parts, Causing Wreck.
m C'liattani ,g, Tenn, April 29-Nortb
bOund freight teilin No. 40, on the C1n
'innati Souther'n railroad, parted near
Somerset. Ky., yesterday morning and'
the two seOtion6 collided, wreekin?
Seven cart anada, dtlaging the track.
Delay of .several hours Was caused In
the movement of train. No one wat

W'abash. Ind., April 29t.--lreatM
Oisrflt. a. you-ng isot Osttstn, .1 v Sl 1Uy l6 u9 es a r t of disappoint
a,*m" IA l*r bIa courted a young


Accident cn Missouri Pacific Caus.a
by Miaread Orders.
ulh ialto. Ki' ... ,.: l 1 i. --A i orit h'. -
bo'lnd .V! o li l.cir tN st 'ik tr'::li
cr:. ;t;l ilit) tihe rL' end of a w 1L
tirll I. t tt of ;', ti ; town last .v -
ni t o ld li I .i I \\i o killed t111d L'.
injr 'i' d, "[', i oi t ., ;,f i & lvr Aio : '*i i;,.-
ly ;'O ; fo) r i:, o ,,i;y latally li:t'. T i" 'y
Were G wl'cks anl I a.. ns, e!. t it. I
one, Peter Fry, an Americita, vho
has lived hero s'v tal years, inuli 'v;ia
a bho'.s (:Ul t'! w'.iIk traiin. iThe ;ic i..,
o' t1o w.0 k is gil i s misL'art ldimlg
of rfi1 IS.
Tin' w\i-N train aon-iasticl of 1fat cars
and a cah l);'.r, i flle t: l with l1.l)rers,
T'lo li'ii on the 11 h flit car'3 eCt it'dl 1by
jtunll"in.g, blit hal'r!ly a 1iain il th01 < .-
bo0 -.r c(a p(e'..l. 'Thlit, \\trk t:laiu \\iwas
hac;,ing intOli o town V i> the ni1thl and
was unin atI a goo i Iate of s> ed.
Thfe i' Iv-y tli '! hI (it .' t'.i dt i not 'leave
t i tra.i ':,t I1 i ".l the' work t rail;
off it: trnic' i. ai'inii little of it ex.
c '"'t 'ar v.' '.s and tUrI in. w ood.
D 0;itr.s of 1 Uif'f.)i aix istd L'y town s.
p .:':,' tti' ,i," work aItnugo thet in-
junri'd ulntil tHi e l vwrotiing train, with
sur.i'e(ni's of Neodesha and a I'('orps; of
haI a dGc.ln ihysiciaas froin Coftey,
ville anJi .l lpupdenQe, arrived. The
dead and linjut.Id were taken to otr.
feyvilld, to-,' latter to ie t, )npornaoll
caredI fot it tloe hosaitai there. l
Tlie atene of the wreck f6i sqverat
hoirs looked 11!0 wa battle if1I by th0id'
dazzling light of the burnilig delibai,
with dead men strewn about h tlh
ground,. where they. had been left afb
ter being taken from the wreck.


Washington Correspondents 'to Parlo ik
ipate in World's Fair Dedicatioar l
'Washington, April 29.--A sp. al)
train carrying over 100 Washiaito'
correspondents left here at 11 o'colik
today over the hBaltimorq 'aid il 1
for St. .IoaIs, whero the rspireefentta
tives of the press will participate i
the dedicatory exetcl;ps in connection
with the Louisiana Purchase expost,
The United States marine hand, the
special committee carrying the Oeorge
Washington gayol, .whkh f will be used
In thi (ldellcatlon oeremnnfies, aund a
mnu I)(ber ( If lady .olrrespionderitg, left
over the same road at 10 a. m.

Telegraphers Adjourn Meeting.
Mcmpiis,. Telnn., April 29--The (ont
ulttee of 15 the differ-
en(t branches of division No. 931, )Ohr
der otf Railway Telegraphers, which
eib:iacesin its membership all opera.
tors cmplyed by the Illinois Central
and Yazoo anud Mississippi Valley rail
roads,. after a week's sestlon, have
completed their ltbors and eadjourned
The meetings were s9oret, but it s tin.
daretood thbt A new ipe* edule of sal
areies wa drawn up gnd will be pre
sented to0 th e6motilve officers of the
two raitroads before June 1, at Which
time the annual contracts of the.te
legrahiers 111 erlirire.

Negro Killed by LIgUtning.
Washlngton. a., April 29.-Saturday
afternoon a negro nar, by the namei
of Dtc.rirott, who lfvel a tw o mwi" .
west of hienr was f~sftantly killed by Sa
stroke of lightning Just as a very
dark cloud was atproaehing tho me.
gro went to the fIrep lace it) lay or somen
wood. i|e had barely Bto)podI do'w'n
when a hif. of lightnlK crashted down
the chmlnzey with the alove reiult.
Several other riwgrow were irn th
room at the time and rtah*'d to the
yard. When the"y returned thi
fIuad a portion of thei deal manag
body lying In the fire aad partly con.
lum id. .

Cargo of Pesos For Philippine.
San Francisco. April 29.--The an
thoritles at the mint aro busy superlnl
tecdigls the pacing of the 1,200,00i
pesos, the new coins for thoe Phllp
pines which aro to b Te hlbp pd to tJl
sltantdl on the transportl TIoma. s ll
Ing on May L Tle mOner will bh
sent tri il4') heavy pt irf bOaes, bouind
with iron. 're p('o* ar* packed hi-i
t', ks-. eA..h ren ta.ntng 1,.00f'.as P a anl ,
two..ack-A will be' put in elah bOIx
Ear!h ,-k tos se aled sanl e"h. box *i10
doubly ceresi. first. with the tra sttryj
and th 'n with tbe, w, d pwtamritit

Li. ghiU'Ing hatt .iiS.
aeAhof 0. April "M-Vr thve
um t e ears th* spar
mtetos 1mag t

Arrangements .for tInternational Con.

STEA L EXPLODE Top Kan., April 29,--e a-
.. __ ranhgtet1e tsR ior th't Inti rii national cetin-
.vonition of' the o'io!rad Y. M. C. A.

D-lew Up As hoio Was L avingf


Accident to French Vessl Guadal-
quiver-After Explosion F re Broke
Out In the After Part of the Ship.
Steamer Broke In Two.

Salonica, Eiuropean Tturl'y, April
29.-The ibullers of the Ffel"ici stmilln 1
er Guadalquiver blow Up to..y as s'o
was leaving this port alnd the ate0lLLtue;
brolt ila two.
Fire the u broke out in the after .part
of the vEs:el. Several ot the o11gi-
neiers Iwo badly injut'red and It is
feairel Btsome of thIwtl were kLill 'd. The
pa gerns<'i are


L8 1it la*^ erAl P, 'Wl'thy M erch6t ,
ho,6byt iprmr I!mploye._
1*w YOjt, p 11 '$9T.--',At10t WVVreir
th-ite, a w*idth dtry" goods naer
-chant, w ta hjt1.birep', thit's In his
home in' W'st6 V Mhnas Wiftril and pit.
teoittll 5q( l Y tP44L. e Was
wounded in the chest, arilm uald riiht
side, and ls tita a erouta condition.
Charged (wlth t ,M,battootIn<; the' pollce-
have arrested A Joepli Silmpitson :0
y4rai, lppt Otioo hMundrpg T1wvnt-.first,,troee. .. he Injured ain.
is 32 yj"a; d iod <,-niber of e
firm of Aaron &.Welrthiiiner, 'dry
goods merclm*nt who recently were
burned out at their place of busiln as
JIn Thlrid avenue.
SiTmpson, the pplOc say, wae is .
ployed there. .a a watchman prior to
tlq ft0. 4 4 the tlhae of ithe fire two-
perBons were burned to rldath.
The motive for the'ahootMiig la 1a mys.
terry x)th to theolice an l thie Weir
thelmer family, and t81tmps4n, who wau
very cool when arrest ed, refused tto
make any statement. Since the tOr(
Weirtheinmer has not l i n engaged inl
any iut lies. The lint disel .rei'l
Its q'mpltoyps, Inclttrdti rg lmpson, butl
he got work as a mot ir niaa. A week
ago he lodol that )lotldlhn lie had a
long taalit with Air Wet lithelinelr and
liho family think Sitipslo wante-d
mc'ney. The latter r(etttraidl to thet
Weirtheilner home at ai early hour
toNi' at d the hoiiotin n eetrrtjd In the
hallway of the hotie ,after which
91'alpp4a walkod away aued later waw'


White Man's Throat Cut and Negre
Shot to Death.,
Abhevllle,.Ala.-. April 2,-A a re-
sult of a desporate fight at lose quaer
Aors Wiiliam BStnlosy, me-rehant 'ir,
lng S nile frouin AhIdlvllo, and lDet
Gllmore, a negro, are dtled, the white
man with his throat tut aund the negra
pierced with a rfloe hall.
The theory advance-i by thieo who
wenL to thLL sceac 1a that Siualy hont
thie negro a.*] wa iun ltti!t' to Aet away
ani twa selIzed by h1yih Itnd cut to
01nAor6 & y440 four t oira at$pr blytln
S znent !hq ihld j(Jat he hal ano h4eA $itat
ley woti4 shoot him anad that w*hell
he did he (Olmorot) criwrled ap ti
Statley and, cout 'his threat,


His Attdrney 6a/y Youtsoy to GuIlty
of GQobe'os Murder.
Frrankrfo, Ky.. April 29,-.l-xf.$
trict4 Attorney W.. M, Smrlit,, Bd(e Ithse
aecoid sVPchb fO tho dteftvla-ii thie
caae of JelsiO I.lowarld tlaiy, apolklijl
*an hour and forty n.itu. IIr argU<
that Yoltsey, Stubbllleel4, OQe de40 and
C-tlon, tHe prtacti .IK wi tiM ni Str*ta
Toward. wwer u*'worthy of belief as
were many iirfaor $ iiitfl-'ae *r!d tbAi
the nitire proof mnade. ,,titl Abi e evidence stroRg *n,'n>h 'l!eiBrk<'
Youtaley of the kHl-Iiet. |i? w .t.i
lowed by ?, C. Cauplihl for the pros.
CUtmon. u ed

e. ..-aPwlm (Ya.o. Avl4 2S*-,Jo .l

W aITH othbS, P.DW IL*.D., M-th,
of 1MN **I^ *t*ill^^Bl gigg9les'
'* geL^ ***^ hefc ; ** L^ j te 'J *^i^ ^l^i

from April 30 to Mi:y 3, in this city
are now pti'tli-lly cet ompll'ted and is.
I t o r 's a n d \l (% I l t 1 .\ 1 1 r o g i t l o 'r i t l : .
President itos'velt will beo a honi-
orary guest, making a few remnirks ait
the corntstonte lylng of thoe proposed[
new Y. M. C. A. billding anl later In n
the evening a 111oe t'iended atdlress
fit the Aidi'to: lunt The lllnulber l'o
ioni-r'esild t i dtel,' i;tes ln'esenllt will be
at leift 2,M 1 !i:Ltiy comliill foriiln fan--
adai, Meexc and the (10 uropeC.u cMn.
Ten or ia tIn rini of the hewt kinowni
ra l.'a iil u t', i s oi the t it It'l Sla:tes.
b\ell 1,be prei' nt A ntl n thr. e f ii. l.i
be lK'.ntiotn'ttd 'nr'sldole t l\ I la't, (a
'the V nioln I'a it, t' PV.' tt i. r
'1o1ku iM. of I h 'Vi hwilSn n i(Vn P l 1
detit C A. l\\'l. ke l., i. o' tihn .\tlhl t.,
.ipd W est I 'int. ito dl t;.-ly 1 4 So t:i 1"V'
o IIcers. ii' s li,'ili i ( Ienturt \',{ 1,'
VU ic ui ;s .' 1 il l('., llwlllsu i )a l '! i \' l
Ulldor thie i& t tion ,f (C.. It. \\'tli l
tho Mi all\ k t ;oi. atio tn.


Ho sl Greeted by 10,000 People atl
Shvr anl doah.
Shunatindtuonaih, Iowa. April 29..--'Thi
pros I loiltlai train hearing tihe pgresl-
d4ut and his patty iirrivetvd lhtI at 1;
o'clock, before tho train was scheduled
tp ar'ri vq persons livih for tluloj
around began to gather and nearly
10.000 greeted the prilidelt. con
gressinmalAdephuryl mrt the preihletnl
at thtli h-l *rst atop In Iowa. (yov
ernor CuTmmings and his party (Uil not
arrive hat'e a at first iplalned, but met
the pirealdent In Clarinda, the nsecorid
Jttoppinlg Iplacm. The prsildentt mount
Sa la trke platform, orOetod for th
purliose, and aildruesd the assavmblage
H1it a(lddlees Wan bretf and to thil
nolnt. an4 was enthuslfatilciilly rocelvy

ed. The train left iat 7:10 o'clock.


Admiral Dewey Coee to Inspect North
Atlantic rleet.
Wo ilhhIn on, A)tl fl).--Flyln 'h
fomir -til t'r.d flag of Ihe admilril oif I(llf
navy, Ith yacht Miiy'llower called aIt
9:0 tI o'clock this iniio lrixg front tlih ,
Was inl .'toin nIivy y(Irtd for there Mouth
inm drill Krogllm d-4 off Ct'apo lleimry.l
wlerio Admlral D)owey will liitspie't lth i
North Atilntie flet uiindor conimnil
of IHear Ainmlral illggiimson. I
At the eooticlilsion of tho Inltpertlo
and re.vlfw of the fleet., which corniat'-;
of thie baltllshlps Kari'sarge, Alabamaii
Indiana, illlltiol aand Iowiv, awltd Ih'
cruilior Olympina, Hear Admiral linrk
er will relieve hear Admiral ltli(lln
son of the command, Aditirril tDewwiy
and hbl staff will return to Washiiig
ton next Sunday.


Floor Gives Way Throwing Mourn,
ers and Coffin Into Collor.
Chkiaglo. April 2ii A e ,oi otf lirirni
tr gatlhlkred arofduili the cliffitl of Mr"i
Martin Moyerhioffer In a tinmill ,ttot A'
yicoterday tfteinollion uittldue>ily felit tlho
floor slrink uim dr tei-i l-fl.,fore' tih y
PoeIt-'l t Ap' o 111'he I-Itli werl W lr iti!,'-t
Into 0o ta blteil'tilt wIth tho' coill it H ti.l
C'ilt.lll I rued t the f 14't1,t 14 '''tt tall 54 .,!t
pe? hI#ttts W CTO)( l ,ve ly li 'r,- bit! -4 -
W ill rec ovvotX'. I vt' l W it -'r Ii tt'i 11
tuntfl r lirnti '-ra Liim w,'r1 rt ,la..lith t'iUt
d iil0ult Y
I11 ofin wax nnlr.


Betlaeved To Have Been Incendiary'w
Work-Loss *21,000.
New York, April9 ... T hbi pro,
bhblition Au ltItorum at Port fltbrhiwotd,I
State'?n ltlart.d., wis tls et'roy('e4 tby flre'I
eirly today, together! with the sialli
re.alds'ence, .ro'sarhy. v il; t.Allrg a I.loI rI,,
0$2 1), Tr' a4't4 i tir nt 0wt o4Iwn4dll
by tiou N4,titot r Ptirotbilttsli .companyI
ard was filly insourd. Manyy pr~hll-
(tion 'errl t'hit-ill ktai b'"''i, htld'-4 It lt
It *ra st .tlt'totor ls toi 1-.ved to ha '
hbeom; the work of Sir ie4,adi.4iary,
O.,------4k----. 0 ....0
Ltrge Fastory DP't w,
"Mre Mb fet4Ary. e :;atfe rtrz.r h es'
*r(W. Mw I *



Were Ambiuahed In Lonely
Swamp In Hart County.


When Officers Were Destroying Still
They Were Surprised in Their Work
and a Fuallade of $hota Between
Them and Moonshlners Followed.

AtlinntA, April 29.--HAveoIInu otit? Oral
ailld luoliashilnri't hadi a desperate light
Satu.lal nl.ght lin a lonely siiwamp li
llart contlity. t (orla, the oltueo ra s -
Ing Deputiy Collhector lihardlaso, o
0lil Iit-v llo. iod Matarhal Dil(ckeraOl, olf
llir( county, the latter of whoith Wat
shot In the hvaid. tiholg not (langtor.
0144ly 40o.
Tih1 ofleiiza wevre attacked from a s,
tIuli a'ndi thi nu1wiihblr of ntlloonlhl.knri
pAItiiIi itli1g li the bItI letO 11 not

Tiit' iht wlna iteporttod l yatordlay to
Rle 'tiol Agi'int t'ittv'5 by Deputy 00l',
le11' Itichaill donl, Wlii rehtltes a thrOll.
liln, st e y or the o 4ilcoil liter.
Thle (to iihat o -'ur'red ifttio"t mid.
eight it h aseclhided W*nml)p' an4 tr a
downpour of radii. Tho ofleet's hail
Jitist t izod aud i doertroyod an tllkolt, iI'*
tille'ry,. whi'hlell lad li!0 Siulliy it.lYi4ii
A.way li the swtrtti, amld wore in thlt
a((t of 'iovliA th lhl o Oe whuet11 fr Udp.
on. Abuotl 15 Hlhot. from l(tlaotginl
wtre flitr l the aais.tlant ftd n ilu
ofilleors ltifre nti ibor itaofshot n0 a
return coniplittnont. The hattlti wiA
brtef, btit Hilr'itd,. A fitvar ais ca
bo learned, l)ierktsroni to (he only manl
woln0111ld, lIe iTeevotid those hot int
hlif head a tihe o'arkc of the flrst 'Vlo
ley. but, trotwllitamtlngi tiht twiat.,
he go.inoly lpiu1 of utilergro wti. frorn,,lIhlnd wXhihlI the
guns of ite h mllotitilieera were flash.
tllchardslon andti l)ikerson liearnod
thEr lo titln ll of tho itlll, it id., after a
trip of Oevera'l mlltoB throini th io 011ri,
they nrrived l aolit rnilnlight In thl
gtl'ooiiy itiud lonely ,nwi'ltp. A shior
ditota re, fonti io i 4till thy in,' t it rlan
naIlieil lartow Hoi.W i noi t h ,r "alln
In t m.Iagt! ,. t'lqinli wtni foul d In tho
WAlion nilti 1t Iw t rWetnl wore takenll
lint1 I -.ii.oily Aa tiilther of the oilt-
c'r they I'mil11Otl imtakian firreolst. And
fth irnr wt(io! roeleatosed, At hfi le.on,
c'lusion of rthne tilttl )the onllitrn aglkin
foutiil HrioA In theh vi(ility, an4 a
m411it tt111 lioh wt iairr'ted, huspllrt
otd of bhinlK tripli'vatiid n (the attack.
No wirloni of any ('chArat-eor was found
ln ilt liti, howivet ;, anil. ut. there was
no direct I'vlolncw' to o 4 ulil't him wIth
the ntimeollIR hO was lgtittln givein hli
'thel iflrlcors wwrte ni't disturbhei In
the .-lOitt dtirlng tlho destructiton of
the milll. inlt tlheri wtas noithlEig ( to to,
dilnaf' thOat hore wort ay peorgon. hbo
MtId'4; frhomttive*i a'Aywhoro Iin thi tlICln.
Ilty II'Inshnol. howefv, Wiet ealie.
fully roni,'I ?l' l It th < iiu tt tv" the 1t!(l oh a halluhilds, sln t.e0y0
pr .,,.etillt- o irlvo tho!h oMfterm xip, i:It'ed reception. Artier a mi!r|lhat'
In g lhe till, lUhhadnM and lteuJrw
oill wI lk'vId awity. Iuit Ihad oly .volw
t*.',.,.l|l a few tit*pI wholn thm battle

T'her KMrionahttkra inade Eo<4 thoe
0(' A'e. and .t
thaf w,!'ild tnd wQ trvwial their 4.tWtom.
ty or %'tftf.t w .l.ris tbolt ... ".


General Kurop"tkin,V Ri4 tsIln Mlnlit.i,
Leave for Masnhuris,
st. Petershubir, Api(1 aW.-ATho was
lliiietttr, (Insrl K'roptstihk, NlLft on
a iepietla tralftn 4tlay for Mamnehirts.
lIe will i.olMtb.iygo to Jiapan A fare.
well briwakfast W`4 gOion In is hn-.
cOr yietPr.4I mtt athi 'ldtia., legatitn
ltr.tataanant 00.rim'-A'iot, has been
aplodat,41 etur<( war ,mlniter during
the aitt0ne41. w Qen. Ktirotsrtkin. The
lhate, who tiRt'n= ailmiake tho,'akh
latB;ttf^-.< fl Mane!,hlt-ir,-w. wmif be l'
iseit ito months a d will visit Fort
Avrhu, D)lsy icd Vtaidlietook.
Althiugh b *eis rgi'e irtention tom
mike tihe idp wei. aiqnUte-.d publ:-,
ly" se'at webesag* *ik t deptt suri tba
wle44 psect.laUion t. vIew of the
ee.. et~-Se IoVa )$sae ttrle 0ni!nto.
is ha' 4eiwld to a :id t&* cont9^r;'
iI'l fwabuita for the p*#tkttff.












SPeople Zf4y tohe .
) LI..Of that O"rato4,

l hrel e o 'e of th o
nyTrieSVndd, a :!M Manddy
Ihby owepl Wh 4,nderstehd Ie de I

g pry
The Wooitorthf the Wornghave

$ l#pio, e dgry Jand' piodaic-wilht
wai t eqt4re by that oldea to their
X*|eth t at^ -?rtre GCreek Wed.ed*ay
fA every way a success. There was"
a ab 0.dan. 'of everything 'good to
oat, which was prepared by he. good:,
S1adi's who attended, and the addt1onh
of the howder and fried' fih made an
-4i)aoer fit for the, kings4 The fish. were
a^Ha s earedby Judge J'. A. Oarisle, 4Oapt*t
a oudd- D. A. l obert1on,0;1 L. oul.,
i|a|-t|^itado and tMie'delicioisnap-
er 'in which they.were served wenti as
videOnce that they were experienced
l tib.~slnes' .
A special' trata left td ity overthe
A li~ndio oast .Line at 8:458 o'elook
a a; which carried phiout 150 passengers.
Sgreat many:who found it. timpbeible
get aw-ay fpr .te. entire day, took
|i 'nodon train,, While many others
by pr vate onveyan,- It ia sate
Ssy that at the non hour -there ereo
t ` lesi thai 200 people .on. th"e '0ound
iaad a go:odnature4 orowa it wa,

q "o t iose wjo were oompelle ato'e- '
Oronthe train a speelal dinner
iu served, but in the en.d there wa
A iadanop, ad, everybodyy seemed to
p a joy te spread i*mensiely ,
istsrrived at ti40 in the. afternoon.
S,...4. thus ended a day of pleasure whch
il tlong b"e remebierid b. those for"
S' te enough to be present.
Wednesday Flre.

S :An', alarm of flre was turned ip from
i' ..' 42 at 19i40:4 Wednesday" mont".
i g whioh summoned the department
S' to the blulditig at the corner of Eaist
. a .:','nlon 'and S-ouAth University streets,
o ^ upied' bythe. JeWel laundry.
The fre- iswas discovered on the'roof,
r' t oine of the chimneys, and the
-" lu i was promptly sent in. The va-
rious i hosoe companies responded with
Us, ual promptness, but Albert Edd ins,
who had made the discovery, lost no
time in asaedingthe roof with achem-
S oal extinguisher, and when the do-
partment arrived the fire was under
control. Hose Company No.- 1, how-
over, was the first to secure water.
The horse attached to the No. 2 wagon
S had the misfortAit to stumble and
fall, which caused several minutes de-
lay; ,
The origin of tho fire was supposed
"to have been from a defective flue,
The damage was slight.
Will Visit Seminary.
I Major E. W. Peabody of Jaokson-
ville, Col. R. A. Burford of Oola and
C Ool. W, B. HIundoreon of Ooala, form-
,, ing what is known as the visiting oom-
'i nittee of East Florida Seminary, are in

the olty, having comiefor the purpose
of paying that institution the regular
annual visit.
The gentlenmein manifest a great
.deol of interest in tho school, and feel
that they will find everything in first-
olams condition on their visit, which
will be mniade somo time during the day.
Having been convicted at the fall
term, A D. 1000, of the (Oirctit Court,
Alahuta County, florida, of 6inbezzle-,
ment, I hereby give. notice that I 11iA
tend to apply to the Pardoning Board
of the State of Florida, at Tallahassee,
for t full pitrlon, as soni after the ex-
piration of this ntio-ical I Cal bo heard,
N\VAi'rxt A Siusic.
WAT,.mK & SunAv.o, and l)tvis,
Attorney fr W. A. Sigsbee. to5-8

lIeHte ( In.
Kind Lady hi vw nmaiy nro there In
t family beside yuinsclfV
!4t t Aiule- iF'our; wi nuna, papa,
s.tatr and a distant relative.
''" at. if' oldy three. The distant rol-
att6e lJs tot a member of the family."
"' *, ye he is, He Is nmy brother,"
.. "*"O ur berott?. 'hent u he Isn't a dit-
h" MA aa*Kaa; he is 0In the, Phl.p-
Vlintidsw -KanstA city.- J') al.

or uIW"pWOr Oa1 ray new uneW vynoIn
lmay;. be insert .1/i tuhe 1nuti"pt
br teo pter t6 t
lcr2l y tloime a stock lomppny reato vai
play, for production front i.the o iery
t 1 coaP^ g;.t ,t,.t cutt bInterlind adh
adted to before it t~'te tage
suiuip vie0e9b*1 lOJ4et to.Vwoiruup to.,
tho.ntrod.tioit of i sig 'or specialty,
putth' id '00 new and strong t ines.
Often < these iterpolated lines irove to
be the most str0iing a l t hetplay anr
make decided 'hits. If they are left t.1
when the manuaript p oes bac to Its
owner, they beco re his property ab-
solutely iand may not be iied by the
man who wrote thea ,t any other pro.
diction; therefore siihrewd managers,
before they return a play to its owner,
always take great pauns to rase ao every
rcrap of correction, or lnteriveatloo.n
In this way only may they keep what
reallyy belongs to them.-Chlcago Trib-
un e. /.. .
".', f. Illxabet!an ExciSe Laws.
In striking laws to prevent habitual drunkenness
were those passed in the reign of Queen
-Ilizabeth. TbheLansdowne manuscripts
4n1. the British -museum record that In
1504 orders were set downsby the lords
and others of her majesty's privy coun-
sel forthle reformation of the great dis-
orders comrmtitted by the excessive
number of alehouses, which the jus-
Alies were ordered to reduce. The pub-
licans were compelled to give to the
constable of the parish the name antd
business of every one who frequented
their houses and were forbidden to
hdve any games played therein. Oin
Sundays no persons dwelling withi. a
mile of the public house were allowed
Sto center except substantial household-
era traveling to church, and then only
for'a reasonable time to Trefrsah tiiAM-
e1 es.. cluriouily,. the chief complaint
igalnst publicaps was the "brewthtg
stronger ale and beer than is whole-
some for man's body."'-London Ch ln-
idele. "
Wasn't A.@tulnte4. ,
"Waiting In the banllirectly In front
of me was a charming woman of twen-
ty or so who was having her first ex-
perience In banking," said the natr-
chant as he lighted his cigar after
luncheon. "She was asked the ques-
tlons usual for ono who is opening ant
accouunt-her name, address, whether
married or single and her father's and
mother's name. She got along all right
until the clerk asked:
'Mother's maiden name, please.'
"'I don't* quite understand, I'm
afraid,' she said hesitatingly.
'I mean your mother's nnmo when
she waA a girl,' explained the clerk.
"'How should I know? I don't like
impertinence, sirl Iow should I know?
I didn't know her when she was a girl.
The Idea! Are you tryinIi to mako fun
of nio, sir?' '"-New York Timnes.
To Settle the onemtlon.
Uo was engaged to bo nuirried, and
every oiie knows how the engaged man
talks when he gets n friend cornered.
"he la t.he loveliest anl best girl that
ever lived," he asserted.
"Sure?" Inquired the friend.
"Suret Of course P'm sure. You don't
doubt it, do your"
"Certainly not," replied the friend
hastily, 'only"-
"Only what?"
"0Oh, I aUppose it's all right, but I'd
like to introduce you to Dobley."
"Who's Dobley'?"
**Oh, another frIend of mine who
told me. yesterday that he was engaged
to the loveliest and beat girl that ever
lived, and -i'd ike to have you two get
together and settle the matter."-Chi-
cago Post,
Western Cities Lt'vTy.
The eastern visitor finds the cities of
the northwesterly coast brimful of life.
color, signlfCtlnce, pictureClhue Intereast
aud. though "the forces which have
combllued In their making are some-
wlimt similar, each bhas a distinct char-
actor aitu ludivlduality. "Ilhvely.' a
word of thl west, may well Hbe ippilpie

to them--a sort of brisk activity, youth-.
-futlneas, exone. They Itsive the rather
untsuatl capacity of ldoinsg big thlingM
td talking about theui lustily at tbhe
tmIUe tli R it is tlhe cry of thet stret c
wrer8;' u it wact us grow. See uA
gettUng to the front."'-4ty Stanitlrd
flaker it Century.

