n of aatetubrr.bfp
.. The, t h4.l th- t'uttv'ad **tales by oat of ,ANa t"" + 1atag f the C'atttt tmrttn!'
,att>p-rt: d arttf4l4 to* elure: eoatalnal a \A: ,.ht. tao In the '

..lth ulN". at will ea; MMMfelrif Atprw..M tae tmror'a'.I"'ra ,

'r \\" rn. TI" ...r.. .ir.. .c la ihI ..- I aan"1"..4.}' o. t:- flaaT.b'p! Malabow ''I from Kocr *i t P llrw r .' ar. I r tit. rtkkv': biMtUM*** to E'gbao amoeR. '1.,. at *.... tUI I

lldeua. I.'. t "I ts at t'ar t.,,tnt. *V MTe gneea by say c1 ion It' the Ataea eIa

au"a .., 'a' s t.w ner to a- %-Ir! < ...I.hab.u. I \'tadiro-tub.. __ i ii ttr* .W' Orleaa- 1nren.e-: P'I1c'.a .

t... !L./tt fear ..0TS troz
Yy i rsn.. ea.b'Iea's. a'eetln0 I L.r*"'*; nrel *f tHe O-la<-..a,,. stsc0o: c't On .eta. Ala..

r Port'*nd Pert( Ei.iws A 'hlPortland. At'.ta r-l"y. !! l'balratsn Thosf j Nor*.MVa >.. --- A < .r New I I iLacas.t 1a..A.... N( 9-.:rb .tile! I II

1--C :Gov Tlae list M t.....!.. 'Of r"to loP"" ." 1.... . ... ..1.1I port Ne. .Nptard: Turn .01... bttas a .... 4..er .f.>"n Tatrr'' Meat.as.,, tiJ eetkisaaCr : .

\atlrn *: .- --Y It : t .T ...,' .. h'f.. a r t..a.... a ,.... f." a r'to 'f I was V "'gtaii: '>. at.a wor"j I gar hi t.'... t.n'h -" :4_t!"u, e. t"': f' ..enwIeh. r. vtfi .
: t. r .. J tit tif :.' i b<>'''1 11 !' . . .., & :. \\ "

ekes nr rj |l 0 ,. t. t.: 't I- . t --\d. '\ I! The . b.r\.. It w' TLe la.. t k .

i I ank has sw, jrej ,' : t I. par'' few _" .r timerw. : a e A. err w a, Is ...l.ta. e 1 a | w-k mil 'a I r ;

IPetasa: I I a.j in a 'us w I I sumac.. 1' e ...'. tZ be 'eb++1a4 aavel :.. ,.. C' . ..-

,_, : b+ .i:. yr iw tar rY ', \'!.. .' .' ..;,";' , . t5' ,, ,,, "' .. -..'.. ..a- '
;: :\l -.f" ; ,;\;. ...} _. "'. j! : ; ; .;.. ;.. .. i' a 5-p



... --,-....
- -
------ -

U THE- C. E. UNION. --

l*.. Adjourned After a Most Delightful ,

'j,!. Session in North Gainesville. See Our Display HYC'E'S'

hThe North O"itral C'lirUtiati I2nin > I PATTER _

:leaver p"III". iUnesvllU :,, ; :.I':."iull III NorTI: T _
11.:1. :t tL :-1I\11I1.f; r -; and ".

.1907 Thin, .1Il-iu if I l I.< (.(MiiB>'.'St..1 or the FINE FURS I 10.rod 15C
The Store of Little Prices.
t-iire counties of Al.u-hua. Levy l'olu'IJ'bla. Big ___ ,,
Hewamife und lirudford It IH a -

argt' Ilelil hut UK yet not well organ
f'lced. All ttie wxletieH l In the dlxtilrtfcwere EVERY DAY A BARGAIN DAY AND NO LET-UP TO THEM. OL ,

reprenented except Cumpiille
11 the WHxioiiH were enthu laHtlc lull! TREMENDOUS RESERVE STOCK TO DRAW FROM MAKES OL. I

?!:very helpful mid weie well attended. ).

OThe delegates were most happllv enLttertalned SUPPLY OF GOOD VALUES ALMOST INEXHAUSTIBLE. ,
_ by the North GuifrieHvllle'Society.

/ State. President Wlunnrd of 'I, ..unp.ifnd I YOU CAN FEEL SURE YOU HAVE VALUE RECEIVED FOR I

State Hp'rt'tnry'I'HH' Grace Town'
|*tid of Interlachen did moat helpful .
'' rvlio In UIH eouvrntlutl. )

i't aniioiinreditthAt Call Your Attention to a Few Good things ----. _-
;! State I'reMldentVliiii.ird'' -- -- --- - - --

In accordance with plan lrrWrd i l I I
L'+upon at the State convention sit l.ik. I
"31 ty last April a handsome: and roIl4 MOW SILK c CLOVKS:; ; THI E: \ E: \\" TIIIM-: 1 i:

.'bahner w'liH now heirif made In Tai."i-.i S1.98. $2.25 .
td be Klvl'n to tliH dlxtrlct. oiKiinuuiK S1.00. S1.50. 25 Suits' (\iub-I : and I l Il.u-k; 1 ( 01

'lithe most new nocletle. thin .v.ir, in N K W .MILAN KS K ( ,' Lo\'E l S
Jj)roportlo to tlin inirnlM-r or Motieti It':. heau- . . . . . . 1 lOc 1 t. S3 0CIIIKI'oN
>utton length : a

l"'eJNted t--thwi In each dlrftrict. The ollnern.. tiful quality for S1.50-S1.98 In r.Miit-y \.Mixtun; :iiid I'lain JUiu. I I'ltu-k and I IS
:: for the eiixiiliiK your ui as>
( I I ( VICIL: I ,
"follows: E\\ KID I ( (JLOVKS; : in :L- Brown 1'anMiiia-and I ( 'lit'\"iot---not II. Suit in tln' : I
f. Itl -hard l-iko
t'Zlty PreHldent.: .'Irllt'h'.I'r.ltrv.l. ..xidvnt" < ll,,nry clasp t 1 1'J I : and -hutton ; lot \\orth !II',:-: than 1.:;.OU() MMIII- \\tTo.vJO.no:::: ( 1 or- . . . . . 50c t t. S12

.."> .nalnll"! y. fJiilneHvllle; Second Virg.I'resldent all coIl:'+, S1 Sl.25. 53. 53.50

:.., ('. II Terra. I-ike Pity; JJICAUTIFl'L( BELT: in ilk Ycl( ) t'1 : ( 'llclt'I-( ) :: rm( ) : ciCH;< ) }O YAl.nin( I
[Third Vlre-l'retsldent. :Mrx S Kirchain. -
," Cedar K(.y ; Tuasnrer. :Mlna! awl Ela-ltie.! the very newest and ( MiihlionV I )-. '

"PQrcln Folks Iak. City ; ookout : tiling . . .50c to 53.50

.,;Commllte. Mlstt 1> llruce. Noith:, C.ilneaNorninn : i $1 0 00 \VK: AIMTill I. :: I 1.1'i N
l i-sf: U.\lT i / NTLITDUIVINC : .
I. 1I)1(
'!C "-('-'", ;\If'In '. (*.iitnpvllle. :MrH. II(1t'( { ii-1:: of tilt t its
22 Etlze. .. ; Inrilnr Huperlii- i : CILOVKS; ( ) .
y .
Codtr' .\ IAHI': i ( 1.'I.1 ., hest valiu'to: !lit' ft HI'A !
:f % ten t"lIt. Mrs. I I" I' llenilerHoti (JaliuB4'f . . . .. Si .25. 52.00

Jv,; III t'.
Minn. Kiiinui \'. I lunlicH or TOKI| who
":#; could not !I.<. with IIH on account of
'//t'1lICknPMfII, was )heartily and nniinlinousreelecled Grand Business Women's Apparel

{:I'ly' 'orreHpondliiR secretaryAT .

.11.' THE CHURCHES TODAY. In our :Millincr\ I ))4'partnicnt; orders piled I up) and I That for ( ;Duality null: Price will appeal to ,ui\. i

.' --.-- l ami ".. .
Suit of the
I'ine Tailored :* )e-t: nt \\ -l\
.'> :i"lst of Place of Worship Where working day I and I ni"I. ht t to keep up. .
rill: I llamUome: Voile Skirt-
eThos. Who Desire May Attend.
a ( > t ri 1 I.{ KXCLt'SIVH: ( I : TYI.I'::''. are appreeiated. Leave
Women'- Children'Cloak.1 I the I 1 lii-t .
r'. } .trllt1t.tI"JlJI"t: (Mnirch It.-v 'I' .1. .. I : no -,
.. ?lxon-HIIII..ay. H<..liool at !A :So n, III.'Prt'achhut ,. your order with u- and ha\' it made right.
for the I I I J
/ at I H,,:4.r. n. 'U. ...uIlJ..t.t4'Conu' 1 ) : $10 1 S15
i- Over and Help |11..... Anthem.Traveler. Big line) Infants'I ( 'ap:<>, 25c to SI.50. po]>nlar priee$5, ,

\ 'J'IiMtt'. IIlu....." Junior

JIB"U" at 2 p. in Senior League at

.: '3 p. ,". KvenltiK nervlce at 7' 1 1G Good Values in Silks and Dress The Ribbon House
Beautiful Raincoats
o'clock. Hul>Je" t. The Sure r.MinilaHon. I
." Anthem l lIy the
,,.'t My Croat I Into Taken" Th..k : Goods

.. Lot prayer for mUnlon will h.' ol ",>r\'
The 1l1""l': -t U.intity| all I
'-.d by tlie Iwo woman'M Mocletlew of
In I plain: Satinand elegant pattern-;
i the ('hurdl. $,,'r'h-.tI rush du atXI allies thit. .
ever hl'ollghl to :
See I the. ( 'hilTon TauVtaall I ; eolm-H

N' IK in.Klrnt I'ri'.b.terlan t'hiirch. llev T III per yard . . . . . . . . SOC' in I'laitl TaiTetaThey aie uater- Splendid I TaiTeta, I I llillun-{ l I ,flIt ..

'1*. Hay-Morning: xervlc-e at li* ',Mo'clock. proof. Not in anytore: will you or-, up to .". inehei: le.. 10-; 15cJood
sL Siihject, "IU Shall Convince UKAfTin: 1 1 PANAMA- new.
t.h.lrld," Sat>l>alli school. at :15: p, find valueSI5 <<< value Satin Taffeta I Itn:
bettertyle t :'" or -.
Itl't I'daoki and Bill,
Ul 111. KvenliiK Hervlce at ? :.t'l SuhJect. )\%lp4. : :
.. all widthand COIl.
"The Shield, of SiilviitionKln

t Mapllxt. Cluirch, ld v S 1 IIRojccrM I 1'1..1111>> ( IKIT.: in: ( niiM:= in ___ \el\et l Uil: ,l .on-. all \\idr
Irr -Sunday 'IIIM'I| | at i* ;lit' a inlr to $25--
all eolor"! 1. Tlii-v are l eaiittful Colin: .
.l .*urlilnK at !IIIln: a III. Mtihject
"IfelpltiK the \laM..r": Junior' It Y

-- 1-
,I I'. I "t:1: ocliH.k S.-iilot-H at tt: .;" THE CIRCUIT COURT. court will he in session l .IN usual I for ,
YrFI South Florida
l'r >achlnK In Olt'| evening at '." - two or thrte weeks The NprlnKnl ,.raw

I suliJ..el. "I'rl.iln and TrlniupliH of the Fall Term Will Open Mond. y-Docket ..n of th. pr>4cnt >ear wan u11r of

Iliunan \VIII Kxtr.: : m"10'l l I. 4itTere tat | Not as Heavy as Usual.Thr ', the largest ever known In this conn-
w HeaterS this church to : t.ill) term of the t'lrf'lIl' cunr'tof
UNtial sublet's" will lie .IK. .1 Id 1 at Normal Institute
the Eighth: Judltlal (Mr 'nit. in and
'aft Advent Ohrlwtl.m. Holy lrlnit> (tPatrick's COLD
for Aliihna: countv.. will ion\eiie In
4 I'atholli ii nl t t.'hrh"aII"IIIIITh. -- --
tlilH tilt :\\1..1\ JudK"Ulx prttddtine .
.'* Withstood Other Treatment
At Cost -- -
i Quickly Cured by Chamberlain's
I FUNERAL OF MRS. DENNISFuneral There are.i gnat main' capes onthi '': your salary, The Sc'..'
> diK'ket to be dltipoKcd of .tinotiK ,t Cough Remedy. Normal Institute! will Itl'1 .
which U UK (....I..bra..1Ir..hhar: l.tst winter I aught a \rry >.eere .
Was Largely' Attended by brat belp In raising your g a.
We )have tift\' ;-ur.. .tuhtHeater Numerous Friend of Deceased. (-A"t.. with which the entir Iat.I.Ufamiliar cold whUh ItriKert-d for weekta ."
still!!" at i'o( :;.I IWe 1' file list of trlmlnal cane. ''J, rniuhart of Xepljjr. Ontario 'fly !! South Florida Is the wr '
?. -* to : I'hf funeral of Mr I .\. M lenni
howrler. ,U itlltshtly: dlmlliUlutl. the cough: w.iery dry and har"h. The moat protrrenslT part of I'
'lmrgu no profit un lti -ad and xndden death' of whom .
< . d.n &Wet h.Cing t>*>.>n'almo..t .'I'Rr..1 at loal dealer rrcommended Chantl.er- '. .
the otove Make No Chargefor .x' it i ...1| In Jack,"oiiIlli* on Thurn 1 pays the Meat aUriea I'I
the |1.\IIt .wino of Ihi' 'Ollrt. thus ilwcreu Lulu's CotiKh Ut'ln..ty.allli guarantr. d
it .!.r n a..rll.M'1\" held. from Duly ,... I mood school In South F alI
putting up. >.lnK 'lit u larxe iii"'a-'ur.- i'uoeKwhl It. I xav.It a trial Ono small
t t \r .tx I':|>l. -o|>4il t'hiirch i It t :: u'.a.'k| I South Florida N r
'h h.'*e for >'o.'r*. in toner In lastsof) it cured me I tx-liote ('ham.brtl.ttn's tend the
J-i i .I.1 l afternoon, and w Iarg.It lvl'
H" '
.Ia.u.: >.. t...'" cnrrtinl tirer Iron term ( '.nuh lU-niedy to U th.* beet For further particulars G
.. Ue, h'nuu-U II. I'r.imhlll ..
Our i I.r- '\' ''nl..f< ti" i 'i 1. to term The tltll d""-k.-t l i- l.ir-. I h;" e u.r u,..., Thin rctnd)' IHf > W. CORR. A. B.. Prl"(
r P.
., tl. 1'h.i .' fttnrolt. .utflcl.itf. ..iiulIn .. .
IH' "I"i I mf- r it "" 1NI'N1. and It l U t-"| rct..I that th.. r -81|. bs' sill cirtiKKl-ita. r-Dad. City. Ftorrda
,,4. \ 'I'> tit. lo the dm'OMftod wit oilt

M nil IteHiittful In lantrttMiCH rU \\ ",.
tout titnK t.. the hearts ..f frU-n.U. un.l
THINK OF IT ,.. .. ..
conlu K to tI t >r H"\ f.imllT >
We are here to STAY.e want business. We but
your are
u nieiulMT of the Woman s (tiiilldf !.
A STOVE AT COST which" il.r.'aa>,.1 1 wa.. a d>*vol..l ni.*mIter active accurate able and courteous.

were pf...'itt tn a tw d.. n, WH.

abu the mrmt>, PUT UP FREE !
S... :.>.. Il r i\. J.: sit which ONCE A CUSTOMER.
order. the" Mnll of .!,HW.-.| art ni"niTho ,

;K ; \\ i I.)1: li l\ >i II r. funeral .teci.ratlnn. wrc uutier >

.. I .H n I it' 1'ICl1 .Mi. and Nutifiil, _r< i-Un!,. the

'iF pi--- ntrlhutrtl. by the Elks, The Gainesville Hationar BankTIlE

'iJ \ Urn crowd '''Untb... rmt>lu* -- i

J Gainesville to their last r...tlnir place In .:"rrTo -

RTrrn ..n..t..rJ whets t"" lest _.adcit. .
... ''s TJlt ( tlI sEE _
wrre brld
Furniture Comp'y the ...,.....ed fAiutl; of the do.
Ylc.l-r..Wt"ct Ca+hl'r
.....-S the syrnpethy of all rrhoftd.I. T W Kb.&Ada "I111&m It. Steockert CbArlH A. gal
!I. tndt. 1 j

r ril ,

- -
- .
-- - -
- --



-- ----. _
---- --- - --- I

Importance Trans- Money Which Was Fonnd
Mach Business TilE: KINI: TIIATUIVK; II
acted at November Meeting.THE j and Refused to Give It Up. that

Till r. R_K ATHST} : .\ .M' NT I


ROAD OF 11K:AT .\ X L) t' ETIIE I -- .- -

But. Ta' Payers Will Nct Object to r.LLES'; : .1ait'NTOI> !F $515 Was the Aggregate, and When 1

Will Bring to Them So Parties Wer Apprehended Only a
That Which WOOD 0> ]H COAL. Our the flue --1 0'th(..) fat).
satisfaction and Benefit. Small Portion: of the Money Could .. A;( OJ
Much :z:,: .)_?_ .-- -- _. )fl3
Other, Matters of Interest to People. be S.cured-Par'iflS Are (In Jail I1-'T I r +

Tuesday November' 5. "Lily Oak" Heater 111 I :. -In.: the h..lolin.a..1.. / ..f a emu' uI You receive intense direct heal

U'.ml of County Commission- in.-n iioiuitinxr/ to ft-| Irlongtna) tll'1I1'1'
of Iud burned
from -
day In regular' session' >. .n 1 .Ion-, .1 11'gr't'nlld.'u'/. ..I.I I |I._ every ounce
ef John O. Dampier, chairivdrick. Cannot l)o t-Xt pllt'd in lu'Mt- :M. .il I! ., .V 1'... M.-nsluli. 111101) |I...t to) Ihcre are no damp chimneys or long ti

rr ni \'". J. Mathews, I : .1"110, N d. "t the. :Ne.1s'art: ....,..,t.I pipes to waste the heat from a
mt, lOg jjualitit.HaiuKoinc intop. \\' h,. "!. .
V .Him and J- Townsend. I Ir i > utlrllillTh..l1ua./ "! '- < ain.1

f ..uti.!; being called to order -(1II)1mln'r. oubl"I fl'l'd- the' i I 1'.1\ i j.. air hel M 1 in tlu- i."unt> !.1)i

'r..-. of last meeting were dour 1.H1':;(' HN'lllr hen. i '.i\ ill!: l-t-ii coiniuittisl ill .I..t.llllt! PERFECTION Oil Heaterr
..i! I j.. I I. I HI tI.|| .11111' ilf ::1---11' .III I .. "NlM
f.. IJ '" ,. Arinalu: urn.i'krll'I} foot ''....1.. I \1.1\ (Equipped with Smokeless Devlee) '
the' following bills wereamid. I

