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f eeloek.R Class t.- *:i. .tn the either tw>Wit. It !. al-.uJ r'nintlt in its fa !":'! ?-
igh t: thnt ....<. > than otter : t_
C Botler of T.o.z" on of Th.gun's .- . H r* ttxtee UMwt moat videlv market
C ... '>t :In life .!I>IM UI|. ou ..t-.f.rrdtl.rn. It is made :
and .uh*erih.vd. was the Jot
I friend .. I .'t :1<' ....Is of .*nfM* r.*ll.W l*- tis: *. 81..1 cIIh! and field*. :
aatoog the visitors to liainr.t'tp! ye C ...-. ...... MMr stet. more. true every and are known *
5Jr Ratrr! 'I. a valued cute up at
terd.y. .' aluay | *nit* are stet to forget strengthen ever: '
t S..of the naval tore. department : .9 ... i4 K-e MCtU'll>. s ..!*.! what they S. S. S. the kin, :: only'1
of the Cummer Lumber Company. J PlumbingWe I :10.. t.. hcleu" *.*. for It U tliro-icU set taken with may_
Edw"rd- "f Colomba. q. \:;ii.' e! that innslertt .tH.*ty tiiat.v! ev- and offer a !.
rchltert 'I ( t. ,II... the il.-\....f<11.tueut'f. tuK-lftr, u. any form S. S. Cats
;. G., who was for *ni ervilf.c architectatb .t .* toilMjr YtuiiM lx lnt|...4"lti:> if i>.... Scrofula Sores and ;
t, | University bunding. and who ..11.-.> "cre> H'liniitati-U. lluuinitity la and all diseases bIt <
haeberg.. nf that department flf the k'rouiuc. IMlt.I If >...1'.11.... awl the tnni goes! to the dlsi]
l Ell.' bome has returned t" hi. hnm*. trtit..l; 1..1 ......*.... cre ....t t.'rowtng. b'.. enriches: and L" mi?
after a brief professional visit here Do It luau.t.T milt" bier to k>ok ftirwarti tB aV medicines fail. ,:
TT iuii'rjil"le fut u..... Tli.Tfi r- tbe our book on deaii
Involve the
uit which title
a fJ't A law RI'1HTBAIRD nation that wl..h >. ti> tee car nl for no charge for G*. ;tlIAS. ,
ti a valuable tract of land on :Santa .
tutZsi "ui>p rt Mcifiie soil th_ whocarry .
Je river i i. being!: tried before Judge!: -- -- -- - ---
: on ipntltio work. Scleti.-w: will
".", Horatio Iavi as referr A 1"11 I :" I Ith.r own" lift HIM! has done oo ever !1. 0.. ....... y.\'
amber of ..ltn...p. frcm Bradford since the days when Prometheus! matte (: so. W. . ;f''
ranty are In attendance, and the easy I his fatal expnlitlun to the gods and \

I |< b ing heard In the courtroom. T. stole the flrw which U more orv+. THE
W. Fielding, ofdlrke I. attorney for burulng In every one of u. and rnnuutbe
a! the plaintiff! and J. :M. lUvers represea's extinmtUI There! U something
the defendant. ubtline In thii .eot'ta.lh.c tire of toel.
t 4 _M______-- I eu.e. 4ieuerntl after K>*ii*>rntl )n .lll :*- "
't Hardware Co. .. >|M...r.. The iirUIual: !. no thine. bititlxtar
"wit, .-liful in the tower tuuu. .

;, .i Interesting Meeting; Held at Home of Ph:lIe 7 shall t ou."-rental Ilr. lIn..u..n kltt.kee ('OutW1.101. ) t..
'. Mrs. F. D. Warner Monday. I f r

a The Twentieth Century Club metla FOR STOMACH SUFFERERS.Don't .
- - -- --- -
?} regular. session on Monday at 3 p. Interest Paid on Bi

L m..at the home of 1\lrw. Frank War NEWBERRY HAPPENINGS. Use Any Remedy That Keeps Its *

- aer.After. A Bunch of Interesting---; Personals from Formula a Secr.t' . -,
e the minutes of the last meeting .
'" That Lively Burg.Newberry. People who are troubled with atom
bad been read and
approved a
. Short time was devoted to transacting Feb. C -Mr. and )Ir.. ash weakness: cannot afford to ue any 'W'b.e: ..
J the toasine which demanded the C. D. May spent Tuesday in Alaehua.Mr. remedy unle. they know what it eon
}.i J clot's attention. This was followed and Mr. W. C. Summer* of tain.
) by a roll.call. In which the member High Spring visited the latter'. mother Ml-o n% I.i not a mere! digestive giving

... answered to their names by reading and sister here Sunday.A. only temporary relief, but a epee :
quotations containing "Household A. Burke and Mi. Winnie; Siford cifie for all dieorder of the digestive. .

; Hint." or Ideas about Household were. baptized at Aleck'. Lake Sundayby organ, and *o effect a permanentcure ,
Rev Dr. Allen the Baptist minis for stomach trouble.
Zsonomlcs. Ml. Aplin of Wisconsin "
Your physician will tell that Se=n.*?
ter you
then sang a solo, her selection bfIl I
: "Because." A paper. "Woman at Rev. Ye.'. preached one of his interesting I nothing i I. better than a combination
Home" won read by 1\lrs. Medlin. In sermon at the Methodist of chemically pore bismuth aubgalateto 1'I 1'i'
thesbsence of )1,... Broume. her essay church Sunday. He was greeted!: by a allay any Inflammation of the atom '
a. on "Reciprocity" was read by )Ir.. large congregationMaon ach and bowel.; cerium oxalate. to
t Taylor.. The club wa entertained byavsry I Phi I pot and Cal Bennett of strengthen the stomach nerve; odium
fine rendering of McDowell's High Spring. .a' Sunday in Newberry. bi-earbnnate. which neutralizes

Praeladinm. by Ir.. Atkinson. A the' poisonous acids that are present In ,
magazine article on the rezing qoestioa At least two marriage. are ached- stomach troubles, and nox vomiea.
How to Keep a Maid,* was pled to take plaee here when "the which will restore vigor to the digestive Y
then read by Mr*. Grieves. After this roses bloom again." organ and tone the whole nervous
: Mia Aplin again delighted all presentby E. Marcionny of Alaehua was In the system.
another vocal solo. Then came the city several dart last week. This. combination i. found only ia
i Table Talks" In which nearly everyoae I One of the elerka here who made a lli-o-na stomach tablets, and It eor..ly l
his fails to strengthen the .
present gave some of her ideas .. long trip to *ee "turtledove. was digestive \
; to bow a household should be man found asleep at hie post neztday. His system and cure all forma of '
aged. bas docked him SO cent stomach disorders that J. W. MeCol .

; The slob then adjourned. The next am A Co. sell the remedy under aguarantee if J' .. 1'
Even From the Mountains to refund the money unless
,: meeting will be held at the home of
X,... Chapln after the Bible Conference Ballard'* Snow LinimenV ia praised it cur...
J has closed. Th. date will be an- for the good it do.. A sure cure farrheumatism If you' suffer from indigestion, dls ''
tress after eating, specks before the ;
;, aoaaeed later In the columns of The and all pain. Wright W.
; 8.. Pa... naroRT.a. Loving. Graiid Juoolloa.Colo., eye, headache, paine ip the back and
.. "I oed Ballard' Snow Liniment lastwinter .ids, emaciation bloating. nervoune *. .
-- -
*.. leepleaoes.. or any of the other .
. THE NEWS FROM ARNO. for rheumatism and can ree symptom of stomach trooble. begin
." J ommend it .. the best liniment on the the use of Ml-o-na stomach tablets at Apt
t Farmers Busy Preparing for Another market. I thought at the time I wataken once. J. W. MeCollom A Co. tell
I them in &Ce boxe with a guarantee to :
Crop-P.aeh Trees Ar. in Bloom. down with this trouble that it Blue
', i refund money unl.. they eure.
week before I could
would be
Arno. Feb a get
., 0 -Our farmers are all '
I very busy preparing for another crop. about but on applying your liniment Carnival In Full Swing. ..... .

.The prospect i i. that the cotton several time during the nlabt. I wa \1('.. ...t.'b.Tbf" carnival which )
about in 48 hoar and well in three
seresge will be slighty!: increased. daya." Hold by \\". M. Johnson. was Inaugurated Thursday evening .Isnow
. "each orchards are already looking : In full swing King Carnival We I
red with bloom-aboot half of the To Clean Up Cemetery.All : accompanied by the queen arrived In
bloom on ill early blooming' varietiessr who have friend or relativeeburied : a huge automobile>> and were escorted on the

.r now open If they? are not killed at Ant loch ehotch are requested i to their places by a gorgeous vav-

this year peaches will be at least two to be at the church Thursday morning .Is' .

weeks earlier than they were last year. February 1s. with hoe or .rake or .- ':,
'. P. alrade.CASTOftIA "'
llsnderson'. or.nRerroye both with dinner, to assist! In cleaningop

K da will,.be. white with bloom in a few the cemetery.' F. 31. HABTUAX. 't:.

. For Infanta and Chi1dreD. ;
Quite a number of oar people are A Valuable Lesson -,, ;

.t'' Bible Preparing to enjny a few day at the '.:ix years ago learned a valuable Irks KiBd Yw Mare Always IeIPI "'
Conference. lesson. write. John Pleasant of :\1...

I ,:. Mr.MM.. Hughes of Tirga and her aunt nolia. Ind. "I then began taking; Dr.Iaa' Bears the I .,:;'
y.rk..or Philadelphia, are exP New Life Pills and the longer I Signature ofBrigadier
cted visitor at the home of F. P. take them the better I find them." - - \>"

Hsaderton and wife this week They please everybody.' Uuaranteedat General Helablrd Csad.Washington. ;
The *'
Seaboard trains have been, so all druggist 2Se. ."..b. 5.- rfcaI.rC : ,
badly off of time for a week that we a.ral Samuel Hrl'k4'Y] lljUblrdretired -try
***missed oar mall several d.J"t Lady Orenfclt Dead. one of the oldest and best
Oar people appreciate the stand The Ottawa Canada Feb. S.-LadyGrenfelt. known 1" :tHl States army ofBrera in '
i:' gun has taken recently against illegal eldest daughter of Lord and the country: and former qnartermat* >
'"I 1 ) nor selling. It i i. capable of doing Lady Gr.,. died at the Gover&mectbouse ter genera. died In this city: Sunday ii 6 If
; >och g03d along this line. Monday. She Had been suffer J after a brl.f llln r*. to V-j *oth year r4
,o. tag from typhoid fever. He will be buried Jn the Soldier' M

Command.ry Meeting.Commandery Home cemetery! Tuesday General:
Pilgrim TO CURE A COLD IN ONE DAY IIolabrd! graduated from West Point ;
i, > No. 7
i y Templar. Take LAXATIVE BROMO Qainioe In 1849. He! was known In literary
seting a most ioterestlog Tablet. Druggist refund money If circle: as the translator of General
tt Wednesday, three candidate. it fall to cure E. W. GROVE'S signature JonilnU* Treatise on Military Opera 4
lasob |j9estoo. W. T. Mel.wain and is oo each box. 2le flute of Frederick the Great. G
L1liott. all prominent citisens of
Oeala ------
--- ------ -- --
'having been Initiated into the 12
i .J.terie* of the order. It was nec.7 ..- ? Because it U annoying, unuUr. And I
.; *' to begin the *...sion In Cure Your because it almost invariably leads Sol I We are
**. afternoon, In order to close Cure It, and asre your hair. Get I IU Li
} f- -t1. Work b"y midnight. There was afosmb.r.hip more, too, the same time. All easily done I
< .-" with Ayer's Hair Vigor, new Improved for.ul.1a. t rr
present, aad alto.Ir
the (:itKa dandf.P. ,
meeting was m most enjoy

1 taspreaaira OSM. . % ..?.



"" '
; .
-,-'\. .....- ,,1-r .....', ,
{ w.
r "I 711
1 cF

e S 1L ,


-- -- --- ----- -- ..
= I

OF III. Tl_. 'or l.r........ -.. 1'J
In the "day of rlter drlvlui: ou the \

A 2e ""W..I. Gr.wllr tw -.....__. r.ww ._ The above question I*often asked eone.rning Kemiel river lu Maine old VticU* Jim : '.;
-- *. *t often Medical Discovery" and He .little IIIttI l hmny and had ....
Th* pul. of women generally beat Favorite lrrcrt|tloii.* w.i ','
at a allchtly taster rate than that of The ......w..rb..' Golden Medical ett
men. It may b* fait that when a |.er> Discovery_ a mart potent alterative or ..* tl.nit the ricer with a lrl\f. of t illl't.

won la at ret bU ItUl_. that of any and bJ..s.JMlnlh.act especially r. and favorably tunic or inviturstur In a rura.- loc au I kia iiitul tt a ,..\.ru I InAIIKIUIN. )

adult. tLay be front ......orT..h.. to tire way upon all the murou llnlnc urfarea. slime tB'tmlnz. arrI\H lute ,.,
eighty time a minute. first variation a* of the na.l. |..qa.". throat I and With II; i>.-tite -NMrt...".-l. .0101 1'u
r eJt In dlfTerent tlkll..luallu.. repect brorwblalubfs., stomach basins eaterfi and fie Jim nut tieswn' with! ItM. rtr..t net oi .

of the number of bent Aftci chat biaJdett curln:: a larger... .cent.. of ] men and tilt- .Mlleently .(tiring the iluthe *.- .
ca r* whether' *i a .1. affect the > '" ,
exercl- liMP poise quicken: becan- of nasal p xaa<-*. the i>v"'U laryn bron- *, .<. liieu made: it I"*...d.! A new net oitMii ,,'" f
ehla, stomach. as cat I dJ. J nuie mid still Uncle! Jin* ut.traIlly. <'" .
Tile Kind You Mace
bowel. i..ladder Always Bought and which has
ti. (a* mu no : i A tlilrtl i net mereutsl the begirt
uterus or other prTv orifTnEn inIt In MHO for over 3O yrnrt* has! homo tile *!{ni.itui
taking food. A done of ak-ouol will aUoatlunulate ** F hrog t.p --t t :rr< Hi ll'i r? I talent l.e *tMM>. 1..twlulC alvtwetl. t..k..1h fit
It 1 nltfn ...wJ.tuV>In tf"Ct- th'. rut.ul > anti has been uuulo tniUcr his
the pulse .0")."bal. Jiwt" n* .. Imrry nit ItI"U.nat..1 by Pal80..nt -

the use of tuft cet. ei dally: III exre.. L- ...,. vfr HM.MIIV.lltuT: .Irli.U. your c fte.... MUrle. supen'islon rclu'c itv Infhtq.
will tend to have an on.oate effectnamely. f I N _-.s.. '...Fe.Irayuwrfu .-. ..-..--- -.' I .'a..,.! !Hare! another ,'ut.1 :- Allow no one to deceit o you lu thl.l,.
that of lowering the> rate of r ''We. "No." MM.. the old tiiMit. "I ii.-" *r All Counterfeit, Imitations and "Just-as, -;:t.nel"areie f
. . . t
... .
\\ ", I '" I drink till I. Italf throushr: Ro toHerald. IxK.> .
tale pulse. because of the tlrpresslun of au rliiictits that trifle with, nn l endanger tlio health
>: of
.)rtg-n Ya.UUgu.VI; .t.- '
:, 'tile heart which. rt-ult In feter and log totile' and nervln For weak worni i I_____________ lufauta Dud Cltlhlrcu-Dxperlcuce aal.ruluOIt :\crLm'!at r
Inflammatory dl ea+e'. the pulse rate out.overworked women-no matter what '
tend to be/ .rT much lucrwnoed andat ha caused the breakdown "Favorite Lam Back
Pn+ rIJJII.-wlll be found mo t effectiveIn
*** In revuect of It* ..hRNrt"" Iu teud building up. the trrngth. regulating This ailment I I. usually cued by What is CASTORIA
of beating quietly the bloo tewnel Iu the womanly function.. subduing pain
rheumatism of the muscles} and
aach ce* exhibit a very full and I. and bringing about a healthy, vigorou maybe Ca..t ria In n linrmlcAa"' aunstttuto for Cantor Oil, Paregoric
( condlUon: of th* whole ay stem. t cured by appl ring Chambertain'
bound lye movement. On HM other I A book of particular wrap each bottle Drop aiul Soothing Hyrupi. It It 'le
band where' depression exbata and tbe .. Pain Halm two or three time a der'and
airing the formalof both medicines and contains neither Opium, Mnrpliiiio nor other
temperature of tINt body fall*, the quoting what scorer of eminent medical rubbing the part vigorously at NarcoUoKiiUMtatioo. ,
Its urge I!* Its! icuuruiitee. It dentn.ya
whose work consulted Worm
be. low and lt. am I each application. If this doe not *
pure way ar.1
by Pbtjkl.naOr all thecboolof practice and nllu.t 1'rtrrh,+hiicH! it cure I>iurrl>.f n and ATlntl
7 character weak. 1"I.I7"lrlll..r.*- ford relief, bind on a piece of !
a* ay of each In- fltnnj j ,
Colic. It roll ,'.' Troubles.
'r. o- ; Tefthliijr cures
tooted to dlatlnguUh other HiarMftert- grc entering Into then medicine t lightly dampened with Pain ltlm. Constipation
"' Tb wonl of praise bestowed.on the' J j. and Flatulency. It asninlllutes, the l-'H"I. regulate thfctoiiuirh
several II and quick relief i I. almost sure tu foilew. -
rule.b2. Ingredient entering Into l octor I anti llota'ele. gib'lug lieullliy ami
Iterce' medicines by such writer should For ale by all druggUt. .aaturalaJeea.
; mination of dle. Iaon' we?learn tier I. that where thfopuu. non professional. testimonial becauiw* ,
such men are writing for the guklanc of Mow .... \\MMtoi.
contlnnefor any lei :th of tlute their medical brethren and know whereof MHII ..l f .'l-lv- GENUINE CASTORIA ALWAYS
to bare Its beata tulckcnrtl to nil unnatural tb..y elM"Ak.lloth c >iiiMr** silent andiNanltenus. t
legn*e and where e*|.erlally a medicine are non-alcoholic nonsecret ." i>rucU.-.l Jean Jtaulln In j
,tile of th. temperature| or heat of the : and contain.. no harmful habltformlngdrur the fifteenth century "!sat noumugive Bears tho Signature of
bring compiMieduf Rlycerte : evidence of her osseous orl. -n by
: these .
body aocompanle *ymph>iu we extrietof" the. rafts of nativeAmerican
ought to suspect otue klud of feverish medicinal forest plant They are bothsold i' tbeIt I sbe keeps nit )Move. ..arkI
condition or other to IMP represented. by dealer, In medicine. You can't I of earth anal It make no noise; touch a i / ; ;
afford to ub.UtuUi for of -
TJae pnl* alone form a valualieeaougb these medicine accept aa of a known* composition.one I bag of liom- and you are deafened'

guile to thi. state of the ho",... any secret no*t nun.Dr. with the cutter clatter.- London : ., ..
but Ita value 1. Very much JoC"ft'a1 It Iterre l> Mts.*small*"..M"OII""
to the Information given u* by the' easy to take sto mach a* candy, Uver and regulate bowel and. tnvlguraas - :
pul...'we add that wbkb the uae of the A Card. The Kind You Have Always Bought ;
II IIIncorr
thermometer applle.-Cardiff Time. This i I. to.certify that all dru urlu.
A Crtm_ .\...... Wwlvf.
Voluntary sat runnl I H not only a are authorized to refund your mIPPJ'' In Use For Over 30 Years. : ''t'tva.a
Common Colds Are
Many if Foley'. Honey and Tar fall to
violation of the divine law but I I.* also l cure .....-.---. -a.e..a.anon- w..w ass acne J
Sriou Otssas.s.Physielaas a crime against *
who have gained a national Hal belniT Ve line a duty to the nui-- cough, heal the lung and pr ... .
reputation aa an.I,.,. of tbe cane non wealth a* well| UK tft ouritelvVe !serious retult from cold. Cure }