If people- l1e yOti, dob't ,ov.r start
-"1-" -- ''U h- .. 4l ,ll

trouble for yourself uy ;i tur 4,""'
why Atcaloti Globe.
Henry Davi- Givte PardS. on
Montgomery. Ala, April ^9-,-- V
*roa Jelks htas pardoeodj Henry .!e
W4s, of BirmtnghbitCteonvitet od .f at
tempt too itUmatit eriinal astaal. '
Sc-------- I
t o,


*aa D.ont Know iL. C uDJ uIk8 *
,o glass th your Air Line Rail wai .
terlet it stand twenty-four hours a S L Eac APRIL 190

unhealthy condl- O 9 536aP 5&00 21V ...... i.. W iddo ................ a a
Si it ltsi o r P i.. AINE:VILLE *:10;12a 6 10 a I 30 2
.r.. 7" inp ..t..s ......... c.. edarKeyr .. : r ".. 5.15 a ..:..
tidence ofthe kid- ..11.. 4 !1 42 P.... .. .9,
e kid-. v ............. ... ........
nilver'f it : ..... iOe( .1 .................. .. 2.. 1 1 4
'. e .t o 12 , t de ir towt c y.............. .... ....... .... o ,0 00 ia a
S- t 5 a... ........ ............ .d ....... a ..

There 9 comfort h knowledge so OiRH AND EAST4|i 34 I 66 I TAN NtW ...A.. 5g 5 0
en expressed, tha Dr. eKlmer's Swamp- oon. ? 76sp.. ... v.ecii.....................1 o i0 a
Rot, the gret kidney remedy fulfills oevey Jr'n .. .Ioop.... ...
convincing rheumatism, pain In the r Brunnick ... ... ....... .Pa metto........ ....... ....... 201 p

trorbad effects following use of liquor, 20 ........ ........ .. .... r o 2do.. . 1

linaor beer. andovercomes thant unpleasant W u .. . ... Ar Mobile. ...... #.. ......; .12 I
dcr essotyof being compelled to "go often i i a nues... .. 1 ....... ...... M ant e w orl.. nB... .... .....' ....... 7a.
dur e dnd 5 get up many times Ar ........... 0........ Saras on.t..... ... p
d r t oe it o e t. a n ....... .. lan ............. 7) a
ofton expressed, that Dr; Klmer's Swamp- a in ORT D....T ...... 34.." 40 .....

Root, the great kidney remedy fulfills every + Freru-n1i'ala,..........n .0.. 1 0 r a..e ..... C.i.ty.t1......, .............5 5".
Ad r.,7'..0V 1 0.... ... ... .......... ... .............., .......... 9 4 Sl p
eahe ur It stands the highest orre its wonability r L)e mar ............. 57 2 a ....... Ar lvl e.... ....... .... 1).....

wine or byerul stn a nd overcomes t. st 'a ,alu to, Manatee, Onceo and o ara.ota, uon 81, except
and a booktht tel Tmp Jacksonville and New Yo.............rk, via i ond and ahington. Veti

moerei# bt bo omfor btled day coaches between Jacksonville and Washington, vi 1 Richmond. Cafe
solutely freee by mal;, ..dining car service fro.......,il Jacksonville. a

ad s Dr. t h K almenr & HKme or'spsoos. No. 66, Seaboard Mail, day coaches, mail, baggage and express ears be-
ons re s ng this generous offer in ths e pape roer teen Jacksonville and New York. Are ...

during the day, and to get p many times Ar i and 7 ............l sleeper between New Orleans and Jacksonville.iI......................4P
ingthe niht. Th ild and h etra- Ar Portsmtht ad HavaaLeave Port Tampa .........8 undays, Tueday..
S, r a e A. r. MACDONELL, Ass't Gen. Pass. Agent, Jacksonville, Fla.
ordinary p eff of SwampRot is soo Ar WsCOBB, Ticn ............ 1 Agent, (Gainesville. atl g............... .....1 (
Realized. It stands te high est for its won- ArA rit.r....................... 2 1 ii t, p Nashville ............ ......... p
A uo c l u'h i A ........... ... 30 ) t L uis ....;....................... 123a
Itrf ba fcu s fh o stl distreing a ses ofliqu4 1 (.O....ho...... :4.................... 1a
if you need a medicine you should have t............
You may have a simple bottle of this Saturdays, from G-inesvil.e. ---
arid a book that tells o e Tampa, Jacksonville and New York, via RiPln.nond and.ashington. Vesti-
ore absoutey fie b-thaeil buled day coaches between Jacksonville and Washington, via Richmond. Cafe
lcuresy6frthemostditressdining car service fro.. Ja.k.onville.

tIfn reading this generous offer in this paer.te
Don't make any mistake, but remem- ize No. 55 connects at Starke for LaCrosse, Alachna, eVilletord, Wannee and

bYo the name, Swamp-Root, Dr. Ki turmediate points, and at Arner with Early Bird branch.
nre's Swamp-Root, and the address, Nos. 56 and 57, Pullman sleeper between New Orpeans and Jaeksonville.
Binghamton, 1. Y. on every bottle. Stearersa, for Key West and Havana.--Leave Port Tampa Sundays, Tuesdays
address Dr. Kilmer... ____of__-_ _No, and Thursdays, 11 p.Mm.
Co Bin ha o N .. .............. tween JacksonvA.0.lMe a cDONELL, Ass't Gen. Pass. Agent, Jacksonville, Fla.
____th _name__________Dr._i__N E. C. COBB, Ticket Agent. Gainesville.


I ----



]Fresh Every Day.
Delivered to All Parts of City.
-Satisfuotion Guaranteed
Special attention to Cirouses, Minstrels
and other traveling troupew.
Huntinr Parties. eto.
P, 0. Bo42 Ma, Gainesville. Fla

Conammentclg February 15thI, End
lbgu April 8Oth.
Free Chair Cars, Union
Depots, Fast Trains.



Contrnttr r Electrical Wiring,
Electric 1ils ad Burglar. AlIas

Aleo tit tLigitl,4tat aM elty.


We cover these important points and respectfully
solicit a share of your business.

Fire, Life, Accident and Health Insurance,,,

Agents for the

Victor Safe and Lock Company
0 0i:O3L:a.:_Ebi, 0L:Lio.
The "Victor" is the best safe made, and parties contemplat-
ing the purchase of a safe, or anything in that line,
froni a box to a bank vault, will save money
by consulting us. Call on or address,

InformationSHrflly N & H ILFLORIDA,
Information chl.*,rfhlly furnished. GAINESVILLE, FLORIDA

. . .. ._ .I... . . .. .. = .. .. ...... .. . .. .

i EUimW i ,N
Jaecksornville arid New York,
Calling at CHARLESTON, S. C., both ways.
The Finest Steamships in the Coastwise Service
Clyde New England a id Southern Lines
Direct Service Bvtween JACKS )NVILLE, BOSTON and
PIOVIDEMN1'E, ani All Eastern Points,
Calling at itharlestoan both ways.

S ou t h | nd d
North i .... ................ From L wis' Wharf, Boston
..................- Frol Ft QUt of Catherine st., Jacksonville

Clvdle St. Johns River Line
et \'.t.'n JAC< oL-'C v.lNa.LLa EAi( .-AN eORD
Stoppinig at "a`iktka, Ator, St. Francis, Heresford (IhLand), and Intermediate
1.:uiindigs on St. Johns River
L v1. 1 )' i ilteId to sail as follows:
II, .1 ,iak -ua ..',, 10k) t. tn. Sunday1s,' Tuesdays nnd T'hursdays. .
Letavs antlrd i :: m. Mndays, Wedneays and Fridays.
it .(l,-i* Leave --:i i. ...Jae, nile .. ead aii.
| :- .i a l l ........... a tk.onv l Arrive 2. ai
30m 1At1a Leave 8:0 pOI

Arive ..... Re-sford ............ ...l 12:
IN E ,. A I I ... . I 1 CK I: ror . 9:80 20apYP
a i A a. ........ st so v
a ao a . . . .ran .. .. 1 O

sst, ( .ia F \, -4 Wut 14&Y *L.
, t, ' A l '! *t * .. a ... . .. . st H o ," | J .
n BIt *O. AV. 'I. ... A... .. w o Y. I)' *ik.m-. i
neral M anag er. .. ..ner A ge t,
l -, g u ,L 1olubniz,1 Statme street Nevr Y a" -" .

~T~i~RTIY.414 3

Representing a number of prominent
American tand English oompaniea

Abstract& Realty Company,
E. E. VOYLE, Manager.
Get an abstract, of title to land before
buying. After paying the purchase
money there is often no redress for tax
sales and uncanceled mortgages.

Mainhattan "A'" Typewriter.
Guaranteed for one year. Sold on
monuiitlily payeiients at tt slight ad-
vance to responsible partleas
Typewriter Uthlaotn for
varlouialf machines.

E. E. Voyle,
(4ainesville, Florida.


" ;,4 '

a' ~


.... . ... .- --




*ett, Ala.I' Q e of
dn. ,e.
egt Poin:t," a April
a^, of Lani, which is t
6 of West Pont, Luc1i
t and instan lY killed .1
and fafaWlyiWc eded I
^thlen made a -lls cs
H ll of the part-
pg oper tive5 ( tihe L,<
lived wilthi a Ve'y shi
each .othr.
Ogletree was appol.ted
"the day QX:%0pratives, -,h
f estrlie an Who gave hit
nIo one in "r out.
Potter, ,bei.g still in 'the
wanted. to come cut a
k in agaii. This was z
0gJetree 6and Potter be(
d made threats of doing
lHe went bi.A`ck into the in
his Idi ivdul tool box,
ainmer, and gong to the f
ocking off pickets. iHe
Upted in this work by Ogleti
on he got angry and struu
n the head with his hamm
Dan Zachry; who is. a br(
tPoatter, *Was among the ce
00kers, and rushed up to
trailing Ogletree over the
lai'ge stick; felling him to
While in this position Ogi
pistol from his pocket an
lmes at his assailants. .T
bhots struck Potter, one er
deft side of the head and tv
the abd-omen, killing him Ii
. The next two shots wer
owaird Zachry, one ent.erini
en 'and lodging In his bh
|ther missed Its mark enti
|ree fled for safety, first go
i, physicians to have his her
lad then left for parts unl
Potter and Zachry weo
the nfill office and a phy
nummonkd for Zachry. Za
dition is announced to be
critical and no hope Is eunte
his recovery,




Trrzic Cc- Pays Tributes to One of His Assistants
t o and Gives His Views.LO'o T2- T m
9. a Prof. J. V. Gass, one o the m ost ..
he A!abaxa proficient instrue ors of Inion A.cua- A Pleaant Lemon r

1.1 L. Pot- e y, departed for teal to p)etrfori.
Da Zach.ry th- duty i1w I For biliousness, conustipation a(tnd appendicitis
nn Zcly the duty the mail sr'rIL's to siich llrvolliis hieadatFilc. l eor sleep le'ss,>s, ervousnetS
cape. he has 1been appointed.., iTu,'day. For fever, hills. debility anul kidinly diseases
\'hbite, My persoiial acqutiaiiarice with this 1r. Mozley's Lemon Elixir is prepared from t
anett mi.:, yo[,,g man, I twice having bcin lny LIntd with other vegetable liver tonies, and will
ort distan e assistant teacher in tie rural dstrikt L Ve-llllllne d i tases. ..h cents a nd .. .b' tl

gatukoc pm
o 1 r o
1n1 o'rdlrs 1

111 ill ::!
nd ') Cw- :
:ere u p;t d !
"aitue an.-
hh,, ;, : .,
till L. it ., : "

\ncv I
was ;*
rev, wi .''
ek Og:k
other-in-i .*
rowd oi'
holp) .k .
)body v-i
his :n. .;.
d li re .l '
hrce of' l
nterinig 1
'o Cnt'i
re (dir
g his aiL ,
ack. I'
rely. ( -
itug to
ad d r- A
(11 o w 11
11"ov 'd t t)
'" la n \v"': -s
ctiury's I -
ext l t i. i 1


"Mary A. Livermore Takes Issue with
Roo00evelt and Eliot.
Chicago, April 29.-A dispatch to
I^The Record-Herald from Boston says:
Before the members of an orgafilza-
tion called the Mothers and Fathers'
club, Miary A. Liveo:more spoke of
"child culture" last night and took is.
:ue With, President Roosevelt and
President Eliot on the race suicide
question. She said:
"We need to listen more to talk
about the culture of fathers and moth.
ers than we do to the culture of the
child, it seems to me. There arec
two mighty factors that enter into the
making, of individuals and of nations.
These factors are hereditary and en-
vironnient. There are men and wo.
men who are unfit to bo tho ia.rCIntS
of children. At the present time w\c
have to depend upon environment. In
many cases it is better to taie ( hildrent
away from their natural parents, so
that they may have a chance to do bet.
"The need is not nio;e children, but
better ones. It would not be race sui.
Cide if we were to have more homes
Into which only two or three children
were born. Quality and character
signify more than a horde."

Effected a Permanent Cure When
Twelve Doctors Had Failed.
B. B. Virling of London, Miss., under
date of April 21, 1903, writes:
"J. Simonson, Gainesville, Fla.:
"Dear Sir: I write to express my
deep'gratitude to you, for your won-
derful salve lias cured a sore on my
foot from whrch I have suffered great-
ly for five-years. Twelve doctors have
been working on the foot during this
time,but failed to effect a ur. Your
salve did the work in a littlewhile. I
took from the foot toln pit!ec!s of bone,
after the glass had b'.en extracted,
which caused the sore, and now I amn
entirely cured and able to walk with-
out the aid of crutches, I shall al-
ways feel the greatest gratitude to-
wards you and will always speak a
good Word for your salve."
For sale at Wallace's City Drug
Store, Gainesville, Fla. dawlimo
Waylaid and Murdered.
Knoxville, Tenn., April 29.-A special
to The Sentinel from Jellico, Tenn.,
Mrs while Wood Cross. a wngro em-
Ployed on the Louisville and Nash-
Ville railroad extension, was making
Shis way from Jellico to. the railroad
camp, he wiVa waylaid and attacked by
three negro highwaymen. He was
disemboweled by one of the three and
ltved but a Ahort tima. The men eS-

After La Grippe--What?
U1i4 4.y a hacking cough and a gen-
ct r, ig of weakness, often lead-
W1e tIZ i01, 1 results after the patient is1
SI UpOuj. to have.. yasd the danger
Si:.: t .oly:& Honey and Tar is

/ ', 7.:. 7 '.. ,

s. For indigestion, sick and
sS and heart failure.
. take Lenon Elixir.
he fresh juico of lemons,comn-
I not fail you in any of the
s at druggists.

.assuiied mno or hIs e~iprtrcy and
, s e ertll ', l i AutlawliI,, sL a.
punct ality of alyIny in tio 1 to \b r : iJ 1
hle may e ISSigfi d.T
fVWti hf is p(l,,, itIent", it was ot I fully endorse it for nervous prostration. iteadfache, indigestion and con-
qu stii of el or lhiit i llt.lio n ll, stipation. having used- wi with i sitisfoi tory results, after all other renm -
position, 1)ut his iaillicatiomn. H\e tdies hiad failed. J. W. ROLLO,
arit lc'lrii;g no1110r,1' nd more t),i; V West End, All inta., Ga
lessonl, itlat it, is ev r a l i n of . ... ... -. -..
color, as sme ,olitl 'ians .1t le it. f -
::lor~a,;: sonit, AMtzley's L-m fon Hot Drops
cause timlie itself demo stratt th, ap- "l.
prlnc ilinlt pi' ritod uheln every 1'ftIn t v. C ures all coughs, eolds, ihortrneniss, sore throat. bronchitis, heinorrh.tge,
r(,eive d e,) drtio a t t i,,,- alid all throat and l ing diseases. E'lieg nI and reliailh,.
ee (lillt ,ii, a t ll if2oy- 5 cents at druggists. Prepared only by Dr. II. Motley, Atlanta, (is.
inclit in puldi ;atdl ]private( situatillons,
bo ti' positi) t 1' p low, pick, \'Worl- ----------------- .- ..... -- .. ---. '-
shop or the, saw mill.
Th colored 1man may no longer hope I
to receive. govilrlmlielit ,posiLionls he-
enus(* to it S 'l :111 extenlt his ilnf( 'lUe Oc
polit ically may be nt'eded, ilr by rea-
son of any favors ciauscd by ymnpa-
thetic feelings from an'y party, but
thiS t' thing MA1Wa, ire. you mus f
)w 'il-I ) l u i 1 "

ue' it 'to Itmli t t0 ,o l (ii 0i iiiIy ;' I1 ia
sober nactionst to lp'rorml hli.; dtluit,' of
ithalt wov(r to '. lhic'l you ;s|)1ie. l'rof.
(il-s l;.S i I lin :,., d t( o ,. ilcic all;

No. w "\viI! t(iodspcIt,(d and my list,
wislit-, I pray tIhl1 l t ,I''ess will crown
yotur 'lli ,ri''. ,- \VW [Fl '.oM :.
A Demonstration of What Chamber-
lain's Colic, Cholera and Diar-
rhoea Remedy Can Do.
"OeW of ur customers, a highly re-
sp' cted citii/n of this l)ILceO, hIlld buin
for tenf years I 1sulf rr iroin chlrotii i
diarrheaa" writes Waluen & Martin,
druggists, of Enterprise, Ala. "Heo
had u.ted various patent preparations
and been treated bhy i11ysicians with-
out any p)ermianient benefit. A few
months ago he commenced taking
Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and
Diarrhoea Remedy and in a short timne
was entirely cured. Many citizens
of Enterprise who know the gentleman
will testify to the truthfulness of this
statement." For sale by all druggists
and medicine companies.
Dig3 Lumber r.11I Burned.
TPla1 -kly. Ca.. A:rNll 29.-Flowers
],:os,' ri'"! ~,(~,~)'i:,''i. a 1nw nm ill at
th!s il.]c ('i i ll ,( n i dcitrved by fire
T'I ]l. was ai u ,,1),"m t1 ,00(0. This It
onc tl' [\C l;'1'! t mills ill outhwl est
GC ;c'gia. It ( 'lin r d,; o feet. of lumber
dJly and gl v. I ni',yienpnt to about
:)011( idrs. T' iI:' planing m ills, kiln I
and t ; i., -, v. r ave butt n ' 1 it N'. r;, w t'-lk ti for'(
tl'cy an r .' ,rr tht'iir I'r,. lAr ouitpult
T:e o1ri'rn ,of i ftil'r Is unknown, bull
it i: ':'I in I av ciulghit fromT
shl'infll It larl th' ;~I W niil1.
Walks Without Crutches.
I was much afflicted with sciatica,
writes Ed. C. Ntd, Jowaville, Sedgwick
Co., Kan., "going about on crutches
and suffering a deal of pain. I was in-
duced to try Ballard's Snow Linimerit,
which relieved me. I used three 60e
bottles. It is the greatest liniment I
ever used, have recommended it to a
number ofipersons. All express them-
selves as being benhefited by it. I now
walk without crutches, able to perform
a great deal of light labor on the
farm." 25c, 50e and $1 at Johnson

rIatal Oarre e Craps.
T"ii; *,. G'a., Ap;ll 29.- A double<
n-l::.'" "I -,r-rd-0 nt a negro church ?
11i,'.1 ,.: *'*' T', t :o:n Sunrday on (i V
rvy l.l r,',i. Judge Mahone. Poel
I~'i .' ;.;* .'.Isy andf John Mahonm
pw !;p ;' :'apI near aclniurch fro t
wl:t. h n i~ ;tit. O t~f-OSe. John Ma
) ", *': :" : '.(: -I:law of Judge MItX
ho: r tedA Judge to kill WVeas
and |larvy. which h. iWd. Both no
g'ros <-.ieapeld, hut John iHarvey wav
arrested and [Afaced In Talhotton jail
Beauty and Strength
Art, desirable. You are strong and
vigorous when your blood is pure.
Many-nay, mnost--womren fail t) prop-
erly digest their food, and so become
pale, sallow, thin and weak, while the
brightness, freshness and beauty of the
skin and complexion depart. Remedy
this unpleasant evil by eating nourish-
ing foodx, and taking a small do0e of
lHerbine after each meal to digest
what you have eaten. 50e at Johnson
I ro s. -
Many Fishermenr May Be Lost.
Calais: April 219--The flshbng sxneks
tt, Thommas and St. OuMtave are rtjort
ed to hvAe been o.,t in tthe cb*tCel.
Yecrteen men are belleved to have,
bien drowned.
Pneumonia is Robbed of Its To Ors
by taing Foley's Honey and Tar. 'It
atopw the .mkingough and be*Isa
P ithn -the 4lug--. I takt. a I
aftm. tol ~ta tao o
roiA, ~ a *aristwt BO& y
7P w~taiton.* $a. ;,,.- ^

u fi








.*.WUB^SIIU fl

ii; Ili~ ;---i--;_ri I;:_i :.)II~-

jA la(liua Cotunty

Abstract Co, I

B. R. COLSON, Manager,

Tho qeTi iist n or l little a
S l.Irut otushhidratloti for the

Abstract of Title
To nany pIlce of lIntd It
Alahimn, county firnilhd id
ton alppllcaltion.


And 111il r ldi l 'ma lt hers o ern.
In the redemption l f 40( f i.
8anR elated lx (ertllleatetq
atteiil'e toprompatl,

Gainsvillo Ma&chine Works

4 ENE It AL -Ml,1 1 AN)
Can turn and tralghteni whole length@
of Shaftlng and P1 pe-Outting -
up to 1P rulfto.

P, H. WBSTGAARD Prop. d1 tr.

J ,,IN os ull., t'vre J V Wui

MNmi utturerisIr


~t n4~e ^w~tt Wtm t 4 a!tt le, e..( v m $* t m44isll4 pr1#i )twT



Juo ,I tv'd an woortnment t P-
mat, skw,4l Vilms ,nd other .upplihs.


....M t

r 4

That Chaurming

Individuality -

TE plainly Fhown when you con-
suit us alout those D1)re.'s o(s
In fact, l .re yt ou t'cal'l u.i tcr tli'
to, ech of rlivi idtalit.y as atl, no
other hou'e.
We are now at, the height of the
season. All the different cloths
for Spring and Sunmmer wear-the
choicest prevailing fabrics in ol-
ore and \lhite goods are here, re-
vealing thei master touch of indi-
viduality which comes from the
personal suggestions and directions
of our buyers.

Are now at their bemt, and you
should not fail to see the1 inany
hanidsinite patterns now on display.


m 1*

Dress well and kkep cool with
our latest patterns in Negligeo
Shirts, Suiiler H osiery, untm r
Ties attd aHuts. A new suit of
light weight clothes, no matter
what shuado, fs the thing for this
thim of year,

Madras Cloth Shirts $1,
That are really $1.50 goods the
world over. They are cool and
Fine Shoes
For ladies and gents, and prices
that catch the piurso. Our good
aro seton'oinable.

'liThe OatlItte





1-- u~*wrrrrr--m~1Ylc; ---

1 ~ -

; :.~T--.~---. I~ ~.--r.r---- ----- --1 ;-- ---- -----::--;1..



^ ptMondA~y.,ae 1 otehe cito, .

0 .0li

oon r 50 ]zot"or lve' we*-
P e "' ei4 Tre64 OT

shipulate^^necuirse Partletno-.t kodwtan
06to lo4Ad e ? t Ma .; b3 *4

/ Tit 'woe-a-Wee Isup -, at. ell tpfee,.

