"'No." lansaered Mtr. C'' \el,cd l I nlt that .ath ki ad. l.,al j|r. e<,t d ',lIt.
did not hear him -uaI oirc. ,r < 'I. ..d fru:A a ,- iJe ier. tlall
thel other at the tine- I ilt ,,i, ;rti( h
"Idid you authorize hiim te t~; at '1t, rt adjourn, d until Thursday

was KWenuine a.ke -d the, I.A

\ .\SHIIN(;TOtN Ju:, I; Ind1 4id
UaZl ate-rrllu.-lo' about th< t size olf
a color yellow and red. which can be.
grown lu an) section of thij. couatitr
haLt' been introduced through tlhe de
apartment of agriculture by Huorce
G. Knowles. former American mlnlis
ter t ouilialisa who disa4tuTred thelia
in the foothills of the Carpathian
mounltains IIit ounainla.
For us* III l ta I 1- r..e (a-taiiralt lii1,
on lllnllK (.ar.s ald .I**lrta Tre-. Itli
ita I% tra: I l I tifill a hlo ,g f .J t wA '
KE t I i \ eri imeii t ht'e hti *

: a. e11 ..

NEadeJ I, I the depalrtmentt through its
:imellllrous stationp, which proce that
i lln:atic couditios. soill. etc., In
Sractically all parts of this country
are- adapted to the growth of the
Thisa *s son a large quantity aret
Citing rai-d by tlh (Go ernrll.nt for
Iv i,.irrl d.-v 1ru P roa. .winhllhllllli he :haid

I for th lie-ht rejlucttle eg
it in lirujeose-d toa
fii' o eta Pranlfc-m .M.it Ii
t I,* (ro'iti, n rarinctIr,
aleecee gia. t Mr Ki
.. i 't c. e- r eev i r, .i in

WASHIINTON. June 16.-Declaring
that tobacco grown In the Philippine
I-lands *as unfitted for the Amerl-
can market because of inferior quality.
Mr. Itulkely of Connecticut opened
the dayt' debate na the Senate.
lie oppolrsed the Phllnpine tariff
:amiuendnint and insisted d that Its
eIunctlment into law would do the
r'l' I il( a 1.0 od..
"Teach them." he raid. "that the
way to make a market for thl.ir to.
bacco. sugar or anything else is to pro-
duce a superior quality land there
will be a natural demand for them."
Mr. Itulkely offered an amendment
providing that the 300.000 gross tos
of wrllvi'er tobacco and Aller tobacco
to be admitted to the ullted States
from the Philippline Ilands free of
duty shall be "unstemmed." that sum
te.r of cigars to be admitted free shall
te 70n.000.0O Instead of 150.-0.00:3
and that the amount of free Iler to.
Iacco shall be reduced from 1.500.00
pounds to 1.000.000 pounds.
Senators Penrose. Joaem and Fletch-
er approvingI this proposed lchage
Is satisfactory to the tobsaco later-
ests of their States. Senator AItich
promptly on behalf of the Gaaase
committee accepted these amemd-
An extended colloquy between Sens-
-or Ilacon and Senator AJMrieh O-

:-urred with reference to the
would be loft because of
entry of ';onm.WOMi rcigars.
Mr. Alarnch said that be c
sler-litep upon any loas of
,tn arcount of the free (ntr

duty that
the free

would not
ry of ol.

ATTEMPTED CRIMINAL ASSAULT Jar b.caute be did not know what
lAuantlty of such cigars would pay
.? r. ntacon asked why it was thought
Negro Was Found Near the Scene of
Crime and Lynched an Hour
After Brutal Act.

h, r,. Jll.-t I. tir th l., ralph o ,it Arcladia w ,r cl,-e d ia a leFgror
v'.,t Iltucht'd there it l .-'t-rdhay af
, er:i on fur a ii a 'teIii'pti I- critlainal a -
-.mitl on .Mra 1. I It itd. ie of I'ASHI. III.. June 16.--Tlhonas Mer
a ,. i ..... .i....,. o; A.\:.i.. A ('Varty. known as "Red, the Ihad. a
i.> was formed a ImomI as the Iaroled con ict from the Indlana
Ir,,. of the attenpltled crime spread
SStale pridrMon. Ir usidr-r arrei.t hereon
:aind within an iihur theI negro was
captured aithln a hiort distance from tl iave charges of burglary and theft.
the scene. of the. crine- and lynched. Mc'arty was paroled by Governor
Thisi makes the' swcouud lynching for Marshall. and has a Ilble inslrilled
atteniited criminal assault In this at a git froan Governor and Mrs
rectio n Ii the- last bix wee-ks. Marshall Ieh lias been ostensibly
ernKagaged in Salialiln Army work and
aieAwt -WM W Ic-p P-11119-i .i** 1.1ar ;r .l hlr- -vral daytv



" .. ATIANTrA. (a Jun. 1- I-u ai
to the- p blelI
na the I- ,,iiaton renzcUdre-d 'ITu da.., the court
S, for f ai ppa'. A hilel that tiraimifer of
,tkfl uhlak oii i a -i ,mllllap- of ia. at
MI11. fu Ull 1 I .1, I',, .llsll- r r a ite- al
lled aai aia- lhn a t,- ia t l avi. l ,in if
Sthe. lr.ila>lll.ne laaw \V S lih \%. AS lNI;TO%' June 1 -A rcIe
(, Ai wa 11 ie lc-ted of e ilatllg thl ui.le rf. It I ti cit M crude' in i e rk
tl.astut tiltd aipel ale.d tlhie Ca 1e o e t the < it Ula; -*, ter '*
lit, Kli liund that he r cil-it td nco mone-'
e'e ti ,, I l th ih e. e*e a <.sr fu! !.ai. II,.
I, 0 k ., .l'cA ,d to hav%,
% r.r. u .I* a.- .d rrule d baut t to j. .. I tIN eu dIe @ re 4.1
Ii .. et rrel- it l I l ted to p hel t *- rer t s-io lt r
e, -' *. -i t i*t,. ri Il. r
Penny ...
,ll, et41 e, t. h i p' l ," icei a- l ,adi teo I. e ef thIl
i r a 1. 1' I A i a [|- e at ra ll I

1', 1

I c- i'
-'. ~ I : *

'C j ii I I .

AI I A f I I

ccc-c I II

AieI s a i 1e cfr of
. I 1 1 t ll

S !I r I ,r

-I S-ciroru 5t IerlaIt fert that vacant -
re? iA. ta I. -Ifle-d al In -
~ '' 'l'I. $. t el b.c 1 Ccefl

I ..,4

I I '' r .- I; i
I c. .

neewsary to uake ch a prorebe
for 70.000.0 If tha e ars wold
not actually be brought lato the oa-
try. Mr. Adrteh repled: "It is to
encourage a people vo ua auder
the halted States Iag."
Mr. Baoes lamated that sumf lea
latlms as was prooed by the ema
mittee would only biad the PhlH
pine Islands to the tnlted tates to
the detriment of the Ph ilipplee.
Mr. Potter annoumeed l tlatentUo
of presettins a ameadmeat to the
committee's PhlM bpe seetia. This
aanoubeement prevented a vt be.
nag taken Imedately en the wma
mlttee's popolitt l Mr. Owes
was reeoe laed to masi a pasal
speech oa the tarUL
A new chedle a sesigdu dle en
lk aadl ilk o6eds wase e iiaiad.
The ubetiutea tor Lte -m pro
vibaL was eolaed by Mr. AIlMSP fr
the Ilsaae eomo ittea
Vpoa motle a Mr. AMrtL toe
committee am ia t red ui tlh

baryta of N erytes Ifte $LM to
cets per ta was dlwnaed t t
higher Hge rate bs aimSi.ed
Mr. Aldrih abe rsptedb em the
commmtte m aso o m" adas
re ls thea duties ef the b W w
glass schedule. TheL sometimes
stated by Mr. NeCumber mde to
rates bealw these bhib the IDIey

Sad the Home MbIL *.
CObplylag with the wlha of be t
Senators Scott and iMek. the w eow
glass ameadmeat was amwedl to Ie
over until taomrow.
Another ama meat e red by Mr.
Aldrich sad adopted, reduced from
25 to Ii per est ad valbe the
duty on osler sad wilew for basket

i Army

ireer of Crime

ago has been staying at the hoe of
'Cptain (harley Smith. of the tol
Salvation Army earps.
Monday nrigt be stole a umn of
money from Captain Smith. It Is
alleged, and took a bicycle, which he
abandoned a few mlles oet of town.
owing to the punctured tiU. He re-
turned to this city and whe arrested
was trying to dispose of another
wheel. which. It traspired. had bme
stolen from a dealer at Terre Haute

-_ -_

in Circulation

a,.ice of an employee of the Irving
;allreial Iaank of New York City.and
a report of the matter w*a ae to
I'blef Wilkl* An Iatesrtiatlao warm
at uace InauxuraIed In an effort to
amcertalu tbe source of tbe spurius
Pilne Oreetlia.
E'1diI' 01tan Ple-a,. allow me *I)*c**
t) ,. Iie, ;IC le-mih Ithe coaun lua Of
'1 hie 14 ih'.t the-r ill ie a picli at

af I 'e I *' '1e*' E. I. I *e h e l I. tia*- in) JUU<
I .' ;. *I i i ( 4t 4 l 1 to Couir ai.d
.1, 1 tl 'Irh nil ,Ark bliti ttierr Ia kL t. *a-l blled llth
|,ecI thll th, ,l utK nW


Senator Bacon Ceorg ifes i M W

Semtora b iddch ai D ur.

Little Watermelons

Have Been Introduced

New Counterfeit Bll

Is Sent to Sing Sing

For Theft of



I .' f~lf L~1 '0 ILVC I



a- m -m -mm

-- -
#Now% do -imwvm

&Ol vmk

E na m N- ow- b

de "o po
~flllll~IC dkWr rrr

~I rra Sao"
immpo ai a
iv form amm m sawr waSaom
~i~:-3 C ow dbkl, amp aw *ar
vdb m hm

., 1

Ago,-,- 60-o&o

r~~ 1-- C -
C ~L Aw am aw~a
I" go maw
I1 lI ampr
W., dm op d b


w z I- r


Thwy a- bfwily .3aWmjjaqh6'0

Mae m&q -k#. WPennow ftrm

Ad h Th. 7

mak 6,I .1 tomw
iAWaiAGA b*

vim CA T. W* the-

-- mr



Lmm */.b 0.

0R...GSC A 5.CA

*'~ I &ear 'fl '. "Q --I.

it-:,Lar w ir-,lilww a.'-
.. 1. 1;..

I.1M 3 .& JUI.

md -5*. nfwtr~ng V ww .1'

Wl t itWON D =4. W an
J36 t ad.'? bp. utd v.-!r-
w ~ ulr :164 ttiti-mow it -

I Wrl fl4 W liaa aa t~ir-a ? 5lhr LZ 'n ~r'- x..-~ -b
m. C It- -,I
Prrla~-. m- in v ri -. ;
srC -swo c r ;r I
-. *-- T &. ..' I .

om-M L .AL r ).L .*"Q 1 -

&~.~IA .: -- ii *b *J1:`C-''~' r. i.. .t" 1
". 3ri f+;rti~1:m :rvu'~:-rz sn rr Co.. Ii
II 114'l
ul I f
IL !--- ="-Z "

W-3 V:i 1"an; la-.A I r .10 U01()C-,) -.1. 1 1 .- v .=~ I: .?
33 ~`f~ W., AILAT3-- A.r

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ui 48

fp"rfl rs' ww2 mv top am U Abi p enr
4d lw Obar u to Us amaim uWail

w=K ut mmum- ndi! V
,In& I& g I-a srjt a jflan'
wvqm -20M as -21 ThaI. w V I.
4n 4u~ w ,'b !es .oftr an-
aw 2rw za o .11* a (sawr -.% cl
Spr tm -w ag lie jtmd m 4ranng
-w iml a m der OjW putU in

md P4 a n amX3 2amM UJ r 1..? io
wrgvmsu *ac I aw zov" mm n-.w

opmm do s a& maw=aa0 -- w is E

dmw wioolit 00no IN40L L crl III:
.~- -CCCC !aiI I _I t~t
-- -4--.--- -r "-~ 111
r -~CC~ --I ~1 ,~ac r, ;
a_ ______ar~ lI a O
Own SIFAM @MOM MO BM AUV 940 #M soft s 40aw md w am *m
4.-.~ -.r.. --J..
1961o- w i-N&soasaAM bow pq

-.I .-I --- -R -I O l eB a
No-4o w -Smod A f -aa m

-l -u -I CI am C. IIap ri y~ lr rL r
IL-no.-.. =Mon. 4S~P ~~v i

omi 49 a m am u.-l... m -m aa u fw t* w p flap
#AM oo. -. -. mp... l me S t* % l .i.. -.
Aw ;. 1W tar I 1. ir

ImP 1 ....................i .o Marl is'!~C Wi PIL~r LI~ra~m
----------- -- *tktr 3a4y J3 rga ..3j~'

