or a w f -k or toe aial an '.d\ :i ll I .i!
ri lit lit tlih.s ua tea ,. >, 'i wAI
award ofn I.sl rot-ll. :In| i ,t !
erniu., ;a'ii;a. I'f "' Th 1 ;ir. I" ri-, il

*, IIt a 'l1 ." l jsr l.I Ii'+ t I-: i lI' <+
\\lt It'o ('le ii:sa r fr ., lr.,. tI .il
Ix. Th. > :.;r -*I'l h..re I,> all lr'at
l .-t.



G. S. Merchant & Co.

Staple and Fancy Croceries
Grliq, Gardeq Seed aqd Fertilizers
VigheAt maret prif pid for Chieker, Eggs and otr* Preduo.

A Complet8o tk Hay. Corn Oats ~or,. bran. nawt Cotta
d Mel md Rye. We handle only the Very eat goods
at LAwet Pries. mad guaraste atuoateati says.
I I- -

We are prepared to halu e ywr bad title hskeIs with
dreatoc, ad we ut P-rte stisfa We maintai
a complete Tax-Pai -in*cy, which you shu!d employ
I lo er y taes : : : : : : : :

The Alachua County
~. I. t'0 .- N, I 'e-i.-Ir nt.

Abstract Company
1. t !:'.\\ F !"-, ".<'.-Tr ;-.

Groceries and Grain
No Order Too Large
Isi nh 2. Ol
II ...... ..

Need have no terrors for you. Putting
money away safely is insurance against
adversity. No one should be without
this protection. We invite you to make



Here It Is!




FOOTE & DAVIES CO., Generaealers
14 wo iray I. Jaermle. 9Fir*


Lel Mad bs.rDd

-- -- I\





President King of 1
Cc-r--y Ar"
A r i F

i~ ~ ~ 'Ia I''
Ia' 4a .a: t.4 am Ic I?

W- ts t*vnttl% yt prmt
the Kr'g LL-mber be (lrts enth. () 1

.' i'*.L(.( i

VVI .4. l
a~ 'I
ili.~Y 1A Itti k'
aii I .I teitac i);1'l:th 4j ha'
iL. Il,

W \ l Ki ilw. I.i .r -il. lit i: thi.' t Ii l(I-t UtI i tti tI .
,ai.\ ia, ...i .. a..: iunu, tur,.- I t ,
fli.1< 11i ll e :h ,
It 1t lit fi'l i 'i i *. a.i] l I till? ,ili'i.
and that if thi. ste. I .. nmirt and &I O hSYRXUP dO
other material ordre, 1i .;rr*", a Won ADil
tln1 e' i.'11 > auti, l C ,,naiii i.i o l t v.a ;ork
right altt r Ilnii-lh.ia tlh. l'a:n !.at,> 'n
All (t tIhe ii.;:t. I:al -ofar lll.itt. CEATH OF JAS. PARDUE.
Itfd ha.s tinen aiproved Ianid al',e.p d -l
hiy (, the 4lrlilinr-it andl ll th. ot ,.r Former Citizen of Cainesvoi'e Ciea
have' I,'n il iace(d for thei .-:aii.i tI. at Bay *iscayne Thursday.
gKottelln ut 1, I 1.t. n i.I t .I1 '! The renl;iii. of thI ..I. .l.IIan I'.ar
forwarded to this oilnt as early and due. who died at his hoaln. at u114
fast as It is ioisstlle to di o t..o ltIscaynel on Tlhurstlat. a ri iled in lhe
Mr. King stated Friday that i'th citv Friday afternon and were taken
ing Is now iln n route hero, *o \. lt to the, hoIme of his son In laAw
the' twiols. englnle* and d.'rri, .1, \VWells. North (;ainestilll<
of which lite holpe would arii e .*antil Iir' ma.- alotut I' %ears of a*g'. and
hIN il readiness for hisr sulne'rinllend.- ult to a fe'w )%ears agol was one' of
lnat. Mr. Foy. to commenlcel work at the- mor stprominenlt and sulcce.ssful
the tlne' sHiecifiod. ue'xt \VWd'nda \.-pretable groi ers of North (;aine*-
at the latest. \ill#,. but realizilg the, mana ad\lantt
A large part of the material has ag"s afforded tlih Irrickers on thae
already arrived for the foundation K as (I a Oa. took uill his resIdrMilce'
work. and as the sand. rock. etc.. has in that Ipat of thi.' Stlte'
all been areepted from (;Gainisviil, Ikeceased mwas well and he-artl upl
parties, there is practically nothing to within a short while of his death.
to be purchased else'.here but the which was due to heart failure., and
cement. and this has bw.-ni shippedd. the new1 s will come as a great suir
a numlb4r of carloads having already prlse to his lunrmroiu friends here,
le'en received, and others will arrive alnd el l-.rlhr.-
a.- fas.-t n antedl The funeral arrangremrents hate not
w-- en annlollncI(''d hut It is thoiulhl that
A Smile the funeral will te held sonmetimen
during Sunda%. announcement of
Is a pretty hard thlng to accomplish durin suda. ot of
when you're blue. bilious and out of hi'h oill I made later

sorts. There Is a sure cure for all
kinds of stomach and liver conmjilaints
- consttlatlon and dysplpsita. lIa.l-
lard's IHrline I. mild. .vyt absolutely
effective In all cases. Price' .'O crlts
per bottle. Sold by W MI. Johnsln.
SuB "Want" adp. hrltan rulii



Full line of Palmer

Hammocks just re-

ceived-$1, $1.50,

$2.50, $4, $5, $6.

General Agents for

F. W. Devoe's Paint

-wears longer, goes

farther, spreads easier

than any other paint

on the market today.

See our show window

display of Draper &

Maynard Base Ball




Tea for Miss Hampton.
Of the nlaaay little parties this s.ea
son none, have ixt.- n more delightful
than lhe pretty little fit.e o'clock te.a
g.en Wednes.day by Mrs )Oli\ r
Graia \\W.tion in conlplilli'enf to M.(l-.

1> t'" lh i, i i% 1o t-I o)f hir a1 : lll
1M1 I (; 4' CrI1 i
%I \\I --:hoii lat I thvl phaiz 1 f rt r
W, ll l i | l ik ii ,. ,I r i Ia- .i ll ,,'i h, l.4 P I

!\w ', ri',: ;ieil fI, *- ( ,, -, ll ,i ii
I. II a d 1 n 1 t I I l .

S r T li' i ,i ":i I: I itoln n- t,\ -
I < It -:ai ;i I l : l.l I ih Il. i I hih l i r

t v I II. l i I tl I4 I I l. a \ 1

*; I : :l l. t.i ,'.l a l

l %, 'I '

'I' .1 aa l ; Ia
I (a.. I.'11 lla
Ii~ ha a 1 ~i' '

;' I hi

..''l i :

\I a!- I -a1..11 1 i' k 1% t~d I11. 1 %I I a %. aI: I I'aI

Ila Io -, II. 4 ilgh .r 14 t.11 \ s
Ilia lu
4riii r awl Mr ( air? a" 'rim i W iti
11t4 ha1 *.1 Jilla', :..jfA ai't it aauaro la.i.e'iI
ati if th iat r I t al .al tal i m-i,
sA4 ra' '4 r'%.A
'I lo. aanm -r aaicta th MIS'Wl '4a
Skit.s 16i111 Ih).410 `01'. a41i%. d Ba. h fa l ia~ lg

EdI a I Noioa-a'l t it(aa' A~iila'rmpita Suea-
Aiida r4iiI. l Raoi' laaii&aaa Aloi#-' liul
li H, 1". I A wla I --,,it .&A cl I-' 41le I% Ei
I1 NMI-il. 'ti.a. Phi~l hlaaaiti-em ti lsaatari
kJIr I'l 1111% liutr .- rt iiiI
".1.1 I')

N Croad cr Spring%
I' I




A PNunitC, of Guod P .Cers A'read)
Artvec:. ad Wi P G vPl

II i .

S' I .
h 'II l I, I I I II i .

S I, I A I *tI t k .

,I ill t%
ll I.,isi .' I-' i-t l ill
;\. ti, I. Kioti *'t tl,*-t.'l *I' a thoi rI
1- asH1e of th' tIaan I.l-'b .elali-t.- Ill

v .,rtli iin all the' cionte'(sth
'th ats ,i1. w itlh ai fiew il I *e' ltlher
oi tl l na l rits. iltlbal |sill Ith m it hi.
force' in (lu iti inh .ill. and c o hil lhat d
allri;l, :liownll u1|. but ill.lr l>.ln i.
Ialldi d r hinri to Il tt until at Ui.alst
if thi, ilio tlil
Another r'aloi h he. has delayed
this Imatteti ir. t the fact that hhen we
will wanit the lall t(a> in the niost. thl '
ether rlubs of the State will tw dis
baiud d or afraid to geK'I ii| agnintt
the' (;.>iai's, illh iaroi> would Ib' a hard matter to get games.
With all the other club now form
lii. uand soloni of Ihem ni plaiiig. It
will tl' n il.. a niatter of a few w 'eks
Iw'fore Mr. la\ils will annouinci the
fact that he' is rvadv to "'l la il.ll."


Given by Members of Her Class on
Wedieoday Evening.
8H4.ral of tfl' mni,.Il, rs of Mrs. R
I. Ikheker'> las%. ga'.e a musical' at
n,r r-eside i'ce on W'ce iid.ieda) er' cing
This' a as the last of a series they
have givienli this season tuo) iMfore
Christmas and two after The' musk
throughout was of a high order
and showed sigRn of careful trainiil.
loth In the' local anid liistruniaienal
Spe( ial neltioln mliKhi i Iltnade tof tll
piano solos of .lMiss.1arg.ire': Ma re.
;lil and M1i.- .MarM M Kin:Itr\. tli, '
aet''" e l''e titl all.\ I 0a 4

.ti ill \ 1 11 (l t'-
At the- 'ulo.' of o hr iturograci i Mi,.
Fr.iia.iin kamidl) gat..' ga*> tw 'l
.t ,l' I, I l. I K 1. 1 tiI ola' I ll l *t

ai 1.',1 8i e* I

SI \.
I I.. i *

S'a,,ha I I :al a ,! Th, .\1'Ilrgair I

lI i l I lre M litir
I'l.11111 Seil a i iii ri ruthi

S ig I \% .ill lor TI I I. l'.it
i'h.i.i S. lii K' atlu< k illuEini

onK. True' lh. arts -V\' lria ll-u
In. It
'lu Io Sol,. 'Mla wka -- Margaret

\%a I i.a:.f
uong. "'lutch Lullaby
'. a's 'a
I'lallo iSolo 1. SHowII(,...
Na. 111 Albright

\li h I > > St. r t
I .i i l a 1.1 I 1 I i i
11 S 1111)
I 1a' i" i lI.a i
I'laalaaa I a I lanai aI li I 1a .'

i.' I'

Iilu ci a

I .aI .1 .L a
a '181la

I. 1 I1I

A Lnvnng 5leeleton

- I. I ~ I I
I I al

a' I

1 .

I f

I a 'A {

'17s-Mio i rm1 IULitre Alun.is !1nns1tt, wil q""~ ~
M tirrce for mc-r 30 years, 1w-4' bome :r. !;;. r
aviM!bm-obven ni-V.' -. m Ia p
souuutlsuimicn'bdon sh 1. i i.i C3
Allow nwoone to dre- -ii -tII Itt tLl
Anr~ll Comit i C. ifl, I mltsttli)vwq and 6 JnIfr jr6.!- #41 ariN bal
~pci'i-ijuenits thiaib tridie %ltb maid! cnit: c .* i h be :th a
Infants and ChUcdrcn-Experlence agalin4 ElvwrlmeummU

Castoris Is a horadmle uuubstluft tow ,Castor O Pano
gori., I)ops %and Noothing Syrup*. It 1 .4-ltn*nt. It
cotaln neither Opiu, MorphIue nor oti:ccr Nircog
oubstance. Its ag Is Its garmtnwe. It dci4:roys Wori
MWd aftn%* Feverlsbuesa. It c ure Dlarnainv ezand WhA
CIMc. It relieves Teething Tmoeublo, cures Cmaatipmtim
A"d atmculey. it ai=Ans wtm the Feed, reg"subtse O
aarch .3ad BDweb giving healthy sAd Mam 1 shop
Tb.(he Uiga's ain The 1Mother's Urial.


The Kind YoU HaTe Always Bouht

In UsFor Over 30 Years
~ w min m





Fire. Life and As-.(';difnt


16 skH amldas 4 *
.oof oo akw


The L Distance Sypte

One of Ut meot valuable features
of our service, to our subscribers and
to the public generally, is our connoc
tioe with the oetoenivo long distance
linoo of tho American Telephone ant
Telegraph Co'npany and tt.o oth~r as
located Bell Te'ephone companies.
We own thousands of mrile of long
distance lines In theo svon MSates in
which wo operate and In addition can
connect any telephone in our system
with lnoes extenoang to any other city

operating In vareas eceti e o the
country, are unifl In their equi
nent and ir th ir mUetho ofe po
Only by reason of tis *Ie* toref
arrangement betwem n te Sell TeO
phone oempanelo i It peosble to l Ito
a Bel Telepheke almeet anywheso
ask for "Long Dietan" and be pet i
communication with alsla any powt
in tho country.
TVo* vast network of wives, radio

in which a Bell Telephone system to Ing threugheou the natl, Io sood
upe a 'I daily In commerce and for seoll pe
These long distaiois .. o areof the po thee banker, the farmer ad
most modern and improved construc- citiaaso in all walks of life and1
tion and are maintained at a high plant hero as an Important link III thi
State of efficiency. The Bell systems great chasi

Southern Bell Telephone

and Telegraph Company

Efftcit Soviec. .RelsIam. Rh



--F. II IVY.I;:. Maunapr-

l)UIon't lk noLslel, for cinm. soni
so good as thil.


0 0 Lsb.-' CFbdrs

Mumi. br


_ ~ __ I__ _

111 1


*, I



* .- ^



U WIn1.

