C I at C iX l.v '1 tiC '.* I. .. tr I1. E
i ol te oo f |h | i.I w il !' Ir ,l.il
illl. ,ll e l it i I l a. l i Ir l 1 .i 1,, .
I4. Hi '0 1 Ih. ee. i i .' t C .
I I ill t I I e i I, I
i I

l' l i i I .
I I I 1 I
it I 1 If l I. 1 .,
S. i i ..

HI t I ,I, t i I,,l1, r, .
r I il.'d 1. \ i1 an I t i,
t C I i i l l ,. i t I t.. I i ,. i

e iC a itlci ic!f i I ,fa tt' I. 1.C isi
tI ufi tILA .;.affet'q1 11 1141) Z~ It. i ) ..La a I 1 i I10 t Ie. ,ii.:I. I -1
It *&a Arraolga ci to IIIia. l j, ,' 'iec5 i L. '.' r d ir Atfit- It'' 10i d I;
shOL UU14 t ive tr aic sIII IIt "d it) uio t, ir.a Cs C .' 'it-i I. r i i.e iii
thruugli, the' it i.ti. ti IC4rlt1i tit cire I ..5. u Itc% 1. A-4 ti at I
to that' htsliau Il' c- (' a'. et I't'cuv aai" AAc14 d 1i&41, L ri. LtI.. el-c4..It*'. for th
ure r tbat LI uhitat utahai.4 at eia1ributi. i uL fuelA,
tiat -6


ProL F. A Hthaway of Orlando ected Pred.

dent-Next Meeting at Demad.

The Association was called to order
by the pIresideint. Dr. W. 11. Russell.
Rev. J. 8. Collier offered the open-
lug prayt r.
Supt. (arn of Marion county read a
paper on "Needed Lbrary legisla-
lio n n Florida." On motion of Prof.
Corr the pI)aper was referred to a
committee of three, with request to
report during the next nieettig of the
couiit. supe'l iintelidents and high school
riiclijiples. Ctomlittee: Itriinon of
Marion. Kelley of Alachua and Tuck-
,er of lPutiilin.
Mish Mary Apthorp. librarian of
Ilrhlda Femniale COlllege. read a ,paler
on "'Whali :a R'-ference Ibilrar)y Meanl,
to College Students."

Prof. Corr vomltiating Prof 8hest
for the Ipresidenc~ of the asNociati.
Prof. Corr alluded to the great pro.
re s made along educational liaegai
Iht h in Alachatna cOnllty and the StatAo
under the administration of Pr.
Sheats. Prof. lheats declined the a '
of his name for office. preferring I
work in the ranks.
Night Seaion.
Thet association coml.ene ad at
o'clock Heli. S. It. Rogers deliver
the lIn ocat ion.
After a imusica':il se'le.ctioi I)r. VI
Sickle. suiprinteidunt of l'y rhool
Italtlinore. Md. deliveredl a lecta
on "Provi.i.n for E\cep(tionally CaW.

Prof. C. II. He'atwoleh of the Collegoe CI h 1' l l ilr I i ithe l'ubli( ScbuoiL"
for \W oniit read the. "l l.ir.lar itii:on: ai d:: le- i hils -lj'c iln a ma-terl
of Principles Adoptel d Ivy the' Natilnal ti"t tll rI a ;la th11 e t **e n e ig.
Educational Association.
Ir. I;r.;n lt rd re al a paper on Resolution of Thanks.
SSa:iiltar. Scie'liet in the Piul1;ic Thi. fo;llouliiPg Ir*,.lnile and re. l-
. ho v.d On ilotion (.f Pirof. C i-.--,'l t was u: liaiiia u ly a(l.ited:
tlihe I';ala.r wa adopted. Where;ras. We. the nler..brs of the
Prof. Rolfr read a Ipam-r onil "Agri ;Florid-ha .l:dlcatioalc; Arcsociationl. t
culture in Public Schools." Oin 11( conit' itionli asNembled. have been the
tion of Prf. She.at. this |lal.| wa lrecipie'nti. of tHie unioundei d Lhopital.
reqitue'ted for publication in the dally ity of the gcsld (itliens of the city of
,r*'- (aist.iiSville. I ii
On motion, adjourned till Ia. ni. liet,4lvted. Int. That e. express Or
Afternoon Sesion. hearty appreciation for the cordial
At 2 o'clock sharp the action alnl r that wt' have Ih.en re(elved
At I o'clock sharlp the' it~cecirlhio alid eaictrtailii'd.
was called to order hby i'reident Rus- and etrt
,.H eseoul,l. .;ikd. That ue e"plcially
r. E. M llyde of Tampa read a desire to thank the' lre'.ident ad
paper on "Self Culture." faculty of the I'niui.erlt th.' county
A paper on ".lMuic in P'ulblic sauiprintendent and otb.r- f.r 'iany
School." wabs read by Mibt M !Idlu llCO(urt-it.i extended
. ii Resolved. .rd. That we e'lpre"- our
(..aui Sulewrinteident I i'E Hall alprrec(iation to It Ru. Isll for the

Only One Member of Gang o Far
Landed, But Has Cle That Will
Lead to Others.

Deputy Sheriff J. D. S;ford of New-
berry ha succeeded in making anoth-
er valuable catch. and while heh has
only one of the perpetrators he i s
confident of securing the remaining
members of the gang within a short
For sole time counterfeit coin bhap
been passed in and around Newberry.
and he has been quietly looking up
the matter, with the result that hei
caught Jo. Hodge with the goods on
him Wedtnesday, when he placed him
under arrest for passing counterfeit
The delnomiinationai of the coin were
- and :."*-c nt pickers. also $1 coins.
and some l$4 of the" spurklusi ianotie
was taken from the' prisortrr.
Tilte r i a iga.Ig ofl nlo.it \ fl e i
the toiul of tie ri.-l i tlhit ha\ lec 'i-t
-uct'e.u.fully ola.ra.iaii tli.a iiracttic for
' i* I,.i.t se t ral 4e t ks. and while thi,
'jlouty wai, only suc(ces.-ful ini latidinig
,me of tthe airt I lie has iniforiiationii
that w111 t\elntually lead hin to the
whole crowd, whbn their dies will be
captured and all landed In Jail.
lie accompanied Joe lodge to this
eity Thursdcy nlid tu:u-d h!im t, r
to the authoriltte. a!id tate, prinlier
will be gi\*'i a heariaig l lNure Coni
missioner Cubliuan today .



KEY WEST. Dec. 3:.-Visitors to
the railroad canrils ,.iid back the
nio. i chet ri;.g re iports of thte IroKre':
oif the work on thet' tenltiein au rlth
of Knighisl K-y. .Ne'r i.inlce th, road
It.gai ha. li there' t henll uchu a rull..
; i is w li( c vi -Ide t at the t camllli (i
Suni nll rl.tild Ke\' a'i l'i .eti Ke.
i\T. \ s-outhib uini,! trl;i.:i i ht'.neii l:
miorr~e nll and t.~o-e already> att t I,-
c(;p!il ar. hard at Aork aFlv. *e\ia
ait tr. aidl tlie ci IK ilge Mikaido ,..- ait
liorkc onit Iuh,.s ia. I tc-I e .i is 1 i,- K .\
1iili the. Siaa.a iih il;arbol r I fr"r. oif imle- i i- I-iilx a;lhl, i|. ti a'-
I rapid!' \ i i- itb.
| feli. e.iie* iii ,.-r-. ii ch.ti ri,' ;i, r-orifl
denit that tl i y i (atii Irinig thr i ,ial iiit,
K% % wl e.- tL a laimiar.% I 1i11s th.
It will kee- ol, rt hi:is oli 1 ju il .i)
de.l li

, e' .il ia'll i .1i 1. l.i IC ,i t t, i t C I1
il'i ii Ill- ferI 1'.illil l itlidl .|UI
I il L >C t : C I! i Ci -I -
T'hr. e' C l ai t l
TI I t .t< C ;.t 0.I I I *I. I h i 'iac iii'
l ct ha( 11 1C'i 5tr- for t hi'- C- 11 i
.;:r aiiii the follow.ii< re ttill-'

I' .a k i 14 a t le i iq tat i 'I l aI

I I i \

1 l ..i. l 1
C4 C i

4 I C C Cf
(C, I'

a. '.-.~. iir li-!s0stw nra. r isA hslebf
Lo'it r -'ide'.! ca4 r toie' e'ari4. tlcn.
I t el.,I 4ths. [That %. ihazak the
Slate Sisloo, iiiitt-wllit-ii ti ll (ohe i
uahic ha%...' if lpt.'c iii all) %at team irds
t 1'i. fsill- cat tlle 1v-tie '-I lidce --l (i (f (our

'oell %%f o. 7's a 'U. t d. our
I*.e,-' ttshei'k" lea iae1() ire1,irl' t .c5'. avnd
rail acsceI off'lot a..~ f r.n -lrt'

V ... elpo : l -m

t 'L: C57 ItC Hete1,111 -4 i. 4 I hr 5C t
M m lat tre eat I lie' ".% ala tia ~ et
P ~ ', i ..' r Efly, I to t 1 1. t

5-' '. e 1 nihb

11. ,1 i t 1

T i,', Pi Peo,
' I .!, .

1 I C I l 'll, t i lC'

.. I

'I i: ta lit a.lt .! in r. ti
.' ,.i. ti lla i il cil, i br. r r- "

Si,'t. li l" t that tLe brci.lr, r
l 0e fit l


Na~\ '(a l~i( ICqC~ I. ai.

f lit'. i eit i .t f it ic t I
\1~~ ~ r A Ii Ii -1 1, t -& I
1A I .. I %, 114 t ii~
I itt'L I o t till b I La

*ltal) a111U,41 &% i&a r 11lW Ice. bro ke hi
3hw limi'r Lout s. puuu4 culd.e irsec

C i i itiiit i:.' tiftrS

tu.-ais Anad Ual~) jatte'ldd) tii'he
a&) be lBuatad & sli ol uths
te'rm cut bUae bet He us&A

of .Mulaii read a pair on Snome
I'tau.-e of the Lift.' of a Floerida; Saicr-

Ilr (' iaradli offered tle ftcllow iaK
r *. i\tI r, a;- Tii-e ('colif billion of Flor
it th lai (th. l h al s-h4ltlool I % t
,. ev\i li ill- b' thle r c lotiil ;ianl three
nills il) tlhe il,udia.trict. and
W'heirea Solme -,ub district- ine'e
mior., lin %' and arte williniK tIo eI\
.i lilih ,.r ;:.x f 'r bliil(!:iig Ilm .
* '' r. ". i,
le 1a i >rI\. .i Thath i t .he l- .' rida El-d
l.oallt. IAl A'. oel.illn li t e.irlily e.toll, 'r-,.
i -ii i ... I ri tl wi, j, I e' ,i -E nl al : e ii '
c -t-i l l) ',i \ .4 \i\ ,1 i f "'I' .. ,,,

L -


- 14 t.-Il 3 I fil III.kt


. ......... ,

pr. Osimesill proved a

V," er the feds 1of the Ubrary
a emUM s ad UI W from the
Sa or ."ta( yesterday a
-i was 4imehb reatlied from
d-- to la tes weut quietly
La L ths mamer. and before
gLgg g 1of te taet the l:.lIga
aIt to this deseorvin

SiM|you felt dW

rame the Se eral
o --et tia patreelaed
l l the eItteea. a4
'bbr mooths the strmW-

*lE,. 1. 5t. hugs. a family ar
i dlr Tsma there will

i -i- h ge- hi future. Rrev.
m.bSn e tew pastor of the
M*oonI am Is af b

at be m ar a Sle church

f No shty Teroeday of wife

aftdod b their future borne.

4.f^,k Chap who has bee. hlvng
sThe y wetstre aet aot

f .C $. (Ma wh ha beoe Ivlns
mwe ate o fo ptat two
Ig sI la sad purchal-
Sthe city. He hlas
d Mrmmn property, cor-
$a twtm retms. ad
Wees hi had y tere.
iXkW b w eslvn

Get ready for
ibe cold wave
dal's coming I

We hm m d dol

IN In Is from

LSW S Mesdo


We solicit your
patronage and
will make it to

your Interest to
buy from US


-b fm-M oo--

b UK trade
mmrk whch k
ane urn.am
wsw bottiod


ll I.
II a
0If abI'i

Scoff's Emulsin
5old In Deaf lall the
Countries d atnwod.
Wood srL P *
up ds weakd wed
Whuo doyaw and od.

s Ow m

A. I. Zetreer Increases His Cattle
teree at Rchelle.
N. A. Callison of Spring Park Farm
was In the city Thuraday and reports
the sale o some fancy stock to A. B.
Zetrouer of Rochelle. who has een
the wisdom ao Increasing the grade
of his already large stock of cattle.
Two Se Hereford bulls and two
tae Hereford helfers were purchased.
which will he placed with tbo other
cattle of Mr. Zetrouer.

Returned to PIlatka.
Maall er Lous Kalbfleld and his
wife, who have been la the city the
present week. returned to their home
at Palatka yesterday. The) are cle-
er, accommodating Ieople and are
hustlers for the good of not only their
home town. but alwuay come in for
their share of "boostina" Ga;ine)xr ile
at every opportunity. Mrs. Kalbtield
always makes friends and she is fast
gaining many of them in the U'niver
sit) CIty.
Teohaers Departing.
Several of the teachers uttcnding
the State As~ociatic? (in this city are
lnvlng for th-.ir h .: e -... :hlle
there are still some coming in to Ibn
at tte closing of the meeting. the num-
her leaving is much the la:r est.
About seventy-fve left yesterday. and
It is estimated that about 4;,0 attended
the assoaeation at this session. while
the number taking advantage to visit
the city was in the neighborhood of
Prof. M. A. Ferrell.
Among the very strong youngg men
attadiag the Educational Associaton
is Prof. H. A. Perrell, principal of the
Apalachicola High School. Prof. Fer-
rell is remembered as one of the most
efficient Instructors in the State sum
mer normal last summer. His ripe
hbolarshtp. rare good judgment and
affability. comribh,edtl w ili pre.at ex-
ecutlve ability, make him aiitiousl'
sought after by school board.

Col. Chubb Returns.
Col HeInry 8L Chubb of the (I'nited
RStaIntI lad13 ofmce returned yesterday
frmi \Vlnt'tr I'ark. where ,e h Ia. ben
sluminding the past se'v.ral days isit
iiig hl. ta luill andl i ;i: ftih holl
days. The Colonel o wt u contciderabl-
protlwrty in that c-'ctioii aId :'-nlt the
greater part of hih time i.ic:lng hl.
gro\ es and truck gKrde i

Return from H:nt

14. C. Tuker mid 8 C.' ;4 ll.' retulniie'd
) ut'sterda) froma a sUt'c.. I-fl CAIII
hunt of a fvt di) te at the' old l4-villb.
honmepstv'd %est 'jt-A the' e it' ,14-.
s-e're' gone for atiout t (otr eta~ ;,andl re'
litiri halnig kle':,,d Its birdrI three'
baluirrel aiad .eix r.iblavtse T'bhey had a
I1114Hwalrs oUtIlIx

An Old-Timer at the Work.

