pa.t having begun at the' north line of the Kver>thing now IMKM: to l lilt haul l in the ('ityMT l'ri,fM runiiiiK (fn-ni.. t..'> I"i to t-2: .ts>- t.'it ;;
the candidate "ConllnK-Ollt" conven- (' miowtl l tIn | iiimitli1C ,
On ,< .>nclea destined to be- State and worked 1 south. The National INT
lieu to be held l In Ocala on November I'I.A/1..: 1'1II' PU.'EHTY'ITII.. I I I'S-wr IIr., In I IMMKSTIIKK .itinn. tlllllKI'.1 :I Ia
tDDlfToting ]m this connection Is the Survey as stated In Rrlday's I IIUI. and the prime meta' In t list n i altar the tonal Mpprtitl 1 .uiiil m.vl.| 'rn II".tl.I--.

'I.'' .. Christian Association. Sun begin work at once. ProfClapp. novel affair .Editor Frank HarrU of

who.. ..' s in the educational work with him assistant, will take up The Ocala Manner and Kdltor lilt

im .", niarkable especially In the work In Kaker '
Bradford and Du '
linger of 'Ib" Star are doing everything > H. Jolt UAN. VV \\ IIAM1TON.
lids:' ?his Thousands of wage- val I counties Prof Sellards with his in Ihelr |IH''t'r to make, It a

nrn and IMI>H are enrolled In assistant after completing the work 4
incident In floe of
memorable'! history
lima UiM4 In 'loint'iitary ''In Alachua will & COMPANYINSURANCE
county, continue thesurvey. Florida.' An>oiii< the feature* of the JORDAN
brat technical and eml--
II in In Levy and Marlon VonntleM. .
day will IMn bampiet tn tho e lnrM| ,
try r-e". lust at this tithe -- ..... '
high State ofTlrlnlM, lulling candidate
ir r ""lOti in being| given to the
ROOSEVELT AND THE SOUTH.. and ninny dUtlngulfihed I''lorldlans,
prrX :' activities the .
amoiiK which In rxlwa| 'ted to h.* a pNiinanttiding

toot'.m in illi*. Among those The compensated HUpporterM of the (' of time. day's r..II\'UIo.) Thro "'O TtJl HI OCK ClAINf!SVII..I.I?. 11?OUIOAaa

.l< ." ntly adopted this plan 1 I Pr.hlt'lit" and his jiollcies, Including/ I III no doubt that a hug ('rllwflIII |M> B B B BV_ M.. BIWVWBMCMVaMM

'y' ak,ir.-ful inlllH I In. h'lItlll'UU"1 at (treen>,ilK:>ro r., i I inoft small of anti the great iHjMtmaMteri utfc.hohiers( and .other and hero. .. Fire Life and Accident i: i: 'II:''ld, ;rr:

-- --- - - -- -
c* :
i- derided to erect a
>r wrf1.'rs. rhino
normiiewHma now
ta ,. Young tleu's Chris- CURE ANY DISEASE.
that he hat won the h.'iirt of the 1--- -U j
ion and a sr' has .
South well that of other 'rtlonrt.
as as i p.
IL- '1 l"lo>edmhan The C.._ )t.a.. n._..... ..... '
They seem to imagine tluit the
AiU ..: cotton nillU, War VVMk ttm..__. )]
Southern people! like themselves, are I
< trf a large building willing to barter away their prlnripies Kill the germ that c.u.... ..UnlrufTfatllnar 3
roc .. stockholders of the hair an.l t..l for "Torinl large. lint theyare
a |
q ft of $18.OM. and put : 1 nn more <..,.IrufT, and >our hate h"V"1
p.i'll nilMiikcti For while thy .
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e .. grow luiurUnlty
fining Meii'N ChrU I
earnestly llre l the lni>in vriiient of not only rontalnn the ttnilrufT vruttatroy > -

5 'i Hen t'du"atlonal'' the )II..IMI"I| | ami Its trltmt ,.re| *. .r. huh II l a a',,', it tonal il..llKht I AL Inc Railway J

div! ear"Igll.d for Hit' : they have not 'lust their manhood. fiat hair dr*>...liir for regular lollot. _

W ratites are .coinlnrteil, fin other haV preparation la ..n !
There mav among
yet 1I.'j
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..rma. It at< p. "M Irritation k vp :
t rlthm U c. :; th>. main they ntlll price their birthright . _alp .__t. pure ant whol"M>fn. lt.- ,' TFIERN PINKS! RALEH2II.; KM( HMOND I I I9'ASJIING'I'ON ,

W Mons employ In a of honor to, much to sell|| It fur mrtnlMir that ...rn.thlng rtalinol l 0 !...
PIlI t1/I tI
t It as jam and cloth a mean of i- ,t\gf': lust nm geed will n..t '!'. U.. work of '\ IJALTIMOKK. -

calculation fijfiiriii l.....
IK <
N >, < .l. and. ounces \-r The New York Tribune 1.-era at the HriH !.,"' In at mtxt for aam i.
V. calculation Thr : pie ft Th. ll'fpUM. Co.. L troU. )let*.
"ttAt dpatt I u. All right.
V. In r<>tton yarn manu _ i Two sla-6O orate sod SI.OO. ; t
E1egaht'1'ruin,- I'.i.'y I : :
ke 'on manufacture and S1OO REWARD, $100. 1, ft. nodlford A Co. HM-eUI Agents.i :

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That the plan ..ork p1.*aii.-
Ito "y Mr l>. Urlntetident on. dreaded disease that wl-n' has I SEABOARD MAIL. "

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4 1 have beti In the that I. Catarrh halls Catirrb Cure r

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"i at. bad charge: AHrarto I7. as[ t4 a. I'm t. '
C. medical fraternity. Catarrh brine a I
Modern Pullman Equipment
.httPJ4"t\t In cot con*tl tut tonal dl!__**, require a cor- y

t4 and South Cr- Ututioual treatmrnt Italia Catarrh ,
of that and Ir .
!t% Cure U taken Internalarttoc) directly /

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r r V. M.. C. A and la doing Its work. Tb proprietors r .tocuetrta. .neers sn.W d. ,;
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bate so much faith lo It* 'N aka. a0NM7a e % Excursion TickutH on Sale Daily.
$. na' of tb- South of.antA. curative powers that they offer .00. iL i r . . e, i

t1 ..... and In still Hundred Dollars for &aT ca** that It .. .. ; rr.

iim. .. b.intt introduced as tail to C"tIre. Send for tat of tt us wt , ; .... Fa' full Information end BU.p.r r....rvatloo. call on any A..",
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:- number of tlovriab.D. r J. CMErOrr A CO- Tol4 O. ti
) *mg lb. tegtiledoll b. C. 2OYIJ9TOX. A..t.ta.s. I .e.,.' r.--olt. Agest
lIoN Li iwfta: TIc.
J I . ... /MkMiftlIa. .... ..... rial..
.. Tils amarJ< ..... .'HY tM r+o1M1$ i +uiLY A r - -
:- of Ce tlfCrt'iido !1k! ]1 I. *j* < :...... a., "
", .... :::. .::;... .,.:;;...... -,: 1 : f ",,'"" . .Jit. -.' .".,-. ." .' .., .. ,


.. ..,. ',...,. IoII ooo I_:" .. ........... ..._. .....I 't .J''.. ...-


Notice of Application for Tax Deed Notice of Application for Tax Deed OP APPLICATION FOR TAX
i Under Section 8 of Chapter 4888 Under Section 8 of Chapter 4833 4h58. LAWS OF FLORIDA.-

I Laws of Florida.
Laws of Florida. Notice l. hereby Ifh'e1l that K. a. Baxter

Notice Is hereby given that E. O. Notice Is! hereby given;! that E. O. Trustee, pureb .er of Tax Certltlotte: No.519.
dated the 3rd day of April A. V.
Baxter trustee, purchaser of Tax: Baxter. Trustee, purchaser of Tax Certificates .f HBO.. baa died said certificate! la iofflee. ,.
'Certificates No. 81. 82. 85 84. 174 No. IHS 191. 262 264 and .and baa made application for tax: : deedto < 1
265. dated the 3rd day of July, A. D. tisue In accordance with law. bald oertlll
.)>>.. 200 and 195, dated the 4th day of eate embrace the fuLlowlnit described prop
July, A. I). 1904 has flied said certificates 1901 has filed said' certifleats.In my | r..y Utuated In Ai.ahnaceuaty.Fiorkiatowtt
In my office and has made application office and has made application for :
tax deeds to hume In accordance with S l-t\ of Lot 9 See 18. Tp. T S. K. 10.
fur tax deeds to issue in accordance -
The the
said lent being aaneaHCd at date of
embrace tie
with law. Said certificates law Said certificates the Imuance such eerUUeate: In the name .
embrace the following described property following described property situated of Unknuwn.Uoe .FODr .. xicnLhcE3: : :: : "V9"EJ
situated In Alachua county, Florida In Alachua county, Florida, tow It: M aid eertlflrate<< ball be. redeemed aceordlnr BICTWEKN !..Q"
to law will fcuoie thereon
of Sec. 12 Tp. 8 S., R. 17 tax deed oo
4 towlt: Set. Ne'/4 tbe 12th day of November. A. LL 19O7.WltoeM .
E% of Ne%, Sec. 3, Tp. 9 S, R. 16- -40 acres. my official signature and seal this. JacKsonville rind New York.
( 80 acren.WV4 .. Se ,4 of NeVi Sec. 17. Tp. 8 S., R. tbe linh day of October.S.A.H.D.W1KNGES.1007. Calling at CHARLESTON. 8.0.. both way

t4 of Nw%. Sec. 7, Tp..9 S.. R. If 17-40 acres.V pd Clerk Circuit Court Alaehua Co.. Fla. The Inert Stejunihlps< In the Coastwise
h -80 acres. \ /4 of Seth of Nw/4 Sec. 20, Tp. 10 -- --. -- Service

Ne%. of Sw%, Sec. 17, Tp. 9 S. R S.. II. 18-:20 acres. NOTICE OF APPLICATION FOR TAX Clyde New England and Southern
1 -40 acres. XVb of Sw% Sec. 20, Tp. 10 S., It. DEED UNDER SECTION 8 OF CHAPTER Line*

8V4 of NeU and Nof SeVi. less 18-SO acres. 18%. LAWS OF FLORIDA. Freight Sorrtee Between JACKSONVILLE BOSTON alto

1 acre. Sec. 7. Tp. 9 S., R. 16-160 Nw,4 of aw% Sec. 22 Tp. 10 S.. R. Notice te hereby siren that F:. 0 Baxter PROVIDENCE and All Eastern Points.
acres. I I t 18-40 acres. Truatee. purchaser of Tax Certincate No. 417, Calling at Charleston both ways.
r The said land being; assessed at the d.tedthe7thdayofJub.A.t leiuu.baa filed aaUrertlrtcate
8V4 of 8w% of Bw% and Ne,. of
In my office and baa made appUoa S.Eb4Iyo B..A
4,, Sw% of 8w 4. Sec. 8. Tp. 10 S.. It. date of the issuace of such certificatesIn lion for tax: :deed to Usue in accordance wlttt ILIN"GR
IS-80 acres.Nw the name of Unknown. Unknown. law. Said certlfleate embraces the ollowltur Southbound ... ., .-. Lewis' Wham 8 )

% of Bw%, Sec. :21. Tp, 7 f).. Aaron Doby. S. Warren and Aft) Pat- described ty. Florida property, towlt: situated In Alachua eouo Northbound.. .. . .... .... From Foot of Catherine .t lallll.. I

XL 19-40 acres. ton. N 1-3 of Se 1-4 and S 1-9 of Ne 1-4 and Nw 1-4
f EH of Lot 6, Sec. 9. Tp. !S' S.. FI. ITiileHg said certificates shall be redeemed of Ne i-1. t>ec. a. Tp If S.. K 21-ax> acres.
according to law. tax: deeds The said land belnr anaemed at the date of
19--4O acres. Clyde St. Johns River
the issuance of such certUlcate in the name Line
'r Ne% of Net/i, Sec. 25.:; Tp 7 S.. H. will Issue thereon on the 12th day of of Unknown.

,19-40 acre. November A. D. 1907. Unless auld certificate shall redeemed so- Bet'W'cen J A.C'KUONVILL& and SgrVlfhFt '
I'r The said land being asHeHxed at \VltneHs my official signature and cording to law. tax deed will issue thereon on Palatka Beresford
:Stopping Astor (D.Land'aun! lulerutru
the lath day of November A. U. 1007.WltneHH at. ,
weal this the 10th of October. A. a
.the date of the Issuance of such eer- my official Kite nature and deal this on St. John River.
'tlflcates In the name of rnkriown.Vm. I>. 1907. S. II. WIKNGKS. the loth day of October. A. U. "107.S. .

,. \ Thomas .1. ,.;. IJf>Bmuo. \,'. NCamp. Clerk Circuit Court Alachua county U. WU. NGES.J Steamer "CITY OF JACKSONVILLE"
>d Clerk Circuit Court Ahtcuua Co..Fla.
Florida.Notice .
O.V. Carter, Unknown ITn- ,
i. appointed to tail as follows : Leave Jacksonville MJLCJHJ ..
known M C. Taylor. - -- NOTICE OF APPLICATION FOR TAX Thursdays, 3:3O p. m. Reluroiag, leave Sanford Munua tt
Unless said certlflcateH shall lie redeemed of Application for Tax Deed SECTION 8 OK and
DEKD UNDER CHAPTER __ Wednesdays << Fridays 9:3Oa. m.
according to law. tax ..1..cll4will ..
Under Section 8 of Chapter 4888, 4MH8.
Isnuo thereon on tht 1 Pith day ofNovember. S Headhboundow.
A. It. 1907. Laws of Florida. Notice la hereby given that K. O. Baxter D. SCHEDULE tt

WltneMM oJIlclal nlKiiatiiriniul Trustee ptirohaxer of Tax CertlMcate No. 8 Leave 3:8Opm. ... . ... ... . ... .Jackson ville. . . . . . . Arr
my Notice 1 Ix hereby given that O. L. and lift, dated tbe 4th day of July. A. D. It!*)*. s
r seal thin tho 4th day of Ort<>h<'r. Ai "Feanter of Tax CertificateNo. baa lied said rtlncaieN In my office and bat. H:4: pm .. . .. .. . . . . . ..Palatka . . . . . . . . Lto" ,
I >. 1907. s. wir.vfjis.: ';S. : purchaser made application for tax deed to Imue 8 :00 .m. . .. . .. . . .. . . ..AstorBeresford . .. . . . . . . 1
796. dated the 6th day of July. I
Clerk Circuit Court Al.irhna onn-- In accordance with law. Said certificate embrace . . .. ... .. . . (DeLand) . . . . . . t
A. I>. 189G. has filed said certificateIn the folluwlnir described property situated 1
ty Florida. has I in Alachua county. Florida towit- Arrive R:80 am.. ... ... . . . .....Sanford ... . . . . . . . , t
office and made
- my : application Nw 1-4 of Sti I 1.3 !Sec. 13. Tl. 8 S., 1(. 14--4UacreM 10ooaO. . . ... .. .. ..._._. .Enterprise.. .._ . . . . 4 t
for tax: deed to issue in accordancewith ::
Notice of Application for Tax Deed law. Said certificate embracesthe i Se ..... of Se 1-" Sec. =1. Tp 10 S.. R. 15-40acrea. PASSENGER AND TICKET OFFICE 122: W. BAY fc>T.:, JA1 X- )

Under Section 8 of Chapter 4888. following described property situated I The said land being usHexxed at the date of F. M. laOKMOKOBa. JB, A. 0. P. A., Jacksonville. Km
t Laws of Florida.' In Alachua county Florida, to- the. issuance of boerllflcates In the names
wit: I of Muse Fowler and J. W. LJtfhtsey. JOHN PxaDazLT. P. A., A. C. HAOKRTY 'S 1-- t

e Notice 1 1M hereby given that J.:. n.I' Lot C. Nelson Estate, Sec.: 35.:>> Tp. Unless said oertlooates shall be redeemed according Fla. Pier 36 N. H \ w ,rk
to law. tax deed will Issue thereon on '
Baxter triiHtee, ptirrhaHer of Tax: 11 S.. It. 20. the I9tb day of November. A. D. 1907. O. H. TATteR. P. T. M., C. C. BROWV (i I I29O P \
rt ,CertiHcateM No. 43. 5X> 5>!9. 123. 137 The said land being assessed at Witness my official signature and seal this Broadway, New York.

,; 150 and 1G>, dated the 7th day of July. the date of the issuance of such certln- the loth day of October. S.A. U.D. WIENOES.IU07 L. 1). JOMJS, T. F. A? L. 8. SCKOBLB, CJauhsoQville .\

A. I). 1903 hUM filed Maid certlflratenJn cats In the name of I*. Nelson. (id Clerk Circuit Court Alachua Co..Fla. Jacksonville, Fla. Lt't"bur it

my oinn and has made application Unless said certificate shall be redeemed - - - G. Coo..., Ja.; F. A.. K SWINDAII. li r .A
e for tax deeds to Issue In accordance according to law tax deed Jacksonville Fla. Pier 38 N Rt'W York

with law. Hald' certificates embrace will issue thereon on the 6th day.of T. L HODGSON C P ).OYRJ.1.. Agent. Jacksonville Fla
the following denorlhed property nltu- November A. l>. 1907. .
--- --- --- ---- -
---- -
'+ ated In Alarhna county "Florida towlt: Witness my ofllclal signature' and .

.p Ntt! of Swi, H..e6.. Tp. !9 S, H. seal this the 4th day of October A.

; 16-!80 '' 1) 1907.! S. II. .WiI.;NOES. Practical STUMP PULLER

acres.Lot 4 aert'J 67 Clerk Florida.Circuit Court Alachua county ABSTRACT & REALTY COIWE.

