11. I.:.. of New York who will speak
enter an objection to being limited to Negro Indicted. Tried and Sentenced oa tr. t'nprot h-4 Immigrant Girt"t t3-s.iae aville JEr"LoE-l.cl

1:11lua time for their prescription i in Less Than Five Hour and ,* ,. l>elln juent Girt." while Dr. __ _ .__ __ __ ..._ __ _
filled. It was therefore resolved '
to be I Jackron. MUs.. July! U .-At \\1111& H. Allen of New York who

that: a paper be presented to all of the hurst this mu-mcg Judge )U.. "H.UI'I' has :.. e..1 jcar In the poor districts,
physicians for their signalitt [ LIBRARY VOTING COUPON.This
praticing veued a .JH-I .a. t.rm of the will aes cbatauqua on "Impruvleg .
in this show there wen
and way "
court to try Jim (Oo'hn:: a negro 'I I 1. ondUloo of the IVx>r.

fellow-en charged with att-r;t. 1 cnmicsl! assault .! coupon entitles the holder. to two votes that can be cast for '

\ : The Diamond Cure. any institution competing for the'beautlfal library when properly yi

MELROSE HAPPENINGS. The cu r.j Jury was" (mpane:evj at 'i The !latest news from Paris is that I filled out signed and returned to the ballot boxes In either the abovestores.
o'clock and returaet in Indictment they hare discovered a diamond cure .

.I Matters of Personal Interest in That In an Dour upa'nit: (foll.r.: who ..xs for consumption. If you fear con

Lively Burg brought into court. p'ead; pulltr an l t sumption or pneumonia, it will however %are el Ia,tltatlafame .......... .. T'
was giec the Ilm.t of the I ..-ten f
Metros. July 12.-Mr. and Mrs. II. t..* t t.tot for you U) take that great
7f'a&nd in l 1e"* than Ore bourn after Voter .. . .
ton Xosxky left last week for two remedy mentioned by T. McGee of *f e. a .

rontbs'stay in Chick Spring. S. C. court 4hf"nlblt"J.all. on his way Vanleer Tenu. **I had a cough furlourl..n THE DAILY SLY. _,
to the penltentiarjCoin ;,
Mn. O. C. Hatband and daughter years. Nothing helped me,
was aJ from a mob tome {
1'n&. bare returned from their trip to weeks ago by Judge Miller promisingto until I ok Dr. King's New Discoveryfor -. - -- -- ..- .. .._-. -- .- .. a
C >n.cmplion. Coughs and Cold,
Gtorgts.Micaes convene a special term of the courtto
Carrie and Grace Ugtow of which give instant relief and effecteda
try the cxro who attempted a "
Mrs. O. C. Grime. permanent cur. Unequalled quick
d Starke are visiting criminal assault on Mt. HOCK, thedaughter
cure for throat and lung trouble. At
Mr*. Lee Goodson entertained of & prominent Copah! county FaySholesTyperater
all drug tores i rrc* Mla: and II. guaranteed -
Friday evening.
young; people farmer T-<.l bottle free.Omcar .
l r. Craig Barnett of Sarasota hal .4

'b*n visiting[ his mother 1\lra. M. J.
Bent Her Double."I Spirit Negro Away. .
Earcett.Mi .
.. Fannie Mtielle has returnedfrom knew noone, for four weeks,when ()w D.i urO. Ky. July 13.- Joba

I was sick with typhoid and kidney dark a negro was arrested at Central
a week..taJ Worthington:
trouble write Mr. Annie Hunter of Clay Muhlenberg county, oo a charge ,
Gpringt.Mr I ACXIUWLED: + ED
PittburK. I'a "ami when I Rot better of attempting to commit criminal asSault
.. Barnett and Mis
M. J. May
THE h !iT
the wife of the rtv. William (
although I had one of the l beet dorUir on
Barrett! left last week the
to spend
I could get I was beut double, and had Wo rjmtner in South Carolina.
)1... Lena McLeod has returned from to rest my hand. on my knee when I .pre.cJ rapidly, and It ts acid Tabulator.
walked From thU terrible affliction. I roots were forming all over the conn I: ,,
stills in Gainesville. UIIIKRSAL I ox
Frank Year wood has gone to Gaine- wa rescued by KIt-ctric Bitter, which t,. The marshal of Central City removed Machines
negro to O.-.a"UJe. the
restored my heattt and strength. andnow
till to attend the summer normal.
county seat. Excitement was high
I can walk a* MraiKhi a* ever.
B*..ie MeCullough of Holder i. vishictr .
and b later
there moved MsvdUonvlll
was to
wonderful hhlflt f Lightest Running The
They are imply Lightest
Baldwin's.Mr .
at Mri. Ch. .
<< *. Hopkins county, Mrs Vood.son .
*. W. I'. Kilts has returned to hi* teed to cure ttum"ch. lifer and kidneydiorder is a member of oa. of the most Champion speed Writers of the World t
all d tore. price V)c. A
at *
; run ; .
soxe in 1'alatka. prominent famllle la 9ublsab.rg U.. the Fay.Hhole More Fay Bhole. ha

