Wsl.s dS5. , ta s I a..,.,.-.. Fires, Lif. and A cc ident .af
nowi i t ao otoe0 o t. at Naval -, .... I t L--r -e

Iwor b ,4 m4 d" ph"me p r4ec4r e AIyeeba sa ho h. m. t is bel" rtopnerm too
&saw ka. wo be as phaft PM WO of Ahmbeh W e b" is pqpmwy
S~ made m. vw te ngsclve'7esiuIOfthe bask. I
J aMIf Y Are Insuroe
s hasIngaeamo* 0. vy. mO smiti
a he w m a d a a be p s, yo R f y n th ety ki a W t is s eruu b e d la8bar. I be naes*Hoodv e M e
e~ir a hi"- ru leilli a- U e *e a ill r mocYW. Wdgys rbmgtre& of V166) Ctstnw sog d .t O3;
4bpa en mat behe. VON" on* p 0 1' ~ abe1
~e0"-. 90 -Abhss Mwhib re10 Ii ie%
16" few bwoft W" tthin unneoMt d enrees e o dsatrrange
sue d. Ai"et PlaGS, t" Inus l Id0ea
W adur. R. ssu eI of m.. W -Mr. i Naib tl 1a9A t&Ws Y ou A re A assured
Ig cllefctr of Levy aomaty sd me I96 4a St Oft rI
aaaaA,~ rwo ~ m. rr~r teo of .
Wo y a Pat e d Mot hrowh b m S ty IU PoLES CURED b b S Th 0"m s NO* OwPv er you witbous youhav
dgej tm re b hme fros Jacksevhit. PABD OIN"TNRN't16 goAssted 1o
whero be b"bea oras b. etfrtr eate.Mr. save 4W 0 St UIW 351 1e0d 8IJ. 1"uJrn 0L 0L
the imig ertmw to havPe bg or Irme he No to110 14 441% rw Abaf
4"~44 Ibra"A a dp c money I I Id Health Insoliv
Iog- I e

it c l u 46KII s -
3, Alorm h~ithe ~ortas t hiv 3mgci Pmdhg(b Said ays Lni



eWstLrg%, Bpt Bep.
c an Very Attentiv.


hWMle He Realild Hie
Ware mat l ll Il NIumer.
Ue Best Bleamnt
Pamto ef T i Dl iisr
Sdat of pmaao, Ocai-
'0we t1tlt Btates Benat
Oapaige tI Galaesvilleo
by spearem to an audleaoe
house of probably seve-

a uAuce wM not a large
antlolpateod owlag to the
ft hbad nt been properly ad.
speaker began by saying
gra teu for the tact that
rewreeentative audience, 90
of whom, he ventured, had
Il the coping Democrati

Beard spent a little les
boor expressing his views on
tters politic, and at the con-
it was easily seen that he
good Impresston.
Baied arrived In the city
*venng and pent tbhe ven-
the following day In renewing
ltaace and making new
e b a gentleman of pleasing
a mot genial disposition, and
to make friends wherever

bere senator Beard was a
The White House.

A Pleasnt Party.
Bailey celebrated his tou'r-
anniverary at the home of his
Mr. and Mrs. O. B. valley.
Gainesville, Friday afternoon.
Is needless to add that the
owd of his friends present en-
the evening to its fullest ex-

r Ulrlc, with a desirp to create
g novel, secured a mule team
ted each of his Invited guests.
them to the home. Thigh
pleasing as well as a most
Ifetur of the eventslg.
*eveahil was paued in an a p
to manner, game., etc., being
In. Refreshments were also

Disease of Twenty Years' Stand-
S Ing Cured.
lant you to know bow much
Iberlat's falve bha done for me.
Seared my fame of a shan"dloese
Uot twenty years' standing. I
I be treated by several as
It physeldan a we have in this
ry aad they did me no good,
o boxes of thbl ilve has cured
m m rke Ortff. Troy, Ala.
illtate's lalve ia for sale by pil
--i. I .-.- ..-..- --



e young ij l fancy is
Sing ig1 t to thoughts
re, and the houwekeep-
to houseloaning and



km..e huh


4 t, Art Up.M.ihsi

Po . L4 (*


f friend sand the puib-
m iii Od to .21 Sud
at~invwto c'.andWA
-atte"te line* WW

-~ .,l~

-A- __L_ ".8.
ge." A~ b m~ae'muudr


so the toA~~o sk

eeI hium610
per)rsu as..t a

b~ .mg swbh. ii ha
FwM fsh-proeducer.
Maw5fs W& aed MAL


Lot* of Fun and Some Profit

I southern Kxpress Sale



The "ole hdks" sale of unclaimed
freight at the office of the douthera
Express Company. which Is held an-
nually, was pulled off at the ofee yes.
terday. Auctloneer John W. Davis con.
ducting the sale.
Auctioneer Davis, who has been to
the employ of the Southern Expres
LCompany for several years, has made
a great success of all sales,. lad man.
aged to dispose of four honldred and
twenty packages at this hiSa, 0some
of value and "some not"--but the fel.
low who bought the package' paid the
price, and it was really amuaing at
times to see the conte'ntt opened.
when one wai.s g(oold altred enough
to dislalay the pac;ikiKae Ite had pur-
chused An an eva idenre. oine fellow
who hid $2. ) on whtiet he, thought was
a suit of clothe;,, (cl'i'ed up i p ackage
of saniples of chla'l-p i paler, while the
other fellow who tlioughit lihe air get.
ting nothing sec'ureld in mantly Inttani-
res good values at a low price.


Rain Was General Throughout This
Section, Doing Great Good.
A general rain prevailed III this ue*.
thl Prldar night, or early SatP
urday morning, which, after the warm
lmull, proved agreat beneat to the
truckers and trower*. It was a wel-
come visitor to all who are engaged
It the work of agriculture sad tMrck
growing, as it acted as a kind of natur-
al Irrigation
The farmers of Alaehua county have
so far been bleed this year th
their crop. and hope by favorable eon.
ditlons to e;lp1se anything of the
preceding years. The stands are good,
the seeds are good. the work Is good.
and altolgether the crops of the Ooamty
as a whole this coming year abould
exceed anything erer prcdu"Md in the
county. All the work has been well
done, and it now rests wftb mature
to do the balance.

Accident to Small lBy.
Maitr the bright Nttle i&n of
Mr. ald Mrs Mi. lletlle, was the
viortln of si ac aldnut a day or two
,) whikh cr.t hit the prklc of the
fourth or lide x fn.agr of hl left hand.
While the1 Ittl, fellow was pylayln
i with a hatrher he lt the heavy Ustrs.
meant down slidrnly o h bis left head
striking the fnl.'r and almost seerl




Dr. Kelley is Plesed.
Dr J.. L elley. ('oanty Superin
tendent of Publie Initruetloa, baa re-
turned from a vlsit to the Pine (Cot
lai. Antioch and Ia(roae schools.
and Is well pleased whb the condi
tion of all of these itittoilmis.
"I feel particularly grateful to the
tearhers of these schtol ," remarked
Superintendent Kell-ts "They have
worked hard and faitlhfIull but I mlast
give lth pupils credit by, wing that
they., to. have bemnt faithful. and the
ioomablation aa worked marvels I
am proud of tbhe.' rcbools, their
teachers and the 'ciilil.'
Tbe laCromee s chll has heni cim
ed temporarIly. on iarcount of llness
and Tbh fart that nuel, of the farmer.
are busy and, being unable to secure
help on the farm. wre reompelled to
lake their rhlldre from school A
&aaats tbhem The stovol will rreom
In a htort time. hnre .r.
Dr Kllkly a tanw 'tsy vtaiiag lti
schools. ad those h to desire to se
bhm It hi ollee should mear o lst

- 1 - 1 I6

IA ?a"

LIst of Vroe Piem of Worship
Where Thee -*slg May Attend.
Service w I el at the churches
this Sabbat a t 8We:
Pirut Baptist CbWhth, R'v. II
Rotore--anday sobool at ,9:;1io m.
Prteseblg at 10:0 A. i : uhlject,
" tf and Bvergreun," Junior it. Y. P.
U. at 3 p. m., Sealol at 6:15 p. m.
Speolal nervtce to th Knights of Py-
thMa at 115,. when he Knights will
attend Ia a body.
rst Methodist ( urch. tev. T. J.
Nlon-4uanday clob at 9:30 a. m.
Preaohind at 10:41 6 in subject,
"Stand Upon Thy Faot.'" morning
anthem. "Preserve Me, 0 l.rd." Jun-
ior League at 2:80 p. m seniiiors at
3:30 p. m I vennlgl Sr\w' at 7:15:
antheod. "I Will Always .Ci% Thanks."
First Presbyterln Church. Rev.
Thee P. Hay-Premacblnb tt to1 ::t a.
m. Sunday school at i and
evening service at 7:lt o '. k
Advent Christian CLtich, olderr
James I.oe--Sunday sel., l t i10) a.
m. Preaching at 10:4.; i 11 -ull-
Ject. "Divine Liuldance l'r'.achlit
at 7:30 l'. I.; subject. ,,t I' Tr.
Holy Trinltv Episoopal c' !re h. HiRv.
P. COraluibU-Holy c i.Iinnothiln at
T a. n. Morning prayli u ,,,l ,rmcion
at 10:30 a. in. Snhlluda. -cihiu at :1
p. m. evening prayer nat i miin ait
7:30 p. m.
At St. Patrick's Call .l1 tc';urch,
Rev. P. J. lynch, there i'l lRhe nnM
at 10 o'clock a m. ait,' ii '.tionl of
the Holy Itosary and I ' ,(!: 1tm1 of
sacrament at 4 p. m.


The Brown-Jenningl Hard %ood Plant
Is Now Ready ter Busrie
(1nli't ville haI U I.r l.' !
which In Itm more thua 'r- I'sitl-
.eInnlng harldwood( plait
This !ndistry, awhlih % II ii iiira aci
tuore rimq and Imn)okel for \ ,' ',,I Ireiii
hardwood. han Just ti,' ,'l n1 the
Attain. it'lih e w tart ilo l 'm;>lo- .%
eral hands, and will dd i 1.ila 'ltilli tli
the ctr luerclal advantasl,- f (,finiic
The new plant to loriil'il li Houth
(alnesville, and-wll beiln work right
in a day or two. The.y enppet to
ship their warns to every part ot the
United states, and will no illsidot enjoyy
a line trade.

Some Are Roman

tior shwe of ('Itartatasam itel I., ke i- vat rIv'lt a any
I m ) % 3 l 'A I.'r 14-.li1 11 till'i1c i lt6114'141 1- 111 ii 111 .h wI l ha&
I li'iii asim i l er m4 ~a n' tiii 'm s'ry Iii tt e~ eta v ii et rq'm a bvWt I ni.
,i~t-114i fic i -i Ihi t o Ii lave a 0 ,11110, vxlli'mite' e .dssillee',, (or it jilot
feut.'l rkiq o'. 'pIh eliti gte t i'lmvp mati ct-- I ,ltwl (041M.' tNO
Itirw, %w t i~ Inc .. he p,'m aS1141frAuwy p4ti..rlciit4ili spesee feet tiIWO

Squarv.....L. 0. 8MITH4.. I

-- 4---.

