srl da~*, o-,,e wck -and those In of cl>hthliinK nmd furtlhlirx wield
do w Ii io inake asi l i'h'ettlon of their
t. nnl their isrlitn I.eftwre bIu.lng.
in tils* ihl* thr r.. hlebrated wNool

cl.. I' .s~ II,~t4Rcha~fhi9-r A NlarL.
ts I kit I rtl thee ~pmitry iover.
'' : 11 : ,I1!1 1 tit. 100, A t l tnal t*

$'1 I .1 the geuie

t~:lr ( k,n o Illi(t-.4 r pric".
ttl %.I-,. atats. of g'.nt 9
it .. utderwear.
101t I f0 L'I Ilse,. J-1 which wtlt
k. 1: *. I tith.I ". hO ro alty

TI.. .* ..,C. s ofth S.
C tuatie11.i. .. edctdo
I.!1'crdctd g

Wt he #1 fd Ydd ftI Te A Ms Rl verConference of
yrWdr dwrbo sd i abl th MethodiC t 1peopal Church is in
ofdatw r and yo wll lr session In Jaeksonvfle
WMeId b Ir Blomd -
and maw T L The kauboat 3laen, which bu ee
ril'whd'l"lla kl undergoln a tborough repair at the
Aif. ThtprFelrl Pessola savy yards, was launched
red iT W Thursday. It Is estimated that with.
Sin about tao months the boat will
be ready to bave Ifts ma mounted. '
Pusoo ,esmty has the obuo
Io s fev er. In Dder City It Is diffllclt to
WNoj 'J P Il afind clerks for the st6re or landlords
bm COTT1 ftor the hotel- nubh out to srow
wydi ebu p i* tobacco. At4 we hope they will grow
K ,f 'rich at the same tlmn-Times-Union.
SThe title town of Milton, which is
AM' u6-18i d. ,oA0 always proreeoIve, is soon to have a
now wsppqer. The areo a heady
.__two weekly papers there and In, a
m merr, P RT 7T. NYVNOWST. few days aOlter "ill be stated. The
___. Milton Record, with I. B. Hilson as
The 'Moulto (Ga.) Oleerver ayedtor, to e
His Wfork I Mnevdlet. It is reported that Senator James P.
The biggest la 1 gh M trti has let Tallaferro wt ask for an Investigation
oose for a leo ttim ws bSeed at lat" the quest of the appointment
the opera house lasanlgh whe four of Wm. H. Northap to be postmaster
hundred people roared at the hyp of Pensaeola. It seem that the late
notle pertfersaeo 6f1 Po. H~le Senator Mallory Usked the Senate not
treet. He had a number of our'beet to conrml the appointment.
oltiseus ob tBe h s ed ad tkhem -
thoroughly hypnoUled, and the fmn- Thq serenty-elUht annal ooummal-
ay things be had (hern do wen eon cation of the Grand Lodge of Florta.
vulsaIn to the audience. It Is Impe- ree *fnd Aeoopted Maona, came to
sible to particulatris. aIuffce It to a lose In Jacksoavlle Thursday
say, that It was as utary as a daosem pltt after what was possIbly the
comedians with a ola thrown In. lalrget attended and the most oc-
Many bho saw the deobustrtln lat nau eeal meeting In the history of the
night lashed so muhb they are a- order n this State.
moat siek today. The Lame has gme
by when Intelligent people cry fake our friends sad we *ere ruined
over such power ail o purmeM when the frae killed our groves, but
and his entertainment lords a ples Plorldlane Justl lahed. We haven't
tag varTation from the iaeral rl half the population to care for all our
of theatrias paerfmaroes and one resource of wealth, but when one Is
can attend them and enjoy a berty sabtreted fr the list for a time or
Iasbh. The Profesr will gve hbl a locality we look around and add two
last perfofnauoe todht and those more In Its paeo.-Tltme-Unlon.
who were not present ast nisht abould
not mil a wonderful exhibition, a Pred Marshall. a young white man
some of our beet people have promld natly dressed and claiming to come
to be hanotlsed ad the audience Is from CallfoLrna. was arrested in St
sure to get Its money's worth.-Moul. Augustine wMle In the act of pawalag
trio (Ga.) Observer.some jewelry. The arrest unearthed
Several bold robberies that had been
FROM THE ANTI*I .t committed the day before. Upon be,
Inag sareaed a coasderable amennt
ChamberlaIn's Cegh Remedy 4e H of plunder was fonad In his clothe,
a City Ceomlilmen at KINagtn, g d there wa als found a complete
Jamaik burglar outfit, included a number of
Mr. W. O'Reilty oarty, who i a peauke, lies, eerwdrlvers, pliers
member of the elty atll at Ktlap ad other tmplemeats.
ton, Jamala, West ladte, write as
follows: D"Ot bottle of Chsmber SlmpleRemedy foer La BrIppe.
lain's Coush Remedy bad good elect Lr ~ ecovhs e dangero as
oa a cough tat wau in me trout taey frequently develop Into pne.
ble and I think I should have beema l loeyand Tanot
more quickly relieved If 1 4had a onla stops the sour bt ,heals and
tinued the remedy. That t was bes strenthe the una eo that no ert.
fical and quick In relleving me there as res ld ise feared. The gea
is no doubt and It Is my Intetion to t Po' He ad Tar cntans
obtain another bottle." For sale b~ b UA droua and Is ha a oyllow
al druggist. pakago. Refuse sbstItates. J. W.

Arrber, Jan. 2S.--Dr. Waddell. who Coin Stloen fre Subtreaury.
has ailed the pulpit of the Presby, New Orleans. la.., Jan. 1.--A.
t.rian church so acceptably for four so underwit that g bld ontlahs
years. has te.wn compelled, on account bee stolen at the Now Orlesa sub.
of throat trouble, to ak the.Prebytery trmuaury s een made. The cola
to dil.olve th pastoral "relation be. dsappea red Tuesday and the ihortaes
tween himwif and the IIethlhehm resulting has been made good by the
church, and all are Alied wth asd- oacIalsl who had the gold nla charge.
ness and diwsaltoiutment and aure
the Doctor of an open door and a wel The Prrt of Peace.
come. abould he. In the Providenace of he terrible IteobtE and smartlan.
(kd. IE nbll> to come to this feld IncMdent to eortata st dteasNe. is al.
at lII. mot iastantly alleaed by applytng
Mr. Veoabe hau a young lady vial-l ChamabmrLal' Siare. Prc e ats.
tar jbat hia dauCbtesn ar glad to For sale V ad *Wa .
have a a liter.
Mr. Linas has a O twa weeks Ptth Arrest Case.
old. Wae. TI.. J a. U.-.Jo Abatte,

Mr. Harper has moved lto the I Itaa taoy of sevites yards, bo
0. Baulnlght hom tt w reey hat et eI aw red with bs a aeeompols
pumrched by W. L. Jaoel I the aetasslutl of M PrtUa at
Lake Charls. La.. oa Dee. was
arrestu Thur rtdy after.
C rrie a maed te ft a irr t tb e ame.
Oertalmly stabe a Bole I a he
htar-roam of Kanma, but ltaWrdl l PILE CURED IN 4 TO 14 DAVY
lloreboeld Syrup as rumasbhe ra ee PptO O(HNTuANT la gua teed to
orld as a fer for cough. broemhtta ev uay case of asf Bland. eedU .
ltflueum and all pulmMary d ee or ng ProttrdingPI les t t o 14 daye
T. C. H-.- N Horto. EIs wrtee: or meaey Wded. l e.
"I bave nevr fm ud a medtelt that
would tre a ough @n eti"y a A weasm s w is a parades. Te
-arde HeboremaId S*p. I have Sd ean't keep it i tes y w ro IL-
It or year." *old by W. M. JohasM rPbilde'ptia Itere

1erPills 0
,' m

u, Lot, la

at g Ar las 4,6k
-~hr~" Uq-~A~)l~k
__brcr70 arr~.

9t9 BLO^B

To 8. 8. sattre has provided a certain, f
Bloov Polmon. It is a medicine made entirely
nizdl blood-purifying rvaue, and i the one mcI aS
'down to the root of the trouble and rwemoe emvr 4
at the same time benefit and bold up the system i
harmful effects ever follow its use, as i so ofi thei
ra mlexicsse mW used. AW, athe syt
a9 8. a~fdij 5mr e bqWW to iUPr
d^ifia thebl^^^s rbdirr tout odriva

ood PdtJI s8tI6" falMra bar, c raeuryp
throat, sors and ulcer, etc., are merely symptoU
tiou of the blood, and in most cases repond qui
while 8. 8 is dohi g t the n w ck.of dC
" Home T atana "book is of great assistance e
completLeTli*Igibr tteatlg the troubles conmtdi
diffreat ta.-Aof # disease, and lso valuable
treatment, tat will be mot heTpful in effestUg a
to en a i f this book, ree of cha g ,au
special nedca advice is wanted our phy dc ana
plyugl it wlttout cost to the patient. U yot t
gious Bloodaulmo you can cure yourself la tMhe
by te of & 8. 8., a absolute v afe med.




a oble to
Swl bg I
re t, nct( -
aof t
uth In -
wid con.'.
col'trowni hv!:-

waft or tl,.,
bmf~the locl
% will be gi., I
dfo it, and ifI
Waft In 811'p-
r wift Conti..
mr'own hovi!

cost, SANTA, GA.



Ta i AS



Fire, Lite and Accident. ,bet

ThEumy of jlbs Te bst
eat in the end to bPy the beet shoes, lothe, hate, fourishin
or what not, and it ls particularly true of ewehry. Tty quality
of bonetjewelry-tbe sort we keep-i4 mmembemd g im water
e the prints footteo. The pleasre of poemri, the nowl-
Sedpg that t isthe best money will buy and iI lo if Hie in why
a yu bould always buy the beet. That's the Mgly kild we
keep and our prices are a very special inducement for ou to
at lent favor us with an inspection before gaolg elsewhere.
Stik mb rmellas-for women--Slver Mounted, Pearl Handled,
/ from $6 00 up.

---L C. TH, STimilk, Fl--

":_E. E. .'VOYLE, 'gr.

Atstlmoe of Te ad full Itfoamtion furnished reluardtmr Ieadfto Ae co t. Our
muafer barn UIvd ILM eomy e 4 reya Mrsad soroVUrM e"vene wth l&ad thle
-^--==g3C= --- 5aB, -^ ^ i,-u- -^ ,=

-E. Et. V-TO TLj
Roeear aUe a ater of prmomatn Amerltou asad Mglttb e wl---
Real Estate and City Loans. :-: 'GAINESVIL' TLA.

I-----*- -. -
.,Nl ,II IJ_,I=I I


}13a built


one of thle most up-to-date Ice plants in the
State of Florida, and has now open

A are Col Stor Room for Cri Mats

And i now prepred to handle Meats in large quanti-
tied for the FARMER at new plant located on the Sea-
board Railroad, foot of 8. Arredondo St., just West of
Seaboard depot.

---.-..... ... I-.I.. I II I n .

1 If You Are Insured..

; a *a Go 1 g" ti sIh bir, Have s PoUte O Wl1 (
Wrotlll7i (lIl M* ts rI I 'oa trlw t Cas tha O-ano f
Paig Leaem Propelt

You Are As ured
That so wrem ko rrimoan fTrMVl.o i r a .-,a ~ahave 4
a _____-___ j

SFi, fes A eidet ij iallb Ima '
aMw bMslio. Mcompealpi KP.-pt"I^ (


A ... ...'?. .*& P N

.. ^ ; '-' ^ M SSS S


* *

d^ ''^


-r a

III ml

y yqe Ixpesiw Gawi u Be.
ing Tnrsid DewsbF layecte.


be Ioreft VeJ ri W otil noeseelty
of Bng o o 5iid Wb "Pa Ownos,
0. tra *peh6 EMo W will Net
Pemit toe o WA t temaln.

waingr the pIt 1- tfs lum ng
sector MYiDr bern playla
eavo with uoar the "Jo." of
lambingl whtlb have bee Instied
Oa this sr.toa thimn hoat the city,
ending It neces~ to eeadien the
work In the rellneore of our most
prominent ctiUS mf se oaont of the
eanlitary aledtloQm Thbu condem-
Uation h as led tlh noecesoty of
having all the euambina torn out and
properly relastaled.
Inspector Miller. yIJpeakllg of the
matter, stated tht W a as uan.
fortunate condttlon of afalrs, and very
unforttinate o the prt of those who
were victims of lpropey Inastalled
jobs. He dou= no help that, however,
motwithbtandIa te tAet that these
dtliens bad give their work to ap-
parently irrepossible plmbers, from
whom they OqpMd r&ao r no damage,
and against whom they had no re-
"Few people *eem to realize the
danger attendant Maou cheap and uIn.
sanitary plumblag, sad I regrt to see
such work Inatalled. Speaking from
an entirely impartial standpoint, I con.
sider that I am doing the people a
favor when I aasuret em. that it is
cheaper In the end to employ nothing
but the beet material and the most
skillful labor."
While Inspector Miller regrec very
much the neeustty of his action, he
states that he Is appointed-to do his
,luty in the matter of inspection of
swerage, and feels that, when a coo,
section is condemned, he Is really
doing the party who owns the con-
sN'ctlon a favor, as some of the sew-
*rs would have produced- oonata)t
sickness by reason of sewer .


