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t. I I A ltadN 1\ S .. . hl.v. 1! tI I k to t
S 1 i 3 (A o I . . .. . lv. I t ii .o i .N

Nim .v oni ollu to I n .' t t t c \> |> ti.\Nl i,\ vt I o1i litd ( ta e .jIt l ng x l eitv, een lu lit la
Nci \' a AIit' \t- owt'-k'l .1hm ilts ,1 6v s, ilx ex o1)t Sutfdlt .
N o-.. :;> i i i,,I ;ti N ,-. sN 1i*\|d1 4l1,il t'ww ii ,'1 roo'4 m 1 1 l1 'li | O ..l i.('; i dl .'
ain l i.Y ,'i- i't ut *'n lJ Ic ."o (it 1 ti Nt ew \ ol,. 1 C lio lht" let.w\ illn .lit kS t)l itV 11 I al k \' it llh '*i
No'-. *., ;n,,v :,> \VW as';indi+tilit liis l -'1 orii.! lltiit'ed -'utlutun dlrnhi\ rtil 1mat rh'i'p:'!, c itei
tw tt'ln ,J ,*,kson\ i,)t ',h( N,>t\ l nl, 'uiWhl', blt' eel Jao&ksoMlt vllle oint roosli iwirl O |itg tin "

N,..o Through tho "Lanul or The Sky." N. 7 7 1 l Lv J.. .,',: 'o v(ii\:y lh bleit.. ... . H t, li% .. t. Ai l I
,, > ... ... S ,vuna,, u ,, .. .. .. A >
t; o i t' ', \,- .-.. l t sR t pirhig . N. .. So, .... tt .
S Ari ,\ r Kno ixvlo, *lt i .. i. O. R .. L I, }
1U I A ,\r .. t'toilltittil O il Q '..... '. . K 1 ,
Nosi. 1.M t, ld ;up lPiiliti n th t\\n\ll"lkttlimatd Itn lTt )l lht'l r lll"ob t n Jtnot vlnvilO ftli
Chwit, uiiLI.

No., No ;t ltet en ,akoMi 11nt11aii l the Nsortli uandu i t WeNo Noii No.O
) il it 15 1 i l ,v, J.1I ksolv it le, l.. 1 . A ..... ..... ... ... A r, 6 I l i i 'it S
S. 11l AI. su. l n., . .... ... .. ....... ... .... . . ) .
SM i Ar. I t. .. ...... ........... ..... 0 i ,
I to i ArI. Atla iti . . .... .. .. ...... .... . . 1[ vt 0

1 ):4> p "" :A '"< atl" . . . I" ... .. . ".1 .A, . ... . 9 ....ii.. .a -t
4 A M 3,I 4 Ar, llur in, Ii, ,,. , ,. 'T 0 i T W
ilt) l It i Ar. 'ihitln.o, i, .. . Olho . r. I ....... .. 445 (Ar15 iI
isi < ; R i A r. tC in ifti, il ... . 1 N A 8 Y...... .......... .. A or l t0
7 M -t 7 ;4 ) A'r, ,I' li i ... . ......... LV, 0 it) 1
il K) k l; I' I.v. <;lohIMt t li. OhlIo ..... 16 'l I '., ,i ...... Atu. 7f lit 00 p
7k10 3 1 1 4 A214 I lo. tgo.eMlt. I Il i., p 1 . . .-.. , .lV, A 8I i 1 00 p

) H i qi ; i A Itui'ol t, ohl h ........ .. .. ,. .... . v, ,Ai t, l
.i', o14.1 It In tnurt I. ienn. Ily Ar- I. 46 600i

30l I's |I % .I.v. 1Iolsnn itv l. IO .hi.. ....C. I to1A l.l m oiu .. ...... .... I '. A 0 I. WA p
S. 1 ii Ar. 'htlllon go. Ill ......~ .. 0 ...... LV. 44 i 00 a

Oh n o 5 )1 I ti't1 it40 ti <11 uh ........ .,t0 .. . .M1 tt0.( .... .. . .. tOM W 7TO P
ra in W t i I At >'(lntl II0 I t ;,ii Ar. thl., i u h o . .. ,) . . v 101Xt li 1CR

it 4)|3 1 11.54i t Ar. P I ti lbi w Pil .. ..p.. A It ........ . -' 1 1 lt I X l t
t; ..k II a 114 4 N to l < Iorititf t I, ulv ....t ov... .t. .. .. i A r, 6i B l l i t7 50 np
l. 3 r.. lItr A1' .. l.oexl glifti', y .. ,. .. i, S Io l .. . . rv, I t tIIIP. ....
.. .... it A . .. bi t '. AItl'. .. .L... v, tI e t t i
MI "I ALv. l hiotIl l ,il le . ... .. . . v, T- . .

ani u l t t. Arriu daiv hx(IOiOt4, 1fi >(ir Miilr ,it h n Viy 414 l 0'Yv (il 10t1( i11,11, 10lt11t0Y. t h rt o
.rawin rnoom sIee lini o.H t to ( l tu I l'' Vill li ra volm tio at lwba
viaPn t iti0vvai li t 1 ui>< l. Inrtry obervt ion ear to n ( to (hinttimooitti. Dliniln (iltr ea ti ( tlliliimal,. A It vi owltlly, Ttllrliy l | Tlr11d iW hht'. titiih
Pullmainin Wleecplng var t o irtrolt,
Nom. 1. la It 4 '.'The lFlorliti l nliuttrtj." M llht yritlmuh tr h illiiii lli Pritilvnui rt
i(n ontar", lI'trtL,-ilaM t.hutrmi>ihfiu'ii i wlou tioln iid ( nllo in ir l, tv wlen Jl i i olnivll i n al CJl.ot t(-
aill.l. 'hinr (hhl ;,i viii l\rii nh i l< I ui! lrnily, .. ...
N r. NF, ,Ni:.I Ioetweeni kiiek nOivvill und Klul iu4o Citt y NoI, No.0
5 1 1 i, I Lv. F.,hl , lll( t. -g .. .. M lty A r. i tk; l'
t1. Ol p *t4! It AAr A li5li 5li I It 10 tf>
31 13 i '-* 1,+ r .\ l l .., A lti .... . Av. tt !li>I
f) L;l II L A iA. li$li iii l l r,. M. i I l'> | ll .
K P. 11 A + i. } il ') t hr. I 1 ,. '
H p l M <, l i l im 0 A r A l i,. ,
9 ; i A$i ,\ ir Ifnt L y Npitii( 1" [.. ,/ / 1 ;r! -

Ntti. n i
Ie. 'II LO) 4

IlW Wliit iii ., J4l lo ville.'
W. !iy) itL !, llek44 nti lll. FIti.

tt s' f


W II It-i i~ if:





J~: 'i.-i- r I Folui t

( AINK VILLYuz li, -r,.

S ato. W1.II tri VlelresMnt


* ~



pJ' r ~-



G UItiA ti 're idtes

,_.. _:_..~~_~, ~~I;._:::. r~ _..:I,,_I~:~~"l~'c"~r::_~-2~ ~~~~c"I`~-~-~-~-~-~-~~~~




sidt Square,

i., sc tillc, b l'

I i "T'l' I";+ilil't ?,lrinlt.'<." I'ill;fn iii
I l\,if i l! t ( linlnull runi'U t>iti v
,ir ','|>1\ ( i n 'T'iekel Ag 'nt'
IF. I'. < ,M li-s. I'm-. AwtL, IO40

T~j~~tB`~'L~;rJ(~b~Tt~i'i~: C~'~!


.1. ILE. FLORIDA, APRIL 2, 193-

". V , .; ,, -

Itter~ of Gneral Interist G.th
ered by Our Reporters,

h at as Happened and What Is Goini'
io Happen Told in Short Paragraphs
o That' "H`e Who. Rarts May Read ,
It in TheSun. -
eire; with Cnsbi(a &a Hil A .
KA. King'of Orange Heights was itn
the city yesterday
C. W. Wells of Alachua was a visit,-
ID.- thiliiy yeste rda
oWnt4-4teady..Oober cook, with
S ioTie.- Man preferred. Contine.t-
0st urvant.. "

*O.ere'among the visitors to this
t'yes erday, ..
lsaipQ. B. Brooks will .serve cold
SalRnd clIrars onthe picnic proundS
rt yfCrek today.
aO',. Ell0is, the piano man, ,has re--

^ t'os r .tra i riiia!es Drug Store, soleagent for
sandard. ton o no;i! Wo.nderul .alve. '
i ythat ^or^nel d betrat P t a mar- 3. H. eynoldo of High Springs was
te1. ny op per io,-nd. tf a visitor to this city yesterday.
t;or. H. Pieso.xpoctsi o leave wmaLl payments earn good dividends
,todayor akoville, wher hehas iNtie Standard. See Moyers. to6-16
been sum d o bikes, A Dcosta departed yesterday
Foley y Curei makes kidne for the West End, where he goes on.
n blad t. DO 't dlay' bu sines connected with thephosphate
tore'. i.rindustry.
w Palmer will tnove lawI W..BAyeook of Melrose, one of the
flees froh t^ Bxchfttge to- 106 most extensive naval stores operators
at Main street, Porter block, May in the county, was a visitor to the city
W *' yesterday
ion, Henry hubb receert fotr Foley's Kidney Cure if taken in time
the united ,States land: ftce in th's affords security from all kidne. and
ity, has returned from 'a visit to bladder diseases. Sold by W. C. Wal-
'outh Florida. .. lae's drug store.
i., W. Millioan or Waldo, one of the Mrs. Tohn W. Ettel expects to make
most extensive naval stores operator* her departure today for White Springs,
in 1th, county, was transacting busi. where she will recuperate and enjoy
nes. In this olty yesterday.. the beauties of the old Suwannee for a
The best physic: Chamberlains few days.
0toMach and Liver Tablets .asby tof N. D. Wainwright of Starke was
take: pleaianttn effet.. osal eby among those who paid Gainesville a
al duggIts and' medicine copanih visit yesterday. He was en route to
things bone, the mill man of the West End, where he is interested
Ralaih, was a visitor to Gainesville' in phosphate mining.
estprday. He stateS that the demand Atlantic Coast Line will operate a
or i prodot continues, withthe re- special train to Prairie Creek today,
sult that ,h( s keeping a large force on the occasion of the Woodmen Pic-

i8 '*U u O ......... .. e --- e ta ,d ^en- gag. --
points in the West End. enge nic and flih fry. Leave A. C. L. depot
|g o M. Rogers, the successful Tih friends of L. E. Barker, who ia at 8:45a.m. Fare, round trip, adults
erg can RofW, wnow -Iein an Atlanta hospital, will be 25a, and children 15c.
ereont fee Wademwaseafv d r oe
slntto esi te to learn that e is rapidly re, A competitive drill between squads
et o n si fest lor verng, and theprobauilities arothat of Companies A and B oftEast Florida
b e isa h wlbeenbled t return to his Seminary was held yesterday. The
Cure. Sold by W. 0. Walace.s h t in thiscity at an earlydate. Mrs, squads were commanded by Lieut.
Store. v o Barier is still with him, and writes Pemberton and Capt. Herzog, respect-
a6i'olce cream and coldr na m~ ot' encouraging letters of his im, ively, and after an hour's contest, tho
Jl soen' o Telephone No. 171, and pro*iment . hone r was awarded to the squad from
)I..be .prontply do liver '~ T v very era y worded announce- A. Tha Judges were Cadet Major
eie, a ava l storesioperato nitwhih a p elsewhere in this Wheeler of the Seminary, and Oapt.
4I a naval tore a st Marcuas Endel, the lOther, gives Layton and Lieutenant Blanding' of
i4~fo ndeon w The hitn sn.a rpoe-o theteader1 of The So. sanme interest- the Gainesville Guards. The squad
t ode'TheSun' an.agreeable lnto clothing. He is the sole from Company B have issued a chal-
rtable all, i agent fr the celebrated Shloss 'Bros. lense to the winers, the date of which
l e B~ orter, onre f, the leading it of Baltimore, who la#d the will be announced later.
l ieLaCros se section, Wa i -dStates in their line. Prospect-
,iay yterday. He oaled a Tie lye prchasers of summer olotling are Due Notice is Served.
1 I09., and renewed his a'ubsorip- requestedto call and inspect the line. Due notice is hereby served on. the
atl othe Alorderedstomachmay oause no public generally that DeWitts Witch
soW -onattthe rdebeo o t Ais'rdeted oacle Tanto no
aleoard at the rsidenoe of the ond of, trouble. ,.When the stomach Hazel Salve is the only salve on the
,~ es oo iter, Waldo, Apri 28, Mr t ilit form t functions the bow- market that is made froi1 the pure,
Ki't eIrwin-of Falrbnks al d is eg eoriome 4eraiged, the liver and unadulterated witch hazel. DdWitt'
On of ya.anhaa Mi klIdU6ys ongeated,!iousing numerous Witch Hazel Salve has .ured thou
l tileB. Coulter, Rev.y. .L tranhning dieer l othe most fatal of which are With Hazel Sail fured tho-
Slatin, '. ., e pre61ss1t t :at therefore thoe more to beo sandsof cases of piles that would not
eYS Hr a es ioney and Tar pe:ot d i O s lrefedu Ther. important thing is to yield to any othen treatment, and this
t enoto trestoe the stomii. h iand Iver to fact has brought out many worthless
atte,, and, ri notd sonsifpate, lie heaty c1kndition hand f6r tohie pur- a ee h e w h
eksy'alr. other .ogth medicineos ho betteritplrat n cana b iused counterfeits. Those persons who get
q 60 aac",. 80oJcWD06 d Live ae, tste genuine DeWitt's Witch Hazel
Its substitutes. ld.b i o, a pe stoma ad Liver Tablet Sa aeer apin
ihes .duoRstose, ... 'Forosleby 1e druggists and medicine Salv reneybe foir potd,&bcausm
Stiopervisor E, o.m3, JolleyoteheeAt opnte. ir . ..od ford Cildn. .
antiyd Cofst Llne was in the oity from .Aongthe pro inent isitor t $1 .
loheldle yesterday. Helwas en route Gainesvile yeoterdarwas Hon. E.P. Atlan:la, Ae -honw Cis Cre.
unnellon, wheor he has been sum- Axtell ot ,JakksonvIlle, one of the most sshdw, Ibmnw, v1- -i ai.o t f mthe state
'suneod on official business. brilHnant lawyer in thie State. MrI attar'h.ent rput to the caiy con a:I
T"heLadles' Missionary Society oft the AAxtml was r for many years a resident against et d' t ta the rnuy for n'
'iebyterian church will hold: Its reg- of this city', id was at one time a 00 to n tg~.l the tie.,ation cgrovi"
mlr monthly meeting at the church emberof thefalty0f East Floridl out of hio. sens national fleht het
rWdnesday evenining at4 o'clock. All Seminary, It was in 1881, when he Mr. Crc u0i:hw rd J. HI. Ir land..
la*dites are cordially invited to be 'pre- states that the only male members of Pullmn aa a(" ,enlurtor, on a \Vostern
ient1 Heralds will please be prepared the faoulty,were Superintondent Cater al Atunea pn, r..i nger train at Marl
tireprnd himself e is gratified at the tta last June a d In which tho former
nd;t0roport, af the sel ool.f.^ waitwlthaknife. Mr Crenshaw
'!- F. Deslea .and son of Hatchet. healthy condition of the school, which ct th a knife. M ackrensd by theaw
0%ek were among t.ho visitors to this he says. will always occupy a warm cond actor without provocation and he
ofty yesterday. Mr. Deshea is one of pice in .his heart claTms that thePullman company is
.themost prosperous farmers of, that Confessions of a Priest. poxilble for hi cowduct
'*Otlon, and brought to market a Rev. Jno. S. Oox, of Wake, Ark.,
4Ui4antltyof fine sw6et potatoes, which writes: "For 12 years I suffered from TGood for Children.
tleallzed good prices. yelw jaundice. I consulted a number oTe pleasant to take and harmless
ylonMinute Cough 'Cure gives imme-
M irs. H. H. McOreary, president of of physicians and tried all sorts "- diatr relief in all cases of cough, croup
irby Sumith Chapter, U. D. C,, an-. medicines, but got no relief. Then a grippe because itdots not pass
Ulncesthat she has several crosses of- began the use of Electric Bittifrs and im meditely into tle stomach, but
bh6nor yet uudoelivered. These croes fel tat am nw cured of a disease tkes effect right at the scat of the
to ht bad me in its graspfor twelve trouble..It draws nut the inflamma-
eobtaintd by those entitled t years' If you want a reliable media. tion, heals and oothos and cures
;ame upon application or they will be ,ine for liver and kidney trouble, pernmnently by. enabling the lunge to
delivered ,pon writtwnorder. jstomaoh tIs-order.or general debility, optribl pure' lfe-givinmg and life-
r. 3. J. eepor of Birming am ,i t lo'trto Bitters. It'e guarrnt-od by g autalnin oxygen ieto e lIod aled
Ala.after a:T Pla iuetr of severamlill druggists. Only 60e. tisues., BodirOrd ;Me(olum '
Sploant visit of -.- -a-..--.-
tinth to hor nico, Mrs. VW. B Hi- i A excellent opportunity to visit rr ar d V.'1i IndIcted.
40i" illt thisci ty, lort for home y'est..r- New Orloatis and enjoy tU< Confealer-, .-:... AI;I. Aril .---.C1*'
l4y, Tlhis estimablo lady has many tt- Vetorans Reouniuo at mIludrate 'ia' a"i ',il:: W;.5 htchi'} with
|iuirMds hero who1 bado 1hol ood bye cost. Te Atlantic Coust Line wilsll ., U .'c of P^ls lithien, In the
r'oth Irielucttliee, but trunst thlnt she rokindi trip ticketss to New Orleatn foir' !.., I' ) ,,) M,, ff hotvtl, nt -hen.
(will return iagaini next, seaon. Confederate Vetritrans' Iteiiion May ,'t ....nno-h preltulntary
'. loves uval n o,, Si of Hrgh igh6 to 2.10.t noluiv,,,-wi rturn li al- ,,, t,,' .d lon w eld
P ,wore in ho city y,:t.ertny. iti.May 24th. All ext.""siol Of return I or- h to C t-the .raiWjiry
V have litlted up a wagou antd limit naybtb secured by (ittb sl of akls any oar tltltdeAslon by the
lK Oakcd the same vi(hl goods, and are ticket by original pt rehioni.r with Spo- justlne- of peaC Ineffective. All ofthe
business from house to ltmse ciat AXent, Theatre Arcade, not earlier men -ao p'oinent,. and the hoot8ng
U ut the country. TIty carry than May 16lh, and u poim imYnit, at Of W^kOn of .cth iOav senatron- a a f'
g~ardepartnwnttr store assortment, 50 cetatt't tin of detptot, tiUal lifcit fO Ini BlrmlnWhan for ri yr.
.. ma.nking a big success of the thereby -obtained to June 1tih, I Saved the Loved Onesl ..
lUltire Atlantic Ooal t Lino will -pareno lin M Mary A. Vilt, Newtastle,
pt^ A. R. Ehlnore, formerly of this lo handle vi*ttors in good. shape Quick ol writ,: bt 'sari
.t ^ at r,,t,^.; f .l n sehdule,. conVenient s.rvic2. S l-orli ouud syrupl'. s stlirlor, to any

