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4'aTZiettuff'ercrs i[>.....1'. n% It *\ %....-. ?trkr 1'sta.
L I ti! <- ,"1.1.1..' uf ties ".*".. anol ra.H> for I .__ _

(tt<* 'h.iii-r of for %.".1 hills
should use ", h, ttt<>tr r..*t irti t<> ttt** lril! In n.. I t..r I.ehli; I.n'0al...lf nrr. I Itl I Write for Our Spring and Summer Catalogue.

.. .. ... ...... .. .
iu>rt turf Mt .uy or tlMii t<.Vi> up{ tbfirtjt'ioci ,I a. l aM/I .f tn. .. -
I on th. .'uti'iv *..1 Io ..r .1 tit I /111 dMR1wI J H. ..*..o. _......_.. BM... I II .
II .' tl'1 1 I I I.. t .e cur i ...>..* l'oaalsss i i .t' fur I Hurt.h .-t I I5. Il - -
I scat l lben'. rlll
ERBINE.W1 u. Iwty: o4> 1.'t.
ii' I ii M fir I l! :\ I. .0t .... .r'.... ... tw _>i-i> .. r Aiuonc th.' Its souls. rl.w! oth
. .. .. Imrv T't.tUr..a I
tiyrt ,
I .., 1 %('" II apI
( ( .<> *rf fiwut *in*.r-tt< .) l'n.j Isle a BJ HI LEVY V BRO 8 R 0 & LOll
.. 1)111'.1. I I ......! . .
.* *rm. .ua.y f ,, I
9 lu w.-I w ..|ti.r. 0tl0ll.I1.1 fixn Ilk* tl, IA0I0..0. 10.55'_ I ,. I ...a. ..' I ..... ... .i
'f 11 ...ra.Nal1.1,,.. .. I tr..... ....
.. . r1) "I Ilrtr they ts/t amt .1.--1'. &aua. . .
a t.+.W.r' 000' 'rl..h S 0t .nn 1.11.'M. pI.
r \ .s ..., ....L until .u lwur Iwd ra" . .. .'.ttl., ..xrrcc..LI. I..t... "I.I".I SAVANNAH GA.

: Ilr.i1Ml : IL. U.1.l: .UyVt i' ...,. 'rlla I1 .I\.. I. . t5..._. .e ILStelcir
.,' .. I..ISI U.... t05 trrnt I Yll an-I S I. .. :, .dlr., . ......!, Lye .' 4..

h'1 Cua. .t ..1..1. (I.aw..- IIto. 1)'rcl ltary ... tsp .... bsR ltirtrl0ii.t ...., .' or . .. .. _

-" .h.ll.Iw.l Irvcr -- ")...3aH n LM..b l'e: Afttl ..ay SAtS. ...-,_.' . THE ALACHUA COUNTY ABSTRACT CO. Inc
tivrt.. Io..u '. 1.11 ,......-... I .,... ....... lbr-1N t.il l 19lb. ,

t. '.. 'I. _n". r.L': ...1 lit.. ........ I:. l/1 r "' AML.tliJC. -

I .1 . Me . _!**. "t.l itnaI: 1 1'UII' ... /.. a:. Stanton Foundry & Ma- Th* qu......., I
r ) .' . 1. .. C'.'. tot .... 5000. ,.." Jlv.rsil.y .'. .tllll I K.od.r. r.. ahi. a.r. ,... or ...ry ort" along lb. (tar '

.. \ . .. u..r bats'.. but .:._ S'8J1't. ot 'twatb. Co. m. "f Trtie. ,1\. a.-ratS T.1. .. in .t!. "I". of r. rK].. panwul.rt I I.llaebua
,: .:...\ . ; ..$am .aki1 clwJ ......... hvet wtacsti chinery eoosly ,

p ; lt. itry bait ,1ft br.4. .ah ...! a*.. of "1',111' h,; ... fl.Dk'IDV. ,.. e..st"I.

N ... '.I I t 1 I Ii Iit ue.elr.! 4r.i-.l fj tlw- for. "UaBb ..% M... .. .1 u.tn'Z .11...trsrt .f TUS-a Tat S.I..arrlhe ; i

A.M 7t. .., .... ..-(11aa IB. ..- .. &y UMt a nat. J.- ea for \p-ah rer S...K...,..' I..... Ura: 1'1.. ..r'i<'- i
?, I'V v.
IL lm tad E'isi CiitlKJ: ia! IICU:; Y.. .
< f1. th. I....kt,. l ie.k.t.r..e..
=: 1 W0 c.. .. . .pwr0' ....e.t' ', f... ..
's.I.srJ SIwsv. I a ..uu1J hA r It.r... t',,,,,,, ,r I... Grit: En, Fa9paite: CUUIIS.51Ul' .
.. N ... i 1, . . : . I .. First t 111koaal n.a of .I..I.1M.. H F
N w l" I re a 1. \>.I.4 uJ fill! C.utlt..ts
(5.l. A ; ...1 e fa.far. i'-,_ A Co.. B.a k_r..

.' ,. tw 1 t u-1 Repairs.G .

Qk -I .. M ., a.,' .5 ra oat t4IJ -a4:: wvr.x'Dw
; byM % .
all 1C.." .r'. .. *. .. b r. a.al br

JOM eU 41.1ae.11lEh 1 0110 &tf Ip4v. ,aa. (.,r 4.L- I Ili 0....iMh.,1JA.-... .I. t L'KtW..tW. llvCil. M ill.-' '11 I[Send Us Your Next Ortier for Job, Work

i'J""l"-. i*".,..... ... ';';'. :.'. , ...'....: ,;.,: n.Jh;. ."!, ,": ....,&. ::':..k... 1 ; U4



_ DAILY SUN: ( AINrESVIL 4" FLOKWA, JVXE 1 1H.! .d. 7 "

--. - -' .&..
- -


1 Orer5t.>> : i former reidei. :* ?.r t the

I The LouitviUf\; N..hvillr 1al1,0Ild: State nf Kei.tucky( have aci'-it-d( t the

PE HELD INAlachaa w',11ll: round-trp rate* from 'ack- inrition of the Louicville ContntriialCiub ,

onvlllf to point hon. on date indicated. to hi* h.mie-eiMiunu ... .a"'nnti .: -d.

County Tuesday! Jane 12, 1906 Proportionately( low rate from > beheld in l.ouiville Jir. et.i! ; ;17

other point' h.'t'' 1t"1; i be the greeted KH-V: .-rieiK\ ''

-I .)- *-V I-Louinilt'' "y. and rt-turn. "v,'r held in the State of Kmt uky, ant. !

i i Tickrt old June lutl.' : .1thI .t' ).\"V' ha.* nlrrady been ...ut.!.." ted for

Nominate Democratic Candidates. 1 I! and l:'lh. with final limit JunI .. an entertainment fund. \\"* il nmUy.June .

I :3rd. lly: pay nient of fir ofV', ;\jt. till\\\ t>e Kecfption HI d W....

Notice i. hereby given! that at a r-g- cents ticket can be extn.drd: cuntlt..y.l 1 hurday. June 14 1"\t tr FOD R S.AILINGS: E.A.C&-vrEE I -.

ular meeting of the Democratic Excative :: j'> until July i3rd.; I I'", in honor ur Stephen Col .t.. Ki,>.> ,.i tela; sJL'cl
Committee of Alachua county.
of Gainesville $16.25:? Nahvillc." Tenn and return It-r. the author of 'My I ole K. mucky.
the on
held in City < OI"'l.vflle Mini iXo-w "Vorlc
j Wednesday. March 14, lt6 the fol- || Tickt-t cold June ll.th. lit !.. .' Homr :" Friday.. June 15th. I'ani-. ,

'lowing preamble and resolutions wre i J!, I.'th. l-th. 19th and -"th and tUione Day : Saturday June It ;-rrHlf *. \:A..t. : at ('H.-\.u..*- r\l'O.o-: l' \\Ih Ri"I I '

[ adopted Whereas.: The Democratic tAtt- J ..ly 5th. tfih and ';th with Kentucky Day. .....ur this even..; : he Tte: Finest Steamships in the Coastwise Service

Executive Committee has duly called anal limit 15 day from date of '. LOUISVILLE & NASHVILLE R. R.'ill ]

a primary election to be held inla.* sale iiy payment of fee of W"t"IIU I Ulyile XCA.England anil >ou thorn( Lines ',
\\ .tli rounti'lrip ticket '''"t all l:
June i? 1K>6. andit
chna is the oonnty duty on of the County Demn.cratic aUld depocitinf ticketsame .iIoiuta:i tit Miivvilie. cud return, at i'r :..ht > >rvive |trtw rii' J .\l.'K o=", \' 111.1 lit. iM: I"N MI;.1 I I'l.t'VIDKNCE ;
Executive Committee to hoi l i can l be- extended until o N'" 1-: FA UK pill 15 Cflll! t'-rlii |I.t' : : and All F.atrii: IVuit' .

aid primary election in each toting :September 30th. ii'K'' oti pair Jim I'1. 11 and I I-:'. :iitiiitrit' : ('"llil:': HI Charleston both. {: tnvn.cuihtKii. .

precinct of the county in accordance U6.6iI-I Knoxville. Teun.. ant. return. '' rrun.ing Juit-; wiih) privi v i.f rte SE ::L-'VV"EF.XCLY": 511ILII: GH

with the term of said call for primary Ticket. od! Jun. 11 h. ISih.Ifth. t...-n..nMi nf limit until July .' ty t Jfpi : . nil. .rom I..a! !. V .Kitrf. I It >.tun l

electiou -, now. therefore, beit I' :3rd.? .Mth and oOth and 5*.''>*tflit itiiK ticket"."tup-over" and *upon will bt J>a\in.iit rt.lltt..s( \ ii' ::.jit f. .'.chd.: . . . . . .From Foot n I? ('.tI".r..It".t .'it.'k. ..<> ", ill: W

Kesolved First-The DemocraticCounty July 7th. Mth and 15th. Final, at (tla.. ow Junction for j art dr..,ir-
Executive Committee for Alachoa vi i.lt MHininoili Cave .. Clvde St. Jc'nns River Line
Florida, limit> of ticket 15 day from 1I'Ij: t'i ar.1 ;ilt- ('
call. and
county. hereby tifkct Mill t be- lid L'-t-viMf: .
provides for the holding of a Democratic ". date of ale.. Ticket can te nil trip at ON> ti> } h.t"%' t--Il J Kh"-.I.K: -tfl4.i J- A.r> time l' \
point in theState at r.Xii: :
election be h.-lil. ;In saulllI.t: : l'aelaa: ; A.tor tl'r.fl'l 11'ri.audl.aud
primary to extended: by payment' of fre of J Ins 'i" cent'' for the round ?<'I. .iu'hi | luieru.rdutr! !.K"Jill" h
conformity with the term of the ?all 50' cent and depoitinK with 'i ticket beiiiit .mi. rateJuur I I'' :" Ins .>u >t John Rire'r. ",
by the State Democratic Executive I dlcxtions 1 arethat trrrtal > 1 I.A.MEU. ;1
Committee issued the4th "pecial' agent until ?*. mber *pr> /H 'rnn' a 1"
on day ; will tit run for this ..a.i..lI. :II I pars CITYOF J .A..CKSCVILLE': t
30th.; ..
lf.6. said
ot February primary .
titMilar >if which, will be ar.wuad, } .
election to be held in each voting precinct '.;. O-SHU I'ranciccnAnd I..,,, .\11"": "''"* >Ht.>r. A .*ixfe.> \-page:: book' Gtuig' : I III RII'II",1| { h. en .. i.l.a.. 1 rayr J".k""Vllh' ulMyt. ru..II\. .
of ..\Ia hoa county on the Uth: anti turn. ..fj'k..ulId June full! partiujar. : : can hr t ..cure: r. tti "I1 Ihurday I . J .:I' I u. 1 I.t"rlllll": ": I..at. )tlr.'nr'S Moiulay. k
day of June. 1PO6. in accordance with I t.) ..!txt.a.1' lr"iAy. Im.;;l. a III +
r-lth to July 0th. inclu.iv<* i' i
such instruction a* an given hp GEO. E. HERRING 'I
committee to th- iu 'pctor* and &t! Final I limit i..pte-mhrr 15th. *OO, -\loh.4.;
nV"o"W. O.'III'I: ) u i. i: -
of election of said ele<:?tio.v ajrt;: > thi"l Lil..*ral, .toover* f lio..tl'afiKer -,! ;; 1'1... I'M..*. Airt., UN N'. I5j: > .%t. Itr.d uP
to the t-rm. of the cal! iued by I.'a,.- 11.11+'II.nt.. . . . . . . . .la......,lItlll.. . . . . . .Artie-.11tat: l am
pomocratic State Executive ; can KO OTIC ruute slat l.e-nl III... M.-riili.;. K ::4fi lie.eatkit.. . . . . . . . I.*-",.* "N' ::111) piu '

tee. I and return another. 3:1(1: Mtn. . . . . . . A-i.ir, . . . . . . 8IIU.,",
Se pro, t
qualified to vote in aid primary 1'ueblti. Col.: and reivir.i Tit'k- I{ J3UAIrq:1C:: : a CAt4I.stH lrrirrh.itOamanion" > : . . . . . . gIJUarn) +

shall have the right) to vote for the following I *-t* sold l July 9lh to 1-tih. Final !141'1.,11\l . . . . Ft.trt.r.r . . . KMKIam) '.

officer*, and position : return limit August LVth. Lit. C. SI'EXt'EK.: : M. D (I.I.I.NFk.tl..AXUTIl'1.1'rtitpICF.12.'W: : =: 1 t l : I: )HAY: M .I \. 'H.-ON VII.I.K 1
One State for the
Attorney LiJt.th'Circuit. .
"r,1, ) .iop*over.allowrd atCoto* I"t. tkOlS'hl"l..JC.JU AMI l.ri. fa*. Aw' .-ttt \\ .., I..t..t Jeea..rtlnr." ; Kl 1.I 1.
1'llY'lCI..S= AND M'KirVv't ) ( l 110.: h.tC
| j U Ct ..tl-1-H Jr .>.UI I A.-rr ..' p IAI\' '.I.t. -.irrintrnd.nl $
One County CommUjIoner:. for the I| redo! common point*. !., I I....tof II.... ... ..\.1 JarSa..oti11..P1..
Fir t Di,.trict. i 13.: 1C''-Milwaukee, \\\t\ and return tm ': Hour lit' a m.tol.'m.1 ; 'J p. i A C llA'..-MrY: 1-rt. re.tr t'... Am Nr Yt.rh I I.t'tt1 :M'll.NT; "..". Kit ".' .NrwYurTIIKO. ;
I tu 4 11 t : (i. KJKK.: Vici-.rrt) ..ident. and Oenernl) Mmmcrrtin "
Third-Thi conimitt will:: meetin Ticket old Atrtut: )('ICh. 11th i m. p in ; Tuesday, r-day
acordance with the call of th- and 12ih.: Final return limit I and :>turdav.. 7; to I'l p m. : mat! on ..... firr! :3t Nortl.; KUrr Ilranr., ,. :S -> Ilr, .....,. rv Yew v. ,. R

Mate ExeeutivCCommittee on the 14th I .Ai RUt :I''od.Daily ? I II81cr! in. l Porter I'.lock.: Pbon171.. . M

day of June, 1PJ %. at the county courthouse May .'5th to Seplembt-r 3 nh.incluivf (i.t.l ...rttIt:. rrtiMIttDkVKlrE 'w'hom.:
to canvass the return of aid. i I rouud'trip. ummer tourint : ic. ZLSToocL 0 1. i

primary election declare the result j ticket will b,.* mi ale 10 various, \ r..1 I .
and transact such other bu.iu..e a* ; *orl.. Full itiformatiun. .. h..dul..1 I I t
may come before said meeting. j time table, etc will be furtiivhrd DI. ) : M. >lotUl--: JOB PRINTING :}

The following rule .hall govern the promptly, on application l to I Ii I

said election : 'W ': to 1-:. HLKKINO. . . DENTIST[ . I
The general election I Uw shall. In J Fla Pau. Atient. I. AN K: H. : >' :
cr>erved as near a* practicable a* to \V. Itay: St Jackunnvillt- Fir. I II *j
the t: manner of voting.Ail ; I I Sec.y"'ou..r.: Ordor' to .

white Democrat who will! LI port ('"".e otrr M.r.-u\ J cdrt! : a. l'.or.,1t rtt/
the nominees and who were <. tp vote In the tint primary.! hall tees Atlantic Coast Line. I ;
!lowed to vote I i J. A. CAKLIM.K': ;, THE SUN JOB OFFICE.
Atlanta. Ga.-Kat: *> oneend
The poll ..hall open at ,-< c cloc a. on-- ATTOKNKV: AT I.A WAnd I
1.1 and clnce at tundimn.Ttnmediately th'rd flrtclas fart-* plus' 95 .*ent ;
after c2o.i intr polt: the crtit1cat, plan. Certificate! will lie :><>luMt I r in Kt; ,. .ityj

Jicly r"If'IIOU and make hall canva out a*. correct the vote report pub !i honored which wereprncurrd from j j! !1.al ":.t...*. C'on vetancinc and im : Florida East Coast Railway.i

and errrifjr to name, howiut numberof agents, ,at starting points on any" datf I eral/ I'ractioAll buviiic prnmptt: )

vote received by each candidatt. 1 from. May 3rd to Jun Mh iriL-lutive. 1 1f 'attended I ,to OHice next door tit qua .j ,

end deliver arr.e. together! with poll ,f Tu..c.low1.. 1.Ie..,** one tfr! "t-cla.. '' offl<'. ... ( }AlN.' BVII l.k. Fll'K'I'4
li"t. and ballot, the I Local Time Card No. 66 In Effect 16 1906.S(411tt.lthl'1).l1I
to executlvvcom* far. plu. 2cent... Date*. of itle Jun. I I II I- ( April .
tteman fur that precinct who shad l lt

'ur... i-ith. and deliver .a. AT L.\ W. I . y"
J''J..r.' to th.> chairman of th* exeu- I 1 cured to Spi"ml>'>r :3O. 1K6 I Ay ... :r. .... .. a. l' .. ..1
t. pe' committee to t-.. canvassed by the Nashvillf.Tenn -Rale one rtrnt-cl/*... UAf"Vlll! _. F'raan.: tI..I., "...1, .: \/1./ ".'" 1>..11,
c" 'nmitte - -- - - -
fare plus 'J:, cent* Datof calt) Junt j I e'm Ja.n L... .... .. !a. Iwln.111. ___. A. "'tot. alr.r.
!\ i I'.ft.n.utUJjt$ in this primary !i 1 j Can ...11 your city l.rnl..rtJ'| ( tin.proved r. 1-1- u. assn ...._._. ... .....,rh i.e..mII ... ...F. .' i. 1 I In. .:..
>II lhemelve "' 11!(-. 11. I II1. If." 19. :2"! July r.. t d 7. dual' 7 Ttn 1. Yrw .. A.tea.tIre. . :tw t '.,.
'tte the '
) support and uniiiipr tvrii I. phophaitruckiiiK ., 7 L i ie .::= :.:: .. -" ''' :
.* $ Ii e.w It..tias. .::: .p: : 111,. I M.
L 'inert: thereof. 'I limit > day in addition tn late ( and farming land Bend hitu .term 1& ..... .. .. taHIsI./a: ... .. 1 Alm a ...,.
*. ' 'eket hall te, u..-d except ,lSoe ''' .ale.! I-It..n.on..f limit can hre.If// a lit what you oflrr fur ale. 2142n.: : -.. .. .... IJ'.. ... li ": .: 1.1.r. .-":::.. . T. .A.iw. .r...-
f *bi.!htl liy the extent v.- ""omoli".... cured r &rplerybrrl/: ( -f PI.m &I hale- L. .. i'alal. . ...._.. "r I. .. ..1e.. aaawe .
;,... .. : ,7--: .... \1.1_ .-T: I. Ivan- t
. .; Uti i It required to provide a pullze ,f far* plu* :?*> cent* Dat. of sale. Junr I it {1'I' a?.s. .. .::- M.o.uemb. ---:...:.--;-- 1 M pro .......- 1
I ; ,lace and render' bill to thecm* I j ICNK Y*A T- LA w. 1 ..le.. (IJ rqw .. ..... l......... ..._.._. ...... .. 1 'islew I ".... i
(*. 1C. 11 final limit! June lHh. ll\* .1 . .a I .., ...
in 't*.> .............._ to ..pw. ..aIto .
ie following p..on. are hereby apt( Batt Franciccu and 1.0. AnFele..l I i iC.I.I..w . SOLICIIOIC IN CHANCK. . 10 v.1.w. "' I. ia1'Ir Jlt. I.. .. .. .. r..emttief.I..'.... ... ................. ... .-.. .. Ilia... .. at.Ae..... t

t'' ntd inspector for aid eleetmn.'ri rataccount .tlnljalld.; j nat1r .a .,,: h.: Mr/a.. :: : :: : 1'/e- : tL.
'ehehoneoftheirnumher.hall, >.- ifl...n 4 IIIw- A, -- l.hU.--. :: : .:= : ,. I 1'. a. 111.-;
ucatioual" .\.*oeiaiion.July (0 13 Datr. 1
.it-eted a* cherk of election for each'' I lUI };.VII.LE.; Alachua Co.. FL' II. n.._1ft aM.w , .. 4..eli.. I Mr '_'_." _.. ir! I J M/w /III.. d.
r of ale June -4th to July Cili! mclu | Ue& a.' .4a / .... ......... Ii, ".....' '!" . _. ii 4tpw: I.t... .
ing lac.WaldoG. -
I OffrIn Kndrl: ) alms(?k. -10 .'.; 1ft t1'...: I:. . !v..Irim. -- I N1tn _.fA .+
I IStopowr Ac
M. .i".. t'.llimi" September l li. 14:<. .-- it ...,... r 4./e. .._ .. ...
J. T. --'-' 1. :1W ...._. ._ .i J ... ae-a. '
t'..a.1' A. McLenna. and .'d.-trip. j .. ... ... a..a'' ..r 11...."... l. p.... 'a,..... :
i..Cru.-L. ) j '1'(.... 1\-. Act- ....'",.' - --;- I. .Ii. //11.... a lrtlii I Iar
liailey. K. Con \: flrtcla! ..
,"Tuton !itmle. L.zingtnn. Kylat. one j DR. J. H. ALDKKMAN. stir! f r mI A rw I.. ._...... __ _. .. $a.I, 1\\ .il.m 11 1' _
fare ..lu.'S.--.t).. Date of .al. Ju. 1ris.w 1 .a.- L... 1........ .... w.. .w wi... I ...- Aa
\iac."hu.-Ed I..ewi.. Jam W.l IJ II.,. ... .. .. -
IGliw y I' .... ..._. .. _.__. I..w. ; 7t7a.. ',
am. D I' Mayuartl. .y 'J\>, arm. and August I Final) limit NJ ii.r 1 141. ... I.rl......i.. ....,. 1 .:4pw...'... .1 ... i i
4 Cow Crrek-K. T Thom... Cha August 6. I ItO). |" UY.rTtirp I --.... pries t.., ........- -.. ......".- . 11 .114. I .:. .i
i iian j .1
I .. J. I Td. Knotrille.\: T..nn. -Kale: on. trst! : a.a Ia.w : in1.1... :.: .:... .. NIwa. .. I .:'':..... ...''__':_'''.. ;.: I :: .r11. I .1 I :l.::

a r.o&ontf K. F William tiny I. tiihn cla. fare {slur 75 Bent. Datr. (if .al.] O..r It.i.t< A to ...... u.:._. r.D" .r.Uaw.... .Iti u1...a. .-. .. ._.. ./.t ai l.lU.w._'.- :: .,., ...-.:.:.:-:. .4. 1'a.., .u J.;... &I ii ...M1...... t,.

Jun.. I 17. I IfIt' 23. 24: '. July 7. : : : lial.ai4 , II I.MIIII .
U. j ; ,
t' scwt'.rr-N. (i. Klanton. I.. O --- -- __ I I.r ftsi1". / .::: : ,.i.N ....'.:==== : I.. &:.::: IMHN*) '
arid,> It I> H D-Ktley. .5. lt* E. Bnal limit 15 day In aJditiub, .r.r : soles. : ...a / .n.
/law 1 14. :.:. J.ta.rl = =:=:: :: :: H. ::: :Id =
isin..vllle-W.; | ) ) XV sale! Kiteriiou: of ell.I' . 4 "
!-t. McDowell l to date of l l.imit .. .JkJ..Jof It TIMJ lw r Isles II.tr .
-.erdon. f. K Miller.Ilawf .: can l>e ..<.ur..') to f.pt.mt,er JH j I.... : :: --:- 'A ,./ I-l.':: -=:::::_._ : : N.w!aces :: ..zr :-: I%.

horn-/. 1. -..nd.on -,.. K L 1Nm8 i I.III.'I i L1.4TIa a a 4'.w Ir.w : : J :. W Na.!.;i.M h..c. C. .. '" : .1.e-. : ::!: d 1, '

I:. II! HtrincfellowJlaod //.r f..M. . ,_r. -... . .. ., .
"..\.- : ( Kaleon- r.l-e.a; .. ... I .. r 4 t af I Jr
; << aw r . .... .
iro.-W I U Ko J. R .> MI tW .1. . t $' e- t *-
.s .tEvan. fare .>lu* 2T e'>nl., Datr. of ..1.! Ju f "..'.w I I- .". ... -.. -. halo .- -_ .. ,I ... I......
Jtrr.! ''ft MU.vr !.. ff-t>l.*tKt t i. .. t a N1r -.-. .- ., "......... . '" ara.a ..... .i
M canopy-J. W 'm th. \ H. ;:\1 i ?f Z1,', "! Final, limit Auiruct! >' j jll 1 ..- ,; i-' "'ar _.. t...-.. .., ._ .. i I .m.r 1 1.c. j
'....n D, A Miller (salsa.'iita rt .. t. ... ..... / ..,. --. 1. .... .. '
mrt Kil: r>ion h pt mtrr :*. J100'111. *'!3! : :: I t:. w" . - . a .a : W*.'>. l'
Archer-J XV May.K. r Hodj :\ ... T..nn -It.t. r ow f5f*|. No -- .. ..! u. ..._. _- {I. ... .{.> ,'
1 ChambliLrr.doodoIt I
F Ala. -..-, .1. O cites fare John 'J4 *.ol* D*.!.. of .al.l,j I --;';,.;...,. .... ."; ; -
ri..t<< . .. ... ,. t.A. .N.1ia;' (.*;, ; .. fl.>Wtoca;- MI
V). ". t'a. If S"' 21 2* r* ..
M. H"Ttll. Jon" 2 July IllTII.K1.1'tit. : r..; .._,I --....
"rt'.Dk.-J. F I'."ha, F !i' 31 ." i.nt 1S. ::7 r.ual i t ;. ', .. ......... . . ." 1.h' 1.!

