: enter g.t!.. V-.... of rn ITAF. Fans : em-!!!! !
nth are all right and the rumor of dying tnic Ifalft": .' />,.,-.< .et,,"_"., ..' awltb JtAi1I '

r. ; was unfounded It I I. said., *!"*.. rife tJI.. tf..tfl:m..*.M. rr f >'V'.*oN .. -. .,...' : 0
halve received a .,\% .r T:. rpln N 1.- retnratlre'ormaad "
SHOOTING EXHIBITION. tr-ron -1 e.R. .,. .I 5brtng.orMalthao.ll.apptne.a. t'Mt sy.trm ant renews the u' "
load of tbe lebrated I hair t.. II,. n o.-.r..t . orwe wilt, mall N41do.esInabox. Fursal.hyalt
AFTER iJSIM9 ItU""J'w? ptxd. .
F..,.. . eu receipt of I'ric- St
t" t '.if r '.1'" OboAM for rir
WARD CLEANABLE Th. Winchester Shooting Team En. r stamps: tar .":.,; ,, ' Yi t.oo. Dr. *-10.. Chemical Co.. ,i rw :. << !
tcrtained Lre Crowd. I,I tet-- '. 'r'e,., iUU SALE IIY 1'1:. u. \r. TAEIU HKill M'KIMJs,
LINED B-E There wa an Interesting exhibition I I i Two .!**.-I* rvntv and II.... -- ------- - -- __ _ n_ __ __ _ It
- - - -
TORS and can suit J. S. Bottifnrtt A C.i special l Ae..nt..1CAPUDINE I .,
I of marksmanship on We.t Liberty E. H. ii ,
any style or price. street Friday afternoon, the partici UPHO LSTERING I t I
pint being bit and Mre. Ad Topper

.' ld seventy-six last sea ,|w..In of 8k Antonio Texas. the I II l, PRACTICAL I MNET. A

1. sari refer you'with pleasure world' champion, and J, Mowelt: '1 CURES r .T 'M._ < - .
Hawkins. a crack that of Baltimore!,i KSits'&rcr.d
'last year's customers.
-r/ )let., who... representing the Win* '
sale made last year is atestimonial' COlIS AN1 Mlf FE5: V !i 208 East Main St. .
.ehe ter Repeating Arm Company. I It I ....... .. ... x..e.ls.. alas. e.II. .... .
this. season. The exhibition was largely. attended, ....... 1... sue sad Me'Uea.. 'L..t.ajiiiiAM Oppe*ite l't dke.

and was a n ov, remarkable one. There
I __
YES ICE..'. wksi :;wa prevent a number of lad i.., and I - -- - ,'

i colder ,;temperature than all appeared to enjoy the exceptional ANDERSOU; = and all kl
ber'oa the market I ly fine work-of the artUt : U..ID.r- ;;:, =. -,= thus iG:.=1h4=::; flet Roll-Top Furniture Desk.made u.

b'nIdIng vY.. s,. P.tntll.e t')ry prices. and satisfaction n
ASTEED The Sewerage Tank. see p'"p,,ot t.'n \1tlltrJO UP. teed Call and .eedeREPA '

tioa, with less If. O Story of Palatka.. one of thevaiu.d.mployeaof BICYCLES and p IIOL8TEtU on ehort<< nitcAll.. d.'iaK. RINCiAlac&aa .\ '

other make to.LE i McKenxie Boo, : work. u.mnteed to tx tlr.t.cla... W*
I c rrv a compute line of ; '
Y. contractor, has arrived In the eity.t Electrical Supplies. : l ood. and Invite" your inspection Upholstering Connty 0;;
t Mr Story will superintend! she work i ..
the antiaeptlc EDMOND GOTTESMAN [Iaoorpon\-.Ji
of constructing tank for ..
renT )(, J. W.IB*
the werage .,.nem.I' which his arm I i' OPPOSITE Cola Preat; .
for IH4II.c IIIt"Jt"IH. PosTorncct Pfe.| B. R. -.5*s-TrOAISESVILLE. ,
I ba the contract. A force wa employ I I3tkeaey R'1NIirtnz ,
... - - 11:
.d Friday, and the work will h. pushed preejptlj. Llertrlralef : work t I

jto completion a* rapidly' a. possible.I all klad.*. t For Best Result: I \\ do ai exclusive Ab trne (:
will be 'I ... with facilities rnr Peoaeeroinff "' I '

.UNION si.I Advertise in Tiie Sun.,aaT Information and all land la AlMa th5.. ;I

business translated i.ro .


flb %? i


_ -, - -- -
--- --



- t Tnsi.t on ynur.etfdon't Imc..,. ,

Is of Phys cal Training and Lick is knowing when your hour "Man may work from san to sun ,h '
I for All I ... but woman' work ia never done** .
Crowds. : t.'k.
1 Cooking Drew Large I In tier to keep the home neat ;,
U>.certainty is. always an element of and otty, the children well dressed "' e X ?'
FIXEN'S TALK. ....1In..... and tidy women overdo and often +k
,RqS,, LAURA suffer la alienee drifting along from . .
To b>i*>cr a libel. one taint resort to bat to worse knowing well that
Full .
stow Address of Good Sense' fi ehou4.B they ought to have help tooverooue"' ,

,+itW Common Jod<-.m."'. and Went I "cau. we are free we are therefore the pains and aches whleU daily '
.1 tf pr.d Class make life a burden.It .
p ?. Strah ht to Hearts of Those Who ,I liigh responsible. ia to these women that Lydia
for Today. Th* backbone of character I. made E. Pinkham'a Vegetable Compound 7
rfHurd Prog-am made from native root. and b.rbe.
Ii IiI In th. home.A .
come as a blessingWhn the "
th. Fl?iruJt
at AU
k 'O *
"rids J'ru6rtarr1 I nan who has no will of hi. own I I. are depressed the head and back MRS C7. UYON' ]
x'Ii' t w<. A tn a' int-r-
1ncl.rCft..cua1q"A chrra;terl... ache, there are dragging-down palm nervousness. aUeplesraeaa, and
4' .dea ten'-. "..t was e':J"J.tl toy t'ie' << reluctance to gx anywhere, these are only symptoms which v,.lea
i'' ? 80mh..r prn*, who w-r n-1 I Nutting cn I e noblrr than the frank heeded, are soon followed by the worst forma of Female Complaint :
: JaPe Iumbing OZVc ..lrni..lor> of A wrong '
; bit Instructed.TB
i'F r;r" pale eatertalnerf.dA,'* ex-ri.i;Ue. were opened The th.ori... of today seem destined Lydia E. Pinkham'sVegetable Compound

Ir .u" the .rhonl (t' piss'ell, edu-v or. I I to he. the tri*.h of ionurrow.Ivlleo keep the. feminine orgmalam. Ina strong and healthy condition. I tears:
E' sod Mr. Admit Inflammation. ulceration displacements, and organic trouble. I
Prof Rweker -*. never fiils tn demoralizeth
i M pr-partn child-birth and tu carry women safely through theChaaof .
f o'clock, wl:ch was followed at in I <* 1M dr. mind and C"on'et..n"... Life 1 lar efllctent.Mr .

1 ,. .'e'O"'Ir hv the ti.'ial B.b'e> 'lecture *n-J; I Each +sITe birth mark *. Augustus Lyon of East Earl.'Pa.. write- Dear" Mra. Flit''
Prof J R C. Brown of Vr- r; Do It I soe: e one ham:-For a long time X smffered from female trouble.and had all kin
Irnoa by more incarnation of all the i'at. of aches and pain In the lower part of back and side, I exmld _
0s ...1., At II o'clock the 'eh >,il) of RP3HTHardware! I The mn who take the world too sleep and had no appetite. Since )' K. Plakham'a ...->t&.l:

til...lth and cooking, conducted by I r. .1.1BiIRD I.1 serious {I. *ne to to.-..ome n r*..lmi.'. ,Compound and following the advice which yea gave me I teal like ..
I'GeI..I, was brought on, an I th- siu new woman and 1 cannot praise your scedictne too highly.* ;
t J The man that know just a littleusually
treated \
0.,1 ti.eeral
J.sts of Dr. were Mrs. Pinkham'a Invitation to Women )

*. ... nice thing' conducive to I K-t drowned in his own Women avffeiing hem any form of female weaknea are Invited

,**"lapis which were jreptred en the depth write Mrs Plakham. Lynn Ma**. Oat of her vast -volwose of

;+jiff. in the I reetice <.r her aidieoce( i I The rlzht'doer Her advice 1 free and helpful.
ease. always
sad .....-.>l around. [)r. G'isel i. awwd. fail ; the wrong-doer cannot ultimately.

h .. when it come tn preparing -(..oed.11 .

:: food arf* her leatnr-s have proved I 1'0.\ of u* are rich or poor accordingto

t."v.ry ln-tr'ii'tlve.v Co. whit we are, not according to whatwe '

AI 3n' lnek therwas r. d"ne byfXls have.. ABSTBAir

L, Dell, of the La Del ConsertCompany : Phone 7 Man woman alone 'It r..* a sure and & REALflCOMPA
which wee followed by a
.; certain rte.tlny -eztermlnatlon. Do
\ Itdal't'. 'Our Relation tu the Uniivtrse. Jut eat?h? t oorpo1C't.4i ;:J.
s ." by Mr*. Ltura G. Flzen of .. t<_J
1 -- -- You hve but to repeat A scandal in .
rrtC ,CalCZgo. the great temperance work. JUDGE MASON'S COURT. order to become a detectable' peddlerof E. E. VOYLE MG-R. .;}

,$dn. Mrs. Fizen Is a moot entertaining' I ,- the .. Attrr..,ts of Title and full information furnished rerardicg" lands
JI,, vomao, long: known to the platform en'lElt'i Our manager ha lived In Slits eooctr thirty yean said "
Gate of Willard Moore Charged With of love is with land
Wd her charming lecture gave a The fane an unrequited TOdeeper thoroughly conversant "tlee. p

d "....t deal of pleasure to her hearer .1 i j Murder Continued to Monday. than any other that tear the

e U half-past 4 o'clock the Seton In-I The ease \ViIIard Moore, charged human heart. E5. :EL 0 !J-

ftiaa*. who are making.ueh a hit, had i j jt.faeir with the m.ird.*e of another negro by The world' sweetest song nave V y: LE..

; grand pow.wow. It was one of the name of McColloogh at Campville fallen from lip that knew the bitter Filth ACCIDENT BURGLAIIY AND INDEMNITY INenting hURA1\CZ.Y

"It* greatest pow-wo the St tons I on the 2nd Inst., and who was arre.trd taste of sorrow. a namt>er of prominent American and Lngllaheompata'
\Vinnboro.. s*. O and brought here REAL E8TATK AND' CITY LOAM*. ,J
;.fcaveaver held in Gainesville.and theyI No foundry forge* the weapon that
the audience in e'everPM4 : b'y ahertff Hoo(l. 'was brought in the Q r3111. Pea .l o a E"1orL
I Meqvcred a can ly the man who stands by hi*
inimitable manner. Miss Grace county court Friday, and after hearingthe honest convictions.
State witnesses the ease was continued
B. Lam.In. the head medicine woman Because you can't do a great thing ESTHER S. JORDAN. W.
witnesses :
until Monday, when the W..HJ
... ker work down to perfection, and ,
.., *' for the defer s- will be some I. no earthly reason why you shouldn'tdo
y .r7 popular with the Seturt. .
' k .' mooed and will te.tfy.! a small thing In a great way. :
! ; i iiii At 7:45 o'clock the ezercie were JORDAN & COMPA"INSURANCE
r1 'j t epenrd with a prelude by the I.. Dell The case appear rather strong Most men having made a superb .
failure at other thing, ..nl.on-
Coacert Company, whish was followed against Moore, and he will nodnnbt by every

-\Ib. lecture, by Edward Everett I'committed without baif if his witnesses tend that they are a howling sucees

do not testify strongly' on )(on- a* it hubby.
;; Otrr. tre ur>J.e.nf which wa.latetIDR
Married." Dr. Carr i 1- a fine leetarer. dlt7. . ... Qilt envying other of their snecee.
and Nut In.. little time studying: how PORTER.BLOCK GAINESVILLE. Fl
as w.n.. a ** man and he Card From Mr. McEvoy.
as* made many friends during hi. they got there. That's the thing you .a
L To the Public: In full justice to my "- '
. ... tUit b.r- most need to know. "
I .
4w j The Chautauqua is now gearing It. obligation wife, allow she m* to may say incur.I will'psy If I haveInjured any A human hog I I. one whose .spleen Fire. Life and 'AccidentH.F.DUTTON&onte: :: ,

i .Ioe.,.od the lau program of the r.gI gets ezcited if a man m.lten.... hnn- -
any other al) I ask i Ie that
I alarorder will tM held 8'inday. At 9 I dyed percent In a year on his Invest .
they kindly extend their forgivenessand I
'f a'clock today<< th- vrhool of phJ'ie..d. I manfully promise riot to offend ment in an honest way. CST .Ta r mI: :) 1680.

/ canon will give It. U.t .".*l I determined to maketl.ine.ville
rr. a{ again. am
; also Mrs. tier..) with her cooking back i
you your owa- better
my home. All I a.k i i. a
"school. Prof. Bro.nill| give hi. : tb.n. raise whose unbroken hush
fsir change and hon consideration, I
f I Btblieall..etore., 10 o'clock and the and If such is extended me, to those pr......* lif..'. sad story upon yon. ,
./ Nton Indians will "break camp" at 3 A
Emerson declares that reformwas
vir who do o they will never regret the every
: loek. In the evening there will be
act. Providence being my guide all I once private opinion and whenIt
'.' closing concert by the La Dell C<*m- ask is the assistance of those who lookto shall be a private opinion again It A
May with final word of prophecies :s :gEa: ;
IS i right and justiee'nnw and hereafter. will colve the problem of the age.There .
for l9t:'8.
Tno. J. McEvoT. never wa a person with gen-

A NEW DIRECTORY. ins enooKh to In.ar.nee.: .... without -AND DEALEnnNSea '
f Don't Comp'ain work. If you ever reach any ambition J

1 .:,. Burtz's Gainesville Directory Will be If your chest pain you and you are I you must literally' "work your way to -

w. Rvi,ed for 1907.8 unble. to sleep because of a cough It."

,. I.we E. tl'irtz. publisher of the Buy a bottle! of Ballard's Horehound Some for the sake of a few pennies, IslarL: L. Cott

! l+ed GaI".lTill.l..r"etor)', ezpect soon to syrup, and you won't have any cough. or the sheer chance of keeping In the 1 ,

K- j. begin work of compilin.K the book for Get a tottle now and that cough will limelight, will not hesitate to heap ,

1907-8. and the work will be before the toot last long. A 'cure for all pal I their calumnies on a whole community. .

: t. Voblieat the proper time. monary diseases. Mrf Galveston. Ooa.*..,61 baaamg a.Mae.s.say sad*.Uroreicaaa4 DeaeWsThe :
The directory for 1955-6:: wa. a marvel Texas, write t *'I cau't say enough for You haven't elbowroom 1 Tha,'* ... vsof........aaaers.eerporaUeeetfar sera..serefcaa.aaartvedoeravaraMetersaa. .<

; la oeatnett and acciraey. and the publUbvr Itallard's Horehound Syrup. The relief nothing Make a place for yourself Special I.JI ii..I. ssaknw eeOecveea e*).
... .,....
ae. bl potat la Me caS'*' r
oil. Bore
tt.1J eire.l the congratulations ofF it has given me ia all that is necessary Dig op the virgin a well- .1.

the pa hi i., and the Slate press upon for me to *ay." Sold by \, )(. all the underground stream are not .rGari

J 'b. .alDe. It i.. nat only a directory. Johnson _____________ tipped. '
t but an ledo.trl.1 work a. well, b.ing Yonr range of vision depend. on the .. .. ..
Testimony Objected To. '"' LcS
Hummel' r s B
, t711ar. printed on fine book tt*per well bound New York, March 13.-When the size of the hole through which you are esL..L.L6

t" cloth and profusely IllustratedI Tnaw trial opened Thursday morning. peepioff. The man with a small caliber

i I with .lreetscenes. It wa a floe ads Abraham flume war recalled! to the never gets the larger vision of this I''''""'

.-, vrtUement of the oily and a number atand. De.lxna. for the defense, obJected good old world.