__rt "'U"oti" ) I raiN. 't'I't't'H Ira ft ivjri:.;tor I I ,-. lonn.l, tl.iiion. ,. .. >ilu,.Ii In, ..I.HHn Carry it from rool1It) room. Turn the wick high '

"t d. \ ati.l t'..'k it to tin- I'.IMIII.in 1- \\ .
\\ ,.-tiRes. clerk and auditor in a:: li .U or in fart it has: or l'lw-no bother -no smoke--no- smell -automatic
\ i. rill In.tall". /ITHM' lltlll :' I'Xi' ;mil
li 1' i \i Torley., guard at Jail $25.; smokeless device I prrvcnK. Brass font holds 4 quarK
I all tin1 ;lIod points of a I II 1.1"' i r' l>.itaiii"i*.
)1 itii.in.' Janitor $:io; SouthUphone burns 1) hourv Brauhlully Iinuhed in nickel or
I I "I arn U-tl 11...' I'llio-r- *,'. ,nnl I I"H
-., i llratiT.
serlees. $7 1 I If
r Co. ; good : y' iu N\ant japan. Every hraler warr (trJ.
I:*' _ _ --F
> 'rh.! iiii.ii.-> )I'-t\ t''u tliem hilt .itMil

F: da! i Telephone for Co.cafe, Cervices.Char-'J tit lK'-t: jrivo IH rcall.] All I I....-11.1.l ) I.l "i"'r| Will ,.. t tl.ni"i TIeRa vO ivraa hr !
r '.1 i streeper. Lamp easishady
1. I ,, l
kiwI l all \ \1 fiyhl i lo
< .
i \\ sn::! ; C I.. Tliigpin. road < : : pl'it't': .
I i lust 1 what.. want (for the long
,.. < Mrs I lIf'tlsltt Go i lson. Kllml -'-.-. ... . you '
-- - ----- There's
No Use
lade ol l iiickrl -Ulcil improved
.. Houndtree. :-. evrningv >rav
and A*-a $ I
x.1 1'.iM'" ,I'!!? --YOII can't bout III'rhll1t' for central ilrall burner. Every lamp warranted.
,-iippoit.. $1:;; J. C. Me< rew.registration i
I oftlcer. $1 ....G7.i ; BAIRD HARDWARE CO. I the In .'1'. Tho greatest r" II1.at..r Ii your dealer cannot supply the Perfection Oil

i I I e\ ,'r I'tT.-n-d to sufferlnj humanltv Ifou Heater or Kayo lamp write our nearest agency.mrA.M .
:t= viftines./. i stamps and sundries.S M<),1'''' ItaiikrtHThiwaie
>' MiftVr from liver complaint. If "
1 S Wlenses.! ;: copy of Indictuicts .
Knunielnureaccepted : bilious and fretful Its IU I Ss..r.r.Md
>o4ir T
r >., $2.SO; T. It. Houl
and ll.'rblno will put it In its propercondition ,
_, r.. ,- s..I] $17.: l'hlOr Itioa., sunin -
A positIvo cure for count
dl! ,ill and poor farm. $32.24: ; I .._ of'

L .A .urnicaii. care' of chock $10; and the followIUK/ named! l'uUIII1. MlloiiMiOHH. dspepnla and all ". ..... ..... ..... ,, ....."' '' "' ..... I' '" .I '" .I '" ." .I'" ..
Ills dm
freeholders S .1. Collins .John M. t'ur to a torpid Ih t'r. Try a bottle'
HlrCr'ary.. blanks etc.. $14.2w .
11 >; '
M fohnxoit. medicine for Jail ry and J. 1 I':. "'hltth ui| olnted to and Mm will never use anything .'It". I l

view and! mark out ald road! am! Sold bW.. M. Johnson /
S I liaird Hardware Company. I .
make report at th! next regular: met S If You Are I Insured >
::1:: Jr e for Jail. $:: .O ; work and sun. ,1i
tug of this board.! M"-i t fci trrmj'r't PuceN .
driIHI .,", t-tc for road. 1158.60; City ofGir.e
: ;, \ VMINov.! o |nr IMtinrr-
*'"IIIcity's proportion of road That the repot of t the trustees for ,
I ll,', til lit of I I'oil! III. -
i "r if T nl ( tw -
u\ ror t'!+<11(:. $1,5 r.O.02; Town of High: Hu .noad I District :No': I. 11<".UlIII'> In a (.;111111'*") that m H"'I..hh'' U-. | ( n\en .',)11"1 Correctly ,
In i re ii';; t e i "puli'lex d'i. a..1: e Written U nit I. ibt-rHliiy ui "' jio) Coutriirit Mini the (; > vj
inpu iy
Sinntown's: proportion. of road having be">ii checked up and fuulldC'orrp.t ..
; to i 1' I'< nt i il V'lM-rlran i 'are con 1'11)r. 1.1)5515) I'roulpllyYou .
ui fur 1''''';. $l'!>fi.2.' : Gah't'8'IIItGns I be approved and accepted. t'ro'il >" t, open s' \"uld.hcl"1l ne\ ,

It E:: trio Tower Co. lights for Oc- ThAt the bond of Oscar 12 I liar w ..-..1. !- 'ui > lnt at the \\"I.rr; \ 4 -'t,(

l t>t-r IN ti> .1. II. Fletcher, care of I hard as notary public with C. K. Ml. tnrln l Ir. Houllla i-ald ItalH: Are A ssure d't

r 'arm $:.57.:'II. J. S. Hod: 1 ford & ton and .1. II. Allison as sureties, be "..1 ;u! \\'.",hltiKton conferrnct' - -. i7

C ; Mllcmt; for poor tarn $3.70; It. approcd would" t MiIl" In H permunetit pnr<
Thai no serious tons ran overcome you without you hare sumo 4
H I1 .H.-r In (V" ..1 Atnerlcu! and that Honda '
treasurer ( I That the following named persons. rt.ru.;.. '
\\' I n. Dickinson I collector, having compiled with the law that ran f 1'11.1 .to all 1n her pt\'r J to faclllti 1 I \./

tc- ions $14. ....83V; W. Colson.tr they each be granted a pt-riult to own a' ,- that hoped.for convumtiialion .

.**. or ('oni mission* on tax roll i.nd carry a pistol according to law : ) fire Life Accident and Health Insurance.
t.. III;! !I:. IL| | .
H. MeCreary. publishh Kd Slaughter K.: I..-e IliiKhes.: II. M I A Good Liniment. '-, .

'ens rt'I"rtK.tr.| .. $-1..; H. IIr Williams. C S. SL ulghter. i I':. M l Don ..... Il,
W.,. .,- tMHik typewriter, $177.fiO S. aldsouC., ,1. Mi>ntKomer>'. T I'. Houl Whfli ;>ou recd a gl: )(),I, reliable Hill None but Klible, (?om;.anlr. le|'<*...nied. I .
nu'ttt try Chamberlain'* Pain llalm. It
H( Wur"1\ chair for typewriter" $.".; ware .I. F. Simmons. Arthur FN-mln.
law no *'rior for upraliiH and "w'II-|| -
xup '
I, W I Ki tmel| executing xenireti cirSH A. .1. .. .'''Io\t..r. J. \\". |11.\l lilt.. A. MHaiiknlvht. I >

I1rt> ; K.: Walker sheriff I ..lam''sI'elch and! .1 MTalrclotli .IIIKH. A piece of flannel IIIlhchtly.lallll"'IH'.1 A. :IWt OTJ SH JMLInrorma'on .A N
| with I'alii Halm In .
Miipcrlor ) '
'I.> .tarrest of WhltOeld : :
to u plaxtr for lam* hack or loins In .J
Ii '' V\ (Ftnnell. feeding prisonr J ehvorfully fiirtnvhrd UAINJ<:H'II.I.If'1.ICII.A;
That fees In criminal be /
eat.ea paidas
.. lie Hide or i ht."t. It also relievesrh.'utnntlc of'I'I
J K-. In F
( criminal
.1 case as follows H. A. faswcll. 9-:::1.1.':: pains iiiul makes sleep and "
f n tl .I I'.I "" '''' .I
Macon $37.07; 1.1'. K. Stephens $:. :::11' r."t. POHI.II.I., !I.'ur 1',10. by all drtiKti -

r' I 'II; 1T.. Heiidorn.n. That I.. I:. Means be allowed toerect 1(1"11I. -

II I i I. lrurl.I s..r.n); M. A. IU-x- I .. '
aloiiK tilt
telephone poles public The
Thirty-Fourth Year of '1
1 I. f t t. T Alford.) $!S.20.: road from ltanlsey's store t.. Hot' C"f't. t "f1 the Decrr )I". ,

'1'. ',;., >n the )shard adjourned uti- St I'. ,:. ':..1 ? .' UIs
town "rt'k at u dlxfatict* of flfto-ii
t morning at 0 o'clock.
; feet frcmi center 01 ro.id . Miss Tebeau's Boarding and Day School
: :a nwlrl.: ,. In :" ,.a. IIr 'h. r ?
I That II A. 'i'hrash attonieIniitructed '. !be .
111. irl I-
tv .!tlt'"nlay.uvt'n1b.'r G. rnth..r s 'I .I..t'I"'r! % : retarlyd

i> of County. Commissioners I to bar ('. I K Melton: fU s "I''; <.vr It t I" con (lit IIr'ued) Seplrmber HI, IIM)?, nl "|:|ttt( ,.. m.IX t
and r *op 'n the road running from .r.J r'r'r.l J hll.v'r. thus {'hn"I11
:u I
pursu.tnt to
..JII"1)\ adjournBI MU-anop west, and known a- th* ,111 br.. r t. again in loc.llil.( 's n,-\- fit). :t(1'1.. WE1'sr.: .\ notr: ,. 1-1' IJ.IIiiM1'll.l.r: "I.'IIIJ& ;

I auknlKht and Il.-e\es fcid.< ,.r proC ..+..nn amt I .. r.'nf"r"nce hall been < :t" '

'1.h1l H. Danipler. chair- I 'atcordliiK| to law the tuild! Melton ...I'., nie.-. i, sir P*-t.T.hiirt to dlst.t1>: "
Mathews, C. C. I'ed-
ha\'iiii; cut up or Injured sold road I prev.st.r1nessures..
a lulling and J. F. Town- I .
.> with log cartsWhereupon

I' the boiril idX>urned Dancing Proves Fatal.
t ti..Ing called to order
Many im n and woturti catch: (',,1.1..

.l'rders..drtck were bu paid made for: road I, To Curtail Production. at daiic.... tilth ti-rrnlnat In I'II"U' |I

I ('-iarl.)tfe. "N f' V nv. 4 ..r .('I l": '_ tnotila and consumption. After e s tx). '

that I'. I'. "al1J1ln Iou the -rtLitiH i>: ,.(>.> i'ton ; bar t <.. sire If Folot -. Honey sod lar U tak< nit .
1 hands $::;o that J. F. . .
; ; not "t.1 ',' id. r will||| br-i4k cold
m IK a ma; pri up aid no *
paid for road hands, _r j. ,h.. Souibe-ti: ;it.u-I J ',a' ,. r..ulta .......! b'. har..1. li..fuee qtly

iMini'l'T: t,., ptild for Srlnb: "rs' aaorlflfi' n > r I a < -rer but th. Kenuluw In a yellow pAkRI

J.'MlV I{'I "':1c fO 5 551 Thl: ..r..,1 :a' . r. ,no f" .1.. J. \V. MrC<*)lum Ac Co.F .

.*..kii W rpc".nlln"I.h-d'! 'I t. ;:r,1>ie l tie hp. * 'I i f 'n In r' tar"1t

:nan to Tform the due ,) the1t' a' !l."> w'., ; r. .n ,! torrRad .f.! V n' Of .<.* 0.1". ..

"tur fir Alachua{ count. 1r. ?a .'I-t!, \\h"/"r t. Ran III. T < %,,"n. N'* 9 'I t,

...IMI'C'Uljl1y request ills t1eon'lr t r.wr- .. i I' 1 To *e 'oat t i K arsi deat, a . a::1 ..f ..' I/. .. .

)1 1.ln. to mak aperdlnRly. > arn. ci 'r -n IM

*. rii". T-r. ''> ff rB' '. s* t-.Itf t* .\ s. . ......) IAS 0tllt "

.iet nt the IB .tm'>", ) r>. 1 ef "'e :y; n *,erBViM' ..w I;,. s"r+.. ....r' It... . :.
..nt..1 to view,, and aaart' tr' "r..or4' ..!tI!' .at '\ " t k and I Ju44 i'O'tnn -. It frl' 5' t.

I T" I.>*I "t*>ltii":'>. *..fe repc''rf atf'irJt hti:. .n 'n* temple' 1':11: //
r.rol.o.f'ft r.a.l" Irrding !
*i..' I i. :=
n..v111., to :.NVw: Wiry. '
,. 'If'.r'r. .nftbPra sta'.t I, ""
nehip hue P/Us
"J"I4II1 I .. PILES' CURED IN ft TO 14 Le
was f.:'.' !r 'ltJ..d r''H'all! Oror DAV8. .
dnc't r'hlyd.; I'AZO Of.:'. ISN'T U 1Iar&lIl-.1 to
't" .
f* Mt* I for thirty
law. emirs any t a*' ..f Ilthln<<. lillnd. It!. I. .
1 I The New Pure Food and Drug La**. tat or rro'r-i ilrur IMIe. In < ttt It da r.
tton ,,f S. J'alt. toitc .
''' road leading from '... .Ire pl-a..
un wve. common : *: Foley Hotter ai" Tar for C'oul/b.: .' e . '.)" r..r An'it .,.. .
i i troabl. .. not affected .
.1 )f th.. Flat Ford. and lung II.'rt. '. a :NP'" !I. 1

IB are./. Townnhlp by th. N.tlot.al Pure F,j. d and :)ter".. a f'. ,. .. .... .. -. tf. . 1i i

** to run south about .truC law a* It contain 11'. Ht aie. .su.r .,' ..oat.tah..j '.. 1,10"! 1' sr ," y r. \I' ,. I .r I"/.t. .., .4i.y hi, '' ... 1 I. yNt IMI

nUlf or otter harmful draff and ... r rr.tu rnr.v< e/i ..r-I.'ClI.r! IB to:. .. I..".. 1o ahI... f . ..'. a/. ....1,511. .f1... II..,,.. ., ." Lt .... .'....1. ui.vwl

t to w h -r. .old mend It a. a af. remedy for cbi5dr, .ad 4..r"r. .' ,.r.'. oc "l to -ft. ",., ,. ."/ vsrr.u.-utfitf, r' '.. tl.r I.rr.-I ,.,.. ....111..1', 111.tA j I.sfla't.u.d.| ..-i.b.fi.

iat..rt tbl (Uro' and adults. J_ U' McColluin ar C.;) la ptl.naJWtnfrotat "'I>j"I. Il.t. I.se.1 . t..r t...... ,.,.-... .In fund ,.arr m tl>M! makiitu "l
l I. Ai, i Hawthorn road, 1 .e5hllary r'i I.( ' ..* K *" > "it ...Irre-wc I.. ,N-t i- l> il y .' t th. followinic named. I -- -- .t,.,.... .,fl. t. w.. *r- ,f.r.|...-1) t.. "ipplf, y'Hi' ."t, hurry! y.ii t"u'

,* Wllcox. H. M ).e- .....1"'.'....., a ,. ,.J .r ...t.lu.1 to ,.*ir prnrnt r.|'ii|<<(wiil I's.c| .! prv-ful
W ;j treop < O'UJC.'k"'a.eo.. 1 l1. .r t t. r t" rtrwtirrMs ,....-l| 4 ;<*.1 l I'l'iiiiKiihf Attrnli./n jfi t
Polk b. appolot B ld ;> !. lit" J-vooJ Rpcr To lat. par I.... .t,. ...t. r a, 151 "...!r.t.. Crier.,
IC 'k out lbs MM rhaoc a for Aycr't Hzir Vicorro' compUtcfy corrr t ,

0. '1.. of tl .lr dol DC. at this upper "ory, but you stay add.r. >rtK

: .u -Joe or this board"JUoQ WJ., ....) T..." .,....1..1rsrl..n.,1t.1), belt aril tbtts b,/b..,........ Illw d ATLANTIC PLUMBING CO.

k u aelrfas for a |mbreato. .....,...;.... y_-.u--' A,n'. HalrVlc K, Dosatletulaetiw .
'+. .ems to Wilcox lie '.,,.,, V ,,, LfT. Pn .U wti auY Oalt.. ... 109 WC T MECHANIC aT.M F* M 151 OAlNCftVILLK. FLA.f' .

*, .

,,,, fs?'
5 '.. rat\'J"w.fSa''c- k"s r.'a .( 'j ;'A r, ii p ;(

.y bi ti



-- -
kJ---- -



+ // H


'l 1 1

; I


( ,1
: .


I raR




- - -- --- --

: FOREIGN MISSIONARY SOCIETY' PARK CLOSES ENGAGEMENT.After I Runs Grafter Convicted.St. him on or before the Iwt
HAS PLUM I will not receive tli. < \
PPter"'birp. N'ov 9.11.f : fluVo. -- I
Will Hold Interesting Week's Session Week's Fine Success Here Will 1 \ice ittial dt.'t'" 01 'lie (issue'r,ur, ,w no discount. In other; ", ")'d,

; FALL IN HIS LAP Beginning Tomorrow.The ,I Leave for Ocala' Today I IWI". Implicated In the treat grain: lector must have the inon
scandal during the famine relief celpt Issued for the toUt -
I 1.'ur'I'1IIIM"lollury Society of : After a wt>eK.'H successful - oprrationt
-- the. :MethodlMt church will hold an meat with the I.ru.lu'tlon of that of bar: nail who wa! placed onI I fore the last day of the tn

" f Appointed Postmaster of St. hlh'r.tllIw'k'/ .. meeting/ beglnnfng I I / IKjpular{ coiiu-dy. "Charll 'K Aunt" the :I trial hefor thr'fcciiate as a bleb court the tax payer to get the >. ,
I I! of Justice[ has been found ..
guilty of the discount.V n MCKi! ;
:Monday the 11th hint. Thes 1IU'.t.hlKM C. 1I'ark fompany closed Saturday !i
Augustine to Secured Richie. i i ni.ilf*>a"anc'', a sentenced! U> ',dlxnilxnlI
Tax: Collector Alachui
:) will .he held III tho 1'ctllr-ruolII night, and will l leave for Ocala today i!
I I I \ ofTlre and udereii" 10 make re",?li\
r. of tin "'Ir t \Io.thodl..t church and it u IIP re ttiey will n akeIII'Wf'f'k:
tilt Ion In ibe amount of over $:.:'+0,0010.>i
COL. CHUBB FROM WASHINGTON great deal of Interest In being iininlfewted Mt.ind. I I
8 T'noix: .in 1 III 's.il: I contract M OurKo
: _ III the proponed 5I.....I u.."' for XX'ithout exaggeration It may be made a .:'t.-tl J \vliii an Irresponblb'e= IndlvMiinl .