A New and Complete
Lini of


ChinM Matti
Japan Matting

Matting Rugs
All sorts of Rugs
Stair Carpet
Hall Carpet


x~' i~ ITi~:


binsville Furnitu I Co.


Jim Hill Assaulted Jim Smith With
Piece of Iron, Causing Death.
Deputy hSoirifT i;. \ i.lW ivilngton
of Newhe'rr! ,% ri,. il in tith city Sat.
urday with .li 1 ill. ,* i iero who was
arraigned in .I t 1iio' T'. I Indtrson's
court iilpon aii c(ar'I'e' f murder, and
c('uo lllttell d ti' J.ill 1 illf.klllt oif $1,000
On .Jauliiuar\ --', i I lle'ged that
Hill assaulted lonei .ii Smith with a
piece of flat Ironi, strikingg himn a severe
blow on the htul'ai. frir which he sub.
aequently died

"k ek vnwm i-mIdY e


ing." 're bridge w)rl,
under her weight. and '"
well pleased with his J,,-
the bridge will iprovee,'
great advantage
Mr. Lock was the flnrt
privilege of crosrsln tli
team, and expreai*d hli.
well pleadc .
Aslpervisor Rirnormii I

I whinlrahly

%%ho haid the'
1-riej. elitc it
olf ns tbIng

pro qe ass on the ronas f ,1 \ etl, .rr %
ewhlch is being eoastriiedo,1 of cat
andt whir'h In e ttc 14aoef
great tanefl. Nearly i tai ml. eao
right-of-way have be'ea eiivetwett. ii
work ons the' rtiitcl he'd lie re'vte ash
I nilce'l~
Hospital Associatlor Meeting.
The xe~'cutivIe cwaisa toe' or the
Olaihicvllle and Alachua.a OitiaOy W
pilal Aucmvistlion (colmpavil of ae tthe' fol
ing iianm't : H Rvv. Thox. IP flay, 1i. FI.
liampj~tun. 11. 11,' Tn~i.r I", nIitiant)c
isayer. .1. S. IlodifordCl 'Iristaaaher
Mitthrson) are' roluestetloli1 n44,t at
the ofce of the secret %r ton Monday.
January 27th. 19O-I. at 7 'if) If. tit. Imi-
loortant business t11 be trainacte'd.
order of the ('hairt$:ss.





wryw ivwwrn ap!IBB *niuwa,
Bridge Over Newberry Road Perd
WA Completed Friday.
Supervisor J. R. Emn rson of the
county roads has Just c'nompited a
bridge over Hog Town a r'ek on the
Newberry road, which ill be appre-
dated by those who hav, occasion to
travel thi thoroughfare, as this ford
has been very taconvrelient In oex
timely wet weather. In many 'n-
stances belng Impassablh
This bridge Is thirty-x feet lok
on the span, and stands at an eleva-
tion of four feet, seven inches above
low water. It Is suppwrtd by coa.
creti plers, and altogether la a most
substantial structure.
The county Is under ,Oliations to
Mr. Book, the lumber manufacturer
who owns and operates a Rawmill a
short distance westlof the creek, for
the lumber In this brildg., which was
furnlshed ab.olutcly trc to the
'The first to try the briAle was "Old
Roan." a mule which ha. I, n In the'
service of the county )'1o rmid work
for elghteen yearl, n',l which, (Sr.
lCmerson declared, aI : r lof ioth-

A Pleasant Party.
Conmpimescnstary to those' who so kintd
l), audialliaaly Aasoiated htr lit makt
Inig t UiniiLc ti ot lFrladay tsilht, the'
1Mbh. such a succotop, Mrs. J. It. Csatle'r
aeutlerid ts pri.ato e car art) iticiad a
tri p aiwit ht ?Ta pisp utnal I se'kon
vills' railmrts;si 'Tlhlur-4ay.
T'he luscasituiIlast, t Ia.' sri w as cr a()f
Su ;.rhictc'asale'tCuI'stler''. %ivtt ised for
the oLc'calo.), an d tIm i t ogmI tasavha'e'aaw
wam ac.'i4%rd abolasirad thtic,', r lcThle451't -
hacist t I.'ti asv daltlpight fial I r, Isarualas
to thls 4-it) asl'oat Is:1.0 ltsthe' after

iTho- w% lie inijoe'vdl li h "llitalllit
of .Mr iin Mr. i ul r riWnlr liupoi thlily a
sl1ur wfor drewi' l 'l all.l It tui ild"

in Itsi actiwnrb buidanss thie ssteM.
I'1 i i id pJ.1 I' M fcl li-(,ry. Jr
.Miay ats hinrkhlii, Fan ll. IlP ld notI e
etanr. Altl Th ald cried a'ill. lilh
midl han or,,. nid %ir .1 A ti>thi> ln i
should your bhily lifftir" Whn oi ht
ii frtful m id re tlels, ihl 't rl|>rl
ni'it ilon him and usoe anyold thinx
voiir niol-hibr recominitimnd. hiy a
h ttise of White'l Crealt Vermifu e,
greatestJiNoun worm Ilmdlkise iand
rure for ldreru's dll-asea. It ie mild
In ItAst at in a builds ,au the yst am.
akes thin., puny mlali fat. Mrs. J.
C. W mith. Tampa. Fla.. written "My
hably si thin and sickly, could not
retain its food land cried all nlsht
1 unod one bottle of Whltii Creaam
Verrnlfuge and In a few days baby wad
laughlng. happy uand well." Mold by
W W Jankin.



4 'lb~


I. F. DUTio rtO
J. (i. NICHOLm


New Ad SwuSIM l


F'uirniture Soi(I on EWa '
I'liyaeits. Show
Made(Ito fiOrde'r. IHo[alr11)g
it 'Sitxeiaity. Sell oil Cor.

StraP Ru m in Camme

North OGinesvIIle Entertainme". '

011, %1ye 11%lkeIo 111 t me &V
')'ho' icotl liq :ei~i i Mifrth O0aftp 4$wj
Ioll.' iiil 4.1111 1e1111tie't. "The ip"g,*
s d, term ait f u ri a ,st. g g s l o~Iu't Oil Jos Fi ght
ohe' v**'enlisc Tt' sffnlr %ad well 4t0
t''tlda It.r'u rte I mmiV'tw vraa sered
the Isrt-WvI (ofI A00i will lulI devoted !1
ta I'udd11 a thisimsey for thehall hal.
rite mittr'ti~m imin.It as. im 111V4,11 u
this maiIdr' of Ili" 'hrlutlagl b
4.n'.fur Hxw'illth. so i t(urtibmtonta be-
lheg se'r, n lby thi Himdaldy ehqol.

Old newwapors fur aais at The
Num since.

'; -- -l--r- --- -. ---- .-- ... .'- -~ ----l_--3 .


In which you must act
ick to secure your
he of the good things
offered during


reat Removal Sale

Never was then a I.t ,-
muke your dollars coutil.
We have thrown orl iI

a It' 4.'i

soa e very dairble mnrc'hm:arab- i t ridieu1-
lowly low price.
Wei always have sUjo n'eaoe-
for yon, but during thii .aI. '- uai lirid
some c4xtU good.

Turn K, Our Rem=:
Iti' aier to move thr. monevl-t tutu the

you will

tflil! ltiPr



3 cFor W~o dI tress 1.4 lo r W im 1 1,04 ) re 612. t4'r *I(-inch 1 Whito
I d 1iet'd 4 ;414111.4. IcIeditl('ttLaw wn rth 121 -2c.
from ie 1.66it25c
~' from 5.$1218. from 1,flir 110-ineltWhit.'
11)31.25 ID1 wort 1

1 O eor Fine I )retas F ioerr ItI't ost pr'iii
Iilla O ,i icml 1. 1 r hes.t 4'ialic.4m~
I 0C orth 8c fo I I rtI I 2' orthi
I' 1NI 5C y.'ad1YA It 1 71-1yars

21) yard? Mile -ruwla l Nk.4iutufrs ...... VOU CAN OW N
ILo onsdalc Ifewli wort hIi I 7w', for. ..11-
I'iteh1~ v1Me JII.fleac, %% rt 1;121 2 eI~ f-.;wAI ,IA'A ),% I IIT ,r s K I Irr at 14.44 in c
f if"'41 he4It%,% .1Hroit iaNI k-h ,I G ill, e. $fJ* elfimits'ri~al MV 114 g. o4l, isotlti-rlisk thet'tcst.
14 1.1 elr~lc.*ttes.r. IH'stl 1,!' n I........ I logs I 11Y it few s jito left l.1- I olwlk, Ioue :141 it'll
[4 kt Ih I I dtln . I. .'.. . ..... 1 4AlL h 1','

12 1 *2e :;6-irn'h P'ernI ........ Os
H o tiu'-ftarnishluirigo oi: l Which %4)u Cali iiuik o he kirt,1. 2 8 a n d $ 2
great avirlp- 'Vilkew ('14000, C#Im li.u..$

Oe For Extrca Iles- Vtpr ia asef'rorebl 1r W ri'll'a
BBCvy ll--a tiltCcIA- Ile2v1v I i joie
Iuui Yfyrtle Upi Ci t ces or 'intfi
YA It $1.5) yar. 12ZI'k 1 -?v worsh Mcc~

Y A Rt,

I'd~ W I'iiiy 5~i~k..
F or Vaeyi
RaducelI frogm



eFo ippl Ilaaana.k
weey Ifi

49 3c aFor Megues He..
vy ;hiFleed
Shu, aor Drw.



I i.~

1st V'i-e IWO.

1. I1. TI've4:H,
t$ly and Ca isier

*1'*. V

U C,

Wil aimqbato

for NwAudH haul

prtmost of ka-
-igNI m ~Is.
kum, we ukh

Ibus.ow v a1m.

I. -




i, ;E







:fTV -.f

U' Aot*v WNOAT MAW A 4O . J40 eM s i4L a JIealth, sadAr anen-
elled atitl resources and educa-
p l (By F. V. Hendersa.) tloaaLtad relilous advantages, and
S --- I te that this an will .op from the colder
ras the Pot ofoe ,t too mlch magnitude a d l*r'grons t our ,, _i*da-- nlllntm matter. my -flUtj-y-too big for n h- 'I4t WVY god business man in
.- .. n In. lag lived in Chattanooga, Tean., and ainesville who has a spark of pa-
: l .Mc(C4AHY .... rdtorandPublitber. having bad the honor of ling a trioUlsm Joln the board of trade and
5.LI--- nt i ln n oe mk
,i41. BUW'r ........City dioor. small factor in making it grow from unite his Waent and money to make
a city of 12,000 Inhabitants In 1880 this a maglnlcent city, and with the
J I. PHRWITT supt Oompo.larBoms. to a cliyof 6&006 In 1t02, I feel that aid of art Intelligent and progressive
- ----- I might say something which would board of county commissioners-
OFFICJ: IOTKR BLOCK. cause our business aien to think, which we believe we have-nothing
Sw., Mln :ret, c. TaLa.roa2* If I can do t1is, I shall be wen paid can impede our progress.
THR )AI, '.V.i', published evtry morning~ for my feeble effort. And last, but not least, Is the p9wer
pt MN iday, delivered by carrier in th city, or There are so many elements of of the preN. We must make free use
Iile toany part of the Calted States, posttp
ale to any prt o the .Aled states, potg. Importance In the makig of a city, of our ,ootty papers. I believe we
t ;b,. 4o cas d rive week-strlctly in that It is hard to s0e that say one have men at the head of. our local
eias, 1 thing predomlnates river all others; papers whd will stand 'by and aid any
a .g Icein-- col j li yet it is true. It has bee sald that lludable means of advancing the in-
insertinol an -entu aolum in II a ctyl to be prosperous and grow must terests of iolanesviHe and Alachua
Iuwo.. have the saloon, with 11 of its in. county. Let our business men keep
Gs 'or display advertising made known oa fluences, but the fallacy of this haa the business enterprise and thrift
''_________ b een so completely teovm by Olane- of OalneslUe always before the pub.
eSTwle4.Week S. n Isa eight -age, oy. rlle,. Kansa City and. many other Ic,'s that our county papers may al-
-Ie a paper, publied every Monday s4 dcitles, that I need not spend any ways reflect the progress and push
t hsday, and contaha alI the news of the time on It. of our people.
0S100 l, state aSd getaerl, sad wi l b Another says, momey makes a
', Postagfreem, to aUy ritt of Ib United ele nofPlatkaathenet
SOWo'r C a&. for l r aar-Iaaded m city. Money sone, ver built a The se ofPalatka as thi next
S- city. Mbnay In thlr hands o men meeting pa" of the State Federation
Al advertling bill become due after ar;t who love ease and pleatitr,' or who of labor was a Just and wise one.
a- of isotr advertiet, ra ethrw to use their money only to rmaks more, PalathI Is about to come to the front
i i tre oto p for pw l.odv tWa ~ s will never build much of a city. and redeem herself from her seclusion
M. Address" THI DAILY SauN, Another says, national resources of the past few years, and It was
oISm. siLa Y build a city. While this Is an rao1mendab1e m1 the part of the Fed-
S. important t factor, yet It is not abso- eratlon to assist in the work, con-
moue of today's want ads. should be lutely necessary. For Instance, no tributing Its share towards bringing
wrth a good deal of money to you. city perhaps In thl country was the Gem City jnto prominence. No
Ist you can destroy their value to you ever located In a county with less city In Florida s more advantageous
by falling to answer them. natural resources than Atlanta, Ga., l located tha Palatka, and no city
yet It ha made a magnlflcent city. has population as a role more ener-
If vau have Snmethln of v ae lu1e 1 l I tI N r mori hosihlble hut It seems

e: UI lWlig to give in zebange you
el sura t the tag you particularly
wI t ljut now without making a mon.
a outlay. Make a wqat ad. your

SIt It sid that Taft will probably
be eadorsed as the Irst ballot in BL
A gUastne, and tie St. Augustine as.
he o keepers 'are disappointed, for
i y were anticipating a dead-look
SI three or four days.