(EI eerpersted) _No
E .OLYI srofll ve si rolll InIWfA4Uosg5 Iunt lwt teg. rosin i ar Iar In the Poawily (Nr
raaarr I h" Uwem' Its Ihie .w4mo S1 jcsrf i lW it t b ti hlo I WV..,lt wish I4n" Ua laMo

ifl E. W~O7SiLE:
Ii. oos..o w a.. Ugr of iiuromison A tuarom *ad Mdkb

m As.Im~k ft.00." fift N.&LAft.9ft ft'Nhn'It ME

-- - - ----*------

II'A'heryt h1i l~l tnut-erlnsr'.



ow m up

fIatlN free.
Iates l2.60
k i 1 b .0 tom Nlm a


,'Fin trzivitig itn' Ibs4
slid lip.

MAwklsmm I

v. vA- .- i- -v. AwwvA Y. vI v Y, v v v v I -,T-,T -w-
-.FA A A A A_ A~sr


Ocr Ma. hront P.
Working to Thi Enid.
ICr I' I'. Marh, a rouininet jeIds l
of Pon -mPa 4. h Webtall III n I lis1Y
fosr wolIce.io4f i' days In the wuser iitr e
imetulildIetit1rg aNatkhol 11,tsiii~d Nie
SUA..IIIaiuc car-e, and so nfoI ree a ,a
i It- rum.' hI.bld IS'
Iw Marsh l1& 4aca et *" o lf 021- 411,,11
la 6. a gc'ntlocaall of the f Ansi p
.ioeal nork, rd b. ctitinig Ith
mumo ampurrap kaui. m, tot4fr file ta Is

itin it. He was brouebt 1 I ~ *~,~----- -
;t ibis city to Wa v. alnacmanu r. 1 to etadIllel a luuuial aisbi h witt& at#
to this city to ti M r. miloOri ptsmr.i
but the sound was ofO suh a islutD ** v. P. U. PtU. tyr. ,ad If he- *s.t'~elecit CIII fiibI
way. ars*) rl of hlr. siu-c-olt it %il n# l
That ArfUtgMatin behn came WI hm g( lI u
/i ~~r~dr~I e~ay OW111186 I' how of N* V, ( f(*JIl.
"thf- Uli:. 'Allt staistood his trouble
like a man. aud ths hrauw we tW oldsa 1AMfl. It. RtaIi- *to the scene
he will mon tie all rigt ga(m Of 9 thebriht- t of the mm way-
deloghtf abrs co)-eed dor. Of 0loreest t6
T%@ Psitera of Mise HI,*ksfd g0rft 01 (Jice of tMc' ets,!. of the sWc14 sIllk
TF funeral I'' ut ehe V 1' nsf the it c. the eo1nelsem 0f t4. Mcmr Ecu~ed
The Nacrral tA Mime DUWUa III&O'lleptd humb, T', mswallra *4 s hu4jea A je tsiclag prled sdrgarika
[ginwbotbhaD. l. datoh of Wh11 1 r1uI the1r 0111`w1 01i0 e fi full6W1 o.'awll hwea uand I&Ynmbip ecpc hsew~d
K red at to* hKcO. "'eef be M, I-a me M* as sasUAte W Wfih IIN t t Kee to ib. 'A eel the
,j) iftgglobItbana. Nouth OftilUYle t gbgeift~y ir tisy so" saTwelh tla ,m L js d a Ishet h. A
frtaY .rftetsa. was hId It 3:S a atJS I tc Ucs r 1 4al teI cC( Neam'"t4* 554 .8*ee 1
* doc frOW m l. es'W~f Sstmft'7 msctt,, "wks 4 i* gyj~pI$VN U j~9k j4
- ogveytOrM 'inter~we krd1T e~ i ore nrrymahLmg so. tle I~r i Fn a the e'eflal I.nee
atnna. 51ev now x- a.s Oftho *the d hdr a i .4b7-mw pm* ep t 't d- f( ma or wova th ib s laet.Tb.
Fjt ftptut thwreb a skift It Ues*etub reet t Ci li aai bsob. ces tog &,will be a ler-fItg 0
The tMA S' w"`4 ia nwb Wo g o bo mdy ea. a "sar beUlaU asyirng oUpry.
68Y rMifds of the 4MMW 'mWle N60 M ha'. bed be bm Iow S e coasj, a"d tea w** te gwWSW ble
14t ed the ervi S a at h "a e. of Nose""m Vo nar e& av4. way si Sjav athU evr
Irb toSmVIM9 -et be #A pop, Usr 2eaffY
p ri d d e o f th e WA i Y ,B d O W 0 If J e d O w il a s ww r k od j S e eS h iv e o t Wt s a A m is t o b ig
1eaedsvpmby sQ t 11110aowo *neVatrallah4s~dp" OWwork 1
gamot&-ift gs 6666"sehek Mo ma4I-
-o am mad Tb= 0" Wd CFM iih COme .Uv ibe

