;>.' ........ +,.... { ii,'+I'rRa..i, ....-..,.8 <.. :L.t.- "" ;;.I H. :' .. "
.J't wH i' .
.j. t..6 ;t"t ." ': "'I. ';\> ... d--. "2at.r "' ;"" ''''' ' :i' : .. r + ,, ; ' "; :"E.-.1'd :';" "':v' ,- -_},' i.-j< -i'JJ, "';;" r.L'. >

. '"

. I) THE ((4A1NESVTF.LE sFN'r NOVEMBER 2fn :: 1'h17NE .

- - -- - t
- -- -
t1t- ., i Si . r.i! |>er- \\ rt:

.... . "r'ht'n
fn LC-WMAN l \ CASE ;r. i i e till!.

A -: ther- White Witness.

IS NOW ON TRIAL J I' .v.> of Archer* kite
I .. '. ..t. to the killing of '.\\11\1.\;.\ .

,.' 'I i in ho wvnt tu ti'lI I.OMU. '

Occupied In Ccm- !1 ( fljf is the < : ''ie dept nt Art'h*'r. f.. "...n

11 al, H :a iay _-.. .11+ c:.. Jeu. l. jwninn wath.. I'., From Ounce
a ,T. mark Every o 1 Fuel
o.c.tu g
f ,' .'
n''a:. and witness heard h i c::

\ '! i'I. bought! n new |tli>tol! tni

YES C ex' EN WERE EXAMINED I t is on ; i I"" ', :. I'htmtey and a dun! ,n. d

i .

Excused After Panel Had r 1I I inn I it., .., a negro lived at Halei-!
p4 ti \\ Uio} nirrmry t sail
and Accepted-Night bottle : .'w, r I." .!iefendants. and testified fo ifps Seer r dc'cd Goo. / l't 't1ttSa, you just cufi'/ki-cp the h""... "' .It
red to Complete Jury. I < at i 1,1.: | by Ixmaii nsrain-! .11

SUSI p. QU I j \ c"n\cr*>atloH occurred ill find \\onJrrfully oii\ nnnt t" .
Counsel for Defense. l. a
Jllde" '" tr: on .- ''i e n\ld'l 1 Rate..

l Dally Sun : i I U. i'U! lived Williston..i. \\.i-. '

e of the circuit court : ''Scott's all the countries Hl:il!. ih oil day Robert Colem.ii PERFECTIONOil

T Monday: in securing: a Nothing equals it I 1'1.. !11I11t'.\8* horse to that place

M* man murder (case the weak and t (" 'IT"h..ruh d threats made btin-

|m completed until SO: bodies of young and old. ' Lo\\ti' in against Phlnney That Heater .
n following twelve men '.
All Dru..ut* SOc. &o-l $1.CO. ,-
i "e >a.saola
thtcase : (Equipped \\lth Smokeless! Dc Ice)
es'' try Here the! State rested:; Its case

Collon. .1. C.xmter _ _
--- -- -- ---- -
t \11"11 L! for the room Turn I the wile' ln.jli or low teaS
B11rr11"Ig.! : attorne>'N pros-ecu'

feukK3 t ,li .' .! John on. Thomas \V.j' store. and H II. Lowman :am"out,.'. d that the State rested" danger--'iu> smoke no 1111"1I.I! lasll: )' carrel I
dou n.On
KdelfrtPln. ('.,>e i --tills.< 1 for the defendants: lor anti gitrs nine lumrs 01

!t $' Muses is represented. jwhich j cross-examination .IinU- !:-d :"!1'' and wer granted {.emits>l cozy comJorl at one lillitxj. J \f( .IJ.
f fi was unable to shake llb.-on's( "
..; i I. tarter lion. John H. 'i I Iv. mony to any material extent. to r<'tire to consult among them I brass 'oil. I jnjltr..1 11L_:'

r .'U.1: > K. A. Pinnello & j: \'" > \"t! 1 their clients Theer.' nickel :"1J j'I'.1n 1.\: ry

exhausted nineteen i I The Star Witness. an h'.iir timid five minutes am heater W.1tr3nIt-J_

nnfl, hallenges. While State I Pink Gibson, the Ilo.Ul1at< ' the returned to tho court mon

Livers: and his assistIjmz I tlur. Is what I Is t..rm".1. a nl'-t \* lines called for the defense" The jKcXyt> Lamp An'r' K 41\ ''' "Iw. ij"r
tut A.. l PI l f: ie Jr.1\ t.-r :) .... .
t \' and Col. J. : nlster! ; his forehead Wlllinma WllIKton i a V .
lit lone .nIl"" r.ernngrt ,
ti v one! of the ten dialn that of a hlll\ and the %\ *') e-rt I ile had drawn a diagian ky ir-w n'l we vourJrcit t>n. I 1..11'mrr.,1' I .. ".".1

n the State tendered stuck to his( testlmonj showed" l I.aur> iu. (;ilbson's* ttor; ,'. In xxhlcl i hmrr. \\t\e\ \ ul. ..,.... niC"rllI..J., Every: limp ",,'an' .1 I ,

: i > s.imea accepted.cusod I he \> as: also "bull-liendetl.! l : : I I'I t :imey had rocoixed the fatal II your Jralrr rannol supply ihr Rata I Lamp or I'rrlnl. lJ ,
a, f Healer write our nraml far a dnn-'I''tre' rirruLr.!
I \ thlrt>.-two ve- holdiiiK Cap 1'1t11111.'S horse !. and' the defense Mibmittei.! agency\

:'the 1.0\\ Illau.... drove up with a tne m .-< nlnico. I Ho pointed out to STANDARD 011.. COMPANY .

hitched to a hl1Kg-y and asked Jury I tl.tnexcral ontrancos to tin (Incorporated) )
A Peculiar Incident. I
horso he teas holding; hl' r "'. tinobjoctrf located therein

.1..Her I !the panel had "Cap. Phlnnej's." The : ,- ':- the pnrtltioiiH. ,flooring {
1, the State and nee -
y hltclud their! h nm and came .
d. tense.. J. H. Kincaid "-
i I store. Cap Phlnne\ '. .. \\'. M Milrldgo of Raleigh tontitled -r
-i.limnly informed the
tx the btore and started to Ill'a among the first to reach
, .d 01 l not believe he could
c horse, when (;t'O. I.owmtll .. see n. of the killing. Ho uw a
,, t'i-!. ra..e. After con I AND VftETALe5I
) (.Pinkhat{ Phlnnejasiunnim: ; ,, taxing by left hand of dead
1 ii-nlns by Judge Wills
he replied "Cap. ati't innnin'." : ''' ,-:al'o"a rocked : it was: the

5 \cu-ed. and .,!the work Louman then said to Phlnney: of pi-tol. which had: to bo cocked 1

lulu'ier half.hour being was re- hack you liald-headeil. cowardly" shoot 5 Handling of the Above Is Our Specialty.
of -. and lets hate: It out
Defendant Takes the Stand
.ir 01 lete the panel.
Q then be shooting {
man an
A) '*rv was sworn and or Mix times, the horse. beiiiK ,' l.ox\ man tho younger Irv ..s ft I Walker sworn in was placed': on tho stand! in |his! .
tuice anti riinnim ;twiny 0:111 Iian; < il<' more to your nlMutant<. t4
juIce 11! .nt: adjourned until 9 ,IK half On exeiilng of day of

x uning. when the taking tint pistol: out of scabbard on &:,' be and his father and an old \rf' ,t <'t tin1 pru'c; : ntnl iuiki: returnlul: ; .\' ":
dnritiK shooting.'hen. l.owman .
of t "Y :ill begin. ed t'tl1 gl'rhl .', \\ "It; to Kaleigh., On I-.tll'h. >:t-inl ill )'idle ii.'iiiuk: :tlld l WI' will (nl"\\lJ'tI"IIhl'c'r: i istiimp .i'
firing Phlnnej came
Clbson'-, store ho saw Pink <;ib I :
the store I 11. H. LoNvman met ano! kr) .f |p ,\on adi& ioolc.d! a-i& to marki-t;; ('ollllitioll-4.): ,1
1'r d i s I Daily : holding a horse xvhich had a "scab
and fired. Phil ivy returning !Ieerenrelour 1..11'' I banker ;
1 d..iv, of the trial of thei onaddle with a ,pistol In name t ,,

JLcIt ,. and :,1011. for the as he was "easing down" l.. ) :asked Pink whose horse It v\an "
shot him after he was down and! GALLAGHER BROS. Commission i
:,11'. Phlnney at llal lgh. tin.-tin.aheout said it xaCap: t'hinnes's AH S .chants
Low man beat him In the head t
u 1 the Sth of June II';. ;1I'1'1.IOII'h,1; the Moie |'hlnno >' was r.u soi'Tiinit: ST., cuirAtiu, ILIIXIIS.amliiallon "
his empty Illt b, t at 0 a. in. &: out. |ialiig; about six feet 1

t. < 0' r Vi Ulvers read the iniur On cross-exanuinatlnn b>' nudge me. neither" poko... and 1 I kept

d-; ., >'. the tlfty or more1I ter for the defense Pink stuck fI 0e on him as he had shot lime- I

.1 I lacd under the rule, to his direct tt' -tl1l1oll '. lie hail tin1 "at'kt.ral months before. could not. get. the tirm tn, -aid tiny fhlll' ill..,.ill a ,plotol; ) He did ;t

the State making out in the door during all the I ..r had 'pr.<..,ded me' Jnto the retiiembi anvthliig that .ee.,.ul..1 i --nuiiv not see I lai'k 1'1"\ e tli set.- w

r; -Min\ by calling to thel.iwrence which showed that he was | '>>. I'HItW "Idllll"0:0' / tn his borne (.fI'r particular clay I Atet ::111( oilixk 'p m the court lul-

.'' scared to death or hail more jouriM'd, until' N o i'lot k this| | inoriilnK< rk
: (:ribbon u It trot tend lilt his hand on the Threat by Phlnnry.
than most lI..gro"4..lth.'r' he Col Pod Cnblx-rlt i ondiK'ted.. I"ut ,t
t't. ''I' who conducts an exUalelgh. "hal'l. and ti lu illii. so I drew m\ \\' :M Illeis was thin .IIIt.,1 and. ,
1 trt: t nnd who isontr.utor brother had an) tiling :against th. noel w., t..>Kan: fltlnK at rush I AlMiut thri'i* miuKaleigh of ili. > cro.M .>\amlnat loa for dffen".
a: mans or had said in the ' . ,, I .IN JudK1 Carter bud to take an occasional
: anti po t- As I tlt 'il the hirs.julope.l" Phlmie .bad. told him that
reel' un'Ulit of bin fe.'bbcondition .
t; witnesses: that they knewcry orr.'h"n I emptb-d \ on ;7
ran toy
ho and fi.'o; II. 'I-owmaij' imildnot
. d I that on the day ort the shooting/ I gut behind, some IXIXMS" .Thin' . llxt In the entice countltneM ). / n
t: Into the ..tor"'. .pistol I 'the reporter doeit not 'pretend to wl
Thistles had com- The Female Clerk. then wftif \\' bad n'I""to'.1 llntlireat tolewtlitlll
that thetli- Ie tau."nr'1'1&' '
a forenoon and: li.. apii'itklng Maggie Cade a rather l'r..I..'.. band and b- and father then. and KOIIII timeIII! December I say r
Dm. but IK ban tried lit glue: ttu. .Ullit.i
i' .( He had d. at "ach ..rh.-r l'blnne)" waN In
a .
who ,
In? mut.itto woman: was I"u I '';. M\| month prior tu tin kllllntfo
I III cimdciiix form and an tie would
p 'i
'.ifk In the afternoon. in handsome dress and some line art of HhiMiiint; father down whenI ," I'Mriliex' .
I' hate nii'li-rxliMxl a'e'f.hme a inwmlM
; I asked to have> someHe .elry ""aK4.orn.. She clerked. I .. iti| nii'l hit him In the bead I r
Hnrd Itlltih Klafed. Unit nome time fir I be. "pit t
alto had a pistol Postmaster! ibson: and was! hi toy piHtol as | bail no curt rldg.-s prior to tin flint dltlciilt! I III

"> Pink Clhoon: his during, theeitr.affair.( being in .. ..literpeaklhg of tllcltKlflK: I ;.'o Ijiwiiian and Phlruie 1.t"1. I Dancing Proves, Fatal l l1Luly
: 'IIIIK In the door hold- .. thing and .. woiiiidn. rescued. I hipI I hiM filthier and i
sition to s- \t'r> '
h..IM..ltl l to tutu one da) that' I. : urn and women' catch suits
r"'p. and he IfQnlnice two Kolnie borne, !lii ntiMwer f.> j
tonllUll! I fheorroborat 1 the -food (Jei. I oHiian wait' bur'k III the' ,''lit danci-n whlrh! ter iiilnat.. In pnvuriiotili r
ht- r"'ollllot'.cl.! tlHII. by his OKIIlHel JOIIHK 'leis'
; and Pink in
ninny mutt mid Intended tit make It .
I and ron tim| tlon After ".1""*-
rse he was!' luiMlug.! denitd c< rfaln utatfmentM mad,> 1114'' 1t
particular. home. but the two could. Hot II".' ,urn It l-'oley'M Honey and Tar I I. taken
.1 I 'Cap Phlnney's.:' her in I 1.:awr tar and fink! nlll".n. nn I
When! .Iudsf: Carter took j tile name < ounY Oil <'roM>> e ,,II liilna, I II It w |III|| break up a cold acid no nnrlo I.' d 1 his !!On.orgt.- .. the d nttineroiis lir''MtH of l'hliin lit
on ('ross-exanilriatlon for I In" the wllneHM/ tic kiiovs, !10..1..1 Unit It I rerulit. iie< d b.. feared Itefu..e any
rqrp. the father Mm '" 1alc'II heel bn mad to
step she was very |IN'rters-e. and. act aims" hllllssif.. wlit I ttenthone-el I.i. leis but Ito K''iiulii In a >'lIuw i.nrknKn.
.'licp railing In -rsecli. bi !'hltll"'y. and .th.'r i I
to jet a her Is
con"I.If>ft'Cl I
though she j| man a return and Intended. to make It J. W. MrCollum A Co
i t-ettl his account.l.v jne-tloneiL. by his. Jut. : stitch find bn mad bx I his.. homo ,

'.. l left the store. l'u"Pfh'.J. ho*" .,," to Iatll.s who had cnninimil'
The Judge( ttfiHlly Iirr.Ilse proverbial l Mriilth family Death or James Pedrick
in, asked Pink what that she the ..m.' to him He cu-tiled( .i In I
in K> ttlnn her to admit I ...*. riHtileeiJ (Into be ...,_ III tier.. C. .C I'mlrU' ens fulled IK )Morrl<
r.,. j in for why did he li with the threml-i which State 'Itreies." -"i .
mnrrll but did not e I ,iN.r....n >.f Ham rfmlth a. a wlttiimi ton TiioAtiay. on ,U' "mt of tin d''e.UaflC. g
'I 1nsh! hiii t HlIngaln't No. she had! nothing a .-. he bad. made. _lHt the !II the i .
'. huahanc1. i H., *... With ders/s.lsnta Oil the hi* brother J.ine. 1..I'h-k. whlcltniori"
** riinnlir. f-orlC" x.wmtn. why: -hould nhc -y. I[ went 'Into th*. nl....., .
.. day they c *m> y ail ev"r iirr'-d) eurlv lu the -
e 'd Ihlnney w.lth .' def.--iMlin. wa ( here t..rnNJ o* -r 1
.,1' him a coward. First White Wtn! *.s. the HtJitf 'or rn.n.U..n. :;'for atviH water nnd denial, thut either limit *>f that day of mlsorer.. frontahlrh

f lUlelgh was' of them bad mad any throat In lf..* bhad Buffered f'.r ."iu" fin.".
Alford e
I"an. (i'-'frKP Low" Arthur Col Ill.**r. IteI.C.. the :
placed orj tb!> I .. : prwsenrs of any .*> .MNII..t PhlittiryMe rHiMrd I. Pint tt.i.l| hy a ,I..wut.-i|
white .
\\ Fen the tiring first man: JtItJ. d. that h had bonchtLU a
1 .< k h.tot h.' by the Htnte lip had genie to a t sls...., former trwrnbl with was with th.* nil Mil tb, wlf. and Hc < r.iblyinpMlhy n to whom th +,
time they ,.*>r. In ltaeh: <>n that day fir This Hun and otherMyrnpittbr ai
mhuulry with the' l uwalar.4 wi a ....... and paid, hntfrtor. .*tn.. tttr
4 .. t' duly and hard thM.-r man and' went hums with fhrn'U" *>.. frUrnd U trended l. nl. y
nn prntwrtbnOther<
B i 1 i I 1 rriunltt of d."..iiajil. Tbwttnt I Ii .
0 u :; w toll'n altk.-d b> "p.llom="" to h wa a << an .st o-n.I..t l t. Mr I'wlrlrk. lu th (l

glass of soda that h.* 'would M/Itnes.ea. i i ... nalil l>.wmaH bad r"nHrk..d I loss tt M. Ir'.t....... CV

Attack. drink Donlap I'hlrnry'blend .... '' '_.-. tbrn ...(jrn I"r' to Mowatmt white. In ,.... rotnMI.7 - --.-.,- .

!YM 1"toms. cold soda .at.-r." U. stuck to .....,..... IIVf.w the defendants that "..IOf..1! .!.. tbtrK..r than water d I ,: t'' ' .,.tr..r ", .. .. ." II "" !It>.

Sour stomach *xam1iii$ deeeaaed. At.ut the 3rd or fth nut thai b. *o.tli] rather drink the ., '..
r. t n-tlroonr on cro- r' I : i-Iv ltr 1'i r 1 "i' ( <:

t e sallow in mouth sick and N.-tn"" 1 to think tike Maeltl' ; -. i \njcu5f. Ift&" he itaM that h.. had hkwd of Pbinsuy thaw ....1. water or'' . .at .... .. 'It ..t ", ., t ;.,,:
complex.: ** ,' h'hlrtnetr that the nest tint' t..Un.1 tO bf Alefl 4 flflMP 4tt tb. Ht I9.
i I' wa.. : uo' hit business U a* -
Ca. world your enemy. in.! e :,'r.r- I IHr< an!' orurht .......... NeWMMBI warns .le.tb .
propound by attar
it .t:a
\". ... tip *tlon Inact- 1, '"tint-. otarr bad atit.. i tai 1.0...... T. L HODGSON

overflow of bile Youthful N.0re Witn..a.Colemao rfrt.HS.tari; n fI'If' C 'eel t'J. LntIc' W I Po... ,...> must wltn..*.. ,> Ill

R. ystem. I tot 1i mt tt.. ".'.#n .art..r. thai wit, ha ... ..,....t aD t... day ..f !'I..
notNort a n'-
":- reatment for two a.tly IS ysars yeah s" J w . t .a" a lie. . ..A ..r It ' ... *.|..t tlkrcata br 0Ln-.,.ar. t... Practical STUMP'. PULLER

: fare retiring with -- tb. stand H..t '. .. n. -I rn.i. -t H.... t/.Ytatn. ONJ. l..... trial Ibat b* did not bear I If ?

I I" .....Ir..n f".1 I I. r said, In :. ;-eeMalt.. any tit...... I. WfVl lft and I..rtB. W4Pv4 Wd 'tn". Florida.
-1 !
Mr PtilD"y 1[ r
R, rtUy q1.> ST' t sit rode the Ia..r'. "or-. .. h.'n .-.. '.1:!..,.. C- ' ,! .... t..;, .|ii irrtltac WtttMNM 4t f not has, I -

'.. a r"hArnl-1 t.nlt" Ir w3.. rt,- t lxi. n in sa' 'Tier ne-ph. w all t w** e:+oarwr.atksrit1'tl

YIe: PELLETS .. .! the d.-.u!. .. r *.. 14hi
C-.- I' !it I. .mritnr. who .t. d t.:" I ro.t r.y. "IA Cl W*a. 4 .n J|fM t it r-.u. "1..1 a as.'1 :Archearedl

s. ,. djn't worry. sleep ._, :.:.x ft. .r n. v. .. A: \., i' 0 > r.. .; ..,f.l'r} t- t.-.t titwrtta' "f 11. r. w t. .. ith f,r*eh...r all the tl'n- .
: . .
i ture'lldotherest. ... 'f ...,. t on .hart nnU Jr. t ,1to&JW-
1' .
t s ..t t .,rl..' I I.* mr-.Jkr. ..1 n t I 1 ? --r' r .r.II: +e)1 t'.t r' (4 I/ear l.t4' .It trier It.r.r-I.

Tr.aan' 2S Ct.. L."n U- f"r .i- If.-.r.b t .er" w. r. I.I.rim Use .. 114 ".f .nil' th.. ............r'n sod 1451 I.uwauna v .bl. arl.-.. MACMIHEHV ion

AYCR. <> _a4i rv lo< to kill ham .b. u.-.t '( .... ./ i C TO.! .*-.. UI4IJ.. nu thr...'" taunt ftilrn.*y bur IALt. r'"ttOOJ..r.. IIOUelte4

-.... ", tt.. ..ftt... ", i.. ._1t_. .. ,, '... .....' ..'.-:._,_ ",".... ; "' t.! .N .-. ..a'ioop"- (.. J--i,. ..:.. ......;..;........ .. &....iIt a!

N: NOYErB: 2t'I In!) ,- -. I


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l I :: -c. . . . . . . . . . l lie l
t worth 7 I- !(-yd 1. :'JO) ydft>r 51.00 _
F. W. L. TWO-CLASP KID GLOVES ,!. ( :Jood Il.axy. I'l-ored. (I'nd.-r-. .II .. "xtt'a guod :! :: PI'
I I-I I I'1 tin worth) I, I 1) .
: ;I:' I I. I. o yd ( :'j', < -. wort'h I 1 hi I 2-
.. f \I l.'lI.,0< ), 1101'2! 1
' 'd-lrlll': . . . . . . . . . 51.0* .\ :::-1..n-'itlUt' . . . $1.00 I I each\\ear .01'. . . . . . 43c -. do/-n I'"X 1.1 .nood I .1 l.'x.'Jii:;( P

;, 1-1 K.xtra Heavy: P.rown Muslin{ : ; ; ( :Spoeial' two.elasp: ) Kid I .' < 'tl!1-1.*. worth" I IS. *, for . . . I 14c
I, ,l.alil < xtm 111)011; 1 lhlv _____
worth !IKyd.) 1 I .,'d-l: for . $1.00Splendid ( ; )O\'f.o-I.OO\'uh1t': : ( . .age I H -
| lihl11'11! VoN anll I I'.1.IUIELEGANT I
worth :a.-It)1: !( ) this oal,. BEDSPREADS AT ONE-THIRD
I'J-l'utton Kidand ( do\'c.* l.laek: I : : : 25c '
,...t I I Values I I In Cotton Goods colorOur -* . . . . $2.98 .. _OFF THEIR PRESENT VALUE
Kvtia', value I Vets and I Pant . 'I
; I t t \ll > .- ( Yin-hot J I . 85cAll
at t
.' 1OO) ) pieeo-4 .\nn ):.k"-iLr :Staplt' ( :Jini;-. Ift-nlittolllid (GIovo; *. Mack) ;I worth 7.V . . . . . 49c ', 'l.c'"I' ,
41 I hamMrth I 1 hN-i) ....ihiale+ : I . 8c .In'lOIlI.I + . . . . . S3.JS I' l I. 1141 ( 'r/'J It. = :at flficMl .
=Spu\ .n. \lid I \alit-: t in < nlhiHntttm 1 ;-I l 1-: (rroohot :-'prc.adat. 98 :: t
(. .*>(O) piooe:* Good) :Stand-in: ( 'mj hatut.worth : t. :Silk: ( ;il 1.)1'x. \\lnto dren'- -MH \\.irin; I ,,01\\\\ p i .\11..1-1 .1 s I ( ', ( : . 51"9'' I

> I I.:? : t thNa I.I . . 7". ) $1 I-n.98c' fr tin-: .\11 ...,:-_,.11'1 i -1..I..t--t, Spread:Sproa.Uat.S1.45>> <
:lit'O) piooes l I'nll! :standard: I < '..ilico4, .
worth to lay > !I-:.t' : nou .fi 12cA __ ._- :"!_:,'- 'JI' III "' 1111'' pl'Ol'orh)

quantity" of Good; < ;dioM; .-. \\ 4)rth SPECIAL SALE ;
7 I I--'(', to ,.I"Ot':: at . . . . 5c Special I Sale I Fine Table Linens AND BLANKETS

,, Inn(> l-'ine .1. I-' 4' I 1'1' -
pioiv-: 1 -- 1. .
t( < : illghuul-l.: worth 1.-... .H ] QcChiffon Beautiful Table Linens Napkins and Towels Much Under Price. A \ il' '" (':.1'in: .hnn:(llt'.J ( 'I I
. -- .- ._ .. :an. rintly, \\ .a, ,1 l P.lanket-. |
:>8 dch, D'e.aehe'd Damask worth 3:>c Goad Hfned Napk.n worth' : t'Ce .
I \n olt-uMM r .\11 \\ Hill I 1'1 I.
lnl 't.
Broadcloth I =
I 1 for 2": c yd. for =c _
--./. worth >.'., o, for. . . $5.: ; ffl"\I'
58 inch Fine Mercerized Damask worth
:w Ml color)I : north .? !I. -'.", > dsalf. I r"I' rltl' I''' J3 3 +.' :. : ..cial . . . . . 89c,1 Wool HI. I II
-.1{> S3 inch Fine Linen Dtroatk worth Our 7c Muck Tow' '!. for 5.! 1..111'. fair . . . . .S5.9n
( )IU lot \\ool I >re*.* ( ;Jood*.. \,11111'4 (Sc .fer . . . 4.c.;Our toe Hue. _. .--.- .
Towels for
,' k
)7, : inch l-lne Linon l Damask worth !!
I 1
up Our the Hue Towels' . f.1 I I -ark I lilting worth 7.' I"
. . . . for. toe :
. . . . . . 75C fur I'e -
for . . . Nd I .
7Jineh Fine" Double D,msW. \4\ ) Our 2Sc "a'ru )n Nick: and Da.ells .. al 1 hi. -al4p I . . . . . . . . 5
Splendid! valu. n s ,, I'ani-y Silkfor at $1 !SO' )d.ZO: patterns to I, a"r'' ty'Ob.agia'Or> tic I I.t H..IVV. Dark 1 )
a' thi .ale at. . . 49 and) 69cI I choose from: will be' old in this 0..5 'r'j' i9 .. litlllgy:: I
.. sale. S9e c Tov e> will/ be c' !1"t. i. tnt-I . . . . u "
yd. at .
:Cc 1
,; 1 LOOK I ) l F( Ill!: 'nil I 1 1:1! : ,I \ SKJ; a1 N,pWm* to M tcH. .orth.. $3 5C @eautf.. .> B rj..hed "' ''r''ln..n' '.. I . ,
\: will.:I oe o'd' 'or 23 ."lei. M ... ,' e ,orth toc.a.( f""i.I\I r' Ili I III.. I t1 J : I.I.1f 1i I

i J

-f: BOTH 'w r &'L -' [1Jt\ I 30THS

PHONES J. The IIWD 11 tiE \\l i?' A rJY PHOJE";


x. v+Y. a, 'S). y .. l - rf ..I. '..' .' . .;" .' .'.. .'. '. '.r. ... ...."'. .. . . 'ti' 4' , _. ._ y ? -d

.t THE nA TSVTM': F rO'ErHl: 2K ]1907!) ) It

-- -- -- - __
-- -- -- -


ue I g//! = gi1tlt o.eA .1

1.-er:--31. 1002.! : at Gaines 'EPfrAr

tc' ., second-class matter. 1
iL-7 :i Ift
'' ,f Congress of :March 3. t


.--.-------. --.- -.. .

'tI a' E.oa; -ry,nesvllle Monday, Florida.and' Thursday I'' .4' l.I l.-I:


M tit c REARY._Editor- -and- ---M'ger. discriminating .---

re,'ms of Subscription : I SLe LiNeiMS
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it L- ""C'Week> ; single Sun copies$1 a 5c.year; I OA&N S El

Advertising Rates:

e f'r :it I' first.'rtlements and 10 cents 15 for cents each a For spavin curb splint sweeny capped hock: founder strained

dtL: in idxertlsements.:.trtion. for three tendons wind puffs and all lameness in horses -

r Pii=lu;1 r d;a'*m', -hed" months upon at application.special rates. For thrush fooh rot and garget on caMe and sheep-

')1f.1r-('t'5 : mil Death notices Inserted For hog distemper cholera.
hoq and
thumps scours in
,rtes 5 cents a line. I hogs-
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Our Clubbing List. I For- diarrhoeacanker and roup in poultry -

t e 5 i the Thrice-a-1Veek I AT ALL, DEALERS PRICE! 25 f.5O e .$ 1.00
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11 e ;, I The Atlanta (Ga.) II I I Send For free book on Horses. Cottle. Hogs end PoultryAddress Dr. Earl S.Sloan. Both n

n ,tJ-tltutfon: one jear. 1.73t : I II n Ba MMMMiM Mi aMl Ma a MMMi Ba Bn a piaMB . .

d t The Atlanta (Ga.)
hay' Journal one year 1.T'0 _
,e I
e : ,,1 The SemiWeeklyon VERY ACCOMMODATING. '

71T one >ear . .. . 1.50Ew I 'rI

The Suns \\' . We :are here to STAY. We want business. We are but
o -.Im *.i r":1: ; ;" ,r j. .i.,.'I II I your young
t. tl'1 not accept stamps of
rb h ,ruination than 2 cents. I tilt says Seen t.n'% (.'''.rtr1ut I ,. li IH i 1.10.h' I :active accurate, able, and courteous.

'-' -- 'ed house! quit a n '-, ,tere.Iul, KentK
-------- '
man He has di>ti'tf>ut<'d tlie tiind-
I Sub.. !hers: are urged to be prompt
| of the Tre.iMiraround In :Nation
Irene* ng their subscriptions. There ONCE A CUSTOMER ALWAYS ONE
: banks, has .t.t the mint tu oik turn
noJ excuse: for not knowing when .
i fug out all the additional coinaae po
Lr time expires as the date of ex-
slide. anil now le has Issued ration s plainly shown opposite
worth of PananH'ullal bonds! ami
U- name! Remit by check stamps I II
$t nO.llon,""" worth of (; . .
'{I <>\ rmucnt t .t'I' I
rta:: ey order. Don't wait until Gainesville national! Bank
title'atos. all to help tide over tlie llnan :
u come: to town to renew, but DO I'I
'cial ttiinmiuAs the Inter of the t
NOW The white paper on which ,
: President to SecietarCorttlvou:;
Sun Is printed alone costs us'' : .
pointed out the financial: :,i stringency orill t'e .I UM: I 'I I.VicePresident I.
half. the price of subscription. |
__ I exists In the
: more Imagination; of the
- - -- --
t'-osldent Cashier
public than anv where eKe. The ;
llCH TO BE THANKFUL FOR. conn' T \\'. Shands William K, Steckert Charles A. Kuln loth'stitutlon
try has already Imported. nearly $1-->; r
A .. co proclamation of bothll'l1 OWI.hl1urth I of gold from' i':urPe.> 1"-

and this, with the other
measures ufrt'lI..r
r Pr of this great Republic "an'11)' speelal bad luck ALACHUA WILL Dr: THERE. I TAX NOTICE.
that have )been afforded!, have I
d' of tho
rnor State of FlorPh ----
until t'lt' tepuhlcan was
i i r Party I
really put more monev' In the countrv'
r ;\nkgiiiK; Day. entrust! .d! vnh its g'U\ ,'rullI.'lIt. Since George Taylor Makes Fine Report on : The tax .books of \14I1'hU.I county
than was here before the panic cameThe : .
ieople' of no State in theft onlv tumble' I is that the panic I ts which tint.hi lch: taxation ;aid I corpora .' Recent Visit t, Jacksonville.' j for the year of I 1:1:I'I'<>7 taxes are now rsipsIL

-o much to be thankful Butt plundering hits been the Mister. i.e-otBo I.ivlor of Palmer. the. e'ill.
,, still here mid the money does not (cir for the 1..1) IIlt'lIt of taxen AarPsrs11a
r ople of Florida. As The tune of tier t eople., for xxhlch the m-i lent' rfiii|,,'rhnt.'ncl.ul of the* .,. lienvllleI'e.ic
ck ''I Metropolis cnlate as it should, The President pa>' ltiM 'taxes during the montk ,
Says, 't/e Jorltv aret... blame Ieruoernts who 'h i lie'hard l'uull.uny| II''''' one of I
points out that the indu b : I of :N'oveinln will bti entitled to twper <
was work
ne\iT : beliei> that' :Mr should' be- Pres- .
the* most t enthusiast l le-ldllts! of
t'n ,ul| salaries then of the countr.v was never Letter.fliers' cent discount\!' any l'a'III ta.euurlnt ,
w are paid.where .
; Merit. can thereforetake* corn'orl .\ 16I'hll.I couiilv vvas In tin' e .itx"
r are bin; crops Cp to a \ ('Irt'- TU.'to-j ; the month of I eccinher art
famine !thxxl I
; no ,
from the f.. t t that although tin 1 1.1: day.
r tent date evervone was emploved' at entitled to one per ent discount; +
n starving, internal
) no hoodoo appears\ to have* dogged his | Mr, Ta' is n ntevt.r. of
r..;+' + "i will beauti- higher wanes than hid ever Leon paid' | ufti'r that duli. and up to the flrvt k
everywhere. political footsteps. jet as a :Nationalproposition the. udvlsor, hoard of the f h'lurltlI1101: :
ntt ..r.uul before in this or ally other countrv.. | day (>f April no dlxcoimt will be ullowcd +
other ,
many blessingsu the* I inocracv either overcame 1 I \\'Illte.r exposition: wbtell I IN to l I" h..II'
.... and it Is a little hard to see what Tn U'M bec-oine ilfllmpient ou
< thanks and enjoy the : the had: tu<'k attributed to that 'hi Ja.ksun111e. ban Jut leturiiedfliMII I
the monev hurry was over ;au'howTh. the first day of April Any monoy
t for such purpose. It numb r, or erra' ,'d It. except\ In 1..'It;. that E.lfv. w Its" >rhr. Wit III OJHI I ;
Pie-ldent approved{ of the srh 'me sail to the ( olb <'tor. and not ichlnK
d day to remember thedo I r'n'III' with. till .. of the. .
I of the bond! Issue, while he deplored 111..11..1.1 i him 011 or b..fore lint t last!' of :Novnm:
( Some Rood act that I i bonid. Mr 'l"I'lor the ho nl
n the unreasoning {panic' j that made Itner.ssary. CATARRH YIELDS Kuve will not nielvii the two per real
'inhered In after years i - *'.olle| .'r)' Vllllllble psigC*-'I"II"I III ,I!
1t1 lint w hlle It Is g'IIUoJ l "II.mha4 ;, I dloiount lii other words the Collector .
Don't Fay you have I the of IUeHtoek exhibit .11".1
To Healing Air of Hyomel-Sold Under matter II
o' a measure of teniiHrary relief It must 'have the money, and n re*- k
thankful for and HO rest Guarantee J. W. McCollum &. Co. lug the* eXiolltloll.| whlell was | ,'c"'I\.1 I
t, is only a 'palliative measure and one by celpt Issued for the linen on or be-

f Ingrate the meanestixajority that should not be m'eded. The mere Catarrh Is th most prevnte-nt! dls ed( with surd fivor; thlt It wits de I I fore the lint diiy of the month for r..

-- fact that the CovernriHiit; piper" I'jo Issued I f'a+e known to humanity. Probably 'lelt',1 to devettone' week s-e>.I.II| to I I the tux payer to Ket the benefit Of K

.' ,. is likely to send b:ic'k to I Midon tlllietv Per Cent "f the I pe-ope\ | In tills live ..t.H'1.. 'lite III in UK i TH. of this I tint dike nun! \\. |n. "f'I
''t of Americankiuiw I a large; part of the gold that has been i COli lit r\,' iniffe at in" thin or another ..r'nl ,.lIft.I'.rl' Is.-. of w bl>.b. M.wi. >r Tax eoll.tor.IdIlU1' County.NlUHl .

that there are new drawn front thereand th. last st.iteo with this common llse.iH.*. I|I ?hrliiK IH pr< nlde'nt. IL IL' de.termlmdI I

illation because< they I to make It .liet of the Kre.ite'St!: fills
the monev mark will 1hut little It Is a germ hence* ranbe I
': ufo 'I'I'I.I"A'I'II ItllC TAX
i>ap rs.I .better. than the first What IH 11..1..1! Mind only t..\' some rnethoit that Stile has.. ever seen. lllld to Hull' ,ni.r.ii: rstiMit' : -'I i ,' 11N' ,1//tr,'rtat

end thev are workltii It" III not b>* <, r.A u'.. I.. ,
is comprt'hentdve currency Kisl.itlon. will rprth and' destroy the* Kcrms l-* IK P ltfM

I tar button manufacturers This the I'reslil.' ban promised to 'I Ibis Is benit" fo'ind' In lIyullt'I.1| \ lalr-h a one sided! e>\i-onllloii lint. ,..,rui.tiling,. :''Ii.>il...>> N r<*rtl>, t.>lrnHMI. .tn..t John \'l.t......
1 I trust anti the hlrh In dcstlind. to of I.. sr of.r I "Millt rlw ,..... .Ii". .i.t...'
consumereet greatt'.ec.
recommend. to Oomjress as *ooii as tray be called the direct method' nttr'atltlg' w prove .. .. Hh "l.r .if ->!.! ,iriiit.x A t. 11.6. kit*
it in the customnrj' the* State III e-verv '\1\.1) nl.. .., ....., .....till..,.1. 'n is,. iri.i.. ..ndI
asrubles. and the onlK catarrh as Its III' thiration.tik. .
that 1r.Mly .
I < n 'li* ni'i< l<< Mll ci for In* aa tn |MHIHi <.
r buttons 'Hid that, the panic will! have .'n In with 'tit air you breathe I :Mr Tn> lor utate.l Tuei,i)' he with .uw. Lehi l i>1111..1. flm- S

1 J.II"I..1. It the pinch, ( arrll.II'1 /(o.-s dlre' .tlv tot. ,'ry air cell In th* I InoKe I felt Miii Aliichu counlv' ,Alilrli' .U I Itbe HI..IIII hr.''rli.. .1i..l..nru.enl.. . !> .<.... .*l...1..11 i'rul.rrl911...- :'

'u. wo tuit-t" might be kill.III : lifltlM..r CMttle futility of tie M :lti. ..w I I ..f r.. w I I .,r hw' I t. .*..a 'In, '1'1' MM, s
enough Is to force t'oimresM/ : t and I lungs : / < aUirrh II l I. IH ...',. *

new. (:e'nnient cerlll sor e sensible; .. 'urr.'flf' taw such III. Krtns.; he'.its the. lrrttatee| nmcoua Alien' It come to "the re til tbtiiK" In'| .|.,... ....I .needs l cliirf.. .vivwvil .! Iho d.I. of '
i lhr> lo>u.nt-n u' .>,. >> t'ftUHx-ttn .In th. ammm of I'1'nkn.ii
V\ hn\e to k''I'i on will render this (011\ f'rutn"lIt (.fJUltlc-.1 jnoinbranaid vitalizes the. tHsue P -.U..I| stark winald bav 11 rnc *>t i .

m till we I ere-dltabi. t-xlilblt at thin f.Ur 't f.* ....., .*rOfl<*.ln .|..ll hew rnl.*.tc..|
Ret: some ade IriK urin. essnrv In the future.UNLUCKY I .ci ;an to r."r catarrh no loiiK'-r f l. IMW l*. ilrnl will Ivnw lli....>oUK
'II !, 1"lIlhl. : .hf *.%iit.r| "! I w....".1.w r ,\ ii ,.."
VA Un.-.. lilt ..m".1 ..MfMtlui .sri _*! 'hli '.
-"--------- I THIRTEEN. I II i I The unique %'* i, v In which 11 ynn..-I I.s I. If the l.r..I'.I i f till I 'n Mllk 1 : 'hn I,. I > r .'.tit ii. rH

*.'irknian decision not I "o1d fhoaJel .U.f1 I all doubt" a* to II. fui.. "i- h" ii. i i, i -I,. .j.I. ,i ,r., |+t e'l..flc"i In 'ill. I ...rt.II.1 ,Wtt'Iilit4.i,... >i:.' C >i; HMy ., I.-

mdldate. for tie' (I'nlted Sup *ri tltio is Intone'rat,' are warn.ll runtime pwrxrti fur of FV Mr( *"l l i.n .i Ktlll, t:'M l t M H I iiEr; : It c '.

but tu stand for re- I b)' a man in Maine. writing to The hun k Cn !*. their ,.l..oliite KU.irmitee'

I lIou..... should Insure : New York Sun that In the naio of : to refund the price, 'to nn.. .iUirrh

the latter place\ just \\'l1l1ntn J. Hr\an there are exartlythlrte : ; ..urr: >r..r that: HyornH tall i ', The Oldest Whiskey House in South

:. -Ire; *' to represent the .'n letter : the name rmmber Inhis | beneflt. You d,- not risk A tent 'i i,

.r.' .14 from the third dle- ; surname and State : that h. >' ..1 j jnoinlnattil tf'flthu Its b..lln" ,i->wr.. \\'II'f r."..r IlstnhllnheU t1SitI

'mdotibtedl, }' tho strong, on .1'1(111) and that IH the rUt)5f1 t Isf .....,.. f.r: to yoi than "_11-ib iro ---

I""llil Lace l..-en pitted ". .Krld '" there are the ( .- m l..* "orti. <'t'Icuge
> : filth. Ml \IPI: St JJ, '"+
r Mallory. and he wouldt ) risk of Ifyoni l .'ivln( natlnfn'i .'.
of I..U..rJ4.11 thin
HHrne ntimbuT neartut' til*' old fy- Ity ir.*> nllou ':J.Jj. S S
>-.* liiflu ntlal '" and leave >'nu f. ',+ the judge'
rnau to proved' "bOtJo'tfW" fr r Mr nr""I't tj t four fill '.1'iitr f. :1.1111.:

i. :. -r f'nAfnr.1 1In a..;' tom j though "p do not believe. -.- .- t f \ I'K. :S "I'ltKPAID:

.' the Ho i.<> and .'x- {I addition The Cbliaro Tbn *..Herald ; DELL MOTES.iwll. .

tanc "with public men t I' wild a f.-w ta>'* after Mr. Ilryan'. .Nor 34 Th.'bttrth .rot It'. H':". ,i. < oi.rno:

country I nomination that the day h.. wa Jtoml, tlon was wll att-'n'i'd 9undA. ) l :r- .' i f'iirc |Vii..f" Kyr. Hh.OO
II '.. -, i rurllKW "My lh*. v illori/ ':?.7A. "< urf Sh
.. the Valuer .f. W F Mattel> 'J"- .f rltarhWebb. .i-
natfN] h v is shaved in
I j I ..1 I Mu" rl> I' "',
The % ... Jcrtt .int1 i. .. il.,ll. VAi 11.! ,"I.listen. h ; .
.H regrets thee }t I Ilou"4> barbershop by a barber >arnK) : I tX l'r J.i: I'lnI.\: I f, ,

\.. Mtlele' as It eege w'arlama. l>af l ..e.' .-".- : itl+,ry y t -

., %Vf-d, (.rU'ln w.. .. r ,, \'II. uti.hM'Kr .
of this peeper ; on car It: The enornvMiH fI."...& eorraptiott !'l=Ssc .. i
'' .. .
'.19'.1 fsrrs'ly" IS.,
anent! the Ii utllcan: fraud 4aht. to the t >ta>fr and .a steer ..
P ..shun II' ri' "r lull' 'lUlU"U f fede
i tn .. . .!.,-. Imes mis.tlns .s ..d! rt.' 'HMartJn I .. : .
ropw pnblfeh any i i r*ary cc. SOT .- '* \01, 1'1r,1'M1r!