''f _Chairman of the State Central Republican which InterextliiR and l IniproMslvo pro- truthfully stated that this UKpreRatIon ga med I educe! to s mippl' nil H. J. DEMPSEY

f Committee Would Have Noth grauus hits been urrati.'d" .. Irt the inoiit ,popular, which er nl'I I the grain; lo' the. rarnlne-strtcken' provfnce .
Tlu* Foreign MlHxlonary Soelethats, p l ear,*il before a Halr"'M\'III.. audience. I ''' and advancrJ him $400,000 with
ing to Say Out It Leaked Out That
I given three days' to the Home MIsfionary tint only their plays but the member out security.
,Alger Got .a Juicy Plum. S
Hod. Henry H. ('ti nbh. chairman' of nend.iy; and Krld.iy the .Foreign r>o- down are ,personally popuj j' TAX NOTICE.'

/:the llcpubllriiii" State Central Commit- Arty. will hol.llI.. MeMHloiiMhlle" TuetiThurMilav lar. and enough U said when it In'Mtateil The tax books of AUchua countyfor

;f''tee, returned Hatimla nlKht fiomVRshltiKton. day', and Saturdayvlll' ,be that the playrrA are n.8 opiilnran the year of 11! 07 taxes Lire now
,"'\ \,1..1'. "' he VMIH Hiiininoiiedrent devoted. | to I he' Home niUxlon the ,.111)14. "Tarry night durliiK for
,._ days UK n <>ii Important 11\1I'ot-l the public U cordially Invited to all their ....k.H stay the big tent which open payment of taxen. Any l Furniture :will l l '
person paying taxes dnriiiK the monthof
\ :IteMM. ",'r\ \\t...s. the II rllt of which will o..nlo".lny has n third' moreheating capacity November:: will be entitled. to two PaVJlll'lItt.Ia": : \\ '

Col Chubb, who stand > ernear :\ afternoon at :::1 i o'('lock with.\ than the tent of last year, W.IH well per cent discount, any paying taxes Mado( h) < )nlr. I 1C:, 'j';,
'iht I'renldelil und. Itepuhlle.m attaint th.> follow' ''InK/ proKram: : filled, and Mr Park naturally feels
unrliiff the month of December unentltlod < H SjR'cialty. Sill: !! ;
..n"tl""'>', bad. nut hlug to sat regard- TUJlIo'-lIrnzll proud of thv reception extended him. ( to
one per cent discount: rni IOfl.
.F.\n:. Ills \\hdt but It leakeil out tdniultAl l.,>adrr-Mrs.: \\'. Barrett.: One of the cle\ere fellow tn the after that date, und up to the first '

) >toUMly. upon{ Ills" anl\al th.it lion. 1. I.rtt.logv.' world i 1-4 AI K. Harrln, the st.tKc mata day of April no discount will be. allowed Storage Rooms in Connection

:'Oco.A., AlKer has been n p|'..lnted post, y. Scripture I.'ssnn. Matthew 17.i. aKer I ir. llarrlx ,h.tt, trotil bl"11 l of Taxes become delinquent on Kt Hi.II-> "M, I I.: .'.
t|,muster of HI AuKUxlliif' to MicceedPOMtnumter : I'rn'r. d his' n'.. n. MM will bo ;w..r.-clah'tI bv the fIrst day of
J Itltflile, retentlv .1..n..I. I. (ilorl.i. the fact that lie tx responslt'al fur all April. Any money 2\ W. .Main' :M." :N." n'Ia.\l11o; I
I sent to the Collector, and) not reaching'
''The; uppolnlnifiit, .IH appiottd II"l .". (*l>llllllltH OH Iessan--stet."" 'r. the stage: ettlnK4.. the erf-ct<<: rte buthe .

r President 'loo-4.<\elt ; allllI..\.. ... Nlaart.A.:: has' time to be clever' with All the..e

t' Mr. Alter IK it man of prominence Trio' Mr>*. AhtNittt*. :Mrs. |>a. trouble. *, nnd The Sun In" "mid*'r obllK'ltloim ..- THE: : CONINrERCIALH. : :

,'In 8t AlIllulh' and( luau for the "pall" Costa n,nd \I I r. Al l...tli. *. lu him for many courfe |1"0:4: ,
".\ Hi. Kf.:
,itWO.' or three tears I Peril rollitor nt' .. KfttdhiKMrx, O'\eal.: ; Proprietor.
,.CuatoniM of thai ,IMMI lie wan ..ilio'city I x. |)KciitiMlo' of Mlii I ,l 1 K. 'Jain1.: . N. ( Two IMooks: from tin- PuM *' .

clerk for u ntimbei :.f tenrs. In llnicll-:Mr. *. lK.-I.unl: '. CalneMvllle. Kloriila.! I I. < ;laiiu- x-ill. Florid: IMnnnIfOCi.: )(..
.- I 9.: HUll 1(, 11.r Sir: llere'it another i ruhlem .
I-irjre .y"f..rfa.. '!.' ,,, r. .
/1 iMo *"I'iII.,1 I ttb >h. tin 'llrk'III"ii .r.l.
III. Mlstn. MIU for tho t.> arithmetic and algebra ..cholarn w > "'
{ Cured of Bright' Disrasr.Mr. wart. Our >narMinn >
1 .
4 "P .t"I"'I"! '
: I I [ wot-kly rate : lIladl. the. 'patron..<_> "I! rrux-"
r Hotter O llurko Klimra.: :N Y KondIt. _
..:'writeii: "Heforo I i-lartod to useyFpley'r The l.lKht of 1.1f--Mm' SU.iitxiric If IV\o*> (1-4 worth $1 75 a gallon. '
and spreads I half furtht than I'
a a\er
Kidney' Curt' 1 !li.nl to get upfToni
li: lritr. age {iKtltit.' and wear* twlf'f'! a.. Iui c. ii
t* d\t' to t.trntr tinted a nlKht.
:and I "'I\t nil bK at.il up ltti. drop** 1.1 ... g. S"'U" 'ctfd-lly four lit tI.. what tnvr.Kf paint worth n galena "TABLE CUTLERY" '\
:.(f Iind JelrlllI ,put <>n. painterwan," brims, S.0:::
vk my tvyvidxht v UH *o Impaired. I I I
a duly and it d.t "'.. work fJ I
could I I it. nrdicl tun. > a rcillmi of
l"I'nrN'h'" sew one tit Lit famll ,
) N
' .
>.ilntT > 'r..r d f tk !.i -K.-I.U.-i
f ac1'\MJ. the room. I had nl\en" hope | ., .
up I -r ;.1 t v t i'" BI"1' 1'.1' !I." 1

I There ,Is No Reason The answer lit minus 41 -"" a c:.vllon .. .
Fir-t .
,, .
:tot II v I IIIIC. wht ii it friend recommendedKldm t tall "\' lia, t- -
..,'. >)' Purr (tae r..,.','n t N.t \\'In' :V"Hr tmtiy should t..- thin and Th.tt I U: you c-ouTd afftirtt to paten 1. .> ., ;... tee f %tf4 ti r> ..r. . I
',tie worked<< MoiidcrH and l I'f.rot I had fit.trul UiirlitK tho nl ;ht. XX'orrim nrtth with n>tTaKt" billet If onietHMv ni'nIt .l'y, ; .* *' r>tl. ."f "'II.fac', 'It .i t.,. : i ,
= ';' ' 'p.? .
W i v% rl( J {l.-.t Irrlt l r
wan at i. I
',tkrn th j third 1 hot""> I he dropiy. hn.l <' cittifcf nf thin sickly' liable. *, It to you nail |>uvit, half the pmtir.' ,> =
Son., AM arll! in all other Njrmptoiii, c da natural tlutt a h.v !lhy babY whoutd I w.taes." Yours truly I II ROGERS' and the famous! WORLD BRAND are 'leaders:

Ittljttil dlMo.Ht>. JV.. "'('ull"au !; IH fat and .1..1.| | .wt.ll. If your baby M r t\'. DKX-OC r. .
t dews not rt-taln' his !I 1 1'. Sour : The S. J Thomas C' .
& O9.. fast ion't 'I'r- ;.1\ L C.
j Inn-lit with elide ("Uhf" and ether m.>llclt \. pn.t.i Side Square, Gainesville, Fla.
liner | r >i a"met chmRr" IUt.I. no t.. but try u tH ttl,. of ".blt..'.. .i -- - --- -

't3uIekly uii I qutrtt" % that out aditi.d t 1 Crot in ,'..nultu.:.'. and H"III I sin Indictrd fir Felonious Assju't.Mac. .

t."rs'stI rr nil in'*N." r + know, aboutTrial 1 I....... f..urhy tut*** 'ttk.r anti UttixhM I, .>c. t;. =Now, 9-Cortel'i: : ,
!| It hould. Sold by XV. M John O'<',,"n"U andC U' \\'.:' I Ii TM

1; HOI i. i M.o' 'n. .r*> Indlc.c I --- -- ]: J'w oa c:am.*s of asssM't!! ." 1 DIAMOND ICE GO.GAINESVILLE. .

Teutonic Trings Geld ttortl Cwreoe, : Irnt' u nmrd r It la rl-t- .- ,1 1

Nfork' NOT \X ',l o Hlln ,. ()ue..a; tu.to ki;:: p sIR'w'' ,. I FLA.
.r Trutoatr, which t;<'; in TAn ] .., and .)ahe'\.Jt'\aU ..U"r.' ; ', '
:'': l'l-' ".q.t' ; .; .f tn.: t.t.t, ; .
dar, from Si uthamptuti "at in rid th. Fife of (} \vr .i' |i ij l.tu-dttf' (I- jilii.t-

I."C "_'. ijl .:.>'t ...a' 'n It..t; ." wen hat .. L.a" a.. :e !.r "r., .., > t.if. t 1 'lori-Ii ni 1 11\1"1 n..\\' OJK'TI J
-. .'r .r't \',or.. ..!.4 0 at.s.: th..r arT.'.' J a.. ;w > 'ate'
tlSls't et akt a.'t ban .Ws. bo f.urr t..lc. XX. 1t .'- ."OB J A Large Cold Storage Room for Meats
., at' ti.ra el.a..t . f t .. sue tor !
f YT trtr.+e This la Worth. Remembering.As Mao'a __=::0-= _ _ :"... =- -=_ _.::._=_=.:':.
no one la tmraun. **rry p -raooshould \ u.1 I i in.'xv !
Batll* Pn.urn oni. Follows" a Cold ,j.n |part-d h'u.mbc-r that "I.y'. KUney ,
eels LIQUID '10 cuIMMKTIATCI.T Our will cur any rs4" of kidney or Hut serer follow. the us. ol Pok>r'. j U.'. for the I\KMKU at new plant i Ic-eattMl l un tli* JUtunl

t, QJ ltTCL"rd I bladder trouble tbat Is Dot byoodth lloo y and Tar It stop th* r'ougtt. + Iwulrtxul,, lout of S. Arn"dontlo rt . jut Wn *' ,fal)3nl
k. I
/as Ttt s ea t1' aCr mla and atrvnctbens tb* Ins and
Brat.... l..s.r+.u.w At r a1.. reach of medlctn. J. ,\. UcCol-I rr w.to paft\moG'a.. W. )1ealhsue l depot.I ,-
IR ss..iat srs.rM i. i sa rt raas t Item A Co. Aeo.- I

,,. }. _
3 i. Ya y[ I

,.V'rl'' .'. v i w uY s :
{ M'f.4
t J'
'.tat; v .r ,rqt r. w + !F tllar



4 -
--- --


: $A' gLxtfl I'The Atlanta Constitution saYs i.: I Good Demand Developed During the
(" ". Roosevelt's eulogy of '|po..- Week at Savannah. Do Not Neglect a Cold. ,

-- Pat Omoe a. Ga1D.We.. i i um meat as one of the rare gustatory I Savannah. U.A. =",U\', .---A g, otl dtm.ind '

t:;..., .ells.aseoondelwmstlmaster.HH I delights he encountered on his developed during the ;pat t w ">ek Every cold Weaken the Lungs, lower the Vitality and makes the '
I less aNe to withstand ea, li cold thuspavinQ'
-- recent Invasion of the canebrakes of system a coding
for :Si-u Islands, and sales
: : were larger
; ...Editor and I the for more aerioua disease
\I'CR1ARY.! { Louisiana, has struck n vibrant chordIn Top grades were In scant.v supplv' and

...... ... ..-Tcuy w"* ,I the breasts of Southern editors coi\-uoutl| > held Qrm. Lanier grades CAN YOU AFFORD TO TAKE SUCH CHANCESPEaMANJ.NTLY ?
.... :
j .E ; I .of whom are qualified to bearpersonal
!'UI>'. Com .hllr Room&. which were in over sitppl.v., w.'r.- reduced
; testimony to the accuracy in price, and thin met the de

Bt-OCK. of :Mr. Roosevelt's observation. manI! .mil to considerable
on'ICE: rORTKR : a extent
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-m..., .\ *t'N. published I
fli dclircrcd bv carder in th-city or I i The Courier-Journal.! In which he ( l but apparently in request= v

*rpt.f tTtnv the U-itcJ State.. postage I views! the resident's declaration from 'I'll-1 glnners' report showed that
.*",a ? .JTr-VtS" .. !.. $1.2S three tip
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ktc. far ; % BTe krctiy In I: every angle and then says: ti :November 1 1. ::::1't1.4 bales had beetginned 1 1'to
"The Unrest 'poasunt on earth are
pact a this ) ear against 1M.7 >*; hales

.,.s D' __, found In the woodlands of the IViiny- last t. ar. and .l''.it?l 1" he's the tear
IUCAI column laornt>> a lineJE I, rile district of Kentucky, and they
Tr .?? notiw- 10 befoii. Otherwise Ito n.'v\ il It.\ .lop'
; ant 5 C tits for each additional reach perfection about the time the '
utit. inent tame out e\'-.'1'' that n'ptirts '- SYRUP -

""V:: n. a.t.rth.intf made known on I I.a Ik 1 perfumed pawpaw becomes .u ripe from!I South l'a foil n\ and riorid.i' ,'.MI

."t dvi -V I I that It falls from the parent stem tlniii. TH show some fallhitMI ;. r
,":nst and in all its golden beauty
reposes .
I ( rvatlve opinion seems ". |h.
,, ,. :c't'C'k sun U an eight-page. forty- in the orange tinted leaves that tin
ear : bales the "
t-etiui '
Monday and.4yd 11.on.1111'1\ as 1-1 '
pal t Iubli..hcd every earth has first claimed 'as trlhuh.1} : CURES -
,'umn "
contains all the news of the"te : cult in nc-atioii of the total cropTti
;tae) t i.and!> and general. and will be'' from the trees for her enrichment." I I !.>lovvii! < prices are lea..t on Coughs, Colds, Sore Throat Asthma,
.g, r),,tag' free to any t"'rt of the United. J We have no desire to mar the serenity fa.'tt'i( i imotatlons: Croup, Whooping Cough Bron-

iUh" .. :10a<1....for f1.a.ayearjnadvance.lA of ":\Iarl'ol'" lIt'l1r\"s' ,dream nor 1 l-'x: i I.c. v. 11".'.. or Oa.'s :tt lt ./ ," aram chitis Hoarseness, Sore Lungs.

bill become due after first have we nn overweening desn| to I \ riorhian! . . . ::o EVERY; !: MOTHER!: SHOULD KNOW THAT BALLARD'S HOREHOUND

airertsxtng. r advertisement, unlota otherwise I ITLJtc I dmw his radiant pen In our .tlrt..tlnn'' (I.'allt.'p'I., i.ty . . . . :2%.) SYRUP CONTAINS NOTHING* INJURIOUS. DOES!: ''
cmtracl. J-artie. Dot known to u. in an Iridescent defense of tlie Ken NOT CONSTIPATE CHILDREN AND WILL POSITIVELY
: n II\ : t'ia: and .'la.'iI.I: ,
a i.u-e: : 'u i CURE
V.W. .red to for advertising i
all pay TUB DAII.Y $%N.4atafi8VI1.LL. tu'k'I'O..a UII1. ('hole i ;a.'" and Kla.'s.. . ::1 Ma. ALLrt LOCKBAR, Go/Itwarta Ter., may.t w. j'ha.
IUCC addteex F1.... I \Ve had a eoiitroxer-) rt.- .>riliiiK fit.' I\l\: tin- n.,.'" anil !l-'la's. :11 ..u.e.t ll lli rl'. llitrvNwMixl (syrup In my family fur ..wrr.>.l y= r..
and ti atway.. Itr"- _".'....11..... 1Yb.u 'b. .hlldw-.n had 4<<'...up and ji
mule on our hands for f.t'\'rallllo1lth"'. .; )Fine 1.1': and Fla.'n. . . =Noiuuiit! \. HrM.piuc <<'..ultrl. It al|>...y. n II..,..i Sham tit ono s and I would l nut !_ iwtlhout
and one .fought campalgtt: In nat r It lH th. h.>u.ts iwtltU tte* JUKxr; MtCUIClNR: w. kuow ."C."
IDLENESS. Kla.'s NominalSe
THE DANGER OF oiniih'ic C.i.'rt and = ;
ural history lasts the or llnar>. newspaper Best Remedy for Children. Every Bottle Guaranteed.
IT, 1VU7! 1'ttn;
decade a/ZaC. 2..0..ftd. 1.00.
of "
notes the presence tot
W but.*- youths loafing I about the lint w;e cannot refrain from ,defend-' Uecell: : 1| gross . .. . . :2.Iol; I J :;;: BALLARD SNOW LINIMENT CO.. ST.1JOmS9 MO.wmmammmmmmmm x 4

stjv. ., >rmr at all 'hours of the day lag the fnpiemac.\: i>f the M-orgla; Ittc.'II'Iiet't., . . . . . . 2,'>i 111 J .r,7;

with no object In view fort 'po bl1fn over t that of the specimen SalesKxport . . .. . . . . :2.Sti! I'eeS;
fuulaiire, 'e of their future destinies front J't'11tllekI.Ihallla.. Crand: 01.1 I . . . . . . . . !II'! 1.:....;: ,
!: (
It :a u under that the Jails and I Texas, or au\ other of the American Stock . . . . . . . I'i.nxl.t'.t! ;: : '\IV J'Oa: SC>::JSr

: .> camp are so full of youthful States. Receipi,! i sea"nn. rU"4.! 1t.l 1; ::|I" s.7ii':