11600sa g ado"" a" a
a piift on" Aml a "ode" W",r di
~~~~ _L~ ,oLL.i*

AA C cuJ Au




fesigtsa f,1Yrwr 9rtainct i( IhrrnUl~r

--T-oiiyr i-Cqrrc
17 W. Sial--411Ii10--l'mw Na
J&Aetwaul~i', PM16
Tf~rgritu.itlm *hi I F~j I P i6fel 'ii



Funi~tung A-Ad Ion A

=s to .rcShwg0
14posoty Sd .a
bw~ ^-m-
-l w.



~1 -' "X




r a


Pr ~E


A Paid CapiW Siek ot,.. .......
Iarsed Serplus &ad m r.......
Resource mm tha UA"b..h
Indivdald ual Saa Depeb average .
lLlrlt#4 Skin wDrlo~t... .......... imm*
Number of V ~o- v ................. o e
Summer o f posIto? ..................... ..

We slwys km of MW a kwIsMie mt do q~s~
1r0r0 Iwo dm w rqpw hpult Gimtinmr

ItfeasWI to sappeaImW vuet ut e *a a dar of yaw

Gainosville IJtional lank
"~Ox~ the Ooz'~ri"r

a- -


4^ #. ,, ri uu

' PIOU WlcT ... Iuap.W gm
'14tfl yaa .. 11 ir ....,.Wihr-4.,..oH ,w*<
x ,-AmwrrrT p rru,
S* wOpmas IPolt MAc KL
Ag We ob m ft of L T asa ou
;;a ,a .v sWa, pbM ised J yunpraag as
S.tM adNa, dellve aHrer tri tbec ity. or
Sm tos yWn d tho ale VsIW tsa" p$ P~
torllt gapmsp ad mm,';*! t.ts thes
asielser p om tew i k wse-ar etly is

[/; r* r Mti ll ro Irte o
Ouf sel mist t eteumm a1 osta t imn
|! iseuthlss. .d asts for ecli dditiouaJ
iterdslqy advertUls made known os

,' ?ehwst.Veuw usl. is Isot-pw., forty
a' lMUo ws, pOiN" every Moeady sad
iaY od aseie ab ll tbe sews of i
Wd W,. ilta, tle sad wr, sn. will h
Sailed, postlo f, to -y rirt of the UVlted
: M l em or Cnls4 *i. tnylsa sll d vas m
AU adwortisng Mile bfasm due after kol
I5 U &hfli Nn moet o wsa or W
ag e imse-l Os umdW ot lu
m phrtMlrd to p fer 86r0Wt led &J
a -. Adi ,4 TIMI DAY SUN.
|' ii;... ._-, *m L 4l
There are 10,000 famitlel skin
Sar asaltance Is the city of Chicago.

The billboard nulassl is not so an-
S yila to mawy people as the board.
bill Duianc.

; Id't takes a vacation In forty year
took a day off ast week to attend his
a funeral.

Maryland now Is seeking Insurance
I e laws. Wil any of these "rs .
S sa" wave result In someone lail
S 16 out something about those de.
O ted divldemds?

With the Mid-Witer Bxpolstlon on
t a Jakoovfllo and Tampa wnrUlan
the bl State Pair. there to "some.
S tMt dolW"' in the old ooammonwelth
4 iht now.-Fernandina Record.

They are vaccinatlnl against tbb
i Mok l Iamong cattle In Germany.
S II there were only *ome way of vac.
' dlantll aalnt the black lorg among
IM over hereIt be glo'rloss.

btberlbors desiring their paper
aaagd from one postoMee to another
ae reqy ted to give us the name of
kte postoloo that they want It
changed from as well as the one they
vaat It changed to.

Conlgreesman Prank Clark's election
s a eretary of the National Demo-
eatle Congresional CamIpain Com-
aitttee n Washington recently was
S evidence of his ability and popularity
amIOn his eol aullea s.

C ~uti

S*OllWLe o.s i P. OPKINSG, Oey PUsetr A Ls


The secretary of the navy ha. srv. done so when it was necessary to
". ed notice that If there It any further protect the leases they hold upon
I" adulteation of battleship coal with timber."
, dynamite, he will rescind the con--
S tract. This thhii of subrtltuton II Thle Marlianae TIma e-Courler de
. rprebhenlsble and should not be tol s.rttw4 a new v*rlety of cotton orgI-
rated, nated by II II. ardet of Nashville,
.:. (i whom, stalkl are so completely

MU MwcW. Jeney Clouy.N. &

A manit wal arrested In Atlnuta the o "o'c %1tn caution nat any go dm
other day for violation of the (.or pl.kelr could eai'ly t t(t0) t 1,000 A. br
gtI prohlbltlou Iaw who had t' velnty p Ioundl a day with his handl In any ow
kega of bter on hi He,11 fel1ld of it. It in sald that It is good
esalmed to be a che iwt and was for four bale' tto the acre. ThiL Is
ualng toe beer I4n,the manufacture of the result of cr.leeful rtrlture and Lthe4 ~ au "
a nonu ntoxleating beversal. selertlol of the h bt red from the
St__~t -1talke., carried on for several
Ibe rural-lfre ellvery routes In the. 'year." v dlv nced multiply that al. r
postal sy tem tf the 'ulntd b ~te mn'st any plant cultivted can bo ma. ~ l
now number inore than tbirl eight t tally Improved In productivenessa say= 3
thoulsald, ar.U twry erve upward Uo u ld In quality by.Judiclous and conu- btee- sCsJerM.Y. g
teen tillion.i of people or prastl. ltuued selection of the beet In aed H L
really one sixth of the entire popular or in IUid. -Times.-'nIon. __._.'
Sor th of OintmnIat for Catarrh that UI
tlhe d(illi '-i,- tn,- ijat few days, Contain Mercury. C
colutain thitIr 1111,i ... f the re i A% nerraury will ..IY destroy the
sunption of ,i ,,l-rtionI, I. > many of ien. e of ,.ittHl and (Ismpletel de CURES COLDS
the 1uill 41l fi,*' r- i '* rious rec' range the %hole systems bwhn enteirins a *R|pp 3It pp
t etsl .. ... ....t iast. hlich it through the, mucous surface. Such 1_. l 11
2191111 do aft d Makthortbas
we11- c-1o.-1ed '")l iii a result of the artle. l-honild everr be used except dYis
pain. OUf eumr*e their r. .penlu will 1 I, prl*.Mrlptt have to b <'redited to l i. Ut.uhllra clain. as the damage they will di
ltrnuoi'rIt t ten old to the good )ou can po
:-L bly dert le frnm them Hall's 'Ca
If of th ttlUe-htting Am.ikanil tarrh Cure., num:hfacturrd by'\ J.
lhirewslt-' are looking for tnLelothlnu ('henty A)' i TeuIdo, 0.. coetalaa ao
oult ut the odinary in thel Ine, of nierrry, and It t takes ltleral. a
title. they a by e tnteratewd 111 the acting directly niu'iX the blood and
romlrit t Nawab 10l ulk. says The muc es surface of the system la l
..e York Cwtwrcmrtall. We Jdint buytin Ha ll C(tarh Care be asre *
know whether be's i theb aiarket r' you et the coulre. It o taken thD- WSS
aot. nor do we knew what a *nawaba trsally and mad toIs Toled. Ohio. by j
la b ut anyway Is 1 tolreno t onuu thre p. J b(' y A 0& TLUtUumlale trOa
tord. duke. crutit and those vther >bd by dnarIsxUt Price, 75c p|
ttUs which are lb ie so I0 com i ^ .. h ^ ,. (or o 'i
0U0tm Iwi ar% ec so s co I Tne Han,& aMly ils tor comet
sMtace Isa the div4ra mew Ipena"lD.

Air Line Railway


Three Elegant Trains Daily:


Modern Pullman Equ.pment

The SRALOAHt) FLORIDllA l.I-ITK::4. ild 'ullmnan ve8abtr
tramin. St Agalutle and Jack#uro Itl. ,t NS.' Y'rk via Rlchmd
WahUtto. ~ Diing C.r (l. cIarte) ,-rvlire IXk)hlp Dralja ,i
leepags c sarSt Itoand Obwrva'ln Car, Le#e at. A4Isl.
11:50 a. an d Jaeltoavwlle i: p m daily, tIclding

F Ta tB bMlatualoa and s)wr
*shavod rwa "l

. .

Per rC#rvmuonbs call On s Am*

at Generm P &OM8 Ago*
R. PLOoti"

m,.5 .j%

* .

?14X I I Ai1" V -.'1

Te next Presideit i tlh unitedd As as d utratoa of the i'
tates n all probability w illbeeither curious working of the law and of
Hmt, nges or Brya. mr h Wald public sentiment the ease of Captalna A A
Street Journal. It Taft flghes is Willism H. Van Schalk i Imprelssiv. IuMA AM
not nominated, and the oetdidacy of Alone of all the persons directly or i-
Bryan appears too mneWcfmg. then directly responsible for the thousand C U R E .1
there might be a stampede of the Re- and more human lives sacrilfeed in a,
publican Convention for oosevelt. the burning of the excursion steamer
L There appears to be ne i4uMston as General Blocumj.n New York waters--
to [Iryan's nomination by the Demo- offers of the owning corporate on,
critic convention, and It is no secret Government inspectors and other of1-
' that he regards his ehaces of election cals.rodflcers and crew of the boat
Sas exceedingly bright and the sellers of weighted lfe-pre-
STaft's complete victory Ip Oblo serve-he h ad been adjudged guilty
Makes him the leading candidate for of ctmlnal negligence and is now
the Republican nominatba He looks facing a term 9f ten years' Imprison-
more than ever a wimer. meant; and thbl, too, after a lapse of
Every aspteh iatOk e makes nearly four years from the date of
however. lersesa tbbti aBgth. He the disaster. Tie was not alone re-
Is a growing 'a .sponsble. of course, nor chiefly so;
I There is nottblah Iddl outlodk that and to convict any of the others
is pleasing to the 'reactliag." One equally guilty with him at this late
of these four men may eem to him day would be Impossible. The prompt
worse than the other, but they are indictment of a dozen or more of the
stamped with varying degrees of.criminally negligent _Immediately fol- ** -T m c wi-- b--in&m wl, e
radicalismm." If the Bourbon element lowing the fire and Immediate rials I C. M lrA. l hI lkCioaMl, "ndl
in Wall Street were entitled to would unquestionably have distribu- abdt o at les ad a 4~ aaer deal re, I .
choose among thee four "evils," It ted the penalties for this crime more IO w leawd d t DalleB lminIb t,
is safe to say that they would take equitably; and more speed In the Van O M bsilV .USDL. ZTH)vem-
Hughes or Taft before Bryra or Rooe- Schaick ease might have resulted hi a afaie i to a aimuiur i sa aporn e
velt. prison term for him nearly half sen- l s--lbdag h IFety m w w alk
4 ed out today. Three years ago popu.- eiot 4d a to* po. a-
THE PUBLIC BUILDING. lar Indignation was such that bresuom A m-a A ft I
ably nobody would have presumed to 8 T9 3 3 0, 0 AUMD 00
It having been rumored, or the re. tart a petition for the Captain' par- ALLARD SNOW LINIMENT CO,
port having been tarted it thls city dqu; today almost everybody and any- .I LOU.W L A
and section, that the appropriation for body would sign such a document on
the proposed Government bullying presentation; apd the probability is
would be considerably delayed, owing strong that the Government Itself will
to the fact that there would be so be Inclined not to make undue haste
