city aoaocil of Tampa met Tus- the sltaattoa In position to continue 1 cannot tell you i rslleth.erttruuhl.l .

[day night refurnished and .m to carry on the work he has begun ofraising bow bappy 1 am. No family should be "Tb.* was caused t tiy Indigestion and I had IM.n l tltM>u>rla.i ft'r a year triune

belll.ked.ra.. v$ew desks and the assessed valuation of the without I'eruna I female trouble 1 uffervd' agunlee and tried your ''.,una. I .urr.'.... the. iuot
I During his IIftl. more than a ."atd.u... left alone wllh In head.31r. .
; chairs had taken.tha place of the old' county. Sufferee y.-.. With ..... wa pain my
In office the aaaessed valuation of Copht/r Eahfusfed. A Prl.e4 AdrbM '''run..
term .. Ida Uermaln. 631 ManhattanAT
I ones whfch. had done ..,.Ioe for such a _
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friend mine
the county has been Increased neatly *..New York City writ**t '#A t time. I was af ratil to eland nn my 1 Uay a
[ long time.West. Peruna. e.> I gut a l." .. After
feet and to do hou_ your
half a million dollars. How By For many years I suffered with pain 'h'mpt0 any
Palm' Beaeh Is soon to have a . work wa out of 'the --"'. U*...1" I tea. to f_| lielter.At .
addition hare and thereof bits 0'.prop- In the pelvic )l rgana. J.. unable to question
fine school building. An eleeI I tied an advertisement of Hret I squid not ..', eleop orwork
| new and sometimes large and valuable find relief, aa no doctor could belp
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.111.1 have _l Sail found that th
I rerun. and It. wonderful. and I ,
Lion was .held last week and the district which had somehow o+.. .
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tracts land .
medicine that would cure m* wa
was bonded'for I2O.OOO for the assessed "I read of your wonderful I'erun derided to try It. yourIVruna. '*
taxation been
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of '.;"IID.\ a new public escaped and decided to .'.. it a trial.' 1 hunk It New Lit and Vigor.My .
purpose year after year at notyinal figure, r.- sad obtained much bot.A 4w .......
for some' time husband brought hem.ene
I school housa. gardleu of increase In ..ID.. "My far* ha. a finc\ color now. Ism
relief. ,. ,
II. and .fu that butlle wa half gun
Would have the work to go on anew woman. I thank' y .u very muc-h." '
you .
DELIGHTFUL ENTERTAINMENT. JitraaTAgri. 1 fell new lif* and new vt_ >r. :
and the rich to be gradually made to and have f.INrNDV. ttmrt mm* Mlrce.Mr .
am strong again That tiredbupel.** feeling left me, e
*. Viola Mar .tal..4J: >\ l Mason
|Th. Students af the Two Literary Societies bear their shah of the weight of taxation good appetite. Perona hae relieved me 1 tJ..D0 eat and my f..ud nouruheilme. .tr >et, Hprla$ >iinld.' lil.writ i '
Entertain. ? Tb.n you will make no mistakeby of a chronle ailment, .... )J\(.therefor I coals walk and 110 my work Two rnt-n tli* a.|.when xxiKhl youradvice.

the pleasant social. events of casting your vote on May loth for recomaaead It toa11-wo..A without falntlag. I had aulaa.o .weak. that I had
Among rwaf W.*. R. .,..
XA-atrs aa MrYM'st'onNr1Y
\VJllia W. CoUon. thereby abowlag tint .
the t<* II*down moat ef lt>* *
I the season was reception tendered II.. )K. .. OoaaoUy. 4037 Oamer 8a.. "1 took several bottle. during the .
appreciation, of a la efforts la your a/aVajr. ,. -...
the faculty aad students of the University behalf. No oae eould. do more. Chas .. It..CI.J'.II..r1. .IID..r and fall and eaaoot pral..II ..! l'.runasadnow
High School Friday night by the leas be "I have soared for yeara with atom- enough fur the wonderful work It did I fl Ilk* new woman.Mt 1
two literary societies. The barracks Is doing. A great deal might aeb aroebl.,.. that J could eat hardlyaaytatag. for m*. shall never ....*. pra...... reruns
was beautlfoilydecorated with Japan do... Bespeetfnlly, r...... Wed and weak,all ti>. "Wheal fl. tired or nrvo .from any nor thanklac. l>r, tlartmaa fur kt* kind '
j. W., Httxaocsa. Its- eau., a few d.m*. of reruns ewe ui.. sdvl...'' 1
| lanterns.< .
ase '&'
Delightful) refreshments, consisting Hope. Fla.. April 77. Revised. .4H'M"-.r. a aambrof fears rrque.t. htveeome tome from a multitude of grateful! friends' urging
of fruit pa..h des s-. cad cake_ that P.-ru-na be given a slight laxative q uallty. I have etperlmentlng with a laxativ*addition for quit a ....... '
-d; :' All --c ; Th. Richest Man In the World ot tins'aad; now feel grant!..4 la aaao were .present The richest man In the world eannothave ulsdiclea .b"b.l" my op_...........11.( ... ....,....,. tf It. 'h.T.! M. P." k
lighted with Ibe .. .0' enter
..Iam..' and altarexpressing. ; sincereIthanka his kidneys replaced nor lies -- ---...->- .. .. . .

to the aoamlttee in charge left without ....ID. ao It Is Important not to TIle
& CO.
neglect IhHe"OfllaDI. If FoleyVKJd* G. MERCHANT
|to d ream of the matt d'llghtfaltime ,
honored. .., Core ia takea at the Ara.lg.'of
mill should be with anther -
they danger the symptoms will disappearand C dv Eetallsrs sad Jobbers ,.
Invltattoa. next year. Tb. boar Cash Grocery OI
will be restored, as It
> .d guests war Prof. and Mrs. W. N. your ._
IShrats. Prof ahd Mrs. T;".'''X. strengthens and builds np Ib... organs 81,11 and Fancy Qrocarm.
Oear Bow
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| and Mrs. Lawrence ad Prof. Ad-
,tae. Lebanaoa. Ky. writes t "I have Offer for the seat 10: dayytas

In.. _______________ used. Foley Ktdaey. Ours and take following goods at priees' aaafr.ed rate* .tr.wii kid!Mrf. '''-un.

HEALTH Ml YOUTH. great'" pleaanie la ....... It cored me
1 r I I permaaeatly. of kida. dl...... whicheertaialy below A. BOOTH BIDS'BQO A*.. t < UA&.._Yn..... FUIMIDA

|0!..... and Stcnnwss...; Old Ace. would have cost me my life." Pur'.'. S-lad Dresalag. .... .. HrgBsat gawks arias patd far Cbiak.... Dos sad aiaar rrudaee .

Herblae. &aIw.eftl7ora1ac: before J. W. MeOollam Oo.Nearly Three bottler Pickles ... . 21M f.
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b...,.... will ..... roe la rout ,Rree-aaasOara .fO.. .. ..,... .. A aamaleae Mesh ef Hay Oara. Our: ......,' ..... heal.,"Doe... Bead Meal ;
health; flt rest .o ward off .... ....... W"--e.- .. Oae aVIawaaa &....... Pages . .foe sad Brs._ We haadJa aaJv she VimT BaWT aaaaa at the LOW
It ears* easil sUss. biltoasdyspepsia all doable flowers of (r Two 9>U. aaaa a-, .... ....... ... 2s I I >.- .. >PSICttS. aaaT. ........ aejaavJaHtan a******.

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id.., ............ Ja.siriSsa the baUercnpe. double. prlmreeea, doabledaisies . Three $.l0.aaaa MaasaBeef .. .. .
double teens aad maay I .. . ... . ...., .EAST FLORIDA TBUPHOMB COMPANY.t
food sad 'steaua 1M wsmalesfon.Mrs. things were flrvt dlsroveved. ameagCbetr Beet Compound Lard. |*r .Ib. M... Is .. ...
D. W. ..... Texas.
Whitney. lae
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Beat grades visa. .... r% TiM 1 tMasAasst a .
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{e rbi.e. sad .a4 Is UM. aaas.aaadlatae doobe Bowers. lie watrhea CALL Tau. aaa setae... hem the ,.,...... senate. Sad. a......
[or corns tl pa tiew aad liver UW..... ItaJlyoaatolaafiarlB. tate tendency la ..t.. ... It. ti.wet GIVE US A ... rtllAlachaa. aid. __9 try aal as ..... liwlia<... .la t......ta>g s a .*...
r. I esa .....I' .... has ... fHal. and he dlaewrera '
eoonne 4 I..*. eo. 8oM 07. W. M. ;that some of the atama aaaaoaisnlial Wa aaa satisfy f oa bath la sjsaJOty dad A .1. Kvlaeiea.Fort White.rairaaaaa. f 1.aa.sOrMleaaeey CiSy'J'at'a .Reenelle...., ,....!.
caasoa. .De character, .. ..... HI'ue : .
of a petal >", r* .l ... .. ,
City Osractarv For Sal*. aotara. Is taken hem. theee flow sis aadthere TRLWt S E .. ltd O,... Pars. Meredlih.ik. ....
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.ant'City CHreatary. fist sato a* The Started, to then glvwa. to the progeny. I- I Qlari.t. "' ........ .'f......
a offle*. It le'tl ..... 1Wf.-- epedas ef plant will ha thlaway T. F. 1IIIIUUIDElTIIIIG I 11."J.. "a.r.i .
for heed,... sad 1s Alasoet any i "...... Orange lAa.'f......
.:, ag the shla .rJ:; ;;: be rapaaee ef prodvctua I J........ raia' **r.Prairie. Tretee.Willlatee. ..
tb n,..' ... ......: ...... ....... I t M eop'1. be_r. writ .lskawwtsdge. CI. _..... x..."" .. C"... ). y
':: aaarsaf stasssp1. at tide u. Jtex 6w'., KirkfOmmi d. lf...... w...,.,....
lams a to m t ry a..... : mn ,. .-' ..

IID ....... are set ..... ; '

OX.Y wound I loans* i asgsaSeveral .# .... Lange. New FULL at / : ----2: ALACIUA COOVTY AMTllCT' CO., I IIC.I I I

.. -.. eases my ..... wwreaaaaslfy gi> s aaneges'

..... r..e -............ aSsatad that I had ..., hea.. It ... : :::: '
r ,..tart. M'. ...- wed bee w ,.,......- writes A. M.Aha .. ..... .GEWTS ernsUNCBaT ra4erw ...** >.. .. ef ..*,., earl alv-g that U.. .>.1 I
,. ..............rev ,..,... fad. -I ta* treatment with srreralpayeieasae ,. ,........ .. Title the teed Titles la saw .2'/1' piWtiea/ufy.
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-.....-- -.... -U.JAMas tva swvad ttfleee ew mesTa .rCCf ALTItJa aeatrasto TIRss| T_ tha t. ...,....
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.p."ims.: ..4.55..4eteg5e.f jislfis i-
me.I h r ...
I kIJaI. I __ .-- s- ssb is assn. w. ,a _
If..,.. 4C tans........" ,...,-. Haaeyr teed-. ... sat -S., ..Mansnr.nerr ...,.:-rI4.v .r. ... ..
A.4 AI h> g>fta k A bears ft.MV ......... .' ::: aff "' '''" .. -- - a
sop "
--- ... 5,11 WV.pss/e.w ..gajammv..... .... ...Jr...- .oW4eJC. a f.1.MSSsu sI.6 XMt/sr J rsst*af Ualaes-IU. II. ,.
14_... L.. t1'" Plwrlt t8.sssss a c... 1.>..t....
... 1. 11 l' a
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-.-::: . W.M-! ..c.n.- C..


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:' ;ir ..;.1 tI'r; ; iS"" 1'HE' RURAtlVnCE! DECl' 1 .RY. 'The g owes of tbi.:rug habit"/ft.. ooe
1 '= of the developmeota of
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., -u;;' :s1"ffiater.d U1.1. The people 'pf the rural _d f.&rlet.'hroIlJth aotu...tie 'eeonrfiny.- The rose fllla"RfttK :, a

-" uttfi4'dounerJarbo/:rTave. e.% felt wawuT Todif a foil. nOr car- Do Not Neglect a

: : e& for> : ..alGaI.DentUe..>r1... ;toyed adva.olagea.of "the! tree"tie* pet Fa rafely.e.D'. la cltiet. Carpet
,".e.oell..fas.eaeJi taittr.u livery .".'.m'will applaud the speech are atlll aoldf; ( they are not .madeup ;isold weaken the Lungs. beers the) yitaflt and .;ake tbe' .
u of Representative Flood of Virginia' to fit roojn, 'They' are fashioned r able topfitbstand each sutc.edinvt .tba* *
.,H. callll:. Yt.... .Jrd"| and Pabliobet which was made.n, 'the, dlecrua l<*n ,of Into lariJVTrogi....teP corr ptrta of pless the way for more sedows dla.0000'>

.the pratoffiee*appropriations, *'bill. the rooma'aad amaller':... are .cattered .. :YOUAFFO"RD 'TO TAICE; SUCH,CHANCES ]
..ncaSJII II:.Dqas.. .,;:. .:... .. ...C" Dlhor, roK *
... :. other day.! An:*tne rdf *njVl$ htid biea1s1loducad ',over; the*oatf 4nftT, territory _ao to *.?. t i
i. .'t ...._L.'PRx !JT'1': ... $UPLrdom.o.tni come.Sorrc tbe;.Hckuei otr Jlepre peak "[fie>o *".'!1ghttr, 1I 4s.hy: ,tr

;. :: bcit .';1i ,"ntatlv>ff"the.i>Qfp0e!'''of ;which. wa* genie .atfi..fa'bOoa! : to the, .l1 u.e.
: *i i otia sl : ; fo the -. longer baa 'tovlafior
t6.jatop.aa,4vMentmovement keeper wbitvikd BALLARDSSYRUP
0-' alGr,hula street a. flrtw.owa.:eye ; >;*e'oft feVll't>eoSle Department to withblom'or" ' carpet ."eeper'ba. ; :

%& 'Ti>,DAAV aoi.published every Btornlnf efe* 1HHdh"umbe" -Qf dellverlea upon roll rap tbefrtig ."d'-hand. it 'e aC;-fO
., _)lAIICay.4eUYffe4 by carrier In the dty.orA '' .
tart froe'dfUverjf route. . _-_ be .hake/i'wbHA'ahe gay' overrtbe
'. aaeJOed part of the United etato,poetee '
.... ... 'Representative J'Jood.l'r."Uo1J.f' pollabedj'oor;; :wlth a dirnp 'efotb.Tho .
'- ....for;a year:tr.50 IIJOGUa-; ,tbr.e "* fP
4 y
-edo.tb.i or 90 ceau f v aYe weeke_ efarterly faadssce. ; ..4 that tbe I'orat'lree delivery the>d. and she floor can Hy .' 1 M n
:avrvlee icdfty! f< one of the moat be kept .....0.while the tacked.dow. :
. th. govtrnta.nt' .- t could'aol boV? :;-:
.' _**.& ..notice*In local col.m. to ceaU e llae popaleodemonslrated .that the' addltfoaal :earp
..,C lotar.t iaerrtloa.end 5 outs for uda e441tkiaelfcaeertlon .I. 'Vn .y
r expense J. folly Jull0ed' by the The poaltry botloeat la. eeaafofmocb /
?; Bate for di..pUy AnrtUUis tm&f known eepnllcntioa. ; bea d.rlnd.trorD It by;&l&e country comment. 'In Ibis Slate at. tber r
: '_ wbo\watehe the '.. a
people. Everyone tlra*.and-every man who bAa
present ,' .
continued.. progress of a-4be' ..>.ef i.004 ...- .. . .pI .,;. .'
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4< TIM TwloW pas le aD debbpaae.forty ; jvfor .
,eolaian paper '*e.MUhed every;Neon. odTkwedey. moos that the rural free gsliverg'U.) rr ba ID..... 'be housing of efeleken la PZR tkzWrL V cva+ .

). .. mad coaUtae alt the Hew*';./. tbetweek. e., has been benefactor 'fa,,helping Florida I I. ten evpeaelve than In+the '(;O"'lItJOII, .."' 'Cdrlwa '.--_'TAtrt 'f
., ...... atte and ceaeraC'eJMS: will< be. along.a higher condition. of elrillaa- li.rihi; while feeding, I i. ,aome.hl'blaber. ,Asthma ere."... Iviaprws '; :
;atMU.d. poat-ftre f ree, to any r.rtf.l the Vsltatateeor !: 1:
., Canada;for$..-*yenl..Mwtaee.e4vertUlnc lion.The Bat the prleea of egg* and arorrohtls, Homnmm, ..,. .
,.tern"U la operation In.:'many poultry are'Id* bere and 'It Kveirr MOTHER SHOULD KNOW. L THAT RALLAD'S;IIORE.
::'n-: ;.Mile ....... Cue filter carat : State*.and It ought to be general,says will be mny yeas before the supply HOUND SVHOP CONTAINS NO. OPIATES.. DOtfi'NOT
4"ra, eA".rt.......&. wnleee otbcrwUe Th. Savannah Newa. '1''al'mer. the will bo eqaal 'to' jth* demand. Thenan ,CONSTIPATE CHILDREN AND WILL POSITIVELY.CURE '
t 4tltrlated bI _tnet. Partly not nown to ve WHOOPMNO COUOH. .
village meeh.nle.IfYlDK! off the line 0? w
whoicoee Into ass
1 fee required to foe adertitac in*. & poultry .
pay '
.......:- Addiec*. TUB DAU.V AUK.V a railroad and formerly dependent baainaaa' ,!' mot,devote hla" time to jt) .aa" .M..+..........LLI..OO.......... Hla...a ALt i Isataaawr t "' Tl.ay.e he use pas 'wlati.
ow_- Yw.. upon mall perhape )twice or'>jbn: .eImea well thing elae. If he doe that ..a aar.......tMt..{ .. w w ... -
ae any u. .1atw ............. ._._'_ .
a w.ek,-and.r.,titre'rutpN', fre de* he'la tare of-4OecM a* there I I. never wty.a*al..Li.lbwi.s< ..Itle .... 1W!.......a eta.ass._ .. ,
;,' =' OUR DEPARTURED: : FR EHO: livery 'fI'.QP.'I. placed I In .touch' wiibthe a time Wh'D'.P and poultry are not list Ea1It di for CklMirwm.. ErwryAl.TjilTfr -.ede:

; ' world. H. ,l I.< enabled to geC a 'In good demand. e TNLtNLt wuar alrr ... sal.......- .It
A ;.older' dl.. at his post dally paper the same day It la nrlnted.
--- -- ,
?:'of duty, ;did our late beloved aaaocl., It be baa errand'aJoaJt the route be Oet>rlch.qoidk: -'rebemea. are many SNOW T COST.LOPIS.MO..