Notwithstanding that leaders of the
SepIUblcan State organisation d 1ecre
Slorida delegation will be solid
Sor Taft there seems to be a lack
S la In some of the maehlnery. Tor.
1 M111 eme to hold a good han l n
a' M of the counties.

S The State Federation Convention
a oiUe and gone, and the old Ita
l. ar asolse of the saw and the ham.
mur is agal heard la this section-
but with lte regularity than before
I oonveatlon assembled. However,
Ito no rejection on the organted
tr of this city-the delegates have
S oe-*ad taken their grips with

The diffrences existing between
Mllnorty Leader John Iharp Williams
adt hil political colleague on the corm.
Ittto on rules, lr. De Armond of
,I slM rl. which caused a Inrsonal eo.
g0Oiter Just before the holidays. were
:li#ther emihanslid last week In the
e. We of the colllnde ration of the
'rtilunal lawn. It wits thought that
thee two replre'scti tives had patched
ap their rsiaiiyiv tuempojrary dilffr.
4emose, but t hriletl)y their vhiwpolntts
are totally dilftfci til tii thefr iiiay I

,1 t es duri ii thl : ,i|on if ( Cnigrie'..

While % o4f il'orlda, like a child
ted oin xOtl thitsHl anlid whu eiijoy)
tbe l\ali'ri',s I( lItc. uar' coimplaliiliix
about this oltra ctou weatherr" we
should l,.Ü IllK 'nouth t Urelli-ttl.
her that. whilt-' c arh baking IIn a
i,. dW btul u tulath with the tenapora.
luren llinerlii .;o dtiearv oar afortuuAlt' fri nds In the North
dar aot put their leadsl out without
bevt furs. hitllmit ithei plriability of

riorida Is

I 'jbt In the
lacking in!

ThIhs octut 'trlcidtmllmuich,. Iii the
fAce Of the 'panic a hI*l% h It.%- liev
lifteialot i thr North for tIIhe pa'
f, & moNtho It mnae' should tak' aI
.Lr' -O~t r the eat.% andtit tote'11--v 11.01)

er all euruag Mie "l'pai '"be' sctuld
1, el w tout COw c tothe con
tr.At thk I'utiky wind hAd
I t ig the other way It has
t.ot alloclt-4d ur ipe~opeto
-t i th hIncrese, ntop'k
a.10 u tedso ere N10OceterI

I '' II to aicld Isesi
&" f lub dis (XI~c~l~rl v lf- 4 U

of greater natu
Another sys.
most Important I
eit y, Wtll 1noth
adTantag are t

W a y m i na a c o t y F W "v W . . W 'V .. . . I-
resources than tat (or some reason Baltaka became
affected with the "die-back," notwith-
railroads are the standing these advantages. Her good

factor In building a
er, that e4uvational
the most important,

I admit, these are all very Import.
ant, but there is one factor that
towers above them all, and without
which no city ever becomes a great
city. That factor is, MIN--broad.
minded me--progresslve, enterpris-
Ing men-oson who think more of
their country and Its welfare than
they do of their Individual gain-men
who are willing to spend their own
mopey and that of the people for the
public good.
With a good board of trade compos-
ed of sah men as that-and we have
many of them-might be made a
great city.
GalnaOellle Is stuated In the midst
of abundant natural resources-ltf prop-
erl Iaanpulated and manufactured at
home, would be able to support a city
of 60.000 population.
But where are thee resource
going? Our phosphate mostly gues
to Durope sl the crude state. The
same Is true of our cotton. The
smeo Ia also true of our hard wood.
Our pine. much of It, goes out of
the country In the log. The natural
resourees will soon all be gon', anid
what has Gainesville gotten out of It?
Then. as to educational facllltles:
No rlty In the South has any twtter.
Two things, we have. that the Iw ',I.
ido not yet half lapreclnte., \I 'the'
ltate t'lilverlty antd the, Florida Mid.
'Winter tlthle Conforence nl( m Chtli-.
tanullia. Miny Ivpeti|ple tre (contiInK ti
(aincavtllle on aoeiunt if thefrom aiild
tnInt nior' alll tld ('nlllu If theyi kr
of thiie- Itdthatti i.
Talk nit u t lnil y' ( I li.: \ ll' and
%' I h' > <'ioiun( y eniouph mnti ',y iff
e1r' l riv handled to hiilltl a Ity of
r.E t)< 0 poN |~|le'. KV ,'re del'lnr ri htl> fn.
l I liate-4t 1 ea|iill of at ttr*ctlim 14-11
doll:tr ,ni-,re I ha% 1<', n In thirt> two~
itale' anlld i 'ecr %t%, IIt a conminunit
that there' Atre' not mienvulidy hlio
were ieit d iatfled and wanting tto
fmoe', n.",'n .t he're. Mld tholilauidAl of
them *-'l t'come here If they only
knew '.e * hliat tu suffer them

Ostih !,'tit, wisiol.' know of onr oglw

lSYA~s OS (ii,'I'I t11 'r tIPTotI 14) ( 1
I or 1Tol asx)
F'viuuk I htnc'tv intake'* .mth that
he to .ettiorlm -rtan"I of the pfrwia oitF
J. C'henev .( 0,o loin I'eu1 tieo inft tilt
city of Tol' >. eo.tmt% aullotic leaf~iro
*aid. pel t'vt %i%- %M nt im ill jv the
vium of Ov 'I .1 Ir. A1'4 ila fotr -Vrnci.h
and rstir% .1fe C 4 0,%-0; It, i '4iv1e'%
1w vurvi ll h.- 11 4. o!I Wi,
Curt' 'l(A\ K 3j%'I

tiv 4 'tI u t e eA -b tiar: 'eil
lb tiii 'oiin( v o-,i~t o I,
clmh.'r. A 1' 3''IX
t~tiai I\4~r'Ar I';ab~h'
IJA1l's 'CatAnh Curce ta '1%& 1 t-r I
ally. and acti dir'-.ct ,v t .r. I% ".1 3ckl
1*164'msa ItarUt .1 o the :'. -U%

r J.cltm\h:Y a CO. Tvlr.,o
SolM bY &3!rujaglg" TS*
Tug Halls aMuly PUI for cquou.

CAN 30 ULL! f


iai it carries o au poisa Ina tse spmwre BO NO wt-
-m e

M. A. lHiksa rIfl, TtaT ayt7 W.W
ih ia bed for eight mothb with I1 r e t" e
doctor eg ed to dowe so god. I w mI
MebIl, sad It eed l* Ina sort thi. tImat
gYsemmead this wadail medicine *oe I" bk
AIOT E.d Snow Li3? e T E UCon

Ballard Snow Linkmnnt Co.

W ..&


16 Laura .Street, Jacksoniqvle, Fla.

Branch Offices: Tallahassee, Lake City, Live Oak,
SMadison, St. Augustine, Gainesville.

kiu like m w J. Mamam SW, stum W &I 5m

By Buying Your BREAD from

Pbhe 164. R. T. WCHAMg Prep

For yearn we hve ben dgi the
Baking of hundres of s tled cu
tomers. Are you en th1 It f not
It's never too ate.



,blA, CAMDEN, 80U.

t rains Daily:


people, stimulated by the board of
trade, bowqver, have been revived,
and that good old town will yet live
to bloom and flourish as the green-
bay tree. The facilities are In evi-
dence. They have been lylng dor-
mant; but the people of Palatka have
united In a determination to wake
them up.

Preadhier Found Dead.
Montgomery Ala., Jan. 26.-Rev.
W. D. Brooke was found dead In the
public road neAr the home of his son,
Benjamin Beaks, several miles out
from AndaluaTa. He *was 84 years
of age, ald had started out to walk
t a elgh tr r; It to sUtlppoel be.
came exhauWt j rnd died as a result.
He had been all' his life a Baptist
preacher .


-- ovelties, We Os, Stationery
Scores of Florida Citiens Have Souvenli, 'Sbet Pctures
Ltnsd It. and Pictre Frn .s
If you suffer from backache, there Is
only one way to cure It
The perfect way Is to cur the kid.
neys. t I Sb,
A bad back mean sick kidneys. 06 StUb ftj
Neglect It. urlary troubles follow. Cl i OI
Doan's Kidney Plls are made for R
kidne>i only.
8. It. Lemons., lgar maker, living
at 131 Arhlht street. Tampa, Fla.,
ysv: "I umsd oan'a Kidney Pills
and they curelI me of backache and
disorder of tbe kidneys. Two or three
timtus on account of the pain In my
Mt'k I was unable to work for several
tIave, The niretlons of the kidneys
wtre In a vqery bad condition, dark
n 'co!or. and If allowed to stand
,wulld beo',,v' of the consistency of Ai Line
j'lly. I tried 'Arlaus remedles. taking
what seemed lILe gallons of medlc
nnd I albo put on plasters, but noth t
hiolnt me. at all until I not Dl)in' SAVANNAH, COIX'1
Kidney Pills upo the advice of a
friend of mtn. and usrting them ac THERN PINES, RA
corlin to dlre('Ctlq they cured me WAHIn n
In a verv ihort tit. WASHT N,
For sale by a dealers. Price 0 ADLPi A
cents. 'oster-Milburm Co.. Hualo. ADELP IA.
New York. sole aoets for the United
Reieuober ti., na-Doana'--m
take no 0o,1h.r Three Elegan

amnd RIPP ", we "SEABO.\
Rlietve the acWe ad flrtaeaie.
maess as **esums"

Modern Pullman Equipment

hab 4 l"
-, sd $r

6eeRe= amhe
-d - -
sWek -a an

Tbh SFARTOARD FL.ORIDA LIWIT~lt--3jlrc Pulr,&a. vupd"
trains, St. Aua MW ad Jackonvtl* to XL Nvw V viacRkhaf oMmd
Wastrgitow DbIng C(ar (a Is s rr.c; troeabie Tha10 I
Sleeping an* SBtatWa" an Obrwllv1Ca Car Leave SL A. A
11:Q a.&iw. a" Jkaipavli's 12:U p, in. daly. cbiSMu,
7w' ftUl mlmbuada a4 aleW rwsrml Uot all en w4 o
olkboar r V bI
SC- OYLSIOW. IS. Aedo umWs'eIw a p-ui
~U10M0~ ls LOMMO ;

inn 11 Utiivq

a(reblttem foot or iiosw
the gIMnadet tateI ln the
we might add the Irand,,lt
wor. oae of uf art~





rw VFW .I

Ce'~ne to the Great Clothing Sl
** 1 *) ! *
1.J -\ j''k ^. ***

'!' S

$20,000 in Clothing Alone to be Sold

50c ON



----'*-- * '

M AThis Great Stodk of Clothin to Be Sold. Nothi Reserved.
M JANUA 2..... Every Suit to Be Closed Out R less ofCost.....

- DA-Y NS-- ON--- --

THE PHIFER & MORRIS COMPANY have since their establishment carried nothing but High-Grade
Clothing; and this sale will give the people of Gainesville and Alachua County the grandest opportunity to buy
up-to-date clothing that has ever been offered in Gainesville. In this sale nothing is reserved. The celebrated
all-wool clothing of Hart, Schaffner & Marx will be found on our tables-not necessary to say more, as the name
is a full guaranty of the quality. Remember: Money cheerfully refunded on any purchase not entirely satisfac-
tory. This firm has never disappointed the public. Come early and avoid the great rush at our Magnanimous Sale.
I I I I I I_ lII I I


SAll Suits and Overcoats will e Placed on Our Tables and Sold

II Have Only Three Prices, $5, $10and $15
All Suits and Overcoats to be Sold at One of These Prices

$5.0--% ts and Overcats--$5.00
Ment's Fine Suits and Overcoats all to imatcl.
This Suit is positively worth $10. l"'r six days only we will sell this imagnlificent
Suit for. ........................$5.00
(Ivrcoata in great variety, Imst vailnie, *,n
earth, go at ......................... $5.

