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I G.S. Merchant & Co.

Staple and Fancy Crocerles
Craw cin e" See F W FSENEWm
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trh tea. Tqt mn "aty tnr tmt time*te husintP.houset I'-0,g11l 1 -d for
,i- &.t a half hollda' tin TiLr!-tcai. jbut a
3:* trad at%-t l :t. .r r f It 2W4.4 4csPiny and naturlly an: *,r% Large itve. sw iuclli I
Tt. m'a, I 'h t' tyul a lia tavew. isI (aptr.e Ldhettecr. u ho so% hbilds uicltond
-- ; 4 -- S, 7. 14 .s* P.. Uare kfev" to nmi 81111 ilate in the -diamond ritig tstctlio.
8....t Kagbere Ii .t dKiL- pbys as it isfreefwmm alol iEttim Fllosing is the standing of the
et'* latter th m&.A-- t *k-side Iubsta To aet its bear"l andidates" a result of the cwumi
U-g the Ober tuo L-..L. -- h .L.. effects always Psw 'eaw the garew- t I
beld for taw 1 8(r. m nvart a"% I by the Cadiv Fla g Synuop oan"W, e-cenral secuef.
T'b ecrd an eZtr!Ance t to 1IC.n* onulaaoJoby ll iu lMi Addl eoode .. .....
b!rt i aking a ,mal o-tc.o ow es.Miss Margaret Ledbetter... .st.73o
bcot eek& a6d brvaking the- kwk_
vkct1t iicvu.-dfrthe M ~ isa' Eate-kli e-al .
ad0~ oflaminainthe r toeup the tairsand ioudthema,%Missa Iale(arv ......... j4'
above stated. Ulaiz. Nora Stalls ........... 6.. 14
tLA-zu After thut s ttwas essy iiftg 7%0 2, mood w&& &* s made hl U i nAI. _r.ars .. .AAA -R

for the to crawl thJtoh the open
tag to the torrdor. but imposslbe for
them to get ao tbh outside ualeso
tbe had good toob to work with. ad
*ea~ the it would hare bes a ery
dirxfif tasi
%hI Jailor Tortay appeared they
had sued tn p-rytl do thre aof
the board ad were pecktag" a hole
it the brick. tt at best it would
hae requred several hoars to per-
form thib )ob
Oaly one of tbhe meS had galnrd
eatrauce to the corridor. bt the eec-
ud had strpped c all of his cloth-
ang and pa-sed it throuL and was
trilg to get through himve tf wben
the Jailor walked up the stairs.
Had INd% RepI.
So crtawa were the? of making
tbLhr e-ca;.- tlhe- bhad nade a rope
,. tbh- tilakt.' aid had lacked all
of tb. sr lttl tk le gL.;sE uldd Ilalsd
It*ua oal iit, tbt- corrid,'r r a for
It, elLl at a OO a- tht-' cr.tuld mtnek

caweom t the ail. and which the.
claimed to haie found. and the piece
J he snek which was left there b)
the Mott aoy. It bea one of is
Sbobbles and what be used to amuse
himoef wit. 1n order to get bold
of all the tools they had. the sailor
thought It est to watt until they
were out to the corridor.


VirtSlell rie Paving New Abit
Cmpleed ea Eae Main treet.
The work of pavlag one block of
East Mala lsret with vitrflied brick
ha about beea completed and the
east aide of that thoroughfare will
be turned over today for use by the
rge-ral I'ublic
la appearance It shows up atistae,-.
torily and many are of the oilnion
that it will be only a abort while be-
fore It o1ll be placed all over the
,quar- and as down to the Gotern-

P! tkre%.ash tb# ai %-i. lb I v wki v a. miue-nt building
Jaikir Tucwla bd 1anr-d (of their
jdani eL Wt r.aLght. ad %asaoMnPast Fifty in Da
a' .; in wait fi r tt4wat-m at I t Fri %t-n la"4 middle lift-'h
da% moinongsht-.L t0., %aganga i comniurtp and relief in 'ol'-
its*. mor o k. atId at r toe sua- curtaL
gia, all of them Se o re Lut he Md. -a fe

ula Es:Rsmt k m*
IN *& '.) ri,,. i aufferi-d fre
a tI e I d l 5 CUid L 4.d r trecil,9 sai atim
inin'?in U *rm... .......t -
r' 1- 1 Art a nai II A a,,,..

I.q o..-tai i.ana u ajim w

lav efollall

F:. Morris.
to a uar
-ow) kidne'.

adc Nit-eid an
rd~ittid an

A*NTi- S a U o11 acch uut of hi% agi-
A T FR .,*- v r ;,iralt he- could not ttatla!
L. C. Smith GOu. It a:d I rr'oilumndecd F,'le,, Kaidne.
Scraper & Maynard Sporting Goods. 't, undv. ad itheJ histi1 bottle re-lie-oi
Dangeer Gasolone Ranges. hiiii. and atlt r Itaintl the batwcond It
Vale & Towne builders Harowa'e. tic b l at lionxtr 'ro.ihbld .iltli
J. S. Colt A Company A"telyne It hisr (nmillaint .1 V% MNIillili &
Gas Mact',-es. | "
F. W Dves and C. T. Raynolde
Pa,. Capt. Blount Here.
L J. McClooky mnow White Enam, A. t!: '- d'nitagiii ilehd ti-tl.r. to(
c s h ilt.. i\ t'r r:d., ; t t'ait IC "
Pale Interior Varnish, Pale White ui! *( I re'-tid.i.t of their T &T

O ar Varnish.
S arke & Company. Ltd.. Pure White
*rriorted Seedsih Enamel Ware.
T-* Celebrated Acme Plaster and
A;.Pr Wainscoat Plaster.
Freecoat Cold Water Paint.
The H. Wetter Mfg. Co'. Sovas and
Iang- of all Kinds.
P,ttabur iSpecial Field FOnca also
tEg-Preof Fene, all widtths.
The Grand White Mestain Refrig.-
We sell all kinds of Mill Supplies,
teel ipit Pulley, Steel Shafitg,
Cat Iron Pipe and Fittings, Jenkins
Valves, Fairbanks Valves, tillson
Wrenches, Marco iSpral Packing,
lfn Pressure Packing of all kinds.
Mydraulic Pack ng, Penerthy Injectors
ar.d Libricatcrts Garfield Ejectors and
are.tors. Flue Expanders. Flue Scrap
e'B, Boiler Rivets. Cap and Set
Sc ci. .
A so Tur"entne Sapples. Council
T c. S'ack Joe Hakls and PjllIrs.
E:. S. Sc-Lvail Hoes. Hoop Iror,
E I Stra.-er *Wre. Ga lanized Wire
C '. Nc 2. Nc 3. and No 4 mesh
,' fact, *hen (Lw arte I.n *art of'
a : .- t fa to cc t e, CGa-en
, H. H j.r -. i

S 7 ;'- t C
.... .ESVILL. H, .' j CO .


r.aII li e- i al.(o |, t u
S11' iitiiulaar Naval Sitore-t ('oilia.;i
..' i I Jath( kcii,llll and is ctihle-rl-s
* \i.t. l ilal-r-.te-d In d il rIoI- coT-
. l dAtiour of th State- ('a'ltaili
I'louunt exl.reae-d hinul4-If a- sIll
i>lea-e-d with the tuousinlvir Mild Isho
mig made by the T Ai J during theI
1.,it few miobths aed Lb-lici .f- that It
sill ctecuttually prose a tr. flut buai
.et**s Iroloti(tonU

A Vital Point
The most delicate part of a baby
.. it* bowels. Every allment that
it suffers with attacks the bosels al-
s6 endange.ring in most cases the, life
uf the infant. McGe-*e's aby Elixlr
c *.Tralngeut ti.t i h tof I.. ltomii:. h or
emAt .lr. huld bs> W. M. Johnson.

Pwn.'sment and Crime.
S"tt a. *- !v I... ,''g I n pr-etty
(Ir ,dl tltl.r I. t h.- ;,td b-'r Ijul -
l itid ti ir u t.1e i tI ll." % I ,i *-14-r-,l thI
tlrve We" in ii e 0 riser u. % .t- tLU-
I* rtd eL- -...,

1~ -t I r. I .
'I -a a t*' I 7 5 (
II..! -r~ I.

. t; I .- i


, IIf

r,., a-e

Miss .' inur i rrru ... .i. 4f.340.
Miss Blanche Thompson .... 24.340
M is Myra Swt rtres ..... 21e.
Mils Aurs M. I.-Is. ........ 1.44.
Uiss Alice Suhafer ........ 12.844
Miss Mary Fernamdes ...... let,00
Miss Mabel Willias ....... 1 .5.0
tils Anie Hell Taylor ..... .55
Mrs. N. W. Taylor ......... .405
.Miss Grace tllard ...... 5.905
Miss Mamie Croch .. .... .125
Miss Eva Baunkaght ....... 5.100
AsIMs Ella Halley .......... 3l.05
Mips Maude McKay ........ 2.455
MIns Curtis Pitt ........... 200
Ra"ermed SothermnDitr Lt.
Miss Hattie EnlUUsh. Tacoma. .216.0e
Mi-s M Ml MtcCrredle. M 'cuopy 17;.l18
Mibu Lorua McCredle. M 'cuopl 17.165
Mis. Martle Chamberlin. Mica-
nopY .... ................. 151.230
.Mli :Klla Joll?. Orange H'ta.. 122.1
Miss Myrtle Hammond. Haw-
thorn ...... ......... h2.14
M\its Hleasie Waits. Hawthorn. 74.59',5
Miss Wilnia Maines. Monteocha 51.l92
Miss Hertie Shaw. Fairbanks..45.050
\liss Cordelia Crown. Rocky
Point ......... 35.73S
Misp LaV\rne llobbtt. M'cnopy 3..55
\ilss Pauline Carlton. Mica-
nopl .. .................... 31.010
it AIgnes. Zetnrouer. Rochelle .;o4.71.
Ali e Ainni- I. ls Ii. Hawthorn 21.710
.:: l':t: e Zeit lou r. RKo helle ;,.4.13
:1 L.'II P'rr, Ro'hell. 1.
Mel .l. J 'u 'l t,tl u.u. I!., th, rn l'..:','
M! .- Ena.a (;uthrie. Ro \, (;orgia Snowdcn. llatchct
('r.-< k ... ... .......... .. w ,
M \Nellie RHt-ces. Micanopy 4.tlW
Si-- Effn. TI-oni Farlton Un ::..."

Minra E.n:ria :te tizA.. Waldo
.,l*s Mtltit Jetaningn. Itx.hvlIe
?i:s .Mar v Hiall. (>r.iaisc, Ilelihte
i V.ii a.ia Slat. \\'ald,>
UIns Mary LouIse Atsuter.
W aldo .... .... ... .....
Mi-s (e rrtrude Smith. Fair-
ltankl .. ......
Miss Mamie lalkcy. Waldo.....

2 !#14.