sr iw r- L' ams ',w 1.4 zaa", ri
-.4p... -WSW -. -* 1'.ri-:1.-a 17-1-

C film show^ Taftwo WAS' is i t.3.
~~~(YI -P...... -~Y Sans Casq. V~LU1 3 4aiaal4*

wA W'wCb xli-o a ZMX4
1I~)IY~ ~51 ifQr6 n r~rI -Jr.: .r '" a(r-.r- &&d a 'ir a~:i ~a'L
*6~4m ~~&st MW9 rLPIlr 4e r et4:
.4 a C
-o Na e I. Kb.. j .'w af W'A3 9' a *a .r -' .
I t. .I--
ow nd=-I:... VA V

ti Wm.I ."
l N I

&wD swow Ob", Illk~nlw+ 4
AlmolowxYmme. 2%0#.wwna ,

fto Careaft CfItw boo 0

Aftm L.w

V- Poo bMM. N
MII L Pw~y saw&.rw

-ft Slaw save. Ubasea

Awfisawym a Ormeem "460b"
x NavWo ods (04. ww a

Waft I
lo as od. wl

* '..~. I Ma' .'..C *t14T149 .~ .'.~ ~.


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4o# r ~rtr MS A TOS Alt*, OI
j' -

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I. *ec ~ ..

pl -SI v"



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Wom a" obi 0660

Nb. to Mm io L.E ula w

OWa K nIan. AUeft-

NbW Ik e#eKhv. Alaeb r
I VOs am a 36
#amMaeLo.s eNo. HU40



um I



::i I.Y
144 rtI
144 4~~.


Shi ft 9115. At"O+WI I
& Wave. Ma US~ I

Ab" nr, -,tvodm, Il1P
Alum cU1.S 'Amde.4'
N W110ow..'a6u

&mo mo, Ie
I. S. PwVbN. loe..i.
A& 3mem. Nowb~ry

Lob *ow, a-
LAmb Now*. 3.5
Had "% Absma.. a..

34 4',
WO 22:.
3e 47!.
aa. .z)
a a...
& v.

pf'Fw C~l~fs. IA ~ II--..................
-tr 'L-Y ZA( -
99fr4 'r .

-v s f lop n. t~- 2.
-4 fL. f4'

Tlh WI Msd

me~ k,064 thm p"t,%A-a r,0 .-4~

IW*.' lp,** yopir *4! *

Aaa i dvot,4 %64 we t. Wain
fiat%%* Ib&& I r .11. E 51 Iva.

-s Ad arus" rrs Mo? lawa,
lw &OwytbjJg woo, 9&jr &A 14C )"A'
Awood" o" 694

If # 6 /-pa c.. A I:.'
-lot 414fro-O&O.4 it.. .f. I
*9'O Nsd I ,l fm rurt,.w
*f, 10%ollr'ury l~r I I



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A Vtii PFOatt

IL 49 ,. *-.S i
.~ 4 j
9%.- a 1 A7' A a.1 a..
I~ ~ -
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T ;Psv r", r r' ',*,f. 4 !
E. a Tt~* i-' r A
*e A. *is

-4,0 ii Va&t L: I' I4.

0o AI 4eshrd 4.gtrtaaU*

a. V E I r'".



PT7V "I=

AZ~r5VULLE vLte&2!1r

vire. Life and Accident '"M--" .

---F. I3 XTE.Niw

EMS~t k r;' 9 1*DUI
WIIF I Idas shm


- U U -

G. S. Mere:


qk obm IN

Staple and Fancy Crocerles

CGi, C3ardei Seed &%d Fertiliers

VIOPO1 .4k 9r% moo O Chrkao Eggs and 0tha- Prod.,:*.

& CO w Aar_* a LMA Y r Osts. Flour. Bam. uel. Cotma
Go1 dI gmd Zy4- Wo baa: oly the VeryBesty Soods
a LEA~P Mom mi guaamtoo Iataetwlom alIsays.

L r- V : ?:Y -K INNIE I

jWeAreSelling Now

-I t t 1 & f- A

0 F -cn.e Teo. 3"'4



I' t

9 C 1,.)

. 0 '

f -. r -04-11 crinina

tW- tr(.'4liet i.laai z YOU iyu -
T.H UMU tSartiaghlh, uFii

L Me ApK Ilrl iwk il

un Doom? Fd ~le Nervous?
*mcr : i! oms Aind do wA k Lrww
~o bw7 '~cl ~:nc~l Askl bia
wonj! a!:#PtWA' no tnr
bkod tor:,, a strung aftcrli.
#bof(r do f -. .te



t & Co.


, 1

tgEI~i- I~I r U~W ~ L IJill~L r~E t- Ilr


_ ____ ~_~_


Mrs= l l oaBI13

k .


;r .

' k

IN 30!r,



- --- THE--'----~-.

From 415 Broadway, New Ycr<

Open Their Great Money-Saving, Bargain-Civing Sale

Goods From the Mills Sold at Factory Prices



The Store With the Power to "do it"

Opens Friday, June 18th, at 8 a. m., loses Tuesday Night, June 29th
-- .... II Ii I

Yellow Tickets

The Yellow Flags

Shepherd B. Watson
the South'as (;reath-
--BARG(. I N-IV I t--
Extra Help. l.turc.- I';iopt

MUCHr To II< h' (Af

I11I'rE 'I" rPAY

This Store Closed Al! Day Thursday to pen

Goods and

ark D


Store's Ow.i Big Stocks



--p v U.AL v CA



u****A gblU AM dk. .91. a a a Sea @a a a





0Mr. Had Lot Cleaned Off and Has Abundant Fautn in Future of C:.-;ht H;.n "'ierirg Sorre i
Clamond All Clayed for the Gainesille and Investing I E...c ,t '%. Taken (rc.,n

L.tra.! y in Reaity.

;*~a~ e,;,]I,,, .. l1

I %t I t s I I '
firetlat Kari ( of the' eo e P ..
I.- jdf.a cl hae'sterna uxuu tldur-
I- ry e Ih '- #i t l

a I 1a 41.1 d I i. fit I I d d..aii jot
1.14 lit O t1 l 1. 01 1 a;. 4Ia

'h ae..'a e a'e I i) .:11. 1. a ll

a le,. At4e ii I I (I NIan~'
:aia drto Ia ISAl

DV ,



the Place.

II -, -. llll

k a~tiele Ia III. raeaaa tr he ale i-.a z

a .,I
Itu. .d1

1,. .. b.. h N 3Ir IM a- i hat'. iO 'Awdu 1 1 LI fe' a'.a L e-am i ti he' Nirth 1!4
.ia.,d 1a i nh'tlg,. hisait-d aawlI j. ( 141 a -t iiii it ish (.1 lii.. laa~'iae .- Lff.iar ;ar
ale -, Ia." roa 1 ~w:i ft 0111 t ho'(A)t. 16 I'iI % 1111 [1Ilie r-u1--1Itha tItS II-' has
I;- alk. l1,()( a411.% ti) La Ilpha. I -'a. t the (contr'act(t ortie he. tv%#o teuilingmii
dIll ? but l to naske' it It''IeII : .lot, e)(11, 1 littl'c iii I "lid t111'-% %11l h11'- bIm lt
't I. le' ai a d jesde' lp I ra a soos .le aa ia l ta n III, lea' ct
(),A lIng it) th' ni oti '. l a fr I% I (efl t I' giaulil
of thi' Wi'ra aald the limited aram)ua T 'IThe Mi'strp. Eddiia' Ill %#r) eroli
of *rae't 4'tth e li et 0 wa ii(t e I. .e l t1 A hI M build p uoji I t 'i'-s- luL a I ti 1114.
cl~r 3tr I't i canelf-Ile-d the' dats.'Ar riv fall. unl'sws they can catch upi
'trt O' [ ( Ia. (;a hautl *ill uae'.'l a niq-t-tli tht ir i tiiafit m I isiawl e ruett IpliIitia5ia'
Ili Ov I iesr futtafre' 11tv hI riot certam sata':lir
11' t1 lit- III a@%e'It taIl.'as. it# l a ich t a ia J H I'dRiiaa- jresidesnt of thai i c'ini
I il std it. e ii'te l Ie L~i tl1.4I I1
A FACT PROVEN. %A r I re e flaivraij.i Callj lal. iiio I a
IeIIIls ii4 Ieil'llaag"' I ha1.1l1 4-%e-1 Iwe
Stn. :L : 4 ea~asier* E ms he M 111811s hop-11414 a 1il l thu. A41taa eaitheII, (it. alid
Item of I.Its Trw. Lo- fa litfa141.a si.. eegali(i.
i in ahe p1g test elceebt iri SIli tuIc#.O I f o
I1..' I..&a LP.AIAdr isyiT ct rmsi l-ts I' Wt ei l.e. ~ a e e
* ,~rL:. taCaIJ if. alL I" ih-9 l,41 I I, al. ji ar a llace 1 ri jith Al
-I r a t ,lt I i A rI ti,

t i ,t1. r '
9 *' 'ae'e me I.

I aa.I

- 1 % (

II s ,f 4.b C ," e' t I I. 5a 4at-I

The officer was notified of the
111e .! l(.I t .a %I II J -e aild e .4l1I1111o
leroke'a olo za nat llKhlt. mid ha' o. 'lat
liaijuadlate.I) to the' P.-4-ent. arid sork.'d
ile fille (a-4 a.;aIll.'? the aa.'sro
'.alea1le of sof i- o I ohe lhlleke3o .hbut

ksiia.' of t he

IIP a h ipl Ihaui'IIK l ol l
hanf.. but was unable to

Itsl( alt' II ie of tht. lt hiaiE
TIkie'e I?. eljak (eill.a' nailurig (lull' a
a. imlii er (Cff 111'. e 4 u.t.s the- offiut r jhas%
worked upc % ithirn the Ieaet fI'
'naontbs. and he Is peroving one of
the' niteeit-eI hm c4a -- raI men viia r elAs
1i' 1.eel I. here li Ihl' aII It 1-4 I re-al
-11141111 ~114-1 lriiI
9f ci .ajIlI aild tIlia.' pl, 0
I .. ..s i.a I I 1' 14 Ifit e'r1a I
tinlltlrl r aI~l e I i i# h h- g, afte r tI -i.. i,
II Pi, 4.il k. '% lce!.;A i611% '('tefIl I m
I oI .ie. ui e t I e li .Ii .rl eLI Ili I

I. I Iia I, Ia m ''i' l d.
fe I lhc~rk\ );i i.Cil\ I"c, ii~i~
k'm.. I i a
1. P* rf .I

ou 111. II life.
11411 A ll~ r~i I

I.eta I I .i: ? r j e
I I a
U 'r p i~'ftf

Mr. Story Has Realgeed.
Editor Ftmn: Kindly allow me
ace In '(Idr pWmr 1, vannouniC to

(tiat' I vtej~ `fd dIi. Ift NO. ;.. Ii .al i
a fo-pru shrrifl. As I
U111 SAV.11A for thet Hilamger Sewlin
i~tamh-Wie' Co,.. I hn't.' la t th tine
" I gi'e h' oIt itilo-.*a att tioa. I Ithank
t lit- popl of di. ii t :,:. 1.'o for their
*~~~~~~~~ I.4-t4~t' 0tle i I fully.


j Lazy 8o.-'ach the Caum "% oThin- 1
newa Nine Times in Ten.

II %ota aro. thin or i'.iii. h iia% ,'ra%%-
armi a mlir i d iia( k. ,,U i .ju i I e, i..
slI'. tsi r : -, k sd jereipjet I s diC",ete.
11:4. 140 1.1it ti I A t 1, %hih ihliv

0e r I-A a 2'-,tloplig 'Ai thoum Im-lim i abaerb-
e-d Jueet O kiong will you retumain thin
IPerhaps )our &stomach bowels and

liver need a tonic. It your digeotim
Il i 1001 4'l (eeAl. I-olId Vl lII v Ill haul
A I I f at I 411 ,4 .(a
Mb--na will cure Indigeston nRn
#%etry coaevlbabie almneuit of t b estou .
acla r.n IIcij Ily It ure'st by bul!I lig
fule!leit- 4, lm. A i t 1- ly t'iac'urag-
tIiIa hauiI fa 4dlta jtie Ires& aK hatblW
r, -el is teilri la -A 't i ~ 'tit ir sou
aelil4) .' 1*11 liepA af e
.' 3I e

Kuiz iIit ilk ..1 d i
Vie, fl 1pt cold 1e) Irl iua datig i Uj 'ai
1 I I.

ai.. E'



('iall for Ict 'oolers, Stove
S:ltItr., Refrigerators, lee
BIaxet. Fly Killers, Iee
Picks, etc.
Keep your kitchen cool
by Buying your wife a




lThe nmo-t comicall fuel
you can usm, and will give
you the best satisfaction of
any gasoline range you can
buy. Dou't be deceived,
but get the genuine Ih)ngler
Cabiiint Range.



~I~DLE'. ;Oak leaI

Season's Viik.

-. *

I.e V,

AN.Aft a dk lhAik Alh gh Al Ab. NNgobmdb Ab dk a.Am

Al I gh lft lkAh AN.Al df ib Ab.Ad.Ad. 0..0 A.

Adkk Ash Adak Adak Mok Amh Ask Alkh Allh Amh Amh Afth Amh Aft Am,


__ __

AM. Adft. AN. AdlAM.AM-dlk

It .

------- -- -








+L- tastea-t t-t
AgIgEmA l s mt

l.ow Igg i I

Ale Oe pfepelM O
-Jj7 --

: th with
l O to kWe I tam. e m IM

SWteor ate somebs4y
=06 W 000a rvreeat dW

S M the IMtew whbo is hwltag
' Ma- fetw the bager t* the pro u
tele c d by permitUting
e MWpm to felire a -tra pasu"
It -su for adertnising.-- L -
wd Mews.

o ff te iorM newspapers are
am ata a "wthac" at the Hoa.
ILll M wor. ebairmas of the
-e-_ D m a-'_ CMa- m-. for 4 d
-atm an&h s a t time dl ig the
oM i im of the LAgislature bto
OW orW smearta measures
t teII t body. Mr. Bur
m me, maemm There
a~ m*Osf Gw rmor Broward.

Ammsdsg to The rtttabu rGaaette
Tm. Rdyar4d Kiplig owe hi fnrt
armia t prtalt a M roo wubo was
o a the L et appreciative of his
work. The fammrs writer was acting
a asftar edoiu ao o lad r aper

am@~ W b the paw th rough

9W a IV U II tomuabt libet
teI V to Kplig T day:la

maU O w Sfg to odd corners."

Those who Sad fast with the aew
pmits oaw shouMl rember that
t prpromotion to weath FlorIia lays
log w oAsapems thas any other
aI. the aomu for the pst scal

IM agaln-st a tsabl wealth of

f herr pas Cltomers cin

; ALabama $7l7.341, and
A-to ar th yte W lu7, 932.ESI.g*.
trM pavs her Coueederet penoes k
te MS M tiam twie per capital thle
iuat pad by ay (*' r !:: .t


Ator head ad mat meeesartly
emtt a -eM Ibrat. bet It is more
laty to do s tah a asall one, y a
The Ladom Dally Mall.
Prof. ederik W t.Mot, lecttlang
b ure the Royal lastIn tion of Great
Britai "The Bralr." said that al
e IAto as per erat of the case*
la lhih the brats of great men had
beea we hed the weight was above
th avera. brain wreltit Itself did
mot always aIoe bra!l qai'ty
Whea there was lack of the fune-
tiloating tisue, the lecturer explain
ed. the tractural material mitht re-
ceive more than Its normal share o'
nourlshment. and the extra welts I he
due to overgrowth of train sreffold
iag." This aceoan's for the very
large and hear brains sometim'-
foued In congenial itiat. P'ointinK
out that the brain ., i:t '.f a r-
lomg civilitd ,-urpase.d t hit of
aboriglt.. -. LL*- it-e'.r r *'.'I t.-it
whereas th. ordinary E ir',(.an ho.'
pital pallent had a hb-avi-r t.rami that
a satage, t!h. (C .ini -** c e j1- !al r,.rr
brain. dcekep b) oentur..s of usm.
weighed one and one-half ourc.rs more.
than that of the Euroe,;an hospital
pat at.
Referring to the relative. brain
weights of Caucap an Icn- and Some ti
Prof. Mott said that the fenjal' brain
bad a good start. weighing nearly one,
and one-half ounaes more than the
male brain at birth. II adult llf(
however, the average manu' brain
weighed about #- and one-half
ounac* Iore than the. woman'
The average weight of the luro
pean male brain was pousids l '
ounces 9 draIn to pounds 14)
ounces 9 dramn. and of the f.-inal..
braln 2 Ioundos l" ounce' s It dlran.-
to I pounds 10 ouic*fer It drai-
AmonI asaarK*- there a&s not thi-.
diference. 'lli'*. In the struggle for
existence the fIeale- had to apilv
her brain as lull, as the male. henrce
It was developed at practically thb
same rate


The Norfolk Landmark a. '"Joubn
H. t-veaus, colored, bo had been
collector of custom at ta annah
fur six years. I1 dead Thoubh he
was unque.tl(oiably compe-tent. like
)r. Cruu at Cbarlctuon. and had the
personal goodwill of everyone. It was
an amaslU blunder to put a member
of his race In such a post nl a South-
erna Ste. It ls taken for grand
that President Taft will not repeat
the error "
The Washlatom Poet aays: "Mr.

--- -

The Journal coagratulates the Gov-
ernor and the people of Florida on
the reappotameat of Mr. P. K.
TongO as a member of the State board
of control fo the coming four years.
The Skate 'aleralty is particularly
fortunate ta the continued service of
Mr. tlses. There are few. If any.
mena who are better qualified to serve
the educational interests of the State-
than Mr. Yongl- aLd there arfe n..,-
V ore hearts are- nv>re bound u:; in
!?*- work than hi.--Pensacola J,'ir-
u 1

$100 Reward, $100.
T '", r a .'.rr of 'his ;:al., r l! h.
I .a-ed to l-arn that th.re 1-t I ,r
lone dreaded d!sca-e that t!c:;.<** has
'I" n tble to c-irt- in all its .t .'**.
a. 1 that is,* c t: rrh H.ill- ta' rh
(',irt- tb' (.oIly ,i<'itie cure kr. a
S'hI rn-d a:l fraternity a : rh
a : r a re tattironal dliea(.' r.
Si. .- a e -ltitittunal treaitm :t
H:: (Catarrh ('ure Is taken int. rn-
a*!y. acting dlrc-< tl uIpon th.- 1 4
anJ mucous surfarces of th. v-i.m
th-reby de-stro:.lng the foundatc,,n ,f
the- disea-e. and giving th- Ipat: 'at
,rT n-th by bhul'linlt up; the ronetit .i
ti>,:i an I a-Iistinag U ture in dolug itm
ciTk. Tihe lr 'pri'torf lave w.) n h
fa h In its curathie powteri that t:. )
olr Oune Hundred uDllars fur aAt .
case that it fa;.: to cure 8-end for
testimouials. Address.
F. J. CIHFNEY t CO. Tol.edo. O
Sold by all druggits. 7, cents.
Take lill'I F'amily 'Pill, for consti


...i'UM .r ^* i
I.. ~r ... ~ ur ". .... ,
"'.a. -

I, i* o ;, I

r eJ t.e *64Aam I-&&- IA& G lb-

wa'S.rS IOut WSIJ.
W O d"4Wdb__M. V1 4*a.0.



IThe Psai dO aSfeaM mrW dit
I w1110r f M withm bvetag
Io *o bto o f Comd
M Wevtmaa* mob haows
SPL ot sO11ir. wubgh dio
a IPrVty lM. It Is said
I to b seiad It at th* btoBn!nt.
s bet mre laty tbere when it
mdo r WlMrty all of the mb ; n-
ab.ae a large maorIty of tbe ritt
s- of JaaekmvlL. had agr*ed4 poa
a charter bil for JackMonvill. sad ir
waa gotag through theA lgstlaturp
witb a rush bhen Roward hberd of
it and wct up there and had it
*amemlT *o as to mank1 t ntt.f r foo
Labsem it to sat4 that be 4i this
as prwst hi tread. J M arrm
trI twIag uer the bil the ofIen of
dity atorle. That's the kind of
frisI to have. thut I. Broward is.
"Thli reerkal a is a problem.
Be pems- as a part almi only at

et be ni~empe v y thim he
"or a 11"111 to 4 to Ite -eo

pe sor r ta w.r wets d us
t ekect. bet we are afraid of

ai* b w sme us so a e wo.
S he wh to do awtm Val
fa Ip a tam n ue at lto r
ta O e e ofa e..I
IoWtor imL We dsat mas
dohbe is toMama mes; 1W from
m; 5w 4tbelw er pelMesl ehAW-
Ze ae o lbl wtM.aw mat stand
ame or "Meup asW ooe htriusmI
to Ol d INsoI
Sdekmeid twi t. l t enes

gee wA eW aO we wKh hI, andI
We d-1t ame. har he Is a liely eMel,
tow Mw W*eadadre im whIe thpow-
asftme at him. W ,ith him, a
a1111 dweeM be a rather nl a.-
Wr td he people Hou Ibe ras .
fA toi Ne O eepatg alive their,


IrA a Ys Ne a be- dt-a-ed We
weM md wis to rall steen to h
path. MMul be be eeim at the N.-
as prm1e to 19t1. 4et he
have reorm agata to that modesty
which e a mum sobeotagly. and
aie hk Ure for a spwO Tbhe. ha-
ia served his sppremtit bip. he
my revaaa b ep;ec to tw IS l.
the pIlae ht the Senate to which his
iflts. his Imadt,'r. anrd h:. (o(4laos
,nt.ti, bi ."
The Cbarl.onu Nw. and Courier
*say Mr Tat is said to be hairto
a gret doea of trahble in finding an
i a'L*sasdur for :h ernert of St Jam-ne
to sme- Wrt *'* .-' R.i :1 and it i-
utrSstt.4 that Lt. maT hi.-' t) reni
tinue Mr. R, id in tlb office. which hs,
has killed with great credit to the UnI-
ted State- and entire a viEtabtlitv to
the Britihre-. Iutt rsuppo Mr
Reid sold die. what would Mr Taft
do tles? Besdes. what' the matter
with Roosveltt Woalda't be suit
th place exactly. that is to say If
the British la should keep his tall
o at te way? Tbhe tere Is Brya.
wiM It mat better for the peace
ad prospertty of the c try to sead
him to L Jaime rathr thaa to ra
th rrk f eavft thk o tat. Ne-
brast seid im to the s .*?
Te hiatoelpmha Reord says:
***mor Laolats.aU ha had thw
promble operatU of the AMrtch
elSl hMsAr 1 a o by th* mm -t
Wst uts Ione O ipetmeunt, of
Conner.r ad Labor. ad teU tank
s thmt m goos the iperte e at
we to 1m arnmto4 to P1S .-
Sdutes emId at be ehagedm i On
-o that ww *Imorted to tha yer
m-tIotld to th ammt or la,.-.
m oles are raised ame o nao ds
ot which 0sA mWW worth were Im-
ported dtes are tIowered. Schk a
M as thlo I a maatmal tasLk. Does
m Man tie-8 Mtha such a bill va
e1--mpilmd *b te last Republcan
national caetio. i which poised
tarat revistl? De anybody asp
pn tlht the voters rwo supported
the ReIpbbUle party anticipated any
uch dlsgraceful resn t as this? Will
ay mai say that seth a remlt just.
Se the revislom of the Diagley tariff
at all?"

The Psbss V0sibl

S... .....


L E. Wei reTru Ur.



Mubhus fir bd

Write lor Prim, TruIs, et.

L C, UVIS & M.
34 West say St.
W. L. DENH11AM, Agent

iliAAAd-Af l k As. ma
M ^w ^^^wlwPP^^



--1 IA-


'lickotzaon sale 'fr~imi Jack?.onii viIt ttry Mon-
dHay nnd I Iurvdav 1 begillliuig Wit/.Iuth Ii I 7thLu) to
A u,,. 3''tIwith fiinal rttur im tzit $t.j.31lth,.
Stop-oven sallowetdiI olntie these6Lo at Rich

Red~cuced rattes to otheicr summeI)1r rt-sorta.
For i1IfIrwi):tionf. rate!,. rte~4rvatioII-a, etc.. call
on or write to A. W. F IRIT( )T. Di v i-l- ~ii as~sei.-

2 ---- u,

dtAft skAt eAskAfdfA

&AM Aft AM sft. l AM o

C ~ -
~ I-L I ~rrrr~---r U -

Air Line Railway


---CIu-AN1)> 'I'r Je N -

-- mU Rell a Trais J 2*

For fIurthler iniformuatjoii call oin or write
W. M. BIAiU I. .) S.. C. B1oYLSTON,
Aget, i!t't. Gien. Pamw. A
Gaiaiet'vilk, VFla. Jtekoonvill,

U-iAl AT-11 I i ; :- 7WM-


, Fla.
FIIIh h .. ..

V ~. ~l ~ ~ v v v v UW



FHf t, :i Cwewl I P no .l ai W cess -- o.
is t,-uav *., O st l4e.- oi Un:mIn :.. '"
CURS ,t.UMATTSM r.-?.; '.L~ ~,'. ?

CURES ,5rz ,,AT'C. c"C---T, ll- ,
SOO*-02 Wo th s* Street, ST. LOUIS, MO.
d 1nd Reaomened eed aV

Tampa & Jacksonvi Ie RaiI'

onIVE D 1O. 3, IH.

Lave OGinville for MiXnopy, Fairield and lo-
cal point outh....................... 10:10 am
RBturing, arrive Gainevile ................. 4:25 p m
Leve Gainesville for Sampson City, Palata,
Lake City, Valdosta, and all points North 6:00 p m
turning, arrive o ain ille .... ............ 9:30 pm


A L Sms, Set.

06 iL C


---- --

-A- -A- -A- L -A- A


W --n-nn n- n n n-

v v


'IAL-1LIL-oo 111r1iVOLI 4) i ille 09ti

k aAs modh.t ed .i,. es








Ta jlllt. dai ator c.T ( n- Tllr loll ti l

Thl- ill ils. r ,ii '- ll *rl i
pi on i el- to I. '. r l: \ t .i
Sa11 thl d, !' it:- fUnf A I ...T I,,
ripe. ellllllgh te llac '. 1 t Il K.

h I ) I' t tl f t t ,'' \

l-i i rt to re |.

Th. I'lnittd t Stat, ; rl nl:vr ut 11.1
clnillnii vl'e l work on .a < i I t' pi r
and ildx k I m tht FI I i ir r. r\ a-
tlon at K y \\'We-t. It' %P: k Ih Ieii.m
done by day labor anid aill iinvul.;
an exlp'n-"e i4f not eI-, tl'.n ($'.i(')i

An atutotnoblel party from Fitzr.r
aid. Ga.. with at last fifty machine-
reached Jackonville last Thursday
The i-olile of Jackrontill gave a
great reception tto thfet Ie' ioncer
good road* agitators. The comitna of
the Georgia automobile party was the
biggest event of its kind In the his-
tory of the State.

The citizens of Lakeland are tak-
Ing initial steps looking to the secur-
Ing of certain municipal Improve-
ment It is likely a bond election
will be called shortly for the se'ur-
lng of $65.000 to be expended for a
water works plant and extension of
the present sy:eter aid the building
of two n w schools.

"Sponoe money" is again In .vl-
dlnce. At the sponge sales ye-4ter-
day the price went above $4 a bunch.
th.' highest price paid for sponge in
some time. There were sonme large
lots sold and the crews of the va-
rious vessels bringing their catch th
to this market are happy oivr the
prices received.-P-uuta Gorda Her



will L; brotiu ht in w ill IN
'aught with hook and line. lardly
,enough sill be brought in b) this
method to supply the local demand
and for small shipments.--Punta
Gorda Herald.

W. H. Erwin of Anastasta and
itfatings. gave the results from the
potato crop on two of his farms at
I'a-tinHg. On one farm of 45 acres
he lhiljped 3.324; barrels. or an aver
nge of sev.enty-threv and nine-tenths
barrels to the acre. On another
farm of T; acres he shipped 3.922'
barrels, or an a\.rage of fifty-two
and one-third barrel. to the acre.
This does not include the many bar-
rels of culls which were sold at $1.7S
ler barrel at the station.

Sheriff Kennerly of Putaam county
has in his custody by comlscation
2.304P gallons of wine. which be took
fr. ha I:.'zn Smith at Georgetown. who
was tried in Palatha last week for
slellng it. and placed under boed to
api,'ar at the next term of court
Smith is well-known in the George-
town section of the county, and his
present troutle is deeply deplored by
hia friends. many of whom reside In
and near Palatka The goods cannot
te molested until after the trial. he
fore the circuit court. After that

aid. Sheriff Kennerly will doubtless ha.\
more "friends" than supported him
The fishing ,sason is now practi- when he was elected to the office
call cloisd. About all of thi, fisher he so ahly lUIs. Tlmues-l'nlon.
nrn ha\e broke nii ulp their camillpd" tl -
the lav and la. aaait the op-ning iil tlh' tI, il -.t-o --
on August 1rth. From now on, untiil T.,o Negroes Reported Killed on Trip
then about all the fish that Tuesday Night.
V S- --- -.I it ,. aid that tao Il'nfroes wert
killed i on li*. tX o- io-iun traliu from
Ft I. t..ulii. au n T'n Tiil day enuling. and
fighting w Ipl.ntl i.tl Irinm tli I riimi
GAIlNESVILLE lie. traiit iull pI .I,, nii i I 1 .ihaidl r. nli .d it- dh-tli
FURNITURE 1.1 11 r.l-'i f""lit l'I- I.>eI [i 0llIitlI
lpa*i d Ic- a-L l ai4 l d .i t lt i 1a;,
0 AP M a i' \ I' 01 the n. o\ r. COM PAHY "' *"i"" '": '"" '" "
rl f l 1, ~1 ,I' 1. t ak1 ,. n dalii,, I;. I
C:M e.i hi rI. i. % ii; r,' ,. I,. t I :,.lI
--- '-= lard r,' li .i,,. : ; i i r ,r tit ,

i t I l l 41.1
l'tE 100 ( 14( lll'tlg t tr lete, thrl. ng w th., olly uhi,.
filln (f i,.-r on ihiijiird "1n tI tlitv in fr(om
tli., ii: i thl :at: l l' () t l l H I I.: i s m i tt i .i ti t L ti, ,H i. ,.,tr. :,,,i ,

eHAMN KS uo1. 1..1 n' *it I.e e.uical rt-ate

C('HEX a, i \ A'TNAIN ,,.,i. n ,lit uipon arri al there. and is now
l' I-lI +. + : tI

ItEFilR ,IGAE t .'itAN
()1I, s' )\'lVE."

;n l 1o-1.t W o',, St, .- all, ]
;ir;I ,f' i,,lIl iu tlli t .*'ti, ll.

Fiif-t lillet Whitfv Sprtil-.
S l.,t-tI "Towl- ;ran Pillow

For 1 wek M l we
id t celebrated 115 Oster-
me Mttr se at.l13.5.

FftpMu CretM Tick Mh
Eder CatM Mttrm at 5.45
-r- price 11.51. Cal
Oi m 6m.

Brir, hour l14ey 'arriawe asil have
l.l tnrr,. rella tl ltl i twa'e ouI .

We lian VtI ih Ca"M


I i r4n ti I)tt it l l thIt an an aletrt it
il,l) etv' *..-ity tee tiii' the iae-. A m
'A jIeLt t, le e.Aife'tJI~r'tla4'I ,A I I tAAlly
Zietlo% iiri t.~ft l,# e' tI,, I'r. 'lee ;t tmelt'9'reol.
ii'.j At- 11;kv thee uTI-t riie.It it too-i&I;e l-
-ceitits'y e erro. tt 'r %% .- t e'a eeelip~l..to
met uf le'er v iulu6 i tke take H it- ieiiee -t ei
I .6rMAt- att*IrneJ n bia Pe --eet.
alv-trad-l1'- cclcI I lnr C1.


You Never Can Tell
Ju-t e.txa tl thb c aii- of 'ofiur rlr u
matli 1) U know I4)11 hi. VOYLE a
u )uleeu kihj t.' hat talliar. S, ;1I A .: eL
1.il, 1h,. h I.t % .ll i f 4 It -l 414 l h l '
tae j,1lU.1 tl ..I-, Il,.I .-th1 It %It' REAL E
%will Iw. 1 a' tuiev and 'll as you C %r A
a r.- lri4 -, ,, IIIed 1 p l. Sold (i.Al VI
'.' W\' M Jul1.nn., -.-

Mission of Pain.
AlIh1 cllh ALe I 'Il,"I M< n *1ill
pullt li k! .l It I 'e '" f i" f
1,111.10 % -- I.. .. 114,41
hn* .,* I 'II \ ; :*h*I I' .'
us It f. rr w f *
St '. ~n t I I re
,', I I le .-,-
L .l 1:. t V er l f t r t li 'IH, l e l*Ih,
IIIi>\ t!,r .I !i -*

For COLDS and GR!P
Hick.' CAPt'IUINE is the beit reme
dy relieves the ahling and feverish
oos--cures the could and re.torws
Scrmal condltlon. It's liquid-ffects
immedlattly 10c. ZSe 1 d e0c at drug




t'It MI.KYL. I. Jun. *; t.
t i al t J, ,. i 'pi; lairt l I i '
t r.ltt r, (t i.re t'. !ar-hlil 1

lI. -l.tl, d I it-:r a thi I ,' '- fit

a n.'l| 1U1\'* e** anl, <'f'. ; i-,i int
j I huin. ?l1i? he in t- 'I- li.'
:*i-lo N M.I t -lhall

Thie Un eployred
l..le I of 1 .lad ,:eil I il II h i n n -W
l 'i S;i \. t I.t r, .. i r, ur'.
r( I, I- It lt f I' I ,.I- l ln e- t
itll-I t i ,, Ilur l a 4rl. ,t ,'f (the
le. 1' tr e lr onltdiil elen:i.-ll t ly lioluire
itio the cul .'* 1 ,f tife pr "**'t want w of
employ mentt iamoag the laimoring class-
es and whether meaus miitht not be
found In a nation of which the rev.-
nue Is IanIense by which a sueee'etslo
of public works." etc. There were at
that time 16,(O unemployed In Liver-
pool. The same writer after askla
"Is war the only employment that the
state has to give the poor" Sgoes to
show that the pyramM of tRypt and
the elegantt edilces of Greece" wer
built wibh the object of "giving e
tinual employment to the laborer.
Constipation cases headache, nau-
sea. dissiness, laguor, heart palpita-
tion. Dramatic physics gripe. sicken.
weaken the bowels and don't cure.
Doan's Regulets act gently and cure
constipaUon. 25 cests. Ask your
The Ruling Peseleft
His clothe tad be was a tramp,
but his brow was high sad his ma-
met grand. "Madam. my I request
the favor of a pair of your husband's
castoff trouers These are somewhat
pause." Thise with a sweep of a tat-
tered hat, brought results In the shape
of a pair of bulhy's oldest which
were Just about two degrees better
than those the tramp was wenrinq.
After a crit:i al survey of his acquilt-
tln. Instead of the polite words of
thanks the xeood rwoman was waiting
for. the tramp volunteered, with a
deep. long drawn nl;hb of regret. "lMad-
amn. I me your Ilubland discarda from
wea k nem Puck.

1T aUfant aof ChldaM
In Is **0'... 1. : ;
s41 a um vu 6mis 1i .6
Sears the,
Bicaature of




he Kind You Ha ilwas Bonoht

In U For Ovr 80 Yeare.
w lemaemme ~-im merWse m i


The Long Distnce Syste

One of the rost valuable features operating In variu sesactis of tle
of our ervico, to our ubocribers and country, are uniform In their -equ
to the public generally, is our mcnncm- neat amnd I their tl MhMeds f eg
tion with the extensive long distance ting.
lines of the American Telephone and Only by reoasn of thi elsoo tr l
Telegraph Company and the other as- arrangement between the oell Tol
sociated Bell Telephone companies. phone companisleo is pk sible to go
We own thousands of miles of long a Skll Telephone alooest anywhele
distance lines in the seven States in ask for "Loog DOiletne ad be plutl
which we operate and In addition car oem anwldtlel with aimet any pa u
connect any telephone in our system in the country.
with lines extonaing to any other city This vast M eark fIa d#a
In which a Sell Telephone system is Ing throughest tho atIo, I Ie
operated. daily in emimeree a for a4elal pu
These long dlemt#. ,...e are of tho peooo by the banker, te former and
most modern and improved onstruo citla n In all walh of UO and eo
teon and are maintained at a high plant here i an Ikmprtant link in thi
state of eoffeoncy. The Sell systnemo great champ.

Southern Bell Telephone

and Telegraph Company

EfmIIsl aWIs luIam Fazes




G000 FuR




This ('o pon may tee ma at The &ans oflwwa suofd at otr .1 thde
nSL With th'ae was". NOT i'")OD AMRUJUN 30 1, i0


The Kiad Too flare Always Bo"Ugt, smd wkh- haqebn
In use for orer 30 year% baa borne the siguatrm at
and bow been made Irucr hli 1"*m
.058,1 supervision since Its lnfiineye
Allow so oe toderiteYo tro In this
All Conntcrfelt%, Imitatlons and "*Just-an-rnnd" are b*
Experinents that trifle with and emdanorer the breath 40
In1%Mta and ChUdre u-Euperleu. agalu t ,Expertmet&,

Fs Is a hanWrmles N!tl tt rCaxto M 01. Pr
gorie, Drops e" iM Sothig ngyrupl% I It i- I "'emaut. It
mesmsa Lmather Oplau, Xuorphine sor o: 4n r Not's vift
-r Its age i sIts garmate It c ItC'. N' me
eud Sflm5 ~ FeveIrhmem It cares Diartr. ,.....d% '. %a4
GO&l Is rew ves Tooi Thdroubb ems Comslpa(uS
a" A w l Dm~r & -- aw V6104
d FlatulemWy. I a6si-mame he hda nrd setem
210 2%*3mj6*g mkhy si mm I sQ


LE: I.A.

Farm, DwditU t Los

-For Sa-

Abstrt if rdh oi.
To) ail l al-- 1', t%4e le,"& Cou1ty

Fier boom
--Wratir in R~ldl he (Iaaaus'








* -

ew- *rpm
I ~ U S

a.. It

= swe la
I -,

he -- eei bm l~y
I~ a

=c~L Vok asaft of dim
4 b4Ll I

is alow db w in &saw
Abe USA. b
7 a B

IOUit eampa
t o afwt o.a

m en"0 Mo"
9. Wb ed Sma

