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follow. I I I aftt'moon .mil tonight at .the op, 'rai .....awllllUIi ilia.-nts'ruaiuun'hI M lieu ht - f tiThe
\V n. PlfkliiKon C C i: A. I It workV s
RANGE !i htnife Kvtrihodv : evtrin ) t :\111111 IUhe| Jtillv,' ttiuUitd lit.r trio'ia.ls I
. I
ruu k. \ C ; W P curr. . 1'. J. II. .. .. ,, .
til l there for .n 'purposebeside Lust I e\enlng at her home In this cat
) )Iurt..n.1.: at .\. n. M. Tomkl.-s omitted In the ftrntpirt. )
.K.I' i being c In t'uuur of her guests. :MlItrion:
of U k S. ; Itobt :McClellan :M ..t. I "
Tht' don "I'< : people.and .
v carry s \ty Kutrh of I.Iluestill.uud :\11.... KllaStriiigfellim :
J. \\-. ItluntlliiK.: I:. ; J. '\. H..t.'rt '" n.vlarleN human Kidding
; pay for of lliMthornI'he .
1 Is No Experiment .,,'n. :\1. ofV. ; (Jet>r>{e I-'c'rlll'ln. I Ir I. i tit fIrst I""u"t circle. If ) nil wait thave > trlrlers'ere beautifully dxortt .

Mnnnne.: 0, tlItobt I
I..' nU'llIh.'r or "l'our's' e''IIII'ln' ) ) "" *'d l lth red berrl.-o and .
r i I':, ItavU. .\. :\1. .'"..hmaii. U. got to be awake anal! doing thhlJ1I"Iwn .. "t"rgr'r'u.Iha'
< .Ic'r rhem l lliiit: real nut xr.t'uthroiixhoiil
TRIEDandTRUE .1 It Carter, were elec tetl d.-lcgal.-r: In
the lurttln rb
1' Crunl I.t..Ue. with It. T .'h'r..r. O. s.'crcl of a IH.r'NICulllcl t Ispul.ur at- prao re.alia' 'The..nn,.inane* prrpartd guests en b)jot.ththo d' Pen is Mightier

:M TtmikleH' and J .V IMilf.-r u. life anal dinner. .
lion 9'tere'e I
trat .t*>.... who. .lift nothing iindfit tomake
"Wo hrte wal'I I I flit in llm-e Yeur ulti
aunt knowhat tl-t j nn' !' miiKle nod 1 ul..II.t..1: effort ha the vitltiK |louI.leoN'1I11,>' to Than a tint.-a'tl'liit': u
\ :M ClIHhnuili wa** lected I\H |PI.- |>l...ii.t< In tverv, mcimeiit of the two Mil

trio t m pui\ trans!)' Clnncetlor. Mr bourn .f hl. performancen l tbervI }ltlll"t> i i., on lirl!. l 1.1.-i
e Th. tousle rt>nd.*r.vl bjr Mrs I J P ,
BACKED BY A GUARANTEE "nll'" I. mi e'.Ntlau.last* KntRht also MM absolute tin rante" of :'.htallR. M!.<.... Ihtutv. Mlrk and Ktb"el :-t.intly I -,.,'11 r"'- tli.' .'iit t
and w til 1nm..ll,1| l
111"a '
.. ., j "vour IU""")" worth nr ) cnir Humy tolly wan rreailv ettjo.-1. and tbtKjl >* of \0lir llOllH'-tll.lt -
as strong as ---- KickVhit more can ) o..i a.k* Ott
\ sikss bU.: ** M.ibelTh 3oI..t.r- .
GOVERNMENT BONOS.M Hospital Aid A.soclation I: and nee a real live, enjorable) Litmb ". ,'no "n1ourl'l'.t 'a our nun ii'' j.tr"l1 i- ls'u11'\

The lort| | refreshment c.>..,.t.., of :- 1>.alit'1): r"r

meet In regular mtinthljr ..e..u-u lit tonight and forget your trouble MrTotn ...lad... take, ..t.... wrMl' with cboctlite >
the home of Mm: II 1* Illctutrdi thUften rlmmer.. well known In (.. 'li o.. Fire Insurance
. p 'hrs. Ih'nr F'uteb of Jackson
.le! ..bl< T.I >r I. ''n. >.t.t. :'t.rlQpnl.trlll'(1i111 I >
>o"ll at :3 t'tlvH'k. :Members are Sill,. I. making A big Mt with Civ
'lIt. itKxUttd thv iHMrti. ta
.1-t!I-.I.i I iu'I I and) u.rvtnulis in lit. U-.t .( ''oMiipan' It
.. not llivlte to nltetid but are e\IvStitl| burn MlimtrelsJ .... Winter. ...
per1oit I,*! 'rTHIRTY i r'n. end Ch rlloMrnt .n' .pk. .t'.1' ... U t. 1.'-
__ tt do MMUS>. -- ----
) -> abu a..Mbtr rl.it 1ene'' If "..'
: TOM K MJIVVTII Se I Patted Examination Succestfully.j VMIon ( J-Hir .
J Ml
xlUey .
wnn the |>ruIII < .. '
> "
DAYS' FREE TRIAL Cihv .II.t itk ---- - -- j l"anahueew Britain. Ccmn the. V'n>Kr.-..lu* cotutesl. M i>ouTe'nlr a line fr.n. y"', TIII> K

If not natMttt, "lory. n ..nv. n.fl'u.l.-d That's Mt 11 > write "l I tried .....tcral kidney r medie handkerchief nuf" and Jam...
.. % .',...I 1 dual ..
INtS. I'sury
Cough yourwelf Into a nt of .iv .m. .. and cars trente by our test l>hyIcUvii (;roster a tb i

"1I"I'r .Inuu'.tislat(' 1 ''uIny and then wonder why ,(>u dent nt .{ for dlabete. but did not Improve All the guests 1..1, tbe...... \ .... ( J
f. lIII'l
well If you will only try a bottle ...rlIaltard' until I ttx>k Poley '. Kidney and l left for their homes nt tl :n ( '"

llorvbound Jfuuur Cure After the .esuaud" tattle I bow ------ '..' /
I ...
,. .uP'Of'rc.
. .... and fire bottles cured For Over .."" -"LL
cough will tx a thine of the i l It Intpru a'ntent. Slaty Years

MWESVILLE FURNITURE I- U a pottltU C'Urfor Couab, lnflu..n. iii.... ..ml.a..I.I I Juave sinew P"4a .. Mrs. \'''-IDato... Aon Cbln.. yrup bxs I" Ban BoniI

sa llroncbltU and all 1'ulluuoary dU. rigid' *>amlnK for life Insurance two used for children tt...thlrc ft,1tOOth The .1"111. Nal&-

COMPANY ,cases. One bottl will coovtaf' you- ."ua., '. Kidney" Cur cures backache ev the cold. softens the mm. - - - .

at your drucxUt' *&c. $Oc. 91.M. Sold and all foriMA.. ot kidney andtrx bladder allays all pain eur*. "lnd
by NN !I JObD8OQ.w. >uMe. 3 \\ MrCollum A Co : U the best T'emed:" for dUrTt.-a. .A". r....Try.19 A.c.M w1 iss...+.-PVtl- .r'..'aa C'

v .

"lfE! :': ?r :d J( &

.. : .. . .' .! .". i' .. .r',' .
i .


- --

, G MARION s COUNTY I I I S l H Mon.! ":'-;1 r rt H 5UV I I- -- --

.... -
------ --- --_ =
LIQUOR ELECTION ; XMAS .1., \1'l 'I8\'IS \ i ||,'I.H ----- -
; --: ?
II I there' ('UIlot' i I'.' > ..ah.! .' diver*;. il.

Will 3e Held on Tuesday, January : Presents ei .t |hIt b.. .Att.! m 11 u- |lung. loin r
\.ars the vans tI i t t' .- dark l'n-
21st 1908.T Far Infants iict Children.
I KI'OVM, niut be ehiil ">r' ,I damp. If "t'
w.ilii; not t-lde b> sid,' .Viul. there'scull ,
. ETS MACE: A STRONG FIGHT that 't.:tacl lletwo.' tht' stretch Ii The Kind You Have

I c-> bete the Then ..11111"W:\ Sometimes

s<: nst Calling Election, But the A Few SuggestionsIII the tender meiuoiie of the
People Had Names to early days hold UH untM \\t. woke tithai Always Bought .
Temperance Petition-It Will bea I I -* will appreciate a our"'elvod sliie hhl, .Uin \\ pathof .K\rcCe Preparation for As-

pre on their handsome( Triple Silver.jhitetl stars that lead I Ult to otu\ iU>d. stinilatlng ttacrcodnndUc uUi-
Hard-Fought Battle. -- titt lticStlsmecbsin1Flo\t e of Bears tI10SigIlatllro
I ( Gillette afrtt'- I
The Ocala Star. Dec.th.] t In a recent re-rt'adhucz m Mime natt.ral -'
From I S--
I Razor put up in a nice .l(1= I. n1U'
the history 1 notlcitl that; when ----
I U over and countyimiisloutrs. :t - -- -
I'llasoiiy leather cage - sure to I '
after hearing all slates bai>tM .1.1 l or tint helpless _
the withdrawal names please HIM.[ :: to help hltn "'f tin' r.-t of thttritie Proniolcs +csllon.Chrer(
.'the, ult.rfd and those stricken from .\ Parlor Rifle or ShotGun :; forsake him utteih and Irate ness and Itest.Contains nor Mineral neitherOrnnntIorpblnc of

t. :. Ii.t. this morning met and named for the IK >Y all him to die. The dlst, ut.'r' "I' that :NOT NAnCOTIC'OM x
!else, 1905. as the: date ou tr.ut set my thought; a.i'iuug. ThtI '
auu:irv" :: kinds and >rice t. 1 ... '
j --
nhteh the \'uters'ot Marion county I \\.\,\ some deludtd soul ilo lead lilt' .
houltl decide whether the: saloons ..\ haiulMMue set of to think' that Uarwlll:1': not far 1)-SfHtZZrt1"C.t47t )

:imild close or continue business.Me "l'm'\'l'l' .1 let'-.t Knililisteel N r.mg when he had ills liikllni' :; of :inct 1)1'-.1-: a.1Y.,

,\ntl-I Saloon J-eaeue in presents: hlade, put up in-1'at- ...tr:il apes) and moukevsMan : Jt .A.lt.J* -
heir petition asked to have the l
HB in-litu-d raMwill please:
-et for the 14th, the saloon men \ / of tilt world's iidventuiersar :r.L. j ..j
wa tho MA DA :MK.i ,--..J.J .
nl\' out the high seas
ri. irlim January 2Sth.: but the countyin spirits ou I

'' tuUw'oners struck a medium and Pocket Knivo-: Sfi.sors i.*- | hour chart or compass. Ther' Is II I -- Us

<,. .1 i Januarys; : :21st should b '\ the date. 1 In/or: Silverware. | -traui;c' alchemy in n \\\ul"'rln lift Aporfcrinemctlylion. ror\n ."- ,
'*. jth.it 1 l-'iuls to deiuleu; the or
'(\0' number of names on the petition rueeli'1'y i Sour Stomach.Dimrhooa.

_'.I i''.K for a wet or dry election wan Coin. and 111akl'"Ulll' '; the tinl'Vy'\ y'nrsnd set If the>. : Worms.Convi tlsions i' rri i sh- For Ovei
., The number of refil-tored I vot- ''could cutely be xh.ire (he Kwcttcttnctiiitt -t Hess and Loss OF SLEEP.Tac
si'It't'tituUIlene: ..
: ,
would live aln. Ther -
the books before any names 'tea n j
in StirtiV' 5 igu.uturr' of
-- '
, taV.n off was 4,441 : the nurnhor in.'t. I'alf u time In the hKtorv ,1'

r.. nliii; Is 3,199. The saloon men a Baird Hardware Co. : affection dyin>; flame that it (',11I111IItlt ( *?&- 4"4. Thirty Year

,tiled a petition containing S.'Ou : he fauiied into a 1ambfU Klowi _NEW :VOflIC.IS \

'", of withdrawals from the ant Iii I- Ciainesx; ille, l Florida! :?iiit. llaipy the t soul T that .let -

[Hiltion, but on ch'klnstII' ...... f .,-.1111", '$ to ilo it. JO o H r T"
tht one it was> found that only 1x7i -- I --- 4 CASh RI'1s..a..ua

,. nut of the claimed M ZI'11 were : I lo take hope ;awav from the human
the anti-saloon petition' whUhiiiwoil MILL TO BE REBUILT. I j i are 1 t- ti> dam up all the. streams DUCT COPY Of WRAPPCH,

'' I that 103)/ men hail asked tnt -- :' .tl\ 'it-t j")-I4. It were a thousand times .
.w.an* o Florida Land Will Rebuild _. .. _. .
Company Immune to (' )111 III it a muidei
,*> withdrawn from something' they .more -- -- --- ---
fail never slcned.: The petition asking Sawmill Plant at Montbrook.It [ that would! shove the poor spirit. out

., wet or dry election after the 1ST will be gratifying Information to I Into tar Urvut 1'luknown. !In the'ineasiiie

n1I1u''t'rH withdrawn contained the p',o|hIt* of this ...'('tlnn. 'sPccially | that yon steiil tints'| awav. In

: signature, which nuuiber wastnIre I tho.;(' most directly I intercMed.! that that xatuestiletto proportion. ) ou kill. The

names than the law requires: the Florida. l...ind Coniuiny.| the Hue. 1:04 a sure meiilis. of ".'n'h.' but
t.ul) there never l'een name stricken Itinil/tr) plant, of whom was burned out If ii tu'rrtngly i burled In the heart It Is ABSTRACT & REALTY COMPA!

from the registration books In' :Mr. a ft w days ago Montbrook: together ...11111..-.. I have known hasty Judi'

r'ck.: the restoration officer there with a kirKe!; quantity of lumber intend nieiii* ami hot word to draw far I T T' o ea ,t.u: t'ra ea11 I
A .HI' hate been :.:3 names more than to rebuild at once. In fact, work I rl'tier. l.lood than ever dripped. from .

ne, ,led to call the election Of the has already: be uii. and thl"t plant an il --.i-Iri's< rI.I/
-7 navies> withdrawn from the petl-l which wax one of the finest In this Coil; ol Iniimiti deMlllloH $'ewuurh.eudw, \ of 'I hi.- and full iiiforniatloii furuUhril reg.rdltug lands l. <1 1county.
t''n, only twenty-fivw of them were section of tluc'ullntr)'. will be In opiratloii lie w bo 'rnurilfTH hope. tili.ill(( I.' worn' Our manaprr tina lirt><| In tliU (' land. \ thirty ,..".* cud *
I.! &h..rnlJ..d"Cln"In' Till tlllr. 1
N' jt. again: within the mitt thrcnxxiths. *- than hi. who murder the man The . W
- --
\ ) amusing part of the withdrawal latter I guilty of iM-liiKlllg on the

of the names consisted in the fact; that The plant of time Florida I toted font : ItvltIK< d 'utle H; \TO-Y-LE. ..

'lie examination of the idgnatiirettnl.iv pany WUK burned about ten days 1110:11. 1
I llIti' AtJ011>.: T. tUnUI.I'ANO' INDKMNI1Y: INHITHANOK.entkiK fti
.. entailing n Ins of about $.,<>nun. In
whole page were thrown In 11 rw'"lIt treat< Mention bv Ueor ) It "tunbrr of pro. {nt-nt .\.TlI',, 11 wlilrh were recognized: as forgers clod lug the dry kilns" and the' lumbr, Kla.. Kin, 't'I won III"hlll''arr'u A 1.HI' .t-I'Atilt OITY I.OANH t'

:hE-n Mr. :Mathews, of the! coun- nil hand.! No sooner< were the sinus CaiHlti'r. il livered) before a hat) of (Gn.:1.r'1.0H: Ll.n t .. F'Lor1..d..A rI
''ommlsxioners. grew tired of the cold 'than it was decided to rebuild. reprei ntativ rexatix. he .prununteted'

s "'K 1 Mr. N. A. Fort relieved him. is thorn Is a large and profitableicreat Tomv'
a PIHSUK withering!; rrorn I I'
s. \'.'ral of the I anti-saloon vvho ?** of tlmh.Tt ti> !lit' C lit Int4umbtr the
metij"\ Illllld' hi III I """ tinticiMked Hplrlt
'1.! "eply |Interested In the petition. In th- HtTtlon where Hie, mill of till Will t ( otiiiuerclal age He said I

A t they entered the comrnlsr was lo<'ated!. of th* Ilf
county In part t.t lii no coiinto' }
. T'J.'llIrl.la'. I.ind fompanv' emploveil You Are Insured.
room to present their )p tltlon \\11,1.1 l l t tesl.t' or that hurt ever t>ee|| .
a<: rheir nerves badly shaken wh<,". a large nuinJu-r of hand who were III the ", "rl.1 are thir yt nitin)' .lov*

.'r ,r,- the petition could! be laid on thrown out temporarily on account of' I Iv tiome ..ii lot the hlll..I.. .a of our. I :
Company that !. l"> i.ibl-. II .*r JI'"They Corr..Ilt;
f <1'" -k. Attorney O T. ( r'c'n. for this' dlRastfr. but within a short tim own -lov. Lull "..tW..1I the StJlt- .u N .1' -
Vr.llrti NUti laUrralily of j'oln'j. ( tiiitntni. and /luwpaaj
,af'mn threw down ever> thing will be worklni n aln. ,, California <'i h l ', .
men a paper offnltie HM'I| pltal atMvtr t.*) ,,...... .I'r diiplly !
announced that they drnnnded! r".1. mirli rich rewards II" t

11,..." to i I..' withdrawn from the What's : tin'.. rrow-il,I Ainerlcnii Into,.trn"-,'t..

'ii when presented! and also auk- Worth doing Is worth doing well If and In no. 1 aid und.rr tli. ttarn has You Are Assured

.r the restoration of 140 names" yon wish to {I.f ciired of lth.*umntlmis latsir l !I.....ii richly repaid.' 'In Annrlea C l lI

': ,"TV Mtrickrn. They thought <' talIardH Snow I.lnlmont and >ou : Then ': t'.w'rlug'.''o.i'U'.I i"H'd, that min 'rrn ',' that the p .tit Ion wa In the will b' "well, rur 'ii." A p<>*ltlv.' cur' wltherliiK, 'orti. the grant. prem'her '

hut> others better posted felt for Spraiim Neuraltcla: itnIsew. Cantmcted flung tli.- < Motion In the f.n *. uf M-

.. iietltlou would go through all :\11I.d.14! and all the Ills that I tarot atoll ,. \\'hat In .Anicrl\ 'anlatxir I

'Itmlt! IH heir t.). ,.t.I.CIIIatna) mad >.....t.'h"t l I.. \iu.rl I Fife L Life I Acci'k'Jit[' J auJ Health Insurance
Texas, write "I have ur..1Nteow .| ; ;
- ------- :Navnrota. : inn catvl'a fund l nl-xit IWHh mid) ..I : :; t..I
"'ICANOPY'5 NEW HOTEL. I.in hn"lIt for 1'I.raln-1 l ankle etirh are into I ta''su."' they Ilia" Inl..1. h
:mid l It MI"" the !meet of fuitiffjctttm 'tun. 1.' ,-L'at'e "OI Jtri..nl..t
I I; Iy.* eep it In the, hou.e." Sold K..t.1I They aUtN.1 III. heartsnet )
-, 'w! Tuscawilla Will be Open 'to by \\i M s john MMI.BJTIZF prr Ml '1.1\'. "''Pr'RII Mt .-situ .

Public in a Short Time. _w other nut . tier (Jay IU'"+ refit pr'oi. .
a from Mlranopy Mate that DIgPATCIiC9." frr..J.... Mil)' ? ..11 ,...I
011I Tuacawllla .. < ulrlH. entry ofIke
Micanop new mulch want f.r. ] >
C lit h. b,.. ,.h'! 'f>1 .. ''h\.h et'full fuu..ahf'd.
IT. mar
\ IM tMo op*>n about April of the : s -a A.ftlnl" 1 I ,. ,.inil of flesh
'caar. and that it will b*' mtuo.t "> r.>turv ef t :d Now. Orl an. cotM.t. __ _ I
I I" I ' '
mmlcrn country" ho..tel- .cha t' TO CURL A COLD IN ONE DAY I

'he ;Rate. beltu .trav'tiled, lth Pre.ldent lna.eteit': n'..,".." Far Ink LA Ir\.1: ItNOMO Unli.iu/ 17C'
'. TI I"'a.'uvt.'rut.' 1d far a. It ..,. i.; \e'rslly .@'! rsc'I..N In melt. Tablet I jKlt: rrfund mofir ifIt -"

It to provide them The _nt- cal! tl.c's! t in 'TIOIJ alls to < .re t:. W CHIOV'TH

't Ko..nt- will b40 fr) .t-ci.i... a'd' t'e'st. '.ntrraor of r ..tlUca nature 1. u rash t. ltr.D. :t.. Fay-Sholes 1

-j ray. a .3.pool brlreg cmItb root r-'n' iSua' to tar' 'd:." --..- -- I :

.....rtmr.... by Pre+.dt'"nr lt..mtre.rlt. ., -,. Pan !f ...1.... :

few TC'aw'"n '11II11Ie. ht .. Mayor r..trr.'il..r': fihr-fO: Pa" aa .*_ .,. i I. I r. ,', "a' !'t ;

\ will prove a cr tllt to arr#..'..il nn rh* ,t.r ;':f' .".lnm';a..: I. star 'IK 'I.I 't.nr.U,K fur a it.i tlltf )Lfrc-;i : i Tvpewrit61I. ]
t )l1r.annpy amt) to tb. COM0ME 18 fr-t..i ( ,,.. Iirsn. 'o': n r. e: , sad :u < t'P< proaalawnt l.n.o :
4 oQt is. well pttmD' p ttr. u. ..as r.to.t '.0 1..., ctfmt front *f tfc* *mwtrjr ut be ." 'Of,.., ... tJ. 01' -

: ..... 'M InC* > r. Ja.. 4. not pUn Ii L : ,. w .'on..t.u.u. .
A .i. .'r.f, fat'.m iC -" '. W ..... '. ir % '!.tto ) ,j u a _aibr IIIKKUIIIM 1Ir. Ta
SEVILLE CASE. .,.4Iaft... ...Ir''.. . ... Y.. i 1 i r>* promt* .-u fa' tilt party to m I n1: II >: MAI
euplt.l leT Aui '.4' < ""'1 4 !. N.. Y<. n tat (lay f"' t-:.. fr-r
ret Cuft A1r.r.d th Ce- tvr.;.. of y.fl t . vlic.t' .. ",. I I l. of r. ..If .... ..,.,.,...., tA.t Han Talmla

..I\n of the City Court. \ 1 ... .; a. >>>.-". .. I t i p... fur t ,""a, ...... UNlVrfiSAl nnnOAfiD I -

-, C"aIe W th. City ef aatne- Tr* :-S, ,. Jark H..r a ''JQr..: :;..j -; I''. ."'s y, tirachia
flume u..- r pkyak. TIwt r ,
11 P. H*, ii: ... charier! w hit 1 amt: : u ,"I J ..,1. ...Ie. .b .. -
.. ..' '. team soak. I shin ........ I..... In ----
i to ..1 .. .. :;. \
lI.uo in whICh had I;
aunty .. .o- rbrottlr f"Q1)U) a.' 1JaIiaa. ftc f .. '. ', ..1.......t fI I" r.lr.eC t 1'beC

t, aittst tie mal of sam..nd a r.t"41.'.' .i.to eta tons- C." M : u..... TD t'......... -.11,.. .... tfOwst :"..", ..ft ti-..' i "N'r/tots "rVur'd'
\ Ifatnl The- :3n IkY :l- .h"
emaa *
;r '
"' Boats cur sbtJr days In priors. ', "flD e, . hl.C 'r. :t 1 : ( '.Lt. .... +arsaeh. I'l, raaist/1fitlo., Lisa I". 1.7-t4tiolrs,. lor. l. 4-M""J.' .. ''a '

I'It r.grt .mr..s the JudKmrntTnmaa I,. -r- V' ....- --- ..._ .. '\ ..- 'r '.s1s.s.s11.j lhsa any '..r .r pm/vtrlu.: '
.- Thl m..anb..ljr I v. 4 tfc
. t 'i JJ r:u't Im.rtonnms'nt ride, r 'a (hed i inf 1 Plain: Face ? .- 1"::: : :. :r . Kor Sallby.! . .

the Ettat. Ys. v r .. fr ,
J r - R. C. DAVIS & CO. Jacksonville
Yeb .a; to hat t.a Y... I.rtw unr. fAa f a II r .'" ...r . ,

.. pre..At ttna of tlx court I -.:. c., ... !' .. .r. ,
rowed .Dut" B.d term. j -----s--------

". J'. l.; .':" ..t ...'\ ,... to.:"t... Jo_ S. -.Kf':'.......,.......... .. ,.#..i. .. > .. ....... "!- ...' .;.i :.: 11iJ6l,;: bfI.I.lt i ,, .'-f? : ti p'

-- --' '

: : 5 -

'r: ; "
: "..
,' '. I ,I"i: A. .': ....., .,, :,........'..}I.'..... ',' ,.f,'"' ,0.,1I\\1t..Ii."i\ "'':#\' '' I 4, .,... ' ,-"' .,. ', ', ',,' (l"R.. ., ,&
1\ .
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I . .. . __.__ __ _. __ __ -------
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TV you fe*'l wrak., tlrej., Jo! pori1eTit, And Live In Houses That Cost $1,000 Celebrated Banking House of Baring
havvtfrequc'iit hpdiiche< cvmfjd Nimrno J3R3. ALDERMAN PEARCE
I "JIf'urt- Each. i & Co of New York. I,
KETTLE bitter or loUd ta'U5 Irr uiorntnu.
burn." U-lcbinK; of 1 g'r. r.pld rMrrra In I In New York's wholesale' district maybe New York. Drf. <*. 6.-The New York ,,:

I throat after entmjr *,..m.idl p'.iaw or found a dozen:: houses with theHln. banV.fin of i1 Jr:u;; k Co.. whlcbhr I,! DEN'PI91 *

burn foul breath dl *::?. *i ..IK I".." or ; existed since ,r.'.' wor!'i wide "Bar- '
Doll The
Outfitters December
eculiar_ Ending of Difficulty Be- variable: appetitu., nllU,1Io, at times and I Delineator. They make nothIng Ins crisl*! ." In 135l! Is to be dissolvedJan. Office over Duttoa Jk Co'.. B

v tween Two Men in Bradford. kln but dolls'! clothing. Every
If yoTHiav*"' any con td rab''" number of i gown 1..o1'oa'ftrm '
the time o: the crisis: of the
t I &b above *4 toms you are lIuft'erlnll'from they turn out I I.* constructed from a
of Baring Bros & Co.. limited j I i
<; DARNEY JOHNS AND J. S. BENNETT \Iltuu/ n< Ob tfpld liver with Indl-. model first cut and "fitted In cambric '
I Qestion i ff>i i JV.Pro rcf> no d.nSfiiLirnl I I which eLook the enUre world and sue- DR. DaVERE B. iUJRRl;.,
\t. which la called the "try-on. Uutton-
. t Hi.( ,vcr tti tSmn...Ttr+ii, of lb" nv +tv ceet.eJ the firm of Kidder Peabody I!
Johns Had Death Grip un Bennett 11"- moltrlnal$ I rrlprlplem., I known tom holes) and f'mbrold..ry are carefully & Co. of Boston as the American j:

When Latter Shoved Johns Into 'rt r-ii wienre for the ix.rnanf nl. rnr #* done by hand a:* if the gown of a representatives of the great<< Ix>ndonlicuse. . . DENTl T. .