.) ate and personal friend' Mr. W. W,. may depend upon the'rural carrier at but results ababy'aad' doubtful: Mere .,.. ... .
';{Aah1.y, die at hla post of duty at hit a nominal. ajim. 'To abandon the rural people stay ro.(10okl' ,( for, a ,$OLD AND. CO"EN - .

dk during our cab ene.. A* wp pea fr.e delivery route* and go backyto lb.old .cbeaae.r: Ibis, ort then ever flad --ovJo aOD7: G ow: .''' '' ..
.cbls;; article him hat lie on the tabl custom, which'would surely em them .Dd"'bI..rl.II..oa their l ex pee. >>
'f? where he had placed It, jt half-aaioked primitive under the elrcamataDoe ",''oal._ Tbe old', .reliable.wey .J* to u. '
..; cigar' to oar left, and an nnBalahed would be step backward. A pan of stay by eooaervatlv ''method*.. A "' ''I ''. I't

..'/",article relating pl.....& postal. event what U.p.a.&aII.'Floo4 b.4.lo' say little work thrown," In ooaaatonally '/.....

T. to before o*. Can you Imagine' deaf oa the aobject will not be unlotoreet* would not be a.'n.. The world la too t '

3' 't'reader, bow yon would, feel ender log- In this connection *" foil of pl..o.... looking for an If You Are Insured.. .

;jitasllsr.Ireumstana., having' leftyooipdear 'OH lea and towns nave long enjoyed easy. way to make talr' living.' The .
; friend and, aaaoclata only. four Ih. boon of free delivery of. mall and condition now.'ezfat\that ao many r win rat 1.
4:&day* before to return and fled himJffeleea. acre 'la 10 reason why. t.... people of .re looking for the easy way that It a> '
'an :
Company that 1* D.ibl., Have a Policy Correctly
When he bad. n* good'bJ. &he districts, the moet a '
t. country even le harder to lad tear. way than It lato Written With Liberality Policy Contract and the Company
"';on Monday It wa with a cheery mlle, remote, should not participate In .It. get out and make a living by legltimato Pay Losses Promptly
./aad how little. did we expect to be *ud. tinder. the system aa at 'pr...& eon method

x doaly called home tfcree day later by 40....., the. 'letter, papers and.paok. 't

'.\>.*ha announcement of hie death. .Bat age of country peop.e.N. delivered to Th. contract for'ereelloR, the-Gov- You Are AssuredThat
*?ask la life, fjr "In tba, midst of life 'them atH&elr, very door and at their" eraot'a.manalon w.* awarded to O. O.
*'**. ar* I. death." door the. esrrler ..... their letter .
very. Parker of Tallahaaaee,. hit bid, being no serious loss can overcome you without' you have *omorefoge.
<.o man ever had a truer personal aad package and tend them onto the lowet. f '' J
frtcad:," than th. writer' bad In W. W. their various destination Th.'d..

;,:Aakley, and no employe ever perform* liveries la the most remote sections Fishing' for tarpon I is very muoh enJoyed .

.'.. more faithful aervlce' to employer thus bring ike people. la dally commonleatloo by visitors to Fort )(,.,.. Fire Accident and d Health iosinoce
.His. wa labor of love, and hi. every with' the .buay boatltog ) Life .

')sprat wa In th. .aeo... of Th. San world. They feel, a. It were, the varypulae .
'";.ad the city and State of his adoption.. of the business, political and *o>>* ,: .. Mene bat'Bailable Companle Bepreaented.

," ....itloo. of his ..'.1....a. ...n.* portion of the alvlllaed, world. ..... 'a rasrs ....... .-. :c

_,davotlou .. manifested for o* per* .'It .. a great bleealag to farmer In "'!'betl h le the baa loan. eenelnelvely 1\l(,. OXJ''. H.MJ: N, ,
..aallyFac/ the The rural :'t'Oby. 4entiae reeearcb.
busy aeaaoo. deliveryof
,, _.
Prof. U th* noted KurepeM eklaerecleJlet.
,1.... < to you, dear departed friend' mall enable Inbabltaota of lao- d........ that dandruff le the Information cheerfully "' ........ OAIKW.I ILIZ.IXO&IDAo
may a Divine. Providence permit' laced sections of the eooatry to take burrowa.up.utkl..ef the eoejn.., eaneed :
':ap-writer to Inherit the, heavenly re- advantage of the method of education by parasites deetroylntbe. vitality. In .... .I.I,
the heir bulb. TDe Hair b ceee Ilteleee.and. .
.'"swsrd.. which. your.*rlhly.. labor ao rloh from_dally aewapapera aad other poblleatlona In time, fella out. This can be preNewtve -
,.- aerv. u.Tbo IdvvaaaaT.d which they have heretofore ""lfICL Dl.e.---ec1 seee
.., '* lletpl4e Vin. thte dandruff
been deprived of. It enable them to
'\, eetri.'and restores the hair' to its natural
father of twins has aa lat oa.IaI. I eater Into the ''dslfb.ritioea' of their, ..,."... end abundaortrVrpleMe H FDU ON&OQ3 :
I.. to be thankful for, said that I I'i National Ooagree a" to know what. te now ud by th.aasnd.Ol -..

"that' they are not triplet. I I* being dooehere, and I have heard Ituggeated p."apt.has p ed r.p.rst onit I.oq .the the mart "
# ,that ta4et..*r v..eoa'It.- .., -
Held leaMaa Bend lf. metarene :: A& : LuE.
toy 4mrvlte
'I publleana are opposed ,to-It."They .'
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&the fool fool' may th* good Lord 1.- oaa keep op. with their, BtateLegUlatare Mlev .. ,

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Th. man who sueoNdsdose not world. n. are people get .s... .e.Mte.fee Or4aiaeaeeav -
*.w..U for opportunity to kaoek at his ..tjt.wb.1as1ks! .........J.'.TIae y. 1 r ,
,door I ho Hag It up and makee a date. do not RvehOrel. Igh .....,lam QRINDLuittviFniitSynf G .V .u.. ."Wb Fz..C) "''t'P..

t,, of tpe fal l.gblsttoa.Tay. pay Uee
Tho Atlanta. sad .boar iaela' ..aba** of fae.kafdea* .of
Our liquor bill/1 says
"".ra".D'; and thong ate......... to
;fOeeeI'u'loa, la 91JOOO.OOOJOOQ per anastn. Gainesiille' & Golf Rtilwaj
: Coipaij. .
ooavenleaoo sad advantage the
." Why not try ,.....,.,wagoa, i ,
** rural free .."..'7..M
hIotb.rf ... "II1flT.TIIe 11l.. THE FRUIT % VBQKTABLJ. ROUT

.i People who are certain Jkat .they It begin. to look a* "If .... Presidsat env ldiaitIve. ;1)- OF PLOftlDA....

rwoaM not waate their tlma. If taey had woald have......U. to pcpao*llt- ,1MIt..... oe oa1l...'.. "Time'Tab.. 1.Naas. JWttek(1. 1105.2t. ..:

{;...., llvee. live orer again kaep oa &Ie ..,... foe taoao laarflocdowwe ra-- CM.. t>L:11=aCa.aea. .OaM.w .-, .
;'ratlag' It. fuss to rent to people with. ......... ,,-
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\ t ... .... .. D. ... L "' .. .. ... 4 1t..St
.' Lit If fall of work but It aeed ,not Tao average tuft for ..... Press-. 11I.-1 . Dally DaN7 I.I.' f. .
,'taUaadoaela a rash and ooafuelea' ana has rte. .. tress f Uk* 1 la lET toN : oft..1I1. &a 8 a Zy lsa ?

tad .a bo meaag*.<1 oo that inane than *4o a join M preaeat.fclOO I II ..s'1LWNt and baw_I .,

:,\......... san be found along. too way I >.trsr. 4.Ie w.aauriraa a IIt 11tIw' '
I L. P Y ., A P. A M A.rN .1.-.
.... MowaroaUOO.. ..... ... s GO ......._ a.......ti. i a ........ .
"Vklladelpbla& claim to be tae baaaer The reader .,. thai will bopUaead I -.r::;;; 5-... . 12 a _.... ..... ... r T o. ....,,.;: _
,"wHr of the ....,'7 for mea a .......dgyse papor.e. 'i tv.sir sa ......_ .......... ID 50 ,.r... .. tM
old sad over. That ally also I Nto .. .loam that.there .laaat I 5. .......-. ..... ..... . s D r........, .
.. ** ... dreaded....... tat ........ hoe, ; .:' >.. .1000 .. ... m..II1.I.. .. .... ... I'"to N .. ..
,,,,, :
." havlag feellag. Mea able. to Oslo la all Ita....*.. sad I --- 10 51. ... L o. L.Otsmtag....., ...

e:; that I Ie .&ant.. Halll, Qua,.. Care s .; toL. 10 aa-A ..a J......----._ 1'QJ ....., I -GO u.1o
12 OOL ..
.j,1G I* Just aa well to always I have a I* ibo only positive arc now knows .. ::& 41. m :::::: .t. .... .A. L.o.-Iaa,..Iou _:::: o h! t1 M .

word to say for ,CM,"". aa yoari tao aw*lea! fratovalty. .Oatarra -.* ; tl2 i Will... d otrcvlatloa the other kind. oft .reaua>.... HaH..Ca- to 12 2Ir . .. . ........ ...... ........ eo ho eon=
12. . .... . ... .... __....4 so 1o yes ..
V repotls Carr Cure I* sakes. I.WvMly'M1isgdissotly ,,' $50 .2.1 .. . . ........... ... ...... ....... 10 hl ter ;.
=-.: spas tao bleeel .sad. aaaajaaa PATENTS S IS .210 _. . . ......... !1tlkwMd...................... -
article la a oatemporary head ..".... 01 tao -.,...... ...... 4otroy I 1. IS" .. ... .'-_. ... .... . "' .
to Fit a'XVaUf* met be la. tear the fowojaatloa. af latitiaMt. .1 ra 1as . .. .. .... ....t--, ......... .... ... .0 :" : .'
and giving tao paataa etreaajta bbatMiac E 1 u .... . . .. __ ....,..... ......... .w 1
' fee ,....1.. read wp tae ........... sad ....1 ._ 1 ... ... . .,....... ... . ... a _
"ay amen, aa a rule, de not latlaf ...... la data i.a ...... The s or 1 2s . -..: as
.........* aav*a* ... ta*I I Ines-- eo 1 hlo ...... .
soul.* ...... taat t My.M. Otolleudrvd I a. I. ... . ..... D ter
Oolktr* for say ease that UraiU ass bas-sea t he m krstri tty.v..waM eGO 1 . . . ..!....... .q.-.J .
M flan. pioua rich people to Bead fe ,liet of ,..... ant saw eta.. M wr w w fir 1 eo. ...... .,. li9rea RAr a.
du.! tao Creator la HI ..*...... to ZOO. ... .... -
y .id'' ass make two Addreee T J. CaaantT A Co.,,...... t II rIrA.w .: ..&

ttk Nosh, also MNl O"i4.14 bjr ail' drejalaai.T... : A SNOW 1sw .yid Ie.. wi/i suet ... haswsast atarewill.slat lihtii "t._ taaiilsl. : '. "tI. ,41

n3B 5w tit 1 UlrwlN.geed p.. TTw flall'a Faaalti. Ns. If< ....... .,,," C1Lat eesa9 t/sp's. L.Ps. ...... lb11Ws t ::ksd" %=
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",-, ..... _.. ....-'tt. .. .\..,.....:,.. ...,f.....:...... ..fe... :+'

... ..t..Jj*: ,> "; ,,..>-!.,'.....1.P II- r'4''J'"II"I:>> '\:: ,\'-"'! 1""""> 1f ""w,,, '.f'" / '

e t 1 N A ., "il.' .' N[ fl hf
r" II. .il. :. .' . .. .
: ;: l, :>I.....
w 1 !oIk't.: iIl "i!.:

.. fT .T' l" r., .Iw ,b "
EMJ ? ; THE' t'y. i. i. FLORIDA. nJL 2$, 1006Britf

,w r l'w ... -.-" .. ".'" -

-.---- .,.- :

Him for
Signed Article ; ,
;. -' MRS. G A. cOfU OILV.I .
OF Tax Assessor MIt3. T. 1Rt rJi.
4PRTS : Editor Sun: tu view of( the fact that

wlihiu a few more weeks the voters iAUehua of

From Variocof county will b*called upon t t 0 .
Hfftpenings :
decide who shall serve them In thc viriout .. "

.. --; -of JState- capacities of'offtees of trust and I tit"re'

.t.. ho.or, tt l i., 1 hope not amiss to remind .

THE .MOST IMPORTANT_ EVENTI; the thinking poblio.that the nta. i 'T : .

-*** who has moat to do with adjusting th.

Tr n*plHn In' ."Tiiwt'--"d of Flowers.'.. burden of taxation Is tbeman, who ri t* e

Things 4 n"r to" Suit thIrftereat Q1U"{he office of tax assessor. Upo

H..I r to. his lack of vigilance; rests the MeuUT N
OuetrRaad.t it
of the ehronio tax dodger.sad upon tl. v t y I
.All Claaaiae. relief of the
exercise depends the poor '
;The: polJsifore- ot;Tampa waa. givsi man from exeeiy f' 1

a valae In saXarjfcs'j; ..I1.!' !. The Increase tnUlace> for eche e ." -

A new hotVMa,rBfoksvine Is no. purposes the Increased peiitlott levy. -

aa sjasurdilnVliagX.' : ,Th. "contract for and like caaiet, have made. > ; 2Jh

.ajn*.waa.[.*$ o a i. b oovUl. firm. meal of taxee this year' a teal"T l order! II'tIf. 'T.t h !'v :
it cleat.,keenly . $$
to all bo by nooe has } '
:A Dew draelg boat; and pile drive >tl ; l .
balls in th*'Miami Extension Ship. I felt as by the average farmer who.Integrily hi.prnper' *. I !. ':;.lI-Jli'.. :! ., Il
.yards... about ready to put In eommiston. lead. him to give .... '- ;. :.. <" a
: at something like Its ravalue . :t ; "'<. '
., : : _
.. 'ts, ; ... '
" thus placing him at a disadvantage ' . CrRMA :
has beet I : ,, t . __ .
Anew canning Industry with the more shrewd bat le.i ,.. ...."'" ...._. r
.. \ J
. establl.b.d1ApoQks. The dally carpacity honest citizen of large .Interests, act. "" ..r,.. ...: '; :

. la 100..a.0 of fruit. and vegetable .sldent land shark. Not until i ilystem That
Donr TJtousanTls TVo Write "Dr. Hartman to Complain
*! of /icn
:;.. ." _- ; : 0" of appraising by a board osomp

:t. The $ark..Telegraph reports our : teot citizens like1 that exUIinjIn 27iiy Never feel IVJtolfy Jfcstcr/f That They' Arc Always Tired.MKS.T.THKNRH .