3M Urn mf n ww @low V-

-w-iadss uwormb.-blk In

ftf ft@ sot d seask in be

P~ pw toal"nt e-ow rob

mu a ow .boomutogo
Ip p bsopwadg IN a& Ir

ft. f ft41. 09 e A
d M ft 0 Bftftem t W

o nmvWbetoe

41 o Snow ofi

own f Dol

bovftet anto on
Nem Y~g Inws aSs
don bm of gw~

Sn aau00 of Now Twt
Ift- admine $30~0. is
S P 5O' *bm a&Hbomuse
0 nbft w a*woohow
*o~wn b.

a-If mnr 1 isof as
82094a poWdMMhSmmdmm
tosn Uft.o -t s"d 0the -p
Ge amVA" aSemt gW M SWW M&sd
Ik 0 ITIUS ON -Wstinty to vowe
ow w eib"WE Uatww .plbehhtim..

The IM 69 000stheeka adapedby
IM DW4 al Publis Imsarmotio farL
vow nAbobw vosty for themeat o
9" poss waspublishd ines twe
We ormeism49The sun and gsheM 0
be 40WMreIMY rood 'by every teaober g
w scboW olptm..is.the county. in 9
a1. -0bo of lastanees the price ot
* I~k beh.h been greatly decreased
mm d temw utract IKis calculated Ii
0 invethe010peOPle 6Ofthe, musty
0*i0 & WM over price.* aroviouauly

In regard to the appointment of
@ecers for the aew county of Palm
Iemch. OOveraen OUchrist has writ-
teo the chairman of the. Demowrtic
Uzecutive Committee that be prefer
they be elected by primary. "I
tlak that there could be found three.
men In each precinct who would serve.
at suth election without pay." says
he Governor. "ln this way an eler-
tiUe would cost but little. louwever.
I the saetiment of the county It
crystalised Ia fatsr of certain men'l
for the various offices,. and the coun
ty Is practically unanimous on the
object. nomination by executive
committee would suit me.'


That l1eetris Chair-leprea i.ta
Uve MecaKele of Putnam cmunt)
weats to abolish aanging in Florida
substitutiUg therefore death by means
Sth&e electric chair. Jackmumailh tou
be the place of execution for the en-
tire itate. That would aeser do.
Crime would tcreav at a ttrrilbl
MIte, for what criminal would hesitated
to do violence to his fellow-man when
be would know that he had a (ood
@aace for a "free trip to Jackson-
vitle?" Madison New Enterprise.

The Seard of Pardene-it o. re-
freahlag to read the rteprts of the
Board of Pardous. nua published ila
immediately after each nievUngI Tht
two previous adalulstlrathlm.n larduI
ed a large majorit) of all *heo asked
Sor one. Now, the 'cafe is dilerent
The pardons grated forum a vir)
mM part of oUme requested. and
he eard ltelligeutl) iurettlate.s
every resiae advaseed la factor of
a pard. The reesemt for law *ill
be greatly srengthesed If the press
t beard eMtljese the practice It
has MIs Mn1mily l nagaWateod M
aso eweaesd.


le..d< tlli.1) li 4 l1l. 1 *it ..'ll I.,- i,,
a u<'k .nieo.i i* I .. 1 .
"My lir) au i-n t Koinmg to I'! r;l:a t,
make a canma-s against Mr ('i.ark
In fact there itn no gIl r.. t-m'i fr
thiuking that lie ot:l1i aboul t Mr (lrk P ( d, t1.; .,t I*,V
could. aind It I 1 t *;i i l. 11. ti h it
he could t < eni if hLi' ... di tto It
is a safi' t;tte'lie'ln t a li.. ill' ..
with Iknmocrati it mit. lil dd 'laili "

There is m'ure catarrh in this seeC
tlion of the contiitr than alt oiter dis-
esses put togither, and until the last
few years asm sup)uod to IN* tincur
able. For a treat anv year doe.
tors pronounced It a local dit..as.e amid
by constantly falling to cure' with lo
cal treatment. pIroniouiiwtd it inem-
able. clence has pro.' iI (a'.arrh
to be a constitutional dist-abte and
therefore requires constitutional tre-at
meant. Hall's Catarrh Cure, mniaif.ic
toured by P J. C(hebiu'y &t Co Tl'i.14.1
Ohio. itothe only cotiktitut tnial on the market It i latlken inte rii.1ll
In dose. from Ito droiji to a te'-.t-'.4onmO
ful. It acts dire tl- on the thloaol and
mucous surfaces of tbe Iatt IThl.
oflr oune hundred dollar- for :an,
C* e It fall, to cure e'lad fur ,..
lars andl itestilonliall. Adilrw-m
F. J C'IENKY & CO. To Ie t..
Bold b) druggilts, 7,c
Take Hail. r'5Wll ) 'ille ftor ,.,i.
t patif onl.

Poov I i Ot "O- 1 611->* i nill 6 .4 i

.5 ,1 f S' *di a s *<4i r *e
be **..- ,* 4 '
la -m. e e 4t** S t |-
a l....*** *.U ****



The BivasMes News of Thuraday
*s Q ediA@ rtlay of Con greesmau
Puks Clart and HOa. William Jen.
S pry an boilaws:
"O his rtlri to Washlanton fr m
Tallahassee. where he addressed the
house la response to a resolution
ertilweltag h b for his attack upon
Mr. Bryan ia a speech ti Congreis
Sthe tari question. Representative
Clark t Florida declared that Mr
Brya was down and out as the te-m
ecratl leader, and that be would sel.
me that lisne In his campaign for
reelection set year.
"There is no particular reason why
Mr. Clark should bet particularly dis-.
turbed by threats of opplwtion In
his district becaure of his r.-fual to
recognize :.'r I r.,i'. 1 i.'l.r-'l:i. 1)
course Mr. Bryan Iia n'rn. fr.- ,:
ta Plorida as he ha. in all oti. r
State. but all the sigtnM ndleate t-at
his leadership of hi, party is in
ame rather than in fact. The real
leader of the t Decnxrratic iarty are
at editing upon Mr. Bryan to ren-
der my further service of conse-
queee. In fact. they are not consid-
ering him ia connection with the
P renidtria Natlion la 1912. If
the were, It would be right and prop.
er ito reped to his wishes and take
amnam of his views i all party mat-
M. That the pamty Is't doing. It
In true tat there are Democratic Con.
Wermh who emusk him respectlng
que mtha t come began Congress.
tE She member, flam all countss,
Nit Nao. He lat having much
St repeating the pet lang tariff
bib, sugh Mew mo then be has
Mas g to May about tariff printcl-
pso In a saeral way.
It A'tt kamw of courae whether
Mr. Brya will b a candidate for the
PresiM tlal iminatien of his party
ton 1912. and be dees't know bluself.
If be sees a chance to get the noml-
n m i there is so d out that be will
a*ke the mot of It. If be should
pet the nomitation aaln he would
lave the distraction of being nonil-
atoed for President oftener than any
ethr sa. He might regard that
dlatloctlon worth having and working
lor. But the leaders of the Demo-
eratic party are not going to risk
lontag another Presidential election
simply to gratify Mr. Bryan's ambl-
lto to lbe olunated for President
oftener than any other man.
"Re-presamtaill, Clark lie of the.
opinion that he could be re-el.ted to4
congress even though Mr. llrtan
should canvas his district a lint.st
him. lie knouw his district pre-ttt
well and he undoubtedly fe.el.i afe'
In challenging. Mr. lr).:u to tr) to
efeat him.
"The friend* have no feelini; of hliostIitI to .Mr
Ilryan They hani|ly fte'l that he' not be elected l'reoeide.nt. nil h
therefore he shouldn't coix plicate th..
situation bl y maillttalili al ;ialln 'tltile.
of willifln ne.s to a, cr t ;IIotI h.r
notinnatnliio The think h,, -h=LuM
state frankly that ht e gi ..- til th.



JIse hto vilCrowned ineth l&,i, ." s*'I n
is t"B' L Dl.~,j~ eQ)L...

Fd"49~ .


The Lelaslature of IRA made the
Bret appropriation of about 3;.04e)
for pensions. and for a number of
years the appropriation %as gradual-
ly increased and the number on the
penlson rolls slowly added to. When
Hon. W. Jennings became Gover-
nor la 1901 there were less than khn
pensioners on the rolls. l hring that
administration the number was In-
creased to about 4.M00. and. under
Sove'rnor lirroard's adriniirtratilon
there was a further Incre,-c- to over

The tax now le led for pensionis l
four mills. Which )lelds about G$*6o
000. This amount is wholly Inad'-
quate to pay the pensioners on the
present rolls,. who are very rapidly In-
creasing. The Indications are taiAt a
six mills tax will h re-quired to niee't
the iensilon |taynme.ntm. This is.- .w ral
tines as n much as any other State i-
Iaying for l-ii-%ons it l.ehoove.. the
lAi'0slature, to niake the tax levy for
oth, r I,'rl|s#s, as low as poI lble. so
as to avoid any Unnecensary incre-ase
an the present high tax rate. The levy
for general revenue purposes should
be reduced If possible. It has been
much lower than it now is. IDuring
the last year of the .iennig, ndmin-
Irtration the tax levy for State pur-
poews was about the lowest ever
made. That year the levy for general
revenue purposes was only one-half
mill. It is to be hoped that the la.gls-
lature will be able to reduce the levy
at least one and one-half mills. which
will be a great relief to overburdened
taxpayers.-Tallahassee News.

&- '. : "'U'ps

soc-!k 2 l 'ecoe"I Street. ST. LOCS. 00.
Lm L 1-.J .1 "cxmm~wndQl t
"W. M.Jo 1SO2N

Tampa&Jacksonville Raily


Leave Gainesville for Micanopy, Fairfield and lo-
cal points South....................... 10:10 am

Returning, arrive Gainesville .................

Leave Gaine8ville for Sampson
Lake City, Valdoeta, and

Returning, arrive Gainesville ................

A. L Glass, G6m SepL

4 :25 p wo

City, Palatka,
all points North 6:00 pm

9:0p m

L E. Barker, TraMfic 'r.

*D4ixic ffIC- r'. Sol."oti lan!toIc Lim!tcd.

a U I

1$a. on
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pey4*Coro &Poo veefioot
'~'~ ~" IN ALL. COuNmsmas


.aLak ( 'it % .l.i.. .l M J'li I l, ..
S l.iv a k .. T.I '., ilI ., 1 --, -

.lali- i -r J ..... ... .. i. .. .
I ilr .I Ti ll~et itell ..tc ... >.LU

peiaal Train W Luve Ji, m i- 11 a. a
%I Tik l mLeini ttol t11 May j 4. I'v


! I ,

f ten. Puags, Agetll


~w -u

Price 2~c, ~ -~ :' :e ~ c-i





Write for Prwe, Termin. Etc.

L. VIS & CO.
204 West Bay St.
W. L. DENHAM, Agent

I The FPa hele Vible.

1 .0 %. =Amon, I

I m



The Charlotte Observer says: -"Of
course the South needs to make Its
advantages known. The Western
boomers are far ahead of us there.
Our people should not Imitate their
tricky devices-as where they repre-
sent opportunities now to be I 'h-:
opportunities were In years befon-r
the desirable West had Iben thor-
oughly staked of. settled and held
at high prices; but it is c.-rtailn
thit the South does not advertised
nearly enough. IwLs bad adrertising
through lawlessness and more adver-
tising of the right sort %ill do won-
The New York Times says: Whiie
Porto Rieo it the least troulblemniom,
of our recently acquired 'd.e'id-.eni
* ,*'s.' It occipli, a 1i !itarlvI *i, 'i'a
o|i p(ostion an to be' a ,ur(c. of lC erplexity The l'r, .idtl- t
is nIOA of the' oliijtion l that *e ha\>,
h %en the. Porto Ilicanzs a u ittl tow)
IIIImu II iadeti--ilun < itev. t though %e hali ,
iiot rid our..lw .o, of r- |.' for h.ni,. Ili, nl e- '*e aon thi eil-
*e*( t to) ('uit4er*-. I re ii at a rlt her
S urlouse prol.t : i f ta v:i:.'.trf i t
r w h no I t i, :tf r ti ('Coi, t. iti, t i
ni r |pre't. % i i<,eruin'-,. lraiirnd .-l. .1 i
r, ar ituls .