Nwl4 of Swtw ,.. and SwVi of :':w%. - - --- Williston Florida.
+ Sec. 20. Tp. 7 S.. It. Ifi-RO acres.
j NeVi of Sp!., Sec. 17. Tp. 8 H., U. Notice of Application for Tax Deed

17-40 acre-H. Under Section 8 of Chapter 4888. E. E. VOYLE MGrR.

w Sw%. of He 14. Hf>C'. 32: Tp. C H. U. I Laws of Florida. Abstracts of Title and fall information furnished regarding land ID c
18-40 Public highways and farms clearedof
a or ytH.SwVi NeU ami Nw'i of S".V4. Notice Is hereby given that O. L.Feaster. enmity Oar manager has lived In this ooantr thirty year ani

f Sec. 19 Tp. R 8., It. 18-RO acres. purchaser of Tux CertificateNo. stumps on short notice at reason- !I. thoroughly conversant with land titles

Lot 9. Sec. 22. Tp. 10 S.. II. 18-10acres. 772. dated the 7th day of July
A. D. 1890. has flied said certificateIn able MACHINERY

The. said land beliiK assessed"' at the my office, und has made application prices. FCjfl E IE. va Y LE..

date of the I iMnnance. of Much certificates for tax deed to issue In accordancewith SALE. Correspondence solicited. -

I In the names of Ilradley Kelley.J. law Said certificate embraces P'JRK. ACCIDENT. BURGLARY AND INDEMNITY INBURAKCh I:>i r-
H. (Mark. \\'. N. Camp, ITnknnwii.ITnknown. the following described property situ. - --- senting a number of prominent American and English eomranin

L. (' < }
Boring I wit s e Flora: d n
KV&: of Lot 9, Chllda Addition to Round-Trip Rates
ITnleMH said certltlrateH shall l lop r<>- .
--- -- ---------- - -- -- --- ---
( '
deeined acctirdliig to law, tax .1..1"| | :Mlcunopy.
will Ixsuo thereon the Cth day of The said land being; assessed itt the I ,
1) 1907! date of the issuance of such certificate (0
November A LIYt OAK PFfiRT8iUir[ 3 ( RAIlROAD (
Witness inv olllclal I nlKiiaturo and in the name of Frances Thomas. -VIAAtlantic -

real this t h.t t h ilay of October. A. I'nlcHH said certificate shall be redeemed

tt 1) 1907. S II. W"\U."' : according to law tax deed .

Clerk Circuit Court. Alachua (coun will IIIMllf' thereon on the Pith day of Schedule Effective. April. :20; 1PO6.
----- -- - - -- -- --
No 'ember. A. I>. 1907.
----- -
ty FloridaNotice I \VltnewH my otllclal signature and CoastLine I 2- r -s.,. ....
---- -------- Noel No. a No. 7 No. I fI
Heal this the 4th day of October A. I Daily Sun Only I Dally STATIONS Dally etSunonir .. .

of Application for Tax Deed U. .l 1907..! ; .. S 11., WICNCins.fierK I : oe:1: __ __D ; ,-
Under Section 8 of Chapter 4888. .'ircuit Aiacnua :
( court. county AM IM PM 1'M 1'lIot tMLes.e
Laws of Florida. riorlda Leave Leave Arrive I Irrh...
It 110 130 1 .to.,. .. . . .Lhe ()..k..... .. 4 :3n !M1 ii vAr539
Notice Is hereby gl\eti that O. I.. I -- Ar109 Ara40 {to. O"UDol I.rk.. . } Lr341'Lrlsltt: I IL..llfr. h''
Feattter. purchaser of Tax Certificate 1 Notice of Application for Tax DeedI : II..4U 1..10 Arita! ,ArtM A'II
r4 Railway at 1 57 AI' 4 2\ .. "' 1A Junction ... . .1 a s.\ 1 11 r ,
No.I,:. 471. 47.N' IS-'. 4sr and 4V., I I Under Section 3 of Chapter 4888. Ar 9 &) Ar 5 ii0 Ar a W . Perry. .. ... . .. . II.r 3 ?." I IAr10 : '
sly dated tho 4th da>' i It September, A. IljO5. >. i Law of Florida. I 1U Are :U Ar 635 t:. :.Usmpton; Sprinlo.:: .li. ; 2 (.;( :I.y: 3 3t

has filed ald certificates! In my i ,
Connection made at towltnw'ark for aU trains to and front 1.10. C.
Notice IM hereby gl\eu that O. I..
office and has mad application for ,
lion aDd .talo .Iuootlon fur 1\.1..0.\ Alton and all lotermedluie i Int"
,(i tax deeds to 1 Imnut' In accordant', with I""h'r.' |>urrh. Hr of Tux Certificate I .'01' information a. Lu ronoeetlnns" with other Jlne.'I.b."e or roil on
taSaid certllU-nte embrace the No r.2'i:! dated tho 4th day of July.I Agent.:'l'boDe 147. Lewin UufldtOIf.Lbe Oak.
-1'U TIIKJamestown I THOMAS oWLINU. l'Traidenn.. P. HOPKIN!" Gt'Dl"r. I' .F''' 'a
folloultiK/ described !property Mtuuti-d I JA, U. l'! "l. ban filed said certlllc.iteI I t lva flea fo"t.ORln
H in \I.u-hlll county, "Florida toItV'B : I my uU1('!' "nnd hn" spade' application" I
- - - -
\ \ of Lot '1. Smith' Addition toMlcanops for tux dead to I issue In itceord.ince

,4 | with I.IXN S.idl -rHtlcatf einhr.icf Exposition

I 1..tI. ."I ...' .1. I". 4 5 ami 47. i the. follow g dcMtrllud property, fltui .
l'tOu.<'-- Aililitii'ii t.. Mlcniiopj' i IIft..1 I In Alnchu county. Florida, to-
l.ol : I I. I'.oi. .. \il.lltlon to :Mica" 'wilt
I \\', of Lot 6 last p' of l\y Grant
nopvl I I 4 -Coach Kscarion: to Nnr.;

"- it2i: -"> &u tot ":,1 StoiiKhtott .\.1.| 'I The "said 'land blng axHOMXtil at the 1'15 1 folk ; .n tale e ehlu.*, I Ihy
. ditloii to :Ml.< ;inoi\| I late of the uf such. << certlti-
: \Att I';. iiKhton,< Addition! to :,I rate In the name of (' N :Merry sail Friday ; limit ten tJft).. No

1 111I II'\' I| I'nloHM' laid ('rtlllcati shall I..' re 4tep-trtarr. Jamestown ExpositionIt

'-: Lot s, I.h 1I11II.tulI'.hIlU..>n to ,1'-\1\0..1! l r <- 'ortltuK to I l.i\. tax dyed
kllcanopvThe. ,i w III issue thereon on the nth day ofNovember. S24.70-.l-.ftfen.Jay ticket lood

nald 1.ind Iwlnn a+,.e,,*.d lit : .\. l). 1SM! >7. III slat-per.! 'top-over. aiI'wrl .1.I .
the data of the |HMII.IUC<> of unrh tertttlat1) !. 'I:1 \\. nt'lII* my of lgnatur and I within limit.
III the nanieM of .\ Slierl'. *>tt>Ue I 1 -.-al this the 4th d.iv of October. A, I is Complete in Every Department.

r( nknoMii 'Itt-nj \\uslilnnlon, A ShrtMtHko II 1-M 7 S II 1VIINl1Fat. .
ticket: food
's Mr* I.. l"tuullh'rlln.! S I. ..It'rk Circuit, Court Alachua counts 830 1f : :
Turner : KlorMa in Ufier. Mop-oTvr*

i' lTnle Midi ertltlfittex nball lw r>' i I I'| -- alluwiwlihin. limit. I

. 4iHMiiei| aci-oriliiiK to taw. tax ilr...!.. The War-Path Air-Ship
will I l-sne thiriii on Itie 5th day .> Notice of Application for Tax Deed POP | *..a.uh ticket (io<
"'i .\ 1 PHI,,; i I Under Section 8 of Chapter 4888. OOOl I 15-i i.eter.. ,h>l'-o".r. at.Ltwed .
\\'UIII' '' V tiitlfl.1 ulirnature und' Law of Florida.
' n>
vtithiu limit cut l>e<'. 13th. i I
seal tilltho tth day tit IVtober. .\
NutUv hertbv that O IF Naval
it K\: M Display
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*.i.iftr i t'urt'ItMMT of Tax CertificateNt
Clerk Ctr"'ult ,"ulrtI.C'hul\ county
FloridaN : *C.<>. dated tho 4th tl.vy of JuU. SUMMER TOURIST RATES
r .\. 1>. IM>N. hitll,.xl said rertlflrateIn
__ ._ __ __ '
h nay otnc- and has made i\i>t>H< utlon Will nitont :.iinl in< F .VT1i.K OK AIMM.I*'.NTIOV n't TXIt for tax il(-.,,l to tit''''to In accordance I rum JAk-1)t1'II.I.I: ;

H t'NUKH: I't'T1*>S II .1.' 'If1..1& "Hh law S.s/d >.rtinc t" enibracemh U\: ,.\ UII.LUU': ( : OCT. slat l at once

.$-. '..\\\' lit' F't.eliU11A I' .. folio 'In it dfttrltHMl I'r..rotrt orliJA.oitu- lXuver. .. .. . . "1.10 For t"UltaCult..lIuoitrah',,! foltlr.
stet| In6tchua count. f' tow ;
1 N..lio'" rhea ,let I Ntal.rTrt H""lp"UI" G.v.UL . . . . . . 11.20
.t... ''IIr--h._' iii Tas I e.. ,.....t.. .... ....t. It: le 'riptivo matter I I.t: of hotoN etc urit-
_.,.., thw n.1 dui of .1. A. I" aui. M.Fr . pact 4. mltb'" Adilltlon I-' Mlc.mopvTh Chicago. . 44UMMich
..... ..", eertdt'ate. la tut ...., ..... '
t ..s.1..t'1' .'!. ailon for %.. ......-.1 ,.. ...... I. NtII land being as.esseil at the Ihot rvl t. 44.45
...a urd.u...... M..h taw. :.sat r.. t "..... ftfa'i I Ir date of the l.i...*nr>.. i.f ui-h ....... t I,N luau...... dr..sft4'rI. 1 '1'00&,.. In the name of tJAdUOf\
ar.l III .t -..'hu* .....BtT. .......... I I Is. l"Ut-In-Ua7. O . 42.93
. ... .1., I.sot.. i 1.1x1. ,.' .... I Unit *, said rertlrtr.ite hall \m r- FLO .l
54 4 .,'. I I. I', v! It l_ '.I ..... ..J4..uh"'lordhllC to Its tax dewlther Lookout :\1t,. Tenn .. 24,13 DISTRICT PASSENGER AGENT JACKSONVILLE
,. 'r' r ,0.1 1 .,..1 ?5r155 ...,_t .t I i.. ,I..,. or Washington !). C. 37 M
,_ ." ,n on the -tb day of
6' iar .. .. ..r ... 4 ,..,\11\.. .,. I c' na4..
. eft ..- .... S".hJ r .\. I). 1907. for further Information and Pull
t'.ir' ... ,.i.t .... .".....,. ....... t... ."" 1_......
...,......,.'. 'oO '.. t+ed..twUl ..+... lb.,..... 1Vltneu my official fltntur amt man rrv tlon. call on or writ Theo f:
7 M She. .',,, 1.., u. S........._....A ; 1...: sgal tfci- the 4th day of October. A, FRANK C. BOYLSTON District FmaevPv ATLANTIC COAST LINE :
'''II''H'--' 1 ttAea, ."".,... .t.1 _.: 1M.r I\. no?. S. II. WIKNORS.
Ule ii'Ib .!r. ..r I.. e. A. n. 1.4 r cent. Atlantic Coa.t 1.,1., ..
,, .. II W":''''"..:__ Clerk Circuit Courtb'b couniv -
a i.t "''.r" %..' t ",trt .A 1.11. C.. .". FlorlCa. 1tW'luU'-- Y1a.



it-*.' .1"r';; ,,:. t'J "::"' ;':'" ..':..,..:.-1--...., !: .... 6 ,,; t' .z {':::2r ''t+$ r ,K/ )..I' ':K' .":' 'r5t'' sun SM r'.A't .t. F

-.y. 4...r.J.


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-------- --
------ -


___ _v

C It was In Big Balloon It. High In WITH A LAME BACK ? Muror< oua Assault on English Sh 3 [ ] \U PKVKKK: 11. MO RIS. '
TJe Saw
treat" HllJI1iIPOISON
Crew.M'onio. '
A ) .
Trouble .
25.-Alfred Le- Kidney Hakes You Miserable. *..
oct s \ : Tit Ort J \

K'c t Ue Krench balloon Almost: evcr'bn.I)' who reads the new "pe>" j ou: Santa' I'm*; :Me\ r. . . .DENTISTi . ,
if:*: and E.V.. Mix. his papers is sure to know of wonderful: H.,. .-.2151' of thrir couii", "'
1:1.:! lauded at Herberts- I' a r cure mode h}' Jr. - -
"" Kilmer'* we.-- 'twined: Olt board by the 0'et)

'ai.11-,' vlnjo an but wean arrived the L Root the great Sxvatnp-kid Ita* :. :>coia"' of t.l-,: |port fUll i .n Bens PaiMj Can- "m.- ". ,'r M 1.k>".? Kndei .. rhone n-. flap
!ivnnett: trophy nej, liver anti bluildvr dr J'i ne-e who had just been lar.5, r f1 ccr,1UIl

As tInes day nlgiit. They -11 l' remedy. e"J. M a muz*.I,TOII- a. >aiilt \\ vne : ; I

I tef mid{ hungry. cold and It is the great medical ,..d.. n ,,ht on the tnMII.h:1': : i iW ., r HnAi DR Al.DhriMAN A I'K.VUOE
from these minor I1 ti triumph of the .
tan \ I nineteenth century ; )f: .1 i and T "icrew Matimt'ti MANY PEOPLE SUFFER FROM I 19
had fine trip.
} a were imiAly Injtiiel 1 In the '
: afl
: 4.k' discovered 1 afteryeiirsQ >
fteIs' Mix revisited the scene I 'iT" l F t r UU BLOOD POISON AND DON'T KNOWIT. I) E0 f1 1 rt 1 ? .
HS* and ii
< iF"ll 0 f scientific research mil) die from Ih.' !'H.
t>od days but It was n. tLi l>y.I>r- Kilmer:: th seminent 'Il\t> i'altie. > would hat "'.\\ '''III all READ SYMPTOMS CUREt BY

rffDX it' that he did so. lie was kidney and I bfot- hem but for the timely arrivalof B. B. B. Office over Duttoi ic Co'.. BaaJc.

county, Ohio, on A bladder specialist, and is wonderfully Phone :SSO. Odohlpn1l1. -
Kiln .
INm pra successful in promptly curing lame back a !l.i 1had not seen the placeImo' gendarmes. lM>nei*. back -----------
"111) uric acid catarrh o'f the bladder and or Joint Itching Scabby -
he and Mr. --- - -
i:Irs Before Skin blood feels hot nr thin
icanl < Itright's Disease, which is the worst ;
U,B1a! s::' f'n."rt"d" the basket; of the bat form of kidney trouble.Dr. No home Is so pleasant, regardlessof Swollen,, hands HIIIKM| unit Humpaon DR. ROUT. C. 1UW KUS.:

<3Tlt ?! t.oulB, he remarked that Kilmer's Swamp-Root is not recommended the comforts that money will buy. the mkln. Sore Throat or mouth

Jboa 1 '>f a great pleasure If he could for everything but if you have as when the entire family ia in perfect falling hair. Pimples' or offensive ,'ruI"| DENTIST. tit
r.'0. kidney, liver or bladder trouble it will be health. A bottle tion++. CaiiceroiiH ur..I'4. I.limps or
,. ,hl !birthplace. On Tursc1I of Orlno Laxative
.. "* Sore
; un 1.11'14. tact
fs toimd. just the remedy ou need. It has or any part
., "ht"" looked down and saw 3 Fruit Syrup costs 50 cents. It will of the hod .. ,
beta tste l in M> manyas.. in hospital i Ut li on' S'ln. are Otllee in Miller" Law Kxchaogn.Om .
i.i familiar country. The work and in j-riate practice and has cure every, member of the family of run ilowii or IKTVOUI: I U-I-IM on anv

k:.: floating along near too 1ru.1,, h*> 3ui-ce: .-t>fut in every case that a constipation sick headache or stomach part of the l 100'l l\ \irbiin<.!..- or Itolt. >i> Phone No. :-M3: ; itrsidenceNu.15

-enfb' the soenery beat special arrangement has born made by trouble. J. \V. McCollum & Co. Take Botanic Blood Balm ( B. B. B.).

fQ ., famtiar to him. which all readers of this lrther, whohaxe Guaranteed to I'ur.1.11 the uort null ,
: .. ..omerelatives and not already tried it. may have a sample Strike Declared Off In Helena. moM It"'I".:<,'.'ft.d t'.\.i--. II II |11| I

bottle so" lit free by mail al oa hook telling Helena. Mont Or :J >. Ten drives all poisonotiH III.UI.M' tiom the
op-er. I(
lrf: they recognized him.they more about Swamji-Uoot.atiil. how to IsvKtem, iind st-ndH a ItotHl ol. |i'iiri' .. <- rich
t, i could not underhoutevl fi Ilt lout i if oiiha\cUiilneyor bladder trouble. a tort, woie ut woiin' the \\ ''<-tern I'' hiiNHl dlreitlv to the thin " Inthl T. B. KI.I.I.: $, Jl H..