~~~~b Cl ~~ bee1CY ato~o
~~e ~ir rr inr rkmt

mmminw tmm

on*; ob eo
qmeat Aubeto
- "tat toiy
r eroa f rthur

Wa ha to e
a b slet bhe douihaslge s o
MdO that Dr. Kilmar'
Wit to iea iy ed
d-- ry wi in correcting
rtor artofe riary
a g t~Yo y toold water
'Ak-s-"1 liquor, wins or
mleummeZ tihateulmeat m>
,f tof WOOcoMWeopd to go -te
do 4a OW, at o ret up maay
h a tdo ixLbt. The uild Iuk
la alt o J~a Rot is
S-r.L It stand the highest b&
JIa ..L -ALA&l4h._

bY= .wlz & eo. .31mg-
-I- -. ` -some. m UDr. oa thiaI
am, oat in, 3ighamboom,
m *waybottle

Mea Jel r, barvag b a member
I- -th h M o rJ -t ee

,on IA WhaveI Io A Iie t had

wmIS.' em, ma met.mm.te revol e

a eS emb te* hew ft worked, abd
W t a-m the mdaro, aIe

t to 4ewt oe a ar.o ao IdMlu a
bm W Oenk ItoethR oW tiledl

us "eMs aMo be asm sb"t. I
OWW M~ **O N"o"tt "

h E e I at behave hb a .ethe
asp es a **ma maS fnd the
aemmi the lmeft slee me the ale
e The wldr aded a oeL .wasI
-iP tlediesmoatle mad pmed ola
Ie 1aweter HipSiam by Cap. Wills.b
oh anragmi eer am aatim. aopt.

Pe uare bIaM be ew the
- we e mseueMtL Dr. Rogers
llo is the Mlleflin the tU w mad.
SMe ether evMeie was heard at
Imaeg this a uaeleet to reudi a
dwibet ml "lemetl dbnt.".
dhmamsmu, elsMul ADr Rv,

Old NMt Uecauso He Had Driven Him
Years Befere.
A very old ma oac calh-d to are
Lrd IStrathooua at his ode and c-
palmed as theL rewea bhis visit that
he was tho cabms who drove hil to
hia ship whm e set maUl for Canada
long years before.
rd Strathcoea was Inter ted on
ti remualaecec of his youth andt ll-
tlaed to toe anciet Joeh when be
wet -a i a telrful rekre to complain
tat datlh ad Just deprlted bin of
om el two grandsodm and that be
bImIf tad fallle oa rl ti mes.
ltd trrtheeas seobetd tOe old fl-
Iow rs srows with a Uttle money
A alr. aftw a time. the old man
casled a Laid Itratbeona and this
time tod M that both his grandona
were dove with typhot fever and, a
Lrd Stral rome had elped him be
fWe, perhaLps would aeals. After
a- m- Implnl e hat about Isotlard
Ld ltrathcoa aalea comforted the
O iM ma with a little money
Wheno Ihe d one an oflctal who
ad overheard the coversatkln maid:
"I ape you did et give that man
moy aey. Iord mtrathroa. Wbh
o maw you beftm ea of his two
gradsoams was deed. Now he maya
both are III with typhoid frer."
"Thank you rry much.. Mr. Jons."
aid the hbih coiemlrloer. with a
twitkle In his eye. "but do you knew
whm I tft Iltotlacd for Canada I bad
as cab to take to the ship, but
Just wheekd down my things myself
to the dock I a b rrow."-Loodon Tit-

Tho Tailer's Cnmment While MUsur-
ing a Customer.
*rDid ilnu e'vr atrlle'* bow tlie tallorl
while usil**r rinig a man I 4 for N alit iof
Sclothe uiil In a f.ew kl-teris ow*-llua:l-
ly among the nuiist*r'?'' asked a down I
'w\vn lawyer ri4v'lI of a Irli-ud.
" I.'litple er I ha#%t a.q ,II Inic.::'":rt for
a ult f rh ':t h ;: tlal',r A '*" *1' 1
R. B I. In AU **1 41li-4l v1; i,, li e h,"
14ok thlie n>ieniure* foAir tl h'iitii eoIof Illy
trHiperm I ofte ', idlL r'd whnt thil
si(n llIn:till t1 ,hi 1 ... tl aSk. but tW It
put asild in smlnI caL-ilal way., mh111h
(ilnleh! ,lh'wed uH- thht tIhItller did
iu t mI-h nIe to kunw (1te ucnali': of
the I:i tc:'i os l nI. I.
**W0ll. I never knew what tIhe It-
ters r.ieitit until toire dn. not lon .
'eicu I atumiubled na rues tIhe imoull '
,uite ly hcidleout I was wanllu to
larre mIy nlrsure taken while a Itrap
llng Iig flow ass on the rack. As
he m*saeured the lengtb of tbe (i a-
srs Il'; the tallor sid. 13. B. R I.'
S.**YVw' (.use laak the re-ly r um the
til ft-;l.w. 'and howlegged too '
"All thr years tailors bale ben
crtu-llit; aie of being 'llghtlyt bow-
Ie?:?iPd.' itud I ILd Iciver rcnu.ht on
untlll I was prIe itl ally t#ll hI.m nn
swer hIn th accldestal way "-l'bllai
dellhbl ithe opir


i"- i I .ni tro u ,.,.-- 'apuil lt. l itu' d
*:.I\ )uu It liquIdl hl-a t t
Lke--tlact lilu.I di?,liy. rir) It l
.c and O6c at All drug sOwe

,he want ads do ars.re real etatle
,ju,,b hLau all ottivr LWuIhrvr cot
J lu fAIt I they **tart" aiust of
Lru-hue. tlat tie bsulers and

.Wuta Iwll.- t L
0~ Lit i u I d46A I

-suly looklz4 foe it.