-T-. -W. V-. -V-. -V-. -V-. -T- -v- -v- -W -T- -T- -T- -w-
A A A- -k A A & A- A & -& AL A- A- I

-6w -- 404mmum-

A A AM fi AM AM Mk AM Aghk Aghl Ad -W

I), IF tI '. R

* ,, *


S -w

'I'fit DAIlY S-UN: 0A6elR4, ILL. F'iFORIDA, MAY 10. 19119




The Manner in Which the Country is
Showed Up Prcvei That
People Are Irterested.

l ho' i i l i .ii it* r' : t'

a \\eethe I II ti, .* 1 i1 1' *' -it* -. t

is. !1 t hat all li art l .t r- at 1w rk

S ll*it v. ll t lt I,, ; .1 '1 I ih ,
.!.i vI ; r ,. .t \,r
I- i. :'. l k .i il i" I
1i, '. i i( tI a l hio :1 **. k' ;1 1

-, t i o tl.d r f,'it :l (;i** 'I o "r

- I't i ii a-r lohtictn. th w i sill al l o tai t
Follow ing as the statidingi of the
Saidiflate s y.este-rday
Gained ville-Central SoItien.
Mils Je"ise Evanli .- .. 7i'

M ibs

M1I les


I r

Mis s

.1i- -

Addle (oode ::'. *
Marguerite IAedt~tter 1,i.:'',
Estelle Heal ....... 12.i-.T T.
llessie (arL er ... 1.06;l .)'.
Gertrude Harrod. ;.63*
Nora Stalla .... s.: ,
Helen Holder .... :13.:to
Myra Swearingen 13. :.r,
Illanche Thompson %.0
Mary %V -rn:nd.z 7.%!*.'
Aura SM. IA-wis ..T.
Alice Schafer ..... 4.
N. W. Taylor .. 4
Manie Crouch 2.2'
Mabel Williams :.;:
(race Ilullard 2 11 :I
Malude McKay ..I ~*
Annie. liell Ta).lor I.74;o
Fannie Whiting 1,47'
Eva Ilaniknight 1.1
.liannli Mi %l rri- .*I7.'
F'lla 1 il.' 1' ,, ,*

Mkli,~ Ella -hled''.fi ratmog- Ilit itht-
Mim' Autice Ze-trcwiter. Hlimhele-
I Ip Pi l'aaliae' ('arlton. MMI"a

itC-or~ei A i teesit. 11w rki

Mi.... l'c'rtte- 24!;i A I'a'rhe~flk-

'.1'P- I' 110teZ, Ircii r. Il'e-ho-Ile

iile lie i u It u Ii' lIe~
.111 h h.114
itA % fit4r


V !-ie eGi rtr'c!, Saiit. I-.alr-
%I Jn ,Inir i

I t '-'r~da' .1% -nIne ~cfor A '.hfirt %1,11tlto
i litre'tio ,. Beautiful Spanish Dancer
Ihw" no, -. ne' of th.- eflfic le1fit? b-I
2.7, :e rapeh ell-rahdar.. of the-14 A 1. ha!,
I.,., irtt utife'rre-d tit Weilliestoni G ives Praise to Pearu-na.
A. '. 1 T1e. VrhIIn hIo,-l wtia l iWrk-. .ind.r W 1.ioIm prisetrat iel ii PUeI7 the P Vualon eSalhwowse aab6i%
U., 2,0 1 ,-'eu t IIt W4111. -tIIIof C 1) Wi to od a I 14 a r V uto.. a '(-feaie'tiown whte'h r-qutr" but an boom$, eoratightfervWad tON
1 e'7- Nr Kime ha% im-1.01-41 a Ito. er je- a continual Ptlai on tho nrrvous that sctrelffithie ppOUta S 88e 9
c--re-a im utt chI ie-. an %It i akefre-aniaystem. aes & ditgetlimo.
'a %:;-- ?or ..it-fiis-til I In such cpes it would he wise iI a There to a great demead lou iu
Milt-, Elso. Si&mith %as t l hta cf ti c.-mllcon could ie maimade. during the depro.lmg h b et of mW
wast *i~h'~itg LI Raut tii. sis ncst always pneable aad"a and leperially In countries where hb
-, ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ go tomet -' il- tu4'n' I N mu-ivea Oe I. We-ather is %cry prev-alenit.
1Ii cirN114-. IIM;!",,x ni-I hit, Pernna I- a t-vni rc'thAt Invigtoratee u'h a demand to exatly MWt o
% I t ,1 :,: I.,i ; w-i. I. Wishofit jrceelutic- :at'. drug hab'it. Pef RuMa

I It -tIII14tl t *
'I-I I. ii iii.a,: i erutw i II- hire S: e-
1I Ir Vi'te V. 'A IP.'-

1 haIilf .1;.1 111, V1:.1ut..t I III % -A I mtlh : fit'-

e r Th \ It ft e

1 -Ci I

11- i.r I l -" ..m rI"I .iiIIIU
G roe ....................... 100
Western and Northern k*ction.
MI.ss Hattle l.udlig. Tioga ;i9.;4'.
Miss Vida Hlarron. Itell .. ,.4:.
Miss Annie Kirkland. Alachua. .T:'.3:20
.Mr-. II Maddox. Archer... .. .3l.sn
Mliss Elhen ie- ille. Arredondo .6oorKO
Miss luAcinda rr)ant. Iell .... 47,3i,
Miss E\a Powell. Alachua 46.()ho
Miss Rosa Lee Rives. Highly
SllringR .... ....... 3.1.290
%Miss Aleen Holly. Arredondo 31.005
Miss Lizzle Avrlett. Newberry 20.215
Nlii- Eumna Willianls. Trenton 16.17r,
Miss Jewel Stanley. Hague. 11.3..:
Mrs I Ware. High Slpringis .. 10.08
Mi.ss Anlilte eilll. Armre ido 5.33.K
Miss ('lem Picke.tt. Newberry ..21.
Mis Ma-all tlurnett. IaCrosse. 2.33.:
Mlis Ada I'Parce'. Newthbrry 2.114,
Mi. s ILula Gay. It l ll .......... 1.33:1.
M. i.-- (;ofl'. N .herr'. .,1

.%i-- Kat.ii AkSin. Arrdnd,.
I,- 'Cla.r: .-'.iil. Hant1- *::"
MIi-- I',earl Mll..texl. Al-nchia .
Mi-- 1 N S:itanhe .. New \-.r 1 *
MNI l.izie. Sia.i h. N.w io-rr.% 11r
tirm P:larkor. I.ia ro- .- 1"'

Eastern and Southern District.

~li--'- Ntahte-1 NlC('re-ulic-. Nli('dlacI(1 '.1 'ii. I


ie Mt:



\I V' II
. *. !. *' \\ 1

60 UN-


V\I ii tli I< i I t p

! c -44, 11 1i ;1 41 t 1.e- ,

ae II-)%%'u I I I-,

:1-li Jlr t-I 1.1-''- albeitII a.I



GI, -1 T he Northi .Ait-

A-k lea- t- e--f

\ Lit-4 \Vv jIIe- .11.41\ .1i 'lI4 I

'411,1t114 1I1.

GabawesvIcfuruitwe Co.

No@" Fw~im

1i I

Schoc! MHa Closed After Very Su:-
cefs'.: Term-Persor'al Notes.
Ilt'ill. a1 1I I4t -. V\ 1.
.1 k ik-tl i \|" l il A th t ', \ I '
"i il

S. *~ l, \ I, I | 1 ..III

i 1, -' 11 i'l -44 i-

j 1 1 f ; I .
i ; .1 *i -. r I .
I. t -
p l II t 1I I I

I '. 1 1 ,


I i

-I -

- I I I-
( I I, Ii -

I~~ ~ ~ -i -- ~

-I ., I

~ \ \I. I '':: ~i~

'u-u l~.-* I
All e it it I I-

- 1 % 114

I t,, I1. ill- I
It I i l I l i 'il li l.il i'l

I1 IA Ire
1 1.0 !, .1\I

1 .0 I'l

,, : \\ !. -

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I Ii. I

Nit- -rI
i t 4 11 '

I: I' It- ;.1
\'.i!1 i 7- 11i \li
li. \ I 1 t l ii

--t1 I I '
, I,,I ,i
- ,. \i h

I I -

i -- -

\ .. ..1 l .

I I j I

.1i' a.ll, f I t l -

S tIll

i- .611 6 iilt I te

I ; : I .. p I ( 11 11 tle) 5i4

t', a r i t ri t r i ;-t '; < t l '. I i 1, itl ;; i**- Il,' III ;t -i hoI '
6li. M' i Maiddo x san-el i'tiltl
ucchlok. tlikit ht.k twl'd .rri. 0iv r
i ; f'.it i t.* !to 41 idl .d to hllit ti itll
tipII lie futid I o)th HaltHig l ertr If1
tientil. at illh foot of a hill at; nit Alix
intil-. ouit from ;aina iille. The-
liarking had bloun out and tlihe not
knowing what to do. had de< ldedl to
make themseltlies comfortable for the
night With a piece of barbed wire.
and after several uunuccetisful at-
temlpt to fasten the old car on to
Mr Maddox's n-ew White Steamer.
which they finally succeeded in doing.
Mr. Maddox proceeded to take the
old car with It's two woe-begoe-look-
Iin amateur chauffeurs. Into Gaines-
We are not quite so fortunate in
having a frst-grade high school
,only have second grade. Owing to
this instead of commencement exer-
clses our school completed its year's
work yesterday by enjoying a very
Il-a.ant day at Illue Pete. After the
lhaIip crowd had gathered order was
:-alled and Rev. t1 II. Newman, our
P*re.shaterian minister. with a very
iltere,.-.siei. talk liresented the e'rtifl
cate-c to the four young hdIes. who
lIhai c(oinlel't ed the- work in our
- hoot l %11-'-.es Mary Prot. Grace
IuItlgh-. Illa Tutcnt and I.-ili Alnder
InI Th'li has lw-''IIa a \cr iy il(tI'.ufu!
,-ar in tthi. -choI 'l cluei to Mr ('liar
loti-lel':1'; l iii lit0iK g i ff i ifiit at11t
i.n i,, i n itl Iprim il |al % li l h .r da.l li-
* r. Mi- -, Flr.n ei, ldllh inl, ill lth
'll< il, !iLI' ,i .* | tI itii!t i a. ;ti Ml M i -
llar 1:.: i. : ..6 *lt r, in '
i.t i of w tl ,iTm h:- \ t '* .-l' %* li.t '
.r7k in tho4 ir siel'.irtmieilt


Gave Bond Friday for His Appearanc?
at Next Term of Court.
I I If. I t l \ ,L tllI! i'it t. 111:1t1
t ,it ,rv r i l' I :1 i .i lt i i tl It

i 1 i i l 1 l .r i, it) i l1 li : ,

S i *

I ,' .1 il t i I L, h r1 1 .
*.1 I 7 I II ll fa t .I l l ilt t

1 14 11 It I
'. ll I |, < I ,II l l I I

Il r ir. l ,> i I n r|" ll :

Two Million Bottles

.-- i it -if- rl i i l he I :II '
ii.- l .tin I" i l' ;*| ho l
0 Irll l (1 1 1 l T 11 h
n< -' Tri.I-,
I' rn r tbr;i. It re lievesI rhorlimn
i i or ii' n-tiald It cure- tild 1
am.e -li< l.tarrhuo- a Thcee o :r1til
ro e.* :1 tlttle n I )o r I she-I lves ji
aos, re-ad' for tho- first tsin of troull.
i,. r.- i It a the e'4 iie t r.Ize ,, i- ,ire
lir "l'r yil. t Klit.- \l"U I'P rry I l' ,1

Miss N. Nortor

Novelties, Books, Stationer)

SooUeairs, Sheet Picture.

and Pirtare Frames .. .

10( Eat Libertlj Stre.

ill I. *llri rl rl 1 i *r *f- *h
r' e i at l i i I. rl th*l I rrtl -T I .t .r
,i. 1l i ., t e ...a 4ruN l .
p a" t't ..f Ll' Il at' wt lsad Trla,. rL i ,
t t4..r Wr *W*n 't Uesed
\irs It I IY

Miss Sar Mtoserde P riu Pens.. u di ?.e.
A Ir st S tOe Orums Dr M9. Oft, roM e powPlar Sptbh dm.WW
Ulm Pilar Mosterde, o fasolWs:

- -

~msth skaltvofthewhof c.aw of ~y e NO. J6 -
760 PWWcl W Mr. C&, C-W-N---- '- I" L
hw ome 1 h i 0 0 !t iIv Yw b Isasorito

th ams e wmplete asd of n whole dut b akm An bw onsAm v
JAW Most &DOWWO am peramemew M WGO@& & As sho aNM so AW

1 do amt hkate, therehee, #0mm-th Ebs EWU' fo so am
the bead M- Wago" pltwata teak a wthl cn pssulbwy ---eP
VosVer3'y tru&'. (NA) P.A lofe



0000D OR



jI Thi- e>mifl*n may t.*' *et at Tl Sun office or at ether of the ilor Ir e
W .t. i ,ia, te.. .c.nitetl. N(r .OOD AFTER MAY 31, 1900

Seln your orders for Job Printing to


IDr eCaught Napping

Don' aoe Caught Napping
--_ '- ^ ~- ^ _- .~

-I .4
*v. .

I,; : ., I:il.a" aind like the wi-' virgins have

n nIlUIl| your lamp trinme I an I

burning if your hOU L

'atcheu tire duriIIg the
iight, an l im jiniurancti

p4Iiey tuckie1 safely away
"p1~3C tlrhat will c'ov er your lowi
ill aft gotod, M4111141 C(IIllpa-
iiy like the comnpallieto
Wet rteprerwilt.


_ __~_










k I-1Iq, SF



mj) Iy Weisd MUry the Right
Kind of Oirl and Provide Them
With Comfortabe Homes.

SPOKANE. Wash. May 14. There
ale hifty Z.0w healthy and fairly
welat4do yesS bachelors In the In-
bid liMre. taking in parts of East-
em W-swI and Orvon. North
r0 Mlha, Wester Momtana and
uMW Brit~st Colhmbla. They
wt ve- -that is. If they can And
te rfift erM. Al of them are good-
heatd ti. laScttmate and ca-
SMle f reSl love. They say so In
ws A to LA OrMat Moroe. wcre.-
Itay f thft o*- Chamber of Com-
ame. wh eme Mtrested I the
wemet whim Rev. D. D. Vauthea.
MLr the Haletd Strs t lasiut.
timal s dt pw cg w m.meed
that m-- ag m grM hl aomg to
isb em wi mrry h- I -
est mm uho ea makse eam meme~."
w .weak. t o .mm midu
i l9t ebla.' s he let thatd

AMAe rThr --m ng agre that
w ll tab I swe cithe are

o-- t a ve ereAm T he
mw m-IG ewars. ihs a ar A

Sua to Dr. thV rght Chl
od it e l d tv ow tol lbearter-

l i Oa Revta. Vsay part of C-

t, ii harrad.
dbd St MiI ram.m u edhmed I
rNemwag the go MI t" M arter.
MeUMr. Mr. aroe bsai the tre
m.IMt them ai t me tuat ti re
AM k Nes a A au IPat r ter
Middle Weatem. Sihem rm a1d 41-
amOmi satesw or my p ar of Can.
ai t arf hred.
"Net of the k ind" be aided.
-y"e badwlerw ae here thv ea

A HapM Pt het

s mi turned to a ad ae If he
as to walk Ute bSr every might with
a erylg baby. NoOee's Baby EtIzir
w make t chld we-saoothe Its
arwe, mwe healthy. a alru slum
er. bAt for disorder owels and
str stomaeh-l (etiag babeit
Med It Pleasat to take. ae, acd
mfe. contains o harmful drugs.
Price 25 aand cets per bottle. old
by W. M. Jieqm.


TRBNTON. 8. C.. May 14.-Peter
tel. a megro. *ho oa Tueday shot
Mn seriously wounded H. A. Jordan.
a whie pleater. eer Johnston. i
SMle*Vd to be urrondeed in a swamp
er Uti place. It is aid that should
be be caught he will be summartb
det with. Jordan Is ow said So
have soe chance of recovery.