32wu ,Of t6 A.0we6e 6 1o Si. state ab34gm
1p.r w it t atoso Oanaaf4?hl.O-

AdvortI^1ns IabUcoupeAue g.after; fOirs
J '[l** f v'.Apvettxance t e4 otborwi's
*t4ipulated~la cctriet. Partleon(o m o B10 t1 q

ii4i4itoo1 1 i


SThe piolitlal titationi inl

Now York

t. t i.h rt.iiitdl t ten tloit ti f
i idtiiit. Uliih's- h., lii:age) s to
ap a truce between .llatt and
the Deiooorats will have a walk-

asltei~td ak ;

.hrearings ii, inttw. o .4Ns T? This
ashority exte"dis4 1i6 ~* ens Wrhere
stision hitu edi tp be trken
n. depositions before other offii
than thp register Ap'd reeves'
'The object an* d .prpos~ .'this act is
toaffordn to10 !i~asiti he.ieanir of e i
orcingu ^,,, p ,tt'n~i., ?.withe se.
4xiluuive hi $ts .perntitn at6 the ex.
tet abishngr the'.exstl g me, he
9I udf r th t'leis; by whoh the 'at-
o(.eese- t e m secured
9r theWr testimony talj lb y.pitito;
and 'partiie ny ^eleitto use either
lmthod of,, ro4e4rm.

rpte ltiin.the apoutint of m ud

eHelprin was :1urig' oa
the tter thrown out by Mont Pelee,
oz4 veral months this volcano has
beef in almost continual eruption.
T;iijofessor is especially interested
initestudy of the enormous atnount
e0jeQ from the mountain's interior.
In the past twoor three nonths Pelee
has atded some eight hu Adred feet to,
ts ieght. This enorm ua accumula-
tit mostly in the ft rm of huge
ian$5 f of rook, called "bombs," fre-
quiy fifty .tons or more In weight.
PrQf'leilprin estimates that the iuge
a0iIn of duit and steam which eon.
tiphly issue from the crater's throat
arle.with it more solid matter in a
4a!. an "the: Mississippi river die-
Iin a year. his huge amount
Staggrgati i h dreds bt tons, is'
oV ily being distributed over the
of Martinique bu.also over the
leligoring Islands of the se s. What
l1i p the effeot of this; aewrlimulation
here is the void b4ing forced by
*ie (eotlOn of this solid nMatter are
tudons difloult to answer. I ltun-
er .ining the bed of the oeeai and
relring for more troulpe1; Or iist due
po ~ contraction of the : earth's OrauBt,
"thft oes not leave roomi for what is
4it0 HS? His theory of the master will
be awaited with interest.
1 Na4val offers are nowy wrougit up!
,ve~;.the serious question, Shall there
be two bridges on flag ships?

'iltte V .,it)n >Vl r o he iot(t.Olihtt l intid
lls AItolute Afuthority.
Ovr' tle- vast estattllahmenit rtules the
capttii (n sui irerfl'i(> ld iMolatOtd atiltor-
Ityi. All hlH 1i4.'ot11 lihii liOilcnt iliust be
tthose of tlhe steiou.nt., to he tdireots the
:,. ov] ilOIt of' th ship hi iltl evolu-


gie e, which i.4 hseti. on atloRoine, has
ie' .of: service lt brilngingto,: the
oni on'te 'statesman that ha sy .jii
tent genuine stasnanSihip. ."Z Je
igr Lusaitl*idy, recognit4
Ott1h r ff;tha couetfy 1% 3r-to's

SfI the delegals wee talking
s the s|opaby 9f jojplieg it; $ ftr,
A AgatIst the united 8'ates h*6
'j oed thl ropositiIon:
tN j)e aon idaiidoif #* '

If'%ewb wor to't'eoeas-"

the flssin and American
co li trust t'atftl 1iin1 t h world,
tA ran A +q,,tir u :~g lignoe
ati he big ocea- *team rIp, f rust:
t Inder way, it is indeed timie
*Akf' etzIgttpl cotiaieratkqu of theb
i 4' r a lo, f er hobodynsed
1 y by the idea that the- trusts are,
be itirni W '~n"P6 n n i ex-,
'!uf,.o t .l s to:
ytr(^ n mankind, and t here 'no ili
to ir appetites. Some- Americans,
seel to dtierla, pleanur,' from theo
;i4 thb ht that some tpar trusts area
rig fore.igrt competitors. They'
*i t~ proflitally""r so, resott isd t'nexfetfit f to Amer-.,
ai '1in genhfl; aild.hlie kiaiitOe Itustsa
are )psting Ame ricans uoidre than' they-
are ting y a o- ,, oiy,, -, -, ,* :.. ,
Signor Lti6attil Ts rightiind if her i~et
,getsb'hts conference .tarteld; the tfnitod
^'11tbeo 4d ho 'athC .-isctie pf'tilon
of trusts and igufterl lotlift rti n hif'.
SMoreover, is Iti tthl greatest d.anter,
t, frqui lthoym pqli ill ~ QyfQro qflofl
are' al 0it9, ive alid ti: u'e 9,m .ey
in letiontis has become& a trolling
faotor. In Euripe poirmitent 0ofoilais
,and strong military establishments
make it 6sible ti control *'lthiivil s
arbitrarilyy that ie pn bhe reapl)ed here.
Only by long and expensive litigation,
^'.',if ,reasbed- &t ,ll, Wit* ,Weflalih .i o
e etratng as it is now idnd1',r tuat ini-
S fluzioes, thii country will joon ,bn
confronting the danger of oligarehic
S ..ootry r iided ithas .to alrred
reaoln d ib poltil *. . ':

SStrong Ipreurot Is buiniHl .hroight to
bear on th Secretiiary of hoe Navy to
e i i t O to t dit0ow
1 toCiM) i.a le, tet oxp i 0on 14 Ill.t1 Ii
jand overall sinithr aet.idotts, but it is
Doubtful if the administration n can be
pr failed upon to turn on thi searclh-
.l.tght before t1ho otion.

S MiessRobeca J. /Taylor hmas fallto heir
it. 0,Tie l)ah rilliitt young wo-
man eoli now niplooui thte adinititira-
'*..tfl anud explow it, a: tkira wl'ijhOt
:7, tfear r"of losing hu r nthiiol hlad buit
'there will.-be 0,i)ticrased Ati(nid for her
hanr d
V'-I,,: ,,..

Mi AOf-, 'h Factions Have
A it6 ati pt roposled Ref<
onhtaiitJlople. April 29.-
f ot i ltttia., say the i!bai
bymibt nernior tra table,, S&b
tieon lt hge decided to acce
(ofr1, '.ut others are still co
.th e a tt e r "r
th'.i levying of, a blachkma
lMaedionlan committee is i
The American missalonarles,
.htvY' beea. Indirectly intor
they need not fear the comm
.i tiom of Ilts gEllen M. t
regarded, as an American coz
to the revolutionary fund,
General Vasquez, former
Oft Santo Domingo, has fled
ilpvtliam. A. Hunt Is 'under
Birmingham, charged with d
"Insurance companies.
A. J. Drumright. of Lake
-AArf, tilled his wife. caum
finc atiWIve lnm moi ey.
Near Demopolis, Ala., a neg
or tried to escape by jumping
buggy, and was dragged to
Two4hlrds of thI Presbyt
the Northern Presilyterilan
ave voted In favor of rev
confession of faith.
Eleven men were killed a
JUtred by a cnIlilsion betwe
and stock trains on the Mis
clfic near Buffalo, Kans.
The eldi of Yarmouth and N1
Thaw were. married at Pittsb
groom o i an impecunious En
bleman; the bride has mor
Talking oftbe Reliance, Sli
Lipton sayO the performance
cup defender does not lea<
think that rhe rI faster than S

' ).I.UA, ArRIJ_ 30, 190,

o Decided .. ..7 '
orms d e .. talo ray eaker
-Advices After the age of 45 or 5o, when the vital pow na ry wker,
s r' it is noticed that a hurt of any kind heas slowly f e ryinsignifi
i of tRe cant scratch or bruise A l pimple ae on Ra utigaveme no
pt the br- becomes a bad ulcer osr iin or inoonve iennoe-n i. l i.L n chf; oroit
sidelong sore. At this time of n about t ha it not g t;
w- bou ld bldaMd a little othenscou oeld not
life -warty growths, heal. This oontinueA foreovt1h ne
II by the moles and pimples that an to eat and slproe a oint 1 aiond. .tez ineda
incessant, have been on the body toagive it a fair trial an d it is arskble what a
howeve', almost from birth begin wonderful effect it ha from the i in dithe sore
began to hal and after taking I fe bottles disap=
med thAt to inflame and fester, ered entirely. This was tW% the are
ittee, the .and before very long still no sigo t er s S yaoboa,
loe being are lare eating.ulcers. continues l healing then you may be sure
itribution Wenever a sore or ulcer is lw in ealin then may be urein
something is radically wrong with ou u' blod. So eni o assern t itself,
t.atbaf as been slumbering there for years, is beginn.lia gb assert itself,
TIE ..... nd breaks out and becomes a bad tulcer and perhaps th of
Cancer. These old sores are routed in thie blood, and whilewashes, soaps,
president salves, etc., keep the surface clean, they are not .lealing. A 'blood
to Cuba. medicine to purifyand strengthenftthepollutad blood
arrest at and a tonic to build up the general system is what
efrauding is needed, and S. S. S. is just such a remedy. No
defrauding I poison is so powerful and no genm so deadly
Village, that this reat veg-table blood remedy cannot reach
it, and ulcers of every.kind quick yield to its wonderful curative prop-
ertie8. If you have an old sore or ulcer, write us all about it, and medi-
Spriso cal advice or any information you may desire will be given by our physi-
ro pr icoans without charge. THE SWIFT SPFECI.0 rC ATLAHNTA *IGA

g from a
erlans of
sing the

nd 25 in-
-en work
souri Pa-

diss Allee
burg. The
gllsh no-
e tha-n a

r Thomas
e of the
d him to

Secretary of the Navy Moody when
seen iw Bosten refused to discuss the
Manchei:lafn situation beyond saylun
emphtat would not be involved to the extent ot
a single shot.
In.foroation has Just arrived at San.
ta Fe,, N. M., of the resignation ot
W. H. Pope, judge of the court of first
lir~tancet o the Philippines, on account
of slckxitei.. Mr. Pope formerly lived

Eeafy to Take

Easy to Operate
Because purely vegetable-yet thor-
ough, prompt, healthful, satisfactory-

Hood's Pills


S the most fatal of all dis-
FOLEYS luaratii Remd

or woney lrh*ded. Cootaln3
rtmedkes (r~onlood ylonomI
gist physllans as the ,te fk
Kidney and Bladder trouble.
pl.I n .. saI od$...

Summer Lw Soho
3klnU j 1i4 15. Ielatntx ir tl>r for l',fu r i'i.r
St lltnilor pnrerttOlfl wllo h>v- i^< k'
t uot,,o. 0<> <,AI .0 ,,v lnWA

opposite U S. PStot Ofent



Will stop your rent and buy
you ii h1ll(o. For information l

r l t .. .

on t aa ke t lls cons.,pation
by agitating the
bowels, but regular action cannot be secured until the live '
secretes enough bile to make the intestines
execute their natural functions. Unnat-
ural agitation caused by cathartics, compels
continual and increasing doses to
atta.n the results.A

r- 15 y adts on the
liver; cures Chil;
Fevr, and Fever, and every form of V
Malarial, Bilious, Remitting and Inter-
mitting Fevers, and, by going to the seat of the
trouble, works permanent cure.

For Sale by Johnson Bros., OGaiesville

Florida East Coast Ry.

:LOCAL TIME CARD No. 48. In Effect April II, 1903.
9No.6 No. 29 No.-9 lo.781
Dally. Daily. STATIONS. aily. aly.
5 0 p 9 40a Lv...............j.aok sgonvlieo. ...............Ar 715 -7 80 p 0
S03 p 48a .... ............ Jac ksonvl le..............Lv 707 a 7 2 '04
S90 p 10 5a ................. St. AuIgustine................... 0 AOp to iw
f 5 0B 11 28 a ............... ..... a ,ings............. ........ 6 16a 6,42,p
S4 a ..... .... ............. .. . 8 2
1 T a .... A ...............alatka...............Lv 4 oa 5 l 00pI
l ................. a nt ...............
.- .1 .. ..r ..... ...... . M .......t ............... Lv ......
8 2u it .... .. ...... n nells 0 8................. A30p C
6 o i la o p 1 lv......... ........ upont a....... ............v 4 a to
4 0 'P 12 20) ....................... unmnei,.................... 4 0- a a iP
0W 89 0 1 31 p ............... D.... iipont....................... p 6 a 1 P
aZ S 1) 1 Il l ................. -... Oin aIi....................... 20 a 3 6 pp >
S8 p 1 71) ................... l)y tla .................... 3 p 0 -
9 1 p 1 33 1.............. ... ( J.r't a ..ttie .................. 3. 0 a 3 3 p -r r m
601 031 ....... ........N.... ,,w nyta................... 2.45a lo p 0 rrl 0
Z W 10 i1 ) 23 2 .... .............. ...,j k Iill_. ................ 2 I u t 3 2 p .M
p C ....... Itt L .................... IIl a21pi
0: 3 p 3 2. .. .............(..... . '. 1 o
ltel....1.................. i a 1 3
40 1 i; 40) .a........ ........ ,l jl" n.................... 1-24 18 3P
c0c i 1 i l > ................... T ilu. t ,.H .............. . 12..... la1 S 1 p 0U a
S 001 3] ......... ....... .... ................... 1 0 12 H O 0
S 11 p ..... ........ '.' ................ 11
2 a 1 .... .............S' tlil, i sl ...................... "1p2 ) i STu :0o )0,
5 : : ).................:::.......:. .... .P i..11 a
S. LL 2 a s ...... .......... .. .V. u ......................9 .P 30 ...
z 2.1n 0P ...................... 4tuart ....................... 11 I
J 848a 71 1.. ... Wos l'al l hav................. 78, p, 9 85 )
t 4 a 6a 4 O...............e...,vjton ......... ......
4 5 a 7..................I ray ...............a
7101 a lop.............. t, l 1ted............... i ,t)
8 .I p.............. ie ......... Ira ...............
a 0t 8 0lo )..................L8 O i City .............. .. 1. 3 7 2
_pArk...... .......... M nm.m t......... .l,v 6' a

.N V Ir i' STATIONS. o 12 V-! 3_ JiiTNo 0- . N | No. -0.
Dailyj _.____ ._________ Dailys I'vi D.Ily a STATIONS. 1 Daily
7 7 '1 f Lv u......... Tlu lls .........A 1 0 p 10
t e S S a Iv...........O .een..........Ar 6i ift l 1 i Ltv I rnt 1 i p I u
s a Lv ...1Unterprise.. Ar 110 I I lii ra o Cty.A p P i
S0 a Ar. 8.,'rd ........ 110. It 4.Ar Ar J. L 10 5
^ I I5 NoNo. 2S .--2 No .o
undaiy Sltanday.P I 8 t l y MWAYPORT , 11NcH) 1 J 1 o. 22.
oa.only.onlsy .tiI

0 P 100 a ...... ....n Effect April Ar. 1903. 7 1ip
i 0 ll 4&.01 / ek. ....... .' 7 lA pi vliP
I tt ) I,) 46O a i0 4 '0 s 1, *1 ........ .> ',
V) ,/ A 0 1 .....6\la6 J0,, ,0 ...... I,, ; "7it It 5 IA iP
T1h0s 7T( 'a 0l0 A .r/ l, .l r '....... U i i, ,.t .......8.. ,Ex. .. ta r5 Sra* Ptt.
k Aro tr o ih sve.ra .Iazi,. I- I 'Ir* U t ) le I ,r \t. r &USIor 14 nut .,.v . !-'a ttt
KEY .... rS u A N ...

In Effect April 13, 1903,
SOUl B 11 OUN .i l.
.y -)0,;'..... ... ..... tO n!! v L"
........ ....... ...' ..... 0 rV . ....

F) opy f I,,) Tinme card or,,tl... i,; ,.. ,,, a,,,, ny A Tl ...
SJ. Di. IuTERs Aat. Gan. Pass. AuSll .M


Jacksorvt:v h'


++..+ : ` 'Ni"OWN**lj

.tion'i, 4 ;1i nloi M li .ti l l is Is inll. Is rt.ea.o-iuslhill y
It it ilnl iRs gave 1111 iil exacting liiI
, (ii y.;< if wnr I:t will itroil ill-, t toutst
1'-lrvi In the h01o r of' (Ol ttle( it Is notlh-
ui.l ii tlort of tapplilliiing wheli hl sfniuutir
aloo lii hls tcolittg towerI; t aivg Con-W
trol. f all till trerititidouts. forces lying
:t:he pl^ 'RIAieit -. ii^,i
hand. lie I tlho Fguilig s!irit of an
elaoriufls ptUReiiclwlB"ht {Oils tbfatf
i'jshiem tlroIugh thel water at a speed, It
Mlay bI, of ilttein knots, and he kilows
0t1t the slightest mistake of 1Ill head
or heart way inetn natloial dtlsastter.
ut beideos belug the naval and milt-
tary ?iief of .tlh staaish4pent lie is 1a
lawye'r-a kind t 0e 4O the peuat*
us It were, wh0 o dltvrtvi6very mui i
ore and 0i*811 ,,pu iiitiit to fh.
guilty. The deoriquelits are brought to
the -'.utast- th. n it~r,4^'~ wit.
tbeir cecuset's.i4.0*0it r i
Ai4d swift jtii r 4l. o I1
this capacity it|I o 10otila t h 4t
Sapttiti l ciouj Aditlge and J ula' a t
nifroetilntly l lie tlets a ehlrynlai illud
11 Wil h IsA ti(e b14lhif < of hil iLoe sot, ll!-
rentding the sirv Ie o1n USuntdays, oll cl-
,atilng at th burial of Ili dead aiid i"
tlh old laya ocwcailoailly niarryIjg lov-
ema.-,loutetnant Couemander Gleaves
tp World'a Work.
Deafn.ess OCa o.t., Qured ,.
by lohai anpplientia4ii' tIhey sttiuit
rt..iehi thi. d iseasead opiU .e- the .l.!.
There' is only one lik. ttit0 Aed ai
uees, and that 4,i by ooflontiution.l
remedies. Deafn it ot kilsed,; by t
fll.hiined condition of thi.e tIlo iu
"lhling. of the Butibtae.i Tub(, WiV0.
this tube is iluflManed yo- have a rrum-
bling sound or fhupeprtect hearing, aid
whien it is entirely closed, deafineops. is
the result, &lid .inlesal the iitaiitua-
tion can be taken out aid this Ltube-re-
stored to its normal condition, heart
will be destroyed forever, i, o 0 as
out or iO
whith Ist
si "a ia Q Si1

We. n er aOOdmo .

00 I

IN ES IORIDA, A..3.....

INSTALLED Writing About

woflam tPastorate Paine's Celery
|presbyt an Church1 Tonight.
Sa :"IWaBeyod
A Number o Prominent Ministers of ys: I as Benefitted Beyod
the State Will Attend and Participate My Expectation."
in Function -Presbytery Will Proceed The claim tit lXi;nr's (CI'lry Con-
to Ocalsa ptund at s lhe. ,tl.y I. ,,o t cti' n it
The int..'ation of Rev. 'Thos. tP. th World f,,r ti'li et i I ,.,rrtib ,,'e -
r it 4f in u I tr \ :tmi til ,b ,i d i -e -, s ; is
SBay as pastdok of the First Presbyterian Iflly bun' tby l ;1,t t'or :i ti coo" -
church will aike place at the church : .,t ,*',.
this evenpr .t 7:30 o'clock. Tr ,lay ,, < a,,r t v . r, :ri l
Rev. W E. Boggs, P. I)., of Jacksonu- t e I a r tl, It' i -
ville, will prpide;.preach the sermon it; .- l. : ',r liihs-t'stl a yiit
iand propound, the constitutional qi s- '

of JFern p j,1aill deliver lie charge. 11 i b l
to thep pl',t and the Rev. Mr. Liny ,"
of OcalstlQ1 deliver the charge to the
congregation. . ,
The Presli terian church r quirks
a minister enterfig into a new chart,
and the cbniregation calling him to
make a'eoveax at with each other, aud
the coneettuliono of the pastoral rela-
tion Is done with solemn and appro-
priate serri es,
A full.attendance of the members of
the very desirable, as the ;
oongregatlon is a party to the cove-
nalnt. Members uf other churches
and the public generally are invited
to be present.
The same installation committee of
Suwannee Presbytery, with Rev. Thos.
P. H~ay's nare substituted for that of
REv. '.iStey, will install Mr. Lin-
sey as pastor of the Ocala Presbyteriuan
church in that city tomorrow evening.
Gov. Heard oes to St. Louis. i:... \Milp .,linrTy
NTew Orleans, April 29.---,Bound for
St Louis to attend the dedication t,ote to th1 h.. t. ir,, ,oI dy 11an11(1 t thor-
ceremonies of the Louisiana Purchase o hly l, tan, ,. Ill,,ood, mking it
xpositlion, Governor Heard and memn. il .ssib.h tor nt ri or o ei natism i
bears of his staff left here today. Thee r
are about 25 people in the governor's i) ito d a lodg,'tmet, in the ysteim.l
party. On the same train are Pro- Ministe'rs, 'profess it'al ,'tn ge',n.rally,
StSio'f W. C. Stubbs and party. Pr. ntewlspalper mcn, public oltiitiaisi, and
tessor Stubbs is head of the commins- brai)rii workers, imtn whose daily out-
lion In charge of the $100,000 I/ouisl- ltay of vit it ity, lI c t se of haril, trying,
ana.,exblJblt at the fair. (overnor aiixiiou worki, is txtesiive, Jind r.,
Longino, .of Mississippi. aerotapani o,] n(.wed tir t r'i atl hi :,nd viltlily inl
Governor Heard's party as far as lIick P i 's Ct,, ,-,,| y (o ii,,l d. Its use
00n. 'Governor I.,ong'ino and neomh<- ( il;-li-s. 'l.lsipa, heart
of'his staff leave tomorrow to aitt'nd l., ,.rl 'lii
tho, do ieation. i rttt iok iti i t, ] t r1) lgttor
_Ir,_an._________ lt tel 0i + tqriogtiue.
M ore Cosmopolitan Than Pnars. l,.. Jt- Li..l u'a ty, i E rr.vtt, ',., writes
New York. April 29.--King E1l wa.ird' tl'i t -
at the private dinner at the qi nititin:l 'I hia n-.',1 l' I i<4's C',lf ry ('otn-
speaking about his wel(omr, titri in'-' pi, Il f,'r ,irt, ,l'i a tail i iiI I ltI, I,
4' K.,.. T -.t" 4m",+-nr. T r7+',n w t i 'i( r, ,,.., I ,,,t i '; ,,t I 1, .,p \ n I lia *1 t nt II



Gainesville, Florida

Men We Want to Talk To.
'1We behic'v that if t'v r' mon in (ai oin'slirill' a etot, hinl < .rprt-.
( 'I 'cirr man itin Gm a im ,s u'a,,r t/, )* ("fa "-/ m(/n' 1n (G r /7
A('ac/ih ireT k w' It' rA'"s tirgl' ment is i (i/re (1't


Buying th' I,.-t is the ess'sonee
Itf It'ru t'econimly. (ood elothilng
is cheaplier (titn poor elothinig-Ino
matter what the r.spcotivt ipriers
111 y Yb ,

Wc sel'// the tbest <'!th/iff th wan be(,* ff': (e no/ />bfolo,), (mi n
the pr'i<'ve' I' ( oI(i /oit Ih- lent tuit for fitlhrr ',ms;.e1n. or
ldre4 I' inalre't ,Nnt 'ja / (i), tn it will
OItt)io',r (in itwo ui l, s h(tf ordi-

"ytMs w $" s .ar

NoT,-W-hin a matn bIuys a suit from
ts e geti s te ti"le h-ht loing-it-tlhe
World," anadO by tIfoa' fnotis ,'ehl,,a.
Bros. & Co. of l:tl irnore, All their
natrrents hear l.lis htilvl, :

1 A

ing to a dispatch to Th' Trit t .-. n 1 , i 0- r y s"s-
Rome: "Rome i.s more c-' : -.f-ll. ' t' i l,", ,I good
th n' Paris; more c(. lrhI:,- t. 'I" m s. 1,.' 1i1,. , -,oIutl, 4 W w
n n et t '" t r t t '
London. I saw as many Amcrri f ,,I ..1 to ,.lii .
fiag s.. English, f si.' ttet'. of a lT t t K .. a t iv t ---it '
other nations. I prot ('td I.h10 ('c i I 'I i t ,li I, ---
of a church flying the Aniertian fl ." fr. ,,, s y a lt., i..t
He referred to the Amorir'nn (tii-ch ii O
to.0.e1a h of whJch played lthe lriLish T\0 (G/L AfjY, IAATED.
anthem. --
Cravled on' S elf Over C 9olin4 it ni
Dreadful Attack of Whooping Cough. gin, and Fc:l Asteep. : c S R
Mrs. Ellen Harlison, of :3t I' I-1 nOvl'(oII, Tenn.. April ",I)-A A1 a C Z 3
Avel.o;ssasCity, Mo., writit as fol- c:il to T'ro h ontinutf ...rorir ; JtlkcR w
lows: "'Our two children had a sevure, To',n. says two hoyis gt,,the birdts
attack Of Whooping co.igh, one of thet cra d o. a ..... ov r'Or t'a|<
in thi'paro'" ysm of coughing woltid e,(,' ctal mine crawled on a igtelt ove or
often fant arndbleed atthi nose. the gasoline engine and. l f iepi
trIedoverthing we heard of without, Thit tnorning when efforts were made
ge e e tben called in our to aroun them 'they were find to be, ake The
famntly dotor, who prescribed Foy dead.
Hoheyf nd Tar. W ith the very first Asphyxfatton front the gai i attrlb.
dose they began to improve and we utod as the cause of their death.
feel that it has saved their lives. RI'- a .... ..
fuse substitutes. Sold by W. C. Wal- Saves Two From Death. i a
laces drug store. "Ott r liit le< dtau ltor h1ad Witt tluiovL h RVi
Will Sail for Manila. ratal attack of woopinilng ebugh arild o'Jck. nvill,
San Prancisco, April 29--Th T'iwen bronchail is." writer. MrIa. W. K.
ty- -thlrd Infartry r.eginnt. numntibcrlnt- i
O flT en. has arrived f om Nw yortlavild, nf A nik, V., Rapid T
atate and will sill with other t -noa wl n ll t t-r r,-'di' fa il. we
on the trans-port Thomas next Frilda) aved hlir lifi. wvith lar. King's New
for Manila. The regitment was nrte Discovery. Our nitee who Iad conm. i).art. For
before in the Philippinils. Tho trans su ;p'tfont it an tt ndvtn'd tagi, alo
Port Loa.n, from Manila and Nap-a ua's(l t his won drful rf'deif< <,t leA,- 12': lpm "
a.ko, Is expected to arrive here or day .tie is perfectly wall." pitipert.t~e Paily *
Thursday or Friday. Ithronit and Itntig dis, S.. Physician W rites. It tin'ni N .'w 'ieav'ry a. tf nrt (,t.ta r1
1 nn, .,i .. >,> th [ ,I i s, i!, fn r r .......... .... ..
"I am desirous of knowing if ( ".0' ,, ,mi- iia i cdldsl, If t Aind l $t<,< lY e ft . ; m
professionr ca obtal n i',rlT iroit' in tulk gi)tr;ee. a bly I drp ',t. TIdd y 01
for prescribing parpio ve ? I t !t t,.e er." .... .... ail -
If great use to Im in tr', iatfiu e T r',r'... ly
(ilvinelusiv;.i. h a )i' 'XefK-e i ar- Jrs Pl ~ i ., fit Y i i

,.j - <3 '' - ,- -* ( y. -' ^ IuV - ... -
ov rerw ork. [have tie ,'r k"w' 1W t / N v ," '... * '* .....
fil .ii resitoriz g tb- org, ,at!i'r'a11'-tI'- p -,i *r ,,y In A> ,' : :+ I i l "oll
at hIo h artI Br 't utpp,'r end of t .eitir t laite Iaily.
Fire .. ,- t$;' -r,,' t an :'d by J h'a n B ro .. V rl,,ly
lr -' ".A...... '* i v.rt t. J os eph "Tygnrr for $fipt n...< 7 y r I n
tCa3s y the e ;-' It r a the. Ji.' m t l M y
the lOW I o !. M e lb a c u rs .IJ tram i t an i nti~l,,rl',: Ot'ine rl-m %V.m, fhe s
Waa burned this mornior g. Only t -" Ingtoltl ad .' !it-. haver ol pri"Tik
bUtiTldig were left standing in Mt-.,I trarnactIot l t ueprti th to haveb .M Iqt re t ngh' ,i, ,, ',*' r m l a y t ei mt al, an too itst pri.
.de. a .bl f . t h e IW ,I , ieip tarati ;I ',lW 4 a l h ti t I ,' .a t 4 ,- 0 a r 4 1 %"am 'y I i S '
..t.. d e to e.'..abt M 'ar .- r, -Por 'rafnaimo to N w York, vi! AUIAtltal m tu co
nr* -. re- Br nt oue. .ne; als .viA Atht -l 0t C I't MnO r di i tonh- Railway.
eyper Ail, cote ln.adose i(' tnt i-j tLe Quinn of Cavandii. t, For ecomplIte a, lait.wa 1i,m, eatl I
y rtopa fontina lw Aled of h, tw. s a. y health by In-

We il ",,' tY -,a --,5' ,,, ... ., .. .. iae "f. .A
Or ^ ^fo^ .. t .. ....' a' t,-la-o h si i, *t 0iiM ia!
^ e .o l. .. ... W.. t AI


'WALA- A-. -A I ^ ,A -,',ML r.AA

/ ftore srt//lfor utboutf fth sIme
y/-- aidl ft willt rre ti i its
)elitness lo/ hr ft(cr t/f' tli', r ment wil' bf a rwi'rc fifnd nklj' andm b tgi/nHs.