't of earioo 41 i...*...el.lm that It catch*. mutually det>en.l on one another like grippe cough and prevent pneumoniaand ---- - -- ---------- - .. --- -_. _. ---

lag cold could be avoided a long list of the member* of our | hy, k'al liotly."For consumption. Contain no opiate '
1 none uf UN llveth to hlmiHelf; aud .. The genuine i i. In n yellow
ailment would be

dangroo heard of.and consumption E"'JfJn.llno.originate* that never pnennonia from.I,I' no .man very way tl>IM ti iiivmlHT e.iuq to hlin arel.Itr elf.to*which* n Unman grunt bas army society n package. Refuse A .Co. *ub titute*. J. WMeCollum I' fUr flORIDA [Uff! 1ftSUDAnCr c nPAnt i

a cold.and.chronic catarrh, bronehiti. *peclJpldce. and mission aMiilKne to
and all throat and long trouble are him by lilt overelgu coiiiiuauder. To EVANS' orated. Under the Insurance Laws rf Florida:

acgravated rendered more .*.riou.I atuindun the frost tit duty lutrute to a

>>J each fresh attack. Do not risk sentinel I III reartnleil: by the military
your lif. or lake ehanee when you erode a* a most ciiwanlly act which I* Authorized Capital $1,000,000! t tAN

have a cold. Chamberlain Cough paul:ied with extreme: rlRor. What
Remedy will cure>> It before these di., tees doe th* unlckle do than basely OLD LINE LEGAL RESERVE LIFE INSURANCE COHPJHW
eases develop. This remedy contain abandon the situation a....lKued to him

no opium morphine or other hurtful In the warfare of life) .And there In noVive Fr: .BBilral aad fenenatlv :Xanajreaieat enable this C.nipaay tInvira 1.1

drug and ha thirty year ftf reputa wore contagious than cowardlydeertton. re ftt from 2O: to 25 percent less than Initial coat in many eumptc!**. ,J
It N often followed by a I -''
tin back of It. gained by it* core under Th Nwa-rarllrlpatbir I'ellcl- provides iuarnteed Maximom nf bee
general mutiny. aauj I* true ,of Refuge, Davis and
every' condition. For sale! by aldroggict .uklde.len a few deed of elf murder at (iua.--ntcwl Minimum Cot-the much lower &0ItI..iog. the plan ..

*. ________________ are widely circulated by the pressthey : Wardwell's Kidney Wax Beans. "EstimatedEvery Hi\'tch..d." ....

;y{ TIt. Will ... it.. are not Infrequently followed' by Famous Ak-sar-benr Cucumbers Pellcy Holder of the Florida Life Io.urai Company kaowitn .
Of hug hulk. treat endurance. andy numerous voluntary alauchter A"ulcidal the date he receive hi. Policy the exact cot and the exact valw, .! lams.
remarkable vitality, able to wave roll over the I.nd.-C.nll. I the earliest strain of Perfected maturity. Such i...Iicie. now r-pre-ent the be.t in the modern w-.,14 at
sal Olbbon In Century. ID.ur&l1c..nd b..eh... etMl.ement of the most prominent. b.I.... ie.
and lures and endowed
.lwrpl, White "
c have given. the subject carrf-il c"n..nh..n. }J -
with such vitality a* enable It to .
't charge It. enemies. even after receiving A Habit to B. Encouraad. Eden Gem and Rocky Ford If J.. insure this C... way y u receive full value for yoar m?*mii >

a mortal "wound the physical qu..- The mother who baa acquired the Cantaloupes genuine Colorado be vide. your money kept within the ctmtl .e* of your own Stall toa..tat /*
Itlea alone of the buffalo would render habit of keeping on hand a bottle of building up the sectionith fr. ni which rrceiveJ. "I'1/ '

It a mot fortuldabl poneut. But Chamberlain'. Cough Remedy saves grown.Watermelonsten. Fur rate and other information call on or address, si
r to Ita giant strength and bulk there.
herself a great amount of onea.i> varieties. "

mat t.. adde.1 Its Innate hostility toG nest and anxiety. Coughs. eotd and Re'd W. L. HILL S.CiIIIC..t! CaimsviH Fl
the white man. Its ferocity. Its love for to which children Bliss, Early Rose Ex Early .
croup are *u* !epti.ble.
Ita young ....IID a right: a high order of Six Weeks Spa aiding No. 4
are quickly cured by its OM' It ,
cunning:' that will u|.e.t the best laid
plans.Ifautltou Wright In'Id.. counteract any tendency of a cold to! and Beauty of Hebron Seed Irish G. S. ERCHANT: CC)

World lla zDe. result in pneumonia, and if given a* Potatoes. :

k ._ soon a* the first jmptoni of croup
-- --- -
appear, it trill prevent the attack This I Cabbage.Head Collards-h4>ads Retailer and Jobber In 7..'

a remedy contain nothing injurious and like Cabbage, stands the IUD and

mother give it to little one with a grows like Collards. Staple and Fancy. Grocerii

feeling of perfect uenrll,. Sold by ,
alt druggi*!.. Pearl and Bermuda Onion Setts.

Grain Garden Seed and Fertilizers
Millet, Sorghums Rape and ,
S. "Iee.nw Meer.The .
dale John StPtMin. fjimon- In.hit Sunflower Seed. SOUTH dY!jt: (JITAHKt ." t yAltiEyVILIJ,1L0: -:.

day MM a tli.*..lrh"111 .uuuftJpr. war hay THE ONLY SEED STORE IN lighe market price paid for Chicken. Egg and other Pru4a. 'i | '
luff a yacht built. und a friend luvotlnshim : ,
ITr on the _!re .t. asked" him what GAINESVILLE.

he Win Rum' t.. nntno the boiit. "l A Complete sauna oT Hay, Corn. O.u. Flour. Bran 31elCottondeed '.
and Kye.V bundle only the VERY IIE8T good at the MEHT : .
harm d'- -idesyet.. rVplUil John 'but
EVANS SEED COMPANY TRTGF and guarantee ."ti"'rctinn al_ar*.
It will bc.Mniuc mime roiuntenolus with i it
1'. probably' ether l Psyche or Olnclu** j Post.. flle 1;'.ock .

i i1r 1

B.l ;r.gand Gas in the that Stomach.sense of follbef* t Stanton Foundry & Machine .' 'Fay-SholesT :

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so often experienced after citing i* CO. Inc. > .$ 54 >?>_ j
caused tj the formation of s*.. The "' '
stomach fail to perform lie function if"r: t_ 6r s'fc
\\ wiTpainwhen PALATKA.: -:- FLORIDA.
'bySuffer and the food ferment Chamber : TypewriteTHE
; : JL5 5
lain' Mt.m.rh ard: Liver Tablet will *n 'srrr, of- 'f2 ", .
Bl' .... .' !"
correct trie disorder. They aid die ; ., .
BAL'LARGfcSNOWLINIMENT Iron and Castings and J/ \r
: getivn and strengthen mid Invig9rat"the : Machinery, ; : ?o.r '" \l''' O1.1:.....:.. .
- stomach and bowel. ) For ale by Grata Bars, Ptosp! ate Castings, ..**_*Kunivmi- ". IIE:>T .

a WILL CURERIIEU."IATlS.'I. all droggi i.. fiiilroid and Mill! Castings tea .: 1 XACII1>E UTilE: LtR .

til* r.rt. And Repairs. Tabulator
CUtS OLD MaeUtratc .r. wittM*..i 1 ui* l SOKCS. SPRAINS.:' WOtll), .. ... C..AST ic-v'IiY nnnOARD I -
that yon oT *. ; "i the iwrrel l>etwe*n DAY. Iachi>
STIFF JOINS: MIURALUIA. the defendant .in.l his wife? WltneYew. -_ c>ur lDa hire a"f'fO f.'t'_ eon.l tft note Every
SCALDS inrz. tMl' fx v.,. -
>' ta \1M' state K Ot.1t
-Ir. Matfii>trut .*->Tell the court If
O. A. Frl...!... n"tbTf' can. what IM reiucd" tu be loin "'!
el wnt. .f J UallArtl'.AuowLlnlm.nt ; The ft
, : u Lightest Shift 1 Lighted Running
.' WItnen--114' seemed to t..t. dolu the
* '- for family. It
'ta the beet Unlnient inaclo.rellarea listen! BROWN HOUSE Champion Speed Writer of the World
-- -
a burn a.ndcald* Use the Fay hole*. More FayShole Ina "
Z5c. JOe and $1.00 Itching PiI.l .. BARBER '
l. Oalnevvllle than any other tnacbln
If you are acquainted with anyone ,

UnimcntCo. [ who i* troubled with Ibis distressing E.11tEsr I'AI'Y. l'rp.

ULca tEat JOG can do him no greater fambar.. Tonsorial work of2 kind eaeeetsd For Sale by. . r fx
pswssptat sad ta*a. ....s.&e ___r. p "

.. .. tt.ststaar. aortae.. .. THE SUN T.fSmuviller/:

. .. . . .f.. ,............
-mr *

'....,. -- '.- ,......, "-...:,, ..,

i+ ''
t '


-- -- --
-- ---- -- - --- --
-- -
I c::::
A NEW LOBBY. of .iTet tot
:tAl" noally Fecause the q

inter. enthusiasm because of ..bzai *> CLYDE STEAMSHIP i iZ
Oar correspondent says ..hintt. for ("hriiinti work. and the des

too i. watching with m.jeh interestthe termination of the .'utlP"t..f the

;;;O at,... Nat ome. ., O-.1DYW.via.. worktop out of a distinctly" new "rim..Nt".S!..* tncondt Nitric study

_MOOa4-el....stall CfcttcrH.H. idea in affair. Thi pr .
public bt he < .
I > eta-.i!* among then .etves. t>ee.ae of

),to C.IA.AKY; : FHtu* .>
-- tion de.igne-1 I. filter a wnr knowledge alMMit ht like e"vention. the tfittherinft -

.IPSE Eo tjCRTL. City tAU.or. of national ieei.lation. and to of the tudent here has been of

PREWITT. . &UI'". CosD|<...".{ U MOFF1CK __. iinlnrse i i or opt o
I V.X. 'I I the general welfare of the people attendance at the various college, ;; J ;

t It loKTrR: HUOCK. j The ba.i<- idea '. that if the penpie I aid it .. tr rx- rnetly' hoped that !! .:z "-.

. j: _.w-.Mam *U*:t. *". T"L..o".43-2 I I kitow the fact on legislative malt-r-. this is but the Ueginnine nit an awkenerl ;-.:. ..,,.
..ri itFOo
public opinion will rind *och wide "xI I interest among all the student -
. [ ea.
M.n ht r scary awrnis4 '
. J'M n.a. .del.ttrtdhteafriet >. Uae city,or I' .r.*.ir>n 'ht& it o nnnt be dfsregarle.i,; 1 of the :ime" In the University alone R SAILINC: : S EACH: 'VP *' i .

Ii r -.au.do any part of the f.ll.U .latc pu>lap Channel of publieiry are nut UeXinc eight cl,s.e. have been formed hy the

C ....fo *S.>_*; $01.*."....* _.i.: ft" Ibreefa The (" "'- Lobby hi the -1If'1".'" ..f .tudent for futile study alone thegebentl uolctsoiwille and Ne vv York

...Ihaoe> hats f- Ere wr k. -.trktiy iD I" Imra- number of .eaiitig n.-.papa line of Mr C'-per's department .
. J' ... Calling at CHARLESTON. 8. C.. both way*.
'land of such pnt>li<*.tinn. a* "aucces.." of the student; Y M C. A. in

M )ladl.j ....Iu.ln lueal column la rut 4 line i Co'lier'." and Itidgen.'. the United States. The Finest Steamships ia the Coastwise Service ,

and oats fvtm.hs"JilKm&l branch of the work of i
for. fiat InMTtMra ; i An 'mportant --- ---- ---

fcWcrttoa.Utrsf. I the organization: !I. the e.refil e a
_ .rdi.t>Uy ad tti.4nic Iole known onTVr
| .
piling of the public record of
I...... every over in pekin that I. badly in need of
5 ..uc. .. Freight Merrice Between JACKSONVILLEPRUVXDOC BOSTON i and
tleprf --- if remember
discharging but we rightly and All Eastern Pointa. a
It Tw cr- -*'Ct. M. 4*an rigM-fairc. buy p. have <% right to know from an rjn- .
4' doe \
the constitution not say anything Calling at Charleston both way*.
S eojMaa p.|-.r.' t>til>H.hcU cvrty >f....4lajr and p-ejollced eitiiree whit their l..rl".1
President ComraanderioChief
t I- A......,.. awl C"OCtaID. all 1M ocwa of the ton sreduing. The influence" brought: about the being SE 'VV EEBL: : yo SA'TT.T G l
local. Male and |c__raU and will be of the Marine corps. *
k. toG'
L B.
a I bear member ul Congress will inbound. . .. From WM Wharf
t ,--it? po taK* hC't. tu any tart of the ailed to on I N.utbhunnd.... .. ....... ...From Foot of Catheric ....Jae.lIOO.tllClvde
S Clamor Canada. fur f i .*< a )"car-I. advance.AH ai.o tee examined into ; this mean ahi. I Now it appear there are fro moreislands d

'- of the "Third House'thesecret .
tory I
,t. advertising bale become due afur 6r.tppcaranor lobbyists who are so successful in the Philippine Archaepelagothat : St. Jchns River Line

..f advclu.cnwnlanle.., otherwisestipulated we thought. were baying And
influencing legislation for the bton.. 1 .tWetln AcsctJONVI1.1J and SANI"Oftnt
in .
in contract. *' ic not known w Spain unblushingly still fail to apologize -
r. wnl be required to =.t' for adwrtiMnsT .IO' 1 fit of the "special iotere*!*" which by having gold bricked ns.Market 'ot> hu: at l.J.tka.lOr., Bereaford (De'Landatsd tuteratmlial

..-ce. Addr**., TIn DAILY hCN. i 1 employ them. on St. John River. .
--- --- -
.... I
G&I".IU. - -
.I_ -- -- The plan seem broad enough and report say that the price of Steamers "CITY OF JACKSONVILLE end "FREDK DE BJ
pratic enough ttiaugnr great public
\ SOME PERTINENT QUESTIONS. beef on the hoof has been raised. Are appointed to ..n a* follow* Leave. J"ek.onville. 4ail!. except
\ good if intelligent,; carried into el!. I.
leave .
GJ.clIO see somebody can raise the Saturday, at So p. m. Keturninc. baaford. daily -
The personnel of the Governing Commlttre :- *. at 3os. m.
u( iay :
: ; So far at the public i. concerned the I price. It has been bothering: us for _ _ _____ eel.t| _ !
| :
I and of the men inchargeof thebureau --= -
t Board of Public Work by its inaction some time
: would b.wtaweed.
.in Washington seem to HCUEDULCr.
sad indifference In the matter of carrying mead daw float
; promise this result and the willingness Borwnsville. is still usefula ....".* 8:80 piu . . . . ...... ....Ja kooTUle.... .. ... .. .. ...A i.:1.
oat the provisions of the orJi. of the people to iudorae the project The name H:45pm .. . . ...... .......Paiatka...... ..... ......1M..* .