,mer' This state of affairs exists The "finest" possums' '' on earth" are Recent'" '. ....'a.."". o.'t..ll.1':: : s...'...I;

pn UalnesUlle; and In "Florida undoubtedly, found In South Ch'onla.; --- ---..-----... : : M, ..tJ fAN. \V.V.. IIAMITON.
net in It I I'll 10'11 t,,--
but 1:1 lb.'-... modern" times the practiv ( After the fun of catchliiK them-fast. "_ -0-- __ .. _' __ J
It Is deplor- 'furious fun. too! -comes! the joy of tJreat liritaln . . . . . t'.x'; 7s i :!
"'ins general. a JORDAN & COMPANYINSURANCE r
iireparlnpr and' eating them l>one to (t'ontln." . . . . . . . lo.:'> yetIono'.th. .
at: 'at't that a great many
do,ot ni.uiifps.t= the proper .surveillance brown turn with the ratrl""lrl -. via New York. "!..*. Iti'i;: '

o\rr their( hlldren. permitting themto hot and *aorfiom the 1lliand the |tonnnc via lloston . . I :i7'' '

r 'J i at large, like cattle going nnd i;' "taters garniKhlng the whole. .-well, Inland . . . . . . . . ---- .".11<

d> K "' their pleasure. Some day there simply can't; exist any other Total-I . . . . . . !III! 1.5s: ::
u I i1! 'its tn the hearts of those whoha the pi*'ure.t (iiaiN-tnu. S C., Nov. "..-H.,;. ,Island - -

responsible for them durtcj ,I t It..)IRr2>lt'" I Henry wants a delightful cotton': Receipts !901 hags; ex- ia
!\ been Fire Life and Accident i" :: 'IIlfI"; a".d :
'*':::MluHxl -but then It will be too surprise in the line of '| ossiini su |Iserts. l I'..' bags; Males. ltur.::: hags '

tile I prtan a'y.: just let him waft gently stock nil bags J.' nc'. :'t ltgc: ; CUll

down this lie might come. too. line. .: 11. /it .ITiC: ; extra line. :tic off
$: Ir'' ,tJiow that two-thirds! of way .i iti nrttTWttrttf trrnrttf ttf wwttrttf trrnf ttf ttf ttritf ttf itttf ,
before the first of .llInllar)". color. I i'Biliousness'
it;* ,iirr': in America' prisons aren.fu I;

without trade or profession. A I I ESTABLISHED
ria: '.< into any of the convict camps and Constipation E

oft fl.) :. State It Is said will show thatat I! For )ars I wax troubled with
The average ,.ItH'I I..f <>-thlrd the convicts con biliousness and cuntttlpntl/ui. which

It. i '"i Tfiii are young men and that those who own and managehotels made life -erablo for n.... My: appetite
I I and boarding houses, are .rejoicingoxer E H. F. BUTTON & CO. L 'i
tr! rut of then are nothing more the. early tourist season this \...:tr.I I failed III"'. I lost my llnual

thii! : .- >duat 's of street-corner loiter' I The season has alreadylrtu.ilU' lie- force and vitality. Pepoln. preparations

titc 'c IKI Knowledge of 1tradf' and athartlcM Jillntnde matter
and the railroad I lialnn Smith
j i i gun I
t.: 'r where I
wove I do not know UIJAI.lR\
bound' the heaviest known for thin
il t interesting, to state that I should have !i'....n today had I not tried
season for tnanv ve.irs. This Is epeclally -. I
'i few of the younger C Chamberlain Stomach nnd laver
: true of III'" trains" of tlie At
**< illiterate. There is pro Tablets. Tl, h tablets relieve the III
!! lantlc Coast l.lne and the SealMiaM:
t" i mly ii few who cannot feeling at .n'" .' strengthen the dl
: South to the Went t'o.ist. and e\er.V E Sea Island Cotton
r' > 'rite. hut almost without I ge'st tlve fun ions.' 11.1111| lng ille systemto
(I train passing! throuKh Jalnewv; libl l h, I
1tIC.tc.rJ that the youthful do Its tech k naturallyMrn.. Ro.a
crowded to its fullest c.ipacltvAs
nail are young men who I I I'otts, Illrmii .hang Ala These tablets
another evidence tint tran .por. {
'led( thetnoelven to ttso'f31 ,I I are for Ue by all dretggIsts, I.ww
t A.irk, 'I: tattoo manag: TH antli Ipaled nn earlv GAIXKSVILLK.: FLA.

I rush Southward, the Atlantic Coant
'''! !: 'i iI V
:1'\ the parent owes his
him In a life of 1114.'ful.1 I IJne H.!veril: days 1110(" Inaugurated mw AM4U4 w u

'! "f Its winter parlor-car service on the.Jacksonville .. 0 . _
Incouraglng Idleness, i INSOMNIA
1 ,' r ImttanceH will bring St, I'et.'ritbllrg: run II' art

1 i. but destruction. I a month earlier than usual
Indications are that travel) wilt I t tlf''

'- MPL I heavy the couilnn S..,.,M II to all p-i:! t .'! h... '--.. ,. if .'.>><'.r... fnr |f).*fntif.. wliH I In f
MENT TO M'BEATH.number I I.' .. a h.' '. .1 .. ...... ......, ,..,o.I SEABOARDAir
I .., Hie mid i I. .. .rr
I of the State Cial"; I I t m m r I l '< ,m* m
: :. : o'T
will get their shale. an ti..<. ?roil I I .r .1 te.eat.lt . '..-I. ,It F>, .<.. b>rri.t..14... a.1 I'
of The I'ublic /'tI"n &.tra .u i..y a1, b....nl.Ife.. ,
p' I published In "Inchi Impllrles, have l b...*va re,*"|%,i d l fi'itvariotift ,' .., Olll.r.t, ri: .l.. ilL .

points In the North from !L"/
n McHeath the follow- Beat for Line Railway
.eof compliment'liter : pie who have never" .1"tr..1| the rtt.il- The Uowet.

lectureand havlii l.-en lutfrent ,j jmutters
Issue of The I'lor-
this clt h.i....
A.lv..rlll.hue >
n-nt contains th.'al '-l li
written letters to frl..mU and f'f' ti l ltat I SAVANNAH rOLUMbIA CAMDEN SOUTHEKN .
.I i . 1C'B"llth. \Verej j I ,
.-* .' firm< here The city I* f". p. t.1.pr C.Ttv.it'iC
sure our brethren of i il LINER} KALEKHI.; HUJHMOND' ;
I ,
l prpc.rei| t" tak* car of visitors n" \
| 1r'
i I'.r fourteen year Me- than ..\.r. however, ax w.* hove twflrnt " WASHINGTON J DALTIMOKE, PHILrADELPHIA

..leome inontbly I .clitKM h<>tel>. and nnmcroiiB '*>ar.l ....... r'Q I' T..ONWi. "..0...... t NEW YOnK.o ,
vlnltorj ,
'"r The Florida School I lug hoUH.s of RU>M| CHpnrltvI ?.i.-a a .t ., : .I. ..,, .1., :.. ..:-. 1, e.I
; who hi\- c,......,_ Y. J .I' w 'y b.. ., : ,
he Influx of :Xortherti .
If144leath. Th teach- at.ttnaii.: r' Co.. C' Icac.t., MY. 997
I l Itf"-n niMkliiK C>il..- avdile their wlnttr
:IU? t feel 1 1,1'0.v.for ] home. notne of them forar- t.I ANNUAL.. SALE, TEN MILLION BOXES Two Elegant TrniiiH I Daily:
"*)ro to them than the ]

.dttor of their l>e''jun ftlsii' and many have nlreadarrival .
"ch' ?olfc r.
au l are |.l..a.artilv. .|u.r .-red SEABOARD EXPRESS
\- their warm friend MH!: P JJ! INUMEII's
rail the tatter friend In all FlorH.' t.. K"ln. ti. enjoy an . ::1.; I" Ii .I " ... ,
K ... ; .r.. .. .' 1\ .,. SEABOARD MAIL.
aua.e he wa won't In'' .%trlr and continue fnert.f .m ,e '. -. \ ....-. .', ,' !
. .. ... I
, ,
al foolishness of 10111 ...hlrh will' ,. run up to tot In !t. .-.. ....... I. .... I..- .... .' r
( I 1., 'tJ '. . "' .. . .
'h ....'s to Columbus.if spring -. -- -- ., ...' .,. -.-, .... ..._ ..,.. I
: j tj ... .. .. .. .. ..
dPpnrtrnent of ... '
....... .. .. ,
u.JtAtP. I How's This J .'. ... ... oJ '... t Modern Pullman Equipment ;
: .
$ '
chiell --4U.7; :>. .. ... .f : ., I lIr
-e etojcratulate; NaM \\ .. nSfr f>n.> Hundred Hollar r

me .... IIr.'e-' _. All ward fur Any tale of Catarrfi that an

.11'.w that be will In !I not tie rwr*>tt bt Mall. Ca'arrb r-ir |

h., dM In Fl ,rlda, 'I' ... J. ('b.',.""', At C. Tol-to 0 I The Jamestown Exposition Line s

........ of truth and :i S1'e. the unralICbPd PiaP at.I' w rJ t trtrloGve

! ., + of lot* twl.t-d t 0' ': F J. Cb.-f>..,. for U>.. last 1 I.. , \rand .
Norfolk Va.
"n oil '* a caret t.-lle.w him prfetiy hor.-r.-- ,
asOOf'C I )fp.
r tn*"y -Iff or not : In all buiilne trnnujtrtlona and fl-.an a= y I' r

-,It..::...:;"---= i I'made dally. able by him to rarrr nnn'Al.1JISCi."<,t any otllxatloti. K1V, /..tar ,...r 7tla.atfr.rir Ejc: (;un-;ion Tick;.<< on Halo Daily.

Al..r yesterday I I NAN A MAHV1N Wholesale iJrtijtjtfit, -.+.7 c II
if ... .. I
anyone ortrrrd for T 4.4o. Ohio |I Lis t..4l' ,' f.- 11

""k'b yrtu rrr'antly'!' Hall. CatArrh Car Is taken ltitrr. ,I i &3 .5 her --a ' "'-- . ..... '., for fall Infnrmstion enl r..r.f'f r...rvilons tell oo ayft Agee1.

:n th. r*lUr 1 ally acUux dlr.. lly up ri the Ll and niucoo .urf.fIItI of tb. af.tta,

: f.l ,. .,J..s prtct. of what 'lexttmonUU rot fr*.. Price 7Sc prbottl r4i'1'z )1 to-.4 C r.o.r.wrv" Ja A....'...' O.a'' r..r "' .....

, K .. You be I *. Sold by all 4roc-tt A r 1 J* ksoevlll_. ria.
)?* IDa" DOC a.
Take HalTa family 1-111. tor coestlpstlaa. -
:k: Lk: 70. ..... .

r' reel J:. Yid ay > +'rl.! ,'y : ,i; y+7 a'ntr r, d .


_. , , +yIti' c4 :-


> '


: .
--- - -- -----


Survival From the Adoration One CATARRH
""1i Offered to the Sun.

t'.._ In Home I pnrtK of eriimny the Yule

?:Dog In placed on the hearth ou ("hrlst- FAITTT1fl EACHING BLOOD DISORDER

,yma. eve and If fMtsHlble kept burningfor
_ { two or three ,!I''M.rrh..n u piece of Even in its early stages! Catarrh is almost intolerable caused by the

.:[it la laid aside l for the purpose of lightt BtufTy\ ( feeling in the nose the buzzing noises: in the ears the continual

'..D the next ye. ;-'" log and of guarding hawking: and spitting"' difficult breathing, etc. Hut when the blood

the hOlrN'h"ltl{ from harm. 1'1E>CP8 of becomes thoroughly polluted from the catarrhal matter: the inflammation

ti'rIIr*' WO
the .. strength and gradually all the raucous!' membranes of the body become diseased
Hauler family bed In MOL tJ F S..A.JLJN'"GS: E.A..CEI: "V'VE'
Germun hinges to"prt the dreaded and the system upset! and deranged. Frequently the kidneys and BETWEENJacKsonville 1.f-:
'bladder are attacked and the constant of impure blood through the
;.JlcbtnlnJt' stroke( vhlch appears In thin
arid New
"relation to he the type of fire In Its'evl lungs, diseases' these important members' and Catarrh terminates!' in Con- "YorU*

aM ctrct. In contradistinction from sumption. Catarrh is a deep-seated blood disease' and must be treated con Calling at CHARLESTON S. C., both way.
[. for it is' the reach of local treatment. S. S. S. cures
stitutionally beyond
'tIle solar the of
orb reprcxentatUe The Finest Steam ship. In the Coastwise
.t); .ben.. cpnt light and warmth. The ,'IIK- 'Catarrh by cleansing!' the blood of all the impure catarrhal matter and at the Service

tom> of burning a Yule log for three same time building up the entire system.' It goes!' down and attacks the Ulyde New England and Southern> L

.j: days and nlKhtti Li eucli homeHtad Isc disease at its head in the circulation andS t3
of the impurity that is Freight Service Between JACKSONVILLE. BOSTON
\ almost survival the removes every trace ana
certainly H from
causing the trouble. Then as rich, pureblood PROVIDENCE and All Eastern Point*.
r/doratlon .once offered to the nun at S S. circulates' through the body, the inflamed Calling at Charleston, both ways
; winter a Ntlce .
?itbe v' Three centuries after' the I'hrlHtlniiffera membranes commence to heal, the S..FITVi::: .JL-'W ZFTFURZXj: y S-A. IXjIKrc3-.

:J sun worship wan ntlll maintain*! mucous discharges grow less and finally !Southbound . . . . . . . . .. . . . . From Lewis'h rf. .' -

YIa i Rrlttiiny. hurl In Norton )' not monK > PURELY VEGETABLE. cease, and all the disagreeable and disgusting ,Northbound .. .. .. . . . . From Foot of Catherine lOt .(i..k"
than fU fireextingiil symptom of Catarrh disappear. S. S. S. has
,; years ago the houncliold
: gRae iahwl> on )1..(:I nml l the'tpllrlntnlaa no f.|iial lisa cure for this disra! ;e. It refines and purifies the entire circulation
\ log WII" hIlIt'.1 by he aid "f and! tepairs the damage; done by Catarrh. Special book on Catarrh and any Clyde St. Johns River Line

.flame .procured from the lamp( burn I medical advice free. THE'SWIFT SPECIFIC CO., ATLANTA GA. Bs>fw serx .JACKUONVILLE and )ANt4''I >

'J1" In the. neighboring ,'11 II I"'II. TlunfTordH :< -- I 9topping at Palatka .Aator Ht>rt" ford (DeLand), and Iutermedi.>
'I. t a curious Instance" of the on St. Johns River.
I '
"probable traiiMfereiic-e of respect find .
from the!. stirred of I
; reverence fire nypurely
TarnpaJaGlisonville T appointed to ail as follows : Leave Jackcunville.uudsys. I lt.,
hen then. riled to the c..1..1:1.i RallyKFFKOlU'K r
Thuisdtiys. 3:3O m. Returning leave Sanford :
p. MnndHjWednesdays .
't deal light"' of Cathollc-lnni. When the
and Fridays 9:30 ... msuutbbouno. .
/paglln .11....s for procuring ,unsullied tint -- -

'..were forblddcu or fell Into .b>Niitiid.. .' :: .
the dcnrt to which they u\\.1 tllI'ir I Ue.ddown. $CULDULE \i '
: ';, \! rOVEMUEK 10. 19O7.L Leave 3:8Opm . . . . . . . . . Jacksonville . . . . . . . Arnv..
and Inxticoiitlimcd nd of z
;origin development i
. pnr't 8:45 pm . . .. . . . . . . ..Palatka. . . . . . .. . . . .l. -av.
pI-hbing. to sift IIHperfectly '" 't Jt.1! 3 :00 *m. . . . . . . . . . .AatorBeresford . .. . . . . . . . 02C;
by attn<-hlng then""'"', 'tO <'av I' ( ;,ain! :ovill' for .Mi"'anoj>y, I'airlU'M and local . . . .. . . . (DeLand! ) . .. . . . . IT;

ystuagea nod. .I'reuuudeN IIII\'IIIJ. uu d1ect Arrive H :30 am. . . . . . . . .. Sanford .. . . . . .. . . am
_ aMl'toclntlft"' \vllh I1t'mt.r I II1into.'Iutll.i ) & . . . . . . . . . . 1 10:1.0( : : a in 10:00 am. . . .. .. .. . . ...Enterprise.. . ._. . .. . . . ..1:1: :

"h.1' Colds and Cologne..- Jttur'uillg: arri v"' < nailH."ill.. 4 1:2.1: ; pill -_I'ASSEN4EI4-" ; : -_ANDTiCKETOFFICE.- ._ -.12.2- VV. BAY. ST..J.\_ <'K! '.1 "

') Grip andO.1.10.| | in-fording to a : F. M. IRONMOMOKR Ja A. G. P. A., Jacksonville, Km
i> L(>av<' ( ;laiiu'svillc for Sampson (City, )1'alatka.. ,
JOHN PKMDRBL. P. A., A. O. UAOKHTY: French: ph Hlhin.. will j h-ld I If mt at '
; Jbe very lieglniilng-u 1 'lib n coploiiM niip- f.aki'. City, VaMo-:: and all point": North (" ::00 pill Fla. Pier 36 N. K.. K.." >

'' JJT.ot the l IM'it, cologne.; I'liur the co- I HCtlll.uillg{ :arrivo a' 8'Do Into n handUcn hl.*f rolled to a 290 Broadway New York.L. .
I). Jonas: T. F. A., L. S. SCBODLB. C \
funnel and Inhalu tint fumes' ntcadily
t'f;.+..T.rr two or thrc inliiutcN. After anir I I J. B. Cutler Gen. Supt. L. E. Barker Traffic Mg'r.THE Japk.onville.o'la.. Levtbure h <\11

.. V. G. CoorRR. J'BF.. A.. E SWISDALI- I- A
'it-urr nein>nllon has l een ex perl- -- - - -- -- -- ------ -- =.! .. :
fier30 N. K Neat:" t "k
: Jaekl'ODVU..l'-IR. "
i. tloeed one may \\alt ten or fifteen millit BUB1.z.qESB O.SH L>rjDR =
it DREAD OF RABIES.Out I C P LOTRLL. AIl nt. Jacksonville Fla,
Bnlff. If
,{ Vtea efore taking another
tiubsldetl I ._ _ __ n __ _ __ ._
1. tbe bad have not
of All Proportion to th, Frequency DRVEKE B. MORRIS,
Matter twelve bourn of this remedy It
.. of the Disease
: bowa that the innlndyvn.. too far un- G. S. MERCHANT&CO.Retailers
.r-wllv. IVt r6'r the HiinVwr than to !I... bitten by a dogftttppiicd DENTIST. . .
and Jobbers In
( .
-- to hi- mud iiid then are few ---
.1 conditions In xvhii'h prompt and Intclll-

gent action ou tin- part of the byxtunders Offloe over Marcus Kndern.!' Phone 70 3 rlccrtJR8. Staple and Fancy Groceries!