; .f ttjpie were mailed to Tariou point to his teatlmnoy. and Judge The man who says he married the i y

;: ia the United State and abroad. Fitzgerald sustained the objection.TO wrong woman speaks for the one who M
If You Are lnsured.
< A great improvement in the pro stood by his side In the years that are S .

( 94 work for 1607,8 will bot a map if CURE A COLD IN ONE DAY gone. Did she not, therefore, marry <

';; toe city, which will embrace all the Take LAXATIVE BCOMO Quinine the wrong man? The truth I*. It' an .,... 1, .... ,
.: territory embodied in the present refund If unspeakable tragedy beside which all In a Company that .. Responsible, Have a Policy I
Tablet Druggist money
r. Written of Contract and
With Liberality Policy the i
: charter sad which will pro. valuable E.V.. GROVE'S signature other tragedies are comedy that mock *
it fail to cure. : Pay Loses Promptly t- '{
aeamatter Information. ia on each box. 3S-a and Jeer. ________________ .4

PROPERTY STILL MOVES. Retribution."Well. Found Last. You Are Assured
Hred. J. A. Harmon of LIzemore, West :"

, d Th... Lots in Cast Gainesville Purchased 'Servea.,Hal. I'm right f fool Yoo Va.. sayt -At last I have found the : r
you you
stt ; by A. O. S'nburg'estate !:. had no business to go to the office perfect pill that never disappoints met That no serious lose can overcome you wit-oat y" --
and for the benefit of other afflicted .. /s .'fFiw
toreIAL fl.al' continue on the moved loaded. Baltimore American. .:.L
with torpid liver and chronic eon*1 1 patioo. -
ssarcely a day pas* s but from one
l" a half-dozen transfer are tee CrltlcUm often takes from the tree I will say take Dr. King's New r
eordtd. caterpillar and blowsoma togethet.ltlchter. .*-. I Life Pills." Guaranteed satisfactory. ) Life Accident and Heal kin
I 23* at all druggists'
c ,
J Oa* of the latest important deals .... ?*> y jf

1 -U the purchase Thursday by A. O. -,- None bat Reliable Companies. Rejrew a"" .',
Bteeobarg: of three handsome building Ayers ;,..u.&r ,, i. not a strong driaz. Asii'ilcohol | 0 '-_: .j.
|t. on Roper avenue, opposite thekern. j now rnaie,the" Is not a 'otof alcohol in It. tuA.

of J.V.. Patton. Thee lota are It !* a nOD-al obot:: alcand! alterative. A.kJOtii' ] ) :M: CXJ
Ozl4O. doctor about taking tbia medicine
et are desirably located, and own your
moag the best property In the elty. for thin lnpure Mood.. Fol'ov' his advice -| -- Information *n. rfolly fomlahed.
Mr. t..nborg has not yet decided.i need eat ev-ry t"mc. !le laovs. Trust him.
bat far may erect three modern eons... at = a f. -:...r.t.D.w:.t:vik> f.a.A t'o...

: teasel purpose

Fr k .
:!. 1 w*.' I "i .
; :

!4 TT. :i'




----- -. ____ '1''
- -------
--- -.. ;

i' nsotent -c Every Road In the State Fighting; 2 RESTORES VI1'Jun rl

First Me Waa Rickets. : Cent Fare. J" ;

\," Secured: a Shotgun.tfainrWUe \ bones Jacfc illMarch" 14 --,\!irailrocda ilysd_ :
: Simply the visible sign that baby's tiny I on. 4It
Cm. March IS.
In thee state have J1.s .0 i I .

,, Stewart. a hJchly respected arc not forming rapidly enough. -CI I In a formal prote to the r. ". .rtadoommlssioii We1IN: ,

ta cl this county, Uvteg Lack of nourishment is the cause. .$- aicaiast the enfur'' : ut I I THE\' : of Ie" Ir M -

and Calhoun. bad a very Te- c Iu:1fYi3rV.Z'. 3'1
of the 'wo-cnt IAten-tSDtt"able n I f
Emulsion nourishes baby's -
,experie&ee with a negro 3tcotff age order and he bt-dy ia rr-.' -led I I. J C> ::n. y.

tIT frank PanUls a ''' system. Stimulates and makes bone. to defer the date vf operation un- :. ..rudssee.Uue.."rfU'1a..i. __, uti.aft.31) '' .
raa employed by him blP ; f' e:J.2 fID
what needs. 11entire tU they can present their cae." du men ex...con r : r t ri. 't .::: eWeaknessncbas I ra
Exactly baby
lcnt and curved Mr. Stewart since the tummlnl" y : rhi----: ... .
Several day u.l .I. '.'O. a& .
k* hitter reprimanded him ) .to nnd "" ,.
similar -t from the "' 1f4 -
nlAC for not for $ denied a rtq :siV. SU:;; jr' .
th. accustomed tour. Mr. oOMoM:;: ;tootCtOO Southern tallay, lxmlsvllle and YVaotlo Ita.*,t-. ntMl er-Yer....t s..?..},7..l**'X 1 ". ,0 -"
( .
Nashtllle. and the Mlai*! lpnl Ceo t tn llcr<.t>oT>.. **** erIr
and.bus .
:truck the negro oa the bead vr_.%wlient
tral. anJ It Is more than llkt-lr thap by.tartJn*at the sent"rti...._.bJ J"*"*
fiat, whereupon the boy I nerve tussle and hi... &. .. ..
will meet with! the ....... .
"i chub and went after his of Gofn 9*"'ool Ctlkt ..n.ew Workmen Prepare for a Strike | thin new request .a-k.be plttta cl ..v... pal'?"b-II.a.4". """:;: 4 w ...
same fate thus forcing the railroadsto .lorin* the lire .1 vr....<... .& ;:
'f'be Utter drew his << Yof& e 13.-A ac'.io-: St. Pe emburjr. March 15.-The' If desire prose.inadl.ease. 1.....;.,<<,. Bart warn. "III :: M' -

ek at be negro laSlctlng a Ju., [K'JJ1:>>i..',,:t B.IOWS; tt..it workmen lot Moscow are preparing fora go Into the courts they "0othrr. Iteaala.rarrirdlnve.att8r1.'- :i J
to prevent thnfun.m..ot of the rnaiL*t.OO seer ta'e,er s lr.-t : .
tor : .
itch upon rte side ofMa, are (!".4:1 children attending strike It there appears to be any tree a4vite .
of the cornmia-! .adr..lwaU1Wbo'I .
order. The members ; -
fe was a anrel*., old affair schools of Greater New York and likelihood of parliament being dissolved j wire suarBntMYU .& \ ., (.a,
determined stand by th irguns MEDICINE CO. .
ion to .
t. dull bWe. and could M 3.4ft& J.nwna: between 4 and when the opposition begins Its a therefofe in .awn.c...;.. ; j ...
and litigation Is
rh damage. of age; tbs school age live fight against premier 8tolrpna line For ale in CtafaeavUle. Florida bJo! -

i. negro then ran %ome% The nattier of foreign-born of policy of the government. It U evitable. W. 31. Johpson. DraRal. ':". l'
Aa auxiliary: to the general choI t y .
an .
'distance. sad cecurieg a D eom led. JJ3...cO. Is more said the premier's speech will be held! ; .
I the Queen
of discontent
,returned mad concealed IS -per cent of the entire regis within the bounds of a recapitulation ma <
baa fi!<"t a pazalnst POLITICAL ANNOUNCEIDNn: 'I-
:: system 'III
a. straw stack with the of tbe uho h. Probably the of legislation enacted by tbe government "
"' r
order prchlbltTn
te of aatasslaatlng Mr. atartllrc thing In tbe report la since parliament closed and the the For :. I ta'Cl
mile! for -'i Marshal.
charge of four c"nt. per "il
statement that of the 53.94 laws It expects tbe present body, to
sheriff of ', fares and In a UUr to Chalrni.; I respectfully! annoanae eaSdL'rdacy ': A.
Gordon rea whose eye" were tested 17.- enact. my .
____ _____
31c.'.;air the matter Is argueud at r ?rh ".
ae4 for aa aoon aa Mr were rufferlnie from defective vi- I I I for the office of City Marshal. is ...
Ex>Captln Klrkman Stay In Pan.Leaven length by General Passenger sent the election on April 9th tr4.T
reach bla house from the Dr. )Maxwell bead of the school 1907, It"
place' of attack: and was recommends that the city rnp- worth. Kans. March 15.- George II. Smith who also questions elected I shall perform the duties :' '' stn'tr

geese In a .r".hClrt time arias**. to tbe poor eht'drea Judge Pollock: of tbe United States the legal authority of the c&turn Ue office without fear or favor.lUNJAMtx tf .,
district court has denied the application .Us Ion to enforce a ruling of this na-
was captured !
cannot afford to purchase them. T. "&SOw. 4

la tbe Calhoun Jail at ._-- for a writ of habeas corpus In tbe ture. Oaine.ville Fla., Jan. 14. 1807. '1,1 i. J

.; Stewart la a highly ... Alice Rooaevelt'a Weddire caae of em-Captain George; W. Mow to Remain Young I.

and excitement rant .. aomethlna to be recorded In the man. Kirkman contended Kirk-I I To continue in health and I peetfully announce my esadi.... ,tfte ru
two sentences were concurrent, joting
u. ,
tlary! for r.-election a. City '
of ilerbine baa been
Mrs. N. F. Rowan. Me. -
the war department held they were strength.do as

rHansTeattflea Four . the greatest of liver cumulative. Klrkman still baa seven Donnugh O*.. did. She ..,.' "Threw promising to faithfully di'chsrg &:Ie i.I .

Borbaoa. of Carlisl: .. A positive eore for billooa months to serve In the federal bottle of Kleetrie Bitter cored m.- of duties of the nRlet in the futar Mliave ; "iI .t1F

writeet: .About four .. .., constipation chill and f.. prison at Ft. eavenworth. chronic liver and stomach trouble, endeavored to do in the past. I,"'I\

I. S i iron stating that I had and all liver complaints. J. com plicated with such an unhealthy' solicit the votea of all good eUisea. 7 ye.r7
Re. -
If eared of a ..,.... kidney Smith Little Roek. Ark.. write.i Listen I condition of the blood that my skin pecfally.CHAS. w r7 toat

taking Ie*. baa two .. la the retest liver med- Pixcoso .
known. Have. "..ell' for .ear.. And remember the neit time ooI turned red aa flannel. I.m now pray .... far

>Kidney Cure. It doee the work.** Sold by W. )t. suffer from pain-caused by damp I 1 tieally 20 years younger than before I For City Tax Assessor. l ht

> brisk dust sediment, OD. weather-when your bead nearly took Electric Bitters. I can bow do \V. M. Bradford hereby aaaoaaataim ') ,

ptoms' of kidney diM'". bursts' from neuralgia Ballard'aSnow .II... work with ease and asttt in ray > ,elf. aa a candidate for ... -.lecdn ," ice isw
", I ass glad to say that I To Augusts Oa. husband's Ooaranteed all '
store. at
I i .
Liniment. It will tore ,OQ. A city tax assessor perfsiavt
t return of any of I Pullman buffet: sleeping ear drag 'Orell. Price 5Oe. .
prominent business man of rd a full and faithful service of tk.o6iee .
dadus tha, four .. ... Jacksonville. Fla., at 8:05 p.m.. daring hit past admlnMlrv. w Tetl
Texas, writes i "I have *n.mp..d.j .
For Relief of Famine. Sufferers.St. .
sad I aridently Atlantie Coast Lln. and arrives t6on.; and asks the support of the pas.:.
I. and heartily '. tbe next morning 7t4Oa.: m. iment. Previous using ter.b'1f;. March 15. -The lie and the registered voters la Ue .!
Oars. to great sufferer from rheumatism and I Grand Duke Michael brother of Emperor coming campaign.' ...
y anyone reservations see tbe
neuralgia. I am pleased to say that. Nicholas. baa given SI00.t)4"for ...
t... ey'or bladder Coast Line acenta or write - -----
now' I am free from these complaints. the relief of famine-stricken sufferer
Frank O. -
District Paeaen.
Agens. Atlantic Gloat tin.. Jack I am sure 1 owe this to your liniment.'* and ha. olil to the peasant:: H"nH :pals
.. .. Via. Sold by 'V. M Johnson. for" .,'*rlbutlo for the j" i antit r:,.- I .t.CTI0 1 "I lift
la 'S ata"te4ea OP CIIAITE 4' *. LAWS orjFLORIDA.
0 *hirr II In acres of his! *' -ttt>' :.n :wiD
March u.- ,
? Orel po-.n.e at an average j.-T-e of \.," Mpl I

.sustained rrr1sng! Inspector the ST..A..Tm HVE :IE: ZLST T 114 per acre. The. peasants' ban'chave Notice is hereby given that 'JSBMB*,]] 'Lae11ia1

Cirren.. purchn_'*r Itt Tax CertifleaU :
necotiatc"1 to purrha 21S.o: :
BoUca gait Bulger No. 125. dated the Tib day of Jut. U"" ,
acre of lest d
r alx months the JI Co.'T Showing. amounts appropriated to the .e..ralluad. from tbe,...{ax Roll of r>. ISO. h*. filrtl aid twrtitie.t.ia .Tv.I|

Thoma. Peabody. C Alacboa county, together .with the amounts received. therefrom and the om>*. and f-a- made appii *itoe far, n
with Clears the Complexion.Orino till( deed to i isane in accordance elta"Ixw. ..,.
was ebersed
by the County Commissioners for errors inolvenei and dou ..
Said. cfrt'HcatM! morse* la. :
3g, the transport ..assessments. compliance .with Section 34. Chapter 4322, Laws of Florida: Laxative Fruit Syrup tlmu- 'ullowlnrf d...arit>*.d property rUaitai .

at Barbedoa Pint., latei the liver and thoroughly cleantes In Al "hua rNTttnty. Honda. toiii '. .sp

d.-, last August. LlC.X.... I the system and clear the complexion Hw14nf NwJa St-e 16, Tp. 9.9.It.a: .
Sf OR.. ra.I of pitnple and blotch.. It i U the bs -4O acres. aril
Judge' r..por'r.r: :. SO IlIeldate
ana Quiet at The acid land bring a.ae..ed at Bale
'" :olo.:. March 15. ". returns. .. ..... ... . . . . .... .. .. . ... . :2374 80 laxative for women and children; as it of the I..tn<>.* <>r Inch err&! J, 'Mrs,
i* mild and pleasant and does not its the name of II V. :\oI.-J *],
or, three street SCHOOL '
rrvi. -roLta. gripe or sicken. Orino i- much superior Unless said rtiHte shall Ka ..- ",.: naAshti
ira have been OR. ca. to pill, aperient water and all deemed law dad I
The saloons ) ........ .... ..... .. . .;. ...... ...... . $3071 CO eathartlc it doe according, to tax tI ,

,ad most of tbe ... of eolleellona . ...... .... .. . . .. . .... ..... ... . 83A 00 3609 00 irritate ordinary the ..om% h TtoJ a* bowel. not JXV. -tlll..u.th..roo. A. 1) IVfTWithes r n.on the 21bd dsyMarch. .": d

Wednesday '. returns.$24715 00 McCollnm A Co. my ntficial .1."..ore sad : :..&&1

with a fall .. 014............ ..... .. . . . . .. . .. . ... . . . 111'3 00 - - ."51 thU. the 18'h day of F-bfBSi., '"
stores arc all Pleaded Guilty. .I1.164)7.1S.

r $3609 OO Columbus O. March 15.-Three H Wtxxon.3Ufk '. F

Negotiate Big Loan.'Janlero. corset acBoota_ -oKXKBAt.' rtrxD-7-MtLt. T1X.. of the men Indicted by the grand Jury Iy. Florida.Circuit Court Alaebca Cues-' !laT.II
for accepting and giving
March 4b S ae ca. prizes connection ..
rto negotiate a Joan OrtlonmeDt. . . ................ . . ,. .$33581 SO 1 with tbe Dread street paving "IitegMb

Burope. Of of collections . ...*>i.... 162 49 33753 60CM. rl*xd-d guilty when arraigned. Theyare NOTICE OF ELECTI

Nelson Cannon former manager .5.5K
Kurop to take op '. returns ... .. ... . . . . ... . . . . .. . . . . .$32901; 23 of the Triatldad tka
Paving .
.. Insolvencies, ete.. . .. . . .. . . . . . . . . . . 83? 40 company of .
Cleveland Arthur Beck former assistant Under and by virtue of the post Sal t.svie.