Western and Nortiern actionn.
M i L I .uc l &.f r iraiit. l l 11 l .1 4.
NIs-- Hatti i LiudwiK. Tig. a 1::;.9:.,:
Mrr 1i Maddox. Archtr ...... 12.070
t11.. IRoa Lee Riles. High
Splrirlgs. .. ... ......... 12o.72.5
.' Rta Powll. Alarhua. 11o.3:.o
Miss Vida Ilarron.. Hell..... o1.24.f,
Mits Ellen It.-allh.. Arredondo 91.67.
M11rs. I Ware. HllXh prings... k3.9:,
lis- Aintile Kirkland. Alacbua 76.315
Mis" Ak-en Holly. Arredondo.. 37,250
M iss Emma Williams. Trenton h.2btr,
Miss Annie Heville. Arredondo 21.13.5
Mips Jewel Stauley. Hague ... .14,340
Mrs J E Parker. LaCrowse. lo.314'
Mihl (Gertrude Guinn. Hague. 5.(4~
.NI I I Iluritl.t LaCrosse- 4.7'
\li- Pearl Mcl.ctxl Alachua 3.46(0
MTIss Ada Pearce. Newherry .,.30
%Iil- I.ulM (;a liell ....... 1.7kr
M.11r. Kati- Aklii Arre-dondo .3T
Mil A (;ruff .\e 'l*'rryV 7 I
Miss l.lilzic. siith, Ncsthl-rr 30
M.i, MaNIl Cato Alaclua 4w.,
Mi- .1 .N N arw htei. N. iN A I r 1:.:

IF'l. e a I .. Tar 1- 1,- lall%

r. e eca.itae i~da4f-r

hi 'ije

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u [IroejieIt thorpat awlc

hsilany s 'ill I *Il ar
aI Al I ) t f a lip

-a~ ~ j i I 'Y NI I

1 'Lee 5A a le -e-r.4 re-sate t. oe it,

ji ii, h ii- ifs..
.' a is, .': id a. Ifle N\'aza c.J!uWZJ

V -



palathe t ind CMokim

The Kind You Have

Always Bouh

Bears the



Mhar *Aacoirm.~k


- ~w L.So-r Sm

aA w 1 9 p

r. For Over

Thirt Y eirs

- W m ww SPMm


b Wl or pr frd


We will list your property, find thie lyer and make

iite sle-then charge ouly Five per ceot

Ilusinee, Reidlence or Farming Property

ifne S I&M -O I id i-- iN 314
^y w--i-VW^--^-- --- *--9D-E ^v^^H^^^ ^^^HB^^H-^^^ f

- U-r~r~



Tbhi Coopm my MI mda h IMiTe ri oi or i m 4 to r 4h m V
mcdd wiUi tl-e .itrt'. NOT UOU ArfXRI JI'N 1B IM



Groceries d Grain

No Order Too Large
U1 ag21N UI. aFwIIM

a oe of tho u t4o I rollowlan eawuer
al@a mof what

.* .v m ia .

s solb=&

S* .u i

-h -w
Pww Pia heb b
Lam OW ooUM46of

For a club a rve mw-yur iOmnpua .......................... ... ,ww v
For a lab d meyar mbriptiem......... .. ........... .. .v
There is no limit to the number of elubs ach eonteRtat may Msee .

-wa a. uI ti aIwb


F-- ----Mmmmwft--

t~ L,- w T 11 -~1 1



- :, -


#A awt inmW
mdJa6- -V

-0 lmmswft $edge" a a

somm an .saw am
ha. Eor -c -tl

~ InFllr, asit


dwom am

~Jmw It ff ftr
we ft a -a m ,

In rIM 1

e -- ge algaImS. eaS
mell afw l aart frse at

HSm I a a a a na. ad at

fi' a- m b-ema et attaekk

Wee kamd of -" dee eaM
S. @M 1 e1 I of tahis v

g U lm l to. ta is ee
|' --a wh. *r tho prtoia
-" bl tr. the wabood

a qe bue we. Star.e
I -se -- th e t o
%01 aW as eth, 0 Woo

-1 ml 1 as or sa I&
Sk:o th, Ir*feta Int leses.

r '4 S. aroul toa lo Isrt

'ba ror the attae m

4"u S preao of hisrviews
o dn mad seducatom Dr.

fy aa aa )I *a p aeboork
t- a e asf anrcnteade of
ON 4a0 sMlI to be bexent
Ot a- al N rd m am m ll gnmy

Sea he baselgp0e. To mae
soIt-en m pamsom e ,more
M sad vital htt I.n
--mb his in iMsk trI tor sa adi-
I ft ---e1 is thesW Soens.
Owe avow. hils prp
SM aaus oANeI this unerlalr
*,*No a Output Is to mak r oal d
dea e y. s r es obvsla.
ft bee pubic schoL

a *im a of wastat ote h extet
el nas essor seetimest
Gd m- I IMMOaledgs To make
SLha b ahe" require.

et tWnee s throughout.

WUr~sto a w a adr d01omrura
6116 end is the cu-

Son 9 pubrs @suba is to import
no a Sa of esoman knowledge

MW so a oto mae&diethe inter-
ohm"f41 as N &ad the reiproal
tropd OaNh "ar the ar.
Me r, the gowth aof demo.-
raw, a rJ a a sovI dss"ds
oft 0 0 4 111d"of ehbb ad or

,W o:f the sOs What the

doom ad andm semmt de-
M Wat our demoray Is."


O e Yr boy am aort of trail.

W what M t fB him is dos
smt saa much as that be r
eelves trWalia. that be hadl far
ea to heese amenable to dl6

Put a in a litlai coompaay whe
he wm leran prompt obedlence:
where he wl ham that practkew
will make h have better control
over hs owN auseles. where he wil
eara the value of team work with
I leeWtoow ma.
Or see that he htwongs to a
good baseball team. where he will
eooa la hat dictilllne of mind
aad body, of temper and plirit are
aecei ry for the sueves of his side.
Tram hWin to wse his eyes. his
heark his musles. Train Mm to
thlak. thea trial him to act.
Ome of the great values of the pop-
ular cret societies Is that when
hey take in a atug man he In at
eame bound by rtala rules, which
he mut obey. He is (aught to go eertals meveTmets. to rece
certals tahg am to eat la concert
with eet hars the aivm emnat of
the part eulr suaty woth whih abe
Is, aldlate
TMi your boy la hats of tadus
.see md ofa homsty.
,. Wm ames lo rmned, is a
S-- ---rtr. We b*atw to
4 eO- a-utes. am a ."a d abiy
am- a a a is aim aW hard to,
eak a i a ad hat.
Navo the heW at the ait, get a
od ame. aMd he wi moat Mkely
aIo t aI the dy oe a i Ulfe.
it is eay o pat ot the boy who
heM tem per~m d to me lato early
malsed wtaMt Irals.
me is te by who lafs on the
ae"t earmrs mad who has as aver-
dam to Wrk.
e is the boy who develop into
the mtiveod. hd, ty d yoaun ana
wItlut a dellite aim t Uife.
Tre are too mamy of that klad
f hea who are growtag up failures.
bas they were not properly
talamd Ia self-restratt, Industry.
trthfumaes and sobriety.
Trat that boy of youra.-Miaml

Bdle'r ward la his Orlando Re-
prter-Star says: "The gaaford Her-
aId rise up to ay that when the
State Lagtsoture adjouras some pa-
pers the State will have to de-
pend for sensational news upon the
piano conteat. That doesn't it us.
because our piano contest will adjourn
about the rame lime as the Leslat-
ture. We opine that our piano con-
tet has been of greater profit to us.
however, than the State Legislature
haa bee to some folks. Still, we
hall be heartily glad over the ad-
jourament of both; though it may
trouble uas somewhat to All in the
spaces. since the celery season i
over and its too hot to grow turnlis."

The Pe sacula Journal says. "So
the schools can get no state modry
ustll that rank old instrument. the
aestiltution. hall have be.un amend-
a. And It may bh there are till
realining certalu patriots who will
stead out against the calling of a
conatitutloal conv~ation. but It Is
hard to believe."

The beat evidence that the build-
lag of hard roads in Alachua county
la attracting attention is the visit re-
ceatly of several delegations front
other sections of the State to inspect
the material being used here.

100 Reward, O100.
The readers of this paper will be
pleased to learn that there Is at least
oae dreaded disease that science ha'

been able to cure In all its stages.
and that is catarrh. Hall's Catarrh
Care Is the only positive cure known
to the medical fraLerniIty. Catarrh
being a constitutional disease. re-
quire a constitutional treatment.
Hall's Catarrh Cure is taken Intern-
ally, acting directly upon the blood
and mucous surfaces of the system.
thereby destroying the foundation of
the disease, and givug the patient
strength by building up the conutitu-
tio sad assisting nature in doing its
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ith i Its curative powers that they
oUer One Hundred |Iullars for any
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P. J. CHENEY A CO.. Toledo. O.
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M am Sl" 1 co(s OSM&

OUvagrN O wMNT.

The Mariett (OI.) Journal ys: B lm
"The Uieral party. J. Sidney Tapp.
of AtIata. promoter. have met. about 0 |
a doss stroa, Il Atlanta. and m-
lected Charte J. Moorr. of that city.
as a candidate for Governor. Lfe C
Is awftl sort to waste it that way room w Ir

The Chattanooga Times say s:
SPrfsildent Taft. sending estimates D k W
back to the department with I stru- hM
tons to cut them from twenty to G T l s P&V68 *Sn
thirty mllioas. is a much more elo. t -
q apnt apeal for popular approval ThbU O -s F5, 50o and $1.00
than wordy me.-nov on 'divorce. ---- BAUARO SMOW UIIMiT 0.
race suicide.' etc F* ALLP
SST. lOa. 70 V
The Hartford WConn I Globe sa.s: omeD nd RE Lomnn odsd
"Thus we have' America. the i JoOT
called cradle of democracy and equal- -* 3
Ity. standing before the world flght-

more while we take from him who
has not. In Enxland. the country
we have been fond of scorning as
the home of class. is offered an ex
ample of letislating for the poor man
at the expense of the rich. Truly it FFROTIMV D0O. 19, iO.
sl to laugh." ,

The Columbia 8. C.) Record Loave Gainesville ifr Micnop, Fairfield and lo-
MB.) ays: -The manufacturer. l point South .................... 10:10 a
of teel and Iroa-of whom Mr. Car-
egle himself aed to be oe-have turning, arrive Gaine ille l .............. 4:25 pm
had more tha Justice. They are not
afaid of la.tIce beln dome them Lev OGinesvile for 8umpson City, Palatka,
for; tmy ae tae frraa that ther .Lke City, ValdostA, and all points North 6:00 pm
eras may be takes away, that they
may b. depried of their bo~tie Returning, rive Gaineville .... ....... .. 9:30 p
through which the greatest monopoly
of t world wth oe r t n trikig ex.
ceptle, has hbe bult up." A L L* C et, L L. korff, tlk 'r.