Seye Will l1 Seys
And are always getting scratches.
*- sralas. bruises. bumps, burns
-r seaMl. Doe't negt uch thing
-ty a-y result erioully if you
d4. Apply Ballard's Snow Unlnient
sMMIadig to direc toa right away
ad i wUll relieve the pain and heal
the trouble. Price 26c. &c and $1 u.
Sad by W M. Johnso.

Ah trIlasainKg Is hereby torbiddena
4 section 13 and ipar of uscUou I%
Ayea' rlaitala tit owu toim-k on slaid
bd is rtqueht.ld to re-imotu iiI
by Tuesday. M.aU 1si I' 1 .11('l

Per COLDS and GR'P
Hicks' CAPL'IINK is the twnt r.emu,
47--eUoven the atLing and ftverls.i
iass-cwur the cold and re.ture.-
oraal condltiua I' liq luld -eff.c:
immediately. 1 k. l6c and SOc at drug

Tle want ads. do luure real lstat.
bustllh than all eoter broke-r (tim
load la tact, they "-art" mnot of
StL tiuusiess that tl. brorr. ai
agutas L'%h




for the pleasure and delight of all.
Rev T. H. it. Walker. who has I. tci
4tccalsfull in eulgineering the( hl li'Vui*
together with the committee. liroll
iMs Ithv colornd population (oile' il
the t-.et tlies f ith-ir l\.a- aindi :tl
the sanwe tinnl. Will .aje themiI tlh
extra tiaiona<. that would lt' -rps it fUli
rar fare- :i:id carria:tL hlire

A Card.
Tbls Is to certify l that all drucaist-
are authorized to refund your Iimoii-\
f Foley's Honey and Tar fail! to,
c oe your couih or cold. It stops tahe
cough. heals the lungr and ipret ilets
pneumonia and consbmption. Coil
tains no opiates. The gnlluiane iL In
a yellow i'ackage .1 W. McCollum

Killed Nere at Trpentine Camp.
THOMAMVI.'lL. Ga Mai 14
%- the- result of a haloolinsK affra :at
V\ .. t urrpen liut r till i I !...%
,'harl.. lr)asit. a nuero. wIll 1 : ',;iull
die The truulle I was 'Itiec'l li a
Jisplutle ltween Mr Milll. uodMiaaiiia
In t'chlrm and Ilralitl. a lal i,. hlie
IM*r. Ils i rd llo thell tl lfor atiini tig
t4 cert.irll lot of turl|nntlin. The 1*
.>e rt;irted towlardil- Mr Millh. witli
i larig dilli,-r lloth lIh. vi.ldeiat i
i ltion I of( ltrkika i hm MIr Mill'
I lis l ai( tll i Ia, lit lt. illI, al o
'1I | 1)ill) l l t il t ,i Ill ih, .-lim uil
a, I "I p ol i i l <>lII I% i. Ii ll 1.4
1 I l I 41 lit ru-tl. .1 I .i ,l
% ill- l I thel .-lhot tl kill Ih i
hiill,'t I'., -- *4 t lhri ui i h lit ile ci "
'*> I ,'. l i lc i., I I ,. i. ,il[ I s A

I I 1 I
I I!1 t.sk I'. l \ !l,,
' i ; It 1 ,1 < l. l i .
.1 I .11 1i fl I t t '. .. .1 I 1 i.
.1 1 lli .1 1 I i ,: i ^ i > I l i ,

ci. cici
F., Vc i

The Sun o"


Weeping Ecnem Kept Spreali;n
on Little fferer --A core o'f
Treatment Prove Dismal Failures
-Graleful F. :'.er T.-,'. of


"It uIrvm wi great ple.ure t"o rt|re,"
y ere Iratltucd in a,; Ir"ietlrln .,f
the inrJlk iA.lu h..*, lit
that the ('uticwu irSl'.
O(mtntm t and Kl,..slv,.i.
did my little I, Ii.
had an awful r.-.h A:!
over his tImiv ri nil'C
d(wttr said it wais .qp-,s..
It was t'Trithle and u--l
to water awfully. AnT
plaiw the watr we-nr it
would form anrwthr Mr
amd It wotuki trw'r me
crntd. A ari or nmn-w
pMtsiona failed uturly
M l8inally in thewr
effarts to rmnyw the
trouble. The I was told
to s the Cuti-ura Reme-
dim I pt a ce ,<4
stlars A ia a box ofr iuetra ont-
n*t wid aots utl ur uatr Relv nt.
md bimr we hd and halfthe ReAlv-
wet uedM see a chag n him. In
ilbmI / h e wws mimrely well
pw i a h m i m mow thy askI
What Pli C ro tocun your baby?'
iMd ) ar we my I. It was the C(utI-
erw ll m.' So i a s s Ctirutr ISU
weley* have Sam d warm frtlds.
11 P. Lambert. 13 West Ciuso
Il., Ct--- C. Pa.. Spmbn w
Wd M -N 11 4. t07."

1y m CatAcute ebmesds.
U1lio t tee rld s o
C$iatra Nb mi Cutkew iwo t.
pelixd. wIm w Mim -M. by C (lrwa
.~. (ldd or pi&) forl f rrv
paeti yigMd M bautlrin te .i.
--aM. --- a i Jp d et nwts,
make ud wLaLs, ai tll qid l
at n1r lhir. for baby rshls, iwia6 l
ld =M .d ml y sUatiVe, ati-
111141 t whcl readily suggest
lms o w wumm. as well as for all
OI ppmer a the toilt. bath Mnd
Msry. Oummawd abMolutely pur,.
(21.1. J .s-.


Will S H M at tie Bam .11I Park
INet MeiaMy.
The colored Saday schools of the
city have combined to have a big
day. la this city next Monday. when
tley will give a rand union plinic
at the blUas ball lark. and propose to
have plenty of fun and amusu -niet for
ill who attend.
The program as arranged by the
committee will consist of sack races.
basket ball. wood-cutting contest. bot
tle tIarbecue. and other anmusement.-


I'ider anad % s\irti' cit aa ordt i
.uid de cre ii .aui. ..il li nt r-d 1i lt.
lJ dge oft ftte ('1Cas1 1 at 'oiri e l t
!ightlh lJudii i:ic l ('are iis f lt 'loriir .s ,.,
mis l lir 0 tm !,.i i ii ::. :i ('hl.iin .
,latl "a l h th iretlin ir lii l 'A ll, Ill. I |
tla rtin i. e eiII-L.iaii.I A Ii ;. ,11i lif
llimia aiion .1.d I ai I i .:.i:I .: I
ft .I'd ;l, ist I ill :, f' i .i ll i ,
, I le thh. t l ll iIl uilt l-ll4 i|e .1
.Il 1iI-%\ll;' 1! F l o i llel i Ii "i'h i4 ,I
of M. la A I I'Ale'. i niiaia : the I, ti.,
ill rs. oel .il, I I 'i. -e i t- I .'- t I. ,
,id erl.r ttier#- f ir or 4 .s-h ihrIe I .11I.
Ing described p lrsonal |iro|swrt(. to
4 at
()ii' creanim c(olhrd h ll'r.,-', a111il.
'tCharlis'". ionie lil;ack I(,I, IiKKl al 'I
ollu *(met of hnalrln.- -.itil |oirole i(% i
he sold as the ipro|li.'rtl ofil Lwma i
Ilunt. one of tlhe ds'faiidlliis, Ln the
siNlc a lti led caii*
This Mal l.itli I:lt*'
I' I(;t A MSI E
Sheriff of Alas i a ( 'eenlipt hl-'inl.s

If sou |IX t-i t l l i Il, 4ri;i .,.i
i'. lrtsliS.ed \\sit, Ih II.it. I S.l ,,, o
'ii -'.t be- urt. it i-. I .\ i i t t'CarIl li .e ..


ii~~ ~ 5- ietel I

* c.te- 40Iul 1'% kI ll gi s.c.I

-- c ,j, bt.' F, c C
r ,-


I I 1 : *

aaI:~ *

I-. cc









S1sine.e Houses That Are in the
PIe. Which W, I Issue Votes.
Tho' huwI.,ai I.r.w- t s.aw l i i.e s:iuil
r I I,# t ill 0i11. *t t..' so the' C('t
I;'rast i Oil. I ten t %i ll :1 .4 ti,. g. &'.Ce
'es t ortt d. r la I. gi golo ti a @ -o r t

ill lm lla 1.U11 %
Pa:rtio....trasslimi:sa ith .an) (oftill feill
peq PI e',1. '1,11i N- I, 11o' & 11 411 1#'. o

~1ire' (4i I nsa:J: sal l,!r\ .eLkI
.N r-. IF 1, -,,-'or ,tk. i2li. r'
~.10111t .,1?,. drlug- ailll l- lieu '. 1.
SmtIat .l' P'~ isil j' Nr~ l r4 It

i C ir' .g rix .1n1tt fo
*ttify C ., Pr 1,. -Mr\ I r. 11- 1 -1d 1 .1 e',
I'rih ill ;to!- n it %%4log f re
- o~in li. .rN iwl .&!. .tsh6-- Th.
Sun. ilri talasnad ijdelkh lig Thi
Itru nt) IIIi **fioal s aijd klodlng. N
r;suanisrio. Ilattinus Ifnuse. frultt. stec.
Fddinst ttg Co.. luniber miud hull"flm
material, Standard rertlliz'r Co..
fe'rtfi ze r.
V.'otes %ill be itisen on alt orders
for Job printing at The Sun office
and on subecriptions an follows:


-I the #'-emlul ce'rt. P'Irl'uh Judlela! Ctrcuit
Alsebee Cnitini. Wkwids-lin Cban-rry -
S1tate Q0 eer,: P. Howard Cli. as Executor of
Governor-A. W. Oichrist, Talla U- V ,:*aW 'bSee. SCcatIi Vt V% U.
TMeiti niet al '-1Mo'5E'tc'C.
It a ngpa by sby affidavit asic de to Id u ivell.
Secretary of StAte-H. Clay Cmrw- 5usd w she ab ye state' cave imb- '
a.. Mr% Luci Mbeats CampbellU anl rItr b- -5 it6.D.
)rd. Tallahassee. I's.; la,.4 i a ii t.i dc ft-na1d.se fSberpt -jArme
Comptroller-A. C. Croom. Talla. I 'atI be dese vftb4*4*L Ti'ae a% P1%tar' es and
Malwe. (if Wa e r4 % I ;, V. f* a IW I he r I. &at%
'1ra .I.* Veants4I ':,: I *te4tn her I-tt',pard.
Treasurer-W. V. Knott. Tallaba. '14,A IA.ieI- 1 -af4 p- 0bI i b X k. e of
a sa a Id 1 t jit & .e %-1i1 d t' e i.ti% are
De. CIC? Ile 5 4 eel *PILI-.e 'e.Mr I 14 is
Attorney-General -Park Tram in thrf' o- rti-'d 'hte -. Id ui.r a'!.r't dC-
~ Tla .aa he and we' hareb% res 'rt t .at-
w it. Tellar 14 Iee.pe r & o t#- 41 f4-1 ,'- I: iw t: '" %i'e
eseie te 4 *. -r .'- V4. -''%% th f,,I, :.jj of
Commissioner of Agriculture-lI. E Juwai r A 10 ii'c'Ibrir 't Ire A 4 JFu'1s "%U
~Ii eli iI ICI 1cC Nrri C~.)' 'c1 I. r~'-cd ale
('IUn. Tal;ahasm-e 14141 l W11 ebe trd4n 4A ('01"t -.1! 1)\ ukl do.
fenddor 1-.
Suitt. of Nublicl Intructlon-Win. M II i %urther '-rered th -t cht. ..ea'r re lcah
It-boA it e a a e for f r i r er '.-
ollosay. Tallahaslaie. wt k. i'1 ur, .-
Prvr~r idvrt (of theI.nate-F. %I. ;i .

Bn M. a. t II. N'I. C
'SA fr-ac eeip't w 'ic Ic ait.
County Ofcrs: 14%f. SI.ho It4I% I. U
Clerk and Aviditor-S. H. Wienges. 1 ItEI .I.Is -t o l k*I-Gotl ots 441r...s
BuuIt. Public Instruction- Dr. J. L (Y E '' -. F4As1I0. It' %1'"1 'OIIt 71AX
LFl.l'(' 1'Nt~lt SI's I I IW o s .4. Iw'l'
Llk%. jaines ilk."W. I .A WN ()Vr!" I'Ait ID
Sheriff P. G. Rawsey. Goinmestille. Niasep L, Io req. it.t: sitet., upe.
county y Judze-Ii 1 G. larn .nC.r.... i'ire'h -pr of Tax 1'et tila I r N.), Olt.5

'TFa A. a',or-W. W. Colson. Gaivns-
T'ax Collectro-W. D. Dickinso.

Trt'aurer-J. UI. Matheson. Gain.a?*
Supervisor RegistrtUon-J. C. Mc
Grew. Gainesvlle.
County Commissionuers Job G
Danmier. Chairmians. Iagu, J i F
'forum-eud. Caiaiville, J.W.S !lay
Archer. ('haz. 'W. Susasmmers. Trnatona.
1, LCaNfA.1 ati'-l al
'2!. s.0.e-r.- 4 4 15(J) L I rd1 It IH

.-. hsrwH.s.IIL' ilso SIa .1

Stair 84'atur --ii. II Mc.'re'ary.

Melm'rbers Iloas'- 8%-d L. Cjrtt r
iil\ -r A. lkt'e. Santa Fe

CiY Officers:
MHs'c c -Ieerattio lDati..
mauijaai I; 'r. Arnaw.
Iaa\ Aa-.'-aa-or -ii. H ('c,aLj
'rax (esiw''tor A' Ii't lhza.. Or
("lerk anad Trvausrt-r J M.r.v jali
Ca% Alttuis-.- WS' B I:ro-.nia
hluird of Alds-n ten--T. W. Shaasdm
Prepaidctuai (;t i K liricenif S s IaIII

ust'tt. F E tausonaIt .4 Grswe.