l, arrived in the. city yesterday
O.O. Arredonido wand other points,
bHre he has been traveling in the in-
eto Oft an improved sowing macfhime
land heimpr. Thle Captaiii re-
t ocellet success, and says he
beat thiing of the kind in tihe
obwe purolaased the entire
JOiftt.u an d says he:
ot ag! tot',avor the ladies,
a ...." modern in-
~ako a..big.

ticket agents. otheru"im titii.he, and Will1 ado il
A Prominent Minister Rscommends .|thant it c ma ChambeHalin's Golic, Choers and t i it w(, the hastU noed for it
Diarrhoea Remedy. alirds letld yrup the
Rev. Frauc.sJ, PDvidson. pastor r greatdur f$r al'utohWaOy ithurtt,
the St Matthiw Baptist church and 2 tad1ttw r for .l,.' i
president of thie Third lsa.roe Bapt'itl Negro KHItd by Train.
Awilatin. 278 .o...d St.. ow Or- lontgomery, Aa.. ,Apri --New
lean,..,'ri 'as followst "1 have r hey < a( ha. iHisanrs
iused Ohamberlrin Gilo, t .Mleaa ll n
and PiarrlioK'a.utey ror cram mamA ? aegrt by 0r hta .teoe
paj i lk IthW"6, : ... t



Met at Home of Mrs. iR, A.
Becker Monday Afternoon.


The Club is Composed of Number of
'the Leading Ladies of the City, and
is Destined to Furnish Great Things
in a Social Way.
The fortnightly meeting of Ati
Twentieth Century Club was held at
the residence of Mrs. Beal-er Monday;
afternoon and nearly all of the mnem-
bers were present.
At the roll call each lady responded&
with a quotation u, extract upon cur-
rent events.
The subject for study was "The
Early History of Our Continent."
Three most interesting papers were
read. One vocal solo and one instru-
mental solo constituted the musical
part of the program.'
As we have been asked to give a lit-
tle explanation as to the existence and
object of the club, it might be well to
say here that the Twentieth Century
blub was organized by a few ladies de-
airing to meet together socially and
for mutual improvement. It waslde-
cided that each should propose the
name of a friend and that a meeting
should be called and the regular form-
ation of a club discussed. A time
and place of meeting being agreed
upon, all would-be members were
notified and what proved to be the
first meeting of the TWentieth Century
Club was the result.
The following officers were elected :
President, Mrs. N. D. Phillips; 1st
vice-president, Mrs, A. P. Richards;
2nd vice-president, Mrs. J. E. Waugh ;
3rd vice-president, Mrs. J. D String-
fellow; treasurer, Miss Annie Scar-
ratt; recording secretary, Mrs. J. B.
Gerald; corresponding secretary, Misiw
Nora Norton; board of directors, Mrs.
J. W. Lynch, chairman ; Mesdames S.
B. Chapin, G. K. Broome, Foster, C.
A. Colclough.
The executive board to consist of the
board of directors and the officers.
It was decided to meet every other
Monday afternoon at the homes of the
members, taken alphabetically. The
membership was'limited to fifty new
members to be elected from outside
friends as vacanciesaoccur. The next
meeting will be held on Monday, May
llth, at 4 o'clock in the afternoon, at
Mrs. E. E. Cannon's.

.- ---------

S4 )N'S

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o,r liver troubles and constipation
,xere's nothing betteritn creation Thomas tIdwe & -ead Co.
i'han Little Eprly Risers, the famous
little pills,
They always effect a cure and save
Little earty risers are different from
all other pills, They do not weaken And Auxiliary Societies, Savannah Ga.,
the system, but act as a tonic to tlh Ma ,vannanGa.,3
tissues by arousing the secretions ami May 7-14, 1903.
restoring theliver to the full perform- The Atlantic Coa(st liine offers rates
anceofits funeti naturally. Bodi- one first-cLas fiar plus 2f cents for
*ford and M C01u-. ..rounld trip, tickets from Moingomery,
Fell Iri vat'of, Loiing Lye. Albany, lake City, Ja'cksninville and
Oaklatd, 0al.; A,.Apil 23.-Patricl im,,irreditt.. inints, to be sold May
Clerk, who has be.m employed In an.: 5-7th inelsite fro:i, t, trpoints May
about the macilne pArops In the mate 4-7t, i l ive, wifronth r thrn liits May
rlal gang at the West Oakland yards ., l wth return lilit ,Iny
wasa the vtctln of .n accident which'l 2 19
may result ln his death. lHe w's en ly deposit of ticketby original pur-
gag'ed.In tn6lling a big ptece of tee' chaser with Is.cial aiagnt, Savannah,
from the caunat soda vat when h( between thule l oirs orf s:.x) tIn. ard
slipped and tell Into four and a hall 8:(00 ni., s11 l (,Po 0 11 p ayni t oI fee. of
feet of boiling concentrated lye, 75 ple 54o ents ,ti nf l,,, it extension
entL. strong, feet ftrst and was scalhlei uit,t jiJw,, 1,r! ny h. \,, 0' red Ex-
up to lhis shoulders. .Hts comnpanionj cebllen t v, w i, ,,. 1 '
went to'his .rescue almost immedlat.e *h1" nn f k ldulis.
by, but caustic soda or lye worltM quick 'y n1- ,, *y ".N itutah is

N-Tcover. f ll, a
; Beauty and Strength ti.' \V t -. 1. P..,
Are desirable. You are strong and nah, (
vigorous when your blood i4 pu-re. V ,
Man y-iay aynlost-wotnit fail to prop- \\ i ii,,
edrly igest, theirfood., and sio bt'come
pale, sallow, thin and weak, while the SIMONSON'S SALVE DID IT.
brightness, freshness and beauty of the Effected a
,i .. -..... ._ i 1Z-U &%, ......,.. e te a Pecrmannt H F... ,ne

kin and cotlpl'exion i utipra, ar-*
this unpleanwat evil by eating nourish-
lag food, ind taking a an nlll doe (f
Hlerbitte after each Meal to digest
what you have eaten. l at Johnson

President EigAn's Father D es
Savannah, Ga., April S.--rstt
JohNC M. lkaan. of the Co tral of G,
XIa railway, has notne to Amtot. lls.
whitthr be awb called by thoe ne o
thb dea-th of hl atbher, Miehael R ana
who died aturday 'aight. Mr. lEgas
M. 9o-ress old.

Mm. Wao trIWS Ioesher $$ has
k*a~.heUti~lUc runs

.... .. tire When
Twelve Doctors Had Failed.
Ii \ ri n ,f 1 ,,,don ti, i.,uder
date of Apr -1.| 1 rit :
" mJ- FIR',ni i ,:tn..t i Fla :
"le a rrSr. 4 ri t. to L'xprfs my.
de'gratituA oi, for yur won-
derfulnl a. as. ',..d a sore ofn my
foot from .' th l I ,i f' T kfenr.d ,grpa t-
ly for tihe yearx T'.vl'tli' 't or har-e
been working on th,. f)ot duriu tie
time. hut ailed t0 6*I.e .ci a v Your
salve did the work it a little -wilo,
took from ith feoo t'li ii-c f one,.
after the glws had le0 extrhad
whiuh Caued the sore. and now I
emimly dor4 knd able to walk with
Out the laid"of Ciuz Shs. hall al-
way.fe ie A pssd t
's'sy fS~ 4wit ihucpa

---- s'ssaaE aa





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Up Demands For
of Manchuria.

-- + --

:Three Times Has Russian Government
Pledged Itself that that Po:icy Should
Be Mal.ytained, but Has Not Yet Ful.
filled Promises.
Was.hing'ton, April 28.-O1ff1(ial
Washington 1s startled at the sudden.
Ves of tlU-e long-expectod 'itelosures
of the' R4sAslan designs upon China.
That the tlefar would eventually take
Oteps to control the great avenues intoU
the Celestial empire, which he had
contrived to occupy temporarily, hl:1i
been an assured fact at the state de-
partment for two years. Three times.,
twice ifn conjunction with other iow.
ere, the Unilted States has put lt h(ck
against such. a outs-e. Three tinies
the Rusalan has protested that his oc-
cupation was merely temporary.
, Minister Conger has transmitted to
the state department the latest 1Tus-
ilan program. Permanent occupation
of Manchuria, with every probability
of further encroachment to the south-
ward and Peking, and a strong "what-
are-yu-gong-to-do-about-it?" air to the
The state department malintain3 its
usual "reticent attitude, but officials
have ,not hesitated to say that the
Russian note is. a slap in the face for
*Amerie on prestige in the Orient.
The bureau of intelligence of the
navy department has been busily gath-
ering statistics of the relative strength
of Russia and the allies who might op-
her Oriental aggressiveness,
3hich4 In a way, answer the question
6 what we are going to do about it,
Maid the war department's bureau of
Jkformation has been equally tirry.
From the figures thus gathered it
Would appear that PIns'ia's a.'rre'sslvet
words( are more t!'..: b 7.cked iu) by nmi,
itary and naval strength. The Ar
lean fleet is weaker than it has i,, '
for two years. rl"n"lnnd. (ri'-intlv
41,0d France have i- -ili'ted tih :r A
cl for their Atlanti(c ialt i .s I,
cause of the Vcnczi .lTan lin:r<,7 -
0-niy little Japan is in tti 'rgtil 1t ii
Sition to put up an Oririntmal fl''IIt,
Whereas the Russianrs are iv t (;,'s
Vs strong as when they diiscl iIl in
t .t 'Son Manchuria thre3 y iarns ao'
this slimmer.
Japan hais available over anil above
hip)s necessary for her coast (ldeft'se
x 'battles-hlps and six large cruisers;
Great Britain four battleships and six
ctruls-irs of the first-class; France has
but three and GermAny only one ship
Of flrst-class fighting rate, so that tle


VOL. XX, NO. 6i



Mtvl I I i ;tte h'cae acVuainted with
'Ir. Adolph and Fix \weeks ago, on a I
Ratuirrday afnit)noon, they siurprl sed
their Ifri u tili and relt tivems by elopnKg
to Pt It.v e
Thu< v w nrit no onljet' tons to hlie marr-
riag.e. anid it i n: had <'nly 'an-
nOllln cd r ,l ) i i! r 'th"r' wold l
ha\ t I e i t iil:g arriving I
'(ar t 'rt: Ill.
A fl'(eW MvA"c s :1' ,.th, nlio Is a
son of IK. :'i lih. i f1 NA.,. 12 .*Pt rh.
elast liSt. Louis. l < :liuI otf iii', and ist
solnl ;Us li( ri)u ,!l lA.rr :i :- is affa:li' lie
ri t;i: ild to 1; E t. oull :s arrlvlii. ng
Sat ridlr i y.
Priendst of the 041' P a i :n y that hi
Intention was to M w I ioss little, d -
.(lar' his love for iher anid a ik her to
bec'Inie his wife.
Sunday Smith learned that Misa Ilit-
tie was now Mrs. Adolph. ,,
It is claimed that inionu hearing this
he ri edlirtl to drink and oInded by


FIGHT FOR UFE IN 1 Thisals about nd o'ldo, At MARKED BILL TRICKS
timne the wilnd wats blowing from the
Acan FF IsN ICE FIELid th'i"" I'" '" le MEMBERS OF MAFIA
SKIF IN ICE ELD VOices tttolitl not be tihti'l hy thosetO l
shore. Fromn 6 o'clock until 0 o'cloch
-- they clung exhaust ed and shiverlinl
Brothers Battle For Hou:'s to to the sides of the boat and would Five Arrested on Charges of

at Ie2:t. allay 'ot.. (>iHp';'i2o or
at lat liat f tht u t' Pui,.' S;tles by
( yii 11 out it i '. !S:." to the "' open
do r "
Th 70 w ill i,,, .') ;i, 1 di!ii ,:'.al treat y
p; S i in M nt;iiltii;ia if tussuia s m'te^' .s
in this last move. New Chwaing how.
Ove., is Wti!1 a trPeaty port, and until
lRu .ia n ,:i:; s n f", t; hor Iiiov or n '
ply .'r h "i ,- -s evton:I :1 U.
port ':!tFd S t -.S p,'i;lucts may one
ter there at the sampi uniform rate of
5 p'"r cent duty as is collhctoe In the
southticr'n Chi'nes ports.


Albert Smith Suicides Before His For-
mer Sweetheart's Door.
Sti. L.oui, Api ll '2,'. in lront of the
hoe!t of the C ;' :!i \'hown he
had co 'U '<,'erei hi rt Arv i Li t
S mliih ; il Ll. o- .'itt. .u: ;ide at
East St. I (Wi:s.
T"; W or. S 1 h Ih 1
regr.id:l asi his 't \v s Mrs.
Pea 1 Ad.\ ,) i l .. : ' l. i int
llmUSit t ;a r tof C, ;* ,. L.llis, w"io
etn] (l to' :* ltit Eix w "lie
aR o with \' 'liae lph.,
The couhml liv,.. v ith Mrr. Adolph's
l)arcn:; ;at N ^? ir "St. ('lair avenue,,
East t. L.ouis, and it was inll front of
this house tLhat Smith endel('I his lHrp.
Mrs. Adolph n,,ver thought sr:'i
was in love with her, althomuih t.Y .
had knlio-.n OI, hi other since thiy \.'c'went
to sp'hool tog ,thlr when they were
child en.
About .ix years ago Smith went to
Terre Ilaitte, Ind., and reltaiiii'd there
until li returned to Iast St. Louis.
While In Terre, Hlaute he, at long
intervals, wrote lttIo:s to Miss Little,
tnd she resi'ondiild.
Thus a corrn .pondctnce was kept up
betweenn hIn' .
In lt non of thli letters did Smith re-
mer to his love for htier. he having de-
cidei that he iould wait until he wa.s
21 years of a: andil then return to
East St. l.ol; to claim her as his

river bank near the water front.
Just asohle was t:itoering Ilis door,
however, he again hoarid th, crioi pof
the men. who wore liustily y lling for
hlp. Daity hallooed back to ihhem and
mitano;,-*l to iun, lerstaindl t(h< they were
In dauin.er and were mrr.+'iri I.I on thei
reef. i ay min t'fidltately nrloiised his
two I'noth r i .i who live, nii'. ,. and to-
gc'llier the tlthrot i.iton, v i hi"ut thillhint.. of (holr owni dan1g'-' r Inii(hot'd
a lil4 it s-li ianlld pill'd o i n" i;:t ',(' ilv-
er In the direction f loini .h'ni'(. th"
sound cnm,.
At that time the r!-i r tiA fill'e.,
with luinieim s' flo(I 'i and i 'a 4 ;il', ; f float
ing i- which carri'.l iat ,'': lIy tho
awiift ( irr to cniush tihe ,.mall raft lll,- an ogg-
-hell! I(ar.iinsB envelnopd titO river'.
anll I coura I o st I elli re.'-uli't we-' i
gi tlihi'd only by thlie crls t on ft' r i'<'f. Two of the, tn'.- imannsted
the tira of thot small eraft thl, the'

surely have il,:opped ,exhausteil Intd Extortion,
the river' hli ntot Day fortunately
heard their series and came to their
rescue. HELD IN $500 BA\L EACH.