J..t. mnee approved the fith d.7 of Sep and to support it with their subscrip- a means of .IndentiHcation. bat the SKJOem . ... ... . . ... ... . Astor ..... . .. .... ..... >t

a.mber.19, providing far the luu- Ionto..rpm.* now to have ... . ........ .,..rord (DeLand) ... ... ... .. It
'ace of bond to the amount of onV i tines i* attested by hundred of communications branched oC ontu almost any other Arrive Pt80.14. ...... ... ... ..... Sanford ......... .......... .
1 : received from every State lflikam.- Fnterprlae. .... ....... ..... 19
J hundred sal fifteen .hou..d. dollar, aubjeet.AUCHUA.
in the Uniott and from Panama KKAL PA8M. AND TICKET OFFIO 122 W. BAY ST..JACKttONA.
and pecifjring, among other thine, - -- -- - U : .
Hawaii and the I*iand..
I Philippine
1" that th. monies arising from the sale C. HAOEBTT. O. E. P. A.. F. M. laoxMoiioBa. Ja A. O,..
Knthiiia.tie letter are still being received Pi.rsa N. R. few York. .Jacksonville.' .
of fifty of .h... bond should bu,ed : COUNTY .
daily, and the organisation cun>> O. H. TAYLOR Paa*. Traffic *f.r.. C. C. BKOWJ G.n'l P.*. A.*t. .
for the owning
7 purpose acquiring :1 tinne to make its appeal for subscription a Drench Office. TOO Broadway New York. .

eonatrujting and operating an electric for from ll.OO D. Jonas F. L- 8. Scaoau. O. Are
ai any amount upward. L. T. A..
i ia .er..lo
light for the city refuse to give Alaebaa county SOfJ,4OO
plant Henry Beach Needham. whose experience area, ha 246 roilea railroad fun Jackcoiiville. Fla. Lee.bi nc, Fla.

the people any relief from the exorbitant :, a, a journalist In Washing- mile wagon road M poe"m("... \\.. G. Cooraa. Jn. F. A., CLTDB Mtuca. O. F. A..

U U! and unconscionable price charged ton led him to suggest the formationof 1::3 public schools! 77 phosphate Jacksonville Fla. Pier 88 N. R.. Nw York.C. .

by a private and foreign corporationow I I the People' Lobby, i* the secretary plant. :'O..w mill. fTfi.OCO courthouse P. LOVBLL. Agent Jacksonville. Fla.

;, franchise from the four newspaper and pro .
enjoying a --- - -- --
of the Washington
in charge
ducea cotton
corn rice sugar
the board would
city. Perhapa not bureau, located in the Muntey Bal d.Inlt. oat, rye potatoes pineapple, ore

refute to answer a few question that _ ____ ... p..ache_. peara. plume t*' Florida East Coast Raliw'Local

C we would like to propound, and in the -- - --- cans, and all kind of .veiretablecGainesville ,,

i a answer to which each citizen of STATE UNIVERSITY NOTES. C Time Card No. 0. h Eff d Ju ry s, Il1 .

Gainesville' I* lot err*ted in some deajree -
the County Seat. sotrTnsoV? D..UAO DOWN.wz .
: The Y. M. C A. Convention recently .,
r . a. sit
When wa the ale of Jxty-flve I held at the University of the Ha fourteen churches, two public 1) 117 Deify DeIly 11.117 BTATIOIta Datl7 x >)att/w

bond. aRcresatins izty.flvo: thoo- State of Florida at which all but one schools, the.Unlvtraity' of Florida to .Ja n 9io.a w ar sae .-.. ...

sand dollar, made? of the college of the State were represented private school, three newanap .... .... 4 SIM f -

Cs Aft the time and date of tale did Ih.t probably mark the beginning United Slate alarm land ofllce the elMtri beet tOIt ,....., .Haettaga.-.... a a

;' city reeelv for tame the face .value of ia our school of a new periodof water Ore ayvtem. I.ire a afro/ II SbMi ao Lv iaa tsfaka L. S sie
lee ftetorie
and ga light, two *, i risk.tel..
fsu r. 7 trstt li WNfla
''s the bondaploa the accrued Interest? Christian. work and activity.. The !:naebin shop, three wood facto s taw 4 MMil I i *HCccdenscd L. ...... P tatta.Al 7 1 aZr

f Although the bond have interest convention. wa in *...100 from January rie. cotton Rio,two mote ftctorie, +a_ . Ar- ai.. L. ....
three railroad., two fertllli manufacturing s i06.M Le.-5.. _..- 7 f
4 coupon .attached payable at the end 17 to January 30 inclusive and in labetL.
companies on. aiwf ae* +w L.aiu.eh.. ,.___C.
e of period of slit months from the date it* three daily session accomplished manufactory one rectifying tor -- 7 i! --- -.1JUpeat----" 1

i it of the bond did you. at the time of more than Ie i usually don at auehassemblies. pentane plant, two bank, and well gee: 2--i Jas a it a It 11 1 ".....--Orwoad.......otr.wd-1lslet -r" i i 4 3u aif

diet ; the *.Ie. pay the interest on these The t*enty.flv* or more stocked stores embracing every. sun 1 ors.t1 .....- .. Ileeo.-..... a 0 a
.. 1 larva. .. . "........tetlUra.es.a 1. a
In the eommereial lin*.
IJs 1 bonds In advancer delegate, together with a number of thing 17 1 tsy 11 Ar Kew Mtayr.e--L. ? t atejtei

.Hei.a.. ..... its..
If t At.t.t.
the interest wa paid In advance students of the University, were pre* -- -- Tf
A ... I
ie t .. .._ 4 a ...... Uraaj. Cory
?, r waa thus done without objection or eat at every. meeting and under the _10 4.. .. .... IOa. = City JratL It .

protect from any member 'able leadership of such men aa C. 9. T2'satr t gc 17 Cr... -.It.w as'r.a... Arr t t
LA GRIPPE pas. ...y..I sk H111 .. L. 1 4
What ha. been the average. amount Cooper of New York J. V. Head and 1 Inv in a'e a7a.1 2ar..r 1?Mhr'Ar tltas.llN .. L. t 11014w

of money deposited to the credit of W. Weatherford.. of Atlanta, andR. Ia spa.!Nt MIr At.....+...JMl.h.rd .... .-lei ate.1 to
y a tot 11 wt.w, iL... tyfot/
the city from the ale of .h.... bond? M. Harper of the University of 1 if... Y '! -amii C... --Tlw..ilIs.A a
, Ha about .........&e to..... lui *lr1*>*>4FOLEY'S > w..a .. . .C.rea.-----Lv 1
the learned much the
from i
*o deposited North Carolina, 11 -- I
e money flail laver f.llowa> the r.s off 2 tae. I$ 7e.i a t' +t 1 _._.__lteekM=e"....-.. .I HS. t7
S the ate of three bond been drawing. the bet method of carrying on the 1 f oe., a w...... ... Eau Usl Ile _.--" 1! ifIS

Interest. and how much? work of the Student Y. )1. O. A. In sin a i ,.__ ___ --3l.lborra.-- I7 TTSM.-,.,..... 11
7, Honey 17 Jtt al a I: ....+ .......- fMt+utlaty.ts .7.e.
If the same I I. not drawing interest particular much *tre*. wa laid upon l tail a i5.., ...- l l Wait10
.. se 111 1
20.. 2 s oe a .. .--Ynn Meree.-
state whether or not any motion ort the study of the English Bible. This ID< Tar 2 ZS..t TeH.......... ... ...... ,TIib.11:. l0 _

revelation was introduced or propo.ed wa the dominant note beginning with .. 2 t O alou........ ... J.awa_..._.._ ie 1 a.
by any member of the board for the tre: openingaddre in which Dr. Sleddwelcomed It aaapa taw 0.... sad aal th* tara.*vfrwvat ...-.. 24 a .eiPY. .rt.---.. I.f'."r... e ia
-.ii.t. .... .e.
a I 7 a..w....... .... a..a -
purpose of a.e.rtsiningwhethernr not the delegates and speakers Ta wlt..ala sad ConaauaptioavPer 2..e 7 2'se .._._. .- ....... N r.t lart.sr........." .7Srr
$ t ...... a Ins s mat a be. Ar..,.. Ne l r'al.s )N+elt--.. a 10 aa
1ft1 this money could depo4ited at In. to Gainesville, and then pok- of the .A S. !-sects .. In o.-.e .... C.imer.rt lag, a a.a a We. aw ............ t+s.ea ...- 10

f terrat, and what tJ4"e.mp of this reA- .'I lbl. .. Literature.. and not ending I .Yr wi,. sad Ie...... ... ....,. k. I I 0 21.. 0 (.a..e s.' .a Q.aMw. .D X. .........Meel....$eynt.cal. Heara..A. w.-Lv 7 NIM 1 10..-.. 7a 7a

lotion or motion if nny such w.* proposed until the last address, delivered Sunday .ter a r1 be. ...eh bee ..... _w.... .site a low .. "' .. 7 zar 7
f -...-..>Eseaw ...Su ....d w......... a1.. i') .t,. ..-.Tort t.awtsrdal.- 0 std
or In t rod a f'eo.U night at the Presbyterian churchby I I .:; .u. 1J.. ldlow .....-U.ats.-+ "
I Ha the board ever had under con Mr.' Cooper the Bible Stodr Department sale by J. W. XciVllaM A c. w r Mr Ira 21sr ,........ ._tlsllaa.fsl&. ., a
._ ...... ...
7 t... l.t.nw. .L.a .l'liy. + Lt unit. :1
. deration( any resolution or motion of a.. student Y. M C. A -- a are.. 7 sus 10 a... 7 :;air Ar ..,,...- ?/t..l.- :
' a' ........... .. .,.,.... / r._=Ar aIn'
that had fur u. purpose an invetisa Another feature of the convention to I. at. Ar. ?. _n.ta..t.eI. .. ..ILt .-_ .- U
lion of the proposition to build or sot > b.* noted wa the "gi itoil fellowsh.p": Health -

quire an electric light plant for the fostered among the student* of the RESTORES YITAUTf Schedules Between Jftckscimlld and SLAfigut e.

'$ city and if not has any such r".olu> various institutions represented and ,, I..f i N..23N.CN..77N.- w aAv..ws ..

0 i Lion ur motion ever ben introduced! the emrhasts laid upon the necessityof '1 a.a a iI A U I j U A _Dally iJDajly I s aT

or pr'ipu' Hl? maintaining. absolutely clean arhties }WeIi Man .Ily IMIIyp.tl. fl.Ity ta. >tos.iia.g Datty_ DslIy

f The people of tinevile! are later- l I. .eawwt"1e. i O.w 43ws It I ra-TLi. ;Ii..t-t4 4.1e 4l
t I r 4 t a 0 0
THEN flf .a." A. arm a q0... M 19W 12Nw) N+ laedm4
., e.t.d in the q-r.iiun whether or not The convention was the flr.t of its > N"N : *iN-. "V r"*' ** S.. Ho.e .
, the money arising from the tale of the kind ever held .in the r'4hte.< and now Its n | n % t! tI 1 DaTir I Davy i

"- I. elzty.fire bond I. drawing interest or propod to hold such a meeting i. =iEVI'.. ". O 1ZZr721d DYpr.dar. 1 path |T*llf S1 S s.l' Dally 2.. tiaLD.D.lT 2t. Saa J Patt Daf
Pine rea1lan : .
'1 laying. idle .in bnk The above. cure. 'owertullramlgewkly.t.wre.wbea.tberafall.1''ong SOdsif* It acts. I asp. .:: 's awq i aa+'f3 'i a..+ to io.r a'. f i t+ .t ,
i I II lIe. 0 mew a .'.d 0 t ,r+ 11 toes 17 nos. LI 7 K .t 7
their r fea.es. 7 ewe _
tion m a ran r.es a lo.t maoteouU air)
are specific and direct and we Catarrh Cannot be Cured ,, old men mar reenter tbvlr yovtbtvl *lf>r toy I o2 Train ensposed.ad.utvely of FuUma Ce rartot Cats asd sail.seatM
.. respectfully nk' that ieciflc and dl. u.ln. Iata'1a.1., lt 'jn:rhly snit quietly reV. *
-with local applications, a* they cannot I I art.a U. r'veuane... Icat '.talfty* t.eest E"xtTlIt a r> rnarbe*operate* ee IAe s traas.w i wktea q sxtra Nat av*la i
Tact answers be made to Ih.m.Tb. :ai.n..t.wh a*Lt Power. Kalila; M.mun. :
ff reach the seat of the dh ea... Calarr Wa+ttat Is..esa... ant .ae t-,a( srtf-...... or rrsir.Annet.top. -tano..atwaksttaa.t.antthewa.
above qu .t.on. are asked at ther i* a blood or constitutional d.J...... ..i.d ....._ ba ta..iacrt>.&ue. whiclr aaflt* oaa f..ret.dy : i ctt ete.pt ea.4.y.
'q'j..i of of the ..rll'llaa. bw.lae Kor snarr MST*. It not only ear*. -
f l' many Isy .n order to cure It you must take internal 'V .&.ani..* at the ...-at of u.-....but ta a treat lam La Ir IfATroulfft..iYCU Daft,
j era and K..t people' of Uaine.vill. ., and< remedies. Hall's Catarrh Cure .* nerve ...ar and ble..t bu/ld.r boattat' I rs w.a i.ntr u. j____ Oaty
.eklbwputtsslewto t>ale leeta aj:>f t >
.eo are to no way prompted by .III.feeling taken Internally, and act dirrctly on aortal tb. Mr* *f v*>HtU. It waro nit ate star s 7 OPe ie i'.+Le Jaek mnvJI.A 7 u
for any member of the Board of Pun- proavr.>la dUea>M. la> f. .YII&H" I%0. C. a sae .' 10 1. Lv.'i.e Ja kesael"- Ad i 11O.O.t
- the blood and mucous surface !Hall'* o outer. Ikcma rw earrie. la vm nnrket. |iy | n '.'.m 1- eati 1* H. Lt--.. Pablo Week ..-..Ar 1as
; lie Work, for we honor and e.irm Cure i is nut a quack medi'ine, .,aILet.OO per rartste. orsia for S.ties. M. a-.n a a *.* M> *>. s l.v atl. tia Wsca--Ar t 1l
each of Catarrh e. free advic* aU r na_l to all*bo wuli It, 7 MUM. n I'.vf. I rtf. II JOMMAr_ tl p ti --_ 0 tt.M 11
,i them and reallae that they It was prescribed. by one of the beo.tJlb.lfOIAD.ln wtth (..r.....*. Ctrr_i.rs fre*. A
', are honestly endeavoring to perform this country for years and MEDICINE CO.. Mantas Etta. Cki *.*. nt I'E'LSS.LtR: AND OCaDEXTAl[ STEABSB1P C8gnECTWS! ATJ

without remuneration a thankie: prescription. It I. com For ..!* iu Gainesville., Florida, bj .- -- -
i I. a regular
talk. Miami wtta $taaai alaaaltti r. A fit.S. I
; posed of the best tonics known combined W. M. J' hnann. DroggUt. Clot Coaacctlea Mad at
-- - ----- -
with the beat blood putiflers I Havana Key West and Nassau,
Rockefeller his em
1, ploys a* to the ue of tobacco. The, setingdireetly on th* mncou. surfaces ..N 1:.:; '..AO.iEHc : Trains Discharge Passenzers at SDIp's Ir

t The perfect combination. of the two f .. ..... ....r..
tract display no uon antagom >.Iar.r. .... t..rn-."'" w v ./ Tare Tim Table*stow tie time* st wfelclk<
..' to the ae of standard oil. ingredient i. what produces such won .. e ".... ...........t..+ R.m tae s**.f*J stail .e-. bat their sett.at er "
drfol recalls ia coring catarrh. Bead .. ...... -w.... sac M Ss+aaW t4
for testimonials free.
?. Mr. Hearst can at least alt back tan w F. J. C...ar A Co.. Toledo.O. -
*"" lag Ooraor Hughes aDd taial o


oj I P k 7+ 1}i'NNrA a,. itdit ]I1flwdh''p' ," 'nrott
ii, ,fr 1 8 r d l



--- -
ARMY UNIFORMS. business to be transacted and Ih.purpo.e. OAUNISHEE NOTICE ::::::::::.- :
BXyt3X3W3C6:: :1
C \'
and objects for which this kJRJ3* *
...... !leaf ..... .t>MM) t* Stars corporation .. organized ar* s the I n the Circuit Court Eichth Judicial
... r.. Keep It ..'p.ZLrw Circ-jiH Florida, In and for Alacnua -'

would you like to be forced to Grahamsng t'.unty-I'.0.Itsinsry ... V.bRhanrsbee DR. kOBT. C. BOXVEK3 -; r'H I

pliances the purchase and vale >t more a corporation ..SI..tJZUf.
tevest fl.OUO for clothing whether you ; ; of 'fi \
per the laws of the 4tae! of Illi
bad tbe money or wanted to or not lorvtgn and dom..tie patents ; to buy DENTIST.
yleloaall k.
sell deal in .
mor&5 ge. or real estate i
This Is what an army officer holding i..rnl.tee "ulnf.h. Damages
and personal property to ii ;
; } tpo
engage >
commission. In t- .. 'am'. service II l KO
a "" Offle. in .
G any and all manufacturing enterprise* Miller Law
bas to do much oftener titan b* like*. and industries, that may be m.nal.d. Too Vaughn's S.>.d Store, a corporation E.cha.ce. IIqtr '

It be doe DOt happen to have the ready owned or controlled by a corporation exit na under toe laws of the Office Phone 1\0.x; Ie.ideae.ge t

cash (and many of them Io not have Y of this character; to conduct own.msnsfre. S li "- of Illinois, defendant in above derft

It) be b force' by army regulations to . quir..r operate any and en.r Von will. and take all other person* Interested I -- '",.

bid enough clothe on credit to tog out every kudaod er-araeter. of busine notice that the above .
fifteen men.It that mal be conducted owued. man.gel.qutr.d and f< r"Biili>g *suit was iustiilitedasraiut DR. J. H. LDERI.\:;e R
1'AU11h.n/ a re
I. an secret but of ; or op.r..d by w corporation ,.
army some named 'h"r''in, in aliove "our'.n
this character
under the
fee lieutenants, fresh' from West Point All careful laws or Florida now existing or her 1 u*-*dsj. 'h.. let day uf January, A. D D E N T I 3 I ZJIo

L two year age bare only recently fln- ''n..f'.r enacted and fgrners'ly: tr I*u:. sled that a writ. ft garnishment ...