"ftauO.OOO Laving been paid to the straw. many Btates, Is inaugurated hen I .

berry growet*of 'that section so faryshis assessment of pro..rt7be he..r, inaa
: ;so a correct < woman who,
season; > Until the people have be- PELVIC CATARRH CAUSES : '
_yMadison t made. <.,. will iclv
celebrated Decoration Day ome educated up to Ibis they. must okh Road IaUrson. ... a trial and
." .N.J..writes t There ar. no many women who are tltrd l allve |
la an .pp"..*. .. manner under theaotpioes lepend upon the tax assessor ti look aroiimt wearily. all a* grateful: *.

of Ml.,Ellstbeth Harris Chap. itter their Interests. How necessary.,. "1 ..suffered! fiveyears mornlUK. ttrrtt and drag tit them..lvr.* hack ami dragging !' .. ., l hi .l>an.l and
wttU Thryhave .
rYU. D. a,'.. 'then It Is that he be a man who I. |n'ormed and my in spin them dt>wn a. though carrying a t.tinlen.Many ..If."
'' of land andand patna. my wliii .''''''''' m r>*r. ;
Albert Simmons, a a gro who killed upon the subject bck. women are undoubtedly oMfTerint
hit aunt and two children. on the 17th value, and who has the Interests "I consulted you proper rvmody for them to I..... t. '''run.. Mi.4 Anna Me.fortaa.w'y. {
l |I.i| I'lalnMl.,
March at Pine. Level, has been sen"teoced 01 his county at heart. and In TheratorrhhasInvaded th*>whol.atelominalsuit! |an"I .
of .. ."..... ..Mn -., H. r.,
ar.lo.toy; vitality every
ask diM-harse they
... Recognlslnfc this, let us our- fourteen weeks was mucous .
to ...... eat and the .ter > they Ret M h.rdl .1
can do better than to re. cured: by the UH of. The f they 'J
.elves we ..
trustees have I wuti I let
The StetaoavUnlvsrsity and followIng with th. lnc...ant drain on their "...111)'. yon
pled to this Important position one Pernna . .. nf h. .MH. |
voted'13 to lUG resign in order that advice.MI The only dope fur betterinont In ihelreurr Is th o S
rho-havia. been himself a farmer is your ntnltrln ha.
Stetson's bequest) of 'IGO.000to
John B. "Ia sympathy. with them as a class and can now do my catarrh l>,. fur n,.. I had 'tCthank
the Institotlon may be made avail work. 1 cannot For thU IVruna. recommend' by .
own .. .
able for Its need vB%, having made a thorough continue study ofhe yog enough, wherever l".cale.l la the human Uwly-In the 'hor... | ( |..+lhe.rllruull.the. d. tur.I .
situation, is In position
The city eoancit of Tampa met Tuesday cannot tell yon I | a year l- ...r.1
baa caused lnditc iton "
'o carry on the work he begun bow happy 1 am. No' family ttuulJ be I Tbta was lay
and . the
night in tbr' refurnished em the assessed valuation of theoonty. w"boaI"rua.," |f.m.le'Nuble. 1 nfTennt agonlee moat
'lftlitn. +. .w desks and alon. with pain In my bead.On . During his little more than a SwfrVreeT Y..n With Pmm.Mra. I waa afraid to lM9 left a1Av.
chairs had taken the place of the old CamtpHttly Etmu.trif. '4 Frf.AfIN4 h'pun.. ..
,arm In office the assessed valuation of Ida Oermaln, Oil Manhattan day a friend of mine told n..of
had done service for such a ". time I warn afral. ,.,stand on my
on.n ,be county has been Increased- nearly ... New York City,writ..t huu__ your Peruna.o I gut a t>ttle.. After a kIn
long time. b.n a million dollars. How? By the ''For many years suffered with pains fe t and to attempt to. do any. Week'. Uuf It I ttegan to feel Iwtler.At l;

West Palm'Beach la soon to have a addition here and thereof bits of prop. the pelvic organs. 1 wa unat.>l. to work' warn out read of the an<|n a.alon.Hndayl trertl. _ment ofPvruna ."., I could not eat, eleep or q

fine new school building. An election .rty, and sometimes large and value And relief a* no doctor could help and Ita wonderful cur** and I work but I have at !sat found that lh.

heldlat week and the district had n.. 111.'lc.oln." that would cur m* was your
was which oum-
of land $It.
abl. tracts decided to try
wonderful .rnn.
; for t>>.OOO for the assessed "I read of your I.'u....
was bonded been
how escaped taxation or out decided to gtv It a trial. 1 took it New LI1.In111gert A NEw lt'. Mvan.MMy ;
purpose of .;..'10. a new public nominal figure, retrdless much t ot.
J..r after year at for aom time and obtained 'My husband brought home one > fa... ha a coral enter now. lama e

school boos*. of Increase In ..ID.. ..U.I. tie and t>efur* that bottle wa half gun new..0..... I thank you very much.."

DELIQHTF.U" ENTERTAINMENT.The Would you have the work to fa on strwag4geia.. t fait new Itf. and nw vigor Fo/leowetD,. Mmrtmtmrn'm Atlk .
,. aDd tb. rich to be gradually: made to Now 1 am strong again. ADd have -That tired hopeless l feeling Uft me, Mr. VlnlaM.rehaii.e'Jr1Y.etalaroa. :.

be.r their snare of' the weight of tax aood appetlt ..Perone... rellnvea' met 1 began local and my fuu.i nourished strsiMprlspn.ld$1Nwrlt..i

Students of the Two Literary So- Then will make no mistaker o a chronic ailment, and Jt , I could walk and d"mr work .Two month atio when aouicht your
.'lion? you
diet... Entertain. May loth for command It to alh>womnALAr without fain Hag. advice, I bad gotten.o weak. had C

Among the plegaant social events of b casting your vote on ra TVeef std IV.aft.Mrs. *>.,...'* U'tMseVrfW. Wor*. to II*dews most of Ute ..It.. 3

the season was the reception tendered \ 'ilJis. W.. Colson thereby showingor K. ,%. OoanoUy., arm Oarner At.. "I took several bottle daring th. 1'ra I..,..,.... "

the faculty sad students of th* t7oly r- 'appreciation of hi..Eorte In 70ul'beh.lf. .Canse.City." Me..wrttM i I simmer and fall and aaoot praise Itn **1 takiair your .**'110. ...l now
No .,. could do more than he wonderful work II. did .
tfteI > **I have suffered for year with atomeh ejgh fur the I I feel new woman.hall
city High School Friday night by I. doing. A great deal lees might be that I could eat hardlynyUitng. for m.. "I never reae- > t>'.1..... I" "
I ...,1.1... The barracks for hi kiadadvie ,
two literary Respectfully, Twaa tired ad wak all ta>. "\Vh.. I feel tir.dora.r.osfremany nor thanking. Pro llartman *
was beautiful/decorated with Japan doa.> j. W.. UitxaocsB. ......, ....., a few d_* of .*.,..... ante .... ..'*

I e.e lanterns. \& s multitude of .ratful friends. urgingist
Fla. April 37. have tome from a
Dsllghtfnl refreahmentfl. consisting Hope Revised' Formal*-"For a number of years rvquett* com 1..d.U..ou. for quit" a lagih
Pt>.runa be glren a ,UC''" laxative. q uaU',. I have been.perlaaenllng wilt a ... la She ''j
and cake, I have Incorporated a
lea that
of fruit aream .
| poach In the World. th frUadeof, I'W-n.
The Richest Man 01 time, cad now '.gratified to aanoi ace t* M. D."
4 IP II. lUavMAH. ,
.... ..t.r.
deineenooessoi .. hn were served.. AU ..present.. were _- The ilehest man in tke world' cannot sdlcla which. In my opmts. can only cabana lie w Il* .
I I R Aced' w lea inc cateitalament ,
have his kidney replaced nor' ,livt i '-'
-- -
-- - -
altcr-expresaiag since it' Is important not tnsglcct < TIM & CO.
I thanks to the charge I.n these.organs. If FoUy'a'Kidney G. MERCHANT\ I ,

Ito dream of the most, delightfulilm' tlret .. .'W
until they should be honored'with another Care Is taken at th* ....1&8,*and Jobber* 18IppIs .

Inrliattws nest year. The boa danger and the health symptoms will be will restored disappeai. .. llstrengthens Cash; Grocery yo. I

hred .11.... were Prot. and Mre. W. N. your and builds op Ib... ore and Fancy Grocarias.ralei .
IShratr. Prof slid Mrs. Tit.Ms Beat.
0..., Bow.
.... aa aotnlng .. .111. .r
sad Prof. Adkin. -
air aDd Mrs. .Lawrence
Lebaaaoa Ky writes **I h... Offers for the nst M daye Ute
( .. man, 1ardi. f i.<.. FtfUllxaraet .
used Fol.,'. Kidney Gore and take following goods at pile' .ataWed -

HEALTH \m YOUTH. great pleasuie In stating It cored m. t OAUfeUIVILIJI. yU. >UIlAI
below t BIDB BQCAKK. I O'
permanently of kidney disease, which it ..ft'r I Frwdae.
B1ses mashes prie paid fr
O;sense and$ aaBrlrta Old Ago. certainly. would have coat me my IU./ urfte's. Salad Dreeslag .m
Pteklee .. . 71.
Heroine, take*':every ,,aor IaeT beIf J. W. NcO U.. Co. n.Three...... 0.. ....Su. MM Olwryss.. ..t. ...._bot... H..d Meal +
t May.Ow. .
will I.! 1"0bllU ... . ... AOoaapl** a* .
brvtkfaat keel Pass .
yes three cane u YR"Y ..., .... ashe LOW.
healthy a. ... to wmid off .... .... .. 11'I4... Oe ....sea Klbevt fe..r*.-... ... IIEI- sat .**!. w.rlo..d he.dJ mil Sus/.all.1 She i51-1fll. .s alwaf. ..
> T
tb doable Oowere of garden tinsels r...**.. .. >M .
all .
Nearly Two S-II cane
'UII. erea .-at....... blllooaB wild. Dbl Ib, IN .. "
found ..arch
w.v..r.t dot Lamp -- --
B dJ''psis. ,..*.. skim live SUM doubt prt......*. doable Three Corned or React

Lidaey, eos+.prai. .... Is parlScc the bvrrerrop double teas and. maay *.e* Beef ... ..' ....r Ms BAST FLORIDA TBUNOME C01PAHYI eeMail .
Ib, ... C. .
.0001 sad etcem ... wseaplcstoein. flrvt discovered asaengtheir Bees CoeapoeadlAfd. f r "
lire w. 8e IUir WhU ey. '1'..... [ thlaga wild fellows and Intruder' *. tot* Beet grade of I USA. sad BrsaMlastBe I ; .... elslaisiinV.. FleV TiN Biadsnw- *! nwwww N.... ..d Bda..-*-f..-..,....'..,,...",.,

.,.,.. April$ 11, \9m\, "I hav. used flit* p....... Tb florist ww....... cam ***.... ..." ..1.. Ch.ap.fewQsnh..! I Li x
gssdlciai He watcheai ... with the f.4lwla. ....... sad .......*
Ierbise. sad ..< ftt UM.|MM prodoc* double ftowev CALL.w. i Tat 0...... kw easa"e* s. '
If a ..... GIVE US A thee* lists !. traassti.g bissUsesiKvlaetew.
0'toosu' paticci sat Uvw to..'*-. It.1A' this tewdeocy In nature. soma will saaae nay wyAto iag
an ,IMI...... hr... I use Alga' ha Ova ptK ... be dla .k*.. t.s diesis. ICHII.
f'onua.1I4 I"'." 101. fllaM h -. suallA that some 01 the .....*** hv can satisfy' you both la g.*JMy sad iHvt. Fort Whit. l..... Val, "'.*,'. ...., r.'.,. :
savers ..... 'lJ.ue N...... horse.
:lDeoD. 4al-Wle. character. fed Fairbaks. .',
...'...t f a "
... p I K...
I. "'.
) "*
Ire .
and tf. )
wsrs .
City Oirat ey Pee p.Ilea Is takevt freer In*** TmXCrtMSE H. ... IMsihee.. ... Keck Werlag*.
.. Xbev' m a .....! coadlttaa tsrtllta.dwith ___, - -- r. Hire H.'.......... II..$. ..... "..*.>*.. El.. .,.
have .
tubs. sVle .
etassesalrtd. ,
thle p Um. Tb teodcr. .. McJ...... Tae..
'.rr I''' City Dlr. tery '" .... as TM hi u..* glvw t* th. .......*,., .. If..wrhaaa. >.....rrJ. Tile.. '
I Is Is't/ bash .Axot any np.cts.1 pleat WIll m txd T. F. TIMISUNDEnTalHIQ Jed.... ....... IA'T...... *)
a err b..lg ytu' a pvudatcinsT debleOvwera ... .J.ILer. raiser. Te>*t...
apebl..1 .
..: .. way be fral e,**... Wllet.. It .
se the. rhf, with O eknwwMUr L'Fuss. 1l., ...... e
.t,.., sy : silts Mthr ,. It la earprletxei ', Kea . .&Naa. Wamht..... !
awhef .. muse .t...... a: ... .._,.**-.-,-.w .. e 'a
1& _
. .
srdew&w e
...........-& fa .uaarl s '

.'e .... ..c lase Liet ; :

D 0 W"'T' ...c.rM Hsn' '...._ eI t1.e L........ NEw o11+ ... ./ rAaAjasixJU ,*m ITh'sjess

-...*... years erase say .*..* were ,-- -- -- -

:) Less war......mde w badly. ....... the I had assay new*' IW.-TS rat
"'.1. W .......... red se .rrhape.- vritee A. M. .Ak* .* We4. I.a4 TtUe I. tM> ...>. ."f Vteald*. ,.,.,e..|*sty
'. ....a Ie rer.tata r ,M .MSai, .... -I seek treatsneat .'ih surdphy.ltiasse 18YICaDTU. TMIDttTRl>. lisle tv. 4 WAs aanW Ap0.f. ,;

... tern west a Lau JPIGeIor kw8. S tha ,11 rE cs+ .- -
erg wrtbwat gig sat .,.. ........ K
...u._.Me . ... assnd s..... /*"-*y'. He*>ey sad Tar. -=............... yhrtf<tltrtt. ..lAJ.....f t.Mil 11 T** dais sM..*a.

....:-...use. .... arI my lay a,. sew .. ..... .a sIfsu.s. ai olfir_ "'fe) e. )jl .. ila.l,lll.aai Fin*. ., c..u..y ,

\ JAMegrFtr ....J I r.a..rD.rt It r ....... fL-mu. ........ t. stats """" 5'1' -' /yewoa. ... ,a. ,

1 ........- Foley'...... .., ... w trrrn.. .tease I rr sew -- .... -- {
.. .. -
I war see .......111...I sow .. + r ,.-* t If.F
:: reawMtraea ... Tu sews 1M usrk ;.... I.e #0 I Flees....PlI'-.UaI..laM.

I '. w 1'L,....,a....,1.: 0 ...... sa d Macwiit..a a-.- susMs lGII.."rrs... >......A c... Psab rs-
'" .. ..t-jl..... 1.w. .
"' w.. ; a .... >.... .

.MsOsN tit C..


L t 'k .,M ,; ,r ua1 u
L rY'u c. A

VII- ";"'';'f"".r..".",1'1.' "L...>.. ... '.4.i,;"" .1:'"J. .:"'.,'" "oc. ';. -'- i r yFk


: ..

., .
WiF ._ pl.... of basoes( SB they from time to of the annual meeting of the stockholders .

time may provide. and at the same pl.eo.ARTIOr.E ne
a 1a. Tft r..';JL** Bl._...* That Are CALLPHONE ARTICLE II. VI. ,'.... lisdslRethington
yt'1' 4.*o.t.<.. I. Then '" 8e nature of "
tnn 1-The general hlthett amount of
The .superstition tbat associates the the bo.ine.. '0"" carried on by the Indebtedness Section 1-The liability to whio1 the -

i .0raetaboe''WUb good luck It'! very old.t said .Franklin Phosphate Company Company can at
Franklin Phosphate
:( 1* said to prevail not only among WO. 7 shaltbe to ,do and perform' nnd an* time sobj-t itself Is Two Hundred S notes
English speaking people but In all tbe singular the matter and things that Thousand Dollars.ARTICLE .

racesof, Europe and In southern corporations for profit existing under with its new. billing 'attachments
the Is,. nf the State of Florida msy VII.
:;. Antiquarians! are undecided whether and nl and Instantly: interchangeable carriages
do < plan.
FOR and. perform under the laws of sad Sefltlnn 1-The sines
Its origin, bas to do with the material State residence of the subscribers of said *. tabulator and two-color
+ .< \rlilc-b the borseitboe 1. made or ribbon movement, I*the most complete
rom of
8ef Inn 2-Th. general nature nf the capital *took. suit t e amount capital combined
!WIth Its .hap<*. busmen to be tranoaeted by the Frank stock subscribed by ..ob. arc a*

The an l.*nts bells that Iron a* a Hn Phosphate Company shall be thboylne. ? follow: BHIlnoandCoVroapondence,

metal hall JP'eat,1. .jt power.- and PlumbingAND leaslug mannfaetorins and P. D. Camp. Franklin. Virginia, ..12".bare. .

they drove nalla law their walls as a otherwise scqnlring. veiling and disposing ..
protection against pestilence. The of nil kinds, qoalltlss and detcrip- 'D O. NorflVer. Ncwberry, Florida.

r !'Arabs wbe3 overtaken by sever storms tions of phosphate, phosphate lands, 125 hare*. machine manufactured. Designed
la the desert cry out "Iron. Iron I" pebble' phosphate, rock phosphate and F. O., Newberry, Florida; oa-it woe for Cast service built for
phosphate nrodnet. and In the baying 05 *hre_T hard w.. recommended by
IWhlch tbe/ think will propitiate the ..11'1/' <<, refining! burning, mining dig. P. J Korfle., )Marlon Sooth Oato- and guaranteed< I .vll spirits which ha..e'ra1aed the a''!. nndTOherwite .rQblrlna'. selling.ordbJPoslng.of lin. ". SO "hares.J. aa the idealsTypewriter
torm. The Scandinavians nave held erode phosphate J. 8. Norfleet..Franklin, Virginia, 80
from time immemorial the Idea that It phosphate .lands; the .bo 114ing and share.

} (was lucky to find a piece of Iron. npe-ratlng of nlll'C'adand tr..mroads R. F. Gamp, White Springs, Florida( ,
.As regards the form of tbe horseshoe, |Co eonneetlnn with' the said business, 12S hare. .' .
4+ paid railroad rot t> be osed as n sommonesrriert B. F. OAKT> for producing the most goad work in
(there la no doubt that among the an- Tin Work the shortest niAe tile least
with effort.
the } ,.al"Jlof monev tnd p. D OAJlr.
much faTored
dents the crescent form was ,
the taking rf property or other adeq oat P.J. Noarrur. .Writ tdor far foil. JiitripUoo.
y as having lucky or preeervatlvepowers. seearlty therefor baylng.sslilns:, J. P. NOBTLBBT.. Local....... __... for

Ornaments were shaped In bsndtlng, }red In anywise dealing In D. O NoarLBET, moa.ptd taq..

ithls war to drire away evil spirit nil kinds nf m.rt-.ndIM.lrood.. ,wares' F. C NoarUBT.STATB THC ARITHMOCRAPH 00.
CTbe Chinese hare their tombs built' In and chattels at wholesale, retail 'or or FLORIDA. J .MaJoatfoBltfgu. Chicago

a semicircular form like a horseshoe, on commission' ; to bold. buy own. HAMILTON COPSTY J .
h find the Moors' use the same form In control deliver, sell convey;'lease or Before me personally earns B. F.
w;; their architecture.It release mortgace. pledge. xcbore, Camp to nva well known to bit one nf
All Work Guaranteed Improve. or otherwise deal In and dispose the subscriber to the above and foregoing ''
may bo remarked that In tbe mythology of both, real and .personal property charter and acknowledged the WILLIAM ,.MNDERAONBICYCLES
r,t: of Europe horse were also regarded - \ of any.nature or kind whatsoever, execution thereof to be"* hi. free set ,
4 as luck bearers and superstition and dn nil other things neeary. appropriate .nd deed for the uses and purposes -

once supposed that a horse's hoof convenient or"Incidental to therein expressed.

f placed under the bed would cure certain the purposes herein .'.'.d. The fore In wltnes. whereof. I have. hereunto and
complaints. The horseshoe therefora going' also,.. shall be eon t trued n. eel my hand and official eal this the

may be said to unite within Itself Independent business and powers. and 21st day of March, A. D. 1800.
o elemente-It 1s In the shape the.enoussnUldo of any ..,..18. bust ('Signed: ) MALLORY F. HOBVB,
lucky ness or power shall not be bold to limit Notary, Public, State of Florida. Electrical Supplies.Agency ..
of a crescent. It Is made of Iron and It BAIRD. HARDWARE .
or restrict, In any nasirasr, any other (L. 8.) My commission expires November -
,kn bas been taken from horse.Is bnslness or powerjjf, this corporation 28. 1808.BTATB .

