m CO. Pia So. Ky lu :!dp tf 50a Ar t-tum\.Ua. -ou Ily 7 80It'
M Sti
indefinitely postponed. s(. New York per 10.00O b;ishelvfor
DOD members Ar
today Ortfnl>oru. SM). Ky 1 13m: 1.1: Alp .\r Ilalton U. Su. Hf. S 3ta
am is still under $10.C)()() balL. t and $13 for members. Ar Unnnll_. --i... Ky 'J '!Ia :! Kp) Ar Ch.u.no. Testis $o 1:,. 945a. w

, raotaln U Bentley Jtott. United ; Assassanlted While Eating Supper. Ar 1..hr"nn.1. So. Ky 6 :.Vin <> 4Jp; Ar .....iuaUIIa. 101' 'J .\ O. 5 20p

,- military attache, arrived In St.f 'Waycross. Ga.. S* today to be received In fareTtal'"nce well. I And beaten in labor until Ar Ctitrlottesvllle 8... Uy 6 183|j 8 lOp Uuouu.atl. U. Iht ,"1140p
e Murray a known rltizen of Ware a riot, covered -
Ar Washington.,80. Ky l"Wia >> &Ou \r Chiegu III Itii.: Fuur 7 lOeI.
TMn !' by the emperor.: Major county was assassinated at his home with .ores, a ChJe,,K nes \\. Gfbson succeeds Captain at' nwood. In this county. Murray conductor applied liuekleu' Arnica lr W hMe'ia| 1*. R K 1 45p ITSfta .\ Chlo"tln. III I'" I.hu. ; for

oU. !I waa ''shot In the back of the'head witha Salve and wa soon sounil and well *'Iue ArNeirYork. I.. n. U. 4. Up_ 8 9OaNo I.. tltncnuait.O t). tt ."t I't 45p

The official: bulletin Issued today at double-barreled tbotcun. which near it in my family" write* O, J. 34-"New York and Florida, K_- .\r- "'fhita n. III' Mnll" 723a

.i* Ua announced that two new, ease ly tore the bead from the body. The Welch of Tekonsha. Mich., "and Hud it p......." Dally Pullman Irawntq>> Loom Lv Cineiiiiiati, itA \f II. A h f) 4fip
fl rb01.-ra and no deaths had been'ret assassin died throug-h a hole In the perfect." imply great for cut and i iburDS. t>lr .pinK Car Port Tampa and Jacon r Toledo. O. C.: II. A: i 11. & :'J(>a

a ,B .rted t from noon yesterday to _noon door at :Murray while he was seated Only I 25o at all drug; ItO"I. I Title to New York. Ar Detroit M ichl.v ---- 1')1 t 253

voltred 1 (, making the totals 25< oases and at his table (eating supper and made - .. -- --..-----.. I No, 3O-"Wanhinvtnn and Florida Cincinnati.l .ll. Pa Linen saopVBAa
today : Limited 1)tily rcllman l gamin ; Ar Pitisburg. laLT . la I.uie. '
his >
deaths: I( escape. The dead man was about .AN (ORDINANCE.An ) Koom Steeping Oar Jacksonville tt) t ineiunstl I (> 'Big Four. 9 9llp j

'> 38 years old and leaves a widow and : New York ... Ar Clevejjaml.J> lust Fours .8 45*
cos-ode ,one child. lie - --- -
was under bend In Lv .i"tKJ( ; ?. -1 sty.: Slip
ijfwtTllle, T DD., tonlcat., when the connection with the murder of a young Ordinance to Provide for the Fixing 1ThreDkh %vTbe-lj .4 .r the SKj" \.. SO Ar Louisville, Kyrsi So. IIySo y tOp ''
t '6lrt1ofKond degree will be conferred: man. named Horace Roberts" In this I of Water lients and the Collection \ 1.01..i.. M lc. 1 Kv 7 8Ja i
of I.y .
Jacksmville .
>ame. Fla .t+o. Ry 7 5.'p
fir Ue first time In Tennessee. JtoaiwetLUt oounty)' 'some two years ago. Be it Ordmed by the Mayor and City I' J.y Sayannah. . . .SO. Ity I::! 11\11, Ar \niii.ioii, Ala .'ys lit .llta q

[ t :tea hare attended. this oemwiilculon Council of the City of OainesviT. : Ar Columbia S. O. .So. Ity IS l"'cAr 'I I Ar Ar :Memf""min.hatn.la I... Tltnn n. KKnsr,. 11 45., '
> > HOOpSo
'vdplore. [ from 15 states. I j I Election Judge Arrested. Florida : Ashrellle. S. C .So. Ry lliop Ar Kan. Mo 'ri.'n
a> P 40.
1 Cleveland. O.. Sept. 29 A warrant Section 1 The Tax Collector of theCity Ar Hot .ri"ac.. N. C .5.. III ::181... City. n_
\:neon compositors to the number of of Game vill* I* hereby designated Ar Knoxville. T.'nn' So. Ily ISr ((),' 'I \ Inphb. Tah S ii P ',
u gout 290 employed In job priatln of. was today Issued for the arrest: ot' and he. hall be the |...r ,m who.,' .\ 1uilllylli. tn. ky H M). Hot Spring: *. Ark 8 fete a

1 a at Buffalo. N. Y.. which[bare notgreed Michael Ryan a Republican judge ofelection. I duty it is to collect from all person, Ar St l.onis .'-". It' 4 Mu !S, No. "l8-*.'The Klorxla l.unued/*
. .J p to tile eirht-heur day: demand.. .. ,,bo Is charged wth fraud firm. and corporations using city water Ar Cincinnati. Q .\ 0 t, M Ir.. Daily Solid vestibule train through

I AeDv M 1f the Typographical l1n. Ii. 'rrenit while acting In his official capacity the rent for same. The City Council ; I I I day coaches and Pullman Sleeping'
: v during" the recent Republican prima. shall have authority to present.* 3O-n"il l'ullman Hia'i\jt'i; kCarw. J\tolr.lI4l11ylll.-. (:'JI'lnn"U.I .
a strike today. The strike does. not and enforce resolution Room and ttuffet Sleeping Car betweenJacksonville i
all j
r rles In by necessary I I ;teti IP--lullman rawing KoomBleepiitsT
precinct A of the .
the newspaper office, J I I twentieth and l CincinnatiKxrellnir I.
iffct rules and regulation governing and ( Car between Jacksonville f
A d.patch! from Johnson City T.....! "ward. It la said that Ryan caeoked' oft controlling the use of city water. the IUrtJtlnah\ :Memphis, Kansa City ;
l ,.1. have been the names of 3G registered electors manner !in which cafe may .... used lHni"R t'ar s.reirr.i and Coloradn>if\f lags,
that arrancenenta ...
lays per ... tFaySho1'
who did not vote at tiroae ,primaries. aud the amount to be..charged for then -- - .---. -
s ffcte4 for transferring; 300 :veterans of and when ti
same ) payable, and
to 36
account for marked ballots
i4ei from the Soldiers. Home at Leaven--t t shall by renolutlon prescribe all rules .
rYo905J i vtrtb. Kans, to the oae In Bast Ten- were placed la the box( la exeess of and regulations of whatsoever kind for From New York Washington, etc -:No' ?t), "11'a.hingttn and Florida' Lim r
evil? : the number actually cast. It Is asserted the complete control and managementof tted/ 9 -{) ) a. m
{y see The latter Institution- ,will < that the names of several dead the water supply and the furnishingof From New York. Washington, Il"n.: "\Va..hinfi Mi and Florida Ks
;,then bare 1.700 Inmates. I pia." He.... m.
I sam fur and all p.
| mea were Included In the list of voter any purposes.Hec
:. The two hundred and seventieth aoalemic . 2. All ordinances and parts of From Cinoinnati, A..hf'yUI.n.' ?0; Washington and lorida Lira
made out by Ryan. Ryaic Is now lied" 9Y
'ordinance in conflict with this ordinance a. m.
Harvard ,
year college was *e la custody of the officers.i be and the same are hereby repealed From Chicago. Cincinnati A II"..,.,,. etNo It. MHa Limited." 9:33e.. m. Ala
Just _
what the
tod.1) numbers of
lJ pn. u_ I and this ordinance shall take ---
IB* raiious! classes will be cannot be i Men Past Sixty in Danger. effect from its passage Htl appnfval. J. C. Ll'MK' i l<*trlrl Pa...e. ..er Agent, 1UVW. hay M., J."nlllf't fla-

; itttrmincd for several days but It lakrlietrj i l'a..1 City Council Sept. 7. 1PPO. 8. H. JlAlmwt<"1r. I.. T. M. 11.11. TAVLOS.. P A. Hllo.uu ''O"'Ull\, P. A.SEA .

,( that the entering class will be More than half of mankind over A. M. CI'I.IIM IL', __. .___.._ n __ _ "' . . '
see of the largest In the history of sixty years of age suffer from kidney (;eall President Pro 'f..m.Au..t \

P Ue toUrgf:! ; I and bladder disorder, usually enlargement Approved: J1.by: .me PULL this, Clerk.H.h day Sept.. s a A R :5Ai'r )

A busings failure in New York and of prostrate gland. This is i both 10'>16. G. K. BKOOWS.

soa:: itjc infelicity are declared to beie.ponabis painful and dangerouk. and FDle,.'. [Seal I Acting Major.
Attest J M PSLIClerk.
i for the mine yesterday by Kidney Cure should be taken at the Line Railway.
George< R l>> of the coffee broker.t' .. '
eare. first sign of danger,as it correct irregularities t>
let' firm of Pears Wbitcoanb.: .f and has cured 'many' old' men KOTIfK: tV Al'FUCATIOM.. ..' FUK KJAAVKTl '
t j toWary! iHUlon In bankruptcy. I of this disease Mr. Kodney Burnett.. HH.I. | ttat KHTY O. MINOU. . FOR . .
Tb. potHlonts forth debts of $ Notion U hereby al..n that 1. as iru.nifaa .rHumesl.anemter.a .
Duck Port. Mo., writes "I sulfuredwith '
i lolBor wtll aptly *" (*> .
M) ami assets of $I 1 O. and kidney lou. It, tt. MBH..O. Co MtT Su.lre of AlMbueouotr. :
w al'.1 enlarged prostrate gland Klocid. a* M.-um"" In U.t_,,1118. Savannah Columbia Camden Southern
YIe university opened In all trouble for years. and after taking M.. o*.Saturrtar %b. lUll der. of uwtot...... :, .'
tics. C jr .U.t\y >i.'_U lb. uu1lvU half.nt :
partmtn today for the college two bottles of Foley's Kidney Cure 1 / .re. of the _ld mJaor )t. ,.. IuUown! t r The restoration of the entering feet better thitn I have for twenty .l. ift Al_hua _D'''. Kk>rM.. u>wlu The Raleigh, ,
7ear.1 N.v. of ttwt Hw'a MirM on the HouiltKillO
r .. u !ln<.i;a'ctt a general Increase year, although I am now 91 Jan I ....*:XI ..,r_Ml tees. SOU Ml strew Ut H.H Ot '
roHm4'nt though the the NH aD$t'O.! :*.*1... .. H. 14.I ington Baltimore Philadelphia
nui ber of new I old." .J. W. MeOollum A Co. |I W. L. l.AN4Al*TIiN.lluantlan. ;1

df11U: I U not expected to be exoep- .. .. .. . .
-- -- - -- -- iw
l' Comfy: : Urgp The total attendance : New York. t'

ttbf unr: Uy u '
estimated about
11W fur the year 'j THE ALAGHDA COUNTYABSTRACT CO., Inc.

F.s T A 111'.1&J11tD i...e.
\.Ik8 Finding Money

f '!IIHK! Ia..hh i 111I like The question Three Elegant Truins Daily.
finding moea Renders reliable services of every sort along the line of
'*)'.' think thi, "e who are sick When of Title the Lund Titlee in the Hints of .Flevida. ptirtleularlyAlaohna

rUQ h it 11 tough cold throat county
nre or
. lit
Seaboard Express.lit
serve i irriiNiidii. hotter net promptly first' eoeild- :

\ h. W t lUrb..rof tatdy Level, Vs. NPECULT.lE..A'"AdA.r TtMt'f Tax late hesrehe.f

H. rile I |had a terrible chest trou- raon for A.enU for o.'df'ftt t..aa4 Onnrr I'lsJReferences ., s.t V.oatlec. Seaboard Mail.

tt:.. ett.ni by eke and coal' dust on the investor. T....... Ktr.
,' a .- --- -- r
I Ifill' but. after tiodiiiK ro relief F. 1
'ii >r rrnirtlif. I was our\-d by I>r: : t' National Bask of Ualnvsvlile. 11. '

( K 'il".w: |) "i'uyer7 for eon.umpIK Dutton A Co., Banke;.. MODERN PULLMAN EQUIPMEIIT\
i :' MlI" .d "Hid..." Or.al".' .altt .

.: rr 'f I ; !tJtsh or l\tule tnedkeine jn the . . . .. . r \\t,
-- --- -- --- ---- -- -- -- --- -- -- - - -- -- -----
.I, 1 I .tI ell drug .'ur... &V and 91 .
; ; '
a..ara II' ..1 ri.., Only Line Operating :
a 1 tonic free. Gainesville & Gulf Railway Company .

Youth Commits Suicide I Daily Through Pullman Sleepers from Jicktormlla to New Orl<

J Hopt. 29.-Frank Ifs!!. I '
C .<1 1C .. : For Information and sleeper reservations eall on any agent Hab i
N years, son of Henry S. OF FLORIDA. i write A. O. MAcDONEfcL.: !f. O. IIOYLctTON. J-V 'IiI
nrfntor of the Hallwood A set. General Passenger Agent Pa......r A sMJACKHONVILLK.
r. r. committed suicide early TlmeTsbto la eflUet Sttpt..ber. 18O&. I
tr .
otinjc himself through the -- -- r.
try ti. bas father's ; I _..-- .. ..-- -- -- .,. ...... . . -.. .-' '.' -
revolver. The .1 I I
I b' a p pll at the Doucletf ..yeI' I :4n. No. 1. No.
but bad been very much II ,0.4.1 I DaU 1.// HTATIONB..Falrfleld IM11yI palls

t t.: ..I"<"allae his parents are said I .I.III L.
-tM that be should oontln.
I '- II..... . .
"c; Instead of going out to .PM Lv A Y I Ar. I'MI Ar; 14 . ..
__ V 3) \\I, t.. .. _. .. ....... . 2
S. 3 10teal :: : ... . ... .Xrvloe __.... ... .. .II 3 :M '
Pre' .* to Summons tHe .toU>'..g. : . . .. .. .. .. DuoMarran ...... . ... 2 10 1 I a4 Typewrite
. otoslMlnanopy.. .... ... .. 3 OV
a'.a. Norway Sept. %$_A reaed 3 2S ...... .1 ... .. 1.- us
,), '1" .. 3 aret .. . .. .__. H ...aa..___ . .. 3 00 4
1<'. by ten deputies was In. . .. I: 2r iS! ....-.. .__. Lake Slaao.frec,. ..... 166 ,KSOvfLKfttfCs
--, i the tftortbtng at today I 4 frlS .. . .. .. .. . ... ......., :.:: : 140 :
: -n> lng. firstly the summon.onktttaent .I : :o .... ... .mi. . ... .-ksssOOQsl A, ..._1.It. 1 ao, err THE: HMT11ACHIIIE
J.f a '; stortbiajcbefore 4 IS :. .. ... .. . ...... Kirk,wood........ : : . . is tiff aAKYe
1- Ott Novessber decide eel 4 3.) ...... .. CJp&t.... ......It. .. ... THE:
tt, f form vf the 4b I' :: ::: : . ..Wadfabo.fl... ... . . .., MO Haw Tabulator,
Norwegian go* . . . I 44 . .. . . .. Rocky P4a!. . ..:'126 1 un-IYUSAl mwm '
'4 secondly, that a decal detnatter . DOLv ox
., te cows I . . .OaJoawrllU....... [ 112 E,
\ tNt
''a'. Mstpo ed saw . . . 00 L.I I 6) a 2.Ar Every Maohl nrv.
erctloe J of 1 6 2) '1! .u ..... ...Betlasnv.I''M"I M ,
--- IIW i I 7 *>. . .. _<<:rwtr...... .... .I I sO .U'a T. )
;. j, F +n's T..t''w ."" ......... '7 M i. T la I.____.....utakamd., .. .....I. n 2J ., Wght..s" Hittite U111tt. e. BaooiacI The
; '7 1S ArI 7 ,. .Hampsoa City: .....,.II 3D9O I 1 in .
.. 'eras Ytna of Booosboro. 0WJ.11 10 U) I .. PaUtks. **. B. ,. 5 : t H 4 00 (thunpiuo 1:114': Writers 'of ike World

tt J'n..U+d nv..dj lne fo* U .... . . : . .. .f 'w ' UM Ui* .'.,5bafm. )lore Fsy. hGl U. IM '
=', 'a,. k. has used .. 44 4J ..J...... C1t7. U "ai >....," t'I pt741$7o.
t 1c .II t. ta. every pree*rlp : 3 10 p f _Tsll.bs.sw So A. L...., 1 44 I 4 ..... aN 'In Osia. .svlIVe. than ..., ottter machine.For .
... 4 pnfefwiosi for t U* ... .jiiss 00 -.Valloetar H. flL st .,...,, M I rf.
...4 hi.., and. bladder dlsa. ..... ..- ..A.L.I..1286 30 p 4 .... Maooa. O- <. %..,. ''I1$3.KlJ 40 .
b1s !,c has ".... top 4 JJTrtr-A Ua4" C. _.! '7 M .." 00 '
f . fuuM aaJ al .....-. ., 71.5jILJIr P : :. :. I. LoCI:. eh>o.ti a.d N. ... Jay 1 1' .1 +ILy.A I'lVr FSiS "

s a J.J bC&4d.t ....,...... so l 'a THE SUM GtiaesYi ;
I .J Ceres y ,
1& ,--
< ,J.s. .p Lb'w. .. '1 e "1'-1.. nod 4 slo a*& ra* between GalaswTtU. awl FaJrfUil ca Bazutaf-J ....., .: ,. .' ,.'\..' .A........ ..'-' t

,\ cCot'. = f ct;! rt. 1. L BAmtTXK, Oes>er l ga srtsHsWssK..:\ J. f;:JI LL. 4 i* .
.,.;' '.> J -,.: --h, 'rot C
: " : 'f t. ;.ft.\1 : } 't\.H... .r..h'"f{,>:::.. 1!:" .;."..5 / ,. .Itr- Jnif'3'r"f tp!%'( t ''Ffr.'r'
it .Z.J
.io.'::- ;..fA'tfl ; "'t ...... ,., .. '1". ... ,. ," (;......i-. ,.]..... ... '." : " : .

