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4" ".e'Ui.a for Member of t a. .0r.? . ... Mat Itt.. It...... t. *<..t la tae ms1f a i ;1

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. - -- -- . from foot nf
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.1.1 .*. BMMH.. ..e o..U"4"" 100 Mat .
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,* ....
Franklin ie
CASHIER TO WEAR STRIPES. The Food That Docs Good FranklluUH [.articular. about the

: Henry Q. Mllwauke.Qoll U Found Guilty At ticular way of about doing! liusluena.the way lu lie which was par-be i GHAS. BLUM & CO. ,

made LU rnonc'. When be first started
1' l1lwDukee.'I*.. May 1.-Henry I 1 lili newspaper In Philadelphia bisrlrul DEALERS IN-
G. Coll. former assistant cashier of< war Bradford who in addition p

p,' the First National bank of this city to puhlNbln,.; u piifM-r was postmaster ,4s37 Whiskies Winesand .

; was found guilty! by a jury In the Tb. Odd Liver Oil Ejoulnloa! : "Pur Esc ttewu" lot "('Derulof the -olonlt Bradford used!! .. .

United States district court on nine C:..Kh.. C.ld.. lttt\*. Drwichitl. La Grip Ills authority nit jH "tmaster general to o'-'S\
teen counts out of thirty.four. The &*r< Thr..t mm4 Lan(.. Catarrh. Pn.uta.aM, practically o\-li: 'U* 1'ranklln's papers Liquors
;.J counts in the llctitienta against the :..__ptf.s aaA all llilmonary Dues..... 11Dranl.t. from the mall It j. forbidding;: the post
.. two.ii eon and .I. f Nos. 511.519
defendant on which he was found s. rider to carry them .'rllnklln.lIbort. i

4 guilty reln'e to false entries and the TRIAL BOTTLE FREE BY MAIL ly after iiu'-cwded Bradford as post

misapplication of the funds. In tho to all Modlnc Dams and waster general. Here was the opportunity BAY STREET t 6

r' bank. those! relating to embezzlement MOMULS1ON CO. 9* H4 Str..(. New Yerk.Manlrlpxl to bull n monopoly and crush f z
bIll old rival but the thought never WHISKEY -
being thrown out. .
-- seems to have entered his bead that JACKSONVILLE, !
The verdict wan reached by the I
Tlirlfl. the newspaper butlnes of the colonies sQN G0.
T jury after a Hcsslon lasting eight I On the way from ono town on Cape belonged l to him lie Maya of Bradford FLORIDA.

hours, and was arrived at !about 2 Cod to nn<.*>'r a contributor to the In bin attempt to crush Franklin's

r, o'clock Hunday morning and "presentwd BoMtnn Trniii"'rli>t came u;.on a chnrui- newspaper. "I thought so meanly of Agents for Pabst Milwaukee Beer I

K to the court at 11L. m. The Ing house l"y Hit roadside nlilcli linmcillaltly him for It that when I afterward came .
amount of money which Coil was alleged flnlmtil. hU nttentlon. It Into his situation I took care never to T Export, per bbl. 10 dos. $11 ; per doz. $1.23
Blue Kibbon. bbl 10 dos $12 doz. $1.50
to have misapplied wan about I hors a frexhont of while pulnt. which Imitate hlm-\me1"lcan Illustrated r per ; per

t: 9250.000.; Mr. loll was unmoved by was well net off Ivy l Kr*.n blind: There Magazine. Jung's Cincinnati Bed Heart ...r.
t. era to his attorneys lie was banded group of lute shade trH wnlf ham. Ill. Tim Com In.. t Per bbl 10 dox. $9 ; per dos $1. '

to the custody of the United States morku piazza cliulrs. brilliant sofa pll- Young Mothf r Harry dear you t
lows and nil the HilJunctM of summer mustn't!' ItO nenr the baby. Young Father
marshal: We freight or charges
comfort In luxurious: prnfunl >n. -Mayn't I just look at him a min. pay express
., Attorney for the defendant at once """ho".. place In this?" he demandedof ute? Young/ Mother-No. dear; be'e on the following liquors:
+ made a motion for a new trial. Judge the l"oy of twt'hp who accompanied sleep. I'll let you take him when be '

r Quarles announced that he would hear him an guide nnd adviser| In general. wakes up lu the nl;:bt. s< :; LEWIS 1866 Away Above Everything in

the argument on tho motion Monday "That there?" salts the boy. -Oh. that 4:((6- .. Line
the Whisky :
,a forenoon at 11 o'clock. The trial of there' the poorhouse""T11e A mnn never catches up with hIRood I t -

4, Henry U. Uoll lasted exactly three poorhouse!" the man exclaimed Intention) for tomorrow.-Succea* F 4 full quarts . . . 5 00

weeks. The most Interesting part of "Tou nee to have luxurious pauper Magazine. fIr f 12 full quarts . . . . 12 75BLUM'S
the testimony walt that offered by In this. town." :
-- - -- -- --
the former prcitldent of the bank. ""',.11. yon see." was the explanation II It MONOGRAM 10 Years Old:

;. Frank U. lilgelow who In now sorting "wo hitln't got but one, 'n' she's an old LOW ROUND TRIP RATES l 111 ; 1 4 full quarts . . . .420

A' ten years' sentence at the Fort woman 'a the overseers they board VIA L. & N. R. R. ,4i 12 fall quarts . . . .12 00
her out with one o' the nelKhltori 'n'let y

3 y Jjcnvenworth guilty: to looting prliton. the he bank having without pleaded the .poorhouse to nome o' them" Boston The Louisville Nashville Railroad /: ..t EARLY TIMES Pure Sour Mash Whisky:

undergoing a trUI. Ltlgulow testified folk .for tie summer '0' flint Ixtystier will sell round-trip rulesrom Jack .; 1 > Bottled In Bond Under Government buperrlslon.
that many acts with which loll was ontille to points shown on dates indi- unit: 4 full quarts, del . . 4 00

charged were committed under his dlrtctlon low 1o llollWmifT.. 'jated. ('Proportionately rates from ..:::'s.. <> full quarts . . . 5 50
: but Mattel' that he had no To !leill|| water nould' seem to be avery other points.
of them. the lAteCh"rlC'1I .. 12 full quarts . . 10 75BLUM'S
knowledge of HOIIIM simple! tliliiK. and jet f30.4-l'arla.! Texas, and return. Tickets I
-_. Pelmonlco used to say that sold May: 3rll. 4ih, 5th and c .. ; ., t-.l I ,_.
w A Wb..... ............. very few -oplt* knew how to do It. 6th, with Html, limit May 15th. j:-::( ; SYLVAN GLEN 7 :'f---;
They hove a whUtlo IHIIKUIKI: nil *:Ouo '"I In* niH-ri-t N.:' be mild "la putting $2tI1O-1.ouievillr! Ky., and rn.Tick..t. i f Years Old: .r :y
'rn tltiiul. in tininnry' UK"lilpcliiKoTliry . icood fresh wilier Into a chat. kettle! ul- .
cull ulitittlt* 'tlir HI* tliMiliitrlyH t rimy <|iilti. \\urni Mini Mettlntf the water > .. sold June 10th. 11th '. YJC I' J 4 full quarts 3 20 ;- ,
and with final limit June
II HoHtolllllll' "IIc'lklC.wl.| : slue they I to \\Ht\l\ng\ \ full quarts 4 50 >'ff"L..i. ..-: ..
<'Mil wlilsl(.<> very loml uixl nlirlll. tau! right off for mac In tin. rolTe or 3rd.. ly! payment of fee of &ncents __ .
Junu'niH; tin foiitrt-HK a run. any\ uIT.( other tlrhiKM,, before It l is 1",11..1.| To let ticket ran bit extended : : :J 12 full quarts !9 IOU 'V ;:. '

A loMi,"'rii liiintliiic n mil Runt |ji>.ntmi <> It .h'ulI null slnuiKT and <*'"aj'ornt" on- until July 23rd.lrti. ..

.' mU" lilt, "Ir.'Iliit tlifrt. U for Ill lb<> .tfiMMl. wut.r Is In the utmowphere $ .">Nnshvitle, T'oll. nnd return SHERIDAN CLUB: .t/.i. > M

r lllIK'b. II 11.1. I If till.* Illt'lltl ll<.t' lilnii IK* cnn ... ..1,1 her test: | order. nliutiK" left In the "kettle Nhut mini..'<< great/ "' and Olh and 01 ,,; ,
<' 'i"1'1' 1" a t'll lie 'though! li<* iiiiiny |Is*i...ii.. Uk.. is nil It I Is, worst than l.'lh.: IMth. full quarts . . . 4 (00 -. :.
July Ilh. 6th and Tih. with'
I' tititml, |t..II.. |t'r. n" \nti-r at nil" Tor water .lM.ll.*d like 12 full quarts . . . . 8 OOWe }U
Iliml limit 1 15 days from date of!
7 '1'ln> totsiett; hulk In n Nlnt(4oiiir. nmllliHr this awl.I Ilivortnl: with a tees tlrojtt of '
wliUUt IIIIIKHM* ifprmliii tintjxiUrti Ifinon JiiU'tMr. iM-luion'U'o iiH,*d to "*lt*. Ity payment uf fee of 60 : a

)v oohs I,5lut.tlloua.l ..'..r |lustntt.p | i liur;'.* its> tooth us for bin bett ll'juors. cents and depositing ticket are dealers in everything in the : ; .

I lillilriMi, nil ..n'r Ami-rlra' Iiiitva 'taunting null bo often ricoiiiiiit-iiil. .>il It lo his same can be extfiidtfd until Liquor line Whiskies=ia Gins, : . .
atilt. friend whu t-oinplnlnod' :JOt h. -
rr) : MiHtomtr September RUin and Wines from ;
"II''." fur Mli. one. tit IO.H of 1i".pt.tllI'| | It N north trying (1(5 ts-Knozeull.. Teiin nn I return. ., I
1.50 to 6) 00
.4 IIU', for Kliain. *. c..II.h'hlll Ticket sold June I1lh. Pith per
"f I.V; .T) IM..I|>' h51uwsulr 51.0n.
'y 19th 23nl. :21ih and noih and
+ Thin try l I.4 not mine" It U liituiirilAli'l .Mi* Allvrnntlt-.
July 7th. Mth atitMfith Final
'r MO Id.OOIIMTIIM; I.u fontttulr gut I Tin il's.tor bud, iM-fu t.illt*.I to see ailtiii'in's -- - -
limit of lu-ktt* I 15 day from
turns I'iiiMiuiti! II umilil l bit .".IIt. ,..!.) tvltt* On otiitilnif shown from > 6TB2:3LItBF3:: ED J.BB9. -
I df sale! ticket he
In ,11..tI.. Hit "IIU for nhiiu. njhi .her loom the tinder slid to that IIIIM- date can

w III.. '11111,ii.; <>rdy. I'm Kind to say ..II".I\t'tll'7 pnytiifht of fee of

4 *' ..iii {"t>iii{ 1'"llCllllliC". ('llIdllll:111: l.ujulrrr there Uii't, very mut bvr"ntf wllli your rn> eels and tlfpnvitiliK with H.F.DUTTON&CO.

c wlfo II'.. a c....>.. tif Ion lilted blotMl. .I.fiMnl m;..Ml until :>.et.tvinber
mil \\t-ll try nil .ld faobloiiod. renuily.Jn 0th.
o .......d 1k. 1.1 .M. .t Itt! n torch at tbo t-hfiiiUfs and $:..&*>-s-an Kraiteiseo mid 1.1)"lrf'l.. ----DEALERS I IN- ---
llull't Illllul' folks boritm Illif." Null put It oti h.*... null I IwlliMt iou'11 find amt. I return. T.k..U stud June
a guns llmUt'M"' philutlvHy, to mi ..1.1| her Ix'ttrrvliin I cull In tho moritlnir" :J4lh t>. July tJ'h. iucliMivt
fill-nil. the \\". pis)'hill liff it O-tit. :drat tiny tin tits-tar ixll..l\ l Mirnlu amid .rii-nl 1 limit Hfj.t..mb-r 15th.Lili'rtl Sea Isla.3n.c3. Ootyfcom.
,. allowed.1's..r51ger. .
'hut I''t.. Rut mi awful ..r) IUIt woman iitt-tln Ihw laiitbnnd ln St n a a bit of .loi-over.
( ("tn *RO one routearil
., for ii 'n.'ltflilmr Just now "Mn. |M'no\*.'sf' ,i MH rtuinn., like ninny of bN kind.M return snottier

sluts tlltt| .r flllliK I'lll liiont out of |lOll ..,, .".\.1 .IIOM'H jour wlf' this nioran Daily May :5th! to September 3)lh. Sea Island Cotton Seed, Bugging and Twine. Walrus:
Hi uttvlili (IUT" ti.M.rsIY7; Itvttor. I .*n_.t:* "Nal.:
inclusive. rinjnl-trip l summer 'ou.t.i".l' Leather in Strips or Sidew.
4 "lih.,. mill' "n'11111.1 I IKHour 11111.,. bat she's wf.riM ." willed| c Jt>ordyor . will lit im cult 10 various re-
1yti, titter nml. honing'. . / I IM..It1I. I H'IMIOI, *." MUM. ..\\ ..1'"* o\i laluu-.l tbo tlo -fur. 'Hut suns hull Inforltatlon fehrdule..

tln Rural who liitil kiitmn lift In a lid. you do as. I told you last nhtht Y' title tables, etc will be furniflliedprniiiiily Manufacturers of the James Doig Improved EnglishSea
tjiintr) IOH u"Mcny "\\". not r.stty.1 for I cotildnx get n | I nn application tnU.
IK ni.. | tlim't taunt otii-fi Irish HO 1 put the ferret I I. l 1t4't1 wl Vr" K: HmhiNu.Ha . Island Cotton Gin and Supplies for Same.

thlnt: "! uM. Ilss lltMlgo. "Nor my LuudunTatler\ .... Agent. I*. ,\: N U K 11HV GAINESVILLE, FLORIDA. USA
\ Jacksonville.. Fla.
.,' list iiint>r<*ll.i lour my rurvlm: Lnlii .1 I - ----
call Illllko,. shift( t(. Kt't on lltiotlt Iii.. .111 a' I'......... ......... - - - -- -

for arid. iin)' Bias 1. Hut IH-II star| 'I'!..* moat vnluublt tl_olAtt< l isianda l In Take The
; .stun* nr. tii IMirruw my liury I Inoiti. its.. wttrld aro tbo l.lnko.s. In tbo riic Florida: Atlantic Coast LineFOR
.. oflti .. > cifT the inoulli. of Ibo. I.*. A""I
e-r tiny MI KI<* i-oiiUI' Mire| utfoiint lit t x an.
<* '. MHT' iitul tier lion( *' iw.* hull 5u till..',,,,. '11....", are frost U>und smut Fruit and Truck Grower(
on 1111 li
t 'itllforclu. .ln. liivliiK sln hint lii-it thov a.ntiilii .".-h tiioriioif quintltl 1_ IllirXllV.. idll.rsadi'rop'r: ,

In pal ,loam his .MHu..t** ..11.1 ..,i.tiIn s t t>f fo...ll h lOr.. that. they MO e\._llnaT' (H'Al.A. .....'. Via via via fly X'UD
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fitm ill, IMMIW lu tti<> Mlit, J'l.ii. I ttlin :. nM\t fur .tho Mory tlUt:"r. 'tlae l .ar ..... . 11.Duhuigle 10 ur 0 !lN.e a./es i-.!'
*. I .'tI II...| It |li. .. .-n;. .:....,r-: I h..n..1\. i*a lut-iMblo| of .upM" >rllnc collie.. JUI4J. J05el.n.L.tII. L floalsoasntRapid
1..lh.t 4.IiIu$$50 1i lists I lift*. iboT. |.ro..*,,.-.> n rrretsne.f ilulsl: .. I - --- Transit
,l n jrrftr I Idnel| ll tfuren.| I A risiitlMinieij tuiKirair magasin and Unsurpassed Service

Trtrlllsd'. .,........ t ...... I' . .If..,,'...I r.I'iaU| > tu the ,inlere. U of
4 lti. rmnutt n"|> I...%* of 'IrliiM C "....1... r.r.llarllf. I .h" fruit. and ".iett>tt* growers of finie Table In effect April 11. 19O9.

; Itktk. like. M trrrtt .litmus.. stamp mir I A ,'...-.vr rti i trk* "\\'b..t .trik... ou* I In'at Florid.
} rt> illdt,l "" lllt a frlliK ..f tt rtnntiAliit M| a ll >i,jsl tKM i>ttal, l. Iii lack of t A '{veeiitl trial .ul.or f tton. of sit Df'parFor O.-\I="ES\'ILLE Arrive Froam
tn of 3
n n..h.111 sent on rtH ipt % .
] .. .\ Illtli runway run* ni-r\>.*>. II. ..-"... of l.t"'.r.| In Ibc estimation ."'.. '' s taker. ----------'-- -
nisi tin-it .t'"itt>r'.lni; ..>in-' on of .U..... ...-s .\ itmu l is finitely },,rturb I 3..1 P trt Nigh 9pnag. and Inter- I 7' 26 i islasly

",. .(.(hull ttrtui';is fo "I..rt| Uifiuiiit ....1 I..>. .a'i... lie bass not I far II sun m.-diat.- 1'01D" I )atty it SOD
i. lltl. *.,. ,"Ih. but ., l I. rIlldlTrrriit +mp.tnlNely
"\ .* on it |>linll HI w til%'It they Ikiii'xluKIn ""
shawls nil Utih l ,*r its.. a .. ti, She) t... t ttiAt b** KIMIMJKJU I U :U I' n. Oeala. .....burc and Tampa. and 2 88 pas

on i.(tlmtt .<. ..,re If I. like iv"' k the early sash' of Irr. ..yas. 'hlhU"1 Ila.17 Inter tsdiat.- rotate Dally

't r...l..l. 'lit* .",It KK>V. |Il5n! s .-r\...i *-- .. -- .. 'Tli .\l.\\\ 3 ellpm
t ,, .--u l 1.lad It>i1t Mitt |Ill!tvt" PI.I I Inks .... "'.II r. JaekeuDw'II.' I. 12 flPID

I* 110 acrr* lu ,'.... Mini II. .lcv.t! t 1. trt- ..' t>tl .1..... .C Iiiiulyl.o., .tea was fnMOi Kf.UUU sal I..h tort,. East- -and West D&1111U

.,......1..%i. 't ?>_ tit' k ....'..11. nil tnl" ,. t Ul1tl Mi>a'd < vu' IIU iU4uu. 1 ;to N1tb ; r-'Dc.; %Cayerue.: ttavannah. Brnn.wtstt IU
? lth water, n.\ ... M IMIU anti lmttm I....i..-rf.*..t Ami I.U dft. fa.\&I.nll.141.! kOl ELL1RE'1''TFIi: ()aat'It''D', Uaa.a, all Puinutonla.. au Wen (I. Dally pm
>l Ihrn MM .M lir.' cwu<.. "lowly, ' up \ .... Put !>.. eat. 1.1..iM-lf. d...d sway :

from id.. ,20'1': ".' I... ",.,.. *" wV" %. *ft. on the street ,'-r t.slty. ** I. U r ru 10:0\-
K ld'5Nrt.. .t.". t.t, oat tI,. asl, lealt 'D "Ito! In'lat"'f:% Koehell.. \Ih&aur' arld Cltra
:11' Junq'. its' .1&.. sit i emt.klua. "':"t t KOtflKIM.WE : .
---- -, -- -- ---
.. - -- I. 13 's.) ;
.." .- N..r. s' AI I 2 U p mDaily
Many i_--ili- t.rif i U.h out !trop Orv-bl fOC .. .. ().n, P"lula i

n.*..,,tlol) .ltttr .........!...sw tot a itrwut If j.u wQ.r! from rtuntlini, 'r I .
Auutif.risrs1, .*..*. ...f d'! -' ) .|-.n... for Itatlard'. >oo- I.ioirnent will CAM HELP YOU =-'- =---=- .: ::-=-:==-

r" a |.rri.i> 1.. at t. "I..ttl t ". r..iM>Utrlty. .. .> t'rlnd ..Uk ,.ll.f ll i I. a. .ur. ..r. j lat.rekan. jeabi. W.I.. ... TW>..... R'.i ov.r l3At) .u.. or ataoag Ue fr.r'f"41 -
.. t. t. ..1/..autlt. l' U c .. ... ) eUnitrrW Kf..UU" .11.'D u.. 'tsiatts.ra *.*'-. -,. o. ..!. by the prteelpal at ent.. .
..., for .pralaa' rhvwmatUia. rttrt'51th .'uUm.a" .' fort T 4 GMs
IhltilT. ,.-r'c."t.: t rr WW n 5ti. { -r a kJt.* Yoe' eta .a..IILa"
* .fe. and a'l 1 + .-an J witkia I". I .D- ..... via .1Caate
r'U P K UU 1 L a* ('nat L :
anti .>C lll'"'. l.* trrtt 1.* I '.r-r ,t.ut Ii.. fc .. OR,. *** all4 >*B'M'Ti Railway
reach of .1 i' frt r 2i. II P'or I'Ompl."oQ, .!t
.. ,... e oJ'
.ouet i u. tiro t 11.- "C9"". Telta7.5 vtt.. I ha,. KIK't IT.
they Issrr .... u.. .. .. ,-,. tin ? 1 as.. ...*d Itillarvi'" !"*..ow I iitirnrai IB m' A. OOOD 'IN. Ticket Aff..t. pal... u'lll..
i suu h ,.. .1.1\, n .f,....., n..Z e' I '" far !..... aid> ha*. focal it atl. -.- -.sJ,...
Ids u.....: g' ...,.._h_ ft.rM torI ,..... .. h .....4s' tar II t ".''D. lllooJ lie' _. .I. t K 1iE C I\OyL.. wrOe. 0... P.... Agt W'. D. STARE. Tm. r... ..1111s' .
't! t ,n1i1. 1.'t. 1-11 'bdr I.s I sL.i ..: t tetrad sl for '''1''. is .t. ea..I THE SUN. CaintifhU.. Fla.J. w W stay ** Aster re1'disgJaekse.vlfl.' ., IT*.
to wtnl rstKk alii afl.t learta 4'l1 t-y >V )..A Jola. .oa. I CJL.\:( r..D..r Tne. ilsaagwr RiltslajIOSl.C.


'''r''A' ., ';:-!" .- ;. ... '::: M" '.i '. .. ::._: .';.,....> -.t..1. :' (f.t '!: a..'A-*.._ '.u.*...i."...J.j'VAi*,.. .;;.,.v, ._ <"''_''' '.. ::.<.. Li.t... .........,.' : ..'"' ,.... 5TvCTij

V ie J

' ..r ..>.,0:,


THE DAILY SUN: rAINESVILl.K. Kl( t OKI) f: I MA )1.\ '" 2 : t h I t; ;

-_.___._---:--- ._. ___u _ .____ __ _
- ---- --- -- ---- -- --- -- --.:. -_ := == !

POLITICAL ANNOUNCEMENTS for t'J'ttt Tax Ai>ao...>t>r. ..ub.ect to \our action NOTICE OF -
c.ff the Psv eirdla!
r. rt''t'< t'lr I'VEi-: ; O.AJ.I't.: f.\\
m the c uact:: prtmr7oc :tray IV: Ir...tcte I
- .l II ,. I' rnRf "t n attrr: -.r riJt- n'snll t.w rots d! ..... .....
e to
eaer\ie try best eljrt 1.I I i:-
For Mate'* Attorney.To : PRIMARY ELECTIONTO I for HI AH ther MmAt whuh s*> *
tI., < otni'
tbe lUli-sbf\ the otMt-e f"ltbfuUy ....01 C.
rf- I STENOUK M. H. e
e "e,'Ij".. no other! hill, bvoied,'except H. .
the Democratic Voters of the Efirtitb J.i- Bciert He..i>ect'uiv: !'
HE HELD INAlacbci : : th e who eird, .
reL tt.
Florida! <..
of luiri
did*: Circuit :>> : ItuCX
Believing that my thirteen yearn' practice __ 2 t"2....! __ i I highest nuini" r of Tnte in the: j riot PHYSICIAN AM :0 l'IilillX.:

County Tuesday May 15 20tto ; election. .
of law. to.r tber with my experience it. it For Tax t'ollwtiir.
proaecuttcrf attorney. f jy!! tit me 10 c\I.cU."r.ce I I .\ . white t>'em<,'*r*:'* who i'l' .iportI OHK-e Hour : 111 a. n.. to 12: nt. ; :! p.

dude. of State Attorney. therefore Ti. t'ie: Voter* and Tas-r.tyer"' of:>> AUcbja! I tf-e iumi: r.e.-# an I hn were q] IKI'U"ilto m III.4 J'. rn i Thursday
the l ojtitv
of many frieotfs. announce my..eta ; Nominate Democratic C.indiJates.: : v.>:e >n the rt'.: (ruuary.'' .nnll. lal'o -..< turdtturdnt ; to PI'. m.
request I *
the t.r.e tbi .
a-ethoi '
to publicly: tbatk you for
% i d tn .
hits,'*- in Porter P.iock.&, Phone 11.U .
for Domination( In tbe Drm.'crrllrprimar7 ; .
candidate the .
State Attorney for tbe BUbtb. Judicial very aoera.: lIul"fort \ou have -tven me In Notice i. I hereby given that '\t" r> c- Tn,. I st't. .r? 1\ I ot *>n tt H o''li'tck! am. > .
for the KVllfK.: FtOKU
'1. end \
pa to announce my candidacy for ular meeting of the Democrat 1 xeeutive . and t.:.<*e at sundown.. ,
Florida. If nominated. l
Circuit of +1
re-e.ectlon; fur en"ur! r term to the office of I Committee of Alacluia county, Ittftie tl h'ly af'er i'ela! tti .
myself to courteously eeonorulciilyand :>> ,
pledge l.' Alachut county The anluour held in the City of ialamville. onWednesday 1"5..t' r* .t "n! ..unva.* the ro!..* pub
duties I\'t-tt
and to faltbfully help maintain discharge tbe tbe dltfnlty ana honor theamce of o11Jtle. of the: om..e. at this. the cloxlu. I'e- I :March 14. IPi-rt. the fol. 11<"lr. ,ar .1 i make out a correct report DH. : : II. IOt-fUoi.: ,

the CUllrRe.l'eettuUJ'. rind of T.Vft' collection wlU entirely l prevent I )low ins preamble" and .011111.)114 Ti re and certify t in 10'. *fin..-incr iniiiitifr

--JOo, )1. Rl\H my roaklorf u ,'an....n of the county and %eeloif |, adopted! t of vo'e. ,*.("...vt ach candilate.and . .I tI E.NtrlStlt. . .

>ou In t>er on. ai I tru.t n y friend Whereas.. The. Peuiooratie delivt-r! ( wtnr, tiigetrier.. with
Votert of the Elrfhtb Judicial : : \ Stat.' :: poll .

To the Democratic throughout the cojntv .I 111:1 reniemher me on |.I I Ksecutive, Committee has duly' called! I ;l'.t. and rxtilut* to the eteoiitive committfemtn -
se..ecI Circuit of tbe in tbe State capacity ForlduHavlnt of State the 1Mb. bnllot of :Mav for at the'he .urou* precinct, when I Icustlnir I I" primary election' to be held Sri eacficomity !. f.'r that I rr....''n,.' who shall.
you tbrlr choice to .
f the State he, it.: s. 10' 111 li..IIH'.ull.. before mce overUrcu. uJr.. *. flume r"* 3 .I".t
A"orne.lI1l1ce Julr. A. 1"1 'Ct. and tru-tln tlJ the r"-I'4'.tl" ...nce* no"e.ta.: . Ai, <> on My I lo. t ttK'ri' on or
urlcrf .,roe aiiu ail It s tall l be mv o-n*lnt effurt and it i i..* th. duty of the County Pt m". Mty l "th. nn-l 1 ile.-ver: soul. t In,* lUll Ii -. - -
ttat you have approved:>> of tbe manner In to dNcnnnre the . the "r" to the, hit or
orate Kxeeutive Committee 10 haW Hp < "tnn the torts
wbicb I baye ,represented state and dl.- office with faithful xtlence" and honest fidel J. .\ C.iCLIn1.K.:
Itv. : !, aid primary election in e"ci!' rotitinprecinct ttve charged my duties. Hollclt& your vote* ut tbe \"oU\V.'r.IVl'I\ ; t .
comlsur rilmarr for tbe position of State Attorney ')JtssoS. of the county. in ,accordance I '"nn.: I t r.. ArrOh\1:1': : .\ 1' LAW '

tor the GUbtb Circuit.Very with the term of said call for prmaryelection I J \ per* >n* r. t 'iitr in thi primarynomin

reel>ectfu.lvPalatka. : I Fur !Sultcrtiwr 1t" : now" theref-tre. tie .t.tUesolvrd 1 ,tbt'gt' .. ''' Ii.- n.." 'ft-a t. ""I'5'.HI ".. And :-olKMlor i in i a-'i: juityIveal '

: "'11.. -UENJ.-'; t'Al.HOUN.. I I herel I 'I'flf-Th. .1'nii' melt.% >.> t'.f.