4I fi7'}>">tV-f;' ,rni it t.yniji I lorT. It lit Ik UluVI debutante wtro making. Nor do |I --
:' Kettle of Hot Water-Johns Then ni.cicnt !livor .Inviifurator. stomach tonic
clothes the
a'' 1 complete' expense. The In 190, Thomas Raring, brother of

,' Got Busy to "Get Out of The Water." :' bow Th..l "Golden regulator Medical and nor Dl.covery''" strengthener.I Is! nota lace-trimmed bran' bed: in which the the head of the London house who Office over Marcus Ende:'", Ph...n.,. :

I The Starke Telegraph of Decemberth patent ro llclnfl or secret nostrum a real lady dolls Bleeps may coat fifty opened the American branch returned

gives an account of H difficulty full Ii"t of Its lugrtHllents being printedon dollars. The gas stove that goes with to London and was succeeded) by Hu.j'

in Bradford county as follows! : Its lK>ttI' -wrupr>er and aUf>"tPd under her menage equipped with utensils BO Haring his nephew who has now 'Dl ROBT. C. HOWrKs: \.

cidtb. A gl.inrn at. Its formula will show for a child to do real cooking maybe in turn been railed to England. Kidder I
r "News has been received<< Kerr about 3n
contain alcohol rmfirl
that It no or &
from sixteen to twenty dollars Pr- body ft Co. will! aaln become: DEN1I-.r.'
a difficulty that occurred between<< .J. hahlt-furmhtg ftr\>;x which is a bewildering/ price when It the agents of the Daring Uroa. &
with lrlple-rulne!
made glycerine,
8. Bennett and Barney Johns on the purn co"1
'former's farm southwest of Highland). of proper strength. from the r(M>ts of the Is known that there arc adult gas find will establish an urrlctt in OfUce in Miller Lan hOttice .>

following native American forest planet stoves at nix dollar! An Kiiglish York. -- __
? .last Thursday afternoon. It seem vl/. olden l :Seal root, stone root, Black perambulator at t"pnty dollars costs I Phone No. 243 ; >:, ,,1) .
ijr, that Bennett had employed JohiiM' to Ch *rrybark, Queen's root Bloodroot and Over $3.CCOCOO Increase
boll syrup for him und ship It to ..larkonville Mandrake root. as much as a baby carriage. Or a Atlanta I>ee. C ,According to the

.;, t where Hennett: liven. but The following' Irarllnir medlral an''orltll-tl, tiny landau upholstered in blue satin annual rerort of the state comptroller I

f ,that the 'been nionir a dust of ottiurt..extol' l the r"rfOl'olnll, !. way bo had fur twenty-five dollars general made to tae tax colloctor of ; P fl. ELLI:>, JU.,
shipment hUll J not asm 1.1. lor UionirMof: ).Bat n
  • . } ruouaaInd.rater I'nLlt. nertholow, and a little tallyho coach for thirty Atlanta the Increase in value of railroad
    factory. Itciuiftt went to .< about
    e M. I J f7 rrMun MeU. ColU n. rtitla. : Prut
    it and arrlvfil on hln furni ut the tlin I g\v (r M. U.uf UnlTof I P*: I'rof. KdwlnM dollars. A very witlsfactory! doll tlrift ear. '", h"bnne and telegraph I
    ",( Hale. hi. !).. of Ifahnemann Mud.CUII.it! house for ATTOKXiVJJAKKR -.\ r 1. a \
    bo purchased In the for this
    4'" mentioned and noon after eiiK'iKltiKIn Uilraim I : I'n'f. John Kltiir. .Ir .. Anth r or can neventyflvw properties city 1+I
    : American J)1" n..tnrYI I'rof. Jn >. M. Hud dollars./ But. ,. are others ear will total $1 l.55C,3Cfi.; ;:: as a resultof
    In converHiitlon with .lolinH the two rJ.T. M. U. AutLorof "'J.>O'CItI1..1I.: .-ln..i: I'rof. a.\IU"ILLa.: .
    Into -1. Itenuett rail Lniirencti Johnson. M. I'.. howl.I Jpt.. tfnlr. of with parquet floors elevators arid whlcbtIntllta will receive from the 11&I
    men got u
    l iuarr N. Y.I t'ruf. FtllleJ'Jilllrarw..utt.1\I.. : I'..Author electric lights and powdered corporations affected $C9.; 5G. G.f more
    -t;ted Johns a liar upon which Johns of Mat.fOrla M..II.| -a and 1'mr. In liennett Metll- : ; gold I I
    ral Cullntre. Chlrnro. Mend name and aU7. In 1007 the value of :
    .r.. ,struck him on tho back with u stl 'kliennett Puatal Card fo I>r. It V. IM..rre. Huf- MATUK&ON A I 1'i:R,
    I tin*** properties was assessed: !! at
    turned around und lilt .Tofum tale N. Y.. acid rm.lve frrt tmoklcl Hiringextrartti
    from wrtIIraf' all $h.. a/iore rnotll- $6.<. 'I.i')1.; and in l&OS the value will A TTOHKJoYS-\ LA vSOLICITOPvS \
    In the face with hln fist with melt cal author. nnd rnanv ot It"r...ndr..lni!'. In the Notice to Our Customers. ,
    .. trod $ I 1:0:; .:S7. Increase of over
    utmnBVKt noH \tl>,ln term .>a<*h and rvt-rr In- an ''
    R force that two buses In hM right rr Ml-tit! of wlili-li\ "OoliJfii :Modic&t. I'l.KX,rorjr We are pleased to announce that I 70 per cent Ono of the )largest . IN t't'i:
    hand were broken. Jolinn! then N rompowfl.l Foley's Honey and Tar for coughs, I _
    f 1'ul'-1 >r. I'lrrrtt'n/ ,:a..nt IN-Ilot r.mil a to and chavpo: in FPB-rnfnts was in theca
    t.:,' pled with Hennett and during thKCufQn Invigorate nfomnffi,. Mr..r ari'l tx w..I.. Tr...:r colds and lung troubles Is not affectedby e of the O-trsla Hallway. and Electric I
    tear ttn u<..< l In Inriliinrtl' witli " ; seized the third HNK,T of tho M?.llral J)1..y..r l If 1"e.14 ar" inn-.\li ''''fI.UP&.s. the National Pure Food and Drug Light companywhich was put on Office fli ,
    I II tj
    > moii
    4 latter'v loft hand with IiI!h. teeth Johns . TtMjr'ra liny ami autrar-cuated. Law as It contains no opiates or other the books! last you" an worth S-.G46.* _
    ,..,e la a powerful man nnd li<*nn"*tt. rendered - - --- harmful drug.. and we recommend It 8C4 and this year Is $:>,':J6.CS. FERDINANDI 11YJ'TI.

    '. hors de conitiat bv having |IH DIG TIME AT HAWTHORN. an a nato remedy for children and --- j

    Tight band illxabliMl nml tilt left! held adults. J. McCollum! & Co. Fatal Dynamite Explosion. I I ATTORNEY .< I I \ a

    by,Johns' teeth found that' there must Masonic Fraternity Held a Big MeetIng rnrhlln ;1nm. Ala., Dec 6 -Albert GIN 1:1'1": fLI 1:. .

    ,4 be ".ol f>thItIK doltiK" right quick If Concluding With Supper, Entered: P'ei cf Culltv. Russell the 17jroM con of John -- '-
    he would escape" Hovet punlsbinetit.The Mtc.na . IltiC. : 1Y..1' V/a' Ku&riell former mayor of \\'>'Iam, and : .
    Dltttrlct Defiuty (rand MauterV.. Can sell you. 2itj roj'erty 'ini.I .
    8cuh! took place near the tlit'tl. a c:.ii'i'. f: eti !t':.< 1 a 1..L' ? also former rrlre Inspector of Ala.- I proved and unimproved) pliutruckiug hUt'1
    II. went to Hawthorn
    sugar furnaco and the kettle waN full lllffdon Friday guilty In tLc if.'i:: ..';.Tr: ud him

    ,; of hot water. tlf'nu..tt navlfruted' hiM! where on Friday evening he was pres- day in jlu C-.1f': a.i;" 's-'t lit a for !!u"'f. steel' plant yard at Knelvy,) Wednesday a list. of what you offer for sale 2l42u

    cut at n hl:; district meeting of the tug Oliver \Vt1kr. a B rcnan 'In tic: morning by tiv: etplotion. of eonae ily-
    , opponent toward tho kettle and at
    h',I the ntycholoKlcal lIIornl'lIt'with all Masonic hxl,.;o.ThoHo Centra! yards, la0 rtiir.mcr Tl! I i. nftr.lto. ,,'nlaDlIorrb.: Jr., was J. CARLISLE,

    district Ine,.tings ore hold at reduced his ofrl'r"**, und a rentenm (,f Injured" In the explosion. Russell was
    the effort he wan capablv of. dumped 4 i ATTORNEY: AT I... *
    rngular Intervaln. It IH nil nccnfelnn 12 months was Imposed.VIMrr l IIY carrjdng dynamite, when it became ,
    .. Johns Into the hot water. Thin
    gaveJohns when a mip '"rlor' olllcerlnits the at the Point| of death! ; fo< 1; aotnetliliiK else! t think nbout
    lodge. and when the lodge brings: In 1'9 result of the shooting affray .
    4ik and he let KO llennott'H anger In MM I n. '! Estate, Coi vej'nnc "I' )line G. i>>

    'r' haste to Ret out of the. bath. MyBtanders material elfin lf-nvorn. tn exemplify Test of Cactus as a Diet. oral PraRti. All lnif<,.e,,, IJfvrnt'tJw!
    the work In an ImproHHlto manner. IT 18 FOR TOO. ntteuded to. Oflioe taxi 'Intt' to :"un
    now lult"'h'n'd l nnd the fight I LADIES Los Aneele. Calif., Dec. 6.-After ,
    ; They u"lullyIor"I.' with the re- cactus office. (jAiNKMTir.i r h oar 'A,
    ne diet.
    exltlng days upon a
    ended. Mr. llonnett returned to Jack-
    '.. I -- - - -
    Milt that rveryhoty IH complimenting
    Leo Rlbert l.aii'Jonie who ha.
    }!:aOnYIlJf'I with both' hands hnlula I'd. Dr. tANK CL.AKK. TIIO .\ '
    '' oach oth r. null the orrriHlmi pastes They <".. !Stop Their hair JI''DIr Oat begun a two week test of that plantas ,
    -,and Mr. Johns wan hurt In the nhoul-
    : nit very nleely.At N'Ith a food, had lost 11.2 pound. He
    .;;1 'der where It struck the edge of the .rpl.ld.. I i CLAIIK & FIKI.I'IN'Lawyer '1I
    the oiililHloii itf the lodge meet- II I is working hard and Wvda.sday de I II
    :fiTkettle and war presumably scalded tot Ladles who have thin hair and whose : I
    lug which lasto well Into the night livered two two-Jionr U-oturee He II
    ; some extent. No arrexH. 1fur I hair In falllritc out. Can prevent the hair -,
    nn I tilt lodge! partlclmted| In an oynterHiipper. falling out and thicken the growth with I not ex Kline entirely: upon oactue !
    learn have followed. about hslf of his food
    New ro' "IlerplcUle nevtile. Herplcl however oae- I -

    .<'1. -. -... .-- -.- 1e la on.. nt the mot agreeable hair .cnnkJ'tu! of lettuce, celery and ea..ba

    '0\. Earnest Worker. Bazaar. He Wasn't the Man. dressings there In. llerplclde kills tho I nation Practice in all Court- Sta" aunt<
    dandruff germ that eats the hair oft lit I

    Tho oyster supper and apron and AmotiK tin \I.Mltorn tn this
    [ handkerchief bazaar of the KamcttOrktTR : flay was KV.. 1-'III'ulI of Mleanopy. a the root will shoot up. ,*n long ni liven !. will CASTORS 5 A
    3 ever a nmr convince I -
    ; Hoc-loty of the I'rewbyterlati'church acll-known ami popular man In that any laily lint Nrw ro'" TIorj>lcl,lI .. '

    !\;..: which ails held In the now I 51'4't 1(111. .I I r. Flllyuu Is a champion nil Indl.p. ..rspbin toilet rrqub.lte. It I: For :Infants and! Chiiclitc. !I O.Tcen: o\fr ..ult est i;.. 'N

    Urown HOUMO dlnliiK-room Friday nftnrnonn budder of and has lroh' contnlnn. nu nil or u rense<< It will tint efnlnOc. I
    ornll I' flees, | CiAIXKSVII.KK.
    The Kind You l K2s: Ahs E't'.LbIb1bIItati \ \li _
    or "' ". 8'"d t.v 'leading dru.urht. Semi ; : > __
    ; ILlnlpnln was largely nt ably done more work hi this direction ] In .tam" I
    'tended nnd wan n grout MIICCOXM In than any other man In (M I" noctlon code Co. Detroit ailcb.! i D.ar1 the d /.'.'-.1-' -..e :--- : PROF. JULES EICHELBERGER

    : every way. There wero plenty ofoysters. of tho Stale I Two .lif -:50 c..t" and It.(Hi ,, .I" of : :. r.. . ___ ;tI'; ;, ;_ .
    ;.!. .ru..1 In every style nnd In Mr. "'lIhu'I.h'l ailed at Tho Sun i - --
    'r \ J. 8. Rockford A: Co.. BtHlil A*"nt-> I
    / an nptodnto manner. There wero onico and Ivid bin tint,,"' "'tlrollrl nK>n I --- - -- ,: Piana and Organ Ttner

    \ :also numerous handkerchiefs ami the subscription lint. l h t of a jiiott IIOMpltablo A..1.-- fit'B: in |itt l i 1 end Repairer . .

    r1 .aprons of unique denlgn! and pattern, nut pleiiKlni, tl-t! 'oltU>n, lie j N pw "orl\ I' T. 4 *.*i.iw T". '
    'the majority of which wrh' hand guts)'naturoilly stated that Tho Sun .'t> ,. \ :' '. j ing: n t:.e ., I ,, ., .

    '/ made. They brought Rt*>d \prices, and ''KH\O him credit for belnK. taken off 1 D '.\', : j. ; !H' I>' r" ... :' I O- .' I I 1'hlrta.I teur* '. tiler' or'

    'aii n result< the finances of tho lament tho train her a few week ago In an : -;. Ir ill .f I . "it i i "T! ]t .. I -,-
    ; .. M..U ()rd r WI.J: He.', ". i .
    .i . <
    . \'Worker wer. coiiHldernbly Ittcroatied i Intoxicated condition, when u pistol 'I 1 I ::111.f.! ie 1&hr..b... .. .1. I. ." i :

    waft ,"kt'n'fruIII htm. Ilo I wu" not illfcd .**- OJI1t, r'y as eo.ai": with; Kjrle, .-,,:",....,. ra-I! GAINK3V1LL' FIX I' v

    |J.< tn bo "in.id." but explained ; 1"0 tnKen by ita anJt'r*tuJy at f'1h.t '

    tMiss t! '." -., Oer .... . : '
    N. Norton that th. $1110" lnlll.il- and the nlmllarltr %'" per rrn.-: : i iI

    ; :I of the name. which lio stated :I f Is M..'d to be too C-VUKC of her t.t.'."K Aalchaa County A'STIlocori ''

    -- wax ,,','lIUII. cniiHeil t tb* iil"iiiiierttind! dos n. 't>r..,- *

    log! to hate boon made UliiJrlon Danger in Asking Advice. li'rr, M Col on. lr.. J W
    ;: _. I I t.,.*.; IV. 1C Colmoo. '.
    Novelties, Books, Stationer} When ) 1)11 hate a cough or cold ilon. ttAl I> Kr VH. ,E. rWe

    I Children's1'atnrlto I ..t Uhlv foinettne what la fccxxl for it,

    }Cl. Son nirs, Sheet Pictures .I tonic li \Vhlte' ('h'R' \ ..T as the r. l-i d.vuctr In takliiK some unknown dr an er.'I\uhf' .t,: '"

    and Picture Frames 1 (hlltlr*"'>> dl.'n4ea. It not only ..liU This Is the Question and Tar cur, couch colds, and prevents luforniAUou coturulu. t1! .. '
    . .
    I I In AlacrAll a
    1 and all land
    the worni. but ronioe" the tmirou- I Ii 1..UllIOOI.L.[ The genuine ta III' any
    buainea transacted promgtly
    i, and ullnto In which they build their a yellow MckaK. R.fuo cubstitutt-a.
    +t, wl.tlnM; it I": U-ttiT to koip
    ieit. itn action on tho child: l l I. mild J. W :McCuHum A Co i"I. j

    ;'' 206 East Litcrty Street I und loaven him In n h.*altli>' conttltton, ''' your IlIon..y iti u 'iri I \\',ir or I '

    1 CAWESY1LIE, FLO 1 Ian! -t Pd'iif 1. Htiim\c; Tonn? Nays that ,I I Unc' t. r.'ett. taws ..ir '. ALACHUA ceum,
    .- ,
    tI.. sift lolo it in i .4 : Tf
    1 gnus one of bin chlMrenhlto'* am out J'ayinoMt" -
    '' I" : . .. .
    f i r. HIII .rn\f"tfo\ w h.h.. doctor' AAlh.a ?nCl! ) 4'"
    of niul lull- !. ., I ..
    tttKiijtht, but acfotinti* ortut t r. J& ='f'bit- mll.' r
    it colic und! from the firstly .
    ( :.. 1.1 .. Tltlo' .* a.: "!! '..- '
    t ,.., I"" t hIi t lIisslnl'' s.t.utytbra'a' hunk it and -
    H. J. DEMPSEY pay by ellu'ck1't'lu'rt' I tt.-1" '.' i',_ .rod | t.b..e nI I H'' -
    :"C" Salt \\ :M Johnson .. I pl..at.! -fi I avr m' il l'. I"
    I- II L I It' .C t. .. .
    'r' t
    IH hut .
    L5 tall ontO aiiftw ... uuu.. f.ur nf' .J"u" r" Ii
    = J .
    t a ..
    .. : I iLeat' r
    duc. eo".n. r. '
    T corn,
    r'e. tote Caarges.t' :
    ... 1- __ to thibouk it. niu! cheok' it'IMU. !14 eU. rye. pot+,00'11I.. t'.I,
    i I" 6--.o ; Tn! : .
    New and SecondHand.FURNITURE I . ... -- -.. .
    . .. i v I. r : anf, peaches. ira'+.
    r " I II
    t w t.t : 01'MX[: .tAcll'\\ 1. .
    1':1 ., and all Lint's
    .. .' '\ : : I :' a.t : .1. -j tr a t1 t w : vine

    . .. eeat, .. n . ,".t r tha .
    N. I' .. \ :" .. !' t 1'1 \\ 'l'H I'sit willsyst .
    .. '''*. t 1'4: ., eradttlgcart ... J IIt

    now to r :;.. .: .f 4 . r .'. 'It your utfuir\l. tirnuh yotivhuio- .tlat'ts'worlns ,,\.I .' y Ia rfcMa A",.ui .

    Juniiturt S, .!to ; .n IatvI'nylut'nt : (':",,' , ..' ;"..-' : .....["' .. ... ,l into tlMof ce llt'lbtt'.7Cublls Ha fourteen ehurer re '
    . iiiy. an brim yon rots ...hool.. ,b. Uui' r.i\j
    :b. >1 ti"\v! t '?\11 :" I it '\'ar'."' a.... ., .. .. .t.. 4 I K-hooU. there J. .

    h\tle tu Orh.'r. ii, t .. .lrtlr: I; ...e ate ant 01.4)\ \.: ... le hu.tIt:1: tlit' In'-t 1"1,1.j pCt Speaker Isteretrttd.I'ubbe private trilled !'ti_ IsmJ ..'""

    a.tq_IIU.a. _:""raters era frequently! ..t.. ,. t'rw mares ar '
    a ?|1k'c'htIty. Sell I 4''I i t )111-, iStorage !a. (cotntnunttv a d Jit'.I. -:'bla. COmaebto. -
    t.'rrupeed by
    Ulli)11 : Cant l_*k ....II. ..*. t ws. >W or f4 fett" people coujrh.nar TMnK. abut'. ihr'r' .. .
    .. .
    l wit Na$ pea tf Holer's Honey c'ii! twO" '
    blood ,. ..tto. b.1' e. eonor
    with lmt> r"< trNlr .
    Rooms in Connection anti Tar were takes*. a.. It t'ur.e rottgl3r' thte" Mllro-d.. twetr-t.

    I at H.j.t. loan3 K.i the bk'u4 per" wide Ihard'k The Dutton Bank'and cnfcte and prev.tt. Yue4teCt'tnLsand II afaelnr.ng. e.wnpanifwwrn.nutarlory .. '
    ill aid lilttwr Fiat simply, t.'r on. rr' ) .
    ciinumntr The to iuln contains b* ..... a' estuetf.l
    ,. W.31atn Pt. ., G.'larrti'!. I'U. 01" L"g' clean and ytu 'sill h.' 1'tst4 pt'tatilte p'.oe t.o, >
    ., r< ar 'n a yetlow' .loran .r hr"e ro6
    ;.. ko <- J W Mc, : i jt C j ihlagto tt. : )-t a re a *



    ... ,"" _r.iIo.: ... . .
    ..- .
    ) .rt" ;. ,, .
    .! r =S :', ,ll7o's!:

    .." .
    .... -
    ;-r"ll'>tRll;'CiARK'S'DE9ERT8.:: ; : BLOWING' 'OFF STEAM. 1 .

    : gD Under the above caption The Tampa Peter In Southern::: Pan

    , Tribune pays Hon. Frank Clark the Magazine of Haitimor> n ivcembesays r

    Offlo .1 Oa1_ We."... following merited compliment WOMEN WHO SUFFER
    : .,'*" **"
    ):"tered M seoo 4-eI..e mail n..I.r._ "Frank Clark representing Floridain Omission of an old !In i I. I'.": t.> front FROM '

    ; the National House of Hepresenta- the face of the tH'It'll tU.lUr piece

    ? a M-CKABY( ... Editor and-Publb'ber. i Lives from the Second Congressional has provoked criticism agtni...r I'res, i1 T

    ..s E R BUKTZ.City Kdltor. District has been one of the most dent Roosevelt. Its Inton-its equals : SicK Headache ,
    j& I able, conscientious, aggressive find the criticism his attempt to I'I'oI11ul.

    M PREWITT .. Snr Composing Rooms. j. effective men t"v 'r- {'nt from the State gate simpletoniztHl elMiiK| |.\ ..NM-nt

    ( to serve it In the halls of Congress.i lye order lloth crlticixm ha\; .- a corn<< SHOULD USE
    PORTER!; BLOCS.i6a..rainSUcet.S. .
    OFFICE Tmutrnoxmts i are, therefore more than astonIshed coon origin. Man>" folks". aI',' .ill pious
    |I to learn that Ion I.,. .\1'1'11:1-: to condemn the President I ..n g<.nt>raprinciples.

