t 7rMM st'geopoelUoet the Social Dvsnoerata by anltu.s"OD eutistacrew'0 lire OB h..) i ; tern
lteM Army "recoSnwork
a" etshtp on lbs the question" of electoral reforia!I I" forrlcn urns :W, Should, V>". T'-rs' thw in tie reoJuiwa t'spru. **> '
-. having .Uvl*.-.i the euiperur fir. r.rllfo. eta be tI---., t'm the.e Sul. o4..t regret that the kiagewpy.. for the- general a
aba-riMatly re- : '
lax. *
.t' i 1
rut did aot v loa of the people
It to ounVe to thu iBtroUwctUut of otaaUrsai :bf' 'r'P" '-n tJ" tt slit be listen to the statesmen
I- :\&r: U4'referred' snCrac la Hungary lt. 4.1 ;,- , .1' the rap htavtly. .... summoned by. fclw to Vienna, "who rew ""*t saps oalqve' recogxfa fwack leetwSi

__ '' ,sale.ttrAP, afw.eta' wr'.t }D" r cle1..&.- bra arJtry reseal the .uajortty in the HaocanAD .. accu&totn*x ,' i
"_1 slag esadee Data to VfI.aJlJ" an4 ccaAtt1lte.. ,th.turpiI fi'eedomn .oa CD
. arnsst t.o faJ .U the ualIorbss. t3. 1limatoans. 1w Iw
kWwf't! at tiler astln. : .
1Ia.n.! ....110 ,
:, rt # ........" '. .. per+
t..:... J. ... I. !) -1. ": '
t.;;, ,, l \i'.r" (

..''"" \,, 'Y. "'''', .. : .'i; ,. i ,ti, > ,
,. 1\ " ,:' <1. N C ary
& : 2o%


I-'A Interesting Meeting of Temperance rrv

: HAD A 'FINEfEETINB e's People.-Other Notes. I Y r''ass

Melrose. September 26,-The temperance I

r 'i f rally ,for Putnam and Clay

i )Faculty Waa Osgaaked; : With I counties, held' at the town hall on P9CASTOMI

of Bathxaiasm. i Impure bkx od always shows Thursday p. <.m., was well attended
Great somewhere. If the skin, then leo W. Riles presided and the prin- !

ARE boil, pimples rashes. If the cipal.peakrr.Rev.J.1) Kemlrick of For Infants and Chlldremi'jft

PROSPECTS EXCELLENT nerves: then neuralgia, nerv- Lake City and L. R. Lynn of Palatka. : '

k' ousness, depression. If the made some very excellent points in HavefAlways

For the Be.t and Most: SuccessfulTerm = favor of the temperance ca.. The Kind You

School ,Has E>-r Had .
Sarsaparillastomach cottage on Center street
Since Several, Grades Have Been i Id being much Improved and will be Bought

Added-Will Open'Monday. Oct. 2. then dyspepsia occupied by Dr. F. K. McRae in the A\t CctaWePreparaitonrorAs- '

enthusiastic meeting of the, .University biliousness, loss of appetite. near future slmilating, ftc Food and Rctflin ,
An High School faculty was' held Your doctor knows the !Mrs. F. O Parker and baby' are visiting SsMhs ondBowelPromotes Is of Bears the +

Auditorium Monday' morning,' remedy, used for 60 years. her mother Mrs. J. Moore.
at the Keiffer pear are still beiug shipped, .
preparations'completed' for open. Ktnraluir from the Cut** war. w*< &
and *rf.cs wrck. My blood: wa bad.!.l ror although the returns are not very satisfactory .. .. --- SignaturenessawtAest.Contalna
school Monday next ai ,8:30 a. m" health WM eons. Hut.few hottln of Ay.r'. -

;. ing the teachers ,were present, exceptthe oBanapartllaJl.>tetelr..red C.Du.i&..:in. *!*..,_..'.. Dig cstionJChccrru h
All Mr. and :Mrs. F. 8. Carrier hare
returned neither
for ,the sixth grade, who .1. a bottl. 1.0. AyaH t'0.. ,
teacher ; An dw ,.t.. IA>_II. from Asheville also of
N. 0.
arrived ., for* .. .::.. ; JJium.Mdr hine nor)fiucra1.
has not yet Mr. };. F. Ford and family from Call- TOT NAxcoTXC.rasi .
Mr. Sheata. In a pleasant, and entirely ,
Impure flood fornia.At ...
informal talk outlined the, general .'
a special council meeting held on
of the school .0cf.Z-j.fId; the r3 l framow>QI
policy Aid the Thursday )l. 8. Baldwin was elected
that the year'srwork'would be the I Baraaparllla by keepina the +.,y,1;, ,rs,j. r
hope 'bsiwela T> ,
regular with
Ayer a llla. to flll the iineznired term of oounail-
beat and pleasantest, In the lives 'off I i vice W. A; SJiIrp -
m.n. Vogelbaoh, resigned
them all. lie: desired 'co-operate; In i
The committee instructed
street was .
with them, and earnestly bespoke their THEY WANT THE SUN. .. i '
Co secure! bids for mending sidewalks
..uppon'.nct eo.operetlonsaid wt "
hea-iy he would always be.op.a to'suggestiona Mrs. Chas. Ellithorpe Saya She Can and removing the weed., and submit f114
desired consult not Get Along; Without the Paper. the same at the next regular meeting, UseFor
and ahem"to'
October 3rd A perfect Remedy forConstlfvi "
him freely and, as, a friend and ',co- The Sun is in receipt of a highly appreciated yon Sour Stomach U utrrt">c.n ::0-

worker. letter from Mrs. Chas. EUi- Men Past Sixty In Danger. 1rrUriil3.tDitllulatl111SfCVI"1 ,h. y
The faculty wife regnlarjy organisedby thorpe formerly of Gainesville but neas AIH!LOgqOff'Szxl:3t Over
the direction of Mr.Sbeata... chairman , now residing in Milllngton, Mich. More than 'half of mankind over -
I sixty years of age suffer from kidney Facsimile sigsigrielure" or '
and )fl'.Meath. the Mrs. Ellithorpe orders The Sun con-

.- pal, as le rel.l7. 'dce.prlaei-I tinued, and adds that both her husband sad bladder. disordersusual); enlargement 4IbNr fSZZZSTonic YearsCASTORIA .
of gland. This Is both Thirty!
prostrate '" -
The eJ.meD'.rT'ande.* ,were then and herself are anxious for the \ '
f I painful and dangerous, and Foley'sKidney .
tentatively assigned ai folio.., Mr. paper. "1V. ..lIllo.e Gainesville and eh. Tt'A 4.
Cure be taken I" +rr.CT
lour should at the
SbesU explainingthat"! not being acquainted friends there she says, "and the
lint sign of dangeras It corrects Irreg-
with' ,the. speate! :.d.ptabUl-1 I only way to keep posted as to their ,
ties of the vsrtoas' teacherajbe reservedthe doing is to read your valued paper" tarities and has cured many old men

right to make aoch hangea la the I I I Mrs. Ellithorpe states that a frost of this disease Mr. Rrxltey Burnett COPY Or Vl-PAPPCH.
Hock Mo. writes "I offered
Port. t
a..ljltDmenta; the'' nest ,few weeks .occurred in Mllllnston on the 10th r

might show to be'the,beat :for the Intsreitsof ID.'., and the weather is quite cool with enlarged prostrate gland and. kid '.5._....se ewe sees ett'11i' 7,'F';,

the school, / there. The farmers are hustling to [( ney trouble for years and after. taking ---d..A..... .. --- ;

fish grate Mrs. W*. P., :Coffey ; 7th get ,their corn harvested, and the I J twe bottles of Foley's Kidney Cure I ',}.j' ." ', ",:;w14,
feel befter than I have for twenty
DaCoata 0th threshing machines are busy. s (
grade Miss Annie ; grade, ,
s (to be supplied) ; title ....... Kin Serena , Little Miss Annie Ellitborpe who yearn", although I em now 81 years .. ,.
old. J.W. McCollum Co. . .. . .. .. .
---- -- -- -- -- ----- 1n
t Shannon ; 4th grade* Miss Nanni has many frlenda among the joung _I?., :

McIntosh; 3rd giade,'.)!". Sallie Zet folks here, I is attending school regularly Closed for the Season.

rooer; 2nd grad., Mies Florence,.;Balls; ,' and It will be Interesting to 'the last of the union Sunday servicesfor MINESVILLE '
know that she is well advanced in her IOTTLINQ WORKS ,
lit grade MI. Mabel Benches the summer were held at the Baptist ,,M T

The faculty of the high school will studies church Sunday evening and there -yaavrsr'racyla er- : ,

coniiit pal' ;Tom of F.Hon.MeBeath W. N. Sheat vice-principal' prlne,. SIOO Reward. IOO. was a large attendance. Hev. ThomasP. Pore Soda liter, all PJa ors, Gia&r<< lie, Boot and Birth Beer,CMif,Ht,f|

The reader of this paper will be Hay of the Presbyterian church had '
and Mrs. C. O. Powell. assistant.It pleased to I learn that there Is at least ,I charge of the __nice..assisted by Rev UAINESVU LE... FLORIDA. fI', "

was decided to conduct the blah one dreaded disease that science has : T.. J. Nixon of the Methodist church Write fort rrtoe+ *. Os e* SJM! bottles *re aot soU. b.. gaunt be N "' \t-t*.l"u;r.

school on the departmental plan. been able to cure In .UI Its stages, and and Rev. Stuart" II. Rogers of the Baptist _
The morning ....100.111 open at 8 90
The deliveredby
that Is catarrh. Hall's Catarrh Cure sermon was
.. . .. .
and close at the afternoon ses -- ''' -
noon Rev. Francis II. Cralghlll of the
la the only positive sure now known to
lion opening at 1 p.m. and closing a, Episcopal church and was a ablediscourse. ,. .. -
the medical I fraternity. Catarrh being very --- -- - -- -- - ---- --
4. The session for the primary grade, 4h J "
a constitutional disease, requires a
)however, will be shorter... It was arranged .
feature of the service
constitutional treatment Hall's Catarrh A pleasing was
that the teachers, taking: turnabout Cure is taken Internally, acting the solo by Mrs. Maretta llroolu.uN.arer MidSummer:1': )

by couples, should, remain on directly upon the blood and mucous My Home." Mrs. Brooks hasa

the school grounds at the. noon hour.It surfaces of the system, thereby destroying voic of considerable sweetness, and

was agreed to request the parent the foundation of the disease her rendition of this touching sales !

to start their children from home In and giving the patient strength by lion was highly creditable.Abscess. Clearance Sale !

the morning so as to have them reach building up the constitution and assisting - -- .- : : 4a
the school building not earlier than .
fi nature in doing its work. The I .. . ' ", ,(" ...
:13. proprietor have so mach faith In Its Aile.,.,...". with few exceptions, are I
It was decided to have a commercial curative power that they offer one Indicative of eonstinatlon or debility. I - = ------- >> \ -KN

for eoorie that, and a room, will be fitted op: fails hundred to cure.dollars Send for for any list case of that testimonials. It- W. U. HarrUon, Cleveland Mia, I \ > h... jut fln).hed taking attach, and find that we 'i"1:

parpoae and a competent writes, Aug. 15. 10O2 "I want to saya
are> vcr-stockrd In some IIn... 1-1 ff'(
teacher seeQred. Address F. J. Cheney A Co., To- word of praUe for Mallard's Snow

Mr. Sh...,. requests that private ledo o.Sold Liniment. I stepped on a nail, which

, families willing takes few boardingpupils Take by 1 .11'All.druggists Family Pills 75c.for constpatioc. !- caused the eords In iny lea to .ooh.O For the Ntxt 16 d..
at reasonable rate communicate -
,. and an abscess lo rise' In my anee, and ;
with him. th. doctor told me that I would have a :,
The outlook for the best school this O. & Q. Changes Schedule.The "
stiff 'lag so one day I went to J. F. Wo are coiner to offer some \f
city has ever had la verypromising.'' Gainesville and Golf Railroad Lord'. drug store' (who Is now In Denver .

The curriculum of that&lgfe school la baa a change of schedule which It will Colo) He recommended a bottleof : .

Just a little higher than was that of be well for the traveling public to re Snow Liniment ;. I got a Doe slse, BIG VALUES for SP9 k

the Kast Florida Seminary. Graduate member. Tb. train originally leaving and It cured ray .leg It I. the beet ; 3 !I'4'1r'Y

of the high'school 'can enter, the Gainesville for Sampson City and connecting liniment In the world." Sold by U'. C :

freshman elaes at the University or with the Georgia Southern and M. Johnson. :J/i :i'l

the stat College' for. Women. without Florida for Palatka and<< Moon at 6tl5 A Fine Portrait. irytIiInK will l 1)6 niarktxl in plain t1.-i

examination.It o'clock now leavee at o'eloek.. There
was voted to allow Krs.. M. CBrookt a.: no change in the morning train The people of U inr.vill. feet proud Now U your ejlwnco to furnbth your homo., rrfi:

the nee ol the school piano until for the same point and making the of soeh a talnle artist as James hi. F. \\"uhh:! lor our .ul. .thiH) week.Yi .;f ) ;
I. regarded
she ean determine whether' the slue> Mme connection which I...". Gainesville Smith profession
of her mo.'*' elu8 will justify her In at I ISO o'clock. as one of the bst.Mr ,,.uJ:{ (u" )horieAt troatiriiMit, \t

renting one. and also to allow her theo The train leaves Gainesville for ....lr.1I Smith Is a .|..rislUl on portrait ;;wtTM
followed In .l. tTM;
whleh he exclusively
of the
Auditorium for her music I Held at 12t30 p. m.. and returning arrives :
eJa., Cincinnati' for many jeare prior 54)corn- .uil' ' ;.ytPI
: In Oalnesvllll at 6 p. ... This 4
On. of his latest .real :

FACULTY RE-ARRANGED. time will. give to visit paHfO"MIcaaopy..'. from, transact GaJnacvllle their 'log ioas to Florida In wat.reolnrI. a portrait of Q A I n t Sft1

Mrs W, T. MeCreary, d.ees.ed. who
0i/ she day aadvaatcge
/". viii" Waded and 11W, School busineeaaod return same reeided at Cedar Key Th. work Is
never before offered by this I(. '. '1(
Now CmpCat. road. perfect In every way aad U a great .\ .1',
After credit to the artl t I
carefully eosMiderfag the tutu -
The Original. In the K,'ilh. If
Priaelpel' W. 1(.. Sheata of the Uni- Few photographer I o
"'..!, high Seam has plaeed Foley A Co.. Chlaago. orlglented ..,.,." euptfrw to Mr. Smith and

t-wh. and the followi.gis the result every Honey end Tar .. a throat and long the peopU"ow their appreciation' b'l|

*. *- remedy and on account of tee great petrooisUg' himAre hJI
/ rrmoged yesterday t :
N, Sheet ....ria.nd popularity of FoUy's Ifo.y -- lTUII'
Brtsteipal j Tom F.
XBeaih. and Tar many 1II.tloo.re offered You Engaged" ,
-prUselpal Mr. C. C.
.. for the ...01... Tnworthless Irnitatlooa should ,.lfW>fJla-,
l. .....&aa& high. 'Mhools Mieayy 1 egaged p.opl. .
(." have similar: sounding' name that. after restricts. many quarrel..
Bridgee. eighth ...... JI... Beware of them. TM geanln rn.y'.
w 1" Ggtlef..o....t..' ......; II.... Hnawy and Tar as in a yellow .....aa... .a. M avoided by keepiee their dic-.
wills Kle trie
"ani- OeCosta. sixth. grade. ')1_ Ask for It tad rsfu.e say eonatitote. tins la good eooditio
J*'''aa Shannon ,airy } IiI_ h..e far eoogfce and "'t .,.*. L..A. IS row a ul B..a........a.. ''
LtsMMeSthe. W. A Co. .s'"f.r n wife sugared.
IseweIIi.. fawn grade}. Mia d.0.. y.a 11I7 $4. mm. .
a Q Delates.' .*
Neu Y&on.. ....... ..... ...... W. H. SfBLEY a toi, pid Beer a.'U.W last her
)I... )4 ah+i -....... fir..grad, Miss urn gib slid vigor sad ..*.... a i...r. ,
I.: +e PBTatOIAX AirpgpKogoy.fces wreak a-f a*r fonsM s.lf. Ta she
Z.UwQef''; .......... is first .
Irw.. tried" Z......* Bitters, whisk. helped I SsIs $21.11

)\-.da...........>dfriitl. flrt Ttttr I w.Y.ss afiss s jraawr, t ssaa aaa mow. t*+r at '...* a4 II..IIJ."r .. L' L
w.st sss..w.taarrNs veil. She .. now. strong asxlbealtay. For thU bs.dse.n. Ctt Imn N* il _
10 .abw 4sr iR rl ....r ... ;.....; wAss.Mr tirelr -J tally .t.A.kd.
'hoe I.. *. 4 all drag Nonee sad a
J" .. 11.1.. ... .4I J MIlLM.ta/t.lf. at r

1'' a.+a_!MP ",j"'tp-r' ttsaraat..sl.:au fOa a.......

;.. r ti, .,. ., 4':' ,j.,, ... -. .t.'
, I: ';S"tf. :1.0' -
: .
j' .f _ . .
..;: "I" .. r ., '" 'I pY. ea;; .t""" ..,. ', ,
. -

t f'

fl,\ ...: ''; ,> \ '
:. ....
1,1.'l""" )' ."SJJ/ 1\, ., ,'" ,' ;!((, . J.. '" ('I, ...
I r '<' .,, }
) 'r: lr *
/\,1.P'\ ... ( C'.L fl'I., .. 'VJ \Ojo'i..::.. .... tI eAlKWTOrXK SUN
., : "': t"'i ?:d.]', ; ,7' : ItP" : -
'""""V.1\ ,'., .*.ff. .. . -.. .
---- ---- -
r ;
I' :: ,. UtiLEY'S: ': '.[''" n"r'u,' OK:1. JT : :: : .I i II. I .

LEMON; : : e. CJ. ..
OFJTERS: ruu coansE raa.A.. a:. rt s.,*.H.z. vnx ntns. J't
: I .
rMI REGULATES THE' : With,' Fifty-Two Cant and Physical Culture, Elocution. and Music Our Specialties. ;

21 Acies.H JIITER \ Engine Passed";.City., .1l.Dte sums thin year to bnlWlBir and eqlllpmeDL 'setUII H..'. EleotrleLlvbt..Ormnakua
tib STOMACH, .wlmnltur Pool. UoojTiara: J1aaSO.Uaaurpaa.ed. Strong
,1t raoaitrot IOka.atloaoW Teaebel'll. ....
r" ANA, 4 1 y. ;: KIDNCY8. Esp.ns.s $2<1O. Limited Number of Free 8cbolarhlp Available,
SL / ,., o s..oa Opens 8.pteata yld,19W. Fur, f r..'-t Thaf' (Last *Vear He Netted *.:That. people the stet..Are. ,
; i The Inventor'of the ram "* ' L. LOCUKASE HUNT, r ddeat.The ..
I ''n Good Coditioind. That , .. .
tibn Alone, and "
pie Crop
L ( ; nELL BCKAPE;;" a man. .*.: : -
to' ReslUeg4OOOOtheCom- are Prosperous-Ors* of Loan*
| '
ever plows.are void. and osed, ,
.... -
A. Practical Man r' for V. 4
I :
Ablitrt'iB; :.Williams; who eoo- -" .AT.,."....s.' MOZL&, .: the longest and 'heaviet THB''< ALACHUA COUNTrAI 4CT CO. Inc
ELIXIR for W of It yesre Ito train carried ,through ,
t a largo farm of 1,400 sores near laad17 Hr ever .* ItSTABUSHED <<'
l.-r Ute-oa eb. r.sad I: .
,toaon what is knoWn.a*,the .eire,.and and Ititftbe bees nmedl. ., either before or.slooa. the
plaatatlcn, has Demonstrated ban ever....,. It IB'a-.o.m more. .' .., whfefTdates in'a eotnmer- Questionof Rend reliable. serv'ic. of.",.r/,'sort along; the line of
exMMtdersble'' and satlsfae-- olflartor:testa .'S1wt.1MIcI1E fiJt aa thewexlstenee of oar State '
profit Title the x Land Titles,in th*> Mtate of Florida, particularly
farming ID Florida pays, If 11phR.d .bon1d.ra...;.X'kavejreeoinmeaded which passed south over the Aiaebua eonnty.,13PECiALTIES2 '.
nv ero.d cs .warkteaa.
to vats
: -
on b.aslnes-llke and prat- -..0.SCII.onE.,.sea.... ,Air,Line,Tnesdsj*afternoon. first ,consideration .
pnlaeiple.: 'wars irivea pre..Mtiafse.......,: .Ia...one'of the longest and :Abraetaof' 'nUN''tax Sale Sean-he. ;
>fair re Wllllamgr'f..Hgg'con.' TX UUCIX,' Vrmdamu. AtleM* ever pulled In the State,com- f or Agent"Sen-Resident Land Owaersj Plata of Counties,

;that' .bort'itaple cotton ,couldwr'la Co.'rttlaefw" , ,. fifty-two ears;" two engines and the Investor., Towas Ele._
,'which made a "ala'Dea,', a
this eoonty at a greater HOZLEY'S. LOI. '
%,taan long staple,,or Sea Island, ._ : long. R.iepo...; First National Bank of Gainesville. II, F
{experiment planted twenty-one ..,astonishing.. feature of his .,,Dotton AXTo..,.BaDk. n. .
''wllb ;the result;that,the''plant 18'jEXTffNPINO .BtIS, the.fact that every ear 'was '- '
iPittgn'a Well and the harvest amounted .. .; .f :" 'full ,or _partially loaded, and
loN lRh,j bile; which he marketrannah Gainesville"' Fish 'Company',*V' . . from rorijr-eeven diner--
a 'at 11 cents per pound. Ugh Camp at Oulf ".", In the United States to
t'Dr.'Williams' long salt, lr I hay, 'The O.1neevUla"Jlha J : : : and station on the Cedar ABSTRACT A REALTY COMPANYE.
Mttrp rear b* make a good thing whi h John .L,.;JCnesser Bird divisions of the'
ipl Iron* .this'crop.' Laat ycar which ha been'engaged"In',"the' ', -
litre [90.000.00 hay.and;, the eomU' basinets at ATacbaa: Sink,tor'... Is enjoying an excel b1dO pesrettexS1

'expect tq reall**, $10,000. two years .1&1a',great .U...*** 'and passenger traffic now, E. VOYXJE.; MGKR.
?beenr aeeostomed to bale hi* demand. so great that',the supply ,evidence ,that the State is
Abstracts of Title and fall Information fnrnWt.d'"regarding lands in
still+i i11 per ton,,f.o. b":, at this, camp;:,is ".qa.ei-.e4 a* ; The day has passed when enan& Oar manager ha*.lived in this county' thirty .year and this
I,wh), I*on the Atlantic Coast segaeaee what: }. .decided ',$o*\ / .;are dependent upon what I* thoroughly conversant with.land title. ...
', ?lire produ tioa I*atd to be a* another camp at";Oalf, "torn up" for a 11.10.Tbe
i.;':::1." ijgfowat'; o; the' United State*, mile distant frontQSI.r,Creek,' and fruit growers are doing '
...\f.>>\. '<**B.ud I* ready,,the greater will be the chipping point.'Y.wp.ople'teillge' ,cnerehant prospers; and a. a 33JB3.. "VOFIRE ,.i..W.1: : ..
.. cLtAe rerQp) ?b.ing.old to Tampa I '' the State Is In the best eommr>
'ta.Pcb intet :of the:fishing in this vk 1 .it has ever been. I .
p: seating, a number of prominent American and English com pan res
1= WiliiaoaVvballeve; thai llf, the Mr,Ohesser:stated that the Is not only) 'in a healthy com ,REAL ESTATE,AND CITY LOANS.Q.ta1 .
... '. }wonld lNOOmq'pared'; f this .o great he-coo 'dlepo/e'', of' ft. eoadltlon. bat the State I is ..: -n.esviL7.e': '
fNmkni* ferv bad plant jhort! eottonia loads"'per day ,if he could get rapidly In 1>>population, and va- ...
*rVof other standard;crop*,'they This"rIIIahl. fish to.. point. .are being taken op and 'cul
tae'end find the experiment the lower Soath. .." .b..... People from oth l
1d'1gli raill.Ii ..' are becoming to :recognise 6 Uofflins Rifflit.- ;
y( t Sprains. ....* offered here,. and 'arc

'(* air I*Cubing Teeth ..S.A.,Read,Cisco,Tex,,..writes.; themselves of the opportunity
tlii'aai4Mt' old and weilMr l.lblliNt It., 19011 '"My"wrist...w** to Florida and lire with ease"'
: *.. Winslow's,'Soottw ,with( less exertion than In .. .
badly by a fall that.It was useless' ; 'There' no use trying to
,. l ; J"! ahlldren teething. 'It after using several remedies .... This does not mean that ,
;$kIAeltlld, 'sottene the ;gvm*, ed to give relief used Ballard's probably not have.to work a* IJ t foist adulteratedwhiskies,
U Ipaia, Brie wind coll* and itrewi Liniment[ and.wa*oared. I .. :the harvest will prove so ,: brandies or wines on 'thepublic.
; dr for diarrhoea.r Ts. + recommend ll roUflo with the same la
: 4 to anyone suffering It'll"do .for' awhilea
lilittI a ottls. ,t Sprain*.'* Sold.by W. M. .Job '
: short while We
Like. very
r'i" Finding Money.
- .
have no ;inclination to at
wm .
.i .' health i I. like finding mon*
'those who,. stink ,When tempt' it even once. We
: a cough cold,,sore.throat&,or. _. take pride in the'purity of

+ ". better aet promptly' our,stock, and our prices-
( .... Berber of Sandy Level, Va.. for quality
measure measure,
'iI " .
!if.', '1 had terrible .
... \ a chest trou 1 for
quality-will con.
:C" fov.smoke and coal dost on .
.,:* ; but*, after finding ro relief .. 'vince you of the advantage
_. y ,
i : ,remedivf I, was cored by Dr. : of buying: here. ..
tIC la.d + Discovery' for consump

N: : # .*"and or colds long,medicine" Orea test,sale the (Ocala House Wine Rooms, ,
,,; 1.k ,. t "K" 1.1.I Atall, drug .sores': eoAd $1;

.,- .Trial. bottle- free. Ocala, Florida., l

c. "aY. Funeral of Mr. Pellett. ..
,\7t:'r.t'Ahead a little way. ..,,' of J_'D. 'Pellets, 'th_ 't -

}: ,\ . whom. occurred. at hi*'' home 'V ..- L_ 'or .. .-'
.* weet of. the city Saturday,'
Wt Ir I.
Sunday afternoon; the Inter*, .
rk" your BsftyMnW ;Tn Kvargreen cemetery. -
... conducted Rev.
were by "
,iW *"' of'the*,Methodist' church, T turn, raiiEs. AM svrarr .SAVTLES=. if
WaNs.. Ihs Is
friend ,of the deceased
\\1 imf"Bl New' sal ....' .art. ''to 'pay,.&Ia.lr .last ,..peoe:*:
,, :: 11 .."'....,'handsome and fra
ft IllIWi .
. I decoration* FALL GOODSFor

BeawtifWI Woman.cheek .
in Car-Lot1 ; I ... .... '
; }.Buy *, & and*, a..pun with complexion.the soft Men,. Women and Children. .

fr ;wo'o.tti;;.....U....; 'Take a .

j;'; Save! freight. We get inside prices, because -' ..of.*Herbiactaftc' aooatipatloa*....sad...wool help

.) '.of,the quantity in which we buy. .you behest aatea. Mr*.Warn. We carry everything rAadyto-wear and all

":. '" .. Miaiatalaa.. :Tex., writes, orders will receive prompt and careful attention.
& Our.'Cu.s1orn.ers get ".. have. used Uerblaa
A family far. .eight. -year, sad
), more tortifee money the. baa*, tacfalaa.weaver
..I, ..- .bUteae fever sad
l. than; .'they get elseI I field.:ir..a( Johnocw ALWAYS REMEMBER :

.t\t: : 'wherei .becauso? of these facts.. Off to'Ta14Aaaae.
:&v. < of yaaag ladle.,'among
1. We send goods by C. O. D. subject
.r !
.. l ... .. II.....,Laaa Baird,,,Pearl express
). '" :('; *,O.rtra.lMSaatd.Clara. examination before accepting.
'' ro Good 'Deaa," lat ..' .Tallahaseee We send
., a- Buyer .r.-., will eater the for_ selection 2. two or three styleeof garments*
OsHaga. ,Tha people of .,
:: \ .
Ifl >not,how cheap but how ..
,.- ; < much quality for beesgroatd.sl of eoo- 3. We allow 10 cent discount for ca-sb-
... lad lee feel per
!inKmev. Suppose what lisa. sad
., .laOfe..to.oft'er. We can Y"U oney-and we wilt Mtn j: be, 4i* rpoiated ..1 j except on contract goods.
.. '' ",
1:MB you:the best., .. i - ,
,, _.
.. -- ; 1
. aa.aad
t'roltl'f'ljI' "ld1'd : S'&t "" +
.... ,1 . ale1i..ablew;W s&i.d ease-1
.'.".;. .'.* \- 2i"L" : .datt. hew* ....are dae, t. B. H. LEVY DM.I COTMiMSTtK.
I ,.It' .,... swami iaaettre ; ., ,
,? R: THOMAS.t' .........,nal!aW." __ t .. i
4,rt;. '" \; .. .._.....' ha liver sad U"I rx ..
; ....
't i ,. : .... the eomplesioa ' , ,
p.! ....... .. .Xii. .. Gaiiiesvlip] If la4. .J :" Oriao L xaUve Fruit .
"..,'tJ' ..Io." ,l,t.? \"s ..... '. .,.. ..,.,- .'"."" A .* ........ or grip. and la
ass a lab. fietveeA
Co, '
.. ,
'':'rh- ""

T .r



; : SEPfflMBKR 28, 1905&hc *

- -- -..-- - -- -- ,..,I': t it
r filllitbltVli.t f THE COMING BONO ELECTION. harder than ever for the success. of the

: .:.- great State Pair to be held November15to3O. ; '

;ilil nwre4 There I. doubting the fact thatthere Col. Brown has saccefsTully WORKING WOMEN: !' .

is considerable ,
opposition to the
managed the great' Tampa Bay Hotel
F, :
.... proposed Issuance of bonds for the t .._

Oatneevtae, purpose several year*.and although his bid was : .' .
) : rm..iterfeadsr Ac. of Cola- ; "' \
r of the electric
pr; d.eI. light and higher the \ ,
wad r"'c.ntl"lea.E'd
of MaroJa a.1er0. the Their Hard Struggle Made Easier -- Into resting .
Rep gas plant or construction of an in- by the Hoard of Public Works of Tampa State 'ti.r! gn

ETf'17 )( 7 and Tnandayat dependent pUnt to be operated by the to other parties'making it necessary I ments by a Young Lady in Boston .', "; $,
rbUsktd city. The"general opinion i I. that this .
for Col. 1
i.rldaw Brown to take other
Gainesville, bft submitted up and One in Nashville, Tenn. .
questloroshould to the
business propositions in New York,
from I a :..,
people separate the question of
and Publ'r.TERMS However in view of the great amountof I
Editor it
H, i)icCR AE RY. ,for ,
bonding 1I..prllJ and tr*-et' improvement. money already spent" in promoting ,

!., To the latter there is no the .Fair and in view of the further

or 8r cRipriow: Opposition whatever, for the. people. realise'"the fact that hundreds of friend throughout ',

TU Twice-a-'Veek 80K Ii a year; six: ) great neceitv' for these improvement the Matu hare asked him to re 4.''

r ninths, 60e. ; lngle opei' Co.ADVBaTISIXO *. It has been suggested tu main. Col Brown will do so, and respeotfully ,'1'\.

RjkT.t the editor that the (leopl.ar__ perfectly request the entire. State to "J

Local advertisement,, 15 cent a line safe In voting for the i #utnceof bond give a hearty support to the move .

for the first and 10 cents for each add 1- as proposed by the ordinance. to be submitted ment. Everybody should feel an interest -'

jtonal insertion < on October 10th for the reason I and work for the success of the
Displayed advertisement for that the electric! and gait plant now Fair.
and 12 month at special rates. ___ _ _
six owned and operated by a private corporation 1 -
furnished opon.al\PlicatloD.
f'rioe cannot tip purchased" for the SUNSTROKES.It .
Marriage and linenserted
e. Obituaries baoente a am proposed and that it would not

pay the ,city,to put in an independent must be dreadful to suffer the

OUR CLCBBJNQ'LIST. I p.lsnt hence the proposed fifty thou". pain of b"it'll.we.lthy.. .

San and the Thric&-Week I and dollar* in bonds for that purpose Health experts meet in Boston tofight \

rue(:i.Y.) World one year...... ...$1 65 would not be issued. This is a matter disease. It will probably be n t tfhSFaahar

De Sun and the Atlanta (Qa.) for the voters.. to' decide. W., are not glove content.

.,r Weekly Constitution one year.. 1 75 sufflHently! versed in the revenue derived If the railroads would hare ; AcJEer
Son and the Atlanta (Qa.) moresafety arl
/lo isPe
Semi.Week!:? Journal one year. 1 60 frorn. the gas and electric light appliances and not so many Ora r

Semi-Weekly plant to be able to advice the votingfor rules, the. lives of the traveling public I

Times-Unionn year. ... . 1 60 or against bond for this purpose.' would be more secure. c

< The'matter will. be presented pro and should be AU women work I some Iu their Mouton. tells women how to avoid *aaa '
We will not accept stamp of a eon before election day and the responsibility Marriages not consummated homes, aotuo in church and some In suffering; alie writes:
than 2 cents. without love.! Even a large sum .
denomination aoclet. And in
the whirl of store.
larger for the result of the election Dear Mr. rtnkbami
will rent with those who exercise of money and social standing shouldnot mills and ahope tens of thousands are .. I suiTwroit tninerr for nevera! yearsIrrrwular
be considered without there is on the neveroeaalnff treadmill earning miitruunn. My back .etwtlt
dew York is getting to be as bad .. the right of franchise" which has been" love. their dally bread. I foal bearing down pain., and frsqeea*

Miami highway robberies: being reported conferred upon them by the laws of All art subject to the same physical ache; I could not sl and could
: (Jv be drag funoun.1. 1 conaultett two physt
cities. Macon must a queer spot
from the land. law; all suffer alike from the same without relief, and as a lest rMorm, -
It is announced that "laok of rain physical disturbance and the nature ol LrdU K. PtakhamiiVegetableCompennd,

1' Ocala Banner springs the old. HOMESEEKERS.It brings a drouth." The same thing their duties Ih many oases. quickly so mr.urprt-w, .rry tobe and pain left ast'>
The 4 tea and to bealtk,
la other localities how. drifts them Into the horrors of all Igala pounds am porfeot
might happen ,
time-honored paragraph kinds of female complaints. ovarian
Miss Pearl Aoksra of S37 North
That Is rker. is observed that the railroads leading ever. nlceratl anti dUt .
; does not prohibit. .a e tre/ublea.' falling mer Street. NashvlU. Teno., wrltaas
Into the South west embracing Texas Ohio bob up even at the Annapolis placements of,. the ..,.,womb lettcorrliM

Arkanaal, that down on Florida Oklahoma New Mexico and the academy. An Ohio boy is the strongestof of or perhaps II'n'ICularUr.or siipprrM back-.u>a n.u'" I Mr.sufrwnxt. Piukhaen.-r with painful perlcd, "
"monthly periods, <-auilin..
coming Into that country. Indian Territory are selling roand-trip the whole. naval school He will no ache Irritability? and baekche, bnarlnolowa fialns, pain
orange nervousness the utoin.n t was very sans, sad
r fiolphar will probably be quarantined tickets. for three-quarters the regular doubt develop Into a great campaign 1..1 !'d.VolD"'n.. Uo, end inr trouble grew warwevsry

,. r one-way fare. These tickets have full worker.A. \ who stand om their feet all ..''Mr ;phT'lrUn failed to hate meil
.x -- I -i.lt Lr iia H. f1akbam%Vs
to try <
stopover privileges and are good for man who was asked why he had ,,day are more susceptible to there Cuinpoui 1 noon found It was '
Roosevelt days. They are for sale troubles than other All Uns amt ache*
It it aid that President twenty-one never married handed the inquiring gnikt. mr |
"twice each month for the next. three They eapeeiailyeeyuire an Invigorating and I na hMitfcr fast my moNly r.ira
; nay make New Orleans hi. flnal stop.That friend his bank book. No further qUfl,. medicine which will ,
months and there will be a ruth sustaining Lydia M. PlnkhanVs Vegetablo
on bather he gets great the
depends quar- tioning was necessary as inquirer strengthen! the female organism. and pound l l's the unfailing cure for all
) IDtl ed. _A '. tlr *"**. to the section covered by them. This was a dealer in dry goods. enable them to bear easily the faUgurw troubles. It strengthen the

i I. a good deal better than the roads - -. --- -- of the day to sleep well at night suit muscles, and displacement with all

The government wins the election in leading to Florida have been able to to rise refreshed and cheerful. horror will no more eruah you*

:' Cabs anct there/w. no disorder except secure or give to this section.. It Is to Many: of the new residences on South flow distressing to ace a wonun.tru8'I'UOIr Hackache. dl* lne* falatla4,
; University street which have been livelihood lug down pains, disordered
to earn a or pertonu
provinces! Palms has been be regretted that the roads 'running to
;la en-
1 dislike of friend aad
built this season and are In process ul her household duties when her nuMidlneiM.
dotted by the people.The . .-. and through the South are so much erection attractive. The twinew back and head are aching she Is so -all symptoms of the one oatM
weaker than the Western roads that are very tired she can hardly drag about or be quickly dispelled, and U Will
one being erected by W. N. Wilson stand ant movement causespain strong and well. 41
divorce law of Georgia they cannot'get nor give what they up, every you
new on the old PI... Hotel lot ate: going the origin, of which .is due to You can tell the story of yowr
which Rives a legal separation between want for their patrons. It would be to be both convenient and very some derangement of the female or. fart to woman, sad raJir* I
man and wife in 120 days, ''Is expected worth a million dollars a year to Florida granlanr.. fill :! lee free of coat. Addtssa ''
In looks. Kuch buildings speak
to add to the attractions.of that St.te.V"Df'&u..l. to get an extension of the Frisco' tasty Miss r. Orser of 14 Warrenton Street, Pinknam. Lvnn, Mas li
from Birmingham into the State. The well for the city and will secure good Lysjte E. ......... ryataka 11tIr 11. IMn s,""- own N1MI \
tenant This thoroughfare Is on the _
has removed France from Frisco is a road that does things, and main line of traflta to and from the _.- --

the hit of her callers but the special Its phenomenal growth for the past Seaboard Air Line depot and people RAMBLINGS FROM HEX.' Mr, and Mr*, J R, Tnmpkta*.