cfty engineer, and Alfred Shu- thorltr vested In me 1'y virtu of mr .
$32753 60 favor of the City of(OalneavU FlorW.L -,
% SriClAt. TAX DISTRICTS. maker former city inspector It Tbuoaadobereby can an .>*r....MJ Ml
bevel is -s.Mt City of tlaloetvlUe. oaTtigmftb :
DR. - - ---- - Mb day of April. IW- foe tn. I""*"*'/ n.
Orlonme.' .. .. .: ..... .... ... . .. . ..V-... . . .> $11199 O8 eieetln the tol'nm omeers for M..-"'...' 110,1.lase .
". returns . ......... . . .. . . . .... . . . . 1C96I ft* The Cause of Many serve. for the period ...out lIereea. teed ,

S :n. .\e... .... . ... .. . ....T. .... . . .. . ........ . 23-& On. Mayor, one Mar.nal.one Tat e
one AMM-WMJT. a.e Clerk sal TteawrNu III sot1.0
Deaths. serve for a period of one year ire t.f
I '1118908 dat of their eieetloo.FoHr "
cotfY ..n"D.. T1SCTe Is a .liecase prevailing in this Aldermen to verve for a perto*., ....i
JUnlrv n''tOt.1.&n"ous: lxrau.r w.lrccl.. Tear. from the dale of their election.Une .
DR. ca. M Its
.. . . . .. .. ..... .... .. .. .. . . . ... . .119191 66j 1 it I \; tin' ManyMt.M member'Of' uf the Iloard or I\ye of yestt Pubs I....W lie
rYe a .r1.04 al
j ... of collections. . .....4. .. .,. . . ... . .. .... . . 07 61 19202 60 tl 'ti .w Iratli* arc cau.oVl l l.t day of June. IWUO.'J
..- uv it-heart IIi.. wto dsrookN0
One member f hoard "f
;:\ *
enferers' '. nturna..oar. . . . . . . ....... . . .$1SKA 4B !) ... case. J'n unlnuia. fill the uneiitrett term of W. :. R

( ., ete.. .. .. . . . ... . .. . ... . .. ......... . . 481 12 ]\I . V.L alr.l.lcxyareoftett bean failure or rei4 Uoo ne
;.1 r.:- I the rc."Jt 01 kul Tbat eamlliate re.*elrliurtmtFtft the liMa ..
$10292 eo.raCI.&L of vote fur member of li..d7f
use aoAD DISTRICT xo.' 1. ," l I [ nc'V dhteose. If lie \Vork haU serve for five, t01it.t
: t
1.i.n..v bUae
.; trouble is.g eatMlMate reeetvlmr tbe nest
t>R.irtionmeat ca. I alluMr.ItUndvaiiee of vote for .abt .>fEe shah fill tb* "
.. ... .. .... . . . . . . ........ . . . . . .1 tl-J07 24 -_ the ki term of \\'. :>I. %VUon.reWrtied. I...
lector's return...... ... ... .... . .. . . ....... . . . 1157 4Prors. "J. ... c.l c.;M>II- The i-ollln* place for vakl eleetKi..ai... at
Mo .
sl -
etc . . . . ......... .. . . .. .. . .. . .. .... . . . 4079 the vital will atetack the rear of ,Municipal ItuiklUMf <
organs causing catarrh of Main and MaMMiM Btreetn II.y
the bUMcr. or the kidney. themeHe* TbevUi BaIl of en at f o'eloek etCio
$1207 24CO..TT l e at sundown of maid day.
DONTielf break
do"n and ,
baste away cell |, cell. and A-J. A
y W. U. I1U1. t A. K4 twrt
to be "Ta1'lr.-l' WILL TAX.. IllatMer-trfHiMr'* almost always result Cu.t. are hereby atismiate0 1"-..
c. from a derangement of the kidneys r. X. Mil ler. .. k. of ..wt eleeU0. ..
suffer from severe an.! .. Tb.it
y bare fainting .,... .*...... .. ........ . . . .... ... . .. .... .. .$. 74 1 a cure 1 isul.taine.l r ui kc.t l>y a 't-rotier 55. .... :band aixl tbeUl .551 M7ue.1 .i t

t>a fretful* Your ... collections. . ...... . .. . . . . . . .... ....... . . ::J 1982193 treatment the ld.,ncvs. If>rxi are feel. olO&Ul<< *, on tbloetntfaTofV.\ K. ...UOW..& XaJ**.i.iAU tdrvtph

attention. Try M inK I..lly you can nuke nn mistake .': J, M. DKLL City cSHI3UKFS rx

i liver refrulator.aSU ', returns. . . . . .. . .. . .... . ... ......... . . .$7fO 15 taking I>r. Kilmer. wamp-Root.. the y

Erect .. e'o. . . . . . . .. .. . .. .. . .. . . . ....... . . . 121"8 great ktalney. liver and U. !.let rcnie.lr. SALE.

11 correct inability: to Uol. urine and Under eaeeutlu.
- and bv virtue of is
aad Fern $4821 93 aea 4inl r-in hi Iossit.; t:. emit ..':er. out of the Ctreult Court of the fltbtaJ
.rw"AaT. come tbit unpleasant ncce..ity of 1x in Ctreu-t of Florida. and fur AI.ewar'krtda. A
oo the l>day of M.rrk.
__, :E. C. Morrlaon. Funds and Licenses ..... ................... .. . ... .$7536 82 cotnjielle'l to KO chest thrn'-:;Ii the .L&y, a certain cause t herein peullnirKttteh ae"Kla. J 0e

LTeauw writers from"! ... 01 collections.. .. . ... ..... .. . ................ .... . . . U'JI32 "T'm0 nixht. get The up raiM many anal times tUe extraordinarr:during the Puny WIW U eomp.mlnant>a are defendant and Deter, aad .aeredcneleney --,
1 for |
yeara tv ''
etlft't deeree In f..orOf U>*
of Swamp.K.M>t is f>... rcalb" .
MS. dlxxlnee $76257 84COLLKCTIOXS. n a. reui.rean e J
apella. I It stands the highest for its ->n.lerful Judie of aald ouurt. au.tn-a tN f
cure of the most distressing Peter wn >n.and tn'favor of tb "

I tried ,* .on. Collector . . . .. .... ............, ,..... . ... . . $51522 83 Swarap-Kuot i* plea ant C'II"Cs. I. L.V F enneU.n. &.brUTof Alahr.eU
letely Comptroller . . . . . . . . . . tot.tkeatnl { riorkla. hu. :ev1ed upon and W r'
Croom. . . . . . . . 22O76 03 oM bv all lrutf-Ut. in f. i, tbe alee.v4'e. t'in+ aUo.
.. and Insolvencies . . . . . . . . 385048 on -oUr sire tiottle You mar cent Iwve and a on Monday coon house, the IM door day In of AstUA .tea. .
' the legal hour of ale on mad day t
sample bottle of t vron.ler/ul
new d:. lair d..erlbat real estate Issas ad Ode led
$76257 MIn cor uy au.1 a botifWiat teM all
ahout it. .fed iL the eounty of AUebua f
compliance with Chapter 4322. Section 8-4, Laws of Florida. I submit the bath sent free ynuil. .\.t.Ir..1Jr. Kill Florio..wwtl: theSortbea.t laaAM r the
our it Co. 1+.wt5w..t of IIecUOa Ile.
above. statement of the Tax RoU of 11 showing amounts apportioned to the writing mention, Cinguamtcxi.reading JC.tin: Y. Mien aer.-itaaire uihi

tlved thereon together with the credits allowedlveaeiea offer in this paper. bUrI't make Jcucn'Us and .inular tb* leMa.eala. a. +i

> and double ..- Inutake.but mrtJlberthe tame.Swamp.any sad appur .aaa.ree to 155 MGMIs N M
lC.oot.Dr.1ihncr' cay.w yy
Swamp.r out, au.1 the seed to aaUatr said taeosUoa a 'I eo a '

b.unt , A. S.. tau; c.cf7 W.LY'e5.rle
of Alaekoa C.0.7 tyJ.
.1L.ki v LLLS.Co.ptMO.at f ,

1 . ,. ..f,.,.. ,9. .. e- -



_. ._, ,
-- -- - -- -
-- --
crth:::- --- -

CAUSES FOR CONGRATULATIONTwo The people of Palatka who have the

r ;; cult Interest of the rem City at heart are

;; cause for general pongratalation > evidently I tired of the administrationwhich ATLANTIC 'COASTLI I

r' appeared in yesterday'. new reports has dominated there, with the

t M.rd n t e poet ots sGa.!&""uie.ra. : It wa announced that the result that there has t..n. general

t a.c4-es.s wart matter Thaw trial wa drawing to a clove, and revolt. The Citizen' League hi been!

"rjt.lI.McCFgARTEditor- ar d Pub"j>her. that the Kansas Legislature had re. organ.,ted. and this league has had a

fnsd to make an appropriation far the. weeping victory, nominating: twelveout FAMOUS TRAINSNEW

R"ri -.KBCKTZ........ .. ..-CUT Editor.orrjcK. purpose of placing a statute of John of fourteen aldermen. The league

Br.awn in the national hall of fame at
; ..... t I"7t't. Coal' .!rlt IGwes.. ha nominated .1.0. mayor Herbert
EEwITT: Washington:
F. WiUon. a young man well known

. R f roKTKK BLOCK. .There. i i., of course. no connection and popular at.d judging from the YORK AND FLORIDA SPECIAL 1eavel

arrest.*. tr .rrtro.re Q4 between the two event, and nothing manner and determination of those of
t. w.Ia1a
dnily 12:50 for
.. in except Sunday p. m.poiut8 all',
common that both
except announcements -
; Vfc,TIAII.V: "f.' .published every morning*.. the Cititen'a Leagae. that organixa East: ; solid Pnllnaan. *
/, .,. jj uy,d H '.rrJ bv carrier iu the city,orr are calculated to sill -omenhutto tion wttl sweep the r.ld.VhilI' The .... r"
.. the modicum of national happiness I rfjn doe not attempt to assume a

rt r stag.faga7aorls,3o. Loner ago have the people *(c<
'ri. ..,.u.-" cent fi -nktridI7 inMtirc of the Thaw trial and the only r.. from a long personal acquaintance with CHICAGO AND FLORIDA LIMITED daily sol

i.ell< I malnin Interest i. In the result I :Mr. Wilson we can say with impunitythat vestibule. leaving Jacksonville :30 a. m. for all point

-:. I ,," ......C .In local column t*nat_ a liocTrti whose speediness. would be more than she election. of the League. haa 'v est; coach on this train al>o. '*

, "; bMCTtioa. and 5 cents for each atiUitiunal -.Itnm.d. h'. doubtful if anything been a g.'od one Mr. Wilson would *.

. +* ** that might now h'II made known
; advertising
J. jtMt -ai-pt-y on materially change the outcome of the which he will no doubt prove. For rate Pullman reservations; and all detail*
t. 1} ease. unless it were 'he develom-nt
4 information write or call on
J ,.' f%.T t< -*-Wnk *>un is an clght-fcc. forty ..f ome heretofore hidden and remar
The tenth annnal fair of the Dade
) ....n paper. j iUi.hcU entry Monday and ibtv Applicable evidence, the probability .I
. I- tatns all the of the County Agricultural and Horticultural
aad sere new :
fkvsdsy. of which i I. hardly I to be
BUt:. ..... Mate and. general, cod will be i .Dt.r.1! societies. opened last Tuesday FRANK C. BOYLSTOri
tained. It i time for 'he Thaw |
ease '
tea. to rut to* the t ailed I
0-t. postage any I This fair h.. increased In volume erjery .
i., ***.... Cs-1*.fur f l.oo a year-in adraocr. to pass Into b'eto'y. and then ome.j lti
I1 tear' since It wa first started ten
b fiy ought to seal and lose the rv?. District Passenger Agent, Atlantic Coast Line. Jacksonville
.;: L flti ilnrtUinf bills become due after 6r.t I years ago. It wa then h..lln.. tent
.. o ;
adrerti.emrat.uie.m ahevwieyskted d.The a.r the Royal 'Palm bat now has one .
I .fparseceof I j - -
,. K.reaa: case. it i i. true, may I I.
rartws not known 10
in contract
f | of the finest building of its kind inthe
,'. to for .dvertt.uagi.ad- break forth again bat the lap.e.of tim
,oal**rsqoired pay |I .
South. The exhibits hare increasedrn
::, Ng Addre... "TIIK I.ULKCN.. will only add In the rnbability! of I.IVEOAKDRItT! J Glf RAIIROUD 0 C
;'Ofi "I CAtxk.sviu.teIt va.... f'. sic ssful fn'ne. In the meantimeit | fur the past two year that the present
X i
: building i i. crowded to it* utmost
-- i N refreshing ta note the absence in t .
1 f arlll he a great day when train 'he, Kansas< Legislature of a majority I[capacity. The fair i* free to all and Schedule Effective April '0. llJO .
its one Is to show to the world
time and railroad track purpose
'raaoB on of that class of crank who would.

I'f,ft.. wil! sorely be a scarcity. of through misguided and prejudiced j|I the possibilities of Dade count?. The No. t No. a "6" 3 : No a Nee !tau NDaly
'I bead for the daily public i I. invited to Inspect it withoutmoney ,Sun UclyD.Uvas STATIONS Dash ea $_Owty aaaOabI
Mare newspapers sentiment, take a et"r'h..' mleht.nonpwh..r" b UB ...
ell.I.Ir ;., sf the.country% help to block the wheels of or price There I* no way of rpPM -
estimating the amount of goM that It AM P.PM AM
r -- --- national progr.*.. Wo do rot think !' Leaven Leave Leave Arrive Am-.. Arrive ".
y1i I ,'It !I. killing :00 ha done for Dade county. It would < i *oAr I soAr j ..... ...O....... JUZ.v a soLv ie
Paeumonia now over :
: it vrnuld disturb the !
people generallyIf
aa Areos a so j. ( a seAr a Lv I* v
... ...
i.-; ..,1. a week in Greater dew York. Kan.a* erected a dozen statues to I I. be a great thing for every county in L.V ss Uv 4* Lv to f .DowUnaPark. ::' f a.* ar oaa ANN Are
-\ the state to follow Dade' example.: .r a1' Ar nAr ..'.. ) Jaawtloa ...... fl s .* 1w.M Lw
'. 1f.aU; of lb. ho.pttal. are being besieged John Itrown. still, there Can be no Arena Ar a 10 a .. .... ....................S... t* aao Lese La

,I,*for the admission of patient. snfferini doubt that the Kama Legislature ha* I -ArlO an.Ar.. .._*,ad.Ar a_xa. ... ..Ham" prtega..i' _a Lv ;- ".1-- 8,

'hem this dread ailment and these In. acted nicely. for the welfare of thatstate. That section. of Kentnciy locg: Conneetlon' _ad.-at Dovltnar Park for all train to aa4 troea Uve Oak sad Perry..
Alto and Mayo Junction for Mara Alton and all Intersaodlato rotatn.For ,
cJ.lo". are being taxed to their ut- Official) rrratchtng of o'd sores known .. the feud district( has been Information aa to eonneetlosta wrtk other tinea'pbone or call oj General]

i$ ":;.... This probably. has been one of 'can only prolong disease that long the scene daring the past week of the A-vnt-raoao TUOMAt I.UWLiNII.5mhiaas 1ST. Uewln Uulldtn LJve. 0... R. P. ROPlt1NS.OsaeraiPaawesterAlLava '

+ .. most onhealthful winter New ego. shit'ild' hare been pronounced trial of Judge James. Ilargis. known aa oak, rtowdn.i !

MI. ''Ta k ha experienced In many it year. b..ledtlllnt.. Constitution the Breathltt county fend leader, who

e. w I i. being tried for the alleged ..*.*.1-

Application ha. been made for letter ; nation of Dr. B. D. Cox. Dr. Cos
Mary revclitlonaryehangesare being
('yatrat for the Tamp aDd West Coast brought about in the confectionerytrade wss assassinated In April. I0O7. a* h.

Bail way Company. It !I. the purprseaftaU by. the workings: of the t.ew pare' I was passing the Hargis residence In Fay-Sholes
Jackson to visit his daughter who was
to build .Ie strinfleay
company an Food Law. One of the most pleasingof .
III.orh.. result of this trial I* awaited
from Clearwaterand
; these changes 1 is the elimination. of
4'Ir fataee lo S.. Pterburir. The road with interest.Dollar. -
tons and ton. of cheap otndies madeof !
"wi HI be aboat forty mil... Ion jr. Ample glucose: and colored with various I TypewrilRtTDOARD (

.pltal t. b..n assured sal the fa- minerals which tax even th proverbial .