OOBPANY. Th's corporation shsll also have the : or YIBOIKIA, ( for leading Bicycles. Repalrlagdens
The Moon Inhabited power to own and deal In stocks and Sours' AM PTOK COCVTT. } .
t. bond of -other corporations,- and to Before rait personally came P. D. ....ptlJ. Electrical wurk
w' Sale no. has proven that the moon represent and vote scab stock a' stock Camp to me well known to be on. of ef nil kinds.
a 'has an atmosphere wbleh makes life In holel."' meetingseta. engage In any of the subscribers tn.the above and foregoing -

some form possible' on that satellite the businesses enumerated herein as n charter and acknowledged "the

bat not for human beings, who have a JUPITER .IN A MIRROR. partner with others, be they corpora. execution thereof to be his freeact. L 1.'V.. UNION ST.
y lions or Individual. and deed for the uses and .P..I'....
hard enough time on this earth of ours, A n._......... r..n..__... c....._. Section 8-The Franklin'' Phosphate therein expressed. V o)

......I.n,. those who don't kt.ow that gas HI. a..*....... Oompsny may sue and be sued plead In wl nss. whereof I have hereuntoset W. R. JOHNSON

Electric Bitters ear headaohs, biliousness lu a very old number of the Bulletin and be empleaded,contract and be eon my htfnd and official *.al this, the ,

malaria, chill and fever, Jauo- do la Borlcto Astronomlrjue de France trseted wisb. boy .lease, sell or otherwise 15th day of March A. D. 1800. [Established SO.Yea,..]
". dloe dlsilostt. some one mad. a uoto of the fact that acquire and dispose of both real (Signed) n W. OARS
djtpsptla. torpid liver Pnbl'a' COMMI3SIO r'UER&HANT.
and personal property' to lend and (Seal and Stamp.) Notary
_; kidney complaints, general debility be bad mesa Jupiter's satellite la a borrow
money give and take security, My commission expires October 17th
WIaoIeeaJe Dealer and
and female .....n...... Unequalled mirror. The Oth of November being a and In fact to do and perform any' boat U108. ,; SUop r of FRUITS
W. Sixth sad alt
a general tonic and appetiser for wickpersons clear night a correspondent C. n. It.. ness or engage in ant undertaking,not STATE or Pocr yt CAROLINA, ) Oeoo'..Sta. ClDeiaatl.Ohio. Boa M3.
Andrews, determined to make the experiment luoooilst-ot the above mentioned CorifTT MABION.
and especially for the It or }
seed. Our SpeelalUes: Berries. Peaeke.. Bean.
induces sound sleep. Fully with an ordinary looking matters and thing' Before me personally came J. J!. Pea..Z..l"IaD'uollaa......*. Kto. Car Lou:
guarsuteed glass. ARTICLE III. Nor lees. to mi well known to be one Potato Oat>ba.* sad Tomatoes. Befereeee .

'" by all druggists.' Price only 80o.essa. "Tbe (Image. of Jupiter In the .1.....** Section 1-The csplttt' stock of this nf the subscribers to the above andfnreaVtlng p.mite.: Avn alt UaU te ;J.Baak.W. M>.MalDt<0.Mh.: na Mere:

.. .. be write. was dlf tluctly accompaniedby corporation hall be Fifty Thousand charter, and acknowledgedthe J. ... BoUia a.u.......Fla.: U. D. Wood.
a re.l.Tbft a small star on either side one Dollars, to be divided Into eve ban execution thereof to be his free set Bvtoatom. Fla. Htaaap* or .,...n. furmUbedo
P I xt tin it a has n high rrcotnineuda- nearer! the planet than the other. I deed shares nf the par'value of One and deed for the uses and purposes appltaatkm.- Correspondence ...0''.....
tlou nil au article of food because of Hundred Dollar. .each and shall be therein expressed.*
then turned
It. nutrition character. A celebrated my telescope on the planet paid for In money, or In lieu thereof In witness whereof, I have, hereunto
and found nt one that the positions the Mme yet hand end official cool 'thit tbs
ltyslclau m-ontimMids a baked banana or any portion thereof to he my ,
; ,i .uttn nt "Wwikfast as a-KMttlre cure. of satellites three and one and two co.luclded paid for la property,labor or service' at 28th day of March A. D. 1800 Mist HtraNtvalilts Nirtrn
for rhouiantUm. 41n. authority an- with the positions of the stars n Jot vslnatlon' to be fixed by the (Signed) W. F. STACKIVOOSV.: : ,
'1 .... that ones pound of this fruit seen. lu the mirror. Satellites one and Board of Directors" and any part of (L.- 8.) Notary Public South Carolina.STATIC .
lisa more nutriment than three poundsof two were at the time (about ,,:30 p.m.) *..ld cmplM stock of said Franklin'' or FLORIDA )
close and I Phosphate Company may be purchased AI.AC COCMTT.
extremely together have J
meal or pounds of .
many potatoes.while no doubt that these two were seen as and paid for b, or with "ro""rI7.labnP Before me personally cam D. 0Noth.
? as a food IT la said to tie. la every one In the glass. or service, et a jut ..loa'lon.o' such .., to m*> well known tn be one Laiiu. !
.I ounce superior( to wheat ........d. The I property. labor or ..."IM to he fixed of the abscribers to the above. aad /
natives of the West Indies' and other explanation of phenomenonIs by she Board nf Directors. And not I foregoing charter. and acknowledgedthe .and ,
tropical( romttrle subsist largely upon Is a simple OU. We cannot see the less than ten p.r vent nf said capitalstoek execution thereof to be his free.

at them. They may btt made almost an satellite In tbe ordinary. way because'Jupiter's shall subscribed and pa'd'' 'ln. act and deed for the .purposes thereinexnreswed. FHsy ......

iclnslve diet when one has work requiring :. brilliance overpowers their before the organisation of said eor ..
considerable particular attention ..rlilrr. light. In reflecting the ImageIn portion and ,h.. ..remsioder when In witness whereof I have hereunto
;! and when the glass some of this superfluous subscribed shall be paid.Tor bv thsubscriber .*t my band and omeisl.l this the
accuracyat a time upon the call of the Board 13th day of April. A. D. 1800. WATCH
a regular meal and other food would light I. lost and the satellites are given of Directors. Mr nut DOW. It mjp
a chance to show themselves.: (Signed) TIM BAILBT. ... ..
weaken tbe action of tha mlnd. It has y ,
London Chronicle. Bectlon 2-The capital stock of thU (L. 8.) Notary Pnblia.
been found that the banana la such corporation may be increased (In the My commission expires. April 10th
c.-e.... digits easily and make no manner, to One Hoe 1SO7. _
14 diminution of mental I concentration. The Original died Thousand Dollars. QTATR or FLORIDA, )

while at the same time the required' Foley A .Co., Ohlongo. originated' ARTICLE' IV.P.elion ALACHVA CocsTfr. ( J. T. HARRIS,
sustenance of mind and ......., la ob ? Be To re me personally cam F. O.forft. .
and Tar I-The term for which the
honey as n throat and lung .... to me well known to be one DEALER IN
tallH'd.-N. York American.' Franklin Phae..... thai I .
remedy, sod on aeeount of tk. great Oomosny exist nf the subscribers so the above aad
... shall be,ono years.unless
merit and popularity Fole '. Hooey foregoing charter, and acknowledged Fresh and Salt
' sooner dissolved lo 'law
Human. Blood Marks.A aeeocsllftg. the execution thereof to b* his free
tale and Tar many lroltllo,cr. offered t ABTIOLJC V. set and deed] for the nose and porno.
of horror told by marks of
was for the genuine. These worth.lees loaf. Beetlon 1-e The beelneesof the Frank- therein. expressed.In .
human blond In the home of J. W. VYIUHam tatlons have simitar sounding noejee.Beware tin Pliosakafto. Company shall be con witness whereof I have hereunto

.si *, a well karwn merchant. of Rae, .f them. Tk* Fole,'. ducted by a Prs4sesjt.) .... ,..Ment. set BAT hand and official ... this, tke. .
x,. H. Writes i "Twenty years ago I"- 11011.' nod Tar Is In a yellow ,..kag. ... -aaF7. Treaearer General Man 13th day of April A..D. 1900.Slgnet .

had severe .hemorrhage. of the lung, Ask for It and refuso any ..ball..... ...r. ..4. Board of blrMton whichekalf ( ) TIM 8........ .
It is the beet remedy 'or aouaM ... consist of ,not less than three (L. 8.) Notary Public.' Hedges Celebrated Cedar Key
and was star death when I began Ink olds.. J. W. )CoCo.... Oo. stockholder. My commission' expire April 10th.
log I),; Klag'. New Discovery. I looml ._ ........ 9 Tbo Board of"'Directors' 1 1807.BTATB. Fish and Oysterr.tT .

>l.tvly) eared me and I have remained -- shall.. be elected by the .'...014.,. at or FLORIDA )

well ever slue*." It eor.hemorrhage. .. NOTICE OF APPLICATION FOR tbe annual meeting, by a majority A..e.-. ..". CotruTT \ Corset Earns= Y not twit.H02PZQ ..
vote of the stock .. such. meeting
ehronle coughs. settled' cold sad bron. LETTERS PATENT. t Before sne personally' came J. 8. ? : 83.
provided that Ib* Board of Directors
11.'....1. to se well known to be oe*
ehltls, and Is the only known Cure for Notice Is hereby given that the onder may elect. a ''Ndo. to. Oil the' a.... off the sa*""erthrs to the. ab..I" nod

w.... 'lungs. Rvery' bottle guaranteed .l.ii.-d will. apply to the Hon. N. B. plied trm r"f a Director, whether forgoing charter. and acknowledged. .

br all druggists. Ato and fl. Trial. Urowsrd.
i bottle free. Florida on the .>tsb. day of set cad deed for the uses anal purpose
May. 1908. for Xetters Patent Inoor Sectinn :.-Tko Directors shall elect, therein ...........J.In .

.......e: AS)***. poratUg Franklin.. rhoeoh.,.. O as. from their number a Pr,,"' ..,. VleePreeldent. . witness whereof I hare hereunto all 'ice'TIIIA"

Irugisod'. i.,,val auprvuukcy b.*.i*.. IhlSav pan, with tbe following *karter.Ttls .. Oeneral -ouretary.the Teens.anaaslsneet.. and a. set say hand sad osValal' .........,.. lbs
Manager at '
"ith the Beset of lb. wiowtiedanii April 30 h, a_. the lick Slay 01 April A. D. 180. kiss............. ., 'lac$ tbN ..
B. F. OAMr. lag Based of Dtreetorst :>ro- (&geed) TIM BAILBT.L. .. r.-- ...... w.n.een eKw r
w tltuiiiloh .tM. This fleet consisted of 1.. !>, GAMr. vld.<..'baa....... off she ",.1&1'7 ( a) Notary Public.. ..... ........

. 4 lIIt: vv' ._l I.., carrying S."'") nooo coil r. J. Noavs and Treasarwvjsjay be heW by one and couunUeloo explrra April 10 h,
f atlt.k. urns while tiNt KngtUh navytrtl 3. 9. 1C0.n..tgv.-... ... same person\ and tbat nay Director 190My TINA tWM F1 LT

1 cwt than yachts RIM! thirty of the queen's F. O. Lrosvu.r.AltilCLICOFINCORPORATIOf sleeted O.itesal aiastager, although hehahi If rw*..set>e.. ...... ,i rwts.e'I. Br...
...,.... ...*. NOTICE OF KLEOTIOII.U. M 7*af,*** RMSW frS' every air
.-a'p.'btft the. conflict was over the : OF Seslio.haul, the first .....lsa M =awe b

Spaniards had last eighty ships... and TUB FRAttKLlN PMOiirilATK e4lng of the ............. P. D. .... and by rirta. of .... peewee KEV5TOMV BAKBftY.loo.
IU.UM me. A medal struck to conweuHirat COMPANY Oasasi. D. O. Itarfleet, F. O. XotHeet. and authority vested lo Me J.J. W. R.Thom. .

this great event bad for" Its: Tbe P. D. F.J. ......, aJ JB. F. 0.. .. a* Mayor' of the City off pttas .. T. MaUfaV. .......
o MleraAaMst. Cop e49o .... Hound pskFb Oalo sql.. Florida.. hereby call a
motto, "II sent out ida arrow., and ttk Mnss at ..
Virglals D.
.. spsslal hetioo to ho held la sold
be .. Inm ... ....1 eHy
4t .U.-I tbrtu. O. Me.Be>ttwt AisskM.0uesy. )riorMn, boat SNlioases rite, theirare ssssses eo ... kith any off .s.. A. D. tJMI, Fruit and Track"6r
r. C. JCorfteet .* Alnenne ...., far a ....1.eK wer
Curss O.ugh s ans) CoMa."Mrs Florida r. J. !(...*'. of ....... elected astd siaallsss),andh.. sal tho Board'off.FohTfca IsTorao off said
esisty. ttentn OntolleA.. 8 3o..... p ..o..MaII"W.J It. F. L.J.H.ORSESHOES. . VMT..lilMar Ira PVSVW.
Peterson. aa Lake St.. To-. of Month MSMsiKlosi .....,. Virginia Oaasp. *.*..PvejisBwat. U. O I ....... stay. .theVst'anTof JaaoTlMtr"*y.u
i.; peka. Ka.. says "Of nil *ough I and B. r. Come of HnsalUeat Trea-arer. anal F. O. $....., .e.... from. ec&LI.e PLAErbaga ..
., ........ Hal lard's. llorshouml prep .......... do sososlsts. ............ .. held a..7 aid their tensest usatailts Hiasjaet.eaaase and and snail shadb.polltag.. to the. phMO soar fa off*tho*aM MoaMpal elsttlss ... y-----..........

r to Smy favorite. h.... do.., and will I .."'-., for tb* ....... ., .-.eerpoeestis.Orltef &* a ..... anti. share asjeaeessM ass elects pest a.u.lJec M .... ....'.. .......sTb. essa..............y. IgW.atY.O

+' slo aU thai claimed for (It-_. ....*. and_ In .sjtwnne* and. qaaJa.... ........

Ill.S1. aU oo..Bas sad et k!.-. d It I .f .. of ndos tbo Mate tn. of FlsiMs....nod....d.hereby ... Sodas -Tas> sass aaeeUner s4tbo .*... shall .... at t .'..--
t Ire sw..... .. '**...t to the t a teM folkewlg j ............:.,... Fmaklk ...... a. sa, and eadssia off saUooy.F. auga.ta. W. ".Ie'. 1MOa. ARTICUC I. ahte Caeapatay sssaU. .. at the... X.Mulls.C.J. MUaoa and Oca.H I.. .. ....>iNt..e.Meas. 1 1T ..,
'1.. 0stlo t-Tbe ..... oc .........,*. .. ths ben the thfM .... .,
g"*.>. Jr.. ksiihy ......... lasasstiirc t.Jasb g.-: '
salktlaer thrilee. skis shall be ritAMKLIN ,Hog. Thursday .. Jsjasjaey. aaaaall aos) A. J. UCosa clerk off ; .. .
I. PtIATKOUMPAKY.nsMsl. Its ......... >SSnaftsr.LfJ af l.w...... mid aMast.. A.-..;. IIfIa1 L-- .. ...
TiM-11ih IILtas ip..itee. bef.S. pines of ksslesss ...... fse n% lewbe.vy, ..web limes Mf ..... ssttNelq Mbe ....... n ..... aced ... ... of'I--.-- .. .... -"........ .. .

.. Na1/taMtb1: .4attesa Wake and A Us a ma .......riitldsjSeettoai .. __ JI4 soumsss sesenertbw. ..... sW Osta og OalessHijeFlrsMa.. oo ..... Ts.s........ I. ,J
TS .01w. k..1a W.... wtrt t-V'wh/q.Dtnoema.f ...ulb. ..... .. tat 1Mb day off Astlsssse /.-..... - tales asaeagag tests twee. sM Fmnkll Basal at M..MSm shall he .... .1 -. -r-.a... I
o.a._' .f may ....,...* brnnobo.. *.. .nUlry the seem dy'att bat i'... ....... i J. M. Has.taayMelt. DE ... ....jMiA':; '': .

.. >1A. ,.,
i'-' ", .i& ,,01;
... \ '
Y 1M" I Jv".j.,{ .. 1
I ',/ ,' '..,,;,\ ;. ..t,. I, ...... ",-"" ,, Io ,.Jf ,, ;-"
... ' "I\ -. '- .. ;'ItI.'I.r.'t.; p'
1 .-...:!:..'-"!