The Lalavlle Courier-Journal
(Dem.) says: "Senator Burtoa of
Ohio voted for free lumber, and Sen-
taor Dick his colleague (both Repub-
lians), voted against It. Senator
Cummlas of lowa voted for free lum-
ber, and Senator Dolliver agailt it.
Senator Rayner of Maryland voted
for free lumber, and his Democratic
colleague against it. Senator Culber-
son and Senator Bailey of Texas, and
Senator Clay and Senator Bacon of
Georgia. separated in the same way.
Those given to looking for the nigger
In the woodpile will have no difficulty
In finding plenty of woodpiles just


Vaarie of a CoM.
You can never be quite sure where
a aoid is going to hit you. In the fall
and winter it may settle in the bowels.
producing severe pain. In the sum-
mer it may give you colic with diar-
rboea or summer complaint. Do not
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fears of appendicitis or Inflammation
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pain or cramp take Perry Davis' Painr
killer In warm. sweetened water and
relief will come at once. There is but
one Painkiller. Perry Davis'. It in now
put up in a large 31c bize as well a-
the regular 50c sise.
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There nay be something advertised
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The PayWbi V~sbi



I Machiu fu rkt
Write for Pricw, Terms, Etc

L C.DAnS & .CO
24M West Ray St.
W. L. DENIIAM, Agent

M tke West and Xortkvest.*
Dixie lyer and South Atlantic Limited.
DIXIE rTLYI R. ?,OqI .I 4, I.

Is 'ij pam. Lv. J I~w.onie r-i & .
W 11% a. on. z A k
IA S a. weAr. %IA#. fin Ca C a.
AsAsa. mAuADIya C.A.
Sa. Ar. Chatvanooga W. At A.
JI.A P.mAr. NasnvilmP N. C. A L.
7.308. Ar St. Lr I. C.
41 p. m. Ar. Fw.III L* A N.
IL49 M. 'Ar. Terr Iiite R. S eT. H.
64 7S. O A&r Chicago C. & F. I.
As' KNOXVUil L. & N
As Corbina s
Ar. Paris L&
As Lex~ington
Ar Canctmn alN
Ar. Lehbano LLA N.
Ar. I uut%%gle I & 1
Ivl..a ite 1 4p
Ar. I.11 "'..i 4 R
.Ar. L tb: 4'' 1, P.1
,- r.(Ch .,; p K. It

-, S
4'P n
!s a. U

LI p. -. p. m
&'JS) m.

I"rm. ii
bid r~ ', .

S 1. h j.- .

Fur rv g %l a t ie ani turl 1I.- It. W. l t A Ye. F ot, 1 [. P. A.. A. C. L., I i'
Uest bay bt.. Jaci~rtoik, --r .)* ..t A. t L.

--161,",0"1a, 10 aaaa w"

-r T--v -- -- W mm


Air Line Railway


Two I'.egallt Trains I daily



()ONLY LI.NE 1), ()i.r;t ig Daily Through Sleepers
i 8Jacksoiville to New Orieanid.

PFr hfll ltafatMMa a sleep~ rseervatle aa all a
any Agent Seaeard, or write IL OYLSTON. Jr. Aselatan
General Passenger Agent Jasisenl iaeams
*LI *aAm I a I AI --- -**- Lr
VVWT ww -

h g ooo anal WL at the Uer aMd
whe booe ad is muh uso
--"a 11aad rrur haatlr
w-SrAIII oft No wdbw bawwe&-


not Color the Hair
zl=''W W- ---- r~~ IbC~1 ~cf

C ~,0~
rWe U .au

filiaaitwial diOll)dlt,510 id till-






. -- w -




Train in Charge of Conductor Meller
and Engineer Hun t Tme
of Accident.

John : '
on *-xtr fr..'.l, Ii t *.

i ?i.i~. I:

pick 1. '. %. i
and thi itt. t k i li .r ,!,t
night this si i. c I i 1 .t[
knell keil lrt 111 :. : :
Aslil"\ hatl I 1,, 1 < .i in li .
c dolTlctor on th- fri. lti It N-
1. h, rl e ilir ia h a I ., r I- ; r i t t lihit 'I
lpase-i t h re, at 7 ;::*' l wI tii(.li wia.
in f CondiCclit, i I M r atind En-
glie, i t Hunt. and in i l Ce of Ih', n,-
gro to h hi i .i isc hilil
lp,'td to haIte dropped d off to sleep'p
while aitlig for the train to put
In its appearance.
The flrst that Engineer Hunt knew.
he was up to the negro. whom be
judged to be someone walking along
the track with a lantern. The air-
brakes were applied but they did not
hate the effect of stopping the train
until after It had struck the man
who was sitting on the side of the
The negro was picked up and car-
ried to the hospital In Ocala, but died
a few hours afterward. His remains
will be sent to bl. relat:ie at
Baker's Mill.
No blame can be attached to the
train crew of No. 9, as the darkey
had gone out to lag the train that
caused his death.

"I guesC Ilelr honeymoon Is about
"Whabt makes you think sor"
"fle's quit coming -home for his noon
lunch."-Detrolt Free I'nirs.

Zeal withnnt Inlw'ekd -e I lke cexpe-
dition to a uino In the d rk -Newtcm.

To avoid serilo- r.siult take
Fole%.v. Kldneyf ReH'ln,.s at the first
nlan of kildntl. or hliadll r dlsorde'r
uiIch .1 l backache. inair% irreKimulari-
t it's. exhauslti)on. anld \i 'oIN ll ham i b'N
sWell. Comme.nce taking Fol<-y Kid
nev Remnicdy today. J W McC(ollut
& Co.




Wearcv II-; piV1 1114 it INiiifc. c
lihue (of

D I~'II ~ f 11 4'KN It

'REX ani'TI N


Mll)'I 6-st W)o41 stoveri and
Range- ~4i -oldin this -'(ioll).

Fourme wed -y we w
bl don clratd 5115Staer-
mooru Mt u h atS1512.

* trih s gh i n cTick ro l
Wo W-

-rud a 5660 .5.C

Brig .sljr hley c-inutArf l aw i teatae
olI 6" tilo. rv~t aith i ~ct ws iu.~

eWe S Veiles in bllCommas



Tomented Two Months-It ltchod
nd Irritated and Scratchin Muce
It Wors Little Suferer in Ter-
rible Plight- Several Tratments
of No Avail- But at Last the

"Mr s*i rier clht (d,'hterw hid the
drpiiadnl liva4 *;ill*l (ln\x f..r 1%%io
mi'ontift- sihee I -g afi'.s** ( t *&I % t I,> \-
ing ,fh chldr.n whoN had it. asit. It: h
q- 4i'.1 noit hi t w it. iyv wn alt lil it l.
c'li-'l .large st oir while 1h w*-rw Irnitaliai
HeTr lily was a cpml,.l-te -..rl low Iit was
wore (o her arms antl lac k. We e'n'-
layver a laphvcliian who left n tl,'-nea,
Iut it did not help her and I tried owv-
eral ret nedio. but without avail. Me'-
ing the Cuticuras I enwMtlier dverti-ed.
I thought I wotld ry them. I Iave
her a hot hath dailr with ('uticura .0lp
and anointed her bravy with Outkuira
Ointment. The first treatment rrli'ved
the Itching and in a bhort time the di-
eame diappemned. I rrenmmnd the
Cutkiursa kindle for all skin diessea
and give them my fat t praiw. Mrs.
Oe,. L Frldhof. '. D. I. Warre
lk., June 30 and July 1 190."

Boy's Back Raw
Fro s thoUl o Sheeder
Scratched til Blood t.
Cmredby Ctlu a.
"My son's back wa raw from shoul-
d to shoukr and the width f your
hand. I r ly did not think the er
would be cured. He would setch
until the blood would run and he wa
like a raw pi ofmet. I used differ-
ent kinds of thia but ach kind made
it wore until I read n the Cuticura
Remedies, and one cake of Cutkiur
Soep and one box of Cuticur Ointment
cured him like magic. I would not be
without it in the houe and I have oma-
mended it to ai my rreds. Mrs. J.
D. Mauxwd 6th t.. WoodMde. LEag
Island, .. May 21. oor9."
zVW H-MT CW&&m md A-ft.-ow
of CLur VUasef hr ) to m twet heMn.
(nIo ISMr5.) tU o maHl bt he el ('OWt-
urw t aI thre o mae il o
ed Po l of e0, to Pwlnt i Pkmd.
1tcdmrWan.d I oeld nu rl & Ow Cs.
3p~~i2 eJocno' emI vuU


Further Details Concerning Accident-
al Death of Columbus Philips.
RIALEIGHi. Jtne4.-PNtbr Ottixat
11 It*. t1.k'1 Cmon..' He ill hare 11wen1
,,mthut tin'iatljtv~~tiuig soniee' i~t*,%%, a-
(!II r%. .11l11 oil thi ll e 'villiic of Junk
ist. aIt 3: o'vcoork En~inti-4-r Will E.
S'' I'I' ip 1)4 u ikh 'r riite-nded thte' WoUrk
.I~:~llel erything In nradiuit-s to)
1114 t i# elhllIa toe tost his
m1 ; i* it I II. 111g 4 11 1h -- t t'f"I. t III
Ci II lict LiIIMg 1611Kli~e. 1)wtLW'tI
leveloI'ra nnd englntie lorok'. knc-kaing
b aciluui awl al fil ainic he- 'tgino- rotow

I.ittlI IO iltm ii... Jilaijp5 tlhirtt't'u

1hI' l c l It. % %a a- ta:.Adt ng noit
MIr Sa1 I.. i u .- adI oki-k c th. i. It111

i,\ ;* f allin t ill'e' iinl tiIh killl
l k, i li t .t I) liai< *liac iiI-. c' i-
i ,e, *, 1 .11t I h- i e 11- I i : i lie I .
t\\' it' -iit i ,* I i h., 'toi lj I .I-ir. 1T .1
(' 'li- li ri -li 11.10 I le I '.te 1ii t
i i. i I" r-ltnaiil ri-k :iil r.-cti.l tl -
I .1 lihh wli t ae- f i- tiful l' cialaltil.<
S \ lthe' tlh t -t, at;l .il- hif -. i ft irin
a. r k- i
Titiiedlrl% hl' Wi-as hrin- toi hi- mliol,i
i Il IIn 'ti .cil a:! l -':1!a iiiti l -a ti hi1 dtl
all I liaT kill ('em ilal .'e cciii-llil-Ic. h, il
ito iit irlurpoas. and .;iterr nfitte'ri hourn
itf ilnt' ei-i' agony. dea h iilntert*nied
The pr:ircnhlt and brotliie-r and hli-
t Sde(-,eI -.t )tiilpatl h) of .all. ,;llitl hi is
th' ovily solace we tan gi\ *-

Spanish Railroad Trair.s.
The (il-artl-b tralc it t-r:mi'4 4 eoofloli
twenty i;lle an hour ito, Il.w aIt. to
make' tliie exi- 1 erhapis It imaikes frelluelnt astrl It'lLi
w altc At eiery itrlltlon ithi iuIIiard

ute fi r 'a b hIt'. p At e-'rvr iu
ala t r .t' ti a i i .tiiar ly ,aui ir i. a i -
co aii[a.. ea li tral,i lev e:!.i ,around ilI t 'iAr l .it 'ih toi le t .it
no r.,Il*rs ar r .i n' i.aiAl As thl're
to at le-It ote "'-p i tn htiar fttlie
giunlrd 'et !lite e'X'r Ier I.ef.r- fle th
dayits II. er Tlicy iaiy thliu c't-Ui: I ,'.
ad,,pteiil tli ), Il't 1s .%a ai% lh ri-;ni.d
bWh, liilhIt be | I loiiled lu or
the train andI at It ti l ei Itevli sueti-ef
ul. Tbet .llltary gutd nlarer airy
iOne I,-kling lueu ad aer arn lliii- r-
IIe uuniforitm We' eaw more' aier
black eyed se'.*rita el't k airl,l'r:rii-l
after theim no tbiy pajlar-l1d I 4 111tit
If you have fouad anything see If
N It advertised I: the WaLt coluwa.