;.tar*of the new company look prom- Package I
digestion: of the small boy Glue !
core now i is thing made in it different ; .
'" manner than heretofore. and it i I. sail THE BEMTXACHIXE _

5 I, The _.,.1... handling of dynamite i that the clufose industry has been. FREEMan OS TilE Lll ,

tk a ; tt point* where an ezpluion would In-.
I' obliged to pend a million dollar on
,Vtalmot untold damage never. Has Ta

14a .*..better exemplified than a conple the new new processes statute in order Mineral to comply color with are Medicine Free'' UnlYfMAL I Mac

II *..b when large. Every
ago a
nbtala Urre dollar+ts. tree
tabooed, parsffine is on trial and themanufacturer Voa.eaa BOW a .
in New 3.,,..,.. right near the k"&O..col)ten).1.ut ins-f',::_e't nq-
of cheap candy are in 4a' *I.:icn.e 1:_ curcJtbou ttoowods wan.

4arsle.sly:oar' front by It the had Pennsylvania been stored there.rail.na4. despair of being able to supply their .vu%oO:re of tore weak you men.to f allot Man rra Mr-Hal tb.MSA wUlcure j Lightest Shift t LIffhteat Bonnloct n."

old market. One of the largest of MellcJna c ir a vtv l weatea
maehued.i, Champion Speed Writer of tb. World
.which did not care, aoparently OcblMty. tardy Urc r. Ufotir 8e l
these manufacturers has gone out of btmod OlKCn. tram: tf b M.:.a L.:. prontatitt .
ofSt ,eb' would happen if anything *et it k !'! ard U*. the Fay-Sholee.. Mon Faj-lbol.e la
ba.lo...._nd the one who remain are You code yourself tl IMMCS br Mss M.OMt
d. c?\Q -
{ spending their day and nights trying > ail the fcU.U dot ar (_k..,<* cUt beOrllvertAl a*. !. Oaioeaville than any other machine.
to you fpre. pJ> wrapper, with
4 ? "...&. tt figure out a way to bent the law. full direction bow to a.o ItTU run. lie
laaportant train In
Texa the
adiar paekar, frtw. BO payment of any kind:
qa One result i i. that the manufacturer.of .J
Mr day was annulled by law. having BO receipts; DO promise* Co i pats ta aica. It For Sale by. . .
hfgh-grsd* good are being overwhelmed a.r-
Msr-raii the limit of delay. The lawhTsxs. Ail we want to brow l. thaI yea are not
> with order because dealer.have tending for It oat rf Mile 6oIa6&.r. bat that you SUN
annul any train over thirty THE Gainesville
want to be well.and befon your strong natural
not been able to find oat whatit .
yet .
mast.* tate. and when the Sunset self once mo.. M aUcUietiM wUlAuwwtat ..r.Y ,
I is safe to sell In the way of cheap it to Ur make 701 a rral man.
LfoUted of the Southern Pacifle reach4 Your name at a aJr... will tone Itt .n yea

I : H o.ton fifty. minntc behind time. article -________ hats to every voooia oowrswil va seat and nsa.cat lntetstat.li.msdrCo. It. W.sand I'rues

.MMrved with annullment.. A law eater ..6:1 LucJcl: s..Lutrwt.M..n. .
With a desire to 10lh. wants
'ftfci* character would probably haveUadency .
of the people of Ocala in every way
r to Improve the train sere' M. Firtiel.a progressive and up.to-date
aM1 "** 10 Florida.
, merchant of that city, has decided LA 6B8PPEfwllow ,

Aft The open a B and ID-cent store. Hundred SEABOARAir
fonrth annoal) aesslon of the I ,
florida"Iat.r Chautauqaa. which It of useful aDd ornamental, creation

',**. that will make the home mort't..utl. fwllow lui .rl .
tomloft to a close, was marked for I Ib .*> --
w .oee.... Th!. Chautauqaa carried ful and comfortable will be found data n.v.. f*>ll.wv*) tr.. ... miFOLEY'S K

..01 lb. there at all time It i* n move in the Line Railway
most varied and most ex-
Passive I right direction and the people of Ocala' Honey
program of any organization .
.,k. kind will show him their appreciation In a
in the ill Tar
South and the peo-
.w tie substantial way. It would not be a SAVANNAH COLUMBIA OAMDEN SO
are Indebted to 0,. Clarence B. I ,

"'00., for the knowledge which has J bad Gainesville idea for ODof to branch our merchants oat into such hereIn Xteaop .*. Oe. a sad aaala Ca. .Sys.i THERN PINES, RALEIGH. RICHMOND, !;J

hen imparted to them through thiswsrk i.,....... rajjiil sad OeawmiapUom.mm. WASHINGTON. BALTIMORE PHILADELPHIA A
a basines -
Dr. Stroaae i Ie resronsibte for _
tart a. . ---- --- .S. ....... .< intaesi 0.-. SL. qt u s, NEW YORK.
existence the Florida Winter About the only thing a man cannot .* "., self had La.rt..* ... It left fees ,
w |** .oqn.a. a. it was entirely through understand i why the world doe not elth a -t Md .g w h.1 ..... M1w
i_.ffort* that the enterprise wa eaJWIUhed -M-*><..w *..TaaPer wed-......
think* much of him as he himselfdoes. i
here The same may be said : Sale by J. W. )Xctoll. Ce., Three Trains Daily
a Elegant :
mtlk. Winter Bible Conference, which _ ___ V.

5 one of the best advertisement The sorest proof of evolution i I. the
A effort of the average man to act a* a.at.. t..airaei..a.a..ra.
: though he didn't have those ancestor : r 1.S ...., dl.rbaru..sA'lw.s.leeH.w..s
n. 4rnt..rw .a sk.r.
Sun ha be.sayinq all along .w r trier.. .f was,,.. w.ra..a EXPRESS l\\
.. .
a.lva I lb. fort fire r..e t.r.. r./.Iw, aa4 as aartaa.
,s would prove det- How' This 'at trls stwra'Ct. ,.a ar aM-i.uw..
-1.1 to the people, and now theyreached tlettaut We offer One Hundred Dollar Re- .a.a. .r ...t is {i..a wr pv..
a period where this aproved *- .r 5p' p' M'.. .- I
a has The ward for any ease of Catarrh that cannot sues. Iah4I..er.5a .
correct. gene t iz 1c. a.at .. w wiwoeuRNO
Hall' Catarrh Cure.F. .
horning off be cored by *
of the wood. has coat ,
P* People thousand of dollar in one J. CHEXBY k Co., Toledo O. -- Modern Pullman Equipment

i HI or another Hoa.ea and mile of We. the undersigned have known

ba.. been burned F. J. Cheney for the last 15 year, ..adbeli..e TilE SEABOARD FLORIDA LIMITED the only daily. .
crop and roan eleatrie.llarhted train between til. AuRaatlne. Jaek.U..4MS'
honorable in all
t/ws have been destroyed. the him perfectly I New York via Richmond and Washington. Leave tI,. Ana

Tal Store and lumber>> interest have business transactions and financiallyable m and Jacksonville 12-4O p. m. daily Including Sondayav.
F* nanipereJ. to carry out any obligation made +s..+.
and |t ha otrtNOto. .
. ONLY froe
LINE Sleeper
.e rn.r daily
sera+ vca operating
a Point. where the cattle have dif- by his firm.WatoiMo.. ..,.,. n... i.c w..r w..sly to New Orlean .r
r7 In KIVXOM MABTIV.Wholesale erwa..a. IN ALL cousrvnica.fsta )
Kilting eooogh to eat from .
2.d.m.turf .isI Wa11.V' was Mfr, .,
O. r
F**aproteeted range A* a result Draa.ltl..Toledo. ...n..V sf...r1./.a.r.
.1.rr J Ie diffl> oit to purchase Florida beef Hall'. Catarrh Cure. Ie I taken internally 1 sa4 Isfrtegmsit Pnctlc CscTsGASNOW For information and Sleeper ,...".11

the acting directly upon the blood Seaboard or writ ,
.r. V w-ikal.. and that which i* ob- and morons surfaces of the ycem. sal 5w. .p, w4wa.MNOVON, o. C.

&abl. l- vary poor. T.. market : Testimonial sent free. Price 75
*.,ha." be"D eompelled to retort to I I.dUDe cent per bottle Bold bj all drag-

Ia -. of Western .and Georgia : gist.

; w.nl n eat th. ocsumr a Take. Uall'a Tamil Pill for. eoa U-
.*al . . .
more. '
........ -
..... . .aJ1 I
J' G.



-- -
- ._ --
- --
.-- -- -

I'+" THE SPHINX. ORDINANCE 270. 132. D aN'xaa O.iIiD SDlt.


: Kethlnq .fey WHIsH w. CSM Aoswrately An Ordinance to Provide for. Rego ROB?. C. BOWERS
.t", Tell Its As.. -,
l4t*> sod Require the \Videaing of I'' i
'''f s:,Tn* i agog sphinx of Chats bears noftSMcrfptioa Pleasant Atrr'h. the City Oalues.* DENTIdT.Offlae '"j ,
; by which we can tell Its vill>. ... .. to Make .a.d Street a .' '{. .

slate, la 1810 Carlglla. who la finale T*>rtj-Foot Street F.om a Point In Miller Law Exchange. ?l ..
Sett'timers was u.. first to clear away Where l.inertT tttreet Cr,...** said : t:
YM sand found between Its pawa a Street. Th.nc. North to Bonslaryettrret Office Phone No.205{ Reaideoee::o. 16DR. \
; for tb Co t.. of doeh Widen
.* 'la lOt tho nip of Tbothmea IT.aswt .
tug and th" I.soanee of tp.cial A.. f
therefore It was believed that tho .
s...m.nt City CertifTetes. .
eplslnz waa carved by tbat mo art'b. .J. II. ALDERMAN.DENTM3T.. III I rx
e hit ta S.be' excavations of Marlt rte It OnZainttl by the Mayor and City td'Jfd

..** tmeovespd a atela bearus u.. Cbvnctf ttf tae Ctty of GatMcivtite -. MyFOU'e .

; starae of Cheops, on which .. a refer j Florida: r' ., 0t'I.
sjttcw to tho sphinx. The Inscription lit < Seetlou IThst the City Attorney S TT.T3STC3-S E..A.CEI: : W'JoI R. : .....
NJoolsori"vllle 'i.a
..vldtott7 of a late period but la sapI I baud be I. hereby authorised and dl. Over'Dnaoe a Co' Back. OsisasrO c BET\VKl 1Ir'.

n..1 ,to be an exact copy of an an- ,..a'.cI to Institute or e.oe to !><. In : and New York 4 .

it e TTtag. and the translation ...-m- .,,....rot the nee.s.sry 'and proper Calling CHARLESTON. S. C.. both ways. '.:;,
to place tho sphinx esrUer than the lefC.l steps of proceedings: to a w. and cons. i w eotly to provo' It by oondrtnastion. sk provided by law. the Fiavst Steamships la the Ccaatulaa'Jlycle 8trglee: ale
:.. moat ancient' piece of work In thewww. a trip of land. In equal proportions,
BUn there xemslned four lines along the east and writ sides of Plea. . . DENTIST . <\
1; and Sontbf
: ned on tbo base wnten could! not ant street from !'. lotrr....tion with t::% England 'rii Lint
,read, but ;:M. Darsssy deciphered 'darr Liberty street Street, of thennorth uffleient' quantity to Boun .Offl.over' Msres Csdsrs. Psoss TV- rtu_ Freight Service 11".0 JACK S\"lLLE. UO!,TON and

and ir appears that the Inscrlp1s I make ssld Pleasant street a forty-foottrwet PROVIDENCE and All Eastern Points.CaKicR .

Sn In two parts. 'la' the earlier la width, from Liberty street to at Charleston both ways
i there la no mention of the sphinx. B. r. A. CARLISLE sue..k
,the .... which date from the r.- S-..*7 That the coat of acqalrtogt ATTORNEY AT S.E l-w EEL r S.A ILXN"'GSr.'hboQnd. :
-In- occupatlon mentkm the 'repair of t as provided, by seeiioii LAW ...... .. .. . . . . . . .. . .. From Lewis Hharf, Bsauta .kM
property Northbound. .. .. . . . . From Foot of Catherine ... =
. .
N hbcr.. There 1.. therefore nothy one of thi ordinance shall be paid by And Solicitor in Equity JaekaonvU k

.. which wo can tell tho date of the sp.elsl .,...*.m.n& of said eo ta
monument and the cob; evidence a1atl the property fronting or abutt- Res* Estate, Conveyancing and Gen* Clyde St. Johns River Line gtja1
lug said Street where the ..m.la eral Practice. All business prompt!
i have Is the headdress of the Coloa- : upon
Its hood 'Is ornamented behind ..i aeqajred. la proportion to the front attended to. Office next door to Sua II Be>f v een JJkctcooNvii-i-rc nod SANJrOK r> s

three bands a largo ono between ..-> of the property fronting thereon office. UAiSBaviixx. FLOBIDA.FERDINAND U:"(>p>CK *>t Pftlatks, Astor, l'>er -afnnl (Landand Iutertcdiate
..Id -peel .**...m...' being mad River.
smaller bands. Now. this la a- on St; Johns
per front font of the property abutting BAYER.
'which only existed toward tile thereon. The .stimat'd total eat nf Steamers "CITY OF JACKSONVILLE" 2nd "FRED'K DE BAf
L., off the twelfth dynasty to tho the widening said street ss herein ATTORNEY AT ""W.G.I..ILL.a. .
of Usurtesen. III. and AmencmIII. provided is Three Thousand dollars Are appointed to tail s.. fi.)lu." : I...... J ck.ouviile, fJII.I l IUPt\J;'

.... ,this famlly'sbow.d much and the .tionated amount per front FLORID. Saturday, at 3.SO I', in. l>.t'Jrr.tn. lellt't aufoiU. daily **. l

?i for the god Harmskltn, whoso por- foot of the .p.eial assessment to be .I.r* l!nsdaye. at !:30s._ m. ;:
___ h__ -
(Improved : =---_- arm
tho.sphinx ... It U probable that levied upon the abutting propertyfronting Can sell yon. sity property -
on said street where. the lams and unimproved). phosphate soaudbdowvada. ;+('EUU1.1: VMMallo
la the work of AmenexnIIL
monament -
> -London Globe. hall bo wid.n J I. Ono dollar. trucking and farming lands. Send him Leave aso Iot..t... ...... . . .JaokM.iU.. . . . . drette. .i tuG w I

thee 8-Tho special a...ssments a list of what you offer for ssje. 2142& M:4 Sm ... .. ........ . . . ..J ab...ka.. ... . . .':. .. . .Chore ItlO

shall become due and payable as fast I 3 '1Jm... ....... . ..... . . .Astor ..... .... . .. . . . iAtl t
THE WALRUS ON UNO. s.* the property herein described forth I. W.E.. BAKER.ATTORNEYATLAAV. .. .............R.r..rord (D Ls>z>d) ... ... . . . 1100
: widening of sad stress shall bo ... Arrive 8:80 am.......... .. . .. ... Kanford ...... .. . .. .. . .. Ia4
Jwa Abewt oa HeJaloao oar a quired and the City Council shall as 10KX am... ....... ... . . .Enterprise..... :. .. . ... >, .etrt

IlU8lat, Caaalfceat be expected.Would a"walrus. toma soon of aa.said praetieahlo property after meet the and seqnUUtlon by resolution . SOLICITOR IN CHANCERY.. YAyt"+E ..} i--C: I' 'tLLKL'1 1It'd... hit; W. l.i1 .1..J !1:1N1Rtiltt )

fix the special ases ment per -' F.JOHW ai. JROoXUJUiEk. Ja A. O. P \ JaCk..neili.. F...
land .. canal-
hocpieaa oa a '
front foot the fronting
0 ... It !. with no little dacnlty and or abutting upon upon said property street where the GAINESVILLE. AUehoa Co., FLA. PaDa&L. T. I' .\.. A. C I/AOKBTT. Ct E. P. A..