AmoUnga itho aldded a'e'l elsrk'r,
he'v. e at temeiaia; t th.' .i XIAt Ic1. i ald A
prominent 'ii u l i oileIfit) I?%
1io1 C C uvii et v of
schol' of Jackcm orirr\ lia' hi pu
beevun e'iagagv Itt tlhii s erk tiar.' e-e
avid. judgig fhilli Iba pv. i- m I tL -
le vilot' (to s it) ~uL In hv e'. 'ral, \ f*',r
ait hig (AIliIII

SImple Remedy for La Grippe.
HKittiva Ii rgri..' cwIujAb thlat mt)
de'vcLeui ) uto l 4.le-uIA(e)UI uvr light
are' ulelk I'. c.uru d cbFll.v I leu11c4
anad Tar The beurt' and iat le(la lung i
ar. lie'aI.d acid btre'nacvlaie'd and a
lAIkigtruuet c ottdus cciii i., qUit kla'.'r
ed Take u oll) Fuji.) b Ijujit) and T~r
lI the ).lle.. preh.&I J % ,McCul
Ita" & 4",

John Tho'vpon.

~~:% 'A, u I. laue ri I Th.
in I'#. t'jil
1%l~s If N. 1' 1 Pr k It 1% P-ai
I;. dan*U lIaIre t thiI.it. III J '
ir to Ice. I :aii siitad''aLc.' lutoe t#.4!
1 oll III,
MIA 144'.1A 01, !-KIP %~1011

Electric Theatre.
The rudiments of educ.itlonw ar
Inutlill In the' pri, n ar (l' d >l rtrtliiie t o ol
lor ('h'olI and hb grilduall S.t'les the
I)upll I" ead%'lnil(cd front aoi. grde' to
another until considered prIpolrls pire'
pared for a colleglatel course. So we
advance In all walks of life. and the
same rule applies to the Inanimate
portralts of persons or views of scenes.
and dally occurrences. Simply paint-
ed or photographed. they show noth
ing but a semblance of the original.
but when man's Ingenulty causes the
person or scenes to appear In full sile.
upon a canvas, giving ever motion.
even to the wink of an eye. then
there arises before you life-like re
senmblances of the actual, only needing
the voice and sounds to make
them real. All this is portrayed in
the wonderful pictures shown at the
Electric Theatre and It requires only
one visit to realize that there is no
better way of sl ending a pIlecaant

Gone to Keys for Trial.
Postmaster lee Hilltch, W. \ IMlitch.
.1. T. Stokes and lDehut. Sheriff Har-
ris pIassed through tlh', city yc.-tvrda.
en route to Cedar Ke>. wrrle-r they
go as witntes..s. The inegro ch;rge-d
Sixth breaking in the lm)stofit.' at
F'aitia Few v.;a given a hearing t l,.i.re
last night I-forer Conmmil:s!oter ('ub-

In Different Sets.
It 1:4 1 t 0 .'11 l.t, e., -. 110.1:Ila.0 e t hi:e tut

4-.01 F Wt14 '#lift xI i iL, e. r ll!teA *iiia er
4u 0 1 1 *1 % % ? % I,4 "I ~ e ii h Tl i m.'' V i a

ttuu 44 oy,,ier,4. acue rmwvrbil *1 shljll~u1.
a (102(0' ard the o :hrN r 1-:4:J a e!.,7A-'iL
'How th- *y i in-t hvite eni bhotlHer!*
sai Thui Lker-re%'c


Phe 8a ofeo for callIng cards.




'i;; ECe Given for keneflt of Cvergreen
Cemetery on FriJay Night of
Next Week.



--TO -



l 0)ppers

TI' o I iI %,, ho, i- now \i-itiii I
i11 tlie' cit. lhasi tse urcid the ca,.tc.
it"r a li,' .il isrr.'e iitattoni of '('h.rlie i.
.lilt. linii %ill n- Ipr'"T* il.ted at Tih,
New Italrd on iinext Fridayi niight
Know inkz that Mr. ludgains outild
Int tMhe1 pl.,i on ; (it fcce. friie' -
A.ld is dc hin of tllis act aindl he iili
diltAr ci ani o% er tol N** ;: i < .:r
Lt i the caste for the piece. which is
inow altractting considl.eralle, aut li;-
lion in other cites,.
The play is one of the, beIt coni-
dies now being staged and is full of
funn) and pleasing situations, which.
being presented by home talent. will
make it the more interesting.
Evergreen Cemetery Association
has been tendered the right to put on
this attraction, and it is understood
that the ladies will accept the offer
of the promoters and take advantage
of the opportunity to ralse funds for
the Improvements now being made in
the city of the dead.

London's Bridges.
Few people are aware of the extent
to which h the city of lIndon is bridged
over. In all. It weems. there are no
fewer than evently-tive bridges. Of
thCese nlneeen lre railway bridges,
three are lbrid .'s om 0 r roads Isuch an
IIHlltmr vi:!e lrkldge' \w hic.h lli cn tl lriv:ite pre.m-
Ihes.- P.1ll Mnll ,;;,.17 tte.
Placing Him.
"My I ask yon, w hat your profes-
sl, in is"
"**' 'rt: lly. I cure ilo4ople of the blues
by lhypulotte I, we'r."
*"lh. 1I see' You're wbuat yuu umiht
call a chleeirlimillst."
SMand tlwfr. the latugbling hyena's
c'rafge ow provoking: Here we've
been Itweuty minutes, and the hyena
hasn't laughed once. Ella-Strange.
and he' wbeeu eying your new hat too!
His Great Leve.
Rhe darlingg. do you love me? le
(kissing her rapturiusly and repeated-
lyi Ih I? I wish you were a two
beamed girt. That's all I can say.-LoI.
don Tit-Bits.

are a
for t

Gavingevllle, PrMa C.

pnm Jd aN

Tuner and

Estimated Furnished ProptJy sad,
Work iuarantd.
References: A'Idww:
Ludden A Rated GAINEVIIU
Abraum-Hill Co. FLA.


Any Holiday Present is better appreciated when it is servicea-

ble as well as ornamental.

Plenty of Hot Water

Is a Iiet'esitV inl the are of te ,o.' chlIdreni, for -1lcivilng. bamthin g I ),;.ertiill~ ing

4;i.:'i' FORt A i'RVCN r .%.\

Automatic Instantaneous Gas Water Heater

T'hen th'rvart'Iln ti'lvetr'ic liiiTB L'EI1 HEA.TNI.i IsToVE,
W.\'rrI I p)()I I .LEI* I I S(C II EATIE I :-,I I.TAT I 'I N .4

Anything in the Gas and Electric Business We Furnish, and Carry i

Stock a Full Supply of Gas and Electrical Fixtures.

Motit til'k if all 1/4-is' ti ) 4 In %* v' ,r lvtacI 'w y. We 'a;t kI Iwo' ii \ wJrm
il ~ilf illl'cclMP \ III~.'

Gainesville Gas and Electric Power Co.


Gaiesville FMo



ItHfore tlikilig yor jelI
tiolns for llliltay' Gift, ed
at our store antI inspet o0
lini' ,f




We have everything f
essary for the home, a
our stock is so varied thi
the wishes of anyone e
InR gratified both as to cbho
and price.

Many pieces that
pecially appropriate
IYule-tide trade.

A .% ( ) I k,
i )TI (T.

L ~=L1'~~,'.,',1: 10~ 16 6241 T) lot LuruLj tpu i u 17l





5 l'e eel I \ f- I-I,1
big ppins f' r. r a i r efthe' 4 4e11 1

.mw r i f it c,- j 1el"1 )reIre:e
'.%ary I )Iattgirht %' is :I rv,
in in tev fiqltl ati' r el ro el 7,
the filr-it(hi' Itf fir thev
la jk) (o0itiI0 t 14) tII"a*it'-1t t hs.
pido-gri v (t iitor-0i'~?n her I .halI
&ry h3%4' thU fr' t da). it mill tpiil)
*few d&'' lieuv it V-%%ill to-iri.'irita
1p 15F.N 111110- Nckiiw m fit-
takc ad' fltago- (, Th' uili*' offerr
is get tog. tIher a Iili off tih ,@%%
pwribhorn-fo~r the' SvmiiiV4e'ki' Say
b h'r effort inll the watteir vi, rt.
4 ,1400 vot#*,' .11and bhr h ieiii'-
* ba' e thfe jilvatsirre- if ir r. .oie Tile
* for the' t, i t ivxt l'e' tllh, ifth-.
se ,tatiIfi.K o f( flt conto-stiula i,-

E Kath-rine' Hail.. (' ile 1 ';
Namine lDickinson.,vl~'
M Drian Ellis. (',Ill#......
h Jeqsi EvanP. ( G'Vlle......... !4241
C Alma Fennell. (GvtIIle.......
Antha Groff, Nebvoltrry .... .17., o
Julia Carter. (Th Ill# .........IC. 9 .
Alice Strickland. Waldo. .I21 .45.'

SElla Stringfellow. Hawthorn
1I. Ware. High Springs....
I Minnie Shawl. Alachua ...
SMabel Sanchez. G'ville ....
) Estelle IH.al. 'ville ......
i Nell IDCosta. ;'ville ..
J Alma Sullivan. (;'vilk .....
l K-ttiW Carlton. Mlerano|l ..
l Mary D tiightr-y. (;'ville..
l I lzzle Sheppard. 14-1 .....
l Emma ILe Hudson. G'vll.'
s Annie kleville. Arredondo..
ik Annie Ellis. G'.llh. ..
hs Julia Mclkn~ald. (;W il- .
h Ethh .Jolly. Waldo. .....
I. A. W. Sargent ...
l Lotius B;and-rs. iiawthin
Is Mary Fernandez. G' ill, ..
Is Iouise Nixon.............
SFlorlre Str;cklaind .
We Ruihy Alhright......
hs Martha Tison............

An Easy Job.



1*I 'ttl


Uli(c e''i~Iliilt-' .ai11e e~i~elj..'- cif life I

tb' "wl auuA '1 e f ti. i f I iI[I It'a It.. ei i.
F.ValloamaeG ',. lit'c V. V

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iica iripv A s., vi-c-itit, I:, I:' ~~.
I l.e e ra t o i he tivi I 1 I- t- Iii
a al':ce'.lr Hil! I t. I '.' e
la~zv ue.'e'r d~t ipc d ii ieti
Mics sle r Iaf. it
lthe i lihitiig e 1:1. '1,-l 1.1

-a put bi- a Ii the' IleOe'I .il, I till,.
The mo.t of t~it. twe' tie iha- Iiit, ,:I,
Not Infectious.
I USw d tee o \, \ :oa'i- a'I -;.I It T
SY c'tljdtIe'LA it iii,' 5eid% iis,, it 4, lite i eI-

&4b'alke' aaid ttalt''*i% %%.e'Fe' cc- i j
lekut f.r mjk(lr. .i f f .,r i r-.c!t ;.'-1
Oue d al *v 1 .' hl .,U.' g.,'I tI-'ut.
ORI~k 5'uchitag lit fr.-&.t i 11, e i .I \% L le
A btel I lt' j la mug it.Itaa r-,.%4e%1
h~riidz .'aa u i a %*Ie'%' 4-v''i I'c...I
8a6 IOUIP't (Jul, I .1 111-1!. i

11111 miser b13ipii lit' dI..uI't k t!

How Pike Kill Perch.