$ '.





din ,a f; DAILY SUN: GAINlSS1 ., SEPTEMBER 30 1905 j

..." THE HOTEL .CHILD.Jit 'svse: : awe ct.ThE: : ':E: -\ __ II

.t 11ati.1
: \
''L1.t,.......tt,. >inaibcai.rtailt. DaVERZ '
..rJ, ..rl.. ,_r n....... ttttraals. DR B. MORRIf.DENTIST i

a I Is, not, the materis-t: ':ald*' (to ex.

\,.jstencewhich are the bane,of the hotel . . . . ,L
;; eblld; It Is the tnentaLand 'plrltiuil attltud. -

1;, .accompanying' .. life which

'\"tw' to. be deprecated., It destroys a Owe. M.r .. Kadel'a. Phone 7S-S rtoc OF TONE POWER A5DDDRA1ILL1TY.

1,\democratic spirit through empbA-'-lnl:

,'. ti k tee difference' "between the serv.Lu
'.," Tfb ilerregf., It exaggerates the power :1'. ,

; t t" *f;. moue,. footers: a ..spirit ofdepend.esireand ATTORNEY AT LAW..,. -
( unfit* ;(bo pampered Indl"ldi i .. .
Solicitor in
And EyohiJ
Beet piano for Ibis trylotT climate stands la TB.-: : : B- , .
: 'c3JSckeorivi11o
{lalt bi< *4 ne loturer than others.eou.trneted of
\ ... child .0 brought up neal Estate, CooveysnoTng n.r General best IG8Yrtal8.aDd mat er'tlnaeworkmnarblp :
';,: .orst.Sf.,4U.ln..at. b. bf> understanding:or loreTliere. Praettoe. AH business{promptly ob\.ab&& and New Yorlc.

,('t .. may be some future attended to. Office next door to Ban Up sodas a every .,Calling at CHARLESTON 8. O.. both ways

i: ;tiwt' .cblld vrlio known nothing of o lee. UAIKXSTII.U FIXIBJDAJ7JERD1NAND detail sod Uoenualedi. The Finest Steamship in the Coastwise Service MSt

*..function for be ont to whom .
,ture maki, nn appeal and who 1 isnstly. BAYER, Clyde N England and Southern Lines

; ..'to mu Ir. hut tlic-re In non ATTORNEY AT LAW. Sold by ns continuously foe Direct Service' Between JACKSONVILLE BOSTON and t
.| 'the state fur the man .wbo, has
Eastern Points.Calling .
Initiative. self r_:unt'.. patript- OA I..v.u.a. FWR1D... OVER THIRTY TWO. TEARS at Charleston both ways .Id

...nor lore" of home He l I.. a woelalco '
,;;a 111.0., 'Hie community Iotr.,1Wlthnut In I Can sell your city property (Improved without a single. fail are., If Ton SE ------w-mmXL: :: :3.A.ILINGS: :

want a. piano for a lifetime's Southbound... .. ..From Lewis' Wharf
! tll/1! aJe'llte' of the and unimproved), phosphate. .. 1; 0
service boy the N Northbound...... From Foot of Catherine st.. JacLouov,, r'en
*. pin-unite of (he hell boy and &(racking and farming. lands. Bead him }le

of supply for the waiter,. .,U.' of what you offer for sale.' 214ZmW. Ma thus h.e k Y .

,, flbera:IH Duo clilUI In o-i/ curarnunlMUpvrfluoui I Clyde St. Johns River Line
:Wbo' lw It IH I lh.* hotel E. BAKER Prless ss low as .. 1UIIaWlaa wltk QuaU 7.

.slat place for tem%,->r Of ix:uby Osab' or oo easy temn. Beat os II data I3etwtlen, JACKUONVILLK and SA1'lFOHD

homeless and dilh'lot! mlu'ti: ATTOnNEY-A-I.i.AV, \rlat We pay frel<<1a-. Write Stopping' at p&1atkA..tr.. 8t Francis Beresford (De Land).and InU-rmeJ; J lu

are to Ira tolerated, hat n:<* rel- for prioe. TODAY. Landings on St. Johns River. its

-for children tli-r. tiro v'tliout: . f SOLICITOR IN CHANCERY. . Steamer 4tClT\r OF .JACKSO VILLE'.

:possibility of .scu.co.-Mln M l:1rh;, I* sppolutftl *",1.. follocr : Leave VCKSONVILLE rinady< r ,.1& t4'r

'.Bentley. In .Krerj'Uodj,"'* laJuzluc. GAINESVILLE. A lac bus Co., FL>. Ludden i & BatesSoitbern and Fnur
: Office In End el ''Block.. and Fri lay.. 9 :3>3 a. 111.SOli .

'r:$: FIVE 'MINUTES: J7' Ulboll Dd. ...CH .)tJ Lt'l. S sit
stead dow Ht'
.1u ,
MP,f.""1. ..+ -. k Music House Leave 89Om . Jacksunvilir! *. .. . . . . . .\r".1, U".,t

lev, Beat c............. It ...... DR. J. H. ALDERMAN,. S:4i pru ... ..... . ....Palatka..... .. .. .... ... . .l.t'atr 'JI'' s

't*''w ,j"Ve r4J- .sr'Tint.. SAVANNAH, GA 8:00am......... . . . Altor ..... ......... .. . 83tIP
".\Etta murder trial' before western ..8Uaiu.- ..:t. Francis.. ..... ..... . . t .1,) P N
tbe prisoner WAS able to account DENTIST JOHN 0. MURPHY, Mgr. .B.r.-.rord (DeLand) .. .. . . . . l''J: S

'the .whole of bis time except five ESTABLISHED 187O Arrive 8 :HO "m. /. Sanford .:.. . . ....... ... . G 311.l tl

Mites on tbe evening wben the crime Over Dutton A Co. Ba ok.nR. O..n. r GAITHER BRYAN _ 1000am.1) :_.... .:..... .. . . ..Fnterprise! .!:!. .. ..:....::.. 1:.. u_
a Ag'ts
committed. Ills coun.<4 argued lilNrRAI. NA$$. AMTICKET OFFICE, 1l"! W. BAY HT., J.. l'K1: "t d.

+tit was Impossible for him' to have CORDON B, TIftON.OKNTI8T.. TAlNMONOEK.JK.. AM'. G.ft. Pa_. Air'. IZt Pleat H.y "t.. JnckK" 'r:.. II 1i'
the man under. the circumstances -- W a.CiXJlTR.. Jr FrcUbt Atfen.Pot C. /*. t-OVfc.L.1. "' uve' aSr i't
of Hnvitn.1.r.rt. l ekM.o., e. Fls. i't
":ao brief a period.,and on that plea 4. C. IIAUI-liPY.Dva K...'.o fikii A.n..hew York CLV OJ!. MIL.MIU.' O. .D.f>rt, "'1/, :o..y
tafV.ly>{based .bis defense the' other LOW RATESFOR Tllr.O. U. ruKR.. VVM l CLieiiral \ I'A,..

117 being strongly against his ( Manger General .\,.rUt., i'S
'. ... It/ (2a..to.-t-.u. DuUClIJI..I. Slate.'ree'.New York
Offl.la Miller Law ExflbsaseOA11IBBT1LI.S
'',ntW sn tbs, prosecuting ,attorney. .. -- --- -- -
be ....... Speclaf : OccasionsVIA
t' filed. said:_ "How long a time really .
Irftva mlnuteaT .,Let'us sea, will his Florida
East Coast
IMMDOT command absolute silence in the THE WEST END Railway. t
'' aortroom for that spacer SOUTHERN RY.

; w Sfea judge graclooaly compiled. There PINK WINES LIQUORS'A CIARP .

.$*!I'M a..doe ,.ODtae/.IL., Every eye InH JOHN MKN*IXS. Proprietor.. TWO TRAINS DAILY EAST. Local Time Card No. 62. Corrected to Sept. i 7,1905, .1I
... aparttoom'wus' fixed upon It as the I

lam ticked off the seconds. There 10-UI. W. hay s...JsetMoaytne.. Fls Leave JackHonrllle 8110 .. m,, "I ib., p. m IOUTH.BOUND-READ DOWN. ,' NORTH-BOUND READ UP
> a breathless silence .
---- ---- - -------
>.1Ir.. '.11, know" how time wblcb is Faust beer bottle and draught. Don't 944 25 Atlantic City, N. J., and re- ;!=t -- - -- --- ,.. t
all to call on ma when In Jacksonville torn. On sale dall,. Limit October. No.nnr. an fiTA'II/d No. 7Mllttlly >' .
for Ireeps-aod halts and at last tltyWw. ; !" I/

i'not seem to more at all. ,. ------- ---------.-- 81.$100564i7ft. Bar Harbor. Maine, and 1'". :;Mp; !-9 ;;;'j'L'; __..__...._J.ek.nnvlll._ _._....._ Ar 100 I'. I
I keen willed counsel waited untilIhted'audlenc. 0 1t1 i..9 t0.1 __..,_.1'k'. Jftukw.ntuk'___. Lv 0 aJ gal t 1 t
THE SUN turn. On sale daily. Limit October 6 15 10 .6 a. .. ._...._...M& .'ulC.................._ .. 1rtU I' 7S ,II
i. gave a sigh of relief 1. I8O6 rt3 11 3. ..._....._ ..Ha.qur.--{ ._. 1 es gal, 619
'the.;close of the .period and then .&....0 Saratoga Springs N. Y.. and 00 _1 19..."j_I t 60 "J" -...._.._._EMI: _P.l.l k n ....._.._. .' _a a 1.I'': 'I I't _
W 1 quietly: JOB PRINTING 'eturn. On sale dally. Limit October Q'Io' aA 1!1-j-:.4U' _.....__._..--.k._ ._......_. L."I 4Iti I', II "u ,. .....
6 41 ..11. 11. Lv.... Y.Ietkn.__ .-Ar., Co 00'1.6_ ,_ =
<::1!Could he not have struck one fatal 81.-1006 1:::: : == :
. 1) 0. and -a top 9 01 1'Ar; _: ?.."+an AI......__.__-.... It 11"\' :::
Wes In all that timer* I 'zn.oo.hln &on. C _I'.r'! ,-.O aLv; .?=... are_Mau...._..._ L"l! .. 2.\J'\; 7 o rd
4.Jt'i tDba prisoner was found guilty, and, DEPARTMENT turn. On sale I daily.. Limit October T. /p l'1 'j,1 v ..__..... N.......?.\_._:- y Of I" 0 r.
'... i 81. 1905. : .00 P, N....-.--.nun.......00____ S'a I' IMQ'Io
t j ps-It wan proved- afterward justly, : at 10 .1'2. .gal p:;:: =--::::.=....,.Ormond.Uup..et.-:=::= :: 1 A n7 I p I': : ?; :?

"f'rtt: Letw-..4 ws.. tai s> Mamie *..<.. Maktis a Specialty of All Kinds TWO twUTrsB Daily Weit Q'Io' e N p, .' .._. ._.___D.." .0.__._. .' a 0' p'' a AT' r -
gal 1 .1ti'rl .... 1 5dl
1f',A'ladjr passing; down the Hue Hlcbe of Plain and Fancy Leave Jacksonville 7{45 p. a., 7 1&5 p. ni : = pI I 9 ; r.r :=.. ..'.Now, Mmyrna.tr.ng w...... ..::::: :: 9 :: :pI:, : 16
_ ''lieu ba4''ths misfortune to I lose a pock 940.O5 Chicago, III. and retnrn. ...5 : : : 'r::.::I !" :: ..::--::Or.nte ff: .=....-- : Lt.. 1 1'l/ ;S ::' : ro 1 I :;

1 ontalnlng, among other valutas On ssle daily. Limit October SI, ISO f! } 45 a I.w ,ot.. ....._.(hnnae' _Cltr Junction._ ..--.. )1 11".1'[ 1\ 4 r.
.:: ,"a 1.000.frauc'' note.. The pocket.. Dlala. ? Cars. &Service la carte. -iIA p :I ?LY.. ...._)0... ..n.y.-..__ L" 2:1e1.: a :.:
/F' CommercialJob E-' 10 OCt" 2 al p .__...__...Oak 11111,..___ tl' I" ,
book was picked up by a chair mender Bleeping ear reservations and detailed to I' ,. .10 p,Ar __ __ .. Tn.."..... _............. .. 1 a8.. :I 41t" ,.
, IlenaiuU. who, lives at Mou I I Information cheerfully furnish a110a.:=:=j r.:=::::__.-...,....... ____ I.7ist.l1U 141"
'\"IOaSLrfile pUccd H, very carefully In ed upon application. Passenger office Q .... .. I" no e.Le ____ ......._. 4n'.rtJ _...._..._. Ar .. . 9 .I" =
........'pocket and proceeded" !' home. It Is Printing lOR West Buy Street Telephone 743J. 19 p ".-4.. .... ___'riauvliM____ Lv I'17{ o. a =
.. ,
I O LOSK District' Passenger Agt., f 11111. Seep ___._Oleow ....._ ___ I' .. ..' 11' .
mender has
.. DkOt often that a chair oc1TM'BOri 11 Itoekl.dta. 9 "
I to change. a for that Jacksonville Fla. : 11 : : : :: I p :: :-.===zan Oalll.=== :: n :: .I I I at -:
t .
. .For. . 120\( a st P _._.lltGul'ft.___ its'i's aH
:,;;,f t..l.sad; Benaud. recoguUIng the .-- - --. -- -,,-- .- ----.- II" t IT p __ I.be.ttep...__ .. II... At I' t. _. i
btUC7: ,of towing It Into gold bel 1.. e 29pIra. .. .... IM....._..__. .. '0 I" A, I' UI r- ,

= defectlbn..agreed with a trl..dIa'tbe Business ,Men, 10UlSYIlLfnASIIYllLf! 8 .C Sims ; :: p p :: :,-.-,...-,,-,,,,,,rust TIM.a1.l lees.-.....== :: 1.eat.(t .' 71 II ,; J.is. 'f'
considers 97e.e 1iIp- zIt....... '
business for the Professional e to a T *t p .,.....,.,.,_ Jsa...n.-. : : tl :I 1111 fis. tJCU
_ of 100 franca.-:: This friend Lucienalso Men . 1 1e. r .. __ '0.'..rt _._.. __ .. It -'; II 0'I vSMa
'a chair mender, was in / > 111.p .. __R _......
. ;jtarn Ulled, 'with 'apprr4S/nslou,: Tlielenity Manufactories Etc i,' Awe Ills : It U p p :: ===w-\eoa Pelts Juplu.r.D ..=--= :: s 144 to :.I: I r :-

tfi was solved with tbe aid of a R. R.R RVery 6. e tit p .. ___.D..r.r+a. ..___ :lit.. Si'. .
.i.I ea. eta __.._ elray_.__ 'f 1. al 9 0dl r
'IstCticulturtat named Hlmonnet. who Short Notice $t p :: __hrt Lwderdals. : :1{ I"
Legal Blanks on : :: : :: air p == : :: : ,, .l
consented' to- buy himself a -:; S Ia a .e 6.. p -. n.n.......,...,..,.., .. a a.t a I It t 'x524a
,B 3OO frauca and return tbe $1911 __Lwmne CUJ' __ t P. e 12..' .
..ids I. llenaud was thus richer by The
",#! :........... All might then have gone' mall order customers Is selNeipIanaory DaUy ita'yS '
,wee. : days later. It bad not been t Tourist Tickets Ea. nOXr.1ITF.AD EITKN.ION I :
f two,
,Jl $ Louisville. K,.. ".b. :n. 1900.I. .... lIIu_.
dlKft\4Ut' that the' horse bad been
: II. MaOreary.UslQesvllie, On Hale dally to various resorts North (5 __ __ __ Ar ._18'Ie. M r
stolen from: '.ajdealer at W..u.x. Thin Fla. and West limited October n., to return > ... a Lt .noEU.a.iw 1. .. .,,,.., LY _..__j 100 |
,: led to the arrest of tbe trio. and laterIn Dear Bin Received .". printing Ineludlog Chicago Milwaukee.Minneapolis. .

.1 tbe day tba"'police put their hands matter In doe time, and will say that Ht. Paul. Denver Colorado Lell7 .r- ...
SO ..
tl. is w. f! ., rt
4, on the bone,'UUevee. ,PaHs )J.Dpr. "It Is perfectly satisfactory. I like tae Springs Poeblo. .... sew. DNIy t r=. saATTOIa. HRAMCIC X.PailT 1 w.w. .,.u,
ay' envelopes so mueh. Manf thanks for Extremely low rates to Portland Only CHtly

.. <........ your> prompt attention In ailing order. Ore. account Lewis A Clark Centea.nisi --. -
A Desk.......... Your truly, reposition I also to San Francisco I a phi IS 4V a in p $o a Lv --'_ ...ytlle.- .T 4* 11 m rn I r., ra
(; M ISIS MIS e M 5 n a Ar _.a>, ,_ay.u.- ST a 1, tJ p t r.a --
t About the mlddJa of ......1'7. 1141:, Mas. N. O CovaT. and Los Angelee. M p M 4k a a. Ste. : P.Wu ..... : T S4 a, 11 te ; 4II t' .=:
While In winter Otiallaei.. Oeaeralltag1ee Only line operating through sleepers t N less > S4* p a N aS ._Aua.ue=: t e. 44 :' 4 4*
TUB U M a f e. W M e 4 '* -
.. Bead orders to BUN trout Florid. toChleajro. a ee P rerpal a .a II
of l ennsyl ag4s, wbo was aatrlct 4
.:jA., ): Oaioesvllle. Fla. Only line operating through sleepers
: .dlacliillnnrtsn.; waa..In.command from Florida to tJ,. Louis with diningear
-- -
''q... aC the Tint brigade of which the Beeottd -- eervlee. fOWSCUl .uti eca EXTAi: STEAMSsHT CMWECTWg AT Jlll'lL _

'I" ; :New llsnipahtre' waa. '* part. He AlACHUA COUNTY Through tourist sleepers to C.IIor. .-

I(:;f..t the ma nthouse af tbs gscond nla. Free reellalag ehalr...... Finest Oese Csaasrtlss .... at ....1 with Stcasssaise .. ta. P.a OL 8.S.C*-f..? F**
: ......t too mmfortabla' quarters dining ear ..,.Me'o the 8outh.
w11l. prtsonera" KIM! ordered OobasIlitlanton. Ataekua county Is 804it ..,.'. la Ask for tlekets vU L. A N. HAVANA AND KEY WEST.
area, baa M* mile railroad >> For rates sad aeaedules' to say point
who later l-
fame aa a
won rails wagoa road. M poa Worth or Was.aril for Pelhtas reeer.vatlone _
< 'aasfller.. lawyer and atstesmaa. to' build '138 poblia ....00.... 37 phospaataplants sell! o..r.write OEO. R. HER- Tfw Tt-.v.kl..bw 1M n..r.I ekin Wet..0.er be..--.. ..en1.1_.t ..::;:
'tf sl slaageoa without au touch aa a cradKcasntng 90 saw mils m.OOO aoarthooee. RING Fla. Pass. Agt. L. A N. R. st, _tM m..wl ......... a.e ...... artal w...eejneaepmeryw..9srl.w S'.....','rs
K snywbere. ao that It ..boaldb Bva ....pape". an*. prodo ,.t W. Bay 8*..Jaet oovill.. Fla atgt.OteO..y.aywMesMwrp..IkMtare.yyE' +a.a _

\. .'perfectly dark. Tbe dungeon ... **. eo.... 49ottoo. riee. sasjar.oata. -
with ,four solid wall, sod ODe rf.. potatoes pineapples,or- - --- Par c. of Use LOCAL TIME CARD Other taforsMtloaSEE
:,!\. .Genera Nsgle rstue over to Is* asses, p ....... pears, plans, pa* The Florida "

.' :4"': i, ; It. He was accom.antett. by ....,aid all kinds of vegvtablea.Gii THE TICKET AOENT.