Heater and flounderta that be came Is so acquired.a tidvpeelal ....... Office In Endel Block. Jaeseua.sl.. FU. Pier *C N. K.. flOW York. .
i Mai hugo baR upon a sandy don mend not to exceed the aetnal cost O. U. TAYLOJI, P. 1'J C'. C. BKOWX t>. P A.,
i wM goo boosting bo gets from be- paid by the city for acquiring said 2fO Broafl-ray, New YorkL.

lar r-tbo,broakaaa aa tbey roll In property, or the estimated speeial aa- T. B. ELLIS. JR.. L. D. Joxxs.: T. P. .\.. S. caoaLK. C. A..
against .... Hla bind flip- .*..18..' per front foot for such see Jacksonville. FaV. L..-.o.irir. Kin.CLYI 1

-'a of little tB e on bind and on quisltlon assisted hereio.8e ATTORNEY-AT.LAW. \ O. CoorcK. JR.. It. A.. >E Mit-xn, H. I'. A..
i pMb....' ....... his front flip- 4-Tho City Cooaell shall month -..t J ck.ouvitl., FIs. Pier 36 N. R.. New York. 1510

not bold well tbo labor of 8th day of April. 19O7. at 7:30 C*. P. J.c.,........ Agent Jacks 'ntll Fltl..YAUG. '
o'clock p. m. of said, d.,. In the Coon
forward .. so pout that be ell chamber and at atd'meeting shall GAIMBSVILLB. FLO am A
beyondUtbe edge of.the wsv permit owner of or other
any person
anally Uoa with: his body balf iatorestiit In the property sgslnst Florida East Coast Ratt

_ :WIth tbo salt spray dashingUkeatorreota which the special a.srs.meat provided GOOD BREAD 1na
or....... On for-by this ordlnsoeo' shall be leviedto
or.. bo gets along mach present their objections In the enforcement local TIfflo Card No. N. Ii Effect aa>Ir !. MLMOKTI1OXXJNDMaBVAB

,,and often a bard will spread .. of requlreotvats of this ..or.dlnaDt. AIDS DIGESTION aotm CD ftBAD DOWN. >l lCcalnscd INat'Mw
'rods back from the water's
1' 8.o ft-That this ordinance shall D.rltl! Dstt1r I ally D t .. Daly D.IIT D.l1r
effect _rei.vr.d of ''that w....
take immediately upon Its p..- AM kpe x wt
females and younger walruses sage and approval.Passed fe.llst" wkt.b .....7. ofel bread Mbosom a
r less development of neck to to.reaa.. _ba
tbeah.D4 therefore enjoy in open ses.h.n t of the CltvCoonoll s.. s a.ti 1o so a 10..1 t.Aa kso.vl.._... S 2v.i
r, on this 7th day ft' March 1007. FAULT a 1aaq 11 1a a __ .. ?lluUe sql a
om' of motion ,than the old O. K. BBOOMB. IT'S YOUR OWN 10 l.re .teal 11 as sowlLe Ea.t ralatta .Lv a awe a a Yea ..u.
_ t, who actually seem, a great bur .. O.W 7 aw t o6N l0 LL. Armtk L. 1 F'5 -
Att t President
i City Couaeil.J. 5 Il la C r..L.... ....., P.latta_. ._..... Ar 7 Ora 7 is ..'
[ Theao .
tttemselresw croatnrea are
M. DELL, City Clerk. If roe do sot keep rot'e'. b&esoa Bread .,.12 ..._..... M..ho Lt ...
;social In their habits and alia Approved' bv tee this 8ih day of _sad your d.UT t.r bl.<4 I..lor t your U to door nad by fresh every Oat C f1. 1 w. 7 0w 7 t%... .... ._. ._ xueo-Ar_ 7 1 o5w ie.__ 7a ....
herds whether traveling.&zbtiucr Marsh 7. W. R. THOMAS. Mayor.

or resting ashore. In Attests J. M. Daix. City Clerk. KEYSTONE BAKERY It ,. 4
before the, slaughter of ..Utlll'M . II .. ly to t 2n. .--Otm rod 1I. iela 4 '" f"
--- -. -- -- faon IttS.R.. T. MHAFr: ..... i t'rrnond i 1:w I Ss,. 1
becamo a ruling pas ll t1L 1 oars 11 a l, t. ...__ 3 ray 1 s s.+( :
----- ------ t le.t._._.. ... 1"rturant... .
2)a .. ... a tra. astir:
breast of the ..raeUieAbttfod I
'man ... ..t. ....... 1421 a 1 troi.s it uw'Ar dew Mmytt a... ... ., tar :;std y L bar S (':x
the whole of Bering i ALACHUA COUNTY > : 1ftstr Ara..I.I.iI.'eu.' ....L, TTs. ... w
trait In herds which ofteu i I to) as.r t.u _,., ,t'ps xte _-' urans, (1t; 115.' 5..4 t l l=:
i'rags Cur Junrt1r. ./+1 .... e
thousands and even tens of .r;;:;; i d .tj-ai
AIa boa county I. BD0.4OO acres In Lv. w 8rn _Ar Y 1' ri i b' 2 11Ifd'
of Individuals. A DV TISING baa 248 miles railroad. SCO D. l ..__",s.ak Hill,.,_.._.L. 22..5 t .
area, ho. to 2 d.s t2 $ aA,,,,__TitnwtlI...._ __ L. 1 is t 1 l ::lie J"II
;1 miles wagon ro.d. C4 poe come.., iuIe In10.buW Ck .' .. -Lr It "
0a.......of Pneumonia.at 123 public .ebools. 27 phosphate 11 S..e .. .... ;L....__. .s.nr ed.......... Ar btTf _.M )a i.. e
1'1.0.,20... mills $73COO court r: lu lxv 7 Tttwrllle .,Ar i /+ ;ahb211tt5tr
this time It ne.te.U i I. boos four newtpapers. and pro Its., 11 7'. Salle.1.. ........... toe.v...."._... ..Lv I l sw.- 10 ."Sjili 1mkd1
which Is a4015d R wklwle. 1 4 2 12M.. f
muse pneamonla
.0 daces corn, cotton, rice sugar IJ t. __ "_ .._.l'ant alll._ :
al!. and e'fI. when the patient oats rye, potatoes pineapples, or.nKH. .. _... 12 11 / L 12l ;'
ired the longs are weskenrd. peaches, pears, plum. po 1 ss /pr.IT t 1n r rd ,
1One cane and all kinds of vegetables
them tteeatltrly .u.e.pilble to 10 6 12 l .5

r opmenk of sobtompiion. 2 a..e a r. .".... Edro..., ...,,, to
.. the Gainesville the County Seat. 5'a 5.tr -._...... en i./ii. ar i
Honey .d.Tar will
stop 2 to ...._ rtn.rt...., ? .,,., 10oa..
-- 7 ........ iI.w .
,heal and .'''..'b.D the lanes all + .nd aN all
Has fourteen churches, two public a err ..... Jullier......._ aa+.r.-- $$
vent Lsgrippe a nay a res. ..,,.W..t1'.t
pneumonia. Ar 1'.I.i.lk.ett s l'w
schools the University of Florida a s a. to
l..a a b 7s s !rr L.............
6.II .._ almaea.b. ...,,.. T 10: SS ear
jleld qntekly ibo wonderful
to school three :=:;:
private newspapers a a&J.v ....._Wr.t almle.eb: ... ..Ar'' 1r110 7rw1
qosllties of Foley'c. Honey United States land office the test S ...... lrnyaio........ .Lv 7 S'M
lei a iJni ". .... IKlnv._ ....._ g w
Tnero !I. nothing el.. ."Jot water, fire alarm system electric . s a e lo u:.., ,,_,_ _".....Fort lauderdal. ... S 7 *furry' I aa

:* .. MT. Me Coll am & Co. and machine gas light shops,, three two ice wool fictories facto. s N 10 iwr 1l.ILadal...I'anla ....,. a S 41.e. e eve .

rice, cotton ciu,two mos ftctoriesthreo ..:r; 731sn 1 Maaw.re --..Lemob City 2Cw e- i$
5 10 7 Yes ...... .
Ara , 1
,P litaml .._...l.v sou.. s s 1 .
h'7. railroad two fertllltr-r .... .
mana to 1 r*. I.v 311 .....,,,. 1 t ..._.. 5a
>ry as to CSt otl;:ln of Plcca- fact a ring companies, one flte ? .1,1 .t. 2
i was put forwant l>y Aixlulearuu manufactory, one rectifying fur
teth many ;ears acu. tie had pentlno plant, two bank, and well] Schdclcs. Between JacbO till= and SI. JCliUtbl:.

rereU a PKxadllly among tbo stocked stores embracing everything .
m.. the central une of three con- in the ommvrHal lin* 4..23.su ..21Ysr., 7r Jl Vwd2 ee w7

pie, near Ivlnsrbue. and bo learn : Thing at a Time i : -- .. ----- A I( n '1 fatt n r A ID:1 lp'I I >s u I a1'.11y

kt tblM bill had et ono time been, r.::. J'.QyU14._ s irJw > Daty Lt. .._ : s Dall, Daily _Ds14 kCho.
ra also aa l'ek.d hilt aught notPiccadilly The Florida .tr.'. AA.,r..I.. . v 1o 3n.ll 1 w.1 .a $1, i'w 1 Ali your ,
.TM tl
N wf
"1 cant afford to advertlao oo I ? lrwa 1 t / sew a fe a y5e
Ion's ll:..ewls be a
a largo scale** said a merchant '. ,' Fruit and Truck Grower A T'AJ1f5-:3isVll: %..20Y..iaa
Fled hlllt
No doubt the 111n. P *> I '
I L U DFEyucuiAg
Utely. -and with varied Day rl J
ly .. not remarkably Y. but my ; L. J. DRUaitY, E4ltsr and PropV, Nt Dally -t.ju .i_r.ur T .ta .| r> iiy i L'taya. Dally _' .
I wouklnt know wbero Auau.i a.. i ii 7
the "lot < > to begin <> y 7r1.r4, .
ssrao thUur mla: Ar J.ekw.etll.._ sAMM to i J 'i Iw a r l
.Dvrbjsblrspeax ItMl I.thox ; ; oa a amaU DaLJe.It .** OCA LA. FLA 7 4 s b0.e b viw S a) U n IOMJ u :QPW is 7 14+) 7rL.

tb. .ins A-Trains ei.p.s..1, saeladeelt.f PaUmaa.S seat ts..
another Itccadllly near near Dolton.provlncra Ayot Dot lu Ie a ...._. ......." teas Ono Tear.......... ..,.... .. . Vl.OO YuTZ St-b., eeoass rstad ratter Qua and ilea

one always suspects bor- tee. weale adeeti.lat......sou ..ere.te. Hlagle copies.. .. . . 10.. ?ntaDalld..ot.s.p.a.tatloawaters,op on the.ttm.l..trataa N/haws.as wtlek so eats.s.ss hr.Y tM1ad A

from London hi such cases A handsomely: illustrated magasm i

'aro llydo Park' Corners In pro-' In point oc fact It novervon doe. devoted especially to the interest ..01 rant t5 Dny .d.t ,dot xuTros sAxclt m .
towns that have no Hyde park with trso moat lavish advertlsers. the fruit and vegetable growers!; of ts./u a otut : n.uf tJ.iti .

JUtz thenv-London Chronicle.A and. if It did tao result lorfaia.A special trial subscription: of at* 7! j /0 10 ls..rL.- Jsett.eetile, T It r
a 2sD1t o
would be a Jnmblo of prolixity.Tbo months will be sent on receipt of 2oonta. a 5 ea. .a 1o soar N sear r 7 a ,

.. Baby true policy SB to select ono Stamps takenBROWN 7 a 2 4 se.t 10 asw L.AU.a11..Bsasa ..Ar 11 be.U. .

pld be aunihloe the home,and artlds' at a time somethingmcderately ...

If .you five It "White's Cream priced and meting AND ocaiptTAi STEAismr cBicgams; AT-gi*: h'

the greatest :Worm med tba want of tM day-and push HOUSE 7Rci -
k offered to sufferfng hoe that at the peopt4vriiltedarpaiaBocoraV CBBSSCU. Made at Alba wR. ..........et the P. a O. i. t. . ,

jrea e4y I Is becoming the BARBER SHOP Havana. Key West and Nassau Bahamw.nzer is *i

of- well regulated Trafea DLacbarp P&aae at $hlpa SI ,. rwT.-&."...... If
Ssr, with chll.it Tea w tavttM M ." .... EABSEMT l-APT. ,
bottle ptaa Ma .... ........ 1>t+ 1a Prep. newt' eeseeaaal.t&tIoa ........... i
a ... wltk .. ewe.sey ..betts.taMaoreyatturatse.'intsd L
yew y Tonsorial work e( aa k2a4 Sassed art .r'Ara. o.. alt .
la the .... .. ..-.- pomoW aM to aa ep-tedats ......,. raay to... _Lotwbs./ot say d.lan..say_. pwaer.rlsla. ...-
glom but Lntelas. ....k.... Few .- -=-
I emA Cool of -
lii ra'd.' '- the LOCAL TIME CAJU Of' Other W.SEE ..;.>sMl }' $4.

tharwX the Dame ratroraee.otleitcd. Ie ...1tA11I .... aeTHE TICKEr AGFST. AST :: "
.... "'zeal. .....
.... i;.



1!:g t!:

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CS: CN OnO. A Square Deal

tt r. assured y''u _h.". you "uy l>r. t".no-'.
Must is Ob- family m.-.t - r ;1'I the Inzr..JI' ,
Letter. i enu> e t.Tintr In.. :'I'm ar. tor 1..1 .r
C. March 13.-*, tUe V>t' ....wr-f-r-i 1"\i th..r x-n:'. ..
glvea orders to the ar att-t*.l u>. i,'r ':la. a. O...fI.r..mi....-..
the war .IK! <'..rr."(rt. Yj'.i.n.w Jut a ha'1"1 arepaint .
I fur and thai th( tOlr""ti..nu0
the letter dl"put-I B..l!."fvd from Nut-:rr'e lab..-&t ,ry br .sselecUd
bout Isw a. apply- + fr.m t>i.. m''''t va:u*'4e! nt vu
: a under their dl- ; medicinal r..r.u found growinc. .In our
_lt is said was American fort tnn ljwhil*potent to curs COMMERCIAL
are perlTti* harfn flto the
.| of nl. own TO-
w.m. a .. Iw V..! ar. t1,.., .
*xamlna on bad IIr1:'" ",., ....... '"'n t.\...,. ,...... '__ .
the ronttrnctlnn ....f ... .,. .. ....,
... ....
the taw. whereby .... ........,l.r..l." ,. 'r.!) YI&.P." .. '"'11: -
were he1! ... .
r" .1 r. I h.. agent puases.. s
Its operation was tote nc tu."..wu.i;J proJof'rtl- Its own. "
' of this last or- b.-Inll a must valuabu.anti. ptic aDd anti- PRINTING
fenuent. nutritive and soothing ..mulCt. -
with the per- .nt. u
will be far.) Olycerin plays an important part In
Is predictedwill Dr. t'lerce'eiloi.lon )1..lk.1 I)i-cov.ry in
the cure of lnd.ir<.4ti.'>n, dy.p>>pla and
amount of river' weak alomarh. attend't by uur rlllnif-. t
can b. aecom-1 art-burn.. foul bn-I tb. coated wnICu", ,
made poor app 'tit.. gnawing filing tn stoma; r .. .
( ach, bllult.nes and atndnd I deranan-
re... large though meiit of the tomach. Ilv..r and b'Jw..l..! I
I li* I"H curing all th* above distressing
practice of the en ailments, tb..Uold"'nIedieal Discovery
.. I*a pnclnc for all diseases of the mucous t '
army of .mpY.>, membranes as catarrh whether of th* f .
dredges/ tugboats na..l pa i I
or pelvic or an' Even tn ulcrratlve R
craft pertaining st ..:- It wdl1'leld] ) this noverolirn. rmi .. .
Improvement work e.Jy if lu use U TMTM ver 4 In. In Chronic | '
measure from tha Catarrh of the Nasal passal- it Is M> :
i while taking the -H.>iU Medical icovery
eight-hour law. for the n__ ary .
I treatment tn closn: ** the pa*sae.a 1t1"1
Strike Breaker twit or thre tenses a day with Dr. > ':'
4 Catarrh lt im<. March II.-The of tr a tED ut generally cures the worst .
: employes of the rat***. When wants
railway : In rotct and hoarier.*. rauwd hjr bronchial a man Printingdone
company throat and huul' affwtkjn....rrt.t rr" oaumptlon -
of Wednesday's In It. advanced stag>..th.. olil"nMmlical