Sl~ f r cCrlt.e I I... I.. c
'it j f. ~,Ir twc~ .. i.- .

~~~:r li t ei A.. i\

Informatiocr Wanted.

Smut I

ro a 'iUh rt. '.l i 2
litL lrk. U

An Added Attratatona
L.It la a w .,t bwur rvpeee

Only the Truth.
A virtu* e'arrltl to exceM may be-
come ridileilons. To such action one
may well preach. "He temperate In all
thIng." even in virtue. Amelia Ople,
the Enillsb authworeit. was lint content
with any half mc.aures, as Ie shown
In a letter from her quoted in "Quaker
PIcturI'." Iy ji'fred Whitten. Mrs.
)Opl(I-.' co'uir"we. of 'conduct 1 to tI re-
spected as proceeding from her con-
s clntlilm nature. lioit fPeo4,i renders
may congratulate themselves that Ler
i (linitol s are not uniamveril.
iffotrte ahe hee~ame a Quaker abe
wrote tithltlli. After her couverluon abe
was asked to contribute a story to a
luana zll'. tier a;li tie'r to the e.l,tor
ran as pfo3mlow
"Thltil knowift ,r fought to) know that
!lneev I wl-cain:e .1 FrienlI I at.i ti to wh:at I ca.il!el to tuale a story I
w-ill wr!te' a fa't fUr thy Ieris.iul or twTiny
little' in::itll r itof li-t Ir.. or truth or i
o| ';Hn if thon wihi. lie ilnl -:Is 9,i '.I :iriil ll. ha Ill.r. took i
.'.i ,, f : n it di4 l ,not I h t thti1l lt 1 -
O lli'tttii. :"
A ~smto Stcry.
4 i e e.' 'i I .' s I ,l.r
e (.ItI I.- -I,,I .'2, \ I tee .

I l.' *ill I ll, 'i i to tee ol :.411i0 lit'
i( i lli l. l -. i I lil 1,ir i, f llr i

I ial t'hi s *,tii ; I: l' r1o ; vii .r,i l r
,riai eltt etil hat'f l1 hairll 11 .i; p .1'k
'd. J it jl d l Ie I t t ,Il!lt fi i 'I li. lIt l % .iI
OI ,1 in e e '- Tlot nI Ii e w' 1\\ .4,,1 Wl 'l'
Ie'in ig frhr i tIll. i, t. hl e e ,lt1 l i,4 t e'h
ill' e l it .i 1** I 111 I .111 '1 to > l:.I It Ie |n-
lie t elii lll to ,ir a'lo r -..r f "het i il
prhl i i. l T- te-fl t ,el i t'r-' I ill. llii.
Sr'ri lti*. li S u ioiw ai'- f i .rT.!li Pirt.r

1t1. J. lie i t It l 11 t l nI lI $71. 1 'I l hi xI
Ih, 11 et % a'it fa 1 '`4 1r 1 **i'f **ef!i l **
i% ni Ig i, t o $t i41 1* !>tz< 1 I- P it t o r n-

it di Ulltl IW 1i I..o.I llrt$ 1. bll, H 1-
S;. tfot,.-

A "Lady In Popys' Time.

1-1;' 1 ItAI'nl ite 1 C

f lit-I

*1 *, I 1 .

I.' a.." I -. .

I I! I l :
I .I t I

~ iit




100 Per Cent


A Wri to th Wise
k sfDfeicist


,. It> 1 c '

I. '.i i i i;
f if I l ..1 *
I C If i'
II li;lke. I
ti it :i .

l i; i., iI',in ti l' it, oir i" hof

' li'-e IeI'.el\ e ht Ira i ,h. l

!oi I, r ,. fll.eimi : Iluan. le i
S 14. I 1 t l .ill.4 l :llll IUfll$i

* iir:i w.' nii *i iiiitle Il i- d Mlack -
l1 +I ." A; I *

L'1 -''-
eIi -'-'e


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That C lor.
and em .ui is i amu, h1
11tt Iie surel

lr 11111~ 1 !,,, rim11?

I ~ 1.1 I. Ii
.1 'I

fe' *C
I .i il
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* l eliI **

I TO 1 I DA .
;1 .' e 1


5 /.r ee .1 ii: i
'.1 'i l

ci I..
II. (. t

I- i.r.a..r F' -iii'

-~ a -r
top it! W1Ily t',iugh? Stop i
Stop ChIflM~. (eI S pit! am fg
Pr -q w theuaroatl IuMurI I lu rCtubkL-. W Thuere6
F4 --,art lka, agCho


Was Daughter o; Hard Workirg Fam.
ily Who Reside at Pineville.
Was Twelve Years Old.

\ I .l t. :i ll. \ei ,w k in;i l:> l I I

i ;.' l, 11 ; 2 oiill' l

4i i, r 1 1 1* i : 1 1i I 1 t 1 arel
: ii ; ..i t l 1, ;i t..l t 1n l! ;nr
.,\ i ,' i>i Il- It ., 2 %, t r, I@ .tl illi f %\ t r
,, t,: tI!, 111 I \\..ii % h% w 1 i t .I irl I I .

* i.'l t t I, t I, 'w, tihe liurfacle' tlf the-

i< 1 re- i'-ld f t n the' e'll It Viwas
*'" II di.-co, \* il tl!at her Iti'k % a-
lir'ke'n i h i t i f:ll liii it dl;eath im -it
S:I\.. I .011 a)llm, .t illi ltatliln; -i' A'nl
tfrom i hr iii'ck Im it i lrke'ki. her
, houldters ,rce crml-hil-da and she ai'
othierw iA.s hbtdly brui..a'd and dls-
figur ed.
The funeral of (hae Kirl was heIld on
Tuesday at St. Peter's Itaptist church
at that place and was largely attended
by the colored Ipople of that section.
It being a settlement almost exclusive-
ly inhabited by colored people.

Philadelphia Flier of 1737.
In tihpse datn\' of f.iat trauis we ran
h;larly coleir Iiow tlie DewiPsper
1liloI-1114'liii'iLt Ilunlid' M11.Iar i Il `. 1737.
that a "al:i-r vi wI'd li.in ll lyin uo0 id
A, r.; t., p~ r. ,;r 11 :u. J uor:'f-y bItween
N *s Ye:'i an ld Ph1,:l'l,'lfli In oi
S.. .e -',1 I, 1 ,. r, d a gr tit awn-
shtilill CeI u II I'hlladelphla. Elghty
I!' : fe'lirt--""n rs lirei not seem
Ito us rich lIrtnlthlesrs | eedl but when
we rend In tbhe iowi1pw lier that In or-
dler t, :rscor:lpll.h thi.l feat "John But-
ler. witlI hl4< W4'irr',l. laust needs *et
c)ut from the,. sl;'t oft the. I-:ath ,of tne
Fo, at idnyhrnik nmol drit\e at (op
ir'dtl (til h,,rr.4' Ilngi c'hanled at
*:th ti ainge' e're ithe' coelach rsti nl rk-
ii'.. to ine'.< til,, ferry of lutilin Fitl-
r tilill.h* hi h It -ilveiriv l spa engers In
\,.w Yerk Ii i.i(h."
\'e* c. :i ril,,rstn'iid that for those
si.rlsur, (I t1ne4 iils* i was Indeed "r o
11 e .e ... "" 'It .i i i. belt 'tf.1q a ,.i
,,liiloi ,,f a liun.,;rr w h perfonrlmld
thi- 'l,,rie~ i 17:1;7 fo l he writes
h1,,nif. ... if 1 n .\ ,. u lIt... l travel
u11 r,. ,ili,; '.. *i h l .. ;-**, I .l i.ky
a ri l I .iri ., r : -i k f li1l1- %ii U.,"

The Dazzling Searchlight.
(le l. '.- iff I ', i !r|t le i; r i: k l4ii fli
i .1 > i' ,i l I I, f l .l ll l .v .. i.

p .* I :I r.. .. ... i; : ..u. rp a l tile
-1 1-* f l* r. 1 1 .1 : 4! v. 1 **%

,* i i --. ,l1 i i i. f :i l ll lC'yli
SM *ii 1 i *< \\ rf II.t ;i .il,' ,l" hlll H ii l 1 Jlllti
i .. I,( :; ,1 l .. o "" I li llll'r I
Sf t J;lrrr- i" .urlaM 1r'
'-'l .1 lotitl

.5 .' ll II.I lasI .,U,., I : I hf her'I


* buh LI



Rooms 11-15 Baldwin Building, Jlckseaville, F.

We buy and scIll Loc:al St'*:rities of All Kinds.
enc. invited.





POk I Uw ul (kK


Fire. Life and Accident M ,,



V 1


It pays the farmer to plant only the beIo. It's a
question not of "how cheap," but of "howL &"

We ae now hookilard for gr ordrn roe ud otr --mMl" k
wriU he glad to smd you priea qu. -s-

When the

Furnace Fails

SOn many a cold winter in
P will wake toR F t6 fin m "oNL
awe you going to do aboutl *-4s?
Prepare now for the enwacy uA a


on Beater

mi TI ~ Ire !. w!i is
mat lwi~em mid.. wI md-d~d J am~

bW is imabwmd =Lamyh a

h1~~h I- wi. -~
is IM MR&='I midm OE M ad
lo itmg mm"#s" f. k m a



I,. t I r I t. l i, is. gal ar,

i, rigb.ktail pour happy
I u:1- ,ptlij U- ,I* of km nor~

r I d JII k sso aI)llfu
-1 )- gat l 14 1 u11 1W .,

A1..iV-* Ill iie* has,4 s

A. I. CUSKMA, Agent, Gainesille, Fluid



I -T 1 I


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- Z r.--- a

o-al- -U for tht
sm fno


* -insen
~ Semb

*Ik~--- -MM 1--.-
unt 4000 p 11- to
po -U~ taearlaor te

a e a llr a srt

Il.-- 6A 18o1U bwlU

et t-W ee e hb Wt
II e ere(re

Il111mw k.tliJ l
ith rbew ivsonUlbe
by the oItAe

Ll aly Ir haer h us-
waai n a Ira aadjoinu

Iand klulg loo..
801D In) an adjoinl

rou~hs a wind(,#.
abonrrg aIrres. He w;ar.
.dto. sl abowr by Welrt
,wft eae where b,
I ae todwy, giving hi,
aUlal hut badly prctwlaim-
isouMap il. He wa *stireu lt
Ihom, where tracks
i ai were Ideutlirl with
We M I"anhd Mrs. Haw-
Un as the a mi-i ith
yea lgedy forII hr tow r

Usesan bdasdu6ff currs.
e sticky or' l'rtn d t an ill
t gha ad.. of ii-r. c ; oft

and bdauratin i. e. 4
Thely wrY0 to *'ula, d.ind-
a!l rmtt; e rh. a n ; tr i '
ly mt man, lr sh ,,,, whre, e.

,Ie I. mev l ld V ife,- 'rI,, t,
e 'tiL a Cs.. tm'rn lt.

essLa dand cLurs
Or.h ."rt

su~a... .1 .. vA y
the it %il lri* :.i ..




rmM 'TW TALU 01 OF rw
sopasewt. swe.Ia WILIAPnI r *m

I the faN of 1 fl general Pherman
and the Indian commitslonern
who were to make a treaty with
the Arapabove and Comancbhe In
eLuthweLeef Kanns rame to Fort
Xtrah. on the Arkansas river. From
there they were to go to what was
know as Coauncl Springs. a distance
of aIty-Ove milee from Zarrah. lie
tween cIrrah and the Sprlnp Is a fat.
revel country, 'ht me water sa to he
be. Cosequently their. was no water
earried sve for drinking purpowes
whc wasca rried In canteens In the
alaneam for the general's orders
wer that e would leeve Port Zarrah
at 3 a. oas to gt a good start
ver thAi dry ealtry.
Our dOlt od aCment ad de at that
MI ~w Dick Curt The outlt was
a S th ne amblanres. with
ia hr thoe generd sad In-
and whee the ge
a m .I...... wereo riMdIg at
as their Medde horses
,W b e -. 2%o. The gener-al
a Ame or w r staff eeers a corm-
pIa o eavary s as eart ad about
tisty e asd se"a"agers well
mtuae These oeeM id and ase-
ge' duy was tLt whbever the Sea.
wal wihod to MsNd any quitk dls
pathe Meck to Pert Ritley at that
mr do the beer" sUmppot l these
e were t curry them. I was at the
oTe a ygor seNt emp 0 yed fr thi

at was aht I 'lork It the after
ss, after Ilavin the fart that a
y oMewar. one of the gemrars alds.
vwa rdlg along talktna to m and
akitC ms about rwh I toeul t we
were gfog to get to Council Springa.
wher the IadiLan were. I tl bim
that If we kept on In the directlon we
wor geoti we would ever get there.
He askedL *Why notr' I replied that
we wMe not gotai to the direction of
the Iptrg; that we were bearg too
far to the wet.
He sid: "Why don't you tel the
general this? He is up their In the
8ambriane" I told him (the oker)t
that I was not guldlng General 8ber-
men: that Mr Curtis was the guide
sad that I bad no right to interfere
with him whatever, nor did I Intend
to do an. This young ofier (I have
forgotten hbis lm e tumbled to the
situation, and. gallopng ahead, be rode
alongside the ambulance and told the
general what I bad mid and explained
to him my reasons for not mentioning
the situation. The general appreciated
It at one and called a halt. climbed
out of the ambulance, sent for Mr
Curtis to come back to him. and also
for the scouts to come up. of whom I
was one. lie laid out a large map on
the ground. and when we all got near
him be said to Mr Curtia:
"I %ish you would show me on thbi
map Just where we are."
Mr. C'u.tb told him. which was per-
fectly true. that the maps were all so
lncorre-t that It Iwas mpoesllle to go
by them.
The general remarked: "Well. then
Mr Curtis. bow far are we from the
Iprhitax?' Frion the distance we tan\"
trvelr d isincp It:-rl:.; Z rruhb t .-'
o'clrnk thin morning we should be
very near them."*
Mr. Curtis replied: "General. this L-
a very level country, as yu can awe
There are no landmarks. and there are
so may thousands of buffaloe all
over the prairie that I lI Iretly hard
to tell Jst where we are and how far
we are from the Spring'. Further
more, I have not been over to tbe
Spriuag for several years. aod when
I last went there I was not acting as
gld. COaeequently I feel that I am
rather klet myself."
Tbh general. looking at the other
scouts, said. "Do any of you know
where te Springs arte?" The young
odcer had pointed me out to the getn
erst. and be was looking straight at
me when be asked the quntlon.
I aaid. "Yes, gnral; I know where
the Bprlngs are."
"How far are we fru thebr?' ask.dl
the general I told him at.,ut eight
ena ulltes.

lie asked In what dlr,-tin,. and I
a wered, saying they were due soutl
frol m us uw uad we were w eadedt
dea'1 west ltrk Curtils soke up uud
sid. "Billy. uteo were )ou ever out
to the iorllusl?"
I told lilm I had been thcre on two
vr tbree dlfferunt occastoos with ('bar-
lie Halh.tbe ludlan trader aud bad
killed anany buffalue alll u, r this ( coii
try. The geunral called fr lil horse.
mounted It aud said. "'Y,"urg man. you
come aud show We the Iprcige I will
rtde with you. Mr Curtls. come al jng
SNo dlsrepert to you. air I appre-

Old People

ctte bow hard It Ito for one to fnd thi
way It a country where thero are no yT'n.
landmarks. level as the sea and cov- VI