;(:., ., ,_ .Ms rat on. "Where la the en and Truck GrowerL.
: < t** said the general -atul bow. do .MTile i ( tke Cwnlj Seal J. D. RAt1N:!It. AMt. Osnl Paa*. Act.. ST. AUOUSHRNe. Fes''RThE

y. r.'sjtt anybody Into ItrDh.. saki .
J. BRUXBT ....r aa4 rrs. r. --. -
.' ttuelaaLMartAou, **1bat U not my Itr.:. line roo,... aao,ahes. two' pobliasahoola

.at.L! gtarpty ooeyed your order** ;'taa TJalvsralty' of Florida. OCAL& rLA. :rI is 0:,
... prreatsj saaools. three aewspapers8ta
17 United .aa taststos ... the beat ODe W..r.--
w Aeel..wl.tkealt
IBoSAasy being reproved by his .water. ..a alarss aystosm. ..11x1,4.and -I aspssa....... .... !.
gate. Heats' ., two tea faetonea. JOB PRINTING
outer for'aaass stded showed his
maAhtaoatoOAS, Uurv*, wood] teatories. -
e.plea.ur.lBibla fees A haat4soa t l U"'raM4 tttagaataeA
tsMsa .
eat'o .i*.two
** .... ........ .
to e>
c VTay.. TcMMMT. aaM his mother, fafhlIa.r.. .
f tree rii.S....'. naa i
i, -areat yon aflsMM+ m make a face at .'adll'SS SJ' r: -. .... f -.: .. ... $ S1C1 YOU., c T t0

:Iamr, a A ... .t 1 tldlii -if eta '

,- .. .. ... -ii.
;T': '> . .irF: tE1s ;t
.' ;:;-*' .- ,;r 7

.. '.,W, ,MMMf, ..... =..... .0- .
, /R, .".--Jl.ttJ1tT4fJ1f: i.I" \. "


_. .
-- 1
- - -
--- I- . --..._..___
$. H Ward of Fairbanks was tradingin I\ghr\ Commlaaieneir rfnt. Light

OF CITY AMDiUNTYCOHDEHSED thacity yesterday.O. houl ew York Sept 7 lnod. Apply to I The

W. Cauthern of LaCrosse. was Mn.hl ht't commlj/North Univerity
trading,: in the city yesterday. .,'.40'(>:1 >la: ooii i

Frank E. Cellon has returned from a E E e prul1uC' tI.th Florida K, rn- UNION CENTRALInsurance LIFE

Oath- bucine.t trip to Fairfield aad Fleming liner MakJ""cjf urlnu Company hat returned ,

of General Interest ton. fri _/, business trip to Jnoksonville .: .\.''1

by Our Reporter Attorney C. O. Thomas of Stark is Co. "
looking after his.business interest in J. J. Freeze and John Hykeaof North

ITEMSHapPe this city. Gainesville hate gone t.1' points inLdFujette
AL ,1#' Get your job printing at The Hun job county' on acontbined hunt OFFERS THE "

ed I and What Is Going offlc and y oilcan vote for your favorite ing and buines trip. *

IP the library contest. Mrs' Ruth Parr and sister Mesa

pen., Told Who In Short Runs Paragraphs"He May Read" Division Superintendent 11. A. Fordof Beulah Coldhnm, have returned to Premium Bale 1IJllI' Interest !
t their home Jacksonville after :
-the Atlantic Coast Line has gone to in a LOJTEST\r

i Suru Palatka on official! butines visit to relatives here. Death Hale UluiilJU I 'j

pom coffee at Mason Bros. Pea Berry coffee equals the high; Mrs. Chaa I U. Carter of Micannpy Farnings ,

[calling cards in latest styles priced grades aud is only :!5' cents a was in the city yesterday' a guest of ..."l.

hfflee.Ch"nut. pound at the Cash Grocery. her sister. Mrs( J.- Fletcher Hill. She .
was en route Lakeland, whore she
Annual Dividends.
| was fin the city from Chesapeake Bay oysters fine aud
will spend a while with her hnsband
Jo'yppterday.Ipuke luscious just In. First of the season
who is a conductor on the Atlantic
left yesterday fora bu.l.p El Dorado Cafe, west tide of tquare. Coast Line .
West Coast division --- ---- -
Dotmellon.t ) Miss Annie Bans of High Springs,
| to
Mrs. Dr. J. II. Oolaon and baby havereturned
and the lowest pricesbhine was in the city' for a few hours yester
from a pleasant sojourn with
.e laundry. day. .She In Jacksonville.was en route from a visit tofrl..od. relatives in avannah. They were ao- Policies Written on All the Approved Plans,

Jordan has returned from a companied by Mr, *. CoUou's sister
tainted-Intelligent INCLUDING 01iI>)lN.\iY. I.IFK, LlMIFKIt PAYMHNT fl.IFKLONG
trip to Cedar Key. young man as Miss Edna Week. and brother P.arlVeekll ajl
night 6lerk one willing to learn. Must ,
\ The latter will enter the University
I's Obelisk floor'has no sapeI come well recommended as to honesty $T A(. IJoNT. INSTALMENT: ::' HONU.: I FIM.L UKTl'RN:' 1'ln; lIl' MSETTLEMENT '
high School in this city for tla-
the Cash Grocery. and sobriety. Apply Brown llouseoffioe. term.E. : ANI> CIIILUitEN'S:: EXIHVMENTS.: :: AKFDKItING .
h e best things for your Sunday FIUST.CLA: LIKE: INSUKANi'K.: WU111N THE l:1.11'tl
House and two lots for sale on West W. Oernoh of Jacksonville
[rail at Mason Bro gen.oral OF EVERI'ltOltl.For .
Court street. Mouse two stories, six: superintendent of the Cannier
Boux has accepted McClellan.a positionItore rooms two block from .\. C. I., de- Lumber Company has arrived in the

or Robert pot. Price, I1.6OO with terms to suit. city The Cummer Company own and

]licence and water .rent duer Gainesville Realty Ca., Ltd. tf operate extensive Interests in Alaehua full pnrtiotitara: on or ahh'e s y

| 1. T, B. Ellis Collector Mrs. L A. Jernigan. who has been county' and Mr Oerrish will make his

i Horatio Davia left last nightaeon spending the past week. a guest of headquarters here for some time, this

i on a professional visit. her daughter, Mrs, I'hillip O. Wind being a central location. we :B. IIIGDONa

Peterson and son, Hugh were Live Oak. 'Is expected home today or August "\',>nwke expects to move today -

city from Donnie yesterday. tomorrow after a most delightful sojourn into his new houiM on Alaehua Gen-c3rELl .A..gec.'t

?. 3lathewand' son. Julius 0., avenue, just completed. The home

i the city form Donnie ....terdaJ.nd Marvin Mason arrived in the city contain eight rooms, and is built witha GAINESVILLE FLORIDA
Mr.*. O. J. Crown of Rocky yesterday from Ocala and will remain view tu comfort and convenience. Al
ere visitors to this city' yester-' here during his vacation He in employed Mr. \\'ellllk. expects to begin at once . -....

by the Ocala Foundry and Machine the erection of another house of nine The Sun job tiftlce makes it a point T. F. THOMAS

;your "votes I ip the Library eon Company and is pleated with hi. rooms on his property, corner Alachua to turn nut your Job printing with
omen before oition.; avenue. and :North Evans utreot. He neatness and dispatch, at reasonable
The Sun noon on
Warranty deed and mortgage blanks has erected two houses -already this price
P'J, U n D I ((0. 8
J. Godwin and W. D, BIttch of for sale at this office the form lined in year and materially improved the T. II. Itetlieaof Alarbua wn in townyesterday. UHDUTtp

Brings favored Gainesville with Alaehua county which saves money in home in which he has been living. poonimnied by his cousin

recording %:2 per hundred or fiOo per Attention called I to the advertisement E.: B. Ilethea iif Jeuning.I.ake 'I'lit*
dozen by mail Cash mutt accompany, of the El: Dorado Cafe, which appears former will return to :\lIamlln. few FULL LINE OF.
i Ribbon lemon and vanilla ex-
order dawtf .... elsewhere in this issue This days, where he IN. engaged in truck 1
ire fo and strong that '
Irop eounti.Voyle I Frank Hale, traveling representativeof restaurant, which caters to special orders growing. NEW GOODS.;

Swift A Co., packers, has returned only, makes a specialty of oyster 11'. M t. listen a prominent young .
of the East Florida I steaks and chops, for which the lor... \u
from Kan as City and Chicago, where titan.sger man of Uiiohelle, wn In the city Agents >
|one Company made a business le went by' direction of his firm for the Theo HudKlns is making the Thursday for the piirpo nf receivinghis l\nnUnuHlts. Tombstones ;

Archer yesterday. purpose of becoming familiar with the place quite pular. Everything Is antlers in the Hrotherliuod Protect- and Iron F.1nct's. ...
| Orange Illu' som hams, sold at Swift productions. He was absent new and ,clean and a* neat a* the five Order of Elks, and h.< deoUres the .-

ihttrocery.' the finest to be about two' weeks. proverbial pin It la the purpose of lObo,,," pt Ualnesville Lodge :'1/1'/ WKJ ice Our *
i South. :.Xonbetter.. the manager to serve only the best at did the ,"
job to perfectionThe sampTe
Those desiring the very best in the t'lrsensl atteMlloii to all .. ;
Bryan and L. V. Polk two reasonable price, and he will nn doubt ,
of business .eopl of this section to
way engraved visiting cards, | seem this. II n... Mall and trlrVra| >
tel enjoy the success such a place' deserves .
k farmers of Hague, were stationery, or wedding invita- b., affected with the well 'ever, lust pruelptly atleudeO t_. :...
the city yesterday. ions, are invited to call at The Sun of- this la far more desirable than if they - r..
[Sale-Kin* bedroom .ol'e' corn- Ice and examine sample W* are -- - . -- - _- were Infected with an tlti.w..11 fever ( lulne.tvilltl FloridaSitn '

t'bnp' for c"*h. Inquire Mr*. agents for the best house in the country i Contractor Lewis has just completed !
illl.., 1l
r*" Harmon' of Hague was In the Mrs. O. B. Bailey and brother Chaa.J. i I A. Williams and J. Prevatt., and will r. '

.14'rdllJ', He brought a load of Warren, left JM'day for Jackson soon b"uln the sinking of two more in MOUNTS

potatu... from his own farm. ville where thJK 'ter expects td undergo I East Gainesville, .;'

1J furnished room for rent.' Jfoh a special operation for ab.t'.... I. A Vldal. lurn..rlhi.. oily but '(1.

*. Apply on premises 303 E of the face. Friends here hope that now uianagMr of the .eomnila, of All the old nUindardrt and .,
'J.t't'.I. or at this office tf the operation which is very difficult Klbler liros., Inglls, Is spending a dayor
two here as nf his "brother J. choiUd.st of tho now ones ,
*!tins! leases for sale at this of. will be performed successfully and guest -; .
per dozen '3 per hundred. that the patient will soon regain his CHEAPEST SFOICi: ON EAHTH. 11. Tidal He has nut been her for OH issued.
ant former health. some time, and his fri.nd. are gla.LfLr< I ':
accompany order dawtf welcome him again. They "nll/atIaU. ABk to see thorn, an the1/,
< ;
. L Mrs Maretta G. Brooks, teacher of
A Casey of High ttprln<<.. however In the cannot l US l to ad..
tress of the House the piano and voice culture, will takecharge -= -- rUb him deeply, recent ) f1ipluy..t|
friends in this city Casey yesterday. of the music at the! Bap&"tchorcb -- -- death of his brother. U\ J. Vidal van t,'gu ill II CIU44)' i....f
which occurred in tI.I. oily
and organize a chorus choir.
i should! eat the best at all 1'>1
* times She Is a pleaama singer has the r.qulste \\'. A. Hlricklaml of Para4l was" in
s boon
lean tee had canned at the Roods Cash at lowest I ability for the work and will put the city yesterday He rant to see Fine Fadeless Fotografs :

Grocery forth' an effort to make the nautical' his son Milton, who had tl mUfortlin -
o' KniMi l.t.rk.t lu Life SI,..
tnt of .
breaking up hoa.. portion of the church service an attractive Our buyer i is now in Now <* to lo.e nn rya w few weeks ago by
C .1 my household furniture feature. a piece of llyinir steel| hlle driving a SMITH'S STUDIO.
for ..1.. until October ta,. P nail .a. brouKht to this
"II'rdgoot. I Da you want to earn 1100 in next York City purrhuMng our : ThOl/I."t'.t.
I oily a few week* ago _het.. the Irt-
thirty If so, drop u a card for .
tnr, G. ,rge A. liitssard of the ; particulars. Fastest selling Bibles Fall line of meruhundiue. paired. member w... ,..,.........1. Friend GL'LF HAMMOCK ti I { HOTEL ,;
tie .
1 % t Line .
with headqnart and subscription ttoofcs on market."ti.rmons will tie gratiU'd t.) learn that the patient ,
''"d L' -,-prMig. was a visitor to his 1111scnce' and he. i i. revtinu very nicely. and will) ....
Devil. the
y, le .. by the new war During : i.U.r! IU.HO< .k, ff.i. ; "
J sl..rday. .< probably t>* eiiablml to return to his
Ho and and
book Japan many P.41
t'd wing man .t"Doeraeh.rU others. Agents coining moo",. We foru the arrival of the heavystock home In a short time, While Irt the

"r for position in 000ntry i pay big commission and give credit city he it at the Pearce 11'__*.... Paradise for Hunting and Via '

us IT'*M to clerk in eommlssary. Tne Ellis-Martin Co.. Dept, M.. Jsek.sou that he will purchase! ."".'11,1'I":r...
to Ii K Jordan. Osloesvllle. Some Fine Fruit T1.. I..sel .. ",.'e, ...._. ,
I JtaJd win of Live Oak has we are anxious to reduce* W I I' )lu.el.y, who own a grove .a.a.I.._........._ r..e..suss) l e tae a_e..,se.e. ... :. ,_
---- --- -- --- .
T.na.READ near Afachua riink brought to this sIu,,s, .lIet .....tJ 'f.J I'...u.;..
) rh. "! iy and will eooduete"s ........ r.- ..re..u.U' .' ,.e ,II ..NIL .L..
THIS. stock and make > for oily Thursday some '| eim' .n* of agrapefruit w.ti..tit .a + .U. I
.t the rcx ni
Advent Christian 'ur r.s..ct a ...:'.:". :" a44s .' <
tins a. were ever grown In
''""*" morning sad eveniag.C nT..aaO.O.r......, June I, 19QI. antiVo have this eetlon Th" fruit, while not a. MUM. f,. A Tn.*...... ............... .,
the This la that I hare ud new goods, it... ,
Library eetotest to certify is in r -Ja. tar? &1u.. ...... '
t... larK a. *<>n.. style. very .
ted on Friday eveeloc. one bottle of the Texas Wonder. Hall's .. ..it
-- '" -- -
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k'bt at even sleet ae ,
" c e' rated theo aDd the retf Orvat Discovery, aDd have leers grwatly many good things exceedingly Mr Mixeley'tf ernp !i. well matured r.

l 1h* San office early on benefited, lad eaa cherfully tee- hot h. complains' that he will \*> enrti-
17 ag. o.DI..d it to the public low price; it will P.lle 2 to ban_' it earlier than ... TheCoNTINENTAL

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' r Mllhaery A TEXAS WONDER. . CAFE
ri *. block. Everything --- -

'.1 -' '" .rta., Announcement On small boCtU of the Texas Won* Come In and l(*jk around; Th.o !\TAURAIVT.

r I Pattern hat display. d.", Uall's Dress DUeov-ry, .urr. all :
i 'wish New Year betas \14Ae y and bladder troable, r mov*. you can save money here.PH EL DORADO CAFE let,.,._.... a4PiIt. &If .. ..).

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Jr.. .\0..andwill aion's.weaJc and laaae baeJui ......m&-' -'- Drip Coffee.
l ..suslia*** U ( **.'.<< a Feature ,
Th., wlU opea ft turn and all Irreci/lariUee of the -- -
u', at 4 o'clock thU seyt and bladder In both men and EvsrytWsa. I. Meawa c-k..1 'u Order.OYSTEIt4 Western Meats.8axtJarl . '

4 bladder troobJ Inekildrea. .. .
women. rtrtrnbitsM :J 1" -- ": : AofU ATEAK4Mr
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,teem It DOS by your dnurcist. +.wtu

""' tit slt.rs.y Calacnaa for of Pa-u.. will t* seat by maJl oa receipt of II. COt' yr.,: the n..,. .?.=t.teas/.ts' t.re.e sac tar e.rrl....'Y.li.o.ew.M *.'
tt # -- a (' One small_bottle i. two mootbsr trtNkta -: .w.-t" .'..-I ., rewru.e ...... i,"
/etOk.i aw.d through .... e. eta sod /sw ........ ,
ray #,.taJ.. reat... tar his a.at and *>ekasm falls to perfect a f PItlCE4 lE.t: A (J S tithe
f n ::] EI'1M'd W. Hall..,.
roe.na. w hue he has... .re. Dr. sasoCarer. *
"c 7 tau: .. P. O. boa sa 8t. Loe to. ]eo., FER 6ROS, WEST HIDE SQUARE ; andO.4.I '
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' -ft t 4.y -- far J r.Ooraer.oata .l rla.a wa w-..........,.... If
::.t. .. 1 fa ., \
.. .. ,
1 - !\. ,).