!TOMORROW IM more dcolrahU. .. ,
.\IIlwIIIIII'U 1"1., nil WII rUt blooded
Hiilmiils Oraln Garden Seed and Fertilizers.
lire MiiMi-i-piihl to rubles It In ALDERMAN A PEARCE.DENTIS18. ,
"..11 life tomorrow" tint s..t cominonljk "'.-..u In due There '
11 assure my SOUTH ti11)E C. UAKE. OAINKSVILIK: ft".or AHighs.
aro t\\tt foriiiM, the "furlouV and the i i i

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i 11'4' tt'.i iiiK to )I.< any tomorrow for IH'rlod of iii,<'lnii<-lioly or deprt>MMloii! the

yon? iinlmal' : I>C....n..M r.IIeNM!! ii nil Irritable Office over Duttoa ft Coa. Bask

) it in tin- .I'liry!! in f..rii- TODAY with a ti-iiili-iKO to run iiwiiy niul Phone 280. Gainesville Fla., A Oomplete. stock of Hay Corn Oats Flour. Bran, Meal Cotton Hoed V-ti'
at ev<'r>'thing In sight finally lx>,' | ; I and Rye. Ww handle only the VERY BEST goods at the LOW
that IN going to il" \\iilown{ I
"; I protect MiilMluiil nml ...114'11 nml 1)3) 'log Mllal'l EHT PRICES and aaarantee natisfaotion alwavsUVE
+'' and c.rl'lmll" of t..II."rr..w.. I
[ ,. niul exhtiuwtlon8 In
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l t : : H. K01JT. BOWERS -- -- -- - -- -
SoiiH-timi'. -- l I.-t'''<''a t\\o. .daH I'>IIIII.. .M in.HiutK'e or irritiiiiility IM al. D C. ,

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t4 ktrdna. i ,.H N sty. \> lth DIN.. head: tlo\Mi and loJau \\.>r DENTIST.Office OU. 9M HOlf RAilROAD ((0.
f Nlnety.....\-.Ii | cent of all ".-.,111 .In.l 1'1'.1. At the Mil lilt. time thereH
claim" M-llUt| ill the. I mll..1-tut... -N' ami.. I
I llllllclllty Its MU a lltl>\\'I III:. 1 in :Miller Law Exehange.Pttloe :; .
C.nrthby, It i I. often liiip, ....,\lhle to toll from a chdale. Effective: April 2O. 19O6.
t'H notions !'hun.to.. 2..3. Kenidence. No. !Ell -- - -- -
II"I uhflht'r It IK" ral !lil or not. ; -- -- -

The EQUITABLE lint If lii+.ft'ul of kklllnc. the animal njnUkly No. I No. 5 F No. :3I M I Ne Ithillr No e No
A ( UK poMvllilc.. IIM |I.' often tiiiwi ely ).lly Sun Only Daffy. ct If STATIONS e. 'sun lulunt _
x diiriiii ItNHVrn".-til.>.| itluiiDAY OS I.: t Sun Sun -
_ _ : ,
I done. tln oiu>r rapture" It lUll I I --- --I-- ---- -
nfh'r |pna.l of iliMtbin' n* .. B. ELLIS: J H. AM: I'M I'M: I.M I' M 1\1
etKVlnrv, rlainiK.. k M-p It for a fits lu> H under Kx-k and T. I.
r an not p.nduiNliMti'lj' (Rate" t.esvr' Leave I Amts Arrive Arty'S
key the '+li.>ii lt..elf. .\ IV .. . .... '
it in ii-iiully ilii I..i.-hl)' .lu.| IIIIHXXTS I A) a iO I' LJtr Oak 1 A I A W F' 'I':
t .on the piirt of tinUiifliriaf. ) In fiil. rabid, dot l : IIMII> H .h.--* In from four to I.Arxna. .N 4\! Uv Ar s 4 no,% !I.v.Ar 40 KI ,I IJo-Uller I ark, I.v t ,4'nr.Lv T.4 U'Mlr'[.. u I

MlttluJ t't.nll')i.'I. I I.dw.,.... right. ilny*. HO that If the animal re- ATTORNKYATLAW.iAi .: 147! :\7 Ar. 2\! Mayo JuoiUooKami'ton . . ..IAr :3 2& 4 41 r.. \III.V ..1.1I
Ar u !N> Ar ISO 'Ar h iii . ferry. .. S Nl I.. '
the itteti ,
itvera |I".r.o. IIH nmy > sure ArlO I Do Ar : 'u Are. M : . i S ir.ner; *. I Ii.; 9 ..S l.v 3jo LvConnection :
COUPONFill that they are nut guilt t: to drtelup bydmphobi.i ( !' made at Dowllrnr Park for aJ) train to ar." from I hp't .k srO 1
out and mail to f I' (;..111I1111. "lion .txl 4.myoJunction fur al.t. Alton Mini sit lrtrrtn"-rtluic' |x.1 lc.lvKnr .
j I.'eal.t,""t ti1.Itinew\lit.: I'Iaf In any "iiKplclon-4' .... the wound lnrorno il >n e. to 'eennertloo a Itb other UDC. *i>bone ur ci.I l": en (.r.,.- c.
H hi MI M ItUIIUNlliltrlv IM* Kipu; ..'red under l : BAKER MAIIIES-ON; ."- IIAXTKR: A.,rat:' 'hnne 147. Ix. >wln HulMlntf. the O.k. ..
THOMAS !)()\\ LI SUo freoMrnt. H. I'. "oP tSS. (.ener. V _e *
hotjitrr and If iltt>|" I.<* lnl..,..| fr..I' i I.IVK: O4K.. ......'..IIIA.
"Without committing ".'lt t.> ATTO KYSATLA '
u\ any ..o hat( iMUtrrlrntloti unh either M hot UN \\ ,

action. I thall >I... glnil (0) LNr .n. lth tiltrlc
: > .a lr'n or \\ strums IK-.I tnot with
4 Mnd IIM full |,<" ular- ntrarit'iig Inniirtuitot mny (t... tlinrmuhly .1..1.l ...
.\I I Inme tllu.- the ilov Klutulil, |HWi .
i ." '[.\ '\ 1'.11111 I: I'oii, I I..r .
+ your ;> I .i-t uiuh' >r obtert'alloll..r:( I If already UA I .: \"II.I.IIaehua: eo. 1-1.1 NOW IS THE TIME TO VISIT THE

I 1.ll.I,!! I the bend itixl ms-k.. ktiouM !I..' Ottlee in llnymnn Rln.'kp'KROlNANi
$, . . of ltiMtnmT on tii. I II ]I" .i.kri.1 In !I.... niul prt-..'r\,..I! for imtl.iiulHHtlim. -

I I ,it I .
( life of .t I, r+'.>n jearc ..f ('?... I I I. l"v."i\ if it ..(...tnM terrain that t'm. : : > HAYEK.ATTORNEY : .

1 i I III. i 1* rilbld the |Itatl.tlt ..11"11.1 t | r : : AT LAV Jamestown ExpositionIt

. i, .1.! .i r f..r it I* t-irlmntitl. that .. .11I1I.j:
.*mtt' 1I I ()A11.1MYILLa., ties .
I'! "tit or lhi ->*> l>ttt.*ii IM raht.1: l

't+ I mil-' l. fl|;,U> .l.'\.!.'(I tlV... diwe.lw'|, . hind ,I -

Addn'tww I I If Hi.I'iMttMir |>rev.'c,'h.. in h-iiat! !.>it<. Can sell you pity property (itr. is Complete! in Every Department.

nh ; r.>inptl.. ly IMUU nw.>\cry I* Hlnviwt proved and unimi.rorr'd ), phosphate,
,. I ..V.: I I '1I trucking and farming land Send him
I I. i 1"1'1\1111"! .1".I..t rabies l \U out ..f A list of what you offer for sale 3147m

k. .nJ IIe.1tAn'M"e REVIVO I 1":1:1 i i.'.>->rt..>ii In" Ills n-l..tl\1 .' tnju'.t>.-yof - -- - -

It 1.1 1\ .;:;" l 1a _Ji.'Na t,r the tm..lsu._ III ,
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t'+r W !h |I..">|>l.. l .a .e4alolletl un.1 even

d I ...i .! false 1..ir.q.hob's. a nert.n. l Solicitor in FquityIle. :

?' WellManr I..ud!"th.n tlue t<. rr'lIht ,u,.' -llnn''tn.' ; Naval Display
to ....".. ..,1'.11' Iles teal tu..I".I"ollth' ,. I Estate: L'anveyametng and (..-cMl .
THilzwzv'c\ I'"+"'1"''. .n srwl l'reetiee. business. rp n>rtlyto
I ,,IteLdod Ottlee nit door to Hun

> acnntt z 1 D* Charitable ptR*e. Oata..vtttu.. .'If\.II\A. Will ilift.f; t ..t .ui-1! --Jruct: yon !p. not f.ul
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lwlwe..Mllee.ult.Is.3ua.' ,.. it a. I
-' vluilTBU.tq. < t i s ,- , To our hor..r. A* well. as to yourself KHANK ('t. HK THUS.!" W > !F.I.X>tNvlM.AKK tit onco.For.
*ur n I'I T .t i j A
Qtuwa.a You ntvsl not vufffr from twins I )liiittfull\ illu-tr.itiMl! foMt-r. e.ii.tIininlftle't'riptit't'

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.aea..u. t.. t, .t 1S .re F \ fiTer Try n bottle of IlnlUrJ's Sn"' w m.ittr : !i-t (.f hot(-N.: etc .vritt-
Uy, !> > KB rr < ,,! .
and Inu.r -at, bra u.' t"> .intent. It cure all ,..In.. J M I !: I.u\vyer*.
bt Jtte.. t'e If.r ste l l t c r,.r.tt.rllae '
.1 tae at.I e/ .. -.e, t.-------- ai ll.n,,'rtu liitkenfleld. Mo.. .rlt"I i iI'ractic. FRANK C. BOYLSTON
W.sl, real blew.d betl4ee. t a. h..*," used Tour liniment for ten years'>
'; Yana. pla\l.r t. w1.ti'A..s. .4 ns.Otiattb ,
Mr. l t.aIM. tl ..r. a T ..t.y.a.aleeele..ew sad find It to be the bt I have everused DISTRICT PASSENGER AGENT JACKSaNYILLE FLOR1W
la.t.t.eh.H.a NE'.1i,. ta all Court. SlAte sad
e U... b.e.tt+..la Ye.t trrI.. I.wN.OS for man or beast" Sold by NVM
!'e.eYateer.+: tu (iA.uu.1t, Johnson. i iN FederaL
advt.. sle$ es..1 W all wC..nis eIs.
... Qreal.re trees adder . . .!
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iN !a OahaaR i r'latltrtt' pj Sere.f 3Se Ckqd ftibsA I I oee_-- Oel...si ,. .
..b) -- .y.tv(.. no.Tt' .-.,....l.r 1
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f Jr.: %j'(t.iijC.tsV 4 A''r


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{. _
- - - -
-- -
-===--- :: ----'


.- - OO.coctCt --- -- -
t .m Impotes Pen*:ty Upon l It l is Not' Good For Those Who Have LYDIA E. PINKHAM'S

iLS : I' I Rheumatism's.a- u Work Hard All Da
d for Rebating. )
? C.I: VcS\--.Jud) tee t a bad thing tC> I I'' 'I'-h" ,,' .i.!le'|iuite sit 1'1'1'1 1 i iu 1"1 " VEGETABLE

f ,, Iu .he dlitrlct court. j, when a man'sgot ill;il' the ''/It.\,, n 1" ,. ..:.

"I. .\'hl.wll1.: Topeka and to work for :g: III; .ItI.\i \%',|.\' lllortIi.I .... -. ,' .' COMPOUND I

'.41.\ $,:;;'tl.I-.o for rebaa, a living. ix :Ihau l Inter IH'n...N. .'t i ii I" .

Idt.. ',:::e i tal wbat the court ..Ie11 "oJ"-. S co tt'.r IQt "' i Ii t in milliner tlnu. ill.,\ :, .. Is aoknoKvlired to rx the tat alh-.

"termevliate penalty." fl' Emulsion ..agc It damp. foggy! ,'li,I I,* it ooH.ful' remedy in the country Cur \

'::1, 4>f which n:isht have is splendid for rheu- . : !'.. l I'a..( ile..li"iltlv h.r',: ..tIt those JHuuful aUmcnla peuultar tovomoit I -. .
IC) Is quite true thin dnruu I i : i,_: \
$1.4lHH: : and tjieP tism. The cod
t :,\'inrf rna
**. tQt I() 'r there I is n M>UM' oi .' \ iI.( ,,i iI For more than 3'1' years It hay ;

***: t. ,litll.> ...... liver oil which ...... I i"el K'In.: n'troutt ii ,i'i.irniiij IM'mal.t Coinplalutn. try,
i l't'\ -xtd the cane in a ..SSCotfrEmulsion InUammaUon and UlceratU -
::; hour. hut thi- , .II po Much s' 3j iy'
of some length, In 0 0c Falling and I>tpl coiue>iiUi.
: t' u I, : ''h '11" derv tint ie 111'1 t.. ls. > \

*, td that theie. were suf- 0 contains makes redo <> ...1 I I in. n .torre|*oiitiiiii( ii 1" |I'rrvI. anti consequent Spinal >W kne tH,
rul unl' extenuating eit .* ,I.-, I !li Itarkaeltand is jH-vMiharljr adapted V
faster > of uulkllitf
g' corpuscles s!< poi biter
the of LI faKovttrtN .
0IQt to Chance
'" pre cliiJe the possibintm than the disease can '1"I'\ 1 hate It.i'n "l....,.it ;inn iiin \' ho\T that it has cured LYDIA yr. PINKtiAM

.. m tenttnce; and jet >uf- destroy them. Stiffened 0 uul p.ltiettt| .lor the pint i \\.ii more eases of IVsinalo Ills than
..,. I' one remedy known
? doing shown .....
i Inn of rung tx In HiK r""I..t| mill iu Il III PinkhMiu's

f"o;. ....ll"!<>. a minimum pen :x become joints and supple.muscles X 0flu : < Hi! i . the "j tuttn t tint: not :a little of I I Tumors Lydia K an. early\ stage of Vegetable development.Compound Drmpplnjf: dl't.seusatiuuronusing olron ami expels. "k

The whole 111.-+.I|Ina mill 1"1'"II"U"' x hl'h : I>alu,%>eitrlit. and headache are relioTe anti r1lI1nf"ntJylr..1 hIt!\ IIM.It .
a'i i IV o\ impaii was cou\icN, general 00 *o' "ulj' d"'\ ilop In hot \\ (> itlur Nft : corrects IrrrfTiilarltle or Painful r'nnrtionnVaUnrtH of the

11 fart b>' a jury in the - health improves. 0o 'l I .t. ,,.....' ..I\r 'I..ul't' tn 110:111 j i Stomach: hl.iIt..t: l"L Illnatlnir.( NerTou. .Prostration lI"la.lu'hl', 411'no.

_ .: t of granting rebates tot AU dn.set.t I SOc. and *!.OO.L'ABILITICC 0 '.. I.its of eirlrlsltii, ;. lull.,rit.vl rut Debility; al.,'). OirclnerM.. FuintneH.s Rvtretne Lassitude! '.nun't| oaraandwautto s+'

fy, ,' itnon Lime and Cement fl"" ,, _. "l(ul turn I iituestorn. n"t i'..mit h.'l If'rta1'.iie. !.-..Jlng, J rrl t..bU It.... N>rT<>iisne...Sl.epl.anesa.
,.t!vri/ona: It was found teQI0tCttOtCttC( >O<)O O I t I.' : ,..1! t It\. time to font h.ff"i< I -' j 1 KlatuleuoMclaiit. .holla or the ..Inu"..** Theso are. mire iniikationit of h
c feiunle weakiieMH or mule or ranin derangement t
..1xt .tlca counts rest' oI.ll'l.t'II,1 l roouiM In the uu Idle .
.1 the > ol ; .\ For Kidney Oouipluiitts of either sax Lydia. K l'lu1haru', Vegetable
= e IndUtment after !but au l .OUlpO""t is a mott excellent
I. EXPOSITION CO. I :"0.. II u. that tli,' .'+hl1l.rlIl. i.\|xrli I remedjr.Mrs. .
The rebates
J' 't'ratlon.
'n. I .luring the e:uliiioinln, li""uN ..
.'u shtlrlna| 'nts of lintanti Plnkham\s Standing: Invitation to Women
.t' They Amount to $' .-00 .OCO--$9 o.000 1. III \|HMlsilllUr\ \\ hkll h.i- I.. ,
c.: ."u. :Nelson Ariz.. to tart Due Oavernric'itNn !1..' .p..I.. I for t tutor In the ij\(,'. In rt: t I Women ifTrinu from any form of female vr u kness: are |minted to

(Arid ,ius, In amount from J5 -tf-!'<' \u N '\I \t ta nut'trc&T IDI' .. : .IIIIJ. that nt a henernlul! \ :.'. unit write Mrt 1'iitUhniu. I.vnn, 1'1,,,.. for advice Sln U the Mr, Plnkham I

GE J ( of the!\ IH'.II'1 l if ..I.n..t, i'f or i .nJame > | ''I I Iery roiiu'lilx. 111,' lni..liu'-' or : who hn* been uilrlshnj I ;.i'k women fie of charge fur more than twenty t
\\"ellhorn.AIO! Imposed I'rnft-, .. itinl tiltiut 110 riw'. mi li.>llr'' years. an.1\ "( fnr'thrtt she a siste her nloth.r.Hi linv Lydia JO:. IMnkhikia 1
..: mi tl't Santa "For ':(I tn ir'ti'n.; I! tonipint anunn.'I. in advUhiir. 1'bus she\ (In well qtimlltietl to iriiUU i.!.Ide'womt'u back to
li $ mono t iM-fm' :.1)( or :si otlink KIHto !1..1 I "r
.* rtiMvn 1"111 N.t rendoNInt'! '!: : health lleriitlvlm. In tree an.l always ht'lptnl.ABSTRACT .
; i baling; 1.:1 .. nat1\e otI Itl'vv !lu' uorkllli; IHIXMI' nil hoot alld I I I III It'
t total Tin hi,1tl"s to be $_:!.tl1tl.(MM*. .
I d I lias' a large; t. mill couKARATAGH lilt 'I i ..nll.-r iii the eienlnt' I I.a h tu
c dt't:ill If>il I its follow', :
d' 1 (ilht.l 1 has III the U';:Itunm; ol' tiltIt.11 .
...... 1'I.1 ___ _. I>iu> ill*. V:1\t'a'IInpnt: i on the II.OtK> .. ,, '
'' ut KO HUH'li \M>rklim I p"\virHton
000 !h'"n. $'\ttnuno.< .
DISASTER. '"I ::1' In hi.. Itt I tin nut I iiui, !tr
Hiii i'I;i the 't.. .1.1,0 1. llr..f n'ortgape ... .
eelN! ..
11 Ii., lilt
--- - i n t i Ililup \\ '::I'alIIlp.i. & REALTY COMPANY ,

c r ':W0: Perished in Landslide Su- hint.! glut.nunl v III tl'' ;ill.*' morning' I li.ntrs. lie ;
ot'I'nducoed by Earthquake. l hue on <"ui rent liM>nltle :jr f'v' noo Illtlll: i 1\' etluntt111| ... HtlN I k III!* K.MIII