pabli-bauildtag bill introduced at this tn aling a .man seventy years old W N JOj BO INT
season of Ongress, Postmater L. C. who must already have suffered keen-.
LI4ch authorises the statement that ly. for his neglgence through nearly
be has the assurance of Congressmau four years.--New York Commercial.
frak Clark that the increase in p.*
propriation will be forthcoming at the The State Sunday School Assoc1a-
preunt aUetonl tIon will hold Its annual convention
Congressma Clark added that, in ,cala April 7th to 9th. Inclusile.-
while there was o ertalnty of a pub- Ms. Mary F r etne Bryner, field worker EFFECrE rOVEMBER 10, 190.
lle-buildlia bill, be expected the In.-of the International Sunday School .
crease to be granted under the act of Association, whose 4eadquarter are
toe sudryt civil bill. in Clh go, wil be present at theq con- Leave Gainesville for Micanopy, Fairfield and lo-
in Chicago, will be present at the con-
The supervhing arcltoct is now ventlon, and It Is hoped that Mr. cal points South ....................... 10:30 am
working a new plans, as th ebnge Charlie Tillman of Atlanta, the cle Returning, arrive Gainesvillo ................. 4:25 pm
of Alachua esunty from the Southern brated leader, will be et to have
to the Northern Distrit of Florida. cirge of the music. ft I hoped that Leave Gainesville for Sampson City, Palatka,
neoesitatlg the holdIng of United the Sundayr ools of the State will Lake City, Valdosta, and all points North 6:00 p m
State court here, also neceritated be rpeeated.d that the work will Returning, arrive Gainesville ...... .... 9:20 p n
a larger and difflerently arranged racev a renewed impetus through ................
building. the ifluence of. his convention. Col. J* Cutler, G Spt. LA. E Brkr, TraM i0'r.
pekln of s of he n M. Rivers tI a member of the ex. upt..
Speak ns of coqons of the naval eoutive committee.
stores Industry in norda, The Indus- I OA PR AIIR AI (
trial Record says: "The Record Is Do0t Put O
In possession of information to war. Until tomorrow what you can do to., 9 U
rat the statement that the box cut day. I you are mferlan from a
this year will be far below that of torpid liver, or A pateon.'t walt I g. a I Io. No.a No.. u
last year. This statement la made antil tomorrow to get help. Buy a 'TATIONS D z a
after a careful study of all the letters bottle of Herblne and get that liver M -
which have been received here d workn .h Pr qbout we P rre Arve A e u P
working )hrmght pt ves Leee w v Arriv eAArrive IAY9
lng the past few weeks. Operators health sav..ds y sek RI ,,. Mrs a IS:. O...... "IT a Lso 64
10r t t .... .....I. OW AIO
have been doing their best thl: wi Ida Gresham, P. n t. Te. writ : 8* 4 Juat140 P.L6 r 1 L v
ter to keep the box cut down. Acting ased Herbine In my family for ssl r A r ArS *ir1 ....... .... Lv.. L, L
ulon the suggestion of the executive yrw fBd It dea all it a. At e9..~_ As sa_. ''_. ;popL .** -.* eptml3 p_ Iv 3~0 Lv- 0 .... .
committee of the Turpentine Oper- todo." Sold by W. M. Johnaso. O aeo m ade ast Dowba Park for a t oad mrom Uve Oak san Perry. aa M
ators' Assoclatlou. they have refrain. ,,_, 9i Mare JomeM for Mayo. Alon od aul intermlao i t .
ed from cutting boxes and have on.y __A -- ... .a Ste Ir t '-oe or cll On Geera Pamae

St. Lucle County Bank has
up for business in Jenseu.

ty division aI Dade county is
discussed quite freely already.

Public school at Crescent City
wolaawed lat Monday for a week
*Wb tb a scarlet fever scare.

Whitfield was stabbed to death
b y Cone, both negroes. The
Iprrd at 103 Cleveland street,
Is- vte.

retail merchants of the State
convention n Jacksonville.
Is a fair attendance and much
m is being manifested.

Forsyth. a ffteen-year-old lad
e, was lost in a pine forest near
ve-named place and wandered
a 'for 48 hours without tood or

Elmer H" Is the name 91 the
senger boat which will make
runs between St. Augustine
liam. The boat made her
trip last week.

complaint among mill men at
now Is that tIfey cannot get
to work. The high wages
prevailed in the past have com-
demorallxed the section. Men
work for lower wages.

negro delegates sent to the
tion convention which Is be-
ld la Tampa were refused seats
ed to retire. Delegations from
Carolina. Tennessee, Georgia
rginla objected to their pres-

i| Southeastern claim agents held
ventlon at t. Augustine dur-
last week. The railroad
opened the convention Priday.
were about 60 claim agents In
ce and they discussed many
t matters In connection with

people of this State will be
hat Interested In the results of
nts with the prickly pear,
Share about.,t a undertaken by
N. Mason, of the AgricUltural
ent, on the Federal Expert-
Sarm at San Antonio, Texas.
the experiments prove sue-
,this hitherto worthless plant
prove to be a valuable asset and
land suited to Its growth be-
Immeusely valuable.-Florlda
IlturIst. -

untstown was treated to some
| new on Tuesday, when a party
ped from Marlanna Ian an uto
e,. which was the first of these
Lines ever known to traverse the
Ks of this beautiful woodland
I. The machine proved an object
rest curloiety to the vast majority
ar citizens, and was closely In-
led by the large number of peo-
who saw It. Uncle Tom Pariah
especially taken up with the ma
e and prevailed upon the owner.
Finlayson to take him and a few
nr for a "spin."* While flying
agh the air. 'ncle Tom held both
hat and his breath.-Mattanna

Negre She Ht Wife.
Wrele, G.., Ieb. 1U.-4AaMle
k. a mer, she Hvo at Ialel,
p couaty, Il atteoplg to to
wife Wo dnefy moralag, b) a
t it ih trot load dt pI N
his owi foot. tearel it to pitc ,
wot daJntd by te' aeddut.
srAd Pred the other barre at
tfe, 1t 'ncd taid eOfet la her
The negr we arrestel.

go is OIft INsa abs

b0 rn e t an rcle
B Ibe Its si y o 40 t
Sto IMO4 soo de, Maal he*
b e"al sae soes elme.
b-.d ,thopevsedke DW
eBst a f-nas balwl
d et. bet MW stir d
tos tore tie 'r a fs
thl e garm the e r U

the etues i s"at etr se
Wbasse e 0eam sftN

ofm -l S "a"
.~ -~. pros
l e "- CO

a 86to"Malft


Many a Florid Household Will
Find Them So.

To have the pains and aches of a
bad back removed; to be entirely free
froa annoying, dangerous urinary dis-
ordr is enough to make any kidney
ufferer grat-ful. To tell how this
great change can be brought about
will prove comforting words to hun-
teds of Florida reader.
A. Orting. maman. of 419 I street
Pensacola, Fla., teUs how to do It. He
sa : "From my experience with
Doan's Kidney PUll I cap strongly
recommend them to t d
of a od medleolse the idneysa
Kldney comphaitt ad backache
caused me suatl l r tnterl for
years. The r at or meod ttack I
did not mind, but as time went by
they grew wose and at time laid
me up. I oalid hardly walk and It
wa a dUbcult matter to straighten up
after stooptng while the kidney secre-
tions were trregular and unnatural.
Doan's Kidney PlU cured me. Prom
penoal experiene 1 know that this
ready can be depended upon to ful-
bli the repmeseattuls made for It"
Por sae by all dealers. Price 60
sta. Ioetr-Mllbrn Co.. Buffalk
New Tirk. soV l agent for the United
Rmeaber eta name-Doan's--ead
take. no owter.


Savannah Market Ruled Quiet, With
Irrdg larity in Prices.
Bavannab, .a., Feb. 15.-The mark-
et for Bua Islands was quiet durlhg
the past week. wlth a good deal of
Irregularity in rice paid. Quotationsi
are reduced 2 cents for extra choice
Geortgia, and are put at the previous
Lkade fgare for choice. The very In-
cempnt'weather trnmousout the week
itartfted' some t with business.
bot fair salei w i&ade. The bustl-
nss was mostly W1lrtra chol'e ,Geor.
gias, choice, and extra flue; other
grades were rather reflected. The
demand was mostly for Fastern mills.
The following prices are basel on

factors' quotations and are
weekly on Fridays:
Fancy Florldas. .......... 2
Fancy Oeorgas .......... 27
Extra choice Florldau..... I1
Ex. choice Georgian...... 19
Choice Ga's. and Fla's..... 11
Ex. ffne a's and Fla's.... 1I
Fine Ga's. and Fla's ...... 14
Common Ua's. and Fla's... 1



0I 14%
!%( ;

Charleston. S. C.. Fetb It.-'Bea .
land mar et: Receipts, fi bags; ex-
ports, 2 bags; sales. none; stock.
2.807 bags; market quiet; fine, 36%c;
off color, 32c; No. 1 tinged. 2 c.

Gaineevlie, Florida.
Dear Sir: A new word has ceom
Into use In paint; It is strong. SItrea
paint Is paint as strong as paint can
be. Weak paint Is paint not so strong.
If one paint takes 10 gallons to do
a job and another 15. the o10-galo
paint Io the stroilge.t
iU me paint wears 10 years, sd
another 5, the 10 year paint Is the
The strongest paint Is the one that
takes least gallons and wears loaget.
lint do such diffrenrcs exist? Yes
and greater lwir-. Is the strongest
of all. A Job that take. 10 galleis
Devon takes more than 20 of soe.
And a job of Ik*vor wears several
times as long an a Job of sonfe paints.
0. E Perry, laat Ith street. Ir,.
Pa.. wanted two ho se sam.e see:
same time. with two panta s sae
price, took 3 galklonsF voe to 4 of
the other, and In three yearsT IKvo
was the hett,'r l(KIking Job
There are *strong and weak paints;
we all want the strmeat1. palat ean't
he too sitrnsm YTurs trtly
44 r W IVOlC A CO
P At The "TrThumas Co sell
our pLallt.

I U'

Cie" of Parad~.e kJ'i.

elosed a u wm mue-ea term Of
school at Isvad elas F'riday. US"
Ris e it aee t"her abd hMeNMNW
i*, rriai, Intthis viedahty Amy
sihkltha sWurp A her Wsmitews toI*-
de ortunatv 1Kb. heges sarther
sedlat Hln this wea Nary gme'
fors d hajpir~jr et*044 hr.
Pa.die 14.

The q* trWo wfrm pjetoomrid
