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: sad wafer i>-upant of the hotel: at N )rer; t4 l her..tt y .&;-r-n ': at under < .. .\Iat-hlla connty. Florl 2.'o11I
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> Their t >.tlmony l I. kf;.f I and mineral food for I'hfI< l><>io.ab1*> J"", ... T. W'la!! Janine more or le... conveyed by Cow<< tin s).
: healthy growth. .r tt .- biirnih, I B..ler.O> .... W. .
,. !1.111 R! .. . ..4. one of '',.. HOof jl idintl Circu, ..f Fi.ir.. 8.1.y.1.; E Ba'-
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; .Wf' ti-* T".o.-ftf.h tufantrv.: j ALL DRUCCISTSi BOc. AND S1.OO. I''i 1 "I..--.' "n the. 11ft- .lit" ..f P" -tn. | .\" of n... ry th.;>,. Alexander C

1& i\ .110 w'a' .1 I .raarc': 'J W"hMat" bn! '''r. OOO O 9 her \ T> 14 it. a eertlin reuse ai'1 "n-S ''rrilU R BI '..y and Mar-

:. f Ja ,enaD.I will b. the sear wltu.! .s. :I OOO OO O therein pen.tins "herein L.\ V'.ial'i* "*r., R. H"i.-y. |.. T1iv BUke.rQ, }.r

' Itc: !\:\am hu wlrexiarrl that hr co..an"'anent and Tnhhv Pn'ildinz.i date. of the llih $ep>.T rM>.. l.1.4, and
u'e UJor( -- ..t"" ... I'e.ding and Lewidefeuit t'e.alling r.. enrde at p-B. 6hi4 of Deal Book
r .
will fromMr. U.1''os\'Ue asa- HIS GR !:.AT SERVICE.i +i ....1&....... ... l.lll.. shair hell. aunt .h..rh'. R..II are "n.. of the p-.htie record of .\I.ehasI'n.

.w. ,; tl.r Purr. I I I:1. ., .. I.nn 'U' I I".I. .. 1. .;. fr..n. n .. nt*. I li .
i I A. Illa.tre.low of //.r ....,... .. .e," wri ajL. t II I. II, I ... .. I'.. r ..r i.r.>w.i wilt. nffer fur a.l!. .t piihlie ontery. and : hundred en ( 2tO) fret the,e* '

L. ,.at eitemeit PrevJi'i. i ..... 1'IJrr .....M.... I .clo., .... 'J h...... il..t.4 nt-c nt.,.I.- of will, arlt! to th" h
It- j yew Turk .Jan I.-A ca"ale dUCr >uu>an p*it* w lifd in..u.i: ,,:.-r fOr the r.it ..Uin" lie ...,.d. "'II,.-v I... .:U wi-ll: at H-fore the court house door In said thence f E..' awn hundred ten f2lQ|
'I *
A AUehu -nnty.. in the rite .. t t. thence Nir'h two hundred ten
4 patch to file! Herald fr.>;ii .\ ..\iinl' : t t i:, Th.'itn* II.. t.nl'I". .w.i- t. 'utiiiii.illy ttr,.t 011.; ii4-.. T Hat ,-x.st..:: tlin 'sr., Til-I! on the rlr.t M.n>!Iaf In ofieine.F..hrtiap.. (::lt1i) feet to >he pac. of hegitinlna.eontalning .

: Qgypt. 'a> *'.at witch FI! Khiiitli. IIt'I':> .ti: tu- !Intlueu. tar tlit* t.''lllj.'r- fully. I,,x,:U liio tttf Kiti. TIic "ktn.tIi A.1) I iW:!. the> acme belnK the 4th day on"* ( I/ acre of land tnor or

president an 1 -UnatP of tar f ntraL'I IU! .' un th.* ":.If" of ti.-kft. at l.M-t. lit <.'iKti Moft n,1: 11.) .<*. t"'t'.h..1! I on i-,1.| of ald month And" !regal! ..,,'_. d".. I I.... .h. mtI17Jr the I..t" ericarayed

_ committee! of the Islamic:: 'inl. n. ha< a. u..l tO el..> 110" III fart this Mftllltltfltit : es.uiiiiu.illoii: ;i j:r.*4it ninny ruts 1111.1 l lMIH the pmpevtT de.erirwM| in raid final des' l.y D E. C"nJ..r and wife to J.

arrived tti.-re. He rfjx>nn Kr.>at fXcltcmentprfvails I *n-t I.. the i.li'.w me uf tint tli*rDkunifttT .. Mint ...-rat.-he, .... Nt>ii.> nr tft._ cree a' follows, bait : :N. Clino'1. n 4 app.-r. of recotd. !. r
z i like .... Deed H.>ok: 47 at ptae 1 7l of .*. Q>> it).
"'al& i other Kerfnninc the
throuulwjut Cyr..nilC .11) arts wont iptite tlinitieli.. ="\">> ..rt'u.I' _H tliflreflevt at ;.uth..u cr>*n-r rf lie .
R of U.S.. ... ih tint I .. ....11 Rutlrde. I I re ?ord of AU.'hna county. Flori la. ,,
owing: 'u new* that the tnahtll.Il. > U: an \iirv"<"u>u or tbe wtlw tt> \t. ,il1! "l tt/e Kl.trtf ;reitly. trivet "'If.nlrarn.th tte, aid being levied
a chain and ?4 H"k10. ._.. thence I rmperty : upon aa-
pr<>\'r..1! l knnliifof lu h.art.an : I a *t ,
wa: believed to have .IIE'.I l fiur *iutK andur*. 11\1.1 the the property o! J..p"CI""oQ to
who Feat 1A pb'''" and At I link to take.Ithent .
.a Jean a/t./ >. I to still ally*. Mentb.ra: 'tn. d..y I)11ni..e h>tI.S..I".1 'tJ, ".-t f matiuf.ii-tiirtT. "un. wtiat tir rnt"l.in !>e '*o old friend whom h.> bill not >"-.'n .1. roleloush and ,io. Jo.
t *
cult ur gl.ItcuHiLltag. an ph N.
: of tbe stet the correspondent says. i m nver get a thenee' UV.i 15 chem. and At'
for thirty yenrWherenil* you ir<.in:: Llii tvilh.rgt 1 1 tlu'fi li.'tKt l inks Clinton. r.. W. V.'I"c"l.'
firmly convince that tu *lr chief : you fin't to point of beginning: ; the Ahoy.
: are tdn<. t<.ui . U tilll alive and will a')oIO !leave Ku- I turn the .ul.c..1; nUia Ititu a K i Toni. I ahill dine .
it uiwherf. wra flat !'*eetinn 25. Town.hii> 9. R tn.l' con .
tliilit mi that they
... tn at the head '}f a !Jrte army <,) re- t faduuewar.'O:1 ?*oheit4.r for ComnUlnaat.
taimng I't sort.. Al"". that tract InSection
I--.I..tt at in curly n::>* H tuas! ofiKrtrx
:r conquer AUrI. Tun'M and K';ypt. *. u'>." weld I uiuin; -yuu an mistaken. t...n..fly. (:?%) Tnwnhpnin!
Their turn bide* are of n. n."
\ ..u will din, with me." lie I (A). Kanae eighteen (18), nezinninv nt

: The Joy Irnl the fri<*inl into hi. h trnct of lan In ald Section running .
I. tt. ha. good health. UeH lUlu the upper place at hit tahl.l The I ... ,... ,
.. pfliTiogi l wwd 'e 'ar. nail.- .... \Ve t 1272 chain to a .ti"k-.

rbine and you will havbu.heU of I..f tn in bad trot h.nl such a dinner i When Lon ir.lk. nirtilt tho first l" ill<>oiij thence North D.;1a ehale to M .t.Ve.Ihenoe Piano and Orjan Tuner''
for a ion; time, and iMinin. when I
joy. Yoa need not b. blu., fretful and re j ascent from I.oti'loii In 17M hw hid forfellow East 1:1.2 chain to a ....k..1|
tlrlui Int. hU writing room after theo thence Sooth 3.71 chain to point of and Repairer.
that bad tat i.i mouth. rt onc. ra .'U t. n tins unit apig.n.
hare your >ff."r, 1&.1.1.It !I.. a matter of ri>urM I h.uinning1enntatninq twelve, (12): ) acre i

. Try a bottle of Herbine a poitiTe<< cure that I f x;; t ct you toui.>rrow at the 1 Kuril iH4 the exflleinent call.-. of lard, more or le*.. .all of said |
fill" thin ..--iit that delltarratln I.a.h''
1 for all lifer complaint. E. Harrell... .a me time." n ft Jury Icing and being in AlaeHga. ) |
: on tin r"'eof n criminal returned Tt1IRTY YEARS' EXPERIENCE I IIialaMfllle.
I Florida. all .. .
Together with and
I Austin Te=... write. : "I have: uaed I The fri" ud ranie the: next day and .natl.lar
n lusty verdict of a tultlal In onlernot the tenement, hereditament "I'd"rC'u."ane"
Hvrbine for over a year, and find !it afine the d.iy after this, and a.> on for ten G.lulss the apevtstle. chile drug th"r.nnto belonging or. "
I yells ut t" Isle d..atli. On* day liowvt .. n..Ja.
regulator. gladly recommend It i 4ieors: III. !roke ter; n uitflliiff of his in anvw'te'! appertaining.

al fine medicm for dy! pepia." .>r. In? told I>tnui4! that a<* he was I r rounc-ll to watch the procrt of the ; Said. I land to IH old in .atlfy .adiecree !

t by W. &I. Johnson.Counterfeit eating l brand he dltl not earn this are I I l>nIln. It w''ji lu the folloMluir year. and eot. i

rju;:einctit could not continue.If I ;, 17-O. thit an u lr....turuu.+ uilin! tin- tt. i FKOOMK.pec BROWN HOUSE
am nut stale honestly to earn my tueaU : >al \h"ltr: in Chancery.
f Cam Factory.idrU. florura.1u.it" 1111:1.1". made a tiall
BAKKK.: .*?H..111. .\ R '*TBB.Solicitor .
I hell
Jan. t.-'.\ cnu! ..**rf>.ltfac'ory not come ucalu.: Tell me In l whit wjy I can 1 Ins uf TTlee tu you." t "l the lord lieutenant for hU
in tti* !h.u..r. .. man y 'OurIIIL' ---- -- -- ,-
I'tiiiiii-t, thought n moment ; then he
.rued Jut! ('llejr. war 1 1.1.-J bt h" I II .-* SALE. F.tiCILiT .u.t'. .....,.
midYou cats der me a gnat f.tvor.You I dTueaaa.t
Iloa'l Ire > ....
ar..t/lr. 1 I
.\ U orc9ris dl '. w
: I
police. <|uiu ) an Under and hy virtue of .execution" work of aU ktd.! exeeelwl '
may ic< t< the new l>rid etcrydry The ..
"rti ltlve plant U found In the
machines were sttu; ,,I. .\ "''lr.rh.Ir..UIICO"t'ry HUd lake the teuiTature liy 4 .b...- i l L.u d nut of the Circuit Cor.rt of promptly and la alt .pt4.v" a saa.r.YotLtsd .
by ,!tot' holier wa a that :oop,. '. church. Tiio pa.tur has n dlilicult time Florida in ."11' for Alaahua coonty. but .8 r.t *>!... -cr.c. .mptwM.
110.1. tli >
V\ riiiomett The
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tetrq.rratutu keepins him lu humor t.. church .
; do the
and direet to All ..ntilnsr.I..r
*a wonii. lit :ii ; In :a. many you trust know I I. ur gnat n><>- ? A .nar of ......:k'tl.!.
I work. The enime plant I I. found In ..,.,ltl. of the *!"'* ..f Florida. I. L. << ,11.09111&101I.
dietrt'r.at' d th I'OJI'I
.parln-nt. print In Ifimutter of the .:ire of tklcet pottilml ..lr'I_. Itie cutt.lidttcs meat \V Fennell. sheriff of aid. county. -- -
rions pnxlucf. .I"-i: :,. Ise on the par( ... I '....11 you .I! > thl4Y'1'h.
handle him with clove-. Tire st-nttle.l.laut .
of one of tti** 4 'iii! .*n from?)'"'| the .. |it'.-.r fellow ani\vtT.tl aftlrnm- I - -
I U found In all nveiiii of hum.in -
Informarion ua whlt.t1 t'e :rail! WA> tint:. :I ml| from th.it tins on rt'WJrt..1t"
MctUIty. M.wt generally he |I.. annl.itiee 'W-fees Lc. Neec1 oy
Kade i I>iiina, every tiny.At noon theth. l I..n' tx one.ColumbiaUoral :
.'rna.tnetrr liuw.l a., and aa many I

'. Special Announcement Reardirs the : ,l..2rf... in the wha.t.. ..** And Puma. 1.1.I .

_- National' Pure Food and Drug Law. ,,'b.. of (-->iir..f di
We wry |.I..aHj 10 ttino'ince thai FoIry'a at">'it the tengM| *r.iturH. rj.M...l with the A. II. Thurne. a well known coal!

L l- fluney an 1 Tar fur couih. c&''das ".\In.. r.*,juliirlty: "I am very tuijvli *.
of .
oiri l. tal.I. ...h.1.. If you only knew whet a
atod lun. tr' e t "'it "I.er..t t'l i .
far .t..mc.-.d iih kMuej and
Ibe'iu..1 1'lr.: i' 11...J an.S Drum Iii '..>rie i yon and doa; me-lIarl.'r": ', SeJ.: ;. 'Y"O"1.r' Order tro.
i 11',wkty.THE. stt.l.r trouble. for Sara, |1..lullar".1
it conti iu< uo.pastra: ur u' Gar harm- and .
if with
-- -- -- ne

fol dri-K- arid a- recunim-ud it as hi GOLDEN RULEOFTHREE I eat no relief from medicine THE SUN JOB OFFICE.OAK

at'. rraa.dy fur I'I..Idtr,3 at.tJ .juh.. until I began taking Fole,'. Kidney .

1. J. U. McCoilum A. Ctt.Japaei Three thin.i to b.!--putv. just aral Cure ; then the result wa urpritiug.. _. _ u_ ._ _ _.

h mr.t.Thret. A few doe tarte t the brick dOlt like

: ? B-jyin" <] C>plaslves.Ne things to live-cour.ige.: affrc- tine stones and now I have no pain
.w11'1.!. J.IH. 1. -.\ tabl ..llipatrh I nvt MI j ouLr RAilROAD a( t
,to Ill a.In.,1! an i.-i-ir'- ftat tIe>ii nn.l grntleneas.Three aero.a my kiduej: and I feel like anew ,

tb'ns: ta eoTi-rn-temper.ton . n.... It ha. done melJ( .wcrih .
the .1.! :&!* '"' tovrnii I..t !I.K, I OIIKI.t / .
:u.' ou .. .
lar. ;;** /innrl.: 1..r..MI tu I. .itl'>u.wtlctj .
tiln! :;<< for hltb toJ It.-bt-b.>
aN .. ,lj*" n nt ri ,.-I 1 to .1 apart
or. houn and country. .
_ t a. rjyt v JH t .itin'in*;! veto.-tars can LEGAL I No. 1 NtI ri.a t Nq a Yot tt ; Y..1 .'i
- '. ' Three tiling! ; to rberl.!i-the true, the ADVERTISEMENTS.NOTICE t-u; : 9usunb D ut.i ITAT1OY9! Os-tie tsu.USr'a.VaOnt! Usuy t thula
'lT l it
r '" t t t.t.lt Iipan ha. I Sea
bvntlttful aural the KUOll.
t. ..,. t r.I It'n'"IIIII-.c '1..r r4..r C.' tit : -
.. "I1lr,-. things bout Mtik-h tu think OF THUSTEK'S SALE. .i)1 pt r.PN I AM '-AM
'.4. vktijzu was rthluetuJ: 111 Leave L.r. V". Ani.. Arrive Arrt.e Art1r.
fi_ ..ar I IIr.-. doatli. ant eternity. :1 Notice <4 aereb given thw' the un- sit. 1 sa IC. .. ..... ...1.1. 0-11..... .. 3p a.r I haul) ear
Tlir:* tliinv i to eomdietrd-thrift. III' di.r.igne.I i or .n..h person .. may thenle Ares. 'r a.... Ar a w 1 . ...(owUu! Palk.. tLv a... Lyle' (L. S I" I ILy a w e
t.V 4* I.r 1 tit tee" t. a 1 Ar a aA Ar" .. Are 11
durtry auil pntLuptiifH.. duly qualifle'l. a Tru ted In Hank air 1 \1! Ar' i .. alsyw JItU..... ...... au..a '1.9 ..s'e
ru.tr) for the ecixt** of K L. Ti.on. Areas Aral.Arse!\ .. . .. ...rr r. ...... ... . L. a/e ILrael. aN i-
I 'Iltreu tilnz! t d pte-cruelty: arro I '
> Lankr ipt. pur.uant loan order made Artu .. A,8:11J Ar. . .H.'fWI--1.e. tiM 1._ e JC..ftD.lon M
.:.ii>'f uu.1 la:rMtltude. act she iJefere tit acid CTI... will on y
wad. at r.us ;1101 1..1& fat -U tuna to aid Nee i--.tt sad Perry B4
Tin to I the wise\ t'!.. >lor.fl. "\' the I I- day ' Fet-ruarf. A. .., . ..
-c tiling )re- t : A ta.". area .._.o JunetU-n for M.|o. Area are *Hi.t iBte .i. ,- . *.
I TlrtU'-'M and the lniix-nt.! r'. i..7.: ,ilurint n,.> :'etEtl l.oiir of .,%'.. For .'...n.a .il"n M to e.rr.eetterewukutberuu..., '.bataora.'oaGeaua1IPsreta.!
"u t Ii. *p. .'1r..r t1'e f'. i ho A..t. It:. 1 .1" U.l411: 1.1.. Oall. J
nt C > ir > nlircno.
Tlsr.e tL:....;<. fr v.:::.' t>. wKJjt' : i e TtlC'>l\S VMJ.NU. J'rc..kiBt., H I*. IoIKi4l.G.l.tolPar.s..rAseal." !
I .. I- vy: e<.'ini .. r lori 1 la. <>fT. 'Ml'''. rri'llfl.' uti.l -oteutim-nr.
I for .alru! -"1ull *t pol.MI t<*ry. toti. .
I II .-.. thin:?:* tt> i ,lair! >. -'litn ry.jrriu '." L-.l.rst and tars h.tlder then aid - -

: .d 1..1....4 uwl lattfli<--tiuil |torer. Ihre rut carp: the ioil-wiuK de.sribU!

I I TJir.t.ii. : ;. ta Httjii--|
.. tt.eu I :" I's,: ty f purt") mid rlu'erfiiln -
1.It il. :-" "ii-n II. roiitaliilria IflcfM
-* '>! .!I4t.ttail -fuiirslii;*.
Women I : 1..t:1.: 4retl..n Z'. C'iritainiric. 4

and l-IO .Her"and; f. >t I. :rciiot :Cd.

sufferens l:' nr.III.,5t I: an I 1.10 .rr... all in

Townchip !" youth. n..np II East in

I. should use CASTOR LaFayette county f ;.uriil.. .

. -" qtlei".i }. nf X'i''then..t }4. Section a
. For Infanta and Children. 19 lo>"nhin 10. ie"nr*> 11. and North.we .

HERBINE The Kind You Have Always Bought "' .l 4 end N1* ot X.. *4 of M"I,. !S-C'
Ii .n 2:'I'. Tlwn.n'p 10 '-:.nire I..
....... -"' ... ...- img :."'> a"'.., *ituateKonda .n AlaehueI
, Dears the rGLC I nn'ty.' .