Pred with hntbuilnw-."
I bheadd de outh. ,I,,e ,enra rid- it strengthens and ita1lia
tnt tIr my side. and dining this ride Vinnl tones up the digestive orpansa
the reoeral askpd inr many .uestions- sidls a:snimllation, enriches the blood.
how I resme to know thli cOtmtry so and rvjtVenatcis ever crln in the
1 '.'" i hm t m I r body. In this natural msnntr ViDol
well. etc. I told hblm that my fathr replacIs weaknism with tnnrth.
had been killed to the border rila replaces eak M ith strength
war of bleeding Kansrus ad that ainp *.ae .stt la *ho Itwill s I&r sret
his death I had grown up on the plains o I it edot e o w U rwtl ned tbr m-.
with the frighter. trappers. buffalo W. K 1-U-Ah I f __!_A
huaters Indias trader oand others *.
and I was quite ftanliar with all the OAINIEVILLL
eoentry lyint between the Missouri
.A-I I L J-- -A as- Mb-&- ttll

nvrw ae tmw rony mouutamls we
rode on In this way until. appr.achliug
a Little rde la the prairie. 1 auld, "'(e-
ral. when you get to that small ridge
up tre you will look down Into a
low depreasso of the prairie and wee
OwUcl Sprta and the lndlana" The
fpriag rme thist vast plain, and
they run for oely about four or Ire
mlL, when It becomes a small
tr o of water inkin into the saud.
Whn we gaied thi ridge. there be-
fore th gemeras' eyes were hundreds
ad hbedreds e boree sand a large
IadIan rvllae.
I said: "There you are, general.
There are your Indans. camped

'Ge I'eral' '.,. m, n : i 'I n .

around the Sprlngs." Fie patted ime
on the brck In a fath ,rly wuy a;.d said.
"Mvy boy, I amt Kg,-i:- to L.u,-v.w !< It!
Tbe general and the Iea~ce (crmlis
btontier counelt'd here for thrci-c da.sa.
and In the evening ,of the third day an
orderly ernit teo rie anad told im,' the
general al.'td t;.e t,, relrp)rt to :! .. :at
his tent. The cgecieral kindly hlvilttd
me In and ald "I.l1 I want to go
from here now to Fort Kearny. on the
Latte river. In Nebraska. low far In
It?" I told him the way that be would
bare to go to batse good camping places
and that It wo'ild be about 300 iules
lie asked. "('an you guide me there"'
I told him I could, and he said: "All
right We will start tomorrow for
Fort Zarrab and from there to Fort
Rlley. and from l'ort Itlley I want you
to guide ieut to l'ort lietary." Which I
did. and on arriving at Fort Kearny
the general comnllmented me and said:
"FIrom here I una ,olig to Fort lheav
enwortb I wlsb you to aiudew rue
there" I told hi,!:a that would ihe ea.y
for there was a big wagon road from
Kearny to I'urt I.Lec.r vc north Ie said:
"That Is all rlht It It Ill Ia .e It
ealser for you VY u have guided me
safely for eo,.r :i'i) rilleem w alere there
were no wnltaon r.,:ilt ,li.nd I mtn oot
afraid to trt -t i .\-, .% i. I'! a ti u un a
tl.; m me.i r ...Il is arr: li.,; ait 1. ea
erta 'rth I |a..rte-d with tthe agereral
and he said I;* .rail nlherldnan wan '*,m
Ing e ut tI t.i"L.- e 1:it:,aiei II a short
tillIc' la d tt. t Ii e U iied tell hhim ,f mll
'This wus thin I:i-t t llie I saw the- dear
old g-,uerai, fr t-wer ral % e;ar- lie was
on@e tof the l4 0% : 1e4! nt1 1ll I ha.e ever
had the ilhaturer ( khiuilng

Oine day Iln the' l>rlitng e f I116 I1
ajoutited rIr ,i,. u tt n l i ta nr.-e! for
tnr:kI) 1111 rl er A t er ga;l:toing
almut( A'.lnt\ .1111:e I ru. lil,- tie I',,
oif a sli.a !." o. .r! .Ikorwl. tLb .i :.*'
of that 1.-- atilfu' a>tr gagnl.? down oun the linidw-a3,r I *ud

denly saw a badd of about thirty In-
dian nearly haf a mloe distant I
knew by the way they Jumped on their
horses that they had seen me s ss
a I came In sight
The only ebance I hd for my Itl
was to make a run for t. and I t m-
diately wheeled and started back to
ward the railroad. Brlighm semed
to understand what was up. and b
struck out as i be cotprobe-oed that
It was to be a rMu fr Uti. HB erremd
a rartne In a few jum ps, and i
reached a brIda e beyed I drew rwa
looked hack and saw the ladlama em-
lag former at ftal speed ads evlertiy
well mounted I wuldM bar had ittl
or so fear of bei uvet taken If Brig
ham had been fre But as he was
not I felt uncertain as to bow he
would stand a long chase.
My pursuers seemed to be gnalntg
on me a little. and I let Rrliham
shoot ahead again. When we had run
about three miles farther som eight
or nine of the Indiana were not over
O yards behiblnd, and five or six of
these seemed to be shortentng the gap
at every Jump. Bri.,'am now exerted
bimself more than ever. and for the
next three or four miles he got right
down to tulunesa and did some of the
prettitet runnlne I cver mw Blut the
lnd'**q were about as well mounted
as I was, and one of their horse IL
Spartilular a spotted animal. wat
Kg'lgaing on me all the time. Nearly
all t.he, other chores were struug out
behind for a distance of two mlles.
I, il ".ti" ha:in-" after nre
The Indian who w.s riding the spot-
ted hore was armed with a rife and
wll ud oc-.(nsHlonnlly "end a bullet wbht-
tlii, alont. sometimes srtrking the
c'rintdd ihfed of me I saw th.t this
I felw nn .t l't cIhe'-kedl or a stray bul
!et friii hls gun night hit mue or uF y
hI r-e. .". *.u!tn denly stl.(,l,' lug PBrl.i.h .,
IrAnd eue'l;. w 'I.*'eiii{ t..0 A.. ..id 1
r:.i..iIl ,',d "Lucretia" ti t ;.) thioulder.
I t. !: ,e!il.e- r. e- .1a.t i t t i .* 1a i ':d
SI. It ; r-' ,I iT li:; to h t ) t;a or Itt
i' :.ty ~ iti frot i m e tl thI 'a **'
n1!.i :it I'.' r k orl f I rn; r..tr % .. I
l Wei nt ils Ii. r.s. Not walliihg t*'o s'*
I tf I:. r.' 1re 1. I tu irn d lriglh i!:
I m.d Ia I iii"i:ent we aW're agalun fiir
Ilv 'i .. Ird our dit' tiis att..' V.'
I'ud Ir- : "t lIui.'Mi, nalout that tlli:'
ai dI .4 ; In ai hurr) teo '**t lt ,'re
T e.." lth r lilhi.?I % 1 :' d ,,: iI.
,'!. I .M ....... I ., *'lug ut
(t l; r .I'd. 'r nnld the':y n'.t 1've'ral
shots wa l7tzn.a pnast rue. lut fortunanit
ly none ,o theti bit their lult i.~ uIark
To returu their compllment I c.ci-alion-
ally ~heeled mybflt In the sR.ddle and
flreld ,ack at them. and one of my
shots broke the leg of or of their
bornM. which left Its rider hors(e) de
couriat. as the French would ay.
Only seven or eight Indians now re
malned Inr dangers proximity to me.
and as their bhrwrs were twItounli g t
lag somewhat I checkedd my faithLuI
old steed a little to allow him an t,
portuulty to dra2 an extra bret.tb or
two I b.i'l dete'rtiulnd. If It hIn'ld
*eol' I,., ti,.' wo,rt. to drolp It), a but
ft ,) i '..-.r 1 ( ,', -'. I :*
Ictlrn.es 4,ff fr awhile. l, t I was not
,rem',elt,~ t, di, this. as Irlicihau car-
rted mie 1I: ,'.i.;i' --t .:;.'+
The crres,. w' kec!t up until we
Sca'lc h ihlii three mile's of the eU !
of tll."l, 'ia ,. it :'..' k w w .e i"" eoui
I,. : 1, f lI'e. r' wa -I." ft tl. .'edl fte r
tLh phurle of o r ci-rlict lg the v .'
uini fri 'n the, li'. l rone ,of the
ot ,i -*,*<:w the' In trtaI c(l'it hlrug li '
ael. 1 s tUe I'ru lrih 11. I g:iave thle alarm
I In a few :!lutre I s, w. rleztl. to Un)
,'ellI.,'. ii alr) in.el, to.. g.IllIopluIg to our re-cue
a "enn as it ,,y < n l iiount tleir
her--. When the Iti.dtlar. m.a this
thb. turned ta l rad In ithe .lrre tl o I
f'r.> t.bi hibt y hbid ',m'ae lu a irry
fe'w iiil iute. I *a nie't h'y s*oaIi "f
the Infantry'u.eu at.d traekmren. and,'
jurnplng to lb.h ground Mnd gesailliag the
blanket and stdde off lIrtghnau. I told
them what Ie had doue for me They
St once took tlus ll, I ,arge, led him

-:-~1 --r dUrt -
Nw cwame p wth p$rty eY hiso -
ad Up O MarmU what hkd ha1pp
be terms ed the es the ladlBtS
aet kindly offered *e o hiea
hry hd omme a d after ptt g me s
adi) nd Wbrlek ta nhemline ,
wbo oy a rnw minute be*'.rt h=1w
be nklm It so uncomlfrahlt lhv.
ly for me. Our hrwe were all fro
and of excellent stocL. n weiW a
bIran hobrtmngl the dlstanct hetwa
ourselves and the redsklnt. BLltom
they bad Ftue fwve miles we owreaf
and killed elglt of their number. 7T

'*" 1as ar- f y m W diaa wes t Mbb
hor1." *
others seeded In makstg their -
cape. On coming up to the place
where I had killed the first borse-the
spotted one-om my "home run" I
found that my bullet had struck him
Wn the forehead and killed him instant-
ly. He was a noble animal and ought
to have been engaged In better bust-
When we got tIuk to camp I found
old Prigham grazing quietly and con-
tentedly on the grass. lie looked up
at me as If to ask if we had got away
wl'h any chasel us I helleve be read the an-
swer in my eyea.

The Meekest Woman.
woedny P- h^',l Tpnchrr- 1'!!4tm. can
you tell me who n a the' mniekest mao?
Wllllniln-'l-.<. mi'an;r \iton, Sundly
S. ho-,l Tri.,i.ir r-T'l'h.t r!!-ht NW.
roiurov. can n %. i"i twii v ie l! "- r:..' of
" <'.- t n ;:l.. I N .
tr.' "" t ril- *1r v. : r' i 1
w.;! inn r)' "

RCe cus Author's Statec-ent.
F,,r -' l '* l .trs I w ;,!1 ',
i;' kC l li t ir l)l'nl l. and I: v. !rtr
I w -i ltl.ttl. % fri kei, ~ ilth .i re
,. I II I k i(ll ;i d wa;i < .1:,%4 1 -
', I h l u i dt tI aV lll. I ) I '
V I ,t l ;1-,. 1-Nitan44 tI % t "'T.
t ;:,. 1I ;I ti i A w h itl l:pr, I f
|iu-''I --an fri quenitlv (la.. .
I .t, l f'.'-d tl ikitg ol', K ,
It In ly ;Ltd Ih 1,;lt j I : Ia '
.lh;tt d tlid fluaIll < 0* i-'l ;. '
irtl i. l 'r tO l I I 'nor
r',co, ln iiilid F ho'- K ul. l
J. W Mc(Collu, & I',,

Miss N. Norton

Novelties, Books, Stationerj

Sovenairs, Sheet Picturcs

nd Pkt r Fran .....

101 gut UbutW KL
gIIKSTIl Fm'' '

Breads, Cakes and


lH L, iiir rI hi 'r I a" r .'.r.
iakery. Arv "' prtp'Mr
Xa v I* lit it 04' Hr1 l i
; ,I, Alt, at )ou !, r ) :. i .r

R T. 'ihaer., Prp. 'Phi' '

Lmm~ z:; ,l ,O 33 10 1I f J T)L twr te m U "lii

9%. a m in mtiter

jrr h'uU t. wIe)i,.,r'g iscnu

uIs.ohnpthed erei rriorn gg. es
d.Ihel rdc b117 %.tirri In the city. or
part of the Unitrud 5'"!g, prfetpg
Iri It0'on tr#.c C;t',' e
pW.gr 3 a s mou fi(at v* we,- strictlyy in

e mcir-,%n I
g*iggion.awl i

'cml (rie,,?ifl i-ct"t-. a cice
ew-nI' f-cr efI5h c-h :ct:..te:i

Sr outlay a'l~rrci Ing medel kne~uti og

Twk'-a H~r' 4. %~ui %an11 ei r-ht poge f.
"petr. 'h.c-,'-ec c rrY cy 1.'11,y-1.
Santi crIrtin al 1tile ne' s i(if :th
rwt. Pf 5tm Ord g -cuict.&!. ate-I l be
paSe frec. r oarn'v P.. If t heitlit.
orcnada. for $I On t Avar-IU -I'v'Nc.
*5jYUft~siX bill% become dic, alter firm.
ofr acvttseiierlult.un 1cs ofherw,.e.-
in icuralt. Parties not kn-pwu to uw
W jpired to pay for advertiiuff in ad.
GA*xxuviLL&. FLA.


LIPtle zo-phyr w;!tttd the4 .follow-
b.N.autions into o)ur salk tuill
fqolve the following ), .:r that I
pt drink any. unlesp I am dry-

I will let people mind their
0a10sness and assist them all I

at I will agree to obey my su
grw, if I have any.
!t I will always forgive my ene-
k especially those I can't whip.
Pat I will strive to tbe in love and
pity with my neighbor, if I see I
P aned him to I'ark me' up in some.
pit of life the cominK year.
It I will subscrile for :his paper
Sprompltly pay for the same.
Iat I will trade at homel and trY
I get hack some of the money I
Mdered abroad the lpa.t year.


up the'. evar riih',

'u olvc. andl .tic'k to it.

""~d lca-t c'rrccr! dcci iici-likc'-

SNte'" Yc ir%%'ii)s I ., a gro'at cat,
W ant adic-i: 1-i i-- 1-1clii- cfi t ii

Werar d court. rc 1aiisi i lI hie- ui
O wn i.'1110, c t iiici dr.- c i'el i'e,ciad i
Of Iceuuig a la L114c 1I-- 1,)cc fI a h.' lot -0
ibiutloii~t'.tIc'-. I~tt' i '''e-c~ ~V
hr dr'

It OU y .ou11 utect a i ct ic ic,,' '. I 1
Pa ha'c e iiIj c'i cci c .tcci
P atttc '.1 A Ic1- 11 ic E11

Is Iyou 1 1,l 11 c

LL~alia o I tl,,
biTijc' -' .1 1 1:.-i 1 1t % I I I I I I iacc
P6'ie Irtc 1t; 4s i..'ia i I lice.'1

IhEMMt0 u ha 1'clI.41 IIt. I Ic'c"% I tI.
owes.Th. 'ii Ecdoech()IlT114eStill~ I lice c