: tsbed paying for their first Sl.UOa worth do .11 things' necessary and for isued in *aid .1.... suit a* provided 3E"tsl
women, use proper Over 1Jutio.
of clothes. Their salvation I la tbat their enrry'ng' vn said buciu.ss or to protect by (taw. sod joti the *ai t defendant 4 Co' Bar. ..........

credit la good with the tailors who cater : I snd sdTSMre the Interest thereof and and all other persons lnt rrstfd are ;

to the army officers* trade. All. the I H E R BIN E for the.e purposes to have and |>t>.- her.-t,y required tusp..rar 10 :heato.rennn ... ,

uniforms are tailor made. It Is nothing ..ra all th..ishub ... pri 'il..... on Muudsy. the 4th day of b.
t: ... .. and i Tinnonitie" +* incident to and civ. Its, -h. 191). th<* same. beiiig the rule
out of the ordinary tor an army officer' .. . n day in ..*id month and DR. DcVEKE B. ) of
*, ; terein: tail not MOKRls
under laws of this
the .t. to a corporation
to be for hi Woman who .ua from
paying clothe on the ID.ataDIIM'Dt r ae- or f'.lllm"l.tIll be Riven against i.
of such character. you ,
plan.. nat I. one part of UK yore headsetira.and all tlhvrV- t-t d..ull.

army officer's life that will protiably e* due toa torpid liver should Third-The amount of the capita XV. > IfROOMC. I*. n. R.uUI1"; . .LEtiTIST . toM
not romantic nut till their stomach with calomel stick of ..id corpo r at ion shall b.* Five Attorney. for Plaintiff Plaintiff .. _
appear -especially to the
women. and other drugs. Million Dollar, to be divided into --- -. -- '...z,.
Fifty Thoussr.d shares, st a tar rlueof Office over' Marcu I.del'a.! '
But the rigid requirements make It HERDING QUICKLY CURES On. Murdred Dollars each payable NOTICE. Pfvae .-. .
necessary for the officer to spend a BiUousneaa. Constipation. Chills In lawful money of the ITnited t3rrerr. 10 t... t Ircult ihMtrt. Rlxblb Ju>ll !ial Circuit of tI'ct''
large sum of money for his clothes! or and Fever. Dyspepsia. Malaria or in ,property patent*, franchise, la.tntr t'h fortd+ory* In MttIM and tot- Jawed A.aeho: H. Counts nitlb t.la J\ A. CARLISLE ,

offer penalty! for not having them. and all Uver Complaints. or service*, at a ju.t vslnatinn to 1" miun IttwM b'te l.'umi..n). n ''orpdr ....

Tbe pay of second lieutenant Is I i Sir*. C. D. Phlllsy. Marble h*> Iliad by the ineorporator" or by five hUG l* tuiou to Ke-vatabiiKb Lot Uee.I. ATTORNEY AT LAW
directors at meeting called for such The Trenton 1"buoo.It.a. Comttfiikr: rat tu all
f 1OO<< a year. One of the drat things FallsTex.writer I find llerbina a wttotn it mar concern! Take noil,.e thut oo And Solicitor eltlW
... baa to do on receiving bin commission the beet IITf'reorn-etiTf'I' I purpose.Fourth. ibeNfbclitv ul Junu>". A. 1If..'.. |..'ulN.p in Equity
ever tried. It ha done family -This corporation shall exiot wrs aim Dt .lam.. It aJtb ID thetlrculi ...
Is to flt himself with clothes to tny Court of .%la 'bua "....lItr. !'ot.t..r tturkla. In Rea Estate Cun..J.DeID .
and myself a world ofgood. for a period of 0In.17.nln. 7..r"a I O..i> !*ry. re-etarrfl..k a lust deed .ral I'r.ctie@ aDd 0... IkIce'+
meet the required regulations. In the I recommend it to my its corporate esi.aace.hall commence I Inn !Oo..t.ID t>er. A. It. l_. by tt. Trenton riecuieil All bu.in.. prom .... t.e
first place, be baa to have service uniform friends." the date of the issuance of Letter 1'Mr.t.bate Company cunveytntr ti> Jan,e. It. aU.nded to. Office Qrst dour .
ctlth the folluwib _r l>ed sale. torte.. otlJce.:: tilt
of olive drab and kbakl for summer PRICE SOc. Patent. the eounty wl Alacbua ana tae of I'lorwlm. liatx"vn.ISFtozuFERDI &. '..,
and winter wear. There must be F.Ub-Th. business of this corpora:4 towlt. Nw 1-4 M. W i-7 of raw 1-4 A Ne "t of

one kind of service while mounted and Ballard Snow Liniment Co. ion is to be conducted by a President, I.w rila4:|>4 Section e. Tu"'n..b' ,U.OIlUt. J:rase ANU BAYER, (

another kind while dismounted.It V ice President Secretary and Trca.urer . Now unless >.HJ ai>i>e.r on the tbdarof ATTORNEY
requlrre ST. LOUIS. .. MO. and a board of not Ie.. than )I..h. |M>7. lo raw court aDd lo a* hereafter AT LAW.
not less than four khaki re>iulre.l l/v law and ..be.. ".11_ atraio\ said
uniforms of wash goods for field three nor more than thirteen Directors. IM>tltl/ M>. the au>e h.Ul be t..kvn u. confessed GAtxtantts Fa.o.- Tv
ice. serv of whien Board of Directors the ..Dd ...., lot died. te-strDU.bN t>r a d crre 1- -
There are trousers for use while President. Ck..Pre.ldent. :Secretary; of aM court. are..ou wlUuefore{ "tte.tdKs.-d
dismounted and the riding bte.ibes.sWltb Sold and Recommended' 1 y and Tnavnret.h.ll be members The from UloptiUrv. the tutia.. It. Can sell you. sity property Ca.I .: ,7fteo\
> UltUVuCH. and
the service uniform go the boots W. )I. JUII. OS. Maleillle. office. of Secretary and Treasurer may Cierlt Circuit \:1HIr1.AI'PLICAT"O truei Jaq and unimproved farming ), pbwp ,). M,
lauds .
shoe, pigskin legging cap. service tw held by one and tne same p..r.nnTb. Seal ..
__ _ __ a of what you otiertorsal.
o _
bat..addl.: blanket to match uniform --- H officers and directors shall be N nuc Lit NCIIAttar.Notice : 21" .ilL
- !
a leather equipment and a few other A Kncuw<.. Tewwe. elected annually at the annual stock 1* hereby gIsen that I. Tbun V lor ,
holders meeting, the first of which '..r. a*eie *ut of the W. E. BAKER.ATTOHNEYAT.L. 1G+
+ !!tag's. Then there are dress uniforms Apart from It* wile range the nit "r lat will aD>l te"ti nieot t
in .r RUM" II. loner. .
hall be
the company's general office d.-e.-.I. will apt Ir to 1m.aad-
i) for dismounted service, with black nral beauty nod sweetness of the vo.ceof in Gainesville. Florida, at two tbe Uooorub'e! H O. dawn.luunt) Judge lo
and for Al*<*bua .'101..... <' W freteti
boots and black shoe* Mtxn Ileeve held. his audleuco.pelINwod eounty. 1ttlriv la ,
cap cape, overcoat o'clock p. m. on the second Thursday IoDate.la a>onib.after dale bervuf, for nit
'1 ", hat and helmet. aiul fully entitled him to l e in F.bru.rJ.l907.: and annually there Bnal duwbarite from my' said vxe.utor Mt>. and . SOLICITOR IN CHANCERY.GAINESVILLE.
::. There must be two sets for summer termed the (lni*..t Jr.aUab truer of his after and until such first election the Mktal chef County 1. a. web JutlceODalreturniiof executor, HtoaJ afHon Die with pirn1Ll.a

'\ ,and two sets for winter of all the dif{ day. lie etjxM-'jilljr! excelleil In oratorio names of the officer who are to conduce for bl**"pri>.*l.lJ iijjr se<*xiDti .

ferent uniforms. Then com the official |Kirt... while In "<|>ern his sucitfu the business of the corporation, ..ted tuhi :..b day' ?r January A. U ,.*";'. Alschoa Co.. .' '
untllthr elected at the first election TMO'. V. Koirrtic" :: Office in
dress was t carrely lens Uecutor Endel Block I'
uniform for mounted and.f pronounced. I'ebaits .- of La..111 rat T..t..II. of : Cih ,
shall be qualified are .. follow.: C. Ro bert It Porter Dee e.-eUUNPROFITABLE,
{ dismounted service With the official It was as a singer of EuglUb ballads t\'. Chair President ; Clarence It.8t ... tae

tt drew go gold shoulder knots and a that Sui? nerve* appealed to tbe rouse. Viee.Ptead.nt ; E. E. Can 7551its.

belt of gold costing about $:SO. cap bat. majority and It will prolwibly be many non. Secretary sod Treasurer The h 0. Q O .O'--CQ.m .'. .4f MM' T. B. ELLIS. JP.. ,,:

patent leather shoes and boots. Next a long day before we shall bear a more Hoard of Directors shall bet C. \" i "

are the white shoe and cap Then exquisite rendering of Dally In OUr Chase, Clarepce B. St route and E. E. '

% come the social full dress uniform forevening Alley than that of which ibis great t Cannon, until their successors shall be i ATTORNEYAT.LAW.GAI.IKSVILLK. :, .
tenor was able. London elected and qualify. The nambercon-
wear with bat patent leather cai Mall.
stitnting the Hoard of Directors
boots and shoe, purely for social af changed and flied by the stockholders maybe it Fro.., r1 kt

fairs. Riling.From' the Grave.a at any meeting called for that purpose r tike

These are not aU. There must be \ prominent provided that said board shall i p I .

mesa Jacket, raincoat of a certain color manufacturer. A. not consist of pert than three nor more NOTICE OK APVCICATTON FOR TAX* I tw

and flannel shirt.. The officers<< have FertweU. of Lucerne. N. C., relates a than thirteen members. X201bs. DEED UNDER SECTION of CHArTa r

to furnish their own horses, saddle* .most remarkable experience. U. says I I Sixth-The highest amount of Indebtedness + cert. LAWn OIT" FLORIDA tNolle

and blanket "They have to their After taking less than three bottle*p or liability to which said Mi hereby elves that T. C fltlars.

own board and for fuel and pay light of Electric Bitters. I feel lik.oo. rUing > corporation can a'% any time subject pureaaar t b. 3n day oJuly.Taw CrtUt. A. t:.!t:..law SM IMS..rm -t

They have j from the .. itself shall not exceed the amount of _rUO ate la m* otOee.and ...*scao* a>sllUoa ... alb
even to My trouble t isBright's
the .r.
buy furnishings the capital stock authorized. under this. for tarn dead to IMU la auemdsan_ sera
for their quarter. Uncle Sam only dl.ea... In the Diabetes .,.... charts 1 law.. Hii eertlttet *>br*.-t** fOswSsTd
crlt ed property Mltuatcl. Alacaa ssatrty.
fnmlsbe the shelter and the commission I fully believe Biectrlo Bitters will g.cDth-Th. names and residence ? '16er"'a.Owl;: .

Eon th* officers trunks have to I ears me permanently, for It bas already of the.utl.crdMn.r. : C W. Chase, Nw 1-4 of S* I.4 "Sea. X. Ttv It. S. B. ..HI
be of a regulation. lxe. All these Gainesville.. Florida; E. E. Cannon.Gainesville. anew
t I stopped the liver and bladder 'I The said land being aete .>< at ta* st. sf
tiling mean aa Investment of about complications which have troubled. Florida ; Clarence B. 1 tile iMuaace of wen crtlOea latassaawsfllrnnlaaT
S2.000 at least to begin with. This ismore me Strouse. Salem. Virginia ; J. E. Gra' L. A i. Cue ;
for "* Guaranteed all tiles. said erUOeat ban biisnsnsse ,
jean at: droll ham Salem Virginia. wl
than the first year's salary, and gi.t.*. Frie only boo.Ter. ..nti MT to ..... tan d4 wtU tax*tfSSSS-
expense* never stop-Columbus DIsyatch. Eighth-The subscribing ineorpora the I US day of Keocuary. A. IX rVltac **- -
tors towltt C. W. Chase. Clarence li. nv oinelal .aUiaatar aa4 assltstsUM
lit a of .... I.K.
.. Wly_ > day .1- A. U.
Strouse. E. E. Cannon J. Graham H. U. WlCSQgf.Ml kl
The Iteggar-Ilos.e. sire will you have subscribed for( the following Clerk ClreHlt Court Ala.aBaCarav; 1 i aadd
Tb. ...... .. %
T..IIte. kindly assist a poor man who babe r mount of stock set opposite their
The ghost of Trlchlnopoly may three wives to .support The I'edes- names respectively : j FEEDING pa

seen on moat nights between the hours trlan A\Tiy. tin you mean to say you i C. W. Chase, twelve hundred ando

,.r of 11 and 2 on the Teunur road. 8 he are a tlmmiiutT "fl.. IIPaCllrna. f fifty shares.Clarence + Ibt.JlJPDt .stock raisers know K1XTISODEF1UED '

.. a most beautiful creature who walkout i sir. Two of them are thw wives ofmy B. Ptroute, twelve hundredand that a pertain: amount of feed _

of the river with her clothe all I .rlnr-Iplawwt fifty shares. Ia. IUCTIc.uJ.r'
; trl{
necessary to keep an animal + r
wet" water dripping from her long silken -- - J- E. Graham, twenty-five hundred i alive. They :;, 'lane
might feed
$ tresses, and she carries In her rlgbz A shar.. thati aa' t
hand-no. not a piece of soap or an E: E. Cannon .two hundred and fifty amount its long .s It lives! and It ,*
antiquated Should be sonvhine In the hou'e.snd .hl"... would never gain a pound. KOPEBLYKESE3TTD II
toothbrush-merely a bras*
7 lotah. If any person attempts to will be if you give U White's The amount of stock so sabcribe<| i There IbO profit In that kind J i, ,
ap Cream Vermifuge the brat exceeds ten per cent of the capital! of I ;
rt proach her she merely points the fore I worm medicine stock authorized und..r this ett.r'er. fredlng. TEe kind that paysIs ii

finger of her left band at him. and b e offered to suffering humanity. Ioth-Th. abets and the kind that builds flesh rap- RODEO

ales! The ghost was originally one of I I This remedy i. becoming the perm charter i. .beerlbed 10 by the for"arolnll follow S Idly. If It takes twenty pounds ROSrER1TT.NN lasi

the temple dancing girls famous all nrnt fixture of all households. A iOE .nOD.. .1., > of food each day to keep a sheep a Get

ever the town for her striking beauty mother wlthehtldren can't get along C. 1t, Cua r sllve. twenty-fly pounds a day

The tempi authorities raised obj l'l without a bottle of \Vhl'.'. Crew CLA.I&"C& STROISK.1 I t will make It gain flesh. It's the 4Sipit

tlons to bar bathing there and ordered Vermifnc in the hou... Sold byV.' I .t.E. E.t. CASXX.I extra the that brings.. profit. es
bar to creep out quietly at 11 every Johcaon.. I I The first five WE CAN HELP Yil
i iALACHPA pounds
.r sight and bathe In the river at or I j to
Tennurt i
-- COCSTT. + nothing. nor does the second .
: where no one would ec REFAU.Rouca. U1lk
see here This she
did LEGAL MENTS Before 11'.1| .nannllIJ7 appeared C. I third or fourth fire pound
for some time, but another temple" I If''
W. Chase Clarence B Stroo.e. E. E. 1 .
girl gave away the secret, with the r_ Cstiiion and J. E. Graham who being j 11 I. It*. the saws _.F vlta taW '

nit that the next night when bathing NOTICE OF APPLICATION FOR fleet sworn each for himself rays and t wrtlBlaar. !'.. bare t. .. REM5T Bt T,

be beard the tramp of many feet and acknowledse that he signed the above I. eertalw ._.... t* .Trrf._. IInf

on rushing out to see what was t h. LETTERS. PATENT. and foregoing charter in the mannerand I. the ,.*...>._ .ff' tb* .*bU*. t >>

matter for the 0.... and |>urt>oes therein :.
the river and accidentally knocked Int Notice I. hereby given that on, the set forth and expressed. an I that the I You bar to do a certain a> THE SUN. Gainesville, .f**.
a drowned by the ('I"UW'Sof < 7tb day of Ftbinary. A. 1). 19o:. the above signature is his signature.In amount of advertising to make -
men rushing to the riverside to seludlai undersigned will apply to His Exeellency. them --=-- J
testimony whereof I wake
> have here I up tu the fast that t leb
r.MadrasDep. ( MalL Napoleon It. Browa.d (love and b
r unto set my h n-t afflx d my notorisl yon are In business .
nor of the State of Florida, for LetterPatent .* seal st Gainesville. Klo.idn, oo I at slL You t
A_ ... have to The Florida
D.aaer. on the Charter' proposed a c. 'hl. tits day of January Aa.lI 1W7' pay a certain amount to
want this Is so sudden: You had be companying this notice. (I.R.L) W. S BSOOMB. keep. your advertising: alive "