b aso 13 Cba-dert 'ia fo'pt Sak
swa mt a fa, reWIwh seh9srevm
brm mmesl aa HLisnk. b Is 'beeS.
bW md peamid *ad "a a
bpVm o o w1


Pleasant birthday Party-Valentine
Dan0 e-Newt Notes.
Melrose. Feb. 15.-A vert I llv suir-
lprise party was given at th. litffintll
House on Monday night it: hmolr of
Miss Nettle 'A. Huttman'.- irtluhdv.
The evening was pleasatl\ Ila'.sed
with playing games and d.'.wing, A
beautiful birthday cake with -\
candles was presented during the
David Cole and wife of 8. Si i Ohio.
are new arrivals In town
K. J. Whitehead has retiti.t'd frolm
Jacksonville, where he ihal g on, to
purobase furniture for the' 'o:nipletiol
of the Masonic lodge' rcin- .1 A.
Remmel returned with )t Ilnoth
took In the Expoltlon anlnl e,'\rosa
themselves highly pleased wi th all
they saw.' Your corre ul'lelt wl as
the recipient of a fine ~"-,air male
by the Iggorotes from the I'hllipllllt,
which was presented to hiun hy I .1
Whitehead. It is a most cruel lothking
weapon. (S
H. Jackson has received not ic' that '
the mail contract for the route be-
tween MelroSe, artleton a.Id Waldo
has been awarded to hin
The fact that the telephone. t, twe.'e
Melrose and Waldo Is once I mtor, In
working order Is much aipreciated
by the merchants and ni.nt o, the


Winter Coughs

Colds, Croup, Sore Throt, Chest
Pains, Neuralgia, Rheumatism, Stiff
Joints, Muscles, Speedily


Antdptio. Nnertnmting, llclaeg Owmnl.
eidaI, Itaiiikee, aind free fnwobii. At
onmC the rnet effective, ecsoomicl ani
S to-tu4 exten tnd iapoicatlom


Ilawthorn, Feb 1. ] The' I .aThclle
Irlmprt)o enh.'u oc lot). m1ae a itli'pt'
at the toln hal II rorwontly. TheI
supper wa. a 'A II md inda&

Northern visitors. neat little sumn Aia rnlsed. The som
Messrs. J. W. Johnson adti I L.arlnarjlety is having ha til trwe planted
Save a delightful Valentines Day alonl the street's anl atout the town
dance at the Ladie' Hall on Friday lin gr"eral. The s H-i nlght. a great deal towanr I,,autifyinl the
Ms. M. H. Phlfer and baby of town. Arbor day wans ohTerdl at
OItaireIllo are visiting at tihe, Huff- the pulhic school with ta hbort pro.
ma House. I rram by setting a few trew. There
Real estate is still chanmin hands. are now thirty-eight trees In all on
several tranesetlons taking place dur- the school lot.
til the last week. Thert, are quite a nvumhbr of
The IAdle' IAterary andl Dltating tourltth In town now and all appear
Society will give one of th-er plnlesanl t0o enjoy th: huntlli ali fishing.
social evenings February 'Ilt. F. J. Hanmnnond reports his orange

Even from the Mountains
Ballard's Snow Uniment In praised
for the good it does. A sure' icre for
rhbeuaUtm and all palas. Wright W.
Lovin, Orand Juaetio, Colo., write:
"I aad Ballard's Snow Liniment last
watl or t hrbeumatism and can reoen-
mead It as the beet Laiment on the
market. I thought at the time I was
takes down with this trouble that It
would be a week before I could oet
about but on applying your Unnlneut
nrral time during tbE night, I was
aiout in 48 hour and well in three
La." Sold by W. U. Jolmsn.

---pDro W i .-- -
9t.W i



aro.i, n. IrIng loa ded w th hhlom
hbds. The orange grovvIn inl general
are, looking well and a large crop
of the golden fruit Is ilpected.
The framework for Ilamnmond's
new warehbonie i niow ulip san the
building will soon be ready for use.
Mr. and Mr. A. II. Carter and
son, Donald, of tleplnon. N H.., are
at Moore's Hotel for a season.
Messrs. Lute and Newton Petrie
of Hlopknville. Ky. after osveral
wewks here, have* lnle f(or S trip mo
the Ocklawaha to s*me' the *lailhts
along that faonioi rlver.
(len. Wingate and faminlly o New
York are e pectoel to arrive, here s4inm
It Fr. Iyess. who has heln quite
III for some time, is rmport'edl as Inim
lros lnr.
John 1) Teeter is quite low at this
wrlilng on arcount of heart trouble.

Simple Remedy for La Grippe.
IA grippe coughs are ltanllgrorn as
tWRy frequently develop lato plaren
roelia. Poley's IHoney liad Tar not

The Pen is Mightier

Than a flre-tlngint whenl your
house is on fire, lI*cauiit it in-
stanlndy wecutn, thie elntilr \ lue
of your home-that is, wlien
your name is penned upon a

strong policy for

Fwe IMsmMnc
in t he it ii itnpalike. Winter winds
are l*pk'ndml aldb to hig blasre. How
absut your honw? If nt In safety, this
oflke will at o~uc inau* It on nleipt of
a liie fr n you. TIK. .

The Ielneaevlle Natiesei Iank Id

Miss N. Norton
MisN Nro

Nowildd Booka, Stationer

Souvenirs, Sbet PitIMs

od PM Funr IrI I I,,I

IO( lu b"U 80jKue




-F-V- L-T), L- 1 4- -* F
NEW GOODh....0


Wa.. Map saplesp
*~ -,-- -.-

only stes t the cough but lieu' slid mal mosad mwrs"h 64 e
atrnenthmns the ung. wso that no sern l **c ,I
SUlin' F'nle'ys honey~ and TL .er e~,aite lleyle s6
N O W O PEN oua results need be feared The gvsi j -
OrWu hwriiful drugs and is In a yelltpw
pakage.. itousi sub'ttut.s. J %V
Dr. W'al Wo off*". utretly U rlyeg g&aCi {'osliun A C i C L
beal work at prime air 141% the na"GLA
ehaqy ofuWow rimso witi-ime fientils, 1#.t rLORIIA MID-WINT101 STATE FAIR Uaesissewi
OWN. Will WAt be' Up- "lIette't elmteti~4101 TAMPA. FLORIDA. Pon a fti D.W vM
bins uw. HIWb..i P.QI.I.. I'w'v ee.s

of WORK is 4i'Ai( i' r.J). I

Ia the filling of Tv, Sto gewtt g
them to the proper r odItoin s fee I
**"e the filling v%. ,r tha mA-
tels with t10 1 re "? c autlm. s4ad
at, )!Vew toJk abuse eelr det
the Opernie.All,,I-rI
is pw*.romd by us itP ", em. 1
md eeoleaateu wi v -4 for repsta
tm du.whee has 'I -, ulls op by the
empk asmriafs' 'out o porums.
OWAW WK b ago, "n '. *e4'. bst a

Paiee etraetld 1 6116mg

I LI to p *

rt IL. am& -% -'d Ct "am

Lew Rates and CUnvenlent Scedules
via the Atlsatic Coast Line
Ong.' N 1 I'lul '.rI.I& 1t,1114ZOO ct. its
Eiflrils~litbg admngitleuel ooIfe gfji-Il.l.(fit
the, rownid trig' t'uen rnl; ulsta In lhe
lqt~e ri, kLte cn, mls fresco twoIutoo
north sad "a-St '-f a 111,04etrso"
tbrtmgh Arrh4.r llam ibot. r I stIes
cii.e. i(.r~hml2v sail IsreI ha Ylr. treaar
4th. 4 11. 1E1 11 ssoul A1 SoCuth ,( the
sat~,e Uti'. tm Wmale'Oo.-I'inry 3. 4, 6., It 11 if14 it 1%i.Rallstend ?I
All Ilik ets Irlttvu 1 -t. ,et'.ti rn t~rury
Yurther InflruatI'lim fros saw retI
remes nigpet er by writimg too Aw W rm
Vt. DOW 'a s .t. Jack,
4*5ll~iU ''ttlAl




We de o eawbove AIMVMI Q
*eam wkb WN" sw foI bevtbe
Isad .Aft "weto u=1V

The Florida

Fruit and Truck Grow

J.J.s51 usT, m Mdhe sdPrevor,

Pa ~.l.US.. 1,0



,Staple and.Fancy Groceris
front obe Uw a fwwlw

*P~l inSeV S O -NbeIOI I h Ge. aga nd heet&
LYQt bOW, am. Flout' OfIWI )slt 0
I LD~ lample Mah 5a O..u, pe Pleur.U ursa Meel OwsIE U.
sod % rrJ -IAW Sikh PZ Imv sm 8= 114tlw
as'';b wwgSomme".43? RWINe

P t ,.







". '. i. .. .f

/ ,. 4 .l

S,"w ,, n F I E E
. ', .. -m .+ F EE I*'I
Ntiotenoctle The uterese reopit ena wStSe -wet blS FOR MARWSHAL..
0n WO MeetJ. .. 7 mppropri. l s Vn. .am er--oi I t. -
--t"we. Otb., M1b. &~. e by th e a*ata. 611 a ai r n i st To the Voters of Gaiw ile-I take
-tdrla tC ls cit Ok o' i"latoma l i f d a in ak* 1t h1s I wi idi thia method of annotInobg m diandl-
to womle Sla bal whl rete M o la U BoWbl"s dacy for Marshal of the tCtysdGala e-
t tb7s. sone lrf teh 1y6,0 66we of eraclned.e-p. an offcr,- protecting you sad your
c r s. Mie kl I 'IC m _Ihe mU t tw. i ss No LAWS OF WAR. Inter.s le ou YOU W a, for
l -arm rease thh + ,hm o e o eluser of the p-m-. about the year, WA lt. y oU
"- of tVe rovw better sarle The Cede That 9everfe r ostilitIn as to whether I have priftfua my
.r i mC At a i9s0" L frF t oribly by .o m twen Civilised Nations.n with it
country. Mada ull m alv ,mtm a e d-d d ag .lisel O litertate and trion -de e laws of war" as at prlaat for n h.e ble lao w Sii at
auto i s, W Oftl'" Maw ame- =ae?1m. adatei by the elillsed natone forbid lI think I ha beenlt a4 aob
'N.y 6' A bill iM s g n rt mwW p tow ag the mea l night work to be e l--- to-a
b n T* W, M irn *e am Mr s .b tl.e. . me. f *- x am p le and if elected I promise yoSo thaul
R 1L I --i. 9i ,SI & *Ims s Im. e amopartial.m and effclent wVm lce ours
0 Of tf e s the sUaloa or dir g for order C. I. KITE.
ash' low A" f ,or order, IA.
"i "el -a *5 h att a the" a, to a fee; the murder of those
I -a laW esrSl artillery y was UrMty k wp whM bave surrendered, whether pooon da
-,,.- wU w Ses t -- oo illll.tar air r,. tems that no quarter wll" be girve to my candldacy for rel-a n Cit
,. ,.-. e b, d .,to -,- tk i method of abeuvnl m
0, all t0 a $ I. is tip $ai eO 17my; th. us of sucb arms or Marshal at the elecMon Apr 14th,
il, a t m e l u .ml .. The Tiesr He Shed. pJo)etles as will cause unnecessary 1908. I have endeavored to perform
Ste S.m lai he, the nvw 0V~1= venr a Illinois whbe I was a boy.v pain or saffterli to ao enemy; the my duty without fear or t r, and
"t l . ha Ime..a m sow mm M a con r- sman from the state to abuso of a g of trce to gain Inor- would appreciate the support of my
er t equip mIa, WIe l lll a was a lawyer named matoon coOcerning ao enemy's posal fellow-citsens, promising the Iame at
./ l d 116 u r'* U" O t. tI*0 A HathaWy, Sbo lived In my native tions; all unnecessary destruction of tentlon to the duties of the oace l
se es of fourtem r o.tb"'d wtm i P Por r nlfwo Lr *W torW and who bad something the mat. property, whether public or private. the future as In the pat Thankino
lanp. la the oeilag, ~ M'6v 1,L8 tar with his yes. I think the doctors They also declare that only fortifid t o" ft s.o rt, ol,,._t
Madi poiKr, wil prie Mbe rtawld id se lahrymal glands wer weak. places shall be beeleged. open citle. or I for t ou and poct ,lI