_ --;- ;- -------~-,- -=.-a

1OMel-Suis and Overcuts-$1OJS
You are fre tt, v)hoose a filue uP-to-dntf' Siit
from 1X) lots of as flnel :v In 1114' uuidtr A vh.
gantly flishedf 8uitue 1A dtA t w IsMIt lfes1ti4elld U
(Irvowrm could deoirrie.
Fillp liume s&cf hsvuign uifi nr 61 Pt ) 4 11MIM 1- ,,111 *I'l "I Mat
vonn, I*4fi t 4l4*ia tsta il(PIN' il t,. Immoai'tto 11 fIa.,146 saidkki)l
dIwwiot1 eu iw k, bl r lolw. I iwf4l .1jI.., Jfinic-I.' tan, Is-olog
P~mn, tu#*v Lf awl iirnnofi rm ljP, %Ots, P1110" &',#I
c~orlt.,n1116 fir ltleiol Ikk. $ le

Suitm tlhat stn the to'luct4 of the WorW'sColo..
linitod Skilledi ritiior- ikark, fancy and
mixed g4mJEI, tlaiwt'ts mid! unfinished woro.
to'o ill thel ite*-wit. rtiot, uit iruly UowEoni-
t1ih)dtI, iThi s k the4 ressteot Imirgain vvr
iIToirfuI ; fiar tuiap 'do .......0. .. 1* *815.W
)% crv'u.,tim, i:I i l 11'", o, 411Id .s .*.* It

Gents' Fumihings, Hats, Shoes, Hosiery, Gloves, Underwear, Trunks, Bags
---Lok I read the prices below, unmatchable beyond all expectations.

and Valises all offered at a sacrifice.
Take advantage of this sale.- --

3 2.45 f 86--11 bb 3.4 AhAt M m 235 C.16 C mut W S ha$3.45 WeI. Ce Shs 14A
i 4t rw soot on rafth 11,4 1AMP"8814"111wr. ingoo !mWi mr 11 A
A 4 -)I&[a"la Din Der ad Sof All sUha p InTr,!- .4t r Bew ua ha all dLsw ai IN 01% 11 #Al pb All boa-
If 4b. 'Nw pehg tyles: Ist. New .brsullaez "I s* em Sub sa hfit all on sud. alal .ra(aw .,. All suale.

ttaoiela I _I~k I tdi ft Thm Ind V*Mnlr
'i" q~lltsIHen bLnk ce 4i, l" a dsiai~ lu)e.lrt a'l 1'ra'v ar 4ii;i ~l l U~)rn *i.ii. MjJ, I 0C .l *~t.t ub
A fr t i b q a k Ma a i n k. %'p .4 9 6. no v I$ A a;II... u l"eIdb le @ mo e' ft
' a11 a r b . . '. . c. . . t o t I o w wou a Iw 7 0 4 T ) o l i r r clr1 4alr il # 5 .5 W va s M l d sul j b e
J11~l-H ftv, *1000 is a t ......... H al1.W e ir so n0il016rPr* 4 1 4 f -lp0 ssI oIswAkal
'!, I f ug q to 40 6WtOu lex b j in lnh1tks v-rrhbWi atM 5ff Vhmuw4 &; lotfr &,"I &)- WlltownwV0W 1s$1.4
as" sa w -- 1-V, aill 4uie S IN @,$I' 'I . Vlkwom tanf.two, allto b* m bead4
'od ..,....... J..f5393I t4'in Sieme Wv14' Jj.. Iirt.b' L' 49~)) h.i.3 I .v. 1' r,;CC J ..n ,fI.
(hraft f wa fAOWh&sASf t bp, Id i at $1.16. 525 &a 53 n -o ) d0 at S Sm S2 S i4 ll ii 52 45



I.' '.,*



p :,
-S 4m



~~ n~~ yl

-- -- --

-- ----

a : ~ r`
'4h '.;


<'. -J <

. .




* '(


S... ; '.;



N orther DIta tihM.

SWill Add -1 aW #*(li PA A ED*

ad* r*** .A PAVLAA. ESWA
Jud m ad l S~ 100 ee d

r ,rCI Mi a cbd eCYeIO toO .r -- -.
The DOWi offthe oilo b il

latLern Dlstbt to tk I'ThrI and a
t' it of lorlda, mad'wr ml Io ta b th
kodins of teri a t tie dtiS State Np Y
"f ito duo w Good 4901611111
which &::=."'sea W10 mais
wn rused u n
troua 1T1e AsaS ti|reS leltt. jr m aG eo
day, bha beeo rmoelted tre wlt a rt hra
gIte otd auo mtl ma by aor pe r Newbr
pe, eusoeaonrly ma ete o the o1 fayavor. P
T h learam asreeses tht e opportAnit
B ~i pased the Rai se a rMY. T h o rtur

bt s ort a w hoe e is d ue o t
ause throusagolt w us At o u t is du t
Maesse wshic elarLauoteses the m germ.
olr b hl lorb. results in
'IJudtI fd Carte., pre ( t o Caus e of
te Alachas Contu n at Aimlotuo, hair, if it,
bee written ca"Wsteams tew Io,0 *a ri
osmman olark, Oeprenag the Igrat Chr
l i tlon of t e liar Assoekda m ti t bhair boli]
*ng. ofj th mealsu Jtude Car fol reat0m
dE hab also written to seator j. . ad ultim
Tullaterro and enator W. .. JBr a, (dandru
i askMr their sood oaces i pI l sna (dlandr
Sthronuh UBe senate. It uodeutoad Irdl
Qit eltor Tant rero ha. am~ erla piolde, be.
Promlre. his support, and no doMlbt ie
Sar neiw enator wll lnad him aid. light ad
Thue OUrneItlle coutases os hea S topi
sauh of progreee.
Dem a nd Aetive for Extr Pine Grade Dept. L, De
of Pi&eoy SItaple. "
S Savannah, < a., Jan. s.-There wasll
as actve demand for extra M a*
bayer taking al of tat grade that was .
ofered at 11t. Fafsey was quiet bt tAPLI
Arm, and all other ades were dull
and easy. BSale showed al ierease,
ai d were well In oalen of renaepts.
The Inner' report on Thugrasdy MIrLY CASH AIII SOON. AYLAIO BY WHITECAPS.
aibowed a total or 0,117 beie gained T. W. Sbhand
o owe 1 a h total ichw as0. bales ai 9l w York Bank: Rap!dly Retiring the Veterinary Gurgeon Strung Up by His President
to January 16, whir h wuas 5,1 bhale Oceaig House Certifloate Thumbe and Thrashed,
adIltion since January I. This hab e Ne, York Ja. SA--When business Brookheld, )lo., Jan. 2&--inforn&
ai1id In unto gus the crop Va te to ~teo01 T0unday. all but $11.200.000, 0 tion was iedved here Thursday that
55,000 alle, or Iossibly a thbousad or of the M,000,000 in clearing house Dr. W. I. Carter, a veterinary sto.
two m4on. Aftir the awreepodip oenrtleatee issued b the Clearing geo of Nashville. was waylaid by
time lust year only about ,000 bt e HlonVe ageo lation during the recent whitecaps. arung sup by the thumbs
were gleId. aSraeaI burry, had been retirvd and thrashed on the bare back until
Th followIn prion are s loned ea ase MAoaday $7,00,()o of the clear. be was IhaWatol in an effort to wring
;, to quotatIons and are revised I1g hbonuse eYflctte have been tak. rona him a eoaferonotn t barge of
weekly nm riday: a8 up, nearly $3,000,000 a day, wife beating sad potty theft. Uaines
bancy kridn ....... g fl oto It le believed that prctically the lie was called eleven miles Into the -
ar.y (eoriau ... I3 whole of thee amount outstnudiug will country, estnsibly to treat a sick a
f i ot. -, FirtrIdlt.s :1 f24 be wiped out by the nd of thle week imal, and was waylaJ on the trip.
i 3s. choIr. (4or W41 ?Il *n. and that early next week the clearlng Alter the pulhabLment the masked as- j
hoi (lat and Via. iN is houae will ala be on a sItricily casa saljln t commandarl him to Irlie the
1. Vl.s'tM aund ulVs' t$ 017 belI. 'Phe fact that (Le moan') is country i:dhin thirty daus.
tiPne (In' asd Ks,' now luilng into the banks in large Dr. Career ao been cvnfned to ht- 1
SCo. (its, aid VIa's quantitles is eImpnatl.,d by the fact bed beiaueo of his Injuries a"t uu a
Sthat the re;rencant of the certlfcates rndealor,,, to keep the matter ,ecrt.
was simultaneous with the return or lie deals the charge emj itlIcally
l10.~O.'.000 of the eme:gcncy depo lt and ,xpr. sea a determtination nlt to
Th.e Joy umade by the ,ovrrnnmnr t ldia rlng L. lea'e .. ..I. 1.. Maedlin
Of lIvIng Is to hate wend health. helyt of the tlirf Thle higl;eit rate Wmr a. H tewrkern
wu lIrbitne, anld ) U will have bush. tr tll mourey "hurldtay wa. pr A4 pCer
S el of jo. You Inond toot be blue, C(et. n:'Wt of LA.' I.:on 'rIta rn il, att This is to ntity that all drugelsts
tr rtful rid hbe that bad tate in ia ,'c r cent a ~id :o, ,t ,.2'b r ,t are aut.orlab'tbrofnat your moeey it W '; O"FEIR
your ".Ut'l 'ry a bottlo of ller)ola. Foley's HlonQ and Tar tals to cr,
So It r f tr all liver comptatits Chamberlain'. Cough Remedy a Salfe your cou th or seM. It stops the eoqh, ---- ____
S 38. llHmrrll Au:th, Texas, wite "I Medicine fer Children. heals the lunge ad prevents aLserio
h ai t1Usd II t ; r u rt a.Y.r .I gir In1 I allu il a coh ulab nul he fr thll result. fl's a cold. C'uorn a grippe
fIl fl:.uL'a ,I It t a ls n'latn Ji t l o drilo ne 'r be, a rald to buy Ch .mtr L/imtlh, ,m eh ad lav,, a p e um onr a aund I .!
l~&~u!C.Om~n n lae.

hp I) a cdangc.r trinc it. atd llr lfr ws a Kft ,t b. tute J a .W. lcoj.Alu
s *ure (t ,llhw It i It.t'r.dd a Cop. BA N
Italhqwke Terrfis. Populee. rclaly for coughs. clds, croup and -
1t W (t'Aibla, JAB A I* A bo;,opis t tre eartbquaA.A va.itud I., ,orote m*editlu, m thvt world facr the do- b Jam. I6.- A. Er,,r in
rcrt of l.f at>o1 u ,', eee l I. not only a crtal e for tIS.; .r : rarmastaer of the putoaer
94i t croup. but., when agten as MoI *a the ratl .1. Ceamb~a mec a Dr. Wal'o re
t rt. ml tI igoh a&,'r.r, will prevent lthA dedt 1 t' i tgt. fallitn betwnes Jnklt al
a a..ttack WhoLizta, ouabh I1 ant bdaalsgr- two nati Tg tr at enI ad el beiS est wmalsim a
., n, ue htn this r wedy Is givna u dt-s 4 e*' t (m ; iw . ., .' rird It cnttinli nto Piytum or otber1 tim ':must severt (te body. Is'a; bjn ST
S. , . harmfull dnruv anld may be strive as tbe! 4 *t to welt rim 0. J f I
exIateitly to a baby as to an adult ear antH er hke mae a st lU
__ __ -it in 24

l 'TTE ThUN wIft n

I 6weacel t g & bee o neal i
n- Ibwr IIb en *%lSOA
-,w lleft ilsl
ka th a 144L AWr

lPtr ak by all udrtstatA

and HRe ma abet tainty year
or ~~s artd m trri. ad &u a very
a r'Iu,'.r rjcr G t Ito W r t

*lteM W a t Ri t, ni m;~, reafdet eof Ngee Oa a.
Jlaea Ml .. Jan 24. -At a J.,t , g
m8 aag of botb brabches of 1tMeu-
seadpi at* euiuarr We^tdy WEA UK nsI I rIuPT
tke ettba t tof oa. Joa S har Wiw,
hamMa UIt .4 Statq se eU W S k t
'00 f"Odup*so

notseI at at
Dr WaidWe


..: ,
..!' 3

binghairrmedy,-, perod a ier
urianceof growth ma kel
e ealp free from cmdrt. Ver1 truly ou,
irk City. (Signed) PAULA A. EDADES.
results from the w of Newh's Herpicide
emuc to one person a nether, bt on the
d, the fact that leading thatriAd irs pre.
e's Herpicie is an importat pWA t in its
professional people have an ioolUiPi and an
ty-not enjoyed by othro--to diftsIoinate
Ioice of toilet remedies adn d eir opinions
t go unheeded.
extraordinary success of NewTwlM Hrpicide
he simple.fact that it kil lsthe idahdruf
While other remedIes treat thbo dasase that
hair loss, Newbro's Herpiiode destroy the
the disease, after which natan grows the
is not too late.
nic bdouess cannot be cured, but before the
es ane too badly diseased, one o, by care-
ent aad intelligent anitary as, keep down
ately destroy the tiny vegetable growth
germ) whose continued pUrseae in the
glands of the scalp means hair destruction.
a become enthusiastic over 'ewbro's Her-
muse it brightens up the hir and keep it
Switching of scalp almost instantly.

under the Foeod and Drug Act June 30, 1006. Serial
we nizes 60e and $1.00 at drug stereo. Insst pon
Send 10e in stanimp for saniple to The Herpcide, ).,
trmol, Mich.


DORD & CO, S eW PAts

--"-- --------^--*----- -
William R. Steckert COharlA. ftarcloth
Vice-President Cashl

.. he..

yille National lank

I Stat,. Cu"ty ai City htpigCy

ital Stock $100,000.00---

R. I). Cra.wfot J. F. Jacksno IHeu Davr
Dr. I. 11. I%.!'. T. %'. Shnawn Cbh A. Fairrl.,t!


L. BE. S. WAl'eS -


ahIpUMta dlray .kraingr of eiae sfor genl days
rt icer of opeiqr g i:: ,p.a ..: The ea.
i tOthe dUe l as i 4. ilk. d i Ia i -
irk t waeO aw1 t.l w h ,a.t
dl dhue r -charrs i; be .to

glli h H at t d m agi
&*eon tbor st-aqid sI .ibe

Wi.m nm n hwv. rIuE 4tm.W C dl |

to aB -Ml wi-t as 1 .. o f
f3wafSLrc.v 311wa-

oIC M sk c a tr d of

rA .,
$ ...