V 6l sl' Onrap HrtNTS
^vwvvw~vi~wyvv~ivwvw~~vvv "'vC

iawioi^ .Dr~pr


t V441iTh ,REAM

M, 44i n f M AlslUy-, (*.I Its Q4 l 't .
isLe alSl ort i RomedlM.Tir
, )yJ JohTriRon Bros., (Jn-ivillo

Atlantic Coast Line

V4ia Viall

ra r o it nl d O A.I aot h Alp e lov ) 1i".

'ranrsit and UnTllri1pu i d i,,rvi.o

A'"Il Tal. JnrI eaflT''t A;Ar; I t1, wo;.
0 A |NI ",',VI1I.E
lig'h SlprtiKs. N,'wle.-rry audl iat'-r-

II ritf Igo ,a.'iar tt If l i ai at t i'I
Iht.>'rn*d iit t'- I'"i et

jarllt. k, .. r i -yto nn. ;.ti tai l t i, .
pringsll"lt,I- he on s .;h onJI:t l'-, "

GOn v ,Ce a WQ!



-- GA.





Nails, Iron, Wire, Pipo, Fit-

( ngs, Bolting, Packingetc,

l IliHt()|| I I ICar 1"0 .1l lin niAyl

Baird Hardware Co.
(. IA1.. I..1., ,' .


WOOt Market Prce Pa

Highest Market Prices Paid,

r r vr ," ,' Fr .,

I y. f K 't
y V 15 to

I e" .
:J ,, fyt

ourth. .;.tt r. i W ,- -. I etiy

ir1 land,
4 &f,, Jultan at,t

A epret l tul oat

Of AI)t urt 16ptiaMiI.

Hole Agen^t for l<9Aik EIW1 qUALI.TY ^<^, vE'ry,
ptirt i mtt .W.a.rt4. .

I. MeneM,,

- Aglent

' ' *i .
: .' ,.f

: "." 1'; i ^ 1

. % ..+ ./
5 ,



.. t. e
: -

ii )/

A r'

A ,}

.+i.. t ;

-i---- -. - '.. . . .

T------(-- --r-CI--------~----CII-.* --~ ~~


Advertsements of ten words or e iro'A444*
this head Inserted for One CoMi t Wotd 'oll4
In advance, 640 buetto', *i .
Pleao answer adVertbeieent Am,' ad4M 4
In the Oavertent .
The oontadeno of all imrsonua thaettt *A04
thioes altnel with Iltixtal will be reispoe l!(,
Their namest wW not be tvten-to qulrirer. _,

DO YOU want ,i sewhilg aaobtatp t fso doOLtb i
bUy ,utnl you bave'seb'i m. 4 Yove' :
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of nIaohlnes. Old mahilnea takRll 1 1,', *
Change. Sodonldhand m hchine r0 your @w,
lrioe, Cal O '(on M. res C. A. 'W. TiOMA -
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'Gaetilneve. 1la. 47-i~+Z wtr


I it lahno tor tthb trytrlt o'|thttife. t AtnIts In
tuiwo loxgtvr thitm others. on'iteniteld i(o
bestwita tori l n, v a i tainr0 4o
woriantiumlp Aottlinmble.
to' to dtteo In evory
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withoutwit tglo failure. If you
want A phtn tor i lifetime's
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Prices ia0 low 1 xs IN contIltteont with qu(llt*y
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trial. We p>tY fretiAht. Write
fur prooa TODAY.

Ludden& Bateg

Southern Music House,


. r '

71-, 7-

We.. M*' $. :,"

Uie~; ET^TELL ***-n -i M
I tonce sat t a baqut Lon
don by Wi so~".arrett, to e..:
Will Give Their Fe s e" e
IVery Awell -prePd 4iedt uIle',
4A4-- Utop. Se 044 4oa0tdyo e

il lovernor"H .e.n :h E e e e 'l.ogise Wilson Barkett .11 a
i G ove^rror dernings a.ndt Ho. W b spe '^ believe," 3he salad, ^tha, Mr.
t' Bryan Werae Guesa,-M~A*g.r b rett woO oe success rwith a pie e
sh Dectares He WIll surpasss All called ( eonsulttng his poted) o'nh Llghts
I#O'rmer Occasions. Zf Wone .da t E pO e It Gergeoh
annual banquet of the Eleve t 4c1i', i'rm a erto n lr sad a w tr-.
..iewatio of Ea,,t Florida Se. ..inarW -;, u iciton ehe M o iaeb '
i rl i be i.ven at the Brwn House h esea sn6ething W calle, 'Th.e Swoer
ant uerl tbut Manay g Ettel. of- K: ere a0a. Io know iothlng of
; ppar hbostule'y hI.s ex pressed his^ te. aithoiarshOp. uThe names of those
St0atlWa ofolipsn, g tnder i s .alathc carpenters do not interest
r ill| o% ,mr ways any ocaeiorn hih me.' I At which V Hte ni' Arthur kote s
b e. The e t glar4ot nd a tsh came into -o.the face df
"..d.os, ad they have. always been W'' il Bareett l ha placed on his
laiW, 6ach yea growng more n ba what e humorously ca a o
ow ver, preOarations for the p fntragedy. 1 refer to caudiau,' at-
et this year have. alre egMg, tri' one W. G. Will, of whom I
Mnage itte says that t' st!, tae never heardd." This was too. much

rpet poet, the modest Wills. Bo they
1ro poand..t arat oes,101 maiP-t"A'Oe.bsritter. t f orto Of Feri-n.
'i a -, boys a fie time last d .ho
RVW lthen o nis aeomtF tearl..;ytton'hs tragedy to Irduced

....200 (4ov. .Jenniki^. n ,b4 a monta later, wass a dismal faslire.
p were hers," remarked Mr. lttel _____ ;_:':_' _
S-ar-tan, "burt I'm ging a o is.pea ition About Ceath.w
Sthm this e what eal ba It the Moiferrto it is believed that
_is I d4on' nre : lhetheI minute ant t ie cate who wander .about upon
I I o other litharn the a4vertlsing ,ito the roots -during the monts of tebru-
illlie -'y house, but I npzopose to ary are realy- witches, whom it is law-
|FS'tie boys'- and thdrfteir/ens a ful wa even necessary to shoot. A.
thatW tfhey wjli not' soon or t Germuan superstition has it that I a
Oorations and other featiree black cat sits upon the bed of a sicit
Kll t be dulge..uu~tl the last moi man It Is n pre age of his danoth, while

Sbl oat promise oetig s decese it ies seen upon his
-f? a gto al for the oo^smon.s rave it is enuth to arouse doubts as
to thei locality to which his soul" has
l I t departed.. luugry it I t thought
e gae a twee the ages of seven and twelve
.AidtuiIlI wondei of th oyeart. A~ Fetc ollef couci?ing the.
be seen at Rtegiau f aill, and there c^t is- that Il the anIauul be carried in
"t 2eUz te y son Iuo frbgo told't ,waO a ctii ra 1i n'Itwe- tt W bsr
B 9- ^Ird thm'l W nehe'o tk ous the, horses -they immediately fall tired.
- Av 87thmetround the wold. are If' any part of the horseman's clothing
-.iN 4hee. columns ar a be :iade of cat's skin, the horse will
:Itheig th had been faahiooed by feel as though it carried a doub'o bur-
miZi* h ,, and "et they. at~ tyely den. In other countries, however, sU-
at and of volcanic origim They n perstition is favorable rather than ad-
rs f0 great height, and no one verse to the eat. A variant of the fa.
t 0 fit th wItouwt bieeom-mo
tor first time tout becom- mous story of, the KIllknW, cats is
al secota, there are found in Piedmont, the aBts being,
00i 0I nst s avewhitt there ar .. however, replaced by wolves
i ,the-nd o, iSt. Helena there are oth- .. .
Sqthouihe.hltter, instead of stand Lite Savgns Devena.
'0eirect. are piled together on the Mimicry amoug buttorfise, moths
o 0Ud ioilt look like trunks of trees. and other insects would be comic were
.'-, -----..._. ... It ndt a matter of life or death. Not a
i e4l a Probleou While Asleep. few moths have at the hinder ends of
^A Amsterdam banker once request- their wings a black mark and two or
S Bd a professor of in them atics to work more tails resembling the horns of their
ati t very tutricate and pulling prob- ow hiends. A veteran in warfare not
-lei for blim The professor, thinking seldom has these portions missing,
ie-nmaitter good oxerclse for the Intel- .proof of the value In having saved hia
KK .eetual facultles of his puipls, men- life. Thus the lizard's brittle tall,
tnlpned it to theni and requested them which, first attracting the enemy,
to Work out the elgma. One of the comes off at his touch, lets his would
:letundeits, who had pondered deeply be prey escape. When at bay, crabs
1 OV, -the Ititricate subject during the distract the enopIy by throwing off
-'Af i .retired to bed., Some time after, thoir claws, and lobsters do the trick
Wis lithe arose, driessd, and, seating more neatly by seizing the enemy with
IN; t ~ielf at his desk, worked out the a claw and then throwing off limb and
oem accurately, covering sheet of enemy. Thus the bushy tail of the
p>atei, with his calculations. He had squirrel is accounted for. There is a
tiarecollectlon in the morning of hay, chance of escaping the enemy minus
lg done s. *,only a mouthful of fur.
Ciwas flerees Worik Usd. Tei.iNllloilllrl Apple Tree.
T:airveling with a round top OMlfco In thd rectory garden of Pysford, near
potad to be no snecture, The Gtrne d Wokhig, England, there stands what
'Octdenital, being a wagon show, mov-' i famlH-arly known as the missionary
,1 wholly by road. The shortest Jusnip apple tree. The tree is a large one and
iliftoen miles, but often they did of i good age and has boen so named
between ildntlght and moriing, for the reason that for many years
d thirty ila over country high- pat it has been the custom of the ree-
ays mlialke no short jaunt when you tor of the parish to collect tbo fruit,
hatfe n five ton chariot behind you. soel it id the best market .and devote
he J mamp, however, was only the be- the proceeds to the missionary socle-
ginlnhg (of the day's work. .No sooner ties of the Cihurch of 1England. Quite a
Shad you 1 enlisted Irealfust than you large sum of money has bOen raised
S1 'eire aoo ro' . ie.nln fronm two to four les nire io the Ilenhoblmi ora go variety, always

F o' ..SeweU lord In "Horses. Nine.". fnd a .reay le- at excellent prices
A --- ' amo- g the gentry and' farmers of the
.:'"'^" AA Odd IF1ush. district,
One of the oddestl ti -es that ever district
SSwnmi lII atny s.a is tlAt tliowli to liat- A4trioa Nei ot. an*Id slIt.
rallets theo uinatrautveUame of -To obutiin sialt the aknkalualu and oth-
bioceophtilus, A spl)ies ofit is found er Afrlti-ietw natives burn banana leaves
lhe sea- of Galilee, where It builds a and ce-rtain grasses and, collecting the
0Wli:h for beauty of'deslgt and e- ashtes, place -thiem In a large funnel In-
of workmanship excels the Pt- gpntiously mnad from larg- banana
S or llte umjuority of featheredl neat ieavie 'Through this they percolate
14is4er. Its favorite spot, for buildlug water ind tlht evaporate tho filtered
Sir nm old root or rock projecting iun- watr y bollhg,. obtaining a fairly
der the water, 'and the material COW- white salt c'onone0 of a very small
'Sto of seaeweed. grass and leaves, amount of chloride of sodium and a
very large ai)ul t of chlorate-of potaalh
... evls .. -" and blher salts. Prior to the advent of
<'r'V don't understand how htMs Mhll the trMadeat tiu the missionaries this
kiiina can see anything iin that foreign wias the only swit tihy had to satisfy
oblelniim. He'A nothing but: a 'glided tho t mviug co S re ttgtueo et-
fto. *1* people.
at'1' auda yet the chance s are ----- -
ci' oue this will be a case of 'a fool oi,.s*ntl Wse.
lUer witiey soon married, "-PhU' "Say'" ased --tbe red faet, man E.n
a. ', the hotel 'i ting room. "HW do you
s pell eit- atd. .
eelp -t" t.l .. W .," r .ied the asvrnger next to
e~ lttil roniryear-old Qof WA. -gg hIV, 't*'an. -t-,--aaiv. t ti!Isatd. 1-

I wouldnt aI'$ttto a YOU
.04 Yru-*A

Ji uaip". orled wife, "h me, oh myl
I thought I had a good supply. '
The boys must eat] ton the Sly . .i-
TI'' F* oroe' between meals now, not
SThat saves you work and gives them vimrn,
- Buy all you need," says "Sunny Jim."


rThe ceytoseral
The Rekdy-to.Slre Cereal

creates its
own demand.


s -

SWMt, crisp laies of wheat and malt.

Only B.x Ths ,Is Empty.
"I wish to.add may endorsementt to 'Force.' s the onlybox
on the self that is empty when moqst needed. 'L. H. MATw.Tn."

as-~ -

More Than 100 Entries Were Made in
U. S. Land Office in Present Month.l
Notwithstanding that there is yet a
day to spare, heo business of the
United States land office in this city
shows one of the most remarkable
business careers it has ever enjoyed
for any month of a previous period
since its existence. There has been up
to lait night, besides other tiusiness,
more than 100 homestead entries in
tla' -i' le-a-iid other--braiclies of 'the
office have increased proportionately.
Chief Clerk Lynch stated yesterday
that during all his career in that hon-
ored position he has not experienced
such a rulsh, especially in the matter
of homestead entries, and, while he,
with the remainder of the force, were
compelled to work hard, they felt the
business a compliment to the office.
This business is evidence that Flor-
ida is prosperous. While the home-
steads comprised some of the finest
and most fertile lands in the State, the
applications for entries went as evi..
denee to show the confidence mani-
fested by the people in Florida. Of
the number of entries many are made
by persons from other sections of tho
country who have come to Florida to
settle and becopie identified with the
Interests of the State and the people,
which means a great deal commercial-
ly, agriculturally and otherwise.
Not only the State of Florida and its
people, but the land office and the
homesteaders are to b3 congratulated
upon the magnificent progress which is
being made in the development of the
public lands within the State. The
congratulations are in order from
three distinct sources-the landseek-
era, because they have -elected the'
best homes in the Union, the State be-
uaise it is prospering, and the land of,
floe, -becauseit has enjoyed the most
successful business in this department
peit Life.
In such a dwelling as the average
"fliat" of the north and west the pri-
vacy or homo I reduced to a minimum.
The footsteps of the tenants, the roll-
lng of thoir peranbuilators, the cries of
1heir children, the varied lons of their
hratkfnsts, lincles and (ldnners, are
oninlpreseut and oot to be banished
oven by mental science. If -they are
muAically Inclined, the others must. lis-
ten perforce.(and have no other redress
than to b 'gug counter performances.,
tonime cheerful writer said, "While a
man cau sing he can work." but the
trQubl)e often is that while he Is sung"
Ing other people are Unable to work.
Such forced participation nu the lives
of others is irritating and upsetting to.
the nerves. and though we may be will-
ing to wt,,ep with those who weep and
rejoice with those who reJolvce we
would prefer to hLvo Wttie choice tn
the matter.-New Orleans Times-Dem-
ocrat, ;-

Blaibodle (dicouragedw-ly -Iid 41 e-
erythiSg In my power to make those
two young p*ope ** that they were
not Utted for v*cah othr-
Wyzaere-And when is tho wedding
to ocuer?-*ltamnore AawreIcanR
A ... A. ee R t. ..
Ttowhy wce you detiera

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and all other fruits and vegetables from heat
or cokl. at so small a cost that the very least
fruit grower or trucker can use It as well as
the rich, and so simple that a two year-old '.
child can use It and manage It. I will demon- -
strate Its simplicity, durability and eheapnes
for one sintflie dollar and a stamped envelope -t5
sent to my address, by express money order.
will send sample anid guarantee Its success or
refund the money. I want to get It to aU the
People that are interested in their own inter-
es. One dozen heads of good solid eabb oe
will pay for the savingt of one-halft acrefr f
three years. or longer if you wh. NopolSO
used. Safe. ire. simple and cheap. Try it
once. If tyo Ilnl it to be a humbug tell every -
body you can. if not. keep it to Yourself. am'
let them tiol outi like you d(id. I am a free 'bor
white hltap. and' not afraid forany one to know
who Il atn ani all about the new nnd God-set n
disioverv. Don t walt. i"nd out as 001
you cInl If you war ito keep ,o; buirgs., worms
and eabbawlre l(e amld rals, v*riy tufft fo tfrhe i
market or .v,ur own use. Send expressmoney
order -if o 'ytenlet: if n)t. registered letter, to
E.J. WILLI] AMS. (ctar lKey, Fla..

Makes a specialty Of
Compounding Prescriptions
as they hold be. .

Fresh stock of DRUtis,
Full LIne Patent Mlleddllla
Phone 141.

RPanters and Growers of LOafg

Staple Sea Island Cotton wil lind ii

it t thAi.- . .. a.-.

Writ to MRS. A. C. -- cMIni.
A W1DT. ears of Edgar cate with TH A
&,/, Jaokmtwle, FlI., for cloular

|O ,e it .' .. ,"4Charift.
79^ ^ S^^ **w

^''..* *'h^




~ ~~ ., .. .. .........


W.rer Couaueiv to feavriass'^'-tPaurr
to Shortening Life.
,T i ere is far more evidence for the be-
| lief In the dreariness of old age after
activeve work has beon laid aside than
for the shortening of life which results
0' from the enforce lictivity. Two not-
; able instances and perhaps freer from
doubt than most as to whether It is eol-
nu .lit alone that kills and not the disease
of old age or a more specific walady
Share those of Napoleon the Great- and
Bismarck. The one lived ilx years iu
St. Helenli, the other eight years at
Sfriedfclistiruh, each "eating out his
heart." If ever there were men who
io .Oigiit on the suipposition to have been
killed by the total suspensioti of th ir
activities, these two ou;lht to have
been, but It would be extremely ditli-
cult to show thht tley were. Though
Napoleon was no more than fifty-three.
,yet it wps the specllic disease of cancer
eof tile Ptoniach if "whiCh lie died, and
the connection betweeil his exiled lone-
lilness and the direct cause of his death
Does not seem very apparent. On the
other hand, ltliirek at the age of
seventy:-'ve, when he was dismissed
from the chancellor.41ip, could not have
had a likelihood of more prolonged
earr than he aetunllv achieved out of






Are due to Indigestion. Ninety.ning
of every one hundred people who have
heart trouble can remember when It
was simple Indigestion. It Is a scion-
tific fact that all cases of heart dia-
ease, not organic, are not only trace-
able to, but are the direct result of
indigestion. All food taken into the
stomach which fails of perfect diges.-
tion ferments and swells the stomach,
puffing it up against the heart. This
Interferes with the action of the heart,
and In the course of time that delicate,
but vital organ becomes diseased.

Digests What You Eat
Mrs. Lorinl Nichols of Penn Yan, N. Y.,
Writes: After eating, my food would distress


(Succestsor tOSeli.ler& Alderman]
Over Duttou & QWo'a BlAk. Gainesville
Special attentilou to Orown and ridge wo
Phone 7lt0-


Graduate Baltimore College Dental Surgery
.e years' experienoo in New York CIty.
Crown. Bridre work and Filling Sipeolaltles.

S t. J. 1 PlIEISON,.

South Side Square,

ultiiliesVllie. Fla

ftiirnue? look. across the hill fromm Smith'.'

j W. PAT'
GAiNNOVIllu llrMittA,
Dealer In reau. ,,tate. Tilioioinihly posted
Wit h every section of land lIn A tie hula county.
Correspondeine solicited.

me by making y heart palpitate and Iwould UIaNI'UI' ii'. i i
office even if he had continued in office become very weak Finally I got a bottle O and Made Ncv.
until the end. A wise man If not too Kodoland t ave me Iminedate rellef. After L N ,U LASS5ES A :iViED iv
dyspeptic will never lose touch with ulngfw s d. cuOOKIN AS RI- ED.
actual life. There are old men with Kodol cuWes Indigestion, dyspepala We buy or sell IfurnItuire. or can contraoi
young hearts, and the elder whn h and all stomach disorders, and gives with you on the oom Itiaston bat ss, Patrotlagc
.young hearts, and the elder when he the heart a full, free and untram- solicited and saltisfacttoon uh fl.4.
has a youtan heart Is perhaps the most moeled action. I '
delightful type humanity can show us. Bottles only. "$1.00 Size holding 2% times n' .9. s TAYtLOR,
-Saturday IReview. the trial size. which s ols for 50c. PAINTING A NDL

Freak of at Thumnderbolt. i aPARZowD.mV GAIN LPAPIE HAN(I LOIDA
The annals of a French academy of [N I.C.DoWitt [,
science tell of a tailor's adventure with & Co. .
a thunderbolt. He lived In a house pro- ChcO CI A NrNat for D4CORtATOkS WALL PAPlR
vided with two chituneys-one for a rIrN Y
fireplace and the other for a stove, the BODIFORlu &'A. GIo. V. WALKRKNA sMim, .T. sHAYLOIt
matter. not in use. During a thunder- I -....... ...... .....
storm a tremendous report was heard, T K E R orAVT nOR
and everybody thought th#t the house MEN AND WOMEN. WALKER & StAYLOR
had been struck by llghtning. Instant-' 11780 Sa B iga for unnlturail
ly a blue flaming ball dropped into the O.l"hI rrtatloegori t crMionOI
fireplace and rolled out into the roqo~t S t Sll. f anbrae. Jaeksonville. Florida 1170t.a-- ii trhn.
see-ilnigly aHbot si-x iiIches ablove the", TitEEVASgEMO ent or pohicous.
floor. The excited tailor ran around theft 14.. INCluTsII .0 sold, bs w lst, 4-8-02
S, A.- A. or seat in plain wrapper, -*---------------- __ -
room, the ball of fire playing about his I ib. o y SAFEOLVE""E ln orR
feet. Suddenly It iose above his head $.00. or lbot Ctlr tl BELVEDERE,
and moved off toward. the stovepipe 1 WM. SCHILLER. ProprIetor.
holle in the ceiling, which had a piece 132 W. Forsyth st., Jteksonville, Fla.
of paper pasted over it. The ball moved TO THE PUBLIC. Oo,,i otc P0oi,,..c.
straight through the paper and up the e th b --
chimney-. When near the top, it ex. W e, the undersigned, hereby agree
ploded and tore the chinuoy into thou-. to pay $1,00W to any manufacturer of Best d inng place i1 city. Fnie
Bands of fragments. The sight of the paint who can show, by similar tests,' Winues, Liquors a .d Cigars.
deftys left by the explosion showed the ally paint standing upon any metal HE WEAT END,
.(iimlly what would live been the con- surface as perfectly and for so long a TiE
sequences had it exploded while on Its time as our FINE WINES, LTQU(OHAS OIAR1S
gyrating passage throighli the room. GRAPIHITE ELASTIC PAINT'. JOHN MENZIll':s. Pritrhetor.
We guarantee G(RAIPHITE ELAS- ale-ttl W. lW ay st.. Jiaclonvlle.,
-'nri paint lo contain no tar, rosia, all-
Learn of the irmixn:la. Thie. horse TIC painter, sin, a Faust beer, bottle and draught. Don't
teaches us to 1b0 silut under pun1Ih- ptilhatii or anXi of tho, products of fail to call on in il, l.Inck)outville
ment and patient ln huituleritng. lu'roli lIetroleum'.i, and ijen applied to any --... -
the lion we learn bravado. Fromll the surface according to our directions to t HifEN IN JACKSONVJIJLE
Cat we learn to prowl at iighlt. From wear/ perfectly for- a period of lIve
the dog we learn hlow tao be faithful to years, and we agree to furnish, free of --Visit, N i -
a irn'ud. TI'l camlel te(nlthet s ati- cirge, aill paii lieces.ary to repaint THE CRYTAL leAIOON AND G001
nence. The e!thlint ttls 1us how' to iany surface where it has proved doe- (iA i)N.
be calm in Tirsliy. The llilppota- The beet Liquors ill the city. Enter-
mus teaches 11.4 reos. TIhy liv little i ign taintuent every night at Roof (ardoli
rabbit teaches us liow to die without a The National PaintandVarnish Co., het
murmur. -The antelope toail es us the Cleveland, Ohio, U. S. A. ... ... .........
foolishness of idle curiosity. Tile hop- \Ve take plhitsure 4n announcing that ,TKE OLD BUKIAIIILE

toad tpteches us the evils of gluttony.
The ant teaches us industry and wis-
dom In council. Tile hen teaches us to
go in out of the wet (yet I have seen
tool hens which did not know the dif-
ference between sunshine and rain).
some men might learn of hogs how to
be gentlemen.-New York Press.

|;CP.slly QuallBed.
The story is told of a man who by
some unaccountable"blunder by the ap-
po+lting authority was made judge of
a minor coui41
He could neither read nor write, but
- .that did not give hituiuany~,uneaslness,
although it aroused some fears In the
breast of his wife.
"What are you going to do when
:there's any reading or writing comet
lnto cases?" she tlnidly Inquired.
"The folks that bring the reading' will
read it,.and the folks that want the
writin' will write it." calmly replied
bhs honor, "< r If they can't I shalnl coin-
-.tIt fnl. All I'*ve got to attend to, lilt-
ty, Is the judgiln', and I can do that as
: ci e anvbodv."
Iusetsalitry at Thief* of Time.
Mr. MaMx lcht writh.- "On Thurs-
day of l1.t weok ait 3:30. the liour fixed
for' th*e reteiatiil of "i' by .lury.' 1
Ui mt iMr. Gilbert fit"thte yilge door of
the Lyric aitl .(,tgrtulatid hnll on hl s
plitctia lity. lwon't.'he relVled, "I huiv e
lept ;isire t.wi throilgh r t j put tist, ill

t: lwtst l. .,
En rollin Officer -Vlat I Ryour name?