.: DONTto Blgu.ture or + if.GC S..of N a.4!! amt W )a of N. T4 Send ,

- ynuraelf to be nilaers>bt... io2 I:>i of V4. and :-.1.4 of

Why MutTor from n..v"ru lieaulAche S.I.. !:..., :37. and S V, of > ,'4 .ndfSeJi
... have fainting wile .'r..M'. Iwarn.Mr's. t of Xw I... Section a"J. Townnip 1O.i In 1805 we built our first factory. Today we

anti brt frutful Your lirernMxl4 lilt k.* (relitinx i-H'ar: twaretYen. Ra>>a- 1 I. containing 34) acre. situate 5 factories and make
and large
Attention. TryHcrMoUm 1 ho.inl a n.>l- and .:.., ups| nu ttherwiirvler m Levy county Florida! own operate

r great liver regulator. U..t-II ad vr a 111.1111' l Ic1: ". I N-4of S.,4 and S 1y of Ne4? of more fine shoes than any other House in the

Conztfpotioa. OJlIou5- )1..... Wick.-tl ercy: Too Imrslar'-: .? : .S. ',. and at' hat pert ot Sooth >, of that

I CURes CbUU and Fever aad "N'\ l); mjr huHl.in>r... I II* lu.l h
I| of !S.cnon V that part of Nj. in x
all LJvcr Complatots.Mr note t-K IfcMton Trnn- .Tlt t. Diamond Brand Shoes arc right every way.
of Ns'4' ljrr>K: Eaat of the Miwann. .
-- -
E. C. Morrison. untie- I river of "'_hnng:: Tnc-u"lp 10 South of fine shoes
ton. TOX.-XJ. writ.: "I tiara Wise Counsel From the SoulH."I Kanxe II Ka.t. Ling and being In the Our suprmacy as manufacturers ti

aurf.*re.l for yearn fron.IIe..ru want to ztTe some .,lust,.. ad..fcountie' .. of .I.ehq.d! I..",. 4tatef is assurance that the cheaper grades of Diamond
headochm, dizxiueiM anti Florida ineludinR ,in .ti.t ir.et the
fainting spit!!... I received Tree! In tho" who .uffer: with l lame i land heretofore platted a. the Town of Brand shoes equal superiority over other

no relief until tried Herhine, back and l kidney trouble." rat : J. R. ,I Kannm. eepiiag one acts in N>. of possess

,e and wan U4 tni>.lot. jly cured. I Blaii.*u.h'p. of MrpV Teon "1 have I V. '4 of acid! eetion 79. described .. lines at the same prices.
.f ate it aiwayii. ' width fronting on ..hq.-
.oZuti> certainty that 4.ar MAKD SMI l
prurej tu ao ab AIK yoga: Dit )t puicn soc. -r i vranRee. rirer hy twi aere in length
= Hilt..,. will l.nalta..I.1 curet
'Uf'bdanll hack: from the river lying

l Ballard Snow Unlmeait Co. l I. ciire..lna Coluhtloa. The fret' In!, .t "U>.- .... uldf& rry. .11'. e.-..ptini'he .

a ST. LOUIS. rlusouRI.S nettle pave me" great relief and alter. foilowicff deeritM lot 4 In t>.. *
'. plat towjtt l.nhn. 12 13. H,
taking a few more t-ttle. I "I''". c"mpirtl7 .wn
i ISard 14, in Ulotfk Iff. and !>... *, 1O
cured-.o e mpJ.telf that I. 't.,1 11 In Klok :t. an 2 !
.,.c. mw ple Sold tit IN THE
and RcccmrrcadrtS
/ OrlERlouse
; remedy" ;old ua.dergt.aranteat I UI.'?. 29. In the tawn Faonin.. eg ue- .

: .' Oil -. : ' .1 Jr'Jg fjre. free SOr. J > R"aP. rs""Q.I"eo of the >ot/ herein. eta


.". .. .

-I. .i


.. 1r


___- -- .
r--: -- ------- "
-- -
1 Leave. your special orders at the AT THE OPERA HOUitE.Bsgr ,
J IEWS OF r 1 I jainesvitl B. .r,.

H C Kuney. uf Lake City is to the Prince Opsra Company Presented The Continental

'i COUNTY CONDENSED PLUMB- city, a guest of t t.orae Lone I "Bird of a ".at". '"

I \1: Cnptmn R \\ Fontaine and .\. L" The Beggar Prince super. Companyappeared ( IFE.rl:....T.ttlt.1T. '
1 Iliil-ary nf :Mieaa.ipj. were in the cityvr : at the caperu hr je FnJay'
L Jitters of General Interest Gathered ,! ye.terday. l night m a likmc! : m.ii-jil .
by Our Reporters. : i .. \C. L Uodw and son nf ., The two" mis.Beicitr Hrrtl4' 'or" Feather Corner EAT MAIN a-d UNIOConvenient : t's.

t' AND-- -80C'A trtlAb I MG i] It-lit ri'.. mud's yesterday.Th. visit. to friend .n uatn. s- ,,' heU: .t .ea. on I'ru.e and -'I'r..S 4'unpany a big was bit. '! !:y.loe oo.le the.l next i door Wpustultce
IRSONAL gmzare
-s'" wn I.y far the best attraction of I I
many friends of .\. 11. Krpersun ; the .,". The
p. $ this
.,. cocnrany year I
aYalHHappened and What Go.If of J aroma will! regret to learn that t.e'
retain.cs! eicellenee. and the largeai'lience '
Told In Short Paragraphs has been quite sick for some time and COLIi IMMNKx' OF ALL K!>DH.
: H PPn I greeted them showed i
g. That "He Who Run May R..o" partm n that i e is still confined tt hi. home. their apprnral tif constant applause.The .

*|In The Sun Mrs J. I:. 1.0'... "un. John aud t.-u''' acting was Bond, the urging "1(. Oysters Steaks and Short Orders
daughters who have. been here for the cellent. and in all the rroluct cam! our Specially.Cofee .
thin offl*.
Old papers for sale at past few days visiting Mr. and Ir.. R. op to the etattJard of rertnenient and the t
best. Everythiacuic ,
Tour grocer keeps Keystone BreadTb \Ve have in this depurtinuiit | B. Peeler, have returned to Ih..irI efficiencyHarry! *. Game cooked: lu order s?
best bread in town. GainesvilleBakery. I home LeaVelle as Dobbs, a prtnter. fur vportsm

j l A E Cos! .)n and U. W. Miller twoJ and Fred Crowding .. HoLbs. a hatter 0"KN EARLY and LATE.Miss .

Ask ynnr Broker for Dobbn? Mead.It's a e o in J progressive citizens of Trenton were who were continually in a mix-up f --- ._.

the beat.Poo I in the city Thursday", and the formerrenewed complicated situations, are comedians
plete line cif'all Alachua'sMrs worthy of mention, while the ..atir.ea.te N. Norton
his to
are sure of the best at Gme lu'pi'lar subscription was above. the, average.The . _,

Till Bskery bread anywhere ..tldresaGainesville lhuH1Jil1g Supplies Chas Coles of Sandwich. 111.,
We ship this afternoon the famous comic
has arrived in the city' and will spend Novelties Books
opera "The Beggar Prince; and will Stationery
and accessories. several months as the guest of her r
L.L. Hill has retu-ned from a buil conclude their engagement this even
sister Mrs W. H. Palmer. NorthGainesville.
I Souvenirs Sheet Pictures
.... trip to Jacksonville.Boavenir : log with the three-act comio opera.Oliteiie .
letter of Gainesville 10pats. We have ," which has for years been
and Picture
We have an expert harness makerin Frames . .
.. J. \\-. McCollam Co. one of the national hits. It la a plee.whi..h
connection with our stables, and
will old.
First Class never grow
Albert Anton Graham ha returned only will be in a position to do all kindsof Prices for the matinee, children 25 206 East Liberty Street
,.I.U..ln O .I..
visit to
frosaa repair work now Give us a trial. adults SO No reserved
and cents.
Plumbers cent
J. VT. English the trueker of Kirks guarantee Crawford A Davis.. ..at.. Doors open at 2:30 'euttvinrises GAIHESYILLE! . FLORID

wood was trading in the city Thurs all our"ork The Gainesville Melon Growers' Association I at 3.Admission. --- --

will meet this afternoon atthe for tonight *5. 5O and $1
day.Rev.. W. C. Footer of Ala"htia was be first-class. FOR SALE. F
to office of the Standard Fertilizer Seats on sale at Miller's, formerlyVidal's. ;
rezistered at the Brown Honse yesUnity. Company. .\ full attendance of the .

We will be here to membership ia desired. The elegant residence and
HiM. Lacy MeCraw of Atachoa I Mr. and Mrs Gage, wealthy. residents '- a

favored friend of this city with a visit I I Dn you want to sell your home of Sandwich Ill. have arrivedin home of the late Walter O.
make our Guarantee grove farm business, income or ins the city and will spend the winter
y.stevd.y.Wantedbran vestment. property! Write' Jacksonville here. They are pleasantly located at Robinson, on North Pleasant _
for nursery work ; Good. That should Development. Company Sales De 20O! East Church street Street Gainesville is
white preferred. Apply Gainesville ,
be consideration. partment. Jacksonville. Fla. After three months pleasantly' spent offered :
Kanerie. a at private sale. For
L. G. Getzen of Fort White passed with the family of his son. Mats Ed. I
Physical CaUare. Elocution Vocal through the city yesterday from Webster. elstein. In this city H. Edelsteln left particulars apply to H. P. ,

and Instrumental Music and French, He was driving a fine team of yesterday. for his home in New York. DUTTON & CO.

llrw.T.W. PJtta.: THE S S. J J. mule which ho purchased *t that Mr. EdeUtein formerly resided here,
--------- --.
Edward Butler and sister. Miss place<< Mr Getzen reports a fine trip and I. still engaged la the mercantile

Ether P. are visiting friends in Otter as well a. a novel. one. as he has .a- business, but ia alto interested In the
e Creek for a few day. I joyed a camp life, since le.wlo.b* firm of Sieruberg. Presener A Co., To My Patrons and .the

Roote Agent Co e of the Southern !I ater. He proceeded' in the afternoonfor manufacturers of skirts New York.

Express Company was in the THOMAS CO J'on"hUe.. .n'f'd-L.r. flrst-jlass house o''* Public in General:
: official. bosine yesterdayMra. '
sty on The funeral of Rev A. DeBose, col twenty.ftve ).ar. standing, manufacturing

L. M Janney of Con way. Arkansas orwho died Thursday morning, was a staple line of good la constant

l I. visiting her daughter Mrs.D. ,'held yesterday, and was on. of the daily use. wants a good man to

Y. Thomas.. 3O4. East Orange street.H. most. largely attended colored funeralsever manage br."h'whol..le business. Should any of toy employed re*
Cream pu:Y. today and Saturday.Gainesville .
)fel.. Grady and S. S. Simpson ofHigh held In the city. Rev. DeBose Salary .1Sf)) per year, payable monthly port 'your BOOIVS or placet of *
I those who ) BakeryFor I together with all expenses and extra bofine' 'in intoxicated
Spring were among was pastor of a church at Key an eon k,
.... Mr J. .1.
dress malting commissions. Applicant most furnish
favored Gainesville! with visit Thurs- but resided h.THe was among the dttion or use o3 aslve laaga
Cawthon. 31'S.: Arredondo.treet. good references and tit>>) cash
dav. most widely known and popular of the age* you will eoafer a favor
Eggs for htchinR-o.ton strain. For the b-.t printed stationery at colored ministers.NEW which I. satisfactorily secured. Address upon me by reporting same at

White Wyandntte.. single t'omb'hlt.' beast prices Cill: at The -uo oflaee. - -- -- --.---- President 612: S. 9th 8t St. once, that I may Immediately *

Leghorn, $1 5O per setting. John Ln.t-I'air riin.e..... K'a' ,.-.. tinder Louis, Mo. discharge the offeaders.

Cnesnot. l>l<.\.. return to Her.. F. II. Craf hill. The Beggar Prloee Opera Companywill

Miss Oertru,le MeI.;wen of Lochloosp. !Men wanted for sewer work. Will, appear at a matinee.. this afternoonIn

who has been in this city for the past pay II 5O fur men Apply on the job. "[ YORK mm( "P.JEa.rPrl: ,"comicp.r..i which Is one of T. J.. _McEY OY.,.
the most successful
few days on a visit to friends, returnedto
Mr and )Ir.. O L. Feaster of Micas
Plumber and Sheet Metal Worker,
staged, The doors will open at 2:3O
her home yesterday.For .
favored Gainesville with a. visit
at 3. ---
o'clock, performance begins
Sale-Kandy Kitchen stock and
yesterday This la one of the best companies ever
fixture.. Fine trade, good location. \\'antpd-lInn..t. enerzetie white Cheapest Store on Earth. visiting Gainesville. and an excellent WILLIAM ANDERSON

Purchaser will b*, taught t'.ndm.k. between 12 and 15 oM Apply -
boy year opportunity I. afforded the ladies and
in jj. Apply on premise Sun ntfice.Furnished children to witness this excellent I

Mr. Campbell and children of Tampa rooms for rsnt. AI.o. opera, which Is sparkling with humor. BICYCLES and '
who have hen here on a visit to .
rooms fur light hoa ekeepin Apply Adults SO cents children 25 cents.
th. forn...'. )tr.. Ann Milliner

201 East. Main street North
State Trespass Agent I. J. MeCall.
have. returned to their home. Electrical Supplies.ti.
Have your .tatior.ery printed at The who has been in this city on business
"Beggar Prince" at 3 o'clock, thi. Sun office. Fir.t-cl".. work promptly connected with the United States laad .

afternoon One of the best productions delivered at reasonably prices i. our office for the past two day, left yesterday Agency Car Iea41aa Bleycle. Reawlrla*

ever stalled, sparkling with re- motto for the West End. on the Sa- ...e preatptlj. Electrical wart

fintd .it. Adult Ulu et"I.I'f'n 2Se F M. lame.y of Wacaho .and J. i I wannee river.. Mr. )MeCall is looking .f all ,.....

T. D Thr n. who !h.. ten ems (.. English and 1:. I. r..e of Tasctna after the State public lands, and has

t'OTril' in the composing. ri.otn of The were HIT nag the visitor to this city been quite active for the past few I 1 I3V.. UNION ST.
Sin for the ptt frur ,day. (eft yesterday ynsterisy. month Special Agent A. Paul of the

fur Alachoa. where h.* has aeeepied United States general land office, who
Joseph A. Kttel returned l.*t night We wl-li to thank our
a po.ition tin The l"o"L makes his headquarters here, states GOaD HEAP
front White S rill': where heh beenon friends.and custo
Mi.e.. 8rs.ie and Julia Bunch hv a vi.it to hit pu: nu. Mr and Mrs.John many that: he einslders the appointment of
where : for their most liberal these special. agents by the State a
returned from Ko" While, they \\ httel) iner
bate been visiting relative. they good move, as the Stale should protectits AIDS DIGESTION
Mr. V *. Taylor and d.1tht..r.; patronagu during thepast
were' accompanied liy their .'4nt. Ml own
Mise. Gladys and Ella hate cone to ami \ve will do AM keeps. _r.tle..d. of -tkat .....
Laura Ge IttJJicl.: where they .
several Food Notice.We SO create.I1'i
raother for a few daj* our IJeo.t to otter greater .

Remember the matinee this afternoon bargain the coming year log Extracts guarantee absolutely Blue Ribbon pure,Flavors and to Y8MK OWN FilLY

: e doors open at :2 3). curtail rises than before. conform to all the requirements of the .
A"BSSF If j.do ant keep aoed. wMie..oe la...
at a. 'Beggar Princ'* wiilbe the bill. ... I National Pore Food Law of June 3D, w.ar *i>i..for It.. ...... rr*.h every .!..
Ba* Adults 5<> rentchildren 23 cent. \vL-h again to thank 1904. Merehcnte can safely handle set. delivered at rear deer a yKEY3TONE d

Incandescent Mrs. E.1I Sathelrand and child have one and all. We wish Blue R.bbon; Extracts and hcase. BAKERY.

-tJ Gas ; arrl e.1 in the city from High Ss>nng., keeper are assured of getting the ...... lli+. H. T. HCHAFUU Pr... wY
Vapor Light/ and ..1.1 t snake Ganeaville. their future you a happy and pros- very beat.-G.B.-LorrKiCH MA s.ursctrstsu -- .. --

,s..e?a e.J u..gvd ti w. ., at.tt., au t home. They will be gladly' welcomed. I>erou s New Year. Cow PSNY.
.. ..t/aownq... It t. :. load Star..tey..res .
... ..
.o pew wen orA In"-
tart.. ..,a:. p. .user p.werfal..te.J, I I Special 1 Cash Prices for This Week NEW STORE !
Ar.J.r'u.r..e4raa.WJatum THE PAINT THAT DON'TCOME Only" at S. F. Brooks'I ,

100 Candle Power 15 i I Best Elgin batter per lb. 34

Hours for Two Cents. OFF !i Fresh eggs per dozen 33 NEW MARKET!!

><. wick. to trim. no *mok or .melt. rna 11 Ibs of pearl Grits 23lllbs
551..,. what want* If t .s. rayDavis'
to Cle Isn't that jou
o. Sw >rtuf to elcctricitr' or ,
r tts..e.a4 cheaper than kern.ene. iMvinM < of meal . . . 23I
ctd E. It. a .tuts ktr ,. our I*. Ore* 33
I Irish potatoes, per peek J. W. EXLEY
"shiner PI.'n'' ....t ovttloo _.
;le. ,. the .....-.. 1 ",," .nrrntuanr C*. 100 cent 24>lb. sack best OfJr. . . .i 80
W0. Ii pert- Lawareal.mltatwaa. per
la the BollJ-
3 cans of corn or pea*. 29I Has opened Truby

1 There are More Every I Van Camp's hominy, per! can. 11 Inx.eumer Cast Union and South
University streets, a
i "BEST" LAMPS in I Lam2 : Pure Paini Crest brand corn the best 11 Market and Grocery FirstCia.eY ti to,.. and
use than ALL other Trade with S. F. Brook, pay cash will be pleased to serve the pat ,
makes corib ned. w ll f save. money and be out of debtSeaboard lie. Everything new. ele.n and '
ItA tto ar.d you will crcure a patot ::cat will up.to-...... and only the beet .

protect Jour property for a long while I Parlor C.,.. cools h sal: led. fre and pmrnptdelirery. 7
,Sold .4 and look handsome .. long* It stays. A share of yotr pat .
.. - rFar Theesboari Air Lane operates 1 buffet ronace solicited' .a4 .a'.wee.

BY Phifer'j Corner parlor car between WaMu and JrtI..atee4... . + ..." l-- ':
Sate by I .. .,x, .mss.. :
| Tampa ua tratu 1 ...i04i.1 thai t 4

'. Gainesville Automobile Company Baird Hardware Company I GAJ-XESVILLE, FLA. connects. with tt.,e' morning''' t j.lain.

I Guneav:lle.
Opposite Postofflss:
-.. .' .

.. ':

Title: Gainesville daily sun
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Title: Gainesville daily sun
Uniform Title: Gainesville Daily Sun
Gainesville daily sun (Gainesville, Fla. 1903)
Alternate Title: Daily sun
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Creator: Gainesville daily sun
Publisher: H.H. McCreary
Place of Publication: Gainesville, Fla.
Gainesville Fla
Publication Date: January 5, 1907
Frequency: daily (except saturday)[-1938]
daily (except monday)[ former <1903>-]
normalized irregular
Subject: Newspapers -- Gainesville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Alachua County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Alachua -- Gainesville
Coordinates: 29.665245 x -82.336097 ( Place of Publication )
Additional Physical Form: Archived issues are available in digital format as part of the Library of Congress Chronicling America online collection.
Dates or Sequential Designation: -58th year (July 24, 1938).
General Note: Description based on: Vol. 20, no. 48 (Apr. 5, 1903).
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Succeeded by: Gainesville daily sun and the Alachua County news

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iv r

t F

1 wi



i- aint uil.lt fl nil!! un -If f.'

- -
-- t1R

-- -
- ---- -- -- -- - - ---- --- - -- - ---- -- ---
- -
--- --- - -- -- -

over the *'.1.>. ;o TiK-r. m..r-i TO PRO3S CASE OF fS GROES ,

/JOHNSON AGAIN chants. law .r..r.. "reao! 'i.-..* amt 01.' j II t PREFECT OF POLICEIS i I I HARVEY HILL SHOOTS.

rja"fI_ 'o join with the farmers in i I Order of President Discharging Sol.I .

the fight they are waging for a fair i iami piss To 3s InvettlsateJ.Va .

: HEADS DIVISION remunerative pr'* for cotton j SHOT TO OEATi! i I \ ..htn
t....: .
.\ resolution b>>>' K. D. Wimfoerly.! I murn. !'f J.;;
trging the president of th- centra : senate will .nt:..r pa. ttHint.ttate .n-
; ,
orgia Division S. C. A. Elect association 'o use all efforts patl>1.> Major General Von D -T Lauuitz ve4i4at: : -i f the .*.cnar4.. of tIP Were Attendants at La-. )

to KM the secretary of the" I'mif-l I ne. ro tr)Olp. .>f n.. Tmentv-flf, Infantry I

e, Officers For 1907. States treasury to have large d...po.- I I i 111 Murdrrad. n ri att-oun of their ali > elpariicii Orange. Ga Wtddin: ;.