,eommiMioner' has not yet had bis hat dozen years is chiefly due to that fact who. arrive by that route will form a -- place, and will return soon, > '

peg, drove in at the home of President. and to its dispensing Herald.with leading good Impression. of the city. by seeing. along Opening Godwin Seminary-Mailers from Lerinon.

C&itro. strings.-Tampa of Personal' Intareat.Ilex.li.ptemb.r27.Godwin's.
line of well-kept homes slung the
These tickets are issued to home-
treet. Often the first Impression I. school JUSTICE' COLMAN'$ COUHT
The Kansas City State Bank has seeker, and It we mistake not .. good
and If would bear with .
sating, our people opened on Monday twenty-one M
tone into voluntary liquidation, but rates can be obtained to Florida as are his iu mind and keep their premises scholar Miss Ida Wiggins and )u.. Man Charged With 8 hoot In a; A1tf,
to Texas Oklahoma, etc., and *
the given
Fidelity Traat Company will looking tidy It would be a good thing Vlllle Mcintosh are the ,...,h.,.. leased Under Bond,'
honor all that is needed Is a few hustling
checks. Loans to another
'in encouraging new-comer. J. t... Tlllman's Hue bay mare hs Justice Colmsn hud two ease bet
to pall at this end of the string
men .
concern brought the crash. .
- ---- been with bad shoulder
standing ip a nit' him Wednesday The first allegtl
We hve plenty of land in Florida that
which The satisfaction' ofliavlng the truthsquarely for the |...t week. fender of the law wss|t.v. 8, A'"
hot be drained
Pensscola ia bound to go ahead, yellow does jieed to brought out regarding the The soviet at It ker'. camp that ems, a eulorvd resident of IAdA
I If
should bepn' on the market, and
fever or no yellow fev.r. Someof extorting of money from the cur. oh tin Winton shut I. able, to be up dondo s. tlon, who was charged br'
of large tracts giveaway
the men are such hostlers that they the owners porations to carry on the last presidential gain, M, ltains y with shooting a aq*;
oUter eighty acres to: ,
don't stop for a case of fever bat go every campaign by the Republican M. M Tillman and family were the j II prupsrly o? the plalnsIRi
would then sell the remaining -
{ |aboot their business until run In by settlers they party, I I. quite rqual lo a victory guest. "f his daughter 5lrs. J, L, Till- waived eiamlnatlon IhroogH his

't the quarantine officers.Tb 'land to pay themywell. through dishonest method Hut the man last Hunday. ney Evans I'talle. said, gav 'bosMl

/ statement by 1'rrsident McCsll that Miss. Statue Ormond ha. returned his app.aran, e before the gust

.re has not been an able-bodied A NEW Parker gut money, too, I I. very. flimsy, home from her sehool.Mrs. at the next session of the eirruIt

i l tnmpin Gainesville this sesson. There Ii IiTo when the man with. the mon.y.b g. I... W Fennell. and family. have Charles Koljlnaoa of FalrtMnk ?

|aa. been no oeeaaioa for a man to be an eminent Georgian is, doe the doubted the Jud .'. sincerity In favor been the guests of Mr. ".ul. >tolntoh arrested by Deputy Sheriff tt. Kf

', |idle who wanted to work. There are I credit for the discovery. of anesthesia' I if honest money' Hustle op that for the pact week of Windsor and arraigned uposi;;

.. States in the Union that can show the greatest boon ever given suffering monument for President Roosevelt, )1,.. Ella: V.K\n\ Is the guest of her charge of toting a pistol.ws RohI
i t better record on the tramp question humanity says The Atlanta Conatitnlion. :before Davenport suggests: one. sister this week, required Co pay a fine of ....r

ibis Florida. & In these days of painless surgery The charming daughter of Mr. and default of which he will be seal to $! bgf,
little thought is given the horrible ---- I ,. J L. Tlllmsn the for three months. '
The Jape have something which I i. )I gave young peo ..n. 1I'
There are thing relating to suffering of those earlier day" of this plesssr.t soeial' last .
many just ss good .. a f )OttOOOO cash Indemnity pie burg a r r .r r ',f
ribt shipment that should be rem- when such thing as an anesthetic Iu the peace settlement. Hhn night which wa enjoyed very in ash by If Oliver I..... of AnsonId.

[ecli.j. and many trifle thai should not was unknown secured railway lines worth $?sO.txll.. '' all. Many thanks to Miss I>>>e* /.. and had followed l'r.eld, -at 1RMiMeIadvice

4 r.e.ivp attention. A: fair adjoatmeotrate The attention. of the medical world QUO enl mines worth not, 'lees than hope she will give u* soother Social I he would bee all right. BOW, j ,

between the railroads and ha. just been drawn to a new ase.thetie . 160.000.0.nd fishing rights that will soon. cause he put all ut his. p.an

.. Pfr* ought to be had without any for which wonderful propertiesare be worth about IIO.UJO.OOO. year. ,.... Cotton crops are not a* goood as eipe amounting to ir.V/ui/ la ate' a.

vices discord. claimed This I I. called "seopolamine. sides. the praetlcsl saserslnty over .i ted. name. and she ll.*.l *"|114,..( ...
and I'niiadelphfa dispatches undisputed 01 Mr, and Mrs. M. fossil have a little lost all title lo the prop*", .
Korea her possession
r' The people of Florida i tell of some remarkable results obtained '
yrnpstbls'lb.olt.ring Port A rthor and other spoil*of war tsk boarder girl to the probate url'* JBljaafo$ ,

Peoeaeola la their hoar from It. en la battle amount to a handsome eoo- --- - -- the 'Isjw. and I I. left ........* M'

r a ftietioo. bat It **ain* a* though This I I. said to have marvelous prop- side los. LOCHLOOSA HOTEL age of 79, too In tiros lo Wortt, '< r..i1i k

-1 who are straggliag with fever ertie. One thirty-second of a grain I. : rat -- -- *- ; ,.

Io* stay at BOOM and take their alt that I. necessary to produce o..- The only-trouble- with-Editor Btovsl School WIN Opea. Me* dv WitH Good The r.pr>.....|.*.aj off Site "U

.cis.. rather than dlsotey .the cwor eonsaiousoss The drag ,is injected running a feet*! will fee that he will **rs>tp cts-Ott er New met 'In MOMXIW a Jisw days ago an4

'I I>r. Porter. thou making mat- hypodsrmleally. lb. PAI'..& fall keep the "devil" be., .,.*.1.. up Mid''.,* were, arssal to .r.ve.lvi ....

rt .or... asleep !I. the most aatorsl way and asjy. "pi" that may be ,...d about the I.oehloo.aSps, 37 -The Lostioosa.shoo ,Q.l.Mi ..11&. 'A prod with, a lJatMMI. (' ...
disturbance even will >( dsy EMs, ?n-l, ftI
knows or feels no j. epen o '
_. wa a castles lo the speaker.M. ;t.
"noli .halt not steal,.. was the ob- after he awakes. This Is u+oally. flee pr.oi expected to open with a very veal flle ,,

hat Rey. LJaeola Mooro of lb. boon after the aosrstfcetla b' bees n.'A"; ... ..II try *>4a*>eeClyd < WIUo bas beea l.lkl*g *o Y
"d. O, ..u.. o' Cr... Creek
Baptist Canr.a. New York used. 1 tbe sew aaa o* aet'lft4. sfcoald.. hers was ...... aUtOMMtadecJ .. labor pith ,111
I in took f.r his 8oo4ay. In the experiments as ft. Agnes ...t'l. hi* asptha Uua.h l..tu'hJ
mt In ji K .
our Preeaf+al.|. ?1I' ** with yeses oommlscfcm that aocMMo bash..j
"<>g a **rmoa oo ....New York Hospital' Philadelphia the. sarr.o* peror Wlmatek ..'weih lao .*..(" ..1.f. Mr. AaJ'.. .... a large. oraage ge.. to get the thread of ate nwa
I. '".OJ eo. their operatioas aolil -- A .!.. tlejM wae reported. by those
raaee ...* ..."0'7 do ass begin ..... -
: 'tio**.. He deaoaaood Mr. N.C.11 about two boars after the lajeetiost of who s...14.. lr. lee .r..m supper -t'

af) QD4">rtala tone*. tb. fluid and H t. claimed that lite The sold from the :iortbw'"& some glve at Poet Arthur ISM frtdsy .1.... The Mal baroas will pet a Wogs
have bee ootaioed. work tad thereby .*>. ..
bees possible reeulte 4vbela Joha r..r.ota of .kJotI.lJ.1e .. .... .
... -dto
this seefey
: ,
irm way
.rueIt all tao .Ioae. Tfcftaosevelt ..
A dona I t: relatives here for a few day*.
eOaaty omaai.siooer ID - -ake I be ...ther"r) eocafortaole.TVe ag will '
lIi:1eburooa" r It........ retarded kxnn froma *ooj* to tao
....I ii a14 to ..". BROWN 18 PRESIDENT.W T. *
eeqbli.be4 visit ta relaUvee at !fawtfc. .r. atat.Ckaaxller I
A. s sew reseed for..osomy. Ja.*...* navy take. U> graft as After *. .oeeelsalMs It

'ae.4 a r-., *".**' Of t*. kOa. ..l a. take plaean la aeaooaeJag>> to ..'.nll7.* though they b4 lived' .la u"'.". sided tf ....... Shea ,

ea a ball foe "Nbbe.. fcv .... the ..blU that Col. n... J. Z.. Brows, a lead "r blbU aJ' their live.. MnrfcMk of Lahelaa4 lrUltlAg M. d.s ....".* b.a. i is

tyrewritef.. ...... a ... $t1M bbe .*, of ta* Stat Fair ..AsswciaifcraatTaeip - _- relative, he,.. lissome Batirday .. of ..I...*. iwia*. Il> {,

a, 'beal tae.sorsty r .............. *. has r.*o..ld.r4 sad withdraw Cruel p.*lsJ m.at of York .rinal sad left yesterday far Waldo, .MI_ miM.n.y.. ,. :.--j */

Sklat... 10 ..a.sM eIeaeI. r ....+. ... resignMem from that poei- U sold to be taiAO>.et to CfcU bet will retera. toalay Xd4lo ed h .k

_J .... tied to ..w.,...tr......... 'to- west. ..... C. V Fawl/ f, 14.
') _'"' .. .. - ; .;"'P' ?
',.. 1 ro I 1 __ ; ;""' ';; '
, '
,,/ '''''.., ',:..... ,,' w'.r' : 70' ">', ..,1, 1\\ft\; :w A.,"' .:!t" ..,... ,.. J t"i. :' '. ""
;-' .J\1:/ < _



.. FROM' AUt'; :1ic< THINK: OF IT!I.., t PUTNAM:" COUNTY"-.'-"".- ."..WET." I ,.S..Ji....- ,Tf. ,11 ., 'i11' ...! "

The Election In That County Tuesday -
<;iF'p1RTS ;E Of; FrORfujo. TAu Prrtty Metros IfmJIftaJac ** and Went .Against Local Option. Distinguishes; .. the lady' who ndQI 1

. I 4C .- -. Batas4s.anJ 2frPE5RUNA Condltaoa According to a report-In The Jacksonville 4., her taste for tim Jewelry purebaaedf'f:
..: .,. '1 l Wan $l1"fI1., .. SMITH'S from other
'4. Metropolis Wednesday .that are ru r*lyVdaxxllnff.

::8rr'd' Ha *From Various CURED.' ...uhl<<. th. t vote on local 'option In a' Oar Jewelry i*' noted for lti|'

':'I','.*a\, Y ,S.-.i 4tt3tte.; 'Putnam county on Tuesday' was carried a standard of antstfe elegance, ,which
i ,sr'favorof
.. license by a majorityof
?.il.lf'' never varies. Only; ,the finest diamond'
65. Both sides put up a 'song i ,
j', ." T"E MO. :r, IMPORTANT, EVENTS flght and the city wa carried for saloons ,r, and Rent are' und.. and all mouollaaa.

:i'1/ ,/./i.r' ; '1."f'r..L'Ji, : ''J' .., by 195 vote, It ie etatd that y are of 18 Karat gold.
"Vf.'r"4rm.rth.land '
: of Flowers..
several places that were counted on
:\ ';"r,Wk4gs",; ;; :cf'"Down", ,to Suit 'th. for large majorities In favor of local
,' .. _,. C_ Sn.aITE: :
1ypwtdirritrn.; ; of Interest to option were very clo,.,. ,- ,.

II, .. : North Side' Square Gainesville F1a..
lit Suffering from Hallucination/.
rtl'I> .H ,,: \' f7# f,1 ,
." tspagerbwloess' at Twrporibooming bye) New York. Sept. 27.-The police and

Is., ,at th* presentConsiderable a, physician today decided that Christine -
",. .i\$> Y Grossman the It-year-old, girl. ;The Oldest Whiskey .House in GoorgiajEstablished j
to who was found unconscious from al
,, 11< oppoitton _
"', .Bell Telephone Company. leged robber' attack la her home yesterday 1881. 1 1v i"

1 '.<:at4OrlsnAo. z1I was'suffering only mental hal. .
r lucinations.. Near the place where she
:J'eohool. .. teachers. at TarpontNere } OLD HHAltPE W1LL1A JI
wag found a search revealed a demand
all. three out of eobool for fCOO written 'on the back of her! Pure fine old rye. By tho'1t811 ,' M1
'tin account of dengue fever. !yy .h 'ASS, mother' Four.full qnarte ti
picture which
y was hung with
i O yQK? qi p' vA y EXPRJ1;
!'Montgomery. has be.n arretedvllle It* face to the wall. A demand for

for embescling 93SOa aMRS. .toe was written on the 'back of her 41EO.,J. CO r

,". /'i,colored. Knight of Pythias M. ahICKNCR.' own picture.. The police comparing: S Pure Pennsylvania. R

.""FJ'""",, the handwriting on these pictures' to mellow. By the gull
roTnettroes: were bound over Tll... 99 Eleventh'Strv+t that which were In Christine' school full quart .

la Tampa for relllng liquor with Milwaukee. Wlm. ( copybook declared that the girl herself EXPR

>a.....n...., Blind tigers; as It seems. "A short dma ado I found way'cane: had written the demands. ANVIL B
dltton very rioag. thud bead cbea,
"., oounty.iny \ pains. the buck, mod fr.qaat dizzy Pure substantial famll
' :',orange growers around KIs- ape/,. which grew wore*'vry month. Charged with Killing Sister. the vnllon $2 6O Fo< k
tried;two remedies before Parent Richmond. Va.. Sept. 27.-Jlmmle 290. KXPRE t
1// le.:are;shipping green oranges to
mod wit dlucoeirmged tyke I took Eppa an year-old boy and his mother .
c markete.. . and 'It I. feared It may In* the fine dome, hut .my coarmjre moon have been arrested and lodged' In CLIFFORD B ''

",III* Florida'orange Industry.: returned In lea them two martha Jail at Wllllamsburx, Va...charged with By the gallon $2 25. Fou$2C5 ,
ionUniversity. DeLand my health was r.aored.-.Afa.( M. OLD KENTUCKY COIL I< EXPRESS P
. :; at was"with BHcltner. .the killing of the boy'syearold sis d fOLD
a large attendance. This The reason of fallaree ter. Matilda who died recently. The 'Direct from bonded warehouse, fine y{
eo many to POINTER CLUB
l0i, school ha been steadily boy la said' to have beaten his sister and old.By the'gallon $30O.
enr*/'caeee Alrnllar to the ax>.. 1* 'thafaotthatdlMAMi Rich and mellow. By the
each In with br Four full quarts $3 CO
; year popularavor. a !ck. but Insists that h* actedat Four full quarts $2 + +

C(Andr.on. T. J. M-rrltt and Van rcMALt: TROUBLE IP*C.HMth_ the Instigation of his mother who. XPREBS'liEPAtD i EXPRESS PAID

,' ft.i were fined $100 for carry'log NOT AS IU CATARRH.COONII '.mat. r.z are lie says." _' also beat the___child.__....The_ _body .."
'.tlgiesliled ''weapons by. Judge Gordon ft 0' uoaunonly '. of 'mo' dead. child wac,4UKnuineu andIt I We handle all thn leading brands of Rye: and Bourbon Wkiskie In the mare:

of?*_..on Tuesday. They will work ; recognised as being canted by catarrh. showed a number of Injuries one ket and will save you from 25 to CO per cent on your purchases. Send for prIG ,
koitt;: Catarrh of one organ .. exactly: the of which alone a fracture of the skull, list and catalogue ,Free upon application. i
it " same ae catarrh of any Ch."Grlran.; wa* declared by physicians to have
wY"r. Cf.ty has reei ent1jr+ added thirty What will cure catarrh of the head will I been sufficient to cause death. THE ALTMAYER ci FLATAU LIQUOR COMPANY .
Italian families to Its population' also cure catarrh of the pelvto organ. :1 ,
4 .
(.. 'a know; what figure to maltl'jflHIthlrtythree Pernnaenre theee oaeee simply because Life Saver Rescue Crew. '

by to get at the it cures the catarrh. ...
..la population by their ."Inl..t If you hare catarrh write at once to Graham! Mass. Sept. 27.An unknown ... "
Dr. Hartman, giving a full statementof three-masted schooner loaded,
;,the first. time the wlrelen sta your case,and he will be pleased to ia a.sbore: on Pollock rip and Is In dan.

.fa 'Anastasla: Island was got In give you but valuable advice> gratis. Ker of being broken to pieces. Th '

iqnfatlon, ,, with Jupiter Island Acidre Dr., ITartraan, Pre.ildcnt.ofTh crew of the'; Mouomoy life saving ..tatton YOUR.MONEY BACKIf
(a7'* *DID<<. A 'severe storm ind'with I ITartmvn Ran t1.*liiniNu ,O. discovered the vessel at daylight ,

,'. the.messages but theyintelligible. .. Ttoe life savers succeeded in boardIng the Goods Don't Suit.
.antJ (l'' FREE TRAINING 'FOR NURSES. the schooner after a hard pull

: pb'E.%,pfelfer of Orlando, who through a choppy sea* A strong north THAT IS OUR MOTTO AND WE LIVE UP TO IT. k
1& ly,returned from visit to the Young Women of Small Towns and wind la blowing and the craw of the

tilt land, found two boys In New Country Districts to be Favor.d. schooner and the life savers wjll+ havea 1

rfc whom he adopted and will give By the terms of a fund to be administered difficult task in returning to ahor. Rye Whiskeys Com .....JI ;.

''si home,, He found them In the
in In connection with the Phllsdelphla PER GAL. .PER GA 1.
;", f pIony'!. -4 a hat Is producing thescenes School for Norses,Wltherspoon' No New Cases of Cholera. ; a
6S E
i from the Boer War at Building Philadelphia, a nomber of Berlin. S Dlr"2 l.:..34 C p'Cr=ttV --Gopper-JQistillea- N. O. White -. . $1 65

.,, 'Island one having servvd young women from every county will 'official bulletin Issued' today announcedthat Queen City . . . 2 00

'Ib.lCn.lI.h and lost a hand. receive free training in nursing. It Is jRa"new case of cholera nor no4Oaths Sunny South. . . 2 50 N. C. Better. . . 2 00'N. )

in Griffs. the llttie boy. who reovnU: pranned to ultimately. reach and help. from cholera toad been report. Gilt 3 00
Edge. . . . .
....rlou.I.; disappeared from his In this way. every township and ed from noon :yesterday to noon todar.tbu"lea"l : C. Fine . . 2 60
village. & total. unchanged. The Pedigree < . . . 4 00
UI i. Tlkusvllle, has at lat been loat The young women will& bepSo tided '
the home of hit uncle, Ilras with rm. board nuraejualforms and new cases reported! by newspaper correspondents Over olt. . . . 4 00 Laurel Vally.300:

at Bromberg and Marten.
i,Griffs In Htarke, where, he Is eonljT all the refinements oLa/welLappotnted I-.
warder appear to have been previously
|I playing with his eoutlns. lie Christian home. the .

i that be will not return to Tllu. diploma of the Pool graduation and the Order of reported officially.
:Bomeone at home traced Kin the Red Cr .. m be oourerred.qu.lI- Operation for Naeal' Difficulty. mm HOP; ::i.

Ja"ID. him that he would have to tying for pryfiCA| |In any State orooun.tV New York Sept. 27.-Dr. P. Holbrook -

(parried, and this frightened the I I the rsilrnail---- tars vlll than H-.-. paid Curtis., who :yesterday performedan .
i fellow to such an extent that he by6Y' om.. operation on tha DucbSA of Marl- 7

>Away.Deaths. Those applying and choeen :o receive. boro (formerly Mtea Consueto Vander. WE HAVE OTHERS. WRITE US..

?\ T'HIt''' YELLOW FEVER. the benefits of this. fond will be given bUt) said today that the operation was

\.)) Iwo years'. training, with a rich experience nofc for the throat trouble a* reported

at P.nucol.-H..v R.ln in nursing the sink poor of the but wa for a naaaJ difficulty It .was -vv.ILLI..A.MS
a'V' 'a) New Orleans. city. under skilled leaders. The term performed to remove a alight deafn\Ms ,
be shortened to eighteen months which resulted from a fall received by
.v-aUecola may
'' Sept. 37 -The*
.'"'lllnff' aomewhat lytterjpft+ ,opiB the fever are by taking a preliminary course of six the duchess in her youth., P. 0. Box 401. JACKSONVILLE FLA. 211 W. Bay St :pa

tiook. From 8 p. r.w! months' reading and study at home. A '
yesterday. on. special short course enable young women Death of Sheriff :icicett.!
,noon>> today t!)m were only three
to qolcVly qualify themselves.'for W. Bloxham rlok." sheriff of Do. .., .
:x..w eases ...&tte from 6 p. m Monday. -- ---
hrgI1 ..If-support and a ...b.laDI.llneome. val county., died at his homeln Jaek
m. yesterday there werew ukf
In addition to regular nurslug the eonvllle Wednesday morning. Sen. t,
S oases and twe death To
i number of ease to ojfle, 112; total young women are taught how to preserve timber n, 190B. aged 3fr year*. II* _ :PBICED: :: :t.IST _ ,
/\ their own health ; how to recog was 111 only a short time, being on the '
,faths. nice, avoid and destroy eontagion ; how streets. Saturday.. lie was a native of ,
At New Orlevna.Ww
to establish and maintain perfect sanitary D",ival' county,a good eitlsen and faithful -
vt Orleans. Sept. 27.;From fl pto. . condition about the hornet they i officer. Ilie death will cause universal EUREKA WINro& LIQUOR CO
\+ yesterday to noon toJay there are prepared for positions as oflle I sorrow In his home county and

'tt.'were 14 new case and five death. nurse and physician assistant } they throughout the State where he Is

;'iror? .V.hour up to 0 p. .... Tuesday. get a practical knowledge of oily mission known.GEO.S.IIACKEK&SON. "TUB GREAT KOtTHKR MAIL ORDER HOUSE.EXPRESS '
? \%..... ere 31 new eases and five movements, deaconess training --------- T >f

;;'''sVaaths. Total.: eases! to date are 3.01K, college settlement work and are also PREPAID. Full Quart M....... :

Ms4 total drain, S77 The heaviestt4a trained' for special position" of trust In Per P.t at. .I.
; for several wek ha wrooght Institutions. MANUrACTVRKKSor o.uc-Q., Qwafta 0- Kz

A-\:*motajurj to th.> work of cheekingth Tb. School U ten years oltLand Is endorsed ff.sea.nsbrrtrateatoek--------------------------H.........*Tba'" wks.a.v ... ........ ..... .. .......... 1400 4 to Mee 4 eD lMa C se ItS.-u ra, a t,
.?x f*.er. ..........OId.7..... .....:.. ........... .. . ...... ... alO ass . e."+
by phjslcians.leading educators a.r.1E.M.C.: ApNsArsadl ... ........ .. .. ...... ... 4 :10 .ft Tm I/w f
;;} CARTER BUYS PROPERTY. I I and prominent men throughout the N. C. A=....'......... ......... .............. ..-. a r a n e. 3laar.tee
,... coon try ______ _____ I .C- Pe.et ';.':&...: '::..:::::::::...::::=:: '.'. i a i ;to Tae :w

t .Ma *Hircl.**e4l Properly t I" Last Qalnee ,r4-' ..... '.. .s. a a.! 4e.4 m .y.,
Y......"d Will Build Nice Home. ?..""* Schedule I. Bd. tdu'sa.q.Cura.gsaaN.l..cara.xx.:. :...... : :::.::..:::::::: :' see Itt+ dw'.wk", i
t t "V. _.uM.O't.----.XX.x .. ................... an an 4 a s t."
.-...'Ra Carter evidently' hrllofvei I. M Ramsey of Waeahoola was In rL1r.aaN.lc e.XxxX .-...... ... .. _ .. .... .a.. .. aft .1r jr .
<-7 the. )I 1.I ..... .. .. .. 'r.
yesterday. s
elty boa n
r i MM. ,.,... of Gainesville. IU h... pnr. r. Hamy state J Jand asH.aee.1. ow. .,.. ::. ::: .. -- := : : eta :: = t bf
ftdeeirable lot on Samh C.rt.r that the discontinuing of the train overth ..... ......-Ib. -..-. aft aft .m 11M. $.J 'v ;
*Gainesville and lull Railway ouUi $?ay t"reot' sow Mira. ... anti i nt 5 11 1

S Cast Ualnesvlll. near the of here, whkh arrived In Oalnevllle tothe =-t::...: _- ...... : = : : : : .us.' '
Of Postmaster Arnow, and pro. 0aIII. .., .... .. ors cm ee sse.la )
morning and returned- la lb. afterIDUOQ .
.;,la about time to erect a neat -."
k,t I... realdeoee: I I would work a great l ln onrenl- 11'rat ..... .. ...W Pft' (3afl.., .. ss+ld. :
r; t'nN oa the part of the people of that Building Material Cave,.... .....N net.lnl'e yMvsse ltkoet set seeere'.ta3s frsa sae,Rw.
S apes this building will b.K areu.torn.dW we.as<*.Tnea'. W.r aaa aossas n.. a..f -- '
be er
caatertal 1
eaa ClIAKL.HBTO2C.fa. C.
t . :t. Hfor.d.1 I ., r-:. :. =
I earning to Oalaeevllle to Jo their I I 1e.(2. Core were a antis t..lve lento I4. c. A4f1.
1l. has base p.ogres.lag 'In sou. e.f laa. .
I L..ts./.sr..f. swore. q 11w.s. tWa era- "
: trading, With' the present schedule It b.u. iv... rr1..a.e :=.M.etN at
Sasb ow sans ared.
e..ar a e.its.l.e.
;..Cb", at sash a rapid rate thai Ut I Weiglits Card, Iardua tear .awn.....,... ......... hiP 1---._ra..e 4r.s.e.. Aa er w...... 1f.a j
is ,
ffotr to eeeore prompt impossible In make a round trip a. .AD.......... ........, .............._.., .... sa ...o.... .......me-.
(one day, !9npriniendnt Barker rrr' B ia>.a.... rr j sons.eoNM -
AND so aps
,: .t. rial. Mr. Carter *.- in.. a..... u-.lasses e::...u. .a.t..t++ ':t.rvs ':=U:7 slaw
I the aalarvJU awl Uulf stale .... ..
1' to k... lh. material G-L..A.SB. .rasa Miner r.ree. IS sassy wt.er.1VIUA .
a .....able this arrangement t* only temporary,, WID a Lt4CR! C@EPL3T.

.w b.l. i however, and that the train .1 be pat II uaW7a&Y.-r. d.vu. &. >IL.ASil

\, .a.a sort f-lisa*. ...,,, .. E.1LHACEKI, PrroriKar

,'" '" : r.. ..
.J.'f.. ;I. J :,; 'A' ;;..' __ t
d d

x 3 r mw



- -


.. <1 Miss Tebeau's 1)11.1. FOR DIVOKCK. 4 W. Laws Or FfjORIDA. Land Office. at Galnonvllte.usrurt I. l 1\1t\ .t1.. &.. L i.A i.

"IS.Nbw" AT WORK Notice U hereby atvsn that S. P. Thomas. Notice; ta wlrea that ln.>omp>Unoe
In the Circuit Court. KItrhth Judicial Circuit. purchaser of Tax nlHealo No. 10.... with Ih* proIstuar of the Act of Corucrewtof
,Alaohua Countr. 1"orltJa-ID Cbanoerr dated the 4th day of July. A. IX IM*' June S. Iris entitled An Act for the mile! of
Boarding andDay Alfred Rirbuntson va Suooaia IUoh.rtM>n. has Med said oerttt1 ato la my odoo. and timber' lands. the Htute of <''''(fornta. Ore- w
LMvorcc->rttor Publication.It ha made application fur tax deed to Issue la con. N.vad. .., and Wanhmirton Territory" a.

Carloads or Flint Rock api. arlmr l.y affidavit aprrmlrd to the accordance, with h w. Bald oertlfleato ... extended to all the public land State. by Act
::1 School bill Ned ID the alutv4 atat.,t o.ue. that Sonoma braces the following doMeribexS' property situated of August 4. I IMX. Edward K, >i<.her of Old
< Kk'hanlnon. the ilefondant therein U la Alachua _n,,.. "'101''''.. bell: Town- county of Lafavetle state' 01Iorlol.
Have Received. l. of the State of tlorhla... and named that abe areftlitrnt Commence at tio eomr fractional Seo. 19. .. 1.LlII... day tiled In this oftloe
ban been almrut friuti her home ror TIK II. K. 11. and rut N "V cb*.. W S B* orw. to hlaaworn atatem-nt N... Ittl. for fi. uiirohuAe.
No. 900 Wet Main, St.. a moro than Initial of tbe WHof Ne>4 of section Noex
d txtr: rtajrx next 1''t''i.t'.Uo"' thU order of >ubll- pOInt. then VV ft..1:1: 0111S Iii. ch*. to In lownahlpNo. -
I TO COMMENCE GAINESVILLE. - FLORIDA eattue and I.. coiuaHi b rM>lrm>that .t'r"I.l ... railroad then 1-: alum railroad to a point A IVcha. I' IOS.. Kanire No. II: K. and will oTr
RK. SOON, .. or MMtitnvna oitnnot t>e male her sal, E: of W IIn. of land; beloit denorlbed.... proof to show that the laml tumtrlit U more
N r.ioch. to irluDla .... valuable for Ita Umber or atone. than fur .
in over the Hut of twentr-one yearn: It U ., s. IS Tp. II. K. Si- *rftcultural
31st S<*Mlea OpensSeptember therefore onlrr.-J that aero << purptiHea and to ealabteh,. hN iMalm to
oakl _
ost.Liberty.Street, and This Will fendant and .hela hereby required resident to d The said land beiiUf laaaeaned at the date, of aid land before Clerk Circuit Court: nt ;M."y.' ',
ISth, IJHKi ra. the Imuanoe of Florida,on Monday:! the lath day of
of Other pear to the lUll: i>f fomplalnt W.... In akl such oet-tltiuatQ In the name ot iHitobcr.
P' tha Paving lOOTkUe
by : S. P. Thomaa.Unlem .
Followed .
cause on or ber're Monday the 3nd day t.r .
A' 'Entire IVtober. A. I>. see .otberwUe., allevaiionitof said o.rtldeate shad. be redeemed aceordinif name sa wltnewvev: Nnthanlel. Rees. U
horotiahfarea Until.the 'City said blUiklll>e taken ac con tented b r said to law. tax deed will 1"110 thereon on J Allen bham Coueliuid.! O. M. timer all of
defendant. ) the Ifttb day of Oftobor.. A. IX IwA.Vltnem . Old Town Kla,

Paved.. HAS COMPLETED HOME. It i. further ortlerod that thin order be pub \ my ornolal alirnature. ant seal this Awr and all persona Ulnilnir >u1veri .. lished once a'" et-k for four eonscoudyeweex" the Utb day of September A. IX INUIkIt. ahore-deerlbed' lands arc 'Iueo"'t'd to nie
r e.e..u.ber recently purchased by In The UalneMTllle. Sun. a n"'W"I'u.oer |>ut>lUheU. H. WIKNOBS.ixl their. <-I.Iln tbln omoe on or before nahl l IlItb
i. Judge Arnow Has One of the in the Maid count anti Stale. Clerk Circuit Court Alaobua Co.. 15*. dale of October IWn.W. ) .
; Prettiest
"got busy and U. ROIUX.SON.
l ity. Council hall ThU' Auittut i-Jii.l). IIII.A.S R"Il"t'r:
/ two or three days has and Ba&t Houses in Gainesville. H. \YU;. U.S. Clerk Circuit Court.
!; e past A truecop\ ortirlnal NOTICE OK APPLICATION KOR TAX

\ i doing good eervice, near the Judge George J. ,.\mow, postmaster, [tsal| $. H. WIr:NlJr>.*. ("lerk Circuit' Court.. DEtU UNUFJt SKCT1ON 8 OK CUAITER4KW. NOTICE or A1'PLICATIOAtot TAX
Aille and Gulf railroad depot, and: for the past quarter of a century a i OK KLOH1DA.>
Lji'i t\Tt >jas been placed in commit rtaideut of Gainesville believes in living Notice H hereby elves that Dell ColM.tn A
HIM. FOR niVOKCK.In Co.. a eopartnertMuooajpoaed Of XV F. 1111. Notice ta. bereb .|VOB that hell. CitNon .1.
.*; as has been demonstrated:! in the N. O. Wade ami' Lorry M Colaon. purChasers Co... a enlwrtaerakipeompcual" of W K. Skid
'f. the the CirrutO! "ur'. Klrfhih JudicladCtroutt.<< I of fax C:.rtinoate No. T*. dated N. U. Wade and Perry M. Colaon. purchiweraof ",
material used In three
'J to be eon. past two or months. He! has IIUO. Alnchun en..7.. MorIJaIn fhanoery. !, the 7th day of July. A. IX 14. have tiled TAX Certificate No. to. datedtti uh day '

traction of. West Liberty street Is' the oeeded in. erecting on South Oak UoUy Hurneti ... lien! llurnett'-'Hill fur IXTOIVC Huld eertldeate in uy offloe. and hare ..f July A. (X IXOM. "."Hied said certioraten J14
mate. apitllcatton. for tax dee to lame In ait DIY um.... and bare made application for
oast grade of ,flint rook and comes avenue one of the handsomest. and It ni>|>eurlni blldavlt 1I..end"thto bill cordant-e with law Said certificate etubraoe ass deed tu Issue In accordance vrlilt l law.

the jOannon quarries Rocky most modern structures in the Hied In the nhtnc utated estate thut Hen ilurnett. the following. dew;rlhed. property situated inAlachua Maid nertltioate embrace. the fnlhtwljur deMirlt -
city. the retuUnt therein named. U a resi oountr. .. : * oID' Several carloads of the, mate- The Judge expects- move into his dent of the stute >f Florida that said defendant Ions I "0" I.Ilk "'A.Lota I. f. Itllc. "n" KlorMa towltt
haa been uh.t'nt for more than Mlity days farts i to 1 iiik. "C." ix>m i IU" iuk. ""1." WH of MeVt S.a. II.TIL UV. 1C 14 .M' > .....e.
a1 have. already been delivered, and new home in a few days, and will be nrjit receding H.,, order for publication and I llartraiu The now land beimr ....-.d at the date of ,