~-Ti-- ..-. --

._1 ~ -----~


7 ,1 "

~*~ i



Iam: vnIl

S11 MA1rnUml I UU
lt for the e tlal
workers mDild Adviabks. And We WUI Send Free, to Prove it
Killed te is the MIot Ektive Cure for Rher
(B y i) -tich Pi a Spdl BOttle of
the Ogot"jo0 M
e near its slat omito
w. The eves" 5asabe, whtcb we
ounced in lg ha, was
with Ilteredt t church -
crowded 1 11111i. row s "
a premium,. T. P D. ..
3, of the SgPlS Sah, Suth
aI onfUL,5 .tOte hass.odn it wil do for You what it h
seasormon t *S t The ami wams: .e wa t ... ,o _r-i.a M ,
.50. .".
The moral igl ~e d at h wi the rellgion of the lowly Nasa
lock with B.. Tanner rene. embued with the spirit of Allen,
hiding. eili ear t Oli.wt weat out to the hedges and byways.
ithe Pri ncr The and with earnest prayers, sermons,
orn ng aeIm I sliailmy taken songs and exhortations, published the
rIn heafg MN rpor. ad tidlIn of Peace on Earth and
Second. "d .0" .wth rears 0 Good Will to Man.
mitteep rea btsthl reports, "Today we can proudly boast of
d ireomemarls .m t aner of 50,000 members and as many more fol-
ai men to. tie deooanto and lowers, 1,000 ministerial brethren-
Id' ordr. preelding elders, elders, deacons, ITcen.
State of the sLeut stat of he tiate local preachers and exhorters. We
ury, Bible oMW, o tult and *ta- now have five annual conferences In
l eoatt-n Io id4 eOxeOllent the Stite, with territory ministers, and
o ti members -enoulh for the sixth; with
Th recoamI dt to r a nw dil- hundreds of beautiful church edifbes,
et, which was o rsted by Rev. S. varying in costs from the modest
SHadley and a iw bhers, did not chubh out in the Interior of $100 and
Had favor t the ,. at the brethren $00 'to the city church of brick and
d was our ill' t *r .defeated, tone of $26,000 and $50,000. All this
Time tlp efor a slth accomplished within the short period
strict and owold not war. of forty years.
t its being "The church, morally and spiritual-
Prof. A. harden A. ly, has kept pace with the church
,prelkdent WaterF Col. numerically. We are pleaded to say
pe, Jacksdnti, NOd ha annual re that we are gradually Improving along
rt. Prof. Rie arlW4 report show.- ll lies, and especially during this
wonderful Cwt i whIb is tPe quadrennial, under the efflicent mn-
ide of all Atfrte Methodlst8 ta the agement of our moat able and worthy
tate of loidal. chieftain, Bishop II. T. Tanner, Dt D.
Drs. J. L Moore sad I. B. Brooks Our church has taken on new life and
delivered short adree and bade the tlplratlon. With Edwarde-Wators
brethren adt aa they had to leav College alain In operation, all later-
for their fields of le. nal dias rences rapldly-being adjustd.
Strong reoolattl wee read and we are sweeping onward, keeplna stop
unanimously adap O endorsing the abreat of the most advanced lpsIo
candidacy of l fr fb or AWnacial pal ditrsot of this great church.
secretary, u4 d. '. ~ e afor' th "In conclusion, looking forward to
bishopric, the general conference to convene i
The comn ite eM ate d church Norfolk, Va., In May, 1908, the A.
read a strong and atsetating reprt 8. Church of Florida, with her dele.
which we submit for the ben Ot f sttoo of able and devoted men, ia
those who may t IUw the rnGth keephtg with her sister Episcopal die
of the A. M.L aC O uleh b kwbi h tjriots, knocks at the conventional deoS
o Rt M o "tfor recognition In sharing In the cam-
Report a ett~ ventionl honors, and we (the church)
"Committee Rooam Otra~ lor must be reckoned with.
Conference, Oslabevle Jan 5. "Respectfully
"Rt Rev. B. T. TaAner, D, Pr. "*T. J. ID. CIMMINOa.
siding pnlsopats e of the Eleventh ... C. M'INTIRX.
Episcopal Dlotat, A. . LJ it. II.I.ACKNELL,
Church, aAd Members of the "And ()tbhra
Eighth Sea esQ of the CeOural FIor "Committee."
Ida Conferooe: Brethren of the conference will
,. your caplittee appoaited on preseb at the following named
the tate of the Ohe r, be to make churbes at ISunday i-trvicer'
th.r fllowln report: Bethel A. M E Church-lI a. m.,
With hearts sad pnda upltited to Bishop I' T. Tanilr D n.; 3 p m..
th. Ilnontiful ivr t life for His Rev. Johnson, ) P; 7:10 p. ni..
n:,. Irrcle ended to s during Rev. N. B. oyd. P K
th twelveTpetha we eome to Mt. Pleuant M K ('hurch-l1 a m.
r '.- that from daa, obseratj asnd Reo. D. I. liarte.r. A 7:30 p. r..
c",: ',1 Inquiry, we dS the A N. Rev. TJ. J. 1) niLn rilr
t' r..h in Piorsda D a1 OB the t l Pridslrip iaptlt c hurh-ll a m.,
trr. numormi'- lnailly. mor rev. John Tillman I p m. Rev. W.
II\' tul hr if drrtf NWU, .. 1 ._5,, -',, ,. -. R-. P. R.

W. RIUm, ii, I l ..... ... P g
Mt. Morlab Inptlit Chureb-i- a m.,.
RevJ.J. R n3l A F ; 2 p. .. Re.
B. Albert A. It : 30 p M., Rev. Wi.
JenkLa, D. DP
Hew t Avoid P0e0a00
To ca arvc pnemola sad other
-srou reu lts from a co by taI I
roty's Homey and Tar-. ft ~ the

V',rt y ymm spew, dr* beoaw
(II; lnngtl0 i ts do AI* S L f V Iew
1r- %ith a endio wO f i hItS d-
nn Oft"of yvgIN *an sbm"
!..ii and wow% 10 bumshine
1o ro . . ...
i FiIm n 0 r-nl~klb~k



?Ale *z
Sh SWr
-I.~r )

0 Ps


.4' Ir)Jiblllll r

ne..*. 1~ 1


we earm r at'Us IaDwI' t.. .e we dk
two wbat ti U1" do tw us.llo5WFd aiMa
gooarl t tpod nw t~qpftil Lw
4I0 t k b on their q l-'w

oIb &ad experts e te O WI 1- I
as it Is in o lidly bad I & v rw s vYo
my bmt y bu t intiine RI the IDOdyalw UM WWsB MbliOf*'si.
ga~ 2. Wk IColiUS & OI 1 s rles a.
-r- Ok *d.C esa- 0. 5.-.
wadep'rotom aa& 6":lw tt.d D. 6a I
.kheol tea Jan 25..-af

of~ o W fthsciy b"Ounat"e b6 mi ~aa~s
nw peelwitalmob se 51ofe
At arCI 41e11 Sf the dlr e on The lo er s won V 35 pvaw"
ogw& At 4' c om I an o ve *41mt ~~J~~l
'hdsy. Wcgwe u" f .er da. X"~_
pseid& D 3. 'TlrenbeM. ebI0r
___b flstt wI A
_LCLLI I ~berrC~ U,- .

K ftw bw as 0%s
T e p"f5a ,rS' d aY meo
NXI 10 1* low .aMe'
1"Wsi Room
r, h




tvo Pklmk sad nglneu. i '
ha Axmta t. TYt., Jan. 25.
Brotherhet of Loiomotive Pir
and Jaieerl will hold a .~i!: naid!
eonveat 4a i na Antjnlo on Jan.
2S. 30 and .1.
it s proVbable that rlve-n' ttoumlao
tieecate frae more than 'T lod0ge
In var& $ frto of the ci ir.:ry wllU
be In qeatfldao 0
TheI lndts auxllt aVof the orsgait-
thlon will also attend the co.nventjot,
Mrs. ranLk P. Sargent. it'e of ton
United states comlusslone: of Isml-
Imtoai, Is preidet of the ux\illlry.
An laterettll program has boa n a
ntomd. ___ ....
Bad Stomach Trouble Cured.
Having beek sick for the past two
yards with a bad tbmiach trouble, a
friend gave me a dlo 'of Chaulbw
lain's Stomach and Uver TaMles.
They did me so mauh good that I
botht a bottle of them and have ew
twelve bottle la all. Today I am wolr
of a bad stomaeh.-Mra.'John LdVte,
Cooper. MaI.o These tablets are f
sal by all diu ts.
Man Wantmd Ia D Oen Cites.
Ls Angeles, Calf., Jan. 25-C. R.
IAWOn wa atreqed here Taursnd
alght aad the petke data that he is
wanted In a d ola edtes of the Unied
States on charge of ftrgery. AmS g
the instittoloas said Io have been vie-
ttimled are a btk In St lulis, Jef.
henon City, Me. UUle Rock. Ark,
ant Dallas, Te.
All the Wol
Is a st ad Dallard's Baow
UIalmIMt Plays a meet ptemlneat p
It has no sp0l'or rhesmatlsm, stiff
Jolns. -ot, snM nB all palnA
uy It. tr It and Iyo will always
use IL Anybody who has used Bl.
ird's Snow ULlialaet is a living proof
of what it does. By a bottle. I.,
le and $1.00. Bol by W. M. Jobh-

Th VYoung Saby.
From o mnronla paper: "Nirse want
ed to look after rfogo liaby. nl ahit
ehbtese." We do not knlw mouch
about theo subject, bet is thft lrtni-
aldy young for a bb)?-l'odoo
Speeal Anneonemen Regardlng the
National PurePed nd Drug Law.
We We plead to MDoune that
otle'Is ROamy ad Tar for o60h6
MWls ad IlBs troubles i not etatd
by the Natiq2 ul PMo rad sad ru
las t I tI os optotw oasle r o d
as a Y tior rhM rmei aad

adults. W. ohm M O.s,
Marital Dlalegue
~e-The tried alnd loing hmabtand is
one wbo wbe his wife ba tlhe eni
rllr suffers inorn tbhn she dows. IP
-And arle tenerallv oar to It that be
does.--Clucunatl 3Sulrr.
An Imnldler Danger
One of t e worst fetur of
kidney trouble i that It ir an Land-
klos disne am before the victim
re ises his dan e b may have a
fatal maltdy. Take Pole's Kidney
Cure at the st i ip of treble, ** It
eaorreto Irslsr i ran preovnt
B 'st daae sad diabetes. J. W
Ii teCllum A Oo.
The Avre Man,
"a,. wbht', no rirare mneaf
"One who hi' i Cneaking Iseepirkr
that be le ,q;.'t.lll wh.b make l'lm
supersor to asiyludy ela."-Cbkeg*
Tribune. .
Why Suber from Rheomnetlor
Do yo know that rbi-uiBe IJdas
an b irllrvrd? If you dout this
Just try poe Bppilltlwu of Charber
tain'a Pal iral. It will make rae
and sleep polIbl. and tnet t artaH
a ns a great dealU t any use aSisi
with rhena *Uma. Cor sale by aM

Ken s

Cough Syrup

Rulives Colds h-wi- A-
aet o th systm .thi .. b tl r
bd healthy acti mons fel
.telivs Coughs by uhaing adM
rh moous mnw
=aOlt, of th throatbt, t langeIal
bonohial tube.

0 ,


a Sa*.


I M'-i


0. Downs$

D~F~Nt$9. :'1

to, ~cIlt ReIIenereJU
~--~- 6

iT. ELLI,18 JH.,


of. Int Hl aykmasekle
&l*IsmsvtuLa, 14.'4
Oaksosll to. 1191
provdl and oustmbeuedl,
Bus~ Mw ~- I

f~ Ifmwmm I1
And Woiitor In 3qsl

07 - --

9!SS I

% 6

your aue is penned upon a W
strong policy for Iplws

Fire I-- _1-
in ow. ltws of compsalk. Winery WiD6
a nf Pppn lus mi*it to big MaI.. lin
about jyfKr hoer-? If moll In misty, S~ltl
oftI will at o,,. in.ioln Iton ratipto d

off3 0n
The 1s"Oqf.,lie 000110%P01 SAM% Sift.

cam "0o"Ow o Y wl&
Ion I C1q -Aku OL

We domS- NOe 6WS
,Spb. w~b bI- Al
am - ~- -!--N -Mo Lral


.----o x r



North, Sout, Eat ud Mt

Through Pullman Servce on All Tuam. .

Consult tho ""Purple Folder"-

Fmw akitailepl inlormnadun, abeus, fewa OW m i
vatiofls, ir 0 y"1 emi lhku Agn ,
or writ or am an

Thkst Aput,



oDR, DveI


m UIke Lshewmwy of
Ina DhM9t tCO tlCUwAk
i~rultto tab
... no. ~ C


The Orin
Latie D. RO-.

Cough SyrS0up o.,to
CtOo to NmuJ 0 Phonea p
hrrIro r kqk0




The Pen is Mitdir
Than a flro-engino when youp
houle is oi firo, Ibeause it in-
stantly seiurvs the out Ire value
of your home-that is', when


M n

C- "~

:, "" .