LEPER SOLDIER ISOLATED. Are Members of Society Alleged To
Be Responalble for Death of Sene-
Kept In Lonely Hut on Tybee Island detto Madonia, Whose Body Was
Georgia. Found In a Barrel In New York.
Savannah, Ga., Alpill 28.-I-n a 'little New YWrk, April 28,--4,lve mtm
hut situated in the loneliest slNp on haove b ell' ht'ld Iin $65t) hall each In
Tyhee island Is eC tgeant Nix, of" the. tho MorrisIanl i polico court, (chairgiod
Coast artillery, suffering frontm thit with (xtortillon. 'Th'e ltlaot'ers, It I
nmot dreaded of all disease .le prosy, tild. rit mnimtieras of tho Maiah, the
Some distaiice froin the hut palce, al stoclety alleged to be reipontible for
United S'tales soltlor with' rulel at the ,the detilh of It'Urfdetto MsIlonitI, whoie
iteady, whose orders Iaro to o thai hlody was tount rttently in a bhar'til
Nix does not esctapo,. ,ve'Iy two in this city, wl.eth Iit hlt o chlarg d
hour this entin-l IK rollev'd. The with 4 xt'tti)t vo bilatcklnt ll tiit'rations
sentinels are the only hunia n btlligs ulld' r th.ient of dtiath,
Nix ever so0S, except the tinll wtiiI The itoilipiltiitt wias Glovutnil Uhitn-
brings him food amnd hlila phy8silan. C'll, La loudtin i houite Itueor. Ac
Nix's food la ipassei io him inu hiHt>t (rlfiit o i Iht llniilo lite mon w ient to
which is hung on the end of a pole hlin a sliitt tinl it'gOt and detitauned
about 20 feit long. $i50, thlreatniiling his iie if he dtid not
Nix contract, d the diseoai, in the give tholu thi mionity. IHl paid no at.
Phillpplnes, but .it did not. devolopi teinltnt to this dlt'nlimld.
until aftotr his return to this countxiy. in a flw laiys ho rocelvetd another
Ile was alationed at Pt. Hierevon, on otilleatlion thlt he iuVst pay IY $25 at
Tyhle island, and some oimthhs agt least.
complained of a skin affection. .ut Saturday night the nien called agctal
little attention was paid to tlhe dlmseas and delared that thoy tmust have $6
until it finally became violent. Then right then tand theoie, and the othei'
It was diagnosed as olprosy. and thie natter would hoe oneldereid llatr, HIln.
unfortunate man was mmnodiately 1i-s. cale told thel men that he lhad bnt aed
lated. ThVre la great alarm at Fort all lh ready Itnoitty excVpt a littlI
Sereven, as It las f naed that othor aol change, hbut he would borrow tho
d4ers may have contracted the disease vin money if thy wouJil re'tirn in a icou
from Nix. Great Interest le manifest ple o)f hour.
ed In the case by physiclans, but the Waitting until they haIl taken their
laity do not rerlivit the ftet of thi doepilrturo and obsi.rvltIg that.t no watch
presence of the afflicted itan with haid i)bel pi.la.od ,lpon I1hi hlxoutl, IlIan.
quite the sawl sort of hit.res'. They ealtl hiirried to th h o iiite satiion aind
would far prefer that tho wero els ,( told the (lllK 4',1 it 1) duty of north
where, in the Philitipline for iniftt t', thri'e.it( thit ha.d )h t',ll .1t1ado agilltnst
IIr. (,Il<'hrlit, a (vo'lirH'lil1, Ilhyilc ri n h ll.
and lbart. riologiKlt of N vw Yorl. It I x ',wot dete, ,t(,,ttvt. .,, v ri ,.nd to) in .
pected hl re to mltah n ll xat lm ilolt 1i1tt lt ncltt IIn ti vin' i .II'lliWA Ili,
of the rman. l1i' will study lth hi la They r, itlI)ed to liiiItIca
torv (if (he o c niio and will sl,,k to N so - 1 .. ...I ..

late the Rgrmi and lai ali tii tiiy .cf It


Chasee Wild Cars Several Miles and
Prevents Wreck.
.Jicttki ti, M .1lti., .Atp ll I' l
(ietins. fall emit'llit,;' ont i Ilin (1lf t lind
S iill l ihiid road, wasl tli, hto, of It
daring advlnituril' a hlifiort dtilhAril
soulh of Jar'kstO,.
11i wam rioninlg ih'g tr ilt iifui. it li
gradti inear aI lIttlIe station namiintdi Htiar
wh.m silx r 'tlr, i birotl' hioo-,f ad tstitrtd1
down thIe Inellno.
Itealllzitg that a passint'lir Irtlin wito

me a i ihi tid he is nik t

t Prom p II t i | i, l to.It rl.'

i tII t i .-ll' fit t t i ( t h i'tn the Irn-f
Illivtti r ,tine r l(i<.t Ii fl thi ti-hi)ii It;i

W hli n ti ll vr te', t n w>tr<, arhleed
tI cil\- 4f Itl I it., i t, 4 i (Iovf, rly l.i p-ilKo

litlfit uIi| I lith' Iigi strl-ttri1l e' dl'o k lit
the p li tio uitt whvilien It tieown woret
%irrn.,it.i '1l I t th--.y diletl-d t that lthe
w1i4p1,nt , ht' iit'ho (I y h' y d ovfr bte'oten
r-t'n btly Airly "if Iithfl b 'for

Rescue Two Mon.


Perilous Position of Two Men on
Small Reef In Niagara River-At
Peril of TWir Own Lives Rescuers
Take Them to Safety.
Buffalo, N. Y., April 28.-At thlo per-
il of their lives and after battling thoir
way Lhtroul-hi a sea of tosstng watLer
aniJ floating cakes of lq., (Ct'rltn i' J.
Day, imn!ployed as an eatginewerl on the
patrol bout Govoenor Morton, antll his
two brothers, Joseph and Nichlolas,
suicr'cded in rescuing two Ton'itwandai
yt.it htsir.tn 'from a, perl'lours p.sitloln
on a smnail reef in bhe Niagara river.
just uff the foot of Poeter av'itnue,
whlte thl'y had been atraiwded In (heir
n aplhtha launch. The two wn'ri had
been fast on the re'.f inn
their thiy craft for neatly four
hours, and when rtecuedl w pletely exhautited. They both r't'u-sed
absolutely to give their tA ntte. vern
to thp men who rescued them, and af'
ter spending somae tiue at a cottaget
occiupled by a boatman and his famnl-
ly at the foot of Porter avenue they
boardo.i a trolley car 'to Tonttawmida.
COharles J. ty, who first discovering
the plight of thq men, tells a most ii-
teresting story of the rescue. The
Day home la s ltuated bon what in linown
as the State yard, near the foot of
Porter avenue. As Day was return-
Ing 'home from downtown, he fancied
he heard the voices of men coming
k*from the direction of the t'lver. At
first he paid but little atten4tin to the
aries, thinking It was but hei echo of
the voices of men further along tlio

,:t-'r t naval strength in te tci-'Iii "n - -- 1 a i running twily a hiort i i, ln t' t-if i l -.-....... '
is n rely nominal. The Russian fleet shooutng hlmselft other sat in th ow itl a tIh th iltm .ji r quilcly r-vt l ll t1 n D BOY'S R1AVE BATTLE.
It the Chines- and Siberian xwatp:s ---i polt.], having off th h i,',r 'Ha lo and tartd In pur ilt Afttr a a
aerrhdes one-half the most (cffectlve BULLETS AT A DANCE. whil h. .n.r.kd-d In Puts si Tougihs to Rout Who Had AS.
.l"1PS in her navy, and a lar'.c' torpl.- rie mall at. atchling tho f inawi y irxn. 1utf IPfor t lTled Hitm.
do to i't is i- tl- v,'iwy. An ni f tho One of the Revelerri Shot by Jea:ous Aftr ihattliIg for net. vti an hour t atto s ruh.d. or throughltho avaof !t ari .iravinwi t i -oa riu'htl. ,it t ,lht I htiart,,!trt11, ', Va.. April lvto. -'-.' a
large 4 ships of ovtr 1 .00) t ,l is tihe Rival. d hin<: l 0t i i brai ini en ti of whirh the 0l10 -g.r tiln wit W !llSt.g!.!. titbge 1A, wui atttih, by h;y
ltr't i'',itlesh.Ip i vi(t-n' ri' i- tly lal ,itr. Ap il 28.--4'rvtk! ra 't v 'r ,y a'r trol, h y t p prita-hinK, r l ii, l'ti ifn me #i oOn a t.rin rWlk at1td
laun 4rron- Cnuam n 1 Min out a plat1- on t rl, ;^ ( ^ wvof a er 1 s - papmuongvris al ar(I le io train w b orvi. t.ldy h.v. b n k
ph Th.r.e a. tot s I oitni l l ,r at f t t atn', d l 9. i r r n 11tt iiw-e' oe ttlcrs t-itrt- .r thu ua, ha t,,tl ttt tut &,tl of., tx-cct. ,,l:
ite 7*i ., b u t h a tu e .i t lutf, i' c 1 c t, it i e liw,- ft h I, i M o"t ll t a x ( l ttgid ly tni* ti 1 4i iti' (, < )h rr i ts t n M itfl luh ti 1 5--ltf r ti .l, et a-
Ft,,',, f--l to "'he : r aI1tl i ; t i I ro f x, hilb running du i t 0. it ti it tshe tsltei a mrsbally fatal wutnd' et-
I ttltpture -. t.A ns; In -h i t t h , w S r h h ,*1 h t.it l tit t I.. .M ina urau .Ja.i's M^ i nt l d aia. ti it
S"' .-'I WW? 0"- 1...1 "I,.N "1 ,3" .1 .l ....M I TELECR/- -A** ]*i-' ;. t; ,n t, ;{. fro t .. ,
Tf 0"a w '-. '-. la-duig Li t 't, i uret of hor siint 1 rsiF,' TELEt G f . VV TIEIT IE h.r wi8t, Ittn i- t itf t-Wli, WV o
.ti two giuo.d ti-i;t,-'dtt r Id 't i t a s.i tt thi tf.hs: tolt rt Jf l thi
r.- i. ller ,"n the i'> ." .i i .., ;... a tt w,,l- tlu r".iititrtg dea.I' . i nrin err the Nov .' 1 i i ,, l t ... r r, t t ten- y ti ut <, w-r i t t't'i t u t *rtIwl k i e i t a
S 111 two t .. 4. 1; <^,h nt, ',(t, i < r.t y ra.. f .' ,(mt u- Th r istt- l r ca o t r '' f t ,'i t fh r PlHp n i -p fons e ? t .. n haS d aboa kiff A f t n t H works. Wilia y
tne navy ia'e rt'im nt plans a t s a n y rhlo .; I, e' .' aa ",-r ) * !., rtr. I t 'n hav Ii"'t" 1 eiv utly Vtatruo.w rt t h "by
uT'.1 t- tila'n govornmrj efnt -I it- t I ,. I ii i t';, w, r, i ,ttru .ht ,1t.rr ,t (he r and K.;tvi Yi'id, 'Il n' h io e' rt' uflf, t ,i rt -lowi ha4d ofit ;$..4 )1 tt ., at
i" e times formally, and' th i n *uw s n dsafly ,lung > wS .- hui. -y at wortA e at by 'ernt. lii h 'syI'l,'i
aI'- ts are. .o record, that the "opi-0'i he d;tnte-,, ri-itnrne,: w rt-ir k l tl ri to the t0'.ar-t-. s ,4. aitl Tthf ,s l I ,i f14r i ..'pling ti 5-.i Qor Tic eth by Bull
F-tv: shoutw be m maintained in ,1 an- ,. a t fouill I -,,, r ,. :.-. th ozni eh tt fl r aI tr d'ry ti g th lr cloth rigi a, -. r.Iov- a fattrci r's da ght r -FM un 'frEtr Ky A rH 4 rihn
i r. I anid Rust.-lan troops would he I erit A strength left t t rt. At T a n-, t u t llo ia tor
ittb wn as soon as peace was re- Ph -. ..... .a h n n .i rr h-,1 O h- wi t,ho it < v.en tvtn h th or na t, utaKit g 4 l wl tht county, tnf rrm I .hi of
'. Finally the promise took th-e all .... i> lilItl -i lt I The two tenI, t wAn ftern A i l rn. wa rl. i 4 th i , i to tr l th o l ~ ite, t, of tht mlty.
aI.ti treaty stipulation. t wa tIt or wa-1- -- an aet e1, starr'te -- frort th' K(-Vr l t lt ,, l whlH out I 4tOOi t w att ei t'
r' that the evaeuiition shouih ld 1 .. trt-t r i th t, i rh i h ro b h 4 ill l I h
al e w thin three dstint et pwriodsl r, .:'ye r.- ... I i i tee n ifth l it tr' f"o TV,'icii "r .. - 'l .tLme a0ter' ----.ri tp,'
r ad the is't soldier .should have' quitVA ,-n,' .t nh r.,- i-it Iwsnt'l 0. ,t te e +.r" ..I...... . t.-.i I ihri h-yii-I.fttt ih titt u t t T .
anthiroa n-t he .8thi p thlf Pmonth r-- -- ., ,-,, -h t* rotr he . t.1 enr'e t fyLt.an t ill. l axa.t Wastst o J a
A 'ad rti t thil, t --'r... wI are Y ."- .... i tit it th'i tO- h .
tothatj ,,h atO Bttol Em tI , ,., : t I't' a un t a re a f'.o t Iai paan y rv 'tfrum alnt (hn ny 'ita't tt4 beo .. l -o'.t t I ,, lash .t -e r fitit t,,t, t
*- Hsiiittonn for a temporary ra- .at- T.t d ; a .. -,little r itthe1 ) r' t < th r u#., If i t h o T y n r sI i. hl ,-r o -ii a
t mitat ( of the reralnin Rastlan att i mlr,, nu of the srsei'umr theW' al I y Ah.' ti -t i l ar u i a 't
''-it wa t oft0rebd ob f t his a I n Wthe t-. th- ia i'eii i s hat f ,.s o I ri.r LI 1 -AI.ttly t S tpWY 0elg Eye tb o ,
Fdnm t hat the countryy -wa* Sll 1t d.i 41a5'i. " iet.r, A 1t. 7 N. -tf "f.0" :**
--e $ & 41.: a.I .vgoron th fot of.tt Poert': t i # **' tli*y rOiir-, Ko T -t. to ; t^ hiut. *I b seatte- 'f i-': "- -*,a3
Vo (.h -. () ,4ttjt 4,:ir, rle 'the. i twiTofl--ii"t...l b I ii + o t' t i, t --. ; ;|

R as lil t j4S O t -W 1 *i .Aft w + ... u- e n, ip the i r I.... .. '-l.9 0, 6IW 4 ,.b I4-,^ j ". .' 'a '+ "

rIhnt ziltha *MW 4 ts-Of* 51151 *.Iiite % trkw* tho.- fo*( 04' os 4*0ii
i; +.. - ,i -,,'tv lil l + e '' m -!l: S ~ l lfi ig llol tvM :Aft erl. W ..(! i ltittiill; .. .. 1a.." Y ts-$t llltl if ,- stf ~ i ..:.k a;i i
!ll~n el. tte :.in~ '_:;.:"'' '= .:: .,.,,o'-h ii" CRY allowq''""ii i;"" ai *= i:t+i 'i': ::q ;: ''; ; ] i qi t + ]i qI 7'': l;
: ., : : . . lll t~t li~i, i A I t ( i + 'I" r' I I ii } i. . 'i;" '.. .. 11i lq ;' I] : .. . i II .. '' . ..i 't I 4L;

I* '" ; '



' .***'^*

(. .ll


., ,<7;


.,:.: ; S

. : ^.;',,

'. ,'':

lay Baok
C. closure


* 4.

'... v

:.-;* iii~



ENTERTAIN TIDAY ":IDr Holmes used:" to say he ACCIDENTALLY SHOT Air Line Railwa.
E '. a :4 I', p -2 1 ,DL v 'If .2..... ...........Ari a 1t" ,
Som e' : .................... ... ............
WiL GO ra Xcursion to tat u f While Pooling With a Pistol .. . 7 I:
.Prairie Age .s not I Wean is Dicharged.1 .........
1on : 4 1 45 ) ... ..... ....... .' [ . ... A .
GO Y $0PEOIL TRAIN. In the blood Scotts E ALL ENTERED ABOVE THE HIP ....... .... ..... ..........
. . . .. .w.. .. d keep . .. .. .. ....6.. .. .... ............. ....
.ion helps to keep you young........ .
There Will be a, Bi ish Chowder and T kee4 o O bIod ung; was taken to His Home in East ,,. ... ................. ., ....