,"Itt'g. NOr.: ; 1> .-.\ dlpaithr Pie 01 stir) t-n'JMI'i'Iptlnnn t tu i\iKi. er In Hi' ufti.nln..ii or etiMiliitfIt Li 1 0(> ....>or ted'
I'tloo. ? I::;i .ol'n, J : ,'M' of In' '
from haniarm i I' 'iru n nnilli xx n u m int
' P! nr day
E. E. VOYLE. MaAh.ttrtuu
r. ,. offidll telegraph I agem'%' No aatt'ttt'nIas: ' rcntloi. ato \* it.-!, :o l I... nl hl. INXI II III"I i '
J of the n .f'.ts. but tMev Include jSiooiHHiectlui i Jilll.,I' ,s of KMI" 'II a illllilitir Iliit In of '1'1'and' full information furninhnci reKanUuK laud la th \>.
.... :n>('jal represeutattVtt a I nourty Our manager ha (lived in this .. thirty ..,. and .::4,
y ..
.iti '\M7neof/ t:1I': -N\trm 1. 'tcwlt'i . ( ill < '.Ir otT tln! I I'liint of hUotk In land
i.1( \' ho vtn' Item to KarataKtiir ', !Iii thoroughly eon .*rant with title.. It
the lii'iirx. then I lit linn
district of Itokhtiia $ ."fI.llt.\' in n"ipjl 1 stork, cub .1\I iiniriiluj -.
tf FcrliMlon. oollp.shl.. which would 1'1.- i, II t If on the ..tlu'r litinil, lio le I
Sandsll 4.FIKK
? 4- dt.trty'tl. by a lea\ ,. a ilHilt. of ito'iietllltlK overal .11th-e| lilt) 'h.r l and n';nlliifM of uiln.lninl JS. E V-O Y-LE. ;4.
f :,u t'arhlualt": ] t>f OciI. I 1.,01\ In tli.- I lath'I'i pert; of tin. 'IIror ,
':oo.ooo If t7r aofc are rcallr l lur ACOIDKM.: MUUOI.AKY AM INDKMN1TY .JNHCKANOK.entlng H.rre-:
r'\ -ar :" l IH'<> ) persona<< ilerlshcda at i I"t.rhl'. then li.- inn"! ria' l lalt.r t tMt to
. ,*>u n. esttntatrd.'I te number prominent American and English; aompanleUKA ..
escaped I'' I I\eu: in iini-x'!. xx oik It Ii I
nty I *. ii tut illte" \\ I III icotinliV: "' the flbillt .'.,,.. : ). KHTATK: ANn OITY I.OANH.
-- -- tat.-- i "iinniix. inxork |t..1 louu; IIOIIIM. ..
Always Was Slrk. I ;\ and,,1 |p, t(.' Irtbilitx or 1'i >' i]>i'niitv .\llll I III Mllt.il/llH' | cJ-A.t ::c..OHVt..11A F' 1 cr-tci sa *

the f'3I.PUi.ui. 1111.i in M t %'.11' anti \' III M '
a man says he nl rays was
port .it ap! <','i ia1 t-, *'; 114: if l'U' ill: ,"t I
ubUd with a cough that lasted I'f" Nou... For Over Sixty Years T. L HODGSON I
M tut*'-what would you think Ir'Ioalow'.. Soothing Syrup hun I i[ Miss N. Norton

If: .haul say he never, was sick ,'
A Methodist Minister Recommends' been used, for children's' teethliix Its .....
f-i: u.,IMK Mallard's Horehound Chamberlain's Cough Remedy. I ootIn n the child softens the KUIIIH. Practical STUMP PULLER "101 ,
b Such a man exists. Mr J.
<.' ( irk. l) nn'r. Colorado writes: \\'e have used Ohainbt'rl.iiu'x Cough I i illemeiiy allays nil pain. CUTCH wind colic and I Novelties Books Stationer
: In home la tint beat remedy for diarrhoea ,
our for Seven years. [ Williston. Florida.
F ears 1 was troubled with a seT I I
and I It has always proved to be u reliable i I Souvenirs
r uib that would last all winter Sheet Pictures -1
remedyV have found that I "I \\ I Innu' home fl..lln. ;,: tike /I neivMoninn ,
7 ouRh left in miserable
me a con
<3. I tried fiallard'a!! Horehound It would do more than the maiiufattunrH '" \.\ r,,,ti- his xxlfi"ill Public highway and lard cleared and Picture Frames' jl
"\\ il I in't <'ome home fluid nit likeone. I . . 4
cHIm for It. It IH .I'pdall I
Sri"' ...1 I hate had |
]' ;in not a sick days ." es tOust. .vl her b".b"luJ.-llnll""U
of stumps on short nittlre at reasonable
good for croup and whoopliiK cough.Rev. .- I
::t'w.: Thais what It did for me. I'OHt
fc I ey, \\ 1\1. Johnson. Jamen A. I.'\\' 114. Pastor (' ', prices. MACHINERY FOR I 206 East Liberty Street

Minn, AI K Church. Chamb 'rlaln'x 8A L E. Corr..pund..nC" aollcltvd. I I I '
ltemecl is all THE PEOPLE ALL ,
A s: tit It'f; Medical Sclenc Cough ) Hold by druggists

.., N iv' '. Infint \ I I I . tI
.arth'l t. Ckoriirlrd.. Ul.. r. 1t.wsr.'. PROF. JULES EICHELBERGERPiano
s o. I tt" iroai-t i
. .. I Negro Publicly Lathed II.rp........ I SHOP-
M 111"'lror i'i' "' "ant.llI. "I.... Not t> 1': 'Infeelli.u .. .' '
, ;;.. I This word ff I tin his 1> M n In -I j-
:\ '
York lt\ ev.ryin.'s
r \ c w Irs jt
hl,'h t i e\:i-fi il 1.1'I r.'' I Ifotue and Organ Tuner tiarnvftt I'npy I'rop. '
m'ut> ml many are wutd.ringwto.I t, ,
.11 'r'iiHitlon xt the N.w: ; I
des I Inor". of < ,111'I I .
In a.'rd
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't', .\t..tIr'Ir: | V ,' no < : < >nc rtt ,
t* f1 h\ tii'Cmos fnnri'l tern rsnir-.!" | )r| I.n tuiid.. who mill det y hot !
"S nut ptoii II natiiii'i: wt.n .1'... Fhaw a terra was 1.1"1: :N: I.V\: Mlto IU.UIMCIHK: il.""rs ti.. worn' Thoroughly Moilorn' Shop hlatent P Pt!

m%ltrrtt'l; tit) far It front the ri'. )' Jill and puhM. "' !It I a' 'I \\.'..11. tor the Informal! ur thoun.in.ln of lhirt. I ) .hu Year.' 1ti.rrlrnrr.: I
l..nlde l who Ilk" to know ll.ittiojt icxxlthlriir -
ii :.*-OHp hl'h" 1 I..44 alniottit *rt ha : n..w of Irl/onn! .. '41aa; wchai .., w., ..../1.1 ..M>. Ilittt IU-itPIC'II i.: Hterlllaltiit Ap|> tratu>. and mil 1\\

t .f'I urtrm. t i* !h .1 '": rl..:1 .if tfi. i.'.:i tuciiMM. ii ..i troyt-r oi klt"r:l of llrp _," \1.1, tnt \\11:: 11-r.ipr 1'r.,,,.,.t t"rnl'n.. the i I.-tt TonlcM. with ftr.t-c&a.e& '1".

- .' 111' ....11..1 J 1 ." f' ,.tl' 'Ir:i ,;n .: I i"i VIIM" "II . 1 I-. II.. firmly iintno of A artists will !>. found li.,r.. j j"R

.1 I ratify Burned. pelt !Ir ::11 h"I.i i 1' vni II' :i'I'' .. < ..p I It .1,..."... f' .I ,bt "1'1'1. tug.-Inblw, par, ..IA INM:11'll.l.K.:: I-'LtIllh 1\. \ solicit a .h"rfllll your patrona.g. :if
I ...11! A n.ir' inlr-ri, ,tM> CII"."* .1.u. .
':i t. 5 -r.'tr. :SandiM"t -. l
I I.1 Irurr lt.fi ..Ip, it n.1 l rullliiir' butt. thU
f t\.1 I tI'1'JlC'ht"I' ol Mi and: I - U Oi.. rut r Ihnt NIIW: 'IIICO'H Illtltl'l- i

.. tir\' r. w, n1-. f"4rftS' : ; 1 riP': "\ .t..ernT": .ft"r wht-h" , flue
I n nvln' nf'.I" iti: open ha r irroM :* ..'d l.y |r..ilnir tlrurrlnl"H THE ROYAL CAFE T. F. THOMISUNDERTAKING J
I CASTOR .r.'t the I -' mi,. for naitipl* t-j TlIlrrplcld >.
I '
i\ t fir the v.I rpn' .
? ( IK troll. Mich
i d l.*atlt i OHM! iltiicitil I For Infants and Children. 1.1.1 I I N 1111! I I I1t '. CO.
Two .1I"It-.O tI
cwutu and $1.00.J .
r' -.' inter ii I'i ii eat nloii I .|.. /Knlni-.tlllr..
.' i b ato 1 l\1ng In tttrii The Kind You Hays Always Boughl, B. flodlfnrd A Co Bp.clal A.*nl.

'r ,, .*..\ 'or. 'I'ttrr
Hears the
>.If.1 't to e\tln Tii;.M //
:) otT C-lGl :. MONEYTIME Xir,'UI ItNlrit I.. Hr.fitliir llvurdrr (1/Ill/( ....
- .

WORDS I A'.r.N I "" a
\\-.1.] ..... l I' I'. N .v 9 I 1'rHi 1.1111lf111 It l I I''U|[ ,
lt I H > il.: \I> ('rhUi tt'I lltiINtll/1El1 !
I > r ; t"
- --- .a- '.II'I"'I I : III \ I 11'.1'\111'11.I -

.M the .mu :H'.n paler of the t'I" -- - awl. 11\ t.t:M r:....

Honda Household Will ran \.i (. pfr Pti t. Iebert': .. -'- it'i' ,., KEYSTONE BAKERYI'b.nr OYSTERS IN ANY STYLE I I.'_ ,.. .W' nut ......

*';rid Them So. i ; :\, 'A1:t ,..rnI' w- '' .erf'+ I'.:.. K. 1. ,Dill A ..tI:l:. Prep." ---- I

I I uh..IIII.n! i of th 1 '1. .... : .. II ) I . .. .. .... {"r w..1! t... ... ( .. .' 1." ..

Ii i wood I p'I"R(> 4rlni .l I ,. .. '111' t,: I .ri 'Ir > .rr< I' .1 ...A.r.
For year w. hw been doing the .
pilnn mnl aches", of n : .. Ih .11.'lt.< ." ''i'" +
... .1. to h.. entirely" lr.-., I IdaimeroiiM I . Baking for hundreds of s.tlsfl.d cu.tomee. .
thai h< wl;; INI- ---i
:> U, tuak urinary any kl i s never tv) late
,- To tell how this tah.. :niniNlsa *.1. . a"i

.' call 'lit brought atxMitof'KtluK I W't:of the ant! 'u.' 'a a-:.. ..

a: -ftrd.. to bun I ,. !,")'(I'I fty 'P :\ .

ia. tnMl'rixuman .. I I per i iI
.uf 119 I I. trt. I
I my tells t..w t"r..k"h.to do...It. with ll.. I Killed by Fa/link/ T'..- "Oldest Bank in Central Florida"

v Piles 1 can stronglytn ; V ..m..* *.a. V*v. tl.-t1.r. to 'IUof -,,,'''
t. to any oilin UM d I II aar:t JI ,.ara. tm Hun H. ras. ..

"dkID. for the kidney' I..allfl 1f111ed. attar C'. J".. .. "UI '
H \t. [ ht't"I.U. iILLtoltr:' is.11rls.rd"'.Il +
and Ijackache: I \\.Ir..t. r.erliooe by tr*- ra. n"spen LUTIOI Tilt" DUTTOn RAnK _l
tr.-j1aC at InU-rvals for I \ .... .
:- t im II. -*s puling 'lOr. -ri W 4 TM'.M ( j I.Iil.IV ...
"r.t or jM -.sld attack Ibut t ftiead ...*. bIost.s hard M. xa' A CO.BANKERS. ,.,..." .., \ '.

..,.,..,,e +a.n l tiny at time went laid by itanetm: : to tb.rous4 sad 1.1. .. ain.rnhttal W <.MA '''.: Capital I Full Paid S75,0001/ ... :<< .rm r he utton
Vi.. .. ..
".... hardly' walk and It C.Q' a.4 Pt. "1"1 ..t' ,. I. "
.' tg tt"r t GAINESVILLE FLA. J A W-'U..T. "
to .trahcbtrfl up l.nDI a .-09'.. ItN .wr. Ball
r tvhlb- tbo kMneycr_ -- M Ya.Prs.. J 1. !tl''tur. .
:-calir I .I..I1.d.
and unnatural)
'. Illls n re.l me .'rc 'a Fell' 0" Steps. Ss..r.d. Eyeball Yo ..h.....Tr'IC"I"1C...., r'... cotIY i diNI. t I rIY .'. J TH'Wn 1i"7DI'.PS'TCf
,., .,. I"S:
T' :
t J-
rl.nc.' 1 Ys1.sy'l 1. "a .
know that lllsd"p .
wt w
'rti \
'.. ,' [ I {'r'
.ride.f aIM Mt to fJl" 4y.srcldi&4 I uf Tb..1 I'rrs

o t.tatlons toad for IL" thi'. p..... ...st .. .' :. .. ...ytcru. s't! r

tit' ..:..v all -Jrs l"rice S4Co TD tr.d.f. The .11'1.. oe- flita p' '' kp A I1..ii .h.- .,....1.{ .... __ eo ts..f r..r _. tl.a gwrlu sI ......." r.... d r 1aswe tAr.s........ ,... ___,. Ac.

rt .>I..rUborn"
". .4 ast4 13 ..'..i.vray II t.r,' alrpy.A .8"1 r..r .....r.t phi .. T1w. C.rtltlratr. .t leo.-, Offlr* s)*.." *. _. t. P. ..
1'4'0 )lop the aalD4--loIaawan4 a... ,..u talkfistl .0' ad o...r ... r

+ RArt tSD.ro. alut E.t aer.'tDJ .t ID..bal).I i





- ---- -- - -- _. ----'
' I Busy eerday: because w .. sellche.tt
OF CITY AND ft ]111; .A.! /:ya. !: Phifer I II' 1-
1jOO( !) : I .1. II. ('oII<..n made a i plot t.---.Litt-- i
r\N. '
CONDENSED : ( , \0.... ,, .11 t .It( to Cimpvllle FrU5.iv
CCUNTY "'' '..'-::- G\1"o J'\1U t to>sturv WILSON'sThe
II I', S ruggtt of Miami bas ,\1\ \11\ ,sikrv .IIII

,., Office In Gainesville National Bank t I t' and wilt teiuain h'I.i :uu

Interest OathIat Building.WE ti r. of 'I. ......-
of General \t flays as .1 guest r* m I \ t
Our Reporters.ptRSNAL "I It.5 Anita IVlferro of l l.uko' "I'' .
ered by HAVE FOR SALE :
_I" !r .t pleasant! itstt 1 to flu'1t.--:<.'s
Three miles from Gainesville. a
AND SOCIAL ITEMS twentv-ncre: farm 1.'h't.-rotJlu house 1.."', ,, t.l.i returne to her horn\ j ...* Reason

| with bathroom and ...torc.'I'OUI11' 1 rlUI t.rt I., \ i II I II'
What U I, and sUibles:: Eight I ht1hUI1t" '$ with I ) Nortl..>t of Newberiv a \\ .'Uphosphate ii ii
and i i
Happned yards attached each tweet) by one
Ana' HJ klh'\\ 't miner of that ",
Told In Short Para- hundred feet, fencedith wire netting 'C"I I i
,1P"S So That "He Who Runs May with yard attached. Incubator and cin \ sttrdiy I 1 Ri
tool house. Good supply of water A I 1
Bead It 'In The Sun. bargain I I I \\ .\ :Mcl.tiuitof -.uuu. oiu' ot' the

.et Sale at Phlfer's One seven,room house; with bait lra.ll.I :iu and most Hiuctssful IIwrt'I.1!
eian Phifer'a. acre lot In East Gainesville, rents Cur antI I that piogressl\e t"" 1
,nol mattinK: at STORE Should Be YOUR STORE
month 1'rlce isoo. 10
1.50 per $ percent .
Rugs: ti.in; \-,i.'ting business In this c.,u\ \ s-
and profiler down and 120 mouth.
Phlfi-r'a per
Trade I I I tent,
da>'. Five miles from Gainesville. onXow '
Phlfer's" every
Bargain at nan's lake 4.'i; airs all under i i| M tt-i .. K-aelle: Heal stile of the i opu,

Trade a' I'Mfer and ave, money fence 123;: acres under cultivation.Five Litt.'rks in the otllc of i'l.ik of 25 YEARS' EXPERIENCE '

-aed 1 1:1:: money made. Phlfer. miles fenciiit. Jno,1 hammock i i llh.' ". nit Ulenges/ left veMeidav' fur
Money land irrigation plant on this prop I
Sice that ir-t. Is the kind PhlferOP erty.; I I" vi-1 ,.1 i of a couple' of days to l.itlxes In selecting all kinds of DRY GOODS suited to your wants ?

Three miles from Gainesville. 3JO- in .\ l i> h u a.
and necessities and the knowing:
at this acro tarn.0; aC'rl1lIt'r fence I \\'. Fontaine of :
for sale ( .t i t.tttt i II. \lkl\lI"I'
n -bpapera Largo dwelling, barns hay houses I' ,.a"'d 1 through the city 1'5.5..ly Hew TO BUY, places us in a position to fill your wants with s7,
;:t? etc
calling cards at The Sunoffc One pecan ,grove: four and a half i.. .1 route home trout :\,,\\ \lit'rry,

ladle= miles from Gainesville I Grove con' ;I'i >v Isr.hi i is cmgtged in tli<' milling The Right Goods at The Right Prices. ry'

talus 36 acres. 11 acres beirlng: .\ of 1'1t..o- "hat.'.
-big line at
Furniture and mattings bargain I
One six:-room house. in North Galnesvllle. i \\ I r Jackson ofV.''ul>ui IL. fake

TC': Just one block from G. & (i. railroad : was 1'1 the city >" 'K"'rllaIr: .lark\.