':P LrrI cALA; NomrcEXENT8 for County Tarn A__". abject to your ao-I NOTICE OF 'lout, the two candidates receiving the 1TSN'B:8a: O.A.RDa ? t- ,
Uon In lIf elected 1, ...
- tbe coming primary May highest number of votes shall be voted .
1 romle to r xercta. my best effort U f..>- PRIMARY ELECTIONTO for at another time, al which second r.l,
F.r State AtUraej.T tbe-dutiftof the omee faithfully a..d .fttelently. election' no other shall be voted for H. C. SPENCER, M. D.,

*tb*Demoemtlo Voter of. the EUhth JuUeial ReapeetfulIjL.Caloeavllle. BE HELD INAlicbaa I except the two who received the
o arena of FloridaBeaevine April I> T RuUX. highest number of votes in the prior' PHYSICIAN AND SUKOE() .

that lay thirteen year11 practice Coanty Tuesday May 13 ((906ro election.All .
.., law, toTtber with.say *xpTtonee a* a For Tax C.ll<
.,, ..:Hiring attorney.fully .t m. discharge. To the Voter and Tax-Payer of Alaebaa the nominees and who were qualified.. m. to 4 p. na. t Tuesday. Thursdayand
tM..detloI State Attorney.X. therefore., County Nominata Democratic Candidates. to vote In the first primary, snail be Saturday T to 8 p. m. "

MM. reaeeet o( may friend, anaosuw mraelfeaadttate I take. Ibis method pubDoly tbnak you for allowed to vote. Office In Porter Block. Phone 171.GAINBSVILLK. .

nomination In tb* DemoomUo the very liberal support you have given me In ,' Nolle l I. hereby civeo that at a r*1(. The poll shall open al 8 o'clock a. FLoarot.
Iela ary for State Attorwey-Xor tb*Eurbth Ju- the past and to announce any candidacy for ular meeting of th.' Demoorniio. Ex m. and close nt sundown.

4leint C flortde. If bomlnated. I re-eleetlon for._1.. term to the offle of oeatlve Committee of Alaehua county, Immediately after closing, polls the 1

....... ..ult0 e*>e .._.17. *eesomtealll Tax Collector of Alaohon county. The arduous held In the .Oily of Gainesville on inspectors shall canvass the votes publicly JJR. DiVERE B. MORRIS
... aitbrmny: dtoehnnr tae dntieeor the oraee duties of the office. nt thin the slushy period Wednesday. March It, 1800. the fol. and make out a correct report
-.A t0 help maintain Ute dtcnlty_ any. honor of of I" eoUectlon. will entirely prevent lowing preamble sad resolutions were and-certify to same, showing numberof
t..orr.- J'4lt.. RIVERS. my making a eanvaaa of the county and seam adopted: votes received by each candidate . .DENTIST. .

you tn peraon. no I trust my friend \\hereas. The Democratic State and deliver same together with poll
sV)th*Demoamtt* Voter of tbe X3ghth Jdiohl u-. throughout abe ooanty w 111 remember me on Exeeotive Committee. ) has duly ealle I II. I lists and ballots, to the executive com

Ctrealt Ute Stat of FloridaBavtng : the 1th of May at the various preelneta.when a primary election to be held in each 1 I mitteeman for that preemot. who shall
served you ta the enpa/elty of State eaatlnv ballota for the men of their.Nett.choice. Ass to county of the State. on May I5. I laid.II bring same to Gainesville on or before Office over Marcvis rnOel.. Phone r. S rsarel
A. D. 19UJ nnd trusting na tbe reapeotlve utBcea now I May 18th. and deliver oatd' box and
Attorney ateee I urioir ine and nil It aball be my ounatant af and h.* the duty of the County Demo
that yon> appioted of the manner Invhleh fort todtoebarre' tbedutleafnoumbeaft on the oratia Executive Committee' 10 hold papers to the chairman of the ....t'u-' JT A. CARLISLE::,
. I lave repreeented. tb* Stat and dla office with. faithful patience and boneat fidelity said" primary election ta each voting tire committee, to b* canvassed by the

r. d any dutlee. I aoUelt your .0' tee Your: :D r'D Jilf50N. preeinet the county, in aocnrdanre, committee.All ATTORNEY AT LAW
of state At I
," .Astir... for primary aba KbTbth for th JodleiaJ*poaluon Ctreult. with the terms of said call for primary persons voting in this primary And
.7 Solicitor
ti, Very reapeetfolly.PslatkaFIn. For Maprri Rrgtetratlsta election ; now therefore, be it ''obi:gate themselves! to support' the Equity
1 BKXJ.,P. UALBOCX. Beeolved. First-Th* Pemrcratio'2ourily I nominees thereof.
! 1 hereby nnnouno myself n candidate for' Real. Estate, Coavrv.nolo and 0...-
Executive Committ for Ala-l
,eo&tuU7..111... I'am % Candi Abxtbua. _.. No tickets shall be used except thoseturni.hed .rsl t'r.oUott. All
, ..... Supervisor of Realatmtlon ehoa Florida, hereby call business promptly ,
.. .' das*for th*oOle of State's Attorney for the ty.subject to the Uemoeratio prlmarte and county. by the executive committee.Each attended to. Office next door to Buaom. '
for of Democratio
' judicial Cireolt Of Florida.. -onapoued aotlolt she vote of the Itomoeratlo Totem of holding a member of the .]cutive committee .,.. '
jgMa tbe county. JOHN C. MoURB" f primary election, to bo held In I .0Anl."II.I. .oaIDA. \
_ 01..... eenntlea of Alacbua.sak.r. Bradford. Jdarob loth. 1900. conformity with the term of the call I It I is required to provide a poll. x
.. Y7.and......... I eoneeive the faithful -- >w thai Stale rWm/xvtli. Vwmtttti l*. I Ins place, and render bill to the com FERDINAND BAYER.
.* and eners-eUe db..bare of the duties of the For County C m. -.I-.d-Q.-'h.. '2ith' -day' mitiee.j .
o0oo tobe aaered obligation to the State. j The following persons are hereby ap ATTORNEY AT LAW, .
:,: aed.It the voter*of tb.eiree.lf favor me withsheaosatnaUon. At tile earoeat.oJlela. oa of friends over of February 1000. said primary Ipointedin.peetor.( for aid election

..... I plow them that the Interact 'lI.d"ulea.l. H. Caaon haaeoneantod to make election to be h.ld In cash voting pre from whichonwof theirnumberahsl! >>*! QAINKSTIU., 'LO.D.,
of tb* St*N..ggse aoelety e. of mine.not the rae. for County Commlaaloner for tHctriol einct of'7, on the l&th selected .. cheek of election for each
through taror XBOS. W. r-IKLDINO. No. I. and bla frlenda nan the support of all day of May, 1800. la accrtianc with
. ... Democrat at the eomlnc primary election.LaCroaae. .ueh instructions given. this polling placet Cau tell city (improved
Stark*..... Fla..April ". IMO.Appreelatloic . a. are tiT your propel'lJ. >
1. W.ldo-n.I. DeSha. J. T.1Veek. .
committee to th. Inspector and clerk and phosphate
'State 8eaat.r. ef election of said election agreeable ., W. A. )'tol....".. trucking aDd uDlaar.roY-4). *. Bead him
For the ability abown by Mr. John 2. LaCroaae-L. leanly. D. .K Con.I. .
to the terms of the call Issued by the a list of what you offer foraal. 3143os
'I'e....DevaoeraUo.Voter of Alaabua County: O Pannier In Bnanclnc abe funds of thla eoun Democratic Slat Executive Commit Icy, Amon Bales .-
I ba...OB various oeoaatoaa... earB* tlynuueeiail n daring bla .edmlalatratton aa County Com.mlanloner. .I lee. 8 t.*wl.. James Wit
hi* many friends bereny announce 1':. FAKER
to enter the raae for Svate Senator his candidacy for r* election to ,... Important s.oond-E. elector In the r'.. (Hams. D. r. Manartl.. w. .
from this county and until now bare declined office from IXatrtet No. I Let all Democrat einot qaallflt-d. to Tote in said, primary. 4. Cow" Creek-It T. Thorn... Cha.. A'rr011-NEY T.rV.
to do aeBeoauae I had no d.Jre0 oppose Intireated In nudlek expenditure of the shall have the right to vote for the following Willisnis. J, I.. T.iwn.ond. .
monies rally tohis support the approeehlrMf -
the Honorable B.R. ) baa rendered officers and 5. T.non-W. Ii. UaS,T. II. 'Jiorn
prlmay.I position i
WMJb .....&bI. .....100 to our county In II. Love. . .SOLICITOR IN CIIANOERY. . t

the Mate'Senate. But Mace be baa withdrawn hereby announce myaelf as n oandMate. for 1 Representative in Congre**. 2nd 0 Newb.-rry-S. O Hlsnten. D O -

from the no. I wUl be a candidate County Cwmmlailoner from Matrlot No I nt Concreesional District. Roland 11 1' II. n'. 2 Justices of the Supreme Court for )AINESVILLE. Alaehua Co. FLJ.In
abject to th.*DemooraUo primary tbe eomlnir primary and ask th* rapport ofall 7. (I.lne..III.R McDowell W, .
Having eerved in both branches the Lr.- Demoeratle friend who believe in rood. the roll term of six "...n. (t Richardson F. \. Miller.S. ()ffta.. Kndel: HIk. @

Watnre In she pact. I feel that I am the better elean !ovrnmeat RespeetfunyLa'ru.we.Aprna DANI : CUKSSKR. 2 Railroad Commissioner. Hawthorn-/. M. .nde". E:. L. ----_, '-' .
aonUned to aai e rhaabw Intereata or our 1 Candidate for State Attorney. Johnson R. II. HtrlnRfellnw.B. a
this ..P 1 Candidate for Slate Senator
eoenty Island droveV II lice J. I:.
nt the cornto Voter of Alaebaa County J. II. ALDKHMAN.
To tbe Democratic DR
primarylmyour huobi. 2 Members of th. flout of Representatives.
a. Shaw, W J Evsns: o.
. number of
: aa' Hating been requested by n my .
10 h..n"rJ--J. W. Hmlth .\. II
friend I hereby enter abe race for reelectiona .
1 County Assessor of T... .. Kmer.on. U. A Miller
la reference to my declination which appeared -: County Commtaitoner from District No. n. 1 Tax Collector. DENTlftr .
If elected I promise aa faithful and ef&etentaervlce 11. Archer J. W. May R. U. HoOg.
la The Dally Son of)feh.loth.t same In abe future aa I have endeavored to 1 County Treasurer. eon. A. I). Chamblin.

.was mad. In However.wbat I eon 1 elved have the reeonsldered interest ofharmony. render my constituents Keopeetfully.Donnle. In tbe pass. 1 County Commissioner for etch of 12: Arrednhdo-I4. !F. Ma.*.'. J. n. Over 0.11&0. Jk Co spans. UalaesH. <*

same aDd am a candidate for the State Sen- April f. .. Q. OSTtEN. the Ore County Commissioner's ilisInlet. I 11\.11I... J. M. Uevllle. d-
.... ___". McCKBARY. .. IS. "ban"-J." K DeSht. F. l lIrwlu.J H.
1 MemLerof the
County Board cf
To abe Voter of Alaebua County: J. Shaw
I re.e.UaD7'_____ my eandldacy for My own Inclinations coupled with" the wishes Public Instruction from each of the 14. Melee.(1.l, Ton/. .Atno DR.CORDON II TlbOX.OKNTIKT.. C

the Demoeratto nomlnnuon na Senator for of my 'rl..IDcIe me to become n candldaie three Districts. I Steven. N. t;. 1'rle.tIA .
... OIlS dlatrict). pledging myaupport 1 Supervisor of Registration,
AUehaa .U for Coasts Commlarfooer. I lID perfectly Wtn Of an measures la lb.latereel of the Third-Assessment* of andlJates.
wllllnsr to be dealt with by' abe voter of Iteekham.' J. R. Zetrouer Jr.
maaaee aa agalaat tbe elates and especially this county In a way that my action aa once shall be paid by the 39th day of April 10. Lake View-d. F. Johnson W

do I pledge my aarpport' and Influence In aid of your supt-ort eommlskloaer ol tL* voter f*.would In the merit cornier I primary.ash abe. 19 $. II. Turner. ,II, A. TsalllngI One, 'la Miller !>.. k;....... t:*
eeheole and maintenance of the Fourth-This committee will meet1o
the eomsoon eddnrf: an Improvement In oflloe as) lour' 11 I lIa.o.-A. llagu.,1t.1V. Small'
State ".........,. epos a liberal basis web nawOt eomml.mloo.r.beeaas of my past e*>erienee. accordance with the call of 'h.Sa. Caster Hague u..Y.u. r.. ..
enable parent to obtain for their. de.a I aoukS I be .1_...l. V.',. ...........,..UY.I .'. Executive Committee tin the lath I i IB n.c.oGla-J.. : Ostren. F. W.Polk -

thorough*4veeUa their own Stat*. .. I Treatoa.Fin..March U'f .' MATtlEW8. day of May. 1800 at. the county court W Mines

well as all menenre .*..... to promote the. hoas* to canvass the return* of said> IB Oranee. 1I.lah'-U.' (!. Roon* Stanton Foundry & Ma-
reUtloes and moral welfare of the entire poo Tn the Demo tratl. Voter of Alnebua County primary eleetloo, declare the result tree 'V. J. Tlllman W. P. Houlwsre.

the pie.past Tbannlna-nnd aoUelUssT my Heads the fee vote their of ewpport all Demo-tn The nndendstaed hereby __.* hlmaelf and transsvet such other business as a:! ). High Hp,lr.r*-M. O. Knight" O. CO. tb* omlng prln>...,.. I nm very rw ..a candidate for Countr' Cnnimlnslioer ofDUtrwt J *T coot* before said meeting. C. Hsrra.T H. U.IUsrU. chinery Inc.PAUATKA .
mmclfulll. H. H. riot *sARY. No- t. and aottnlta the aupanr* of tae n. following roles .h.lllrQyer. the
votra'of the county tn the primary election 91. Hell-E M. ),fathl.. A. n, Him
May. sa.....-lalaaTlf elected n ...,.,ai and eoar aid election I mans, (J. A. (j.*..". .f FLORIDA.Maaafaetarer '
F.rtbe Leidslat.r. .....u.u,,'. N.vetfull,. Th. general e taut Ion law shall be n Campville. C Johnson, (I.
.I II:. BR YOA J'IIT.' ef-
observed asvnoar aa. .abl. t *
pr. W I) ... II. M "
At tbe aoUer, Mon of many frlenda I bar "nn. ss

eonaented tomhe tb'y for she f er1..le- The ,....a.s. of C. O. ....rto_ hereby aa the If o naaaaer aaadidat b* declared th. Done and. ordered by the I>emn.ratl0Eiecutlv tin aad Brtu CwU i lid IicliMry, ,

tare and hereby nnnonno* myself asa .....1. ...... bla name aa a candidate for r*......... notnlae. ethic nnles CommVtlee nf Alaehuaenurttv.

date. abject to the Demoeratle primary. to the raapooslUa posit toa of County CoaamhrMoner he shall twelve. D.moeraiiep.rty a majority of the at U.'n..nm.' FIs, this April Gnli lirt, PlMpLutiBaJIrotd CuWgs
WM. N. SUB ATS. .. from the TMrd I...rte.. My. redrioh lath. IM5' .
vote ..,. Wher two
or more are
J F fIcKla.tayJa. U4 till
: CastlICJ
ha. served bin eoaatlteenta and his dlattletf
eandldat. for the aflle
th eoll ltaUoae or many same andneither Attest Chairman
In reaponae to his are ao. only .eVealr i
'lIIlalll' and -- -
friends raapantfttlly nnnoence that I will he neaadidnte ad. bet are In demand for .net bar term. *e he reel... ssajorilf) of the votes II, II. (hsnoa-a. Meeretary. ud leflJn.

for tbs fame Nests of th. v be* aaaamiilbwiart eal of eod. l Let -- .- -- ---- _ _ h__.. __ _
kb* tiemoa'ate rally to M*support In the avv I owaT'11cvxR y lAT.:
the *.oerau.swlmarl. If .. .
la'lIre. bJ.* lie -* ar J K fmmv-- say. -ed isle rrbge i -.-- evens.
eleeted. I iramhii. to do*n In my power lie protect th*dlatrte ;n eteaa and honest ne well ne a CLYDE LINE .. f ae .tea.saaa4 ere.'l
the tastOntereste of oar beloved eoeaty.' preaireaalv ......IfWtIUoa. 1.0 the U- VUUH J"r .
Ue.Wetfolly. TUOMAS A. XXJJfJC. n.
. ._. ,
I hereby .......*. myself ne n candidate ... .J
I sonounee myself *........** for the fug- I. Couatr Com ml sal gear from Dlatrlet ...... "

tu: >tore at th**omm.nrtmery.enh)**t to the I solicit the vote of tbe count.. sleek win be
solos of the DeaaocmUe .*teraof tb*._..17.II ....,...e.. ...dby VyKVl .B. MUflTOHPtinttr (

aleeted I wU*,denvor to mnke tomi Try' PLUMPUavlssT : .. ... 7
radical. ebaa.e. ..the preeeet.1...... .... I I -
am la favor of hwevio, the State CWr.....ItTas sated" the ......... two y%r* aa I
G.1.e..a1.'e.Alsehaa.J Coat. Cnmmtsslneer.I I .hereby annovnee myaetf ..
_CUAS. BODOK.At n eandbtat. for re-ele ...... end should Btcfrttor sad
,,,, peeetteaew attore-ekeet" me I snail serve
the aoDahatton of fri. ...a I na vne* them ta the futsu* .. m tbe t__. to the best Pa,., H.....'.
..... ad
ntirMlf n eamUdnt* I.Member th* Houa* eC my' knew.Camped wJty
of -......-.....'..nnwjwt to the win of the *. March" may 304 Ka. | Mala "... H.. ttala..,111./ PI.. fAll eapreaned nt the DemoemUe prt> .
The f....... **t. A. "... r.,1III. M"'P wmmse
vary laat1n' Mt.Me sad. lMe ..rlll
FO""CT.: B.A.ILIZq'o. 'B31dCH: wjtWT.w :
.. .. c-... ea--6.
I ban favor th hialanntaa* *f the StateCaltaralty. his. a .u.a. fa ,
prsaply. eel seal 1 If ..........
... e teMhn e{ In..saY. _u. atoner froan Dtetrbrt nstmber ... Mr Binur IaDI ,
...... .. ..
alit Bbeml nwn nMManw> for ft* da veto*. earb oAwbh.a !ZJ XLXtZr PAPa IIAKOIXO, MIUN WRiT k'

a....and the aa>rMM*.eeA of pnhie eataver lri .Itr..rtt ==eou tr are :e.leead Jaclcamonvllle and *S.w York tilt) s Vpeelaliy/ ,
..l site ham tbesr ur.s ..Peat.F. .
tine Ihrosth.a.t41e tttsaa t*
-.. r.I Coiling si C. *u.roJr. $. O.. bock *>ay.. ...-,.-,
at m a>1Nae.d, .Id.siderteet
ar ....... .. ....