Tame la unloaded from the car Sdlt glad to see his riwnds. I N uonceallntr hlnioi'If ao that nervine ot .ubixina '1..kl land t>fOr"... aweitwetl at the dada of the Inauanoeof: such oertlilaale in*tbe.naa.e
i cannot be u.;Je upon him and H Into the crusher bin, making only -- ------- I the are of twent\-one team. it I U therefore \\-. II I Burborrow. ITnleiM unlit certificate ."aU..e redeemed aacunllnir -
Attacked ordered that until rek1ent defendant bo and llnlea.sakirertideate.hall. be redeemed. to law tax deed ", 'UIlIe thereon on s
e traasfer. The material said to by a Mob he l I. hereby renuirid to appear to the Hill of cordlntf. to law.' tan deed will base thereon on the inn day or oototier. A. IX I DO*.
t'oinpluint tiled lit anal o.1.1.e on or before the/ I lth day of IVtober. A. U IMM.XX Witness mar official''altrnatiiro and teat' tW
finest for surface work in the And beateu in labor riot
,the a until covered .555_ ofnoldl ant \b..llth d.Y' of < t IX IMA.H. .
Moixlar the ::d dad or t U"ob". A. II IMA. oth.erwl.e mv n.lur. seal thla Mei t' o> > r. A.
v the Nth tiny of September A. I 1), ""11\. II WlKXOKJt.it .
te. with tore! a Chicago, ILre4lt! :! car | the uUnfatlomtof said bill will ">*> takenconfessed
? a' It> i,t.l defetMlant.. S. II. XVIKM1KS.l : Clerk Circuit Court AJaoUna. Co.., Yla
a foundation of the ..I.rt"etIll. be conductor applied Uuckleu' Arnica It It further ordered that thin" order l>e> put Clerk Circuit Court Alachua. Co .,..

in. soft probably Ala Salve and U..ta.'tt once a week for fourcon eoutUe week*
substance wa HOOD sound and well. 1
In The Ualneoville. Sun a newspaper |
    a-ock. which will be laid for a use it in .my family" writes O. J.AV ..hed In natd Bounty and Slatw. NOTICE OK AP..10ATlt'S)1& TAX t>KKtl: trsUKH: HKOriOS. 0... CtIA"EIL'"
    1'IllH August l"th. Itma' II!:.:" CNDKU' .'
    : !HKimON: a 0. rilAlTK.lt -
    Ira.. LAWN or
    kbess of about four Inches. The Jch of Tt"konl'ha.l\Ilch., "and find It.petrt'ct..u s. II. WIr:NUKM.: Clerk Circuit. Court. 4*..H. LAWS OK ..IAKIIIANotice .r -

    rooghfare will be surfaced with tbe Simply great for outs and A trueoopy of original U hereby' siren! hat Itolt.7o \ Coleoll"t-
    burns. Only 25o at all drug l ISenll S. II. WIKSUKH.: Clerk.. U berelir vlven that. Itch, Colon A a noimrtnrrvrtlii eumpu'swd; or W :
    ;('.lal.h.wlll make a hard; most de. store H. li.. MASON S ol'r, for c.'ul .,.. .iit.NOTU'K ('n a rot.artnrrnhip.'on p.n al of W. K heir N.
    t) aDd lasting _. N. It Wa.le and IV. rr M. Deism. i,,iroru rn% or Tav. ..'.rtlUnat<> N.. 41. dated MM ;l-i .:+
    J. -
    roadway, -- - of Tax Cerllllcate. N.. III. dated the 3ntil 1 toy or April A, IX I line hays a tot .. .d

    ine street committee, of which Negro Woman Cause of Murder. : OK UCAT1ON FOR<< TAX *-)' of April A. II IM. have tiled nald. eertldcate oerthih'at." In uir um...... and have mlloallon ... ,; ,
    New York. Sept. .26.-In. a quarrel In toy. ofllce. .and have made ai>pU.*... .. for tag d*.*l to lease la ace + '
    innoilman W. B. Taylor la chairman NEED ITNUK1C KCT1ON; H OK CHA1TKH thou for tar deed. to lunue In ...ordanoe with wlihlaw. tvakl eertiStuals *nibraao is.
    r between two white men over the affections aslw. IA.VVVS: 01" 'l.OIUU.\ law said vertlHVate emhraeex the following +ln r dewrlbed pwot>erty Militated In A ..
    aliveto the of
    folly necessity good devorlbed i>ro|>ertv situated In Alavhua oounty. 'ponntr MarMa. lowlt '
    rests and 'It was largely through thefloence of a negro woman a murder Notice U hercht' irUen that Hell. C'olwn A Morkla.' towlt: .Sey of S.<4. Ne. II. Ta.. 10. K. 14..40lt
    was committed last night in Oyster Cu.. a ooiiarturrklilii. cumloo..1V.. E: Itell. HwH of Mw.4 See M. Tl ll>. K 19 *> acre >. .,,1.11..1 Iwlntr a.*' M4 at the dais
    and work of this committee N. 41Vaile and t'eiry! M. Culnon. ptimbakemof The MaM land brier anoeiuMHl at H...d.'.. of 'h<. tiw>iiMno.. or uoh osrtl11aate in tbe na
    Bay. The victim waa John Murray, a Tax Certldcnlnv, No. Put. aj and t*. dated. the issuance auch .,OMrthU'ale. the aAfileur J. tt IV oheordtn
    bleb' .is comprised of Goancilmenalor laborer. lie snot the Sid day of July A. I). I"'u. have filed. UnknownUnlewi linlrss' I saki. .....UII.I.. .h.U'" Nde.Nlld
    7 Hodges and Ouabman that waa by an Italian aid rtinoaten In tnr 011\,.. and have. ....1 IJ eer1111rate.hall. he redeemed' accorttlnar 1 to law tai deed will Issue the.
    who escaped with the authorities in made application for tax. deed to Issue to law. tai deed wlillwie thereon on the Uthday lh'''tol>er. A. I*. iMUVXVItnM e
    }expenditure for streetbuildingilnery In acnonlunce with law. Said eertidesteseuebrace the Itth dar of IVtober. A. l>. low my omi'lal. liinaiiiro ami aea)
    hot pursuit. The murder occurred In the h.Jlo"'lnll dex.ribed property situated Wline mr omclal klrfnaturo And aeal thU the Nth day of Septemebr. A. Ik Pan, .;
    l was made. It was an .:- an alley just off one of the principal Alaobua county.: .'"rld... tow It.XV : the 511 day of Septwinner A, It In*. H. It. WIKMUptl
    Store. however which wilt H of HeVt A N..'. of MwW Seo. M. T\>. It. !4. H. WIKNOKH ) Clerk Circuit! hours Ala,,hua tie..
    proveat streets of the town. R. 1 IVlortacren. Sw'4" of 4eS See. U. 1'!.. IO.H. 111 Clerk Circuit' Court Alaebua, (:.... "',... --- - -

    benefit to the masses. aa good --- ._-- '- -- .- ,,-- l&-, 40 a,'r,,... and NS! of bet Seo. 5:\. T... IO. ,
    K. 1 IS -.' > acres
    __.et. are enjoyed and appreciated by The said land ..ewseil. the d.. of
    being at te
    HM NOTIt'K.: OK AP1MJL.ATIOX .'>lt TAX 111':.:ii ITNUKIt: H UJTION' ft O..' CIIAI 1

    M alike: John the Issuance KlannerirUnleiM. of. Much oertitlcatea In theuameof IIKKO: : UNIIKIt HKwUTIO.V; H r.... CSIAI9PiIa : lass., I.A\\H,. (>r rUlltl.

    .Maid eerlillijale ballrM. redeemed" .... 4 LAWS OK ,,',.oKII.\,
    &soon aa a sufficient quantity of i .
    Notl .
    / hereby *lv n that II It C<
    )k la crushed a force will be to PeriodicPais. cording dar to law tat..deed will Untie. therron NolW'e li lierebr ul.e'\ h.U l.*>ll. ('uto.u'' A I|purohaaef of tat ,,'.rllU<'al<> No\ 6:1.: dale
    p. the Tih of tX'toi A. U. dun.Wltoes \
    -r. Ci>. .a cupart.esahlp .MMnMMnt ...rV !._ hell rk grading the street, and the UtI' ofTteliU' utirdature ami. iteal thlm N. U. Waili and Prrrr M. ....,..h..*..,.. 1 I In soy ortlrtrr. and ban uiiula ..1..11J
    the inn of mlwr. A. It 1as.S.
    day Me\> dined
    of Tax CVrllncute.. Ni ht li, the Ub slayof J I I for tax deed to Issue In -eordnnae will
    _ H. w1E:1UEt.I.e : : :
    will .
    fol l.
    wing immediately '
    Nuvetsber. A I) ixuft. bA"'. 111C"C1 l Maid oerti :SaM Mrtltlc.t..n'brree. the follow!
    W.Jb. Clerk Circuit Court AliMthua ';0. Ha.NlrTICK n..te In 1"7 um.'e, ant hats male ...tlonAPPLIt'AIIOX .Bribed. properly kltaaleil In Alavhua

    -- _. fur las deed to rwu* lit accordance with law. Florida. lowltiI'raoUon i
    |.| will require 'aome time but the Said. certificate' embrace the followtnir .5.. '' ,HH N, of ....*.s. ,hoe 31, Tp. ll'l
    OK AIM'UCATIOM KOIt TAX "rifted. property situated. In Alaohu.'uasty. IA lift a.>re..
    jple who have the matter in hand Dr. 1lites'ntiPain Pills The said "
    Uk.U UNDER MI-XTTION .a OK C'H: AlTKKNW. << Florida towlt.NwHof sat .1"" wae..wt at Shed
    > determined to have good streets remarkable Nw He... 11. Tl+. le. It I I. the I liauanee of web. nertltvale In Ibo
    most remedyfor
    are a 4 LAWS OK r fjOIUUA.Notice .
    Thentld land beltuf aa M>**rat n... data ofthe of 1 I. J. Ouilrnartlntnllntf
    ..tiah Is one of thejcnost essential im- the relief of periodic pains ia bf'reb" given that Itall Unknown. "" to lathe ...... will {
    r"o. .d of \V. K: 11.U. law .wa \I. ;r
    emends of progressive town backache sick head- a ul..un"II' 01.11)tMiM
    any or nervous or .
    N O. W..ib3ppt.tL. Cnla.r. SUN'ha.er. ['nit-a..554 eerlins'st..5.11 .bo redeem ... 17thetay Of th'lob.rt A. IK I
    . acfi 'or Ty' '' t-ttre' 'dlstfcs- 1lleate No. T T3at> vib*. tn>\ dar of nordlntf U. la<* laideed will kiwuin tl>erei.n naills XVItfie a rur umnlal >Unataf :
    Itthdav of tMto'.er. A, It ImiA.XVItneM the ltab day YstdemNr .
    aches and that July. A. U. tax have Bled aavT tlyrliDoa4' la mr ontelal _ltfnaturo ant seal thUthe .A.i.-w': :; "
    ing pains cause ::
    SL my ofnce.' and have made application' tai
    :THE YELLOW FEVER. .Haiticertificate vthilay. of SepteinlM. +r. A. II I I'>* pit l.nr I'Ireal. C'uun AU1igNM1 '
    deed to lawue'a accordance with law, .
    women so much suffering.As .> 't N" Ii. IKSIIKH:!' : ....
    enmracea tbe following de c t
    al 1 Clerk .. . "
    j Clreult Court Alaobiia C i Ma. ;
    .tny New Case at Penaacola and pain weakeningand property< situated In Alachua county.I Floridtowlt .- ... NOTICK: OF APPUIOATtON, T>tl.. TAXOKKII 'Of'

    i/4[ Several D.aths-N.w Orleans. leaves the !system' in an exhausted HeH of NwSt'" Sen. II.,.... to N..R. Ilk -*. ...rea UNIIKII MKtrriOK' BOf CHAPTCAOWN.

    : condition, it i i-* wrong The sail land beds ane ard at the date 01' NOTftIKK1 "". ..UI&X I LAWS or FU>IUOAt 1
    f.lP.o.acola.. September' 20.Since Ja"tjalght the iMHuanee of imitb vert'Ocate. In the nauto ol '*'-'* !HKOTIO.S: Or ';11 A I"nn I _
    to suffer a moment longer than Central Ph 'b.Male. E'IIItli A. I Notice hereby .1.' ." t''as'Dwq{!!:(Cqlagn ANyiWadeTalriVl
    the fever has been 25 4 1.4\\ :
    gaining. .. aald ctertlftcau shall be redeemed ...,* :: rVW5. ' ..
    fotaw bring necessary, and you should-take remiss to law. tai deed will...... thereon 01 Not'Ire tm hereby ail"M that upuivbaMtr ........... >. Oota .,'
    cases reported yesterday the Anti-Pain rills first indication Lb. Tthday. [ auwi one death with four new oases UI'| on Wltners mr wmclal ...\..". and seal thl th dar of July.I A, IS? l5Ht .... lad aril eerIlllrtate of day, A. lx IHM. have flWd: q
    of an attack.If the red day of September, A. U Man. In mr urns,.. and h ":noon .today and ,two deaths. The M II. XVIKNUKH.Id t.. riee.l to 1 lwue.> In aim ,lance wish '** tai. deed to iwiuo iaa-4M.....oeairlbed ws1A .... '
    t fteopla are anxious to leave town forsated taken as directed you may Clerk Circuit Court Ataebua Co.. YI... Said. eertUleate embrace tlm' folbtalinr rtej haid' .,..nlne... eabrsneM ,.a..,... .... +

    have entire confidence in their aer/lied/ ..-i.|.erty Militated In .'bsr ruuuls pr"Hitr lUtwaled M AMeb4 I lsaV.
    bat the detention is not t-..,",.... .wlt .'Iur..ao.I.: "
    < :
    camp ,..... of Mw4 *_. a). Tut R. ... ..
    effectiveness well in th ,
    as as : NOTICE: OK APPLICATION YON TAX Sw 1-4 01 1'1 w I | lsew' W. T... Q. that It. iS p
    'y:ready. ,Several men on board vessels : .;....... eontalulit. of InTt ...... ,...... .TII. raid land bellMt --.< at Ws...i" ,1,J Jrtld
    will dis- a .... |
    Itsre reported sick with fever. fact that they leave no IJK.KO': UNVKM KMTIOS C OK CHAII'Mtlm. .e oabi. 'Saul beto. .. a M e ii w.d ., lIMo date \ .. .....,. n' web .erUO.ai iih.. MM. ..1\\:t

    I .. I.AWH OK "U'IIIUA. the liMwarMto wf .... | w1 J. If 1SW. \ \
    .. agreeable after-effects. > I eerU'btet la llM. same !
    .. .
    Unknown.eor4n -rail aw< shall. be red...... *? v
    , At New Orleans. Notice UHerofc* wires that l" ll. CoUon A 4.514 sa -* yl
    They contain no morphine, l1a''_ 5111ewllnualw/bsU be lag s there-as. ,,1t
    r"oa eortxirailoa ...u".r w. 1: l' rll. Hn. r..IIU' (. : i
    &-*$? ji... Orleans S"p&ember'rom i cocaine other -to ia w tai d..eil wlillvu. tl...r...<" *MI /P .'
    opium, chloral or Made and Perry M. fJ..o. |>..rf"lI-.w" of ,two si.l dar ..r 4 *u.l>.r, A. It. ."'.. .rdlnc.Irw um.ial .Ig.Suev aid. -.a ts;', .
    }rd'.R antll Tai (tVrtineal' No iS. dstnl the .th day. .<> \'hD._ U, .........." AIi
    m. yesterday noon today dangerous drugs. July. A. U 0t. IMO niala.kleertldeat.Isair my nfrk l.i signslur..M eal IhU Ii U. JiolS.rt1''i;.
    :' ....,. were 11 new eases and no deaths. "FVvr a inns time t hv suffered ..ma'n. and ..... n...I._.arf. .>..,. ...a for ..a.d.t tlttbda.t Aufw-t., H A.II l I',, wlV.NSIYfs M' "* ': . i..l ; .1",1', c.!C tt" AI....." Oo 6 1
    to accord. with law. *aMrerttreate
    with of bnokafh. that tat Clek flreult <* rt Al ohua. .:.. Kla -
    With o
    [ September nearly gone the ye-!- greatly npll '
    .d.ra.e. lb. fotktl cog d*rloe>i|
    : low. fever is well under control Th nK-nri..*almont attarlu more rom than on I every can .month.rwlur*. .....H>ertF. attested la Ala< bua 0""uaty., rkwkls.lush ;.-C; 2 Iri\.uA"' '' UJATI(''' IUr/, 'IA'x.1 l'a. J""Kr.1' .

    ant ltt two or dirts & fw"
    At Other Points. w4 of Ne' ".<<1. >. TI. W. s H 1% KTbo .> i
    never bean able to: get an jr thine that 'rL tlK;1''::,) irsiiKK .MY.frp/Y OK '.'II .\ITKH . LA ur N''U'f J ;

    .* woull glee rn* tniK-h relief I until I hoIxiran Mbt U1 ..*"".1 _.a.M at the data tit 4-. ..,\ ""''"' tar KM)flfUA.N I
    A '
    of ,
    ., ease fever ia reported from ; the. u_ of Ifr. Mll. AntlPalnIlhi. ,to. U-u._e of .s.a certiorate la fir aa 4'&ent four miles from Pensaeota and all: they aJws7w reller. m* In a It. ''. h.JthItn.a.. .HU>. l I. herehr ti. 'b..J J llm> tnmn. ............r fl' T.. V. ual. w y.t,f f4.lai {
    short tlm. Sly sister who au ,. aoapietous case at Milton the sams way has" urj them wltlatb eordlaw. 14.1... ta* 4oe will W t. 4.1..,_ on tto. *nl day ... Jal:. A. II l uw. 5.a. Bled _Meertl Shad' -:1: ::::: la me '..
    antnrcofta! \, MltH. PAHK. th Ctrdda* wf la'4e.r. A, l> laS. _al* IM ..* ....Uand k_ __!I. .t..*...* wad. las See4 to .Nweurdas.
    *J.,, Mississippi' there are new eases 721 H. AllcKl.an Ht.. South 0...... I.fad.Dr. Wlt._M
    etc: st&ies. Viektburg. Oulfpurt, 3Iisalaalpl Mlfc..* Antl>Falrt Pills are sold by tho ..\b d.,. ..< "' .|...rut.-o. A, It !.*. dew bald ....,1_... ......._.. ,,,, ...:......... Ihhe fubaela4 A."II5A ........rt, elf "
    rtrugal' who will. o ara.t.e ht M. M WIKNOKM.Clerk dew'rlla..liw.M.rtr.aiu tevt lo Ala ll..o ..uu.ta. Almeaws sw.sly YLwk4a, Wwll r .a:
    City and Ro.... your the flr t eackf9. will. b.n flt. If Ittaus 5,4 Clre.ht ('fr\ A'Cu... Kla. KWwWa t..wlt ; lit. amiss III L'el, tmtuNr I Ta.. OJ Zdeiy'r;',11
    ... 414AN1.7ufa.Wl.eo.M.TI.: if II tit iif.slTarn :
    ,f ; .H....will Si cem.r urn K your ever m oM.y.In .....Ik. - n.. _lot ..... Iohsv. aaw of al .,... d... oftM .14.... 'JM. .......... at Ias-LIM. .. rfa
    .Dr. Fbwta" Testimony Intareatina 2S 0. timcr." OK APPtJCA1U. t1K TAX a.-. ._ .., _II Mr/iIhCsl.. .la ._ .._ III ,... ......- .. ..n....... fa ..iha w.... l ff.i1'(
    Miles Medical Co.. Elkhart. Ind hle.uuae I. awl 1. t.. vi jra.lrw ,j. \ f ,
    r. Thosnaa Finn of Boonsbore. Mo ru UMOKH: aixmos stir ctiAprrMNutleo ltsku.rwkl.r/w4./A.ka115.' r.."...__ a.euedMw .. (.al._ Mid .."...,. aJM. k. tWoVoMMoi &

    _. . a..a' 11 WM Uti' J'LfJKII'A, .., .law, tie <*..>t wtl "MM Ikerewo.UM9i awooedloo' to tow. ta. deed I Saave4svy: : 'ray '
    -- -- -
    IMo: bps practiced medicine fur 32 - .l Aar of (......*..r. A It Iw*. o too Uru.day of OOWMM V, A/fcTHt v, '.' :r..

    k .,...... says .. haa oed prescrip'aia U hwroar rites that J. M t*>O. Jr vVna... my ......wu. *< _.ur. ..... .cl In.. tviMtow. _p .m' .(.. r. every 1I.t .> out Tai Crtu '." JIf- 1s/.d.i. thea.lam.r.4 Aaer-I.A !. p... tieleta.ay.fe.I.ta.s./fe BVflBVT *T-IV% .
    known to the profeaaioo for treat das7MJsly. A1 i.u. ...... id h.Is WU: 'IY.". .. .. ., II .;: {

    J ..rtUSe.,. lo rv >... and a** ra4e s/aVaea. id (: '1atN' Cwrt A........ /,... KUNOTICK Ns C5erl t.1w.ielOr. at 'i .ij;; .
    oC.kidney and bladder dl...... n l>ra. fur pas ...4 to ..>.... la .oex r4aao wltdJ. it.;: !
    N1 a. be ha. found / I.w, MoMS eo naa.,... ____.... 'wios555d.vftbed.eae.r1 - -- . . !i-
    :' ya never anything ,. .......... Ie AIM5.a. eon.- ymca nJR s'ustwff ;tirolaaW !: f'' '
    i st i,r API'UCATIOK rPH TAX "'
    -.un la both chrome and aeoteia . U' Ykwlda. u.lt ''''N '
    .. a.. sf acts ..... e4.Tp.' R %. ...... ,. .: Ino.tU t'KCJut' aKCTtoM a or CKAPTKM: : ...... q.rlglsrs train' . >.,;
    | t y. and bladder troublea Fo ley's : :J.l i 1TOOIIT fORCE TN sale lad bawd -...d a' .._ .... ., w. LA WM or noitllA. ...,Nll ... ..' "try
    .. ,Ca,.. It ,.. '-___ u, wen _......... h IM as_ .f "' .&1.. It .....W ......'tlWr'f
    tope Irregularities sacs ::- II. ".......u.J'. N. U k r.It r .!._ laat /. T r..laf .. -..s.. Ism aide ........ low.
    ;.Ml boikta sip the whol. .,.te.... J. W. : i 1 f.i--tmkt 4M.nia..t4t .a.n 1N ,....--a ...,...>- M Tae r.*UiW.l. *.. ., ...... ._ a as Mar M.ta.e r-i ==11(( .'
    Because the l st .,..,. .''n* n law. Sam 4..4 wul ..... t*>'r_ MO lira Aar IfI* Ase'set. A.', I_. .*"t4.iU ...aal5.w a5.M.naidNw.'aM.: : :::l::: f"
    JNOllam A Co. they are lb. rte day of 4ftwt4i...... A. '1. Ma". Sam .:cNI. .&.......*.. > lofo wv .a5o.. and :Ma.5 0.-:11. S 5:
    .wta..,. land for the wit.-. nay ......4.1 ...,....- a..* a... tola a.. ...... r4.I...._ taiML deaf ........ M H. ..... .... .M tkMaer.r
    in the inonuv ... 1_IS dsf et ..........*>.... A U rw' _,,.,..._ !... Itab' ..,....la ewe Ja.e
    l t Ask yon dealer t.I C1.vt n.f to--n 11....... c.. n.. .- ..I Is A......._.. r1..14a _ll'A. 114, vsl f.t 15.0.14. Mew 11.7w. 1 a "'
    y"t" Nb.r.i to Tbe ......-W..k Sun Jim" Shoe and in. b-Sot n. JM.T '. ..;.::l. K. ** is a +tMe
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    ......MIMI aame through' tha mail 1'.r..taW ...ue..... ..... .. A. ua4 lb.
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    BBk. ..u........, wltb the postmaster Koncic or APTIJCATIOX, nw TAX .._ l..-aMe. aita rr. wtO....., 4s. is. Crab W dsy.f....5.eaeoaer I.. 4ew4 eat, 11.,..U......ta.e.o ..u5..e N w, W Mf>lKTf liox,lt.w/Ww: ,
    ll-. M ft. Maras. s on.t. J.4. of Alr.rewa.oaar.
    l'flwslata (o which your eobeeripUoo .la Drw CKDfut SECTION: 5 0' eu A 1"1't.M:: !'dada.. a4 .... ..aaewa U.1e..ssar1a waw.w toe fIftoa- ..,.."" ,.. .... sand (Ms<

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    iwawoald XeUn e M Mn'W al'e.. tort N. E. T.-.r. .fsas.4 ... aid in tSeghw4ww ...de.t.aa M Ohoro" CVeult. Caret.*..*a C:-. rt*.
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    o.vtcOrweteant.L.wss..c..2 ...-. IJ ,. .' ., A
    "', ..

    IT'SEPTEMBERS, 1905tS :

    _-'> ;:FROM:;.ALL, GainesYillelealty GAME IS PLENTIFULIN -.. .


    :t Coin LIMITED.:
    r&': A. Healthy Liver MakesA

    \Q;flritf ;Hn'AoiiCnga From Various Paid-Up Capital, $,5.000. Hag.Bear Captured' and Almost Well Man

    1: '** Sections, of State. Killed a Young C.lf.

    ; ,.-." + ;\ Buys and Sells

    ,f "iA!&I "V\ -.._-.'. *. Real Estate..
    1't :!
    ;.r.ni In "*Tbe: Land of Flowera." Collects Itunts and Accounts ; Brokerage Under New Management and Will b.ConduCI.d r
    '.f.., : Business. ; Fire and Life Up-to-Date Scale.FUnermen .
    'i. 8ollcd I Down" to Suit the on an ,
    .. Insurance.Correspondence '
    l ,.1 ., i derIteme. of Irtsrest to and Hunters Coming
    '" t. '
    .J 1tr -' '
    'f, O a.... Solicited from After Game. -New Fishing Camp.

    ',' hdredging of Lake Okeechobee Prospective Purchasers Gulf Hammock, fcj pc. 25-Autumn
    y ,\ / :ialgtq 'la January.'Jfeftltson and Sellers. Is here as everything denote The A lUULT TZG1iTAM.Z COKPOTJND and the HOST FEBFICT -
    wild flowers UVEK MiDICINK KKOWM. Do not flU your system
    : are fu bloom and the
    wr"tj-; villa la to bare paint faoiMrjwliS -
    \ :with CalomsL.Arsenic or Quinine. BEKBINK la a guaranteed
    t '.WO.OOOjsapltal.sVlNHBnello tt. 5. JJlYIH, President.O. bright little yellow butterflies are flitting cure for all diseases produced by a TORPIDUYZR

    :I/J... U discussing the question 'W. 8COFIEL1), C.aa4lar' .at*Law, about from bash to tine' In such a and DfPTJRK BLOOD. It will cure 1'IALARIA wtthovt leav-
    : merry way that It makes life worth tng any of the deadly effects of many drug used for the*
    A{. V* board of trade. Hecretary and Treasurer. .
    :;:' *blishlng the ".lnKJu., to look upon the merry purpose. One bottle purchased today may save you free
    /,' r: ;\4Ph/ ..'Si. reteraborg schools openeda FOR BALE little_ insects and flower a sick spell tomorrow. Quickly cures Blllevsness, ComistlpMatlen.
    Chllla. sal all Uve
    a<"'" l 487 scholars.v \
    fl enrollment of
    |, n: \ir.. Louis Thomas
    Lots 6 and 6 of Drake's subdivision of Jacksonvilleh Complaints. Used And recommended by the medical pro
    /,;/ .;rtn, "f Tllllaof the Moss Bluff auctionVX'waa of Block 1. Range' 7. 'of' the original taken charge the Gulf Hammock fession gensrally.

    ,< fined '9O by Judge Bell 'of'Ocala, survey of the City of Gainesville. Hotel for the winter and will pat new A PROMINENT PHYSICIAN'SENDORSEMENT'
    nd'4 Division fl and Lots i
    Lots 8 in
    "If '"
    'Td.y'for; bt Olt, hi. wife. 'and 6 In Dlviison A of W.. R. Thomas'sub life (lu the old hou.Ir... Thomas x
    : took carbolic ..cd'b7( division of Gainesville. will hare chambermaids, cook, and
    Dr. A. J. Hannah a leading physician of Umatnia,
    log 'I K to be eotnethlng luau "P811'98. general help that are so badly needed F1& says: MI have been using Harbine In

    nd died soon after Two nice,lots for.alf,. where the Com' here, and Gainesville' people can counton tice and am wall pleased with the results. I always
    I ':" baa yet been found to the tneroial Hotel stands. being well fed and roomed when keep some on hand, and think it a grand* medicine
    for Biliousness and Liver
    i era of Lula Wise and children --' i the come down to kill a Gulf Hammock

    ..i' Jaeksonvflle, last Thursday Offices in Endel Block, deer. Large Bottle, SOc Avoid All SnbstltotM
    R' ht. x II. G. Oassels and a colored man,

    ;' Blnce September let there has been GainesYille, Florida. while out holt hunting last Tuesday, Ballard Snow Liniment Co.St. .

    found where a large bear had just .'l ouic V. 9. A.
    109 :barrels of fresh fish shipped from -- ,
    ?ort Myers by the companies at that POPULAR PEOPLE MARRY. caught and erlppled a calf.The_ bear
    had run the calf some little distance
    before he overtook It. The calf was
    T. Jl. ester of Ocala has purchased Two Young; People Who Marry AreGreeted
    down helpless, badly bitten throughthe SOLD> MBCOMMatNOBO ,.YIIHO vt'# i
    Friends.The .
    .'4 ,000 acres of the finest virgin pine by Many ,
    and is
    neck. There
    nota -VV... :btI:. JOHNSON: Q-eii-i fr
    ndt In Polk Consideration'
    county. _
    marriage of Charles Victor' Mo bear dog In the Hammock, so "Br'er ,
    ::]' ,o xJ. + Kintry and Miss Janie-Taylor ocaurred Sear" roams around at wiil. This calf - -- .r ,. -

    The Second Regiment Bafld at Or. at the First Presbyterian Church in was caught within a mile of the pOfl& Carts .
    '' ado has received a number of new his city: a, 7 o'clock Tuesday morningand office, so we will send a standing invitation Cj&1DLvrt.oa -, "' .

    ::. ittipmanta, and' It will be In fine was one of the swellest and most to Sheriff F nnell to come down Bewcl Troll iy

    !? ape for the encampment. up-to>date events in the matrimonial with his cat dogs and have a bear /IllY ./Il1..I" iRegtlWa

    R. Davis of Bartow I. planning, to line that has transpired In Gainesville hunt. tsne , ,

    out 76 acres to cabbage. Quest fur some time. Misses Brenner and Tonnerlier are the 1'

    4 y will have no trouble In getting The friends of ,Mr. MoKlnstry and at the hotel assisting Mr*. Thomas in lOWiElI TCKTMiefFnr.pbl .

    j ana to locate la.that vicinity.t Miss Taylor have been anticipating for arranging the house for the October Coats 25c at Drfl gists,.or.Hail 2Sc tt C.;',J.

    "'. .. \grape.fruit shipment be some time this delightful l function, opening. Mother I H .n.tc"o Ion for, but ..... Ute hC jf' .I

    ,from. .Port M'......one man having which was the result) of the large attendance Wagons from the pine wood. are your- child as thousands have dono l y.t.1C6CTHINA ,
    notwithstanding the hour coming In often for their fall "' I. easily given and / coares !
    order,1 for 500 box., 82 of which pretty the of 'ects 0'the..ummo".IIC.
    already been cent forward. Car- was early.The supply of flh. This Is a great place ..
    e' tpmeota begin this week. church| was handsomely decor for hunters to come every fall for game ---- -, -

    : aced In floral designs and those present and fl.h. '
    v ; 1 i Marlon Farm near Ocala has
    appreciated the designs in exclamations The Gainesville Fish Company withJ.
    capitalised at 175,000. "to buy OHROB'
    of enjoyment.The L.. Chesser manager are putting In '
    4 ad sell and deal generally In de3 -
    bride was'attired In a traveling me hundred'and sixty of Cartel's patented -
    stock: of any and all kinds. 8
    ;. wla. la secretary and treasurer. tress of silk, octoroon brown, while fish traps, besides having several.
    the groom wore the conventional black. men employed to fish with ..flit... Theyare
    .uantual Injunction salt has been
    When they entered under' the strainsof going to haul tbejtltoh to Otter
    ",jjSfct-hy,100 pMjfits of Turkey Greek In advertising i is to convince that YO
    Mendelssohn's. wedding march it Creek and ship fronvtn "' mt. you
    1.... cot. In Hlllsborough against
    county tl'
    natural that H. Waters
    was all eyes should be and C.lvaters returned
    ,i 'Lena.A. Mather to prevent her from turned upon them. home Thursday from a business trip to have a bank account, and that the account ;
    1 'l't. llev Thos. P. Hay of the First 1'resvterisn Evlnston. They moved into the ham-
    kept in THIS BANK. We offer ABSOLUTE 5h
    *! teacher.Dyke .. '
    ,\\t.' > Church performed the ceremony mock In August from Kvinston. and are
    C Smith of Eau Uallle fell or in a very appropriate manner.. hewing themselves out farms in Gulf to our depositors. '

    ti amp..t from the highs Abridge that At the .,conclusion of the service and Hammock. \\"" welcome all such peo. 1

    .pans the railroad sour Thursday after the congratulations of friends, pie here.GULF. Equipped as wit&a NEW FIRE-PROOF VAULT
    we are ,
    : his head the Iron lI. Itt ,
    : *striking on r* )fr. and butt MeKlnstry left for Jackaonvllle .
    -- -
    K1 thought he w.. dlsappolnte In love and points on the East Coast, New Triple Time Lock, crew.DoDr, BURGLAR-PROOFj

    : .. where they will spend their honey. HAiMMOCK I { HOTEL SAFE with our Officers Bonded, with Fire and Burgjj J
    ( moon.
    A,' on The groom I I- a son of Dr. and M rue J. UULF II.VXMtK'Kf FLA. Insurance., your money and valuable papers are safe

    ,I F''% MoKlnstry, 8r., and".very prominentHere with us.FOUR.

    : being engaged In the mercantile I I
    ) tell business. The bride Is one of Gaines Paradise for Hunting; and Fishing PER CENT Interest Paid on

    or ville's fairest young ladles, a daughterof - Deposits.
    : Mr. and M... A. "". Taylor and has TbU hotel I... under nw nin'"'m.nt mod
    will ui n .kn obr Lt.IMA. for the WIDtt....t
    friends In this who will wish aaoomllMJ daUo... .
    floe many city > Ftnehunting.tnelwfin.jdeer..arher
    ; ..... her well __ _ __ .horn. for end AooomaxKlaUoo miamtl .a_. Kao.Uent of guests a".hln t.ukte, and The BANK of ALACH
    for buntlDtf and tUhlD[ |>.rxlei>.
    In rue r.,.. sad oaiina4aUoD addrrwiMRS.

    very CASTORIA IjOOf.A, THOMAS fwrletrUcur --. Alachua. F1o ds._
    MAMMOCK. Levy Cu.. rue
    :For InCaaU and Children.KM _
    than --- ---- ----- -- ----- -- ------- - .T
    i ---- - ---- -

    .Jl.re-. TH YM Have Allays IMPt t T. F. THOMAS

    ,In") 8igstatar.Bear the. of, UMDTAKIM[ ((0. Stock in the Emma Gold Mil

    i' - --
    copy Emperor: Receives frt morlat. At the price today U the best and cafett Investmentmnln poesi'
    .ro..tct, f itt :s. ,=S p, in -Tne ..IISr.'nJr -,

    ,' h I' alvlnr p..raonsl attention to FULL LINE OPNEW ibis mine l I. opened and ore on the dump. It la not an
    I the nlC"morlah1''ntllP" to him m<*at, bat a safe and found inv*.tm nt.