    "TUB "'AI..Y scr published Try morning exi -(of prolific Jacksonville by the way- Hut in the fa.".- of mol

    _ilur iM;.to,day any.delivered part of the by Umlted carrier State In the,postageIre city or : has entered the lists in opposition and mind they don't dare to l..i-.. th'lr i

    forfajear: !ajo ..* months: $1.13 three I i has given notice that ho will makea criticism tI )oa fundamentalSo they

    ..,BtJj., 01 5 o cent IV five .-- _trietly in ; vigorous fight to win the office. lie thenioelveo manifest the mob nun.l II) i

    ylsnc' I I will In The Tribune's opinion, have being led to let off steam ac.HuM non'

    | to more than human to essentials! manifesting the ,
    notices In local column ia cent a line I possess power -i pt: re
    peadiag insertion and cent for each additional 'defeat one who has awakened the admiration : stonsihlt| for the fnndanu."tt.\ ,-rrors
    Exertion and affection of hit It has hardly reached tli- \\ 'own'sclubs

    . jute.orditpUy advertising made known on I' whole constituency, in fact uf the entire vet. Hut dlveri. ami i i'lndr] For Permanent Relief

    .ppicanun. State."As ministerial organlz\huts lti\ \\ h> re HKRBINK acts directly on the Liver. It will cure CONSTIPA

    -The Twice--Week Sun' s an eight (re, forty- i'I a matter of fact. Mr. Clark abed and therefored. and )u dollar TION DYSPEPSIA. MALARIA AND CHILLS. U tartly' free

    1 .-umn paper, published every Monday a adur i should hare no opposition to a re-elec to doughnuts/ that even h. 'ore th. from all poisonous i mineral substances, and U com pot cd solely of
    contains all the new of the LIFE-GIVING HERBS. Especially for weak and
    ,lay. and tion. Ileehas familiarized himself by House of Representatives In CongresMorginl7i '' adapted weary
    local. State and general, and will be \ constitutions; strengthens the weakened eland* and organs, it cheeks
    vetk.: ''I past experience with the way, of doIng s this month a >>coin.tes. all
    ,ailed, po.taxe free, to any r'ut of thc United derangements of the human body.
    states "ur Canada, for Ji.oo a year-in advance. : things in the complicated meetings men will be striving to l tiefir it to CURED HER SICK HEADACHE

    .-___ |i I of Congress, and I Is. therefore bettereiniipped offer a resolution ordering the Motto
    bills become due after first : Mrs. Josle Cameron. Centralia Avenue Temple.
    advertising | "
    All I I than ever before to be of : to be restored to the coin "
    OTearsme of advertisement, unles otherwise j ttltJPul.azC'OJ (I Texas, writes X find HUKIUNIt aheo., me!'quick
    in contract Parties not known to ua signal service In hocurlnt for his district relief and take pleasure In recwnmrtitUiig it to all
    .ill be required to pay for advertikiog In ad.I| sad the State at large the many If your offer Is a good "", v ur (ml 'WOmen who snflcr from sick headache."

    wncc. Address. TIIU DAXI.V SUN i iGA.INsa'.ILUo | things they stand (In need of. __ HeU. will quickly find tHkt>r If 'U a pooone r WITHIN T1DC RXACH OF ALL-
    ,. PL. I familiar with change It to a good unt...tor'
    nioreo\er. 'I repeating it. Fifty Cents A Bottle Avoid All Substitute
    laws governing the Nation and will
    Miami Metropolis remarks that .
    : -- ---
    perform intelligent service( In align- Ballard Snow Liniment Co.
    II hoard of trade of that town "needs -i-i-1-:1-1-t-t"I-1-H-I-
    I lug himself with those \>ho would
    R,,',:ji:: ' Well, then for gracious hakes',1. better general oniilitious by nnicndliu st. Louis U. S. A.
    ,, does the Gainesville Hoard of
    / tho e lawn or adding! to their ullrn.I -
    ..' !? From what we can learn
    Tr i nee(
    | Lt'r.11': Claris then should be returned 1
    about the deadest thing in town. I a
    : to Congress not alone h'causeof OLD' AND RECOMMENDED OT
    --- ---- -
    IH-ud beat" tenants- - who- find it | his great popularity i but because -w-_ :M- JOa:: :: SOT: .1
    he Is preeminently quallllril l to do better -
    .Vaper, to mothan py rent should
    service than any other man In his
    ' .. ts'd from landlorn to landlord until
    i >
    ; ; I district. KSTIIKR; S. JOKI).VN.:" tt' tt AMI-TON.. .
    it "\\ e ft'1'r' ronfident that the
    house to live in. There are a few
    : people of the second! ,U..trlctVIII hold
    ruth common sulsances in Gainesville the Fameiew with overwhelmingvnnnlmlty JORDAN & COMPANINSURANCE !
    t1' rresence of whom the city could
    They will never consent HOW BONNER WON
    2. (II) afford to do without.
    .. I'I to lose :\.. their representative n man
    ---. -- --
    I Innth..r
    who has given KUCI! strong evidence SUCCESS'I
    .\ of the grand old figures I
    of conspicuous capacity. sterling Intcgrlty -
    . e f (he Civil strife has fallen In the and intrepidity In battling for the 'be career of Robert Doni.... POKTI2P til OCK (IAINtiSVILI.12. I:I.UJ.IUA
    1>ath of General Allen Thomas, who I right as Prank C'lark. Any effort to the veternn publisher, furulsbee -- e
    IJr.1ohllE'r in time of also Hlgnal, Illustrntlon of tbe value
    a war. a ;
    his with
    destroy prestlKe111 r..t't't
    rTiv. .! a wise statesman in time of !I ; tallure I ." / eertain :E of persistent and u r cioa ad Fire. Life and Accident inlf;; : 'llt- / ? '

    t.. ti,e. Pew men have filled such vprtlhliiff.Vben b. began the .

    i I :irtaut dlJ thin J positions: noted for Southerner so long a '' IUI-I I Thetumen of wealth and .position phenomenal publleutlon of eucceee tbe layer brought wbowe Mm all,,,nlnlninlmillnlitl, ,,,,, nlnintmnlmnlilinlnlninltflmn, ''''' ,,,

    a In New York do not for):;et the children I. =:.
    the -nted field") of the Eternal I, of the jioor, at Clirl..tiiia!
    Vila' he has Joined the comrades 'of I II I t>a>'8 The ecemb.r Ih'lIl1t'aturIr't.: wait for tbe people to find oat. ESTABLISHED 18Q9

    to' ', mill and l manhood; and another ([ Carnegie semis surplus tubs to the lowly and gradually, the tataretttlnf ==

    *.t'" me'I"i noted In that "thin gray ., Salvation Anu)'. Mrs. ("l.iren : feature of bin JournaL E:

    1! iiwhich has i>re* er\ed the meinor- I Mack.tjtends to the Children's HOHpltal Ire fn red Ma ntrprla upon .

    :'" ",' 11)lttl'r struggle, bravely at Mlucol.t.: And In the (Milldreit'H put'llo attention by a art ; H. F. DUTTON & CO. Y
    t '.'.r' Tampa News. I.mall..' la"l.hn. 01 ...
    ward In Lincoln Hospital rrdltur. for ..dv.rll.inawl.ieh i .
    a small adjoining clo...t her' a at that time wa
    I :
    ,. i without! precedent or paral-
    !-"uii editor was mirprlsed' to toy piano a train of car and toy Irl.Vhol. pa of dally 1)UAI.ItI! <- IN
    ,. ''It.! .- a'r'su man delivering six I I' hort, all lIa.IIII11| and bridled are n..P"lf' w.r. a.curM at

    )>. i'l. 'if hogs to a butcher In this city kept ready fur action. The> c.tmefrom blab. pri-.. to btaaon forlbth
    rorlta of ble drta-
    1.1 t r:nir>-lay front a Chicago packing I Kathleen Van,!crbilfs "MI|ppl)'. M'.

    bouse. Can it be pusblhle that IlIflt.h'r.J -Klnal 1
    N'nt.by her : rIC. <
    Prom one end of the country to i Sea Island CottonJAINKSVIMJ
    .- not, Mitlicient |mrk rais, >d in I VanderMlt They' are the great d'-! the! other the DameS of oDDer

    A't. fount to supply the local Mslit of the little nick children v\ ho and hi. -dger! were made familiar
    I ..' Gainesville; ? If such) be I kuoia' that when they are well eiioimhami cooatantpcbllabera.
    to the people by
    a it H a reflection upon the gN.d'uough thy will tie r.ewarded . .

    1 r- ..f thin county, and another to play with th'rn.jatksnnttllo rt'l.tltlOt1.Conr..Uu' Joe- : ( I : ':. FI.A..lUIU .

    ' '. .-tumid!r Chicago, not wltnestt pork. the There!Impor-are hlIlIluth.'r enndblat'this dog: along In the rut of oldophrlM lUlUlUlUlUj l U1UUlU U'UUUlUU' NiiNMIdNdNI

    ; routine) pr bankruptcy
    (:ijtH In Alnchtin county for time for l'ungr-as, In opM." toll and ruin for thl. uncotjrmitlonal I
    ',' hogs: to Mip.tly the entire I to llou, frank fl.irk. There tirea tnnorato. but itotiner kept na .

    .' ,'n fret" .h pork. and for the I few more otfle.-s >.-t tl >Ice. aiiliouticed spending a Ivrtre abare of his r.eelpt. .- I ..

    "'-. \\t' rnnnot nee why mich a for, and a larfi: number of the !hIli! : In I'thf >rloc publicity and I

    '!.',.nidtixtry 1 IM HO negUcted by cit>.'..i ('lIlzf-Il" m. ) be Imluce'l t.. try r.*r.- tta lncre ad with SEABOARDAir
    for Ultom.'h)' not l.-t, tint tott atari line r lty.!

    .is It la tr> UiK to .It... -run the whole Every tliWBJT .: ':ir J'mb '' .. mackerel ..ln > ...li .
    a rmen .
    in.irhliiel City hlllu!; Y's. Uroiiz i In flints dolls r. ni

    .'J from the lower bay' \\'E'drU'M'\\ why not Alx'tit 1.lu..Ulh. of the ill cr)...kn wets rr>nfotind..| ;{ Line RailwaySAVANNAH.

    .' ":I". reported that |..-<>j.le of .1111..11'.111.; lia\e alwaytil end ptiin ef.* In thl. particular' Ij

    I'I!' of sharks and l not oul>' i I l>M>keil npoii the "balance of "I 4irar cb of .,n_. arirure. .1 101 :ti

    ".r hi.. Ibl!. but had his net j I HA a "part of Jarknonvll! ."thethat'I hl. tre/nel.. eta auece.I. ". '

    ruined He h.ul rnaile Mfnured "taH" should never attetopt lo Nag' i The l I....o' '. one It-at 'la a. well oJ} I In iwnrtit COLe( \IIsLOA I Ila. HOUTHEIiN -

    .1 that h.. had full! I the do- t.--t1 rift ,..1. ., 9. It ..... J I PINE JJALEKJlf: RICHMOND:
    :5rtl pound of tn-ickerel I In I I forty >wrs .4f"., 1'leri..fl'h'.J ,
    'bf'll 1' WASHINGTON I ( I HAIriMOFtK.ADKLPH1A. I I f I I'IIIf.
    they nero atw'J..od'' 'I'bit* f. "",. H|.tide" In the volume nthtt"inN : Bull.U .
    'hark nut. of the a.i l ,
    ' .
    :. -:-H-i-! -: !-:
    ; at the mackerel a. r theator'r t +:--i-r--t--: : i

    I-: *11 was in tho act of taklnut t tr et' year the btt..t timeIn Jxr. .:. I..... .,...... I. .hi. ...... -t t
    that are pntlnialatln.tll :% .... ..... .. ....
    the .. .t I. '
    net. What halt tl J I I.J
    I IRegard.
    :.'I 1 nut kill oac.umi in the I Used In The :Hun. i istoo .J.EE: -.:;:. u..rbawt wa -..... Two Klogunt: Tram J Daily: a l\\

    cut In the !11ft 1..tlll..I" '
    net. any* .TT'I. .
    rmen: aka had truubln *' lth I
    ,u b mete iapecU\lly niim r, I The rHd."rii of this i_p--r wilt!!! !,. M hA 3V/OMlir. '

    . .' n' D'.bt..ubmtI..tro pie*.....I to learn that there l. nt lat : ?# SEABOARD MAIL ,

    ... ... rl > > bas r..J .
    i one dr.-. J l dl. that < nc* ,...I.... .
    = been able to cure In all magna. and ..- .
    ; .. ..., .
    'fcCrry of TbA Galn.: that i* catarrh Hall Catarrh Cur I .:. I.. :' .. ... .
    t.'ua... u. that HeM ''De'ed.t1. Ie the oil l"o im. Cure pow known :. Mod..rn r' ulim '-! -t I EqtJ'pment;'

    . a repetlttoti of the i j I to the medical fraurnlty Catarrha I iyh.4ng . .;. 0 ,tI .
    r -- - --
    "t 1M bet w.-n Iiolk way a cun.tllutloeAl dl-AM'. r..qt1I'-1

    u itaperlctvadent Motto !,' ron_titttti' n; l tr *U ent- -' .
    Y' a
    l.n, lab word tLrcuch Tb.r .. I Ito tarrh Care U lit II..n Internally.; ar.Un.c I ., \I.. The Jamestown\ Exposition Line
    ,. Uoudoi and loots.
    -ill trot permit hlnt.Alf ..UrfP'"tl"n the I .. .. 's .,- .
    "n uch A r..ampalgnI .u'a of the a>.t. ii. U.eb" d- J-. .. I":

    tr uA.ta ne.a." (Stxwl. v try I,'I strging the foutnlAtton of the dlM+.. i .. ....,. ,J.;. Norfolk Va.

    : "' We trout that tt..e. ntn 'II end wlybit. tbs p U..t ntr,,'aat" by' f ... '.. . ,
    and .. I I.laUr'F ; ; .;
    I the ea Ututuni m. ?- T
    "tick to el. l'roml'ln'S! bulMlnl up The' ,. .'. _..... ..... t 0. I Zral'ti >n'I'I.'kttt4' on Sit1t. UIily.y.e
    .ork ; .
    be win. It will be a cold >l nature In don .;. ." I ,. .
    ,. h f+ith la Its : '- -' (,, ,
    ta BIIK "
    -l t! : 10
    Car the candidate. : who (i' ruratlv proprlc-tur power that they o*.r (>nilBbdrwl .> . .. '_ ..., .... I

    j iv-t into tls nest IB.-Ien iM,ittr for say ca.. that It t ae..O i" : C: s'.6. I 1.1i' ,,.rnrel.1! ,n teed 'tl..f-!' ,.""r.I" .* rail o. say Ageat4
    \ ftO "'.r., to bat'to fur lit of t .. ; .
    anyone 24errd .
    fall to futtt .
    .. ,
    l : .. .s.
    .j t.
    ) be "BMtldf toa.atata A.101 r_. ,
    resort 'C . .. .. .
    .ge. .
    l ''r qtr 9barllttul .> any d"' j t 1''. J. CJ h It:.....:Y A. CO. Toledo o8U'j .,.. 'J . ... ('. (."I"ro Ja". o4-.ftl f''.ft..1 t..r. Ages'.
    J .f" .' tau bto Hold by aU Irtt< .. o"poa..nt.-M.dl. Take lUIf. )',that l? I1U for .. o .,. t .... _-* .
    'P-- .lI00, .. ..--._ -'" -A ........ 4 E11J1! !




    a) J Y' A'7 +4r+'pgi'V

    - ,- , - ..


    Do you feel weak, tlrtsJ, dohavetfriquorifc !!pnndent I
    And Live In House That Cost $1,000 ,
    Celebrated! Canning of Baring :
    : hcaditche: votf-d: "OI' ( ALDERMAN A PEARCE
    SUGAR KETTLE t bitter or bud. taste In, blurll It. "ht u IIfJ.1 I Each. & Co. of New York. |I I

    burn. Ix!Jchlng (.of g./*. arid rl ;ItiTt In New York wholesale district maybe New Yor'<, Dc<". 6.-The New York,

    throat after eating, ", turnJ.'h c law or found a dozen houses with the. bc ,...??. t'-m!: Of nar.u & Co., whlca: ; DES'lI I"

    -N burn, foul bn-ath, dl '/', ..,..,IN, l."or orvariable ", Ign.OoDoll Otters," has! dated: ,since IP', worl-l-wlde "Bar 1
    Peculiar December
    < Ending of Between says
    Difficulty I
    times and
    appetites, nausea at Is be dissolved'JaR Office over Dutto &
    tag crisis In lir-U. to Co .. B
    I Delineator They
    make nothing
    4 Two Men in Bradford. I kindred ..ymptomt7If vo any consMorable number of I but doll clothing. Every gown I: ., 1. The firm was organized: at : Phone JSO. Gaine.Tihle glaf .
    I [ I
    the time o* the crisis: of the London
    &h above toms you are Buffering they turn out Is constructed from a
    *' BARNEY JOHNS AND j. S. BENNETT : from IJ/oulln/ pfd liver with Indl- model first cut and fitted In cambric firm of Baring Bros &: Co. limited. !I f

    11.' ee.t1011 JIlt' . pP n's_1 cilderl I which eLook. the entire world and suec l'D' DVERE B. :\I'JUfl i".
    : i I I which Is called the try-on.: Buttonholes
    :''tl eta teal 1)lacove v limn 'II' of t 'n mnt *dJ the firm of Kldd-r, Peabody I
    ;r., '....hn. Had Death Grip on Bennett valurlnlt>T..!' kn wn tiI and embrold*'ry are carefully &: Co. of Boston as the American j jrepresentatives

    r.When, Latter Shoved John Into :I I marl! rat I ."<"I"lt'., for turn permanent" oj : done by hand an if the gown of a of the great Iondonhcuso. 1: DENTIST.
    I 1 iu<'i ia >.norm'it itfn'jUlf'PIt lit moalrllicient I debutante were making. Nor do
    j | ---
    Kettle of Hot Water-John* Then
    > liver invlgurator.stomach tonic '
    J.+ 'I 1 I clothes complete the expense The In ISO'S' Thomas Baring, brother of
    Got "Get bowel regulator r.u Buay.to Out of The Water.
    .'r! lace-trlmmed brass bed in which the who'op Ottce over Marcus Enl1e1I. Pt ,
    i 1 I Th "(Jolrtn Medical Discovery In nota the head of the London house, "1 1DI

    .. .. .:The Starke Telegraph of December patent medicine or secret' nostrum, a real lady dolls Bleep may cost:: fifty ne'j the American branch, returned'to ''i

    r Ith gives an account of a difficulty full ll 't of Its Ingredients being printedon dollars. The gas stove that goes with London and was' succeeded by Hugo ,

    In Bradford county as follows; I' Its bottle-wrapper and attested under her menage, equipped with utensilsfor Baring his nephew who has now ) :. ROBT. C. BCn\ s.
    oath. A at Its formula will show
    c "New has been received here about glance a child to do real cooking, maybe in turn been called to EnglandKld-
    that It contains: no alcohol, or harmful
    ;, a difficulty that occurred between .1. )iabit-formiug drug It Is a fluid extract from sixteen! : to twenty dollars, ler Peabody A Co. will again become DEXTIrOffice ,

    8.: Bennett and Barney Johns ton the made with pure trlple.retlncoditlcp.rlne./ which i* a bewildering price when It the agent of the flaring Bros. &: Co.,

    ...fqnner's farm. southwest of Highland. of proper strength from the roots of the la known that there are adult gas and will establish an rrlce in New I in Miller: 1 *w t \

    last Thursday afternoon. It set'lns following native American forest plants stoves at nix dnlliri'! An English York. ______
    \: viz., Golden" "Seal root, t+tone' root Dlack perambulator at tventy dollars I Ofllce Phone No. 243 ; 1.:. i
    \'that, Dennett had 'mllo't'd Johns, to Chf'ln'ybarl! Queen's root. Bloodroot and costs Over $3.00OCOO Increase.

    .', boll syrup for him and ship It to Jack, Mandrake root. as much as a baby carriage. Or a Atlanta Dec. According to the

    : %'sonvI1Ie l where Bennett liven, Lilt The following- leading medics nthortttr. tiny landau upholstered' in blue satin annual retort of the state comptroller I I
    nioutr a ho.t of other extol the f.,rr crulnir
    ''<,that the shipment had' not been nutl 1..t..I'ur I he i:nrw of u.t such ftllrrx.nt,. K* Umhor way be" had for twenty-five dollars general! made to the: tax collector of T.,8. ELLIS. JR. .
    .,*\'n'Dt..an..indi..aMfProf.lt.Fiartholuw. and a little tallj-ho conch for thlrt '
    alum Atlanta the Increase in value of rail
    Bennett went :
    p factory. to nee M. U,. of JwlTrreon Med. Cullf'II''' rtitla.: Prof. ,
    /*'It, and arrived on hU farm at the time 11.0 Wood' M. l>..of a.11'rof.F.rtwln dollars. A verj satisfactory dollhouse road street car, tfcl"-; hono and tale.Igraph
    "" M Hale. M. !>.. of iltlmrrotnn Mod. Colleen. ATTOHXK\- \
    . Anifrtcan IM.p ni atr>rys I'mf Jno. SI. t<<;ud- five dolla rll. hilt there are others year will total I.5.'C.5SO.:; ; as a resultof
    conversation with tho 1 .
    .f1n John two
    i der. M 1>.. Authorof HM-clHr Mf> llftnf : t'rof. Gti.:tasvzLLz: :. .
    fi; l men got Into a quarrel.) Bennett call- IjXLiren'-e Johnson. M H..MNJ. Jlt'I't."nly.or with parquet floors, elevator and which Atlanta! will receive from the 1
    N. Y.: Prof I'trilvr Klllnrwood: !II. n.. Author
    ,')>' ed Johns, a lIar; talon which John' ( of Matrrla Mixlli and l.r.)'. In llennctt Metll-. electric lights and powdered gold corporations affected $C9. 56.C. more
    I I cal Coll"" ... rhlomro. lend name and cldrnnaon furniture at one thousand dollars than In 1907. In 1907 the value of I
    .truck him on tho back with a htlck Postal Card to I'r. 1C. V. IIufI BAKER: :MAIHE&OS; I. \TLE:
    i I II r..ceI : ; tbe'e properties was assessed at
    Dennett turned around and lilt Johns falo. N. V.. and crlrn frr. Un "
    | extracts from wrltlnifnof all th" aU>re moill- ISC4S.7. and In 190S the value will ; ATTOn EYR-\, LSOLICITOUS .
    In the face with. his flat with ),eel" ral authonend l many ottier,endnr.lnl- hMrrmifVHt Notice to Our Customerr. .% \\
    .' rxHiolnln. tf-rmj. each and every In- nrrd: ll,2O3,2S7, an Increase of over I .
    c ,force that two boncH In bin right trnnllfnt; of ,,"I'iIGol ..n Slwltcal I>lfc.'or- We are please to announce that 70 per cent" Ono of the largest . IN r : .
    :: .hand were broken. John then er'"isenmp.wed.11r. Foley'n and Tar for
    IMmv'N Pleasant Pellets it-dilate anil Honey coughs chatipc in RSSf'IHfIIf'nls was in theca
    ,;ti' with Bennett and during the tn.I..rl\l.! ,,ntnmnc. liver Bfi'l jw.-N... T>>Tnar colds and lung troubles Is not affectedby of the and Electrlc '
    .. e Gc-orgla Railway
    hto u..tocl l In < iliirir-tli-ii with "fhI.I'n| OAI ES.ILLJoIM'h..a: .
    .\ Vscuffle seized the third finger of t hnlatter' Mi.ll -al 1)I-l '-o..-r\> If |....>'N ar inii'U .......- the National Pure Food and Drug Light companywhich was put on nlt
    4 '' .ltpat d. 'X'bez''d tiny and .utfar-cuat d. in > mnn t tFERDIN.n
    left hand with his! teeth Johns Law ;
    ', as no opiates or otherharmful the books lant year as worth J.J.C46.-

    .,is, a powerful man and Bennett, rendbred I --" -- -- -- ----..- drugs, nnd we recommend It 8C.I and this year Is $5.716.023.: HAVrKATTORNEY .

    t hors de combat by having hU BIG TIME AT HAWTHORN. as a sate remedy for children: and I

    ;right hand dlmibl.d mid the left held adults. J. McCollum & Co. Fatal Dynamite Explosion. .M I t \ viQ

    'tbyiJohn teeth, found that there must Masonic Fraternity Held a Big MeetIng mrmlnsnam Ala.. Dec 6.-Albert" .ttNKHVILI a, .

    ., be "something doing" right quick If Concluding With Supped, Entrrod r"'U. the T7-jt-ar-oM eon of John -- ---

    ,he would escape seven punishment. V.'a' Hu&aell former mayor of \V>lam, and :: t
    nintrlrt Deputy Crnnd MasterV. .. Can sell you. sity property (ti.
    ,.>: "The scuffle' took place near the D. Ilixdon went Friday to Hawthorn thi'tl. a (':.I'JJ''II' ''',' .rut i I a i,'< a also former urine inspector of Ala-j[! proved and unioc pro/ed" ) il.cih

    ;" sugar furnace and the kettle wan full strutIn ll.o ..tII.t..rr. Cwurt \.o.n; ?:j' bam, was_ Instantly Irked! in she trucking and farming and.! Need hn

    1;' of hot water. Bennett navigated his' where on Friday evening he was pressemit day In Jl., case A\.'\it ht.! l for eho.a steel 1 1)lunlard at E2nl
    opponent toward the kettle and, at at a big district meetliiK of the tug lierVlldtr a foreman: In the >rnln by the!: explosion of some dy ;

    the psychological moment with all Masonic lod,;e. Central J1U'IIA. lnet rummer TM I I'. nk:ntte. WllaamMorris: Jr.. wasinjured J.. A. CARLISLE,

    ;"" These district meetings are held at reduced his offepse. and a rentenre .-,' In the explosion Russell wa <
    [,.v tbe effort he wan capnhlo of, dumped j i ATTORNEY: AT I ftt
    regular Intervals. It IM an occasion 12 months was Imposed.VIMrr !tar! C'3.rrdnr dynamite wtien It b'ec&meIgtllted ,
    Johns Into tho hot water. This gave4.J ''I
    H- when a superior officer visits tie nt the i olnt of tleith; c\etal weelss :: b> a park: from a passing en And Solicitor in Equity

    , something Plea to think about lodge, and when the lodge brings In a result' of the: s'.iootlus: nrrr'\: )'. gins _ I -
    &rand he let go Bennett' rtnger I In his I ,I Ren Estate, CoDvejanc ti ant G..