<>f irtel of thta kind i i, Mr<< Ifryan' for bow can .-l<..u. n." .. :audI bo rea.rert. .

.. d*">f......t. and Tb* to* Mr.tUI Jtt r..r "r"I'p"\ -.* ffU' ., ,. etrrkires r"r !:. r e r "r. CIf' My the YalON27S -our fill iittrt4
Ki.M I < h1" lllt
'. r.- ''.**. compliment:' : from the vr.atlr dr'adJ J for'.r-' t . 1'.' tX'.IJo: : ." "Ht-\Ih; a
.. .
. tl..41'. ?':. '. 0'1. i r. .r roO' ---- -- ---- -
In thl direction In .ay. bao from Maine j I-'. . ': .ne grinder .' slid. .
ttr r .8' ii .H..JI'c..rflCU"r < >
al K.
It was not the superstitious IWJ.orBh should r.- r .. Ri.h sad .Hi.w Hy tics' vxllun !V
p u1 I 'I"1 -t. 1.1\ M m I? +
I .s.tur to peeped... member that the unlucky 11 do..-. Dot tl .*> t- > Tama.of . "utI, 1t.1 'iI', rtj 1I.IfII: ).

: .. the .the!Mloa of aiways lor')\. a bond'K) for the. numlMr "$004 old Mmof OM pad, !'l t''.'" '' 1-1--: r11fr'. ll'ft'litkl: !'nrr'.ti' ,

rrty.t. .Jao the pub'.t: of t*. ...-..a1 Mtat_ wan n. aad a!. Tttl..Th coW .aais .re derod fMerr. --- - -- .. .-

r' rtt.i 1.i.'r." ., In se.'... ?h t.rv had. to IJV. .t f.' .at'*'n :" .,.,r. ,t..-. .. -., .. ,i.'11'-v .e.: ,. t 1'r I w. ...trA'I.. II"": 01" '.s,ii 'rbrand.. 0It j..tad Hn rocs Wtclrk.rt In lnar..
. .". 7 e ..n t" "' ''''J-r ..s.1' t
.Ha'.r. urtlnasse. elu.: r prWe
1 -r--j -:- - e 1 .t.u. .it" ( fl" .
s. aKt," 1'r .JI'III .
.. .
k c. \ .*. ". ,r .' of' t '-

, ar. an" '::. .. '" *. ST lfi t *" r A THE ALTMAYER & FIATAU LIQUOR COMPANY? '-h

Cdeal oatr-otce after tILe adot'Uo cf ti.* F..d-nu ( *. : 1. "I ": tr .3. .,. '721 ,and 724 Writ n.y atria JAC CSONV" Lf t"O'UCU a

P , ,. . , '. ." It . . .

2Js 1907P ) ) _


*%'MORE r R THAN 7,000GAINESVILLE I COMMON SENSE f, THE NEWS_ FROM MELROSE. !I ........ c _: .. .. .. ,.

tea s i most I liUflllK'nt people to 1.1.0 only A Delightful Musicale-Other Notes of j

I m I ineA of non composition. Therefore Interest from That Town. jI
:? RUNS It Is tha Dr. I'ierce's medicines the I
t? I make* o/ wAlch print every. Ingredient: Melrose Nov. .-The :Musicale given -

I enterlngkiioihcn upon th, bottle wrap- on Friday night at the Huffman
pers and attWl! 1 itscorrectnc-sundcroath, and
House success,
was!: a great :
r'' Wonderful Increase in Populationfor I are dally grV4lnfc : i favor. The composition I
of IV l'jt>rec's medicines Is opento great credit is due to Mrs. A. )ic- II

Two and One-Half Years. everybody r.. 1"It>rfOA b"tng d .lroucif ; Gregor and her clever! pupils. The following I Ii

hav.P thin> ., .r. t. liirht' of Inv.atiigs; program was rendered: i .,
{Tim U'nroi l fully iitx-m hN ff.rmuhe. r- 'iiij( ,
.. i rio "H( nnle D1JIIff'o"-1\II. HelleMcMllIlon. ,, , \ ,,
\:'UMiK 1 I
THE CITY HAS GROWN RAPIDLYThe cotih.i.-iu. -tT'iVl"'n-rit'_ 'f' i
ot tli'e> inuioifi. .-s is ,flOW n the mores. Nettle Huffman and )rc- I The Kind You Have Always Bought, and which Isas beta,

vi _,.a tc_ iraTT>" m"r hi 0 Gregor. In use for over 30 years, bas borno tho si;;:nutun.
Development Has Been Remarkable made of the active Of
r'invite icing wholly
Recitation, "Baby 'fonsniy"JtariottYearwood. i been made
rasr icinal principles extracted from native and has iitxlcr in. I'r
Which Shows That Educationaland forest! roots by exact processes sonal supervision since It>

Other Advantages of City Attracts original with Dr. I'lcrce, and without the PIaIl.-Blo4 Miss: Ada Ken Allow no ono deceive you hi this'
use of a drop of alcohol triple-refined and
Attention Elsewhere. nedy. Imitations And U Jnst-as- ooE"ors'
chemically pure glycerine being used Instead All Counterfeit", ; but
t r and the Recitation Miss Nannie Price that trifle with and endanger the In ,/
+. According; to the statement which In extracting preserving Experiments! M h ofJnf'ants
curative virtues residing In the roots Ht'cltatlon.UHwt..t Maiden "'alr"Thp.rm and Children-Experieiico against i\periuenti;
will be made by Jesse I:. Hurtz owner medicines
employed, thfso are entirelyfree a Yearwood.
x' compiler and publisher of the Galiies- from the objection of doing harm
Piano Um.thlIsM'Kp'a Husband -
be yule City Directory: for 1 07.8. which by creating beverages an appetite or habit for either- forming alcoholIc a'lIlora Mullen.Recitation. I What Is CASTORIA

he hopes to have out In a few days
drugs. Ilxamlnu tho formula on their "The Garden Truck"
+; the increase In population of tho city bottle wrappers-tho same as sworn to by I..Ita McGregor. Castorift Is ji Iiarniless substitute for Castor O}. Ptre-

has been something/ wonderful within Dr. PI'rrand you will find that his Plan, Solo.-Miss Sadie Mullen.Recitation gorse, Drops ail Soothing Syrups. It is Ph.0) '. , It
the past two and a half years: beliiK "(;<>Mcn) Medical Discovery," the great contain neither Opium Morphine nor other \
bkxxl-purirtcr, stomach tonic and bowel ". %.c (Jot Hack Homn"Miss spessiubstance.
more than thirty-three and ou0-third regulator-the medicine which, while not Matnlo Goodson. Its age Is its guarantee. It drstrnncl < ;1 'ts

per cent. This: Is certainly a remarkable rwiminiRiidod: to curo consumption In its Piano, "Cathedral I'fhoes"-MissNeva I allays! Fcn-rNlnipss. It cures X>iurrli ia .4. i ',> nil

record and record of which any advanced stages(no medicine will do that) Colic. It relieve''I'eetlsi11g Troubles: cures ('. 'innd 'd 1\\ 11
1 It In evidence / yot -; city should feel proud. Flatulency. It assimilates the of head and throat, weak stomach, ltt'cltatlou-\lh.14 Alice l.ot>n.
| that the city In RrowluK wonderfully torpid liver and bronchial troubles, weak Piano "A Morning Prayer"-Ml!' s unit Uoueluivln healthy and nut.I .1 ,(le,.,',,

and Is attracting attention evcrv luiik'M and hang-ori-coughs! which. If i..>gIcrtcd Tho Clilldrcn's l-anacca-Tbo 3Iotlicr' l"riciiel.
or badly treated lead up to and Ada Kennedy.
; li t i.illy terminate In consumption. Sons-Nora Mullen.At .
"I..t Tho compiler: ) / of tho directory lias Take tho "Golden Medical Discovery" GENUINE CASTORIA ALWAYS
.' exercised every conservative methodof I (ii lline and It Is nut likely disappoint! the ('10:->e of the program

you If only you give I It a thormnilt. and Mr. O. C Grimes: very kindly entertained -
f BccurliiK all the Information prop julr trial. Don t expert: miracles. Itwon't Bears the Signature of
the audience with his fine
::i erly.. Ho has tho advantage of helm/ I, supernatural things. You must nratf
Iix I exorclsoyour patience and is'rsevi-ru! In I Its griiphophone.Ore than sufllcientwas
havingbeen (
"well acquainted with the city,
use for a reaonut" ) length of time to gotIts raised to for tuning the
a resident hero the past eight/ full honplits. The lngrHnts of which pay
Dr. IMorco's medlcineH ere (cornr <.tl l have school Ilia 110.
should/ bo Ina positionto
,' ..years, tho unqualified endorsement of scores ofmedical Miss Morman nnd Miss Harper of
Rive correct ;and Intelligent information leaders-tietter than any amount I
-; on thin si1'l'ct. of lay or non-professional!! testimonials.They Ocean GruX.. J.. have arrived for
aro not given avv'v to be \pi-rl- their annual winter visit.
The compiler completed his second\ mental l with but are 1.ld! bv nil dealors ia
fr In medicines *t rvu.soriablu :\lrs. II. Sutton has returned from The Kind You Have
+ edition of the aln-s\Ille; directory( prices. her visit North. Always Bought

1905. In tho month of .Mine, at which
't1. The long expected motor boat of I.*.
time ho discovered that there wan a PRIVATE HUNTING PARTY
In Use For Over 3O Years.
:M. '.' nail reached Its nnehorrgosafely
population of 5.251'l. of this number beIIIK !- - -
I l on Friday afternoon In tow of TNL caNTAull COM &N'f. .T MVNNA7.TNLLT. .aw TONN C'TY.
2.82.: whiten and! 2,121) colored. H<. Superintendent Cutler Takes Numberof .... ....
rl'. IJIrt'H launch. 011 account of theeannl
'r finds this year, two years and a halt Friends on Hunting Trip
and "\ being full of
a later u i'hit Ion In aKKreKsitenf 7,3:5.1: Superintendent' J. II Cutler of the
lyacinths, the trip from NValdo took -
fib I' -- -- - - -- -
of which there are i.i)0: !) white and TallllllIUIII .Jacksonville. Col. Uobt. 1 K.
hre.< and a half days Instead of one H. K. HOOKS RESIGNS.Popular The Sabal Palm
t 3,435 colored-a grand Increase, about Davis Judge J. A. Carlisle and Captain i
hours.I. '
and half
"iy I the name proportion In white and ('01- Ivcrs. all on pleasure sent left Tuesday a ---- Editor: Sun: In r. ?;
.. M. It.ildwln represented Camp
:y; 01 ed population Nt hat more enconi night for the fields and meadows Agent of Southern Express planting tho Sabal I'.un :a

"': aging report could be asked of a clty'i In thin vicinity of "Falrfleld where they I71 \V. ofV.., at their log-rolling of Company Tenders Resignation. t I palmetto, the following;; >
'alinetto Camp No. :3 at ..TackKonville.le .
; progress? will enjoy two or three days' hunting.Tho II. I:. Hooks for the .past. few ''bervod : This species '
having had a most Mijoyble I
.p In BpeakltiK of the new directory. party Is occupying Superintendent reports n.onths; the popular and obliging agentof family is one of the ino '

'+, the publisher announceH that he has; ("uth>r'M private car the Tusca- II time the Southern I\pre.. Company at | transplant[ bf'lng"l'ry 1'

,,j taken his time, but that he- has mad wllla which Insures their comfort during There Is No Reason this point. has tender his resign.itlon. I iiiK new roots; hence It > 't

t,* ,las thorough: canvas UK could have the trip, as this Is one of the most! ]I to take effect as boon as his successor of the planter to plant
Why baby should be thin alicl "
been mad(, An a matter of course* III' up- ,-dnt0 private ears in this section your can be appointed.Mr. I i *.a)' with only four to t 'DI
fretful the night. Worms are
,3 does not claim the work which 11'4 of the country. I Hooks, who has been connected' them because the sap in g
the cause of thin sickly babies. Its I
noon to be before the public absolute! Tho Sun may have some remarkable with the express compun.v /various! f
natural that baby should
n healthy .
fi; correct but he will wager that It will stories to relate at the conclusion of i I capacities here for some tithe feels I! t'lantu ntll new feeding r "
be fat and Bleep well. If your baby '
a be as near correct as tlie average pub' this trip. that his health will not permit him ,: ed. which will take :n
does not retain Its food, don't exper-
t 1Icatlo'll of Its '(llul, "It I 114 absolutl -- ---- I to continue during the ru-h incident I II I months. For this reason >
invent with colic cures and other ineWIIne l-
Impossible to bring this work down to *; How's This? Ito the holiday; season, hence tendered. eight' to fifteen feet bur/ II
but bottle ofVltlte's I'I'I I'
( try a
.- a fine point of correctness" ho said \V'e titter; Ono Hundred Dollars Howard I i nls resignation. more rapidly, the same t '
Cream \'t>rmlruK''(', and you will soon I I II
i 'but we can come In a city tin site uoimh to tilttr.<-<
for any case of Catarrh that cannot see your baby have color and laugh t Keep

of OalneHvllle. within a hundred "oi be cured by Hall's Catarrh Cure. ay It should. Sold byV.. M. John- I Always Was Sick. !I old roots on the.-a palm"

the actual population of the town. P. J. CIIIONKY: & CO.. Toledo. <>. When a man says he aitaya was be pruned off. the situ"\: > '
The people of ,1111'1'1III. are certainly \V(, the undersigned, have known I sick-troubled with a couch that lasted use. After planting ft>.. .1

to be congratulated upon' tin I'.1. Cheney for the last 1 1.t'nrg.. and I Rumors Are Denied.I nil wlnh.rwhat0111,1 >'MI think be kept only me :ieratel.:;

j; vronderful growth the! city has taken bellovo him perfectly honorable In all I i 'n, =N 1\' :'t--'i'he Rally Mnl ''Ir he should say he never. was! sit-k 'I I G..t '

*i vlthln the pant tree .vears Then business transactions and llnanclally :, prints a I! from Ptemiei Fran since wing: Mallard's HurP/lou"I'/ I' I.nllll"/tl"" '

I! Are many reasons for Ibis principal able to carry out any obligations made Co. of Portugal.' d-'u) liiK ab..d11lev.'! I Syrup Such a man: e\Nt! :Mr .? I IO. ( :a"I'SIII,>. Fla.. NovMJUAOIOAiaaL' -
which is the fu't of the selection ' tho rumors of the baulKlmirMii" of the
', .
among by his firm Clark It'uvor. t i.Iorado;% writes : ,

of 0,1111'1'1\111. us till seat of the NVAI.DINO.} :.: KINNAN'Jt' : MAIIVI.V.Vholes.iln : crown prince, Lents auJ UUaffectiou; "...0.. years I was trouble "Its! a",.,

State lTnlve>rstty. Another (''usuu I 114 \ Druggists. Toledo. O. lu than navy; s: vere rough that would all witit.rThis .
-- - ---- -- cough left In . [
the earnest, faithful nnd lacy:+|IMft'lIt Hall's Catarrh Cure U taken Intern me a tnls' rahl. con
There's No Use dltion. I tried ) ..; II'.ieho'nd
-J::; effort of the t.II".I""I., | peopl hero ally acting directly upon the. blood .
... !I Syrup and II,,, *, not' hail a li-k d.ivHlnce '
the attention of the. publle1vthroiiKhenit Talking-you can't beat I Herblne( for .
to brlllK mil mucous surfaces of tlie system, I Thar what It did rot me ALACHUA. FLOR:
:[ the counlrto :11111"\111.: Testimonials sent free. 1'rlco 7.:-. cents the liver. The greatest regulator !Sold livV ,I. JOh'on.i. .

''as a desirable' point' to live ; 'mother. per bottle Sold by all druggists. ever offered to suffering hunnnlty. If I -

,'is tho presence here of MI many r,' Take HaU'a Family IMUs for constipation. you suffer from liver complaint If you -
I .,.1.V. 1'ATTOX# ( ) -Is Now Ready to T
::llgtoirH: and educational I Hn!'I Htiit ions are bilious and fretful Its your Ih'r.1 j

.;of 1 a high coder even the puhlt' ii' tchool'having Card of Thanks. and Herblne will put' It lu its proper1 I ,..Civil Engineer and Surveyor... Meats Cold S'crage'
Kalned first tank amoiiK the IMItor Sun---I wish to e>prem. \ condition A positive euro for count I I

> public chools, of the St.lte' In ultra uany. many thanks to my lends' and pat Ionblllouxness.\ dyspepsia and nil., 11'\1.1:1: : : I' 1:1\1.: : ""TUT :

t lug people here. iiiiinv/ f.\lnllles IIIK neighbors who rendered me so muchkindness Ills duo ton torpid liver. Try a bottle. .Prompt atu in i' n to u? '. u+Ittrl.. 'I.Zr.
of their' and you will never use an>'thing. elSold ,-. O "l.t.. ti rot I, ir N. n 11.1 lor T r-h..r", Meats Handled With Best
for the nlvlnn '
Come purpose the Illness of oldest
during nn \\' .'nhn ortl.. !I' I ) .' . .
by M. nn. .T r. ( ?i r I I e, F'i I" toy: an Experienced Man. _
children, the advantage eif blulier edu son iahral which was oiil) alioutthirt

/'<>atlUia In the public' school I ) .sil\I hours with bennirrli.iKlcfever - ---- ----

t In all .lalneMVtlb1 haM iloneell.. is n.i when the Lord seen bent to take -

the Increase* In popuUitloii' for the+ .imst : him from us l'lI the "2nd: lust IItol! :oo'tlockp

r, two wed a half ) should ilo-'ireillt. in THOMAS: UIVCKS:

1 to any city in sue South, (. t Mland IM.i" : Nov' JO.CASTOR: .

"110* compller' of t the- .lIto"'I"O' 1 t- i -
I Texas :g"oso Seed Oats South
Ga. Seed
\cry much Kr.ltltted, 1 at the Ituieace. IIIHipulatlon ? f Rye

,.. '{ which lie II.IH noted \ r.'i 8 A ----

crcneKi 1..'- book fr 1'l h\:. t:, In the I

\lh..h. For infants awl Children.
.: preface anil the population lu I I

x "Will S'V -:, ,. lnew orkslll HUV mi ITho Kind You Have Always Soughl
lncreni shahs no illy' or ton
? Florida
Rye Dwarf
Should It" '. tiixitMiiit but pretud I Wears tbTrorn /H'-- Rape

- g."u. I u ul (..,k'.z. -'.., / ;". :'. I

;s!; "))onll'" Oltitiu. It. Ilr.'d me<< tlf rc' I - ,
-- -
.ema that !>nl I i. 1 "'\ "ot mo u h.nllC
Navy to the I If
tine, The ('ur.S .i'alon --
Now ork.. Ni-v :'Jr.: MI-IUV! t vein ,
., . ... I -
: \\ Mutt: I .ml..lullt'rr Bermuda Onion Setts
lAbor SIltI..tI'h, 'I. 'C"'a, o"u Of ('IIII\ln 11. nr. vl. \ I

of tir best knows of .\a' I
-- 1'P" "
,. In ''
iisvn; flV em new ri'rnm..i

pLCillttAn'CDUn!' i Ui : buttlithtik iitHirnla ''an rr i.r'

--- t. <. na\ i 1- Mur! :' I'" .'....1 M

'- .. '- .o< .. ..r r.s' :. .i.-i .' va 7

i ., k. '' .

..".'.\...,'.,.U....W." .J.. 1 I" Oe Charitable EVA N S

c'r"n'_'f_' .. ;: ''' -(J' J 1'.. !'.. your You u..d he>r*."not* as suffer sell as grunt tl> I'"h yourself j I: SEED CO.

a 9r1tT ?I: ., .r Y' ("WI U'L ? 0' anv .,.rt-)our horn *r.1 not I

,:-- .: \ "lIrT.'r \I'ry a bottle of llnllartl' fu'w :
I II Gainesville
II.*9..IT *,.5.'.,. l.'t tr . t It cure nU twine! J MUi Florida.

l iicn'" iMtJ: '> I.N A >:*t rt- 1.\k"'NO.ld. Mo write "" I.

M ,1.T8251 i navy u +i-a your Itnljprt for ten years Postoffice Block
J A <*ILITACHtSHAH&STP>- M ' : (: and Out It to l>* the.. best I hale ..*Y.T]I Long Distance Phone 12 +K

'' ''r/ ;;! 1 ua'd).1. Juhuoa.for nun or b*...LtJ 14 by \Vi


.,.-:.,t., .,.,"

... .

r. THE GAINESVILLE SUN: NOVEMBER: 215 I:, 11)07) ( ; i

- -- -- -
-- qI -
HCAINEEA O HD_ M."TfHt.. :..

(EATH CLAIMS' I . .t., .11'11,. I"? .. ....rl.un I' t .
r n.w'r, aJ1cI rrnlere.t or -
I A It "..t to\ tht. Jul' .. ' { .
U D C ROUT. C. }BOWK: ::* hr >.lT.H'> Ju.ll fli'l i 45-? ,
RESIDENT I j \Ufhu Hintjr. 'in .' '
1 A ..... wncrn, ;N'' i . . ,
1)ENT1: $ r. 1- ",.mll..nan'1 .1I
\ I J i'Uuiwh.' 'ii',," 'II .
A I T Of AllH', "' .
c r Died at Columbia, I ... "VPI'.IIt... f'. .,. ."
u c in Miller J.sw Eicnni'' K'- .
;:J .

? C . .Monday Night. /" l"hnup0.. 218 ; n..ijpnC< NoII. 1 1:4 I -:.' 1... ,.... .!'n-frr..I.sal wit t 0)*II...H""J...*'......t .!,''",, 1

, i ith.
: 'I t .t AI' ttf IA .. '
: ;:
t I .
BELOVED WOMAN I .. i 'l"IT < . .
; : H ,.., f--. .- ,*' K..., ..1".
--'-- uirv t.. >1for >..
KI.LIS.; J1:. ,. .
: iv'''h.l .
t Attended the Conventionk. \--l rf."
. ,
-e .' u"'t7 1)PIte
and Was Visiting inC 1 .a.: .. .' foi
t A TTtlRX ..:Y-AT-L.V W "h' 1 ,'rt' of
the Sad End Came. tit'r... d; 51 .. I .NAn..
a When n_. ". ..... :. . 1 r .
Ihr h. ,. .ilnQ
H ,! Friends Here. i t E"l4Lt. I r.oaltt M1tnn.r.Il .....,. \ ,. ... .. .I 1 ...tkl..,I

-.mvllle Metropolis of A PURELY : .. T.IJ""I Ot! ..:" ...." wI: " '..I.. ,r5).....
.du. the information of FECT LIVER -- - or. ...hl..I.. .t .. . .r
with Calomel _"'. one" knot ..01'. .
4 Mrs.[ Sheldon Stringer teed cure for all : CLAKU TIJO-. 11'. .PIi.UtY: two It. e..e... : thN ,.
,1 :'Vthe beloved president: I and IMPURE .,.,.rrttlrtr'nnt"H. I"llh nd : t"..t.I.tit. .

,j.i: 1) \ i.lon of the: United ing any of the : One trnenIe! t. hr.r'I. "n'rl '
0': the lollfcJe1' 1 purpose. tn the A+Ittlr !1.., .'1In. .
a sick spell I 1.lnin

i many warm friends in I tipation.. .nwyers. >.M |.r...e'. v I. t4. .., ,. .

:.nitl the news of )\Ver; sad Complaints. the wed Ur'i-- I. .1' tlf" > i.i.I .
.1 I v \ I 1.1"I
rccel\ed with niuoh re- ...rI, .I M! I i
icon i r r 0.I"i .> i i -".
A lit nit Gouit*. state andi

>.>olis says : : i N.)T'l'to. -K .\IIMI/ AII.'N I ' IV.; ,
intelligence of the death Dr. A. J. : IIKKII'NHFK .K I ll.'N .t- ,k'tI\

Fla ** 4-.X*. I. .\ \\ > .K l 1-"I '. '11 S. Stringer of Brook says: I :
tice and am S.n"'.' I. t"r..i,I ... ." p"" I I III '
i .'niilent of the Florida i .- ii. t-r \.011.1. l i.: N . .. ii: Il..rvk "l,r,- )I"r.., -)" .Ir, ..' i . It- S r, .
iugliters of the Con keep some on !\O.... .. ..1I.t ;, ' ,.t.1 0 ,
.t..J for Biliousness 'tu'i' . .
; ll.l.K I I. HUI1.-\ 11.1"00:1 Inf. ll I to tell5)55(1btn.e(1c '
'!'ih...U the city this morn ...I. : 5tdee.II. ', ,e.
Large Bottle 'n 1)e.onLsn.e. wltt' ..I. "' ..*rtltl.tie, -
>ru.>i. Ii,.- folooii.. I-.t *tl Mi>fitnit.,
died at Columbia. .il ... .-.v,. u > ..M... I.tuurrr. ,, '
.: -or Ballard \v 1.i or N.- i-1 ..!. -. 1' i !<*.. iv .i)
.11 vhile en route home T. F. THOMASUNDERTAKING ..
\ \.. I 1.1 ..r S.. I II ><." l'i,. v !I. IN
neral Contention of the I 'f''Irv

.I.t'r.' of the Confederacy *." i i <.t .\ i i ....... r. 4 i. i.) f
CO. ".1) ,. "
i at Norfolk. I( ...I. ... .. I. .....,. I" I .. I''h.
...., n
.,iff: stopped' at Columbia '1 t.<- will! tx-ll.U.'! .Hill. ,f lit Jthe. ru..h. ,'.'r'4 ....t '. I" tl I.., [T
f ..1 i i:1'" to have arrixeil in I SOLD IULI. I.IM= : 01 I lOt 'h.; .>. '...1". ;M.-IIU-. \i tint> ....wn. i 'I. r ,

hit night to spend" tevh .r-.l. t>..IUI.: .*' -hi-l.llimi I yj
J I w. HVC.ABSTRACT :: t i.lrxtkhl. ot rtlll.'ulrs ..hi.'! h.* ,.,..1....i .r.> if
, .. Mrs.( I>r)' dah-. who I is r"HtHH.; .:.. .. ...'<-.>rtlllnr lo htw.. hit ,'-Ithr\.th.lur.tV; I N--.Mi'l A I/| |'. t
,r ,'nt member of the I'nli VV ,Ii.t-Mi. tug ..ITUM'.I M.h.tlulr I uli.l ..>ul tliia'In
ll" of N..v.-.ll..T. l I' I''T
of the Confederacy
i r-
t. I' S H' \\' IKVliKHis : : :
T . i he sad news came: that 0 A ..:s r.. FUU 6 'i K-'U, 'Ir",1\, .'.ui t A i."'111.. ( '11 !'.,1.
& . _
- -- -
I'' truest: ; died last night nt I ):% t. )II:' r--: I'11111t"711t1 :- ,r
."e.I..t. )r .\.h.\1'hS -"int TAX
i; .of pneumonia. At her ... '
and IItOt'I: :> ('I: '
1':1.11: I SMI.Ii !>o1'l'hIS)1': 1 IIAITHMl
{ her on. Dr. Stringer of i I. ... ...
j ...'t' our "'imI'v I.j I. \ OK .KlAlltll'A z
I 11.and, her daughter 1
E. E. N..IU--IS h..| .. |ht Klvrn fl..., 1'rsrli: ( '.l.
of North Carolina who I . .. .. I --4I ).It.'11N.IT.t t'",U'h'0):'; 3414: '
'I\ '
.n ,
:.batracttl; of Till anJ full -n.i vttn \\ot' la .IN1..I55.Ith..1.: >f.get| .\ 11. |IIs A.hA. .. flle, k ''inn.ifd! by teleRraniM. .In,.. Mn.i. '''I.<' Ie.I'. .tlr..rh ""drr, .. I .. "* i'Mtr-'i-tir in HIT ..11'.'.' i>n.l h.... r.I.| Hi"lt
I eour-ty Our manager ,., ,. .it,,.".1...t ,., '1'r.thn' I.. 1.1" drrtI I.I..ur. I.. ....rovdcn e
Sympathy Extended. if iluroa,fhly ; wIt P.. I I' ... '.1 rrttt'I.'utr.uhrnrrI . .. the tots ;
I Ih I lt.M Inn. .Ir-M-t.. ."....1 |>i t.IY .xll.iulnt .A InohUAiixini

> 1:1.U.T: ; of persona tlirou h- (lalnc.svlllc. Florida I Kl.iilit. J tiiwlt
( ..i..n.---. .ii .. r..1 ...rK ow I' |.i. M. It
;:.iI.n. will extend ht'artr'lt' E E l 1" run \\.1111:' 1 llnf. 1.1.l .... rI I rl' :-. *> II 14
,-)h. I I' :'Ji .I.; i-I.H. t.. I-: I... ..t..I-SI' tlin' nf v>....
r. > thinunediate family.Mi SJii. I' rh.. ,. I..-""'''.".It. *.c I l. '1'\. IU 4.lists
.- l.irKo circle of relatives FIHE ACCIDENT. nu I : t : : tc I"' el. ....rr +
of Application for Tax Deed Th..111.1 1 liiiul, .l.r-iiirf. .............1 ..t tin tint' of t
. '>liK nt in the Stat., lost ntinB" II number of Section 8 of Chapter1888.. the l Is.u1)h.'r. of Kurt, i-i-rllln-u III, the II .,". uf
KKAI : i t'nkn.555. ,
-idn at Mrooks\ille and -- of Florida. I Ifnlr,. ...1.1 I ..rrtll/r.le.thAlll,0rr. ..,.".... aeun'tn.e .
*II'- Stringer was the \\ido\v C -A.121.m- . .] .. t.. |1Aw. lit* ilcr.t will l I......- tt.orfOQ onIII.
: ..- I IH li.-rfliv. guru tlialV S .. :'l '''li 01... of>,.r. A It 117. z
I S 'Id S. Stringer of Urooksw.i4 ..>. "put'rluit-i-r of Tax 1 ( Vrttfli''iti1. lvllnr5)t nna..he$ .''Il""""" HIM! sect Ibisthe.'t'1h.1.r.f

a pronilneiit and de- .>_. dated. the Till day of .' "b. .I\.r.\! .11 luffNil \\. "IKNt.KH.l : .

"I I.MIof the United (Confedi l 1"'."'. has Hld sill' Cirri. 1'Ir'( 'ult ('.IlU\ ,\' VVk.Nl .

W V"K.: otfli! ... lull mud" appllca
of )-'InrldDIgnified
i ;\. I TU'K: ol- A 1".f.It..t'IOS .'Ult l
.. tax ti.- -d to IHKIHIn. a.-. aril, TAXi
i 11t'I': fNiM.ii: rn >v r %
and Capable. I \\ Itla !I.w. Said' -rtItlfate'" 'in !SK oi ciiAi-rtLH

th. following: d''rlt.1|' |I", 1t1'| ...- I.AW-H IK M.l >'UII >.\

1 'nv' 'ntioii at Norfolk :Mrs I \Itnatr'd AI.K-hii.i count.v I'lor i' l.<*r<*li, tll"...i dial II K ll.uipl'HI.IHuii'liMtcr ,

her dignity culture and It >if '1... IV rilil.'.4t" Nu 1.1y. datnl .
l tilIII.. ..1A1r. Hfl.l.Miil.l't. A It I I\.A. bas! X'Jlulml '
.A FE .. of S* S.'t' T., TI'I. It L'II
i-'ld I for Florida nsxltitedladies Illnl unlit t'i-rlli'4tli[ In ui' ..m.'... mtnho \ 4
; :I.I.t Iliu.UHIl'llKull.xi for lat ilr*..l to MU. !. '/
from the State. a't K. i.. .-. ',, -i u),1' call: l..r; ? I i i 'al.1 l land hfliiK JI'HK. d' at Hi.I .- ..'..iHttuni'*' wllli. liw :.HaUl I'ftilllnitiff' var*

'I t "raiullnt, In the ('on110 \'<-iil Ii-t I 'r'.11' ;Ir. I', -at lOr.. ; I I | | I : I : r I h.* l-tunaiii-c of HIM. 1 Ii, .r..rtllh..ft. "ir-.l rerr.lh.In Ahu fullowliirf-bu.tuner. .IriM'rliir.l 1'lorkle, l ,|>bell ro.i'>riy .a...*

l r.. other State. and In :>'; l I" |H .in i- I i. .r $ I ; 1 Ii.: -' I' I > | i : I I Ir naiiM of iiknovn I II .. w U or S't of ,N't ..f nl.-.. IV Mru.ll'.. A".a.I .
... I i i..u lit it l| rI > .
I Maid rlltl.-Ml. Ifh.." !I.. r.-
:St.ite. with n. far lar;;. r 1''tn.itnltl.t] (i.. I IM..III" I I Or; -t1 < I : I 1 I t I I I . lir -....I iMlul l..-ll.rf. ..e..._.1 .1 lh.. A.i. OtIrtn
I ii..r.t'.Ihlg''' .In ''a"" tat .1. .. I lv.iiMii' <-r> of ...,.'h '.,.illl.'Ale. In It... netNyf '
"nrollim-nt than "'Iorlll.I. .
\ II a III- |i'r I It .1111' I HJr.; ...u.> th.-r.1it1 on tli> I II ltd d.i> of M.nlr' ll' :lliiI ") 1 I.

'I..i-. leave hundred nini ..- A I I. I It'nialllr1:11 I 1''iilciui, , (-ortlliur lo INM/N.Ir-t M itl l..uw
?irgiinliation. o\t'r which DRESS GOODS SHOES "-"" niv / .HlKli'it iir>* and I ll I.>r> :H>Ui itttt of 'i.trtnher. AVVliiifw It It:,li..r.'a 011 "Ii

t r wan prt-flilitiK for the i : .. 'III.- :Mil d.iv. of Nov.-ml.. r. A lilt, ...,'ii.-i at prices that will open your ;;' s /ii \vii.NriM: ; : .h t.'i .Ise, t.'II...' -r. A It 1.1 II'
i | ( '1r.'all Coittt. Alaihn.i counl. ) .I.1 l Irrk ( I,."sit' / o.irt Al.i'h>i.. Ilii! 1..Is' ,....
and can't find what
--- --- you , -

'T' ... A Pine Food and Drug Law. I ,urt.'Iot.: AI'I'I.MTIOV! KOK! TAX It" I'NIII':11.t..IO'll: : a
;; of Application for TJ Deed
:i**! to nnuauncthat HIGDON CO.'S /-" \V\SOI" JIIIIIIA. f. .
,.. Section 8 of Chapter 4Hfl '. ,
: and Tar for cough. N..Uil hrrrt ir rfi.rn Ihil M ..'. ..two.....
i u.g trouble: Is not affect IIhd,,'.t .Mnik. I'riic I' : of riorldj. al.r.'PIII0, ..r 'Ise 5'rrltno.... H.. *1I'. M
I tli* Ito.Yd'! *oi>t .\ l. IIIIof\. fi*. aa.rt
"' itlonal Pure Food and .! I. .. ,IM. 'h.r.-ty 1lt ti that \\ H ....1| t'ri. lIMi-nl*. I in in* KfHi'ulul h.i. .. mtld. .....
'1'.. 1'lIte.tll'r of Tax t* ..i....((..ri for. IHI it..*..! lit l-.. ji In ....,.lftJalW. ,'
it ruiitilriB no oj.tlat-; -- with Iew. "&.5'Ierlln..I. ...... ..
".r..M f.l.
: II .l-il.d. th> 4tli d.iy of lul* > A j 'R
nwlnr .1. .r'tedpI.ever' '
M .Iru 0:1-; :11111 i '''f> recj nil IInAIrahY. y
.- .
) : t. IIIIM t11 -,1 Maidrtlft 1 ".rl. F''' rk1A .