The Value of Good


Sam to fluw. v ye bm w wb Y inmm

I o ap i Int ......-...P u

se ..eW ad...... dle.lm by
abseletely haaature's
- ... lm r--
-__r--I i-m--T--, ta i d
= an bd tebLn ate to IstIa
While KoRd It el tin, the
stroas ad healthy. A stro mad
healthy stomar guarateem a
ma ad a sUctve brals.
The ma with a nouad stomach
-- stomaeh that i dolag tor tho
body at wat Nature lnteaded
It t d-4 the man who it alway
paepal or may e*mgemey. He
St a vwlth the goods."
The maM wtth a sick stomach. Is
a mam sck all over. When the
stoemh Is Irritated by undigested
od, the blood and beart are di-
tetly affected. Tbea dullness. ua-
natural 1eptImoes. slck-hbedach.s.
vTrtlao ad ltalting spells. and
e aserloa brain trouble develop.
odol will prevet thebe.
afrrilg to stomach mad brana


to aper S"l f -rt "aats" 4a4
"e-atelats" d snt eae saythta
or seseapb.M ay ood. Neither
dose dietag. Iag-stion ad the
serlos ailmtes wiMe t ildwsee
asa be averted d a erected eoly
by natural meaa.
Kodol supplle ts aateual
mean. It poerorms the stoma'
work for ft-jat as the romancee
shoMld perormr t-wkle tho stom
ael takes a little rest, or tU
stomacl's Lake."
Ow Gumhars
0 ce u I an at t alot d i fs a a SU
Wor botM T aftm er pm L av usd uthe
*tll *ous"te f ths "otUle yei you0
boaeslI may. tsat hft has M et you t
ruol. mrurs he bottle to lh drureo
ki wll (l"foo lrIm-o y wItlhoust q
it n r delay. We tl m py the drg
it for th ko bti4.. Dist bdatrr iU
druggir t kme tlht ruamrtee I* gioo.
hir offer appli toThe lair boll*t oly
sal to but ce l a famtll. T7 large bi-
le IrVotalin IS tionse a in s the aO
cent botle.
Kodol ts prepared at the labors
toriesof .C. DeWitt & Co. ChicLag



..roc a. e .* rail.--
Groceries an Grain


No Order Too Large
hke f M 215 SAIKESVIE, FLfM

I I me-

"That Which Is Worth Havin

Worth Advertising For"

TL Ild adage that whh t it worth having ia w
ing for is st:U true true of the mre ii tricate life
The thing you want-whether it is a used p
home, whether it is a ready-made business or a wl
book-- is obtained readily through advertising,
difficulty, or not at all, through' o'her means.

Adv PnortP i !- T


030. 8. WALDo,

ou.. kgmm O aow Spafa t
ftN Phone S1. Alms LA"g sotans,.

D& wArw D cCLARK

06mms Is IrahmS BUlM&ae ver

N&mader a sor. m

..DENT18JT. .~
oo**D 0 *- .0bY da


D35T121 .

016 OW r IaM &VUuo ts
11how 290. Cohmvlle. Fla


dAINESVILIL. Alsetus Co., iL*5
om0e inHayoans BI.hb.




Van c 1o1yor attgl provpey. (one
provId &ad omaapeored), heemlhs
truoLean ad frming ladnd :Sed him
* list of What you nier forisale. 2&4ft
ArrinEzy AT LAW
And S.Ilitou is LUUMIs

US I Ross. Oa9yvming ad Um4
ffal Preetift. Al buaisr r
666Me to. 06 mt sox$ dew"
a"ramevtL8u. Viois.



Practoee I all Courts Stat am

Oftlce 0%

VIPTT ct: fP
Il,,l ~I) 'N

Nitkhe h a he
:uidh cr ou
sto-d the
.;.e5. Lexi U.
k* i lai sre.tmade
I e la. f.0

The %&&d iia
I *. %e.na
the kmwance
tit JmgrIob J I
ont IheL daI



3* ~l'~uituitbh I

1g Is

ostb ask-.
of today.
iano or a ?
it pocket.
and with

!*IN ,

c "----- N-

wer Galnesville National

re'b' wtecn Cita WmtIri Vottars.
L Tax ertIlicItea, &No. (a
ith duj 40f 1 it-1 .d i~ r A
.v %&,'a vrtllvalao. Its ILT omee.
r U, l o faibrw tax decal tap .ue

nil' .. %. id g~ N .:Pko r ea.t
1. 4 2 '*. 1, A, -, -64... too
ot I j. aoet .it, .kr I. vo*dl~. Ct2 s
)wli % IIik 12 It I.II II.Ing.
ind being 4ll "A \ wwd a.tIp Ate Of
iof such orrUt1ALce In I ar isu
d t'ertllet.t at.ll lie rt-leremed
P L.ola. cm sd im :..e i.treoc
%uf J % A It I-*.
Io UO i, l a...' .1 *ib ;ad -I. a,
oi Mil A. 10. 1 -9I.
Circuit Court AI.ml'.u'. i *. a

m a a ES"

and Rehoilder

Pumaitel Promptly and All
Wurk uaranue.
.: Additm:
I, hasoCo. GAINESVILLE'ff.
Itbat" FLA.

1. 1. 1 M.kus


tel I

NEW 0000S3....

A' aNT 10k

" us O~U v VIlk I

wd IoIo V34xlv%.
see ou ts,"azI-P

I .rtooa~ a)sUsoa to sUl *aIWIt5
iW. Mat sal 1*.*fS514& $"IS
at Idaitob dsoiwaio ~

Our Mail Order Catalogue

For Spri and Sw r 1909

Will be it-uetd ulaout Airil 15th. If you desire a copy
cut out and mail this could on to us:

B. 1. I. .EV, BRO. & CO.,
Savadilliah, Ga.
(Write with pencil)
Pleae pF(en me a CODp of your Mail Order

C.atahlogue for Spring and Sumurmer It.9.

Nam e ................. ...................

Town . ... .... ...
Town. a a a .. a *
State. aa............. .................
Below are allies ,f two Ir:itisit' i- n )Iy town
whom I think would also Ii. iirrtehrt.~d in your
'iatlhog lel :

S .. l .......... .. .

AVANNA H, ).44K~I ------ --

- ---





l0% 4%". ON I I


-- THE--

University City.

(:ain- .' i .(* it ". ( 1' '
ir-t iit. i tri it g a .i 1 .. :
b'aiautiul city in tle ii .,nt. .> t'r o. '1- r
Ida. It is lou ate'd 1 t: ,, I \' .~e t I
of their State, l.ll( way a : (,* r At
lantlct :a d Gulf (Coast;i ii .n11 >i ,
landi.i oof -,ie h f, r,'llity :i- I a <' i' .t'l|
of i I '"! ( it11 4 .1 I \ : .l I I % ,.
In ', ,* Ir 1rt ,'f t ;:. ,

,t l .V l

clilate v lr> h < ;" iin. :.1 '. ; ,| I *1
health ai;l ple t-' re-. i t ..'
advantages. c ,mlinitl %i,'.l i"r. #:. .
Ive ansl id ei f I ( r I'.. i ,jo ii
cttitnshbip, aie bure. to ti.lak a t,:>
There are many nteural attraction
tI close proximity to tLe cr-t:', ~oi.ei ,:
which are Alachua Sink. l'airie.'
Prairie. the Devil's 34111 Hopper, War-
r;na' Cave. and Lake Newnan. all of
which are reached by private convey
Spring Park Stock Farm. the laqgept
and fnest live stock farm In the S.,',,
is only eight miles e'bt of tt:E (i t
and Is reabheil by a ,; b.,d ha;Al r.,,,
afordinga iost pleai-az t dri\f.
The farmers of Alachua county. of
which Gainesville Il tie court: '*, *
live at home and board at tbh' 'sa
place." The temperature as very ut111
BorM. scarcely ever freuicing the ab.,
Us in suumer or the tweut.c., in
winter. The population of Gainesville
I abo;t eight thousand. representing;
early every natlonallty on the fate
oa the earth. and strangers always
eet with a hearty welcome.
The Uliversity of Florida for young
mo and the Natomal Agricultural Ex-
pertient Statlo are located within
th corporate limits of the city. In
act. Galoetvlle has so many things
that we uust be pardoned it we oaith
a few of them in the following emuner-
to-a o: what
Galinville" Ha:
OAe artllt.
,No sal ocs.
One garage.
Four hotels.
Four banka
uur dalr.i...
Oue fuundr*
Water work.
Ten 3aurct.e.
One gas pilai.t.
Two tin shou,..
Three bakeries.
Ten ihy-lcla ..
Six fruit ttotets.
Tao *uni-miths.
Six rertauaauts.
One seed -tore.
IHoard of Trade.
Six drug stores.
Four :.hue .hops.
State I i:l: 'rl'ty.
Mlae, i- '- T".;i'lle.
TuA(-nity it la 'r'
T" o lit:.; -I, *I
Four cr e rirat: ',t .s
Ou( e l,'i 1, h')
1ha-eball ",t*e', rt r
Sit Imai-ir -1'-hi|xi
t : I.., ,'... :trary.
T ci) a',:: erks.
1' > ,il;.lsr~" ng milis.
l, i t ', e( rr .
U *l 11 ,1; l t. wor-tks
Th'!'. .-tIe I ,- e .v n.
I!\ t. til t a In-
l)re-tit, t%, ,'t.ry.
Four b t.f markets.
Eight I ar*. r -io[,s.
TVo I .blr' -, htel-.
Tab usu-'c hoeubes.
A tcle phoniteme Iy-t..
T\o hab.rdt' heries.
T .e altte- t :e oIu'd.
i" r aI :- -a 1 '!ut.!.
\') i., ltltli e,,rks
blardi, lhonu e,
():..* Ca( t., lic c4u4rch.
A military company.
I hr'. Ih -lhat. o t': ,'.. ('hi' e lia andry.
i,.- t'hr-' ani hurch.
r, ,> ot' arm 14.iul trles.
'. o Al iat < tare he .
O.a daily news paper.
T" hardware store.
()tis f,.aria',e I,-.h 1h til.
l';(t n :*'*-', r> .- ,,r,.
; l i i r, hv' .
IL e,. f r: !, .re *tcrf .
I e... lIl .t.,raKe ilant.

'A. l U I I'Aij r.
I e col I dfi':.k ~~a'

Vl g tI; f to tie%' .0-0 orders.
Tv. Fj~lr~~i-e churches
I tltdc 'thite U Iu..Jl c~ i1?
i oe cbt: cit &I laboraistry.
Tihnrt~evt u9tday .chuols
7'%% o Ctoeiii.S ruiweten.
Oine PrvaL-etruian churcb
,e'o ..ar ,.auufavtorfi4
voitr it,. ]- -iae agorcl.i.
j.,rI fire rpantaest
See rJa l anA'.r omlaniee.
ibrt- lethudiat churches.
A brRss land organIsatios.
T"" ;o graph b galleres
aorr nu."tigl ieture shows.
nlorlda .Winter Chautauqua.
ogls SeMI's eekly D mewsma.
Vt, lIES W se ftn f r


State Officers:
Go\rui A. W. G'lchrict. Taila
a-' 0'
/. .;,ry Of State- i. Clay Cr.xv

C, *l -ui 1'

A vo-: -1 -lirn:t. Tra.m
~~ t\Lraeult;rt'- -ii. F
.1r il~11 l.

*; '1

W- ,T V W w- W-W--V.VWMA
A A- AmA-u-A A- A

6~~~0 Am. uuuuen





,.I '. 1'.. F 11 i .i

oUnyJ UfII cers

Clvrk and A'1Litor-S. H. Wlengete.
tti.iae' a l,.
Steit. Public Inttruction-Dr. J. L.
4.,.l,.y. Ga;ii'erv !le.
8h, i.iff i. G. Ramsey. Galnesvllle.
('oun;y Judge-H. U. Mason. Galues.

v ille.
Tax Assessor-W. W. Colson, Gaines

Tax Collector-W. D. Dcklsona.
Ga:n>.- i!:**,
Treasurer-J. D. Matbeson. Galan"
Supervisor Registrathl--J. C. Mc
Grew. Gaines'ille.
County Commissioners--John G
Dampler. Chairman, Hague; J. F
rosnsend. Campville; J. W. May.
Archer; Chas. W. Summers. Trenton.
0. P. Canoa, Gaiuesville.
Members School Board -R. B.
Weeks, Chairman. Hawthorn; J. W.
uoody. LaCrose; 0. W. MaWr.
State I4matoer- H. M@arry.
-o1ombrs House-8yd L Carter,
Galnesvlle; T. A. Doke, Santa f.

City Offiers:
Mayor--Horatio Davs.
Marsbal-B. T. Arnow.
Tax Assessor-W. M. Bradford.
Tax Collector-T. B. Ellis. 8r.
Clerk and Treasurer-J. Maxey Dell
City Attorney-R. E :'avis.
loard of Aldermen-G. K. Broome,
President; 8. J. Burnett. Ii. .. Phlfer.
H. S. Graves. C. A. ColclMluh, W. T.
Pound. J. A. Goodw!n.
Roard of Public Works-II. E. Tay-
lor. Chairman: W. W. llanilptn. secure
tary; H. F. Ditton. E. J. alird. J H

Fir-t-clasq e.w.erage system.
Two fe rtiltzer wariufaetcrr*.s.
T-. o llvery and 1"#Ad s.Laler
Oiie 4r-r-m atA bakCet factory.
OzI.e EIP-' r .m

I i
:il ollij F.-Hir-t, S .3::.:1 11 ,:
T%%o of fhe e(t huttai I. Ithe h
tei lrbr.
T%%o whol.-ale grain and f. s
stor4 .
T% o shlol--Jllv amx-rYr
fan. ;u-
The fit. ..t l"rt he ete ina th, *St'a'
vut-id. of Ja4 k~.-'nville
A G.'v r:' we-iit bui ld ing s( er to1.
1, ( -c I ed Itu uht iA hen conslitet-4~:

!J. !- r!V.1-1114e r'la!.to rt'r-
1,ret- r- wa, hinil-ib &uiad
11 4.t.' 'I
~ 'n(ii., of g:aid street .tarif
tom. I, im hw iit*e riqer of the Sta.t.
%n court h' um-' built of brick
mila :-to.n a b-.utifui s-re I sre. and
tti- kwknm" ie. flee'. c 'i e. p. Oi'r'lit, P rv
S 1t I!,I)tUfla t et(.c t urrunaid-
ir'ac it, iui.rke' it i t z:' &i. at rat ti, e -.

Oswes idw Presvets PssU"Meal

We Ask You

I0 take Card" .o pI female
trot*4a bcaue we ai msre i
wil help yom Remember 9
tbUa great ea k mab edy6-

hu Wcld rebel 10 ftYmob Of
other won sen. so rtry ad lo
[yw ? For hsadacs. badm
Periodal pais. mls week-
a*&& as ban MW It Is ody
bed dim tote l aTry il I
Sam In Ti mCO

Total Cash Value, $1,000.00

To Be Given Away by the Merchants and The

Sun to Citizens of Alachua Camnty!

a- a

Each Section Gets Prizes!

Contest to Coe August 18, 1909

Realizing that all should share alike in the distribution, leading business hom
have joined in the combination to give away Two Handsome Pianos and One
Diamond Ring to residents of Alaclhu county in three different sections. These
progressive firms will give One Vote for each penny spent with them.
In the event of a tie for any prize offered, a prize similar Ib all respect there
to will be given each of those tieing.
THE A. R. HARPER PIANO CO. of Jacksonville, from whom the ph~ae
for this contest were purchuaed, have agreed to offer extra lies as follows: To
the first five candidates in each district, excepting the winners of the capital ri
in the said districts, one certificate each for $100.00 which will be rde in
cash as a payment on any piano handled by them-the Everett, Harvard, D yto
or John Church Pianos. In addition to this they will give a certilste fd for
$25 to all other contestants in the race, and will mae special arrangments with any-
one to take care of their paper on all purchases of instruments at the cash prie.
Si ile Sillo embrace the city and suburbs and beeo-
The aies defined to a radius of four miles in each dirwtim.
The wiintir in this district will be awarded a HANDSOME DIAMOND RINO.
Sill compripd territory from Fair-
Eastern and Southern Section a"poi" andfrom Ro
he'lll' all point soutli-Waldo, llawtlhcrn, Island Grove, Campville, Micanopy,
lake View. Tae.o;ina .an nil points along line of T. & J. Ry. ONE PIANO.

Cn. fni_-.

r JEL. CD.AI Y T i T.N
i,.l ..LAi,.'r'bers r a sr ubal rl
$1.25-Three months' subscription ................ .... 500 votes 700 votes
$2.50-Six months' subscription ................. .. 1,900 vote 1,500 votes
$5.00-One year's subscription ................ ....... 3,500 votes 4,500 vote
For a club of lAv one-year suLtcriptions ( ".. .&Ca "L' ) .13,0 vtes 85,000 vota
For a club of ten six.months' subscriptions (,',, :.t-",). .30,000 vtes 35,000 vete
'I lThre isi no limit to th lei llni-er of 'l ,l-. *' i'h 'r)l-ite'tadllt fnay secure.

$1.00-One yer's saubscription............... .................. 00 Mvt
For a club o flv o-.yjer subscriptioa ........ .................. 500 vetes
For a club of l5 onu-yru sbriptlioa .... ...... ............... ...v. .tS 0
There is no limit to the intln.1,.r uf clubi each oonItet4ant may secure.
Soliciting votes by candidates or friends within tle tires
dstribti g vole is neads by the orlet.l
Am Af IM IN- -lf Ah'dMU-,dtMMMM M.A td.M



h- Irl~.l

'Im wr lw w 1w Im + mwMW w r wr mw mw mw w-s-r

Ir T T= -T- Y'-1 i Il

------ ----







Western and Northern Section t. Highe .. .tou,
Village to Hi gh Springls, Trenton,
Wai';a, iee, ll ie., Ill, N,-wlrrv, Jone.ville, Arcler and all settlements covered
hv tlik :ar.ai. I)NE I'I1\AN( .