Einrollfttg t1h'r ('withi f dment IrrlTltA.
til )-8INhoxit iti wxow tf th.Ite t Irtillt'l
.0 N" 8. P. K. C. what ?-Chicago Trhb-
S Thl o .
* *.. ;. s i -*.. .
. ex' i .' lthe' workl'* grmat<'st r"'ti -
s" :.. s 5 t pmfl!:'I asetroi tor.
0'" lttm' e"** phrodp r ti$45 tb*
i? ,^r IWI^ I Ik41

we have secured control for Alachua
county for the snle of thu celobratedI
GRAPiliTE ELASTIC (generally
Known as Uncle Sam paint.) This
paint has the highest endorsements for
tin and iron roofs a d all exposed
Galinevrtle. Fla.



0. A Psaiwsrr.

l.Aemse and MaIulaer

.Oe1siesu.Ile.. JfhUitds.

I- .0r

SHAW icIred's Saloon aind Caf
J k J'skonrviI h,, Florida

1 U hIn 1is i Merchabnte Lunch ff rnt 2 t1 2p ino
SBarthlu asy Rochll ster, also E*.

ported Winrlterger It on lOrlught

Steaks, F0ish, (Chop" ntil seasons.
_____ to order, Poo(l, it 11 iard., BDowling

Complete txwk of Furni-
uet Stoves, Heaters, Do
(ritto B>iijra M'ar hcines ec?

"oiisvoille a ile H.
Firt-Class ServI'e a. d
Quick Schedules to
N"'.. 1 N Nlt A.NA(HVULLE,


SLOin Ait! IPv.i ,W t*
We t and No .xthwest.

ThroutKh Tiekets ltv I.'A N, ar sold
by at ll rilrod coupon ticket ag*tfs in
F torlda.
r' *i 1h ;,' r. 5o o .*m a leplu
A ~ l.11~to


S N i A .. I it ik t in l an, d the Nlt k . ... . No ,
I .... 1 tl i ;l ii t G A iiltlt0hi iliiiril.iiIn i1 il. 'i t lle ptl l(i- b t li .50 t li ) '11 "';

No., NNo 1 Iit' I ,,i'lI Ik t "h ,l, h,, Itl it W. 't N?)., l it o No '
13 It 10 t.1 Ip I A .Ai tinOtiivi h l(it .113 ... . L ,, i, ll ..... Ar, H t it' 13 (li ( a '", ^ i..
4 < it i; Ar Jt4ll io. ti .t ... ... . . . ... .... .l .. -, 1 ft0 li t ''
, ) It ,t it A '. k .Iit .. i it .. .. . .......... ........ .... .... l. V I DI 7 .. ".'
I, At mn ... .0 7 .I

ti (t, t 14 1)a
P ( t h :>p Ar. Lt htiunttr lv.. & I. I v It ) 0a >ll p
T 2A T A Ar'. inlin t . . . ..... .. ... ,
S:to i f ;u ) AI lr. l.'l it ,oto l ., i . ... lQu" ......... a I........ Ar. 7 I) ". a lt 1 I
T 6A) p> 7 A r. l o . .. ii l.l .. ......... ... . . 10 ( ) I

81 o 1a A a Iv. hclotximn t .t.o II & l M.. .lioni........... .. Ar, 1 0u [ 4 0.1t
0 1 1 7 : IA : A r, lt'hl. eh ut., ll ... .... i .l j ), A . .. ..... .... A tw .
1 an i p r > iliinn1t, I1 a ,c. 11 & 0. M h. ent *A x.A Ot a 7OhA pL:
4 p1 7 ;i A r I e ol to. tl t ... I ..... ... ...... A 1V, i t t l it .
S i) o mt > l It. i l, It ... ... II I. I... .. .......... .... ... t i
) Ni ii ? : n V A r, i l oauiii I> f ....... ,I" 1 .Mii. o li....... ...m....... t

1120 R. ,l ; r (..Lv. 'la)in ttln . h' .ltr l h our ) ... ... Ar, ltlIA 7i p ,u:;
3 ati t;N ili it Av. Toled lh oh .. .... .. OV, I t l

7 )I) it io A I. i.etlitl l Kyl ...... Si .. .. ........ .A. i b t6 t11& x
1A 116 )r I1 A' l, 1 tnl| lla y ....... .. .V. 10
. 7 :i12ia Ar, St. txr, Mo ... .v. 1 o "h .
14 .1 n i ni ouli v lIx Ky.. ......rtneat.. I.I t... .. ...... . L tit) Ii..! . ;
17 liot)1 A x. I'v 10o t' 'S I)10 V 1 0 p
-e. i . ..i o.. .. .... A .. .. .. 1y. . .. . 0 a.... .. ... . l
(nr mt I 'l (o i l Il v I., i ll n i. t iit llo tno i l. h . br.l lt t l l tultftl) a II t .tt :"-;7 ,
Ol e 7ti y lvxilnli L rno'. I Ihriry e l> M e. .rvaih. ear' t l .nit ..vlhl. i it.w. tl o'ligb.hti.. <4b 4l0l"
t o (Ihattunotiotri. Ibl in(1 '1.1 tocitiliititl. A slm (u) a 'lw y. Thurwitty nd ha titil ct.vW t tillt .ilO( t. ,.' to.i. t."rot1'..,1
Nom. 1ll iutil lT ''Ie o lilir ly .I ..lnlt 'd. So l .l04 1. . ait litimi. . lriawl I>tt i .io ..t |
I. .r . r. i T rP t-nl A r, I'i it i t r ix 'l a ti K K (11...... " . l.. . i l v lll 1 A0 p ,Aid (Al w'.ti
mil.w nrt I a.l i-ru ill i s laioltl g Iia it'lihwlorla 4hl 1(114.1 1 tlatg064 t '..11 t iih o ll C1. Ilt. ill 'a tmll I Iq ltllto

No.13 N.1:1} Htwitin Jiiksmiavilll and l Knulmag City Na.,Ii(Na.l
21i, it Ih t ni> r. JI i ltiti ryh llllt'.I' i l tit I u'. r h r h Mil .tl liti( -,. 1)
il I(hi t ii .i i h 4 .1tii, I i .. ,lt ... .' .. v. At '1 1 "
un l ll ,\i iv, (,it lt Iii, W (l' l,.,"
:i fi v6 ii Ia x i; (Ml. i, .l l tt lrlll ,' I ) I 1) .
I I. I' 1 I I. l .'t.l', lh w .ili lit n h lv I t ht a ,t '
A t M? VT.i A," lo V, r Vl.ilt jflkll,,ih Irll.. i-. I 4 -"
. *l H II.I ;i I i. .!',,' <'i1 . . .. . I t :ll l 1 ;11.

N il e! A1 0l I I ,lif i ft1' ,:" Ai ltr 1 I i' I ll" > 1) 0 W . :I
N il,. I, l' il It I "i<" I l'h t i I~s l lf ill fll I'l lllli iil i . in. I'touri tli~l'l~l1iH *'ltll'l tlot iW <0l ; !


'Alley. 1 W. ,tiy tL-.j 45ri ,




I ~..

~' .-'f'

I" ~
I 45
'"4"' \

ST. W i~ni. *aesb *4l I -**a tlw ho no4 w" vaseamtS
...., ~ ~ ~ ~ -i Nortta- .'WWM W': nvwt i,.


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So. v iM, Vie. l*r



: . . . . . . . .
.., ..t (i t :10 ^ ^ ^ .*; .; ,^^: ^' fO .*,OM

- ---CI^--------L----U -;-~-~-- 'Cll~ Ill-*CI~----L---.---

- --------- -----~--r--r~----

)A, APRIL 303 1903 ;
. __.. _____.._,___.., _, ..... ._. 4 ,.,- 4. 4 ,. ., ^- .... . ..'- :.^


In Connection With ATLANTIC CA ,ST LN, I
EaVwrrv JANUA iixt, I ... '

No. o No No t ) 1 letwein. Jaeksonimile ad New York No od N.
S7 t p 122 0 n S 1 i; .v. Ja.i'ktsonvIle, I'Flu .,SoI, I .............. A. G' a3t
i10 46 I I n I.v. S u J S lm n..... ,............... A..r. . 11..
NI 1 4 a 3 i 1 N i. I p. Ar. t oLe it luin ... .. .... ....... .. t"! .;l l'i
u. ,>N t1. : 1 l 9 0 A .,r, ('lh trlotte. N. ..... ....... .... 'v', % '' '
-0 2. 13 13 I ; I Ar. (i leen bor,> N. (2 .. C ......... ... Lv. ' .:
N 0 IN 1 5 i Ar. Xiuvlle, V . ,. .. ...... ..... LV?.. .* Q; 14
t 7' p ii . It Ar. l hlinoh iiu Va ..... o. o. l .. .. ... aLv. t I t.

l .O I li 411 li \Vnslll| tou. I). Vr. ..... .. i h. l. Lv, i tt .t4 '
II p 11 I ir. Il M P. RI It. .S
S i 30 11 '2 Ar. l hi. I'n 3
Nos. :i uni ;r( >. SoIttherrn irt lunii A.'" SoItd v litibulotled In of Pait U'iu ax.i1 t
N V 1 \ i i 1l iit 13 v, .ttx ..o.l..... : 1. L v. OXotpt, u u ; *
Nos. 1.1 ai ;it, Nv s'ork andu l i''lit t l pr<'s. 4 Mulhuiin rarvit n our I sit1iWI w6pl larw 4
It(l '.1.i l ox at .n lil>to\tilo N w 'orlk. Colulhe b.twoH Ja1t Ot e nJi\ htok4 wlt
NI s isi 3 3,.ii. Wr 0. .m \ l.(>i td> n F l leat hn v 'Irot. .0 '4
y e t nt, l It thl N 1w N' In1tl1,1hilt, Iuikliscomn ,l o111;41

No. 30 Tlihrouml the lbHnud or I e Skhy." Nn e0

7 1 l r .h \ 11v11u N. t% .. . o. lv .iV. 4 'k1r
i it I i .h rot si ,o N C'.n ., S... ) ... iv . 'v, i
1.\ 0 I A l 1. l Nlu lll. T rfil .. ... ... Stn lv.) I tf. B i

)rrrlr*P ~L -- ~~ -- II-L~LII Clh*91~1~LYCLII~~YllC*.:/*3~




SK*I I . w .. l... .l .
l. i ," < l. .t It % 1 i ii \ A' i . i t,1
i!. F. t M1IV, liH. i'i

I I I? rvili i w ,I I
IV. V l H., .!)1 'l14- h.,l !i*

:" ill

S M l l.i I'r, it

". i t = *M:w jl ,,7,- *. i',',' ;/ .,' .. : ;" p ;'' ,'- "',' .',*"; ': .;' i "I '^''-'*'.i'l''/''^ ],V i ,*'"'. 'i ,, 1 ''^ '' o,''';^-'^ 1^ :'.' r'' ,/'
.. . . . . .. . . . ,. . . . .. . . . .. .. . r, '; : ,' ; ,:. ; :. '. ;" :. /


.WN "kedr



"A sL

!*1WIS NO SUBSrT'IT in ~
|i~ili^;w~i ^ |TV


eOo4 by R e A


l *: :.;:; .: ho ', i n H : '

.llf^ti"t Fh.'5h , Ali

|^ de 6f.Jiatntli"li#!;t I jt n
AZ.t W, Peaobo of thre Thies.
a te r w. House ... I .

j [ L adre t 'r .ned Foe y
A jrf lbte diseu ,tp to a Vl's ot1

A, wA At narted U eserti ,t. pat oi

tilk Oi n $p, l. .
A-.w.^V:"T ^o^ "14 f, It 0> po s
dito'eatt thind 'safestarned o
A. oate, and oblaodder 4lseases is FoleyI's

A A s st itutre. Sol4 by V ',$P Wlou e 's
'i lrjI Vlet 14iays cae
jowte Ws and oilers without. pain,
o or litfe.' 11X5 Eat Min s., .
.Ip i lle t F 'l.
.i'Marl0 Woodward, the clever so-
11 lOnig agent of the Armour, lies, ha
re, turnd fromin a visit to points in
since itsSouth lorida."*
F04oley's Honey tand T-ar eoabtains, no
Opiates, and wll nob oonetipt0e Ike
Nearly sll other cough medlatiu. lie-
fue sabstintiutes. Boold by W.h. Wal-
aioe's drug st.oro.
81 J. Ford of Jacksonville, npfr piny
*ears the city ticket gtge.t. fo th9
lorida FSast Ooast ailUway, bt nfow
State agent for the Reitilngton type-
| riter,'I anthe Brown Hiou.sp.i, A
V LeRoy. Feiarce' o Aloe dat, one of
leading business men of the coun-
is in the city. He came for the
S pose of attending tihre meeting of
S Knights Templar, of whiph hela it
uslast. ila eontmber, last night. s
nn o theo romiueant i (alo-s to.
o.nvilte I 1 Hll, nspector hf
S ils for the New York Life In-
o Com-iany. Mr. Hi01 is f4c itl
t Gailneaville. He had beeh mal-
tour of Owt west rn part of the
anod will remain u.n the city for
S)r two. wll states that the in
o basiswss in Fhlrida is growing

SiAiter, well known in this city,
Sspout Ia portion of last sum-
'- holed his ability as a balls
i the tOk Hall toam, has
|-1in inldtcine trom the Tu-
*sity of New Orleaitt. The

he will decide to locate
o he will be conventient

't his parents. Mr. and
,. ill, Master Clarence
-d a number of hie
;' '. .a d party yesterday
-tornoon was pafaed4
^ 'A-'^. '' tate to the ocaiton' .
on. light tefresh-'
Master Clarynce

S "*.1 .e ae mother, thQ
:7 -. .. ne ^ .... .

1 'AQ O 1d tayd. a
.ll .. tor sole agtie for

. ,- ,, e se ped

,e, Fo. ad qt 1,7en

daQs so> lA.^(!a(dly;,. i
dm131 'ideilita e tr& ,kes kn
bladder ri ght Do-p1rt e .e
ol-, by "VW. f. Wllae's .drug '
. Palmer wIfn1ere his law of-
Ilou th abetxcIange to 105
)*aln streo, Qrter ^ May

Ju FOUWtain of Matson Ga.', a bai-
th ii 'l know the ryI has
vvd and will4 ,ceptt podtloy uat
L's iti ,, *' "p. ,." '

af 6araie P, ice a IpliI Ity

lie aenlvi A ghyl O ha'mbrlain's
p h^ rd Table.tnV:. i 1 o sy totn
it ect. or.. ale by.
LruggistB athd' medicine companies.
r. 4AsMri~ G. AW'S overly; who
I ,e.e 'rei.idng'ln' ip'oty for. ." t .
t^^ 'di ey ^^ordi,
,-th.r,, >- Mr. Overly form-

A A .olahher of, ,!, ol ionvitle, a

wal .l ,ie..^,tyafbA ,i few.hcours
hM been votlbn Dar. v nduQs
r'W jt 'breret astimnoted ton btlse

e yongad howa

deiulOfr .AI4 h uosad-y e om ng,
ee viotti ndition,
h r1h .withr-high
Zt heit a4 h ohande e ntay

*tBJT Yourtg lady of High' Springs,
l)8 been viating Dr. and M *rs.
i'MAirtAIA this alty-, hs"i returned
tr' h, be- 6(te has 3a npyAfIIends
a who regretted her dep raTrebult
0 Wot hqr clevottf host fhd1

hoste .,. "
0. arid Aroh Hague, J. A. J, Strick-
land and Steve Oullen formed a quar-
tett .of viit0id- to this city from
1agbl yesterday, Mr. Outlen, who'ia
Aoe of the progressive young truckers
of that i'eotoii, stated that he is now
shopping tOeumbers, whtch are bring-
ing %air returns.
.,After a pleasant visit ooverlhg a
Mliri64 of several, days to her mothtbr In
this .Pity, Miss Beesie Halle, h'4hlef
stenographer to .H M. Steele of tie 0.
S eXioars, has deirited for 0Clton,
Jipl. where she expects to remain for
the summer. Mis Hailel's nuot,*rous
friezdia were glad of .t. Opportu*4ty lo
Bee lr again, but regret very ,xiu0h
that ~er viltg was rt suoh rlroF u.,-
ture ,-A 4
SA lsordered stomach a$m .. ^ e:.t A',
end 'of trouble. Wh44 ti oaeh
els bcopne deraOged wan
dlea 14, theo m t ftal f of's hib are,
panibsS and thereforethe to 0, be
dre4ed. The Ixfportan"thlpg ti to
rest helttiy, endl.tion i-and o iis pWilt-
pose o aett,, preparation. 'beised
than Staltmoh anr Livek Tablets.
For tile by all druggilst and wiOedilli0o
mUanteii3. .
An excellent op1portunil(y to visit
NeW Orlean tandentJoy thi Oozeder.
ate Veteranis' coSt. Tie Atlantic Coast Line will sell
round trip tlokets tO ew Or ea0 a for
.onfederate "Veterals' Reunip i May
5llth'"to 1ltixnolnitlve, with rtulrt-.
it tay p4th.' An extension, of return
liits may be secured by depobtt oft
ticket byi righial PutrOhasi with Spe-
cial AgeitITheatre At0ad's not earlier
than xi y IM tlttAd npPii-payment of
50 cents at tlme. otAdepql, final limit
thereby obtained to .Tun. 1, t 1908.
AtlantiOo 0a$iue wil ,pareh o palai
to handle ,itio! in hgooo hape. WQIokk
schedule ? .ti.ket agenlat.' ..'
Uo*' O, Lr *bttv. Yes*
^iirs*.* *-f* -'5 ^ M' A14

ban sd o*WtnWb.^ka

a as sa'ys i : na

nthrsugh the ty yesterday en reot e
.l e ei.r :u sid 'b
pr helamong tr :cres many d

wrom n 'eww r a08st e 4 y. $he 8s
court, wa among rdict was b vip 'ght in itn
'erom ,Ne 'erit- v '*l'i<*'y hi'.Su1
favor ofwletedef agreenable call,
'"n Wh.eease of. Foley & Oo," rnmauaf,
turers of patent mediclnea, Ohicago.
Yr: ,;,A, A. 51rtephe.n, of IHigh ,prlingl,
which wab held in Judge 'Mason'l
court, a verdict was brought in il
favor of the defendant. Evans Hail4

The resldense eof i~eggy Watson, 6
respectable colored woman who rei edei
on the south sid4e of Paine' Prairie
about eleven miles fromthis pity,aneat
Kirkwoft,w#ap destrdypyd y fire Mon,
day morning. The building was a total
ldim, and the owner has the synpatht
p9 that community.

The G. H. S. Jrs.'Will Meetthe Wal
do drs, inThis OCity.
Announcefiezit, hai biben made th4 !t
'lt1.".nior -team -of the GOaineavlil*
Graded and High School will meet th
n tf 'Wam Wr Waldo tomorrow afte" i;
noon at, the baseball park. In ithi- city
.$ ,gni!'.e promises Q, be one of great
Interest, as both teams are in good.

(pryign 4A4 botj ap4qre' dent 1 win-
nin g.
TSI. 'GlI, H, 'f .b66y( trec6ntly play A
i Waldo boys "on their ow du '
hill," at which they were defeated.'
.lheXhjeJ lrepnew-ed nfld-ei-hov'-
ever, and feeT au that ey, w(il arke
the honors on this bOcasion. ..
The'^Wme *t1 'a11 w16Ma promptly at
2:x6 ocloo k ,I the afternoonamind; it is
to be hopethatitaWgoodlirowd will greet
the boys. The dmission will be St>
centi fdr aduli'l1V ce0 -d f pils and' cid r '
iove LAttler '
, Wquld d, p, pjrest pa f you're
looklpg fori u` td e for sores,
burnn or pilioa, 4lttQboi o. Ponder,
M0,, writtes "' sufferedl 4th an ugly
sore tAyer,. hJ a4 bo.of tluckle n
walve on earth. i t tors.
fraternqal R0l5oltI0en.
Cenr g IL94goo 1,1. .. F.,
Gaineavi.le,',i F.,,April 2$, 190S.
To Brother JL4. P Wsn a
SWhoreaas by the'lo q(~yotr pre-
cioust other you have lost' tihe truelat,
moat loving and most devoted friend
of your life, and
Whereas, by het r6mtoval you will'
Iiss the companionship and the
n,0i~ ypful.O p other, affeotion
and ounsel, It ili, '
Resolved, That we extend 4ir
tfet 'ymp tniy to you- in your %e-
reavement, iiand trust that In subnmlt-
f.g A Ito tl he ill of Him.",who has
kenl hes0y.ou will feIt tthat your loss

,4, A : ,AW.h. RO1.OWAY,,
".... 1' 4to RA.Y

; iiitu isitl .'A, S. Kellum has
compIeted his store and moved Into
Sthe plOe Saturday.
Tie irme ini this section are suf-
fering from 4he severe drouth maid old.
Raisn iabadly `ieded4 and the snappy
tempIPrat as se t the truck e4aok
overalll daya. ~hethermo meteL at sun-
rias Monday reglstered o0 degrees.
bThiere 0 i a w planteds s-hipping
cs.kes from thhis Setion now, Among
the moat extensive shippers Is F. .
Oellot who hla*quite a nice acreatpe.
They were rateedl nder canvas and by
artificial irrigation, with the result
that they sanxe to maturity several
days earlier4than those raised without
eoei's io------T--

Opportunity few Colored Teachara.
A normal tor teachers and propect-
rye teachers peparatory to the Jlun
I eaminlitlop TMiO, nortai will et
oon, ted- withb0 o40l,0s, 019d.triO
1 -i Sg ,,, :-" 7 .... ,. n-^t

". .A : '

........... lTEMS -.

e n uVlwiAore Gives Fish" Fry.
6'r lte rA 0

A Multaby visited Jacksonville
;to y.bu.ineass. ,i

Quite an u'tber of his fri.da..0pd rel -

b tIldigul aid Vepairing at .his cn 'tit

normal at Hawthorn iforhix weeks.
.7Ml f'iary:Joiner,' who ,-hba beein at
W1)tt. Sppri'4 for the ait five morihs,
iU y-iti ing ,rienuds in Campvill0e is
'i-Pa.rson Foster 6f :Alashu delivred
a l') ior P, ,att tae -Baptist churel
uiday evening.rThwi bepreach.
Ing'l' him every fourth. Sunday even-
ing t. tire J~ptist whu reo at, 8:30.
SOdhfitl0ions '-ofa "Priest.
R.v, Jnt; 8. Otdx.'of Wa ke, Ark.,
writes "For 12 years I suffered from
yellow jaundice. I consulted. a number
of".physIieans and tried all sorts :3
!iiedicsnes,, but got no relief. Then 1
Aegan the use of Electric Bisters and
f6el.that T Itn nor cired of a disease
'lit had me tn itts rapp for .twelve
ge..'" ,If you want rtdiablu unedi-
eine, for Iiver and kidney tro.'ble,
WttAdch l isordeororr ,g MI db lity,
4i 1 o-ic, rit arant,- d by

State Agent Dell lastse an Aggregate
of 61,984 Acres of Public Lands.
C,Opptp, J. Maey Dell, agent for State
ands rthe lhilt&tlteut aAn. office
fi this city, has ji 'conipleed' a list
b, counties of all lands whifl'ihave
passed troi thelantted-tates-goeru-
l...idfid ua't ''Th eie a' are
bmept t epNep 'w .6'( a been
eertlflet and ,paied 1thti'i ie past
year, aggregating -61i,84t-acres:, They
wfl' g0 .po* tieta ~plte for the first
tim Ithis year, brinetn a hige reve-
Yiue toi thie tate."
The transfer of these lands is only a
shillnpart of he work being executed
by Sttme Agent Dell in this department.
He ta always awake to the inteersts of
the people as well as the State,
ab i i'relgarded as one of the most
dolInpetne t lad agents in the coun-
try. __ _- : ....
A P t'Qistn! ,ist'ltar Recommends
Chamberlalna9 Qollc, Cholera and
larjrhoea Remedy.
Rev. IFranels I. Davilson, pastor of
the St, Matthew Baptist church and
provident of the Third District Baptist
Association, 781 Second St., New Or-
leszrms writes as follows: "I have
used Chalerlalt's' Colic, Cholera
and Diarrhoea Renedy for cramps and
pais in the stomach and found it ex-
and colic remedy I have ever used.
Also several of my parishioners have
i'used' it wit equally satisfactory
results For asleby al druggist and
medicine companies.
Board of Lady Managers.
S-t. idu Ail 2r'.Ml.---Thd board o(
lady maiagersiof tle> world's fair will
ilit at.dt*.l'tie Atmlntatratlton build
ing wnth'Ptqrideatt. Mrs. Jrea ,re .
Blair i. the efai rit*hl h. reports from
the committ e appolnted to confer with
the national committee. The attem.
4anch will be larger than at the met,
ka t0ot October the' board having bei
better orgaalsed sante that time.,
Chronic Bronchitia Cured.