Title: Gainesville daily sun
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Gainesville daily sun (Gainesville, Fla. 1903)
Alternate Title: Daily sun
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Creator: Gainesville daily sun
Publisher: H.H. McCreary
Place of Publication: Gainesville, Fla.
Gainesville Fla
Publication Date: September 30, 1905
Frequency: daily (except saturday)[-1938]
daily (except monday)[ former <1903>-]
normalized irregular
Subject: Newspapers -- Gainesville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Alachua County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
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Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Alachua -- Gainesville
Coordinates: 29.665245 x -82.336097 ( Place of Publication )
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Dates or Sequential Designation: -58th year (July 24, 1938).
General Note: Description based on: Vol. 20, no. 48 (Apr. 5, 1903).
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___ ,.. s. .

._. .int t1illt { nil!! % !

- =
- -
__ - --=-- --- ..J


-- .. --
--- -

MOTHER AND SON ARRESTED.For a thorough Investigation of the health PEACE REICISr
WITTE RECEIVES I RAIN CASTS GLOOM condition existing there. >nsr

The action of the Mississippi author
the Killing Georgia -
; : .. Each Other of Crime. Itlr In quarantining Mobile becauseof IN BAKU
Newton. Ca., Sept. 29.-One of the # the alleged appearance one case $
rt of dengue fever at Whistler is con
.. most remarkable caeett to come to 11Go

.!t........ light In southern Georgia in a generation demned on all aides and protests will'
However the Situation is Sat the commercial bodies Tartars and Armtn.:... :
'a Chief Peace Envoy Ar Is that of the Mti-ers, mother be entered by r tests 'ef

t and son. onu of whom is the slayer of to' eM Officials.- of the city.MILITARY. brate Reconcilia; ..
at S Petersburg. isfacory "
,:eves the bU.band and father. Raleigh M liner. ATTACHES DEPART. 'itto


\ ,- 'at his home. In Baker county, on tie Officers of Foreign Country Who Were

_He Alighted. from Train the 'Laa.y light of the 15th instant. Next' day his Mississippi Authorities Pace: Restflo.tlons With Russian Army Start Heme.Ounehu 011 Men, Are Ordering New Mach" n FrEs'

'. .. A. .. Manchuria Sept. 27.Wednesday .-
that Wa. Present Broke Out eon, Quentin ,Milner 11 years old was.rreatt'd on Alabama City-The Situation . Pass. ery'to Replace that Which Wa Dt
( )--''The Tartar general of
and with the
Jailed charged In th.Rural Communities GraduaJty atroyed During the Riots-Wo Al
, Long and Loud Cheers-In a killing. Tbo young man feigned in- Heiluagchiang province has been trans- K lee tic

r! Ltte"t Speech He Thanked Them. sanity, his conduct while In charge of Crows Brighter. fcried<< to Kirin for the purpose of in- Will Get Reforms Asked Foi }

._ Petersburg. Sept. 29.--'M. 1Vlltea'ed the officer, and after being placed New Organs. >epU 21 t.Though the atltutlnf of the orders foreign following troops. the evacuation Baku Caucasus! Sept -'.1. Ti t

Ina cell being such au to lead the .
fever Mlluutum WAS much luxporv 3 today formal ratllicatlon of pear-
here today and wux accorded
: 11* has already begun military operations
casual observer to believe he was In gloomy lire skies filled and Armenians nlul
Tat tars
|.arty receptionby! a larjR-j, crowd was a one to suppress the Chinese baudiU the
sane. with clouds Mud a heavy wind the Inhabitant .. ,
order confining
tidal* .n J1ther. In a brief speech heavy who lately were !in the Russian and
Mrs. Milner was one of the wltnfssen iilowlug the city. There after S o'clock in the .
t to a welcoming addrers M. was over Japanese, cr.lce."l'he Cnlnese eetl- houses r t
bowed clearly that L. was deep- at the hearing. She testlfled that %us u considerable tall In the temper Late that the bandit In eastern Ilfeilun !- baa been revoked and fetiee *;y sire
:ber boy killed his father! but swore
lied by the welcome with which i lure. chiang thousand ntrong. and the ordinary course ot t
< that Quentin was asleep at the time. The early reports promised another a being resumed.: 1't
!*rae"r.cehed.'ht.u UfO kit Nt. I'-- The Tartan general has Issued

burg Jn July a iiirmll delegation of She asserted- that he" young man' badbt".n low record of card: ,comparutively proclamation calling on the outlaws to Masses: of Armenians and 1 ; Ii .> )

lala accompanied him lu HP rail. b."lncIJ.. for a year past few bclug turned In by doctorti; and In. give up their arms as pence has removed are thronging tbe cathedra: : ,. is

and that one of these was ret onsible There oaly two deatna In .. .
I station to bid 'him fareert. There .pectors. wcrw the necessity or their ervices. mosque and are Joining pi' u*

Tno for the deplorable tragedy.Hut during; the night. to celebrate their reconclliai .
public domonstration whatever At the same time the general; in dispatching .
the inexperienced youth was unequal L> Von Kndorf who here ttUt
l' there were seven or eight tluios r. reported u regiment of native troopsto An investigation of the dan I

,many officials derplto the early to the taak: which he bad assumed today from Tallulah. made urrangenifnttf suppress the bandits.No I established the fact that t*,. 4, 1

r of arrival and uu enthusiastic lie '4iad been '
of five to six hundred people. just six days when he broke down. talked with Dr. White on the north peace has yet been made. destroyed tho derrick! 0\ .

o Bending for several prominent citizensof uulxlaiiu fever situation. out of :: ,
nc the officials present were FJar- Newton Sixteen military attaches rt'pretient.: porting that 1.99C a.-HJ
he confessed to them that
>Ide, general secretary of the coma he had been'shamming. He declared, Rain Continues In New Orleans. ing eight nations) bade farewell to Ocn.eiai were burned. JsIt
Of Minister: Wyslinegradsky. The ruin which started here early Llne\itch Sept. 24 at Kirln. \\ihen the 3,412 derricks w' re T
furthermore that his!
mother bad killed -
dor finance minister director of the yesterday morning continued ceoalesa- General LJnevltch entertained themat the dally output of oil was 17 s :
his 'father and that It was at her rt
iat tonal Bank; M. Ob ko.'council I ly rough the night and was null a dinner. The oil men decline to resum 1001
he (Quentin) bad
"and chairman of the pres reform feigned Insanity. lulling early today. The. low recordof Ilrlgadler general harry U. S. A., ins from the remaining' well

)Ute and many other pro lln"nt Jdr... Mllu now cases! during thu preceding as senior attache was spokesman in gage In the work of reconatru .h
then and
r was arrested
Ja who bad been M. Wltte's forrcolleagues :24 hours, that lowest lutu July, gait behalf of tile others.'The attaches formally til the cnoclualon of then.q>h" trb
Jailed. She sticks to her former story
or subordinates. that Kuueral uatisfactlon In I the city but bade farewell to (General Kuropntkin ference at St. Petersburg In a
Quentin killed his father.
!. crowd had collected near where the authorities were trot disposed to Sept. 23: the request of the owners' r.

1 yitt would -desopnd from the train BRYAN WRITES ROOSEVELT. exult prematurely, believing that the There arc evidences of breaking up tlves. the workmen will parHr IM >
.,..buD he appeared, trey broke out heavy downpour might have had an of the army. Arrangements are being anticipation however that the g
;Jonc and loud cheers 'for 'which effect In pulling down tilt total. S >..eDectlona made at Kuanchentsu for the with. ment will grant reform guar: j
Tells the President
to Stand His
.bowed acknowledgementa."spokesman Guns and Demand Reform.by of thu city have been underwater drawal of the troops immediately: after the safety of life and prop*Tt>' .

[ then advanced and Neb. .. making commualc,:ttoa difficult the peace treaty Is ratified. future, the oil men are placing *
Lincoln Sept. : .- William J. 1s
".rite address. of welcome all In the and It i I. possible that some canes were! orderir' for machinery and mater< ru u
Bryan written another to
,, While 'taiMlliig bareheaded- The. -, President !tooevelt which ban been unri>ortcd fur that re'asoa. THIRTY: JAPANESE MURDERED. I be used !In the reconstruction 1 1x

us: read: On the, other hand It Is believedthat 1t
public. He says In part: Mountain Spilt In Two
tou have accomplished your dlffl- 'To President Roosevelt: ltrmit( n th e turn of the tide probably has Natives of the Settlement of Uplka New York. Sept. 28-A Romill. t

taa.k. and tje nation .In. grateful to : bf",>u r.'uch.d and that oven If then Attack Fishermen.San .
parting word. You have the contest of patch to the Herald says that a rmiuntain
.' Tou hare 'given the credit for were lfic' !ntcil cases ht-re and there Francisco kept. 20-Tho Exam.
your life before you and I desire to near AJelt called Pletra C*.on30O a
.,. to Nicholas. which not turned In the Iner that fl berturn
*ucc a lOmperor render were to author. says thirty Japanese -
all the
you assistance In mypower. metres blga. split ia two pi-c4!
dent Itoonevelt. Kmperor William Itli+. then will hereafter he a steadywaekly Were murdered by the natives at
You have .
asked rongrens to enact yesterday owing to the shock of cfc
Germany and the press Von have d.'clln.. In the fever, until it entirely tho uttU-ment of Uplkn. which Is situated '
a law MO enlarging the powers of earthquake, and threatened to bur (a*
>tten only your..elf.V,', however the il IK:appears. on the Kamchatka peninsula and
commerce:: commission town. All the Inhabitants have .14
lly I 'apprerlate your service* to your In the Intfilm I>r. \%'hlle urffcn the a similar fate would have been visited
as to permit It to fix and enforce > '
a r asonabla There was a terrible cyclone al ::0'r*
>try. The tree you planted at tfoablngton public not to Kite way to u\4'r.eol1n.1 on ten other men If they -had not managed .
freight rate, and the railroad I anls. In be province of Oaserta k
homestead at )It. Vernon dance but to prosecute its tight Hgaliidt to make their escape to the Amer.
lobbyist was strong enough to stop in the trees and telegraph poles wer up
.ill eenre as a token of the union bt- the mo" |tiltoeH UA re! Mttl<'shly! an !It Iran rotinshlng t ve.(tel Castle, which
thu senate the lull paused by the house.Tha rooted bouse were! damaged and *-vera
the two nations. You have done did at the beginning of the campaign was waiting anchor close to the settlement -
railroad magnates expect to block: persons were killed sad injured
For ourselves and fur t.io-ie; Thr continue ._ ,
the passage of the. bill again.' country reports to beexct - --

'. are absent we. will on re more "$tanll by your gun! You have devel.o.pfd *iiiKly! I gratifying Yesterday there The Ja panes belonged to fishing Illinois Bank Robbed.

at a hearty hurrah. a reform element In the Ilepubllcan were ,"<:. canes throughout the tult* schooners whence home port wan Hak Cairo. III., Sept. 29-'Burglar* -*,> *

When the rheer had died away M. Mrty : yon must lead or uffer com inu n lea tej to the state board but Mate Tho ten survivors were kepton today entered the private bank >'

ffte, who seemed deeply moved by the humlllatloa of seeing the leadership the rnpnrt from some points covered board the Castle for several days, P. Burnett *: Sons, at radorad >

sincerity of the welcome, adranc'a pass to some one ... "l'\>ral l il4y. There was a total of 'and then In a large sampan amply wrecked the vault and carried jfTtweeu

few steps and delivered; his re **
,L fie said: you owe It to your party and more Minor had H clean record as to out for a Japanese settlement' some and gold. Many shots were ex' *.- 4

I.waa. so little prepared for this than all you owe It to your country'William new (,,,,('s. for the first limo since the distance away ed between tbe burglars and the!

Id oX a receilon that I must" ark J. llryan." fever started. There huv- been a Tho news .)f the massacre was acne but owing to the darkness ->n

;pardon for the Incohence of my -- --- _h. total of :.VM o In that vicinity take brought here on the Castle which arrived of tke shots took effect BKxxltioi -

la, I have performed by duty well Desperado Still at Large. .'..ow-I..nr.| was beard from again the from a rodn.hlng cruise In tbe have been put on tbe trail of the

.".. .( have strictly ohcyet his Ravannah. 41., s-t.. 29.-The pease llln-"H of the telegraph operator having Okhotsk. sea yesterday Klars

esty'a Instructions because rheum.tance. that su.(>oi.iud communication. There are
went t it> M dance In Bryan county
favored me. because the world' only 14 rare under treatment there Mystery Yet Unsolved. Hitch In Negotiations.

weary of this bloody 'w:". t>ecstu>e Wednesday. night thinking that 11UK. now the total to cia I.v. bavlnR been :i0 Do ton. Sept. 29.-No progress In Seoul S pt. 37.-(DHayed in ormlAslon.
Hltnuis. tae white ..p.orad.. whe .) Otis
the solution of the suit
with case mystery.eeme'l'
I classes of American society from Is 1 19 dciiths.Dr. .

rsldent Hooserelt down were In .,m. there terrovixlng had the county oaifat ke Kkdnrf returned here tally from ; evident today although tho ly. the Japanese and nUt'
their trouble for their
thy with my and oar cause, heeauso pains.Blmnt..11J Tallulsh.. the crisis oIM'ln.c over there police ware hopeful of obtaining early .pn.el1tathr.! In north Korea m.

..was true to my country and her and tint how up. Slmnts w- io Ischwrgod and broutfitt with him nur** from T.tlJuJsh results from their Investigation. A Monday< afternoon Sept. :.s. and ,

Interests.** with two mur4erthat tti8.aboard anal tjtke .'nnld.. C'fO. th..lrOr! soanch f1i> brop Core by diversfor dl..cu-sed the terms of the pr.t.rn'

.. Air IJne Oondnctor JallueLjindtiberg. the head and limbs of armlsUce. The fluistans wou'J
the victim
\Vltt vier, .
last word was. followed by no luikgcr being neettedDuiikle I
and James Parry a negro of the tragedy was r* nm d. and It agree to the jJapaaeso proposal
er luu I and h.v rty cheerio, afjlch hava reported Its second l death
-ntsjr left the vicinity of I31abe4 \ I the .- to
was annouaoed that baU would probably armistice 'uj been pfM>tp
'w l sonly: advancing toward the sine the fever started the. victim ha.
Ife was seen near t rhr. H* W>> cootlaue for several days. T'.ftec.ate awaiting' Instruction from <>-
trance Iw ,',hiv,U hands with the deg Inn IVter aclley, carprter ut the o'lworks. !
was heavily armed, as usual. Some i police received from tin liar IJnevitch.
"'Nt of the 't-omlng i add,... and eeiu tft believe that Slnim )II movra who.
II I. friends and! firm"r o1leagues. ixta. Mls.. The other Important toward l his old haunt. In UbrtycoMDty. ble> DlfOureont..ala of the wout.a'a
.i'-r1Io' crowd f"door ",>*. Tho'e "<%ho *a" h1.1.*j be was body la 1:1e. They were deduced from tle t
; Jacksun. MUs. 2 .-Tbe
whetei .. of Tu!. I Sept.
e .at n rarrlage, wa headed tb that JlrotU, Jn-non lie wase a graduate .n.u.I..r.lt.1
tb. moot ("a.rul"II1..uren.ellA4 o/ the
i walling, I .i"re and related to the !'*rk ] federate urjraaltutlon of Stisstnhave
torso and e slcuat..>4 by rules declared
..1'. Hnrkner and other pn>.r'nent '-1m. Joined In a request for ifie
Ship Crashes Into Pi.r. by expert to b* lnf :Ulh>Ie. The t. II
n Wrecked Ship Clown Ji &lite. ut I...>iit.Una and MtJ"skpf l, turn of two 3.JUat.'f.uJppl battle
Now York. Hpt --Tarnuc'l
Up. M mla bat the
pout says woaa w'"" S CfOt't. now stored la the Ctotorado ":IP

brl Bald. s. i pt 79; r a..r k. ot UBderstAndlnx of si\ nape tar Ti nkUd I I I Inches In bet. bt. DOC lf+. Was>> I' building at f>-Dver. It has been

1Milah atuarurr <\i.r.a uu hfch Bleatushtp cumptny's steamer Crona Five New Case. at N.tch.*. nor ID.wIb..a I* y ..r. of age! aid mated that the retuni Vlll be mJ

,sunk In Ib curet sx pit u >t.l.u l da crashed Info her pier .t 4.muf SalC'h..a.n.: .... 8. T* -n. new i.m t'J to 14i povinJ In weight .
the receipt of a proper reane.e.Rags
pr.veat .u e tioiou of A .;v full speed while tr> li < tn msk., th e*.... of ye'htw" fever w.. vrtfw' >rtv of

RUt) ot iynauilt 4ilo4 t. im J dock U>d&). The pier wa lruot de- tit.. niortitnx .-.. tiv. white. *'i.| f ur*- lttotocun Agreement Sige.d.Cara. are now In tbe custody
I Sept :, -- Prrtr.er Jtocnl..r'I CIrutfd Army of liter RNpubtta
of her canto. abll tb. hip saa motlshej A oun.txr of k' >oii.bor< cornn.rw "1'0ol'6.r.....uty *lx are ua.l.r tree
and ITltMr Voa fie loUn, 1M
etaaeed bjr flame. was utowu 14* late lajarvd rive %o badly that they 1 treat Trial rates ts data 77 Ti I tf.rmaoamba..aador.
'. at IkIl JQ 1001&.1' dined tat .. Must Mail Service
ac. The .xplo ioa wa. tremoa. were take to a aoapltal.. Part of thepier Feather !to c v4 test the tentp. r.JI'u Ireprvae ..
: r.unvG.ttnan accent c'oar.rnID.c the Waftblagtosu Scfpe.F UD* ":
and UM enormous Japlaeemtnt wa. k.ookd over o. tnai of the 1' too bias to prevent tl!.. sl.'goeuyta
Morotun: cw.der'oeei. tbeM J-ia!' ,tefyterroiattlK ewre Attsfartory wall wajtoa r
water was vUiUMe from a point & barge Mott Haven weeks was luooredthere. f.oiw b'tlfta.
I where .. U.. 4UliCOUt atavttursq.Prwe la :N.w York city<< by rva oa u'
distant the .
.poratloa.lbiawias Tea. captala of ta e barge and
Quarantines dtnt\ the .iC'1&.tur. Dr RoM-. roatiaiae-t strtxs> of the drivers
up the tresses wer. duo kin wits ..... .rte4 ua4 r. .a pale ot M..iwP' M.bll*. '

tN It U 4iv4 taat Ue whole wreckers bat w.}r. rac.e4 only atl btly ubn.. Ala". Sf'tt. t>. -.Of' dallyprtaid repv.aentlaa O..r.7 .sol 1st Roesvler poetoifV prtmct t today sass -
u& be'halt or n-aaC'f'. lIMIt St t... that lh. rar sad his .o'er w
;tb. Oaataam'* ,daateruss cars.i. iajared. TKe> s...,..td..t of \ a' ui k4t 'IU'"' anti f.tita (JI'J
fit beach and Dr. Tatra, ae.mieo ", foreijrm eoIIk'e sad went over the. 'aaaJ base tee.s fettm"aUy welded taat
tttoy.d., > eera ui lave. tbs pN' sad *...ral 4a si dock aaaxl ,

sdallI ('' IG.9.; eaaej pJ.a'tr.. ., sci t> Ti.. riMa...l* ..... iif tae Cl'r ot the, wasetw city. arllvi'd la )to.bit.Ibis detaUm of,tb. tmtao0i. T- ottielat d. tu4tro..rweat rani Joe aisle as o"erua cart: r
taSa. of UM ,MICW1I 'WW N give. suet ...ca. tnU be tavdtea
r1r .
llawtlaE sad.,1.mM1&t.eQ, .
tiles? .... .. ... ....... ,. ,
.> .. "'- " :' .. .. .
"f" ; ,_. :.. '-'-- -
,. + +s
: '., J "' " " t" ..,."! .;"'" '''' ''''''' : ;: i..l" -' .' '' -.,..i(t"4tijF'.t1, '-';;"';;' .. . .. .rs
. ''' .., iJ.: : .., ,;:. ".'<''.1' ,1. ' '... ,.;, .., ':..A'I. ". ""..\,' ".