Its made In southern town banks by I ( 'ititjii tn':'P .111........;-up" of I ,

Bept. 1 of each year. [ th- fta a r H'aansville. IPXSenator i
A r* olnt!1 r-"ra", ..r. m" i Uh" reoltit1oa I

work done by the cotton associationIn ant hurix.up; the coa.n'.lt.t un niliiararfair >. --

ng Resolution Passed One Urgs maintaining the- price of cotton aid Tragedy Wa Enacted at the Institute .to make an Inquiry I I.* i>en.iinrf. Hill Spoke to Or. Frank Ridley's S..- (;j

pledging: support>> and allegiance to It \\ . In Southern Bank Before Followed and R.
Deposit of Experimental Mtdicin. ter-Words le.f
iM: be adopted -

sptsmbsr 1.-A Great Deal of Bus.J was offered by L II. O. Martin Where the Prefect of Police Was !M>on after the! reconvening ur Knocked Hill Da<*n-Latter A, und

|J lam Wa Transacted.Atlanta. of Elb rt; D. II. Fortson. ant i i on Duty eunpresr Thursday and sold that un- Fired. kwl

others.A l*>> it was further attacked he would
,. Jan. 4.-The Georgia dl- resolution by T. H. Klmbrough. St. P"ter**>>>uri. Jaa. I.-Major not make another speech on the .II* I. illrau: ':e. Ga. Jan. t.-Dr. F. .]IIt

Southern Cotton Association. of Harris county urging the reelection General Von L>er L iuutta. prefect ot Ject at present. It has: :'f't'o..x- M. Ki41e) Jr. was .. o.; b;. iir\ f R.t

Its suinual meeting Wednesday off Harvle Jordan as president police of Si+j. Petersburg, was' hot: amt pcte.>> | that Senator lodge mould oi-; Hill of Atlanta We.
-tDe> nail of the house of represents- << of the Southern Cotton association killed! by a young man; at the instituteof pone the! Inquiry but he has recently The moiiiui lntllcte-1! upon UR.:2: r

wee. at the state capltol. elected new experimental>> medicine on Thurs stated that he would not do so. I'n- le>' wall a tlesh moin.J., in ta.- ruat

ra for the ensuing year, passed day afternoon. less therefore opposition pens" from Ue of his l b )
...a Interesting and Important res- Want Fraud Order Issued. the un..11..tfltl quarter the revolution erei| dangerous.The Jp

and transacted other detailed Washington Jan. ".Charges of Returns Championship Emblem. probably will b.| tal.'n tip ant tia;eily xx-iirre l s the reilence .. -

la.** before adjourning sine t>*?. .I..t Thur..da> without ci>ha'e. of Mr*. C. It. IlM'ey. :
:.' The officer for the new year, elect. General Cortelyou against the officials father of Willie Ifol.lhthe morM's Fven after the resolution I I" s,lopted. thmtvJ Ilnlau<. -

by acclamation and rising vote. aDd members of the Now York Cotton ex-cham;.ion ai IS. balk line the coilimlttet mill still be In ter. Miss& Keat! or Itldley. m'>-..I'AU\ : IIa

a s follows: exchange by Representative Uvtngston. 114rds has rp iurue>l the n.i bU-j position to Int.tteatlou married tll Itr. II. U. awanson. Hartl -

.;: President.<< )f. I.. Johnson of Cass I ItIoD. of Georgia and llarvto Jordan phy emblematic! : of the cbaatplnn.sip; | I a* the re*<>lution IH not nan.l..rnTY. l had tluooletun, words of li 4S.

re-elected. << president' of the Southern Cotton I I to itlonor*. Not It hstandln t I !but no one b-lle\e that such a course Hopkins mho" ffTf'trniod the cererr.on -
Ga. The
;.. Vie president Dr. G. A. Nunnal-. &association Atlanta.! re. this Willie lloppe jet claims the milt? tte taken. There l I.. already ' .U..., from his: lip: when 'he

of Newnan. who succeeds In this quest! that the department issue A '' title of champion. Mr. lopi( Ao>'Ui. i cti*.l>>n a. to lietlier the ctimmlmmill -.' RiieHtu weir ats..'t.' tw) pt.- -

lion Hon. W. L. Peek, of Coa- fraud order a aln.t the officials and I'I' to think his ..>u ret-fl\ei| i>>">r *'ni.- K" to TSI or tin its work In khot In the roar of tht: hou-,.. 1. .tttriile "
members of the New York cotton exchange .
". of I I>ort and bad trNtiuent from the Washincton. l but the general Impression was t date ronKratulute.! IJ) h.*. 'lAC
fruit the use
to bar theta
zi Treasurer John D. Walker malls In conducting i I fulIowT of llllani la tats o.'xinloi I.. that mlriieimvM' mill h. !>:"'>n/(htf hue of fitt-r.il.-n.I t've.-) hint sects: '
Unlt l States
Sparta re-elected the < fraut'ilcnt i i I He .a\>> that Instead of a series of > this rlt) an-! that all the _ittn! .:< l.appy, ail I peaceful. whet, all! at 4.n' *
termed practice:
.n Members of the national executive what are his I high-clans tL.II1rne: matches his tx>>- : "will ">e held here. the sharp ioiirts of the l'ht.tl: m* s ItIJ

mmlttee from Georgia. 'Mariln t'. The postmaster general referred is fore- I *o . callers to Ju.I.ce Oo>Jvrln. a*>l.tangeneral
;alvin of Richmond; M. L. En'r.U.St..rt. kill a'.I"tul and relinquish: Hit.! **mb WOMEN SANG AS MEN VOTED. Intr-li-taMon we* iii.tiieiit!! lie.<: j
for the .tnl1c.( drpartnlen' .
and Daniel G. Hughes, of p !,*Qi which !he ,in trout V.atiaux: a made.. which shove .1. hat Dr Idd:e+ r.It
It Is likely that a hearing will !b* btc"JbT :
igp. (iuoiwln.Number year ago and ..Uht"'llIt"UtlyUlt1l1? Prohibition Ticket Wins at West Point was Itnl"n tile floor in the ktchea:

: There was' no secretary elected. Ir Judge defended against J.cI"I4.n and *C'3..r- I Ga. by Close Vote. with amlfl.1, In his rlKht iJe. :Mr ItaI

ring left to the president to select of Dead Reaches a). er. w.hcttallen, ed him for it. WI 11I !- West Point <;ia . Jan. 4.-.. >ne of Hill came iiuletly out uiftii the l>ac!> sfL

''tItla officer with approval>> of the 1m-I lie" Hop; says h>> will play Salton the ni.". hen: -.1| t aniiiaiunIn the hl.- porch .n I announced<< that he bat shot
Topeka Kaas. Jtn. t.-It J* I
.lance committee.! The finance com- : how many or any other l>illlar T.'*>"er three, I for,. .if Wet IVilnl rt'..oiltei| \Ve.lnen- Dr. IU.lleAII.I thou tu be hail kt.te 14I
possible to just
iltte will also be appointed by the say Rack' IUn 1"1'1 I nights for J I') .'>'") an-1 the cnampioa- dJ>" In tile fiei, li'tti of tile: following, .1! him. He went Iniiiietilately dow
the :
sons perished In : : ..
.resident. sh p. t.oket. town- and gave hlrm If up to the ..hettff. P
Kakis.Ve.lnesdayas : :\1.,0".1.. II. U'x I..K T.
wrecked .\1111. .
A resolution was passed providing/ ai & I I dertneti. A.I.. I', Barrow* and was oanfine'2 in the! Trou;>>
:a n ini'n.r of bo tffbr the office of state organizer and mere destroyby the burnln* of thsmoklnz : New York. Jan. 4.-\Villlam P. Hu4iiie> Jr '\\' <* It.itMin. \\ ai-I county Jail. Ito
..:Shs! position was tendered the new1ce I Kirby t anti John T. .J..hn..u. Dr Itlillfv! |h resting: quleMy at -U: *
car. The conductor say.. llearat rei'erateV. .ln.**lay to a I
president<< Dr. G. A. Xunnall) "I'11"'t. .. iinifii. fdr home of his fatter. Dr. 1'. M. ILl 1-
there were oventy-slx Mexican ua { committee of the Ind"'lh'n.l..u..f'j I l lea: ne : waS uiixiett al toI I 1
;,wbo. It Is thought, will accept II.'be ley. Sr.Colonel.
the train and It I* frar>-.t cut It that ft-* mill never b>* a canltJatu, fur the "utr.ime of the diction hy l thepeople .
alary of the tale organizer Is ( r t arlD.. Hill of Atlanta
of these .....rtIIlt',1! t..s-ther with. .>Glee ax->in Mr. Hearst said : "1. t of the! city. Minister of all
be Axed by the finance committee. ; the father! of Harvey Hill! .r_
four other pa.e>niter President Johnson who presided rn-e.l here later In the Vlcet. praying for the of the
train making :a total any office hat I am as much interest success
negro porter
.,-...r the meeting made a ringing I miHiltatioi with his on. They have
II Mtker Ticket which' enJor-
of deal 49 ., coroner. lu ;ue.t suit" I el :a* ever and more la'pr..t..1 than wa* 1k
ap.eeh to the b*> held .Alma when John l.rnns. I ever-in ':n'' p"moUlJa of principlesof 1kIl
the work of the association Mr. Hill! only .. tus he regretted th-
r'tlon to i a> /
\t l inier's
hall. the Woman'sChristian
the !>.,> telegraph operator mho tblamd the In l"p"n lence IfloI';" |It spent.
ring the laat year. Its prospects for j .T.tlr< %t-ry much aa.l was glad 'A)
for the collision will testifyThe to me thar m" ft cn all feel satlstIe.l l Temperance( 1'nlon held a
the future and the Importance of Innsthat Ur. Uldley's wound was Ilk
: lnv .tiatt: .)a wit! be c<>ntlnue .'.aDDortlnsT It In Its work. : rot rl"Ih.
Toneka So far' u known all thewomen plhh..1 and I it ,swans to me that ana day aol as. men approached the laths
B<,fe There were present 63 delegates to It I I.* not known what caused ta: ItJII
I vote they coiiM hear the
on the trlan ".oat>**-l death patriotic citizen mo Jo not cite particularly moiuenani ,
Ktrom all parts of the state, the fol- Ufflrti'tan there were no eyewt'nessca
t'.le-I 1 chilJrfii lnjin, .
And none even seriously InJlJr .t. :Mrs. whir in-llvlrtlKtit should : ;
I, lowlnc counties being represented byK.ffrom tint neither party has yet toll
II. S. linker the defeated
Harris 11'rth uf D.olh.rt.! Tex. anther principlean1 rwformffect a.. Ion; t
one to three V baby, bounl, for D atu1". III. as they actually are being ccomyUhs j or. ma" defeated by only "
It U that the
Barlow. Douglas. Coweta. Cobb. i thought. however
unhurt. { for the benefit of our fellow! clt- tmo ''saes.Train
K.Campbell. Clarke Egbert. Carroll. were i iCostly tragedy: was the result of Hill's attempting t

'Jl'altOIl. Gordon Greene, Hancock zenj. I : 10 enaa :e in r-onversatloa I
Gems Found by Railroad. Robber Under Arrest.
n Harris. hart Jones Jasper lauPrrena. with| MUx Mary Itliitey. a sister of Dr
; Cotton Mill Men Alsembled.Spartanburi. .
Savannah. Ga. Jan 4.Jewels.principally I Richmond Va. Jan. 4.-J. C.
Mitchell Milton :\hdllWo.N..toa. nic!:>y. Some time ago the elder D: 1
: S. ( Jan. 4.-The I
diamond, valued t by a U>- An'lrem*. atlas", I.. C" Cox ma. _I'rowott -
Kr Oconee. Pulaskl. Polk. Ulde! requested Mr. 'Hill not ti
South (aroltna: t'otton
cal expert a' $Ju.oo": mere reoov- 1..nula'tur..r"1| | atc a "station near 1f
E/Beniey. Stewart Stephens. Rock- .. ... HII-I peak tu his daughter. It Is sail 1t
Coact i !I..I..UlnIo..a. here 1Ve.Ineslag |
ered Wednesday by the Atlantic nion-l. a. the robber! m-h<> held Il
K.4ale. Twlggs. Upson. Walton: O I.- 'I ,. \.irious1' that whenroung Ridloy Wednesday
lo.< Line and mill he sent at once o .IK'ar.Ir Line train near l.a-
fivtborpe and Pike. heard of Illlfs dlsregird of this request
ol1.lu. .Miranda. a Cuban mho is cotton mills thni'Khout' the state !M- ('r.t.r. Va sun:.y night an.' rof"1 ')- I
L*" D. II. Hushes, of Danville, acted tsol present representing a capital he at once sough him out ant \
awaiting their arrival at Jacksonville. | a nunitx r of Pullman car paa.n..r 1
R>-a secretary of the meeting. of .1. ) demand an explanation
s:5. r )0)01. KlUstin II. niithe. | ..
his of and
Fla. before proceeding on wart, money other valuables -
Kr The president of the Georgia dlvl- pretil.i.nt>> of the 1..Iz..r cotton mills I Hot words mere passed between ti-
to Havana.: Cuba. Senor Miranda and lie w.s. l r>e slon was authorized to appoint threw ten n-.en. Dr. Ridley finally knockIng -
of IVlz-r. N president of the as o- 'I
his wife left New York Dec. :31. They and porter of the train. Theprivuner ,
l|*.: delegates from the state at Urge to elation anl made the opening address +, :\11'. Hill down." Hill!! lmmedlat e
had a satchel containing the jewelsAt : mill be .IpJI"'r..1 10 the au- !
t>the annual convention of the Southlt'rn 'I i: The meeting was held be. !iy aro e and flre-1' two shots. 1a
Jacksonville, where tTieV arrive.Iby .. Mocklenburc: county. In
Cotton association to be held on : I|i While as above stated no statements -
way of the Southern rallmav.: they | hln 1 closed doors The subject tinIer > which the crime ma rummlu..I. Thepeealty '
F Jan. 16 In Dlrmlngham. Ala. It be- have been made tbe general
Ilr U.4J'M1 the labor!
< < are : question.incIuJInx .
complained of the theft of the Jemet for the offense naT be |
tTwo I df'ath.1 I
Bftac r: provided<< by unanimous vote that Immigrant labor. child taV opinion here Is. that young Hill's attempt -
of their fellow passengers a wo- tinder the laws of Virginia There
Commissioner of Agriculture T. G. .. to speak to Miss Ridley was thecause !
p >r. compulsory education etc. The
L man aDd her daughter mere arresti.but l. no crew: trt as to any others whoflure
Hudson shall be due of these deleI'gates of the tragedy.
t meeting coes.I! with a banquet.
subsequently release The ttcb. -l in tue hol : :
at from Harvey Hill boalThiirs'lay.
large Georgia. was released on
el containing: the Jl"-I.t was fount ))' i ia
|j ti! The following resolutions were con- .
negro porter In the closet of a combination Gives, Increase.S I
t Flagler an
I ; In Need of
[}r', adered and passed: :: Recruits.Washington. .
car. where they had evt- : Augustine. Fla. Jaa. I.-Ta*
t-'.* "resolution : Jan. 4-Not In recent Will Not Be Deported.
extending fullest sympathy dently been left by the thief. i Florida Fast Coast railway tb"JII.n ,. In New York. Jan. :
': to the loyal men of South Car- i tear except war times has the Immigration

V. tollaa! Tennessee Alabama ArkanmL lit. vice president and general mana arm been ,.. badly In need of men aa .. Commissioner Robert Watchern sal

tas and Texas who are now begln- Sheriff Outruns Escaping Negro. }I I gar 1. R. l'o4r >tt. Has authorize / present. .\ recent circular' addressed Wednesday that Mrs. GoIJI.0f'1..-

lung a campaign against the cotton Columbia S. C.. Jan. 4.-Sheriff.Corley. an :advance tu wages of 7 per cent to all officers! of the recruit- berg. tae m-onjan w hn. with four.

*. gambler In those slates, which was of l"'I.:.c'on. has arrt .te 1' applicable t to all employees of rearedJanuary tar service made public at the mar children came here from Russia la

IT brought to a successful Issue In them John Moore, a negro who I ts manied! 1. 19>7. This rust operates .I-partm\"at. calls attention to the fact ecember to Join her husband an

mate of Georgia by the passage of In North Carolina! for killing a white a line from Jacksonville. tat \11-: hat recruits are needed" in large numbers Albany tailor and was found to I b*

/'Ua. Doykln bill. man at Gastonla. The negro! trle-1 ami. 3-W miler. ant is uom- construct. for the coast artillery, the field suffering from traohoma would probably

mk., A resolution by J. D. "Walker t"S- I to escape from Sheriff Coriey by running tat an extension over! the Florida artillery!! the! white Infantry and the not t>e deported after all. It Las

pressing regret at the of across the toll bridge over Con- keys from Mlaaia to Key West II. white estalr Recniltlr officers are been fo'iml. Mr Watchern said that

tt President Harvle Jordan absence and, conflW'o'enc ,i I garee" river into the city of Columbiabut M Far! is president>> of he comi enjoined to redouble their efforts to the trachoma from mfclc': _haa mas snffertntc \ I

In him as well as thanks for the sheriff! was too quick for him. !i' pan It is the first road la Florid secure recruit. qiallfie. for the mill- .00aJrt be cured The case of

F'-fcls' untlrlag efforts. and the negro ''s now in the LexingtonJail to increase wasps :More than one tar; :*' service. Mrs Wefsbery was notable In belnne : <

B': A resolution by President M. L.. malting for a Nor-a Carolina officer. tboustnl men are affected by the 1aI .- flrt one In which the Immlgratioa
U" Johnson urging the establUriraetn ail I cr....*. _ ____ Vanderbilt Won Big Sum. commissioner refused to obey the law

r Maintenance of warehouse, backed t Will Fill In Tide-"d.;: II i iI I Taking Testimony Concluded. NeV.,'' ,tin 4.-"-. K. ". ..- In regard to the deportation of Immigrants t

|r ;By>> strong corporations, for be handi'j I San Francivo J..n.Th" 'J'1-i! j San ;\ntc.nltJ. Tex Jan 4.-Tatakn deC. : -. 1 ail o- ner of race, affected mlh frschoaia.Submarine . .

Rag locally of distress and surplus ern Pacific ,otupaa* 1. ;>',aatae. ''I < <>? trstfao )ny in tar Mixleaorevolutt hnr., ._ itAe\ matter: of money mon Earthquake."

I;,...cotton.i protidiag it ou'sln the p..rmUa10a oiti ; nary extradition, rare was d-trtn.t; the seaso nof 19')6. His l l.&lb.b.u.tr'". Jan. I. -Tft.a s'-

'resolution: by W .t. Dranaen. offcj wry IIt"I'IIr.Wf'hl: to mlden its Oakland C'ond'J Wednev-lay ant the arg>lI <' horses In Franc won $:?5.ooi) which tsiu>tfrspn at t.ie oSserva'ory: here oav

,5owrta. extending thanks to the press Mo, ay ntinc! in sootetata ili-" ;II trtects Sgan Tb'-: .Jay The testimony was 'I') .4'ft P in excess of llXf near- \'"".|n4>lsv rt<..>rU "d at 1 13: p. m *

f ***.**i for the earu..: and faltlBHMHfJHM .>st c..) .Itor Herr calculatej
I :' arre of i l.W lands Tre :an n' Va i3" t'nit I :C' a. '. District inip Weinberg -sere' .ubmurine earthquake

| jdnrtng the year Ins paDJ'._*.*-. filed iu apptlcat'.jo w",* .V.t'n.--> C'rcoo.. Sheriff Robinson ! '"' apse bosses! in tc.-many won $H6Ia TA be it a}.) miles: : distant Itstated .

s s s sBs s s Blfcsl IT IP.*' of &rUDe.t authorities andTuesday of \a, \"ef\Je. art Deput? Collector : 1 cb >rd Derbeiy was: third with: the: he its*..auu suggests aa..... .

ott of r us'oms hove of I)e| n,,,,, 1"1 :20 I a-'t' J,,'ties R Keene was earth--a! : : in "' s *"'th laelfle cx...