    .>i baste to get out of the bath. By- material and endeavors to exemplify Teat of Cactus a* a Diet. I oral Practice. _Ml huru.r pr"mrt)
    the work In an lmpri'nnlvn manner. attended to. Office no it 'lon' to n' uofIce.
    IT IS
    FOR Aft
    LADIES TOO. Ixis Angrloa. fitllf. Dec 6.- r .
    standard, now interfered nod the fight .
    UAiMcstitir .Iour
    succeed.lth the
    ir They usually n -
    existing/' five days upon a cactus diet, ._
    r;:: tc'Dded. Mr. Bennett returned to Jacksonvllle (I --
    pnlt that in
    e\erybody complimenting
    who has
    Dreon Klbert I.andome
    T, .
    with both hands bandaged KliANK CL.AHK 1IIO WI S:
    each other, and the occasion passes 'I'bey ('a. Stop' Ihrlr hair fmlllaf Out bccun a two Yo'toeJ.a' ht'4t of that plant I
    and Mr. Johns was hurt In the Bhoul- |
    '.\ ', olf very nlc -ly. \\ltb as a food hai last 1 1-2 pounds. its .
    rplrlUrv CLARK & Flt:1.tit'\t I : I .
    der where it struck the edge of the .
    At the conclusion of the loilo beet.lug la ", working hard and Wednesday d-J I
    [):kettle and was presumably Hcnldeil to Ladles who have thin hair And whose
    I which Listed well Into the night, Ih'prvd two two-hour k-c.turH. II. II ,
    i 'some'extent. No arrests as fur an we hair In falllnK out. (nn prevent the hair 1.:1vy''rPractice -
    the lodge participated In an oyster falling out. and thicken the growth with not xlstinc entirely upon oactu ,

    y.' can learn havo followed"Earnest MUpper. Newbro'a "Ilerptclde." n -.l.lt!'''. Ilerp-! however, .6 about one-half of hi. food ;,

    " -' -------------- ride !. one of the moot agreeable halN .crnalsts: of lettuce celery and .a*.b*

    f' Worker Bazaar. He Wasn't the Man. droning there If. llerptcldo kill tho In all CourtStar,, aid
    '. dandruff germ that eats the hair off Itt
    The oyster supper and nj>ron and Among the visitors to this city 1'rl the root After the germ l is dentroe radonCASTORS; Federal:

    handkerchief bazaar of the Earnest: day wan KV. Plll>'.m of MUnnopy. a the root will shoot up rand the hair I grow S AJ
    loner as ever Even A sample! will convince
    .tWorker Hoclc'ty of the! Prettbyterlan well.known and popular' man In that nny lady that Npwbro'n ItorplcMei

    Church which wits held In the newDrown section.' :Mr. I'lllyau Is n ChllIIlllulIInlllctf"r I.i. on lndl"|x'rdittilo toilet rorjuUlte. It J For Infants and Chiidien. Ollces offer lost r., !: 1'0

    :: Hou.se' dining.room Friday aftcrnoon of atid bus rotitnln.i no nil or IfTN''''', It will not stain '
    + oraiigo tree, probably The Kind You I KSVQ i:1cS L'c"' i OAINKSVII.I..K.
    or tl: e. fiM toy leading drulrarl"'II Sen<1 ; : -ciil :
    ; and e\enlnij, was largely attended done more work In thl.* direction i
    inc In Mnmps fur sample to; The Herpt- I II I
    and wan a great success(' In than any other man In this portion: ctde Co. Detroit. \.U.h.. lJ"a.r1 the .,-,? L' J _. ...:::- PROF. JULES EICHELBERGEI

    . .t every way. There were: plenty of of the Stale I Two a1a t -50 cents. and $t.OOJ. I Li2bnuttau 01 C-f ./;/,: __. ; ;,.:. i i A___ _, ._-

    e oysters. served In every style and i0an Mr. KIIUiiii, who called at The Run J i
    ," I 8 Dodlford A. Cn. fll"+4'h' Agent'. :
    up.to-date manner. There were ofllee and hal his name ,'nrollt'4ll1"II I -- ----- Piano and Organ Tuner
    ; ---
    , ('AO numerous liumlkercblefs' anti the subscription llet" In of a juost hospitable a, .... --- "r: b"n 1'1. I II 1 End Repairer .

    $-nprona of unlitie detilgit' and pattern, mid I pleasing .II"'I.'ltltlml. lie New York l'"c. 4.irear": : Ut-1;

    ,'f!:the majoilty of which wrio band goixl'nittiireilty *t iteil hunt The Sun I Ins;: it, tm well! )f nf"%'*n a-'ie: W*'.s Thh't, .tito lwtr: I.pe r '.

    nade. They brought Rood prUi. and I gave him credit for IIt.lllg taken off H'p" tie wf! if DI > .' : I

    ... a* result the finances of the Karnept the train here 1h..w week ago In nil. . r. ill .M: 5 tf'r part In uTt" Mall Orderslil Ue-rl .

    .A t Workers were counlderably! Inrreaweil Intoxicated condition when a ,pistol t t i :ilof" in wnl. !i e ve" has b.: 'p .I'pc :

    \ was taken front htm Me war not disposed y |i n,? as CtO-I .U.1I w ih Kyrfe? Ft.:\--.w. taI I OAINKSVIKM. ....( '
    to bo ''Itl.lti." lint explained l V.en taken by nn nnJ r rudy B' sI ,
    .. ,t !'.'w parfirmac.4.;: OeM: o:
    that tho "am,* Inlllal nnd the nlinllarltv .. 4 .
    \Miss N. Norton'Novelties of the name. which lie ntntedjwan I / P''q I i l I" .4'tl' I to be the Cruse of her 1:1'4..41.:: Aaichaa County r r'i' .

    I .','lInll. caused tb tnNutiilerHtnnd. dovn.t I flntfort", .. .

    1! tog to haxe been made iF's t Danger In Asking Advice. ('err, M C.lln. I'ree J t1
    l"rr,: li. K. t 01...,.. -
    : Books Stationer} \\'hf'n JIMI have a couch or cold tloI I (i.\ 1-0 EVli I.VVe to

    I Children's1'3vorlte n...t ask 'omt'Ono what la Rood for It,

    ''' $onvenirs Sheet Pictures tonic U White t'reattt \ t'r 1 us tht ro la d.\.>K T In tilting some tin- j % do an ef: 'lusl'e A
    'iI 1
    tnlftijre. the cure for WI'rlIUI nit i all ( known p.irutlun. Kolcj lion,r ne*.. with Tnctlitiei for j:...

    \ and Picture Frair.csfr' I f'hlllr"I1'" dtsett"'es. It not on'v" ..lib''! This Is the (JuestionwK :I and Tar euro cougliJt, cold! and pre lafornialluti ('otll.'rntu.. t." U.
    . t any and all land Ir AUcAn
    .... worm*. but remo\en tie: mucoitfiml I j \nt l'ncumont.t. The genuine is In' boalne transacted t'f'Omttlr.I .
    i slim In which ttiey build their liftti-r ''u yellow l-c (age. Kefue *ul>,titntt.j. .
    .'thor it i i- to la'l'p
    \ net<. It* action un the cMM Is nilM i I J..CdlhlAI & Co I

    -. 206 East Liberty Street! and 1.'R"o' him In A health> cttttilltlonJ. . vour niont-y in a lra\\ T ors ceu.m
    GAINESVILLE' rLO: IP Ai 'e 1>,\:11,.I. Huim\e. 'Tonn.. says: that.I' T I I Inrp II n- ,fUr! "--r.t.,: to r."et:..a .P.svs..ta.tore .: __ or- .

    .' ". to': lelH' oiof. hi- {Irenhlten,' .- ami 1 tultt! it out ill ]lnyt -
    tom. .is.0'. . .. .
    ''' .0111. t. : c< j \ AIIhl" e.'ut ;, '
    f C'r"utl \ ernjlfusjehou the t\t.\'tur' intMit*" of ttcvotintu anti lullor: i,! hi:"'; ..1. ',' ':' -:" .', I Lrea. twa.A :4: n, l

    I th'ntht It bal colic, and from the first i I .-'.-.;' I f .. .11I... w's.r "Is r. .' II I

    1'8.itti J. DEMPSEY duce the ihllil) |vii .,:,' t' : I 11S p..t..tc '. .' .
    i. ":'n $..Id byV.. M: JotmaonT' .. pl..H. :.") .aw (;11.-' !.
    1 t I I IN a CLt w .0 f. e . r
    1'1 I It'I'l' onn !h. but ono answrr 4ua.e. ,..u r nf'.J.ndue :
    : ., 'f'. . Ii:rI' .
    i sac ,, *-. corn, eoU"nat
    .i. t1. Ql: .I"'Jf'L
    .. .. \ t. > tlii -- Imtik it, ami rhe'k l it I :-. ve M *, ryeootatnP* .'.
    T :
    I rr'r II I" 'e.n .
    New and SecondHandFURNITURE A. . '" : ". r. '. '., r . nr-. pesehee, r. a
    , .c j :n' PO': <.1. l I. Cut.' 4 unto ol'KN ANvrni AC"cnp\T ; esne aDd all km.:.
    111 i.. :\J. Jt. I" I' I t I'
    I > .% ", (r : I t caw H." Y'.t-t.t 1'1' t. t e .1.. ,
    I .'t :I". '..:0 .r'i'<*-'iL'e: > f t/> > ihe \ [ ru will *: tel1.at iilu the COUP'Ha R
    . .ratlsg'ar'l .... hat 1ncrsa.. 'rWllat..ort. Gainss
    I t ". -! ' %. 4new i ,
    your atT.iirji tirnoh UI.tvUl1A- .. ..tII1...sy 4s r+leti burn .
    .** r.*." I.f R. : / ' l \-xt 1 fourteen chore'.ehuolathe !' .
    S1& 0i04IF'y *
    I."IN to
    Furuiturl..1cl ii I':1\: r-: .i' f\.,... i :rti 'I i s-a .> r '''1.1 lily and bring yon into contact I i UIU.t'NII ,

    I'ay'nl'tlta. :-ollow ( 't\I :" C .* char, ;e". L"*<* tats ** .: I' Hats t. ti private .
    i: ,'s ;ate act I fct.on..nt of Ala w U vitli: tho K-t "*.', !,!,. of :>..tc.k.r Interrurttd.fublle *,.*..- tarsi
    1laile Onler. i K .
    to q'liran '
    ;: s -akere er. trrqtJ..U" i,iff, fr. al.rl".1 *
    : in.terruptrd
    ,'H rbuee. th. oonummitv 'd 'i-.M., tat
    a tjHcialty? : tl"> 1 ( oru- by Ii.otule cougie.g: This B m'teheoc gra .bvJW. Itr'-* *

    3.IllSioll (""'I't look well. eat w111 ur fee weft -' .'*;i.l nt't happen If il4,.'. Honey ,.. s. C"f.M&onf'1 to:... t we ptht.evtilroads.IsOr

    with Iropurv Lit..o...1 f.t"1 four body and Tar .. k. "
    ; rt1' ta t< a* It ct.r* roucb* r
    ,Storage Rooms in Connection Ku" the bleat |
    .Ml H..m..1olo 1.t. 1t1."Jd l Hitter. East Imply. take e,crt The Dutton Bank 'ipe M .. Hp.ptti
    and consumption.: The xnwtn
    t 1lflitw.. )ILl" Pt. :o .. Gelno." I:!t'. 11" '1U"I' clean and you wail hate nn "nUten and fn a TlJowi .u".. .e btDlaK -." a ..

    : 1 Uf' .. CAINCSVILUr fLORICA. i> ,'kaf J W )l<-.'e.lm: *. Co. t 'Ia tLo : J... s nh ,

    ... w r4; aM. f ,,' 1 9.M
    "''' .. ", t1.:1':1: :?:"':::!}... '

    .. ;: \ .t q f i=oftA.H'.c'CLARK'SDESERTS'- '" t- : ----: ? rT. : J :::7- i

    XVe'4 Under the above caption The Tampa :

    Tribune pays lion Frank Clark the

    Poe'-Ofaoe .1 Oatne>.Yill.l1... I following merited compliment: : : ,' WOMEN WHO SUFFER

    , :".1..'..8eoo1l4-o1uama11 br m..r. I "Frank Clark representing Florida , FROM

    In the :National House
    Representatives -
    ...Wltor and Publtaber.JgcE t
    I' 1:11: 'CWSABY:.:'=_. : from the Second Congressional ; i r .

    B. BCKTZ...... ...... ..city realtor.ComrooloK : District, has been one of the must Sick Headache

    . !j able, conscientious( ', aggressive and
    ;; PRE\VITT ... Sap' Rooms. effective men ever sent from the State "

    I II |''to serve it in the halls of Congress. it SHOULD USE
    ; OFFICE S. TSLKpnon43" ,i iI \S'e are therefore, more than astonished -
    '.M u>
    _o N I to learn that Ion I*. Farris

    I nK 7 I.JI..Y sc-r. publiahed eery morning eK-1 of prolific Jacksonville, by the wa>'-
    .delivered by cattier in the city.or : "
    RFt M 1tslay has entered the lists in opposition and '" "" '
    I to any part of the 1:acted Statell, postage 1 tl
    .ail : $l.ya ht moat.II: ;vas three has given notice that lu will makea ,' (
    for f}It year
    . .tfcC..,.tIW 01 50 nuts r>p five .eek.trlctly inE vigorous tight> to win the ottice. He C R IN E

    E .ydraare.peadiag. will in The Tribune's opinion, have ,, o

    ---not i..r.in local column 10 vents a liotorfir to possess more than human powtr to .. .

    t m rttou. aDd 5 cent for each additional defeat one who has awakened the admiration '
    seas war
    and affection of his It
    ; "JU.t.VcT'or: &i,",,uy advertising made known on I whole constituency, in f.tot of the entire I I For Permanent Relief

    application.theT.ice State. Ill HXRBINK acts directly on the U-nr It will cure CONSTIPATION
    -a-11'rek bun'Uau eight-p ge. forty. I "As a matter of rwt. Mr. Clark a- DYSPEPSIA. HAXJUUA' AND CHILLS. U tntirelv fr..
    -'nran paper, published. every Monday amdar should have no opposition to a re-elec" to from all poi iconqus minaral substances, and !. composed solely) of
    ..aay. and contain aU the news of the tion. 11t'.hlCuml1lal'l7.t'.1! 1 himself hr 1 LIFE-GIVING HKltBS. E p.<:iaJly adapted for weak and weary
    .Ik, local State and general, and will be'I : I constitutions: stranffthane the weakened elands and or an., It cbvoka
    ' wiled postage free, to any rout of the United past; experience with the way of .10'! I ur all dar&nfementa of the human body.

    tute*"r Canada for |i.oo a Jear-in advance. lug things In the romplir.tted nu'e.tings:
    of Congress nut! Is, therefote.
    ,:;L11: advertising r bill become due after first t t equipped, than ever before to hc'ttt'I'1 be of to Mr*. Josle Cameron Centralla Avenue Temple.Teras .
    cpearaaceuf: advertisement unless otherwise ) writ .1 ** X findliURIIINIti gives me quick
    !tipuUte.J in contract. Parties not known to ua ( signal service in o-'cnrtui; for ills ill- relief and take pleaaare recommencing it to all
    .ul be required to pay for advertising in ad.I, trict and the State at lame:. the man\ I : women who .afict from sick headache."

    a gce..kddrese i. TUB DAILY S.UN.: ,IGLa1NEv1L11..1'Lr :, things they stand I in need of He 'C WITHIN THX UCACH Or ALL.

    1-*. moreover, familiarIUI existing
    .- Fllty Cents A Bottle Avoid All Substitutes
    governing ttu Nation and Mill
    Ti, :Miami Metropolis remarks that I

    tN' board of trade! of that town "11't>(h align-ing I i I; -. 1 Ballard Snow Liniment Co.St. .

    f nc i r Well then for gracious sake I better Ktuenl: ciiilltloifi h\' anu-iKl! '! or: Louis U. S. A.

    .h.11 does the Gainesville Hoard otTr,11k : liii th<..;,' Isis or adding! t" their numj -
    need!? From what "->e can learn
    j l.or. :Mr. Clark, then. .hould be returned 'fIf
    , the> deadest thing in town.
    R t i. I to Connre.not alone hecnus' OUD AND RKCOMMKNOCU BV
    -'--' ,
    ::" I of his great popularit.i. but. becau&e' '
    I IVacl boat" tenants who find itVaiwr "l\T M_ JOHNSON t
    he i.s prvciiilnentl; nualllH-tl\ 1 to tlo hetter I
    to Wo'p than ply rent should
    l :
    i 1''r\'lrp than any other outs In his
    .. ed from land lorn to landlord un-
    1 |pats district. I : TIltI: S. )t11tIt.1N I \vv ilAMl'TON.k1
    til it N impossible for them to get '
    "11 e feel \i rv confidoit that the
    house to live in. There are a few
    a people I of the second district will hold i,
    such coiiiinon nuisances In Gt\lne.tvllle I & COMPANYINSUE.ANCE s
    the sa lilt' view l with o\er\* helming
    t' .. rres-ence of whom the city could
    mianlmltv They will never consent \
    ."II!) afford to do without.
    to !lust' as their representative: man
    -.-- --.
    - --- \\ ho has Riven such strung evidence

    .\nother of the! grand old figures I of 'UII"111c-1I111114 capacity. sterliiiR illtc.Krit -

    .; the Civil strife! has fallen in tb.d''ath < I )" and intrepidity in battlliiK/ fur the 1 I OHTEIP 111 ()Ch flAINliSVII.I.U. TLOUIDA :;.

    of General Allen Thomas who Frank Clark, effort .
    right as : Any todostroN ---
    4 brave soldier in time of war. also: his (prestige will meet Ither. ; ) L.I..fe -A- thflol.h.d
    rn t oj J a wise", statesman in time of I I tain ti'llure:' =.1 1= I and Accident I ''' .. ,. 'I

    ii''*' IVw men have filled such imfortaut =1= ,

    iH):bltiona for so long period I Tlieoineii' of wealth and position: + a"i '
    ninrmmmrnnrnrn, '' ''1' mmntmnrmnrrnrnrnrnitrinnr'
    a- d.J. this uuted Southerner. lpon in :New Turk do not forset' tlie hll- :t:

    t the tented field" of the Kternal' lUvouat dren of the later at I'hrlntiii.iMlile +

    '. he hats joined the comrades 'of | ha\s The lH-ceinb. pellne.itor Mr{ : ESTABLISHED 1869

    fcN! : 'mth and manhood; and another I CarneKie WIIIH. surplus' ," tins to the I

    acanris i noted in that "thin graylm ,,8ahltln.rllI '. Mrs. Cl.iremeM.ickay
    ; )
    >- which has preserved the menior'U I ; sends to tlie Children's I Hospital I

    .II! a hitter, struggle, 1,1'\t'ly at Mlneol.i. And In the CII'I. t tl f H. F. DUTTON & CO.DfiAI.IU5 '

    f i-1 .tTampl =News. drt'n'anl In l.hn-oln Ho!'|>ltnl there .

    i lt a small adjoining C'I".t where .1
    < Nun editor was surl'rls.-d. ! to toy piiino. a train of earn und buy

    . .. .. t'e: .presH man deliverhiK] "I'I I horou all saddled and bridled, art- ? IN

    it ml of hogs to a butcher In this city kept ready fur action They I came ._

    U: t T'11trt-day from a Chicago: paok-: from Kathleen Vanderbllfn supply,

    Ing house Can it be posblhle that went by her mother.! ,el I 1'.... KeKlnaMVanderbllt i
    Sea Island Cotton
    0'' ti.it, trident iKirk raised in They' are the great de- I !

    ,A' '. i <-<>utif> to supply the local light of the little nick children \\ hn ', .' ; ;

    j. i of .ilncatlllf: ? If such. he know" that lnn they are well ">noiiKhand

    ' 1 I' . it I is reflection upon the 1 olfl I enough they will be r.fv\ arde !, ; .
    < UA1NKSV1LLK.I : F I. A
    l i r "f thl.s county, and another 'd to play with them. .
    ,1.,1.1 not witness the liupor-
    .' l11UUU l UU1UUlU llUlUlUl/ liU U1UUWSEABOARD
    : 'ilcaijrt pork. There are '
    .lai .KH. HIIlle hats! another! i andld.ittliU <
    :1'W;' s in Alnrhun) : county for time fur (NuiKreha. In opMMiltlon|
    h,'i-. to supply the entire
    to lion I'r.ink Clark There are a
    .0.1 i lr.--.h pork and for the I
    few niore> ofIlcH\ ).'t to t.c :lIIIIUI1I1"t." ,
    0, \t' rnnnot see why such a for. and I a i.erg.ii of the big| .lCII I,
    ::, >"'H ( ItlzeiiH ma)' be! liilucd to lr) : '
    bthit townan
    for tllf'ln.'h> not

    It U tr> Log to do run the Hliole !
    I .' mackerel fwllie tlshermentn marhlnI, I Cltv linl hn:, Yen

    the lower hay \\.c dnt')4' 'j wll)' unf AfMHit nine-tenths of the I ) I II Air Line Railway
    \ reported that he fell in pe..;ilt> l>f Jacksonville have nl\\I\)'" I r 1 I I II
    .1! of Hharks! and not onl I
    > I Iriokcd upon the baUrne of the J-.tat- + / :t tI
    - ,,0' I.H. fish but hail his i
    j ji.ltuij A* n. "part ttt Jatkre'n'III. and the I :
    , r Ho had mad u i "tall" ahonld n"\er atteinpt I.. Nag $ SAVANNAH. (COLl/MIU! (JAMDKN, HOUTHKUN .
    I anal l that h.. had fully ,
    the doc \ J'INKfN ICALKKiU l ; KICIIMUND I IV,1S1IIN ,
    :'r n pourids of niitkrrel lieN ] I 1 t .
    : -t \ ( ;')1'O UAl/riMORK.I I : PHILrADKMMIIA. J
    "i'ii they were att.ickftl) I Thin i* "U...nl.tide" In the volume 1 1T.

    .-k one of the n"I'tt'rlt :Lbtt, -tnc",i In the. retail atoffNi. .-.,f all j jI j T ( : NKVV \'()UE.Two .
    't )king at the mackerel! I I : '
    tlm In the :
    I tiear': the b t"t t --
    .111 .as in the act of taking vnthualnatiCHlly atir I .1.
    stores that ar
    t'", lift. What fish Urn II I .t I IJ
    tlned In' Th Sun :
    TraiiiM I
    ) Klognnt ; ;
    : wet kill e.cal'e! <] In tht'"It I I :, J:

    In the i..*t. lie ny,, ..1 I I I
    $100 Regard. $100 SEABOARD EXPRESS
    ''', n alto had trcMible with ,
    h Arts tispectnllr numr : Tb readers of this imt..r will h. : 1

    night -Miamitetropo- pleased to learn that there I* at 1-a-t 5..,: 1 SEABOARD1AIL r
    ,., j
    i one dr..dfOfl diuw-ase that .elem.; ) teas -

    --'-.-- ----- -. i been able to cur In nil. .UMf... and

    ". '. 'n-ary of Tho
    ' urea ua tfcal *f' "..-d : Ie the only l>o itlv cure now known :. : Modern" r'ulifTl'1, Equ-pment: :-

    of a repetition of the I i to the m.- llcI fraU-mltj Catarrh _.
    - -
    I I1'*)* bettrtwn- Hollow ay I kissing a con-titutkmal dta, requires I
    :r tltut. n 41 trratnt Hall Catarrh
    1 4ap.riEt.A4ent Holl a con

    :. bra word through mea i: Cure u taken Mood lnta.rnally.aDd mtseh4tiealrfaip artltif The Jamestown\ Exposition Line

    IU flat permit hlma lf'iructancwa. '! mete -.eh a of the ay.te :1'. thereby dl's
    r' .** Coot eanuiagn}. reryV I I' atrrjylnjf the frmaslatioo of the ........... i I Norfolk, Va.

    \ truit that it* Ktok I and suction .ta.., patient "tfrgtft by
    __ building) ui the e< attutiou and a* j jJatUij
    tf Bl. 'S
    promt*** an
    :1 tx': :r.; 'fl 'I'li'kf'tM: lift Sain JJl.iI .
    ".n. It wtll t.... a coW ; nature In doing its -ork. The ;. r ., 1.,,. .. }

    ''> for tacj caadhiito who i I proprltt/curative i..,wr hay. thatnibeytaaCer I*(M 1'1'I .......... b n_'. I t

    tnto tk., lint rampalxn <.*. drat It ..... __ .-_ .
    llubdr Uu.bra for any :-- a I r r -.r-s' PI. 'I.t MI./a.' i.llna. call oa3m asy .A....
    tabervat tl>> anyone bath ', falls to cure. *4.*.4 fur li.t ofi 1eetiwo.aiata i .:t.,.. l......:. . . . . . .
    a rtMort. tonuid AajoJ r_. j .f"Z..,,". ... ;. fir......,,,'''
    -.'t kU l Sold by all druggist'. 7c 1 ., J..-io0'IIU_. 'la.'tItiii ,
    OPf\Jo.nl-ladl-' ) I I 1 Take IU11 family 1"111. for C".n.U- >., ..
    - .. -& .
    gallon. --- . ... --


    r Ji ''1 :l;.: ;: r ''1

    r ...

    ,. "'" .' ,





    ,Q A Piece of the Metal Will K*.p. the COMMISSIONERS' SALE.[ OF APPLICATION FOR

    'r' Animal From Any Carcass. Under and pursuant to a decree of LETTERS PATENT.

    In the enrly days wolves were comparatively the lion J. T. Wills. Judge of the --- fr

    nrisusplclous' and It was I Circuit Court of the Eighth; Judicial Notice In hereto given that: on the
    I Circuit of Florida, made and, rendered first day of January A. I>. 1908 Wt'. .
    easy to trnp or poison them the undersigned, will apply to IliaKxcelleiicy. :
    011 the l8t day of November, A. I). y.-; \
    ; new knowledge, a better comprcbeii- 1107hereln ICtneve Crouch et al., :-.;. I B. Hroward. Governor -

    lon of the modern dangers, accrued to minor, by their next friend II. L.. of the State of riorlda) or his. successor .

    complainants, and Harriet In ofllc for Letters Patent on
    proud uniun g the wol\e They learn. Krckman are
    \V. Crouch I in defendant; and the charter proposed below: .
    ed bow to iletct nnil defy the tmp wherein the undersigned: were appointed ThIs 15th day 1 r November A. D ..

    ti and pu lo:
    knolctiMHc .1
    M till nilolven It. COLSON.: :.. K
    acre fully 1'0:4 described 10 the Bald Commissioners UETWEE."fJackson.vllie

    tiesKO'I of the Infiii-niiitldii lion- tills will on :Monday the Cth

    la done I N riot I>:ti
    to pro\e that! It IH> doi Few \\ulveMever public outcry before the Court House Farming Company. Calling CHARLESTON 8. C.. both ways
    I in the City of Gainesville. in First of
    trot ItUo fewer Mill Into door -The name the corporation
    11 tntp. get
    I Alacbua county, Florida that certain shall he Colson FarmingCompany and The Finest Steamshlpa! in tho Coastwise Service
    a trill out olnln. nn.l thus' ilu-y
    ..t lust tract, piece or parcel of land its principal place of business shall
    lean that 11 Kteel U'/lI'| !I'< n Hiln; I.i hofeat'ed and In j,lydc New England and Southern
    i = situated, lying being the county be GalneHvllle Alachua county. Flor Lin
    And iel 1 nilnlven hate the of Alachua. State of Florida, and ida.

    kuuv.'ltslKt*. lit .." 1't. 1'1'1"| | er Un
    and Mhu-e tlJl'.I-:.l I not J..t: It tit firsthand : : and described an being the North to be transacted by this corporation PROVIDENCE and All Eastern Points

    they uriHi:: im\e ;:d'' it seo n i"! 1I:11rY.J of Lot number Twenty shall bu to buy sell option/ mortgage Calling Charleston both ways

    ;r ;'b 1ud. tint i i-: t t'.iIntorin iti.: .n v.comiiinnlcnted . 04 six f2G), Mackey: and Hudson Tract, lease rent cultivate Improve, 8.1:216.1.-WEELY: S.AIIINC; :
    and containing! twenty (20) acres of plat. snbdit'Ide auction ;
    and deal In
    2 in thrill hothers. of riouthbouud! . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .From Lewid \\ hnr' .
    land more or less, to the highest andbest for Itself and for others on rnmmlH. II'
    q, their kind . kinds;; rt'alal; i- : Northbound . . . . . . . From Foot of Catherine m.. 'ii' ,
    bidder: therefor, for cnah. Said soon nil of 1 personal 1
    .. It H' well kiiutvii nautili hnner- tVnt
    ,ale: being made for the purpose of property; to buy. soil raise. Improve
    i 'a piece <>f Iron i.< enonj'li to ,p.otei.n..' partition and division thereof to and anti deal in alt kind.- of live stock chide St. Johns River Line

    f carcass" from the \voi\es If n oIl i II among! the respective heirs Interested and all and e\ cry kind of farm products .