"aiesvt Will Whe0e Physic1an Was .. 1-. .. ... flirtmno K,.:
Te mptibuip yner-FriindshofWoo-b supply Wi an Summoned-The Young Man s Con- i ^ 2.......... ; ". .... .. p.* ,
S ited. sidered in Ctitical Condition. ,... A|r .-.. "_".. . ... .
Ti"e 1o4 ,amp, Woodmen o.~f ~ notirishmient; carrying con- \ ",..oo.. tg with a pistol at a n woRLANS
.Wd, .ikh a desire to give them :tat life an. en. to hour last. night ............. -vll, ......... .
s. L, -o I I 2 U ...... .r u ....... ... ............ ..

Sthe betfu hady bak of ya of half their tinkering he r s st above the o............ .........
r reek n at :30 oclok this hip, and in a most vital part b g .................. ...
nig a special trin, bearing the near the. kid neys. nr .. .. v .. lu onvie .................. ....
ng' rtr"" ".ot .. ........... "" 5 'i .. r... ..... ... ............. .

ree'k .n t 8:T 1 TO LOCATE SETTLERS. wa(s 5o0e time b"forc a clarritgo could \r PhIAdelt hi ......... .... p ...... .
e Wooden desire to state that all be securd to cnv-y him to hi home Ar Nw vor-k......... 4 o4 a ........ ..... ..........
ntlepe Atlantic Way intEa b ainevill. Connections for PaiAetto, Manatee, Onco and Sarasota, on C1, except

'rlndsg are cordially invited, as thet Rates to Homeseekers. Dr. J. H. Colson was summoned, but Saturdays, from Gaincsvil e.
odiearwants to make thls the banner The Aslantlo Coast Line Railroad did h6t succeed in securing the ball. Train No. 34, Seaboard Express, drawing room Pullman sle pers between
p ie and excursion of the season, company wil participate in one way Young Bevilile is reported to be in a Tampa Jacksonville and New York, ia Richmond and Washington. Vesti
that .. '. byuled day coachesrbetween Jacksonville and Washington, via Richmond. Cafe
Antwithatanding that i wi bthe settlers' rates from Ohio and Missis- dangerous condition. but hopes are dining car service from Jacksonville.
fi]rstf one. si. K, Fppi river gateways-Oincinnati, O., entertained for his recovery. Nob. 66, Seaboard Mail, day coaches, mail, baggage and express cars be-
ntween Jacksonville and Washington, and drawing room Pullman sleepers be-
SR Edds, E. K Fgn and D. sile, Ky., Eansile, Ind., Pa- Pneumonia is Robbed of its Terrors J ackonville and New York. er
A. Robertson constitute theeommittee ducah, Ky., Caio, Ill., St. Louis, Mo., by using Foey's Honey and Tar. It .No. 55 connects at Starke for LaCrosse, Alachua, Willeford,/Wannee and
on arrangements. They have been and points beyond ; also in basing rates s topshti racking cough and heals and intermediate points, and at Arener with Early Bird branch.
i !trIngly at work arranging for the i from Memphis, Tenn. (tickets not to strengthens the lungs. If taken in Nos. 56 and 57, Pullman sleeper between New Orleans and Jacksonville.
pIato for the past week, qnd it goes be sold from ...Memphis proper), for time It will prevent an attack of pneu- Steamers for Key West and Havana.-Leave Port Tampa Sundays, Tuesdays
rmonia, Refuse substitutes. Soldby and Thursdays, 11 p. m.
itbout saying that, as far as this points on and n'fth of the line of the W. C. Wallace'sa drug store. A. 0. MAcDONELL, Ass't Gen. Pass. Agent, Jacksonville, Fla.
i j h of he functions copeerned, Frisco system (Memphis to Kansas " E. C. COBB, Ticket Agent. Gainesville.
: will be no misunderstanding, IOity), to the following points in Flor- -_"_____,_,,__.. ............ .._, _____
will Pss off with a& ida, Georgia, North and South Car-j- tT_ __ ra
$iin i r g rar ty. olina and A labam a located on this __ __ i I_ v c n t f .......... __ __ __ _
e. A. aisle Capt. William system, or to whieh thecompa y frms O RESPONSIBLE COMPANIES,
onentd to.k tahande oand fn. at following rates under conditions
pi the maing of the chowder and named: ACCIDENT INSURANCE, worthy of LIBERALITY or POLICY CONTRACTS
S rt mber of the Rate-One-half of the standard one- Representing a number of prominent Consideration PROMPT PAYMENT or LOSSES.
tribe i v other styles. r American and Usgtse companIea. d
itr ow er L iTter e way f are, paus o 2 c0a t ar We cover these important points and respectfully
teroWe d kesie are knwi lDat of sale--March and C n, ho 8 solicit a share of your business.
I tuh e Abstract & tReaity ComanT,
business, arnd -rall who attend may 1908[;A 6 to and 18, 10; July 7 5d bIneorporated) "
Ar E. Fio, wecnger. Tre,. 3ie, Aba ident and Hoealt ulllsralla
gS Rp1l that. thy 'Will at. least 21, 1.0(T; August 4 and 18, 1Q03; Svpi E. E. iVOLEo, Manager.
Bine the stis a.ton of atppea ing tember 1 and 15, 1908; October 6 and ____________J _i v
i ppetitesi th fish served nl the 20, 1903; November 8 and 17, 1903. oet an abstract o title to land before
47,trotempi1gtle. The ladies are Limit-Oontinuous passage. oe there a oi orers r aAgents for the
i :ested:, however, to supplement Conditions-Contract and each -cou- sles an unoaneled mortaes. and m

Lo^ s flabdinner with whatever delicacy pon of tickets to be faced "Tecond- SVt oirl afe Y nr L m7
,e.taot class, not good in parlor or leepinng at Teriter. ll
tor she information of those who de- ears." indzrthttin wtEari, brn.
sirt to inbibe in soda water and o r there Here are some of he taple crops of NOT IN T T T. "Victor" te bet afe made, and parties ontemplat-
Sdrinks, a :well as enjoy a quiet the different sections of this territory: A HUiNDRED-DOLL aR Tta E ing the pirchase of a safe, or any thing in that line,
amke among the enchanting scenery All vegetables and small fruits, WRITERI FOR $50. from a box-to a bank vault, will save money
that romnto spot, Joseph Brooks peaches, pears, grapes, tigs, oranges, ouartee for one ear. o ld by consulting us. Call on or address,
his beenT iduced to accompany the pineapples, grapefruit, watermelous, vouo to reopne I'r Co l'gS T
e-OUrsion with a quantity of soda citrus and other fruits, wheat, corn, 'trttewro r,.rl.., ..u ..0- o N d H I L,
water, lemonad and igars, oats and other rains, tobacco, cotton, Information cheerfully furnished. (INSVIILE, FLORIDA
In all, the Woodmen are expecting peanuts, hay, rice. 'FREAL ESTATE, lWELI.INL
Sbig l,. time, and those who accompany The policy of the Atlantic Coast Lino ANI LAN1) FORl ,AI.E. i, 1 /1/Bdll
Stem will have no occasion to regret is to foster all devel pments .alog i ts
tahestrip. lie h e.

0, T Too Great a Risk. It claims that it is th.' gr-atst h;ahtesvilh', Florida.
A reliable remedy for bowel corn. trucking road in America, and it pro -
p laint should always be kept at hand. video every facility for getting farm,
w .....a re, plus, 0 Wecovertheseimportaand res,, tpect

T. visk. is too great for any. on to
Stake. Chamberlain's 0161c, Cholera
and Diarrhoea Remedy never fails and
when reduced with water is pleasant
- to take. For sale by all druggists and
medicine oompanies .

tDeath Was engineer in Cab of Royal
Blue Train,.
Si Baltlmo:e, ArlA l 2S.--.Tho reason the
Locomotive hattul!g Roy.l Blue train
1 No. 52&, Alue In t-Js city at 10 o'clock,
S did not glvp. the uaual signals at rcv.*
eral of the stations after leaving Phila-
dclphla. was that the hmdui f a cotpe
was at the throttle
Just as the heavy train pulled out
of Philadtl old engineer, remaniked to Fireman .J,
B. liowu:4 "We wl]. have 1-k I nS ,'P
the old g0il hustle hIIs tri-lIf e wl kkto
Utp thi' h-st time bctweenL hito-a1d
.. Thoe w\,-eo h!,a t woris.
T'he lrata went u'tlilifl t'hr44V'".
the :.i lst n t w, a O-mile -an hour 4 i..,
and, It w, not uitl tIve statlonsa .a
been pass.'d tih it he t it n.ntn-a. sh'ui..
.OUt to hi; chl0';., cI41an hinm what ,.
on the 'mttd' ltR .- ieer 1
26"(:' R \t- 1g iii' re'!y:}, ]OWfthi wno.rd ent M

ley'i.' ." was dead.
Tlhie fltreiuut wi rnched the dead: han
tr." to thhro)ttle, and at the Ilrst sta
ti-t.on- U:Tye& ill, brought tlthe train to

: .-' '. ., 4 ...bei.ev tpi P til ha 04
rt 1 eOntretl wi a ,rao 'or e
i j"-. ..

"" .... ;"" .............. KEYSTONE BAKERY
uortllern markets in the best POstSible
condition, in shortest time, and at low- A
oat rates. R. T. SCIAFEI, Prop.
in no part of tho country is there a
greater abundance of gane and 1ish1
than on this line. CHOICE iREADS. CAKES and PIES
Northern farmers are invited to Fre-sh Every Day.
write for information in detail about
the territory of the Atlantic Coast Delivered to All Parts of city.
Line. Satisfctlon (uaranteed
Saves. Tw rm et

Saves Two From Death.
"Otur little daughter had an almost
fatal attack of whooping cough and
bronchitis," writes Mrs. WV. K.
Havilaud, of Armonk, N. Y., "but,
when all other remedies failed, we,
saved her life with Dr. King's New-
Discovery. Our niiecc who had co(n-
mUmption in an iadvancdl it, stage, also
used this wonderful imedicin( and to-
day she is perfectly well." l) eoeratet
throat and hlung diseases yield to r.
Kinc's New Discovery a% to n, othr-

Special attention to CirCuses. Mliustrels
unil other travelna troul)es,
Huntilng Ptrties. etc.

p. 0. Box 542,


?:I-W E3ESS::L-Y- SA--ILI, 1TO-S
111;'\'W I,:; N
Jack oriville filil Newv York,
Calling at C1ItAN.Sll'l'(>, S. C., I.olh w ,.
The Finest Steamships in the Ccastwiso Service
Clyde New E gl:rindl i SoutThorn. Lines
Direct S.rvis.< ie. I. -. i,, .1 \ K, \ *NYI l .l '. 4. 1>. ,N atid
Pi Vil) Nt 1.. aiR hAll ;-asteri I'mi0 s.
I-L Y -, S-A LI TG-
)outhbound ........ lr, I ., \ tharf, Boston
N orth owund ...1... . l ,,,if 14,, ,,f t' T ),, ,i f, ,-a, cksonliville

ntediciln on earth, Infallible for TO Til
OilWEST St. Jo ns River L'
.otghs and colds, f~ 6 and *1 .t(X) t et ths TWEST rn S
it1Artiltltee by all druggisits. riu l I NORTHWEST Aet Nf-I J A N', 3 -. 1.41 i, ,. %)ii-
lftI a r o, tv. and CALIFORNIA stopping at rPaatkaA. ,r n '; ., lter'
.lice :M tki ..^ ('i^u n' ( m inlta g tFelbtruary l5tth, 'nfd- ill, .. .ter..e dite
,-, 1 Apr SOth. Steamer ( A, 1 S \ \ 1 I
wil, .e mrie In .he lo,. .,, d ,.",. Free Chair Cars, Union i. av J onvp ,
Ul 1, e h ar nd W, u tl Depots, Fast Trains. La s $az r a: r ys
1 ."t' ,4-ridflh y .
live iiu jt-t) t e Ias hap",y as rxtrti- r nil ulortinu i hhls .a Kad own ; Norta hbo.
iOVe-s, ti.4 1 :'t. ;. *' Le ave 3: 3 1 .. . ,
h x. .Arrive
Sh .Alna Ie t.ho ll b ti frier' wlf<. 'i4 D D M1'.l m .E 8 8 m ... .. -, Arriv X n
)j larii4" Tri s. <)al .Pa LsaveA8c&(m
A nid . xt.o. N r ,, .,n t .. A ^.t- .-a,- j 4 :3 0a .. . . . . .1.. ,, .-4 . .. . ; a . !
won't "lve to buy a 'luk ig stool for __--_.----I .Arrive :, n0 n.... : --.?O
T=0, fot "tono *-" ", D E R i A r "l .. ."- .... --
W"Oh the p ttust you ev.(r Jaw s ..J MO I.-.; ,, ,..N, A. \ D R < P . ...
V;,- r b : NQAS1t
hetrry colored ribbef la."l Ot- f-r W Iea1 Wt rin- I ac.l"Ml ... I a4.)r 4 :,' '4 .... I, .s..
44,^-. T: -). - .. A LX .. V 1 4 k
1 .for itk44. Xls.k
mt11 -m

:;II-:11- NO


Gatlne svllle. Via

|i|]J,' :'E L ^ ^^ 7


TlE I:WE WIAS hi or
T ..... ;,lB^ poem, whereupon Mr. Kounee with-
SY v N yA dcred engross d.
;tJSY MONDAY d re' After La Grippe--What?
S..i.t a hacking (cough und a tgen-
)anySe. es of Importance g of weakness, often lead-
Pasiieftd :Upn by That i.dv ", I ., rvarlsu r l tsal r i.,atcti Psied Upou by That Body. supposed to ihav pasqed the (dlnlgr
point. Fol'ey 's HoTiy aniid Tar is
MR. WARE AND THE SHEEP gl guaranteed to curle the "grippeco Ig,,h"
...... a d maill ke \N' t r;rinr nw i ll Ii

iHe Wants to Protect Sheep and Lambs never fails to stop a cough if taken in
From 06e Ravages of Ferocious 110Vake titulS. W. c<
Swirne,6 andIntrodupes a Bill to That
End- OthorP Matters. ...
The Hotise assembled for business . .y
p promptly lt 9 o'clock Monday norn- L -
i ig, and went to work with a vinm that .- i
showed the members much refreshed : ,
I rom their rest. Mr. Rivers introduced
bill tojegalize and validate all war-
rants heretofore issued by Boards of .
Public Instruction for educational pur- " ' a
Poses. i ,' :. '. \ (.- t.t ,i
The members from Escaumbia coun- hi .' I 1.1 \; -,ti d.
ty are. extremely lively in te :. w :: ty of her rt
duction and advocacy of useful Tfas- wa (: ;',,: sih., l. k -i
ures. Mr. Loftin this morning intro- ds;,. n '. w :e.ii ,. h' h ,': d t
duced three bills as follows: To me- as : v;. 1: 1: vak. Her
morialize the Congress of the United cri I::.t a n. ~; 'r. who noti-
States, during cesSiio n t he Staite of fe l c cr's' o!"I' of the dealthi.
Vida.Ite!'5 wt4 -15 N'cars old, and], a 1ii-
Florida of certain parts of tlie naval
t iv e ,o f IVc l i a rk P ( t l I s a N d. a g li
reservation at the Pensacola Navy was in the enlialoy of Spreiki s HBrcs.
Yard; also an act autLhorizing the. & (o., ut dur-ing the past few months
State to ac(p9pt any grant in conform- has l)(te'n unable tp work, owing to poor
tiy with t'h0 above; also all net. to health. It was probably despondoeny,
amend *.ebltion 1012 of Lhe Revised brought on by brooding over his condll-
Statutes ofFlorida. Mr. Clopton, aiso tion, which caused him to take his
of Escamibia, introduced a hill to life.
amend Section 2606, Revised Statutes, Opportunity for Colored Teachers.
relttlng to the intermarriages of: A nornial for teachers and prospect-
whites and negroes. ive teachers preparatory to the June
A bill that will be far-reachiing, iun xaination. This normal will be
its effects was introduced by Mr. connected with the Scientific Industri-
Wells of Hillsborough county. It re- al Institute. One of the most proticiont
lates, to the disposition of property normal instructors has b6on secured to,
ahb o ye s d icotduct, this department for five
,thlathasbeen, or -. y be. assigned for ,,.weeks, beginning Monday, 20th inst.
the bteneft of creditors. For inforinltion address Samutiel W.
An Act to regulate the employllmelit Dll)e..oe, (iainesville.Ylorida. to28
and occpation of railway employee, Cy s,... 7 7r HA- P.N i.
and to establish a State board of tele-
graph examiners, wits introduced by Worr.ao Coctor Under Arrest Attempts
MeNamee, of Hillsborough county. S.Uicide
Mr. Wa're, of Whshington, is deeply I oui ivle, Ky.. Apr il 2S.---Dr. Sarah
interested in the stock industry, anid A. Milipl.iy, i:ai(ier indictment on the
has introdneed a bill for the protee- chlirge of nmurdtr, as the result of the
tion of sheep and Jambs running nt death otf Miss Stella Stork, of HuntIn.g-
, large on the range in the various coun- hIllK alttnlptld suicIde In her cell at
, ties of the State. The full text of the the county jail.
])r. Mnr.phy Isd a hairpin and sev-
measure follows ilseil a N a
measure follows: ered a rein In her left leg just back of
Be it enacted by the Legislature of the k no. A hole an eighth of an
the State of Florida: Inch lI (lin niaoter wa. ma le In tho vein,
Section 1. That any peri-son or per- anrd ithe iloi'i was pouring from the
sons or companies 1. .g a2n1,y hogs or w iund wlhu tlhe (litcovery was made
swine that are permitted to run Lt iy Mirs. I layliniii, the jail matron. M s.,
large onl the range, and that are klnwn li :.ynui 1o1h1 heli-r finger over the
todestroy any sheep or it.1 s)5. ill, iN il it ,s i rvlIng th low of blooihy
after proof of such detsl r ct ionl, he r('- il ,i ; .II it ;,'l. i te a il.
quired to con h lie said lh i or n wi .,,, ni,'. ,,,;,< iousnese Dre i
a substantial enclosure, or to sell s:id irphIy statliedi tlhat c)o .4 desired to die
hows or swine to the owner I' .sl t. ave her Ndauni ter from the -diDgrace t
sheep or laintIs, at, a price to be alurc',l haut w.)1 rei-sut if she should be con.
upon by a board of arbitration, ,nl-i- victed nundir the charge against her.
ing of three disinl t restd peirsoiis, I wi i""---------- ---_
6f whom shall be chosen, by the pIrn i, s TOlev Honey ansd ila
in interest and the third afhil rator to i ui colft.q preCents onelOll lf
lbe chosen by the two arbit rators her- .
tofore selected.
Section 2 provides that all person
or coimpanjieswiho are the owners of
stl-h logs or swine, or who havc ie h
'custody of the sallne, whio Shall fill to1
comply with the provisions of thi at H A R P E R I
shall be liable to the oWrner or owintrsi
of stich sheep or lainb.-s for sutch at i- .-
ages as may be done hy said l )lio or
swine,'and mity bie stiuedl for (It rro-
ery of sich dnaim *,aes by tlho owr ,,r
ownerss of such sheept' or hli ,-, il :o'' ;
ciruitt. corrt f (1 ... .... i'i