Before reach- I \\' ttritingtucutiourentlingthis Union 'I'eh.ttatn! t ui'. .r.' \VeineMtav| I ,* wav S irt-ji. Krn: |>tlon-. Pimples. ,

far <. lusty! the Is isle lei! : generous "ilfr in tint paper and your having been reinstated follow: Ins taptE'.nlul.uu niul every evidence of. Itlotxl Poison I ATTOH N ";Y.\T.I.\.
115 .. are quickly I ln-.ili-i| mind i-nriil..
along with two otner a Ulress to I>r. lilnter'C [pawed at A ineeitnK of tlo: com I -
fir .. ..oot.s: One of there f: Hill ;h.1It"'I. :; local I dedatlt.K the strike off a" far IU j I, .|% |,clean-tt>chanuliiK ht'.iltlu coailllloii the mite Into I (1 stsast11.t rr, Ftoalna
co: riioun.initof |
N. Y. The 1
riKul.irfiftvcent thin cltU 'f""nt'.1."' The
'un( powtal
vi, I lout*, and the other the ant t!. j '.a..1'4 Hired Uv, It II II after all
i>tieiloll -
force \\ a. a *.) rolnstatadVednet- 'IdQ 'other tio.itinriit t.ill.-I
balloonist %
< rival I ware .
t ir rite tattles! nee nom. e>f S.IlooL .
s .1"|i unite a long cuiicerrama ..ullllt all jifxxl druj;.istH. T"on't make ) I RHEUMATISM OR FOUL CATARRH B.AKKR: MATH:stS .(" T.AXTKR.:
o : hours of a morning any mistake bv>t rt.-mettil the name with shoulder, {paliiH. Its. ttknto or .epic.
w.ltnl-Rn..t.{ U. V liner's Swamp-Root, For Over Sixty Years tlli {. heiiilache. ear.icht. .\1.11 oMMiil \ ATTOIINKYM-AT-LAW
anti the Mrc.t f \ ?Uamtoii, N.: ., onevert Mrs Winslow'a Soothing Syrup has I >t>orn cares art quicklinit..| blloliinic \ ,

Lest We Forget "bottle. betas used for children's teethliiK- It _....L d" L Itloiul_ .__I .ll.ilin. III It III/I.L' lie I . SOI.IOITOKH IN CHAMJKRY;

Bat y is restless can't sleep at - -- -- --- -- - -- ---- soothes the child softens the gums iiiiiriiiiiMt- n-nlUnt'. "-11111Irllll, 11 looi IINilvnii -
K II II puritlcand ,'lIl'ld"14|I j
night, won't eat. cries spasmodically. I $50.000 DEAL. allays all pain._cures wind colic and (the Mood You f.-'l that llf> H vsorlliilUltiK I UAlNKHVIM.K.: Alaehua On. KL

JL bottle White's Cream Vermifuge - ,- Is the best remedy for diarrhoea. from the % erv first dose Iron > ,
Office In llnrninii lll,xkPKRIMNANH _
never falls to cure. Every mother Important Tr"rftr of Real Estate } lows ltlier" ItlitMiuiiitl-in 01.r ('a ,
her baby "White's Cream tart) just try' II II 11. tutu, you tll
hould give Near Arne..It ts. Ca.Am Company Fined Half a Mill-on. gut uell ..lIIrt'ly11111 iiilrklC'RES : :" HAYKR: ,
Vrnlfuge. So many times when the ,ricus. Ja. n'et. 25:; -Sixty St. rcurfbum. On..;. Oct .::. | > I>
U pale! and fretful the mother thou.-and ,110)11 i The muriK-l.tall: f St ... ECZEMA ATTORNKY: AT I.AW.
tent irtva !! the conslil'''ratJon > '* r."-liiitg ''U. NVatery blisters ItcliliiK .. ..
open : .01. >I
dues not know what to do. A bottle p\piev-pd in a realty transfer imiH{ >-'.',l lines .sggreta'tuK $;.015'.5,((. ill I. of nil kinds nil leate after treatment I Ivsltli I OAIMKXVIIIB: t'I.IJIUDa.

cf this: medicine! would bring color to effected here Tuesday afternoon. the \\'.'.tltI .lnIM' Ulectrtc eomjiai I B. B. B.. hiH, ',lllHe these troiililt-H '
ila cheeks and laughter to his eyes. herein frank Shrffielil' and Arthur for 1 lis: failure 'to complete: l.'ie: eo 111' I,' are c-iiiiHed bv' Illood 1'01.."", \\ h --

piomlnent hwal lIalillt MtriKiiim nf the street railway Iliu.,. 'B. B. B. Kill.tin* .I'olnon. inakeH Can soil ,nit. jltj '. '
Cite: it a trial. Sold by \V. M. JohnTOMORROW Rylatfri..r ( ;&1' !II. ; 11"1
Idoixl and rich and proved and phosphate
pure heals" unlmpro/mi) .
acquired tV.o; I'rnpE"rt of the IVnoto 1 of this cltj The company. him announ'ed t,
&On. Borew and stops the Itclilntt fore\t trnekiufr and farming! lands Neild hit+1
Plantation rompan.f! { conrtlstlriK of five I that It will! appeaL{ A
--- BOTANIC BLOOD BALM. ((8. B. B.) a list. of what you off for eel.! 3l47ib
actos) of .*xcc>llrnt -- ------
tnonnan.l farming -
sugar Is |>!oniant' and sate to take: com ,
r lauds. lIon t let the baby from ezema \. j {tKmed of Hire( Motanlc InicrodlontN I J A CJAHM8I.K,

The plantation: in the former T. M.Purlow sores or any llrlilux of the Samples sent free by writing. IllooilMalm 41

I lain-.* and anion& the In skin I Itoan'M <)lnllii,-lil giver Instant : ('u.. Atlanta glets. or Ment by *. $1 Per
outhw'extern UeorslJ Th. relief cure l expron And
i : flourli- quickly( Perfect saf. Large Bottle. lilt eomplete dlrertloiiH $oltoltor In Equity

Til assure life tomorrow" Ing little citx of I>soto U located( for children All druggists sell|| It, I fur hone rnre.
my I there The Seaboard rallwmj' traverses .. I He* F..t.ti>, Convrjranclnff. and 0...
--- - ---'--
Tf .. I the .. 'eral Praetla. All bnslneee promptly
;iro> !-.but how' do yon know plantation. Tiir ntlrtraot l
I [ attatded to. Office resift door<< to Hua03
': > i I' gout;: to !I". any tlllu.rrnor I 1.J: bo I immediately Kiihillvldod nm,'... (lAINKavil.I.M. Flx>Htr>*. ;

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(Ii. n.... I'oh.-y in fore TODAY to KPttlemoiit l h>' Industrious farmer rWANK:' CI.\HI( '1'llt1. \V. M'IPt.ntsu: 3MI.11
'desiring to locate In Simitar Thl
t.1'! l 'slug to protect tl.e widow I
: sale In th.*> largest concummated
n -- :'lain. of tomorniw. here. ever < "LAIKrinrtl : ,\. (." ( f'L)1: ( ( i iJ

'. ,n.. between two ..111).r. ... T I
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will all |pass into j,-*- Julius Caesar J s3'f'r+. ,

Wa a man of but sickness Mil
.. ,. nerve
n |1"1' Bent of all .1'aUa| I
1' .. '" in the t'nited :Mate* unit left ltd mark and he became agod .E LJf 11I1I-
.1 I In Court, HUt call
) | before his time. Sickness Is often i

caused by a torpid liver. Herblno Brain Workers and Kedrrt. )'
Champion Athletes
The EQUITABLE will regulate your liver and give you s I
j I health. Mrs. Carrie Austin Hollon.I Rely utM.n Coca-Cola. Thry know the genuine
M \\-n-wtll.-.l within < >NK '
1" I Kansas, writes: "I consider Iforblnn when bottled, nerves a. M tonic without undue 1m".. u tfVUrlue..ltl. N ..11..1.i| ..... ;
r>> prtMjf* of ileatb wenre- !
\\ the best medicine I ever beard of. I stimulation delightfully relieve that phynl-
b.-n' claims, are not |>ant l ,} tally tired feeling and I I.tAI4Mrvll.l.r. FU)1tit1A
.'< y it t H usually due tit tit lay am never without It" Sold by W. M in cobwebby mental utateNo .
i the common summer time. See that your uV..l,-rNuppheM :
>. N-iieticiary in > nbV'tf I It Johnson you fir keep it in your rf riff..ratllr. AN
paler| j -.?. rm..mbw that tH. \.*\ **\ '_......._. ..tir..l.ruiburlty BROWN HOUSE BARBER SHOP
ofi he B...1 l lag C. U AM.Isi.t lr Fare -
Sck Man Cuts His Th Oo1t.f'If'fmoI. _
COUPON I' ; i .M n1 :2"t: Kill.. r, JackMnville Ceoa-Cela Btlillnf C... riar I II II Harnent! Papy." Prop.
'I mail I.. ('. K. < .....hllllll. .\ilmnt *'' .-rj' ,thrr"i r- of MK<' i I

vfi t ( tainer<\ill.*, I'la.nutting .
t-on of Mr .i.fl Mr. .Mfir-il I A'.J'I! t
A Thoroughly! lod.H.1I l Shop
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if fad to hate. >oii lh) Latest Tussles, with nut 1:1.,4
hat tta: S_.-n in poem. h.wltti fr 'I artists, will bo found hero.
{particular* r>-.rr.linirr ,
tirr I >- >' ',. Put' .a.h *>ioit I" a We solicit A share of jrour ptron4
.l!' \M n.\ HII f..r .; .
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1 fil. t. ;. . < . . -, *j

r I "


For Infants and Childrea. d U / l-a.-". 1I.! ; .. K. 1'. si II .l ITI: :. 1'rp "

11tM., The Kind You Have Always Boughtr : O ?

a r...u, REVIVO Tar r.e wlve"'- dong the '

i,, w RESTORES vnri tm otWfe 2'w-17:: : n.lolno for hue dr' as of satisfied .,w... .t

t Are 1.l the.t' If not,

1' ; E"bide a . ne*.r too .l

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Cr 1W:. of _Me.n__ . e frim rpi' I"-Uulrr* '.- Stuth Florida 4

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... .IAo 'r.t. '......._1 ties' --'m. N" r lt. ... fw r Your Wfew House Normal Instifutt
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..a.,. etw. IrS.s II." Y. -ter. I t I ... 'Ia.. .its Ills to "1" .
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: ...... ..' ,be _,.., -'..._I'_.rota trlt loa.! St'..... I I Slit: t' .. . .r.. "IL t,1. e. \ YOUR O"ADE-Tb.t rats.! ;r
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.. I. ... .... Nw.. ...W..... Yana w A Crd. your .*UrToo H'>uth Aorta f..)
plwlatwMN 1 i.t/.e51.aaMh k'.r .. 1.1..It. .. I,. 5."11.1.1' ..bbI h.ek. d..r. '
7, AlaN .: This to certify thAt *\l druiU are ".1.1.11.and Normal huUtllte will rise you the !
NIL. Is f
'. --1..91 y v s.,4..s 5." I ...- aatfcorlcd to refund your money If t. tit' j nil"1 it tu '.tr 5.1.511155 r** ttt at !..... 10-i ... ............ sfI1ptatiny .. Net help' la raising your grade. 1

". ./1ry Y711be ..rrt..4 I Ys IIr .rr rv.arse tit
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) gat. Iat ."...,..1"la..h may i.. "t a"r' Jr.. tu r''U! pays 1M best Urt... If juu waat
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Atlantic tad tb. Booth
florid Normal.
r__ -... _.. .... .. __._ .... ooltKSb. ao oNsW.. Plumbing Company ,
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,SlIt -c.' "" """"t"" .jr..M1a M far a 7atM fT '" Tdl'ItUallllrUti.L For farther prtJeuU addr.*.
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I Celery and string beans for today's: .. .. ... .
H. l.
OF I I BROWN A SRO'S.POCAHOHTAS trade J. G. Harrold. -

: PERFUME Dun> fail to ask for your rebate


I I I Selling With Great Success preflee ---- -- . -- -. -

5* itiore 04': that delicious I'l.u.ul.i

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e:e3 by Oar Reporters.cuso"1 __ __._ .___n_ _____. ____________ i r.\ :.,rl '
It lia<* s* complete I..idu'-> IN pain., ',11,
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AND SOCIAL ITEMS lad!'. Call 'phone 27? I >t e' ..s3 la this* city. a guest of Miss I It ha-* ample Capital to take .an 'I"I( e .10415
1.\\ A
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and What I. I I It InH r-\imr l'c'I \rtIU"lIt in win... I II'' ,"'r.'.t i" ,tl|..\.e.l at 4 |pt'rtent
Happened ply 507 N Garden street.O. Hill has gone Alachua for :
Hal jx'r unnutn--.nlnta.einrleil| o.uarterl) ;
$ Ling Happen Told In Short Para.Ir3ph1 XX'. Maines of Montcochavas :, da. !>r two, where he will Join a I NIt
So That "He Who Run. MayRead" trading in the city yesterday 1'.)rt' ..' hunting friends. In** :afely 1 Ileis sit Uoxen' for rent } I \*"r year *n.l npwanl'*. .

It In The Sun. New Florida alrup. the bet'ts*>'our 'ri"'hl of II. F. Spence will regretto It i i.. fittest! with :'h"t'l.lilllt.!. "nln llurkrUr-prxof f :001111.: z"

lips ever sipped. Saunders & Karle. learn that he has been confined to

Old new=>Papers for sale at this his linnie for the least two or threedays It lui-s a private uthe,.. ritttnl with writiiikT. ..le..1..-. t. fur the ties, "
full line
A of staple and fancy gn>>
of its customer'.
s !nh fever.A .
&lmC'f' cerles. XX' D. Fagan & Co. Phone

Ladles calling cards at The Bun 41. il?llar saved is a dollar made Its management thoroughly iiiHlcrstMmls the 1It..I.| ..i tIt.. |Ire..t.le| 1 1of

C'f'. All the vegetables of the and e .-ryone likes to make a dollar. thistvtioii.. an.l are .11"1..1| l to he literal in their treatment, to thetomers "

the best printed stationery call seasonfor You.ui do both make a dollar and ,'n", of the ."'nl;.. ;
For today's trade. \\ n. Fagan &
at 'nIe Sun otftceJ Co. Phone 41. save" .e Collar' by trading at Gainesville Till1lUa: I : CITY 11ASKS: OKKKU: TIIIHI: Cl, ''To\II'Io-| I :

Nee) of t'lnston'a", trading .. .. null in Cent Store .uTnl :..e :\1 U 1:1'1': : XV.VXT YtH'n 1U'I .>;:ooi
Mr". . G. llanknlKlit of Archer U
terday. :\11,. Schmidt -
'in"t" of Frankfort Germ '
In t < in the city on a visit to Mr. and Mrs
kerel for Sunday's breaknder nil) I I.I arrived in the citv and will i :
F n;:l'> J. P. KauknlRht. I T. W. SHAMDS. President I :
& Earle. remain here for the winter as a guest '
S : :
1.t. Fine ( >op JOIIIIR chickens. Call or j i ur h-i, :;
brother. I'r. Karl Schmidt.'I'hls .
cranberries. \\ S. i
ce, 01'1 'phono early If >'ou want one \\'. S. |I OOOOO OOO ,
...... ,. 'o Phone 15. ., H I i I. her first visit America. and .
:fONt' IOrse (ICU.. 1 hone I I.'. I she i i- harmed j' -- -::; .

cha. M McKinney of Graham wasuadl II. 1-:. Ta>'lor. cashier of the first I' ,
Tin t .
yesterday, 'iue' of Countv Tiea urei It
i tie city National Bank liar retiirne l from '* 111.! 1'I'. South Gainesville: has r.

y B salt> desires position a* business trip to 3acksuu.iil4- ('.'lIth I undergone a thorough 11\ .*1' HUNTERS TAKE NOTICE .
... Apply at Sun office. .
its : Soda crackers in hulk-made, h>' the I haulm..., ami repair' among the mostlnitori .
finest cuts of beef call at r; _:::0..=.;; -- --"" .. '7
f.t i r: National HI -( lIlt d>mpanand as | .mi of the Improvement being ,
$ ,,,,.rold'oJ beef market. Phone crisp> aa a wafer Saunders & Mirle. the
j ail.litlon of three rooms. I The- himtuiir j-ca-on: Mpcnt '"+ thu,, h.t (Iauf. 'U\ 1'1"1'

: Master James the hrlllht: >OUUK son I MJIM .1 nice piece of meat I Is *|ioiledl i )nly a fi' xx' ;tlays lI'tln' lo l uy your Shellami:, <<< iun liucarry -

hew five\ room cottage In South of Perry O Katu.--s.' of \Vacahoota.Is 143 l an I ignorant: cutter. .Fagan: ,V (..c. \\" stock of tin fiillniirmakes !";
pl""ll'lIt$. n I roinploto .
rent. Apply at Sun :
CainesHHa to I in the city on .1 brief visit to have' 'tl.: nice meat and n man whoknow I -
of Shot limit: : -
office: friends. how, to cut It. which account 'I : toI

j p: }'un-h has, returned to Alacliua.a The home of Mrs.I Sue X'idal. corner I fur tli." ral.t that they do the largest Kemlnifliit.1.'tr. four S25 to $40 I I U,to', .,nrfaAu.M. . .. . .,,.", S3Qi '

!t.r leasantlslt) to his family in of XX'efet Main and fhmch streets! has "Multi hi the clt.v( Phone 41 I Il I I I I l

1h1 recently I lyen huI rnted h>' palrs.. ted I The l i ;.tlnesv Illoatlonal' Hall has I II ll<('::Lon+ .l ..Ilea.I $15 to $20 "r'rl.d buns Si 1 0 to S2eHttS .