RoArd of Pulsaic. 'Works. II I- Tas'.
Ior ('Isharmais. "' W W W lauss l-fseu a-.rea
tan. I IiiDutton E. J 1lasrd I I1
Vidl .

0ce life U-0e i IIs4S Je4 lk It IticeJ i '4t1i1
tLv 1a 1 i s AC*t .I -te-tI l el I i 1' A IsI l les11el4

Her 4

that iOu h. t I
truth .iu i
t li I i\\ ...
lictfa till < i l f
(**l l 0 t .,I ; -U l ,


It .

Ilce' Ia'i-.ie- I
Ii, ,is U I. flat % !a ca

r. .r and Ugly F,,r H .


. I .t .

- 4115'


. ...01 4

almlela tlt!C ol oil j I` A.
1) ,a*' ha.- c '4 e IP'7. 1 -% :! Ig, u lcr.
It,~ ti4'4'. i e-se a: .ae&eIf.tu a z efq-r e'. t*i.. 5 )a
'-5W! s I M F''tD0ddC 'c Sf? 5 us '-aid c'I-1 1#Its c 4*em
atri 1. AoCrhusevCuart. t rli,. io t
4 It' I I- .t 21. Tli.

1h,1 .0-. 0. %i s-?. ve'rte 4'.ste ir t f 41C iSm
j m .~ur k, ~II
all the 2!tltsda% %rs%. ,j %.i 1.4 i. I.
V Ii aeom I V t cbi-. l 5d,4ft.et 'e- Meet .410 4 5,
the ia' isv ~4 ofAW11 A 1) IA
Pd C'lerk4 C'rcult 4siurs A *'him u4 C. Y"

#.".. LAWS OF VItAfIkIA.
',.'.- uIe'r'-t lrsn that W
c'. -toci 1'.&X I e i.est
41. v of 14,- % .% c
jt I'
'eic..t:el''t~ce.e-. Lees-

a'4% 4''

Lou' A L s
I..H -l % -Ijs.
Iii p4.41 4.,cbit A uL AI u '

.___. _- -_ __- -__



S cure a tenant for that vacant
T.IAti lhruKgh a clvassiled ad. in
The ', .i,

I WeAsk You

to take Cardd. for youwr fmae
troubles, because we are IIt
will help you Rememben ab
ths4 gfreat laa -mu4v-

has broqIhl rehi t1 th"ouand3 Of
OUVie ack wnln, so why not to
YFu? Foheadache. backache,
pcri~jcaj pains. em.A C e .
.. h anvy have : tld It Io "the
b43t ncd;-cllo tL LO '"Try it I

LC In This CMyI n

Woman's Friend

Nearly all women suffer at times from female
ailments. Some women suffer more acutely and
mfon, c,.ustantly than others. But whether you have
little Imin or whether you suffer intensely, you
ihou 11' t .-* ';r- rf f('ardii r,,l etl< r,.Ief.
(C; ,' -.','. II;lti ;ll ,hii llctl, for wom en.
.< ai, : l ,. nfm hJi:r ..less vegetable in-
1 41iecnts. It ;a.s -. ;;y on tii' fnliale organs and
gives streLgth and tune to the whole system.




mir -"Ailpopi -Iqm-L

The Daily Sun.
$1.2,. three months subscription.
old subscribers. 500 voter; new subh
scribers. ;TN, votes.
$2.30. six months' subscription. old
subscrlber.. 1.200 voter. new sub
scribers. l..:0o votes.
$5.. one year's subscription. old sub
scribers, 3.:.00 votes; new subscribe
era. 4.54U.t votes.
For p club of five one-year subscriip
tlons (before 12 o'clock nf(wn. Ang
18. 1909t. old subscribers. so.oIm.I
votes; new subscribers. 35.10.4 votes
For a club of ten six-months' sub
-crlltions beforee 12 o'clock i(ms,
Aug. IN. 1909). old subscrlcbers. .(1.0(
votes: new subscribers. 35.000 votes.
There is no limit to the number of
clubs each contestant may secure.
The Seml-Wekly Sun.
$1. one year's subscrliltion. .'Wo
For a club of fre one-year subcrlp-
tions. 5.00M1 votes.
There is no limit to the number
of clubs each contestant may secure.

hr l/tlut i U m.
It IKd Y:a lvi Alwp igbt

btgna tIr.' of
I~pf (, '4r,-c


-------~----r- ~ ~-~rur, urur~-

r ---

; I

\:, :1






untie r-iociis4uI. oio le il
III v to) IIi.-e 4 44- I i !. iI4
.i~riiola 1'.r I.- Iti,4 r 0, .4I 4.

thirite *' r ulitii I

i' I ,
11 IA
o\\ *~~

Pror~sed A'tic'es :

c *' w;c.c I..',.

1 i ll \.: "
1 I1. k 4,1I1 ,u1114,
11 II : II *
*,;i 1 1 ,i I..; I '. r ,'
u h.;, *.'l', I r,'i' *' ,ir ,'.. ;i i r i r i
(f th*- ?'. a I-'l ri .i

I l to tla li h ;l i : 0i:1 :all
tir ;till p lrl ud lth. I'lf. t tu' t t'Miil
;v li'l .. ,I t.,i *ilh -r a to o ,Ii-,.-,il, "i .
ta.lI. or Luoth. ;ill) anid ll t. ilt. lllt.1',\
Inlg cla'!- s of ire Ihatili e'. tlowit:
dry goods. no oii s., imoit- :t'd t0tn'
hats and wearing li :iar I K nllrall..
line n and cotton l K ,lI. ilk. furs
laces, and Lgein.rally and ulthout lhinl
ration all artil ually sold or lhich li.a:. i~' lonv'i n-
iently sold in coinlic tion with the
ni rchanditol herelnlt-fore r.fi.erred to.
2nd. To buy. wsll naid deal in lhth
by retail and wnol,-al-e. nillinerv.
garments and weariIK ali urrvil gett-r-
ally. furniture, coffins. Iron and Rglas-
ware. crockery and other household
fttings and utnalls. bric-a-brac and
ornaments generally. stationery. no-
tions and fancy gooan, hardware. Jew-
elry. gold and silver, plated ware.
watches and preclous stones. meats
i.. J :* ,;.. Ul- geni 'rally, drugs. chem-
rials, iperfumery. soap and toill-t ar-
ticle generally, hook.. papers. mnaga-
zines. musical nluItrunii-ntis. hicb(les
and lrtcycles. fertiliz.-r-. .-.addldry and
harness and Ksportiig good. milk.
creani. butter. eeggs alid che.m' and
dairymen' l products gl'itrally. as well
as prodilce (if an.i aind all kinds. To
lend and biorilri nlr il. to acqljirte
lrol|er securitie- alld tro x-'icit'* and
d-,li~\er lpro'1i.r -etur intie-. tlhir. fl r; to
acilnire. oiwn and ii-; -, I all kind.
i -f re;tl a tnld I r-nii..l ; r'
:rld T 'u lii .-'11 ;i,*i .il. in !..tiI
Iv titail ;i..d l li .l. -;i1.' Kr-. : ri .
Kr.iii% ii iid f1.t d :lUirffi *,' .\ e' ril,-
itli 'ri do l :i t i,'ir.il ,,!1 o ll i f, ii.
li .- .11 il i" i t- i lit I *'- I -- ;I
i aw* 1 d l i ll
oiiii ill,' 11 ii!, I1 "- 4 i L. I ni -I, 11

S%%a r "i 1 1 r '. 1tl, i
T it 1il i1 .i ll lli irnl- O ill

S .' i. : I i it. i i i i:
S' 'il', i oi' 1 i l.. ; ll /. I l 1

S 11 ..

S ,! .. 1 1 I II I. I |,
4i *- l .
r: .
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ o e r. > 1 1- | l 1:1 1 ;j

I' ri

I I 4,"
I 0 1 ,.
, \ :i-

At*ftAkt ft ob fgm ,bk k k'l.a.I. kol k

.4,4k. 11' s-'4nI m k to o III# *Il-
~ ~ ~ ~ o I '. Arth14I. t Iif iu'.r~imira
1114 11 4 lE 4 i ?III

Li lI,I
III It '..I. tI A

;f lEr 'rI p




w '

- TifNTlis.T-

$1.25-Three month.' subsc
$2.50-Six months' subscri
$5.00-One year's subscript
For a club (f five one-year t
For a club of ten aix-muoulth

Oi liusertber New auraertlrs
ription .................... 50 vots 700 vot
option. ................. 1,10 votr 1,500 vote
ion .. ........ ......... 3,500 votes 4,500 vot
Iniu.r .* t s" I \ n aA ts- KAM ao w."-

' l

'I f14'J4~ 1- liii Ii hut 14)

$1.00-One year's subscription .
For a club of five one-year subsc
There, i- no limit to it

Soliciting votes by candidates

AM AMeA M Aft ft I.

4 44- 4 / J. W(W, V~ WW IV IIn
'I l~~llls ( *. "'~",':)I .AO .30,000 votea 35,000 vOtes
I I 50 49j~ iu -eaeul i olte~.-tajlt t ,u y pMecurt,.


kv* lIllllI.4cr ci! vlUl,.4 sachI ColltOitarll Iltay secure.

or friends withi the terms
distribditl gVOWes16sWe"eirdby Wh ~ #plter$


i-Il I~h~4mCARDS

, Oraham ui'ding, East M;in Streefr
bell Phone 51. Aloe Long Ditanct.

i Oces in Graham Building. over
Saunders & Earle's store. Phone
No. 34.
)h. ULkKb-. Pt. .UKi4s,

J)Uo Oa GtaoieovI Nauo.s. ta.
Phoae S.

Total Cash Value, $1,000.00

To Be Given Away by the Merchants ad The

Sun to Citizen of Alachua Centy!

Each Section Gets alPrize!

Contest to Close August 18, 1909

Realizing that all should share alike in the distribution, leading businei hoous
have joined in the combination to give away Two Handsome Pianos and One
Diamond Ring to residents of Alachua county in three different sections. These
progressive firms will give One Vote for each penny spent with them.
The pianos will be purchased from the A. R. Harper Piano Co., Jacksonvlle.
In the event of a tie for any prize offered, a price similar in all repeats thre-
to will be given each of those tieing.

Th i Vilk Sec*in Will embrace the city and suburbs and be oon
The aiesvi ec U. fined to a radius of four miles in each direction.
The wiIner in this dli-trict will In' awarded a HANDSOME DIAMOND RING.

Eastern a S uthen Secto Will ompri territory from Fair
Eastern aid Southern -' baks all points east and from Ro-
chelle all points south-Waldo, Hawthorn, Island Grove, Campville, Micanopy,
Lake View. lT.co.ua lndl all points along line of T. & J. Ry. (ONE PIANO.

Western and Northem Section 'ill c oo"'P all stations from
I III alln l ll Ri l O ill Hague to Iligh 'prings, Trenton,
W\Vanl'e, \Wilr'x, Bell, Newli.rry, Joiesvtlille, Arclher and all tettlementa covered
by this area. N IN l' 'l.ANO.

How and Where to Get RW boe vowl MI e Cast
aHllo( box. will be found lIn the wtablla
talents of the merclhant giving voten and at Tbh
Bunl umec. Votes sent by nuati must be" dlrWt*4
V c tes _: _; _:_ _._' __P* -
.e 6the VottlR ('MnleLt Deplrtmnit of Theb Sun.
falns'iv|lle. Florida.
The mwlb,.il: z r,-.ant will g;,e -,On v,,te
for etv s> :.t .;.aid Ito theil e.'stabli.hm, tT, for
goods shicnh they hall: l
Gaineville Furn,'ure Company, Furniture. Rules and R regulations
Phifer A Morris Co., Clothing and Furnishings.
Gainesville Hardware Co. Plumbing and Hardware. 1. The contest tI open to anyone Uiving a
Mrs. F. T. McCormick. Millinery. Ala hua coiuty aho Is knows by the coedactors
of the conttet or vouched for by some reputable
W. M. Johnson. Drugs and Meci'cines. person, to them well kaowa.
L. C. Snwh. Shoes and Jewelry. 2. no employee. attache or relative of th pro
Mrs. R. Wilson. Dry Goods and Notions. prietors of the Ibove-nAmed fram are eligible to
Saunders & Earle, Uroceries and Feed Stuffs. pirticipate in this coatet. and wil parll Splpat In
City Bakery, Bread and Pastry. Do uanDer.
P. Y. Smith. Fresh Meats. 3. In the eveat of a misueerstandln twees
candidates or others Interested l this coatest.
Crawford A Davs,. Livery and Sale Stables. uch controversy my be refrred to thUle c
The Sun, Printing and Publishing. ductors of contest, who Jaloo ar the pers ol
The Brown Ho.se, Meals and Lodging. quallaed to renadr *ld lrek
N. Francisco, Banana House, Fruits. Etc. 4. In the event a candidate decide ta wth.
Eddns Mgf. Co.. Lumber and Bulding Material. draw from tL1 race, such cdldet l o e
allowed to treasor votes to theo credit d another
Standard Fortlleor Co., Fertililers. candidatee I th es

J. H. ALDXL4Ab..

Omee ovw Rwtas& Osa sN
Phas SN. OslaeevIle. fva


Oee in Haymkaa Blowk.

Fv-kFf I t Al A .


VA,4Sm, o

Casa $al l er qg ypropers. (ine
pruwrd SzJ U.Lm proied). s hoep6ae
tr luMrFI and farmmin# IAe. Stud him
i list of what you OrFer for eoi. lion
And %oheitor in KqnIip

Kea C Euat, C ('oysaneing and lie
eral Pracetee. All businer promspl
astreded to. O(eec aext door to Ba
offl* (jrwatri Vi FPit4ioa

PM11O and Romu

Tuner and Rebuilder

E.-tinati ,i rn;.-l. i'ro, tI a it A lt
\V',rk (uiarant,'^l.

4 4 .4 4

I re

rjryP J NJ
;l)~n ~ ~thAYNK

.41~!:1 1 411 I- i h I.-. 1 -11I
r A Ill

t. .i..lto mii .2 4f 4 ', I
of.ii, r. I Ii i
-I ta l1I i ii 'ai..lII'I i111 tlie.