aid .....any.....1NMMaSUaditg>te..ferNs.A Iw- tsewsfs At the. eaCkrltaUe. *f a. Pare aamxr. *4 mr JPTam ...... aMsnanftnaBBBBTal **" flfcsTi. C........ NFvt.. Laiisvilla, ftNaahvilla

:aeewrw: ...... ..... /M_resat S. ,,....... hereby .--.u a 9-- ...
* awt nod .r.wt *, ..r State. way for aim__ *f the SebsMl ..... frI War.., Clyde New England and Southern Lines
my bsutr ...w.... rt as the primefr.alloy
...'! L D4t1ita .H. I.W lath. =.::Z s M so. aasr a Freight et.rel.. ....... .I.tCIUIO.VII..LJI.IKJIfTtJ2C &adPaoVIDBOII R. R.
..., __ t .... ........ ....
.d All Keele. r.. .
L C--..w0 M .. .s..saa.I a. t.o pub .m...e... ... ..aMs.. r '::'Iy .
a ire ..atw tee.........w Iawe raw --__ IA&. : slyly M Cl.S ...... tHM toy.. e

!f u.. ltwira Iw4s4.tae.r.r ... ____ BBe
C4..y lF.raar. jj IH 111 is T-- ........ -* th* kansved el ra. -............ . ....... ... ,..... ..r.WMrf'. '. a..... Bet Us. 14)Haspsmrt '

last r TbaabJa.*. I th* ..I .aCYrw.' $.otb0ov.d...... ......... Fterw F..t d (7stlLrt.. ....Jwk.esytlle. wC14d0
..Dsm.aate y..... Ahetlt a fJ..slet n...ia. *.*w* e .frnta>aS_, tssi...... KurtHpr.

9er.N .e..Niptf...I...-.a 1_ ...**.In the ., .rlmrr W, JT >r ANT tf. Lssb11M1r 'CIN/--.t. rt t

:J.n.,. Tt.aasro. ebl.ea M tr..1 eal/...... PV M i Mmyeatf -ft Jokms liTtr f' ...... f........ a**) sHJtesrlk ......
rr mary ** Mar f ........ ..... ts.. I ...** ..*-.. *e*>......*.. rwesada.w.
Ise with th* ...... .f the .... ..... i Iw ....b.e fill ...... ....... jAOa>MVIa.a.M and AM" )..OHoaf sasi ..*.. ..!. *f t*. r.-
.& tans __ ........ tM ItIMa-.1 ..w W saw ., 1M .bs. ..... w wens TwyW Traia 111ss s ...4fIeM
-- e. a amt sells.. Mls sews a.... ...-. w Mft .... ... w --..dIn >4a. as r.leLke.lta.e.oed fDLava4,....d ,...rae4I.... LA......* L1&..N."
.! _a .... attstssatt r M .......... ., w .. ...... L ... Jis .....r. .. itr
..-.. .1 mg tr..tlaai i ....... .- .-. lL ... -&aIA '
.1'ZAM&J& ...r=
-- .., : .. trww.f .6......"'.....1, 4l
'" Du........vs d'CI'-- '
M Y.-." AAatia-st7.amLt .;;. f..1 i v .. a waLtase'. : : : J....Q).... O V XLLmu: .

...aN s. c--.T1 is__-_.MNs' ",...., eC tae /tubsir.... /sari .....**. Is ar****!.** Mail a. f..ltw... Leave .I.#..*...... Ms *4af e. Te.*...,. Obf f solid ..u... trS4sf IS ItV. W**.
..- -- ... !rG .enm*. ........ a f.A e4 ra VBp> *> .,.... .It* (**. ........" .v. Siui.C.e .
a' aye W mraw.eof M tM ..Namw : T it ,...a.tes... 11 an sad n.....,*M'.dae.dsye. >* p tit sa4. .rrwee.-J*r*>.... lew .:... .. M.o4sy e. l>.s*< st*. Asjjaw4Ub. .,.a. _.

...'1 A' the sw.arr w Igq N ....-. AAKMK -* L' tall*. L..e.saik..eouu. ft iltls. w.Ny. .
.... .. .. t . An/p. <.. .......lfOp..t.e.at4.y.
. ".' ,.. -- I e.s..eraar -, a ....roteshe Lwabes.. y.+d... IIC.I'JCJI.C' + A mess) ... L**.ts)9ilOa>. as. seat .. ,.

-....5.r ___ ...Nw. .rse fastest ..srs. bum......... L.s.v.tai p., . . .. ..1..___...... .. ....tnn-t,,'Z awrpw ds .
Mr1r.. - ........Iwaytendeetnds. Dol .. 1"- .. . . ............... I. . . . I.Love .-p. T>f.ej7*) ........ .**. .*....a.4.. A. r J

.. :it w_ T'wuJ' StJrlstx .... ./ _., . .. C- ..A.... ''- . . .. 1IO ...... I O. tj. 4t> H. tr >rsw) J.....*..,.. ta.AssSNsT .
,. . . f' . .. x00 ... 'l '
....... ... .. ". .. ... j lth ..: .. 1
'se --..- -r and ...' . .. .rfafld . ,. 1 tIs1.M1.. II.
.. ..' .. I.of' M .
?e1. ....__/ ..l/rrsartlhr. .. = :ho.f eaves hrsK t .. a* i. ..... i. all
.,......... ... awww e a .a.drw Ms0eetm Tiiin7 .y =E1. w... ..h...... ... 'rv
::.:salsts.J .'% ndNet. aLEiaLAflm. Ali1D .1->!/ w. as wJACRjbotsY1 mall .*> .at y !**.*.s :y

,,_ ..I s*r Iii. a a.a a.w rear s.awssse -- ; .. ----M.
;:. : -.. I IJ r ..4L.c&I- : ;;; tle. ..4saf
; ;.d.itAO lr.ltil..liar'. lfarla.. ffteel rvt..AbgtlM.. .

I 1 a Wf1 a ...M ... Suaarllwl.' I .. -0.... ..... ft* al **e Be alae '$'" .

...... w I, fltMmr.....1'\M.'\ laasw Mn4 tl-.M IIMai tlerl ...7....') r 17"-.,.. .. I r Ufl' .:;! rt-.7 .;,;,

,(ff',--A. .::To: , y -. issssMsWrttsisif iiisnWm: r t.t\", !<



t 2- "- .
Kleety furnished room to rent oa

. block 'enjoining .qu.r., gentlemen. f
I':, #
'j' this orDu. .WI" "L. II'SIi.
.-. preferred.. Inquire at
.' jl>r./J;ir*:)MeKlnitry-_ ;..jwarned.yeYtertSay . .. ; ,:;, .' !t.'
I from Mayo where be 'bee I'TBE _' .;..... .. \ ..
b.*n forxeeveral. da ye.on* ,profe'ielanafdoty. : BUS: STORE.

4 -. '> -..,'

ft9J ;Little ChfUtln. eldest) daght' $f '" .
bar. ao4:: rr*. D. M..Tomklee, ba beauquite"ill ' .
( ,bat friende will_ be pleased to Ko pees werkwblla trMIag at,,tbla atare.
learn .fheVthe rendition of tbo patient .
.,. Tea are aJtraya, 8TJBE af freUIaaj'yeor.maaaja, werth.
I ;
Improved. w .
iMieaJtfertfe Robb waaj>reeat at the

.. .il.bratioi"Qtthe el;hff.te4veath aoalVerearjr .
Ale 1
t .. 'oftOdd F.Uowe..7"3ubo..-
AIkcW y I il.ajid,4elirerd. at*wWr i on ..$- ewT' TozretfeIi _

relative! the B bekah' branoh-of .. .
.' to* to C' ' ' .to: ...-' -
\ : -
l.f i4.r.'SUk, KcdaHtoaa, Ices, Flffarod' .vrvaatiaa aatdlgaiirt Wabb.
: A-. .Prc l..; f.o... and family baveremovedfiM ... ...",." -. - -<4 ,1.. ,i.WhITE .

-'JftiV. 1, *.Bit Baa* Union atrofctroajoottago .. ,
la "VTam. Geioeitille.. It .la:noderetoodthat --
; DISTINCTIVELY ,A CREAM .OF .tbeTotfta. .e vacated by..Mr.:'CookwllLbo '

'" TARTAR BAKING POWDCR ::::: ;sod . '.

,. oth.tyriswhrprov.d. rPiDhoon / B.ta. rvrw.,.. r B W MBaiWt
i1 -- - -- ". '
1 I t.Jnn"; "sI, I&btf_tbla. '. ... ir "f
: It docs not contain an atom of pnoft.phatic : ..... of dl.c tiootOHall ablldreatba"a Ara aU,tba,ryi :ew. ...
>omora' .kaila* OB eldewaUta,will
rk, .. '. acid (whichia the product. of bones:' be allowed>C ComeJalali" ..t.'aomo to We.kara thorn'fat;gflk.a.'d*''Waaaaala' Liar" atc

in or of aluin l bbavbaoafa; and tho.. law- (ov.ern0gblAyala w
sulphuric acid
digested ; *appUet'to! ekatiog also: St.NS2.ltHMNl. : Ii.--: -
1 i1
t*' t -c fl ..
(which is one-third sulphuric acid substances :M1I.Zrubr.: who bas bi.o..vteitInajMra. :; .

; Sam Dell, left for ....borne ... -
adopted for other bating powders .. .. .
at' ,...rk. yesterday Wee Trnby, -
r because of their cheapness. made many..;fri.uds'whil. |oP Gal..... 'R._ _(? _
vilia,'e Hof whom would be aieaaed to

bays her stake ua another veldt. to ,theyearrntare.
.... ...
E. .. Zetrooar4 .........., of Roe]I Tbo AtJaatM Ooaat Line begv to an. I
? T'h. f* an back drlvere who oongre- ehella.;.-was. la the alty'for a few hoarayaatarday aooDM that-oa April SOtb and &Iar lit
pie on.Ws,t.Maln street by tno aide oat boelneaa. also "...1.. they will '..n round-trip 'Ieh'0-

..E.:Stoke* Illoanopy. waa"In'the. of,the ;Movrl.. -rhlt.r Company .'are a many old ,aeqojilatanoaa.- Jaokaoavlllo for boo flrat-.)Uis fare
IIEvsOF..crtJ., : : ,;A iDic yeeterday,' oaroe of maeh In naItanee that ...eID.' thoae. 'The whooeeapy'oSleee N. W. Oolmko of Hawthorn .ho" pI... SB oeata. Tlakata are good to return

/.. maakarai.aad 'ood flab. lust reporter baa heard a great. deal of some on caged lo the ,eryboalaeaa:- at tbatpiaaa ap .to.aad Inaloaiva May 8th
COUNTY i Baoadara' '" 'Ear..'.. plaint about,Ih. m&tter. was a ...... vlaltoeto tbo city Sea ticket ages.i poor nearest point.

: ., Hampton fa' la (Atlanta. on; a yaatarday.. Mr; Oolatao hums to potbaaa -
T1;. plaala'to. be h.ld at JaaalngataJi for .'
a boajry prirato baa.Tbe '
.. vials' tofrleadr..
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"' .
: : ...

Title: Gainesville daily sun
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 Material Information
Title: Gainesville daily sun
Uniform Title: Gainesville Daily Sun
Gainesville daily sun (Gainesville, Fla. 1903)
Alternate Title: Daily sun
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Creator: Gainesville daily sun
Publisher: H.H. McCreary
Place of Publication: Gainesville, Fla.
Gainesville Fla
Publication Date: April 28, 1906
Frequency: daily (except saturday)[-1938]
daily (except monday)[ former <1903>-]
normalized irregular
Subject: Newspapers -- Gainesville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Alachua County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Alachua -- Gainesville
Coordinates: 29.665245 x -82.336097 ( Place of Publication )
Additional Physical Form: Archived issues are available in digital format as part of the Library of Congress Chronicling America online collection.
Dates or Sequential Designation: -58th year (July 24, 1938).
General Note: Description based on: Vol. 20, no. 48 (Apr. 5, 1903).
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Bibliographic ID: UF00028298
Volume ID: VID00758
Source Institution: University of Florida
Holding Location: University of Florida
Rights Management: All rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
Resource Identifier: oclc - 32994415
alephbibnum - 002027051
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Other version: Gainesville sun (Gainesville, Fla. : 1903)
Preceded by: Daily sun (Gainesville, Fla.)
Succeeded by: Alachua County news (Gainesville, Fla. : 1934)
Succeeded by: Gainesville daily sun and the Alachua County news

Full Text
h Ira' N k N i a'
.y ,T '



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r --- ---

$U(1 OP THE ORIENT of TabrU. by Ita proximity to 'rurktsn I' en.In the aotorttoB' of their ruts. Thewisest I CLIMBING EL'EPNANTS.H.w CHARINQ CROSS. -

.... ..... and Unaaton frontiers baa lut lea rag a* well 'a* the safest course I I
.''. :":. Industry' to outaldo Inttnonc more wotkld b s eapociany when costly pieces Tker. We.tiOmtm ........ W.r w. a.41 .. This Anele** LAaamtrSX

.. :tw4$ TN YOOMg,FROM Nt> HOW readily and this la plabUy awn .a ifs ....- UttAer.coikoldorntlon. to secure' the rtsp," Ctlatl.Elephauta ., .-...... '

j::7 ? Jt OCE T4.... too formal design and the. quality of aervlcsa of a dtotetervsted. party whoa aro ,abed to make their In rending KnglUlt: history' you will'happen '

.I l :- the cl.J'ee. Ncvertbelosa aom* of the knowledgo cam bo relied upon. way u|. and down mountains. aDd seruas uuuterou rvferonce to "

. I Tabriz reproductions of old masterpieces There la no doubt that with due car through a country of steep eUKa,.where fhsrlng Cro s. but the rbsncv are. youwill h
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.ww-. both In aUk and wool are both In boytng and In using them oriental mulea would not dar to venture. andr wonder If the allusion to to a realcriHM
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.. .. among. the beat works of art Imported ru *'.wllt-'atllt IH found worthy' .n where mi cud passage difficult. erected as a memorial or simplya
... IE- ....
to thto country.' Both for their indo of the high reputation wbU-b they have. Their tni 'ka have been trout upon the cruMarutid. during Croa was formerly
t. ... t:. .
ell tmctlblUty' and their coloring Tabrla uniformly oajoyod. .a the standard of very umiult of mountain over T4XM' on.of the noted landmarks of

lit qQeatlor( antique la orleatal rugs are more suited for libraries, dinIng excellence and wocth.-II. Mlchaetyanla feet hl.... I. the. 'Jovruoya an *le> Britain, and IU bUtory' to an follows: ,

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Jaaoa.. Arnen*:recont portatloBV-ta the dt/-of that name one of the principal FOREIGNERS IN RUSSIA. must prevl|.Uoua. Thla la the way In I her loyal' subjects was called to Join "

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.carpet apalalt.r.. .are any'' hero ar known m our ooatry! under ......._ !Meze ...... f. tko maneuver. la to ko..1 down clime to thodeclivity. I expedition Into Scotland. When RNsnor ...
'{Hoof ta".tho true MOM of the word tile name of Sultanabaxt Muahkabad Way- .a:1temM. lew./lpllwe. One( fore' leg I* then cnn- bad got aa far on her way aatlrantbam

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:vway..jW :eatiatrybar. ben.aciire4l' difference betwoen 't.... Ot throe npr official tweet IViole aayan : abort way down the slope and If be Tho remains must, of course' be. burled 1

.'fby: prt ato eolUctor who were allr to might ...'_lei more' than of any other .* cbancolitor amlled.'Not find there le na gnat spot for H Onu at Westminster, and the funeral

"t ;ttb*.""'|ftfer; >C.vcb pieces bug before>> r oriental rug that they lack the true bag a*** b* replied *a gentleman foothold be |M>vdlly terms one by cortege started la that direction.

the ajaaarat. 'Public ahowed any sign of oriental aentlment. Conunetxlal" conakl- cam herewith Just mush a letter. stamping Into the anti If It la motet or iHirlng the time Ibis royal' funeral

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Of such lucky collector there. are that Bnltanabada and other of the .U. In I4ter...... Ttie gentleman did other. for lee .to brought down In the. of people flocked to the wayside

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.... .. a aandeeme profit on their nod- to the cultivated taste of lover lta get owl of this: I sold e eak- work over acntu with his feet, brlujfInc ev(n% lu the history of the rural district

.eat Inveatnieot of several yeah ago. of oriental ruga. Aa ,to th* practical tag low In Radian. '....t.. hire, a sleigh both for .lr*. a little In advanceof .*, and they did everything possibleto

.Evea today;provfll.d one knows eomettulngW merits of the rug*. 1 would not recommend and just begin looking as .we did In the Gnat fo> thold. Tl.U .leave II'M-I tusk the solemn occasion a memttrntile -

comparative. value lu rue them for place where their werliyr those other ..II........ At lentil we ran places all ready mad fur the hind. fp*>t. c".*. Wherever the process. '

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.liodaehold will,depreciate In value In age; quite the contrary.Khorasaan. "*lf you try' to *.... the |>ea anta by over the edge. where tboy", occupy Ibeflnt Cbsrfng.! and ,IIUtIU.IIII a richly

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actually grow more beautiful by use, transportation facilities are atUI of lb.primitive lenst of the peaaanta to whom you talk all tb* trey down. .1.! .*.... knetollita: every > t'harlna ('..1,_ of history It .tomb until

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"Yrng' donot:: receive. too bard usage, lu I will retain their exclulre localtump latent we shall know not only whom Thus tbe center of gravity i. i.r .rvwland $ Charles 1ih* vandal. who destroyedthe

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'they er traota4.4witb' more consideration _u. The sheep and the goats here produce you lath ta jail l,e"fur we could Inforut Med. .1 lr.l vtl... SHIP WORTH TAKING.