Fr '> kwheat and Graham flour ditlons, etc a chaiik... :e' of advertIsement In this I Is I:
j I ( 1.'In.hrsirr 1t..1.esters ltowl' i
1 to
$20 : ;: $4.58 S5.50
rc-'ued XX S. Dort'P'u, .,
jU.t : If > ou U rc' satiffied with what > ou sue to which the attention of our
( '1..11111)): Itasl+. Ii......iI I'll.N. "Itllg 1 1 1'.1.. 1'suds. Pests. Iet I : illll"" ,
read.IM directed
get at our More, tell friends. | This Is one of .
I your ; 'I'II Lather mill' ( .11\ "." <<< inn i a-.'., 1-1..11.., l'ow.l lr ....c.II"I.l ..,
\\' (c\ "}'agau & Co. have a full If not tell U.-*. (;;alne! \ille .*> noel intent the ..ingest, banking Institutions 1 lit .. ...: :

(,f f- ,) meats for today's IInt"l Stole this ,... linn of the State. 1111,1'cl! enJov Baird :Hardware: O o. 'I'

4'fur.lllh. ln>:: .1 i ,deserved uttrnnageAttemioii
J'b n' For HC'lIl-I'I |
lIl'I'CH'm house. liCIt .. .
-- inns and AHimiiultloii -" lH lr l > and Krtall. --
raisins! nuts citron Alacliua avenue. Klectrlr lights water Is tallest to the advertlseinent .

-tn'nl'.11I1> : for the fruit cake. Sauiidf I hath. Apply to Aligns \\', l5kr, 1I l0;J of the llnlrd Hardware Potts -- .-... .

A. Ilarle: AIl, <'JIUI. avenue. panv which appears in this Issue Mouse to rent. A. I.. Vidal I eOITIIIE.TILRESTAURANT

II I' :Mattalr and son of XX'lllisUm J. (l. llarrold has a small supply I This nterprlslng. firm suggests the Jesse O Clark has returned Mom ithnxhieHH

.itr> at i.long! those who spent>> jesterlav of bananas and apples" for luda 'f' approai. h of the hunting reason, trip lo Jiu-kxonv!! aril l other

In thin tltv\ trade. Call early If > ou want some which win open on =""U\'t'lh.'r'I 1 I. and |M,llltM.XV I '

of them Phone :%. offers a line of ..standard guns. tosNtrtnicii ,
A t.fiiutiful set of dishes containing II. I'lilfvr IIIIH ROHM to lrn\t
at right f:
?< tilt-res fur $K.S3: at lalnesvllle 5 For Sale-Two hundred and fifty | prlcen.In Park for the purpose of ItMtkliiK after 1qIlr.uud
"' -Srst t. Pestetlkt.. ..
and 1 I''' Cent Store.We cords uiiMiwed. soft and hard wood most capes consumption results UN. iiavnl ,,'ur.'" tutrrest5. I
C.n".I..II' Iwratwl. \'.>( i'rltateANNOUt1ICEMFN .
at $:.r.o and $3 cord. Address from a neglected or Improperly treat
get our oysters fresh from the per| :Ills| JAUH Hmltlt of \\u'ullHh.. r
and University of FloridaA. ed cold ..010)"'. Honey and Tar cures .. _
tank! every day. Sunday, too. utter a l 11,1-asst malt to r. l.tly. w and T

Xuthrrforil & Spence. It. Cooper Moiilbrook was In the nio"t obstinate coughs and pre- friends. here how returned to her ,' Mr. I. O. \Yhe;.l;r. 'r formerly. ttt the

J. (i llarn>ld carries a full line of the city Thursday lie Is an enthusiastic Vnb serious results. It cost you hot"-*. Eagle| Cafe-. Miami. nit. "'l4'rl.u.d'IIth..r
uo more than the unknown preparations < und flmtclnMM ....... has ae'crpttrl
iui'1an l fancy groceries and sells Klk, and came to attendthe 11' .
and should insist having T. JucktMMi. who owns a liMlidsome M IN..ltlonIth this fHitahlUbnifiit. .
at the lowest" prices. Phone 2.:;. meeting of Gainesville I. Htge/ No. the genuine In the yellow package. and profitable urlt".... icrovnHI amf from iu,w un kindly keep

Don't forget to ask to see the set of !4911. I J. W McCoUum A Co. XVauburg '..ak... U, In the city on your eye on its Our mlditlf servlcw
will .
begin Monday lhast. nnd whenwe
4Uh.M "t' offer at $6.83 for 76 pieces Mutton chops 1. and a cutter who : hllMlnefeS.Mrs. .
'.. : After having' lie*>u coiiMUlerahl Inconvenienced . say midnight nervlcwi.' wi dslu'ttnrop
knows his
business \\
Cilnt INand ) go together '
lO-Cent Store.
II. I. lieiuiett lids returnedfrom open one night and] cloned tli*
1 Inn l Is. without illue KlhboiiIro. have tMth the mutton and chopper. at : li)' the tire of XVedues-. Orange Heights, where .he .hut* lle\t We eapect lo cater to the t s'e'tclass

our market \XV n. Fagan Ac Co day H. J. l lnip"e>'. the furniture of traj|. and to bulks the service.
and \.mI lIa.Vlth them you been on a, vlitlt to hr .''lth'r.Irll: J /
Phone H dealer and upholsterer, has gotten huesteak nrnt clans In every respect. XVe shallmukn
In good condition. at :22.1: : Vest
Poky a Kidney Cure will The residences of XV. I._ 11111 and daya.Mr.. XX'stern steaks. d..% |111..1|| <'raal,.. flab, ''
cure any II. H.: Ta'lur lest Chiirth and. Ka,,t I I :Main and Is ngaln eiioylnga ) ICR'..... ..t.>. The very |I..t CofTe, d
UO!* of Kidney rouble that is not be- : and Mrs, Fohlwi of IttMudaso,
Semliiurvlr.... materially l: Hood trade Mr .Hempsey In f..i11I"f'r brewrnl lu a large. |Mirreluln lineal drip '
jood n fllnl: aid J.V.. McCollum & ts. are being :I discontinued bin IxmlnettM. abe .. (hi.. are In the city ou M vUlt to Mr I um, lriifpiv tloiiMbly Hit I lent fun,..... tell

Improved. In appearance bv it llher and MrsI.I I. I' I.arson, and will be I If l nnd eiulpM'd. | rxMtaurant lu tfi.
CaF .I) application of paint Immedlalelt moved Into the new there city. AM well a* the oli|..nt '. .hll.b..d. y
of National lliscnlt Cum 1..1".1. f for Keierul days. :Mr 10<11 br U ;I f
I hut naturally the stock WUMIn and no et,n>." will,, I I I I.! .. spared to givjou a
; tell when vou'll iii.inh
pat : can a Iard.. of
'HIIIMitch I as butter thins a prominent ant merchant
l. I I'r
I disorder .
for du
; it ) or two' afterthe ) it. fmlclA) rervtreVUat wt
fe ladv fingers, etc illIl..1J : t-iifTVi a cut .burn. or scaldKe . fire, Mr l I'ilhese.| propose* toIncrease 'ltlU"lit It. ; .promlnw wee try to do".
In 1 i, I| l I'f. Thomas'. 1It'c'.r': -
hi-. ""vtock coos/drabl/ ). and l K: II Hitlney nnd family hav arrived '
( Ml ln>>taiitl lleves Hie |MII| .
Teachers\ ,1,1, have their reN,rtw I I will" add some. new" lines In the city| from Charleston., XX '
I' illl< klv ClireH the WOlllld" .
t. | (,'h"... I hI' I.'.. of'k..onv Ille niiinager X'a. und will make. their fist lir.t liomehere STOVE WOOD !
Found-Klni containing one flat.ot .
Simple' form and price I' !: of the State Itureau wf .Itiformalion They are pleunnnily .local" ill
at ,' door and one trunk. .kev. with.
j isa/k :N" I'ailiiry street. :Mr llnlnesj
'I 1" and pilhllsh.'r. of The. Guide. loFlorida.
haln atlsrhe'dw
'w .plain gold bracelet.. ahilnlnum' tier nmvhave .. j /elna's for the In-nelU of bin health
WM' In the cite y | TI|"V In
r" aiiie bv tailing at Sun o/lls.' and and li will W(' (iiu -4upplv| : you in any
'mxle. initial A. I. C the Interest of bl. pubUcMtIon. whUli" It hoiked thehags ale.

'turn to thin ..Ii(',' ..r "p.iMiiK fur this n.Jf..U..II..II'I I be. l It>HIefi .oau.. M .....r. lit* Is ,tits" at the desire' | re.ultr, HIiiiHeff and f ten'the 1111111 tit) from ono
*" I Friends of I.. ,: 'Iterker are ... .
'' it High School I Ia Captain work on 111" ,,,stir for the |>r<>..-ntveni. ,, lIy are ..11 ,.I"M..I Ile, Htnui up
glad to sec him out a,eati. after anI '
II.ill HII estimable lady.a ,. '. which will" t e hand.oinel) Illiot.. Atlantic iunihliirf| <<< "oniitintHlmpmMi 4 4GAINESYILLE
I 1I1r.|| ..*. of r.event I week' The Cap j i I
: In the city >.""tt.r.1 I' tr..I. and which" will tae ready f..rl lira have N <''halite of ud ye'r prk'fo. apply I.. C. Ie. Mill. M. ,
t.iln .I" bv lit) meMns, well, but bin
44 i ii. for the .purls| !'"- Hr :'. distribution.. ]just 'before tlie opening. ;, VertlneliM-lll 1 III Ihits "|*.lie lo wbll. b -

*' i | .. for |ls'usini. j ronrlltton greatlv Improver of II... ((.Riot. iietiHOM 'the book. will t,. the Milenllon of our render I' dirtrtril TIE: COMPANY

'' Mrs T J. llaiiitiioiul. I I I, Mss llnttle iH-tiiils and nether are .
In :New York. jut.. of the Hotel I .'1)1"'" >... I
a mute :Moore an
r. llnw. thorn. rHon..11 t StiraVRr where. they w. |III|| remain lie as a mutter of InformationAllorrie i i >) big: M Hue basln.'a... The aretiet
until. earl 'In during l moat I ::
It t n \lnit ) "..'nla' rank' //arts of this ont> eltkclenl nnil Uwble butIIulilpt
I It. (
of .lr .a-. > Ibv, Miss N.
tb Norton
of the time .
.. .
14 prepared to do all T....... %\ KleldltiR of Ht.irke. w rx. h. seen whine Is 5''r' t
have been at Italshesry Mass I
; lut.' -.t by the publicCtm
fracilng and r..rJIt'nt..r i| Mace "OOC-.' >'I h'h''t""" ."t"/

*. "''ring. Satisfaction :-Iu..rln..nd..t.1 It Cutl-r of the for the |><-n'rl 'f t.f their '''t.r......". .|.-rtf r 'h.\ l.4>iiv..nan of fhw.MUtntlr

*' ash! toiid Riven w hen r.Iachu" ..- Tamllll still .larksun He rmllr..d baa'' li this shy bavftttfim .< op..sed theta te.'w <'...|"t f.llie wfM INikra lib Novelties Books( Stationer :,

. *' .\ avenue, cone to XarMk... '
)tar hilt few __kB. lie will beI ....lid' 'K s" alt h are .UU
I I',ln.! -d b, Mr. ("utler .... ..i. return I -Meat and nio .t MHolern lit thlf. ,... eeold tflhere\ for .ever..1! )et.rnii'l -.a ,

Itonte' Mrs Cutler bas ..!>..uf the Mum tl.Ti of ft,i. >4tnftFri'M ods of I 'olhiifi , ttf one nine was nliclit .,Ricer. hit*

-THE- titer, deltwhttully lei North Carolina I II l'1ee..lliet .tr .I-J. en .. I I' ..tU.. t_ worlfd. htiiiM-lr' 1.hf"IIwIt.h.. a food and Picture Frames . . ;

ir R C: __It". ArtlMir liortM gad a. w -fi 1. t... l' 'uuie ,, |...Mlll" with| til. pre*.iit xrnplorerlie

El Dorado CafeIs M W' M.MOin .* W.Wo wer.. In the :i i>i..r. ..I. en,,,.1 i I"1.!la"ni. I I lu.. ut r..tufl,"...l from Isle J.I.I.M. 206 East .1

|Ie lift. ..,.. ., ,... .. Liberty Strut
I" Thirsday night I 14IuUJI. wise v I furs' r i wit'' .><'.110.. trip, Kolnr .- for \\ r

. uud frt/ow hd 10 indrKo t...- 1 1 crxllt to < sill. .> . "S.,MIi "I 101a1.'N"'" .. ft\UIESYILLE. FLORID '1
a g !i ___ _______________________
.ord.... ut Mm .Iatree 1. the tlIu -

Reopened. .n'l MNM. llortnac and Meagan cam- I JA,:". M JtAHAM." I'..... CTX XV ' II T 1 t144.t." LIT CHAMAM. A.'. c.. -,
Mown to |>r .4e.* I', limn trout 'her :

I I trial tbrouxh whtrli tbe> k|..-w b"l J

? o..d fop th. past few 'o,1aJ U.- rtffnfU...I t" p*.. I j! FIRST NATIONAL BANK GAINESVILLE FLA.CAPITAL
**'* .... .
T Account of illness of lepuly Sheriff J \Ire $ ( 'I j ,

a *r Mudgin. the Proprietor. lIranol' was In the cat,. '*, ittttri./ J *
see nothing cooked or /ualner. 1-.... .,.,. tua"hur b" ugbtO. I
. S4.... .
without. his personal In. IAn<<-a"lrr white. -uuc b. arrest i
, are,
aT'e } near Tacotna un InBtntrtWrn. Offer Unexcelled Facilities and Up-to-Date Methods of Banking.nUtTKors
aY aYI51t1)11
', E 1n.u> the aiithorltJ-/ at I .140(1' rr,(jnty
Dorado i
", =Te along and pit open your i Tb. rb.'K" t. the L-r ay 01 a day. "'1' c.' : ICKIJAHMSilint, : << Your!'sn.
I + llf anlfwal Ttw defendant I. eeo.n ,
m -.
t 0,1, '
, .. C........ .......... .tom : .. y'
4 } Jail and an oOVr r I. e,Ja-t. l from 1
stoked and M"'ed as y.a Mani.i Arra4U to take bits away tudayJ F.*r Per Cat IIIt-crat ANlis+lred I Sari.Dlt DEprtae it and .n rise Ceftificala--c..1Ift4 Qdartertr.I .


\ Ir

4' k Sx r t e is yx
r .
.. L .,

Title: Gainesville daily sun
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 Material Information
Title: Gainesville daily sun
Uniform Title: Gainesville Daily Sun
Gainesville daily sun (Gainesville, Fla. 1903)
Alternate Title: Daily sun
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Creator: Gainesville daily sun
Publisher: H.H. McCreary
Place of Publication: Gainesville, Fla.
Gainesville Fla
Publication Date: October 26, 1907
Frequency: daily (except saturday)[-1938]
daily (except monday)[ former <1903>-]
normalized irregular
Subject: Newspapers -- Gainesville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Alachua County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Alachua -- Gainesville
Coordinates: 29.665245 x -82.336097 ( Place of Publication )
Additional Physical Form: Archived issues are available in digital format as part of the Library of Congress Chronicling America online collection.
Dates or Sequential Designation: -58th year (July 24, 1938).
General Note: Description based on: Vol. 20, no. 48 (Apr. 5, 1903).
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Bibliographic ID: UF00028298
Volume ID: VID00909
Source Institution: University of Florida
Holding Location: University of Florida
Rights Management: All rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
Resource Identifier: oclc - 32994415
alephbibnum - 002027051
lccn - sn 95026977
lccn - sn 95026977
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Other version: Gainesville sun (Gainesville, Fla. : 1903)
Preceded by: Daily sun (Gainesville, Fla.)
Succeeded by: Alachua County news (Gainesville, Fla. : 1934)
Succeeded by: Gainesville daily sun and the Alachua County news

Full Text
I, . '\ru i>I "It"", ,,,t. I ,, ,. ,," )jo. .
I .oR..t. : "" '!IF" "", , .... .....Ij' '/ VA, ..
"" "
I;' d" :-.. r / I.i.v; ... .' > t. : ...,..........> 'to'1' '' ...;!

;1 ,\&aiiuitic f iJU itll



... ._._

; iES ARE. BRIGHTER I. Estimated GERMAN Air BALLOON Line Flight WINS.of the 'QUAKE DID DAMAGETwo Rate PHGHI'S Organization ELECT of OFFICERS.National Pro. SHOT JUDGE 3 T TiMES[

:; I Pommern la 880 Miles n hlbltion Party.

1' St raulH. Mo Oct 25.-Proclalm. I \'ltlanta. Oct. 23..;There "was a fieaeroui --

rl: ceFlaa p ial Panic Has ed an the most remarkable, ballooningconUMt Villages Were Destroyfit$ gathering 'prohibitlonUta. lathe Then Man Turned Wca''

lu e hlstor of world aeronautics Plelmont: assembly hall Wednea- pia:]

"1 :Proba I1' Paspcdl with all lacing record, broken CcIl: briZL tT day afternoon when, a state organization Himself, Blowing Out .

the hftond International cup coujpttltlou of the national,prohibition party -
h which started from here on was brought about. ..
;CONFIDENCE IS RETURING 'Monilaj' Iat l. coded Wednesday with TEN LIVES REPORTED, LOST An election for steto officers te- TRAGEDY. AT LAfiV .