: ,I fourth with |",64 ,":.S': .sat of New Z .aa4u r -

9 ]uJeJbjjj.jj >


i ::: i tiVt1' . TL


- ---
=- ( Sf

TJrder and by virtue of a decree rtffnrrel .1
s'' :Mr. Hattle Clark of Miami Pasaed Sudden Deaths. lu.nr" nf mn"<<".*. mad, and i
rc Away at Home of Col. Clark. nderoj by Hon. J. T.11''.. J'jd*- nf
Tbere l. ,'ti*eie! 'l"p\.ilin',: in tin the Circuit ("nurtr the E'ghiKC'l : .JuJi.I'
Mra. Hattle Clark, wife of JameaClark c<'ttntr"' rno t', of 5Ham ,dte-1 at the horn of I I" i_ t"'r. 'of: nt:' -II.I.I..'! :l''h n". ..f Iermbr Di 19toJ'
Hon. Frank' Clark her t>rother.ib Uw.at .t't'o "f1 ';\ 1..,:\ tjl: ':tsh are r.u" .1.l .iI I i It. a......"ir <."..... ther*>ir. pending .-..
1.. t !' -he' ,r'. .. I I ire. nl..t. -r'v .101. of .%!.' ...%.if iti ..n.'
o'clock Fnnay morn " .
:'011' h. II.? ANeh t* rt %,>
''l ajleeaae. .',..r."I'ln.tI." ..f ",. .4y a *rwdsys. : : ; i ..e.lrt ...It; e c I I.t : F'.ri4a( erin Pete HiVy, and i

., Tb. d..th ... sudden and we .'.1 u'-'l.lc\:" .Ie oh, ::1 Ct.ua..i'r Kid .y ar. eomr*'aioant. and
all the more tad bean of the factthat =- 'I., the. r. llt o k..t I. L. W Fenr"' '''. a. ."erit? of Aleuacnnnty Goods'r
." [ ..., It
deceaeed had left her home the ;11 'U-1 and f.Oftoanrlmlnl.I''tor'
"::: Ldsr.' truLle ....
14 I of the snare of T. -j\ t. Eng-!' .T.ni
'day before Chriatmaa. anticipating a : .r t 5..: It;: ; ltna lvuncc I ''nwrllrl.oo. < P weM.! J..,,,... E Kneli .'
i pleaaant this In her relative here. ,. ; : .li. M,,,i- 74..n .T M. J-i,,k...n. I.Hey ,
She arrived here on ChrUtmaa dart __-. ,:.. el Ll.x-1 ul: .at, +I Brown. >i i"'tiar.>t Brown Brit t
tad about the 27lh was affected with LArk the vital organs, lu.inC! cat irrh of Kirkiin Emma Klrfc'm. Annie Park.
,; the LLfeMrr. or the Lsdnethetnelie* Will' pe>k.. B-rth l"nlt..rt. Mail- Dolls Games
'the dl..... from whish the died. break:' flown, and "''a"a.e away cell by cell. 'Colbert. Ruth po.tel.| Jim.. Pnat..UI Toys, .
f native nf Tenneee r.laiMer truuViv 661ua..t aiwarr' .tiitfru.n .
; Deeeaaed was a >niU EnglUh. L"a.ton Engti 'h. .Jr.
,. laDd wes born forty-eight yeara ago. a derangement of the kiduev.. atul i .nd Virgin Knvlih er. rt..f..r. 1rit*. 1.IC. .
She was married to Mr. Clark In a care {4 obtaineii sickest t.\ it |.r"r crtreatniciit It. Layton. a. Sp.- of the Li liie\.. If >ouartr f.-ei- eh.reery a'lsni''t.d for the 'II
Ardmore, I.T..site years ago and to lug adty: >'oucun ttiu:-r 1141'mi.iL !>v I will:Moll at t>blip auction fur cal tH1rpOiltl'r>*. -- -..
't"i.ptembev,191)4. they came to Florida t kfn'.C Hr. J.Um..r' :.."''r.lp'Ut. tlse ,,ere the eonrt hen... door In \laeh'inrountv. FIRE'HORKS.\Ve salicit the of the trade.DREW'S
si 'locating in Miami, where Mr. Clark great kulrlc,'. liter .,,.t bi.ut i t..r. -tiu.l: I Florida, on Mnr>dy. the 4lhdf .
It correct-* inability t<. hotel i I urine an.l nf Fefr-iary. A. D t l"1f",.during Ire <: =.:. -- =- ---=::::-
-baa since held a reaponaible position
., scalding pain in j..a".inv; r.. an.l <>\er I l I.g.l l hi>ir. nf ,<,t I... all the fnllowintf
with the Florida East Coast Railway. conic that u 11tr..*..nt tu.ee..*itvof Inmcompelleil ..: Ideeeribel I property. towle : The :'.. 'i'h-

,'tD.ee..cJ was a devoot member of tci jjo often IhToU};h the la\, I..*.' quarter "f the r>u'Hh".1'I"r.' ...* BOOK STORES
((7he. Baptist ehoreh. and has been for an.l to get up many tl lIe:* .lurirt)> the I of rctlon 4. Tu..I..hlpoo.uh nf
tit- lit The mild tilt vxtraonlmstrveffect
"N: many yean an aetlve worker in the Range 21 East containing 40 a.."r*. '.f
The funeral of wamp-Root is Il.n..n rcahrnl.It and more or !I..... Tng-th r with alt 4547.49Yest Bay S t
.cauae of Chriatlanlty. frtantl the hiKhe for it* "oiKlerfnlcure
and the .
singular tenement l.r..I1'-
'1 'will be held from the First D.pU.Cfaureb ., of tlmo>t tli,.tre.>ui ; camr: "m.at.(1 *.. to the
auijKuot i* pct] unt to t.lke and I* itpparteaaiit j JACKSONVILLE FLORIDA.
r In this city Sunday afternoon same belonging or in anywise anperraining. ,
sold bv all in ,
11nlli..t. t ft -c.nt mid
gas 2 o'eloek. Rev. S. B. Rogers offlclatl onclollar nizc 1> .ttle,.. Vent star ha\c a Said property to be old a. |

.... The Interment will be In Ever- simple bottle of tin. wott- the property of the said defendant to
satisfy and pay aid d*> .. fee. and -
- -- -- ------ -------- -- ----- --
"i Creen cemetery. and friend of the cmery ant a l) >ok that tell ul! a1n ut it. co-tIt" C. R LYTONJ --b

:/family of Hoi. Frank Clark and others both rent free by mail. A.Mrc-.*. Dr. Kil M. RtvxBS. Special Maater. 'I' '
flier & Co., nui;:banitou. N V.Vlaen
<' ;n Invited. "r :tn.c: mention rraJint tin x?"crou* Solicitor for Complainant '
Mr.James Clark husband of the otTer iu this paper Hun't make an/ 1

'.eJeoeaaed, was with her when .be died niiAtaV.e.tntt rritietiiliertlif. n.".... "anll.. MASTER'S SALEUnder .
R..>t, J>r. Kilmer's'.watnje i -H,>ot, awl the If You Are Insured.
been summoned from Miami .. ..
luring and bv virtue nf a d cr e nfToreeloaure
a l on Saturday. He I. atlll in the city, bottle. nf umrfgac made and

,5 and will remain b.r.lnd nDlt.I,. Mr. rendered by Hon. J. T. 'VI Ita. Judr of
-- - -- ------ -- - the Circuit Court for the 8th Judicial Harr
that Reepozisb.e. Policy Correctly
:: 1 Iti a Company II a
; la well known throughout the.A
/'dark C R E EN E.P1 C ICE TT. Clrf nit nf the state of Florid on the I Writtenith Liberality of Policy Contract and the Company \
?State having resided at Oeala prior to 37th: day of December. .\. D 1904. in a Pay Lures I-rump'
,f moving to Indian Territory. He was certain eau.* therein pl'nftlnc! on the 9
Marriage Young P.opl.
.:deputy United Btatea marshal under chancery aide nf aid court iu and for

.'* United State. Marshal James McKay.during Newberry During Holidaya.Joneaville Alaehuw county Florid., wherein The You Are AssuredThat
Florida Live Stock and Vehicle Com-I
Jan. 3.-One of the moat i
the lot Cleveland administraSloe. I ia ) I
beautiful home weddings that it h.. ptnv.a orporat Ed n.nk.. and tlanoah Bank and
been the writer'a pl.a.ure to attend I no serious loss can overcome you w.thuat you have *osierefuge. /
Henry Kellnm urn defendant" I. Wr ,
[I'( Frienda of the bereaved husband and .
relative extend sympathy in their for year was aotemnised at the homeof <. B'tvcnif a* Special Vlaainr in chitii- __ M MMMMMMM.. B.Hi Mi BBB V :
Mr. and )h.. II. A. Pitkett on curl appointed for the purpose will I Ss :
1.hoar of dl.',.... sell|| at public auction for rash before
. Wednesday afternoon Dee. 2t d, at 4
,. the court huu.* door in Gainesville.Alachna .
.. Fire Life Accident and Health Insurance.
TO ATLANTIC CITY.or. o'elock when their daohlt'r.U.: county. Slate of Finr da. on s
Melissa became the wife of Mr. C. O. Mnn 1ay the 4th day nf Ff brn.ry. A ,
I> 1SO7. during the 'legal hour of .1&1.l -- I :
Greene of Double timk. .
Clarence B. Slrouae Will Conducts None but Reliable Compsnie P.epre.ented.is.
all the following described property.
The ho lie wa beautifully decorated \
Bl Meeting; There. towitTh.> \V. .t half nf th. Sonth t*>*cqnarter
in green and white, and at the .our d of Q ,
tion 5. South
Dr. and Mr*. Clarence H. Strom ex e Townehip
of the march, which was played by of 2") t-ut. Al 1.0 the following
XVI? : CUsHMKI'Lnforauion : : : : .H
? >peat to leave In a day or two for . ,
Miss Pauline Stinshcomh of Fort p r onal l property, towit' : One .t'tec
". .Atlantic City ST. J.. where on the 13th hone mnie. A old named i "J"ck."'
White. Mi. Clem rickets .S B Mo-
furaihed FLORIDA
: che rfnlly C
tnat.. Dr. Strouae will begin a big two blind in right rye. ant r.e hlllo*
W.H. .
will MU Nellie Stlnchcomb and mule 3 old "BII", T.tU
) w..k.m.'ine on the same ocean year ntmo -
where laat he cored such Pickett, brother of the bride. fol. .>ther with. nil and lagular; the right. 'I' I'I'
pier year lowed bv the bride upon the arm of iitl*. claim demand .md remarkable .uee.... Mr. Greene, marched to the parlor in ..01110 tree itiii" which i.. conveyedby U -
Dr. 8tron will be assisted in this the aid mortga upon which said i ESTHER = JORDAN w. W. HAMPTON.JORDAN .
meeting by Rer. George R. Stuart,the where the ceremony wa' performed in decree i. ii". cS. 'i h. *"m.. to boo .ol itonti
a very impressive manner by Rev. 7.. .fy the seed doaf*frtf...-. and
famoaa Tenneaeee evangelist one 01 A. Crompton. jo.t*. \\ S. BR-..>".. I I
? the moat widely known and influent! The bride wore* a lovely gown of J.f RIVB.... -pcciiii .Ma.ter. ,: & COMPANY
..preacher in the Houth aid other Solicitor fur Cump'ainantV I
white taffeta silk long white glues II
j prominent apeaker.
and .n. while the the -I
groom wore
The meetingwill continue for two conventional black. Mi. Clem Pickett. J t:A VT.-fON v*. U. FtRor'.v-. INSURANCE
t, weeks when Dr. Slrouae will return to
\ Gaineaville tn prepare for the opening litter of the bride, wore light blue *ilk. ,

h' of the Winter Bible Conference, con. Mica Stinchcomb wore white .ilk. CAWTHONFERGUSON I! PORTER BLOCK GAINESVILLE. FLORIDA
-venlng here on February 10.
After the ceremony delightful
-- - - -
------- -- --
music was rendered by Ml. Anua
Telephone Companies Merge. Fowler of Jacksonville. and )U.. House Painting. Staining, Osc i Fire Life and Accident cmtDp2's: t and beet
Ban Francisco Jan. 4.-Announce : : i i t
Fort White.
Pauline Stinehcombof
ment 1* made that the Pacific State i
Mia Pickett was one of Hard Oil and:
and crating,
Telephone Telegraph (company
and the Sunset Telephone and Telegraph l most popular young Ndiea

company, have merged Into un e greatly. rnieaed )1,. ;, .JoOt'.III..1 I Graining.KILXJMIMM ABSTRACT & REALTY COMPANYE.

company called the Paciflc Telephon man of sterling worth and T

and Telegraph company. Vat 1mprovementa Kratulated upon winning .o fair a .

r are planned. bride. A rl'E(1.t1.11. !

Mr. and )Ir.. Greene received" many MGR.Ahr2i
- --- -- E. E. VOYLE. .
u.eful.nd beautiful gift. They left All orders out r H>.ivtf! prompt attention o* Title and fall Information furnUnej reganJiiig lands la tat:

on Friday afternoon for their future either; by mtil or in person.Edwards' / eonnty. Our manajerha" lived in this count; thirty year and:

home at Doable Sink A GCK.T. i* thoroughly Conversant! with ln title

t FirstImpressions I .
A Bronze Medal Calendar. ,
i-i ; DEC.KK V a I4JE.
The I J07 calendar of N W Aver ,,- ;t ..

Son the Philadelphia Siren< i5Ii'.5 ; v: \CCIDENT UURU1.RISDl'; ; J::1Ti.i.un.:- c]!. fienn,

j I agenta. la just out. and a. usual it ioAv I .OPERA HOUSE. .t>ntii>< k number of prom."cent American and rlnalieh companies

>of the teaon'. beet ofll'eo calendar i KKAt r::'lTK ANI> CITY LO.VNrf

*. I c3-Li m -w-riche F"1.orLd.aI"

Are bound to b. tatting The They have followed the same! deign t 'n>0 :Ml.lllx sad MATIM'f: :

J custom I i., more and more, to used !in 19')). but their famous rr.edat' I l'"mlUrlu'lnc .'.:11"\'. J',. 4 I t-
make the ball handrome
and molta. Keeping Everlastingly At I

-n .ub_tntitiitl evidenceof It IJringa 0ucce..." appear cu a bronze I I ATLANTIC COAST LINE I
the beat of JiYIDK
background, which tt, >re. it an "i.! fdioaly TheBeggar

: rich appeartnc While the cat*

Our FURNITURE Is I eudar ia arranged with a month tin Prince

each flap the figure* are clearly legible

t. M.eV' thisDSMSRd. i across a large room The blank apace, THROUGHSERVICE.

I on the flape< are tilled with new and Opera Co.

pointed epigram on advertising and

buaine Th. calendar building. ia in too general expensive! fur l! I I

| general distribution bat while they Return iluzaifrninit the OHTU. mud . .
Oar line or Hall O t t/.. II it i ] .
x Racks and Hall Furniture ia th.. last Ayer .A ion will mail a copy to. h..n they any address upon receipt of twrnt0. ,-
moat complete ever shown hereartUtie
... .Krid "III n" ef feather.** NO CHANGE leave with the Between
and the ".r, latest des eenta. .y __ )- (fSC"phla' you Agent)

'. aign-and w.. are able to suit the New Court Mouse and Jail. >atunlaj Matinee1'rlare. 'ltrg' I(sir : JACKSONVILLE. OC.L.and OAINE3VILLEFull .

Furniture to the house Corrt..!.*. Ua Jan. 4.-Ordinary 3.W ." i!
Cone)' and the county comnil- Saturday ihcht-"1)Iitettr."

stoners lei .mtra \\.Ind"y aftr..

noon for the erection of 'j !h nl4omi l ...anir Cat. wf Principal latludm inform ;an may be obtained from

GainesvilleFurniture riffi hxtse anJ Jal for he n.-wc
4 .. Miss Etta Merrisand
us <1 r Crt.p Tar c >nra -, *<-
J. A. GOO 1)) W I y Ticket Agent.BA1LfiNflC
1 r.r th* eornp..': on of r..' >" :" .. .

.. i-., *D twelve na '!lIb.. ...b.i.i.a .-- Harry LeaVelle .

.5 tLf>> t J.- cm:>>..:.l !n tv .-

CompanyThe :: '.':a., When s'rjictar*ear .and at <:mrly .'bo"... of Pretty lilI..

c": .p f'.t (rlt county viil ever .

; t>and .ouiet c nut house an j JAn .'
lrlre di..ta1 and *' 1. 'Ilitl-
Only Exclusive Furniture alt south Gexala.Ladie.'esling THE WC [
M tiiore iu the Cuunty I i I are. i.:. 11114 :.is. feats en ,. :ate' at a

card ia latent rtylet \ UU1S.

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)I ') THE DAILY SUN: IT.-\.I .rSY.1tJ..E.: .FLORIHA. ..11 v (- u- its

. r-:: .------ - - -- --- ; ': : It :

i I .
Made b, .I>. Momert .'ruei tl>. *.klfi >. G- ;
t ... 'ingGirls
A STATEMENTOf t f \ .It.r" AM .1. .
. See US ', 'L., I..t I It:..i.r. ....' tf "r .. 'l! s '.t
i ,!,.. 1:-w .e :tlt. -.. n ..r M... : .' u,ieeiu .
i r : II. .. ..
r -U :it \.OU.s, i c I"I
the Public Lands R*t.: :ning'r f
. .
[I : *,.ants.4! it K.1..-. ..t.i rt r:. -.,4.s i
% on Docket End of Fiscal: Year. For All .. '..liter "k'i.:.. -pt'| .lily the nt Joe""

i .. ..1 f."r;1... :e .-....1 fur n..... i u ..ro..* Growing
i 1.-1.'..f* and uLll.r.tlw.' .. '1 Met,... girls need care, advice and medicine

THERE ARE4QO. .OOO ACRES | .. -t il.tef ."(,..) rurn"h e\".. wu in) especially: on reaching the age of puberty. A
-- --- -
. i ....tll fur .c' Wt'3U..r : t \Va, ", mother's
i EKtending From One Erd of *ie State ''i'' ':.-.l i ..l.Ji. of the tame J J.e: II' u .. tender care and words of caution will

1. to the Other aed Including All Cou <- ......- *..r.- e.,.t-c.ully va-.nJ :t r often accomplish wonders. As for medicine
flea| With Two E"ceptio"-Va'lul'e Hi igh Class I .-,. ., :t'kets.' gentle, safe and reliable strengthening tonic'is
(' t>iki.s of the tvh!e II' L'
Information to Home See..rs t* :'. '"*e md bite: fu.:. <\ < : ui. Wine of Cardul.

,. I IPlumbing j... e :.21.! :.yi.x are ct'n.t ;.ii-e. >ti.'
Owing to r iruerci'in TI. t r- It will
t, [ t' 'I..up. t'i..!.-rj.u."k..t. if ,i. r prevent and relieve pain regulate the
throughout thetn'ire ffouitry r a re I '! *-i, 'k.; .>!. r.* are often 1 1*-".-.! 'i.t" ...1"I' functions, clear the complexion and
to tb. government ur ruMt* .ands .... strengthenthe
i e. Skin: tlr '.!! with; :!,e : r on
I subject to honitaJ -ntry :I... .. i vuy: fur I 1..1.< 1.1 i I..<.. .- constitution.It .

the United Mate* .land other hall com I wiii !..r tLu.e ror.*ir' of '.. .r r,. I I is a valuable medicine for
piled a tabulated letter tofetner .'Ct, itr .' lit au>l <'...I.-o burr l... u i.rri> I III growing girls. It
other information whisn w, : prove of II f'' 01'-.! tito tLe Ii. .ktrUl> of sour! uf i::t. has tided thousands over a critical period and

general interest t., tho,e keeking _ueb uuI..r ir.irmftit. saved them from years of suffering. It can
The .11'_.. of the men roar .t 11 of a never
information.Tliere t tease LiKxlt f ro. k without "I.-tl....: ixr't do harm and is sure to do good.A .
are yet in Flon la some of tie ,
Cne-t/ publi latid in the United Slate |IH We Do ItRIGHT at ii.... t.e<''k' and wrists. q',1.res'Len relief or cure for all female disorders In girls
Jn t o' er tL!? bl.: ui.d veryar
subject to homestead ..entry.lsrg Wh.ie a !j! :y to tndtt.ih! nLerv it i S .. number of homt-.t..ad. ar- made < n' and '
slim iiviiullr coKf.tieil! Ira girdle
yearly and million. of acre ..r Cue I tt ,tnai 1"1. 1'i.cr tt>'* trarmentwoi. t. every druggist's In $1.00 bottles. Try It.

land have been taken up t:.. rejof . a .iu.llar ere of ;.i$Lt..r .k .
. 1 shows that on July 1 of tr .. p..t j 1"011". u't's :It.Ot a Lo*.l. fLe
f year being the end of the C..ai year . r..udn': *>i.e or two j',ilri' or tight WINE
t.t.tg: kree.; br f-I.,... rather UH."e but
the records show bout 4uO. f" acrr, or q"
tLtrd to tLe 'ho;. of the lp l They aroTerr CAROUI -
land yet subject to homestead .otryaDd.r :
BAIRDHardware i tier lu front but are tc::' h b'cber
the law. '<< i ...'. *on.f t::11"'. n. I.:tfh .. the mail OF
Th>s and..tretehog{ a* i it d.>.._ from I cf .t. I aTLey are L rld tn place by i

one end of the State to the other f.umEeeambla Co. ( a >u ->' :t. or tLoni nrouixl the waist and

county on the wet to Mou- oreIdly frf -ntl below the knee

roe county on the south preeit a over sr: hoot.. with. a tlrMwotrlt.
most divemfled inducement to ...t- Phone Ttriclting. On the Irvc; stud feet are worn. Ant a : o.A.R
tiers who desire to come to Finrida'I II,' pose (if KMIC kln "totklnr II. withI :
I 'I.e t:..i r .n..!ne. tLeullnr. of tanned r
and make it their fut'ire hom.. I>eins i iextensively ..
t ". ... ..n. in the Itottoiu which: .
I scattered, a h._>me. ".t. r :J Jnay ,
1 ' .,
: > r of Ml aIel{ Le slat IugC and out-
subject to the tail .srn.tetion. -
t adapt himtejf to hi. avocation a. kl.Id.a pa.rof ricwe' f.ttlnc l" ot.. I:.1d In
r the soil will produce a area variety! of a to transportation. 11fr'I''i and pla.e t.y a "tra; : around tLe ankle.
products in agriculture and horttculj other inrtropical frail. and<< .;vetuck which r'ra. al-ove tLe knee and . FOR. . .

t j There are doobte! alto come the island and Dade county being. t ends with a rough edge covered by the i

fine timber !lands subject to the hc-rne. generally, adapted to art ?k fartc.DK I.r.-.-..L..... I>rei<. Loots often end In an