.,.,IP t1u.-f1) fur c".ltlrf'nI THE: "' (-.. and' liaH nut'l., alillralldl| .- ::.t 1)t .e / ...... II 'i4 It.. Its IA'S ''i
. .
I \ .McColIum & Cr}. I|.-...| in .IMMIIX l Its MI or.hllM. .. ,N.te.... .ehl .....1 Ye.Iny e.rd 5)t the sidle at Er.

l.iw H.lid rtrllflmUinhr.i> .*H lie I.f Wtl)' a' IInO51w h. Ihe "._ ul < .
". IUIC il..-u.' ll>*..I| t.rorty| ails /Leak.: < M InMfUt.
.j) An
Eye Removed. J (ltMlr Mill tffHtn>.ifl.nll lw lorrtMi.1. ).
In Aln hua .,,,ulty. ,rinrtda.. tj" ...., .. .. ... asst
; ; A/ty .1. let .1. wlh 1_". C....,..... fie "
i Dully Sun : 1 II 1 i- i 1 1 at tit' . I .r d ,, [ I | i t I ; .,. .1... tor r...u.r A .II "Ii.'1 '
.I.i.k CuttirU; *. who had. of H... -'.. Tp H. It 5t" Mlb.wi$ ..m.-UI. .1"....' .rr atxl .. .1 t;....
:>t.i' "r !I' I l i ; Iu'r.,e il>. .*ntt a..t .,! < ,<-...>*M>r A I. I lad/
.. H.ut thre" wekH HJTO ,.. HV t4sN.: :! ,
u..1| Iund! Ix-lntC, an..f -' lime to Kt a sufficientI. A Cold f th* I IHP.IIMII' *. of .irli r.-uncut.

'. I I..* rye to .f-uiiKe I o' n Large t ii "".. of 'i.kivowii H >. 'tl t .1' 1'-1:

. -.." Mki'rtlllfatw luilI |IH' r.> 1/A/1).i
i 1 will rettr 't to I.'.. rtl l ,.
: .1| M" ortllnic to law. t.. t d.* N....... .. l.. rt.- rflvrr. iflor . ,I. '.....IM '
r .tI.tD 1 enl n.ets"ar' Aii-l I i- M" \\ pr | >ar l : ) I .).- tfi"r..M lIlt tl. 11th day utI I !_ Oi.i |iu.....-.>M..n .' Ill, 55rt1.'e.. (557. ,
i I. v uftt-rnoon I >r J J IIi ... A.lH>.....*rxtrll ... u. .. .< . 'd t': .r "".,'
1. fSi \ : ::1 : 1 i -r A I I' ltr s 7i .,.. . .. . .
t. .f' I. .tI-"$ *> .1. 'I/ "11. "It ,...... .... ,,1 ily.
.1 i the the .Iuf i .-.. r.tHil.l ol. intiir. and .
e>*. tight:; my ( I. i svgs. '.I .vvlr t.1 Iton. l. U.
. ., I.t )I-1 I :'.t : ; !'" Id. fOo' I ; the Uth: des. fr Novotnl. A w/.:: Y:. : / flee) : of
...... ". ""'I.t.,11 ,I. 5551 ... .)..N/irv4 Ise. .
toiMi th.* op-rutlon w. 't \ !(. ii WIIN<:I KH. ..IHH I. !. KiSKI.KA. -
< Circuit O' Ahietla rxeONtr.. Ad........" .,,. .' >; r.''.. .rw1 Uvtan llee .
...111.| ,.. and I* IK>V. r t /or K.l. .'rt 1.. 'h..l t.. .....1...
. I II 1 July J ,., I ....
i H\ hftn tb*' aymlat[ *

:I. '..* tttUfortui.r I I ... ssf' .PPIJ"AIS rs* TA t Tau /(:r. .1'I
I HIgal" { MMCT/1N. . Vie r ., 1'1 't r . ..t I.'- ......._ .....,Ir...,... sect
c. Over. Sixty Years I A W" (..l' r'.OfIf I' ...... II....."" a ..._ .,.- ...... I' It-; -,
I '. 1 a. w...s._ '
A _*,..,. 1' .a .! .. A r i-- .
> .
'.w n *...*hlntc S.>r.i i t. fMrvtUMT.. Crap -e. Y .ry.,.. i If.' "p.**XTi*.." **.* I wW.5t' ..;1 .

,r rbtklren t..thlfl' It etd... r -.t -r . t IAle4 ?<.h.l".U..I.1.I.: 'w .r'.t4, .
ettkl. 5U.-e- ; y:
h.M. tIOft.1l !:,.. KI.H.: .. to... tr. .. .....,!...,.... ... ,'. JM A n II.I.IAXt.. t.I itip
I, .Rr5......_.. t.e. . I w4IwlI.e5re.
'. '1 cttiw "wind (', .11. !an' ,5)_ t.e firllwsrlne a..r. I I' ,

r.'in" .tv for dtMrrk<.. tfrotr I .t> f'I I . M f 1'1 1 i ; I i .&a4" A...... .......t t .

N ..141**. t., e e t .. ..
1\ I t.i \1 : 1 i r 1 J ; ..*i... -' A. ,- -
M. l.I''U'. r Ocj .."y of se/rA _......... . '
'fa. Snor J I IU I' M 1.1 I f 1'1 I : --f >> i I 1 1I ,......
oiL saM -i-..i...>. ... he r.... pet. ; tti .
.: tb.. erviltt I so to e *.. <..< r<.f' t.e.. tt_ eoI IIM
I .r. 1 .s.., N twn.r.r A ., nest
I :. 'f' :u." 01. I I teI 554 M.. ". .
I I Arfc v t. ; : : C' -r";" _.
d.' ltlsa ., . r ***>>.' Ilet/ ,,_. .
. t- -a, /I.. I I I I H wi iMnn '
K 1. .. .
---'f: '-.1 M,.' :: . Iv v.n..wvii < .:.. A ..wt.s C. r .

\\ . . --. .. -- Adisw Nat55AA. 64"r ....
.. .
.e' r r -- "
.. .
'. 1 Y -. y
... . q.. .
'.. .. .. w . t. .
-> .- ou d"_ n :sakes .. of ''' .. I. .... w
H C. '_ '. . .... .. I-.t t.. I._ . - .. - .
.Um fi-jr orraalc d!): N ..t .. Ir..... AI. a C.-- r.-:. ?.. t fgow.
r'ti k fltood hitters w ., . I .... II.... r.e.i A O S .
punMo a II.. A ........ ...; ..- ... r. I a.. a; ..
,' l.-cures the caa s-- HIGH 1e e..iet...(..... A4bMl eA' ., a .. I' .. -""
f .--''s.A 1
p. ; : gar' FA1.71Is; .. IIAQTM./3.1( 1 ...+w._
f. t;
-.I- ." '''' T"f -

t .-. .'.t.1 ".IJo'_ . .. ...,. .. ...
r-- ..... ::: .. : 1. ->> .0. ,
"'-- "'--- -

Title: Gainesville daily sun
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 Material Information
Title: Gainesville daily sun
Uniform Title: Gainesville Daily Sun
Gainesville daily sun (Gainesville, Fla. 1903)
Alternate Title: Daily sun
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Creator: Gainesville daily sun
Publisher: H.H. McCreary
Place of Publication: Gainesville, Fla.
Gainesville Fla
Publication Date: November 29, 1907
Frequency: daily (except saturday)[-1938]
daily (except monday)[ former <1903>-]
normalized irregular
Subject: Newspapers -- Gainesville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Alachua County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Alachua -- Gainesville
Coordinates: 29.665245 x -82.336097 ( Place of Publication )
Additional Physical Form: Archived issues are available in digital format as part of the Library of Congress Chronicling America online collection.
Dates or Sequential Designation: -58th year (July 24, 1938).
General Note: Description based on: Vol. 20, no. 48 (Apr. 5, 1903).
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Bibliographic ID: UF00028298
Volume ID: VID00938
Source Institution: University of Florida
Holding Location: University of Florida
Rights Management: All rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
Resource Identifier: oclc - 32994415
alephbibnum - 002027051
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Other version: Gainesville sun (Gainesville, Fla. : 1903)
Preceded by: Daily sun (Gainesville, Fla.)
Succeeded by: Alachua County news (Gainesville, Fla. : 1934)
Succeeded by: Gainesville daily sun and the Alachua County news

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t aine r l1ille Jai1p1nr" !

-- __n _ --_- _ -- - - __ -- _- __ ___ __ __ ___ -- - n_


: _?_ _ _
-- ---- -- ---- ----- -- ---- -a _

f JMAYYETBE SAVED I Aggregate V. RK of ON$48,000,000 PANAMA Has CANAL.Already I THE BRADLEY I TRIAL I Turkish RAIDS Villages OF KURDISH Suffer Equally TRIBES.with I'I POLICE ARE B Dirat.:

Been Spent! by United States.Uashlnt'um. Arrrenian Homateads.Conbt I'
I ---
Nov 28 -F'ull
.other's Tears and Pleadings In! of the work tune on the Panama canal Case May Go to Jury Either on I actMty! of the Knrllsh tribes! la Sweat Box r;'stern !II| .-' : ['
: (>.irlng the Ilecal Jar IS*(07 '" I. b a \rw"nn.KurdIf'h dtttrlct:: of Er- Mon .;t

r4; Behalf of Son. o'ltlK of what hall been accoinplisd- Monday or Tuesday. teztim. Hitflls. \an. Kharprnt and 1)i J Jaatbellr 1. KI iI1s.hmiJt.

rcl niricf the prujcrt ha* br *n in Am rIciiii ... : U catiilnt! lively coricin at
--- -
r -- -
Lwnd.I ate sclop.,1! In the initial the: IXJIIP: |articu.arlj: ) a< th*. foreign!

3 CONDEMNED TO DIE DEC. 6 report of the Isthmian atial ioanu.sHion : TESTIMONY IS ADOUT ENDED *mi>a.plea: ar.. Intfrp. >>.llnj?: tlio:rj!!
- ---- male public Tup>> the tJrtlt report made of iatlotiH on I be ta.en: b\ the government to pretent
.;: ,Americana In Mexico Condemned tot ( tho lit hmuti ttinrt-; the conwtructluuwork Celebrated: Cue of Mrs. Anna M a pos :j'bV niaaeaere' Young Studant, ChargdIng '..

Die for Murder In Connection with has. been In charge of army !n&iAkJcle Bradley .Who KI'ed: Senator Crownof rrir-r the protection of the nnrorlniit His Rival In Lo.e

Insurance Frauds May Have Their net'I. Utah Is "Nea-trrj Its CloseArgument Ibmham Pasha who is known as Trapped by the C e. t .
from tl.e $T>0,000OOr paid to ... the "[)sjiot of Kurdlshtan.. Kurdish Q'
Sentences Commuted.Chlciyo !Way Bt\ :::rt Friday.Waihittvtoii. the Officers
: of
: the Frf'lIfh company and to Panama, liar" men are making;; raids without tl-c La. '.

t Nov. 28.--A special 1 to theTrjUuim an aggregate! : of $18,28tiro' : : |i |has beta NoL'S-; : -Th"' abrupt. di-c'linlnat.on: : : ; Turkish villager tuf- IJf'rhf.lf.y Ca"I' \

: u urn \\"a.luug.uu. U C.; bay expended by the Ko\eniint.iit en the De... ftlitinUu tat. t.-:u rise iu-tUd It- ftihiK. equally: with Armoiiian home- ry Klelrikyo +niitit. it.

that inn f',1 bv a ruotier't tears add project ndoptod !by conyru"H. and Case '1 ufruus lu iii.' iiiai ot oInt.u.. ptou]" on tate: plr.liiH around DUrbeklr dent of the S' nte, IP! :i.

i pleadings Atn! a KjIc.: Cie! .:l of ilea' which I I. was eutlni.iHxl b>' the board Ole M U.ulllfur' toe killing ot and JpizvMi-Ihn'Omar Eon f Jn t1.t'hJ"I; .c

too wlied Tuu I Ja). nlK'it': to Jo.e :MatvtiancLez. of coiiHiiltliiK enlCIII*orB BhoulJ ultimately former htiu.r t Arthur hog c/i l'ta.o.cOlUuln SlxtffnlllaRPs' have been pillaged: Clatemo: : n-ur.'i ,.

noveiuur of the rftate of CtiLuahua coat 'I::1!'_.; ,;.2o) Tnl .."I I. .!j with the: I.ttt 1 tat uinuri and !burned wi his the past month! In I rival In love ti .

mate, however, did not inclndo saul four uituetaea of flfUeu these Oistrhand\ eight! villages in
Mrxlfo. reeuanutrthug thru: i u siiiiituoneii one of i IL!:o CLKJ'O! : i .
-b. sta .encn of (Jr. 4.':art" i H Hailu, tatlou and uxpen.ra of the zone g!:.,v by, gut ertut.rut tii re'jtu.ji, hate ; the i ort district! hate met with the of.fact .vomit; huh "'

'William u"d I I.,. I 1.ell,Ilil u rot. ernruf'nt. w'atM works, tellers anti paring testified. l 1.rnto the belief:. that me I nnnif fate Several of these Nlllageswi ; the local pi Her lint

r American: HJII"II."I to t>n M,..ot at in Panama and Colon and the roequlpiuont case will be gi.en' to L.... Jury pruh I .: f JlUpUH",1 itlrel\: \' of Moslems; }-:very po "h" .lut> tithe :

that_ place, he run'nlutI, ..1 I to twentyyeura of the Panama ralk'oad. babb' Munch) or ) of next and In limit cases the lives of the Inhabitants > 'tl.nd

IrnprlHonn, .nt There In uo rttc-tenie lu the report; week : were spared though: they box ") ,,,tdnl." hay
y 1t The , who to the propoillion which Law been It is the were deprived of7Tr'n.f'lr possessions.Tlir .
exccutlri.i "f tin tlitee men present' p'Iryora o! the >le bear on Hit join:;: :..
condemned for I iniiiiltr in brought forward to 'vxtrnd the wliin ff'ut'e exatnlne pinch of hunger already is ..-
were two not to rasa; at length: Into some I neon.d! '
connection wit !. liikiiruiito It audit had of the lorks to lo f..,.t no an to uccom Drs JollI.Te and! Mru:'h tar: Koveinment !: log felt a.. everywhere there I Is a tory sta.tent.! but '

been net fur !IH'f'. G. mo.tate. without rtirrirtilt tie xtreitiu lnsanlt \,,rrl", or to l'lar.-.o scarcity of food!, fodder and ftu-l The 'n W.t"I if t':f' oil .

c Senor Ciifl id the ncljial governor: breadth in the dwyeioiuiwul! | of ...illp.LullliD' the stand any in stir ruliutt., . nilnnloupt, are dnlnK: their !best to cued t tlo!: 011114 ati:i '

"Z> Of Chlhunliii't. I lit. w UN .h'llu'ht'd lo : Mild this will DA uiadn l.ftalubJ.ct It is, ther.'forp. "\p* <%td that nt the! mitigate the ml..r)', but outside help

fill the dlpln.unlir' iiilrfKton to' thUx i>f .pud.ll <:omtntinlc alltin trout clone! of "...dllP.It.I>..a pl'n.''-t-Jn: 44 tee: Is ur,:: 'nll)' needed Jf the danger of a Sisters Believe tis: I

>uotr>' and while thiiM i-nuaKcd; hall the !4tlnonwtM: t)0) alt In bdteie famine U to be avorled. 1'L.. two lifaiiMf: ; .
A irons position Is tsKn favorable Cus.'d.. Mier. 1.1: .'
!but liln t'nlcus thi IH - ----
no authority ji" K"vornor; a hunr* of pr i rain
moral inllui.iui-I 1.:K'I: In hi* own to a continuation: of tinixillcy uf

  • country, when* ht'I tot ugly IH a (""III'tnAnllln& the work b>' his .1 1..1":111. t of contract rat Ion nf pray ('t to thu (,(Hlrt. Ina.. -- brother will uo pnplcloa : .
    labor Sanitation IK treated of in the Mysterious Disappearance of J. E. of guilt Wi.t-:i h
    plute-mian: but a member ota much is it hns been Justice Htatrorr'saim !
    spurt a .tat">in-it being mailuof what Reeves of Griffin Ga. to court
    rick .
    and ixnvoifnt fanill> throughout! the trial to keep Irons .
    "1 cannot coiut.uinil. raid the arn- has been June and tne declaration that the Jury ant wian" ::inK of
    there wan no yellow fiver originating : peeves head of the J. I:, Ittoves C"<>. Keiiouf that .ho \\:1-
    *asiaior. "but I feel! mire Honor Hanbs "Tori <.n llin j-.i t of counsel" will bf"
    ti will follow my recommendation on th litTiiniifl during that )'f'lIr. wade to teach an agreement with regard with I isiorcs at Vaughn Griffin, Jackson ed and Fiibjectcd to "1'i': ;:

    ale bas full power lo do no without Ii. the lI'ay..r. so that arcumeats ilennvllle and :N'oicroat' has, treatment b)' Klelihabement .- .,

    I r.:. a.ference to the central covetnmeut REJECTS WORD "AUTOCRAT." mate begin on Friday nn! sterluusly l nppearc'd, and It la of his bop

    *V>He)will 're>celv.* my message Wednen. j -- I said that he had with him a HIIIU of the dead. body was t 1\1,1

    ,,01_ day tuornlQK. Duma Decrees Title Is Not Tenable In THREE MEN ASSASSINATED. money variously estimated from $%0.. sisters *a1dVe :

    '% Tbe appeal that inn) rave the' lives Russia COO) :to $5n.:> o. "\ know aothin 3: .,1 t 'o'' : J
    SI INt'''r.lJunc.o.ov.; 2S --The rtuma being at lion,. .
    Iii let Vaughn, taut Thin raday morning our on
    f.Gf tr... Ameilcauit was mailu by Mr* Tragedy Occurs at a Lumber Town In
    ,( 4 (Annhe I.. Harle of \blleno Tex his ",'r.t..t thAt tae title of anto- Arkansas. and it ii reported that l.e acid "We had, manyordered
    6e mother of Hr. Ifarle.. after piactlcal-% "-rat whicht\\ \" l"-on borne by the empontra MenipM Trnn Nov 28 -Threemen ufi;: i bales of cotton that had been h*'r from .u,,' .:: II'
    of Kusfla for centuries. lit no stoitd' 11hili warehouse. \auxhu r>' accidentally toiiiiil ,,'
    ly every other means of obtaining Mere a"I..uIII"alf"t! d! at Clio Ark..
    clemeney hnd been exhausted The longer tenable within the Ilusslauhtnlu. a Iuml>er town near fine Bluff Ark Sheriff H. C heal. of :Spalding:! letter* which ",%ii n d i

    F Lhn't* men. two of limn wore from and I Is liiconip.,tbl| vka the u* they stopptil from a train Monday county. was Iti>ev bondsman for girl ..hc> was.'e \t
    J "'gttne inaiiKitratcd bv the nianlfefttnl $10.00'and h.LI..I.n I his note lug morn to do wlt'i'
    of Nfl"1rl; . \1':0 ( vlcted an I nlKht Tho ai-cissln Is unknown The tone on
    ntl'need In 1 o5Numeroua ; l laMII,1 1 b) Inlperor :Nicholas on t> dead I roThomas: for J2: .M)0: l.vt \lunLl8): .\ number of and It was: out to -.1. x

    .. petltloim and loiters!' 11a'.' . I l'! rt', ,\I the| ele.e IIf u great ron' R Jojfroy, a Tina Blurt oilier JrlfTIn ntlemeti were Intercut from that! girl that III

    t,ee>n recelvi' by the utato' department Hilt 'n |.mil ,1..lInlp l the UiiMnian parllain Iiiinuor man ed its! stockholder the wai hou!'e at of her character It i

    .eking intrrfercuce but none of the *'lit. b) a vote. of 112:: 111 :21(1: I..J.J ct'o <'Ur-nci-. Htinh a telegraph oporator [ Vaughn. und, others bad Investedin that harry murdet'1l '

    gapers bore ill' evldenev of the Innocenr .1| the word "a aiitnmt and then adopt luijf!> I tho firma of which" Reeves!: l Iowa borans4 of hiMNs -
    t'd a reply| | to th<* uddros, from the ; lll!.' 1.'rtul.;: U.I v
    of he men or doubt ! 'lt"l"h "
    guilt The ntitt department found throne I iinanln\i>iinl>' Miuid bcouiof In I from (.rata (county who was a b'"- .. J. I II. Ke,>ves ('t). has stockMl not hing: moro to d\. \.

    "i Sao ground upon which load burr. "<\,ercltelfin pr'>:onict: >tl cli r4 sl It 11I'... r 5 iii *o be valued at $:;.> what xv o found out T I

    Sirs Mario wrist to *.... SenatorCulberntm in.l tSit fclnulii of tin national ant .\rh" ir'ln!< shot: Hush ran up the : I Is a young man: apparent" 31!' far "It harry I* < 'I

    and Hepr*'n-iit.illve" <*iu. rVlr('itd 1 truck. and. although: known i ab,ut 2s: tars old and had the con Rroto"-qiie farco 11.-\
    Texan Tliolr nvnipatliv boliiK' Thp rt- .tilt of the roKoiiuion l. r. to have teen mortally wounded, his ti.Ifiut. ..r all:I who knew him. especially ly vindicated. "

    aroused thev awakened tilt Intercut K a riled a* a victory for th., t ta'.1)' ha to Out boon fOil n.t I his parti." r In boil.-.s who mad Habeas Corpus Pre'
    t1 democrat. tin.UM tarln ,l..>
    Of ineiiiborH elf''the N'ow' York deleKa: r- I lj\ \Vedr..dsy! Huh and find r*" him pro lilcnt of a bite chartered tor.porat The writ of t1.ib.! i
    of I.r"r."r Paul : ,
    I1 lion who me her. These members shj S1111Ik hR.1 I a !'.;hi with Pert .Mc<"srtn*.>> nun- 'on atul 1 .entru:eil him with large out by J Kit: limchiiii ,' ,
    who rodot| In fmcltiif\ tK-iohrr.
    tuicr! >
    .!t of foiiKropH unite{ with the iuinher In acer &t the Ming City litmher mill at sums of mone>' from time to time.!' i made. returnable in \.
    )Ista' liaad Trio final \o'r mien
    Ihe to the .Mexltan ambatna us. Ill* dl'8t'IH.aran'e turn "I1"p.l"
    appeal "
    silo In which McCartney was badly th"l Urn"
    after the df'n1tl.trAlh... wtthdrnwal of trlct .\tt< rne) II
    '4 slor, who vlelilol! ht. liiMuenee more ;I r oa' fit tip They I left th*. city and great.-at rnnaiiiin in triton\ and vicinity the grand Jurj' t.iUi. ,<
    the nvtroim right treaetlttnarl.'s). the
    out of pity for unfortuoate woman I sent 'o Pine huff: Monday nlK'it lu many yeara past and l thus forestall '
    social vlomoorstlo UK'tnbor. of the ,
    than 1y r..tln ut the .alIU1U ----- -
    "u \\'Iuoo trey: returned for their clotiiot
    proceeding bj an 'I'
    of toll and the Thies
    "V ,mado h" tin el1lII'lilliI'll group \ I I oti r one flrel from th.. commMk.iry Large Estate Left By Inman
    - -- ----
    _. -- I bulMin s> the lumber agent .AManta NovThe. :: will of the
    : NEGRO HANGED FOR MURDER. SHOT WIFE AND SELF. I I .- -. - tar Walker P Inman was filed for SHAW ON FISA.

    Wattheur. Coming to America. H'>bi to In Ordinary \\"lIkln.on'1"" ofllcefuesda t'.
    VI. Acknowledged Kllllno Whit M.." Tragedy In Well,To.Do Farmer's Fam.. N>* ork. NovX, r t. IV>bby Wa!. ) irorulag, and after somethius West Lost Confidence r.

    Over Crap Game lly In Ohio. I, tbour one <-/ the greatest! cycle rideriilu llSe 15OfMn( of special bequests Former' Sec-e.

    boa vlll>, '1"1111:0' \ :::10 .little Springfield Ohio Nov: ; :iCharles n... anrtd.! In on hi wato this the majority of' the property f.... to =' W(1r :Nov .
    Ne't. .a v*.*|\I.| ...d., farmer near' N'lenna' the two. Jati-hter rotary of the typo-
    from Mrs
    101 at h.'.. iivxiu. was haiiK""I at \theut. i i fituntry Europe to ctimpr'e In Morris bran.
    -1'"nn. TU"htl& morning for oho *.>:.f. .>.>"% n.** t.. allot his wife| early; on'I'I the kit 4.M race at .aIIIO'n s The I Shaw' pro-.ld"nt of .
    \\'i .' jo''day' ihre time u* she sat In .. whole of the company rt.turne..lTuet
    C"onr..I1. muisl of KMlm IIUki, A I n. It.r 'to ti and alen for tho"I'urp..f' property of the deceased .
    i a i ..sir wnitln for him .1'lln. her i ...Ii .
    rLltr man I l nf raring I.l'IIh l .rrae"'D In roo to his two daughters the valueof I
    Mt4(<..t> trail tit 'hers etunitoil! ,: In a crap tn'taut'v t ,ten be turned th.. fun< on a ten trill* tooter paced e% put r.r the IhU being It In >salt I aoineiblnz: I i f":oreo,! with many !'t if

    ,came htr l .t 1 ."'''lnbO'r.; which n..ult...l hlti.elf and put A bullet In ht!' heal I worM! r':Jiinr !on.hip ou :
    In M ttlttlcu:' y in which" Illckn lout bit tri' Sa"..! en'e.-tni the n.'.. itRr t 7 \\'"H hour ras had a sun. t .-yti..e $11 ,Owo Is given to charity iid.ttooi be"The ...ald.I .

    lif. Ills IHHI) was placed be!'ldo a h''fhlt1: him.nlf he rI".tt: In'l rfrrfvvil .ucc*..ful IIr..tI a'.1 amid and the I'rf'.bt..rl..aharcb.: I wet loe

    ,a"-uA4 track. IIt i >$timahly to .u,;,....tO tf .a1l'P'r.! after shells kMI.lInJt ; ass khowhts h:* he*..l. to a,: ne start - -- -.- : eat It will coat U.

    > "atU by A raall"'l&' ) train lIu".r. Jit 11I TOrr: be when bQ'.t wub" a ,ot i iu Cenductor Name N.-.. Officer' dollars before<< w* f'

    thrvt. ncfciux.a s., It' urtr.C..4 l. tiled and another. bu d rra-Mnic inn kl. ,.If.... aocldvBt Tidies: behind >*r< la' Atlanta, :Nov' 21 At a rne, tin< of and codialTbe rel tlo j

    ..DI.nC'N t.1 ha"ar. I brats: as ...1M- earn ....1.. htr la.1. ; Mtvnnj UUs* eenip..t<> .:y r.. I t>. (>y...r o{ Katl- ay .'eni. ,u.toi'. onSUIUT. men ..f cJa. .. .
    ' I Tholr ..'_h' vtsrold bu. York I Istrtn I. ,.,.. ....1&1.. '
    M4ie at.t M" .1.) a ago . Robert, c.v.rtd.' bft_ . .r. and write'. .,.' u. ; tBM .AOtnt, <:*lvi"ton No .
    that be al',nt M.t. -..{H> ".th!..> for C at the eai) ''Ift..S to the smarter will ke In th,0\ *.t pe>.*ts':* ooa lIlo"o 10 *,eld an .11t.'n" er ffi-rt. Ta. .encr: tat\ a ,...Lf'amfO
    and. :eMe r of v.I .. .
    lllckn death and ..I"O. then O.rtrr u ... b.. t).. Ana Is trod are lUl .f facers for tie c*>mm %"r laa ibo banka

    '" r 1"ittnra**n b*.. s 'kri.,' r.j>rl.,... Just eta2 > ttie bay sat not t.ilit'd hi - -- tolls . H. M P"'tere a.a. eluef to c..arlat bcue .

    .*.t IK >i lUMidrr and I aatu ilh*rntatiii unknown N..rr was 4l..dpated.Eig''t Steaks Mr", Come Cheaper.New c@t.dieter K C. Ua: .In, a.*(Maatelf I forced tbe Cwt af

    \ \ :. ,i. uu4x.b lit... 11 tI..r c\'n.ldat I lor... Nov 3* .141.1 pack'Cr. c..C".or. W C. 8tradJ .es.tar tee *aa. .*.

    4 ..' on ">f their 4'- Sh.rtuan a.4 I ,. i>'naiu. i !v rv>,.ert .. ft..w t-hlestto f.',r. J H Dv.e Jun'or: "lbe of ' .
    Itnr.d., "> ail bfxu' b.'. i '. u digY f, Injured l Wre14.I.aut.l I .".1{ $J I I.. 'M. tort i ere wll:! Bona eo-'deetov.' A. .V War !'rk. rretary .o BO s tar theYork
    l. .Mis e. Nov: ; lx -Kk.t>twrrv ..
    lth"y' ,' i b* a r *4u< ( !Mn In tH. p-..-.. of n:e.L sad treaswrvr. J. W tlirroB T'II.v b4 r4eooo1t sOR
    > J. (;.
    _. .
    t p.--a. l.Jure<4 when a ,
    111..1 Tk.v sat further IItOWr'. :' that .' T her- 11u'fa
    .t: tars.od ed M Marre!
    I .la."...a and K<..a. Olfjr t trn.t..sPttura .
    ;t Cotton K'.ti Men to> "eld ......,n. I ......u t.t,. will gal f >. Maher It tney were get
    ----- - -
    Jlu"b\I.I -'j.* Su. :. I jum:-4 te ir rk near he MtMld"7 Itrad.a of be<. f and p'rk. but probably' s... 1'otk ...... :..

    . :"I -coltolll r. ..t"'I") rs. 4'0 ... 1.-1>H* "II, rtt.> cars 1M, J...a an embibiti ..t :. ...1:1:! M etttflrd to the '.... I i. Ct"'e.: sad till .p eve': i.elf
    on4 J T. \a-aer' >f MD >tf : Mo f' "" S. ., \ ....., .
    It' t"
    \ ...... . < stl' % : " .,.111.
    ' : gold a f i 1 11 u....*. .'.iu .!h tr: f.' t .4 ; '
    '% :1'01".' a:. Ih cn:". a. sna. ": gar ,. '0 : .. 1 .1' 1-4: I IItof .
    r 'Cuts the que in t f 'o: :1" tbot tt: i sdnr t t-ge::; n at'J'
    AMensas Bank -. ._ .
    S".p."d.. : \ : ,
    bellere a::> <' .,.' n' ...'..: .\ .' :=. :.. ...',. .. y. tobse *, :te
    \ this city w. ''i w* <' ",C"I u,wn Merrren M ,astenar. ... [ .,.; .d LAD. a .10 \: f\\ :amurSfax :a" .. Wi I. Take e
    the matter slit 'Its ti -. II. -.. .. lu aral .,.' l>.rtv (. S *s L)'. Nv y IS ; p '- I toe.' N ,
    I' : $ :..i.. s' a : .. ... .. ..
    i.n"' may al tar l "wi"&.iui ,...... J c. ,te \p.l.;.sl frwoi :Saxon: four j ., tied Mil t r :
    will .aole' I)f K::: A. t:sa: ,- iiy torec'fa..ia I a, 1II1:'- .' 5 : t; 'rag' be .. b' '
    We "
    ..ud t". fflatB .. r i rider' r:' I 'alaP'! 't'q "I selwartes a. "1t)aoai'tttatY1 to i.: uca
    . a e .rUtc4 la (Itda tie IiM recta to ...a-1 + 'e* .I-.. ttf raVe tang.L' -1 for tsa- :
    ft -., e 4i :"'" .,. .. d1":a.n.:'.... .. .. ; .u i s. krft. bore .
    ?l" "' 't' ....., ... ..Jt .. .M' y-o\.tM.. AJ&'Jt KHWf$ ilill .
    < .
    t ,;;" .f' "to ; . ".. .L-' : & "!''it :''' rt': f ; ''IE... .'' 'ft'' r,'r inn (':Jt 1t Ls.tttt'",I) '! s { -- ;tttaN Ctai ,
    :: : f' ,".", 'dl. ' .
    .! : M.J'..: !"?' ... :,,, '::- .'- "





    ) I )( W ,

    ---- -- - -- ----- -- -- -- -- ------ --- ------ -- - -

    (MAY YET BE SAVED s I Aggregate WORK of ON S48.COO.COO PANAMA Has CANAL.Already I [THE BRADLEY TRIAL L I Turkish RAIDS Villages OF KURDISH Suffer Equally TRIBES.with POLICE ARE BsrruJ:; ]

    Been Spent by United States. Arrrenlan Homsteads.
    I \Va!Jhln -,ulII. :':uv. 28 -Full d1 tatUof Constantinople! No28 ,-The law

    -'F Mother's Tears and Pleadings: In the! work done on the I'anama canal Case May Go to Jury Either on JrsH art\1ty! of the Kurdish tribes In Sweat Box Scstcm II .' :
    'irlnn tlu lineal year Vjol with a the ,\rrr.en.Klirdish districts of Er- : .a;t

    Behalf of Son. showing of hat has been actoinplleh.! Monday' or Tuesday. itzum Itit'! Kharpmt and D!. on 1 f:1: jns.hrniJ1.

    f.d wlnte the jrojrt hu. he'n In AnlPr- aarbfMr I la, "ulng! llxtl.v tone*'in at
    --- --
    n mi I:und*. all!! dlsclciied( In the annual tae: ixjrie. |articiiiarlv> Mal the foreign

    CONDEMNED TO DIE DEC. G report of tre'\ Uthnilan canal tuiiniisaion. ; TESTIMONY IS ADOUT ENDED embnssieb| ar Intjiestlnx tho;nselvcaHnd WEAKENS UNDE ;NO; '. =

    male J pibllr 1 iievdav It H -- are urging that plompt measurejbe _
    -- ---
    the first n'.>Oi( made of JJf'latlIJUIt un I taken: b\' the gO\'l'I"1I11'n1 to present -
    1' American In Mexico Condemned to Celebrated;; Case of Mrs. Anna M Young Studsnt.: .
    tho Itilinius: klure the fonstinctloii a pot:
    Die for Murder In Connection with work hat been: la charge of 041"111) enbi l. Bradley. .Who Kil'ed Senator Drown the protection! cf the no'orl His Rival in Lo /e
    } Insurance Frauds May Have Their ree'ts. of UtG.h. I I. !Neato; : Its CloseArgu.ment nim Ibraham I'anha who Is Known as Trapped by the 'c e _
    3 AtJde from the $.0.000,000 paid to ... the "Vf'Splt| of Kurdt-htan." Kurdish i 1 ,
    ; Sentences Commuted. May D:;: o> FriJay. the Officers
    : the Fr"u<;li umpari( and to Panama hor1-*'men are making/; taldw without of the La :,

    Chicago Nov. 2S.- A *j r< lal to tho an aggregate! of $4K3,110; lax: been \\'aliluJloCtflU.o: ; \' 2S: -TbealMUptne (iis-cr Itnlnat.ijn.: ; 'l'urktsb'lIIugfttJ feuf- 1't'iK"lf'Y.1 t'uI':| :\: .

    TriUuiiH &If.luai6II1U: ;,on. i II C bays expended bj the got vrniniiit <:n ih" ..fc. wliii vvhn! tit i;O 'nn.loriifti iticftite f.'rlnt'fll.o&I); :\ with/ Armenian home- r>' lilelnsermimlr: \\ .

    that rn UK* 'trial c,t lira An' rtt'.ttls f'u the plr.lns around DlarbeKIr dent of tIl" S ate. in : ,

    plUins AtubaflHado' .. Ciol of Mextco which 1 l. was eutlmatod b>' the board ale M il.a.alit folIe kiliiii,; ot and J"Ut'! ; 1't1-Jhn.0ll1ar. eon in U.e 1..1'ir.c..

    wiled Tuo 1 ,.Ja>' illicit to June :MareWancLez of ronsulMiiK" enj (gist t $ Ialei11.2): : : Till"l aitl ccuiUlncJ! ; the f.ict ulrtud and buinediiiln! the past uritli In
    Kii\einor cf the .I t. of Chl- Midi } rival I lit bv f. Fr-; I
    .uahua. Mrxliii. l'r"IJUllu.'itlln that: mat, however, did nut Include .aultatlott fouritiie4tL., :.> i lit( the and cxpcaatd:: of the zone government. the in le'jut, hale tht Sort district have met with the : ,
    + sin nice cf Ur Clarl's H I Halle gU\'I'UII."ut a of fact \<>UlrAlIII. .; .
    :William Milder ui-d I 1.' 1 e Hulburt..Americans waterworkn bowers and i av- test tfed l.i'id to the belief:\ that! tor name fate Several of thw"c vlllaR! I tl.v local pi lice iiuvKveiv .' .
    Ins In Panama ant Colon and lip re- will be : wi/ : e eompo.1 o:itlrel>' of Mo.I'U\s.
    ('Unli'ttl.Q.1 to r>e ,4411' at case gi\on tc to Jury prob : 1'0.I>>,hie tl.. '.
    that place, b., roimnutt I to twentyDrears' 4Ulpiuont< of the I'.inaTiia rallio.d badly Moi.Ja1. ot '1 uc:-nuj of next and In most cases the lives of the In- the" 'tliiid ..i.'Krt't" ..

    linprli-ouu 0'/11. There IM no reft-ient lu the reportto weekIt liabltantH wore spared, though: they box *)-teii ," hUll

    Th.'n who the pn>(.o"lflon vsiiioh/ ban been I I" the pre!'f'nt pirio: or t'le ile, were* <)le|>ilved of HfTrnelr' no '1P".lo"s. Lear uu tilt join !J.

    wore coolrl11111'.1| for tv\o niuiiUrx In brought forward lo 'lIh'nd< the wllia frnve not >o crust) examine ut 1<.iiRthDrs The pinch i of hunger already Is helm into soino incouI-t ', ..
    of the lorks, to lu ft><'t no' an! to arcoinmo tilt a.. everywhere there Is a
    connection v\li'i! Itihiituiuo hauls. hadlIef'n JellirTe and lliu:h. tu'J: \ tnl': ; Cory utatc.ent !JUl.
    f .late, without lHTIcuU! > t>ie 'xtr<.l la prnrrlt' of tool l, forjfic and CII..I.l The
    net for 1 It <'. 0enor went I1Hiallltt"q.t"tt.*. or 1 to plar' < p > t'L4t \\\1 I of t'f': oHIeueii <

    > C'reel la t tho nctjtal governor breadth lu tile .Iv"elulI.I..uL i of ntilp- the stand unv wlfi./
    or Clilhualiii'i 1c: WUH ileiae-lied to bulMln,. Mild .ibis! will tin uiadu tae It Is, ther.'ture. e\pe. (.ted that lit tie mitigate the mUer. but outside help

    ,: fill tho dlpld.iintic tnl.-iK.loii, to this .uhJ'ct of "JUt"'I jl I l'OulIIII11h'aliun from close of \\'dllP'-idl; proitedii. ,4 tiirtentlnionj ; 1n uretitly: nepjpd If the dan;! tr of a Sister Celleve t1.>3 I I.

    w country and 1/1/ 1111.. HIIIH t'tgagPd bin Ihu Olllnll..hl11 wIM/ Le all InUnlem severe famine I I. to be averted. TL1 two tit'a11lfu.: !i _
    A strung iK>sljii| | \Is tpKen favorable clI*,'..I.I Mlnfcelie.ii: .i :,
    ,' -- ------
    1\0 authority aM; rovernor; but bin there Is a luuife of pr i,fam
    Loa contliiiialloii of the I hnii'l') a .*...rt tin' .
    ruorul InlliiiiKi, lit !l.i':1: In hl.s owns ixillcy of duill" Thursday Mill hr' detotert ti> the In'll- MISSING WITH 5:'0.CC3.; it

    Country wh/ it' It tot 1 eml) I it com the woik b.dl..IIII.h'uJ/ ; contract a rat Ion of pra) tito the curt In a*' --- brother will/ ue 1 pliir1picion i
    labor. Sanltailon In heated of In the Mysterious Disappearance of J. E. ( of guilt: when [ 'r
    ; l
    L fcnan.Iluc ttt lt"mnll. but a iueiiibe ofm tnueh an It bun beon Iitetlce; Staffufll'saim
    rlcV and powerful famll) I .port. a stateiiunt being inadn of what/ throughout the trial t.o keep Irom Reeves, of Griffin Ga.CJrliriii to court

    ". cannot eoiuMiitnl." ald the amma Liar been dotii :and the deolaratlon that the Jurv an\ nulling of oiin.l aneTori (ia. Nov.; 2S -J EJ, In regard to I the *' It'i 1 i iKeif I' .