1 resre-et1'uUv announce:>> that I am a candidate unnounce of Ce. utratlon ru.eU for a Mucbut cumulate conn-fi rRupert'or County. Ki: cuiive Commit< .*. 'or \ia. :N.: T .Io..a. I ..? q.rd rt ."PI Ihdaa. Kstate. I '"'11""Y ",...'1 II&; and! (Jen.eral a,

for the office of:>> !State' Attorney for the '11. Hutiject to the Itvuiocratic: I i-riuiutien. end 'chsa oountv. Florida her.bycai': and.! | I r. r ,.t.. ent'rrroltrutttrr, I Practicell btmnrss promptly. ti,
H..:icit the '..t..r the r..."..... a tic voter ulthe provide for the holding of a l>emo.cratie . attended. to. Office! brit floor' In MIUottloe.
Judicial Circuit of Florid.. cumpo.edof ll: h. .,, . . .
X3 election' to be "iAi\h.11111i. "'
primary h'I.1| 1'i'conformity ( ; FtoRitt.
countleeof Alucbu.i. Maker llru iturtl. lurch I I'lh. l ltt;
the ; rnittft "r. oral| tit .
I _ with the term.. of the callhy .I| provide a .p.ill- -
Levy and futnnat. I conceive! the faithful! ink. p e'... ..i'd$ r-ti.!.-r tn.I to the .'
State 1)mnerati. .
I I.
.ulh. : :
j : >
and energetic dlscoartre of the duties of the i For t'oiirit l'uoin11..*L>ner. tw'Ihr J7KiHINANI .
i Committee isntied.
J th :'Ith
office to be a sacred obligation: to the ) tat<*. I .\t the ....rro..t n..Uutl..ft:. / of frien.l (.j of .February.. IfHW.nn said {primary day I II f.i, :lonrn: J'.' rsoti* ar. hereby appotntrd j I, >UNKY: Al1 1.\ W. >

and. if tbe voters of tbe circuit! favor me with peciiim for sail, t ": ,'1' .
< .HI
tbedl.trlftJ. II. i'uon t held 111 each! % ot n c i.e..
the nomination. I pledge them tbat the Interetsof I from ft'l1 ch I'lieo'tht' .Irtutntu'rshill' >ter UAls..yitta .
the race for Com : 'lnl"C or .\ '.lOh..a : Ii ..'ur'! ..
ConitulKiorer for !M-trtot county on th*> 1 15th:>> . ,
tbe State and of society .hall not ;u7: .-rttrouirb ,i-d! ,ft t.i-rk: .
aer. of
I N n nti.tti, fir .
>' I. and l hi. frleml a"U the i>""I"'rI .>f ail of 1HJ.( r.litiue/ "" -- -
favorer neeI! of mine. ... . day May in aoc > witfi, .
I..rn."ot.t the .lIlln.r'.rlluu" .lr.I,1I.aCro" \ .hole.; ,p'a >. 11//
TIIOs W FlKU>INo.Marke uch. ineiructi.tua .
given t
e. Kla Arli l II. io.t! a are by> lliicommittee Can sell your city' property ( tinprovtd |
Florida. - to.the in.p..ctori. and t r ol.ek I I 11'a'dn- M l'I e.ta|.; J. r and .
I "'-,.k. W .\ Mc.MUML | 'inimprtived' I. |>ltt'.5"lal. .
.\ < ,utln.- J t.r election said .election. rs-t'" tile I truokini and I
I I | rec the.btat.hownbe" )Ir. John :; farnunii' lands. S-nd! hltu
For State Senator.To to the term of the call i i..lit d! b* IK** I..c.-I.I IU'hyl' i> F. list. f
I: U Pitincler in nn..noln.the: fund.. of this ... . of what you offer f', :3I4JU.; *
'Icy .\ ghat Itti.. .
the Dew*r.tlc Voters of AlsehuaCounty: : ty during his atntlnl> -trutlun' a_ I'ountv ('...n.l.j Pemoeratic. State K: .e<*utie ( 'mmit' ..
tnl.'oner. ht. mart friend here.v announce Ire. 'A tllehfl-ll: I l.. wi" J tin.'. William :
various occaoinn been
I have on earnestvretluestrd hi. caiMlklacv for re ......'tiun to this in'ixtriunt i I :f-eeotid-K:* .h elector ,in tl'! e l It I I' M-, -i ?I .j. \V. .. IMKK1I.:
the for State senator pre.
to enter race melee: from |I'..trt *t Su. I l. I..II lH-iinHritt
4 .T t'reea I: ,r lh.'
'{ 'm-s Cf-a*
C n. qiialitf.-d tn vol.In' nd
from this county and until now bate de.4n! Interested In it u>llcioti. eitditure' of the' | tlniryshall \ '
'l (L.V
ed to do .0>. l>eeau.e I bud no f r'.lre to oi.1........ I, il-l'c I' n onler. : rally. to his KU|>| ort at the at>-I I have lh* rich i tn vote for the following 11'Il.t'n.. f 1 i. T. n.rhd, .i.ft , .. TT ) UN K \ .11'I \\0.

roachintr. i'rlu .i \ j oftlcer. and pcition' rrrtlt.n-11'. H' tisrl';. I It! ,
H H McCrearv who ha ____
Honorable rendered r I
the J Lovett . snucmn I.N: rnNCKIY./ : :! .
such valuable: .nervlce to our county in 1 Representative in Congre.*. JustCunuirr..ional | I ?
I hercl annnun.-e' mv _rlf u_ a carxiuiate f.., I \rt.herr i > >* O )IH"II"'II |" (ti I

tbe State Senate. Hut .since be h*, withdrawn I i uiintumic-...ioner from I i_trict. ... I Mt / 1'istrici( K.tlard, . P. I' II '......1.- ,

from the race I will be a ounJM.ue. theomir&r primary ard nxM the .ut'trt of I :1' Justice of the :Supreme < ',." .r-! r.. .ir ; | -.11 "' r\\. ( .\.I.Vr:: >: VU.I.i:. .tinJMla Ci. I H..s i
Democratic! iTlui.iry I : l>. H'ratl.- frirndvwlio. ( ..* . the hill term of sii ,
subject to tbe u.i 'tu> l leve In t r .1.| yoar '
c.e..n overnn.ent lte. >e.MfuUr I I,1'/: K 't. \1,1, :..,. Ultlce .in F.tidfl, Itl.n.kilNTt.I' .
Having nerved In both braccbe of the f...,cfcklature j | ) 1 2 Railroad COll1na.i, n. ,* .
IMI ro-o-e. At'rl!a Pt. I\NIKL I ClIK l 1 ) S tlt. < / z.1. oatulr,.. t: I.. I --
In tbe pn. .t. I feel that I aiu the betteruuaUtled 1 Candidate. for Stte' Attorney
I: .
tnncfellnwtii |
: to .erve the nest Interest of our I 1 ('",,11 'late for Mate $rl.tor .
Important timer > the IVin.vratUVoter of I ll.iri, | 1'rote1'; n||, Hue J ,C4tnw
county at this < AlachuaCountvll.t Member K. J. II M r.KMAy
'J of the House .
of 1: |)
Kepre.antativ ,
irne-Uy .olleltlnir your *ui t.ort .t the ..wrcleaf I" \ :iTfT been nientrd. t>v a number of ii.v I IIl'HIIIC" *.! \V I l.vao.
I primary I am your humbe.ervaut.JuIV . *. '
H mir.i. I hereby enter the race for r,.- ,e..tI"n li> \1"1', )' -.1 1\ Smith.( .\ II
.\ of Tai1
*' -
esor *
-- I nvCouitt .'.....,. Ivuober from Ih.trt,'t N<. 1 t. Tai Collector. imt: >r'in' II l A Mi.ti i r 1 I: ::

In reference to m)' declination: : which .n- If e.....'...a I i>n.n.i-e l a* fultbful and! em..! -n' 1 County Treasurer, I J It .\ ''h.--J. \\" M ,i.K I |II l Iludi' .:. 1a

I ervlce !':. the future' a.l hate endeavuml. .on..1 (I. Chamtilin,
eared. in Tbe Dally sun of Mph :: 'th. the "'an.ewnaiciMleln to>> .
ender. ii> o.>n.titu. 'iit. In the ix.*tlte 1 ounty i'ntnmistioticr for .i.'h of
I eoneeivfd interest ...fb.ulIlon 1 U1 \rr.tid.' -M )F1'. I III Of Ihillon .
wbut the o .|>rcttullvUvnn the five e"rnluluiu''f' I .el. r t'o l l'sa.. Rtin.ff.
I. Cnuniy '> "I.l :
i .
,. However. I bate rec..u.drrrdsame Itrefit.J. M' ,
e. .Arl.7| J. t> t >T*'KNTo : uit"u. firy'tlle||
and am o carxlulute for the "lute .rtr: -r-- 't l r'a.rtmnk., F l .. .. .
ha F l It -- - -
- ----
H. H, McCUKAHV.: 1 MemLernf the (
ate. bounty |n.t 1 rd! cr
-- I the Voter* i>f Alrrbaal'outly. Irwm.I J. :thaw.

I re. eUuU,. announce my candidacy for Mt 11"I. II....In..11". coufleil with th! .- wune thril Public l 1.iJI.Instruetion i from ra.'h; of the, 1,I U ,it l\r.ay. III... T \M UOMlKIN H 1'1"0"" ; u't

the rmocratlo nonilnation it* *enutor for of uif rler.l.. .imluce n.e to r.iou.r a can I. it-vens =.N I. .l'rit-.t
: 1 uierfisor i nf Ke lstrati'iri j
Alacbua county oner I HIII t>erfra'tly Thinl, -Ae. meiit. nf .:* ,<<1..1". ,...l'I I IA: \Vin.i.or F Waits' JohnrVckham U.'NTI'TStanton .
support of .all meaaurea tn the' interest of the j 1:111.11'" :! to be d..1tIth by the voter* nfthKcou'tv shall/ IM paid by the :"Uh d of . J It. /etru...'. Jr
III. war that n.v actinn. . j "April l I" I.'I". u-4. F John.on WIt
m..... as arfalm the oa.sea. aril eat>eclaJ
do pledge my mii'i>ort ant lrnu.rr.--e in old l of \ our .I1..I..oe.. 1 would! rr.crll I .sk thee .'ourch-Thi. commillee will, I fiirn-r. II .\ i P nltinif 1)Te.1u' '\I.. ... hv.'h.r. .1 i ,
out'4'rt ur for .ot..r. In the, rumtrt pUm.ttIrdltn.r nl.rt I 17 lUitne" \ /
school and or ; :Mntll.
the common D.aliitenance ht\r'rO.m In in accordance
an .m. wish he
e cull of
r. tour ..
y' .
sate University ui'on a Li-era basis jch a..j]1' mnts.loner omy past .| erlence.W >:at. KiecntlveComniille: : ,- on the 1 Ihh I I.t. C"'I tfr llnk'noh : 1 ,
.t.o.t; I t.eretet \.ry re.l c.fudc. | < ) ., fttUI K: O.tren.{ F W
will enable to obtain: for thrlrcbUlrena
parent I
t day of May. J Ife *l l. at ihn
J hi.t'rNIws.Trent..n : enmity eourthou.e ..
P..I Ih. U II..... .
education In their States ... .
own a fa March. 14. !II.: to CKIIVS.S the return ,.r .a d I
well .. tending. to the -- -- - 1V Oritmrr' UriKMs, --(, C. Ho-lil- & Machinery
a* al niea ore* promote primary eleeiion declare the r..'.11.. I Foundry -
f '
reJrftou and moral welfare of the entire I.eo T<. the. | Miuiv-rtlc Voter of AlarhurCounty and transact' such other bnirie. I tree.lV 'Iman XV Itonlwareii I

!>.!' Tb.nuln ivy f rletd. for Iber.ut'it;: art lit I Tr.e un.l..r..t..n"'l here hv announce butted a I : > ll'if'i "P'II'..-. M H KltliEhl (r
eoinl Itefore l .
sail l |
the >. and oolclUnif the vote of alt I I'rinocratvatth miy me.-tmi! CO.
i *t. C :inns. r H \\ .. ,.t.! In..
a cat.didatr for ojnty. i on>a.l. loner of t .
it *
coaJn, i>rlu>ary. I aw err 1 he following rule hll Wove,.. the .
...* .tfuU) II H MHKAlfk'r.// 11.trtrtu, t. anil *.dl..II. the *ui'i>ort of tbe said election i j 31 .l-l'! 1. .H \I"U.\. 11 :Mm- ',

,VT",, .. f' \ l >....rtt I'AI.AIKA.I .:- I.OWIOA.. +r
-- voter* of the In the i-rlmary election: The general. election law shall. beent's.rvrd !
: '
Mav !It i>ro..iliirf If elected falinful and eons A' f ''"11'. ,lien 1 C .I?..tlll..''' Ir i iW
For the 1... I..latl.rp. -.lertiou.dalr Ic.leetfnl/y.! .. near .. prctnab'e' a. t I It, .. II \t r r'n."t.' I Il ,J Ma'' Cite, iKie, ufIroo '

At tbe ko.teltatlon: of man frlentl 1 hate -JOHN- K MKVA.VT the manner of voting '' l fi.l,.. ci....1 ore...1| |II| O,. I lemocr. .rstle'l.i.r.v. and Buss
No candidate shall tte declared. the' Castles lad Macbloery wr'
; (
for Lert.lrlure .I'fIUIU.see if \ ,
'C..D'ed to make the race the The frletwl. of C ( 1.1'1. hereby announce nnnline..f the .
Ieml.cralleparty uitl
..e1f l".Dd' she e..m.u nt ( ,,11..1'1... Ile| thi \t,ril ':
and hereby annnunre n:t a. a hi. name a* .a candidate for re e.ectluot shall receive a majority of Ito Crate Bars Phosphate Ci5tla|$ x
Irl h \ I ;
date .Meet to the Democratic |'rlmiryVM .. l'>
the rr i >n it> t*tottloa County C'ommiv Where
votes 'a'C. two
or rnors) are ,
f---\ S. UF.AT lonr frost, the Tf.lrd District Mr IVdrlckba candidate. for the.. runs ofrtr*. amt! i Attest J K st. P KIV.IHV.p JM.. '! Hallroad and Mill Castings ::

erved t.... contluent. and M. di.uVt .. Clalr.iisn" |
1 In rri>un.e to the M>:icltatlou" of many receive a majority f chi vole* U II I. nr* '.. *' rf.tsry I II I and Rtp4Jn..oA..r .
faithfully and blsserrlc.* arc nut only" Aealr-
ti ,era\* I reopcctfuily announce that I wi4 t.. a I 1
ed. but ae In C'.t..IIf1.t for the Lower HOJM- of tbe I.eiflt *- I M V/f "y UAY'.
bas ace..b1.1bed.treatdeal: of *.**\ f"1 .

.. re, utieet. ) to the ttcmoctath' nrlmsry It' tl... i'et ...>-atari: .. t..I'. +rt In the primary )1' CL'Y'DE: LINE r Itip .*"kl 1... .!>. .< u>.. *._t>iMl to .....

e e.Med I i-romNe to do ai! !In mv Lower to troI I I, of May 1Mb sad t... frtenil w IU .**. la II. aloe rp :rf' \UI'"ultl.a14. t.{
if the be.t Interest of our le.uted e< jnti i
Keive tfuily I TI1OMV& A l"'KK' I IsriDouaee I f the district of a eiesn seal b.,n.., aweUa. a ,
-rnire.elte .00..I1..D
I | ____ I

ray..lf a. c.n 1Uate for the 1.1 I r"r"''" rrOin, ,e -._:f a. a csnd. Ile j IV
.' .e, .'" at thecunjrtf ITlmarT ibject to tbeotlon D.D SUKHUMI.
. '
for County l ?ir rr.i-. .r rr f ron IHirfa t rV.jrI jI #
of the |h>mocratic voter_of the ...... t'
"t// .
. .
I solicit" tie cute .if tbeeinictv w hWa w :i.t |> .
If e.eeted I will endeavor to make ."o." .. i at'1 r.clated t'y 1'oar. t' rI I

-...' .a., cbaniirs In the lore_, dlturre .ass 11| 1' i ., t.'I.I.JSU. jI Ptlnt
im faior of keei4t the *>tate L'.r-.t \ r, ,

'. .:r.e*.1 i.e: fure..,. H,.sic.. ........t ttc 1..1 fro. ..,. a.. I Decorator and
A.c.a. r1*. CUAS" IIOI". t ounty Coirinatoalofcer I heie.. announce ay
a eawlidtie 'fur re. miiia l.l *llk 'ud Piper Hanger
A- Boltcltatloa of friend I ann..unce : : : I h
t' ut-Je nee flt to re e.rcl be I haU tfr .en.therm
a: >e % candidate for Member' of tbe llouw 1ft the ,.lure .. hI the 1 I".' to the -.est l,...4 Kst; Main. *tl H In..II.| | KU.ll .

>f KeYe..iitatlves. subject tw the wt.of; the ., .ao-e..rfeatta.: ...,HVT !
1 ... .:or.,; .
l-eopie at ei|>re_d at the Democratic 1"1) FO"O".R .\ kinds, uf ,i .. moil..
. r ;a.I.:> March U. Mv .. BA.ILI'N'OB: : EA. C1-L -v.TEEK: I ixjl ai l wark.a'nlpIp

awry e.eetloa. ....J ... < f ....ei4fAl'KIt t.d.
I *fea.) favor the aialntcnaoce of the !Mate The friend of J. A, It._N'<>*'*kfrmiBce ..J.tor "r SET W' .L1.JEicka'.oriv111t& -

civer: lty. now _tsl>U.bJ la thl eounty.ih alia a* a caartldale fur town ; C..s.aJ. oric2 IXxv Vorli H 'S.-< : ....| MIO.VLouisville \\' .u r.ISH. .

'"'. tttteral apveorrlatloiM for It. devebn wooer from la.Irtl n...t er s Mr "'...-.rovjrfb 1 a wer..h' .

sent sad I'. advaneenoent of p.ibJO educatbrcMKboMt Is a |.hl crll.d ettL.5> and voval. Calling AKI.KfTON." M. C both watsTlt .

.. -. tk* ",.... ,..0.. a aiaable, ntes l..r ., tb* I<..*M" aa4 afrleoil -.

> t..:9eve la a HailroMi COfSml ..'.twt say a.CW.U.ala'r1I1" It* power* to .!'. M.i that ...,.,*, .ui.<.-.rtfor PUtMt IIt... iiJf > ia tfe. CoaslwU* SrTle. &

.er....a..rf 'IM sraef ahr*...

a ...._ure* tendtajr toward the moral" de-. !'w1la1 l n.ar4. Clyde :New Kngland: and :Southorn Li iuct1'.IChl ,

.* '$-"..' and frovtb' of war "Mate .1.:2 ,*- :
.W.ll.tks of a .sees, a iav!>., or SBfrf ,
I .. o., !..rt, *ut-or.. 4t the tern... $...-. JAK""U.r.I" :. Illi: .. TI/i:", andrKIJVIIC."gCE Nashville R. R.
f. i
fU HrT'. r. DAVIKv t... J kerebi aaaouae m a. "
and All K....,. ?.......1e.
-- ,or s&SK>>er of She Veb.
'- '."., will ta eaadat. at the ,enoi&,, I; CalllaT/ .* CharU.w>*> ......(" ways, I

. .* C foe Member of the flower HOUM en !May lllk>. lfala '.....t t I- she eovatiI .1 I :
k3EMI-wEEKLY L3A ILINQHrtoethteaa4 : :
',. 1 1ond. l.mWaer.. ... _
/Lester nr ,_.1.-" l., wry.I .
,- -1. of ,- _....Ii. \ ." least. /n, I..... harf. It_.... u.., I. U. lu t

Fr ftvsjBty Trcsvtsjrrr. '. A 11" ....w S..n" t.nooed. V mat foot ..f Cat: .rife. .. J.< ..'?.. nClyde .. I
t I lllrasl... ._. .... ..JI... ...>'.1.( .
f.ovx raU e Voter of> ( .....Ir( rassaaee ..,_., aa a ......,..... ear
-. torTraurev. feasts 111&.. ._...11..... iy aaaovaee araetf a a eantldale ,. .ow.aal H-S for M*.*.r of x..a NosedI. afeI.

sS>)_t to jour _UMa at I.iKary i .a.....' to tae ..Wa gar lu irw.rrW euat St. Jh&2 River Line I f.olt. <(< kU.. ... .... all ......

of !Mar f **I' l k..ta. ._ .. ..4 /f, Koaaost . eI .
..,* .a Maf ti M "if .4teed. f *. t *<* .*. rt J A (.: K/.1i.Irlt.1.K 111111 4.. (.d Weiss SiMtotlfng .11h a .f. ,lara-

la the o.U- of te oOee ... f.//, .. --.- of ,.4Af.. -- I r..,.t.l TraU h, ...... ....
.reosda foss _...... for three _., ,.......,.-4 is tae Wr7a Ihell 1 "M"I .1'a aria Jlstc fWreofor-J t-ol..s>4 | *"t *.lrr*> laadisesos "
f.. a f.ithI.l sad' ruts -- > t1..W IJ..11e/..
i I "e, J>j*..k.. Itt..r'erlatNEft I
.... .- ,-.. _..., aeew.etrttl W fW t'f the frasu'.atM Ye.rad .11. ._.... west I

al aJ ewa eat+wta'sv/ etsey It.. '........ rM : I
M. n rgJ.&K'ten 1..."..' mps a I

__ f I M.s..r. ,."f the MM.aI ibva..d r.- fJW' c CITY Ob-: J..A..CKSOVII.LE.: : .

0' A:".oa Co.at1 I sad ........- J .__ '.t''' .w 'ra.hM I
., ... (arty Tv.a..r.p. ... heecay I .d ,... .... "' Is a|>(.4at*<) to ..iI.! r... ... f... .. J .4S ..>.plie 1 1 .O
.. A. .,..., ,..... ,. I wt...i ..ea : wwa.e ,; : .: .iKrAl: : .w ..r.dap. 1 y r.- Ie.t s .,- c."es.. ....!..r-l Vl4 1'ialaglast
.. .. I'a' 1-.._ It. ., ,..,,,.. .
ilea eta" A. iI i1'.4a.deJ.' Sr t Pr t. a 1/1. ". ::111.. _..
.ute.otl ( tarn r-&a M ta
: . Le.... la+&o.p/U. .IJIII) ., al. '

...<..-taw-.s 1w>ary oai May la..awt1 tau fewer.M .f I ,...-" .- .-,. ,.-... I 1..aU, ,rt.. Ca..e agu . IO p lit aces i
ta. dsUes
.. atr.e la.IW. Ia ta1f1 ofP tare I 1'w...... .f ... arh.o ......... i 1.L 1.- ,-..vetla ,1&e441:111.1 a.adl.wa ; ; it..d 1.4..4 f lay Ar"... Me. fo "is 1 .tO |.ass. u.

*TJ . aV s...1 ...' .. a. Satr..ual '' ,. .JIIJftI je.'..... ::. 4f r**.191'a I .
r... W.,.. ta. Lt..Va:: /s. ...._, II.' rtes ".. I .e'ri. , t..-.*. 0.1 J fli'MK *-l..|.,. aU.. *i|>., A

.- t iMd1a j juH' I 9 tf *tn Attar I >#- t. C ,., t fa.. M.Is Ja ,_.*lll_ M*
1'K Ta.Q .l an..r. W .-,.... n.
I _. _ r r..ef.J6.t.41 t | .I At. 14.isu.. asxl Ch.... >

a \ ...-- a1 .......-. far p.D1f .- The nsa I... r a.daau a ..t.r rn .... I ." I..Ju". m ...afs>e-f 1 i. *. i A.. ... !*<.... ... I. 4VF > r

.. ,- __ 'T.. A_ .e Aaat hares ..- -r-.' w .....-- rr |0'*) end rAi.rj-- ** f* ''i .jf *. i.'*>'..I UrM e. ... ,.!_ IS all

,,, W'&a ...-a.e I have .. .seen to red d Ar..atawrs '' p'e aIefh' sad Wt, _..... ..a.. asdf
w.r W : T.kAL f/IJII. A *" !' T : < Sk itT OrrlC*. tn W HAY eraat'- s-.raly ..-- '_ + !sa L asd w .... _, .11 ..,........... ..U .w .. ......

_.,t..e.., --.... av..vrr I I .I -.... a. .... e.Iaa.ry .seen .ec tis'nty.U'w.r Ja ._ 4.... r--- ...." W.s. per .. 1 v.__ PO.. ...... ...
., ww aa1 N.7..wass.4 an.r _I v car U .)rva I. h_.. ....s/ e" r (Jitel.&. .e.'ese.1...
'a 1 at ._ M ..r.. ts_.tra1w koi>.. ha*. w Mar **. Mya .__ :.a W rowel Ma..a..w.s Ia.aa.wesI raa E. HERRING.

liar w, tt d.aAJt, .> ...ot f ,..c. w.a ,_ W C: .AG.WTT. t>.*v Boos a r*w, t.. ... ,.... v &. LS MINap. .... IN Aee. ... ,... j GEO.

. I TKLO. O. tJOCC Vw. -rr... ..i **.4 U...r.l.ori x........ ..... r.... I e.. .... a ). a. M.. '
......., ., I .1
A M"'C-
1 *.,... ..assns q ....., a.. . I .. I 0.+ c..e.... f".. a1 *... **".'i ...k... -.jao.. .......,. ... Yea .... Iw.I.... fie

Sk i>

..;. .
& . ,
&tt7y v& ...
A' +
M A I f rk
f 11:!

fM <1


J. O. Osieen of Willeford county

NEWS OF CITY AND commissioner from that district was

THE SI J.. THOMAS [10 01I among those who favored Gainesville .WILSON'S()

COUNTY CONDENSED with a Licit MOfd"1.Ir.! Osteen I is a .

etndidate for re-nominatiou to that responsibln .

I : pcni taon. THE BUSY:: SOREEi

Matters of General Interest Oath- I I The elegnitt home of Col. and Mrs. I. i

{ I AVetsfwr. North Gainesville has at
Bred by Our Reporters. I
lat been completed after a process of

SOCIAL ITEMS I I construction coverirg period' of about >o gums work while trading at this store. s
PERSONAL six months. The hI me h well con.

tructed of flrst-lsj: material and i ia la You are always sUitE or 'getting' your monej'a Worth.

What Has Happenedand What is Going credit not only to the owners, bu

to Happen Told In Short Paragraph the thriving section' as well. Cot end - -

So That "He Who Runs May Read" Mrs. Webster's friends are coogratu.

.; 't In The Sun. NEWPLUMBING lating them. New NoveltiesID
Mr. and Mrs. Wrlghtmyer of Terra
Gallon Wear Longer De oe.
Fewer ; ; Alta W. Va.. who have been here for

Ladle'calling card In latest style some time as guests of Mr. and Mrs. Dress Silks, Medallions, Laws Figured Organdies. and Shirt Wajeta.

at Bon office. W S. Nine have returned from a visit

See the Vudor porch shade at Gainesville to Worthington Springs They were

** Furniture Go's. will pleased and would have remained

F. E. Cellon of Hague was trading longer had it not been for the fact that

., in the ally yeaterday.Ifon. extensive Improvements are being WHITE PARASOLSAre
made In the with the result
Henry 8. Chubb has gone to spring
bo lnut. and that there Is a general disorder there
'L, Jacksonville on Important
now. all the rage now.We .
The Sun Industrial Edition sent to

any address, postage free for 10 cents. Maurice Arnow formerly of Mica hare them In Silk and Washable Linen at

TINNINGDepartment nnpy but now running as railway postal -
W.nt..d-O..ntleman for cool furnished
clerk between Jacksonville and

; room. Elegant location Apply Port Tampa, was in the city for a shor $1.50, $2,00 S2.50 and S3.00 Each.
this office.
time yesterday. lie was In route to

4 For Bale-Mule, wagon and harness.A Jacksonville from MlcanoQy where he

bargain. Apply V. P. Harmeling. had been with his wife' on a visit to

808 N University. friends. His wife remained with her :NIRS. R. "WILSON.

t. James Croxlcm of Micannpy., county mother, Mrs. It. A. Carlton and ex-

surveyor, was among those who visited peels to be with her friends in that
this city yesterday.Miss town for several days. -
Surveyor J. W. Patton has returned
Alice MeConley. a charming AimED TU( OUR I.ISK T. II. Ellis has returned from New HRS. OAR F. LOWE from poiut in LaFayette county

young lady of Jacksonville, 1 i. In the Orleans. where he has been in attend where he has been on profession! I

city on a visit to friend. anee at the reunion of the Confederate
Ladies1 Children'sGarments business. Mr. Patton states that the
Wm. O. Hodges of Tallahassee, after Veteran, as representative of Stonewall and people) the sect'ons he has visitedare

a couple nf day spent here on business Camp of this city. Mr. Ellis Silk Skirts progreive, and have prosieott of

has returned to hi. home.J. Call us UJ' such we will runtishestimate. states that everything passed off nicely Hue crop.

II. Dye of Micanopy, representingthe WnH and that he "never hst a better Waists Etc.Undrreece
Dixie Portrait Company of ChiI lime in his life Among others who ,

cago- wa in the city yesterday. : ; visited. New Orleans during, the reunion THE CONTINENTAL
r- were! Jees. thaw Leroy N. made to order and kepton
y I.. J Knight of LaCrosse and linn. harld..o,1r home.
: _ 'n Pearce and C. W :Htepheiisof Alachua at C4FE-ItEST.tL'RAT.11'tr.t .
T. A ioke nf Monteoeh were
; among Joel T. Week nf Waldo and J. K.IIayneworth .
the visitors to this city yesterday.Attorney Office : 40s K.: LAHMT{ FTIIKBT:
nf II a) oNworth. All .

1:1. O It. Layton has returnedfrom THE S. J Jt THOMAS COI report a big tltii. GAINESVILLE.( '_0__' FLORIDA_ __._
: "1'lymonth N. (] were he spent. a Mesdames II II. ;McCreary, J. F.
few day on professional business, 11 T. Walker, a clever young man of
Jr.. J. It.
MrKintry. MIX Cutler
.... Cedar. Key i i. in Iheeity fur a fewday.
!" of
: J II. III" Waldo route agent Miss I
Myrtle 1'ennell.
r..r"u'nlhllt ,. '
lo H it J. W McCn'lum in thedrug
'Jt of the Hoiithern Kipress: Company.wan .
Smith and ;Ma.damsaJohn
Kirby Chapter, ,
W. (1 Niblack,
a prominent citizen ttnre. Mr Walker states' thatCedar
2 nt tin Brown House yesterday \\'. Tench, J. l II. Siringfellnw and
of hurt White,
tl.i [
was HtiiuiiK Timtors Key and its people are in aWealthy
It s H. Taylor repre'nting J. J. Fins
to city yesterday condition just< now, and that,
ton, was among those who paitlOniiienvilltt Icy Chapter: U. I U. C., hate gone to .
Mr and ;Mrs W K.; Dow Cult son things are "looking up. A locAllel.- ]
a business visit ye lerdayVmlor Orlando to the Slate convention of the
have returned from a pleasant vUit torelatlrea phone exchange, which! has connection
: etintr liattimoeks keep the U I'. C. as rrprraent4tivr.' of their resprciive '
at High Springs. a* far a* Liikui. the horn 0'- Ih.
children st home. Try it fur two days chapters." 1 hot State cunven .
nigliman Cypress
Company been
T J McKae has to "I'alatka
goer/ anti lion this .be of
and. sew the result 0,11I..111. Furni.turn promises year sine <
. made and it has turn determined to corner South or lYmtofUce),
ether points nn tiuinrs lie
Cu.Attorney. eipfcl" the '1I04t aucce..ful in the liUiory of ,
r'. connect with the Kxrt: HuriJa. Telephone *
be several .
to ahteiit daysslicrly U. l It. with
the O. God two chapters
Itnl l K: Iavia! has returnedfrom Company In Gainesville and
; furnUhed. room.* lo rent rn represrntestlsinesvillr' ) U a-surrd of I/pen I l and Late.
U,. S.t Find: where IIf' has been other point. If proper arrangement Early Drip CoMeat .nn'
loi'k. adjoining/ square ; gtntlfliifiireferred. a hearty r..C"u.nillnll.NEW I
.m professional business for the pasta can he made. I Westerns' .
Inquire| ihisutHce."Iesiructioi .. *
two it ays.
| of $*n I Francisco.ltrt ."- II '
K. II. Clfatt of Clyatl.tationon lie
Bo.." Large, ,profits. Act tiulrkCample .
i Gainecvlllw and (III If. was among thrs
free (Moln.* Company. i1tet."t YORK
win cm"i.. lo U.lta.III.- on !>iiiiie'n BARGAINS
YislerilsyTl :-41.. I'hila. !Ii

the Vudor.
.' Try chair hammock'
..ert only one way lo givetle..ert.the '.
home If dan't like it don't
your you
ItitiUiii. Flavor"i Ask
"lUn* furllltie
keep it 1'hon",4 lu send one up.> i
' ; Kihbim. Lemon or Vanilla and RACKET.

say. it "plain' hin..nllitt Furniture On

J 8. mode I a. gone to Tampa for a SWEEPING REDUCTION SALE
J :M l t. """""". representing thel4inger.ewing
left few days In look after his "business in- .
machine yesterdayfor .
lerrsts. 1 It.iring. his artoencc the store

'' | itints to b.In absent It red font several county.I deya.r Herxpccts will be in charge of iKnha llurnett.Hurts' CHEAPEST STORE ON EARTH c..clill MONDAY, APRIL 16.