W.4W.r *\
,, ,

R1 ?"9'WaiJ2' 4
P )



~- I--'i-"- L-



lattern of O anrmm latm t e OBth
red by Our Isporte.


What Has Happened and What I
Golng to Happen Teld la lhert Pa
graphe o That "He Whe Runs May
Raed"t It The Sut .
Phlfer Bros., Baakers.
Bank with Phlfer Bros.
Iron beds-se them at New York
Ladles' new oxfords at Now York
Phlfor Bros. sollet your banking
See our dollar-liae of shirts. New
York Racket. w
Leave your money at Pbifer's ank
for saflekeeplag.
Menoen's and Colgate's talum at
New York Racket
gee the mathless line of furni-
ture at New York Racket.
IltIa Nettle Burges, o( KIgstreo,
8. C., Is In the city on a visit to ber
sister, Mrs. W. H. Mooty.
8. II. Register, the obliging delivery
clerk at the express oice, i spending
Sunday with relatives nar Perry.
Do you wish to Improve your temper?
Get a pair of our Comfort Shoes that
satually give comfort-L. C. Smith.
Clean Ras Wanted-Whole plaoes
clean qptton rags, free from buttons,
pins, etc. Pepper Publishing A Print-
i ng Co.
Owing to the Illness of Dr. Sledd the
meeting of the Twentieth Century
Club for Monday afternoon is In-
defnitely postponed.
You Run No Risk. Spacfly Dlue
Ribbon Vanilla tad yoe are certain of
getting the best that money sad ex*
perlenoe eaa pemdoe.
For firsttas, cleaning, pressg,
dying and repairing, end your clothes
to Chartle 1ils, Opem House block,
over MoCollum's drag store.
The W. C. T. U will hold their
mothers' meeting at the home of Mrs.
T. F. Thomas, 10 West Main street
N., at 3 o'clock Monday afternoon.
What's the use in wearing out your
6y)n'ocht darning when we have such
a 11ti of huoe at such reasonable
prtlee's One trial will convince you.
C. C. Smith. .
llsember Prof. Heanstreet, the
ccl ',r:al hypnotlst, who will appear
at thl opera house Monday and Tues-
day t: 4hts. Ninety laughs In ninety
rtinlilt*" Im guaranteed.
I.'ln i:mtr, the Kreat half price siat
and (,' -ront M4ri, wlhch was so ase.

UrnTOs Y

If not, you should have one
-it you like good oofee.
Coffee made in i b easily
known by it d4el ,ioIe ro-
ma, fine flavor-you
don' et the Witer taste
Scaedfrom boiling. IT
FEE because the peroolst-
ing process completed be-
fore it boils. Operates sue
ceafully on any Range,
Stove or Gas Stove. Two
style; one price, $4.1o.
Call and see them.


A sport oon in la crap Same st,
And staked to wnla or loose-
He 'low'df b could make dat "eglht"
He would buy 4me "tutaon" 8hoes
Wid do 'gator on 'em.

Por the bet printed tationery oall
at Tte ua oaoe
Depoot with Phifr Bros. and they
will treat you right.
Rountree sut cae and trunks
at Now York RametL
W. Daker has returned from
1Stherland, where he has been on a
brief visit to his family.

Why Net New?
to set them out
a few aore of t
Man trees left.

It la a good time
Mile A Bennett has
hose choice grafted
Call on him.

Thre's a reason why you should
call at our place of business soon. We
have Just received a new lot of pretty
Ties suitable for evening wear and
walking for ladies and Misses. L. C.
Six styles of tan low-cut shoos, and
many styles of Iatcnt and plain
leather, of the Ultra make that by
spclal iprmisilon of makers we will
soll at 43.25-the price the world over
Is $1.50. Hyde A Teach.

cb- l1l during the pait week, will Ansalarna offie was turnedlitsjust
bi '1: 'Inut-d awiit It tbruary 1. (Got b 't~ore 10 o'cltck Saturlay nioraallaag.
V it. L. J. liurkhtni. which sunione-d the d-lsiirtmnent to
N' .1 It. Cuottr vilrt tis toleavoeIthe' hous oc cuped by Mr. and Mrs
fr tri c.Ai-nded vidlt to 80uth tiny Cartrr. South Carter wtrect. Eaut
khe Sh uill tu ns far soutb as IGabsuvbrllpe The dAtues were uxs
a'I : , st s. ll also %ItI T Tasallttiilp.he'd Ith little dattiage hcva.
, Sta.i t. r bfrsr Wore er return LI Vt.
: Ow 1e-Hiors to thk ci tt tyai I asiiathe ont, t,'do 3 our IreAsinhl.
T ...'uiartrd and dislahtt'rs. Mq. I Ilsa% v a large' It: t of stllsfied ell.oasa
I II. lIarflvi d 1 d It4 Itilurk4t. rs i would lke to Asd yu'sar taiam
t'. uh' rrev". tiiIitu tft hlt t it li 'ur r retfervisc r as ti
to Mtr. abd ra A t, T. shgh toi, a, r IrEti'i 'rbtlaie in it gting
t Itot c 6,1ts and d4li rcain thens a-Ak
MIT lnosthere The throo % I,% Vo (h hmInt E3 14.. rmr
ii.I' at h''glld wi t nin' ld 114 i. ..I- v L k
I s~ at plaut hW., tt%- plug 'i'Tii'rs Cut
*~~~~Il ''I,.'.It t LI'ti!k o I
~. ~ '~~*, ~ .1 t'.3 l sasI-'l, gwollriu'tor, ha~s sQu'u

h-,~ 3L~ I11ti, 1!lv tt 16% ll CI1U\orvtt, ne\
%kr t t iil. A (ra drug store', wata
I 'a 'II ~ ~ *, ,v I' t' l d to do %U e i4, *of tltcr
.'. d.I- alt. ul'uIusazC and I'M 1111Z
I mlb kt day n dlul Iat all titutes bIla% a full A'd
Th id rulis Uie'tr Ultra ?Stioss I C'lipi;h Iv hi..i(if isara lk~k..4from U1110'.
m.YI)K & lK\E('H tint takke ord otde'for ctlothlig fo r U1xth
-alwaalit! dress good
a 6 n44-1110.ladies' Icrl ir In con
PNOTOGRAPN:1141t411011 A. allitr bai t bvn emnloyerd,
av.da lit 1e I)rpart-d to turn out vmir t
ttNlpkY t4)d&I AY Au OW &IMrP k gts~'1ut uJ aralate.e a 1wrl

at Wrliatn)I. the owu or a tA
ws of family 1lfife' lht~ghwv usHad a F NeMeeting.
it tiakwo and titIh o av ulal ;I-*i obNo,"!.4. D 1, (1
u i:I alttwut. low otgva is re' K t'&d a f14? enw-in Ttxuru .aI
I 'i~o'd Ulmaat o 5cikurvNesh '.nt. at ubolii. to tzvdtd.1t&-4. W
IricrA for rr who tosno it ei 5Q ard and I t4i r K.rvd
' us, ake bkqtba. inh4.t. a i- a:ttwisItid Itat tlhe nly.itirls, .'of
I:.%u Ila %to l, tiini i b t joI tbo iO edvr
od We d aah Urhatukr If j vb (hCThe Xlkv baWe ctI remivtred
zaeldtivqs Ilow that a phaePbsaphsooe new Parmoblwia&" whiCh helin1
h dub rcAwfstess Io hebfr IsIY) 1d Ia to e e "N of tI" -A
xus at all o aftp-r ad kw O Is a uft 1tw Ma
fie wi" ad LI 1
60 6*Ml~Ll i ~~

1 v .


Great Reductlone Are Offered by This
Popular and Reliable Firm.
As will be noted elsewhere In this
issue. the great removal sale of The
0. W. Hyde Company will be on for
the next few days.
At thi isale there are some remark-
able bnrgains. because. as the firm
ays, It as aanler to move the money
than the goods.
8peclal I rlces and extra values arn
offered in many aste onable goolts, and
the prices are worthy the perLual of
Wilson's Speclal Sale.
liegl.nlai Monday. January 27. Mrs.
H Wilson, the well known and reliable
merchant. a III have a we'k of sporlal
reductions ini everything in her line,
a hih etbratcee evvrythlng In dry

Mri Wil..-n Ia too well nnd fatr-
atly known among the lailet, of this
ilty aid ** tionm rfr an introduction.
Suilfl to t A a t thti : a;l, th,.re %Ill Iw
offered iraL rart. b:srg.!:l.s i n ciuLnt .
ablli -,1. 1-, dl It i I pa) ir,>l.,k' ticl ve
-"'rrl'.f r- ; i inv<'-ti .t-

Tfo New Cottages.
Two") nr' eottaxg hare jut been
conW I t' .inmd wil somn be re.sdy for
-< ..,. ,tn the corner of Pleasant
n 0tl 'I.Critek rtreets Tbhey are
S. rotlv I,,Jtt. having all Ir.adtra
cnvrs V.fl)'i,h
The' 8 .1 Thomas Co have Just
n.lhhd tn-t sillig porolata bath tubw
clo.tis aid slks ta them ro-
t.ft -lhIt It a guarantee that
the ph'lnirth ll thes beufnas tog
prvwrlT do' *.


0 -

Special Sale

a l*

h id
,. .

*..* "'* ** /


List of VI V Paeee ef Worship
Whep TH*ee Woif May Attnd.
SwfrveGwUl, b held at the churches
Oa satt4 as flows:
rM reabyterlaa Church, Rev.
Those. P. Hay-Preohlng at 10:30 a.
a.; smbwt, "The RikIton the World
Needs.", tday sobool at 8 p. m.
Praehbl 0 at 7 p. m.; subject, "Yild
TYourM tUaht God."
Pimt NMthodW Church, Rev. T. J.
Nliu -lpday school at 9 a. m.
Presufel at 10:45 a. m.; subject, "The
TouImp of Iire." Yorning anthem,
"Trust I the Lord." Junior League
at 2 p. colors at 3 p. m. Evening
erto lIt 7 o'clock. Anthem, "Praise
TY the ard Alle People.'
AdvISt dht"tlan Church, Elder
Jame 1 ada ac hool at 10 a .
m. Probing at 10:45 a. m.; subject,
"ChisrlMat B'neflta." Preaching in
the 9*aving at 7 o'clock. At this
awrvylOte subject will prove of In-
stMttoalllelses. Come and hear it.
S rst aptiat Churc -Owing to ab-
moam of the pastor, Rev. 8. B. Rogers,
who is attending the State Baptist
convention, no report ha been re-
ceived fem this church. There will
be Balday school, however, at the us-
ual hour, 90:0 a. m., meeting of the
b. Y. P. U. Juniors at 3 p. m., Seniors
at 6:15'p. m.
At t. Patrick's Catholic church,
Rev. P.kJ. Lynch, there will be mass
at 10 o'clock a. m., and devotion of
the Holy Rosary and Benediction of
saorament at 4 p. m.
The usual services will be held at
Holy Trinity Episcopal church and
the Church of Christ.


Young People Had a Nike Trime at
Ilks' Club Friday Ivening.
The ladles of the lUbrary Associa-
tion gavo a delightful dance at the
Elks' Club Friday evenlnl, the pro-
ceeds of which were devoted to the
public library.
This affair was fairly well attended,
there being about twenty coupled par.
ticdpating h the crand march, which
was led by B. M. Teach of this city
and Miss lieckland of Waldo.
The music came from Jacksonville,
and altogether the affair was quite a

Lius' Ctt
Our regular $ 7.50Cots for $4 00
Our regular 10.00CoatsfoN $ 00
Our regular 12.50Coat for $7 60
Our regular 15.00 Coats for S( 00
Our regular 16.50Coats for $9 60
Children's Coats reduced in same

Regular $3.00 values, for $2 2.
HLiRlar 3.50 values for... $ t60
Regular 6.00 values for ...$8 7$
Regular 6.00 valne for $4,26


Our regular
Our regular
Our regular
Our regular
Our regular
Our regular
Our regular
Our regular
Our regular
Our regular

I 2.75 Rulg for $2 00
4.00 Rugs for s$ 90
5.00 Rugs for $:1 7
6.00 Rum for $4 26
7.50 Rnug for 9S 7
10.00 Rus for | 00
12.50 Rugs for $9 00
16.50 Rugs for...$18
22,00 Rugs for...$18
25.00 Rugs for.. $I1

KM Ohw
The very i'.t iMd Glove minua.
-just too many to array over.
Our best two-claIp Glove, Rold ,I
$1.00 to $1.8 a pair, for 75c
only ...... ....... 13
Latest twelve-button Kids, ,ill ill
the time at $3.00, at 2
per pair....... ... 109
Sixteen-button Kids, regular ,ri,'
$3.50 and $4.00, at. C
per pair only ........ $ 75
m o-mom1

Special values front tabl.i '
1l and $24e, 'elm thlt

Fifty-five doses ldies' Ilack ('a
Hose, eses 8 to 9 1-2-r-
Hpecial, per pair... ....