    % ,ador. "but I feel I mire Honor Kuu' there wan no willow! fever ol"h\luatin.!\ : on the past of counsel will be Ileevf. head of the J. 1:. IU',nes C... out: that aim,> w a- I.

    abet will fo'low:{ my r0coiiiinoiidMtlou*, on th bUllnllll 1 during th. jear: Wade LO teach an agreement with re. 'ih i attires at Vaughn Echlin Jackson ed and subjected to !th!

    flfe* has full povvr to do *o nlthout Karl to the prnjerb ao that arguments ilennvllle audor'r; () s. has treatment b>' Kleinsbasemen 1 I' to the central ItIJY..t I1I.ut. REJECTS WORD "AUTOCRAT." mars begin on Friday dl>>:
    ;;' 4rt'''' M*)will recelrw' my nrra.e Wdnen- said that he had with him a burn of the dead' body was' linn, I Islaters

    '.A'. 4lay mornlog Duma Decree Title la Not Tenable In THREE MEN ASSASSINATED. money variously estimated from $:0:: .. taldVe :

    Tb appeal that mn> save the tlveof .. Russia.St (loll 10 $*>uoooHe "\ kuow anthill of M .
    1'.'I"I'"HlrlC.ov.; :2tt .Jrha dumu left Viughn. last being at our home* onVo '
    ( t"r.. AnierleaiiH wu uiadu b>' Mia Tragedy Occurs at a Lumber Town InArk.n. Thtintdij morn
    i iAnnt I I.. Marie of \blletio. Tex hun det.r.ied that the title of nuto- i ..*. tag and It U reported that t.e sold "\ had many da'l i .t'

    "i another of Hr. Ifarle. after practically n ..

    every miser IIM'tins of oUtalnlnu of Flusfla for (',centuries IM lie) men were"lnat"'d. at Clio. Ark store in hlit waithottte at NaiiRhuSherhT r)' accldtntall ton mid ''I I.. .-

    I longer tenable within the Russian II (' Heal of Spalding letters which ,hoard w ', .
    clemency hnd Into exhaunUd The a lumber town near Pine llluff. Ark ,
    bre" men two" of wht/ >iu woie from thecity Kliitu and Is II1"olllll.tlblft wlo: ., then un tin>>' 'f'pl'.1 from a train Monda: count)., was' ltee\ea. bondnman for girl she 'IS'e wc .

    of '10:1111": liiiiiiKUruled tiv the mttulfet $10 .Ciori. and hat I aUo on his note III niorH to do with '.,
    , New: 1'r1: rrr" r ;vlotml<< antenencod night TI,> "aartln Is unknown. The tone
    ( In l'!/III:5 tunnel b) I'lllr"rtlrh.hnl.: : : ..* on Oct drad, ateThomas: for $_'.Ml') I Monday' .\ number of and It was/ full>' to II" \ tl: '
    :ti). HI'1' ; the clo.. of great (t>n' .
    fi'+ N'umeroUM petition and letlein have a R Godfrey a Tina llluff otll"r irifTIn jemlenien;; wore interested from that girl that 11:1: r' \ '
    t>e.,n received b>' the state department Kilt "II liii il I .l>'bate the Kii..*lau parllanunt lumber man I\II! "lo'Ihuld.'r" In the wair-houne. at of her character. It I II I-

    l h>' a'nt... of 112 to : Ili' rejected Vaughn and others bad Invested I that Ilarrv murdered! t I
    lnlerfer' but of tho .
    Raking nrr. nine <'I a r. II C..- I.. n\mh.' a telegraph oporator
    l>aH>rii Mrrt' nny evldem-e of the Innoconrn th.tlr.1 ":.JII'nrtAn.1 then adopted li.rKe!> In the firm" of which Keevea: : Iowa because of hiMln -.
    a reply to the M.Ilr.04R, from the aaa tart: 1J".I\"fI, \ 1"'I'f"'I. He\ u ,
    of the men or doubt of their A It Mcrven: a singing teacher :
    jcullt. 'I"he Ktafe department! founddo I 0%ruin,. unantuioiiHlv amid bceue of luii from (rant (county who wa* a bj- The J. i E:. Ueeves (.'o baa stock nothing) moro to do w

    around upon which lu at'tMm 'n,i,> exilteiTunt. irn.oned: ch.'r r* .t n n t'e! r.ft' aid 'o be valued at $:,5 uOu. whit we found out 'r i ian 1- '

    lluile went/ to >-t.e SenatorJulbernon ind the Kiiigliii of tiie nattoiiiil\ anthem .\ ,. b.'Inn shot hush ran: up the flit. t's H u lung man. II'.t'ntly. far .is. harry in rjjrotcrjup ":. .

    "d' < utid I Hi& 'pro*'*'illative Rniith I ri;trend track, end. although;: known about J> ) .'IU'. ol.l and had time run farce Ice wily I
    y .iutof -11:1:1 u ho knew. him. e"i I.'lal. viudlcatt"

    t. aroti.c1. ttiev! iiwikined' the ItitereslWf JRr.t'.1! a* u victory for Ih.. ,xin"tltutlot fw.dh", not been found I 1)' its p In bii ,itie4 who macla Habeas. Corpus ProceTTie .. ., ;.

    ""'IIIllf'r"Hr the :New; York deleitatlon :at demmrat un.lei the Icader-! lxi..tVe sh'p!: of I'n' ".uII-:'; MllukorT.who .
    who are Inn Ttiene member hail I A r\iht Kith Itert Mc4'artne. niint p..rat'on and entrurd him with" large out t hy Kit: 'ln chmidi -
    succeeded lu fi'ictliif the O tuber.
    of congress! uiilteiivth| i rho iu>nK e r J n "r ttt the Mhiff City lumber mills at utm of money from time to time, made returnable\ n.\: '.:

    ,, 'the 111'1"1&1 to tiie :MrxUnu .Iuba...- hi'i hu.ld Them Iltuln') 4s. "liken Clio In which :McCartney was badly Ills dlsaplk!l 'aranctt hni> \IIlrJ the trl't .\tt( brow n '\llu" of
    Jog Whit, "h'I.It..1| his Intliienee more after the withdrawal he*' .n up Th*> left the city" and createMt aeimaiiou in Criflln and vicinity the grand jury take a" '
    the I Ireactbinarlest the I
    treme right ) .
    out of pity for the unfortunate woman t went to IMiie bluff Monday: night lu many > ear past and thud forestall tkproceedlnp .'
    ,.itclallenioeratU- 11\1'mb..ts of th. 'i .
    than 'iv' reason ut the *ugg.ntlou* \\heij they:' returned for tin'tr clotaoH ----- by an I Ir I I' '
    of toll and the I'ole. .
    sade by the conm <'<*itien Large Estate Left Inm
    ., .. HOT r one fire I from the comnilikirybul.dlng By n.
    -- -
    -- ; at the lumber agent .N'Unta. Nor ."-Thp will of thIn .. '
    - - --- wan filed f ur
    --, --- ..iibate. In trdlrrVllkln '
    WaMhour Cemlng to America. "on !\ office '
    g, tH. Acknowledged Killing White Man Tragedy In Well,To,Do "..rme-r-'* Fan New lork. NovX :9. H>>bb)' Wai< Tuesday morulag. and after soniethln Wet Lost Conflde-'nce I" Eat' '

    Over Crap 0..",., lly In Ohio I I thou. one r/ the au.a'.t cycle rider : hike, Ol.n) of special bequests Former Secret ',>.

    Kno > ltle. "'','nll. No\.: .t <|ttiU I 1 Springfield. Ohio. =Nov 2< -C'harle I In tte "orl,'. I is. on Ma wato this the majority of the property gems tn :-.; W"nfJ( :-ov':"

    .&IaKe. UWKIO. wn/ hanged tl .Uhf'''., Neer. .a \.U-t..I. farmer ''''..Vienna. otuntry frotn Europe t<> compete In the two danghter. Mr Morrlg Hran. rotary of the Tree': ,

    Jnn, Tuesday morning: for ttn *o rconfn t '-OK,* |H.>ad. hot lila w-lfe early, on I' the fctx- tu) rare at Maileon >V>.'.3rf> don and Mrs James It Cray TA. Shaw' pre+ld<>nt of th.'. ..

    ...Ml tinirxler ">f JI"tJ" lilt KM. A \\'< .* ic..dav lhri-t tltneit A* t+h. sal In i nrden. |tr to 14 and al-o for the whole of the property of the dec-. I rompeny returnedTue r

    a rAlr; : wnitinic: for him kltilnc urtn ... roe to his two . '
    *rhlit man l>'irpo e nf rarlnc l..rlli. iVdrrac"n In daughters, the valueof '
    MitCeo and ot'-ern encnired In a ,.mpCame :<'*,it !, omen be turned the !tun ont I A ten mile. motor pared exem tear theanrtd. taU bHng It U rant aotnethln" ; I' f""r-.I: with many ba... ' IS-<.iMubtfr.hth ri...,sttrtlL. hltt,'If and put 44 Vullet In bus head rnpoTiliip on 5eturda' over a million dollars ID wpeclalbe I inn flnaadal iJtuatloi

    '1R ,dimiMii in which Mick !lost hit It"' bat:: eetertnf: the nvr. I I I I.e<> 7 althnur\ LA. tad M w..n. I <).teate Jll Ooo |Is clren: to charity I c<.nd.HOD* he *aid .
    \rt.-: .. llft Ills h"tl gas I'Uted belde a dertuiiy .I'e.1| .ra.on a"read and > terl-tn church. I

    e g\' vj track pivitiiwabl)- to KtlKKf**! > ,Intti'r ru.)m after shells. loadingrevolver !. ass ah.apltts" h'.* l to .J] : : :i. .tar.. - --- ..-- eaat It.tll cot u* -e

    .. ]f>alh b< a ruilwu* train 1I.n..t. I :its be came back and sent of LMtru;+e when he\ Diet wIL1 a a. i Catdoctar Name New Of"l'lc..r-e."' I dollar before <.np erg; i r

    'thrt'1' iir.t..M. brain as W .... **.plaK her. U.t. The w'B of tb* w. -
    1, ; : t". (r4er of R.II..ay t'en.
    (Itl anir I U..I mAn) lie i>a* C lUp.l. re <9'U'lOI. oaS

    )(glare a I. w data & (o c-(' Their eljtht vear-old boy nOb..n.1 ,'Oy.r..' towsr.r and erlr.s !bat :" linear! tb. AlJar'a dtvl.loD l No.: York I. reaponsiM fik <> ..
    v drat be alun. a.l.\IO| C..r'' C aj the! < tttv wit net* to tie will *. tn the best ;w1.sisi.: condition: trio Raid an .1flMtnn .f oBr-r. Tae rhl..c7 ; twat wbsatame :

    t lllckii d. alh and 'm<-. then tiever- and Mi'eKJeJust I .. a.a the asa t* tired :\.r.. list .f oOre's for the erring year Is1 banks of Newto 1
    wU Ibe bov gar got htl1.jd launka ci.arla c tu>u'* c.r' . .
    t '.,nr i' 'tl..r"un has arantp,1, Mprlrt... - -- a* toile's. H d. ..t T1PP.. "l.t i >
    " .'""tn :N:.rr *.*. 4t. ..lp..4. Steaks M forctl l:Nt n...t of the .
    q '.> b* '\ lloudt-rnou and ilani :4he'rm3U j <*v Come Cheaper. c r.t>uetnr K C tia' In. a.......t I Idt..r

    \1.. ;' Jiill"U .....adtna fit u.rr t r.'d I %e.r York"' No 2* l.*-a1) packer. gnadac nr W r. Rtradi.asea' ; Lb.n. ... ,

    ei at '-'it i.f Ih..r r.laer Sh.rtvan and 'nOriu i le npj.rt.. t..)_ " br rvnelBex J M Uy. femur: ., bsek"ra s1 etas .
    I EigM P.rwva" Injured" Wre, .k.I. _* .1 lie lant .. IK Wr* M tor tbs o* .. .
    ] e de 't'I ,'a4 lw'on ..-a' i t : to cI1.! ) tart there" w ill! M*.B doctor II \ W rtek. "H'f.ar7
    i l.atsrel.1.U. :Nor f*
    -R1pktp.rsors i re1
    r.ltb! *.',,' .... j bra r.*du.tton In t1"e pe of meat. .Ml tt.aslsrer. f W. Urrvatt J. (iUar York They tiled pl .
    ---- w.rr' IRJUTed ....D I+MMbii. ,,*"' rfor
    it I Tbev "a\ further. ho..r' s. :ht the - rre/l. trustee.Pictur .
    'I I J.."...... .M I'..... Ott> railroad I train .,I -
    .. rfw
    Cotton M"; ...." t.l Field "'..1''''.' Cc' itsctk'a win tart $1.I! .. .lc tirtrade. . It %i*. were
    I I -- - - --
    traek .., .
    ""rtta. near
    Ituntall to .\.a. SIn : I Iaadseg : ; of bare and PC'"!',. but probably =New' York soeltht to. ,> .
    . 1,, 1 rt e cars Clad Jo.a anI .............. I .. *ts Cats. TrTihi'I ;;
    .t It
    bei aed e
    'oton It It!'" t .r. q' ,. "., :i.a .U : a oaAa..4 to be via tbo.eeAnkanta s ap
    %' 110101 II' ".....r'. '. tll'u..r..w to ,II. ,I! an* J T. \araer of )Iiaa111' I.i. ot \ tndPs New York 141. ..ta-eta' frw\r.s ttic iset of tie ,"(f"Io'.Jat.- .
    'e iryns'I. m. e lit crtCii; an':. ParU 'e t '4.'e'd I P ',
    -Cutts the yuP. n'n <'f t '11 :1 r' tl I t1I 114..7; .It" :C bat:
    -w Bank S".p'.ftd. Vr .
    SM>tthis txi1.ed I. ji' a.. f" ,. '; -
    Sa I ...
    \ N zta',:. I leba - Re
    city a. ': .It. ':'r' u"wn M.- ." M .Ico.r e* K eetr. ed Faie: tai W i Take ca.
    \ !: a > !!'
    the utattrr **.. ce l'.a .Q I." '>>a' :-4-\: ' .k r 1"0' U -'rti'ac I' 1 ; B .
    r s ;
    . eta) at ll.. lilemat 1.1& 1 ,. ..- A' W: >aif s
    way ; taerr.aaR e L.rd f .111 Sa = tear eta Ili .
    asse'.s &( s' I a n: T -*"' '
    a > tooa < \4 be *srcfa -1 I beta ta ffr>
    ,1''' ..autI... a.a'r' )Ir- s e' setr...rt.. .. -abaoal.wstteraL 1 to
    [ t e% *'
    unu4 L
    gl"t.ea &a t s to .at rail* std eagle tr eat e. bee. lia.1.tirl -
    ,.t test WQ:' ,r .. ( a.t.toI.: t.n. ... .
    . "" . *. t. : r" .Jn >< ' '; <( ... ' ,, "'" ..bf1a.C."T.: ..%>...Si '. ,.., ._, ,. t'1 tr> t't tte., '
    ; ,. .r- : : jo
    . l !1..t. :;. ::',.; : :: .;!. : .. y. 4.1''tJ' &! .''/ .b ";--...'it., .". ''J i..G.JJ;' 1

    . .



    ---- - -



    Excellent Progress I Is Being Made on

    EASY -- the New Opera.A .
    With Chronic Coughs Need Vinol.It DANDRUFF
    A > enthusiastmestlng! of this! A HEASOK-

    / ---- Stops the Cough and drib: was held on Tuesday f>tnliiK

    DJ feu ted at the! reald.iK'. of :Mrs. B. I>. flint, Is hair coming out by The l'tll:, :
    Jfosily : ; UniversityBoys Cures the Caas: your C mpa"v '
    aid". S." eral number*! of the new
    B t Itib resting Game. 1'111 I ,' ix t.. *u.,1 i: lor t ,>',hMii; and direction t> great combsftil! ? Every combful turer ot 0:
    in.dor the iKr-"
    c tra ofv
    i> }{t'medu, I. ,
    of fear for the future
    roldw.; and fur the bt n.f1t! of J.iliu-H- causing a ismg .
    f \ J':. Cadwallader were taken up for l ,n..

    f=%NAL SCORE WAS 17 TO 0 ellis people our local! dr'iggist. \\'. M > tidy and th. progress shown during agents I !i-i t
    juh0 +oti. tells:: tlit ni the bent intuits th. evejilnj watr satisfactory. Doe white trail of dandrutf make. 100 ;
    one for e:.c:lic '
    A Good Crowd Was Present to Witness I for a cure. The IIIPIJlIt'r ol this rg-inljatoii! sift 0\ \r shoulders ? >:ic i io4J t-pf. ,
    He : Take Vinol our real ('udIIv'r .
    says are to ha\e. at u'rh rehea--al. one prod t c II "
    the Game, But It Was Too One Ono bald pot has already appeared ,
    without( oil It does .
    paruthm half-hour of instruction in si ;ht le.idliiK : te', id tan : '

    sided-High School Boys Defeated mint upset< the stomach like cough n>'rupfl. -a big/ advantage in the proaecution Voti s manage to hide it. ci:1.1it"1 Thi": i I" ace'

    Second 'Varsity Team. mud It IH much Wore effectiveVinol of the study of an)' muidral work but it is spreading rapidly contract with .i t'\ '

    t N not a palliative l but u lira. hair have left turner .
    Thursday at the bam ball park a NVhlle volumes have been written on Is the you to build r' .1 i iliou'se

    tive" the and t.- t hooks bo had fading and makes do )on : -.
    Hiihjtrt :\ ran ing gray or ,
    double-header I off the should
    was pulled on } ou t
    This/ IH t.E'C'fLlIl'lt'11101 contains In a
    in all bl/e timid intricacies
    \arlttlei of whcn'ouith
    ,4 .jgrldlron In which .the. Hlvt'rslde. K am lahthl cOIK.filtrated form all of the you look old one j>r. i, inieilicine ,
    s of method, the l'I'm'tI'al: illustration ? to t"
    from Jacksonville was defeated by I healing. KtreiiKth'creating and mtdl- of and work on the basic principle: arc still young }'our troubles

    clmialI lenientof rod liver oil actually Have you tried many rC5toraUilentlmt \
    ire University! of riorlda. by a More : aro far more productive of results!
    I 1
    .of 17 to 0. The ill 111 School team of I I takt u from fresh rods livers hi.ttrrunit a "u"r-rout fence than tives that gummed your hair into trartor across a h"lh <, i,

    with all the useJosH, n.iUHeatinif oil rate pluRihitik, ,
    liietivlllo dtftattd the Second t.uatime walk two miles to a gate and two a sticky mass-but accomplished IIIH. I
    it.: : own 1'I i
    eliminated and tonic iron added It
    tnll.-s hack nothing else ? c' 'part merit, lIId, i -
    ;>,\.of ITnlvtihity of riorlda by a tastex: fine, and (annot II 1'1'41 the wtakt of this all of which c-t. \ '
    Thu ln.iuitir.if half hour *
    Hair Tonic is
    jncore of 11 'to ", 'I'he K<.UII"140 (. .. stomach. hence ItH wonderful Then Rcxall 0., it ether and I I-u
    study 1lali:1.: :" .r.. t ltd by the niemtierti I"'u, "e 1 1ns is j .
    through marked by clever work power to ('111'''. with a great d<'.il of enthusiastic the remedy you need. The United; In .

    \\'<> ask mery portion In (Jalnosv lllo Rexall 03") I lair Tonic is wholpany is dom! ,.: t
    ; JMid all teaniM showed<< the bald. work I HUtiHfattlon.; th.esre. tails for ruumeflutist the ltItdlt'tl1t' t.i :

    t *wtilch they had bt"en at for the pastivtnber who hall a chronic cough r or hard cold. unusual ...thl"fI.led harmruo111esuregiiiring ]ly free from grease or sediment, Lave cut d'-u. i

    to try Vinol on our. Kuarantet'-W. MlohiiMon they manutu" ,ir ,
    of weekslllverfldo and the hair
    i Intill'ft ( oiirientlouH and will neither gum nor nil mmiltes t i i20iM ;

    made u't'r)' good] sl.i ovtmg. A<, DriJKKlst! Caliio.s'vlllo; Tin I !study but tie .ifi.11.vhen propt'rlynhtaliii soil the clothing or pillows. It is retad /I I ,
    1 he e clruKR .
    and it waH evident! that tTn>, )had d, sccutod to animate the mi rn' clear and clean only iuttrnt '
    t pat some hard work In the right j Phu eMawkliiH. teams were ffKhtiiiK for. tollltt'lIlaC hors to K o at it with a will, detfruilnCM that "tand.wl\\i "
    and the hall c handed back and forth to m.ihti it tho"t who expectedHoimthliiK Rcxall "93") Inir Tonic stops! United l>n .k t. i
    at usual, did home star : the itet
    playing and wan In the Kame froth several times! Hut by superior work hlmph' und not worth falling hair and permanently. banz"d!. pit Hi.: l'n

    tart to flnlHh Dtawdv al-o: dlstlnjS the 'Varnlty hays worked. tho hall spending jtrev ni itti r uponfie ilia ishes dandruff, it l>riiR: li t/ortii: ivhu :

    iahc'd hlniHeir and hv big K.HIIH In- near their opponent's Roil Albertsim appointed' : -appait'ntlpleat>.intl> dissitppointed It does this by destroying the aft 'ttl tU gems lll.lktiiuilicine .r.

    -airied the was Klven plK-skln and by a plunge .. IIOWIN.P. for thev. appliedthernsles in -
    :made through center. ofl. { cause-the tntcrv&ts.Revall 1> t. not . n'I"':;
    through ceiitir he stored tuuch-
    ;i '4b,,lt safely over the l.nvard. line. ; a tu the task in a really Tonic will tt'l 1 M"I tl.>: '.'
    9J" I lair
    lI..wlI.luulflH failed to kick goal. and in ilu me would 1 rs '
    Hut It wan evident from the' htart that l ,
    '' : the scum wtood 5 to O In favor. of Galmiesvlll.lots lonx net-did club quickly cover the bald spots with .lie of tin <, : '
    r HIverBlduVHH no lIIa'dl for the t:111. a >repint::0"-, It

    .verity team 'in all parts of the PlorldaHlverwldo. of this ..sort with opportunities! for a vigorous growth of hair.Vej joujht Ut>.i::11 I t

    +; + ICifttne tilt I'nlvtinPv. bo) tt out,.pluy.-1 went to center of field. alldkl"k..11 musical afl\lIH..III'lIt. and :Mr, Cad. guarantee to grow: hair on all '},"on"and wli I: it it vv d It.;' '.,n i iw '

    .; tkelr UPIIUIlCOII'' to Plorlda. who advancid the wallader dtstrxes ninth redit for hUefTortu heads where a spirk of life remains .>uil! v.' I. I,i:.\., i
    hall twenty vardMV. Shands wax ( .iiof < ur IITIK
    Bhaudx, .J.I (.11. .belt, .'u I l'lI! tOil and in taking i told: of and pet fe1- in the roots and where the lu!ve fI.t. 'I"
    given the hall and made
    a pretty I IIIJ such\ an or anl/:itlon. -h
    r-\< pr parit i' i
    Oro all did < work
    ( n I CII.If''ry pretty
    twc'nty-live,jard run I'uleston hit follicles have not grown o\cr. It betnnd-n; Iv ,' ,
    It Is I to he hoped the club 1 will I eiele -
    >for the I'nlvi isltv ti'am. hilt.the. teamwork '
    10 are n> ti < i i '
    of .tin.. 'Vmmrslty' boy"oaM, sos the. line for flight yards. followed h\ l the. artiest: Mippott' of the entire makes!' a delightful dressing. and loess km.w 11.x, t ,;i ic

    .1 Shatids for ten yards eotnmiinltv the clean and health.. perfect It was hard to pick, tint speelul' keeps scalp .. tl.>IIH, \\ t! \\lf I I '
    1 vturx. On both teams the men wenIn Thc.111'10111)' ho) aI weie going down \\,c sell a large bottle for fifty them 'on imp''. :i ivt t-:
    i the field fast and fur some time Itseem.d 10):001') run nroitd the 'lirst toiuh-down Manil" lu k <' '
    ,t &. the Kami cents that \\ eguiranteetodoallvc :
    'that Itlversido could not Mop : Goal was kh-k..tI hII'H'hool ti. Sec with our g uaraiittfund ., '
    At .To'::!* p. m the wh'.stle sounded b claimed refund you )our n. I' It
    f them, .1. Khandrt llnallv took the hall mid '\'mursity oHoth \ have or jour they do>> liut IM.IH.LI > u.
    aUid the IliKh Si hool buys took the
    around leftml for a touchdown. and ; teams went to n liter of field ; money.
    v lend aKalliHt tint Set'on"d IT, of K !I.....v.JTliey .:.
    l h) kicking goal!. made the MOIOVarnlt : and the llltli.; S;<'hool kicked oft to i
    ( played, their. first half, of J.!:*
    >' I 11.t Klverslde UUlvertilde I Sftond:; 'Varsity, who adxaucid the
    'in In u',,". it-NiilrliiK In a more ol l i. to J. W. McCollum & Co. DruggistsTHE
    I liKaln took the. ttntir of' hall t\\t'lIh'h.' jards. On thn next ,
    v In favor of IliKh School
    the Held and kicked. to Florida Cor 1 1 play 1 the High School lads penalized: I
    ? Tho lllvi'rnlde and 'V.irrdtv then
    belt caught the hall and advanced It1l'lItIIo' ten >ards. seconds failed to advance
    kf took the Held and l-v no alternatingtie .
    iarcls During the next I tl lie hall and on the next down the STORE
    , crowd was nl.en a toiixtnit' ( IIIK-,
    . I two downs onl)' eight yards was bull went to IliKh School

    ; Riverside vs "Varsity. Kalued; mid on the third down a ques Klrnt half ovir IliKh School U, -

    The name \1' opent. .tl at :I "p ml Linn irtine whither the. hall was past Seroud:; Varsltj l II.Second. - - - --- -- -

    >y the Vartdly kit'&kliiK: off to tin the lint, 'mail, The I line wax brought Half. RECKLESS WHEEL RIDERS. trouble to the riders. w i hand .

    3ttvertdde .... advaiifid. the bill a out oil the field measured and It was -p"CtIIlI lrnl\trtdt>' received the -- roiiscloiitioiixIt

    jtbnrt dlsiaiiti and' wan downedJlawkhiH found the ball wan nlhit'hen ovti Kick and ..t...I/It..1 determined to scon* They Continue to Dominate Over wax a fortunate tl I., '

    \ was KVI! n the. hall and made 'Vai-Mtv ball .I Shiinds; took It and Pedestrians on Sidewalks. '
    In this halt The y advanced the hall rider of that hlc-vcle on I I'>
    + pretty. 1'ivuiil; I inn, toil III tin. noil made' a pn-tlv forty yard run aiound
    I, Hi'Xeial times for Rood KtiiiH but the It seem* that riders of hlocleti\ who that The Hun rqlort..r| o !
    acerhtuungo the \arsltv "hovx, gut thel.all
    right end Here J. Shands receivid
    IliKh hind ho\M were tlKhtlliK:; ecjual are permittecl to use the xldewalks are bin nalli.ise he woulthe ": I
    The I I'nht.-n lt> It lid u 'forward an ugl; lv, rut on the side of none 1111.1tllf' '
    11)' well, and the ball contlnutd
    to pans still continuing tondutlger: the safetyof price, \ of a fine in I '
    but the ball hit I the Ktoiind and
    pass" a"4" d'la.1 for a short
    .. 1 from one tiani to the other, Supt'rlorplivhiK pedestrl.iiiti. fur whom the Hide out of pocki. It Is u iuI "
    1. ..ur"llI."t 'ft 'naidn' 11111'11111! ,
    hurt hlx
    pluck had him III the t
    hv' the IliKh StluMil continued walkare intended. and -very day or I! thliiK: for the rider. v III', '
    punted the ball ami Illviislde Mot It line soon end pi.iv Ini; was resumed. !
    i th.bath 11M'a for iinotlur, toiuTi
    on ) two is relNrrted| "t>ine liiKolenrc- J so "palnfullv I IIjll 1'"I r I
    > N J"trhl thl, |part' of the K'tme hoth *Varsity l howl| bill: ( on down. Itlverhie I ,
    down t'. tmallv
    .tlllot.1t11:4 Joh"'n:; M nie mlhap, the result of this rick Uednesd.l that In i '

    -< now tCHI" the |ball and I Iliwkins ', the. hilt. : skin and tarried it its.'r the li.->K ridInK I certalii his natiithae

    and I Iru\\ did s"tusplendid [ Hue for a, I'adK'tt fall,'d toI The Sun pilhlNhed ,\ few ti.t)'s ago : .been tloltlt'l h LI..
    work Itut II)' trvintt' a kick Itlvershlehi i kit.k .
    I goalHeore the account of H burls) \entfeii: flue In the nla'CJr
    tt Klound They now punted but IIIhdlCtol/ 11. St c-ond Y''Ir.ol.1 1 white hn '. who hail no regard I
    failed to advance; I'li-t. half "m,'r \arltv' o'Ihtie
    I fur :till 1111" or anything/ hut his own

    The Second Half sag ....flit' nice ,,1\ InK done i omfort oliipetlltiK two ladles to

    Kivtislde. kltktd muff to .VarsltvShaiulit ., h)' both the IliKh School and the l"-ave the iddewnlk on I'bastmt. utret H. J. DEMPSEYNew

    gut tht- ball and tarried it SecondHut the HlKh"': SchiKil; IMutpti '>" but the litewt: r"I..rt IK from one of

    halfwav down the field\ I i'orlx <> >ei| th.>.Ir opH| .neiitM from start there sums kind of rerkb-MH. M.lielessfellow

    made u Ir.'y forward !pa*.. to ,\ldt-r, to finish and ut no time was tht High n, who ran or and knot'kid

    man for thirty "-) ard Kaln Uur hind goal I In d.uug.r1'rsnmit.. Light-: down a little ..:\\'f'dn."da)' ax she and SecondHanFURNITURE' :

    r Inn a fumble' llv<.riilde. Kill |HiMKt>MMion : ftMtt and. .tli'rM made niaiiv pretty wa, rotultiK home from ...rlloul.0 IIhI

    of the ball Itlveriilde I now fought I for the Stond .I..rlll.tI. : IVniK1m I out Oven th. polltenesH, after accident

    t 1' .ird for .aliin and for "'ome time tlr..tU *. B. I'adicett. ,' Tavlor K.: did to top and I look after the child\ injuries

    2pew.purdinrrl.b.....c wr.c A DrC'n1i. Shaie > lemur then the ..t..r. took the hall I I uphtidld. l work for the High :('hntll.l I who went home hUtdltiR and

    Ie.-rsld.: i advaiictd the tulll to centerfield The I Huh Schix team shored much painful! Injured!. Furniture >. .t '

    It Won't "Crm-k" ", .' and were teadll, g.lhning. .up,'rlor, and at no time did !It Is this kind of riding that cannedthe Payment-*. -f: L! ,"

    t.nind situ M fumble KlVt: the bill ': any man fall to do that which wax trouble It In to t.. icretted. that
    It's the* breaking of thrJfffiif ;kf Madeto,: < )pltT I IJl :
    : < > tin. '\'",' ltv' hoye. who iiirrtetl It -iIM ctt d of him' I a lommiinltv U Infected with people
    : ill opaque shades that ._ '!
    makes the familiar "crack.** 1 i I" k ii\ IOIIK end ruin and lireen" ; of rim. little conxhleiiitloii. which make : lwci.llty'l

    ( r I.i l h> rlhttam-kit', J. Shatltls receUeilu.l For Over Sixty Years (It hard for thus who' nre UKponeil' to J tl1i,+: UnStorage I

    seiiitd another tent fi down :Mr- \\m-Iow. '.. S H>thlMK S .r'll'] htrtl iiti01,".. dlretlon\ Thl- I' not in Rooms in CO'I; Ve 'j' I

    qt.f BDnLr I". -, glad Score 1'? tit ti > l ta'ei nstsl 'or rhIKIrf t... thine It t. ,..I.'d for cla-- but thf.. w

    i tile receive* kick uud ad e 4M>the th.> .1ltd. ....uft.-n u r1s.. K'ui' t who :u tu ;b.. than II' ,"jtrU \ ',. Tt : ,. i I.. ,.- I,

    a t luili twenty yards l..rawdhit 1\:1:1 i p"ln ur.s .id ? "li,' 1\.1 t ,t c..ri Iu "i tr atterf -.11-' .\ '* 2SM Mln :"t''l. .*.... I..11'' ,

    \ Un.' for fifteen \ .ud-I I., d.1r' 11 the ho"t r,'ni,'d' fur "!';\rrl,. .. .m "irr.I ,, ,' i.f" .-<' stun, r,ui".' ti.L: -- -
    i .. .* ;v- hurt and fnn it.1 1 M 'e.i tf.I :,'

    New. >iiitlo\' Sliucler fI, .1 I "'uurltlK UU.n>(ite to i.,' \ nin a -* - ... .. ... .. . ,. V\"WJ7ijII.- "'- -- -
    !**WWMlW. MW Vl ti # VjVcr, .,., __ -.; -. "
    ".-tinat.At t"'. "me of it!," ".\1. .

    l\lut "rlul I Itim'tf II.iwktiiM Kitt kin,.' .nut 1. > t. "Oldest Bank in Central Florida"

    a id' tet itv yard rill.t" ,>,md 1. .' '
    .' and __ -
    : *"voi t "crack.
    It" ."-....t.. could t-' ,' ,t""m .. '

    It i i. fine and supple with a .lid t matter a r'...|,l.' .<: finlT '. t. ; -

    natural "txxly that prrvrnt I Mm. was up, alas the K."" v H F. OIfTS'0 ul'ti }'lt 1:1: 1.:... UIRCI: : TIIl'" larrt" .
    T"" r DUTTON
    and fim. RANn
    Yvrinklin, a tt that ,
    ...t..1.rett.I .)' 17, ttlet" 1.t., "
    won't strut uwr /la icVV \ ... " 4 k I K" 'u 1
    .\ co. .. '. C"
    HIph ScMMI _a. Second 'Va t. \\ tMA '"

    mare. of have agreeable Urrnhn color anw.*-" ). \t :t; I' m. n.. Htgt K. '.,. II :-'i'\t1A..--a.''' 1. ..... Capital FUI: Paid 515.000 I". t. ...-..,..- 'The Du t
    K E R S
    ..'w. thr.r pbtw &u r'--m' . BAN GAINESVILLE. FLA.
    etc. { IN1.tiN I J .UIUt."LT"ItIiV i
    ecru. "Dup I
    (I'f' atria t.her .etisogd \ .nit xl I %. wair.' D3r.I 1lI.lahll'hrd
    dark on the outside. b"ht ooth t J '. ..IiB.t.szt.
    i. ln"i. .Kv : ... .
    !?> .o4 the f>-../ttfjr Oi a.> 8vtlwm ,.: ". 1 .-.;_ I .' CGlI: 1 ) ..rid CI 1 1"I I J T80JiU" itMt : tDEPSITt.f

    ,".' I tt.TtIOW" '-,
    gtaac, etc. .1 to Mek S vbrill > {) I a .
    "''t but only h.-U ,

    GAIN l \ . .. S ".n It.- HtKh $ \ H. .. . -e,...... .. ... .r '11.1 -- r.' w..1.-.- . .r.yr''tr. i n lr,....n tl+. Iiert *. Ih. -- o'U

    ,y P, l t '" 1 6m I r r . ,w ,' I It/- . . --at iW'r.. .IIN1J: h. .f:' .

    I t 'or I.!' that pat. en 't ( .mill/-. ...,. .r I..r-; ocw-: beers !tt r r -
    \ .o.
    .- _r- ....... . .. ..
    t >. I .. art :' a r., .. .... ... ... M.-- .... .... .... ... .. fI--W1r---- ,.". 'It..'" .... ....-... ;; .. - ---.. .

    xy -z '(; 1' 1.1 t

    k,." 'T- .."'... .



    -- -
    -- - --


    IN WEST END TOWN S'pecials > VRV1V ?1\1I.\1.| ELUii ;& Keeps Frost I IM _

    (.H."s revt.r-t, .- .'nt. i. OH Windows '
    Killed and Burned III
    r: kuovrn; Man Into Its tin:il .ran: _

    Barn Near Wade. Tne-: L'- : Note, tleur. rtallooni-t-:\ '' Don't vnu th! ,' '..t. t t. !Irivr<< the
    ID For the
    that In u t fir on warm living .i.nj undress in

    ARE NOTIFIED height the:
    AUTHOR.TIES. P'' .1 I'' I '..1! with ami ,etc lo-.t -.nht thick on the vsinrK' -.s > ;No need

    HOUSEKEEPERUNIVERSAL in, I',, . .r harmon Had vv.' out lo any longer a Ic

    fire Thcught to be of Incendiary Orl.gIn 0\\ 'n v" ..r... illvappolntment- uul

    and Upon Investigation Found (flips \\ 'i ;I.ll"I !It.ft out ut tlte Mini PERFECTIONOil

    Body of Man Thoroughly Charred.Believed COFFEEPERCOLATOR t'11i-F' '. ., ,1\ It all seems noHK. <. ttt z.l>ly )

    to be Frank Booth Colored. un.11"1'I .":. tra".. ty. And art

    oh ,II d I I Mut wo might tied out the
    '"*.-Klllins and thenbur' .. .. Oil Heater
    \\ \ov If Stn are fond of g.s.I l "il. j u..1iottl.I sett".1' -'I ill!1 these strange m\ ..ttttousthink =
    htbody Into a crisp was the .. l luive OIK ...t tlnnTHANKSGIVING .<
    It c \ II. .. ;mt t>f the mighty ibrif ,
    of another crime comN (.q.lpI"4 with SnokrkM Drvl.r) :
    A "' ,sir' . . ..
    a \\ t 1 'I '" ,',' their nec'ssl/y UOASom '

    ITltti I J IT \\a'**.. TURKEYROASTERS ,. d.l' Ii' in n our vision I I. uiutinm makes any cold room cheerful i

    \ ,; farmer Hen Hell living e.1 l FFF.l I"i sense I Is not ..miteso and cozy in a tncr and !keeps, it so i!

    noticed his barn which It has smokeless" device,--.that (,
    td' a
    ut'.lt droll! -hall Know .\t li-t t .it I

    ,: ., rt.'.Id near to his house, on .\lmlliIlUIII.h..t: I Iran.lnunulrt. :: l. Ii-' \\ I ::1 I Know that thee.triiv" Q ) ttua means no smoke-no smell-no ,>'

    Ire' 4- UT I l.: clock Sunday night. and the iamfll\" S 1\tL'\l: ','It- g'm', "I. .d'.' a part ut life s m.iiiti. sth LtlltLtLT bother-jmt direct intense heal ,

    }11 l(> ",' .di hi* fodder stored In the 1 a-tinyt 11.a.: -trr.> .",, t .ills to .in apMtliiti| ..mlYou i Finished in {pjxw and nickel.
    tar j is his corn crib vas setat Brass font holt!: 4 iu\rts.. burns ,\

    !! -<, nut'one about a year ago. 9 hours. lla
    .. : -,irneone had fired his barn HOT WATER PLATES art h.tppv in about. Tvety 11 'It
    E The Empty but some dav tini.I..nllI .I
    Tin ,,%rj:' tiling i. .i. -,'ritij; h.itak. heater w.\nanrnl. a
    al \ ,.i>.rn. clouds are lit',i\ \ SI-H. < a.I
    nilil be b.xved and Momla' ,' .'i <.r b. >t \.tall.--.....plb .I
    its sigh in 1 inmii.l: "I ...I 1
    r vt ile examining for tracksor < tu b. ,it 1\\. ., I''" dawniiiK/ li ;ht IIur .tr The R o Lamp i i. unr yutllnl
    discovered the
    a clue he ,. 1 IF, t t. .I I, It) the slKhlngs of .. 'I i 't fonts I"mill.tnt.

    mains of n human body In CARVING KNIVES I'd, I" I 1'." .e moaning will ,it steady Ktfht, simple construction and ahsolutr -t-f--

    tl."t mouldering! ashes the nlarmjc lie. The Li n.l tl'ut .',at .ml 'ot" n and'O; burner. 11adeof brass nickel plated. Every
    a' 1 'F I "ii pit on the vt i-) \ .'I'c." : ..1d.
    if the citizens went out to warranted.! If dealer does not handle
    . lamp
    I. ;i.1 -- 'ue I ptN>> >r desponilt! 'nr .u't.l your
    In .. Baird Hardware Co. I \ )h,. 1 al'I'I'ual'hlllg loll.I. .h.,' the Rayo Lamp of Perfection 0.11 I leater wtito tt'
    found In a crouching
    I1,. .1 i hut out nil thi' -"..tatI our nearest" agency fix clrncriptive
    JK.'a,'H downvvard and n larger 1;anjMOV: "," ll" .tt.'r- I t. I OIL COMPANYIBSTfiACT -r- !
    Vet ' their 1\0'.1
    : i < i > lng over
    left side of his head \\1101.\10. nn.l 1J:< tail c 1. ,
    I| ami' I I. I -. ,me. with exes nil till,'d ,
    1 undle! of clothevere
    with I.i, ..t.> .K.i/Ing. out Into ".1.I-i .
    .i f"IIC't' cornervhlth were .
    \tarl'I. I I.'I familiar form that \ ,in
    ;, .i+ I i I.\ Rome parties present.niiK
    A Card of Thanks. Kind in ,Ili.I, years lonir slnee 11. .!

    toFrank tooth, orSI .Munt.uh.r.. omewhen' out ..,,,I'r in
    The public will, be delight'd to
    1 >r' 'hN nlla'llI) who had been & REALTY COMPANY/
    w .in the section gang h.'rt'. learn that little frank )Douglas.. \\ Itu life s pIlM I i"1..I\t"', you tiMi Neil \\.p| j
    ? underwent a runt serious' operation. solll.ii\ mil. done. The! nights w 111 l..'
    ,r M .\. Hexley wag at oncer
    at the Odd IVllosN :Sinit.irium sometime starlet! :011,1, I the alleys dark and 11 1 r.c c.t.1xirn1..Q1
    ,il j hit' It being late in the evenI -
    t lo tpontil the Inquest until tllIl(" '. Is rapidly, ucovtrliiK His l It't'p. E. E. VOYLE MQ-H.
    home 1 Is again and! his father )
    rn ..I .\fier his arrival tire men '- str of -r1lf'I' and full information fiirnUhwd rt-nnrditiK land I. Ihtnoupty I1,
    "h- > tin,, toroner'a Inquest I pnvf and motlu. Mr. ant :Mrs I.'. TDotlKlas. .N vessel say 1.altllt..1, Our manaK ha ll.t
    ,. ':. i t.) the scene of the crlm*. ; desire to e\|>resM their .sill Becalmed In u glassy t>..n. :Not u I.! thoronihly t'lnn..nAIIwilt. land tltlxa.