.; tar give me a week to think It over" Coder and pursuant to the requirements Notary Public. State of Florida at I i What you pay a boy. that Fruit and Truck fro
'Very well dear. And It of the large. My commission ,
perhaps. Statutes of the Hcate of expires 14th I amount brluca pn CL ;
would be as well If I thought It over b lor id a, w.. the undervirncd. t?. IA.. December. l. home ; 'AlIII

myself at the same timer*-Sketching I Cb.... Clarence B. 8trou. E E. Cannon adrertlserw fall becausethey Edit.raadr) .......
and J. E. Graham do but ue. enough L. J. BRUMBT.OCA. .
Bits. desiring forour..I.1. space. ,:
s _________ __ our associates and successors colt TAX i They .*.. barely enough 11
a4" ; or ao< DRKU UNDER SECTION a OP 1
Bee tkJraT law to form and Incorporated .. a CHAPTER t1mHi nor quite ..*.0011 to make i ,

Mother-Dear me. tbe baby has swallowed .. corporation, do hereby give notice .M.. LAWS OP FLORIDA. the ..d..U.ln&r. { .. ..S1.It i
that we shall apply to the Governor of Notice berets .Hen !bat C. It. Clair sustaining. Tear. . . ... ::1
,. a piece ,of worsted. FatherThafa Lao I t .\ little: /
Mt! ,
f 'a the Stale of Florida for Letters Pat pwr ba> r 11a CertlOeat No. KB more would make: It ;
nothing to the yarns she'll have dated th. .tto dar or Jolr. A"U. iroGtat J It M
ent. is
J- ,08:. bas flied better to advertise .
>_ swallow If she live to grow up.p *Akt eertleea te 0 Mlagle cepies. .
:THE PROPOSED CHARTER IB lew ulnce b..a4 ) a little too .
ASy 'd..sn.a apps. '\';:: ;--- -- u wt for tae .. Leila la d onttkr ..0
"..' .....1 Announcement Regarding the FOLLOWS: .tits law. raft .ertlftcs enhrv .. t"ot- ,I.. quite enough.-Cliarle* Autlo =' i
uwlmr devrrthed t'Ot.n't..Led in Alacfcuaeoua Bates. A handsomely l
JIMIof\a'. Pure.Food and Drug Law First-The corporate name of said .y. Florida, own: especUlly to the Iatsl.Mthe

(corporation shall tee "Tits AMKBICAX N0'" Aw 1.1 0' Ne-' See. I"Tp W. b. vegetable gm ,
pleased to announes that K>" FLAMOS Fnoo AD RAU.WAT IM.>BOVEr R. !?-lo versaTb..Id .m.., eltir aQtroette/s..ultt 1 troll .:{: ...

sad Tar for couicbs. cold I i/t' ..< (:orrutlr." located and hsving the a.-ua....I.M ofwen betas_a.-.UAea'M M d at the Asa ofV ea1.a.peat..es. ..e tbeit ..... wteJte 4 "lorida. ,

N not affected I b, | it. pise of busioess .t Gainesville. 0' .10'". v.-IJ. east: A special trial .ubseriptla F: ,
Drug infs. }lortda, and such other place or places ..!*..B*kSeertttle.t > aII.n lie reot_..... . % 1 months will be sent oa rseslp '". (:
*>onlln7 to law. ti deed wu| 1
a. 1D.7. from time 10 turn.I. tae Iltbd.r of FrbrvftTT. A. IX IWO7.BJUF t .tbeteoa f 1I I sent*. Stamps take -..J

-I Wn- social dtrrwre bad seal lets .
ay of la&tAaI7.Al n. .
t : r w ..:.. .
10cA, WEEP Advertise in ,

..t:.... '. "'1r'W. ; "" -F \ J''....... ............ .",.,.. .,",," 'J'-:"'-: ,-'-'r"""","--"----... 1"-- __" n .




-- .. -- -- .- j

" OF DAYS.a H...ter pMrr c...... i I
Itil. NAMES I "! bate ob& *.. heel slew .men of crab .

,, -LMI_ ...t s.a..w T.rs From In all l"irt's of u,- w .rbl.:* auba nAt. I|, Chew What' You Know About and
**. ,klfc Tte.T. are Ikrw.ow. .... i!, urallt. -but 1 .!mll never f f.irset thpleasure i i
....,. ... .
I |
for each day are derived exi i in e< unuff a w
manes I
t _' xou. *. t*> probe ly uorbe j tnuntrnu+t HM'" men ..f the Japanese
p week from s me eatern spider crab the l.tr:et Peer fouud.Tlt .
.. !w.4 name of th..lr''j jutMttltutliitf .* continued' l>.nth of the feeding \ Know What You Are Chewing /9
G.III J, ,, &rlUWH far tbot e of the class j ami" of this mounter. wa' more than. I
.:, :- as I I.. easily aeeu when tbe j twelve, feet, while the Itftdy |i )rtlouwa
-- tabula"): .. shout twenty Ind he* a.ru+.. \Vbeualive.
En.cUsh. It weighed. a>M.ut ae\fnty>fiv** There is real in
., $.on. pleasure chewing chewers
If fJ.dL.........._Sun'.d..,........Runda,.. pound C'0.of the o-Mf.t thing pounds of tobacco
p.e,,, .....)luwi'.s d.&) ......Tu..Jay.: iotnlay.y .. about the e crenture* U their abilityto the best tobacco grown-where the chewed, to the population in those

IIt ., e.M..Tiw ds1.'. day..*Vednesday.Ji assume a UU.ul This feat they best tobacco grows-in the famous States where SCHNAPPS
....)hrCUI11..en.,...... Thor- day Thur.day.9.Mr1a are able to perform owln to the flexibility tobacco
... ... "rll&a'..day.. . ..r.....,... of their .plnoher* and to 'b-. Piedmont Country. was first sold than there arc in the
lath ==.. .......ahPt.r... s day b+aurd.l)'. hookah; hair and spines with which
Only choice selections of this States
\; TLpuj the ancleuU tbe ellef In tbe their uumeroii* arm an "tu.t.l..d. nymean I where SCHNAPPS has not

- "i asece wf that planet upon the llfwa of their 1.11I\.b.n they tear off well-matured and thoroughly cured :yet been offered to the trade.
*xi strong that many In see mall fragment of *1.n6- and seas
goes their dally ornament would weed After first puttlUiC tbee to tobacco is used in making SCHNAPPS is like a cup of fine r
i/ ooI7 the gen aaiMM-lated wltb the their month, which contain' a glutinous SCHNAPPS. That's why SCHNAPPS Java coffee sweetened just enough
.. of the lay. '"bu. on Huuday saliva they' ii U.-e them on the sure
,.sly.. yellow gem and Bold should fate of their limbs and holies by and others of the Reynold's brands, to bring out its natural, stimulating f

.aka the nu:?rIVarl* and whit ticking th.*iii fut with a rubbing as shown by the Internal Revenue qualities. SCHNAPPS pleases all
eiceptiu diamond*. 1-1\1&1.1| :, movement Il.r this method the crabucceed
n... I.ti4 ts|Boon day Tu-lay. day of Mar*. I. in completely changing lt.appe'srsnre statistics for a fiscal year made: the classes of chewers: the rich, be-

- rtsiwd! ruble and all ..toutof tlery I Ifcutcr. anti rendering Itself IndU I wonderful growth of six and onecause do not find chew
they that
Thur..lay. Tl or*.. lay. demandaajetbyiita 1 1rd | tlngiilfttuihle from the m.trrlal.om a

cut of the ea. While quarter million pounds, or a net really pleases them better at any f
MUfulue lint white ".rl.I..>. l.m-- j crawling, along it "eem. a* though. aiortlhu ; /
.t gain of one-third of the entire
yam bJ'.nu.*. relined o\er the euii i I of the tM-enn 1 ed wa: In mo price ; the poor, because it is more

enld.color of Jcaloiixy. which I 14 ioxe'akdow. Linn *.. do*** I i's the resemblance." increased consumption cf chewing economical than the large lOc. or

10.2IP&.!>>' ,... oldest. Satunlay.of the Jt'MI.dedicated*. had to for rats Its !, ....r.... of -!..... I and smoking tobaccos in the United 15c. plugs and they get their mon- _"

oaq "etstiactlve tall"niao the mot vptemlid I, Stone forests are found In various States. ey's worth of the real snappy stimulating -
aAa '.f an gem the diauiond.CbicaifoiXtconMlenill. pans of the world. In many case* I
- ; i they are hardened i Ivy tome ecullartty j Evidently, chewers cannot resist flavor so appreciated by tobacco -,

i ij j I of the ntmo..i.here anti are found atand- the flavor and they cheer SCHNAPPS lovers. All imitations con-
in : Ing Jut a* they were when clothed I
Men Past Sixty Danger.; with green foliate t hound ml. of year i because SCHNAPPS cheers them tain much more sweetening than .
.&Ut.. More than half mankind fiver .ls'7' a to. The Little Colorado river. In Art-
i more than other
toSCHNAPPS. arc made that
any They
of suffer from kidney and ;
.n age: zone lugs Ionic l een famous a* a localIty ..
c. .Madder dicorder. usually enlargeMBt for such rhHIt one place more bacco, and every man that chews way to hide poor tobacco improp-
.twe.-; of prostate gland. This i* bothytlafol than IJ"m rr.rds of oolld, Mono tree '
, i passes the good thing cured
j ... erly
and dangerous. and Kolt-y'* trunk aectloiM. unit* and log*, were
n... :Uaey Core hould be taken at the found by the government surxeyor I IMttMt t along-one chewer rnajccs other For the man who chews tobacco

tRJR !alt sign of danger a* It correct to or ten theta feet Menftlllcttled.In dl.lliieter and. m..oJ'I from itwenty j jftetpn I chcvers-until the fact is now established for tobacco *s sake there is no chew
Imialaritief and ha cured many old
to eighty feet In height !eoloifUt that there
[ are more like SCHNAPPS.Sold
.M of this diea.e. M l r. Rodney Kur : many .
nay' tout the {. trit ..i I tree ofthe
rttBock Port Mo., write: "I *uffr '
Little f'nl.rn.I. were oace uutered
'l...: I> .4 with enlarged prostate gland'I, with ni.irl over !. .aa4 kidaey trouble for year* and afterhktag .line of the tree hl'e Iteeil th.lticed I'

.' two bottle of Foley'. Kidney I to J..I..r| uu.l .lute 11..11..1 various '
'. Cara I feeJ better than I have tortveaty I I hues: others resemble opal and wltenbniken R. J. REYNOLDS T01ACCO COMPANY, WlnstftH-SaUM, N. C.

Je*"; although I am now 01jtaraold. .......1 the core I.| often found
." J. \\'. McCollum A Co.A I lined with" Tytal* or the tnot lienii He *NS.. ale 1..1 .. - -- ---
I }
.' tlful tint. l of : ::e"r
Many stories have >een toll mean HLZ9812D: aaoo.
M..berarmmmtvmt.. then "ti,'h a* he who ii cd a wart for
1 j *TTM mOAt to l has reurettetl act of my Neighbors Got Foo'ed. a collar' button ninl he who* birthdaygift m

.. >Itt." uy a cummauder of the nary.wa '*I wa literally coughing hlfeell to t" his on .-.m..IPtI In wishing" the H.F.DUTTONc&CO.
a letter I wrote to my mother death sal had becume too weak to window ...* tint the lid tulzht watch

Oftl.*. .Vara about seventeen year* of ag". leave I my bed. and neighbor predictedthat the iiir. tr<> ..,.. Till nUl II. howeter.fceem .
r $ ad.lrc. _l her letter There
always to wewta'my ti> have won palni.
alone but
I would never leave U ;
'!!!!!!!!!' dear b.y'' I Celt at that time I was an extremely mean man In New
they got fooled for thank be to God, :13
TAXS.S> was a Wit I'. oc vary u..., It. andTote IIimj: >- hlre! who wa tin proprietor ofa EaSA
tt induced Dr. King'. NewDiieovery.
,rna say In i that her constant adsdtesslag I wa to try hotel. liT hh'II..m. rule were .
> i ni a* a lMiy made; we feel It took jut four one-dol posted In the hoMtelry forbidding al
"";' ,I 1.a1pleae 1 .....,elv..1 In reply a letter lar bottle to completely core the moat every cucelvsbl. privilege tu rl: DEALERSINSea --

. 4ttll of 1'ft"I+ niul tt" N.Iqpn.. cough and restore me to good sound tuoe not guests of the place. There
..-- !ether thing she nald: 'You uileht grow health." write Mr. Eva Uncap her of wa nt.* ta.sirsN.. obis* big a* (;ol.alh. a* ..I roue a* Oroverlowu. stark Co.; Ind. This ual: loafer to get new-laiwera. pen. Ink.tattancry. Island CottOT"\

... |,"raoa and a* wine a.* SoloniAn. you I King of cough and cold cure, ..ndhr.l.r etc There were nut even ,
aJti1 becoute ruler of a nation or ear I of throat and l lung. I is guaranteed free Meat* In the uW,,,,. One day bechanced
or nation" and the world 0, olmrve a chronic loafer .. .. ..... .
J'O! many all drulfal.i t**. SOo and $1.)). Do a a r ssastag bsNsea be sad.u Yor.lta sal D.-v Hue .
i t revere you aud fir you but to ; 1 rial bottle.c tree.rr.ala.le. gazlue at the old' clock that hung on The_......ef ._kIt.be.a>.n.eerpara......r......,.,.........s.4.saafs
J i.or devotnl mother you would' aleears the wall. The next day a sign was reeetv.4 favorable...-- a...lalfaeaiUeefaeeesBttole t.i1ag .anee.lee.a N all
...-.. appear 1u memory In your loon I.I. ---- -sp.aulskrlft.-- placed over the clork. It read. TbU polata la Uke V..... ....... a
- t. tinprvteutiou. nnelf conceited.In anrfentoiiiau clock la for tier uor the guests of the
Tb. wealth of many of the
..la* ': ls. t PI'PtloahyllL this.e Hy'' .. MJ rerkoiie; .l far lnt, the hotel unly." -HiM-t-e** Mag.txlne.
..rhea I wanhe-l and ilre. ed and klseed 1] F1or3.d.
IS.. mllli"... 11.rkntunT ilurlntc hi* 9'a 3B'17 e 1
.. sad wor bl|ei| you you wer...tuy IdoL ,uiewlMt ..b..LPnOfI career n iUiiudered < Hunting. for Trouble. :

Jw$days you are ecomlug part of a an !._ than *TtV: ......'*>. and Ti.levine "I've lived in California 20 year*.
d f...s world by contact wltb It. an.I I ESTHER S. JORDAN. W. W. IIAMPTOWJORDAN
left at hU death over eighteenltioni and am till banting fur trouble in the
.pasot bow down to you and worship whirl ,*nlUuU agent. In le* wounds
way of burn., tore, boil, :
pw1. but If there are manhood 1 andlove IteconN hw that thl
': than a year put, vprain. or a ease of pile. thatfueklea' & COMPANYINSURANCE
r -.roal tranmltte to you. youful.adetatawl sla| .UIthrift p'.1 l SI.Vi.iH for one sups Arnica Salve won't quicklyeures' .
; < that the highest com- .
|ier. lli re tell u that I'egellm. a
: VHreent that mother lave ..<... write. Charles Walte>nor All..
rili can | jy you .singer could In the slays "l..n.1| i
/1s tecmll ghan,.. Sierra Co. No use hunting
you "my dear boy (wit. anllu.on a mall water:
s'c Mr. Walter U .. .
r .. ; care every ea
rallo ie'I 'arl worth nearly Si't
"" u |
Uuarmnteed at all drag .tore.. 2Se.
far Bi'tousne and Sick Headache "Hi. The estate .if < 'r.,. I| Take Orion Laxative Fruit Syrup. at *H........... Liiculln. dlne at the --- -- --- ----- -- ----- PORTER BLOCK GAINESVILLE. FLORIDA q
ltswe.tens ratetifH.....i a me..l fi,r_veraI week
l 1 theatomaehaid.digeation.load I>*iitiilii was" worth not I**** th.in .lxteen JEFF SIMONS
act as gentle stimulant the
on million, and .\pl* .* iMjuandereilnearly
Civet Life and Accident : t'
a and bowel without irritating lire million of dollars In a few Fire. t :
t.... org.n.. Orino Laxative" Fruit week. x>cLBa IM
_ s
8r''o turns biltousne. and habitual -'--

*'****lipatl l 'n. Doee not nauseate or Don't Put ff"
f7p* *"<1 (I. mild and pleasant to t..ke.the .
Fresh Saltwater Fisb
..mb-r tiaine Orino and refuse Until tomorrow what you can do to Green
E. 't'iaa'to' any substitute. J. W1:, Ie. day. If you are uffrrtnc from a tor Hedge
CAalsas.E '..
:: ( pid liver or constipation don't wait

e until tomorrow to get help Bay
Of.tl_1.... % lev*. Tennessee Sour Mash
TI E Tate a bottle of llerbine and Ret that r rA
'fIt"HI.I!, Ml** Pihklelsh. : has
r 1Intm1..11.| (..> inv wife Jack <....11..1. liver working right Promptnessabout 1 11 11aad
ep.<1r -oii. d..,,-t let that worrj yon health save. many sick *pell..
:.*T .aieo fre." |-tl.| break their prom )(,.. Ida Ore ham. Tnint. Tei... superb product oncxeelled for purity aol flavor. Lover of
lM.;-<'hlras:, I New. writet "I used Il..rbiae tn tny family old T.nn..e h.nd.mtde Sour Math Whiskey. will relish this pieceof
,r for fix years, and fln f it iii'-_ alt it good

Iagnirt. "r IH| 1I\lU'; people. they claims to du." ol4 byV. M. Johns OYSTERSIn I Per Case, 12 Quarts. . . . . .10.00
everythingRemember I : lUll.
Per Case 24 Pints .$10.59
> . ...... He ........ ( rear of Furniture Company) ,
ot Per Case, 48 1-2 Pints . . . .$11.801Ezpr
Akvayg FiB! l'1alntln ..!renal in 1.I't II
tA Hama
I' bill II Sold, t.lee which dad a "u.t.l.d..U4 \INESVILLE. - FLORIDA rs4f repaid.

rlniHere: )ou'.e given moue -
*, ? Laxative of tho.; false. iu* that the coons I am now prepared to accommodate Per ease 12 Q'.JauJand 12 !{.ri.t* free for |lJX-Expr..e Pre.

k terfelter have just been arrested" for the .,.-.le with the t..>.t the ma rl".t paid.
*ai.l tI tie merchant. Itni>o*' af'nd- thi line Phone g4iti charge for
uiaklnz. I Foor Qoart. .4 00. Per O llon. In Jog. :3.341 no
.Ibl.:." anv" cre-l IMaiMutiu.It 1* d-tt Jug ; Expre. Prepaid
:Bromo 'eel 1"*' ;3If It were false surely It ,
would have teen found out before : FOR SALE.The SMALL QUA rITIE Qiart.flOO Pint bJ?= 11a1t.Plat.2dt. 'Ii

tbl*."- ianl >l la. ,
Packed .parate or a.*,nrted in any quantity detired. from oa. ,q.
:i I bottle up. Freight: or Expre. collect. g y

N.i ,: Quinine Will nYI A nine.Stitch :io in will Time a bottle of elegant residence and Drop u* a postal and let u. send you oae of our .....t price &e..""-';

rth Ballard'. Horehound Syrup always home of the lat 3 Walter G. -

: :kept on hand ate many a spell of .Iek.l Robiqson on North Pleasant .