Large Timber Deal In North Stats. county. TTe negro say his bom la la U.. 'In (alaesvlll than any other ntaehln. z
New Orleans.Asthma .
AahemeC.. July IS.-WfcaX' I.

W. C. Hague Was Exonerated for *a>4 SufTsrers Should Know This. For Sale by. . .
consummated In the south
Shooting Will Hunter. Seal ever
announced here. By It the North. Foley's' Honey and Tar has curedmanyeaasof
The coroner's Jury which sat upon was I ..\ that were eon THE SUN Gainesville Fla. i y yu1
a corporation c m- .
'& Georgia; company I ,,
ease of the killing of Will Hunter :
posed of New York Mieaican and' .ider.-4 hopeless Mr*. Adolph flu..-

bj Officer W. C. Hague at Hague Georgia capitalists, acquires about 4OOOO < lag, 701 West Third St., :>anaport.low. a

vgudahUe resisting arrest men- cures of hardwood timber for-wts ., writes : "A s.ver. cold contracted -..-...-. -- --- . - -.. - .---- - --- --
lion of which was made in The Pun : .
twelve a..IHteduatill'
In western North Crollaa sad Bortli- years .0.
*u returned a verdict to the effect Take The J
Into asthma. Th Line
era Oortla hem the Tallulab Klver finally grew; Atlantic Coast
fiat the killing was Justifiable. since
Lumber company for a eooal..rMlo.a bt medical klll available could not
cer Hague was protecting his own of SSO.OQO Th. work of marketing: give m*' more than temporary relief.Foley' FOR ALL EARTHLY POINTS
tf.. Cha. B. Dell foreman of the
was and and Tar
the lumber will betfa at oecr Honey was recommended
;hJ,, which was composed of a half- It I I. and flfiy-eent bottle Vt. ... Via vaa I
tn consummated
plans are b- one entirely

1010 Loa of The the best evidence citizens was of that carefully*ec. said deposits, for on vel4/ptac the property.valuable! mineral j I I been growing eared ou m*me of asthma for twelve|whl.years.h bad North J:a'. arts. East t J.7Em.:: Sooth stesosaip P.LJM aQ W est t =

-tICIlfd,, If I bad taken It at the tart I wwM

; )f,. Hague who was hit four time Feel Impending Doom. I,. have been saved years :af suffering," Rapid Transit and Unsurpw led Service .,

I*7 Hunter, is reported reeling as easily) J. W. MeColium A Co.Att.ntion '
Meoa1d The feeling of impending doom in Time Table la effect April IE. laM
[ be ezpeeted under the eir-[ ey
the mind nf many victim of Brsghl'sdisease OA.IRZSVILLK Arrive lrltr"e :
[ o tenee3. While his .sounds are I Volsr Depart For
.. ..
has been changed -- .. --_ - -_
and diabetes ::::--=":" -: == = :::: : = ,
$.afai} they are Dot c Idered :1rl- We wish to ,it.form the patrons of o m Inter ;
p and
to thankfolne to y the benefjt derived' 1IIell 8priap 1JO.ftV
[s >.sad the atut ling: physician say from taking Foley'. Kidney Cure Itj i I The Hun that no voles are allowed In \U I .....&4t Point. Dally _-
[ entirely oat of the Library for
danger. di... . oa money paid "
Bright' i'
will cure incipient 12116 Ocala. L.esbarg sad Tamp.. sod ',4Q>>p,4i4''
advertising, In The San Only" Ih... pm I i
I North Gainesville. Notes. and diabetes and even in the worst who pay tiiecum of SI ,,25 or over oasubseriptioos Dilly !1 Intermediate rolnu DsUy1etpm ,

11.. A Fiaherand goo. James, bare eases disorders elves are comfort cured iu and a few relief.day Slight. "1 ,' to The Dally :iun or those :! PaJa'b. Ja.ekaoa.m.. j ds7lipas a

aNrtd e to Campviile. whew they< will t
in laying briek for the nest allowed to vote. '
days Marion Lee of Danreath. Ind. "I tried *; Thos who pay 11.25 will be .1I"w.J J2'A pm IiiliPprt. W..r.aaaah.. B'.k, IiLlpiDally .} J' ,

+ )(,.. eight pbysieians without relief Oaly I ,41Alaaaa ell Points North. Teat West DaIIsJJI : '
1r Fred Dye aad father departed three bottles of Fol.,'* Kidney Car 75 votes far the organisation of tbir _. __ .