S l.ii l '.l i ird it -t i \iar1 ,n.lriritlitic

take i1 to Iprto.lenlt trouble. hut
\ r' 1 Oll f:tially Iile ro'L w. r, Enl1
A*I with thl w ar.l of I:t ui -Tall
.-.... ,roliln .New- t l..t

s'r'N'te I:ist T%\ l I, Iiiy in house
N il % I'11 i.; It'"
"* Is !,., I wi... I bad..-
l"frk lIlr..hI

For COLDS and GR!P
Hicks' CAPUDINE I the best r
dy- relieves the acblng and feve
me.s--cure the cold and real
nD rmal comdltlons. It's liquid--l
Immediately. lee., 5e ad c e at
ua "Want" ads. brtas reama.





Bq a


So'imr c ulamurlismm"Iill1t'r livwuy line..

inl. uIroaua.

Davi~ OfIver

[ 11)1.------------- -- ^ ^



Nw The Long Distance System

One of the root valuable foaturos operating I vnarlwas sestlee f t U
eme of our service, to our subscribers ard entry, are unicfrm La their a~p
*rl.b to the public generally, Is our oenno ment and la their method of op w
stores tion with the extensive long distance ating.
rect line of the American Telephone and lJ Only ry foe f ale e"I t
drug Telegraph Company and the other ao' arrangemet between thel oII Teb
slcated e411 Telephone eompanie. phooe empeleo is it poa il to to
We own thousands of miles of long a lell Telephone ailmo"t aywhi
distance lines in the seven States In ask for "Loneg Plsanae" an be pt jo
Swich we operate and In addition en oemmunk atieo with almo any piat
onnect any telephone in our system In the country.
with lines extending to any other oity This vat network ef wire, radlaI-
In which a lell Telephone system 'lag throughout the nation, Is ed
operated. daily In aeammrae and S er ealal pun
These long dietan oW a Mf twe ps e1 by M athe w k eL te BnWOr Md
R met modern and Improved soeatru. eitiaena In all walks of IWe and o
toen and are maintained at a high llant here la an Important link ln thi
state of effi~lncy. The ell system. great ohai.

Southern Bel Telephone

and Telegraph Company

E__Ul hn ius. busaaMl I I

a oew of them in the following esumer
mait of what

olamsei"l "n:

%A aw obwhy mbo"f l
I pou? F & Nhoa bo a.,
i.E =-.=r- Isum& eetk
YIL~ ben ow it iB '40
W~a AL

For a cdub ot bvO tyea.yar awmnpuos ...................... .. ..... A' w
For a clb dof 6 t -y ar au ript .......................... I M
There s no limit to the number of clubs e6h eontesta may sgme.


Maj. Israel C. Green. Who Made Dash
Into Parrouas Engne House.
NMajir I-raI l"C Gre-., in~ ..t *;o
';rq. who cnlpture.d John Itlriown. of
0aviatimle. Kammas. at liari rp -ome Wome rtas
Fe,.r,.Va.,i K,, .ar Mat 1.,, bon women retan
,n .a farm here he ha d I; 1 11hi.omen, ho
I .. .r., r..i. ;a. mpt ly, for aufferIng e
A -' lctlatoir \li 1d stor ,-< i .fni-'uri ,henlr
of .isni itrown hv l.eutit.i, ,i i,..n Nearly all women im
The United aI tes ,;.,'n .,, form of female trouble.
.4.,-n:il t liarp.-r. ,Ferr .._.. i.I Avoid the pain-treat y4
ti), ht,. r I'.,. and he .,,1 f-\ ft Calui, as thousands of
"lit 1e~ .% .1(11111 Itt 'a't c al IO
Diet i,-il, I,- t. .0 Begin at ontco amid give Ca
Sl l. than nint. hundt ni *

l;n !. tl. f.ilrly r lllddl l .I i ,t
lth ii: l it -' In w hl h '1 ,. litil
I a nl i f tholr-i.-ti .i:ri -,i. I .
111'en ha;l I l I '-enched he \ l- .s
:iihty l It'Iife'I atet I< iii B- ('ill
nlll,1del h% liMaj, r RussirIll awl 1.1i 1
t**':iml 4re*n wn the' hon. o .'f hIt IF
da\ The, flore'. dlr( cti.-l I, ('fil-
Hol rt E I... chief of sf !: (rof Li.n- L. Katiet Burlion, Gore
ti.nant-G(;nerail Winfield Se',ft. Col u 1 mitfred with female troubles,
.Lee .a ac .icoiani J. E. II. Stuart. a dragoon offli(tr. Of mBod. Now I = able to do s
the t-,vcenteen men nl the engine blst i hith taB I wo bllks
house. eleven were killed before
Green and bis comrades emerged with A I l 1
the aged Brown. his dying son and
four boys. one of whom was wounded.
John E. R. Dangerleld. an actlang
United States paymater. who was e-.tiI .of Col-ed PWp.e
one of the eight bostages held In the Bdltor SI: Please allow me spae
engine houae, wrote this description to state a few things omeersing the
of the capture of Brows: doinp of the colored people at Trax-
"I had assisted in the barricading-- ler.
fixing the fastenings so that I could The malanters of the Primitive
remove them upon the first effort of Orthodox Baptist Central Asaociation
the marines to get In. But I was not met In a unlon meeting at New 1Da-
at the door when the battering be- mascus Primitive church last week.
gan. and could not get to the fasten- this union meeting auxiliary to the
Ings until the ladder was used. I Central Florida Asaoelatlon. The
then quickly removed the fastenings new church In which this union meet-
and after two or three strokes of the Ini was held is very near completed.
ladder the engine rolled partlalli This is the first primitive union
hack. making a small ajrrture. ever held in this part of the State.
through which Lieutenant Green, of A few words of welcome were ad-
the marines. forced himself. JuanlJyct dressed by Prof. S. H. Henley on
on top of the engine. anid stxod a Saturday concerning Christlanlty. sad
wucond in the' midst of a shower of Sunday concerning Sabbath school.
halls, looking for John Brown Whenl His words were words of welcome
he salw Itrown he sprang alimot twelve and highly appreciated. We were
fet l at him. and gave an undcerthrust glad to have him splak upon this
of his sword. striking him about mid- x'casion.
way the- INmdy and raising hii comi- The following officers were elected: from the ground. ItrownI fell Rev. E. Edward. chairman.
forward with his head hi. Gainesville. Fla.; JUa. A. Taylor. se'-
kne.--. and (reen -truck him sercesial rotary, Alachua, Fla.; Rev I. I1.
tiel.. ov-r the head. alad. a I then Taylor. treasurer, Alachu., Fla.
sUIpJli.)d. vplit his skull at ,every The true gospel was preached In
strok,. I got out of the' building as this union. and it gave great joy to
~c,(n as potsibhle and did not know the' heart of many.
until s.inel ltime late-r that Ilrown am, Rev. M. Carter of Gailueville
iot killed It r .ei ii. that in making preached the Introductory sermon.
the- thru.-t G(re'tiis word htruc(R The next e'lt.":,!l will bet hIld at
Brown b'elt and did not pwinetlrat, eWa'nnee. Fla JAS. A TAYLOR.
the' body TThe swiord wa. hent Alachua. June' 4. 1oV9.
[Inr.-h I,hysles riact. werL ak,,n 1%,1
The editor of The- Moruing Dtru1 physics reart. weak'n thit
ri..,.le e .rlers I,. i hr,.*t. n.-d cjpri ing l ? **-l4. cause chronic con -tip "in
Ikilal's( s ll,'x lll. oli.rat,, ,. 03il%, ltlun
of h,. Ii. I.. P-. as il. th re -llt of f th. Ikann' Reg et" s oerate et.l. tuat'
h ..the tonach. clurs, r.n.-tl.tlorn 25.'
lohn Iirow n Inruirrdalon In \ irginiarthe' tomach. crt' runtfletn "ea
To.. elrmnci aic taru in irg Ask your drtlgKt- for the in.
I"i \1li*wii ainl clilhlr<-u wt eret|e'

(f course you wouldn't like to
find after you have considers-
Sly improved a piece of Real
Fatate that the title of nme
i not clear! Be sure then to
I ave us make an abstract of
the prospective purchase be-
fore you invest.
Don't hby in the dark-
nave us\ make an abstract and
know wlat you're buying.

ulmll ill a- .
I QaiMviII. nTIs.

OmOm IN mOm
OmOm TBher'a a Ra.O. O0

;0-0- -0--- 0 0--30-g- .30A
=0^0--O= --C- --O-u- 0



_ _

.. -e I I
I -

. U


16Sam WN W SNOW-__ S
.,,pm-WMWtWu"W NO-W d

*AIOA *- ~In* I- o- W 'I*
-~~r E. *". g er.' ~iq

,'PNo4O0- -4 : -n Wc
Von -s 3WA

J~~" A* I* MONOWlh~
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5.c-i I% lb. t. wev e .1towgio t"' I Tbor
a um,. Lory Mras.Eaft'Lgto~ r 6a be,' b-taa%"
P& .. i 4.b.. Ihe 4re-tu aii. ctter.- nr. ed
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orml Wayerus 'cU.. ; a s' 1.e d& w1.
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gII b& that &I. oi .t.ak l "V eALtsii,1
ote U t h ge of t ufli -op %ear. 'II'
therefore ordered Ust At-b dr.. f r tolec de-
fointl~ua be and al he r- re, .rr! t tE 4
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maism ism or boIn iwor 14totousrlr L r 71% #.
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a. H WI U'r.C a ('I.' ME 0u e('u'sar
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JrU S'ls '' a vr'.'.!.1' La.glr~

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N'alfcrrrr('I ~-e' w'ser, Itaat W Pa a *l'E~ a' ~ i I Ia'ite a *
,.,taJ lI.e :&ILI I41 ) (o J, A L i
a% U11 %AA aat ," ,le 5 p l I -
41-d fisha u-iia.r al.&' N*..7,ltax t a lra' ,,'
ur If & $. '.a. ..sw'.j a C J i
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1." %.'I A "fi' a .I ...'L Cil1.1A te a.1 L. '. LaU'-
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the mat~rw~tt. w EBcowke.
earut tt Om! and t*-
Yowl, 54*t to "1lmeat k-
it-; ; it. t-j to Ll A !.ua. Hiat.
and Woort!ai ittoi, prings,
('.alar 1N -, a.ti aII lutefu*ti

Mining. and Anwww
for Ow Prim.

East Fiura Teephme Co

Ths Loq-DtaYCe Slum

---- -J

wri ^ S


. I
t )




State Officers:
Governor-A. W. GOfchrist,
Secretary of State--. Clay
ford. Tallahn--*,-.
Comptroller-A. C Croom.
has lke.