W1l llullatlaso. iear estI d for Anway, e I' wu always wipng his vIllagie not to be subject to sge or your votes at the coming election, I
Smaller lghts will bpted d lOtmes It was amusing n bombardment; that public budldbgs o' am, Very truly,
pw lUrt of the Vast hall. Thw are rover a-_ al- C a eourt to se him bring out hbl hig red whatever r character, whether belonging BEN T. ARNOW.
00 lineal feet of Meast, blng reat i t l bandanna and wipe his eyes when be to church or state, shall be spared:
ra.' than for any aesinar mbdtlag In AI 0 t hc i wals talkln to the court upon some that plundering by private soldiers or I hereby announce myself a cand(
S he United State. I dry legal proposition. Too know you theirr officer shall be considered load- date for City Marshal In the election
tese ul l ar, e, diatribuMtoe* a Sat"eI ee'ap o ct1 a ,awyer to do it before missible; that prisoners shall be trept- to be held on the 14th day of April
to buhutlit ea be emptel ea-tirey mis. a Jly In crmll pactc. Well, they l with common humanity; that the 1908. I promise I elected to endeavor
within two adlates. The bulM ag Is B W ICO.ChaV.& usi ed to tell this story on Hathaway: penonal effects and private property o ise ed by the o
nutlreIy f.rot -Atal. l r. W day a woman came Into his e of prinmmers, excepting their arms and to do the dutis required by th ord
be seated .with,. PPl chair through lu i tke to consult with him regarding the be. aimmunltloa, shall be respected; that ncea am near aw I possibly g an
, out and wIl o taa an en-- hu man giv, .ro_ n Of a suit for divorce from ber the population of an enemy's country I solicit the votes of all lawbid n
um w. .... al. b oY L-_,...t llha IL stand. She related how she had shall be considered exempt from par- cities. Respectfully.,
S u nd sta te, w adapt been abused and told a story of suffer. tlelpation In the war unless by bostile CAS8. PINKOBON.
S the bil tsng to tae pwpoes of SgrarL ~Ig. Just at this point Hathaway acts they provoke the 111 will of the
opera, fstlval, antd aImisr entslrta' OLD BY ALL DRUGIST reached for his handkerchel and wiped, enemy. D FRt
m ents, a wo!l Ie onvestlons. ...his e-ye His c le-t, wbo was of a Persoual and Ifailly honor and the LEGAL ADVFRKISEENTS.
WOMEN GO TO JAIL. sympathetic nature, sought to stay blsa religious convictions of n Invaded NT CATON
DIED IN A HOVEL, arm and said: people must be reflected by the In- DrOTD UNDER SECTION 8O TAX
uffragl.te Preferred This to Givng "'Don't cry. Mr. Hathaway; don't, vaders and l pllag by regular troops V,. LAWS OF Fr RIDA.
S But Miser MoMllln Always Carried .. ry.' or their follovwer strictly fortbddeu. N Notice Is hereby ulven that W. Rft omln.
S About Hi. Pernn a Portuna. Icit or o r tha y was sensitive r.gardlng ---- -ir 'her of Tux Certfate so.
-I Ib r uPllt tl hl-;;171rh rr, .. t. dated the tb day of A r.
outattann 'ri, Toen.. oh. 1e.-n 1-- nna. I. Pa rkhut, hbis illrmIty. but he always laughed GOT HIS OMELET. D. S. h~ s died sR 'icer'lo ates a Im oe
1*eingl f hortu of at least, 160,w0, yt ,n< o letter t wome heartily when the story was told ln bli --. .. in c'i,, #,loce ,iw. f ord tar. em
John MoMllin, ag-dI KU 'ears, died 'oter lrate. o prvnce."-nt.illnlton Star. Why One Man Ceased Trying to ee 'ra'n th f I'lo.ln deMorlbed pmoernyltu
Ina ....l . . the oaI-h rgtii nization who were arretotd on I at In AlseIifl (mOIlntl. PI,rida. WtOwl
SrTltlry nirngn In a hovel In the to .unny With Waiters. 1At H5.k 5. It 3. Ropetr' Addition to
S .kirts of (hatniors. I t1 for ''rs .whon they attempted o Well Placed. "I've never trih4 to be funny with n i:'in ''lle. Lt ioks ,; 1r' A
i.rts ( L. i or: a deeonatraton ln the O uses O There had never been any diffculty P water the traveler wus ayiug, pers Addit l totine tle il.l t .
iG AM. ye a r d ivTlFr ++n tly 10 l wr ,.rt y ,ht) p W a l e r. t tra v ele r w a s Isa y i g li, o
sy lr5' leon LbIe str ree tl tnrequent la. eO"monm a wnt to t ail Friday for about securing M~rs. Homer Clay ('"since the time when I-hal a little ex- it I Hotrr's Adtiltion to (Qaloivlre.
e o T e stre ets at in e ,e n of. .I.. oT he msaid land be .lri u om .%a i .t d ate io
terals. Wmen la y from bi k terr. oI f dx weeks rather than give Wa*blrnton of Miple court when one perlc. with one In Californi. It W.. th iuaoe of uch er loate the n e
he nva iably carried a chip market sureties br theo r grod behavior. more woman wii needed for washing several year ago. and I was rather of r enknorwn
ket h It been la. or scrubbing, so that when two postal fresh.' I stepd Into a restaurant n aAtl all rtlf at, d t wbll nbe -re
lbsetphed It i ta ee teuea ct aeorlinar to law. tax deed wnll Imumithero'
deooe h ia death. *ntalnod o" and Charged with Paramour's Murder. ctlwls failed to bring her to the Morse one morning andl or.lered an ouelet. In "i"e t'h t1hr of MDitrh. A D 191 -
apors, worth ovri $10t,000 Moutrtnory, Ala, Feb. 35.--8giei residence one winter Mrs. Sorme went "'What klud?' asked tle w.aler. the t.4h dy of February. A D. 1W
At on time 'he ntl a .great Jons, one of tle mearo solers of te to"t alre there more kluds tbhan Si .. WINO .
S AsyIer tDt e," e found Sim Washington. evident- ee' I Said. Cle____ .-rclt cr___ Alachua C__
1 a'real estate, ut I years l his rowa0 lle, Tm., commagl l In the bst of boalth, entertaining "'O, yes, Sirl he anered e;
"M comiLttrd mli.rid, after which the char e* by President Roosevelt, two of her neigbotn anod was wel 'there er.' Unrd b COMMISSN or Sd n
man overto ost of hi proper. charged with the murder of his pars comed most cordially. g me an ostrich egg ome reUndered b y Ha ueO. aofa o(Jea d
H t l" ebn e oti e withiht &W for anlius sofaso, ,
ty Into cash. So far a known be mour at Hotrville, He has Just "I suttlly is pow"ful glad to se yo let .' e th day or JAbuar o A. D.IoN sn
l Ift no will, and the fortune wll go served a term the mitae for ary Mis' Morae." said the bostess "an' to "'A ribht sir' he said, but you'll s ab otoe oI at
to hi oaly dauphler, Mrs. Janies Mc. 11 a coeenetl pistol which be do family IAl torable well dig wia- have to wait quite awhile. It take ia Fora. oCMy O h meacud d of, Awb
g1agsae, of Rof e Ifli, Kana. It to broalt out of the army with bi. ter ?" long time to make an ostrich egg ome- 1110 twa tahe alos1 sIas,
saM that the okA man and Me danf -- "Not as well as we should be if you let.' fo lowin.d Abd or l yr. to .
had thmt tto hel Usa io tr altl o deor porf e osf la ,i
6 Ihad bus etrasgal for paoy years Revolt Nipped In Bud. had come to help u out" said Mrs. j "I told Mm I had plenty of time. He l sad Iwtuos? -o
Pt. It : larne ad that te had on Gua il . "Why dit y e wIn wnt away and was gone fully an ly known i s. a
dst ipost Kaoxalle banks about $60,. revolutionary movement at Maalbra a I wrot Yt We thought y i mAst hour. Then he came back with a big lows. to: Ts South bl wof
Mbe IlL" -oeduur (4). Range One ( 1). o. S0
,00; 8,000 In Athens. Tna., a'1 at baeen oalppr6 In the bud. l The le Inded. Mi. Morm," d n the COred dish. l te S l
es^t 640,000 if thi retacy. HOis papers otf t i garrison the wre ppoed black Ibefd ore ,-- sir.' -- ad cvi j .-d) plae- --re or l e, ar
are valued l the 4ghbobood t by certain Indiviuale who ;ie to de bet o1 althie at dot'. In "We ll It wase an eeltaorll right. I ma W h h*e..r .e S
6o,0o0. a bribe them to start a revolution. T'e clety done 'stablbh a bread. ssp sa' H ad big e o s for hal ar Ie On a reanh. WShr S Rsi a e wt te
troops resented this fort and d coal und up at de corner, o oe o d hether ereasohe an dosteihar I tbe thea atas a Par
NO RIGHT TO BALLOT YET. aiunced the igitatoru to the author i ladles la do co't has to work 41 di% W'hether these ba o fltrieb Bem la perw to ead
Stie. The plotters were arrested, r nheniaticky time oh yeah.b etrich elgg or whether he mado It real deoepaeed.I. soloreews ot h
*tore Cora F Trow, e New York, On ---- -"Yea bes folk talln' 'bout d e fr im et o l w h et he ns rd r of he a nd Jd oe s at
Woman u gs* Threw DynaIte Cap in Fire harm society does, but us ladies ob don't kno, out I diatinctly remember aP d frI c thet of K .Dwo. A orsalateaar
New York. w iS--rs. ComV. Sloatmmpry la, 'eb~ p 't is rgiht read to sa t h at It cost me ?-satl I lcelrned t AS (ilanrcs ese 7of hIn Sra of Fcs
'PI'w Caitteid t o)85rntIse In a meet. T ctxt' It Wan time now."-otooth'r Co*
feaPub- x 'Into grate amog M hich t vrluable lessoa."-Youth's trompanyon rr. A. D 1m80 J.C. AD Na.
K n of the We< nSit Wom^an' ob* treak toto the rat Iam on t fch wds a wLWIIpinion.
lionn ebh 1''uries aiy y stating hl. a namiter caj thrat be t"d forgott1e1.
tastt wortne~ ~led jeerrn* how to toold spy, F.<<1* \1 se I.!la on by the expe S ale Announcement Regarding the
)ogal e:ortielni I' tidr aw' ehluba t y aUca .i su fo:.owed U 4 the toola v e Ntional Pue Foodand Dnrg La.
bad L.w' Ilk" "41*I haklt e w :', '*e. 1. l ii ie ',.'s urre prt, Wo aro pleas''d to arnounce that ma a M
)Tbh raid that wiou,.'n voted for the a little berho wu struck by debrti Poley's Honey and Tar for' coughs, We re RO With u
of "e o thoir tuba hecaune they botag the m1oat sterkutu lijured, colds asd lang troubles is not arectO
S like.! it!' way a eai ~;tidtp ureme her _ed by the National Pure Food and
tIal~'. r nbim'atus' Ito y 4elkedu the~ iA tt*jh In Time Drug law as It contain" no oplates or .3
drdjw' in nomination Women .hould Will sayq nine. So wll a bottle of other harntul drugs, and we recom. F