< ne... A sore car. for eougb colds w. F. SEEK
,. :ure CoM la One Day bronchitis and whooping coogb Mr. I Street, Gainesville, is

"\ Chiii'I' 3-. Hot Sprit.: *. Ark., write t "I FLORIDA'S FOREMOST M
.n.ys keep a bottle of Ballard'c HorakoQB Offered at private sale. Fort

...., Syrup la my medl.l.. cheat aDd ... -
--- :
tack my lorelboaalta'I -

w ..

J .

.p ,

L.'i .


-- - --------
=--: ---
: -- In brewing Tetley' tea follow direction Attention Kirby Smith.

: to obtain best results.Mouro \ The regularnonthly. meetinS of

: > Venable. the naval stores Kirby Mniih Chapter C. D C.. will beheld

f 47 operator of Archer, was a basinet at the ho-neof Mr.. II H. Me- OATS

r vUitor lodainesville Tuesday.For I Crearv. Est Liberty *street at 3:30

the Kentr. -IIJr nice furnished room o'clock thi .'..*.......on. Pl.*.*. note

1p\ on tint door for light hoae.keepinu. the entree m hour from 3 to 3.30 -

t tI Inquire at IINTERNALt. ; M h. J M. I
ale. T. W. dhand will IIAILIt. PresidentMK .

regret to learn that she (. indisposed Ergs IIAILXSer"taryBo.w.t

at her home on Roper avenue East t PEANUTSu
WRON ) D. LaMont of Atlanta. Oa.
li.lo *.III.
representing the I).>Joi. Printer Supply
Tho., Lewis of Campville and J. L.
w, in the
Company city yesterday ,
Qr ri)wneiid of Rex were' among the and made The Sun a fraternal
prominent East Lend farmer who

spent. Tuesday in the county capital.The call.You know the difference there U and

ALUM pariah meeting of Holy Trinity between different vanilla extract.

Episcopal: Church announced for too Why not get the best Blue Ribbon. >4

night ha been postponed until next when it goes twice a* far as ordinary
week The time will be announced brand!

Itter Among the prominent visitor to CHUFASnow ?

Notice.-The city registration book' this city i i. lloa. Oeo. C. Crom, po.t-

i < r -
United. State land office, and will remain the meeting of Pilgrim Commandery.

open until March 9, J. M. Dell, K. T., lat night.

xa s C>ty Clerk.J T. A.tisy' of Bell. one of The Sun'.

-- H Allison of Mieanopy was transacting old friend and subscribers. was In the in stockAlso

business here yesterday He city yesterday and renewed hi. *obriptinn. -

1".'(>4)"* that the farmer in the :MIC .. He report the people in

anopy section are now bay shipping hi. section preparing land for coming I

their product and preparing' for new crop at this time.A .. Y
T :
crop jolly quartette. from Graham yesterday New Cantaloupe. >
sc- r,=- I>. V and O. \V. Maine andV.. A were R.V Surreaey', C R.

>park formed a trio of visitor, from Robert. D. J. Byrd and Cieo. R. Kelly. -
=- 1 .Mnnteocha to the county capital ,..- who were summoned here a* wit Cucumber and Let

= > tenla. They report that the Iont.o ... n..*... in a land ...a.. in which .Judac-

I .
S Alum iood rain which wa welcome. Conductor M. II. Oilmer. one of the

f Cha Oeldbau and Ml. Lottie Orr eleTeet bell-cord .bk.,. In the employ

& in food causes... were married at the manse Tuesday of the Atlantis Coast Line, was

stomach disorders ts continued ,: night a..... Tho. P. Hay officiating.Mr In the city from High gprings ,...tr-
j Oeldbau I. from Newburg U".Va., day. Friend of Captain Oilmer. will We invite your in

use means permanent t. 0' __ where he i* well known and prominent regret learn that he hat been indis-
.. -
.; Himself and wife will make pn.*d for some lime quiries.
injury Jo New ,
their home tn
J. C. Harris and 1.. J. Knight of La.
the advice of medical ,' C. O. Robinson, of Kirk wood waa in Crosse were among those who visited

and France have tie city yesterday, and among other this city yesterday. Mr. SCnlght re.
scientists. England ', .4" business he bad his name enrolled port a fine rain Monday night, which

: passed laws prohibiting its user --.. S; upon the subscription lit of The Hun.Mr made the farmer heart glad and THE S J J.

.' Robinson who I* originally from they are now busy preparing their'
bread ..-f. .
in making.American w ..- Cue La., recently purchased store, ground for new crepe.Rev. .
housewives *n>ve and farm from Mr. Sinqaefleld
N. B. Plummer Baptistdivine
at Kirk wood, and will continue the
should protect their households E mercantile business. Ilia family has nf Anthony Marion countywho THOMAS CO
ha been in the city for the past
arrived and are well pleated ao far
:; against Alum's wrongs two day* aa a guest of relative, has
with their new home.
returned to his home. II. was en route

: i by always buying pure Grape from Fort White, where he was um-
U. O. C.
Cream of Tartar Baking, J. J Finler. Chapter U. D.O.. will mooed on professional business. :
and wife who '
M. F. Hope recentlyhad
4 powder. meet in butine session this afternoon the mUfortnne to lose their home The ContinentalCAFEREMTAURAST. :

of at 3 o'clock. All persons Inter near LaCrosse, with all content, dessire
r CJ Pure Grape Cream e.ted in our work, and especially through Th. Sun to expreaa their ,

.- be had Daughter, are cordially Invited' to "
Tartar Powder is to hearty thank to their numerous
home of'Mr.. liar wt
meet with u. at the In --
friend ia Gainesville and their nwaloeUI
for the asking- per )1... JOMK M. TAYLOB.Recording ailed 'them
who kindly
1 Secretary Pro Tern. Corner EAST MAIM and UNIO2T3T9*

ROYAL . _. during their trouble. Conveniently located oe.t door to .'
--- - - --- '
-- M. P. Bock a lumberman of Seville, Poatofflce. oa tb. Sq..,..
, Buy by
.? nameRoval- Putnam county U in the city. Mr \ :
I Bock who!* experienced ia timber la
NEW YORKRACKET. looking for a new location with a viewto
I .- purchasing timber lands. He haa
I POWDERNEWS examined a number of tract ia this
.' ,
. 0 r vicinity, with which h. was well pleaa, Oysters, Steaks and Short 1rttour .

I ., sd. and which may result la his loea Specialty.. "rCot.
ting here.
s : .. the bet.
. i.E i.-. ---... - ------ .-. Re*. F. II. Cralihtll of holy Trinity Game aooked to order r:
: of Jacksonville I. Episcopal Church- .. returned from for portmen. f '
Frank I tic hard son S
E : OF CITY AND in the eh", / dtarke. where he attended the service OPEN EARLY aad LATE.T.
I CHEAPEST STORE ON EARTH of the ordalnloc of Mr. F. 8.
Drink Tetl-y's' India and Ceylon tea
: Hyatt to the dlaconatar. Mr. Hyatt .
BOUNTY CONDENSED of London England. / .
will continue to aerva the churches ofStak.
. '. Only purest ingredient used In our .. Waldo. High Spring and ., Fa TMMSUNDERTAKING

I baking. Keystone Bakery.lu Cedar Key. H. la a young man of
i t .*tte >< of General Interest Gathered -
brewing Teley'. tea follow die great power of speech.and I I. of great CO.

by Our Reporter rectiou to obtain best result. popularity among tboae with whom he

'I For the test. printed stationery at Just received a line of ha been .**.oeia.d.Jra .

; I fCRSONAL AND SOCIAL ITEMS lowest priceS call at The Sun office. Ladies' Drop-Stitch Hoc e-- J. Carter of Kewberry was In the FULL UNE OP

: 9 Dobbin' bread i I. always the best- city yesterday. and made The San aa NeW OOOD3..:
**.! Ha a Happened and What ia Going i IHappen hot for supper. Gainesville Bskery. regular 15c values, hut we agreeable visit. Mr. Carter, who la

- *. one of the moat oeeeaaful young men
Told in Snort Paragraph I Joseph Fugate of Alachua wa a
them at and In the Wrt End has been engaged lo AOCKTS FOR
.. got u price
- *0 That ... Who Ron May Read*' business visitor to this city yesterday.J "
the mercantile business la New berry .0.1U3IE>TS, TOXBSTOS1 ,
s *t ... Th. Su<*. trucker of Rocky Point at lOc the pair. '
) S Crowe, a they go until recently', bat dispoatd of his In.teret red IRON TOCES.
I .Old ... wa transacting business to this' city ia order to return to farming. .
J .; peps for ale at thi ofHc 1., See ear.awples.Pereosel .
Tbc"on.t last
: l"U.'e.lliDc '......rd.'. long. He has purchased a Dae' farm aboutten .
j eArd. in latest styles
l' .tRan ofHceVe J Hurt Calden., % prominent citizen miles west of Clainevvlll. In the .'..aaloe to all astteea tatU
. and l.u,if e.4 man of L\ke Knll..,.. w.. Benningtoa section, and will move to ..... M4I a4 t.l..r%.k erases
sell typewriter ribbons at this .. ...... ..
pUT 4t b
c *
.trd.. in He ,
e>*a'e for 75 cent. among those who eletit| je y same at once proposes however
I II (hln..ill. to run a store also at Bennlngton. and
Drink Tetl"y'. India and Ceylon tea Qalnesvlllc. Florida.
work the building will
on begin a*
L af London I C . .. England. I night 'in Waldo, wt ere tII' went to ,* nn a* material can be secured! ,, He a
J. K.Tutee of Archer spent yesterla have the degree. Pythian Si.'p,. con MenV and Boys' Sweaters, will .also erect a nice, comfortable

;" 4Ia, Gainesville ?? btisioe. !!I 1 fitted ujon him. I home

* J.C B..ley of Hawthorn wa a vise line reduced
hoe . :Mr and Mrs. T. I'. )ynard or1.1.I .- a big; to .
r t to the county capital yesterday. ehu. a..dIr... John I. Hare of Tacoma THE lEST IS ALYSCHEAPEST NEWSTOlE !.
'I. H. **.
May. II .Jce..ul farmer of
,- <: : are in the city, htviec come
.Et I -1bJ.' J.k.,. was trading in the city ,<<,.I..r- t.yest-fd..attend s T.the BoarJman-Jolly nnptta!* 390 NEW MARKET!!

'. born Taken Up-One pieded tow. sloe The member of the Episcnf tl church especially if It' paint. Can you make
-de..cone, with red calf. Apply bun ehoir are requested tn meet at the better paint than PURE PAINT? J. W. EXLEY JHa

:- '" \ hocfrVof )1,.. It. A. Becker.": N Garden Hardly Therefore, what you want I.D.vis' .
. Attorney E. o. lUzter made a prndssaaai .ire.t. instead of at the church opened la the Truby BaiW?

".. visit ta Pioevllle. near Areh- this ...n.a. <<. !lag.corner E.., Ualoa... rV jafeUalvercliy
i Nr. yesterday.' I See our Men's Dollar 100 par scat! street, a "
' to I Market and Oroeery
:/ ''srj Attorn.,. J. M. River and Robl E. Gainesville Lodge No.I Shirts-the equal of $1.23 fill be p>aed to aerra
1- have returned from a professionUit I fXjIf). B I'. O. E.-Meet. Para Paiai lie. Everything new ...... Mal
,- **. to Jacksonville. .tate. aad Italy aM fesiesVoods
tonight at 7:30: o'clock goods sold by others. ap-to
.r Bene1J Y Ask for testimonial and I'.J.rntee, handled. free eta. | - -
1Viggins. a progressiveHague la Elk, Home. Owingto geliTery. A charsroast. -" '
w ee of the .. tioa. wa trade volume of busines. it -- .antis .
t lea I. '
::::-_ the city yeaterday. I. nee..4rj to meet For Sale, by ..
'_'. Hay man* has returned from promptly at f&30. Visiting brother PHIFER r +

where a. aaa be.a looting cordially waUomed. H.8. Cca. '.JL.. .

&.I >>..

Title: Gainesville daily sun
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Title: Gainesville daily sun
Uniform Title: Gainesville Daily Sun
Gainesville daily sun (Gainesville, Fla. 1903)
Alternate Title: Daily sun
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Creator: Gainesville daily sun
Publisher: H.H. McCreary
Place of Publication: Gainesville, Fla.
Gainesville Fla
Publication Date: February 7, 1907
Frequency: daily (except saturday)[-1938]
daily (except monday)[ former <1903>-]
normalized irregular
Subject: Newspapers -- Gainesville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Alachua County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Alachua -- Gainesville
Coordinates: 29.665245 x -82.336097 ( Place of Publication )
Additional Physical Form: Archived issues are available in digital format as part of the Library of Congress Chronicling America online collection.
Dates or Sequential Designation: -58th year (July 24, 1938).
General Note: Description based on: Vol. 20, no. 48 (Apr. 5, 1903).
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Volume ID: VID00841
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fly the time they are lu the .trrvt Ie.......... 1'.Irwrtlww wed lLw.f !l. Other. ttHrrh l** rlia*>. !*. U.llrelr

I I* *uci coaituou snhatance I know no other church r., entirely a IIr
throughout : t 3.CRUNDY
the the
day private printtl we Usually think but little trout boii.4* of prnyer' a* the "tiartre cathe.