r oute' to) t1e' tc011t- a10 011 ii11111,
We tc.' fc e'le iiclCA Illc
bEC*leIr~ate'. iV-ltit c i ici% c 'a.r
" % --' tTru t thit 'ciii 'i11 t. o.e-ih
Cele~brate'the i' ewe.imic itI, Iliit.

VIC ).ic-Ii fe, I tic c 1.4 i iii c! Ilic (.,1 1
fa~il Viuoaft i w it i- oi" c 'i -1,, .v cci '
that ti.& icic thatS l(If I t I t It

the i- ce fl I 'li !4 .AIII
S loa fu I c Ii lc I lice

M eIiL.. c c

frit. eiA ii r,-cc i i -j I I
A t :Illjlz

Y I' -i I -- I
Ic ic ., -
bug cc :I c'.1 II'. I tcr.

il. I I \' e c *' -

Sic~u a!-.' & -c I .
ESo Ilce. c tcI'i iiI. c.'



TNU MNW YVIA. etap m 0m o AfIAe.I,
-- urM saId SIerMt -Cover with cmLk
"A frrleal stnds at the door: t t offs, a i la' we t c hth o.re !
Ii e '1f:,r tith' crOn rEl ba l ,hi,- f fil% eo 1,n l ,l 0 (1 01
I l i;;" rtie h i ,f tlhr,. h. *'i lr,,1 ,ai,,1 l i0 ,cr it i ,,. ,.,i i ,;l l ,h i or ni ,t i,
th ,, r' k ,'r T l itC,. SA ,. t or ,i .e iui:
'\'.tit I t ,' t th ti i' ,> 1 th i ,t,i l ., ,.
'.""! I.l-lAl in !'a h .i l f ,.. r Eo r
1:%,I ;it. th ie* r ,, l-'r-,ii -trir k lAIN p:jc ti. it lli hll
4ih El! *..1-. h14 ti. :t It in I i : ll .1 hI-hI s cld n',ll Irt reel i, l .,.er to
l h "Id K.* *p h .itl in *. lh t ;iti.td lip iionll
It r;i T, t I., il. 1 fi ,itff l t.11 it di, l;lail Oil,, o nr Sytik th. n T i f rt,!
Ft ::,. E'c in .', thl i lik ,' :t fri, ,- l il'. a' -I w II.,I' S' k th- w o u'i d
%\: l h.t tho .r bri:'lt 't fI 1 ~l te i w itIh f .i I"tlc ir hAit.
or fl 11 m itlh orlt.,.,. .- i ns 0 1 1 -1** 1 ill *" on "t **t *ot-A l ifl ni>iim

X ,I h.> l Ir If t 1. ds ...ehll In .I t u 11 k I' l 1 .l 11, % "t
"r* *itc til \ 4"In' iitIi 'cri' i i -iiJI;lil

iz t- illI I )Ih | lf Ill ;ll
%l.'it l 'IIITl -I, I 1. v .1h l i % a tI
it lif tt.- to v
,V lu ,i 1li .i.. t i. 1 .t' 1 to (.it 11 ,
S -ti: i. l I1.tt on l t a k. 1 1 low
S'.. I ; ., ( I 1 ie iiir *' I .m A H i il' %l i. tI i

C it l r i In F' Itoll so) "I> |I.;i r u it Ir
\ i .l ; 'i t l I 1 i ,* .1 ,I i) JI>< 'I I.
I ,III I 'e ia'.1i li:h te'r intdl ,i ti .e. tip t,
.h.' ,' i l, ': 1r. I t t. n 1 1 r vq I, # .t,
t %#'-. ior ii'- ;it n;. !ie in i 1r 1l 1 er too
l I Ai Iti it, o Iut i l r tft (>(t r- l t
Ibt i ) : n g l i bdti fr oni 1. antil it I .. ,
F"i l s( 1 1 t n ( loi itig n t rin i
'lol- acoii' -. a t r. t f th.ii io 't i' iII d ,,it it Ii itI i or u lt f
\ h ,s. Il ,* waill s not ,oti tl l otr (1t of
it f g t-. i i c h i ti ti li lfr dchxrs Io lt o i ) :srlierjt. Ior rap iis
ei t!'- r 1 'n'i or 1- 'ml so r flti\ ( t, .
S. "t f Er, If lit o '*1a riug m r hli'n l kit. K 'ee ip the nhliead
a .r h, h-le. cit ':rI V t imr M i' n. t-o a, ; not to inhale flame'.
romin g (II a s. it kinfc fo li,( r th in to
briiK g happine-s. or giti of somine' kind.
The spirit sometimes grown faint be- The Meanest Man in Town
fore' the unknown futur.e. conisequient. II" the one who always wcars a
1. it is enough t totake on- day at a frown. in crIss and disagreeable. and
time and try to make' that good. It In short and sharp in his answers.
s hard enough. even then. and some. %sne cases out of ten it's not the poor
lnies it is best to go hour by hour. fellows fault, it's his liver and diges-
)nt day at a timer i the secret of tion that make him feel so miserable
very noble' life. *"One da:. at a time. -he can't help being disagreeable.
aken up bravelY. with its duties faith- Are you in danger of getting into
ully dane as they come. Its trials p. that conditions Then start at once
cntly lhonei. its temnptateions firmly taking Itallard lie rbintae for your

resisted. its cross cheerfully carried.
itt joys rightly used. and its gladness
gathert'd from ,v\'r hour as it passes
oni." Intteid of making ni.iny rc iiu

l!% r the saf>. s.:re and reliable vege-
table re ,':!ator Sold hy W. M.% John-
S !l.

tinms at the first of the year to be Notice of Master's Sale.
quickly broki-n. let us strive ti n met I'nder and by virtue of a certain
fi;,:'l d'crr.'e of foreclosure and sale
e.ach day .ravely. and take what I i de by the Honorable J. ill.
brings Jiuini -.tlohinl.. .IJudget of the- Circuit Court of the
"ri, harug .oniie lamp-like' hope. iLlihth Judicial Circuit of Florida. In
Above the unknown .d 'fr Alachua county in Chancery
AittinKg cu the' ltIth day of IkDeemnber.
Kind ear. to ish e our .,. irit fr'c.r .T *% i s in, a cert .ian (ause. p-idlng
S<.c 'I. illn .-airl cilfrt. wherein W. Ht. Iee is
And our hands strength to work while c0',iiil;ihliiant anid (;eorge II. Rose Is
it ** *I'- f ul.t. the undierlsined. T. IH.
I:lli.. Jr.. an S lpeoial Master in Chan-
S'. **. iin .aid c'auc., will offer for sale
Thei' nd of ('.Cru.s W T.,Ad. foultiir.,'i .jl c-11l to the. highest and INst bid-
anid h:ead of the Kor.e !a> l I,..t *! r for cah. at pudllei outcry, on .lMon-
Id. li- he fir.t day o(f lFebruary, A. 1).
. (t roi. ti :1l ,tI tl .It o. f hi th ti 1 ,., th.e s,,e i, einig the first Monday
411 ot anl l sir.,'t-I : rm-- li i'.S 11 ti h, i0 i ; I ;..l*"
I ltl- Tlhii- 1lc:1i ftnlldt-ll d ;i lza "'re i'f ':aI'. iii frcli of the court house
S*-E'll Midi ; 0l I ,h!l..-o|,.1 1 % Ihich h-. c- I l, i lot''r A 1;Ac'tihe co ti il in the Cit .
'IK'nr.- hili.; I'i .[.' oler-olh ." It ,I a'.l l il ofMI l d layid u.-iIu t., i. iii aid t -Iing
in tiie ii .,r .;!: .,!. 1 tI t A .11' :i 1' n thi* Couintv of Al:achut anid State
* oi ithe. lih.'- ;i hollow -I, l. anl.l 'f Florida. :anid ie.-crihl-d in said inall
I' ::t ,11 i ',* \* i l..:| .. 0 *'e l 'r.' a -t l llc .-' t i tit: 'C mli nt'e i
I iiti, :tI th.*' \ crtihw- I orie'r of tie --
S i,. I .\ ,,i" i ,v l i,, ', lr'd .1 ,i .'! tif I l l i i f(, 't
i ,. ,!.' I II' i 'lii '" hei .f N o h
*i,, ,, ,, *', ., 1 t11 *f i th l ie l \ ',.l
'I-i-c '- ; i I o 'j .i i i c 1Ie'- t la 'iic lf t:
,\ ,r l 1 i. '.: ic' "t 1, ,I uii c ,.1.. : it i 4,,r t ... V, i *i i f<. tc. ,-
r ? i-l.'ii. I'!t i t i i f I':.I i l ;t <, '' :. -t o ei t i;i o i .c cl i,. l (1 ,re d .'w -i t -

**1 1' ', .' :| of MI (rn-,
.- Ii i' c t I.it Il '- \ I' lt-, .. q ,. i iir-l '- I ci rT .> li hlp
ii 0ii il .' .'.i : i~ l ,!,; ,' I ,1.' i M lii 'ii \ l in ii. S K .I. cci,,. i t I'c 4o I( .2

ci f'lcil V '- ck ti )cck Ic
clcI'1 tc l c' S i i'I kaa
'Illr l~ :ltc~ c I~

T licii r I r I ": r % !i ,f '

ct.|. i 'ti e o( (' .! a -"lii li\ 1,' dl i,' |.e e lic l 1 1 l.4 1 -c El t \
\'Cr I|..j- ;I. Nec o cc.. cc1 ('ti 4 .i ''i i l i ci
I 1 C S'r,: kl.ii l
,nehl oth, r c i' ,,:' in t'!,-ril' a tI tlin-
I l la I C l lll.l I I 'll l ll l l t ii t llii
i ;

I cc1 'I I i

4 'cI c I c'I. Ic C' I

c l, ; '. i

-ii -:f iSc. I tt" c'i I, !
Cc' cc .r Ic .i l i -
I'. c ., i 1 l. '-

l i ,, 9 r '
I i,. \ I I i ", i 'i

- I-


k I .. m i c f
I cie' lcil ~ctfci~ Pit f.r ccirrtc

C'I. i II cI t1 i ice. Ito cit'
"~i ci''El ci l.l\j I FS
ai '( ,1 1; Iltli '~ c~i 5,i(lli. u

"I P fltber had bIt"n a ucaff toem rfrne'cm .l'b the ebe
f-cc c~a&SC~c'ico :'.ra ite r f-cwua4air,
tc \tefrc Itcp-~a cc',~ '4' .1 ~~ a-'aV. l~Iu.O Su
Shot 1,y&' I cuit y iu 1
flmi toI*n I *M V i tl
'1,.c l"'- '). .e'm c 'l .% goo f U.:1 i t imlaul
I'Ml c.i. lC ) IU 1141(. () i I(1 AaIaajjvam1a

beat rcw
'The Dowels

P'. p 1 1,1 r, 'll lin Mial

rr ICN.
IC" r ()e~
a re*'r 'r I : '. 1 G 4 ;
i. ac &;, c -'y L o ..,r N.eY.No

6 L e 1L0

$is M&u. s wt -L
d~ Sst?'1 .( '' Irr r~L

%ibl~. r II
0~ f

- e -- !, W.



a 3na^ us~m 3Dam JNT

AN ANTISEPTIC s tops Irrltatimn, mrm tbum
hinm and drnvss 0.-t Pai.
PENETRATES the Pore. 1wens the 7ibrous flwren p
mote af ro m rcuatim of the Blood stvkw t&M Musle


G. S. Merchant & Co.

Staple and Fancy Crocerit.

Gnri, Gardeq Seed aqd Irerulmlu "

Higmestma e'gepris paid eori Ce PeO Sggp ad gth

A nmlae stk r ain a.f4 Oo sm.. Oa Flerw. UaL Ie s.
STamp a Jacd R o. We dvlle R W g M t

Tampa & Jacksonville Rail


Leave Gainesville for Micanopy, Fairfield and lo-
cal points South.. ...................... 10:10am
Returning, arrive Gainesville ................. I43 i
Leave Gainesville for Sanmpeon City, PalatkS, '" -'
Iake City, Valldsta, and all points North 6:0 r
Returning, arrive Gainenville .... ............ 9:1p9

A. L. Glass, Ge. Sept




Tickets on sale Dec. 18, 19, 23, 24,

25, 30, 31, l.08, and Jan. I, 1909.


Good until Jarn'ary 6th, 1909


jc c el ~.,~eeIII4'% rates, ettc.,

\C~'llt ws Line
\A..c I! UPt' Arite

A. W. FRITOT, D vision Passenger Alent, 138 Wilt
Say St., lacksonville, Florida.

- UIum

ft 0%... I*%%Jf bo r r
jA2 i .-----r.I... .II)~fc A Plrc< I pfemo ltiui l

a1,1 .s urlUtcro)Uble.

i it! Thef c i6

S1111 IV \!U 4I

LB E. Srhr, Trd g r.





00000" Vo" 0

k Aft dft AdkK dilk mdb Aft alkh Aft Aghk Alsh AdIk Adh Afts fifth lift
I mw 1w mw mw qw mw -W mw MW


_ __ ~--.- ~


- ---

V. & S ofty. I1. 0. Tru, Tern, uuk "IW
-."ha d M&ss so
bus mm. whe I wes psmeded W emi~
bw emus. WhMIs ecma
hue ales usd It SO eMw~w w
Inp tma aE.l th inIA
mT LINT 6W 11U '- T~ a
TU 1a=$ 35% Sb adOV
ST, &AM %L L An

Sathm.- right.



r- -

;I&I ro


W-bf aat
bo w l? a dikes-
u~~~no W.1
le a@ m aw. Owe of the
qa cL e@W ban fi the

booms" up toeal
-ombookwh" et t was
GOM bbe bsUemlyIn-

O IC 1r anww M upa
Ob elftube ato e
st a aboxe ter f s
a is Whom aie-
bwhre camme
r-mu'" sn swas
i t the enduof
SC an. won

of luof
eba I to
iswas remirib-

momI" "o &Mow

1 --" i omay sada
1p bed me byeto
ianwo uwab je

P d e ua~aby
~~Ne ~-54 LIS~-'

Pelt I? T*Net.&
"'Nw we will mke tbs white hel'i
Aad the et tork dealer tlaid bedM
a small bathbtb a box of cold ctm
a bottle of brUllianmne. a couple of
brushes, a chbmois. towels and map.
He bathed the ben It the tub. n<
erbbwel her rtbhers till they wen
snowy. Tho be toweled er, wrap
pd ber up and put bhe away It a
wam box.
"Tomorrow." be mid. "after sbe i
quite dry I'1 rub brillIant lne o one Ml
tse brushm and pollh her coat til
it shine like satn. III oil and pollal
be fret too. ler face and wattles
Ill rub well with cold crem-tbat wll
eepen and enrich the color, the bloom
Altarether. when I'm dtmne with bet
h'll be as smooth and shiny and Im
maculate as a new Rllk hat cr a wel
laundered white evening shirt.
"For exhltbltlins ch!ckens bave the:;
elaborte toilets aliwar--mcc':-h n on
elabonte ones, wmetlnien. In certilt
Itreeds I hare seen the leg feather
being curled with an electric. Iron onqI
by .m."-SNew Orlefl Times-Deti.i,

You would not delay taking Ioley's
Kidney Remedy at the first sin of
kidey or bladder trouble if you rea-
HUed that neglect might result In
Bright's disease or diabetes. Poley's
Kidney Remedy orrects Irregularl-
ties ad erms all kidney and bladder
dlsarders. J. W. McCollum & Co.
If Wre plad4 etumryou want,

The I- e iba the pltaS


to get It


Bm I -ll COf me mae 4 advwhraIeb
ma the hderof Jmury. 135, at the
As doe Oity at Albeum. UWae 09 Wisilia
l UNT" Colleto r Mau Osfty.

** o*o**o....*.....

@i **M N@.... o

ar (17
~..,........... 3

dew ..... 21
.. .......... 22

............ 24
.. ................... 1K
0 .' ...... .... ..... 27

a W W% ......3... 2
LNW% of N -%
........... Is
# .-. o o 3 1
N -- O v ........ 34
*.....,.............. 3

0.......... ............. .3
.** .e.o.......... 1

ot NW and B Ei
S .... ... ......... 13
............. 1
a and 15w I

............... 13
W an N %E at
00 .. 0 .0 0 13

.................. 30
4... ..................... 30
l.... .......
and *Wand BE% of
....0 ................... 2

SN ef N8 % ........ 29
... ... ... .. ... .. .. 30
of s ... ....... 3.1
..... ... ..... 33
Ld ,N% of 88% and SEN

NW% (1 N11
IC of .Kc% ..
NR% aud NhNE of \%%"
.. .
uW% bad 5%
Wy of uW%
I5C "t "Z a lird N\I
X10% aud i0.11 4! \fNI&
XW%'Jf of M and lN%%k
1WI.and N w I,b of a N%'
Ow W%
ad WW'4of Mli .111d
ad and am %