Treasurer-W. V. Knott. T&llahas
Attorney Gneral-Park M. Tram-
m.lcl. Tallahas..e.
C('omliilsiioner of Agrirllture-B. E. Tal;ahna--.e
8u.t of l'l 'i'r In ? -,, ti no:i--\n M
H ,,i; a.'. Tail ,?a-- .
'r. -i,'. 'i; o, I S I F '! HII 1
Hq 'ni. .M Ti 1in

County Offlers:
Cl-rk and Auditor S II. Wlenges.
Gaii, .villE..
Supt. P'ubiic xIntruction Dr. L.
Kell, y. Gain,'-s ille.
Shetlff I'. G;. Ramsy. (;,'!ncavllle.
County Judge-H. U Ma an, Gainep
Tax Assessor-W. W. Colson. Galnep-
Tax Collector-W. D. Dicktnson.
Treasurer-J. D. Matbeson. O ains-
Supervisor Regiltration-J. C. Mc-
Grew. Gainesville.
County Commissionter- John G.
Dumpler. Chairman, llacu.; J. F.
Townsend. Campville; J. W. .:.
Archer; Chas. W. Summers, Treaton;
0. P. Cannot. Galusville.
Members School Board -R. B.
Weeks Chairman, Hawthorn; J. W.
Moody. LaCrosse; O. W. Maiwr.
Itatoe eator-H. HR McCray.
Members Hous--Syd L. Carter,
GaOIneville; T. A. Doke, Santa Pa.

City Ofters:
Mayor-Horatio Davls.
Marrhal-B. T. Arnow.
Tax Assessor-W. M. Bradford.
Tax Collector-T. B. Ellis. Sr.
Clerk and Treasurer-J. Maxey Dell
City Attorney-R. E. Davis.
Board of Aldernen-G. K. Broome..
President; 8. J. Ilurne-tt. I. L. Phifer.
H. S. Gravs'. C A. Coleliugh. W. T.
Pound. .1. A. Goodwin.
Board of Public Works-II. F T.y.
lor. Chairman; W. W Hampton. secre
tary; H. F. Dutton, E J. Balrd. J H

Tli --

University City.

Gainis\ i:l. s ci onc-i'ed d to tn- tlt
*o.-t **u; < I,,rti.i g asv Wel as tilt .. -
beautral ti'+ in the interior ouf i..,
Ida. It l ;. at. d li1 thlt '. \
of thb Siatet. half way betwa tie \i
laniti and 6 1ulf ',,a.-ts. selrr ,.iir i"I l,
laid.- of .t h 1 .rility as to bt i c.l. '
of i.r iuci:;g a \ari-.t> *
in tlil.h b-.rt ,i the tr'. k i
phoslihate a'c il l tal st,>re 1.. 't ."'*
ban the bett t.dlo'ftlion l ad' ar.t:.
u th. State'. go.H ( church i itt.
til.t Lilt 1i art- itltup rlu i to ..j
to lu of it. rize in Florida. ith larg.
aid t .o11- i-futit cotigrtK.g tl onfi. ha' a
cilllate A hich (tcnioi1t be .xcelle'd fr41
b. &,all atagKr. tcombliiied with a tpregr.-,
ite aid til citizelzthibl. are sure to m ake a big
There are many natural attractions
in close proximity to the city, somiu. t,!
a hibh are Alachua tiluk. Paine '
Prairie. the Devil's Mill Hopper. War Cave. and Lake Newnan. all of
which are reached by private convey
spring Park Stock Farm. the largest
and finest live stock farm In the State.
it oul!) eight miller west of the cit)
and t- i ached by a good hard road
afforidlli a most pi>ih-c.ant drile
Ther farmers of Alachua county of
hbicth Gainnhville is the county seat
*'I\t at bunie iand board at the. &al,
..Lte TThe temperature is very uni
fetUi (arte ly eter r.eiching the nirtj.
tit r Is unianer or the.- Ituntle Iir
wtllltr The populatiou of Galuebtflle
Is at oLt eight thousand, refpreselntlU
ijarly tery nationality on the fait
ot the earth. ald strangers ala*y'
mnet altb a hearty wc.coue.
The L'niversity of Florida for young
meii and the National Agricultural E
perlim'nt Station are located within
the corporate limit of the city In
tact Oalanevlle has so many thlang
tat ae tuust be pardoned if we omll
a Wew of them la the following aumer
aUos of what
eli-w--ito Hi*


52.' ~U

- --

,I, 4 l. ale grain Ard fccd

fill ie-g1 ce)e-~ual-

%. Go e L-ricrstlnt tild L: in toe Iwt
Io (.'),t v 110-ti rill, ;,.I VII
pa1nIi.t r- j> te-r-s.1 LeA i. 14.lio-it d jIe I&
eb t -imi.' it-JJ(i g iiAor u e

M orvt ni i It oiuf low, td ~rcs trevt am
graim(O''cr r ?d It ut lk r i than an 'v cntit-r
tw. In ) ithent n 'loi of t n ijSate -
Art r;ol~ ccurt hivup- bult of brick
&W s Ltoine- a tw-Autiful structure and
the Ila li*. .*.' al t dael
Conreduritt mrourme.i- etc isurr,,and
iug it. make it a mrst atijtriae pie
tuA C.r

Want advertising as a force whicb
you can haru"sn. and with which you
can drive your plans mad purp oes
to any deelred doUtisat*

We Ask You
io tak Cad. Sor pwo fesmals
troubiea became w a aur tt
vil b4b you. Remen r I m
at"u rmt emaMs mm*rt-


pm ? Pa a wif bmkas d*
-m s hmb ee l
ow I a is Of
__ *~5W


u wwmr, uumm






One foundry
Water works.
T-n caurches.
Onl0*' g-l ila.t.
Tao tn hipl|.
Three .a akerles.
TenI ith ~cta"*. -
Six fruit ',ores.
Tno K ,r>niithp.
Six rr ai-t ;i;ants.
On" .>* s, tore.
lt:arpl f Tradl*.
Sl dr tlg storPte .
Four -shoe -hops.
State I .i territy.
MArSoi i Tttrple.
Twcen'v lctacr!.
'*S 1:11h' Ishopis.
Four .ontrratoris.
S t'Ar I' ilt t* I'p.

S:\ riu. sC -c'hools.
L:.,,* vari Ult IulI'h!1 library.
TA o \agout works.
rTfo ,laijing nillis.
f 'u ra;.ket store.
1 o lumber yards.
SOie marble works.
Thrvet silversmiths.
'hree wood yards.
Ftie dcttal rooms
One xicresp office.
Free mail delivery.
Four beef markets.
Eight barter shops.
Turo public schools.
Two music houses.
A telephone system.
I' Two abstract offices.
Pour pressing clubs.
Two machine shops.
Two bottling works.
dix boarding houses.
One Catholic cehure.
A military company.
Three jewelry stores.
One phosphate omce.
One Chinese laundry.
One Christian cburch.
Two steam latudrea.
Two Advent churchbe.
One daily new.apar.
Two hardware stores.
One female physidc .
rfteen grocery atorM.
FPve Baptist cbhares.
Three furniture tores.
One cold storage plat.
One weekly newspaper.
Seven dry goods stors.
Three cold drink stands.
one electric Ult plaSt.
Three blacksmith shopM.
Three railways aystemr
Eight benevolent orders.
Twa Episcopal churela.
United States land offle.
One chemical laboratory.
Thirteen Sunday schools.
Two veterinary surgeons.
One Presbyterian church.
Two cliar manufactorles,
Pour teal estate agencies.
Volunteer Ore department.
Several lumber coiumluies.
Three Methodist churches.
'. lr:.-s batid organization.
Tuo photograph gallelic.
Two moving picture abows.
Florida Winter Chautauqua.
One semi-ieekly newspaper.
I5 1* lira*, Inrarcw atvgacl
F'r -t-clas .s.W crage system.
Two frtl!'er manufactcries.
Fl\e hr ihunurance agencies.
'i .,, i.;t.i, anJ ftc-d stable.
()In' t;:It :.,il rkct factory.
Oir.. 'k. 'IA) r, :a,.li r'.,rn
If trdw',Mdl .r,.t,. ring Plant
\.t.ra'i( tlt r;i 1<,' i ;i t .( S atli,
I' ''. l.i. ',\ :il r it ll. ,,ri.f, r,.i*nV
I'i t tr drf --:l.k:ig *'*- 'tait,lt :i.tilt.
Nat l 1 1 I i.l'i S.r'tartrn
1 '.r' :hll- r -t.kill l b J tl'. :the iti
T.,j o t "htf hv-t lhut i n the ii,
It'! .


1. The contest tI open to anyone living I
Alatbus county who Ia known by the coaductra
of the contest or vouched for by reputable
person. to them well lnown.
2. No employee. attacboe or relative of the pro
prietors of the abov-named Arms are eIllg te *o
participate sl this contest, and wUI participate ta
no Iaaner.
3. In the event of a mlam erstaoding betwooo
candidates or others interested a this coatet
such controversy may be reerred to the son
doctors of eoatst, who akone are th w r
quaasled to reader deeoi n.a
4. a1 the event a oadliae doeumd to &l
draw from the rae, e.such eSNad- to wi nt Ie
allowed to traaaser votos to the credit of nts
candidate nl th eoateiL

(O Subw 'err ew s N aortweru
ription ................. .... 500 rt" 700 Tw
ption . . 1,00 vots 1,00 votes
ptio ....................... Io0vote, 1,"190 "o
ion .. ... .. ..... ... 3,500 votas 4,500 vot
subscriptions (o''".' .2,.':.," ). 3 0,000 vot 836,000 ots
' subscriptions (.-l'",";.,:;) ...30,000 votes 3,000 vot

T here ir no limit to the 1nuniler of elul eaCm I contestant lImy wseure.

O1.00--O yes.'s s*riptiom. ........................... .. ...
For a club d five -yearss bripUloa ............ .............. ,000
Fer a clAb of u yeTr bsr ptid .. .............. ........... M
There is no limit to the number of elubs seh eontestan may sm e.



Total Cash Value, $1,000.00

To Be Given Away by the Merchants aiI The

Sun to Citizens of Alachua County!

Each Section Gets Prizes!

Contest to Cloe August 18, 1909

Realizing that all should share alike in the distribution, lesadig business hem
have joined in the combination to give away Two Handsome Pianos and On
Diamond Ring to residents of Alachua county in three different sections. These
progressive firms will give One Vote for each penny spent with them.
In the event of a tie for any price offered, a price similar in all respects there-
to will be given each of those tieing.
THE A. R. HARPER PIANO CO. of Jacksonville, from whom the piass
for this contest were purchaAed, have agreed to offer extra pies as follow: To
the first five candidates in each district, excepting the winners of the capital ri
in the said districts, one certificate each for $100.00 which will be redeemae in
cash as a payment on any piano handled by them-the Everett, Harvard, Darton
or John Church Pianos. In addition to this they will give a certificate for
$25 toall other contestants in the race, and will make special arrangements with any.
one to take care of their paper on all purchases of instruments at the cash price.
Th ai nesvile Sectios Will embrace the city nnd suburbs and be con-
e a fined to a radius of four miles in each direction.
The winner in this district will lo awarded a HANDSOME DIAMOND RING.
Eastern and Southern Sectioe Will comprise territory from Fair-
Easte andbanks all points cast and from Ro-
clIclle all p4oi nts moutlh-Waloln, Hawthorn, Iland (;rove, Campville, Micanopy,
Lake View, TaMina n li all points alnmg line of T. & J. Iy. ONE PIANO.