'!lfF oFtyears I had chronic bron-
chitis S bad that at times I could not
speak above a whip per," writes Mr.
Joseph Coffman, of Montmorenci, Ind. I
"I tried all remedies available, but
with no sueee., Fortunately nmy em.
polr uggested that I try Foley's
Sa Tar Its effect was almost
mnracul.ou, and I am now cured of the
d4esoe. On my reeomnmendation many
IMIhswOle hi ed Foley'. Honey and
ar a ad lway' with saitifaction."
Sold by W. 0. Wlace'a.drug store.
Lumber Mills to Start Up.
Ba.dgd. iFa., April 29, -Simpson
0. bave eloued out their entire plantt
ouaistink ofm aill., steamers, barge.
and. 1.0,0O acres of timber land tc
Stetamr, Culter Ca., of .Ludintio)n
Micb. ThunitUs wilU be sartedd
lnedilatbly;. Tlhey hare been I141
Sirea monthla

Saved the Loved Onesl
.d.Mr A V.le-, Newcastle,!
CoL.o, wrs: "I believe- Ballard's
tIormelmIrd 8yp sto aetorkir to any
' otharhooo ^ A". will. do alL.
I' I IMd fr .t int ig o
'it Js so


New Lot Fncy Wite GOod
15, 2e,25,y*0,8,Oc yu.
New Shirt Waist Linens

Embroidered .Frnts
for Waists
N 'ovelty Lineh$ ,
For Skirts and Jacket:, Suits
Warranted Fast tCours.
Stamped .
Linen Waist Patterns.

Novelties in Neckwear
Special Values in 5 and
10c Goods.






Thomas Hdwe & Seed eO.

And Auxiliary Societies, Savannah, Ga.,
May 7-14, 1903.
The Atlantic CoaJc Line nffers rate*:,
one first-class fare plus 25 cents for
round trip, tickets from Montgodsery;,'
Albany, Lake City, Jacksonville imid A
intermediate points, to be sold M i
5-7th, inclusive, from other ppintlMal.t
4-7th, inclusive, with return limit May
20th, 1903,
By deposit of ticketby original, prur-'
chaser with special agent, Savannath,
between -the'hours of 8:00 a. m. ain
8:00 p. M., and upon payment of tw of:
50 cents at time of deposit* extehlbna
ontil June Ist may be secured. E-.*
cellent train service, quick schedule.
The month of May in Savannash I.
very delightful, and with the numbera t
of adjacent resorts a visitor cannot fal
to enjoy the trip.
Ticket agents will give full informa-..
tion. W. iiH. LHv, II. D. P. A.,:
,.avannah, .
\. Ji \io, G. P. A.,
Willn ngt(o.), N. C.
Too Groat a Risk.
A liablee remedy for bowel o BBm-
plaints should always be kept at had. <
The risk is too great for any o*" .
take. Chambetrlain's Colic, ole
and Diarrhowa Remedy never fail S.
when reduced with water i ple 'M06
to take. For sale by all druggiAtia
.:iedicine co lhinpiu m,. I '
Congressional Bouquet$s.'.
A telegram to the Tinies-Utiotlw f001
rTallahaase under date of .A pr'l l
"There has been within the past tw
days a marked renewal of the :polisth.'
cal gossip connecting 'the iame .aof
cSenator McCrpary with the Deroo.
e ratic C(ongressional noalatiioun trito
'the Second district. For many
*ols it i claims d. thii.h llsois not,
Ca thoroughly logital, canidt4ate, bu t t4ial
his well-knowo co00ratlsw would bA,

jal diferenee tbiba00r posaibli ei7, 7


I ^1


S' Fr 25 v Ir v never
~ ts.ieed tokie.g Ayer's Sar+ vpotiila..
.."-t :. eery sprng. it ci anoS m
I r.blo )J,,i;-m re ._0, "
'does me good in evervwnv' -
AO IRES NEW ,WSTOCK John P. Ilodne.lte, LBrooklyn, I.Y.

0a. With 0 -idr of Road 'He Pure an I Ich blood
,e tInti Po:s0 io l of 750 carries new life to every
.haV, .of Add tional ,tock-Mr 6- the body. You
Irion; Retires Completely. ie invgOrated, refreshed.
oief the most mportant deals You feel anxious to be
oonsummated in this county for syev-
or*t years was that which has just active You becomestrong,
traiispired, whereby The entire inter- s eadycouragcOus. That's
.earts of V, JT. Herlong in the Gaines- A s r l
-ilvle and:. Gulf railroad were absorbed hat yers arsapa
.-byO John 3. Barr of Micanopy, one lof will do for you. -
.the Stockholders and first vico-presi- 1 S.tea1,o-ttle. AlI dr'sslts.
def of the road, This interen-,t in-
-olves 750 shares of stock, represent- sw,,,M,r.ou1.f ie. kflosawaht atagt oytS
.014 (1p1v-lly Hedleil~eW, Follow li$%t bg'a M
ing with Mr. Barr's former holdings, ~, 't o
.... JU, +.+mR Co., Lowell, miwiij .
,a cotrolling Interest in fthe manuage- 141oL
ent, of the road. It,-brought approxi-
r+ : =il 42Z' :
mately $2,,000- THE NEW COMMITTEE.
A r thetime of the consummation of
the deal 0. O. Thomas, attorney for President Broome Names Those Who
V.. 3, Her)ong, the complainant, was Will Serve City for Coming Year.
taking testimony in the suit brought President Broome of th~ City 0oun.
to recover control of the stock, which cil has named the following commit-
had been deposIted in escrow with the tees to servo for the ensuing year;
.trustees, who refused upon demand to Law and Ordinance-Aldermen
surrender said stock, upon the ground Lynch, Taylor and Pedrok.
:'::!i :~~~~~~~~ pht eeette osil.odLnh,,. Taylor and Pedrriok.
that $hey were entitled to stIll -hold Streets and Parks-Aldermen Taylor,
the same untll. certain advances which McArthur andLynch.
ad' been sade by them had been re- Fire and Insuratice-Aldermen Me.
tuned, After taking of this tost!i. Arthur, Taylor ad Dog.
.... ..... rtur, Taylor~andl Do.]g
gy had begun, Messrs. Th uo and ..Waterworks and Water Supplies-
W W. Hanmpton, who Is re p !rsiing Aldermen Doig, Pedrick and Lynch.
John 3. a d the trustee in the Sabitation -- Aldermen -Cushman,
P ,.Barreat o' ndto ut i h
rmnises went Intoconferenee witha PedriokAndDog.
|iew of adjusting the differen-es, Lights-Aldermen Pedrick, McAr-
phih r4uied In the sale of the cor thur andTaylor.
:;iflahhuntatinte rests
Th ransaotion places the control Flinance-Aldermen Broome, Cush-
this trhahtortplats te co irol mn and Doig `.
I 41Interest of the road In the hands of man and Doig.
:Appropriations Aldermen Doig,
.John .~ r,r W, W. Hampton and Broomne and OCushman.
-0s9 01. Graham as trustees, Mr. Her- Immigration and Improvement-Al-' relinquishes his position as a l dermen Lynch, MoArthur and Doig. weil ap his entire connection dre y~,M~tu n og
irotor1I as well s his entire ong nectiof Rules-Aldermen Broome, Pedrick
with the road, but the management of and Lynch.
and Lynch.
ithe road with that exception will re- Claims--Aldermen Cushman, Me.
;:i.+.nunch an ged,
Smain unchanged, Arthurand Pedrick.
::.: Thie Gainesville and Gulf is Well AtuadPdlk
The Gine vlle and Gulh is fwella Printing-Aldermen Taylor, Lynch
knowir by every one who is familiar m
and Cushman.
wit-hthis section. It was constructed Elections-Aldermen OushanDoi
Elections-- emnCushman, Doig
"by V. J. 1lerlong, who now retires. It and MoArthur.
Is forty.elght miles in length, reaching Poico-Aldermen MeArthur, Lynch
-, from Sampson City to Fairfield, Ma- and Pedrick.
rnont county. It traverses one of the SIMONSON'S SALV DID IT.
most fertile regIons of Florida, and the
Shipments of vegetables from points Effectdd a Permanent Cure When
along Its line have, proven a most im.- Twelve Doctors Had Failed.
---portant and profitable feature. The B. B. Virling of London, Miss., under
northern connection is quite a conven- date of April 21, 1903, writes:
lence, not only for this class of freight, "J. Simonson, Gainesville, Fla,:
but also in a-passenger line,asit affords "Dear Sir: I write to express my
much shorter, quicker and conven- deep gratitude to you, for your won-
lent route to all points West. Notwith- derful salve has cured a sore on my
s,-tanding that the road has been the foot from which I have suffered great-
victimn of several unfortunate blows ly for five years. Twelve doctors have
from a commeicial- standpoint, the beeni working on the foot during this
"ae o time, but failed to effect a cure. Your
management has always sManaged to alve did the work in a little while. I
7 work through to a financial end, and took from the foot ten pieces of bone,
the Gainesville and Gulf is Probably after time glass had been extracted,
today the best paying investment of its which caused the sore, and now I am
kind ins the State in proportion to Its entirely cured and able towalk with-
.: knd n tc~tte n popotio toitsouttheaid of Crutches. I shall al-
htileage. ways feel the greatest gratitude to-
;a....t. awards you, amnd will always speak a
,.,, S aves Two FromDeath. good word for your salve."'
"Our little daughter had an almost For sale at Wallace's City Drug
atal attack of whooping cough and Store, Gainesville, Fla. dawimo
onchitis," -writes Mrs. W. K.
a 4iland, of Armonku N. Y., "but, GIRL'S SHOCKING DISCOVERY.
Seiai all other remedies failed, we
ed her life with Dr. King's New Found Father Hanging by the Neck
icovery. Our niece who had con- Dead.
guption in an advanced stage, also San F'ran this wonderful medicine and to- hein.a lillers, the 23.yearhold daughter
.he is perfectly well." Desperate of Henry 1l111,r's, a paluter. estum-ned
toat and lung diseases yield to Dr. to he-r home a No. lt82. r|ssion.
de 's oNw Discover, as to no olher stret, h :r fh nd hetNo father hanging
':"medicine on earth. Infallible for ttts:cVnn h:fhrhagg
,otighs and colds. IMX, and $1.00 bottles by the neck on tie porch at tine rear.
Sguaranteed by all druggists. Trial 8i1, 'an li-to the kltehen, i'ocured a
ottle free, ire: ci ktnlfe and (ut the rope by which

l:. i m g:,,lng. she w1as too ate
++!+++ .+;.+++ -' hor father was dkead.

fire Laddibs Will Have Nicely Equipped
Reading Room at New Station.
AmUoVeient is being agitatedL look-
iqg towards the furnishing and fitting
Sfatn elegant library and reading
Ot for the fire department when
W station is coin letled,.
t derstood that an entert-ain-
stobeO given at the opera house
thtpose. of raising funds to
Se Iteraturoe for the library,
pivy obable that J,. W. Keys.
A ) wonder who has
lhi' community by chewing
440:vof red. hot lead Wit:{, as
hII as though it were do

aalty of wftn4esIndg his per
t this entextlCme.t;8
,4ajRobbed o l Terors
7', EIong at4 It
Z and

nly-e wI the futility of her effort
wvas con. lively mIrov -d did she rh:ma
down. T'lize.n. iwvot-antliket. she sobbedi
as It' hbor ;1nrt votild u i tmak. Hler
crs tt racOted a neighbor, who noti-
fled t', ,ot lOtr's olc of the (leatlh.
lIl Ur4.- was -15 yea-rs old, and a nua-
tive of Dliuimm-ark. For 18 years he
was In the employ of Spreckleks Bros.
& Co,.. but during the past few months
has been-unable to'work, owing to po#or
health. It w.s probably despondency,
brought ou by brooding over his concti.
thon, which eamused him to take his'
Chronic Bronchitis Cured.
"For ten years 1 hiad chronic brneM-

eIk abore a whisper,-" writes Mr.
oph Cofhmuti, of Montmoretici, Ind.
Strled all remedies available, but
wtwih no success. Fortunatelty my em-
oert suggsted -that -I try Foly's
..ote and Tar. Its effect was almost
mraitloUs, and- I am now -ured of the6
dlse h .-"lOn my 'recont eUdation ma14a
L~ple.have used- ole Honey at
e. w W_ satitfae ton..



r. Lord of Beol Plospe0y1, fbr.

RAIN Db cRops MuCH.. GooD0

It Was the First f4 Foour Weeks, and,
Cotton and Other Orops We' So.f-
ferirg--News of a Social and Per-
sonal nature.
Santa Fe, April 27.--This section was

Mra. Ellen Iarlison, of 800 Park
Ave, Kansas City, Mo., writes sas 101,

-Tar Ittt sV er
attack of whoopiftg enolth-)-one :ofthem
1t1 the paroxysiaatcoughing ,ould
often fait and eedst ns.
tried eve*r thi-e It
ew olig rtere. :,\ 4 1 i
amtit doe._:, whoY10
oney anid :Tatr,. tA h vrr9
one the. herao~ : Tote w
<00l Iha1 0", i
asse ntso *10


an.$4hetw4 of Malaria is sure to fol.
t wet season ndthe high water. Gravep of onfedr
wtttsh b we prtvaloedIili ovet the O Solcem Were
8oth, 1t and ki6ndred fevers
willdetvlpe:to an armIng extent.
thGeneral ~ah conditionswill be bad THE CEREMONIES
-.every P .",,t should btJen h Judge Horatio Davis
$" pt0p % Mst Es.peal ttk Per. theOccasion, and fM
411100- q_44 *so., t U ratauaAttaks.ts
SCrosses of Honor, W
.A tolat of Afty yea abas demonefrat. President, Mrs. McC
ed that for this energnoy, Dr. Ha '
ter's Xron Tonic has no equal. Iron is at was a most imr
the fighting elements in the blood, and at the Auditorium MO
the kind of Iron supplied by Dr. Har, when Kirby meith (
tfr's frbn Tonic Is just the kind the Daughters of the e
system reqhires to successfully combat e rved :the Confederat
malarIJ condlttQns. Don't wait until. Thecomnodious roto
you are attacked. rakeLt: now atid for- with people from all
tlfy yourself; itis an absolute safeguard county, prominent am
and,at the same time, it is the best many aged veterans ow
tonic and iuvigorant for the entire sys TheOceremouies we
tern. On the other hand, quinine dis- prayer by'.Captain Eli
turbs the system and its cumulative Camp,-CVnfederate
person bege* greater physical troubles was followed by a m
than those it is employed to remedy.- "The Palms," beautif
Where a bad case of chronic Malaria Mrs. Parker's orchesti
already exists, take DR. HARTER'S Judge Davis in a
FEVER aid AGJE.SPECIF1C It is manner, delivered the
guaranteed to cure.' Price 60 center. occasion, paying Lbea
BUT IF YOU WILL the Confederategeaus
Om-A^ a fnart1A I air TT-

a't an Ui,,'*'


as the Orater Odft.
lade a Fine Talk
'ore Bestowed hy
.ssiv e "< en p
mday afternoon,
phapter, Uhltq
onfede y, ob
e Memorial day,-
was weltl ,iled
sectiots ef tO h
ong whliom w0re
f both ar:iles.
re opened wi J-
lus oStomeWf le -
Veterans." Th' s
usical selection,
ully rend ered y
most impressive
address of the
utiful tribute to.
e and the Cnm .,
- ,,vnix nntlt~Adtlthat

mectmr-- I soieR-LU C1U V'.Ws 00cmUM
Ira" Ai rER S the speaker, who is a veteran himself,
was deeply moved on his- subject.
O which was well reeived by his corn-
VOW, Won'8t 'e iU *I'a t s. S1. rades and others present.
-.- ... .. .{ The"+. quaIrtette from East" lid:-
All dealers handle, or send to T. The quartette from East 'rid
HA11rS bL1CaDWt Co., Dayton, Ohio. Seminary sang a Southern melody. ,
Sa beautiful and impressive man
Rouston,Tex., Aug., 1901. and Mrs. -Parker's quartette rendtl3
"ave usdr. Brter's that beautiful characteristic me, 1e,
1 7gotovertwento-m a Old Black Too, with variationsain
bleo.manner which Impressed the au

visited today by 'a. :much-needed'
shower, the first in four weeks. Crdpsi
were suffering greatly for the want ..f
moisture, especially late planted cot-
ton, which had failed to germinate.
Mrs. W. M. Blitch,-who has been on
a two weeks' visit to her daughters,
Mrs. J. J. Godwin of Rex, anid Mrs. 3T.
M. -Rivers of Gainesville, returned
home Priday
Eli Futch left last evening to visit.
relatives'at High Springs and Alachua.
He will be absent severaldays.
Mrs), M. '. Moore of Lake Pairk, Ga.,
passed through hete Saturday night on
a visit to her -ather, W. D. Cauthern
cf Antioch. She was ascompanted by
her two children.
Rufus Dell, in company with Mr.
Lord, one of the of Bell, was
prospecting here for a location to move
their mill st Week, Mr. Lord ex-
pressed hlimselt as being well pleased
with this section and will probably
move his,-tnahinery here. The people
would be well pleased to have Mr.
Lord come here and run a saw mtaill, as
they are cornvinced that -the ',devil has .
been running the mill here long
enough, -
The river is getting low now. Fish-
ing is fine sport to those who have
time to fish.
It is rumored that the, 3. & S. W.
railroad will in the near future eroct a
warehouse here, which is greatly
Miss Jettie Futch of Haynesworth,
the charming daughter of Prof.. J. F.
Futch, is visiting.relatives' here,, the
guest of Miss Alhna Blitch."
The people here are curious to know
just what has become of the road gang.
They are much needed here. Thepub-
lie roads are in bad shape and need at-
tention at one.
The Rev. Pixton, who has charge of
the Alachus circuit, filled his appoint-
ment at St. Johns Saturday and Sun-
day,. He had a large and attentive
--_4---- .
Kept In Lonely Hut on Tybee Island,
Savannmah. Ga., Aprc41 28.-In a little
hut situated in the loneliest spot on
Tybee island is Sergeant Nix, of the
Coast artillery, suffering Irom that
most dreaded of all disease-leprosy,
Some distance from the hut paceav a
IUntted Sutates soldier with rifle at the
ready, whose orders are to see that
Nix does not escape. ElVery two
hours this sentinel Is relieved. -The
sentinels are the only human beings
Nix -ever, sees. except the man who
brings hil f9od and hiS physician,
Nix's food is paasped to him in a basket
which Is hung on the end of a pole
about 20 feet -long,.
Nix contracted the disease in the
Philippines, but it did not develop
until after his return to this country.
He was stationed at PFt. Screven, on
Tybee island, and some months ago
complained of a skin afttfection. But
little attention was paid to the disease
until it finally became violent.. Then
It was diagnosed .s leprosy, and the
unfortunate man was immediately iso-
lated. Phere Is great alarm at .]ort
Sereven, as it is futarred that other Sol,
diers may have contracted the disease
frmn Nix. Great interest is manifest.
ed in the ease by.- physicians, but the
lalty do not receive the Nict of the
presence of the affrleted -. man with
quite the same sor. of h-nterest. They
would far prefer that he were else-
where, in the Philippines, for instance.
Dr. G-lchrlst. a celebrated physicians
and bacteriologist of New York. is ex-
pected. here to make ab examination
of the. man. ie wlll study the his-
tory of the case anul Will s-eek to iso-
late the germ ant make a study of it
Dreadful Attack of Whooping Cough.

to his offices, Some one evidently
warned him that she was coming, for
about the time she went up the eleva.
tor Robinson walked down the side
stairs and left the building.

Solely's Kidney Cure
ae s ydo.s and blkdder r.Aht.

Wrecked Golng at Full Speed-Nine
Pasbrn gers Injured.
New York. April 2S.--Vhile running
at full speed-a trolloy car on the New
York and. Quc.v.ns County l etric tail.
ra.d filled with irasse~gers. ,rftt the
rails at North 'ehach. L. ., last night:.
Nine persons were injured. The
ear resoed over t e curh ad plunged
algnst a tree wtt.131u0h force that the
front ofthe. conveyance was jammed in
and every window esmashed. The car
then turned upon its side and the pas.
saeners were throvin together, so
Srou hl t. ...- /int .--
It was fully. 10 minutes before all
the pasengers had been taken from
the overturned. ear. ,
.a .ll n the meantime had been sent
to several phyi *la IIMs liing near the
be"e Ot the accident Aad & squad of
pohlitdmne wsa.dispatched to the sceMen


And Auxiliary ocieties, Savannah, Ga.,
May 7-14, 1903.
The Atlantic Coast Line nffers rates
one first-class fare plus 20 dents for
round trip, tickets from Montgomnery,
Albany, Lake City, Jacksonville and
intermediate points, to be sold May
5-701th, inclusive, ft-om other points May
4-7th. inclusive, with return limit May
20th, 1903. -
By deposit of ticket by original pur-
chaser with special agent, Svannah,
between the hours of 8:00 a. nd'
8:00 p. in., and upon payment of fee .
5.0 cents 4t time of deposit, exittension
until June 1sti may be secured EX-
cellent, train service, quick sch6du lbs.
Tihe month of May in Savannah Is
very delightful, and with the number,.
of adjacent resorts a visitor cannotlfail"
to enjoy the trip.
Ticket ageHts will give foil informa-.
lion. W. I!. l(EAIy, 1). P. A.,
Sa a
Wiilington, N. C
After La Gr pjie--What?
u-, a acking eough and a gen-
r,... ..g of weakness, often lead
S 1 results afterthe patient iS
ppose to have passed the"danger
pout. Fole" Ion .an- Tanr i
I guaranteed to cure the,
and aitaes 4oustop-gupao
tizfft*.. o a rn elI

:I :

,led4dmltrvationAi't., ele0o0A Mrs. H. H.1 McCreary. presi
*t ua .twthstabores.uedaIm.s.iu uhs.) Kirby Smith Chapter, in am bea
tiful worded address, pres e4 the
LAY S LASH. veterans-present crosses o onor. In"-
LAD- U. AS. her remarlis thiw lady pal e highest i
Pubalrply Iorsewhips Her Husband and- tributes to the gray-haire eroes who,
HIs Attorney. defended what theybelie slajutistand-
Los, Angeles, Cal., April 28-Infuriit-L righteous cause, and at th oneiusn -
ed by statements made in divorce pO.-' of her-Lremarks there w few 'dry.
pe t prepared by her husband's awttor- eyes around her. She is an pressive
ney, Mrs. Nellie Robinson, wift of V talker and those who receive crosses
liam Robinson, a. well knowua ioc l of honor on this occasion felt ratef.a
vertingman, publicly hoaewh that they had been permitted -;to hear
-Mr. Robinson and his attorney, H. T. her.
Morrow. h
Mr. Robinson and Morrow were That greot national anthem,
standing in front of the Thlrd street America, was the next number, of the
entrance of the Lanershim building, program. It was rendered with per-
in which Robinson has offices. Mrs. fection by the Glee Club of East ,Flor-
Robinson, in company with two men, ida Seminary, led by Prof. Spillmann
walked politely up behind them. Drpw- of the college. The exercises at- the
Ing a whalebone whip from under her Auditorium were concluded by the
cloak Mrs. Robins-on slashed her hus. singing of Dixie by the audience, after
band across the face. Three times the which those who felt inclined proceed-
blow was repeated, then Mrs.. Robin- ed to the cemetery.
son turned to Morrow and struck blin The eeter
twice acrose the shoulders. Then Rob. The floral decorations were both
inson grabbed thile whip from his wife handsome and elaborate. There was
and broke it across his knee. almost an endless donation of beauti-
"Nellie," he called, meanwhile seiz- ful flowers, and the graves of both
nlag her by the haboulders and peering Confederate and Union soldiers were
into her flushed face, "do you know covered with beautiful and loving tri-
what you are doing?" tes. The graves of the former were
You called me a dunkard." she r decorated with flowers and laurel
torted.,struggling to !ee herself from
wreaths, while the Union graves were .
h let me ng .graced. with flowers only, but there"-*
and wanted to drive me on the street."
By this ,me a crowd gathered and was a great profusion.
Robin evidently desiring to avoid The day was a most impressive one
asene,&releasedhis wife and follow. with the members of Kirby Smith
ed his attorney back to the elevator. Chapter and their friends, and the
Neither of the men with Mrs. Robinson ceremonies will be remembered by
offered any interference. those who witnessed them.
Mrs. Robinson walked away with H
her companion, but returned in a few THE BAPTIST CONVENTION
minutes and followed her husband up ..-.....A...