*, :-'cted at the- fir,1 amIt4 III 2, 'ivo
ha qlI ualuf I [it. W :
\'. Irlili.aacho'u.. I : 'I. i0.ti 4 Uu
%I f If 1'. h 111 I el r. IA. I -

al.0 4 1

%I I,, f 1 S il

W ~t.i

F' 1 ,ti.lrtuij h it ti,. i r.
J W Peavtmck hIA at hnerit. ,I,:
4 1%'v c(-sok Has ttit'tii I-,I~~
S'let' (if Florida. 0~J
A:..4bua County I
On this 17 day of.Ap.ril A 1)
1"9 t'twfore *m etrwieall t au.- X

PI A l,-C 1~.i U N :'V11.1




to all Courts.

State aac

Oller Gaineba.fle Natloiual
,Ik. (;alnfervllle. Florida.


IDERTAAltI. rlri

NwEm"w (f)[I.A....

A % O

11(oll PA Y1 1.1-
cc ujr bu i cl
%"&. bb@cD Ci.L MD 5U G BI5*S1
44. Nib. ml 4O ibIrub WA.'.
III 5Ibd6 5
IJI..os&IIOb Plis





F ;i cI
C'S -






N I,, .. I). t.. 1.



ID El. I ; 1-'i ), I.. W A I I if 1,

v v

, wjrj

q vmq




i t

sm L a. I lft yesterday for a
r4 beee ess tro Citra.
bist bItter a t day Wr per
pad--. samey & Co.. phone b i.
S. PF--IGi ra laUb -ebhps and other
1-. --^ I"I.T fresh ea-ts. J. U. Harrold.
Tem --p s us best meal ad grito for
Se att l a ey & Co's. iSpot (a-h tiro-

W. T. Zetroer left last night for
SS* MI ld Basr-i-ms. where he was calk-d on
A i m. al o0 f I0ir. b;s*a*&.
.C 1'apt. N. II ll l h.et st erd;av fr.
w vt 3n&W -L a sh6t sbeters visit to Jt acktalu'licl
h -a a te NlN on MI wasu paued by his little Ku.
iD I M irrltC Char of Old Town.
t a ter ot Mrs. T. n. KQlli. Sr.. hi
here for a w days visiting the famt

rEd" I ___)* i i.. ebks of Waldo. one of the pIo-
6 a esr ekitsen of that place, was traan-

SMt w no Fota u. an u aceoplish-
h 5 atC. Yomaroeag wa s L

Bfe, '^^r.Al .ve yrltvI Im Oat, tIt yosrday
i W. C. ner 0lca ad opy, Mt Waft
d oI1 he"ig I s 0rt that place,
f fJ. Meg aad H. J. Dmpsey left
B -Aw -AL-

V18she sees who bee i ua te hilg t
-O., *m I 0W nmm lu s eft'yesrd y
of Tftp #$ their bene.
460-M-W. C. Daft" of Mmaowpy"proprie

r t& Om*ra stha that si e.
w a dbilee Mlmao" 'tr
i) M IPtJ. ale a l J. Dmapsey Utl
1*3_r'o LmJ 1Aa eram tfo r Worthlastow
Lt~ht a "asaw t Wkile enjoy.
111 :11=6 tham point.
SLB. 3t. *A I the popular ad e. e

S S. D M ma Cues baby's Wea l Willie's butly
Olm, Ga t g a a ea mmd hene, WoNams some throat,.
01gy pwma's hpsemmot. Thomas

rSao ~l~r irher g
%A lll-l we M C. V. r Ma little

ap rat_ U ea= AiAs Ta1yt will hr.o waves I
Aof rA V 1wr Womrthhgta lo pefd a cow-
1 : ge--in"d ple at days.
Pt, uo of the a I. P. Wmn.ere 1Cala was o the

m d Jeshs m. has e Whtaa up htis theadeoarters
the liick City.
SDoe't warry thet our gettlg bean h
_p__ t because we serve meals worth
1 $1 for ,er but. sei sam tha

i .,.-r.U. e 81, 4- ^ aat fa
W 3L sad got votes for year lady friends
=n -1 2i *9 d maF wrown House.
Mrs. T. I. EMs Jr.. and little
daughter wil leme today for Jack-
e- ville. where tfty will spend the
I NW O next two weeks visiting the former's
g s '. U-M- k.1taar-. ria drter. Mrs. Williams.

"I .Sii lil Miss Lena Itaird left yesterday for
n Few&-*' Tallahassee. She will remainui th r.'
rs raura fior the ne'xt .e'ral days atti.:dli..
No wI a er the coWi*et %0-0. e- Stale 'olle ge for Wonmen.
I M. mnoith. repr-.- ,lt iaax th!!
a IS it L B outhuilltert, l.tllt'n aid ('e.I rn.-t CoIm-
p V iyW pa of C'barlestio. I In tl h city oil
bs I ines connected ith thI. ernltrac(
Stores f the (u llau t Lt buildiIIg
3 oH. L. Murray. one of the clerks at
%t 1 te lWhite House. will leave today)
OWN nowfor New 9ort City. lie expects to
N" -I be absent two weeks or more*. being
-dmI i l' called there uas rent business.
sob 0, IrIto i SeMator K L CoAtrell of lieayetIt
r- outy wua here for a short abile )oe-
: : : terday en route to Tallahasse He
hbad tbae In the southern part of the
4 State us important business w ttrs.
J. V. Fuatb. a formis cilttes ouf
j f gim^ll l fallh HHigh Springs but who is nows i,..*inug
-his home at t. Petersburg. w;.. here
se ek= BR dir Ea iwin yewterds) looklug after sotur busiuac
matters He is well pleased with Il
S. NOath. Pho n 51 outbheru iart of the State*


or today sad the cash we will give
2 pounds sgar SI.
2 pounds god rice I1
Choice evaIprWt,.d apille,.. IrIl pound
HI cr~nti. I
Arbuckle t c,'ff.l F. ('l. Iint Impond.
Evaporated blacklhtrrti,-. 10 center
24 can* cream oni' II
F'rph ihl. .11 i -. .bI C ',ce-nts *'

Secure a tenant for that vacan
room through a clastshed ad. IL
The sun.
Seveti bars Colgate s Octagom som a
for 2:. cents--today Sall, y & Co.

the **"'i; e Cutters."
Capt. J. J. larr (of Mi'. ai sa.
*lal:. I iln., I l it .....- In (; .,ic vill.
Festi rday. lHe states that his sat(lio
!' In need of ratn.
Miss Pearl Colson left yesterday
for Worthingllon Sprinxg. She will
JoI frreads at that place and spend
the next couple of days there.

F. 8. Curl of Archer was In the
city yesterday on a oulsness trip. He
states that he is now Iguring with
several parties I reference to paint
lag contracts Ia vanous parts of the
county .
r. H. Brdges. formerly of Archer
but aow of Ocala and who is 8tate
recrulting agest for convicts. was
Ia the ety yesterday ea route to Jack-
soaville. having been called there on
A. P. Sticky of Ocal. one of the
prominent citizens of the Brick City,
was looking after business matters
here yesterday. He Is president of
the T. & J. railway, and one of its
beavlest stockbolders.
FPve-room cottage to rent on block
adjoining square, formerly occupied
by W. L. LOrande; city water. elee-
te light, swerage. bath. and all
modern conveniences. Apply to Mra
H. H. McCreary or unB office.

Miss Mabel McCredle of Micanopy
wba au~mU the shoppers visiting
(aluesville yesterday. She is among
the leaders in the contest for her
ectton of the county and is now hold
ing Brst place, which Is gratifying
to her numerous friends.
If you desre a ler complexion
i&te ptel's Orino Laxative for con
stipatlio ad liver trouble as It will
stmulate these organs and thorough-
ly cleanse your system, which is
what everyone needs in the spring In
order to feel well. J. W. McCollum
& Co.
A. R. Harwm-r. who has tbei here
for the past eek lookingK after hir
:,jnno bubine&s~. returned to Jacksoul
%ille yesterday) lit IL sow deuotinu
a great deal of t Ime to hils ni'
iainesville busliicUe and will ..ior:i.
have his store here- filled with in tru
..ll I

The Womanai Guild hautl dt.-ide.I
to discontinue their aturd.a .eI# .
which hate t-.- w (i c'idue' d II, thi.
vacant mt or. roo. inl Ih ti I'o, i
block under the Ii.:nw of the 'Wonri.in
EIxehaugIe. during the heated terin.
htm Iaill take up l t, wolk .a.g:': imj
eb 11'! r I1t

MI; l..e'. Alht
Z'o ham Iun .itime

yestertla) for I., tv

Ie..r of a

I1 t. h.. A i. I

route to her hli,, bIuilt lsopipel d ii-r
here from a Itit to friends at (k-ala.
she having been aiMocilated sll .M11i
SIlmpsou n i srhol,
Dr. W. C Rice of ('olemIan ; wa.i I
Galaueville yeate'rdaY He Is a form
Sr cities n of Gaintu eille. hils father.
the late W F RHim .IliiK well re
nieItuewred bh) the older 'lt- ,I, Ikwc-
Ior ieL *as a e route to, Smllh Caro-
Ilna and stil l th.I t l c.t.tl, Ilk Ullt
lkldiJI. C U IC I'&II6I i Sijiti tie I.

mun,4 it a lit il, uslleI. re lif II
A. I. U!aa: and mfe- le Itft )I rdmI) 'l,.rid ho home sttilim tin
Tfora short sit to Jackioulkill. Tihe-eLI%
GIET I N TC)UC I olrutai.r i the geume-ral ammaumage~r of
I \ If:ll... I .~
WITH IN- T & J. ralisa) siad ate- that I \ I.t.I hi.... i
ITbe- rtAd is dulug a xa rke Im ad..mie-I
V lSI OUV11EEAAlial fi, l I Pt Ia lad eI it .1
I'lir. % III- IA % It t ', 4 t, I ,
r& OUVER %(fi, .1 IE iudsimtoaIlm Ila te l* I ho
m Ill I I 1 11.1 it to-(
4,111 f. of tIl.l e. IIA t-I oet u l 1 % I-, kill u I t \l% If I a
'lit-mug SIliWa'hmitims l mind (H if u KinI I e
tanrum .'d i-i er heusna. ssr..' ? I, 1. I 1* 1' It .,, %%,1

f'II5 iesr.I Ii d id a Inl lo tril(IlieAI 1 11- I
U E ~ ~~l t I t Il mn ba. r N lit. An l sai l e. P u tu l
W W .. al u t ii1, if ga 5i N .ui1 1 n i t l ill
&4 ia emm rp aw n 60.liier 11W.\1I,%, % Ila..-I lei, i t r. I I- It.
B*U-I in w as in tema l jiffraiail -laitu' lie. 11u. 1e ii .J! '. II IS' I h I all, IIt. A I
DNA* 06m ft W 60 -t. eatest all.-"I e ta I t o. k.; aI, '4*1. 6 a. 4 I .: IH5.Cs I- .a
If I. 1 1.

Davis & Oliver

II*rt fe*i


* fitr

-e.111- 1 Iit.
lI. It,

till It I, a.

I It

The growth of th

2 elusive that its bu

ducted in a manner highly s

to its thousand patrons. V

apt reciate' orr.e of

pro con-

eing cen-

V, would

v %0 vvv

your business.



C. A. FAIRCLOTH, Cashlier





tehk Lnsrtltm, but so adverut
mst takes for ls tas 20 oents. ls
words sake a Ul:e: ao tractloal l l.
every word over eac h da sost Uin a
an additloral lne. CAbH In advance
ast accompany al orders for lser
tis I tLs column.

DRE88MAKING and embroklery
work at TO, W. Orange street.
WANTED--A bustler to handle Vic-
tor Hutter Separators in Alaehbu
county; good proposition. For full
Information apply to J. 1. Perkln.,
Magnolia liotel

TO RENT-5 room cottage. close In.
Inquire Telegraph office.
FOR RENT-One six-room and two
Ave room cottages in South Gaines-
tille. Apply to Conlu Factory olfice.
FOR RENT-- ve-room cottage on
blocl next to square; city water,
electric lights. bath room and all
modern convelleaces. Apply at this


WANTI:i .Ien to eIarn barbtr trad,.
few w,,,,k,, r q.;luir.d. IK-'.t pl:i iig
work within the reat h of poor iainn
can have' ship Ith IInall carit-il.
;witg*.- from $12 tI' $" ( u eklk. wn,
dferTil denianid for barl. r- ('ta
Slo.gin mailed free M.%lter Ilarber
C('llege* Atlanta. ;a

Q; 'i'K ItE iIa 'riv': for lost muan
hood ai;llta ttion guK:r;ianteed or
money refunded .'Oce wrt bottle
Sold by W M. Johnson.

Has Made improvement.
.1 ( liarrold. I he south side nmeat
InI h:r. jui.t had in~alled ill hi.
ll.,.i<- of lhu. inl..a an l.-(ic monitor
Ihatl a .11 a sii p iii h i till he l dlini
of his th.uillae Attach tor Ja i nv. large. and lltmhiroded sau.
Isa. mill. ecoffv, mill. ,spce mill and
arind atone %i hltih %ill t(tter enable
him to handle hi. Iuerla utlin buinul,.
lie lo al'oilzJsilderlg Ih. Ih pl.lt oif
baling a cold I-toruaKl i lant Il*itali.d
In bis pla I 6'*14

The Bread. Pie and Cake you
eat should be nutritious. The
nest flour, mixed with pure
rich milk and baked in the
"purity fashion,' aake our
goods the most delicious It is
possible to produce.

PheMe 16. I. T. Schafer. Prep.


Bring ln your lame horses and
mules and have them treated-hare
taeir teeth examined and sharp cor.
ners dressed down. Long projections
eat of ad decayed molars extracted.
Ofice. Magnolla Hotel. Phone 5.
-- -

8*i Wb- iani rW TMe
Sevesse e rers' experwtree Frua cl
work dme. Your p4trosnae wr aItem
Shop mess door to W ic tlub. W ULernt Mi.
-- S.