SWWhere Votes May Be CMt
How and Where to Get where Yd wy Be cmd
Si i I U : BaIllot bx .s will be f.,j ..h ei b.W ..#...
S nentr of tL, alert' l.ls. itl; o .... ...6 .4 -.e
I un ufce. \ otex rvnt by maii m ust be directed
V Tt e the Vutli. C. test ,[partanuat of The Sun.
UVotes I Ilnavivllle. Florida.
The following merchants alit Ii e o: vrot. :I
for every cent paid nlto letht ebtll i.aiu:e .ita or
goods which they handle:
Gainesville Furrniure Company, Furniture. Rules and Regulation
Phifer A Morris Co.. Clothing and Furnishings.
Gaineaville H,'rdware Co.. Plumbing and Hardware. 1. The contet i s opa to sayae livag I
Mrs. F. T. McCormick, Millinery. Alacua county who Is known by the c a actore
of the cost or voucbohed for by auwe reputable
W. M. Johnson, Drugs and Medicince. ipersA n to them well kown.
L. C. Smith. Shos and Jewelry. 2. o employee. attache or relaUve of the pw
Mrs. R. Wilson. Dry Goods and Notions. prietors of the above-named rtas are olligLt ue
Saunders A Earle, Groceries and Feed Stuff*. participatrla this contest. and wil lpartIc itys I
City Bakery, Dread and Pastry. Do anner.
P. Y. Smith, Fresh Meats. 3. In the event of a amisasers"tad betwem
Pao. &. S h Li FS Me candidat-es or others interested in this coast
Crawford Davis, Livery and Sale Stables. suchb controversy may be referred t the emr
The Sun, Printing and Publishing. ,due tois utf toutast. who aJLkme are W e per
The Brown House, Meals and Lodging. quallfl-1d to reader decialaos.
N. Francisco, Banana House, Fruits. Etc. 4. In the event a candidate derides to rwith
Eddins Mgf. Co.. Lumber and Building Material. dras frIo, the race. sue b candidate will eot be
atIn wF' to transfer votes to the credt of another
Standard Fgrtiliaer Co., Fertilixers. ? c andidateld a theo ot
I l II



14IFW-v -Wwq


-! I *-

c_ _eILe


-1 '-- -U s Ge

b a~ at V@.rb h
~to 948L W. U my

*asi oft.atrando
sm hR I Mb$ ow
4s to a wiwas
00 *Of UWSiftd-


asires h~rems

~Yw -s

mu be. orders

I, r -7 S lv
odmy *Vwye
ad P" d w now as ym

00od ha ftof Libb-
Of dr -~t. They
*&me- sa& to
INK w@WI se

~ A& m a mU hosmma

IP ON m 5m1
*C hm rmo bum a

, .

V to Prt Whte Mreylag sl a mer m ts we meltber
SAIntereo n of baIg r Abusess mar do we Ioree peo
O1p10a"y. ple to t sp at ar bhe bat we take
and wM eof e veMy hMe o eo of all vohutary
itm ]raW SIBo R o SWBoo House.

fll l i t Ia SItriableo of Alahes was
se o pWet bee 1r0 a shrt while yesterday. He
"ad st e trmed frem a vItMt et a
06 i- I4 A0 ab Cof eepls of aYs to St* PeterSb
lub g'-B t ofe4 I sad states tha t he solayed the viet
- -- m eWO ew b b s- in m esely.
0 1Me eps m Pr. LA. A. MrphWt L Tall ase
me Bo teMs se lm. arwtved i te eity yesterday sad vwll
a '.- O~w n V roam fr. t h mas t ew day. He bs
I*f M p e ~-M lv ~ atlr the ewly elected pretidt o the
a cit o. esp. N k0 a 'ralversity sad is here on matters
au am d MLM that pruopemts pertaaini to hat lattltlon.
wea t oo I ftla0= eM t. Sam D. Basmett of Tampa arrived
. S 6. egafr f b Mwry V a ia the city yesterday and will pead
1 tO1 Ga asve esi s tldai. He the net few days here visltin rela-
W s ess isa y ry a dl aops tives and frienda. This l hbi BrAt
Sft a1r rae ut are te ng viat to Oainesvlle la a number of
W M t ig WI a rW e r gewmoed, yars and h e is kept busy meeting his
hi M~itbI- a to Tke S- for ma acquaintances.
moaFr Par. Mr. and Mrs. W A. McGriff of
D, Jeralg of Qu0ly l I l the Lakeland arrived na the city yester-
ciy 1-su after the jewelry bval day and will spend the next several
ea eof his 1ather during the Iatter'a days he(e as the guests of the lat-
aseae. Me states that be is well ter's parents. Mr. and Mrs. P M.
phgaed with his ew hbiae, bt of Colson. who are now residing on W.
Se- w al hys pro er Oalaesvtlle I Ue-rty eseet. near the University.
ais asae w W. A. Edwards. architect of all
If ye West to get arge Vatl Iein of the tniveralty building.. is
uliiiaBery for l th e t fc. jaa.u-.t acoIL the ruLurtuu't hlt it) Lu .
0 mImud sad make your aelee- city. He Is here to look after the
OIh I have the largest stock Ia work now being done. besides figurinx
ta o It to aat froi. and oa and ou some of the extensive Improve-
wll am yes money e all of your ments to be made during the next few
yI haasa. Mrs T. T. McCormick. mnthi
IL Twrnr ofM Micanopy was There are many imitations (f '-.
amNg- the visitors to Olaesville Witt'a Carbolsaed Witch Ias4tl SAiI '
yestrdaIy. Jim as Uthat U the Pan-, -DeWitt's Is the original. I1- s.re
Meols people really waUt gophers he yon get DeWitt's Carbolled Witch
S apply them with a earload at Hasel Salve when you ask for It. It
h peer price. He easot under is good for cuts burns and bruises.
Il Wd bwy anybody wasts to protect and is especially good for piles. Sold
e "daratd goper." I by all drusaists.

I [




I 'm- A A---

and Vk*-INW.
2. D. TI'MNiFk
fL "d -Cadds~,

go IiFul h


$rw on Sfioidd Profits

AIhe &A&,


ti. K. i lcKNIME

J. I I I,1'A 4IT

.1 -4 ( d t i, )I.%

~~I: I'i

WI bIi,


Will Ceommnc e On Neat Frday a0
OeMim hrw Ten Oays.
Sepberd B. Watson. repreoetinla
the Mill Btd Syndicate, Is here aki
lag arrangements for a mammoth
MU End Factory Sale at the big
store of the 0 W. Hyde Company.
which is announced to start on Frl-
day. June Ib,. and continue for ten
The store will be closed all of to
day to mark down and place the
goos a readiness from the factories.
as well a the mammoth stock now
carried by this big department store.
Read the announcement which Is
to be found elsewhere la today's pa-



MaS aiSrtafliSS?

I Is. 3
&--- s '- I

C. Jeabls CotIr was amoas
the lare -mber of vistrs to the
CIr rltoray.
I. Nu aB frle of Jacksuoville.
SI rW td of this sector. Is
Is the dty for a few visiting

Mne tbelt and Mosoele Durst
bve rftermd from Jaekmville.
whre thy sapt the pst week visit
leg fieuds.
Pame me WMy givye you ue bsest
f a mree d fr ltmsrow evening g
Oat deIto simply by calla for
tea at Praelso's.
Miss Kate BDoIIare has gome to
W Slte rtW, whre se expects to
amln fotr the ext several weeks
visiting friud asd relatives.
Dr. 0. B. Morris left last nilt for
Ocala. where he expeets to remain
Ir thle mt two days Imating with
his ma- friend am e the dental

Clar oee Thomas of Newberry was
ameg tLe visitors to the city yester-
day. e made the trip thruad the
o- try ad sates talt ti roads are
vary dtry a dusty.

Keep you eye a th fe wat ada.
rhere day be soasethns advertised
ileb Ma at laterist an you
Dr. G. B. Tiou left yesterday for
Ocala. to be present at the annual
meeting of the State Dental Assocla-
tlon which is now In sesaion in the
Rick City.
Never am tell when you' mash a
Iager or suffer a cut, bruise, burn or
.c(aid. ie prepared. l)r. Thoman.
Oil instantly relieves the paiil
quickly cures the wound.
We do not know of any otherr 1ill
that is as sgod as lkWVitt' Litthli
Early Risers. the famous little liter
pills--slall. gentle, pleasaunt and smrt.
pills with a reputation. Sold by all
uLI.kLKg. (1?
Miss MISAI J*C. i .. i n... ..
youun lady of Micanopy and one of
the hard workers In the southern
part of the county for the handsome
piano to be iten away. was a visitor
to the c l11 ye.terday.
8upt W. Holloway of Tallahau-
sce arriedd in the city )esterrda) to
look after boate important businu.-m
matter.. He I. highl) enthused o~'r
the bright pror -t,( for the I'ni
\rsit) theli co sliig .var
Those desiring an evening of pleas-
ure should ateud the social which
ill tb' cgiLvn at theb- hioi e of MSr dind
Mrs J R Eliiersoi under the au-+i.i. j
,of the It 1'. I" of liti r. i r lipli,!
u( Iurt h I ,l ti ri>t P iiK lt it fi -ali
III'lln t.- M ill I 4 r ,.d Mild a *l \ 4I I h-Ill
liii h lcal I acid ( litlt r |r) I sii r.-i ti er
ed. onil> ti..- s all adliiis.- ini f'*- of
I II t*( '' ,'- r :' l,(i fir .ill

IS o-i I %.)- U 1111a) II.e fhbI' '14

11.11 i. e I 1 \1 aa ~ i al
).Ptl 111W 1 .11,1

~ ~ ~ ~ .4L b~4 L.I~ ~II b% I f. IhII ki'l II.a
:..I v, 1% i f [
I k I L 1:1 0 .
I l 11:1i I I.f
adj. A ItA
,k 1-1111 Smat?,* Ld,,io
01,11' LAtIh. t k e-~ ill 0 to

S' .


1 lidon&

Cnpitl Stock ............ $1O.(,.,

24 1.4 4 1,1 m

HR c ,,umr( -. .. . ..

-'IIF IiM 'T- H
Dr. M. H. [h'-Pa. T. W. shanI., John F. J'kornii. (G. Henry IDavi-, .i'Airm
R. St-kcrt. R(.I*rt D. Crawforil, Jstne L.. NMsibin, Cliark. A. Faircl.ttl1



5 Cats Per UL
Ml tasmtU mbt so advert
st take for ei tam 10 eot. Six
worod make a iMe; as tractUoaal laes.
owe y word over each six coat ing as
am addtUocal ine. CAI aIn advawo
musft accompany all orders for laser
'lam In tL(s cL,;ar,




FOR SALE-Two couamg mn
GaOleevlle; terms easy at
able ltorest If unable to I
cas. Apply at Su nofe.

py aU

FOR 8ALE-Comer lot 100l125 feet
a West Main St. sorth and Boua-
da St., next to Jeff Kendriht.
Wl sell at a bargahi and on easy
terms. Apply at Bun omee.

to du uookiia auw g.: r., O CA. U KIJ MO NE
work: muit be itt-at. clo-au i inu d a ly baa% aug yorir wiir.'d y 114 il.-
No. ICO~k ~ .~Mt ~dctJr~ NO-i LI ii N. th.- ~e- t .'alap-e-
(iiie re-ft-re-tiu.. Addr'. s Mrs. IL. M.A-r. Wi r at- ,j, a IIL 49ruilit' *.
Maddox. Archer. Frl. shll' )o11 auit free' wo clmrgie if ixot .*t-
_____if, muctory. S4 '1b.0 .P'vI r.
Nd~f W&I~qr hoii..wat dour w V.15. (%sb. W Utwrty St

Will Leave the House if You Us
Infectious and contallous dicseaes
are prevented by carefully fumigating
with Fesole and Fenole 81pray.
Penole will exterminate bed bugs.
ronches. ants, moths. chiggers. fleas.
mate. chicken lice. and all kinds of
Quart. $1; balf gallon. $1.73; gal.
loa, $3; sprayer, c-.
A trial order will convince you. Ac-
cept no substitute. Look for the la
bel PENOLE on every can and Spray.
W. D. Pagan & Co.. Distributor

Freasese's Bargains.
For the last Sle or six months nmy
business has been steadily Increasing.
for which I am truly thankful to the
generous public and my old-time
customer. By this manner you have
e:.abled the PnIana riou. e to n:t onily
increase their stock. but seil .mou at
a close margin and make further In,
provements to accommodate your
trade. We are now handling fruits on
le and can serve you with cold
melons and Iced fruits at all times.
with free delivery.
Today we will receive 140 crates of
peseces which we will sell Priday and
Saturday at 25 cents the basket;
melons. ee cold. 10 and 15 eents;
lemoes 15 cents dosen: pineapples. 6
cents each; bananas 1 cents dozen;
grapes -O eats pousd: California
cherries. 40 eats poused-reas
apples ad other fruits In proportion.
Beautltul rilt. ASe display and low
prices to al so Join the merry bunch
at Nie Prmlaco'a Banana Houre.
Phone s23.

FOR 8ALE--New six-room tuo-stor.
house u thin two block, of ,quarc.
ApIly 407 W. Masonic street.

WA.\.\iEL) .Mt-i to learn bartr trade;
f,-. k.t required: bt-t paying
work i% thnl tlh rtntl (it I :,r tr a ,,
can hase sho)p ith miinll capital:
wage.- fIrun 12 to $2*. wtkl ; won
derful demand for barkm-rs Cata
logu- mailed free. Moltr Ilarber
College. Atlanta. Ga.

QU'ICK RKET()RATI\E for lobt man
hood. Satisfy tion guaranteed 0o
maoey refunded; 50c wpr bottle
old by W. M. Johnaoc

One who lives Il a furnished room
ean be pretty "Independent"-for the
rds. keep the best Iv tIm bad wtthiu
his reach

f yeo have lost or found anything
Jo mot till to keep your e)e on ab.
classifled advertsang coluum

Miss N. Norton

l lti, Books, SUtiotl1e,

SVmain, Slet Picturr
ud Nctu rrMmes.....

The read. Pe and Cake you
eat should be nutrltious. The
finest four, mixed with pure
rich milk and baked In the
"purity fashion." make our
goods the most dellcious it Is
possible to produce.

Phone 115. R. T. Schafer, Prp



Fancy Horses and

Heavy Draught



Davis & Oliver


First National Bank

surpIuo, $cwmooO.oo

We- Ia.Le- 1,ie d')rl*!i 1' lA. : isdwr ftilie ie,.at yjour i1ujpmaal sbanIbilIja
i.:. a~-i tee .*.. j 2 5 rir -a Mll co upit I'yifoui ola plate- i pl~icisin *is
ch --v i, of Ia tilteSi rs

'[' ~I( I T i CNi PAID I1N el'k- % 4oI \(t- lEIAkc rM EN-i--.

.Ja #tilla

a. L.a~J dl. 4 i I asS art

I w

II 1 Il



%~urplii-l .. .. ..

Clrpital, sloc,,olo.(,Wl

' :q

ruV w0 iUT
FOR RENT-Lower floor of resi-
dence. Suitable for housekeeping.
Apply We-tern I'llion fflice.
FOR RENT-One six-room and two
fiveroom cottages In South Gaines-
ville. Apply to Coffin Factory office
FOR RENT-New 6-room cottage, all
i.,od rn convenennces; t 2o, K. (o'ur:
airet. Apply 1. A. Iwdbetter. Jes-
e Preoch Plaso Store.
FOR RIET-FIve-room cottage an
block et to Sare; city water.
electric lbcts. bath rom and all
modern oveasem. Appl at ti

FOR SALE --Typewriter ribbons, both
copy and record. 75 cents each.
Bun oflce.


- i '%
; J

W qr 1W W IW W 1 W -w w- 7WO "W 'Wo

Published Twice a W..kmwMonday and Twf





%KW OHIUXANS. Jutiv 14 Tht
T mueb LOwuI( rult. Ilflaubhllm IIt
alat Ie-poton usal t.' 4*4,#tt (lIii, c i aj 11. 0401
s 11 tuu4jur f,,% .utima. iits.r ,. .iathi iii iaiip

Ui.'1,re a 6. 4 is. A '.II I .'-P4ll

4* W p '..

I ~ 4!

A .u .g law

gama4cr u.1.. tIel4'
I1 Iruu rrcr




iff~ll- di ficul
* Ibal aliti
1 4, a fuj
'at Jua1a Mu Ll

II I 4
I Ia. ,( i

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ral 'rThso At rlholut a
.lib balf to( Ibc waoutb
0). USA) kw r a tal.to(


ivkTom lb Q'suCO-owf aCoib Fer.