"aaa care. chart;:are accord to them a remarkably soft an l silky wool. tbent who you were. Of course Tit. pmrtlc' of ln.uri cv wa, known ,1. )--
'In T be existing,condition* of our modern we should b* worry for this and hoitW Wheel .k'r. .attt.e. at (to. *.. ralllooMlMkfl
; This fact and the loose formation of in tI.. aurtrnta. |M ||II( In at tb *
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native metn- . | awl tb... tit. largest mruant*
clippers or bare feet. The than twelve all blending tugrther bar Tfc r Aeo rot."The Tli. custom of drawing out litauraitc.

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piece of the oriental art. U'* average In ):a......, lu 1Lp. t"
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., modern 'Importation of Khoran rugeto that lb" Houth American<< hell Klre and. Hfe. lIMa,...r. to of mnrbmr t .
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value of tbe *. curare wry { befit guide p.-.I COIGI'< + Then again they are reclasalfled' with The* name of Meshed to ovmetlme Tbere I to a *.wd cl...l 't.todler.wrstk. of their. MemlirfM wtiw uOml d ke and myatorle. and ho hound

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the nag. byjrtiicb they are known la farts to say that the looming. able-
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friend of >lauds llasv laee s 4 d.tluS.s .er. tet were atoetlMM
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--- --- -... -

Ip CAPT. $STROBHAR' Woven 'a3 W.u as .8DAm 'f THE: ROCK OYSTER.
It .. Toad ra 0.1"Two PIa....Grata
-t ''l r*' fay. Ki *ey a .. Lad 0_.... IH.F.DDWl &.CO
A' h
i . der.111111 The rock oyster le found only on the '<,
... coasts of Spain and of, Oregon. At .. ., ;
M1S rr :t
_?_, trodble--j pttf. ttpon th raqolna .bay,. a favorite summer re- {
Governor Terrell Refuses to Grant lieoOttrageaanalesaeusaiiibittoa.. '' ; sort of Oregonians digging rock oysters Sea Isla :: ct ,G a pn.tor
jt "N-lgor >and .. _
Zzoz .
=.) < la a regular pastime. In the early f' :: .,
Req bi tion. I',; 4 ne--, Goon .(Ji rn1agbefoTtMUM9 sun In high.crowds i It 'j': ;' "I! __' v.- It '(. rt 'E-Ai. ?

+s a ,, )iwteq tbekIdz order I armed with picks and shovels wend Sea Island Cotton deed", Bagging and Twine. Walrus

;, CAN RETUriN ,TO CANADIAN SOIL .oua toot their way..,-4o. ..tbe. famous rock oyster Leather in Strips or Sides. .
'r Kidney beda The stata'geologlst; of Oregon
:e. .End of a Hard Fought C... So Fr .* become ao |>i aaya-or the rock oyster; :
.Georgia Courts 'Arc ,Concerned. that it i. not "I fa' acieuUOc name Is pbolaa. Like Manufacturers the James Doig, .Improved; English:
mon for-a Mrs. Slrobhsr's Monty l I. Still born.. valrva.. eonbavtps;", on Its& middle portion Sea Island Cotton Gin, and' Supplied: }Snme.
"" Tied Up. "- child urlnatestoooften,tithe kidneya. a trlangulaV. racplike ralre. It Is GAINESVILLE . _ .'_ :FLOBfl A. USA
the fle hfcorl, when the child this raspllke organ, thdt enables It to
_ti Special to The_Dally SUB.Atlanta. I
when it should be able to : excavate and keep Its burrow' open. : -
f age
: { : Oft., April 27 -The reqnUf( passage it iayet afflicted with The rasp la not bard enough of Itself E.A.A'
'it FlorldatipooGov.rporT.rreilofOror. cultyia kidney trouble and sand that recta In the folds of theraap .
, gla for the reiorn t., tne former, 'bUte"' step should be towards the gradually ''wears away the-atoneae Air Line

.!'f. ofCepuJ. N. 8'robhar, recently" ee these trouble important is due toe organs.diaeaaed This fast/aa needed. corresponding. with RaiIWe. : V
; quitted la this city of the charge of the kidneys and bladder and the growth of the oyster. When
it... larceny after trust was today refused. habit aa moat people suppose. the egga'are_ batched In the sea water ., . < .
.a "
I Women aa well as men are made they look like small patches of Jelly Jff'
: Attorneys for Strobhsr clearly showed I, .
able'with kidney and bladder Gab and for several day swim about
: to Governor Terrell that an, existlni {and both need the same great with the outlines of their future shell.. Savannah, Columbia.:\ itret-n:.
r treaty between Great Brh'.'.. and the I The mild and the immediate- forming etowly about them. By ID..tlnct'cae" .
I United States provides that. when a i Swamp-Root la soon realised. It looks,for a vacant spot oi Pine. .a eigh Richmond: Washington .
druggists in fifty- ,
Is extradited from ,thai t
person _OOUO. .rock surface and when found be

-1. and! acquitted*<< of the_charge fret ize cent y one-dol1ar You mayba..o |.. backs .&.IO.t. .1 ._ ;.. w Dnsl Baltimore, Ph lade -
.T" K
, ,.,. .MlaB- *.'.-n 1 ..stradl'ed. ample a. sample bottle f'T...... preferred to all other
, ..._ are
-t1.b tor>*., by mail free also a ..... y
;{.1 ; he naw_..MterdayonZ) Al'phU Glttcaalbrfall<><:. '. ..... .. for the table, and ae they are phia, New York,
''' ? !
_. ,
'!':;;t '..l time most be given' him In wu 'F_ wung I at about : only In one' place on the coast ,
tarn to Great Brittaln befor. again! owing lica& ng many.of the thousands Spain- and at Yaquina. they are o '
:. subjected to arrest. Counsel for; monist letters received from unparalleled attraction..Scientific -
; ' the Atlantic( Coast Line, which road r cured. In writing Dr. Kilmer &; .. Two Elegant Trains Daily.. -
large Binghamton, N.Y., be sure and
;! charges Strobhar with!converting ,
.i. f
"/ cams of money" to his own a.. while this paper. Don't make any Ballard'a Horehound Syrup.
but remember the name. -
.Y.! .gent at Gal a.nUl., Fla *made strenuous i ii Dr. Kilmer's Swamp-Root and Immediately relieves hoarse eroopy Seaboard. Express.

efforts to have the Governor;..dress, Binebanittm, N. Y., on ( .t oppressed rattling rasping ,
i -
r grant the requisition,. claiming tWU"the bottle. difficult breathing. Henry C. ,

; treaty referred only to naturalised .rn.. Druggist Shullsburg, Wls., Seaboard Mail. -
oltlsens of the mother country. I MR. ASHLEY'S LAST ...-May 30. 1903 "I have been

N Captain' Strobhar, who leas made Ballard'a Horehound Syrup for .
many friend durtag his stay Kerr, was Was Busily Engaged In Prep .0 years' and have never had a prep.
congratulated the decl- Copy When End C,';.. better satisfac PULLMAN EQUIPMENTOnly
heartily upon ., that baa given MODERN -
Ion of .the Governor for It was con- W. W. Ashley, associate I notice that when 1 sell a bot a victory( for him lasomueh'.The Sun! who passed away so they come back for more. I can
.that ha can now return to Florida of t ly late Thursday! afternoon took .,' recommend It." 260, 60a and Line
aw |lla own accord. Instead of being. takenAter. dellsht In
by an otflccr. rences of the city and while his Daily Through Pullman Sleepers from Jacksonville to New Oritantw..
.... '
.;;":' The 10.000 for which Mrs. Strobhar on the paper did not Include city Crest .1.
''t.M'd her home and hooselold effects The Island-of Great Britain-eo call
I he was never more happily It from Britain Minor, Information and sleeper' reservations. call oa agent Seaboard oaHte -
to dlstlnmilab For
bank ball for her
and deposited In as ... ,
than when In the effort .
Little Britain. l In Frllo"t"-Ie- the lar A. BOYLSTON1
Htosbaod, and which was aobsequeatlyattached the "covering" of social island In Buro|*. Its greatest Asa*. General Baaaenger Agent Paaaenger Lgent,
by the railroad company /. which occur from time to time la 008 miles and Its greatest JACKSONVILLE.: FLORIDA ".

t y Mill In litigation, and It Is doubtful If the society of the city, and ... 32O mU.. It embraces Eng _
'... the esse will be decided under two when thus engaged that the cod 'I'f Scotland and Wales. No other
":f. years, bat It I. generally conceded that 10 suddenly. to him. la the wall has such great Take The Atlantic Coast LineFOR

." eb. will eventually recover her. money. Below we produce article wealth In eo email aa area.

;?; $ Mrr, trobhar has won the admire.Woo lie was preparing at the time la first and the other Important ALL EARTHLY'POIITII
and esteem of everyone In Atlan- she are 'Iron, tin copper lead
."."'IUa whom she has come In contact, death the word "were" In ..., sine Iron" pyrites and alt.CASTOR1A. Via Tie

,'iI/' "* all deeply aympathlae with her In his line last of the i4A concluding paragraph- I orb'as:: .EaSt.Sonth: :: -tt: e West J.' :

.' ;4 ffcsrsore" trials of the recent past. round of social. 11 ....... Ube MoatesstervRRapid

been enjoyed by our best aoelety, << I
FUNERAL, OMR.. A8HLCY. Transit and Unsurpassed Service
honor to the two charming Yor XaJamU sad CxUUraxuTfct

.''f! Conducted HIS. Late Home-Remains dl.. who re the guests of the KM YN Htft Atwtrt tatt 1 Time Table to effect April.1ITtOS.

't. .>.. Sent to Michigan. MI. Potter of Ocala and Miss Deport" For OAmDVILLB.Aniy.. Frost

:- .! Fonsral services over the remains of )fBtarke. Baas tae ..
and Ias.rDstly I ....;
High Bpriap
1 'W.: W. Ashley were eondacted at hislate "At 10 o'clock the honored on Thursday .. .,.- o 01 .. a tdo s p m ...... mediaN PoinW 10a1JJ z gun.,
they were
"I home toe North Oak avenue, Friday -
porch card party at the pleasant' Oeala. Leesburg aDd Tampa aad 2
'r at li0 p. m., by Rev. Thos. P. 13 sc0 p n I lI.a
..... J W. M I.. ftmt Oat.11fr ,
y Hay of the First Presbyterian Church, if Mr. and .. Dsily IaNrmedlaN Points DaJJ.F1I
Tendered Bor.m-Could I eee MIso' .IbbetI.IeIFals. _
......... by a.... T. J. Nlson of the EVortb; Qak avenue, that's wet she ,wae won- aclopm 3.-.mUe. % ..p....
......... MeCollam sad J. F.
MsthodUtaad F. H. Cralghlll of Holy Clnstry, Jr., Prl... were 01'... ..* aa ye come acroet the atreet. Dcliv ( Nania;Zest aDd west I !-

: Trtalty Tbo services churches.were attended by a 'b... _are five tables fllled with '...,Bon.-Ab.but ala.'. not then at aW.1II1 bxtmav,-Philadel Maid-. lib m High ........ Waysrow.Savannah. B.-IIk.. I a.10'p__
? (
.. Wlleos the Alban Atlaata all Points. North EMI ;
largo number of friends of deceased '.ac. Mice woo Preaa.Be Daily ,. WestDolly

.which. . attested his popularity among prise and very graciously ....t I.aD '

.i.,,.. the people of the .U,. It.,. '4,. Hay Miss Potter while Mis! Troby who rerognlaee. no higher logic a rib p rn I E.....U.. X..up and. Chas .. 10 OS.aDaily '.
; ,-. paid. 'a deserving tribute to the de'parted .the ooosolatlott) prl... ..,,.... ... that of the ahii\lag. may become DaIJr- ..
.'"....;, and during hi. remarks. ask.d .ere aerved consisting off .' ", rery rich man sad yet remain a Tory
and Iced crsetuaev-41......
1h.rb.t. cake rape
i especially that divine bUesiage be bestowed 2 "
;; ' upon the grlef-.trlekea slstcore. /. tad the oeeaslon was a delight > 12Ir, I Palalb. I /B:

e '. lCl... and Oralghlll. offered present. A Dandy Foe turns
"On ltrtdeesday evening ... .. Pima 111.* wrltee "1
Dr. .
ferveat During
> la.-- I. IUl ape Ttoboaa.good nor ia\OQO aailoa ot ao.gbe Mrla
:f' 'aorvtoo two beaatlfal and toochla* rooag ladles "wes." (the . used Bollard's. .... I4arsaeot alaoJ rmUwa\yal:. sbo bribe .... by .... ........ .
A: 'k....were rendered. by tae o)ol.. and honor at a ehaBng dish gives by ..... recommended. It to my trio.... .rTbrooxg rollasan slesrer Fort-r.-C. .. York eta AtHntsaLioaj .,....
ataay present could not refrain from d..... Dell at their homo on I aaa.'ooe"..' there. le no bettor atoo via AAlsustae Oooaa Ltee Ballwo...
I\. Roper avenue, and the oeeoatoo for ........ For ooaaaloao maaallia.,sail mmAddreaei
I., ',....dl.. '"". ..... It a dandy .
":\ ...... mention should be made of ft meet delightful o..jD.vlf. ) .. who lire oo terms are. eepeclalfy J. A. OOOOWrN.. Ticket Aptrt,-a.l.A..ana, '
eeldentol. ..... borne, 01,
'c\\ tbo aoral offerings, which were la Island ToetueoI 'Ms to way BJ- FmAXK O.:BOTLarOW.' Dto.Faee ..... W. D. art .....Air.Faoa. Igr).
:i ,,.-........ ....... wfcUh heal rapidly. .wbe a JgryA'gjtUNg35g< 'Ja>>Bg..y.. -
,'j;, 4At)ha ...lesloe.f the. s.nlc.the oo worse than the terrible ..*. g...... Ie........ It W. .. OMA1O. raoeeoger TraJM __.sAN a. Wltoabngaaai.V.: O,
....... wise. reaaeved to the AtlanticOaaat pilot that afllcted. me 10 ,..... ..... olwaya bo kept tm ... ...... for .
; Life depot_ ;_where ".1.."" ems act,.... to Apply "..'.. ....of essoru.ey.** 9M.etMaaCl '%t.eld 1- .
; < "'
... .. board. the *teO ,rala>4* .... alee,and lees than a bet ..... by W M. J.aasos.acurs.w ,
,t tag...1& to hold the I...'....' at awed tae. wrltee L. 8. Kapler of J,** ' :

:", his. old ...... !. =ales ......, MUh.A . .tea, Ky. Herb. all wooeds. be, Matoo to Jachaowvtwe Aft. FaySholesTypewriter l s'
-I.'Iio't .... umber aeeoaapaaled the re* ..... like ....... *ee at all .h.. Lull Coast La...

";;. males to the depot to pay their laattec o. oeeountnf the Flerfcte, S.ote HOT .