    'r'' or niltelitpe/ bus t.eeti Khor .ml: II I-. f i I I" in proportion to their shares or Interest ; to borrow or lend money Its H* CWt3f1 J..CKIONVtt.Lrd slid t>A >i..', ;- "

    :( left out ""'I'lIh.tlt.nil tli.il IT i t>("uK at PalatkA, Astor lie res ford (l)eLaud ), and lutrrui-i, : ., 1 dl

    for Its piotcctiou Is nn i oi.l! I ""..... ..'. I,I This 2nd day of L"eerii1r. A. I). without security : to subscribe for purchase on ti&.. Johns River. '

    a fllulr orvon uny purl "f flu-. li".ier'a : 1!07. O. CANNON: : :'
    dress.: No wolf \\ III u" ,I'-MI ur'. I '1. P. 1 HAMPTON.I stock shares bonds securities or Steamer "CITY OF JACKSONVILLE:

    ui!pl<-lou.s I loolil-i! ;: <>r liutn.iii, u.'I'l' 1,' I I J. O. ADKINS.Commits obligations of Individuals or tjf other In appointed to sail *s follow. ; LeevJackeouTille.. MH'HHJ i i ,' .

    '} things. They will Nlur\e r.i'In-r! I iti.m: : __ ion ern. corporations wherver located, ; to buy, Tt.lJllild".3 i :;() p. m. IJMuri.inp, leave snnford M",, \ .. .
    --T--i'-- sell lease and Wfrdnedftj wjrid Kridayii. 9:311s.
    own use machinery _ __ : m
    thu :. it
    approach (caivnM so vt'jiri'
    Notice of Application for Tax Deed and appliances, supplies and personal -
    With poison u filinllar' ilmu b.it uulbu"uuLL.
    ; whatsoever oVll"lULI:
    F' Under Section 8 of Chapter 4888, I property of description. to Nrad down ,. p
    f come about. Strychnine VMH i on: 'id Law of Florida. collect ,discount and assign securitiesor Le'tve 3:3O in. . . . . . . . . . Jacksonville . . . . . . . Ar '.
    'l'erect Inf.illlble when first It YUIM luuotluced. : I cither obligationpayable) :! or transferred 8 HA Palatka . . . ; .
    71 It did vast: clc'I4I1:1t': !'tlt for 11 Notice Is hereby given thatV.. S. to it either beforo or after maturity 3OOem: pin. : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : AeturHereford :: . . :: : :. '. . J" ; :,.

    time; then the wolves Keoiued t to "I>>. 0 llroome. purchaser of Tax Certificate ; to buy and own Its own shareson . . . . . . . (DeLanurrire ) . . . . . ::(1,

    cover the danger! of that particular No. 211. dated the 4th day of July A. nil)' terms whitsnover: and to have \ H :SO am . . . . . . . . . :Sanford: . . . . . . . . . .. '

    t, smell and would no longer take the D. 1904.office,has and filed has said made certificate application, I Inmy power generally to do and perform __ 10OO .am._. ._. : ._:. ..: . ._. : . . I'nterpri_ !e. . ._ . . . . . q
    I hahull., acquire and .e'IIJoy all other
    ,., poisoned bait nt: I know from numberless I for tax deed to issue In accordancewith : I rollf'rtyIln".rtl and: tilings as shall !'AySI'St41R:::! .\l'U T1Ut.JoT Or. ICL. .I2a"w.: : BAY. h'l'JAI'1 I
    - - - - -- --- -
    experiences.It law. Said certificate embracesthe be incident/ necessary or expedient F M. IROXMONUEK.----1---- JR A. O. P. A., JacknonriUe.&: t s.
    It IH thornllotilly1'11 known among following described property 8ltuatcd -
    for the conducting the necessary operantlons JOHN PKNDRCL. T. P A. A. ('. II ,. f'
    tot tr. t I-
    '* cattlemen that the chance in Alaclinu "Floilda to-
    the now only county, / of the bii-iiness: and generallyto .
    Jacksonville! Fla. Pi-r :S8 N N . v irk
    of pol.soiilngolcs bt In the laic HUIIImcr wit: be vested with and to have all
    nUll early uiituiiin. when the young I HulA of Sw!.. Sec Z. Tp. R S.. U. 20 power granted or 'which may be hereafter II. TAYI.OR P. T. M.. C. C. BROWV, o }P \

    K.-4 0 acres. granted to c >rr>oratloiis for 290 Broadway New York.
    l to with the mother
    arc glnnlng run
    Y.. I>. Torts' T. F. A. L. S. FcKonir I
    Tho said land being assessed at the 1
    profit under the l.isv.s of the State of
    She cannot watch o\er till of them he
    date of the Issuance! of such certificate )Florida. Jacksonville. Fla. LmliuruE. I I'I

    c whole time and there la a chnnee of In the name of Unknown.IJnleRB 1'hlrclTltr amount of capital stockof .V. G. COOPKK. Ja.. F. A., SWISDAII. O i- .\

    Homo of them llndliig! the bill and Ink en Id certificate shall be redeemed tills corporation shall be Ten laeksonville, F1.. Pier 86 N, K 'era I (o

    p, lug It before they have been taught ti> according to law. tax deed Thousand Iollars (10000.00' to be O P. I.OTELL. Agent, Jacktonvillpt. Fin

    let that Port of smell thing nlono. will issue thereon on the lltli day of divided luto one hundred shares: of .. .
    - - --- ---- -- --
    The result I Is that wolves iiru on the I December, A. 1>. 1907. the par value of One: Hundred Dollarsper

    Increase. They have IM's I 'n. Indeed \VltneBH my official fdpnaturo nod I hhare. Said stock shall be paid G. S. MERCHANTS

    ? since the late eighties. They have returned : weal this the 9th day of November A. In, in cash or property, at valuation
    f 11. 1907. S. H. WIKNGKS.Clerk = be fixed the directors of the
    to by *
    to of their old hiinllng .
    ninny ; Retailers and Jobber InStaple
    >T ground In the cattle countries, 811.1' Circuit Court. Alachua county. company at a meeting called for such I
    : each year they "Neon I to be more numerous purpose; on the granting of this charter.

    and more widely spread thnnk DIDS WANTED. "rllt-Tht' term for Which! this t.nd Fancy Gf'OC rift

    to their mastery c.r the new problemsforted Itidrt are wanted by the Hoard of corporation shall exist: shall be ninetynlnn -
    d\'III1.l1I01I.- Commlxsloiicrtt of Alachnacount years from the dude of Letters
    llieni County
    iiK>n by
    It' Ernest 'Tliompi Seloii III Anierkanne. >' for the ervice.s of two road Patent bringing; It Into existence. Oran Garden Seed and FGr':lilGrs.I .

    overseer lor tluj ensuing year. I Illdn J.oUth-TIt. business of this corporaJon -
    Illagn ---- must be handed to the Clerk. of the shall be conducted by a PresidentVlc I nUTIl SI HE "Kijr.U'K t i I OAlNkPVIt1;!' r .. ,

    I' Clnult Court not later than \lt ndny.; i '-1'reatient!' and General' :Manager. ,
    Ui ghe.t market price yard for ehf< kens. 1gAs: and otherT> '<'
    SELF RELIANCE. .1 nn. c;. 1:1'11.: : The llo.trd reserves tile Secretary and Treamrer and a Hoard

    A ---.- i right to reject any or all bids nr Directors to consist of lint less than
    L. The Lesion That Wns Taught to ir I l>one by order of the llo.ird: this three members and such other officerss A 'ortiplvte ...t.oe"of" Hay, Corn Oats Flour llran: Meal O. ;tt.. <. -V

    H.nry Ward De .ch.,.. 2nd day: of December. 1:11I: ,. may be ,'rf'alt'.lnl1.1nlll'nlnl,1 by the and Rye.V*. handle only the VERY UKbT: goods I\t th 1. W
    J. C. DAMPIKU. Hoard of Directors of said corporation : EAT PRICES and ernnmnte .nti.fit<*tinn uth!.w UNlr'tlt,1 l lleecher used to tell
    e' I Ch'n. Hoard Comity ('''IIHIII''l' rol l itled) that the otllcea of Vic'11 -
    thin. of the IIIhlc.1t hU
    story wny Attest : S. II WIKNGKS." : : Clerk rn"rddcnt, and I (l.aeraIInnlger; may
    teacher of matbeinatlcN" taught him to beesteii I Inn rill the duties thereof

    .c.depend upon blmxoll : BIDS WANTED. exercised! by one person and provided,

    l t "I wax sent to the blacktioaril!. nnd. I At the. next regular: meeting of the.. further that the office of Secretary Tampa F ) & Jacksonville{ Rail'rFFECTIVE
    went uncertain full of \vhlinperlnt. Hoard of Coillit). ('omniiHsionerH. to beheld and Tr :usurer nuiy be vented in and

    ',t That K-Hsoti must be learned. Kal.lmy on Tuesday, the 7lh: day of Jan the duties thereof everclped bv one I .

    i teacher In a very quiet toiie. but I uary. Hili"! bids will be received rltrhh' per. on Tho business of the .corporation :

    with n terrible Intensity./ All explanations I of conxlcttt for ctisuhm/> year. All shall ho coiulurtcd! bv ...rry1.: .
    '. rOVKMHUU: 10, 191': .
    \\ Colt-oil.
    (Colon President.VIllls
    aildressedlo I
    t4. : nnd excuses he troil imdorfoot bids!' should I lie senh-d, and
    VicI'rcrfld.Mit. and Henor.il :Mnnager.and : .
    WleiiKCH.\ (Clerk nu.11I111..t
    S. County
    with utter -oiiifillness.. 1 want thatproblem. : andTre.iMirer. ,

    ) : II'''. It.irney H Col-son. Secretary:
    be In hand I by J.in. )!
    ,< I don't WlilltIllY reason dctdrcd I information can be Anyt t until there stytll have been .t-avf: ( ;:a lll' illc for Mioaiiopy, I'tiirlu-Itl anti 1 If -
    1111"C'II't /It.: he vouM held the
    why you Buy. nn flection of ofl'.ers by
    c '1 did windy two bourn.! from huh him IH r The">sered.right In reject any orall stock.boldorof ald! corporation. The I cal 1 point!: Smith: . . . . . . . . . . . .

    ) 'That's nothing to 111('. 1 want the .1. C: l It \ lI'I.n.. ; first, animal: fleeting' for the election i :(ii'turniii";, :IITI\''' t .allH''IJJ.: . .

    lesson. 1'utit'..sh! not .slur),. It tit nil Ch'n. Ito.iiil l'nunt > 'oninil.sirtlers.rlth'st of oiticor" iidiiptlint bv )"wo( and transacting . i
    ''L + or you may study It ten limns. Just' to' S. II \VIKN ttla S : Clerk 'ut'l.ur.HlulI nenerilll.V bv the' ail"tock-hohh!bUsllie-"1'.-.. *shall 1' > L" -a\ ( ;:aiiu'villtfor Sainp-on (. 'ity, lalatk.-i: :

    suit. yourxelf I want tlie II'N..II.! -- I,.' held on the I'th iliv: of J.imnrvA. Lake'vltl'. \"al.lii-ta.: shill I all pointN: 'I, : i iI
    ( *It wu tough for n gr,'en lay. but It nti.t. roit III \ 01:1 K. D P.xn' Thero hill,; bo nn aim'- *

    enHOnol III... In lc..s than it month In lh.. C'lroiiU (','"rl. iiplnh .lu.U.-t.l' , ('Iro',,'" meeting/ of the Mock-hoMers. on I : n;::. laehu. ,',,un. I.... hta In C'h'u'.n'
    1 tied the most Intcnxeeiise of second, Tuet-d.iv In January of c-:
    Il.s tt trlslr" r. 1.Ird e' ".lttr I I Unlrr ofl'ul.lleutlun.
    teltectnnl lndt. >:>i>ndenfi. and eoiir.igi*1"1 It II t.'r 1'1\ ..n.r and erv soar t'"'renfter d'irtm tin! Po'
    I B. Cutler Gen. L. Tra f .
    J. E. Barker
    t, defend lilY rt'elhltloriv.| 11 ill |'*..'h'.rh\ i> "'.',ul'.o! I"'n.th' the I'll continuance "f tMs charter I Supt. ,
    "Ono day his cold ftilnioliv fell "I..., In the >.h.\rI ll f t* ,n....lh..I". enl.rr I Sixth-Th,' highest nmoMtit of Indchtodnoss
    ; .
    tt N
    ll'Ujtle." tttf itefri'i'ur Ih 'In lincmsl.' itr
    -UIKJII me In the midst of n dfimmstr. |I, ..U1<.lil of thin >>ttti.* ..r I-',oiMn lh..l IK hr.brrn or ll.tbUtv: to Mhlih tVtcorporntIon -
    l I ah.rr' far ..I'er IP. o' .IIII 1st) sirtt I can at HIM Ion?' "i b1t'i" 1'
    Y toll prrcr'ur.' Ihi.Or-I.I : .0I'.oucs'l.'n.n I t.rpnrrallnt Itself! shall/ ht' Ten Tluwnnd lVi1Ur! '
    't -I hesitated and then uent t'II'k tn b'n.1t M> 11..., 'r tl..'r.f |ir.it-i-i o.n- I. '.
    'I I
    hl.n. ntal : h., ttrrr t. rn. I ;"H'nlhThp iiHtne r
    ): the liegliitilng. nnd on reaching I boame :i I net..Oft trn.a'1.'use In IhrtiLtn o' !1".e.la the 'rrlh'r of I Iit of the "'ublt'rlb'rlt' I.. ihls chn-r. r 11, I

    pelnt ugaln Nn!' nttered In u ..ul.|....m.t. n w h..." w.", d l> i tltwltt. Ut-rcn.t.nl.rt -. I ivrrv M Column
    tone ef .
    The uextr And 1 alt .1.\\| II In red ff>m1nnt IMT .'.., h.- N >I.T.I-\_ r*.,,1|,.., tIn 11\ vhore : mmR i' t .11.
    %L confusion."lie. .t liar la the IIUt ..r .nt.'.,.1..' D.... ITaMielU.v! V\\\ It} .-haro
    ....It' Vain! *>" .'' Iwi.rMuiula, > 1.I.11.IIta
    tin. >\nn Htoppetl. . with N.." her ", .,.. J.u..n. P. I' tCk'* "" IIHc'OI.Qn: : i t. R.l''tLRO ADt
    ? flnlstieil. ninl ns be >-it: ",tirrwUf the'ulU-L."...... ..' -..M bill will \\' XV. ('nl.-:tN. 1-1. .
    went right en. .
    ,... tat.en rr rnnfe..wl 1't aId'u IrndantIt HAKNKY: K COtJSON < :1.\ >
    down wan r.'lu.h'UIa 'Very well: U fuillM 'nlrr.l that. thtt ....Ifr..b-
    " hluiivr tl I. 'I re,'lte.l It ,1..1 .'n r r .. ...." far asir.I... w'ulltet State ofComity P1nrl.la, )
    v <
    Why. .i...k.. In ', .... I.."tnr..l>Ur *'v*. s ntw.pseer of Mnet UK,)
    Just ai .II' did anti yen Failtu"= l'ulo'l..t>r.' In "'>ikt ..uwtnrt :Mn'fTH '
    .. didn't roe "11'M' null Mlek 1l % mbrt ftnl I"*
  • Title: Gainesville daily sun
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     Material Information
    Title: Gainesville daily sun
    Uniform Title: Gainesville Daily Sun
    Gainesville daily sun (Gainesville, Fla. 1903)
    Alternate Title: Daily sun
    Physical Description: Newspaper
    Language: English
    Creator: Gainesville daily sun
    Publisher: H.H. McCreary
    Place of Publication: Gainesville, Fla.
    Gainesville Fla
    Publication Date: December 7, 1907
    Frequency: daily (except saturday)[-1938]
    daily (except monday)[ former <1903>-]
    normalized irregular
    Subject: Newspapers -- Gainesville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
    Newspapers -- Alachua County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
    Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
    Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Alachua -- Gainesville
    Coordinates: 29.665245 x -82.336097 ( Place of Publication )
    Additional Physical Form: Archived issues are available in digital format as part of the Library of Congress Chronicling America online collection.
    Dates or Sequential Designation: -58th year (July 24, 1938).
    General Note: Description based on: Vol. 20, no. 48 (Apr. 5, 1903).
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    Bibliographic ID: UF00028298
    Volume ID: VID00945
    Source Institution: University of Florida
    Holding Location: University of Florida
    Rights Management: All rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
    Resource Identifier: oclc - 32994415
    alephbibnum - 002027051
    lccn - sn 95026977
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    Preceded by: Daily sun (Gainesville, Fla.)
    Succeeded by: Alachua County news (Gainesville, Fla. : 1934)
    Succeeded by: Gainesville daily sun and the Alachua County news

    Full Text
    .d.. .. M rt'



    R ain"t l1ille gJaiJu n.n

    --- - --
    - -- --
    ----- --- - --- --- -
    --------- -- -- --- -- f- --- --


    - ---
    -- -- -----


    1PAHK|) SUSPENSI011.!a Fourth National Bank of Atlanta- Bu; j MANY r HURT WRECK/ Session Adjourns After Passing-

    Certificates.: Many New Laws.
    .. ---
    Atlanta DOR. C. --Tie Fourth M.. Baton House La. Dec. 6.-Having

    5 City Bank of Commerce tlonal bunk of Atlanta has bouphtfrotii AD Accident! on the Pennsylvania reduced the expenses! of the state, Senator Bacon Introduces Billi

    -- tau: tr.:afeiiry department, and will .. nearly a thousand dollars per day, the:

    (';,Fais! to Open Doors. Immediately! put Into circailiitioti Jl7o.V)0 Railroad. extra HgIun of the Louisiana. )legislature For Important Water} .

    oJ': / ( of :' per cent treasury certificate _._- .. decided to adjourn dnewday

    tA. The fourth National already has a night bt 12 o'clock. Savinghas beer

    NDS'OF THE EXAMINER circulation: of $ JrJo.OftO> uf national PULLMAN CAHS SIDEWIPEDWreck efTecttil by reducing fees of the tttuu CHATTANOOGA TO THE ClF:;

    bank: currency' : Dud thIs additional ,pui tax collectors, o" county treai.urvjr
    char wll'!I ) .re It a total circulation Was Ccused. It Is Thought and fherlffs. and of the ..cerrctar.ol
    Bill Directs. Secretary of War To H .. -
    n* of the Oldest and the LapplnancUl of 1'nltctlHales currency of S-7; !".OOo, state. .
    Either Switch Too
    by a Frozen or a
    F' l 1 Institution In KaniCIty The :3 per. cent certificates wore recrii.lv It IfF tn: and that f U'O.O-tO per annum Made Surveys and Exan-iir ;
    of ', Swtch-Ac.
    : uTurcl': national I banks of Hasty Throi-'lng .e t has: been added to the ,.zte'- With Final: 1 Coat cf Construct--, ,'

    -LlaullUlea Approximately tfcr country by tbo ecrfilary .of the cident a HeculMr One 'revo-'in' !j.> ti new law wl.lch' wIIlJ.IU

    jpoocco. N treasury: or. the cxindiitlon that tho \purchasing IMttfiUiu ',. |.- . I>-f. G.: Tie Atlantic I put.)lf iiiii, "t-ya to I1'1 rl4'oI'l "I! I.1.tLtntu Cil1.l.

    rtsaa haulm would use them to Juerrafo a jxi pro.... li.ili. rrr' .'.'d.:* cn: the '.laI In'tI .tat I.>na oiTcnrs; the V. .I-!: ;,- -.jtcn.! D. C. i>or. c; -
    City Mo.. Dec. 6.-Thoml
    their. : ('* clllatlnI. Thta.alht- 1'c.'n.alriut.i s'all(1"1. wr'"ekou 1 I lJIr..t!: rate of luton.,t. Int "rt" ; 'lug i.'u.i: : i.aa !iitro.uco-J u Bank of Commerce of liulI't"
    ment to the Fourth :':ntioual coates '? lnir .iay a 'ew iu.r'n> i-r 'It Pad r".1tlu.\4;\ "f t T i ,'w )lawn ui A that! pub. to LI" fttiui <..tabll iiu'! 'nt ,' .,
    .Mo. failed to Its doom
    out of a total Ihtuo of f::.",.000,000. left thv'tIII\:. Siat;< i. .\ irajjrit: > i Tic: .1.ooiat. i cttfl have u'lXJ'.it $1"" IIno i"i'ii I'.iO: T'nnt'6e n\ :r. i.<- .
    fad ay and U In the baud of a na.altuilc
    : examiner Fifty inllllou dollars of Panama of tho pat t. cu ;> uu i I"..(.) inil'iiuit; cart mote niMiiially! for esjens| : and that! ra.tl.r.t. to 1.tlfEstk.

    bonrti have alpo been offer for; isle, won? li'jimU. I. !"C16 ft Kt'ilo'iKiy Leo thorull! IIf' use !state tax e.cl'o.'ter .t u... utit ::.Jn4t--'.- and '- >
    be/bank Is one of the oldest her. ( I
    Ifcs'Ctke largest Jluanc.'ul InaUlulloufclly. and tho ISSKIO haM been lantoly o\orjtib. to n ',;,iitc lu', ,' ,:ili.iie at ,.'lio'JU. In .V.-Orltana Iii ifad of 'ven. siv i t.uy ut ww tu .1&1e ins l'

    t.cribud. It I Is known that two Atlanta . Thu \vrtvUM.:.-.. iitirfd\ by ulriier I :I a 'J>., extra >o:(sl',u has alto ,'shod .1.1 I i x \inlr.ulor.nvih Cur .-
    banks are among tho blrldors frozen tuwlic.i' ur u t I> \ a.-t) liirowIIIK : the \H1In' C't11.illtall.ual! unit nlr.i.'nt. of (p'*. ;:"!** ,;t coc: >.irac .!onfi ,
    :following notice wan 'pouted on
    but until the allotment IK ofUrlally of the, "\\ iirv< It i 1. ., I I. with! the fcr IJrhull; ;'; thy aiatf* railrua.l comuiitblon in hu Tctiiene tiv .r ..vi '
    of the bank at 8:30 o'clockmorning
    nrade no details! will be given out. re.ult tl'ul tvo i ul i i .were tuuiv powvr. has paJ iawp : j ('1.v u> ('i.'tttsnuta. t' '

    idiy : The Atlanta banks urn bonding thrown fi Hm its tt.!:'k.- aI' '.\ +.he 111:1.'IIJtd .>- that foiflyrn cu,,.ratun! : <';tCt: carry !.;,ab! !" v ate' (.f tl.e Ocn<<:; : ..
    (' Lank haw. boon closed by or-
    the board of directors. It la every energy to RId in the movementof &\\ by iwn" f\yr .-.. ,.. that! w . vbvIllK purely Mate suits Into fetle..il lu i., .irniii. !jy v.-'acS.: ? It p' '

    buslnm. and It Is believed that r..lUtl:: It....> tre: ..\It'11 courtB. and l baa: none OM 1.'t'nrcl for thit'cvlll l...* fnrn'ibiicU ai.' '; ia *
    }bands of James T. Bradley
    the stringency of tale past few weeks . .. direct oli' .c'lm of I'n1'S.a'e! ." .. .
    'order fiptroller Tl>w nctl-lvnt! w a | -ciiilir: ono : on- tfri- u.<< mMi'NlcultoM l.> ti - ; > '
    examiner by
    is now well ninth over. and .;.Ir lrll;''(i- i is: '. r.c n' f. inlltl'-''. ators A r I."11' fVi4.ii; l-as lIf t'ii ai>- hC! fv .'ar.da. lute lCtk\f I.!
    of currency.
    Colonel Robert J. lx>wry presidentof Tho six davoarl""'i* cif the train pointed to In .r -\\11.1'.. burl cou'iillous !antic cct: .an and the na. !ni '
    bank: bad been in a weak con'd1ace -
    which the Lawry ':-'; II..nal bunk and Juan: pnHC'.1| over .the \v4tc-b ,.01t.1) hot tnt .f at NfOrleans. Xi-arly thirly: i.o\/ of t't.. ivfrs In the Ml.::.:: 1: u' 'i'
    Its last tttate-tueat
    K. \\.ii- .t : tin h nu laws:: Mrt iiai-tt-d. '1 :. I",:.!:> :-il, t:. :.:.tl IN tn .
    when. it stat-
    eel Aug. 22, was
    bank awed tbe clearing bouoto "Fourth NuMonal: I haul I:. lune rtnentlyroturnod : the track her tie i-->