"lThe m military of Fi ,r,.. .. r .. .. ' \. . ..
g tinized in c tuifi r lit v i ti l i 'y S - .ii" '.i**: '
uf the Untt i td Si ... "
,w'ich rioUi bill No Il I 'I '
n'o,,, <.r l)uval, w r:. .,l ..... I .,D M EL LO W
Iielo it.i it nh ,,ri .,i'nri ,. ,. Ii ..
oi'l(d,, .Ant t.... u '" '. A lD LELICAIE
Itl'ry forces of ii,.' 5 : i i : ..: '., 1
iltiki, of force n i i.!il..y ,.,,' ,I ..... .
'rov ule piiinltl,.H-* I'o t ',, '. "" m
th.,ref ; torep,-nal 1l -aw- r ,r ,; ,
tii ,' iitiitary for -, e o iv : \;..|1 lt 1'\tIX: P U 1 A I. KS
atei.d; and for oth(i r tt 'l,"- i
0. ...tit.on of th .iK ''rt'.ir Or'i ,V i I .

.'crierat, Rond. hlarl' t. .., t't" ,r,. niliti ry fo.re of ,...- The STANDARD
Ias tak(t tip kon "ro.iJ rvA'. k--- -_ ----_-__
.riyti ,.,. GUARANTEE and TRUST
*thrd, reading, ritl in ti a:( nd ;-
( yn tVe of 40 to 3 COMPANY
\ Ir, John i1 ,o* L 01 ty 'iii r..i -.
hi to pro lthit . c trr) tig "f r*')ig V 1il o op Your rent and bu .
:.fipr .,...(. n t r a ,..A,--ig'.I S, itite of anyr.iiver i ( th iw 4 i 1 li ot
S.t.d prs ,bigi,6 s .aF .y. Thm i btil
g r 4port :d .. .; ,,o, CEO WE MOYFERS.
I o W e ii: too... ..



mlI la I ...IU "







Youn '

That Chairming

Indiv idu(
Is plain! \ y-hon when you con-
sultl us l inIt llho, Dress to(ods.
Ill fict, ire o you canl itaslIte( r the
touch of nidi\ duality is at nol
W\e are now im t Oihe eighllt of Itlie
seasoti. \it the dilTe'rent 1litlsh
for Sprhi, i t i l and SI um r rN'il'-- lit'
choicest piivailling fabricss in eol-
ors and \liie goods ti.re alert, ri'-
ytaitl"g H 11 noatl,'r touch of indi-
vidualit \uilich comes Iroon tihe
personal suggestlions atd dir< t.i'oun
of our btitvers.
Are nowi at their best, and you
should lot fail to eoo Ilhe nl aiy
handsome patterni inow on display.


( ; N E I:t A 1, 1 1ILL ANt
,MA f iNi V Hl' lf'E tl .
C'itN turn i l s iItrightttli wh,,i leniigtbg
p i l I P'-l i che t.,

A I" (':( I ../r
P. fl, WESTGAARD, Prop. ald i4

Jiqit I t ri, t'., J. I' Witn'w 'pi. lr,

Tf! SU(([SS IC [CO..

..t-S' A X. w v"IM.. -'W4WM -,W


G A I E "*r 4 t*#itswillff f paikltu I'll oii !.p itio itloO.
* oth T ro ow e prompt to. l t'on
Ii. beu t af 44(t, 0tirg *us,,, a I QKetaat:tl
m le y r win',& r ...t. tw o .
........______ ________ KODAK SUII!LIE$.

,I9 9


Dress well and keep cool with
our lhitast patterns it Negligeo
Shirts, Summner Hosiory, Summeror
Ties and Hlntw. A new suit of
light weight clothes. no mIatter
what shadow, is the thing for tll0i
th i u of year.
Madras Cloth Shirts $1,
That a r ro lly $1M goods the
worhl ovor. Thvy areo ool atid
Fino Shoes
For litili ihhit calth th(O purav. Our goods
it re teitso ttible.

i. mec. iIIITTY &r io.

The h'tilot o 'tlte al
'l any p&l a Colau ty

Abstract Co. u shed
B. R. COLSON, Manager, ,

v Tie <|i)tion or Ino a

Abstractll n of Title .
i n To any |ij '< <>r him t h i

fi llp )ll

ja lul Ue11 iAl. eri of 1,. ii

Gaio 'utv'il Io prilll(tlny o

0 ainesvillo Machine Work.


- .. -.7 -- -- i - :: . ..... '


.- =:2"=., :



:........ 4:- .......

wttredat the'Poet Offioe a aOaeavlle.^ls,
u., second-class maa mVatt ;' s i ::
!T.JESS .aiURTZ, City ditor,

Pl O W ..' : s* S r TLit1tyoB

,: Itu Monay, deUyiIer~,~P bUli eb oSerien thclty;f -
O.zttined Do anyr eartofis heldt, d 8tateSgpop-,
Ae free, tor bi a year; 01ti0 sti aottra: iZ. ,
Street month.t1 .; or ' eoiots for flve weeks
s tOic lin *g avance, ".. .
:.' eadis finotIPain o, al column, o0 cents .a
te': or f'r\sinsitln. sad S cents for ectb .4-
o. a isor, display aOvertli'ng made known

The TwIoe-a-Week Sun Is an elht-page,
t^' otnolumn paper. publlsheie every Mot1?;
SAsyW nd Thbursday, and contains al:, the#
niw' oft the week, local Stato and e4n-
r.i d f .wlU be Iailled, Ipostasge free, j0o aiy.
lpwt o0 the United States or Canada, for ll.00
Sear-in advance. e .. '
S ll lverstainr bllg beome duo rter first
p' porranoe of advetlseuent, unless tberwise
iue cnrst, 'Iartiesn 1 known to,
P' /Ii.iw1^,e r "qulred to p Oy Mdvertiltvs in ad-
aine-. AddtesA E 1 L DAVX I ,


('From Our etfula Porreson ent)
W| ington, Ap- i 28.-2 aia;t the
pi denitlal boom of Senator Fairbanks
JItiatonsA is Orusing grave coiernd e t o
S resident and' B supporters i1as
bqeei 1smistakably shown drinj t'he'
( e week, and tvi4 Servtoe Oomiis-
,r FtulkeUl. golug to thrw hif.i
inrtpt the breach, resign:from 'his
*t position and go out to Ind4 anA.
t and win theH0osler support for
Sit ooseyelt. It .I well known that
O ngigo as the Republa: eooiveni
16 lti wlahi. dominated Mr. Rooaevelt.
| W4a a' paot ip4ade betweer'a in"
:$l Henna iand" ailrbanks bitndl jg the
atter to support, the former in 1else he
er f eedM. McKinley, and
i i^lllt. Rane to S..pppontMr. Fairbanks
tjti'w4 0venttthat the forpiar did not
I ioenter the' raooe. S tor Hanna
S w apptearsto believe that the best
Oheie: of R republicans eoes lie in
She ,OnToitn6 :10 Of Mr. 'Roosevelt,
v5rthealeiar he is bo^"und to support
a tI;ndiana statesman if the latter
I @l ipo hib to redeem hi promrso,
t)a~, kt. 4 Aot the t. an to go
J aL 01 on a political promise.
Stpo t r~ahed Washington to the
etoet that D W. Godfrey Hunter, ex-
t.of:: ent'uciy, Ila
inrlater to atemar ada prominent
pepublioan loader of Keatucdy, has
o *me. an an active Fairbanks mania.
aer in thaState and..'s working to
siaurea slidsdelegation for the Ind lana
Sseator in the next convention. Some
prominent Kentucky Repubfioans say
that Dr. Hunter will not be. able to
deliverr the goods," but the more fact
that he has been au thorized to make
the ^ attempt is most significant.
J No'th Carolipas Republicans would,
it is stated on excellent authority,
laidly vote for Mr. F1airbanks in preft
'renOe to Mr. Roosevelt and praoti-
1 aal^y ha of the pouthorn States will fol-
Wlo the lead Of Senator Hanna, who is
te idol of the Rpul lcan party In thoe
"" '0 hoth. Meanwh(e the 'split between
iM eator Platt ana Govenor Odeil In
Z'ceOw York aIs an 9ocaalsion of serious
s axiety' and It i. held, not. without
Season, that the President will be tn-
able to carry hil own State. In fiot,
's Lou Payne, a long acknowledged Re-
publican oraelo in Nbew. York State,
s ay 4he Democrats will carry the
l^ State by 100,000 votes. :' .
biN^-iotwithlstanding Postmniaster. Goen-
ei eral Payne's statement that no Oon-
p :gressional influence is being brought
to :i boar to htslh the pontotlted scandal
I.'and ..aye tho real rascals from expo-
t|i *. -, surprising number of Cougres-
mn' are calling daily at the depart-

rmeapt d are spending hours with the
Potmaniater General. Suentdrs: Aid-
i-, ? Stewart, Spootner and a number
o*' others, usually absent from Wash-,
at thib time of the year, havio
1d 6tg conferenieto with Mr. Paymee
,gepresentativeII B aboock has comuo
to Wshingtonton tay, a mouth aild
hl already had histrf tint ,rview with
t oitmiatelO$penpras.' Firt Ag-i,.
nt tt "t oter*e Wynne and
jt OuptoW orttnUtor Grii teg5 *ot

Otr corre-
W ekt th ths fh ltr 'a owsaot
"W4,00 op,.


ditln of titse mucous serv i s.,
WVo will give ne lhundred lDollars
for any cast of dfiarne(O (?ause< by
catarrh). that cannot ,be cured by
Hiall'Usattrth Core. Send for circu-
I 1., (ENEY & ( CO., toledo, 0.
Sold by druggists T7e..
lnlI's Familny Pills are the best.
(',;arrylt tn N *vt*.s
A letter Of (arly'e'k give us tie t
Oppilon of novels entertailnul by him
11the yeqr 18tm. To a ludtHtig story
teller he, wrote to ouggvat thut shbe
ahoutld "ahove her own novl well
aidd..f for a" gio wlle or forever and
be slhy eve of' O tediu uovelt. If she
d0 read. ItIt be goal nd wisw boetkks.
*leh not one it 10.000 of thoe kindti now
called 'noviaO' ila. And yet Carlylse
wa hitmselt silty or at least begtla.
luOi to writt a novel.

itt frmanfs.asantes stlv< (r r.

,,,, .. , ,... . .". ...L V, :

onreten e .of repairing the cvainel-
,ig marines in use in largt post-.
benes;e, have been orlerod 'to rotu, to
their deks iu tho various postofficmsa to
:i.C they are charged. A $1,000
lejrk,.a negro, who wa chaviarged to the
oity pvsBtoft2e wiOa1ihfngtoqphutL 'who
a4 been dets!!ed t0a iotg as'h. special
uLeHiabnge r by ^Iuperii iten :dtt .Beavc re,
his alre dy been required to return to
the work for which he was employed.
d! The division of the Postmaster Gen-
eral requiring pos'tnasttra from, w.hoso
'fflees free rural delivery roiutes ta nrt,
to. post the names of all r'slidentis
along those routes in the loval postof-
4ioes8 will probably occasioii serious
trouble for the administration. It has
already been pointed out to the Po,,-
iina.tiir General that this custum is thd
Occs ion of serious 'iardship to nIoal
merchants and newspapers. These lists
S6l names are used by the great mail-
Order houses aid the big dailies to so-
'tliit business and subscribers to ihle
'detriment of the local business. men,
and' the latter have protested, but in
vain.: Meanwhile theI mail-order
'houses are reaping a harvest and the
dal)y newspapers are adding.inateriall y
t their abseription lists.
lAccidents in the navy continue to
multiply and Secretary Moody, while
raWisting the influence, exerted to
produce a -general investigation,
appears to be entirely helpless in
the premises. What -has long been
"iown to those in close touch with
the $avy Department is now becoming
generally known, viz., that Sen-
tor. Lodge played a scurvy trick
n i:, hi-s friend, the President, when
he persuaded him to appoint Mr.
Moody to the head of that department,
Senator Lodge had but one object in
view, th er ieonring of a seat In Con-
gress for his.son-in-law, Mr. (ardiner
b! Massacphlsetts. To accomplish this
'end he induced the President to award
the naval, portfolio to Mr. Moody, then
representative of Mr. Gardiner's dis-
tri"t, and, with Mr. Moody out of the
way, secured Gardiner's election.
N6w the entire Navy Department is
suffering the consequences of having a
weak man at its head. This condition
ot affairs the President hopes .to rem-
edy by securing authority from Con-
gress to establish a naval general
staff. "
A scandal of no small proportions
hasl ust come to light in connection
with the administration of army affairs
in Alaska. A number of army ofltlers,
all of those In fact who wore on duty
at Skagway about a year ago, are to be
tried by court martial ;for selling com-
missary stores to civilians and pocket-
ing the proceeds. Another officer who
has been on duty for some time In
Alaska is to be tried for a shortage
Just discovered in his accounts. le
claims his safe was looted but that he
will have to prove.
Meanwhile the Porto Rican scandal,
involving a number of naval and army
officers who have been indicted for
smuggling, will not down. The local
judiciary Insists on conitnuing the
prosecution, notwithstanding the fact
that the Attorney General has called
off the United States attorney who be-
gan the prosecution.

Deafness Cannot Be Cured
by looal applications, as they cannot
reach the diseased portion of the ear.
There is only one way to cure deaf-
niess, and that is by constitutional
remedies. Deafness is caused by an
inflamed condition of the mucous
lining of the Eustachian Tube. \Vhen
thil tube is inflamed yoe have a rum-
bling sound or imperfect hearing, and
when It is entirely closed, deafness is
the result, and unless the iniamnta-
tlon can be taken out and.this tube re-
stored to its normal condition. hearing
will be destroyed forever. Nine cases
out of ten are caused by catarrh,
which isa nothing but an iht aned coni-

Publicly Hg.sewhips Her HUsband and
His Attorney.
1Los Angeles, Cal., April 28-Infurlat-
ed by 'taternexts made in 4iyorcq pa-
Pers prepared by her hushal<6's attor-
ihTey, Mrs..Nellie Holiiison, wife of Wil.
11am Robinson, a wr1l hnow!n Local ad-
vqrtising man; publicly ho;ewhipped
MIr. RobinEon and his, attorney, H. T.
Mr. Robinson and Morrow wore
standing in front of the Third street
entrance of the Lankershim building,
In which Robinson hah offices. Mrs.
IRobinson, in company with two men,
Walked politely up behind them. Draw-
Ing a whalebone whip from under her
cloak Mrs. Robinson slashed her hus-
band. across the face. Thred times the
blow was repeatedj, then Mrs. Robin-
son turned to Morrow and truck him
twice across the shoulders. Then, Rob-
inson grabbed the whip from his wif<-
aqid broke It across his knee.
"'Nellie," he called, meanwhile seiz-
lng' her by the ahoulatlrs and peering
Into her flushed face, "do ycu know
what you are doing,"'
"You called me a diunkard," she re-
torted, struggling to iree herself from
his grasp. "You let me go hungry
and wanted to drive me on the street."
By this time a crowd gathered and
Robinson, evidently desiring to avoid
a scene, released his wife and follow-
ed his attorney back to the elevator.
Neither of the men with Mrs. Robinson
offered any Interference.
Mrs, Robinson walked away- with
her companIon-s, but returned in a few
minute and followed her husband up
to his offices. Some one evidently
warned him that she was coming, for
about the time she went up the elpeva-
tor Robh1soim walked down the side
stairs and left the building.