-A. \ pests,to their deported frieod.Undertaker . Three Orevmed e. Nafta.Naahvtlte. . ....." May let-4hy MM. -

T. F. Thomas, aee
,i, ,by ...boN of the Knights of Pytb. the Cumberland Teoav. ...river...... toga fast ... .e to Jaoaaoovllle. sad retatm at tali. 3
''\'i.. tad Odd r.'.... lodged, hodabargs sad tins I ooo e........ tore pies 9b oooto tor # .
I e'-.e Swooor
;' of, the arraageaaoBte, the few- ._10 ... A largef tYrtebsr . ,..... trip .-&e-.u-- ,, ACaBe1B''RL Rj l
:;,{...... orders In this slay havl* teVaotrod tars last ..... all ....u.. .lie lloe Is ...Mb* A' )lid! -'
: a request from.. the ladies. .. .......*. Tickets will sat>4 ApeilOth ....... ... JIMIII: ftJr JIA...,; .
ir1Me ...... to prepar. the remainsrablaoeai. If V Ssb. 1. O sIsag T... and May h.. with loot Meal :,

.. Deseased. .. a men '...... soil. _thus obt Glad se .M.lg.t !of wftab aojaeao. Tb Iai. i ,

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lag bred. tar ,.-ew... ,- ., ..... .... "t. 1
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4' . Aa1t its Is last ... shed. M. tMIM wr Ol+. err .Iba.TbM 4
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: .ijmEs" The FfbI.nat Does GoodOZOMUISION days many soon a trip to to bewith the city asKew during. the hoi I I II 4

atone or granollthlo walks have I

of CAUSING TROUBLE been placed,from the door to the street' r

on the premise of Dr. E. Lartlguc' ry;

and U r.. A. Whetstone. on East i iJnlon

"Woman Member of ,Band Fine street. The wori.-as performed CASTORIAThe
ie Ond l.heroll__else superrUiou" of J Dud-
for .n er
.Theft' of$2- From Negro. The I II "' ... ..... ... leWillUms.( whose work In this ha.I. .
... .. a.-p. c.t.ntIo: F. tea.,
Is characterised bye thoroughness
Csesaa- ad au Datrser. 1
"IRA U. CARTER ALSO VICTIM _11. r& .esat>
Dreolssa,*we stsea,...e4*U hard to excel:

4Mr. Carter Cashed Check Which Af TRIAL BOTTLE FREE BY MAIL It was reported In the city yesterday Kind You Hare Always Bought and
'forward' Proved to be Property of ft sn ssetlasi mms and srtilrsas MatoaIASionCo.'w afternoon that an attempt at use for over 80 years, has, born the signature of
I i Was Mew Tart. criminal assault had been made on and has been rondo under his per
.Another -.Regain Possession of' nf
yoong danghter a prominent
sonal supervision since Its Infancy.
Hie Moo.,. cit'sen' residing about lire miles west ,
I I UNION PICNIC. Allow no one to deceive you In this.
of the city by a negro, but up to a )late
It seems that the band of Gvpeei' All Counterfeits Imitations and "Jits tas-good"are but

who recently same to ,this cttj' Iron '. Will Be Given by "Sunday Schools or hour last night no authentic Information Experiments that trifle with and endanger. tho health ofInfanta s
could be tH nte _
Wednesday. May 8. and Children-Experience against Experiment.: +;
:N..r/ area herd lot. if we mmj Further mentiog will. appear in a sub.
A of from
meeting representatives
.ni.ih.ipre..ioo.. s>qaent issue.
the Baptist. Metbodl..DeI. Presbytertan '
:Oo Friday Justice Colman'a court Sunday schools was held yesterday The members of the Adventist is

one of the female members of the part] for the purpose of deciding on a dst church gave a lovely of 'their plcnie 10 theirfriends Rev. Oastorla Is a harmless substitute fbr' Castor' Oil, Pare t

,; *waa fined 15 and oeta or thirty daviin : and 1 location for-lloidla. the annual in honor pastor tone Drops. and Soothing Syrups It Is IMcAMUit Iscontains
who Is leave. All
W. M.Stroat. soon to
of the theft of picnic, and after due deliberation Itwaa neither other Narcotloubetance. 1
Jail on a charge .2 who had the honor of an invitation re- Opium Morphine nor
vfrom a colored man In this vtelnitv. decided to hold same at Silvei poet a grand: time The crowd went : Its age Is Its guarantee. It destroys Worms
Springs on next Wednesday May 2. *
and allays Feverlshneas. It cures DUrrltum oust Wind
mod during the afternoon Ira.. Carter, A special train of ten coaches will out in drags to the Devil's Mlllhopper
Colle. It relieves Teething Trouble', cures Cotmtlnatlon
merahant of Kewberry, arrived lithe leave the Seaboard Air Line depot<< at 1 7 where the day ". spout In feasting and Flatulency. It aaalntllatea! the l'OtMt.I.latee; the

city and' reported that he had beet o'eloek a. m. on the above mentioneddate on the good things that were contained Stomach and Dowels, giving uealthy and natural sleep._ ;

.......led'oat of (20 by one of the mail to convey those who desire tc in the well-niled basket that The Children's Panacea The Mother's" friend.
member of the band daring their etajc take advantage of the oeeasion. All were carried along by the good peopleof

at Nawfcerry. He sought Depot the Sabbath sehools are Invited tcparticipate North Gainesville. ALWAYS
.Sheriff Oranger and laid the ease before ,as well as the public generally MAKE BIG MONEY FAST sellingthe

hUn, stating that ODe of the Gyples and It is safe to say that a great, official story of "The Destructionof
Boars the
,. presented a cheek: calling for$20,, many will ,be on baa4'<< to enjoy the San FrancUeo" Our authors Signature _.
vbleh he _bed. the nan stating thai trip. An abundance of lee water will Trumball White and Richard Llnthl-

he bad received the cheek In payment be provided oa the trainand free lemonade cum guarantee authenticity. Nearly

r for the sale of a horse. It later developed will be 00 the picnic grounds. 600 large page Dos.n. of photographs c4%

that the cheek did not below Farther particulars will be given latomorro" ketsll $1 BO. .IO to I2O per the Oypsey, bat bad been lost b] '. Sun. day easy if you act quick. Will out. .

its owner. Mr. Carter accordinglycame sail any book ever published. K ery-

to this city. in an endeavor. tc NEWS OF CITY ANDCOUNTY body la'.'....... Outfit freT"Send The Kind You Have Always BoughtIn

regain possession of hU "I".a',." and CONDENSED 18 for postatlB. :todsy. Kest terms to

he was not long In doing so.either. agents. Credit given. Freight paid.
Use For Over 30 Years.
Deputy| Granger hid the matter be. Take orders while waiting for outfit.
J. K. and II. I. Stokes of Mloanop ._. _....
/ore tb. Gypsies. telling them thai. Monarch Book Company, Phlla.' Pa. 'WMa e.ns e..s.u ee ewes
ware among those who came to thus .. c
they would hare to 'eou< city' on business jetrday. WEST END IMPROVEMENTS.
after harried consultation the money .
D. D. Weeks of LaCrosse wa In th.
-was reluctantly returned to its i owner,
with Cap Many New Houses Using Built In That .
together with the amount to cover hit city yesterday on busJ0 e s 'rw
hiD W. D. Dickinson tax eolleetor. Section of Gainesville. r
expenses on the trip to the elty.
Mr. Carter may consider hlmsell I Mrs. H. .H. MeCrearj ; There Is a general Improvement cf

lucky la securing his money which bt returned yesterday from Atlanta;, the city of Gainesville, and the peopleare ATLANTIC. COAST LINE ,;

no doubt does.A i where they have been for the past few clad. -:=:.":_.j"
days. The rtast Cod where many people ..

Lucky PostmistressIs Elliott Waits of Hawthorn was In of wealth have t>..u accumulatingtheir -:

Mrs. Alexander of Gary. Me., who the city. trading yesterday. Mr. Waits money In rest estate and balld.1
has found Dr. King's New Life Pills to Is a prosperous merchant of that thriving 'log fine houses, ha been little THROUGHSERYICES
"toe the best remedy she ever tried tot burg in the eastern section of lb. .recently and hue permitted then

keeping the stomach" liver and bowels county.. friends with lets money to purchase .
order. You'll" with prof,etty and commence the "boom" :
In perfect agree The First National Bank was doing
on the other side. However, the re. :
these painless purifl.nthat
her if try
you business In their new quarters for the
Infuse new life. Guaranteed bjaldruggists. li suit will prow fruitful not only to ..
je'tterday. Everything .
) Price 25 first those whs>are bolldiag. bat to the city .- 'r .- . _-_
nice artist's could
arranged as as eye
as well, and It Will net be mug before
Big anew term In Maine. su.cet. O.inesvlll.wtth all her Improvement NO ClIANUK- (eirept chat you leave with the .\..." He'.wveaJACKMONV1LLK. ,

Portland. Me.. April. JfJ.-\. hear Prank Drake of Goals who Is a val and the through schedule by the Ate : OOAI.A and tIAI.NKSVII.I.K- : 4
snow storm prevailed over the greatei oed employs of .*h. W. N. Camf Untie Coast Line* will rive. one sal l,

part of this state Xu... dy.' Pnosphate Company., was la the city the best .,tl.. In Florida . -=-
yesterday. on business with Tax Col'' --

leetor Dlaklnsoa.: StemacH and Lhrer Troubl. Cured. Full lafurntit: : may IM .11&.ln.J J from ;

10000) agents wanted. Only so- Orlao Laxative Fruit Syrup sores

THE S, J J. THOMAS CO tbent( '"book Highest on "Ban eommles'on.Franelseo' Outfitfree. Calamity dlgeetloa stomach and and liver stlsnulatea trouble the, as liver It elds and J. A. GOO I IV) IN Ticket Agent. ,

The John O. Winston Co.. IOC bowels without Irritating" 'h... organs .

Arch 8t Philadelphia. Pa. Ilk. pllle and ordinary. ..'ha.." ". It .. .. ._,
- --- -- --
W. R. of Mleaaopy was lathe urea Indlgestloe sad sick .headache
yesterday on his way home and shrunk eoastlpatlon. Orino Laaatlve < tYhA
... city Frnlt Hyrupdo* not naeseate of ABSTRACT
from a visit to his son la Mseos. Oa. & REALTYCOMPANY
Mr. Dreher having several beers to remain gripe and Is mild sad pleasant take.
Ilel.... ..tN" ,...... J. W. MeCollun
la the city was kepi busy greetlnnhis
A IXDOO* ow .te>dLl Mt
many frleads.Wanted .
-Man to work In abstract E. E. VOYUE.Abetraete KGB.

i offiee most be sober aod have, tome OoBROOKS' el Title ... fall 1.1........ farslahesl resmrslr Is* ..... Is this
: knowledge of the boslneee| .....OC. ....,,.. Osr ssaeager sse lives la this ..... silrty fear. ...
raph r preferred i state salary expected .. tfcoroocBly ......., with load titles. .

NEWPLUMBING t permanent po.1tioa to right ....,.

J. L.Jones. ,&",&4 la. Fla. E. E.VQ LE.

aeeompanled PRICESFOR
Rev. Oliver Vans bj
... children, two little sons and t ,fu. AOOIDKWT. BVRULAKY> AND moKMnmr IKSCKAKOK. .teeestlasl <
a aassber e* Assertssa ase) atssllea. __....... ti'
G daughter, of Sebastian, arrived I. tin _AI. EsTATts. AJl D CITY hrD'v'.11Au

ell,. yesterday., and for the nest two 01' THIS WEEK ONLY. 0...... r e rl..oX"f..d.a. "

three days "III be ....... of tfce ---- --. --- .- .._- ._-_.. -- .. .- .. ,.,. -. .- "
fO'_ "'* brother T.J. Feus. "f'aa.
I : of the Method Have you triad .bat RoekJale- tert .M.Gs.agan. treddeut II,. &.T..y...,Caeaier ,
and The yooag people r* *. W. .....YI... Prsjst4e, Las Uaasasi. A.... Casals :t r
church" a pleasant eees-

.L tag with their .,..... at the. betas. 1 flit |>eta.ate4_Coef.. ,......-1 -**;
ol 0. O. T....i. e.ra.t.el Arv...d. 3 lb. ... Baked
TINNINGDepartment sad ....... ........ Vrttfay. the -

... . . . .
oesaalssj. befall a poor Hh... beet Tesaatess .11 0. G,Au.vrT.T.1IJ.: '.
Weetoa Jt. Hetherfera1. have .... S.tb.eao lug. 11...., . ... ..IfS :,,\""
....,........ iasarenaseata to taefisssss THE ONLY NATIONAL BANK IN ALACHDA OOCkApitAl :' '
of fraeiaees oe the swat aide ., tb. I-. .Arsae>..'. .r Mb*.?'. I

the _,.. Tie des ... .bee .\. Trip . ..14Kesa '
.... laatalled. sad -I . . . . . . . . . . . .'IO.()()() 00
...... .ew easse
Uses Loaf . .
......... .. tats** ....|e> add te er III I Sorplcu And Undivided ProflU.- . AO.000-00

the eVrtfMtieewasa ell tW...... .*{..*..... ..... Orals KU .... alt f
... .... j M
Oar tw+a... -: =r .
ADDED TO OUR LTXB B O.Davis.. .........* ..*the Faf.noise }.... eaa ..a__. .I.*' ...saM::.raSTaC.:... =--r e>te:: ..rrsau.ser....... ; .
wish .1M ,artaei"
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.. .. .. ,
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day to the totereet ., a* a... ,... - -- -- ----
I U beet lUtfis .SM..* .. +
.. tlaashs. sM
Mr. Daeie a great assay

ONa.eslll..I.>. ace m... 1 peek Irteh r.> Cal J M ..aW .. will l..wa Fay....... maealeee .. aee here that mLlIIII..
Swift's ,.,..iee !!*.., .*r .le>.. ..11
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.tears abet fee will ee he) tosarsr ..... .
t etMaesilna a Hh 'lei.....We. c... s.. u. ... ss.e ...., INSURANCE ... ..., Mltp .

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Teem ertch Cela u....... Taaito I S. F. .ROOK$, '

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r&?3v& f *$J&S*$' n FLORIDA, 2 IUOG *>.


Signed Article Supporting, ,Him for ,

;t l! Tax A ......' eVDRS. T. TRCNCR. MRS. I:. A. CONNOU.V. .

Editor Sun: In view- of the tact that

.; __..i within a few more weeks the fo..ra of
: '
Biif.f: ,Bjfpe nings From Variotu Alaehua county .will be called upon to n zb 1w
decide who shall eerTelhem In the e.- i

",4I-l,\i ;
.<<;;'" honor U is,1 hop! not aonUa to ,*- _ -

( THE .MO-ri. .: IMPORTANT" EVENTS mind the tbinkip7 public that the ttfaa
,: -- who has most todo with adjusting *he'

; Tra"aPJrln'c'.In """"Land.of Flow.. ....** burden of '..x.'loa''I.. the man who ri : Th' 1

Things *SoUS; to> Suit the i filia'jhe office of tax ...... ... Upon

1kMy' Raader?ftema of ,Irttereat terSOFfLOBlOA his lack of Ttgilanee. rests the" securityof
_All.Ciastiia,. the ehronio tax dodger, and upon Its 1 1i rI r
a exercise depends the relief of the. poor

:The polloaxfbrae' + oTampa was. given man from .xet. "ta.... >yThe'Increase w S j

a,Tads'in it4l'(..:re.cntly.A of mil I age, for aoheelporpos ; ,

new.hoi MorTSrooksvllIe; is now ... the Increased pesulon levy, I E -
U asaored'ttlat, Tha 'eoatraot. for and like near, hare' '

.am*:was.lai. a lackaonvllle firm.Aaew meat of taxea this year* tssal"f ..iMar"l _24Qp1: \\ I wJ 'm IXIRS

:; : dra lgs bo.''' and pile driver to all, baLDy-none has it been :

"b 1U la tha;':Mlsm Extension Shipyards ly felt u by the average farmer, whose

ia abottt ready to put In eommia11 integrity leads him to give in his
property at something like Its real
*' .: :fi it.
him at a disadvantage .
value placing IOa GfRMA :
A D.. canning Industry baa been
with the more shrewd but lees
, The dally ea-
honest citizen of larat.In'.re"., ....dDon..III.a'
pasity ia 100 Hal of fruit and vege A+

tables. ; system of appraUIng land Not a board until ofeompe.ot a Thousands 'OfNerJCr Women Write "Dr. Ilartman to Complain That

Siarki ,
:_ The Telegraph reporta over el'la.D..lit.' that ..aIIIlDIn <<
tgauOjfJOO Laving been paid to the strawj many States, la inaugurated here Tkey F(eJMRS.T.TR.N. WJwIly Rested, That They Are Always Tired.
of 'tbat section so far
j berry growSta- can a correct assessment of propertybe I bow>"
this .....D. "vMadiaoa made. Until the people have become ace. PELVIC CATARRH CAUSES .1111.1-:11L.11hiyTS.: an "

celebrated Decoration Day educated up to ibis they, mustdepend Notch Road Pater- urTern will giveIVrnna :

[la an appropriate manner uad.r the upon the tax: assessor to look con.N.J..writes There are .o many women who are ..t..11|| the iimn. Tli<*y ii.t ui In the a trial and C'f
I auspices of-tha Elisabeth Harris Chap after their loter.sts..llow. ooeeaaary, "1 ,suffered five morning tlrr with iiave In the ".ck .uddragpingeeu.aSluo.whlrh.eenrlnw.l'h' my hti.l>and and"Nowl
They raiD
U. D.O3 who years my spine r
ter. then it ia that he be a man is informed .
liad'' and pain. in my them down a* though carrying a burden .", .Ir..
Albert Simmons a negro who killed upon the subject of iad back. Many, women are undoutitwUly ufTrnnt; with ..*'.rrh. Tim. Doc/efwf m Yeas" w
this cad two children on the 17th laud values, and who baa the interestsof .
aunt "1 consulted you, proper remedy for them to tale t,* IVruna.Thor "Mu Anna Me*
(of March at Pine Level baa been sen- his county at heart. -.,'and In -- .t.. rrh has Invaded Hi*whole abdomln.1 l and |M>l lvtcnrcau.l .*.Th'.ulZ Shun, l,i| Plain 10....

Itenced to...... Recognizing this, let na ask ourselves fourteen week wa ....ceue diM-hsrgea they are to Ing' vitality every moment. I'rovhlenre, II. t..
Stetson.University trustees hare if we'can do better than to reelect cured by" She use or.1 The rust they eat and the sleep they get U hardly nuttiri..nt Sic keep "I'| wrllr>Ol

yotod'lstoRto. resign in order that to this Important position one Perana and follow ,With. the" drain on their vitality .* ...h to let yon

I John B. Btstson's bequest of 91CO.OOO. been himself farmer, ia'in lug your advice. The only hop fur betterment In tlielr race Is\le.le ,.m..r the know ..f tit* g......

with them as a class, and -I can now do my' catarrh your nirtlirlne ha. i
I to Institution may be made avail- sympathy own work. 1 cannot For this IVruaa Is recommended by 1\,. llsrinian. It rrlleve raiarrli. lour fur ..... I hail
I able forks needa.Tha wail. hairing' mads a thorough study of thank yon enough.: wherever caleU In the human Iwwlr-In the. Ihora, .Ulnntf. 11
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