    K'A: & art !bzalaft: the terms tit the ,Irate arrange GOODS With every tlQO Invited In stock we will issue a S per ee '
    ., turnts with Ilu sla. These memorials' bond. Insuring the investor from any po aibl* chance of 'oe.

    i hOW number nearly 1O). Tb* ac'ta' Agent tor...-- The Raid bonds are. a. cafe a* Government BondaV f

    em ton who are trying: to lnterTl' privy \ would like to bear from you If you eould bfo Intel.
    ; with councillor have refused to ratify the Monuments, Tombstone* fleet-class 'investment. ..b.olutI)y sate. and on. with the bright ''
    : r+- treaty of par and the public view ti and Irtm Fend. hear,..c'"* and future of any Kold mine err opened or dieoverd. ;
    th*0lortt investigation and src would Ilk* to get you la
    almost unanimous la
    and dcmandtac the See Our Samples Fell particulars for the mr atking.RIFE .
    .Ip.tloa of the rabloet. }: yen Ute

    Ho moderates do not conceal their grief lVrMtal) atteaUea U all natter* la .
    the at the resole of the negotlatlooLI this hue. Mail aa4 telegraph enters COFFMAN ,

    .. . ........UJ atteaded. ...:
    '-- '- --- -
    , .... Brokers, St. Clair Building Marietta, Oh.io.|

    ,:\, r ..' .. OaineAville FloridaPATENTS

    : U GRINDLixaliwFriitSfTdp Send Us n postal for full 'information.
    It la
    -e. within 200( feet of the Emma havo paid as h rdt

    .nl. 40 per cent in one year. Watch the Emma] v

    'I and its dividends. t I'It


    I Pt.l>*,t to tom. ... .-..........-...n&....-_-CTV..O.-.... 11
    pain l The Ddfc\ I ma la.....-iWI.e. ,e M - t.el
    new laxative. -- -..... .... .A -- - --------
    I' ..e.wMOtwT w.wn./ p.II
    not gripe or nauseate.
    from - -
    .,...- --..It.'AeCI_"_
    Cures stomac and liver i JOB
    ., .e. ees o.v. ww -.aOs. PRINTbo
    .: few troubles and < onic son- U. .. '..... 0M0e.,
    ... .. y..U..1 flora by restoring the -
    our Order to '
    action fthe.tom- b



    v> -*

    b.W ,

    G SPILLE S : SEp EMi E C28. i: o cu

    .. -
    A. W Taylor;, whoiuui. been with the Jrito" jT7turffayni Dotty 'N .
    CITY AND Sun Dr aml .rn. N. D. Phillips ',' '
    surveyingcorps of.the!Gainesville and returned TO :aE: Ov-m: ; : "
    John Kennanfof
    Golf Archer was trading rtfm Atlanta, Ga.. where they ':
    Railway which la
    working south FRECKLES
    COUNTY CONDENSED ward from Fair tie Id to Tampa, arrivedin in the city yesterday. have been on a visit" to relativesW. AXD PIMPLES

    the city Sunday for the purpose of W M. Thomas of Pell was a visitor P. Bnulware. of ,Orange Height :I.-n. .O DaY-A, moo;.

    attending the marriage of his daughter to the county capital yeterday.MM was in town yesterday and made this "

    r Scatters of General Interest Oath- Miss Jsnte. to Charles Victor MeKlnitry. Kl'a Atwater Waldo I. visit office a pleasant call showing' his ap N A DIN LATHE .,

    erect by Our Reporters. which will occur at the First bog :Miss Edna Gheve, m this city. predation of Alaehua coonl,'* leading I COMPLEXION RKU'TIFIER.

    \s to' Presbyterian Church this morning.Mr. T. A". Thomson of Wade was a business newspaper by renewing for another :

    '. Taylor states that, notwithstanding visitor to (iainesvill' yesterday.Dr. year.

    RSONAL AND SOCIAL ITEMS the ,wood. at this season are very' G. W. Tanner of high,: Springs )(.... William Godwin and her inter

    } wet, being overflowed in some places was In the city business. sting little son of Fa'/fleld were y
    on '" yesterday.W. .
    it Has: Happensdand What Is Going; and the Insects almost intolerable, the among the vloitor to Gainesville yes
    F;. Veal
    Happen Told In Short Paragraph corps I* making very good time' having merchant of ltoeh.lJp.wa. terday. Mrs. Godwin came to have
    a business visitor'to
    jo That "Ma'Who ,Runs May Read"in reached Holder Citrus county. The yesterday. Gatnesvilip some.pictures taken of the little boy
    ( cornerexpect' to make better time from by Jaa. F. Smith.
    The, >1 Sun. Holder south, as the eountry is said to Deputy Sheri! E. A. Oteen of Wil- Taken .
    up at my place near Waea
    Ini Tue day'*'Dotty ''Svn: b*> In much bluer condition being leford was in the city on official bust hoot '
    higher and more rolling. one chestnut sorrel pony horse.
    II I. Alice Cato of Alacbaa Is near yesterday.
    : guest branded "0. J."
    on fight hip. Owne
    ,. .friend* in North Gainesville. front Wednesday'' Dally Sun: Sandy Graham left yesterday" for can have same by alllnJr'on The t\un.
    Fred Fri-i of Archer
    }F. iro cb'of Hr.nesworth was a In Gainesville. spent Tuesday Like City ,whore he will enter the paying' for this notice and sending for 4

    Ri''i lne.s visitor to this city yesterday University of Florida. the horse. I'. G. Ramsey, dawl
    3, E. DeBone of Dutton
    [anted-Copy of,Twice-a-Wcek San the 'visitors Gainesville was among Mils Louise LaFontisee has returned' Mr. Southern L. Ward and son II

    Id Jane 15. 1005. Kindly mall to .to yesterday. I from a visit to her .iter. Mr. Thos. L. Ward were, in town yesterday on ,

    [office. f 'O"orge H Gibbons of Archer was Kincaid. at Newberry.Turpentine business connected with her late husband THE NADtNOLA CWL

    among the visitors to this city ,eU.r- afe but (tbrmerb .ch..1wd aDd wW a.. t
    Scblater of Mieanopy. one of leases fur at this office. owing to the absence of

    prominent resident of that day. BOc per dozen. 93 per hundred. County Judge Mason the was unable . SATINOLA . '" :

    i>n:was In the oity( 'yesterday. Justices of the peace can obtainap- Cain must accompany order dawtf have the necessary paper Issued. No ah D**lu formula or peka... a.d. :
    !>earance bonds and other blanks omly hM bee ebon.** U> avoid! eo.,.....* awe .
    W ;Millicfcn: the naval stores op- thlaome.. .t A. H. Emerson of Kirkwood one of Mrs. Moretta' C. Brooks will direct o..aut ...oord; to bar M.valeabt*.0vt>.r**
    >r of Waldo was among the busi the' most succe *ful planters of that the opening' exercises of the High' Uoa aonfuMNl with any other). 't'1'r

    i visitors to this city yesterday. H. M. Sherhoune of Miesnopy wa section, was trading in the city yeter. Sohool She solicits pupil. In piano NADJNOLA I "..rnrrsat.ed ID every oe..wtMwe"uT. ...... will.U4, ,

    i Mixson lefty laat' ulfiht for Cen- among the business visitors to this city' day. and vocal' culture' to be taught In the \o ,..100.. f r..kl... Mmiri**. 1 ryjyeaaiai.
    r far dllloalur.uo-.............
    here be will visit relative.. Mr. yesterday.Rev. Prof. Tho. J. Lindsay of "..aDnfOe.one Auditorium. She expects to organise tlonm.itl ,,,. '1"1te worst 0--.l.a>)>.

    hi J. F. Bruton. for a few day*. F. M. Hartman of Paradise was of Aiachua county' efficient glee clubs In- the school at. early a* ,b.*my.of 0..1'.7ouu.soft b.aaty. and ,:; :try.. I ,

    I. Turner of Alachua wa In the among throe who spent yesterday in teachers, was a visitor to Gainesville possible. tiptoe lo nests*ad ".4)). field !I. each
    bF .u ..... '
    I.adterr.rurrs.t. "
    Gainesville. George Mcltae or r ="rra5esad
    yesterday.Chan. and sifter, MU i'It
    tanday. He was en route from. I O'llor ST. :' l .
    a. near which city he own a Judge J. A.'J. Strickland of Hague .. McKinney of the' Graham section Blanche have returned, from Reddick, National Toilet Co. Ptf l." ;
    was the business visitor and where they have been visiting for 'hep".t ,.
    range gro..e.:, among to this one of The Sun's old friends balneavllla .
    Sold 'in by J,8..;
    few da ..
    city yesterday and ol\.erlbttrtl! They expect to make
    ce make It a point was trading In the Co a
    A and J. W. MaOolluoiSCHOOL Ai'
    f Rev. their departure' for Tampa In a few ( ,
    .: Job printing with Mr. Gordon of the McIntosh city yesterday.
    ttoflm i ton at reasonable ,: :Baptist church was among the visitors Mr. ('. O. Husband and daughter of days, where they will make their future

    fuIIy allv.. to Gainesville yesterday. Metro were in the city yesterday home.Mrr.J. KNTHU9I

    tsstnd it e square are being If. D. Davis., a progressive. merchantof and spent' the day with Dr. and AI,.. W. :McOnllum returned y..*. Ex1ensiv.
    ] Preparation
    lobc and J. II. Aldwrman. terday from Rabun Gap Oa., whereshs ,
    add greatly to the Hague wa among those who II.a.IDP..ille .( for Opening of School
    lob a to has been for the past few weeks re.eupereting. .
    The work.I. being a business visit yesterday.R Mr.' and Mrs. G. A. Cololougb! and
    d Mrs. Klla 1.lI.mlhlD. Aa the bass evideose tluiCpfciive
    alotHoltpendlt a of Marshal 1 Pin L. Tison of Fannln senior mem daughter His Lucille have returned and Miss Kittle, La Font!...., who have pupils of the UttfviSohoul

    ; lair,:. ber of the firm of 1\.. L. Tyson A Co.. from a pleasant outing in New York also been at Rabun Clap, are expected I are ni.nlfesttaai dWav.

    /torn; too f lodge ha ",'ara.d.pl..MD' general merchants, was a business visitor and other point. I home today.W. I In the work ,for 0>. oamlasjf-

    S banal vacation' ,I to this city: yesterday. Justice A. D. Chamblin of Archer J. Walt of "':';anka was In may be mentioned that'great j

    is are en sited New York, Chas. Fisher of this city- has returned 'one of the roost efficient tmeials I't the town yesterday and made The Hun *n tines' are being mad. fur the.1 1

    alike: :.. see him homefXAasooo ,, from pleasant visit &Tampa. Mr.. county, was among the visitor tGainesville -0 agreeable call renewing hie eubsario; of the Institution, and ll icst

    [ aa a, sum Fisher expects' to make his departuresoon yesterday.R. tlon for another year' Mr. Waits I. that at the appointed hoar, r.

    >k{Is* crushed a force jwIJyied from for Lake City where he will enter B. Hodgson and C. I). Wood, one of the "JoIU..'" men for his age 1 III several! hundred bright' youths I

    >rk grading the street has been ... the Florida: University. members of the firm of Hodgson A the county, and always has a pleasant. sirs will| be in line, ready tur'

    ting "gang" will imtofw weekav .Warranty deed and mortgage blanks Voodgeneral merchants. Archer were word for everybody.: iW. ment. .$' nIt

    know that for sale at this office, the form used in business visitors to Gainesville yesterday. . II. Holder was In the city should be a suurae of fraY r.

    IJL; will require some Alachaa county which saves money In He wa en route tn LaCriMs yesterday. to the faculty that ,... 'a, r

    >pie who have the> ahaa.1000 E. recording. I.1 per hundred or COo err house and two lot for sale on West from Cltmnelle, where he has been for manifesting this Interest, fora ,

    >determined to Jfergoingrenalr.. dozen by mail.: Cash mutt accompany Court street* House two stories, six the past few days with his brother, treat deal. more successful' }

    I mulch la one of th/.tiy painted and order dawtfMaj. _I rooms, two'block* from A. C. I.. depnt. Jamslt Holder. Mr. Holder ,la think at the end the general ".

    Iprovements of a It'eora&4'cl with| theplay. W. R. Thomas and family .... Price, $1.600, with terms to suit log seriously of engaging In the naval will .how"to much better ad '. r

    : II pst er. turned yesterday from North Carolina, Galoesrille, RealtyCo.. I. d. tf store business, and Is looking for a lo The University High'J '

    a ow" THE yfot gentleman of fair where they have been recuperating for Allen Graham has gone to Baltimore. cation., never faculty had than a that better which" or'ek'ae'will li

    t.< .p re I"or firm of 250.00O the past few w ek.. They report a delightful where be will study medicine; In the A feature of Sund.,'. l Issue of The term this and the'' 1 x(

    r'..rMMfrv v $1.079: per year pay time and all have been bene John Hopkins University. Mr. (}ra.. Dally Sun hereafter will be an Illus. eo-operatlon year, and faeaHfthe ;

    *y. Expense advanced. Ad.ee. Sited by the trip. Friends are glad to gram's numerous friends' In this see tratfd faf hlon letter written by Ken only the pupils, but support tbs

    G. Clows/ ,Gainesville Fla. see them home again I lion wish him a successful term. f).veraux. These letters will den "..II. pas'

    O. G.'Qualntance of in the .. with the latest and f .h. ..r.f: ,::1
    Cyril styles
    n. D. M. Phlfer and Mrs M. W. was ----- --- ----- - ---- -- very 1':'
    pies are enjoying life at White city yest-.*day.: .)tr. Quaintanc ,ts a Ions prevailing In New York and Part' ., Always Liberal to O '

    flap for a.few d.,.: They'are being brother t>? Mr*. J. F. Balnes of Cyril NEW YORKRACKET and prove especially' interesting to Ih. Every church, will b. given i a(;

    .itartained by their daughter and six1i I and1 ha been In that place for the past ladies. Quantity of L. A M. palnt< Call,

    -.o.peetiv.ly. Mr*. M.. };. Flower : two mouth). H. I I. en route *o Atlanta The Hun erred In stating that Mrs I 4 gallon Longman A Martin/.

    'F. 8. OslenMbe.naval store where he will enter the Atlanta A. I'. Morrow, wbo with It., sue M. paint mined with tare aall< '.

    jtor of Miaanopy,'air In the eity opera.yew* College of Pharmacy.J. Hugh left this ally. for the North on seed oil will pales a hdua.xY:I ;
    pterday% : for a few hours and'mad The R. Merchant, for the past year or Tuesday, would remain' In Baltimore W. B.. Barr Clurlstoe'w",

    I Sun .0'agreeable call. He was en two bookkeeper of The 8UD.'baa accepted -- )Ir.. Morrow will spend some time InIhlladelpbla rites i 'P.l &ed Franksa*. ,

    I route to Bronaoc. where he was called a position with J. R. Kddin In as the guest of relative' with L.A.".. HtanJ o". M;', .

    [ busloes the same capacity. Mr. Merchant'. ..hll.llr. Morrow will enter tha Haiti-. varnished. : '
    'oa I many friend will wish him well In hi* OHEA1'1y1T STOHK OX EARTH.Our more Medical College. Wear and covers like gold,. tJr, '
    ;For the information of those inter .
    Don't ;i.OO s gslloa for
    r new venture and that hi. pay
    N. W
    occupation JJtlletfeUI.
    of this
    (..te will prove to good advantage.Mrs. .. city bat now with the A. I*, you ,
    las..$ sded the time for the payment --.-.--,--.-. .-----
    \water 'oa the meter system until I W. I". Garrett and daughter [ cotton buyer, Illaekshaar, Boy oil fresh from the barrel,'j-;'.
    January 1. and aatll that date the Dues. Omera MeCook, and Mrs Tom F. Ga.. i i. here for a day or ao In the 'In. eeate per. cslloa and mix ItA .fll-
    ate'will be In .tiNt I. flat MeBeath. arrived :yesterday from t tenet of hi. firm. Mr. aa.* Mr** LIt M. 'firi ,.--'

    ,. "' Wsyoestllle, N. C-, where they have 1 II..n.14 aav.. JII'I r.turn-M| from sac
    1"0"' Farneaworth of Klsslm It make paint soet a boo I; IN.pllou. :
    been visiting, for several) ....k.. They forraer'snM horn. Prueid.nee' K. I.,
    ba.beeeps.d a position a. teacher' report a most delightful time, having buyer now in Now where they have been for the past two 3'ok1
    and by 0. .. Thosnas
    as county. has beeaI Oi
    beea benefited. month
    greatly from the trip.J
    I;:3o Rocky Point., She has I. O. BUhop. Alaaaaa : ., '
    kvftaaaged In this profession for O. Tyson a progressive farmer of Yorjc City nurcha flag: our W K:, lUIInf Trenton member of -,{,Y: .;:J.. :"

    **.*.... and comes highly reeom the Weeaboota section warn In the city the firm of Wade A Hell| railroad ootraetors. A Hartdsuno,IMwUAM . r- .
    :yesterday. He brought to market' a Fall line of merchandise. was among the promfnealvisitors i n.,...... been f>Ued over jof
    eoop of floe chickens, which sold read.II to this city yesterday. This
    Miss Mts !. Dok 'Its
    (iMmltlve' Baptist of the north t Pflfl
    r leetloa of ths at good price WhMe in the city During b6 absence, and be firm bas the eontraet for aoasltuetlsg ......" OSMI of llMr hameats IBJBSJSJBUII
    . eoanty have Mr. Tyson called and renewed his sub the ....../ >o of the AtlavatJ Coast .
    lostlag a eries of ....Il...at ever brought la ts).s 1. .
    ," Church LaCroas sflrls-ioa to The Son. lie !I. one of our fore thenrrh.al of the heavy Line from X.w *'r, west late L.Yay.tl. The BS4Hksa.eat is.**.. f snit! '<
    i near for oldest sad most valued sob.crib>>.,... ene-I,. and have resbed th. Bo bat be vtjJlII
    cacaos help
    few day*. The meeting* haves ,. _. . stock that he will purchase, wannen river, They have a small armyof of adshrsda
    --- --- - .n.
    big' saeeess, beisg largely uses engaged' the work __ :r Ij:,
    READ THIS. we are anxious to reduce has b.e. d..Wed tbs ,**..*..
    Prof. Oeorge )I. ..,.... and )'ale, tV.
    : Davis hay gone to Bow Hag stock an(1 make torn I... Floyd u".oo.- City.where titled to permit sb..N1l.4.f 1.0
    Dra& B0a4 Tv,..Jane 1, HOI. room f jMsV '
    la ? '
    the free '
    r..where be will make *n- This U t. certify that I have nd thy have been ......... ....11.-... OIl library < b' aa

    haM of horses and males one bottle! of the Texas Wonder Hall' goodrf, and we have the (scaly. of the University of riorl yearly' suUerlslfcsis;' .pssM/fo* artawOctober :.. '
    .1 market. Tals !. ..,. Davis da. There are a o mr eompvteat la. 164... JWftV"; ..ba.riWrs. '*ra* .-
    Great and have been
    )*W I S -within' the past Sew Breaks, benefited Discovery, and, cheerfully great.ly reeomm many good things at exceedingly > stru.sr. la the Ntate that .*>**. g_.* have paid fee she ..|.,r{.!...!..*>lilt '
    led la cU..I.. of" tha I .reestitled fts)***.. Ceopo.a _:M
    .od It to lb. poblie tferpen* who so **. .*,a..r.. fitted/ post I a
    low it willhay << Ml..a.s I!;
    good prices.na prices; a ,
    I C. II. Our.. tioe 0% the ,...11, oy..a Florida ? RTM ,
    .. of the eireult ,';0 ....
    court.aooaty fUmiaary for The faral
    ;. sassy year ''
    you to visit our tore. ,.... .-W..k' lkall4.. .. ")v
    ;. opeaed at Brooaaa A TEXAS WONDER. 1'- II..,.. Ly.4& md Floyd... '
    IHI./ .e) aanali taa...... el 1.9
    _' whisk has takea several I recaaia her fr lav* pr....). whisk will
    Cast Oaa small bottle of the Texas Won" Come in and look around ( la ,<*>tl ....) ,HWary .......," J.cis"e
    > lawyer to town. The ; be plss log lafermaloo 141 tKelr' AGA''
    isald to be quite.. heavy, valsilrontraea dar, HsU'< Great iMaoovery, curve all .taeroos ,"- ..... ,|oily: ,W1...*Jt.$iOvW/IMkMslH ,fey ''_i .. ,
    "; ''wita taw ...... and bladder troubles rvntovesirsl you can savo money here. .. .. .f ffXlfby 0saH iV.
    ... sprigt.r9t .1Ja ... aswss. ) dl*>bat. sesnJaal. eta>>* I.O'.rol Taasp*. oee of taUd .'1>. O., lAb late aMr.haifylas ., ; _
    .. tfa shor.es* ,tiss.s.wosk aid lams backs, raeuzos- >.ge.arat.** ./ the ..tH Fin** ;those who ply ikslr aaartor
    .la Levy "uat,.aadter p ssj itJa .i&y, hs* retaraed le hi.* hero. .
    tbis.a asS all IrrecoUrUies atks kid to 7. .awr. a, ..ttI 1....
    trams .... bladder la both aea aM aft r a twist visit to fcU family ...,.. 1_. N who>> have pm.Mss'-1..
    weak to Bross 8as Mr. Carter hat the .Mi.ra.t for tb. .
    seets*. lee bladJer troablesIf isintro. 'IOG. ....... 0....*., will _oalp.aci ..,
    Ii, bas spplle4 rsea .. a.. lOW by yo&r4racgvevJI *.. -- -- --- .,*..Ioa 0' ,... ........ kUdl... .f .. ....A' ............. {aaaH"Lu'A. >

    passer; of aa, os. a-gaiai b. seat *T snail as' .**.4p& eta / ,U .>>. Florida tUat Yale. aad .Is .asplop. CtQ.., .!. UUUj....... ." rijEwS.iOF ,....7.111 !-m
    .beforessaariis g sssflof r* o..u bootie Ja swo mssths. ".,.... C lag a large fors ef ..". ... sad. fc e4s '. &MHigJs i anee-a' *. save si .,Y. ;U

    ot l>gHssi ajtrst-11. warev _.t ts.4trwms: Mm pssisoM.!a ..,..f .--...., Fan.tbte ;sass.G.tbiefta

    p tM -.' are

    M mM PaUFER_

Title: Gainesville daily sun
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Title: Gainesville daily sun
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Gainesville daily sun (Gainesville, Fla. 1903)
Alternate Title: Daily sun
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Creator: Gainesville daily sun
Publisher: H.H. McCreary
Place of Publication: Gainesville, Fla.
Gainesville Fla
Publication Date: September 28, 1905
Frequency: daily (except saturday)[-1938]
daily (except monday)[ former <1903>-]
normalized irregular
Subject: Newspapers -- Gainesville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Alachua County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
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Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Alachua -- Gainesville
Coordinates: 29.665245 x -82.336097 ( Place of Publication )
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Dates or Sequential Designation: -58th year (July 24, 1938).
General Note: Description based on: Vol. 20, no. 48 (Apr. 5, 1903).
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en 1dY ,
1 ,



Ff :. ; :.tt nt nillt i nilun!

- -
- - - - -
-- - -- _._ ..:J

-- --
- -
of the women be formed. Mia Cordon CHILD KILLED BY AUTO.
SEARCHING Bald tube thought that tlio women EXPLORERS HEADED -- PEACE TREATY NOT

ought to stand on u level with them Victim of
'..;; Nine-Year Old Boy Is the
*>n !In the government of the aasocl. Motor Car.
t atlon I JAPS
Atlanta. Sept. ::7.-Branch LewIs. Jr.,
'rw''lrt.\-'\' One Death In New York. I the 9-year-old son of Hrancu Lewis ut
>.HI.'***" 115 Crew street, former member ot I
New York. Sept. 27.-Jo' Marclra
Unable to Find Expedition Will Visit TJnox- the city council wan struck and killed I Editor Kayahara Says Th, re Ia
coal died of
a paster> yellow fever
'-t! :': Monday night by the cylinder automobile -
.4: the Dread Microbe. today at Swinburne. Island New York'i I I| plored Part of Greenland of Martin .Amorous. No. 101Mr I Much Dissatisfactiou
Detention lie
quarantine, Lotpltal. was
//W' Amorous was not In the autoat
removed from the steamer Havana
BETTER. TO EC LED BY DANISH EXPLORER the time of the accident and did not
TfOH 13 from Colon )at Sunday night but the MINISTRY WILL BE DISSO. vCj..
.' know that it was out. The machinewas
,.t.i- fever did not develop MUfTiclently( to be
:Apprehension !la Felt In New Or. diagnosed until late jc-nterday. The Tile Party Expects to Find Some Valuable driven by a mechanic In the tinfjloy The Japanese Emperor l I. ReL.e"J:
... '
of the Oldsmobile company, at
'and Reports from the Star.Inp body will bo Incinerated. Ethological and Scientific Records Memorials from His Heop'
', . ll t>:3 North Pr>or street. j
Country Are Optimistic. I I -This Is Second Trip of Explorer The accident occurred on Washing- Glad Hand for Baron Komurj e

k.a' Situation at Pensacola. to This Region. tdn the of Clark
'. Are Greatly Encouraged. Icy street near corner Mikado's Land.
Pcnnacola. Kla. Sept 27.-Only "4Uplciaun .. street where u number of children I
;rOdeans' Sept. 27* -Up to noon cases wire reported to the i| Copenhagen- Dvanmrk. Sept. 27. were: nJoyng, tlsentseluea about 7:15: Seattle U'usfch. Sept. :';

.liters were 10 new cases of ye>U I state board of health today up to noon Mylliitt Kricksen Is pr.!paring a Danish o'clock under the electric llsht. I Kajahara. editor of the \ uibo. .. :

r And two death. hour and are expected that a numb ship and a sledge party for an expedition '1 he little boy was pluked up by the I one of the leading; ';'..ilishtd ..-\ ,
of new cases will be announced this to the hltlicTto unexplored( regions\ machine and hurled for some dlxaticu : in Tokio. U in SaiUt
.: Orleans SepL 27.-Conditions tivpnlnK. One death occurred late of the northeast! coabl of Greenland. He was immediately taken to his home. Mr Kayabara stated that .
little changed In tho fever sltua'today. last night This Is In addition to the ;4, Tho plane have bteu In course of by two men and a number of surgeons : tonal observation led him t.,
The weather forecast was one reported yesterday State Health+I elaboration since l'rlcliu'n' return were oon in attendance. that practically all of the i''
;.,l''dear day but there were Indl Officer Porter issued a bulletin urging I, iron Ills lust expedition;: and bave beenI From the very first it was evident I Japan are cllasatlblletl with
is of rain In the south. Early the co-operation of all citizens and approved by many SOCK.ties of ticlen- I there was no hope for his recovery.: i treaty.
sus were for a record during thejpprozlmating asking that all cases be reported' tt I,I tlHts. The first I.xl'l.illlOU headed by Ills body was cut and bruised! and his "llaron Komura will not l I...

r; : that of yesterday, him promptly ,Mjhu Ilrlcksen returned J to Copeubagm skull waR fractured at the bn aro today only 282 canes under. Nov. t;. 1)4.) after two year and lie ling,,red for several hours constantly klo. nor will he lx- ifcti.
lent, and the great bulk gf these STREET RAILWAY ASSOCIATION.This u half of t'jcplcmittou In Greenland, growing; \taker and at 11 shouts: of glad. acclaim," said M I'
(of an exceptionally mild t'pe.I.t !bringing valuable ethological! and ..cl. o'clotk. surrounded bj the m..mbers hara.
Justice Itreaux. of the supreme Organization Is Holding Annual entitle recotdi.Tho of his family. the little boj died. "1 believe that the present
after a thorough Inspection of Meeting In Philadelphia. explorers had lived with the na will he dissolved| .soon bt cau .

:Dmergency hospital, said: Philadelphia. Sept. 27.-With the_ attendance Lives anti studied tht ir lan uaau and ONE KILLED; MANY INJURED. pie are clamoring for the n
.the people throughout the nation materially Increased the es. customs! during part of the. time they of the cabinet. and the empt'! "
{'Me making such a do about yet.jisver slons of the annual meeting of thoAUH'rlcMn were awawu' Ui>.y were found Wreck on Alabama Great Southern' Ing personal attention to the :ito ,
.! could have been with rue street railway aHNoclatlon by whaler late In I'Jo't.: thu explurtra Railway Near Birmingham. !4 I the throne. The peopli.
''I went through the hospital I were rutiuiued today. The arTllUiUd bod were living In company| with t.'liklmud Blrmln i1a1H. Ala. Sept. 27.-One i I demand a new cabinet and <
Ware that tmr would be convincedisclonco lea of' the chief organlM tiou. the In a tatt-r tl comilt on on Handera man was killed and 27 WITH more or II! will win.. "
bsBmatched disease
.. the American Association of Street Hall !island and their food wan almost ex less Injured in a colllson between. a
I''"that. their VKS* as to conditions way claim agents and the American l.utisU-il. t.wlr reliant Lung) upon the northbound fright train on the Ala Narrow Escape from Crer...atNew J r

DUndl....' Hallway Mechanical and IUt>ctrlcal 1 aa.soclatlon eggs whil'l1 were to Ui found on the binur (treat Southern and Illocton accommodation Orleans Sept. 27_-Kit.
Ui that fever appearing only spro- aIM heft 1II4.tln ". lu:und. on tho Hlrmlngham Miu.e the: four'tory' printing hv*"" .
U'Sn the upper districts: the prln At the si-itiilon of the latter organlza. il. Woodstock crossing & Co. I.t l.. nt 6:25: Graver lit 1 : .
"'flight of the uutborltk'*,.iraw )la beNUTled Ion F. O. Slmtnons.'cbulrman at the Powers to Control: Macedonia. -Pier. was a mltiiinderstaiullTS:: an to building U just beyond for I

. on In the lower section of committee on way loaders and super CouHtaiitlnoplo. S. pt. 17.--A collective which Lad tho right of way over the Lyons drug house. and Krn):!
,r;Orleans, to which: tho new cases nti-ndtnit of construction and maintenance note from the six powers has lien crossing, and the engine of the fright::: ': brought practically the whol<
chiefly confined. The reports forslat of wny of tho Milwaukee FJecrtc haucletl to the poiuclatln ; that their train entitled Into the two rear coach i mint to the acene. The nrt"11
48 hours covering new canes, Hallway and Light. company, read decixlou to tae: : International control es of the pas**>nner train badly damaging t tlcally confined to the "'aiIt> "
's, and foci nlv' an encouragingof a technical paper "Welding ef Joint of the tlnuncHA of Macttioiil.t U InaUer- thorn both and It U carded The lire started: In the fininh
the'. situation. alls." able. Tliw' note InforniH the Olto- as miraculous that more people were where there wan about ::11' u
r.<8 ssalgnna returned today from Fred N. Uuslmell. chief 'n"lnppr of loan ,Kovernnunt" Hint tbe foreign del. not killed ployed. They escaped af- :.>
ah. saying tho worst was over the Ilhoch-l hand company Pruvldenci-, e'CRIt'JI i appolnnt-a! an coutrotltrs will 11. H Harburry. of Birmingham tee house was engaged In flue t1'"
and praising highly the work read a paper on "Tli power hoiiHe" arrlvo at Silnnlcu Oct I. and l rtqseits! conductor on the Hccomodutlon train. I 1 and lithographing. loss!' on >,tOOU i
r. Efedorf of the Marine Hospital and the! riMirt of thn committee on that theiiecesHury liitmrtlutiK bt m'nt way Instantly killed and 27 pa""enKt'rI ; insurance $40,000. (.,n1i" '"
e. and the other doctors on duty maintenance and inspection* of fleerlcal I lit the pintliiclul ant hunt let. *o that Injured Sixteen were white and ilev- Ing $15.000: ,
There have been a total of 14lira equipment wa read by \Vllllam tho ".'!1. a"11" ma>- enter on their func en wore uegtoes. f
at Tallulah. None occurred 'estell. of New York the chairman. tlotM without! ii -luy. Tnrre IH incrcas Officers Go After Prisoners
1\\ Dr. Cliaissnlgnac took charge.Or ing! friction !h,'! \\ .....n the ItiltNh em' Farmers' Union to Hold Meeting I :Montreal: Sept :..-Two I

; Anderson who has been strlrk- Will Dynamite Sunken Ship. hussy and the p nto In citnx.iiu.nce: of Atlanta. 8
.1'lfltb? yellow fever at Tallulub. Is Port Said Egypt Sept, 27.-.A serious the iliUiy: in the payment of an !In.dt'l1Inlty of the Georgia Farmers' union. f tomorrow commissioned .
tad In a serious condition. stoppages of traffic on the Sues to tho o\% n. r* of llrltish tkhows was seen In Atlanta Monday and an MeHMrs. Gaycor and Greene rv I>
e difficulty. that barf been ifound ruiuil U threatened owing to the neccs attacked by Aral pirates In the lied flounced the program for Farmers' nab Ca, Their case is now I''
?Stamping the disease out at !'attn.I. pity for blowing up of the ntvamer sea union clay at the tate fair Oct. 12.1 bands of the minister of jutiitana .,

said to have been' due to the (Chatham which wjts sunk on Bopt. The farmers'' union has about 0.00fl j I and as the law govern -
iwilllng-ness of doctors to report the 2 owing to the fact that she wan on Palma Forces Are Victorious member in the state There will lea ] situation Is very definite, he . s. Dr. Rudolph base however Hrc niiil !Unit tho flaiiifs tbrfalen to lliivaan. Sept 27.-Complete returns meeting; the leaders In Atlanta onTuesday. option but to order their th't:
id the state board that he has had reach n quantity of dynamite which from the entire (stand, which han : . Oct. 10. On Wednexday the } to the men appointed to reoelvIt .

an.tlng of the physicians and they <>nii,''I i part of her cargo. Since that I barn lUl-oril owing to the had condi. union will hold: a state convention at j I Is not known whether their 'twill
'Ie, pledged! themselves hereafter to (line the wreck has obstructed the wa Lion of the telegraph service how the capltol. There! are 1,0')')) lodgesin take any further effort to v.
that In the oltctiona Saturday taut for Georgia. and
up everything erway o<*|>vcially at night as the every ono will send their extradition.Two .
,'11A MIlo'qh I>r. Pothler" of the Charity wreck h I ..ntlr"h.ubm"r..1.. Divers nirmber of the election boards, the delegates. On Thursday Oct. 12. there
yltal, and physician associated tomorrow will place cases of blasting! iipp>.merH of the government were lctoiloiiH will be public exerciseat. the state Men Killed In Wreck
"rtth him have made an explanation gelatine In the hold of tbe Chathamand In retry province, nut hnv fair. Addresses will be delivered by FJrt'orth.. Ttx.. Sept. :Z 7 V
the American Mtdlcal Journal of these sill Uo connected with an log lost on+ Important I'JTh.: ... vie Knther"' Gre ham. founder of the or patch to the Telegram from Mu, r
le character of the discoveries which electric battery ashore, suit the 80 > tory"'"" no complete that It Is now ganisation. Me.srs. O. I'. lyle., of Tex i' I. T., RA>S that In a wreck" on ::1 ir \I

aye been made as a result of their hundred ton of dynamite hi the wreck generally inimltliHl! to mean the re-el('. aa; Secretary Duckworth, of the Georgla I sours Oklahoma and licit rar+
tlon In IK..crusher of I'n"&M..nt! division lion John .. M I.
paJma .
iveatlgatlons In thn effort to diseuvere will b., t"1I.1'hk.'ti| l Thursday! morning.Will ; Tfompl.Ora. Orauidvlew. 10 mile south ot
microbe of yellow fever. It Is actaowlcdged 1 and the electron of the vice pr alder.| and Mr. Jerome Jones, of the! Journalof : gee, today two men were ).1.1'.1.) I
by Dr. Iothler and Invest Break tl.il r. n.ll.t.its. Mer.\
to Record
Try ----- -
torn who havo bon working& Indwidoitty Vador! of the moJerste party Hams conductor. l ugen. Meweer :.
Victoria II. a, tae.pt. .-Mall atlvlc < Councilman Co To Jail. ,,
The men were In
not possible
that It U
: yet <>s from Jokohama state that tao Omaha, Neb. Sept. 27'-!Mv city
*nouuthe discovery of the germ Disastrous Fire at Spokane.. construction train, which ran
utt-auior Koreas l'IlI'Irtnln SK'anr couneUrnen. DybalJ. hats Cvans. HuntInRton -
t othie r has fouud certain hither. aMp company,, to sail from Yokohara*. Suei are. \\jtsh. Sept. ::1.-\ dUaa. und Snrocder. were sentencedto drove of cattle The engine
*.adlac tvered c,'lls In the blood tak. trout fire broken out In theinsole"! :30 !In over crushing both men
on S<>pt. 17 with tho Taft party of ; dale Jail and to pay the coat
from pMilrnit. during the arM three7o. C'OnJlrrC"JI.nu'n; on bU4rt. .* !UI;! ,.nd.*avoro sale and shipping| section of Spokane of an Injunction suit for violating theprovistona
Illness, bat until these ceXs: are early tixlay which completely :utt..1shore' of wbleh Fast Train Derailed.
niche a it ci-rd direct tll San Vranr't i they worn sen
Bflnltely located in d.. ategornyla Uur e'..s wfh. 'IT coaling At Honolulu.ler brick: tuiildlags. Tan total ot tence.1. Then five members of the St. Louts. Sept 27.-The *''c ,
her IM'rln.tf infection. It will notpoeslble officers of the 1.. Louis and :.s n r' i
Yokoltama azmts --.t..It"I-. I to the fire IOAS will upproslruato ':1'1).0011. Thee ('OunellfOre enjoined by Jadr <*nl- t
. to amuxinoe the success JoA.oIiUt'.h..u..1. aht' HOU:d tndrav. hravfwtt: lo.trs art the ncMthMcOMnlock ton from paatlnz an oMlfleg! ce .!MO railroad received a me- :w
tae ID...t*KIA I ,oimTVo ,, or to pas* thrvuttU the t Milieu l Gait I t"t'UltJ1.Iwholf'.a"! grocerslth !Ice Into an agreement with the .Dt.-r'l r day that the fat eastbound. p**. .r

.' seta of tuv s'. ;:u'.Ir... have been ten days fret>> Yokonama. Tae 'r uaaclfVa $ ( '.lHH). He! fuclAby lacking c%>utpa. n%. company' for the ett'n.kn I train, knon as tae Meteor. .*. ce:
'_work one It..l. Uy lur 1'othler record of ten lays, lIOn hours. ny stuck\ $10. >no, (-. II. \ek. bu.'it! gas rr"DC"b.f': "" f'J'f'r... ..ervf the otaer by Dr 1'...urchluaN. I lot occtipl by I'..el9o Transfer the lnjnnc! of the nobody.. hurt beyond a .
I. at nr*.. nt h 'M by the .t*>.in<*r Rm coin) > court, but .passed
o stands In the fr.-nt i "uk of. the press of Japan of th. Canadian lacn' pang SS 0w't: : l>r. C I'. Ttkomas nw n.er ordinanre' the fuil,')wtng day They'f up. The engine! tender mall fa

prtolocUts of the county i* Ar- rallrxvad for the run .b... .t"t..:..s of tbe (idahy! butUii.c. Sin d ..,.,al weeks act: permittedraaoff1ci.it tuttu and \1ctorla. .. Pratt A Hrthhln. iitra.'fure. en the aentenee recetlonerfLein << left the t.arl.hi. :<* runalaii *
. :,! announcement of hta:arrte mtles aa hour. but .**.*j.
-, --.-- $ >.IH)') The cause of the fl-e ttnkao n -- ----- they r
.. *. but has refuted to di..> a.tta - Severely Censured I r1.tU.
. peadlng the completion of the mbacteriologist Olssentton In Hungarian Diet. '. Iv,t. !luDIC.r,.. j cpt. 27 -Theeuyuttve !
VestgatMna.t., Vienna dept. S7.-Wh' n t'i: to<*... Re.rfocrtentft at Caku. vuaattte of the ovxitHmsuumooed ; i ipart.
. h. ? rvpre.ntlnc the bonse rejM"n.bl..d today the i>iH.nlnmtMneata .I 1a.tI.> c'.w.u., 8flpt 27 ::, .nurc., I ..... << to II c..* tie .11.._- Honor for General troth.
....nalDe."hi: today that so lar a* were+ marV.rU by t" nu.!4uvKiDrnuxratic meets t.'tai'iEt ILausJ own a .'b .ereNI 1'1..1 lu the }ftiac Tt4a leader. by London, SepL 27 -Tb Darr
.tt7 knt'W..be! Identity of the germ moatrtioo against hr I wht"'I''f art I'rrv: have r.**.:- .t'n' the klncern: -ror. has t a. ed 1atamo .f the city of Ioadon today awe
rein nan j:) .tty The .cu..rnt r ha? issusi .lA url.r : !y resolved to canter the fr-
not been estabttahs4. premier. lures O"utach >*o. >rnr. 'o severe VHC of ces ,
::4'.:';..... new public health atsodsttoa tours who has Incurred Ik* wra'h ol' for:"+M.f.nI, tae troojM uaet." and .* 4..on tile city on General rv rfb oft
Right voted down a propo4lttoa the 8 x'UI rv mocrata by Ala att&l.lICf'j eumatapere to r'.r. ua kiss-... rx.x-tipt.tt' eoramltte- tae rewnia'toatmt t".p,.......r.1 atioa Army lo"r*<> lava of Lwork
',admit wotnea to ...."'Mr.blp oa the iMt tae owotioa of electoral reform I bt femtaa .... .ut&. Nb.'II&.t. lti' ,,'ta'ucta I the tlf....set rcgrtt .st 'r. k'"c.. for the tecri and ems"
lag board. but a.bae ul iMr advised 'M emperor tu fetus I "be" 11. oJ fr.ne t:.,," ; t. ,' a did not listen *r' s* w'al .... v*. a of lad peooie." TMfa e
rite sad rvferrr U. to .....t tu the ntro4Mrtloa of olta t .... 1'011'.'' '...u.,1".a will 1 be av snninos4 by him to Vienna, w '0 sit as a saigre r.eognttle t bywltlcA

.+n+MMtlaotrwtlrltta.. r.:,. ..;, .. 'nrNJ' saffrsg r lfuagaryr Ttte 1 ae4. Tu f>. :);sr' a:sets ai he snW aaa4 r.**at the majority fa the ITvagar: aa ) aeewtomd to> to 3tre
.,hated tes",\ ilea.. !tat alauLa ,"0.1.. Iawerta buts b.ea orsietsrl. p.ctLawat and eoa.allal., tberefore, loa+ oath oes met.e.r* 1S
.t ,..:c 'of uTe.t. M -7"U the'ar. faroiTVas, aJUtary sad aa..4 Mrue
.... k'.ds rs of tae oIK. la its ..w-

I ;:,t", 11 . .... 1..... .;: (,..,'" .; fi tea.,,

.f'..!, . _t':'J"' "' '', iKJJ-1\0"\ .,.',. '!.' ,' .'.''..'.''tI'ti.I'''::' l',. "...\,. H". '.........,..... . -.
.A r :. ,
+ t .