-- Germany accorded the winning! laureH suited as follows

4 The finish of the race<< was the cla1- Tared dl Chairman. Colonel R. S. Clieves:
snetary Cortelyou Ha. Deposited Cathedral at Grace Was
Difficulty Occurred: .
rot and most exciting.( the followers of of Zenith .Ga. in t

;Money tot Relieve Strain-Ineiica. the port have ever known tae \ lctorlrxuii Thrown Down as Was a Tower that I Ylcchairman. Rev. A. J. Jlugaca. of Judge Bramwell A _

."{ tlona- Are that Wall Street Has Rsrgained fjorrnan balloon the Pommem Had Withstood Earthquakes for of While Plains. t7a. i come of Long Stand
which landed at Aabury parkhaltR Secretary and tieasunr. Rev. J. A, .I

::. Equilibrium. but Mlghtl more than rivemiles Gcnturie Past. Gordon of Atlanta Between, the Two.

.if 1 New York Oct. 20-Notw1tht tan'l. the advu.ntaie of the Franca Rime Oc'j; ; .-The earth shocks The!' assembly! adopted resolution Laiitnle \\">'o. Ocr

g Hi- financial turmoil here of thesat contestant. l.'Ule de France second which wfiu' tell throughout Calabria declaring that the prohibition pattjIs Lepper. for three vemtills .

few days and the rapid sequence 1:1 I: the* rave, which cleaceu.led at Her1)ortsilU. \\'"
vents 1n the NVw fork banking '. N. .I a few ml leu from dejtroj-"g:: two villages but to in the union' today. as. it cJiani- XV Itramvvfll Hires t;:

,,fworid some of them sensational and thetJalllic coal and allgbtly north far alt kftowu oul)' ten lives> were ,tone an Issue. that hno < .:0 sec i Ito bloc of The 1 luttei t
'"\.C&ye.! there Is decide)" more op' wcU of Point Pll'3toant. a and Is of equal worth to ever> part of revolver Muu
upon .>l:
o vMpotwm than theie was u f..w hours Another <;orman balloon the Duftieldorf. lost.To ad die tte .leolationN' it WRHralnlnn the ccuntrj own braiii Jud"e
....go.c stands third In the race the in :'errorts whin resulted ina "Ii I is not only fun grandest moral small chance for iecohas \

(c fi'. Confidence Returning. American, entries are fourth and flfta.n gjod drat ef Buffeting among the issue.! HJJ' tae resottkus. but tho lA"pt.'r.) who Bud SI-
third Cerman; l"atn in .-.bth.I greatest: question of the ale
a: the general belief iI01IIc'lr :
i It !Is practicali> / : 1't.JJll'. :: been In conn't
.tetleeted' in Ui.' world of tne mont French team N'vf'nth.D1 rl( ant'l The cathedral at Tow re dl Grace I being bv statistical rfm.pajlion four the l past eight je-r- '"
,; hth. and ,IZnRlUli ninth. 'times greater than the steel trusts ,
rominent flnancleris In the country. was throw. ilrwu a" was an ancienttower this cltw me.i he lust
ut even more In their. actions that Tile unolllcial estimated alr-llue wlils.i. haul withstood all the eight Units as H'R!' as the! tariff, and b-uretj oa a deal In sr i "

.'b.!langer from Die. Incipient panic flight of the Pommcrn In $$O mill"\ !, Cuiabrian; curt.tgtal.y! for centuries! involving a coat to the American .P J.pie attempted to legaln i tl': .

.fse' paled and that the Rltuatlon Uj and that of the L'Isle IB :ft*. TheDiiAHCldorf past. _ five times as great aa that which the law which i, 'fll"-

;neatly Improved third lanJed near Dover t trie.. nation pays for bread eleven,
ing to a .niblln ilebt
""!t George D. ('oitel.\ou., secretary of Del.. Is estimated, to have covered: DAWES MAKES ATTACK tinier as much as fie' cost of education Judge; UraJt1V1 11. w ::1'i .

;..'Mhs treasury, who announced early 7 *0 mile! The official! measurements I thirteen timed 11ft muc'.i 1114 gxe: several l jearn (O. sal

'fniur day morning that lie would bave will be computed at the geological urrr Gives a Rap at the Federal! Cnspartmct for rclisicfi; and churches: and one \orable to Lepiei; \\ :bit '

',:ft26.000.000 of government money do.lpoalted >' of tnu United States governmentat of JOstlce.Chltagii. . hundred and seven tlnus n" mach as In a higher court I I..

: with banks of the city city Washington. Only' the proximity Oct. :I'd .-elexates to the total annual contributions for later acted ai al hHn'"\ '

io meet any e'merge'ncy, will remain of the Atlantic ocean stopped the! won. the Xat.vjjipl I'lvlc: -loratlcn convention home and foreign niisH?!ons combined" I it appear that I I.t'1JI"1[
derful flight: of the Pommern The Thursday! : wets tgjtcrly dl.- Chairman non fe. ( D'IthE" ,national at least until Thunula, he say, !: he had nut pioptrlj luInteresU. .
,".nd If nece: tMir)' until Skis Immediate balloon could have remained! In the ctix\ !lng the lemarksTTade, : at the prohibition party:, gave an ad-tresa. .

..;MTrutiny of the, Doublet U no longer air muny hours longer and tin,loubt. nrpOtlu.'tdl1f.:; .''rja\' nls'.it: bi Charles which wan henrtll' approved b>' those ____ _

..eqplred.l idly would" have added several hun- (i.. Daw'e"' ex ootiipttolled of the pi.'sent and wiffch will be used in TROLLEY CARS IN COLt'S' w

;"f 'AH the overnight developments In -<.rej tnlli-H to her' lecord. but for the treasury. campaign nJfrattif!;. .

be financial situation' were reassur- expanse: of water ahead. Mr. Dawes. made- a sharp attack Panic Seized Passengers Whei. < A"" ;

._. The nerlrs of conferences on .! upon the federal department of justice IMMIGRATION QUESTION. I Came Together(

?_&nesda. night parlloipated lu by BACK XT WHITE HOUSE. virtually charging the office of --. Chicago. Oct. 2-: ; \lopersona
,Rbi aeeretsry: .1. 1"! Morgan .In'.n A. the attorney .eneraj "wHh* making* Seth Low Di.cve..dthe Chinese Exclusion : were' injured tti .\

;;iY tewarJames Htlliinnn apd! otbfrrepresentative I President Was Well Pleased With His "gallery plays. lie said In part Act at Meeting. colllson: here \\"...IIIt".I.l n

t > bankera and men ofnffalrs. Southern Outing. "1 cannot sa>' that It Is Intentional Chicago. Oct 25.-Immigration Tne crash wax: due to a." sA

I' '' dUolo<< l ,an agreement/ In tuo'Opinion Washington I). C.. Oct 2S-PreaIdnnt on the part of the department of Justice with special reference to the Chineseexclusion Madison street car run I "

thai*,the banking 'situation I ls Hponevelt! (Reached the ,white but some of its actions look remarkably act was discussed by former tern avenue car The, 'fU> c

.well<< In lmiiiiVHitd that with the gorrnment house from his southern trip Wednesday as though favoritism was Mayor Seth Low of New York. In motormen to slop! the cara 61

.. deposits to be made will not afternoon Ills special train being displayed In th v.v *trcta'aa' fi& an addnecs before the Chicago A&socl.ation because of the ours skuid fc ,

?".; oat) be enough cash on hand but even came In over the Southern railway }he combination to'b Investigated of Commerce \ the track.

more than might tre needed for use In at 4 o'clock exactly on chedule. and the manner of attack."It Low Indorsed the eo-called "Roosevelt Doth cars were dera.b. ; "i \) ft'

.any f'mt"nrrn't' The trip from I.yuchburg."where the la Inevitable that the man who policy" of excluding from this country the past-engeiM Ip
,% The rouferiMic were held tiirough0ut last xpet! .oa wan delivered" wa. .wltb- does things I I.* In the public eye and only the class of Chinese known jumping. Whoa the c u

: alt ofV..duefday evening bt. out Incident the president upending an attack upon hint will always win as "coolie" the light weio extlnc'iWestern : '

Inning'srl)' and continuing up to 1 the time lu reading and conversing publicity. It Is remarkable that the "1 am In favor of the purpose, but avenue tram;

Y .e)'clock In Ibe morning at which time with frlendn. cares handled by the department of not the form of the Chinese exclusion along toward the rurtt1',

tJf II: retary* Coitelvou gave out the fol. The |>r..Hldeiit took Jo pain to conceal justice are tried always In the newspapers I act," said :Mr l-)w. "President A panic| the i rshe 1"

lowing ..tal..l1Irnt'Contelyou' hit< duUght at getting (home, before they got Into the Roosevelt Is right in his policy of scream of woimti

Statement; and wait maikeitlv! cordial In his greeting courts." opposition, to* vtave-llke l"tor nf coot-" aroused the tesldeut* ui

"I l have Hal.I to genlleuieu who to those who had gat tiered. In the I The speaker also criticised! the mag- Irs In this free country. an Robert 11. :.smitu.gerousl .

''t'.....II..d upon me. that IIII) statement to I train shed to meet him. I; arise wiltera: who, be said made apractice insult] to nn old. wise and proud race. )' hurt was cans

'be public rtgardlng\ t-xlnttug condi'dote With t the /Kitetlnga over, the president of attacking the nnyi whoaccompllfthed such ns the Chinese, to exclude their two, earn and roc' veit Sit

her should \b v uiaile with the rtepped Into his carriage unJ great things ti the ruer- ,, u".ntll.and itreat men from our b believed that tie \\

".f. .tmo..t frunkii.. ...iM. '"'o .deiHjultor and was diivcn at once to the Whitenuuse cantle and! financial world. ezorcrs. i am in svnipatay with the -- ----
-. --- -- | great object of BIG Si. icS
al hers Inff'fe'toft'd t In bunks might reallie the Chinese "'xclu LINER
Tike t..lent HAMILTON BANK SUSPENDS. fclon act to I
t at v nttrt it'Malice could be press etprenaed hlmnolf ns keep the Pacific coast free '
Must Bee e
Seacocks Have
I plated upon. It. I flocs, familiar stilt thoroughly> pleased with hltrip, I I from the numerical preponderance of ,
j7 the fm'i have known that the sttua. "I have had l u delightful time."' lie More Heing- Morse-Thomas 'Interests an Asiatic population If t ht'rt''er Some Way
: /C3Ill. "I I am extremely! .gratlMe.l I Affected by the Failures. was n matter of Vancouver. Oct ::
.tI U>n w n niailt* '-'rillllll.' largely be-<< :; I I, public pollcs In which
ttc st' rait"t. ; rumor and tiietin over the tact that I got n bear Rio the Nework. Oct 23.- The Hainll- ',,i; the 'undesirable: cUb'n'I doctrine Ulan Pacific fla'lwa: c.

it .i ni: an i v of 11111 II}' w'.io result of ni. aunt and none the leas" ton bank lu West One llundrt un.I' about 1 be nforcr to the: Broil it lathe Oriental! llrei ""='otp"

'.hourht 0" \ rot 1 .e moment To so that I had to work twelve da) Tacuty-fifth street nupcndc.l 1'1) tiu-nt'' immigration! question" sankVednenlav: nig"
t to de"I'U.ltnrll Thursday' | dock 1n this II.ha' ..'
to it. For the port
get r""t. I touched -
;. pea' ;It i I' t HIM.e. ,licit ii tin)' nil wan -----
.\ notice p '*ttd on the doorof .. keen 0 >"I1..1 I oJ i ieenJ
and grntlnVtl l
fitl" "III "I IIII't. II"IIIf"'Mlllif rxe beyond measure lithe ) thfO''| Falls In Trance Dancing.I..rld..o. |
bank. announced that the hank able to a.ceirenting < ,
'!( 'mem n_ It lia h.l ". n I.I tue beatvliltnie reception I revived In the houtiiinjted. :\ Conn. Ski.5 ales 111.
at Mitvent but In justice to depositor. lie on a mud. t b.
i.t K n limn mill support otttlht every "place both north and Curry of U'alllngford. while thine.
"I pa)'tuent bad I been suspended unit! problem Is of .av ((114: her
par of the..>.. wens tiav,' untlertak Mouth beginning with Keokuk al1.1 I Iiontlniilug tog !tattrday night fell to the floor
until toe. end of the'' confidence' ' la banking ln*> ttutlons. in 1 Iy turning turtle Th.
a trance
jour and In '
rn ehe' IHnI'1I1I! ..I".r\ re. 'IIhl1..bln; i spite of ph> --tlclans
:3>ubllt' coi (11.1"111 t. w'leti MI there I Inwt hey. The entire tvtentv" four das was restored '. efforts ha* remained tn that conditionever ut"C'1| at a million do'U: '

> and! I IWI: ' I with K T. Ilelnf and CV M. sr In I lion Orient and wouhl hTUItf "
l.lrtrt.".'h! tor , and I' vt r) glad mate the a'l C"aud..b) a peculiar! form ofur.lenuie
.' I several bank and financial .. h mall for Itor.hlch .
h. .ii" Ire me rniil*'ring! iitl and I in \trlj __._ _ .ot".II.1all ) potc-alng/ and that .the acid ,
\\ former'' president of tae < the ttne re-relic
) Ham
,w Ou'li "" nf Ire trfitrv v \|.*|>.trtuient I Monument acts Ilk rnurrlhln'Thf'>' hive. bop I

11..t u. i 1+ nn .t." > tt> do *... sod II I .\" :..r."I" III... Ua Unveiled Oct 25.-.Mo break tHen bank-, but reslgntd atilt- the ,! of rciUliiK: the girl bu( her case! fllta.1' J'I"! frrvrn the (Imports.
In t n:ced Copper stuck whlchnarked .\ diver hiss been "
.'.It ,,1" III th.. t"IICo..t ..t"I..lbl., ." :: ;.. i.1.>ekf. ..lne..dav MfteitHHin at I lies J th.n. )Mls C.>ouey ha,I always I .
[ the k.
f.h.t , mat !I..> nfcen.arin artordi1 beginning of the recent' been In excellent in alth, and the sud- cite the openar
( i I. > iiatlo:ul r" melt> here. tti! .> tiiouutni Tin.metal trouble In this cl'v I ---. -
. 1'1'' t nras" if i.u: c:twilt I .ni in t te mettvorv ur I'otititHUlc' JI i d,'nhras of the attack Itt tinacconntaMe. t tI.
. it I Orlando K Tbitmss. brut ',er of 1-:. il i iI iI Sea Island Cotton c.
C4v) rs ... '...0" and If the.I|I -oiii. i- who' : di..*>l In tie: .\mler..onvlllptUm .> I II r
., t R. Tnoiiiiiii. .I.M> recently r.<*ignt>U as'I' __\Vacroas. -a. Otcontention __
will I
't lerlttt
Pu. last' ktpuitiIre )"
iiurlnn the ctvll' war. w*. uu director .JDtom.1 t I
? (I a and William R. ;, Accidental Killing of Child. of the sea
M oath .f our h."lulC tOKtlwi vril.-.t bv
t' '
"{ ,,' s .i i... a i pt t.tUr'n.r I Itine . 4r.e < narel.rnt lu1\II".nt.+. err wan" elected president I(I'I Vest Point, Oa U'C'tThf' 4yearo'.d tJrowvr aj. ocfat ;< 'i
1"1"\)111 I I I a M intii.n Tfc1 pan arrlveil! hereon '' i
elf wVltfi thHr ennui The bank .,*,* a capita! "(ock off ou of Mr Kujt.-ne Orr.ckn. prlses alt :b.( -

Matt .. i I I a .prcis'| : rain It |l.r.nto'.1 toe :vW."rto an I .lcH _lts of a'wxit JT .IKM>.. of '..-oKlla"1.1 pulled a shotgun Es? <:eorsla. .'''.rkf& and

St 1 .' f ("I'lIInll..I"II| and t ,?.,n) aurttlurs of 0*>0. Ttfe (tank has four '-Inches froth off the l>.'.| in toe room wherehe be fj. Id at \Vajrcro .r
I 1 .r i 1- "" .61.11& c, re- ,
tn dew York PXVilllaais
city. w a* with his fctriictlon ICh'.n'k-
<< I 1.1.U".I....t tlf. |.u.lh, In thisc'11) ; niontt. wr.e ttirU ttvntlJ fa) rltlyens '" bah al.tpr.I1..n
to t ir ettrht i of ISfc iH O.Oot..** sit .\ndotiv Ulf The menu the fun fell to the floor It waa dUchsr The lase me
Two Killed by Train.i'Uttstkmo .etJ the entire. contents went In- In Atlanta and mu r
meal l. a t>r,>ime ticurv of a .iMdler.
,3 Transfer Station ::; Ma Oct ::5:-Hal' to lou. btni) of the nton'hsold babv.Mcattrrirg from II It.. a. dariatK ..
for Mlcon.tq and I* r..1.1..1; I a wurk of. art .
I."U" tea. ies. :2...- V tratifterA ; - - Harris and a n"oCru named l tap I>m>. | part t.f the cb4ld* hod) on n that \\".>cr.MMi av
f\\ e tailou U MOM e. awird t +r \. " >n. of t $250.000 Fire at Waycross.Waycnvn. cry were run town by a ...-tx( >unJSouthern the. walls la H the D"'S.Ql uloC place
t : train here and thei' bOtH..1.1JtT'OIW1d | -.. .
;V she .Mm. 't,> Itc."u) and t com, U. Or: ;r. -, Tnegreater I IDon' ----
y D'"n' at'to.ldrat"IH"9' !.a. just portion of the I.I taut of t.1 to 1""n Ilsrrtf Want at.",'. Causeway Moved. i Brother May B_ Sw e

....1.,1 Iii.1 't .H J**!-,*. H i 'r of :.tbtI..hUr Car aa.l ManulacturIng was a sun of ('..ptala John K HarrUproprietor i Dublin. Oct :S -There I.I* much la ('artrrseli.r. U. n
ehr nf the Harris bear. and on. dignatlon : lie borttt of .
a 1'11. < In. tie Mai .hr % a '"! no a000ua.etaCmade
... "IIO. a was iietrord '
contpan by tire
4' .' ) of the tonal r>n>minat r\-4.pne! tnttootlsboro land .at a statemea. : thai a portion '
a rasdidatsto
&ul I' ml ling1' lo' slid! \eda_da aftrrauon and as to
eua... < If.e; n. acre of How the -rldent o"' ..beortd fatted. Olants ('ausewa. ,Ire-I nil! The taraao mail
'n I. fu .
smoking ruin mark the! .
i where
p a
be et e. t.- .. .he ......", uf '. ..!! .r r J few bourn bnforr stood tae greatestmacufactu'tss curtest Is not know a. r.e rr*. ol about: ta be rvaMTtrU t > America of lion Joas \\. .\IIL'i.

t' .rind Four. ts. a tad I ... rrlr+..l ,: O tae rata which killed- the So>. did Hrst ronalgrsnrot "oMz'nc :*.. . m.e..m..a: u. tad.- t' 'a
I 'anl lt> "rjtla Ta. not .know tLer. had Ve It Is .. .
.ta: will
< Ue
I. of et*! I'' e. bee cr an .C"dol..t s:-I"W | to Akla. bretber and Ua4 -
1t be.114r
y. less Is estimated between $:) t.YUU aaJ
rhe Tae bodies .ere found-lb* .1..... d lpts Taes wtrrdetfu: ] ...
IJj'ing -n' ledge rbatrmatow
r 11 1/h! a..lI. .. "' Alta
t .1. $:G.I 1..a11 .llla'j
wliV It !
ample an bola .ftr>>itte .e.f. ..d rata bad eolntra, tnouya U n. ner. ..
t L du-ti.a ..u, e.., .. ree/art 1 to cut.r laU .e. 'Iuat" clf'tIIOe'TS" .
.D&a ted
I ". are t.garjret a. a .tteeal po.. tslttee. to'P. aDa-o.w fas -

t .,
s i

.4."' e ..' '. .';
? .'_ '__ 1\ N .,,- Z' V .. Y '. :-P. .. .
liii 55 q. )


& DAILY) SUN: <*ArVBSVirTiK.. ; FIjOKIOA, OCTOBER 26 1907 ..