study ctvics. 4e said. antl tIouse Iltllardt's Horehound Syrup always end It sa a saf remedy for ohl.1

Q*ux-nuWi to taka pani in the wyera. r ket on hand save many a spell of drou and adults-'. W. McCollum &
fttout of lb.' oenitry before they do afnltues. A suro cure for coughs. Co.
to m9.1 ( r lg M4 vtde. tcolda, bronchljs and whooping coglh.
SMlrR. S. --, Ilut Sirlrin, Ark., writes:- spoirl at Eastman
W hat to Do 01 v sl)b I4 s kvlt' f ldtll e rd 'a Hore o av i Wi 2 )F.,e n's W o f- T's a n d C h i
hioutil 8.%rup in m medicine, ch ost. c which "OW, )" ga "IPr "d# M 3
'~he r~a. lm,( lil.~ c iucn l~l~ to doy mchicln pu~ vt'st.irr, ibo l.Jucatio;; I jilor .al Trils
nf(4, 1h14ati nIy fure'thoug .t mo an tinies. n: wr!e;. r:: eea erwas clear srVI
twr~lnt~'s Wtfr,rwi 1h .' Hr T:04%+,t4 it hvA lirt~ilit. d itafty wirere tipelloie jsrg dt"4it3toim of farmers camie
Th?'y %III deatre th o vitisma!nrc-h and 04 81"U*Nvt- &)IU 0.) W. ~U. Joblrsm. I in tmrllu the surmuundlug cogakry to
rrg%0:,.o flit-Uucr tti litiwil uj~y
Akiic* to chlor InGen.the ures.
It. 1 1,14 o it it kt the at C lothing, H ats
ald--I AYM%. It I F~ La Grippe and Peurmnia.h
L, *t i. A 9 *3 0 a Mel"Ytu. war teoran. at the' and Ta curve k
T(I14 a, 4 k ,'- -lulnahI:1 Wioett -* ?ote. wbo ~duI grippe maiths mmd prevents pneow
0001tbolv on \%'-4. 1%0le)b and Furnishinegsp. j
(rc~0~~ts os wwn~.l 'ttIwLda: I'Vt4WY. ww' ''~;' tI be~t'sat Cr moph. Refus,~ aaybunttbeguhae i
., I 414lbn1s a ta'otabe "I- a h,4I 96mue it yu % te hlana.' Ld car the = *lib package. J. W. MCrilum ago
9" riajax I m the cnnitiv eP4440J, I I C~
l~a~tar t@ bo slkksvr% e : ee,' thismtLh O, i bf Mail Are Carefully and Promptly Filld.

______dl to a *W*s heas TIA ICouleb* Cataloge Cove rin All Our Libe Will 4 *
fbo'r ato&. Jlas I did lil.
Wm I -..-_-SAVEW%12
WWan WEAL a Gie Up of WI y, Sent Free Upon Request.
INHVOIPVV11w TO kft. P0. M--ft to vmWBR .108
ft ft "& 10* am fallo w b" "I a I" n KIY
To Il -"N Nu & o
IfWJ f"Use,

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t' ~t~] t ab

l *of rte RltJM amd a Ce eir
In Wld Pee,..
atly AUmerimta wwe buastkEf
tegists to co hmnefte from the
lag. for witpes a good story of
told by Ralpb D. Palne In to
1798 Captain Jeoathan Carnes of
was looking for trade along the
tra colt Touching at the port
le. he happened to leare
peppr mlght be found aim*
wst coast of Sumatr. Tbr
EBut IndIa company was not as
Sthis solitary. Yankee asiuias-
ilg along tr ae and hstile
In Carone kept his knowrIle
If. completed his vroya to k-
thre whibperWrd It to d a
Jonathua Peele, that as ouo a
a wecrt pepper *epedUtlom
be lttod oat Mr. iekle'or'
s cooper built Sbe was call-
aaR and carried four geed
men. There was much gossip.
atioe about er destlIteda.
ptala Caron had othtng at all
t In November, ITt. be cleared
atra aud not a-e.oo tIn latn
hb *owrs ad himself ktew
be wu Wbound. Her orgocom-
ol renidy, gLi. Iron, tobacco and
fth to brrter for wild pe
r*Ighten months so word re
from. th Rajab and bet ms-
flit CaptaiL C 1a a mllt
aG wrecked e aete we- of
no eOrt, or hemigbt bew
la by hostile nattves. tt Je-
Pewel balal risked IMs sta b
Smeruanta wrn mt to1 'd
|howw with Ather. affair o
his f4t I% the ppfewed Md1
ek of Joatbaa Carew.
at trfn e. adul. dap oit-
'fob a station at the harbor
Jonathan Ptle reached for
giqa and oaw a achooner's top
from seeward. The Rajah
oe -pe aod vwha Ibe lt g
or t ISalem harbor Captata
Cares brouht word asuh
had serel a ar4a of wild
a tallk wbleb would return a
st last TOO per eat oa the
of vesel and voyae.
wards tls oa dveattw'
b rlah rlotwlld waat amwO
Mortabl fortune Io that *aw
was great ezeltement among
aloem marenalt. TThe for
deks to discuss this pepper
b0t Ont Joeatv a Cansas
to ty. and Joathan
Sa dmb as a Salem harbor
Theb R ajh was at eone rat
r eoad Boumetram voyag nd
*s o a sm to atbho her dar
se ral rival meehantm
rUmad vels r ady for aa with
go to that vaeiat fat so
eied aorr thi a d aver
ant whee Captain Caroee tod
pep They burlitd to k
w rt wre aounsaueeal ead had
a toi tisd o Ub their bolds
water argoe emMe to head.
Sthe Rajah slipped away for
d upper voyage and returned
10o.000 peoads f t preor
MOOD 110

1 -* o u u I
The 0W This Twerll AUMtsIo Af.
f ooa Its Vietims
saw biladam o an asltoo Ulttl
kSoW through derlption though sot
er idtoealt to decrlbe, for JbA the
streagt adjectves need few qualtl-
catmo. Tbh pal dos not follow tm-
mediately upon the tralnlan whbch
sems to be Its ceam. Aftr a long
Iay ot ase the traflt r ftad whb he
e0 Into aesmp that Is eyes'ere a tit-
te'otty and that ther water I he
eees too oarr a e or any source of
heat. LI tLr Ibel Ia there w
a tram of smoke Is the tent, tbhe as It
a grta t o e f d had got umd
th srel to#U as if the
s ,e w Withlb uandpaper.
vwery "mea of the eye cauesM
9al ; ItQ Ol helu beglt to come
wttbht a provmking roll of the eye
balL At et tae tI a dull aeb. prow
Ia Ottiy br pe oonti toward
monmta of a sleeples aln t It throtb
t~mb t* wMeM wsry few owedt
* lth twlnta eiearabtl to. but not
quoted b t"t abeetg pains of tooth-
ache. It Is tthe ey aletioo with t
Imta of Ob1h titi ordwary ialimo
erie out. TI sevety of the attfte
tor beg "I F or the larIe' part
l ot Inth t0os u f all Ioake
Ib soat. sotaI a ad ofetlosally erry
tgb et tafrpV, jlyga a to f ae, with
toeth hads eri ble elseo d e to
keep o to t aIrtet padrtblv ight On
the Wes 4t pewhaps ttrd day I b I
ible to tmral tet to very nwrtlghted
ad Mee emrTtbing doub:e. I a rwek
or V% I (t wertr is basy or be as
se Siaoe the mns lidlivdual may
have eslle attek, but the flBt at
tt of tk-o 5 tow Ooamt 04vore Ap.
Sl lt"emck we mkeons th
.iF Iyim tr* ftuIrtbor attacks
wbeb-e at lest the skimor believe
..4dL y 1e to tobi bltdnees, at-
arss- tr eommom among te Us*
EIpiag the eOy froi strain sad, it
pasibt fet lag time eoatiaulft oa
oeM dart oet, suc as a black dog
at eme's tea Is believed by the mue
t to be tU chlef usafegrd. The
eameWi to held by many of thb rey
Wl. aetmwest mounted peoe., whse
*l-a o t sath PnlM e Vkc-
atis t t splreet and om th
HIe tlf e* moa a t fieqe tly t Uo
Pow tOe toe M a bto ladm N eeos
9bapC oull tt more lesiy rImN Ot

dop plOp e I fasipl duty i toe

itpthe ae ma brto rm tlto Into b
to ber Ue P aI *f pow binues.
O aee leiiy th polled emloy tb
a--i. bet awparetly nutbh ctlTve
asf6 rpabda theme" M o black and
tr11 W ofasintoSo Ia" spo it The
type at amM my ha sethif to do

All Ol ok
A Sabi My Lwd Khr pjame
if ougiv i Whte Crssse h~ Cra Ji.. wIeby hln oo
'ff YOG 91TO t WMWN MIN Me On Jwme. wbkb beft O toi
the bed oaa edlelie1aa1 he hwet o myt Lor01 Sloe He b6
4 to sugreg h)uansity. Thi bing Is a V017 WGd candkitiss, ao
r 1a becoming the pourmanht PMW Fee" soo 5. the Pourtw w
at &H bO816huec4s. A wmo ther SAMV him lsitt s.Withk
,oSo as o ut v. they kme m

hoonm. S y W. M. Johasa. uia. OW the 9g el"or&
who$we It sm amof ebe*.$o
A WIde s Dihet's ter Mk .v sabe inmi 1 9kis
OeY mawlo samd& M CMY Wore ao tI* 0 o s I*ma Ins;%M
w* aree. -I"""~ Ma e@ 0 I fmy LAK we I yot htw am
mewoviga benc s;h "us aWe.mpeg' So ethe. nMe. 41
aoom 4" a" buft a w OW S N M A be sor
ftw. kwa iW~rene be wvI. v Iw saw asmumv e s
k Ow IfI" e saow I" son Ie Ims *am'
I Nu 146- too* NmoW "a Ow la. & r feweEa"
~!d1 qt twnyadlow& vus rI=atw wplurs as O
yaws 60S eatn mli at I Soai ''
w"nv or -- ym
sp to. b S Urn4
04. Ow I POt Wea st oIt se
bw, ed.banl u, t Iy uYa SO 0p 0 d t--
r so sim ilar d 6041111v loop" y
&*am A IlorrrrIlo
fts an 1W toe
al estawsq pass -u t"- s oSfwar we ad
S4 "a* atofa5 inpSonam Pnemeful twaud60to. be
4* ely abnt 0 "004" IN O ld itso stiedmt~ vl so
to eam am 1 0 a aew stPnmeso-Wa Sn@.
L- -M I an eso dhIsMOuei0
Anrtha of thass people tC" ii A Sk* yIs, 0OSaISM.
r *I sa .amUPP a PI o4*d
Oft my 4b P" i.s'heof y ywqi
04 Wbf.1w Iu"~teV Of'. ua W bPem, ba*t go

is w am o-fo 466w w
u od f 0 owNoiean
&M do "a so a"&l, i~
I Wtc~r CI lY~ "W



030o ver Gova e le l National Bank.
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all ywpp os*ak,

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JacksonT1116 O d. Now York,
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ticeihbound, ..... .....~... .. ...... n,.. P**' iII '-
gwubouab. ... Frou otim 41mWWW~r --~

Clv4. St. JphMl RUst~c~r
dsoppisl as saLet. t astop, Borest vd (jLAa), mid iahep a 6Loodl lmIr.
rn appoinsod to sall alhofwe, ei Jn JAucusouvNA *#sow
dolurdays, 410 lp. p. 0.oemrm, leave sisss WA4
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Leave:............... .Jae I ........... Dam Iioro
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Deo 9: 00 a. M .................. On W '...........1= 1664616
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Ze 10:o 10 a. *9 * * . . O.* %Im,..... . W W. 9ft *U se1sS
heasage aed TIeket Offee 151l Wee Sep Sroe Jubspvf

H. H. R. "MO Vine* PresIuI am0V" lSbuaaE U* Yo
Pi8r 6. N. I.. New YorkL. 4%IL 16,NMW To
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Title: Gainesville daily sun
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 Material Information
Title: Gainesville daily sun
Uniform Title: Gainesville Daily Sun
Gainesville daily sun (Gainesville, Fla. 1903)
Alternate Title: Daily sun
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Creator: Gainesville daily sun
Publisher: H.H. McCreary
Place of Publication: Gainesville, Fla.
Gainesville Fla
Publication Date: February 16, 1908
Frequency: daily (except saturday)[-1938]
daily (except monday)[ former <1903>-]
normalized irregular