::---- - .- - -__-- _

CONDENSED The 5asr.lty UI..p1ry. hy the .\"1_
....4lVtit.B :\r.ar ..h':,...n':.

One pK;\pant whlih au uOlt-or of the - -
Prof, li..orJp1.:: : Lynch and Major W. ELIXIR Royal' artillery lent to n."*lt In C\T: .

Floyd have gone to Lake City. whereL -ntins, some cameltvhlrh! W T,. l>,';i. -- .
nav.- bn assiKnd: position onXI I, entailftM lu the Clult't1ntlll. ho\\eil ai. ASTO R-
of Floods REGULATES '
f, ,
Thr- are! no more competent Insstrlctor LWEK, I nr\plous.:: It waUtli the utmost I 1 r ,\ \

in the State than these gen-: STOMACH diID,Milj- thatwe coaM: c\-t him to g.10 I -'\- T For Infants snit Children A '
eesfullT filled po.l- Ito W ELS, I near -u',nijcu/ to attach u drug n'iH' t.e I I , 11 ;
who ,0
tJrn1fOn. nice rMail I I wand, to fe In ., "'
Eut Floridasummary Xln E\"s. cte. >plt '
. i"-f.r many faculty" year of The familie4 of our I'c'.IK ftbout fifty parch from ttil i\.STOJ1IA: : The Kind You Hav" ,
hank l of I
and Floyd will The inventor of the famous "TER- I tine river ho cvlrerd the greateat
of :\If' llr" Lynch sin%:fty. while bin luownieutH were J
r"ma'lI' here for the preaeni. which will RELL SCRAVE," a' man known wherever ni.ult- lib extreme cautlou. - _.;_ .' Always Bought r

information to their nu11t'o114 I)c>-' 'lu> ooaxJiJK.! 'nnt\ I lve AcCctablc I'
t.,, rl -'''mc plow. are old and u.ed. says : i : 1 IVcparAltonror%
friend"J strain tad at last a shrnvt-r of heavy sictilatipQ itKrri.x\nnilUc iiiUnft .\ *

of Tampa one of the bi"T>,. ,U>:tlt upon Ills: heal by the tlK 5MiDtKtai: \llk"wl:5'f.,1: Bears theSignature
J Carter "I have' u.e.l MOZLJIY'S LEMON .
prr.itttl maliout. tLl elephant atul
Florid '
the South -
contractor ELIXIR for 1O or It year. la myfamily
l Iodine WI'1l1'ru"'l to cohotv 1" xvu J. N
ha* returned to his home for the. MtomttOb. Dyer and kldner -
city visit to his family here. .. and and It lot the best medicine I wantiHl. hut with Ills trunk shovel out -- .- ;
titer( a hi..f have ever uned. It la also a sure al>*- In front of him! kejit fee lbtg bN way 1'mmctlcsi{ ," Ii\'I\Cha''rr1l14{ I '
the contract for the ; ; t
Mr Carter ha elite for rain loathe back or under tbeboukten. with his l iKmtlcrous feet IIJdntht'111/
,reeiioiiof the immense building of 1 have recommended It In 1 .tnr"\' him slowly dolll>oratey! nod inethiMliouli fit'santi' lt'SLC 'n'tliltn.ill' ,,:r 1 of

the Florida State Fair and ia employ- numerous oiMen to tny workmen when )', trvadlnc all the while with Opium. rorvh l\t" oarlutcral. .t

large force of carpenters and irfok and unable to work asd It h** a1- the velvety aoftmof a cat and tnls }\or'XAUCU'l'IC. j _
in wa'aldyen 11. IX
workmen on the came. The lag only one step at a time. Thou std, no
other TERKKt.IA P..e-\ken Atlanta Plow I
and dciily ht would break out luto a ).
bJiKlinc are progre *lng nicely Co.. Atlanta." nun Ass.Uf7CttZR '.
time for the prvs-oil kind of shriek and retreatbackward
will b. r..adJ' .
in great" baste.Wbrn ttjz-
opening of the greatest State Fair the MOZLEY'S LEMON ELIXIR. the animal bad nearly completetl .
November 15. .... .
Mtith has ever teen, on I
: n circuit of tbe ground with the 1 IrUUse''
-- ------ -- ----- aame caution and deliberation he advantol I .s Wr.
LOCHLOOSA NOTES. to within ten yards of tbe poor
camel but not another Inch would b.mo.f' '
S P C. A. Should Send Representatives School Will Open Monday With Good though several men were walkIng .
Here to Organize. Apnfecl Remedy rorron tip':+'
betwttt bun and the camel' without .
Prospects-Other News. lion Sour Stomach.Dion
It there in any place in the State of any signs of the ground giving 1lurln.'c.ottvtthittns.livrr; ''sh. :

Florida or anywhere else) for that mutter Lochloosa Sept. 27 -The Loohlooea way.-4The Camel." Major A. O. Leung "r s iuid LOSS OV SLLEi: t For Over is
that need a branch of the Society school will open :Monday Oct. 2nd. It ard. I ,;

for the Prevention of Cruelty to i I. expected to open with a very good Fat'5lneil., ,' S.{:nnture c r p f

Jinimii1o.it I. {1"lnpnHle.Vhile It iai i attendance. Got Off Cheap. '

significant fact that, aa a rule the i Clyde C. Axline of Cross Creek was He may well think he has got; or! ft Thirty YearsGASTORI ):

borer art kept in a better condition over in him nnptli. launch Saturday: cheap "'ho. after hating oontraoletdonotipation ? t

here than in many other place, there I Mr. Axline has a large orange grove.A : i or indigestion. i i. still ableto .

are exception, and it I I. a shame and I nice time was reported by those perfectly restore his health Nothing .

ditcrace to note the poor condition of i who attended the i ice cream supper will tin this hut Dr. King': New '

store animals that ..... compelled! to i given: at Port Arthur last. Friday night.: Life fells.. A quick pleasant and a..r.'ahl -
work hereIn ; John Pearson of Jacksonville is visiting cur for h.adach..oon.&lJ"tloll. t

!several! instance Marshal Fink relative here for a few day. eta ?&o at all drug stores ; guaranteed -- _.Nwaaa.M..s w.r s.aa tt/r0 i ,',

o on ha threatened to arrest the own F. T. Utichanan returned home froma
rr'of half-atarvrd horeandyeterdayhorte visit to relatives at hawthorn Saturday Am ln.rr ..l.aIJ...rl_..!.
A fHsl fuutalulug n trt.tu whit a9c8T1ix3L
a wa driven into town by a colored
powder I It placed upon the table when
buy that wan nothing bot..kinaod Chandler Murdock of Lakeland is
the iHTitor advances. waving bis
bon '.. :Marshal Plnkoson warned himto visiting/: relative here, He( came Saturday wand ami uttering some tuaglc word

feed the animal and if he va ever and left yesterday for "Waldo coliMil by himself ,,hen. lo. of a auJ- ] :=:Et13ffi37 1BtSA. .ft;

caught in that condition in the city but will return today den the r..M.IU la lightest up with a brUllHiit -

again the driver would be placed under O. V. Fowler is visiting': hi. parents, light; ao effulgent that It dim the H.F.DUTTON&CDKAI.KUS

trretNothing. :Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Tompkins of this eye of the pwctatora.. The secret Is

i i4. more faithful to man place and will return soon. lie i if thU: Tli, powder ia composed of wqualweltiiits IN-

than a home. and these nab!" animal from Lennon. of loaf sugar aud chlorate of y.

should b.> remunerated with enough to otasli.l separately| retluctxl to line pow Sea XslaiCLcL Cotta:
THREE JURORS CUREDOf tlt"r and thru well mixed together. This
>st at I last.SCHOOL.
i .
In plu4.e In a cup and when tbe Powder

Cholera Morbus With One Small IK t..lldlet with the least. drop of
ENTHUSIASM. sulphuric self It will Instantly burst Sea Inland Cotton Seed, Bagging and Twine. Wi
Bottle of Chamberlain's Colic Cholera
into H tin me... The end of the glass rod Leather in StripH or 8id .
Extensive Preparations Being; Made and Diarrhoea Remedy. should IM .1ti|-t In the acid tiutuedlaty .
for Opening of School Monday. Mr.lt W. Fnwlerof Hightower. Ala., "
: I before u.r.
:Manufacturers of tho James En"Sea
he had while Doig Improved
\ the bt. evidence that the pro. relates an experience

r.-ctiv pupils of the University High serving: on a petit jury' in a murder Sprain. : Island Cotton (Jin, and Supplier for EUuue.t.1! ;,

'houl are manifesting deep interest case at Kdwardsvill, county' seat of GAINESVILLE FLORIDA USBI;
S 4 lteadCi.c<>, Tri writ*, Marvh !
in the! work for the coming term it jlebourn[ county, Alabama Ira .nays "
11, IPOlj 31y wrist was sprained so -
may ti" > mentioned that great "While then I ate some fresh meat i
prepara- badly by a fall that it was useless. | ; and
ti,in* are being. made for the opening and some souse meat and It gave me C.O":
after using several rrmedles that fail G. S. MERCHANT & "
if the institution. and it I II rate to any' cholera morbus in a very severe form cd tn give relief u. -d llallard's know
that at the appointed hour Monday 1[ was never! more! sick in my life and
Liniment and wa curfd. 1 earnesilyrtcommend R tallers and Jobber lo y'
several hundred bright youth and lasi sent to the! drug; store fur. certain l '
from :
"it to an) on Buffering ,
.I"i will b<:? in line ready for enroll. cholera mixture, but the druggist: sent sprains. Hold by W. M John.fln.An. <
r 'rat me a bottle of Chamberlain's Colic Staple and Fancy Grocer*

t should<< he a source of gratitlaatiHn Cholera and I Diarrhoea Remedy instead ............. a ...I.

t the 'faculty that the pupil. are saying': that he had what I s rat Ann 111 tr tin1 rui..i's l hytenya' of 1ItJC11I1: ;
rain Sardan Seed. and FarlHIzars.
nanife.tmg this interest, for It mean for, but that thi medicine was so much M.tr ry Kii'l liou.'Ie.l.l I l < iiatoiu. nay the ,

a great deal more successful term and better lie would rather send it to men Ion.luri << e.1! with! th., ...l.* fit ...Miiirtiiir that
at the end the the IlK I w.. in. I took one dose of m ""
general "roundup"ho
Highest market price for Chleken Keg; and other Prudoe* J;
w tn much better advantage. It and was better in five minutes The illimer or nny other iuul le l or shortly ; ."
will tie rvtt,ly, 'nto. illniier bell Is, of -- }
T e I'nlverilty High School ha.ver second done cured m entirely. Two '"
had, fellow were afflicted in the samemanner cotir-e. the uhl.. -.t of llifM IIHM| .. Intnctlliieval A Complete stuck of Hay Corn Oat. Flour, Bran Meal., Cotton ...tf |f
Jurors .
a better or more efficient tlrnttt tI.| iu<>ii...lcry <>r convent and Rye We hand.\ the VKHY IIKHT good at In* LOW. i'
ft' ;lty than that which will open the and one small txtttle cured thethree hell| nutty out on the mlrt country .;HT I'KfCKH. and guarantee aatlafaetion al..,.. If,

term thU year, and the faculty need. of us" For sale by all druggists: air tuauy linen In tti<* COUIIM or the! . ...
-- -
f'," ,operation and support of not -- -- -- day and night and l ero" of the maul '
the A Handsome Monument. miiuiiioUMMt was that which. drew tbeiu
y pupils but the
patron as
w There has IMM.H placed over the graveof tl) the refectory And In later ages Gainesville & Gulf Railway Compai

Mime Maude Duke, in ..;.....rJr'.ne..m.'erJ. there an rr"-.|iint sllu.l..t.s in lltera
JUSTICE COLMAN'S COURT. tore _hlcl. .li iw tout the troll luetlKMltras '
one of the handsomest monuments still In constant favor notwltbstaiHllnir THE FRUIT" VEGETABLE ROUTE '

Wa, Charged With Shooting Cow R- ever brought to this city.' tbe cii.t..umry use of ottterruutlen
The monument i I. seven feet high: and .. OF FLORIDA. J '
leasad of
Under Bond. *uinnt n !
Jet) .ee Colman had two ease beforeWednesday. cnnnot help but bn admired l>y luv. rs Tim TabU In .rr./ ., H_pt.mb.r 2/. IIJA.Ho. .

'. The first alleged; of- of art. __ _- __ Cause of 1"60"1.

'* >r of the law was Rev. 8. A. Ad. Tro Stats Medical Association.Cbattanorca. . Indigestion nearly" always disturbs t '

s s a colored the sleep morn or !I..s anal i is often the (. Wo. 10.
$. S
resident of the Arre- : Tenn, Sept. :1.-1'1>> I I'
'1, .eeiion. who was charged by F. Trl-stat Medical association rompoa cause of 'insomnia. Many cases have. I Daily DaIS,. I'I'I'I'I o.tI. ,. A
M with b M>o permanently eured by Chamber '
smsey Alabama
shooting a cow, ,her. ed of physicians In Tennessee. l !
IJver'rablets, For
;''arty Of the hr this IDOl'lLIDC Iain's Stomach and
plaintiff. Adams and eiior'tfia. ,, met
"*' 1'.s examination through his attorT for a threw days session. Addre.aea sale by all drofgUt r... F M'LT A M I, Ar. PMan Ar J. Jill **v.V

Evans: Halle and gave bond for of welcome were delivered by Mayor t*.tm .*--.... a a) .. . ... ... . ......r.lrfJ.ld . ... .-..... :I.) ..-).
J' tfaranee before th. grand Jury Cliainblt and [>to. K. IV Wv. At At ooe time there wa utM-b goers a 10 I.... .. . .. . . .Irvine ....... . . ...._..... 9 30 >
at' .." next session of the will be read by merrlal sad social lutereunrse betwea ,, a 91 .. ... . . .. .. Duncarvaa ...... ..... :3 10 **/
( circuit court the meeting paper. .. a 36 .. .. .. . ... . ..4oaehslds' . ,.. ... ...... :3 (J* .....
arUs Rnbinsoo of Fairbanks .....8ar.Pd tbe most prominent .uric "ona la tavatat Ireland and tt{>.an-! (; .I.aT.D4 I a ao . ...... ....... H;. fD.O. ...___ ........ :3 U)

b/ Deputy Sheriff L E. Story .. named. terford were the rbuf Irish pot roe a 3o . 0 ........ __.... Lake Mliuoatoa...... _.. ... I Aft .
ndeo* aad arraigned upon the CS+& la bets tra le, To this day tt etlpanteb t I.4 u, ..... . .. .. Mlesuu/py .................. 1.40ao r
Sri, f iotloc type of beauty la dlereralbU .41(1 . . .. J I. .Ta o... ..._ .... I ,
a pistol. Robinson'a Five' Killed. In C.Itl.i.n. among the Galway gtrla. Probably the 4 16 . . .. 1 "'rk wood......... ........ & n
d ,o rid to pay a doe of tlOO. In Philadelphia Pa. fiepL 27 r"*r. moat .1DGIOIa r*.Jt ef the pleading& ef I .t 4 SO f . . .. .1 . Jlyatt..s... ...... I 30 '2

V ,'f Tbih h. "IU be Bent to the "....tall and frt b blnnt was tike see<< 4 ao . .i' Uaeaaoota.... .... .. ...... 1 10
at 1 "r fare. months. .toad . . .., . I I4. Potet.Halajsjifffla. . ... .126 A
.....*.. and dancer lots )Moots. Her 4.40 I I.' ek7 ..... ... ,
A JO . . IMI 1 .... 12 aoLv ..;
atlas fame Uelerea In. Hotaasiarcba .. I
pIJrr4e COUNTY -WCT." 'L ala and a local peacer true name wa r Lvl 4 r J f lu 3ft.\r

walcfe was ataadtac at the Paoll slag .oaaOUIMort. Ift rspUvat.d. Cnrpea. I' 1M) a e.i . . . ..tl<. ...,... .. ..... M AA ?
(4 an Test tloa of the I...aaylvaBla rail nod. 1*. a* well .. pop.eJ&r .... ao .I7&je ---O f11........... 40 u ;
N County Tuesday mile west of this dty, ree.!te4 laj i *>CM and was for a year or eo pvaatl 7 ea 1 la _..... ....Cimluam. ... .... 93' 18 t"J .
t AR st Local Option. sod tM rally U>* raUt of "...r1a until a ...... 7 1bAri 12M. .t4aaspse. City ..... fr' 8 I" .....
'r ..; a t report la The Jaek the death of five men 1.1 I lodes .......u..1 her In e-. . ; f 40 10 10 .. .......U. fl. ... t ,. . M P! fJ to a ,_ .;

{ ,t.. !Ii. lag of mere than 10 otbera .... 1_._ .. ... .. .. ... . ','
of Wsd..da, - ---- -..-- - .. .. II... e 4Alo ...ZmkpChty. 0.. .. cia w.... 04 p: 7 4J ......(.;\.i.
it e no local optlo la ....... J p* ..... _.. I.". !1. A. L. ... 1 4. p -..... ...;,'"
1 ...day was eusT err; *ccluru U'e . ..... I II I6III.. 00 ; .. ........ 4. .. s ,... fO i.i, ft JO ."'I,
r r r by a mjo.ltyrt believe; In dtxwra. They believe . .. . 20 a. .....IIIaeoD.o. I..... 1110 awl. 40 .. ....
r .. "s' a.; 7 &a p -Atlanta, O. Cto.M_ T 10 ai ,>,
1 ( ;, t p tt etroagsd ers In us. We five them |hc formula .......iAtr.? AMJAr r L. At M,Lvd'. !'
t.. f v erg
/ .
m 1 .. .. i of our Cherry Pectoral. They J"
;''.r..;. ? ao: itotaola.td order k tofrettl(h44colda, bro Trala .i .. 4..a s raa ..ttlfla N aa4. l
,. =--, .. of .
.tt:.. laaalf L.JE.BJ
.o. t.ry ..*." .

'. .
.;,'''".' 'f'","y......'...r....."..."...


"\ .. ----- -- .
: TRAINING FOR NURSES. 1 A. Z3llp -F......,.
.t- c e A man whose income I* $:so a day

Women of Small Town andretry lunching: alone In a fifteen cent restaurant LIBRARY VOTING COUPON. 7
and a clerk whose Income Is $5O
Districts to Favored.
"$'"' e.., Cnu.h Srn" or..,.. Coed: a month lunching with a young womanIn Thi coupon entitle the holder to two vote that can be r>a..' I
J' the terms of a fund to be admin- .r J.. In ttw'. old br drutg'.t.- a restaurant where the cash registerdoean't institution competing for the beautiful library, when pr
d in connection with the Pntlajhia ring up anything under $1. and returned to the ballot bore in either I II
signed ta.
'- filled out,
r.J" T ',: .&I..I 'JU FJ Which la cause:: and which: la effect
School for Nurses, Wither*piton & I
r>o illdlog, Philadelphia' ,, a number nfibg thus cheaply that be may be reminded I

women' from every county will of trouble on earth or does the aft,.- Name of Instlfut'on. . . . . .. . . ... .. .. . ... . . ... . . .
five free training In nnrifag. It Is RAMBLINGS FROM HEX. dollnr- t-montu man dine thus expel

[planned to ultimately reach and help Opening of Godwin Seminary-Matter* alvely becauso be wants to forget, Or 'amr of Voter. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . I
t in this I way every township and village. I* the one a flfty-dollar-a-dny man because -
\The young women will be provided. of Personal Interest. be la careful and the other atttJoUnrn4moutb TilE DAILY M \.

Rex.September 27.-Godwin'. school nine because be Is -- I!
I wltlf room, board nurse uniforms and ...

|'.Hlie, refinement of a well-appointed opened ou Monday with twenty-one a spendthrift?-St. Louis Poat-Dla- - -- -- .-. -- -- .-_ .. - - - -. -

irUtfan ,home., At graduation the scholar. Miss Ida Wiggins and Miss patch. -

Iploma of the School and the Order of Willie McIntosh are the teacher ....ttlv..... of Ilj .t.. THE ALACHUA COUNTY ABSTRACT CO. ;
'R.d Oros will J. L. Tlllman's tine bay mare has oKSTABLJSllED
b t conferredquailflng Darwin gave It as his opinion that
for practice In any State or coun- been standing up with a bad cut shoulder Borne plants can see. and an Indian ism.'

y tbe" railroad fare will then be paid for the past week, botanist relates' some curious Incldenta The questionof
.&.: me. The convict. at Bker's camp that which tend to verify the belief. Ob- Renders reliable services. of every sort along th

4e'applying;; and chosen to receive Johnnie Wiuton shot I. able to be up serving one morning that the tendrils Title the Land Titles in the State of Florida particular <-
Alachua coo nt .
of convolvulus bin veranda bad ,
lflt of thin. fund will be giveijeara' again. a on
)I. M. Tillman and family were theguests decidedly leaned over toward his leg first consideration -
training with rich eperiij' a* be lay In an attitude of repose tie SPECIALTIES: Abstracts uf Titles; Tax Sale sr. ((1, .
of his Mrs. J. L. Till-
.11i&?| nursing the sick poor of the tried a aerie of experiment with a for Agents for Non-Retddent Land Owners; 1'lat of lUIlIPlI',
under skilled leaders. The term man last SDnd.,. long pole placing It In such a position Towns Jtc.Rel..neeu.
Miss Mattle Ormond has returned the investor. ,
be abo'rtened to eighteen month that the leaves would hare .to turn

',"'iDIf a preliminary coarse of sixth home from her school. away from the light In order to reach .
National Bank of Gane! .
First villt
.' reading and study at home. A )In. L. W. Fennel! and family have It. In every case he found that the
ial short course enables young wo. been the guests of Mrs. flattie Molntosh tendrils aet themselves visibly toward Dutton A Co., Bankers.

"t0 quiokly qualify themselves for for the past week! the pole and In a few hours had twined

_ Idpport and a .ub.t.ntlallnoom... Mrs. Ella Fagin is the guest of her themselves closely around It. -""- -

:,I addition to regular naming the alder this week. Take The
," Atlantic Coast Line
The charming daughter of Mr. and ,
';?women are taught how to preteir .
Mr. J. f.. Tillman the CASTOR.iAPor .
,i own health ; how to reeog'avoid gave young peo-

and destroy contagion ; how ple of this burg a pleasant social last Infant and Children. FOR ALL EARTHLY POINTS

[sjfttabllsh and maintain perfect sanl night which wan enjoyed very much by

,conditions about the home ; they all. Many thank to Miss Dessle, and! The Kind Yci Hare Always Bought Dupont Vie VU

prepared i for position as office hope she will give us another social, Bean theSignature North Easttw.: Sonth Steam.Wp tote r:;: ,

_ and physician'* assistant ; they soon. Jack..a.We Lice

H practical knowledge of city mis- Cotton crops are not as goood* ex ot .
Transit and ServiceTime
Rapid Unsurpassed
L; movement, deaconess training
.lope settlement work.'and are also Mr. and Mr*. 8. Rowell have. a little Table In effect April 18. 1006.
Km Mr IVorlc.Hick
led for special position of trust in boarder- girl.CARTER *.-I suppose Dremer la atlll pottering Depart For GAINESVILLE Arr.v. r zr.
- ---
motions.The alone at his tentlona. Wlckaw.
School ten year old and I I. en- BUYS PROPERTY. Well.be has actually perfected a great 8:10 p m I lUSh Spnngs and In&er- 3t a r c:

eel by ph.lolan..I.adlng educator r labor saving scheme at last. Hicks Daily mediate Points th y
Has Purchased Property In East Oaln.a-
prominent men throughout the You don't say. Wlckm-Ye.; he's goingto
vIII. and Will Build Nice Home.N. 12:1 pm Ocala. Lee.burg and Tampa. and 8i: < v' ::>
marry Miss nod"-CathoUc Standard I
U. Carter evidently believe* In and Time Daily IDtt"rmedl "e Palau tlal,

\t. THE YELLOW FEVER. the future of Gainesville. He has purchased _ -_-__- J :00 pm Pal..ka, Jac' aonville. -1 3" .

.t a desirable lot on South Carter EJ'tTElXN'ESa O.A.RDB Daily I North East and Neat Da .
j ; at Psneatola.-Heavy Rain street East (Gainesville' near th4home'of
12:00 High prlng.. \Vaero.. Savannah Brun.wiek a t5
p I
New Orlean Postmaster and
at Arnow
i propose JR. DaVERE B. MORRIS D.tl i Albany. Atla.ta..U Points North, East West i"',
IPftnsaoola. In. ashort time tu erect a neat __ .! __ __
Sept. 27 -The people are

Hag somewhat better over the fever and modern residence.Work . . DENTIST. . BZS pm Ctrs ,
upon this building 'will begin I Rochelle Mie.uop and
Ik. From 6 p. m. jetterday onNoon Daily PC 1 .
__ a* soon as material can be neoured.
r today there were only three . _._
- - - - --- ------ -
Building has boe. progressing In r-
O**.., while from 6 p. m Monday f
Gainesville at such a rapid rate that it Once over Maro..e EaJel'k. Phone 13 ring.J. 8:00 m 7japy: mD.n
i IfttI 0 (. m. yesterday there were I High S..rmg.. ,
II almost Impossible to secure promptdelivery
i new ease and two deaths To- ex.Monday fiE Sundsj
of material. Mr. Carter _
ttamber A. CARLISLE _
nf oases to date, 112; total .
Ihs. 14.'fo however to have the materialon ATTORNEY AT LAW Interchangeable Mileage Ticket, good over 18,000 mile of among the f nielpal .
<, At New Orleans. the ground In a reasonable length railway in the Southern States, are on sale by the principal agont' .
of time and the carpenter will be pot And !Solicitor in Equity Through Pullman .Ip-eloer Port Tampa to New York via. Atlantic U,>*"!
Cj'Kew; Orleans, Sept 27.-From a p. .t ouoe to work. Line ; .1.0..1. Atlantic Coast Line and Southern Railway.For .
: yestvrday to noon today there Real Estate, Conveyancing and Gen complete information, call on

ire 1. new cases and five deaths Schedule Is Bad. eral Practice. All business promptly J. A. GOODWIN. Ticket Agent Gainesville
attended to.. Office next door to bun
porS4 hours up to a p. in. Tuesday F. M. of Waoahoota In .,. FLoalna.FERDlNANl1 Address t
rs were 31 new cases and live FRANK O. BOYLSTON Dis. I'a'n. Agt.. W. D. STARK Tray 1'4. Ao the city yesterday. Mr. Ramsey state 138 W. Bay St.. Astor Building. Jacksonville Fla.
''b.. Total cases to date are :,,018 that the dl. oo'llIulnRor the train over nA Y} R.A'rrOnNEY H. M. EMERSON. 1'raf. Mgr.. W. J CRAIG Oen. Pa.... Ant,, ,
total death, 877. The heaviest the Gainesville and lull Railway southof Wilmington. N. O. Wilmington V OlUCTWClCN

|la for several w..k. has wrought here, which arrived Gainesville AT LAW. -.- --_ .

ooh. Injury to the work uf checking the morning and returned in the. afternoon 3AINBHVILLS: FLU.IDa. CLYDE: : LINE

... .' \fever.E' _________ ______ would work a great Inconvenience
.c..d of Lame Back After 15 Year on ho part of the people of that Can sell your city property, (im-
section who have. become Accustomed proved and unimproved), phosphate,
of Sufferln .
; trucking and farming lands. Head hima
' 4 .
( tn coming to Gainesville to do their'
lt'r'l'l!' bad been troubled with Isnio haekfor list of what you offer for sale. :21ft3a.B. .
trading. With the present schedule its
fifteen year and found completerery
Impossible, to make a round trip in
..- In the use of Chamberlain's w. BAKER
one day. Superintendent' Barker of
> "
ale Balm say John O. Blsher. Oil-
.Gainesville' ,. and Oulf states that ATTOKN E Y-AT-LA\v,
Ism, lod. This linirfient Is also withf

f out an equal for sprajn and brul".. this arrangement i4 only temporary, . SOLICITOR IN CHANCERY. . I IUA1N
however and that the. train will be> put
Ill: !, for sale by all druggists.
nn again In a short time.
- \"ILLE. Alachua Cu.. FLJ. .
I Death of Sheriff Picktt. Office 'la Endel Block. TRJ--- v-EEICL: S A TT N"'GS
I W. Hluxham Pleketl. sheriff of I>u. Jacksonville and New Yorl<.
k val county, died at hit home in Jacksonville
Calling at CHARLESTON. 8. 0. both .
't way*
: tin Wednesday morning I Hep- The Finest 8 km an hip In the CoaatwUe Service
;Mj *M BM'Pamdfse ember 27. U..I.d 83 year, lie

I. wa III only a short time, being on the DEN T I fl r.Of Clyde New England and Southern LinesDirect
for Hunting and Fishing
streets He native of
Saturday was a
k:; uval
J TtiU hotel Is under new ..,..**.ia.ni eiel officer Ills death will eause uni- Calling at Charleston both way*.
will oivrntx,toi>.r let.I*,*,for the .let.r. t\ft. .
,.iw0. 4IID'k ....."..'....laoluding deer.aerhey veral sorrow In his' hum Bounty and SEIii.i-WEEKLY:: : : B-AJLIN"GA

boats for end aooomtuodaUoa.IU.U...... Itau.tleat of itu*.as.-.....&.L.e..iee.., sat throughout the State where" he is U. T190N.D4CXT1ST. Southbound. ... ... . . . . . . .... ...FromLew..h.rl.. liv.x

fur uoUinf.s atkl ttkblmr tHtrii.. known Northbound..... .... .. .... From Foot of Catherine at.. Jack sunn
rut ra'.* and eeeoatt.udatktaa wldrewM
A Remedy Without a Peer ,
Mlts. I4>ITUA THOMAS. l'rlud.Ir.as.

x, iui.r HAMMOCK.: L.yY'u... t..... I "1 find Chamberlain's Stomach and T Clvde St. Johns River Line

.- lver, Tablets more beneficial than any OCee la Miner Law Eao-'U4e I3s fw..,n J ACKuoM'vii.i.BC and SANfrOHU

other. remedy I ever used for stomach Stopping at hl.lka.&or.. tU, Franc I'. Be res ford (DeLand.and Inters. ..
.AT ST. AUQUSTINE. trouble" ays J. I* Kloie of G-41..ytu.a. rw.-; Landings on St. John River.
Edme. ._
-- -- -- -
.r Mo. For any disorder of the s Steamer "CITY OF JACKSONVILLE"

';1 Large, cool tarnished rooms a%Ooeauyiew biliousness or constipation' these tabels THE': WEST.END.FINE I* appointed to sail as foliose i '..ay. JACKSONVILLE: ,.. Tu 5'< .

, Hotel. 1 roe halt Light house are without a peer." Forsale by all aad Thursdays. 3:30 p. m Returning, leave \NFORU )lrmdal'"booaDol.

keeping priil-Kfn: !lUte |l to $3 per uroguUI YVIXE3. LIQUORS A CIGARS Wrdnesdays aaJ Friday. 9SO a. m.