- -
--- -
--- - --- _
= :; --

JUST ARRIVED I i Three Ordinances Passed at Adjourn- Bridal Couples: Were Tendered .

1 TO MEET COLUMBIA j I ed Session Wednesday Afternoon.The J I I a Reception Thursday Night. I II

(CMM roimril held an adjourned 1 hera* a happy termination of ,
I --tInK \':...Jn.:.d:i> afternoon at the nut.ting of Coltax Hebekah Lodge i

ting Game of Footbvll i U Expected TWO CARLOADSFURNITURE I Mh>cb C ha:" oiuu; i.rnoiiu* and Alder =",0. J. I I. O. O .K.. Thursday evening. rt t 1J I
: m.':i Cnnno ..!illdtl w-r present the occasion being an Informal receptluit .iptl
in Savannah Today. .
I I This rueeting.; was called for the tendered three bridal couples Mr[
.\ i and ='Irli. L. :\1. :\McCormick. and
"';. ,.. OF-- purpose of finishing up\n and passing: :
'iYiEN..... ARE IN GOOD SHAPE three ordinanrtfH which was, done I :Mrs Edward \\ebtoii. and Mr and :1 Shadow .
.:..4 with dispatch the meeting lasting on. I Mrs: Hoy 1-:. Huffman teenHulUnJ SI o. .1 ..'
[;:k Meeting the Columbia Boys, However ly a short time.Ordinance I i I, This was: not a part of the meeting 't

t They Are; .Going Up Against i :No 115; providing for the I but proved the interesting feature of Glare! "
,'. Issuance of special,; assessment i I the meeting At the closing of the
: Hard Team But Expect to Win. ' city No Sh,, . ,.
certificates, wan passed Its third i lodge the members informally tender-
f 5 ><' Team Left for Savannah Yesterday.The Holland shade- i
and final reading I ed the reception.
must have and f. *.*<'* light. /n i
We more roam rHie ;
: University football team..uadertrietlon The ordinance providing that bulldogs ; The occasion was passed In a most rrni ,
.' next Ten naps re will nell thalni priva y b
:$ of Manager rofhytn. leftJ running; at large uilOn| the streets enjoyable manner, the program com I show shadows.
: and Iroi IU I* at ACTUAL lOST: ,
J; FI lay afternoon for Savannah wherejtbI must be muzzled and providing a prising music and refreshments of de-
,: afternoon they will meet the i!. for ('a'''h. penalty for the. failure of owners, of nclous Ice cream and cake 4'11li

(!:famous' Columbia team one of the I dogs of this breed to compl' with the i:, A feature of the occasion was the i ){ 1 tl
iplons of that State I"e tame wa read the third time and presentation by Miss Gertrude Gush
t, Manager Korw>th. who la also oirh i I carry a full lint of passed i man on behalf of the lodge of a

;--of. the team will play a position him' Furniture,' Matting, Window Ordinance. 147 an ordinance pros handsome bouquet of roses to each theNewWind
..-...lf In this game. He haH worked vldlng, fir the Issuance"' of special| ansesSment of the brides In nil. the affair 0\* SiM lc
,;; faithfully In the matter of tr.ilnlnK 411al(? and I I II i tu.c- city certificates on MechanIc which was attended b\ about forty

:hie men and the boys arc In the pink I'tn'niilliltgfl completeYOUR i and Church streets, was passed:: i i. was one which will long be remembered a >'.' i .i
--Of. condition Though a little light on i II" '
Superintendent V Miller of the gives /* t
;the average, they ha\o I anind to 1 b.'- I water work plant was instructed to --- -- -- --- and complete .
?>:come quite lentlUc III the KIMI.. and lay the piping to Off to Convention. tIn
I necessary i r(
promise to give tho (;olumbi la lu1i! CREDIT IS GOOD AT THIS center grass! plat on East Mali: : flev and Mrs S. II. Rogers J. I.'. Brenlin sotten : :"
:,' -d close and exciting contont STORE Hunch and .J. L Delxiach went I'rl
I street at u cost not to exceed ll.Vi to an even, me" .'
'i, The I Ilne-Hi. | of the. ('nU I .'relly\ tt' ttuswrlll afjer which the Council adjourned ; day to Hampton where they will Brenlin "Duple-

,. be as follow! : I represent, the Gainesville church at .
light in '''F ain
Center-Kirk. hardest.. the aggregatlnn has jet had the session' of the Santa He Hirer Hip dark et r.
green r
Right guard-II uiKlitonI I John F. Seagle I and the players stood up under It list Association lin is comftttti\ -: -

.eft KIIII'd-\IIH'rt well Mumlng their ability to go Mr[ Hunch, on account of urgent And Brenlin b. hopaque "
Right tatkle -ItOlIt'r| through tilt grueling; contest they' expect business. returned to this city on the
111-113 W. Union St. ,
I material
Left t"rklt---\I\IIIIIII.: : i Hat 1rd..r.\ evening train but Or. and :Mrs Hog t d.;
} I wan' "crag.
,c, Right end l,-I'ull.tlff I - GAINESVILLE- The .101:11:4 1: : for the is line will beMr prf4 and Mr I)t>Loarh expect to remain -
: v Left (end .Ald'riiiin. Itliin. field Judge: Mr: Cope. referee through the tlf'8slolwhich will Let us measure your

Quart..rlmrkha'lfl.. Ir . ; Air Cornwall head lineman last until Sunday. II I IOr I windows for Ere nlia
-- -- ------- Shades.
Right half) )ba,'k--forb. tt. captain - .
i* The contest will begin at I o'clock lingers requests) The Sun to
"l-eft end-lllOHe. [ loos"quarterbackLong I
Len half t
nt Itolton park: state that there will tie no baptism atI
: .
FlIIJ.hR'k-I"f rMth. his church Sunday, as wan content- 'II
Suh"tltuh'! Shandx! \\'.. Itobliinon., 'Left haH.bark-Artlt'J': I plated I FURNITURE
lghtfoot and :1lazell. Right halfback- I
,. The Savannah :New; of Wednesday ::r'ull,back=Lnune'Tlie >'. -- I Henry t:. Jones of Tampa. Fla. :
r has the follow JrlK to say reKardltiKthis average weight of the players Central Association Will Hold Big writes "I can thank God for my prf.>
)y game i i IM 1110 iMiundM. All of them are III the : Meeting at Worthington Springs.The i i ent health, due to Foley'a s-I

.a "With their llrHt Kam< of the 11079ReaHon best of condition thanks to the. hard i I Sun linn been! requoffttd to announce Cure. I tried doctors and all kindsof Alacfiira CountyIncoriorutr Mbsrig: C
hut three' days away the line I practice they have been put through that the edu('atioiiiil rally of kidney cures, but nothing done me I
.Alp| of the ('olilliillii football team' ',,1JY' 1'oarh Harmon, whose hurry upI the' Central Association of the Itaptlxt much good till I took Foley's Kidney I [fI
I Perry M. Colnon I're.., .1 i vre \
Js nllflHIIU'I',1 i b>' 'oath Harmon and' method have shipped the players I Ij church will be held with Sard. Cure Four bottles cured 01.-. and I j !* ... II. Id CuL.'ooti.INrril.i -
:Manager )Dwyer IIH allows' : 'j Into an excellent machine The xlg churchoitlilngtoii: Springs on the have no more pain In my back and I
"RlRht end l latwitr Hull.ItlfCht .' I uuls hale been/ mattered and :the evening; of November: ; 5. beginning at shoulders. I am 62 years old, and euf I I I 1.We .
"' tackle 'I a\'lor speed of the pla>'H IM Increasing 7 o'clock. i iII i I fered long but thanks to Foley'sKidney ,
UlRht guard IthliiKtoii. "*l'he buck field especially IM In go with facilities fur inn :*r' lilt TL
& Center-1.1latte I ; and IM running the plays at I College, Lake City will lead time rail and enjoy myself. It is a pleasure to ness Informal: concerning: the "lll.. .e
Left guard iris isissi III a clip& I that fimch Harmon hardl expected ly. and u general l successful and recommend It to those needing a kll- any and all lands in Alarhua c uc!.
'L.' -rt tackle .!.1,1.I. Lust ntght'ti practice wan the heueflcial meeting Is anticipated ney medicine. J. W.. McCollum &, Co. All business transacted l "r >tni>tlr

.. . - . ._ -. --- - -.----- -- .-- ___________.___ _______ n____.._.----- -- ------- ------ -- ------. ------



and Savings Accounts I II I

Solicited. Will offer Exceptional Values for the Next Six Days. Fall Gooclin t I
- --

y Four Per Ct. Paid in Savings Departmenti and you will find it a pleasure to shop at this store. No trouble
i >tp'u| an XcoouMt show g<3ods.: ------- _ -


[ JUST RECEIVED McCALL I .\ 'II E 1: E.\ FT I.:r: ( >\ 1.1. Fe t 1 : Till.. I:: P.\ '1'1 It :
.' 1 2.500 PATTERNS rxVr I
!' null. int'ty-uint' 'I'inI(" I "I "r a Ilnfl,, ' '

t, MEN'S HATS Carpets in Ingrains and Tapestry Brus- HOSIERY AND UNDERWEAR

sels in Price from 30 to 85c.
\ -" .,,1 I 'I'' It i It I t n at... ...hlt.I fir. . .SI.00,+' ;and! ( liiMn'n'i m.irk II ,...t

': 4tnt' < ')ani.'.' I'a'i t n-. i . . . . OS
U' at t . . .
1 i 1"'I't'I.I..: : : . . . . . . . S1.45 --- -- I p"1' p.lll

1 Ii ,It,, Ft,1t Iial at . . . . . . . . $2.00 M\in\-i\\ : .M.I TilE! .1,1; : .M. )I':> (FIt\1: : \ hd tu.r I lint i .it . . . . . . . . ;C

g 1 :-01)4.. a list fu .. . . . .52.65 I'I II i E.\ PET To m>T! '1'In' l J.t t Him to rftnil ut -yx I" : .. /

: _. uud'uhw..
- -- - .

11. I I., 1'la..til'ltnn: I ITn"rt'r, tit . . 49c -- - -.-..------- --..--.- ----
Shoes Shoes !
1 t'rI"u\ y Flt..t..1 t 'u.I\f'ellirt.' .. 1'I"t.+ tn ( 'Jlilalrl'lI' 1' I 1I-2c: uf too "

.x lIiatt't,\ Clu'il' . . . . . . . . . 45CIttye' 1
Several delayed shipments of I.lIIIit.. l'rlilef1-;f -te, n jot j l, lot ni . I
KII.... 1'unt-i... lu"\+ " . . 25c

Shoes just arrived for iVIen.Vo .\ very tine I'lw'Ccfi \""....t Htr . . . .
rr ':11'1l'' ".\l1t1'o' . . . . . . . . . . 85c up -

S -- ,, men and Children. Some special .\ f Nul 11'.ii.1 1 \...,t at. . . . . . . S *

80)5.and l\'lcn.s Clothing in great values and ,,would be pleased to --- -

variety, and \\'C guarantee to save show you through. We can makeit L ade5.! Blouses or Sweater>

wY you money. to your interest to buy. the grades.




,. "". .,
': ", .
; : ., ...:_
":.< ;,_ """ < ) """ ;: :
_ ,
.; ., -:;- Y ---- =
t as m body of la Its members. Your

.,r STATE iENSIONLAW I commander feels confident that he --
voices the sentiment of every loyal -' ) -:

Confederate soldier and sailor when ,

ARRAIGNED he says that not one of them eV er 2 "IHE E VALUE

I' asked or ever desired! that the dangers f.

and ua't'rhand: the sacrifices
t Jewell At U. C. V. -
Commander he endured in the sixties! should

By M'.sting in Pensacola. ,i lor could be in any respect compeiii. (4- PERSONAL KNOWLEDG.

ed by donations of money

THY MEN ARE ON ROLL f Nor does any loyal comrade feel

WEAI- I that he would sell or give I his coo Personal knowledge is the winning factor in the culminating controls of

Law Places Men Who I sciousness that his sufferings and this competitive age and when of ample character it places ats fortunate +

C,nerai 1 Sy I sacrifices were made \oluntarily possessor in the front ranks of

Never Smelled Powder on Equal 8E'ltlshl-wltb no expectation: no hope The Well Informed of the World.A .
With Those Who Went to and no wish for reward save the reward -
Footing\ f vast fund of personal knowledge is really essential to the achievement of the
of of faithfully done
Hardship. a sense
Front and highest excellence in any field of human effort
-for all the wealth the public treasury
Tjj, tvuaacola Journal of October of this or any other State ever' A Knowledge of Forms, Knowledge of Functions and KLnowUedge b 1

:Uh 4K ? a vigorous arraignment of held In its coffers. |f of Products are all of the utmost value and in questions of life and health

the new Florida State pension lawroO"tl I 1r i r when a true and wholesome remedy is desired it should be remembered that Syrup( _

,.< ,ii the conclusion of the ananal Those Who Should and Those Who I of f'and Elixir of Senna manufactured by the California Fig Syrup Co. is an "

j .rasa( yesterday of Major-Gen- I Should Not. ethical product which has met with the approval of the most eminent physicians and '9 ,

era! \\ :tam II. Jewell division coman j I "There Is not a comrade among its gives universal satisfaction, because it is a remedy of a> 'i i:' ,J ;
.eforedtbe annual convention ] but believes that every loyal soldier <' 1))
> Known Quality, Known Excellence and Known Component ,
eras i I. ,-11\ criticised the law on two j jTln widow-to whom pension would afford world who know of their own personal knowledge and from actual use that; it is the first / .{
erounda-that It permitted comfort which otherwise he or ....I I
and best of family laxatives, for which no extravagant or unreasonable claims are made %' .
wealth to pensions they did' she might not have, should and rightfully 'I'I /;. / .
then This valuable remedy has been long and favorably known r.
and than 'Ian)' do no to thrl herself : ; : '
l" ought to avail himself or 7/1
nt actual under the name of-Syrup of FIRS and has attained to world .
those who are .
of of this provision of the State.Kory I
'r" I I'Il. wide acceptance as the most excellent family laxative. As its
.tal aid thus open'1 pure ,
ii-h nnan loyal' comrade has earned it a
:1'0' laxative principles, obtained from Senna arewell known
to physicians
to't /
ieti,.lon! system of Florida thousand tines, his, service "
over by I
and the Well 'Informed of the world be the I best ,
to have
we j '
: e\lls that have long : ; ;;. :
graft in that cause! which was the common r # :
I adopted the elaborate of of f .
. .,.. (broach to the Federal penim 1 1I more name Syrup Figs and ..f .;
Y j Elixir of Senna- as more fully descriptive of the
law South.1'he << remedy
: and that the grant* I <
I but doubtless it will '.
always be called for by the ...hort"r'I)
however ad-
.d ', ">" to men who. reward which partakes uf the nature'j f
: be as lIl.n, wt"rt".It'ratt" I II' name of-Syrup of Figsand tot't: its beneficial i \.
-'y might i nf 1\ gift. nor I. It bestowed atl n
r effects, always note, when purchasing the full 1 ,. \
+ soldiers and did not. :' mark of honol' iUI is", t'olllt.tlmO'.. said I I"U I 1 tb
Guards or State troops, en I' name of the Company - California Fig Syrup \ r t 'r

'ardships of the men enlistedgular It were given duly to the eon. 1 1federate Co.- printed on the front of every |acLagr, I \ I
\\11':; I soldiers ur 81tllurM-to those
armies of the Con whether you call for -S>'rup of Figs 1A i I \
r i r'
In 11..t'1i who made IUlIlIurtal time IHUnt' I
the full I
nameS I
or by )rup of( I
tZ t
and fame of the Southern Confederacyit Figs and Elixir of Senna.
tcd.I. along these lines of
Inc might be' couldlew the K. aWA \ t'
thotic; ( t'll. Jewell Raid: 1 i ) \
tension as a mark of honorable distinction. ? d i

Finds Two Very Grave Defects In Itut as it Is, bestowed equally , ,,?-tS ,
: :: ''f.
Pension Law.
I upon men who. however brae.however .