Subject: Newspapers -- Gainesville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Alachua County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Alachua -- Gainesville
Coordinates: 29.665245 x -82.336097 ( Place of Publication )
Additional Physical Form: Archived issues are available in digital format as part of the Library of Congress Chronicling America online collection.
Dates or Sequential Designation: -58th year (July 24, 1938).
General Note: Description based on: Vol. 20, no. 48 (Apr. 5, 1903).
 Record Information
Bibliographic ID: UF00028298
Volume ID: VID01207
Source Institution: University of Florida
Holding Location: University of Florida
Rights Management: All rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
Resource Identifier: oclc - 32994415
alephbibnum - 002027051
lccn - sn 95026977
lccn - sn 95026977
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Other version: Gainesville sun (Gainesville, Fla. : 1903)
Preceded by: Daily sun (Gainesville, Fla.)
Succeeded by: Alachua County news (Gainesville, Fla. : 1934)
Succeeded by: Gainesville daily sun and the Alachua County news

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My 411WO 1111rDe. IRaCK ON T~aW. A A
418Wia aiiiii Neidis OWLOSS Hntt oliio ee DhnsG D R, REESE IS CHOS
INU1104 "Iow*W M rae mansFatally Injured. i., F.5.I*Laf
atTwomouRo OO W 1111. l lf& between two fteht tralfne an lctdEIa~s
'do mT* MthE Owe vibwshm4# 169 Western Anul Atlantic rallroa4 a1
hee.ta1 ~bw m4if below ibis city nearly fllaofb &
-. t~soy Is e 4NpK"the m365 Wob" Namin~lfg. Brakoun ~lC. It. ~War. at-
111141 0 10 e se Inma.1y, It sateqtoj l Hil111. waas fatally Injure~l,
ISOTUEDal] a &t. i r.eeM "blacl hand" eut-: WAS LAWGM,~W COUNTRY,' The injuartl are tkob Squire. Merl- %LECTION MADE UNANIMOUS
=$ aslrmry fn o-Itals rcaap burrtid: IP. A. Boston,-
coweam O V4101FGIN06M Uw t ftrworks at 11 aPetb. 1, -I.. ~fI Wh,~ Which Adjoin. ofAtlanta, "stnee~.r. and l Ed ickett. ~Roes" Will Pretift eOver'the OW
48~-obJ Thor %t *Wyvm o ba little factory of- %io 1Plant W" btoaged to the foremian on noribound U"In. tare aWW Dioctese of Georgia and Willtme
va ~blew. am his wife Miled and he latewit *I 4W4"S..uVal6bl9 plate$ hes4 out: WH ilslutie!. O~if(onlWthei@ Knownt as the Bishop of bGeollO.
Dsw~~ewe 644V injured. He was irthiiltAn iuw blt h
~lv1ublesto icattiae ii b wrk as a man- 00600046 S I'vh~iotboalli, W A trasfl, bruisr4 about041 WllIls.Two Dsh"* taff State.
i'9If1eW --ir&@6 waS ecame to4eNow ESivfaol"N.Y.,M F 1. the mouth bcuind freiaht, head AMd facelAgit. ltfb
L L __To* w -west io the butinasm of b f u n h o~t'hl1 ,nr of th'bileft; WIll s~s oo n.brakoea ntuh* AuTm~a, ic VRoo"sMD. P10040 Of
7-1 .4MIM ew sit uhat. H le roowmed io& ttow Obeuer Idthoalp,9a e%%* AllY, ljU southbound trali, Injurod ahOlut the t bri-t chtirch, Nashvilio. Teemb., waS
10 h e mb n, wa t b usi I 1111 ab e h siv t a d W a i lsgto on istaill y. ki l tw nt N 7 o' lfacaei, vir e vol i blhojp of the plic o a 41110
wag st mpilled Utl a l&short UA Wltimese40 Viii on-N.T a-lfrlhco"e of ()K'rgiaih) Ithe elefty and WLaiY
WS. Then 9mfou f ite Italian do-U h *e 466a low e waemit $ a 21,11, of (Von&" otw ltily "and Il1miWall wad asesibled h mlkii zaal conveantke @S&a .
~ DaatMake Sw.at1 1*OW The plaut to ON 14 th: largest (D &~'O 2t~l4 l~' cu~.A~c~a
Mika to discover the perpetrators of 1 1. 40thengMee swori% tadly torn isip T o ivm(s. )lot mtoo ws Wae 1117
a umb saw /*moo as stthe b$t (10mdl.w6r4, btaiLNo. 2, e~slap beolga s aaall onG. the digselugaup hmgiMrtilug Dr.C. m.
a e~y e*tabhugon a.T. It*our detoeetvee wonat I~ 'olls sup., %ml dworme then the other, 'TM (Carst trwion of tea%*anah, Whoes 6?Q110911111
astaml ims.Sa .itC~tnwork as, the mama when a etCeOf Pl@ s" to' aavv e a'elftej "I Jfit the tracks, moot of tholl, td~d has b,,en Oooiuelwnitot lrious". 0
vfbipwa e Party throughout,' dayst aw rthe Hotdti Sarla. only a euic ~with teln t\,bla wih I trchanitise. ~th e, t bal',ot. lwwnvori. te loctlas 0
~ with mamy Ibfewsdoo@ hem the tenement, was at6p~ e~.? It will probably he late bvifiirv)the a& made ulanlrnious foE lr IN as.Ro m
as anclu" by par ~blown up. s the artepwi&m**ifit woaa wl b -ai4, AMl t"41110 M. Ret... w~itiot 00" to U41"P1ia
*Wftuftwto ieiam J, After sme Invesptigton t404110- UefII r~met. wiaellM,. 044%dam.wtillMove ovt'r tlin 8A1ithit ~nInto as.ia ciroger. IoIi IL native cC We
tires In olde, beesaidc"Youl1,. &e144d the oto creppled P A 2Atlanta, mtI ttthiori.tracrkis 91%to an'1ji, tkir)4?N he Wall setateof
peso~ do- waun~s Oe umanwhno hadl been066ft"ru-I IniTb. Sweitng New* Iln. uit,,I '4the WWrD not bully b lard. '(hridt ohw'cat Maiimuu. and was Very
11e concb don 6WM n ingfom the uweaneof both S w s hu e ii.use otIt# nt44 tnhl the IP-niaill? rw Rot oly with Upiseopaliaa
00cny~ttOfM- Cas sas.A searob of him room* MIW Tim.. willbe run of fra i,-v\vitDROWNgfl IN CELLAR. tbilall wit-h swrnhe came Is vw*
ittrue partyasof lloe:state tyea o aff v ltspvio heoti(. %bv~ve, a ~r qvmsmiitfr ':umbe a! to Deputy Chief Now 11i111. il,'l't In ato the WV'e~
leaocr T OWc P art olte d to be an expL~hle of som@e ikwt # Advilwslamy In the O#Wor I W4 iurt~ tho York FPro Dspactreent. colp tof .4hrit t ourvb, NashVIlUS.
Lus t~J o t tie b Sd large number of fuses. scmpaity be just flewisi jolattm for a New York, c. Feb 11 .-Vl 'es W T pan,. 111w h s oae ,A
$160.00 contract Opp tlrc-i. p ise'rs. KruIfer. dauputy chief of the .Now York whole bb in vretlly bioloved.
CM euclrmC009mtlrLL'Io.. adtbese sere In alw s pa t,%10ch was fire 4eparietuowat s. ro%0e4 In tUs At thte receat suherA1 ea1VORstka 0
lilo ft ele m tin s tih~ oring of iu rQ eton ijce n .Its Con celisr of %.0.016 (Catal elte ft the Kvilia lial chuirsh, W eld In b. i
11 0 M 1111A W std f i uo u stio netl e d by In to t s. HAS NIACK S AIClSl". ue b ditllu t 4o, IIIwas wim l* vnd. Wii. Ritqe wse W o oefet" Nmis
I aeldertionD C Fb. 10as. H 'Fbe t CISG. and Ko orerwtktinto the w"A irutto slitiury bishop of a oeeee s ise *
avilai1Ung abalmostW&inur*eslaWas aj1). lC..te ugFeb. of SxcsIamm 111f111 neit do 0tna!. In 6eitinguimhlux the northwest. but 4uwslirddto W414 40
isie" o" d h .3ros o a Ja~dlaeOAM f4PBM" 1i i~ P~ ames. He foQIl at* the collar. whiobft*e a4vlce of hits pbyeW"slaa, III
amon" Metso teeonadesidatlcof the etmamlval odetb1011.1 ,S U h Oetgbla. ~ fly~0' a a rwe.eae htM, ~I~
the vet__ul-o in the waste Thnrsday, w iemte$W Ntf iWO. Mb. "A UiikWs fllorit w 84Was iKrows.! i'i gud '%a th, Sn"ll$ W
rela sof tUe repblikan Clay. Gof ata, a tWaok*6a ba VowauW3. C ., bo the Po Pst t hifirarift W. Kam". In sndbfla iON m tO t
UU6lqir.of the bill, swch be declared OW bIftwi of M~: ~~'' ,e I*- s Mo."ad0q 0 MW I M
as~ia o Joged.3bi the mama" glaw to aethe ut tof pm b gtbon~ MlIon1welildead w lire outofD~e braeet &M sad 43 i shd lse md .ew
VMv~* eM@I ot,.by tin.s I awe o of dM40W pIqmasww as t" a ~ met. While watishis aMeWOF as'ft" Aioa 40s "weeeWIN be We
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toe 0s" ow "m""ya"a sk1ii. ua wass~e.i to w an qep huit qg er oe Sa"a scofor f mt Afing hatbti M.seeo No the doom of so*&.
b ee 1111 =p w it P P M .C, w bdto w w,*,114 W ON %MW bU It W Olives11 0 Is the $11oot o viwee the life at, Boo st C. X. Meal m Od m ,,,
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1 hsss panufg up M& am*et. Im me.r to ia sstick tt bige pa,' tW. S 1 9"1 W dad"..T%040
Ner.sIIe.qms. -. WO N Ads @"&". "1~1 Aft" C1 110 1,60 0-m sr c m 4 Eu', I' t t few Aid Mtbe avelO a-$ mer4mas
I o PdtM* ar"? y letwue Aft" "d Gas "Wirorosfe 1aid .uy titeaaeIPai
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,3mss Nber. cino ___no09 tomof 1s
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IWO team" of 40 bowel"*. I $Doti U's. A 06 IA. -11109WO fl, 'Mo ttazb" it tCi
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domeIN,__sgio 6. ct i. a,. M*,. *a &t u ifts, 12ha, go a um a
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4,:. :he r, "is n,!t od *Oa h te110 of M

A.$. Vol I~flh'iV 1i -y A. c
S_ -- -- ta o b em adoW,,
;iKvm L" "say^' r W
I 1as ,s -u eh b1o0 tr a sa aBosdt fe y trt

,* ab O. a.b aff II ,tr b i t

hr If your both tub is srawtch- "ri, bas a *. o ,- t srle.--e ay, sor a t be Weopq
ad; or sifo ooppr m n at t a b W~ An Is aa PI~B
0. Iteno butg s a did,.0. M.e riv- toemUeSmUTUS tos
andAInind@whlDO ;Messo atyes.
t' b tub, you can ,, MbL oWe sn t W ., v fe or srt o
,Bl doett of "r y p " Ob Md, i"o Soot. A tine irritated ir lle cls

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i ebue at t h 1 l be hs laro ~ eer." ell known | 0iL tfdaf utht
,h ,-th United S* cfiat na d

3. p q e 11 I o v 1 "-Wd. '-l __lu bA ol
1 t1h hItry ust IIentiTs hms. MsT o B s thettr M

'CE z Iha.41l iday. wler 4ey" :nt to look after .
__e) l t. Fo r tr s t theste. Mr. Harden i ehll-known
Maskn m li hebng d ti nsha an JIAL

a ni t no tst Branch O~ e: Talla e, Lake bii tShe, Li ase f a ,
S.~lan dbe u k"fboen tay ld, ad had a on"

.akfisn H WW ,i .Wa o ua f rI Madison, St. Augustin, Gainelave. 1 ogh

S. i stad d r t a s be to ain O e: 16 Laura Street, Jacksonville, Florida
oo obs e n es n -l osa hri oP n "S & U. o inr bae si gh ARA
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bo y oea a tea oot amourl a i
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otid .4 1ars.....o r s l ead th e veryheate e othrTa.P lh

MIIIJI Al *. ea e newy d.lw B t thI po pe tim. ttle a e attld oe iho Lafs Ano a
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