,......k. each rnuin1..1.: l. may be had I I Attention O. P. O. 1 E. I Jolts ML.YZti.I'nntt.wv: CUEDULE t.uMoadaowa. xa, a

.4511 dO(1' ". s. >l. I'I>KIIAM. Ir... LeaveS::30! pmS . . . . . Jacksonville . . . ... .. .ArrivesI '=
't The regular weekly. tueeiiti of u.ul w. u..r e t-. Jkaoayn, n.. : ApmSrCOam . . . . .. . . ..PaJatk*. .. . . .... . .. . .'ave ; .-
_ OalneevlU Lodge No,, PJ. Brotherhood . . . . . . . . . Astor .... . . ..... .. . . II
Protective Order of tlk.UI boa held Faust beer.bottle aj d draught. Don't, .sMlUD..4. .St. Fr. ei.. . . ........ . . . J i.
.'.IIIO"U on me when laRIMORT. JsohwnviltrUAL1E'IY&LLE'I . . . . . . .lkt..rordDeLalld) .. ... .. .
Miss N. ha Masonta Hall over DQuu bank .\'r'.m. . . . . . . . .. Sanford .. . .. . ... . .. . 0 :a
Nw Norton. 'hi* evening at 8 o'clock. There will --- - CO.m .: i 1 S9I

be wtf-k. A full attendance d.eire.i,, r.UCITE .GENERALi. :

L. O. Lnl\'w. 1It --..:- OSG---U: : ; :' -
Gainesville Circulating M nto .. Ja. A.N.O. s-"a lat. it! w..t mar et..1.elaas': # .
.. .... .. 7
A )I. 0 .. Her.tary.Attacked W G.OWI'Kat.dr aaees C. LOTKJUX. e5"re' '"
-- .-- .-- .'01 "_asreea: Jk.aIe. .,..
...Library... by Mob .. t:'. MAl11UtY a.. Iaet.. ..-..a....".. ...--. C..-... &MI&.KE.O'" .. A,L 2'' t- r.
7 a Alachua Pool Parlors; Tlllyt). l*. >rttai;. \\ M. P. CL YO"; -* )
F And beateu In a labor riot, until oov- General Mane.'. General Agents

Oaly the Latent IViMttar fir tie*. I ii I .reod with" sore. a Ca...... street ear c. ..,.... Pre rieUrT t ...e'v.e. hnateelaa'.se.sr. _.,few T__ _

conductor applied Bwsklen Leslie -
i I&MtCIAL IU1IC..IIK T".K"%. to. Halve and was aooa totted aa4 well. "I
..p' ..... eeeal a1I.e..d u.r. "-.V_ ."'". 1i A A1M u.. It la my family" writ. O. J.Welch oos.t sat l* the Porter test-sla.s Block. *oaUsUto.sjsjw.fs j

the. ..... Hells .a.t rut ... lrrpeea1't'ef.0t of Ttkoa***.KM..wad Ead It >. Tkre i oattsoo tables.reos *. TlDAILYSUN,10ca C a a W K.
.... wlti..et ..
rea.wl.q,. .
::1 perfeet. g.M> tt .*.. ... d
bpi 1s.m s..AID....g ......'
... T ., A6 A h.a
t h
: : ;
.. "'I"'" - -
S. A .\" "'O' fo" ,

;$ 'o


i iV K it a. R i t *
dE 'Fu
Yt : 'v ip .v
i SEPTEMBER 28,1905

4 ::::::::=:__ ; -

its n I.eopla about the city fcra quite
; ff It mast be dreadful to suffer, the

Inconrittent in regard to keeping up pains of being wealthy. KING OF ALL

tws oaioe ., GaJ vt11 .:na.' with their neighbors when it come .t 0 Health LINIMENTS
lit exports meet In Boston
at to
matt mat.e.rRpt&11Y cleaning up their premises. Those in
AII.e00a4-oJ. fight disease." It will probably be n CURES. RHEUMATISM AND ALL PAIN :
charge of the mutilation of the city .
.... ..EdUor and PsDIletter.H glove contest.If tuaaoa, anaeat curs, a.wtntwMa., '"' A'
c .' claim that they have met a few that C U R ES oao .sass. coca to ..ca ..oa.o.t. '
50HI.EY.. ...Awaneiate :ldttor.W' seemed absolutely indifferent in re. the railroads would have morsafety .stet.".'..wars. eaaa.allaaaa oo.ra.cna., "' ''.....,.f..- .iw ,.(! ?t.,
't _
-."+ Bard to tlti. work. When asked to cuweed appliances and not so iimnrule n.T..IOII.. ..."._.....aa0 all Wllaa.aTWea et _. ..tawr......... l q
..... ... .... ..,Cfty F4tlor.JLc (
UKT' the lives of the
CF public
or urns they bolted like a balky, I

J r tHtrJolu\. -"rll'l 7tsreuet Alre-II horse and stood back, suggesting would be more secure., I

Itr the officers nothing or giving no reason Marriages: should not be consummated 1

R:-:-. .*KF.W'TT---.. Sup Con OelDIr Room. why they would DOC do anything without love Even n large sun

"I .thflr than 'have any trouble." of money, mind social standing should 1 a

OrMCK: PORTER' BLOCK. said one of the cityxofllcials, "we not be considered without there i I. '
.,.:rcct, s. TKL&PHoa.4304Tn
w :I.UD
.e would pats them by and do what we lure.

t utv Drx f'Ubli.sbccl ercry morning could and that i ill the reason why we )Maoon H*., must !>.. a queer spot .
.J delivered by carrier In the ctty.or
?,.1 Monuay., part of the Coit: l Staten postage have not been more thorough It I is announced! that "Inik of rain

ar fri It' any 0'rar: J L3' *x oaths* ".'S three Gainesville ran b* made beautiful i If brings a drouth." The name thin

tncett.Irer ,,o 5. cents for five _k- trictly in nil, would work in harmony to this end might happen in other localities, how

adcaaa, But one dirsenter has a bad effect on ever.

e.din.wliete itt local column cents a line the wh.>le work of Improvement! Ohio bob up even At the Annnpoll r

fc,fn' in. rtloll. and j cent for each additional But there should he a way to g..t a' academy. An Ohio boy is the stronges.

: some people wh> are located in the of the whole naval school He will no

fcIUtMifor.li..plty adTertUlng-made known OD.rtlicatiun. portions of the city that are moat attractive doubt develop into a great campaign 'KJtAD THIS REMARKABLE CURE '

and the whole charm is worker.A .

--;TwIce-a-Week.: bun lau eight-page forty- spoiled by one or two who are indifferent "I was much raided with rheumatism wtltea
mao who was asked why he hatnever K d.C. Nad, lowaville. SedRwickCo..KanM
and *.'goina
r. published every Monday in regard to .keeping their preitiIset -
column contatna all the new 01 the married, handed the inquiring about on crutches and suffering a great deal of pain.
,, and
TIL: ijy in a neat and tidy condition. The X wa.IDdUC'ed
slate and general, and will be friend his bank book. No ttlr&ht'rqu to try Ballard's Snow Liuiuetit. which "!
week, of the t7nit.d6ute work should he done and the east or cured 1Df'. after using three SOd bottles. IT IS TllBj 't
free, to pert
any tiouiug. the
caied.: 1o.tage necessary, as inquirer .
C-navla. for fi.ao year-in adrance. the acme added to their taxes In i ; rec- 0'
+ >r' was a dealer in dry goods.Many ommended
It to a number of persous. all express '
this manner the town could bo improved.
themselves as being benefited" by It. I now walk
:Jcrrtt.ing bill become due after firstpwaranrc -- -
All .
of advertUement. tinlena otherwiae of the new residences With the means *t hand there has deal of light labor on the farm."
,tipulatttl 1 in contract Parties not known to uWH University street which have been
tc required to pay for adverting In *d- been much good done throughout the built this season and are in uf THREE SIZES: 25c see AND $1.00 y
ftII<*. Addrtw. TIIK DA1I.V SCN.C.IX"Vu.a.a. city, and we can feel satisfied that ath process
FLA.. *. been done by tho" in authoritythat erection'are very attractive. The two BALLARD SNOW LINIMENT CO.

- - -- new one being erected by W. N. Wilson ST. LOUIS U. S. A.
the conditions would permit and
of New York criminal on the old Plata Hotel lot are gong
Cruel pnnishment as a result we have been blessed witha
i i. saul to be banishment to Chi very excellent condition in regard to to b" both convenient and very
tasty in look*. Such buildings apeak
eego health daring the long/ and very warm BOLD AND UCCOMMCNDKD BY
well' for the city and will semira good
summer .w-_ M. JOHNSON: Ga.itl.: : .S-v-i1l.o.
The Japanese navy take to graft as tenants. This thoroughfare Is uu the ,

had lived inland main line of traffic to and from the :

ey a naturally of bible III though all their they liv".. HOMESEEKERS.It Seaboard Air Line depot and people ,_:;";. :',:r" ,_".. ...,, _.... _....:,,, _, :..,...;.. .I
is observed that the railroads lead who arrive by that route will form a :

The cold from the Northwest came Ing into the Southwest embracing Tex good impression of the city by seeing along 1 If

down thin", way on Tuesday and helpedto as. Oklahoma New Mexico and the linn of well-kept homes along the 'Jf

make' the wenthervery comfortable.The Indian Territory, are selling round-trip street. Often the first impression Is You Are Insured. >j jIn }

tickets for three-quarters the regular lasting and if our people' would bear

trimming of the tree about the one-fray fare. These tickets have; fun.top.o".r this in mind and keep their premises 1

*tty would greatly improve their look. privileges and are good for looking tidy it would be a good thing a Company that i i. H."ul1..hl.*. line Policy Correctly ) .
Written \\ Uh Liberality uf Policy Contract and the Company :
For example, look toward the court twenty-one days. They are for sale encouraging new-comers. 1 I'sya Luss Promptly '

1lI tnnte\ twice each month for the next three

months and there will he a great rush A county commissioner down inlillaboroiigh

It i i. time now to make some improtements tn the section covered by them. Thisis coonly Is said to have You Are Assured

III our sidewalk. People a good deal better than the road. established a new record for ecouumy.Vt lum.1 !

who come here for the winter enjoy a leading to Florida have been able to a recent meeting of the board helicked
/ That no serious loss can overcome you without you have
troll about the .city. secure or give tothis section. It I I. to nu.. bill fur "ribbon. for the r hJa.. i,.
he: regretted that the roads running to ypewrtier" "Sb**. a nice girl/* he fi
.aid. "but the county is under no obligations
After a consultation it has been decided and through the South are so much to her clothes I don't
buy ,
by experts that Norway and weaker than the Western roads that dink "I'ensaoola Journal. Fire Life Accident and ilcalib Insurance.

h*<>den cannot be separated. Ahother they cannot get nor give what they - -.. . -. .

e'Uf'' of i"m"I" twins. want for their patrons. It would .lx ANOTHER WONDER OF SCIENCE.
None but Kellabls Companies Je.r....utPd.
worth a million dollars a year to Florida )

The coal barons will pnt a stop to all to get an extension of the Frisco M
work and thereby make an effort toM from Birmingham Into the State The flloloicr !... lr ved tbml Daa)4nIX I.. 1 "

<* ,h all the union. Then President Frisco I I. a road that does thing: and c.....! by a (tor .. M. CUfiH1VIAN: : I '. 'J

L-toterrlt: will come to the rescue.M its phenomenal growth for the past Bcl_non" la dons wnnrfor these days tnmrdlclno
Information cheerfully furnished. UA INt: \'ILI.":. FLO KID,A
dozen years is chiefly due to that fact as writ aa |III mchanlc. Hlnc /

\Vitte has been talking so much and to its dispensing with leading Adam lived the human race has lM.n ,
troubled with dandruff for which no hair I" I "
he .trin ..Tampa Herald. "I'i'
m< e concluded his labor with the
has heretofore
reparation proved a eua-
. ..
These tickets are Issued to home- --
flare commission that no one ha. been restful cure until Nr'''l,r', s llcrplrl wit' o - -

'Me to get the thread of his remark. seekers, and if we mistake nOl aw a IKK! put on the mark. It U a nclontinr 1".1'- PARTIAL PRICE LIST OP
rates can be obtained to Florida as are rnlUm that kill tin germ that tnake
dandruff or SM'urf I y d..r.inl( Into the r
The only trouble with Editor Stovall given: to Texas, Oklahoma, etc.. and ,.....ll. to art at the mot of the hair where Whiskies Wino Bttr and Malt
that is needed .is few hustling It the rnulnr ,
all a ease vitality itchlnlr.aalp,
: : I Intel will be will
rang a that he .
... ..
allltur hair and nniiry IxtMnmaVlth '- - - - ,
krep the men to pull at this end' of the string. 1 = = = ;; -
"devil"' buy cleaning up rout 4l"n \V. of land in Florida that KXPHKH.H: PIIKPAIM.KuU llnlk Uoeti.-J.. Krre' >.t l. lVAIMJIH'I ;
soy 'pi" that may be found about the have plenty Jt tft the only .!...tr.-cor of .|"n.1r ifr.ild n>f. a A
P'fnil" does not need to be drained which q- hv leading Arutrwlela. Band ,."v Ql. M._ur '. Q,., JWllunllo II Q,.. /l Ci "'., lleik.nlN '
should !he put on the m..k..andl' In ..tnmi>e far ."mr>l.. to The II.rpt- nub Hf. . It M .. 'I> f T DO ,-, /iln. C'- 1Msl.rad. ..
ride Co.. Detroit. UKh. NrtiMtn" County Kr.. t o' s a* t WMonorfratn .au. 1' U.1)
ThKanas the owners of large tracts would giveaway N,.. Uln. U.Mn. 11.a. .1a. gsalhr.si .
State Bank has .
City .. H. B.Miir.>rd C..... Special Jkgeats' time > a> lid S SOllanae'a .M. "er tiellen
I Son( *! into voluntary liquidation but everyothereightyaereatoaetualsettler ".." IC>* > >* a Wl Mr H,..UI.. Cora. iiuoa I..... for tN ......,J.

U*>.. Fidelity Trust Company will ,, they would then sell the remaining - -. x>la. !."(>e au S 60J IB UI ...." N.. trash/t.la.l'er*1.1 A1Nt.lgand/Iislkui: M.tlqt; :
k well Mall WBl..... In six, S M --.J .. MIt
>nor all checks. Loans another land to pay them nr a.
to .. !''_b Itraftdr a m w SM tat I'., UsUoe, ;;
t'ac'; rn brought the crash. -- ---.- . DRINDLaxative Aisle IMalMlr .. S 7k a M> S Boan Va."I. Nr., n..elsi Urot.. ac,., ......taar;
Most have been a strike at The Oeala I .ICIU.twlUlfi a w T *. .,.route.LINT' $

h. Banner ottlee Monday, judging from I(;*.... om an a m feu "'T' l.ttttla UR'Ue. rer bi.. ,
of the Zemstoos .
N>Mth f e n>ilaa c'OTA S sa 'Oot ....,." Iteee ..I MY.aie '
E'M Iu..c-<>w a few day ago and the the following : "If The Daily Banner MAMBtainurn sib a CI n cat t'ai. I m,'.
I Jaaualoa. Hum M . T *% .. .... <
Fruit .
,! ,, lie usual standard this 'd
is Syruplte .
>I. M wr present to prevent any not up to ....".... Kuan S T. S (A a ku Mut..alre deck
:"ri taik. A with morning we ak our renders tn overlook I. ,..* llraiulr S T. k nt SMuf /.bur..r, hni xt..t :
prod a bayonet Did K.. '"r IWntrtMM S ta a 00 S MAlt IeA" . . aibvlesa.
*.. a .caution to the speaker. It this one time, a. our force is a to take Atr'..... AUoJ-1HI va Uo4a of Maa .,..i4ats,....,. ....,.. ..r aPliess

little short vlx : one editor one business The new laxative. Does I I I.,..... ._ by the ...... un sg p.'I..etM,.. .' ,

I hd';;; three printer and ton - - -
a i manager
am* says not knowencan not gripe or nauseate. 1 hMOSVJ
': millionaire. devils. We still have our carrier trays ; T. HANNE BROS
sufficiently toMe Cures stomach and liver ft.. ,

about them. He might ask Id.art and if you don't yet your paper call us and chronic _. .. . .___ _.__ o_
,,, about one' or two of them. She up on the 'phnne.. J... )I. a...... prsldOao. ... II K T* ioa, CO.hlrlf;,, $
-- - restoring the r
iU hare allOw stories set t. music by by W. Hvon. VU. .-Pra td.n. Las Oeaa a u, slut. (> ,
t.4. IIH' I'"rry, Maya and other West Florida natural action the stomach

town are just hustling all kind. of improvements liver and bowels.

k'ri." 'f or tunnel' {. contemplated for for,hate by J. W. Ret wllaw c'.. THE FIRST NATIONAL BAIt.] :
> H.?*,. and It is guested that

tt 4.J t... cheaper to pipe the river .,IOO Reward IOO.,
t' a' I ida MEIt ,N. W6MEL OF :tBvrLLm: _
K many tuanel, They The readers of this paper will b 1 w Pie Y M senea.ni \
::,*' 1. reclaim .. .... .....
considerable land ----
by Is at !least -
pleased to learn that there .
u' r.thOorI. .LIt"t.Y ea aweallaaa TIlE ONLY NATIONAL, RANK IN ALAOHUA CO]
hasbeen ., .a.aea _w_
one dreaded disease that "i.oe- G. .,.-. .. M _.... '

able incur. In all U* stage.. and .i M fr..a.K L....J. Capital . . . . . . . . . . . .45OOOO 00
'halt not steal/' was the sob that catarrh. Hall's Catarrh Core M t..1 I. plow aee.a.e. .

'rt that lir Lincoln Moor of the is the only positive" ton now known to Sr..st.ewma.', as p.-. t1 tae Surplus and Undivided ProtiUs... ao.OOO OU

f'l... Haptist Church. New York th. medical fraternity.. Catarrh tw. (,........ ass s. ........,
a for tl.. .. .a4laad.eat .swaSO b.al...a>. ama tm'Mt. .<..., a ..t .... .. aCa ..... $a t
his text Sunday I.I la log a constitutional disease, require a ... ...-._M ,.rae..Manuaa.e..wa/i........ .............. !
Iv'a'. e* a **nno OD the 2-' York constitutional .......1. Ifsll's Catarrh M. q.e1st....._.. "I' .........W.weI.lt te...... 1
a-irane p Company's unsavory Cur is taken Internally, artier H... TJLYLO 0Ma..,. ;

Sra.. 'aa . . . .....
H. d. PATENTSGASNOW - *--- --- -- -
oooo .d Mr. MeCall directly. opon the blood and mucoussurfaces I
',Certain' tone*. of the system, thereby delstroying M
tfie fottBdattou of the dt-.- J
rev and giving 1M patient .u...th b, ., = raL 1.J1'ILiJID B. F. JORDAN
I'owe L2a
", f' of AMOoIa. Coon.. baKdlag op the eont I'. wed Preukfent Iioostveltti ting nature in doing us work. The v'.M .LL apuOTalt. &CCDmIt'' IXJL
'' .. mesh faith In Its .-.... A..I NIAt ,.'_-..,_ --.
: would ball right now. B.. proprietors have so> .,-.,. ..,......

I'a -'**..'e,fret all of hU& PfXaaakKI, curative dollars powers for that any they.....offer that oobundrd if .ralw--...-.Y.It..J-.au..1 ....... Glal..nf,. :: 1COR INSURANCE y

,_, lo fa.000.: |a hi. wtf's fall to core. tfnd for list of '*.ti- W war 1IIIIaaIL.... ..... ...... Ira. tliw1N40.1
a'1 **,* 414"4 W..... ... h.. :JaG"I.... . t. UIU
.1 a,, : .tl.. to lb. property, neeord leg Address F. 3 Cheney A Co., Toledo i ,

; r'.ba.. roan's Inlttptwtloa of Hold O.by all druggist. te. : .( ,

:; 'a.sad. U I." ptaalsw at the Take ilall's Family fill. for eooed.peUoc. PetrraA BUOCM GAJNEtVIIr
''''raa 10 ts'ot1t.

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Lo... .
n :.oIr.\ >-.r. ;".3::. J\r.'r..1, "" ," t." "

M. ,.e r

; ,.

'if'< .. . .. ,


Secretary of the treasqry. Leslie 'f.Sbaw. .

;;:{ PARTS OF FLORIDA' / will leave the cabinet on Feb. PAINFUl P"fRIODS

J. I MAY BE CANCEROUS. 1. 190G. He makes the definite announcement .

<- Dhow In a letter f othe Polk
mole pimple
XVben a wart, or
: -rwitf Happening From Various any sign of tenderness it i. a warningthat county, Iowa, Republican club. I I Life often seems too long to the woman \vh I

bad blood is behind it. Often these Martin L Halnea. who periods. The eternal bf
iJ: Captain fers from painful ,
Sections of State. face hands
$ places are on the legs ot
for and known as the "cranberry klngot NewJersey headache backache leucorrhea, nervou
I other part of the body years, Rive down, \
no sign to cause uneasiness, and wren died last nIght at his home In and similar tortUi
,: .THE MOST IMPORTANT EVENTS dizziness, griping, cramps
,i with little rough handling, a alight cut Vlncentown. lie was a member ot
,4r< p or bruise will develop into a sore that refuses the bar and a civil war 'veteran.I I I dreadful. To make life worth living, takelfine
Transpiring' In MTha Land Flowers' to heal and the sufferer finds himself .
r*, : afflicted with a cancerous ulcer. The budget for 1906 was presentedby
t :t Things '-Bolted Down" to Suit the ministers of finance of the lower
4 -
About three years ago a blister earn house of the Austrian diet today. It '
}a Busy 'Reader-Items of Interest to on the riiriit aide of IUT nose. Itsrewep ojr@rdQiWom.an's
'e ,'I'It' j :Alt.. Classes. up; the pain waa not very..v.r. ac first, at ( > e
t.'f. ', .t but Increased when the sore began to and the expenditures S363.803.440.
\\1h";,& dl 'FJ ) of Tampa, burglary, got a Inflame and dis Uarae :matter. At times Chief of Police Ivanoff. three policemen
edir the plo would scab over appear to
'- 'In jail b* a-ettina-well. drop and three women were severely ReliefIt
.et'ntb: .lrDo:
off.leaving uloer. I
,A i';', bf5,.sponge business at Tarpon : had almost despaired of ever ourlnar it, wounded today by the explosion of a
r la at the when my attention was called to B.B.B., bomb thrown the town
< i?; booming present near gardensat
; :. and after toklntr a few bottles the aorebesr quickly relieves purifies ard r-
.a to gradually arrow smaller the Kovno northwest Russia. The throW''
J dl aobar :. rMti rere Is considerable opposition Mntinc Owsnsboro,Ky. JNO. MAUSIE. er of the bomb escaped. t I '

: the B*,1I Telephone Company ,I Sir Robert Bond premier of Newfoundland permanently cures all diseased conditions frorp u h
: tUbe blood and healthy these sores
< pure '
franchise at orlantto.tbere cannot exist.' S. S. S. .. the ideal blood has completed arrangements weak women suffer.It .

; i is talk of entertaining !>r.*sl- purifier. It cleanses the blood of all for the !sue today of a loan of is matchless, marvelous, reliable.At .

r. 'US Roosevelt at old Fort Marion 'poisons and impurities, making it strong 92.000.000 to be paid to R. O. Reid fox all druggists' in $1.00 bottles.
and and able to > the
vigorous supply body the Newfoundland telegraph lines. Tt
,4r111ft' hb visit to St. Augustine with the strength and nourishment it
,t. Interest will be at 3V4 per cent. |
me school teachers at Tarpon needs. There as nothing that acts so WXXTR USA. '. ' surrxRzo GREATLY

liP were all thr** out of aehuol promptly a. S. S. S., toning up tbe entire The Japanese Advertiser reporta that freely and frankly In Mrs. L. E. Cleverer.ct BeH-
system, helping tbe general health on Aug. 13, a live Bblklml plant (a N. C., "at my monthly ,
dence u.a.U j
It-week on account of dengue fever. and ,telling your 1 jr .
curing sore plant sent to the house of the deal) troubles. We will send free Tenn."I life, but the first bottle of are
,.,',fft.vAngnstine, merchants who boy Do permanently, was sent to the residence of Baron plain seated envelope). l me wonderful relief, at ,> v

.ball suit for their team have their S S S wart not orpimpledevelop let a Komura. The police are endeavoringto dies' AdviseryDept.The I n better health*' than I hue c e.a

iTertlsement"t on tho front of the Into a discover who sent the plant. | JKedldne Co., Chattanooga, time.

.',' canccrou.ulcer. Premier Micbelsen today laid before
r1'tl.} .W. :Montgomery has been arresl.dFs4 PURELY VEGETABLE. but blood purify withS. your the Norwegian storthing the draft ot
.. .. -
; ,Jacksonville for zxllnK t3AO $. S. It i. nature'a remedy,'purely the treaty providing for the dlssoln ------ ---- - -- -- -

om a colored Knights of PythiasThe vegetable and while driving.all poisons! Lion of tbe union between Norwayand
ge. from the blood will build up every pert Sweden. It was decided to submit The
erf the av"tem. Book on the blood and
; sharp shells on some! of the any mf'iralaflrice desired will be given the treaty to a special commit

;streets 'In Jacksonville are phlllIJe without charge,to all who write. V

'vfuvroo with the rubber tires of ye- THE SWIFT SPECIFIC CO., Atlanta, Ca. tee.At a recent meeting of the Tug UNION CENTRAL Ln\\-i fi

,..\htoJ ." Del Bivouac United Confederate Veterans

\r;!. Two neftroes were boiirid over Toen - --- -'- --.-- - .------ ------ .Winchester, Tenn.. a reaolutton

'CIalln Tampa for ...HlnR liquor without liner colony that is producing the waa unanimously adopted condemning Insu race Co.
mimic from the Hoar War the appearance of females li
scenes .atConey
a license, llllnd tlK"r", n it seems,
'fo a wet county Island' one having ."rv, d confederate processions wearing dlvld
.) against the Knglinh: and lost a hand. ed skirts or bloomers. OFFEIIS THE
t,, < Many orange growers around Kis-
The seventh annual conference oltbe
J,.Inmea are shipping green oranges 10 Thn'ex plosion of a kerosene lamp at -
Association: of Hospital Superlntendenta
j ehe. market., and it I. feared It may In- the home or Drew Matthews in Ocala
of the United States, wu Premium Rate i L f
KJarthe Florida orange industry. Monday night caused considerable excltnmftnt opened at the hotel Vendome today, ? Sre

k";:.!,Stetson University at DeLand wssMlDeaexl A fire afarm wa turned In, Among those who were expected tc LOWVST HIGHES'J"

with a large: attend non. TliisiIttteellent but the tint was extinguished without read papers today was Sir Henry C ,If Death Rate I E f1rnlng

the aid of the .
school has been steadily d.partmrnt.Kin Burdette, of London whose subject.

!jftowlnff' each year in popular favor. Grit, the little boy who recent was to be "The Hospital World."

:f8 I ly. mysteriously disappeared from his Cash Annual Dividends.
: L' Anderson, 'T. J. M rrltt and Van
\,:k4 obaon were lined two for carrying home In Titnsville. has at last been located Steamer Runs Down Schooner.

aeealed weapons by Judge Gordon at the home rut his uncle, Ilras- Newport News Sept. 27.-.Tbe atanv

;*f Tampa on Tuesday. Thny will work well Grills In Stark, where he Is contentedly er Mayport. Captain Je-bsen. enronte

":OQt. playing with hlscnu lns. He to Boston wltb coal ran down and Policies Written on All the Approved Plans
Insists that he will not return to Titusvllle sunk tbe schooner Job H.'Jackson Cap.
', ','Ybor City has recently added' thirty-
Someone'! at home teased Kin Williamson, off Thimble Light lame i INCLUDING ORDINARY LIFE LIMITED PAYMENT: L n
|,.. Italian families to It. population
'. ''don't know what figure to multi. I by telling him that hw would hare to nlgbt. One member of the schoer LONG AND SHOUT TERN ENDOWMENTS TERM ANI NWTALMENT
married' and this frightened the crew was drowned. Captain William
I, the thlrtythrwH by to get at the I get INSTALMKNT BOND, FULL RETURN TRKMn:
I little fellow to such au a xtnt that he son filed a protest here today
Crease In population by their arrival. SETTLEMENT AND>> CHILDREN'S- ENDOWMENTS. AFl'OM l: I I'

{ t.A new sroret order ha. been started OF EVERYIJODY.

." A Jasper called the Gobbler They No New Cases of Cholera.

"" do their work In the coop, and they Iterlln. Sept. 20-B:34 p. m-The

have some very lively rnoal.r. a. men official bulletin issued today announcedthat PeriodicPairs. For full particulars call on or address
_1 brt. The strong point Is the (Inltiiiulon. no new canes of cholera nor no
\ deaths from cholera had been report -1'i. B. HIG-J3OIT

Jf. 'For the first time the "''r.*...*. sta. ed from noon yesterday to noon today, ,

':f>f)|lou on :Anastasia Island was got In thus leaving the totals unchanged. The .

,'\t6ommunteation with Jupiter Island, new cases reported by newspaper correspondents Dr. Miles' Anti-Pain Pills General .A.ers.t.t,

r Hun
,"' ''tarfered with the mesng but thryf.rywersj appear to hare been previously the relief of periodic pains, GAINESVILLE FLORIDA

l+ (intelligible. reported officially.. backache nervous or sick head-- _. .
--- - -
Joseph E, .'tell of Orlando, who Operation for Nasal Difficulty. ache, or any of the distressing

Vnaalately- returned from a visit. tn th.. New York, Sept. ST.-Dr. 1-. Hot aches and pains that cause

;trJl'a\berlaod. found two boys Inl"IK- brook Curtis, who yesterday performedan : women so much suffering.:

;";"YorlL whom he adopted and will give> operation on the Duchess of Marlboro As pain is weakening in and Stock in the Emma Gold Mine
leaves the an exhausted -
tlt.at a home II. fouud them in the formerly Miss Consueto Vander. system
:( condition it i is
: wrong
bUt) Bald today that the operation was
not for the throat trouble reported, to suffer a moment longer than At the price today is the bt. and select investment. I"JUII'
u Well as Men Are Made but was for a nasal difficulty. It wa necessary, and you should take make.

"< Hurtle by Kidney and performed to remove a slight deafness the Anti-Pain Pills on first indication 1 his mine i i. opened! and ore on the dump. It Is not MU riment .

t" which resulted from a fall received by of an attack.If but a safe and sound investment.With .

i Madder Trwble. the duchess In her youth. taken as directed :you may every $1OO Invested in stock w* will issue a 3 per ,4"n'! L
in their bond insuring the investor from any possible chance of Ion.
Kidney trouble preys UJ."M the mind have entire confidence .
The gold bonds are as safe as Government; Roods '
9 discunraue.suttlesMi.euuthhioll, tieautyigor effectiveness, as well as in the'
A Clear Complexion and Bright Eyes.In We would like to hear from If eould be inter.t''d *
\ anal rheerfiiUiic disagreeable you you
will leave
fact that no .
1 Ii' :.* soon di* |>|irnr loon cases. a sallow, blofehrd pomplt frst) >elas Invesimont, b.ulut ,Iy *.'... and une with the brighift (1"r. '
_ .I. when the"'.Im..aur. after-effects. P.ets and future of any gold mm ever opened or discovered. It.
>xioit' and dull due tu
out of unity ur dis- heavy yes are They contain no morphine, bar the closest investigation and re would like to get you lolrreMFall
r 'a1M't1. l poor digestion and an I Inactive liver. opium chloral, cocaine or other particulars for the mere asking.

Kidney trouble has Orlno Laiative Fruit Syrup aide digestion dangerous drugs.

i, become I so }>reTiilriit and stimulates the liver and bowls RIFE *
"for long time I have sufferedgreaUr COFFMAN
t that it is nut uncommon a ,
and make the complexion smooth with *pU .' t- kachw that
for a quilt to lx almoet than I ran -.
and clear Orlno Imitative Fruit Hyr-
v born afflicted *itliwe Theee alterk come on every month Brokers, St. Clair Building Marietta, Ohio.
:.', ** kWne ..vlf the up does not nauseate or grip and Is and last two or tbrv dar 1 have
t. pt
r Cblkl urinate*tooof ten.if the urine scalds mild and pleasant to tske. Ufuse never would else much relief.t' b* Send for full information. Mint <
Ant.V us a postal
,'" the flesli, or if, N hen the child reaches ait substitute J. W. McCollum A Co. began 1M \ ?of Vri Mile.. liipui
;" age when it h.MiM 1>e able control. the. abort, and tint they. ..ilway y dater* r..li.wh..ulnathe the ia a within 200 feet of the Emma have paid as high .L..
it i" art tttnirted' with bed wet has sod them wttn
-1 tuassajre some
Qwlttof Wife 40 in Mineand
cent Watch the Emma
.. Murdsr. rwutta." I'AUK.til per one year.
; kig.itc.'U 'Utj, u it. the cause of the difli- the **n> NIiR.
.i;1 tatty t* kidnrt, trcMilile. and the first Ctivingtun Ga. Sent. :;. -"After bar $. Atlenicma St. Booth 0...... lad its dividends.ABSTRACT .
S, step should \>v t..\,,,,.,,, the treatment of lag been out less than an hour the Or. Mite** Antl-***!** !P111* are *. < fcyyur
eru alet. %vtt*> wJ *
," .ttle.elrolnetsnttngn.| This unpleasant Jury, to the case of CX>lumbusV, Walk flrt ks>* .*M siexeftt.: If It
trouble .. due to tttMMM. condition of wO. return yMr '
to:%SM kidneys Miul l>l...(\'lrr ati.l not to a er. charged with assassinating hU wife 1-: ... :;: ." IMa- -- - '- -" .. --. -. - ---..----- .
t.laabit as iiMMt j_'l'tC' ."1'1"""-. while she was lying asleep In bed on Miles Medical C '....''''' iien an well *"tn.ti utr nude mi er- the nomine of May 3, last. brought In
,; hie with kl.'"..,' and l.ua.lrr trouble tb. following verdictVe.. the jury & REALTy COMPANY
both nerd the arms> 'c.t .
.. truwxljr.tmUl lad the defendant guilty and recommend XXXVXXX\XX- lftJ* %* NXX3i
and n.t.nl".h. refit off !, 'W.-
; >Root.MaN, ,relates 1t 1.. Mold that he be Imprisoned for life" ?

!, ,b1.s.uCXi..b, in lift*. > Miss Tebeau's tX100.rp0rat.c11
).. Cevt; and onelollar, t
: .alii Devoured by Worms. E. E. VOYLE. MGKR.ibstraet .
J: ...botUcs. You m.> 5
'i! bays a sample t.<4tle I Children often cry not from pain Boarding and of Title and toll Info mat1oa faraiahed record lag Uods U u.

;,: by mail tree. also aBaniphlet a..r.r e.wa..a. but frog huager although fed abandantly ""' .'7. One manager ... lived to this eoanty ftkirty year ant
:'t telling all .mt Swamp-R.>->t, I Th. entire trouble" arise. from Day School > ta taoromckly .....nwa' with land 1117....
\4 inclttttlas; assay t>/ the Ih.au..otd.nf te tinoaial .
Inanitions their food t* atol assimilated
letters* rrwivetl from sufferer
" In writing I>r Kilmer .V Co.. but devoured by worms. A few XA. ago W'* ftleia Su ... E E '-\/-O

[baraU. N.\.. I* cure and mention e-. of White's Cream Vermifuf UAINItaY *. rwanDA ..

paper. Don't make *nv nit.take, will <,aa.. them to ass. crying and FILL ACCIDENT. BUROURT AND 1XDEMNITY IH8URA{ CHsee. Bet':
.....bcr the name h"' '' > .Koot.SwejsapKuot. ilea I1eui..9ateIie.
.... ...'a ant'nll the rdcJaltter begin to thrive) *t oore. very stock to /S.Ne, Meth, 1fMi Hag S aoaiber of prasnlB' JLmeriemsi sad Za liak i ao_paaRJCAX ...,
+ N. Y ou every the surprise *.4 fey of tie mother. . KflTATK AND' CITY LOAJ8W,
.4'1.. ,. Bold by r W. M. J....... G- e 'V' , e a a ..Jr'1cxIt.dI'i
t e 4rAw5
.R Y.

1:..{'" ,.f:.,r....,;.' rl:-:.,...."v:.,., ,...'.."'.-:td,'rw'.'f -,.'\l.., .;;'+_' rs". ... -I'' ir.. '.,. '0.1' t. ,.'..\1"'I"' .' '11',:

''f vut ,"-' ',10., ,.1., ".'.'. .drn. ; "I..JLJ.., ." .... .,. '!"f,. ;"p .;,.." 1.'i / ":- "4' .,r...,;;... 't.' .i-f;.'''' ,1'' .'''':',.f' .f;'' ',. ''-k''' .r t t. t ..".w


.- ,


4IS 4 Man Places on Exhibit TItle Better thank you. In fact, quite; well. From Jacksonville Fla.. Via Atlantic S thiI

",una Wonderful' Product. Fat. round and full of life and mischief. Coast Line Railroad. i. on R al II

lattattyy \G(1 t s'. p.: a:: MontSept..here 27.-yeatertLq'e At tb-. Pink and white flesh dotted with dim.i!f $37.OOWa.hingtonl.C.. and return . waJ... {
fir which opened pics. No ind estion.
cough no
I j; sale
mot exhibition which the on daily to September 3O h. limited I
's! one : potatoes. All on account. of to October 3i.'. 19O5 II I Effective May aM. 1005.
{ .
.' u1S. I* _. _
'rk d fL! r.nr.'e montha ago; C. P. Darst.Lr I II I $23 ft> \lai.RtonD C.. and return, -- .- ------- -- - 4=.