'\' -.=:-- : - ..

;5115 ALL BUSY : The).$ands Han KHieyTroaMe THE MALE CRICKET. .

liTer Carious Trent !!. DTf>lp. For the
iii. i< Suspect it t..y.r lit. c%.ic..

; AT ALKCHUA Slow* T. VtnA Otit. In the American Naturalist J. I.
.. .
i .
;;t',. Fin a bottle or common: glass with ycmt Hancock. Klv"I, an Interesting! description Raincoats RaincoiBli!

Bales .:Reported, water.ami let-stand* -' etjty-four, aaeelimentorsettlingindicateaan bouts-; of sorts of the habit of the i

rise Hundred striped me\dow\ cricket The most .
Turned Out So Far. unhealthy conhttott 8trI-: i ::; part of the account deals t

., of the kidneys with rtio allurementswhich the male
z AVo have
just i il!
; if it stains eric fetts t't' ,ess.! When he wishes l to a
I1b0 S ALES ARE .IN STORAGEM.tsoci : jour linen it is attrt, i the female the male cricket

'. evidence of kid m:S%"H h.* fore wlujr vertically above line of the newest styles in li iiii-
trouble too .
Ginner Has Turned Out ney desire; his head. nud by rubbing them orrr
JQ frequent
So Far, but '.Expectsw t each other produce a high pitched
Dales' to pass it or pain
; Fifty-Five Hundred More-Crop '' in the back is shi;:Inc. or perhaps better, alirllllnjt :. cants and would be glad to luixo

G.n; One also com-incing proof that the kidneys \\' '.'u tIlt"! foiunle's ntteutlon!. his: tarn

Open In. Field but Labor Scarc.. and bladJe" are out of oriler.W"bt uttnuicdJit, JOtto 'uxo male and call and them
I To Do. you see
proM I' take I1t1\-nnt:11o.- the
cotton season at Alaehoa tlE'em.j There Is comfort in the knowledge so r v
All three that Dr. Kilmer'sSwampRoot freshmen i ofTerctl. Upon the mate's
oow' often 'expressed,
its l hrigth just
der .,. to.be at town are busy according i' the great kidney remedy, back situated troll forward ou the roI
,. fa.ut; that I fulfills every wish in curing rheumatism, thorax I I" n Ilttlo.tl"pfE'tlldon or well In I
'. SO" or", and five wrrot4nrd pain in the back kidneys, liver, bladder vihkh n !!IlltaaU'quanUt,. of erulrtul

nut from the Al.cbu-a ,gins up and every part of the' urinary pR5. Ke. mau'rlil IH secrete: Climbing up ontlit

': tp\VrdnP.day of the present week.The It corrects inability to bol water ? luah'M back the! female rats thl Our Fall Dress Goods
Cotton Warehouse an : hu. '
.\Ia effects following use of liquor wine or app ir(sitl> delicious morsel with great .
;- Company has now in storage about six beer and overcomes that unpleasant ne- .*a:.'ru! ""*x it Is evidently Monivthlnge

kjndrfd end fifty bales of cotton Ins cessity of being compelled to go often $in" all)' bolce which ii formed have alfeo arrivtnl. A complete lint in

;djnK a few bales left over from' last during the clay, and to jet up many there fur her" especial benefit. TbUprxHtHxlins :

", .sr's. crop times during!,; the ni ht. The mild and : suggests that treating as amenus nil tho newest slllliltand d. signs.If .
effect of SwampRootIs
J W Maine*. "who conduct a gin- the extraordinary of sinning, a lady's love I Is not
Ueo : soon reali/eil. It *taiul the highest.: ,
xii contim-d to the allurements of ice
Gainesville .
fry at Monteocba. was for wonderful cure of the most distressing
three gins If neetl a medicineyou creuiii nnd soda water. Collier's
He i id operating cases. you
: .
t friday should Mare the l et. Sold druggists We. .fly.. need in
I Md reports that he has turned out so in and one-dollar by sizei. yon any thing

Jt'' ; far thin eion rWy.flve balee. Her You may fifty-cent have a sample bottle and _n Knclnn4 N._.i ikp.v .......

. 7 07 px'iblj gin 100 bales more, mak- book that tells On Juno 15; 183x. England's newspaper .

-. ., In, a total of 155 this year against 226 atx>ut it.both sent atlci Htnnip( duty was abolished and the MILLINERYCull I

nt f r: )kit lesson, by mail. Address' il reign' of the cheap dally beirau. This
Kilmer & Co., in
'L states that the eotton is "tax on knowledge" first
Mainea was Imposed
'\: Mr. Uamton N. Y. \Vhen _. aw..era....
rid a, ': about all open in the field, and the' riling mention- this paper and dont In 171ami: waa made most severe by and n. c our (1i plny. All now good!"'*,

or f rnjr. ere now' busy picking. The make any mistake, but remember the the set of 1820. wblcb fixed It at 8

,s nmf reportfcomea( from the Alaehua name. Dr. Kilmer's Sv amp-Root., and cents a sheet with 87 cents duty on jtist I't' t i\"t tl.

>"f and the address Umgbamton. N. Y. each at!\4 rU.ement. The Whigs' reduced -
l section' Pickers are very scarce
the duty to a penny In 1834. but
------- -- ------ -
k Mme( plinteriijare offering aa high aa
when the Crimean
war broke out and
to |1.25 p.r hundred for gathering, but WILL MOVE TO THE WINDY CITY f
every one wanted tbe news even apenny
Wo will
impossible in instances to onr
find it many wai
duty found to be intolerable
.o teeore labor at (that price. The ne- Many Brokerage Offices Will Make Its repeal. la called the Magna

.e |foe, who comprise principally the Their Headquarters In Chicago. Cbartu of the British press. if

h lOtion pickers are offered better inducements Chicago. Sept. 29.-The InterOceansays : 49cS1LKSALEfor

L in the saw'mills and naval today: The Original.Foley .

h if itore farm, where they prefer to The clerks and officers are affectedby
A On.. Chicago originated'
the Wall street speculation, a now-
, work Honey and Tar as a throat and lun.r"m..d ONE WEEK LONGER.
ti The condition of all crop. h.. been ber of large Industries are to move
,, mid on account of the great
their general offices from New Yorkto
let retarded adverse .
more or by
merit and popularity of ..olt'J'.lIune,
''t irttthtr conditions, but it la evident Chicago according to .,the reports

e 4 ae that cotton has suffered( tnoat. circulated -v.ltA American ( that and for the Tar genuine.msny Jimitatlons These worthier are offered Imitation .

the $000,000 steel foundries
have similar' sounding names. \ G. W. HYDE :
DEATH OF COL. LUTTERLOH. change next month. Beware of them. The genuine' Poley's .
Honey and Tar Is in a yellow psaksHf. .
0". of Cedar Key'a Oldest Citizens William 7t Kelly president of the Ask for it sad refuse any substitute.It .

Passed Away Thursday. concern said yesterday that temporary i. the best remedy for cough and

Information reached this city Friday quarters bud already been rentedto colds. J. W. McGolluin A Co.

' of the death of Col. K. J. Lotterloh. start the general offices. 2 BTAnLxak zIa3. i.aoe. .
... .
1'1..t1ta. Kplsrr. .M..
Mr. Kelly would not discuss the
shish occurred at his home O..d.r' report
In When Manilla I IfacMabon In the 1t
F '! K7,Thursday night In the eightieth that the removal was due to thn Crimean cimpalgn took the Malakoff H.F.DUTTON&CDKAI.KUM ,

year of his age. I Instance of \Vall street excitement upon by storm and wrote bill celebrated dis

l>..e..a..ct wa one of the oldest real employe with responsible Unties I patch. "J'y cuts, J'y remte" ("Here 1 : :.

dents of Cedar Key, having resided in' It Is said that tnere are a number of am; here I stay), tbese words made IN'Y

that other firms considering the same move him famous all over the world. Yet
town for the past forty year. No ; Sea ZTQla c3
man wa probablylmore "widely known and for the same restarted reason his friends said tbat tbe worthy soldier :: .. CottaSea :

m Their names could not bo ascertained bad written them In the most matter ,!
Lty county and his death, while I
yet. but they are ,believed to be concerns of fact manner with no thought of
Island Cotton Seod i
so urpru on account of his age will phrase making. The most surprised! Bagging tint! Twtno.Lioathor .
r that moved from Chicago to New
t. received with keen regret by the York several years ago. person over the success of this epigram in Strips or Sides.
peoplefrcessed, trR
was MacMabon himself
+c tr
wa a veteran of the Con-
PLEAD GUILTY OF MURDER. Manufacturers of the James Doig Improved
frterue war, having held a captain' Aera.et Jewelry.

eomroiKKin After the war be settled The Jewelry found In au excavationnear Sea Inland Cotton Oin, and Supplies for 1: tI> e: ',w:,
Confessed to the of His* Wife
of tho
ono pyramids of old Mem-
in Cedar Key. then small hamlet little GAINESVILLE
a Who He Says Was Unfaithful. phi. Egypt exhibit about as much FLORIDA, Ujl
moro than a trading
; post. Chicago Sept. 28.--Jacob Hart who skill In working gold and precious
funeral "will be held at 10 o'clock Is "without It'CII. dragged himself Into stones as now salute. although the articles -

bill thll" m .ruing. Rev, Francis. H. Craig the court of Judge Barnes yesterdayand found were 2e'.300 years ago. G. S. MERCHANT & C ,
; cf Holy
Trinity Episcopal Church whispered to Assistant State's AL The figure cut on amethyst and cars

Ihi city conducting the ceremonle BArbour that be to neltan are described as exquisite and -
torney was anxious KeUllen and Jobbers In ,
h.era..t w. an uncle of 3. B. T..ut-. enter a plea of guilty to a oaarge. of anatomically correct. The gold Is skillfully +
t.rl.h,t well! known la Gainesville.tmpsthy worked sod precious stones are
murder.Mr. .
i. let Into It so as to give the effect of and Fancy
extended to aurvivingTHE Barbour explained to Hart the Staple Grocs.r
eoa m.Un.
+ real: i '.'.
seriousness of such a plea and that the -- -

YELLOW FEVER. court punishment had the on power It."The to crippled Inflict defend severe. CASTOR Ira ..r... Sttd and. Fertilizers.JOUTII i

'**i coU People Appealed to-The ant, however said he understood his : HII B BQUAKE. i r GAINK8VILLK.. FLOI

New Orleans Record yesltlon sail the plea, was allowed to be For Wants and Cblldra.M
Brighter. .
Highest market prl'". paid for ChUtkens. eggs and other Produae :
'.:-1..l"ltl"l entered (Sentence will be imposed InBis ,X
Sept. :29.-There had
**"a f case Friday. TIll YM Han Atop ta0tBear , .
hot r n.w cases up to noon today. Har( confessed that be shot and lited ': A Compleu stock of Hay. Cora Oats Flour, Bran, Meal Cotton $0.4..
no: deaths "were reported.>> The re- th.Signature* and Bye.J W. handle oalr the VKKY BEHT goods at the LOW.s,
his wife Marie June 15. no:#. He accused { ..
Vr yesterday ""as seven neweasee < ofNees EflT PRICE. and uaraat4M. satlsfaetlon sl+a/t, JABSTRACT > : .Ii
.. e lh'athl, her of being too friendly '.i."
Dr. Porter ha.
been -
b't other men and when she refused to ....
tee -c a hard proposition here' and explain where she had been the night .5vpreerte/.. '

M .t.r. of the city have appealed previous b.- drew a revolver and .hot Hits-I>bt yo.i say "Tills If BO end & REALTY COM
J' pie to co-operate with him. *
ber. lip alto shot himself la so attempt dent when Jsrk proposed 7 ;

At New Orleans. to commit suicide but b* rex-or ">o. I lutetxlrd to. you know, bat ,
** I was. so flutter that I forgot and V"-'
.rl.anl. Hept. 29 Prom e p. ". .. I oorpor.d': .: :
n I. '' -- - -- ,_ rrt .. 'At lastln-t id.fluoee .,
rday until noon today, there ,
w'r' If the Baby ''a Cutting Teeth E. E. VOYLE. MGR
w and .. .
cases two deaths ...ed.
Tt''esth.r baa been bad. yet the B. sure and use that old and well- -Uo grow fs.u JlmnUeT Abstracts of TltJe and fall Information furnish r.....*.... Iaada IIarewety. ,
C-t'r.'', t Ue been Mrs. Winiow. Booths Oar manager has lived In this .oont thirty jlNsf sad
tat. steadfast la their ef- tried remedy. 'nsotpo of theta d,.. My father eaogtat 'f
U tborooghlf eoarersaut with land title
I It '
for eaildren teethinc.
leg Syrup DIM last per that grows aa Iada every .'Itriiuc ,r
An I soothes the ebild. eoft.ns the gums! '
Animeied time ho tells about It.--c.-ra. I.
to Up. I allays .U pain, en res wind relic and Is "';{
Vlliri. scene was witnessed 00 i the best remedy for diarrhoea. Twen i :E EVO
1t r en.DtUa.. le saws relieved ..
"mrd*" .1 rsw* : ty-five Bents a bottl. i t
t1's ttftehed. to the yesterday delivery when I IP by c1p_ at etody UMUS br Meal ..... AalIDE>rr. BUKOI.AKY AND IUDKJaHITT ,IHSfTHjaJICr':: a ?

M o'ormlek k wag --..._.. I Uvltyv-Ctals s.ntia a namber prominent Amarlsejp M< BMUafc..qsise.lea, (
decided to .. o ItKAL KtfTATK AMD OnT '
t'a. .1 T>m. A Kan ss Otywealthy elrugi.t ..,. s LOAjn.
The '
Pt.. wagoo. eontalaed west<< sJ W man came Into hi. SSWBNt" aL1.:: .. '!

::". I a boxes: of ....k.n. with' star Sunday roorniitaT stet. tbrvwlos a 8. A.IUad.CUco.Tex .wnt..,March .------ -. '-- .-...... ..- ,--- -'

a' 1 **ae naasberof aseortns.a... dln>. on the scow. raM. abl: i It. 1901 "My writ wa spraloed sob Yawt.cbliAtaed 1091!'

.3 the "wagon struck a tree. ) al -Ofre me two ahrkeU for tbat.please. .!ly by a fall thai U .... useless. | and Mg
r Prof \, ..,X.&a aad 'fortJt.inst. .** after acing several remedies that failed "

i ro1 ., eraekera flaw Is may OorneT to try' a slot marble r* asked to give rel/" *f, o.ed fte.1 lark's" ...oLlalsnesiC. F. ntT Tcx av CB

'Burt 1 Tbr.re.n aoda tM dtsgsh.t pleasantly.w ajsd "wa cored, I tars.e.ly

,.h t rakers. crswkers. ..w replied t) e wealthy. ...... -FaMeE IF......... It to anv.n.. .alrer... (roes
gto .r _... ai. gold by W. M. ......
f' '. a.a.at Ttoos. ppealae
5. >>
c eloek '
UM and vartooa off. A
'r"-.t .Z!* Ole appeMmaw of wlLWa. -- : : irjEsw.
**..'. P-S k, 'oa. Ibo aroo-I. tfONd u.. tie dcnc 1$ OCwt i

'l Ita(4, moots to wm... and his. ea Xil! 1t btsillelte. T1K r vlt M

.e.:.,;...,.. t': a strlcg.tlf;Y.......'. : ,' a anM l wltra tea die toYatT ti/sas! !
b1l1 .
... .
"f'I'I ';; ,- anta ,
r air 4r" .""' t .=
hareaee -' wNIM s.I.
U,,),;:;:. b k 4.1
I, L.tt set-D.4IID': r .... 4 .,L a

'. ..' -.( 7 ""' :r"t


... ',Or" ...' "
-, ,r 11 ":.:f 'J.
r % ,
t .
;: ':NEWS FROM ALACHUA.JChtful ; $ ".p ;.Ii. I. -- 0 '
..... (
.i aM: .< t' -- ..,.......u.. .::.'
"' Entrtanfnnt| Nw ,.. From J.ek"crnII! ;. FU-, Via Atlantic& .
1ldinasPersonaM.ri41gn. tlRE$11fl1ERE RLLfLBE F Coast LMne Railroad.
., .. h: r 4
1'ebua..dept:! e. 29 -1TT< Jt, tOaaie 9tCI*>a4v IV al. n..r Coovb 3y.o Ta.t.s G+od. f37 OO Washlosrtoe>> D.;C.,and\retorn,
:.oL! by dnt.EMa.'i ,
Jet tag.
f .
r/spending his .vacation' herr, has .e on.."). dally to p'.mber,30sb. limit.

: reed if) DeLand. taar'eJuma: .his *
odle. a' StrUQJ{ .UnYIt"JtyJ .2-1 BO WftMhlnKtou..D, C.,and return. :

34tra.t. rlSIkCeOirtt4i/rvf.T.inpa. has on sale. O..b..r.8th l : and Bin. limited to

eat ,(.ulo.f.t.'t. .* here. ALFALFA IS PROLIFIC., .a October 15th. l9Uti; can b., extended to ,..:-- -t "
.. .:L JMIee-lBUv*! Olmtted. entertained& Ver I( f 23ih on. raym.ntof CO c"ot.. ,

/rfe'nda'landayt! nlghf' $ at a Bhlrt Waist One of the a..''SIoekF..d.; and. Pro- I2&.2& Hot 8pr D<<.. Ark. and ,return !