1111 Humors
Are impure matters which the skin,
liver, kidneys and other organs can
not take care of without help, there is
such an accumulation of them.
They litter the whole system.
Pimplee, bolls, eczema and other
eruptions, loss of appetite, that tired
feeling, bilious turns, fits of indiges-
tion, dull headaches and many other
troubles are due to them.

Hood's Sarsaparilla
and Pills
Remove all huniors, overcome all
their effects, strengthen, tone and
invigorate the whole system.
"I had salt rheum on my hands so that I
could not work. I took blood's Sarsaparilla
and It drove out the humor. I continued
Its uie till the soreg disappeared." Mas.
IRA 0. Biows, Runiford Falls, Me.
Hood's Sareaparllla promises to
cure and koops the promise.


IN* th" m ft fat. of A dis-

or ma,7 tfnidd. Coitahn

ent phy 1dan as the a

? ,' . ...d.8. ,
-f i , ;.' ,'A .


Ce holera-lnfantum, Diarrho n.y sentery and the Bowel Troublts
eg. AidDig stion, egulates the Bowels, Strengthens the MO
'FE NG AY.vy and Sores, Coli Hives andd It
and prevents orm E. KHINA Counteracts and Overo.meo the i
Summer's heat upon Teething Children, and oosts only 25 oents at
mall 25 oents to C J. MOpFFiiETT. M. D.. St. Louis. Mo.

Florida Eas



ts of the
ggistls or

Coast Ry.

In Effect April II, 1903.

No.99 No.29 STATIONS. No.98 No.780
"Daiuly. Daily. a y.aSTATIONS. y.
5 03p 40 a Lv....... ...... Jacksonville................. Ar 7 15 a 7 30 p
5 0i l9i'8& .................. )Jacksonville .............. Lv 7 07 a 7 2 p 0
6 l,0p 10fbSa ................. St. Augustine-...........I......... 00 a 0 10 ,P
S M is l o8 a4 .................... a.in..........la s. ............. 6 15 t 4 P
S2 1,I 1 t a .. .. ..... .. Palatka ............. ... 68a 6 2 p
S1210i r ..................Neogat ... ... .. .Lv 4 O a 4 5 0 p
S It 15 ... ............ Palatl ............... .OAr. 6 5 n ...A 28p
S5 80 ) Ap r....... .... ...... al ............. ... Lv .... ........
; 1 8 250 Lv................. taN t tt r ....... ......".. A r 20a 830p oli
S 8 i ................... Neo .... ...... :: :.7:. v 4 a 4
4 ,,, 2 S 1, O ..... .... ..... ...B unnell ..................... 4 0 a
s I 0 v 3p ...... ..... .... I. > P n t ................... 69a 4 S
= I 3 p 1 8} 1 11 .................... O rn ld ................... 1 20 a -
4, 11 S 2 '71 .-... ........... i.....* .'w m4 ',-a ... .............. 4 a 83 37ft 3 15p 4
21 P 1. I 38) .' ......................Por, l'" t O O ..................... a 8 3 3,,, 83 p F ps
is .0 3 ............. ... .Nc w a1 n............. a i 1 p -
l eit p S 1 I ) .............. .. ... Oak 11i1..................... 2 1.1 a p m .
'01 o l a 4 - ...."h................ i. > .................... 1 i 12a s -p 2 12
-1 301-0 3 ?^ S 1 ......................0.>011,....................... 12 'l. "a 26lp O
o 40 1) ............... ... ll d 48a i 33 3 0-
1 2 1 51 V 0 .. . . . . . . .l7. v a l G1 . . . . . ..
a 5314 -,p ....................,K iali .1 p Il...................p.. p o 0ap oq
VAas i 05 o ..s............S.. ELiI, 2012; 11 27r s
s l s41p ............... t W e r .''. . 1 0ii a lP I .
z 19m - ........ ".'. ..... ... ....: 1I :.- --- 7.........o 3 i i7

j 2 4a 8 1 -...................... d : .... .......... l.3a -.
S 4tS 9 a 8 1 ,1 ). . . ... .. .. .. .. ... s etih r .r ... 1 0 1 8 a 4- 1
a 7 o .. .................WetJup er..... .01 4 oa f 4.i
m 420- a 745 w.-............eL.. alm...4-2 74 ae a

w 5 a OB B A H............ B I .... .1-1)ITYoBA oo .

l l........ i ..............D Iflat -I I ---.------
111 I ca 90 1fr......1: ........ La r l d d; .. .. -* "'' ''Y'3 0
a. "........... ., l; -. l
--a 60a- ....-.. .Ct....-------....-7... 1.' ..p -

ST.A --OS-1-- _1_ 'Ai 1 '0 "O"nly. 2DaNoly.
f'e Lr t........ "Tf, -ivi Daily

a l 1o Lv ..0..... ii 0a.... l,.... :: i:,10? i '1, 10 10A Lv. N. S. yrnar,.At*" I l P
05 ia .. E ri se .r1........ n........... Ar11l ,<'t S ....... V. ...-.. Heen Ar 2 [
... .t ............loono.11 .1ru -.---,--.-( -- lt-,-J0, 12

"oTh 0 T a T b a s o i 4---- i -......nt ii,.). ,- .,, .- -.. .....p. ., P, P

oo 0 Ih e S. v e r l a t. t o n ,, t0t ,tl 8 r L r iv l S r t ... s t1 ) -% r '1 '1 , . . ',:,1t O a r iv e n d d p A t
undor a t ai CompAny hohi it.y>i( reap. usib f13-"11,1 ,-'.' I:" '-*' [N",' 201uaraneed.
I 01P 1o 06 ft9It......, 1 4tt l I V ,- ...... 7 0 i) ,11304 5a S

In Effect April 16 1303.

Lv Miami Sln..T1 lr ... T '. . .
Ar K y \ t1 !.. ,r ; 1 4 ,m' .
Ar M' m )".'r ,p Fri. .." ,.c t
24r c~py of I.m'il Tlme Carn1 ir -

* "'" 1D. 1 MM*Oi
..sun ......... ; *84P .n
. ..............
* -- -- A 30g.

..J... IX st. p A':t.~A
] J. D. RARNTUR, Aast. Gen. P. A
)..-ss. .ass. AgQ :t., .'t. ^. LAj USTIA FL, PIA.


J acOsorv i!A's

F nest




,'' '

8647 ndian4v1tlU6,.
bIfCAuoo, 11 ., "ept.
I havebeen a sufferer with a t
female trouble for years, but ai hip ,
Jcould get around and do my work I wo 'Pull
Story patent medicines as I had no faith them.
i About eight 1r.onths ago I had to take to
Smy bed,suffering wit!) prolapsus o"f e uterus,
S with bearing down pains and intense' pa:
in the back. My aunt,who cameton Ne
told meof Wine of Cardui and sent forabot-
tie. I amn indeed glad that she did, frthat
first bottle started me on the roadto recov-
ery. In a few weeks I was out of bed and in three months I wa
in better health and stron-
ger than I had been in A
years. I take a dose now,
occasionally, of Wine of
Cardui and am kept in Se'y. Woodman's Circle No. 70.
perfect health.
Wine of Cardui brings certain relief to women suffering any pap.m
tom of female weakness and perfectly regulates the menstrual floww me
of Cardui stops bearing down pains by permanently relievin the irritation
which weakens the ligaments olding the womb in place. You need not
suffer every month if you take this medicine. The periodical discharge
will be painless and healthy without continual weakening drains. .Win_
o Cardui will make your health right and you may treat yourself privately
in your own home. Secure a $1.00 bottle of Wine of Cardui from your
druggist today.


_ _C_




ppos .!S. Patent Offso e

r NOTlr 1 0 l-l.~t.'-r, N:

tla.v it .tAprlt, A. L*, unIier %W4 t' 'rtue t
th >' aC.r-'m trtate ofjt LAWs ot the Sta' t r
el lhiC, tU is-ernine whctItr t-be aC r : ,,4W 8 1.

e ta l b in ihe
4tWid aictrtu oft, Ai ba osly s4*1Y r (da at.
akft t cum! ttlcmQi WBs tt O* r hoe .'t tVAwe ,f
* Ttwk h i Ah aotuIsotWtIti 'tiM be** it f) aT i
ralp U01y O niaeh 1~ AI-ctU. u utu ,
W4 *Ism#

.. + -^ y .. ,* ...- ,; ..

I ~ lA.,iilf


the supervisor of registration liy the trit 'vrythiug we heard ot without i
prior to holding of I ttI iohf. We t lielt alletd it our
ax ollector prior to holding of se- family do'ltor, who prescribed Foley's
iall elections. The present law pro- H inty and Tar. With the very first
vides dfor such certification only for dosO t they betanlil to inmprovt iiid we
general elections. Senator McCreary feul (hati it has saved their lives. Re-
fuse stuhtitt vi's. Sold by W. C. Wal-
succeeded in having this bill inune- laee's drug store.
diat6ly read the second time without
previously having been referred tc PARALYZED AT HIS POST.
committee, The second measure re-
tarred to was a bill providing for the Motorman In C'evc'and, 0., S.ricker
validation of outstanding warrants is- C(.le, nv l (r.l e on 2-v'!th hi :
sued by the Board of Public Instruc- 11and on tho 'on:'I.'r. walt in, tile sig
ilon and prohibiting such issuance in tnal o l -.wad. P'ort (BtiNlson a tit)-
the future except ti under the manner tooni.i 011tit it',: v :t>":;i i'p cat, ,vwa
proolaimed by law. stricken w!th pia aly TI. ar had
The fun commenced, however, ont taken on pasn ,gu':- at tilt i',ul
the report of the joint committee on squitr,.
pensions, to whom was referred the five Tlhe eonTticr Jerkeitl the brll nope
pension bills introduced. The com- w,-, the ia mnal to rno ahIed. t !i
-. waiter a ivio nitc i th.n .i rkod it aipa-ln
mittee reported a substitute and as a m patient ly. The conductor hurried
substitute for only one of the live to the front and found the motiornian
and a motion was made to standing there, his hand on the lev(r
have this substitute printed. 1oe had heard the signal but could not
Senator McCreary immediately move. One side was completely par
gained the floor and proposed an alyzed.
amendment that all five bills be print- Doctors say he may recover.
ed. A sharp colloquy followed be- Chronic Bronchiti Cured.
tween Senators Harris and McCreary.
"For ten years I had chronic bron-
The latter claimed the injustice which t n c
nliem chitis so bad that at times I could not
would be mplied in giving one nmem- aboe a whiper" writes Mr.
ber credit for the bill when possibly Josephl ColTman, of Montmorenei, wId.
all should be entitled to their proper "I tried all remedies available, but
share in framing the measure, with no success. Fortunately my em-
Leave was final]) secured ont the part ptycr sttgg-stcd that I try Foley's
'" wlIonty anid Tar. Its effect was almnOt
of the committee to withdraw the re- miraculous, and I am now cured of the
port. and it will be re-submitted in disease. On my recommenn(idathin many
different form. The debate was spirit-' people have nsed Foley's Honey 4nd
ed but courteous, and senatorial dig- r a Wid always withdru satiactiore."
nity was preserved. Sold y Wle' rug store.
Both Ho9ses adjourned in honor of Girl Outwits Burglar.
Memorial Day shortly before I o'clock. .t l ".i l 2 .-- The fore.
The Governpr and hIis cabinet an Lh [ ;it Itt .- l r (lar'k, a book
Ic .. t VttVi com pa.
most of the members of the Legisla- is tt, meant of pr.
ture attended. The day was an ideal on v. g i <.a.o itr sthealng a large(
and the occasion gracedinIot only by thIo .Ium o,,f 1 ,of i.. I (1 i Clark was alone
statesmen but also blyai n ois. i whis 1 t1 N hn T i neg:o iname In,
large number of ladit-s Aftor the : ;a ni m oiifny for work donp,
decoration of the graves by the chil- tor i, 1" Ttf-,'r. lMiss Clark knew
dren, the rendition of suitable iniSic ni.thin of thi. work ant1 told the mini
and a prayer vHon. R. I. M. l)avils "l. l- ", lltt leht, itbut fearng that
of Quincy was introductl by ll. In, hr niiht ret ii'n. MIsa Clark gathered
of Quiney was introduced by 1on. u s rl <,nvelopea can'taIning $700(
Fred T. Myers of Tallahssse. (ol. I thi w .'r n in the walte basket
au)d threw lthem In the waote basket.
Davidson's address was both scholarly l Iarrly had ish, done so when the ne,
and an eloquent one and despite the ;go : 'l" hi'atk, rushed at the woman
solemnity of the occasion was fre.' ,and k!nocl.<'d h quent'ly and spontaneously applauded. then ranisaked the safe, but as he for
Another metting of the Third get thl, 'a.tt bwaket. he got no money
House has been called for Wednesday Miss ('lark was revived, but is suffer.
night, when a desperate attempt will Ing from the shock
be made for a thorough reorganiztaion0 Herbine Cures
and a new committee appointed on te Fever and A doHb wil usual-
location of the dough bag. It is fear- Fever a hill, age. A dostie wil usual-wy
ed this important adjunct to successful ly stop a chill, a ctilane always
etir's. Mrs Win. M, Strtuid, Mid-
liberation has been lost. Solne ill- lothiani, Texras, May 31, 1149, writes:
Portant measures are to be intrc.du''-d. ''" V ha'V u~tsld lierbine iin oor family
one a resolution condemning ts a pelr- for ighti yit,trs, dav fr uid forit t bltt
sonal reflection the establisliintit in grippt,, tilioiu fever anid nmalaria."
'rallahassee of a pawn-broker'. hi">p 50c at Johniron iros.
arid the glaring sign of the thnre gold- c- ad I..Band W.
"it balls. t A'_ : .,n ; W u .
lion. Kenry W Long of .iarion, t e,. ,.-, r- ...
distinguished president of thit' Stt .. in
t;,,od Roads and County Co(t mninisi.ont- t.' i 'tar..' 'l'h,
eru'Associatioti, who has been in th'. It. giir. w,. '00 V'i.
itLy the past week in thet intert.-t. ,, .} .t,' r A
, o (d roads legislation, ret i riwd '
tI, ay, Thia indefatigable worker for '.i.' h :, !
the betterment of our public Jii vway ,g it, '* 'i aft
has earned in a long and ukseftl p i c" t I.' t. in -'
career the highest respect and r-..:rd ,,< r. 2:,-, :-: e.' ? ," *.l
of the people of.Florida: ... '. *; r' t tc ihi' be,^ il,
Hlin. B.F. Kirk, a promittint, it i ni- ],' t- rf '. .'w? : f' w'ts w ti)"'t
er of the Senate cowmr ititttlon ptt n:a r a ,,. *l ; ra', ^fr ll'
1i Printing, isdaily re ceiving high>. wa, by t ii e t t r fin.. ar4 .tal
est 'eulorseniet0of his bill providdlg thi.ih ti, wats; l ,.'he ,li, ,
r the pubttlication of the acts of t' with all tQi 4;"I hi' d" bir
Legislature. t t t r ,- ._ -
The ieasMiure il one that wil beM'ltit A Phys'icain Wrttli.
the entire people of the StateA ai- : deaintusi of kinowinrg if the
oa to oLt,'4eolner. ,Yeel. at well profit" cn obtain rn n lk
.Caarman Mi:.M ry, 1twuitdl in slptit(' oiO p wtitbingp lrpo.eit? i *.ti l
a.+dorsenwas :ieasure, ad4! ? in s tiut ha of
,"orabiW to t-f'
^ "i e 'l^tst'e. ^*5 B~~










Fl; rida


( t ". '" \ 'd C : F. I ; .

NE te": .Were Discussed Which < : ,.::.
Affct Alachua County. "' ; ., ,, '..