Directory. has been reduced.
Vntlur hmi t..eks-strong where all
from 'Z. the original price, to nil. and
ollieia are wrak tloii'l buy an InferiorliamiiKiCk
sissy Iw 1 had at all drug stores or book Our Entire Stock ofFUR
when you can get the tw.t
.tores. Only a few Irft A completedirrclory Furniture !
G for the sam money at the Uasrte.villes
and encyclopedia combined..
Furniture 0.. ITUEEAt
Among the prominent visitors to this
thou' 1 K 11. Weeks nf llswlhorn.chairman .
city t tV A lwanls: nf (:ulunsbia. Furniture !
f tit the lt.lj| III.Irut'liun
:4 C a "' ''''Ih-rut the firm of Edwards
and. a. eamliJal for rrnouii.liatloii Factory Prices While It Lasts. Reserved.
.\ Walter, archileel for the Cnirercity > Nothing
lit inemlM'rhlp. ." yn the> h."I.) I
IxilUlinir. who Is .here. looking I
was a. business lilor In this. oily ye..

tertlvy, .after il.,..that...* himself branch of. the being business well .atl II*.. !AT RACKET PRICES! An OPPORTIIITT Of A

W J Jone of ...I".I'n City, memtter un Tlnl!
fled with She ad. "...e......' being rusd =
u f the firm sot Vertabl A Jones, It... Houni fuis-
t'y thecontractors, and fsels sure ttalIne

.,k naval stores I'r-or.lur., wee In the city uuitdlng will be ftiehed' at the <'sk I t'okpi.l'IQloall', LET US

yesterday- H. ""a. en ruuti from time .,preiflvd' . PROVE IT.

J .fI...sonville. wh.r.I.. had been on l .

, business. Willow Ito'krr.. Cash Only Cash Only.

;. I h** 1..It."r.( uIII"... rrcrnlly organ READ[ THIS. hall Trees.

ti iteJ In this city app..r. in l>. pro.tres Islington, Teen Jun. I, !1)1, I'srlor ait I IRON BEDS ,
k: ; ..iiig h..I't. a Hireling of the CHAIRS CHAIRS !
This i. to ..ulr, that I have u..J
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the Teia Wonder. Matl's Great I> .. S .
i tin Ok Pining; Chain . or
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c" ii favorablyII very greatly t C Stevens' the j jeweler of High cheerfully recommend U to the public, KIt h... ria'r*, U .'-t to $t:! ..), fl," e. nf the.. rolor. I to $1.75 i EachROCKERS

t'psiuge.eho'a also' watch lu.r>.ctor J. O. CoaLTv.i: Km. :>h.rtfT. Trunk; .
for the Atlantia O"sl Line, pasaedIhrouch \\'. off.r :>t,.r..I l Harg.m. in B.d.I I
"IU.*.<.. K>" mO..IU: Kit: _nsiit TsbV.. Hat I !
Ike city yr.t.hlay en r\>ul
A TEXAS WONDER.Ua Hack. 1 Cuts
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)lr. and Mr. M. >' Hntoks of tart kidney slid blaaJ oJ., t tvQ b&... refs .... M mine 7 lb. Feather PillowsArt 95C to $4.00
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t. .".....r.'r >..._ ..!L ......jC ,....,,.". ....,,:'L'L. i._ ".,, s ':a.,,_::, \\tJ:' :"'!J.-'J. r- .' 3""

Title: Gainesville daily sun
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 Material Information
Title: Gainesville daily sun
Uniform Title: Gainesville Daily Sun
Gainesville daily sun (Gainesville, Fla. 1903)
Alternate Title: Daily sun
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Creator: Gainesville daily sun
Publisher: H.H. McCreary
Place of Publication: Gainesville, Fla.
Gainesville Fla
Publication Date: May 2, 1906
Frequency: daily (except saturday)[-1938]
daily (except monday)[ former <1903>-]
normalized irregular
Subject: Newspapers -- Gainesville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Alachua County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Alachua -- Gainesville
Coordinates: 29.665245 x -82.336097 ( Place of Publication )
Additional Physical Form: Archived issues are available in digital format as part of the Library of Congress Chronicling America online collection.
Dates or Sequential Designation: -58th year (July 24, 1938).
General Note: Description based on: Vol. 20, no. 48 (Apr. 5, 1903).
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Bibliographic ID: UF00028298
Volume ID: VID00761
Source Institution: University of Florida
Holding Location: University of Florida
Rights Management: All rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
Resource Identifier: oclc - 32994415
alephbibnum - 002027051
lccn - sn 95026977
lccn - sn 95026977
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Other version: Gainesville sun (Gainesville, Fla. : 1903)
Preceded by: Daily sun (Gainesville, Fla.)
Succeeded by: Alachua County news (Gainesville, Fla. : 1934)
Succeeded by: Gainesville daily sun and the Alachua County news

Full Text
! !

,. r'4)t ,
:' \T




aint tlillt llIaill1 nn es1At I,

-- - ---- -aVOL.


- -- -- - - -- -- ------- -

KILLS SELF IN FAMILY PRESENCE l.avt- i* .!.. hill I. ..... f.-" ,. ti .'* dtxfUtUItw '


Prosperous Farmer of Putnam Coun. I .. the f.i .. nl.h !I. a' t: ,.i tl ,1('I..k. when h<*

ty Put Bullet In Brain ..'" .In..i.s.1 piatrr an.I prultt' oorvlct
nfc Ratonton.: CJa., May I. -K\an litseau **- t \0 it nn,' linn were In uttotiilmiro

a prosperous and !hUhly .. \'>.' I n hat) r.illr) I it similar meeting tit

) OUCK fanner, of Clapton district. i .... t .i* ""'1' at.! (>. MiUloh\ MM larKi l) atNivt. .

Labor Carnival Is Planned In Putnam count,.. committed suicide by First Apostle Speaks: In Zion .'.| lvi\\t I.< K.. taken up his ntut.t Known Her Own Resource

pending a bullet from a caliber revolver in jf't.' tu..nt nt trial until attar the

t New York. crashing! through: his brain I Tabernuclet.i .ili-ri-.ton\ of iht ii''irt on th. matter of and Right*.

The deed was committed In the presence !the lnjnr tion iiftiln: \'ulh11".1 other


children -- --- -
I .
No word of warning; or caune for that --
::Thr.. Hundred Thousand Dollars I I. deed was firm Mr lleaeau madean I Majority of the Member of Zion At Railroad Work In.. Mevlcot. Noted Chinaman In 'In New"
:Mi i'llU> 1"; of
Transferred by Wire to AmericanRed attempt to Kill. htm.elf last Sun' tend the Vollva.'nMo.t' ..fOOWI. thin :Mett'au\ ftUril rails: .y will, ....." York Show Haw His Nation Ha.

Cross at 'Frisco-One Million dar but was presented: by his fantllv .'. Hearers W.r. Visitors to locate' a Itnri t.. ..iuiu>tM t th. port tit P..d from Darkness Into Llgh'f
It was thought ho wan' all rlKht. and
rii\l'''iu with the!" ii iw short ltii" t>ilanipicn
Dollar More ,Is at Their Disposal. would not repeat the attempt City. and Duver Troubles Over Forever.New .1.
Tln IIIMMIII hmtxtr. on

New York. May 1.-In church anti lie wan a man of extremely t morbid ('hh' su. May 1. -Stinging: \ tin tae.: "nulr" ur1.; I .>Ot. .. I.i tu li. tna".1" li : lark. May. t .,.'II'u {

&beter here Sunday thousand, throng. and sensitive nature ant wa* nai.1 to .teadllv. and with i niiii'iit Th.1 t''fiitial \\1611. t"ientili
ed to contribute to the San Francisco have bo:.:'n drlrklnvt. : audlenc of. ::.&IU I*'r-ui* In Xloutabt Mitt ikroSultl, !) 1 K),'.,tr aI.IIII.,1 <..-. I I.AI ,I.MI, whir U I..a. : Ihr.etsit:> I

relief fund. Tilts U the out) known rnu..r for I ' iMiiulitv "fu i iioon. .1.).1.t""II'r ..:tr. Lirnnch, If.Him) : tiara. 'I'he i>nti'.i I I =Nt.w > .,,1.. on htn' H4> fniin )1.11.l lKni. ... tie

In all the Catholic churches a collection ). the net Ho was In a KO.),I II"&nc'I\1: .\! iKiwle.,- his vulce otluineil lo. will It I h t.l' ..,1|. l.lltU, a 1-t-: |U.| ,.. ; .>'l'i%. Addiwand I M iif lliiM! of the rtMK .

wall taken there wore nu-et condition. He wa tUo ou t>f MrJohn I Its utmost capacity., I-t'.ari.e-1.. 1 bile ttudiuiT MMXIUll" the < It) 'III-. =NMtlnlllt tall i let luu 8tlU
togs for this purposo In all {". >* au. *. If uu) wtrr: pi -...Ul to ri... t.> \'> a) nf .5t.Iv'; has .imim--r: In ttitu <. inn vii I ... "-ii, i In a hi.'. .'Itit iniw sptiprr.

branches of the Y. 1e.. A.. baseball. -- - trit-lr tut and make. I '1I'.r aten'ilUuns ,1.1 I 1'.kllltC'r' I' a .....ititi ) !...1" "
--- King Edward Will Visit Veauwlu txlote the C'JlIrl'allt:: | ,n till. rltt and! tin, .i.U'Hpur Tln 'l'<-nuutiti China U mi lotifc.>r In tliSh dark ae:..",
=Naples, Mar: 1 -The wea'her r"ntlnulfiK
Tinfollower* ur \ ,>1VM.| the newleadi '|)ii' r.itl\tn I.a" uiiinniiitMHl th*., *> )miss nlivHihwitii tesrh'd n" 1N'lot a1
tine. UluK l IJdward\ ....1,1 h,'
In /.ton Clt 's .1" -\'r.' .. howeverwere lull M.. of -. I /i. .. _
r ) |) i.i i.i; s ) llillkrtalllC tlh' >< Japan ass out) ; >' <.r ;
would n.)1Rp l =Naple-4! wlthou: \l"!t I II
at that inomvul .1' ndli''*, a Iris "IIIJ"| |'"< utHjrry tilt.-i ) ...1. mast ) din uf. ..n.Io.r
Ins; the ob*..- rvu'orj 5she d ...lred t., I I
tai ..11..11".t for t'0.. HMtne .hour uttav I"til. !I. init lt.,.uu*. tio! r*|>.itiir.i< %.. t-r.'
i meet I"'ult'.r1".1; and Prank I f. Drown r....,.. Awtr, r
Xtou, tolUgv} bull.u: *,: u iuarter| of I .1.l i,, In l<'timing l but I '.h..r ti.. 't atis.C .
I'erroti. of Mrooklvn.! N >' HH.!H utit ?latuu.a.; . MnI .tiers. |I' !
I i a Intle distant. .Tti. : i' : .tttof/ theoily' ) ni ) a. i-ru tl,.' I.......-. 1. 'I hri <..'iiK>>.1..1.I. I
dlro''ir, of the Ito.vnl. l nb.....r\al..r.n )llrown tin i \' ult j..n ,t newrp.ite.'t| , t'
s liinablointa' wv catbered: tog.thrr . ati \\ .> h.. *v 1./N fiNtrf se u.apl, ,
;Monti'iuv' lts.; 'lite (Hike' and the then In Hit stale. U".I| "| the "
I with the fan.'I> t.olr. tit..1 ." til t than JH.IHMI ('h Ltr W .l( u.1t lira' pa'1
Lint of .\Ih' ill lltthted, ant, . sitI I llitiwn"h"'j
toss weie uf !I' "" ''h''I. 14.05 .
f \.1 l of it. etclcv. nal Krb settthe salve sitale. at) intalere. (''''It. lit
oITen t t. Mild"' 'hu'"In..: t'ite an \4M<.nll. initta, Inui UltiK nftcr M I
Xion band and cr.l.: i -' iu 'lh.taC"" atudr .\. tit fitltilliolt r'lliHilit. .tutr.
1 in .f xvi' n' oriiered! to convey tit. 1111.--a. tit I the.q..>. tif '.' teat i llr h : .
> wl,o Illelt. II. ti| u> tlirM IK uf ll.i.alitI I 1'1.1\.... hair titan .I.uh..t \In th5 ,. rue
r iv ti' ,'M \ I.. .\t"'lIlt \', nutlu-t :MIH! t iw M ant .if ih<> last' J u'la.I iMt tlniwu.I ,tf m
I fur the moat |>.ni \l.ltrs from jn niit '"- of i'aii'iui' 'I. In i.' itre'n a.---
\\ 'nice: uf the \rll'rlc-nn atubnn : .. .. (hl'h '
1 'u. rllTln. an.1 1% 'Ir"I\.1| l by. wi
other low ii.. brought lit b) the hitM" ..'". t.nw> I lilu..--.* <* hu i ,in iM-ttk. ins
d! )r f. .j t..1| one of tinrovwl party "f. 1 h>, ,........* will IH ..iit|>|_I t.> .
i dri'd" I IK tin'' I'lecli.' : i ." ab.1aU lush slur 4-ollrln ar h.Is. I.nsed.l.'d
'N tit i\o.1! to reach thi" uu.t! >r''ur., '.t .(tin\ < a't.i 'h. .im..iitl sill Iti-..n !
,road I IrnuiH thrt'tiicJi" "it rtM'| f,,<'nM,n r rI afi.-r Inr '"MII.h at.twt. 1e' hats
e : ;-1'1".1.\? and It wa* h>'p.l ttiat: *l>ewiMilii -I/tllld. 1 I., III-' |.<4l>t. >I.. of tillMl. tl.. .
For over an hour tkIt'"> t b< uMe to their tuaj lit-' ..1! llM ( hurl lies list ""
ooiupany 1'1.1 i ass i
| 'aU..l for tti "|.' .Mraa>re> uftenirable fits \iHcrlrn, Knillutt: .ml ,|
Ruin of the Valencia Hotel. Where. i ' '",111'! but \It wan found thus she t .. r..i t><-> I..t with 1 t"I.. in 1 .-'I.-ur., b.
rhr "f'}rat Ml"- "ti i. 1..1'" _4a 'NI.I' a..'k. ten.l 't.eii. '
75 People Lot Their Live had IIi'.. .. hIt'tlun.d ti. llotite. 'ur s.O.t' date giber (u hi. tlswaligittnire { ...
..* iiHMttt. huh in.Hi .' how at
I' Only a Few of the i'aithful, . _
I, ltr..h..l Ih. .
at th. American I.CUKUO: park. "11.1 I nbig j I Fire Rnge. In Denver. Itaturdlatcly/ fiat t ..f ta* platform C.u..e "'I" I .t f n ll rulfeMlttrt.rrti

!; .uru was rul-c.1..1! n nlf't.tlnli or 'I I>onTer. t*uln May 1 JI"&Ir.'na an<1 fi the choir tuft w. re pnrha'ttt' 1 I51'' i't: .. ; tja. I it :.1.) 1- 1inrlR aretinc I'Ic.. II. xnr I i's ii', ', \ 1\, : 'I,I .,ft

\olnnUers! of America: trollf 4 M. 111 t ands. ) the 'fife (l.* Mirttinlit uf I'llfaitiiful t..I.// s'orai b..,. _..e.." .I I 1'1' f.'t
sisal I Itrri.r '' It
It IM. planned to huM, n labor carnlnl WM Wept busy for ne,rr.1 l hours j Ih>we Nits' lorr> t -tllx hy two niitlwarf itin'na/ .Ilrhlti.g, .' 'u.... fbe I.rM' lag I I.. 1.51.1"' ' .It.I "" ,t tI ..

next Sundi y. .\ pi rule of' work. "IM."IInJt l to Irvine The twist, d*> licgro altrp'Itni* ,to .an Snlervottiup .. ., ..1)...... .ft ties I llawestwsI'y ....., ,t i iwu t lt.!". ..llH..'l'' .....I t' .t i''" '.
invmcii will c.irrj Ai.uilian flap tocolUct "p'rucfJve" ft-... Inn in'it the Twi-nt. third 1 tttr stalls lo ;n' ]J.ilMif..iM4 anil .!. ,. r r.uip.B* and'.)e..i It. lth' f*.., '''''W.'I "i' nil ''.. .. .r p.II 1..1.. .

\ money on the !line of marchKelilnd avenue l.r..I.y tfrlnn rhute-b. rau"lti/( |.....I..d III xit* lit* f< ..t tf..,.. I the flab KI><..< of Iho Murk It -,Min'ntAv.1. The Inn -S

th. tag" !l.irue; baikein. will) ,bv .1 io.. Of f:2.-: .fMNI .\ tuck HWa) al|K<| ur.r..) afar lli wan attire' In tits tj>artlelent saved I I1:* .urn"irtit.nM: I i china ii, hn t.M4.I ..u..-jf h"( rt>fillnit

carritnl __ .tiMMl) the Oilrer! ItJiptlmt, rhutr'l. 'which a0 III-putor..IM titli. cf '" bU.. ail.. Muhl.n befit I.\tin*. .nut a' , 'ave.| ipKMtly part. .. I "hlMM, U wl.|.. II.% She.. alt\ ,

I luiifht. fire. Lilt wa" IH'f li.idlv slant l j purple a tile-Pt. b. hid. ,... ,., aurahitter. uf I", ot.vK, Tlk. .',elk ant.MntMl t'I 1\ ...
Sri ,..
Dig Sum for Sufferer. lull. abla ttl rarrf TIN .ro.
RK d t't.' III' !lInK line. ?'' .' I In |>n' '.Hi I Hoa .bl* head va* 9 ,t.tH.t. Sad there ... l.'l; INNI ln' ..ur I I .. t':
has h .sMtl.t
\Va.hlio:toniny. 1 I. Three him .\ sleep ..""' .n. r11
'. Ill the Mine lielKhtMirlifKot reM)r'e<| a tiirhaa of niarvrkMia, iwiicrn .qI *. ante oft it 1'sun.1 I T M Mwkft use MflI "
+1r(d Ihuuitand' ,dollars. was I.j' ply rtmnern.ea aj tut.elan'.u.
i Rr-n. and wire more or !I..-.. "diltmtre4l I II I I lontlo-t. In l>>> k'i std{ jcultl lr tie ..bwliaiuM wtolih, ra. 1r..ur.d alas . I"
I. wire b tht'nlf.rlrnra Idsl ro C* lawn lists tawNNsigr sta put
) > The lo... wlil filial more titan $.*,-I.MII. '!Ilh.I "rt"ii his ad 'ri... itml) ...*ftiioM *tai, nbr 11,11.111' safe .1 lr' rk about a i iH
< i" Ihs
nan of the itrd C'u": relli-f <.. ..iiinilfiAn .,- I i 'Isar. ftretnt srte. i ruhi-l liy a full! .d bef.trr the sitar; ..>i|*ai4i1* oveit .ri-V Not Ol.lf It I
| Inn ., II Itr t h.. 1st.<,I'ertit ehun f )pl, is-"-."l .osll, witch rnle..1 tu iet.I-;:: ; ,,;;.: i.e Ge5'tai I .
San Kranr'14! und, ht wi: n 151.1 I wetn sell. >U .1)I llijur IMI more l.4 at rii. iHj! .i''alnf 'gtiatia ')' 11541 etd Ih Ine .t5.. ..1.. Its
rl..- to MB feet lire |I..a.. situ. tI.. .
--- - - I huu... II' I. .1 -'I -if i.aa.,.' 1 .
the cnmrnlte. ribs ''Ia sl'h chose 'last but Mar raOnad
__ _ I Killed' HuHnd to Save O.uqH| r. .altered lit r llialarxe. with. tb*> Vi. '1' Mh. .iii..i.,, .!..1! M sat IM it*. ant Ibl.. itasbl( soli e,u"we sal Ctties.

II I, <*'..n.'I..nt1.1. liar 1 >trir* lira frtl>.. sat In a wicker'Mfinie let ihi.lM rtiun it. arrrt > 4 at foil "" j, assess J.-...."?. fn' .,,, ..1 I whine

I i .'oC:>. of Hrowklyn. H-Uti I .s M4' i. j, ices I > |.'. fiitiiiwa-r* In the 4no C ..urps $seda' ...."nl.. ii. I iuadspatart'd IN.., Isl.. S..Ilr. Rrt IN stihet ruaplllraIle .

turned to his homo. sunds ul'.hl after I ..r.*. aiion Uxrpr leer !(... pre.e.*.... east .
he had turn drlnklnr' and' en'''r1nv |t ",...r. the plcifoitii of form'r M *,t rft .1 'b.' l lrtb f. r..tlul'' the .,.....1

the nxini w h. Ihla elf. std Hi: ear I J Jol tJ Marp< r. he as. al I,....> II* *nviHre rn,,'.. ul bl. l.ih-r t+intm. ....nb U. r 1151 1. slim. tisats .r 1111 I'C'' .s t'bpisa

1 t danith'tr were In tbct drew a r.tolt.r *- I..n. ... the ""nn. .f.., 1..1 .., .tiIN lb. ...s 1 fa.. '!.' .11!! of tfi- 'r-.,Uhr ft..r eras .....,.,.._ ant, b.'

and nna.u.nrrd' | hal he ....out.t a of fVrrnf.e..* ...... *fr..nth. of a'it sill ., r...,|..., Mm a far a.1t'iata .1 "..... I....... sill I_ M" Ia4N5 Ihrshit. .
r wln tcterfere.1 with t'n tilth .urirtss.t 't.... .1.. h., h..w '
ch N- Alden( > sled 5''sir' .
4i elf i'bins.. f'e .... I* > s.I, its tie
II fIt: t'i-n, 'tirvwbt. w tr. to th. !nun In attend*!)' '.|.... burn II. i>,.'a.-I .... list detail. all ,b. --41. 1"1 fete.. iMfeolf wild .r...11 *f n4 slue lao k'ssVr

1, a ,! A ...."I..s his t.b'1: ,.. j jr' 1 bee -.1OIIt tit .1",11-1 dental of I h. .. Mlfilm 'u ItS MOn. .| if .... 0e ",

r'e *.of"trflt1 the re"tI,.r aid tlr.-.| j f r r'tafaasLa' .. .is -." bhwlblasslsst .- -- -' .
-- --
1 ..I.... I tr t"I. ..s.'.. of sbi.h be.
tl't' s't 1 a tr h".t..r'I. kllllac Lira' LLest, 'PI T.a/n' Wr... v.'t.. .. t. Di.'I.rj'. .a.e'l, l
bus ..1 t .,'''bll..1 St',. r. ..I -- "."; ,Iicpt_.iitr.stitch : Wf
In. ;\1" y Mb. firrud"r1 s ihlCdaaNi Ma Map I Italic, lisp I -.. fb* B l,..
nut :. .. ...d 'ip' It v . aaiMMinrMf that . ..arsed t .ti UM'C..,_ hi tb.l's. '.saa4 ....-'..* ',aa.. "Ala" J7. .. HM-. .p ,.... "s'i.. .II for '!HI dlrl.b's at the f:

the ..-uan will h"-No! po-r-S .' rl.wtbrN' ' 4i .4 lk. Mk .i ...... tabu i..s.ld he ".. ,........ ...1.'.. ,K..

I C..,. b..3la: Out a M.". at f Itt .. ....... as. r... k..4 I* the fir !'tee! trial Lat.Ja I* Uu 1'bUIpds'w ,

NrJee by Itu' dred M.s. ,'tits,, is) r,. '.. .. ... p''a1. y...... .1 .\ abtaoie IlsMdc r .kpt....ti< bile bras 5s. ...>._l bf '... f fc.*.<."*Ms t,
Stanford Memorial' Church" After t" I 'lt.bvr. f' stay I --C..t. .,.. de' 1a..y' iea .h.wtrd.,. C.5i.....5 II ......,....., M.., ass >4 srb. tasll'lllr, .i,...( lea br lbs es.r.rher

San Francisco E.ar1hqw.I I "tor 11 ., \\tsEip. of lb. M.U..",,. rd f_- sad rat '.m. tress'' i .bill'' .1 i ....., .". is,.....t I nHp/rslS . ........ r,.. .al/eaSt

- and $,-"....,. .I"f" .\, ear. ulna sa. 'wMai.S. paste of file 1.* A ass la s'.. I T Ik* 1.ars .ae r., spot a.-u"... eases. ,, sill saaeetN ''WI prise/p.1. sad .. "'

.Te Whom" to Send Aid. ., .hlllt nd" ...'..'.AU,. rase IMWTV !<* . *..! thI .* ... ..,.. sea ip 4sin.aise. the .i.e I rl-/-. .if >*. iM'.r....' to '%. fri" *. of .4Hr N

Ha .. '.Iu.a-<.... May I %la) -., I: a.,1 JaFD_ fir l: kla ::0-. f. *.1 .......... test 1 issue I i. > ..... will ... ales .W.>..llr '...

K. Hcnial" f In a a'm-nt !..'.. .1 <,. allot in th* .IV>. b, leas fllarbt i Psls. asa air its.. r .t this lass Is, FL. Csae.s L... .f I(4 3ittfaab I I.ei.'eiUptd*.. 4Mtia.w. ea.l .... f.n..Is \

)usda) ..., I +tw'h r..aHaa cr. att. 5.4 ____ is <<:_..'1..... ..< hilt tell ..1i. M J liar 1Tile 'hI I I .tM. 's sitYOd ........" f. .... .al.... ,.., sit
-Han'' rr.nrtr *)*f'..i It am fh. ear bv Wl..!" f4ior -.r 1''a sr.t Shea' -asap4a/ ste .few .r..a..t 5/ !*.. _.!.41 M. tr*'ublr .
the way of fntil. *. clolhlri or t r-...1 .. f a..a..111 parr ... ..........d $1 ... I
j ,I.rt, e.ndw iiaei as.a..s4 lathe tl W lift all .ss...*H aN Alp. '.. .. bl 5C. 5-

.Ion*_ *.n.1 fnn4 to lion J...*. It '. ees.4. .M a :awa. .4 ss "' .... ,.... teas salsa.s .*>. _t. A ae>- rH a .. 1.wta/ sub I'.1. ', f |->... .MIS's.4 i .

I'h.:lan, chairman of fh- Htv*_*+> rxrmfr caret I* .la verso ".1." .. .. a' ea "l' iee.i I.. .e a sd 'sstbe ,,,. tr Sdspa7'. isa5w .law as- ,''''... .., t>.* ... *. .... .1'" .*.t.

>Utv All .qpptl.. ..h MiM b.> M-fi' J JCo is is. '.b...SO..... .."... Is ....... ._... .-.-. T1coeo. bas. ....a ...I ... ... MM a'tsas: 1..1. t I. ...,M
. Major f: .\ H A, IT_t.... ---- - .. .. tree. l. /.t* crease t. ... fCa --' tar .elate ...........'i; I. II ... .... t ei . .. ,1',,_ _,

shaft Nas , 1.' .., wi laiear ..,... .atl.epM. ., / toSad I... .. .....'"' .2 Nii ekh Miss
E.: .r/t.dy Fa.r9a cry r, ., -
: i iBI Mt 5a .M' a-.f 'Ot. Ib. ... der .... .a r..sisaf awls bar. .I1
: C.gwl.a s C'
:: : ...,t1...., .. \V \ Mr S rtr*
BIall. "I..t. 'Fn.cs'. a._",_ .t I ckovh l* .sil. _..<..*. itkrbeaVh *.- i! .t a1..c .... A'. t t.-1lt sat ,..... I.a4rbs it a t 1 4 t+.aeae so. '.'. )4..." .a4 ". .., ... .1.. as +

Pima. T.. stay I"w- f r.a' .54 of '. -.... '''',' tttiw aw.... .... bit. t a '_" t. ta:. w/rs. it. -.-e's.'itit. W_........ ...... ...... .... '.t. IlestHat., w.laa abea. ta<* .SI' . .....-. ,
ft.., Jt.A....... "'.ar.. ..; 01 M.s;' -. . _,,1f'.m. I .. Ndt.rs4 a"_ ....-.. ...... .tfla .> ..."r.. 5. r' vY'N / lee .. . ..... a ...s .wirer wi ...,.. .. ........ .e/ mat I I. l,.. heat ,,.. rats '

..r. h. _.. rb/tdraa t..1H. I sbat.' IL ...... T'W saw step'''' I 5. . i r : ...*. tel ... r.. sinse etu i.'ra.I.MI tlai ,.., '.. sse.t sp..t. the is.., .ad -'...".... Sac.

tai fm... tytt- .".c.or-t afvp tae S...._.: ......, 4..rroted slat -c 1110 p.w .-' -. H. d.e.s. ,.4 t5.ttrs eased.. ,IfI t . .t. Ottelnp. . ..... .. .itfU 4 ..... 'h. sits. wlsti sea 5care. .'

stet' a."rue- ftb- is )..,.,.. a1.wa .. bst)4Ias t.b.'rt .5sf1,. .Va'k .. .>4 r *.',. tMTv II.. ....... a r. 1 r:.... *.ii..r M* ..*.. .. r.- sates "-p.., Met ... ....,.
up n a
Pa the be.ia"I' ., 14. !Mss 1'r4...Le t.. 55V e' .. M ikla. ...qed tr o .atd t. .Mane t.'a gtti .. .. .. eebr .sal. pb h sea
Wrt..4'5S sit f !>wa .. .,.... t "'t. s :
a.Ter.t. t ar .el .'"... IIa::4r .. .. jry stew /treed. .... Me as/ -- I./ lies, bs.t "'Th. ..."- .,. ..rlrsd. r" ,
; .'i a .: '.b r7s
M .\ !4a.ue :a.. 4' D i'$5& 554O 1sNei ... e.i-4. 5/M. -. ....1
5d4.... lass tel "--. ... a ... ..1"" ... ....<. r*....fees
!set Atisaneas. .__awpbad brr. ... .... I. ..1. WI... ..
tipss tt, ... I "_ ge.I.a 1' .... .' Met I Ti a sic T...... 111e1oa .r duiil. aI.