*S >iconi rie aill stations froml
Western and Northern Section "n1'll al sr tin.. fro .
Hague toHgh pringgs, "'re,|toii.
Wanllnee, \Wilc.ox, Hell, Newl erry, Jonesville, Archer and all settlements covered
iv tlii iarea. I IN PIANO.

How and Where to Get ,i Ba"Vo f ly- i t
Ballot boxes wtil be hrad t. tbo establdb.
a ts of the merchants ivaig otoe ad at Tn
Vots u tic. Vtc" sen*ut U Wuii muust be dirciLeJ
t : ...- to the Voting ('otest Lepartmo-nt of The dun.
.... tai neavilleo. Florida.
The follo'Ind merchants will give one vote
tor every cent paid Info theli etablihnime utj for
*ods shich they handle: Rules ad Regula on
Gaineaville Furni*ure Company, Furniture.
Phrfer A Morris Co.. Clothing and Furnishinas.



AMAL",& OWN&&& AM -AA-A--& Affifi&dj& -AQAJL


$1.2--Thr- months' *subc
$2.50-Six months' subscri
$(.00-Ons year's ubscript
For a club of fiv one-year s
For a club of ten six-months


Gainesville Hardware Co.. Plumbing and Hardware.
Mrs T. McCormick, Millinery.
W. M. Johnson, Drugs and Meeccines.
L. C. Smith, Shoes and Jewelry.
Mrs. R. Wilson. Dry Gooda and Notions.
Saundersa Eartl, Groceries and Feed Stuffs.
City Bakery, Bread and Pastry.
P. Y. Smith, Fresh Meats.
Crawford A Davis, Livery and Sale Stables.
The ISn, Printing and Publishing.
The Brown House, Meals and Lodging.
N. Francisco, Banana House, Frult, Etc.
Eddine Mgf. Co., Lumber and Building Material.
Standard Fertilizer Co., Fertillaore.




Snr -ND
W W I^-- mmm- A AA m^ kB~~ m k

o mtinmsum i""aw om

TIP" m sW mewdatS W. L is S

Otm a en lertvisit.
meal-- sitais omdis or s~c.
Sd pbm IL u.

00Vf S Se00 dw Oryesrterda.

muwAk &GOft sy.

a am at fte. P ANm.
-d -r U deram

1 4 Ndb. M d mhe u Pie

a of ft e be bow tr
*~~1 low WsS U S M

*woI =64 ai v. yew
o4* -o=hi
m.YIuI a aA

6; \

... i


I* me SOW -I" ia

W OW. St l bf -Ww --
AL lksow

6 #, -am* be II

lols$lb e e o* uh p a
S oe a a ad -
3wL1 L

aft-vow No shw ads
t 6801 se r the

VON 181" "0 wet saa am

=rS me ese
OF -om t soft. dreugakme
Ie. t.

SS r &.4 M&-- a F itn
S. emeu a e to e wa ofy
aI4W 6 8Lest. Very As .fat

M* va pepsud the
in"go 614 e Ie metroUpo

W. w. A1 1m1, Jr.. bookkeeper, I
o Gb Ia lsal Bak. has
wued e MW a pleaat visit to his
ONbaumat aremem .
N. to r Mr ad Mr. H. M. Aa-
e s of Newbery. na June Ist a
Se ab dbe. wh mother
Ma- chMi a.. deafg amely.
SL. L Rose rgsir ad wife of Ta-
e' e re ama the visitors to the
.. TVheday. They were accoupa-
aled by their daughter. Miss Lean.
lThe qualty o our r-rvice and ta-
'* Ie doe et able as to compete with
beIldlag4lou- rate.. Those apre-
elOtve of auperirily ltruuiLe the-
news Hoase
at of ewr citizens are drifting
towards rights d&ibas- by neglect-
ag ymptome of hkdaoy and bladder
treble wikh Pol ) la;K!..y l;.e...
odr a iW qukly cure J W McCol
1- a Co.
J P. M.eredith a former cdte
Iof alal e but hto now e*agaged
IB dhe eimer bsaem is Jackson-
ve, was ama the vialtors to the
rt yesterday. He was en route to
Lalke iad. where he ll st.aP the
mt lfew data

Poor, Foolish

Thiuk of her st.
6l801 tWg to la
i Cf.|" u the
wst:. rth

oh5 ff5 mak thu sceut 4L 1,lb L A
clowu to mul:.111 ( tv% %-Jul as, I
a c-iu -.4 fc- -inn- h.
sotj,% 94r to he IF-non .ati
V~ "Us j r. -L War v, ~ rlr k
it. ar ) I- to 'a, 4 1
irosU' e I i* I it. 0. ~lc L.
b. T.. d -u wtwi cas.teC.6
thropoom IlIJ4 1,U Ip (Ca -*ua
A. o s- I h gobw $ oftI&

Pa mackerel two for i2. today
sanoey Co,. '*aa s.
R. Millta rmured yesterday
fro a business visit to Jackshonlll.
New Irish potatoes only 2r the
peck. Valley & Co's. Cut-Price Stwor
Special prices oaMason fruit )ars.
Jar tops. rubbers and Jelly glarswe.
W. 8. Doret.v & Co.
Phorne 0 S. M relhant & Ctonal.a:;.
to lend out one of tho.t 11ct fat
behs for tomorrow' dinner.
SYou fet the very best In good Flor
ida pastre-fed beef at Harrold's t(
day. Phone as your orders early.
G. 9. Merchant t Company can
supply you with a sne fat hen for
Gsday's dinner. Pine orders re-
(ive prompt atteast.o
MIa n IlSimpson. who has bee
an A pleasant viat to relatives and
trime Ia t t Micasopy aectkio for
the P ast Arewrle to er hm.
aere yestery.
Ws tu SMand alsae e-
a @e W r the baseball besedt at
Ithe New ird wek of J 7th o
Al at u Mmr & Vdal's ad at the

C. C. O l .s, the Jacksevtlle g.
-. aer. is be l*-.g after .me of
th mry atrae tha are ew b
b f spa" suam"g the bumess
m of. the I y.
M ra A. Madlams sa daughter.
MIo mb t.left yesterday thr
aret1 TIw am.a r there tor
the mAt evw dajys viituag the form,.

Sm Data of a the m of Davis &
O .er raetrmed hem th Nu w
a m-ist& where b went for theO
IW -e of pum iNg a carWoIad of

UMise n battle sad Clarim e er
it laterI e arrived it the city ye-
teday sad mw epend the "4ut set-
al dags hee as eests oa Mrs.
W. P. iar, Bat Al atchn av e.
Mrs. dwd Joses, accompanied
by Misss Mase Perry and Aa

Woil ogt Springs to speld a few
J. A. Thams of ath.Wleford see-
tith w se ma ltig his Gaeialld e e
Oka Y* ]Ra. He stotes hf e

"6, for w~lI the ar mersae very
Mr. J. D. Williaa haa returned
frem a ahort but pleasant vialt to
Mrs. Madle LYW4 of Ocala. She was
very me h lapressed with the Brick
City and oly regretted that her stay
was of such short duration.
ve room cottage to rent on block
djolin ng square. formerly occupied
s.-.? W. L LeGraud:v; city water. elc
Ac lights. sewerage. bath, and all
modernn conveniences. Apply to urv
f. H McCreary or Sun oftice
R. T. Thomas of kell one of the
-ubatavtial citi ens from that part
)f the count:'. wvw rha.king bind-
A Ith bil nany (Gainesville frtntidb. 'o-
t rda Hlie was accormianlled rLy T
I. Stalbai:er also of the a-i section
t the- (oaistl
Mr and Mrs. T. W. Hansel of
Jlackroille arrived In the city last
nlaht and *ill spend the next se's
oral days here valsiin the family of
1. N. Hanseli. Mr Hanoell i' the
upcrllnt-nde-nt of the Jackonil. Alt-
i ersuilal t'om|>an
M I. ClTower of Hasle-burst. tua..
n amoiU the sisitors to the city. hl
t teanr Ud in railroad construction
Iork uoi i1 in lhis tart of the ltate-
okris after somi*e of the prol> ..-t.
inew railsay building ahich haa I u
i fasorably I ultiuaod during t(le
ast Be- **cks

H. Galtskill of Mlcntosh. tusi
,of the soao ex-ltunitse faruers of at
part of Marion county, was a lslitor
to the city yesterday Mr Gatltkll
states ltat his Ielooh ba had iprac
tlcall) no rain and as a rteult the-
'. lItsI .Aid canall outnl cro ,,p arte far
o' ,r I I I ;e -, r.ati
(tlo eF-ortuanai aho i .t- fr .o I I if 'lo. l t .;itIo .
I"lI It illin. t',Lui al! r I i, l I.
,' .t 1,., ',,.. t.1 I l.L : I ,
,1ta 1.i l- 0 Il i, 'i> I I1 I I
i i t .t In i lu -, 1h Ii a ;-. >

i '. -. .,r ; .,. t. '
St I i -
It .S .1 .o i ,
Si 1 r

I IL44 l i-f



Jumin Vehicle.
Uttle Mliss Lotul lliannsit. In comi
pany with lohn HanIun and her
ister. Miss Itele.. mere out drl.-
illn Friday afternoon alta. a.on W'et 4
I.iberty street. the 1''r br'f
frightened at a I i.i -.. nlitt<)romrl<,
and made a Ca'h to irin 'v as
In trying t, rr'n it no irl) os er
turned the bugs. withth.e rosth :lt th at
the two chlldr n. nto as.- then-,;s.-
f ol being thrown out. lujnl,.d to
Mhe pavement.
The first samed was picked up
and carried Into the home of T. H.
Ellis. where everything |oamoible wl.-
done to rellce her until the arrival
of a physicIan, who disco\trs d she
had a very badly spralned ankle and
oe that will require several days to
be able to use again.
There s a very strict law in re-
gard to automobiles and the drivers
of all aehbes are supposed to stop
and sht down their engines when
bey au that a norse Is In any way

The Loal Tempea ce Legion will
meet this afteraoo at 3:30 o'clock
at the reading rooms and a full at-
teiaafe II desired.
Acidemt will happen, but the bet-" taiies keep Dr. Thomas
Metrl 01O for seh emergeMcies. It
subdues the gp. aad heals the hurts.
We have takes the ageny for the
best and aest packed hams In Flor-
Ida. Try one of them and If you are
not satised come and et your
mesy back. W. 8. Doraey & Co.
Remember we have all vegetables
In season. besides we handle a full
aad complete stock of fresh ro-
ceres, therefore we can supply your
eating wats at all times. J. 0. Har-
We do not kaow of any other pill
that s as good as DeWitt's Little
early Risers, the famous little liver
pUlts-emal. gtle. pleasant and sure
plls with a reputation. old by all
Miss Carrie WlUams of Alachua.
acomplaled by her friend. Miss Julia
SR1ers of Jackaoevllle, arrived la
the city yesterday and will spend the
oext several days here as guests of
Mr. B. Dell. 8r.
Capt. B. W. Poftane. one of the
substantial cities of Micanolpy. was
among the visitors to the county
capital yesterday. He planted a very
large acreage of rleetables during
the past season and the returns mwre.
highly tatlsfactory.
There are many luitation of INe-
WItta' CrboUsed Witch lla l 8s3.-
--DWItts ais the original. l sure
)ou get DI-Wittr Carlollz.d Witc'h
Haze-Il Sal\l Ishtl i)ou ak for it It
i good for cuts. hurna and
and is e--Lclall. good for piles. Sol40
al! drug,;i:t

Think it o er.