&M atnu#0m u TEL

of at omt dramC e areem
t AMOdage M my was reveals tti
Wme--W W theo ISrmal dedistm
**mvevs, ean.. me NMdaI ha t a
Mhe5 Had ual wfel rwd
bears the w a the smventeem

Is this quiet ttuM vl sO at the sId

Ae mm t eversoy o" hem tam
peas at mthsem 3e st se
tme sumds we I s = Iwr m

mbe lN e bhariater whi s=94 t
4 am IsCIm ItoI &u hh
asive aWoMteh
this estr ary ma. At tlms
ser stumbs with a sieve of vel
a a eI serpaias. She lifted him to
the vEY highest rnd of the ladI tO
4et prt m-4vis h im the eice
wneb was hl.d by the martyred I L
4ents; b she o madeU M he er s
SoIf amra u Anad wea the "Vin
It Is dm l I there ever Hlved
Sa Wv Wo @ me nSy e-- mer
IW m tw e oy bre alod tham Andrew

out aW mmto~ to tak the tI
It Dietary easplie ameg t he eu
rm ts ofthe deml wM te house tr
Te ambed boom the eer of tihe
It rasT ma naIpe l to pemchemo
y a lakte voet be escaped the
brand of somlor.
Put we mut bear ln mad the vi.
Ietut paslems sad the stubborn mis-
*oderrtealdiage which vexed the turb
uIlct era of res io tnwtIom.
There was to much fever heat In
r blood to admit of calm pulse-
fIaly the deciding ballot was cast
to Judal moderator: 'Ad "' at.
without beings blind to the faults of
the defamdant. has nrattife rd In-
dorsed the verdict.
It is wholly impossible to coitem-
tb .---------- hu --~e An I-

1 thios eeo duhter of the Toewse
e muataims, who gMiled his awt.
b wa t ", and taught hMm to minlt
be was se adle to disto the heal

itr law he trnedo s pel- s.
Sbeem an rato e national repute
* ti e ad n ol rae te --g--nr
* wIsdm ais w wC is ere a
t i te o ena d In r the mwho ha
f et aresme amtc et ;a sat dO
tltes thewlf pith pleadi redt
* In the Stys Leglture, he was sMe
I trr elshit ears M IC osres
on seemS oat the aarp hees or
P this par-ed blse R3 deiaped
Igamm ep-pOUam aSO knwing hebw
seagly hbe w as iaemeied i his R
distlet, a se was made to does
him by garrymand eag the at e.
Ssah e bealy met the e lceasm by
emesstsu mabllsl th wes r Gov.
eer of Tea muee; ad le. he rwa
mt to the I stes the WIaed

The Suthberie war elshude
Ihm Ua emphatle mlils. SeameN
of his stubberm renitme to me o
sla ad bhiso seumet ao his Sta t
upOa the ms seemed to asqmse
I the wmalorit of toh emsne boe
was appoI ed by Mr. Iaetsb is
18U8 War Ge ermfr ot 1%.mmue.
ots tended Sm e t t the msot
*rs-u gaer mpesW Mthe a tbern
horls- In Repmbllcan poltic: end
whe the party met a imatemal mc-
elnve to 14 bhe eceived the emsna-
tiso or Vie-PresIdet. It was ap
ot to weaken the arm of the Coe-
federacy ad to win coverts from
the dismayed camp of Di le felowming
the disaster at GettyJsbrg.
Thea rang the assmines shet ain
ords' Theatre.
Abraham Uncola. by the inasmous
eact of a madman. was removed from
the public stage and Andrew Johbem
was sworn into Oice by Chie Jaw
twice Cihae.
The taller of Greenville had become

iarte we career of this extraordinary e IreMuMeet oi t U 'nted ates.
wan wtthout belag liupre.e*d wau 4 --
the oportualtlos for distlactiom whihe Iut he was destined to pay an ex
are oefred by our free ImUstutlons to orbitant price for the Pres ntial
the very hambleto youth la the land. bomors. He was so lok er popular
--at the Moutl because of his avowed
t rra of obeare parenta ge ad bred d trm e ake tresm
to massal a this manof the pe edlous." Yet it was the moderation
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veb b~fter Ws, Whb
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Prties to mw
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fteubs b ime to" d do o

Miss AdMb See^e .o...5.0..
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MKi Nmuar rI lr ........ U

Mto. A. M. ........ 5UIo
Kim SIsla e Thb mp ....... I37

Mite Mabel WIUim ....... sa
Mrs. N. W. Taylor ........ 4.i6
Miss Eva S bawight ....... I5
Miss Aate Be Taylor ..... e66
A.aas M ale Croach ....... ..85
Alls Geae aullcrd ........ *
. Is. LLla Ualley ........ 4.. ,
lss Mauoe McKay ........ ,456
% Ih Panale Whitil ........ l.48(
;;lM C'urti Pitt ........... 1.44

L&**ter. mid Souther tileL
Uiss Hattis agllsa. Taomo..1.2U3
Miss Mael MeCredie. M'eoply 231 .
Mis Lo na McCredle. M'Copy 3 306
tle Mantie Chamberi Mlm.

aI u G rt to disgrace hl by press
af imptamhmlt-l. /
The -ool whcMh Andrew eh
a ltoa wa that tsie aesi-as was
everi legty renSaS. the se-edi
States were aeadyu within the Unlom;
bit Coamere was beat pen declariu g
them to be withet thie u at, ntil

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welcome put r of r a erase.
I the ligUht of eubeamt develop
mesw tho p eti of a dAnrew Joh.
sn Me kbom vlndisted.
Whem be left the Presbdea ehabr
nla 161 e was In temporary psltisal
vclipse. Twicehe was defeated for
uIUc uf kc --rt for Governor of
Tatow,.e., ad aftoruads for Ut'ald
Itate ueaur. At last he was hbee
urtd with th lua H t bl h health
%as brukel, his bruw was furrowed
his he@d w*a he t Advrew Johtaou
u a, Iou llug-r their Saue Ias and In



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Moe Pattle Setnomer. Mebele 3,.831

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Miss Vasa UStuIA, W....
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MisS Mary Lasbe AAwAer.
Kiss Melet ...... m)

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1,a16 #L itc s Intro threm & the 4.el
I. ll; 1a. 1 ImIi v idi.tfeu Otor.r alllist w.. .I n. An min isi r by $011,1111
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11,4 4.1 a,' 4,vi. *WittiD Slie. 11111 4 1. 1 11 lagii. fa- Phills of fthe C rsop e shs. fur cbm aitilduej"ib s t do= ,
fill- s1. ,I a fi h. ,III 4 0a a. L. I. II. a.. alaM a.*i1 14'Nsoasnid. Iis. Nowso 5 pW
0 04A I :- I, I I. I kgati is-of A iard' t us l ur Ia.. a11a11 (j I s ,ta ocrima.... e M is, bum
1-11 .A.C l. .b'aiO I Alaaesat Jut.. Is dilias f ars awl't eimbwheq., Ibifilhe owes prime f m m mi
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aL'4L.a*.bsav 'rIe, .aidt oe.

Less Than Last Year


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40m s -- miaKvild

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W. T. met Ise possiond a Poo

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bom -too h 0 wnd I-
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son" U6Low al idl I st" h
by a aftmms sheft
cc ftasatww by W. D.Dd.
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IEtablished iii 8 1

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ammasma l m ilw na


a .. M Tr fma W ft Lah. s 'Ividew M rd Sfre Maor W, A UILY
Termr w Cpy owr im tte ll moday. Wh w Tok Caue Under
Piftmi hmr PuMpeul e. pAd viemernt Until Puriday. c

TMa Ceaster Dnimeoam k- _m- -e g NMarshal Armow -ad his amltmat.
a-M hm s ear than ereOabesw 110408S hs Fu5 Meante Owesr. rmded up quie WaW.
-- d ( W to tk priom- m.S meambe r ofMb e fe So Gturi y A
a0 th MtarI ev o the de, lw t A l Nek. alL o ik. L in k a dot at 00 a Ibl Ia
p __ ** as_ at tha t imafee-a r w he e m h rnir the
hW a me laa_101 011 0411 e 0 S NfL 6 se6 4m e a 1 0 bh a rged d o p a t. u

glum. m oe pe pl h have b le 6 AT W O Mew M AYn aSW TH. T m t 8 "h, 9 01 me ua" a"t .
ro&i s of pwnt thewr mmes. ---- wu w SRO 00 meb S erim P 0
-wh tt Ua h be amme Meat f at"Mem a dyL Phugus Away el fsed with OMm ir RP b@"%

"W 0 im -fr who woOht as et ly etesyed b the dei&a We&- 9 mom '
i .-. .......... ;, u .. J. it ds sM- *h s -i a q

w loa pan pi nmmt burgers and k ibsmen mae s bftSa at S .
.^ h ba.-- ,_. ., S. v. A'_ I. Yneh b- K t., & bH sreash
so= go budis 2 ii M q*wk & hW m *ON I mon bess Mumma boul" 60. .|if you buy
-.....b bt pim--.a eh|e Mg. Nr..h whes mamae d M'I* i mon Ou
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S eiem ar s eel am at a the dm o wi Ms bAN 090016
s l m -a N up t e ar t m m g& ab ma ft y ae w gs a m N anrb~n9 A im w6 M a s M em it
.e0 anMe .ad t Mie s hmsbeS Idt I be fe t aev. W f c. o esm. ft11 1W m m p-e mw Ma a s
Som- -m-m h em sePted a d.dn- p.Is. -m h"e A enum ra n dt sV mos
s* o taw *f mo bnu te- h lch aMn ai As peftr a medg sa 4W.mm h's. tha.mare 1wi kei Ia a M
a m .m have a M e h a bou .wo = 4 m od e aM W su.. s p ersO she uor th s od* he m U olsbres

*- I ii rei y iI. n t> sid pr h iY l f I
e a i fte have the am t a e er of mu* 11 3 ar wsmr--as I- -- I a. _
S la Mee deI"at MM g Nw gramWe l v hbye b"S" t ftw ea M sItm e -In b
lml Iilr oof s b he ,e, memmd
"" --- -- -" of a ""a" ewo I ovidsol e a aw w.,-,

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us, bPO dosaf am s mw aOm &o
aft m. muu m. .wdk. e.I f oe Ot m.. m mY I
tIh A bm eqa111r Ami he alaee ase as a ommt at whbn m AAe t e
do homeavemage maeserNum.beers, gy* omE

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pem w h bad a l w ledpuss.6 II am64
mad.. to. dw intleft -4 oilrt he, ti .... ... ...1** 1

a ts. ao 6MOOr amd bh do a so e t rw. ct V M arrIved a* h I to be"iew cd a a md a"
mmme ~ r, ovemeansm rw e darf before hhe death. sad wore we psate y t o pha msv b ore h EIIm e
as he arged, her do g her la st days. .h e VI L IWE ft&

Tr C> M. A Is N Mtted by Is., o Go's word; and espreeoed r d J-- I hlu t ..........,....... I.
S i is a o A retaslhed to os am ita d amer. o ea s th bs vl" wa
the Ajacba i c church. and xe of d is 0t o Wb m

ria. 'a tm m made a f sevMeeeer rof herc eteoM witb vn Uew 9amayO W1. 0a .
M. She dOla oh e n r Itb fal h ad 1 B tt .................. ~ N
e i w. .Ll'- V ad- L Ihelmmhee- W blumit. Mr. 6 ato

&as't I 4 tL e by ltd P fre detb a bl weome vish m fall that will buy t
a, as oy. i cM s fted rl'w s fGodl od ssa f houn rom bw a s n a number ot f1W qa ................L

uit Doi's Olasues t & St es Am as.t re. family. gn esily tan dear -avw a t 4 fl n qlluas tr ................. O W &
Inag mde a ftullmrreader of hermek Mr. s Wir th a vI e St l OWa4 ag. Wiubm" .........s.

lo. W aa Pa d ladC Mser *m e 4 ft qur ts ................. l
I tlsl. talked fre y ~ all b er d lie. l r .................

rewi. e qoieklY. Pre" r,, aes that God radcoml even men. i't oI l m prt ................. 4
S hIo A druggists h sellL ll ta ully aware at ................ ..

rbad ta ls frtredly a(l dhr- You ead do if y r ay waat CAT RR 4 f Y
I 'l tT o Havtc mo. t nM d tr "--' --ar............. .7
aIt a d egat poer to do al Le r l 'o t 1-. eas e I ......... .. 1. 61

t- .a.y -ed. -wo ,tood as e-n d m t y et 4 uNM p .. ......

ber edsg of hlve a eoalw it.*hw se* h hmartiame diseaa SaM plms h it degree U ale.. M
a Tde femal sem fe wers eedun Hyom t
*l from tle resldac of tM d aow fear s ds r. r
a t ao'elk yelader sAM OOB by Mrems to a p rlpow *t er asllrta I Is isa ldl
her .la ptorh s W. C. mater. s ad nr str i; te stao ha te
ihe arty rleeas who seaId t ar M strutd from te tp H ......

Sly pleed hi the ermetrr at ewrns. ltree t lband Astra ia whoe eater.

ll rh has never existed.
We woalM to speak ords of gives relief alamt. s1 Ta
more0 em-bt to the heale 'hawkiag t a feow days ed 19 1irW-
mlMohr ed mier who wre present tWme to c Ire marrk. MIthb. 6 AU Ir
Tlhey ar hevily insulated b the er m. ad to the other ad brsnitsI or ea m mhk. A
y a a members of the famly i who are far ots4lOte StetaM t0Lter nd a
and a splendid ice-saver away. and to the dear little* elirde. $1.-. ** d era* bLntr le Hit f -
who. Is their lNmo-n. ceauot rellse e If 0 attrwrd seded. st belt L .......... .
Olcid oak ca*e, woven wirfr their low: sad also to bhr host of eats. So by ledling drUggs OL ........s II
*helve, heavily coated with fri-d4 ,bo moUrn her departure: a ,er *" herev 7.I.
hut we know that at a time like this "Hemmcertalnly smved my lfe U. .iW Io
14uixk tin. The lhardware ords fail to oAoth the acla he bart. and I accord it the mwdit wlkb d md FItes .... 7,467 lS
ip of the heaviet, lliAle O(f All r. c an do l to poAt their eyes lswres and merits. There Is oathl ~ C3 and Bhanl p 0.9 Si
lto tho OGrat Phyaira. w ho It sroog for W. 90o my regardli -
braa andd full nickel plated. ir.rurnid to comfoturt ad retmA* His Hyolme "'-- Ada HopIkts. I C t. l17,1M1 Ii
I*-,,l i eu will kN with them in tw aen*ur. Co dwater. Mich. M Ait rV u r W uewr,
(jIaanteill-d t4 give MatidfaK- ',.* th i trule. aLd ,in lbe se.th c 4 maty of Alairbes
...- I, G. W. id.Call, oiu ofl Uw
tiai, i 'all ali.tl *.t.* thtiiw. ll ol fra.ke -Albus Nw lith sl est la Ui aV Sta. tem In te uM
S-. F .l odlv and Tar ils e.l**.. tlidt ias i tir sll l *I.lure ti eif *
r4,,j,, h.rlidt- d f'jr -br l,nle sIr.AIt iad
)aAm, ,4 ,itr-. ii..,.aid a.isa .' ufferr fr oai Ci i 'rr1 A ttW4- P It I smI, J C.
M- KL what astIa raisa lu aisd caunsum4tloo IS alsas m MA,-Y N-o
PW SEVaN.64%4I aLfus0d l 1 ct f aoSfort i4d rO llel. us ark, tr'*hing. aud M cMma & t die A PiWin f lo oi to
PMOQ IIV-N. | *- a It.. l Mi. **a ur aIS y k. I" bgLel h tb*6
*c.A I'o.'- t^ ls t LruIs lo MW UtMw L'9 9 I"999 9M

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ry .I,
I~ .... *.D. r *e#. 4*eOlt
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Y(I a1 r~J t

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slawd. m da
I. W. MCC&" a"j.
J .I. Fm. no"
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so a 40WS
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or -s s" o ao"dw


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I*a u mI
--I- W gmn -i s

g __ he P-IS; BOty ad
gA-a to mmns..s.m.1- to CMas

I L.oy m a la dr. 'o W mLW A
therFOiig OA~sSM 1 asd 41Few

I tms tor albe I*Om l
mr he Maouth rPelahm orh

ISt is 1aM abs oser41 r.o
ea- t-l ei Tsa Iel of this

-ye to ,rletf. 1oeA Mag exceed tio
an ef *g a dollar, art vho
-1 1 i 1 ctla h o aol te"
9MMrus ul 11i, LArl or a ta A
ta o fa a d-a-ollares e- aui
s- al r petweatla all stlliat

M s e ad H or e asa e-
d"e- a..eWm ad ho -

eT -Ml T who to perwaaetliy I*"
Pesal 'did i.o

ai d o rviWoNe b ae.tad .e dof
aty t ra ueo4 ad s be thea

a .r, a. .a r Im e 0y
t *e e .....e .O duly
O a wean s reaseied or I .
SntaplI whi e to sde of dty .
whea property va w tisa bth
ml ad miprelstaludheg the pro
eaty his wHie)l, does ot exeed the
J lyAe thosand dollars, ad who
a b|a dea clita of tMs State

ie h undred dollars per anaum.
to ermterl payments; all such pe*
a h w last a lab or Nabs. an eyr
a aspae or who is praeasetly di*-
abyd mi sson a woeds or dis-.
ease to gala aw in eliaod by manual
taer, shal be entitled to recica
ao per anmm to quarterly pay-
mets, the iLMewlg =am ".at. towit:
pa total 1w 6 amght........ $15.
Per 1 ad e eye .. ..... 136.00
Ur le o a a t tor led..... 126 o

1#fI bo th hands..... .....
Perh am4 bogth lset.......... IN.
ar kma ofo eas h ad amse
at J easae peag .. ..... ISOA
Vr psrseaal juries, dieas
or age. whereby the psws

E m q ati thea aPoan"
ma9 lMn MP mobe eat I

her Ia d a Ai a Ir ast aheea
he,. tom a- as penelem ula at

aa Id Ii ai) r- t~o Uafca --
as e IM As deat
*SOL 4.No pIm re ssli h a paa.
Sae. em. a h per matu aanb dhe

ovwed dtM e a" be made fhm tahe
late of the Uag at ate appliatim
is the PsM bpartmemt. Any PW
oon w drew a p lasm from the
saalto- PiIa at the time e the
peasage ad tM Aet, ad who ist e
tled to a pea s under this Act,
daub act berei ath beo ae w
pr. nt mtor be paid from lat poa
a r this Act. Paymet shal not
condaMe to pastlse dluri a1b
enuce frm ta s state ad lsumea dura-
ions than twelve months
"am e No I e Ir who was di
ebargel asmsum ed beLg msder
awe. or kr disability. but who did
amt oeemi et up.reoval of th maid
dsabLtLy. o pe becrmo a ol the
ale mil taN ry ae eigh tesen
yars belere the tIralait Mo the
war., sha Ie atilaed to a pesasia
umdak tlh Act.
"Appllasts for posiesk under
this Act shall make oath before a
ereer oauthrld to admiala er oaths
Mad m us be ei, statlag the compa y
am tegimest ta ior ship upon which
be emelled ud served, the date of
his ee14tme0t.h e date and oa se
al discharge, his Cttlesap and rights
to the benalt of this Act. He shall
furrlsh the aSdavits o a comalls
sloamd osaer auder whom. or the ad
davit ao two comradea with whom
be served or the trascript from the
muster rolls frt the Adutant GOen
erals' Olice at Wafltatoe. to estab-
llah the serve clalamed.
"Sec. 7. The Bard of County Com-
missasers of the county In which the
applicat resides shall lnaoeUaIate all
claims mde under this Act, and re-
port upom theI aplicatL whether or
aot the pensiu alW ed r ab would be.
"Sec. I. The State Hoard l Peo-
slams shall furnish amuallry. stable.
bhiks lh making sueb reports and
shalls a appl~ lomea hr pemsilos ia-
mewdiately a reeit of saise.
"Ies. &. AMl mms required f( the
parasMt o peasems to appmeamts s
der thi previha of this Act shall
be pald byr wamsas aw by tV



mamet of the act of 1907 reed as ul.
"laetIc. 1 Any peresa who ealist.
d and served ia te amiltary or auv
at servlc of the ComtederMte Steats
or of thl State. lacludina bhour
guards ad reserves. durlun the war
btwree the States of the 'nlted
State. and did not dets.rt the t,,.id-.
erate or 8tate a.rvke, uad shou
a bona Id( .Iv.ti* olf t hi lState ci,.!:u-
uously I i )cars prior it dat,- -o id
Wllng of ''. asillicatlio for i ii :.a.
and I' :1 otr sixty ) ir,. if age
at th'e ',t-. of ap',llraitoa. *hall each
rvc.' jn hundred dollars Ir an-
aui *'sorterly) playmeats; iet
I. -.I othlbr repectsc this ** oi
is the samu a. the l ew law
Applljuiit* for prasious can now
make pruf uof -ortlre by furanilug
a ntralsript frim the muster rolls
from the Adjulant OGasrl's otl(r at
Wasaialnst Thio wI em aa som
deorvT vetras1 to make proof who
ruld not otherwise do s. there obeti
.J -uiltor uf their cotursad.


aa poM -I- lnS

eu fam m* n.m b"

-M paw so f "tw
- --i aw -e -A am men o*I

OP Gv ft noDm e loM r
fm* M o Bmalm, e1 tso mean

aMso as b oa* rml
- O- gb am ne mm a

1 to o mW .
*ie he mlbi w
h o ga as he-
I- Is ol Imei
al *O MMo ~ a be ha
Oltla a- "s est a d**

we I a Ia aI o. ,

s --" c um

- A *WTs &MMS ~af t

aer 1- Io llm l ar
~Q ~*-' -w

o- lav la wd aso I hee
amp le. .e a a al- d
pa 41e e as am ftv ft

e ade ? aw b1e th"

-m eC 0 o 1 re-
Ome a "o- sm
4 t dbue Os -9

S" ft ofe t at on
tIt e. cawto rMt an bee I eeaoe
ta Shoo no IN l

-eIa m as Os a mo.rY

Samq sam- aam l M

I. a" Ose.s Iin o g upo
I.a 1 an.m e sif twe Na te omi

Ia Ow ua as u bab ml

a"u.s as. Te O ad M at t
smP de. a ms tumb. m

the oMLVeal cnnafl t ord of mis
I eas prIl me t onat t &
A. U m or the mim thrafte8 a4

1o od dw p the IM etet It
to & onsaot md twd Ai NTat ofit
am pso h wbh amp he mlmsts of

d Oh aes w no*mw a pea"
fnrom th ate, u aa e all pwroms
Ih have ead tO r p-llcalos fora
foh peas..e ad wheh have aot
Im a ei uaMM aM pending be-
oe Mal BatdO and It shall be the
duty th t ad sev eral Boards o
Coumtu ComLonr*s, o receipt of
mllIst or aa e m theratr a pa-
tbshls. to 3mb. earful mvestligation
i Nat mad mka up ad earthy
he the state bsmed of Peasess a Ist
d al su perams who. thir

of tows In oallet with the provi si
f thei Aet hean te atme are

3e. 1?. hI Act shall take 1*ct

"Approved Ja T. 197."