.f a-.I." Pet...... ..... Ing preiM at the \and produce a printed ..
It. In. pure state It couUt of two drat "f"1"1'I-I| who Roe to It will Thin Pa.l 1.p"..\> .... G*>
......... I... a- 0.... ... sheet with the Litet couddentlal Information : tell MB>F "r'.. 1',1',
the tblnc. .
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day only au hour or two elapse between a* the bydroceu. Practically we Who tliMt. uot ut
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occupation* and bas many tanks )' tP'slU..nt' | I ii. uned to get It Kveu tll..tlllil water I I.* rarely pur gut '*:ill\it4 Iiv I',..r. delta{ I-r.-/I.... Kel moral t.f the tune "\Vuat will iXr Z41
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of blue coated!' London CObS" ] or u etiulpuietit fur tin ntliZer ofHtlf. no om hI''r r< ...rtei|
A the < Ire! will freeuI.'u lev Mini tint th lev Jut moat
oou a* ar*tt" I* received at *
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a station the oflltvr In charge *ee* the will riot 011 the nurtai-e of th. water : ou socialqtiewtioiiH.
q tbe m7.1.- lost peraona t1.uuaN1)r I.* the fm t list t'u. ::n' -inteillIM { the 11I"1.11'&t\on\ of the
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touched often by romance of.lsy ..r '''''r.:,"* t4.. IST1*"'.1 I'l"; ;.'. mini; li> pawl and .: :toMI
hour or two twttche"" of countable are above the .nurfu-e. ThU I I.* ("..u..1 bytho iiMisidemI
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part work of Kcotlan Yard |M. ireti first
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with a picture of the. fair haircut slim ... ...Ur7 lent pace when prep are I II*
wbo hare suddenly I!! I wf tub 'tertou-4 tiuie* '". tlt. Htii; "> u.v'ititcall wa. ,...iitiut with a tlt.or..t..1.
off the track of human knowl- young man In hi. mind. Within twen. I Ityfour lu a aolid coudltioii Wan they. iK--iipy : per-

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aDd aojualntancea one hour force baa beard of that fair haired taken would no ,n di...tpN*ar. Th" tlmrtlayer I et.iln. *.!ruI-4 jirt larg''r. Some Ihave f Icr.
tin* Millie; live nNe| and u.-4 die n. nu lntlueii Her
la tile next, for no reaaon andt young man and Is looking out for him. J|I of Ice that formed would brrk .clou npl strength la ,
tin .1..60Iu-lr..I..1 Iii C.IUlI14.| One but of +ilenti. ii word, dl"p eared. -*"*' "Hut perlutp there has entered the away from I h.. nliorc by Its ou weight' '' .
ut It-nit I..> 1tX1"+. r.-. "!. tht* !iu+ |OMliii, I ..rutatl.h.. name, warn tbe hvveiitloif
mind of l-<..,tl.Aut"anl the Mf.i that and sink to the ottoui. This l." 'erwoiiM sin
of the** mystvne never nave : nrrftliKcMiieut of N'iudrle< III tie! < hoirtlUil of Thoinn Morton an KugUftOilaywritcht
crime lie. at the root of the I.e r..II..1 by other a* WPWater t
aolTd aDd nererwill be aoUed.'they myotery.that yet ,IM>,II,> ...... M. flee you ti. lhartnM 1..rll l nenrly a mad
the jouug! lUau baa l.eeu niunlered. froze until UK* entire Duly of century
: are aatonUhlngly few coin-' d.-Iiy ,(J. nolcniiiltx tinMiitilllli half . It
; O
water lioauie ui|>e>ir* In bill pasturaliMiMily. r
If that tauightrnnri) to KtotUilnlYard M Innly of Ice.Since .
to thoxe which Hoottand Yard I. ItJ". .tt .izr.l :NOII* till *o u"'rl"60r ... ":'+pwrl the I.1..".." vrbkfa raa I
another $Kirt: of the grit machine our beatoiue.* from the sun
every week Only one ce 3oil by the.. hrtieht of uinud thoir. mxi li
I* set to work. The cTh.rui.al luretlgtlou ami water doe. not nmdlly conductheit :: inntiy nU'Wiftful Ix ndoa ...- c tltlltti1M
and there $ta. beanl of. because the ; by the eii.11|exo ,'i.1")111'i no u* uiid was later prv.euted ID this.
departmeiit I luvltdl dowuwanl. It I ,
to to Imaginewhat 1 1S
la In the ordinary rontlne of the .4..1' .1.I *..-.. ililiM-l, IN |IN>TI.||1N| c..tlllnill"| ouutry The play concern the aJ-
leuil It* aid. and a drtertire! luiMvtur.with the result would Ix*. iMiriuie the
and the force baa no eye for rorlffldly a little baud of clever hut l ln>>-i>iiui.. youth of uaparentaue -
suWrdlnte Miuuiuer diy a layer of lc*> mlgbt
rextrtctlne Itself to prac- 'I .leri* exterior, with splrlw |>..!ntlnsto known. Henry. lie hero .karbeen
ta to work InI'1W'IIJ..uU! of melt but the Ice beneath would, out l.e
thoughts and practical work. |I,NIVMI niul l uttreH.that lI..f(
e\eu ndopte liy Fariuvr and Dame -
all that la
listing dune lu other dlrectlous. warmed and would" keep the teinM>ra. I hama

.etched over twenty square nine I .. Tbe young uiau'a employer hi. tore of the Melted I Ice IMI low that a 4 the win-el-like altoarty| | to 'Iht-ir |1".1 .\.hfl..I.I. two iharuclem otiose. ru tteronvernutloiiM

,L doo. with Ita population of a na- relative, Via friend... hi. acquaintance -liar'l! change' of toiuperatun would I tlltlht over the Hl.. .,,. tern make le a nevert supply uiuth of the b*> ; J )

are tile nervous tentacle of Hoot *-every pernou be has known' to cause" It to f........ ajcaln. tliu pirln u- '!; *. len* vl ;oroiiK. In tunn. An.l the m..r of the 1.1.....*.. Mr*. Gruntly I* present

Yard. aver alert for the work. peak, to during the |nest week I III exhaustively ol'd IxMlleo of water that' would ne 'er' ciitheilral :;ruN lu noleiunlty and luimennlty lu spirit imly She! I I. sujiposedly{ I c'

ac In a moment to an Impulsethat quentlolMd. and people U"..... I.n iute. nll..lar.lloli.wlna.. ; the m.rt* you .... It. <'hnuc. the n ire of a nei: !itH>rliii{ farmer sad Mrt

center- of luteUIjceuc:*-the against whom there. may be some kind inlng. ahlntr and nil niter water Mi...rts It I fs tote his hewn Vender to ("hartrentbiu of hi-r opinion. lu nil matter Dame

brick buulue**lIL* building on the of shadowy sunpiclou are uuol>trulre would IM nb-44 lutelr ln>]iolt.lef \ I I to iuirt French catlieilrwU lu par- .\.h:1..hl Mtaiil: In mortal awe. greatly

bankment. Frequently throughout ly watched without cessation! by carelc Another |-iillarlty aliom wnter l la lug uuuli of the detnil without, which to the uuuuyauo.e of her bu..INlud.. +5

and night the agent of Scotland I .. young racing m.... otuulbu conductor that It require more h'fttMo raise thetemperature the tu.r+t |M.tort -hur.h *eeui. Ixure In the. first few lines of tll ronedy'

sad are scouring London la the.eIrr h or city clerk. all of whom are Dr a icleii weight, of water : and empty and ,-oM. .Klluilietli Itobbiu 1'.m. Anlitlelil ha. ott-noii tu meattoar

mfaaln i er ou* Th great or- really' Hcotlnud" Yard d.tectl"11.1.. one ....;"ree than. It .1.l far any : IVniiell In I Vutury. r formlilrtlil friend w bib rite result:

lion work like a machine.o while th. new*|...,...ra know nothing otlier known BUlfttntu-e.. The! ..auit* t I lI Iauiount A4i lie qu.et.: Wool ye. ? .A1..a.dta& leeItlst-

:,?- give an Idea of the work It will the police force of London I* buuiiuluic of heait applleil\ to "eiiial I ;; The .6." .t the .:...r......_. dinging Dame tlruuily In m"llIt ,. .....- ;

beat to take an Instance of what with the eearvb for that fair haired' weight of water and c p|>er will nil.r Our ...sl..rh.lu.0.. that one meets \\ will Mr*. <;randy say.7 What "

ppen In an Individual case. young man. the temper.-tture of the (->.||lM'*' alt ut delay In the Ktenclade. *. but not dan- will Mr. Cruudy think? CausttheatM

I A proei.rono! middle aged cUll sere. Per hap* after two days tbe llcotlalitI: eleven tliu .,. a. uiiM-li a. It will lu tits. 't trer. Tlie, water I I. pure, and sweet and clul..t. let her aloHoe anti behave thytsl JIM.

it .Hrlns at Clapham .la amazed and Yard squadron get a clew anal uniting cane of the" water While, title uiean. fo-xl plentiful enough.; IJtupklii fast" petty?

......d to find that hi. son a baak.ced with tbe loral.n.1 Inquiry officer that It take more heat to irm the .likeJuuu.. ..: turkey. All member of iMiue--Certainly 1 cn. ill tell tbe* tit B..

twenty-four doea not rebom *, track the fair haired young man water we u e. It I* otherwise to our |I Iadvantage. the heron family are likely to he found TutiiniN. what he said at church but 1 tM b

on. night after liualnbi tea. to a shady lodging house In North If water change.!' It. temperature lu the glades. and mot other bird are uu.l.iy.

a well beuare young fellow andaerer Kensington, where half tarred, dazed. a. readily a. c...pr.| Iron or fair fotMl riill. whUh aliouud. are A..li Canal the tell what parsaa IIINxr.

before stayed away all night with the effect of drug, be has been ....11-1_ when called raid!
mercury It would be lnjp>....Ible. l to gout u, | |>erlw" liiklea. You 1
the moral rnr bl* father hurries. to locked In The 'OUI.1c- h.tretfjp s a.oc1.m4t"o.aap
a cellar for
forty-eight hour woukl
of door dollar
after a rain If the. *uu, i wy a ortlon lu New
branch of the bank In Kedaingtwhere Me Hunan, whose lore tory form al'n
od Das been by !
ome plausible York
me ua wen ahlnlng. since we would In alla'.- for the frog that are your fore
bla .la lured of the plot. At one *U of tt* 'I8.MI
son orploye and finds to the house In quentlou ..ocipllt'd eaten by the *.t..hI.I cold nat l. I the catching In tbe cilidThl! are { '"
tkat be left at about half C a1et".loltW60nt the following dUtofO
Vast ou theJilght with drink by well dreed scoundrel extinguished by water, .lucethe wa plenty of turtle, which ponnen.it all the
before In quit. hi. usual *, wbo believed be take! plarv:
manner carried key* ter would In many cane l.e turned Into g-ooil qtialltie except t-uat' of the greene -a..
,.ctrlng ao Indication that be was not belonging to the bank. Finding be badnot Anli .1 tell ye. I cee'tl an KSous. a
team before !It could turtle
reach the tlransI or the terrapin. A few fruit
'twat atralgbt borne. Prom the time be what they! required they had temporarily letter and I lou't like& It a bit. MlU
thus be
Under can bail for dew..rt-t.'tXoo.
prevent coo I plum..
:Jafttne bank door law baa not been seen. locked him with what I>u me-Nor I. If shame should e.-
up. tilt Ion* It would require a large" amount t currant apple and paWI..W.-whll. .
,Ria accounts' are In perfect order; he ultimate object can only be cueed. of heat the to th poor t-blld-I may. TnmaiM.what W p1)YWI
to raise' the temperature of water leave of the sweet bay make atl'llJn"ltut .
.'was a young man on the way to prorgaotkio. There are hundred of simpler case* from the would Mr rundy say then ,;
point to th* bull beverage. Crossing the Kverglaile
which are solved In a matter of hour. Al>-IKXII Mm. Urumty: R let
fag point and nearly 5.4 ;time of Florida In
aa macmore 6 a I
not aadrenhnrP
: The bewildered father" take a cab the It will be safe to say that the chance my poor wORld heart "1'7 I
to hurt
change the
water Into It I
ateam. : a 1.1..nl.-\. \V.
.".' neatest police station& and relate. are ten to ODe In favor of Scotland 1 In rite Dinsovk At another place llenrjlla band petrsesl "
way tin water 1* kept in lu IIarnera.Wt 11.
a ,
.Vs story to the luapector In charge Yard finding. the whereabouts of liquid condition fur. considerable I for money, and bra a
Oav I dare aay boil be! found In a con! missing person within a week.-Frank timeveu plan tu cell| their goods to obtain It for ; Tiit.

.... or day.** says the cheery luslWe"l.t >ecti Dllnot In London Mall. New York under PreA unfavorable-... coutlltlou*.- .*.. th* *.. Was ..r..h -Wa..r. him. Tlie farmer arks his d.me..k*. | aiO 1

i ear. on to It at oat'tt.Vhat The oven was oiicw merely bracklaband many .lk gowns she can dli""* et.. ,,

-.. hla de.n1ptloor not salt, a. {It I* now. This was I>atue- Tln'.. Tumoia. and .""
Dr"._ ..._. ..... 1\w ft..... R.a.lwt ...... when the earth Me
In Ia.
.' Thereupon the. father give a deacrtp- wa1 its first youth them all; and I'll e) to church
Tb..101'7 la told that Drydeti. finishIng good many year* alt g. when metropolitan and before then .
was land T
'tlon of hla .on. ruunlnr. perbap. semi any showing tuff uue and let Mrs. rand 7 tars
hla $
translation, Virgil.ent I It ... were not run a.t well at all or animal life 1 11wt
'thlng like thUr HHtftit. Are feet elgh to Jacob any In the water.At her auto a. much as she like ..
Tonwon for publication for a aa they are ridiculous f.is .
f'f now tills time the it
typoraphleal water
iacbea: fair hair slight fair mustach w.s gradually In the final act. when evegtblas
7 sum peclfled upon the malu tc..rll't. mUtake. happened frequently.On cooling I from It. original state of almpl P** son
r stray eye,-slim build. wearing silk ba t. Tonson steam I comfortably .. ".. .1. tb.
was of
j, morning mat. dark striped trouxeraJ hook but obtaining the ** of tbe paper* had two seprratarticles anil tbe salt were slowly. undergoing fall to preHirln for the t.UYltJH. 7ni
determined .
to take. advantage one on a sermon and the the cluing.from think .ttlw .
and glace kid lace bout. The Inspect' of ease Into solid I I ame- And then. Ttimma. UJUk. I
:; Dryden need of money Hetherefore on a mad do.:. which were of Then cam the
--enter this In a book together wit!D courseto appearance land and wed
'aome detail a. to the dlaappea ranee. could not Informed. the poet that b P go under different headlutt. In ,. later on rlter. which' gradually wahed A%h Ii irertWtlnc declare I abed. "l !
pay the uui Dryden .ked.. some way tooth were set down more and I ** 1Hcti
! lie bands the book to a pollcema lu up tnC''tl..r. more salt, while at Just the tame a* ever Maybe -4<

-clerk and turn to give another w line reply In "-'rl.U..u ryileu of eut the the t.glluwlnord R In the luoriilnc the editor wu horrified I. the bottom of for wean itself chemlca!I buy a muurtUa bridle or a &llt*" *****

..-of reaeaurance<< to the father. Within. publisher to see the following article. action wan constantly adillns more ..tul.I..r| or the like o' that.ItMUie C.,.
a With l-rln. look. bull faced and freckle.] 'Th.* Her Jauie* T1lowwin brine to th** water At theu.conie when e. ;. 1'ist.t
rector j present It I.I Is .I..rU-\
minute the
..: latter bear the "tick. tick. fair. I \
,. .
of St. .\Ut"..,.'. entlmateil there Vroa1y'wD''
> tick"' of a telegraph Instrument In the With t.o hit tc.. with JudA colored", hiircl prenoheil to a i lire III the world* out of church. Mrs.be I

' .. banda of the policeman clerk.Tbe.s.- hair lance cotiinir: +e of p.H>|.le Sunday. i, oceitn ,.us,.Urr ciiliic nille of salt. an Q! tandlnie Mboiit th.re- ,
..acriptlon be baa given I* being tel.- And trvway Jr.TVben. pace that taint tIM ambler Thi.* wa hi* lI.t ....*TOV n. In at.., .y the must Mstoiiinhing thing about It Isi .\*b taparti-I shall .bak kaJd1 '1 Mid 1M

DatIMd to week hi will Irfil farewell. I.. hN con i' ,| that It all the serif could l.- takek out wIth all uiy friend. M
every poIl.ataUoo In tb. a1I.
t London aUo this was delivered. to Tooonbe gregatlon. a* hU ph>.*lcl.in I In* advle lblu In a moment the level of the water Dante area and U
j. being! Hat to
... Scotland aakeil If Dryden hcd'! aid anything to irothe.. Atlantic. He exhorted t. would not drupe one ileac; Inch this manner. .I

c' Yard. Tbu within a few lUGy...*.** replied the t.earvr. **heaid his brethrt.u and .l.ter aii
::." flf minute the the looIlt"'e depots from one endmetropoll ta tell tbe dog that be who wrotetbewe a devout prayer lore I. where A .'_.,., D.." hick ida.1 ttf tee tbe wf .n tilt?- art
to the
other are on line could write more 1kP: them."' the arilcle"* ran t..tfetb"r> t.n1a. whim Tin tuo-i terrliil duel fought at any soul (b.w* toward Sealer of tb.sll fipleft
the qnl Tire for the slim fair 'haired d
; Tonaou sent the, money at once to I lime in I'I ", tow flame wlmbalf a
cut t
7.lIa. man" .. 113' "M UI" frantic freaks. He ran one Itetweeod Urh-"l'bftl.o .f l ldal'

'. But the ba up Timothy *tr et to Johnwxi an 4"0Ion"l I' n.'U.'I{ .lrU.t ..d1ce r.
process only Jolt beirun. ,..;... she. ... dawn IUiient street t-. folleire: .,t I cud M u. tiardeit din <,*orp*. t.> the -enter' mIen. an.l tb. rwt.
soon aa the father ba. left the ..
po- Hundred of plwpir have cured then,- this *ta.*. Itt tli* prfee>l iirfs a oupu: a mere >""'h. hilt of herculeanstrength .)
; station the .-..11.
Inspector out from E.14
s selves of 4mp.t/mrnts In ..,...11. CD. of U>y. vetze.1 him. tie.I N tin kettle tohi I Tbe two. men .Isabel toceiher .1rb.\Vbat an oald fool * Oy
room two special ofl- us.
w who inquiry't of last yeara mayor a* a young man trJl/and h** a;;.tln nt.irte. .\ trreatcrowd .o as to leave their. right; arm diver: Come along. and behave pIS .
are expert searchers for .
used to find It almost lnt>osihle' to pronounce collet.teil. rust after --.11- trouble fir. were *rnie.l with short kulve*. i.' .. .
and who
r persons w&.dr. of their have district a won-with word* beginning with aq..- the was shot by d p>UfeuJ.in. placeil In a hackney couch and driven Prom this small \Mfeualattnidltloa Row..... t. $,

Rvery day for month be need to walk at a tf'Srtoclliop around the Plac* of Mr. Grun.I.;| It rtes .. v
1 .-.ons. low HM club e. a<"!'pol. St. Jame* park practicing tit ...-...... de U Concorde. They wen taken outer seized I upon by *ucre..JlBff W.mitersd ..

of sba.fy character sentence! aloud. **A quantity of quick Customer Have. y.Mi auythiuic that U the coach tleuil. The colonel bs tttliuz ffeneratlou*. who bare M
here tot .. crttl w4
peep liver quietly quartered In a quagnnttl good for falling hair Faretiou ( '...1'k lchteeu stair the youth only four the esl..tenc P of the austere

=' aDd.they D&Ire.- h* cooqored the Impedl t, How would M! watet*>kef d ,? but one of -the* had pierced" hi. heart. keenly, a* did ...r fame+ ,a
. ..
orlelDAtor frrdr
Thank due the
one of the moat --Tbe law of conscience
Be which w* term that bas coin to taptrrl!
sore you can obey Ir<**! laws be pretend are derived

L" ooe...-Huskta. cd from from nature pro aortal: fore mate aatlftWor

t .tutu-KontaiCUe. .. germ. uplaaaUGG.-t. X +4


'-I '
,.. (
t6'rfn .l. '''\ +JJ' IM s alfeL h . '.' .