, t stead law ..which when cleared .illleav' .n4 fruit." rnuuK-iitai l.rOt-r.. with drawstring Savannah Columbia Camden Souther*;
hurt llow the kl..l_. TL. boots of
a tract of .. fl'rtlleland could
be deird a* c....lrt n.&I_...... r..I..h.t kiu..; with white .eal.kluol .; Pines, Raleigh, Richmond Wash-
At the Icrlnniiic: cf tae a :'uhttei.tieut ... for Inter aiul dry weather" but
If a prutpectiv homesteader who <' rr the HritUh rrtrjr lard a r>p.l In summer waterproof loot of white ington Baltimore Philadelphia
desire to make hi. future aSode m reputation at hum.. nrd: it na.. verruitlirnlt w L='Ilo..k'n are worn. Ovrrsboes of the -
Floridade i a pa O.Jd. .ub.tactiai: c"II.1!I : to get ,....--nnt fry it. Frr tL.sryas : same luaterinl. rencLiue Just above the New

oral farming trait he may secure tarn )n It \\..* <>fii,.iallr prnt|.....-.l to Cttil &.cl..l.; _. are orut-tue worn over the York. .
In any _su.t nt falling Ia ,winter t Florida where fruit more hardy than "I II.T .lnr.',. IfKS',r. fat i tut.e te.ler: ..r TLe \\fiiifn wear tight fitting deerskin t

eitra. fruit may .1'0! be raided in Th> l.ke ..!u-. uuukuoML. >u"it'ru.. with the halt nest the ..
:.aw it: for p.irih: .>r. if tL-re I.. none skin. and outside of the e a Imlar!
abundance and of the flnet flavor ; .tlt h. 'fr'i. fLy our tLut Las alr-u,. fair iuail of the klnM from deer lee. Two Elegant Trains Daily.:

if he prefers trucking and orange ...t.U ;n .. e'I"I| r li,>f growing. with the cultivation of other p -a. r fur L .,.:... ttionn'cr T J.fe."* TL ..."{.kiu. I.Mt no ankle trluc%. The A
.emi-trupical fruits, he may take up ad,...fra.. u< c...l uJ..a.i Iebtor% were wou.n.. {.nntaloon*. like those of the Seaboard Express.
bit homestead of ISO acres in Middle releaiM trot*. |>ri"uu t.u |'rvit..*i&c tu men are fastened with a girdle just .
or itouth Florida, where general farm lolu the army or tLt* II.".". rrlii-.i.uH at.ive the LI|>... It apfwar that they

'ing may also be carried on to an ex* mere pnrtloi.r:1: e.it tl. .i.n.e tern.*>. and do not stay up very well" a* the wo- Seaboard Mail.
I.ot. especially in Middle Florida, |.er un. with tiu vi..tl..... tueaitti cf kuUi ii.n ure fontlnually. bltthlni them up
where the finest Sea Island cotton in i"ti oewre runrcLwl off to death iitnl} ai. l tightening their girdles. like some
glory. Th> system wor:'etl out letter .M mlor
the world I. and where
C'orn. Alan inlkLt hate teen *X| -<-tU.. lu the ''"-11I ttcy reirh manhood the boy
oats and grain of all kind., except l..ulI"ulor wore for huI"Jj, ,,,. tLr- mrtrejrlment wear 1"'ltahool11e tfce women but

wheat thrive proliflcly and live stock were. cow} >-.Hl eutirelr ..f their: Ja.'ketn are rut just like tLo.e of MODERN PULLMAN !
I i. one of the industries., I ; EQUIPMENT
principal convict*, and one iuid! far lt'*" n i.- the rr.en.TLe .
I The following i. the circular a. compiled ;iu..trloo* n..u.t well tn e1') E-kmo" : generally own "
by the United States land office evernl ..nsi'pirtr MlUa cf clothes and 1:
"There :..- ::...... stud ,.pe..... f>r- -. iit A t.eut nvrarnncc:: wlien ixt '{
are only two counties en Tn. h.>,.tiltjr! jf NewKnuandrr* to ..11.1.1: in dirty wrrk. T1.. fooreri
tirely without such la&ds. A numberof the fln>t ='u&tOII"UI1! wax ...nett.atd .l.....i* ni.r < ne "ut! for all <>1.lun l Only Line Operating

counties, however have very fewacres 01"1', A remarkable.; { luktatitv of tL.. until :It tevf.ir..... .l"'tl of it. It i. distributed according feeling H. to I** found 'In the iL.at.ier .i are .....IoI.'m! l fit nn till wint<'r. The Daily Through Pullman Sleepers from Jacksonville to New Orl

to a statement prepared by this of. which tb" .< *v.'.mrn' ft HoMou received outt-r frock l 1. net often worn In the w'

flee July I. 1POC. by counlie a. follows I tLe new of hi.* fr*t alxllrnt .1.. Tl 1I 1- 1 iC'u c.-r hut borne. e'nir! usually taken .\.
: I 'incident w. teen lirotigL. to uot..-*. off i-frf Te entering tl e room. .r"

"Alac.d10.13O acres : Hak-r. 1.568sere. I tbroi'xU an lnu>r....tluc s.L.bit: m the At pr.itt there i I.* no such thlr.jt na Far f ul information and sleeper reservations call on aay 'c nt 8.aboard :
I bl_toritul collection: of the public! library an I>k.rro tr.ik.r for the women of Assistant General k
Bradford. Ja.
; acre : Hrevard. write S. O. BOYL8TON. fmmnsr AC****
of that city. It U a ticket ad each K..kn.o Uouhol usually make .
U .:20 acre Calhoon. 1.2CO acre .
witting the tourer to a olemn festival the jrarireM of all the ncienuti-r* of the JACKSONVILLE. FLORIDA. .
Citrus. 8,259 a rre. ; Clay 17.76O acre. ; : at tie Stone 'lIul"!. In commemoration family Not only this. but tie I:tklmn* -- (t.:

Colombia 1.387 acres ; D.de. 2 I of the irocxlr.e,.. of (*o>l In deliver* are eztren-ly .or..irv.itlve In the matter 4".,
a 906 acre : E-cambia 3.906 acre ; I d""J OU.na. IU.tuu. Jcue 1814.** rhea ri. 1 re"j+.L41 verv .lt way to the Atlantic Coast Lines 4'

Gadsden 3.460 acre : Hamilton. 2542: m'.!*."! .-: iff ijiBneuj In this partU- -

acre ; Ilernaudo. 1.102 aeres ; Hill* I Ho w to Cur. Chilblains tar hu.L Lave! rej.-f..-d their nelsHort FOR ALL EARTHLY POINTS :xvta

born, 1,132 acre ; Holmes 1.179 acre : c-L _
-- ---- -
"To freedom from chilblain. eta ;
enjoy V1a
Jackson 118 acres ; Jefferson 426 ,;I write John Kemp Ea.t OtisHeld. Me The Right Name asses E t at .. S r.a a WestlRapid

acre 41.Ml; LaFayett Lee. 16.944 acre ; Leon.Lake I apply Bueklen'a Arnica alve. Havealso Mr Augn.tShereth.popular; over N 0Ftb Jatsss'av91e a as J .5aoevUt.., o a 111 aa..W L.e :
acre 28.258 acres
; ;
used it for salt rheum with ezael
.eercf the poor at Fort )hdi.on.Ia.,
.1.415 acres ; Levy. 12.3WJ acre ; Lib lent reaults." Guaranteed to cure fever sale : '4t r. sn&'s New Life Pills are Transit and Unsurpassed Service
"y, 3.352 acres Madison 639 acre ;
; ., indolent ulcers pile, burns .
sore rightly i named ; they act more agreeably
Manatee 8,9; xeres ; Marion 5.485 wound, frost bites and skin diseases. 1 do more rood and,make one feel Tim. Tablei la effect November 90. IK*. ;. .
acres ; Monroe 3.723 acres N..u.e.118 ,
; 25c at alt drug Uor. better than any other laxative." Guaranteed Depart For GAINESVILLE ArrtT
acres ; O.uEtt.23.4&J acres ; Os to are biliousness and consti
0.01.. 14.89O acres ; P.1C0.2.162 acre ; lHen n.tta. Were "'-...... pation. 2& at all drujr store. 12oo a m_ Oeala.Leesborc aid 4Wat1a "
Polk. 1-O.O76 acres ; Putnam 13.239 In a tnit 1e to etiquette puMUhed early 1. I 8t. FetenbanC Daily
acres ; St. Johns 13.00O acre ; St.Loeie. In the last century the writer says IhMtoir ...niVell, r1W
7,:.92 acres ; Santa Rosa 7.3U that **onp loen not Irritate the complexion. "Je.bu. OL.V r.cM well lip ni fort fea"at P ID I O axla. Leeabarx and Tamp. and ( 1!rtOtaA j
Some of the finest ('()U.l1. .-sloi.jwo ..:.I 1 Daily Intermedia. Point {di0tai a
&e'". ; dumter:! 968 acres ; Sowannee.1JOO "
have known.; ba" l._ n retrnlarlywanheU "I.0 teJLVen
acres ; Taylor 2.936 acre. ; Vo- .. ,* 3:4Opm JarekaonTlll. U:' pta
with .*..!> every day." The ; 1-10'e Je Learu that he revise (
losia. 17.067 acres ; Wakulla.96Oacre. ; came authority remark that tte dally ere.1 from one npi-eiHlH-.ti--. >'''. r & :015. m North East aDd West Dtls1

Walton, 9.242 acres Washington bath la now the rule rather than the u.ol>ile one heart failure ..ti three 11 K10 am High Bpringa. Wayeroa. Savannah BrtuuwieJ., 4:1 paDally
1J32O*;! ae,.... i: exception, and common .e has triumphed bu.lne'n cce*..**--Atlanta Constitution Daily I Albany Atlanta all Points North. Es Wen y

'W. can give no information' gen over the UerUion that wa-blnirWB -- -- -
.*rally. a. tu the character or value. of Injartou." An l tten tt. writer letter the world should know you asa lOriOaawPalaHka
sinner than Cod know as a hypocrite 4:15pmDaily ; helle and aUra
you Bo KMaoiopy
any particular tract. Part of the land baa a dig at her trreattrrai.dmother."wbotie i ..
t from the DanUn
are worthless, or of very little valoea only ablution consisted l wether ; .
it behcovee a ( respective settler to ting cheeks. with a cambric handkerchief --- -
exercise care and Judgment in .electing I dI'JM"1 la ro ewater." "In all TO CURE A COLD IN ONE DAY 1 ..OUpmDaily t St40 am

a homestead. For the mot part our directlouj with nard to the bath.. Take LAXATIVE BROMO Quinine
the add thin t'Mrly'If'lorlMn! dictator. "a! Tablets Drucffiit refund money IfIIC
land I. .
are more or remote taunt Leo bon la inln l that ...only refer 1 fails to ('u,.. E W. OKOVE'S .ig. -
from railroads and populous set cf tiealtn." nature i. oo each box 25 e. Interchangeable Mileage Tickets, good over 18ooo.u.* of I aeoaB tom'
tlements to these a ouml tate eiral railways in the Southern 8&aWtt..re on ami. by ih. prlaipu.*.... r
"The western and northern portion -- - --- - -- --- Through Pullman sleeper Port Tamp to New York vim .allsi H3Line .

cf the State are adapted to general Ma >ttr farming keeping: '_ cherry Pectoral the Douse complete Information call on
live stock and small fruit -
May fc-ocetiris. If J. A. GOODWIN.- TIcket A>_t,
rc&Qylor coWj. coughs erouy
more hardy than citrus varieties ; the '.,. '
central he says !!'s all rl t5t, then get a bottle cf It st Add res* i :: '" \o't
portion i is soiled to general '
once. V&y not show a lisle foreiM In sash 1 BANK O. BOYLftTOX.I' DI
farming tracking where tran.porta* ? treatment early eure. I
diners I
T tion facilities permit citrus traits sad Need It W.k-.. M .*._! Wep M.fc ". f.or .*
eve stock ; the southern portion to


Soy sr

[ -- .


9 i 1r

- - -- --- - -
-- -- .
\' - I

,r 18 CHARGED WITH TWO WIVES. Trust to Nature. D ".r;ee.ra frcrn FTcmc
,,'r .: . 'n. 4 --A ('o -nond. ; '
, CI-; A "**..t ra'm"rka..1O.. tlC'11h mess f .. 1)a._ . -
f Expren R.n.e
: : "
: ftwrfiney. a off Dawson Ar. ana wf.m..n. re thin. i*..14"l .and puny with
rested on Bigamy; Charge. t.r. .-Ir"u.&t'(lIL .'cuts r they have ul- !.ut r.-h.r'Srl'tnlo fa run.10' : -
'Y4 treatW tL.tr ,.t4.u>acU>* t.y L..ty eating -a1.: ,to be !T. New York tef' 1.t
)flacon GA. Jan. 4.-A quietlywurked
" pr too n.ueL ,atmir. hr c >m ' . '' .
t f> ''f' /p int. \I4's Kainr-r him IIu1d
case on tf part of MSCUG@steetltes ..I. *"''>:'-ratr'--, or by too close confinement .
' ha* resulted in the arrest to iiuiii, t.n.or fa..t"ry. avid In I <'n appearance i '...m rjoma r:
c' Daw- ..ontoO"qu..n"f' the stomach must te tr..ahodIn f' w tun r.t'is ami: wa a p.az'.lz! ) rll'--
.T W. E. Rum er.: A citizen of a natural way -ft-re ttn-y ran -ctlfy
" on. Ga. and be I I" now being taken their earlier mlMak The ratitrl I In ty whim bas now bf'fIoft'f'd! 4JL1
! 4o Macon. Ga. under" charge of bigamy many such noopl... lu fact In every weary. .... publication of a document *>*- :lef
thin ai>d tltn-blOI.l":l txrwork on. do their : .-tilad.! In 11ath..." t'arnneai .ax; "-
,. preferred by Building InspectorPeyton w th great difficulty. As a re eilt I
Jones. of Macon In April fatigue romt'" eariv. is extreme and lasts i j "id: hf-t popularity rsctt.tt| thrjeal- \ a \\ \ 1
Ionic. The Ci'man l for nutrltUe aid Is ." try ('f fellow prlr, who scheme/ -l
Rumne for ...resatmonths
t lfO4. who was The land You halo Always Bought and -\vhlclt hat I,
ahead of the supply. To insure perfect j !o- h,!% 'xpiilston. Kx-Que Mar- ccuin
a car Inspector for the Central health tl"ue. tone. nrve and u"o fOr otcr 30 >ean., baA bongo the ciunaturo of
railway here. Is said to have muscle take from the Mood certain : -
and been IlIl\elo
material:* and return to It. certain' i wt.net subs unclhi" per.
Mis Mamie Jones a usnfter -
.4 married u
others. It I* nee*arv to prepare thestomach roe fatr..ito conf*"Mjr tit many of taemost L? ttmal 'ui 4rliloii" times its Inrancy.VIlow .
the At I
of building! Inspector for the workf takinsr up from :
,t the make d. .prorulr.t aUi-" in ICom.*. 110 one to deceive yon la tbl....
i the same time n*, U accused of having food what is n -< ->-ary to rnc .
. rich, rod blond.Ve must go Nature i All Counterfc-it*, Imitation) and "J..**t-I\ -=:uocl. oro but ,
a lawful wife lu Daw.oD.SooD
for the remedy. There were certain .eriiiieiitM With and laii the health
Ma- Trouble Purely Local. Kti flint trlllo cn rer of
after the marrta In root known to the Indian of this
eon. Rumney left the young -lf.> country: heft'r" the advem of the white I Wanltt: -n. Jl n. 4-TLe state J*. InSlI.l1tl and -Ilxperietice n alii",.t IlxperiiucoU
which later came to the knowledge of "arrr.,' tit. oTrials are ..ti] without an-
and close Investigation
beret a tbe twttlrr aril which are now growing'rapidly ,
1 t.h ba....*. wnlch "sere made and In pn>f ,* lonal favor for the cure I| vice of the miss nifftln, reported 1ft What CASTORIA I
i which finally resulted In Rumney of obMlnal stomach and liver" trouble 1 "ave been held tn Cuutou for tie: pur- is
These are found to t*' safe anti yet certain I .
t.nCe of reviving the: bf), on .aruer-
with Tits In 1
It family
arrest. was in their cleansintr and invigoratingeffect
Catoria I ix, liarinlen niibntittite fur Cantor Oil Parv
I I lean RAod's_ but |I. was sated the
Dawson tbat Rumney was residing upon the stomach liver' and Mood.These [ at
i + Detective TaUtlY are: Golden teal root. roj>H ntitl Soothing Syrup It IH 1'leaNaiit. It ,
when captured.
root Stone root. Ilk ilroot. Mandrake ,. contaliift neither Olhun.lor.tl1ll1o nor otlier Nureotlo I
are t".e: ( itnrse ..t".ruu.nt wl1! nut
.Jenkins, of the city force here went root. Then there Is Black Chf-rrybark.
Immediately to Dawson and has The medicinal principles reldlnir In these ;, !l..nf' ,Its 3.'anc. to a revival of th>. ubtunee. ItH ago li It," tnmraiitee. It dcs*tr yHVorniS3

barge of the prisoner on tbe return native root when extracted with rrlyc- ;, Vrrer'.crtit btnccitt.; The state deter and OUu)'" IV\eri<*Iuie* ". It cures iarrluti mid \Vliul
solvent make the mot reliable
4t to Macon.' Tbe young lady whumarried erine and efficient a* a stomach tonic and liver In- mint d(..... out bellete that anv Movement Colic. It relieves Te.>thliiir TroubleM. cured CoiiHti" |..UioQ

the man In Macon Is attractive vlrorMior.. when combined>> In just the of counenan<'." bt the Chlne..- and flatulency. It a",*linlIateH the I" MM|. regulates thoil"tonuu.'b

and wa totally surprised at right Golden proportions Medical' Illvovcry., as In Jlr.Where> IMerce's there po\eminent will have grant mirreH- and hotel, giving healthy und natural ttlecp.

:JL .the news which came to her when she Is bankrupt vitality-Mich a. nervous i! and 1* H"po .d to tike the po !:! n The Children .nuucca-Tho 3Iothera -'rh ud.

4< began a search for hr missing bus- ettstfstfon' bad uutrttlon-and thin that wh..r"\.r tr ub':.- there raa. bIn ..

band.. He will be lodged in the blond the body acquires vigor, and the tb \lcinlty of Canton Is purer: :
nerve. tloo and all the tls ue fl the CENUINE CASTORIA ALWAYS
1 coanty Jail here to await a trial. favorable effect of this sovereign remedy. : local _
Although some physicians have been
aware of the high medicinal: value i of the i I How to Avoid Pneumonia. i ik
Searching for Negro. above mentioned plants, yet few have .
used' glycerine a. a solvent and We have never heard of a tingle in.stance '
Topeka Kans.. Jan. 4.-A negrowho pure ,
s' uvuslly the tlortors prescriptions called of a cold resulting in plJ..umo'IIi" -
II' believed know of :
to name for the Ingredients In varying amounts, Z:97T
the negro supposed to be a member o! \rith lI.MI. or other lung trouble when Fuley'* J

Company C. Twenty-fifth Infantry. The *Uoldn Medical Discovery'. asetentltepreparation Ilnnej and Tar has b-eq taken ItI H

wbo shot ad teriousy wounded Cap- alJC'Prle. extract* of the comi above oiind mentioned*
lain Edgar A. Macklln at the latter'. vegetable Ingredients and contains no rstrengtheoe lungs Ask for Foly's

1' lkom at Fbrt Reno Okla.. two weeks alcohol harmful habit-forminff drucs. I I ilunry and larand refuse any ob-ti- The Kind You Me Always Bought ,

ago Is being sought by the .uthoJ11l, ---- - ----- - i' lute bff-red' Dr. C. J. Bishop of

here. The man was under .arwell- Is Revolted Front Death. ., 'Ju.. r. Mich. write : "I have used

lance here for several toys and finally Columbia. s. C. Jan. 4 .-.\t therequest jo'"I..,'. Honey and Tar in lhr*>.> very N In Use For Over 30 Years.

g was taken before district attorney bf the :ard ..f pard,i too" ., severe cases of pneumonia with good ma..--.---. vs--.seasce. sew-...... '..

Hone and questioned. Attorney Rune ernor llfvword granted a r.,..?'.> '" results in every. cate" J. W MsCoN(

convinced that he was not the man A 111Ailam*. who I I. under ."n:one- lurn A: Co.McWhorter.

t' wanted, released the negro. Now the to b*" hanpMl InV.lterborr f-Tdu .

a authorities are eknjr! him In the belief Jan 4. The trillion 'or ttw j.ar *f n 1 I Chosen by Southern.

that If be l. not the real Mall- t.f AJams !:'d not reach nrc :n Um.an.1 I Atlanta. .ia7.! I.-Judge; HanillinniMeWbort We Are Halting; a Special Leader ofCEH'TURV
't i r ofthen. na. has beat'
ant of Captain Macklln. he know the hcMnl made the qjesf for
named ar..o.al (conn.el of the Southern -
y tbe name and probably the whereabouts resntte In n"'r that they nilrht have i II I
railroad fur he territory south
of tbe man wanted. Lieutenant time tu c-cr.ld thei Tb.. ex"--! RYEFur
of Washlnjctoii. U. C. the appointment -
Higgins of the Twenty-fifth Infantry I
ciiilon wH! take plac /. tatlttel.n
mad lion. Alfred H
bring by
has left FoWReno for Topekato In Felmtary. If a pardon 1. nntY -artAdam' -
? aid the local authorities. ..". case U a celebrated one Thorn of \Va.hluiTton. who Is general' Family anJ Mcdieinal nee. and we guarantee this whiskey to
I counsel for the entire road. Kffc>C- be equal to any f.):.5*) whiskey on the rcarket.
.ale under sentence or dtr.r.
tire Ja*< 1 liidx McWhorter assumed -
4' Cured of Luna Trouole. KiH'r.fr lUury Jacq-" he capd: fr...a:

"It is now eleven years since I had *all and was not ( ,r 1It"t'-n1! charof the law department. of Price $2.00 Per Gallon
the Southern In the states of Reoricia.
a narrow escape from eoosumptij month. He **'aptur'll appeal tithe <
At.ham"lorlda and all of the Mississippi -
writes O O. Flo'J. a leading bW""i ... supreme court refused anew .ktem at of Colurubu rxire: ..4 I'rrpaid an-l Jog: Furni..bed Free.

man of Kershawrs.: C. "I had rundown trial. The murder ocurred four .

la weight to 13* pound., sod years aco. All of oar Liqnor are ciiranted to strictly "umflitb the NEW
soughing both Chronic Constipation Cured. UKE FOOD LAW. Kind for Prier List
was constant by day
Why One who suffers from chrcnie
: constipation
t aad by night. Finally I began: taking
Dr. King's New Discovery, and eootin should your baby suffer When he is I Is in dancer of many serious

>d this for about six months, when fretful and restless don't experimenton ailments. Orino Leisure Fruit Syrup

my: eoogh and long trouble were entlrttly him and use any old thing your cores chronic constipation as it aids JOSEPH ZAPF &: CO.
stimulates the liver and
gone and I was restored to my neighbor recommends. Bay a bottle digestion and ,

normal weight 17O pounds." Thou of ''''hlt.-. Cream Vermlfr ;e. greatest bowel, restoring the natural action of Dept. Q.

sands of persons are healed ever year. known medicine and core for all chil : these organs. Commence taking it today -
: .... at all stores. boo and Long Distance Phone 345. Jacksonville Florida.
drug dren's diseases. It is mild in its ac : and you will tee better at once. ,
,t 91. Trial bottle free. ; Ofino Laxative Fruit i'ruy does not ._ .
lion, builds op the system, rnskes thin -- --------- ---- - --- --- -- --- ------ -

r ".....ed Store and Burned It. puny babies fat. Mrs. J.. C. Smith. nauseate or gripe and is very pleasant

Dawson Ga.. Jan. 4.-A. A. Caaaoa's Tampa Fla., writes t "My baby was to take. Refute substitutes J.V.. CLYDE STEAMSHIP COMPANY

storehouse, located on bis farm thin and sickly, could not retain Its MeCollum A Co.