    \\" ." rh, i arrived the hogs had de core Kratltude! and! deepest| appro''I.I-| breath of air (tilled l all N

    d 1 'h.. riMii.ilns of the body l t.\- thou of the many klndiu> sho\vn : toIr the callI'h.| .' crew waiting": and E. EVO LE.

    t. '. ,+. of thigh bono "'rul1Ih... .1. II. Hodges who peitoriued. theoptiatlon hint .ill ut out e Ilt.tlc.. that a lit .

    n ,," '\ cI"II"i l that could be obtaln-I ass wall'l"11 so carefully hisevery tie ' i jar up on the least head I 'IRK. ACOIUhNT; MiriUil t' KY AN1/ INPK.MN1TY: INMUHANOK Itrpr., s'crnting

    t ir found that the man camel svmptom' ). :and the ..h"klnn begin 1 to lilt!! 1 .here. l 1M lint II ripple M ituml 11 of pn mlriwnt Anitirlfitn arid English:*.,

    il.'irh bv' unknown parties \\ hn helped. him : Mrs llradlev v\ln."e ox ..r the .:1.1 M)' jtea -not the. f.ilntet.1tnox KKAI: P KhTATK;/ ANI> OITY LOANH T(3FI.ixzc3rl

    II II tiring and! oiititiint care. together .'riH'iit 111 tin de<'k. lint xs Ii.-ntilex :: : y Ll.j 0 N'icrzicirrt 7r
    1..t.trdly> deed recurs to I bei
    with her faithful orpf of nurse'. unit ...... tin p.'tlll, :lilt 1110tI".)' ko..wtu.'re s
    .' in mystery. as the iHKroen .' .'it""t .. I .# I I
    to the Rood people of the. city! lu>*e Is rl' iriK wind! '(I'he upper .-itHi
    b 111 to be very mum about thea ,
    Kvmpath. and prayers and m inv' little ,.pr'n.1 to <' itt ii. It InMnntlv 7
    are qultklx'
    I'" ', dead man'-vvas 'lng. attfi
    pa> .
    kindnesses did! rfo much. toward ullevlatlnR lb.' v..1 I .iitidtT the t i"iwtr, of I
    :i in another man's woman uudtta.ll his" suff,'rliiifs. and 110'11.11111 l| : him I ; Insured. ) II
    V .1'' N that his rival after the MKI.! r inri.nts. l"'KIIM! lo move 1 If You Are I
    to boar the trying ordeal thiotiKli Oil the r.iirfai. of the set the dfiid. .
    V _
    iiu carried him to the barn '
    many days of anxletv ami pain film, still linger. ; So It IH lit tilt') r" almtif ,
    fir' to same to hide bin crime ,
    -- -- - - - liferh.-r.. are thtj lilnlnT mid tli. I .11 a Company that i_ l lb': '_{... ..ililt*. llnvw n I'uln'y I Ili. here III
    killing a
    Always Wa Sick. lower ,'lIru',,'" .I.M set salts to I p \Sritlftiith J.'iI..IIL of I'oliiiy. lonlrnit nml the <'i&lanl..IIJ ilia tI
    : :and. none of the culprits Lo..r.
    ... fulfil only tin hr..u.4 from the lower 1 rays Promptly ,
    t I roiiKht to Justice. When a man says he ai ivs \ n8 I
    sick-troubled v" lth a cough that I 1I..t. levels There 111.. strong winds 4

    .'ol all winter--vit would, you think thisdawn from 'lit' hllU. It would.! 1 !h.. You Are Assured
    :' If ho should say ho neverva,, sink an uuHpnkabbiln.: to IIM It wt' .ouldnlxxix C C'I

    Hltito using liallard'a Hort IIOUIK! bring oui. IIXI>. under the III.IK Ii'! I
    .aa"+es Skinner Presented Fine Natilal I 1 tmt no .,,".)lJ. l a..". ...n u.rretnt' you wtth..ul 7 Cll; Lar. coins 4
    S> rup? Such a man (<0'\I"tll. Mr J. upt'll of the ui I'i r iiirrttitMREMOVr I
    Emblem to Archer School. ___ I_ ,".. +
    C Clark. n'n"t>Colorado. write : - _(
    . ; u-. of tin Ar'lu'r'"ehuul on
    I ..
    "For years I was troubled with a tr.Vero THE CAUSE. I +;
    i jovt-d a most Kratioti* that woulJ, last all. \\llIt'r.| I II *
    cough --
    ..1'1h.'III' the occasion ofntatlon : I Fire Life r Accident and lleallli surance.
    This' cough left fie In a minerable con How to RemrdMuch of the Suffering i .I t tI
    by James Sklnmr.tnted ditlon I tried llalUrd'n llor..hound In Gainesville.Th C'
    the school with Syrup and have not had a sick day :' I Non but 'It.itsbl. Cuntpsnl. ltrw..nt.d..

    ri< aii Hag I since That's what It did for m...." I a. bar : '. it family In i.iln I S f

    "UK! thin flag :Mr Skinner I Sold byV.. :M. Johnson. vlllo where tilt' .. .ire not line nr m ..r.m .' ," r

    1. 'I a short but most! approMII 'mbfrN who nff..r..t tltin'w tn,m. A 1VI C tJ S 111vL A. N ',[;

    U.,' ",. IIIs r.nlark Herr' I Cared to the Door and K 'Hf liur for ..-fTcUt of ., weak .ttnnseh \'II"J.'Y. )

    .?> | and were well re < ', :.,n. N f S- % 2',. r..U It may b. tIc'' thin rt'r ars onl an r I 'v'rn"1 eh. *,..rl1.I'1 fnrMthr.),
    I Pry'; an 1 I' \o'i.I.1 t v" 1.1.! ... "ti i i .1\ eating; .
    an interesting (program h." s11 l h h r i r. '"t .'i I. Mi! V. .. :> P'vri or tix.CaXttao of inpMr Istr itt n'K'.' "I ,

    'fus ceremony. 'I1IIrl,11I1oC I mar 1:110'01,1': ,i,'<' 'i 1. Yo 5s ('al1o d .>'it ..ftbe or It mwy b* "'.,t the .("goes Ii 1'. e

    ,;:1"u of the Unit\ by .Mrr .ifild..uci. M'jn.!.i\ n'lChl..illI i "ho "weak tint wa. ..J!I' any foml 'a" t..

    . ply to :Mr Skinner reK to .It! .th b\ An un.6ow! p-r.ftQ ,' ....1..1'td".t. tin/ and tttotr..,.

    I Tut en. 11 tnt'mber oftru trag\ ,,'iy took pa: <*"' just after d.iKfnf \ A TM. mly wi to treat M f'u', j tof . ;
    ( .te the talk of the few manl14! baton. Ran U this kl*,l cssfuhly i. w- art \1OHM FaySholesTypewriter
    sod "n.
    ''he rhool!, Prof shutters 1 someone knu.J a' Ibe Joor. It rrtw .' the rouse ..r ". I I' ..,
    the .m.I.r! IIi: :. -at 'u tlLd.J." t1w arv
    r at the opening by foot ;: of : R.r.t/os.. +seak.t .. of .Iae n'll"' :" '
    wasail:i.o o>
    fCU ""'
    : ...U of the I but. aaw 1400.- ..
    l >r 1'rcnbyt'T- .
    ,1 whn .be r..e0...d t..P the tMtHMfli a' ; tx,w U. end i r. I I'
    k'' .h'"r. -n
    .t t that r
    placetram i I 1. .' *yata m f.. I t. .
    : fled, on from ti- roof. Aft; 1tastat.tly 1 th v.ho ll.*
    '> .>r.. two lntert*.t. door wan II m..tti and .tr-*th 'Fist? It &a"". " tan 4

    one ItHncc.. a recitation w. tli* ...... th >I. .*....
    .i IH.t.H
    -c'k' >
    : .Arrtawn arwl tb. '
    nr> r h'i i :Charitable o.t well aa *tr m. by 'I" '': ;

    the, )atlsrs rob.ct b-'nK rents ..bIe a. tr.. tb* .."...'. .. 'ff'.l&t.& ""

    and IHu*." Th. lad cnr To your borllea a well a. to your arat TaVptotn ,>f Iad..*.rl'III . t. rY! II It itI'" t. 'I' lJIb; ..KARKETI
    ::"'j4"Ct ..self.'nu t\fl. not suffer from plaicf I '. .
    well 1. and 1..101 a .
    n )rt-ywar b<.r..T s n..
    !lea Ifr..t hit among those suffer any Try. It a bottle curia of all J5 pain.ll rdIJnlmfnt. .". J.a4oo-11. 4,.<..M.1..Ie Hk ta *nr tot.., .t- ttq' .,5'P 4W rhn.fMtoaa of _'.,"..'t ', rt. UntVI\SAl[ \ nnOOA O I :Mvry-ON Machine: : .

    of RntxrU. Ilak*>r n IJ. Mo. writ..: "I 1 1baVe t. to 41' "
    Art G NN oe11 R.N .
    ,.t. *7-T .. ,tut tSar'. u.* .
    .. r.f'I/.1 t1.. I t 'fb..
    nod It to b* the beet I h*"' vu aa atMofut- la f.II"".l h. 't r. t
    .Kto from la* cc.I.-. .t ..- l for mB or ba: t." Bold ter W .. A IO.-r.t '. . NVC.
    :ora ,,N Whll4l' 'ots.t ..... t...., on ' '"'' 'i. v .r. ''f tr. world

    . tI-j... tag, M. JobnJOOa- ..... for<< a rr trM1ia. and w F !r. .. .n.. Y.J.- . "f..,. fee,. IIJoI... lat

    C t.IArw trere \\J: tJ".d. .. 1 1 .al i IN a d' tr tMonts ... ... Ottt. ,"a-hit.
    .... ..1' t.nCni r wc.
    .. .. ..! .rrhi dit.' ,
    ... Metr p":1tW -.: t'r HIW In ,* ..-knit'; Tl. pwt1ay f..

    David K srGe:d. :'of tb.t s.' <.., i-i". dr: .l I I.*. "-ln< Iris , .
    .. 1aa \1.- M:5s.el : .., F r "ai.. 1' . .
    0'.. WUIiftta R .llr.r ute lksl .r.k-r. y.-ne .
    .. .. Idrpf
    rbt'.k ' .ta '.pIIJn!.' 1.11
    ..., -.HI nllidr.
    .L. 't TTJ. >Uur*. t.. .t' ....r ..' 1
    I..J .4 r tfPlelp JMtr
    u.dll4"C ecrof\ ..i ;;'. would. 1.,11" tjv ,slsD't : ..t.....,-.t rt. .'. " 1..1'. .. ..... R. C. DAVIS & CO. Jacksonville Fla. :
    ti. '.......110".,..,,_ .r j

    ;,111'.ra..1;; 1.. w.Fa tit . .
    ---- --- -
    .. : Wt J. ., '

    REO IN 6 TO 14 DAYS. i-i/772'-- -" r t : '51: Off t'xare ft ,o"

    :-\tLtiT Is r cuaran **.l to A . a .. V '. rifLe' j.r j. / 1''t v ctf

    .. C 01 ItcMnc. liliiul, Iyteod' ,c.I--,.., ,w--- '4 C DatI. I. .It: and ff.r.1Hti0f1T.. cJ{ tot...?,Itte'ceee tj + TilE BMLY/ SUN JJ a

    1'11.. In .,. jSe'
    as < to 14 days _;-- "'AfIId'.II- .. ... .
    .. nst f .
    1 '
    . .. r.lttad..d $Qc F .. r.Al.l+d .w..a.r.. fta .b W fd : +.., .'...
    : ? I
    ; _, ....I''l ,,01.._of -_ "' ,, .',.. ,,... .., !fo 1'''' .....,.. ...'.. ..,. .. 1"; ,.. . . .'. " 'r.t.. . .
    !' I< .1 L ::1i..:.&1- ...a. .tI:. f' .. IT.....>.... >tJ. '.' J A \ .>. i.. ;.; ) !.- I' ...d,:,-;.: .. ", !: t.a 61 '



    __ _



    (*CUorge_ Taylor Makes Fine Report on Major General C-ant: Approvem) Plan of

    Recent Visit to Jacksonville. I Wa.hlns.o-i::; Jockey C'uHj.
    New York N>'. '-? .- Major Cror
    4 George Taylor of Palmer the efa- ITCHINGECZEMA al Frederick I). < .ra..t cotntan'.Ins:

    dent superintendent of the Gainesville department' of die. East! has gh".1 WELL
    'each Orchard Company and one of AGAIN
    his approval to fit- plan of the \\aah-
    .' the most enthusiastic residents of Ington Jockey (\uj; for a race at the

    .t| VAlachua county was In the city Tues- Spread from Body to FaceSuffererWas Hennlngs track on Thanksgiving day. _

    fday.Mr. Ashamed to Go Out-Scales between caval-j. ::r.d: ll"tlJf'rrhor! : *ei.

    Taylor who is a member of Skin Became The racy will!!! fco participated In by Statesman
    Formed and Her Noted Oregon Restored to
    .\the advisory board of the Florida MidWinter horses" reproaevinis: sight troops of Healthon
    and Discolored
    ?' Exposition which Is to be held Parched Highly the Thirteenth cavalry four troops of

    ',.in Jacksonville, has Just returned the FIfton'h: cavalry. four troops of Recent Eastern Trip.

    ", from that city where he was In con. WAS CURED BY CUTICURA the Klettn: cavalry and the second

    Terence with the members of the' battery of Field Artillery. I
    YEAR OF TORTURE"I was feeling
    touch horse will be ridden by an enlisted and wretchedly that!) m-\ -
    board. Mr. Taylor gave the board I made up my mind to
    valuable In man belonging to the command medicine. I had seen -7
    some very suggestions leading
    the matter of a live-stock exhibit during year and wan had suffering. tried all with kinds enema of medical for a to. *'*ilch the hone longa. without number both i. .-;, ,and
    hut without rosults. The "hlntcn Jockey Club has offered ly They had been unable to [
    treatment any 'rzip::
    the'exposition which received
    was in the least
    Small pimploft broke out around my a cold cup und $COO In cash ai and I no mnre
    Y with such favor that it was d' this Cooper h't
    wui, t-lina and where the clothing was medicine could
    :' ,. ?' to enlarge and thicken until thoyformed the casa will go to the troops and to life. I really don't know Ikj
    stock. Tho managers of this in patched. Then it workedllpwanl battery to which the firet three hor ea It. It was like a Uro. ainJ
    rfareat enterprise, of which Mayor until my fa"" wan ooverod.
    I belong smaller au: taints going to the clutching at a straw.
    9 At first I did not notioo it much unt 1
    Sebring Is president, are dcterinlti 1 tjooarno warm from working. Tb- n riders. make a long story. shorr rat
    __ ___ _.. .
    'to make it ono of the greatest fair it seemed almost unbearable .... the astonishingly successful r ny,
    t5tne State han ever Been, and to that i parts aoornod Inflamed and ltch xl flU Today I am enjoying a 1
    | Consul Refused Loving Cup. "
    I that I could hardly keep from scratching and perfect health :"
    }fend they arc working. It will not t b" i it all the time. The places were Seattle, V'ubh. Nov 27 .-Saburo time In twenty years I ,

    t $:one-sided fxixmltlon, but KOIIK'tiling I rather Healy and became moist whonrtiMiod. Ill'aml<:!2o, tat: r ,'1ilng Japanese" consul without the ISlh htet'o. : !'

    "which Is dostlru-d to prove of xrcat i| and Afterward highly diftoolorod.the akin eo! I'rntdpurrh'd rninaiiiixi on the- eve of Ms I departure for ''' afterward. I have a fin ,.

    ;b neflt to tho State In every way. I Indoors tut I wo ashamed to Toklo teiiufd: to ac' (>::11' a costly sliver and sleep: well. I am n", ;n.'
    hn out In I had Munort* > a.
    company. n
    Mr. Taylor stated Tuesday that he loving cup pr ourert 1 to him by the: has "
    I about seven months tK-foni I tried a entirely diappareil: .
    felt sure Alnchua county, which Is i'uticura Heap Cutioura Ointment, and Japanese us-oc.j'U' ,u if Seattle: and iu_ man who has chronic' i
    State Cuticura 1'111... After I had i used them stead abl.ctl that the cup bo dlHpo fil owes it to his family J"p.,
    the banner cattlo county of the II i to it.: :-13\
    a wtH-k. I found great" n'lnJ and I continued "
    { ., when. It coineH to "the real thliiK" In j jpedigreed for five weeks, not missing a of and the alone; lI.p,1 In a fund start I
    stock would lmv a most I single day and now you could not toll ed for the puri': '"> of building a clubhoiibe I all our experience as drur: : !t3*
    .4.t. I had 1 ovor had wrna. My con> have never seen anything: to !sur
    In t'I"
    creditable exhibit at this> fair ftlexion la BA K a ever and I cannot find words aurfiotfnt the Miihjtit-t nY, the mikado! Hisanild.o' "W' McCollum & Co.

    1(; to do tho Cutioura ltemedies i JtI t.1'.u. .< union I., ilque: In the hit .
    BELL NOTES. La -- ---- -- --- - -- --
    t Minnie IluUhinn. Cygnet Kan.. of oltiel' Ito had been
    tory puhl.c- H.
    Apr. ID.and 3U. 1OO7:' : ::: :
    very tlturnuhh! HI hN\ n.ltnlnlstration I County Jtstr: : : l l11nP.trlw f.
    Dell, Nov. 2C.-Tho church IIr all17.a' -'- _

    .''ltSon was well attended Sunday I trothT CURED 28 YEARS AGOOf as consul and t j.\-' many filcnds among [ ...'.tf .
    the lni ltH- .
    se men.Girl
    : W. F. Malphur of Starko. I-'. M. i III. Colson. ties. j, \\ .
    ----- ,I 1'ren; II. 1(. Cul.ot.. .
    'Webb Jeff Him Joo. Moll. \Vllllnm Running Sores on the Mead ,
    i OA1NES VII
    > H L AI
    :Listen, Bush of I.afa>otto. being In by Cuticura. Held for. Alleged Forgery. l

    ,, attendance. Wilson I (I irlllln was ordained "Wlien 1 WR about eight years old. Now York N'.v IS: .- 'Alice Dnollincor. I I do an exclusive Abitra.. (usl..
    "' I think my entire fiend was n autos ofrunning an Ik.:.earnil llrookljn Klrl. frunder : 1 with facilities! for In'parunt; II
    to tho ministry und a glorbus -
    vorott ctl atnip" hnrptMl awfully. arrest fI>Ji n <.l>ar>?(t of 'r>avlnKxlttod : concernlr.j the Tit!> of
    mooting oxlstod that will IUIIK They had to my linir <>lf. I :: and
    r her father henry J A. iv>ollln. all lauds la AlacJuia 'nan'y
    took dootorV miHiidrioH but did as
    they :
    '":ybe, remembered mo no Rood: : no aonio ono told t naymother : jer. In l'x'ullnl.? an alltRoI forgedmortgage business transacted promptly
    Miss KVtollii Martin of ..TonultiRHLake lie d:il : I I ; .
    t to try f'ulieiira. no tl anti She li hold In $2,500: : bnll.Dovlllnpor -

    t : la clerking for lu-r brother, C. it the cured humor mo.has 11.1.10' never Unity-Mix", ..turnPf'l.1 now I.,ut.... dlt-uppcarcd) Imuatdiatcly of to JULES EKHELBERGER[

    x, .C. Martin. Lillian i':. Milikln. Vernon St.. Provi- after Ills IndlctniPtit recently. _
    'l- Cane grindings are nuinorouH. and l dbnco. It. 1.. May U, 1-JO7." \ :
    -- ---
    ..; young and old are delighted to nt- OomnlcUi:; rirt.rnnl end Inti-mol, I Trntnint for : Piano and Tuner
    Fvrry lluinor InfitntM, 'hinlreii.. end Adults.ou i Baron Cyril Flower Dead. I Organ

    ; (tend the sugar.bolllnKM, and spin yarns :'Ul.'ml/iir* fit Culliilm Oltitinrnl Hmt lV-> JZ'i<>. to llrml t'1..nwtM ton S'4d I ..tok niJ:n. l..nn.ll1n.nv. 2S .-The death Is an- to : and Repairer: '. . .
    of "good old tlmoH" of the (utlitir*Rrr.lvrnt std M< >.(nr In tttr t'..rn'oft )i .1. pant. (' *t..l I'llln, J'.f. iM-r VMI <>l I.t <
    : These cold snaps are goal for the throughout. ....i. 1'rge; the. H works....,."., Mi I'ottrr.. I'niit .V ( :in* Itattoryfa. Ho was' born In 1SC1: and Vier .
    :*farmer* they and 1 ra.. Cuiur Uuuk on ktn i>invi<.. Thirty '> El..ri.n. "
    ; ; are rounding up was lor.l of the troaaur In Ula ;itunc'I ('

    butchering" tho iNirkorn. storing the fat -- last administration Orders Will Keoeivt I, u, ,

    i of!(; ,their labor for future roiiHumptlon.Mrs. MI'.KES NO PROMISES. I ,."

    Anna Hllllnrd in visiting nor ; ,.
    - I>' : OAINESVILLK. FLOIt \
    ," 'mother, Mm. Maker, thin wook. Speaker Cannon and Members Who _ _h

    I Seek Committee Assignment !. fk., Oalr PossibleV'a.. -.f lariats
    { Judge Speer: To De-jln Lectu-e*. I \\' :-';0:7.: .-- SpoaWrr An Effective Car*. N. Norton{

    M i<'oi. 41 ia: :\.; .v. -!s. lii'U' KmOT <:nnllull I't ill .'I.lnlhi": time thane ti.t: :. rtilwftii If you see a woman or a man with lux : !

    .* Sp< 'r ,1:1!:! I'f."III hb annual loc hi' ft ,,nilK' mul the: nll'r..llcrJ\ urlant glossy\ hair you may be sure. neither :

    ) tare to t"f' law tu'hnui ,i Morror: mil I of tho hut, -," W'IU .&I'' (....-Uln;: < oiurii.t- has tlandrutr to amount to anything- In

    versity I', \\:8): ra ulnJ!: .\* dean: of li-f lIil nlgn,i eats T'jo ufti-rtioiiin n- In nearly every case where wClrr. :, and Books Stationer)
    n>en have thin brittle hair they' owe Itt '
    the school no ilnoio hit attention i In pistil to the IIlt'mt.'rH. hut whir: iu ,
    dandruff. There are hundreds of preparations
    tit. consul uiloTiul 1m ,. and' every. list*'IIH carefully) tn all of thf-in Uu ha.> that "clilm" to cure, dandruff Al, Sheet Pic'arc
    v ;year theta, mo *o>'.'mlor) forrofuldlicouioi Lot HO far. 1..1IIt.i an, (ininilHertI'ho but not one. but Newbro'a llerplclde tells Co."I V"I ,

    1 'I ho rchixtl thin year l la 14 "". altor l I" lit ji"'fill of ro uph't. you that dandruff H the exult of a germ ; Pic,tore Frames: . .

    . much larger tine ttum! horouifoif IIIK his a sign I nu"'Ita la !t'io! ('tirl. rIIIIIN burrowing Into the watp. ami that permanent !
    ) euro of dandruff and Its conse-
    brilliantOUMK! turn ur.rya .' lioltil.i: *. .. ,
    and :
    g quent fntttair anti bnldnoran only t>9
    working,: for the .!t'ICIf'f'1"1: n\fiii.\ The fat \ huh: oonnr" n hail been In hail by kllllnic th3 germ; and there I In no 206 East Liberty Street

    .:; boors I'If the local 1 bar will ho pre.out session only f"-\t'-'t liar tn-:-i the other prcpariitlon that will il.trov that on :
    at the lovtnroK. upoakoi'. nn'ioiiiu'onu-iit! madoth germ but Newttro'n llerplolde. "nentroy. ter : ESYILLF, FLOKIU
    the cause and ymj remove the efT' ct."
    y .- ----- --- .- Hint being\ the '1,1..r..1 t rr i:il:tot:, Bold by lending driiKKUtn Send I<'.'. In - -. -

    First Train Through Tunnel. by n ,'tpeuLr i In "I'i" the -cam:!ltti---< tamp for untnpte to The" llerplctde Co. : MONEY

    t :few Yt .iK. =N.IV. 2s- TJio firs! train except In tli,. f tiv'hlr.l rrup-t! "rt Detroit Mich r.\ ( "

    "+' from :N: A' York In Hnx KI I In through when .ttl| four ,|lass a were tni:ittoU! In Two 1I1.t-r.O cents and $1.00. ! AVE TIM E
    I. R. nodlford A <'0.. Bl" cUl, ACf"ntll" !
    the tlft eighth
    .c > nix
    the tunnol' um'!,'r the K"i>t ilorvn ronKr 'i ta'toy WORRYUy

    '' nm \\....1.\\!: . It la not expoud flays M <>r.. :OOIIIlr..1.| l but ih.t n't'vroo bv; | "

    .: that the r'iitl will t I.o oponoil to U o'public ,'m','nod ctu'|Iv In Nl= +seruttertalus! mi ! r.ujintf Y, ,r I 1
    until .lutniiranil the train the "llf'.a1.'r{ I. r s thl1f' for lr'p.HI1.lonIn :; ei J : r'U h'-i '
    .. Which car (1,1 only omiialx sad in\ 't.bbd ntlvanro of the niffilnic than ho &( ( ) 1't u ; KEYSTONE BAKERY
    :';; : aiioi In wan torte!% u tc-t. in.\ laud In Hhl."> and will tia\e this }oar lIPV.. r ( I ('"",ll't11.. \ +lflVt J
    :;/ / 'IHH 1 I 1' : P'
    '; : M
    !Ors tut->t* I h 'III'\' \ andvhon IK" ----- ,.' t <>u.t.ltillt gltiMIil '\ - It 1C. T. '
    ;'road .Is flr"t aIIn'nt'.i to the piMlo ahuttlo Cured of Bright's Dl eae. Office In Gainesville" National 1 Bank ) years we "have' teen d : ? "<.
    ir\lo w:1I: ho uiulntMliK 1 In
    Mr. Uobert O. Hurko. Klnora. N V.. Building.WE ".>. : : for hundreds of s"t -'
    .'hl. tube until the set'and cue !I- mmCOMFOjtTING -
    ....itletcd write: "Ilofore I ntarto to u oKitloy'n :".. : : .. Are you on the lilt'

    I. _ Kidney Cure I had to get upi HAVE FOR SALE; tot ; << never too l-Me.

    i from twelve to twenty tlUM'K a nlKbt.'and Three .nll,'" from ( alno' 1.1111,.. nt kUl .___---__ _ .
    'iil farm. Kl"... house. "
    WORDS 1'n< nil bloated 1 up with dropnyand ( I ) aere" r.san the : :
    with ttathriMitu and KtororiMiiu.. barn .
    r.4 my fycl,cht was. .o Impaired I Iftuilj and Ptatilort FIght lies ln>ui w ltbyards T. L HODGSON
    a'*" l
    scarcely .e'ee ono of niy family: attached. each twenty by ono

    Household ncrtw tu. nxjni. I had glum up hoj.>.. ,I hundred feet fenced with wire lit ttIt1! >; : : :
    Florida Will
    J jlfany a of Ih ln<. when A friend r'.tnn..h..1 l Itrt1.... 1t.r heals.for tw,'lbnxMltr* .I STUMP PULLER

    AI Find Them So. ; f'eilt.y's Kidney Cur* Ono 50-c.>nt l,oti I tiHil with lunmo yard nttarht titHxl .supply Incubator of water.and Aba

    i tlo workout. wonder. and before 1 had "lu. Williston. Flaridj.

    ah To haw the pain anti itches .>f a tak.-u the third bottle the dn>p..y had' (fin set t
    t bad back roniovtHl. to ln "tlt\.ly fr -<. 1! ROIIO. j'< wall nil all other njrinptain aero lot In List\illo: rents for

    !'. from I\nnu'hlat. il& iiK,Tou. urinary ll". (lof Itrtg.tai's ,1I1"'IU" J. NV. MrOollumi $ Ki:: <> per month. Irlc' I Itll' l-J I..Tront : as '
    orders U ououicrt to tusks allay kUluvyunVrrr down anti ':0 per month : highways 'arn '
    grateful To toll how thin' j i k Co Pave tulles from IS'\lno''Mlo! or !! i
    .,:*ifr..*t cliaiiKo can IK broiiKht about I :N'ownan'n' lako. 15.) arr.. all underfonco. enrt .
    .will provo iufortlnie words to hun- To C saw loci I C.itn L.w. . 12i: aero under cuttlratlon price MACHINERY "

    K ,4r.d* of Florida roud.-rn. II MontKn-T ,'r. A's No_ ?s Ttn a } l'Ive' ml.>. ft"tU'lulC. Koo.l hammock
    'j" "A. Orrtlntt .... of 411I... ittrort.Peunacola I i kind Co'-rejtpordein''' 1W.
    : '"l11n. : 'f'.4' 14:><'''' or"' .i )low i iou 14 : Irrlfrttlon plant tea this prop -
    Kla tells how to ilo it. Ho'aaya
    I" I I- p.n.1 ;ty .p ,"1. from An. l'l'ty.
    ; ".rroiu my t-xjK-rU'uco withDean's I Three miles. from Gainesville 3JO-
    rtl.tcut.' 5'ch .. ". t-.t A porn of tau
    -d Kidney rutu 1 can "tronilrVi l acre farm. tO aero under fetico. South Florida
    : rwcommend thotu to 1111)"",. In newt i yeas t., r he.n ..1'1' :....4 there to Pftuthe Ijirco dwvlllnc. h rus. bay hUt "
    '."4dt a good m *0lciiie for the kUlnofK.tdu > s. (lboun e.!>uaty I'v.ina" It U ..iithat ::
    .. .y romplaltit ivud backache : *+:>* are mean* p caused nit ufforlut ut lnl<'r>aU for and that U ",>*il fc.. klI-d.: *..' .-r*' mtl M from (::1tn....III" trove contains I' : s : I.
    J gars, The first or pwtut attack; I 3ft 8'r... it acres ':r.r1Djt.! Abargain. : Insilfu t e
    or tho.rgcreeua t'-s T\mx oust ptnlhlttvn
    +CUd not mind. but u.* ttutont t>vmr I I
    !tthry w wor. .w and at URlf'II laid tar Janaary I. while tb. astlprat ,, lee afvrorm hou*. In N.vth GalneHI *- 1 ". .
    -- -
    . ate UI' 1 nmlJ hardly walk. and Itwaa prohlHIfkin' kilt t. saw <.rv.-i *o > ., just ewe block from O A f; rail- : .
    .'. a dltncult. mutter to ..n >tt> I shell a >e.' lass? ti* 8<: b..o-r. ',. ....d. un flvove street: I..t l r. .s9'1 fl. m. :: : YOUR GRADE-T* : ,

    .4 After ...tool'111':. \10 pilot the Kidu-->' ..,trolilona .. .. ihe mere it: 'ersa Inc I'rle $945 00; 10 per cent down and .at' Mlary The 3o: ut .
    were" irregular und uuuaturu ISIS! per' month.Tweuileye r' l Institute will give
    Kldtu I'IU""uh..1 mo !'rue I ..tJence kits
    'YDoaa's y 1 I r ta city t. r"'I' '
    In raising 'O'er
    ;J r.oual 1.1}>< rienc'| I"ttllU- tkl.rwtedy .. I i This (la Worth Rtmcmbcrlng .''limit*. all bath said dry. CH | "k'''tlo the wee I. .
    can bo dejudo. ui*)t\ tful rmnttmc oo nlcw atr..1. vU rtrtr "1It1t&.. t&tJr Florid U .. '
    o L'tllll the n'1.r.nt.aUoua for U i As no one It 'immune rry person city water and all the ntr-Hrtmti pro rr*'Ill". part of"F' .

    , For sate by all .l.alr*. I'rh'o' '' should remember that ..",1, ,.'. )adnev t
    . a '-=-DtJI. .ler-Mllburu Co, 1'utlai--! Cur wtll cur any ease of kidney or from f" .. to !?!:. O : pcr *nt I H school t. W.JGth N,r*rs'a
    " fit. New York. aol agents for tli. t pits down S .> ;. r month. the south Florida
    bladder tr\vubl that U not beyond h ai'"
    : t. State If you' art 1nt<*r *ted Jx vy nf the I further prtlruUr
    -*r to* namtt-Ooau'--'Id< 1 i thttgeeh, of medicine. J 11' McCol- abO.... w. will\ b* clad tn take youvat :'re W. CORKA.. B- *>H +e' f>A

    ' / taJi no -oUt,.. 1 I e e t Co. and show you O1'erme. t, P.<. City.THE Ftde.t


    t i. it'' 1 .




    --P. -- -_ J 4I'
    rev THREE
    I --
    gitn i
    X11 ; It is not alone freight; rates that
    Adjutant General. Scott Issues Order
    bring palsied conditions t.3. trade and 1

    -- U1e.Fl... commerce 1 he frt'lht'!: congettloti'; Therefor.
    at Ga1De A" .1 \ ,
    Office irml'r. :* --H) .th' :t >n oft'n

    perrd.:.Vleaaa-eleae mall matter.CRtARY brings the greater: and the longer enduring : \,: n,':' *'n ndjmant General;

    pals and the ratlwav interests 1c,1it[! of .' :rational guard of i;...or -
    . .. .Kdltor and PubUsher.PREWTT
    --7 2:1
    ; : __ - no led than ronimercl and *;'a. T.I"- c I\ loaned i an order n itch

    SLRpZ.. . .. ., ..... ...CIti F..dI\Or'l manufacturing interest.. are now ajpreciatle ) tell 1 ;\b.It.\, : from i the mlllt.iiotter r.vA'r
    ;;. EE
    ) of the fact of th. '.
    sta the Third and Four: :' :'#jc

    . Supt. Great and beneticlal though the extension linen: ot i t.ntry: and time First .alt
    r y I.
    -- COmI'OllIIlIoCRooma.1 of railway facilities may be. meat of l'a' ra i \' .

    OFFICE: PORTER and are they have been physically T.IIS: w ::: reduce tow military forcesof la

    ..p", ylein street. So and absolutely unable to comply with th,. tite :n name only for all the 1 1i

    9A.;:;&i:<. published every morning a=- 'the demands of the wonderful *leelopnient (compai V* win be taken car of. i

    iday.del .creJ bv carrier In thf' city or \ of all interests In the I'nl- either \\ t''t' .:o otaer three" reftlrueutalefi FOR nHUMATis CUTS SPRAIN!. '
    "wio: port of the U.ited State, pooItageforll&'tar ,- A SURE CURE WOUNDS, OLD SORES, CORNS. BUNIONS .
    any ted States Their o'llciali: ad ant'MI :;ie4 or a* independent and
    ; *'-50 si*: moot! : 'i >s three CALLS, BRUISES. CONTRACTED -
    *"' five weeka-trictly Iniono" : mlt the fact and ur.attjthol t>.\tta1tolThis ord..rruakitiK .
    /. $0 cent fo- are turning to the MUSCLES LAMS BACK. STIFF JOINTS. FROSTED FEET.
    a : ttnf:\ ridlcal chanKe, for the SCALbS ETC.
    Inland the
    ...11.:0.. waterway as means of relief -
    -. J Rod: of ,the service becomes effeo-
    -- :" in local cululnu 10 realt. a linebu from freight; congestions,; than tlxe on Doc 1 i.1'hen 1. AN ANTISEPTIC that stop Irritation subdues Inflammation -
    additional which there could be nothing more and drive out Pain.
    and e eats for each ..
    t ,nrt.ou It &0.'" Into effect there" .. .111r..1II8111

    PItion h'crtl.lng made known on completely; ; detrimental to trade andcommerce the "F'irat Second and Fifth PENETRATES the Pores loosens the Fibrous Tissues. pro

    yin '<>' a 1 1alau I : resin: i\ts ( infantry thv. 'ham antamArtl'b.rv motes a free circulation of the Blood gwrg the Muscle natural

    m I I The fact that lMosld .nt lames .1. elasticity.
    ___ '
    .m" i the Oorarnnr a Light t
    Twice l. eight- i I|: Hill, of the Northern I'aclhc.\ and
    Tbf .. W cek sun an page forty-/, .'rPll1: i vFathers. I
    hma payer. published every Monday and President Flnley of the Southern

    I! T, and cortatnn all the newii of the2kl railway. hate accepted' imitations to Place Filled by Son. .