49 cars being edJ' .iHWtallr Di-w-- In rr"th U!HM a n ubooUn.u...>.t efbcient. hsntunrtwgh.rsu.cd "ID. he wants it done RIGHT. t tThat's ;
| All mere manned Hr trrttatton and ruorf.*Unn of .,
lb.bnw,.bl" lUurou.n.t.r.n_ Ib.I isruvrry'Is ,
. The cars were not ...,.-..ort for amt.rouctM art- -
wire netting f, trig from .u.W.-n .-ol-l.. nor mutt It h* rtey.ntr.l
1 to n.umr>tlon in its advanrvliarf the kind We do. ;
and conduc- .-no m"ll- tn.will ii. that-frit fur all ,
be o ..''''.''>.hronU- .-'O&I4Ih. whli"b. If norMet..r IC ,
patronized the cars .. ..
.011, t r.a Seal np to.ona" pUoa. -
automobile! .*> .It I*the U. medicine that
0q other vehicles con- !'. . .4 ,
-- --- -- - -----
of the passen- Cuys Four Ste.""e". F

with extra an men aldel. ap- New Yor:: Ma-cX.;3.-The tam- .., ..., :

burJ-Sout Anier.t comparj pur-
situation well In "
I chat J the four s.canters of the inb-( '-" .,
police bate: been "
ert telman line the Guthrune. the ;'
the suburban dls- :.
Cnn'her. the S.etu and and the Kle
us %! to accompa-
gUn.e.: The Sloinan line pies between a4
through districts .
:New York and the Brazilian I::"
.): and the day
Th. HaTbu'R-Amerlran also ..
.. POM
".. of dsarder.! :>> '
announced tkvt there well soon bfa t .-
; PAT"V- a :,v!".. between Hamburg --. '" '
: Son's Life. \
and Oa'tf* r. Tex::
... In the little t;

ie 31,.. 54. Ru pp.... Killed Fve Men Every Day. ePri'nt :
\ year ago my son St reeMbtir;:. March 13.-Satistlcs W ? .s

e 1'r such serious lung publish t d regarding the dn'ra. ,
,. was unable head 'fllrtmarttas show that up. t&

by our druggist's March =>. _hrn tae activity was % .

him Dr. King's pended by remier Stolypln. on sus-I
of the .
I soon noticed 1m- count opening r.rlfam -*
7C4 perms. were executed, an average
this treatment
op : of alnroat five dally. The! ma1.Mity '
h. was perfectly .
of the executions occurre4 In ANYTHING:
steadily sine :r
' Dr. King's New PolanJ: and the Baltic provinces.Worked tl.s'p,.

his !if... Oaarvn-
Like a Charm.
T Mr D. N. Walker editor of tha}
'1.0). Trial b. t-
spicy journal The Enterprise Louisa,

i/ Va.. says "I ran a nail in my foot

i Brocftlyn. last week and at once applied Bock- EVERYTIII&in :
: 13-Tim Jordan Itn's Arnica tialv*. 2Co' Inflsmmation

the Brooklyn Na-' followed ; the salv? simply healed the ,

I . !) : club, who wound." Heals every so..... burn and '

last year by mak skin disease. Guaranteed atj all drug ,
Ii than any player ator... 23*.
big. leagues, hay the of Commercial' Job ;
,. In Brooklyn vim Be Big Surplus. way .

season. Jordan was Atun.rlo Paragrjay. March IS-A .
t : a Urge salary ins meeting of bankers and merchant .

I was calie: by the minister of finan .
at which! bat official declared that In _. .
vew'! of the cocSlctlnx; rumors heat, ; ..
In duty bound to make a statement .; .
about the situation.: lie announce] '

that: there would be a big surplus In .r

of Increased allture_.
spite exp 4
\ 1 .

r No Arrr.a.rrer ts for Attractions.Montgomery. . .
Aa. March 15.What .- I ,

tn. summer attract'on! at Electric ';; t
\ _
Park win: be this year are cot , .1. : :

] yet known General Maaager '\.11.. 'J' -, .-, ...-' ._ . .,, .,.. ...,
na/'aa'! sad Thurslay that Wet's : '.' .

nmutrn ..IH"tn:1. He said he was In cor- )

tofu Y rev..fn.I.-.t". with other amusement; r

alwqxs f The crro.an Hew: s Pure_ _Food_ -and_-Drug Law '. Write for Samples and Prices--as Good t

; We are pleased 10 snnounew that Ko- 1 i .

Ii ley's lioney and Tar for coughs eoids | *r -

au.1 fang troubles i. not affeeted by i

th- National Pure Food and Drug law I \

I'a.f-ji it drog contain and an we opiates recommend or other it harm-a. a,':I as the Best, as Cheap as the Cheapest' ,

ENT .5 f* remedy for children and -.dUIU.t'
J. W. MrCollurn A Co. | '"

: ; Cure For - - -. .
- -----
i Cuts. Old Torres i -- NOTICE.Notice I ... ..,

*. Stiff .Jol ts. |
and all Ills. (i. hereby given that applies.
lion will 1M made to the I. ci.Iaturt> to,

\ roovene at lUfcasre. Fla.. In April.1907.furamendmrat .dLress
nunyo". titan- H of Ch.rt.r5lfii.{
..: I have x1 .
Law of Florida. Acts of 18O&. being J
nt and can't 1
and enlarge
entitled "An act .st.adllljt! J -
It. for nh n- .
: territorial limits and the power -
: paint. It ia ina* of the the city of O.lce.vllle. a municipal -

ful*,medlcluo." to I corporation In Alaehoa organUrd county Horida.ted existing sad. THE: s.oGa. _.

1 2Sc. SOc, $I.CO providing for the exercise of those

J : ; Liniment Co. .I powers. ."

. MO. Notice. .; '" .es-v-i.11e

NGtiee la hereby 81..1.1.. ..awU lestioa wtHa . .,
M wade *tae Lertalatur to eoaven U.Apeu.A. .. . '..,- .-
cnded by I D. l.n.r. aa ao>*aaa... so ekanr sitaesew. >,
.e, .a.e..... ..w..a aa UM eoastr.f
: W. .. JOU3MJl.'OslaesTUe. ....au.. IU... eC r--w.
r .....

-, .
: '?' ors


,. ." : "I'" "'' )I' ,...".Pi''p- .. ..'-.rr<;'.. ..........'......,.lu.\p s. ,, ;;r...'8U''IPL'Q-All'.z..o1J'JL. .u..r;,.'""" 'lJ U A'i"'i"\'i..r"" .u1.A..U.:t"t'.fll ', Sfi7 ,. /". \ 'J-IIJ! ]
. .. .__ ,
.- --- --- ----- --- - .....

. Ii O'Halloraa Smoker, beet Havana,,. eatASrtstess.nalelB

i : S rent. Makes a Woman The ConiinenCaFCKCMTAUKAXT.
Celery' strawberries A
: and today .
; 'R.O B Outer Look Ten Years

;: Fire tuffel olive. only fifteen cents Younger .

a bottle Saunders A Earle.J Bee.ase II takes
.: a great weight
w P JI'PER A. Roaboroueh of Wlndsor| < was mind .
oZl tier
: trading la the city' yesterday.' Corner EAST: MAlX mod U2' OT 3TS./J
Conveniently' loaned nest door toPoatutf.ee. '.
.. ;
Pnand-eakee. layer-eakee. kl e.. Jell-O
oa the Square.COLD ;:
nheete-atrawe and lady-finger alwayaon ,
} Made frompure band. City Bakery. Bulre the fUUy Desert problem. "."I.

The Balr cottage on West Oaneeatreet Ity u>4ng J.U. >it U pu.slU.to..errea t.

of tartar and I I. being Improved In appearanceby diersntdassertevery day in tb*year.JelO ItUlMIS OF ALL EJ.%JS.)
grape cream run IKS i>rri ar Nl In* .
a !liberty application of paint -- 1 1 jr',-*im ply

absolutely free from lime, attending Mr*. tips C.the Bevllle Chautaaqoa.of Arredondn XX'hilehere i I. *and xl>l set boiling tooooL water Oysters, Steaks and Short Orders*.!

ti 7 flavor lOe. oar :?peelalty.'
,b..l. a guest of Mr. R. D. Hale. .
d per i ckc at all Co?*. the best. Everythingnice.
alum and ammonia. XVe would like to faro'th your rake grocer.Tb. *. Game cooked to order

for soar next reception. XXV make a .iem+ee Puts f.ed C..,I.Rev,a.T. fur eportcnn." soy's,

i., OVAL BAJUMO POWOCA co.. HCW YORK ery.specialty of fincy e.ltlf. City llak Viet wr b..ta.t.s.watrp.wn.a OPEN EARLY and LATE'.,

Dr. and Mr*. D. B. Strouae have re* ---- .t'
VAND' O .1 p.(M"r. tnr tale| at till uttiee. XV. R. Stewart tif Campvill wa trade
WS turned to theclty' from point in South ,Miss N. HorfrNoielties
; fog In the city '
O'Hll4rn >mo..rt. hand m.dfl. Florida, where they' have been for thepast yeaterday
5 e'-nt- Clinton Crown of Point
Rocky was
few day*. .. .
" F COUNTY CONDENSED FyShi i.-_ typewriter for .at.! Apply Among the visitor to this eity I I. J. trading *n the city yeeterday ..

i :>un office. Stuart Ler*|, of Tallahassee. who la en L. II. 11.11 of Orange Height was Books Statlenrj' ;
Litters of General Interest Oath- T. It'. MoCUin of AKchun wa in the route to Irvine, where he will visit his trading In tI.. city yeierdy.lion. SouYenirs Sheet Picti

city yeterday.Mitch parenta, )Ir. and M,.. J. S. Lewi Henry' i!*. Chubb h.. eon to ,

0" red by
1 Apply Sao *:n:.. him again.J. w'. T. Chevnut. the merchant of t

pfllSONAt. AND SOCIAL ITEMS Extra: fine soda cracker in balk. J. Hayman. the naval atore op Arredondo. wa in the city yeterday.

8nitd-r & En''". eralor of Lexhlooa I* in the city for a C. XX*. Chase ha returned frrm a SOb East Liberty Street ''

Abel Has Happnd and What Is Going Drink Tetley'. India and Ceylon tea day or two with his family. )Ir. Hay bu-In. trip to Jaeksouvllle and other ;

'-a.Happen Told In Short rgrapha of Lindon, Ellal.ud. man own considerable property here, point CAIHESYILLE .

That "Ne Who Run May Read Only purest inRredient used In our and recently purchased a One home In A floe line of the New Yo rk BUcalt
East Gainesville, where his family reId -
t laTfceBun. haktna. Keystone Bakery.XXe. Company'. raeke"J' in. Saunders
:} *
;,Victor Hugo cigar are b.*,. have Hoi celery today also R. :l. Oiren. the liveryman of Micas & Earle.
Mr. and Mr. If. M. Mcran of Camp
trawberrie*. A. R. Oliver.In SEED
Hot roll for supper. City Bakery. nopy. was In the city ..,.rdaJ'. He rill were amonK the visitor to this '

Smoke Victor Huff If you want the brewing Tetley' tea follow direction report the condition of A. H. Emerson city' yetrday.K. 4,
Utt.laiiea. to obtain best result. who wa Injured In a runaway a
R. Tornr. entof the Atlantic
f In latent J II. B'ackwell and children of few day ago to be little improved al .
calling card styles Coat Line at Rochelle, wa In the :
. F.lrb"n" were in the city yesterday. and that the patient appear to be suffering -
at Boa omee. city yesterday. C1IUFAS, GOOBER]
Mias Ro a Coxe. of Palatka I. In the a great deal.
ij J. R. Feaster of Rochelle was In tbitsy Mr. and Mr*. William Jones of
jeatcrday. eity' on a visit to her sister 31,.. A. L. The morning ervlce of the Pre.byerian Sampon City' were among the Yiaitora Peanuts, Velvet Bean
Olaa! ..
church will be held at the Tab- K
's A fw newspaper file for ale. Apply : to this city yeterday.
Tbe Sun, of Tallahassee la now tl a ernacle tomorrow, beginning' 10:30 '
at San ofl1ee.wlrea.lltyp.writer. W. P. A mow and XV. L. Lam pklu'of fjI
year.' Too should get it. Sabeeribe: o'clock. The Sabbath school will beheld '
ribbon at this Jacksonville were registered a t the
today.J. at the Tabernacle at 3 p. m. Thesession > /I II
jaffe* for 73 cent. Brown house ,..".rdaJ'.
A. Manltsby. the brick manufacturer ..lIlmeel at the paatora study .CORNYellow
:Briak T.tl-J'. India and Ceylon tea lor reception of member Sunday Hal D. Wood one of the progressive
of Campville, was in the city .. .I
iatLeadoa. England.Kaak yeaterday.' morning at o'clock.. merchant of Evlntton. was a boinea (.
'J lease for sale at this office. visitor to this city J.. erd.,. '
Sam Davis hat goo to Qiltman. County Commissioner C. C. Pedrtck Dent "White
|3 handred.es. C. A. XX. Thorns left yesterday for .
Ga., where h* will visit' his family for i made an official visit yesterday to
tC1ty Time !. abort. Pay to- a few day. Sugar Foot Prairie, where the work of Montbrook. MorHatrn amt other Stowellfe Y

Bat your home Lot-Round broach pin with pearl public road construction will aeon be polnta.oral day He. expects to be absent *.v. Evergreen I.q

;1a brewing T.'le,'* teas follow dl- in center. Return to Son office ..Ddree..l.e gin. Sir. Pedrick states that good
Mla Alma Blitch of Santa F. la In .
re".rd.D.lnt progress i* being made, and that the ,
Ions to obtain bet reaolt.
force will begin work today' on the the eity.' a *ot of Mr. and Mrs. J. K.
.J:. Millican of Waldo.. among spring desserts will prove road west from Hogtown creek toward River. Mi.. Rllteb I* a sister fMr Earliest; Cm

visitors to this oily yesterday.' much more tempting If flavored with Sugar.:Foot. .. River
Bio Ribbon Vanilla. r
..... Johnston of Ocala wa regis* --:---- ---- .-- T. Barber formerly of Arcber but .SEEDIIIIt
Desirable room for rent with hot of-Irwinvill. la the ..
.peed at the Brown Hoo** yesterday. now Oa wa cityyecterday.
,and cold water. Apply' on premise. '. Mr.. Barber la engaged In

,303 East Liberty atreet.Friend o..alor.. boineaa tn '

.1'I' of Attorney' Geo. W. Sco-. nfYf M TOM RACKET( the A refreshing* vain vllted. Oeorgia.this-"eity Rocky Ford Can

field are glad to see him out gaib.. after yesterday morning bat it was of abort SeedBEANS.All-
an Illoese-of a few day*. ....
duration. It was wl ome. however .
Have your stationery printed at Tb* and bad a tendency to relieve,the con Soi
Son om... Flrt-elaas work promptly Cheapest Store on Earth. tinned draught.

I delivered at reasonable price la our Tb. barber hop of Earaeat Papy la

sotto. being Improved by a sew application
THOMAS CO. General Manager O. N. Atklnaon of. of paper. Th design la very artittle. EVANS SEED

the Tampa and Jacksonville Railway and something which will prove attractive

baa returned from an official visit to OXFORDS OXFORDS to th. patron. rOSTOTFICE Bl

Tampa.Carload. Peter Whidden and Frank Hale

On. 10th. 1006 horse and male Just arrived. Ladies' Beautiful WhiteCanvas have returned from Cedar Key where JEFF SIMO

Tn S. J. TROMA Co. Reasonable prlcea. Call and Oxfords-a thy bar ben for the put fw day
Gainesville. Fla. x see them at our .'.ble.. Hunter & nobby In the interest of the Southern Oaar- DBAUB nr

O'e".mell-Plp.| .. qaote me 100 Edward line at prices within the anty Company of Lonlevllle. Ky.Mr .

ponds Thorn*' Perfected Cucumber The magnificent Everett Grand reach of all. A full line *. IIlo T. Cheennt and daogb c'

*e.d and obllg piano now being used at the Chaotau- of Black Oxfords in the : tr. Miss Ellen lft yesterday' far Fresh. StltwiterOYSTERS

A. F. XX'YMAJC.Bradentown. qua I I. offered at a great bargain. A. prettiest styles made. If Charleston where they will .peed.