\:..!., >ha- \ If'JH 31. .I." ... < 'til U.I.I I ... .JI ,"I|'. w/1a.lt r'I':: ..,...11.. ,--1 J, ... t
?n.-T ii Ter. ay AnN --<>. For rate or any "nfi-rn rn 1 r 1 ..4
t: 1'ri.t .krt 8 : 1.
.X :.d* r-F X' ':"hoa... I' K } rack U fVnyUlon I' .tr'et 1..D..r ._4._ "_" __ __ I :! 6nry
a J M Owed .IV.al Jsek.OLlll.. t.. Kori iti.i I .. ...... l. ,1"." I '''''''' 7. ... .'a. f. J. ... .., .. 4. ,- .... IS.,. a.. .. "ff
i '" I ,It.. .. . .. . .
Ii. V .- ->* F John.oa1' A .or..IJ. i. a> .rr.17 t 'I' a ." 1 1"
( .. '. ;
r. < ... . .
f *r II ., !''aUircf : i KI ''IArlUKlil ,. ; : : A *.::. .4. 11 .' '' : : "
..o"-A Macue.: XVma.i; r..r . A. .... i. e- . 4.,. ; *
The Florida. < IKlrri .. : : r }
r rlcllo.sees'J. 'k-L ; ;
K: i''*t...n F \* << lilT 1. I I rLr1 J trill f UCCIDIII1l; MUHMHrM Cor"ICIIO"; II ?ll UKI.la t.
H n.... Fruit and Truck GrowerI j _

'.-... tf.i ;hl.-C (* Ko-jr. P :i... c..1o.o4 .... "/ tla... aims Su..al/.1 I.a h a o. .. \. C..,. ,lee l'i
r Tiilsnae W f itool* .>* J. KKt 111. flits a..l l'r* .*rtX .. >. |.i

.' .h Sprlap-J H. KmchtC C Ka- U. EAt : ( .1.4. 1... xi 'van a rind Key West J.I.

e .* (i....:t %f H 0'I.islesIsgI. HELP YOU Two 3nlllii'tlnc\: \\ VVcck.{ .
i. .r J K William .. .. ..pi' 10A I ;
a'.ev-'!: $ C :ode.a KFI'1Kp Ik. | _.tr".. h'.'''.''. ...._.g.r..1hl0'' Ml.. ..4e t.a/.,.. i'.M.

N. M M Moraat. haa4cnta ty .s.ma.Ir11.l ttagasma ..IU 4 t Ian ( T 'I." .. _,,, ,,,. .. .. .. .. m ..peo r. ". ... .-. .. ... --..
..d.red by the I I'DCOlDmlu. ertt.e u.. ,....,...... atth. 1 e. .a W....+.. _. ,. ...r. r. .. .. .. .... ,1-- ".. 1.. .. I .5C.1c._ ....
4..s -J-.U' to M _.. ... .... .. .
.. ..11.tse!.ta 1:1 *1.P.1 If. a..rwA.a r M tw. r 1.4.p. w ., wa y w.w..A..w e ...''''',
,* fret a..d ..g.Ubl. (rower. .f ::
'.ie:."-ill.. Fla tti. Alry
.e r..nd a Ire C-1 .. I.hCA' 11MIi: CAli" afd1tr.. I...........

J T Hclir..iev.Js. : .i.e.a1 trial .tat entd'5.. .f wocsti. SEE TIII2 'IICKfrr i ACHiNT.:" "
C.arm.c. will b. .*a' o.a r.a."iaf of.W. ;a
'-'scacee. eeeretary. ..-. Pta ast. lVk.., f Ci.tfl.'UUI.!; Fit. ; /. D. PAflNUI I *. A.a4. fWn'l l..... A-ft? .1f. Ot'STIMl.' :. I'l.A.l'HE .

h. II t.a

..I ... '- .. ,. .(,u.. ..,......;....' . ..1.-. ", ..' '..' ,'. """"= I .... . '.', '." '"
fI.:1': ;: :: ll.::; :t'.h. ::-. [; icvri.I : .*.i '_ ?.*'.Ai",Ji.:0"-';'"'" '. .'.''''' .::!''-.,1.i.t..iIL.:" : ;"d'.it,!1, i. "';. ; *. v....: ,I ::.".. 1 : I'' ." '.'r ,



- -- -
- .
S. Robertson the clever and sac-
,I NEWS OF CITY AND I ful solicitor fur the Armour Car :

A *-*, hat. returned from a trip ti t .r'LSON'SII.Great ()

i COUNTY CONDENSED I a and other points in the interest . .
I lint I

R..t-Tt.t e arendon pottage: : i

Hatters of General Interest Gathered >eabr f'z" : splendidly e.iuippeJt. Special Sale

houseke-; 2 ; to rent for the nm- !
by Our Reporters. '
rnr'nt*>... 1 fine bathing and OF

Y !!:. Rent re**...nshl.rhtc' fith.\\
PERSONAL AND SOCIAL ITEMS are now OP"IJ for summer .

term apply to J. IJ. Crocker : Ladies' Fine WaistsTHIS
What Has Happened and What Is Going. !' :;eabr..t I I1r.
s to Happen Told in Short Paragraph : and Mr. W. H. Robertson and ,

So That "H. Who Run May Rad" ht." .., Mie Emma and lr..r. WEEK ONLYThe

for S,,luda, N.
Wednesday' .I
'; t I U. The Sun.
; where they expect to pend Best 1.OO) naitbtffo; for 7:!e The Hit "''I.:!: WaUt*! RO for s'' :.(
Fewrrlallous ; Wear Longer ; DeToe allowed tl :Mr Robertson has not thP.1' The test *t.5O Waists' go fur *1.1U The Kent i.OO Wal"b x.. fur *\1.:1.: ;

Ladies'eallingcarJsln latest style sat and taken the! ht of health and The Kent $:.:'O Waists RO for #1.90 The IteM *...:t Wai tA go fur $_'. t0

Son office. a* dry a* e is made on this account. It 1'1 The" Be! t #3.(M) V\ai-U R. for *i 3: The Bent *3 50 Walt. go for $::..>(,

J. C. Halle of Alachua was trading .. that his condition will be very The HeM :l.OO Wal8tllaro; far #:J.OO The. Beat #..OO Wal+U RO for :+3: :.;

in the city y it. rday. improved 1 lit! heat *"' .OO nal t<4 go far *4.3O

J. F. D-Pre of Newbwrry; wan trading i i Mary Vauaht. a charming. t

't in the city ,...tttrda,. JL JTC. ( lady of Harrisburg;, Ky. who

;, When you s,entertain order your been here for the past few days on

cream any quantity, from Vidal'Attorney .. In your visit to !Mils Powell left for her White Elbow Gloves, $1.00 and $1.75 Per Pair. ,
culation i. Miss Vaught made I
i dry Wednesday
R A. Hurford of Ocala I.'t II' I
friend here. who regretted'
in the city on profemlonal businessNice "'- very i
I ture. Better : to see' her leave, but hope that I
I fresh tomatoes and slick bell Ie... than () will favor them with another visit !
to $1.35
peppers at 8.: F Brook Phone 235 back if not .* distant day Mosquito Canopies, ready hang, $1.00 and SI. 503VTJRS.

The Run Industrial Edition .went tony
.. that the :Modern :Mas-:
address.. potage free, for 10 cent. - - --
will meet this evening in the
Hevenleen pound standard grand- Prices O. S. of A. 1.a11. over the store of J
laud sugar fur tl at 3 F. Brook ; !', East Union street, south : R. XLSON. ,
Phone 235 I square. at which time candidates'

Mr. and Mr,*. J S Crown of Kooky I receive the work. All necessary

Point were viiiting friend and shopping Write I i has been received and a Major 11'. L Floyd has returned

; in th* city yentwrday. !'r ( .' old time" i.* expected by those from Lake City, where for the pat THE CONTINENTAL

J. \\. U"rrl.ol AU.nt.r..pr..na. hive signed tie: cl.arter lift and term he has been a member of the
'J log; the Huull..t..rn. Tariff Aocia- .. properly in-tailed at the last faculty of the University of Florida. ('!FE:.1ESTAUR.1T.I = .

R turn, i I. in the pity on official bu.in..sn J. A and I I' tl" { A full attendance is desired Major FId, is pleased with Lake City

.. large; line of fancy groceries; were among \. and its people, but i I"*, glad that it will I -i "d jt:
;n moth of Savannah l'rie reasonableAll ville tradiiiK' Curry :Merchant has, returned be unnecessary for him to leave hometo ss ,e s : ,

goods guaranteed Stuuder AKarle Nicely Ividon College, I>avid.on. K. hold a position on the faculty of the '"s'isttye r?wak

block : where he ha, br<*u attending school University nt'xt..rm.Au..nUon ( .
treferred.| the past term :Mr Merchant is a
t Win. folk nf Morritton. a valuedemploye is directed. ) to the advertisement
.. .. of the class.! and
Money : junior was '
t. of n. II :\Inrri.oll.Gf.. mansufschtrrrs of Prof Jules 1-lchl'lh..rjt'r.!
Lemma ! of the contestants for oratorical
of lumber. wa in th- city or practical piano and organ tuner andrepairer
: Aholutely between the Kumenian: and
yt.tenlay. which appear elsewhere in
/! ocietie= .being a mem
s'' It. I' I I..-wi.* of Tr 1 ,'nton an eztrh1 J 1. this IlIIu. Prof Kichelherger. who is
tif the former This contest was
sloe crn..tir contractor has returnee cl..ua..d on. of the most wi lely known musicians .
on the evening of Tuesday the
( to hi. home, after a brief huiiie*. trip business . In this ..section has! had the
: iut. Mr .Merchant' friend. are
to thin city ., I' Flitch : : advantage: of thirty years' training;. and
hte.1 to hllItlm at home during 'First corner South of IV* *
x The Italnetville: lee Company manuetnrer JH..II: nf .\ vacation i II! well up In his profession He solicit

{ fts. of r.miire.. .,>d. ait! crystal who caner to out-of-town IHI..inewhich will
y : and :MrV, :M liurch of
ice Ia..live.red t<, all ,,,U&4..f the city yrsterday.) CMyntt have prompt and careful attention. "I"n Early and Late. Urij" ( T..<*
& on :the; iainesville and Hull
City' trade e 'iitlry' :.'II I I."ttl .'.. let Western 3Ieal..
I a *|1' < Telephone' << u ruad were among thoe who favor I The furniture of ;Mr and Mrs: Itjw.er .
I, 1 lC:..v H It Uoger" uf the First Map. of rmitiiiK I S titiiieville ",.I\h" visit yesterday *, of Hartow who have decided to I w

?;, tint Church' ha. returned fnun 'I amp*, script i.I now llurch i is a procresslve., a* welts as 1 make Gainesville their future home. a

a where fur I he punt few
b..lu.i.'Ir,1C, 'lit a.erirs of meetingsU John "C5)C.|>*, he has four acre.. .if a* tine In.\I\ thi estitnabitfamily will nuke their

l II Mc e"il: < and W C Yarbor.ough. llaymin* of ...* a* aver grew in the I horns with their daughter Mr*. R R.

traveling .I..r..r the Atlsnll I>..uuhtrey of l:. ; whrrh> t...* etprc'* in realize 1'.ultf'l hanJ-i,i Oolsoti! .\* has been stated before,

+ l Cotst Iin" with, headquarter inWilmington. the .buine.. \ ... Tomal.ien are how i\\t\ ,)ted in Mr I llower* his purchased. a lot at the .

N (' are in th<' city, on terday Northern mrkfi. III i $_'.o t' to |3. corner of Kist Liberty and Factory

; official hoiine. \tl children, : Burch also ha. quite an acreage m streets. and will erect a nice home

4 There will be a meeting of the. Ait. who are .I .. *. from which he ha hipped" there The family will be gladly welcorned l.

y (}niiH>.ville Country! Club lit the of. work' nr.> .. I ij'miitity and netted! good, re- here We Invite You t to

tiers of l >iillini .% ever |Ii' .t 1.tll.: > iVI I..k. at which a full at the', ,...clu. : Itichland. where he will have. chargeof Inspect Our

at t .lei>dii<*e U desired .h..rt'h the packing!!: and shipping department .

Hun 'I.Id... \\. rolling, of Starke.one 1' h<* fnnioii* : tun.NEW of the irirtlng! Hros Company
nf the .shdadst.s, for -4'.1"tI..r.. the tnndard 'extensive' trucker and nurserymen

airy. a. well ,a* on* of the brightest. and durability Hit firm has at RichUnd alone! 4.))
rI,. .. cash or acre of cantaloupe, which i 14
)rung lamrer. /In tlm State, |It in the one of
city, on |pr.>f(...iniial huine* l>artie .M. the large. .t Indl.idu.1raeU in theMate Porcelain

.. .. I'remii-r, .n : They expect to realize a good;
l rputy > ertrt. J I. e Stoke. nf M I.co.
'u Kim|"jr aa.ln t..... eity yr.tr.ley. \\r\ gaits. RACKET.t thing: financially, a. the prospect, for a Lavatoriesand

F r>tf>ke. w III II Min l......".. a opHalit. ," The . .. i I large yield are god and the fruit i I.
"4 .. CMel! .tatr siid: to be of exceptional quality
.lii<*<* he Pass iili .r'to..1| fortixh I 11 the up t other Plumbing; (.i. ) J.

st 1..1. I 1..1.1. hark if llioanbty..g : llruttk. ...., | Prof .P H ('.'In of Hague, who has and get oar estimate, en y .

.g 1 he regular tnr.t
+ l l-,v.g. .. No 1. 1 at I I'' will 11hi (. m :pecial ('Ip.lln l the Whit.l4prings high .

e 'Id at the .lodg<* ru''n'. ov.r Itiitlon'. (from :J to .*> pried through the etty yesterday on

batik,, thi* evfiimg. begiiinliig' at s cent .k.le.. I has wy home, the ..choo: having closed

.'' ..'..In''.. A full atacndshc.It I i. tcirediiiotig :\1.! <.. ;N| ..be| | Ice on Friday of the past ....k Prof (',- We also! carry a heavy etnc?* '
a,1 I l 11",1.,01., _h.-, | I, : Cream Freezers I Inho. wa fair several of
.\ the. prominent. .'.It..,* tit this years one
., city yr.trr.l.y .s. lion I I'ftn".1""<. the normal .1. I i I the teacher in thus. county.La a reputation Box
'Ine : for Tin and! Tin
't tit J.prr. ;'Slat. Senator from Hamilton i 1"1' rrtK-MMioy He tAte .* that.
N county HMiliird. I ..m.' limner- \oyle will C. t Fruit Jars ;, the \\'hi'ro'H'!:. *'hoi| enjorrd oneof ,

+ ou. friend here ...rt> glad at the op., fact that .he i: the most successful term of'it, cx in Rolls
l |ortuntlT to grtot him again' rrrrhrsl t a i 1 'Ucence m etrry" way and that fee was ,
s k i tul..r K'aII-as i I 1 well: pleased, Prof W
.t. J.
\\ r .t..uu .ha. rettirnetl from I Water Coolers i on
j iI i .S. ttrrilu.'lp,1 of this
Institution "
; a \\'mit>org: l..ke. OTliwre heown a handoine I III j .
I! and
oraiige gr.ive 'I| r Ja<>kon i a- R
& preteutiiig. the :Standard T"... t\nu- Deith. of Mrs. Patton \ I"I"I [

.a" |Isar) an a.tv..rl.a.ntrnl of .h.oh. .'. II Mosquito Nets 'i it I Tn?irmM on reached thi city Thur.
I.r..,. in The Hun sla! reM.ri* a C....Jtni tar t. U I I day of the death of M: r. M LabelP I Pipe
:fur We h.. | .tton. mother of J \\.
+ .li. *. It.k as a rin.stshre *oei.tyu Patton which
; which rli.lIhl... |>..1iC| holder! to build) a 1\\onder.. t Jelly Glasses c-urrel. at her home Bear Leiington' I a:.d wLi[ } *a,e you tt:oneyy

gw bottte on the (...'allu,<'iit ,plan o years and V. of .rneuiMonta' Tuesday >ur T.n"or''*
It., .ti, :?.rii.g I! l.ce.ej wss
a native of V
Mr J T MMillait and daucht.r.. remit.:
ai a* tiring the t lam! .
wa. about
Mi.. Mir, left y"terdr' fur ,'..t... a I Jar Rubbers i .nt' yeas. of age (11\'': IS .\ C\LT I r'
( 01
9 | P.lton wa. *umm 'n"' ; in her t....J.
? Key. where they ei$>e<*t !.. re, Uy'.tste ''
I side a few *., .
stls and
I him.elf and
I.u. few wrvk There a.ol.ul. a ettlu' (
w ...., | daughter. lull:* ;\1.... "rust were .
sty uf lalnelle | |.1.| at Ce\ar keynow : I A pre*
9 Hammocks etl wen the tad The S. J. THOMAS CO
rid earn
snot all re(.. rt a Uv..,| time andKM .
One email l > rierd. of t ,' )'.''0' and i I
I -I! h *llh i 'a r Key; promt.** J. : tlyymptth
t Ivler tI.U'. U i. d rrp y w th hm
l. I in their
11.1 t..esns. a *>Jiiir umntr re ort forthv : ill stittoible
01 .
g $ it lowest f-v
| *..sn.y and ttf of "Borrow GOOD BREaD
| <|>te of this <>tioa all uertteU"
ti l..ln, adtyuatw.ewtnsm.rtatiua. j I *:rat.a.l cure. *.
+ I saws. w..ak. ..
lrrpuI, >h.r>fl I.h .IH \\ atkrf uf lU: Itana awl ali / PROF. JULES EiCHELBERGER AIDS DIGESTION

4 wa amoaK th. |>""'''''.('| \\ rt. tad: : .ef. and 'Just .arrived shipment of the

talk wbo ..*"...| ih* eHy yrirUay. .. ,. Piano nd .,... _..p. ,.:1..... -.f ..
:j MrValker has t..o promised a teak t. i I. n> u "" lfbr.At Simmons Iron Beds Oman Tuner 'eela4 ...... a..ae ...... .
j i hkklvn If :.-,4.s ,. _a..
lion of niarhal .f Its..wa of MayoIar ana Repairer.l I
: wtM! b* seal to it will pay you to sec the
? .tte set, unj..
coa i rtood
ay tf IT'S Till JWB FAULTs
"o. ....u ..., ,
h vt. to l. ,. ., for | t t ru..
+ that t|* a H.>II hit" >
I D._nt sad .. I > rty 1'.srs' F. ,.. ...-.
dkl Hi aues.runs frivtxli tp ... .
D. C y u .e.a- 1
*ar. l)r : 5 I' irysi .irises :.olwoUJ .. .
tfero<*a'fct>ut th. Wet K.4 will&1 regrethis | r..tarr I' .s.al. ..sr...tsar.....dusrw.r4.eaIllErsmNE rr II to w.d 'r.
ljvrtor. bat will oatirally vk.b BROS. W
( 11eCora
t.IJ for 1- 'ek rt Pao.. .1 '*
him tnnrh .,nc*..* t is his ... b"n.. I WC'Cu14" a u.,'. to ..P".'. "'Ht". ;",, na '. .ttSE tViLLE: BAKER
ft** I&a.. T. JtCHAJTEB. fT9"


n ''', ' ''''' ' 'oJ'"o' '':.. .. ..p.:.. " 4--:... .. /-J: ;)" ;.,,., ;; .;.(1 \': :.' l .. : ' :; ... '
:! ; ..: ; iIi t.L. : 7. r't.:! .. ; "citLiiS: : :;;;. 1..1' 1 .. .f.......... : :-, ".....t-i"i': "* .i.. ..:c: ". .._ 7

Title: Gainesville daily sun
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 Material Information
Title: Gainesville daily sun
Uniform Title: Gainesville Daily Sun
Gainesville daily sun (Gainesville, Fla. 1903)
Alternate Title: Daily sun
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Creator: Gainesville daily sun
Publisher: H.H. McCreary
Place of Publication: Gainesville, Fla.
Gainesville Fla
Publication Date: June 1, 1906
Frequency: daily (except saturday)[-1938]
daily (except monday)[ former <1903>-]
normalized irregular
Subject: Newspapers -- Gainesville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Alachua County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Alachua -- Gainesville
Coordinates: 29.665245 x -82.336097 ( Place of Publication )
Additional Physical Form: Archived issues are available in digital format as part of the Library of Congress Chronicling America online collection.
Dates or Sequential Designation: -58th year (July 24, 1938).
General Note: Description based on: Vol. 20, no. 48 (Apr. 5, 1903).
 Record Information
Bibliographic ID: UF00028298
Volume ID: VID00787
Source Institution: University of Florida
Holding Location: University of Florida
Rights Management: All rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
Resource Identifier: oclc - 32994415
alephbibnum - 002027051
lccn - sn 95026977
lccn - sn 95026977
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Preceded by: Daily sun (Gainesville, Fla.)
Succeeded by: Alachua County news (Gainesville, Fla. : 1934)
Succeeded by: Gainesville daily sun and the Alachua County news

Full Text

aint l1'illt g1ailn nn I


. 1.


-- ---- -... -"4
_. -- ---
------ -- -------- - - - - -
- -



Whlted. a Trusted Prisoner Slipped Dv Mefs cf Fake Dills Rendered la"Pnntinj.


; ARE NOT TRUSTED .\T1inl.1.1.1)Away From' ;31 Jail- The Tuesday.att'hoMM,'r DESTROYED BY FIRE I V. .w 1'r:.. ::54 >>. !:1 l lT. :1.. Trlbutiti 65 PERSONS DROWNED

city: ..countv and,t feleril are lixiUini *.. . I
\j. ,
.. .
for T M WMted. a prt"onor at t:lefederal .'e s-)uv'il: n' ml JUr>'. In Its In.

Two Thousand Bluejackets are .'rI411n.IIi ho "tated from t*>etnov Soveral Watchman Hurt by \".,' ;.:attn of the :M'llJil' l.lfe InsurM On!I"- 1O of T.;> Porsonn on Board

r..r\3tlyn Turulay afte'rtl'Mm. :l.i tar I .a ('orsi.ijMy; '" .,n ur, has i 1".lln..lt.I.I'

' '. Ready to Revolt. have n.> tr: r.. lOt him \\\hltel Tailing Walls ao,ltey t'iniMiil'4, of daft| l! rwer'* I VTort' S..Vlhl. '

escape was the frt' that ha' occurrol a i..tn .atitiuittlv tu tv,'tr ) \t.ir- frail

at tale; far I t,;ie t :....\...ui\ of tae; ', '. b '
GUARDS DOUBLKD ABOUT FORTylttempt piUon man) ) ran THE FIRE CAUSED A MCAVY: LOSS ':"; \ny > 111.1114 THE: VESSEL5 OALO"CO::

White wa-i one of the tu.HI 'tlHI l ted \it fake 'it'U.! f".r."" IlnoC to he for - -

Ilrl"'nt'r4. am: 1u..Hla\, ln w. .\4 I p-tn'ln ;ird I .n.pllr.; .. !Iir,ni4i tar tlrtuf I Boat Had Just Stjrtad far: Dub .ln. a t''

Has Been Made to Destroy cent with the paintingnii.\,l. which One Million' Bushels' ofnejt.. Corn: eat t. ri.e. Mi-Ki tlitit .v";' S.m. '..*.1..1111 I 1
J Watering Place when She H./.d l
walt worklnii onVarUn! MOMtiouie t'a and: Oats Were Burnvj" 150. CarsWere erof :N.; t :J l:% '".trl.. ..tr.'ot l'.trl.t'

Inkerman Tunnel by Dynamite-Garrison He toll the! i ttu>.r<> tint h. I tit i a i'\ It '1\"-" w ;tt fur.lKhed tiv Itrg a Over and 3an: .. C"u.'IJ Great Lossof
Hauled Out of Danger-Foe
at Sebastopol Is Also Distrust. wad* slrk art I sail I he wa < a..ln :M.iVnn! h".1 I tif the Hi tn.. who wi La?..