    'a million dollan.V hen the from the cant and both -declare cars trav.'llnwo! ; -t.Modtcul WRECK ON SOUTHEiTN.: v. -ul' .t .'a., c"",' 1"1 Li a it. ,

    the situation greatly Imi/roved. : .klvtn the)tiJtirtM I --- Id .- ,
    iitifn : (>ii "h" fret *if wfo'i-r. U s il\'l'1JU\ ; :-
    1 disturbance earn and tha
    decided -.- .. .--- -'ro- et the L'ulrii Hiatinii.: Fatal Accident! Occurs Near or tut r.t: ar.J utiU'/t> ilitv.. a .
    !louse to Isau
    DEATH CLAIMS HAVEMEYER.Head After an hour clf'ur. "W Ptillmnu his S. C. Three Killed.cOlum.I' all iiav'jVilo: rlvt-1! aid w.t. -
    e' Certificate, runijors: regardibank's -
    current car wore A litvlted to '!U' .\tI .lItll'! ox- C"olnmlJlC l'c. C.- -Thrf'el the ix>uto of t'.ie: ca..u.t.:
    n condlUa were '
    of the Sugar Trust Expires of prraa and! It conttniicil fust. earring; t\iliH! men were kll'tsl and .Ix friixiit; - --
    clearing --bous.-4a the pastaye I
    Heart Failure with It all tlu.inJur.'d.TAFT earn wr(*(').('&.1. as the result of a dera.llmrnt Minority Leader Upheld.Washington. .
    bas held several confvrr1th -
    New York I>oc. C.-Henry On borne --- of a Pout hero railway freight : I). CO,t Ii J J inaction
    other national banking of.
    llaveineyer, prvsldent of American GOES TO BERLIN. train near Illatra,- .a station about 3.1! of the democratic caucus NVeJnewday !"
    means of kooplnlu* the bank I
    Kugnr Refit lug Company liedV*'duetK. -, mile flout Colombia at an earlyhourWedR was an overwh&utlntendow'

    sing dlactissod. day at Tits country homo. Merrlvalo Russian Visit Passed Oft Without Any ..ixlay morning. I ment uf the leadership of John Ht*. .
    _'day iii>m:7i 'surprise wan ex-
    Stock Farm at I :>tnmuck I.. I. of Untoward Incident.St. The dead: "'UII!II 11\11.
    when the a-.III."t of the corupfoir -
    heart. failur* TV'U'rsburK. I>ec. tf.-\Vllllam ICiiKein.Mc a statement of the cun-tlblinks '
    li.ttonal The president of the .so-calUd\ ar II. Taft. thc Atn rtcan werrotary of Jim McQueen; a brother. Union. I leader has punned the cour of -"..
    wmt not r"'apnnde.t to >
    moat went to <%nvmook laM. week" war. and members <>' bli party I left S. C.Will. I omnifiMlint to the speaKor the namw
    Hank of Quiunu'rcerlooal
    with his wife to spend ThankttKitJnKgunning here at noon Thnrnday: for Berlin A <(<:ray. Tnlcn. S. C. of democratic I1ll'nLb.rs of nminnln
    bsnkn! publishtr.oir I
    "on his private prt".trvo. Ha party of riti slan omc* cs and function. Tile presence of these men on the Representative Jones of Virginia, proposed
    nts showing a hoaltby ((lull.ut. -
    ,, arose .'SrlThllnda7 and spent nearly arles and the staff of the AmericanpmbanH train unit not Un+iwu to the cr w. trial the whole bunion ufanllouo1Ik1
    111** omclaN I of tbo lank
    that Its stateIwoulJ I the entire day tramping about the ) 8 naw the1,1101'1' oft at the On account of the aleck all mail ir.f house oonmiltteeu be put up

    ( tree not L4It incoming until country after game. Late lu tho day railroad station. Tho secretary will sad express: train between, Columbia the ii.p<>aker, the democratic li aiJ'

    lie returned to lb. lodge and ate a> tlff'lla few hours In llcrlhi.'lie bat and HpMrtRtiburg were annulled and ferlng no aid or suggestion; !'. "'l"
    . morning. Tills created a
    *" nearly dinner. Shortly after be was askrd ('harl.'ntnngne, Towtr',' theAtrrrlcan detoured via Charlotte. KuLtiitltirte requested, authorized: aT'
    b.r dls4riiHt. In the bank's roudlafter I
    selte;!" with, vloteut points' and Ur. : &( at Iterlln. to ---- --- rtliecti-d the minority U-i.loi: t >
    '; arw.ll' tx>nf , \\ II. lto .. who was summoned, said bull any fntertalnm on j I RCCCIVCR3 FOR JAMESTOWN. mend the mII1011tI"lUbI'r* f
    Ute early hours the clearing '
    that he was sufTe.Hng tram acmte ludJRektlon. aooonrrt of Pie norloua Illnesiwof his - - - only votes cast against this
    .*.. d .-lded they could not aid "
    At uo time durlUK him mother A'.llhury.: ta.,.. Judge Wat:dill Decides to Wind Up I Uite were those, of Repr-a'a' < '

    >bank.tian It Illness was' Mr. Ilnvemeyitr's condition The: Hu*.. :tu atith'orltlfs are relleveM' Exposition. Itarlaick of (orgla. !I\"I"n"! ' '
    the statement appeared
    such as to give.. tho family flinch hope. that the! ..C'f'h.fnr'hit has r"***''! uf'f :"0: 'rro1l"'a. . I>--c FoloHvlnj; .; an aa, .1onc of Virginia and 1.01611 a
    r4 tbnt 8'nre! the last statement '
    I deposits hind tc'ea reduced( from Mr. HAveiiM'ynr was the on cf the without any untoward laclJont. The ; all (day htvtrlni; in the l'nltU : t..t scircuit' l--.ortJa.:.

    late Frederick I'hrlwtlan Ilrv.'nieer, rqurst (It.. group of itiid..ntu of the :: txtiirt. JudutVaddlll I Wed "-
    to $:5,000,00(1 to 1C000000.
    If,. \\ 1u. with MH father was the ptoneorIn university to !>.. crmlltCKl to send al day 'c'd..1; l to place the Jamestown COST HIM HIS LIFE.
    r latemrni showed avo! that the ; .
    sugar running. If. was born on deputation to rtc. of loans tnd dtiH'ounts had beeu To Ce
    I Said
    . Oct> it IgIT. In this city. Illsfrviluj IIIHMI ltis* arrival wan d..,'nleU by the anthorltlr 1 I of MMfr" but deferred action in Sergeant Connolty'a Death
    lt.ooo.oou./ .
    for organization hltcwed Its..11 *. all it wa" feared that thin I tli* naniiij:: : of receivers until Frlda. Due to Brain Fag.
    capital stuck of the Hank of abut O'.Mcaso'! l' In the foriiiAtlori of th' American Ke. deputation wam' mrrrlj a cover for 11.1): In the mvanthn* df9'I n\tt'd I'rp".
    :er<"e is $1 .OOO.OOd.( and the total.s$2.7R.429.2C .
    Tribune: front St. iA'uls..aS '
    fining 4)uy In US,. tf nltIU..nolr d I.:iu<>n"trntlou 1df nt Harry St. (J or n' Tucker and

    | 1* $ all ehowuorday's Mr. Ilnveiueyer" estate Is ..1d"'To The secret pollo; Kuardc4 the hotel j: Director\ O.'r."ntl .\ \'ab II. Martin to Tribune on iby the brain fj": .
    '' '
    s'.atonient. *
    amount to many million of dollar where the. Taft party stopped In or- take ciarno of thv! affairs of the comrny Ins over the pollet manila; w'
    not b.'U.\.I that: the 'fallum .
    ruliee" board had ttrtl..rc'.1 tim'
    and he waa considered one of the filer tu pr"\ mt thug being mounted by .
    Wot any other Kansas City Ink nut! wont for word within cl.i-"
    wealthiest men lu New York. cranWii. ti I I. urrferstoovl that the court <* lll
    cot Anthon O uin. -
    sergeant )
    three reAelver.
    name one to
    >.-..Au.. 1 the Dank of Contirerrrtether REFUSES TO GIVB HER NAME. Death George: Parsons.Saranntih. >nt the Mtorkholdcn on' to reprosttit life Wednesday' accorUJnK to -

    [. bsnl.s SlS.2U9.4Ct! o and I' Oa. l)oC. of the policeman. .
    --- -lnrortnA'l bondholder and tfct third to
    ftfcsnka and banker i9 \ tics Sa rep .. '.
    Woman Who Threw Bomb at Governor caw rwelv In rtr'*nt the cr lltors. After 30: )v'ars of **rvlc ai' -

    I had been no run by loc-e.1 'I..po'' death in Now ,"ur'"C ;
    General of Moscow. nowtlay. t f the -- ------- > ea:> of sac S r."nt Conn-

    l;'"but many of tbe outside bAnk. I. Mr. Parsons. who delving (111
    Mo.o.w. bee, *--The woman wnooa t; x rso arsona > i Switch Engine Crushed Man.Vacon. late into the night

    lii, trouble by withdrawing their \\'__Jnr.Jny made an unsuccessful( wa ."" tf.-"'. A. :Mc-j' manual after having "alkf'a
    ['V0li deposit with the task of tiarannah.i 11.' had been accustom- all day
    i* l'a attempt to kill' IJmitenant U'u..ralhl"n Ulllani. a *aw mill operator from

    wvi i t+i e. ( chlnnsuri! governor general:. of cot 'u visit title city n..rlyf'r)' win KJnp4r lia: ass cm-he l to death, under :Mm': )"rof Sergeant ('01'r.n:. : s '

    .e Katlonal Hank of Comu rck <' Mosaw: trr. and totr.o ) ears a.o wa s the larN Hy! that during his Mui: ?'
    with a borpb retu"es to i a United Stwtee de tu> ltory. and Dt-r of !*u>ok of the street railway t' 12 until 00.1:: h" noif d' -
    ' \ uI.e.! > her nsni+**. but Tier connection >I o way switch wrl\f n,'ar t f Rajn!r....t 'pf. : .

    Augtist etalemiMit showed that with| the M '.row nrUlt&r re",lutlon- ..v .teni of this city lleserersl leavtM ru...ini; \\.*..lu. ..&t% 3.t'f'l'honn. ...t:":.. 1 >'*.! than an tear and a t '

    M fSOO.ooO K >% ,,rnm.atI.ro.1t.. veins and daughter: all la !; ) ( home a"h and al.o !e : ,.ft'
    ar nrRnlnl'I"n has been eatabist.IA !" real're's. -**_ ltad calling loudly 1'- day
    * among Its V.a! )>4litlo. nutut of ... Ness Y..rk.Var..aw. an ostensiveIsland tins riding to and from the pu xr.
    rr ari < s In otnn *ciion him u' r-rape tit' bad left the crv.-.. !
    ha. A. Rule ceaMrr of the bank. near Satannah, U owned bJI I IMr the .n I a.'
    station rn<
    with this a\.tin-p' hale liven made I Inc aivi WAS on Lae trarH. a short dl por'.ng over

    HTftb e following UII"I1"ull' ", l'be l"oTerror genetal) has recHve\t l'.r,..'ns. amtltn has a floe later Ian,-,. ...1' .\tIP" the rnitlnr baekot. in ,' --- - -
    0tor. of tSa'' k.n..1 l Ink ofr'ce' I
    | lelegrais.s congratulating:: him upon residence there.' I sal lOt >ck t}lm \. titter? the rngtnlt : Judge Oriog Is Cho..".
    I1 \ t Itwa bt>at to at .
    > tits .eoap.. from Jib.. .ml'.rnr. lTt- -- -- I .r nor toe foiwrua-i uf the .s" (Itc (n" Wa Ulartoo. Dec. '. --Tfc ( ,w':

    'c1o.e lens fuse,'? arllr coal Th. d.'poelLw111 rr.ler Hloljpin and btet.tsty Taft. I McNeil I. Acquitted. urea coui4 **ror. : for r *, Cnr; fa 1....& ,I t"5
    not a i="co.tary.ft wa the sliest ur the Ja(-H. Fin I>*c. 6. -IUmP to ..-r r':. n.an. Imt t'e ti''!'-':rlan bad the aCourninei of tfce b.e.e 4.'

    f; Word sal.l! govermir general t"n .!a)-s before the moat }!t.'s...: cSl.rre J with the :-it back iurt.e and la time midst oft.i t rr.tIe" cane's.. ae t oo.C"C..t! .Judc. /a'tricg '

    OQ n ay ray that tt* Cinntperceigt M. lift w U4t.de ..TrrtT f Charles |'arU.r. Its Ira ( l.-o1. e'.
    attempt on as n t> < nclse made !II, he 'Suunsnd fso- to r.pr.t
    ooaai_ny Is abst t >Ju'.wy: nij right: I ..
    -- -. I') r u tat lac ou' cf alirtteU atteation tarn '" b-U .1: ar,'tl.Ti :.a... tosetisr .nc.lCr&tlc coi" 6i-wa,1 ona: corn.
    .b Co
    .fa'.u"t --a
    I's ." pit Life Convict Said To M\. Escaped of lar'r to Mc.NHPa= war.. whit WAS iiK i; w". the seise ot fl'e ..'..Inl !mina. for th. rampalcn of It.S
    U. midi tat band.es
    ;tot ir.rmtngnam. AI... let C There ft tow" of Ht"n? >he Crsuwta.ao.-.1 1..< t.I-.A t; W ar.r la 1a.. tuos > .tee w .- --
    T llrau;," of *hn. Kan
    h an unconnriueJ rvpcrt In IVrmluc- 1 elks as. oa Wetnleday ae ulttv..t la' *J4. Old E dltor! Pa.... Away.
    i t* ,' .1"ln<<. -4 Utt
    I tarn to the effect thai Frank Ul...*tt. the tfrrtiu rout of Decal county T... Y Gross Htli. AH A.: < .- Jpl'Grant.
    Woe t4: c'.arv: of t.i<* lUnks VO,, "' s Ctrl Outraged
    who .. sent up for Mf* tot Im"! esse AhrU foucbt and was la P" ; pioneer citizen and ti:* *; 3'editor
    me? t fotl-vser' ,v. r!IIC' tics'| 11lo.'r. K lto'
    > : C -- Vhfltdttq !
    I door of Mrs. Maggie tttrr"" hit. r-' f>r_ de j .. belac pr...nt'a to ; la .\t&b&ma. I. des4 IlrJ'
    '.1- -t'on .""' nr .
    %edv' sot \B ? .:&:. 1tkLet ,.. t,. -al Q t -
    ... sister. l ta-ta.r. has rapot loan ire jury Tu_Jj afternoon bore In Nerlb i'rollaa.. la 1S2S '
    I '
    ffsa't'ata: 'a tr'. I s' a rt.tkeffort say to ( 1:.t>ii e : icgs. tn Trottwants. '
    1tovi. ,,"n r lur Ser camp .*ii j . ti.. Clark J/I.
    tt. >k at.. -r mranj .. p p r a: _">. koo m *a
    ir7 to c > k.at otSu C.". Alien Te mas Dead. ( 3Jea'ss a.1' : sear,
    M'U'b ttahsrrs :"optt'tr: lr iVamcrat, saa an lalara'iA; y
    t.- \Va ..:aw. MU l>rr -G4ottra.l. <* ucM b) aa t- .".n'- -n nan .' ,,;"f'ti& t
    i ri&4s: nor r"'II'h of the waa ae ,o< lteatl"
    ... .A Wen Tb >ir.. l Bt; sl i. made

    ClBarmak en Strike, octal y apprised lee to V.:nr *. tlMt'og' t.* ecoa4of A ct..n j a fa.-'! c . u,. C. eptr.lter tissues Call

    taw Orl..... !>*<". TKftwren :t. I Seven Killed Train, ., . ... ..
    by attaslsl.ttaJua t jklct O: :aa... rome Two sea: bn4 ar a Id Wwiagtuas' Ise! c.-n. Iaattt'ter :"

    24 drat 111 1.11. U.C'Kw.cW Silo Olasgviw, b.oA gaag of ala died at his hour hvre Tuesday at a.aa. a..ssrtaoa ate ta Jvi jit huts of tfrewey bas ........ a CAlI f,

    \a. Dra.eb',ot' the Anierkan Cla' plat layers were ma 4a.a by>> a "' 1 of 77. Die tM its ccmialMtoa otettl u.me, r cq I. IN aMEhlloe. a MaCaet, Dse C'OOtII&Jea' of P4

    .) .t 't'.TSA3e-3ri.i -. wvtjity i. ; eoaotlw.oiitkt.Ct.' ewt1ak7Bast _.,"tt ,' .ac tale')''7i'I', ' -,,' 1. ilxs. "': -'f':.".'ag,.... &. ; :..u"a&.ai" ".:.;{ .,u e .....

    -.r- 4, <1'f

    5 r



    Request That Poor Be .

    THE TOWM When Making Chrlstmaa Gifts. '
    | 2
    : I To the UusIui'Bs Men and flood 1',.". Fi-iE VALUE 4

    I. plo of (Jalne,.\lll.>. I

    d> Will bs the Order of City ThGn:nivllU C1 'c1f' /i -;tn 'a i OITPERSONAL .
    Hmcil Hex Iiit thin II 01" 1I.l7.ati'.I.! 1'II.hl' :'t Mill. 1 1ce.
    Mi :etiag. I
    comrnltt/ .r of your KNOWLEDGJwinnr
    :* of .1 charity: :
    -- :
    rlty. Is a dally 'J"I4 lty. The jwjor i
    :} THE WOMEN EXCITED lIanu1way./. with yiu." l,,.('%' I II

    :you must be card for Thin con only IM 'I Jfff Personal! knowledge i< the tr, factor n the culminating contests ofthis

    INot Only Annoy the Public, But I| HUC'fs rully (V lIf* .through orCattleedmethods : I tjjr competitive age and when d an.;.!- '..raler: it places its fortunate f.
    I in the front ranks of
    en Trading Get Excited and. : We i he perfected uch anj possessor i s
    and hate The Well Informed of the World.A .
    organization In your city
    Mjtional, and Forget: That Eight- j
    ,r'tf' I done uur bent with the limited means vast fund of personal knowledge! is really essential 1 to the achievement of the -
    Calico Is Too
    .': High. at our corum11 1111.'e have an Invebtl-! l highest excellence in any field of human cl.-crt. J

    le graphophone mudlc IK about 1 gating commltt whose duty It It to A Knowledge of Forma, Knowledge of Functions and Knowledge .

    me crazy," remarked a certain carefully look !Into all claim for help of Products are all of the utmost value and in questions of life and health i

    Itrlan' who stood on the) corner or to Investigate" ; the conditions of all/ when a true and wholesome remedy desired it should be remembered that Syrupof 'j

    eat Main and UoJon streets Fri cased to \vhUh their attention la called Figs and Elixir of Senna manufactured by the California Fig Syrup Co., is an ,

    ;'., "They play day In and day out. ; this oninilttcn manes Its reportto ethical product which has met with the approval of the most eminent physicians and 9

    In and hour out and there Is no the exerutlvo department of the gives universal satisfaction, because it is A remedy of '

    ;to'" U. !''Association. and upon the report of Known Quality, Known Excellence and Known Component //P)

    '., all right to tho fellow who" tht Investigating romnilttte thu chairman
    ; cP
    of the
    Parts and has won the valuable patronage of millions of the Well Informed ,
    "lire adjacent to tho square*." ho of tht xertitlvo committee, in.tIng -
    the first
    world, who know of their own personal knowledge and from actual use that it is rand
    sued "but to those who are com- I his+ bent judgment; In the
    best of family laxatives for which no extravagant or unreasonable claims are made. ,
    :to listen to them all the tlmci inatt,'r. drawn U|>on.the treasurer for /
    nuisancegraphophnnu This valuable remedy has been long and favorably known
    nulnanceand n aid they deem heut
    whiuver may "'
    a I under the name of-Syrup of Figs-and has attained to world. )
    I turned who
    ) Nails.nre away wide the most'excellenl laxative. As its 'jt"
    1 acceptance as family pure
    music IH
    uwictIt weednoue who and
    nru helped can _
    laxative principles, obtained from Senna ar.'well known to physicians t
    e la free AuvthliiK that Is thtmwelvcs.To .
    ; .should help and the Well Informed of the world to be the best we have /I(
    i. sweet but the trouhlu has been
    ; BticccBufuIly proHecuto thin .
    the elaborate of and .
    adopted more name of-Syrup Figs ,Jii'
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    Elixir of Senna- as more fully descriptive of the remedy, -
    eneral that nulemnco budge '
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    name of-Syrup of Figs-and to get its beneficial : \ .\ t'
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    effects when the full \\1 \
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    r. llev 1' I Hay. Dr. Tlullotk Christopher .
    of the California Fig \ .
    Company Syrup
    name 1\ 1\ I :
    'point whore they utmost decide 1Co '
    Matheson or myself will be \
    . \ \
    ' .-printed the front of package, \\
    on every &w I
    commit. milcldo It ha cunt.to ait ,. \ 1
    placed to the credit of thin Atltcndn' I 11
    whether you call (for-Syrup of Figs I r\ \\
    where no one can RO In and tlon and spent wisely carefully and \
    I or by th. .full name-Syrup of 1I I '
    \ .
    for they cannot dlsrulsh j s -
    ...In' peace worthily. I (' Figs and Elixir of Senna.
    the price of a piece of Koodn 1'lcitHH remember this humniie work ,z ''D '/I 1/ \\ i-'

    .'.a graphophone record HO mixed won't you? ItPHfltrully, it r -

    two. H. n UOOIUH. --:,

    't'the City Council hove this mat- Chairman Kxecutlvw 1)rp't. -- -

    fin charge" now mid It hUH been

    Ttbat' this body will remedy! nmtl .
    -; .o that a 1 lady or anybody else CLOTHES LINES ARE ROBDCD. W

    and select her JlnudM| --- i Ci\l HGSVR
    i go shoppliiK :

    lOUt' love the or sweet mntlnicMit Kraihophonn Into her whlHOg earn-, Residents Taken Complain In That Night Their Time.Clothesare fORNIA <
    There has been rotiHlderahlo ('om
    ling her to forget the .price of call- SAN FRANCISCO.CAL.
    plaint recently In regard to lothliiK << .,
    I,"etc. It IM said that the City
    I of residents which IM Motfti from the I
    iQCll. In all Its wisdom will soon I LONDON E GLAND.NEW
    hues at nlKht. Several comid.iliitH urn
    Ot a law which will put the grapho-; 1
    now In tho lands of Marshal I Arnow I II
    (!e. out of buBlneKH. nnleHM 11 "peic '

    ;ll1cl'n8t11 neciireilDeath I ami there will be "HomethliiK doliiK I _-__--_--_- _--_ -_ - - - - -- --_ _.. _ __ __ ._ _ ____ u_ __ _. __ __

    I Ilf the offenders who>> liavo art (been'atiRhtI'artlen IKCII. itomed ,! NEWs OF CITY AND : : ; .l r. .': :rao.:, ; ;f .' :.:.,-..; ,

    of Mrs. Gates. I
    t to hang their. cbithln In the )a rd COUNTY CONDENSED'untcd''ru

    tr Janiun tiles an aged holy over night to dry have nilsed nrtlcles BOTTLED

    L at the home of her du uKht'r.1: r>4.Ho' from time to time. At 11 rut nothing

    Done. rrlda ,tnoriiliiK at Itnttf was "said! aK the. articles taken wereor \\ rent or lease mar
    after Illness of vernl
    an omparatlvf little ,'ahlf'. and theownern i
    farm suited to K'lh.ral rops. with, or
    In many Instances were liullnet
    Iftlu.eased without btoc-k Urite Hun olllce.
    wa about lihlytbri'tr | to be liberal; but the thieves, In

    r,* ngn, ami hits reHlded hear. fury I I hinted Rradilllll on taking thus "'hatei .1. lee Stoke of 1I"uIICl" wanamong

    yearn. Sh\ wa" a d..\fllt..1 memof !i thliiR" which put the owner of thelothlliR tlioKt who| *pt tit tinla.\ In Proves Big Help For Tired Housewives

    > the Uaptlnt church. I (' oil notice to take Mime dill, I CalneMvllle& I'rl'i\! Mr I stoke Is an

    lie funeral will be held' this morn Wile action ,'lIic'h'lIt ollic t-r. and li.i-t fur a l loin
    There is bound to contcl1 time through mothcr'sendless 4'-
    from tho redldeuceVest Court I I Marrhnl Arnow* ban rocsived' corn. time (b... II COM deal) IH tJi: ., cacti lldog ,
    when refuse .
    day energies
    at 10 o' clock Rev. S 11. lionrelu- I of the .. .. 1loii
    "B t. : plaint. and belleveM/ >> ho U 011. This I lnui.lt-' ot that < to continue the heavy strain. A cold bottle of '

    o"c.nUII 1 Is a Hiillli lent hint to those guilty to Millions of loth"of' Tolov r llonev, Coca-Cola solves this important problem. It

    8).u.\alhy) In extended to th. I i del.t at 1"I.t for a while. for If they and Tar have I.ren soil without an)' clears the throat of Hvim dust invigorates and l lBu

    ,re'. In their beri'avetni'111.lived I' art* caught): Hangs! will" po hard with pen-on ever. hiving tp.iltnctd any' tamt! the strc-ngth. Ilottleii Coia-Cola la I made right, m' "a

    \ them ofier than I 1"'I..I1..lal re-ults from Its", right I IS KIGIIT. Sterilized l>bottles filled by antiseptic! maohmt'
    ! cxema. Itch or fait rheum mean the p' I'ortiorui are always correct. Look for Crown L.aU.1.
    I use for iiiUKliH/ cold and lung trimblen
    't you cent) Can dear the touHi ] K. OF P. ELECTION Till* l I. because the genuiner"ole
    clothing, I>"::11I'" Ointment I .
    "your '
    I -- / >" llom-v and Tar In the >'ellowpackage
    the moot obstinate cased. "'hy I
    ff" Selected
    L i Meeting Tuesday Night contains In opiate! or etherhurmtnl -
    iCer? All druggists soil It. I I, Officers for the Coming Year I drugs (hard your health by
    I 'fliers I wan' an Intt-n.MttiK im>t.tltiK fusing: 1\11) tail I the gttmtne J. \\',