At Mrs McCormick's Milliry Par-
iors West Side Court House
Square, Gainesville, Florida.

A colt lt-l eWn 'hwrowluwh e',ur e o' i l rel
Lion In the Ar.t 4 lllnlerv rlwiiraln *ll he
tufihli hy M M.c'li.. lek. wIbO a lraduste
In NltiIn.I r At l r tBr ou. ('cure runs from
wo uo three m nth'. Katres reata lte ror
parrilculs, c('-.I] te ,r 'e r i ..' I i T iF -
0 )MM st K l.tDf-V,.i. blorrd<



(bVPr t >, he* i 4 h. Hr..,d
ville; Pu&4 t4 (-alm iullI ,r-
youd; wert to. Nnwllir Ki-
ver; n.wirt to Alacsieta. Hagim.
anl Wa rtlington lnh,.
(bdar K "*, Y d aldl internme.

Mellip and Aniser
or One Pri.

East FII Teetbene C
Tb LaqnmbmS iM


First National Bank

GAlNKM,~lIIltS l-LO)Iultj

.1 1 ..
1 A\1 4, ot it\





-1I ___


Vt :



aw IW qw1w

( 'apita 1, $11 N 1,4 w N ).IN I


'I di) or, Ca.-Iwr
or&: ill,, A,," I ( &mjtjtr

c d

iis Bankt isI

isiness is b


Title: Gainesville daily sun
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Gainesville daily sun (Gainesville, Fla. 1903)
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Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Creator: Gainesville daily sun
Publisher: H.H. McCreary
Place of Publication: Gainesville, Fla.
Gainesville Fla
Publication Date: May 15, 1909
Frequency: daily (except saturday)[-1938]
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Dates or Sequential Designation: -58th year (July 24, 1938).
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Other version: Gainesville sun (Gainesville, Fla. : 1903)
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Succeeded by: Alachua County news (Gainesville, Fla. : 1934)
Succeeded by: Gainesville daily sun and the Alachua County news

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VOL. XXV1. No. ;I




Motion to Indefinitely Postpoe Measure Defeated

by Vote of 13 to 8-Home Session.

- .. A .. -a .a. f


II'a ;-a -lb i ,.h 1ri's- -t qs

T.1. i t44 tion arhlusa. d 'Iat put gi u
.hi ~loio-.r1. .Iof O rlando'.
1'ranik I.K t on.a, : a.I lj log. of


Standing Master Taley's Opu of au h Fa

ms Til Cue AIt irMl

TALLAHASSEE. May II -County in the hands of the counties.
uniformity of text- books won tie first would be local option."
round in the Senate yesterday wh-nI The. motion to Itidefilitelly lost
after a discussion that was warm at was hlot b. a Iote of 1:L to ?
times a motion to indefinitil} pout- follows-
pone the McCreary bill was defeated Ayes-Hudson. Iroome,. Cone
by a vote of 13 to 8. rardeau. Leggett, McLeod. MceMu

Senator McCreary argued strongly)
for his bill and advanced many argue
ments in its twhalf
The strongest opponent was Sena-
tor Fred Cone. who argued for State
uniformity Instead.
The bill Is now on final passage In
the Senate, but a vote will probably
not be called until next week. when
more of the Senators are present.
Sflnator onne In npakin l again t

I lMi e
. as

G. Gl-

Nays, Adkins. leard. Iluckinan.
lavis. Dayton. Harris. Henderson.
Hotford. Hunaphries. Johnson. Mo-
Creary. Sams and Sloan-13.
Senators Itaker of the Twenty ninth
and Cook paired. Senator Itaker vot-
Ing aye. and Senator Cook no.
The- further consideration of the
bill on third reading was Ipowtponed
until Monday.

. Mi.ra.l.
Hioltrt Met('le'll:ln. gr:nid scrlibw. of
< H*nI .n-ilh
Mdl'tlu El h !slt1. grand treasurer. of
.'&a kminillH.
P. WeP. ,'te.r. grand w tretary. of
Jacksonia li-.
Irving K. \'.Wetbsr. grand ctalain.i.
of (;aine~sille.
The apjsiitit\ offlcer-.. who will
r-.rt t during the coming year. are:
Charli. S IIlmarkerl. grand c:ptaln
of the hiwl. Pens.aola.
Harrt N Suweting. xrand principal
m)joiurlner. Tallahas.-4'.r
Ernest H. Krantz. grand niaster
third veil. Tampa.
William (. Tilghman. grand naaster
s.rcmd te il IPlatka %

the measure, claimed that it is only THE HOUSE. J. II. Young. grand master first
a mak-bshift. lie stated during his Much of the afternoon session of veil. Invernew.
remarks that the school hook trust the Houte yesterday was taken up John W. Calper. grand guard. Jack-
has had its finger upln the throats with the discussion of the uniformity ionville'
of the Ipeo Ile of the St.tta of text-books question The bill by
"This corporation is a cur-se upon Mr. Carn of Marion was thoroughly ILL WANT CON
the State of Florida." he c(l;ated. discussed by its author and then wentt TO CUT OFF "HOT AIR."
''No other corporation resort to such oter as a special order -
dirty lobbying." I.He hargied that all The House passed the famous hill WASHINGTON. May 14.-James J.
county bills were only attempt.. to by Mr. Wiggins of KE-cambia. provide. Hill. the railroad magnate. called on
hold off State uniformitvy. ing that the gopher shall be protected President Taft yesterday. He "x-
Senator Mlet'reary slpoke in behalf Iduring the summer months. Its cap- pIress-d the belief that if the tariff
of the measure, claiming that it ure in forbidden during that time agitation was cut off short. that if the
would accomplish all of the good that The bill as passed by the House. ,oratorical steam in Congress was
State uniformity would accomplish. however. was amended so as to refer .hut off. the country) would ibgin a
le strongly denied the statement osly to West Florida. great era of Irople'rilt at an early
that the ll: in the interest of The most important me.t insre Intro- dat'.
anI .s.ch SI amI t o .ita;rlssn: i.r. io h, 1i i bill to ." aid 1 Mr. HIill 'olli pei pl'i
,e,'t. i of all) ls olc ( l .i,4 iAow 4 ( 4114o Is S nat l ;il t.l No. ::. );. Vb \'r m:c -,'* to thllo.; tlhllt l'i;lP.tloila awill
ald. "l.ut I a :til a ulndill r I.. r. it 'r. ar to al dolish the. pil.', :t u ii icl- & :re' L to I ,hali< l.,. Bet, a broken I;,;.I
4' inlt, r-te of o tf t' lo. il tsiltr.- ii f ,:l : i4go t rliio>'n t of the towni of New r ': :iudl l agi:.itoi U
St:at, of F iaorli:;a i. rr% it the coUl it of Alatcitu:. and 'l ''" ia di'i ,. i i ,.1 it ke. 4 t I **..e t. In
.Sucih a pj:lan li i.*,a ii c rri.fil (lt : 1o 1 .'" t.s'li' ih. 41 .11.17' ;in tl oitllti 0I I. iu l i s1 '.' o, rL i t -itl r
. A l.ti lti. t i 4 i ll! I l ii ,I ; i 1II:ulltl il:tI: t I '. 1 ,. ~ 11 :i::!I i 102 : 4 .' ;t1ii ,o I oil -ol, It'l la-
I 1 hit., ff .( 441 l ".t. il,4 ,f :;', 1 litt l -4 : 4f t f \. l.. r r to t 1 i i 1% -' l 1' a :l '',h t 1:l h t i .. to
4 .1t toi i'. I "; 1, oil I af llat 0 ) Hill if ft 1ri i ,r1.1l J r i-t'll tiloti p r- ha''e the' lriff .l. t.aIfllt ot.r ilt I

1 It iu ., -. i t 'h'..: i, ; l l ; I I t ta t I i 41 do I I 1 ii.,:tI r I : A. ;s. j. 4r tuit, v

Negro Murderer of Sheriff

Langston Sentenced to Hang

ALLAiiASS -. .\ li a4)i trial l S4.l tii*r it r 1 th1 at l.l1t 1 ,1f I I h,. 4 I11 t

1i i. life' NI 14, k MNiotir I,- u n xi i ri
(It d l g ualI (oeI ho1. asiu s1h,4 1 1of W1

hit Ia a an,. ~ei a I. 1u4.1-titli 5* 14041,0 ls~i.
'I.. is -troest,41t .oIL.t51it'l alit ijo 1.4' 084

.'L.m g in if. t' -Itorift f 4 [a1.-4011 11;-- A .age:.,li of Iii mutard. r .awol
I ii alce, M (it r rI rolturm, liere' c-rovi4'. ()I
is aao'gru hit tailtia 60-4-11uio-ise hui Ini-ig'red alswin eltoeriai te'ud
t.4 c'uuse'of 1.41 l111m IIt Ullo '.1 lit. '.tit t hatl flit guilty laamaii shou id niso" *
t c'itaio'a'. of this eomtst eldl urig lit-' d 14

ml.A'.orting fist Jiiw. aas ,, 4if filo- i lo of loriii'' la if Af tlota
v li.itar he r han IWsg fruaaa .Iac'k,. all"tool lit.' flit-I j1r1osliu.alt doil114tter.'
cIa. IIIIII Iii. Tlh iofita 41t- .%i.itl t .l ir ludilig i oa liai,'I.. dos 10r'
ga '1 o iaiI 'L e la ij.du iio re hitaw a,% itoolU1,411u IuI&* eG40
J lilltalacdIAl,.%it hr~itsiha llatrue luI -tof ad et'ia'laormogilg awloi1-ei.6, Ing
,1I- a' iui t Lit mid it h- traida .' '-, -tI tlio'or' Boats he. f il' eoung tao ~kiil;

1 1, I lI ( : u I tIa a 1 mi.41 I o -4 a- .41 1.
I 14 1-111is11a 1.1 .ot;,lo t lot ti4 Iv i, iI I I-j
mi 91. tI I ii ef 41,Il i ter. 4 ,I lt I ., o-I I4 0 .a .oI l' I i
(1 )l II l~i 1)1 I~l)rhl
( ..; 111~,..1 .. `fi

anid I It I Il w 11'4ih14 l f.I to .I to te A ork

I .MACON. May 14. A knockout blow found that the lumber shipmets had
was dea!t ithe lutber manufacturers bee so directed that they -M O at
in an opinion filed yesterday by Stand be closed under the delam wlicL
.ug Master J. N. Talley on the f. o. gave reparation.
P. claim('1 against t railway lhe railw l The specee eoue oder the m .
if the Southeastern Tariff Association ter's attUentl was tht o te Oar-
in the famous Tift lumber case. butt Lumber Comparyo Wriht. Ga.
In effect the mill mn are without Thi amill elalmed $4.4M over
replration adequate for injury dome charges for ca US mM of uber M
.n the collection of the over charge f. o b. mill during th time the Ntl-
of 2 cents peer 100 pounds on lumber gatUon I the Tift e was en. It
to Ohio river points and beyond was found d along with other thia
where the merchant and consumer that the m1ll did mat make ro leda s
thought and made a price f. o. b. cars e lumber to Westoe markets wher
at the will. this rate wrasu l odoL It was t
The claim for the 2 cenL, on tbls er set oet It the rnfl t hat as
class of shipment, of lumber by the la not a elaim for dl--M the U *
mill tirn1 wa% based upon tlhe gound tion caabet be o--ild td h
that, after all. whether price was ight. but owre uh a tbg true.
nade at the imill or at the other end says tohe m ter. meuh damage as
Of the line the freight had to be might be sougMw are deeM efty
figured. and swhre the producer did and speculativ. heuIs mut h
not lay the freight the principle was cedure be dealed by te ill owner
the same. for whether bigh or low it Maater Talley e--s--sA tAhe est
affected the fnal price received by that they sIlle be atlleed to brlg
the mill man for bib goods. The as- t the pai dfrdigt bM t as ta a
sertlon was made by more than Ifty Imore speele clam tay be the
claimants that the mill man is the made. 1
real sufferer and mot the lumber Nearly sevety4ve large d Imae
merchant la all case where there ai the Georglat-Plbridsa af Amo
ti an increase Ia cost of traasport- elation had elalms pe-- g d wero
tl( n. relyms upon the Ga Orbt aIe to w-
Standlin Master Talley fould that taln tLir own. Men thUn $10.
the sales outright at the mill were of the maoey dealmd by the mM
little affected by the freights. espe- Is thus to be ket by the ig alhm
H'ally in this caw for In many In-, I'"i.
,tanc s the xshiplpr did not .een know The master' doells will go be
aht r, the. Irmber was going. The fore Jdoge Iper Mr hi approval r
mia-te.r found saerral people claiming rejectiUo. bould the ndltg be a p
overchargesM on sowve of the cars lint- proved the lst of to Tift s-- s
*,, anld in other specrfit cases he be heard la nea-a.

Garrett to Resign Presi-
I aI oa a aIsa


,I Ii 0 i ctaency seaooare Air LiUne

SIIALITIMO)IE. Md May 14 Cun Mr. Garrtt said that to haadle
S.;AA\ \ All 1. I Altor ifn lfirlatlllhol wA: ha;l t s'rla) ,f tlhe irr 'operl. and economically the enorm
erj.I (Iol.% ;It. i r d 1.. I, ol.. tio rthroug h ': i t.t W A ;.rr It. presdld .t ',un volume of business that will be
' ..:i41 ,I \lti%. Util ) to f o tf the' S.al rd .Air L.io- rallway and offlerd In the next few years by the
i Il.i a-r. 1t a <1i froom i ,f oti 0,. o.ftieo.r under the' re .sh-ling public, the railroads mst
Il*. oi.t i atl. I;: Ji -tI. h1,. .;;. aft.r *i\tl 1 tI*'. road. would resign his make large cxpendlture for etrm-
atl.im I kiltll. IN, Ip.t. t1,. riff Madira, I'",o"lii 1r \ arrrtt ailI. however. ual.. additkimal factltls. power aad
.r.,. rouht to .:.. afekee pig l eit calascit) until Nov 1. ixt. at faturing eIld. specially the mia
e c"a.' I.I. lo hit. threatened. Iwhichl tlnm' he will b-corne l lce-prsl lfacture of staple iroa ad steel pro
froit ti. nma.on'l raI I i utl Mdray was ddent of the T. II. Symulattou Comi- ducts. was a broader e and ofred
fi.a V 1th1 nlis kull Irokk,.u L aud prints I'a' ,if It. i.t'-r.e Iu.ue.o t Ih, ,. i ln il face- fuctur-ero of railway equipment servtke.