'-~ ~'


ti inds Legislaturw
Down to Business. :


idget of News Fro6wthe
i, Which Deals tin Leg~.s
rs of Great int rest to
^,April 26.-The colfing
'ek of the '03 session 'ofQ
legislature finds tIat;hn-
ally a4d entirely settled
8 the new k'nebes
liand the ntir boy o
HRng in greater lrhmony
iusual inr m.ny of pst [
-.. t 1 -. .

bot- be improper to here
res^tpon,' and the highy *
Preesio., marked by manyn
11 the people of Tallahas- r:
t'bythis Legislature Sin the.
Sndthe bearing, belvAvio a
& oy f ofthe .members. T'?Pat,
t flattery can be easily estab-
tshe most casual observers. It
e sriosible that sueh a state
**nmay not last. through the to the rescue. t will shorten her w
S far lis wel' The attlo-dihes and clothes pots and
famous Third HIse. 1 Housework is hard work withoe
to what Mr. Cleveland "would : NeOW
state of innocuous doeuetude.
td there ois always a calm before
p,-and this 'tate tofaffairs may 1 . . .,, .: .. :, :
:rely too god .to last. .
past week has been devoid f6I Williani bill which provides for a
of more than ordiSiary signifki three-mill additionnl tax levy to bi'
'he re-electibn of Senator used'solely for building lhar1, roads,
ry, .,Of course a foregone conelu- andLhemeasure will "be also favored
aas however, specially itipress. prbvkiitng for sub-distriots on t.he order
H he observance of. its formali- of tihe sb-ti oo districts, and thec u
ihe. divorce bill providing, only .distrietatill tfi empowered to !hvy a
* wi ptqrat grounds for relief from st'llfurtheradditional three-inil tax
Itrimonial ties yas defeated; the It is pronsed that the StatL. should
ailes-Beard claim on the Indian war fitat constHct twb iahwaya, ote easi.
;in funds still before the Judiciary (and weasttrotl, Pensacola to .lokison-
amistote the joint committee on ville, and one north' and south from
'his have prepared a report to be Jacksonville to Pun'ta Gorda or soaiuf,
bmltted Monday; the measure for e treme southern point on the weai
'ereoition of a $60,000supreme court coast. It is claimed that the plan t
iildlig has been shelved, and. the here briefly outlined have now the -e-
, appropriation for a Governor's dbrsement of the present administra-
ani on has passed secondd reading, tion.
Ah6e Senate. Among Alachua county visitors to
fte Senate adjourned ,yesterday the capital the past week were Hon.
ternoon until Monday afternoon at Perry M. Colson, J. M. Dell, Mayor

0elock, and while a number of the
ra.ors have taken the opportunity
a short visit home a much larger
ibr are hard at work in the corn-
tee roonmI. The Senate is
1 up it a work a1nd
dispatch Ah which its
-residing oliUer conduct's business
ason to parliamentarians. Sen-
dams has on more than one oc-
1demonstrated his fitness for the
to which the people of his tState
H Filed him and the incumbency
tesent.high position is no ex-
.to the rule. The people of
ave no more zealous servant
-ifted son of Hamilton. Sen-
of Escambia is another of
most able members.. Olear
e, he never speaks.unless he
thing to say, and when
oor he commands the most
attention of the members.
f logie, he rarely fails to
tion with his words. How-
It not an extraordinary
speech-making in the tipper
erit.inly no tiresome mo-
the floor.
'int conimmittees nre al~sent
tf invtpectiou to different
titotiov4. Representative
la(+h'A is a membt,.r of the
Inmitttute to vi t, the State
ps-and is now absUnt iIsI t l
o( that duty A inAenthc r
eHire .rue r.hoTauriu4 y 5''

meeting .of the advo-
good roads hld in
, the. wlouse of Rep.
day night. The in eeti
"to order by Ben1tor
.rganiser. who at
,wed hi# work in thms
-i. W. Long (it Mar-

Sprincip l speaker
sure-s will to
Legieooture now
$orthe u'e of thea

the le f on -
for a syuew of
er Sian'e On,-


W. R. Thomas, Prof. J. M, Guilliams,
and Dr. J. F. McKinstry, Jr.
Something of a sensat ion was cr.t,'id
in legal circles by the announcement.
here yesterday of the resignation of
Johni A, Hiendclerton, as goieril cotin-
sel of. the Seaboard Air Line for Floir-
ida and kihe immnnediite appointnient or
Hon. (ia'o. P. Ranty as his ksuwc c.str
The position' is said to carry with ii Ith'
largest salary paid any railroad fllieiual
in the Sriate.
The joint committee to whom was
referred the various bills for the addi-
tion to the judicial eircui.t of the State
have prepared their report, which it Is
believed will be adopted.
The new circuit, the 8th, will consist
of the counties of Alaiehta, Putnam,
Levy, Bradford and Clay. The first
thrde counties are from the present
fifth circuit and the latter two from
the fourth. Lake county Is to be placed
in the fifth. The circuit will t hn con-
sist of Marion, Sainter, MIernando,
Citrus and Lake.

Motr"'a Io C' r- ', r.,
..e i ..n. ., C . *. 1 ., ', .. .-
htnd on ah 0on t r"' :, 'vstltlr ( t ;.

tnk.en on passwi, -a: at the publi..t
se. re. ,
The r.n whtroa- 5e the -ibl roput
twice. the stA ra l i o head.
waited a moiame "* n Jerked it Iisf pI
li pat.ieltly. T{.iC* .'' andu..( r,,,hurrrled
to the front and foiwr 'the otorma
statndlng there, ht ba-..ia on *th lever Ii
He had beard the ienltntI blIt could Ot,
move. One sde wo o"_O9plutly par
alyged. -
Doctors ay bh may rowOr. .
Cunfes.ion0 of a Pest.. .
Rev. J.o. $. 6 C. 8 of. Wake Ark.,
writes:: "lFor 12 years I stuffered fattum.
- ell w jaundiee. I consulted a n in biir
of phy.,ian and tried all sort"
tnedteine., lMtA got no relWef. T.'tn I
.b-gan the use oitf Eterire B4iilies sad
f'-l' tat. I a.m now etu rd of- disease
tat, had me,-itn ilS iu
years.," If you wanot -a reliable ltl
e.te f.or liver and kidney t atIsel.
k% dm4order or eooera.J d*MiWt,
=7 .i u a

NrV. X

The overworked hous.lfW hould call

rork and lengthen her W1 Oleins n veWitOienf gcleanable from cellar to
pans, floors and doors.
ut OOLD DUST-the modet clhanser; btteer and more economical than soap,
[ anly by THE N. K. FAI ANK OM-PANYW I
Yor k e stonS. 1 MoOVA^ FAIRY SOAP.:



Exciting Experieno.e of Party,
Near Campvillo Saturday.


In Endeavoring to RegaIn Her Q.alance
Pulled Another Girl In Water-Time-*
ly Assistance of Hall Malphurs Saved
Them From Death. ,
Saturday afternoon Hall Malphurs
went with four chlldrnm--Selmer Mal-
ph u r, h is sister; J)ronm i nud, May Ford,
his nieces; and little Fred, bi 6
rnephew--to a pond" lteir (anmpvillo to
swe them catch fish. Hehlru~'r having
beewn slek previously Ier heudl be',nine
dissy anld she* fe1ll off ltht log whltro
thoy w,.re llhilng, Ipullintg Imo ia
into lihe wat&r with lr 114ll wvas
ittitilg on the loga ttarhy and me could
reach hts v lster's h IIId at o',, buti
Doultt wits half the lnigt0i of a tfhbing
p.olv atity. Both wert rteseiud aftOr
going under the water onue, although
they both would surely have been
drowned had not an older person been
ne(tr st the time.
The little girl hurried home, leavi ng
the fishing poles sxcatitred over the
pOnd. They were'wet untad cold when
they reached home, one-half mile dis-
tau-it. Hall otttJ his pocket knife in the


Woman Doctor UOdmr Arrett Attempts
lTou.vlIIN. Ky,, April 28-r. S4.rtah
A. Murphy, j uiler inrIll(tb Eleit .( the-
ch.:rge of murder. as the roiSlt of the
detth (Of MIss Stella .trwrk. of H'funtng.-
bt:g, attempted sultcidIn hIter ell at
the county jill.
Dr. Murphy used a t lhrpmn and se v
ered a va n in her let l o just backupf
the knee. .A hole art eighth h of an I
Inch In diameter was mwa4e l4 -he vilt.
asd th blood wie. pourta$g rrom the
wound when the dlojtavery was made.
by. MIt.- HaynaA, the Jall :matron. M r.
Haymaa held her finiger over the
wogud. *taneerbIng the o, of blood
until D r,. S. H- Ga.rvn, ,l t phlaysi
la,: stopped the .heinorrt .
M.t .turuptsht. to cosoloue. Dr.
Murphy stated tbt al.h d red to d-e
to aave her dabtker from the d-4arece

".6** bCara ** *^
A letter of % ^ariys $$v kas the
opi"lto, of atovel erotai by b
.tb yer 10w To a bu4la stoy
ter w" .rte -",. .it that sh
"M or ,a good whlte or fwwi e*
4te dh .v to gol tbl a iNp boo*w
w iLb !s lt I4#00 at tu10a4 pow

*A.Mbnte Aa 6va
a'~ &va


S.............. lMr. p c am n
Master Arthur SIpprell Will Entertain for the0exprtI4es p
People ofalInesville. 1the contlr for t
EIltor Suu I wish to say to the damn; :iea s
pep ple of.Gainii vill that I would like John W., MAtlphut
to hitlo had that most popular place, work, andd tho o.:
the Auditoritm, for later Arthur material was let
Sipprell, yet the opera house is a very The material 'to b
proper place; therefore woe incerely timber and grave
hope and trust that there will be no trance to the Siut
jealousy or selflshness displayed by which will requir
the people of Glaineville: We reaulise twerlv feet thiek
that it is hInpossilble for a boy to succeed to tlve feet at the
against local influence unless it should foot fall.
be to becon)p a public nuisanoo. Should this vol
We laihn ArthUr's leoture to be new a company will b
to you all and In every way worthy of vicinity of the Si8
the patronage of tho professor as well into a great res
as the Seholnr, old or young. r danIcing pavIlion
t Is easy to shine when sinhieo one elseo am0 amenut will
furnishes the l'igl* .,.t nti:uhty".uine qilet surrouudia
lecturers out of Uoe .igdred have to spot will be h trau
travel under timeauspitWo of the church ius of great 'gale
and other sioclet its or fall. line will also be a
Arthur's lecture domomstrates thlIt thu hink with thW
real education is not ktlowledtge of blf a beJlline wi
books,, but klnowledge of life, und convuinicns anid
books artt usncfui only io far ns, they Work .will be
lead up to this kind of knowledge. dam I lihin the i
Arthur was sichouold i the kilider. upejrvyor bel '
gtarten of travel and experloome, whitlh |iisied n natou
took the plite of the pile of bo-Ooks
which the school boy of today c6rrtos NOTi !0-. A.
uider his arni,. whes he .els 'hi nloroit- DODUNDR .
Ing face sh iolwNrd. Th.-refuro-" whly 4*. AW1S.W O
should- notm thmis 0 lortda boy, *tud" nti i
alone ia the largt- wn Uofthe a r r 1I
borhood in wti oh ho sptn is babym .ats an ma o40k
hood, draw the Irg 11 house O> .
"e1s U- 8-- '. roper Mau- a -
0 f ta ookAll
h 0hSfO 4 o,
(s o.,t A rij t .',a V Claark, a bo i.ol ir tof Loe 'iS.
iP's o f it W
v tling a ':-rot iro fin s tellntg S.rge S'M, f
a tow W.AoR ,y. I- ?'t' ats aong;r
and 1jri,'d money for workb don lity .d
for ,1rr ,oupimer, s tim l4*.rf k fnow oterkCuftCiO
nothing of the work a 14 told the nist .* .. ..i
so. The nmi let, ,butu art tht '"
Ita m)i'A foifl, M (Cl.Iark rathereJ
*p s$W*:id *nvef, r ti.w crt .0fae $700 U ft. Ma4dot
andl threw t oe .j the wte ",ket" N" e i
lioardly h&/4 Ph done so when thea 4 0
gro mted, lekd, rushed at a L wT-al' a .12
and kv"r 1e4 ber ivowtacttus Hu ette Os
then r, iP-'. the ant.e, bit fr. i tw~
00t thhe W tP basket he got acsoey. -* A ml e.e at
.Mias c0ark was revivTe4, but ,oj. nag from the shock. t't

Dropped b eato ioo n I ,d Wo n, .
n Butter M.ot., o4pr(! .-Go
Morse, a wehl-tt.dt-w, walcan -

bloa block on Maryfun4 avdenuet (whe^^ 'l
a t t or of ahe W*tU. 1
fellow. mletia el at o.nesw )oe.r. 54Ab t
binl, bAt M,!orse sacpmsmel ti it it t
mo.e bst.-,A 44'io.* jag$"rn s
was %,ked M 4 taj e b10o tr v

1itt be rV#at1*4, sar4s )4 'WsS #rp
Was M'U$tg Ub fg I S #5,

A Not;-


of;"" jt"',

Mi 1.: I

:~ -- r~~~3r- lii3-"-"'r I


-'"-- --r-n--.,--lmi



AU Areanxgete
Made to Beg


'He Believes the R
Engl ioer Is Corr
Rlik a Few Thou
ment-A Big Und
All arraRnige-nelt
construct a dam at
chua Sink, in aW
apeollication. of a
The work will be
the personal direo
owner of Alachua
Lake,o nore-familii
An outline of thi
Jtas. M. Gratham a
in the matter of p
power by construe
Sink was given tn
ago. The gentlei
in dead earnest r
and should It pr
vtlo and this en
coive.a lasting be
The Idea heas
should it be posai
terranoen pEaeagev
from Alaohuta lak
of a thtoutsad hor
The expert engIanl
vesdigate the poPt
be pccompltitiadi,
this authority '
have begut, '


e port of the 4ExpEx- A
-ct, and is Willgn | to
sanrd In t 1e w perl1
dertaking. -
ts havo been made to..-.
t Lhe nmouth of Ala-
ccordance with the
An expert engiiioer,.
aecomplshed under
tion of 'V. N.. Camp,
k Silk mud Aluulu'kt
irly known as Paine's .

e ideas of Mr. Canmp,
nd other capitalfWa-
roduc1ng 1,000 horse-
o0ting a. dam at the
The Sum a few day ,
mest are apparently
regarding the ctie.ho.,"
rovo effective Galnes-
Atire section will re- .
neltt. ,
)oon advanced that"
I to to secure a sAtb-
Sfrom the Sthk, a floW,-
e prodtiolug the power -!r
res could be secured.
er employed .to lI ..
abilities. ys t can.-,
, weldm, upon-'
att.. '. .pr, ra tioni s -.

'ta this city Sasurday --
Aurpope of oldtinE tah
)ua condtru ot .
s0,,rd the services of
rs to saperlnted thi1e
0 trast for ha 141g 1t09e
Sto T. L. BOoutlw
'e Uked will be hbeaf
1. The mouth or .an.:.
k is about 250t y.-"1 :
e an esnba timent of
at thei base, aportehi
Stop, with Wa Oteprtee,

nature prove a s aeeu
e orgailsed, an d tih i
nk will be transfornied
ort, Club house's, a,
.and o other pieaOi ot
be provided, md'*t4~.hq
igs of 'that be4*f1
formed into surrowd,:
oty. An elel triti brl '::
ont ratoted to0otnieotr
0 y, '..d It is posl*-
II hI ,r-, of the .ay's

in uon the proposed,
pro'ent i iweek,; and' the-
-e that t an @ ibe
thre months. -

SrO Ws, A 'eaeville, Fla.,
S under Act of Con-"

ieda*y and TThursday
*ii (M;inesville, Florida

-to01liEARY: Editor and Prop'r.

rt1a oq SvgscamrTioy,:
The Twtiea-Week S tl$1 a year; six
P0 oiitth,, &O. single copies, 5c.
An.TBTisxo AT*rs:
..Loal'advertlsements, 15 cents a line
rothe first and 10 cents for each addi-
tloinal insertion'
i Dilatyed advertisements for three,
i "' ,,and 12 months at special rates.
S f6es furnished upon application. "
i Marriage and Death notices inserted
e ,e. Obituaries, 5 cents a lin-.

W.o... W will not accept stamps of a
larger denomination than 2 cents.
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The Stun and the Atlanta (Ga.)
Weekly Constitution one year.. 1 75
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8emiWeekly Journal one year. 1 50
The Sun and the Semi-Weekly
Times-Union one year........ 1 50

Sx-President Oleveland'S recent
speech on the, negro question appears
to have appealed with exceptional
force to the Southern editors,

-, I. If Mayor Tom Johnson of Cleveland
can secure the gubernatdrial election
in Ohio there will be no further doubt
Srespecting the Democratic candidate
.f-''for the presidency.

The governor of Rhode Island says
that IRepublioan supremacy in that
J. ,IA ate it maintained only by bribing
,1' :4 nd the Republican "boss" of the
t ate says, "Of course, the Governor is
rw hti


($rom Our neguilar OoftidetJ :". ,, -.
Washingtot, April4 01 --thh .ti th
presidential boom of Sefaatora ftrbUnks6
of Indiana is causing gave oneer4n to
the President and his supporters 1 haB
been unmistakably shown during the
past week, and Ciil Servlce Comnmis"
sioner Foulke is going to throw him-
self.into the breach, resign from nhis
present position and go out to Indiana.
to try and win theHoosier support for
Mr. Roosevelt. It is woll known that
as long ago as the Republican conven-
tibn which dominated .Mrt. Roosevelt
there was a pact made between Sena-
tors H11anna and Fairbanks binding the
latter to support the former in cease he
.desired to succeed Mr. McKinley, and
Mr. Ilanna tosupport Mr; Fairbanks
"in the event that the former did not
wish to enter the race. Senator Hanna
now appears to believe that the best
chances of Republican success lie in
the nomination of Mr. Roosevelt,,
nevertheless he is bound to support
the Indiana statesman if the latter
calls upon him to redeem his promise,
and Mr, Hanna is not the man to go
back on a political promise.
A report reaclhd Washington to the
effect that Dr. W G;odfrey Hunter, ex-
minister to Guatemalaand a prominent
Republican leader of Kentucky, he
become an an active Fairbanks ma-
ager in that State and is working to
secure a solid delegation for the Indiana
Senatoriin the next convention. Some
prominent Kentucky Republjeans say ,
That Dr.'HnWter will not -be able' t
"deliver the goOdd," but the were fact
that he has been arnthorized to make
the atteinpt is most significant.
'North Carolina Republicans would,
SIt Is stated on excellent authority,
gladly vote for Mr. Fairbanks in pref-
erence :to Mr. Roosevelt and practi-
cally ,all of the Southern States will folb
low the lead of Senator Hauna, who is
the idol of the. Republican party in the
South. Meanwhile the split between
Senator Platt and Governor Odell in
New York is' an occasion of serious

: MiHumors

of the Blod
,Catse many troubles,-pimples, boils
|and other entptions, besides loss of
appetite, that tired feeling, fts of bil-
lousness, indigestion and headache.
The 8obeir one gets rid of. them the
better, and the way to get rid .of them
and to build up the system that has
s7d Iod from them isto take
IfOd'J arsaparilla
and Pills
Forrnling in combination the most
effective alterative and tonic medicine,
as shown by unequaled, radical and
permanent cures of
Scrofula Salt Rheum
Psorlasis Bolls, Pimples,
All kinds of Humor Rheumatism
Blood Polboning Dyspepsia
Catarrh Debility, Etc.
Accept no substitute, but be sure to
get blood's, and get it today.

produce a general investigation,
appears to be entirely helpless in
Yte premises. What has long been
known to those in close touch, with
the Na.Vy Department fa now becontxing
generally, known, viz., that Sen-
ator Loge ,played a scurvy trick
on his friend, the President, when
he persuaded him to appoint Mr.
Moodyto the head of that department.
Senator Lodge, had but one object in
view, the securing of a seat in Con-
'gress for his son-in-law, Mr. Gardiner
of Massachusetts. .To accomplish this
end he induced the President tO award
the naval portfolio tp Mr. Moody, then
representative of Mr. ardiner's dis-
triet,.and, with Mr. Moody out of the
way, secured ardiner's election.
Now the entire Navy Department is
suffering the consequences of having a
weak man at its head. This condition
of affairs the President hopes to rem-
edy by securing authority from Con-

8 APRIL, -

N 49 _9 0 _. -.T" -.1' A"'- ""'-' '*.i- -"- arnirttriiy tnialt, uL on rvzinu u~w
o p-*om -anxiety and it is held, not without gross to establish a naval general Mr. Roosevelt as a civilian and some only by long a expensiv li
S Most prominent Democrats who dis- reason, that the President will be un- staff. time mugwump is faro from a popular if reached all. With wealth cn-
Ouse the tariff auestionannounce them- abld to carry his own State In fact, A scandal of no small proportions idol'of the Republicans of the Empire centrating as it is now under truat in
selves iz favor of "moderate tariff re- Lou Payne, a long acknowledged Re- has just come to light in connection tate flueces, this country will soen b
vision." The old slogan of "tariff for publican oracle in New York State, with th administration of army affairsoosevelt is far from confronting thedangerof olgar
revenue only" seems to have no .Up- says the Democrats will carry the in Alaska. A number of armmy officers, Indeed Mr. Roosevelt is far from confronting -the
nueonly seems to have no sup Dmocrats will ary the Alaka. A mber of ary offers, cure in his strength east of the Al- ontrol, if indeed it has not already
_:_P.orters now-porters State by 100,000 votes, all of, those in fact who were on duty legenies, and it is going to take more reached that point. ) -
S- .--- ..~... Notwithstanding Postmaster oGen- at Skagway about a year ago, are to be than-the cow-punching States to save
There is a strong suspicion that the eral Payne's statement that no Con- tried by court martial for selling com.- his political bacon CMPVILIE -EMS
t master postneral seeking to pro- gressional influence is being brought nmissary stores to civilians and pocket- iME
Sthe potoee invetigato bear to hush th,6postoflce scandal ing the proceeds. Another officer who Whil President Roosevelt has benn Uncle Ben Boulware Gives Fish Fry.
uch an extent that public interest will and save the r.l rascals from expo- has been on duty for some time ins teofm Uncle Ben Bouteresting News.
fail and no particular attention will be stre, a surplriisini number of Congress- Alaska is to be tried for a shortage contemplating the spoutig of md Other nt A Mathew
paid to the results. men are calling daily at the depart- just discovered in his accounts. lie nd water from the Yas figuring one gey- Campvill, April 29.-N. A Mathe
ni: t and are spending hours with the claims his sate was looted, but that he erys, Prof. hlilprin as figuring Pel of Yelvington busited pvie the
"Cousin" Abner McKinley respond- Postmaster General. Senators Ald- will have to prov.the matter thrown ot by Mont eleeano h pas J. A.we ulby vin sited Jacksonvilless.
S ed promptly to the distress signal of rich, Stewart, Spoon.*r und a nutnber Meanwhile the Porto ican scandal, or several months continual eruption tody on bulty visited Jackonville
his old friend, Superintendent Ms- of others, usually ab.ent from Wash- involving a number of naval and army e i al espcial eruption, tody n ou are gave a big fish
lolhen, and after a long conference ingtou at this time of the year, have officers who have been indicted for the study ofr is especialorlyous amount fr at his residence lat Saturday
with the superintendent, made an ex- had long conferences with Mr. Payne smuggling, will not down. The loc1 j th oun a inio u it ac s ad -
tensivo call on the Postmaster Gen- and Representativo Babcock has come judiciary insists on continuing the n the past two or three months inele atives were there, had fried fiah irl
eral. to Washington to stay a month and prosecution, notwithstanding the fact he past two or three months abundance nd an excellent time.
has already had his first interview witq that the Attorney General has called has added some eight hundred feet to abundance and an excellent time.
MiBss Rboca J. Taylor hasfallen heir the its height. This enormous accumula- P. H. Baker has just completed some
to $80 ,000. e trilliat young os str Gnral. irst Assist off the united States attorney whobe- tion mostly in the form of huge building and repairing at his convict
ant Post-master General Wynne and gan the prosecution. d bomb,
.mana ow lampoon the administra- Fourth Assistant Postmaster General ,masses of rock, called bombs," fre- canp.
ton and expose its weakness without g quently fifty-tons or more in weight, Miss Linni Stokes is attending the
SloBristow continue to receive cages of CAN COMPEL THEM TO COME. Prof. Heilprin estimates that the huge normal at Hawthorn for six weeks,
Sf.a o si anhroharbtMalfaayncea ds newst y, altho column of dust and steam which conl- Miss Mary Joiner, who has been at
there wille greased demad for her ne te e knows rrof By an ct of Congress approved tiually isue from the crater's throat White Springs for the past e months
Sspodentseach t that e knows of nuary 81, 190, theregister d re- esith it more solid matter in a is visiting friends in ampille thi
It io admitted that the logical course no new developments. One charge, ceiver of land offices are given power carries withe Mississippi river is visiting frieweek.
or the Attorney General would be to mentioned in these letters a week ago, to compel the attendance of witnesses day than a year. This hsissippige arieount, ParsondiFoter of Alachua delivered
follow up thd Northern securities' de- has proven so grave a violation of the at hearings in ont.est cases. This charges in a yggregae hundreds of tons is line sermon Foster of Alachua delivered
10N11oetn oh si. law that the Postpster General,rs tautigortty extends also to cases where in the aggregate hundreds of tons, is a fine sermon at the Baptist church
|lt os similar law that the Postnm8ter General, authority extends also to cases where not only being distributed over the nday evening. There will be preach-
oombhiatio'ns, of which there are a coi- without waiting for further investi- testimony is authorized to be taken island of Martinique but also over the ind by him every fourth Sunday even-
siderable number. it is also admit- gation, has been compelled to take on depositions before other officers neighboring islands of the seas. What inr at the Baptist church at 3:30.
e thahe Attorney General does not t book keper- nahin- than the register and receiver., ibe the effect of this accumulation HAVE ASSEDTOSTATE
^ dare to~ ists," who traveled about the country The object and purpose of this act ic t wil b tle efc id being formed by __ STAT
.& ..... :: :::on pretense of repairing the cancel- to afford tdolitigants. the means of en- and ejection of this solid matter are State Agent Dell Lists an A
The Interstate Commerce Coimmis- lug machines in use in largo post- forcing the attendanceor of witnsss the ejection to s it of Public Lggregate
sion .has been forced to investigate the oiles, have been ordered to return to when hearings are ordered. It is notdermins diiculthe bedof aner oea and of Acres of Public Land
allegations that ther exists a antr-' their desks in the various postoices to exlusive in its operation to thie ex- in f ore trouapt. J. Maxey Dell agent fr State
S ite trust in New York whiclf is doing which they are charged. A $1,00 tent of abolishing the eating meth toarepcontraction of trouble earth's crust lands in the United States land flic
business contrary to law, but the clerk, a negro, who was charged to th ods, under the rules, by which the at- that dos not leave room for what i l thiscity, has ust o ed a ii
lghe 't'tisiiuuitlutlt bih who c-,that does not leave room for what is i
a lightest quaini:,e with th co. city pteloin Wahinston. but who t.edanc of witnesses may be secured within? is theory of the matter will bypassounties of united which hgve
mission leaves littio doubt as to the had ben detailed to act as hi special or,.their tstimoy be awaited with interest. npassedfrot t i i 'tes
i result of the investigation. Ivessegr by Superintendent i eavers, aBda parties may elect to use either .. -- e to li ddan hts already been required to return to method of procedure. Strong pressure is being brought to hoe.tead en.trie which have been
BSoime of President Roouevelt-'s most the work for which he wa employed. .. bear on the Secretary of the Navy to ed and w n the. pas
ardeut .nieerhs say hey will have to TIhoe dicision of.the Postmastor Gen- Deafness Cannot 8o Cured cause an investigation into the damage year. aggr"tgart ,in 'l- re-. Ihey
tottirea Maltine,-te xlosint cii ti rowa
seourg the ts t.,ie" of Seunator lwinna ilral reqiTlg"posltinsterfrom whosk by local applications, an they cannot to the Maine, thee explosion o the lowa will go pon t t '.. r the frs 1
t 'nsre th f r's election. They othiecs free i ,rt dlivery routes start, reach the diseased portion of the ear. and several similar accidents. but it is time this yar, "rin .. itl ,irge; rev.
-;: believe that Mr. tosev'clt., unless to post thie nines tof all rtsidntts There is only one way to cure deaf- doubtful if the administration can be nue o th,1 State.
'ac Senator linna, would fail along thote routl l in th, local postot-" fet ald that is by constitutional revaiid upon to turn on the sta-h. Thl tris',r of t!... :,, is only a
to ealtry'New York vird New ,Jersey, as tices, will lprothly occasion serious remedies. 1)-afness is caused by an light before tho election of t wed
result of ihe Prtsidant's attack oll trouble for the administration. It has inlaled edition of the mtioua .b:y State Algvt l in artnient.
"" tr alreadyy hee(n ljmirtaed ouM. to tim Post- iniO f time hAuaea.. .. ,Vof
S the trusts oid ou to the Pot- ig of th ustahian Tube. When The political sitiatiou in New York s ak "','-'*(s of
mstr (nral this custm is this tult is iilamed you have a rum- r irs the inummediate attention of t Pe p J'( as :.- state
Tli Stinmi in. receipt of tihe ijnit'.r 'ocesion oo serious hardship tto local bling sound or iperet aing, ad iei ant regarded a' f
Number of the, the only daily i mrhants audl newspapers. 'Theselists, t e~~t, ft i .t.h up e ...,n att a.d ch land ,m a ng s
saeWpaper xi tre. -world tput,!ibhiiig of uuame6s arne u kd by ti, gtretat mnail- Ithe result, anid unless thie patch up a truce hietwe'n Plant amid tent h t., cour,
"ewepapn oughli world publisttdn by order oun. d by tile aiies too- ion can it taken outtid his tube re- Odel the Democrats will hav a walk-- t _
e- ghd to stransmlittd by order hours uad ihe ., dilies to so- tredondtoilhearin over in tie State. Notce
St e ty ^ ^^S ,* = =( -, ;over the State.- ,.
Core >. 1f r f .. .. .. ...t-".n
erda moning"S atV Avalon, Santa: detriment of thie ho ,al business mnen, ,out of tenol arenoauso by etrri" term A, -.,. ,t t t fall
-'.^----, t& -*i, A -i I). itexteon te mat.the.r
inisland The .vent is a titniqunt tand thie l tter have protested, buit in which is noth inuibt an nam-ed w io -er o ie. lt a -ah "ut. d t of ,
he history. Offohalhs. meanwhile the mail-order W,0 ill give One ihedred l-l,_rs 'contract with he urdy clok m manu- m t. I erebygie t i
0"nhistory. -- ,2n,'uil)W lat har u I< ...n-. ,
h begiutitag k an epoch in'l house, atre, tapiu. a lIarvest and the for an ease ..t... -."ld by fac-turers disappeared at a mos oppor- ten to aply to tn. .a.n-..
haseoo afll ardon, as on nr "-
init-ato O Otitt l Isolated daily newspa ers .i ,i m, naterially datrm rr thrt. i i.b tine otml- of a t SaOtr ao ,at al
Hall's Cata rrh-Ou' o olrd -,noh up p o. o .-
SIt is a thineeooa4ttm- folio, the to theirsubsob-, h... $uvjlo '. ,rs now ixough up pfe teat-d
:,2m :({iii.~;.; on~!l.:wf e[utipl!:i 'l.StIff "_11a4 A .o,0 y "feror'=:.:O... ~ot y al :"' ::: """{"" 77 "ll t' .. '.-m-. ,. : --" ";'":-'"a- "- ",.m.o~,.-, 2.. -ul.. vi
: .. ..... . #* '.. .. .sk "; ; krV '': '' '' . :... ': #' { '< '' q :k4 s"4 sk .V .' "' s' rq : ... .. : '';... . .. s :Z".: q