    I"t. "t.te aiul general, and will be I IHU4 i i .Ml :N ,. S.-Pr. F. I* Cal i
    address the =Nation lti\ers and :in';i \ : CURED OF PARALYSIS
    of the United
    p,4ag1 free. to any purl ,I ''
    for f I.ooa year-in advance.ate. Harbors. Congress&. at its meeting,; at Iioun. nun ..I i l III' AV. Cul'ioutia
    ( .">r 'I L.a' W S. P. O. Texas writes: 'Mywife
    the New \%Illard Washington; l>ectinber flet-tt l to i ' medical s'aft: at : Bailey. True ,
    bills become due after first mOil' h'11' of the Grady hoep' altruie had been suffering fire years with paralysis in I
    A3 adrrrtenor: 4. T and 6-and will aid III the work K/ Lee when 1 was persuade to use n. lard'.
    otherwiseUMUt .
    ,. ", advertisement unless ( "' ''day\ to fill the > :ar
    ran s 'i noy
    . *
    /P Parties not known to of the Congress In britmlng about a Snow Liniment which efJectetl a complete cure. I
    *'.) tn contract. uJ1 tna tl l>* t h\ > I it'stgnatlan of hU t\f\ skIn
    rcuuiretl to pay for adtirtUmg in adtIJICCo !i fixed National! policof In]:ind wattr'wa I have alto uctl it for old sores, frost bites and
    be pr whit w trecehed a short tin! '* ernptioaa. It does the work."
    ... Tills DAILY SUN '
    AJdr i \ and harbor ing'rote'tncnts-is in .
    OAtMb.SVIX.Lk. t'LA. ''itself I ago.'a u') Hr. Oalhoun I"l si ..."1br 1\ C9T: llMMIfir ON EARTH: OINCC TRITD. ALWAYS UBCOKLfL'St
    one nf the t tronie; >" t posshl| ar-
    <>FuH>' r. as a lp..I.h! .>fi1l ALL SUBSTITUIL.S;;

    nn to talking against gunients ink fa\or of the ailoptiou nf *<.".''. ,.t t e eear." . 11014 and THREE SIZES : 25c SOC and $1.OO
    \\\"tun se
    that I IKmlh'y bthe ('olur.'sof& theI
    (I ; throat .It Term of ser\1o on tho
    tij! tl: and the woather' lrnlted 'I'lie F BALLARD SNOW LINIMENT CO. :
    i I tt.L..tI., two gentlemen ,
    I tnedll'a'r! 'I"I v |;t begin st care I
    : ', recognl7t the evlsti; 'nc'' of a coiiilltiuii ST. LOUIS U. S. A. ,

    It .- a pitt i that the Kaiser will not :: which the railways cannot im...t. but -- -- - -- t''

    Taft. He id Im- Senhncf'oi for Ten Year.
    t t* WJham II as which" h the I i
    can only berm \ canilxatlon .
    i ::lontg'naxl i > .Via No2s:: Hum ,
    'resat ,' a" battleship. of the in laud Waterttaysr . I It I ia IH BOLD AND MKCOMMKNOKO BY '
    trr l >"..ia.t men of stamllnc:; in nMIAW ,
    - -- conditionliUh the Whale: (ountr>' oui :and the state has ton : -\A7" nvc.JORDAN. JOHNSON"
    Windsor CastleCB .
    T: dlniiis;room
    has long appreciated' ( but a condition f'ss.d t t.i 'r lllltiK of his own brother
    Saturday held three kings and five I
    which can be madi to (puss nWty for 'I'hal,1Ih'an I I and r'*i' "l\e,1| as.'ntiIt1,1

    -- waterway and harbor Itnl'rU\"IIII'IIt.. tlarv II., \ ,4 under, Itillctnun', fur.

    Gates says he's "bad enough of with annual appro' ),rlatlons In atixMints nitircl, r in . :drat dejtrrc. but aecayt' '

    Wall *- -'t.4onder if he meant that will insure emit lnnons I'I'U"'U' 'd a \ rr: )to ..t 'j'("onlt tl...Rtt"*" and ,.toU JORDAN & COMPANYINSURANCE

    tiatatl Street "had enough from" tion of the Work t
    him .._- and full! relief from the pilswhl -h took 1.liI.| f lima year' over s trivial

    -- freight congestions ha\"t' broimhtabout ii G

    If \irni Could wants to know whatr ,
    al happiness Is she should come I POKTtilt HI OCK (IAINHSVII.I.I? IU.OKIDA

    home and marry a vaudeville monolog i.taIcPILES
    .-, lending( fnriMirs In :Mecklenburg; i

    ----.--. --- ('(HlnU'. =North Carolina are proposing Fire Life and Accident I ..
    to statill>>h :a hank controlled i.".IIIHll :: :':': : aD.d :
    Htr .1 tip for the "otton.markct
    >' In their InttTfstK. A fannersbank

    wrlttn. who have orders to champion It Is' l>t>ll<>\'<'>l. Is w<''-*>\'. In c mo."I Im r .* .,,'it. f...'I *with'l iI I rl\'e\ far; thlrlip I,... .! pawn. .mmnrnrmnrnrnrmmmnrmnrrnmmm" ,, ,,,, ,, ,
    the i.uh sl'lt just! now : Alabama has order tu enable them to finance their rii-.|.n.rtr.e. ai 1 nib.!. ....u.. r.f s.Bwll k ......m'a.rar.1 I twtir.t< nmmnrm, ,, ,, nw t
    tli* 'ii-I r a *i'|M ar KII.I K' She .,4.e .II
    lou diM .. .; .
    .. ,
    fl. t tf.iublx .1 all 1
    tho nitthtxl. of n. r ni
    cotton l.y .
    ... own crop h..a.l..n.w. '" /.ran..' ..r-t ...2 '
    -- -- \\arrl.ounlnK, 1'h.-> now depend l on feel ltI.a. .... ..... "...ror. ....,...... Mapolvvo. O. E: ESTABLISHED 1800 k,

    4,'ti 'rtua. a skin disease Is
    batiks more closely| militated with coin E:
    cauMd t iv constant handling of best for
    papermom' ;and 11Iallufu.turIIlJC Itlto'r.-.h:

    "' ili\eut been uRlicted >'ttha for aiUaiiffH TllI'l\nalldall( Hiring/ *'in'\ ljewJeI$

    "u' of era tbt"inarloM past few parts weeks of has tht' !t..1 South l It ink to E H. F. BUTTON & CO.

    S',. a .i much persistence in nil- wiw c.rrea.rno ,
    bring pressure' IIIMMI fainxrM to sett(I
    !I rrrI'! ij .tou would show In hunt-
    lee :t'-nn i :i .. op tu the pursuit of any cotton .- --- . LLAI.tI! 5 IN r

    pl I..a'dr.: .miloull\ sueceed.Frr rVF
    Senator (rllulf'k'll opinion. that :MrKoosoXi'lt pI....", I..I I I'.i.nt T..n....... foen.w..t.
    Is th' MKKfct fake and tin N.r.r it .rll- Iw u. see*,
    t:''''I-a"d I'hlladelphlans; .el .. II .. 'F. ..." ,.. 1.1,1.5.. .,r.:i>.4 OC'O.
    rettfctr in the countrIs I.e... .". I.. .. .r u> n.r backStrrlinK ,.
    moot popular: luau
    01 i \II I". dial not "utf' Probably K.m.Jr Co. Chicago or N.Y. $e$ I Sea Island CottonGAINKSVILLK
    HonxthliiK; llk> ('a 1'1)'1o'K I .
    the. ..* 1" r. formers. who asked thi'in- that tht' popnlitlon IIf KiiKlaml: con ANNUAL SALE TEN MILLION IOIESJ.

    *h. 'i i 'ii. ,tinu : "What's. the use?" HI"lf'd of forty nilllltiiiH t'tKIt.' .

    '- -- -

    TI. ... IP,. :: m'o actors out of John inV 1 that tlif ,' Um:; : REVIVO : ; FLA. .
    It Is to b heaped. r a> man .as t ,
    \\ ,-i-I ".ut before
    the winter Is'
    ....r ''I'',. of them dlsco\er that I against/ agitation--as it result of tin RESTORES: YIT/am/ /111111J 1111111JlIllIlU1 www 1J11111J1111111U11J1111J11111J11SEABOARD/
    may l.anIt'--will lint IHH! to a r,';idlonaKilti E :
    eitur r. ., iu intended them for brick-
    d.h'al.l'ham 'Irk
    la(r- t th sqnir 1 j "Made a

    b....n wainfor! fairer: cotnitlti li, .
    Well Man
    ., well worth" holdltiK: on tolatir 'ti
    Ti" ..n"n't tl'pun to di"rtiMH pro-, TH! of Ike.GS "

    Ut.n: : ltaltliii<>r.'. hut a lialttmorfai .. ."-01'1.* who, till not Uk* '0 ,..1 i 1ZI41>1.T . I

    lII'I.lh' remarks that $::'11 Is a their bills hate taken d\antnx. If u.rnrn7c: > rr'IYt3tD1'l.r :: :

    alcbt11, license\ fThnt Is attarttr th> I.n..nttunlt.\ to hold 'h. Ircreditors .cd..11. h. :N/ d.aya., ir 1 w
    s.rt tr a' t eb. i ih rf ,'
    off! They are the twiU tlt'r \N': ,ear nj nr tn r ,",., ; ."..t pnan'. :, a5.
    -. --- td I u.... n ni r. ; > "unf, ''I y Ir. ra,
    J -- --- sons who" are realty b"n.nt*.d bv "it.An wine, ,. ICES IS+). F'" It'''jr .".t 1'1" r r. Air Line
    'I' rl''''ut :Morgan Iii Kot:: >';{ to iJIsfr" 'Otlllltlf'lu. ui' .vs Nerns'.r. I .,* S'.tat'r.i l.IF.n"nikncse""ha .. Railway
    f I. \'alilnliC I I' "rr i'a. .... M.r. .r,
    InK kftmcl Th. high cost \\ a rft: 1o "f IM i u at'i ,,, a I
    ''':" and th. I "%s and in .v II .I um'lie rli .
    financial strlnKt-ncy Illinois lawyer cbarwMl! a f.-.. f"1" 5' "y, too,..",. ... or . ..'a r >t i.ti". ir, i
    "* 11..klne necessary: a lot of hou .- .. T'Irung i at tli. a . ..a.t Aa... r.
    ' hating bfOlPf"'t1" prour u hero ni.> . SAVANNAH COLUMBIA CAMDKN, SOUTFIKHN -
    '' 'IIC
    for .,n.. who" erne l>i. Ise.kea.11ana .
    It. flrf 01; >. :.>.. It :..,-:: f a I'INKH KALEHHI, IMCHMOND' ( ,
    m4nla w .tt, ... ,
    'uminenr't Ruing to tn.n "a.inlfdIsea' > -. ; -' -ihavtneICEttla "a
    g't "I Bath bar filsapp..arhiK rinK i iw. > 'hr iI..t -|. .I m -r-. r.k I.iiCl.OOrwrr' WASIIINOTON! HALTIMOItK' : I'll 1 1A1)EL1'IIIA ;
    Y df.' minim um.'ntiI trail. be hottl.41 not I .;- 're'slnset.tlla.Y.:: ?
    "-, !*''y syrnpathlzInK with ... ,
    somKrm I I. 'C flea a't'e..i, st.'allwn". .wingneraniee. '
    ef '! ::
    .b'.. I "OaL MCOtCI C Mn*. 0I4 C..,IC.... W I
    )'I 1 i-t.ands been hard hit If Marso Henry !. tct 80 to th- i'r.I, I
    W '
    l ., 1'.t. For Bale Is (iata sTlUe. riorlda. by
    ted }4tat.>s !smote!' at all from oM 1'i' n
    --- --. -' ----- ...*. M Johaeoe lwuut.t. I Two Elegant Traiim Daily: }
    lucky. It out.J oW an ad'l! M.'u to i1.- I

    ftl . on about creating the rank 5t'-nI..tyof nation If be cotn.I ... d-inr... y4t
    7 "1nilp.1" eo that "f.lghtlh5t SEABOARD EXPRESS
    ...*. ..' ( th* |>fWM nt adtnlnistraUt... I R MEM A DIWOMII }
    n." mar b., ornmtlt..d. let I r J a

    litTn fth... bic n.*t safely into :\III Ki SEABOARD MAIL.
    411r' .4 r Prom now until ClMiatuta g : ,
    t. toW .uh.-rtl... 1

    Par' . u'; :--: -. - --- 1 I }
    ; ;
    li' ; ; -
    ty. nephew. K e... MI I ar l/IwIAMa .
    ....'. Tn"
    w" ... H.
    tlCR with ...('h other for r Modern Pullman Equipment hI
    .etr J! .
    : Irv' w1111naes' oMI.-, On 1I..d..t are
    In Cue.p.
    ytl.tcn I
    . I!
    of Cla"t feat I."'.
    I tor race
    wart any
    't .IaJ h""r ...'fM. JoknU1

    It".t r..raem vacant not t,.> eared by Hall C"a t 'i ("'.'' I,

    F. J. CHKNKT A CO 'i <1" <> y jrr- /" .__ *."* *'' -. "

    VO... title! aad..l.-d ba. 'u..n I The Jamestown Exposition Line
    ..:b'b IOVM Kln welli.alater uT..1 1 ; .
    ' .. M < eo _.
    : f. J. Cbe....y for ih* gnat 1" '*ar. ... I HiiiLSsi

    .. wsas .'wthusieatleailyr b....r. tioa p.rttJ, fcf li'm'its' :fI sit! Wc.I. : 4
    : 1 oariaw. where hfo.Ie :' \ Norfolk Va.
    ... sad ftori. a >
    bu... traaeartbins .
    b'_ spe.-e%.. ..Ideh -.d Ira ast4eby 4 .....>c.J.: ... J . ..'!tc.-. r
    able to csirry out any of.ltcatoWALDIXO. n
    Yet : ... : _.
    ills that %Vtlb taB
    ar .... .. ,
    Ia'acwa.. '" f..euwrn r.x.'unfIU Ti 'ketH Balo
    aa:>h l. a Ka/1 way.a MAR'"o;" I. J', I . .. ... I. . .. :'t on Daily. ,
    KJNNAV A r,
    J o. Iru.gista. Tole4. ,r I i ,. . . .. .. ..". '... .. ,. iJ

    .- l-rotlnR but hair I : t..rli I. ''' 1'':. I
    ofi Mail.! Catarrh Cu'- m .
    1 .1 .' -. r.,. tnto/mslloe eel Mleeper reservation. tall oa any .....
    'or f' r e attvrrtuinc ,1:1: Ito amt: a-tiaic dare-n.r L. ,r. .e . l' .

    t lY .tor*' trlfl.* ar.J and 1D..tW.N.:: .taff.,.. .... t .t.-. .!. . ..... :&IftooAIiI1. ..Hr."F1JP" iiI!'. ": .1 ItUA

    .t will not bv lone unt: Te.t:.>aontal: cent J't. 7', < ;' \-.,. .- .. .. f ...r ..... c. KOYUTOX. Js... AssUlaal O..eral .........f ...... ,
    per buttla Sold by a,. dr-<*>'ta ... Jaekoeifllto. r...
    .fJG4.n': wby the other . ., ). 0
    r TakeItair* *atol:T 1'...'* t-jr ( .'r.st2patk I :\ I 4
    :* U* hard all tb. "Itxf:." 1 t. .4 I- i 1

    . r Jp *'f, "' bU n: .. .{ : ....... .. '.. -" -.... .< ""' .
    .;2' .L.I""' l.-... =:'... .. 1"r; ,.r--1Lw' ,. f:!'... 'f'..'r'1. :: 1'\ :..;.It.:,Jl."j

    -- .



    . THE DAILY SUN: / ,

    - -
    :SQBINE89 O-lo..R.Da CLYDE: STEA.: SHXP:

    'Th. Tall, Fat Legged. Small Eyed Kind OF APPLICATION FOR JR. DaVEHE B. MORRIS.

    j' the Best Pupil LETTERS PATENT.

    : On a number of points all elephant -- .DENTIST. 4.
    . . .
    Strainers,:. nJr.>p.. *' nyn Applcton'n :Mugftlne. Notice Is hereby given that on the
    ) These are Ilrst. that the tall. first day of January A. 1), 11>"X. we, -- _

    >,tat legged small eyed elephant of hlg; tho undersigned will apply to His _

    ),-trth Is not only the handsomest. butIA.SO Uxcellenry. N. It. Urownrd Governorof Ones over Msreus Endrl's. Phone 79-3 r'D4rDRS. _
    the State of Florida, or his succeHsor -
    : the most doelle and Intelligent of
    In ofllce, for LettiTH Patent on
    '.::bl. kind: uecond. that an elephant Isfully below:
    tho charter proposed ALDERMAN A PEARCE
    1 aW/Jre>f>f hula prodlgloun ntreujjtl. This lath: day of November A. D.
    ''-'compared with tnan'x and that the reae"son 1'J07. .I'KHHY M. CO[SON.

    [ ; ., an cleplmut obeys his muster H WILLIS W. COLSON.HAHNKY DEN TIS '1 S FaCR SAJEHLiaSTQSBETWEEN E.A..CaVVE: : -rg
    ,*.'' not because be la afraid of blur but It. COLSON.

    ,because he linn an affection for him; OlTlce over Ehittoa & Co".. Daak Jacksonville rind New "YorU.
    of the Colson
    Articles of Incorporation
    third you may beat ti bad elephant Calling at CHARLESTON 8. C.. both
    I Phone %80, Gainesville, Fla. ways
    '., to denth or kill, him by rn in tiling red Farming Company.
    The Finest Steamships in the Coastwise
    Jaot Irons down hula throat In uii efToitto 'Irllt-Th. name of the corporation Service

    press the "squeal of wurreader" out shall b" Colson Farming Company and New and Southern
    of biro but tbe one and only way tot its principal place of bulneHu.. shall DR. ROBT. C. Bo V ERS, Clyde England Lines
    bar alneH\llle, Alachua county FlorIda
    train an elephant to fxTforin trk-Lx U Freight Service Between JACKSONVILLE, BOSTON and
    through kindiieand p.ltloiue unl"lJfl I, DENTIST. PROVIDENCE, and All Eastern Fointa,
    N'nald-The general nature of bust
    "Ing; last but not leant, without, ex- i\r-n\ to be transacted by thin corporation Calling at Charlciton both ways.

    2fcepUon,' the Intelligence of the elephant Khali be to buy. Hell, option mortgage Office in Miller LAW Exchange. S.EJl4.I--v
    .k tar exceeds that of tiny other animal lease, rent cultivate improve, Southbound . . . . . . . . . .. ..... .From Lewre' Wharf B'Ii': <
    I $Elepbant trainer maintain Hint train I pint., Riibdlvide. auction and deal In Office Phone No. 243 ; ReeidenceNo.1$6 Northbound . .. . . . . . ". From Foot of Catherine At.. Jck'o> v
    iOff an elephnnt to perform U I'UeLf for Itself and for others on coniiniHnlon u___n ._
    teaching n l dt cult. property) ; to buy. Hell, raise improve Clvde St. Johns River Line

    nod dial in all kinds of live stork B. ELLIS JR.. Hee'VV'een and SANI"OHUS&opinp
    A number of the tdmpler trlrknlth T. JACKOONVILLE
    : ; and all and kind of farm
    every products
    !'rWhlch an elephant entertain liN sill ; to borrow or lend money. MMr \ : at Palatka Aster, Be res ford (DeLand). &uc.l IutertL.tC.kt d non ;;

    i "'.(ll nce come us natural to him its tinf <. .'dlt or the credit of others with or ATTOIUO..tT-l..A W. St. Johns River

    lapping milk rumen to a (cat for without security; to subscribe' for pure Steamer "CITY OF JACKSONVILLE'

    :' )Instance, the liluwlntf of the mouth 'liaise receive, own sell' anal ; ( Is appointed to tail as follows, : Leave Jacksonville, :iiLd*)*, lu. !cfhuradayt ,
    1"harmonica I'of stock, shares Loud. securities" or GAINESVILLE, FLORIDA 8:30 p. m. Returning, leave Hsnford. Mon .L>'. oJ
    Twenty feet to the right or to tin ;i obligations of Individuals or of other Wednesdays! and Frtdays9:30 a. m.
    --- -- -- ----- __ _ _ _
    /toft of the candidate ton\ > taught f fIlt III corporations wherever located ; to buy ==::. _
    well leant* and MATIIE&ON:::; A BAXTERATTOHNKYSATLAW thbou nil.
    ,'r > down four heavy stakes an clrh"11f i own use machineryaiphlnneess BAKER bou SCHEOULK "'' a
    head down.
    andproperty and
    Into the Kround. and from IMK h of i nuppll personal Leave 8:3 pm.. ... . . . . . . . Jacksonville. . . . . . . . Arnv. "as
    of whatsoever description, to
    ,:. three runs a block and tinkle <-''n' (collect discount and assign necnrltlea 8:45pm . . . .. . . . . . . .Palatka3OOarn . . . . . . . . . LtavJM.8SENUER s, lm

    t nectlnt with each lei and I inniiiH-d lye l or other obligations payable or transferred . SOLICITORS CHANCERY.. : . . . . . . . . . . .AstorBereeford > .. . . . . . . < ID
    r''. ten or n dozen men. When all !Is to It either before or lifter maturity .. . . . . . . (DeLand) ... . . . . . 'Q
    ',' ,ready the trainer Ktandt' In front of4'the ; to buy and own Its own shares Arrive R:30am. . . . . . . . ... Han ford . . . . . . . . . . I' 'lla

    animal rnlses hlM hook land "l >.>\vn! on any terms whatsoever and to have GAINESVILLE Alachua Co.. FLA. 1OOO am.-=-,-. _.._._..__'='-. '_' ..Enterprise_ . ..._:': ': '_'.: '':' _. . . .m

    ,i';JDotrn he order The elephant. pay power generally to do and (perform Office in Haymans.. Block. _AND TICKET _OFFICE_ 122 W. BAY ST.. JACK.1>.N \

    rr no aftf>ntJun. He Miami unlngUla have, bold acquire and enjoy nil other - -- -- F M. Ja01'U'O' ()ICR. JR. A. G. P. A.. Jacksonville Km, .
    ,;' trunk and H\MI.IIIK! his. lady from property power and things as Khalib ;PERDJNANI> UA Yl'H.ATTORNfY : ,
    incident necessary' or expedient' JOHN PKNDREL. P. A., A. C. UAORRTY, U F ,
    'aIde to side. "I)o\> of! |)o\vn!" HhoiltH for the conducting the necessary oper- Jacksonville! Fla. Pier 88 N. K.. :New N .,.r.
    the trainer niilii. arid Hlgna!
    upon( it ntloiirt of the business, nnd generally O. II. TAYLOR P. T. M., C. C. BROWN, O I" v
    gnome forty men I begin to heave and to be vented with and to have all FLORIDA 290 Broadway, New York.

    'tug. the block. ttiile|, .< ak. and while the trainer continues granted. to corporations for Japk"on TIlIt.'. Fla. Libiirt: F i Ja.V

    :.boutlng hiM command the pjiouy- profit under the laws of the State of Can ell you. Jity property, (Improved G. COOPKR. JR., .K. A.. E. SWINPALI.. O. F. A

    :dnn'a legs .iM'gln to !IH' drawn from Florida. and unimproved), phosphate Jacksonville, Fla. Pier 36 >. R.. New 'i ,n
    under him. With! a Hcalp rnlnliiK; tmmpt. > Third-The amount of capital stock, smoking and farming lands. Bend him C P I.OVRLL AR nt. Jackunnvilln. Fla

    the startled creature Ixxlna tofttUff8le of this ('orllf.ratlon alias)! be Ten a list of what you offer for eale. 2I42iB --- -- -- -
    Thousand l Dollars $10,000.00)) to be
    << .
    /Joshing' with" his trunk from
    divided Into one hundred shares of A. CARLISLE
    side to aide arid groping with It* tip J.
    '' the par value of One Hundred Dollars G. S. MERCHANT& CO.
    Against the floor frantically _,'klalJ: per' Hhnro. !Said' stock shall be paid ATTORNEY AT LAW ,

    for a bold to steady himself' hut the In. In cash or property at a valuation And Solicitor Retailers and Jobbers In
    pl.ntless rope continuo to draw his ti) be fixed by the directors of the in Equity

    'I..... The huge beast leann' at a for company at a meeting called for such ,
    Rea' Estate, Conveyancing and General
    and Groceries
    bidding angle, brlluwlng like a held purpose' on the granting of this charter Practice. All business promptly Staple Fancy

    ..Of steers and drowning the "I>o\\n! .ollrth-"h. term for wTilch this attended to. Office next door to Ban ,
    ,Down!" of the trainer. The greutH, \ \\y cure ssrnthats shall I exist shall be ,,"u" )'. office. nAJNK VIJ.L.. FLORIDA.
    f b.glna to totter. For nn Instant It re- nine yearn from the date of I..ottersl'at -- -- Brain, Garden Seed and Fertilizers.

    ,>''dins Its liHlance; then It full. ciiiNh en t bringing It Into existence.
    SQUARE. j t t
    't .thg with a dull thud on to the bed of Fifth-The business of this f'ortorl1'tlu"

    ;attaw. Trumpeting like the screech. shall be conducted by a President.VicePresident Highest market price paid for Chickens. Eggs and other Frixiacd
    Coat of n cracked Hteam callloM[ the and Oeneral :Manager. CLAKK *t FIELDING

    brute tries \alnly to struggle to hN Heeretir and Treasurer, and' a Hoard of I Directors tu consist of not IOHS than Lawyers. A Complete stock'! of Hay Corn Oats, Flour, Bran Meal, Cotton Seed: V .at
    until at the end of three or four:1Dlnutt'M handle\
    three member", nnd such other officers and R7'.0 only the VERY BEST Roods at the LOW.
    : he" begin: to real 170 Hint noth an may bo created nits appointed. by the EST PRICKS and guarantee satisfaction nlrarsJacksonville

    lag so cry startling ban. hapls'ns'.l and Hoard o'f Directors of Mild corporation; ._ ___ .___ __ ___._ h .
    that really he ought to feel very com- provided. Hint the uPlceM! of Vice
    for tu I>Ic Indeed.tench I'roxltleiit and (ieneral :Manager maybe 'ractlce In all Courts State and

    ;+,To him to Mtund on his bend vested<<1 In nod the duties thereofexercised Federal.

    1.U.e trainer aguln use the block and hv one person, and provided, Tampa & Rally
    tackle." "n fores till I tho effect of a further thnt the otllces of Secretary
    sad Treasurer may .be vented In and
    :'tiadjfnll the floor of the training stuhlela O'tteec.. National .
    over: O.&ID.\'II:a (tank.lAINFS'II.I.F
    the duties thereof exercised !
    tiiU-klr" << by one
    [ littered with straw Then
    person The biiwiness of the ('(;rllorn"linn ( : ;: KIX HIPA
    tb. candidate I I. linrnented with chitlun
    I M.I I
    i-hall I be conducted bv Perry
    and the |M'||.)'bund and lilock 'tlnl tackle ('ol oll. I'rt.I.I'nt.1111... W. CoUnn --- - KFFECTIVK: NOVEMBER 10, 1907.oavo .

    .e he rralien,, learning to rear the VlcPreHldcnt. and t'1I'raltlfI"JC'r.: : .
    4UTereucti Itelng that tho chulni frtun nnd) Hartley It (CoUou Secretary and ALACHUA COUNTY
    WJad.r tho I..lly|| lend Ix-tu-eon the hind Treaisurer. hut II there shut I have been ( ;laiiie: villo Micanop3f: FairfioM and local

    teed of Ix-tue taw fun'1".:_. HO nn election. of otllror held l l by the Alauhua county is 8WJ.4OU acres in points South . . . . . . . . . . . 1 II : :' ,
    at tho hlnditiurter of the atock-holders of said corpontlon\ The area, hats :.MS! miles railroad 9m. -,
    quarters may he rained.An first annual mooting for the election miles wagon road M po.totIJe", Icturninir: arrive nain."jlln . . . . . . . .1 I : ::
    r uf ollU-orx, adopting b>'.I.IWM and, transacting 123 public schools, 27 phosphate
    : generally all hu,.liit -s of the plant W saw mill. $75.II>CM) courthouse Lt'fI\"u Ctaino; villo for /rnip-on City 15 i1 itka.
    Obedient; PstUnt.I f'orr.urallon bv the stuck h .M, .'rs. shall four and .
    newspapers pro Lak f',
    .)An old I ,10cl..r,11\>10,' uuolllur"nlll.l ha' be hold )n the I I'.th: d:iv of January duces corn, cotton rice, sugar, City. Valilo-ta; and all points North

    Dlnc to full him called In tu f>.H* 11ing A. D ll'OX. There hall be an annual oats, rye, potatoes" pineapples, or {turninj, arrive. liaini': <*villo: . . . . . . . . '.f -
    farm who \\,is 111. On arriving) / meeting of the stock holders on the aiiKe. penohe pears! plum, pecan .
    :tho home lie found Mr p.itU-nt l L:> I second Tuesday! In J.tnunrv: of each *, and all kinds of vegetables; .

    with nothing the matter hut nIt and every year thereafter iturlng the J. B. Cutler, Gen. Supt. L. E. Barker, Traffic MR, r
    contlniianee of this charter
    cold After prvMcrlbing. the a"ut1edlea Gainesville (the County Seat r
    III Maid II Sixth-The highest amount of Indchtediions ,. - --
    or llal'llttv to watch this .15.11. =
    't'Kow. its" dear nlr. >ou nnut May In I coriMinttlon ran at any time -.,,hl.| ..-tIttelf Hit fourteen churches' two pnblie
    h.d till 1 come MtMlii" hall l t.e Ten Thousand Dollars I ,"hixil*. the University Florida

    '; Ue went unity mid forgot nil ni" *utpatient. S.'\eiith. The IIl\nl'14 nml' r.,-.i<|.'ncet private echools, three new pa|>.*".
    The time flew ti>. t iii.- of the ubrrlbor In thin ch.irt. ar-: United 1 Slate land otlice, the b-.i

    the :M I, n. 1I1IIr nrssa tin- ''unu l's'rrt: Poison C.ilnenville IM.i vi 1) water. Hre alarm system electricand ATLANTIC COAST LINE
    14sau's mother In the street the 10:111:: Nltiiren "'111111 W ('alssul l H.ahlt.111'" gas lights fro ice ffetorie.
    I'l.t la -hare*. ILtrney It (,''al, ,..ninltu machine shop, three wood facto
    et Mm. Jonen broucUt hula l'"tle.111 toQ1l .
    ( ; 'MV I1b> "'11\ lit( hnr.'.. rice. cotton" KIM; two mono fi clerics
    nips and with N stnrt. he mid. ) ....:HIt\. M. I'OI.SOV: steal i three railroads. two frrtllii munufac'uritifr .
    .; **Dy the bye how I t.* sou ....11I1t&; RAILROAD
    11 II.IJN W. f( I.S Oo.:. ( S.Ml : companies, one tlt><,
    'Io..r. HVUNirVH: : fOLSON: I' manufactory, one rectifying tur-
    Tu his amnf.*ni"nt !.In. Joiif repldsl State ef Florld.1. > I pen tin.. pant: four bank, niiii we" ,.1 I.tsw I
    ..tbat hens tIC III) lit Inn I. oUtllrnt to Cswnty "tIt, hu.a.) *ked .tor.. embracing every

    the doctor's 11I11I111111. He hash l Ixi'ii ">n lhln \I.\\ |.er "< iiattv npt-. .l I..-> thin in the commercial" line, t)1-<< ; :: I'iiv:: \v111:1: : !-:
    re three >\fki;il Ihta fore Is.i IN .rr't t"n. \\"ttllW
    :.( .I1I..n ;in.l t l' ,rn..% It (....!I'II to n.> iNsrth
    -- -- -
    well known and kn.", to l... the 'ib I
    )'t'. The Art. w* Pickling Nut' scrlbera I r...'...rtisely. to u the' f.r.-t >; 111\T11.. I South East and West!
    ; !Ibe i It IK er nro. tht only p>>>,pl,* in article of tiu-ori..mitlon Sad ,.t, t. j

    world >vt<> kn.... thf sat of pickling ef FurmttiKvmt'..n) r .1 \ RU'TIt''' 11.1tfrI I
    kim). of niito.' ..ittd a Sun I'rntifl- really ncktiow.. ..1..1 t..>fiHr..> I'," t'\f:
    eo msu. ">'o. taior. tn..f". the Ihs'v did M .uh.-rthe' the (l4ln. t .' t'i:,.' lCl'.thhEll: .ntl Thrugh: l') .hln.ltl S-rvict* on All Trun-.

    Ieklet '.lllr,...... '""111'', This I l's the 'l.uriHv.e of obtaining t.tteri. ,t'thereon
    from the State of r1' . Itll'rltl.l
    wont delightful or nil tl e relish. fmmb' sr.I

    Thar '!>{ nut i. i 1" wu-,1 l uu" the further and other turf..'-. -
    forth and t.'I..1 ItI:'" E T1:1)IttUI'l'1 :
    !Iti art
    the flnent km.l+ of tie s'sr It '. r..tlbll : !
    \VItnems tnv bund! and atrt'vt l Consult the FOlder"
    an order of them ,'s.t. >t '1'ben ; "Purple
    thin the 15th day of NotrmI. t \
    ire Is the ('hll'_' txitCenuil sha.-
    l'oo't. I
    l_ 1'klt..1\ I win! l It j"l.\te t 1.t, [1.e t ael] ) W. t: n.\KT J." tU..I'IrU-.

    Cb ue ir" the &IICI!y '.. ? :.. .( =N t.irv ItiMIc Stat -"f F'',,, _..
    lr, IT fce ..r.i nut tMlUrr IM r.Chine \1y commissionesptree Feb .' ..+. 1 1'"r < !'tuiU' l infs.rtn..t ;s'li.e1hes1IlIe'a, rat.11,1: r

    se. lave tnut. 1-- . '
    \ ition-. -tte telrt'at'l'icket Agentr I
    ita than tue mfmn .\i'i aera'a.. yotir
    0-0=0=0=0-0-0--0=0: -0 0
    ut.d ot --"ia las us'' T.wtiau writ- or call on
    .. O "O=O O .O=O -O.-O=O--'O 0
    - -- O O= .0 OO I:1: '.":r.

    Whit and Otacis Ui,,. .. O ADVERTISE O O J. A. Goodwin -- orFrank C. Boylstcn,
    h1 "Wbit. yu rtt sl l the iMinvt O O IN O 0 P IUnlt"f'f and '

    Viet dlirereucs' lwta s's'u whu > : t' , r \ :. hiS't i \ .. '
    O O THE SUN O O E1': "r T IT. t : I'aerger .
    (black IW-s 1 K
    'blte He*, au.wrrr.l! the 0.0 T"ere' a R.J on. OO V*: t .:..t I Atlantic ( ()ant It'INF I

    CTO rn |>btlo* ptMrr *arts the klinl rs Oc O: :OO ( 'SII I K. } I.:1 J.\. ( KSONVILLK F I \ fJI
    | .n. ltack! Ue. ar the kind a e hear 00=-ro.-o-, :-:=O 0: 0 .0i0sui0 THE SUN ;
    I I
    131st o CL a-+OaO=O sO.asOaOssOsstOacC: O .

    a rt ww p ?rlv.M 'tin t_. u ( +rk -f; 1

    o' .

    .. . ,. ...... ""




    - - -
    - -- - -

    NG IprFcsed I
    fEAR _:: _. --

    rank President of Brooklyn Appetite for CrabsTHE And Then Accused Her o* Has "ig

    End His Life. I Cons. of Humor.

    t. .; \v'\ J:--J.\1. :Maxwell de- I'ntr: < :i>-lit:10\\1 are uftfii iii i :1'

    ':'_: lent of the Borough bank codfish has an enormous appetiteto Ins/ uahl-: 1 1 ii) grasp the i p..

    r ,:an.wbo. wa under IndictC shellfish crabs and lobsters. ut'ril'I" p:in. nml noun, I"i im . I

    :: and larceny and forgery tie eats them alive and he eats them :n' thli:k that! rise the point 1

    r released" from Jail on when p.'rhip, they do ,ao"1, i ili
    M.':tday raw. tie eats them all without indigestion .
    suicide Tu s- itncsl Morley w.l'' \v : "',
    J o :i i. his throat and left and grows fat. tic has a alon.: il... ulew':ilk; oue li\ u'Io'I11 "

    .:;'% He ,ut razor and penknife In powufullivu. .\ : frl'n.l1wo the Uvertintlv : .... 1

    a r !ith a Mhppotl and l foil do"Mi \\ I

    U.., rciru of his home In Brooklyn hori The oil from the cod's liver makesS'cott's 11.\. (10'.)ii lioy. I hops .\ .1 i : )
    Island college ..
    an at UMIS not Inn : HowIM it liippoulo
    Mwell i who was locked upI ,
    \\ tti'h tht friend reptlttl

    I I *> r ,irH.'a\! !: had felt his. hnmllla11 EmulsionA "It 1\1'1"11,1, | | notw (tli+tatiilm.: J.

    ; 'at'03 s and during his Incarcera- The\ l h.h: latiKhv over the i 1':1: ,

    a appeared hopelessly tiesponHe natural to :MorU'V' .hi M It ,,'ns SO //.1 I 1 1. \ '"''
    power digest and to
    'II He had. however, gUen his going t..> toll his'" wife nbom :

    no I'imatlon 1 so far as known produce flesh is in every spoonful. cllniii that evening he remit. ,i
    tU- 'on,.'in plated suicide This power means new vigor and new he bill KIII'h a Kooti joke .>n 11.- i : 1

    T* a: )' It was reported In Brook- flesh for those who suffer from wasting: Brown. mill bj way of pr..l.)1 i .. .

    Cashier Campbell, of theta diseases. load in:4 up to the point: ,>f 11..; .