1'a:i ,luinmander feels It necessary noble In spirit however" will

to refiT to the matter of the recent ing and lo)al to the South and to the

prn- on law enacted by the I.egltilature State., yet men. the most of whom

(of t I'1: *. As you know. It has never saw a battle, nor met 1COt' CN.tfORHIA fi SVRIlJPC.

brought out home sharp criticisms Ink face to face in hostile array; men

< papers and otherwise, and it who never marched and starved and

U to be deeply regretted that this fought mopth after month and year SAN FRANCISCO, GAL..

rite i.-in has sometimes degenerated i after year. and In hunger and nakedness "
' into oer, !
nil: if (of the most loyal devoted and strain from which died more than

:m>' lrib comrades in our organI- from wounds or In battle-when the -

tl! i ibeen aspersed or questioned. soldiers who suffered all this: who -

:So :stymied haM been this crltl- bore the burden and heat of the day. SMITH-BLACK. The .
- Thfrty-Fourth Year of .
.-' i> the new law in respect to are put upon an equality and In a ,.

*>n.? of Its features, that. your commander class" ,, with the men who, whatever Marriage of Two W Known and

haf.>lt It hue official duty to their virtues otherwise" I --knew nothing Popular Young People at Live Oak. Miss Tebeau's Boarding and Day School

ask ''II If it would not be well in the endured nothing of these hard An rnt resting wedding" was solemnIzed .

tntere.t of this organization to. at ships then It seems absurd to .a)' .u the home of the hrlde'M par Opened September 111, IM! 7. at Sirio .. iw

this ,contention consider this matter that n pension thus granted to all r. and lr)4. !t. M Illack. I.lvOak. ..
I > u. iWo WEST: MAIN NTHKKT: : S. .-. I.iIl.1iII.1.E.: : II.OUIHA y
In that spirit of loyalty and fraternity alike N a badge of honor giving to oil Wednesday morning at lit ,

hcb! should govern the deliberationsof the recipient distinction Ii h.h I fel u clock. the. contracting parties In-j j' I

men who" have shared common dan low. hit Kiirni.iii V Smith Alarhu.i und ,' '/' 'I rt\ / / \ /\ I' Ia'tl

Kir; ::-a 1\
IHIII l who" are now united In this the tlle,'htrs of the State troop. the KTIMMII IN a wi-" ||.known VOIIIIK I i

ft: tt utilization through a spirit to fight, and die if npcemnary. for the attorney or Alarhua. und his many / .

,rf (It. to our righteous cause and South in those )vear of war. but he I iriendN, tliroMKhout:: thl. station of the1 I. s If You Are Insured. f

our the common "KIMM! of Its did not do It, and the conCt..h.rat"l State Th,- rlde ID also well knownami /

soldier did and If the iMipul.ii' b ,lag n slater. of 'l.ucaN
In \ < :'ompny that tt.> ..itlle. lUve |t'. 'i.XVriii 11./
I Illark. f..rn..rh. of HaKue but u .t..i A .ii >t ( e.rr.etty .
of honor Is
badge It badge of honor now
Big and Cost the Tax a !; I
Crowing to Paying ss 'i UiiM I.lU-rnliij. oi i .,.rut ContrNfi "II.' time I.oupaay .,.. t
Body.obtained to the men alit, comparatively speaking residing at Highland. '" Ilt'r.* he id engaged 1 s)'." ,.u.... "II''I.i.I .
did nothing and endured nothing ; In 'h.- n.ival stores 1..11"14"| I Itiro I ,
from a rell.ihle
In that tragic struggle, nu It U to anti l Mrs Smith "'wit) make their 4
'' 'It' information regarding t
them who" endured I it allVe home In A..uan,1. thr| numerous J You Are Assured r
liters, which 1 nn'1 lay lit'"- -
frl,'Mldi extend heel Wlnhen for
a long
under the old law there \ of theSouth have for ,rear*
and hnp|>" tnarrl.- pensioner at nn excuse healed scorn IIM North for what" we- believe! wan the ---- rrt'a....
r. of poiiM'tliliip! over $.{"t',' J at 1 .1. i
I -- .
Notice to Our Customer. -
', a week or two ago there Vraft' pan-tired! In th<* mutter of IVdral '
hfliall the of We' are pleased to announce that '
peiiHlotiM ringer .
i'i tiled
.'. w law newapiillcatioiiH' and more are ('flU'I.llt scorn I... )et pointed at its for ulnil Foley' Honey and Tar for ("()\IJ'I. fire Life Acciiiciit and] Health Insurauce.; (;

<* In. Under the usual! tar Kre...l" colds and lung trouble* I I. not affectedby I' ,
'. ."''all("" or average. about '(our commander. PI.,. trl .d to the National Pure food) and fyrugi Nun; "* Gut 1t..1"t.l. t' '' u..s'.C..1 C !
: law it contain
I an no ni'tlafen other
,lit (Pt these will be ill -,prmk llli| eroittillv: He b.lH triedto 4
harmful drugs. amid a.. r''f'Hnrn.,1 It -
I.. .... thin'
pMmloii ttnnnl. Several matter from time |1".llIlor ,
safo remMy for children
all a and
Hie new application are view uf -th.* welfare" of our orgnnl '
. adult J McCollum: ft Co. / A. CUSHl'v'FN7 'i
i iwtiwlon roll and others &.'t/tot) anti Its iH'Miitwrs. lake lhlm.iiter. ."

daily' addd It IH estl"Mr I '..'mrll'.Ies. if you .will and one-half of tie new with" It In that spirit of iiii....In.1t) sats 'IndtJnt .ch Ve it4n Troop. \ t.I
!t.u t> i '. .'> .1 i. i "-rt :'t : ,
ibout Ktyr tentclaiming bllit>' that )nll no Kindly .I&lIlfh'd '
'-'- '/\ '- -\/\I /\I\I t
uf ''firl.i .' ler.i.na4..n,1: ' f t. .
0 I : to- have beretNtate tnNymir rrc.'r im III.-ra.. that tb.
In .11 t ." .
aurburtt i owtitjt ; :
troop, or hom world mar know tnat the plmll l
Word wa n.eived from i Ipe vlUax1' .-. r -..
will" require HI..rudlllal.1yI .,.Irlt whUh t'rt"hlo.tJ; to pluck utrliuupb .
of limo, !'n. the liitya rovafrt
pay off the enitloii rull e'rn out of d..fent and adt.rsity .
Iafic f. ir of I4U.. ; (irk<-<) AUxlr
ruts'r :3n. Hu,;. Tu setllro I In not de.Hd In vtwir lMrtw H .. Fay-s holesTypewriter
.. nf K rni .it troop <.r N r.'i "
m-cemt 31. l'!..>.. will ,
ail kll'v1! l.l unait tannin Han
. "'.t $5W .O-.o. und b> tli. *.. Off to the Mine. Itar.imi a, I vet

11 buu t $t-jl.., o<.. will l>.. U""f'4bt'rtrr: Walker l left Krldoy

with IVrinlnKton. .okre!. what TO CURE A COLD IN ONE DAY

-it of Pension Drawers Men wan M..nkl..J Inroort Jastf.-..nd rsun's Take 1.VXAT1VK IIHOMO Qultih-. fh4

of Wealth" at S'larr ..., bf.r,.,. ulxnt a "harK" Itr Tablet. rucKlt refund r..o.i<.y if c 1r r'.

'" h.*.e to say that a <.frinilirattf .-nt .toil JW ntwt.e.d to three mouths It fall to cure .:. W OHOVKH 'It Jlonivrai <'" 'u" 1.1.1: :

** that ot.r fifty in IM> "call" H nature I* on .* .h bot Vfrlv T II'. liEs:

..r ou...balf of IbM new Thrrr. was *It.. to <>m.towM r"Ill.ltl: '1111. .HAUKKT i

,r.. Irurn those whit. artn e br ass '..rlMlder to H. AIt .
.e FI..I a.r,14; ..
> of wealth Wb- will .&w hi A I'n. I.***** of .M.vlrUiHad tuaesat I.a (Mel :-. 4. r flux Tabulator]

of thin when tb.. f.r-t.- .l .*s -...Jf} .' Trlntirrburrb "iu.. I.' [ ftFTROAftD I -'IH-

i>r<,%_ trtf a CacI-1--; "' .* ittdlK'+ltnfi fir VA > 'n.-...t.y nl.h' its Kv*ry Mnuhltu: !.

'.illy known to the |* bl .-" .var. No al.t.rrlt.amid what f slut M (' )lr' nt Qiternat t. 'lo: r. {

rat r.... r-.rrt.1. llurdockHltf s* 1 >fr . r.taa . r
ae J.- a '. f .
rnanl.r dips-is noL iiitittdf I <<'.1" 10. itnnningl.: Tb. t
.. I".r. ,'r ", -.1 i'.* > If a .., .1.I It aL r4a-ar .rases'
'I p ,-.1: Ti.-as a. ChamM|.....I W'.l.r. of lh. World .,
,r !\"al..r.. :-i-u.!bonn. Oh., .Ie e .tai l' C,
4'1r1t. of,, the u.'w r CI,. I".. is-h..t.-a M..,.. Fiy Nlul." >, .IB j jv
flO' u, crill'! <"* any ram
y.. rs 'Man.a"I.. It sir. any other jr.-hln' .
t'rf"Ift-m..nlt..r. of 1 h.
Now arc your oovrls's toe doctor .!..?st
or others who. b.-Inc u'.. He knows bow .important Is time question '
--C of a l+.nsto.s. h**.- nt t I B i // 0 // C / of consupsoon. He knows that ins<- \ (o.or Sitli| bv. .

P Ttut sty far .* this matter 1 f f C O o rivtry. of the liver will often produce most

+ 'and In c .. an
wrld. It U a, duty that ...*- 'I b a ds h barrioaK the beat timer you min pose I" late. ",
\at no barm rumen to <*. raw .a rase; -AiJIIj ___ aak

w ,*

-... ,, .;, .vf ,
? .
ra v -. ... .
0.) I '
: ..;. I. (' J

; .
.J' ..,. ; .' '_





.- -.

L I What Do They Cure
Editor Sun : Please give me space
l Ie nrtt>n asked t Th above question
Two Teams of High School Met on feernlo t>r. l' ..r'H'* two loud In nt mUI in your valuable paper>> to extend my i

? Local Gridiron Friday. j, eliH-i. .io-den Me.llcal Dis-covery and sincerest thanks to the fire depart
I -Favorite 1'rescriptioii.* ment for their' and
"Oold M dlca response i
Tbo answer H that CAST
Team A and B the Gainesville aStd
Discovery In a most, potent alterative or effective work also: to those of RI
Graded and High School met In
contest blood-peiriHer. and tonic or Invigorator
I the citizens who so gallantly assistedme
for superiority Friday afternoon. and acts es JACIIIII1' favorably in a curative i
way upun all the mncoiia'lining a..r- upon>> the occasion of the fire at
And for a while there was an exciting faces. as of the nasal passages- tbroat my store Wednesday, and throughthe i For Infants and Chlldr
w lime between the players and those 1 bronchial tubes stomach bowels ,a ndj en.
j bl .ddefc-curln ( a largo percent, of e t&rrh efforts of vtnoni my loss was! considerably -
of their friends who had congregated : l cfe* w heth *r*E e dl :abe affect the reduced. I shall always remember The
:4.o. encourage either aide both of which I nasal j> I cbl. at.omac UNf as catofHul dy p>pl ), them kindly, and want themto
their enthusiastic .
4' had friends.Notwithstanding I I bowel (at muVma>MJfri K>m bladder. know my appreciation. Respectfully I
that the teams are I uterus or other pTflvlc orgfri i* Kvfn jrth
pfnyn'r, ff" " ''v.' .*j .g-7r f>r.-ih II. J. DEMPSEY.Napoleon Always Bought
yet young In practice both showed
rt"j ..
j rn it H nllrn uece .f'u
tnarkable skill and the chances are n_ ......,...., fn.aWeec.- AWgetaWepreparationfOrAS-
+ that they will put up a fine and scien'tree a aV. Bonaparte similating HxfFood and Regula-
for +t'aa ,s.a: game before the end of the I..a. r we a Showed at the battle of Austerlltz. I g

'.. f''r.." I" be was the greatest leader In the
ion.The gently Invifofat-
power uc ifcuug
world. Balhtrd' Snow Liniment has
line-up of the teams wan ax follows Inn tonic and nervin For weak worn-
: out over-worked women-no matter what shown the public It Is the best liniment -
has caused the break-down. 'Favorite1'rescrtPtlon"will Digestlon.Chcrfuloessand15t..oBtainS _
in the0.14.. A quick cure for
Team A. Position Team H. be found most effective neither
tr 'Chesnut Center Mernhon.Taylor. In building up the strength regulatingthe rheumatism Aprain. burns vuta, etc. ofI
womanly functions subdulnff pain A. C. Pitts noa La., "I piumtMorphine nor Mineral.
Bowers 1iI8a. says:
Butler flight guard/;
and bringing about.. healthy vigorous
I' OT c o TI c
..Padgett. I..eft guard \VHIC'nboth'm. condition of the whole system. use DalIar., Snow Liniment In my !
flight tackle Jernlgan. I A book of particulars wraps each bottle family and find It unexcelled for sore
giving the formulae of both medicines and I I I
,MlXHon. T., Left tackle Cannon I.i I. quoting what scores of eminent medical chest headache, corns. In fact for Pdw.zzz.tI

MIx"01l.8.. Right end Cannon. T authors whose works are consulted anything that can bo reached by a j I[
by of all the schools of practice
physicians .
Thompson, Left endQuarterback WIlllaniHCOLORED as guides In prescribing I say of each Ingrfwilent liniment Sold by W. M. Johnson. .

f Douglass, McCorrnUk j entering. into these medicines. I 111
The word of praise bestowed the
6J Dempsey Right halfback Taylor r; several 1 Ingredients enteringInto,Doctor Rcerd r-f fcrty Years Croken. j

''t' Harper heft halfback Tavlor. I':. IMcrce's medicines by such writers should Now York t 'CI. 25 Tc-ty years I ,r.., 1-

Padgett C*.. Pull-back MeaiiH. non have- professional more weight testimonials than any amount because of In the (.. "- of UK. tr.o, ivies without !I ari.r UseFor

The victory fell to the honor. of such men are writing for the guidance of having can ei a dt.-h: was a record'', for

( team II. the core being :t to o. they their ppealc.Jtotb!medical. brethren and know: whereof Epolle.l! at I'u:"a"' N.. .1. when) an en. [ Zion perfect Sour Remedy Stomach.Diarrhoea Constipa.

medicines I are non-alcoholic, non- Clno!: 'it,' .Snit h Kcnf. of Port. Worms.Convulsions.Feverish-

$. MAN IN TROUBLE. secret and contain I no harmful haliltforinlngdriiR JorvU. r-.n !Jnf> a team belonging to ness end Loss OF SLEEP. Over
of glycerlc I
: being compo-wxl>> :
tae Muhs folk Packlni company and
----- extracts of thn roots of native. American
'; Alleged to Have Endeavored to Cash medicinal forest plant They aro both killed .Iorli: ftvlmlcli. the driver. !I Tac Simile Signature; of
sold by dealer In m..>cU..1 no. You can't lert the Harrl-
The accl: Mopened at
', a Check Which Was Not His. I I afford to accept: as a substitute for one of ffz&G"YORK Thirty Years
I ion street enMstnu. of the Erie I
these medicines of known composition
Upon a charge alleging an attemptJoe __ .., A < NEW .
any secret noxtrnm.Dr. ------
to obtalll money" under false Jln.h.nK..1. I'lrri-i-'j I'ellets. small."iienr-contod: Con stiputio11 causes headache nausea 1I
Turnlp ee l. colored i, wan arr. easy. to takn as candy regulate and la I It
.IMur Wt stomach liver anti tiowul dizziness laiiKuor, heart palpltatatlon. -
:' by Deputy Hherlff J. II. Kennard at
I Ira tlO physics gripe, slckt"n.w..ak..n CASTO RIA
-- --- --
Eurlet'ni Thnrttday nlnlit and brought
the bowels l and don't cure.Doan's .
to this city .Friday, where hw IH now t EXACT COPYOF WRAPPER.r' .
UeRiilerrt and
BARGAINS INREAL act gently cure ,

In jail. .... __... ..
constipation. X'centtt.: Ask your vtu_""' .0 aW Cm.
From Information received I It appears

that TurnlpHeed endeavored to druggl I
ESTATE . .,, .
--- -- -- -- - ---- ---
u secure money on a check whit belonged f

) / to another party. This check SHERIFF'S' SALE. : - -'-- -

'1 4: Hank was presented of this city to hut the the First man National failed The Alachua Cuunty Abstract Co.. and by virtue of a fl fa 1 Issued I IUnd..r THE: CO'NNERCI.ALIt. : : : :

L ,to realize on the same, after which Gainesville Fla. out of the circuit court of the DAIUKE. Proprietor.

be Earlutoti left .the city and was traced to "'.. represent 1 non-reHl
,. have to offer the following property I, T. Guinn la plaintiff\ and l..ewlsV.. Gainesville, Florida. Phono 'J0)<;. .