    ''-----OCCOOCO of :Mounternoii I.i'ilgs Nu; .'". |! McCollum' A> ('u'l'h.rs'
    ..7't,1 Given in Honor of Miss Marlon Futch
    . KnlKhtn of Pythian, 1'uecda) t-vtiitiiK. ,: alt no c'h.alr.warlllt'rll4/' and Miss StrlngfelloAahlo ,
    THEMYSTIC at which\ olflcors were ,'b 101I1.t'rlllllu'rarlt > and students In Illsf ( \\' :Nr'I I IKt' Ml :
    . ensuing terns Klnnlnu J.inu irv, I Inu I. . A. (Coburn dttatcr; Mln<
    n thU rtav J'4'h'\n7 a"r"'H.1 ; 4 .I':- 1\1-IY\\'III-II-: : : : ::
    r Why H. wlEVEe.; for tue. .1'.'rrr M Col.nn. Will'W(:) !
    to It ? It N non(nisi! !.. know j. urtrnftoii t' t ;n-ik ,'lr 'ul' f"t...rl !*''i...-'n. l"t.. k"... Col and Unniev R. C'nn. t.. I' .
    'I .\ r i> CA on .
    kn.ev )' Km. !- '
    you limit know that you and known to Ix the ->:
    .flllI known
    Irur tall tit i U i' *i I r: \1"\
    :i it You ha e Ic.irnol I nollilng till suss (!'.."II H \\lhNi.K\ *. t Krrh i trruH r'hurl ,Heritor .rrc'th'w-! : t*> the for.'t' t" urlh5auIIi;] East and t .
    nt 11111' If nil ttuv rM says 'Nn; !r HM. H MKVKM.: |> OII : arttct of tncorjMwatlon and tl''tt'of r U t
    I. M.\'N .1, r tertau l'l VHit. I .
    your ln-sl' i. M U in say *Y..,.' null l pruyrw I' _-.: _. Collet Pitrmlnr (romp y. *' ,1

    It.' .I. .\>'< Dl\ H.. r.ol I II' rally ncknowtedirod "f"I''e m.' f it '' Tr :'
    --- saibtirrlW theac" f r IparIMtar Thnnh 1, i I' ; n : 1 S,''rvi'" t t .1I'I! : f. -
    klf Ctrau/l t "r' .r.tIt 1 ,. 11 I 1 rust they dfol an
    Rd'nn Oaekward.To \1..bua l'.wP" . .. . ,. u, . S of obtaLnlruc L. 'f $r.t I' .'
    "C' .'. \' ... I.l t !t.. In stltuMter. al. I I' jaytr, ....,.,. /... J. h"' oJ I3.tt, ,r/ ",rats | thereon from the Rt3t. ,,' '., ., ' '
    \ .
    ......'1..t IH I. < I" v '< other ... t"
    ray's ride tt I'Ii!! ; non I l:uI t'''''dr,' thi" it aK.1a> 't .tle>rtHlfl ,i.t11f j the further and rv .
    U aplrarntt. .... ..... ., ... .. J.".. In set forth and e.prt'Nt 't. ft "
    .' .n\lu. lour eye 111 I'" Mil IIt4- sWtlrantl I..... ar. I. a r u. .r e t .
    \ .. '. .' .. W1in handu'd n(',-1\1 'I' ,' Fold
    ttatte., the .t..r u' n': r. 14" i .s my Consult J the
    ,':lIclt'- It .ht th..t. Ih,' pertrrt3 oJ..........-.r Ike "stair ...r.. .' i'' +it int. .. tM s It, IJtf: day of NtiTrtnr. r .\ : n "Purple!
    make", your ',,'rl hlU' your plllothe II-U al.ara lot tt.".itM I'a. "at. dal Gr. .
    I Itnfrr e: I' .'. .'.r1 it a-J' ..1. 191)7.
    tciv.i, il .nll1.r '1 Hi.. will drivejn .l'..teralna tILMt. hlu.or r *.. t o. .. .. ','. ,,' s.r .er st tt'...., 1 \V r P \ . p
    f...-i ninl 1 I.r- 005 "'.t. ,0 ...' .' tM1''ta ira. rut F" tI
    .I r : '.1 to your 1'| me >ir anal.t tar n."tr' .. I t.utAR Pub" e r
    . .. .air I t .... .. ..t aWtys..Ya tl.-taiU-i inforruatloi. .. '
    Ie the "' l i'- ..1.- !-il.. t' -
    r.t> : ; r.
    "Inh., anilIMU' "I.'f au.l! > .iir | W .. h...n '...-1 "M. I ... I t.. My ".n.lIon. t ptt'r" S .

    li.'jiJ, w !hutch l* oco r fI'.* t.iniii .'..., aM .,t." 'II ...." I' '' .. ...nbrr.ttl .. \ .iti'.n*. :4f't' r t':1r..t Tick- .\ "
    'eu.s.t.nt I. A11Ht I.a M1rrrb' your
    lar r ..' health. '...'at...! .!,." n rmntjtjr : .t.ml. ..Wnrsl
    ......... to +ly..t.r I" t br M'-s'-.a.tarn'.tt ,
    i I I': ..!-* lt ei-.." i.r til-' '...'. .tyou .. .all, earth ..IS sir a f._ V.-,.. 1tt.atedal 1 ( .r v rite or call l on
    I' t.., COS rat.M t". Florid
    ar Jaa .arv ( :
    t ) ;.i h.'edture'uutstrtt; : 1'or. ..... (
    ' ,. ......._ ..r 'awl I.. : W.l t.10. a a' .

    .t r I.-, .i ", _lItlo1.. .. ..'.".'''.'.''.''' lbh ...,... M ....... J. A. Goodyinor- Frank C. Boylsto:
    t.w"F'i"a"c It ..S (a. ''._.. *.fr.'* t-:.a' ..-. .. .... .t r Fruit i t and! I T,r!< Or; /v r!
    n h- 1 M. a .
    i ,. ,:.. "t.r.C .1' w.5..l.. r .
    vtb. ,' ? \ In t . .. .... I I .v-k- : N 1. 1'i i 1'.1"-<" '
    fOlk-lh D'''. MU Mnhala. " -"S.. 1 .t rt t. j. 11'tl'Yltl. I1: I. : .. i*"...v.U -
    ..I ..
    8w.li; a"luru..n Not tlon' Ink y.- ? : "es" \Vir! - (. I \tli"t ( =,
    "a U "II t'ltl; t-; t. At .\. II U uMIlI ,
    i ..alklu'r ,It'M,: l K 11.v : i I

    ll.'. d one '" bat UttnnnceU . .' .' .f ,"b. t. .. .. > t t1' ( 1- 1LTIlE \ JtL t\'iIItF
    "0.tWLU 1&? -a S Ut. .. Nt.t:!.. CHr ... ,.. ( .... One tear *!.* :
    tub me MLtab Je0aataj.- V. I.'i1Y vla 11. t. I
    I I I
    MIr .' t
    l, UalUmo. A&lMld n: > > )1..c! i w

    ..... t. -.... ." ..... (. ,.'" ......
    t {; ;" '. ,,,.i J; 1 W.' "" ':i;'..t.t'l',;: ," /"' '-, _" .;.. .,;...'...'- ,".h <.: 'r

    'Z"I...' .,, 1.i.r; ;?I"" IJJ..L'.1',; ;: '' T. . ,, .
    : ", tfMp4 tri ,. ., ':--." -.. ,'" .'" ',, 4'- ." ".., .. .


    -- - -- - -- - -
    -- -
    - -I


    .....t __

    Movement of Weakened Over-Work. Its lt ipo tare l Is t. .. A t i-' A . .. 1
    < :rol'ing ( by 1 : of Neeee-il: F.lrT. ? i The r. 0 e. JHM "HOUSE. .1

    i- Ds: :; .sed. t'c 3'e.' In t'i: o Mia: "' ."i00' .
    \. Make 1rnpt. blot J. I .. .. :
    KlJnos r
    ... . o .-At a co.:fer"M'tit 'Jnncalthj Tlu rl.: ti. I ,t t'''i ,I'' ,f' apart It H not :1 II u"ui ,i:.' I IN ,.i.'I. It'' '.' ,
    1 .. R.. 1"*" Duck It u--el l t,. 1 I.i. ,'un"idl.'rl. I It!. 't "iv i of "t::1'11 r
    parnOUi' .
    11.' hiinuiiu ; "
    trinnry und bl-ulK-: II.: . \' t' t.. 1 tt i if"S t 11'(9! nt:uurtu u fur Meta \ '
    sM Farnie-i Union stajro I N tli.:t il'au Dec. 7 tJ.
    actIntelo \
    :g'a! tr'd, t" 'l<-. h: "l" -. : \'t 1 > n'hrodch; tau tittet:"l:int tut"I HIllu \ Saturday,

    al t.retar. and J. CJ : ;:::: .. tu:I i ,'\\ ::" .. '!:n1 : 'ti'"I 1 1:1: v. t Ial: l Is utmlniu .: ; I "tv*. a bonuII.H'. ,rul 111.: '

    i mss aeot. represent. kr t? "'t ) -.<..it.xrc f're't t r._ tl1.t I u. i rl; I.a I \\.ilib: hvK ::, . .. .>vor on its hh'In\ ilu {poi| ho'no. .in i

    Dr .., : U<'l'fS of the ta.te. '" .- t.<.ar- il i, :-c'.i c'I IIII't, in d.i for Any rvtlu .' : : I in't& IIwt t''k: naiu.'nu't > u II i ii J. A. Coburn'sGREAT
    M -rpa>> :S. I>a\ia and 1.\'v. t.i-: "v" ::'in uvji ' .1 t \\1. ?
    > ; 'i th' cH.r.hT. .tihtc.1 |I' I tilllattte.tlt I i 1. i air rout. 111101 1 turn It rvvrr'ilie
    ii- Hil\cr.: of the Ueor.aiion. ,/'8 :, luot-t miportaut I tray III ,\ I, :, II I". ,rat .IPbth' t!: : r: tittfuiltint it'1s n dip net uuaitm l ::

    b'' . 1i in :Macon: 8t IH l'.\ 11.! .. i iut.i 'lty with \\ 'i .. ', t I.,. I
    01 V,IMH: I ,: ou to Ois'' t-o|'ii'R; ft run IItl the I
    tJ yue.ticu of .reachingit t 1 1'ho kitlii"Mi filter listens: t ,'\ .'i 1'; him? that uu.. tau.' c u BARLOWMINSTRELS
    lI I lu wluili UK- MB ln.r, 4 !'ht.. priilnn .
    : ('ntrol the movement Til,! parity the ins w':lr" "ta' ,'1' ,>n his. life and ..n'tr'r I I
    t'uir l"c.'ll-1 ..t. kt. .1 t>t m.tl t reitho** dawn lu U" vtt -'. I
    IS mealy .Iascusled. A -'----- that is> "" and ii.ji.l li \\Ilt: ithitli h,' C""I'I ( .,'? I

    4 j i hall officials pre* Th"rerc.rtII.1< your Wi.Itiix ''H.r.' \." ..U the ttrIia: )10..1 I of that he h.:U4 'r with It Hint turn- th. liori, o h, e :

    Ia.: . 3.1 follows! : or out of order. you ..tat umUrstui I h 'wr I 1,11 ruins; ttau tirt that It not i trp i rv.lii! :: ski. up wUeifiipou till tr.ioIIIO '
    ell bt.l\ t* r"\\ ui:i\ .
    s: free and frank con. quick \our do t erljtJinul Ii t li I: the ncliooU", III wl ii '*HI off oiufortttlilv i \Iil l \1.11\\ I E111'1 M'
    how .ocm-4 to to t
    'J ;:. the oPlcer of the dm'.every origin .1 modern n' t n IIH ire trilu.il., for w : ate. I "IhlN.. lir"wtr. n,. tl.>!n<" In MIt'h cinp .' .' : Mill M Hi i| l II \\'fll l : I l'

    ft' ftd 'he UeorglA: tJan'vU l{ yon arc MC' or .. feel 1 .i.UN ." "qc \okt' titltino hoc the t,hut* oi 111,1 I i r I r'u..t. I U only Mint HiMinor orliter I \u Ml- \\ I hit. i n ',1' 111\ \ >

    .- U>.)Ulng to an agree- taking the iire.l ki.Ire n'm.,";%-, I r.t I honor tl':1'': it ilivtrxti lu the 'UI'1 i ttw IIttt'llIttttul..\ n "- .K uoi ,, tiiini. uiti.rira "Y"r 11"h', .\ \\ . .
    Kiltmr Iwo iu-.i . ...."11 : lute of rt,' a.Mdouion Itro "'unrt Ito U "
    e' -oment of cot ittijwRtiot ? i- ry uluil. lint ouii M,t or,>i. f,'r tti!*,r li 'n .,. ..1' or iin .\
    a't' I r l P run" hilo the as your kl,Inex-* ..uecll lh :\ toil hilp' If ;von :ixi\, i'illll't. tt-cuher or pupil! a: "I'' :ui t.\." on tlit hors o U ....' HH tliev, lot onII
    ar .' -utoou that %% nil the tlitr ornnnt< 11".I1\h. .\ trilI tlu> til'! in": t (Imp<>rt:nit bti-tin., "'* I'; & llie oilier debt loutnri"%. 1\"I'\.tlllll\: : :N.'w Tit I ii- :N'N-I: 1 1.
    <. Ulinl. rs' aawKlation will colts'tnrc nil}'0111'. I INttMiint iinpoui ititf the-. Mit I:I.iN,nitt', ....r I
    thi tliit
    "': of its metubcrsi' If you ale ,..tvoa: can \1.\-- tio Iti.-.I. i i MHOS ant )-.111' I It ml,lit |la hip" i'0 w oiul,ritl If (lit'I trim n..t I'irt I .t
    .r: say Itltlxo' lln it t l\,' s:1: \O U tY lntd'I'.L l .t tshiiUo I ,. ...f-iho t'r.'h tu t to !1:11\0': It tnnu toI .
    earnest tiko 1 t'v. 1 I'l! il,Kti rin::;: .\ "IIt' :, l ilnc\H.1 ? \lil1,.11r1., I, }
    thy .
    p.-. ;.<' % let rh"\.I1.u.:; : . ', 'r. . 'f ': or n i h.' :dSo I I. ,.|> it turtuHl tat _i her I \t hall It tiara .

    t tlolt tte' tanks and I)r. Ktltturw bau!p-i:. !>ot. th' jr .'.atkuln j. nn:. Ii I 11., b'on <':tlil nliout ;,'inperimotit ; "II !the hrorttl o|>"tt \\' :lit.r Ill \-\lilih i it t i 111\ llni I I r . i.... "r'-:1::' r r
    b with then ** . 1 I\I"\I Iti .at i , .1.. .1 l II"! . .
    oooperate .. .1.1 Iti i : ontatltx "fu.il; | '
    : ., a :'y r-tie.Iy, ;- rtsm ,11. .. : : r 11'.11' it hor0t''se( tipirt, from m:inuid .:
    ; :n i< o'lt their pun>ooaiviiual t' .tti,1tlu' itighe; tit t >r t-> wual:i K'rtul curt'' I! l'ro selutt"aid l "{p.'roillt: .>." tl it' It i a I' : *,'lior. It tu ,'t haul. hilly Mil"'ti ;IH 1..11.

    h. :. ahllltj would "f the nio+t :liHtrc...i'i1: ,'.r-< :111,11". ,...1. r..Ul very t :i-\ i .r for a II.I..h.1! ! topi I to. tare's'. tllt), MUWil. l 1M thtll Ul lt-. I'm--. \ "Pat'I, I .'. x

    : t: it was their belief ">11 its nn.ruI I tlY, ill .nui uli. I In" t. '!'f th.it tdio hut: 11' (1.: I inirut IIMJMO (tot. ..nndition uio tart .1 "< ". '. . ,,1, 111'-t, ( i .
    tlrii ::: ----- -- -- --
    inml .
    .tioo'd lake there cotta ;i.iu.t'tiM: liflL, i' '. J. = .1''d t 111(' lUniif.: '. .if n rriMt nt ti>'-< t.I't' I .;ill..rvut Glut) that f'ret' :It l'OIl :< tii' to
    !-i iIx '
    tai and set receipts .ttU '. ,V' ,n 1.1': :..,!;.'"..:.; '. ___ I t.> ICell-:.. IH \. 1"It" hut't'alla u 'lw' l I...* I Imo' over ltHt'tfi 5 !IT MONEYTIME

    those receipts, ..nil". 'i'lie hntre'vtits' t'rn Pear. n I 1.1. _. ..I t r"I .
    ,, d take h aft .I i rent': l" tt :', To 't. ...;1' n.,t. I
    t i creditors their obi I. >." t t".t.i i fri.. ale l ? . : : ; '. \\1\ On. :. .."nom wouinii. Indeed. toll in' t 1'IknltkP til II. nil) U l" .1..1 I I lid to Its S Ip 21 h w .

    u: ,'ln< new obligations lnv; to tind 1 .l: i. ., '! .L :.: -,r/ that stir had I h. "n ...InI.lnattw: net o I lolwith I I nn mi i.I..a. iti.itM.IK- {!] WORRY

    II' co HatPITTSBURG. 1.; :,,1.1'r 1 t'l'1 :, . : ,. ". l' ".'r1xhi ,'xl'rt'{ raI, r' I" 1. ,''n1t1tju iy ne. ahr HU. n til nut'. In f u H..U win,n n li.".-... ...

    n, >o receli-ti! ad "'i \\ dVI1'' t.. 1 I'.- I I. '," '. k. I t'nit: .\j- : of a writs of ntnrtiuns ur x" taer." al l -'ti'lt got* turn*'r o\i't' on UM h., I u I r tilitfM

    -- h.tt'lt" ii. N N' 1 1"1' l : ., .1l.n'L,;.,'. more o;. I to-.v li, runs to 1o.h\lI.\ Inn tlnlfjJio : the point of :"IM lull iiiin' the .. ,11.1' I i It I II'' "'to .

    yp r', I\T l"ut r ':IIC'ln v :: K,H t. h'Ir1,I tot, lK.-*,it tlH' 'lt :iinthuii.utiout .; I or in nil IHI the ; '''"'11. mid "III! 1:1.:i I'i ito
    11:1'rr'. Sw n. ."' i 1.1 1 tin. ul- I KEYSTONE BAKERY
    -- I Il't: ,'unt.. In short, nlth"ni.h!, "lit' lioUt het It Cal ,'- the lull on I .'I'i ( '
    ( Tl.-t sIhflgh.1IituflN. . i .
    Discuss hail, 1 U-;irntd! t II' v. u JI.c1 it' t""I'" \";iri HIt I, ally' up oil tin i. I' i.:1. In tliii III' t
    "uctart to i
    Ne: r f 1 I.C' I Ii.,. i, 1..i I H tl i I It, i up.Tor .
    t' I"-t's Vessicje.t I inoi ion.il ui"Cur i It o-t It had II".r 'ii.1 :tat l\ .lilt:1 ;:oils p.mil ion niltt xilli I ; ..

    \VTlIani! NEW DIOCCS :!. c'urrl'lt 1 tu t r. I' tli.it Union! .>ho ,".'lIhl till larina" | ::; -..uiio u H u lotor th' lull, -.'
    f. ,
    - r IXx . )' ears we hive been doing the
    in -- I shiftin: -, I'll th.IO curious' tin + HI H' ;:9 tt 1010'| I.> urn lts<'If o\ "r.
    ute to his homo Dining for hundred of .tletl.d
    j Atlanta Is the Title Selected by the Hlonm (.f l j.'t .r .,:rlof rr r:,-.:,' orhit In an itiii irliini |I"t otvlii.h N t trr.,1, I cutomrrc *
    het- 1Vrdnei'ti
    u;' rived Episcopal Church. t"'t'r tin'.>' w r''',' ,',IUM In her *M '''''''II''h' \\ jilt lsil'r| ollllll III>'M NO Unit It i :,,, i i !t.' Ate you on the Hat ? If not, w

    : tgtun. H>' opollit |i iltnlhn'I. ,.I'i \itlnc* her. luMotiiioUll : .' it'. never too l late.
    Kept ol l>'till Ilio !harst sh''i' nil' 1,1 : !I'
    11caeu l>' .
    o r; .- 1'11'lo'C'f't'
    a r' .\u utter hill wife and .a.4 \\ t'.1 t .. 4 tl'<' tllM,| \\ bat ..I". \\ 'Ml thl-, IUMUII*... theio It tint 111,1, i 1'.1 I
    '. of AlUuit: I* tin na-no! of i+r" ii"w 11.1 j
    Pit II' (01. Then
    tt:: ort ) driving' u; I'' .1 i if *ho h:id tut.u t in I'otu .>r 11".1. I to smirk It.. 1611; Inli* t.. i

    rid for :Vorlc.- \ikioti of th. 11'1"'Hfl.11: (' ill0111" 11"1\ \, ::11'! 't ti.: turn! Inti.i.<.tt ut:i '! lir.ut On'awloi\ al.\ piUin th. nor: i i..ru and w. *>.-.tern por1tlon" I! In rlat I. f,
    ., fur Sat .
    : all. Europe
    fit nttrniiii ih oniotioiiM iliod forum Inx Irt.i lioon o\'.*rtiriiod trill h> t.It.III. "
    of O.ortfirtio: : (*co.viulttp sent -lIat -I h! I. r1,1 I out I Uo rtaia t I Ir I ,. .
    ? n
    i \ tl I tp;" ol. UM t III Into tliu until I I. iii 1\1'11'\( I...\
    .. -, rtlu-ctnnt to dlpcncsI ', out to &:
    r I " ,' ? ,4:*". ii,.. ltu;'noil v\l I't two F.electiii; | tao fitt: I.,',.. r I. a 'i\ itiiotht nuf.>i inn ,11tliit >, |laiita 1111.1 I HO. \\ Iltl ..HIM"(li' t I. IaSCuilt. I liii'tltlla'lal:

    t : .. n"t'(1 fit"'I l lyon FPveril I I out cu>.*" n and :a ( lernnd" I h.' dUxi-! .h'in.I! ; I > 'i'nuxoinan h ul l h, ::nn : t..t I... i''i f" .'n"" :1. 1', i u

    of f rU : important ls nt>'s and cf North': t..HjIIU. Af..i r dl dl\f'm'ulun;r fit, lo ir' i II' 10.lu t.nd foul h:id IN.i.ntiiuulit It-. .-If OVOI. Illll. UilltllllU lll. I OMItnrind a ltll'l: lil.l I ,

    I Uo)"*'\tli credit for that proved lively Atlanta won tl.e f! .. .. '' .1 t not Ilio rcaai.... ol t.mo- ( hor..sla'a| llo on Ilu, 'i h ,. I I. )
    p'/ tie U'j| !. !t..,... :11igtitinEarly .. 1 I Itl:"1s'I'1:1): :
    'r '. an urillnei! proposition in *r a rote At 80 to IS t'ntl. i In tho 1..1 until tin\ nro riuM.! I y

    wet' x .. a'prupntatiun of cam DUioe: an of\ll4'1'1t 'wer! flcctr" a fo.,. - - 'Ilio,. ritfhtliic' UI'| .,f tip"' horio, hiH' :ii I Ifflhl'I'It.I : .

    Nei' !, the .1lJ" rDUt'ut. Vows I to Ded Nats ltiin-vt| + fir| p.. IIII.1 I tin- I..ul., iiinotitr \\lnitn thrtrine IWI'IICII: ( \ .
    1 t'' "e n11. fiat It bill brslr.i Rhol. Hiown Columbia. irea!' .Vud. t-irlv to rlso. in lUt H our
    V r..gl'l'I I nto li&'I& l\ to t I.o ,n M li,. vlo\v It M Ih
    urrV '
    Of ; Hawk" !s Atlanta. !
    ; u a. .1 If hoilthx'. hi\|'| \ .1 tad wIN--o po, rlilly If t
    ii more i.rrtorlr pli' iMtirt* .Voiiinn .41-.
    On ui p. 11" gtle! t'oaB :Mr Brj an'i II tray ; H. C. Aston! c ianorlUjr. | you ntko llorhlno before rt.tlrhtK. A N:iid ti> nn nlt ..n.lutt. : M h,. h.id Jitit iiirui

    It.+) .j al i h the text of thetea S'anllnx; cornnilitop. Ils!' C. n ', poxltlxo euro fur ennstilu.llan. d)'''ptii | | tit t'r t" u hit h.)r..,...lii..' iriilii
    Wilntrr C. T. ,A. FM c. T1.: V- WE CAN HELP YOU
    , Y __ I ..1.\i tool nil liv r rtiinplalntH. :Mrn 'I Mill rI.I.1 I to t..... Illlt > 1 tit tll'lllIMIII '
    - I Ct"GrOf' andI": + rl. ,A. R. T1ua.le) S---. C"IU"hl.t. Itnn. wrllix : "Inl | \\ IIIklndlic& '..<..'' |I .a
    f fS. AT SYLVESTER GA. I I..tther'l1lalU and / n. 1I.lrrt.nn. i i iHlsb KI:rtnt:,
    %\ It: n ki't'p 1\ HIIPI',lof jour Hi'rhino
    *>p N<$1>on will sum< the title '
    T.a S on hind \ni HO pji unod with tinn A Woman'. "No" P HU"'!" K: and
    :red from Destruction by a
    of lit-llop ofUanta' t '11 lit'I'' nti 't'.I..I1'.r: hr: |1,1'\ 111,1' ii.Nlil'li .. ''-
    F:re Wa!I.a I. I __ I II i lit f It Kl\i't", In i ullt'r ir.