re'' urn to t'ie! |>rl,.on He ..I"- Caused by Spontaneous Co"b".tlon." a Nlltaea4. I I
and Will Be Displaced.
ad They around the hoii?' and tit',INhited "1 If w .14 nil.I, tlfcint th. riiinltitle UUi; :M ty Jl -. .\n ov.T'nlvi! , lIIC'U.: ; Ma I > ;Jl.-F 11't'rlaa.l.l I ) .
Odea,.a. flay: 31.-Two thousand blue \ wj+ hruuaht to Mlinti !tiNotml -* de''luvet .\1. .'U : .. iiuildlns, ; fin' fit tlnolrrhIu4 ". m ..t. Glare r.'1".1 I >.i .1 IIHT r,
Inapt ltlna, i ur \ lo "
j cket. .. a mt>t.ot.ni of dlsaRetioit alt. !..'r. ta\itiK been ioiMitt i.',1 l in .. of "iu'i Ilr..r"| of fi a'It' I probtltl at t'tti plar. TIt.I.y| t<% > Hum'. ,II.IAUnm "
t'n"\ .4itu. I). andllii; .i. a ..I"!.v ,'a.
confined the naval barracks ut fc>etMXdtopol .Port \\oi' nn .\ ch.arue'! of ("ouutt'rr .ftnj : Iviiilim liom .J..o .>).. ;. biaiuh otttio wou'i: re nit In In.lh.tl""t" 'It.II i>i
an.1 ttUrn flee' ) ".11-. HP I. dritlied 1.' farmer olhc'ul-t. of tlte :Ntiim il "b"> 11..1 1 '1 tie !h..t ti4.I I ".1'1..1 t I fin Ihlatn I >'nI .i
riter at .ei.. Lint \\ uta thetltatoi
The garrison there Is also dUfrusted, HH belns feet hay: Itn'll-- Ir weie dr.tlued i ..a.I".., .i l busht'I *.1I1l' ) hnu5tdae.. : of ".. ft'Il1.t.! fh.f I wittitjitt lit 1 L,". wht-a she h.ftf.| iveri4ll

h.'I IK,;.it. with binev: ,. lU'ht tiruw I. initlre HIIIO'ant: of motiev 'al.'n f- tin' ,t OltllM. h'
and Mill be by fiomelaewhfie
replaced troops 1
ot wuai. cons .lnd 'at-> Four
hair. ,.11.\!! '. the :Mutur (nl\ .ill of fie: s 'Ytn' that .
' rotuplcxlon wtlchltik I : tri'a ui> In "tu'h faaal.etl.: ) p"i H m i
1 lie ar..t.'ual and all the mete i ni!.lo\itl in tU: i .. :,u woio lit
pound- ,''r'tral ".' ira>, '\ hl. 4t i ti" It l I. h.'lh ar.t urn,tiiuti"! ta IliJin titan I uu b..1 .utr were sute..l.Gi.lernatorlal .
offlci-t1: building aril, tehldeines art Jilted one 1..tally. .
*') e. an'! a still tI PIUiche .\ 11'11e ii a million -- -- -
douhlj :guarded; white In rim* of |.oo u orfv1.1 for hit ipturo.. Conventionshvtlle. .
of an a t,'nipt( to namtte the luU< i t .all.1 .In the Ignition i I 1111.
4. A. Orcidrs to Meet Ritr.. i N \I..)' :U The, drl.l '4lttM
mann tunnel. lnluitr xuard I are ,..t.1 U>H t ...-; I II....It',1 ft ui J'.iW.ooi) t,a.i
.\' !''UIl. I.IH) !l waitiiiiuncel tn the 1)111''''i ,. :r 1111.1"' : i ..'. .,. I.>, .' ui 1,
tto leI at .. alum tin Alfonso Receives Whitridge.MaJii J.i I l.tlII.I.'h'.I.: .
tery twenty i aco" 1
1'' .,1 Let mxht, that i \ .'tltt'Ii| \' "r't .. IITI !.. slow In .1 H<.alit
entire mail; from Ix><..(i\i> to .haJII"1 al! 10.. :Ma*' :1: --IClta .\ :f.\:-ort rp lit ad,lltion 15: tnrt. ; I 1)e..teI'la|j\ i .llI1m"T..I"g Inluitt
> th, UtMtern and \tmtlr! / lillllrf \\'t..ln"'IIt$ > liioillltiit attar the
Three int'MiberH! of those \\ ho w eiMMimKil '.. ''!\ .'d Mr \\ :ii ildw.,. f:; .' \nit'a 11.! . with ";;1.1111 w ,'re ot. tli' 'laok ut flea .
road will retime tf. rate from .Vliut: strtntl.rla .. *.lo|| Tlt.| ", at .b.otol'n.11). "7. b\ ttitplo4lon > no)' a' 11! >' [/1.11. <> 11'ed.I i' ..lain \ 11.;i ..1.\! ..dur MM I tho!'"t t1... 1.. <|">Htioy>'<| .
t.. SI 'irlI sl.s to th..It.. b the \ utl.n. WUH r..::10'! ,I I. > ui .It'r lit 11' T ;
.*\ of bomb Mucruii.hfd; to h..II': ii' ?. :Mt. \.VhltrPl.e'. pr<.>i.n't.d I n I l.. >wttlt| imiiieM I wie .t.i rlf.I tu thewluti iMnrgel > .. ;
Mtnt ear line bettien these. two Mitrtut. of i.t''anoita. .1 m<'m ,.f(
.. ttie'k .
and loot 1 wonhauled
injuries, making a total of 12:': <1<'a'h". - -- ,f diuiitcrttliu us p..Hit Tie trotU-v. 'lu.' chat ece's JUKI ttl. Ciinfwiftll. ,'utaun''t'''.' .l, plea's"
.It !Ii raid that .Admit; :$kridllffvlll ..". tfti'ts<; for the retire ( ..t >*,U> urt.rti>Hiu to ..r. un a < ,'tup '
\\ ton iiilnuteii! .afar .o "ao'n; l Io-lIr"o'.1 \'in' .\dmirat : : H nut.'f :ituit! 11, e Jo 1t\lIn.. with prup'trtfoaae'fate i I ran fhalriiiau :Mi :\Iul r."' i .I II l
>' tint 1\ .HII\. flue call bad
hoiikutti lu inii.an.l of tied 'J'ackb.a I s"I'a f tar .hf>ru-r. '1.1"t: I tits rt |><.rl of thw i,.uif..rent t> ..on. ma :
Iii''t m'nt' Ui and, tai; t tiuttit. ix>lttfr .' .
I tt-t.: "r.' ent the ratlrrtiit I Is rharntnn str' lie w ilrli' .tl.c..1 l latnn I' Millr I
______ "tu n.. fit mirth UK I.tn.a tlrwltetil. I
.. 'u fug, tae Mimr trip \\hen tse >t| .|L of :1I.ht111; l -. K n "1111..1.' i. till !
Eight Sentenced to Death. ir wirh the llt% 1..ttIlIJ e'..n. \.a. e
r. .hirtlo.i .ia ra'et l I. inad! It will tara liroiiiHw Mr 11.6101''u. 1.1..U
Rhea: Hti..,.la. MuM:: t - Tu- iKntriontet.re mid Illnoio 0. wire suhu.'nrt to the !
TtUtt not only' f..1 iti. entire IHtstuo I tty n<'t'I laii>ntou. an.I Net. .I'>.rl.1 I t. ;
HI ?ii 1e14 I
N \\ Zee :icnt'ut'1ie'.elayontotrtghr nt\liifn w "iv oMItted I.)
to M 1..r'.t.lI.' hart al..o for the tht .-,I.fr. Mr (llmdfoid. I I. .a pi anal ;
I mtirdett, of I'. cite.. l.ltutenunt K> nude j till tlit Ir w t frills tttuI1
,'I"'r ..'ns I Itsllar en. \t 'l.iutt Gnu I that t."nt !jtwy.r"iif ""hit. i Its Tla.. ion .." '.
J'or/hlt-. There wen the w irkiut 1 i. : II" Nearer! pleat. bet :. j w' it !liln .vail .
p-ilni fin r/tln,. In |'" n,..r! I 1"11 tu the tht n I.r"-.I.. | ro ".'iniH.r.n ), tI i
it' It U-tat.esa
111 h !M.ilf tht low' lioil-it ofI I.u.
warner < .
ft r
-Isanca I : : ra' "'.'.1 l ..' I.." .Vfffl the fw'rfn Mil I ) ,f
'''' I 1'1 '''ili| .till* dtHtrof .1 I wa' 5 f\o) fret
>H janr-nt Interpolated Prtntier Garr ttt.. .
-- --- ---- |iori ry "r inUatlou. ttt.< i >nvnttin
haul: ,'a" ,fit t vttlo edit, I three sturleoti
m i.In and dt-imndtU, commu'utlon Dt'd .IQI.OO or I'l'u.,, .1.1| | un'ti 1: u'rt!,set!, inI "
I! rui of hrlc'l. I' wa not I .
r nearan
of ttu'ir K<'u:nice. Y :... (.Mill.lln". hut 'to Dr.11 :& of v. ."w' V ItI'I.t \i ., ;:-i 1 '|'UI. .tetanus' li.- aft: rnii
ftil'tt-n on < 1'.1"1\11,1.l tliuit fi ln\i. .t| r
:tn.1 Hlrti '-limn' I'untrurtt.'n 1
sill. . 'in Ititt: : plri.-i: : two br...rksWiit '' comp*
Decides Course of Action. .. II' ..a ...,1.1! |%.i.i.n. i' n worMl. of ', I'f MM'M' tliit tout..ia In flu': Cailxn, tuna
wen .n.hll"c.'r..l.11'0"
EI' l'f't..t"hurjo-, ..,. :.11 .-..\.i tart" fi r h u" ynarent auMou.r.L t1r11..4 xlIn .. I u.. ik
wii. Pit. ..n tank, of the ,People'.
4l:J ut, '\.1.I In !h.. Mtaltment, made. !1l ,;. foMrtit. ... .
m st r ... t &t
fin- Id T..trUI'q
1711; I 1.1 i .. *
> ::it loinpiny. Iw-tw fH Twentyfit /ulu Again Alt....k Orltsh.
M :1:h i of AKI !<'ulttire 5f1etelie"ISy( rhrpotle {
ant of :ttorrhmrlert.
.nl I Land Twenty third >-. I Murl.art
tre M on Nutnl. May H "I hi.an ref. .
: uiiifiit bar dt rldeit un lt" itiir... .. O "I-, .. M. ("n put s..w'ut" ant the-
/ ( t'ut : n\i'rtle. 7lnit/' tin niMikf.i' ( 'ui |f..III""I" '
of a. >n with r..f,'r.urr tll tIi.'al. of I i'.1 i ( olen, v Ti iupxny: of 'nisi!tfi
I.'lr'I'n w ,re ntntlone.l lo |>.iir wt flhulln 111..1. T"t, '"t flrlr.!, 4t
In, t iontllni' of the 10\\ ,'r 'Moifcun \ J c Th.Pla.'I... i<" I Ilirmiinhatii ( Oft ..
err t Ihfiix sPi"l : .
on the Ml'l-T. NrteIa.'rl.'I 1 niPi the IliltUh 1,11111' night of.I '. :
i Its lenian 1 for the lKnation oft .aau 'i,Mm rornpan use a aplt.il: t it >_w i .
I t-i that lln-ctioM .
'hl".IH. : !\ ." I llliafel f tr evernl I Ii.-in t nnft na : ,
n. t:.:i.i-trv It will x wnl low pal : .. Frederick Willingford Whilridgt. ..> .. iflatoausn.. .. '1") "1 1. rorptn'InN art .
Gar: i '" I M'a .
; mipali 5L44 nofile Itnpond wrfv ? a nR. NIUi. 1..1\ I.e.. ta,
xii ut aTtontanl tn. ? Its r..III'I..n -'- i *'..nI"ff of fh. At, Illrmlt y'I
s e ,"d that It woiittt, wlt'ilrawDio. an'a alhrmsni I f Hie' lloo.v| Ml* ofiu. r'. ti4 'I'It4 _
.. tar fr tm Pr..Jt t fl' K t. \ :' f. 1.'r..4! ti".ntlr ttaltrow ...
la I
>.Ut1" \ it. a r.u" the .
K >t : tnnk a' oar* 'lltlil.li >i'u'I I lhr. HOII kl tI..1: I seat.1i I
..*"* . .11.1 I l tint lit- li<>tj. un hi- fI..r. 1.IWt 1 .l< m.tn.h.u"1.la and .\It"I.I". 'i'ii nt ) r..na"'lufUlh. an not Tie: hart .
| .
ixrn 'in tha U-vnt'tr wa' e .1 i \i\ ; wounded. |In ,,n In' -i.trlunt ..", Ir
t.!lt..i thankt .1 th.> "h"-,, lit behalf of
I'in.iirs I ihe monarch In oth"r word" ) wntihtti" n. sn,t were titsndln nest un.lit I ella. opraiton of the t..tail nidnt I .f ( ',tl -

ih<' i M>terntmnt hi* decided I.. tenor tbe Spanlith, tail .n. the rhutf when th* vvul.Mtiou. * Factory. for Colutihu 'i.r"I.. a i>ui..>..r ,.t i 'lil...f .BoO.- .........ulfi ...11..... .. aI

t ,d,'m.ind of the 1.,1' hou..e. and I bl..w. them c.llrl'> out of M..e build' fotui:I'tim lit '1.:1 i .tlunihtMm I .ltiiw ..ra wi-in kllltxl sail. I IUU.U/ cat.

tie rntnt*try will not resign. but n..lth Attempt to Assassinate OhVer I lea ,, ha \ .. Hill't rh.p'tu.r flee "...I".tI.1"b lie. women in t rhlldrrn/ foil Int"t tt.. f

. .. .. Tarn ('., U Ma 31. .\ti Thr .. ho '..rrl.; > ....-i" !ti 51 he .S*|... of I
'r will parliament I be ,dU ol\ed :More II rj n. iioa ) | r " of the ( .U!'""'" r ear hand "f Mix/ llrlii.li,

in r. Innttal of trt-aMn the aitlonf attempt wa" madt. on the life of (;'n wral'i' "." ," "rkffll"P I1r: on t!"I* we, thank f'irr.lliir.. f rlor' Ui ...lrll'I.n t.. fh.t Y

>f !'it, lowir" hogs a*
t . lIunl.'r)' will continue lt <'trirllla Tue.r. 'I" 1 tn*
tin. a't'tllde! In the liaq I- tt.at the lake a tialit for. 111(4( The Kin h,.at. sate _It' tuitlMKUl..ti the Drew If %lr.'t.I .,Man has buu'tnall.. C. rrl..Mtronip.4n r.-.n ..t i It.. .11..1.Iu.|| | of 11.l .

1"1'.1! urrU-d a' the. *'atlon mirrtMiititeilthrown th"re'f'ulrp ) lot un In. H.I'iifiern r.tiss i ion .ialhe'ti I'ntt.n( ...w'/rlhr15 era Inge'
5'11111" will "lIh..a.h'. and (mien* pallialu
. to) C.uass.rk '" h'fI twa winiM. were .ink's. se'.. also, sent p.. .. ....ft lto...- Mill sn'1 r. h. )ia4 tw..n r >ti lug It.t. fu .. ..I.r in tht 4nNptlal1 eta
take ,
eat revolution ai-l 1. .
Home :iry at htm aril' <'ipl rt"d l 'In the <.. the valla of ,'Ir''or. friii.nir '.fnpla'lrik fo- ...,!.* ilrn. """ ..rld". I of IN. ....... ...thWl'. mica-age aa.1 ,...".u

tt.. nrlp: nal.1.1n\ of prolontclnie: fit mid lie of 'hie t part s.'rloiidlv wmind i 4. din Th wall eat elovafor Ii fr-I tn', 'II. nun, ,lfar'he, .r f'arnihua It I stun .......1 .u the tru.1". lae't.arrnp : ;4>
.t until It I I. time for tsr .
i umm tug 'he gotertior Kenral w m"mtr of a few mlnu'e' after 1 rl-x-k .n.1 I the )I. .rt 1 ;.ier "rd i f!,?! ir hat hU In slew I 1'._Ilent" II.( .. t I. t.rrlan .I 1 t'less.
> :r: ". 'all..n nt the end of J. *. will" .
( m hh stsR, and .eerat. ...se.rk.. The d4nxr fri lUe. .iirritwaxllMa.. pi..' ant In th* |.u;I' h..*..
L. c. r-lr 1 out I In the meantime! the rernaint nt theo.. rk: nr-d ladUcriminal. luaate.r .445 ses ihl.. ea4r,1 The .r'rn.e.tar __ ____.. ->ofk I. r..Miul.r.,1.| t.r U a.hlagUta .

Co% ..f niu-n' wiM" oT! r I* own .). cii .. ... .
pr '.'Ij Into the' oast. kllllnv a fire Is h..I1..1 h. II.... he.n raus.tby I .r. _..t at the e.rtnytlaih.o of tta't

for the ilutl.tn of the atcrarlan que grtl nyn t'..,.'tfa' In al I.It'h.1I the .pr.nesos... i".tnbaa.llon ". ..,... '...tnn.1.flu'Ien. .P .II.4, to fl .te' : I. rrp .r. lass ir.......< east| I .*>,"II.1t1( tar t
r Nnai ..
tion tc. and If l-o' ate r, J-'e-1 th!: i'<>.*arki' *uinl 1 h* ItvlldinKs In tae ''I,* ('Pet.' 1trtsan'u b '''I..t ....... .... .. < Hurlnon 'I,. .rlriillriral l I..ir.-..t| mil !til. f'','
s male ".
J n''r ha)a.r will b. alld..1"w1 tu ...I..r.t. after th. nr.. alarm tmlr eat will P>.. alvvii ..et lbina/ay.
% lrlr>il) lat which the i 4')..l"l haul 4.>l tail charge the ,'apMla/4'n.. .iti l'.tI .. 'J'A"
111. i i>* nTa prnJ., tll ..n stun 'styM r..S.. at su first Mf rttf after ( g.
taking 'II.f .lrfi 1'_ .... ... ...... ., .. .
; 'ass ;Rrt+RtrI. !)'H the Ivllrr.1' pits. -- -- ('.t.pl-WI '. 1.1.1f. .. i a* ,4*>..alspr. '*. Ii f'r>>(>o.>t'l.'*, .
.'.. fuse"? ...-\..*.tl In ateli F/aat. I"1.
w h1.esnel''f.rt. ii
4 H..fi sail.1'r. ,,, '
fJsers Threatened ri.. *.
wlU, he r.lr' .a. 1 as rapidty! a. by - --- '

yeas,.stele\ r""'..,. .I..H .'1,.. started at s '. > PitH To A.s.s.leaf. IIe/ Alronse. .a .tflt ae.l Ir" the high ...- of .. .N ..* \ ........ and Italian I :

..' ne.r it.) ... r. IM 4 l*',., fuse" T.t rltury. In fr>,.. .
rtM .,
t'lt of tfc.* l'>w .r J...ii_ WMaii orkx-k" Wda ..lay aporaldK, am.... J__.... its y !" r. t1 p Nt .l ...... > sr. h W..1"
thv shack of kru. ..... riKlnc 1ft the. b* 'tt aft pair ta* .. ..... In th> i Ir.han ..e.4ap. acy1 ter e. .....t Its.. yhgra.f,
!-almrr" Tn --lay en > : 'ft ......Ia.t. Klan" .\It,.._. l.. hl.sedlag .. :
nf baeln) n*. nt !.. .. .. U.. .ml'l .
r *H.t. rM riMy br 'b. M.r '
rorntnl .e'
tait* M NabuakofT leader of fhw ..tltn 41.e.a..r tgL.
I ,/w >. ....1 ltl .. ... .. .
raa4a. a. ..<>a a t'. .I.ra I .., 't- ., ". a.ssela'lrsiTb. .
h tt the _.... .
&O arils b' ntala ri ..finis. .cv1111ur t. an ._. ... .
tuna! d' lat .
"m to..t"!! t-e aalf mttTb t5e. *.'t. of fk. r._rt .*..,.. U !. cue.. I qu..'b.s, lanai n... h.. ..,. ..( 'iaby k
who ar) f et a story pahslshe4 I 1 'M r....... H.....
Jtr.. ko
J- a''n * 4 ...- ., .1INt .....,.' tnra't ,
I > .
of ." M It .."."
.. thus .t..I.r.: .nr' ' JC .001. see I .r" We4.' ...ta' sf.Me'e't'rift.
; -n"Jb:. for tfc.- p".y... .. h. HUrk ..-
.. .rta-ln *>* h* fI,.* t I. .,11I .kaoaaKTor a-.a.rt.h' Jt 'r.- it. .. '. .l Inr ,... It'. .
vriin prti> '
Gail tl "tet.s'y ".... .. .'1. It t ..elala .r.... ... ,
.a' .
n stool.
tnftav a'
are Holnaaaad' to "" ta* ail .p.lsi .. . -.J ta .
<< s' :.' tb .tuS"t:: be tor+4aM
nis r star. o ssa >K i
*. ...
.. slay H. 151.. 'w ib. ,tell, _. .
/4.. .a. wAlrh
. '' Saw** to taw sp..r .I' rS u,er 4b.AI' ,. ,. the ......pt-ar' a,. ,Ie.u: a'. m.aa. ..
t.i 'lam/ 'tat: 1 a. t.t.' ila'h'III1t'.I' *) R,._.... hue ._.... pr'e'ens.. 4" hlt.r air fee a... : .
11\.1 rtheg
ant pe.sew' fh.R. fr'.RI r.wrbtsa h. a'n th.4e sac a u...rt-t .1'h'" "'e.fitritI. 4 w'
a ..-- ., ".h..rr, tb.T .,. I* villa, 'H. _... .' anal .
'.. << .pcu < .fa**"* .. Ay flee ....ra'ri.
.. tJ>. msia r "' aiiJ"4n4r t:! .atee i of r.,'y .n_ .agt the a' ?a r
:, with I rt'ml.r O.rMHffclT fa'S. I.v-'tturl.a ,
p .
per/.ipfr at thsef -
'n ,bta. boar .has '.'.. I..t..f't t" I. awn --
I "p kl.t I.C fli. rb'erets lb.rtes. ..
Ir n aa w .
ii .
.. . ta>.[. I. s e._.i'>>HH. of .. .. r :" 1. said 'n s,e ease'- ....,..... .a s e.t.b'.tl n'st L. W".1. ; )(||..
>f "r puAllratLriBrotnern. .1.| r......ra-taSk Tae *r. a* 's. ..... .1Jrt t..e'os "suet, M .. ....... I"' .. eke Ant a.vase.. ....I...r..la ..01r. Str..iele u4.. \l ." 1/ S., I,.,.. hn .

----- U.? ..,*....
.f Lee1. 11..1: .1 'M111Ctacr ..... ....... .i.iV- ...h..11 prs..s...... ........-i e4. bu111"p'ta-. .. hy ..sMp s.gh'tet/ra SJI.44at..a' S //jale/; ...a v.> ..., .l.r1i.i..ltr ,Hn ....

M.I .'\1" )la. ;:1 I T I .... ......... peas. ..4 'hu ifttia aa .. ta. . ... ., .
e. r 4 r n >r L.t Ttfr r|. letter. ..
of 4a ... p5pef" a. nfWrti MaeIh e) TeaT ....... 1'. '. .,..,. I......... r ,
.t .d-1t1..M1.e Vr .. K'IealMS .ftt. .. .#rt ....., ".1:1'." r/.e'4 .. ..,. .tf. .
: .4s .
a1l S* ..'., . .. i.etr+p 4 T"u M'A'I...gl afs.. a .......aaeNsefb t'M/ie.'. tit 41 K.Ms ..
. l 11"t red 'tHo oaf ,......... ...'e.ei'a k I ........., 115 ;l
MM. e. r.taa/...', ha....... ... ... oJ a t.1s' .r' '..... ,.- tMA.e. Paean la'.a Ph. ..... ..

Li ':r. ,** Pratt a L.n.e for the> ..r Tb E.aC's. .tat.sr.re fair '- .... .... her s.I. h5'! _.,.h f.s. .hl.. '.." t ,

a.. I taft.1A a, .. 't. ...r. ..fRe nl4et a 0 .s'.. %.if. w. ..aSla.... sl'a . .
'. ..., a-. ,...' a .atMitifa,4 u5.s -... .".. /
t "NI .c.
ta > I
. t !11.af !7 'r. ... s thateta.re0)R1" .-$ r > s1M I ... .. es- .. 4 Vt _trs5.115t M III" wi' sal .... /
tlstrn ( tfye4 X) -N.. f a + .... .; t .
r ::.._tlaa'e the'ma .. > > .
......l T- - to ..... t.. St - .
se Tr <.
"r eel ...t..f .a ..tbst.1 .a. m V.'> ,.. r. ,
.. flea,' l' ... E.r1....,.. ,..... .. ,ease fpa..ea.. :..Alba' . .: Wi....>.,a| l..t..1 .,f .ra. u

- -- ter. ., > W. II. .' . ,i...... 1'. !i. .I ... .. ...... . .... .
"f ec 'f. .e. 't' t II fix Vu/*...(.. H. ,. .*' ., r,

Ja."ss. c.--It. tl.atee.. r' .., .... e.e'MtU..1' A.rh. ..." seep fns."' "sea ... .Pr. '4. 4kir I. 'Ir. ..i. "" Va>.t'a rite! .. aat .. q

": ta. P C !lairi ratl.itat - --- - '-- ---e '.. _.' blew .. T.ard.p ........ .. ;:: ,.... .... I" <** . .. i,...",r wr '. .1 t t4 ". .- +

'e'a.a. a ai..a. J a,7at e . ... . . .. '" = ..., .- ... .et tba.r. .. .. .. 1; . .e "'ra . '"* .- . .' . .

' i ,. .' I". fC' :- . ..- f a .a . > .r _.. .t -... Ir I ".. . .. . .' ..

se' I a < . ., ... .. .. ., rra'3t J s ."bi I"'.'. ..4a. a4

"a itt Asa raleaara.r ..I 4. ':... sae ss hew i .. t+ a 'IC ".0.' ..

.. ,

,+ 1, vl, i A
", a

MmSt/ f ***



the 1.rll ll.-".. .

; ON THE WAR PATH ,I In da 'H K<'if 'h} 't i ,. Wt irn;: of iii I

I btardUH a pri\l It..:.' that lia.l to.t.e I j
,i -- paid fur the tax >.u i r\.' I 1./1'.1/ ui'a i

Cortt ht'M U ., II*. 4d. .11 tie :
'' Ru ;: growth .g; tha-
Does Not Appreciate Certain \Ve recrfrmze; the fact the access of a bank must bR-
tcriuiotis day of < Mj iHzah; .*tb.
twit i.'u the ro.l'.ri'1' of its customers ; hence the p''tn'tiHte -
mors Regarding Him. I'or j\',-r half a 1" 'J.t.lry tbe laonniclin of depositors and worthy borrower is always apirtciated i

-. - wf ItUHxla, tirade 'tb> ir uiule cubJcctHMho << with ourteous treatment, friendly counsel suit '

BRANDS THEM AS BEING FALSE Morv beardu. | > into the n.itloualzt h doe regard for the confl Jential character of ieahnRs", between -
(- lit'tint'r. Thin tax tear! 11t11.o[ i-il by the II"Ilk and its customers. : : : : : : .

;'.,tr tb- (!r.'at ID 1 ill>:.. the uoWiu. << hll,,-
,' Was Member of the Grand Jury at lug; to lliliurf. Hxj rtibl.H and the lower
rGr alll1wsal
Regular Spring Term and Intimates <'laKH! ,." 1 kopK-lc.\;; 'lhe tax on beards).

l4 That Certain Report bout Him Are \\'U" k'"j't up) by IVtt-r'M four *uo<. .HHOIHon OPEN AN ACCOUNT NOWOn

iacrlJ the throue of all the Husmhis. nnd it
for Political Purpo.e ov
T wax finally rfptali-d in IT'-: by 'ath-

r Ldiior bun : I hare u.t barn advised erln II. lrMii'e. too. lit onetime ini
slums I Time Deposits we pay 4 per cent and compute the:
that some 1.f'"II..II't'. circulating posit a tux upon 1 the" < ruy.

tie a report among the people, of Alachua Lydia E. Plnkha", I I which Man paid t.tho' ,..c who| toiuj interest quarterly. : : : : : : : :

county tu the effrct ,hat'while" I wa. a Vegetable Compound afford It. although: the large majority ----- --- ----_ ----- -
Lad to >leUl to the ru/or'M uuslauurht.
!j rand at the last term of the cir I
} juror Is a positive cure for all those painful In the fourteenth < ntur>' fhuvititfwa !
curt court I reported to Hou I'.enj: I I'. allmt-ntH' ofoirien., It will entlrelycure
popular with young! ul-u, Mbjl- the 1
Calhoun the tll'11' Attorney, that an the worst forma. of Female Com old 'h.il forkedbeards. !
tneu were ntt II< to
; effort had been made to improperly inlljance plaints... Inflammation and L'lcc-ration. . The latter <.ti.toiii i I. rfforrtilto Tile Bank of Alaclnia ALACHUA ,
I Falling and Displacements. and consequent i o
'!, my actions on tint body in Spinal \\eakncsn."' and is pcnlinrly by Chnucer. who lu 'j 1,'!<<'rtbtiiK tutusnseull.ly FLORIDVG.

certain ca.es., and that the said State's. adapted to the Cftanye (/ Life.It uyH, "A mere hunt wan there

Attome not only' failed) to take a.-llon will surely cure. vlth a forked Iwanl." Il<-aiU. were .
-- -- --- --- ---- -- - -
i In ,rIOUM .Lul"! and forruH durIng
upon tny report but hd\ ised me tp keep Backaohom Worn v
$ tlit* rclKiit! of I'ilznl..th.: JHIIM I.
silent about it It has cured more canes" of Female and 4'harlen I., us!' the l pen m". plo.: ami MERCHANT CO.
1' This report is absolutely untrue '1 fie Weakness.. tluin any other remedy the other literary productions,, of thoseperlo4lM .
4ky that !Saturday last at the world bRio ever known.. It is. almost" infallible .
facts! are on iitnply) teMlft" ,'. lu his Ai.att. Retailers,and Jobber In
in "Mich" onsen. It dissolves: and
adjournment of: the grand, jury I went Tumors in lule of AbtiHesi" t'tulI.lud..s, \ to the
expel an early stage of
sj to Mr. Calhoun, a* Mate's Attorney development. ThatSoaringtfown barber \\liu wan uMorned, to nskhl

+i and stated in him that in view of the dient whether IJ" 'vlrhrd i bin t.'an.l Staple and Fancy Groceries
"rut to look terrible to or ,
actions of the grand. jury HI certaincases your currny
causing pain \eifht I and aclachf. i Is amiable' to > our fri.u.ls! trrltu run! xttruj
would like In be
I felt that I relieved .
instantly relieved and permanentlyc Grain Garden Seed and Fertilizers.
a' .. lw j In coiinteuance or' jliuiant+ "ud dt- ,
of obligation "
) my secrecy by its u..e. Unclr nil circumstanceit ."
inn re
: that my friends! might know what position acts. in harmony. with the t bOCTU FIDE bQCAKE. j i t OAINE8VILL.Z. FLORIDA
.. '''lIlia IJJ IIarrl! cn. clergyman from
I took as a member of that b<> ly female bstem. Itcorrtctis whom one iinlUM mum J"'C'I' at tii' alxI Highest market price paid for Chicken. Eggs and other Produce.A .