!'. s-. ... a Ir1. I.. W. tree r t. .. i t > !-. .... tns.t .,,... W./ t .t .s.-r..U '

wits ..... ,., ...... v.. .. .. .. Ls' ...7e5 .. -....C i t ...... w.. 's bs. 4srm e-.s. .. .t. .,. tu I', .fI' ...... .. ', .... ." j r

l.a..r.-t. )tsy I T..e .. V.I eta a 'ti I .a. b'ar as.5t -.. ..., .ear/i .,11 a .. ..... . . . .' .
:tit .t.--:
1'-sate' w. . . ... 4 .. .... ..... .- .
.. r '_ 1> .....a-- .*...' as I I ; i t w : 6. .. ..a. a
tale iwt .. Ma, at' f. s. t .. '"\ -. &. p- ,N la-. a. eras twl a.xaa .. hY. ...." . ,1- .&. t .
1f' : a. .spe
-ua tabs ,nl 1..e111salrett ... .. )1.. sat '.' w ..1 .. p'A t . (' . :.. . .
tar.)3 f..E&a apea.ita
4. T"aIe a
rtaf. Calktre )f"t V I.-.L J ;:.I"rc- '4 a r +'sL A. .," 4M .1 .. .-.- ... ,t <1.u . ._ 2ntL ,
die .jt.r. b...A lg4 ia4

'/If. .. . .."' -. .....-__...
,', .., \V .:"" :';" ":.l r"'cl,':"':.A !"& ,:*;; I=; ,1.1'1i" "": .'U !<..a _-' "',,, -... .h..f. -.:.-......i.1 4''''!'''':''.;.;,;&ZSfftt; &9 '; :.::" .::::Jl.... i

A3MW4yw, !


, .
r -

Find child with "
t a
dimples The .y she In..1e!! Thief In MrxlroFll
and and *. III. Tr..... ATLANTIC COAST LINE
TODAY chubby arms lcg'iand : .
I I -- ----- --- . .
In Mexico == =
the thief - -
you find a healthy child. biiKlnea sneak hai bin! -- ---- - ---- -- --
down to u vcienre. ILe favored
Find one with drawn face munuvr of .teillutc. la from the

11 Delegates Expected From Every and poor thin body and you bouMt' Most of the buildings are but

Florida. one story high and the doors are kept THROUGHSERVICE.
Section of sec one that needs Scott's
dolled and locked The windows areas

:: f i' Emulsion. Your doctor will 'larffo aa the doors awl extend to the -

; A FINE PROGRAM ARRANGED no doubt tell you the child i is I II floor To keep the thieves out of the

tl' fat itarvcd-its food is not bonne they are protected with heavy
Meeting Will Open at Court House .1 I Iron '''11''. but the :Mexlcau sneak thief'

nourishing it. ban found way to overcome this dif . .
O'Clock This Morning With Appropriate _.
Nothing helps these thin, ficulty.
Addresses From Hon I Because of the .
IOWUCKH of the window
,. children like Scott'sEtnuKion.
.(\ C. Matheson and Others. pale :, he can look Into the room and NO CHANGE except what you: l leave with the Agent ) Between
It contains the "spot" tb** article he wluhe Then be
The annual Htat Encampment of very element of fat they need. wait until the occupant of the room JACKSONVILLE, OCALA and JAINE&VILLEFall .

! the Patriotic Order Sons of Americ 'Is In some other part of the bOil"e. A

.. will convene la this oily today at stir It supplies them with a perfect bnnitxjo pole about a.. long a* a fishing .

court house and a great crowd of representative and quickly digested rod IM produced, to which In attached information may be obtained: from

r .. citlzwn of every aeciluit "f nourishment. Scott's Emulsion a piece! of string with a fl.h book on

the theta is .p..ct-d. Th"re ar.. i ) brings and the and.The ,

'..j boat twenty camps of this order. In rounded limb-: dimples I hook no thief that' It by will practice Bitch! ,on can almost cart any the J. A. GOO( D) W I :N Ticket Agent.

Florida and it U anticipated tha
::f article l In the
SCOTT I OWN!:. room no, matter how far
h 4o., I <*rl Street N_York.U. I
seventy-five delegates
;: nr repre It be window
; may from the
-- - -- .
entatives will!)! be here.
It Ii drawn forward nnd pulled throughthe --- -

The. Patriotic Order Sons of America & N. Announces Appointments.KnoxtlllH. ImrM.I .

71. II. fine order and, notwithstandingthat . Tenn May 1.-The fol.( I In thin manner article are taken off S E..A. :E3 a .A. :R :ID:

it is yet young in this state, ft In UiwlriK! HM>olntin<'niH' on the IAleltvtle' I the "luirpnii or tnlo.|.-.. ruira snatchedI .. .. ,
an'l l :''I'aMhvlllf': rnllru.i'J effective May I from the floor nail liedclothe from
condition. The order
a most healthy
1 I. oro nnnounriM: J. A. Itldicley urn! : the !>e.1.l Clothing' left on cbalrn or Air Line Railway
is growing In Florida day.The .
,, every
-ral nunit of the! I.. & :-:., at ( 'hSraxo. ;i bnn: lrjtr on the wall l It t'11,1I.1, removed.

proper committees have been will In.(."JIIM* division rr..l l.hl ant at Tb. thieve. do not ev ,n wait until tbe . .FOR. . .

1l appointed to lock after the comfort of Atlanta' (la. ; .1. .K J lartJl"II ht, Kcncraly 'r' occupant are out of the room In nil Savannah Columbia Camden Southern

i visitor' *, ant n I'.n limit i I. a*- .,'nt at rittntnirK .'11., will, btrornnC CII""". There lia,'e lw'en rnites where ,
m"'ii and women who were undrenslng
.a red. ( n.'r l flK"nt at Chimed.: T. It Mar 1 Pines Richmond Wash-
In thi-lr rootiin ba\i lust clothing. while Raleigh
t. The meeting will t re called to order low. trivflltiK frHplit, .i tnt at Kr.oxTlll their' bmkn, were turned to the window. ,

in the court house at 11 u'clock this .. T nn., w'll! l...cinnf Kenfral K f'nt ington Baltimore Phila-

rooming at PlttHlmrK. I'H .\ nu'.'Inpr' r>f trafHcnf'U ,t Intlmntlnn. ,

The address of welcome will tie/ delivered 'rain of tho l 1..11111'111.! acid :Nn': ..hllli i I No rnr'Infer of the HrltNh parliament New York.

:r ) by Col. Christopher Mnthe- I .. nftUlilM will 1,0 l tlf't.111\ .\?Ian'". ':'H. li('nnltt.l to ay l.lnritly and illrectly delphia.

': son, which will receive numerous ref tin( .. Tn.'K"!..ITho opening III th. K': I tint II n"ltl"r H. c1rl1n k. bet he may

spon es by the officer of State order oM.ih ('<*rt<'rs. ,'lilt* "-x:iii-loii to pa'a< .,- Miit, nt the. fn( t In ,p" rlj>,lirai. ",". an when Two Elegant Trains Daih-

hi well as members of the local camp Ker haltsIa now "net fur May tth. ,' Mr (I..I l+t..".. r.'phli>7 to nn jmcon'xntlontil -

... 'I of liNrneH'n. remarkd. .
-- - -- ----
LET US PLAY DALL. Corner In the Hop Crop. <. "Tin right boiioral' l ir">ntl< into Express.

tine fl(1ntly' but l '... .
- Port'nr-l. O- May J1'hert III.I i : n-i n to .oursof

Effort ia Being. Made to Organize a pays the' Ontronlnri. 'n all 'Ititfnti aripllrn.i Inspiration that are hot "I"[ 'u to. III..." Seaboard Mail
A \lolit/ Hcent wets <-nn". .1 In the parIKiiiiint -
'. White Team for Gainesville. [ H. n Nil I t,"r 'In the reu'a Inner flf
r.. the. 1.IIt! !: hop rr For the |>at threw, or four yenr, 'lnlH' >r nictnner" .nylut: of' a loiril: rolleajrw -
Ins al U.intJii." of the f 'nvy dextriirtlotif
since the famous. link Hall. who held' ', "'fir.. l nail l*>arn .. .
huS'| In 'h.> f'iillfortiln il"!2a'sI. r. lOll>' MODERN PULLMAN EQUIPMENTOnly
.c..II.h"II:11I writ ini\i* ('Si li.YI l to the l nr,
of .
championship Horidn virtually l or.h.r.'I) .th. lr lmtrH In Orison : .
"" illnl IK-. bus' nllirn gnhe fr"'Ilh'IIII| u Ith
went tn piece in our season, th" interest \\iihtilimluri' eta rean KO Into flu out l Icing oilliil" 'I'be uiiifr*. lrtrrl"l..r
In bai. >liall linn been ulrck hilt innrKi I Ilr
toil wetl|
KII they dona I r..t.'r"1! t'a .1 lr'nkinif i skunk!" Line
It." now th> chances are that' it will he r*.. Ih'I: work' ifnf ,tn twfcn :I.(uu.l an'l.I Kntu: .illy tH>\\ltli.ln-\v gad iixiloBII.I OperatingDaily
vlved. a* I.. .1. Iturkhim who we.. athe'inb.r r.iMto. 'in the Kro....
',, ': '' Through Pullman Sleepers from Jacksonville to New Orleant

of the oil I c Oak limit, and. who ago I. flic.ii. it-Hi.linn lint' lint' '.

ia aUo it progressive citifit mid be.liever I I The "nr..... ........tI_.
.:" in athletics, it f I. umlerstrMMl' i I. I I '(1.... am'ii ntsI > |lea r I tfi. aurora: liore- For full Information and sleeper reservations call on any agent Seaboard 01
Strike writ A. o. MACDO.NELL
Situation Clearing.DnllalMf. s. c. BOYLSJTON, Ja.,
t making effort! I nil. with -..uper.till"'Itnor., l Ixkln! :;
an to organize, anotherteam Asst General
I'n. Slay 1. -Trie strike Passenger: Agent: Passenger Agent: ,
i I upon It as an "tn< u f .lIr'fIlS) ills:inter.
here.t .
xllii ittini In th.> Clfarfleld' region' ItKittlliiR JACKSO VILLE, FLORIDA.
it Is not niiii"nli 'iil fir des.
There. I II plenty of nmterlal) 'for the .ril'tlua..d
< Nottoi: : have b .
> en ported by ..I tlino tIlee.. ._
: to n "uloti| tbe fcc.tthllt : -- ----- -
*, maklnsr of a goal l team for liaineavitle. Iii. llurTnlii. H..rh..t..r .
.n.1! I'lltntiurK. tt.. " ri -t '".."Ir"r" IIQht'e'.*
; Aa a matter of course, the University thn Itnrr.iKi' IInl I H".llll.tulln"a and the .::,,. 11. tt,.rnllll that MO"...thin, awful

*, of Florida, where many athletea con* fats.! Crri'k ('sin C'/tIlI'lCIn.| .," giving' thral j was nboiit to 1I.4I'IN'II." lit tin- iinn.iUNi Florida East Coast Railway.Local

rregate, will furnisli a Ron I team .. '.. of W.IKIH to .Iniml,I. Mill .the I..t tail' M.u' =Nnciiittiit ,, ,1.4. to ,l..- f.niii.I au .

l when the University is started but C''nlItI"C '"f Iv1'& and l the. word. him i.f u purple anroru wliiili! I

what Oainesvllle desires the coming Rune forth n.", n ri-miiriptloti of work ,Hk'litvl up the iH.rili.-rn okiis. in tli, Time Card No. 66 In Effect April .6 j I 1904

r summer I i. a team of it.. own maser up will f., nll..I..I 'Thf intrirrs are hu}.I 1 "I.r .-"* .\. I'. on tin! nlirht priHtnlinltl. :: ,

of home material and the chance *u 'ng out' for their d< fllllf.I.l.a. . ilrfinlful' ,. I.tribis I. ltl.' foujbt l I"\. tht Sl'T".DIJl' : D-R\ DW .NORTH.BOUND-READ UP.

,. ..r I.ilirIs "itT au I :alnst.trr. aim 1 it :
far am favorable that we will .. !it. -- -
Y get - ---- .
not .u.-. e....,i try t.i m..iitU ii th. (at" 'e. 2) ... ..
In the Central' No 18
City ba,b If You Oon'1Nncorret that tI.! .- te'.1'le| l K.. .u It as au nine of D.II, U..I, D...'
A ,colored (Oalnesvlll ha. -
now theeham.plon -- -
| the. tint tune use Herlilne the (Treat .1.III.h'r.| \bttli MOOII fullutttrf. ., a 'qnt ,''';; I1 t'. t.nf1tM.';;; : -- '7-r" -' ", at1'
train of the .tate, but ,a* she has I a I I "' \ .. .,. .. .
and will -1:11 .m r "'11 l. \ .. .? lle: .... . I.'. 7 I ; "'., a Ii\a1
f always enjoyed. the reputation" a. you get in.lanl relief The _a___ 1 :a t'ut l I' ...I"I. .lnen tlnr. ". I \I''t'i.. 7 '
greatest liver reiculator A positive 7 : I :11: Iwm : 11a.unW 'i
,& champion of all Horfda In the Na Was Wasting, Away. (-t r I I t'.nt : 1'5.1 I'.1.t1t! t :: 5 : nr : s..ei .

1..;' tlonal game II .U just as well tow Burr fur contiiatlnn, djtrepila. ma. "I 1 had --.1-1'\, i .. .. '1'.1.11.' 1 I. I I't, u.
been troubled with kidneydieae I { . I. ......
I.rla. rhtlU and I all liver cotiiplaint .n. S I
Int'h" the ("'lolI.hil') of for the (last five ." writes ::. :. :t ..t ... : : j :
'Ir t'- of Kmory.: T...., write' yr.r : : : : : 'a.Ir.l: . :. _. .r ':aul
: t'.s ; .. .
; white and coloridI Hubert H. \\'."'*, of I.. Mo., "I Ialrn :. _. ....
> m. .
My I wife ha.* been utlng Ilerbinfur t 11"q i l.r.. . .... i...... .."'....ILe ..._.,.......I... .8u.1U "b a'vai'
herself and' children fur 'lite I Ia II bat tie.*) and I nrri-r felt well and doclorn I, I elm II IoI .._ ....-. ......-......... .. 7.1.m II I" am
I year t '"UI I I'/.at' .. ..
GENERAL _.. .irtwml .. ... ...
t CONFtHENCt.: .I. tin. cure fur onndlpaliitn and ma. with leading.. phyclclan and I' I 1i: I ... ... .. ......? I'",,,',.. ... .....__. .. B a r"I.DI l I.'n II e.11t14....'a

ana fever which ul".iaitti I., tried all remedie suggested wit'loulrelief I:; ape:; I .:;pal : ', .. -... Ibreilr.Yre. . ." ... :: = a'mm : : ,
ti Will Conventvjn.tlirminnhsm on Thurdar .. i Ie ieil bya l_ -' : :: :.w w., '. : : :: 1St-n: ;rw
hat it ha done Finally. I t'.1 I Foley' Kidney -l I''III 'I 1 (Ipr 11j. I .W - -
for my family tlld .. lloton :---t:: : ; en.. m -0\\ L't.ta
Florida n.I.KAt.l .. fur. and lea than t-vu bottle complelely 11 II Want..... I :lassos I "-an.* i nrmnr .. ... 12..m I :\ l!'J.m
">yV \l Jut) n.un..I.f.5o.000 u' S aupei. .. .
...::. Ity J".n .._ Il&OJ.m I ' ..
The Oeiteral 'mtfrrener. of the Meihodltl e'H..oJ me. aril I am now ound I Itja i iupsl b. .. . ....... :New omm.. ..:' 1i's i i rart_
4t, H..o"I'l Church. $MHl, wit) .1 TransferredNew and well." I 'urinir the. summer kid. "It alpm pn.'i 3 $'"J'tIt.I .. .. u 4 t II fitTIKkoIll .. ._ ..1. 'l "I.I-I :a: .i"ai'. .,
tpi_ .tv..... .. ... .
ney u.u'.rl'I.' are often cauced 1 : :- :...__: 7 S OI..ID
,l meet in Itirniinictiam, .\l It on .k ii.lay.) 5..rk. May 1 Ti-Ieitrn,, ,('...1". drinking' or being uvheat bye II 8o..m:I' II a t' 1.1.\t.. 1 -.r.-U-.m. I fI .t.rn-

May 9rU 'TM eouferniee int-cii on<>e "ran_|" r* ..r tuoniIn' Ian !KranrUihriMiKh < elttend lo the kninev* at once by -11"tlt'n, t b' .nt..1 : I .Stot\, t 14 I..g-
(In four & the milt tre.. .. 1: 'i.m 'a tlw, I . . T't..11e' 'I l Ii t 1".i
, year and is the hlghe.t( cor.f ury up to MOII using l-olev's Kidney (.\J' J. UMcCullum .. .. I. -' .
u 1 :
n I"a ;; !
.re nee In Ih. Methodist. Church II day noon aiitounteil' to '1.t>i M>wo A CuKwp.t.Iw. I 1 .I.ns.atI I, :r" :- .. 11'YI r... ',.UI.1t-.. .. u I: y,;: ,:a (; i f.:.m::

Will !be (> .ei| tlf :'t4J / ; ... 4clr.wre. '
I t vuii
a...... .... N. C'. IM.m t0l'A .'. ..-- I... ._...... ._.. ......
a.ia: 1 I.
& forty.four annual eonfer.n.e. of this Thirty Pulajanse Killed. foss. I .gym -. .. .. .n .... -.. I........ ..... .. .. .. 7 I"
The 10 rV o..n
Manila. May 1.--A detail.. of Mss name of Iles511.1) rupvmakrr and e (east I : lbpat I :: .. f'we I e.tre 12 C
.p ..
denomination, One half of th dee. | 10 II a'1.tI
that of tbe ... ..
Intel In wtiU-li he practhwlhl l r1-:;: T f 0 I I'.... 1&
R( n? t>n the i 1.I.n. of Anl.r. In an ,-icountrr 7 tie I a r.lI. .. iDyraa
.ate* are .nlnl.,.,* and the other half art bate both tn-wit Ul to history ew.. a ..,.. I I .. .Jrrn M Loa 1. 1..1..

t laymen The conference usually lasts the !1.lh'Po.'m..t.r with lulaAnea.) killed thirtyof Ileforv the h..ttuutng< of the bLA'r1ealpett'rt 1 Ii., : ; I :: ..:... ,etuart.a .. ....:. .. : 1 :: "':= :: Mon

L) three weeks said transacts a great t"lIal.r.hleo' skill bad been .t"- I.we. I I 1 wyi .' l.tet..c..IMJ ... .,. i .1.,.. '0 :l'.I..""
... a..tJaplt.t .. ._. .
1 deal of Inllwrlal.* church business II Hobbtt. iulrr| .l In that line. t-ityptlan: aculpturrsj 1 i I..ri .. jtDe .. ...- I'.),, saes. ..'..''.' . i watt I'ae J learn P.t'patb

Is |tble that three new bihop
c will t'. elected at the al'pru.ehlag..r' I. at least ::. ton nearly" l list his life and I'..1., .
was ibrist. : AO..n ... A I 1 tiwa I 1 Y'l w
Non twd of ail'1 comfort. ..< .
1C, .
.", 1rta
r The dlessl'S: from arc Kef Pile Utter, w hich' .ay. l'r .'* W.e.e T.... .._..... 1'; .0.-as.... a It-; t''sat.. 1.. a ... t?
t I.. U' MiM.r.. lieu!< J 1'. IhllMrn. Rev I had chronic liver complaint which The. Vmerlrtl ftMirUt t 'ura- 1 : : _'h- hI't.; I..taewrot r/t.iat. :1.'tr 3 ,: ..... : tnt.m
: : :
w T. J .N ton. J NV Kt ,V'M l'r. 1) It .alts
peak hr"aea Frro''b
Ird to . Olover sod \\ M It.MW.II This. d le.tatiott that" even my rtitVrr nail turned y.l|. Waiter. :Not rM.
( del'aelr4 frutu J.n".I.1.. |I".. when my d.>...ltil recrlbej Kle: <'. haf a want .!-.'r't'r-. It t.ettatr..i.t! l ; ...--.,..- _.. - - --_ -- -.---- --- ------
last night over the \ilanli. t'us.t Line Hitter n,. .ee ails jf it la pulv' ..rl'.*.JT bita.. :' s ,a v.l l "...a!l .. ..' .i.a
Iris h a
and t> "
me av "
.4 ..... l ". t2
M .ta. I'Ut, ... O..I't.
and .111 ,.. "f"Mr
< at kept mr a.l! for eleven year **ur. _- Cil.: asap' h.. fie" cat.. Lassie \.l
:: clef : D\.y Doh Ira.Is. .
Y ..
Clan ..ire fur t"uousa)*..,, s.u.14"tt..kit. *. "' -. ...., i i iTbe - .."

low Rat.* To :L..nn.1.. r M A. Gala ... and alt .to-na. h. liver knlnvy and Ure M. it Hr.i, .av. tht atlvlcvt :; ; ti- .!.r 1....,, 1.I. 'r ., .... t'It. free .' ..
w b'atder. tf t.'ao*.m..l. wonderful ., '...1).10 rs \IA't'}' a woatao arualWr ,! Y.wa..w. I. .. 'r'e I a' # !'Y1 -

West. Via AtlanK Coast Line I tunict an. drug .lere., P&Ma.. than youi-M-lf \Ie"1 a man rvuVIa I' .. : a k."a t:,,.' n:' :'a : : ; :' .. I.' ; 1 :: .y : .r."
t>Q a**"ua' of the ahuvel.4eaeua the '' -- find MIS.->lltwaak.e Jmtrnal =-r

Atlantic Coat I...... wile ell .... obavanaah. I HeD4>ar" Parloe Cars. I _1L'I'4LIP I \0 OCC'DElltl' SIEtIr\ :! -CO; CrJ-O S-.J-r-'ij.t i '!.

r . (la from alt point, un II.t I Fhe "-el....rvt ,\ ir Line o|_.ate. toGr.f. r.*>i.ii_. E..__. - .
., ...., \\. When w>.ii *u ; We .. -It .- b. ..... _at.eS Male .. ... - -- ---
al.| I. o.urges.>> Alabama ..d front | rior' ear > w n a Ho and e < r they : II l. l -If" Slraectfs .f tie P. .a 'I. 50. S.f,..
point In Florida north "f and 'loclud$ Tamp ca tram !.*>.,ltC UaU. ta>etie kU whey they ',.., + tI'.7! d.. oa. a. .1osv
'It. . JaeaaoavUI' Lake iNty Hie ti.k
lag I Ial11 II al...*t.I.. i Marl
'a Klver Junstion oa \I., I3ih I4IS I Two "
l1l1in; E. h'cek.
; :
16Ih, and fruot |>olt>t* ..>iilh th.r.. *fI4lh t .
Tr.,.. Uh"
Ira, .n'4 14lks, *k'''*. at tale of inst.ter. ...1* asrur a* 12'a.. .alt < h.ry. I's\sengfr. at hlr'' Shi 'o Trsr.sfere.

plus *A e..U far rau.1J trip,. A Secret.en, .to..i es'e ester >.. Ay..'. llrIt -. ,... .' .. .. - .. : '._'_

mum ral. &.) ...... Final limit of all f...!. tits Nut. +mates the w.'r : .. 1-, ". I
Utk.t.! slay 19th, slit/. proof t" "t4. .....,. T *. host sra hI.C: see s-v4 1 .. .- .. . ..

light olor'st -aw' .,.......,. s.... r.aaPi all daajruff oI.w""an. T1 r._lc <. ikj **t Ks ..1i*evvat. '.r vs' tree aar'l".a let t.,: ".., ef t.... 1.0\1 TIME: CAl/O r. OCher /..o n>t_
way. Aa4 H ta a Sf M...... Jr..aJ isxt. krrpiC the air */i eat rV*.th. tv"sH
: aat sislafbttuatloa /I.. poimt Fo hn.p aa.. what hair ... ..... aM er re .. r%. state rare.P.*"" I'SEK Till TICKET: AGI2NT."
c ... ,.oP II.ke1 ac.... ._ .: J. o. li2AFt CR.' At.
Qcri'l. Tav*. Art. $T.LQUSTI>E. FLA.

r ..Sf

:J." Jfv i. ... ." ,,' :4' .. } ;.:-. '.. ... . .. 1., N. ,1-t-./.. .,-.w .- --.y ,''a w r T r 1i y
(; .:-.v.\? ... ; -. .L.., :: -'oI. : .d. .;:. I. :': ..::..: ; .. ..r; T t


--- --
-- - -- -

1- T I 10 iit.ttlty'a !
I The NameVUDOR l.r Clrspi'e;; ni.

'I Had Biff Meeting Friday. Night. Ending 'Railroad Officials Visit That Town T ''II''

With BanquetWaldo. I i Justice Court-Other Notes

.].. "Wm. D Carter of Sewberry April SO.-The local, I lodge.Waldo ,. 1}I Melrose. -\prll30) -Trie many friends 7AhiNOLAtet.t

business visitor to Gainesville I odce No. SS, K:.i c' tf, of Pyihi of W. 11 I.e.. will t tIN gl.I to hear chit L ..( a E aUT'feRw

day. ... i I.. .hI .. a r*.na intere t,.: at; .I I I't i* tfp'41y. r' carerin*. 'rom the *"- P......:.. ''''_ ... 'OJ ,I

Mosdame Tt Fait s r' s ?'It.I A" c .l.. .. .. '>u on f \ TV.I .' rfa i f I.. i i ,. I It? .. e n.' .;k. ago Hi -

of Boebelle! ...c'. shopping iu 1a.. wi. oh war well<< indeu. .
not only i I i had a cu..ou,,*,,,,, t' '
yesterday.lev.: I I by the memWrship.but r. i remtMtiresfrom | family were quite! ....>> .. for a few!'

M. H Ilartmaa of Osire.Til:> an y'arUo were nl'-opresent I Jav. II. I.... came over from ( ;"In...*

.was among those, who favored I Pa.t Change T 1"
.,. P. Morris, who i i. r11w'\
villa with a Tiiit esterday. n ruling in I \IS) ..

Ladies let us show you oar } I t fi lrvi5Je. a'*',* far r. ,! t"- !nJ?e In'1 ("lItl.' and '1 lr. lUrri* o'ith % ;

of visiting; cards Th. new with' his prerence.AIIUIIK i .. (n.I ,\> P.' .i'y.' . '!a .. r. I's : .

script is now all the r.ep. .\ the. ru I .r.. Nrr.. 1 K. i..:hi. f., r\rrNnto'.u'
and thickness card in stock: J Hurkhim. s It. H: '*' r. .h.1! K' I':. era. Miih ihe Metro.** laiuifHctur, 'HM, :

t I Davis front Oainesvil' r. iiorjmi New.
I it 1 "ouJ'\"J.{
Dr. O. S. Means of Mnlnto+h I
i h'I u nil,.. t" I. ....It. I 1.oig, : 1t".1! .V F.v: :Mr J. \\ ..-..* s rd Mr \\'. 'Tron-
the oily yesterday. lie was
\\.1 I of Starke., nnd T t1 ltlnt'l t.f r btilgr of \\.1.| art tie uuel tit
from Jacksonville and
stopped .
Capitol N .. h). ( .u'u'ulI' : I'. \'''pI. .' Weeks toe M ,..w.t.y.
for few hours to purchase r= ..
a a .
J I ---_--LI There was {plenty of. ,,"k. whifh I t... :oe cri'A::11 parlor, of ** R. Perkins
I _-
from C. C. Ped tick. I -=- .
j **Slk I P'o1 1 both enj.>jati'e'! std ... I.MS. tieeit .
.can look art but you caa't look 1." impre iveOnie uioely r"JI'I.,1| (>y lrnnkMil
Mrs. J. H. Prater and Mrs
I candidate ,
'a. uutiaie\t in the ton .
and little in vac DC i Ni: ;:SOLA l I. (ft -u.\nt<
daughter were 21udor IIA" I nt..nryrhud..1
flrsi. while fire iki 1
were t n iu in sec trddegree. Townsenl I eatue n"er fr,>iwI'nmi'VilU / it It .
tttU .
l > ,
rvm.txcpkirtp tr. k1.!
from Mieanopy Mrs .
yesterday. -T'-.. i or Rank of KMJII; re ,. on :* ,tiirUMi an.1 t inter- :v... tan, Lllt.>.........uo In..I" .uI:
tor and. daughter; are from PORCHSHADESMeans I At the conclusion of the "'....tin...: a 1 1".1| s 'me of III. rntrrn his Inter duoI.ralkm, : t' ..ia c rr. U' ,

and are spending a whit with sumptuous bat'quet u.*. serrrd in the e.t an. a i".,uil/1-1 ate for count* ltIH"i.. I f.ulu. t.:.. In twenty Jtyc., L<1' j. ,kathin y .

Pratsr ., Mieanopy. I I lodge riM'ni. which wa .greatly. enjoyedThone Siener ck.u. .oft. tw.ll hy, Alhi. TVStor I.:j.NMuty .
The frienda of Hon. J. A. nitre towards MH.Ii will I' ol, voolU. EndorwJ '
HOME COMFORT than prevent remmtler this'meeting. ( P lliift'onn I ha* retiirneil from a by 11"'u'lc.J.a. I.
ough who announced his any tire will f..1 . Trine 50 ctiifct aril $l.'*> Jl all..
I..nt.n the )Kngli: la.guac.. to. an nutter i b igat'Ot.s JI"u"1: visit to Ins d! ugnter. Mr C. k.JYaj 1
county commissioner hiring day to "'"Ido Indgw: for their hi.s- XV Ki.. '.. at Ii\eO"k \\'b.i.. there !1 drug >"'WY""If' by iiutiU ISvjxtiwi by !

to get his consent to ran from AU to t>e shown pitality ;: he ,'l"ited the :$uwannee Sulphur'J Nntlonnl I Tollel <*".. l*.el%. Teon.
No. & for the next term with THE: \'n''H Cn.MR M MM".C'KVt A WORD FROM THEN TON. J I I !-pritig. j 't Lllul! U Ilalu..tlllr. by J. !!'I. lloaiferUA. f!:;

withdraw him from the race. 'I'OR !I''Nl'tI'tlAlIt... j I The .oitrleenth, |iitrUl. tourt was J Jin tttiiipMNj, \>'. .. JahM,..M. nail. J.