Wlat'l. the- ull fi.

vacef You'd I- a.k, d to sub.ri:".
for the i'-netft of the t l.-ltall to .al:
anyway. aud you kuow onU altw;i~.
do it Sladl). \\Wh) not iLurea.wn your
rubsrcrilltion and sit til ktts to the
llaird In exchailong.. lthen enj I the
1.o-rt rmnlnce. .ourir.rll or Iuisk.L smni -
ont- vl- haple| %ftIh a -Ill- criltlioll
.At ,
Colds that hast on stoaktIn the
constitution and d'.t loi' into cl"ir
sualit ion 'Folv*''b HoUe and Tar
cure-s lt-rvistellt coughs that rl.fue-,
o \I-Id to other treatment. Do not
,.l.-erinmelt with untried remedi-n ar
delay may result In your cold s*(e
lluxg on )our lun s. J W Mc(ollumi
A4 *'o.
The Ladlr-' Aid Socrlty of the Ad
,-int c'hurcth mill nr'.e It crcman and i
cake al Hutherford a Hc.ltaurlanl ilon
Saturday aftiernooni and might The
follow uing kitd of re:min and take
S ill l t"- I -c I 0,,! 'n il .4 i0 < ll. I A .
a iil t rt a Ian. hI uL in I i .nl l.,>l-
I'j IIIIOl t Ake,. l l tltl l l.\, r .ik
4 lIoAolato e.lro de'.ll i (im l i .k'-

('.. in ole, .aud all alnil t h II, Itl

l.lIhi r,


I. I

* o .*i II -,
0 III.1.,.
I.. ~ ).~..- (.

I I ,

.0. I n ..- 0- A

I .


The growth of this Bank is proof con-

clusive that its business is being con-

ducted in a manner highly satisfactory

to its thousand patrons. We would

appreciate some of your business.

* :
* 0


C. A. FA RCI.OTI, alhier

-CICIII -l Jww w w w wwww- wi


5 CoW er Lin

Uh baserti, mbut WadvertUs
mot hV tor ess taom M eaSt Sb
Mworeds l a lme; o f act n aal
every wora eer am b co Us as
am ad mral ia CAS I advaee
mostaccom y an riders o laser
tass t toU celrma.


ROOMS FOR RENT for gentsemeu
only. H. J. Dempsey.

FOR RENT-O asix-room and two
ive room cottages la South Ones-
vrll. Apply to Coi Factory office.

FOR RENT-New -room cottage. all
modern coveniences; 206 E. Court
street Apply 8. A. ladbetter. Jes
e Preach Piano Store.

FOR RENT-Halt of nicely furnished
hose; fine location, modern con-
renlences. Also rooms. sinle and
in suite. A. H. C.. 8un office.

MCH RENT --ive-room cottage on
block next to square; city water,
electric lights. bath room and all
modern eonvenlences. Apply at this

FOR RENT-During months of Jul)
and August. furui.h.d houw. ten
room. tso blocks from square: all
modern convenience. Address Irok
4-.'. ;GaInesville. Pla.

'OR 8ALE-New six-room two-tor)
house within two block, of aquar.
AIprly 4i7 W. Mlaouilc ,trt.t.

QUICK I tKSTORATI\.E for i.-t an
hood. Satlsfact tuo uarauteed or
money refunded.; 541c twr bottle
hold by) W\ M .lohns~r

Case Moved to Bronson.
The ('ata of Jeff Simiioni. w herein
Inh- wa c(hargtd alth his dul ha|liiK
killed a coo. haIs bt-n trai-fa'frr-d to
IrI ,ntion lIDate' Jont ia the- irt.os-

Poor Milk
li u(ftel thought to Lbe re-.ioni.ile
for .. infant' Is In w eight or t-'u
-iral poor lht lli Thfe c'autu- uaualli
il that lite child bIa. mori.. "I ho'.
L;et bhe iourishubltll cof the funt! mial
the htaby st...tA-. asIu:tally stur t.
\\'hllm Cream \', r. fi a ,. I i.. li,.
worum and aouribhe the child. sure
and -aft- |Price- .. ce-nts Hold 1) W.
l1 Johlisoni
Isn't there something sbich only I
want ad. can do for you toaav*

By having yor lshne repairitd by
KI- CUHEN, ti* .rr t LoIIlo,,n
Maker. Will rw sokr in '- miNJ
while you wait-free of chari- ii ni i
ifactory. oiet ,Nor.
Ibo UeM der fWt o aCla WlPc uiwm

The Bread. Pe aad Cake you
eat should be atrttaous. Te
haest our, med vwth pure
rich milk ad baked t te
"purity fashboa." make our
goods the mat delicous It s
possible to prodc.
Ph,-. 161, T. sehafr. Prep

kiss N. Norton

velidts, Books, Statilnr)

Sumln, Se? Pctlmr

aid ictm Frr .....


BY AUTO, 0lii, 1 l v l itl ,% ,i Vrak al', ,l;ily
excM jt .-insII 1 at le'::>' a. ii. Kletirn.iiig,
.*-at\-. No-u lirry at :, In An. A tiN.
VEN I: T a Ti IF- k\'INi; Ol TE.

Fare $1.50

--C('LR F(O HIE--



-NoW (PFN-
At Mrs. McCormick's Millinery PaI-
lore, We Side Court House
Suare, Gaineville, Plerida.

A coi .etc and tb-npoeab cojise- of hntra-
UeI In the Art of Mil lmerv Dobunigwu tV; te
taugiri by Mrs Me-CeoInck. w bat% a grad jne
In MYll~ary Art De-igalag Cour-e run%. 'rena
twotothrs. mosib-.. Ra varoa~matile- ro
pwleulas caL usor ~dre.. MuI. T cM


Cu runs.L.A m

Timer d kndmer

fliuat- F.rani~al Fm~l l sot AA
Work Uwuwantd.
HPrft.rwtsn: Adklwee -
A I~ Fr'..w-l1 Injialamu'o. GAIN l.&ILLL,
Luwll-ik a Bate-. FI.A.


-u ---TF ATuimm

First National Bank

C apitalI, $iiw~ I

ak ,.~ o -* .., -- ~ r! II*

-- .5,o ...

I0 0.'.

-' Ii

1.' era! A., ,

L. LTa)toer, (Cash.-,
teo rskalja. Awal OCs 1r

I : ; v v V v T --,; ; I W T
A A A A A -A A A .

-- -


al 0 f mAtf nAtAtf f l

, Aliliilil


SCurplusl, $#*Al,(KKcl.cXl

yl UW Ielr b) nli VIUcil

Title: Gainesville daily sun
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Title: Gainesville daily sun
Uniform Title: Gainesville Daily Sun
Gainesville daily sun (Gainesville, Fla. 1903)
Alternate Title: Daily sun
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Creator: Gainesville daily sun
Publisher: H.H. McCreary
Place of Publication: Gainesville, Fla.
Gainesville Fla
Publication Date: June 5, 1909
Frequency: daily (except saturday)[-1938]
daily (except monday)[ former <1903>-]
normalized irregular
Subject: Newspapers -- Gainesville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Alachua County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Alachua -- Gainesville
Coordinates: 29.665245 x -82.336097 ( Place of Publication )
Additional Physical Form: Archived issues are available in digital format as part of the Library of Congress Chronicling America online collection.
Dates or Sequential Designation: -58th year (July 24, 1938).
General Note: Description based on: Vol. 20, no. 48 (Apr. 5, 1903).
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Bibliographic ID: UF00028298
Volume ID: VID01688
Source Institution: University of Florida
Holding Location: University of Florida
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Other version: Gainesville sun (Gainesville, Fla. : 1903)
Preceded by: Daily sun (Gainesville, Fla.)
Succeeded by: Alachua County news (Gainesville, Fla. : 1934)
Succeeded by: Gainesville daily sun and the Alachua County news

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4ifl kfle



I n. m a I',1

.. I 5' '. C




MNI suou l WEWho t ta&0 Was I, ummeoad to Appear at Once in

mWstbw En. M t t E Us


S Ate majority yesterdayy
blockade which has olwti

WW -- WI -- I WU ups

-The- Hen- Incidentals in the State Tresuret's
broke the fflce was trimmed from $1.0tt to
ructed con- $:,.o a )ear.

sideration and pawsage of the general
appllropriation bill.
I'ngual dispatch characterized
the consideration of the measure.
which after being so amended as to
curtail the appropriation for salary
expenses of the State government for
the next two years was passed to
third reading. Nearly all the morn-
Ina and part of the afternoon were
taken up with this bill.
One of the most Important items
Included is that appropriating $10.000
for Improvement of the State rlfle
range at Black Point. near Jackson-
. slle. which was wo after a tiff fight
bv Senator Rockman.
The Cash bill providing changer

in the preset primary law was pa s-
ed This measure is believed to be
wholly uacoeatiutlonal, and It I
very likely that the Governor sill
veto It.
A bill vesting the Slate Board of
Heallt with the power to take charge

The salary of the assistant chief
clerk in the Superintendent of Public
Instruction's office was made $1,200,
Instead of
The clerk hire la the prison de-
partment of the Commlsoner of Ag-
riculture's department ws reduced
from $1.800 to $1.500.
The salary of the State Chemist
was slashed from $2.500 to $2.000.
and his traveling expenses from $1.
tNM to $300.
The salary of the Adjutant-General
was reduced from -2.500 to $2.000.
Senator Buckman offered a amend-
ment. Including an appropriation of
$10.000 for lawns. sewerage and
various other Improvements needed
at the State rile range at Black
Point, near Jacksonville.
Senator Buckuan spoke for the
amendment, and so did Senator Crill.
Senator Harris delivered a forceful
and eloquent address In support of
the amendment. He urged that while
the American is as ratriote as ever.

of glanders and Infectious dlseasem the trained soldier is necessary in
of animals was pasIetd. The recent the nation's defense.
epidemic of glanders In the Cook Senator Cone vigorously assailed
stablesh 1i Jackoonmvlle is said to the amendment, and stated that he
ha.- been re polsible' for the plss- considered the State encampment an
.ig,. of the bill. I absolute crapi-.hooting farce.
The SeInate agreed to the House senator laoi.y ald Snator Hud-
.It, ...Jmient to the race track lwtling eo each spoke in tehalf of an
I It >c..l.h thte hs t we can do. I. "n mltwi. ,At
Sare S an Sen.ator HI:mpih Senator Flournoy offered an amend-
I, .ok. ; the -avn. line. Sen- ment to the amendment, making the
2 !.>t.'ickn ol-.ject.l to, S .t:.tor aillpropriat ion $:, I, alteoad of
$l i'll;i i'ii gein tg oi, thee iour- 1 14, ,,, ,,
I1 'C *il i i" .ceh| li II hI, Sn.lnlator Flournov delivered a mas-
I:;-d full f;ith if,. hoi,.-t. of terly Pe*'ch in behalf of the State
?it-l t S1 sl an NI.,,
The Appropriation B Ill. The Senate adIopted the Buckman
\\V IIn the Sent.lli' t14,ok lupe < ollia l a nimeldnitelit for an alpprprriation of
ur ,ti> eto ti. Sm t. \iIt i, .- o r a l $il.coe for Ithe State rifle range at
i'.l :i.,tit hi ill it i i- a k I i\t. r I I..< k I'et, t
I ,ti in .n .iiw re I:dI uit,-n ui.i The llourlno% auienlldninit malkilng
. foir .lJohii ,ii im,tr,.m i( c ld thet n1'i the amount $1..,Him ass loit.
1 i.. o If 1.- allit'lnldall l i. The' As lt- ant State Auditor aa,
e, iffrt Mat. ii:4l t it, r.'ile''re tri allowed $5.4 for Ipostage and Ptit'tlci
S e etl time (te \ i l llr |> im ,t I .rI
. I ftromni1 ".io. to, $I ."*c-, ,it tit The Senate then paissd o,\cr In
I. fornuall further cronld-rallion of tlh.
"I -Alar' of the' chl, f clerk in the hill. and took up bills on third roadf-