.' J J'-Social; :Many' testing game were lific Bearers on the Farm. on sale October 8d and 17th, limited to ,

';' rt lJ 4|, .nd'ahera "pleasant time deligHtful T. B. Lanier of Tarares. *. who has .wovember' Oth, 19.3.

\; rvfreehinrnta were served.iafflongthosstprssent beenln the city for the past two day, Ne CX, Chicago IiU, and ?return on'

.. were Misses. brought from the farm of Judge P.'B. vale October 231 and 24th, limited to

itto. ,'inve ;;yjessle.:; Hawkins. Maud Weaver, wbo.re4ides1 dsear Z>esburfta November 5th, JttM. ._ A Magnificint Library Worth $500Offered |

a;:Annie. ?'X>eCosta, Carrie Camp ..mpl.ol alfalfa, which is regarded as :I1O86 Atlanta, Os., and return' on .

t"\ .VeUV 7 :;Na$h. Atlanta Kills! Mln- one of the best and meet nutritious sale October Oth and 19th. limited Cost

"'Jl'ld..i' : a Katie Smith and Carrie stock feeds that'can be produced The October.23d. 10O5. ,Free'of: !

; .a Me..,.. 8. j. Ellis, sample In "question Is twenty;;nches| ; Corresponding low rates from other

'JrO".Ui.: Kick: Baldwin Clyde high and came from the seventh out.ting points in State

.,Barn.7 Mason Ernest Myers; from the'same sowing from ordinary See ,Atlantic Coast Line agents',or Something SUN Rtafors ShoHlal Consider!
f I*aree(. Othol Thomas Willie pine land. wlt..lor Pullman reservations and ...,

wig'' Mr. Lanier.atates that .many. of the full informa tlou to Frank Boylston.. ,

snterpristng firm of Dell, Jor-. farmer-of Lake county-are' turning District'Passenger> Agent Jackson ,-.." '

\Oo.; ; keeping abreast of the their* attention, to, alfalfa as .a stock vllle .5'la., _. 'Read the Fellawing ..taill.Carefullv:
'.j,.ir..IDU.Ued. handsome sys. .feed for ,. \reaton.-flr.', prollfle-- o. .Mlaalaalppl.Mob. After Negro.
light' and their' friends continued with 'original
"PI and yield Meridian Miss.. Sept. 29.-George
the store, "The Daylight Cor4wAhi '- planting and second for the superior'nutritious Qvans, a"ncgt6, who had Just serveda The Mystery Surrounding the Beautiful Display:
;14L'Powell. has also .Installed & qualities, or the weed,-which sentence eight years for man. W. HYDE'S: Window Revealed in the

\;.*' his< hotel the Sheffield. ta.simisajHn> this respectto the'velvcjt: ..al.ught d. criminally aaaauited a 15- followyzt.
bean. ?%..' been demonstrated that year-old negro girl near VO e urc.; 40 A number of'onr enterprising merchants execution which examinnuprovtt. ail

; :Bonnie' Flneher has returned this weed will harvest fou&oo..ohe- ,mile below this city. A poise of white have arranged "h.''"IU proveto .

,: & * South Florida. acre each cutting on ordinary land;. and 'negro men are now In 'parsutLBrans' be a most interesting content be. The conditions of the cornet are t

e. Cato 'a visiting, friends at Parties interested may., secure fair remalntd In the nelgnborhoodnf tween the high School, Twentieth follows Any lodgechurch Ir ., I
club hospital or organization .
,\ ther .information regardingtbf.fttrs: ,. the crime.' Hounds were secured Century Club;Odd.Fellows Home 'B. or private- i. eligible to the v .tttri( gait|

King and Dean Wetheringreturned by writing to Mr. L.nlera'r.aree".or'; by Ute deputy,aherlff. and a man hunt P,'O.. Elks Volunteer Firemen 2Ia. Votes for individual' will nut tar courted 1

from a trip. to Oedar Judge P. B Weaver of X-eesburg; la now in. procres Negro .memben.r sons,''W. O.W., )C. of P.. Uslnesville With each 10 cent. .
f ;, ,., the posse, declare they vlU lyaob ticket will be given by the m..rdanl
Guards. Kirby Smith Chapter or J. J. .
through whose u.. .
,I .. load.-- after short visit here .Bvan It ba> la caught r tn
THIS WAS RAINING SOME.If .- Flnley Chapter the U. D. O.'. or any libraries ire furnished on which 111'11

#unaed to North Carolina. church, ttunday school hospital irxan be written the amount of the pun. .,a.
ri; Pat Hnbbard 'and little' son, W.'har'la Moist Today. Will b. Six Uation or Institution you would. wishto and the number of .vot.* 'It. (S'H
srnl.ft, Thursday on ''a' visit to teenth Consecutive Saturday.It own the ,beautiful library valued at chaser will write on the ticket HI Iii
$ CO. now on display at U.W. Hyde's:
stitutlon or organisation fur winch 11
.ItpS ln'Georgla. I 'ts, no wonder that awe farmers In YOUr Life'Curre
THE REWARD will be'a megnifl or she desires to vote, sign their name
;'.,bsby girl has arrived at the home I this Immediate' vicinity are complaining cent library,eon.isttng of 200 volumesof and deposit the ticket m the' lmllu!

.Mr.. aDd Mr. O. W. Wells. : of, .the damage to their respective the standard subscription publications box tn the. store iu which t!>f j I reps.
',' .,.. Olaade' Maynard. has returneda erops'by continued rains' for they havea t. .of the day as follows The Is made
Great Cbaa. Dudley Warner "Library The standing of the contfutH! "wII
pleasant ..1.1&0 friends at right to do so-snd their. statements- ;The .,powcr.that gives you of the World's Best, Literature" 40 be published exclusirely in t'IU.tJ'I to
rJlldo.'Wotl. must be oorreot. I life and. 'motion is the, nerve volumes' ; "Library of the World's day's isaueof The Sun untu CI >tote l l14th.

r ( on the Powell building' .Is pro-. This has been the"wettest season in I force, or nerve fluid, located in Greatest Classics. ," 30 volumes. the 1906. at 7 o'clock p. ID "I..." th
...d in' short time AngloAmerican Dictionary and Cyelopedia. remaining votes will be aL
Ida nicely, a two OainesvIHe and vicinity, and In fact the cells of the brain
nerve ,
12 volume; Library of Or the magaitleent library awarded t ihorganixation <
o m.. boslneaa'house will be oom throughout the entire county for manyyears. and sent out through, the story, bv Dep.-w. 15 volomen ; having the lnrfc I.urn
4. If the sky.Juie falls.. In'; this nerves to the various organs. Works of Baltic SO volumes; the Library ber of YO'... The dun will IMII) .h teach
t;t rand Mrs W' H. Se.- and oily"'today It will be the sixteenth conseoutlve If are tired nervous of Poets, 82 volumes; theWorld's issue a coupon which will 8ehael' have been visiting at Day you Best E...,.. 10 volumes t IIU- the holder to two votes that w 11> t t.
Saturday, which fact has also irritable have
capnot sleep ;
tory of Oar Great Commanders, 12.0Iume. credited to the institution that Ie i written
a.; proved detrimental to commercial headache feel stuffy dull and, .. on space provided for same IJIhf'n
r8tark; : ,of Miami ,Is visiting ,rel.ti. trade, as all merchants have been complaining melancholy or have neuralgia: Each and every one of these books d..llyer.4'n the ballot bases in ith<

,I ..'bere. .- that the condition of the rheumatism, backache peri- are specimens of. the best mechanical of the stores.

l' weather prevented the country people odical
pains, indigestion dyspepsia
NNWBERRY HAPPENINGS. visiting town. stomach trouble or the I Voting Tickets Can bo Secured: From: the Following Merchants: .

,iJ''' .< The rain has not been confined to one kidneys and liver are inactive, ,_
of News From That
Interesting special day in the week, but almost every lifcrcurrcnt is weal ,
'' :' your : O. W. HYDE. W. R. THOMAS.Our .
.$ Progressive Burg .day. .there has been a deluge. Power-producing fuel is need- I .
i eaberry September ::29tr. and The leading Dry Goods 'Ior.0&.,., Boggles Wagons anti
ed ; something to increase nerve. remember this i. headquartwrs.Marcus the best at the right i.rice ud
ral:"John Q; "'hh.and, nhlldren will Abscess.Abeoesses energy-strengthen the nerves. vote worth going after Oar i.ivrrj
'turn to from Sea. Endel. department affords splendid .'per
Newberry Tuesday with few exceptions Dr. Miles' Restorative Netvine a J ui
The leading' Clothier.' Men's FurnUh- tunity to vote.
..., where they have been enjoying is
the fuel need. It
Indicative of constipation or debility." you er and Tailor of Gainesville e satisfy > W. 8. Dorsey d. Comp, r
fishing and bathing. W. II. Harrison OI.v laadr; MI.... feeds thc'nerves.,produces nerve the most exacting' demands of all. I The Grocery and the Market :r.
,"A.; Stapler' manager of the Flor- writes, Aug. 15. 19031, .3I'want to saya force and restores vitality. Votes count here. I the strongest precinct.' 7& pu cent c

Land and Improvement Co., with woad of praise for Mallard's Snow -When I began UUclnr XXv MHea* Gainesville' Furniture Company. I your voting strength i I. with th* gro
carters at Kewberry, will leave ..'(r.tlY'8 ?3orrtne> and Anti-fain meal it'* v tio> <
Furniture cert every yOu serer
Liniment. I etepp.d'on a'nail which 1'illa I wiui conQned to nay Net I The big store where you
lftr, tot,: New York and other points caused the cords I.. my leg to contract bad<< revere nervroia ar li s. the rcaultof can vote every payment you make, Bring your account and Tote .It'n> yol
two yaara Illness with malaria.srwlually I installments. Don't overlook pay the same.Gainesville .
hta.annual vacation of 30 d.,.. cash or
and an abscess to; rise In my anee, and crew eo w h treat I wee
:$ .M.b.1 Lamb left for Maeon. unable to alt up. The .r ;lU would this valuable precinct. Planing; and Coffin Co
the doctor told me that I would have a O IDrnenee .. and I :
.', pt few day ago to ants.- WesleyanCollege. would- t.e.c p,n.Itweek and almost hlp L. C. Smith. A glorious opportunity for contra.
stiff 1egso'on. day I went to J( F. {.HA. biT rlrouUtlon waa t.oor. Z The best and largest of Shoes Ion to vote for their' favorite, A Jo*
I. Lord's.drug .tore'(who I. now In Den. had doctored, rtaht alone* but steww.sker variety of wood 10 votee. Don't miss tht'm.
I.Illa Hell Ihth.ln has enteredtel.uhool'la"Qalnesrlll. and weakar. Tne K.rr n* 'In town. We have the pair you want.We .
v.r. Colo.)1' lie recommended a bottleof seemed to ntrn' _tta.n m.' rlwht a warand havethe .0'... Come and .see us. W. O. Fagan sit Company,
for this ray ctrotilaAian wme b* t r. barstaken Our Meats and Vegetable are t
,.. Snow Liniment ; I got a 6Oo sice, In aiivvvcn hot lira J theNervine J. 8. Bodiford & Company.The .
.It.tr and It cured my leg It I. the b ..tliniment .l-m.d-l ear entirely wit." best the market .< ... Cora, Cato 'la taking a specialoorse Aviu. Stuart. la. reliable druggists. A busy store ttleam Laundry
In' the world. Sold W.
by Dr. Mllea* Nervine la sold by' yeweYuoelst. where the voting will be heavy. We
In Abbeville. Oa.WlWam M. Johnson. W". will auera"t.. that the have them. " Give us your work : save th t crud;
; ;pa.k.U.a, returned to : l settle will lM4 will rerwntf you me J. W McCollum Company. and l it
< Take them to our get
sad 11"I vab Himtlmm.Artcntng agency
AwWtUl' aohool; to complete his A.I1e
\ .. Elkhirt.Ind The up-to-date Druggists.' The votes votes. Big Item.A. .
the of meat
:,*"".. In bu........ against eating are here. Come' see us. M Cushman.
..1 tR! ; 'B.DQn: ..... the',genial. and pop. an ICugltsb writer remarkar rMmost ,
any animal can be made to eat fleet L.. C Smith. Votee will be issued for preen 1 c 1.0
'fcwte'r agent here.of the Atlantic Coast The kangaroo baa canine teeih. Ilorae The l.acllolJ.el' Our splendid. new poiieie written or old rK lwi' *.

.t:'"U..; has returned to Newberry, after oxen and sheep may be taught to eat AT ST. .AMMSTIHE.Large stock will supply the most exacting de i newed provided such pr.mi *t/fldlng his annual vacation of thirty flesh. Norwegian cows have been r mands. The, votes are here in plenty.A. I paid. within thirty days uf date of r
.' Boston and other points of In* cool fomrahed rooms at Ocean ,. icy. For .even lOeenMof prwmi-
'f!, known to eat flenh. OoldamlUTaaw aaheep L. Vidal Jk Company.The vote will be issued.
eat t1eU. A rarnlvor sheep IH View Hotel.' Free both Light house only Soda Fountain Confection Mr*. 8. W. ;LeOrande
Arlr f '{.wn'J.: W.'KiJy' and daughter havebooftht now, In oudou.. Bpallaasanl. baa keeping privilege& Rates 41 to W per er and Book dealer Is4uingvotee. They The only Millinery and Notion .!"

'} \ the millinery goods of the New shown that a itl"""'ou may be mad 'to week each room. Meals may be bad count here. :{suing vote Vote here.

l 4 *York ...,'Store and will open latbe live on flesh and au eagle on bread. next door. W. $... FUKHJLH Prs.. "

t .- hoot reeatly vacated by Patter- '
....ttrwl ('--......... Merchants, Note Carefully.The .
,raDO A Oa'Ha:: The bor e aharv with woman the QA.DUnLLrM PA1'ORIT&assoRT. rules of the contest provide that each merchant shall eart.faLf nit

'ti, W.' TwdMipm. assistant managerLot gift oC. tlei; greatest animate physical a record of his vote on Friday night of each week,...dl... a duplieat of n,'t
;i the Lamb 8hw. and Clothing Co.. beauty, and the clA*.ICraton! does) the to The Daily San 00 Saturday before noon of each week, over his own ">test
''has returned 'iolD. bnslne.e trip to lady uo discredit. As for man. him lure Including the ticket, carefully wrapping and tyim. up in a* s repackage
.. i"\VblKh.nt.O. *' partner la pulchritude le away down Alachua , Pool Parlors. a* possible t write your awn name and date *f delivery. on e0h .. ella! 1
they ears be Sled away with your records and delivered to a commit
b Dr. II. I'. Kewmaxi; |aa bested In the) line probably a mule sad maybea

,Kewb.rry for the praotltt. *.of medicine bnrro.- Un Francisco CalL G wry:: ............... awards appointed,at the eoe of the eoatet.

;.. :,-.4.m be asMK>late4-_.with' Dr. 'Joeepk .rb. ..... w..... THE SUN'S Voting Proposition.

.i' ,1IJ\lerr. tr: Doea your wife InsUt oo navUur the w circumstances will allowed t. c a.1
returned Under ao an employe of this paper be
Mlas' Ktteli: to
1 UteJT has
last word Y' said the man who aaka 1m- vote in this one"'eu ,
.:() kva(home lit .'on'bll.., after a few perttneot questions."t'ertalnly Located tn the Porter Bleak south We will give a premium of TS vote for every paid three month' .ahtioo. "
(, days. vl..U in Newberry. not" mn.wered Mr. MeekfjMk side eq. ware. Threeraveteaa.. tablea. aOO votee for every paid six m.mthV. sabeeripUoa and BOO vote tae ;
_ 2' %;;Aloaso i': CoUon and wife ef Trea **!ttve Oor u.' have to Inslat.**- Good liabts.suad mrvmpt and aoorttooeervto I paid aabeartptiott for oo* year to fishy Son aDd 300 votee tor ono year''. b
/ .. Thept -.ue I,1 601'c11al16! lirrrted ,eertptio to Sesat.Weekly ha. OU eobeeribers., the eame camber <" :
ton In the WaabJaaTtoo Star.
city Saturday for '
aa4 ....... r
aJway by paying their snberip lo.s la "'Y..e.. Every voter.boold t>* a ub <''r--
v|>.hort while on their way to Gala... To the 1"0&100oartDc the largest naaaber of votes la tale, maea.r
scelleaos --
: m.. .. eitraordlnary In your will, award at ? o'clock 'p. ..., October 1IU1.. IBOd 10XXO vot....
; tTyov Uka, Nit be ordinary tn your di'
;: Las Unwell U hating a gasoline ...
Asta 1. installed at his Kknuery her and play of It.-Balthaaar., UracUa.B .
-r r w Miss 9. Morton.
. ,will be ready to common work Ta ." utlful Women. : '"
It Plamp cheeks, flushed with the> softgpw '

"i'4;: 1i"_ .Opening of Archer School. off.heeJth and a pure complexion.nak GihleelriMs': Circulating' r
.t TU eoaao* entities the holder t. two voice that ice be east
# The tall term ef the public *eh| alArKopeaed all wotnea beautiful Take a IJk'aI'J. *"I"
,?: .. any lu UtaUo eoavpetloc fee the beautiful library when pro
after .
small dos. of tier bine each m. ; -
Monday under wry ...- "noeoeeUpoallOa tad .- r filled ,oat, signed and "'ahled0 the ballot taG... tm either the abvefTeUr r
' oouragtag. eoadlUou. the enrollment Ik will help .
... .
( .
", being tVtV'two puplU digest what yore have e.t.n. Mra Was.let Only t.s.Inset ......... Tkterav'1tC1Atd .

:\: ThoeahoolU under dlre 4ioo of Prof. Htroad. liW'."" ... T.>.. write*. .r
l Barre et 1a.tttdi.s. . . . .. . .
rlf.r.: L Di...... assisted by Mis V.ra May 31.11101.V.. N.'uee-tIl.rt>>I. au..PoS TJatXa. tai "

Anderson of""Whet 8prtto.( Doth are ,la our family 'for eight. year, a04 ,.rte .........- u-. .. cheeses den
:4: ... . ., . .
.... .. . . . : .
and (fouixl It he beet medicine we, evwrased tae ors tveSdyseas sass sea M 1
'.....at ......n areas thing areot I
3-' .......... .. .'. BoVtbyW'i X.: t
TWO.,, ,,. JoLeo..t ',I\ ". '1' ..:... -c..... a t __, & .
'" t' ". t' .::c..f.. < y- iJ .1'
: .. .
tr ; r &
I.d Mi
; 1' &?i r \.tr-t; h., "''I ;:,. h'" ...itut, \.t. ;

J- ,Mtt' ':" " " I. ""' i \\JIt-'. ,"'flj;, .1'..,...... .! ."t .>':_....1t"t w:: :':':" m,\..... t'.' tit
\ .'. ' : ,fitn, +lt2 a.aJt
.. ) \,'\ .0. } q. y w l ti ;'-(< .
u. A'ri i

-.. -
rv' 'r 1 (1C M r .