Fla. R Harper it's SHOES you need, you month. They were called on accountof
J. T. Manning of Clark agent of the I should line.Men's the illness of Mr*. Ch*.nat'a daogb e
tee our .
Atlantic Coast Line, postmaster and ter. Mr*. Henry S. Holme

Oct. 13th. 190' *. merchant wa visiting friend In this I One of the handsomest flower yard' 4

: lIa. A. F XXVMAH.Bradentown. city' Thursday. In the city i I. that of Mr. W. M. John

:1' Fla.t I Mr*. May' Monroe of Live Oak wa Straw HatsA on, XX*.-t Liberty *trt.Vhll* there

i;4 Dear Slr-W. beg toquot Thoro- among those who favored Gainesville pretty line At the right price, tn I. not a great profusion the rarietle '
i M'P.rf.ct* i CucumtM>r seed In 1OOpouad with a visit ,,,.'erd.,. She wa registered the newest vtyle. are choice, among which i* a magnlll aDd
lot* at 9Oc<*Qt. per poJndN at the Brown House.If cent bah of American Beauty rose..

1;< .<> l to clock being: unsold. We you are Interested in Gainesvilleand of which the owner la very' proud. (la rear of Furniture ColoGAiNEdVILLE ]

E ope to hv! your order. Alachoa county send a copy of the Ladies' BeltsAn Mr*. S. A. White orgaoi.*r of the .
Your truly Industrial Edition of the Bun to a XX'otMlmen' Circle' the woman' .._- F
t THe S. J. THOM ,* CO. friend in the. North. Price leas cent. up-to-date. new line just ""e.I.. branch of the Woodmen of the World. ,'r
from of the best
ed by F.xpr one lam prepared to
now &eeom
I r.r r.. For Sal.-SeffoldiDa Presbyterianchurch. etorie.. Wash Melt aud other I I. her organixing a camp, which will She trade with the beat the
r A $78 bill of lumber in good kind b > one of the leading camps of Florida. afford in this Hue, Phone 1,..

s O;I. I' 'h. 19d.. condition will be told for 70 cents on Thi camp will be instituted In a f.w 0 __ _
i ma S. J. Tuo".. Co.. the dollar. Apply to M. B. Haunder. day, further notlew of which 'will be .
GaID..ill FU. Something Good: in Silver- Klven. s
. : . _
-- -- -
G nu-Yoar qjaiatiun of Oct. plated Ware Thomas T. Elmore of Jacksonville T. F. TMSMUUNDERTAKING ;\

13th, rreeivea and book has returned to his home after brief
. you may my t You Have no One to Blame a
order fur 100 pound. of Thorn' KnJr- Fork. Spoon, Sugar visit to his relatives her*. Mr. Elmor CO.n;

R hrr.eted Coeumber seed at &Oo Spoon. U. i.rKnlse.-yourehsee< for 1:' He. the and
per pooJod fur Deertnb vhipment. hut yourself if you are coated or per will't buy.apiece. Rood more of Alacboa. aa Alachua county' .
uadrd Into using any paint with jnn '
Your. truly which the dealer i* unable to give yoatanaly boy and his friande her are always FULL. LINE OP

A. F. Wtw.ts.a. w .ia and guarantee ueh a* U glad to see him. He la a violinist of NEW 00003...
placed upon every package of Ladies' Summer Dress Goods note, and wee here in the Interest ofOrinaoer. .

the famous Italian violinist
Lawn., colored and white } Lace..
have applied )Ir. Wyntan F.mtJrnll1"ri. and all now Hammer' who may appear here. AQEXT9 FOK

-for Ith this variety of Cucumber .eed Davis' 100 ,par etuiPura t goud in great variety Joe Hanaa.e* and Jo Drook*-"tb* MtM'MEtTS' TOMB91IRO5 .

several year, and have old It two Joe."-hav. returned from Jack and F CL'ts.
r CONtlNUOUHY for TEX YEARS otivill. where they have been attend
itboat a iaale complaint. Pain! Here 1* the plar where ye.rdla earat. 1 lag the head camp of the Woodmencf LrSe.tu.amotea <

W. will b. glad to here roar or- the World for Florida and Georgia. .
..,.. Personal "*aUo NIsla i
Ae wa stated In The Sun!> of Friday .... 11a l....
je Mr. Brook. was honored by election prerpait .,...... tw,
.,. For Sale by PHIFER BROS., a. head .watchman which waa In-

THE S. J, THOMAS CO. Baird Hardware Company, Pbifer1 Corner Gainesville. Fla. deed an honor aDd his friend congratulate OalI

Gainesville. him.
..... -


\. ..1i.MU

r ,... ....0 ....oHk "'-'_:.. J y .

Title: Gainesville daily sun
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Title: Gainesville daily sun
Uniform Title: Gainesville Daily Sun
Gainesville daily sun (Gainesville, Fla. 1903)
Alternate Title: Daily sun
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Creator: Gainesville daily sun
Publisher: H.H. McCreary
Place of Publication: Gainesville, Fla.
Gainesville Fla
Publication Date: March 16, 1907
Frequency: daily (except saturday)[-1938]
daily (except monday)[ former <1903>-]
normalized irregular
Subject: Newspapers -- Gainesville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Alachua County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Alachua -- Gainesville
Coordinates: 29.665245 x -82.336097 ( Place of Publication )
Additional Physical Form: Archived issues are available in digital format as part of the Library of Congress Chronicling America online collection.
Dates or Sequential Designation: -58th year (July 24, 1938).
General Note: Description based on: Vol. 20, no. 48 (Apr. 5, 1903).
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Lr ai.nelnille ail!! un ::1 Im, .';".it 1\':\: .

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-- S =:a .t'j

Sentenced to $300at '
Frisco's Scheol Board Has Rescinded Rotureau Was Pay 'I

"1 : OF FEARFUL FLOOD Ten Francisco Segregation Cal.Resolution.. )'larc1U..- OF AUGUSTA MAN Savannah Savannah.Ga. March Os.15.-B. L. FOR CRUTCHFIELD t'It lit

.. Rotureau sentenced by Judge
t'' 4 The San Francisco board of education was '

,r keep D= Its word with President! George T Cann. In the superior court

Dltlatrioua R need In m.. Roo. vrelt.. Wednesday unanimously J.,S. Nixon Arrested at Instance to pay a fine of $390. Judge Brovles Gives Him Sere utt
rescinded the resolution last October Ratureau: was convicted of shoot- .

r .torroftboCitT.'REPORTED by which the Japanese were segregated of Government. ins/ another, not In his own defense Days" Sentence. '1-

o (r. In the>> public schools and and recommended to the mercy of --- :
adopted aa alternative resolution In the court. The 'other' whom he 1Is'
LOST SO FAR accordance with the understanding EXPRESSES SURPRISE OF ACTION shot was his wife who narrowly escaped STRONG REPRIMAND BY JUDGE !":t

/ reached at the Washington conference death as a result of the wound. t

.rx4butsry Along the Upper between the president Secretary H. Is Charged with Violating the She la now well however and had Is Also Fined $150.75 for Striking ;:
.--- ; Root tbe school board and Mayor no desire to have her husband prosecuted. .
.,. ftwotUN; Sane Dispatch Hon. John Temple Crsvee
Bcbmlts. Tbe board then sent the Bankruptcy Laws by Accepting: ": f
'AH eeUfMi In Western Part following telegram: More Than the Ten Per Cent Cue A negro woman was the principal Says the Jury Should Have c..o{
:: Jto
\ Overflowing. "At a regular, meeting of the boardof Him.' witness In the case. She said she Him Imprisonment for Life :
education held this afternoon a was present but did not see the shot

March 1*.-Plttabur* 1. resolution as agreed upon with you Augusta Ca., :[Marc 15.-J. S. fired as she was busy at some work Atlanta: March 1i'-"crutcbiie14. l
tbroea of one of its greatest Certified and her back was turned. She knewall
was adopted unanimously. made
.." Nixon. president of a wholesale ;roc. the Jury Jury a great mistake &
The record of ten years has copy was given to United States District about the dispute leading up to the .
", and the rivers cry firm, and one of tee: most prominent when Jon were acquitted oa tae
: ..*. paaaed Attorney I shooting however and described the

'rising. If the present rut .The president having telegraphed men In the city was arrested I manner in which lire Rotureau bad charge of shooting your wife Tow ,r.

the.) record of 1M. when Mayor SchmlU on Wednesday that be oa a charge of vlotating the bankruptcy I applied a horsewhip to her bunbandHe should have been given a long tem r

eT' reached the highest stage would direct Mr. Devlin to dismissthe laws by accepting more than the bad retired temporarily and 'she In the! per.l'entlary. Ill Impose a l.
IMS. win have been passed suit against the' board In the had secured a ,revolver.When ( al
10 cent that was due bitn The fine of $IOO)..3. a term of seven dan i'in
Ifsefbre nightfall. The stage laIS United States circuit court and the per he returned be tried to take r y'
four Incbe ont of the failure of the the stockade, and bind you over r
feet mad supreme court of California as soon I case grew tnls from her. A struggle for Its
at 10 o'clock the mark regS aa the action stated should be taken II. C. Morrison Su;ply company. possession ensued anj Mrs. nQ!"- un!.r Sl.no) bond to tbe stats coart 13

feet with the water creep- by the board members of that body I Nixon was placed: un-fer boa for reauu received the bullet after it had on the charge of assault and battery: 1 Q)

?at, the rate of six Inches aa look upon the Japanese Incident as, :51s apoesrance before a United States passed through the ball of Rotureau'sband. for unprovoked assault you meal

till rising at all headwater BOW closed Insofar as San Francisco' Commissioner. The punishment fur on Colonel Ora ...." '

Is concerned. violation of this law Is two ,years lathe The couple were very well known. Such was the JKlgment Imposed as :. ecL
fotrtltftarr along the puper There Is,, however It Is staled, penitentiary Uncut the option of and the shooting crested a sen.aton J. II. Crutchflcld by Recorder DrojUsaPer : '

[ SB *wlpllenxand dispatches from an unwritten reservation to the effect a floe. at the lime. hearing: the evidence of Colossi .f,...

lions lot "western Pennsylvania that should the president's reciprocal Mr. N&cn Is one of the moat proa- Jcbn Temple Craves edl" :or of ts* ; as.q

the smaller streams beyond promises to the board regarding heat men of the>> city.! In a business Win Insist Upon a Change Georgian and News, whom Cratca$ ,'.\ c '

is and the surrounding dls-I. discretionary restriction of coolie Immigration way and otherwise. He has several Buenos Ayres. March 15.-Rumors t I nM struck In the back& of his tea4.fe'Mns ..... ,

lerged.bureau. to California not be carried brother who are among the leading are afloat to the effect that former : hIm to his! knee. In frost of', .ft.
officials predict >4 out the board feel at liberty President' Roca. who Is expected here '
may business and social figures of Augusta I Brown Sc Allen's drug store, at ts* 1' eaA
fewer at: PltUbnrsT. to readopt the resolution andagain He Is married and has one son. shortly, will take sides with the authorities corner 'Whitehall and ...L1.uma'.t

', stage la _reached the flood segregate Japanese, who la away at collnxe. II. Is also of several provinces againstthe pt. early Tne3Ty! aftcmooa. .'' I'.'

|*aly bethe greatest la TS bead of the Savannah Transportation i >> federal government Insisting! Crutehfel appeared at the polka be.f

the moet disastrous In the ROBBERS DECAPITATE VICTIMS. company, which controls the two lines upon a change>> In the cxjlnet. The court before the recorder took Us(. to,

tbe city.are. Witnessed of steamer plying between Augusta I former president's arrivals here Isi; ..at. as did Colonel Graves sal ai
itbs > attributed to the Horrible by There and the coast. He Is represented by awaited with great Interest. He has large number of his friends. Crates-' fad

Persons Drives Them Insane.Yellxavetgrado. Judge J. R. kamar. Assistant District expressed ttte desire that no demonstration Cell sought Colonel Graves Is ta*'. : t ",
..Jades the three tralnirffn> Rustle March It.An Alex Akerman. of Macron Is In be made In his honor court room and apologliHWor naH .1".t:

..11" live by the collapse estate In this vicinity was attacked the city to represent the government tag: the assault upon him. deelartarj oj, ]
m1As bridge Wednes- b/ robbers Wednesday wr at the bearing. Ro! Janeiro March 13'.Former
I that be had been misinformed uf, ::
ke two men' drowsed- Wed- bound and decapitated the proprietor His friends are very Indignant over President Roca. of Argentina Is held Colonel Grave responsible III' tit

wbea, .to* towboat crals.snnsjshlfi five laborers and: a woman. Two i I the matter and claim that the meeting everywhere wlt'II monstratlons article about him published! >> fat at ;" k,1

| river. Tbe witnesses of the slaughter also a ,charges will fall through or friendliness and esteem He Georgian. Colonel Graves, however,. '.'

tie* reported bra soldier who hid In a bay stack anda : I Mr. Nixon expressed great surpriseat was visited Wednes'sy by President declined to discuss the matter e1Crutchfeld '. J

feyand.aged 30. child lost their reason. The soldier the action taken. as he said be Pena who will give him a banquet. I further than to say' that ;;. "

'Byer. aged 40: drowned I subsequently died In a hospitalIndelirium. bad done nothing to violate the law. the attack was unprovoked sad : fro

I"Hill creek, near Somerset I The booty 'secured by He said one of his companies bad Take the' PI.dg. and Are Discharged I( ardly. and that putting aside all ,, trio

I to.forda, stream. the robbers amounted to ll.OOO. a claim against tae>> 11. C. Morrison Loa..soa.Z.rch 15.-The authorities sons! consideration he owed It J

Joenstoa.aged, ft yeah. On the occasion of the funeral Wednesday company for a considerable sum ant st various places In England and a duty to !society to appear La luwI

Gld".Q." Mil. vale.all. of a'prominent reactionary who ,be was asked to sign a petition agreeing Ireland are! trying the plan against him.Coloael :, ,.
.' st.d"T ,years drownBeker was killed by revolutionists, an attempt to accept a compromise of 10 by Judge Pollard of St. .doPt.1 I I Graves related the etrstancfs We
,, creek near HastO. was made to start anti-Jew cent the dollar. This he declined.
on of discharging prisoners "' of The attack stating that !Ire-
?; raJa ezcessea.Tbe Later, he was visited by an attorney Intoxication on their taking the pledge was walking down the street 1z

; .. March IS.-Floodtrough rioters began at Jot street and representing a number of the to abstain from drinking and the national I Walteraf. Andrews, ..when wit z ere

Mnsklngum countyworse commenced sacking\ the baxaar and<< creditors of the li. C. Morrison company Independent temperance party .al'Dl[ he felled hisdelivered : ,e,
was to
every hour. Tbe tae Jewish lodging, but they weresto and asked If he would sell hs la advocating legislation along this by a with great ; ibr

and LJcklag rivers are outs =ged In the depredations by the claim. Mr. Nixon sail. that like Tine. In several places markedlygood on tll ask of his besd. Mr, lIt

la this city and more prompt Intervention of the troops any other business, after some negotiations results have followed .PPuc I drew stifled. to the attack. Ioe

homes have been Several Jews were wounded one of' the sale was made and he dons of this method In one 'ast&.Dee.. striking Crutchfield. and the ,14,
tit* high water. It la whom died In the The local transferred tbe account
_ hospital. In Leicester a confirmed drunkard In which the latter had backed I
SOO famllle will be
rea- rabbis have telegraphed complaints to, lie said he did not know Morrison having become a teetotaler and being'reinstated with his band on his hip pocket.k
less here by Friday, whenthe the lower house of In the I.iltl
parliament and to transaction bai nothing to do in a position from which he l* "Judle..ald Crutchfleld. "I
flood will be
.t reached.
Hungarians wre ,.Premier Stotypln. with Morrison and after the sale had been discharged because of In- guilty. I was In the wrong sal std
[ tlrowped took, no part in accepting or rejectIng temoerance. i
am sorry It happened. I struck
result of the flood. Are let
of werwJlYbouee Fritz 8 > foreigners
that surrounded New York March 15.-FrltrlScheff. > tbe.eourt; that he made no Brinson Has S7S.OOO Fin I the side of the face thinking k .
was who had to abandon her tour concealment! of what be had done Drtnson. Gs? March I-"f'da.- responsible! for what was
iklirum river overflow dur-
tight. When started with Mile. Modiste, ar Cleveland fortreatment. and when other creditors came to himto day afternoon at 3:30 o'clock fire about me In his psper. I ago Bpoil

they Is seriously 111 with peritonitis know what steps be proposed to broke out In the lumber plant her. when I found out be was not ,
10 lsnd4hre. were caught la at the hotel Bt. Rlgls. Her to take he sail that be had been paid owned by the Stewart Lumber company slble. for It.- tI(' wfcBO.