Try a savings account with Phlfer on Grove street ; lot 5o\i f"t.t. I son T... ,\ has a force busy putting out Beautiful Wash Ginghams at. . . 10, 12 1-2. 15 and 25c yd
Bankers. Trice $94500: 10 per tent down and
grot % lean.lad 1 1 i.ihhagi'. and will h." a
Orate";: for sails at $2.25 box f. o. $15 per monthTwentylive :' large ,u leage : 'French Percale at . . 10, 12 1-2 and 15c yd
residence lots In city

b M I, situps. A. Hawthorn G. Lamb.Porter was: shop limits all high and strt't't di>'. gixid I location.I I I I' i t- data in ev 'r\' .Ic.tall] I I.. tuirIliii i French Voiles at . . . $1. $1.1O. $1.25 and! $1.50 yd
of : .
fronting on nice : : electric lights: \ . i all shoes for \\011I"1\\ and :Miss\ I IC't
city water and all the advantages ,
t i ht' city yesterday to be had In the <'Itv'. Prices ranging !. \u, kid l and patent l 1'alh'I"> (il.iinto Plain and Chin' n Panamas at $1 to $1.50 yd

F :f f urn lilted; ) rooms for light from $,..00 to $2: ?:::->.00 ; 10( per cent >> ll,1 I tipped.Vtt want ) t.t1 i ter ....ctli In Illai k. .., IIr.",11'1 mid 11111..... !

r ," M>Ii)5! 4o3 East Orange street down $10 per month i >.n, I.I ('. MitithI .

line local views! If interest It. 'inv of the
-relied. now you are ;
take ; I I. I I' .il of Fernandlna. after a 1 brsrfiIsit RUGS R.'U'GS1I1,1I.
.,tuli. J.1cCol1uln:: above, we will be glacl: to you I
t.: ir po out amid show you over same t, Ms sister Mrs II. P. HolnelnIn .
I medium and large 1116.| *... +
k il/. i city. b'ft Fildiv. for .111"\.M"II'\.

tt 1W.; Mlllican of Waldo spent Your cash will\ talk at I'hlfer's I vilb "'ltl' other points :Mr il I Iseiik Rugs for the Office Rugs for the Parlor, Rugs for the Bod-roomLadies'

Yl' in this city as a guest of \ IL.. d I as a piano salesmanMi. .
Still leaders of low' prit es. Phi ft.'r.
frt d.l1ack. J r
Phlfer and will save i lilT Ft'IIIK II. Arch .icttson I and apart
rib- ran you truney.losrs j
record carbon typewriter
: "f friends from the Ilixt Knd
b for legal work for sale at The KdeNtt has returned from : Long m1
li.ix. i n iiirnc'd from a few dtvx InsistIng I
Bun otT'e a business trip. to Hague. i i' tl'' tin' Oklawaha rl\it h IIUIIUM'UsI tin I I..>t -'It.-t I ti.5.5i5 in ilia o'. Sits ly -- S<, fit il.'y ..ti.c,* ut tlii. >" Mure.

.,..J Itrigbt boy as messenger; When you are ready to open a bank'
Th.\I "r"I'Clrl i big luck hiving killed 1 1tin.
,nt work $" to $8 per \veek.ix account see Phifer Bros. Bankers.: |! ..... ..1...r. I

,I (' Mrs I I.'. :M I'n'wlttnel ehlldun.ire '
, (r. :: .
;MrC. I.. Thigpln and Ill lit! d.nikhIT
", I.,>. >II.IG! has returned from visiting ,...':ltl\'t'" and friends itWaldo I ( ui \\aldo wcrc In the. ..lt> fur aft MRS. R. WILSON

l' .. where she! han bp.1for | .
::11.k ee w I I. nirs yesterday'they wti > <'n

t ., 7 'W weeks Don't fall to ask for your rebate I runts! 'I.. .\III'hua. when. they willspc5id

UIIII'OIi'allilla Extract is well tickets at Tall int'H More, next to express .i few days wltit the formers i .. -- s ..

k ,? the K I"d housekeeper:: who oince II.Lllloth"'r" :\11'". ;\ll\r\"I1)\ ;,'
" lothiiiK but the bettt Stenographic woik and t>'pw riling. ,WM. H. BROWN eft. BRO'S. ,
It I I' l a\i he. u prominent )ung
:Merchant & Co. have Just :Miss: Uucr *ola M 1t'lh all".. at ftoie ofItobt real .. ,i.tte man of Tampa and .lite K.

II'' "i s. N! of nliuty-
t., Mrt! (come first served \\'. It. Coulter and! 'inll.t.L"'r! : I IJ .rl\' a niiMiilMT. of the tints <.f Arnold . I

*urinnt'ii: the naval stores ll"'iir>'. are in the city insist Kronsoti i & I",I\B. ..nl Htate nurtIstieers.| bur THE LATEST CREATION.FOR tz<;;
ironnil Kl"t.r-im at I. .."toll('".
U ?f I\nllaplha: IH Hpondiiigi guests of relitlteMG ."ctiiilv i.tlrnl fossil tin firm BALE BY W. M. JOHNSON. r l'urstralrhlly IAH'al..d \.t l'rkat4t S;

\ Mi i his faintly In this ('It)'. .'o. S :M*'reliant & C'o hats '.IMI .
T. U, I'.t. of Newberry. M 'I'I ,
I'' I iil.-H Klchelbtrger: ; profes: oiislx of it hot) 'd i> sec.1 oats tar H irtinan "f P ParadlMe, .1. C, lluiliof\ I I f Not III*' ol.ltrt. I luiik. in. the tity"! lint

I. ,?s'> tuner and repairer' Alltntt'til *. ... First toiii.-. first! wrved I I'f' Alichua .tin! l II I I'!. GIHWII| | of Hroiisonwcrt I Tin I1: 1Ilyde Conipnny have n tlit. o'I.i.-| ..t ffflal li 1..1.|iii| n,xlaiirant. the T
now" asnflstic.'ns.'mil In UIM| IHHIK whlih 1..1 l .'p'ill.|, | | ''| ami II.| 'Mare for |1..11.|! ""
' i Reasonable .prices \\ hate Just ni' *l\ed a new assoitineiit '
In tin- cit y.*sb'tday rte* I., .
) I will proIntel"t'Mtlng In thi..t.. In K 'iitlt'int' 'il. Mini ( hl&.I"1IO &
\la.II'H. colored) of .\rrein of locallews\ In s >u\tnli' tt'r was, in rmiit' tit I'"ruell"". wla.'I'1 '
search of Kixxl Vii Itl" e for II- leant 11.., ',UII"U" '
d I w I' the oit> t'lit..rday. He postal .I.\\.1'ollntls I : & ('ii. lu will" \ "1.1 a Ila>' or t wit with .libtUrotht I i 11,0100It'ud, lh"lr ad and profit I ._YSTERS___ I'..11 t i .... till r,

Nun olfic** and h-ubsrribed :Miss Ma)' Kind. formerly of thiscity .r. I : It <;tslwiii| I _. c" ._' ";- :.-__ ___ .3T mnr .i,lo.
III "rel .
i I'k..r has turned from but now ..r .Ia I ksonlll\ ... ,IM hen WESTERN STEAKS. CHOPS
Mr4 < lit- A.larks. and sun r"1 'I .. ll.ilnl. HardwarM Company bavtan I
t. for few days on a \l I...lt to frien.lsMiss DRIPPED COFFEE.
M her lie his been looking a turned to It..lr. hoint. illI'tlii... ) .-..| 'I
aft .' ttenslve." | nasal I stores' In :Mao "HI of Waldo) bus r.- day., aftt.r a brief 1..1t| to tli. former which Hi.utuiltloii. In of tbix tin. publle IHKIIH to Regular M.al_, Trading Tick.'.. '
{ 1..1 I
t- turned to her buns.>*. aft -r a pl...iHiint II.. ..IIIM. Mi I and. .1lr14.:\ T M, Kill: Sr tailed she llrni In udvertUhiK \\'.< In( nut .promise. wnnellllhW! ''>riioihiiits

'TU'h sera can have their rejn>rt visit to :Mrx G>'o I' :MurriH in lists1Ity. Th.')' were .n'f'timpani' d I liomt, > h l ) MrnKlIrM I r""UIIIO1.11)' tusk li...itfr. Mud In ii'' but {tit. )"ii 1. ibi. l I..t *ur"iiitMMvibtt r

C_. It d l nt The HUII otHce at.r>' : \ wl.. will rtmilii: with betd.isghtit '1.'r till band | > at a iiMiiitibl'i. hireri'cia
< why It lit tin
I simple form, nnd price*' Nicely furnl&..h..d l room on block adjoining t I I"J' a fiw. il.tys.We niMiint lest, and, rniMt 'IIIIII'III'ul I II : l ) i"iipn. | fur pttrtitM. t'..r\ttl. on HA
I, .llIc."t. e In ..1,1 huts oi.t.. -il.I. Iirryuosg: iPwal i'in
:onf square, to rent. Apply. In ': lit* .. sur 'tj that agfiic )' for tl.!.. nmrkft I ......L'I.I |..u early and. i lew*, lute.. r .

.. the lI h..tot'nlu.1 at front of Haptlxt\ church, or at Sun ..... taw .,...U,.. .lin ('AYr. Iurnwue;
I Oriuo I::t\ ;iii'Fruit H) rup. th< sew I J M., I of l l. sks1.' .. ,
. urnt-r + ''w HP{ < ntFridiv W sir In itit what wo i run.I..
JOluippcd J 5
than the |IU""f'Kt." Try a ofnr-H I laxative, IIlat trsakwe the liter! lltt-I |> In II.! city, Mr 1'nrtsor I who"

,'I i will need 1 (! no mire ton (hands are ijulckly f'urc'.1 l lbv prsrlfles) tfi*. breath curs's .h>.nil. clt< I .
K one of th. loading fin ni" rt of that. (
r Hmlth'I a|>pl> lng elmllll"rlaill' S.ilvt and regiibitt-n tli. dlgc' ''tlt .' orgrtiiMCurti ,:
.. .
I r. lion of them 1 otmt> hut. l heeu >*ry STOVE WOOD !
KoiH rt,M>ii and fall- 1'rlce J.:> cents. For nab* !,> all druggist j .. chronic. oiiktlpatlon Ask. sir MIII.r.....rill In the raining: of Din- |bog-tant I'

.I from ltllth'rf"rdll'lI. N.hr s. > .ilxMit It. J '\'. McColluin V Co.I I
.. .
I I'I. ha* already tbln .. .11 full.tiltiandiuiiiie Is:

) .pent tai. rllllinsert''riemis I will cI'II.lh'ult'| any a.lu'rU".1 1 s tub i i' .*. \'. H. aitN. for 111.111) > t-arn Itr..I.It'lIt '|y on ill.. pork II.( ,trough. s 't

are Kid\ to wet I. offer fur iiiaga/ln: and woo you the / ..f IhlM elf III t..l a '..I..11..rlu a lo.nl to nmrk ..'rl.lnw..It'h. wan'" I II I i Wt, can: Hiipplv you in any
issue a K.I h.I tlnn. trouble' and .. .*ii.... of order I .
xp ,
tbl. "t < Mils H hi in tin. city from ill |c..1| of reailllv at K"x| prlr- quantity from( "nt* ;
,r prominent Multorn. to Irl!.:. 1'1111111'1111'r: |! ,
Miami on ,> %lNlt to Iil4 .us. .I ,Pln. Iran
,.-t"r.t..y Mn' II .K. ---
/ rnt riibT ur the tlriu well furnlttht! thrtMigii'Mit ; threblcfkit Miss One tleteyle l Mr/ Htvmlr tiMtifetny iie-uro by Hit. nainf of Rowe" wars .
ti H K. ('. to (' F* .. I .'.r In I... al' Ill lu t. I C.: HUtl'St*..
unp C.nii.an', front square. Apply ; fri.*nd.. 'h,<>r<*. aidwars I t. rn .kept iirrulKii'tt In the ni.i.vr It
rn of hiiobfr. (.rICMhnau ('ump.us' i I,...y Krt-t>tiii c i In-HI .11104 M* iirrlv.il .tY iiiornliiK IIMIII 1& t huntof lighting.

'' Ulkei has r..tu riot to \\1111. Its-el] wtlt prornMlr, lilt or.' .Ml ar.t ft;Li'I to sae's Pilot .b..ki>tiC 1M' It |be.Iue| \1"1.1\ ; l that he< tut.1111Th I GAINESVILLE TIE COMPANY

\\'llrn\:. sifter a dt'lltthtMr ere tnrk anal pin _flf..1! of any 1 well..
Jv. McCollutu In IcniKtti if you ..|.Ir| _w him thr .uirh Tb*. Iau..tssl lr*. C niMii) ham an IxHird Air IIn.' .I.t Friday nlnbtItnw.

Ml jtVI)("<" I in a popular U I' l It .x u. 1. City ulh"U"'II..ut **f tb. -ofcl storitKr dparlNMtit *- ( .... war" niiecl I*, and r HtlM. whirls

'III K the. )otini P.r.pl| | 'It' h-re Note the cheesier In time (VKtllifiUkl< I I I". till Issue. hU..i will| wi4. test and the drfrtidant r.>l*....
. dead tit iftt'lrorue hr C;L fad l tale nif>rnto.. Tbd...lrIng |trt,*" of -t.-<-H| lMtr>.r to r..rm,-rrwhim l"ru,I"",.iwd Y

- .> "r..t-<--Ia. M rvlc<<-., at a 1'......... I will I.. .. Mllld their nupt-lr of A Reliable R.m.d/ for Croup. .'. ., ,I ," .... !>.. J. W lu.4dlI .., YIN F.
1.. .. .1. H iiUM>. *>.. 'tr._ t
at.i.. {.ri.s will and It tlltrrestini m Mt ftK I'.. heal ymr floe c-.....1.| aii > Mrs I H Itonhitttaf sit Turr!"r. Mnl I, ...MMiV' II.I.K:, r'(..\.

II.. rer..t' ,'r*". f>'t| a lrn. nod tin"l ..otVI'.' ha.... used ChAiiilMrUMCe ... p
THEDorado Prof"' Males Ic-bt.U""rc."
K.'imrnb errs f......" .t for foot of rrtlornti/ .iiKU{;. M<..] ..a.m for oiirn-lv.'n .. ., \\ M dc> .i. Mac flujtl*> Abstract bust- f
I.. n vi*'i went ,cast piano ta..1 Off'r.'J. n' <4 with fcllllr! for linpartlnc Kult
.tr*.-t. w'. '' : . *,'.*i:. iit 5rtori 1..1"" ta" chiMrcti: I think It U lh* only r. m- .!
.ttrtd All work ssttsartnteed ".rtiitlon, o.rnloK the TUl of
El I CafeIs l'ro'"I.t "'nets-. r........... eha.ru-.. IM.. n H.i '. r b.. >"'.ri .w ..f n" sit fur rroMp and rams hlcMr." r. m> .' nnd .II lands' In Alachua cuunt7.' 't

re.- II For cola by nit drtnurt" All business transacted promptlyJIAM 1;
(Ire trial will ronvlarr you that H.,
Harry nbo, for tn0 fluid ) >uth4 t f.
.. 'i' JAS. "H.\ I'-, (,1.0UVrf' V.. ,"p. r.\d'.F 1 . ..!" UJ (.ten)II.<\M I. ,V ..h.r
Reopened. the shoe tM bu, TlMry ,

thorn .t) I.. loattty and 'omf..r' I


seed< for the pact few J H V .'elt* of K..TttJiAahlmntn < < ,

account of llln... of ..nt etttsao of the' rur- i-" ,

"weSI.,.. the Proprietor' after .a pl*..Mbt visit to his d.u*tMr ,fo.f'' CAPITAL AND SURPLUS. SI30.000.00 J UNITED STATES DEPOSITORY

see nothing; cooked or *. InJ II (<
without. hit personal In- I to bus hrmrrrt.rutr

01 ('a JlPhl tt..r f' 11.t. . : We Offer Unexcelled I Facilities and Up-to-Date Methods of Banking.PBtIP'1' .

ton null teo"r..t I.u j..nl that Pq
C E:

t Dorado along: and l. again get open .sl-.. ill At hil>.t'... "', *-i t )1... I t'I f t ( HTI<;01IHi{ 1 ; J i \ BI"L'u! : *v !lmt 1'1Ir! IS'*- t

> youre ..u..tCaltaln, I.)'tit,* A!* '. .f. 10 _
.5 Chop.. at..k. etc..
vl. IvY from -umatUci. Irit tt + ', .I
I: ed and krN M I' (a want.m .. him ('nOd111.. nun Itaprn' { Four Per Cent Interest Attowtd. i ia Savinft Oepartmeat aId aa Tune Certificates-Compounded Quarterly..

' rrl
lr1G + 4F. i ''

Title: Gainesville daily sun
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 Material Information
Title: Gainesville daily sun
Uniform Title: Gainesville Daily Sun
Gainesville daily sun (Gainesville, Fla. 1903)
Alternate Title: Daily sun
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Creator: Gainesville daily sun
Publisher: H.H. McCreary
Place of Publication: Gainesville, Fla.
Gainesville Fla
Publication Date: November 10, 1907
Frequency: daily (except saturday)[-1938]
daily (except monday)[ former <1903>-]
normalized irregular
Subject: Newspapers -- Gainesville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Alachua County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Alachua -- Gainesville
Coordinates: 29.665245 x -82.336097 ( Place of Publication )
Additional Physical Form: Archived issues are available in digital format as part of the Library of Congress Chronicling America online collection.
Dates or Sequential Designation: -58th year (July 24, 1938).
General Note: Description based on: Vol. 20, no. 48 (Apr. 5, 1903).
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Bibliographic ID: UF00028298
Volume ID: VID00922
Source Institution: University of Florida
Holding Location: University of Florida
Rights Management: All rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
Resource Identifier: oclc - 32994415
alephbibnum - 002027051
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Other version: Gainesville sun (Gainesville, Fla. : 1903)
Preceded by: Daily sun (Gainesville, Fla.)
Succeeded by: Alachua County news (Gainesville, Fla. : 1934)
Succeeded by: Gainesville daily sun and the Alachua County news

Full Text
+ t't. ,r.j, ; :F r.? .r'sr",' w 'i' .-+l. y.eed, vAL.N+.' <,._ ,.u,1. + 1 n xl, .w' r.",: r.Aa ,u, '9av, i 1 Y y+ Pkt'i a'1: .,

e. .


.law It nint lltnilp IllUL. a nn.


XXIV, NO. 2Hj:;, bC

_ oJ. ___ _ _u .- _- ,. ..._.__. -. -.- -- .
'C:==- : : -- ---- -- - -- - -- - - --


I Passing of Control cf Tennes: e Coat: Number of People Killed and InjuredIn

Iron and Railway Company. I One Year. - -

-- Ha:Mm'.r' N"v. !', Ilf rrlng to trw ) Washington D. C. Now.9--TheinN: : .