    1/5: .: who! i It also under Indictment. he i
    .,i '.tied to Rive I evidence for the All Dru.* .taa SOc. and $ICO Brow u w IN.. hi* nsoocUtloiiH 111.\1 '
    This report which howw ties'" t.Iltl.'tiUts.". how ho 1111" t L. : k
    rr ion --- ... I
    luqiiitnti with him. n+nimoiItlloiii > 1s
    caused sen-
    confirmed a :
    w it not ) ,
    .\ followed within a few IK. l had> hid with him. ,'k t 'i Ih i |
    and was - -
    w:. (' forgot nlioiit the hiltI "
    had story I i iluiiulod
    1.0. 'he news that Maxwell PRUSSIAN OIET OPENED <>.t'It by the Wife, u h.t -.1 .t\ i
    his Brooklyn home
    Cut: .a :roat p.itioutU"But:I "

    !..;trrM was: 49 years of age and Em percr'e. Speech R- ld by Prince oh' it about the story *" "

    a.J.V. :a wlfo: but no children. On Von Bt! clow I "Oh y." ... laughing< hunll .I'rl"I'

    fit he was: jointly Indicted for the r'.I.diuli 1: of It ntnii! < ,
    1ten.; : =Not ",. |1I'a-: tun dt.r 1
    aceny with former Cashier Ar- "\\'h\ t 'in 1 Brown mul I Ivalknii ,
    t Co'
    > w
    Era tll''n.\1 1 u< : it \\1 '
    i I.} ; t t'.t 1.1 I; hall! ottu
    ,)bt'li. and Director William \' ; .I"w"1 the street :
    ttir: ill ) ";: t tho
    c' \'un |Ihu-1| 1ou' tiItnpoiiil .
    tow 'It, thrt Borough bank. There 1'0111'1'.1| i I on n l Itinann |n-olii ehant.Jor i in the emperor'sabscuce
    were *icr 'indictments! against him foil diMMi. unit when I ....I..t-.I lint. !I M
    read t. e tJt the
    tat ' forgery in a quarterly bank It 11111'1"11..1 i he Halil. -\.rlh.: ; ..i.d i.".-*
    throne It stated that the
    Cl'o\\th of
    statement made to the state banking .\) ho \% IH sore at her nil t.\ ,'u
    p.'rmain rt oxyei.ultuien had increased l slut ,It.dal.tlh.\ ... bud '
    ot''D these three men no ''' 11'''
    raigned Campbell and low ee I the'! r-t( b,. over $J:'.lIOU .1,1., mor !I.... 1111.... the nAlil I I she tlliln, t | "
    'W -e
    cur* bondsmen, but none offered to The c iia-utMloi said that a lUtlcit: is! ally(iii II ; iiiutiy to that.-Ju,IK<.'M 1 i ]

    E'Xl1'C'h'd In tie tiaitMitiar owls to bra '.
    sls- >; ,
    on Maxwells: bond. four
    CO the iiuioa-id e\v>.'nvt-n tu HIP \ 1administration
    offering th ehouo" g1\'on
    te-s: w 10.
    and the gu\ rnnnMH WEIGHTS AND MEASURES.Th. i
    ties h', "if Ir mother, who died three
    would. have to report t n n 1..111 1 for .''-
    taI! after the Borough bank uspend I
    .. Un.Unttio railioad 1I'iltt'l1I.: Metal of the Standard That
    ertire only a $10,000 bond.
    f The "poi>oh finrth.idL a bill antltorUlng In U.. Today. : :i
    cm ,o his; nil.s"lr .
    tbw o\ erUUlpnt to aiiiuln There mo m, producta of liuiuaii .. ) ,
    dej-tTtiou on the part of meno I
    I'oMnli est...'i conloTinitlon pro- on Which n Kreater degree of 1110 ,I
    he htt.1 looked for his free-
    w >m
    cdltiqP: ; under tin law of "-min, <'nt ilo expoiulnl:: th in the ntniiilanlH of wtl;; ,
    ; It U aid.. embittered and deMaxwell I
    main: This measurehkli \\ ss act 1I 1\('. nud uifiMiro lu UM uiuoui the ( rr
    r"' t During his arraignMaxwell's llzotl tintioiiH of tho glob* Two .. l'
    1 dl..I1..ti! tooths '' I "
    ly H:>nu ago I" ( ;
    JfiTI ': counsel stated that \1 E! In la nit uar: into to IH ,,"" "' 'I ,i
    pettel to ipcjt.ii the( F.ltiton; o\.'r
    :vent hal put up every dollar In l "
    1 nc( iiraiin)< durability Nature tl\ .
    the 1'011.:1: iinemlnn In an ..trntifurtu I :
    tew' ;-111( that he i>o3e;sod to secur' I not furuUl!' any single metal <>r ,
    Tits gotenutrur'y= IHOJ.hall! !h..11 |
    t':.e nk and that he had ubsolutHi i O'r:11 I uhliti''' oMictly nnNwrrs the l It\' e\ -n the l Lading con+.rv.ttlve "
    i d him! rlf to protect the lntl lulrf'III1'lIt"| for a standard of "' : '

    t. : ,n Ills humiliation was aggra- Tilt'I ..tJO'h from thu or weight that shall l he IIM nearly < !

    Ta-cJ: when like a common felon be throne exprte the gov t'rnlll'nl': itcouvlctlou posHlblo iitiiiltfrnblo. ,I i
    that both hoiiv'*, of t IIH'' ill*.twill '
    The IH'HI r HiiliNtnnd
    -**' mea,! ur.'d by the Bertlllon sys- jet |prOt1l1r",1 '

    tern! and! ) hla! IJt ,tlgree placed In theJil Fibs co-opeiation( 1n tli.' this || IH nn alloy of tn> |I'r i I

    I records settling of thin uratf national stl plHtliiuiii with 10 |H'r tout of (I'I'of

    .n. um 1 bin .IH'" called Irlillo platinum I
    Maxwell" had been regarded a*' one
    ti the mi I IN.:nitv uf which the 'I I"tnn.lunl"
    of he rising fanciers of Brookl>'n. There Is No Reason. I
    piopmvl' ) the I
    .nil was reported to be worth $:n0t .-
    OC, .) when the crash in banking affairs Why jour baby should l h.- thin and I nl roiiiiullti on nolKhtn anti nl.''''' ,
    1* tompivMsl ""I" tin rd. I* !1" "* ITo. !:
    came. fretful during the night.; Worms are ; J"J
    l l>y boat tlinii AllY |pure metal I" i itlcnlly
    FV!:owinj:; so boon upon the suicide the cause of thin, sickly babies It I nonoxlili/alile; and run |M> I\ g 1d'

    ftharle T Harn..)'. resigned presU Is natural that a healthy baby shouldbe l on.rnMil In fait (tho llu<'" 011

    C!. I' >.t. iht Knickerbocker Trust cornea fat nod Bleep well If your baby standard inotii'<< me hardly vUllilt

    : he snlol le caused a sensationt'on does not retain its food don't experIment tho haled 1'.t they are ,.

    with colic cures and other niedi. f khnrp nml in..'nruio

    CXODUS OF EMIGRANTS. cine but try a bottle of WhlUCream -.H If air.I ll.l/atioii ulioulil ever I It* l

    --- and n.Id.H of It HtuMilil I... INvMVeroO
    Vermifuge, and you will noon
    Crowds Clamoring for Transportation I fcomo hrlKhtor II""ko: In tbo reiuotw fit
    see your baby hate color and laugh
    Abroad Grow Greater. there 'In uoitiiiu. 1I.lItollld ln>ar : ,
    as It should. Sold by W. M. John. :
    rr l ""itliimii t.> it* tin racier than
    1' :.. Nov _'S.-Never' : ; "lnretailed
    on. stating! ino:.Miut... of Irdilo! 1'111 '
    ,,1.1 : out v . rare been .inyth'nt Ilk' for the "protf-t i"n Ii n.1 I |"rt>",>rvnllou I g
    Founc ers' Day at Harvard., vvblcli HIP 5.d.h..t till- day bn.. :
    \.111:1.:6 ramhrldlf" :\1.",.. . Nov 27: --Pound llN vory l lat 1'" t oiiU I t UI'I'II"II.. :
    l Ilab> day. the crowdii
    er>' day and ih' .,"<'t ft snivernury nf | - -- II i t -an-i|.(:'atlon abroad .. .. '
    Ml i iI arj .
    the birth of ti r\ c.r. Proves, Fatal.
    % ''lh no prosp.'ct o' t!i.Mrnumbers' Dancing
    braced 'Iuo-.uu> AI llarvaid IIliI""I..I't t tXi >
    I! Many risen aid wnuifri catch '
    morning prayers. lb .t..0. tiliuJdretuwd > a.'1.
    .11) OOi( st<*..rase; psereniriid at dancofi. win P I. h -rmlnnti In .
    by l+rnr, 0)1) t- f t t'auu.1: : I j
    .. fritiu Nev. Turk : tiiotiln mul t'OIl. iimptlon Aflor- '_
    'aitd t>r. Ionian .V > ..0 T .. !I..> .
    m*:ilp irH .:iy the total i ire If "Koloy II..n,-y and Tar In t"
    III..b t..e fl..J I i I. f -' .H 1'I it, uIthe
    "'1)11. The st...ra..' rat. It will break .1.' a roM: and no ."
    I .eltbra] i i. W i I. Ii.t.t .4tl:
    -n $21 to IT: In hope of . l i. !)
    birtbtlay ilui' e' o' .* I" I I' r !1.1.! ... results IK",
    ",:'UK hut without avail IOn..,:..r U '.:. :. . ,' I.h'I) I I nit the icenult in a yHlow ita<.k ;

    --- J.V.. MrO,llurii A. Co
    l.1h. f.,'h..1 .q, I .. r. 'lI'I i.r

    TAX N TIC[!. att. ::11( a.. ;\., t. 01 .-*- v >. r) '" *ie

    1 prr, ,ui A"ounlin3': For It

    'i I. books of Alarhui county I ">tn." paid i'.., ktnttlorii HIM IIt . of 1307 taxes are now : There's No UseI .*-lr nil Mitt. n ra tnl for Ji :, i tj
    .: Ite! Ihtytuctit of tAxes: Any i I Ii Ilr>'. H rain yi .-I'Mj r rno t ftery .1..1.I ,
    I i T" (')tn't beat lc( .>rbln fur . l
    i MIS; taxes during the month ; i "I) ...,in It fen- piUHl. \1111.,.

    '.. I the liter Th,. re"t_t r.rf,.&ator j I nttrlbuUt It : the fart tb.t I .I... i
    i .
    r will|!i Lc entltUd to two' |
    '' er off*'re l to .ufT.ring; humanity If J Jruu I him flo ..*.W1"1't.. .... "It f
    : '' ''Mint any t.i>'liiK tu&einouth l
    tic 'U..rd .f t I
    putter from tlt.r complaint.. If J'ou. r.
    of 'ceniber are (. .. '
    are bilious! and fretful its your lUr - - ] | i > tr
    ''Ut> IK'r c<'nt UUroiint :: i A F. ,tb. R. .mlM..*>._. !
    .* and lt.Tt.ln will put It In its proper '
    late.: awl uji to the first I ".\ ashy Iw. 'nl.t.! h.. |> srr t '
    A ( earn: for roost I J
    condition p.sttlve
    ( S
    v -.: no discount "will bM nl ntlltbliMt, .. ..t. h..e-led v..I I r ::
    fMloti billot-- *n*'i.. d.p.pela and .ll i itlU ,
    rti.'s beoime dfllrujumt on .., tie Ih..t' .utaetl'" II ,
    due to a torpid liver Try a tottt ... t,>'
    . ., ,
    !..v of Aj.rll. Any meanerl'olle.ttor 1 | t : .
    will nytfclne eli .. .... ,
    and you never else \ _. 1'1" -! 'Or It.. t
    and not
    3.rd by W \t. J....... what. It Y'. ... I tpti; .O.
    the fiat of Noiremt .
    --- - "
    r< I. E r1.r." '.e,.:Ynf:
    In nth r words the Col- ACp.ntrd .
    i M ... .% :, . .. .1.
    bare the money. and a re- t \, ,,, '.. . T. F. THOJAiSUKDEnTAKIKG
    .P. : Cf
    ff" the tax_ un or b*- .. .
    I I.lto. 1
    .. ? ?
    'I .1iof the month for : .;t s.. .J
    of a .r I' I'v ; \ CO. : .
    ''r tu net;<< the Unnt off hr'a,14 I r i j- l'- I1'o ; :

    W DICKINSON?. .,........J. ,.... ''I' I . -. ". r'.,.: t "J

    __ !. ftr AI/ \,'h"a County "I ,. hll.... .,4' .... ..r. .,#' NII L I.I.xli OH I

    n.e.--.a 'Iseate I : 4

    Feel :sease.t WHI!. ,'. ac < f.r i. .eW oo-nn6..... I I[ ( 1

    5 Ills ,'aah.\- ,. .. '.r... byaltafsl ( ; Jj
    ?ears I .
    _._ .
    ( s.rvlre a.1.b .. .:ass sal.' ; ; "Ff

    Bad eue6' .. . .. : : : : '
    11 to Ui.i ifO'tatl.a. !. .. .. I' tA:. .
    -- -
    i wtlvtl: t'. .....'f..' )

    r The Nrw Pare Feed ass Ortsp Laev. I A{>
    I ar tU!II YiCaCtt%. = : : Jl
    .r. ptitn 4 t', iarlxnthat 'f
    .e a.'et'. .
    Fol.,'. tfrer ILl" 1 Tar fr >r; r

    14 "I.t! hung Sr . .. .. . '.

    Q :iii.J ,1 !,y fte ?-a': f' t'" . 6 . .- ,

    't r.. r . D 10 Ctsrs r.g sea: as

    .r other hars.ful drug. a. r !
    mend Ie a. a s.!. A"Ded'* f. r t'1t! "''n ':J.'neawrlI4l', 10'.4.I ,, ;
    ...r tJd..e.% 5' *. ..
    e+ a.e a,ire M rta..w Lad aanUL J. \V. 1Sc-CoJbI A. Co.

    t.t.. .,. : '.-if: ,.,,,t::.,:...), 1: ,,"_'- :t..........<,f t!.." '1">- 'i.::11t.;'.< ....: rr ..R a.... i1! tl__ ..'".........,,.. :' ;( : :: : :

    .. .. .. ,
    "" .,

    t I


    -- ---- -
    --- - - -
    -- --
    -- -
    - = ---- ---
    : -- -
    ::::: O'Halloran Smokers All;; Havana. 5c. 1
    JEWS Ladles' calling cards at The Sun t c
    office. i We,are here to STAY. We want your business. We are young but ;

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    .\ V. gone GREENLEAF & CROSBY CO. Jacksonville Florida
    ofllce. .11.d dau.hh.r.11". : ,. I.atlI.Nhu It.. ,
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    alslt! to r'
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    ing. l'hl1ll.11111'.
    Mr 11 I.. 1'hlfer has returned from dm'Inn; which time ho eta. :1.1:

    "allt.\: and Macon Ga., where she ('. 1-:. Dunham of !Hague{ / was in the Iv linpiovid Ho returned to his I'lur rl

    lia I' "n on a visit to relatives. city ;yesterday. fl Ir. Dunham has ncetitly "- lola huiiif however. but w (In'it In- I I....

    established n slihmle manufao. gall to f. I that the condition, ..r I hI.. I
    has returned from
    i J I layman ,
    turing plant nt that place. THE HISTORY OF "SWASTIKA i
    Lochloosa. where he has been look health lullMax none IIHI fiiriniragIng. :

    tag after his naval stores Interests. J. I.. I Ite >sliiKer I of South Carolina; ;, ho turned. It IM to lie! hoped.

    has arrived in the city, and will make t ha tar.: w weeks at this famous resort f
    M.:.-e* Bessie and Julia Hunch are + .
    : this his futuro home. lie. has ;u.rept- will !bring him entirely h...,.k to I \\ mill 'till! i i ',' 'II I url;i I I. >!k a u.I ul nil tin Vitrieil( 111 in nfit '
    ,I't'tidlng' the next few days as guests :
    ed a position' at the Contiiientnl Cafe. |his| HIM mil. condition phvidcitllvThe . '' iriu'n' lil auti 'ro- > ii niiii ut filing it u \ of
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    made which there wan an organlatioiiperfected. tlst dllll't ill "IUwt'll uttend l hurn .'a-.nahl. ,.. '

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    1 irtila railroad I Is In Galnen-
    a'I"lt to his wife and son. e lion Henr S I'11111.". regiHter of Clear: Havana .....IIU...-... hu |I. one of S .ilr.'silll"'s, tla .1.. d pr..1.sIN' .sitetII114' I..;":

    U.e land olh! ... has returned. from rmmt ext ollrltt yoillitC Iadl.'s 11ret5..-l li'.tblllif but ttl,.< )"U Its, !I..t .nke''

    I'enfcaeola and Tallabannee. where |h. Strictly High-Grade Mr! it highly. |...11."..| (( I... ..11.6. sit s r..I.I.. pri.Y' tt.

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    .h...rl a"Ilse. .le I"
    5.g I""thhlll ecclOlJ
    -THE- lourt lit charge of th' re('ii ( 'I.| -ti ratty Hint rliiMi I.c... .r

    .It->l v..rUIa! was .nI..1 \\f lit. . 1.'5..6.5rhur'.dat ..... ,. ,
    To the Little U..,'" and (;11'110 Banta IF .I.Nirl./a. l.\/'r; tas, ssat.t< ,
    lit K" w u" ,.. du a us a w II '.'...,1 i.w. .
    Clause ,..;,111| to tell jou all that If you I it IK __ J 4
    El! Dorado CafeIs ', \\ ')11111 write him it letter and n< nd It I 1 Mr! Mini Mr. IMrrmi l.-n. IIMIIHititt' '

    to t'ie C ;O\ln'III., & and 19 (',-?t tor..1 -|" .,iicr Sits r'
    he 'ould get It and send soil what r ll.'.... .. _hrr tt..v will, point n f-u STOVE WOODS

    .tits III. hrl i.. who h..1.1.| | Urn re .

    Reopened. you "put.ultf..Ih.n O'HalloranSmokers film I MiMMiltlim of pflMrtpal of It'.. i
    '! \\. l : tu Iniirii harbor tradeand
    I rtnmrr d.-| of the llIs oil '
    ar'<'ett potiltt.".. waiting out graduate Wo can supply; you in 1uIlitti&tity
    IliMh s4." MsIIII l r.telo tier, iKltlonf. .
    ...I"DcU.1 .h..u.. for 1"1'' Iliftn.f ( I rUIn ow
    Been closed for the past few ..r t1... rrllMtllnifr. 'if .h.< I.THI ,After
    days on account of illness of <' w weeks erNni.l. ,'te.; tiMtlt Hi. /ven.write he tarts e.plr' .-. h.,wr..,. ttl'"? will )0.t,'U II up.
    "* t.Hlaj Melr'r< fitrb.-r C.Ilege.Atla55ta. !! .
    "T; eo. Hudams. the Proprietorho iii. their uninixr In New -- --' -

    \"* ... III see nothing cooked or G. York MtMlw mid .|M.n.1 l tKo. ulster| InVlorl r'.r ptlrr* ar't'lj{ tw V. K.CAISESVILLK"IE hIIJL'NY. "
    *Ned It.'\ A (' 'KI'iDi Jr. itantor .., th* g
    without Int
    personal -
    Id.. mt |M>lxiwJt'rM
    tetion. 'Ir.t 'tiMi rtmrrh of "* ark.-. has\ HandMadeBest I .. }: ; : COMPA
    \ of M I... I.> on.!. wht ti I

    The r, turned to his limit.. after hr.f' for 5c. well known and ptHMl .**.... will. e, ,I'I.4n. ,... 1.r .
    CI Oorjdo is again open. .hers H** f>i im In
    frlnd '
    to .
    trip '.'1.1 he.rti....' ......rslulsllun..Is bin. ..
    t. i
    came along and get your . DII.t..r.1
    > <>r the hrigbtest yoasg
    yct r.. shops Steaks etc. ..rraxe BROWN HOUSE I BARBER SHOW
    ked "I r iSe t-41.tand in .tkinie & rfh"l I Tt,..... ...'?.. ors rde ......... said rim-.
    : and served as you want. !., ..-f.,
    "lily' IMTMMIM pt'e '*it tt tAe r.r.W.M.iii r

    \Ve have *ewr.d u.. assry' for j ...,. 'I,. .nl ",,'.. >*r.nh fPM lt.M. "nr'U'4t I'upJ. Prop.rn. ,

    j- Otto, I sxatitefelt Syrup\ the new I I C. W. Bartleson Co. .,< Miami tl. former .. lw.Hti.r rf '!>. Jic

    I.IE tt.Ye that alak.s u.. Iu.r lI'ull' I'.t.- 1 h*..y will ftt: .tt
    THE ROYAL CAFE purtfi Cleo brMla. ..Direa eeadathe ;, II.*.lrll..I.r.Jacilson'l.lIe I.le1| M with. the hrl./- |I.r ,,> .
    ...1.' 't HI"rUldnjjf Apparatus, aa4
    recalal1M digestive orsses
    ar..1 .
    .. ..II.- .
    \ 1 t t N Iilf.I 1''J.r, Cure. darnele .....raUcJG Ask "as i Florida l"'ttmi .Tirnts l s. with.. Or.
    r twill' h f four : !\ T
    ,t t .1." '1.. '..1..111". 11. about It. J. W. W CoU m JL CoT ; (')''M.llo*.rt a.wpl.srs, Hand M..rte I r. :.u it s .I.a.t you? petusl Ft
    i -----
    K ileur.ett 014" >tl the oi'l.-l. miitl ,

    .. MEALS AT ALL HOURS .....t .b.-t..aoUal U'"t tt.. ", I..- ;; JA5' M CJCXIIAM. !'!... ( .O. W MYf 1 .. .,1',. i It t f I .\'W L.rf( r., l/J f. 'M \..'; ..L..,
    :.1 1\#. I. U"cal.r I'v.b.w ..-UOf'. waat55.BK n." ..r ""wb.

    /.alnr.ii.1e. ,.....r.a', and

    QUICK LUNCHES A SPECIALTY cave.ATM Aerr cala.4 au r.-u' r t.l. sub I Itlll49 j FIRST NATIONAL BANK GAINESVILLE F

    .,.rt..tJof1 to The >/ue He .,.'-_ thAt ,

    \\u: Cds .a.I I' t'UI pt..eet eaodlUoe u' the .'utb.nrs

    IIITIM, '..\IITH:..... market .. Ota .b.aC Asrd o' .. ..r CAPITAL AND SURPLUS. 5130.000.00 UNITED STATES DEPOSITOR ,

    .C" ....,tt/Jft .rQ".t" h... ,,I '. "ft'rlSCo '

    OYSTERS Bl AMY STYLE bold his tsl','u' .,. a t, . r.cii'

    but that the Rr.-r1 a.. a. ....atlnlCwofr We Offer Unexcelled Facilities and Up-to-Date Methods of Ban '

    : J -a hare 2 vnktmt* isle t t s.t fa' Ixshte t"JOIJ ": n') t: 1'-'

    +flrite.a to est. T.M taG MticfT TOUT future. :1/r il.'r.o.-tt .aa snesi.. rilOMPT COl' HTKOl: -< It "'I..I .\ HJ..., \\ .. Solicit Your |BUItln'!
    .t.'S .. als.d bT W. dellltbt.r, (1.. Rub wb5.Ht ':;,-.

    .* .1 Ms a few dsfe sis
    'tttslmia ii -
    \o. MrfMTfet* clxt tlac.r rtlNia{

    "' <> ...

    t tJIJr: I: Jfnlnt 11.A. II t .

    Published Twice a Week--Monday and ThursdayJALNKSYILLE

    4' ___ _ __ __ __ ____ .. _
    ____--- ___ __ __ __ h - ---- ---------- -
    _ __ __ __ __ -
    --- -- ------ --- --- -- -- - -- -- -

    VOL. XXVII. NO. Jet (t : FLJRIJA) TllTUSDAY.' NOVEM15EJS( \ : : :2:! n, 1907) ONE DOLLAlt A } E


    lie conducted a restaurant at ar Utllf'lIt", lit reviewed and com-
    4 8. B, LOWMAN IS Archer and remembered the time he A HALF MILLION men ted: upon the evidence at length, EXPERTS J TESl

    and Ceo Low. man had the "spat" lIe and appealed) to the jury not to forge

    , FOUND NOT GUILTY aid not hear George Ixjwnian nvntioiDunlap IS NEARLY REACHED the w Ido\\ and orphans' of the dead

    Ihlnney's name or say anything man when they retired to the jury-
    Great Crowds Listen
    about a pistol On cross-cxanil room to make up their \erdlct. In Opiuio

    he said he was not excited at Wills charged the jury in 0.
    '' Judge of AIi ni51s.
    'Ctao.. Lowman Guilty of Murder in Gainesville Fostoffice Enjoys Most
    the time, but had business: to attend -. fair and Impartial manner and at 6: 20o'do'k '

    ; The First Degree.RECOMMENDED to. Successful Fiscal Year. the fate of Bascom; 11 Ixjvvmai

    B. D. lowman, and his ton. Gco H I.ovvman. was PROGRESS OF BRADLEY CASDr.

    ?:'t' .BUT TO MERCY lather of the other defendant, was THE POSTMASTER::: IS AMEITIOU5He left In the hands" of the twelve men

    I called to the witness box In his own who had been selected to deliver u
    verdict In accordance with the law 1: Hill of Baltimore Eel: .
    In behalf After giving *r>mo pr'lImln- Has a Fine Lieutenant in AssistantBell
    .Swell:!! Was the Verdict of the Jury
    I arl<.H an to what he did on the day ol and vIdonce Stated that on the O c
    This Celebrated Case-Tried for the and a Good Force, and Business
    I| the tragedy he s-rld that in the afternoon The court then took a recess until ing cf Senator Cro '1. -:

    s Murder of Dunlap Phinney In Levy of the day he and Ills Hon Steadily Increasea-Fourteen Em- !9 p m. the Judge stating that lu Was Insane.V :

    .f County In June, 1907. George went to Italcdgh and hitched ployes Now With Local Office would( tcconvtne the court if sent for

    ..Judge Wills called court to order the team to a post In front of Gibson' J.iliuHIllf, It would u,:pour from tin' carne-r. \ ::-.jlj! :; on *:ovCi _
    yesterday ttoro.Vhllo his HOII was hitching the obsen'atiumi of tlio ;t> who "study the The courtroom was crowded during tile Ullt LiMii in.M ,
    at 8 o'clock rnornt -
    promptly team he went Into Gibson's store and conditions here, is going ahead by tne entire three days of tl1(' trial, liiadlcv ctH'n .
    t. when the jury In the Low man told him lie wanted to nettle his Jima its' of iiiose present being from
    ac leaps and )lIlId.', ">\'t'r> year fclioinj. ol former Untud *
    case was called, and tho third day of count. I'hinney was In the store but up to mud 1 better cotntnerrlal and J Levy. ('otl II t,..
    rur:: M I. JJrovvn in
    the trial of this celebrated case was ]left when witness had entered. Defendant adviuttttgethat: the iit>\ion> The Verdict.
    tier lief wua \,<-:: : '
    begun.O. and Gibbon entered the ofllcet lerllJll. The jury was out just time hours.
    I tray. when the tl< !I. .1
    and he wan endorsing some ,,11f'ckHwhon AH will ho|>> F"-t'n In notice of tin and (Ittei ii inlnutes. part of which ,
    O. Smith of Raleigh was sworn 1 in JBritton' I
    tho shooting lJ'gan.Vlhlf'SH compiler of tin ('itv Directory tin time they spent at suppt At 9:25tt :
    for tho defense. On the night after New= : Je.'?ev' he siiltjrro'ioate :;
    rose, and Lawrence Gibson' walked out city has Increased: within tie! pint! two rap) on the door called Sheriff It'n'IIt'Ii ('< t the! st. .

    the killing he met Lawrence Gibson 'tae door. As witness rose to leave yours and a half about tlmlrtytimrtamid to the jury' room wh"1he was I Momtav (bj lit Lu '

    la his store and asked him to tell him the office, Phinney fired at him a third per cent in population the Inform that they were ready to r' ::..It Mi. lira ill: e\ a' I

    4,, (Smith) how It happened, an he wanted splinters flying In face of witness increase haviiiK been ulnco June. 11!>O*>, port The twelve men filed Into the -.allll': Hio \ n. w ::

    to know something about It. Gibson When I got out the olllce I'hlnney and 2.081 nitm;. jur box their names were (called and TIll'1 din-let an. ,iis .

    replied that he really knew little l met In about six feet of each other Hut the popnHtion his not been l the (|sue stlon a"k'd if they' had. agreed' qintlov bv I I

    .about the affair, that he and II. It. We both commenced shooting and I the only.. thliiK which has shown 1111 I upon a Verdict to which A, A 1tI tc'- life of '\ ;\ Y./'I./ .

    *, ..Lo.tnan were In tho ofllco when the partially fell, being struck by a bullet Imrtastarid the ino-it: lin[>oitint uf( Rae. the foremin answered. "\\*" ;? H-it: :'i' o' IM'! : '"

    rebooting began und he did not know and my pistol falling from mv thos IH the in<'r ..inin the- I'nittilbtates I hiveand: himkd Clt'rk1""j:1: !4 the est"moony'

    t how he got out without being hit; hand He then de.tallod having his postollic r,.<.clptH( i piece of l.ap'I' which decidid time fate : tuna tam 111 1C, l.tJi -

    ''that Gibson showed him where a bullet iirm bandaged and going homo. Witness If an\oiM should hear that the : ur the two men (MeikN.l 'nges read : '111'o ell:ni.led I c. .

    t.: went through the railing enclosing newer" had said nnj.thing about inonej order business of the CalneHvllle the Jury. find II II (.nwIlUln :ion. but the* start n! . u

    the, olllce<<" and also where another urlnklng I'hlnney'H blood at Ne'w- postotllc1 alone l toi the last INcnl I I'f' >.. and<. 11UII: expert in c'a"

    i bullet struck a trunk. On cross-ex Horn's coinnilssnrv The boys were year u eKatetl $ |luu,000-nearly a | of muni!*'r In theIlr; t degree. with tor and the fact i ..

    amination he said Gibson told him I, quarrelling and In a paclfj'Ing way I half.million doll irs-theould not a oiniiioiidatloii to mercyA.. A favor of harry K I 'I I t.a .'

    these shots were fired by Phinney, as said to thorn 'blood I Is thicker than fee 1
    toe was the only one shooting In that water" H.. knew Robert Colemau. ; UKUIIH dou't nllsrepi'ejent thliiRM-and I' The other whispered. words of comfort house more than the u

    'direction.: and had never sent any m*'Htmge tn'' <; o\eriiiiientotlclul, cannot afford to In- to his' bon. and hastened. to join Dr Itich. a new wlinr
    Mrs: Bradley the day .0:
    A. 1.4. Ixjwmnn was sworn und corroborated I'hlnnoy by him When he met IMiln mIKrt'llr..tI..utf'd-nn imestlsatlou will ills wife I .
    and that she looked to' .man
    ., the testimony of the above ney the latter I had a drawn pistol and show that hitch Is a fart The l bnslne Judge'I'11ls then adjourned court .
    it< 13
    idiotic Di I
    :i :witness they giving almost the same I, wliMi wltne nH Hred he believed himself n through the (5alnes\,. postoflice, until 2 p. m. ;Honda laugh. I'' .
    more an expert was
    t 'testimony: word fur word. The witness i in Imminent danger of great welch a few years am was roiuparatiely A motion for It new trial will bo that e
    stated 1MsitlVely! ""n
    ' also stated that on the day of the bodily harmOn 1I'fhtllln'nlit. aggregated for the made In the case,* of the convicted the footing< Mrs IIm.l.i n:

    c' Inquest he heard Pink Cllmoii say ho ross-txaniliuitlou witness said lineal year ending June TO t l' ";. man and If this Is.
    i+. had had it In for George I..own"n n long bet had to go lu opposite dlrec.tlou $-IIII ,non. will be t ike>n to the supremecourt.. right and wrongDARING ,

    , tine, and though Cap. l'lilnno. did front I'hinney to leave the office( onlya I"*">\v p.'ople realize anil appreciate I

    '1' not "get him" he IMtik) now "hud Hlep or two when he turned shod inaKiiitnde of the (J.iln >M\'Ille p<)-,tofllre. Note-I'or e'vlde-nce- early part' of RAID BY ROBBERS.
    him where ho wanted him" Col Hlv iich and trill Ke PAGE TWO.
    faced him He did not know how \\hl< h Postmaster --
    fi4urs- failed to "tchnk,," the testimony of many times bet hot Ph hlllt.y ; he was hilt assistant, J. I*. 11, 1U-11. hate $2,20O Secured from Bank D< M 0

    '! this witness on cross-exantllsaluou. ,excited as mo&t any man would have* brought up to ouch a Ktandard of <'x- HOSPITAL AID ASSOCIATION. clals Locked In Vac. *

    t; During tho ('rutcM-tlXIlIII I lilt tloll Judge be**'n. He did not know It was I'hln (51 IN'n<"e. The )public does not nalize: filnnnringtGn 111. ,

    k ti Carter Inquired of the* stenographer 11(')"'" horse* at the dour or ho would that tin're are < inplo\e
    if she was ge-ttliig down *>ver>'thing not hive: onle're'd the store at all fourtiM ini'ii. \\ Ith the proliablllt\ of day Afternoon at Mrs. Richards'. 'Ind I ii'l'l'ed e.f $2.t'i'::

    that was nald, including the "ah! When I'ldiine" shot him ho partiallyfell an hu.rt.u,e for the coining \','ur. a* A me'etlni of the. l.ull.s I I I.e fore :5 oelock. Monii" \

    bat! of the State Attorney She re*- to his hands and kudos In iideav requisition, his bean made for two ad. Aid Asxoclatlon! was held "'1'! aftoinixui Icc o. men who ma It, : .

    lilted In the alllrni itlvo. whole'upon or to recover his pistol with his left dltlon amen. the .lniHlnr-Hx !bells(; so i at the r.ldc'lu'c' :Mi-, III \\ (If'i! drawn revolv .

    ifi Col. Illvers rniarke that h,* defiledame band He was In that position HOIIIO h"IIhat: It hart bean found nllllll"tl"II..IMlIllo' I', Itlclmrd*.. furred, C.nhier (:.peirRe \

    tnt\II"'I" In the record. time, and when he* got the ,pistol' he* | to handle It. I Mr \\". \\'. II impton. pr..loI..uf Of ( iihici": Murph: and I'ountc *' '

    left the store Hut such Is the case. which Is uncut It.e the Associition : Dr Thlllo1'. Ilay. \ ( : to inter the Jljl;
    i; Dr. DePass on Stand. 'r \'I.It'IIt. of (,.alues\'tile's! healthy. I rll:ill"in:ill or the uxectltlt.concmlltett" the:% \locked The bu:.
    Dr.1.. II Pol'.iss of Archer. who Hard" IMIU h was recalled and ic'StI.I sr.ailbeet! ) place I i itale L
    (condition and thanks arttine<< not duly mid Mr. Kerdlnind: Ha> ,'r. Mcntuvof '
    ittcmlid H H. Leivvmnii te-stllle-tl an fled on direct alllinallull that the* m the vault amid : .'
    to the public. but especially to I'n-lt'i t the* ,IKXO<'|:ition. were present t II>'
    to the wound Inllli-ted and the icputatlon of Duulap I'hhlllt.ynl4 hat $::: :::'uO in gold 6111'1 i
    IIm h'r Lynch and Assistant Invltitloii and 1.(Id l before tho' \Id
    probableposition! of the two men bad On e'rUMH'allIIIIIII: ,," he* admit- POI"I'I : ail on 'the counte! Tlovrled
    ,1I1I'Mh'r Hell for th.'Ir en.'rn>'. :\Hso<'iltlon tile work and! needs or tile '.
    when l..uwl"an retolvod the bullet III tool that his wife was U tile'10 of II. H -1 Into a bac ..
    his luelglng from the tours I.UWIII/'ll. I I them to the Iloten I IIthey *
    iirm for the defense. was bad III"'rs was Ibis Institution I Is now In charge of
    the bullet took be would t a>' John 1(0h11l1lOIl. ,1"l'ut t'llt'rltr of I I had t previousl-'V l
    ; 'il elllnK fruit tree3tI
    generally "II UK* I I Mrs: Hradlev. a graluate: % nurse and They about .
    In the name posl ' alsei .t'lIn"II that the were Just
    they wre l.ov > county orroborati the
    I llesttr I
    I:1 .
    ;; very competent ""lot'rlnh'lItI..nt.1111
    f *'I w her ulcers: I err : n' d
    for bad Witne
    tOIl! though It was possible reputation of I'hlllll"lU4
    former witness. RoliiK fo far a* to ,, Is dolnc ec,'lle>nt wc Irk. The luKpltal:! .1 I attempt.I r'd'w.r ,
    +. .a bullet to tlt.tlo."t In an>' direction SH had n daiigh r tniiind to a *e nof h.lh'IIh'r
    ( H.IV htwould not : can furnish on whorl notice skilful \
    r under certain conditions, but not grub II. 11. lx>" UIII".
    oat h. hl"l trulnoil nurses to the 'p.'e>t,le IIr (.\Im's- Hefore\they 1 nuti'jump "-
    .able la thin Instant. Here It wanKfOCel .1. 1'. Hauknlght of Jaluosv Illo knowPuiilap could not te. I .
    I. J. II 1'ppereum sill.Time !lidU'H nludf"lIh'.1 tonliceli, t.f', r..?bboY *"d f
    between Counsel to- e'\alllll,,' riilinuy from 1,0'.1".1. up to liMo to reputation of I 111t'ril In the (' est Inter*.it In the hH'4pllal. and carefully . ,.T 'n an IJulnlng r... '

    Dr. IH'I'asH along nn e ntlre Iv' illtTe l\tien years ago when he leftaca ntunity in hlch Illir! now r...*ld.'i ai>|>re>|>rlatd the fend III theirtreuiNiir *w01);' In polJ.! an,i <
    cat line, and the wltn":4H114 asked. hoeita Ills "n'rl&l) reputation amiv J ll,' the State closed I llver the
    t re ) to aid I the* hospital. I In the In in room
    that If on a day previous. to the* killing I 'loli'nee* up to that time was bid the defemi'tc'. stated that no i>.ur'I I large charity work it has U.n doing 'rtanlxeel amid the I"

    11. H I.owmnn had bean with him 1)r.I. 11 l el'ass was ra('alle-d. HeKnow ret'iittil list hnouity would t". land Thl Aid \HHoctatlou III a powerful tHMirenl fur tlie ntn

    In Ms 1tttontobllt1)r.. I mM'ass Puiihip PItlmilsey In his lifetime* :: nt 11 .",0 a in court adj..urne *,lful help to the hospltil and. f, Before the high u a
    : In the* alllrmutlvo Judge C ,
    answering ami his general reputation for turbu until : p inArgument I will! do much to snakeit n and t'.nk' bntldinc Ib.y.1"

    Curt "r asked what 'ulI"'raonllt'n IHcurreil 1 l betwien theta t'n that (s" county I ,. .
    nU to the L.
    >- sane oar
    examination said hi knowledge was .
    At the conclusion I of the Mtlmmty I
    elision Col Invert Ilrollll.tII'r. t ; three. bank offKta'be '
    Jluu'II in objocttoii on be-half I of the from boarm.\ I" ('01. .\. \" ln of s twrk' opeotni the1arKUiiunt : Chicago. Vrg.table Quotations.t'hteiege . vault
    ilertthe itrfeui.e closed. anti ilttortle'VH
    for the rt.tte tn 1'r.. '' ), III. Nov
    Iu Mend tho Juryout. I t 2Clarl"1 firm
    4tate It VM itagreed \Vhtn ( Pan.'
    ton tb;it elifen' ina>' k.hetw tot I for the tatwire given SO I I h1\I'II\.h'I\|' and forcible statement of CHI all Florida vir.>tAble! the bank opened t ,. -

    .court whit th..vliy ipe'Cteel to prove. InlulIt.tll, whuh I.t confer its to re*" I i the case from the prc,.ecut oon's point Fancy .r.,.n b*>aji 1..s: to 1t .t: were almost aS0ucate !
    tint till tentlnuti )' tbe>v winJl offer 1: .\ IMnnt-lle. the f"
    { lr IkI'aes'am-\ve'r '1'1"* Jur'lu\\ of \It-w Ju lB' ncy watt henna .' no to 4 ixFancy

    Ing re'tlreM Judi.trier Mated thai State's Rebuttal. I I venrrableJurist of Hrou''m' folio'.H.! rucumbe'r* ;: tn 3.f oFaner V. M. C. A. CO..E'.