Special values in other



Houae Occupied by Mr. J. C. Bar on W nl
Was earned to the Ground.
Information has reached this city ____
to the effect that the houe occupied --
by Mrs. J. C. Barrs at High Springs FOR SALL.
was burned to the ground a day or FOR SALE-Blackrecordcarbon ty0e
two ago. I
writer ribbons for legal work at
The flames were not discovered un- The Sun off ce.
til they had gained considerable head-.
way, and when It was too late to ex. PFARM FOR SALE OR RENT; hlr<-.
tingulih them. All the household ef. and mules for sale cheap. Ge v
fects of the occupants, however, were Scofleld, Gainesville.

-._ .. SAI.E--sity Barred Plymouth
S- Uocka. Write W. T. Jones, t
I LT White. Fla. R D. No. a2.
SAO a Uirn

S-- locality to represent us; expcri. ::*.
11 lncefssary; 68 per nto. ald 1
5 Ceats Per Line ,, rs,,. Write for particlars. M
Sro Cigar Co.. Told opbo.
Each hasertion, but no advertls i
ent taken for less than 20 cents. Six 'OTI!EUTAL
words make a line; no fractional lines.llMMA
every word over ea b six countin as TiuM
an additional line. CASH in avace i EST
must accompany all orders for latr. fi.ead n. ; f "sI-.
tons in tall colu m. Cotmal.eatly Lera* et Ptr'

FOR RENT. Not "tlh' l.elmt bank ia th city"
.--- -. ...... w.. .----- -- -t -,aliei( ld rtanrait,
ORR RENT --Two furnimed rooms I"t.i''1lIs n theo V k I:ci
Apply :1'1S W. Church street OYSTEmn, aichik .
FOR Irl'nr -'rnibhed roum, OYSTERSr ----._R00 1tin
light Louukltpkpun Apply ;,,i F:i.t WTR. N-E T'aK 1 S .
Oranrc trt( oDRIPPED COrPPt.
S RkT-Nw tta o Regular Meals. Tr Tikats
Soath GCInesvlle. Apply at Doul i .Il not premse a1in 'r
ware's stnr or am o~ce n. .'thiK. itt si i I .'l f t t wrv.-
.--........ i ***a) st a nuesoaht grig4
t)OR :.ENT-S-v t oa boaw. ctr I plal itpp Ioeri tL aese'rdl ,r ,*
n.r N Oak aree ad M Orme oi" ,,,,*ij. p4. l~Iutas r ad
str-t. T BIat Mail asa. I "' O Warly li-ad late
Porter b46cUk.0 %^ d W G a o& r &-
We9I jO Wd o st.f ag m l


cuma m nwr. M13slm.






-, v Or

. 1,
*/ **


- I-I -----.------- ------

--- ---i
; ril' . ':d'

i--'' '~' i,:



- - i -

- --;t- ----- --- - ---- -----t---- --- =- --- -

. T '.*.,
* ,,* .1

Gm V Hwmmlm~r





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I~r mRI.7"I..T

* *A '

,wrr ~:'.. V


IU 0l"c



New Yokt Chy* 1go& a he|

---*. *
Storm Coming Suddenly Upon Hls
of Warm Wave Caught he Unem.
played an'd Poore People Unpre
pared-Much Sufkering Resulting.
New York,, Jan. --4lrTesnowstprm
which swept ~ver the city late 'ours-
day developed lato a blimard during

the night.

Friday the city streets

were piled deep hi pilacO with drifts
and street car trafo and the move-
ment of ferryboata and other craft
was badly hampered. The steam
roads were also seriously delayed.
This forenoon there Is more than nlne
Inches of snow sad there appeared to
be no Immediate prospect of a cesaa-
Caught Them Unprepared.
Coming suddenly upon the heels of
a long period w warm weaher, the
storm caught the unemployed, tne
homeless and the pooftr people of the
East Side totally prepared. Many
who had l the warmer weather found
shelter in wagon heds for the nigiit
were driven out aM thre was a rusa
of the bomelem to the 'lty lodging
houses and charitable lnatitutions.
For the irt Util this winter the
city lodging 4b6as w overcrowded
and the covered pie eo the charities
department at the foot of ast Twen-
ty-Sixth street, was turned Into a
coicrgency lodgig house. Many ap-
plicatioas for ahltel were received at
the various pollee satons.
Her Peet Prezen.
While the etorm wa s tits worst,
Mr.. Clara Vorveck was found wan-
d1ring in the stet la flrooklrn
,iad only la h+e night clotnlag. Her
1w were frosre when the police
t urd her.
Toe work of reamving the snow was
begun early and asay hundred of men
.o ~ ,ere in sd need of employment
, r,, ven work clearing the thor-
*ill .f.tres .
i,' ody of a man about whom
: sl known except tiha his name
S' J.:'nee SmiUh, was found under a
;) 11 ast Twenty-tbird street. lie

t .. ,:pt under the stoop to seek pro-
S: irom theo ortd and had froz-
':.' iath.
I !ic conditions Imprcved very
,',,* If at all la the city and Its
:r during te tornoona.
Sr.okly transportatr.ol Uines
un most at a stapdtlL i
Long cut eO the Brighto Beaie
extending the whole length of
S:ect part*, =a soopletety ed
snow ad so trinta were run-
Trbfe alSa w naduspended on
':::rer line and the West End
S :' onoy Island, ad the surface
a that dittelet were rltaD only
Salt headway. The Thi fty-anl
ferry lite made o attempt to
SA foftrYW ute bloeeado on
n bridge added to 1e dis-
7' nad delty.
E'letri Traing Stpped.
'*: La b td4 railroad It was
l. IposSble to ISsay electric
on the MaL frem rooklyn to

-te obMeerer" report the tOrm
arIc lrly svee et the eoat.

a-lat r bdoay esleileIl a
ter slalJ-ag tom.rl ag ueb
**- ralihea aftd grget geW-

Th Int



Startling 8tOmemnts Made by Prof.
Muensterberg of Harvard.
Chicago, Jan. 25.-In an address to
the Geuian wsoclty of Chicago, In
Pullertoa hall Thursday nig.t, Pro-
teseor Hugo MuenNterberg, of Harvard
unlveralty, dec:areo that American
universities would be bi tier off If two-
thirds of the profes.'uois wre killed.

He said:
"There seem to be something weak
and molly.coddle about our whole ac-
idemlo system. In our iig'epst Instl-
tutions of learning wi~ find, with a
few notable excepltons, ornly second-
class men. And we tway be sure
soeonA-class schooimat:lors never will
build up a -ci.ol.irshlp.
"An increase In t1. vsa:,lci' of the
lassitant professors and Iinitru(tors In

our colleges and Itur:l\,I'C: 'is by a few
hundred do.lnrs a .y,,r '1\i never ac-
complish an) thing \\' :t is noceded
is great prenlluima at i.e top.
"One of the g:eiat'st evils from
which our Amtr'ilc:n ulivll\rsitles sur-
fer Is too great a' ai Il'il'ilie of men,
As soon as an l:..-t riun geti some
money the first t ,i;ihr i, to add more
men to the faciu't\. (to out-o somo
tmeghbor Ins ltitutinn le\ry ono of
our American u:'i\erslti,'s could be
nearer to the id'a:il if it would kill two.
thirds of itd linstruc:,oirs and profess.



Fatal Fi Occrs at Baltimre,


Among Those Who Were Injured Was
the Chief of the Fire Department.
Heroic Work of Firemen to Save

Imperiled Comrades.
ualt Iiwwe, 1Md .Iuta '2N.- '
an ea.-l) l.-mir riti~a) ulk ni ug 10(1k
heavy toil uf the witiemuht %I Ilei ro
dopartwett of I tliis city .: t h
doid and siiten othersI ;oic or lcis
sertomily injua't'd.
TLe lWit of i.;e iatter i.a!iIr
Banjo of ( tit i1.e' l.t q:t, cI tf :( thl'.
Srk' (it artc1 nntn I, 1 i.' I 10 11 1i Aariiouia

verated 14C air) .tet.i.ljICd
Thtse kil ed are:
lcutc~atnt F're~ta hiluk1i i ai;l'm~. il.
Ham I1. PItigh, and an uni,'-:Iiie4 azt&an
thought to be irU4l iorwi.
\1*i nflounlai~ l damallage I" e~tilnated
by MA)or J Harry P~o-l. %,m %as a
early on the sceuo, at $Il10,0.
Wor;g Fire Slhce 104.
The bWait. which is In O lurst that

has aoccurrt-.l In this cil. nice the
In Pennsylvania, ^.,w Jersey and calamity of 1904. Iaralrltd n te third
Delaware. snow has r-iache'r a deptt oloor of the build Ca ul the llistl
of fix lnchw,. Tr'o lstirm lis worst In east cornlt'r of HlollldaIy anld tariatO
New Jersey, where the laiiIoad tra.f streets, occupied by bth J. RIt'istn r
AIc Is badly crllplell. aoas 4t (&Co., pluimbors' sritlliles.
Preshlents of ., in. uitni\vrllles of The fire had .tlipairently lben burning

the United States'il their conven-
lion in Chicago Thuri.dal; nihbt after
adopting a resoluton p tlIluning con-
groe for the (crevilanr of a national
university at \Wi;hiriw;inn, D. C., for
the schooling of p, .t Kradiultes.
A J ipanet'' La ,ben discovered
on the Island a ', 1'1 ikewhe of
Hl nolulu, Pet'il 1i:t'llr iand the coast
line from tlhe bi .r' lhind the city
of Honolulu, lia.i,
Pult ihas hbo, '!:.t Ii tIhe circuit
court at l.4' r : r i. ) by Hlonja-
min MX I .nI.'li < *il ri'y a, nd
others, araa t t' ,. s:;;rtiard Trust
company, of II' ri .rt .n. Ala alik
Ing that a ,' ,'r ., i nt ol; aed for
the comp|;ut.v
The suip ''n f tte T'nitl
ta'r. a .'. '. 0 It 1 >n for anl
aipr ' t ;., tt.-e; t railway
reorga-;;:;a ,


Thecy Are Soot To Receive Part of an
Estit. Vdiujd att 51 00.000.
Chl~' lo I I A tilpalrh to
tho lion- i I. :u Weattserfa~rd.
Trel, A'i

eirs ofV.(, h-I 'n.;ton. Or-t
presIdent (1- 1 :,.' v ia s.'%. II
soon rt- ti re 'p- an t of 90.-
00 aC7e'-. --A a-lUOOIn the
Cloe r.nrnt ( a, I ( ).L4.)
Ac j! i- t.-ate .el ct 0e

W-ar. It 1,
fl~aP''r. ~(I. r;;- k I.
Tic.. 1' 4p* I .

- NC re--%. and LtD
gi".-d, 1.1n.- .'i. are on 1an 's P a-a
swila'. gmA~- :- -a! to f e her
I Tcs- - '.inicfl

Town I& Take" B y evelatleeses.
rort.Aurl'rinLt. ayll, Sa. IS.-
4b. rvi'o. ita 1 ba fae to.. 78 opo'-
own of 140 tows of 1Wtt 4 Psii. t1
"j)"s stit of rsp. ha sttes As
Lustlis ac a T-a rsb r rwl or ae et
pretedwe v the f aovtly Tb"
qfl? Q mIV pr 'echion t o Dh4as*.

Ama' w saymiar Swv atst Ml
a" it. i" reranwoIr-a trtUa by btUs
AU.t-r -s.Wkys weet'o f hIs co
"of wft t" rob*& Ium to a
Wwwo~ M~

some timie iifcrf'ur. it %as cdiscivearei.
The fri alarm %ax qiatlfj folhu~cei
by a general aiarm, which brought
mott or the fire apparatus In th city
to (Ito srcne. A mirin't wind from
,he northwest and a %ury low temper-
attn made the work fit fighIng Iho
firo- mirl tlhan frdlitartIy difcult alasi
the flama' surlr d raly.
It an Inerih!y rt Ilitte after
M&i biz Ii ireikec_ at! the *infleown
oin tie Fl-15 t-gfl 5 i o 5' 4' tit^tgj
Ito, 'Aer to *Alidinae a A slyIithout this

thie- nii'tilwall of 'it' 'urael luli-linit
IC. I It was a h, l I tat si ', -rt'4
40.;. ItH a md ry nas. I .tile ill-ill IA.
%it j a. a it, imiort~ing 4. to'a) thk bus I:
Change of Wind Fatrred r~rn 0--
1i.1-w It Al. : Vi 1,- :.* PC I.'
-I' -p h c ii v, i: it
its (.S ul' i I14 a i.-..u.1~~

the~ *n: lis iutert P -*IJ tireA ncnu
f-s I p bI i' %I nit -Ien rl eI lit I r i ) t sIt-.