? Sa tae eastern portion of thiscounty, food and cried all night. I used one

was) burned, together with Ms env bottle of White's Cream Vermifugead ) ;
tare stock of merchandise on wilchthere in a few days baby was laughing

was BO insurance and estimating happy and _..11."_ SoleS by W. M.
the IoN to be not Iras than Johnson bEALKa t*
___ 1 I
Held Up By Negro Boys.
I Fresh Saltwater Fish
Macon. Ca. Jan. --For ;.i'ing

bid up ami ",bL.-d .an old U.......u ..,..u. ;

Henry Ietuion and IW-n Dun..',.. two I .

negro: )outh.. scarcely 15 y*arc o? ;.-. -b. .
) age mere detained at police barracks -
and l utuas was bound over II I

to the state court following a aJmlalr! .. .-rWD.N: p
action by Itecorder Cablnes in theca

.e of JeniUonNVdn.-
w are charged with highway robfJery. Calling at CHARLESTON. S. C tJo'ha,..

and will answer. In the, superior court. OYSTERS
They are said to Have taken the sum and The Finest Steamship In the Coastwise Service

of $15 from the aged; and helplessold (In rear of Furniture Company)

negro who was robbed. FLORIDA Clyde Xew England and Southern Lines
A carefulwill
Freight Service Between JACKSONVILLE BOSTON and
: Tvifekeep Carrie Nation I am now prepared to accommodate PROVIDENCE and All Eastern Points.
, ;. always certainly smashed a hole In the bar tfc. trade with the I.*.. the market Calling at Charleston both. ways.

.. lied room of Kansas, but Ballard's Ho rebound afford! In this lint Phone 34V.I. .
,. pi Byrnp has smashed all records SE :&:-"QVEEKL: : yo S.6ILINt: B

-oathboand. . . . From Lewt AVharf. U.JC'fuJ
: h.6ALLARD'S a. a care for coughs: bronchitis, influ- rises.. REVIVO Nortttound.. . . . . .. .. From Foot. of (Catherine ,t.. Jacksonville f
ash e..lta
ease and all pulmonary dila... T .

C. II-. Horton Kansas, writes i "I RESTORES nun
bare never found a medicine that .. Clyde St. Johns River Line

LINIMENTA woald cure a cough so quickly as Bal s ".... a tl f-- r *n J jwcicuo vit.x.ic and SANPORD .'
I have used .
lard's Syrup. Wen..111 Stet" J .rtcat Palatka, Astor Beresfoni (D.Land).and Intermediate: Landiaff
Positive Cure For it for f..,.." Sold by W. M. Johnson THEM on St. Johns River.
.1... i iI

Sprains Rheumatism Wounds Cuts.Stiff Old Joints Sores Accidentally Shot While Hunting I C&r Steamers "CITY OF JACKSONVILLE" and FRED'K DE BARY"e !

Corns, Bunions and all ins. Sparta. Ca. Jan. 4.-While out ?i> wwO Si DY p.. appointed to ail as follows* Leave Jacksonville. daffy except

SHE KNOWS.Mrs. hunting Washington counts GeorgeI'owdrr. I.I pred..ers>> awe re alt In urrs.keLOb.rsfatt.young 3U.l.y_ It artstawerfatraedguiekly.i -aturcisy*. at 3:3O p. m. Keturnmr, leave suford. dally except *

wax accidentally shot and mes tan tetslr. their 4..t man hood any huuday. at 9:30 a. m. __
C. II. Itun.vun. f'tftn- old I men tn.. r..ori r their youtblul visor by
beery. Mo. writ-*: I luivtuiMHiSnow killed by his neighbor and friend. ulnr. ..li1'Ito.. .. ..It. qiilcktr, and quietly r... alted :e. SCIIJ'UUL": -- N1d's
Sam Smith. .0... ,..,, .."D. ..,0.\ % tatitt. Seta od
Unititent "..ult.au't.aT ___.. a.Lost1..t.wer.'a M.mory. Leave3:3Upm.Jacksonville.Arrive::*. >a
enough fur It. for JdivuluatUtii p WU.- It.-...... any tSrrlM of Bclf-ikbUB ornU ":4.\ pm . . Palatka.Leave ,M t1 pa:
' All WorldIs ...a.ft''''''. which anOt fort
the etre.s not
and all Lain It U 4 .tu>!y.tmvloe or tn rn_.. It not only rorr 3-lO .m. . . . ... . . Aftnr .. . .. . . I:80 I'd
the! ni<.*t uful nit-Uiclu to a stage; and Ballard'. Snow Liniment toy ..Btartiotf the seat of Jurae.out i.a treat . . ....... .:ilere.fortl inelanai: IrOOpm
c have In hou ........ mnit blood *>lldrr.
brlD rtnnitrh
ti*> tj. I nerve Arrireh:80am. ; 9:9"aaB ,
plays a most prominent part It pink stew pal. rNeeltosnU remtarin . t: nnford. . . .
Tree Sixes tae, SOc, St.OO fur rheumatism tiff I :the Nrw *>r y':>tn. It wart. of srpro.ralafdt.e >-'I __ IOOOam. . _._. .._. . . fn".rl'ri'.. . ... . . ._. ... 10.Mss
has no superior
._ Is-tat.roba.let 111':"."0. -
Blllaro: Snow liniment Co. joints cuts sprains and all pains Bny aootl>*>r. It e.r too r rrt.U In s'7:: tw ket. Hy OKNKRAL PAto'J. AND TICKET OFFICE. 122 'V.BA Y ST..JACKSOjfVM: :!::g
. -
wallet.00r rwka-r or S>.OO. \\
ST. LOUIS. ."\u.. it try II and jou will always nee It. .IT*, Iris advise t.aj rmowl to mil who wtb 1 1.ttb i r.-M.IRON ONUF.H.IaLAGeILI...... Att.. tr! Rest psr.t.. Jaek.oevlle.lta.
who has used Ballard' Snow ..._...*. Circular free addr* W. O. CUOI"LK. r.Yelaat Atest. C. l OC>r1.L. Sserl.ueddnlA .
{ Anybody .OT AL MCOICIMC CO. ...* 814. CMcass. nLFor "oot uf HOole."Ur... J.e _nu.."a.
rf Liniment Is a living proof of what it I I C S'a .Aat..,..e. York VEMJLE.O'a.rr.A t 4VewTtta

and RtcommenJeJ byQalactvlllc
1)1. :old by W. )JobaOP. tJ S, Bcdiford A Co., DrDa!.... Gseerr;Ctt.t r"Rhcr. Brsaes.4ho.4.ar.:4swTors.) t tr

.. I

:x rr'

ii f' ti's

N M _
i/1/.plMrtr 1

1' '' 4 THE DAlLY SUN: GAl> t.. ;
: ES'.ILLE, FLORIDA. .T AvA TI"_ !;. 11n;
- '

J 1 I - "
j TEACHERS' WAGES w.thfr...tii. :.. re *. ie .s &,.. Vi'ttnt t .

: Jt': ::: gt 1 t 1 t j 1 h"'d; -- her p>ar.T.ts at Me.ru-. =8 .li10LIEitHEb iaeB. '
; 'arrwnsn; choo':
T. C .
of Alarhuai.t.d fri.r d*
;'teacher has been .vj'.Jrinro a few day, l .. j 4ete :last were
f the l'oat Odes at Gait ear.I*.. i H.F.DUTTON&CO.
t much net-rfeit "
, 4 pot.4 .... 0c4 eaae ..u eo.r I lof roes f term of f j i Mr. *tul :Mr-. 3. 1-:. Fo** ,"r and: "h.U;
I t i :-- ---- -- - -- - i eight ..r nine months tiresome men- |,|'dr-rt of (;a a...vil.e: via ted at the h;'>ra. .

I t'' 1g b, ('Rb'RY . F-Utc asi: Piher.. I till and t 'lflt-"r "b..r. J'hY person.10 i H. A. "',ek." !fast week

. who haw had no experience In the''I j jteaemit Mrs: (ti.e l; Fi.cIer< and daughter.Mi : J3 A
j . ;
I [ t:. 'it'K1S: .e,ti Editor.yr : JSr :
Jtsb : ? line: seem tn th.n that .L S'Sf
any ADta t.f .lacksonv I Ke. attended ... ..mss.r .
i M rnrwiTT.. . sm-t. conpo..r. R',-. common .f'hOIJI> I teacher *rho_e wacea, the t .'..,...I.u.C uupttalt.Lee .

( are> frum 136: 'o HO per month. ought i C"16t.' y and Mi" Ela: e&reeyj

'r OFFICE lOKTKK 14.c., pro make an independent fortune in a j i were qutetiy marred ai the hom n f ) tlE.'t.rR INIk "'--
.... ain tot,",. *. T"1. short ; ...,.
) rKO.E 4jTtAlv -s time Let .h a one stop and! I t th*> bndrV" parent on !'ui.tlar. T'ea. -JA.

T"ac fct'.'. yutfub.d- every uiwenma;exJay. c.m.dr'" whet la et/eeted'tf a teacher Tim Bailey of New berry utKc'atmc.' I Sea

!, I"s. .d.h"u by came to the city, cr I' In the fleet! p'ACi she |. eXpecte( tn tji Their numtr..u, friends rxteitd ?('o.I i IslaILd Oottoc. _
aaiW 10 any part c>f the I'.itea) liiute.iwdaae well, ilre...>d at all times. which is no Kratalatio
.f"'U" y'e--.': t-s* *.- t.oas.: *i j three .
n.pthr? ,01 w* ent I*,* tve "tck ..trtrtly lnoli ,. srnall Item of expense. "he i* expecte I Mi. Marie Collies and :little stater.;
t'l buy ail the latest l nuk. and subs F.ubelie. of f'ortI..ad.: ... arc v,*;.tjz.i: f
-"aft. I acril!' ,f for all the popular eriucaiutnaijournal : their ...1..'. Mr U*. L. 2'ickrtt cetera..r...U4tM'K.._. t>.j ard..u. yorese! sad Doitetu .sacre
t ..,.. Tie aeeoasss at t sate.a..__.,..eet'1'k ....tars.,-...,eas8. .. . .
.- [ *** in kica.1 *.I. I. tint a liar '* nf the day j .....r.d teats!' ere'mrrtitlg. C N. Unffiu of Jaeksonnle sad # .
r feirdcaraM
,. pent 'enu. Specie.ta _
t..efticn. aDd nu,. tvrKatea :ueafo waknieoreeuoasoaal:
II .
I forfeit eettbs. w wbrnerer and wherever hrjrl. Cdristme. with. his parents.' Mr. and .. toots 1c ,t.. Vatted States +

It for di.il.iy.dvttti.ii IC made known on I and| 'n spend from three to Cre: wecka :'.!r.. J. I. (irimn.'Ir. 4Gainesville

.J.JkaU.... Iot an ,titute during her short racation Joe reene of Sooth Carolina. is

( Al! these ,.requirements are attended ntitir.c here fora few weeks
j TTWke.-lretk sun loan .iht-|>..K*. fortywjr. relatives
by no small and thetfftfherii
expense -- -
..... | I..bli..h vrty Monday and : : :F' ori. La .
'T1aeda.1K! conlMiiu nil the sews of the who enmply with them wit! P.cflucr Cerg e'e. cf Dropsy.N ,
taett. kcal state> Mild r nrral- ami will be floc: at the cloe of the yeas that they .w V.'-K. 'a:. 4 .Prcfe-x-r Al-

,palled, postage' free, to titty ..0001' of the. I'nitedUteor j I hate a very small portion of their t..r t1"i ....:.. (:eery, tar f'r t 04. u- ;as. M. 0........ President H. E. TAYLoa Cashier '
Can Ua. for f>.<*a >.ut-10 ttd _tM r.AU { earning to lay by for a "rainy day." r'aD..t &: thf'"cteM.nt CJ.Ifo'f'I'OL vao. VHYDB.. Vice-PresJdent Lac G. "AJif. Aast. CashUr

Do not under.iarid hy the above a.'sertion. cfcurrn i.f the T.anrfliuatiot rt'm-
lv rti r>K InlU t''''COID. due alter lint ,,
that such neon l J..n(.*n r. "Th.Uttle OhtircfcJ
Tfarnc if advetliinent. nlrn. ofherwm-- requirements are ...... THE FIRST
A t ii>rt.-r. 1t"d.t"tLd..., BANK
mip.l.tetl in contract. I"u'eLDOWD- ton* ,j 'la..I.1. Hot when it has lecome almo
.m I* required to iy for .d.uU.inlC 'in atiwatt. |j t 'atoluteljr necessary for a teach aT his Rome ere aped f.l ;\ears. i J
Addre... TILE: VAl!." HUN.JscksonYille l>-<>i"'". frctu which te had :utE rut.lrredV j
attend all .
such .
er 'n meetings those C cr..A..I;: r S"VXLLE
Gatr4rat'tt.i a, "LA. causedu ti ath. Prtd.ewrberg
I who have supervision titer them ..haUra.Doint .
*.>. .. ODJ O.*>r and mu"ic.. I IeT t'THE ONLY NATIONAL BANK IN
It should b<* also required of AL.ACHUA CO"Capital.
and Tampa are disput :'." a. wee;; a. an orranl.t.F1IIF3ZN .
J the enr'1 of education that they pay
tag mt to which ha. a ark with the '
: their te"{"h.*r,. such wage .. will enable . . . . . . . . . . . -550.000 00 k
largest capitalisation. Jn.t wait a few i I : :EBI3 CAFiDE3
years and Gsjnesville will show you a them tn doeo. Surplus and Undivided Profits. . 30.000 00Doe.

I thing or two ID the backing lint :. KOET. C. tI'ENTIST. :&. .i SB> aiv ly a i.1.1&4 "'IR&.._.Wits .....,,-pq." to ..y bat ta tie aaaI ......
The City Council .""nld call oIT the D U* --...of ..,...*..MrreaaAt..Oorpt < .Uoo*.et.. 1.......aIJew.. '0.wei. \
bind e1 tlnn scheduled fo. J nnarv I i. .&an........' 'U bsh ...__......--vur' "

itsued 15th. Oaaaier. J
molt sevn peraon. exelnsivenf _. ,
. -- - --
. I that city mutt eloe at 12 o'clock Saturday I those over 55 years of ace. can I..nt.I IIf ( fee in Miller Law Eschal! ". i i1

night and remain closed vote on) the proposition at that
5 Office< Pcte No. ?V> ; IenidenceNo.11C" G. S. MERCHANT CO.
time and it would he
o'clock Monday mornii:. Good forMa.or certainly unfairtn I ,. ,
Baker. the taxpayers of the> city tn allow er..
Retailer and Jobber sa
seven pereont to decide wo important a '"

i The Eatt Coast Railway is the only question. _____________ DR. J. H. ALDEr.MAN.DENTIST.: .
------- and Grocarias.
corporation in Florida we heed heardof Staple Fancy

Increasing the wages of employee JONESVIULE JOTTINGS.Mr. .

I daring ler'a road the render present the year.best Mr.service Flag of G H. Smith Passes Away-Cro rala' ..r.... s.... sad FartWzara. t

bv-Searcey Nuptials. Over DUIICK; Co n.L6. G..tn.1'e
any Florida ,railroad and retains the SOUTH BIDE SQUAXE. t t i OAn. IVILL 7LUItyaE11 ':'
Jonesvllle. Jan. 4 -Mes.rs. John
.services of efficient
employes by (I.'-
log them decent w..... and Hiram Boyette of Warsaw. Highest market prie. paid for CaUkens. E..* and ota. PrvdA ...

-- N. C.. have been visiting relatives and

The beet barometer to the in *r ..iolt friends at this place for the past two DI. D-VEKE: E. MOP.RI, Complete stock of Hay Corn Oa&aJ."ur.Bran, Msml OQ>sa i.' Ill
weeks. They will start home today. and Rys._ Ww handle only i gooA as 'k' LOW.
business and prosperity of a town I.I is accompanied by Miss Hazel Boyette, . . D E TIST. . EST PRICKS aad KDarante* ssls..st1oa '
I its banking institutions. The two
who has been ou a visit here for about
. banks now operating in this city are
doing the best business In their hi.* three mootha. These good people have Off c. over Mtre-ja Etdel a. r.ete'troars Gainesville '

tory. and we are informed' that two I glad won many to welcome friends them here back.G. who. will be & Gulf Railway Company:

additional banks will open their doors
H. Smith of NewtM'rr7 died last
daring the next few months. D B. GORDON XL T1!'ox. T.\.T.bl. .la .... July 11. IK, *.
Saturday. The interment was in "

Jonesville cemetery on Saturday after DLNT1sT.Cape. : .
The Pensscola Journal and otherleading
noon. The funeral was largely attended .
papers advocate abolishing the :0:0.6. No.. I. !to.. 1. 1fa !. ... .. t
and conducted Rev.
office of county treasurer. The tugs was Stephen ia MOIer Law 1LsetatgetGa Dally DaJ17 Da1J7. tn'ATJON8. DaU7. I fl,.I. '
son. The deceased leaves a wife, who Ez Sun e .
gestlon is a good one, but not new. ia seriously ill at NewtM'rr,. four _asvu4.a. n.a.J YLe

Many members of every Legislaturefor daughter and one son. to whom the \
the past twelve years have realized sympathy of the community is extend PI :I.t+ A L!Lw P M r. A II AtPIIfflt .;:;
that the office of county treasurer Is ed. A. CARLISLE. 1100 a Oil 8 20 ....,..8.mpeDD CltJ'..... 00 711 U" '110
nothing but a .ID.eoe-.o unnecessary 1 20 912 8 Z2 _.....Or.b.m..... .......7 46 70S U. ;
the Misses Pauline and Nellie Stineb- 1 40 925 1 4o ......-- Cy-rll........... fie 810 1200
tax on 4"opl.-bu' *o far it eomb of Fort White have returned to Ace Solicitor In Equity 2 00 a 45 8 U ...........lIeua7.......... 8a 810 11. r'
has been impossible to get the neees. their home after at tending the Greene 2 20 ;1000 e ON ... . ... EIU'horpe......... elf 814 11 20 fate
nary three>flfths vote of members of Piekett nuptial. flea Estate Conveyancing and 0.... 2 35 JO 10 f t. II . . A. O. L. CroeeID...... 80&L 8 C5 III ,t40Ar,10

the Legislature to submit a constitutional eral Practice. All business promptlyattended :: 16Ar, a 20Ar ) .....QaJD..w........ 9 8 tole -y. "
Miss June Waddell of Sanford visit to. Office next door to dos 4 10L.,. . . . ,.;..... f. I -.... ...... 1: 00asr J
amendment abolishing the office. ed friends here during the holidays Office. CiAlJ *aVlLLK. FlORIt- 411 \. . . . .. .... . . . .8.A.I..Croee.D........ _.... ...... AV'
the accompanied the Misses btincb- 4 :10 i I. . . .... .... .... . . .Lower BwtNh .... ... ...... .....,. t t42b {o
What a Godsend it would be for the eomb home and after her visit there .. .. . . .. . .. .Cannon's Oroe.IDIr.... ........ .... . e40' 1.:
PERD1NAND BAYER.ATTORNEY / . . POIAI..... ......... .. .. a f10.
people of the United States if the Re. of 40 .. .. . . . ........JiIe.7 .
she will return to her home. AT LAW. 4 66 .' . . . . . ... ....... ....W aeaboo te.... ..:. _..... ...... a IC +ir!
publican party would follow the New Mrs U. N. Smith of Nashville. Oa.. '" 10 i. . . .... . . . .......Clp" .... ...... ....... ....... : .
Year' example of some people and visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs.J. GAtttsstitta .16 . . . ... . . .. .......... KirkDO ......... ....... ..... "l
tarn over a new leaf. There,., a host I. Griffin. FLO.D..1 6 20 '. . . . . . . . .'_._. ....Tacoma...._ ...... ...... I <<: .
of good retolve4 that the Can ell timeproved SO .i. . . . . . . . ........ M 1eaDor.r. ......... .... ....a >It ,
Republicanleaders Mrs Mcloto.b of Sanford Alabama, and you.unimproved property). phosphate 5 81 !i. . . . .,.. . . . .. ......... ........ TT.... rS
could declare for ; they could Is visiting relative and friends here. I and lauds. Send hima 4U I.' . . . . . . . _._ Like RllDoatoD...... ... .... .... .f
reduce extravagant expenditures ; reform ".. H. Piekett. after spending the trucking list of what farming offer for sale. 21 2n. 543 I. . . . .,. . . ___.. Hlekm.D...._ ........ .... T.o ,..
the tariff that protects the trusts ; with his here, return you ..fill . .. . . . . ........ .-.oush.ld...... ... ........ ....., T.. t"
refuse holidays parents I 655 I. . . . .i. . . . ...... .. Drs n gar.an. ....... ........ .... T _. r,.'
ship subsidy that the shippingtrust ed to Abbeville. Oa.. Monday, wherehe e 00 I i. . . . ... . . . ... ......I..ID___.... ... .... . , T.. +
will chiefly profit by ; pass a ours Is attending college. T.B.. ELLIS, JR., em .. . . . .. . . .... .. . . Fors Dran. ....... ....... .. ....t. TT- ,
reneylbil! that would help the people. J. \V. Miller made a business trip to 10 .Jd.......... .... lAT-
Bat what's the ole telling all the good Gainesville yesterday.R. ATTORN EYAT.LAW.Gattasvluta ASr P :\IIA .A KIAr.piir.-.J..r L.: A ii LiP = t/u

things Congress could do, when the I'. Miller. Sr.. ia confined to his t
Republican majority is determined to room this week. J. B. CUTLER. OenH Bop't. L. X. BARKKK. TraJB* .gv. Jo1
Ftcala.we A "
stand pat on the bad things they have E. T. Hall and R. P. Miller. Jr.. -.
I done, and will do things they oughtnot visited! Meridi.h Saturday.Mrs. .

to do? M. A. Tucker and sister-in-law.