.J with reference to those cases He th... IrregularityfSuppreecl .
I: te Mil rrutury. rt fer! < to some of the
'' stated lo rne that he fully sympathized or Painful J'f.rlud"",. Weaknesnof .MI.M of beards at Unit perlr l. If a.
: stock oT Corn Cotton
Complete Hay Oats Flour Bran Meal Seed Meal
t'r, and concurred will in,* in my Idea, arid the! Stomach Inclif.- tion, }Illoatr. Ita.... happeneil) to lie "j'latter.like.'' alone aDd Kre. W- handle only the VERY BEST goods at the LOW.

If that though it might possibly t be some ..r. Nervous" '" Prostration Headache. i / "lender' Ixunlwould, make It f>o.>irj EST PRICES and guarantee satisfaction always
+ General Debility. Also I
violation of my oath as a grand juror' the narrower. If It le wtiiMel beaked .
-- -- --- -
- - - -- -
'f he would not only advise me to stale Dizziness Faintness then "much hear l 'frn the < h..eke.r

,.t I held Extreme Lassitude, "don't-care and i will inn kt' te owner Inokt. like n lowdl -
and action
:: freely what opinion

'' 1 )had taken in reference to thn....."...*. .. Miiit-ti, irrltabilltv-l'e-left-alone, IUTVOUSIH-K" ftelinf. ,. .excitability .If"tpleshiiesa. - |i I Loudou..d hat Standard and "o grin an a iroo.e."- B. F J 0 R 0 AN FIRE, LIFE AND

: but that so. far at lay in his powerwoiiid llHtuleric-y, melnncholy or the I ACCIDENT
fj protect me in doing so "Llue." and "..c.kll'h... Tliese are

d Tin was the substance. of our conversation tire !Indications of I..IIII&J..I&kn.e.s., I BUTTER WEIGHT.What . THE OLDESTAND
., ----
some dfrungfiiicnt of the or ulI". Fr
upon that occasion. =No part I ....e (flu..T. rr ranted Prom at'1.11 INSURANCE BEST'
r of the report" circulated has any foundation Kidney Complaintsand lo a I.rurrry. COMPANIES

4: in fact ItncUaohe of rtfhrrf.c the V" f'ta- I I I I.l\e and U-uru 1 ht.ird u rff].(*ct'' .

I am not the advocate of soy of the tile COII'lMtlln.ll"| uiieipmll.-il. able liMiW.iiK, moth IJ soul, uiaklbi
candidates for the olllce ofOt"t.f .. Attorney You onnrlte ;\11'''. I'inkhaiu about i I I ptirtli.t-e: .. for the rUltHl.r. nay to tbegiiK'r
yourself in strlctcst! .f.nth".I" "He sure tti. g.te tor butter '
an! am making no efforts to PORTER BLOCK GAINESVILLE f f/ 1' #
J. secure the election of either of them L1VIA E. fl.XklllH JILO. 10., L,... _s..a.P..ople I ,, (.J.t. III"'". fur. I.\ .. l I.'u a long time
'u"t.r of j ourn." "C 'rtaujlt. :Mr l> *. .
I am opposed' to use of unfair methods - - - -- -- -
?. Ma<'1-iren," he ri piled oh-erilj. ".\ou
and when they are nsrrl. coupled Favor Castro. are tntlthtl to It If any our It."' \tt Take The

with my name it is my duly to state N f'W \'.'rk.1: .i). :Tl:1 C'tirloK II PI 1. i she bought: uo butter Atlantic Coast LineFOR

j the truth. it exists J:11..r.1.< cnn...ul t?<.i>..l ia! "t \" 'n,'/ixli i> ""'I.ut l I. butter w,'Ir.llt i : ?" I Inquired.

May 91. < 11.-0' 'tiuDR. : >. In thin' ntnnd. has re'crlt'.d iti.> fed ul.eu slitluid. gonv..: ""'h>.. that t'a Just ALL EARTHLY POINTS

1 litntiiK. <'aM *tcrnrn tr"lII'lIh 11I"'adt.: u little ....I. *. hainl! out to "('111" of

"* .. our old iixtolner." s.t.i.1 the call."(iiiut,.
,..r! CAMP'S MISFOHTUNtS. CUIMCNI| Thti |t. mi xtratordlnar. *
"lli"t. nd of makliig nl. exact pound of v:1. "'!. VIa Yia.
A'h"IIII' uf t'h. |p. <>pl> In tutor ufCnotro T
vt soy thin; they l l-ii\' wi. ma We It u frartluu Dutwet "&>O P. tit O. 11T + DultOlI\ or
Lot His Mill and House by Fire. and Thl si III"! to ImlUittt 'that North 1 h East t Sooth
1 or or Stesnsbip. /rSI
/ "\ ,r. width tit .Ii l. s the-in nearly .1.c..It alt
Had Logs Swept Down River ((It.IK ral ('a. ,,, will fnltow up tin I J..<.*, cu.e J.uaouWe Uu Moeurome .
to tlt-ntl.. Of roue e wtare | iirtlculurtu
pr milinn | Mn72: at a 1.41 tuna ,
a', Dr 1 H. .'. Camp c.1 White :>prings.president .: el&liratlun." Vtc-inrla.. 1"'Ir..t \r : let tires *>.... thure gut ting/> Lowe Rapid Transit and Unsurpassed ServiceTime

I' of the K J. .\; It F. CampCompany HKIIII w h. n he ma'!"' the fnllnwing.tatwnreitS i data. thilr looney t worth. Leone wk -
:ri.' one of the largest lumbering .1.{ tin'ir trash l '
"Wht all <'IM/" n of 'h.-
I 1 i.<.\t u..W.tl I b,..w' the store tuiide uj Table in erf'ctpril 16, 19Oe.>
V f manufacturing concerns I in the r"I"lollt. think and nut,' nI a" th.- n<>
fv fur tilt \trii au.'wnurr.:i "That deitdi
,; Estate was at the Hrown House. \\ ...I. bU pru' .1''1.) ..f AriiKii.i .10.! I shill Klit'l': Depart For (i 'lSVILLE=
. the r.I.\ ,,. Arrive From
.' > star i I.\ "but ii It I. utrl ___ _
nesday.Dr eturn tu the f t' I < W. of the trail I tlt'II't tliti.k' ut n
-- -- -- 3:511 I' m High and lot.er. 2--
Camp Is surely playing In "t."rtl.r 1'rUIK8 1 mDally
i ought to ttl) e\ e'\ t"ty. r<'rhap4otht
luck" as the gambler would eipressit Following the Flsp.' ; .r uotoini r. ii. .! re short weight" x Sun_ __ mediate. l'oint. i Daily 2' Bur

;: Less than a year ago his Inftc..itl.. When our so'dlers' went to ('u"" and I "!f they d... we .I"'t' let 'rn, know It." 12 ::40.. m Ocala L..Lur and Tampa and 2.66 naliaily

( cent sawmill plant costing thousands the.. I'hilii) 'pines, health was tl e must Maybe: jour i pr.tw are Just. a fractloii Intermediate Points Daily p J

r. of dollars, was destroyed by tire, but Important consideration. Willis T <'Err the itiHrket'?" "Ne,.r' We .

wa. rebuilt and made. more 1".1"1t. Morgan: r..ttr..ct Commissary. "-eriseant sell: d..II'r tint r alivtMMly." ":Mn\lr 3.oOprn Jacksonville 12 4OpmDaily

i. throughout About two weeks ago: his{ I f' ::0A" uf I Mural! K-mte: =No 1 1._ qua1..1.your'! giants, are lulo'rl..r't. that be __ ___. Son_ .' Ea.t and_ _(Vest Daily
,'" elegant residence. which was' consul. ,',',n'"I. S tI. .aj. : "I wa. two I Ih'fo'rrlr. lo n il.1.101'. ry. I irarnt.Ithat 11 :16 a m lI'ngh! t.'Il'rin'' Waycro.. t.arannah. Brunswick. a :10 p m

"R. ered one uf the tlneit homrs in Kior years in lobs and t <*u tears in. the Luster "I,;t.1 ._ 1111 iillimloii to a Daily I Albany Atl.ata all Points North East West I Daily

Ida, fell a victim. In the fltmes.. and a Philippines, and t brink, subject" to custom .>f ..Suet ul: 4vnt. -.-n nr ,'I ltrtitoillms -

few days ago the S'lwannre river. upon ....hI.. I took. Ilr. XltiK's: =New |Ih
:: which his mill I. ..., .t..tL r...e fifteen cry for t'onsnniptu>n. which .kept me of ,.'ltto'r. |1..1.1.. t "ti the ground that ,I, Rochelle. Mlcaouf' and Citra D.ilJ

e feet In ten hours, ,broke. Ins "boon .'' ill perfect ealth: \n.1 nuIn New the water tnI .iil.l soon e..nKiraled | - .

and released about 3.usl. > lu.:.. agg"'- II anti>.hlr.) we find it the best medicine aL" using, the p"'in.'t down" tf slstevnlitfo 1. .4 --- - - --
p m
1.jCt; gating In value between /E t (I.)i soil I III the world' In. ooitiih*. cttltls.bronchial (. .. Ill S'-ot'nir' troll weight It"a'rig.ty.be Daily Palatka I 2 Daily rn
.' tu twitit.i" rfbt: uno 1'M to the
I troutilrs and alt lung diseases
i'uilitil' v> a. u..tl u t.uyl1.r butter
I'amp I. surely etj..erieinrlnichard (iuaranleed at wll l druasisis': N.,w furl .1'r.sa.a. -- --- --- -

lines when it come to misfur Trice tv: and II Trial. bottle free Interchangeable" Mileage Ticket, good over 13.OOO miles of among the prir.
tuns, but h.. I. out tit .tl.I'\lr..1 eial railways the Boa them H tales, are on sale by the priaeipal agent
I l':.rl ....rwtk.l. Through Pullman leeer
Everything: "un.It for the lst 1 I Dissolution. Notic. . | Port Tampa to New York via Atlantis Coast
In thenrl, .J. s of C-MlIfornla' the Line ; also via Atlantic Coast Li* and Southern Railway:
have been taught" he saidV. built The 1"o'j artner.hip. >her.tufose -.t- dautl.tet of the I 'ICON were sought lu For complete Information call on

1 anew mill belter than the first un. h'', t...t....... the "nd..r.' II..s. under. marriage t>; ttie :I.f-t fuuillle uf the J. A. GOODWIN. Ticket
Agent. CUIncsvlll
;'i My house has been destroyed. but 1 1am I II.firm i ante and style' of the dailies. slat It was a t......t that they were add r...

t enjoying home life. In another noquite title. llotiling\ > \Vorks. in the city .urttil In thin,. Braille, as wttn the fKANK :; BOYLSTON.! Pi., Pas.. Agt.. W. D. STARK Tn... ra... A ...

/ ... line and comfortable, butOOltlfurtable <) ; : h.. tern. .1..1. : t'J ni ,- >t>utitf t ltlt'. r I 'ubn el iKuacloallrju.. 181.> A'. .y at.. A.tor Knilding. Jack.onrill., FU.
t-4-liiw: lu Sa" 1.11.1 'ht..ti t>n the urea ', R. J CRAUt; Pastenger Traffic ",
f enough fur the | resent hiss consentlr .I it I'.. i is retiriuc.. "ilmincton. N. C.
.','a. of n.. birth .n ilaUiCtiter to the t
I and I frel) like. we are iiiini to pick'" "I'| End \1 J V Ur.."'.. wl : c -nlitiue the j --- ..--- -. -
I.u.- askr.t ter
.tl.er for th. hand
It uu.sl of the timber that .. .. wa.h..1 businrst at the .me stand under. the uf the star .ul t..1 t l.ro..t..1II h..n the, '

.:- away by Iht- breaking. of the txtoriir t .%tne firm name uf the .i.inrstillelUillling time a nit. to ful l the titrot ttetrnor'ta

) >uu see. I am ....t Ih half .. harduck It \\ ua.. stud will a...ime .11! ..,-.,,"1 l-r > illlnrf Ttit ..-eUJtUtfly ATLANTIC

... .. it would, serm anyvaj. outstanding indrtte.Ior..d | and all .t..ui>t ltr.i: *i look, ..I.c* Tt COAST LINE
I'elaun..1 *" the 01.1't.! t >dt !
w. him J tl, !' .r'. child icrew up ti* I.*. an intelligent si

Death| From Lut. ,*.* J H its. .s. well .. altrwctls..unC wucnan, tu ir

Nevrr '..I1".n tub, try drrs...! with' ttainrsvitle' Fla May ill' its! tWlls rtr-t her tvtr>(l>v.t soul tvam* the
M Uiotl.rr of mans h star, am.>Q< tbvrr
HuctUii'sttitca. '1.l e Its .l1tl('.. -
tie sot{ IrallWK irtieflie. prrsret Viet, .........,'C.. "t.MabO '; a.lalul..n; / THROUGHSERVICE.

11.II''u"t'i i .. aM liter*. 1'trt'a. I'1... n rhco \\.t City D>IIChr/Cue:.: 5a.:

haul' lt.......eliterstlle. N \ writes. i 51 .'f 1'a.. ' h. 1"1..1 f., \\'. h.v. a n. her of .*,'f'I.' s pf

It cured .th tlurcli ..f hi. place, uf j ct, 3si..n has 01., "...i fns .tI. : aft 1 "' UU'II't turret for .
y .1.! at Th.
i the l..t ... ttinbar., 1' i I' .. la., ..
"*: tore oil his ..a I r\rt I t .p..I 1"111 c.f.te It a handy, r.frr' 'nc.
saw "ur.. cuts, Mouuds h.a. slid "CuV" tit' "nI.1'e .55.w I_" .' .
I t> o 4 for Lwior.< and 1.f.'D.1' !
ors w ai. al nets rl" t. I 1 "FI.1' \
> drug: l irrwva 'mPI' ..
'it.'ft. .f
t r.e.l.t t.
..p"h'J la''. I' h .n I. . ' w ,h .tr..., sad a... t..r !"r'f'. !t.edu... s CHOifK: .
.. .
Mt. St "+ 1 h., ..1 h"r .t', t ca ? ..I I .x..lt .t y.-u I..,. w.h. t''.r ,tgent) Between

tl Npl. ilhslaud t,5 the .alr.nse wsntt : .\\'Kr'st :.I L; i.. t.v alit ..\I='L "ILI.E

''rr His H, air J .tout .! ;. \l ..t>ahttia .. ..
1 uri o.e tuna? PIa .DouW sit k.y.
yet tad r..H>u> lueli&e >'. st f a Ue. Hair Gone ') J' Ttstn .-s. *t .l b.ir i U

tu the Mtarrtstv >...t.. ", .,a.c ; I rt 1 lid" chef '* *U" sot Errors(C r n.'. teesu may t. i : ,ltl..j from
Owrdt....Ja> h. t..u, ...J .... ... t "' e f' J,.., .rn. "tewa trO T1, t91e,
.writ lo o 'or*.* !MkriiVTria .'b a. j Hary. If *our hair I.1 f s' aj c..t. m-r.
w t .I.! t'.irtrk lt.i.y< al.! \t.y tI..r'I '. It c' r, .ss fa. a f .Its ... c.rrs4sR4rvY a"J rt,s the 6 s. r _ft .f. A. (li f U 0 J >)> W I 5 Ticket

J'rJ U. a .- _., ..J anti aI" Sea> f. rc > p tt s1t! a r' .r rr. .* < .' Airent. j jI

+t .


.... '- ..". ........- ...-:- .--, .... . ..1 L, sVikfiti2'i' ....... .,...t". """' -- .... --....... .... +""'"':' ..... if.I '" ;;."-.. ;EI" ,...:.". ..'1.1... -... ;:' i+ ''1to
; irv. ; y ': : J
.. ..
-Jij . "
::0- .. . .. .. .. : '''' < ; "
..:. .. '...... "' ..... ..'.. .''iOI --I \ ...... ", t ... ;[.. .....1 { ... ..,r."J 10. .' 'i.t'_.. ". :',



______ ____.___ _ _. __ ._ u '.
----- n
--- -- -
- ----- --- --

WORK\ ON STREETS TIRED OF LIFE I, San Eleven lo'rlnc-b More ,Victims Ma1;of 1.-Th'Quake: -.,- ; Stop Think Investigate !! it

matn of eJe' 'ofOn n i>re \ .,"lnl" ,' "'' ,.0

KEEPS FORCES BUSY tlr.' ha\e: > Seen dlt-,... .'r.',!. !dr'nisi-: ;

'::1.. ,1.,1':1 l : t I'-t! at the tu,. ":11'> un > I' >

_ I '1"1' d\v Col'. i-i, ani 1 11'I iC i\ '
.. Block After Block of Granolithic >K v 'r und! In T tu" <
-' i '! ' '..rd .tr K" -

,< Sidewalk Being La.d. !..-. 'ier., :..Ii.n"tt of ' tnlt H ,t tail i

Pains From Woundon l Lit-. PAID FOR IN 10 1-2 YEARS AT $7.50 PER MONTH ,

STREETS ARE TO BE PAVED Foot-System A"!' Run Don "if lvi!< Sfimbler.: a i : : ..r.it \ "'ar: -. - -- -- --
'>!'I. !M* wtfo. Oella ::1' d,'.ihTKotf .
After Six Months' Agon>' Not l''> >oar* of ago ": I i'.Itll't.: : ... *

Owing to Construction of Sewerage Able to Work-Completely Cured nl.'('... :Ml** Fannte> 1l''r.. ;2:.: \ .'a; -a Over Half- Million Contracted in

Work. Cannot Begin Now. But It Is of ace 1'1 i l.t. Pfrh! tel'_ -ikon from hi* i .
Ultimately Intended to Make Gaines- btuMmc' i itnl'1..ntirtv. t Tlir' rotmvln* {
I ,)f t'in, Chlneoe w ,"rt' 'tt""'" fnitu tfc-, Loans in South Carolina
ville Rank. With First.
i CURE BY rube In "bln.1t.wn. 1 :i e remain of ,I

Work upon the streets of Gainesville FYuiK P-iio' ,taetlt.I T \' il' i'r. ...r.' ,I> r -- i I'y taking. out a Home I'.irohniuat t4

continues to proflres* nicely HnJ it CUTICURA REMEDIES f' un 1 In .\ \.it near: >'I 1 ptufOiUcoT'IO i.
will not be a great while before, our cannot '. >.lv .if .t nun ','> '*f I to herr *3 1lt 't until. you t nve ptid: 'ti *'".', you ure rile t1?

city will rank among; the first of the "Word !'peu,1! : : \hh'\ on'-t:;;h ,.,(I. '.k I "..ineM! w f"nm.l In ttur $ r!> S&wi: ; I Kitile t.' :i >ttn .,1 tl .'wit\ tn by I I.anitc
II for the I'utieuru Ht."n..tw". f u.. i I' '.v' s7: o
> t" "f :.t! ::i Third! t* or bumnt ** *e 110 *ixortwelve :
State in the matter of public improvements seventy-ten ).t'UN 'l':} ,P, M I : V 4tjf X>: pia MIyou
oL.'f"i'l'l' '
in this direction : tt ..U run: I, :. X'' /, !* ,c *," w I moiitt t.) pny. in the mcearyfJ .h
While it i* HUt that the etreete r d..'"> n. Mj' bi.! ...Hl Pif: -enees! H 'v ,Arisen.Vtrt :/" :* jf .* 'N Kk. ;filer"' : : ....hl.'" i Ia oredited tit you when ,

for the present receive much 18n.1 r.il ".,* !0 1 haul til.it in,l. U r.. :Mi(= : I --.\, \ k.'ew.'re I 'iiirF.f", -. the luilii i* vu-tie .leas Il H for expenses
i-i'' Iol.,1 |p i>t.oning rt.\\\ .> I by the !
i:nor Fnipre.of <<* I Jt ih
tention from the standpoint of avitiR.; t .. deed,
i 1.-.1 1 ha.lI 1
"' in. L
.I lapin whli-ti: .irrlx' T'I 'i. -. 1 tai fr mitht
owing to the fact that the seweragesystem \ .' :-.il I tiuctora. : '
t 1'nt !O"tenf That differ: ; + h.t,1 I :jt'"" ..
i I. being down a tf'n.hHot tilt" lit) .
now put .
1 hu.illy 1 w deal of work i* being done In the mt- the h..efital. ul.rntii J.\1',1r..' rt Jdent e' .rat l in K.rea I .

ter of mdewalk, I wW :".1 I up f.>r with f.-r.'nce.e f.t th.. ,'ntrtattitntii >f p'w. .R'! ..' br-.aa: r& ,

A large; force i i. engaged in cor struct- two month*. My I J.iroh :":.'111 IT. thr .\In,' i 1'1: o.Ipl'.,11.( *' I _, __ ...; w .V.M .VI \ ?

ing thene granolithic: sidewalks along I foot and ankle! wino Boring" hi* rl Nlt tit S'''>'ul :Mr **< hitT

each side of West Liberty street aid I alm rerogmtHvi.t Lt."r..1' l irk .,:* incited fit :i hl1"'I.i : \\ito.tu 'li' fF r:
within the next: few months, at the Llornl flowcvl lout of wouiul* in tu mynlates reslbnt fc.ener.it b,'ln:: 'ti''lIlt.1 1 TV' I t.rar"I"t'' I HI :.IN l I'.a+t :\In:4t( / North (Oame.vil. ( "'1"I

present rate, this elegant: thoroughfarewill and I u.i !'<) tlilurteiuil that rp..II.l nf general: the; n I,In--! ;i. I 1) 1'. .1 \4 KNO' : stHte M.111 Hirer. t
have walk extending: on either 1 thought; surely my la..t d\.tllf' was nftlt..Lil r,.m..n.. rani. '.. the 1 Kit.-it:
fil<1\\I le: \iiig me. A* the f out did .k.'i 't-.. .
) routt in I a- l f.-)r : tiain.x* < f "i> I
side as far as the University building .
not improNe, \ <>ii i m n.nlily' itu.igitit tlro..111 Th' .N urt pll..t! ti.i' t !io UH.tl 'Mr'\.c:- t t.7r.EI i
As soon all practical work will begin/ ho1 foil. 1 Wl'* ...inl,!'l' thguMt. / l A
fumtlina : ". Its
purely p
on paving streets.FOURTH anti tirtnl of liftI ftixwl tlaifi.| .
which was tlroadful. for t-ix month*. -- - -

OF JULY. anti duriiig! tlu* tmio I \\a"lIot: :t1.1 lo to Cured of Bright % DijeiseIteii : F :OLTTTO ZSr & 00.I .
wear H hoo und not jiM.- to work.
I.hull, 1t.,111 :
\ -o..rlllltll. *
:'on,1" one "' |lwiko t" me at suit ('sit i-
This Occasion Will be Fittingly; Observed Otin 'I'hecott..Ineneesw,'n* I l-.UKlit: lawrence ('u :X Y \\rte- I lint I

in Gainesville.It a cot. nf the t'nluuri| ItcnnilKof. kidtiryseas' : for tit illi ) rrt. and! t" I I :s A J'TKEJRS.::: :: : !
one of tny fruMul* who was duty .
for twelveJ
ha* been decided to fittingly: observe I then tr."I.t t hy phy' n a
gi-t. und the |'rti-o that 1 gio after
the nation' birthda) -the i\T.. ; r t'II.S taken a v... i "ki.i.i-n k',In..,
the M>ron l iip|lii-utii i* l I.-\ ondilexrriptioii I f'A
Fourth of July-in Gainenville. and at : it ...".!II..I It tnlr... I.H I.-. : ,n..I't.' I 'ItIl,1 I olher r."nexttea, thtt a.. r.. I ( s.eaer., ...Tsar ha. ..In.. nut and..', rur..n sad tom.ti" Cuii: ssds. ,
for thi ('ut H..I1..li.. tuok. 1'.e.re.uniao'l.a.i naa"er.aorpurtiluns r..r.'. ,,," "h..,,. ....a..b.r.
miuendid relief
a meeting of the Hoard of Trade H day l'lIra i ere but vo tut !tint .. ,, .
.. .
1 r .C!' .1. urar r Mruu .p.. .d "lit.'I ro ......In.. ,1"1"11. OD pI
or two ago: the proper committee wereappointed. etT.Tt iinmotliatoly. I'ii-h..I: the, f.n.t .. 11-1 ni; I l'ciley '.. Kidi.ey. t*..ireIt. ; ."........ ,.te. .dln'. I II) ,h. t"a11ed" !O 11.1.''
with tin Cutiouri = I..f..n' npplx log I (
vwip !
It is proponed to make the .. ... rust. half 1..lltl.,1; l menu.Ifinirbittif
tho .
Ointment. und l I tiM.k., the! IN- .itcut
day one which will long be remembered nt tho same tin,... Aftr (\\ terubie LI') y
CA..I ESV'1..r..LE.:: FLOE.: p..
and full particularand, ( a ron ment mv foot si.: h<-.ili.d| "1I'1.1.r.' .1 1\.. ,1.*.-"... J r-: 'iir,' i t.cnii t akI, i ,1t'rlry'a

dented program will appear in 'I'hrShit I l'.-opl. le who\ had..-..n mfmit. y (?urr I Iv it'I to maw.nter .' I .. .
illiu-K* anti! who h.itMt it MtMth *
n <
of III II*,,nit .-r.r, fif'f ...tl tni/lutr.I.y I
tomorrow. "
I Cum, can hardly !1..li.| >\t> t tin irnwn etc*. TELEPHONE .
I "Holurt :"M hiM'nh:nit'r. :, Mill I Ili''llIt. ,,"I pM...ed t !h', .k'II..t! sot.. .EAST FLORIDA

Mr. Ott Passes Away. i i.tr. Aug; _1 I. 1'f>%. .. Nowbiirgh, N. Y.I vlMiiCt' ant s,'"I..t'II"' "' a it shiny _i.t I' ,
>ut in* ,r'.l I .. .. ,. lleail, iniiet .ulii.-.1111r, I I lik. I..II. >|NIi.| ItrtiMii lit" and Polpli' 11JA1'e. b bIIi.
.lit' t.t i li.e
tieorge; V. Ott. eighty' year ft Ti.1tt> : ;,. ..,, :: : ,, t:: : (:Ities:P: :;., stauee I relieve I 'lit' h ive theta', !. ,if'
age died at the home on 1'tlmetlo ave I I r.mt not taken I'ule) K al ,..-J ( ur.
Kat (1ainescilie. at 7; o'clockTliiirday '! : : I J U :\1.11'1111.\ I'.. I ('"1111'.'' hI' ....IIII..t..IIIIII.. 'ii.If Itte t..II..Wlllo 1""lIt.. RIII huuttell
lie' :
.t turn 'iill tt'akr. noley hy .11I1l &I..... lures., its Iran.aetuly. husir.es." : ..t
morning after a brief ill- -- -
I DrltlaS Ship AaHore. .\ ',,'hllt.. I.HI..h..r. ; ." '" .l.nl'rn..e. Ilie'11.11.. t,
lie**. Ieeeaed' wn a native of Ohio, !i .\ ,.. F..nt \\'tlll. .I.'i. ...II&JJ.II..t.u 1:.H'ky (1'.lllIt. .
., J.1I111 .linl.( : Kim: : Jtay: ::1&| (Itpr, t
but' has hern resident of Honda forseveral \* *uiiini'r t me ( tar'ti the \.1.11.,1.. IatrhstsAs. \liolunly H.IIII....
I :MaJ.' .. ... ,
y' ale lt fill .Montaicii U .-.h..r.j
yenr. lie came with his family th.night. of vti>ati,111 tt.u very 'n.u'l. Kiau't Iirove I'tils. \1..llIh. &Itet .
1 a' 'It.t"r I'olnt 'I'he! I ha'.It'.1IiJ'| !I.I I. H" ",.,." lI.hl"1"- ", ,,,,,,,,, ITu.'k. Iprloi('.
from I.iwtey to ( isnreville! I about : \\ e are apt in our eeking after l Iris-
I i In ,t had pxltlon She struck' ilur ";""IJ'"III./ IIaynr...ntlh" \I"r'.IIO". 1"11..1111... t.r l
eight month ago He wa. a member: i tire in fn'get that there are .iirphli f Inn .s .1..oJO fait The Montagu I* itI i ifwln t'"".. It seibioris, . ".llItI..I 1''s't'mt. .

of the Kpworth: League: ato a prunii-, I to l"e Ih'ught nr and eared for .\k ..."t.'w. hiltlfcMtl of |II .1.u.. t.t '1' "It. ill.t. 'iprlntis. \wwhenry Tyl.'n.