& ~E'tarta a err.~rin' h 1 lnule, local
ai I a fIve l .ry b' li:ng- 'n Itaitn-I
Vi atmi n.1 t e to l r, fI I the fltn ormsr
4.i: .d 6rgt (.r I ''in. aVnd7,n cE'nt

i'd rm*,': h (4omp and tihe Vscat

Heroic Work lo Ba-c Cwe radee

Ira; *1r4-at tn at r..' t1 at :-O wtofV
hvj;.d rig, Re I I wil'o?" %atqsn Mtri 's

rI, b% tl rte slatt ee a., Ist I1, 0u Ppt
mIn iara.s!a r .1c'. *,rbei f thIo
rIfy ta.'i Lh~r t,.and t!,tride
aird.t' ii ulevfiee109lb i~~

Hter Wo.r rk Ie. to Soy@E t s'lan'e
I .m eThe wall cl of t s'.tr e bu',
1!.6 thattact 11. --a M &I., of ofu

.;o'el v %esthad nr to She sarm a
brc, to-ve aid a SrI. engSae cohei4'd
sad flue 6f t?. ae a IntH eg e ewsn
Cmap arrl. ivo. f tne.r aefbinla

*WV, oiRs ATdir P 0larm

$1.09&M PAIR AT oORTL^ND.g

Woeite Orsem 'se C-s'i
'rns-urn..7Levee E*wpvgd.
Pwrtba4 X e. Jag *4A I,.
asch r1-aud a5 patt7 abLp of
& imis *vw* oariy rrwp wstm v.
60t1'Sve* capi'6hal pIce
bumom .ad es~aase S fism
o "a toJIo
AIMMO woosr,~s..

of lCS. when the ely's business and
residential section were almost com-
pletely wiped out.
That there were no fatalltiea oi re
ialrkable. as there were more than
700 tn prson attendliag the' w',t'mern.
tMe, Knightr of I">thlas Jubhlle
lathered In the aiudtorlum of the city
hall when the flamns were discv'red.
Only a few person were hurt. chlet
ugilneer Melville I':ldrlde ieinge the
only one known to be seriouily In.
Juretl .
One of the mn Io ~ vatiahile Ilhrarle*i
In the state, the tI renlnia Inw colt.
lect'lon, was coinlcltClely destroried.


Federal JudCe Jones Takes Railroad
Rate Case Under Advisement.
Io I vqucry. i IItn 2 The
arlt' un 't~ll itt 1 1 r Ir I 'kII i tt I% it)

an vjr~lj '111111-4111%
IiT! lii r feO la sin.' eiii 1;ilM 1 JiuiiiM

810el' vitil lT, t'le 41 1. 41I t' 11r): II, 14 1. i4 o

rc~rr 11 ~r tlyr, I It.kc 111.1 afWcl II'
It li tat ii-t II % I ?I at .I1iati~e i i? 4 w It II
rv:kv l, git -It 'lit f.t1r se Iter,%14I n m TS1i'ioa
cut Oig ~ i-pr'l'f'll Itercw iitiule.'for the'
it W 1.(9 ly ii (ac t I% hrIrtlCi- P ani
forth rut'illriiaeI i)t 1) I;rogior% i.. Smith
of 4.4111110,4.1 for tip IA UiM 1,til 111- 111111
In tl tlnii'i~A'mift the rrittv and rve'v1)
likli l 11 cti O Ihi', r'-teut Post'p n 'of Ino
le;.isldhttireir rl'p-'' It"i p bya restrain.
IngEa. crier I aPmlttiby Judge .krivaes saline


increase In Tese I )ads for Five
Months Was *,3,UO.
Aiiat'n* 1'., Jan. I26-T'Ihe ofti W
railroad confmfMtloU ThursJay gave
ciii a statement showing the passion
ner earblug foar Texas railro)ads for
tVe first i0%- months of the prent flo
ral# 0ar 1aItailiti1i). :ia, 3IS107Oa
$1I.0o,L694, iaultitti 11u,19,14 tor
the! Poten route in the corrrepkininiti
1wrliQ of itif pru.-.lng Asil year
'risin oho*w a ait. #i iiiimve in wir*
setIa er bitiu ne-a t s h~et I-i tnes fu'toe
frfvo u''nrt his11:11t10d ct of i ~t
T-e I- wt'-i su *i ae ataltg.i Ifiptn
the ra nkiao r-,.it o~ots ah.railrusla

115.000 rire at Albany. Om
AiaJn 2 A opn.-tAr
u'.in fr I f i. ii *., t frauhl foer hoira
i a ilnfitil r'd It a I I ai'h el
m~ntc-I I 9 rtv V A5. ltent'- evol.tuate-4
a fi 1 4 111lltt uSI 4it) tit- -I i"7ii
"t I, ay aft0-1 ti- 010 In 1.0Tia. sole t (f
ta 1.ilgo, M, \e:,IVtU to. Afitre lolinig
ifY.i t, All-aAfir Sare'g 4of it. 'i'r 't' Ali
.1rt art antl lt'ft. Ia
oft all 161 I n1' 19 1c4g
1-it hlTem toI I "t1P hArII. it C.1 %a. f'e I
1 'er )or,e 1-Int- I "'r a -1K fi nit, '
ft r io A 7) r m t ,a'i I- s. ri e

ft-f: A* C I' fjee4 01 9."#1 MAL
1, I1 uf r r lij-1 u'r:1.46lin1'
#i if # V rtl''*vopt
Ito- op t" !C .r e i

0la.1e,a4'ea (rtfuW'
-r ? 7--'. 'f- v

%'nr 71 I't.', u .14 i
I a'..p i 7 t wf- y 4. '&1-(7.! t

I X, tO. Lav
ho-ftO w '.ri tp 4.,-4 tis. 104-f
filakn.s so a *,I1 34 s us yby a
P'rm so A IWOV'r I ta cPOwas rptearoeI
tj-'e rLV.I.*56,1 A -I r-, '*w 4 is
)a it ->t','-f) o r ale aegti I 1.a# *
f bit I t 4 on a I tr -orr: I IV tus
star wa 3' a' 0. 0 Sd boot rslAM
by a t 'C. ?, lg o
tsaitel'i ri '4"IN ( Wn**
ifa 'Y, a 4t %'4 tar Ks-tsv witt

.bVh T*e.n Die, t* SevmbEs.

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qua.. *~~g~g 1.404 bd ig ow
)mWI s a 0~f iIse3 1 k1r 'bP 4O
ol srof tIef40a t- W 6ia0CL OM l
msneft f&A, 5atbt os~f .4ry vosl. am
in ciftma 4 N t ) To" an



Attempt Was Made o Ovrthrw

Monarchy of Portplg


Plan, It Stated, Was to Asase0.
ate Premier Franoo and Then Do
pend for Success on Street UprMt
ings-Rinjleader Captured.

1114.l Jim* .l Z.- Au abortive at.
tl't1liti .rel ana

111,i 1,14A 11 1" 11 1111 i td .inooeday DisI
b) : ( r.% 1list iou of theI goVera-
jI plm ~lUs )rNijulied by A

As 11 "M'i A, .e ihto a',lvrtainet the
,1 1 Ia l %54It6 l'remlle
Ft.n n '* I I 4 ls-ud for succtes
il;,I ''s ii *- A. miijba)rt.'sI by 80
41111;, ;. p. t il aiir Iiiiik'r ormamlastieft
aiaiiltA %%it !I C i't. A ll ual-I ivoivers.
I'll,, loill ll, Ii im-i'l w% hat Wa & h
t I. i,% I I-I itl Iti *If l1 4and stni.
t i i.iiiie,'I ai tLimmowhere the
r~ne*i s viltm i h.'tile1111 te ('4J .nfirr'm
%% t it 11 1.1 v Ish.' i llh% lle h rSthe
liolieto A vi to 4- 11 t aInglif ils ai n4 Is
oin a''n ,IgI i hlio, rile,*el moosiwt
thoo n.l ia al04 to make
1t1heir foclilp S h-voral itof Iemi, how-
v%# r v* t 110rc laltard, Inc'luding the'
lieu~lr. Iuuiy iiartis. a roPubillosmil
3.~ 1 111 ~ t It se i C ia riox id e n t In lh e
ro pltilit, lilt "eV ilI In I11I1; i'ramia
Iloa gi'r. ed l,r of 0m111m,11u sl aid a mop?
ti'tsatt by 11,-' nai's G ( rsnd ita
A I,," of rof ct .iarm 'i bombs w"
found In ihe cellar Awmiral aWm
was lIvi:vdl a ul y ment out, and ilwhile
I ?if I lo'nerit t are t)bdng takes W
jail ti40cpg I t'. It 14)p5)laI htI as l
411ra' I tons A sqiaindrufn of CavalfF
cais aelsc#I a r ifP rIoreomer lrranoWs
flit-l iaA iI. T*804A atbu1


He Opened Throttle. Dashed Tjpo
Crold, Killing lin Men"
IlataLl. 8Jatil -S-
I I~ i ~ 1i114 Mi -i1' enl al blui

Ii!B p'iu,c' 1.& rc a rRlet Sl 'I' tu.e St S

1'...llr f WIllse excited
All, W. 0 9 llilv f *ii'i0 l l s

Sill ifilli *., 11-0 ansi dys bs '

Shfne f rs Ls Th I., 1Sags
-Art#A -; 1. 41 u Ct. Marqti"f
Pa' Fi;.-" rt.q 11 *tti.'l9 fpuii bo191 Imw
1.0l .t.i 6:I I,, it 'aid Ely, nmtsvs

4 r*-l s 'a'' vlfl ; fes6,1 fUt Se
"lc1r'. a a It. -oi f b hero a 0 t1 1 ttle .
rc -' 'j 4ncl Trids rallr4 *
*~ ~ e -u A geao henia esploded
%r Wass '1 party a

O 'der. ,lF IV %to i. Jo s
NI! touriJ uf rallra a.4 -
I 'we feoffire~t~c.t1el ha ve *agqq as
t'ava':gsl of sllog&4 ewntordo U

real, iusaP "a I te KIaofn C I .

ags 13. eflkoatmeallpaof gewlts",
cotspoliag l~i -

MKhOed While *.ahka~m s Am '

)lfrhmae Ky Jos.

11 9h sso, Ky lborrv jw
proalk COAIV,at' chbred

a"n. was oba so
'Ur ehel




1___51__ ____

"' 1*






Prominent Speaker Will be
i~onr' r From Every Section.

'a, ------r 'lr mK rl
V eprisentstives of Cattle QrowerW Ao
g' ooelatlons from VartOus Se4tlons
Will be Present to Illustrate In a
Practical Way the Cattle Industry.
The coming Parmers' Institute.
Which i a State meeting of the farm-
ers, which will be held In this city
oq Wednesday, Tbhrsday and Friday,
SFebruary 6, 6 and 7, continues to at-
rot a grert deal of Interst 'by its
promoters, at the head of which to
Prot. P. H. Rolfs. director of the Ex.
Sperl mental Station of the University
of Florida.
\ A most InterestUng program has
Sarransed for this occasion, and
S many saker of National and State
reputation will be present to address
S' those In attendance.
S Amon the speakers to address the
Institute will be C. R. Thomas, see
rotary and representative of the
Hereford 'Assoclation of Kansas City,
Mo.; Col. W. A. Harris, representing
the Shorthorn Assoclatiom, to W.
Goodwin of The Breeders' Osette,
(hlcaio; Dr. Andrew W. Souml, presl-
deat of the Oeorgia Agricultural Col-
lege. Athens; Governor Broward, Dr.
C. A. Cary, and others.
The program as urraned is a most
interestin one, and s as follows:
S Wednesday, February 1, 7 p. m.-
Address of Welcome, W. R. Thomas,
maor of OGlaesville. "Agrli.lture la
Sl University." Dr. Andrew Bledd,
drieldent of the Unversity. "The
I Flor da Live Stock Assooiatlon," 8. H.
al Qtakill, president of assootion, Me-
Intosh. "The Florlds Farmer," Prof.
S F. 0. Bell. secretary of the Cotton
Orowers' Assolation. Iake Dutler.
Thursday, February 6, 9 a. m.-z-.
hibtUon of Cattle to be slaughtered,
Dr. C. A. Cary, superhtoendet Ala-
bama Fnrmers' Institute. "The Here
fords In Florida" N. A. Calison,
S Spring Park to Farm. "The Here-
forIs oan the Range." C. R. Thomas,
secretary and representative of the
Hereford Assoclaton.
Noon-Harbecue, citlsens of Oaine
Sp. m., February nl-"tock Raising
i Florida." S. H. Galtskill. fCattle
BRaisift the South." Col. W. A. Har-
ia, repreoentng the Sothorthorn As
Sp, m., February --Addreu by Col.
S W. R. oodwin, Breedero' gilett,
Chicago. 8tereopttmon Lecture, Dr.
Andrew M h outle president Georta
S Agricultural Collete, Athens. Address
to Fnrmers, Governor Ilroward.
ridary. Fehlruaryv 7. w a. m.--"The
Cotton <(rowtrn' Ansoclatlon," Judge
B. HII Palmtr, l. ke City. 'h"re Furm
ere' t'nlon," 0 N. Trawlek. prelsdeot,
Mayo. E~hihtin of Slaughtered Cat.
tie, f hoIllur good and poor points.
Dr. C. A. Vry. "Tick Fever and its
Bradlcatlio." Dr E. P. Ouerrant Ocala.
S "FlorlA14 Aarfiltur,." lion. II. 4 Mc
S lln. Con, lllld ohinr of AxrItrI tur".,


Twenty Thousand Dolars' Worth of
,i Clothing, Etc., Must Go.
As \lll '. .s.,',u tel ne fuh r,, In this
is iue' the. I". r & Mnrris ('t'nlMtiy.
" Wh* 'ii,' fii ... A tilth (ll'c nK t ntd nio tt
rs'li.l.s|< i'lth *rN and Kltlemurn's
fuml sher. r, 10thlh| #"ttliitt o>f th" b (.ate.
l' 'r ,.i t. 'KIn (tiit row.r January
IT. a rKr'at wiulnhter Msle. at which
CeIlthtir at-1 a('nts' furnlshing will
he n'frnl'ed at prices never before
hrearl of in ialnme ille
Thi. 'iimht(
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