I ar o' ,I Stal tte ofcle f ats re-
ill. ., I fi1ogli $l .m% to $1.'.40,0
I it. ('olmiplrot ll, I o1iff I ;T 1-pei
, I.I' i rkri-laI tr.iw% itK t$I.'n' ia% a it
I. )ti. st ioKralphie r anid t~Ipe
Alr.' I wa % cut front 1., '" tio $l..- o.
t i,,. I ho hIec ekk ie | r i t he- t la. re
4 I t oll ilelparti la nt froir 1I ",414c to
ke 1s -

Ilouime Iill No 6\. h.y toker of
K.'vamblia Alppropriation to ni-eet deo
flien Railroad ('onhm isi.loners. la is-ed
Se-lnate lill No. '.0.* h. West Ap.
IeropriatKng l1"...ico for I.-nefit and
nmal telnnce' of Florida State Keform
School. I*aaamd

Jacklseville With Records of
Care Handled lon tI.

0. N. Browne. yardmaster for the
A. C. L railway at High Springs. has
heen summoned to appear at once be
fore the t'. 8. Court in Jacksonville
In reference to cars handled there
during 4m.
Just what the action Is taken for
could not be dealtely ascertained.
even the railway oleals here know-
Ita nothing whatever about the mat-
ter farther than the fact that the
yardaster must produce the records
of certain cars hiadled durlag the
year 1UK.
It is their opinion. however, that
the case is the outcome of so many
car having been opened there about
that time and it reltea to certain
shipments for which claims are now
beang called for through that triblual.

up and passed. 16 to 15. the "vote
being a follows:
Aye--Mr. President. Raker of th*
Twentieth. Buckman. Cook. Dayton.
Harris. Henderson. Hoaford. Humph
ries. Johnson. Massey. McCreary. Me
lod, MeMallen. --Ml r. Withers -
Nays-Adkins. Heard. lroome. Crill.
Cone. Cottrell. Davis. Flournoy. OG
rardeau. Le(gett. Sanim. Sloan. West.
Williams and Zim- 1..
The Senate then returned to the
ornsideratiou of the aipropriaton
The i-sl-tairt tw.;kkeeIwr in the
Trrt:a ul r t ffhce M ;*. reduced in sal-
.,'* froni $1.7'*, 11 l 1 t ') 1
Thu. ,1il as thti I -.ia '-d to thirtl
rualding HM aIll'mind.d

t iuI i' In.-. ;it the re-i4ie -t i)
( l. r.Tirtl.1 I .A { ac'lt ,f (het a iiriiillug
c( niiutll ft ,
Senatotr Floiuruoy was aliointe .d on
tie joint cornllillitti to <'confei with
'iwe- 1.-cr'tar\ of Stalut re'lantle toi
(al-ital lillroit-ni tt .
(Coside atatim iof the (;O .ernor'i
T'0o ofl l( It l.-'Ig' ct -(hoo) l hill aa
then taken ul.
Adjolilrnltnlet ia- takezi during the'
Night session.
(Co',inideration of the Go-ernor's
%,'to nit.-.ageK wa1.s ir-unid.
Se nalor liuckiaaut Mattacked the con.
ttllutioiality of time measure. and
-uii41 rt.dA the. n-to
-.natlor IHteard said there was no
coulttutilunal liKhl ilirouw upon the-
Ueasure I ) (the Gaotrnor's message.
('onsilderalionl of Ihet Utvaure *a&
fiallh laid u ter
The loume- bill nlaking aIppropria
tiotAl for lStat- educalloual ilntitu-

tlllosr at taken ul,
Se-s-tor (Coliet offered an ameund
nralwI, re ducinl thit apropriationl for

TIats- nugro s(h+molI froeu s i tl

,cial Drainage Tax I 1,rltd ou 1tt hat
"' .+ld l d c p oklli, -tronlSlt f r t
4 gS<1illor tit ktl .itn imoliete-d out thal
oilul.P o .f l tit m i i l' l t S lat r -l. t
4 -11 I .* ii v.%h s a-. i-s*, d of thle mn l I 1 d .ll f lh61- f r lil. w hiool, uII
- tk I i 1 I. I e. e i.11 w .*.. ,t I ,. I i n ,hlet l i t ih r* ulis.- thelt
e. .- l ,* 11 I, l i .er;r; I l tt. k.. |. it it e eej.r rlm .iltehl
i I t 1. l t I |,t t t I t.,| I (I ,I I P .e lie l ,ilhll iI
I' I

*I i I t i '. I A I i l It l e! i k
l I e e I le

It- ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 1 ii in ll -.1 II I

] I f ml el .,

I,,,, ..1




yesterday metabb. A hbas"e ga
and a barbeme ware pNeo Ib p
the people eof To" atChrn e
Sam "& aC Tml oLW rso
meuta, wheb hge eag no
town of Pairvtek. and whmn C. W.
A. Muyes a t l alvWae a Ore au

i the abases tof e. Tlla wh
was detailed in I'nc seapned s

ITGee ToIa a pr alm IIe La

the day td t l ma red br O. MI
ue. He asserted thd o&* myb
e- taM te hM a t ohm to
JOMi D&TbN Whim .s hom and

troIf t" the pLt. o NM W
oge wht the 0 iWd fse &O
to the oworm da W" a swa
lasting pemv
The pna --to a --Sab w
with whih to a o IMwll Sbeow
pIe to eatla AI the nrus atof
Comfe4key. ald to magI a tw .
otwy mem "M to bb Ibow
to b-som the w.)oled" ofl e uM
f I wrsn -.I -
them to Ae-en ~UA Ia--
a wet a il sbe&a sod alngL

@dWuk mnn r -d*

rAIRVIEW., Ky., June 4.-Amona
the trees which have grown up above
the birthplace of Jefferaon Davis
lance the year. early I the aine
teeth century. when the Davis tam-
ily removed to Miltsiotppl th t ee-
Son Davis Memnoral Park was -seNl
dedicated yesterday. Northeaat acrme
the Mate is Hodgeaville. near wha8b
Abraha Lancola was horn eight
months after his great oppeat.
Fairview is still a tiny town rimmed
with forests and slopta getly to
ward the grass-grown bathes of
In September. 1907. whe the gray
grown and eaflnded ranks of Kem
tacky's fahmo's Orphann brilI" aet
in Glasgow. Ky.. at the grave f OG
Joseph H. Lewis. their o--ar.
former Governor B r Bovar ck era of
Kentucky broached the plan f the
Jeffersona Davis Memortl Assodatlem
rubsriptlons were started, the wo-
men of the South aldiag nobly. and
when all but $4.00 had been ral-ed
to purchase seventeen acres at Pir-
view. (;en. Bennett H. Youa. eom-
mnndtin the Kentuecy div1son. I'ai-
ted Confederate terlena. advanced
that sum aud made the memorial pos-
Gen. YenI'r Adram
Oratory. mraue iand owners made

SYLVANIA. (a Jtuic 4.-A half
edozetn l *r-is!. i rolal.i> more-. we-re
., Il eid 1In a Ii rrnflic' t)cloie tiat lpai
-.1 o\etr the- lower lart of S rteVts
S loulnt at 4 ioak lwk ) atelrda) after-
nlaell, a.d ht ttl i o life hasn )et *t C
lo,'t ltat..-a. of iti pa-4age. maly per-
-ill' ecAis-tld h. seainulllg mirad les.
Ihoulecs falilin aoIutl and upoln thetim
A itLuut lulflitin fatal Injurie-.
It comuplt-tely recke-d the home of
Stlephen Thomnon. a bite farmer.
atli. butlrld under ilr ruiie the farm-
er. his wife and children. An act
of heroi-iai followed bhen the older
of the ir son, alter worklig tiallantly
despite h li Injuries. managed to ex-

FVANKF)RT. Kv June 4 -John
Me,'.% A Ifrro. \\' dlIe*-dj.y uight
htit 11. (. LuLera. a rrcuas man. He
was litak i ftr, ti Jaill l here e-arl. .>-esterr
l.m aid li-sche-d The Jalilr hIloiaed
i, ti ll e1 1 in h hil but wlith-lit
' #* I 'I lie door was hlroken
i the, I ,i .* :i k l koei ,itil antii

F. i'- 4 a r i,. P~ e

IL isf ilth lc in tj11 13 C't
lid ell I~,( Ilr
Slit. clrrr .c! rI1 ee l'l t ictiw

a Wa s ia it eeeItlen

Sc*.cs Was a Valdostan
~ ~m h el A t i. '

tricate blaself frto the fallen tm-
b*rr and debri tof the houe and the
rescued the other members of the
fail) in turn Mrs. Thomao was
very seriously hurt. but the others
of the family susta i d lInjrtel IIee
grave, thouh very palnful.
Many of tbou who were cauht
by the cyclone naw It approchig.
hut oulan to Its velority wer Uash .
to Itad places of safety bdor It
truck. It I stated that the storm's
appearance was that of an ordinary
whirlwind, auh as are frequently
seen na summer. tough It was very
much larger and moved uith neauc
greater rapidity.

I lks ILadge of ValMosta ad called
this city his home. tho-u hs reall-
d. ncr here was only temporary.
' a% the purchablug ageat of the cir-
S. and made many friend among
I!,e husintual people His partner In
I.e ashoa buluness was Jerry Mugt.

I eing Repainted and Impruove
The corner drul store of J W Mc-
Sillli & C (' I 'lln rg i d recital ed re-
,; I-pen-d aiil cAherblwi-e Improv d to
k k L i L Ih .t 1 at thuent of theil
1* t Il .- ot f the ( ) It
S II h)i. -jLea trmi.iee e, a o rilrit
I I l e'" Il lthir i .r5
I I 1 t' 5 e t in all ic r

4 &

I' *, *II

et~mi. *. j~ hS m.arlt It- lMat la ttlmLloly is Me
saaI I hoie Lss ed ( W Useway'. at.)Our oO cm ,. .' t
slo, L I d be to w g o
Y1 erl(Lyr ul I,~r,~ r ~~L, t n ul I lkk u~rLLI .Irl Irr I Ir r()O~~&AAA mm w~n

41 ~



Houses Wrecked by the

Force of Twisting Storm

Tlih item of, iaiion
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