Miss Mary, have returued to their E. BASER r

Don't laugh at a boy who magnifies home at Judaon. after speeding the ATTORNEYATIATV Fay-Sholes .N..
place. Yoo may see him coming holidays with relatives here.

from the post office) with a big bundle Miss Ionia Ford spent the holidays . SOLICITOR IN CHANCERY. . .

of his employer's letters, which he 4 4t

displays with as much pride as though GAINESVILLE. Alachca Co.. FLA. Typewriter
hey were bis own. He feels import COCKTY. ee' Office in Endal Block.
t and looks it but he is of
Frank J. Cheney makes oath that he -- - - '
Displace. He is attending to business.He is senior I.artnerof the firm of F. J. ACB1SOWLKBCE.W_ t .r
likes to have the world know that Cheney A. Co.. doing business in the Alacbna County Abstract Co. THE BEST '

ke is to work for a busy concern. The City of Toledo. County and State ILacortewat.dI( MACH15E ux THE BL&KJBT <

.*>T who says "we" identifies himself and that said firm will Perry M CO OoOD. Pre*.; J. W IlU-4.-.., Vl*.
with the concern. Its interests are aforesaid pay ..,... II. R. Colaoa. See.-Tre.... Has TabulAtor '

*>".. He sticks up for its credit and the for each sum of and ONE every HUNDRED case of Catarrh DOLI.ARS that GAI E8VILLS. FLA. 'II UnlYfRSAL KfTIJOAKD I -ON-Machines.Lightest -

reputation. He takes pleasure in his Every .
the of Hall's
cannot be cured by use .
exclusive Abstract
*ork We do an
hopes to say we are in earnThe -
Catarrh Cure. FKncJ. CJlKlEY' ness, with facilities for Imparting Full .
r env boy will reap what he sows Sworn to before me and subscribedin Information concerning the Title toN 1 Shift I I..% Lightest Running The
If he keeps his grit and sticks to hi. and all lands in Alachoa county.
this Cth day of De any
my presence Champion Speed Writer of the World
Job. You may take off yrur hat to ) All business transacted promptly |I
him as one of the future solid men of ermber(MAL.)A. D. 1661)A. W. GLPA CX. Use the Fay.Shole.. Mora Fay-Bhol la ,

the town. Let bis employer do the Notary Public. MEN A/O/ WOMEXJ us. I. Gainesville than any other maehlns.

right thing by him ; check him kindly Hall's Catarrh Core I. taken internally. ter e t ttC v a.a M f.,.aa.taraJ 'iY

if he shown sign of being too biff for and acts directly oo the blood 1 Y..M .a..N.M..tuea/.s I "

his place ; counsel him a. to his habits and mccou surface of the system. ew.,..w.w..w.w.er1w .f r.l..ae..i..s.r..t.M.a.rsttlar For Sale by. . .
and associates, and occasionally show : send for testimonials free. 'til/uttatrtN-ts. pawMt..wi.f'aaafT
him a pleasant| prospect for advaoeneat. *- F.J. CHXMY Co.. Tol o.O. ( >,a Mt/.. pw.plr.f, THE SUS Gaiiesui4I !
A little pride does an honest For sale by all druggist. 75e. t..... Nei .ant N el.,. naN, '. .
boy a. bespof good luck to the boy who I Take hail s Family P>11. for eonilU M. ... t+.u..u i., ""
i r nys .w." Ration. Qnsl.. tart.. rgaei.i

,; '
.... .'- '> -

I c( ,

any TIT : TTITVf' I

+ 'tt r


.. THE DAILY SUN: GAINESVILLE. F LtIU1).1..TAN1 PAnl-t: 1U' 7 7w

said proclamation and this ordinance; ORDINANCE N \4>,. are' ir ..w p',>t. that at the tine tit .s .11
0. 123.
w; NO. 120lit hall tHo published in a newspaper veetla n *\ he ..:._....,...S. ...> '. .....-.!. NOTICE OF ELECTION.Voder
I anri suet, ..peM: ai.-- LfMr .ro.>iaamed ....t
Ordinance Providing. for the Xsso- printed in aid city at least once e..cheek Otd.nitK lOr.,...'. Fur .".ct art forth tn ore and t!.a -..u tr..rutios .
An to the otmruet I
ot ponds Under the Provisions for fot rentt.eeotive weekth! bee Malntenanee of <' '.kl .I.reN 1 e.._....., st a.. L. : e'e.ed '
Uewa': *
aDC- *>n and ur > .
ginning of such publication being made }*. tie a. .esi .}..*% o, lt,e C" -t n'f .ro' ... ..' . t
of the and f.jItrnandrase ,
of the L.gi.iaturr ot' Aiocuf Certain Mi tr r ; .
ol Act .. ., .
an F..e .t.of tfc .. : art de.k. "..r""t. .* a' .! .. .toO' ..it .... I ..". ., J.*?
Entitled "An inimedivtely npon t*>e adoption anti ttrrrt. thr l o Sueb *'ll wad > r.t r m- r !
Florida. .
of : the .
etl ient
't State of f or r.at. < |xtaieM> ter; I. i of 'b" .' .. .
J.-'i&D..e : .t.0'
Act Extending end Enlarging: : th- f approval' cif this ordinance At.a4.1. ,tae...t9.....tea ".alMt, .leOlad the ...A.M-nt.....r\l' ." 't.1 foot fur.aeu .'rk u- .*........ Id: tfar.. ..i .r ad a spec iu. e.sctaoh r. nes.i.t .'tie Y.'t.t: "vibe
!taM ......, imBMlUte. it'lT T 1 eft
of --1.: 1 e.taco f.e vf the lor. kb.Ul :
Territorial Limit and the Powers qnetmn tjt it 't tlt.tr Li 'n such Street* uuttiMhdiT .f Ja'IUarv. ; r ,
. ,
pM M.e IMF pu Ubedoae tlHie r. net. crpu
Gainesville. Municipal t t..tunee of tond. tn tt<.. amount IIf ten H I. OMPAI-IKU nv IMK Jo'AW'.R last . |-"'e of ir>u. lilbtf the 'i'Ir.r' '
lb. City of e t t. (>. s ..... in sot elti. Ant -;"* "-," .---- ; : toys
nt :
Corpnrat) > raanlzed' and Existing i i thousand dollar. and. fur the! purti'proro ". (N>t' :<> ll. or IMB CiTT .'r ..Atawvld.irVIA'a11.A went |*>M .within: curt v Uuvi .1.., t'.e l't.rt-: of anew Ten the 1'1..u..r.t >uilHur. Dn -*>u...>., s.t.:.... .L.I aoaS i
In AUcaaa Cuii>'5. Florida: and ..-J in .,.d by this prima,*-. Clatlua.H .M rewtlutloa -bei) .! te ..". c<.-ei. te.i ....Pd and Kt-e..Wed in .n-t i.' ., .... 'ne
**e .tlon I. T". owner **r owners 0' even : wtruutt.. err and anjr >,...*.t ." -e ...eut by
lit Providing for the Eiersise of Thu.e hull t.. submitted to ins quahtieJrI.ctnra lot |. ere .*, pari..l ..f lent taunting ..r alit rut s.. ......1 w iMai. thlrt .t... .. -Ji- .*.r Ir.tei- its ordtnanre hereto uei ended .,n.1 Duhdsbee

Power*.** r.' tad city for their aiiprnra. U..... 'ip..n tike f.hl.,wlr..r .trret ,L tt.i*... d :11) 1 eel fro. It,.- mute of sad i.til l rst.i. at tt.em the terewiin Umi.it: ce rid of tu the :
that each qualified elector r.all have or i ...tne."life a* herein: <1.> -iit<..'. rtt" 'e ... IC'Iicrcent l iermuath.'f. whih: I.r..|..-*-d ID ami t>% said ..nll..n.>r sna1.:, J:
OrrfarVicd >A and iffy crtUe s .-,*| r, .ssu.d' (be e t> .W.-t bit ...
li, .s. n &y Iffyor an opportunity' t.. rote for or a :"'nthe '"' | onthe North' and ojtto .Mb. ut Cnjreh! 1 roved br M Bmjorir o' the v.ir. .' 01
lie |* p"Tt'rontilMf u' ,hJltlnw nx>ri tl/<- tae
the Owic./ O'fy t
o/ .. ,
question uf the issuance .f *iiiri wltb tW.rt C'urr'h 'IPet. tl..r..*e a..t00 .*,.1- said: strut .t tiftt: 'eal.r.live la iroji- elrctwo l.etal
t bonds, for tint ..* the .ustr.t..: .' |......'.Ti Tonti'.g
the and .
purpose proposed, r.* ...eou upon the North and >! o .tr' """Wt .. .. .
Tl Inir laee .
4> ..
.. li.ere e.andb.Len i rt'n-t the .. puten
and the .. {
+ Section 1-Th Mayor City each elector shall. east a er ba'lt.1 f O.ar.I..e'. frog wl Arrettuudtr < khui' .
p | oral ice trnf..,..-d u.. berrnt.efureS i>-oMeU. txr IB Ins rear t i.e Cbur .c f' .' 1.I..ocI...
Council of the City of Oainesrille, in Each::: etc.tar Ue.tri ;3; so ..0." for ur et tatrr.eots*. wlf ",aid (m.ntre trrit on East Mkti aM Mm.',,. Street.: .
: tLetx-e K.-t to .eeetwetrrbralrb .u..n trie The |t.k. sand u|<'>b ..l rMM .. .. .... _
ntidee the . | .
their corporate eapaeity.( authority ; a. tinft the approval 1 the the 11" West. aide of ArredoiMlu street frutn where . G. The Cite Counef! .r.all rt.ee.n aWl cone .>. "jo !.>"n on ...akl. d m..
of an Act of lb. Legislature: of ;'of bond for t.u the sand dollar forthe "I. uoe.tr.et 'r.el'lOeC with .sid A- Tues i>.x the lDCb d.. "f Janu. tit ttai ...t .' \.1. HI.:. W -. :'I1cO..waJ.' :i *.. t n
..nIUIf'CSn ... thenee trret o'vliH.1& t. tit of i.tu tJ.t111 ...., t1' .-.. C'.-(fcter. % Rub.
the State of Florid. '. purpose mentioned in thi .-r dl. you It;... F..a..' skl.. n' Arreduhtnstrert f'..... rust ut said 11Ie._It.., .-li*I.! ....I'...,i <>i ) uwL- *tf-rti X>nn MU.r are nerlnv of m-iKitntml saws >ni>eu>" IZi

.ACI Extending and Enlarging the Territorial f..Dtm.., vote a paper ballot cunI nere Meiani, street lntepv*<*,. w.tr> *a'tlArredututoktreet. er or other eraob in let e.ted lu tie protertya \\ ttnw OT eeru tttnd sod the election seal. '
Limit and the Power of the f ain ng the words : "For municipal thence Nrtn to lI.u"b aln..t which the *4.t.I .* i.ior.da. on this 12th dueriKiKT salt. Clivof
Municipal CorIoration sheet rat upon the West .kl. uf Arrr./t'I. for l>v thi.. unilr.nce hall be levted. to >reM I of De-
GaJneTilIe. a bond ehn'I'anf dollar lee." W ) THOMA.x
of ten nr HmwAttr.l
City i ".'eco. (rem where Orange street :ntrr......,. >ut their objt*:i.iAH In wi.tlbti i to the .nforveuvect .>..
Organised: and Existing in { "ApaiDst municipal bond ten thoo- .ltb.bVl A-'....oDdu .tr' rt, thence N. nh t' : of tIe r.-i 1 ..'......,.'. uf Sl.. .u.- J M UELL. City (;;"1'11.'

I Alaeboa County Florida and Pro. 'sand dohar.." and eai.h of .*M ba e.IIs Church street upon tb.N'.fth awl .....11.101. \.. Ounce --- - - -

.idiog for th*' Exercise of those Pow ( shall be counted a* a ballot nr>t>rnT.in\ .. uf )1__Die street from whore ArreJonltreet ... !oo.C!'. :. Ttila orAlna>nse .at ;.l tie pub.it.donce NOTIfK t ''F Al'l'LlC'ATIOIS Stilt TAX

"pproved on Ih.. felh dJ of *tat, J or disarrr..*.ing.as the case may f.... the lutrrkr}::a.. tu<*tm Unl witb er gal't> sheet t"IoUI.1"-|.Mrerttheic ,n the rues wek fur four week, liKF-U VNDMt *.fxTlON OK 'HAHTca

C "bu, 100, hereby pro"idb1 ordinance i..uanee nf the bond for She purpose >...., ..ood.1.. Sid. *of l'lr.-..nt strutl.'m ) _.eO r.af Iti t:>pr.beeemt.er. ass.I i.. of rte t "'itv Coi vutLUlt *">.. LAWS OF KLOIUUA.
A. !due
for the issuance of fcond of laid mentioned in ordinance.. The said wbere W''Y "'ire.t latrr.rets ...tb. swt Notice i. rer.t>y irtvrn that llIt C
l'.r_ct street Ia..n.-e S..,nb to Ma..>altftrct G 1C MKCJOMK.Atte .
eit7. aa hereinafter provided to he I special election shall be c.ll..d. h.td.rondnsted I ufon the K..t ail W.. .t ..Wie of Colvrr ..t I'rrddai.i I'tlV CU1I1l" : iurcLwrr u. Tax C'ertiti ute Nu 's4. dat-

known a. ")Iunielc.a! Bond of the and the return thereof canv U. ktrret from where M..-b..-...r street inter J 11:. rKt.v.. CIL, U.cr t-d'"e Ird: day of July. A l>. IKM has sN

Gainesville/ the amount ofTEN ... .ect. with ..t-l LJnterstty .'r.,"'. thence The above .nilnnfe N pruvetl t M: said eertificate In ru" nm >e. and >...
CStv_ of %* .d. in all other respects, a nearly "I| >jr n.e! t nude i-llrallon' for tax deed. to issue ,la
THOUSAND tlO.OOO) DOL. tae I be outfa to Itriiut street ':c'r; the. KAMI aui I STtMltl.v of Lira>en.b-. ItV ** rurdaoce! attblsw, .Id..rtln".I."ID see
practicable in .
may compliance \Ve t ,i Je* of prairie gal u* n>ie frurai \ K. THOMAS.: M.x.rAtte .
Sr 5;;, LABS. The principal and interest of > with the rule' regulation: and mdl.Dances I bere Ali..cbua> ...eft.ie lntert with l'rairleavenue ..t JJ I'EUtuy 'ietk tie Alovhua foijuwir".'"Dt? ,d..r..C'rt. trt: 1a! towit t>r.*p. *rtv aituated.

aid bond thai be payable in EaU governing and controlling' the .. .thenee to Arllt..Soutb lon street on ."ro.lr.101"0 t>the n nae
solo of the United State of the present I 'eneral city eleetion nf said city.ire and !. I Jr"C *JCL
.. ....... .. ,
of weight and fliiene.. .. t.I..u I : : .uebcertCcsle in 'be.oc
standard I I .r.Miot street ioterwetreet a/tb aWd
thereof principal) 7-The City Council hll thence !.*......t. to Jwe.twitter t>r.n"hbl >KKI> VNDKK HF-mOX .. U}' CHAlllJt: << tuixwortb: Trust Cot
and for the payment pare and fooi.b.1I neeeary 1'-1 ..>n the Fs.t ...1 VVe.(. 'U..e!. ofVr.i )1..10 4-*... LAooL.u.a A. ') n e s real cert.Bcaf* KhaU t>e! redeemed Me
and Interest tfce) entire taxable prop. and ballots, and shall make all n- Street from where H>.urw...r, -u..., Irtr"ect. I. ..rul.g "u :..* tat deed issue thereon.a
ald eity and the public utili I| .4ai..lrret tl.,..-- oouth lu I Notice I lUerei given t> ut T J *.<* ea'rrrnI'i"b. tLewtn day: of January A U. is':
a", ."ry pr. t>artion for said special ei*>c. i ... the North ..hdo' n.I. ..ir.f Tux .e-rtute si .. ttat- I \\'Un.._ ray .m..tal: sight,re and seat ......
aUl >n <' r- :
I'et treet ui i
owned t
x tie acquired' and by city.ball Zion and shall pay for the same out r>f 1 I t., Mo noUa treet from ..to.r.V...->t :M.unl I the Sihd lHy of At r/i. A. U INS;. :.:. I ied ...u I tte: .e das: tit li.>.. .w..r A U p.. v
pledged by thi ordinance <*.rttn.*.. lt fr olllce rat has ....'.- :lio. H WKNiir*
stand the proper fond in the City Treii.nry.'The street Intersects with said MrgnuJa -tieet.tebce > ) r. .i>|> .> .
Bach of ald bond shall be of the following I' ballot to be used In said election K. ..t to Uol er ltjr street upon the j tion ior tux 4le.i t-j u>,ue in ..'-v n,II r.,-" i. n ', 11 .e-aCir'-i I..t irt A cliua c.o..Ir'la..
w takle of Krankltn Iruia law Hnid cernuo tie "ID'- J err .be! .Dwitrft2e
fix Five hone Last MMVe ;
M denomination : shall be substantially In the following.. i ir i wltere ...eiuinikrv street interseet. ..Ubuita iFrnnklio <..'rltM-U p,"_1'-ry tuatu m A.a--1.au .-ooi.- I

?, deed dollar Said bond hall be form II | treet. thenre >'uu'b'u burcn I t% twrbta.tuwtt .
I-. v of Ne'. .'f -e'4 !tee J1. Tl 't'. :'to tl SA!
dated the lt day of February A. D. street U|.on the IU.t ant West\ tu le. of u.te'venue '
1 bond shall :I "Ott:"tal' h.llolr..I.1 bond el,,c. ( .. w here Church street tiit..n>_t.. I 7 sirs. -I
aid bear tram
of T F TiiCHJS'
? 19O7. aid each tion.1 City of Gamesvslle. January I I&.1 with said Uok avenue, tbeneeoatb ',> Ljl' rtr I, !be and lard I......, cursed a* the date of j J I Ii
interest at the rate of flee per cent par I Street the North ant "nitU Mle.. of the lofcuance of ....eb rrtu.ate .n the t..o.e I Ii
D j u-oo
.eml-aunoally. at the I from wbere tie wnl treet of t'I. ItatdUnlea
annum payable tiuuwlatr street j jinteii i
I sod of period of*.iz month from the ,| lalu. a cross! (X) mark before ''I'' ect.. with "akl tkwn.darv street tbcnee tu saWcerttcate.LLU.aw. '*> dred wu be osue rrrteeaie tLereoi.*' accnrdtmr .. i; UNDERTAKING CO.
wont "For the word Kw: .t to Ktt..t :Matt treet u: on tbe I:a.t Nile ttheiuttidav
Aeainsf .
.S .date of the bond. The principal of ,' or aco- of .Tirl., avenue from where Alscbuaaietnw of .tunuarv A. l> IMWTXVItnew.
> 1 I -------
said bond shall become due on the a. yon approve or disapprove latent c.o'. with I.. rifle! avenue tbec...>. Korlb n.y oOLolal! lfcbdiure und ."u. til* ,
the isuanc of bonds ...d. Cbur.hstreet.ul.0the.oulhNle i J of M.'- I the itb daY of L>rv.iiir>er. A, It ):.*..
following date, vlx, On or before February jof I a* PfOpo. to .
'n H w
Irotu where Atre.lvntlu "t-eet > I FULL: LINE" OF
ormiek street :
lat. 1817. Said bond and thelutere.t Vote for one i |! lntett with. M..l'..rml."k .......... tbeeee Cterk .'lr.- >!t Court '\..chua Co.<< : !"..