1I."t111'0" anti the funeral ..ervsreM the iiperuitendenta nf onr orl.t all'. t I aft u'h.',1 I f I the ,'harm.I n.,. t n,, 1 11.11" J"ti., of. ir'tr,Ke l.lae. ...( t. A
( .nh'r' . .1'11.t., .be 1'.1..
' user "
will be conducted I I hi.* ninrniiiu at 10.3o: hnine. "'lilt"I'flllt' etception, thtv roti'I'M' '! t I.. Thf.ina-. H.iu-I .. f.,1 i i I.,. r .
I' unrnn: .rl"sP'; i t'ra.ne 1'trrk 1I..t'HI. ,:
o'clock under the ailpioe' of that fraternity Will tell you t hIt the I 1"r.I..t,, | Irate ill I r. .rll'IId.i r I..>.if K.* I:. H /l',"' ', t to k. rkC.. ., H.'Itf' W.,'iliteiA

with Her T J Nii'in' of Kav.auaiigh the jear. I. 't he yoixj c.l.t' .tillllliertime

Nlethodit Church n* pastor in rrnvKion. ket .Moe.< and T.... To...o L'>*.. Of fire

charge of other e..remnulra The interment money soereer ti.l It i 14 a >plrni d St Itll'f..r""I. 1.Ma>. :' | tI :

will be in Evergreen. cemetery lime t.. Ilietiitier the orph.n* tto..||. I rti.,1 nit| I1141 .shot.t..iii It of M or" i ABSTRACT & REALTY COMPANY

i When the: wheat crop O'>M,.-. in. *end t tI' 'I tif*<,la)' uf r i/i : >rk.. hut". I' n"> .

eceaed vurvived' by" a wife "'lIiJ'': slnthlrs" t... be tested t liy the 1..I"t.* fifouK: under. ..n'rul..rr..r l s i. 1. .,pf .
: Inn sc h"'I.., 4 haul I (tM *n roo.tin'," l I nau.: .Ju..c..rt
one on. 1C. V i >it. ..ho.* employed. of the little | eope The, ::il nf the sr.
.. rk. '.m. e .rut I. .rvl. wrr."' : ,.' I', .
stenographer: in the otll.*e nf the D'lt- I Thomuren Orptnrmget* 'ild et .. ..-f. E. E. VOYLE. MGR. ;(
f.! "* i'sh...It !. ". ..-.i. with &In*'ic .in. n ,it .
ton I'honphate Company The yrnpa-" AI) tll.nI,1 b>i.r>>eU of wheat, for the I ,.'" ... .\''.&rl'
thy of the community i t* ejtenled to Inet.thbornl m II m.ke* tie gift of A.imty. Oir manager ha. lived 'In this .ouiitr thirty ,..rs sad ',

thi. family __ __ _ wheat a* acceptable a. ti' >ur .\.t... "NO CUHk. NO MAY" ,. thoroughly. e.inver.ant with land lltl*.. ;

for money. poly >*> will care for a little
Masonic NotIce. t1Q".J W. McCollum & Co .II?| t.,-
and tl :2 ) I
child: fir. fill tn, ere are
The member of e <** '...1 for here eimal. the O".r..rt Cure E. E.VO y: zE.

1"";n 41. K .* A M are r+ <) c "I KIUK .ICCIDK.sr; HUUIII.AKY ANN I I.NI= ':.MMrY& 1 NMi; II.* Nt'K: ltrpre.
a..emble in their lodge r,">rn at 9-:1t: : i rhanaue. < ':inton. C' .t.d rnonejrtn J U M.*('..oIl'ln.e..> I cc. %t. ..r.- .eating k nutnber 'if |>r.,miti.i.l Arnrlean' and KntflUh: 4onii-aiit. .,

thi mcrnmu far the purpoe of Interriug H.. ". \Vm I' J.co.% at the came II u tl to!T.r to mke in nut rr..l. rfifie KKAL KMFiTKM: =" ) OITV t.OA. N31tLnuwvillo ;

with Mar nic honor our late place' : .to.t will| | I,. of h. Kfe..1. lit valve / : : t J elnr-td.R 1'
H rot her. lieu V Ott. Interment will' to :ashy

be In Evergreen: cemetery Hy orderof I Th. Court ,is Quiet i t 10' ....n.. ye' ,. 1 W' '1.'I"I I .\

W H HJ..I" v W. M.KlinKKT The, I..1! grand J'JPJ ..mpnee|| .lan i'1). have t>..", w : trhlrg/ I he re. I* Gainesville & Gulf Railway Company

M I. C'f BLl iv.n. worn in by tKi. .r.I"1! term fOrt fr?rn II.J... of Hjoiriei.. a irtin.til r;

t the co'iri. hr... 'is pet mde r)o re|>ort.hen Inn rttfrh thatnfr. t.y heel>, if

Notice .porth Leaguer i ?..- there 10 ithinrf : '. l h e *ai>l alnngthe melu*.t.tl air. attol.itely" .0..1 any THE FRUIT & VEGETABLE ROUTEOF i

Member of lh. Kpworth: League ar- .. The . ,
Im fir eo-irt new J sty t') nacti doin. The reult hsc.
requested to m..t.I 1>) o'clock at the however evidently. received/ the t teen .'. ttnivertai.y .>......f.l; I' "!

llaptit church. 10 attend the funeral charge! of Jude "-I. especially tratectlon i they. feel torfl.d'o. makinjf a pvh.le Tim Tabj .In ..,.*, \-l.r.-d Tft, 1..1 I vI

of Mr Ott to tw h.,1: from the family which .aaf*.ted that they I Ter I.. treat I... worst ..... of eaiarrb ,i --

residence tn tact Gamev.lle, at I" ":*> hoild\ Ant ta.fc; Kf....1 jury business I fit; f .*mvil.e W if, > h. unj.r.te. i USE. 'I

o'clock IK M f Kt-.v outside of the ,..irvil j j'lr r'Dn..ilh, a at.I' It lIom. d'_. ..... eon. H. ;' S. 6 S'ft. a. :fr,. |. sal. ,. j. :
irrrmmtioti a1 eaeh mefntwir. III a. ....Im.nt wi'! -tJ.' .1-t.l I/ U'
Stimulation Without Ire 'tafio.. mv'e 'is the proverbial) elam It I* The. r...,'tlar fly" met ....Ifli .....t. only I'I hi; :H-.n ( t:. 'flIa ,,"

In e.*e of loniai-h sod liver. trouble ., tt.ot .1.! <. l>..t the J.jry .is ".I Hinc one dull.ant ...,... .!. of a beat t-..k- '

th. proper treatment I. to tiniUite. every gram. of .v lenre .DI'.t..I. .. .t inhale | KI on <- earn**! m p. I: I.. I'1 I.. A M I r Mift Ar. I M ArfVI Ar 4 M tt(

the.* or';an* ,Ihou' im.at tic them. thlldy .. t.k.n. ilmeiod( .lltr a. ur Vet pf eke( S m-t...*o dropper.. 'f .I. s ;!) .. ..n.a'.I1'1. \
Fruit aid di- _. If . I Itt I, s. a7; _..... .I.n.ts.u/. . 4 th 7 t Jl: f'I
)rino Laiativr :"jrop tin earl a tMtlt'ff l/y Ifs. I sot
I Itt :KV a ' . .... .. .. f '1'I. . 1 Jh 4 e.) t:
the liver sad ....,. bottles flf "
timu.ale+ h. es/r
ettoa and 'sol'd P."po..d. wish I r .t 18 ....1I..u' . . 4 7>. 4 HI
tmwe.1 I. withott irr.tatinit the e organ llyomei Nn b. i.fi'al*>.-U f.>r. fit ee.t* I It) '". I '.IO LU//ho/y.. .. 4 II "I' 1

. .. pill Of ordinary eathrt.e. It / .a Iw o.fartu..l. etfeoa.t.aees J \\. Me( .' .m A C" 1-1..1'' I\, |I") I|ilu J A (' I. C' ,.>*...., 4 1'\ 4'b

atvl i* ._1-1 11 t.* rt.* 'H of Mr 't e tremtMf ."f .. V ..... ... ia .i ;jjt \ I 4 'I", 4 iiily rti
do: O'4 not na')*eat or stripe soars 1. S r 'C IIJ"" J. ... . . .. n *vlU... . . a aI
.. I t !.> l.v 17 )1!.. i ( ...... . 611.11111
.. tae t.pworth: I..eu. *' .
ID'S plea.aol ti tate J. W MrC'ii- t'.. I sit ._./.,J..t. w "t" 4tr**>l'<<>ii* it the*
. 111
I t II IZ'. rt 1 I >- iii... ...... . fA (/1I
lum A CoSummer .,.1 l ...**> ... 'e hat* l....n k.W onTfc w .Ii 0 .r..114 t. It :t..y. I 1 J' 17 'M I......t i Ilels . . 1 Ar4A lt 'M
...... a.. b*.. iitS.fi. .I.
.'**lsy : 1 3* 17 It C..IIo4.a'. f'r'.siis ? . S 'Iu 4t t
tcwrsio: lists V.a AttsatiCCoast | 1e.tpna.'d FistU.r *.t.". . ..1 i eat s ( .* 1 17 a . IO-,. y Pointk'U . . .1. to, I') "
l_.e.. y tfce yrsy.II1a. e The Great Headache Cure, 1 Vft J 17 Ir w__ _... . eo.. . . : t 4It. 1.t, .r

Hammer e it 17 0) --.1.s . . 1 .A tit ":
tn.r .ieurioa p..t.. are ao-.D sal. T...". Are .w Bromo-Pepsin ft .., 17' Mft 'T ..__u. ." .., I Iii

vi. lh..ttts.te (. ...*t I.'.. >.* tr.Ll. _- p",4-' w !': .... eqw to tss. .. ,. or '. . . .I. . .. .. ..

to .Co. ..r qo..t.>> far rate s. 11.'_..ei.tit.. m1l.eily .1,. .',.t Ta. : Ji. Mis.tau i t. . 1 2ftJ : l
,IOf..rasl..s. ...- ,... ..,... tw .*< rru.** s. 7y .. . . 3U ,
".**' .'.oA' or a j Mauet, .s.,srtaal oI ..
liter I.
tl i an .. Iftart'.e,. ....... 3 t<> e M
u>aflt* al*> with t'.a f BafUtoc too body. H.rtna.i, i..p.1 ... t.....j i- Q P Hrduit, |jlUtUl a, 4 Vft I I) ........! ....... 21A r Itl'

trill !.._..rr Art Jsea.aav! '* '. l !: sap! .., .be T. .., ....,.. C U "CO !b. 21.U. )ftitttkt1stn ft* t 10) r,..."/..... 7 M 4 ..! t

I' ktri.s.. : rasr ..-4 hen ... fot va . sail 'I 4 'ft ., Ir wl.. 7 47 4 ..!
tr 'p.s. 4 AJ : t.. t... fi.aa>. '7 :*7 6J J
5.at>o.l11 Parlor Cars. ,..., sal dirt ., Iaw t-e.t st1.lse.' 1.t. : .: "et ..1'4.... Z.> S 14 i

Air u.. ,.,.. bats . ., o...s : ..,..)4 .at toe .itlla.I 14 &?Utu. ih4itlll i!.ttstlut.a ter V as PWA' rw t..AuL.rtt.v, 4 M
1k. s..sbOS'J 0114
.: f.v eI.Ir.a. .. Is ,. tee .. x.- ..w rise .- s
w _
,. ....__ 'a 4. ail h ca _ .w __ -
: .
.r io. ...... -
-. .... I r..4 is.I PO"
Titer M te./a 1.rr1aj 1r5J4) tilt Eta*. s0 ,... .. ..... .. J. BdVLLtM >t A (*.... IT******* I I asst J... will. av *r.s i.t ..B> O's..rvlL') :. s*.. r.h tf iktI. .a ......,.

.rsL.ss.tttils W aorsla4 Lra.:. ,..'. I II .. C.. r. 16 5" J. I G... s. vela ... C.... s.. 1i'.n.vss r. J l. >II.! CcTL&a. 0..'. ...rs. I.. IL, ....K.1R 7 inllw M'S r
.. J.......
M. . .
.,2.Jt.iJ.,; ......": 1',,"'.;;' ''i, .::)("'! '...l".1':' l ::'* '" L Lri 1, Ii?1//,",").1 ;;;"',: ;.. ,_ '" : :, "'...as, ;.-;--.,,.',.......'. .! ..t... ,' ..... -,. ,...' ..tq'1' ...:r2 ., .u'_, <11ft_ ,--l.r.j. : .::r .. '.. .1> .. ,, "'t ... 't '" ; ". ;1 k "i ', 'h (' ', ; "t.



-- --- - - '- - -

elt: gt"lt1t; N.iw that the-:aerate, --' ha pa..fd the I I There I I. no bet'er inrfes! to a town s I

railroad rate bill 'it will have time. to : than its newpa('*.r. If it i i. well

,, -ed sttbe l.-...t Oftce IU '..- Lrv..a.; T.... polytOotherperdingmr"Dr-' Among/ I printed attractive ':.n IT* make.np. reliable s If You Are Insured. :
1444 Ilaeeord-clas.ma'' cater pawed the I in it. news01 '.imnt, strong in .

,}: Hunt of C41".nl"t.. providing ; editorial comment but above all liberal s

H. H Mi CRKAKVJEfeSC . .F..c.t..r tll..I r.r.a trial a national hark may loan 10 Lne I in advertising/ ratronace. depend Iu a Company that i. Responsible. Hare a Policy Correctly 1
--- -- individual firm no / Written With Liberality of Policy; Contract and the
or or company it. nine case. out of ten that
. . upon
E. HUKTX car: t;>tlt<>r.T. Losses
larger a mm t'mn one-trnth tlf lu town is an t'OIt'.rin&,, :, uptodatetown t_ Psjs Prr.mptJy.. r"

M. PRE. V1TT.1-u| t. C.," loU"i irtrftuta.... car,nal .tock and one-tenth of its unimpaired ; but if the p'>* er took shabby,

.ur.lu.) but in no care the depend upou it the town ic .hat- ,y. fora You Are Assured
%L Ot-MCI 'OI Jt.in.-net "t.. TLLLVUO.xt3.2
eSK'= I. '
the capital/ tock. This bill i I. a vattimprnTement "o u.'. best mirrorBrethren .
(' TiI; ;: \ MM: t.uLluhtd; every tiicrtmiKCX* upon the present law of the country press. I That no tenant Joss can overcome you without, you have some ,

tfit Mundaydelftertd l I.y cutritr In the t.ity. or which irovtd" thit a national batik exalt your statiou "i,'o-j are the real 1 refufe. /
UBilril to my part of the until Mute*. pu tc."e
may not loan to any ont borrowerntor I kings and Your throne maybe 1
IrteturSatat fw.w >.< mouth.. $12!'> three queens.
t a.Onth.'ntb rtnl f." t\e T.. -k..-Mrictly iuad. than ob*>teuth of its capital a rickety chair and your scepterthe

,, waitReading-. clock( I I stub of a lead pencil but you rule Fire Life Accident and Health Insurance. C Coue

In thee (day of large bo.mi tram- : the world Jut the same I.o.al pohtician }- ,
nt.titt.I in total toluinn rncet.t.. H hoe ,
action, that limitation i i.< a hardship pct to despise you but \ but Heliatile! Companies Ieepresented..A. .
ty for Sat in.rttiuii Ami t.ttit: for r ".hiiutl>tic>r>alIn C
''ct MT lion.Kolr 10 the" bank, says The Wall :street they await the appearance of your paper t

fur diay!i iiditrtiiitiK\ tnaile known onapplication. Journal! In fact,' it has been a law each week with far and trembling --

which could not be enforced aud it isnecetrary . Evil doers to belittle
I may try .. 1UEC :N.A.N 't
that. it should be ,
changed;: oa dread
influence the
bat they
::1 The Twice i \t'tek *-ut11lII eight pe.yr. r",Iy. your ,
Column |''.ter| 1..I.It..d. every Motuiny mid I to conform tu the new condition oft publicity your c": umns vastly more Information cheerfully famished. GAINESVILLE, FLORIDA

" Thursday: ] end contain all the new of tI... I.ute.r, thou they will admit The influence
week, 1ci.1. "Mate" and K<..<">!. and will I* | U'liy the" Houe! of U<*pre.entativet and of the old home cannot ,
., of 'tntedBUIrnf.r 1 I' power
1 nailed, iotaie tree tu .ny t t the '
should] have arnendtd the bill *o a* to well, be ovt'r..tim"led.i It enters
t. <:I1.d.. f..r ,I.t.., )tur-111 HclvunirAH - ---
make it 'impo.*ihe! for a national bank the and woof, of the
into very warp'
of ndvt'likinK I.ill* l-totu I e--r: fcrtp lo loan to the full limit of O" -It'lith chIld ,..n'. lives aid unconsciously ES'rA.Ji3LXSElEZ: : xeee.

t |*.rMi>ce t.f iiil\ertiMni< tit. unless othtrwtM; I.ttJ j, of UN capital ptork and unimpaired molds much of their character' To
t ;>uluU) In corilrmt. futile% std known to u. ,
{ .urplus doe not clear. It H.F.DUTTON&CO.DEALERS
' there is deirab'eno : ,
will Ie tr'I"j''il to pay f..r .uh.lnlt.n ad-I toy no more
f{ vance. Addlt' ., '1111: I.AII..t.S., changed/ the bill .o a* to discriminate more enviable occupation' than that .

(..N..IL&... 'L&. MKamt the banks of small capital I ur the country .d.r'lr,. i Tu own his IN-

lock and of large/: urplu, although own Il"nt.lo have a medium for the

1A Secretary \\'iI.on wags the country it I i1a three. bank are among the strongest .'xprei.ion: i of his honest views. tu lock Sea Islar:1..d:: OottOIl.::: _

hare aid mo.t cOII..r..tIIn the cOQnn) I office and to be ,
hi. .t..nirJ
going to H record-breaking ("fI'I'1'| up every
this year The peammiat. ; will now t..... I '1 hi.. .ditfcriminatioii inipairea the. value able tn co home ar..1! keep company\

Kill to he anhai>py hecatise no big war : c If the. meavure. notwith'tandtnf its : with his family and with hill! books, to Sea Island] Cotton See, Bagging and Twine. Walrus

a I. going on and because in con'..( '...n:.. i ie.4 improvement" over the prevent law. return tacit mornirc to the office, to Leather in Strips or Sides.

. there can l h. no umiftial demand fur II' For |instance, a bank like the ChemicalNnttonal meet the ,'''01.1.| e wJioni he serves. to I'

? our | 4uicte abroad : of thin city, which has a .>ir- jut down the thoughts that occur to

I Ir..unahl. plu tlr over f:'.f
le eecrecy admit your owns I only S3 >.(4O.' instead uf bring able to'' from his eichann and Let: in commutiioii I Sea Island Cotton Gin and Supplies for Came.
k loan to the full amount of one-tenth
atTairp I. all r'' "t-tlla don't keep an II with other ..dlo", to perform GAINESVILLE, FLORIDA USA
"it It* mirplu, would be limited to 20per "
aid lutlf duties that
f .chi,:" tooth.rcret from the dentist ; the thousand 01 e
I cent of It. capital" lIol'k..o that
be --- - -
to him day to a -
or your first tinge of rheuniitlUm a come every powerin
udder! the. mearure, ,,. it now' strode! he arid
secret from the doctor or decire hi. community, *" maybe
; your
to cell or to rent. your hou.e n ,ecret it could. luau to one borrower only usually t i.. to be hi* > wit bos*-to my SEA s a ARIDAir
\oHi. while if there wet.not this
the idem. life bedt'.ir.d
this more to
. from the iiltiiiina of this. paper \' mind. i*
II dierillll""tlon. it make loan
might a
II I than the most exalted political
i of nearlr tWioCr"' to one' bur. ..t.lionicut'v'.r sloth of Kac-;:
More ga.olme engine will lie told |I rower The. evident intention is to Line Railway
I aa .
1. to farmers thia year titan in the 1"-1 j jcompeia: bank like the Ct..mic.1A: -

pious five year. More: will lie aol
next year than m the. )last t''n fear*. I': T.1 ... re serene, however to be nu fussprratItr plant in connection N tn their wat-r- . . FOR. . .
Th. nKint* hn. "nrrlvrd It in now
i it should be
reaxm why com work *;*tem Duniir: m, i I. .t p'rugressire -
rk In u.e basking thf rod of South!' ira
pelted\ to do this, The surplus I. it little cityDYSPEPSIA.
kota and i I. taking I'* .* >lac- et the ,
| much the capital or. bank as i II U j

hors rtrrywhere. capital'' 'tt>ek. .\ bank dues not -.cape'' Savannah Columbia, Camden Southern.
_ I IM
any taiatiori by keepitiK, It. eapltsll

"r ,., Julia Ooldxlrr I. at. the head of Mock .n.lI. beaue the taxation. i I. Pines Raleigh Richmond Wash-

x the groti (
who .re eir' .nUt mt; n petit on a.klr>Kth has been iirii'd that the bank should I I
:'fiat/tae Lks y nr wwBrf*! '<*.. ,rM," for ington Baltimore Phila-
' y mayi! lo n |>|>oint wom.i to the be cuiii|,ellrd to Increase their capital *..*.. in ,/h..nd, .. I...:. .. mrNr rir *l t:f .|4'm aea ,
r rMi soil. H. | .; i. I china .. word of |.,.... !.
|olir> furp Mr. ( >sudsier and her KKk t in cuder tu k'lve to the depomtur, d.....N.... ,l.....>..umu.th". (ortbvirwi....udrrf... ,.nl Il.d, n u>ran|x..".ition.b ..,... New

supporter. t..lii>vt< the woinrii" |oliir<* the added safeguard of the doub'e lt .Wlt In"....J..nsen.. a., ::..a.l ltI I I.' .Ih.,u. t..;:.t:.'i.'lasine. ..: delphia York.
... ,... ,.. .... -
t would have a i nod mural """c."t. They liability nlll the drpocitom are just. ,
.luu. Y.ta.swINuretere. .I.t.gClty. :f. I.P1 .
n would watch ."|''*cMally for II..h uffainllir :: a. strongly protectetl by big surplus

i who art caronvinK .Iul.u" they are by large capital, clock A'1 Dee? rorTM

thftn to r.!urn to their hotnr* the argument thai to permit bowels Two Elegant Trains Daily.

hank to make larger loan to single.

': In hrii.KliiK tip a child 1. teach it tom borrower will operate against ii,"

?1 .hf> friend ra.ily with uthrr chiU mall borrower and In favor of the taco. c.ttta/tttc Seaboard

.t dr.ii and with older |people| l a* wt>ll. beg corporation*, i I. absurd L'liiloubt* Express.

(%tirt*.T"kH lure and lant(".|ir.. i itnoct i.t :: ably to Increase the 'faoilitie. the has'

ra>ily Irarnnl |t"y the vouiiiir.1.1 I I lional bank In this respect' will rt.at-le

s Io> not follow' lti<* cout t- pursued lyon I them to accommodate more readily "..._........'.......1.. .''...."..'"Ntat'u"re Ts.e.nen4'''' _.S."... Seaboard Mail.
' the. riuirement of the large burs ..11 in .tar. 1 . .. .
; really vot.d nuithrr who Kirtlmr ; fI t lau' U L t:c..
4' ....ul..a to.Mr..rt "rot .., ".. .
r thiiuitht' and enerKT to the bu.l.nip. i. ti,nits, but it will not in any way aitllo. K m.Jy Cu., Ch.s.o vr N.Y. MS

of |>ii.hliiK her Utile ono in It* |. work to the disadvantage, of the small ANNUAL SALE TEN MILLION BOXES

t tudle.. while II,.. .cnild': ocat) traiti-. :; borrower. Their mull llloans will tr.Crlve .

's lag| I* badly tietfleotedA 1, a. much consideration a* ever

The :rnate should !.... the bill whict, I! MODERN PULLMAN

has cams from h.. lltiuae ur f Keprr: ...i.. EQUIPMENT
". man ..,. >,ie ha. found I'
I laltrrs.. amended. however. .o a* to DRINOLaxative
out how to grow a hu.h.lof) potKtoe -
give the bank |au totittle
'f In a huthel uf .."HJt.., ,In ratty. I I
borrow" tit an amount squal toto
.? day, and '* can t>e done /In the celUr '. Only Line OperatingDaily
| er Cent tu their combined capital
tl' or any other old place, No vine ., i u'' Fruit Syrup ,
:, and surplus. reKardlr.* of the sire uftheir Through Pullman Sleepers from Jacksonville
t'U.I'U trouble and it i. li.:rljr nut to New Orleant
capital" *t >ok
t pstatoe* With thi .ylviit of fcrow-" I I 'l*...nt to take

InK |olator every (anillf lit wiry I Th For full information
new laxative. Doca and ,:
One gallon: of alcohol will rriMtuce. eerer reservations call on any agent: Seaboard
city and town' would" te aide tu gfuw I i writ. A 0. JICUO ELL.
iwicr a s notch I'eht' a* a fallen of not gripe or nauseate. s. c. HOYLSiTON. Ja..
It* own supply) aid the r.rrn., would Asst. Oenerai. Paaaenger Agent Passenger
tre l test ketos.nr The farmer Cures Agents
have to guout, of the I,ulneThe .. can stomach and liver JACE ()S\"fLLE. LORIDA.
prottuce the alcohol while John I'l lI troubles and
constipation -
Kcv rfrlirr control" tre: .
i I aerene -- - --
t city ,.t ?-'r'rn. I'ointVl,. tau \\'hiCh hall we use* by restoring the ,

Loss t of one ""tu.", that i I. nut tJ''j I .. natural action of the stomach -
dilated r>r any of t it. tn-itth K.rini: . ... liver and bowela.ur :
Th i i. not a vacant h j e m %lad. }
l Htalv* Ten yer ...... John rrot.a sun say. The :Madison. t:nlerfrise ,' sale I bj J. Xc4'.lljs At'V.MENAhOWOMCN.. aySbolesTypewriter
, detour ,>f I h.. tutl. suit tart I tdi ''' ."It. The town crow fader that it can behoused

N .*..tined with the lr" ut fie! that

wet, on the nulrtrl..net |-.r.o..trdhi r .