-- ------
4ti --
-- --- - -
/ i l

;gdt.: oP3 n The Japanese are a wonderful people The rector of St. John'. Episcopal

and should they continue to advance Church .?erey! City has Issued a decree

.,f____ om".t g ile.1la.. for the next ten years a* rapidly AfI.ir1' women attending church ,

;..,....s .:.:::eoM-CJ.t .... u. ....... as they have In the pat, will be the without their hats He cites a pass 1 A A ?'

'" L ... nperiors of those to whom they are ins sage of $riptare which it would *eeinfnrliul

:;- R l'A KY. ,".EUwrendPvtlther., debtedfnr their first ls.on*) in advancement the habit and this too sensitive -

"Y' : ........ eY ..e' .4t.nel.te Edt,,". in all branched. "11.1V.,,, minister contend that .
; -
: !: ..I.r. '-.'. .. .-.. .. ..Ct! P'dttor.1.cE At the meeting of the military surgeons "when. w,men go to church with elaborate Q I
f'i of the United State, held in Detroit vnf ire they make n physical

'f-- I MBY. uen'1 TraTellD.r Aarea'JC'C this week, SurK!*"on>lienenil di#pU) .vf iuicine charm which isditrnennu
.' :
Sxuki of the imperial Japanese, nary', << to the male population,

,,/y."'F ; T,' . U1'Com'1OIi1Dar R001D1'lo' delivered an address, in which he told and tli..rff.ire they' should not go SYRUPPERMANENTLY :

r of the method employed by the *urgeon without their hat."
rulirrat :aioCl
f t."ICE S. T.I.zruoNa4 t-2 in the nary, which i* of much interest Such iiij nonsense could hardly be
Trtt .
JIll a )oiL x"Alueh supposed to come from minister who

"T C t H, v' .i>ubli$h U every morning ex- of onr.uecees In the treatment would have sufficient intelligence tit CURES
carrier in the city or '
iverd by
; ,pl Ilcn; ,1 o'rtof: the nltetl Sta tem,po.la___ of tKOiinrts," .aid Dr. Siuki, **I deliver a sensible sermon. A woman CONauh1PTION. COUGHS COLDS BRONCHITIS

n,, ft >,car, : $:a.jo .iK: month: *i as three aorib to the fact that before eTC'rJ'"OJlAa..m..n& should always loot her beat when at 9fTmnM.. SOfTK THROAT MOAnSENCa
b, for five wcc lL -.trictly ia I member church best WHOOPING AND
feet!,.: cents ordered each of If she hasn't got the she COUGH CROUPDO

.,.."'1 the crew to bathe and put on perfectly can afford let her wear the best she NOT DELAY"

: clean underclothing. In a great has got ir her hair look nicer than
.. local column to cents a hoe many Until the drain
-ddlDoC : ,-r in on your syatT produce permanent disability.. The human
$3nt ,Jru a. and 5crnt5 for each additional shot wound, fragment of clothing are her hat let her wear her hair in brs-xthinff machinery is a wonderful system of tubes and cells. To hsvo. good

brti.a carried into the body and our Insistence as fine style as she can make it. A health it must be kept in e:",>d order. A COLD i Is considered, of no impor

tsar: ;.L') .dvrrti.ingaade.known on upon clean underclothing prevented man who cannot enjoy looking with tance yet if it was known by it's proper name of "throat Inflammation
: :1 "congestion of the lun2'"' its dangerous character would he appreciated. -
"steed! many eases of blood poisoningamong modest admiration on a congregationof !
When. cold make its appearance use at once Bollard's horse
-t"TOW 4-Wrrk Sun U an t'iCbt-page.forty- : our wounded. handsomely dressed ladles I isn't fit hound Syrup which will speedily overcome it.

IaJIID P"1't'r published every Monday and "The vision of the" men who fire the to be in the pulpit. WHOOPING COUOH and CROUP Require Prompt Art:on. SNOW 4,
t TbWJ.y and conuim.. all the news of the guns un a warship, muss necessarily be LINIMENT applied to the throat and chest gives wonderful relief, wtulsj
: lk I; A. t tate and general, and will be Ballard'ax Horahound Syrup will ranidly stop the violent' p"rUIYlrna of
ITi.Ik f).uitefrr<. to any part of the Caited of the very beet if their shoe are to SUNSTROKES. coughmsr IT IS THE!!; ONLY COUOH REMEDY THAT WILL ,

; pus tmilt: for >i.co a ycar-tn advance.. count. Before" every engagement the POSITIVELY CURE WHOOPINO COUOH AND CROUP.

surgeon in the Japanese fleets examined With the return of autumn and the
7n .J '''HIM"* bill become due.after first the of all the BEST FOR CHILDREN
carefully eye gun it will Li discovered that Sat S
a"\ rtu.c.nt'nt. unless otherwUa pastor Mr**. Maud Aflame Mtbwnlt*. 'Mrs, wrltwa-1; hsvr n.nt Il'll .nl JHorebouna "'
,,, .r iirr cl 1-artiea not known to ua ners. Any of them found with slight tan has: not taken advantage evn of Hrrupnad and It the IIKSV inmtlrlna i for croum ,ouichi and
egw1?tc in ttmtract oolO*. Mr children win It and It U pleasant to tak *.nd.Ickly cur*.."
.m to required to pay for advertising In ad- impairment of vision were treated the Thursday half-holiday.
TIIK DAU.Y SUN.Th SAFE AND SURE Three Sizes 25c 50c. $LOO
., tU<<. Addrra, and if the impairment- was too The funny post wards are getting to
NL. .
wnrasv1LLa grave to yield' to immediate treatment, bt so awfully funny that thryare com Tit CallJrea*....*rite*taa leery a..d. Gr...**.

----- ---- they were transferred to another station ing into dUrepute. There is always a Ballard Snow Liniment Co. St. Louis Mo
of Ocala are out *
.> business' men and their place filled by men
chance to overdo a good thing
in long article in The Star opposing whose eye were perfect." And
:Editor llok. of The Ladle Homo
r local option. tro during engagement every batterycrew OLD AND RECOMMENDED BY
Journal Kay that women dress to
was supplied with water in which -vr_ :M:_ JOHNSON:: ., C3-a.dL3n.os-vd.3JLo.:
lie thinks that
1 :;our milk i. laid to be the healthiest a one percent! solution of boracio acid please men evidently
there i is. We thought all the women are Ucking in modesty. Some
drink had been mixed to wash out their '
eyes .
: lime that the milk men knew what may, but others dress because I it, is the j\._ ,i\IIIIIIf ,
when they became affected! by powder! ,
;' II"T were about smoke or d u.t.Ve also issued to custom

A book agent in Georgia was met at I
in the fleet before
every man ,
H, Witte has arrived at S,. Peters- interaction cotton with which to plug the. gate by a farmer with a shot-Run You Are Insured.
bur;. Jut! he got there late at night hi. ear and thereby prevent ruptureof and 111' inquired t "1)o you want the fIn

W Ioreouldn'ts.ehi.family before he the eardrum. by the concussion of Life of the President?" "So ; it's all 1

n't th* Little Father. can do to .ui_ my own life in this pesky l1,
the fire
gun that i. ir.potlable. HHV (\
these a Company, n I'uhoy >rrrrtllyNVrittfii .
The men, he raid, were always furnished country days. \\ ath Liberality. uf 1'oliey Contract snit I the Company. .. $

It is said that if you drink plenty of warm clothing In the winter RevV. I1. Quale of Chicago advises __ I'ajt Uo..*. I'romptiy 'it

ntu between meal :your nerves will and they never had a case of frost bite those who are without childrento '1 .:

:'bome tnady. But you must not fill during all the time before Tort Arthur go out ,and borrow one.. The reverend -

, too,much! on other drinks at meals. and 'in summer. they were provided jtt"ntl.'man would find that people You Are Assured :

-- with straw hats to prevent sun who have children have more love for \ !;"

While a family in Utica N. Y.. wasItTing stroke. His address showed the com them than he teems to. If he would expect That no serious' loss can ovrrceme you without you have sums fit.:

a struggle to keep the hunger plete system adopted by the. Japaneseto even a man and woman with half \ refuge. ;

nit from their door, there came a letter be worthy of emulation by all the a dozt-n could spare one People) are

, informing the mother that her power that desire to look after the not all built like Iho.
; hthtr had died and left her $-W.X) ). best. Interests of "the man behind the -. -- ---- Fire Life Accident and Health Insurance.t

gun" as well as the officer In command I Winter (tirJen has a new paper ,

Sight; ( flavoring! of ginger, it Is said is the compass bridge Instead" of the conning and four -page and published by IN

toe a popular substitute for "John tower as he could see. better and ; Newton A Marh. May It strike many 'r

B rl.jcorn," The drug stores report was less liable to be hit from the flying object in rlochetling around the ) A. :1VI. CUFsH1VIAITT: y .

5tremendousdemand for this article ,
pieces of steel country _. _
--i -- --
4annfr; the few weeks. -- -- .- -- I fbntlshed
Information cheerfully UAINKHVILLK.;. KIXKIOAPARTIAL pry''
LOCAL OPTION. Fathion'. hlli.lieeed| victim most I / .

The l 1' meratiCl acknowledge the .'orn.-Atlanta Constitution
party has joined the '
11'lOrntrr. in Philadelphia and both The recent election in Putnam and ;
,\nd hu.ine too .
city an.1 county may become cl".nll..d Voluia counties on the question of local -
of their (corruption and all voters whoIt. option has mad no change in the .1:

'really dead" will have their standing, a. Putnam county' ws carried .

"ra >. takf off the poll lists. by the saloon element, and Volu- FREEThe Whiskies, Wines, Bitr and Mart:'

-_.- sla county, which ha been ju the line -- .. .- --. --- .- - -- -- .. ............ .
!*"CfUry Taft thinks the people of of local prohibition di'cided to remain --- - 1'IIFr.tll': :;; it"
tXI'IU: : Hulk .J.-.Julf.. Fn..... **t I1I {
Japan u, nil right and there by a very good majority. Clay I
very friendly bull Qt. )'._ur... I Q-.. S tits. II Qta flU Pur Oatloaliia 1
. 1ow'.1 the Tnit. d 8t.t.... lie arrived county will hold an election on October Man Medicine I Hunting Club M,,. II M .I w s J 00 Mr.. t'.ra .._..! .,.4*. ';11
.'at Tokio ji, .t after the mob was *x- Sd and it is expected ILe prohibition Receipt if.len.wntr lire t 15) ; 15.a,1'. ., tlsalne'
: :: : R,*>. (iln < <>rn. Hum. fin gnat : '
. tta't.d, from previous efforts, and In people will carry the day. Free te All Suffering. Men Murxwr.ni. HMas s au St w l**>r UalkmiMr '
on.., ,,.nc hft From the present outlook it has the ** "l." Itrc a t5' 'at*, 5 p0awl. .(Jan. Ltrrn. Hum lta**% tot la* *MM...p.r.(
escaped wrath of '
dm Ilellunt ",
Is, a Y! 1100 rr"
its !. .;,w fh-.. appearance of a few counties being added Vow- .a man 'are nut man unlrw you ar. 1)roN. "14 live .'._li and ".1M- II'."'. Mellow :e1!
man 'In ever?. _..... Malt W"'ltfll' 1 f. Lie 550 txl r>r a/e. rr:.{
to the local option column before Tie,. ._ thoun 1. lltlorf<1.-...U_e.Uxlarw l*.M b Itr.CMlyllraruly I fA a W e WAl.d. .t 4.. !*.r UaJUm. 1VIdl.rta
The ir, ,jhl. with many month. *>aa. dcMUlat. ..ibau. .trd. dtor|.aUB NlTTirrv . .. .15 1 tie 5 5uItuljandNa Hr.,, H->I*| liroia Mr.. ...... ..
some is that .. who
people are tnou rMi of others ore vw.ulr. ; ,
ir..? d': 'J n ,t right A majority of the counties. of the .tr."..., Ien' ar l.., ....1 w.n ami vbrcrrowarwl *- 1 c1 1 M 1 to f "
yellow fever In the male on b. the crest Man M..>1I..I_-lh* (lft *allnNorlto : / u, ::: f.rMI> Is?. UlUIH IIKKM. Ia ifrA..71
,rop.r Nsy II you stand to it $: tale are now In the local option cols .J*..Ie,IB. fur wan-wrnkprM. the ear lor tMtxVIMI i ..uu I'orMowalalB 1 Is Yal.l.lr. Ileer ta
up ........ /.Nn I n 6 .., an "
Mir, ,Ie of *l,-nsbary rules, like they umn, known as th. "dry" column, a* can h..* ibis "rt. >ot rcn....**. aarf .*>, Itt J....... Muru . 11 wt 5 .t Tat :teed.u.aid I .
4.o >', tint.ols! it follow 3 OMMt ar druif.WT" *> br _...11..rf fur the__.. Mod ford H..*H a f' 5.. 555 ..&....u. dare 1
will get the best of li.>. frf xrrli'Uott. "cent tiff In l..1. .n* rk.|ito 4ra...> ."....::1, 115 1 .st s 50 Col.uf..r llupurlod
K The """n..r you take to bed Dry-.Maehua. liakerIfradfordCal* any man .1M, .rll... for It ..., 00-4 of aaklnrl kiss of 1't'r, Itwrbon s f. 5 uo 5 50AaaaItau.sl llama AUi.liolan .
your ... Mil n.. ...- -U.1.. ao P..K r. *.. 1114r. \= .
5t4 .. rJ f, Noun, Columbia Citrus, J) tioW Hamilton .t r A&kaced u. A" flow af Ns erile. **. NnM '.. iI
r the doctor the better free a>w.Nae11-t.. .f7.o4..err.eferer.Th. .. .. lrt... ftv. iaIV. ..... "" ....,)U.'Io,..
J 'Jr .n '... U..rn.ndn.llolrn..., Jaekcon Jwfferon .. Man MmlUrln re. ....a tie |.r.M>rt|"lo iaa __ -I:
mad t..a of tk..w.aral. WM. na4 a*_l "J '
----- Lafayette, Iakr. Leon. Levy, .. ,.. '
memo tb .lSt. of .111' a.tluoaIt ItIZi.N Jl
'' I'...., 1'0Ik.8um. wUldo a* nnM-rj 'ur ...., ..11 h..,o.. .H.K .r.. ANNE BRO"S'. rt.
>wing from The Scientific Liberty, Ianat.v. )!. a m.n.to JIIIAMH M T. ... ..r-Hi.: :
r kxer'' In I.. well worth ter. 8 "ann.'.'. Taylor Volu.laVa. | > tb* r.... taw wont t<, lies .!.*. a. fow as VI. ' -.. .. .
remembering jJ ...... .... /
'f .., t- bo |M> t'atural rlKh" :,
are afraid of HXhtnlng.here Is kulla. Walton Washington-fl.: Man Medicine dons It dare .hat VIM oaatIttudra '*.. M. OB A HAH. President it K 'r" vtua.Ua lat rTHE .

,, 5tery .1.1'J safeguaM to remembers Wet-Itrevard. Clay Franklin Dade Duval grist free' ...|w"...MHptlwn... .tr<"krf to, roan.Lara..s fur 'N a*.It U*.< iao W. II...... VU. ''m4 K. ambia. Udsden. Hills* _
, t '.n Jour shoes wnt fre to 55r a uir
., ...,. 5'', t gum or rub- borough Lee. Madison Marion, Moo TEKHTATK: KCHEUT COMPA.1V,

. r'1 en stand up soyoorelolhes roe' Nassau, orange O*<*eola, Putnam. 31 Leek a..'. ....1r.i.1kh.GA. FIRST NATIONAL BANK '
hs'a are t !.;ch anythiog.Vhether' Santa Ito... the John.. **t. I. iein-10IOO 4

doors or out of doors jon &_.
s' .
.. r r"e t ,,fe!. fop rubber Is a noo3f Reward SIOO. OF C3dS1rT:mB'VL.LLm. ,
..... "
s t _
!Lt's you are perfectly Inso The. readers this paper will b* _, f..

n.._ pleased to learn that there' i. at l cast ..-._ THE ONLY NATIONAL HANK IN ALiAOHDA CO": *!:
-- ..
>> 0.. dreaded dls**.. that science" has *;
I ms's e r r'lr. o' some of the high bn able insure in all Its stage., and r..t Capital: . . . . . . . . . . . f 50,000 00 {
Mlaotlc( Coast Tine to
r .. that Is eatarrb. Hall's Catarrh Cur ... and Undivided Profit 8O.OOO oo
caused a good deal of 'Sarplua .
It i I. the only positive car now known to ...-. Y

It. ,.,. V .rnon. nar while oth the medical fraternity. Catarrh b* 0... ..u..c.... ... .t*. VM SjS). Man I* .... ..... .Lis '
"r their vi it. . _. -- - ... ........., PIUre. ...,.-....<<-.-, .,.... ....-.aae...
Au' k '-n. the. log a constitutional dl...>*.. require a .. ..*..*. a...tt-V*._., AM hs-..... Irq/ .r...5eeNlttr.
( opinion prevails eontllotiooal treatment. Hall's Catarrh B... TAYLOR. C.. i.r.

t ;. -Pny.. that bas bad their Cur i* taken 1.raaUr., eiac PATENTS . -. .--- . ... --- . -- ,
car: r Lee. for K, long. reall.*drr directly nrx>a the blood and moeou -
r .. surfaces of tin .y.t.m. thereby destroy
soon b* broka /.* the fooodatton of the dia.. Jtecizt
r jraL
::. .the butldinsj of tb. .xOalnesvlll sod Kivistc th. patient .".*...b by .tee.nwe ..mow .> B. F. JORDANINSURANCE

.- t. and Oull.J betiding up the eunstitutioa and .*- nee h.+ as Z r.+.. ...ao al.a..,
ile ,*''t, was to eoo. .*,..t this istiasT r.atar (I. doing it. work. TB -c.-'s5 c 10 ails counlaics.Jw.nfanecase..cM '$1
mesh faith la .Ira Mees.Vr+ w..Ilaay
::3t It *. proprietors have so
1%.. too 2a.. TweatyrvS.i aratir that they offer VIM ....y.drhr.rarr.ar.a. rn OLDESTam

''r will DOt b* for headed dollar powers for any" e*.. that It ?.."sn/"t..wrrrrMI +t"u.ut ttrsttk. tsd..I..fy. / BIST COM I

= a D PM or Drooa.vill. ar. fail to ea,.. 8sxf for lies of lUmoaia snit sh.tA ts?. taw ,w ors ,fr.

r.r A :ply pi...isT. hlr DDdlT' )_. .vow aI ..Aman Ly'
' to th- QafsjsMitll* aid A44rHe F J Cheney" Jk Co.. To.INo *

;. +s" 1. ......m. t..J&. : ...._h tr etc- fWd O.tr* all 4 ntjutor*. 7s>. M
& 1. _
' .e'Uk .M Tit* llall'a_Family ItUa Jo* aooaU-
v "t& f' t
r.- .

j ..l! ", ., ......c.,,. . .t
: -,4 '" ''iH'..-' ".J""'Oof'.7'.I. J-t.( .. ;ht.r.. ; ..< -t..; t

,. .