Thirty-Fourth Annual Coaca ImpoiiHtite" 'to tin ..1)11':1: of tar! passing r Lousitania Crosses Ocean In t rtatH commerce CJ.1I1U1luu built One Person Burned in lui) > ..loJ

of the co!' trol of Iht- T' n.lt's""p Coal. In on accllents on tiu! iatlwa\a of the

k' lion at Nashville. loon and.I liallroa I cmpan{ to thI Days, I 19 Hours, 10 Minutes. United States dining; tile > ear tnuleJ. / Many) Injured..

nltt-d' Kia.ie;' Steel r'nrpaurattuo tie: June 20 shows total ('ualtU'H 1 M.2SO. : .
A _ __ --- -- --
4# n. Man ifuc'turc-rV !Hecoul in thla week\ or 5."flO< ) kill+l and 7fj.O
DELEGATES ON HAND l48U says: BEST DAY'S RUN J 617 MILES an tncrra" of 1<>,352: casualties, OTHERS ALMOST SUFF, .

r'b' _. 'I \\u )atri ago. \\u'n the (nrol( ) or 775: in t1 'f Ullnd nail !}.%,. !In tree
- --
of the nuesrtt/u oal. Iron and Kail Injured u* tnnparcd with t1!;e prv\lMi*

g rv+Cotfwentlon Was Called to Order by road ('oinp in>' pushed!! front tau owner- Giant Cunarder Has Reached New year ate: iigura
?,Mrs. Lillian M. N. Stevens of Port. hip of nit1 1 ot'opir who had ilomli ol !tl York with a New Record Written In to laiffretxtiK: and to cm. Leaped from the Third

Me. the Pre.identEn004rtr it fur tiianv ) ear to u ]ool ((0/111| "-. d Her Log Book and $10000,000 In plo fe" w-h '( actually on duty or dows-Policemen and F

.x land. of John \V C.uUjH! unit bla a.-sat 1.a I Ia : .w about thy train{

,; e..e. Temperance Report KTCKI flit p |'o. ward wax u'a I I.' iaa I 1 I :a.' Gold In Her Ctrong Room. The bul'ftlnnj! 'M "' at theie have Heroic Work.

.. di-.t'lupn, ts'ashvllle. 'It-nn' Nov, 9 M !9:3i': : : '-- Oinx ?
'aix' of .Alabama I'hi I i.0' "' 01rn . ct"pt In ( ar coupling and frr>m stilK
'..'clock KrliU rnoinlriK 11u 'ihlrtLourth >' t f K'')ld lu ter i strung borer aunt but'nt'd (o ll.\l1. ul 1

,' annual IJ\"UtiOIi nt Hu' Ni '' ;flp imir *,I"llrl|:: c'OIn.I1'n'II: tu curry a newtra't->atlantic record written tag a:;alc. t ovt ritRd! ohstructlans.'rhentnutPr \ertl>' mm a.id ..iilu .

out on a |Irurr penile pi HIM tot nnInt of u In her
hrUttan! 'I. ..mp i r- IOK the 'muni turblner, I l.u4l. a Hi- Il.1t: e1C.lr3bulling :
1.2onal'OtilUII'1'I .... tatll':1 i output (,f Iran tint I' a ai'luu tan Htf.imed Ili-ok itsht.eihlp ii tol;.It-It.id and cl..rallllt'lIt 'IIO.M
: union was: called to oidii, r luIhfa a ItallttJlh' : at ;JliJi:! t u,
r-HfUKM lhe *First I'r"IiI'It"rlan! rhiircb UIIK of tlii-li .1.'f'l l tail riruifl : ) involvlim at I I10: o'c.1'k rridav rnornlni tncna'\ to nn alarm!:ag tT tTKn.. In. earl) iii.iu\' orniut

j an oiitltv' or a glllaJ 111.11) mil! till li. in the v- ilirse total repot
ono raml performance th.grtat T\\u '
its 111'111:1"111. Mr* I lli'att' I. < puhteuteu W tilIIGIU I.
): iclty N. by of Portland. Me Huns: of d<}Hum. vr-KRt'l bioke her ownurlll'l4 rcordand < f'" hi I is!.", Is now 'u''ch'.1 1 bv 17 per lhllt.u site! indIa: t r',

t..vpn..C In .III'IU'II to tin Houtii awa this! brought to tine relief hf t-c-: cent.J'tae. U ,.
1 uffec'il .
Hot we'ii live anil *!II lx hundnd, I 111'1. money ly > tat MU'
tfl.llillfl'r of \\lIl'l''J.: :.p It I U of stlljrcaitr r"I pmt for fie l.nt quarter ( Inrliiidl .
tn tlielr a.. .1'14 w hen the'reitdrnt marl,ct I here: $ 0110.1100 In gold.The nad .\brahani ... IUInjtutil !
jute" were : IIUJH,rtuin' '.nt niiolh' si < 'pforwatii westbound matte : In tt! B' f li;;.:uros for the: yr iri ,
for gird'-r.l Thar 1 nee tilts. wan ap- : .drb. IXjraold. t
] halt,,, 11"l'lI I ruallr.4)a:' i ',n. pinbrricliit!. May nod line phown
proxlrmitelv In four da, *. nineteen fioni thirMIK ,
'la.ere fromr3' situ! In the union.ti ) jumped ;
oho flttl I cOrpoiHtlnu biii: -0' u'I: ,I t.iur'': |>"rtons Villtd\ and lS.41; (t. injured '
hours and mlnutea! The "
: WHIII11 i being annum the ten : eX:1'ttlmp Ka> :J7! J '.II'M ona !
", ..ev.lal ( gro control of tll"! 'f"'lnl sd". touip.un tu can only I be know from the ofn 1 1.1\tcllislonti; and I.n--I: df second t stun)' winds, it

:t.umb..r.7t worlllll, !b.. a' ciitffi of t .udi'r .';i i iin 11- clal re,( nid. leer hourlyuverag..* ralltacnt! ; luviUhiK $:: .2'.1:7.1; t daiu-
The last \\ (' T IT. toinentlonIn : WHS Fiif.nui frank .MoMaa
('nt of the Iron and steel i I Int."it. >ts of mto 'trains and rnalwaj .
felll Naitivllle: wa. twenty yearn a lilt 1( (better, than 24 Knot' nn hour ladder while! attempt It-i .
Aliit.iiiu uu a peals coaunefI: -.IIt .itt' - -
and elm IUIH bfiiten the
probably record ;
,1.-0 this nioni :I After' ornanl/utlon.: WOIIUII.
with with tb natural ...hOlIlIIlI.\i or TAKES IT SERIOUSLY.
about 411 tail RUSSIA! .
s'\.... report of ili.' ix,'iiitlfinnniltlon HIM"t nnte.i.The F, l.ovl I wa buinffat
\ btb i -
Unit Htate Mttked .
foru,or w..slt'rn retnnl, of the uul 1 1I.\nl.> In ', .
: the nppolntti of i'ouimlttei ''. u i r. "t ilia.
'; bOiiri"H In inoiu-j! bruins aul,I "MI* rof _-) Believes United States and Japan Will
"fead president il".IU <.rad! b.'r annual nd turblnor completed' O<'t. tl I I last was .
tue; titer! ttor.itIon ,the. Maliainii COT-- to Hostilities.
(m ;
four \Ia)')(. nlnetf'on hour and nfl A. .OrUlI'I.IJlII'Uf'III'hllt' l '
M. with "H tlcull| llmiilf-i* St IVttr 'jur XaTte. talk '
ii distill KJHUCI ,?, :
a Following the ,l lltery tif the "ff' I. two minute' Ine average pt>ed on ,' \\ tfcuint, i-a-%s-ial, t
l'>HUM -M of coat and Inn: <>un,it to <.f the piIMll )' of a w.t b. tw.>i'i:
: that trip 24! knot hour for
ddreH thin- AIIH nn Pvungills wan nn trio I'olUttiiau( IIj,.m uiiU a
l Pup forw.tnl Into .. far u"n' rom.tnd I IIIIK the I'nl'ot: Safes; and lupin) : which
distant of : 11. .
2,7iS: The
'i' 'El' held pr ''''ldtd over b>' Ml HAt rn "tday's over 1111. T>\ stuol.o.Gelietl .
|I"t ,itlon IhnnvI1! ibcfcirIn I the ; throiiRhoiH b:as: been tak.*n eilou-'l:
nationalVTanKellaUc runs' was f.17 lUed with\ Mih
: th \\ Cntnwooil knots. i 1.
.t r ",..rlrM I inotntlurKlcal< aCair.- I'oirx lu ux-da. 1 Is hringing star roliiu'
-- -- -- .
snperlnle11d'nI t Th.tire the c-u tif \ !
t ( >, .d 11I14ll1t'lH I it w-on: UH will .UI pub HOARDED {cers to t"i: .. \metlran( enabarsy! who .
!} ,*" The session F'rldiiv aft*'rno >n was MONEY. yet be.'n !learned broke
lit It.lli,\ iwlll toinpfl I the Steel toriMirnllon say tliL\ are anxious to servo in tbe
:4 *J voted prlnclpnllt to the Ju'arln' ; of llrat (flair of the hulldhHO -'
/; to inak.' the moM, of tit: advanlHKftf Millions Leave Hiding Places Rellev. Ignited StaU! urnij In ace of hotllltiCtl ",
...Committee reporta and rvporta of thi rapidU that none of '
or Alaban! for Iron nnd ing Financial Strir ncy. .
;corresponding "em'tarv and! tri-unur ha.I an opportunity' to ('M'*
Htttl ptoiictloti 'I"he retent M port New \'ork :Nov: tf. --1 m' magnet; of A report H nlp.o clrculatliiK: In military
: Tho twnlaNt reports were of a"WKhly of the inmates of the II"C'O
itr.r. nf Pit'Hldetil loppiliK. of I the "cnneHHe htKh pit'inliiiu tales fur ciirnncj' I' circles here that the Ameritaii
encouraftliiK. nalnr. anal HIOW4fb floors\ were carded I dnwnMm
1 *> oinptny placed/ the known& Iron nl ttraetIag Hit monej hoarded b>" d.,- army in thf Philippines' needs Instruc ,
q unlui to be lna llourlHlilnjc c<>ndl Caplln gave blitliThuri +1"
i > ore re ourcen of that ct' )>mpan at 7 .. |Hi3ltor In alee) vaults and strotiRboxet bursa f'1f'f'iall) for the artlllerj and .da\ SI1.a3 beihy .> .

AMonAfter' lino .ftoo tons-anal the ("Hal.t two und within the J Jost two Clays engineer corps. .'h'" or atx Riikitlan, .
"j..hr smoke and at'
{ the 'epurtl' wire ivad rov tie W "K !
billion tons This Is about aa much over SJ.IIIII.htl: i O has been enticed from officers of these branches of the service
1.-e ifAl tomperairte legion brant"" VMIH illQsted \ -. leaping to the turret, 1 l>.\ s.'
Iron ore and several time a* much Ita biding pltce and sold for a premium appl dally nt the embassy for
1 + br11: +r Muraet'Intrrgt'r. carrltd tierNOTED down.
coal an the al eel corporation ownedw to tiumt v brokers The placInr commlsalonM and are disappointed by .
,(,4t Illinois, the .ner.1 I ?t'ret a r>' Then - --- -
ben II wait orKanl7 I litre I U awvalih of thee tare anwiuuts of hoarded the a'urance.* that there In no liken.
\? iJblloweit ten.n.lnute addrenttea' b>' the EDUCATORS MEC
of resource. In raw material ('lIrtNI. >' In clrt'illation 1s performlnK hood of Japan and the t'nlted States
.r1ous superintendent*
1ir n..filing but the magic wand of ample fit Important part In l lessening the Ruing to tiar ,
a 8ev, .rsl eatx! 'nte social function Association! of Colleges and P c, a.
capital In erable Alabama to take Its muneiHrv *.trlni/ *V have! been planned by the ladles of the tory Schools of South Ccn.r tKirmiiikham
th1I1 hli' ,. a,' one of the fnr.tnoalernt'rs The falling off of the premium rate DECLARED II EGAL..
city In honor of t.Ji! .. vlAllInuV, C. .\ia: N >,
of thus world Iron and oteelprtidnt for currtntv from J I." InJ per cent
'"IT.J delegate: I thl rh'.u t:1: annual 1 ,,..aloi ..'
_ 'lion, wid brought about by tbe Ian; Five Thousand Chicago Couples O.. '
H ._ elation of <'ollegeK and I'
- --- -- -
union ni of xold: und silver that waa dared illegally W"d.CTilcjfci .
1 ''f{ LITIGATION OVER ESTATE. REPORT ON COTTON. Schools of tli. Mitheriened .
__ !liken from safe tlepoclt\ vault und of* No\ 9.Fire thousand
Hh I \ here Tilllr..Ia) ut:
- -- f >r rd for sale. t urebasea of cur nxariltKVM of i-llcann: couplet which
: O.elslon Rendered In Orphans' Court Census Bureau's Figures on Amount two da>'4' aestlon.Twentyfive: ,
r nC''t.. generally fur ullt..nf.town h.\. l brew perfornjfd In Hammond .
Ur at Phlladelpnlacourt . deU-uatt w.
Ginned' to Nov. 1. 1907.
; ar-coiinf. nJ hrok.ri", atate that cttrrtncv 1.11llhln] the last live years "were"
,, 1.,11..II..h.\ :'I\: t' Th" unthnn' \\"nihlnii 'n :Nov: 9.The! cen"utbureuii Including. Chancellor Kirk .
bought t here la belny; ithlpped to trr:ar-d to be Illegal In an opinion '
- of ills city tins iteilded that has Issued ttn bulletin pliowlng dtribllt univer) : rre.i
agricultural and (Indiiatr'al confers reuj..rrd,| at Hammond b\ Attorneyrtouturravr
wi t>r. Thnntn'a1' lacuna. the fitmoua the total cotton imp of thin )<>ara' whtfio It t.. stoat needed to 1'rncJf 1 Shortrldne. cromble of the t'nlver'l l lIVe '

Alai In Partw several, Rtrtwlit (!nned up to Nov' I. tll b" 60 *. Th ch of tne .\aa it
Over a million dollars wa. ,I'.ntro.u {;'h'r.. nf th. circuit and superior
over hoe .vitate (tnero 5.It1T.i 1 r.oo haas! it tomparcd with tethnlc bath ute. I'resa i

*iA' litigation wax, a P.ttrf C.tot :tfl3 bated for !lfII! ; depositor Thursday and suIt pour s .. of the t'I1I\.nll fit fe, : '
to money brn.rll\ Safe deposit companlen In his" opinion i hw holds that license.
> that the slnte of Petn.yl"x The" figure are the result of the In 'r.I.h.nt Oralprhead; of "I I
o.j..nUIII'hn r")1..r.t a urea ty stream of peo. li" neil 1 b) the anterior court of lake
tUbi to tollect the cid 'ft'
v.staatlens t of '' Hpe l.il nRcnt of t,1ty.
pIe! vl lllttb. the vaults to withdiawfunds co'nty.! located 'at.lI\mmnnll. nee |'-
;I ) 'ltuu: tux mi the proper the bdreaii which In addition to the PreIJent C. t:. U all *
surd without fecal: all I hOl1 t> and that
In I'rame flcure* ilreu show that there w.'rr -- .-- llle.. called the rxmt<'n' '
the only! of take whichIs
txiiirr county .
: f>liIIg. hlonrht bv registere C,..I35: irlnnerte In oporatton aa compared Farmer Robbed While Asleep. .\ the morning 1I..lnn I
I I to 1f111l1" .U th
lIt e> will Mr I liwtii r.I".1 tli,' *|iie..- wlrh 27.:I7i for I*a)'s In the) ,",'IIImhu.t Oa. Nov '..-J I,. Mud mpowtred licence out that a. lack cf hh:' ...

f ,lon of r..ltI'l\c' of the dfiitti-t and .fllr'.Iul" round bales are countedaa \\. J Ki>Mns.>n. farmer of :Marloncount circuit mart at Crown Point.. era existed In the south

.volv.1! the cotUctl4 of the .'. ,>r -- -
p half bales. > reported the police Tours
Prods stood In Way. of Fortune.
'ua'.fc*nt state tax on upward i>f $1.000 Austria Issues Warning. day uioruluR list the former had brenrobb.d College Almost Ass 'ed
I Noralk: Conn Nov. --Joan
t\! .QO of tin* 1OI.O"I; \UllDM Nor S The jtnvrrnntentha of a sum of mon..>> while he Macon. Oa. Nov '. \ '
liardlac t4> whoai 10. T. IHrtium of
; Or "\ ana was ,,11I1j1lI: ) a t'.ld.nt's ItKiiod a warning atatnut t't' slept klurlnp the night He devcrlbeiltbw 1 attended nu-.tlnR; of
jy fared Ii,o-0 a week. to exhibit'nlm
fS\: Of I-hlladelphl and re(l.ter irwIn conS .c ntt who al 'prevent are lit) busy In man nnd non. an offter arrested teilMD lInud in the Fi'
fII*.t. U ....jI,1 here Hardlntc'a pride
*? rntlrd" that he hail never It IHu.'lnC..1j .l diulneuntrlin, and Hun trim ruts \\'111 Henson, He was J outut over to rlan! cliurch. a commit '

; %J. Intention of p"rtnaitlnt'y re.td. u', .'"nn' to the MtufiArn ntateM of :Amer the superior court lu a bond of $".,). would ne\ .r permit elm to plaoo hImself n ade uptiii the matterdiicaH a .
on .ho,,' and nowhile he might .
':1+ tat In 1'arl.--- lea An ot olat circular on the MII'I. .- -- - "' <'n and thefount''

s -- Jert .' ill. n'tpsrton to the all.' .at..i peoia.1 Price of Seats Drops h.,. amassed a 'Unllll..rl\bl fortune I lere for 'he educationiienou << .

t-tI} GOT *3.5CX) :PROM BANK ..v tetn IK tba' part .-f the Tuft :N'evr: York Nov t) .*. neat !In tie he died px)r. larding a* U yrs for .11.. 'Ins!km aDd '
old. Hut he bigger! than .
was no a n r-
iv ed Rtal.'s ......t cotaniend people who New'York stock rxchatiRf wax old etmnr. .. .i .>f the wek iiWT >

. Oandlts In Dakota. Make. Haul .and Escape i-on'ruipt e Til*,rat in;it in be verbe.wtl 11iur." .lav r.... $"f> .C t.K'. be !I"se and legs! ; were snarled and twi.ted
Lf4, with Oooly.fl |..UK and ret (o fo'low the .tilvlceof reMrded rlncvth.I > tar 1'.'<>l "I-rw>41'ln" nf this mune

* <\in,,,a. Sill'''.. :Xov 9.- *i> The hljthnrvord and from tsar: ro4.rut.nt of hi- birth !!"$'t. n.. vnnd isa+ sir

C. armi i>.unlit .. tat I It 'fhur *t.i> blew", [; ,< '.e. rs, fiirthroiutne reRardlnxtie prlc w AA r?.cbej late In l ol.when I they were" la unceasing motion as a r o.1t stroiMCly !. tel.

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