*>fc Soce<'v\. '... of the new process for i on Bale O.iotwr SIb and 9th limited to 1-= .1r. ..liheleTralaa_East_S.U_ ___ >... a o- ur'h and 11 ,...t. S.. 1. ,
1.- '
MS Lw I!!)!_.. z !>,.:aloes. announced that he DZDMULSIDNadministered I I October Inih. 19)5; can be extended to '1i i Ly J5ekuuuvtlle..8u" KySo. 9 lea i 511p : Lv Jack. ..'Miv iht*. !h'a+ "I' fly 7 43p- i
la from two tore 25th on of 6O I.r Jesup 10
grub potatoes | ajmeut cent Ky 11 4l()* 4Op l.T Jf"iip.; 1UAr 'It by 10 SOp

'I 4eat. :O''il In a special preparas $25.25 Hot >princ Ark and return Lr tisraunah So. UySo. 1 2Op IS Iftn MMCOII. tea "., IJ l30gt1
himself. In layers Ar ColuniiHHAr Ky 0 Mp d tlOa55a, .\r Atlanta iirtArKom ..... I
t ,, ,,,', l.td by tJ: S :it)a
17 51 > and without vine by a mother whose love on sale October 3d and 17ih. limited 10 I Ar Chari..",. .So. KySt 1O 25p U *. U* ... ty -: 3.Joa
raeh other was tempered with common sense. No"emln-r 30,h. 1906. U' "!I.h"lrn, ). Uy 1 IS* IS: OlpU .\r l 11..I ltnn, tin iy.I: ? :'!''i.a ,
." rlments have been Ar l)"i...j.. . .;L., Ky 221a Ar "
I lop OnattaniHiKn. T"n0.
j l
: : 9
)rbt.teu In the She knows that OZOMULSIOX is $4605 Chicago. III., and return on lt 45a
c a jox S feet square. fountain Ark+ 11.1_.8t..Ity tf f>Mit d42uArI.vncilt.lrg ; Ar l I.t*singtun. Ky 'l ... t 1\ !Op
of Darsf a of energy for grown-ups, raleetober 11 and 2Jih. limited toNovember .
Ar C inn
.f his box a layer +IIIt' n Ii. a 'I t 4ftp
-t o."r 4 34A -4
La'n! ,_->n u placed to the depth of :3 too. It. stops waste of flesh. It makes 5th 19l>>. Ar Cbar.utte.vtlle!> So. Ky 618* tS AlplOp l.v i'liioiuiiKti. tArChioago . lilt; .l.r .4t1p i'w

Ghee, at:a I a number of potatoes : plenty of rich blood. For pale feeble i| I1OS5 AtlMiita. Os., fd return on Ar VV*.run<:ion.. .So, Ky 0 5Oa 9 SOp III n...: F.."i ,. ; ltsLv

ted I rhereln Another layer of 3 i folk it is the chief nourisher at life's I i sale. October 0, h and 19th, limited to Ar ltlt+m.rt. H. K. K. 11 3'')* 11 -.>fip ('..nCluna'l. U P. I.'u. 3J1p
s Dl1 ArV PhM.'I'ia P. It K. 1 asp 85 Ar Ohi't"Ir" III ,._ -
scattered over these pota. feast. It cures Consumption when : October S3J, irv'<5.forrewiKinduiK ? i. l's 1. i. l i.1I.e
ehes!, {jl ArNr. \rk . R. 1
+Mj and more potatoes planted In the taken in time. AH druggists sell it=.-I j low rates from other P. K. 4 lap 6 3iV* ,1111t'1"lIa". t t e. &I ." II I ... Jtp1

gilt 1:11.1 And so on until tbe frame Is So cents and $1.00 the bottle. Let us j point in State. j t No. 34-. New York and Florida Kxpr AY "hi""IlO. lit \11I"n ; :
th, : send I ....," I>.ily Pullman Drawtnti Room I II 1.. OllllMlllllkll.ilToledo.;. V. II ... I Itr t. 43p
youFree See .
Atlantic Line
4. ( :I beLit t Coast agent or I Sleeping l Car Port Tampa and Jac*,oti. .\ Ol (J. II..t U. 5 auaAr
| Irur.t c'alms that the box may Sample Battle by Hail j I write for Pullman reservation. and ,11. to New York. eiroit, MidiCiitcittiiftti. i' M I 72a 'q

:o almost any height with layer full information to Frank C. KoyUtoti.District J No 3>-**Wa.hlniMon and Florida I i.:. ,: O- --.I'a i........ r "hp '$4

Iftcr !lacer ot potatoes without afkctis -. Write letter or postal toOZOMUL810N .*..*..iiRer Agent J.ek.oa. 'i. I.. mitd. Dally Pullman Drawing I 1 .tr 1'iiUhuri I Pa 1'a .i.tnra 1\ Ma tLv

? 'he producing quality of comto CO. title .'1.. j j Kuom Hrvping Car Jacksonville to i 17incinnati. <41< Rig ,'nur wtlp;
I'll' .- and that he can have new po.Poors O8 Pine Street, Now York, -- -- -- New York. . :",t CleveUrMl.'oLfJMMKtntt.. H lift 'unr ,tl ...'...

011. for market In any climate at any - . --- Are You Engaged ? -- -- -- -- -- j i l.r : K). $4. Ity. II I\ kip sett

:re.of the year MYSTERIOUS Engaged people should rememberthat Thr eXk'*Tae La..r the S Lj" :\.. to I \r Louisville. Ky So. Uy h lOp
MURDER IN LONDON I I.\r Si I.nitl. Mi p... Kv 131& r'
after mumae*. many quarrels I Lv Jacksonville Fla Si>. Ky 7lisp ; .
Past Sixty In D nil be, I L. I.\r ".,na"lu"1.* r Mt i y t) ..e. +,.
Men ger. Body of Young Woman,la can avoided by keeping their dice. tia.ann.h. O*. >*t. Ky l':: I ISA .
by Ar Itirrningh.nu. Ala t itr KT &It 45a s .at.trMetnphi.icon
Ar t'. O .
tton in So. Ky IS t1Ut I
More than half of mankind over the Authorities Mutilated. Kotxl condition with Electric Irims'.v
Badly Ar Asheville N. C. vIfp(
So. Ky 1 AOp .
of suffer from kidney Bitter. S.\ lirown of BennetUville. Ar KMHCM 1'ilr. Mo I'rise's ..
try years age London. Sept. 27.-The Mostham Ar Hot Spring' N C So. Ky :I alp """ 94 taMrmphl.
gladder diiorder' usually enlarge- tunnel of the London and Southeastern S. C., says : **For years my wife sufferetlintensely Ar Knoxville" Tfiin So. Ky IS O lp ; .: Penn M-k'P

..Dlof pro trate gland. This is both railway where toe brutal murder of from dyspepsia, complicated Ar LotiUvill S<>. Ky H AQs<< Hot spring. *. Ark . .._ .

sinful and dsngereu, and Fole '11 Frederick I. Uolilby Percy Lcfroy. alia with a torpid liver, until she lost her Ar tho Loin*. S
IkidD""y Core should be taken at the Mapleton, occurred June 27, 1881. strength and rigor and became a mere Cincinnati Q. At; 5 15* Daily.. Solid vmtibule train, through

|11.1 oign./ wf danger/ as it correct irreg.Jolsntic .-again has been the scene of a mysterious wreck of her former self. Then she No. )-Dnily Pullman Drawing' day CAr..,"J".l1n.ill,oach.. and to Pullman tTineinnati Sleeploft.

1, and has cured many old men tragedy. the details of 'vhlch so tried Klectru* Bitter, which helpedher lloom and Mullet Sleeping Oar t*.twMn No. 19-Pullman DrawinicSlc Room

(of this diu'''''''. Mr. Rodney Burnett, far as ascertafnod arc markedly similar at once :and finally made! her entirely Jacksonville and (Jinnnnall.Kxrellrnt . .plna Oar between Jacksonville. r
,gerK [Kock( Tort, Mo., writes : "I suffered to that of a quarter of a century well She is now strong and -- Kirmlnaham, Memphis, Kansas City
"Co.I Sold all : IHttlnjc 'ar Servlrr.' and Colorado Spring.
''ty |with enlarged prostrate gland and kid. healthy. at drug stores and .
,f j i rouble for yearn. and after taking I In the present: case the victim Is ayoung1 guaranteed, at tOo n bottle.' - -

r.td I woman, Mary Money, whose --. ARRIVALS AT JACKSONVILLE
[two bottle* of Foley's Kidney Cure I -- ---
1aof feel t ttttter than I have for twenty body was liorriMy mutilated.. A lone I Insurance Agent Suicides. From" New York, \\'a.hlr'1r1un. rte -No. :'9, "Wa..hington and Florida Lira ,

| I veil was tlghtl). wedged In her mouth ; Philadelphia. Sept. 2T.-William II. I ted. ShOt) a. m
slihonch am now 91 -
years years From New York Washington, I"-S :\
\\.hhIKtnn and Florida Kprese. .-
fold." J. W 11'CoUuU1.Co.: and the police are confident that the Kirk pat rick Philadelphia agent of the ." $:=?l) p. m.

(F. - woman wan murdered In the compartment Northwestern Mutual LJfe Insurance From Cincinnati Ah..I.4o.Su... =.tw. Wnhiiiiciiui and Florida Lira ,

Charged with Killing Sister. of a train on )'hlch she wan trav. company of Milwaukee- was found today It..dt'' BKVa. m,

RIcl1moDd.a... Sept. 27.-Jlmmte cling and that her t>o .
; t! | Eppan S >car-old boy and his mother from the car The fact that none of a bullet wound in his head. He -----t----------- -
re. J. C. LL'NK IMatTlct raasenirrr Agra I, 1OM W. Hay N''., Jark ai vllle, Pbv.
have had shot
bt"f'o.arreated the
and lodged In doors of the train on Its arrival at some time during the
rot 8. II. HAKI.WICC laT.t.V.! H.TAYLOK.O. i'. A. BMIHIKS M"aU4ot.: .,. O. P. A,
for jail at wniumsburg. VL. charged with Redhlll was open la considered to night. He wan about 28 years of age.Mr. .

. . . .. . ..
tee of the .
ore killing!; boy's 6-year-old sis. prove conclusively that It was nota Klrkpatrlck had been in 111 health ----- - -- -- -

t ter, iUUlda, who died recently. The case: of sulcldo. for some time and It Is thought he com

4 of boy i fA salt! to have beaten his sister Miss! Money left her home on Sunday i milled suicide on this account. SE..A.. ::E3 a ..A.. :j3:

vlth a brick but insists. that he actedat evening saying she would not L..
dare the! in.tlK.-uion of his Children Not Allowed
mother whs gone lone on Streets.

he says also! beat the child. The body The affair therefore, ttr a complete Peoria III.. Sept. J7.-The board of Air Line Railway

of the dead child wag churned and mystery. I I health of Bloomington 111., has Issueda

a. it showed a number of Injuries one proclamation forbidding children the \

tyire of which alone, a fracture of the skull. Abscess. 1 use of the streets day or night until . FOtt . .
waa declared' by physicians to have aa epidemic of diphtheria now ragingat y
Ab.ceaee." with few exception
Ua sufficient to that place 1* concluded. Tb
. cause death. proclamation
.dof i indicative of ciinalipstiou or debility. Savannah Columbia Camden Southern d
provides a heavy flna for all ,
Like W. II. Ilarri-un. CUvflatid, MUs.. _
Finding Money. children found on the streets either
write. AIIR, 15. 19):! : "I want to Pines Wash- '
a say foot Raleigh Richmond
Finiiinf( health i III like finding mon or or !In a vehicle. All cats In tlnY1ll.ce ,
a word of pr..l.u'. for Hallanl'. Snow
*;-*0 think those whu am sick. When are ordered exterminated and
F. Liniment. I .ippp l on K nail, which ington Baltimore Philadelphia
jou have ft cough, cold,jiorn throat, or dogs taunt Gn tied- up. .
chut canned the cord in my Iff to contract

like, W irritation' b..u..i act promptly and an almcfnn. to n.e in my KI>O", and Beautiful New York. "
( Barber of Sai.dy Level., Va. Women. .
the doctor told mi that I would have a
H. ,aj" "I 1 had a terrible chest troubl Plump cheeks,, fluthed with the soft
stiff left. *o one day I went to J .F.Lord' r
"utl..d by smoke and coal dust onIDJ glow of health and a lure complexion,
drug more (who I. nnw in It.n
singe ; but. after. finding r.o relief make .ll women beitiitlful. Take a
."'. Cold.) He recommend a ttottl
ill other remedies! I was cured by I>,. vtitall doe of Herbii .Hlllr each meal ; Three Trains
KIDl'. of Snow Liniment : I got a 6TM ai&". Elegant Dully. ;
Xrw I)>.ci>v"ry for eonump it will prevent .un.tIJ."tlftn and help
and it cured my Ire It.i Ia the b-.t "
bun, eouvh* and colds" digest what.. have Mrs. Wm.M .
Or..t".I"tf liniment tn the worid." $old by \\'. you eaten
ary cough or lung medicine in the \1.: Johnun $trowi. Midlothian. Tea write.. Seaboard Express.
.1.1 At sit drug stores ; lies and $1 ; :May 31. 11W Jl t "We hares used lUrbinn
"arut""lt 'trial bottle free.Lte Suffering from Hallucinations.New .
in our family far eight year, and
----- Yurk. .: .-Tht i(1.lc.: and found it the beet medicine we ewru Seaboard Mail.

Savers' R.*cue Crew. a physician today ilcrliled that Christine .ed for ..on.tll.I"n. tiilinri fever and

r i i-, .M:u.... s !pt.:1: -An no' fro] .niaii. the lt->'.*ar-od! girt. malaria" Sold by W M I Johitoo.

who wan fonoil unoonctoii from al
i sated
MCJiooner. loiiUstti '
< Pollock rip and Is In dana leztM; robber attack I In her home yr*' King Alfonso to Wed. MODERN PULLMAN EQUIPMENT

1 tt-g 1 broken to pieces.: Th tt-rday was urtirtne only mental hat N, w York leapt 17 It .5 gala nitnonil

.... Monorooy life saving ala lucinatlon: N.ar the place where she according to MII AUirriran" Jin y

-.))1'1'...) the vvs.e4 at d.'I16bt. was found a search repealed a demandfor I pitch from Madrid (rut King Alfoano : Line
Only Operating
T' 7e ,.at: .rs succeeded In boardS 9900: written on the back of her will marry arid i .,1' the wt>l4ln 4 [

J : mother's picture which wa bung with will IK celebrated Mar 17 lOG It U
1Iool1"r after a bard pull: Dally Through Pullman Sleepers from Jacksonville, to Now .
A hoppy .ftL A strong north j it* face to the wall. A demand for understood that the 'lady -lcte4' at Orleans

'. oing. and tM crew of the i{ I COO was written on the back of her the iaen of Spain i is the! Prlnr. :
and the own picture Tie police comparlnc Thus of lUtlenburg, daughter of Prince Yor full information and sleeper reservations call on any aft.rii H.aboard *J9!
savers will haveta write A O. >UclMNKLL. !'*. O. IM>YI. TON Ja., "
a I 11.' t .k In returning to ahorrc I the handwriting on thevn picture to Henry of '''''.Obl''K. and lh. nieceof AMI. (l.nral Pa..ertger; A..,.,, Passenger ACOI, S ''''"'
that which wr In Christine's crK o4 King EVlward. of Kadajid.I Official "'
., T c''sI's, Cough Remedy Ald.1 coPT book, declared that the trig{ b# announcement of the betrothal ..UJ JACKrU>WVlLLK. riX>KIOA. ,if

( _. .. . ,, .
Nature. self had written the demands. r'l shortly tNt made, - - -- .. ,'
N( I W.MMM. t':s.
"e list' "W
are always
.. .. Original
; .t 'al. Chamberlain'' Couch The Dr. Finn's stlrno"r Inlereslin >

af'". on this pUo. It allay Foley A Co.. Chi8-ito, oricmlKl I, I.r Thomas Finn) of Itoontboro Mo FaySholesTypewriter

.. rrlicvr. the luog. aids emi. Honey and Tar a. a threat and 'lung I t who has practiced me'ilrine tat :82:

ar ,II i. up.-n* the er.iiona, and remeiIy. sod on account of the rrrat I year. *ay* hit tag ,i.-<1 every pre erlptiuo 1lWf. .
... "
I J :J' nditiuo. Sold by all drac.r and Tar many Imimtioo are oJ.r-d m.nt of kidney and b'adJer di*.....*., .

.' for the s..nuin. These w"'LhlutOIl.I. and rays h. ha. never fuui.d i swf thlagI

;.4 With Killing Mw.baAd. tatioo have similar outi'iln: namr. I .o *ffe.etly*> 'In both chron ad rout.l .

HA.; sept. J7-FrankHn'% *o- Beware of them The genuine K rl l'','' | kblovy' sadbladMr ar.. IJI.. a. KoUy'e' ACft.tOMLKIHJEDTHE : ''i'

k cunvrneI at Came.vtll. honey sod Tar is in a yellow (j..-fcwrAk Kidney Car.. It \.up' trrrgul.rltl.. 1 ......
,.' for it sod refuse tub t>tats. UEMT J .
a. R. II. Russell presiding any aril land I I I build op the oho.. "y"t.m J, A'flerolloro rI f/!,
It is ab. r.r..rn.dJ fnr.ouhs ,
L Mrs. Cobb for to. an.c*

r. a "rat.J-r,send t.bu ntjon un.tot baad.of Cq voluntary th>will.b. u grand probably now nraahte jury"a-- - X.t..b11..n. <* Ia7ux.E'wTTOrsca I UNIVERSAL HFTNAltD( I -Tabulator OHEvery :Machine.Whlfsl I ,\g glightest :.I

wa the v... .l
s. ". J"-y. Tbers. U nuc LJc).t*., Rannlagt' Th.
** ta; the outcome the''
of Champion p...d Writs of uhf) World

f '1e Babe U- :E3 A :ISrKE:: S. a V;*.. the Kay-ttHol.... )MAC Kaj'Hhol"** In

Cuttle T*.0i r.*. Jo (U.la.nn& tksut any other ns ehlo*>.

f. sn S U.. 'baa oW sad .. -

r' : -2y. )1,.. WlsMlow't Booth. ... wa Y a4 rs.a.a..,
1 Lf a..a.nitt..aa.t saga. esf .d eslg. .5.m
r .. for .lIn, ,.. t vtJ lac. Xi The S55..MOt bass. aeaa.ra. pey.raa1..t.IMr..>W.eew .e.t. L..es For finite IJ1" .
t..ea. ?54.41. re aaaase e..e.. 4e a.:
i oJ r.ga .a se r. 'sa. s.rwa
as wild) fa.oe ..... naW. .I.to ue ;..&.4 au+. .
's eraRcor..wta4.elist( MM! U TIE SUM GtiiUYille

w..;:; : tordltrrl.ea. 'J wta- -- ; i. h _
eta butt.,

; M ",
s .1y


f):'( i
Oainecvillti Is hereby dlrcxved to Issue LOW RATES posttoryordepositories w
t ORDINANCE required give special tSea. mail!
:; AN his proclamation calling special eJection
Matbllshok1allos to beheld in said ci>y on the but FOll 18. In the. V.nt *k
day of October A. D. 19O5, to de'er- of the proceeds<< of the ,? frill
EtheIssuanceoflBond.anditbeOree mine whether the issuance of bond bond proposed by I t. **4 Gs
'' i pronoMi-d by this ordinance 10 be issued Special : OccasionsVIA be Issued shall not he n, "I,' ? .,

ation of an Executive Board Under NOTED FOR SWEETNESS ADD I'll HI : shall be approved by, a majority of the I feet the purposes hrrr. 'oc.
$. the Provision of an Act of vot.es cast by the qualified elector of eased for which the pr" "*''S>
'I the Legislature,' of the State ofjyV said city a* said special election and aid bonds are' to bt .Ij:. ""'af V.S
Florida, entitled "An Act Extending TY OF TONE, POWER AJIDCKARILITY. said proclamation and this ordinance part of the proceeds of _,* *"* V.S
w and Enlarging the Territorial hall be published in a newspaper the monies not so need -. ..4
j Limit and the Power of the City qf printed in said ci, y a- least once each I SOUTHERN RY. for the purpose of JOt
1,' 'Gainevill' av Municipal Corporation week for four ncutlve week, the streets and parks of sat K \&h,
,' Organized and Existing Alachua beginning of such publication being TWO TRAINS DAILY EA T. construct own. acquire u' 4
County, Florida, and Providing for made immediately upon he adoptionand gas plant for said C.it f&'*.*
the ExerCUe of those Powers." of this ordinance. .\. deemed advisable *T !,*
r. Rest plsno for aids trying olm! t' stands la approval heave JarLMinvlllefllOa. n.., 7 tern>> p. m by raid tt\ "
.t' JB it Ordained bj/ the Mayor and ('ily tune longer than others,eoostrnoted of raid special election the question of Seo. 19. The Hoard c.f t I

"i! :Council 'or7. City; nf Uutnttuifr-, be. CD.t.rt.l.. and most srtH Mworkm the issuance of bonds to the amount of *4* *. Atlantic City. N. J.. and return shall have exclusive pow' r rrb
')y f\\\ .JFlorUtai .ashlp ob'alD.bl.. One Hundred Fif' eeti Thousand Dollar On salt. daily. Limit October improvement and exp, u t r.tU:

'.v .I Section '1. The Mayor and the City UP to date a every *., and for the puritooeM shall proposed in 31. 190+1. this ordinance which s ,>. ''v; **
\, ..Council the City of Gainesville I in detail and UD."flu.led. and by this ordinance, be snbmit- '81.7: Bar Harbor, Maine, and re- than Two Hundred n.."* ':s
'' >ttbeir' corporate capacity under authorylty ed to the qualified e'ectora of said torn On sale daily. Limit October I let all contract of T,r<) i .I'1;
,' of an .Act of the .Legislator of the ci y for their approval ; that each qualified 1. 1905! I Jars aDd over to the low. vT

,f'.$*)te of Florida, entitled "An Act Kxs Sold by us continuously for e cctor for shall have the an opportunityto of .:...10 Saratoga Spring. N. Y.. and bidder, unless uth"rwil4'thi. "* hie. C
against question
vote or .
s '***- ..{ and Enlarging the Territorial return. On sale daily. Limit October ordinance ; provid \
!. the issuance of said bonds for ho purposes Board. shall >14
hartaml .
'. -JtnI and the Powers of the City of 31.19015> r '
esyUlea Municipal Corporation OVER THIRTY TWO YEAKS proposed ballot.'and each Each elector elector shall desiring *) 37. "Washington I). O. and re- to reject any and all hm-. ,I" runt'th
.ani zed and Existing in Alachuasnty cast a paper turn. On sale daily. Limit October discretion of stitl Hinra ... ?
for the w
and tor thd to vote or gainst' ap- 31 1906. destined advisable
Florida Providing
of the issue of bonds fir Ono
of those Powers approved without a single failure. It von proval 1I
?' Exercise Hundred Thousand Dollars l'eZO All ordinance n ,t ,,
"'.;*.u,', the Oth div of Ma,. A. I). 19(15( want a piano for a lifetime for the Fifteen mentioned in thi. TWO TRAINS Daily West. ordinance in conflict wi- <
purposes ordinance rJio
(,hereby provide by ordinance for service buy the.NIathush.ek ballot nance are hereby reeale.lSea (
rvis: Issuance from time to time. may vote n paper con Leave Jacksonville 1:":i p. m., :::& p. m 21. That this
tainitagslust' wonN "hor Pub-ic Utility ord ,
ae'Hereinafter provided, of bond. ofHifJd : I Bonds One Hundred Fifteen Thousand 64tt.O5>> Chicago, IU and return. take effect immidately ,, t1*'

."It Bonds bo known as "Public ))1111 a,..". or "Against Public Utili y '. Limit O">tohr31.. 1906 sage and approval by the Vl48 pre r

;.k'Utility of the City of n"rntl.- Prtoe. as low .. U ool.(.at with aoalitr. Bends Ono Hundred ,Fifteen Thousand DiningCarx.. Service a la carte.' I -.d in open HI.U",1I1 ,
... to the amount of One Hundred Cash or easy terms. Sent oa IB d.,.' y
Dollar and each of said ballot shall
fifteen' Thousand Dollar The prinOpal ..1..JJlo" car reservations' and detailed Council on this 4' h inv .
trl.L We pr freUbt. Write IK counted ax H ballot approving or H. ..
1905 .
) and interest of said Ixind shall TODAY. information cheerfully furnished bel', A. \)1. C"l .
: WJlCJ'abl; in gold coin of the United for Drloes disapproving alt the case may be, the upon application. Passenger. offl.-e President pro tetn ( 'y i
,'. heater* of the present standard nfW issuance of the bonds for the purposex s los West Ray Street T If'phon743.. Attest : J M DELL f ..nApproved .
men ioned in ordinance. Dm said J. C LUSh District Passenger Agt., hy me t-4,.
.ight and Hnenesa, and for the paymut v of
,. thereof principal and interest, Ludden & BatesSouthern special election' shah l>e. called he. d.conducted Jacksonville. Fla. September, A. D 10:>r __
and tho returns thereof
0. K. tt)..
i Aiie entire taxable properly of said city . .
- ----- ------
and the public utilities acquired and canvassed, as nearly a* may IKS practicable \\ ,
,', owned by .aid city shall stand plt"dl.dY.tb' in compliance with the rules statute a valid or legal balloj in so far Attest :. J. )(. DILI: t I" rlo" it.f e

t> la' ordinance. Each of said bond Music House regulations and ordinance governingand as the. same relates. to said Hoard. The - K
'>"auallbeof the following denomination, controlling sic general city election Board shall till vacancies. in its membership d

tvl.i One Thousand Dollar Said bond SAVANNAH GA of aid cloy until tn" next regular nuuicm. Notice of Election. a
of Jxiiua Sec. 11. The City Council shall pal..lectinn. at which election said vacancy -
.Mall be .t A''. D. 1006. aid each of .std. b "nd shall JOHN D. MURPHY, Mgr.EHTAULIHIIEJ and furriah all necessary blanks shall. be tilled for the nnexpirrdterm Under and by virtue ,,, .,er o'I o'U I
and ballots and shall make all and the proii *o elected, I<< to fill and authority vested
,\J y;bear J inteio'"t at iht rnte of fife pr nent ) IH70 necessary in .1'' K, o'S
.t' per annum payable seml-anntially preparation for said special' election said vacancy shall take his seat Hroome, Acting MAyor ,if :tr

:W:at the end of periods of six months GAITHER a BRYAN, State Ag'ts, and shall pay for same out of the immediately upon his election and of Gainesville, Florida q> n-
;i to"front the date pf the hond The prinV TAMI'A FLORIDA proper fond in the treasury. Th. ballot qualification. The duties of said by call a special .I..crill. ij
I ':eipal of said bond shall become due to be used in said election shall be Hoard shall ht to receive said hond in said City on tho Kmtol ,a_. 1I I,
and payable at the following time --.----.---.-- -- substantially in the following form a* soon as the same are printed or >er. A. 1>. J90 for tl.. of
t't and upon the following date, vial : of Public Works,who shall be Trusteesfor Official Ballot. engraved and executed and to sell submitting the question .an. 1C
,Thirty-tlve of said bonds of the de"i said bond, and shall be by said Special Hond Election. the same at not less. than par at provided once of the bond of soul' i .

nomination of One Thousand Dol Hoard offered for sale to the highest Otty of (jsinrsvili.... by this ordinance, and to dispose amount of ONE IIU-I't. (IF-.
flats shall become due and of the proceed" for the purposes for TKEN; THOUSAND POLl 'I. / :.
payable and ben bidder for each on sealed October 10th A. I). 19O5.
fifteen from tho abate\ thereof which said bonds are issued Stid various purposes nRlllc d 1'1 ;,{. years ; bids ; but said Hoard shall have and Make a cross (X) mark before theword 'I t
',:Yorty of said bonds of the denomination reserve hn right to reject any and all "For"" or the word .'AgaiDst," Hoard shall have the control, supervision ( and provided for by tin mil I! Ilh'eh..retu
: Onn-Thousand Dollar shall bet and management of the construction appended and pihl. ,il I I't-
bid and shall sell of said bonds
t any accordingly r as you approve or disapprove -
doe and 'in acquisition and operation of the with and to determine wise rot
isjsmie payable twenty-five
t for less than value. proceedsfor of the of bonds
par issuance as
pro said sewerage system! propound andprowld..d the' issuance of the bond \ (for
an from the date thereof ; and Forty I he sale of said bonda, aa soon a* posed. prov.ii.
":';. .aid bonds of the denomination of received by the said Hoard, shall be deposited ,, for by this ordinance! and the and proposed! in and l II j' said inc
: I'* ''Thousand Dollars shall become in a depository selected by said Vote for one ; control and management of the electric shall be approved by a majority ,It t'',f

and payable In -fives year 1 Hoard and kept by them In a separate For Public Utility Hands light plant and of the extension vote cast by the qualified ft riot.
the date thereof.thin bonds, and account to he drawn out only for thepurposes One Hundred Fifteen Thousand Dollar f f same proposed and provided for by said City at said special mite! m
I Interest thereon shall. be ----- --- -- tnis ordinance, and said Hoard shall for
payable The
for which said bonds are authorized 1 polling place scud 'DQ
iMk the office of the City Treasurer of by this ordinance to be Untied Against Public Utility Bends : have the control, *upervi.ion. m
mid' city. The proceed arising from upon warrant approved by the Hoardof One Hundred FifreenTnousand Dollars and operation' of any and all pub- building on East Main a lilt) M L,:; Ie

,, sales of said bonds. at not less I'ubllaVork.. and signed by tho --- ---- -- -. -. lic utilities acquired constructed oroper.t..d. street

, 'i abaft Pr valiie and the purposes Chairman, and countersigned' by the :Ito. 12 If the'issuance of the boi.ds. by ,or and with*of the all monies Imlroy..mtmt.made and fund I The poll shall open nt '" ,D :-i.
R 1"101'. which the Issue of bonds pro. Secretary of said Hoard. as herein proposed and submitted to m. and close at sun down ot' ..t'l'' qty:
f arising out of and proceeding from the I .
poeed to be issued by this ordinance be the electors \V. J.. H. Mr'ihrua ,' t'
Sea.! 4. Said bond shall be payable approved by qualified .ale" of the bond. proposed to be issued Hill
shall be used thu fol-
,". are to hearer and shall he delivered by said b* approved by a majority of the by this ordinance. The Mayor A. Robertson are hereby am..aunt' :J a as it i-
Jewlnal vim The monies arising from Hoard only after being countersigned votes so ass', then the bonds so poJIe and City Council may, by subsequentlyparsed actors, and (.'. X. Miller, clerk >f ..sj\!
j: e of fllty of said bonds or so by the Chairman and Secretary of said sd to be issued shall b.* authorized. ordinance or ordinance, ,election.Witness.
'\imoati( I theinof ** may l>e necessary, Hoard ; where upon said bonds shall become and from time to tim shall b,. sold for and prescribe such other provide and my hand and tit.. .s ai of
Jah.II' In used to acquire<< construct payable to the lawful bearer and
',:down said operate The a. system monies arising of sewerage from thereof, It shall be the duty of the needed for the purposes for which they, "'aid Hoard as. may be deemed powers by said ber, A U. 1905. U K. HK'' 11)> MKVotint ;
,; city. >toard of Public Works, a* Hond Trustees are authorised. Council advisable and from time to : Major
.itittbe'sale of said bonds .
tlfty or
i' thereof be whoa any fond U sold or issued Sec 13. There is hereby created by time may be rendered necessary. 3..id Attest: J. M. DELI..l'it.llt-rk
,: much a* may necessary by them to register I the samu in a book of Public
this ordinance Hoard
the. of a Hoard shall make its own rules, and -
for -
A hall btt used purpose a.clulrr ------
and to be kept for that purpose. That said Work Said Hoard of I'ublioVurks elect a Chairman and Secretary, and
\} ins owning an electrla, constructing light plant for opnraWtlng said, H ard anall keep an accurate account shall consist of live members, and the appoint such committees and removeor The Florida

and for the. extension and Imiprovementof of all bund sod COIINIIIS| < ontstatullng. same shall IK the permanent Executive change the. same, by a vote of a majority -
.'\.ol'J. said electric light plant. and of all such n. may be paid Hoard of said City, and said Hoard of said Hoard at any tiniM. All

'+1|Th monies" arising. from tin sale of See. 5. For tin further protection of shall lie Trustee for tho Itonds pro- contracts to be signed by said Uo.tel.or Fruit and Truck GrowerL.
?5tten Of said Isutda). shall. be IIlCe'tl l for tho the ell....n. of Gainesville, and of the ,tMirted to be issued by this ordinance.The other papers necessary to be signedby
of opei.lagaidenirisre'xtend, ': << holder of aid tMinils, the. members of metnlteni of said Hoard of Public same, shall be signed by the Chairman
rf.: purpoce or Improving the mreet of said said Hoard of Public Works, as Works shall each hold oil Ire for the and Secretary and attested" by a J. BKL'XUY: Editor ..u.II.f\.p.l ...
',tJ011 rl.nc-. Tate nn,nle* arising lion thn sale hood Trustees, shall IH required to term of live yean and until their successor bfMscommon seal to be adopted by
':pot\ ,live: of these bonds shall be used. for Kite bond or liond. ndliioned for are elected and qualified ; provided said Hoard, Said. Hoard shall adopt a FLA
the I.It.hfullM'rtor..all..' ()f all duties however that the member. of common seal. OCALA ,
i the acquiring owning' con-
"f-: structlng purpose and nperatlng a public "ho.. I Devolving upon them under the provisions the first Hoard shall b.. WV Hamp Sc 14, 'l'c members of said' Hoard
'> pits In and for said city. Pro- of thl ordinance! said b\ shall receive nn compensation. Three. One -. #l-MI(
.. vtdcd however that none of said 1M'! thrd by ordinance and approved WiUon and :S J. Thomas'' who shall numbers of said. Hoard shall constitute
enter than duties of their otliceIriimedlately Mlagle rupie . . . . . . 10
,J bonds shall he Issued until after shelalti' liy the City Council tt|>oii a quorum for the transaction of
Issuance .thereof under the provisions Sec A. TheTreaurrorotheraKents upon the approval by thequalifltMl busmThe aye. and noes shall be
'/ jot this ortlliiance. shall have' l>een apt ,nr oltloers collecting or rec"i\ing electors of tho |>ropo.ed I*.UH called and entered upon Journal upon

t Jx proved by a majority of she Vote east intuit y from any assessment, tax: or 'of bund, and shall continue in otlice the passage of every resolution< '2, by the qualllled elector of said eit other i emulate<< to Ito a 4 plie! to the payment until June last, IPOrt. and until thirstsuccessors for the expenditure of money A handsomely illustrated magaime
,?T.. a Special election which shall IK held of aid >K>nds,- or any of them' are tualiHed Their KIICesora Said Hoard shall, by rules provide for I devoted especially. to the intt-r."u of
': :,*.'for that purpose the lOth .yol (Mc (or 10 the sinking fitted or Interest 1.? << shall be elected. by the qttali- the. holding of regular and railed I the fruit and vegetable jtrowrrt :r
; A. D. IWo. in acoordanee. with ihereon, or any iMiriIon! 11r.rt'of.! stall! lied eletMor_1 of said City, one meml!>**r ,meeting Member* of said II"ard Florida.A .

a'i"\.tnber. .. ''', each' make, on I lie nl'tlt day 01 each or sits Hoard at each regular mtiniet- hall have a right to take part in ..UttrcJC..NtIUK' of ''11
momli. nttd every m.n'li, written r,,. pal election to take oftlce the lit June *" and deliberation of the special trial subscriftion ,
Seo.S. The Mayor and ,the City Council ::
next after said election. l'rnYld..t.howe..r months will be sent on receipt
shall levy and ooiteot annually such part In iltipliea of tho amount of City Council on all question relating
that at the regular municipal eent. Stamp takeu.
collected or received from eachIMTHOU. to matters under their eh.rJtbu'
special' tax on the taxable | crty money election$ in and for said city on the sea-
of csitl and of all pavment by him << without the right to vote. Said Hoard(
the limit city
within oorporam halo there shall --- '- ----- ---- -
( tussle under the. .provisions of said ordinance mid Tuesday in April hall not employ or contract with any
be In she Intereston
n* PJ
may ary bet sleeted said election fire mrmhen
at of Its members. No member of saidHoard
Om uf said shall on
y report
said' bond, and 10 pro\id a sinking
of said Hoard, to lake their: office
t Itefore the. ihinl of the or other whether in the
or day same person
of said tiMids.
the i
fund for LOUlSYIlUnASnYIlU!
payment after Did chic.lion
the 1st June next ,
month. l I.. tiled with the City CI..rk.alld employment the Hoard or otherwise,
D, see. 8, Said bond shall bet irrintsslor | 'lie ether WI.l h the Secretary of and the election hall have power to create any liability ,
enui-aved with. interest coupons| at- the Hoard of Public Work r" >eivine the bitth nooillt' 01 votes on account of the Hoard or of the
't tached. payable aa .by this ordinanceprotide for said office for five
funds under its control except by express
Sec 7 It shall I- the of tho
.l Maid bonds ahall IH signed duty years, the person reeeivln; the n-xt authority of th- Hoard conferredat
-.- M' by'.... Mayor nteralgned by the. 111y Treasurer or other aKenisj* itHcers highest ntsnaberof vote.for said offt>tt a. meeting duly and regularly eonvenvd f:1 U. n.
President sit the City Council, and attested receiving or accounting fof ondsor shall hold f,)r four ,ears. the person :
:, lay the City Clerk, and drill l eotipmts" rt-.I..collI..I. paid or purchased receiving the third highest number of
i bear the corporate seal! of said city, to cancel' the name" when re- I vote for said office shall hold for tire.'ran See. 15 The said Hoard of Public
and the interval shall tiaran e.*ivttl, In the presence of the person the receiving the fourth Works shall hat exclusive power to
engraxttd. ur coupon printed faoslmileof from how h. hall. receive ihera.aiid i highest number person of vote for said oftte employ such heads of departments

'. the el iKnature i>( b. City" Treasnrr. ti. deliver all such bonds. and coupon shall hold for ,. and the per- engineers, clerks, superintendents, laborwr Round Tfip Summer
':',.p\ \\.t"n _*\tblinds shall to said Trustees, log her with the im- on receiving ..ol.a highest' somber and other person, a. It may Very Low Rate

':;, have been 'I> signed and sealed. I'dt.I.uwe. mentioned each month. of votes for said office shall hold for deem necessary for the execution of

_ ," (\lah.lIl.' tnrn M over to the Board. set. $> The City Tn-a.urer. by ami one year, and at each saceoediu regular tie all dutte utilities. in connection and with any and Teurist Tickets
with the advice and direction of the election said members
.t. _.
,-- Hoard ha control and supervision nf
t \ --- Hoard of Public. Works as Honti Truste hall be leetd a* her.tnl..for. nroalded. -
YOU LOVE *. shall, from lime 10 time, apply ..unNtnl. At th* regular municipal election under and by the terms of this ordl- On sale dally to various resorts N ,ri .
r'w YOU .. which shall C'Om..ln'u his hand In April 1009. "It shall bet necessary nance, or nrdinanee.may have by subsequently and \V.*'. limited October 31tt t, r*
ca--t or ordinance. and
r' a* a rrde'mn'ion or sinking fund to ..hepureh..o to trot for live persons fur said turn Including Chi..ag<*. Mi3.*" k "
; aaid bonds their market shall MX their compensation, and any I ..
WIFE DON'Tr at Board of Publl Works in order to eonMxVXKRAUSS Minneapolis. t41. Paul. Denver
of then may be discharged by a maJorlty .
)1 .
pltall. der he direction
; ) value or ui> me bio.
redo Foe
.. Spring.
Invest said money in a..tI"h of the -- ---- ---- ---'-- of the Hoard at its discretion.Zoe i

t : ROAST HER Unl**l tftates, or of the Mate of Florida : 10. Any member of said Hoard Extremely low rate to lrOr \,,ar
or In such other bunch or .e Miritie.. may he removed from offlre for I Ineom- .., aeoooat Lewis A Clara 'C :s.a

_'J\i )By ocnpelling her to bake the family or In such oihermannr as shall IM ajv.proveti R pr...ating p.1..eJ. lt efll.:iea> ,. aegleel of duty, nit Exposition.; also to Stn I r* *

b.rj>*l dnrlnc for hot summer months. 'by said Tni.r.. and a. may or mleeondoet In office, by the afflnnatlvw and Lo Aac.l... .,
t them advisable vote of three member of aaktBoard tmroaghfrom .l
seem to Only u. operating
_ WElL =
_ Boy your ltread from ;:et-. ,. Jl shall DW the duty of rim E. A. CO. approved by the City CocineilS Florida to Chleaco- IsNr"

H....rtl of "'ublkoVorka., on or belo,.. *.. 17,. Upon the approval' by theelaetors Only liM operation through d : : sear
4 ...Kfystone Bakery... the first day of Ju'y cf Mrh and WHOLESALE SHOES of the teoan> of the bond.provided from Florida to fat. Lout*"
the for sad b ..no.... .
e'.-ry year k. report to City Council proposed to U- *
I___ ..s Z's *......M time, work and money.IMIverrd the number of said bonds outslau UT All D..*r pO.... sued by this ordinance the bond shall ala.rm.....15tr tr elial.R.ha pre C* ,.r

: ....... isle Dally .linic. with aa estimate of the b* exeeot.d sad delivered to tbeHoard rra .*. rdiainc
t aU 1.t, .,.,. Also Cake, amount m'c 'sary to b* raised for in. of Pnblht Works, a* Best Tro.. ear .......*) In the ** ***.