% uf NW1'. u&I'd SE:
%M sad SW% of SW*
iNtWa su Ot NWi .,

~~eK*~ Mwr *~

is 13 3 TylAr
* s15 sM Tyler
* 1i 640 Tyter
9 15 10 Tylerw
I!IS!4 Trrw
e ISISTyrk





320 Tyler
600 Tyler
640 Tyler
640 Tyler
640 Tyler
640 Tylr r
320 Tyler
440 Tyler
(i40 Tyler

Lhiber Co. 34.61



Co. 17.15
Co. 21.09
Co. .40



Lumber Co. 13.60
Lumber Co. 21 oT
lumtbr Co. 023.:2
Lumber Co. 117.:3
Lum br ,Co. 91 05
Lumntlr Co. 2 ::L
Lumber Co. 12.60
Lumber Co. 17 15
Lumber Co. 23 %2

360 Tyler Lumber Co. 15 50
40 Tyler Lumber Co. 2 :.

80 Tyler Lumt-r Co.
240 Tyl)r Lumb-r Co.


440 Tyler Lumtl-r Co. Ix,;2
640 r)yler Lumber Co. 2 42

Lt Iie

T le-r
T) l.r

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40 TT1 I r
tiloso 1 Ic

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Cec 1%

t 10 16 4401t'.r bLiAI-rFCo1.4

'l''~ tsr
'I. I.
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'I ~ Is
'I I. 1

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Limiete. r
L~tmiel 'r

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I ; 0 1 Lr i.no, rc

.5 I \ i' i

1.1 I.

4 I I ..I"I V. I

4 ~I I.
..s.. llr
*' 1uk

I k I ,..








In Which a Resident of Alachua County Will

be Awarded a Beautiful Howard Piano, and 18

Certificates Valued at $3,150.00 Furnished by

The Bush & Safford Piano Co., Sole Repre-

sentatives of The R. S. Howard Co. of Miami,

The Contest to be Conducted by THE SUN in

Bealf of Bush Safford. : : : : :


One $400.00 HOWARD Piano will be given to the person
residing in the County of Alachua who receives the highest
number of votes between December 15th, 1908, and 10 p. m.
April 15th, 1909 : : : : : : : : : : :

Addit ional


In adlditioll to the I'ianr~o tfvre will be izsudci by Tie Busi & Sauffor d Piano Co.,
on a new'. Q4, I ItIoward Piani, eigitceen Traisfer-able D)ue Bills, same to w1 ,ived
as a fir.it or iiiitiail p:vntWdoni a anew Howard Pian1o. 'Fhese due 1ill s will be
givellit ill 111-, uiting Colt)1tt 1'A fol(Iow.;, to lwrs)l)& residling in Alachua County:
To thefirst six receicin the next t the NiOWtvote, adue W fr each for.......$2SS.SS
To theveadsx i eceivi" the mOexthgh t vote, a dueWIfor each fhr.......$175.01
TI We next six isceivig the next highest vote, a due hill fr cad for....
'IleseOll due 1 ,'1 6 ay I e :selhv t 'l 1 0,lic w\ieirf or s :orii L.9 Of ti I tO aof to ary4
for any valuethe iy inaiNy -'fit artlwill Ilov. t jjt h their face va- it u1 )4 )lJ t 1IA lf -
Clame of One of t ilthc-v i.
In the eveilt of a ti for :aly I rize 'toi ftfie, a prize i ii ii..11ik. .1-jiect: iIe lo
to will lio given eachl1 of tldwcllig.

How and Where to Get

The following g lnltrchf nt %ill gi\- for ever> t* i.t lIa' il into th ir tal, I. iit l r
g(Iod4h %hlch the') hjadhc:
The Gainesville Hardware Co.
Phifer Bros.
Hyde & Tench.

Where Votes May Be Cast
Ballot :jocs will ltw fo unud in the. .tabli hi
nit'Uts of the lierchant-'. pi|igL K oi ,t. n dLlld Iat Ih *.
Bun ofhit \olte en it i, uil a I t t*4* I.. .1r ic. tel
to the Votllg Colnt e.t lh 'l-'rti, o. ul 1 T'i. Si
Gaht.nf illf. -'lhrld..


$1.25-Three months' subsrri;: ion .. ...
$2.50-Six zucuthL' subscription ......... ..

Rules and Regulations
1. The cotite-bt Is open to anyoIne ising in
Ala-e hu coutit) Alo is kzonIi by thet condieahie( 'I s
(,( tHit- co.Itcht or ccuebed for 1)) !-ow r#*putiIii*t
oi jjtit theiu i &1l &.i@wn
No vp ~ li ev. attai Lve e*or rehla' A of ti--. r
Sri. r* the lioi abo I..A..-i d ruru* ar.. .I4;llt to
P cili A .' I ts tl i b t itAb ( ep te ..u. d a hli % ij rtie ij'..tc 11.1
III tit#- ic u nt of a raakuudcrrtanding bt-Ou *-u
t .awfl Addle' oir othur.eA iltrvhtted In thln coutI.-t.
z.lie It cuolertie# lua Iv.4. retferred to tIs ('C eij
ileiciti r.eof (cont.-'t. ies &alone art. tt: erbuiisbU
if.. tul i i L t~jitir dye ziA' Tile
4 Ilt the. ,iei:t a cajiedlieatet decidevi to with-
draw i trill I It 1. r kcv. sU(ch ctndldate will not Ilo'
alh,%%.* J It, t .e- rcts,. to the credit of auothr
4- W.dida!e ill tl. e eeitc-t.


I. a 1 i
. 400 votes
1.000 votes

$5.00---On yeai's subscription ........ .... .. ... 3.000 votes
For a club (f tive oue-)ye.tr ub-ir.ptiouu (bwfure April 1. 19u9).25,000 votes
For a club of tcu six-mouths' subscriptions (b fore Apil 1) .,000 votes

Nre sutvelr fr%
500 votes
1,200 votle
3,500 votes
30,000 vcte
30,000 votes

'I l-El i- lie, IWl t t A tel< I( li .I.l i. i ;.- S.'U11 ',, ti .-t. ll l l.t n' .('cure


$1.00--Oue year's Mubscriptiuu..... .
For a club of five ote-year sub.ription .

. 40vetes
4,000 vutes

Soliciting votes by candidates or friends within the stores
distribution vtu i I*s u0wdiwl r t le"W



- I


alk d l mk ft kAdh mtft.0


"r; *c;

10 16 620 T) lot LYu~t t,,,, i Co :I 1


f sMom" Thes sy St&Ch
is Peru Wort.


e Tl arlnersm Ouidee Are An-
hr ad HNow T hey meeimoes
greak Away ad Al e lu etd HDan
b the LiaM1te5 Servi.a Tenad
When the winter pfles bol to bow.
t tender of the lighthouse serrit.
fte their amas toward northern seas
to bunt stray opar buoys Of all the
Swork o the coat patrol thi,a perhaps,
s the a ast expoead to danger. Pullina
thbse "alrboarda" out eo the see or
utle them ever eide il like "yank-
igf sipUls with a ton derrick on a
haavlnl platform.
Althbou passeager I the boats
tt ply the waters ol Now York har-
b he Lma laid sieas Cad other wa-
Urways aiMi thel coat e may
ar kesys, they live them little
thegllt. Wih the mas at the wheel
It I diferett Oeler. shape sad sier
lve him volumeA f t lforattioo, aand
be looks peae the apr buoy as a i.
valuable guMe.
la the government nventorles they
are Utd as "stcks," althoul they
an semeUma idxty feet kag. They
ar ashered li the bed of a river ar
haror ehaImel. their "p ends"a palat-
ed Is mh a way as to Indicate to the
sellbarr theM teartion of the bottom.
On the margin of overament charts
explanatory otes telU ee that vessels
approacblan a barber from the ae
abold leave red boys with eve
numbers a the right and black. with
edd numbers on the left side of chan-
ate Black and white atrlped bIoys.
the stripes running perpendicularly.
mean an *t tril tioa In t he channel.
with room to get by on either side
If halls or c.;lee, ornament the "up
ends" It means a turning point, the
color and uuumbwer i,;i .liug tbe course
Th ic.e m ti, kn i .s e i' ;t *...' II with lh',Iy
tnrn anchor :rvid w.'%n- i .ai great
st.'!ie weights. O(We ...*;. 11 p.'I It It
so t hed they uver e'oa;d g;eI away. but
they do. and It is a job to fidl theru.
Ice tdoie tbre'ak ttwiTr tauli.t, ad loij"e-
times crush the .t,4 ks,; a.rrisuu ul;l
them loose, aLd ..'L.., t. ,L (-. o0
darkness feul lthemb' an"d tI-ar Itein frio
their hold on the boioton. Not Inhrce
quietly hhi!ms tle.' Ithi ass i l>orlnirs.
althorbh this is t frlr.0en.
There are Ilstai,-eu where the au-
chors of a sItar luo) ha;ve I~Wen seure
eMough to Ioal x g:tliast i e presiLure s;ad
In a narrow 'lluinel! ('' *.1 Inigerietl
jam. But u. h Cia .., nr, fw.. for
when this b:!i,~oiln t'le weight of the
rce UsP bli- eIMwos sao 0reat a1 to force
the beay nnder. nnei the pack slides on.
U the k-e pack gets under the lottoy
so as to lift it there ai only one result-
the partlna of the cable. Then off
starts' the epltr upon a journey inayle
of thousands of mlt%4 lperrhapIs If olly
one r two. It ia ty f-t. h u;, ",:; the
nearest ilort aid It may drifl t *t,.
(oast of ICanpe ,4r Itnto ti, I.w u1 :*
we3a. O() tt I' rih <-,ast !*,1l:\ I. :re
whk h traveled there In mii %e,,ks frcom

Vo t nda'ljer Li's
base Lilten i1',
the Curo

When' C ee-
ow$ 'I u

:, i' '1 0li 1 f (ntillut to, fI f the
A91 *. ot idis ,. (' l,.'I ,' ;r k
.ichi uraliai disoruo I .. ite .ivox
ti'N da' ~e laiiiun tr. v 1,. ..ili the i1
slI~e'q t i 'ii' i i *ar Iialid-.
whewi a (.rl. (l n s r lt. ifcslJ th'm
I)o n'. Kiiuir'.1 I'll1s I- (lt remind)
to up.. becnaute it give to the( kidney,
the help they Ineed to pe'rform their
if you have any. e\'.f one. of the
I)mptoniM of kldne.v di~.lam-ws. cur.
yourself now. before dlahbtet. drops)
or Bright's disease set-s in. Read this,
Gainesvalle te-titmoi)y
P. Y. Smith. liing at 1204; Ala.hua
avenue., Oineav llle. FIa.. Msw : My
wife had bee troubled for s iti, time
with severe headaches. She also com-
plained of a dull panlo to her ack. and
was nervous and weak. I decided
that her kidneys were not acting prol-
erly, ad procured a box of Doan's
Kidney Pills for her at J. 8. llodi-
ford & Co's. She received such great
benefit fro the use of the first box
that I obtained another supply, when
the paia ceased, and she is now no
longer troubled with headache. It
required but the contents of two boxes
of Doan's Kidney Pills to entirely
cure her."
For sale by all dealers. Price sI4
cents. rooter-Milburn Co.. Buffalo
New York. sole agent for the I'lilted
Remember the name--loan'K and
take no other.

ew Taork harbor. It was pro.-nte'
to the Britlh tgovernnent oby the Unit
ad States and now floats off the coamtt
ea whlib It stopped tfter it' Ilong At
lantil journey.
If It Ia a long chase to find the stray
buays it Is even a more difficult task to
recover the anchors l'ft t hildl by tle I
fe' r'-p .Ir-. Teneler" thnt s:nll out
of tIhel li:rltor h.ive n delrrl k nili tac'kl,

rigged In fro,,nt of the pihot house. with
a donkey enilne to lift and pull. The'
location of every bucy Is nlmrked on
I!. i'.;''*ee to a d. cult to flial the deilred ipoitlon. The
erim'louli l eirie is dragging for the
anchor n-'l after r:irplollti' with it to
holol it' ;.Omtrd "hip. liei- tIhe donkey
enahti'e ,oS m Into pl iy Another hals-
ard i. to pull i sqir hiueiy nlard. If n
Ise happens to l e ninninc the rcatain
of the tender his to uie extrmtne care
Should a big roller pet aundelr him and
suddenly tighten the lifting chains
either they woultl give way or the
wet ht will come r' tun fi t. the
crew In either case wing placed in
jeopardy of their live,.
But the risk these nwme runn is all In
the day's work. To them a ,ob In a
seaway on a f e ahore I re I rded na
no more mnrotoni, tnk tnsk t"' rep n*"t
Ilg a row of booys on land.-New York

If you will take Foley Orino laxa
t vt ui t!* l *,. w 1v) w.I, i t r nilar
%ou will not have to take p, uri tivet,
con.tantlv. as Fole.'' Orinlo Laexative
IwtoLtie'ly cures chronic constilpatio
aiild sluaKti-h IlAer. Plea'.it to take-
.1 MlcCollum & Co.

The Sun ofce for calling cards.

__ __


Impudent. conlluinictous and belllger-
ent of South American potentates will
Iecome tractable upon the mere threat
of force."
Scientific Spanking
Co',li)-tl in punishment onlul when
a child in actually bad. Some mnqt
' r, think that all crying IH badiness-
il't not. When your baby cries. look
for pIaii or stioe external cause; If
you can't find them live the baby
White's Cream Vermlfuge, as the
chance are it In suffering from worms
ahich keep it hungry and cross all
the time. Pleasant to take---ure in
ilA action. I'rice 3 cent. Sold by
W'. M. Johnluon.

Cured HaM.
Mr. Naw My husband used to
Sad fauit with the cobee. but he
doesn't any more. Mrs. Howell-
How did you break him of the habit?
ri.. Naggs I luduced him to make it
himelwif one mtrnlng.

''there arte .iut il* wa.t) of paylna
debt Increaset- of Illductry In ralrl-.
Income. Incre ip of thrift in layin out.
--Carly e.

Interests t crh c *-e C. ,bb.rn
$ iI r II a i t
Lo F. tW 4 l
hu re .lt I' i. '. i

n it. ,; I r.
n <-t t l | t I' I | l l'' r ii ,i 0

theos r.- 1 i! I tr o 'I ur &iOl
nstabllliI ;' i .ti;l n f r
when itl. I'tat'rr. '. :"i t s' : '
aaj i at riter In iI<. 'li' n c i .' .il
"Wll h ull'e coll e .' i. o "of a .' 11 I ei'. h
canal IihIe- lo t.-, w l 'I a;Ore ni
ready .,' *- t t' .l ;i i .. ii 4 '