_.__ ; ----. t a n t!'' 1 t 0, 1 ;slt | .A. it th. ,
Hon. .Al. H. M. Davidson of Quincy Was 'i I vl s J.i,' iln
,i*l ' ^ i t ", '.'4 i* ' t ^ I l' i t 1
the Orator of the Day, and He th,: i ..p 1' .: :. s i,-! n 1 1 ,, ..
Covered HimselIf and the Occasion '(':s tlwii lt ; O
With Glory by His Eloquence.n t :
. t is .'4' 1 P. o all
(Special Correspondence The S- n.) Wtie ;(., i' -a 'lt 1e l r -I t( froi
Tallahassee, April 28.--1L was a brief t'l i''r n" ilc n j
but very lively session off the Si, ite l iI 'ate ll tini hadl uit n oSnt 01
yesterday afternoon. Cotivetinga 4 to 4 \ o l'' -: ,' n.s living m w.a': .the f
o'clock and adjourning in litlke over '' n l i Ath' d tothe s c ('t'tie
half an hour, yet there wasn't I dill t[ h to h e
moment of the thirty. Dreadful Attack of Whooping Cough.
It was of a good deal of intvrst to' M.r. l'] nt il of w t, irk
Alachua county, as the two tflueaii. \v., lKi",., City. ,., writ. s ol-
on which the discussion arose wei'e in- C.iy ,r to c ildrt had a t, t r
produced by Seinator Mc(reary. Thie iii, of whool.ig c igh ont of th
first was a bill providing for the proper in l. I paroxystii of cotihing would
certifloation of the qtnalilited electors to ohi< n 'I lil d tl l eel' d at the noi,. We

Buhyinlg thlie est, is the sent'le
of true i'onoi y <(ool clothing
is cllheplwr thalin poor tlothing-tno
matter what those rp'c'ts ttivie pric'vs
imay heo.

NoT---When a

mant boys a suit I

S We nt/'/ Ith t bNlf cloth ing th/ (ct bl / (fd/" (,s'' ( note b/o), nv ti
the prl'ie- r' no/ h/idJh -an '.rrel--
Iwtd t'fiff' tuifo*r c/4 hi butiie'ws or
dr'i'tsii I'',r' rto b' tr,'hli for tho
neltodt/, stmo if I2 00, otf(ut)cw fu. twn'o itfs8 that ordi-
nfe#y storr'es alt for fbfnOd the Italte-
moit'/ (and iit will retain ts
shfpel)inlem one (yft tr theM (av'<'ri g
gqarmnien wil /I' 'a iroi hilundlc fof
,'rilnktl's andi /igHini'sn.

t WrlfAUiOt An OARlNTrT

us lie gets the "ltest-Clothing-ih-thte-
World," mqde by the aminous Schloss
Bros. & Oo. of Haltimoro. All their
garments bear this label:


i 2_2+:_ -Lt'_'Qavt

For 20 Y as Nas a Led A Worm se*lss.4 '
by. y dhiJAMgE F. SALAiiD St. Louis.
FoAable by JohnsorI IBroA.. tine8svillh

Take The Atlantic Coast Line


Via 'Vni .tit

Rapid Transit and Unsuirpa* d So' -frvi'e

Dilprt For
12:10 p ni

Tin, -Table ine ffeet April i.,. I ;ti.
igh lSprigpa, ?Nfw'l rry uawi tte4r-
odld m t e Vn' I f'4iii1

1? :37 p in (lh'a'5,. L4tObirg and '1 i:! ,itf,
-Daily lInt*rmndiat I', ,
I:t2'pmi' l'taatl, Pi ytoinsl J
Daily storAiv'. East lindl Mil .

.. H. i h

4 :26 p O

4:4A6 p m
Daoi y -

A rriu t' rov

i I'y f i

1A' .

Nprinrgh Hat.a ndi lal ,*h an It l"",'* ,-
North, hwt anmt Wiit


'i J f1

i it ft .. .h.i. /< i
aIly fi Of
l:* tlerhagbi! ,Mi!,-lng Tisk.ti, got0d over 1101% mSler f o -ms t* piri a.
elipasl rill*Iayn the *,wistiern $t*.4e qaieo Ll p t ioo
'rtnit thl Ptmain i,. v e Paort T 7 V (RIM'%
-ive s;,& wita. Athattile ('ca 14 6 0pa

* *' '*" ff.*1|^ '^^ ^ ;~ii A

9 -A t k,, a -,- ,,a MhA kA AA. dLAL

Dest pliu,. for oihI trinwr olinuite, H a t itd0 lb
tuae lo it'tr than others., onttruot.edt
tuist matetlri inMl most artis'io
worltat t nhlip obltdlAbl,.
lU' dit tol) d tt every
t nuttxlt tl.
Sold by ioa continuously for

without n single failure. If yot
wiuit a piano for a lifetlme'a
service buy tho
IMsathuihe k T
lPrlotit a% low la. 4 omNlnahltent wli QUiiU.ty
'Caiti or ron onIay Litritis. m ont on t ay. "
trial. Woe iay frelgit, Write
for ili-'tn TODAY.

Ludden& Bates

Southern Music House,

ErTABUIH3DI 1 1810

Farming ImpleMetts

Nails, Iron, WiTe, Pipe, .it-

St ngs, Belting, PacklngeLtc.

to ig t i. ('i r I .I m o, HSold f it a 1y1

ielt OIw of Our Catal>(iogs.

Baird Hardware Co.


I11 I)ES,

F t s.

tighest Market Prices Paid.

D. L Mir Iland,
4l to 421 Sit. J4ltliin t.,

(iiresent tinlg ;

1. A* WEAiL .& W) r
Of Allt erlptioUns.

c t< A s re f4 rXM0A14 ut, 0 OVY t*
j EjsA qt& AAATA $4hoes. EltI .r .
I '' +I gm I$,I W s:Cp + rs+: S4 .I,

If ~




One Cent a.W`ri

Advertisements of ten words or OPre U4t4r'
thts bead Inserted for One G Ci a Worw oai4 a,tb
In advance, e t01oh tn4ertlon, '
mtloase answer li eltvt ilonh$ atu it weait.e
In the advertise itut.
The tontildeno of 11i perisonst s It rintvttwt io':.
tlees stilned with Intltials w!ll be r~smOkpet
T aeirt names w iinot bo ntven to tInqUtrer '

IX) YOUT wa% t wa iwligA n'iohthine ltsO 1iO #aol0 rt4ori
buy 1Otuon.e I keie on hldI. teti M e ttaciW iu -O w
t ricol elct. 'M AV ' ll I I
of laohvilles. Ah ,ndaohtatwis takal i nu* :'
ofhiwo, St O lhi-ilutl. d ni'a ni~let LIttt y aO. q i* i
ltoe. (Call> Om. or iltd r'l -C. A. W. *P Hn A l , .:
e, tel ,Tho Shti orM -. t -, Co. (P.0.) zx !t .t i

Mathuslik Pian os .


-- i .-- "- i--- i, i "

ft A A & f S AA- b AAkA Ak

1. 1''..).

roI IJ

Men We Want to Talk To.
'We believe tht if < ( I'( / -/ i f i vl l 'il. e tS; cit, /wa a h',hinvi r rt .--
if 'creit/ matll in (Gai ie k th/( I p iti'/lrt /f'(, in hll e t. /, /that
ef-cry mall in Gctrt i. I( ir ou me shn-c ft t '1]1l( e'It K; fe wor // rfnthis mlotilg,
Each we'eik wue will .. We.'/.sh l, itt i /h rinl t O #/} f lim( '< l This
e.'e k's ('rgm ie'nt i (lit, ,





na. Lo-d of mnP rospo o:a. for


t Wa the Fiirst fo00 FqurW Week, and
,otton aind. Other Crops Were o u f-
ferintg.-News or 4 ( lt and Pe r
'bn#i Nature.N

rited today by' a m Iuch-deeded il f MRIC mliV, *gra
b(oW^erIl Ar'th n ftr wpek rno r iey'or fo.he want o` V te" iwb b wa

IL fi, owaneliloy ,
h ea late ate .. .. Por 1Iorae year I .suiered with
I W t. c. BUtch, who' has been on leueorrKih, and f4'tg ctfthe womb.
e 'to her a gh ti redU, but nothi6 t
I commntenee4 tekirirg Ly4fa lIC
L.:lr.:G lwin of Rex*. anid I '*"i 'r- .
r of Gaeile, rete s Vetabe ompoun
i riday. ' J t. Whe I had tken the.
h left last evening to vt ttle,. felt a vast improve.
esi ait High, Springs sand: Alashu. I 4 u, laow toke n bte ulottles
U ,lwi beu absent several days. wOn, t Whejt I commented taking
i1. M. F. Moore of LakWe Parki. :Ga.,& te Vreetable Compound 1 felt a1
e throughltece s d nhtin nout 'ad wag fSt 1aproahin
S4A..to .er fat-er. W. D. OtrU lf oa 18pcoads. p.ow I weigh 100l
8be was acompanitd by ft and improi ey day.
Stwo ehild' wtren.o thb int
RuIsMu l. :in eo.mpay withWet
i '?" :*.h' St n O; St.,Richmond, V -a.- -cfuf"if.
f-4 O0of the l men of Bell, s or0i;of Wa ktte0r prolayInegseaw tsnot
Pd 0iAtil -ast week. Mr. Lord n Wex h Whe a PedItci hs'be su
hIflt as being well lt easp o4 L t'ete ,
i~this setion and' will tprobatl y 1th io nt I
4h0ir#tc h1inery here, Te ... pope vOit otl :Tth ueN"
ipi sawelpaed to haive 5i tR to 1,
Stne here tnd run sa ew mill, t address
#eyare convinced that the devil has Me
i' tnfng the mill here', long: le.*

e 4 getting low iW.,, Fsiih^-e 'W cagg a-A .

hI Seaboard Air Line railway have
arranged lhe following attractive rates
t a ra nowand
sa sot&, 1la-, i
SFr Ohqho .Rifer'Gatwayt.
Sne-way settlers' tickets endorsed
e onad lavM, not, good in 'parlor or
keepingg cars, to be sold to all' points
on te U '.. & W. I R..,.and S."S.
Co. line atrates based one-half of the
rstt-lass limited. fare, plus $2,00.
Ticetikl will be sold on the' first and
third Tuesdays of each.month, to and
inolading November 17th, 1903.:
Home seekers' excursion tickets to
ParHlsh, Ellenton, Palmetto, Braiden-
town, Manatee, Oneco and Saraeota
(agency stations), at one fare, plus i
$2.00, or the round trip. Tickets will,
be sold on the first and third Tuesdays
of each month, to and including No-
vember 17th, 1908, with final limit
twenty-one days from date of sale.
Tickets will be good to stop-over on
Seaboard Air Line railway on route on
going journey within fifteen-day
transit limit.

MNotie.is hereby given.tnat we, the undqr-
*tged, have thisday organized and a lstdiapd
ourselves into a corporation to be known as
XPTION PaIROp1IATl COMPAtY, with its princi-
pal place of business in the city of Gainesville,
State of FloMda. for the purpose set forth In
the oh ager and articles of inoororotf0o
hereto anmezed, a oopy or which has beeneled
l;the-offtlle of the Secretary of State. and
that *6 will apply to the Governor of the
State of Florida for letters patent upon suldi
Oharter and artitole of incorporation.
JoHzm 0. NtcnoiK,
We, the undeslgned, hereby assootate our-
Selves together for tbhparpose of incorporat-
.Ir and formirn. a body 'orporate under" the

, APRIL 29, 1903

i .. T](. porarily Y
nO -t a k J.tptn bie agitating Ihe
bowels, but regular action cannot be secured u.til th iver
secretes enough bile to make the intestines
execute their natural functions. Umiat-.
ural agitation caused by cathartics, compels
continual and increasing doses to 1
atta-n the results. A,

S, ct' on the
liver; cures Chr .
J*ng a nand Fever, and every form oi
Malarial, Bilious, Remitting and Inter-
mitting Fevers, and, by going to the seat of the
trouble, works permanent cure.

For Sale by Johnson Bros., Gainesville

ianne Brotlers' Casli Mail 'der House,

a w , I 'U

Bottlers of Wm. J. Lemp Brewing Compirny's St. Louis
Beer. Key Trade Our tSpcialty.. Prices
on Application.

a- 1i0s-

1246 to 1258 W. Adams st.,

Jacksonville, I la.


Retailers and Jobbers in

o., port to ,those WhO. have he W t.t- o rV lawnot ihe Stato of Forma.'
I ,*The nt- --ame of said corporation shall be DvE- 3
^ m" rheTH. E.... w. THE BOY LEOWTVRER.-Fit. B W et it p -- and-Fanc
ijd 'wHll lthe near.futu re erecta, pLee of togdoess Gaonesvke Forida, but the
ad will in the n mid oompMay may have such otber olmees and
^areho lse ithe;re," whioh is greatly Master Arthur Sipprell Will Entertain lee M tof ins t i the Stat o 'Florda, or
Poob Sta es o r por eor"outn tr:ia lit Grain, Garden Seed a
t"~ % Jei le I ut o h of ...... 'P e o ple o f G aIn esv ille be provided the by-law s of the d e o m-
h ette ush of, ayneswortrhuh Editor .Sun : I wish to say to th0e ,A.MIOL IT
r~jn^gdughter of -1 people of Gatintville that I would like Theiewerw i nature of the baint em to 90UTH SIDE 9QUARE.
Ifs t Y0lB01iStnff'. relotlve hethe rate or Bad oorporio. hot be the
i nhere, e to have had that moet popular placetraeted sa i 0 .b tiuon aom ame
....* mth ae IAuditorium', f(or Master Arthur raing o So issa bore arnothter. w 't Aadnttriut hfor Master Arthurd the product Of a and the
S ple here are ouous to know ipprell, yetthe opera house Is.a very tianeg, ite buyo o seilnd
do 41 t~ ed he ro Th tpns' e 0'*nganddtrrill andth,eil,
Ah ~isbeome of the road gang. proper 0oe.; therefore we sincerely moriasioar ae. f and ram eri o
S b-needed here. Thepub hope and 'trust tiat there will be no, o n me into ertge a A Complete stock of Hay, Corn, Oats, Flo,
re jouy or selfihnes displayed by in timbe and R e. We handle only the VER"
it the people o GahTesvPille We reali3 e thedeo. undtr acts ST PRICES, and guarant ee
l^,^.ixton, who has. charge of that it i Impossible foray boy osucceed Seon, in.fleik e bue traox ure .m
X hUl c1ro i t1, filled his appoint againlsto0a influence unless it should movisTrom the vbe streA of t .he.
'n'iIet"ro"Ji k0OT 4( 4 ute'ad t wers in
at a 8u John Sattda and Sun. be become a publi, noisne. i a eo o the oa ite n o
__ aentoolnlvyw or of' other ptateo ronatdure and leri ton
4 i He had at large ad attentive we claim Arthur'.tleture to be new of thetteorlt, uthe o FIRE, LIFE AND F'.
"^ ,... . '"' other propetsyof every Uittre and d Iipt
'. :. to you all and in every way worthy of thatimayby eswy or 4sualin the ooudu.t A
L t of ll b..ln.3--, tC I E the INoiw of t thi, s A I DENl I -.
Demonstration of What Chamber- the patronage of the professor itas wbll necessary trid usuaid tin ad incident to tim CIo
Calnh'q oolc, Cholera and Diar- as the scholar, old or youngg. buslne or asemo nd TH aTnODsS
rhoea Remedy Can Do. It iBseasy to shine when soano ome else selinj.nd dist aof io AND BEST COhM | o
N 'Ol-nof ouro uttolilers, a highly re- furulahes tih light, but nuinty-nini e tln,: ansttn nd alstt do oay or au ofr the abusot ANI ES
pted etizen. of this place, had been iloturers out of one hundred have to aesor in sefoa entioned.eher sev PANIE
4 Arately, or, In doubintu.in ..
or te .. years a sufferer from chronic travel under the anaiu of the eburt1U.hani nP R
it Arhoea," writes Waluen & Martin, andt other soeitioes or fail. Tmount of aitalstook ofth PORTER BLOCKpr-
dt ogi tsof Enterpriae, Ala. "H Arthbur's lectutre diitnunstrate that 10,Mn) es of one bunlred dollittrs eaob. The m
a4 used various patent preparations real education is not know lege of ^ ) nrsha ron of s P n saId eorii .r i
tibeen treated by physiotuns with- book, but knowledge' of lile, and inish an elhty o per centnO.ertyat
t"O any permanent boeeft. A few books are useful only so far as they sd o tompny at L meetii n ched for s ch
%si otilth ago he commenced taking lead up to this kind of knowledge. P. 1e . .IV. n1I
hamberlain's Colic, Oholera and Arthur was, schoied i- the kinder- the Aaid oorfporantal exttfor the e '"
f4rrioea Remey and in a ahor tihme garto of travel and Wienee, who hAe a sni aeourt-tale e oits arte 0 D 0 R LE i
ii entirely oared. Many otl took'the plikeo of thet p.tle o books a. v. 'R A D-S 0 DO R L EIS S .
itrprise who know the gentlenman which the lshoiol boy of today oagrf, The omerk. of sd orration shll be New Desk4m In All Sixes. it ,
eatl y -to the truthfulness o t~h, underh4ti ann, when ts his mon- oi edet. Vi se. Secretary. Tras
,meitine ,n t ll', o allies. drugg i s a o s olw rd. Thor*(ue why rd of D trerotu at l3eo* oo.1 0 tttt
,1 --"----.-----'--L-,---'- a'houId ufot tnhis Port0i btoy, at andltg norstoII e lsi rted ihr the ,tt er1 t'ro e AL i l'M
91110e0ne SM (trporera. o. and the snutue'Y r ,
"WILL ESTABLISH LIBRARLY. alone ,M thIe argtit ''wn o.f ,he igh- ~ te or t AL Iata 0 TreaC It S .
Sborhood i which h tptlt his baby r e tt orton A Full Aimrtment, lulhuling
itre Laddies Will Have Nicely Equipped, lod, draw th lars-. h.iu o f t stii thoseitrst eleteishll bet quauled are: his Latest Patterns.
r Reding Room at New Station. a? ". H. St.h. ". W'rlne. of lltg o ,eri ,
A movewient, i being agitated look. r*;" 'r, a ..... ,.--:-- 7W". ::,.-.o r d WATER COOLERS,
ig towards the furnishinRg and fit-tng . *'_ .< ,:ttt an.tt, ., iors. ? FREEZERS, and All
S olran 'ehl att library and retding i lt t itli ltlt tif a .omn atr,
t. s tll(.iretn.o that a .euetii r "t eyu F.h itd ot tIty u;, a I S pecialties d irur oft .el, i:i t te ". ..
Itm be uni Jstoodl~ ~t thjthe tintertai 1 ho %I' k lo th"' e Tnvt BAIRD HARD ARE COMPANY
~ 1th purpt),r ttse of raising fat ds to il<"ry:t;;ia 4 .. ;XVt'hnt 1I it-.i ," he 'tie' N'rIm tel, o-tiNi'lrint sia. i uidi't ',an tplhO-
inrch t i ] iteraturI for tnhe library, to iSiiid zthntita Sut irt a th i ime t tt a t at t w ith
Sis very prob that J. yW. Key li &tis t' p n Ai' tt i't tin tht t' z Y eorI n-
i iooltaen lead wetonder who has sort hud1 ord t thi t iumbele IpHuddin = 4 t i" ] h'e l 1 .
itiailed this community by Shewing which etnitoent stat Mot tinititoodt tytt g< Fruit and Truck Groweri r
A,-I't seSio. ut the viceroy rown
l ani o r.amilll give ' ,' ko It P, h a ev r lot , b u ....... 1tn I le tl ANY )
opportunityof witntleltng his per- he see ch a' thing nagan This s ^air as m an te citter5 e .pln.....go .... 10
,rmanO e p ,t-this entertanm t.' Iw tl leuot. dltffters fwa the ocel- ,tf, t s ,tioritto ftorI ; h t ,) t 'sha tu ,i
YASweet P Breath dent. .l.c p"d-ln mIght have ined Wo whas e tI,..nlte :lrkt t-tats. A thaIdwmely illustrated tagnaziu
wonde tBreath o t dignity w thh vice regal table t 5ktClt tirttr Oi
14 ne falling aign of a healthy n-e nion. 0, iew t r ia. tho' anur d tuvigetab! grow ofs it
i^ 4 rila et -W hen the breath is bad the 1. " "" -' u.ti n a 3it iS ts. Flort. Florida. '
e^ h iso out orde -it There' is noi Walks Without Crutcee re x ., n "Mo J A siil tria- *u erti tn ix
Sin the, world equal t9 .hodel I. was mueh0 alihietet w ti"a r. I nt a ts? f
eo r curig digestion writes E . Nud, in wavtlliL, 8edgwwstk c .* -Stan k, U mSta
a an allH stmach dieor-. Go., ,an.. "!olng shout u-},rutentsk ---. y 1.f 1iL. Jl M ttRI5 Oral F a .
,^^i [rs M~ry'S. Crickof White and stifferla tindl, o t I 'aa : ." r r *, u...... ,it
A a)l klo d ef It' Itt H 4 "I have beee and to h Mttt~m w t n, S Drite to MRS A
t a toi[ k. rtwt wrse il' tIstI.'s%; l 0ni ii t It WI-ZtD', ere o Edgr ct
e to oto, 0.. .. .. .. I