..t>dTD, .... t ir production of t rl sand sinking ILlfd.b h state. Boie Agaa rorae..Aal'"JI u..aMJTEX&Uft. .... aad aakj Board ..n. froea time Asa for tktesa via L $. '=' '
".! .. ap-to-date n ent and estimate shall serve a* a ...... Eft" I. time or all at c.. U... Mil tht For rates and ....<.!**> 10 sal re"m'J-

.:"',,.. ,t' bu. of asaesameat by the City Coun 1111tH . ... cocapllane! with the pro 'kel ". Horfli* W*.*..MM .*. fBrtjv if|tnc. '
:, ..1 all, for .h. tMisxHiifi year for that pet. gale .......... lose thin odtaatae., sad as said .attla.a, stall as." ..... . JU -.

...." "..... ;. ". ....' Beaty mat des tldeissbls that see 1UJMt. via lbaay td.. I- A
"f \, 0. '. '. _. tees ...... ,tesaap hat a. r.N/s t,1..,4S. w-.... '111 1m.. na. -- fiP
.. ... .
'- 'I:? .., ;r!;', .Jht" .., ..."'- ,


___ _


-- - -'- -

M. Thomas"of Ball was a visitor T. A. Thompson of Wade was a boat-

OF CITY AND 1! county capital yesterday.. ness visitor tu Gainesville yesterday. I

W. Chase hns returned from a U*. E. Veal merchant of Rochelle,

COUNTY ", trip to Jacksonville and other was a business visitor to Gainesville. Ii i !

*. yesterday i Raincoats Raincoats r :

Henry S. Chubb has returned Deputy Sheriff E. A. Osteen of wile

of General Interest a pleasant visit to hi. family nt leford wa in th<*clty on official business
Our Reporters.AND ) 1'ark. yestrrday.Mr. .

gyred by I r.. J. S. Kodiford ha. returned ai.il! Mrs O. A. Coclough! ant AVo luivo j just received 1 a lull ,

SOCIAL. a brief visit to her sister :Mrs. daughter. Mi I *< Lucille, have returned i.

, SONAL at &lclntu-h from a plAniit outing in New York line at'tllt
newest styles in I{ tin- r
and What II. Emerson of Kirkwood one of and other points.
Ml Has most successful planters of that Perry tt and Joseph J... Keene Old
Ita H PP*" Told in Short was tradit g in the city y.>ster Town, LnFtyfiiecounty, were in the coats and would< he glad to ha\

\\So That "Me Who Rune May city. yesterday nn business connected

fit In The Sun. ... Sun job ufSce makes it a point with the United States land office :you call and see them.

ties'callfngcard.in, latest out your job printing with Mrs J B. Duke and children of Pa-
1 1I
ofice. '." and dispatch at re.ouable latka passed through the city ye.t*>r,

Son coffee' i i. sold only ,,#. day en route to High Springs where
iIJ Coin
l; they will vi it relatives fur a few days a
Sale-Two round tripS tickets to "
Brott. of Archer was York. If you want one or both K. B. Hodgson and C. I>. Wood,
K-tinrd Our Fall
John Dress Goods
the city >e.trrday.Mrs at or write The Sun office Gain...a- members of the firm of Hodgson A
j FU. Woodgeneral. merchants. Archer
7 W Carter made a
*. McKlnney of the Graham business. visitors to Qaioesville yesterday. I-ftn-d-1
sec :
Kofh-llf ysterday. also arrived.! A complete! lint in "a
and one of The dun's old friends .
PI' G N na..i Willliton.+ has returned subscribers, was' trading in the Charles Kill: has gone to Holder all the newest shades andIf cIt 4giis.
trip to .
where he will the
yesterday. join surveying corpsof t:
John Kennedy made brief the Gainesville and Gulf Railway.He .. .J
". O. G Husbind! and daughter of
[r'p' to Rochelle yesterday.pr were in the city yesterday. ., expects to follow the corps to \
J L. Krlley went to .1aok Tampa you need anything in
spent the day with Dr. and Mrs. )i,
U s businese, trip yelerday. .\ '. 1), L. Graham the efficient business
B B Xinc of Ocala wa a agent of the" Southern Express Company Y41
Weber is again' < at his home In
Titiiortn (Gainesville yesterday. Gainesville, after pleasant and at this place, left yesterday. for MILLINERYCall

31i.s 1'111I".t:\ r of 1v ado! sojourn in New York City. Goal, where he will visit hi. parentsfor

\\tg :Airs Edna Cheves in this other points. a day or two.

City license and water A. D. Chamblin of Archer lion, Alex ?ipperer. postmaster of and see our display. All now OO(1. .

etobr 1 T. B. Ellis of the most efficient officials. in the Madison<< was in the city yesterday., just received.

\V ntd -Hoy about IK' to ',, was among the visitors to having coma for a conference with

|iuie Afl'ly to Robert \ '( .. ye''terdny. Hons. Henry S Chubb and W. G. Hob- .

Attorney W R. Baker. has ,,,. Itebekah Lodge No 2. I 0 inson over political matters.W. .

[from a professional visit to ., will hold its regular meeting to P r..uil\re of Orange Height \Ve will continue our
in town and made this
Dr t ti, W Tanner of High : (Friday) evening in Maooiiic was yesterday
|vi. iu the city on business .t which a full attendance is de office a pleasant call, showing his appreciation I 1 149c

Dr. J H Co'sou' made a I of Alachuaeounty's leading SILK I SALEfor
newspaper! by renewing for another
>,,ion.trip\ to Hampton ,... H. Lipscouibe of the Singer year.. .

Sandy Graham left ".' : Company baa gone: to .
Mrs. William Ocdwlo and her interesting
|Like City, where he will .. and other points. on business. little son of Fairfield were ONE WEEK LONGER.
the of tie Gainesville
[Univer ily of Florida. manager
eh. among the vi.iur to Gainesville yes
M r Gas Louise LnFontisee has terday. Mrs. Godwin cime to have
['from s \ioit to her sister, J. Av.'r, commercial agent of the some picturrs taken of the little boy.

ureiid! nt N>wberry.I'r .. hern llnilway with headquarters. In by J... F. Smith. HYDJ71 w nth
!i. in the city Mr. Ayer I G. W.
and Mrs. N I). Phillip :Mrs J. \\ :McCnllnm returned, yesterday .
just returned from Hot 8prtnvn,
|t ;rn.ij from .Atlanta Cia. from Uabun Gap, (lA., where
where linn been his
he on vaca
Gus bt't'n on a visit to relatives.ie tie has .tw.*u for thx t>a.t few weeks recuperating. .

..ly furnished room for ren Mr.I .':Ella LaP. Hamiltonand .
Gainesville Realty Company --- ---
ell"kinJr Apply on premise, Miss Kittle LaKnntlsee who haveal -
eompoie teen at Itabun .
J..t.-rIJ strict, or at this office o hap are expected T. F. THOMAS x'
moved from the Ended Block to home today vlllt and huff corps who came in attend
It fOil want your laundry !Hill building East; Liberty the marriage his daughter
I right send it the Chinese W J. Waits of Fairbanks was in ,
to .
where they will fit up fine of MlssJanle. to Charles Victor McKln-
[Prim reasonable and work the h"v. town yesterday call. renewing and made"his The subscription Hun anagreeable airy., has returned to hU duties at un orUT Aft I no (COa':

Turpentine leases for sale at d.-.-.i and mortgage blanks Holder. ,
for another Mr Walts Is
lee SV dozen 3 -r..,. year. t1
| C.../h mint her order. at till office, the form used in I one[ of the uJnlll..'" men for his age In J I1. Prater mayor of Mlcannpy.was .
accompany county which saves money in I the county, and always has pleasant in the city yesterday and made FULL LINE OF (.
Ul the worth of your moof''' $2: per hundred or BOc *>.r I word for everybody. he editor happy" by renewing his subscription .

mind Blue Itihhuii lemon 1 and by. mail Cash must accompany . . to The Dally Him, for sic NEW GOODS. 1t
-- - -- - -
|attracts and yon get the ub dawtf months. )I..orr"t.. .' Is also engaged -- ,

made" .. up at my. place n..rV.ea- NEW YORKRACKET In the lumber business and reports an Agents tor...

Prof Thou. J. Lindsay. of \\ ., one chestnut sorrel pony. horse, active demand fur hie product. Monument Tombstone C

sue of Alachua county'. .. "C. J." on rinht hip. Owner. W. B. Holder was in the city" yesterday. *! ;
t* cr,.r., . and Iron Fr nce t.
was a visitor to .. same by calling on Th. l'Iun. II* was .n route to LaCrosse
y'*t r isy for this notice and sending for from Citronelle. whsre. h<* has been for See Our Samp'

On account! of breaking up . P, O. Katmey. dawl the past few days. with his brother. -- -
loping, .11 my household. Jam.. Holder Nr.lloltt.., Is think- Faraaaai alUMiUws U all asaHera. !.
will I t. .. Moretta C. Brook will direct --- Ibis Ma.. Mall and telegraph .......
ale until October opening' exercises of the High leg seriously of engaging In the naval rraply. stts/r4 I..
H. \\'p-hr.uanl. She solicits pupils, in piano store business, and Is looking for a I loeatlon _

f M 1 Kurunry., progressive vocal culture to boo taught In the CHEAPEST I'1TUos( EAItTII.a Gaine8vlll.. FloridaSW '

.* its Wacahoota ...section was Hhe expects to organise A feature of HllntJ.,'. (issue of Th. ,.- .. ""-- -
aos. "hu favored Dally. Hun hereafter will b* III...
the county clubs in the school as early as =.- -. .z: an
whh a visit yesterday.J trated fashion Utter written by R.aDvveraux. .

J...- Kitel; of the II row n Mcltae and sister. Mi. These letter will, deal r MOUNTS ;,

1. r.\an..d from a brief .,i.i ', have returned from Iteddica with the very laiu'%& style and ,..h.

Hr 1111, Mr and Mrs. John W. they have been visiting for the ions prevailing In New York and Paris, I!
.f tie and e. M. >lally interesting to the.
Hamilton. White .. to make prove |
Springs.On few da, They et feet ladies. All the old<< KtantlnrIH 80r:
fttvnunt of the Quiet departure for Tampa In a few Our buyer is uoin Now
,*, .t the Pr..byterian where they will make their fu- The M-iri erred In staling thai ),,.. the choicest of the 116once .ir

n.rno,,n a' 4.30 o'clock hotn or York City purcluusing our A, P. Morrow who. with her son,, its i issued. v ,'
ktu Hugh. l limit this city for the North oo t'
rryr.meeliog in the .. desiring( the very best in the
Ask to M4'O th 'in, its t]
Mr I Tuesday, we uld remain In Baltimore.:
and Mrt. v w> Tyler of engraved visiting cants, busi Fall line of inerchumltee. "
ACT .. Mrs.I Morrow will spend some>> tltn lo cannot bo displayu l to
> Tyler of New York are stationery, or wedding Invita- .
l** :.1. The Sun of. Philadelphia a. the guest of relative. vanta o in u case! .) .
arrival. 1 in the eily. are invited to call' at During iib absence. and before -ip
..( while Mr, Morrow' wilt enter the Baitl- .?,,..... .
wi- We "
.ri with Gainesville and examine samples are "
h'!s,a here for house in the thu more Medical College. ,
some time. for the beet coun the arrival of heavy
I 11!. )I.e a'lfl two lots for sale for this line of wok, N, W UltUfleld. formerly' of this Fine Fadeless FotojraCs ; ,
Co .. .. stock that ho will purchaiw city but now with the A. P. Braotley I
"t.tr t iloo e two | .-- --- From I.....*k.t to Ufr S4a..
'*....., two hWks Company cotton boy'r*. Blaekshear.. iwmr
KTr r.. 11.800.from with .tertna.\ C. READ Tj-IlS.1 we are anxious to nxluce Ja is h.r. for a day. or swum In the lat i SMITH'S .

';., .., .r"st of hi. firm. )h. sad Mr*. Lit* ,,, ..
c j. Realty Co.. Ltd. tf nT..C. Taxw.. June 1. 1CO1. stock and make room for .!-?
. lletlsld Lave J just r t arnd from theformer's
t '::\ Graham his i i. to certify that I have used
old home.. J-ro"t*nee. 1C. ,
'v'ro k r will study. mfldJeI. bottle of the Texas Wonder. Hall's new goods and! wu have ? The ?
Jet where they have been for the past two
2i-kins U.I.*....lty.. Discovery and Lave been great month '
Irtt >tn.ro... frleeda la', i I .. scud can cheerfully ,..0. many good things at exceedingly :-
toe .''dl Among the prominent vi,lt..r. t>* CONTINENTAL CAFERB3TAURAKT.
him a sn-eeaafol "It to pobUe.
term.b C. H OC.TOJ' low prices; it will this ..ty ,. lioa. J. M. Cheney of Or.
UI ,ty I.. L fall and : laedo. a warns proaat friend wf 1I..a.i '

m'P.. ,.. 'J nail at MrCorroUrk A TEXAS WONDER. pay you to visit our btore. henry [H. Chubb. Col Cheney state* tz,

few mi blo k. that Orlaedo I.I In flee eondltloct eotntnerelally .
M I of the Taia Woe. tr'1s.sen., sects <.r r..cs..i.
st4yt pan.na.. A and the l ..t tewterlais ..
; ....' n II"" I all Come in and look around; *. people sp
'' Great Dtewery. cures ,
a'vr: for Hall's .
pattern hat : ) lb. boy of the Intern !m lTrunp

1.ro r' .aU..rD L. Ward : .. and bladder troobUe* renvcrve* you can Have money here. at U. eomiag. .....mJ>m.ai IM
sad seminal .-
r""h corern troly Orlando style, which o..a,.s that Drip Coffee.
k. .e. s>n ia town. y.st. : ..weak and I....... bsicks. rheuxa. ,hey will h,* treats! royally I ._ -. -
.... r eetr4 with bee sad all irr..gulariU.. of I!.. k ..l-
c t owiac to UM aba aid bladder in both> men and W K. 1..I1.t Treatise. rn.aber of
ti. 's .. .3 Re Sasoe ..... was I nr.fftjlats bladder tt ,oboes ta lb. firm of Wad A JWII railroad! aooiraeiors. Western Moats.k .
r seee.rtr7 i't p.... ,.... If not sold by your drtuxUt was amueg tb. proalaeat k *
4 .. W slsee. speeiaagent be eat by sail OA rweeipt' of tl. eieltor' to helm city ysl rday This < .- -

t 1 ( ..ural U" ........ I mall bottto i. two HMMUM I,.... Sro .... the exwitraet for eo s4rw.ftlaatawele Op1I brlf and Lit(.

tart "h ,....r4a tsar . tad eeUom ftf.61.M perfect a .elow of the Atlaatb .0.-
r 't... .... .'f4eta to ttetsb.... Dr. Er e-W 'ltaJ..oie mao- Lfa from !C-. *rrJ west Into .l.aJ'.,.

;:::.;"' 1.h. Wau...... .N P. O. box C29.SU. Xcwlfl. K.. PHIFKR BROS ,elM MSMiaf, sad hev reashwaa .s4. huh. ...
k' 11 r.a__ etw'.y, for .eiamoawal*| fa4! fir aUI, .**> It"" They btsas. ..
art'-c..t of .... .' .. .'
uC':-; ;-: <>;
n ',1.: ":
4 ( M


K3E r tr trw


4-- J l



i Published Twice Week and Thursday
: a --Monday _


of the women be formed. Mia Gordon - CHILD KILLED BY AUTO.

ITS.; SEARCHING said abe thought that Use 'women .EXPLORERS HE EDFOR'ARCTIC ., . Is PEACE TREATY NOT "

ought to. stand on a level with the Nine Year Old BOY the ,Victim of '

GERMtaasAre men In' the government of, :the .associ ,irGJPN Motor Car. PLEASING( TO JAPS
ti TOR FEVER atlon. ,'J' Atlanta Sept, 27.-UranchLewis.Jr.,
'' "*" .'t the 9-year-old son of Branch Lewis of
One Death In New York., E
115 'Crew street, ,former meL iber of
Unable to Find New York, Sept. 27.- -tfo: March Expedition 'Wall Visit Unexplored he city council was struck and killed Editor Kdyahara Says There Is In CJr

a coal passer, died of yellow fever Monday night by the 4-cyUnder/ automobile
t< \\i'ib* Dread Microbe. today at inburne Island.Nw Torts Part of Greenland. of Martin Amorous. Nd.. 161. Much Dissatisfaction. WI,
quarantine' detention hospital. 'lie' ,wan '
Mr. Amorous was' 'not la 'the auto w

18 SOME BETTER. removed from the steamer Havana TO BE LED BY. DANISHEXPLORER at the time 9f the accident and did not MINISTRY WILL BE DISSOLVED dateIbis
IITION from Colon last Sunday night,,twit, the know that It was out. The machinewas .

| Apprehension I Is Pelt In Nsw Or. diagnosed fever did not until develop late sufficiently to t* :tne Party .Expects to Find Some Valuable driven by a mechanic' In the employ : The Japanese Emperor Is Receiving De
yesterday. Th
ja and Report from th* Burnding body will .be incinerated. Ethological and ScleMiflctflso.uMeThis 103 North of the Pry Oldsmobile or.street. company, vt Memorials. from His People .c>> one cants

Country Ar Optlmlstlo.Icial Is Second Trip of Explorer The accident occurred on Washing. Glad Hand for Baron Komura in the ':' ,

Ar Qrestly Encouraged. Situation at Peneacola. to This .Icy Region. ton street, 'near 'the corner,of Clark Mikado' Land. Le''

Pensacola Fla., Sept. 27 .-Only jnptclaus street, where a number of children eel
to noon Copenhagen. Denmark! Sept. 27.- Seattle. Wash.. Sept. 27.-Kt r.d'B. '
tori..ne, dept, 27*-Up cases _were reported ito ,the wera enjoying themselves, about 7:15 cram
:tare,wr 10 nw cases of y*<- state board of health today up to noon Mylins JDrlcksen Is preparing a Danish o'clock under the electric light. Kayahara, ,editor of the Yorud/u w :

rtvor and two deaths. hour and are expected 'that a' numbei shIp and a sledge party for an expedition The little'boy was picked up by the ho one of the leading j>aptrsllshed p4y. ; slot
.. ...... is in'seattleMr. t
ct ti of new case 'wlll.be announced thli to the hitherto unexplored regionsof machine and hurled for some dtaanceIe I Toklo, nr
.?t Orleans. Sept. 27.-Conditions evening. One 'death occurred :Jatt the,'northeast coast of Greenland., : was Immediately taken'to hit home Kai 1ara stated that hid personal Hat

C 'little changed In the fever attuaioday. last night. This Is In addition. to'the The,".plan* have been In, course of by:, two tatfn and a number of surgeons. : o 8 fyation' led him to bttlcra ight,
''" The weather forecast was one reported yesterday. flute Health elaboration since' Erekeen'a return were soon in attendance. that practically all of the people ot, ntr

?'n' clear day but there were fndl- Officer Porter Issued a bulletin ,urglnji from his last expedition and have been From the ycry first It was evident Japan are dlssatls' ed with the tnactreaty. eater
of rain In the south. Early the co-operation of .all citizen there for. his -
and approved by many societies of scien- was ,no hope .recovery.
_ lase were for a record during the asking that all. cases be, reported U ists. The first expedition headed by His body waj cut and bruised and his "Baron Komura will not be recouped'4 ., L. Ksnap

Approximating that of yesterday, f him promptly. Myllns Erlrksen returned to Copenhagen skull was fractured at the bate. with funeral rites,when he rca.i ts To.klo ( ,
today oily 22 case, under,, --- nor will he be receipt "ItA'
ar * Nov. C, 1904. after two years anda He lingered for several hours con
ssvnt.'and the great bulk ot thecae_ STREET RAILWAY'I( ASSOCIATION. half of exploration In Greenland stantly growing weaker and at 11 shouts of glad acclaim,*' said -Mr K}a to r;

an exceptionally mild type.! bringing valuable ethological and scientific o'clock, ,surrounded: by the members hara.
+ tt Justice Breswx,, oi th* supreme This Organization 1.Holding Annual records. of his family the little boy 'afed. "1 believe ttiat the present ministry WY.eI

"after a thorough Inspection oflllii.aj.na Meeting In Philadelphia. The explorers had live with the natives will be dissolved soon because i..c peo. Is II

hospital, sapid: Philadelphia. Sept 27.-With the attendance and studied their"language and ONE KILLED; MANY INJURED. pie are clamoring. for: ,the resignation endsor
th.'people throughout the nation of the 'cabinet, and the emperor U .;
? materially Increased the aea-. customs during part of the time they 8
ar*',making such a do about yel. alone of the annual meeting of the were away.. W&en. they were found Wreck on Alabama Great Southern personal attention to the mf'IDorlala hone1e
j-fcVvr could have been with me association Near to the throne. .The people of Japaj :
whalers Railway Birmingham.
American street railway by late In 1903, the explorerswere r,
i'*t r* that they would h* convinced of the chief organization the In' a tattered ccndilon on Sanders was killed and 27 were more or will wn.- L14Ye.

t,, Mlenc* bas matched the dlsaa American Association of Street. Railway Island and their food was almost exhausted less Injured in a colllson between a '

that their tears a* to condition claim agents and the American their ; HaDc..' being upon the northbound fright train on the Ala Narrow' ,Esoap from Cremation .

jwottndl.rg" Hallway Mechanical and Electrical! asoclation eggs which were to b*> found on the bama Great Southern and Blocton accommodation New Orleans Sept. 27.-tire gu'tei C ret

l _'_;4he feverepptarlagonly.pro- also held meetings. sland. on the Birmingham Mineral the four-story printing house of Wa:1e:! ofe
Ity in the upper'dtstrtets'rhe prlnAtMl At'the session of the latter organlca- at Woodstock crossing. A Co., Ltd.,,at (25 Gravier street The of t

[ flCht of the authorttlei W v Is beiftaflf tlon F. O. Simmons chairman at the Powers to Control Macedonia.' There was a misunderstanding as to I building is Jttst
[; oarrlsd'on in the lower section of committee on way matter and super. Constantinople, Sept. 27.-A collective which had the right of way over the Lyons drug house):and general a'armi! :

rOrleans, to which the nw cases Intendent of construction and' maintenance note from the six powers has been crossing, and the engine of the fright I brought practically the whole department ensi

ifly .conflned. The reports for of way of the Milwaukee Electric handed to the porte eclartng that their train crashed into the two rear coach. to the scene.. The tire *a* PI'D Clots

,48 hour covering new caves, Railway and Light, company, reada 'decisTon to take International controlof es of.the passenger ,train badly dam 'tlcally confined to the \\alle buading! : rle,
and foci give an encouraging technical paper on "'Veldlu of'Joint the finances of Macedonia V* Inalter. aging them both and it Is regarded The fire starred. In the fourth iory. g frg

,(:the situation. calla:. able.<< The note Informs the Otto as miraculous that more people were where there was about SO:: glrUployed. eat her

ivChassalgnao returned today from Fred' N. Uushnell chief engineer of man government that the foreign delegates Jot killed. They escaped safe!} TIlt little

saying the worst wa, over the Rhode Island company Providence appolnnted as controllers will II. H. Hurburry. of Birmingham toeconductor house was engaged In fine prlntinf asa

'and praising highly the work read a paper on "The power house:' arrive at Salonlca Oct. 1.'and requests 'on the accoroodatlon train and lithographing. Loss on *tocli. $7U fea

;, Bsdorf of th* Marine Hospital and the report of the committee on that the necessary instructions be sent was Instantly killed and 27 passengers 000( ; insurance 40.000.. loss oa baiU-J {

and the,other doctor on duty maintenance and Inspection of eloc- to the provincial authorities so that Injured. Sixteen were white and elev tag $15,000. passes

>,&Thr* have been a total of 14 trlcal equipment was read by William the: delegates: may enter on their functions en were 'negroes.Farmers' '
at Tatlalah. Non occurred F 3tall, of New York the chairman. without delay There la Incrcas Officers Go After. Prisoner. 1Yindcmost

Dr.,,Ohalaaaignao took charge.r.'Aadsrs9n Ing friction between the Uritlah em. Union to Hold Meeting Montreal Sept. 27.-T\\o I nit*(

who has been strlck- 'Will Dynamite Sunken Ship' baasy and the porte In consequence of Atlanta. Sept. 27.-President C. S. States officers are expected there am ,ling

With yellow fever at Tallulah. lain Port Said. Egypt. Sept. 27.-A serlous the dalay In the payment of an indemnity Barrett, of the Georgia Farmers union tomorrow, commissioned ru e enit

a serious coudltlon.iiftlculty stoppage of traffic on the Sue to the owners of British shows was seen In Atlanta Monday and an. Messrs.' Gaycor and Greeue '<0 sir; fug

; that has ben found canal I I. threatened owing to the necessity attacked by Arab pirates in the Red nounced the program for Farmers' nab Ga. Their, case is now in side

ping the disease out at Patter. for blowing up of the steamer sea. union day at the state fair. Oct. 12. hands of the minister of jutl<* > at i rillagla

kclsY *ald to have been due to the Chatham which was sunk on Sept. The Farmers* union has shout 40.000: taws, and a* the law goveratnj vet

*.ss ot doctors to report the :9 owing to the tact that she was on Palma Forces Are Victorious. I members In the state. There will bea situation. Is very definite, he i uU e pee

_ Dr. Rudolph baa, however lire and that the flames threatened to lfa\ana. Sept, 27.-Complete returns meeting the leader In Atlanta on option but to order their dell!* Safe

th*-*tat* hoard that h* has had reach a quantity of dynamite which from the entire island which havebeen Tuesday. Oct. 10. On Wednesday the to the men appointed to recelw t tee 1 1g

itlag ot the physicians and they formed part of her cargo. Since that delayed owing to the bad condi union will hold a state convention at It is not known whether>r their COG in tph

pledged themselves hereafter to time the wreck has obstructed the wa- tlon of the telegraph service show the capitol. There are 1OOO lodges will take any further effort to prtii

.u t prythlaj; especially a night as the that In the elections Saturday last for in Georgia, and every one will send their extradition. 1gins

igh Dr., Pothler, of the Charity wreck Is entlft'lr.u er"eeI. Diver.tomorrow members of the election boards, the delegates. On Thursday Oct. 13. there

tart, and r'iclans associated Will place caVe* of blastingtvrway. supporters of the government were vie. will be public exercises at the state Two Men' Killed In Wreck.Pbrt eneeiDu.in

,., ,__ him ha PVad* aa explanation gelatin in the bold of the Chathamand furious in every province not sari: fair. Addresses will be delivered by Worth. Tex. Sept ." -'
i tVl *h | ?Amrlon Medical Journal ot these will be connected with an tug lost one Important place. The victory .: -Father" Gresham. founder of the organization patch to the Telegram, from Ma.k r Brt

i\ haraoter of the discoveries which electric battery ashore, and the too was. so complete that It Is now : Messrs.' O. P. Pyle. of Texas L T., say- that In a wreck on the : the

been 'mad* aa a result ofhelr hundred tons of dynamite In the wreck generally admltte d.to mean the reelectlon : Secretary Duckworth of the Georgia ': sonrl. Oklahoma and Gulf .aJroaJ

I fat Ion* in the effort to discover will be exploded Thursday' morning.Win In December of President Palma division: Hon. John Temple Graves Orandvlew. 10 miles south of Mi E'e.e'terde

;Micro of yellow fever It Is ao- and the election of the vice presidential and :Mr Jerome Jones of the Journalof gee today two men were -,<4-

by Dr. Pothler and IntvstL Try to Break Record. candidate Mend Caput* the Labor. names of the dead men are C W, ble wsRe
who have been working indeidenUy leader of the moderate party. M, :
Hams, conductor Eugene n.
Victoria. B. C, Sept., :27.-Mall advires Councilman Go To Jail. ; Rs.feria
that It Is not
yet pu&slblome Uconstruction '
from Jokobama state that the neer. The men were In c-
the discovery of the Omaha Neb. Sept. 27.-Five city I '
germ. Disastrous
steamer Korea ,Pacific Main Steam Fire at Spokane. train which vas:
etbler ham found certain hither councilmen Dyball. Bach. Evans Hunt. t e tare
a hip company, to sail from Yoknhanu. Spokane Wash Sept. 17,-A dlnas. ington and drove of cattle. Tbe en' ?
>vrd cede la the blood tak Sbroeder. were sentenced Robe
on Stopt. 17. with the Tart party of trout Ore broken out In the whole- to 30 dart In Jail and over crushing both men
patients dortnit the Ant three to pay the cost Ikeeture
eongjeaemen on board will ",4"ortea shipping section of Spokane of an injunction
but untilthere eeXs suit for violating the
;IU*>**s. are .
make a record direct to taD Fran I early today which completely gutted provisions of which Fast Train Derated.'
1 located In the *ta omyla dur. : they were sen u'rdsJuba
e'''owithout_ coating at Honolulu three brick buildings. Tae total oC fenced These five St. Louis Sept 27.-T'
*)rtod of Infectloa. it will not members of the
Her Yokohama scents atAh'to thapne Ore loss will approximate $UOG.OO The council were enjoined hy officers of the St. Louis ar> 3Uc u
to the Judge
announce.. suttee.ItrestlgstIcs. i * A'iv.rtl..,r she .would cndea.. heaviest- toeeti are the Boath-McCJIn' from pasting an ordlnatace enter Sutton * railroad received a IT .,aR aoftts
or to pas through the olden Gale lock. company wholesale wfens
-Ms Vat Iarestlgators bays bees11gl11oae grocers ing into an agreement with the Omaha day that the fast eastbour4:
ten days from Yokohama. Ta Iran 1100.000. tho Cudshy Packing c vnp*. Gas company tor the train known as the Me t1 >II' yr
headed by Dr. PothJerDr. extension
: Pactfla record of ten days, tea hours.Is ny .stock $11).1)00: C. H. Weeks, build. gag franchise. of a railed near Claremore. I. T aV I.. 31hyaei
k! tlta'e;' this 'b$ IVarchlaard.ta were served with
at present held by the by pacific Traasfer
Empr : the s
com Injunction but I
of the was
II Iitlaua la* float rank of the ,.. J:$ *, + court but passed
of Japan of the Canadian Paelfl PAD v Dr. C. P Thomas. own the ordinance The a*.
the Ut engine tender WI,
the country. Dr. ArAsr following day.
railroad for the run between Yokohama e" of the Cu4ahy building: IIO, o"MJ. They 'f
were cited for baggage car. and the t= she ,
ral ;weeksm+ permitted contempt aDd were e
ft glv.
bblns. Pratt "
and Victoria. fe R3bb&n.
furrau e. en. the left I
aouacmnt of hU dietof sentence mentioned the track while: ,
9C.OOO. Th csu. of the are f4'
UDUOn. _:J
mflea an hour but tb y
'bet'U ha* rfasd to discuss J Hse
Dlntln. In Hungr Ian DiC King Severely Censured rlzaL
th> oompleilon of the las ,
NtE; I ''r".t. Sm
_ Vienna Sept. 27,-\Vhen the lover Reinforcements' at Baku. Hql": ary. SepL :':' -The
s cxivat.ve! : aty y
liIIete *** tlog the hoes reassembled today the opening Daku, ('aucssta. Sept 27Reinforce' commjtteo of the coulltior Hotter for Genera ste'a
prtv .
IWr.ta'yepra ao far u momenta were marked by tainwtnona! meat iot4ioic ll>*. men rifts .brae summoned to discuss the sltna h.Wa1
37. it
Presented London Sept. -
to the
1< rt4tei .yat it r of the gnat Democratic. dttuoattrattoa against the l>&.fterUn of smu:ery. &*.. reacted .1.* the hingentp. HuetATUii leaden by of the city of London ty a '
rner hM *11 1
Baron Gaatach Von f: Tt .
..a1 .. premier ItnaKvo.thrn. governor>> baa utued an parsed what '
over .. t resolved confer
.tSM.i irU ta .
MbtiM eIttiy0g.rn aasoetatkM who has hearted the nth ot: forMdln' th* srWpa under any cit a a .ere '0'.. of oensur to y faS
of m the
General fvation >
hu raje
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