:y. thereonball be payable at "For Municipal Bond Ten Thou ( a'"t tu \\_l Main street. lust _It owner! i_r EOOOD.5.
office of the City Treasurer of the and I'ollara I IAg owner* he and tbey are b'.e"I .r" andre i
.,......... ,.. oonotruet Hlewa'ko' aioi" II..
City of OaineTille. The proceed .int Municipal BondcTen Thousand i I |roi>*riv linen vf each slut every" of M U| l F.Kl> CNUEH J rJJTT10S OF CUAK1KH -- -
arising from the .*le of aM bond, at Pollar** 1bee. Streets a.. bcrelobefore nikinetl that the ut d 4 **. LAW. OF .411LIUA. .
value and the s.dewalks clung the foik....ln* .." ..et.. alit I At..JST" Fnlixr1
boas Ie.* than par t..ue por -u the issuance of the bond I I: Unloa.tre.t and We t .1.". 'lre.l .I>aU l.., Notice! I l's hereby given ttat T. J. "Swear n-
}Z for which the 01 bonds pro. ac herein pro>osed and submitted to be Seven ES

(r pot0 be lued by this ordinance approved by the qualified elector tie"ppro..d Ur nollthl". "' ."tn.... Itrlfk or Cement lUooki bated the fib dar of Juv. A l> !>.< : I... I
ued. 1* the following. vlxt that the kiewJk .1....", rmati ....1 every of ned said I eertlbcate In its orb...,. and haw I ..td IltOX FENCES.t .
; shall be by a majority of the vote i io i the other etr.et.l r..vdrdfurherein I such ne'' made ait.U<*at>un for tat deed to i..ue Lnacconlance I

the money arising from theeleof .aid cast, then the bonds *o proposed to I,;
bond, or *o moth thereof a* may be be issued shall be authorized and'I character of material east sklrwslke to beronotrueted Maces. tbe foilowir.rf deerild I.r.'lerty'tt.
hall be used to purchases : within tblrtjr dav after iLe par' u..'.... In Alacbuit ..Ull''. "lnrala. t..wit : II
;,, .......". hall be>> old and delivered a* by ordi- < rfe! and ..m.ruv.l of ,"-... ortnanee.!'. ....lthereafter Nwt of ?>w'4 "eo.. :.11. Tp I IV. !*, K. .- M. Personal attention to aU matteraI.
? following described
s acquire the nonce provided. tu fee kepi sod muintained iroocl acre I tUa 11_. Mall acd '.Je.: ''..I-b orders
lot or parcel of land ailnated In said I repair. and that eurta and cut''..r. IM uonatrueted I Tie! said lend elruf aMe.w..>d ut tre date of I
li 6ec. fr-Tbat this ordinance shall Attended toGainesville .
Gainesville and more particularly atop such of ald streets a.... uf ...i-!h the lraance of au.*h rertlt City of tacit All take effect immediately upon Its pis material a... may be "r"flbrel and tle.l.rnit...ll.T of !U. H. Ml'I."e - -
described ae follows, : ...., W..r.... the Unless said certificate hall tie .
.*,'. and approval and all ordinance the llottMl of "u. and coat re .IL..G.; of Bleak C, Kange 8, according to the thereof tote pelt. b* the owner owner of cording tu law tax deed will loue tLereoc. tie I Florida.
or of ordinance in conflict with .
.. of said city ; provided. part the pr.'t>ertT fronting or ultuttlmr thereon the |Hihd.., of January.' A. U. MJTWltne .
original aid bord hall the provision of this ordinance be and And _lil owfcer or owner' are berenr further .i% uv .."... '.1 ...> _*'. w .
however that none of .... l the lath ..: Lleoeuuber .
the same are hereby repealed. re-iulml Std liltI.. to tal< -h within the out l. D *
'f be issued until after the iaanee time preacribetl for the .o'nlnn of ...... ". II. .* !> '' t thereof under the provision of this Passed in open cession of the City sidewalks ..... tu. maintain and keel In iruoilorder !..1 ''ft.: .
shall have been approved Canneil on this Oth day of December tfr**. .01..,.. In front ot tbe t'r.n-err\ -- -- - - -- Stanton Foundry & Machine
ordl..ne. .
Jour which said Ktew! k" ere eunstruele.Lee
+, b, a majority of the vote eat by the IfCC. G K. BaocJ'.. n .y he detBatett and |_*crtt>e.l >>v the NUTICK
Qualified elector of aid city, at a.pe- President City Council. lhx.ru of 1"It.11"11". slut the rest thereof UKKII t'? ltt:1C :.ixnoN OKvww" &<<::HAM.LJC CO.

; eial election wbleh shall be held for Attest J, )I. UELL. City Clerk.' to be paid br tbe owner. or owner* of the L.A\\ o F ...LukliiA.So'lo.e Inc.
nuttln4 there.m. ijthe
It-open f rttntlo* or
# that porpoce<< on the 1Mb day of J.DU. Tb. above ordinance ie approved by k.>eelal a cM>n>eat of ,... eo..t. tbcreofItovkled. .si !. fte.ebT rhea. ".a'T.J ...wp.rlnUto. PALATKA. -:- FLORIDA.

ary. 1907. la accordance with this ordIDa.1S. me this 7th day of December 1BOO.W. la ease of fcakl "' ''"wlI* purchaser of Tax Certlncate N.'. .f.

it. TRO "'. Mayor. Se t. If the owner or owner of any lot.pieee dated the 2rct dar nf July. A. U. I".",. Manufacturer* of-
.. Attest t J. M. DELL City Clerk tar |.areel of land fronting ur abuttingupon Ua tiled ...Itt certificate In ,&.* office. I
s... 2-The Mayor and City Council aM street* aodeKerltierl In section me and bas made application fur tax deed Iroa:. and Brrss Castings ud MicUwry

shall levy and collect annually such - - -- --- of this unlID..e. .haol fall tue.>fri>'v with the to IMU In cunliMe wilt. law SMU eertitl*
taxable rovUionaof _l-1 _tlou one. whtt.lntbe time eate etnbrooet the fuUu..ii."r deinbed proiertr '
aneelal las on the propertywithin NOTICE. press'tftred thereby, then the tMMtnl of ..i4ti In SLuatr tInAlaebuaeuuntt.PkwMa.towit; : I I Grate Bars, Phosphate Castings,
; the corporate limit of aid city VVofk be and tM v are hereby authorised ..... Nw l-t of >e 1-4 hco. Jl.lp lire t. 1C IV-40
be n c...ary to pay the (nt.r- Notice I I. ".rpb, given that application Directed tueonntruet or to eontritet toe the aer- I Railroad) and Mill Castings
.. may and to provide will be made to the Legislature to e.....truetlon of .akl ... eurlm and .,uvter > The aid latd elnic aAneooeO at the date c.f
eat on said bond. a convene at Tallahassee Fla.. in April.1BO7. '.ant grass |*>t" from times to ttn.e. or all the l;.,Huance of such eeruCcate"I In tie name of i and Repairs.
sinking fond for the payment of said at one tine a.akl lh>ard tidy tiern beet. anti Cnkoua-n.
'S for amendment of Chapter 6497. the Coats of M..>bconMruetlon ail e.t.l>.ll.b- Vnoss aid oertiti4ate shall he redeemed. .j '
bond Law of Florida. Act of 1WX&. being vent to be INtiil by the M>eel>l aiaeoment of cording to law. tax deed will Issue tberron on I C1iST K. BRY': DAY.Our _

B... 8-Bald bond shall be printedor entitled. "An aeeztendisgand enlarge sad e-..... asralnat. the |foi.eMy fronting oral the Itfibdar of January A_ IX Its?. {I macblne: shop f aeCltlea second to ....
engraved with interest coupon ate this ordinance IOR the territorial limit and the power and vraw .060.... In |-Cvi ->ttl.>n tu the tbelitbdaj of Itrcenil. A. U. !<'It':.
tab.d payable a* by of the ell, of Gainesville, a municipal frontage of t.. prol-ertv frosting tbereon.atd ,... II WI.NOK *

provided. Said bond shall be .'igoed corporation organized and exist .. .i>eel.l a.i r*.nxot. l>eti rf made per front pd Clerk Circuit C uit Alact.ua CD K.o: I 1-

M by the Mayor eoantertlpned Council and by the. tug In Alaehoa' county, Florida, and foot of the total shutting Cost of prot tbe>.!rty construction tbereon '11.eestlmsted of _

President of the City at.teated providing for the exercise of those e.'Isideweiksraw..dIn section one nf tbUordlaaooe NmeE: OK AFFMcATIoX F. .fC TAX ;
by tbe City Clerk and hall U a* f..uu..a. Lion Church '
S power. HKF.lt I'NtlKK "rXrriOV > ( ii CHAl-itJt
tbe corporate seal of said city, street .....167 IV. on Orange treet.! .. .r..IOU. t' KALTICALLTUEI'AKED
bear .-. UANV.OF "
from Masonic to Markettreet.
hall bear on Arredontto street.
aDd the Interest coupons an tlK'.JJU' ; on ArreJoodu street from Notice ia ".,...y
.acraved or printed facsimile of the Liberty Street ... Church fctreet ; ooMaoni ""D..>urcba erol T..'LOIU"I'I' aid

al&'ar01 the City Tr"a.orer.'ben .Ir...,. ..rIl'.Son Pleasant ittreet.tr ..... =3d dav of ""
+ hall have M.D.O signed ALACHUA COUNTY :. M: on Unlven..tv ..,r..'. $.Vja ...> un Ita- said" eertirlcate In KOl'EKLY
aid per slid Prairie! avenue....>':..ht: on Uniontreet. l Ucatk for tax d.0 l..*ue In accordance
and sealed that shall be turned over 'i to the Board of Pn>tls Work, who on Magnolia Street r'......> un lloonlarv Mowing described ,'r"1"erty !.hushed in A'ac _uacounty. RESETEDRODCCES

ball be" trustee for aM bond, and Alacbna county i* f Main treet.. fucM Un on r'racklln Mreet.tl N .-1..' K: 1-2: ofe |.. of SI I I ard W3 oSe <
ahall be by sail Hoard offered" for ale area has 248 mile. railroad. 6uO -"'It..uOak avenue. rinowJ. : on Iralr1envcnue ... of Sw ... *ec. 31. T... to. K la 301 acre :

tu the hlche and beat hdde f rc.,h. mile wagon road M po.toffi..es, I ..A*'ion McCormick street. The said land" elnrf wed at the date. itf

ea1ed b*>l.. but *ald Hoard shill 123 public school, 27 phosphate .'.lIa'-l.I.O: and the tlmated. ._ouo, per front the liwuanee of Such certincate In tte _a.e uf KOSrEUITV.
# on tout of the special, niept to. be levied I. McUooaUI.U'nle .
Have and reserve the right to reject plant, SO *aw mill.. I75.OOO courthouse ] ulon the ahutUf property trunUlur upw :Ulotdewalka ** said certificate. :: 'ot recleeered a
r any and all bid, and shall not *ell) any four newspaper, and pdue. where the sane are to be eon' eordlrur tu I.... tax deed will i*ue ttercvD
of eaUl bond for !*.. than par ..1.... .. corn, cotton rice, saga ..true aikeehalitenieSi ted. U .. follow! .feet*U. In where width akl+.' cent.'ide>. the luibdav. uf January A U., f.>7XVItnex.
ofTelal slgn.t.re and
t Tbe proceed for be ale of aid Hood. cat, rye' potatoes, pineapples. or Vt here aald aide walk. .h.ll r.e even tit the lab dlt ny) uf eoember! A U. I'.... seat tnt

aa soon *. received by aid Hoard angea: peaches., pear, plum P**. "t In width one and twemy-Bve one-bun. S H WIKNVJK WE CAN HELP YOU

ball be turned over to and depositedwith cans, and all kind of vrcetabfeaGainesville d. .iltb duUan> per front. foot. 1 tie emtlniMted I.l <'Ie.. i ireult Court acLi.n .;... t .a.
total Cast ul the! e"tabll bment i>f Mkl irraapl
the C ty Treasurer of said city. >t-.aod the evtimtted amount per Iront --- - -- IlEl'ARE:,

Bald money hall be paid out by *aidTreasurer foot of the Hfeelal asses
" on the order of the City the Seat. upon the property fronting. .. abuttlrir Ibere- UKKJJ fNDKK SUCTION p OF CUAITKK P ItUDUfE gad
County on. wbere the aa>e b .ll toe et.b.b>bed. u> IO .
(w Council of aid citv. for the purpose>> cent The Uoartt of ."U"lV..r". I. hereby! 4.wv.. LAWS OK > .KIJA.
bond authorized further authorised and directed tu remove, ur ItDiE.'T IT.
for whlcb aid are by !
U .
Notice tereby riven that T J *weartn re -
'- this ordinance to be (..oed.B Has fourteen churches. two public Cause eaeroachmenta to t>e reotovvd..iu.any.., tbe and boundary all .sbstruetk'nsor lice! of purchaser' of Tax Certincatv No. S"'t .
cball be the of vfalewaik dated the eth day of Jul?. A I' |'''oG. baa sledsaid -
! e. 4-Bald bond payable schools University Florida aid Streets where! old are tu beeonwtrueted.
e* rti&catea In my o91*e. and boa
,' to bearer and shall be delivered byaald private school, three newspaper*. deem. except beat such to remain.Hee. shade.tree a. akl made ai>|.:icatlvn fur tax deed to Issue

Board of Public Work" only af.ter United State land office, the best Hoard may In accordance with. law. Satd eertiacatea! embroee THE SUN. Gainesville FI,.
X The peclal eMnent for the
+ beinc eonter.ltned by the Chair. water, fire alarm system electric .'NC\kta of Bakl .klewalk*. euro and ruilerm.ami con. In the Alachua foUowtn county dcocrltied. .,..........property Welt: altuated - t

nan and Secretary of said Hoard and gsa lights, two ice factories, iiraaa.1o..baII become due and p..yat>.. K Idol: Ne! PI of Sw 1-4 bee 31. Ip '0. R. I.
wberenpon said bond ball become -nacbine shops three wood facto aa f_t aa tte aakl ........I..e".b.. ,,"n..r.Dd -: acre. l
.raj. plots are e.'I'\IO''d. to be paid t>r the \V tot 'Ce' 1-4 of Se I,4 Se 31 Tp. 10. R l<.
payable to the lawful bearer thereof rie*. cotton giu, two moss ftctoriea, lot owbcr. of the property! rrnntlntf or abut y, acre The Florida

ft shall be the duty of the Hoard of three railroad., two ferflllter man* tlntf upon the said slew.111. curb...u".roo..Dd Tbe sad lam beln Vote ao ......' _te<n.brd. ,
Public "Work. a* bond trotee.. when nfaeturing companies. one fiber grew the Issuance of such certincatca In tbe aloes

aril bead t* old or '.. bv them to manufactory, one rectifying tur See. 4 The Mayor and City Council areb.r..b. of C.t..s Vr*. r- T. Cen.teales.bal ArlCMi and Mary 4 be:. Keaton.redeeir ed Fruit and Truck GrowerL.
aatborUed to lMie Special A..CMuent ao
., register the atne in a book to be kept pentlne plant two bank, and well ttuCertltlcate* fur suck amount aa eonltra to law. tax deed will Issue thereon on

for that purpose and aid Board hall stocked store embracing every may b. H Ml payable for the constructionof the ixtndaruf January. A. IA l 41<:7.

keep an accurate account of all bond thing in tbe eommereial aaJJPeWai.1..... eurb. gutters and ar_ Witness nay ornclal ltfnature aid seal lit J. BRUMBY E4Iter fad Pr' t>T, I
the Otbday of 1.C'efll"'r. A. It lw 41.
outstanding and of all plot a* ft. a* tbe came are eonstrueted. a.-
aDd coupon* : S..IL..OF..q..
uurdlerf to the special awinwrnent at _tdoperty OCR LA. FLA.One .
aeh a. may be paid .... a* ruvlded br this or !in.._e to be pd Clerk. Circuit Court Alovhja Co. .,..

See. II-It hall be the duty of th. .......In order tu enable .ald cliy to par u,.

Board of Public Work on or before LA 6RIPPEfe curb e..l.oftheeonalrueti.y-! irutter and *-r.* .ota. pealing MU1 sMdlwsll.4 the c >*lleetlun -. Nl Tl- E tit. Art't-lCATUlN >\>R TAX 1'.1'-.. 91.99

tbe flat day of Jolr. of each and every uf aid steels- r..'
f year, to report to the City Council the of aableerttOCateetud all ol per! cent t>.r annum w Interest The at amount the rate tube 4... .. LAWU, WI r V.

umber of said bond outtndinc. l pakS for tbe eonAtruetloe of anal side w sUu Notice 1* hereby irtven tbat T J. ... .
i with an estimate of the amount ..> Pn wn nla foll w La Sripp .ba.I be a Uen on the Ju.... trtece* ur parcel of p"reb.0' Tal C'ertlfCate'so w.arltge. Is A. 411 1 A handsomely illustrated\ maps".
.. .
sari to be raised for interest and .Ink. but R >ltow u> > .N *? lam abutting uo *.kl .... alII.. and said Ilananal dated the .... day November A. IX t-.4 devoted especially to the interest or .
be enfotce b* suit in equity am provided
baa tied said eertlCcatea
'' lav fund.whiehtat.m. nt and estimate by tae charter of saW eltv anti ha tit..,.. aftiUcatlun for tax deed n>y ogre to issue the fruit and vegetable growers olMonda. t

nail serve a* a bl of assessment bj Honey Pee ft. la the construct! >n of the Me> In accordance with Law Said. eertiflcale :

If the City Council for the ensuing year iFOLEY'S wi, Ik*. curh.! gutter anal *j ales plot: aimed embrace tree fo.lowing described f'-oi' >rty .ltuated of ti*
anti <1eM>rib..a la kectkm one u. th..ordinance, In A .-w*hua county F.ortda. tows A special trial subscription 1
Igor pnrpoe.Be. an. Tar tbeconalruetlon of same aloe, the property W .-, of \.tit !>w .., .e..a, Tp. IO. S oiuntha will be eat ua receipt of 3
'p 6-Tbe Mayor of the City ..f line of .....b.td every street a* therein toeotluaed. R.> 3>_re*
Gainesville I* hereby directed to issue bJl constitute gal a >et...rate and (i. I 4 ..r Se. ... and W I.S of *>e Io' of Se ,.. ,,"n'.. btaxnp; taken .
:;r. bAa n-.pe... cgs and heal: the hags tcriepevucat Job acd the City ". .. ,baU. aauoo see.31 Tv. K'. Kl <*> acre*.
t proclamation calling a special elec. aVpraetiii4ble after the con etton uf Tb. said land beln.r a ,'",_ be bell lB.aid city on tbe 16th ft..ees r.-. sad Co.se iptlw. the euntructlo of aid mtdewaOli curb rut- the Sa uaa-e ut Such cerUBcate* in the aamea

aaosry. 10(77 to determine I ten* and *rma. rluta aloa.t the |>ruverty tteea of of t\ Scott acd Mst. J. A. MeUunaUl

aiae ,of bond lid$sb y.-, .. tit o..esd ... ca--... each street aa provide br this ordinance, CokMaaid eeruaeate* ......... redeemed ac For Best Results]
pro- h meet and ny revvrfutloa as tbe tpeclai 1'OI'diA6! tu law tax deed wU Issue taereob ,
.... dad to .. oa
,# 1q ape N tr. .. tent per front tout upon tae property front the tbdar, of January A. It iwu'l ;
> 4r ... -,lass tIt111L tel or ab ittla. upon.... aldew.:ka.. curb. fI.vteea Wltneva my eCclal .ia-tkature and aeai t&la ,
sad grass ..-- aids. tae property "'_ the 17l day ..! Iweember. A. IX I\IUI\ '
eetea> a..4. aa by ISM ........... *. MWIKNCES..
-a- 0VS.i i pd Clot CtreuH. Court Alaeaua.C*. Fla



,! - ---- - - --- --- ---- ,r'I
11 T.kJ"1) R.ot Test.r.yn.a. -- )RPsv.

Aot>n "'e c 1 .. I -' YI 099 Y /", 1Y OO hul"ls"O Y It"ty'Y O eept.d.1acre.: Etpt .<3Ch prop-l f..I... :;
Sea t[ 1f YY erty a* ti4. heretofore upon .nef WI 1 .el'! before I
a..a'an' t 1.' 3. ," 0 ? b..Q eat idYtirei.a <- the tonl..,
I'irl house
G. <> .. '. : door In the City of I
:: 'n :r genera! of '!:16' fuite.i :4' *t'. :,,..- ,I Y Sco*t.J Cmc/.r/on strengthens enfeebled pny
; :i' taking Te..fltTH. >ny la ..oan'a"Uln i i tit.' 'Innoj",. tf Ufo: '
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