,, cau't..r! ; to make the. d.ud arUel tI.. .r. of l.lm."I, for Catarrh ttij Irl ..'.., ,..t c.. ..,r..eat.,

'( sad truth tutu ..".U Urcntnluitha Contain Wrreuff .......
...... . .. ...
Jeveloied r .wT..... ... . .. ...
w an ludutlry with nearly a* ItirKvirj will *arely Jest, v ., -. ..". aNi
one ukdredroi! leon\ the lay h'U. 'I sense of small and ftxnplelrly .*e at>..e aa..aa'ts MM 1 p I.rw.e...... .u'\u: llJtftI: : .
who loan f ('ture : ..ra. .. uf tile. .the whole L . ..isi _. I. .Ii. ...._.
> a "| system when inter .: "tthruuih ...-. .....'... I- T lit: ItC.Tr
I: I'alrtut r.alh.r. fr tr . t ..1'' .art.
,..... .... teye..aocwaso ... U 111'U: :\ THE MARkET:
y ..atut... .i>d "C'... ai.<> the rare ."wol.. ...,akl rusts t.. usrd . >r, iMM

and rtpri.ltr trait..'. f rum It,e Knit |>r..f rl.|.tl.,n* prom r.puut'r'' j.. II Tabulator

dm .i.4 ttJ : :&.t. | h...anl lie! red i.ia.s a* the damat} e 11\., w .' it i. UnlYfRCAl KfTROARD I < N

fLit., tie 1.'11"." o! 'o ilh \m ri.".. 't ten told l to the K.... I i .M r.... t, fits \ Every Machine.t .

;t J.D i: I. fowl ai>4 ,.>l an roo are an. rite Irwm them Malts "'.I.trh b

aually: u..d H t' ,' ..
I a tory Very f w i'are. maaafarttir r>, r J t'a .,
""ht..1 'L!' tiatll".
.|>orlu..ii are a ate !,*i It-. tarred A 10 Toledo, O M>nl..ins i .rfary. a o os..eto R.no.nr' Tfc.

feather. n* t'.1 dllC'a are worth, ( and is .....D .1.ri ., f a.mg C'ampcea 1.fI'\.S Writer. of th.. WorM:

3 two e.nt* r. -r. at.tI hi.* t"".1', t\UJ. dtrwllj W|....a the Mu..l a.4 m.** j, w ar. ee..ava is t".. 'h. Fs, --hcI.e a. M(.r. Fsy.'holp.; ia,
n aH it cat kn .t tr..| I surfaee of the svsivm In I -.IIC -
psls..n4' sewse.t. -.e .a tale.at. ..
.. Hall Oatarra i ire t.- *ur* f .'u JJ than sty other: tra Kai 'l -
n .t iu salmon and t>... Ill.. .. .K I9r. I.
the !
K..J' : i s taken
......D ..ed Jant tad. a,. b V.rkl stet r t.-d. ii'. iv atvraa t., r'. .*ymade .1 ..wa tats.. .. Aw. awas.

{ ....r, ) .r 'e t"' . l.sa.us4 .' .. V henry t Irsl ator a.s *>.. .. ac n.., n cwwTTTI For Si!.. l.y. . .

t ... .,. .aide sat, t oat 'a'' .* .: y .: r.ei.1. i,1.. -3* ".' 1

? again. ,,o. t. r .t 'ti taw s t ",. t.. il s 1 THE SON
: ... H. c tc * fr GainWYillc Fla.
......,. t*' .r ,,..al. IsI .. roast ;

.' ..,. J,
iJ.i'Tl. (.
'- .. .. .,., " > ,'. ..- . '. .. < ... .... i 3 ', :i' ,.. ;'EJtliav titrJl:
; .1" .P' o i-
\i '. : ..' " << .... I'. .l ....{ , .. .' ". "." .' >
& > I
...1 1ai1l... ... '!O. H. -. ... \ 1:; ;; .....''I.JI: -"il".J.1e.J.'f. :J-ioo! ," '::1:1.: .. ""'," ;rI'.' .c.... < fl' .>




THE l-\lL SUN: (T AI ESVILl.E. FLORIDA'( ) JI 1" NE 1 111f1fi' ) 5

.. ;
-- - --- -- --
-- - - --: ----::-:: .- ... .-
- ::: ==-
I 7
I tn Die en Way to "rc>,..n. ,
> 'no Ga.. :May :31 -Tlv r.- i .. .1
J nun. "\ no 1 ltI h. d! i.i .1 r ('laytu:. ,1 :Mrtav I i =-- 1.})' \CKSONVIM.F. 1" t. 1. jqJ

..I110ZLEY.SLEJ'HON on Msu\ to town. .' ..... ... N
i* .111"; >'' t ht' heart fn'! M *
.. I ELIXIR l' nnnn "a. the nephew, l\' .' .. ..-: i. 1. "' '.'i w 7'' : ." t'trtut,; > Outfits Sieclalty{ Write

From Various For oa Century of Ttidtf- I. ..:.tn 1IIIt"h' .. :.I t t Lt I '. ... ..;J.. for Calnlt'tfiies ': s s.iio

-Brief Happenings tons .vet curing People ..f !cm! of t'!'.> isle ||orrarV. t';tnun: t....'.. +5 t,.. old! t ,.'1\ K:..*y 'r.*rm.. Corner Ward
I; Sections of State. that H:nllKt un1\'C'r"1! ..!i".a.OOC'COl'STIPATION. I '1 ,. Cannon 1.:1\'t': .a"1Aru .Ind e' z I and J..tT.n, trretrt.Tat. .

children% al, o four brothers and lWO' t.
al ..taters, -
A.4 wt1I n" all 'the'r trt'ul.IC4 ) Mr .'an turn's death is greatly <*o M. (l'UH"II! President II F.: TAYIUK.l'I1"hlt'p ,
i --- canard t',. it torpid ]livrr IHiretl.Ocein. o.o. \\' H Yi'a, Vice-President : sit hKUCA\t. A..i. Cashier
Transpiring in "The Land of Flowers." It is H I u'd\ vegetable (".'nl' -- ---- I

Things "Boiled Down" to Suit the pound.! peiautt! tburuut.h in. ta..tt'in result nn1.lIn .. I Covered v ItH Pi"i e Stne.If .
Busy Reader-Items of Interest to 4..1 Idr t..t v. Iwrellt t r m !.i'n.' Ma\ :n .--"}... ,, '.us.,:.. r BANK 'y yOF

All Classes.Till's J.'T.11.1r. ft'11t. It tint hate 1, I La\ ''I':lt \liUli h's urrl\'t'.1 t ) La'
1It'.r uu.ri it. 'l'eak tu )uururisht. I N'ind. I"t."tlrl! that t'i v . popular ice cream parlor in l'l.l\* \iln.y! : lstorid 1 for \ lid!:. .. C gII v.IIJI _

Jacksonville., badly damaged by ic'c' (111,1 ft tvi Ice 1".t '. "U'It\ l-a\\ coiitlfi of 1'111'n,'
fire Wednesday lot ) I'tug t turt-.. At l .t> sin Is'sml! and on t l,'r"I\\1 THE ONLY NATIONAL BANK IN AI ACI1UA CO

Jasper will icon hare the benefit of "'rti ltlt' !ihoals there were p' '. .. tif pn f
mien prior to th! San Franc o ratth
electric light; The machinery hu arrived Capital . . . . . . . . . . . $50,000 00I
quit I,.'. It Is I hellrd that thi rt acre 1
and will be installed as rapidly *
a* po*.ible. *omt- "'lhn1Arlnf' outbreak probably I nrpJn I and Undivided Protits. . :toooo( ( 00
In connection Mth the }urn u".t t ..at h
The East Const extension: i is fltt ,ng; Two Women Claim Estate.N Boating boarding nooses. for it- N York, :May :51.-T"'o Wtln\f'n. - - I"" ..cc.sot.Yap' ..r. )et.ret.ev. Carlv'rsUtvu.etr a.r..., .lio.ej I,
op mach ..11111)): h.-r.. :.r the widow .if Edward I t I. ., Cc's. ar.at.an ..r.A burin.". treeaacted t'romt sit
workmen being tailt so that they II'd.|. of 'a.ttevll1e. N. <' i i .'D )dwood Dlek" Dead.TVn H. }:. TA"I.nn. Cashier.
can be moved about according; to nt't-d. i 'who \ -r. ,'..Iu.. May: 31.-.\ >dt"S'.lr.h!i
died l here' 11c.l 19.! hate appearl.iliimnM I S4 S4ak S4i
j friar I'rlppU* Creek KU> H t'..11 Kiunkj
The third annual public graduating; and! a. <' to his estate' which in i
exercises' of the St. Luke's Hospital ,, this stator, .aiiiunt to little, althoughIt j I' l'alnue'r..ald to t.! .. thtortanal "lH-'ad

Training School took place Wednesday i I I hi inltl to b... <.tintileral In North I viM>d. l>lrk," of dime! novel futiu'. dl- I
I j In the oonntv ho.plral then riie.inwf \ WATCHBARGAINS
evening; at the Woman's ClubHouse :: IU his will.V -otl. 'whoM -
'o the ult.patch. ,.
Pn""nl'nIOArrur.llnf= *
in Jacksonville.The 1 nn Inv! -nt,,r of marhlnerv. for the 1
JNtllUtlon, of Palmer was N.rn a' tlck: <-un .
turpentine from
I 'nc..1 l
sundry civil bill a* reported by andni.' Iltll.. r. n.l i,lif-w- of former S. M" 'or .ItioM
conn.xl.l with the'ced I
the committee gives Jacksonville ovr ltl l..tllllriir : I 1'01:111"1': i :in-1 1 ,'lilni.- c tiipHiileft ">"f'f\ thin...: to
three hundred thousand dollars Senators the !1n'.- I'u'' of t .
tr 1'\IIItt'r.
|tfR', .
"mr \ :11&% Allen .t..I. T hlnlll -
Taliaferro an
carefully looking after the internes! of ,i ''..-il '". four perMinThl.u MrIs !'&. I ef L'lbor rn T o.V tt
Florida. i: R'emd also named 1 as t"Xt'C'u'rh. I \ . t,"n. \.n\!: 1 T '!'u .

Guy 11. Leonard of Jacksonville, a <.umtitn: *. on ti.i -r. I, .1 f I..r. ,. ,

tinner had a narrow etCHpe from instant I I Deadly Serpent Bites I < "'IIIB./'t' has .iiithoi ixi'd n . oi.iitU :...

death on West Adams .trt't>I. ,Arc as common in India a. art utotn- I r..porf on ftp i K f'h till! li' "I: I'-. I J'av. on I hand 1.% .>\\' ;::ttttI I Hai'Kain' in t 1"iiiul i

: arhand liver troulile with For thelatter tio'irn' of i.itxtr: of train c'i.: ;,'.i\ .H of 'f
when he lost his balance and fell front I U. I 1 17; j, Wf'f11') l Ml 1 U'Al'CHKS It you want; t. .i1
i: rall\\ "' fl. The Imitation I I- : >i that I
to' huweTer. there is
the roof of a two-.tory dwelling I a sure renie.Uly .I.'l
dVar nnn-nallyio\v rirt' .I.;
n gO! ar tit '
the ground bIuw'ortunat..I, he re- I'' Kleftrie: Hitter, the great restor- "'tnplo\ .'s ..hall not work' nit' fan It \
otntU! h-mrs and that f' .. mint '\' !.' \\1... If,
ative mcdioine f |lrorn
which N. A.
ceivtd' only a broken arm and a few '
i'I mum pr-rlod of rent shall It. '. 1
> ionscv.iM
bruise\ of }n..nll..th\'I1.. S C. sass : 1 liryrettured
The sidewalk laws of the city of I| my wife to perfect health: afteryear I I> hotirn.

1'enss.cola are to be tested by the 1' tarn :, of suturing; with dy teplit I A Thousand Dollar's Worth ot Good. H. C. STEVENS \

of I'ublic! Works. This wa decided tipan: ; and chronically torpid liver" Electric I! "I I hare '..-..11 ntllictrd wish*, k Kilters cure chills and fever. malaria
ate meeting: held yesterday afternoon | i '
j and bladder troudle fur
y ar" | e..rngIgratei Jeweler
aDd if is found that the after hi tiiliousri p. lance h..k.kidll..J troubles
it city can | ..
i i or tot>e push f'I"-'ru intititr
giving notice, construct' thewalks i| and bladder dieatfs. :old 011 guar.Chive !
proper "
and tax the amount ngainst the by all druKiiist. Price (op. :!| know peon' coal.acs operator A. II. of ThurCl".I.ItutTit ". 'I IKot UK.II) ( MMMN: ( >. - Kl.OKIDA 1 t tI. !

it will be done, and
property ninny/ Files Petition' for i no relief.. from m..dil"in.. 'in" 'il I !bee

now walks will bf placed I :N"' ..work. :\11&1: 1 Bankruptcy.\lnjor Kranrlswho Kan taking Koley's Kidney C ir.- Uri, l'I

After resisting; arrrtt with erery i- a- the I'tifHhiiru! l l.arrn".M.! unit I the result \% .. .ur|>riinrA ?10.w do.<*. I. D. SIUKH1DNI.(

means at his command attacking Of.Ccer wll.? 1 1-. 1IU'M tof funeral Ji>hn C'. .',*.. started the .lirickdut..* .
: James II. r'uwell." a policcmau of I ir.ont. tin,. ill...1 a p.nMou in hutiKrupt! and IIOM 1 have no jam .e'..... my .nl- I

Jacksonville. with a razor and doing <.,. In th.H: .ll"trloi with lIallllll"-t I I...-y. end I feel like a new tnnu It Painter.

his brit to Inflict deadly InJuri... KiiJ $ n :J':!.? ami ai.ti aKdt-ts of $.v. Th.ilelifs .- him dour nor II.OO woth'J'.d "

>nkin.. a negro was' finally lodged at I were 'Cnlrite-"S; | In thus rltl'I.itt \ Fiilej Kidney i'iir.* will" "'ir" every Decorator and t.'"

po.ice: headquarters and will be tried I I .burc. :MolillcVuhhliiKton.! . l It. e. form of kiilnry nr bladder dia.**. Piper Hanger. \ fA tjJ'J\

tk i I' morning charges of bringdrunk and Sun .'rnnrt..ra. prlnrij..:IIy: for t h.>r. JV lc.1I1J1IJ .\ Co

and disorderly carrying concealed row ,d) in iii-y on note' .\tilling the .-- --- :y" '+ .t1a.nt. (..'nr.r. .r F...

weapons, using profane language; , and rr... mitiing; arrestI'olumbus tank ul :Molillc. f.i.r! .. soul] T II. :Nor" \NHshlMtton.. May :III \.ra..r.: \ All\ .'"d. lit out.ud.. cad.. .tit. Jr wtiffc

Lumber Company nf KII- ton. tit \\.t..III.. $ I.:.:::M. ''<- :iiud l<> s"rtl'<'f* In this City wr" on nr Ub l.r"'IIII'.J> ai,>1 ncai y rlee *.
all life Inxiiruntf |I.dlrlrs. watt stale) All InI..*< pHkt. th.- 1.Ir.C"l1.11 .
r successfully holding IOIf.t. I'Al'Ki: : II iS'.f'! C. and ""U' N .\ '; IT.f '.
't. at c ,'m<* down from th") brukrntom I were at ArtlntcXn! at f : . "|i.eialtjr J
Don't I II IIton't hlch. prat! 6' an Immenxi rrtiwd" pfuttiered sl\t
of the It. J .\ it F. Camp I.iim- .. . .. .
I. |my hornaire let tb.> w>.Ulu> -
l lt your child nulTr with that r i '
C'ompany at "'hlt. Springs, which .!
dad T tie stet was an M al on.. m.d I burn "
I : !!
C'tuKii when with ltalItrd'
't'i kr last Friday night It i I. saul you can cure it .1 J
i& cun.'In.flue. many Mou*..n l Horehound Hyrtip, a miff' cure Miss Nora Norton
at ttl..re.rt' at least four thousand uf .t th.- various ttluetrtits.In 1
'\+.>. .log beside the .logs/: that the Co- for couMh.( . tirtinchili. iutlueiira. I II I I) Na.l tliie* lenn.. ai.il. rt. :;

Icmti" is Company had in the river tube / croup and pulmonary di...ar. liny I Grasp of Storm. I I $18. 6 U turn Tl.k.l.. en sal.Jnn. !. :r
110. 11. 12. .Ii.. IU. ;:...
teen of but Monday a hot tie and try It It II Laughter I I'd.ltetrin. <>r*. :May :--l'ula'11'a
care up mum Ii... hl :1"1 data. t. ".....Ull !i.pt.IIt.
tiiey were managing; the log' in thnrl Ityhsli >ti... writ... : "* I hay. tWit county U I In the grasp nf a ...t.r. | ..41 lj

l ni there successfully, although tfiwei chililreu who had croup I bird many storm Flood, ar. ailing 'hr ..tr. Mntankfii ,> Ladies Novelties+
: Dual rise of the river rnak.-. the I' !. the J A Sw tI...." (; m" .rut
STemit I rf'nl..II..I"at! 1 must overflowing lowlands. and : {
say JU'JrlIor..hUlJlIIJ ....oJFlney | '32 r
latiou. for the lum- H() return I.?..,,. ?? ...UJm
dangerous .
very /: Syrup is the tint croup N' )'ln* away crop. lea.I"h'l nitd AI! .'
t..'uu..n ( 'llrutlril/ Jttii" WKt
and eolith,: mrdicine I evrr u..d" ,I fala farm and 1 hou.-n llrl
-old l I.J W. M I. J.hn..u I IDreerate the Oregon imlluwsy and' NavlrMtlui I N's.f.'r.t'o 11.lt."I' /'Irlsd.lphta.. \t51
N.ml.uH lne were ..t.C'C1 out It. its ,. lt'nrkX36.90 ..-

oral lilac.I.I .
Cravest Naswii..>. ""."," M ... sod rvlurn .
CALLPHONE 1 N 's '. Ms 1 "I 1 'ti. L-T.II. rf I i .' (11 M1 MI.IHit1. It in.., I. T|, .:.1. "" .air' star al i.. A

,t. '. .1.| r.. "..-i.t "TI li.- f. .1.| .i i 4 ni- An Alarming Situation" It y...1. .,,JJW ,Ia Kii-i..M.n: July
.. . "h, 'It.' 4, r..t..p o..r. U ..!. riKiixi. (Itst: ( k
:N.. . Krrrjijrntly.
r'- I-T hnlMI.| .t t M'" '" ;, resulul-y n.rl..et! nf .l!> J" Y
NO. 7 .. liuure l.t.II..I/ | l.M. N,;.. V.f4: ,
n' '.. 'Ina d..i. a'. .1 .lIta t1.. .Mete tied txtwel and torps.1lIe.r' until rnn ,

ar..1 rj. t" U'nln--' ''- fttf w a'*.. r j 1.libation. t>.eurn... - 'TM rub. I Ij i J .I.h.l.ll..., S t' .!..l! r.- t
. tire, and' larar'' ..r..rt. .r. atrrndtr.K j I.tllt"'I. I Is ubhnown to It,... wtu u.. 'WILLIAM ANDERSON $1 ... 66 .u II. f...k. i. nit ..>..
.. ... .. J((|.. ? i w. ,II. ,Ib. |'1.
n>" -r !! H c.tr l r of 'I.r.Jtr I'r K.na'. New Mf f. I I. the lest I'I lsai t.d J'n. ;
FOR ; I bu": and the rtav 'If I""" In o1".r.' 'land ..rttl...t r.ulau.r or .iorna<>ri and !! BICYCLES" .wa

I the rra... of th.lr comrade. af bu..I.| i.uarsas..4 tf a.. QrYSa..I. .......,...11... Kp 51.1, re'. '
HopklntrUl-. A mutual grosses : 11 tee 2?** i $20.40 I .,.. i.ak.r. Ufo .el.J.tn. .
was carried c ut.Is I '. I'' 1:1.: Jln.I..1It4L..7
PlumbingAND I ...,....pl'l.' O0.rv.. U. I U-mr.fI.. \tn > 41 f.> ...*atl..b da; .
A"c1 No" I ) H.,i Nyrinr. .. \'. .,.d! r..
was K..n.raily ab. r..d I. Ibis t", .
row m..r.l ly a tn.mory cf Ite. |>..' I ...11)..a ta'. Irnpr..ste .r.1. ....rLauri '.r 1..1. Itl.y.ta.. Ii.pslrlas i/o.oo J'-u.. i, ,iii. -v.1, ;; : 1;

i'.allsril': :-r.- f..nlm.nt I. th family. I to! I'>e hatt.'aa) v. ..,. Ie rJ' -to.r. ...- pr.s.ptli. '.1.1.,1 wurl.r f Uf a .4 I.u)
IiD'm"nt of the tW.'I..h e nliry ..1p eo. ... .. .... I' A..I.1 .I all I..a.. .
for burn. .J't. k; ae. s v.il. f..s 'fie
rhramali .
< itlte cure of 'r.* ur..au.a ': : / II llAr.4.rr
I I 16 1 65 ...,. f'ak... an ......
c'it. .| f.ir'. uralffis. et 0. IIrC i I a .J.t..s: en. ...a.t.a. ''
wrlt.. 1 If I 11 i ;; \V. UNION; J :" 'I 1. '. J"-" : 1.. ii.. 791. :11. .I/fJ.
H ltunyon.'sseb.rry.Soo J "y . 1 'n.'.., flfs..s.l.1. I' .
; r.sl. Q.." nQ. .I..um.nl for rt.-I f TO Con [: ANY OlftCAkC !....>. a e.t ;tI, 1'- h j

and ell .sin+ I esn'l **, 41
ms tin | '
s.A.v.l. :11 ( aMl ,.
.. ., .." II s<>..| by VV M. X14.66 f/.a 1
WorkA t> i u yts'e. lira al
.. .
IT t.. ..- l... be .4. ....
J" ,D.ClD i I 1.a. ;It r: I" ttui..d
is.. Nun 5..a. : ,
t 101. .
Was r".a1" I. s.... W./......1. I . __ I
l "' .. ..._ ,..... . . ... : co.
A''a. "' J r o.r" $Itl.rs. l fa: .;. ......g .a4. .. i a. M.IK.SS-U' 'r... .,..j es.
.,f a.n_ a i' r .... .. ........1 'w'Marv. -... 4-Ir.. ...4 .... r ae.r S 1 1636( '..". r.. ...t. .. ..1.) !
.... _. . Jt<(t. .J'f# -> July( 3. 4 HfM.
'r.a.oWhlaataa' ..w ...... ...,. X/r tt..ys J >
A.:."'. ....., aft woo -.. ._, to 4.)1 y'r .......... .d. r 'r*'! .. '. ..t LI. I.INI! Ol ..of\ v -.It I. $10V h.s.a.wn: 1145. ::11.ioO w

"... }.. . . "'-- .,..... ",. -..r.. .. at It se aM a r .1 e.u.s1., f ; ' (1HiU{. ..
tti . .e, .r."'.a' ..f %.e toItuaev f f.u .r'e' ........ ..f .... ..r 'a1N ._ \.a.. ak... ""Ie. ....s ;
Work GuirirteedAMD "l . .. . .' '\ .....sad .. V.. s ".r ..air ........_ t. "' .. I $32.10 ,.S'" Tk.... is ..alaA

f\* *r> w.. t:-M.. I.> ..f Wai : __. f\.o aa.M .f .....,.. r ar'4.t. .. . s.,atltf av lli 11. I1. kmis.d, F1uI
__. ;. .. . _.. .,' .... I .N 1104 t
a "'
s a f' T t..4ey coaia. l I. JUa. lt .. ..' .. 1t1MFf'11'1.' ....
sJ, :::.:: ::'... gist... ...::::... :..: v .. I u4 fJUJ .-L" P-". i .......... earn i'tfs.llulls'

if r*>. B.o. is Cvt1'-'C T ..r*. .' . .. .4. wits .. . .a ,.' .... ..& .. + MW r.. y ... .."... rsi
... .. ,
..... __ M ..-. ...*- 1. t-- 4
ft* .jr. e tasl > ,. . .
7 '- ce. ..f .
as _. ..
J .4f Mrs Wis.i..". ar4lt. ., .. ro.- a
ir>* r tm b. ..4'C. .
HARDWARE .. ._ 1'a.. 1a ,.ail r I r 1
MC :.yr.tt.r" .asides b* tatac 1* J. -. la.4I"..4 C... sr..41 A.-6I T ..-.._. ....1..111.ln.aulll. .1. t 1.L''h.; ;
(.., a*. la. ea jrf ofl... *. .%--.
CtalPANY. galaall ,,1.. ..,- **... ..,.. .... isw I 1,,..,'-1 Pa ....., Agent
tart .....dt ... /utts.+a. Advertise in The SOD.'r .. I W..
sit.. MaLi a ........ .],. t 'lACC.o.VU.l.r. yuaWA.