M,.. Oar F. Lowe a .. \IOOK ISUI"TJll'< TMil I II( 'MMIHK" Trenton" Voice Has a Good Thing to ..eion on nlur.Jiy for the com. '" MrCalliiitt *t ('0"|...".

who recently arrived in the Its our pleasure. to *how you Say for Senator McCrcary. mill i.Ir: trial. of the tnte t.. \\'m r

for the whether you buy 'IF notGainesville r''pukes. who. wt" .eitt t. inntille.
opened a parlor in
Kditor :Sun; I ft-el if I ,
r a* would likeI J. T.
of ladies'. and children's .. Furniture I fay a word while, |., iitii are goiiigno .. ilefnuli.. of ...m bail, for Iritl at the HARRIS F FIH'.U.Z.U
408 E. Lassiter street, and han l Write May h'nl ,if' the circuit eo.irt '
Mah The time i. .Port. now still I : : IN l : :
.t' in this issue to ", U* Company we |-.oile| down here nt rrettlon want, ; ,I..
attention of our readers is .. Ulin.evtlle. Fl. I War Against. Consumption.. ':
I 10 *eml linn 11..11. MrCrenrv b"<>k tothe I'rcat and Salt WaterFISH a

John Kntenza of Waldo :"mate, where I I.e I.rl.tltg.I In tie. If AM I nations. are < Iravoring I.. checktl .

of the El Tuney Cigar Factory of I he get the rote ,.| I lint his will. e r\ ftge. of ruu.ilnty/tonthe" i ,
do. in the country on melon today lie I itgne" thai/ elaitii, .o Him y \ Scull\.
WAS city yesterday get at Trenton'a.. he will (;.it tiaikto 4
mad) Th. :Sun; an agreeablrcall.: : t-.* that from the. pr..rultrttluuk hi. olil Held ,>f duly here use. i:i.eil ..s.*h jean I 1"II..y'. Honey Mint, 'I II'

Kntenet i it employing a .. crop will, b* not only tinnual'y!! him | curt cough' amt e<.1.1.l l |I''C' s od l l'j

makers th. C lining a....nll. hut wP1, I.. .,.i and.. in 'MI t'nnuer: of inuiti|>tton i' 11..1.. ... 1'r1Y. .
cigar- which is a great Mr. MoCreary" lia* an etcePent' ruse.oral i liratnl < r Ley. A'
'. us watermelons, will t be.> In the, .II t iioi nk. your. health, bf livkiiig: .o u. '
to manufacturing interests of .
legislative r i 'e to hi eredll.antl I US ..".I OfMer. .
to"'n.Ir." :\, .. in early JuneProf / I Ie in all|| revpt. .et. H wril I | YIT qulpprdan | | | unknown. | re./.rall'>n ... .lien. 1'.1.! ) '. :i
I tIu,,.-t ni.t' Inr i. *s fe aril It. I'i
*. :M. M lludton and) ... John Turner of rawpn.He rm- for. the (.o.ilti'>i> t... .o-k* N >wluiyv rtxilt. ." .1& fir ..I.. '. 11..1' ..... ".., .. ,., M.I.. "..t ...C..I.. ""r.. .
.. whn.o kituHv *.I.I..d l Ire, Indie) let give it Me ) y
law Mrs 1 J W Ilitdtoti. together R : II* I > who I ass
the letter's little daughter, the 1-:1'\1',1:| E .entire' in their work" I I -rtiit .n. .i> well In It... 1..1..1 who, 1 h'.IIU:1I I'-r I Sad I :in'.i.t.v C'nl'.i) 'm hscltg. U J U I 11 CON 10.I. ,. ;p p'I'hc

pending; a few month 'at their ;( : nn M I .tnlity.. night, left jentertll). I(I h*. ntrer l t''r".1 In. 1.'I.f.| \\'ek1

in thl. city. PAliiivtui avenu... h.." High :'I"irmtr.. where .li.- had generj 1 j i n he w ,ill tlr.- it* niir, lluht. %. I f. The Aen..irontl St>o... I I aCashGroceryCo1

turned to Wisconsin 'llieir .li; c in eni, .nl) to "C'I"j "ear for the ben ha. in drys gnus li,
I I I|)
Ihe f" .
"" \ I: 'ctrioul I II
OUt"'ft. hope, t. hate of tl,.. n lie of ll >gh/: >(ring' *. Prof j jr j I .
hl.ow "11'r.' in tli eitt f.>r ii-,.
tack' early next eaon ... who I i. n graduate, of llelgium. KO ,.1 I ...1.. the l >lh f Mnv J I II I
r lira I rur. ., .
1'nlr I I'YT soil tliotilh- 1
center of the world. when .i' eittiies' J I I.ea, |.?, \.Tto". I' .
I. Hla.I.ln&.f> Archer ," .'.. I I Si.ullltig i | that Ihr r Fuu.c, wn. not very
\iolin. dealer 1"111.,1. \\lR> I lf I If It
tllil i rr. i a IIKI.IC' in '
of the Maddux Foundry mid )I,, f f: ri e.itirtinrf:: t.... show. wa oery g',>ott,
"" "" ,and, l I. a clever fellow \
Cumany' wee n buine.. ri..itur very [t SEND UACK THt f-AITHUJL. I I "n.1 t nl'ore all' Hurt .. elean the I net.. I)7.'r.: for tl e II'. it .J<) day, the :
whom i I. leaure. j ,
> it
a in Mei
| nioet
city ye,terday. Mr :Maddux .i i I I Sep.. oo.l. mot" Pious who attendeilretifil
that hi* plant which, i. i-ne 1.'I i an ..nltl".I".III' member of the t I.Ik.. That Is the S"| o' a Cur,.. .well |11..1| following l'"I t* si pri,.e. nurn-
.'h in It.e.f I aI
i rntiteetnatle
m)st in.xlern in this .>"t'lion. i,* aiu i.i I pOi...J.nt from h. Writ rods I'hi* .! w .,.#ta ha. ,. t h..1 t II .. t
"go.: .. busy meeting th ilemaii I of 'Ia. j.. we. ail{ !kr.on II M MM're .rf. Y4. on the I.Ik lit "I"|"| "*" 'e t'ity hall
rinu _awrnill and phn.phstw fellow matt or any a."" irthy ei"iie ; wil' ( + I.. (II,lrker'. 4sl.J I'.tu.q
., .. h". rr| r.| .\,.i><>, u% ill the i re lioiltfhl ant I t OHlfro Jt.t
Turner '
Alarhva" mid I.ry c0unlirl.l.d I't j eineet to return to' hghl" I hr.. 1"/ll.e, Pikle, :wtI
: S.te.'male f.-r ft..
: p..t Juts or live I
inevill in a few dsy. when | a Puree r.n5 Corn Jk.
:<< .ard ( s'l.naht, !, formerly of ternts.I.l a cud l late f.>r r.nnrnlus-" 1" ,ee,
Will let. a better o|'port \1"// 'i [Sect! far lNu...." end C.el.1.S., :i 'A.
city but it.'. rf.KluiK in Jack.oii him !..01 U )ne .. f I.en. *.e in r'rtatlI, in I /.e ;.l-lli,. rats KHiorla: Peaelie. t
wit here for few hotir jr.te :' merlllig/: I e e aU, ,> I 1..I I ..> lit the, Idea nf I! It.. V Ml.lilt of I' toll' : MIOU dill I IauJ: ll> ean* i.11..,.* /'..""{... J11;
Ip''.II.."il l.tle f/nu //.lisps' r roil i Ite.I Lump *laroh per Ih Ar '
and hi friends were glad to THE ROCHtLLt SCHOOL. holding' fast to II,at wt..rh', Is glit. '
: :-iyup'P r.l..rlaity. , | for I IPuL'e'II/ / eau. I'.IIIMI| or u....,
him i lie wan route I' A Scud a. >,lc ha. alas,. "maw. jj.Kt."i her M.t

where his wife i. ti.It1ug .. : Clot. Frilly After a Moot Mrmomous -, >n .the poitl,n w' .- can .... n.t rrann .i wiitneii a.n.1 rFl'.1'." II d.r) 11.>| na Hr.t .
"U'U""I4.,1 l I.ant. .. .
.. | er lit .
ur << 1..11. *n .i/d.n.r.
1f'n nald ha. the ap.| *'." and 5"cc.f",1 Term. wl o 'i I etre. "I.IHI. at hunts I hi.time . |
r. I ittrne. iiriii" I late r .. cult ) lel| Kraile. tit H. .... and) ltr.. .. )
n man who I I. pro*prring.stni those .. -( .. a tit >*t l.rni>>ntou. soul .u*. U e tired 1 buts \i\th\ In the 1"..|. akf.l :
j. : :.H) ''III all il rf..t.',,. and a i inulatr I It fUdoii. and .t.ritliint (:beap fur t'ashJ1VK
knew him will 1.e. glsd to leirn .ful leftn of |
I I. doing well ,: . more f.mllerl i kimeii a* |1,1., | ..t,it ha, .. alwaf. Iron. 1.1.frlead .. i lie liter and /l-t .el. I rr.I.ling ( ; : t'$ A CAM.I
.,.. |teitiemt>'ir ih. iiitiiio ( trlno anal I ;
Dr. i'. Kolfs: of Lake City, direct. .. Perry If"sltlute. that' iri.lltu- will ret urn tfeir I I'n.if t.ul' "putt. I II'h.I '
.fu.. .ubtnitle* J \\ \l4( <.ll>. \\ .
ut can both .
lie ,er ant to Pu'> t ld field uf duly! salUfy you Iu | .I"J and *
the experimental$ station of the n will clot e on F ,//oJ., nf the pee.. '[ at A C-: {

versity tit Florida. after a to'. week Th* *el.uul has .been nrider Tallahaee I am sure he will rve.{lve pre.' s,

days here inspecting the new diiectlun of Pr .f J II /Owerts. one a large mat: ,icily at Trenton. and Pel'! 'In Kc Maror', Court I IA :' u:I.t:....I" .: U"

verity grounds and locating the ': the abtel li-achn Iu Iheeo'inly. I ,"our. truly.Irake 71 liuan sod :Hu 11arln.eul..r.d.l

bal'dings' to h.. a....l fn tin .... i.trd by !'II" Mary \\ ..'? ... ,. r.. .. ." ..r. .11'.1 In It- ,...,or'* e,>.irton ,

returned to his home last, night j ] .Ie" r.llye a tine rvpulatlun Tt... Jennings I > I I. Slay 1 a el.,.. uf dUonlelf. e"nluet and .;s

Ko'fi: h wall pead! with the III ..,., 1.5. .1...n ",..., enenarse. I were flae-llinoatd ...... .aeh James '!
".,.11,, Fu''.". H"... ..... Tsr CALLPHONENO.
location, which he declare to t... and .. a rule t"e trim ha* been Merry\ was a':*<> .".).en..1| fur IwlngJrunk

the most ideal| fur an iprin'. l of the Inf.I .' in the hiss.. | I.i:e> A (" i O.tcac. '" u"Io.t..1 I and w.. "**...*..| a r>..* <"f I.Ssoul u

farm. In the Tnlted ? tmte. o. f of the .iti tlluttth.' which i i. one of Honey sod T.e-a. a It< r.,at ant l lu r'g IM briny' the ..". u t of. 7

the diversity of oil nde: .l .sr.lnhed In $1-.. rttus/t I Ii I' -me<1| ."
.Attention is directed In the. i U .efi*. woo. wa in the city : melt ....1! (''>'i v1.r11y' of .ctl.l y'. Ilitnv'and I I I \ll fine* were p,..J. attd I'.. :'efclMl a

tiement, >,if th* (fsinerilte. .', ", ..r.2., *tat d that the eivrei.** Isrn>ar>y "itlalton* are offer.... j'I.n.. ,elea..4, I IDalK e

ture Cc.'ul..n| which appear in 1 If held' in the *''*.fInl l hots. f're. far the rr>., tier,.,.* w.trlhl.* Im"1" I1 l Il fOR a

i..tte. This is one of the. larg...l .c..lag The $C.r.gram: well b* tit tation. hare. .tn" :'se '<>uf ''I'< >a' nameI'evare . from App.nd. tlle I II

moat e tetilre f'C1nn.. at .. ..racy sr.d ",..,.lfO.' natire, and mill|| .'I/ nf I'..". 'fh. aertulKe t rl|.T'. I I>.erav .n It. atne rail 'hat. Ih.h. .
ll..ney suit T. '. In a y* >. | ... .IC. .. ..f ., ._ .
one of the most up-to-date.. iu rrtie.iatej ID' Iy f. jp' t* .if c... I l'" K. *t' S I. '. /I', ,.tien, -
i i,1.k f u H .nt efn.m any '.r .t tol l i it .... less.! .. 11.., air you frnm .S....." PlumbingAND
tflate.!: and Is enjoying a fine 1I l ihe r.nMy' fir e ''! .'-' .,..11 I
thrtxnghoat this ._t'n" They t Tieotay ...nif>r May 'th u. ...Ida,, J U )1 l t Pal'urn .\ .'... i ..... t."I tf "i'tlel. a .lJ ...r.I.... '.1....

making, a steeiatty, now ..f the' ... apt. "eoii ijy. ramily ,* f 'Ir" J I frm e..*v.lTa
Vudor irof!. in e*>alr$ hammock .| t-e pr*...M...l th" pr+e.eJ. .n'_ ,I u'if ..f" .I..a.lh ...01 tl,..
..t.d.tolt>t. are ....110 t" among l fur !to., t'si' > fund i 1'utenlars QOOD BREAD I t,.\\inrn lltir uv U..*,. "le.i \\f all
tdrlrr.\ .\. ale f"| Ih.itt '
most durable. in the countryW ( tsy wlUj firm I..rII I

.. AIDS DIBESTION a/ww, .._l. rrl
i h.ttee uHh of .. n.r..n t H.'f'' 0" U,..... I l" Rsu.AOa'
t+a.. oi t f. n grower of that t.itabvr.h IWo't.a.l Mar I

In the c ty yesterdsy and red a repeat raeetinf ,.f It. Meltinc .. .. ...e .. .. t..'"4 ,0# _. ...,.. I ,, MI****. h.r..*4 N t I..." If tar
""I. avre hle rail <*.tlsm .- *]* M.J*'" II of the Ie.t "',..t<| i.. '..-. -. -. .. ".... .. term l I..,."" ri..r' 'ua' M Stu.Is ( .

l'I..arh.. the ,rnfnlf.r om ..f ha. IHI.A ... . Work
.. r -
t; crth ts. y*> aere pi' :.sot**! n .t'C Tin
ons, his ""r.t crop this seasoc. -t> lees ,ai>e.J tar !... Ufo IT', YOUR 6W FAULT C.r-t ,ref a I ,. .

t .. made ,. <.nJ wa. i ,.r..1 o..r to tne : .-- ..... .. ....
a .1.r..1 .tud of this
ir ... .. .. ..... . ._ ... .
'.. It Is t t.e ( arid i. f re..b.t.y the t>..t pv...,.J .-.* .. .. .. ... fr_,, -.> *
to plat a rssf. ...fe.w/. 0. .JK4 ... ..... : ,. *f ttmtf I
a _' 'ef .b...' "ho". a.J ,1.
... 1.a4. a'. 4...... s great. Seal /:1v.r".1: : : : UAKIiMV.! I
WILLIAM ..,.,... .. Its of 1R. . a
/. lafaata aAA CkiU/ssu
I(.:. 6: T. M 1k. '
.. I
., .a.IIo4P'j' t.-e -nlra srl.4 .j
- -sa n. lid vn KJTI Arijs EKlht t ;Ail Work Guaranteed

O. rove L.. \\1' R. JOHNSON. ;X Xl
BICYCLES and 1- ,....? I "
..r t.ab, Y... -ci 4.e .h, k. . .....s .* *.-. c.::; 'fg :l i
5 It ., a Mr111..f tit L/.'. C,.... . .
I'.,MJ iN: wrkC rlANCw
Electrical Supplies. ; .tI. sal k. ;I.:. ....,."y WA':

.. Ls.. .c._ $34 the _...... -. .. .- .-_. .", pa'' TOwvr..rr.r C"I U..alwf f.. _.r.. ,
->/*> --e
lane N M &..u'. C..._ \'.,-.. m. s ... ....::. .Ilia 1r.e Ns | .... I.e. .Oewb .r .,.... .,

ttraey f*>r iea.tlat .w-, ... .,... ,..c. t.. ......IoJ.' -.fc0. .&4 ....... (-- -.-- --. e*-- ffc**H a..u. sty '$"......' fee .. . TL.
.'._ .-... -. :
-... .r.-.U U-h-k.1 wt .fk 4. su 4 4M tTr .
H. to S pi'-..' w., E.. Y a.- r .-' ... .Utr-, -...-l a ... se.- 11 .* a s..J ,.!....>-
all tla... ..* .., et.ah4 a.... 0 ....1. ., tit. r. __ f.__ .. vats t. I-..... !.f trw,_.. a... r .... o .!
... ,.. L. .. ,. .__ .. ._ I w Me_ _-.-. re.r WARE COMPANY.Ill'
-- - f..4e..a + .11I. ..
. .
J 11.- ...._ n. M M. s j (> **r tae ". r r..,|... .
0d _... ..... ., -...d 1,1r.. .- w ..- -- ...: ww t ,.+'s ..._ .at ...... t .. ... ...
j i nv.. rx.Mi.v! < : ': I "" "' ; ..... -' .--...-. --r- .. ..0. ter

4 nets..'


STAY 2.1 06

9 A LYlt4 I LET THE ISSUE COME.Tu f )lutl.slingiog: In aiy cmnfip"iffTi I.1 to I

be declared But h w natural U f.

: .il &1t1t : hi*' defense1 of the r4'ront, 5e;. for a man. running f r oSk". t'J employ \

rt ry OarfleJd on the meat r'r'k..r" of this m !'lho*. wren he fee.a: .*".* KING OF LINIMENTS

.a Entered at 'he Post Office at G."yt: .Fl. .. : .conntryl Cr ;r".man Ororeror. the: people will later, t > what: he h'u CURES RHEUMATISM AND ALL PAIN Q

ai aeeor c- 'aa .:&il o'''t.r. : among other .Ihin .. rrer.'iored the to '.1'. Listen they '1". b it in rifle"

.' Cotton Orower As..octMion to ahjwtrar ca.e. out of t-n they any! rise up et...u.aLCrA".CUT..O.L.. :.-=..:.:::. CaaCO.,, .
U U MiCRtARYOFFICK: .1.4"\0'r.r.! p. seer.fa CURE wYaael S
- tie farmers a* well A* the neat boat election day to *-nife he feltiw hast.. CORM ..........a .eaaialc, .O.'f.D I I.t.y
------ -
.. _. ... u.... -- AGE M/iYrATiNa se -- -- aW T.
I .
.JE$.SEF HtKI. .'-.n 1.1tWn I packer* std other .nnfa"tnrer"rI we e wit;) eat.not win on 1 hiown: merits; and* n...aCu .

re I rf''tin.r to combination. in *ef| who. tries in point o.. the demerits of
.... Cou +-1rt: RtwsR :-1
F. )f. EU'11T. rut t. tc
weak C4u '
protectionTM the other fellow. It ill a

4 : JOKTFK t.LOCK..os I t.. point may I ave b. en well taken, which depends upon the: nega'Sr- .

'. :Main: .,;:rt. So Tsursto.a.yati if Mr Grnarettor intended a pay' to win. ,

I the enllerie.. hit in he light of kno1Be 1e 1- ---

TilE 1'411.Y tai v. pubi .hcj .\rry morning *. pained by a careful .cod, of the It look like a tare vie'ory over inDuril s
eept Me.udjdi:.\.r.oJ! try terrier in the city.or .
anailrj to un>' jv rt of the ntteJ t.tatc.. postage '| .'t ration from clc. range The s+in In for "Cnc'e"teve le1toD.f"I .

tree.I"rl'a year j..v: .....4 month' : ft,15 three ; nil confidence epre'e* the positive \: *nn i I. n good mac Concieotlou

month ..i t v nub l.- 6\e wc..k.-*tnctljr la totrtnion that the ten c".ea are not, of careful diplomatic ,*:.d en-rieti

adraatrReading. J the parallel I tort In the first place the "Uncle .&......" has Je Tior:.tratd' that

nulicc in luol oulumn larc-uU a tine 1 1 meat rAcok..". through the money theyhve If reg'rir.s m'Jrraec and Bond judge

I ior Ant iox-rttoa. an.J j cnt for each a JdltHraal !> am%..ed end the cinch they h..... meat to do thing in T '!,I"t-a..e than

'r Imnlea. I f on he meat production the cuuntry oratoy
for made iacwn .1' __ (
Rates .H.a.w .dUbiDIC on I have l len nanituv the; price whie't

.;ikatk n.'f the con.imer pay. On the With a great deal f .p11; and wi h
c.\\.C't1r.. I hard the produc-r. of cotton who an expreraed Ha that, they }:are
Th Tw> run l an eight'!"*'. forty-, i

44 column paper. put l .hed .W'.r) >tond.,r and I g.'h..r.d ttft-thera* ao assoeia. learned som.'thiug. they are telling inJacksonville I READ THIS RKMARXABLX CURB

Thursday.. and ooatama alt the 11"_. of the i of plan' to amend the
thin have been en'leavorinK' to regulate a .
1h week. ....1. Mate and arB..ral. and will r. '1 was mach a :hcted with rheumatism write.
enforce) the priers no the BuckmD bill. Well Gainesville wss
I flll.t Ed.C. NadIowawlle.3edirwickCo.KanBa: 'iiroinf
: ttoU.4. xxtagc tree to any r'ut of the t ailedatatevor .
of toil In.11 of the not asleep when the: ."'ue for a Icca and deal of
Canada. let |:oca )c..r-ia advan. pr.-du .t their bout on crutches saOcring a great pain.

deliberation of the Southern Cotton tion was fpracg, and W" are not asleep I was Induced to try Ballard'a Snow Liniment which

AH ad,.a *.l..iaj Ml:. twcvme due after first Grower*' .\* oc>ation and the minor now cured C1t'. after using three SOc bottle XTISTBB

apf>..r. cc.f adrerliMrarat. units otherwisetifmlat .. --- -- .... I GREATEST LINIMENT I BVRa USED;b.-nrec-
**! ia contract tartlet ant kDO1I1o... oreanitttfon: there has n it been any oamecded it to a number of persona, all express).

will \t trq..irr.t to try for a tcrtaa'D. in ad- ffirt! to d<'mtnate the marketII The report come fr.m'olu.ia that themselves .s being benefited by it. I now walk

-.coc. Addrc*. TIIF tHHV *.L N." ,action t... been bated on the law of Senator Sam has a wn'k-orer in his without crutches: and am able to perform a great

: G..LL... ... .n f.1y and demand, and that i. the effort: to return to Ta; !!".hsM.-e next deal of light labor on the farm." *

.- only' fair mean of arriringor. attempting year Vot'trta county cud: not select THREE SIZES: 25c see AND $1.00

A hot tI..lldn ban out the wick to arrive at a fair agreement a more fai'hful nor m>re c.nllC'u'ntioull! BALLARD SNOW LINIMENT CO.

- ---- Frank
pubic: servant thantjator
----- -- -o far a* the r o-ea island cotton grow ST. LOUIS. U. S. A.

It ies y to charge It f I. hard to er. are concerned they have been San,. -
=:..::=: -
Detain a c"n
rr for the put .......r.l.fO.,*. anJ it i* tbe .> Congress Well Attended.

It hat not yet been announced how hotel thai ,n ttudr of the situation Ho"ton. May 1.- t.I! sec! 'Inl J;; of SOLD AND RECOMMENDED BY

. the country were w.?'I: a'
Senator llurton mil) pair on tie rate th. ummer w.ll prove that te action -v.r HUC. JOHNSON: Gainesville.
the fp" nln( In th1! ct' \ of these :
bill ____ of ''Ii. branch of the :%oottie/n CotlonGrowera .
ntn'b cotjprtMis .f "1fO Society of .
--- -- - - - -
Awciatiun ha. been justified

President Koo.evtr" :t'a declaration and that th e bet. !!.",. of every. member tfm which! the: Soma ff the "\\ruerlranfevo' ' '" -"/" ." /\/\/\I\-s'lM '
: which will '
i Ion ?n Inje through
is fora graduated tai on great fort'inea i and concerted action will be em ........
Tticmla .\.I.p l from the tuslneta .
.. will alto help to reduce the (campaign ployed tn 'e< nre for the farmer the t I I'If
meet)'.it the deiegatets! will" make tide

A' fund __._ __ u price which their product Ji' titl,.. I t-y"ur..I.1Tt l toA.niK' 'n and Concord W You Are insured :
---- -
President ta.trn', retirement teem to visit the scene, It reolutlonartatte >' .

to be taking. effect almost a. speedily 1
a. the Ros.o.Jap .cll.lIon to Man In a Company thai 11 Ke.pon,ible, Have a Policy Correctly
That MorUa ii !is eri Died from Injuries Received At
proprirp "
eharia \\ritteu UitM I j J e.a: 'r :! p. h;cj Contract( and the Company: t:
_- deuced by the report of the Southern > nver. Colj. Ma*' I.-:Mrs I>v 1. rays Los" 1'r.mptiy 1

I Crate Man'tfaetnrmg ociatirn to rothva To" n... whose, r:trs'rand.: Jaine4 ,
If (trrrne have to workout ".".
the rffet that the Tarina flrm doing A. To.'ne. cut bt! threat a'te/ .',.aut.. I

that I5T&.TH tine at the uual rateof Ip> .i.ine.* in this $:Mate, and teorgia are I, ing her with a hate'.'"r .n a J*.al. u* J You Are AssuredThat
a dollar a Say ttef will tx! kept busy ..
+ not atile to supply the demand for frenzy h- "'wiMk dtl'-g: next, +'a> i It

foroTtu tw.. e.1sstf: her InJ irlcMr !
fruit and vegetable crate. / no ft Ufo !''o-* "j\ercome.. you without you have someInformation 1
1. -- - .. T "n. cam hear f ni C.I:"'aeooss4Ips'
luring: the past' winter and this rt'foJ;".
The 'f IIn| gardening ....on make 1 I
spring there ha. Men the greatest
the .uburt>anite wonder whether at* . : of regetable ever shipped from
., all, the man with the murk ra"f'I.i
Florida for a like period, and when the
not entitled to .r n>e ympathy Ilineapple.eaiontarts in earnest it : Fire, Life, Accident and Health lusnrance. C

i. feared that the tame olj trouble: of _
r Pe *.H.I)lj a tory of mutiny on hoard None bit Reliable
a lack of rakage. i* to figure! and that sup..a d.n.. tai. air..I. k.t i seas .. fjomtfinie 1f'rrt"f'lIlf'd. C
I'orlucurae attlhip started 1.y ss..i Lana eas.s . .etskoar. N/er' /
a war here will be some trouble In *ot'ply- 1 e..ea is... ... .',!.. >. mr to ...... H.PPIJI', I IM.MO -
for the purpose of telling: the world !r..1 (' .' *.4 a.-4.r I aw a -. sir .. ..
log the demand t.s r.9. l..> a :L. T..f. it,,r. t .**4 r..'.rlo I '
1. know that Portugal ha t>attlr hl >, s.1.4 a.t J cwt W pt:.. Tks.Is
a [
.All this indicate a mot proapero .', rees t er f..."i;:. ry'-:Bost tk;. .oease. .ts.tea A. M. CUSH 1VI .AN __

;:f - condition It tell of the product ,... -- hats Ik 5.5.1 .5.. J"fl... n'.f-._-a.r.ta '. saa r._.::., tat ... I
The Uauehter. of the \mencan Re..- cheerfully! fnrnnled
ne*. of Florida/ and d..moDu.t. that \IXEbVILLE.. FLORIDA C
: olutlon hare tailed off another
can nest for
he demand for Florida pr'xloee i*

:, vvntlon wiiho.t police interference growing constantly The indication Th. DowNs "

The luck of sonic pec.le i I. remarkableThe .
_. are that this| I. to he the banner year
--- -
- -- of Florida in the production and sure E ta b1.1..neC1 187thBANg

Prectdenl h.. cut out w.,It| hunt. ('ecaful marketing' of fruit an-J tege. : w.o'c.v.aatiTlePew.

e lilt because acme t,f the tiefffhbort I who '
ab'e .
_ : : IB1.3DTTTTO3ST&
o- had nothing: rise to do " to iru..ip s ; COneU

a sal say he might Min halter business. h-ditor Jordan of The Punta (mrdalerald
1 .. Pa...... .......s T....e..i ""'n-.t.
+f ha been named to repre..atthe p.... ".' .' r. ' tw Wr Y..fa..iato.a,4
J'.n.1 ,: :.:: :.:: ;sir; > ;::,.$ CCl'.
: The problem of sating Nisl rara proposed new a.)only they' intend -..- .. ..... r .r .. .a r ...... : RS-

, !. simple All l that i I. necessary I* to making pat of li-'t,"tr There i* a ate slag ..-.4y C. Cbica{'.* N.Y. *v]

r snake the
yr the water carry it back anJ put (it 'in ...ert on that if Jordan ever get: his :Cu-'..ateaerai..L"O".U t'.E.II If C..II.huames.. f> . our ar.c! sell rotet a and Dof Kxebaccr.saacte : .
f .
the river *'.'n above. the I all. two feet planted en the r.ropnsition" r.eeerd' o:tI ravor.a.e , Sp.eta: '.e.1h'o arm.rf IL..I Boueeuoe acd otber
{ aJl
; o.
.cee.a. .e 1>o1..ID tie L'maN Stale..
._. ------ the opposition will never tit able treenrrect < I

,, Cur Cannon tnst.t{ .tI.I. .t.enev* itself| Jordan has two fee I GRINDLaxative G-A..I
oe.t de*|",oti.m" ss> the t-..t form of calculated to hold down anything F OB.IDA::

oferom-at for the loose cf Urpre : .- --

.f. ..atatlT... and that 'It Jo. not matter I I It, the way what did with.

? onaeh better it i I. henetoUni" ur hi. wife and Children before h. 1 left Fruit Syrup Gainesville & Gulf Railway Company

.ot Rueata* Fefore the .cal
I I : hyi r peopleof
l t...ant to take
ibis country g" craty oeer him they THE FRUIT &
Jsek.ooville responded polly to uI I t Tb new laxative. Doe. VEGETABLE ROUTE
better find out whether the lady
f9q.... for help from San f ratteieeo.Tl << OF FLORIDA.
.mr.'j.C him i* hi. wife, or only not gripe or nauseate.
otetropoti* of Florida gate mt.rethan Time Table in effect
ao YDd..d Cures stomach and liver 25. lRd.Nu .
any tther eity I. the t "I..d -'- '- ------
y t\..... a* compared wits pvalalM troubles and chronic con-

sad mean j, The Timea.fatoa r-ertineet'y ..k. atipation by restoring the 5 No 3 :Y' . 1.