$1. Wtl n *o 4 i i il! I I r -,' 1,, ro., i I
A pIDoli'.v ii-tl :i It I 1. Q1il.-lel "
when Iel'* a, -ilt. r tie ire" % \I 1 lIIt'In i t'i
Malvalltlo of *'xi'teivg lii, -- liio;i ni:
the lirotectilon f tho liinvI '.!r of t'.
"Tlhe fact that :i d<.i.lei' re' i i i
requ lrwd In:i l;r'ie;o"seda nnew iin t00.
United MIolte' bly the unsu,. <.--tfuil ,f
fort on the Iart of the state deleirt
ment to serlre nrlitr.tlon ,of ive lorw'
pendhig Anwrltan claim ag:ilust V\en
"The' merits of these Iprtlcular care-
I.: not. however, th:,' lie'ltlnon of Imtr-
diate Implwrta ice. This onestion 1,
What effect ulut he exia'eted from IP
policy which involves thbe alludon
meat of citizens whule wrongs hare
been declared to the aIrld? If realrws
In not to h, 'e-' I'N1 f-r i"lre wrong%
w'-it fto, c ,n th-r tlcolv d .n Aerlt
enn cftllei,. eP.-'et irn 'Centrl iand
Mouth America when nienaed by un
scrupulous p ove i rnmeItt?
"T'e dfliilte remiltiid. 0einlnd'ld In
rolves no iacnr than the ni ertln olf
policy of Inslotlifa upon prompt and
thon,nruh lrereot ,if Injnrie.. It would
not be ditflm'-t for the U'nitedl tate. to
establish si ,.eh a replittiltn for ,rotect
Ian the Interests vf itfI c-lri7pnt In
cmuth America that thelc lintrest-
would rarely he attackEd. All the'
precedenll o to, show. i'*siciallty in
t'le casre of V'cloll.l.M th:it tI'e nostt

very Mether
Is or should be worried when the
little ones have a couh or cold. It
may lead to croup or pleursay or pneu-
monia then to something more seri-
ous. Ballard's lorehound Syrup will
cure the trouble at once and prevent
any complication. Sold by W. M.


14. 14 and IS Orabha Blds,
villa, Florida.



OM oam aiseev""L nIo I

S. 3r. A0LbmI.

l ; ', I Ei I. ri 'ro
; 1' !l ,I 1- AI 'lr ; '. IIn I lt "' l't ol
5 a, :oi' I 1 1 ;* 1 1 tli
t.' :, il \ I ; f '-I .: l t
I; :* '' I **i r. c .i 1t t 3 I ,. it Iw

('cullmp tll e' ,of l,\ltrP"' nidl hl tIl~ e. It
prt h' I'r lg:''-- ,t nl r' *iis i- lh.o '-t-lon.
.A io d :;,.:l l t I i tr.i ii a fact
it Ihor ilit :I'',.< oif Iti- prol ii oi n of
W 4-1.' lti1 r ,*r hIrrl u-e. the' e.-ential
8, 1d a-f q,. i -:itnew *,t wo,,ti. hunsks
astl 0knll I rrm the :rppe,;ir:tn I of
r1M.rr1:ii1 ou 1 $ .il l 1.i..t', th1:1t A
%ery ltar..', lr.,|,.rilmon of tIb' article'
ataili mii dea, ip@f ski:i A-4 .te mnter
ofi f.iF th. e In-lilrh. proportion of
the slkins. thall lich ,would not be
nl;palle of ltdIet11,tn. I rnmarkatlly
ilnnte. ntrwioniitinl to only about I
per cent or als.
It 14 qtia'te Ilar In Tvicw of this high
fotmI ralue in proportiloin to niat that
dried rapes. particularly In the form
of cnrrantlt. ,*w-,Ellry a very high place
to the list of cow- that they deserve a march higher plac
in the human dietary and epeltafly hi
that of he middle elaabes and poor
than they hire htherto occupied.

f htl am

BSgatur. of

The Brevity of Ballarat.
It wan I1a ll ;nr:m thi:at Mairk Twalin
found t1!:e lorli lanrguage so puaIu lh
at fir.t. tPe -1.*)l wpeple of the place
deeming life too short to dawdle In
their talk.
The mayor called on the American
bumorist and laconically aid "K'm."
Then whln iiMark Twain gare him a
cigar he sllply said *Q."
Subtmequent nfInllry revealed that
tbese terms were Ballaratese for "wel-
come" anl "thank you."-L durn
"DFoe that young woman ball from
Boston r
"TYea" auawereml the western youth
thoughtfully. "that exprenes the 6dea
prec.Lsly. lhe hals from Roteon. I
ras never before overtaken by swrb
a heavy downfall of latellectual ee."

Wmie UI



ATT03331AT leaeAl


* *

cm nil mw d -

plow- ~r D


mcm tam4


OnBBA A A- -A-

-T -- T--T UUUU 11UU TV-T -- T--T UU W y



SIwn m rbi PaMd aid tWhrp I l0tl spsa Rci l SIa. Tiry w Mlie.

*dato Me*Ithe@ t Mfair| VWal erm .

(Creali o0' Kentucky .... ...
l.'wi' iill Ry< .............
l 1. Ilarper Ilye ..............
Itoyal 'alnr ................ .
('orin Il y, ( a ") ...........
Brook Hill, ( 5 o. ..... U )

Aft .. LX. .dbi eL..A6,%e &.sme.rds..i S;'k; R*., Pti't

( Xui&'pa' S'pcial Corin
Sit. Olv ClV'4orn Whliskey

Canlepa 's (tli 'orn ..... ............
('anetpa's F'avorite, (,: ,,) .
lMoIutain ( 'orn 'Wliskey ...............
A li 'illor ih lill ( il . .
nerfectio i lBrand I;ih ..................

iimpx'ria l I'rawil in ............ ... ...
liimperial Rye W'h-kt' ... ..... ... ..




F ill i iiart, eor (fall' el J twr. %, (T 'igr LE, Ju4,.

'Four Fill Quart- o (allon Jou NS ctarK f r Jl.- F PitF.




I MftAMAMMr& Mft dft Aft MM -A- IM. 'AM

iD RTL---


New ac

mad law

s maee us" am


I *(,%rn the south U, P4
Cal MAu ciauand
jorid, wowl.to MSiuwan
Tre; north to Aimobqkl, U
an'ti Wotblmshan "p
(.4nulr N", MWsad m lt

Tow.*4I. PMOSUA13


East Ow b 16

Tblk~ *

5Ahbmaugeumm140mus Iu iulturmtr.
Aa & bm l e. s11 1

4Q(4ts .
4 (Its.
4 Qts4.
-1 (It.
4 Qts.
4 Qt.-,
4 Qtis..


. 5.01

. 5.0

a -


It rc.''~v i ef Amyertc.i-


Af 02Mt N~t d dtdbkAbkAt i ld lf d& itaMk d if.A.dkmo anA& f &L Am RA

rA :: 7''! V-w7v---V--- W-w--

I DR r. P- wALM
Comset Almost Whelly of Sugar tIn
Most Valwahie F rm'c-LesT then I )9N.Tw
Per Cent lndigestoble.
Ite,' 'ten an: tin 1.% Ii-4- rl, Ick'tl tn d i. ,do-tm siW*A o E10 rMM M WO
te-rualt..' t~ia 4sf.wl, ,Ii lea.(ief dreied sell P"" e$v.'M" L" Sefttfa
fru it sthe'as to u fl i~il elite ci u mrn t -

Iona ifI *t.

S- ---


." PI(Makill.

.2 .. h


- ---

. . .
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*tt .





What Has Happened and What Is C.
inl to Happen-Persenal and
social Items of the City.

Get a meal ticket at Rutherford'b,

E. C. McLeod of Reddick I6 vi.Itin:=
bis family In this city
Mr. McManus of Waldo was hbere
yesterday on boustaes.
Special attention paid to ladieb*
Grad at Rutherford's Restarat.
J. M. Doke o' Newberry was anion,.
the visitors to the city yesterday.
Nice fat turkeys. also cranberries
and crisp celery. G. 8. Merchant & Co.
Ten cents weD opet wheb you pay
H for two Ihbe eajoyment at the
electric Theatre.
SPlank's Chill Toni is guaranteed to
sre chills, fever, colds ad lagrippe.
Price 2Sc. Bold by W. M. Johnson.

Start an the new year by patronizing
a home Industry. See the moving
pictures at the Electric Theatre for
a dime.
Miss Ethel Olmstead of Alacbua.
who bas been visiting the Misses DIal
in East Gainesville, has returned to
her home.
Mrs. .. P. Hill and son. Logan. who
have been visiting the former's pa-
rents at Micanopy. have returned to
their bore here.
G. R. Metkar. special agent in the
land office, has returned from a busi-
ness trip on the East Coast in the
intcret;t of his department.
R. McClellan left yesterday for
Orange Lake, where he was called by
S wire to emuba!a' a body and prepare.
it for shipment to the North.
Typewriter ribbons for sale at this
office. The best on the market. Only
seventy-five cents. All color and joy
use on all standard macblies.
J. E. Haynesworth of Haynesworth
Station was looking after sonme busl-
ness matters iu hb.- city Thursday.
lie is one of the oust ,'xt,,n-i\. firm-
ers in that ecti~e.
Miss Edith Urant. who bha been at-
tending the Teachers' Association and
visiting her read. Miss Irete Me-
Creary. returned to her home at Cocoa
yesterday, where she is teaching
T. M. Venable of Arredoodo was in
the city yesterday. Hie states that
the weather has been very dry in his
section, and as a resuult the truckers
have suffered considerably by Ibing
late with their fall triu k.
Do you use the lFay-Shole. Itini..g
ton. Ikhnsruore. Fox, 8mthb. or auy
wide-riblosn n .aA hinDe If so you should
be sulre to bu your ribbons from The
,"n ? e a on.e u c'. get tl'.i Ltt
ribbon at the leari t price.
T;i.- sid'..l.k facing the block of
Miss Maggie T.cbeau. on We0 t M.;: '
strIt-t. Is beitwi torn up preparator) to
the pultinx do n l i bcr *rnoliltii v k
the t ,ui Ut 1,. t. Wi t Li- biue'-
Only a few months Fince this slad) had
a similar aalk placed along lh,. north
side (- her lot

I; FINI ):-

1 (61 '1 .1I-

M1:N'ITS (IF TiI : '.-E.\ S,) N

T. W. Skrh. Pr-i ut
tW I IT. .MeAN FIi eni)iu
IChsI. ie LwFa h hiwr

Cedar Key oysters, day and niht.
at Rutherford's Restaurant
Order yor nice criap celery aad

fancy cranberries of G. 8. Merchant
& Co.
Mrs. A. T. Kelley of Prairie Creek
as aumucg the shoppers visiting the
city yesterday.
Whenever you are In doubt how to
-pend an evening pleasantly. go to the
Electric Theatre.
Pure apple eder delivered to aay
part of the city for one dollar per
gallon. N. Prancisco. Phone 223.
All the up-to-date teachers are eds-
cating themselves by going to the
S. ric Thatre. It costs only a dime.
E. W. Millacan of Waldo, an ex-
tensive real estate man of that place.
was tranarstling busiL-ss in the city
%.. t',rd r-
There is giothing more refreshing
than a gla.9s of pure apple elder. I
.4ll 1t for 5 cents a glass or one dol-
'ar per gallon. N. Praelasco.
i'booe 223..
Supt. R. E. Baswell of the Seaboard
was in the city yesterday conferriun
with the ofcials of the road here
Ilia visit lay prove of much Import-
acme to the city within a short time.
Capt. R. A. Ivey of Branford is
taaoa the visitors to the city. lie
at one time operated the old lkelle
of the Suwannee" from Branford to
the Keys. and has a large number
of friends in this sectiou.
Hon. P. G. Ramsey and family of
Wacahoota have arrived in the city
and are now pleiasantly located on 8.
Pia.UL alt tre-t. Ouvie tWe> will iihe
for the present. Mr. Ra.mey will as-
aume his duties as a heriff on next Tues
If you want to become the proud
possessor of a home by paying moath-
ly instalments in amounts Lase
Than Rest you can do It Coosult
H. R. Colson and be convinced. Call
or write to ume, 114 We Main Street,
('s!r~ .v! :! 14
tiei ( Crau wI rd. hsulpa itlll id iAt of
the plumbing department of the
f:alnev.%tlle H;arill ar,. ('cimiais .. left
.,**-lr-I r l',r \l;i til.t. u l,.csI, heI go( '.
ti, Itn 'l i it lhatit for .\r I la
\\ ,h : ~ ;t a u- ( >illun tiii h1.
htis a:- tdlat. *Ituck iturni'tt

Thas tuAipum iia uay cass t &IIlh tz ,i *Sn r jti g ., r 4At ii-ar f *t..rta t. ..i
II iwetre slkl IU (tot wat Nfor 4.' 'I Wr II : I I t%( lMY I .


Solicited aud will lti upprtciated by


. FL

me t#~turko-)s ijjo.i a few io o io ~
,41 'phone yourr orders, earlY. S
s.r h~a t ACI.'
Or .1 1 W i. f kl r 4-f .
'V ~ ~ i t .3 N a *'l o b .

of 1.

R. W. 'lMatiiw of Hapthorn. %Nbo .h4

Chas. A. Iirs. r1tturt,.it t( tli fil t
.#atbtrda y.

Mrs. E. I.. Hllt of
he visitor. to the
uler i oe- ice.ctiil
lerk's or.lier.

city ye' Ik-rdI.ito
v. lih the coutnat

I-~ Alma Sullhan left yesterday
for .NMireaopy. where she went to at
*e.d a grand hall given in that plact
in her honor.
MeQueen Chaires. turpentine oper
ator and merchant of the Wannee sec
,ton, arrived in the city yesterday on
A bhort bu.aless trip.
Col. Holbrook of Branford. who is
interested In a large turpeatine retort
plant at that place, left yesterday for
points mth, after a visit of a few
days here.
J. Pletcher Burnett made a short

vilit to Micanopy last night, where
be went to be present at the ball
given thee in honor of Miss Alma
uiliaai of thiAf city.
The Gainesville Hardware Company
have a change of advertiemnt In to-
day's Sun to which your attention in,
directed. This frm is making a spe
clal price on stoves and desire that
you see them.
Look out for the ImltaUdo fruit
torea, as they eaSot empare with
Jbe origisna batiina house. ., e ripe
tananas I t cents dosen or 0O cents
bunch. We are the only fruit house
that has the good. N. Francisco.
A Happy New Year to all patrons
of the Irown House. Resolhe to save
your good wife the weary of superiu-
tending the preparation of a Sunday