; .* 2 J'* .......... ..",. ._J-YJ't". >"'".".J'J". _.t... 4...... '-,: "'-' .,' J1."
',t . :j i :i..:.' <; ..,;'.- :r-*> -1 .4 :h :' ""
", :,/"", ::.l.' St. ;";" ,'.oo.i.:"", ; 'IJ .is. ; ..,! 'dl l:";..'1f":;: ';: '-"' "", i- ; _.:.; r: :! ;. : -

a 1c


. ,
- -- -
:::: ---- - - -

SIZE' OF BANK LOANS. GOVERNOR HOCH ON EDITORS. I r'JT' ',*'" .f aV. <*. ..vT", e q

1 lt AI glt1t haw" that the-sera'e; -has parsed the There I fl no bet rr in :ex to a town i --I j .

railroad rate till it will|| hare time. to than Ire uewvpaer" If it i f. well

). reil at tbe H-vnt Ottce at :>a, t.,r..e. 70.. prlytouthrrperdingmeanr: --* Among printed attractive :n its m k..tp. reliable If You Are Insured. ;
he.-. i. the vrliioh ha pa..d the .
I bill
an.eeord-ela.r a a Crater I in it* new {!<>i 'imnv, strong
fluuv of n.pre.ent.tlvea providing editorial comment Gut above all liberal -

U U Mi' CRKAKY Editor sad Pn.i.rrr.: i trim a national( t.IIIk may loan to c,ne in adverlitini patronage. depend Iu a Company that 1. Re.r>on.ible. Have a Policy Correctly 1

individual t>r firm or company no upon it. nine cave out of ten that \VnttfU With Liberality of FoJlcj: Coutraut and the Company
JE&kEE.HUfCT.cu *> lti>r.T. Losses
"larger a um tvmu one-tenth IIf it* town U an enterpn.ing. uptodatetown t_ I'aja Promptly r ""

M. PKK1VITT.ut. C,'it try; ROOD.. capital took and one.tenth of ill unimpaired : but if the pier look ..hatJb,.

Wt .urpu! *. but in no case the defend,' upon it the town i III hahby.. fora You Are Assured
OI-MC1: : (JkT Ik: IsL(>CK.K luau to be than :IfO per cent: of C )
.. greater; n"w'('aper! !f. everywhere and always"
.. .
V Main htett .l-tio.Nk. 431Tlifc
j t 3 .... the capital{ tock. This bill i i. a Last a tnw,,'* beat mirror.
--- -- -'
the prevent law That no i ri3Uf: Ions can overcome you without you have some __
J'Ali-t ht N t.uUi.htri te try ttiortiitiK'* improvement upon I BrethrfCi' of the country pre.a. I
ej.t Monday, Uln ttU l>y curntr in the nty. or which | rovidthit a national bank exalt your atatiou "Soj are the real t rtTuft. ,
Suail*<110 any putt of the, iiittil Mule' pottbir
'4: fee, ,. for Vs year f4.po ..,* n.c>.th,.; ft.3!> three may not loan to any one borrowermore i king* and queena. your throne maybe 1o

.} toonlhi' fo etnt I.* t\r M" trkH-Mrictty ind i il' than one-tenth of its capital a rickety chair and your scepter
Fire Life Accident and Health
vautctrading. lock I lhetubof a lead ( encil but you rule o Insurance. ;

I In .1-...... day of large: business: trani- the world jut the same! Local politician ,
'i .
{ n.Aitrl in h.ca1 column: in alinefuteathaudihon.l
to fir.t In.eUi..i : (..,,'* l lit action*. that limitation {is a hardship may aCiCt: to devpise you but None Dot Reliable Companies Kepreietited.
t' >.erlion.Rule to the banks, nay Tne Wall MretrtJournal I they await the appearance of your paper *

.1. for K made, known c/n . In fnet.' it has been a lawwhich each week with far and trembling --

e application.TtirTwiira. I could not bf enforced and it i isnecessary .' tvil doers to belittleyour !
'{ may try A.Nt.: CUSS: :: .A.N
( ------ ,
that it should be changed *.oat Influence but they dread the ,
f' \\t.kuli mail UK hi'|"'|''. felly 1 !
;' column 1"1'1'. |.til: umna vastly I more Information cheerfully furnished. GAINESVILLE, FLORIDA i

and ft-ntmtm nil the, ntwo of II.* h '.11''''''''. than they will admt.: The influence
S.t. _t"t'k. local, Mole, and gtiitritl. and will I* why, the Iloue of R"pre.entatlvea.huuld !
and power of the old home paper can ,
t: mailed, |....try.fate, tu any | -." c.1 I the I nitfdBlair .
have amended the bill vo a* to
well be over-estimated It enter
i"r Canada, forfl.t altar.-Ira acU.iutrAlt . not
% make it impo_*ible for a national bank the and woof of the
----- into eery warp
v. tt lvr-li: .itic( tills t..toiu.. due aJltr first I I in IOHII. to the full limit of one-tenth. children' II"... and unconsciously' EBT.A.ELIBEED: : : : 1869.

5r .ptrtatrnreof ...h.tIIINII.I.: tinltM. ..1""rwiratifwluttil I of UN capital Mock and unimpaired I rnoUlu! much of their. character To
in contract Jlttlito not, known. Iu U.
I surplus' doe not appear' clear It' deirabeno : H.F.DUTTON&CO.
mind there i I.
rill t* rrijtiiMil Iu lay f..r adrtrtuinr in ad.l my n" more
*mcc Add It.., Till AII.hfS, changed the bill so a. to discriminate I I more ...n..iabltn"'utJlltion than that

AlNLkJLLk.' .. ......&. against the bank of small capital I of the country ed tor To own his :

_. stuck and of large surplus, although ., own ..Iant..o have a medium for theexprefceion IN-S

l SecretaryVil.on sass the country !i.. I these bank are among the utrongeat J of hill hoi:.-.t views. tu lockup

.. going to I are H rrelyd. *reakiriK
this ,..lIr. The |>eNimta; will now hr- i 'I tn. discrimination( impairthe value I able ti> to" home ai.d keep company\

Rill to >t... unhappy because no big war, : "f the meawure. notwithstanding it* with his, family aid with hi* bool.:., to Sea Inland Cotton Seed Bagging and Twine. Walrus:

going on and bee iu.e In netjneiu improvement. over the present Jaw'j' return. next riiornii t g tu the office, to Leather in Strips or Sides.
there h. uniifiial dfiiiaitd 'I' For inttnnce. a hank like the .. ] he
,, can no ( meet the 1..01.1.t wnom serves.10
National= of this city which has a ,urplu ,
our |1'udllt'11I alirnadne jot down the thoucMs that occur to
D VS I of over f:T.MJU.UIO and a capital of him, mind to tear tR the wrapper Manufacturers of the James Doig Improved English]

."onnk>lM ",.*crecy about your own | only $3U(4J) . instead tit being able to ; from his exchange* and Let in communion Sea Island Cotton Gin and Supplies for Same.GAINESVILLE .

affair in nil njLt-lint don't keep an loan to the full amount of ( with other ed ,tor., to perform FLORIDA USASEA.
I ..
at it Ktirpl'i, would be In..lt'lIt.1
achitiK tooth a s.crrt fruulthrdenti.t. ; the thouaand find one li'ile: duties that
cent of it* capital "
to him day to be a
or your tint li"Il"| of rhiiimJttl( aecret come every powerin
under the mrn.ure, .a. it now I.dll: he and
his communit as maybe
dr from the-doctor or d..i'e
to sell or tu rent your; hoti your e it **crt it iMHild loan to one borrower only usually 111..0 be hi.. < wn bu *-tu my E3:: aA. R :0
$641.(441( ( i > while if there were not thl. .. ,
from the ....ltlln... nf thin paper( mind thus. I* the ideiti life, more tote
1 die riniliiatiun.. it might make a loan .
de.ir. d than the mutt exalted politi-
of nearly 1t-4si.ti) to one borrower .
-OOtt'fI\"r Much of Kanaan.
i cal tation -
More Ka.filin eiiKlnet will t t.* sold 'rhr I evident. intention it to Air Line Railway

i to '.,m.r. thi. year than in lh* pre.vlou compel' a bank lil.- he Ch'emical National -

,d tlvi y.art. Mor: will !tts rind) I to increase. Its capital *.Io..k'fh. lijnnellou wil1: aoon have an elt-ctric

next year than in the lad. ten year ..,.. aeemn, however, to be no Milratie plant in connection w th their waterworkrsystem . FOR . .
The er>Klne )ha.. ".uri..cI.l It i ill nowIn I it should be
|'' rea on why com Dunne|
tt >to i'* .a i"rocrramve -
'a' Die breaklni I the rut>t tif t tMmtti H. ..11.11 to do thi. The surplus i i. I.mll..h (little cityDYSPEPSIA.
ql kids and i II taking 0.> plsc.if. th- I Iit
I the capital of a bank, a. i is 1'1 j
Savannah Columbia
: horse rvrrywhrrr._ ._ I (" 11lt.I'I"'k. .\ bank dues not e cap'" Camden Southern,

I any taiation by keepmtt. it. capital ,

Mr. Julia OoMrlrr ia at the head J (if took uu.lI. be"atiae the taxation i I. Pines, Raleigh Richmond Wash-

the group (if womrii tn BII'......... N J. I upon the book value of the .lock It ,

who are eirtriilatIIIK a ptitinn asking ha. tieen urged that the bank should I I Ibe .

the mayor to appoint worn e n to thepolic J I compelled, to inCreate their Capital.tut'k '.thr......'in" .1 L.k:...d1.a.1... :..wnaA.rfa r .rr.lr l )......:.*..|.r.nl.. I .!. ;;.far ington Baltimore, Phila-
.h a.J Ar .
t .* force. Mr. <<< 'oltlrl and. herupporter ..I In older to give' to the depomtora dI.....'.. .....,...n.'pa.,.......listen..........s.....'..1..1..1 of ern....,,,...1 I.. ..
i.' a.s ne Wr..u. Ihr. sIi..i '" New
bHlet the wottietj pints. the added safeguard of the. doub'ehablily. L. qii., ?Jn..chi end t II" t us. i'.r.r.i.: ,.ii.:: delphia York.
n..r In a ':.T >." a.1 !!.. t.tl...r. 1 ..... .....
C would hate a jood mural I .."..t"C. They ( Hut the depoitura are just m. ill .n a .
J.W. Mruuaa. 1 1C* Xl.fc.r M Jersey (;11,. X. J.lloc .
1 would' watch" vapfoially' for head of !! vtrongly rotecleil by big *urplu*

famllie( .* who are raroucinK .and 1 '" arit | they are by large capital duel a'i beat For

them to return to their homes I II 1 lie argument that to permit TM Bowels Two Elegant Trains Daily.

I I hank* to make larger loan to : .

w In I.II.KI" up a child trach it to borrower will operate againct the

+ make friend. ea.lly with' other rhildreo I mall borrower aid! in favor wf the C.a.i De C aTw4aT.C Seaboard

and with olUrr pvoplt a* well big corporation, i I. absurd! I'litlnubt- Express.

i Ihlrtrsy. like love and lanK'tage i is ebly tu increase the facilities the national

must eaily (ranted l I.y the f'iuneir.t1)n bank. In tin respect will" riabie

not folium th.* thnit to accommodate more ,...llj1 PI........ ...r.. .M. to....... T....n....... I...c1N>4.
ooiuai pursued lynn Ii..., ....'..., .. . ....,... I... :.e. s..... Seaboard Mail.
*> really divntrd. mother ho .:;::1*..* I the tuirement. nf the large txirrnwer "....101....Ia...to...lies... ...T....1/.. ,r.1.41... ...',. ""'t.rp.d., .,,. (; C c;.

time thouihl and rues'';r In the bassi.peas '. *. but it" will not in any. way at.. k.msdy Co., Chicago .i>r N.Y. s..

of pushing hrr little our. in ate I Ire work. to the, disadvantage. of the email :ANNUAL SALE, TEN MILLION. .. BOXESGRIND

tudle, while" the i'hilil' auciml trainItiK . 1: ,borrower Their .", .l1ln.ll. will re-

'i. badly) I..tel.\! ''ceive. a* much consideration a* ever
I The :>eliate hould) p... the bill whici. MODERN PULLMAN
has c'tme from the Mouse of I Keprrertalive : -
.\ \t..IIIAIl. I"an .sys >tr h.. foiind .
I|,! *. attended" tioweter.. .o a* toKsyr
out how to prow a bucrtel pota. j i
| the bank 1.nllll.I..n In loan I tu
toe in. a l>u hrl nf sawdust in my ,
ingle borrow lit an a'in on tit equal' to
day, and i* can !>*. elc.".. in tier cellaror Line OperatingDaily
1111'" Cent to their oomMnrd cap" .tai
a any tithrr oKI I place So Tint a, 10l and t surplus. ,. ;."tlf'.* of the ..ite ,'fIh.F Laxative Fruit Syrup Through Pullman Sleepers from Jacksonville
a >uic*. nu. iroublt and (it I* likely no to New Orleans
capital .took
|>atal >e. Withltii. (. .jrtm of grow. i I Pleasant to taka i

lug |>utatoe* fvt-ry family In every I j The new laxative. Does For full Information and .leerer: retervation. call
One gallon; of alrotol will rrintticelw on any agent Be a boar or
city and town would I'e able' to icrt*" |I I writ. A O MAcI'ONKLL.' =
i,'e a* touch light .* a nation of not gripe or nauseate. y..C. OYL; TON..J...
It. own .u.| pJy and the farmer would \.t. General Passenger A< ''i 1 the l brat k.io.rir. The farmer Cures stomach Agent
Canr and liver
hv tu KO:: out of the I.u.lne.. I I JACCSoNVILLE. LORIDA.
> |. .>duce the alot>hi>l while John t 1' troubles and chronic
constipation -
ItlH'aefeller control ._
i the kerosene --- --
The city of :feten* I.'i.l. rant \inch hall. .. n.e" I II(I by restoring the ,

>oa>t uf one industry iNal i. not tin ; __ r'_ __ __ I natural action of the stomach -

(.loafed( toy.", of ita n.igDhanng t I liver and .
. bowel
There i i. not a vacant ho>i e in tlad-)
"' 1.1.. Ten ye.r* are John I t'"..& a Fay-Sholes
T"' \1..sI..n t'ur .lr "
s0n sa, Inteiip.rthe : : by J. Ilc4'.Ilaat I A ( ..
r de..ilee uf the rud and reel l>eramed > town grow* faster that vl .

y- ...atl."ed) with the tr%> it f'.iea! that htiuedU )

were mi the In"1. |-rr.uad.d) .r 'MEN AND WOMEN.r' .

"I.i ilauf: ter to mke the drirrd art ..kar. o* DiMlnivnt* for Cjtarrh that I..a.,r.w. ".,'.II_ 4'a. ....'eu.'11'.. Typewriter

,fie and from this tuall t>.
,.k develw.ed. an \lndu.tr with" Dearly a. tt.r.n iry wilt:I surely! Jest ,. ysense S. 'rlllwttiiet. 'a ...,.., _. ... :-... ...,I I..

tme utidred !..C., .. oil the \say n>ll i ..f small& and entnpl.t..y .!.>art.the .. ;... t/ MN Gy .-...ue ..... _U'1 k' UHLI.IH.Ll.:

4 wh., I.an .facliire a > t ..rtetleaof tile. whole' system when nter f ..t, '0. _...-. ". .".,..........,_.... Till: HL ,T
It.I.. ..f trait,,err fI't.. .ttrsiie rhaek. thruuifl. the mue>>'I. .urf.e.. Ihr, .. t 11 '. "I
> ,... .. wsl ......... atoll(" t: U> TIII: MiRkirrH
ent lurk> J. and cJu. ... Ai.n the rare artiste* *hi.utd& never !.. sled -. \

nr aDd rat'.i.te f.atta. truth ti.. .,,.. till prs.erlpttun. frt.... r.|. ..tat> r .. a Tabulator

'; den atiii t u..I., : |'h....t.. l > red] issas.. a* the dams.. they"' w" "' i I. UnlVrRCAl[ KFTDOAnD[ I .

ll.>l.,, tlte touvau > f "u.ib..rlca. ten fold tu the k+... I t 'u r...s I, j frMachine..

juag.f.ta1. : sat 'lid 'alt *ta. are a*. It.,,,e from tt'em Mali alarrh

'i nuaiy: teed .11 U fa;fury Very few Cure. maMiifalure t., > J t.. ., ,
< | oriiu.n are aware '. 'I the t..arealx A Od Toledo, tr .H
feather* v' l' e OIl ,nj duck are north ru.y. sad us tak.n .e.terut. t .1 mg ('I: cued Wnter ""r the .Vorld:

tau e.et. ..a. .. anal 'hi.. t-Stl.. ", t>uy. Jifeltly ..a the bl..t,.J ...,1 rti MS uarfaev t. a CGlrwta ...aM *e .e Fay,!M; ..., Vor. --'hoJ.! .
al,: it uf the .*.... in t.
cat fcri at that | rite at*! M. iy.n* .
I1.11's Catarrh i'arr 1.. .ur. i I "s. a'iala.s. ;i.h: '3 any o:?..r !T:. bje.
k ..,.* '.. i' lo .alma sal t-a>. e..* the li > u .ret lf- t f t "" f aSi.
ceoaiue If taken
Stctc ';; : atl dent tail are tv.Kat ). .d made .e To.et... Unt.. t-y t' JlV y . a.a A .e. .. w. p.ws ar

C".,, year t. ear ou. taaaer r. fer-.j t Te.| mo* .a .. ',.. .a w6 !M, tt i: For Sai! i II). . . -

hlid 'I... see. M.Ja .sl' t .ja ta .... .: .: r C .Ie t'1,... 'Sc t.f WV1TTTh' ;

.Ot'a'I.liotk.. f "r e t..t tot. THE
T Isl.Jlv.g' I SON
1 Gainesville i
r a a at: t ". f r f"Oa.IJ. Fla.
C.. ...
er -
*I ..-&. J4A i iJa




- -- --------------- ---- :t.,
---- ----
.. .
1 ------- -- -
-- - -
I f ,
""T..n Dies en Way to c e:" ". '
NEWS\ FROM ALL I C1at.'n: Ca.. :May 31.-H' \\'. r..i.. : \l' j MALSBY MACHINERY CO..
I .' !. ..1J .VCKSON.; \'11.1.11'1.. .
1- ( V
noru: Ih..t( ':1 .ir l'1.1)-tol. ii M I '. i \ I : .
FLORIDA MOZLEY'SLEMON div: mi M I,* \\.i\ tt> town. i' .' 1,.'''... \ '"
PARTS OF ELlXfR r IN .n"t.! ... i '.> ii" heart tai! ? :\1. i t; \f. : .tt SAWMILLS! ENGINES AND BOILERS.

I \innon N'a' r'1I' nephew ? \ '" r..: !i.- t. .- *- *.. }'.,rtsl'ir,; ( luI"III" Sjeomlty Write

Various For of a. Century of mice: I I"'. :ln i.:. IHc!i!, .. .,1 i ii,' I , ;.... ,:;,,:' ,l.. fa'r CAlal.r..j. .,.:"...
From .
Brief Happenings 11... ,Wen cartng peole f son of t'u! into llorraro. 1':-i:: on -: . .",, old on Easy: Term Curll..r.rd

I Sections of State. t that atnurt umer .,l ,h"Lo&t'. I Mr Cannon tarra; << a wtru.' .mil r' \. I and' Jefferoii Street t,
children. nl..
CONSTPATON.a. o brother and *e\ti t'
al lister -
Mill as all other tr.'u''it11" I :Mr annon's death Is greatly do 1..lo..l"H"M President II K: 'FA> t OK, Cashier
--- .
". cai:'ttl It A torpid 11\'''' pored.Ocein. I o-oV Jly,'.. Vice-President. k k ,.IKn ".. .\.>rt. Cashier
Transpiring in "The Land of Flowers. It p'.....sant in t Things "Boiled Down" to Suit the C'we'ed wit* Pi'""*' SJone.U. .
a.not thorough in re-ult -p
Busy' Reader-Items of Interest to ,oclt l t..r \.il", jmrem" ..r m su. ". .i\ :si --The "'u.I.n'!! r THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK

All Classes.! grand "t- it. It \ u I Mntxtr I.l..n'r:jihtch h.'.. nrri\ 'd t i MI I.a.>
u..r-t I it. .1'".+k toui.r sun I-'.in,l. i ports, 'hat tvi! . .t. n in

Till' popular ic-. cram parlor In urightitiro hat \ foln.flHf; ; ,,, *'r, .t! for '. \ n'f!'. OF Q AINESVILLE.:: : : //r

..Jaek'OD..nlewas badly damaged by flI1' f' cam) t"'r I.t' :t.5t t. >\ Itt! a t-.-a\\ coating of put ,'. "ti nt.
fire Vdneday I'rug --h'r..s At I l.t:> sits U'nnd! an.l on t' Krnt' THE UNIFY NATIONAL I BANK IN AIACHUA co

Jasper will soon have the benefit ut 'rt.art! !0(10.1)4( ) there were |"i'!. s. nf ptl-- I

electric lights. The machinery hu arrived mire..prior. to the Sail .'rnn.u i Hthqua Capital . . . . . . . . . . . $50.000 00 j
) It 1 N lle\td that th'r. w .'rMinio .
and will be installed
as rapidlyas i h
pos! lble. unbmrirlne! outbreaks probably I Surplus anti Undivided Profit . :u\ooo( oo ,
Two In .lIuN'I" nlth the Furl! l'.a i t .,lthJuak. hits
i Women Claim
The East Coat extension is Sinner New York. :31. Estate. ( ... Co.. .we .11""ye s a tar...'rf tI.r....*,. '', *.aftaust. ; USI to ant t.n* In be State Soifo! .t }
T .
i May -- > .
op Coating: boarding hoate for it- - -- itesreaoni.t. Lrr.r, Merctata -or.'I..II.\t. lulere.t.t.oa.p t,
rack allliiK h.r..tr: rh.> widow tit 1-.1 l I Cf .i re'a. sr..Lor"ft CRt A ; b".III.. .. (1.-4 1'r..rrpsif
workmen being built so that thy I| ward! II Weed of Ka\etfe\llp.! N. f I "Deadwood Dick"* D..ad.Pt'D H. E. TA,"I.UR. Cashier i
be moved about according tont.**d ,| .. '
can I who lfil! here I Ic. 19. have appeared \ .r. Cnl. May 31.-A
'l'hethird annual public graduating: a.' < latrnuniH to his f"IIIal\ which In j I froii Cripple Creek I'M> a t1,.it Krauk !
., 1'atiiH-r. saiil! to 1... tht+ orlpnul "lH>ad
exereices of the St. Luke's Hospital ,! this Mn'r .ini>iiintn to little. although
Training, School took place \V dni... I It \\f -nti| 'n.J i-' nnlc1er.iliU In North I \vttixl' l>lck." of. dime' novel faint., died

day evening, at the Woman'. Club ![ Carolina! IU hl. will.V.-...l. who Nas i I In the o<>iint> ho..pUal then'. rtie>..iiiwf \. WATCH i
Pti"iini'inl.i Acc. '.. tht.
) 'rdlnp! din!
Hodte in Jacksonville.Thr I j nn nior of maohinerv. for the';
dlvlllatlou of patch I'HlnH'r was ....rn It' Va.: I. "n.
turpentine from
sundry civil bill a. reported by I and wu eonn.'cted with the 1VerilI'te1tlltnst wowed I Ills., n n. ;,,hfw of lurna'r S. ... '..r .tnM "

the committee gives Jacksonville u..r I l C''IIII'lin'] left rrthing to l"alnl"I'! i .in
three hundred thousand dollar., senators "mv \lf.-." Kiln: Allen ".*-.'d. This tti.> !In''- l l's,'rer I'.alrlll'r. tif ( .,k.oHnurn

Taliafrro and l Mallory\ have been will was 1I1.tt.! on hit cUath. l>..,1. HIH| BARGAINSI

carefully looking after the intrrrats t>f ,| wi'no-! ,\' four p,'r",')n's. Thi. MrI !.. I cf Labor: rn T "'. Rt

Florida. ,I "'f'f'ol! N alhii n.n.utl as exiitrlx: \V., .' ,'iis'on., : Ma 11'1 .*. |h ii .

Guy II. Leonard of Jacksonville, atinner i'onitnltr. nn iI,'. t.,,>t. t.. n t fur. > .

had a narrow t-'C"I'f' from ins Deadly Serpent Bites I[ e"ulrn.rre has nuttiorixt.' : n '. .i.-.i 1 h

slant death onV.st Adam. tret. ,Are all common in India a. art stoni I| report nn tl. K!'t.h bill !II'! "a: I '' av t' nn han I .1 i pw tr tut11! BUI'I-aiuo': in 1 K' !

when he Iou his balance and fell from ai!hand liver" trouble with u. For the 1!' tn.-ir of :I.ilior of train .11 ..'..\ H dfI HIlt 1 'iJc.w..l; } WATOHKS It want
I! I rall\u&s\w lit-Ijinluitlciii I I- '. h tjlatinilu
the root of a two tory dwelling to latter however there i II a sure reme.df (
the ground: b-low Fortunately he r... EIretrif'titter., the great reloratie | \ ..s .lull not work! MIO ,t'ati Ii ji, Z< (cI.u'h i .1 .1'1 mniMially'hw \l'l.it.P j

medicine ri>ni>t>.Mitl\e hours ami that t''." minimum ,, rlt.1"\ ;'.
C't'htd only a broken arm and a few i ibraie which > A Itrown'of (
i' prrt.nl of rent shall It. '. Y
t ten
tuietuvillf .
S. I
#. : C. mj : "I'Ilrprestored 4
I 1 | sev.itU hours.
j my wife to perfect health. are
The sidewalk lawn of the ci'y of i(
Peosacola be tested the Bard trrear. <>f suffering with i1y*|>epla )I
are to by i A Thousand Dollar's Worth ot Good. H. C. STEVENS
and chronically torpid liver" Electric:
of Public Works" This wa decided ttnat i ,
"I I hare brfii
j atllieted' wi'li k
Hitter cure chill and fever. itialaris, 'tliifyI
held afternoonand f|
It meeting Jt''tt'rda' i I and bladder trouble. for yn'f. | n...uiggratei Jeweler Mk
biliou5ne.5 lame trouble.and
back kidney *
if it I. found that the city cau. -to I Iter ,
i or stones with i'aru sating
bladder diveatfa old on guarantee
giving proper notice, construct th"l) ( pain," *HJ .\ II. Ihuriif H eels!
walks and tax the amount again the I by all druguisi I'rice fA'P. |' knuM n coal, operator of llufln c.. 1 1i II Hill( > I'IMN: ( >, FI.HII

property it will be done, and many I File Petition for :i gut no relief from nifdiemf in, il I I It|..c.grtri a

new walks will be placed I II N f w lurk. :May' 'I! Bankruptcy.MnJ.ir Kranrlfi I taking, F'ulry's Kidney; C'I I int; r ..!.