so, 1903 A6MN

coa N Y., ThIeIttr0rtiol 4grioultural Co.
Telegran, Lois Pay, for adj res,h i e,
tant of Roscoe Conkling and "M bont $ne o sW thet has syoip.
Too" Platt, and more lately dState s- front gkoe,. t st baai p. syuip.
perintendent of jusurane nder Gov- llthecogni ed
ernor Black, has been indulging in Signor i tt ntrytheonognized
some political prophesy which, coming authority -of-:0h of~ntry on finance
from a politician of long experience and commerce re,a r. ng sWhervice as
and intimate knowledge of inside mnat- minister.of the treasury. While tlhe
terms of the Republica part, is of con- rest of the delegaIte 03- were talking
siderable significance at this juncture. about the niece'MitY0 joining in a tar-
Among other things Mr Payn pre- ifft war against the United States he
diets that Mayor Low, of New York, advanced this proposition:
wilt be renominated and defeated by Let us abandon th. idea of an Eur1.:
at least 100,000, and that President peai league against any one and auvo.
Roosevelt will be renominated and cate a confereo tch tr
-tives of tho whole world to take n1aq.
will a;so lose New York State-by over ures against the trusts and lmgue~
100,000 votes. The Telegram adds which are perturbing thie natural ,qui.,
that Payn is a shrewd and far-seeing librium of the markets.5
poluiician and does not rashly -form Wit.h the Russian and Aniver,'an
pol itical jiu(gment. coal oil trusts partitioniig the world
The Plaitt-Uddel feud has effectually between them, the`' British ind
disrupted the Remublican party in American tobacco trusts 4ih alliance
New York State, and there is, o pos- and the big ocean .teamship trust
sibie common ground upon whigh the well under way, it iW indeed time
warring factions can be brought to- for international cois-lde-'ation of the
gether in the fail of 1904 with Rnose- trust problem, for nobody need be de-
velt as the presidential nominee. The luded by the idea that -the trusts art
Platt machine regards the occupant of benefiting any one nation at the ex
the White House as its enemy, atnd its pense of others. Their business is tc
secret enmity toward him is becoming prey on mankind, and there is no limii
nmore outspoken as the fight for su- to their appetites. Some American
premacy between the Governor and seem to derive pleasure from th
Senator progresses. It. is impossible thought that some of our trusts ar
for President Roosevelt to hold his hunting foreign competitors. The
political fortunes aloof from the New might profitably reflect that, even
York quarrel, and itAls difficult to see so, the result is of no benefit to Amer
how he can essay the role of peace- cans in general, and the same trus
maker in the interest of his political are costing Americans more than the
fortunes. are t ,-sting any one else.
In addition, the glamour of San Juan ,or Lozatti is right, and if7he evi
Hill has pretty well worn off in New s ns conference started the tUnit<
York Stake and. Republican politics '.s.4 should be its warmestasupporte
there has readjusted itself to the old because it has the greatest proportit
machine basis. It is unlikely that the of trusts and suffers most from :th-e
populace will be stirred by any brass Moreover, it-is in the greatest dang
band enthusiasm from which Roose- from them politically, for our ofcle
velt as a candidate can profit next are alelective and the use of mon
year, and w.ih a dukl machine he will in elections has.become a controlled
surely have an uphill pulLo get out factor. In Europe permanent offitil
of the State with- majority. Other and strong military establishment
Republican politicians than Mr. Payn make it possible to control some ev
owarp na lln flirin ,nrun t defeat for him' --.:..!l-, t . -- +1 .. t0.







' P.illWJ A00 P.LU I ila i'--DS-


I_1_ "tT

x u i- M, A eoupie Enjoyea mthe JlOS-
pitality of the Order.


/ Th~ Were Plenty of Members of the
( Tribe Served in Many Styles
Ui. _ l --u : .. =, L .,

Writing About

Paines Celery

9 mpound

Says: "I Was Benefitted Beyond

,-00ple Who understooddte Bus-.
Snuroo e The claim that Paine's Celery Cowrn
,--A Most Enjoyable Day. pound is the only honwst mVidieine in
e Woodmen of -the World have the world for the cure of terrible neu-
ined themselves with glory, for the ralgia, nervous and blood diseases, is
.rsion, fish-fry and picnic which f ully borne ot0t by th. sr.troi( and con-
11itendered by that order to their vincing letters of (td.Li n')l4y received
Is at Prairie Creek Wednesday every day of the year byy tn1' vtropri-
in. every way a success. There was tors of the popular nmedeiine.. Notli-
hbundance of everything good to irig elle hmls ever po.l'-ssed anything
H which was prepared by the good like the power of Paune'is Celery Corn
les who attended, and the addition pound to, restri' a lit-alth y nervous
the chowder and fried fi i made at
ner fit for tie kings. The fish were
pared by Judge J. A. Carlisle, Capt.
Bdd, D. A. Robertson, T. L. Boul-
re and others, and the delicious Iman -
r in wiych they were served went as
idence that they were. experienced
Ythe business. :
Special train left this city over the
,tantid, Coast Line at 8:45 o'clock,
hioh carried about 150 passengers.
great many who found it impossible.
to get away for the entire day. took
the noon train,' while many others
Wentby private conveyance. It is safe
to say that at the noon hour there were
no less than 200 people on the ground
-and a good natured crowd it was,
too. ,
To those who were compelled to re-
turt on the early train a special dinner
was served, but in the erid there was
-abundance, and everybody seemed to
enjqy the spread immensely. REV. JAMES DOHERTY.
The last train bearing the excursion- ..
lsts arrived at 5:40 in the afternoon, tone to the entire body and to thor-

and thus ended a day of pleasure which
will long be remembered by those for-
tunate enough to be present.
Fraternal Resolutions.
Center Lodge No. 11, I. O. O. F.,
Gainesville, Fla., April 28, 1903.
To Brother J. A. Dawson:
SWhereas, by the lois of your pre-
cious mother you have lost the truest,
most loving and most devoted friend
of your life, and
Whereas, by her removal you will
miss the sweet qomipanionship and the
noble influence of a mother's affection
and counsel, it is,
Resolved, That we extend our
heartfelt sympathy to you in your be-
reavement, and trust that in submit-
ting to th-. will of Hlim who lias
taken her you will feel lhat your loss

oughly cleanst the blood, making it
impossible for neuralgia or rh[ematisni
to find a lodgement in the system.
Ministers, professional men generally,
newspaper men, public olilcials, and
brain workers, men whose daily out-
lay of vitality, because of hard, trying,
anxious work, is excessive, find re-
hlewed nerve strength and vitality ini
Paine's Colery Compound. Its 'use
dispels head aches, dyspepsia, heart
trouble, general dc iljty, and languor
that are so common in springtime.
Rev. Jas. Dohurty, Everett, P'a., writes
thi us:-
"I have used Paine's Celery Coml-
pound for neuralgia und thb blood. I
was benefitted beyond my expectation.
It is indeed thie iuedicine for my sys-
tem. It. keeps everything in good
turn. There is no drowsy, worn-out

is her gain. feeling to the user of the medicine.
W. M. HIOLTLOWAY, Those who use it and derive no benefit;
G(,o. M. LYNCH, from it, simply abuse it."

The News From Hague. ---
Hague, April 29-T. S. Kellum has Lanett, Ala., a sccne of Tragic Oc-
completed his store, and moved into et Pont, curre l 29 n
the place Saturday, town of Lanett, Wich ls .the Alabama
he farmers in this section are suf- si-de of Weset. Polnt. Lucius Ogletree
ring from the severe drouth and cold. shot and instantty killed John L. Pot-
ain is badly needed, and the snappy ter and fatally w;-tnriled Dan Zachry
mperature has set the truck back and then made Eg. ihs escape.
veral days. The thermometer atsun- All of the part,.. are whito men,
so Monday registered 50 degrees. being operatives the lanett mills,
There are a few planters shipping and lived within a ve:y short distance
of eer'h other
ukes from this section now. Among ofetreehothar.
OFletree was appot ted gatekeeper
he most extensive shippers is F. E. for theo day oprathlv(s, who wer tcor
-ellon, who has quite a nice aer=e.n a trke who av hi i-'- t
hey were raised under canvas a. n or t.
artificial irrigation, with the result atlhl In the mill
hat they came to maturity several I coni cut a. ,
aye earlier than those raised without I back In agtin. This was :!.":. "!
rotection. by Ogletrve and Potter h'e..- 4 :,.:
and made twi hrcs.e of oin; ;- ,;, .
Charged With Smuggling. HI went back into the n.i ..' :
Washington, April 27.-Unoflicial ln. to his lnt'(rlU- tool bo:, gut '-.
rnmation has been received at the war hammeitr, an-d :ing to. the fcnc. -i, -
,department concerning the case of knocking off pikP, ta. He Nw.:-'. *,
aptauin H. B. Camhberlain, quartermas. rupted in this work by Ogletre, v ,
ter of the transport Seward, charged upon he gotpnry and estr"uk O ,eti-
(th. amugglIng goods into the -Phillip on th' head with his hammer.
pines. JHis attorney asked to have i I ahy. who ais b
ho e^ e dismissed lon the ground that of P :tct was aong the crow of e
citizen of the United StIa.ts,I lool e s;' and rushed up to help h l-'
_Chamberlain should have been Indlct. strI in Ogetres ovPr the body w.(
ed by a gracd jury., This" point was a i. e tick, him to h!$ k'L
over led, It is also eaid that Collec. l' -I tion t c
tor Shuster has ascertained that the a 4 ket and lirel
goods attempted. to tie smuggled on I tiv. t aaiat. 'I'hr. o
th6 Seward were vallied at $6,0o00. Psh 1 t.hhs letter, one e erlr c ,"i .
a.__ t $6,000 sh.o. ^st rruck Pott.r, aneo p ftering th
f left il"') of h had and two entfri'g
Wit Play Sunday Basebalt. the abdoen, killing him Instantly.a-
Indiaraols', April 27.--The Indian The next two Shits were dile fLtr d
nap. 1d, and Columbus *t6a.:dj Zachry, One tnterlng lM5Is 4ahi--
will. .1ittt. -t to play a game as W men anti lodging in. hts back, T'te
Jnatvr. pk tomororw: i'liwill be -oeether dmiad lts mark eatsr "ly, ;f5-
he tfrst Sundy: g&mia of profaes1ora'* tree fled r srafrty. f'ifrt' g ln to
.!tefilr'at teTr un, y ('r ohis P roeio '".1physieian, to have his -hea drc .
ya.e.sII A stAte- .ta, profit Of "ad did then left fof partA unknown: .d.'
' Is u rstodij arrtd Potter and Zachty wer e mov'd to
....i-i tdr.ada b -o-iUM t he mi omoe a yj- "W.
~ i~irnatn~~.~i.~~ I, ~Mld~fgm4 I .'.ss*6~

REV i THOS l ,

AP1RU ?) 1903 _



Notlee It hereby lOven that the alcnu4l in''t'
friv Of loe -stockholder's of the Ah]'bi|i \Vtrw-e-
bouse Coo)pnny willh be held I11 the I, .y of A 1.i.
chul, Florkla., nm the lIrt 'Thlt-' lt Jimin:It.
towlt, :the.,th dly(V o .1une. I'M1, 541 i2 4,',I,, '
Il.. gt t1 On iflc of 1d 4 v'0't) ti'4rfathon, for tlf'-
L4r1 eO Of cu4lwidrt4w and t. a tf 4 u4iiio) tV."
foll>wfnw moaittersc:
(I ProrwoRed t4rarAflment to tbe chartt r of
thiA 0orOriioi )'eby le' te atir t. tl st"i;k
t[')tne Win of S NA,01 or '9vi h other armboi ft 1-M
tu'ly Ite tbei Itertsircid liv the HtocihoI,-r'.
41) .iVh adldptIou of byY-law for this f.Vrpk
1I Thio eleetion or or lreer' for the enorsil'
ytnr; tboa ., |
.. 4).-The .tranq.tlon ofa{ ny ot6er 00t:n<,,
whli ih:opy be brouwat lbert e neetru,

S"NOTI(.,CE Pt1 I*t Pl(.A OPTION,.

S A .r I 19f .
NotIce t* hereby lve' tOht the followlnr
aitred ttier hi t'led it ofe O b lhtstenptin
fUt m. t eoflatutistlowl proWof to ,lr rf
74 elilm. sad Mvit ld Pr fom a ie cro
R steer s4 ceflver at a(J ste, Ifi .
i.T A,' 4On or tO of ieo Fa.
ofi*,t r WOO1 of 14(w.4 Ma. 12 of r94
L* 5 tbds||W^^ iI *,s ,,,' -x^ ''iaiSJ -''''**


Will Ofnlcially Accept1 Pastorate of
Presbyterian Church Tonight.


A Number of Prominent Ministers of
the State Will Attend and Participate
in Function-Presbytery Will Proceed
to Ocala.
The installation of Rev. Thos. P.
Hay as pastor of the First Presbyterian
church will take place at tho church
this evening at 7:80 o'clock. The
Rev. W. Boggs, D .D., of Jackson-
ville, will preside, preach the sermon
and propound the constitutional ques-
tions. The Rov. H. S. (+eiger, 1). lD.,
of 'erxnandinu', will deliver the charge
to ,i.o pastor, and the Rev. Mr. linsey
of Ocalt Will deliver tho charge to the
The Presbyterian church requires
a minister entering into a new charge
and the cqngregation alling him to
make a covenant with each other, andI
the constitution of the pastoral relate.
tion is done with solemn and appro-
p riate services.
A full attendance of the members of
the church is "very desirable, as the
congregation is a party to the, cove-
nant. Members of pther churches
avid the public generally are invited
to be present.
The same installation committee of
Suwannee Presbytery, witii Rlev.Tho.,
P. Hay's name substitu'ltd for that of
Rev. Mr. Linsey, will, hiialt Mr. Lin-
sey as pastor of the"Ocala Presbyterlan
church in that city tomorrow evening.


Mary A. Livermore Takes Issue with
Roosevelt and, Eliot.
Chicago, April 29.-A dispatch to
The Record-Herald from Boston says:
Before the members of an organiza-
tion called the Mothers and Fathers'
club, Mary, A. Livermore spoke of
"child culture" last night and took is-
sue with President Roosevelt and
President Elliot on the race suicide
question. She said: -
"We need to listen more to talk
about theb culture of fattifra and moth.
ers than we do to the culture of the
child, it seems to me. There arc
two mInhty factors that enter Into thn
making of Inlivlduals and of nittlons.
Ti-i to factors are heretlitary allI oen-
viroinment. There' areo imen and wo-
men wh'6l are unfit to be the paionts
of child ron. At tho present 1llne wc
have to) depend tip)on eiv.lrorimnent(. In
many ('Zc1'(ia s It Is better to take (ch Ilr hIll
away from their natural parents, so
that they may have a chance to do bet,
"Tihe need is lnot 0nlo child ren, but
better ones. It would not boe race sul.
cde Ift we were to have mo-re homes
Into which only two orithreo chltidron
were born. Quality Bifid character
signify more than a horde,'
First Trial Sail of Reliance.
Bristol, R. I., April 27.--The new cuel
defender, the Reliance, was given hex
first trial sfall today. The weather
was not all tliat could have been dc-
slred, there boelng only a light freeze
from the west, but as the run was
mainly to give her builder's a chance to
look over their flaJhed worJmanshilj,
there was wind and enough to -enia the craft down the.
bay at a mOedcrrnto speed.

Fire Almost WIpes.. Out Town.
Marshalltown, Iowa. April 29,---I .ra'
tically the entire busIness portl!ont i
the town of Melfiho'ne. this cr-o. t
wan burned thih, morning. Only tl',
b'j!lninias were left standing in Ml;ai




Eleves Will Give Their Pon ad
Very Swell Spread.

... .. . . *


Commutatfon to Life Imprisonment
Again Reirsed Him.
DIton. ,.,$ April T,--.John Peytry,
of Daltdn." the white man who mur-
dered an employee of Roblnason'a cr.
-us named WAtlier. luuat pay the poilal-
ty for his crime nii the gallows.
The prit.m commission some weeks
ago iefiusej to 'reNomniind commuta.
thn in his Il,ls but owing to nimtner-
oua petitUcus from Whlittletd coutty,
the case '\1 a r'oWep'1md and another
hearing given.
'The cor.i:iii i .lnI yostordiy ia second
time r'u'si d to rIonUillnondl comlllutat-
tiOln In I '' :ry 's : l G(.vernor T' r.-
Mrll s ,' ( allo. r I' ; oiL g the coII-

a Ie.'ryvui i.. ;, n 1' r sp tited 1unt
Frid:: .c;U y t n:; t\ ;it d(ay lhe
.will bo htnb 'o, on : a f t.ay of xe.xo

N illard L 'e. i 1 t 1 ': .stood 8 101'
anll a l Ida.,vit l, .. b Iv ',1- aud 1hat
applict tilon wll '"v .'' t ]'" a ".
rior ccurt ti t ;: '7 ;, ;, i; ,-
tlon of whetl. i i.; .. .'.
the plreOllt tI rI.;


Big Strike Threatened Amrn:3 .i.a I.
phia Carpentoros andl Joliers.
Philadelphia, Ailril 27.--1 o(.>t uii'" '.*i
l till~ited witli t.he Ul 'other'lon,I 'of' ( ,(:-
penters and Joiners of An l'. ea have r,-
jected the compromise olTeredl by tlt'
master carpenterei relative to the 1new
wage scat6 to go into effect May 1."
It now.seems Uniless the latter agree
to the demanded of the brotherhood be-
fore next, Friday a general strike will
be ordered. If a strike shall be or-
dered nearly 15,000 men will stop
work. The action of the brotherhood
has been supported by the Anmilga-
mated association of amrpenters affll-
ted,. with the council of allied builld-
Ing trades, and the support of the lat-
ter is assured.
The brotherhood demand. is for 50
cents an hour afterr May 12, the master
carpenters offered a compromise t 45
cents an hour after July 1. This has
been rejected.


Macon Man Leaps From Third Story
Window of Building.
Macon, April 27.-W. D. Austin, a
young man employed as an engineer
on the Southerni railway, committed
suicide yesterday in this city by leap-
ing from the third story of tho Ayros
building. where he occupied a room.
The linpresslon at first was that Attua
tin's death Was aeldental, but tit the
Inquest held last night wit1nessos ap-
ptared who stated that they had ee l
tho man .top In front of tihe blind,
stand upon the window sill nr1 plac-
ing his hands above his head as though
about to dliv', inak.kt lit leap which
ended h's life,
It wI Ps evidnele of this nature which
caused(. t.h corvonr'r4 jury I toet forthW
a verdict oI suticld'e.

V'Irelesa Staton rcr Alasaa. i obt. M Ia
New York, Ap-ril 27.-- I'.nglecor Rich A0 A., J, ard Pfund and Assistanrt Englneer W. Wilon
Herbtrt C. Wolby, of the Marcon) .1). t 1111rfeltow,
Wireless Telegraph company, left Now w. 'T .,ha|irim.
York today for Alaska to complete thiw wM. 24.twwoert,
(1. W .lyde.,
installation there of a series of wireless ., s ir$sey,
telegraph stations for the United '1'*-i. .roy,
J. A. MolCllltry,
States signtil service. With Fort Oib. w. s, Iroose,
son, in Alaska, as the starting point, M. It. M '&r'lIN'.,
the first station there will communal j,, 1., Vi.nt,.
oate with the second at Telovene, ap, [WI, Mf o1 owty.
proximately 100 miles. The third and 1. A. 'Thr4sher,
I at station is at Chena, on the Tantna ". ',V' ti,-
river, 100 miles up the river from Tol. uAoe. w.Mityer) ,
ovana. I. J.' leSonl,
IfnhIard A.JleoKfer,
t'4Horoi4tlo DlIviN.
Qets Verdict For 9,.ooW J,1'14)0,1000. .
Way<-ross, Ga., April 27.-After con.J. mi(,tlht",
iumlrng three days In the Ware super j. ,. M M,'sn.
rior court their jJury in the Heildt damn- '! 1 1. Oranit'.
agoe sult has rntuirnedt, verdict In ( -). A,. ('ieWoni
-" 10 I- A 1- J.I-. o-. &# .A. I II' I.; Ie.-4'ssu


W, W. Av h'.
.J. iM ltvcr-p,
J. VA. A 4A4t414)41.,
.1 1). > 'L' t ll,
(, K., 'roollno,
V,- I) 01hlihmon.

't"rry M. (Nolormn,
W, D, W03.10,
.1, IH uhi1.
(, Y., (Iraw ford.
A. H. 'Irvlor,
J. 1 it.doett..
j. It (-arnu, J..
I,< W. Jis usol.,
J. Mn atiMM.
T. |_. nl,
(4. 8. Meroiiant,
W. I. o.nby,
J,. A. -1'hhfer,

1-w l;- ( Wtt, Hlta.
LJ W(1 inwrl hit
J.. ]. l.-.vli|i<,>

vor of Mr's. Amella Ui. ot r t$5,000 O -io A, sIaNy, J/,"
against the H6outhern Tolephoneo :ot' A. l Soodwlt, vis Hu jt J
pany. Thr juitry wasm out all night, .. (ar iteflr, JV. 1, 1t16Ih,
Tho Batilla Manufacturlng company, N. W. W. II. tc ,r,1
, on0 of tho parties agall1st whdio suit QlI. %V. l01, oit 0. V Thoin .
] : i' J (. w s i iM 0 J. Ot. (,iWW tWtf '
was lhrou;ht. waN rellceved of all blamli' It. .-o* 4e,r, J. 1'#ltol.
for for (d ath of Mrs. IHeldt's hiusltand -8 II. iP. If- w4l" ', "L. M. I1,It, 1,
by ,l'.r-trorutiton In May last. Thie ol0 i. | }nvl, .1. A" iA. rlsia,
1 wilt wi- for $20,000. The .telephonej L. A'to M orlk, W. It. 'hoiaa ,
T .' I'" T otUx, ." tirootMe,- .
cor:; tr:y will carry the case to thke StU, N. MtrItolha N.V .W tslVhtrl
I lrl 1- 4ourtt Ieiary.litaim, v, tL. ) Hitley, ..
.- .. IT h auf. I" n ,M t q*nv1, r .
- .. .. .- .. .. 1, ,I M xi(;a i (.W *M ,l i nrt.
Fell and Broke Hie Neck JA, ili,. o., W.K ih .
Washington, Ga.. April 27.-John R. .4w-toomii
Smlth, a well known planter living 41 N ,yrif;OrY'L J IO.,iioN -"'.. ..'.. ,
miles wpst of Washington, :mot death w ierem, The Wa r of" r nty, or , 'i*
by a fall- from his .bualgy. At the Irt s of A4has county, m lorid.h411lt on (in th t
time of the accident Smith was seats da.yor April, A. 11.liat.uncernlby vi r.tme as e
tl, (11. )o tltutlu OIAj uikI IJIIW of tithe 8tah t -
ed in his buggiy,.- Jl: ha'.e becomV Iorlda. olweran ehtiontoby to be he.dn
1' leg 1M0 t-t. vrl"'kia oI 0 tilte 'Ald o(W4,i
9ng frightened. threw Snitt from the I uot y 4 o ta1 wn thei' ta i of iuit
seat and hurled him to the, grouaid,.i ~ 1' tkr.wwhlte
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