    Dec liar ('IIUlII.lll1tte. tt. it word taut "' .
    i> V lire which "
    Effort to Recapture Cup. ) 11'I I ,1 nlih > ."s It fr"'III"lItI|) luiiy"| 11-

    v worth $1 d .1100. par ;I N,.w > f>rK. 1) 'r. r.--\Uhtl'i&U bal prong my .tl'I'Tt''la[' itlon, Sold b) \ lltit II,,' \\ oiii.inthi/ n f 11".-. tin. tl tllnio

    IniMiiana*, t lrt.'ah.II'thE' M: Johnsonhil, Mllllnt Ill! iii- ,
    lofinl-tt, hate :i 'esrly ti" KIU *n-&rile . ti'ii fiilH ; upon
    entire lIu"ln"8 campaign lofUng; 1.01.\1',1: the fapMir j! olid or third I Nor i It' the. n.;IH11 T nthU THE SUN. Gainesville Flat .

    t ''i' at : clock Wed. ul ba.;. h,. ,cenl. fir: to Htx..k. 'I lie tMiiiiiii \\ |tau nnKUIfH .
    tf tin IU''rnallun..1 : :
    x \ :
    I log it' > "\\' .1 lo t oa, ,u My I xtlfe fi \llll II taetutli', ..(1 II.II ll..I.. . .
    loon cup. s\ .HI I I.h' i >: ulJvr i II l ) U*<'ar .
    .!" t,,1 tnatrl: t In .I. It. TTi.. laC"f"I'I tin'r told iui t..r. art cot nsurrl.i1th I InMIt'\lntf II,tit If her tnilor I." iIIIOIIIIM ..a MISS ALICE E. THOMAS
    of fi;l'rntany. .
    .1 rtucliI! spread tiThe +tt ho \\ixitl K nn ii 11.1t..1..1I1.. U halt, III' sits III' Mill lint III 1'1'lI.ull..1 I .
    .*ar alll bn hr ,1 In O" iJimn, -- - --
    next .
    ) on ii d ir t\ II IIi j day
    c "n'11 \\illiout nuiklii:: tin i'Turt lor
    tsars. town I
    in June. 1\1, i the Acre oluof .. "
    probably l .lul I cll.I In I hfM 'I '
    t :1' and tho flauiei r.Mt> n"lutrloxor. |t. TLACMEfl: OF PIANO
    't( ,". . C Atnrlr Uj + d.'.'I Irln4! to ral-"" 110., '; "\\',- I wtiitid 1 .. <-.r'k.. u nd n* \\hon dlln.''I| int al hnnliind. I...n-> f

    ".1 b: a Hre wall. 000 or noirt If i r < O-SHI! ) 10 aid IB h.. ill.Iii't ii nth: ill. *"hj.| t.' I iiMkeil III hi-I'I&* for frit.i .iNlilp. mid |1"ro< ..>YI N ?QH N Arrcdomlo Slrrfl,, :'

    tea C Govs'nment. tie pii tn..r; ,(.% IM UI- o ip( f"e.. him for It. uud u. I.,. .'ill Ill. U... "\\'hl. to rank 1lnl-"I iioroHMHry to hN I ta.\\

    I II) I Tils. runny WI. tl h" Ctp,> uil*" c1 I for n... iii.Iu't I jl\t > ou i.. > dniHhtirr1Rc ;I Intvs i...wr.." Mud "liuppliif. ._ llKtudit .. PUPILS SOLICITCDT.
    f --\Wth on nioratjr I
    5... i ballc"'Hllt' mid for lit. 9t-9''n.f* uf pro i j . ** tut tuii.. hiuiiiiro lii.r wiiimH "
    stint city rouiir'lUht. II
    to tlc(" trijs.I .. Jv fur Anything; I 1 nl") .>.. oil. llNllll I III'II !!!....I.I ..I Ilivvnr a ..i
    "r Mayor Htld
    tw.r: '" nMTtren' wHI i Two Posto 1cce Looted D/ l3urglsrs. tutirrv tiniH the Id it, umn 1..p.I"{ l li I tlit. part of itivnlii-r s orvtmtlr r" F. THOMASUNDERTAKING r

    'HlrlC"lpal; biiBlno ct K. t' lfor ypn. TI... .. ... .. .
    f' I "Ul> Stint MIIIIO day w" .h. ti li.' I I's. Ii I--
    a 'o Judas A. L. Mil ..n.1 ... . ..,... r..1, ) ttar '11' .II .. .
    '.. :"lo8ra a:1.: .1.,. i'r. !04. ( aCh .y. H. i.. t tllu..U to .INIMIM. or I'N'i't I Ii hi.II Co.ill.l.

    veP n'wty,. rat't.'dvr.o'1 ; '..Iool! !by hot'r 'a.. '"i i ty 'rc..4aa .. ant ...,. 1'111''.,,'.. I" 1.1'...." i .I.1I.!I... .. ttaw_ nrru tin* kr..n1.-.h.i .

    ,,1 I There m l, t-. :t'. hu.o.'yon Q.: : rulro 1 it do laaiii't unit. IU.tI--fl"l >,1,1.. <">

    t.I.t: b"!..if 'the ; I II '1.'t'. nt Irr iifi. .I.h"II'1 i i
    I *> r f'I of 11 1""fI "in Cf' :til its .I ... .. ilIi.. -1 .l'.y.a M part
    Ilal( i but there VIH* a T1.I11I' the third *ar. rn'j >,..I to .t-, 1 i , tt n,. |_, f'M H k*>iwo i>f I I" k. a ..l.I'Ir..1 I.l".l I I1I : : ut

    Flees ar'" bolni I .. I r?rtr_ will rwptr. aIM> If Ui.. I
    fr- cih! n dining' tt p..' tll-.p w> :'(1\I' << ICHJUfo.... ;
    'I. r. .!"r th.. oath tn the .\ npx-ial from \\'il : i ininoi:. 8..i', says r. ;4 r It lung riioiiKb and vvi :: r'mptul, '

    W".lB idm> rollout: ; that turftlRr" rntriel the pn .'uft' ,' .. .1 I u'd 1 the rule hauls. l !!'.. I a' !lute a .

    of council < 'I MM In wur 4 Mm*,' I ,' .II"e
    that .placo Tni-i'ay ni est. )u w o .oo
    .' , A'.y.'dTs rut. :
    --- -- -
    -- tr> *>.fr. and .f.e'i<-.-d $;g.oj in ra-.

    9 'nr t"e Pr..ld.ot. Tho #af. -as WI. r...c>(..
    1.t' !).,- S A hi.e'o: IoniWa.m I II mile fiWas I II.. r.> It ti"' iiiuoliT to Ill rt'nlt.'r. "Mit IK" N I I.>. t.....
    e. 1'. .' I .> | '1"It', with hi'!' r I..MW 4. 'In r
    -- ro'it*ew.dnnt\\.tilnsitua Tha'ts1or. Pat'fr. : 1j Uni f...ui i I* ,iini" N iirotdrlt ..f ,-- ..... ..... .......' .

    1 C"'fn T' yrort. r .1; > -. n" .; ...... I I. H..I..I
    .. Mro_ . nr0'.1'" rte. j ... ., : : ,.... .... a' tit. .. 1
    It. .. r..oIIJ"l1t. not : ( 'C"1'' I. ., p. I I' tt.v ." '. .', 1t'." \f .' ., . ' r''.
    : I t.r.',
    '1* "*' ari'l t hail .." : .' ,t.. :. >'' .. .3 . .. .' 1.
    I Us
    I I' I 'i. w.is
    TVr. which I* ,_.ta ....lil rut ter .: .r .-. in > "II"t'otJl1trh',1
    '. rt.. 1 Want
    ] I r "'.n lit
    tees \Va.blac:'}n 04la of (",HUf'I..C ) and ate ,'r- .. .. I p t', .w but tat 'Iralnr/ alt.' I Mi II'I/

    sas kIne-i utnCrcv.n. tl"lK'ood" h. J.dR. Neau.sn i u (Mt rte .
    I.'t j I .: t? wrlf (. I'.
    t three >o"1I.ra I la the fe'1e 1U >.r.aitPn i I . .. ..r.&l.'rr NNnr ,. r

    I Uary aid sa f\u. of II."'*> It hI 7 . .,1' 'I l I r. a" I.. .
    3ug: .nie's ," I doll:...l h- Seal\ spot Iaos'aty liar-te4 '

    --Mn E.tward C'-lanes 1>. \\'lI l.nu. wt/: the iattwr Whose Ad. ? I c .n. 'I 1I r 'I L.I 1TH ROYAL CAFE

    aose as L.Lbpera .
    was r.cilr.c! a self:.
    .. .. "a'"
    p- t siae'C l .
    I 11'1 T l'r"I'. r rs
    .xlu U t* an I Town Mr.h .I I Kills Coal l }Lean. I. . ,a..: I.1 ..a fa t. cwsi. I .
    .. ur lu as foal . I ..I... i I.. 4.aIwr.slie$ I'1., .
    form..rb 1 .J..t-r .\ I*" c \: .hHa.J Jwfcnn ; .. ..ll.'s' I. "

    ."a.Tftt.sl. tote u4tr' .Oo. lo ': 10 I ..l I..,. ... w.a .'". a .'ry ..,. sod

    -heir. rwulr K1rkwarM'. a p .: P.; op.a' .; batnla 'i. 7 a.M MEALS AT ALL HOURS a'

    ., that Ox tf be ar fps '.. srr.N foOTT. : .." "1"-.1' 1 n.a.- t. KrvuUr. lIr.a.n
    : .._.... .
    a.... .d..r.i r
    : ', tab.IOU.q -.. I'I
    i ."; j C. ;' I J%,> Ki! WW"4 ftUakr -- .r.... al./ --

    '. C nsc&.ri U'l i. itakr'r AI'" .. vl..l, rr l..snc bUr: 1 QUICK LUNCHES A

    1-...m M.rs "or.I . rwttjra'I. tt.. pj. anA a sat A U. t-.t !. '"10. ti.- IJItJ .. I.SSn. . SPECIALTYa

    kl. Ma KI aw.-ad tt .._ n....."", .., OI'-1'.1. W"" .
    .tea .' r.ri t, \ \It: n X 'K. .li f miin $

    I ., 6.et> Ca.'e.4.t' . -- /It bOO' d...!. b.. .r .tD"u.r-r..J I. t.'I' t. 'rJ v i\irriK-4. : ,

    L WC k."T ..-"i. "' ..I Old O* tcers "e.E: et.! dMoBt at.l .. .1 .Ne I..a..u.t.rr :. ... ."

    .. i-i j,Ja... t>>' t .-;oir.; *.r7 .\.a r.o.o 'I. ,*' Itut 1.s iI...-. I'.fell..?- 1'ttbt.r. 'I' .f i I. .- OYSTERS .IK ANY STYLE It Iti
    . a.orat.c:. aS1ogtjas.s mtlnc of the sfrw r). .": p.'. &< 'b* .' 11o k, I
    sir Routh and North tours! ) &.'. tfc. .14 ,, N ; .... I I1 tliliisis

    .. "To ... .. that fwr \\1, ..... . ... 'I'. 'h.. Art If >H.I |I.e a ...-.dur. . I" il ofllr w .r. r...;**l#J sire Ta.. ,.,lkVOft Y MOM .t> I I
    I I n .'. wa ell you' rats asllisfy f .ar
    5. r. ;' :.n It'I W Jon. of Vot' .om"' "..ke 'b _... '8 .. ietsalat Is . 'r' .to/ ... 1
    ... .11..16. al tic) plan
    .. w..to.rtaa.. .. I place of tb. I.te J M >'.1.! ..r u 1- awl 1 frsd- It wS. .

    .. a .. of t:. car t 9ke ph .t ..t sad .. t.. fe.'trd IItII t .. rte'!. h .A. L T.. E ""N" :I:I Y L L.ia ;
    j I'Jrv: . a : r 1 .r
    I ttr.caots



    .......1''"So ,.. .'..,'\o\-l--f.i! "' .... r_ .. it', ,a eltk.' , : :r ) a

    1 1m

    >> 7. l'i 1 1fl 7

    -- ______ _u__ ____ ____ -- - -- ---,- ,
    ---- - -
    r .
    -------- -
    Victor Hugo Cigar*-A Xmas gift.

    HEWS OF CITY AND O'Halloran Smokers-The Best 5c. I I 'c. O.t 1 :.n .IMt, o. !

    Fine Irk at H.xrrold's market to-I I ;: I 1IKPOKT: < 11 F TIN L 1 I E: f't ) :M I 'f 1T !i. ) \ t I i 1 1I

    CCJHTYCONDENSEBifetters i day. Phone ::.. j I =

    For the best printed stationery call The ((.laiiiesville National 1 1t
    g !
    General Interest Oath- at The Sun olllcc. |I . t hanl't.
    of ''
    Mackerel and cudflch for tuda) :

    eed by Oar Reporters. trade. Saunders & l&irle. I -- \t t th tI..t'. If ..J l ;usm.... t l>s_,I Il""lldlt't.' .' :I". ) '. .1

    ,_ _
    - Black record carbon ribbons % I
    typewriter ,Kl -I\ :; I -
    i i M.I i It.
    AND SOCIAL ITEMS for legal work for sale at Tho ; 1.1' R
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    .5-i--"'. l")
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    and What i.Cai,3to Is Otto gas engine for sale nt a Q ItltlklIiLIs.."-.., liiriiitun. au.l I tixtmi-, .1.1141,1..1.\!: | 1.1I.lh..l'r..I| II' F I .. ,., :"/ 0
    Ha, Happened : song "I'liitfil, :-tatthi Ixiii.N t'In'Itlataln .
    what KII. pii IMIUIII; a.:. >.441'I ::. I' 1.1 is ,
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    f In
    Mid- It --- !
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    ,,' . ,
    : \I..I""orn "
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    y!f. ( in it: \ .
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    ,t, visit to Jackson- ( J I.' ; : n sees'
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    .I.I a
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    a pleasant l.sit to her daughter:; .

    r' "I, t1. Mrs. Uurke and :Miss I Kate Tulllk.... ., Co.l i GREENLEAF & CROSBY CO. Jacksonville Florida j'

    \1., !rugs and art lI'lUarl't\-th ,
    In Sanfurd.Orlno l II"I1't ak the r'IIUtlll'r., for he

    to>t;;, . .. w.- have ever liad. CJalneni [ Laxative Fruit Syrup the t can't tell) an> tiling! about it. but Jut; Satisfaction Gu..r.101tC"Ha. We Prepay .,,, Forwarding Charge t

    : ;r i'ure Co. --
    task (Cha M: Ih. 11. lie Cedar
    new laxath.tilUulah'", "but does", not HU.VH
    \\ r It mitt a ptimll cottage<< I Irritate. It Is. the bent laxative.Guaranteed Key oysters' ".lr", out of Klj<;ht" on the

    111 !. .it reasonable IlrlC'l'.1 or your money back. J. half 21 lit.11. K A Duvlett. 1'hone::. .

    ' ", I lie Sun. \\'. McCollutn & Co. j j The !bo":;-itiglng.. the newe.-t not rr.M

    R .OO I'lt of i I'l.latkii was Sain Slaughter! or n..11a trading ..ltlt.", the "N.-.t dancing and the most I I "fey is 111erime"

    13: w to made Culliesx llle In the city jeMenlax' .j II'. Slaughter laughable e >iif... .liaim. headed b> the 1

    I' it ve.stelduy. id a Miccesi ful fatrhti r. a.* be has ever I popular l Pan> I 1I..lt"0 his Ire 1

    f. .. ..r.; -.measuring oil tank plenty of the good things from the 1 tallied this -' e -tlU as premier ... I I'M I .r- ''I. I i i rii. -t.f 'I. \ i i.i ,,1< ly! 1t- f U' i

    lid: "n,"- for sale cheap. Apply farm always[ his 1\IIIJkI\ln *.. ill.in with J A. Ciiburn'H ( ...nlt'j < |II"| hi.I -I I .-. !I.. .. \I. MI! II -I 1 ''H '. s'.i." rt.ire I lit

    Ga: I Mottling: Works. .:\1 hu.t r..I>I. an ('UIIII'.. with an 1.1... I. t\. h,., ) I..j i . .. ..I- r. I 1..1 \ e.< t' of It Till)
    'My child was burned terrlblabout >
    it ,. .,it.: 1Vaii1was lit the city the fare, neck and t'IIt'.1 I ,i: lire new budget of. funny stories, m-w ,... I l If; i\\ 11. ., .t, II nt.. I -I .)1")" r- ..n.l Ifi.' ,u '''',) u.i.uliiro. that I

    7.t, Mr tucks Is a .prominent applied Dr. Thomas' Kleetrle: Oil. Th ,' songrt :and! foo1Uhno whbhtin" \ Justly f u'l. I da i% -..'.. ti., > Ill!) yii> I'd .III.... 'ill. \.s

    sat i. ur-'r of \\'..lldo.W. pain ccawed and the cfTIld uiik into a earned l for him the. title of the "<:e.r i i \ I lu i I ,r I r a I I' .1. vta; \11'| |lib; | 1tl'Plat! &fair

    gla Cotton lll.s..ns this ;afternoon ,
    ." t f' > r.'iit. or I buy At a har- restful sleep.Mrs.. Nancy :M. Uan-i,
    ;and. tolllKht al the. bolide :Mant <
    110: env' "'Ir.-,". Write The eon> lIamltul'Y:" : L C. SMITH North Side Square Gainesville Fla.
    ( i.llne III. !ii II.i tel u ill be |lla ..'ll to ,
    Eta :1Ir:s atsize and price. (;It'l K. Itohiiih.iii of Oi-al.i. f''
    > one .' 1
    liTirn of T.! Crr.: iner M aiparaiiee| a
    in.ivs' that the Cedar the leading citizens and bui-ltie-o in. n . 1-
    with" uluite 111111"| .iiVictor'' '
    t, ,n. the best In the \\orld. of the llrlck City U, spending a few I ,! Just try one quart of II" i nn. Ii. cat:

    J., tU.ivles.: I . Phone !Kl.e : days here mi bii>!lu4s$. Mr.: ltobln, r>n ( '' r.n ( '.,1.11' t hit Iii nl. r p,nl v. II 1 u EHTAI

    IS'!' '!h!.-\ that the Cedar tttate that Oca I.i an! usual. I I-1 [In Pne | w.uil" iiiiollier liitart. l-'ixoli,.er\ ,I,.

    pt .i" the best. Just ask II. condition, c-mii .,'rH.tlly I ami other :' i I C .X l I..stI.- i I'bolif V.'l.Mr : BEST&IJRANT 1r
    I!! f II i milled i h IA.. wise., II I .
    only .
    ) : and! :\1 l r. Ci.: .tf qt-. I-'OMMII. h..turr.t.

    Is I. .. 11ri..I I .1. Saiitler ..Martin: : arts' Hugo .'.I I i-i Ihe.lty| from Ohio. ,nod will ,
    Uroud t 1"1 '\I Is l'ul..ltlrr.
    If .. '' ,f.' any advertised club eil in the city > .sterdny. and 11 tb.- .'111.,111: Ii. le ,IullllU..*' Wllltll 'I 1 h.. v
    <>.ut..llrAlII'I 1..1..1 I | let I'rilul
    Q,' .- -ine* and nave you tho guest of :\1 i r. and :Mr*. .1 I' I Hn so-it slat t.- iteciirvd v..lufo5Is1.lo |iliirli'l .

    t.: .. in expense= of orderi S: 'full Arredcmiio.-e? Mr-i Sanders CigarsClear wiiii Mr iin.l Mr.i I I'. I I' II. ml. ''.on V-'l' Itir .1. "/ I "t, '. I'..ly !>nttl '

    II. t.1-r: i U .u route home from fort \Vhlti'.I \\.t 1.lbt'I" 'tr..t ...1.1.> -I -Ml., .I -t.t. !" -I.I'.'Mlkl tint

    .. where she: has been on a \lj-lt< to rein 1.-.t > -ll.I.| | I ? ..1( 11.. l. u.r I 'hakes, *
    .. i r for brunch otTlce I M %!1n.'ley mid KOII iu: .>' i. of i." lilt*'IIK-II. .....1 liil.lieii.( iOYSTER
    , tlven fr the few di!11) :<.
    i1.' Here, In ( ainesctlle.Ai pji: { Havana I I.it4.' ( '11)'. utter ...",.....1 .1 IN ..pt, I II !.UIttIJ
    .." 't ', We will hatso Mondi or 1'11"14 I Sri"
    r> fereiic The Morris ) . .. I
    in bibs t lty r. 'Inu..1 to heir/ liomeler.lwy. ,___ _ .ut. ,
    \I.' ' .. Ctnrlnuatl.Ohio. day :a car-load of bananas a thousand .. ______=____ __ ., Kb) ..t. .
    > Mr JtlMM'ley I* repreneiltIIIK (
    l.inithen which inn"! moveheap Strictly gh-Grade WCATCRN! : 8TEAKS. CHOPO.
    i In the city It III..t the "Hiinllnlit". / thinrtt..ii
    Will !I..' ...11.. at all our places th- CHIPPED COFFCtHtjulr a
    :ltd Sits.1 C. A. \\'. on Three for 25c SJ Each. .ind will iaikf lii. >...."'" .."t..r i in aHl.ori
    Candy Kitchen. Opra llou-e I.I'M k i M.J|.. Trading Tl=:Io.te.
    rose In now enmniedTr : time In McliitiMih
    and new .t re\ rear (lsIiivLII.tbnnal '. N.I .. .
    or the Atlantic t% .1. ., ,1 J.f. "" s -I' ''Il fIt'
    I . II .turkrtoiiyllle :and Hank George k ).'rsn4lr. IIIf ) .\ J HfrlrkNiMl.' "' >mif of the tn.--ii t..I'.t "I.'11 I.nr ). .. II.) 1 I.,. .t-' ...r I'" lit

    arttC.ltiiti %" (I.1.I( lknown rltlMA'iiM ul Ih. -.s.ills 1.,1.1., ..I .. It "..."nl... I' ,. .
    > ou Imagine:: > ou .y
    Cedur Key U> ',I..n.II hPD yuii hll(1'.11/ | .u In the eitr. (tun. II lie hiss,.. u1 -I ., I ,'Hr 1 f .r I t .. .1 ... +
    i Hatter are hereThey ,. .... .. .. .. .
    . . 11. ( >e it relay; Mr. .Mtr.ekU.i .f /I' "- 'I' I. ,,1. if' 'jOl
    rest..ursnt k. rM von are hael" d.
    ele.iu and tnte'. that ihw f'.rw..in ha v*> '11..... .' . .. I ;1.1 d
    - It... and i'..h..d. Th.lr oysters' are front fir.- ,. .. .. . '" t ...,."r.
    pa"ftrna" to four d.iy.-i old """b..n you stet themIf O'HaIoranSmokers) R .nl rrO|''. "utwtUa.II..d..c. III' I'HiK; r. .. '.
    I ird. care Tremont sun.nl4r dross.lit. und blast rer. |,l.in 5
    sun want fresh oysters. direct from
    'III hrettlled! for and )has his
    *-r crib comfortably "11.f
    : the ("-flar Key Iw11.ks. rdT fron. KI'hone
    \ I "f merely for the | The farms.-t. ar> kdklric |. rk now
    .\ I kH Ip,1. '3.
    - t.tkliiff .uluaut4Rw .tf th* cold wettN'-r j jThoy
    Th4Gall Lit.rn.t' -Ir. foi. ..unre
    *% [
    .: I will all |MI.. pU*.ty for home ,
    hat, >- an .d'fU.'I.: :.r II'' thhl I.sur.
    und In inanjr innta is tb*.rw will 1,.-
    -WN <&. ORO'S. i in "t belt they :, '.11 k 'JI'r ransce.I \V. ... . .
    ('art "
    I swam. 1k' .ps.re' ; I y
    ITh.. ,, Har.a -M ;rye
    I ', declare" t' M -Tl. I.f' f r
    FCCAHQHTAS Ii K J lf..a\rt of J.*ciafn.,ill.>. ih r f | 11"l' f'" i I' n .
    PERFUMETH4 \t ,ifs t. th.y ar "'t 'til 1oA1..u.,1-
    S1t t f" :ic.i I. Irr trserltnK r..r..ta.h.. 01 lb.Ir..3 "-? "I! I tql I
    a.1.: r., 'itlt.erk.t ."..1 .ri T the hetgr.II

    LATrST . U1Ir' It..,.. ,r.1' Ia-ad ft.ed ltai.hl.. rn..tora 1 ut.aas5.y aril
    CREATION:. .- ut worth. A ('o. M-haol .wi>i>').. lr I.. t. It. kU.&h:"'iE. i
    , rtliilellt if ...t. Ti.plnte Im- .0.' .yrI.r. -SIp.
    f w. M. JOHNSON. i :l... L..1. r N V .|...t a tow hour
    a raaK'
    -- .ii shi..1ev. y nrt.rir. Mr lire.,

    :--......-- ItI -r-I.I at re 1J"m..ut: Mr 1'es! #i \I..1 i w i If.. ....". jest ,........... 'r..u .....r GMNKSYILLK: : TIE COMPANY

    I 'J 1\1 tll.,. dl<.tr. : r-pn..ru- .1 . : C. VV. Ear IFsan CD.I rl-. "t 0.. 1.i .
    '. ,.
    itit. t.tur
    N K Falrba.w; I
    t. r. f'.fjr .{...* th., ...".fI,. r u ,
    HI with u. .er.-ral, da' I' d' n .'. I-.Of, I .
    Djrado . ,
    Cafe IH.tr Ines .tl.n, 'I key arse t- ..1 "
    'I F'abrtank's ....t tosr ru'I. oe-r I ..., .. .unn .....rl.JA : '. i 'l 1 1' ff, Ht' .1,
    lb.wiii ..tplaln out pmf.+. ;t1"11 Florida
    J3con1 .
    e t roo 'h. ". It-la fit. w .
    - '
    ..t..b.ou. faDu..... an s ...rt :..' !.' 1" .. Lea' i... ., 1' \'rli4.I' iii, TJicJA5 1f.

    '.f Ib..fl4" ....,.. at .1101.-1.. a I'r It.. "

    I i 11: hi. ,. an lntrttu...?or> oS.-r .. M h -f----/ ,

    ) r s r E RS sill only .(.tod *.*! bll-. Mrf 1a.r; M LItAI I '.f 1." f : t r fl f .. 4' US4UAJt: : M. A.e" t. F..r,

    .11 I !I. with sic H ,u""-" T'. A Kr'Th '.

    IIf ... .1.! U.tcroUitlc ...

    I Chink and tLf loan: 'l 1.- n
    "S > \\ WHATv 1 I II 110 the notebty.om.* lr kn v II.-al""j' t

    I il 1 v \ ; ;! at..urdltS... and J.antumk ratter, 1'1' : CAPITAL AND SURPLUS. SI30.000.00 UNITED STATES OCPOStTORT

    : be s.cn this afteriuxm .1.'l 5'.r.a': 3'1,

    i the op ra tao ase. elt h J A ( .'t .1'0.i)
    Cet! 6 I. m. to 11 p. m. Greater I/la.trels. I.-JO' m i- Ir Ita a We Offer Unexcelled Facilities and Up-to-Date Methods of Banking.

    CTt act tot only out of th. malUof

    t1a4. f >Atur_ this s.-**ja In t.bl.rUal4. S'Ilt .
    I'KOMJT Ool'KTKOl'S: icKIJAISf.K \ Solicit Vour'l'HE Huitinrnalv ,
    k .. eaJQyaw. eompaa.1, wtaJda s.bav. -=

    ;, Chops, E issue to. Itao.. wan bt..p all :5SS.F

    ,. '-. _.. .!uc.G t M/1fMt t .M'', i .... '. .

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