Often Tbs Kidneys Are

Popular Young People Were Seaton Took Several Dependant
......... In This City W.dn.sday. Weakened bj Over-Work. Children to Horn Society. -
! i of...most impressive. ...ddl..* Unhealthy KLlncys, Make Impure Blood.roti 31 r.. Seaton of Jacksonville uperin' *

...w In O.ln..I1I.. w.. that off It u-.I t. t" .i.Iervl t* ..t only. tendent of the Children' Home 80cioty -
anD:i.' lLIJ'j bLKki 'r t'AuUU. ,
'We to
Cora Jolly. the ae\:ompll.h.di.Bkt.rof traced; to tie :.-lnc:' -e. a *oei..ry organised for th> ea'e.
Mr. and Mr*. J S. Jolly.) 1-'t no* xuud .::. and protection of orphan and hlple.
occurred at the borne .cj nce prove th..l, ehildru.' haa been In this eetion for u.1 wrote you for advice" writes Lelia Hagood.
the of the bride nearly all diserahave the past few In the Interest
4 parent their beginning days of her! of Sylvia Tenn., "about my terrible backache and
lay afternoon at 6 o'clock. work with the result that .he has
MI. Jolly was netted In tbe ._ in these the most disorder important of taken from North GaloeavllU four children monthly pains in my abdomen and shoulders. I

bonds of matrimoay to Mr. organ all of whom will be properly' had suffered this way nine years and five doctors

F. Board man of Hague. Rev. The knlner filter cared for anvil they ego b*> placed In I
la and purify the blomi had failed to relieve me. On your advice I aook
H.Or4J hiU -of Holy Trinity moral Christian homes.
that their work.
il a....". la bla usual Imp,..* Therefore, ebenotuki.tney.areweak Too much praise cannot be given Wine of Cardul which at once relieved my pains

manner,officiated. or out of order you can understand bow this work and the active Interest Mr.. and now I am entirely cured. I am sure that
For this occasion th. bom was dec quickly TOUT entire holy i* affected and Pea ton I* taking la saving the helpless' "
bow eem. to fail to do its Cardul saved life.
every organ my
at.d In bamboo vines and carnations d uty.It children and providing for their com

very simple. bat beautiful decora- you are sick or "feel badlybegin fort. Many children which might have
,s. There war other decorationstaty. taking the greet kitlney remedy Or.nmer' proved a waif or perhaps n criminal bynegleet It is a safe and reliable remedy for all female

... .and which wen admired by tiwamp-Root, because use soon have been taken by this ao diseases such as peri- ;
a* kidney are well they will .
i few that were ....'. ciety and pro.ld..dI.h
pr good home,
the other organ to health. A trUl odical pains irregularity TRZZ ADVICE
bride was attired In white mill convince anyone. where they may grow into manhood Witt .. a tabs .
i mall elaborately trimmed In If you are sick you can make no mi- and womanhood a credit to themselves dragging down sensations ar--..... "ncrlM'11 4 tAt ._ul
,with bouquet of earnatlone andfsrns. take by first doctoring your kidney and the world. Fne A4Y1C..a. ... M.......
,The bride The miLl ....1 the extraordinary effect of headache dizziness :. &::: .: & :.
waa at Dr. Kilmer'* Swampoot.. cit e' ......T_..
led by )II.. Z.lroer of Binning- kidney ftme.I,.. i. ...xm realized It Death of An Infant.Mr. backache etc. .lU

I.Ala.*who wore a gown of Freneb stand tbe highest for its wonderful curr and )(.... B F Johnson' friend
i with lac. trimming, and carried of the moat distressing cases awl U*oUlon
its merit hr all ympathixw deeply l with them in the Every Drug Store In $1.OO bottles. Try it.
net of patio ribbooa. MI.. -
I green druJXi.ts fiftycentand '.-.... vas of their Infant son. woo died curly'
Bar kb in played the wedding one+h.llar ic IIh ;!..' Wednesday morning, after an (illness
Mendelaeohn'a... bottle You may of several week. Tb. funeral

rfter the ceremony the (nests were have mail a sample tree, afro littlehr a Ref.tt-tltwt_.......eon,.. held in theafternoon.. Rev, ;i.seas B.Roaera. VINE
pamphlet ;)
Mired lato the second room, whereieioos how to 'nol out if you Iiave ti.liicv ort of the First Baptist Church CARDUI
refreshments of punch etc., : lOWntruuhl 'Mention tin roper offloiating' OF

r* served by Mr. Evans Uaile. Miaartlnand when rititiKto Dr. fainter & teas* lUn;;;* Mr. and Mr. Johnson have been one .
the Misses Borkblm. The liatnton N. Y. 1)011'make aiiv tuUtake.
but retii ml>er the mate t\ :atiiHoot: fortunate recently. On Tuesday little ---
tree sop salad and eak., wbieh was I>r. Kil ner*. i>wamp-Koot. an.l the ..I. Sarah their eieht' -ycar-old daughter -------------;------
red by Mr. Russell and Mr*. Frank drc_.Uinghamton.N.'\0'..un every bottle. was severely horned from the vault 1

If of Jacksonville, assisted by. oih- --------h____ of playing with matches. and will be I
,Including Mice Alvarez of Stark confined to ber bed for
Miaa Word. of Daytooa.ibappypalr . GONE. The death of their darling little boy Sf You Are insured 1

left In the evening They.Will Begin Series of Meetings In at this time i I. particularly ..d. and

;Hague. where Mr. Board man ia Valdosta Oa., Sunday. they have the sympathy of the com ,\ \ 4
with the Ob... Company In mODIt It. a Company that R .nib ,
After two week aareeafulwork __ _ is sp< <>- Har a Tulicy Correctly jII
i fboephate bula.... Written With 1.Le'ah& of Policy ITuitract and the Cotui-anv
and Mr. Board man will maker h.r.11 which about ISO aeeeiooa For Marshal. 1\ .'.,.. Losses Prutuytly'
were m.d* to the various ehurehe of 11
r home aft Hague. They have many the I re.peetfully'annoanee my Band I
city Rev. J. B. Culpeppvr and
i here who will wish them tooth dacy for the office of City Marshal at
wife and U... You
Burke Culppp and Are AssuredThat /1
In thlr.married life.DaCoaiaStreeper. left the election on April 9h. 19u.. If ,
family Wednesday for Vtldoita.Oa. .
elected I shall perform the duties of \
., where they expect to begin a .*- the office without fear or favor.Bcvj4Mijr no amour lo* can overcome you without you hav some JI {
rie* of meetings Sunday. refuge.
the eavMlnsion= of the prayer* There : T. A. o... \ ,
were quite a number of Gainesville Fl Jan. I
% U. IS101.
lag at the Methodist ehareh friends r.
congregated the nation of ,

Isssi sod lay Miaa evening Mary Aaron Streeper W. were Da* the Gainesville th. Culpeppera and Golf bj railroad and wUh tobid - - S Fire, Life, Accident and Health l Insurance ( ;

In tbe holy bond of matrimony Hiss N.
P: them Godspeed notwith tandinK the Norton 1
pastor B...'T. J. NJxon.Ifce early boar. It was ..,.**." for many. t None but Reliable Companies Represented.

marriace. was quit a surprise of thee well withers to rJ.. before ft > VA

l,the friend of the eootraetiog par. o'clock In order to bid them a latfarew I

.. although It was generally eon .ll for the prevent, bat they. par... Noielties, Books, Stationery AM. CTJSmWLJFLJNInformation \'t
.... that they to be married ,
were at there and
they ought to be commend
early. dais.Mr.DaCosta. ed for !t. Souvenirs, Sbeet Pictures ) cheerfully. furnished. GAINESVILLE. FLORIDA C CI
Is one of Galnesvllls'c
The endearment between the Cal.
test widely known and popular yoang. ; peppers! and the people of Gaineaville and Pictore Frames . I'I' 'I'

tee. while the bride la a lovely youngidy Aas been mutual. Both are great men

who has many friend. Con: and great presages, a* tbe result of
.ratalatloaa of all are extended. their tray. here will ahow. The good 206 East Liberty Street

people of Gainesville hope to be fa* GAIHESYILLE, -' FLORIDA) ABSTRACT & REALTY COMPANY i
Marriage Fort Whi... eared by their presence again at no :

J.J.Sander of St. Petersburg and very. dUtantday.

(la* Laura Oets..n of Fort White wereaarrled Ihaootrpuraredl
Sunday at the borne of bride'* The Birthday Party. BEAD E. E. VOYLE. MGR.

....&a.Captain and Mrs. T. W. Get
Th "birthday party" of the Help Abctraets of Title and full information furnished regarding laaas i. ski
_. Fort White. Rev. N. B. PI a mm*r.. Ing Hand Society of the First Presbyterian AIDS DIGESTION viaty. Our manager ha lived in this county thirty. yearn aaJ ;:,

Anthony, offlsistlag. The happ Church which ..* held at th* I* thoroughly conversant with land titles*
pair left Immediately after the ..,.. Art keep use relieved of -'lIa
elegant home of Mr*. J. D. tired ':
StMnRfellow r_....," wktob
.... and spent Monday here with txwiaa s..y..arp area to .
Wednesday afternoon, was to er* &e (
f r. and Mr.J. F. Boneb. They pro* E_ E_ vcai:
grand aaeees, financially and other .. /,
. IT'S YtUlt
ceded to their home In St. Pete
n- wit and
*, those who are working foi FIRE ACCIDENT. BURGLARY AND INDEMNITY INSURAXCX. Mace'r
rare Tuday. the church improvement and repair* sensing n number of prominent American and English ompaales..a .
It rou do sot keep srood. _bal.... .
In thla direction have reason to be o*!air taw..for U U made fr*.b even day LOANHHVf l
proud of the financial revolt Mil delivered at your door br Cebi nA B C .F'lox3.d'8 ;.

It was a party. In which all friend KEYSTONE BAKERY --.

war Invited and a ........ l&.L
penny was require Its T. SCHAFEK. Presv
First to be returned In a bag for each
yea -- -
[ OAK. J OUir RAilROAD ((0.
that the Invited guest was old. A. '.
matter of course this mad. no partieo H

lmnrtssions lar difference as to their re. *ell.... Schedule Effective April 2O. ICOJ. .
age, a* the scheme was the novel par .

of the program : but there was quit. BICYCLES and %o. t NG, a I No. S I ID.i 2 So. :iw It %w/
u.UJ'' SlAaODJJ' '
a nest sum realized which will be eaSIIDOa1J'SuDOaIJ'! i p'f
,Are bound to be lastias The f bu. !too .
aNd for %* repair of the church In I! .....
custom I... more and more, to Electrical AI Pl PM' PM'I'll A11 A II
Ih.m..... of a new roof. Supplies Leave Leawe I lA.w. Ae
make lb. ball handsome, corn. 1w) tar .... .. Arrive Arrive Ant.e :
Delicious refreshment : IC' .l.Iwe Oek..... I 50) to.eLv
of salad
forl.ble-a ubatantial evidenceof *. AP .. A" Ar j.... 1.9 : : !L9 L. ...
.&e.. were served daring the afternoon s ( v.45 L9. l'% .n..U.IUIl f 115 Mr U
the bet of living. Armey fur teadlnc Illcjclr sir .sr Ar. ... tisyojuaetloo ... ....ArSP Ar 4. u JAP.. ::
Krpalrla a Ark, II 10 AraNt .... ... ...f4rry.... ... ..' eo t'r -M
Funeral of Mr. Clddings. dens prmpllr. Electrical work A(10A'_ 4'W-! Ar a .. _.".III"'nft_!'"rrl.r. .I.L..S._ _! _2'Lw.TY- ILe .fa :.'

'I.r FURNITURE Is The funeral of M. Olddln the ..d ef all kind*. Altos ---a-: made-at OowHrtir Parr !:' ;U tnuna' ,-xt from'Live
death of whom occurred at his home For sad infum.tieto'tl Junction*>n to for>.Maiu.> Dertlntui Alton vltb nfxt other alZ ir ti.ni>.rut.*I:-IM t>B ixitnt or Call. o*CB.r.l"riioMAS ........
!. 11..1 IllisD..II. in North Gainearill Tuesday, wa. oWlJNU.l dtnr.: Lire Oa1t.
1 I 3 AV. IjyjQX 8.1. t 1'reaarat. K .'. HOPKINS. :.ur.l.Ner...*..
held Wednesday afternoon front th. r.... OAK, KUOHUXA _

ChristianAdventUt Church. a.neSa ===-

large number of friends assom- Alacbna County Abstract Co.Perry
bled to pay their last sad respect.

Oar line of 1111 Onir. list to the deceased among whom were (I-'HI. ) THE
M. CoUoo.l"r.*, J. W 1111104. Vte.- BIG FOUR.
Racks and Hall Furniture th. representative bodies of the G. \.. R. .....: IL R. Cul.w. M'Tre...
and Blue and O/. .
most complete ever shown here f
artistic and the very latest des The interment was In E..rlEr..oe.m.I.r.Dd The Pure Rye on the market. Bottled from original barrel at the t ti f
sign-and w. ar able! to suit the may friends of the de- We dn an ..clo...* Ab.traet bu.i iness Distillory and sold under our personal guaractee ,,..1
facilitie fur
casd followed the imparting full
Furniture to toe house, to Ih.lrl.n Information concerning the Title 1
resting-place. to QrAKT.IlM: liUCKLKY f.'
any and all land In Alachna taunt,.
All business transacted promptly. 1 QUART
Building Wire Fence.Wad. 6Q1.1)1S1:11.: t i:

iHtswilla ; .Thomas, a farmer of the Mon.teocha NOTICE. t 1 QUART FORRKSTI 1.:111'N {

section who was one of lb. many Notice i i. hereby given that application I QUART IJKECIILAXD {
Furniture who had the misfortune to lo*. a will be made to lb. f
quantity. of his fence by forest fir*.. I I. convene at Tallahassee. Kla.. in Apr ::F c> -a.rQ: 25
-0. art $8
.'t. determined in future not to *utainany 19O7. amendment of Chapter 5497. B I

oar p. y lo** or Inconvenience In this di* entitled Law of"An Florida.act extending Act of 1806.ealarg being Eight Quart Four$4.Ox favoritetnis); Twelve Quarts Ill.fiO-Ezpre.. Prepaid, ?

rectioo, a* be ,enclosing tae t.Lik ..rmQbe"'UaI I log in* territorial limit and tAe po.>. uwrtmrottae. +'
wire fnc*. He I er of the city of Oainevili.a moniei* -SEND FOR PRICE LIST- -
-- ---- ---- -- corporation organised aDd ..
A 1 Ia-.......- ....'7. Florida, aad J-OSEPH:: ZA.PF lSz COI r;

Distaste Phone MS JACKSONVILL2.I FLA., :

r "......, .-- ,..,. T .......... .. .t.- ,, ..
\ .. ) . ,
: !
,_ '"'r' .... -....... \.. " ,.1- ..,.... . ,"

,. 1

f h64f ',


_ _


CONDENSED A.. .It. ...._.. 11.1..1.. .t ...1._
I 1a >..rS.It.Ibsen. .
See US u r great rumptr1ot.) bee In ,
1 Interested in Gm n-sv.''leAlaehoa
Jf you are one! of LIvrork* forintUutthe p.irud : '
equity s.no' a ery. of theloaostrial 11 11tt4 .-x ttMit. the wan t. "t'''''I-t nbo" < No tor ITi ; but tin
Ertitl-ia' of The S .u I" tdixU .... . .. way in whivh it : th ,
t : .11. Tav>re I* errtaialysome
.1 } eclln the North. Pti'. te,. e.nt..1. I! for AH! trtiTh In U -nay. tl trt* !I. HIIK'U system Scrofula.i.i irtf<< .& y:
:CI: : *1
I truth in It .<> fur I" Une I* tvtl. iu etxL;..*
... u'.r week'y prjr--meeting every p 'rt e (.r .
TB* 'E."rll.-.l. T'i'' ni.iu wh' .. In the oeurh the : n,...
< held *t the First n.piCaareh .. poteu" and DOt tr, :
1 be for _
vat truth tftMM 1.1 way .I..f..J.'U.1f .
dosal and
'I and the Sunday -eh()ol & tnt"1'.bd"ad. '
i 'oni"t. ... othT mow Nixl of titber eoesitlerw. .! to tae bur.] .
." ,.seller' routine tomurowT.. n.g t..>..* i. rUlMljr the war nLo Ic I aptti tion. nr eating Indlg!
; jU th meetini ...ii: b- h.'M at 7 i r.1 th> gn nt..
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