Th caly chaase of Importance e
the old tow and the presat act Ii
to he fouad La sectlom 2 The latter

the primary syksem of now* *t~g
o1cers. the atalag else sa alealat
ed to do o. Te new law wWl thv,
to be kee to be appreeitd "by
the outert'

Hy. Monroe Brown, formerly of
0 ala. and a candidate for (overnor
la Ir0. has olaned a campalo lna ie-
half of remrovlal the Iate C('.apal
fro Tallahaasee to Jacksomville
The capital mr asot be removed frons
Tallahaase* durlna the aext ten
years. but ere anuth r quarter of a
centUry roll round It will sertlaly
be located nl a more central place.
cOmuvalult to the people of the State

Capt. R M Hudson of Orlando died
suddeuly at Telluride, Colo. ea Jusei
3, where he *was upert teldst of
a large. milue. He was 41 years ,'t
age. and a graduate of th old la-t
',orlda Seminary. He was familliarly
huuse to his class tat e as Jack
and was popular with all who enjoyed
hil acquaaitance.

rf. *

- **;

la om l. a- I oo N
iag m I oImL 14s, o A n

*Nm bmo m to betam for tv4"m a
ayewn oewa at at nO tta las
0soft mea os a bw ee

Ilem ama to -a-, o -oe
*ame o a lMu Ma a IMS. tIo
Smsp,, dw .S oft---mftae, lalns
yero mem weno wae oSwme aI

heor nsa eamm m to mo ao
Gm enm, W mY.hr haam at1eoWm ai

td aL e the lM o Irat

w. ll ew thoat -o =fO=d

tt they arI apo s m a ate to
am dm II mIMM iI Ifm tjsmm

IWm m Ba aam la n ed 1tax
ire ew m e tr a -ta
am It tl ar oWran OE e.

e at sowao Ith a maiVa Biel
Ia aIlo ar llto 0%of WUt-I

ariear aV ai ra. r ed a *aert
pea, beW a w a.s a ,e .

Irft daml ome t, MOe oamor oem
dr soh g aoddwto* NOW onad
the Io puh, l to uo w t

- Noem er t1mida ei momme. d
mes a r"et eLw mtlmao m"to
to auer l t oa marml ad M

SMane o lsalt oses nmIS,

Sma~eta* sw w i n
hper at cl to a rs aad h1

Ita O ii a"od am er
ft -i mp emesr he os sehimr
-aeM as mu her

.BWJ W'NW IN ewto The Wht.
m0 IT. (Tub =)r e OW. O t
rma ar perem uIe tiihen ase te-

airr uthp o sa itea the h-
o tha she plee. wa v eenoe oUtp. it
I to N november. 1i9, i lAit the m se
meNt to the comastism receives
mooriy vat at teet-de wte tlaw
wi take fleet emandud sLl.ee mThem-
tr much tru th aha hyoua asay Bro.
White, as to eheoe d seatlmeat
'ince Y OUleft Pria& tI 111. hat
Pray tell nusa a way em andher
were, a eraYOU a "a booe age dsr
Im. you resmo Incei the laod ot
I *owers.

Governor Gilcbrtrt as amppved mms

the oll taxn of Tea mL ro-
Lug a amalty tr an Waqu.a.r- to

me to t oaws whico requires m-

lad prohibiting canddSatesfrom, 1 1. -
tributtrg to any charitable Institutl' ro
wtr chur. atc It iscase of tseasmnt
IaLtace esurte is Ia many other ,u-
pret that could he actwa, ead mia
it duesr na resume La the abolatnd of

S 40

Asian a I --


"iwori Pauen MIwy Cut Witt
0636. sd a rnber IoReeive
OsM bm byAsent.

Far. Whesaym DrIty:
The FCmsedia mpecal @mcu.GoM
tra. whis bleft Oeoville &bowt S:3
yeetorday moutog happeurd to ON a
ele at Waldo whh delayed thea
#r averawl uw n aud "bady b1isI
up a smmhrad of t" pamseumn
The aeea was md by the
bbo hee iklig em the tralamaod the
emmeuo to hecklin up rm left a
- IM traf
MIIV wa"t mId be armed the
tobethdatwas bemlsg up Mweefll-.
oIft at a r ate el uCd
ft ft domelhs" r two d the me
ow esmse, *k oabsup the sow
postsP OY badly. Nethis swhas
- up three a-snomeme
w tau w"moss f t Its j-- a f
the hha eft, witha delayedbat
ba bery who bel&e

IMN o: Khodlyames w
CeIs ~y40 prto m to
peeh ta d&Noulm a is that I
Save reed am ede asy sultLA &I
Nmt e c I 06, M t4
aof t* fa W Pls. tbI
blindin Go ame" 3u6s.
L 3a UrOBT.
dru.J ewIt .19 .

BMtW am: Pbm ams u
to ammuse one themessmms a
Tw som *L Am be a m f
btes f tb in16 t ome
WWdthtW todmft vm KY.f
Nawth.u. ume 14L

To Neor* m "peied Killed eN rTip
Twoedw NISS.
ft Ia smsd lo ttwo mesoes were
hImadba s omTumedo y e'u mi
mob"" WOO phatifi rm the Urns
the trsfm puid away&m dotha
-um MISfIthod rame~d us do@*
ma # At LAehsr.
The radba edm e l -da w
POW o a We a" eMdI at 10
owery station thay was asmobito
'nm by gt mew ft ow e.
Weamlhero at GebmUl A@M No&
bud rI Md-1I utw er
Sto Peopl weVMSemu oanro=
an the tasto.
rob. soum wasthe amyw VMS
ps Ibsmtourd Sem theat km
Of 4W, 3w add be hund 4
Mid aft aedleft bepowd W&
Issaw Whod aemme, she mM Ma
-I thuu theI -r mIY

wooet amy wmu bft he eola
soem ftheo hued witha blo
of whkow ~mmg ta wy ~f
a" "M offvm mibIn am
!Aupm Utsahw. m l

ftW wargomum""mddan
am. ItSem, a ersd am ft
IbeaN ofa a"eMI amUrno.wi
aft a N ow vfw ft ft v"3 v
ow Im obww

3mnew ahe ~abdupa Ron
th -e oad n She wmaw
ad hr bame a "hesM C
Wm a"h swi po b he
had~~~~_ bohr hb am o


magma Prosram on A* or&
The bindings.-4ad Irentomhhve
eumiod hr a ~ cobbrlatimat
&Wat phe am _a JII b* =I
saw" am twatheato a as ltad
inE th in3 hrumI t h

prem m d em so
A ow M'b ollb&AMmd PW
sk WE be ohm ho w ofend pufph
ad thatods% %*A* 6 bSed Ow Us
POW be"Naf. ad So bwd
Jonflo- *dowmlaIstads
so OWbe 49 beam wooamedam

ad&km *8 @sbw"ma ft
som m Q^a L 4 so

W. W. tbam ad Stmftl ,a* a
hr 3 w l Ith

mm beamusllftm* hr 0 S=
.- wmea wE beta 01-11
am 3m ftw" ft -- 0&

mo um w umn ab ftasIwo3

ay pread"

as LauWpea" wUs
-A,-- A
wrow" to IM. y.so wu
salow anre SAMMUS. v"
ua l- am iW~M o or-
a*h PE paw of L5. k
imhoft Ir a Ir "r d I
L0keslm. S. or e4 t ft med I
intolto as a dsm- em.~ 4

Take Alcohol?

A w Fem I -d hcke mmd vlw mi

Imr ha~-ur icho We hel y-U~e~ra L I"l
mmat oww wii m A
T" Arw s In aC~~I:~ I~~


lie W* 1471

0= 4morII) witS
wa 0


*tI t* t
-Q` :f~A

From 415- Brodway, New York

*~ 7
~;L ";ftp

Open Their Creat Money-Saving, Bargain-Civing

Goods From the Mills Sold at Factory Prio.


The Store With the Power to "do It"

Opens Friday, June 18th, at 8 a. m., Cles Ti

Yellow Tickets
The Yellow Flags

iberd B. Watso
the South's (reate-t
Extra Help Ineures Prompt


vww w w w "* w w-*

This Store Closed All Day Tur ay te

How Goods and Mark Dmew Th




Bi Stocks


e .*


me w w v 4- vi



I rl --- IIII __ ___ __


- - --

Icnr-- -~I---~~ ----"""' """"'-'-"-

&M f -W
Nmo 9~Gass

aN"d Polmw% Ne ~b"s we
TO""aloftmi~ Us
TW bm Nogdn* asom Isr
ila Afler LrM, Se fta"

inthmw me w *ft w ba Id
fst b"d hr sof t lb A

Ift g robw w =
amM ago

*i km t "- S. s a

ft ow Slo

oIw b
w) -, US --S '. -

1-S. -_ I --

- atemb Y

'- t*w
-.ba mb-- ,b

'.~-kr q-jJ*:


WomHI w


-a CL~





WkN -1: -,!,.-. -T
, r

Y -

moum paibm iw n d
~bm.& SAM

aL -k7M


-uw saw&w
-4d arruw

adad a As Mb Vub
an to bed ftme

oft ohm an to be per%
Web*Plo~ g
I CI As st ft W
o Imw emb w

ow so



I *soe "I

Yliirri as me


omrw r r
a- -- a
- -1 N i0ow
a...f Y) in
hea SeI mad

bbe dom e-
WAM In dthO WOd~rW he a
$a am a Mr. arim's be seow
ohm a- to Was Maumw ObSee
r Mas* wgab t o* ha were: .
*d ft the Udvwf

' h d,; b. Semit, OmrndL peedbU

02* FSdbk. ~maw Me0.apwuerlmO w.
dbd on at mU rsnavevrr..
pl*MWatsed U Nkomo--l--~--

d a wId sew ed of C uuoI. sad
In u IIb I thwq meas of th

the was.witd I o Ue eeinseaame
thw biug borthe me @ w tho e
h a pulMmrl Stales. aWi er the



department a dcf mee.
Mr. Bry asked thi etxpedIt
w tbas very est. Ute eed for
t*e. beuig. aisg evees groetr
ta tbhe md a mnew sesdmlee
bulla SIr the Womr 's bom.

gsator Doesn't

mt Pf.I Aigktian

ATLAftA m I1t-4M. J. Ka
2*6 Ami ofS @9 bvmalksem of
MASON% -a mambm a9 de Lam
INOW quPf ryuef in At laU.
stim.s" me peopleO ub"I"i

two amabe ww me ash has

00 ovinle We" heaghle u
11" mabe 0.man"basilmsew e6W

rmets wri be emimi t I It the Ibw
usa Jut a t kIn"
The CMtkam comty ksglaitr di
ot betlve ti ha the *aoe d "a-

w" eebgaber alMr .t glgsb a
i Mr. Aada epremWed the bheI t
0- --am weM- dpeamd ap s the
I rem--emdatlm of the admilaltra

Work on Extension Is


KET WMI Jeam Il-The trek.
t4yg gaM has already completed
Lbthr wVerb e Ia.e Key aumd they
i.re mw I yI a the I re Iat rate of
SmUlle a. b Tbh rued bed Ih r-ady
If r the track dowu i j lNe canauul
' "e thley Ul lhae to all isaill the
r I nwrceNtly a.d hardasl out WblIr
.* las fur tlr ill srCT ,* (bt. hau-

ui lto set( latu cuediltuL the gasg
will go b k ou*er the track alr**d)
laid uad lout to idtuig and spurs
a here needed Ouce they are across
Niles ebamii.l they ll bragI the rued
Luward Kr>) t a iulle n.trr earb
day Thbr .outrtcti c( larta sboutld
r.atc K-> 'almst IIt Iai.r lhaii llt,
fIrpl of 041 l0>4 I

va lo t, MEN


IU- -


pFei sw o peat I o'eock a. m.
rad ele at msout.
By order of t Hoerd of Pulic
lasMretio this the 4th day of Jume.
190. R. B. WIEKS.
Chairmanu BIard Pub. lstruetlou.
Atteet: J. L KELLEY.
See. and Supt.

f Ih srnam Cha
I M Yu b" An ho
ll- thn

DIa he trald to give the be t that
Is Il you; It's the only wa) tu Uake

rojw 1Wf oousrtbhia gbettrr

Never ar Matell *ce nYou'll ashul a
Aaar or o ull-ir a cut, brujbt .burtn or
scald lie pyrhpad Dr tpbwu19
1111 tIaaitattl v rc IIu tlit.%.
Ow Soudii

LI~ 4WIrs~s 7


4w U mP"W

rbe the -

Aa. J.
J. J. 3. I.
9whm wo ma dar sk.
I Me. W.ram V
at wbi wEM an w dsuL
X& L S -- -.- -m IL IL
JdbWr, IL 1. pww 1- F t binw

em @ whim WE "a miut
in- 816 31L Up.sw: UZA.
ftsulk r. e. Wwkm
em@9wm sl U m am =dub.
AM6W ft ISbe -- : 5.A IL
Law.?i. 'L Dows=-bu;@6w eZ
ad wbm so M dm
a mj W IL
mom. I W. a
oft wmm us a* a *."
ha-- v: A. A.

ubm go Uanmwd.*

L L3Ohm. 3ILS & 1.h~i

L 1 t i ~ C
w o n % a al m & M a s a
INA us. MJ. Ammm~3

MOM W U nbwl.sW. T.

emllw d wIm wE mas
Abdus Mt. Ulras:r V.?
now a a5am& 5A. Wi~eme

eM @9 ir Mwq du am Ldu
bbs. V. L WUDraw
aw w i W uma am ft d
*no Pa. ma bm an:T C.

5.rq NI., 3. A. 5*., P. 1.
8016 r. L whwmimm w -w

Fb CI~kl MeI 3-bupeeLto,.
an at 1S Cadwin. V

11111v Ilia1 r II crL

Lug.l, m@9wa UWEu~u ma a
a lawebin%, R-bad.r P. X
No w.a wNo a am WIN am iwb
em @odwif 3am ia

C. CL 0 M I ,L.CIF UhaT.
ewm atwham WE mva m e w k.

CWIowIla w -1 J.u~rL
LamiL. Q .4 wm@6 J. :W.1.
@9 ofam W*maaduas

avowM a y ac-- Me. Pa. .
Cbmp Th. C. V Ogin. -A .U. V we

am. emW @9l wbm wi maamci
ear ehm Va wam Em asdaslk

Chamoem wam W E am lek.
me. dm. ma -, e W. 3. H.
Hague. am ft aum.fJaW. Pemame

no wfm w bm Vasolerk.
m Vte. Nma R-enpeaters: U.
C" Mars.. Nb A.b .ainw. V. IUW
useamrt ofm wem wat acs t
roaoeid.MN6. 6-6lbpcdtar: 6 I0
B.Brweak J. ArcAie Ak. D. B. Vo.
Ae. amof wam woUaft as cerk.
Mwb SWI. NoK6 -MLa s mtcu: A o.
CInnr. 1C. V. a. a vAm., IL
Clrk anh a d wit as cl laerk.s e
U8ama. No.6a -IanPetors: .J.
CaberlaTJ. f V. SJac k.wa. r ad
dIcy o awot wil ma a e clrk.
wberrypwu, N 73-,m-laqpctr: W.
M. Vansa. A. MTucker. W. T.L
Swima, em of9 wabm wo an ctoa
Roadrcky PaNo. 74-laspecto1.
IL. Breaker. A. 3iLe kis.mS.&. C.I
Crwa.oe om whoam wiull ac tamlerk.
HsvhMeug a No. l-luspetA. IL
.ider. C.M. L ne-s.LhC. Rvas. m

marhwhWill aic ast cCkrk.
Wlalcrd. No. to-Imapators: John
IL Ihemas B. L, flewe. I K.
ho'a.. reo who wIBl act
Where parties apponted wW1 met
m've as Lasectors Tdrusee must meu
that mew ames are, appbouine mm ta
eleeti are hal.

ftM Pftae S1. AALeft SQe
FUANK CLARK mm w Vtumal

Pumim in SiGalmovis kma
mks aaUI

t 1-M


FI I S l'%* 9*

..OyTrI USl


IGO% 66% 6#1 1

a" aIm VsLe x.
WSo me-'-
wuaeese ae"aaoem se mU amate..
No mm. us Idea a" ms ~wise
some bu ed" ow W



...Ad 1I *.1 J, .. g
vv vT '. if
,- .~ pu~ A.E:b8 .tL~ IU

of d ekre" cum ft-I mw tfor
-~ re -Saw eiMayth
a. NUwM a "GM~ mWc
3kC Se n Isn iL

W. WWI* et A .an e isbdat, .
be" logeO R a nIlLWKamNo.4
Joly tw etSito. do. mansem buss i
kva mob Ai W a 1n dW e ltpk"
bawlofi2r a e the
~s~ boeio% Is qhevilknforidas
SSWb mlso r a d notohehig.
ON MW M=A. ft seek t to&

real MWW Ink Abdm county.
am ad*MM ehlas
vWa. an to and WWMehelm msomibk
&wum abermthma amtOnr of the
sew tho Severn, 4ugogd
?Veldsb ainam wm4w, es
mo 0mm h Sewj and 4$61f
amlm. 0m .. w "o A"miss.1
b 0m a" "Wes mmd 164.
r 0m .. See ml~ 164*