: what has ts>t .. e>f Tampa plan IoJ I Telly Del.y Deily. No.2. :to, 4 : >o. fCaUJ.
j natural action cUbe torn- t.. +un i Dull .,'., I'ailj
.. .
a .m. eaaal e (HM4iM n. Itt- J7'1
The Emperor: fca de Jed loeiteadKirCfcentuac I..e. ach. liver and bowels. I ion
worry ; if Trnpa i* 'Ia(".,.. ..d there rEs
I its. Chenct aprotnlBteat I F.r >.1e .y J. ". Hci'.Ua\aa A ('..
.. ..U ..* that .t'. ther
I every M,
.* Minister here .."Ih. r trot : T Pl 1..A M I. I t'M
will t- .n .. tr e ai V tst\ r. A ArPl Ar
year* 1'IJt..MU.U" wppotarm..t. .ti . . . !""I.rur> .
i h jcnmerT H U, AN.:3 WO MEN. e u ssis raham.'A 7 co ? IS
_. .
CMaa are looked on a* a |> :11.: ,III"" -- ... . .It
't -- a awe- .. .. .- ........ I. :f\i .. ) . 8.\ ; 7 03fl
of bat ishmebt .. .....N..'_.. . ......... ( 7 r II.. . ...... 8 75 (o
!" . .., On C":TV e. T-' l. .. U . . 'lellaurv
e - --- I 1 i r. a. (,......t>t .. ...r. -.. a.w Mss'-.. .11 too.". .. . .. .. 8:11 e 50e
; Tike .c" .ealil who has .s.. '........! ..rp... .".1. 'aw.w . l,. >> 15t II hoi- e 12 .14
t I Fra\. C....., mme nate. tit fee 0. l .{O twt:.. p s. . wF.inaean .\ l' I. l.'roa.IIIJr
that yea c..'1'.' the .o i. aeutir p.ri ver of the f rn o* I -r .. 1. .: .1.... } . . ....1"-111.! t 8 lO 6 aieroecope. i h intv fn ed that. .elt' S.a a. - 1 ra W "-. i. .......
> er I I''CII..., t Co 4o nr h.>..._. the '.. ".- --Jt ... .t : 1-- (i.-ar 11'
east datue.r msn.i veeii .. -- n ntG.ea..r ,. ** .I I... ("1"0. I :::: : : :
you 'Sao. rnla tirjt ?
City vf Tu.eJu". (,.'....., aavt r>tale t..1 N t-a rata 1 : : :; a lower . f M 11
.. ileaI way st... h. '.'S'". ;'D ..... ; "10 : It >witehacahnota . . 'f &7 11 (6
af",>re.aKt and that .ai.J !!! rtaill eel Pennon'. (",
tat askrtve. s '- oe.iac .. . . 'f' 4A4O 10 fi.1IO
's" - -- ,I .t.. sofa of < >:M' : Ht :N1'KEI' 1"1"- : .* 98 . . tiiwsy,: t'ulot .. .. .. . .,4 4*
. \\
1. Oi"' for each and every ease .f .
order Ir ...-,rit- tae Faster : . .
trw that <'*aa>ot b. eared t>y I.. u_ \ 7 ., ClyattKlrawrxx . . .I...... .!14 10 10 teK
I . :
r. .....1 eotne ... word .K. t..i.,
.t Hall'. Catarrh C ,
rI . .
n ....., !. the>.lt taBCvaf:* 11.: '" ClIo ',. -Tacoma ............ t O. Ii' e.
: .. .. . \ ,
u.a J I ... J. llca .
f.w <>f awolt.rr srt.ti 10..1.I w shett mv e Kas ift >nopir . . .... . .345 !e Ka
T..rt ""J t.f.,. Rae sad lbeer te4 ,+ Tq.e.tis ,I.3' t e 10
who ha to b.. ..... ..
tie take
swan pay rfoe rr jaia (
I lru.
.a am* pr .ea>e.e ta>. .la day .f !> <> Qa.t. aka COywf atww. a. 4 .Z, .... >Bton . . 3 30 Pli\
.. .a .e:f .. S !S ; -- Hickman _...... ... .. .7 10 a 5.t
.. i t> "- .* U lit ... % ,e. ._ 15 . ..L..nb..4. .
S M 1 . . . . 06 b''
tall i gorse, f1iNs.Hat"s .. -" sd] Pala tar -ws4 1 Dun car-van .
'ar) 42 . . .Arab
2 M
Joha lt..rd .A. a.... the ? .J .
sieea e
. .
r.I.r.a" . '
Y t* latea teeaal'j 4 p "... ...
{Ong 2 47 g MJ
!. >tsestwWs< eoaatya a(. *a..d 4aey ) Led .rt. >>.|.lr t a> the t.Uw 4Bb4 .saes n..r. are..airt M. f : its, Fort f),. :I II'7 ,* ?'

:i t.r lfc. Mate $.t+... Mr Pear4ioc. : *)k.e_..a .-.rf.<... of It. .,.tea* 'p.!' M A' PJoi.Ar I'll! .. _.._!"'.tttl.i0. . . . . :lJIO.11,
' _.>..4 far tet>ar...... fee.
1s.i ass.d "y ai:i deagas.i.< ?3 LvAWLYML.Altnest /
}. ia lfcI t4at. Lad will tw a ..w.r 1 '"
f ,
peep I ?s.s is Faen.lf r.f! -, 1"0&-" N.. { ..a ... .
:r ,.. seat' L-ts.Ltar. $"%,Jt.* ', T. 1 lit. o.. ......r..." 1'1 ... (laka...'v1t1. atd FIfttil.14 o. klMfa

1.. rOIl J\.UU'F.a. Trait. ".'r



_. t. _'''\, Cb J ... r
'Jr. '
. .. .:.- .
.. -

..: ,, .. -.,.. '; "f

: : "


: -- -- -. ;--:;


at Sti-1 I In
Operations '
FLORIDA EAT ALL 1- tie: City of Csist.--. '. h' T. lu.auno: !+'et. ;
PARTS OF ---- --- - -
-- -
--- -
', ,' ::
l hlt'\I. M. y 1.-\\.1.\t t + Th ? qaention :
n. .\ri,' l.i' .1 friictitrH.. *. + / .enders,* r.. 'i\tile settlers of every sort along the line of j'
YOU WANT of Title the I....n. Titles in the State of Florid, particularlyVlachita "
i. ti ,.;,.'ra nOW in eti
Jritf Happenings From I county. .
C'i 1: .i-o and "uToundlni, '- w .
-------- ..
'rta0 u1o..e a u"C' .f N.'ZL'Y"J" I tint eontul-
Sections of State. practical! to a .:. 4- .'i i :-i. \:
.. t 'lt 1I."I-r com- : ...
r you spt: | : of Titles{ Tax .!'illl.S.e" ". .:

I arc oa 1 16 '.'II' re I'C','.en.' .ptt.J ..ugh you 1C, III..JU', : II #r":.()n I"n'n'" for >...uH..ltl'II.. |.*iid Onnrrn; PUN' of (''oiinlie,
EVENTS 1VIN marking the ti.r >.r: ""r' ;.nt
; 7..r. Tuttn., Kir.K.'fereru:, .
labor iji!.tiirbjnct> "f the % a. ",n 1.1\ the (jiTetor.' _
__ ._ __ __ _
workers'sttlke may bring. .n i .. way: ..
Transpiring in "The Land of Flower UhI ,: j, l ..' : I-r..t -l\\l:; lUnK of ttainesvill*. II. .'.
r general, ui'u'a\.tN: In i: ;a.a; milusrrj
Things "Boiled Down" to Suit the LEMON ELIXIR '. There are' n.> In I I'. i i 1"1" atprvKtiit I Dntton A C.. .Haukor!

Busy Reader-Items of Interest to 1r.. 1.e t"c .:reate-t remedy for h. that nympathetU -' ,.'- tt :I. .
dol n.' .:.....,,1"" cf thO!
All Classes. .f t, 't .".1 t, ,.....\.. erttutt oor tn. hut the Iron-work: t It. .i IT1: !
.era II I''' .. and with the \MMKUt.'.I it : :i.n .
John Gordon Bennett and his gnesrs 1 r il :aC' auJ ,iu II uevet bew .
,, 1'r.iili t H.M.. t.i t Ion which .1" i. r. al \
*board the steam yacht Ljtistrata 1i. ., yt per tottte: ..t sit outlined It IH'MOV Itl ttno"r; : -UK &kin ABSTRACT & REALTY COMPANY

aTe returned North. .11'11"' ".t'.)nc Crnlnce.." drd \union In thin uay. :

Material has been received fir the i i.eD'7.fhe.loot The ln>".workrrs. who'.. ...., "\\1\11 I.,:: I
I: T\OO 1Op.w"C\1
extension to the rearf t!. cuiitliifd chUrl> to the ,',',"r\'n\ ofatrti 1

the Miami pottofflae. 'tural Tr.inic work "f .k; "" : .'1"1' E. E. VOYLE.MGR. ""

Tomatoes are still going forward ,; - - and oTlii>r lur..- buiMlnKM . Miners Elect
from the East Coast section in con. i Delegates.WnUf I rtHH-l\tiitf" 5"' cents" an hour .\ riMntt; t> ir m.::avrer. ha lived| in this ("eonutr thirty years and
remain1 i >,l.arn.' Pa Ma 1 --.V great:: ago thf present i i -d ,lMi:ni--! fur anInon1 .r'.:.rfMy nversnt with lan,! titles! ,
iderable quantities.' Prices many of th(' luln"'''' 'ltical .t'It't' ,,c .
: Th.- -- - - --- --
to : a ct nta an .t i mr
pod delagat.'s' to "he Soranton c<'n< 'Ti"r! ..
i .lcnitiadv. w'r' r''u..1 h.' t. c'on'idC!
Surveyors are bury sarreyine the'. ''| :>...\
ight-of-way for the new railroad n,-rs' tia.lnuart.'rs :Mon la>' show tlia I __
FIKK; iVlnl.Nr, ItfKillAKY :M'li IM= >h' MM: lTY 1 INMJKANC'K: : : v t'reer -
high it to be built from :St. Marys to'' a nuij'.rti\t of fie lel.-nat! will no to
Fortunate Missourians .n>: H "llIn!',"r .if prtiniineiit \mertran and l Enj: lI..h aompanle.( .
ingsland.A the convention unin.< rructed amt will I >... \L r.:o.1.1'tSI'l | OITY. LOANS.;
be p'erniil latRoly on tit! que.tinuof "When I was a druggist it 1 1. v iota
Cuban yam potato crown: in Cre.ens .- f'rEl1'11. "''T1 11..- Ii' 1i-sT'ici.t 114
IfClariux a strike!! by the cour..oPrratdent Iu." writes. T. J. l>wyer n .w sitiray.ville.
weighed 133 pounds whenlog.
, City Mitchell Th' HI rkDiniiKiiul ( Mo "three ..r my
pursiu"' < cure.,
That beat us and Crescent City
washer of this. city. which tinier* were permanently r.ur' d of ) G. S. MERCHANT CO.
| hare the blt
ao employ 1'>ii.uiiipiioti' by I>r. King'w"' Ih.' .

Madison P lon"roe, a young man work. :Monday! wtjh :21: men The \\asli. Carer) and are ...11,1, .l rung. t-xlny I i'. '1.*, 1.15 anil, In

rged :25 years dropped dead on his' cry In operation at I)ur>'ta hail nearly One \\H trying to sell his properly and' 9.

root porch in Lakeland He was inlie I I ,::r; ttu'IItt ","url.1.ln.l.t: ly morning. ; move to \riroiia, but after u.ii'g :New; ,I

bet of health. This I It: HII lnrra of lKht o\er thst 1>.siTi, >ry a short time he f >and it utinecm Staple and Fancy Groceries

Twenty-three tires occurred' in J"ck.DYII1" week. It l h twll.'H'd the ooal I cuntlu.h" | ..
during the month of April nien will not m.iki any attrmpt to .r :New; I ioorery as the must wotiderf'il j
I Grain Garden Socd and Fartlllztri.
there has been exactly 103 tires in auntie work until after the Inlntrs'con metlieiiiH in existence urent ,- n.)h 1 I ,

laoktonville sine the 1st of January' \entton nt Sorantou and cold cure and lung henr' it - 'by all ,druggists o- auij fl .
There' is a movement on foot in Trial bottle free I Iligheti: iirk.i prtr.. pan..1 '.Ir (5' -sei< <.. r gg. :. and other Pn.lue..
Not if as Rich as Rockefeller.If ire
icktonville to get the merchant' to r

low the clerks a half-holiday out III> you h.lIl\l1 the wealth of 1 Kookefeller : Is an III Mjn.Nei t .
I Bonaparte \ otiiplete{ Mock o Ifs, iVru. O eh week during the long simmer the Standan1! Ihl agnate. you :.; York May I.- \ Ixue* rereUcvl shut ! only the VhHV II ..:s r *IHS at the LOW. t'*

on th.. could not bur i* .better ,In..llcill,: for !itn fr.iru Sicrti\ u :.MJ.III.| EM: r PKM'r'M: amt truarnute saiisfantlnn always. ;'ater"ork.. lHlwel| [ The Company t
('ulI, Cholera and Iharrhnrn l Kemeily: to th,' effect fiat he t.. h.-II".I| to !tw
ire Just connected four new wells" ,
}Ith the city r..r"olr. The four wells The eminent physician &IIIlflt prescribe an III man, nnd perhaps<< III,. :.r"II..t I . .
a tiotile preparation, fur .cut lie Is said tn fui"..
ire a combined Mow each twenty- and "'arrho..". l both for rliiiilnn: and j .suffere. from n rhlll whlli ut .\'tuUI' "- Mrs.I liniift l." n.'III.< ., Ifs' loll HUM"n't Hr... n Ilease.nd.11..11.h'"I'| .. }
or hour of more than live million
ahull The uniform" .'''''''''. of tin f .'luw..t:! nti r
illons. It is .ai otnpstiy ss "h.I"&I..U. Is Ul the followliiK/ | > *. nail bijliiea
remedy ha show .t to b! .. nupenor ti> hilt return "I !Itt !Mmor.' by *n hi an I Ia Ii Ij .
Iholesome.' men mill, nake luoi.rj' Ivy u.i' "" thr.r due in i ranstiliti ti tuicinr, .. : '
all others, It never fail, mid! when more antrre '''I''. Va'his: 1 I..C.'I'. Itoehrlle.Archer. d
I The Atlantic Const Line hat J i t.t had I reduced with water and sere eiied i is ----.-- -.. -- -- --- I-', .ri \\hiie. I lake lily J'II"t'U H..fky Puliii
stalled a new coal elute at (Ira, d pia, ;.ant to take Every: f'''TIly, .h< uld SOFTNESS OP SCALSKIN.: I \ I.rreilnuut> | 1..rI. at" k.. Miosnopy linmeoIlltltd. . td?,
rossing, near Jacksonville. t.ruve Para Mere.llin. Url .
supplied with it :old by ail >'lr<,ig-. I Y'Catnpvtiie
lute is said to be the Urgent of i Snd i Ijroi,.'>ii. 11">0:"'" MiinibriMtk. K...k M|.rlnirs.
g .t. ___ ___ __. _ llaysue. worth. Morr.tun p"+'' ''IIUI,r. Itiver 1'
| in the South and will" be of grstnetit HI.",..! l.r llw..... Itilrkere
Negro Sisters In Fatal Fignt. .. j (."Ur lla .. horn Milnlnh.l Iseun.a. 'lY
UtiMlrMlt U -nl l.
to the company in coaling en- I' 'lyatt, II ,th .*erry., "rylrr .
na'tmtoii Ca May 1.- Tw.i"" negro .
Ices in short. order -v i . -M 'ro.I w f : I' .11''''. J i..I." u. Orange( lake. I" ,
,'hll Jrrn of John. : : ::; \ :: ;; i
girls..l: "t.ra < KarU .
club y 't ,IP m, | > -,| .. ; ; | l li..,ib,e jMlik. 'fitir'te. Pslltier.' 11.Is1..1. '"-
I Fort Myers will have a c<'untry a wrll||.torilri' negro titan ll\lric In the I 1 ," 0'". II "if I" ...'....1: a. ." t ,rt, "..VI I I' ufiei. :..ii ,, .Ki.p4ha, I'ralne t'r -ek \11 1I1I.u.'t .

e people of that thriving little city western p IIt uf the rount>'. became '( I.p" i I.-.:i !,> ...IS the n ... flit' :...... ..,11..1.l Italeifn. tt' .

ire decided to form corporation| anJ tnnlhf',1| In a illnputn' with the result I t. ir tr"Ul'J... I t.. lruliii.T: which U r.n.*;.t t
:Ly a iMr.tU...."* parasite list the
of land in tau: I cup.
>rcha e twenty acres that the H.lor girl slut! mi.1 instantly t : \ '.1'> f,f lie, hair it I It. r. .t N.. ".,., ., M.Ilaawaw. l'r..I.J- M r: r. n.n. ('..literTHE

>rt Myers, Two- thousand dollar killed the XHinK. ''r. thenilrw load : M. r;.',-13e |. the only, pr.'p < ..In.. I'nt I.tar. t oV >fri>., \'t'.I'r..I.I.II' i as has.' 4' .t..t t'aahl.r .
ive already been stib"cribe. It I.ootl".1 I. pa*"lnir: through the netk They .( 'ft It.. .n'ruoor ..rrn 11'It1t dsn

tit lay out a golf course, tenIs were II and 16 years of aice" There dru:T there |i no fattlnc, tinlr. r.u. x tm.urUnf .
"'..wih sit srlo' ey ,., .t ha'r I I. erImfT i FIRST NATIONAL BANK
court trap for glass l hall shooting were no witnesses tu the tragtnly aol i '..In"u"n.. tll. .r.lp isn't c.4rs den I
A handsome club hou e will also arrest has te msiio , .
|e no n KIM tr". "., n.truT! .erti. T"" "<. h
erectedAn I of wren rw '>>.'f t*.ullfijl, .u 1' )
) ."lr to Vewt.r-, II "rrl Je, Lr' I f.,. oirTHK o.n.irt.ICl:3:: V"ILL JC.
( old colored man while dfggirg in The Life Insurance I..r" .. ..
r'rr'.t. P. 1- |n .t >!'n. I
; ONLY r NATIONAL J ) HANK: J IN ALACHl'ACapital. ( 'u
a garden near Green 1'. turned up Muddle h.. started the public to ... iI.'r- t co" r. (r. U.1.<. h. !

cylindrical piece of hra'i on the Hit thinking The wonderful auger. that IJ. H. lludlfarO A C.... Special. lrAlACHUA .... :! . . . 50,000( )()( of
(rfsce of which appears the Inscrip30 . i
Tampa Lodge No. .. J. O 0 F has met lIallard' HorehounJ Hyrup In ;.Surphi* ami) t'inJiviil+ l I'rotitu ,u/Utlt. ooU
its ('rllt">,le nn cough, inti""..... bronchitis

>orida April 22. I....,.'." This I I. the and all pulmonary trouble-. [ COUNTY I''tIeN.Ie ....".," waisted p... .... 11"1".. ,.." (0 oar .... I. ... w.... ....... >ti
iginal seal nf Tampa lodye/ which !. tae .......... u' r.,...,. ... "......, .Iou..
starlet the public to thinking of this ." ......, ....&4.w... s.. a..r..- N.a..lel t.--..",.
ts thought to have been carried off wonderful preparation, They are all Alaehua county Is >.**1M.>iaere.In : fAYMlU o..I+i.r.

a rnfster during the reconstructioning using it Juin the. procession _n-l down area, ha. ;/t.* mtle. rsilna.l.. k*.J
the Civil The Tampa miles wa.. nii ri 911.1. IX |xMtIT1ees,
war with ieknrsu. Price, ::TK*. riA".n. II
Ice will probably hare the relic re. .- ild byV )1 Johnson l1: public ..t'h..II.r I ? phosphateI
:I plani .II: ) saw null. iTs/isi court
)reed to them 1 f I' B. F. JORDAN
houe. four newaper., and pew rtaa. Lira AND
-- - -
Railway President Dcsd. I I I 1 oJ"..* eurn, ,eotlon rte., sogar,

Miners Did Net Respond. Cle.eland. O May 1 MetirT! r '' "al., rye, f.ttalfXHi. pineapples, of.ange ACCIDENT' IN .;i

Bbamokln. l's. Mar 1 .-Altboac** Home. rhslrman"' <.f the N,..f ll I ., i__h.... p*>ar.. plume !-. ,
THE 0 L 0 E 8 T
C wlstle were blown Monday notmla.r cans, and all Mud of f.g*stiles,
Kansas aol I ITetas
: rectors of the MIsMiurl. INSURANCE
responded for work In this recrept of AND BEST COB
railway and president s
at 11'. Y Coooell Co's en, '' Gainesville Seat.
number of other western rall.ay.. County I..I PANZER
r1s. waabery. which ba. bn lo Jle-l. her Monday nf paeumonl lie |i {

tls 80m. Umw nf Its bat been Ha, fourteen ehurehes, two |> '
SI ate .
wa years I
_. . _hiwil., the 1.'nll.r.tly of ,
w.a'i ir.
-- weeks I j jI
Ill for about two Lrival* eKool*. .t., odle..he" I Po.. f! "l r)( r... ', .. (; '( '" ''lll t f f/ ,
The Great Headache Cure.romoPlpsin, A Mountain, of Gold ;I water, fIVe ali'm <*i*.. .l|..tri. ".

I and gas light, I* l.. I.e, .*, :
.,1.1! net brim a. m-ich hetJ>''Q.s. msebiae shop*, U.,.. wad l factories I

tn Mrs Lucia Witke uf fsrotlneVi. .. eolloa. .".t-u mi..S fl .to.l.s, 1 ,

.. dii one :V t-it of llfurijet*'. Arnies : three nUtttu. t.n ,.rt III. ., snasxuffturtng i I
.* ** ; e< >.le tae W.r4 Pes-lsu :-al".. when it eornpl lt. ly cured a ,... : oee ,_tifylaa Sue

Redice* lodUesUoa. 'gulag Cole on her \\g "tifh lad tore (ntlB* plan two t...".. sad w*llUieke.1 J
U R E S lured her ::'3 long f ears. neatest aotl-! store. .m'-rs'SCg' ...ey' .1,I

Insomali, lenoBsaess ..{ tie' hosier' of { .He.. wrvQfcdJ thing tn th. ....t..>,i.1 l list. I |
On the pot. ore. 2&e St SiJruK) *to'eIB r rII

6ites.! ibsolattlj Humfess.A T- M.lI.d Is. [: .platen. .

tJr>.,r.'.to t." w. ae o54 .... ('htrsr" Us, I -Teo ns.akt . T. F. TMOIISUNDERTAKING rll l rye... .. t

..... a.Ls .t : ;i. '! and ft".. ".b..... C..r. hI. .: i inr.: .It" i'NllIfl

1. XHOLLfM' A ML. rs/r1t I ; \ ..... .tar be t". .'.:''-'' f a vp I. CO. : E .0 IM NtKalfII r

Eo )4545' 554 C''...... fits ,,.. -e..,. ,. ra ''t i- t> **.' <** the. I '"> '!- *" -. r. npan

pt**' st4ea,5's' ''S*.. A. f I J a H Taliiitatnr! '

t". sea w..r_ la., ......... : "ILL I.JMIJ' Of: II I UnlYflc'l( l REWARD I ON

-.- I ":\"I'ry- Aim; hi inn.
Mist Non Norton
I yrw OOOO5. i iNllttl
Seco'es. ...".. .' C.N4lnta

+a. War 1 Ta. t'a.t: is.... na r. i .Ai..t. II ....,.. 'rlt. '
1.1_ w ,)(,.. '... s.eot.d .__' .'0eataos .. .1t lr., .... .. j
: fire fcaaJr...l S"t, :.u ( .wi..... .,.... W '.r. V ... W......
NIr-1'... 1., " ;
Units' Nor.ltl.s oat of t&is ...*'S arrival us frf p..4 I t ... to., aa ".. r., Miele. '. {
Il&u' '1'" f "a.arse. .
I ... a i5 i-e .. say ....., asaa. ...-. P
a" .*.. a... .s C" tr[ uP _

11.4 ... Sri .ea'. Ut$l ...J cad. w.M': '
Fancy .... .. .... ...-.. ..-.... N .. -- Mta..e -
M,., :1e' Fur 8r.;1..
c..d .m.11 Iy
M _( t....*.. *-.-. FJa.1 ,
fat ,,rate toe CC. te.w. t-iltas II.a.IL. ..-. .........- I
. la. .",,-! _tl... tLe ..-. THE SUN Gainesville fi:

w ITCH .T "L'OO". If .., .JI.! ,. ...1 N,a ea... ..... Ce u ..... M. <)a f....."". f ,
f 1... H.. ,.>+'dt'eeQ! 'aeete." 1- .
& -five raU.. s tcU 1 U U. .


a .' r ) .

_... ..,. v ';_' ,...''',r'v. ...... ... -
.f'1f.- ,, ...... ,
,." 1iI.\r.: ,; ,. .,t .1: ..:.1.' ::; '" "'" -" """""

-it -......
,.i.: '
... .?
i1.11"! .. .:,;
: 'Ii: 1


OALVLlt. LET THE ISSUE COME. I i :Mud-linglng In any campaizn I Is to r I
natural it ii la''
t>deplored] Dut h.VI'.

gttt1t Tii ht. defence the report of Sc- for a man. running for ogles! in em I (

I' r.-t ry Garfield) on the meat packers of ploy this. in'!tho4. when he feeds that KI IG OF ALL LINIMENTS t

Catered at 'b e Hoe Office al QatceavlUe Fla., the oonntry"; Conireman Oro"T"ror. the people will listen tt what he h*. RHEUMATISM AND ALL PAIN

4. .l.eoord-else mall oatterU I among other .thine, ., mentioned the : tory. Listen they dr>. b It in nine i CURES '
.. OUY. tW/.ts ..oa'"...
U. McCRKARY.. . ..1.4'11' arrt P' Cotton Grower" Association to phuwtDar eoutof tlntht-y always rise up'' C U R ES ,r.-.T.caaIteaaicrws:. =.':.a-n.d a' f. aesa.ate
_ _ u the farmers ae. well n* the meat about election I day to smite the fellow _.."..00_ _..... ....A.... ....... t "..caecaraer.
. ..
;.y JESSE F. JIUKTX. . ... . . . ..CUT fitltur.y ; pn"ttera, at.d other rnnnnfaettirer werore who! cat.not win on his on merit and .......atteloa.USLCLA1e..Yt &aa re.LareaTs.e e. aayT.A .

.orttnic to combination in *..lf. who tries to point out the demerit of*
r F. M PREWITT.....Suit. Con I oMntr HTOICR
prrit'ctlon.TM the other fellow: It ii a weak c""af'I

BLOCK. point may 1 have b. en well takenif '.I which depend upon the negative to
1 :Mr Oroavetior intended a pay to win. I
q W. Main Street. S. h I.s
the galleries, hit in the light of knol- i .

?? TMB UAILV lapublihc l every morning except edge gained; by a carefnl atudy i>t the !' It look like a tare victory over I in I
carrier in the
Monday dcl.vcrrd by : city,or
milted to any part of the tilted States. pot.tags .'it'iMtioii from clne range The Sun in DUVH! for "Un 'e" Steve Melton '

tree, for f5 a }; |i.50 ** month; ((.as three nil confidence expresses, the positive Melton. I I. a good man. Contention

mo.lhaur5u; crnt f*' five katrictljr in opinion that the two" cfte. are not of careful diplomatic and envr/fetic. |

advancr.Readlujr.. the parallel tort. In the first place the i 'Uncle "steve" ha* demonstrated that )
through th, they i If and good Judge '
notice In local column 10 vein a line melt packer, > money reqilrea more tact

t Sorbnlin.ertiou.nd5cent.* for each additionalInsertion. hive Mtnned and the cinch they have ment t... do thirg in Tallahassee. than

on the meat production of the cnuntry, i oralo'y _ __
Rate for di.i>tajr advertising made known onapplication. lave hreri naming the price which' _ -- I

the consumer. pay. On the other With a great deal cf .pfCe and wl I h

The Twice-aAVcck: bun i I. an eight-page' forty- land, the producer of cotton who an expressed idea that they }jave

column paper published every Monday and have gathered together a* an attocia-- learned something, they are telling hi.Jaoka"nyille READ THIS RKMARKABLB CURL

Tburaday. and contain all the new othe tin,, hive. been endeavoring to reg. of a plan to amend the:
week, local htale and general and will be *'1 was" mach afflicted with rheumatism writes
lisle (nut enforce) the price on thepr Buckman bill. Well. Gainesville waa .
r mailed postage free to any frt of the United Ed. C. Nod lowanlle.Sedgwlckfo.Bansas"goioabout =
(State or Catia.Ia, for |i....a yenr-ln advance.All ,duct of their toil In all of the not asleep when the issue for a location on crutches and snOcring a great deal of paD.

nt deliberations of the Southern Cottonirower was sprang and we are not asleep I was Induced to try Ballard'a Snow Liniment which

advertising bill become due after but (; *' Association and the minor naw: cured m.. after using three SOc bott1 .. IT IS TOR
appearance of adverlUement! unlcoa othcrwiceetipulatetl --- ... GREATEST LINIMENT I VBR USED; haw recommended
in contract. Iartie not known to u. organization" there has not been any it to a number of person, all ezpre**).
r will be required to pay for lertUinir in adswane. effort lo dominate the marketll The report cornea from Volula that themselves es being benefited by it. I now walk

: AddrcM, TIIK UAII.Y HLN.OAlNKaVILLb.' ctlon ha been bated on the law of Senator Sam has a walkover in hiss without crutche. and am able to perform a peat

i FUa. supply and demand and that i. the effort to return to Tallahassee next: ., deal of light labor on the (arm." '

.---- --- - only' fair mean of arrivingor attempt* year \1I)<"i" ensues could not elect ( THREE SIZES: 25c, SCc AND $1.00

A hot head. soon burn out the iek. I IrK to arrive at a fair agreement. a more faithful! nor more conscientiouspublic BALLARD SNOW LINIMENT CO.ST.
:-o far i* the Sea Island' cotton grow.era .. servant than senator Frank LOUIS. U. !. A.

.1 It ,Is easy to charge. It {I. hard to are> concerned, they have. been Sam.. ___ I
attain a condemnatory talemenl atrtipglilig .hl.t organized wealthfor ,

the put several year, and It I I. tlJ Congress Well Attended.

It ha not yet bred announced 'how he hoped| thai a study of the situation Iloftton. May I.-.VII nations of SOLO AND RECOMMENDED BY

t Senator Ilurton will pair on the rateDill this eummer will prove that the actionof the country ,wt-r well nprs'nt '<1 at w OVT. JOHNSON::
the oprnlnx In this rltv lon<1ay of th.v..ntN'nth .- ,
this I branch of the Southern Cotton
** congress of the Society of .
---- --- Grower' Awciatlon ha been Jtittifledand - - -- ---- -

,,? President HooievHt' declaration that the .* effort of every member tfon which thtt Sons rf the American "r' jk.jr, ,jr, ,>F"X jr" jf .*r, r" '
Ret'nlittinn which will rintlnue through
;' for a graduated tat on great fortune and concerted action will be em ; .....
TII ,uII\Y. Anlde. from the htiHlne .
'! will also help to red, nee the campaign played to cernre<< for the farmer the I t I
me< ttnK! the delegates! will make side

fund. _ __j;_ ___ -__ price which their product. justifies) excursions to \YlnRtun amid Concord k, If You Are Insured
------- -
-. -- -- -
President Cattro' retirement seem --- --- # to visit! the ftceiu-H of revolutionary : ,

to be taking effect almot ea speedily ... 1

r a. the Rno-Jap evacuation'! to Man Died from 1 1D I In a Company that is Responsible Have a Policy Correctly
That Florida if In Injuries Recelyed.
prospering evi ;
churla. \Vrittenitn I.ib. ( r 'i3' s! 1'ulicy Contract and the Company (
,r deuced by the report of the Southern >ner. Cull,.. :\13) 1 .-:Mrs. I>vrotlien 1... !rays I.u..t- Promptly 1

Towne. whose lames .
Crate ifacturlng Association> to husband ,
t If Ureene and (Oaynor have to workout ......
A. Towne rut his throat afto/ assault .
the effect that the various firm doing 5
,w that 1676,76-1 line at the usual rule I b'i.ine in this Htate and (Jeorjjla are IDK her with n hatrlift In a Jealous You Are AssuredThat
of a dollar a clay. they will !he kepi busy
frenzy lust w.ek" dying tho next 'ay! ,
1 not able to supply the demand'! for \
? for 'OT e time to come. I fruit and la deal I from. the effet of her Injuries '
.--- -- - vegetable crate / no *" ri,JH* Ices can overcome you without you hare some .1refuge. ..
Mm Towm .
her from Chiestgo.coNStIPATION
- --- Came
During the pat winter and thl.IIpn. ; .
u The spring gardening season makes /
there teas been the greatest
the suburbanite wonder whether. after '
bulk of vegetable ever shipped from

not all entitled, the man to .nm with sympathy the muck rake III I ineapple"Inrld* for sea a Ilk.*nn starts period in and earned when, the It'I. :5 5"fer Fire, Life, Accident and Health lusnrance.