Tlit I I .Iit .r. (1re au lght ii a Ixma
Ith hiad lstolil. aUnd ahile' tlhey Wtetre
tr\lK Ito row thle Alularasha raltr to
llr .. ; e l..,. I gllKh ag.Allu t lhe'll


K.%\ 4s('!''l Mas II C('1.6r16.16
EI NeiPro(I a re .I t'-.fjol- e brook. r. adocup' #I
nc antfia i, o~ o ieoit um tt r iup
114 1t6 11: 0 1 f '

I itir I Ili )I~1 111 1~, k %

'I I. 't I 44 l'1f.5t
* .'. 'I '..'.1I I'.

\ I 0 o '. t

.t If ii. I. I I

I I. I I ih

. i- I I !

. I .'

1 I. I rI
Ii .'..'. '. 11.I.
4. 1 .l~. .i I a L~ a.

I 1''
l'or I., t'
anal chiLe 0. I. .

I ., II .

*' I


I I (It.
I, ~

.1 I I'

Kermit Roosevelt Kept

Busy Killing Big Game

i NAlt(fl'l I' !ts 1 as:.t r, ilar lu Ia ranch of (Gorge. McMillas. All
I l I t I:.... l' llilt IrJl rips I.vi' eu er uof the eiiedlition are

l... ', I 4,. "0 I .- oi g t li: -
1.' i, ih 1 i I r t. I
11..1i ra

iI tlijw.l l'wai umi-simsp refrerred to

I ,.* [' 11, Iriravip 0 tj, *I0i to ii- fdlEiart- tuaaautain.-d
6 0.l l'ull IIft. u H Mr r kI. Afric al .iaAd taissiug sad are
4 '. ~ ~ .1 i.~Itf'Auit .rici o ia .of %1r allot trx h n .
S'' l oo i. ~.01,1 i f th* work is
A: .O w. '5 : interioro
'p& al A,. ,ia


orl. r.: 7 o I. Irgia lii1 ,11 wast-
I I 'l I I oifr cacti A of 11'

1 1"I "# f-t 44101-610" %Ac' .4101 4i (11t 4t141 J114,1.
.,, 4 IM K lil it t 1 1.0.' IAit Asd 0t4 0II leo
S o o' li i s jib .the he'l t'roo oitf ohi

* t I

I I .'4U ~ra It aUaeIs aL isUO

IL' t A A. Ie4 k" L' j..

a. II

tIof hIhrr'. .on4cttisng
" 4 a d om

b uwly a


T1 t.


I I I. 4 \1

I.I J.1 : I ait d ,




I m

"TI TA T p oSTmg.g

N tbt WM S e rIaN O Relef w
SmmW SeN e a Agus.

WAM ITON. Ma i l.--'alter
S -- the Reat km s or the
eUfllPr", ha written his Isat
rhl alf taI g at the special
Wemmm wo Idato Ms time fqr
-Ort Sweak pr"aria
we pon" apt N to reach the
ri@ MCe is om air lp. l

DI a Mow &M the pmma i
MG A bb a obr an =togiv gels
mM et lM Marm el te w

N twt W ti, rt I* esbot td

wii d i emo s f Wt Iam

m GAS Itam bm the am
f Bt em sthNo s %tr

teo a sto e" aI w l tiep

d S I o 11 -BM W

r' M .lC, e W Idm MM t h

h odlela IaM Io i Is uw nars

Meatm8 ywmet t w* ary, mhre t

e lto f r i a r*w r iham rr
.- tArn iet a ed haxl s mmtte wur l

ii w e. lo f ave to *ak wlat
AtSt .igs Sl hIda t. p

Stl WlMn Ia Ievin8 Wuahitaton
tat." M d a r er d rm airn
dlrB. "WUe b&Ioe Wellman has
t dIo for te fo tba e Dew .
a aene a y. No doabt tBhe td-
piattelad to whose Syml a-
tha3 witv the U d-atter wll
We1"ed a tad dr ovar the fact Well
Sha wisttm bvi lWas article no
1 s arIt ishot."-
M. f"Wrewe ivrtle Wellman has
madt tt e thoM rip he ia about tom
pa uIse a those whoInnced bsy
way ho, dmylapnt by er the fact well
s H wrlct sl, soadlrtios bceinl
IIlb1Me, to roll im the Airship
i re Des Iland. Slvit
hergan, sooatla In August. Th,.
Is his t l. ewell article Wehl Il
S ie for the pole crew os about tor
m three os atl eiasolln e for he
ala ood for year, sled., sl.d
dirgs. ad oter r usiltes fuor a o-
meria hi the edrrg .I
sai st for the a e the writer
a ualashtl work." say
Wml.sh. "hdr to is o somethinl In
uFly ir ol t hfa alr whleb slm-
ioetsa MIa sn to ala or at tst to
try o with ll i b mIlghl to alsh*.
tat whlel he has beg. ave those
wha dspgrve of the Judlgmet, or

Iplse,. whkeb led to entrance upon
"t i tak--4ad they are m any ua)
eo ire tlalet ln their opinion of
theo pertscity with which t Is fol-
oewed up.
"To reach the North Pole ha tbe-n
the ambtion ut many through the
*ettrkm. It is the klat greatly Ihtn
to be doae In working out the dslltin
of man to explore. coiyquer and know
all of the earth that **as gi(i t him
to live upuo to rule The q'uet (of
the Nurth Pole and tle Houtlh lele
is a law of gralty wllthin li mn It
L the all plllipglli is lraiist t lt, know
alU of the unkno li n, iI alcters ui,
WIoI-4" the depths of Ithr, a. hight
is th air, I the oyster) of the uro
ati of If. In theo greater pul of
BtL erssr.l I the whisperltn of
the e werd is the eologic rao

L~t: aaisv Zu




It will PMI1
time. Po you0\

lie vateti(n)l
hbttter look

over your outfit InIl P P
what you need. We (ar.y
the inost conllplete stt*rk of

Fishing lTu'rki in
tion of tie State.

thUis l 'C-

bmm J .........75k
.bm.. M .. ...

IUI k I......... .
1M RB ll......... 7h
bi ad h bb


WI nkd sad

p _-vrywhet'e mAd as to evey-
thi, ftom te pimets to atoms. man
wea to know, feetols that be mat
"The North Pote stads as the es-
tel Oad W my ol d a vaft -know
regm. To make this unknown known
is e of tho highest ambtios of
am Thse tlitarisa valm of that
kOwlege tis perhaps othng. Its
ele-tle vahe Is a matter of opin-
Me and dsdlelsto. But the true msl
elastic sprit Is: Wberever In all the
realm of physlea there exist as an-
kows. a missing ihak. a dark spot.
Io Ind wAt is there, and disem Its
value atrwad I the ligb t of the
kowledge paled."
*owot- -1-- *
A sightiu osesaeion.
A anms number of young people
assembled at the home of Mr. and
Mrs. W. G. Holin. CEat l'alon street.
Friday afternoon la response to inrl-
tations announcing the eighth birth-
day of their daughter. MIss Iuna.
The hours were from 4 to 6. and
a jollier or more delightful two hour-
were never spent by the .young folks
Little Miss Iiena was the re-cipl ,lll
of many allroirlate and useful >,r- -
ent which will a-r\ e as ir ment.'nl -
of the c craol onlii future i ar:.
During the after on l. li Ios r
frejhu.< aaih uiP nravd.

Rev. I. W. Williamson's Letter.
Rev. I. W. Willlnimunso. I auntiigto
W. Va., writes,: 6*This I to vrtlif)
that I uced Fdoly' Kilirh y It- li-ed
for nervous exhautlon atndl kidll*S
trouble. lad all Ifre to ay that :
will do all that yo claini for it
'oley's Kldney RlRetedy lhas rc--torl
health and htrcngith to thousand. of
weak. run duowu nleli.le, ('Containi, II
harmful drugs and le plea-anat to take.
. W. McCollium & C

Mayer's Court Yeaterday.

There werre three continued catames
before Mayor lD&is Friday anid it
the cases against Sunday telling.
each defendant was inucd $Io and
cots. The case of drunk and dih,
orderly conduct was let uff with the.
payment of costs

A lax) i.-r eiadc to t hrleoni dit
iM-plIa iand al till|atllhnI -a I tak n la th,.
iholle ao std ll I lkan'1a '-:gll t -'"i
' tlls I r ltw,\I corrc-ts th t Ii% r, i ,ii.
th't stliialdl i. ure e i, ti;,atlii

Th awake peroe reads tho want
ds. every da)-aud answers soluei as
oust ase uftlu

4l 'I lt 1.Litt .
'amtous little li, r
-nd sure iold 1,

'trl ) i(i.r- tl,
pill. msaill. ge ia
all drusuits

Mitchell to Bartow.

iarle %Ilin IwI -l. Ii e i t i,.
P-tjr right ielel r1r oiiit1w oak iaII

te-all. who Ila e Ie el fi i t I t .. .-t
* s w-eek. left F'r( ida ftor ltartow
whe-re he hias i rlii-d to Idlam wlth Ilthe
tartnow teaiu in the South Florida
li agu s-
Mitche-ll I, him ril \ r wurk 1,11 tlh
dallllloid uiadil' l;.m\ frl. I l- i- .- .1
Ine l r Si r f Ihe Oa ik Hlall- onl i-
.l KaIIII I. ha. .1 i .. .
irh ldiih ,K i iee I e"" e. ,. h e l%. .
lh II, ll n, I a 1, l I I. to i
. I, I .1 I ,II L *. *t ,I.

Wh-thtr lruon tclds, L. at -0 4t .,'
,r il I Iuu truub.c. Ca( iuli,,e s :
li'e\ )uU Ita llquld I*J s alt *
take-at't tinui dlately Try it I,.
!ac and W& at all drug stoee

"""" """ ** --

Your Hair is Wort
Afaid to ue hair preparation? Ion't know exactly what to do?
whty mnot conu yur dur? Isn't your hair worth it?
h imm he r~n Ayer6 Ht V foDr MLor b la hbair
hY uad dSs"ng. Hav# confide ce Inhis

Stomach Blood and

Lfe Troubles
bwLu olokem rne wit owe rat eoeb, sod eoosqUSt
er, impeewld bleed. Nervem gad pae ple lock
le Tir s6oMOche med IaalAretl
hr uer aa m embe M are thor he sthomach.
ree41 ht aeste 6emobsoffa asOdtiv~er
meiua, mokes rich red bled sad owrsove. asd drivo
eIosswead rsoe a Ilmt

Got rid of "W kefWme 4WORI&e anM
Iivee oLas JeS b& F bial a iea' of
La?. PIemev'5 Celdew Noeical Discere
tho jpa S e Ueh B ee.Ptiretf Lire

Ye coo'# a"md to ept my edicine of wohn
eup'vifiet as a ouhtt~ic.- for "Goldes Medicol Discov-
mty" vbhich is a raic-vre or xaosw cowwamvo,4. hoboing
o os"c4ete jle(t c4 ivcdients in plim rEglish on its but-
e-wraprt, sousC e bcLJ atICwed a ft ore mW d in Oath.
br. e~t ?:::fP!mase- vi si.*


S. P. C. A. Member Indevertn
to i tep Cnety to Ainmals.
The members of the P. P. C. A.
have gone to work in earnest after
the violators of the law in regard to
dumb animals and already three
case have been docketed and con let-
ed for ofense. of this character.
On Friday Judge Mason had before
him Rob Walker. a negro who had
nlstreated his horse, and he w3s gll-
el a flne of $i1 and costs or thirty
days In prison.
Sam Engllh. who had a h a or< that
could scarcely move. wans glhcn lI'
and costs or thirty dayv. but allowed
to go provided he would feed stand
properly care for the animal and not
work It for the next thirty days.
Members are vigilant and will soon
commence a movement to take the
animals and care for them and make
Ithe owners ruler the loos of their
stock and pay the fines If the prac-
tice of abuse is not discontinued.

Anetm te Sprinkler.
Editor Sun: For a community
aspiring to be called progreslve it
would be a misfortune not to be able
to trovlde an apparatus to wash the
streets and to keep down the dust.
FRy what means shall we call the
people's servants If the tax-payers
have purchased a up-to4dte *prink-
lr. have ordered their serrants to
liberally use It. sad Istead Ind the
same locked up eleven months In
the year If not hloer? Would any
ease basineas mas keep an employee
us his pay-roll who persistently re-
fued to do a told? As we. as a
munielpalty. have anfortaately sot
advanced far -enAgl I municipal
aetance a yet a to embody the "re
cal" n our law, we can only appeal
to the cooscileee and honor of the
eitleUman having the operation of
the sprinkler la charge to resign, if
the pursuit of his private business
does not permit him to spare fsul-
clet time to devote to the duties be
has voluntarily shouldered and to give
way to another man who can and
As the friend of the people The
Sun has frequently devoted space
and effort to have the sprinkler put
In commission. and we do not blame
the editor of getting tired of the
subject, and were it not the clouds of
dust whirling about our streets make
life simply Intolerable. not to peak
,f the" e-ndausie < (d l.all-'h of the" citi-
sens. we would not trouble to air
the above once more.
G;ali-e ille.. Ml.It 1 14 $*'

Ev,.ri tl iY is like. ti .it kidl ,
aiind ladcl r trit.pll In f;a t i i. ll',
e**'ver l' litl h -en*t, ir kinal. Thai i- th.* r. -ton hl \ N' '. ,
oIft n ha '* i,;i ii n t h ;le. k :iii<:
rI',in. s4 alldtii s en atis n. IIrilinar; dl-
,rde rs. etc thait'.- ur kidi. "1
t" '.t thing to) do I I to0 Kl-t iluI II I
1li f \V' ,. Ki.ti. amid l1.: l.l. r I'i!
il t e'..t F.ak.- thetii f
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