-.adla.e out Into the manager Charles E. Dtlllngham. announced his claim, and halt no further Interest On account of stiff '
a wind
I. |: "Don't jou think yon did eno**
,r- Jt *- last night that she was resting In the matter. the fire was uncontrollable for nearly I I make ;tie papers roast your 'eh

,000'Mrt'Uay easily The singer's. Illness was an hour. Threw' dry kilns and. Judge. Drojrles. itt

d. Cal.. March Strike.15.Forty at first IlanH>sed as ptomaine poisoning. Mt Death In Flames Quite a large quantity of lumber were They wrote things about ieout aeni I,
Appendicitis was then sus Kingston Gs.. March I-On.' sand the member- amounted talking to me..afd ret
mf'1l" pected. At the St. Regis hotel It man was burned to death and others I I ,.1\.000. which was partly covered article.
'the Brotherhood of a newspaper P1tr.
was said that Miss Scheffs conditionon Injured In a freight wreck and lire I, by Insurance. Tbe lire originated'I I bead him
lines of which credited ;
of Denver are voter .
Tuesday night was alarming but which followed It here at an early from
a defective flue.
to KO on strike to nmends the f statement .hat be bad ., ...
that she hour
was better Wednesday Thursday morning. The dead I 4ite
for-an Increased scale man Is Will Mauldlnz. flagman whorecently I through bell since be shot his wlf ; !
The poll the most J* A S20.OOO Fir at Elberton. \
ex- Volcafb In Eruption. began work for the road. I 1 frig

movement toward a general Seattle ,,"..h. ., March 15.-Word After the smash of the trains fire EHberton. Ga.t.reh 1'--Tb. She Leaped to Her Death. ,. 1.Oeat.
large frame
elate the American ,railwayrileap has been bro warehouse of the Blber-I 15. t*
received by the Post-In I out Mauldin. who was pinioned Cincinnati March .
t ton oil
of lt4f baa not been telligencer from Va14...* Alaska that beneath a car was burned to t mill was destroyed by fire' : bead foremost from a window Bar

Indications are that the tbe volcano on the Island of .\kutlUl.off death The collision" was a rear- Wednesday afternoon, The budding oir the thirteenth floor of the '-a.r .
wit reach the national the e04 mash of i contained several hundred bales of I lion and *r, "
peninsula o.f Alaska and not : two freights! on the, building at Fifth w
en at Cleveland O? on far from Unalaska. war -In active tern and .ttlan'tc railroad trains:I a large quantity of soap and stuff streets C rtrude Ilanlsch. aged
all A.
.. The issue seemed to d.- eruption when the steamer Dora passed 11 any 13 col'ldlng: The Injuries destroyed' The total loss Sa. year, a st no
lalnty on the position taken by the Island at 2 a. m. of Feb .nu..aHt..1 by other trainmen I about $20.000. i!I I suicide in the sight of hundreds tartar.

Itchmea's. union .blchaa aa :.. All the passengers were aroused are not belle>eil& to be serious Their, people.
tan Is not recognized. It 1* to witness the ,sight which Is sail names have not been ascertained. (, Woman Attempt suicide. I I II I She

by either rallroaOsftnaMger* or to have been a magnificent one At Several! cars were badly damaged by I Athena, Gs... March .-'Mrs. Ed I II I Withdraws His Reslgnatlo ,; b..
ro\berbood of Railwr irlaS.rvke'for about the same hour a severe earthquake tae: fire before It was finally extinguished I. Taylor v "r. 14 Taylor on New York. March 13.-Dr. Will

.,., occurred at Unalaaka. South Lure..?;.,'. t. attempted sul- I I Van "Dyke. whose reiignatloa tdtlo!
the ride by using a drug for a long the Princeton faculty was rei will;
Ceergla. Thirteen Killed: 11 Injured. \ while she nUIgnation gee
March 15-Arran Will Inaugurate Defective Service was unconscious and crlt- announced has withdrawn
Johannesburg! TnDsya..! '
ive been completed betw London March IS-A detective service March 14 : Iral.:0 cause Is known for the at- in response to an ores Jr
such Is in -Dr. A. Adam Jameon. ex-commis e aat. lag demand for the odclal alusaal <
Terrell, ef Georgia, and the as service In Scotland : the
stoner of lanUs.
was killed with
Y rJ. Is to be' Inaugurated !In I: students of ilnceton
rat. whereby the.silver other persons at about I Congreaalona ._
Spain In the movement King Alfonso milnight. in Party at Panama. cUr
the rill battleship be named himself: Is taking a great Inter. ) ta* wreck of a train due to a waeh- Panama Marc'i' It -AH tbe mem Will Leave Shortly for Grsecet;..; Ura
Hampton Roads eat. and he Is b*!ng alJe-1 Iq formulating oat. Eleven persons were injured her of the rcn;re .I<*nal party, headej San Francisco March 15- <
onidrM.1 list
his plans by Q'ie n .Irtm" I RatiTed.Burn by *:aC".ooon.: expressel or Edward II. Clapbrad; : 01. I
Boundary Treaty .
Ins of (rest surprise We-lne*.lay (;r..k state
( acv >r Arrow S'xjt'anl Yen Marcy 15, at the work departmen uf tee
A1'l'c.J. -Paraguay
Is sill to have been t-a lore and Eta :via have ra tiled last has been dune on the Panama city. has been ayilntfil profrsserOrec lent
sition of chief of the d. !' .C.po.1 boundary treaty which canal The party' .Istte-t both La- In the A- ira 3Cig.iea .

ta.apectlou at, a.a. lajry of >>.OO\J. here oa Jaacary* 12. was signed COCA on the Pactac side aad the f*. C; ! studies at Athens. He Is atNowt
< .. moue Culebra cut. I snorny leave for Cr.ece.s, -
- _: ....
rr. 4 r
+. ;


7rirr Y, '


OP cnrIra. AND ,war rTe

?4 ootIXTY CONDENSED Mayor W. R Thomas Carts" M..tlnco' +,

"'- and ofla I Citizens' for; Monday Evening'.. One of the Important Duties of Physicians and
Ct.. 'Vj JIKlnstry eon ,T tt.* GWen of Gaine.vi': :

tea a" the city on w tit<* toMeKfttrye I Having en requested .., n areatnumber the Well-Informed of the Worldis

. parent*. Mr. and. of nor' pem '. tn e"''i I.ub-tf* r

*W Taylor. II IIA. ieetiocof f ne cit..*t>. of t''s <*.., toW
to learn as to th-, rclativ St..:1l1i11, r-J rrliahiht 0: the Lading manufacture
h..d at 'Lor t .
*oauog lbe protnla t r' itor to court ou* uu Monday
t of medicinal agents, as the most e- nt physicians are the mont careful as to
for the of ers
W. N. Camp night, purpose considering
.Uy yesterday was t
nvdin- prescribed by them, and it i. .
the uniform quality and perfect purity ot +- well
1st Mr. Camp for many yeara re* aitabl candidate for the varlou.
? gaffed office to be filled at the election. known to physicians and the Well-Informed I.n..rall)' that the California Fig; Syrup
_ad at Albion where he was ea next city
Co. by reason of its correct methods anJ perfect equipment and the ethical! character of
ftbe ,catalog' of phosphate. He Is I hereby In deference to the ,
_ .'known' all has many friend wishes of tho. who have requested it. its product has attained to the high standing in scientific and commercial circles whichis
( accorded to successful and reliable houses<< only, and therefore, that the name ot the t
i all .f,whom were (lad to ".1. :call a pablia meeting of the citlzen ta.
has become of the excellence of its remedy.
Company : a guarantee
.-p llFm.A.lrlsrk.. of this city to be held at the court

.,of Oeala hasjretorned.aftera boute oa Monday next at the hour ot TRUTH AND QUALITY
11m* Nty.. vlall toT l* wife, 8 o'clock p. m. -
t*bar. 'for a few day a. s p..' There will be no sign trip or password appeal to WellInformed in every walk of life and are essential to permanent sue

parent. Mr. tad X..*.T. B. El- neeeary to entitle any citizen cess and creditable standing, therefore wt wish to call the attention of all who would ,

4 -He waa aeeoapmated aa far aa tra enter, and< every man who believe enjoy good health, with its blessing; to the fact that it involve the question of right
the living with all the term implies. With knowledge of what U lest jrr-w bins Mark, who returned 'la an honeet administration of proper
evening train Mr. Marka Is aaoadaetor city government In the Impartial enforcement recreation of enjoyment, of contemplation and of effort may IKS made to contribute

of'the Seaboard. of the city ordinance, ''n to that end and the use of medicines dispensed with generally to great; advantage. ,:

; the preservation of the public peace as in many instances a simplt'holt"SOme remedy may be invaluable if taken at j : 1
z.P. Haraleeof Tampa, one time the California Fig Syrup Co. ft.-els that it is alike importa.-t to : ,
eltlseoe of that and the public moral. In the continued proper I'r
prominent the subject and to supply the one perfect laxative remedy wh> h has t
prosperity of the city In makIng truthfully : woithe
of tha
a former member coao-. public Improvement, cwninjfit. appoval of physicians and the world-wide acceptance<< of the Well-Inform t Ilt"Cat S4
waalo the City fi
Tampa) ;, connected with yeyterbathedO tLe own electric light plant, and In up of the excellence of the combination known to all. and the original; method of manufacture ;

holding, the name and reputation of which is known to the California Fit Syrup Co. only
State land office. Mr, Ilardee ti:
dl pleased with Gainesville, and our city I I. cordially and earnestly This valuable remedy has l Bern lone und favorably Known: under the name of-

std the eltlseoe pow tb*_ solicited to be prevent. Every man Syrup of Figs-and has attained:" to world-wide acceptance as the most excellent ) (

ta and aldewalk and other who has a grievance or a kick I I. askedto family laxatives and as its pure- laxative principles obtained from Selma, are "- t ::1!

...Dt.. be there. Outide of Tampa and known to physicians and Well-Informed of the world to l e the best<< of .

Jacksonville no eity In Florida I II enJoying laxatives we have adopted the more elaborate name ol-Svrup of Figs nnd Elixir : :1
Ira oa the Interlorof the. First each unprecedented prosperity Senna-as more fully descriptive of the remedy but doubtless it will always ; ..

'terlaai Church argr progrelngand a* Gainesville, and her future I* Just called for by the shorter name of Syrup of Fins-and to pet its l.enef cial fleets )' e"t: Syy

Jt I* expected Jb. church what the peopl of Gainesville Intend note when purchasing, the full name of the Company California Fig Syrup Co. .

fa*> la order. again.' One ofstriking It i Lai I be. W. n.T oll.u. Mayor. plainly printed on the front of every package, whether you simply call for--Syrup ';: ..
I In
: Improvement *
Fi s-or by the full name-S>rupof Figs: and Elixir of Senna-as-S>np of Figs
and the elevated
rotrom.- MR. DAVIDSON HERE. Elixir of St.-nna- the one laxative remedy manufactured by the California Fig ,
"ata. b.rinD rtmnved.Ill .
; e Co. and the ,same heretofore known lay th s n.-me -- S>rup c>f FI>JS -- which has : )!
make a much better appeari Great Chautauqua Leader of the United satisfaction to millions. The Ronutno is for sale 1 y ell: leading druuKists throu )C'

..i afford a better TI.. of the State Visits Oatn ivilt.. the United States in original packages of one sue oclj the regular price of ""

,and afford more light. lion. W. L. Davidson of Washington is fifty cents per bottle. -_ : ; llC.

Phillip of Phillip.of Meredith.A 1.Eaeb.rn.. memberkftrm who I.I a foonier and manager of Every bottle is sold under the general uuarontw of the Company, filed with

_ ann of lumber was la the ehantanquaiand probably the leaderIn Secretary" Agriculture, at \\'as inlton. D. C., that the remedy is not adulterated .

........ y..t.rday.. Mr. Phil. this direction In the United State., misbranded within the meaning of the Food: and Drugs Act, June 3oth, 1006.! ;
apent Friday In this city baring comein
that Me firm to cutting' sof eon nee t Too with' the Florida Winter $1r
Joe* now.
Chaotaaqoa, one of Gainesville' most
.f' the; mill' I. 'about 4OXday. t.
advantageous and mot enjoyable enterpriee.
when the timber I* runs San Francisco, Cal. O
and the entire Louisville, Ky. U S. A. New York .
irly, output While the Chaotanqaa.whleh I. really N.
of without dlf London England.
icalty.I 4
an adjunct of the Bible Conference,
-freaaant was founded by Dr. Clarence D. ;; M
Party. Strou... its support ha come largely
tat party pnt yesterday af.id through Dr. bandana who hit been :'YI.

evening nt N wnaa'. of material' asi tauee to Dr. StrouseIn ---- .-- --- = ,
-- --- ---- ---- ----- - - --- - ---- -
they participated In a pie *cortng a program SERIOUS CUTTING AFFRAY. I J.e. ). O AKAM. President H. E. TATLOB ;] II
fry in honor of Mr. At. -
Dr Davldtn is a man of pleasing tlsu. W. HTOB. Vlee-Pre ident Lit
rirglnla, whi U spending a addre**. and Is quite popular In. the Ivan Holder nd S. L. Cr.wa< Hare AMI. Dr

I"i.here Taylor.'a. agaeetof her aunt' Chautaoqua field lie has made a. Trouble' Over Land L \.a. THE FIRST NAT ION "I ; y<:
great ueeea of hi. Chautauqna .}' !
te m wd wa llmitrd. It wan Inform tr ri reae fhe tern., which extend over th e entire
...t IhM4i.bU.ncS..d: to the ffrct that Iron fioMer and S. tit
North and hi. effort In the matter ol
it cS..JI.hlflll1m.... Th.,. f.. Cr.>...< two well known ail prominent Q E G.dzv= isIi
.. the best-talent '
__ procuring are appreci
_ io eat. ...prepared la a mot ated. planter of the s;>ants district, e. UNITED STATES ) .: ..
.anner* nod altogether the became it valved in dispute on .

k'oae which will long be re- THE SUN MISINFORMED. ThurcJuy over a land line, which re. Ca. . . . . . . . . . . .50,00000 I

. w..1. suited in a fietht when knives were . . . . . . . . 50,000 00 i sic
Low But FIsH Are Not Dylrc brought freely> into play! { aL
Leon C.leb..tlon-SI. Aufcuatlre. in AUchua Lake.On lot on Savings Account and Certificate of >>000';". All 'ri
Ii I is salt that )Ir' Crwvr wm Severe.ly Traoaeted Promptly. 9H.
-' The I ..inc .attained i 51sl.
Friday morning San contained Injured r two oily E. T.1 YLOR.
it of Poaee De r..oa a notice to the effect that the gash w1t'lo.h in the side. two in the -- : .

'at St. Augustine Fla.. water in Alaehu lake was the lowest I arm and one In the l>ac Ir, & eel

.'h. 1907. Inclusive will, the. It had been far fifteen years, and the A phy.iln was .lJmmln.d'aod G. S. MERCHANTS 1'1'.f: Nt't
Line railway
It give .
fish were dying from lack of waterto dressed the wound',b of one ,sad one-third I In
accommodate.them. reported a dangerous condition Retailers and Jobber to ':
_*. for the round trip It appear front report reeeive Friday nizbt ;
i reservations and detailed I f1
... tb. Atlantis Coast from fisb.rm.nSaturdaythat Th. Son' and t >
------ --- --------- Staple Fancy ;
01' write Frank O. Boylatoa."Pa wa> either In error or was misinformed THE POWER OF STEAM.
..eeng r Agent, Atlantic a. regards the fl.h dyloK. While it I.

Jsek.oo.llfe.Fin. true that the lake ia low, the lowest II iraln, Garden Seed. and Ftriillzors. t
1Nu7 Mar Per n.t It T k. (Crla t*
for the tim..peeffl.d, there ha been :
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Corn Oats. flour. M .sl. ( .
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If a dne not occur within a .Ich' : handle only the VERY BEST good at the ..
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''I of the Galneeville Fish Company to :_r.irlor to t>;.rl,<\*t seen t''' (
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( (( put In a dam for the mutual protec- an %.ne.|tT.tr>*>! inyitRecwnt '' ','. Pa'T
lion of the fishermen. At present the vle.itino. r".>.fw*
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