After resisting. arrrst with every who K u' the I'lnfHtxirK l>arrai..kn. nmlwtio I I the result Nas.urpristug. .\ ft, w d.'.... I..D. SnA( fnOn.

meaiis at his command attacking Officer IH u MOM uf Kn"rMl John I'. .'r... started the tri\'k.tI..llt.llk.. .i. t..tuner Low Rates
James II. }Powell a puhcemsu uf rnont. ha. tlU.I t a |,,,tltlon in bankrupt and now I .have. no (.am ac ru.s my 111.1| 'i'i"Southel.n 'iI

J.chclI1\"illt' with a razor and doinit rte In this "ll-rrln. with llahllltli-ii of iif) end.1 I fffl like a new man It Painter

his t>e.t to inf.ict! deadly injurie. Ed 1 911:1": '7 Htul ali. iiKi. >..tH of |:jv Th* .has done use ll.OO worth .t f -" u'.d "

Jenkin a negro, was finally lodged at debts! were 'untrat"f..1| In thin rlt\ , Folf j'* Kidney; lurt. will i*
police' headquarter and will be tried l'Iatl.burg.'iloblie! \\',i"'liln :toii It.I (.' form i.f kidney It r bladder dl..."..-. I Paper Hanger. MA K

t b.i morning on charges of beingdruuk, and San .5'ranel.'u l rIr1l'1..II for l>r>rrowrtl J McCollum .V Co .

and disorderly carrying concealed money on not**. \IIIOHK the I X-4 East Ma n -t .fmn.v. .r F.5, i

weapon. using profane language.: and rr 'illtorn nr fthe .'.-?..Ip.,. National. Washington Observes MemorlaDay' J JI JRailway

mikling, arrestColumbus Hank of MoMN.' f!'"". an.I 'P l II i :Nor; I \\'n.i,tatr,,,1"". MA>' 31 :\1.."..., >M '.. \ .Ml k'n..1..r outr.te and< in. de ">rk

Lumber Company of Klla-: lone oflif.! 11 UK Sl't.'n.: t.....ul.1 b> srr\ltf... In thN city wertn ittt :Uh proiupt ai>1 neat r irc .rd I

C e are stiecesfully holding. all lugs life Inc uran.e |M>Mrlfn. ': crattt air All hi the past t1.. prtnI I -- -- r 4r
I rlpal t\...fitr.-.. Wf',*> Atrltnvlt'I' PAPKK:} II 'N. .IN C. ai.tl (.N AK'T!' .
I a> c Air down from the broken atBredlitIs'irarawu"'ay.C .
!1-:';* a -i.clal'y.
Don't j jPori'l I II..t |i : ,--' rruwil .rt, 41
I :>cm of the R. J A II F. Camp Lum- ', I .
.* to th. -- -
: wililterd
rhil suffer with that ,
*> -r C ompanjr at White Springs' which jour ,
n, ke U.t Friday night It I.i .aid coiigk when you ran cure it with H.l- t tI a<1 rise'tats "u. an Mial one. 11'1') I I rom JACKXN\: "II.I.IJN !
.. .
In n .1 t
ijiif ttiiHiit ft.n at there are at least four thousand oft I 1".1'* llorehounil Hyriip, a ure cure M Miss Nora Norton to
.II.lt..J ,t tb,' tMrlou Ic.u.t-h'f" .. i ii .
",*.. log* be.!de. the lugs that the CoIcmli for cough. lironchili. Ititluenrs.croup 1 i n ..f il.l.* 1..nr, soil 1 re. 111
and pulmonary di.*..se* liny $16 61) tarn It-art ti. sale .
J* Company had in the river to bets 'In Grasp of Storm.
I JnA.. 11. tl I:? I" I IV..7"; .
a huttle and It II !It LauRhler. .
of but try I'ekltatnnIre liar :'t --t'rr. > .
en care up to noon Monday : ii n.I..1/ :.S ".t. }, ( '.i,.iuitJA fl.ps.t,1; .j
t -if| were managing: the log la their lijhali Ml.. write : "I have twehililreri i cruin'y, I" In 'h. ierit>p ..1 a ..t. -.I| 'MA, .,.1

t at there successfully, although the who had croup I tried many storm 1..1.t are filling' "'e ."r. i>ntankf .> Ladies Novelties r
<'I' ,Dual rise of the river make, thee fferfiil I remedies. but I must say yourllorvhiiunij I .il,. overfownc| the !hwl"I"I.l a,1 t con! *"" Ilae.s! INiim: ar. IluioQ i for the luni* ami 411 "turn 1.1'.a. on sue zit
try ; I i
washing .p
I I. the best rjTp" irnf.'t-ns aid ,
t..rrUf>n yrup croup a ;' Jut.. : ft IIIfI..1|| | Jun. .WKs :t
and rough medicine I ever used t i" talus) farm. and' h.>u-. llrttlfe' (,n Goods. : .. . .
Fancy i i .j.* Jim* :w.. ii" M M''lh''Y'''*. 1
:>old I 1'1 \\ M. Jo inotiOrcerate I the OreK.n flalhl_ .y and NkvtratU.L. I' Wah.r.rl. ,t> Hitlnrnorr! + 1'1..1.1'l ' '_
mpanline.. were waat,1V out lu sic New V.irk _.I

<<: Crave! ft Nf.. .*"' .11... I oral plr e.An "".aon. 'Is.. .f..1 r."Irn.T. .
CALLPHONE V Mav J The grate_ cf I Hilt II M ) 1"14' It allay I'' $35 t 90 .,...... tin .,,1.1.., 31 u.

v'-. t. d.! lesd i In !1e f.'.rat renr I Alarming. b'twatioo ,au.t Ji/i.. lit t"n Juirtlntttce

r. f. .. .h.lll. anal \furr. l''r..f.I", rv*'ilt I"y urjrlret. of el.Ktl ." ;i Ifl, .IIIf'in's! "" ne.t., 1t .sis'ngi. 1t.1.' 'I{
iI I'Mladelphl, Net Y ur.
NO. 7 . ? rag d.. + .r..1 .a'h flus.r. 1 toe..I. and loff .'1 II.. until reir I I t {

art! rt. .N C alld| r.. r1
aa. Ilea< suns urge rrtiwrj. are .ttn t iJition 1 I. unknown fe, It.f' > wto use WILLIAM ANDERSON $14 65 Iia,,, 'fies.s.. UII sat.lmtt.d ,.

Ir.r: the!' .. t\ i If ,Mi t'f'"hnr.l .,f .t.* I., Kin. .'. .'0... Lift f, :f.! the t.*.t I JfI"'" '1 b. I J'. lA. 'M.9QA '.

FOR I Glow:. and the gray iinlted In 1r.,r.rItjr '' and .. .tl.. I| JfI" n INN ;
i r t regulator uf in'nser> aid I BICYGLHS-
the rrav... of their rr>mra>1Hi ..tJlorllla.'II. bo..l l Ituaraiiiwd iy a.. <]rbirv>.t* and IA I'''.'I..I|||... K r ai.tl' r.. '
**. K,. A mutual prt'craiuaji l'ne ::r.' 't 1 )IM 'r'Ik.t. '
carried out I j Jp "tie. H. ;:,. v-; ; ;
PlumbingAND Mmpr. UO..eves D.'._'.tien U./, !!I Electrical Supplies. J5. .''1. 1 11.....,11 July I ?.J .ii..1.

.., Ro... Mrrrirhlf.. 31 f.. ."..."..," day i .
A"ci. '
was generally ob.er..d :n this ft'yWelnesdai 'I lli>.t Hpririy.! V . atsi'a.. ?
It row merely a memory of tie p...1Hall.rol' : .. \SZ3.3b "p I ,rk.i* or ..I..t !.1..I. I.
imDf..ls. .Ie.. errsl lve.ry. f.r 1..1. IU..I... h.p.lrlw. . .I.> (... W ,I". 11 lltrillvil.
:< l natu.nAr.
.r. wr> rfra ...... pr."II,. "hl.1 Burk.r 1<<11. .t' I.. ,
cif tre twentieth eentiry % :i e"'. ... w..... .7m'I: 'sp. r. ttse ,. 1
f..,.il/te irn., Of 'r.. 'I C..1t..a a 4... : :,,.. .1 aJj.1, all .1..... Kr\: >. i .ill.. r.... and r.. ,

. )1 lr. .. ... ..... '1 51b.bo ..
r it .1.r.uI. b urslis 'C. : J.a..e4: an <.; .l. .... ir .r'irrir.-vir
.. I i II.i :; \\ I rxio.N' J ; :-'i.I .:
tin wr't .
( II It tsyoa.'la.trrry > ".
.I ..
J ry I i'.it..l i | Rfi n >'* 5 *, K t.
: t.r Qu,1 +no. 1.'lrn. 'or rh.u. TOAdTertise CURL: ANY' DISCASttit. : : t.ft.i> *. r*.| I :til ltd rt

sod ll '..'" I esfc'l **y .
nts m I.
. ,..
"l.k.r..r C.. .
.0 ,'sal L. 1 yrs... '....1 by 55. \t.J ... .
.. 1 ._.e ..... H._...4. e.r. / 7u.l7w
IID.CI' I J..... n 1"0. nuty
vs., N11 ......... .
W** .E..d t. fc'r..l*........ f I e. : ..._ t.,. . t . ,. I Ifa co. : ; u.

Am- . *' i M.4sar4.. Hit*.fi.f ... ... . .1 asst.... .. w .. . 1/nl.sgl. .. t.pa .ft't: I.. k
..r w.- . w .to., .. ......11 I. aw --. ,...Atr ..C. ma-I .... C as (5I 1 35 Iq/. r'-s.s. pwlea. ..1_
marts a :_ "'Jtl_... the ysa. ..,5erplNt', x4w. t'. 2 :as, Jliy ;t. &.1"."' '' N
.,. ac.m . ., woo w.. ._ fr 4...tkt per.ro. Mt.a. .,..tilr 151 ...w r j e'. J"I I.I. I.'INIJ. Ufo I.. ... Asi ii II... v Ess.n.wn: ..... :u.$

..... '-. . ta__ ..* r Mr* .....,. .e a.' 15 M .M . ,. ...1'.....1 11"' flfII... Ve .
A tt .. _' . '. ...... of kcrr ts> r.. a.'e ......... .... a. .._ f \1 ,... c ... "" ...1
Work GuarirteedAMD '3a r a . .. . ... tr........4 wa.r : !II M .r eaN ................ '. .w $32 I 0 .....,.. Tk.... ..... ....

a...... e? W.. It... .. 1 .e' of w" .j I -_.. a.a,. .. ........"w'f ... ..... < r n r.jS A.If If! U. 1/. hm.....
,--.... ....... ." IN' .. .... I, 'vtf ,1"1 IW. lI'
c. .
t. I r .545y rata. 1 Mo. .
1/sift '.' r. iiI/M.fUS1.1
... .w..i .... .._j . r ,.. I I
Ka. i w.__.. . .. .. _a . ._ w f .... Ikl.. py Iia. i ....... .... rwr.., 's'fie.Mw .

if "'* Boas I. Cv1e. f..twII. .' f .. ..1' . s/' ... . --. .. : w r.., w1 t'hea. Ill
I.. .. ........ ...w. . f
or ai'.1 ... tlel alit aa'4 w51- .
....,..... .. rs e'. S. "' "' e ..aS. .-..-. ... .4. . s .. .
trued ,...--4 y 14r5 wom4L.wR . .... ....... . ".. i i.a .
HARDWARE .. sate :a.. r.. .... .... .
1 t'I'bP for ft l4r.a 1 /ksa. Isspn.ae. J. ".. .....11.... A C--. a a1 lp.. ....M#. o.ara4 :i .1. ( l l.lY'sh..
ISe ...... -'u_ ,... eas., I
CIHPAMY. a.Ua.11 ..... e.rwr. wta4. -''- .a4. wwe .1 ,"..,'" .........., A....
. be.I re.....V .. .&&n..... ..... io The gyro Qa.......... "I.HI4.a. I

,I ".... sM a hotllW. ]Ii. 1.ausrlrttZr, ryuleltl.l.

: ,.'p&

0.." . _.I.....'..'"..." ,':.Jl.,..,,."t.'".i ,-.'_.......,.<..J..L'\J,,: :..J iAIJ.1; : : :.;...".li h.,..:..; :"') .:I--;:'" l' i.:; .l" ..:.:' r-l" .,"u'.t-\: ,:". +!!;. ':" .x '

: -





L The Trial l.y Or lr.l Tbat Flnda a
Southern States Immigration Commla- 1l I IM.c." In ler ... CHAS. BLUM!! & CO. .J JWhiskiE'i

l; son: at Ellis 'Leland In IVnik 1 III-M flail no bu"ln n. ,

New YorK. May ::il IJelejjates! apI I for a tnmllilfl! i I..rm of trial hy l ord l

polntel b) tiie. 11"'rnlr" / dnctde4 all .1'..r.IlIt.4. In place of the I: 7 ; j
''.V AVesi' \'iiinlu, N.I; i ii ('..& )lsal: 1 pr.iftit:.i-n-r! tl.! i pleader Is n native % nes

Carolina. IJeoi *lu. (KI('> \'il'/iIlIU'1. boy vtbo i- a..itf(1. ;. tone or the

and Tennet<*ee ami'! other of tlio 10.11.; .. and 1 I U given a b-ina- c f 4'/HAiiD M sKT- and J

lifty repi *.iflattvos: of railroad ant boo tube in ", hidl I* sealed the pleading . Liquors
leading indUHtrle lu the Hjiith, will V &, tjf tin P.T-IOII or party whom he J't

f meet hi It. .1'.IurnI ami, 5 to orKanlait I represent Ii' \(*? > \ Nos. 511.519

the Houihetrita'fH: ImrnlKration toinmission When all it n-.idy two stakes are

Tht 'pin..(.11 it* of the n> wcoinill.ii ,: Urlvf-ii Into the I hail of a stream and LX'lHslpWHISKEYt BAY STREET.JACKSONVILLE ,

wi I I.* 'tit f'H'at!>IlHh, ,p rnrinn' A careCul by aid of u baml.N, pole the heads of I "
f heaiiijuai ;IT* in New York to ad athe- the two boyn' are submersed at the ,. s

.t.1f u (.I. rlllg house fur labor for \vifevill always Maine tltut ,

'_ r ..0 lit h. keep SPpliea Uy I
"1 JMVM) l llol)ln"')n. of tli P Nation::it CivIc to remain under water for quite I

.J .'p""-" itlon. who haN: hiH.n al.p"III'| | ,.,,1.1a wit nBALLARD'S awhile after their natural Inclination. ;

by (;neoinor Terrell to i..|n'fit < !.'or : I would bring tin-in to the surface. but j for Pabst Milwaukee Beer ti

;' pla. IH HI'tlriK at (enipoiarv t sfrni.iiv! .. at last one of them Rives In and re- 0 Export per bbl, 1O do*. ill ; per doz, $1.25
I of tlit rotuinlHslitn and IH now In t'' >tn SNOW 11'11..111"! hU hoM, uf the stake comes to Blue llibbon. per bbl. 10 doz. I<12 ; per doz f 1.5O

munt'ationMlti (lli.> ?oirnorof 'Ihr!' the air ;
lie U Immediately seized, and the j Jung's Cincinnati Red Heart Beer.Per
atate4 of :Marylurnl, T.'x"rl"I"" '- LINIMENT H
aside. The other i
tube he holdU c-ait
and Keiiturk. I 1".I'In: to r"Ir.--"ti .1 : bbl, 10 doz. *9 doz. II.
; per
A Positive Cure For his tube opened and
: lad H 1 led ashore. ,
r lion from, th.',,., Hiatftt' In the, ori; anus
thin TIir iiian.iK.>iii.'rit of the Imr.' :.111 Rheumatism, Cuts Old Sores the ilcx'Umi'tit! ,coutalneil therein stands .
I as the decU.on ta the ca' e.-New York' We pay freight or express charges -.5
Sprains Stiff
Wounds Joints
In thin" city will l"rt Y" "surd In fhe ex ;
scathe:: iiiniittfi..> of the oiniiilsHion" Corns, Bunions and all Ills. Herald. on the following liquor : I

which \\t to roiiHlst of on deb,KIr'; .
St1 KNOWS.. T... Uta.b.r La.... i..
r froni each f>f the. fourteen southerntatos LEWIS 1866 Away Above (:Everything in
r. Mr-. C. II. ltun} u1). Stan- A IlrltMh >;.,,'erUll1p.ut engineer 11"ln, ,
The -teli'"fon of the ileUgatoCominlr : .. h! "'rry, .'MI. wrifH: I |Ii/Iv"> In Bombay u-nerts that India had the the Whisky Line:
--"ill-" rr 1 "I'h tb'. gvt.rnurs. alllt the 11-*.-II fSti& .)w lrlhn"flt UIKj rrt largest urtirtnl I fr_h water reservoir
he iiniik'li for in fur lth' 4 full quarts . . . 5 00
>Hl.>n aril I the liureail will I reftftotifclltle say u- In the \turlil lIe Ha j'* that In the na-
for t'ie NIIC.CI-HS KovertiinK: !)aarl.1I11t11II all juiln-t. It Ntl 12 full . 12 75BLUM'S
r; : th'., state of Udalpur. In Uajputana.noiiif quarts . . . "
II. "it ll.. rill IIK-lliulllU toll
the Iriiinl ralil. Kent fo the south' thirty mlloH 'south of the city. of
<.V. IH th.|| llOIJH.'. MONOGRAM 10 Years Old :
f> S his | In
rar Snail IH'f"'I.,1 Oil Udalpur. (l.t the great JaNamand. the
N j lt.lllon to open the first iiiettinTllCS.I \, Three Sires 23c. SOc. $1.00 Iihi-luir lake Thd.im of this lake was t 4 full quarts . . . . 4 20

';%' lthe dtbgal| ,.* Mil I I... Ballard Snow Liniment Co. built Home :U':IN) years ago by the Maharun.i f 5, I 12 fall quarts . . . . 12 oO

:, f>VfT Kill Isl in I hv < *<"innil"Hlorier of Jai III.h.! It covers an area of
I.OUIS. I EARLY TIMES Pure Sour Mash Whisky:
InirnlK'-iMon \\':." liorn h.-tw.'n twfiity-ono and twenty-five I

j - -- --- I square inllt's Its ilopth at the dam is |I IJIIIII'ty )fouled In Ilontl Under Got eminent Su|>erfNlen.

Iii A Happy Mother SoJ! and oconimenJcd hyW. fe -t. :and 1 Jtn capacity !I. eatl- 4 full quarts, del . . -! ') nmtetl at l.Vl.ofiO.OuO.OiX: gallons.
Will eel. that her niby i It properly, '. M. JU II "'US. tialur.II1e. .. I ) full quarts . . . 0 5 5t
r cared fur-to do thin goat! ,
urKtivei I 12 full
quarts . . . lo 7.
i I. ni-ce-,Rry Many bahie Buffer from :

t woritm' an-i their inothem don't know COf QUESTS OF SILENCE. CASTORIAFor BLUM'S SYLVAN GLEN, 7

U-if your 'b".!hy in ferermh and,I d'tenn't ---. .- -- 1SiG
.. . .... .. .... Infants and Children. Years Old :
sleep, at ni ht. ll ii i i.* triuhled withvtoruiK s. \V I.u. '.r<- \\ Not M.

Whlte'ii e.a..1 VeriiiiftiiH arr.I...' -h'r .. prr..I.r.. The Kind You Have Always Bought 4 full quarts.a _'() b
\anl.. : r. i-t! '111 In. ">r 11.I'leI spew: 11 I II
will clean out lli' in Hold .
,, n worm a fj
t (III I I'l.. r." lilti .1" tils f iliie he out e lit Bests theSignature t: full quart: 4 5O
and plra, nt Ono tried! al", ,, I I
*''' way Q -y- I
f"II',1: : it. r.i.i.'d,1 iiinl .,:." e !it ui( con ofPOLITICAL GICCl.. 'U ; 12: full quart.1 1+ (Ito
he'll|. dive, it A trial l'no 'J."i: cent, .
ttt....1 .1t.1 I n1.i j-Iieil! '. In frirn'M.r! theeoiistltutioii !
hold. \\' :M Johnnou,. I
ly .
..r the (:lIlh..111.11.: the SHERIDAN CLUB:

..aUortns. ill:unit wholly. perfitinnil. In t .
14.OOO Cravea Decorated eifillliltlei. of the whole. oflilih ANNOUNCEMENTSFor 4 full] ) quarts ... . . . i: 75rt ;
rhattaiKMiKA.. Term. :May :31.-n.>
ration li..r.:.' \\'..isirtitori.is; : lay after ..layh.urnllllt full quarts . . . . 4 I Ol
,1.1) was itlnerved at the nation. lie made. but ...e.-h! "st.it,.'. .\ ltormIll .
Itvlr..i s; .) full raf) /
il! etnetery.. where there : quarts . . . . sWe < ,
are nearly trtl. II". ,ol.t.ptlon. ...rI ,., . ,. .
.: / eery l I' Ite-tlKM-' o' \ ?b ti O: : II- 411t.I .1;' to
14.OUU' Kra\e/: seteral hundred .
themnlled few nrds I eI' !II. The r-oin 4U lI..n. how d.''.... tin- t ..' hi.i> .ulIiri >
; 4 hy nohller' of th > Spanish>>! war et sr. a. I.11uW. 1'.11.1 for )1111..r ....11'11. : ,'vin.' u..., +II., iii'rt.*.-n searI i I" n-t. :.?

.i ho died In Camp neir hen In Ismniu und. hi.torl.tii4. ul'.lnu that hid it not ..r Ill t.....rtr v. ith iu> i"xiH-rlen i.- t Whiskies
Liquor Gins ;
"r'tlf' ur11tlfin w.. .1..lh..1 bv .Ih..11 . 1'4,11(1 uli'tx' all.TI..1. ful't. : nt cur to ill-'t> .: rftflhi rsti
barn fII hU iM-rsoi.il jiopiil amithe
] I"\1rol..r Or1I1! unlv,'. and the I > il,11.1.*. nf >..t itr .Xtlornt-N I tto.forr. at Hun and Wines from
thirty nop.Js! nf his sp.n !:1. per .
,y bind: .l \\ UM It) tfn. Twelfth a\alrj uuuu.luw It l It.! .. l brut til.It ....II.1! I lie unit lhr l ..11.r.,alert II'" '"t..uf f.>r 11at.noiiiliiulloii' frtrtul..nhounrr the IM-IIKMT 111' rS :., 1.)0)< to f> (oo( per gal. J

il 111-1 11. the < .Itl.tlhltlIt1: \\oul.l: hleIMNMI l>rlm"ir, for -..luie .Vllornei for I">> F.ljhih: J''. '

%,I Will Cure Consumption. ..J..II..I t.V. the! pt.npe.. : .'11..1 Oreitlt of KlorMit I': romln.tt I ,.
t Ihoniis JelTi n oll e\er Hindi aIMM "......11.! In\ .?.r I.t eourtettuslv ..i-onouiK'a..\
C .A .\ II.."..... I-' llc.-h. Ark write' : I ., -.-h. III'| rutll.lll'1 01.. It. slut 1IthfuLs' : .)1. .'..".... It..tl..f the utltve

4t 1 !- <,1.l < y'" Minify nnd 'lar 1 U. tin* h"11 N .111b4rt.{ <.\h ..e e\eiutle, uMIlty! l 14 ,. ..ml to help n .mt.tln the tliinll/ ..n.' honor \Of SPRING D SUMMER

sW |>n-p. ration fur ..).I.ch.o r'.il>l" and IIIIKIroiitdr ; I; Ilhll.; ..' WIthout n I'lr ,.1..1.I .'1it1 that terruurt IL.steetI101' .I. \|I. KIVMl: AJM

f4 I know that U !I"*. curd 1114! illtlliulfviis_ lu llndlll. tarn of
eon.ulupll.tn' ,in Ihn II rd t nlSke. \'UlI'1 .I..I I ls rattier ""1" words l \\ln-.i. a<.:I..>il T., the \'otrrof the Hwhlh .... .. Clrou' RE ADY-TO WEA R APPARELFOR

nurrr heard nf ntiyonw imiiiK .'/ !bow he iniiltita.iiitl Ids Inlliii-iKi* owhen \ >'rhi. I ..... ..rf tin e-itulul. \.1.. for the oTtce u
1 !Mate ,, ,,...n".n.I. i.r.'lfuilY .o,ioU '.. .
) I .. so prr1.1r4, I" alt' Rh.l !tI".r"'II{ ('.' "
1 Iliuiry rid fnran.I I II It brlliK .. tlttt .| .. -
'. the Hih .hay! of June I hair
u' earnr-
< n
'' c JV :M 1 !(' ...1111110.L. .\ tIu! I .lnl/I.III.I..r. | lit ehlef of au nriujIn '
I U enteature.h' to ilo nit full ilultwl ..hh Ills i
Italy 11..111.1. "lly reserve. Theicrt'iitni'ss I <*.i .,..<* the .ta11r. ur ",.- i>.11.-. tiriri' > .... Mohawk Conference. I of u limn Is not measured by .... '
i three \ ''.or. I hare i l.ikw\ :Mohawk. N Y. :May 31 The the length of hl. apvs>cb.-a and their t .-.r. I.<. ... '>'ir sears *..u....II..r..' the i'r ti t tnl 1.1 i

twelfth mintiAl 1 lakt'l Mohawk: confer t tciirf n\lllll..r.t L''.,JHi>f I I" .tn.'n."na. three veur. "tatfAttornrr ,

on Inletnjtl.ttul urhltrMlloti "pen '! f ,.hln trcull. :%1. lllt vcr.. orf

r I'd \\In..I. with" .Mil "tr.Iltu', < <> of !I HABITS OF HAHES.M ,|.rrlor,,,,-. .i"t Iti/rnohlf. <*it.tblr 'hf'0, at .i>
I Ic pus a ..tt'r .lnilrutl\.>n r..r .. _cont| ,..ra.
SCO illploiiiMt, Iurtat t I
a rn
.kln. tl .> T.tllft !. m ...... -.d I vas I Tour. 4ltvnllou. a.. the vote .IroUr l r.i' SEND= US YOUR O&DHRS
lent r1.1t| -.d.r11 (Mors
) men. .
pill | .
('.r.'u 1 ..r_.... I I -NI. V I tor i,f>v hr th.- Mate F.erullte' Coailultlro
MiithttipUtx "1 t h... ii(>t-iitiiK nttdriMta w.ltj'| ... .. dclhoan IJ"A. 'Hurr. lJiM. t,.,.,in" If'1ThaDal.d '!
'I"'r J *
; A > r> r \.vote.,1 irxvi I I
.lrllvitr| hy Atlirrt K Hnilloy ) . t a i for th. i-triuli. tole tflten n.fwM.h
h..r. flat I .1 ..-.-'.. f'Ir..I lu tl>"" i
1111"11 I ,........ 'n- thr l.-..1ttn ,-r..IIt.t.- in t1,* > :8 Y: :-M-A..IL
..111.1 hiU. .Iurlllo( (ho l,1ttnir 0111.1 r..1)11 .
freest |.flii,.. I.m \ *r. irjin 'o...r
I II tin* 'U.I rho'* lu ti! <' iimriittii; an.Iv ...t..I.'IIS"I..hH'S' !

I >iitii': '1114' hour nt tilth heist of .

Uivui I I.- ,T.' ttio ti4r- ...1'11.... bat It l h. I re"M' r itBKMiA>*r ih.t I tn .'.ntlIA :

Ally tlui l lf..>rt. I U u l.y: 'k. All for |* for tb1 tU'r..r ...tale % ,\tl'rn.t '..r inrll AND GET YOUR SELECTIONS FROM THE LARGEST AND

r I "J .r' !I Uar... l h.>\".'ror, ilo not rvtiirn. MOIIIKt : .. ioU J,..>i.-, .. iimiui ..r t."a. ...MI>IM
? & vt of Ittf >>.>unt .f.. ..of11": ." u Rarer llr.M|'.-r.1,
>M>forrliii; III fir out nil day uu.l luckethwir
Ir/s and I".taa- r+] r t <* lth' i
I f> riu ..... . .. .
.5rr.ru .I..r< the > .IIf' of the
, ':1"" ** lu trio liii .kv>uri <. 1 foiiiul thl ,. .. .
nu-r t. her .r.Ir.I .n.t..U..n to IN< "! !"
out unit il ty a tiix. t.tklii: .ta'IU-r uiiiotn;; and .f l.v. .. .r..r tar .-".-..it f.rlu twr .. tit
1, r t..Lt 'T 111 the rtr tri.... ft .n .1 .1.." np{ '''ir i>f rulu. ;. I... n...!".'. i I'.l....trfr tb..n. th' .t the nu.r. I CLOTHING FURNISHINGS AND HATS

t .\.. .....) n.. tht rail sot; ,...611- Kelley I h/. or 1h. .t. .1" 011,1 of .....,., .".1. )..t .,..ter ,
.it w f1i .t ....., :.IM| lb.,.. aiiothrr h

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