Amb, bomm dtybres Na
0mw Weg M ust of i 6-M b to
P. 06 2.L IIWE. g eas ad 640
seam ~me eabma
Lb.. 0m dbw 3 1 ~m- a lkd

Mat aP" 4I u t sortth
M 11 vwafkM do samb.
amL wesee atos obv"u th
4d so F~.ame o @m eagm
sot Im =Twad eTon s" s
afts no& M 0m I to
60 atr eff LdLae

thmae wu-lw@9 mIdev =% -la

cc doft be aIb Go3ev.
and U sh 4"m, Il IS 4..
Sam twoa ose uAaof a
altwas"GOIMam" mor e
AI ~@M o Sat arhofbad No.
k.~ame Lae. YweafTwelve

Tv'w saf lying
kmi t E tm y

I sami. P. 4Lb AMTW
abutS of Abelian GmeWdm

b olw ago%
armis is waseeropmel

No %b@ 0.-- "
S ~ib 94W *

No C as.

cia. a Job.&
0 "a oa t
Ak Oer o Po
TTLIf~~r~r __s ez____~ ) l~'L
i-- Lr rr Cleo k Ceram ;C"M"r';
A al 1661

DitrYR- GM L Wofto%

__ _



K-. I-L __

, -r r -*

- DCUTmi


p8 9,



M to hdVh the A. & I. ande Me got" m -- W r Sam NW *
S to hd yd ...r.t..t,. P, .-r i,,
end- -- -- -s d. a
d to k N umber o on It"lF& a %*a MImm

Moaday my: hen apprt ed of t. th O "d W, W, oP1 Is Amw1SA I
"WlUte Paurael, a wo eroyed mploed ned a jry composed c the fol* a h s. 0Ifor mar all ao B CUICURA aIIEMBE
about te camp a the Starke. rt IIns mei: H. I. CambeM A. A.re shMpplg th i0s Mrwith .
empgay at CUam Bry at Iac HewIet J. H. MortatI .J.0. Me- RIs be n1 etaled. my lu a
Poit, ser "ts c ty, where the Stat Lar, HI Le and 1r rP. Btrh It a K mb mI- n /meaN p-apiole es ft t
trmmps a e melting an em- t Deprty She le Paftrk ar ds Jon e ee le, mand bmm ter io a e e
i at 3:3 ** dak Saturdlay aft e re at ta camp an t mow tra ns mme i m eah d ow*
at 8~. water uespewi al a isethm IN lss A. Of Uw 8 the A.-C. IL m Ok i ts iv ,
u l we a MM, to h- a ia pe_ m wio mrer in t e w~Me it is abat the n ow d bh i a iWM at Is 1
dOIetally ahuted h a mn Wemterest Weby th Seto m he d. t af Se
Stb eiperpa 11, 11 1M mIE"orate t 11 wteLtsek. f lCt e
WiA ose e Jd@eo allr's of tarke. oThe bay atthe deae was
P tr -ed ever ia tm h undertaker, -had P eao el IIa
Pre 1 we m -ret eida yMy i ght was Mippiedto ib his h ms h at Srhte -ewBmat is w- M em do a e Giamwso
.d "A ..t to as hean9 wherN mea.t t. Yeasg WDm has h0lm the 1210 Mm u rweg A.mdat mh ow000
he ae" withme"l MaWing mstato camp easserta to be emIGSi1 here dMe Sbm dvl UMs at S1
AeML AIohegs bm shmeen was ndd has mae o hs hemi in mte mIs at m mam meeoo sm a.soe
*eviety m by a -mboHer at Sttwhre.r It I- u-dermte he is a dp imedy- p rees Mr Se m t-e w me
Ib Ml- tateme e O h erf ta has asm d sh l ped -th s M- b --e "-d---..
sela a i t eat m ier in the SI ae authIorlties. Ye WMa Wflt i Wa a 11 pe tls am
wM theo edatl if was a am se- t will arrete d eald temdg Sb oe e Sea be w ib i ah .
deft be a suppose ea. Pareora sefl t hes t th ease. Sheid the t teab aM r a 'e N d up
w, h in Sthe achM and ewery e t. f-ry and thate **the eetg was med de& amepwith eb e meptm ad oS
at w" made at the hospital to -ae odeal after hearai the I Wmmin &m, t uk to ioew bep~s |m
hbbi 1e Wile wl hbe teasedd" very ebm.

r i mirm pba" be ae b gan
ase bt.JI rt, rad tb yWher h O
of t e al them sht S a p w
m easted wmb a vy o bt

TAlAA.) June 14. -As tre ierM o is. hereby e rmed d am
."A inhn hese 4 aMe oruml i hmab i r b l
SAl ed grain emI t tw and that is tUil. Mre sW e

aemoma15 thoe O m of o( Oir o= Ae, t.. of won be We ft" I OI -- ...
Sded low as It appi to "m edd "Mt Ped" Ga "MI ra" *B S ml iL* ftmiaIuh 3
eds.," wLbm the mLstIs I's comps Iad ashaB bbear t m al Wt-- LbL dBUINST
et d-erent grabs the oowIng rni as pr.ov ided in Sete Chap.-r"-- ""rm ato"
e tis department ea "aa-ied grai St thall s am ate the Igredents we in i t
is ber by give.: frtm which i is I s. w th eia m o wn
the prfepetema by wmeigt et Sb mibei5 1at Sb ofao m MksCLV. l
Mg em Mixed rmn V- g palm asr. N f m s ti4herebyr diadrai the AdIof at mls Mela Aib h I
Au* tio is Celd lto Se 11. er a e le r ses at per faots will be I Sb dhim" md P.sNe s *ates bThe0 -. L MM
Chaptra 54. Laws of Florid, Acts allowed, such a 10 to 40 30 m. M e.*by o16lin4OS a i dsea"D.ft. a
t 1Je amd Chapter 461I, Acts of etc. The minumoant at Sbhe tiS ofmta ada aen I py
37. as amended. relating to "Mixed bae or priailpal Ingredient of the wIwk The PIeUPit rs have ALmec BwadWous ain t l
Peed," wMch laudes all mi ed grain. fed ad the maA imm per aent or him a It insm eamdIae atw of t Sbdo t. "W agg 4
and also to notice of Judgme Nd- amsout f the m atro added muet 16on111 Db1 1ar my1 Mm and pa i b as
i8. United States District Court. be deilitely stated. LIn the am of eme that It Mn S adr at1 W S b b ufe t ihw bs
Northern Division. Easter Distrct oats and barley there ust pat be teLmaLa o L A me man
of Tenessee, "Adulteration and Mis a ks9 percentage of eats nor more .L N1 NN Tds.0
brandlg of ats" (mixed with br barley than is specIlcally named on Sod by adits Tav er n aTa
ley.) the guarantee tas. Tame Haws Famhly onLa e4 ri" fatasam
The followiag regulation, mder R. 3. McUlN. Pam t kidn7wbks ag
Section 15. Chapter 5452, laws Com eof T te "ie Agiaulture b. the* who praie
You are invited to attend a sociag.eh "Pmwbal
at the Jonesville school house Thum yre..y __ L W
day anig'it. June 24th, for the purpose
of enjoryia yourselves and at the
same time help our ebrch in its
to&l upward.
SAs is nown b) those tested, -TT DF
e .the Joneevrlie church in beaIg re
bulit and Is coouaflmng quite a lIttle
sum of moaey ad with the assist
a'. e of tho.e present at th seital
Swll help the treat cause. Cgau.

Is ofes teathou to he resoa-Ii E esess ...............,.

ilomid Sb al eada usbide an dab aS isr that th child has wmr. There Dr. K. II. [llem, T.. S hasse Jo V.
get the nourLshmeat at th food and K. Meebet, ebto D. Oewsui, Jam Ii.
the baby starves, a3enally starves.
While's Cream Trmtats espetb the ALL BUSINESS ENTRUWIED TO
wtorms ad nur*ise Lb :l"d **** CEIVE PROMPT AND OBEUl
sad ate. Pria 6 cents. Said by W.
K. Johnson. asW.U..

ISL "M 0111- o

it we am at bampswea
OW (Ir," I&-M~ C
air n bo 620 01 111

me mmlmeb e d
min hwas n s &*vowel~
some WE atsae 14, twoiNo

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Sexf --rLt Ymas

Sb c .ui
- -wkP-.Me,- --



us WU4RV

Sml dl d lr da party to iw leera .es
a. i A. MCus. ha umraa c-mner.
Seed Ism-er d softl mellowaes of S i k Col. I. E. Webster and C 8. Hill
S-mu so afde k fr k home bu as la formed a party who left yesterday
wM am l b lllrnea M t fur Inveraes to be abwset or the
MUN MIT T M M M sxt couple of days. 7They so f t Ihe --
1 IIIV PW o M ..lum SWI UISML I purl~e of lwstitutinUl a Grand Corl
mandery lodge of the Masonic fra-
C. Slm A Co., Jagckal vill., Fla.: C. C. utler Ci, eJk- terulty na that city.
sevillIpi; L.. Le k Whiskey Co.. 4aclse-ville, s ia.; 0
Atamwa WLM o.,y Ja sk, IoW0r r. D. F. C. P. Ln. g
Jaslt W41lk I.,; le Trading Co.. Peaumla, PIll; Everyoe would be besteed by
INr- m-gam Lklmer 0C, Pensacla. Fla.; Reid Whitkey Co., taki Poley's Orlso Lxat ve for em-
Paresea ll a.; L DeO~min e, Tampa, Pla. sUitoiW stouclh ua Uvr tVrl.
as It swe*tens thel steumae ad
regulates the bowels and Is much "e- V
Se M perlor It pull ad ordiaary tla ladv
'o 4| fpe WearStWe Why aot try Ftoy's Orbea Ltiuve
Today? J. W. MeColBM 6 0 A
Is4 ,2o who Was in afrished ream
Sbe pretty badepesest"-bar S s Comapw sobeso at The GI= eff i at e
"NL be"pas beat ot be had wIsb i e Sb a-i. 301600
I Ilb st~k


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doI how *Vhr.MS s,. 0..5. Mat

hrS m at I osb.r.
Mr. aml um J. of. M alprwhas.e
torsed Om a phomm YW of wv-

wd 1Cm to the o orowee. orm H.. h
.Gmb4jt hI bwoMrs.. Hat Mjo *II
r.is W Se mow e Mrs.u to am a.U
Wrabar d wseacd Ieori roselims to
Imera hme aet emo be wamssue

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ijeka to the oIa FOLb. c~wjIfe ba)

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Webag btate t"aa In Clow ra. IU) rommul

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ade m w- smN a w am
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L U. ALrerW a ofMimn ua
MEMO do v~ers to hessvme
yromou. JAm mys ata I th raw
amib ni le reaft va s s ho
.an @opply them with a carliad at
43 pwsmerice. tieecos"auds,.
sltad hy aajboy wata to p 104
the O*daw 11Amhr.
ibu e dodt m eveim ng opbo
dale sham samed &be so"heSwhb
wI be give a "the b he. ofMr. a m
~i~J. 2. ca~~r:-r ~t c ?t-I c
a the a Y. P. v'. t e Eslno
a--ftb towU b I e. a gfrmb
=@so willh baedowv Ad m eas@kma
madmil Od Uherery PROMS lea"m
4. eair a 0 lm aliIsa Ieeof
Il oftao saa hke uud garalL
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TAMPA. Jww 1I -W rd ruached
here *ait befor Te astv.Irtsraajh vm
m4 Aftadisa we eckmwd thata seine
sa" b achedbere1We. yesterday at
Laflhtaigfor sam altas$..d crilalal as-
saal wecd Ms.. Ib K u Mail *Ifa t
sauk usl Mrs. at R. buuu ci fe .5o
a romiurat vi~im-u of Arcadia Ar
puft4 C( It" ls 5 *1tit tIs .A. .- tho.
uvws of the aticuisit-4 criwir & r-rvad
.&itd allialu mu hotur (lit, .4 isils %so
utir *4-r uo fthe cri.url'r :sld Idae Ia.d
T IIW. ia&gk.a is. m1104 11A I) ISct lg foIo
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for a d"mS Urn 'arn -N ea do the IAfewI gr kca .a 40itWUe' I.
t bw 0)9ti.Pqeh:

"Pook U oswah', mldodall km ... .... sal
Kulplek UInka~,~ sad 1d he CI~ km-... PL*
Krpesk Dunk, had k mk. .m *-SI
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Or raw


Title: Gainesville daily sun
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 Material Information
Title: Gainesville daily sun
Uniform Title: Gainesville Daily Sun
Gainesville daily sun (Gainesville, Fla. 1903)
Alternate Title: Daily sun
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Creator: Gainesville daily sun
Publisher: H.H. McCreary
Place of Publication: Gainesville, Fla.
Gainesville Fla
Publication Date: June 17, 1909
Frequency: daily (except saturday)[-1938]
daily (except monday)[ former <1903>-]
normalized irregular
Subject: Newspapers -- Gainesville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Alachua County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Alachua -- Gainesville
Coordinates: 29.665245 x -82.336097 ( Place of Publication )
Additional Physical Form: Archived issues are available in digital format as part of the Library of Congress Chronicling America online collection.
Dates or Sequential Designation: -58th year (July 24, 1938).
General Note: Description based on: Vol. 20, no. 48 (Apr. 5, 1903).
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Bibliographic ID: UF00028298
Volume ID: VID01700
Source Institution: University of Florida
Holding Location: University of Florida
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lccn - sn 95026977
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Other version: Gainesville sun (Gainesville, Fla. : 1903)
Preceded by: Daily sun (Gainesville, Fla.)
Succeeded by: Alachua County news (Gainesville, Fla. : 1934)
Succeeded by: Gainesville daily sun and the Alachua County news

Full Text

Sn .

4aine tlue

VOL. XXVI, NO. 112







Whdow of Fomer President Denies on Stand Her Beautsful Country Home of Wealthy

husband Siged Aricle randenbur SaM.

NEW YORK. Jun Ir. 1 Mrs Fran- "No. I did not. said the witness
ces Folsom Clh\tland appli are; itn emphatically
public yesterday for the first time "I)d ou send a statement to The
N,.w York Time*s in regard to thi
since her husband's death to testify .w.ork Times in r gard to th
.irtide' asked Mr. Thomas.
for the prosecution in tht case of The witness said she did. and she
Brougbton Irandenburg. a magazine produced the telegram.
writer. who is charged with eIllIlng Mrs. Cleveland said she authorized
The New York Tinime- a I it! tile i'purport.'d to hauve tee'n writt,: .-ay that they quesltoned the authen-
by forwn r President Groue.r ('leL:anIl ticity of the signature to the article.
Mrs. Cle\eland was dressed in Mrs. Cleveland said che had receiv-
deep mourning. but was em-lf-possest d. ed a letter and only one from Mr.
though pale. while on the stand. She Itrandenburg In regard to the ar-
declared emphatically that the sign ticle, early in August. 194s. She could
ture to the article In question was not remember of ever talking with
not that of her husband. Also she the defendant over the telephone in
pointed out the differences between regard to the matter.
the signature and the genuine Cleve- "Did you read the statement Itself
land signature as it appeared on sev- when it appeared in The Times?" ask-
eral checks which werter handed ti ed Mr. Thomas.
her. "Oh. yes; 1 read it very carefully."
The former President wrote with Mrs. Cleveland replied.
a very unsteady hand during the lat- Mr. Nott related the incident lead-
ter years of his life, the witness ing up to the publication of the let-
said, whereas the name signed to the I'r. lie said that the State would
Brandenburg article was written in -how that Brandenburg waited until
a comparatively bold. legible hand.\Mr. Cleveland died before he attempt
more like that of Mr. Cleveland dur- 'd to sell the article purporting to
Ing his younger days in the White have been signed by Mr. Cleveland.
House. On redirect examination Mr. Nott
When Mrs. Cleveland entered the asked the witness if she had au-

court room Justice Fltzgerald, Assist-
ant District Attorney Nott and the
other court officials arose and bowed
lob as a mark of respect. A large
cr .%d gathered to hear the' testlmou)
of :!t'e fornimr "nr-t lade of the land."
.Mr. Cle 'land told alout meetting
Juhun G. Carlille and F 8 laistings.
i t e-\ecutor of ieIr hul.lbandiJ e-t.t* .
in llis city, and discus..- nl th.- arti.l h
Ahi!, i apIenared li Th'I, Ne-% \.i k
Timei'.4. AuCgus ..- 1' t.. mr VMr

thorized Mr. Hastlngs to write The
New York Tlmea and say that the
signature on the disputed article was
genuine. She said she had not. Mrs

Naval Stores Man Also Had
Narrow Escape.

A.VANNAl. .June lo.-l.ightn in
w hich striuk the' granar at (;Grel-
wiclh Park at 3 o'cuck T'I'usda.-l. at
teritoonx as tLhe. ause of a lire, that
threatened the beautiful coun.tlt)
honle of 8. P. Shotter. i, pre-ldent of the
board of directors of the American
Naval Store's Comrnpany. The granar%.
mule stables and dairy were destroy-
While the Shotter famanly waa at
dinner the memller s were .tartled.
and almost stunned by tlhe Illdindn
lash of lightning and cash of thun-
der. The bolt had struck the north-
wet't corner of the granary. 11) yards
W(Iet of the home. Mise Helle Bhotter
ran through the heavy rain to the
a.tahle.. nahere she helped direct the
aiht on the flames, which Immediate-
ly broke forth.
W. 8. Powell. one of the employee
at Greenwich Park. wa the first to
gain the roof of the granary after it
was struck. He declared that the
lightning had struck a straight lath
downward through the entire building.
and the woodwork between the tin
roof and the metal lining of the In-
tcrlor had taken Ire. Under Mr.
Powell's direction the hastily gather-
ed volunteer department fought fu-
riouslv against the onslaught of the
blase, but in vain. The driving rain
had no effect in quenching the fire.

Cleveland was then excused.
C. M. Lincoln. Sunday editor of The E6 l LYNCED NE
New York Sunday Times. testified
that he had received the "Orover ARCAMA ON TIJES A
t'leveland' article from llrandenburg
alMiut a week before it was published.

\uktigu.t ;;a. 1.41h. israndenturg nad
!..- ni him and talked faith him about

('I.h land's s ~ilai aii. thli arthl .- a ISeu dad befole- that
"I,id )ou hear Mr lastiKg i;i> irandenhurg. the witness said, told
that thi." sigtiature- wa; g'c-I>iIne- hliiir It iwa- oine of, three iMr (Cleelhal i
as.il.d Samuel itell Thac.n.a-. coms. I lad |proniiawsd himi o write eurl- In
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