'.,7.'r 'II,.."., 'iiL-" 'I" '",.,.. .'


-S --.-- -


j EVERY CITIZEN. "Black. Hard" Demands $SOO or They
; r PARTS?,t'F)' Fr Ri iA Will Kill the Prisoner.

'if ., }- New York. Sept. 29.-Antolne Marea. ** NN C \\>JS

:;' vein the 6-year-old son of Frank Mare.

J.Brif.f; )Happenings, Vom. Var WIt R aneln. a Brooklyn contractor has been
missing since last Sunday: and his
Sections -of State. CASTORIAThe
t 5t',1THIR father believes be" has been kidnapedto
k"" x. *
l secure a ransom by the '"blacU"hand

Two weeks the father
ago began to
l fTraj+spirlnp''Th. < : : Land of Flowers." : receive letters demanding S30O on painof i-f

,f"i/J:rrlp.;. Mltpf.d'Down": : to Suite the ; ij i- abduction of a member? of his family. Kind Yea Have Always Bought and which has iva
Rdaitems Since the boy has disappeared in use tOr over 30 years* nan borne the signature of
).7 Burr of interest to f. '
} he "has received four others offeringto and has been
fAll. Cia.....
-i 1: return the ,
I boy if $:;O'lls paid. In one

:.iM1The'<8tate;'School for the Deaf and ; letter a tnreat Is made to "return the you i ll thU

; 'JB, lad,opent for; She year next week.eaday. :: boy In a.box." If the money Is not paid. All Counterfeit, Imitations and "Jnst-as-KtMxlnro hut s
/ ., / ,. An odd coincidence to which the police Experiments that trifle with and endanger tho health of s

( + give 'some attention was the fact Tnfknts and Children-Experience against Hxpcrimcut. r
!It,. e. pineapple grower at Boynton &
that Maraenein and a boy cousin of
benefited the
greatly by re. _
Brooklyn who was kidnaped several
!grains.Tbi MR.. C. D. TAYLOR months ago and that Salvatore Man- is
atrlkfng elgar-mtkers in 8f. 'Au. t
nlno the uncle of the
CLERK BOARD Or HEALTH boy. and who
Castorla Is harmless substitute for Castor
t lie will soon be nettled down toflf a Oil I\iro-
returned him to his
? .< Or THE WORKING'PtoPL T contains neither Opium Morphine nor other :Nitre; :'laic '
Hekaonvle. || will hold an electionXtTnetday ,
IN HIS' CITY. substance. Ita It
Its Is
4 guarantee. destroysAnd Worst, a
for bonding for pabliopavements.
Devoured .
Mr. C. D. Taylor ha* oeeo Cleric of by allays Fevertahness. It cures Diarrluun and \\'in.i t

UieCItT llosrttuf 11..1 UI.".("x.unvil.e, often cry, not from pain, Colic It relieves Teething )Troubles, clues Constipation. !
'S. city ,eounell of FentacolA has VIit., for ten years, which position has but from hunger although fed abun and Flatulency. It assimilates! the Food regulates tho
ed the Jim Grow street car ordlce sfTurcltMt Jiiin amply opportunity for t
dantly. The entire trouble rites from
S Stomach and Bowels, giving beaUhy and natural sleep.
I over the mayor's veto. noting tli. tw.l means of preventingand their food U not auimllat-
curing dl.! ...*.,. inanition} ; ,The Children's Panacea-The Mother's Friend*
.. o St. Augustine city council ..}. ed, but devoured. by worm A few 'r
Ht expresses his mppntvml of the u 0ut doei of White's Cream
gxs company must pay an oeoupa- Vermifugewill
PfruaM +. s the most,"**;11". means : GENUINE CASTORIA ALWAYS
S S tax of $1,000 to the city. ttl solving m problem of much vital lalercnt cause them to .reae crying and
Daughters to the In she follow begin to thrive at once' very much to
e' of R bekah of St. community the Bears the Signature ofMk
IIIlr- surprise and Joy oC the mother. ,.
ftmlne celebrated the 54th annliary log Bold by W. M. Johnson. tlslll _
of the order last nlirht. Th. health of the poor of n large: MtyI --

always a question of vital int.it. ... ...
West in > ttma TII. r. b" i irl
+ Key,, finding fault with the .
only. to< the city olDclals nut \t.evrryeitiB A Richmond (Va.) Judge tolls a story .
llty of electric
lights furnished
they .n. .It has been a source Uf main.tlMfs4tlon which Illustrate the fllfflcultjr met In : .
and th.re.r. teak of another slant to find that 4'
u> me so large nuntntMtr trying to stop the carrying of plstolM. "
laIC .'arCees.T x of workinn people ni
\!. .B. Puckett of The Rook ledge NO.WI eiroutnctaiice. hare accepted 1'wrun ..* Judge charged with' firing a revolverIn The Kind Ton Have Always BoughtIn
i i i i UUflr family medl the The
gone to Washington, 1). O., where street testimony In the
has a posltiou In the Government IWorking Man's Ictn*, It t...
ling office. I nlly Medicine | a large number of hoodlum bad filled himself with whisky Use For Over 30 Years.

.:riao St. Augustine ball team at last cases especiallyof and had discharged. weapon In vea........-.-ease.eavv;sea sees-
catarrh uf the bead, IUHK and a crowded street. "Twenty (':.,l1al1l and
.d a team of country boys at "...oe.A 'tttunmflt" and baildlns; up the general coats" said. the magistrate. "But. your

Bend that they ooold beat;: the health It uaunoi fail but prove a help' honor." Interposed counsel for the prisoner -

t being one man short. The score and blwfltnx, "u any community where "my client did not hit anybody. __ _. __ __ _ ____ __ _ oou __ _._ .
"8kto; 1. It Itpn"all" adopted and u.tfl I "Wby.' you admit that be fired the
iteiaState have found II an huu.- reliable rwmerly gun Y' -yes. but be fired in the air
:-' ., University at Lake City and am pl.a. d 14* ..udur. It."--O. U. explained the lawyer. "Twenty dollars
Wednesday with an enroll. Taylur. and costs" repeated the judge.

4 of.ISO students. The' pro".ot"l Address fir,, M. n. llariinan. President "lie might have shot an angel." And Stock in the Emma Gold MineAt

: favorable for a very itt TN*> rlarlmau $a..Uarluu'l C luidbu. the riotous fellow went to jail not

1 ,.ar. having the money to pay his fine.
.. the price today it the bust and safest investment possible tr I)
If Illie Dickens of Lake Kerr h.. a -- --- -- --- -- ----
..Jhal[ will get on the fence and I 8; paving Injunction anticipated and A Clear Complexion and Bright Eyes ,
Ibis mine In opened and ore on the dump. It is not an riper|
.__ as lustily as any rooster In the the processes are now pronounced epi In mod eases a sallow blotched com nient, but M safe and sound investment.

ontry, yet this tomboy of a "biddy"an demic. The peaky trouble cannot. be plexloo and dull heavy eyes are doe to With every $10O vetted in stock WA will issue a 3 per cent J.p..1.: !

egg every day. quarantined.' poor digestion and an Inactive liver. bond insuring the investor from any possible. chance of lost.

;The people along the Atlantic Coast The big department store of W. D. Orlno Laxative Fruit riyrup aids dl<<".. The gold bonds are as safe as Government Bonds.

."a. from Tampa to Fort Myers are Smith A Co., of Perry, was destroyedby lion and stimulates the liver and bow. We would like to hear from you if you could be Interested III"
aakIeg an effort to secure better man tire' Wednesday morning. The els and make*' the complexion smooth Qrat-ols investment, absolutely safe, and one with the brightest \'connects
and future of any gold mine ever opened or discovered. It R,U
fifties on the trains which run be- I building was a two-frame .structure and clear. Orino Laxative Fruit Syrup bear the closest lnvestiiction and we would like to get you 'iotereir i

o :Tampa and Fort Myers. I the second story being unoccupied.The docs not nauseate or gripe and is Foil particulars for the mere asking.

-.Jlo.r: >! & of the pineapple growers at : stock and building were partially mild and pleasant to t ke. Refuse
I Insured. Origin' uf fire unknown. substitutes. J. W. McCollum A Co.
IMS) are making Improvements on RIFE COFFMAN .
Ir place*. Home art building shed Chief. of Police Eaton of I.ake City -- .------ ._- _.- --- --- --- ,

irlhelrVloea.: Borne are replanting captured seven "blind tigers" In that IF YOU LOVE YOUR Brokers, St. Clair Building Marietta, Ohio.

acme are setting new .,tanl.. city Monday. The name of the par-

:.,d i:1ie: orange groves through Galoosa, tie are: lien Styles. A. 1*. Alexander I' WIFE DON'TROAST Send us a postal for full information. Min;

a its and Alva are looking line and Lewis Hart. Thomas brown, Jim within 200 feet of the Emma have paid as high as

lenty. of fruit, although the old Johnson Eugene Hell and Mary Hell. 40 cent in one Watch the Emma Mint i '
per year.
fruiting well The chief of police and sheriff are HERBy
are not as as a year
{'shera being about 70 per cent of working their beet to stop these Joint und Its dividends.
compelling her to bake the family
gear's crop from doing business. bread during. the hot summer months.

,'Tlte. many friends of I.. J. llrumby, The big Ohaotauqua tabernacle at Buy your Bread from _. _.
-- - -
'U.he'( of The Florida Fruit and DePuniak Springs ls to be used as the -- --

[k.'drawer at Ocala, will regret 10'haa main exhibit building for the big fair ...Keystone Bakery... Take The Atlantic Coast LineFOR
he I. again confined to the to l h w held there November 1-4, full
It's a saving of time, work and money
particulars of which. given In the
QH with lines( having but recentlyNNOV.red
from a long .,okn.... handsome and complete premium ll.tjust Fresh Stead Delivered Daily ALL EARTHLY POINTS
of which will be sent To all parts of the etty. Also Cakes,
;JR'-'p t ; Wall has dissolved the Injuncrestralnlnc J Issued copies Ties, and every other production of Via Via Via Vsor
,\..... the Tampa board of fret of charge to all who write the see the modern up-to-date a S oath :: Wesi t ,,epos'
rotary. U. W. Storrs; for it. bake shop. or .. =.p J.er': :;:'
rya"I4e' works from selling the Tampa llUI llljft4kvsrtii4lJIJUJljMksnarRapid w. .
't ,Bay.Hotel electric plant. Total Injunctions It. T. St'HAFBR, l...*'rt.t.r KeystaMItakery.
Are You
sedate, 111 Injunctions dissolved, Engaged P eMAXKRAUSJS.. U. Transit and Unsurpassed Service
::.'. Engaged people should rememberthat ,
-- - ---
'" -- -- ---- '- ------
--- -- ------- --- - ---'- Time Table in effect April 16. 1006.
after marriage. mfhmv quarrelscan
_p THK POWsW OF STEAM be avoided by keeplnglnVlr digestions For GAINESVILLE Arrive >-r. M
I Depart_. ,_ ___ . _._ ., _
In good condition with ElectricHitters. u -- -- ------ -- -- --
I' -- -- -- --
'''l ...? w.,. ... ..t 'tt Take U.al_ t. S. A. Brown of Dennettsvllle. Representing .:IU pm i I. High ttpnag ''lLDdlnae-- I 8 ,2e, a t.lI
It..t>in. i I
mediate Point Daily
H. O.. .says "For years my wife suffered Daily
_ e'i\ E. WEIL & CO. = -
A. i
h.1.m_ Watt saw lh steam .
from dyspepsia, complicatedwith
\;...".lii,r ih.- kettle) lid to Jump up an.1 Intensely 19r15pm I Ocala Le sburg and Tampa, and f;dJ I' :"
,'L down h* ..I.t| Thee must t.. power It* a torpid liver, until she lost her WHOLESALE SHOES Daily Intermediate Points II | flat j
tnat strain that It on lift such eTTh strength and vigor and became a mere
.,Z-.t.h'." ,ksonville 1a.\J'-' ,
Palatka. :
tS .r. wes. wreck of her former s.ir. Then she or All D.eer1,U.*.. I : OPJ I j I Dsi'y"
North. East sad West
'X8Uu". i.rl..r to him had seen th.Mar. tried Electric: Bitters, which helpedher
"tT Ab."01'"''''ot. end raard.d tt a. .
;..' .a.aplsh.r.t tnv.try. at once :sad finally made her entlroly U)5pm) High Springs. Waycrme.8avaaaah. Braoswiek, I ';16J'ID
ti"K. Rant sceSint m.arrh baa ?tut Its well. She Is now strong and Dailyar9cpm J L Albany. Atlanta, all Points North. EMs Wee Pail
inert I" ". ; 8ol Agente forMeSABCH aiUHOTTBUEIU .
,:S on *u.o t"a"druft'. r-n- healthy." Sold at all drug Mores and - -
','::* Hair and r )"..-<1\1.1 11.1.1.-. add' guaranteed at BOo a bon!I.. !< qUAJJTT Bboea. Every i I jI .::.6 a EDDcal.
'SjM.'tIt.*HiK1: the" tiny a.rn, which eats _...11o..o.. pair wanaa\ed. Kbehslle. Ukeanupy and Citra 1 II .
font rr.nl Pf human hair f
j HVwfcro'-. II.",>IC'IoI. ,'.. Daily I I ,
'r 'rn,s llitei
Cen eased Dishonor to Free Man.Denver. .
.... ( .
t Actl
I!. C' ne.u.ttr "".Co". too J. ........ --j i -
r I. It. n.lU"a' stale Sept. S3.-- peacer V DIcke :
1'- Its14 ter INAInr drarsl.t.' $.. ..., ,0.1ft walked out of the state penitentiary 5.Wam High Springs I T Dsi'TVillage i ra
pie to 7b. 1IloS. eo.. Dally ,
PSrlem: after ba"ll1.n..s eve years of a ex.Xooday es.Sond.1

JsU ....r.r4 Jk.V l.... S..I.I .tger. e.atene. of twenty-live years for kilt ORINOLnaHnFnttSinp -- _ ___ _ _

..-_ . '- lag O. R. )Miner near Greenland. 0. laMrshansseble' Tid..... gout over UjOOO. anile off anon tfc. I Ielpal r"n.
la order that he might co free. Mre rail ways In the Doathom. these,. are on sale by the prUMipaJ ageot. ail
I Minute IVowen. of Florence, Colo., eoo- I Thr a*?t Pullman sleeper J"oct Tampa, to Sew y..... via Atlant (
1 Lino t ales via AI"'W" lees Line and Boa them. Railway.
: Miss Tebeau's'Boarding < leased her dishonor and estahU.he4Uierrby for*OS.BO.. Information oall on

the fact that Dicks was aotutlty & J. A. 0000 W I N..TlcJurt "..... ...vllU.JL4dret I .
& of a coldblooded asvrder.Got ,1p.u-K M take
and Tbd new laxative. Doss ntANE O. BOYLSTOW. !>!*. ....*. AgtW.. D. IITAB1C Trav. Pas. Lit'
Off Cheap. iM W. Bay M. Astor BaI14I...JaeantmvfUo, Via.U. .
s Day School off not (rip* or 1eauseats. '" x. jnntBao.rt f-iav., w.j cmvuo. Oo ras*. .Aa".
: lie well think he has got '
nay Core .totp lach and litroubtoa .- WUmhmgtoo.. ( WUamln MSi.V. O.I .
} cheap trio after having sUra t UooDstipatioa -. .
s ')I..SB*Wes* Mala hu H. or tndUrvettott Is still able ... cIu'oBIc alia.tIIJa - -- -

r i.a AIM_Y1LI..a..j. rwlutAS to porfeetly reeioro. hi* h nlth.* NoihUg ...... ..i+.lcwJac> t..

r M w will do 0... bet Dr. )Kh .*a Wewrttla "1.AI .,...L 1 1 % p

A ....... Natttlt .... ..'. :'W I T H..
-40. :
--...,..- -- ', >t.'. ., 1 4.i
.. w"1: / :
c. __ . .... ..... S h. ri

F": ;: '* ,

'T.f f, ..r ...-. -"': ; .
.gyp f !!i"< .
,. 1/ <11/1/<.
il. i tJ- 'DK .aa s+ , Vi*.' GAINESVILLE, FLOKLDA. SEPTEMBER ;10. 190) .

. . .
lI s > Jo'I- > .

,s TERSCTOCO.> The' Food That Docs' 'Gooa gh.r Commlss.. e en Grain Trade.
: New York., Sept., 29.The
Ii r iWberton.' the dramatist.n of higher commission rates on question grain] : .Southern /
Jwy Worcestershirev : ;::
r B IMB S 'V trades U being; agitated by membersof Railway
born 1.
., .ay, lie was 181N the produce exchange and will come .

up for discussion at a meeting In them I

: General Stoes/eL who future of tbe- grain trade. It is bt".

'"*""Tj'be: Russian forces at Port .Tbs.od .Otis''alstMqJtitt'14nrseaos'tar! r lleved that if rates just double what 1 :s-= :

ores suff-rlo. Jrom a stroke 'o( 'C.egra.'t ..... ..................da. i.Orly. they are now were adopted Jut as .- __. .__ ", '.

I '",:a *'bch; affect bis, entire: left s__ Threat ad IAsai. GLrtt .--.-... much business could be cone Apresent -- : : .. and '''''!It. Na.t I*. "
- ------ --
c. J _! ,aad all ruliaenary Dlsea e X11Dr.sgl.iatc - -- : '
trait ra get $12.50 per 10.000 J.y Jaoki.oiiTilIt .So. Ky I 0 Lila. 7 J.v --1
e slsem.saa.aiMl f 1- Mss J".ouylU. Fist -In. H,. 7 43p\- ,
rue of Frederick AFeekham.: 1'- bushels for nun members and $c;.SO per I.rJfui 80. Ky 11 4U* 10lOp I 1.0 J".UJ'. n.. :::00. U" 10 BOp,
lork. who was arrested Inrooo- FREE BY 10.000 'busheis t fur members At the 14Y Savannah S*.. Ky 1 :\)n 13: IJV" Ar Maeon U" :04,.. H,. SODS "
Irv with the cotton report scanu ..all traodios anise and ad
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