:y Groceries,

nd Fertilizers.

'gs and other PrnduJe

ir, Bran, Meal, Cotton See'
Y BEST goods at the LO'
satisfaction always.





h y Not Protect Your Orange
STrees From Cod?
ii oiter rirnlt.Wi u vegetables from heat
atos., lit U 'll i''l k 'itt i tLhe very least
tr iis I rt'ira in seo It. as well, a
ri ) I s, 'ini lt. 1t 1 ta it two year-old
, a.i, i> 1 t 1 nal it. I will demonh-
tt t t i,> tt.. tr li v llfid aheiptte .'
,t ,' d t 111' i t italpdeti earelope
L t a14 i.,., s x',.irl t. mtoney order. I'
'f16' 11 dt'IiIh' ithl tt1r tC' hLS itls succein lw
li tiu, , \ rt to t it to all the
a" i> r, i ltt o"'r4-4ol in their ow1n itel.-
I' Nl t "w i t' i .-hul.f acre to
ort. i -i'.i' ltf o t'i.sh. Notil apa
S- I la i a fr teoitr
1 *^"i'" )i l'it al'laid iOt t'r i. o(ia tOi OW
it 1 I,,, 1 t iltb" l it"t eIl.od.e. t
0 e1 i t t sosours ael.ad
i. as m .'
w.,,, ,, t -*t r itta wor. ms
,i "',, i'i,', t! i.r f"it f or h .

'" DIi (, STORE

Compounding Prescriptions
lihuld |b.ig

,h "(.'k .f 1>I 4. ". .
T tiii r At Ite L' s, etc. .
full I..hiu Ptent MedjM*.'

Plan ters and Growers of 1"i

ple Sea Island Cotto will SW i Am

to their interest to o id:..

iUiOWXA ftc

Wholesale Liquor Dealers.






Special' rain Bearing Party Ar-
riTyed Tuesday Iiorning.


The Party Were Met at the Statio;) by
Committee .if Citizens cricd Driven to
Various Places of Interest in Ci.
Exp i5s ed Great Satisfactii.

B eckache
Al' ,is , of id..n.ys.

O.I t o Ir ble~
Dott u hr', di. ,o. r'd. There Is a
il'l. I I I -.\ t'v I L i. i, LL. .t'i c.

-)R. J. 11. ALDERMAN.
[S Ic cessor to Sehrl&rA \ r naif I

Over Dutton & Oo's Bank ii, ta snv.
pt'ecJifd titetuioti to. Crow ai.i i: ttiiwe w

(;rhnlittt Inaltihmore Collesge It r ,ti: Surikery
l"ito y eatM' Oexierience.) In Ne\ Y\ ori, City.,


Giainosville had tih linii T il t' '. h .2 ," ,L ,,: *-
of entertaining J. ). K eniy, .i, i .. ., i
president and gevne-al !,;:it r: . .' ou
13, Pleasaits, chief enigiiitkr o i .' \
lantic Otast Line with li,.;i|, ,"irIi. i' i lii,,t, ; .'1,, l1 n Iarn
at Wiltington, N. C., id (: \\. it.-- t.
B.tDet,11tam, general sulivtrintcI i (
the second division of it* syI si-t ,
vannah, They were accolii Hiitl .y PCh
Division Superinteidentm it .\ til of
lhh 4i1, ,F, |or it.v yearn I %-:!s ut vi(tsn oIdy* De- le
tmii y. *4 p i : I 1. ; !r. 1 t Ii ll iiti u I t t',thl hg w h uv
Thie distinguished party at vul iin 't t;i .nth lt at. tt, n oi c orrest
4tI )3 IL. n ,, It Ld LI I a ti t. L t arc I
this City at 0 o'clock -,Tutsd( ay liiortlin lg i t'.t' u.., I '.' A \l;!"l'.s d uiLi I I' ien I
ll .> 1 I: I 1, 1111 ti. _:Itii I I LL 0 I Ia ll as I H
from tlie South. 'Phe special train cv ; i : .ti v t il'r.
whih? .&onVeyed the party comprised DAL., i. Mi N ewark. 0.
the privltte cars of Vice- Iresidtent CANDY LO
Kenrley, General Superintendent l),n- CATHARTIC We b
ham and Divisioi Stuperintieni deit with yo
FO. The party was met at the tl- ll
tion-by a committee of city ullicials AL
nii4 prominent citizens, comprising trnAPMAR! bhe'sUWrl
Is -Hpnor Mayor W. R. Thomas, (.
K. Bioome. .president of the City GAI
Council, Alderni A. J. MePArthur l Peasant. PIlhattblth. Potent. Taste Good. -o
Council, -Alduernian A. J. lcArthir, Good, Nevei SwL!Imt.. WOilken. or Oripe. 10i. 25c,w.
Jas. M. Graham, president of their ... CURE CONSTIPATION ... ,AMen
Gainesville and Gulf railroad, H. F. teriti'" ; imdyyi .... ta c.. l o, tIo.utr No i i Va. 3lt,'. aI COMIP
Dutton' J. G, Nichols, Dr. J. F. Mc- NO-TO-BAC M'"" "'"a'"""t"'t'1b 'all diua-
Kinstry, Marcus Endol and Phillip _
Miller. AND WOE. -..WA'
Carriages were in waiting and tho MEN AND WOMEN. WA
distinguished party was tendered a in. 6 d clagontanrattos
drive about the city, visiting all the no atlritat on e or ul braloue
places of interest. Each of the party, C'THE(YA ISHEMCAtCo. gnt or ot i
more especially Mr. Kenley, expressed INOINNATIO e,.l ld by iraairulagso 4-8-02
themselves as being delighted with the ..y opretn lain wrapper,
4 1.00. or 3 bottlea t3.7B, CAF
city. They expressed a great surprise Ia circular bouet on requk
at the prosperity of the place, and _.
were deeply impressed with. Gaines- r 182 W
ville in general. The visitors were 1IO THlE PUBLIC.1
driven to the Gainesville Graded and We, their undersigned, hereby agree
High School, and were shown through to pay $1,(X) to ttny manufacturer of Best
the building. They stated that thley paint who can show, by similar tests, Wine
entertained no idea that such a fine any paint stantlding tuponl any metal THE
school building existed in interior surface as perfectly and for so lung a
Florida, and coniplimented tLe coin- time asour FINE
mibtee upon their educational enter- (lt11APHITE ELASTIC PAINT.
prise. They also visited the tailwrnitcle, \\e guarantee GRA'll ITE ELAS- !-
now tinder course of construction, TIC( i :int to contain no tar, rosin, as- Faut
which was also a surprise. They pllialt.ui or any of the products of fail to
se,.med particularly impressed with pftrhol this project, which they decliarid shirface according to our directions to iTI
would prove of great htiineit to ti h wear iprcl'etlI for a period of five .
city and our people. years, and we agree to furnish, free of THE
After the drive about 2I ('L I ul charge, all uitilnt necessary to repaint.
been concluded the officials vi-it.l tlie any suirfue( where it has proved de- The
passenger and freight depiarltn li ts ,l" fei(tive. Signed, talhm
the system. They comiliinentt'! Ilolhl The National Paint and Varnish Co.,> Theati
departmtdnts generally, more especially Cleveland, Ohio, U. I. A ......
Ticket, AgeInt Goodwill, wlioiii th".y (I- \\te Il, lnkit plisire in aninouneing that Toi'
flared was one of the i11 ,t coitII|ltJ-l..,y. hve l oetlired control for Alachiua
and industrious passenger minen inl tii' (Loniily for the sale of thl celebrated
employ of the system. (ilA I ITE ELASI.C (generally
They also -complinited kwn is Unle im .pathn.) Thi
Strobhar and his ellicient corps) of as -. I nt iro rooft wid alt exposed
itin anit iron roo. lnd Jill e po ed
sistants, and expressed gratification iat incuil.
the great volume of business which hils T. F. THO1MAS & 8 CO,0, 0. A PI
been enjoyed by the system bot l in and oainesvillel- Fl.
out of Gainesville. The officials were ... .....
frank enough to admit that ains- A l
ville is one of the mIost prolitahle R N
points on the line in Florida, and thl
patronage of the merchants is duly ap-

The visit was made especially l.as- |11 ric hi |
ant by the presence of Superinten(lent t 1 111 u. n e
Denham, who was for mitany y ;irs a Iarth
resident of Gainesvillc, itind who i.
very popular here. As a linatt .r of
course th Vcity felt honored tvo a -
tain Messrs. Kenley and 'Pleasiu'aS lbut S
the pleasure was greatly enhiiit'i !ly, -- B ts
Superintendent Denhnmi's pr,'1iret p (',:OO 'i ? k~ O f O 1111 ey"
The train bearing ihe officials I ft at ... ......
11 o'clock forl High Springs, where .:,, 2 ':',. tVtOVf, 1 haters, JO CHI
ilist,1ec tlo0 of the shop.s of the i"th >L|>ind'y
interests was made. Trit, triin i'm'; ": .... 8l f,.In M .ch:ine. Bt
pbrI'4u +< ;etd .tO the m 'nIi* of l.t !';, tt<, -I I '1,11 ......... I I ', 1

4.Ia~t divisionl, wher" tht parn ,tbil,.' rI tllV lllt i o ia I'"I IIe- Illi.
+ th mi es f.. irt_-Cll. Service a d
Broke Into House. 1 i ScheduleI to
S LeQuinnof Cavendsi Vt. "1% ':'V, 'i::AiM, NA HIVIL-E. ,
rtbdd of his customary ltii vil HICAGO
. v si-'in Ofe hronilc con.-ltifiltt."'" ,, ."*" ,. _' ,.,,, ,-

,'1, e I ',l- a n, l AI i I'O wtsl .
Vt and Northwvt.
',i :. ; I;:'. N L:W o tt i .r^ NS,

r. Kings New Life ruts hre'.t hi)
hi- house'his trouble' was arrt-ol itfI
w he -'It e#iitirJy 'cuIIrt-d I,"1- r,'
1'arnnlted to cure. ,H' at alt ilrtag
..res. .


Notice. an.d A'!nil flnt outhwwt
be Of the ,ircuit o4ArL lhfIntl., 1Tmaticots,'ia. .t soI4
i Fiilve notice thait I Fi *lo rid.

... .. 06 I. ii l

n. uirL'e work ianld I'lli,,: sltviities.
Am. \VtoK lulAN'r:lIi.
I N .UK1 11.iAWK. ll tA I N P, 11.. 'l.A
'*. H. I'lKIL-i.ON,

es ilockl, uo'oss the ls froin Smrnlth's

. PA'tION,
UAllNaiSVillV. VIA)'I LA .
r in reai .state. Tho, .:i:lChly posted
cry secttln of. land hn .n:.Nu I'.lu Atouity.
>ondenoe solloited.
tlaldMiado Now.'
ytt or sell Furniture. -or can contract
)u on tioe comnllllttison ltins.i. Patronaute
d iand slitlsfteitoni alwv.i.s.

ANY. N#,; York,

3. W" i


.AM 'IC T. r.SIAA1,T


mnville. I

WM. SCHILLER. Proprietor.


. Iorsyth st,, Jacksonville, Fla.
Oppositec POetolote.

t dining place in city. Finl
, Liquors atid Cigars.
JOHN MENZIES. I'roprtetar.
21 W. lny iU., JiackstonvDio,
st beer, bottle iatd draiil ht. Don't
call on I O wli'r in JackcIonville

-Visit tho--
best LiquorA in the city. Enter-
ent every night at Roouf (itrden

T IN, 8 e K M' TAL AND t


XTT, l, I* maeeef and Manatrer
Oalne lville. tlortidf.

Arecd's Saloon and Cafa
Jacksonville, Florida

chant. Luinch from 12 to 2 p. in.
lomany fRocheter, also ias
irteMd Wurberger Bier on !Draughtl

ik, Fish, Chopfi. OGAmo in af non),
d,.r, PTool, Hillirdf&, bowling
S180W. Bflayi .i



+ .,...... A... ...

+'* ,

(^A^'5$ ^TH
^^^^ ^^T ^i^AJ


In C

onnectlon With ATLANTIC COAST LIN, .

No. N NRi,;i< N,>.:t liet'leet Jacksoivlhle and Nevw York. Nx, > otkNo.i,
7 .V p'r a >< I l ln2l sy.nviltli o H Ar. . W ( a ; a p ItI Uu p
S V i . I .. .. tA ih t f
S;se i I i *' ", li r, \ .t to tt' < '. .I I 84t) ) t i i 4
. .. .t ., I i i, i. .... ..... ... .. .... .... i...,t t;I s
t l t \ .v 'h il l lt I I t .i. ,. . .. l ,.v. 0 p- O 4 0
tL' It e l ; ,L .I it ;'it i ctit i.i V i'. o . . .. ,, I I I
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