dinner; we will serve you an excellent
one fur less money. The Brown
T. H. Cato of Alachau, one of the
old and prominent settlers of that
place, was greeting his numerous
Galnetville friends yesterday. lie
was accompanied by his daughter.
oho will viait Irieud, here for the
uext lew da5>.
J. 11. Alton Is the latest addition to
the force of special agents in the field
division of the I'. 8. land office, which
now numbers, ive. besides one tim-
ter cruiser. Chie( Paul expects to
even Increase this number within the
.* -.* .nth-.
Th, re I- no reae on reord of a
cough. cold or la gripped develioplne
into pneumonia after Foley's Hen- .
and Tar has been taken. as ;t cure,
the most obl:tinate dee-seted coughs
and colds. Why take anythi-s i.el-'
.I W. McCollunl & Co.
.blhis lad>ra l urkl ofi .licksout1llt
.ti r. k I iii 'S.. ... t- ra And i ill
,4p-e'd ~-eTrail la)ys h.ere on a vimit
to) ,i.r slter. ir- J. It Merch ant She

- r -

1 i 1 '11ir.

n.",, *#-at

Wt. Of(It.id, let Vi.
K'. l'. Ithl IOM k3dWK,.I

C"'~i"'. F"'I Paid. $75,000.00

I r I I- *. I W *,W.

.. tr.-. -. .. .. IC K .! r". ,r tl.iU vrlsi hitter i M
\\ i-,ii ,,, e a.. l .l t .1Merry c.lhriatuh m a d ja a

3 Twy-


gIVes at ttiie

ment a ees.
Gua t e bu as adveumae osr.
met take u or, less tma M Siet a or
words make a be; as fsom" l 1ma01
every word uver aM als ating n 'as
aa additional ea. CA f bt advaes bee
mud ae spear an onrm 5iU' ever
tims l tila Weluma.
abt i
FO R INT. o m eW

FOR RENT Five-room cottage. Ap ,uatdIbar a
ply t00) Liberty street. He w
furnished room for rent, with oc t
without board. Apply to W. J. Dea JWW. mm^
by at Galnesville Iarniture Co'. e aa Il 1gh
A a a s
PON I ALI a y 0 on

FOR SAIE-HoMue and lot corner Immedately
East Mala and Bendary streets M
Apply at Daily S elkee.
P.OR BALE--Two esouags as Seth pI u s
Gainesrle; terms r y at reas for each
able latereat if able to ay ag a&dleaV ea a0at
ash. Apply at Ge d acor -eMea

mle Isa
Mr St.. -t to -L Kadriek. will sever et
Reserved sIeat bea t
t1*m Aplyr at e ea day at MlUer'a. I
-ur- hom of jrw. m i

WA%"CED--Men to lear barber trade:
few weeks required; best paying
work within the reh of poor man;
ca., have shop with sa l capital;
anie. frau o 12 to weekly;
won. erful demand for barber.
(atalogue. called free. Moler Bar
t,-r CoUlge. AtlataW (is.,

Rev. .Niaen ea to 0ala.
Ret. T. '.Niso and his latereatlg

ia.s b. en i-ttlint frio-nds in Ocals for family left ) 'terday for their new
L'." l|4 t w~ ek. a a.re Phle iAd a d pleas bomre at JralJ. where they) will be
;1.1 ti.. at 1..-1 oI hoime Late.iau'd uudl toe th..t nm-eetiut of the
Thr Pikert- I waruit t ompat .coo I re i.* wa hicl ill be- held next
1.ift ), t.-tr(d.y for I'mlaa k and Winlt Ikc ltemilnw. lIurt their O "e
o '. thl. I-;t 1 ( .a.t I bwr they will heLre, of four )ears both he d his
rI ii.i. uittil AlMutd.. January 11th. lstuily have endeared thbenusAe to
ohhn tlh, r,-tiarn to this ilty for a the peoIle- i.r Uailue',illl. ;ad they
itihre -iLt.ight ;:g. ,;. ane.t he. .uade or.- Il'muh gIt. them uI, but the
iai.l) new. frio nd on their la-t visit lue- to third (t) will be Ocala'a gain
t., it --- -_ -.
I'artl-. havl.g job Iprinting l one, at Services at Holy Tranty Ckhrch.
The- Sull oime' are entitled to one T-il.at I'in1 gi t'.I FI.; t of the ('ir
wol," i. t(e III ih & n4affurd Pialuo Cos ni :alot iof (i r r.' Is i II as 'ew
t'..t fr t a<. a t #I1t paid for such' h Y. ra I.I. l1.,' aIll I A.- ac e.l-tra
,' irk INl I fIrt i.-t til ,ie.ll ll li, -f. d tit,'l ,,f 1 ,,. II (" C hi.,_U i ,ti)i 4t iI ,t
.if ijrwt', 1 # .tI'.,Ril') i> ead ite' WAI Triult)l church ia l I a inl

o-rt -nie 'it 19% I'. i pa1r1 a' 'tarm r'

I itel f t~r c i h ,i'
t LAt 03toeil 114Z e'. f IIsmsi'v rilo-
to ...&a-a si:4l hatil I llu. 1 ) for, a-
I j
i ptik lo 4 i- deziL Is' as ,r of (e cut.'
1611 I.(our tc 4'f I taIts' LO taUve t .i

I. '- o fIa a,- i. %s'.l. I to r. itu u i& *4
.r'I II t' U LsI I) It l11 1r4 lU~h
11 JLA.S N VI &ILAcm U
'. litlt I' 1116 t. h1A V.V be-'* S b V.
t,) Fool* -, Hlow-) said 'I As i cuglin
4 told.3 crtooip auc.Ia L bt ix,e ag *Stubh It
I la te- 0tu11) rA ft: reu d)' 4 t-ofr liafaiuta
e bat idr.-n "a11 )W .lus. asaat4 IALi~a
or otlcr haraoUc druag& and c .tiltdie
mle Foley's luoaey and Tar Cafal
UmAkers bwep a bottle fl te house
&a%-es. J W MOCoIAIA

Cbeea af
ha %e a Urge slieft'
trntlm. aboug I va
1e4't the bk4 ah5 o 10
G(mds. Tom,*.
:.. : r;.:.. ~. Xor
o% erkwk w h ON* whi
ti the 3y yatiU9b
hat is. In the gmusery


First National M

Established Over Twenty Te
Capital, $100,000.0O Surplus, 50,000.00


....We Solicit Your BusineM.

Jam. U. NlM I'me.


Bk___ ~_ ~

16. 1'~.'

Bush & Saford --The Gainesville Sun





- .I


Title: Gainesville daily sun
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Title: Gainesville daily sun
Uniform Title: Gainesville Daily Sun
Gainesville daily sun (Gainesville, Fla. 1903)
Alternate Title: Daily sun
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Creator: Gainesville daily sun
Publisher: H.H. McCreary
Place of Publication: Gainesville, Fla.
Gainesville Fla
Publication Date: January 1, 1909
Frequency: daily (except saturday)[-1938]
daily (except monday)[ former <1903>-]
normalized irregular
Subject: Newspapers -- Gainesville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Alachua County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Alachua -- Gainesville
Coordinates: 29.665245 x -82.336097 ( Place of Publication )
Additional Physical Form: Archived issues are available in digital format as part of the Library of Congress Chronicling America online collection.
Dates or Sequential Designation: -58th year (July 24, 1938).
General Note: Description based on: Vol. 20, no. 48 (Apr. 5, 1903).
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Volume ID: VID01533
Source Institution: University of Florida
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Other version: Gainesville sun (Gainesville, Fla. : 1903)
Preceded by: Daily sun (Gainesville, Fla.)
Succeeded by: Alachua County news (Gainesville, Fla. : 1934)
Succeeded by: Gainesville daily sun and the Alachua County news

Full Text

"1i n e

V, NO. 249

p ail






,i '

b a.-7SThe emesity cc

ilr mM iredI by the Iatl
ir ,IsImed that 11AMW

g A ge of otWer towas
6M r a "" amd oumads

of llflvosh bave
eha ports and
of -Lee are soely
remain a~
.iss or wander
UK aked over the

IiDle. 1i.-TIme only con-
--mb h horrors of the
SUme r wt perhaps c nee-
gpeegst imt'lvidual
wath and se ruthless
ii f e a human bi
to iames merarlessly comn-
ithe m eashed dev'~ttlc
Io vehat with )eu meory of
ha poeateod anew at the
a ma weeo ile Messinaa aa
e a. ithe brptals, botels
ae erwew with aref ,-es
ap viUla with ome another

OOert knowledge
Ih. t the enter o e

^*M| Valmo an4 eud southerl as
t* *Strai t of mesi
t o the movemt of the
Sw et i he d rg b ut itpeak.

S m tls bytte of oathrl o a
t i etla and e there ofy ath-

M as ret eof idvly for a distance
d a yarty ae owMile.
ItI lampossile accurately to ascer-
Sthe extent of the movement tres
MAd Vat In the iotad retgon*. but It
IN Setat that the beauty of one of
the agat charming kection of South-
erO PUW b been irrevocably deapoll-
lheyars an so more; waving
go Gaeranges and olive trees
Ilu p and the -nchantiulg
L I siit and fragrant

rep ad lowered myself from the
Wradow to the street. An Italian fam-
ly of vre persons escaped from the

bouse by the aid of my rope.
WHrr IndeMelrthe.
"No mier were we In the streets
t to h hou collapsed. I tried to
aselst i the work of resculng. but It
was useless. The horror and confu-
stoo were indescribable. All day I
wadered in the wrecked streets. No
food could be cured; I had only a
few auta to eat. The head of my firm
was lost and his brother had to go
though the streets begging for bread
for his wife and children. There was
no organization In the work of rescue.
"The prison was destroyed and tht
warders killed, but most of the con-
victs escaped. They prowled about
t' ruins, robbing and murdering.
They cut of the tingera of the, dead
and wounded to get the rings. oSni
of them were singing songs of liberty
as they plied the knife.
"A Rueslan vessel Ihing in the har
bo.' was tbrownl into the bstreet oy tihe
Lid.lwdive. Other %estels foundered.
aiallway lines were swallowed up. The
square known r iLet. Liau iii a Uit, col-
lapsed and sank. Only the sununlts
of a few ruined buildings still emerge
from the wreck What remained of
the population when I left was camp-
lag near the harbor."
According to other refugees not a
single hotel remained standing. A
lssure sixty feet deep opened near
the Church of Santa Maria and
houses fell bodily into It.
The "Theraple" brought thlrt)
German and 600 other fugltlves. ilur.
ing the voyage to Naples several ln
Jured women died and one child was
A physician named Condo. a native
of Melsina. said he escaped by climb
ing over the fallen ruofs. House.,
vanished with the suddenlnlr'' of "
dream and daylight showed r. :iri;.
two miles of ruins. Steamers put out
to cro-s the trnitrs, feor lellp after th..
first shock of the carth!luake. bll half
way l' er thet net ie e'Ils from tlhi
opposite coast whirh ca' riel tlie
news thiatt llteglo to.. had lperi.-h,.d
M iii'. of th. feiis iit '- .. Is :f"l ith,

vii-n IVertedl hto a | T' t.rai h:ct ilv l.ti t 1 t': .hi i wt e li,
Swibuoe lgar I'.' reaethc l tif : J rt i CaP ,,, ,
AlOlif e the mOUla ab licd, il thi,-ir cithir,.i,
I %a I W 11ad Jauntll ", Ii Irh *it,..', ,r t 'i! hi un.t-
a"4 -a gmd oie trees, have Im :il e lwetel'.d t rill\ here iin llhll ti.
eCm a e e ots oa the horilon. sllnet dal a oir twi aiind .r ffrrl i-
The stammer "Therple" Is ly)ri o()f r i.,lie mad'e to pro aire -1.' -r ifor
O-, e iawded with refuget-s from tlev.i Napl.'- it. ,t., iite1 !I the,
b- a. a--oed men. starvilg wli r, -*** e~ (7 ,I; i |, t-1d '*ei -.1 ii filit)
IMl nld weeping children all with tieoni hiate b an lo Irtpon i'd
the tamp of great fear still ui.pon The fe r'te i it-. Ihat li; ar i\. l
their faces. One of the re'fugee- a haere from ('Cal:ts lii; are alito- (tci it:
maa employed with a C-riim cotton ner, .ed to pil .ik of I. 11 r i,. tllrl. .
Arm In the lost city. said' pIericle' (list ..tI-- t.. i \I e ,.
"Mesasna s s utterly) de.htroyed Nollh i rain ona ti. i,.t, iO i .. I. .,, ,
lug remaltned when I left but a Ipart i N. it.l.n e tl,1iu9t1i i. .1 It#i,, 1. ih.
of the citadel A tfea 'cildiera are "tic. k when ii a ,l.,tut itI*n ii il.
ittC e siurisor t tMhe ka ie- garri ulaiiK tlih road ,i It. ).,i n., Th,
iaM I wa leak ie whetn the lr-l Irct- .iK I- I. i.lii i at i1.i' i I,
S hock L awoke l.e lit iIl l.iapa lut Iak. i ... bk iC l{,'i.'i, t,. A ith1
l was quiet. anid I turned to st,.e.ij le i shu d ia 4>0 i,- of i. -..- li i.. \\ii ta.
SOM iW a ilddenly fle ih s t i. k ,Ctir -o re tilln f,,I 'ii i.l- II I. -ho. i ....
Pa vtoleat and terrifyinar I .arot cu i.-l i ietiiil i li.r. hit1 l .i ll ih .1 ,
qucklTIy. ut the bouue was I a- t\niiK i, it kille A i .'.li '1i .. l',
sad my d aor lwa i t jalii-ed ,I re. the n l i:. t. i ,f ''itn Iti i, I,
the sheets from the ta-d anid made. a \\ *.,!ii.. L, 1t1 .i fi fr '.- i.,


WABHi %NU~l'() Lec 31 --At the
swetlng of 1w te cuIit* cowos ll.e't.
4 d" National Aw-urria'a 10j (dlo s
et ow decided that Ls iallut h dthe'
C&)VLwI. reltet sork of 11w &u ict)
SmtrMI. Wuffrruw toLr prulpltate'
am h4d uw lowe owd Uthat
m A&MmA. ha s ad a .A




t 11 Pm Perishedm to

SBM o-mr I italy.


lta, h ill e Le t :''li l.ere ', -S l erjil tlie.'
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