    O C Jeiviur was at U:ileth eat d.1 with u strung ar,?unjc'iit in behalf ofthe eg* plant l
    lio expiHte-d tu i I'r\ r t"v th*' >\ ltnesi t tI 9: <"' to f 3.SoFancy -

    that H II: Ixiwiumlty "I.n.a"1 i no t'U' of kllltlliC He went to tnvdv elf Ihnr I defendant II J' greed. j>ei itrr* 1 50 to I.75tomt. Reception to Delegate : ,

    ; for l'blnne) .in I stated to vvllulil lip "hllll"hld, was I ly beg! ....r''I I 't'han came oti* of thorn trooc. Parry .... Sooto 3'75llAL1.At1HIf ; dint at White H ,

    ,, ness that h** cortaluUr \\ nut both cast etor' of bulKltiitc his hetid towards d.\r. forcible arunt, >t. for wlWcli I BRO0 "'..hIiiTOC.: :N' "\ -

    I q .' him unl*, IMilntu tn..l.t. tl, hint the ts..r, There wa an oil tank nurMM .l"d*. Svd U Carter !. noted Hereit 191 8 Water street d. ;,....te. to the It.-:

    J idpe ('"rh'r rt"C,1 l vnrlem ;tt'iorttle, | |>.. In whlcti link there were twit 'wiHl the ..\tlflucanti rommented" I t.v.n of tb. Young M, -. '

    to thovth.* ndmlxMiblllt of the e.vl I, bullet holes. isle on mtuth side auto ",..'n It In n wivtneln manner turning Nttlee 0f r>/...Iutlsn of Partnership., Citation sprat tae f

    deuce. Hemlmlttesl thut IIh.I i the one, on uorth rid.-. tank w.u. little e.H1000ht in favor of the 4..I j The a-rtJ1..t-. r >fete eslstlag ly on aa IPSrar.10D'btlrp \

    't ,general rul* >uli "telenet '-t n. 't uel to, loft of l'Mniier's feet \\ UnniMt. f."lanhlhkh It war i*.*lble totnnko **.*"..!. .II- M Wolfenden, "- they vl''ted

    :;! ,nits able. I.nt that the prei .-n*. ..f.tlne>tl an to bullet hule In r.tlllnicIUlMin lu their h bnlf He rhved wlUi and knownv i I' '. i 4 ('0,. uttols I tcuab a" tile laSto- <'

    rnme under 1"0' Kene-rul t>Ac *|ttion .\. .imid ewlliucS 1 n $'kt% for the dfendnt wklellbrought +I day dl, '- '. . t t: .:ou c ns. it. I I lselorce.d to tu ar.t :

    the "l'lI'hah\l of Judge (Carter MI n 1' \\' -* tc"titled ac te' dl tears to the even of more than The Iwr alter tie teen- ., United 8tat.. ...
    . , door of t.ah.'.,'. .. .,' t''.. lurv t\U1"'r.c .. Mh . 1'.e Cr. .. rrII" .Kr -
    t, moment Judge'Vtlly ordered th. JtirXironcht t us of '''<\lIt c ne net! r n \
    back Irt' the* court r"n tm-' -." :ije It was! four f.".t w"!" tin .' t'.. .) r I ,>'' 1) t'. *:, w--' ,tr.! r !.., ." ; .. "PO> "'.t . ee t ith t ;., ." . .
    ustalned the obiti! of tlio s"at. I i ,. t, :an bad tetdflc'd '* r I 't :. '.. *rot :. t' ,- ... r !:. 1fatly t ".- n -

    L und noted an exception for the d. t. -ti: r. .. and un..bAIf feet w '4- rt .a.T'1IS: were r..: t :i-c1C 'i i'I. .! .- I i'-!' ': 't'r )!
    'E"I - ( 1' ."."-
    J' U kills t..IUlto..t the fenerU State Attornrr filter c-d: t' I
    k ... t At T 'of: .
    1c-tt \\'It..F-SOi-:\ I 1 ttot' '" !" ,. f\
    oOuo. Lon.. colored, of Archer, was '| reputation of liters who testified c:are with oo. of hU usually .tnmc t SA-V. *oc "It! .' .b. :\(..... 1. lo'ta I .raja: t 7S C .a

    1; ... :. rl ;4. ....,_ '!'<. _IIIIo.c . ,'.. ... .,. : ... .:-f i.-, j : ". .... ".,......;. ... *
    -'t.,'' i.J; :f.. ...:.t:\- ., \.. ;,'1'z"': -"hoo.-: .' 1 ,..,,:...".f'1 :' 11 .-,.. ,:'..:,. &"" ....;.. ..\ .\(41-;;;, I.r t.. r. :, \ /.. '.' r"It_+' '\ **, -*-*- ;>-<.4 .<' '.*>c. :




    i !j" ,l- r iInlnt, JtJ11 ll t nn .


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    ---- -

    I B. B, LOWMAN IS sworn.Archer and lie conducted remembered a restaurant the time hand at A HALF MILLIONIS arguments upon He the reviewed evidence: at and length commented -, EXPERTS TO TEST(

    Geo. Low man had the "spat" lit and appealed to the Jury not to forget

    FOUND NOT GUILTY uld not hear George Lowman mention NEARLY REACHED the widow and orphans of the dead

    Dunlap Phlnney's, name or say any' man when} they retired to the Jury-

    I thing about a pistol. On cross-examl. room to make up their verdict.<< Great Crowds Listen to Upiuio

    he Bald he not excited at cliarsed the Jury In a
    nation was JudRVlIla
    'Oeo.. Lowman Guilty of Murder in Gainesville Post-office Enjoys Most of Alienists.t
    the time, but had business: to attend fair and Impartial manner and at 6: Ou'dock

    The First Degree. to. Successful Fiscal Year. the fate of Iln>>com II. Ixjwman

    .;,-"" I B. B. Lowman, and his son Oeo It Lowman, was PROGRESS OF BRADLEY CAS

    :t'; .OUT RECOMMENDED TO MERCY l Father of the other ,defendant was THE POSTMASTER IS AMBITIOUS. left in the hands of the twelve men

    I called to the witness box: in his own -- who had been selected to deliver a
    Dr. Hill of Baltimore:
    J. !behalf. After giving ftome prellmln He Tine Lieutenant in Assistant verdict In accordance with the law to
    ..2Nch!! Was the Verdict of the Jury in Has a
    .f' I aries as to what he did on the .;;1Thl._ Celebrated Case-Tried for the Bell and a Good Force, and Business
    -i f | the tragedy he said that In the afternoon The court then took a recess until Ing cf Senator Cof ;
    Murder of Dunlap Phinney in Levy of tho day he and his son Steadily Increases-Fourteen Em. 9 p. in., the Judge btatiiiR that he I Was Insane. c
    County In June, 1907. George: went to Raleigh and hitchedthe ployes Now With Local Office. would roconvtno the court if sent for

    m i .Judge Wills called court to order team to a post in front of Gibson's Gainesville It wouMllllf'ur, from the earlier. ,\'..-hiIJ' : ';::ou. :..ovcf .

    yesterday store. While his son was hitching theteam observation of thote-: who study the The ('ourt-roont was crowded during t the nut'iiMs inM. >
    a promptly at 8 o'clock morn-
    he went Into Gibson's store and conditions<< here. Is going ahead by too entire three days of the trial, IJiadle'v ctiaii .
    when the Jury in the J. )man
    lag told him he wanted to settle his ac leaps and bound.-. every )'ear showing many: of t.sose': present being from of former United :'

    case was called and tho third day of count. 1'hlnney was in the store but up to much better commercial and Levy county
    t:ur M l. lirovvn in
    the trial of this celebrated case was left when witness had entered. Defendant financial advantage; that the previous The Verdict.
    i tier 1.1101. :! '.
    , begun. and Gibson entered the olllce period.An i. The jury was out Just"' three hours writs v.i-
    day. w hen the du test! i
    and ho was endorsing home checks will be roe-n bv notice* of the* and fifteen ...minutes part of which
    O. O. Smith of Halelgh was sworn
    htaiI( Di. fir;ttut. I II
    < when the shooting began. Witness compiler of tilt City Directory, the time th'y spent at gupper At O'l: ::.".
    for tho defense. On the night after New Je $ry Jiobplt.toiroboiiMe .'
    rose, and Lawrence Gibson walked out city has Increased within th" past two a rap on the
    the killing he met Lawrence. Gibson toe door. As witness rose to leave years and a half about thirty.three und nell to the jury room when he was I \luntlay! by Ur.the I 1..11 01. '

    la hIs store and asked: him to tell him the office, Phlnney fired at him, a third per cent in )population, the Inform! that they were ready to rapott. :utit l Mr. Bra
    (Smith) how it happened as he want splinters flying In face of witness increase having been since* June, 190:;;, The twelve men filed Into the -p:,ami\' Hiown., w.:

    ed to know something about It. Qibd When I got out the ofllco Phlnney and 2,081 iKUnoH.: jury box, their names wtie (called and '1'he district ut .

    .boa replied that he really knew little l met in about six feet of each other. lint the population has not boon the question asked if the)' !had agreed ifs im stlii-v by I ,

    , .about the affair that be and It. It..Lothian Wo both commenced<< shooting and I the only thing which has shown an I upon a \'prdl<.t. to which A. A. McIlaM life of ;N.v: y.Jr\\. .

    e' were In the olllco when the partially foil, being struck by a bullet incr.-must" arid the most important of the foreman: answered.Ve I B-w'1: !i cef Pa'C!! '"

    :shootlng began and he did not know and my pistol falling from my these' I Is the Incroat-o In the- I'nlted i, lIa\ (.." and handed
    . how ho got out without being hit; hand. lie then detailed having his States postolhco receipts etc I piece of paper which decided the fate <; roc I tax' Iho'! i:t-' .

    , 'that Gibson showed him where a bullet arm bandaged and going homo. Witness I If iin>'ono should hoar that the of the two men. ('lerkVlettgt's rend: j"III'P i> tt.acted ( .

    'e went through the railing enclosing never1 hod said au>'thing nhout money order business of the Galiios- I "U'e. the Jur) find It II. I.uwman titan; but the stun:lias .t

    'a: the, olllce and also. where another drinking Phlnney's blood at New-: vlllo postofllce alone lor the last fiscal I not guilt and Ceo. M. l Low man Ktiilt.v an expe-rt in 'n. ,

    ' bullet struck a trunk. On cross-ex SOIII'H ('ullllnhu ary. The boys were year aggye-gatod $100.000-mmly n of murder In the first decree, with ter and the fact i ,
    amination he said Gibson told him I favor of Harry K. '1)11.. .
    I would not
    quarrelling and in a pacifying way half-tnilllou dollars---they a recommendation to nlf.t"( ) A A.

    c these shots were fired by Phlnnoy as said to them "blood is thicker than fool dlnposed to believe it ; but If MeKae.: foreman: cleat reason for aUra,i i-

    14be was the only one shooting in that wate>r." He know Cohort Colomau. flgnres don't misr 'prci. Mit things-and The fathtr whh'l'r"dlrll2>f of comfort house more than the "i

    + "direction. awl bad never strut any message to Gov ' otllcUis:' cannot afford to be to Ills son tumid hastened to join Dr. Rich a new wltrn
    A. L. Lowman was sworn and corroborated :Mrs. Uiadley the dam .
    Phlnney by him. When he met I'hln- misrepresented Investigation will his w Ife. .
    the testimony of the above ,' ney the latter had a drawn pistol. and show that such Is a fact. The business JndJtt'111. then ncljouriied court and that she looked
    witness, they giving almost the same I' when" witness fired he believed himself through the Gainesville |M>stoMIce.wiiich until 2 p. m. Mondav.: Idiotic laugh. Di Sol:
    more an l''pert.110.1' ;
    testimony word for word. Tho wit'r In Imminent danger of great a few ) ear ago was 'onlpara- A motion for a nt'I I trial will !be

    neBS also stated that on the day of the i bodily barm.On lively Insignificant aggregates! for the made In the case of the convicted the stated footing! |Itoi1th'el: Mrs: thai litaii!' I n ;.esu

    inquest he heard Pink Gibson; say he c'rotl-oxuminutlnn witness said fiscal year ending June "0 I IJM';. man and If this is denied an appeal: and incapable of cut. see!
    'had had it In for George Low man a lung'r' :
    $ will he taken to the
    direction .aOU.W' court.
    he had to go ill opposite t-uprcmo right and "rIlUK.DARINC .
    'time, and though Cap Phlnno did from Phlnnoy to leave- the ollk('. only I lew .people realize and appreciate i

    -Z not "get him" he (Pink) now "had a step or two when lie turned and the magnitude of the (Jaluesvllle postotllce. Note-Por evidence In ..,,,'1.\' part of RAID BY RO33ER5.$2,20O .

    ? him where he wanted him." (Nil. Illv- faced him. lie did not know how which! INistmaster' I.>'nch and trial...o PAGE TWO. --

    errs failed to "shake" the testimony' of many times he shot Phlnney ; lie was hit assistant" .1. P. II. Itell.! hate ----- -- : Secured from Dank 3.' 0

    r' ,this witness! on cross-examination have I' brought to such a ntandard of excellence HOSPITAL AID ASSOCIATION. .
    ,excited as most any man would "I'| dials Locked In \ atIhhtetningtun '

    During the (cross-examination. Judge boon. He did not know It was Phln : Tinpublic 1 docM not realUe Ill NSrau .

    .;; Carter Inquired of the stenographer\ np"K' horse1 at mho door or he would : that there are "mlllo)'('" b>' this Interesting Meeting Was Held Tues I hank at Clln 1 '

    if she was getting down everything not have entered the turn at all (ollrt..11 men.lth the )" OUlI'f'l day Afternoon at Mrs. Richirds. and I ii.tthod of $::.'.'ut-

    that was said Including the "ah! When hltIIU'Y! shot him he partially in Increase for the com me )'.. A mooting of the l.atllt'K'I Hospital I before .*, clock :Monii' ,

    y tout I" of the Slate Attorney She r.'- fell to his hands and knees In endeavor requisition haN been made for two adlltlonal Aid .oclati.n was hold Tuedav' aftouiooii two IU'"hu ina !h' : .

    plied in the atllrmatlvo. whereupon to recover his pistol with his left turn the htixInrrtM belni HOheavy ., at the roiidenco of Mis. ItI Wlf'i! drawn revolx

    Col. Hlvern remarked that lie dolliedmmo hand I He was In that position sometime that It has been found almost I t. UUlmr.N. fnrc*'d 'a-ihier George \

    tZ totll'"c'nl'' In the record. and when ho got the pistol he I IM|>osslbl I to tl.ltxlle It. I MrV: \\' himtutptuu| l'r"td.I"ut' of f'.ishlcr Murpli ty and H. .

    ') Dr. DeP.iss on Stand loft the store I I Hut Httch Is the ca<. which lit another tho 'Association; Dr Thos. P Hi uy. \IMIIIB to enter the -Ho, {
    evidence of Gainesville's; he.ilthyondltlon. .. tholooked. Tht' bunalready ,
    of thl't''lIth.
    ; ; : committee.
    Ar Hr.1.. II. I DePass of Archer who Hardy Itlltch was recalled and lest! 1 born plneetl i ia'e i. :
    and thanks are due not. only .
    : ( anti :Mr: Ferdinand: Ma) or. se-rotary
    attended II II. l Int,,\ ttumtlt testified:: as Hod on direct o, a that the in the vault and : '1.
    'to the public, but enpeclallv! to I'o t'l fir the, oclatluii.. wore present I h>'
    to the wound Inllbted and the ic'putation of Dunlap Phlnnoj I was tint $2,2:: "0 in gold; ] .in'i I
    b master: I.y'nrh and Assistant Postmaster his tatlon.! : and l.ihl before th. \itl ,.
    l>robnblo position of the two men bad On l'rONHl1l11ll1atlon: h. admitted nl nn tli- counter 'I'I '
    Hell for their eiierto. | Association the work
    an.I 1I..t.. of the
    jr when Lowman received' the bullet In that his wife was a mire of It It -lovrh-d into a bat; .
    hoxplt.ilj I.I I.
    Ills aim .ItidgliiK; from the course 1..1\\llIau. i them to the Hoten Ii 1 ;1 1ttiov
    for I he defense. vv.ts bad llbrsi' seasgent'rally j This Institution! I.| now In charge ofi
    the bullet took he would .n)' John Itoblnson. doput sheriff ofI.ovy had pr<>vlou l)' "
    ongsgctl K*IIliiK fruit treesI i :Mrs Itr.ullt'yI a Kradiittetl horse and .
    they were In the MIIIIO posltloii !- ioiint. also toKtItlod that the 'i'hey wore Jntt aboirt '
    M: Hester corrobor.\t the i very competent superintendent. .
    I 1 wheu oClccn: lram'1: i
    thought It wax possible for reputation. of Phlnnc was "..111'H.! -
    + fot'nier \\ !tnc'KIt. gulag! "o far its to Is doing excellent! work The ho*)>ital err, arul attempted 1. ,
    .a bullet to dolloc In m an> tll..II..u'Uudt'r mess hud n daiiKh r maitUtl to a sun hl .
    soy he would not believe oil can furnish ..a short notlc-e IIkllr"ItrallH.tI \
    << ceitaln condition, but lint pi'ob of It. I II. lotI" ilia tI.
    oath. nurse to the p.-opb of Calnosvllb HoforoV
    Able I In tills Instance. Hero It tits 1. P. tlauknlght of Gainesville; know coals not te tlfas. I *
    J, II 1'"I'.on. > The ladlo" tJlR.Jlar..1. the lit eli\, t.f' r'e bber Jumped r
    'p _agreed between counsel to examine Dunlap Phtnnoy from ho>'hood. up to reputation of liter in the community .
    'toIt /IntcroMt In the hospital and cirofull ; "i 'n an a.ljolnlng r sthe
    Dr. l"n"'M' along an entlro"l ly ilUT,'r whe-n he loft Wacahoota <
    *lxteoiicars: ago In which lllern now rIch'R. ) appropriated I the fund In th.-ir $.no in gold. an :
    I"I1t line, and the ", ItIH.Ita" asked and f
    Ills Ronoral reputation Here the State closetlThe !. trUHiir to aid the hospital In the in silver In lh: room
    that If on a day; previous to the killIng violence' that time teas bad. .
    up to defense. stated that no MUt' t large chart work It ban In-en doing rcaniied. and the I'
    It. II. I owman had boon with him
    in bin automobile.< Hr. 1'.1..11nlllll'H.tlll I Ir. :'oJ. II 1"1'1'1"a" ,.. n.c-ull.I. He rebuttal I tcxttinonny would be efforts! I Thl Aid s.xlatUm U a inmerful i if i tv>ure'd fur the men

    Q' In the unintuitive. JudgeCarter know iMinlap Plilnno>' In his lifetime : and n tit. M> a ia court ud Hiriiiiluntil f Inns needful help to the hospital and i liefore tho high II

    what conversation occurred and his Konoral reputation for turbulence -' I' toArgument i \\1I do much to make it a great and >';. :-ik bnthlinc they .1
    bttwoon them on that 01eaxlon and vlolon o was bad On (-r"Aat.1 of Attorney j, lttittln h.'n..n to the ("It.nd countvChicago i i I 1':10"8: operator and .
    oxamlnatloii' said hK kitowlodKc/ was send Home one to the .
    of the
    Interpotod At the 'un'hl.I..n teittltnonyt'ol.
    Col, Utter promptlv -
    I I i* three bank o0lcla''Ie
    an objection on behalf of tho from hoarmiv.lore I .\. V. IXIIIK tlr SU,rKe upetietl the Vegetable' Quotation I
    ( the dofcn. cloucd. and attoriio
    for the Htatt? In a C'I.'r.Irlll'1lttIU'd .. I l'hiragtt. III. Novmi
    '**tate It" It.. .IK rood lo send the Jury argument 2. -Markt t firm When Charles Ia-t-I '
    tho Stato 3o: I
    ) Ncrt' glint
    out M> that tl'<'f'-n co may how' to and tnrl'It'lt' taffiiu'iit all Florida! regetables I the bank.. opened t. .
    minute* In whlth to f''nf'r to
    a* remittal
    ,court what tho> expected to prove I, Iii case from the prtwoution's l>.>(llItor ._ Fancy iTf-en "-De. $:: tcftlnioiiv thov wotJvl I ffor
    r by Dr. Ifc'Putui: '\\,-r '1'h.juy bat e Clow Ju.lar.1:. .\. IMnnellf. the )- wa' x tte.kDScucumbers . . ::1 10" lu "..t1'.tnCy i

    iiiR:; retired Jml.... i'mr stated that State's Rebut'i. I v ,rrnbU jurist of ItroiiMMt. r"I1.-.1' . 2 -;:. m. Y. M. C. A. CON :

    llpoetcd tti I'r.>\ "> by thc witness O n Jo) nor wait at Raleigh on .1 t.I) with! a strung nrttururl11 In behalf of ,fancy egg plant . ;3 Ot) tu tl.S ) !

    that II H: I no ,'''' of killing Ho wont to Inet I) of thin' the'*. I'I .* Reception t. Crlegatv M

    1 uilty for Phltmc ionl staled to witlies lap Phlnnov. which wan l) tag near Thon tamo ,">.' of tho o strua P aa dent ,at; WHtte H

    ., that ho (','rtal"l0"1! not bother last dofr of bulldliiK his head toward I clear forcible lt.c"nl..l1trur hlch' t OALLAOHEK BRO I \Va-hl..ti'uo. till

    ;, him union Ph"""') mnkt..1 I hlnl the door Tho re wu* an oil tank n.*uriHHly. l Jul.w.1 U Carter t. noted He 1.1 S Water street e. :. |lr.trs 10 the II. "'

    : Judge CartcT r..n.1Irh.-"-. tttmrltto In which tank there wore twin reviewed the \IUen" *" and com mm ted ,i I t i of Ute \'OUDC1:'
    I/ .
    to how the ndnilniktbllltv of the evdonee .,. bullet bole*, one on pouth .1,1. and ; upon It In n convincing. manner torn Notice of Dissolution of Partnership., e. 'Ialloa spent. t.f"

    1t: lie admitted that un.l. the : one on uorth side, tank was a little i iI. .Imc emery ttolnt In favor of the de i I I Th | rtn.r hf.! ht'r" >for* fasting i, hy' r.1 an mcurstonh .

    .jf..of'fRI rule such 'vl',lenc-o "a 4).t i.d lo left of I'hh.u..y't Wlti. *etrtMtinenl I r"'I\tlantll Mrh It vn* fKMiilbk* to betwe.D J U auJ J )J. Wolfenden.and i "' .-erbP y vt't lt
    :. .
    : tits""nblo. bet that the prr-e. on.. ni to bullet hole In rutting make tit their r 'bttlf lie rln+rd witha known as AVo4feod A fc Is < aib!>> art 1M bitot "'
    i I II.
    wcamc" under t"e genentl*'|'tu n At and celllnjtt rim for the. defendants which i ibruuiht i I this day Ol sol.*,l by rantMAl cons Dt. KjuirMl t to the fir, :

    the conclusion of Judge Carter ar t K WlllUms tvntlfled n* .to dli t.-..r' t.' the eve of more than The business will hereafter W I nttt-J tastes.
    of GituHMi' .. ,.' conducted 1 .- .! -. - -m-: *
    door tt. lure
    , Kjiment Judge Wills order,M th )'Ilr' i I. >-< of east s tee laeint* r dir'u which at the sane r-Uce: nJ uT1< .'rthe ,. .. . .
    . .' It was four feet Mate! tlm the e-' ...- T c'wti-\'\ I--- wi'1 :ami ''':' \
    back Into the court room11": ->a tag varoe firm T f
    broncht n.v P > al' i |f .. ..
    Suit- i t. had h..U1It w I' li'tl ,*rc t f .. | her ..,
    r sustained the" objection, of the Ivan t\ ; s.ut'tt n K '\ !f't: !S..1t . .
    and noted au exception for the dOoo. .a.-ut t I'Ir >.. and onhalf: feet w lc fAth r'. aru.s were se!'-tdng aloud J I WOLFE \.0: .yo .
    D1:.": I r. . ".\ .
    I- ,........--. J I S Watkins t ltU1that the gee' State AttorikCT Risers closed the J M. WOLFEXDEj I ., "

    Ixmc. ,colored, of ,Archer was J MTU! reputation of liter. who testified' cam with one of txl. usually ttronc'' 8&mpoq CU r. FILe NOT. l. jx>:. L.-y: U": JL ,

    tt t' bf1. 1 m r .' ..: .." .",, bor, "..'.k' ":4... ., :t.Ji.t.r'.. "\'t>-. "--.... W[ ...,:-;.. o"'c ''''1 h;, .y ,f, .J JCej, t6tiF'
    ; , ":[ \,"<1 "' ,'>!!.. '" h' ..q YI. J 4avL.JY..ill


    . ILLK SUN: NOVEMBER 28 1907 i '
    - -- --
    ;r. ..
    it1HE - :1

    Mrs. Sue D. Feaster Entertains .n .

    BE A FINE ONE Honor of Bridal Couple. 7/ -' '\ '

    :Micanopy. =No<. i''i: Mrs. Silo I II' D'I , t THE 'h\.LUE Ii \

    - , ent ' a solcc-t crowd of l; . 1

    t :Plans Showing( IiTagnificant Build., 11" .oi.fl-i t Tf': day 1)l.'!:lit :is "lionor of h.-rt c1-

    "* : i <.* '. Mr hard cf I..MK 1.I 'nni-. ;;. \'Ir l '
    ins Now Heady for Ap;rov..:. I indnlAd (
    :; ata. Mu.i; and K- .a! s \ re' %
    <> in until u latH hour, u'IH-M cake and d .

    TO BE MAGNIFICENT STRUCTURE! chocolate were sorted. Ir\. I' >ast 't' II }

    was ua.sUttd la tnU-rtiilniiiK l hy .Mrs Personal knowledge i3 the winning factor in the culminating contests of +

    Will be Composed of Stone and Brick 11. C. Crawford and Otis I-Vaater. Mr.-;. /r this competitive age and w..,- n of a' le I it places iti fortunate "-- ;*

    Two Stories High Colonial Design. Ford! waj Kli'Ilshly beautiful In 'a KO\M possessor in the front ranks of S

    of ]>al. pink until, trininicd will The Well Informed of the World. ,
    With Leading Club FeaturesWillbe
    vaU-nHi'iiiifH. The hostess" wore whltu. essential the achievement of the
    A vast fund of personal knowledge! u really to
    a Credit to Masonic Fraternity. with touches ot ljlu,'. Mr. and :Mrs
    highest excellence in any field of human etfort. ;; .
    l N>rd have i'.( -ntly arrived in tit leafaulty .
    .From Tuesday's Daily Sun : and Knowledge
    A Knowledge of Forms, Knowledge of Functions
    Plans are about completed for tin from l.yncliburK; on tlulrvt- of life
    of Products are all of the utmost value, and in questions a s
    elegant proposed Masonic: Temple for dill;; tunr. They leave the conilns when a true and wholesome remedy is desired it should be remembered that Syrupof "I
    Gainesville, which will make one or week for Orala from tlifnro to VIr Figs and Elixir of Senna manufactured by the California Fig Syrup Co., is an
    ' 'the handsomest most modern and (con .;'lnlii. v\h' .'r*' they will reside ix-rnia and t
    ethical product which has met with the approval of the most eminent physicians < 59
    I. Ten lent buildings of tho kind in the ueutly. They have made many friends >
    of W I
    gives universal satisfaction because it is a remedy < 4
    h.-r<- ilurliiK their brief tttay who willregret (o
    "t .Country. While the building will tint
    their dejiurturu.iiilto Known Quality, Known Excellence and Known Component . 1/iK :
    ]be as large as other! It will afford '
    r Parts and has won the valuable patronage of millions of the Well Informed of the '
    ample nccomiiHxl.itIons for the fraternity < a crowd of yotuiK; folks attcnd- world who know of their own personal know ledge and from actual use that it is the first rand J
    r here for several .-d .t canKrindlnK Tliursday night atM I
    year '
    unreasonable claims made. I'
    t best of family laxatives for which no extravagant or are _
    Tho building, of which a description 1. it.inknlKht'8 home. west of town.lni 'I I ,
    (.+ This valuable remedy has been long and: favorably known
    has already been published In The .J ( was plentiful the crowd: nurry.ind '
    ,.f under the name of-Syrup of Figs-and has attained to world.. ; !/,.
    + Sun, will UQ located on the property all present had a good time. '

    at the corner of West Main N. and lir-t I A llsh: fry was Jln'uIr: and :Mr'ord wide acceptance as the most excellent family laxative. As its pure ..... :ft

    ;)' Court streets HO 1'mg owned by the ,. at beautiful T.nkoPnllhur last laxative principles obtained from Senna are well known to physicians i__ A' '
    and the Well Informed of the world to be the best we have ll ,, ;
    ; Kplscopalians and used us u church ..ur;;day. Mr. and :\1 rK. O. \I.. rVastor.Ir.s. f
    k adopted the elaborate of --- of Figs andFJixir ..; / ; .
    ground. The structure will be composed Hun I..ush.r.Ir. Smith and more name ?> rup c :.
    of Senna- fully descriptive cf the remedy : !::>:
    rl of stone and brick two others were pr 't>r>nt. as more ; ..,6';
    but doubtless it will always be called for by the shorter ;: ,,1
    't:' stories in hclghth, with a Colonial Tho lad lessor the :M C. A. tendered! '
    name of-Syrup of Figs--and to get its beneficial : \ (l n"I'
    finish, and will comprise regular club a re(>eptlon, -to their friend: at the ,\ .
    effects always note when purchasing: the full \ .
    will contain II
    ( feature The )lower floor hospitable home of Or. Johnson! Lint I \ ,
    i7 name of the Company CalJcrnia Fig Syrup ,
    the banquet-roanl In the center. surrounded "liurHday evenliiR. I>r. and Mr -. ,John '
    1, Co. -printed on the front of every package \' i ,:\
    the ladles nnd gcntloxnenn host and hostess
    by Hon were a charniltiK: 1
    + whether call f or -Syrup of Figs t't
    + parlors, reception and loadliiK- acid trade tho time pass pleasantly! for L you
    by the full name-Syrup of "I
    or \
    rooms, billiards halls for ladles and veryone. Mr. Melton slut several r( !' x v ,
    ( Figs and Elixir of Senna. ,
    p;. .gentlemen, )kitchen pantry, etc., all beautiful Helertlons. whihi :MTH. E Lamb \ ''rl! \ F rT

    most conveniently arranged. Tim second ontrlbnted several instrumental noloslev. < .

    '#k floor will comprlho the lodge Thrasher added to tho pleasure of
    .. S :..
    z room, property room, ante-rooniH, etc., aU by his rendition of "The Holy City.

    the plans on thl floor having been latter the guest repaired to the dinUK -

    t' made for special convenience of lodge 'room, where an excellent supper

    ;' feature There! will also be. as pro was spread, conslstltiK! of a salad

    Tided In these' plans separate room ('course: pickles. Handwlches. cake and l CALwoA<< F SVRijlPc {

    for tho various degree of that order offee. Tho table was beautifullyecorated

    t where every branch of tho fraternitymay In pink roses and ferns'lioso .

    keep their paraphernalia costumes present were: Dr. and/ :Mrs.ohiiKon SAN FRANCISCO CAL.

    ,2:. etc., separate from llio other Mr. and Mrs.I .I. .1. llarr. l>rntl '.-
    branches without the necessity of tho ''' :Mrs J. 1). \\'utkI1IM.Ir: and :Mrs LOUISVILLE KY. LONDON ENGLAND.NEW YORKN.Y"Oldest

    ': locker *y tem. (V M I Melt4.ii.: :11 r. and Mr. A. (5

    1-r It is understood that the building and Mrs. tV. :\11'rry.Ir.: .

    y committee of the Masonic fraternity Laud Mrs. A. It. :Mott. :Mr. and :Mrs I K.

    : will meet \\'ednesday) U\..nlllJ.t. when r"II&"CI.I Ir. and Mr*. J. I. flare :\Ir.allil . 4Wl.Jtt'.A IIAlUt *WtfWW **AWV 3+*J:ft*

    Contractor S. If. 1 Dempsey! will have :\1 rs A. I K.: Smith. .I&'. and :Mr

    *he plan ready for Inspection and -ipinoval n. I f.. feaster! Mr. and Mrs.l J. It.imonton. Bank in Central Florida"

    of the ('UIllIllIt tf'C'. It I IA ev- Mr. and \irs..i. K.: Thrash'r. .

    s l ected that the contract will be \let Immediately Mr*. Su' FeuKter.' :Mrs. \"'. n. llobItt. \ I I IH =

    If the plan are smtlsfutq :\lr14. Arnow. Mr*. Edwards :\11'1'1. -l
    1, [F. DUTrilN; OPFH'KIISVV. : IT" MUKriOUS: Into I.(
    ( ,tory and In that event work will no Its !I"'. :Matthews :Miss Malthew :\11'14. [ DUTTON D ] imCapita A U
    doubt begin in n. very short I h\l"\ nowdon, n.., Thrasher" aunt l Ir. Z.M. I It THOMS' I Iv. Hit If) .ih.:. avv -
    : I. Price.Ml & co. rrr.4lent I
    C: t'tat:. i iii I

    HAD A FINE TRIP. ** Joule Carlton made a fly'lug c', SVy' ",1,.t5K! '.... Full Paid $75,000 ,r. uirrTo.v. j I'r' 1 he DuttoI
    Hit to CJaluosvlllo Tuesday. BANKERS I
    ---- -- FLA.
    ) Grand Chancellor Lynch Has Been on 1 I':. 0 l. Illver spent Sunday hi Alach- u. K il IUmcHU\'I"t"le." .. I I 83rM
    t .
    "i c .t''nOr. ,
    iY a Tour of West Florida. III' I 1..tnl/II..11f',1; l I' 1 I'ltNKIl.Seo .
    Capt. ..1."p.. Curler inndo a trip| to : uml "I're,.. COUNTY CITY s- .1 i 'rlfOVta..
    : Jrand C'haneellor' I.. ('. 1..'lIc'h of (the 1'a. IMO
    n"II"14\'III.. S.ituiday DEPOSITORY \\' u. Tilt nl.I .\*,, ,
    ,1+ Knights of r> thlaM I 11'4' at home aigaln.
    A good many of our tovvnnpeoplospent
    extended tour of West' Klorlia.
    aster nn of the week In CalnesvlllH: : :
    < where lit went to make oltlclalMr. part A flank hoe. itrrngth has" teen to conap.cuoua. for more than a quarter of a century that il is known throughout the rout'

    calls.a aliening ('I/lII't. I count of Merchant. Corporation*, farmer I :Millmen, Tur nline" Operators and Individual toltciteJ.
    It Mrs: .1. It 1-Imersiiii: Is" visiting her
    a : 1.''lIc'h \ I tilt I'll Snoads. Itrlxtol.Apalachlcol.i. Ilaluh"'r.11'11.: Henry SimpsonV. Knurr| tint |uilil un flute/ Vrtlllruli-s of |t,>|MtoIt. onic Incurs 1> u. m.( t, a 4:1.:

    I'arrabelle) and other ,. ... .
    . olnts. At Sne.idH and ItrlHtol' he had I I n. llotihltt Is' moving his famllv I ,.r---1ar... tI- -'1IPVv. ..-...-. _-...- -- ,."
    t+ Into the house" formerly owned by J.
    the pleasure of attending the district ''s. ('tat 1g. but now the property of I I J
    , a convention. III both Instances the In the Mayor's Court.
    { I..1.. I P Merr.v 0 1I I. Teaxterflll: move
    HieetlngM being larfcelv; attended. and Itobbltt.which 1, -I here wa an Intel".'-'ttiii; HC ".dim. of
    into the bonne vacated by :Mr.
    of enthusiasm ni.inlfestd ; I ilm c' ih, 1111.1!
    A great: I It major )
    ln IIUH recent I v purchased.Hev.
    "' 'hra&ht' llvered two excellent number ot caes having connup fur We Are How Ready With Our

    J irand Chancellor I Uvnlh .Mated that sermons at the It.iptlst church hearliiK

    t he found t the order In a verv' Nourishing Hllllcln)' :Mlcanopy Is tcrtahtlsfor i'.l..r I trtrtt n. l:: irneft I llicklaud' tindIVuk ,

    condition at tent ,point vl 1> ltcd.' tuiiatt lI in securing such an eloquent Turner atntl I,;mnl for gamut; hull i II);

    i and he felt vei) much ;encouraged mar man for the etiMiliiK, ) ear: ICiv.Thr.iHher wire ase.:>' '"| a tine oC $:. and nntMorrl -. FALL and WINTER LINESOF i

    .; the progress belitK. made. Al .\"'hl.c1n intends moving, ills famllvfiom ;\f'h.

    <, and Curnibello. the 1 brut hers treat ..' him to an old time ilh supper' \\ "It.hIt
    < : l be I..I l to wchome them in our mlilxil . Trunk .h.\\ ..11 were arrested| bv -
    i III needless to add was verv muchfMiJov 't.. :\1. l't Ice I I. III town atraltile : :lnr1fhalrlluw fur tlKhllm '1'h''twtre

    "ed. II has tetetitlv reltimed field/ AthttttaA nit> luu'f'IIUC'II ., tine of }.*. t>a' hand

    where I be *. cnt to undergo an opera, carts.. which was paid. Men's Women's
    f Cured of Bright' Dlse.* e. and Children'sClothing
    of the '. The ,
    lion for cat-tnu ej oper I'otlceman Kite made. the. airewtitn
    x' Robert O Murke. IMtiora: N Y .
    Mr. atl..n'aM a success'' and hits friend tmt' the' Rllhll"K C'I ti..e's
    ' writes: 'Meforo, I started to u"e t'j..tdll/ll: with hllll. In hit K,M/.I I All \purtlcj. are .nl..1| I

    - l'uley's Kidney Cure I had let get up fortune I II.I t t- iupt.llnK locutiineat I vtfft
    j from twelve to twenty time- a night. Hats
    :Mclnio-' Worth-
    .. This Is Remembering.'
    s1 and 1 wa nil bloated up with dropwud NVe arc- (',crtalnlv to wee :Mn" I ,
    eye.tght wa no impaired I All no oar 18 lniiiiun. 'erdltoultl ljr.o1)
    my .I I l I' Ucevetvit UK'iln She l" Just
    , rviihliroely ret one of 11r'Hul1)' 1"f'\'I'I1UC II'.r... case of tv- remember l'oU-y' latherCure fts
    ncrv il.e room I had given up hope. will curt any eats.tit Kl li4.y orn' and
    t'hotd frtert ha\ tug ts'"n f tlnft" *d toher Furnishings.
    tnniblo that U not t>. on4 f flb
    of llh. : w.m n u friend recommendedKoley'u \ I..d feythree or toot- months bl.uMt-r > .
    a ; 'Kidiit i rtire One Lucent b'ot i *' re'at-h of nuillt-ln J. \"'. :MrGolhim .

    tIe worked wotujtr*. anti before I bail' .\! Co.
    At the Methodist Church.A .
    taken the thlul i.'tMe the dropny had
    gone. a" well a. .,'r\ ttvniptoniof most eujo),- feMture of theMrvicH Woman Judged' Ins..,,.. Orders: by Mail Are Care ally and romptlf

    1- Itrlghl'M itu....-,-. jv. 1\.lhu. ut the McthiMlUt: churt iur\! . .\Im."tlaI"I.: .. ust. M ulorvtl _omttiboMt >!
    da>' ti .'nnst was the tenor ...>U> ThVu .. tNe'ntyf.wr. jr* rH of .*,.. hell .

    V A Co. \ ) of IS"l>v J. .\ ';o.... '11II1... Inn trout .\lal"hutw" ..sniliir Tu*.. A Complete Catalogue A,
    Covering A Our Lm5
    Heavy Snow in which was th,>to4i.hl) t.nJt.v rd, etq'o. ila) fur lutitcy b..for- u lunacy looard'

    '"In''' r1 1, r Va ". -,.\ tally l>) t be"V bu understand and ro np MwHl of l>r.. "bdt' 1. I'urtrr sit 1J I Sent Free Upon: Request.:

    1,. :.i al'I,1)i 'luh' Ktsisl 1 lun.'" \t 1 vll. ulna \Vm Tori.Tb' au 1

    t c II V'tr-t: y i i'I r. (ttHMlw" In Ala iw* ."II""Ht of an dads, n..tu... I\t ''hatlebanPhet. ha'. I'n 4

    1 ; rtt.t, ull.T clever vole-. w| lra..'.... t HdI l"oUII..1. tttld it t* evt.Hl Hat .111rtttottdAttt f

    tilde t, ',I lit wtirk ill ulMy' of Uif ht. kWnit will I b 4" rut lifter the mifortmijite f B. H. LEVY CO.
    - --- BRO. &
    tml.trd. The'itIsthire, I* I woHMit" in u t>r toPneumonia t .
    ''i.lce fortuiMt In pcur1nir hU ...rvon t

    y o ," the choir ,, i
    t NEi Follows 4 Cold | Savannah9 Ga.
    a taut' DfV.T follows the i.-- <* FoVr! 1
    ER'YE' 0 t I K ,. ...lutetil U>%..fli. J.iiuote. .. i Hon l '>v' and Tar Ht...; ih e coujrh' J -

    V SoRESBUR .: \d.: ut," tueutt.. cu,,'. {'otH.t"W heal.4 strengthens th<> lungs and .. .
    tton I v, .vi. lU'iculct, Ash; tear, I pr*..*nl puenroonta, 3V McCotlutnC.s. j - -- -

    ''''ru&el t
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