Death of Geo. W. Hawthorn.The for Male: tanks Is defendant, said fl fa beingIrected I.arge, comfortable room!'I. Table HUppMed with I-*! the markt atr.I ..,.-.
I''IHHT-I', acres of land with to every and nil the sheriffsof I ell }x-r day_pti-ial wekly rate.... :Solicit: the pat r. rage of I' ,
sad Information of the death+ good>> hoiiHe. within four blocks of the
; tfje State of Florida' greeting: IV. --- - -
of George VV. Hawthorn which! occur1red Court llouue Scjunre In Gainesville
, I 14. \ ."E'nnell. Sheriff of Alachua
at his home In Hawthorn on \VeiiiieMiluv "'I'1ItIII. on good Htret-t. and In goodu.ighlsrhtsd. G. S. MERCHANTS
county. Florida, have levied upon and
reeelved hero .
MUM Friday.Deceased Price $3.5M: : ( ,
will well at the I. T. Oulnn farm, n..arthe
I wii" about sixty years of SKCONI: U\lr elegant, high and Retailer and Jobber In
Town of AlAchua. Alachua county
nK"v He was a native of CeorKlii, itt elr)'. building lots In Kant Gainesville
Is understood but has realded In Haw I "Florida on TueftUay, the 29th day of
three on King street and one on Pal- and
I October A. i). lCH'T> between the legal Staple Fancy Groceries
t'l' nietto avenue granolithic sidewalks
; ,
having. hours of Hale, to the highest and best
to wlthlu one block of all of them. I
bidder therefor for rash' the following
mere Ind. The town was named after Price. $:.on(>>( each; rash or hiKtallineiitH. described, situate In- Grain, Garden Seed and Fertilizers.

p. his father who was one of the first aH desired. I by purchincr. property
r settlers of that Immediate section TllllllAbout 'fifty\ giMMl Alachua (county Florida' towlt: I SOUTH BIDE JUAKK. i OAINKHVII S t! 1fIghest
j rt"Mlclt'1 Fifty (f.O) acres of corn more or '
.. Decenned was on"' of the niOHt w ld. lots 'In \arlotiM of j|
harts I less.,, In the nel .
".t ly known men of that section and wan sundry prices, rush or ittstallttients.'these .
wl liked by all being especially admired i : hU"'lIt.1!i i I Said property to tat Bold an the j ..
are good proposltloiiH
dl"IM"I' an property of I. -. wtwV, Dniiks to satisfy | A Oomplete stock of Hay, Corn Oats, four, Bran. Meal), Comn. v .1
for his hearted
n' KonerotiH fipen | ineiitM or for building. homt". Now IMJ I I fiald fl fa and r ftltlon. Hi* was a member of the Itul'r | the time to buy before the price ad, I e I I IU KHT PRICES andESTABLISHED guarantee satisfaotion always
This October V9. 1907.
list Chnrrli.J \anre.KOI'llTII. . .
-- -- -- -- -- - - -- -
).*ceat.eil I Is Htirtltcd b>' a wlft and \f. VI2NNKI.U I I
A orvland" about
one daughter, to hum tli. sympathy 14 iiilb-M north of O..hll'I"'III.,,, com Hherlff of Atnchu County. Fla 1 .rnnrmmrnmmnrnrmnrnrmrnmnrnr1trnmmmn'inr, , ; ,,, '!!

of the community Is extended, prlHlng .\er :....111 acres of fine farming CAHTKIl & hAVTON IMalntlff'K Ate I ..aEE

The funeral held Thllr.I '. and toriieyn. I
wa : ) and timbered. land partly cleared 1869
:' was l.irKlv: attendd. friend for several -
and In cultivation! Pine tottoti lan.I.1)

) mile.. loinlng to pay their hint and \\ ellwaleretl t by iluke
y I on one j
; rests t fo the il.M..-a!'e.l.Mr Hide;. innklng Dutiable .place. for T. F. THOMASUNDERTAKING' ;

' Hit..*. thorn.IM tat ns..eH..i>r of tock farm A line propoMltlim for ;, I H/F. DUTTON & CO1 I IE

+ Alu<'Ini.i mint <"t' two years, being'nppolntid the right mill lilt e $1 per nre.i I Ioin CO.
gt ; :
to Hie .ills') > In l\s: | .tl' .-fonrth cash and ttio balance Intnre i

Yeconim.ul.itIon ..r ,the.. I
'. ** )early 1'"III.'UtM with eight p 'rcent
voter h..raltc.I' Interest. I DHALIIR5 IN I
:Ul.' UfsK OF { :=:
::1 ;;: KIKTIITract of ('ut-n''r land con I j jtalniiig i

That Tired r. :(',".>1I'r..-;* In the western. N12NVIVrvooal (litAsiIGVTV )(),....

Y t'' If >ou an languid. depres' * InrApiitiio I ,.urt t>f Ibis i"uunty. In a solid .

for "..rh. It Indicate thnt II.'.* small tlnilwr. iMith pine and c>" I I Sea Island Cotton I

your H"rr Is" out "f order llerbtue I'r.>..... also K'MH| IndlcatloiiM fur phituI I "Olt'tl.'l''I'r

will uiibUt I"tur.h' throw off headache l>li:Hi* Thin fur |3 an acre. TitleSIXTH : ," THUll' 11)\E:,:,> r1INESVI1.E
1 *. rlieuiuntlMii and ailments akin' I..r-.I r -
aid 11.1" I'V'It-: : .
l' to iicrv implies. and rent ore the enerjcles I Trl't"tIt I.OM acre timber ., I E ( ; : :. FLA.Advertise .
#t and vitality! of sound and porfccthealth I nul on th.. Su*\ anne.. rh'r. Mostly : ._y.c.e_ .wr.amr!et_,_ _____ __ r

. J J, Iluhh.trd: Temple. Texa virgin pine. and tuinn c>I''' '*''. I"rtcf'f f atie.ilte to .ll t.. tert. IBhl i Ill ul lUUJ1UUJ1U1UIUUUUUUJUUIUIUU1UUll1/ / u.T

\ -rlh'4.1 h:\,'' u..1 llerblne for the *:, per acre This lit it gird tie propoiii..11 .
line. Mall .w'I: II v>ri!! 'r .
pant twit )eurs {! h.'* done' mo muregixxl -\ ..Niiitnhlx fur small "sawmill" prnnetiv att.o.1e4 M.lrlnesville -

than all the .1 1I..1 lIr... It la the I'bM'e t ,.r land ad>olnlng that I"l obtitln .

r. best m 'dictuter nun to for chills and ahr. ..: () Florida in THE SU

\, fever *'>o Hold by W )I. Johnson. I| .\h.u luinit'roi tuiill ple f.. of f.irm-

.-.. IIIK riot. umber land In different :

l.. rtH of the n>uiii> nlalil fir the I r1

H. J. DEMPSEY tutu innall and Investor price. or Rhea farmer upon" lteserip.npjill' ". Central
"Oldest Bank in
tit>>n. ,II J JH.

.- f We arc hwtdgnarlrrs foe h''ItIlne Florida"I

III KCM| real estate .rus..ltloll I

New and Second.H3l1dFURNITURE Put )tnir moiie. and that of your | F. DUTTOH ; ,Ut't.u ElN: W DUTTOn t IIIU'TOK': I''rt-ra'
frlrnd. In good, safe real twtutIn BAKU
uch \\ ft T HOW.\i t I..J K. nax: >MR.OtTTCV. a-
u /grow !Inn.: country .a (Htr" and 1 CO.BANKERS. v.-.I_, .. !
r you will ha *. cur.. Mhen thcor.,-..h '
MHK.. Capital Full Paid S75.000 : -
rttnwa land I. the foundatk'n" of\ all. '" H..t-r_ H or The DuttoBsrk

I I" t.: ;. >olt l on I LaooPHI.t \' mAterlul wealth and le .nuud t" r..' .. t, 'tMatilttr. GAINESVILLE. FLA.COUNTY J A.xACLTat1
r I main flnn ... \ '......,.,., ,
: t- =--hnw. t'ary: j a. VICHOU4.S. ,
t'a\U.: !
. all the above i'r"iIo. itl.enaKaarantrrI r l' Telrvrst ,
Math to t .rel'r. Hcp.rin: , .eq Tr9a ; and CITYDEPOSITORY i. Ttlo)lAS, ,
'to.:; its):
tl iM'lKlltV; .\ =--,.11Storage on lornConnectiM- W R.TUOWAV
Ill' l'Il I O. R. Clon, ft* x"Tr*A". I .

Rooms in C ln..vill.. - - Florid A B.a1'."'-c.. ttl.trrtt. has L..a w.w '" ... thas a 1..... .. a e..ary that a ..1- Ibwri.ta th.s ,7. ticMMM

.. C.rpsea p.t. F..... M.>r... T.,...... Opefsans sail .1 'r stels .
At hea++. .14, Rslt.'v .
+ T.1tcr, Salt iciius and Etaellls :(teal 4_w T1ss,c d1Sr_ lea eI_........ ttlllle.ttaw4s f. $. S p
tl'S lY. JI.Ja sa. !,.. tal.eeslllyti Flat..IM .

.' .. ,..., -' __- . .

,.,'. 'x "..'
.iII" .


-- --
- -
OAI L.YQlt I I cotton Industry is in charge of the Industrial i MR. J. R. PARROTTOca .

Department of the InternaI I

; gtitn I I tloual Committee of the Y. M. C. A.. : [ la U&ntier) I I
: which sometime ago adopted the i I "--.> tar a. we have observed 1 the .i

-- Pots Ofaoe el Ga1DTPIa.F1a.. I policy that textile workers should be lit'\\ ..papers of Florida have not made '

st tD the opportunities to tfi. uiselve In toss Inn homiuetMu
p .,, eoa4..1'".mall ga'MI' given same : weary t
secure special instruction adapted to the direction of Mr J, It Parrot

i.11.)1"AR\ ... lditor aDd Pub *ber. 1 their needs as is enjoyed by men In but it any man's pathway In Florida SNOW

.. trades d I..., with flowers I I
the mechanical and building rives to be strewn
.. ,..............City Fdltor.lgcgL :
; 6 Itr'RTZy and in the'railroad Y M. C. A. Whereno ulloI.'IU of jk |M ople'i* ai>pr x-latlon

.,. SUP"Compo.ieg Rooms association exists. the department and lute. it is hi... Florida' never hada
'i FNEWIT"l"
will organise one .It its Held of usefulness truer or a better friend She never ,

-- : PORTER KUOCK.s. is apparent and will arrange had .1 on who worked more loyally Mt
T I*..BCM... I Inlollll
; } ad'anCt"mt"n't
...Yo'.) tnd, for the work to- be carried on by men and lovingly for her

.u' at s.published every' who are specialists in the various departments all linen of development N'a.l FOR RHEUMATISM. CUTS SPRAINS.WOUNDS. t 4 'a

io4.4,. delirerd b" carrier Ith city or while If an existing association say it lu all disinterestedness and A SURE CURE OLD SORES. CORNS. BUNIONS -

,,. k pert of the Cited Stat ., postage does not carry on such Instruc caiutor. that If ever a man d.t'rvt'd.I CALLS, BRUISES. CONTRACT*
.*.forff!, cent f->. five __k tnctly In tion. It can avail Itself of the advice the erection of a monument at the] BURNS.. ScALbS. ETC. 3 ,
..,..tJU:Q and help of the 'Industrial Departmentin hantN of a grateful people, it is J. It. |

.*.""' I instituting proper courses., j Parrott, and this paper shall make it > AN ANTISEPTIC; that stops Irritation subdue Inflammation -
.cent* a lined and drives out Pain..
rtdia*uoti'flla local foreAdaaddltioDall l The work of the Y. M. C. A. among its luiHlness to see that he get what!1
sod C'CD"
/r6ret iD,rtioD. S the cotton mills does not stop here, he rightfully deserves' even at the ex- PENETRATES the Pores. loosens the Fibrous TUu.. promotes -

ioD. ply advertising made known onT but includes also social features lion.sef'tnrlan pens, of Inviting criticism from the a tree circulation of the Blood giving the Muscles natural
: latH'or >> elasticity.
tpplir.aI1 ) religious work. and the various little army of place-huntern who thinkIt

activities centering about the !K .ixtpiilar with the people of Florl.
el 'otty
TwiceWk Sun seas ht-pag.
** puWUlKtl every Monday and gymnasium: with lectures on personal da to say unkind and unjust thing

IZjgy pap".nJ cocUtna all the news of theme hygiene, first aid and the preventionof alniut him. > I II I '

,a,.II| and general and will beH.W tuberculosis.The I Outing all tile time of there ailvtrnecrltit CURED OF PARALYSISY

><'01.1':0: rrt.*. to any raft ' the Untied Y.1.. C A. Is not In Mr I Parrott ho .
I J I I policy anyway I-m. It has been w Teva writes 10M
; ,naoa. for .00 a >ear-in advancr. | W. S. nailer. P. O. True. : ,
buts [ paternalistic: as control of the has .sited nil I Florida gust; tinsel and wife baa bream iufJcrinK( fi.d years with paralysis inber

T7.J ?t'd bill. 'become due after first organization I 14 vested in a board of has k>pt hH hand on Mr Flakier. /<: M arm. when I WAS pvrsuatletl to UN ItalUrd'a
: unless otherwise |I Snow Liniment which effected a complete cure. I
ertUemnl. directors by the member from their I<\htl1l1t1t'r.l and has uncettnlnnU urged '
lPP".raD\ Parties not known to uaUlWt have also used for old sores frost bites sad tkiaeruptioui.
,l !tatC' for adrertj.i e Ja adAJilre own number The buildings, are well nlni .MI\viml In his good work tlf tr 1 1volopitiont 1 It does the work."
-J pay
< arc used by the men and boys of the reclaiming the waste''
IIJI''C. V.... villages where associations exist and plan.-. Inducing settlers building
- - In addition the families of operativesare runways und KteaniHhlp lilies. and THREE SIZES : 2Sc SOc and $ 1 ..OOLIINIMBNT :

COTTON MILL OPERATIVES. made welcome. A general; secretary nttlng H wilderness Into beautiful CO.
( .
is employed who gives his whole and, i pat hog orchards and truck farms BALLARq-SNOVV
i iIf ST. LOUIS. U. S. A. ,
C > 'r and industrial education attention to the work among! the men I f I NOM believing from ""> inan). cruel j

( r.", uill operatives formed the | of the village, I: amid :ailxrti rrltlolsniH on the part ofa 1 ,
-- - -- - --- .
the address of of the p,
prmcip. ,leme of ---- ----- -- lame section of the pretix -
TVtlllam I' Hartshorne. president of THE GEOLOGICAL SURVEY.As Statf that his efforts are unappieciat

the :Nat.>tnl) Association of Cotton eat and h.I.IM about to lay elowtl) It itstar. -w 4 :hlI: sogrg3cD >

) at their convention in stated in the letter to Congressman : Parrott who continues to set HH .

,\\'t--btiiKton on October 2nd. "Five- Clark published In Friday's Sun. Florida good angel, and with MM

tilths of the children in the cotton the geological survey of Florida will hand till his shoulder prewseti Mr I I

mill hue; not graduated from the be actively pushed. Prof. ":. 11. Sellarda. FlagNi forward with his work I

grammar schools" he said "and a State geologist Is In the city I \\'.. say, all praise toIr: Parrott,

my large; proportion have not even' In conference with I'rof. Clapp, who and express! the hope that he will con' O

completed the seventh grade. If It ia represents the National Survey. Tl\p date to act as Florida's goad angel 1 f $ Ercxrey.L v

!rom this class of native recruits that conference relates to the co-OleraUvf'I' until Mr I Flngler's great work of development '

our mills are being supplied! Is it to work arranged for between the Natlonal is finished l and Iii hla'K I I .477 m '""U7\ni. X l

tw aoudered at that we are finding and the State ,surveys. In orderto dentiiiv IM firmly established in the I J
them more tae'ftlctent. shifting from hasten the work It has been agreedto Southern galaxy of States"

one mill to another or apparently divide the State' into art"all. Prof. Yen VM repeat that ..... hop h.' will I 1.1; ; NKSYILU:: \TIOV\I. II\NK I iti 1 II.DIM ;

nuking I L**> work or responsibility Sellards. who has previously done continue to act as an inspiration" In .

rather than more waRea?" He pointedout : much work in Central' Florida for the the work of development now' waderconstructton V> t: IIA\K: FOIL !SAI.F:

th >t the remedy must be to im- 1 National Survey and also for the and which he iiMHtiren i I tin fix .rottn hnli,,'. in North S.,.11......t ill,. jn-t I HIMI I 1.1.| w &k front \: ti ..
Huilr"u.l. mi < iru'.tlI"'Ln'I.' lot riO\jaa! i....t I'rie .al'tsI.! '.
these undeveloped employes I State Experiment Station will make I the people of Florida will not be aban
'part 'hu' f..ur.r..m lionw In. North MiiiK-Mvillt. t4 fits lot I 1111| \ tint. f.t-t l'rI'. IflaWs.aintenI''rscull :t.
min instruction: ad the business requires the detailed report of this county. doned.Thankx. ,
I .1"| >, n, flu.I j" r lii..iili until |Miii"| fur. HOIIM rent) ;
and that in future the nillUDtt The State. Survey has been actively: Mr Parrott ; many thunkw fur f.% |I"'r ino'nlh.

<-t EC more attention to educational engaged in the'study of undergroundwaters "I'''.'nl-Ih.'' (I..IH ill d'y litnito, uli luyK: 111,1| .lr>', yiH..I l I.MM :'j
than have in the I al..irie lights Paler sat| mall thti ...|h..II' ':
VI ? they during the pant two months, IM In readltteMM for lion froiitintf on tore r
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