.y I I. feared that the carne old trouble of
of hoard .....ale rr I .ar.r.J with rhrento *o.- I
Possibly a tory mutiny on None hut Reliable Com|'.nie. Kepretented: .
a lack of package la to figure and that *tll> ::: M and durlae.Ale llm.1. bt' ta tat.
a Portuguese haltlathlp was darted J :. r wars .as.. oa.e Ye bear. r"i
t. there will be ome trouble In aopply JIt.'r a.11-a a. sr .. .. Ha
the world : :.:. aa.I i..d 1 .:: : r"
for the letting S7 ru 1
purpose 1.
,. .. .
Ing the demand ar.a &I .In. .r.A./new 1 ... Ca.ear.1. E
know that Portugal has a battleship. .sA.r.4 sao.ld s..rr wthawrnai' pls... t ba.
All this Indicate a moat propero C. sou I as r... all teat it ,. n.rnlar. l:: / A. :1V1. CUSHMAITInformatiuu
tan s.. tale I. ".t"all of w ,
h -
- condition. It tell of the product. a."t..7::. :Ituasub.' an. 1

The lauttliter of the American lie.. net nf Florida and demonstrate that cheerfully farnmhed.! \INESVILLE. FLORIDA C

x olutlun hare oiled off another convention the demand fir Florida produce i It teat for

without" police Interference. growing oonMantly. The indication Ths Dowels k I\I\/ I, ,

The luck of ome people. U remarkable are that this I I. to b* the banner year I _ _
--- - -
lr - -- -- of Florida in the 1"fQC&lon and *u.>* i E..tab1i..nec1: 1 71SFOUTTO
+ The President tits cut out wolf hunt. .
eeful marketing' of fruit and vegetab'e iANe+l Ca7rlaltvl0
log because *rme nf he neighbor who"
*. ::
& c
4'. had nothing ..J.) In do began to gossip I _

: and say he might he In belter t>utiiea.. Editor: Jordan The Puma (onia
n_..t_ Pal.'."'.. ......... T..O-t fie".......
Herald ha been" named lo representthe R ... al.b.c- W...... .t I". _.*.. X...r
.I.l .... ,. ... ... .. :s A
k Tfc
yoJ4 % .l* |t C C. :
I The problem of caving :Niagara< Fall proposed new njunty they Intend Wa*.*...... ta..r. .r r...f ai .n.rai -a. ERS.

!I. simple.. All that .It neoe.*ary (1s lo making out of l It eMoo. There I i. alight .rllB Kern.*? Co. CMc*[..r N.Y. *v,

make the corporation who are taking on this i issue, but we venture the AUVAL SALE, TEl MILUOM BOXES ,!

the water parry It back anti put It In assertion that if Jordan ever. get his too"tr a aeeoueis or".ra'" '.r..lllor or baoaa bll.fllf':b.naera.eorloatlon.. Day and .U Forelera. r.rme.aDd.mere.aD"Doll1e.aJe sad b.II.e.o..r.

; the river again above. (the Falls, two feet planted on the propositionthe r..I..s" .uti. ferurab.e .rm. Vpeelal" tae.el'fa to .allIN eCJ6JLlODa o. all
esceub. 100111..111 Ule Cnlted 'a'_
--- -- -'--"
opposition will never !>. able treetirrect <
Gear Cannon insists that a "l.enev* *.. Jordan has two feet onisbLaxative G.A.IN"ES: II..LEr B'LOFZ171l.: :

cleat dUI>oUn,"
government for the Hoove of Uepre* -_.- -. -. - - .
- - --- - I'

1ki' ..DI.....*., and that "It does not matter Its the way. what did Gorky do with

} much whether It U "benevolent" or his wife and children before he left Fruit Syrup Gainesville & Gulf Railway Company

not Kuala? U of ore the hytlerical peopleof
'le>._nt to take)
this country go cragy over him they THE FRUIT &; VEGETABLE
e Jacksonville. responded nobly lo the. Th new laxative. Doea ROUTE
had better find out whether the lady OF

rqaet for help from Han > rau oll l
.v The metropolis of Florida gave more underlndy Cures atomach and liver Table I in effect March 2S, IM.4.I .
than any other city in th. United --
troubles and chronic constipation :
State a* compared with population i I
., aDd mean, The Tin...ITnion pertinently ak by rcstorinf the No. Is. S'J.3. ; 'o. 1.
.---. -.-- what has l>ecome nf Tampa'. plan to 1'.1' D-u.y- I Dally !iTATbO H. : No. No. f 1"0." e
-- - - ----- natural action oftha stomach t.. Sun Dsll 2'1 .Da.U". .j lJail yEx
have a Panama oaaal eipoeiiion. Unrt'l
The Emperor ha. decided toeilendlrChrniun liver and bowela.W j duo
worry I If T_mpa I I. sincere. and there
I (> 1.U.g Chen. appoint Ness ky J. W. aUi-.&Uaa A Caw
+ I. evliettee thai she I*, there .
w tnent a* Minister here anuth r fear every .v I' M 1.\ J II. !' W ML
will' to.n exp ,.tilon. and U will t>. a 9 til. ;jo Ar. A ArPM Ar A M
year, tplnmall .In . . .poe.m.un City ... 7 (U I 17 15
China are looked uu a. a l p title- form hummer __ ______ MIN N3WOMEN. "IJ 1 fc. S3 .......... . .U'.nl... . es 1 tai : .
---- ales i w..a t' .. .r..y Ye: 4') . . ..... "'
.. .
t of banishment, a.a...., t\ .. ( 7rl1.... ...... 0 SA 0 tort.llatuy.
. 1 tsta f'.. .. I I' 'St
-- ---- Iris. Corsty, t .a. r aS u.a.b.s. Y" iw .: fe
lIltho,1'8 '
r.. .1. Sad a.S W.... l"' In 1? 14
Th. lenlUt who has diovere t'.n.1.; Cheney mak_ nath that he .. (sasDawca-lu i. ... ,.,a.em tt. iS 1r D U .\ C. f.. Crossing 0 tn 0 (6 .

) that you c,n't dle -o..r the. soul with a I I. euiur partuer of the ftrwn of F JCheney [.maAe.5d t. a. .S b IC .t555 s 1 I. I.v I.: ml v .9 :\j.\r, j.t . . ..'4*!ne vtleLower ....... t 0 IO ''e (tilt
al.roe<>ope. 1* litfuriue that neither 5..5 .. fae U I. <. 'Ii Car 11 10
A i\>.. doing tntalaee !I. the p. ease. t 3
,I ,. s .1. 1.. ( : : : '
'R Cu you discover ml .. .
: .
City of ToleUo. County .D.t..,. wee Switch <
1 fi7 Ill (6
love that way trtt.i i. he tents on u*. afieaxt. and iKal-aH. hire will : ; ;; Cannon' Croln '
y . . . 14, 46 10 AOIO
(lac mt 'roeo|'.*, -.- .- I the um of U=.NF: II t' ItKfI': IX H.! : S1 iJ I" 38 tt..ey ".,tat.: . .,4o, 40

I I. \Ki for ...h and ...ry ea*. .f catarrh v A Iv I: a; . ." . .tti'arahcvta. . . ....... .. 4 31} 10 20
In enter ta de. .vribe the .."w Fatter a ::3 .3 ClymttKIra . . . .... . .//.10 ::108;
thai cacaos b. curet the .
: Icy u* .
k w M..& eome new word shim Ill t..e S :, lies wood . ....... .415 1C COl
: of Hall' Catarrh a.."1 1 . . . .Tacornm5T ...... . . 4u> II to
a44' to the. Cugltah language.It..S<
. . . .
r'aisa J "'waist S I 'ie ( ,-.oJ'.1 . . . .. . ./ I.4A 8"40Oft
a fa). of another i.t, to ..11. the .. To-IU.
jar .
..t>rft to before ,... and I\.bfC".t.-j" ..... .. . JS: 8 10t
ha 10. .... : l..te Rltuoetnn.. .
.Mi wao pay blIl'ro *"J t. i ;t . lit i
.4o etpr..e himself t' ,. my r.H. this f.h day of 1..111.'t. . $4.' I I f-.... .. JlI lItm.D. . _..... . .. .11. 10 .668

i. _ r \ D !.' A U 4liat_'., S M 1 AS. . . . I OS .R 0
- I I3'l (V .tI Noiart ru"'u.' '5.-S 554 I i ,. N Pe I sc' ru I O . Ooo'-D . . :2 M Rob
Johe u..... has be.. given. the Held I llalT. Calatth ('..,.. t* takes Inter : I lit t l' . . . .1,......_. . 2t7..o
/a ..catnbla ooaty 'in h... fa >d.d.ey I: ally. aid art Utre.lly. us the blood s.r s..e ergal C sNSaaa 4 : tal. ".rt >raee 2 4 2)

t for !... a\aM Mr. Heard .one and must \Ie curfac. of l'. ..ysi.sered ,, r\1 Ar P M Ar f- .r.. ..._.. -M.trttNa. .. . . . .2 ITX> i IU
: for le.t iM alala. fre-e T.S..tNl T. L... A M .
L..PlL.. MN
eil friend of ... A
s.F ,
.f the oacct >foeH> "' - _
tee U bv a' ..,"....... ?r.
h. 8l..l. a.4 will.. a ) S.e4 .. -
F people l power Tsar ramllf J% for ce. tl> 4til ant ran t.I..r Gsle..
lit the teat .*..... wf ibe gUUure t"tC'II. J r it,, ,,- t'R. o.-z .QI,.t. : .v111. std r.srll.Jd ODI fIe..7t'n ,
1t. .a.JtItF.a. Tra.. Mr



oLU-"' .,. !..{, "3. "':o'\f\ ....,. ....,;,;.. .:......, .' .7 '

?SF3! >V '",", '-\I"1. ;'""1 'r Y', . "".:. *UeJHEL' ** **> STN**"* 4** ; t

r THE DAILY SUN: rAINESVILLE. r"LOUIJ1LtY: 2, llWi!{ ; (; Y$

--- -....-. --
0- - - - - .S---------- 01.


Building Operations at SMn-:1, i in ;

PARTS OF FLORIDABrief EAT ALL the City of C.i:1.: ..-. r' T tllUSlllI) I +d. ,

t C hU-nj.0. M. 1. -AM. :.1 Avji'k.VK, The" question. | .
of u.uiy. I.i structural. :p. f' w., I isbuil I ri "ttl.. services. of every sort along/ the lint of e.

Happenings From Various YOU WANT ,li II: ,)p.'-B 'otis now in ," < -" Ia of Title the Land Titir: in the ylate: of Florida particularly -

. Cit. at 0;t' and' -u'rounding I ':'.t.. w '. Ylnchna, county.M'M .
Sections of State. "I\en C3\.e a d e .f e I lust mml- -
-- -
L. \i, v '0.n.: : .* pew 11 .utTcrn route. pracncai; : to a .t.: at'l'! !I nt xtlte ,
roll 'u.ce ..r rn r' ugh you \\'rdat'eda : | .ll.Tt:>: .U>.traH" of Titles; Tax JirrnN ... S".r..I"..;

THE MOST IMPORTANT EVENTS are a <.jnbrntr y""m,." ,protect t"rluX ..tttoM )marking the Hr'e ,t ;iinporfintlatntr "r,:;.on for .\ for >uii*He.itl">nt Ijiiid Onnrmt PlaN of (.......lIp...

Jiaturiiance: of the >< MOZLEY'SLEMON .._ .
Transpiring In "The Land of Flowers."' strike may bring in tie w"k.prntral .- -- -- - --

Things "Boiled Down" to Suit the ELIXIR upheavals", In the ? ',uMlns induiirr t.r..r..f1'n. ,,' stank of Uaine"viU... II. 1'. t ,

)'. Th'ro are no In.I.I.I'I"! at Patton A Ci>., Hanker.
Busy Reader-Items of Interest to en "e the greatest' trrwedy for In.Aitt '
a ...n.t u.'or.'. s of theI I)r")."'ut fiatmpathetlo .'r i Koa uc t :: 4;

All Classes. < .f.,r Ii 'r an.t t.. .....tJ& ever I occur, but i the Ironworkan: attiiiatetl i w
uri'rel. en Is I, -
with the A..hll.1| Hull l.noutlinoii _
John Gordon Bennett and his guets: '1"V It rec and y m'tt never be *

aboard the .steam yacht Lyctstrata wli: OY a.I"I at ft I'Crollll!' a' aU Tratlt'e nsauctattan a polio*. of which SUI'I'.r; I.U: Ing r""t'ut kttidred y ABSTRACT & REALTY COMPANY
returned North.
have drub, .tot. B
Material bat been received for the I "0".. lase C..ln.." The uuionw. In this way. ;
iron workers who ets'u.t.p.rl:1 i ;
extension: to the' ., ut'ebtw
tweniy-flve-foot t* conlliu'tl chKfl to the'D ..,t ,

of the Miami postofBae. -- . - - struoiurul Trance work uf skiwrayt- E. E. VOYLE. MGR.
still going forward and u' hpr . ..
Tomatoes are : r..r"t' bulldtn cute tw. n .
Miners Elect Delegates. Abstract< of lit : suit full tntnrruattun furninhed" regarding land In Ibis
the East Coast section in coniderable .J r''<"t'h'hll; 51 cent. an hour .\ .nili
from WUko-barr-, Ma1 -.\ grc.v > tn eon my ,III': manager hit lived in this county thirty yeah and Fe
qatntltles. Prices remain many of the miner tornls sflev ordelegates ago theprentntod den' 1 for anIncrease i'u'ri''vjgMy conversant: with land title.

good.Sun'syon. to '::S'j: centn. an :I.HIf Th'
r to 'h.'ranh'" oom ""iforuiiiu
I&'nuto.l_ .. ,. .
war r..r".1 by "r contj.tors I.
are busy surveying therightofway ; > )'. Hruirnx rer<'ld at the mlnrra' -VO-YLE.
who" ix"uI'''.>.> the Iron I I.t t U'. ,
for the new railroad hji built from St. : FIRE;. .U-ClOfcM":: lUMU.lAKY: VM: I IM: ,
which is to be Marge to a of tie! detonates: will| Ko to 1)F'MNl'I'ISrUltnYl'K: I" pre.

:K In ..Jand.A the romcnrloii uiiln lructe l and will" Fortunate Missounan tenting. numt,,'r of prominent American and Knclivh: ooti.i'nO...
Kr o\I.; KNI:: .\IKsn; :: nrv I.OAN.M.:'
Cuban potato grown in C't"4. be Int'rn..t Ltrgt'l)' on the .1""Uon U'hen I wa a druggist it 1..l anis t
yam i r'i.it1.c7 i 1 11.14 .
cent City weighed 133 pounds when of ilectarltijj H trlKt by the OOIITKOPreaUlent Mo ," write T. J. UI yer. n ,* oJiray P 'ln.1..t"

dug. That beats us and Crescent City Ml'chell (pursue' The Ill.irkDiainoiKl .ville. Iu. "',hr..f my ,"ii.. 4

can hare the bolt. washer: uf this ctty. which tnn..r. were permanently vured of G. S. MERCHANT CO.

I employed 17 men last week. ate rtrd onruMipiiiin by H,. King'. N.-w I I.i..
Madison P Monroe, a young: managed ,
work :Monday! wlJh 2t men The w 1"h. cnserl and are well\ and .rune roily
25 year! dropped dead on his. I li toiler, and Jnht'rrs, In
cry In uperatlou at Duryca hail 1)0. UH trying to sell| hit property and

front porch in Lakeland He was in i b' :5: nun at work .Montla morning. mutt to .\ tritons but after .il,*u'g.w,

[ the bet of health.Twentythree This U an lnrrea of eight n\er Ihsteck U" ?ot.-ry a short time he nerd II nil- Staple and Fancy Groceries

fires occurred in Jacks w It I is I
Lteleil the: coal I <'mn|>.i i>cm*"r) tod.> II". I regard' Mr Kini'nie I i.w :
onville during the month of April. nice will nor make: any attempt to i : \ the i
Itillto..r a* ")'ht aot.tierf'illedieilie
I There has been exactly 103 flre in clinic. work until .fh'r the nilturtntlon -*' c""j '' in eiiteme :11.1" ... \ltl\\\ Grain, Garden Socd and Fartillztrs.oiilJIM .

I Jackronville since the let of January \ nt Scr.intou end ((* ld cure and long hen.-r (;'iir.riteed .
by all drilil :.. .. *nd II.1I : I "'iI',K: 'tjrtUK.: i..\INKSVII: ; l .l.r-: rl.OKIDA
There is a movement foot in
[Jacksonville to get the merchants on to Not if as Rich as Rockefeller. I Trial. bottle free.Bonaparte. l li(.the.; .i m"rk..t price paxl. for Uhteken.. rgg.,:* and other Prt.luc*.

{allow the" clerks a, halt-holiday out of If you had! all the wealth of KiKrkefeller. : - t
Is an III Mjn. .V t' .to.o slay Corn. lI"... t.' ..'u. turn I..I. (luttu Me.. Meal
leach the Standan' Oil "
week during: the Ions simmer nwuarr;; .
; you .
New York, May I I. .\ Ivitei re.celled ant !C1" .A'.. .Hullp only the \'F.H \" lIENI.gtttls: at the LOW.
mooth. could not buy a l better m.- !Ici,lit: for here from S& crotar\ II nj. |>.itt. K:.* r I'KM'FH.: an.t gtiarmnteo satisfaction always.

The Miami Waterworks Companyhave bowel complninen thttn """nth.I"III'1! who IN nt hi.l l home In IIAI'tln'ie.' ai.' .

[ just connected' four new wells foli,'. Cholera, and "" -ily to the rffcH-t t'lat! he !. bellettil loan tie

with the city reservoir The four wells The eminent phytician cannot \>r- III man. and perhaps thtcatrn..1! . .EAST FLORIDA TELEPHONE COMPANY. . x

(have a combined flow each twenty- scribe a bottle prt-pa ration fur colic with pneumonia He Is unlit' In 'havesuffeml

[four hours of more than five million and diarrhoa' It.)!h for children and I from n rhlll whllt ot ,\rt utto' llrad irtlt-ri l...Jnr,' Illr, t'la. loll\| ....| Strewn IU..... und |l'.Iph' || l.'al'..

(gallons. It I Is said to be very pure and .ahull. The uniform flh.l..-.< of this City, Krl.Uy. ant' this wan' f >ll..* e.l mi

wholesome.The remedy ha "shown, ;.t to (h.. superior to his return tu Itat'lrnore t b y an >'h<'r ..d 1 1a this iiiinpany '.,s onntVilon wish the f..II".11I1C luilla.. and hii.inea>
( Mil ....k.. ....
inoi r) by uctlig lhe e I. ill Slasts"u.Jr> lnlinra. '
I all nther It never' fail, slid whenreUu more s41'ert' Otte.I .
Atlantic Coast Line hat j it had l +, \ I.ttstnn.'ru...
'!fil. Mill water and 'sweetened i i. _____ ._ ____ 1t."h.II.
hI \rthrr. fort
|installed a new coal chute at (hard \\1.u.. lakeI'itpJ'net'ii U.ekp'unit 1 . ,
pia-ant to tnk.. Every: f' inly should! .
Crossing, near Jacksonville i 1l.iihute SOFTNESS OF SEALSKIN: tnrdrrtutu. I' >t. rt aisk.. \\111.1", Iturnru. '
,|I b.. niplied. with it >,>U by all .1 rug. I rimy. ..n... I'a,II. tleredilhd lies .

is aid to be the large of i itind a g: its, __ .___ __ ___ IIr".,."ae. IlaKnr. 1'\11'10.y.k.. HI.... :041"1"...
iu the South and will be of gresjbenefit I. Illtalr.t l.r llwmni* \\ sere t Cautpstlie. II.yairs curt Ii. :\\11.1", PuaStile., " .1''. p'

( to the company in coaling en.ines Negro Sisters In Fatal l Flgnt.n.itotitnii. Ilaa4raey Is .:...11_'..'. liars II. .. hnrn. \1.1..h. r.conta. s ,'

; in short order (Ja May 1.- /Two n"'grogtrl . (ti", ..n. high :"' 1'rnt..s. s.- berry -r, I.,.
ti .s. I. :t.I I the w 'a f.r
: ,.. alters, chiliren? lit Johit' KarN-y. Ii lltnn. J "isms. Ihang. Lake 'to.'ye .
.. ,. . .
Fort Myer will have a country club t' t en1 c': 'stn..s, ; I 'rt 'h.I 1I..hl.. 'iiii IiiIsetIe. '
the people of that thriving little city a well to1i n Kro titan tiling In the I t" en h'tr I t.. .... .-"I:, ... ...'t 1\, 1 arl,..." I II .d..i:..u. . Kstsapales I'rasri.slntet.. 'reek Te.ntun.t1'Illielun 4}
Western part uf thf county. hecamelnnl wt'.h 1.-51h;I ) .,.d the ra.fl) .e1! ., .. ..r .till t hv.; \trk ."...1. Ital.i/h. 11', .
decided form ant r
lave to a corporation \ed| In a dispute]i with the result 1.r tr.'ul>!o. I I. drratret i.T: which. I I. r.u...t .
archaic twenty acres of land in East: that the elder girl shut! and instantly .r a l-....lir.f,>u. paralt l>4t esp. (h'
[Fort Ayers. Two thousand dollar killed t't.1 f)' <.f the hair .t lt< r. .t N. .\r>rn ?. .. M. tiaaM K. |'reidvnl H K: ravlt i a. ( ..hl./ ,
unic-r.. the retire load It.IT',*l.1.. I I. Ih. only it. p..1 i'l.", I'.nt la Uao W H '
VlOM.i'reiut, .
Is. .
>ave already barn subscribed. It i i. 'I ri> u. iM .t..t ( ..hl.,
pasvlnr: through the n tk. They fetal 'ft the .f n.truT corm \\'U" Mit i t.n
>ro;'o.ed to lay out a golf courte. ten.ii w.-re II snd l 16 tears i>f A..e.. druT! there |. no faltlnc t'eir. a t."-
I. for ball hootinu . Th..r"j urUnt irr..wlh .f irtnvwy. ..ft hair !I"
court traps glass were no wiin i .-t> to the traa. .. er I Iisin THE FIRST NATIONAL
P"nurtnrr' .ft. snip w..s', rqr. denAriR. BANK
house will also
A handsome club .
1C no arrant h.m l -ii made' .
j 1'1" the d.n4rvtf .."'- Thv.erde .
f e erected, -_- - : .r .',n.." ,,_. ....t, tesullful 1 ... is
An old colored: man while digging inhi "/ hair In '.......t.r..'. ".rfl "le. Mitt f hr tier O-.A..I.:N"5.TC.eJ. ::: rIX.aLaW.: : .
The Life 'Insurance .
testing Ar"rri.ts.rot! ,""'-., into .t.rn. .
I. garden near Green Ps turned np Muddle hs started the public to The tl'"r-i 1. (*" I>. I'. It. .)1... h. TilE ONLY. NATIONAL) HANK I I IN ALACHl' t'( F,5
i cylindrical piece of brass on the Hit .
thinking The wonderful. that J. H. Iledlferd ( .. !' '
A "iH-rlal
success<< .Ana.
lurfsce of which appears the ln*<*rip. : . . . . . . f;111,0)1110)()( )
hu met KalUrd's llurehnunJ t fyrup In
ion. "Tampa Lodge No. ?. 1. <) O. F its crusade on cough, influrnti! >iron l1l"pl\l"\ ami L'u rlorida April 22. IWiO." TM i" the I IAIACHUA
chili and all\ pulmonary trouble.-.has mm., I III else. gel .N.,1 ....t,. .irh..1N. ..111s.l,.INn..rii se NI I. a.. r/a/. a.u.le w
original seal of T.mrlud.t' which started, the public tn thinking of this ,.. ---... .. 'a,.,.. .......... s..N..suws ... ........ .Iou.... (.
a* thought to have been carried off aste..isri..e.w.eS. adieus/a..Ne..t.4.eu5it; r
wonderful! preiaralton, They are all II,, Maftiua county I I. ts$ Ms. are 'In :
L>y a royster during the reconstruction using It. Join the proeexinn and down i'I area. ha :V4H "a..ilv. rvllrttad. "Isu" < ro, TAY lain. U..*....

ol'owing'! the Civil war. The Tampa with elrknrse. Price Jfx-, rest and II I 1 mile wag lodge will probably have the relic re. auld by U )1 l J uti n.o" 123: pubis..ehonl., /: phnaphai. 1ra
urned to them. i plant. ;V) aw ...111., ITS/jii. snort t
--- --- ', house. four newpa rt and pru B. JORDAN
Railway President Oesd. i I Irie du..... ..urn. eotton. tie., ogar, HIB. LIFE AND
Miners Did Not
Respond. ,etan May I-1I..or1" 1 ,.al.. rye fotaloe*, pineapple l or.5nge. ACCIDENT IN
Bbamokln. I'a May 1 .-Although .
Rou.e. C"'batrrnian of the h..1 of ill t ., fiOTSxhee. "ar*.
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G THE D.A.nt 5-13: G-AJN1ETTLLE.: FLlJ1tlIU. UT ?. 1906.

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:.. .." \ I --a" =--- S.C.. } GHAS. BLUM & CO.
Z ia a..1oOf.;:' .x u. ta'r 3 lot
wt.elasasa -- r. a.. 1J.. raiaR'...n fit L'C f1".Jo.K .-! ,
X:;::' 1I; .-" ""' "' .i. : ; Bilj!(; fL100C 11'. .....- .t ItaraaL:. L7. a -PL1LLC.: fJWhiskies -

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'SFt :: Xx o -:ktLL I ia.L I ..:;.a r. 1a. .-V'Fj//-+. ,.: .; 1.! 1rLf J.tlRStMITL.2IL ---' ? Wises

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1.- __ at .x Eo. .. 1. -.= <2rQi :4 No 51/-519 .
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;.,... _...:4 tIt.IM n. :":' ._ 1:1: 2:. B- ......,. npocr. ;: <.. ., ::: .... ,. ; BAY STREET l
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t.. -VY"1. pu:.. ..- JACKSONVILLE ia
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? ;LL i s--1 i ..67YaliKL u..r j e+LlMnr"L .. o -: .. | FLORIDA.
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&:,.;,. ... We freight or nxpresh chargeson ; ?
a. 1tL1"'. K1 jrtDrwrzJZ ': J vusi' ".- ti tr.:1. a : l" I
JL.ur.Ir': -.s.. Gt=rbtJL C4&n.Aao. (- J- M -- 2s e ti. 1i.B tft ri''cz.c ),1 a -%& A.LL '. i :.?v :lolkrwing liquor;

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.;h G's.i at ..t.oU&ao:: *+t IS.i: w s',.Lot Lr\: 1.n. ... ru. .. &1. Y"L4._ : 1. i LEWIS 1866, Away Above Everything in

...t h t L'7rt Jo.t4.. .u.u. toa.u. tMw r. ;. =:a j the Whisky Line:

Sr.-.Ja--n. e : :: c frill Tt* Mid: f r_'. :.war - Ercx Xi+ "irt.'. ISJ 1114nM tt' ;. =
;3.iG (;td. ...c -"!' -- -:'l.. 1----- 2Sa. Tyt2 .Z:)L t"'LT > xxrtTmua. 3r tumit ; i v -SuUTST r.. : i 4 full quart; . . . . 5 OO

,.-.... :'Yw nar.r' lulrtfGJltj y+c' uc. = t t --u. 'PI. bi.. hn-ttJ1: >> J.u; fC. >;r--- I : r. 12 ful'] quart . . . . IS 75 I

.. skrsnut: -.._ u.: IRSe-f t t! n Lt. tPLL.L _. ; Jf
---- --- --
p ... ft 1 t' BLUM'S MONOGRAM 10 Years Old:
LL SWfl..! ,'-_ uf n>. LiiL ".t a. rr !I3uaLt7BLt
T '" 4=..Aot.1g.e 16r9 ..... !Lt:_ rt. 2 C: ._ 'T .b... rL: u.G EOL 3J -n.I? "I. ; :i' 4 fu 1 quarts . . . . 4 5:0: I

a v.-r ea-i .wVrlras a.: :1.. Tv-: "'UUOLL. '1: pr__ \4Iu:.. TIA I.k3. 2- S full quarts . . . . 12 OO
-. _. .'..a.I'1. --
ta .we: + r- a* 2I> I
-rtrrtarl Jr'.vL: %.- Lar .t f'waG
1 r y. ..rn+t1 t1 air.r c' sz IM.-: - .. :?trEARLY TIMES, Pure Sour Mash Wfaiskj:
a : r&-..z u -rw..J..I u.. 9 :, ;.o..t.... t awt .x La.-.C:
!Ut' ::# .. '1 Ua;: J"' + l'.4u ,... ....... i.a
t i::'_ zt L: a ;:...:.. 31-&wv.: .. .. . _l rtr1 L-_ 3 .t'-s 2 ; i .. I. B.nd S.r.rrb ,
1.- -
1.i-: n.t'!! ar:". .- t.t Jt.1u: ; .{taia.a: S,&. JOU::. -t.t-1 &IS C I7.C.rfait .c.: 4 full quarts, del . . 4 OO d

: ...c . .t Io::1pr t:.. Cl. tt\- a. -.J. .__ ....... 1-9'I4' .li.I -J '" .. --. --- .; full quarts . . . . eI.-=;, ..... ,.S.

-e.aua.. l+ur..-...-: .1...- t... Ls: 1.r =. tu.: rtt sta.e. .. J",td.iT I. -- 1
... 12 full quarts . . . .lv-5
.. : I.C ':.1ofC. -! wlIItar ::t..1ooL &iaC ?" .1. itttI. : .1-- iTla .. i. L&J:: -' L-r. '. r,t.t. . $: r _

(. _.:-_ :-u.utJ._ --<: i. _, ':%.cL: -.. .: X&! Jt..e, ..J wt wtt4 "' "'l 1: I
a .---- t+r-t .r. J-r.... L:.-v }.(- u. 15 ttw -4-t iaxi Kaj J.-.L BLUM SYLVAN GLEN, 7
... .r a y elaa'r raLCtu x WI r.. Uk'a I. ; ** Years Old .
tR.' q.-.tnu.s.: ..! -:L-t : c rJj ::
. .. .. .
f.. 11. u.- .a .t !- ..-1._ :1 "' -.., I4c. wvan. f
....: iv'x.: :.ux a : '
:17 !tea tar .- -u.--- W .. r Catt.- .......""11 ..a.c. .-. lft.'SA 4 full quart 3:0 r
.. 1r.pruri ........- At.t a-ar. U- itl-! :ok. t... .::L':: :IIt-. )
tr tf l.4J.LL: 1IU"1-7 LLC :5.:2t :: = : p. lull quarts 4 i..*i-.r :"
a.L .....u.r.-: ...-, 1 ....w ..u-r;. a.-. -.::;t a.? !r t-. ;1. t-a PNf.+ ttftb ::::1.1: 1 3 J4.. n"'x.: tr' 5i dtp. J-' i" 1Q '

... ....-.. all ,.--- .. ,rat: ...r! ._ 6-.1.01:. t.rrr. .. .. mow." :1 iPL _.. tart.1. ..L& :.. rr..1wLui.t 5 2& 12 full quart.- :. Oy, ;...- ;

# l.1ra U.M12111c a.wu.:. a.- "_.I.:u a.s.c "' tJ'It.t.taQ.t larrt. t ;. ; +. ;1. 7I4 3or i Jo-ff.

_1. .>> ", "1!! ..- >> U 0.. itr-
1 I zJt..* ...,. a a- 1r iF1 ___ .... J.w ..../ et_ ltllor, u.t t ..t u.. :rLr.L i 1.L. tt . -1.IIa. 4 ful! q Wtrt.- . . . i 75full < :.- j
.:-. M ..... ..*.e 1..r .......:: -.- tI1.a1Jtit' 1. to Lr L !{Lt a c-: #
: 1.-;" ;".1. i c Y..t .1 C r . 4 ( MIr )
. . :
.. .. quart.- .
rrtr Q. ... r 1a 1 itCi kt.r.C _t' J-.gar .u .L kW r. i.1Rr .'. a
: wJ L-t !.... .....c.L -..iLra.
\ t a It. 1.1 ..- -.n-- _1. FM,1j- iw.j11. I full dniirtr . . . . s XV"r 4
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s.MR'. .... f ra.1rlR ..a f .,. ....... .. .....s. a. !tr ..... ir4 rI.-.. _: L;.JIII- :..t-4: ar.1t'SJ \ : A*e dal-rs in everything in the 9

? f"alk.t .L _f- ..iierta... a. am..I tIM t... f1Ct s di..r.-1 a 4 I' t. ",,. rat to .S..SlC": Lt'jat I-v uor line \\ Vhiskitins( .

.M !n .....wM 11.-f fist !-........ v,m M.ajE Ib- T .:m.'!' 1II.r..t1f sum and Winetroiu _

F .f <* r 1 f. r.1i"'D... vr"It .. -' a e{
1'.U 1. ttJC/a w i *j t t '"Sl1 is.t -:
i&.1< to rt (>0 r gal.
1'r _rl. -4-'* t.--.s r..t.. .-C : 40... :-.t ...--t j J
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Jftr3t 1..a. .ta? rJa.i ..b!
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3.t J| TXT J.IT a1.C.r; T 11.*
i3 J.Ili a. .. iii __ /b_ QILA _! =i1. ....".. _. ,.... ..a ur: M -
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.t, tati.ftrtD Ituss k ytttlr1r ... QlJdwti ..r:. /f4 rlat ..i.t irs'. t-toon. EB"=.A.BLIBX D 1 ec" .
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tti _a.-w&A.- t'araa.t.L. 1.1.t ....* rs t -.-t ....... -, a: ..._ ,-...tI' ttt. ....t c. J"- ; td a H.F.DUTTON&CO.

tut.e '.. . r._ al .... Rr1 S t+a.rL't.t .1-.a tr-ss trtt.. _. : :s."FDa

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.. . .. *.. .II.t- .1Ie'- Islao..d
-,T Cot3toxi.liard
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71 L. m J !Ju MC e tat t1: Af t! O.r tt\ sitsi: aLSr .... .
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1'- rC%t T* to&" .t4I\
V* ta4. .....t..r a ..t -. t.t.rt .' 1Lt[ taaa. +;R tc L.. &.2b ta.aic .. ..
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...*.% tr- tyalM i W. MH. 4 t. .. ....t t. ,.' .. .. taw rrrr Iii.ii al .ta as. r ta.II.t..1 3R.t- 5o--s: Cotton Swd. Biggiiijr and Twine. Wa :r ? raLetaher
' F l1.aY e :;i r.4tb.h -.c. ........ Jwoon1 .... .
.. .. ..
.. ->>... __1--t .u.n .. in Strips or Sides
....c lrwti .L.e .. t l w ..... Mt ..r -__ _C i. r..-.* t- i* __ .* .a*__ -.- ; .
''A a..:'b font rrt ..ny: t-c. I t-: _...0h .-% "L. _--C -D- 4"tAl I!: -a f" u1.-at-as. .--s:..._.

t1 ..-wt. .....' 1..C Lar+ a >Itit m itf efts M L' 1 wit 7.t taaK tpCStfK t. t t..w rte .11. t- .1. .fAo.1: Manufacturers of the Jmur* boil) ImprovedSwa Enli-b b "

e\-1' t.. aI .-t. .... -1.y !_ I r' ;.a r- a J. f a Y47 ."to. ajirYr t.- to
.. ....... L Ha..L... Inland Cotton Gin and Supplier for Vie. '
--, ... I 4ka* a,._. .tu. __ J 'tbP t l' t ,
.. J... ,.._ ......._ L & ,. t: : ..;.
; .... .-4 t1.a. PIsa=.. .. wr =. t[; AID F Y"ILLE. FLORIDA. USA:
1ir : Fa.
4't 1_ tis7t. ...... rw ...,. rar-.z &.....:w i La, P' .eaauf..a .
"1r 'ad1 aaiAlt 1sas ........trR ...... aaa.a W 1--s .-....-. -- .- - -- --

/ f_ ... ", ..... ; a.a.-t w. l.aat.G. 1&no Take The
Y -- -- t. ----- a, wf .... F.+:.. ...... ... u.r L .air a,. .t: a- hri The FloridaFnii Atlantic Coast Line rD

0.p ..i.. MM.L ail _. ., r r' aLt rttrWS d 0- 1--.. 1&

r:1oo: _.... ..... ___ 1"'--... .w1t .. wI ...n_"., !%.- ... L ..C t.t'aq.. 11sR t::"& ; and Truck Glt.1.

.. t.! -.. .......... ___ '__ ..._ __ f_ c: FOR ALL EARTHLY POINTS ,

ate..+.... .... c- .. karr'f wRa-. ..rt ----.. ''Oa1. L. a. rut i Lt. 1d.'t.e .a4 tw7Y' .

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_ ....'u.. ...... ... -...... tI- ...a r is; !: a's a.c% .ra12+a1- . MII ort t h s E Easl1'a.-' S Sooth b r a 0. West
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...... ..... --- . -- 4'-:: t awa r rra '-' J--lIr. > iV T trx : NILE :-JrnAC't and ID'.'. 35 ma

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, _, It14 11i. t K ....... 1... _. 1.aM - I Lll 3 - -
"aM t ... ...... ttr rC a.: 1r.t..4.s T'- _JMt -- ..... .1rdtc: JSW..IU. 12 .) r =: 1

l..t :. _w __ a e1 II. .... i .,.. ........ .... ...- ...._ . at1 1 -h.- -..a '- ...., and W' tia1,7 c

irt .. rski... c.- ....... ..... ;: ;; -H-t. '
swN..fA" Q. ..iu&rw : tl.t. l; s-I''Pt *, \\ a:""-. arataah. Rron..t.t
'!;l .. .. .. ... . ..... ... !. : ., : i I. r m
,., .. _ _-- ... .. .. .. . t !ally A**'.al..tilaaa. all INwnt .
,J\'t\ ,.' .: tl.R4 .. ...d' 't.t_ .aal- ...." t1r.Wr ..,- ,.. ... ....... "'.......,. .....: ...., Nortk. K... 1F..a T*+t yJO a
: 'f 1 --
re, t._ t1 aattw. 'CtiR ..'. a1 ir1i1'I ... I ... ....'-: ,.., t'.ra, I U.1Ir.:

J" aRS- a? .... n1r 1 << 't... b..a..U. \t w.a.i1 'w \',.,.. 4 a >a :

,irya ailr fua .wi t..-...tt1. ..... 1..t .. .. .... a..t m a .fai ii"J r
...- 1_____ LItl .

. .
-- M --- - -- ;.2.., .. .

a.-...''Ir..trtl.a __ QL r _ !oo. :ItO tint FCATk haw ".1.l ., 1.1 I F '= f

:: \- ...-......., r . !' .. .. .a!- ,- ra..traar. -

*... .... .,..-,. .. *t till .._a. Rs re ,...W K aa L.J...,. r" YCO

...... .-.--. ... ....II ...... .. .....t tFSr.a -...... a r. _.. :..wrs .aw Wil.. i. ,..."t ...., Is fait .. .r..c 1J: r -s
-.-- .... - ..,- ". LL H'le..?. 1& ... !rtwwn '-.- ... ".w .... t. t*. .
( l '
hi .. .1* rtrssat-a'a 'a. pnwetl'a1'
p,...L. __ tLlwkr at -.. Ma .. a.tgtQ ._ - raa'l--.l...... rvn taMta. 1.. '.. ,.M. C' 'tt
......... ... al 0'. ..-.sat .iU.r ,,s. ....... .. fN A\.h-"
$ AL.atat C .
t tRr.a a... r _' .... ..- RRE ("l I a..1 u r.t La. a"".! "..,to.,. ".11."

.................. .......-- ---- .. _.N...r a_... -T... 31.. a-_ i ,:t.LT .. I 'r't u. f tal.a&. MIt M

.x v.. ., .. .-. tar-. ,... .. .--C 1..rlat tt ..a.... : 1 .. fa, .1. A. 00l1D"'I M. T .... AR..I. 11a1..d.1U..

.> ( .. . tt-j a ....asst r. ....... ...t ta.. ... Aa .4!_
r. ? .., fW V .. - ...., a.. a t. ... ....: at -. 1 a 1i: c fIto..T1-cr.-n. t.... !'- alt \v I' Mrr,1tlC.Tr._ r... .,....
.. Fw 9 ftla +....f .. 1- '!!>-"O: 1'1 ,. ) # Fa :- "" k, at A&4W't-' .11a. IsNw..i'1. FtA,
-t. .
s .. .. .... f- .t y Y Y JJS. a :. : C1.A.: !1. arar T" 11aaa ar " C.

I a

'' ...:: ,.:;, .L:1. ..... ""I. ...............,.... ......'.,f......".,>.IIooIL.- ... .-.. .''f'''':''-,,'." ,.'.:....... -: :-; ::;:<:::--.. :..' !,:.''; i: ::-/ ...,.,1..- 1.: :...t: . j,..... ...""'}" '..:: ."" ";"



THE DAILY SUN: H.\I: ESYII411E. }KI[ ilFMhA.) ' I MAY : !)li i

----- -- -- - =
-- -- -- -
-- _. - -
- - ---
--- ---
POLITICAL ANNOUNCEMENTS for Ci e*,f. t-e iw't'rdi4q'ra r"'I\j.; ,
in the . I c then Ii LTEIINfifi H (?Asi'f.4 '
ooiu.r r priocary Mar: IS: If .. ct- I
-- -- rK\ > et jt.ifer' ."1 v,)to'. .tH.1I, t>... vof' d ...
ed I t r"'m:mee to exerci try beet eljrt to I I.ilfl : I
For Mate's Attorney.To PRIMARY ELECTIONTO for !o' an Uri rin>e, nt mrnrh aetmb.l!
:: te! tilt sof the office faithfjUy a..d ertalent. !- iV I[ e.tiiMi n.lla' shlll. to. V the Democrl&U"H rs of the E3.ri.tb Ja. .;\ Ke+pectfuIr.Hace .
I HE HELD 1NAlaclma : ; IrX' 'I'I the Pme i mho r".1' tt 4,
dicla1Clrcuttof florid: .t'.:
e AinlT: L. T '
RiCFor X
.. ..: i highest' number of PHYSICIAN: ANI) St'RfIaN: .
IVeLievlntf tbat nay thirteen yearv practiceof :____ __ i tc-te* in the j nor

law, together with tor' experience uprosecuting -. A Tax Collector. ; County Tuesday, May 15 90tI 1 election. rlIlt'r

attorney. f uy!! fit me to dtsrbaritethe I I j .\ . white t Itetnaavate wf.(1 stiff: s sporttr Hour* : In a. nt. lo I IS: m.j S: p. t

duties of State Attorney I. therefore, at To t'ie! ,'tt'r.. and Tax-Payer of Alachjt: O- I e nII1"H" s an 1 "r' <) were q tmel'tird. til tnt I p. in i Ihtirrdity.

the request of many! friend. announce tiij..e.f: I tamer.ountt tbx Nominate Democratic Candidate. m to v,.:.. -ri the r!*e: | unary. .n..JI. l.eal'o and tturdar. 7 to 0 p HI.Oitice .
o.etho\! to publicly tb.itk you for i il I t.i
in Porter lru: k. Phone 11.
candidate for nomination In tbe Democraticprimary !
the verv :.loeral *uin>ort you hate lven me! In I Notice' i. that rite | OM' al! H I upelt Ht S ta'iif I .Ck.:
for State Attorney for the EUbtb Judicial the and hereby tfiten at a rc- atn t) \1't..lltt..: .:. KlOKU4t
pii1.1 to announce my cundtilacr for ular mid! t'40: etinifitt' _
at .
Circuit of Florida. If "omlnaI I.* meeting of the Ieit.Ovrai >w 1. \- 'i __
pledge ms-self *o courteously.' eoor.oaJo ly re .eetl'n for en'ulntf term to the office ofTrxeIIecturof I ecutive Committee of Alathua county, I Inne tmtelT afer c.t"in&: pt'me! the

Atrchuacounty. The r held in the City of ialnrsnlle. lrmep'mlm| r.* .t l al'! .'itnva.s the "..'..* pub
faltbfuJty dlichartfe tbe dutle*of tbeoflceand anu.j onWednesday : -: It. .
DH.1:1:1 .MOKKI.s:
oundJtleo of the! orate at tht.. the l .... .
licly.: *rd fluke ttnf iK.
to help maintain the dt"city ana honor of March 14. lftt. the follow j N correct refill

0e court. Re.oecUull. rliHl of collection will entirely preventmy inir preamble nod resolution, n rei and "Terrify' . "trm*. *ho in.r tnimt>,ir

--.JO .. \1. RIVERS.To : rnuktorf a canva-w of the county and ....e.1|I aml.'trd : tat vo'e r.-(0..1 tiy .>", h i*a lull'J ate.and I DKNT1ST: _

lo f you In ter.or.. *t I iru+t tamp friend.throughout deliver! ;
the Democratic Voter of the F-I rhtb Judicial : : i \\ ''. .r..ITh.. I>emoorafii. """IAh' stni t-'Ketlier with pollard /

Circuit of the State of Florida: the cojritt '' I 111:1 reiueiurier me j I Kseeiiilve: Committee has duly, : t*,,11.! ..' ;" item titiloi *. ti, time ..I..,' Itn',. ". m-

served the IMh of :Muv at the Iar'ou. prerlarta. when j I a primary .1"'I'n to be heldn eaohcounty 1.'ettiiu'-it 'h.U j ',.f who *!ia'Ihnitk '
la .
the capacity .
Bavin you oftats cuntlnir bitUot: for the wt"n..f
tbrir to
of : ... .11.. to .rille tie hitr ,.m.'f! over vUrcu* .Je. *. rtuine "f> a rl'
the State on rr.
Attorney ..tnce .July. A. IV l.1ocl. and tru-tln tlj the' utlt.'ea now, eeCUar.: A- on Jlry \lo I tt'f' .
sarlr ,ne and allt khall be mv c.-n..tnt ef and 1114 i the duty of the County Ilemiormetic , tl lt 'Isfh. Or..f I de': rcrlid !lu., NliItie --
that you have approved of tbe wanner In fort ti>,.. the Outleo ln ... .
:umbent on the !Kxeeutiv: Committee 't'ill rattlfh.aihttrntgn/ nr the rtr i.
which I bare rel'r .eDted.ttt" Mute and! dNi : omce. will: faithful |Patients' and bUD t tldel-1 to hilltail i J. A. tAILI.LF.r:
In \ primary" election in rash! comr-Mtl" r. to he> pnnvitsot'ti' hy thaIti'a
i charged my duties. 1 solicit your vote* at the .u\V\ trrj truly t rotiiii!; ) .
coming primarr: for the portion:>> of state Attorney ii LICI\1NSON. [ precinct of the county, in at,"H.lIhl"1 1 corn-it! TnHI': : .vr 1.\ W ,

for the Eighth JUdl,1"Irc.ult.. with the 1"11uf said. call for pr'inar J \ II {'ir.'n' v t'nc r in primary r

Very reM+ectfuJv' : I I For siiH| >rti-or K:'tj :Iatrrtieu.( I I Ij election : now- therefore.. 11- < : : I' ",tiI-guy! rim" n.\. .. t t .llJ'1'.rt tArmmfliae. And .solicitor: KtjiiitKe : "
PaUtka.: Kla. BENJ 'Al.HOCS
I t..r..nll..un I I Itesoired. Firm-The; l tratu,' a t"re. rNi S
j 'e wy.elt a candidate for
that I 'j : t t 'ho'me. .. ' i... meant !\.l R:./'autrynl.til/t 'and 0..". ,.
I respectfully announce am: a candidate surer 'nor of I UerfNtration/ for \lucbut connt 11..1'1 tht.rftlrnl .
fur the omce of state Attorney for the suliject tt> the l> -.,,.'ratha i-riuiiuie*, ,tn>lo'leit county. ..." hrrriuytxr'a l and .. tm-.i !t.r t' .. a t. l"Iit.. mm, ounlllh' ..r..ll.rllt.II.. . Ml .IHIHIIK, + proiti|
.. : tneotr* of the imi...,...- atlc I titer. ofthecounti provide for. the holding of a I>emocrane It.. Otllee. next door. to /Mmtttlce.
Circuit of Florida) .
IStlbtb tomPo.e.t JOHN" (! Kfri: 'ii -r f 'mam k. c .t .'. Ir.
: M. t.KKW: t.- >'iintttlre l, ..
primary Iitb.ttll.l
l lie .
election In.
t".j"i ;, rloHli> .
the countlei of AlaetiUii. linker llrudfortl.Levy March I I'tie. .. i i'conformity .
of I !IN. I' 4 1-m| nr d ti' provide, a .,. |. -
__ with the term of th. fall --
and l'utnaw. I conceive the faithful inn: p a'., it'd. r>'n. !er. tn.I" fo the
i (IT the Stale II. moeralK* i I. '.... itivCommittee << . conTh ((7KKIU\ANi: : > MAVKK.
and eneriretie dl+obark of the duties of tte Fur County "mml..I..r.I I 11.ltI.i I .

once! to be a sacred oB.ltfaUon: to the state. i j issued. on the :'Ith day. fit. :lown. .
I > h.
t; pier.-in." are rely') .
At the rurrr u-itntlon: of frien.l o'er' !,j of Keliriiary.' 1W>6. said primary' appointed .\ fT'I : Y ., I' I..\ W.
if the voters of the circuit favor we with
{ 'inspector. sail. eleclnmfrom : .".t J. tl Cuon ha"c..n.ented t.. make {I election to lie Yield ill rash, rat ''r II k: |' reCinct > ,
tbe nomination.! :>> pled) tbeu that the Interets I 1"be race for ('uu"I' e.'IIIn.I..ol1. for Iw'trlrt of .Maxima oiinty, nn them 15thday wh h iMiM stiii" 'ir' ''ItI111''r shall 'Ir.. ..0 'I """ t -. .

of the State and of society .bull riotusrr: .. .. s... rtrrma.. firth ofie. t"F ,
I I tion
No. I I. hi f rlril. a K the "ui>i>ort .'f Mil % n 'ti
Or.favorer aeMece!. "{. wine. I>' trmrrdte at the coming ,..rtw..rOe.'I1..h', ofIiIy 1ftld m co trdnnce with J"IIIII! : 1"'".,r : I 4
lHU FIELDI\l.. I l..iCroxe. r'la .\,rll II. INS I Inch inntructi a. are islven.: dy thi Can ...U your city properly.' ( ituprotd .
5taike. Florida.: committee I Wa'do-ti' M l 1.:1.|> J. T i
to.the liitp.'iMor.* Srd! rt.-.k! and
f : mllllnl'fi1''ill!
I I { .
\\.k. '\ ,1 :\1..1.,11\
I I .\'I'l'e.atll1'" the ubUltv' -t: ahown br Mr. John J, .election of said election acrecnltle. ,, truokiiik.. { : mend| farmiiitf lands. Mend) hint
For State Senator the aCro I *.e-1. |I1rrlry| 1 P K. .\.tI.. I
to term of the call is i tnit l tic tlie, list 'if what
I ll: Paii.pter in fnanoln! the! fund of thl. connMiltiiner j .. a yon otter forsale :JM.'lu t.
Ira \UI.MI. Ilri'ltehnmeF.I;
Tu:>> the Petudtrstle Voter* of AlurhuaCounty" tr. durum", 101. .Intni..lrlltl..n, .ii. 1'uuatr. ('..m.1 I| Pemooratie Male Kvecutive: C< intuit .
.1 \ : l.ew.s. Jm.'. \\ :
hi mart friend hereannoun.*e' Ire :
vurlou occasions. been
I nave on e.uneH:'l ', hl. ........11.1".*' for re e.ectlon to thl lu>i">rtuni I Ii.fTce :o ..("..u.tJ-E\ elector the ham.I l It I' 'i 1-fn I II I J \v. 1-. II 1KKK..:
eiiuested to enter the race for Mate senator! in I.rp.
< ... ..
front | i trl \
t I Let all I"' in.vrut* I I.'v-H 1 1' Itiitil-s I'I'rt1' ,
this county and. until now, have deAr, Interested 1'1.. udlclou . .UIU' e'nti qiia'itl to vole In sa ,d | rirnary *
e i ? of .A rrc -H"a\\: : 1.\
.iWc .'Me. ... til hall. have the rich \ illn. i>. T I. r i 'h..t..1.| I \" .
I'd0 do '<>. lecau+e I hurt no "r":lre tv on-os.- p ti. Sly to .u, |- rt at the In vote fur the, follotvint -
ir..tchtnet i rln.m \ : olllcer, and ,.sitlon-. 1'1. rr.-u'.ii-n M '. r.T U Morn !
tbe Honorable: If II MoCrearv. who ha rldered .-n- i "f'1 pi II loft -'.. . sol. ICIIlii: I IN= CMNCKUV.: . .

such .suableertk: .e to our county In (' I herehr annourn'f mm-elf au Candidate t I KepresentatiT: in Conre.*. :'ml \ .. ., herr\ s O Iilmemt'ii l It I.

the State senate. Out since be hu. with,. I ',, Conuressional l istricl.. I I
< "II 1\ t.rIJUJI.'cor from INatrictu I at Iilmei.d: I: I' II 11ntiep, :
drawn from the race I will be a candidate. the coriilrir ,, I J Justices the Supr.nte 4 ', t r< bmt 'r /U.\1\: .:\'II.I.t:
prtmart .r.I. ""ot the "uri>ort of I tiairo-st il' U r..lto'l > et.V| I"'hu" C'i.. !.1... rtht1t
subject to tbe Democratic primary !| u.i: IVruoi'ratlc friend* who lie rear In ..>.. the fall I..rrn..f six yoa's'J .
ii{ Kii'hardon. h \ Miller.! ill Kfitl.-l: It; lock. )
uvlDir served. in both bracohe* of the I.e- e e"r> .overnrcer.t lte>".f.tfullrI : Kailread Comniiasioner* .
.... rnv..... Airli *. l>.\ .NIIU 1 cllRoSr! :|{. i. I 1I."lh..rll-- II atidrr! *. I I': ?.. -'-
Mature l In the pa..I. I feel that I mew tbe better .1.1 1 Candidate, for Stile: -\II"rn. Ic
qua. :Itietl to erte tie re.t intere..t* of our I C.i.di late fur Mate: Set. ator* Johnon I II. M sf rmijfello, A .

count. at tbH Important tliteKarnesUy To the IVmoortie V.iterwof AUchiia Count :J :Memfwra i "I.. l.l.tnil. < .'u.- \V M liar{ J 1 It 1' J. tI. AlJrKKMO, *
of the lluti of : I) .
vollcltlmr )nl1..u''n at the eon.srf .- I lining: tern rp..u..1. | \>\ a number of u.vfrleinl e I.gems.(" sf 15W \\ t I I'. "hull'
primary. I tau your hambe'ervaut S"11151 i.. P.i .
., I hereny. entrrtberuoe for \1. 1 m\'. .* nI'h.| | \ II
JOHN ii in.r.t.. re-e.ecilon . tat..l| y |
I .\. .
County of Taie.
e sor
_ I .a.Count\ C..mll.I.r f rom Ih+tr1>'t N'o tI' I 1 Tarn Collector E""r1.: l I' \ Mi! .'.. r i I)1 I r.: N TIy i''

In reference ui> d.r..t.n.: : whloh appeared eleoted. I .r..I1./*e a* fultbful ant .m..nt J 11 i .\ro.,..,,---J \\ M f.K I: It Hod! '*: ,

In Tbe Dnllv Sun of Men 2i>th. the *er lie 1 t'- tre future. a* I ha.endemerurr.l to I County' Trm. . I r'r. lrr tij* ron"iitutit* \lu the I..t 1 < ount y Commissioner for i-s,*h of
waro.uleln wbut I eoroeUed. the Intere.t of j IteaieetfuU I the fl... evunt Cumtnisiioi I IV \rr.i1oi.d.i (II I I' Mtoev.I It Over Button <*t. .. lUss. CJ %ts.>...' W s i
I ly I Ifi.II is>
h.rmonHowever." 1 have rec..Ierr.l.awe
llevill. J M llevilletri'm. I
Uonne. 'Aid : J t. li".Tr.r:NTo
,i..u. .
> .
and am a candidate for the >tuten.- .
I :I "" '' t' P..h.- IiI -- -
-- --
.te. 1 1lrrnt.rr of the It
I. bounty merit sh'a
I th."n'.t. Alrrhdme, Couctvl > I J *

>l h KM ii me:!Inat.oii*. coupicd with lh.- I'uhiic Instruction( from rah of tthrte >, 14. Ilrl.merI' .
1 respectfully announce my candidacy. for me tab l Iil.ttldta. t"1 a. l'"r My. Amo TIN ; )tu.ttI: tINU.S. fD '

the Democratic nomination. a- senator for e* of u friend! indues r .e to iiecou a can si Iryrnp.| :V I. l'n-* ttft Y

Alacbua countv (.fcM dl..irlct>. edging izur .; for fountv t'umthla' +mine I 1..11I per. 1 Siiperfiaor of -uitrtti.ifi i !. , / WitKl.or. : K XV'ails. John .' e
Third .laar'rimrnt rif .
support of aU measure tn the, Interest of the fectlt w 1Ju.: g to t.e dealt <* Ith r>> the ''''''r..f .. !andt.lntr.hall : I rekham, J IL /.tr.t..ef. J rJfl
tae the 'Vh: \Iril.1, '
masses as atfalat the cla%..e... arc J eMeclalurdo / this i-ountT in" war. that n.v action*. ..* onee 111 td. paid t.y dllJ..f { I l..i..1'i'.1'. John.iii.1'

I pledge my support and. irnuer.ce. In at"l of .iurtimrum..lonerI l wouk! merit I auk the 'ulirth-Thi. I II riirner' II \ 1'niiiliritr, S4, .. I... KittiIKBVII ... ...
'''I' 'Tt uf tla- voter In the coirir, |.,1.1,ar committee will/ limitht
? I 17 .
Hawtir- \ IUk-ne. U at'amjil'
tbe common schooln and i.tennrioe i>f tbe .. .. ; : .
IrfltW In
an 11I..r..m."t oMe accordance. .
p a vi uri'oiuiil with the rill/ of the i r.
< s a
state University uim u lii-era. b...!* Such a* +loner !..><.ajMof irv e l| erl/>*nee.sriouul Mute. t: X.eutirel'utnntltl .. hi I l'me 4 Irr Il.iie"' ;
wlU enab; parent to ontata for thrlrcbUlren I I l-e e.rete.'ear teat.... lust on the. !I" |I'' 0..1"-. I I.: O.lreii. K U .
of .I. < I
\S dy ,. I".t the '
J MAllU.VV.sTrecton : enmuy courthouse
1'I' I IlK.e
thorough education in their own !state. a* lna! Mareh II !lie. I *
to eatiras the i.t .
I return dprimary .
a *
well. all: n>ea'.ire. terullr.1 to i promote the election declare'. the '....11t I its limniiMei, ,,thls--l I". ICo'iiitrrr. Stanton Foundry & Machinery
I U f f VV
'Iman | Itnulware
moral welfare i
rejilnu.sod themitreI. | e i Ti the l emot'ratlcotersof Alarha! < untr and such
transact' other l
.... Thn4li ruv frler.d.. for their: 'ut port in I 1 t... underpinned berthv o.nia : :*. H-fc'ti sirink-s- M II ): CC ,
announce hluiel
the i>....t. and MI::tcltinrf the tote of tall I>eri>ieratsatthe >. ills y inane l efor.> sail] mrrlilir'I H.'h.. P .M Uii.i, .. r,| '! Co. i..v.I'AI.AIK'A. .
candidate ouritv
a a t 'Du.I.t..npr tat .
cooilntr frtwary! I uui terv re lie folltiwinit rules ,h ll the
.K ttullr II H M r. KKAIIVFor I''"trtct No J. and ...licit the *u|'port of the raid> election t/overti I :y\\ I'-l'\ I. 1'1"thl.* ,. 1 II Mmmo I

s I' \ I.'t .: -:- fl.OUIDA.(
ternf the oountv In the frlmarr e:ectloiMav The
general election<< 1 law shaM !I.p :
roriilinrfir'" .elcrta.f) faltnrul atilt eon J-J Catin viH.It C ihiisun. ti :
the 1..aI..llllur. *..| It'M"ectfiillvJOIIS/ nhserv-d ss near .. prerh'mta i :a a.* I ,W l Ills... II )1In..,.. .. M.. lai, e uf r,
K: UK V A NT the of voUtic
At solicitation: of n.anv freial I haveeobtented manner folm.Sim.i I I ....lere-l !hf the I Ih.fllMr1lr'It.m I'
- 'I Iron and
No randniate, hall l-e declared. "Pm.nominee Brass CUUD/S and Micblnery
I I: .-
to make the race for the The rrl..IMI..f c' t" Ie.1'1..11 herchy u'm.* Cortminiee, nl \.achua: .

lure and hereby announce n.ieif u. a r..fld: ..un<-" hi. natty a* a cr.dale: ft>r re e"cUoa: anti .hall .receive.lch-lt..n1tter..rl, intr.mhe .....|liM' at / '. ,lli". vi'e, | Ff5 l Ihl \ |, ril'It 'i Gnte Bars I FDospb.te Ciitlos <
a niaj'irily of tlrtot.
c1.e. Inject to the l .! ,

-- -\\'-M. N. !.sllKATs fruai the Tint IH.trli-t Mr IVdrlck candidate cast for the two same or office.more, and are i, .\tfesi J'"' \f. Kla.tav. /a' j Kailro.d and Mill C.uUats

hat oerveil hl. ntltuent. atmel t hi. < -I-sinus [
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