4te.day morning for their old home mad. me a well m.... J. W. MeCoU choice; $i tit entitling them to SCO V

ye4igzn. when they will spend a lam A Co. __---- ___ votes sadS will entitle them to P na t JCMJa.U.. )liealMlp and Clara I rata__n
>>.. of months. 6U) ..ul,.. Dally -.,
Tug Runs Down LatmcH. 'j I I .
r. ? - -
ebb and --- "'-
family, who have been Will 'Interest Many.
New York. Julys-Oo. man was d
'ar in MeKeever taoa... East : III T sJO p-
bad Every person *rt.ToM know teat good ADali '
:'*r fatally hurt and six others a ajar- I IIJab lipriogs Dan _
street have moved to the health ie Im a..lhi.; If the kltt.. .Monday
Cellos: plae here. row escape< from drowning today when are .: __ __. _ .., eondiif) X
the tug Oneida! ran oown the 40-foot deranged. FoUy's Kidney CaIll -

ltttorney i., William of Cedar Key was aaptha launch Yuma owned by Nlcholaa cur kidney tad bladder dUeaa* la every Interchangeable. MUg Ticket:good over 18.cX.o ;;ile of ajnoag the prftaWJ j'

after his property Interest : Kultn in the upper bay of.A form, arid will baUd ap and .l'_ railway is! tare Bootaem tttatea, are oa sale by the pria.iaU agvnteTaroogfa c:;"
Port to Kw York via Atlaalie. eo..r
Fail roes) sleeper Tamp
Jert. DrooHym. M. S strengthen these organ* so they will
street .
F' ty-slxth .
Kit has &al'lM'd' from a U..J alee vlar. AtUuatle Coast La sad boataera Railway.For ::
r.;.: I.it to her.....r. IiIn. Tar"aps the owner of the launch was use ol perform th sir ......tlon. properly. Nit cotnpUae laformatloa. call oa '',& t

at city those on botrd at tbs: time of eke m\\ danger of Brijht', da( or diabst J. A. GOODWIN Ticket Awat. QalfMsyUleVAddreeet ,tr t'

lUloa. He escaped 'iajary T>* tv\1 if KoUy's Ktdn y Cant .. taken !. pj''t'' '

low R.t*. to Whit. Springs cat the launch la. two ail It aaak. time, J. W MeOoIloaa A Co. FBAXK O. BOTLfiTON. Die. Pas. Agl.'a W. D. AT ARK. Trav. Pa*n.A

Is-ra.! -hUe at Wlalt.e 8orlaft. the ___._- -- .- '. .' -- .. W. Bay ...._Astor Balhliaf, JaekaoTiIl Via. -1 "":.;.
*..u'h .b. 11. M.Ld/iIRt101f.-rial. .p.. W. J 0&Al0. O... Paalt..fM:. .,
resort of ifee .. Oa
hr.r a& w ldatiagsen. ..C. r .1Ja&aatoa..G:, .:' .,...
za..cs Saw*.*., rl er. T* e U r gor. LScsicr war

1.,., I .Ie *ndad.tnp.aM Gulf..*. 1J.e tollsw. your ty.lll baler; lwttlN 11111dYntr _ x ,; 1g

rou .. .''- O.ia.s burl Bui dots 1tn Isrir v Y .y
.. ,. ,
tS. ;' ;, ..... t ti






.. .}, t

AN OPEN LETTER ,. '.;:: Io-:!;, MOZLEY'S Start Grading New 'RoecL 1 zsor A'1F.T.Tf3S7TftT1 xeeo.

'. ( Bremen C*.. July. 12.-The Bremen
From, Dr. J. L. Kelley! to Prof. ... AOrrnpnd. and Southwestern Construction company .

will begin grading on -je Ore H.F.DUTTON&CO
'Prof. J. A. Ormond men said Southwestern railroad from -DEALERS IN'

4 Principal' of the Negro Sahool, this place to JJonteo. a distance of 15mile.

Tallahassee Fla. THE .. tomorrow morning. They' expect Sea Isla.I:1..d

t ,Sir: Your article under date of July LIVER to have the road eor pleted by Cotton,

In is STOMACH the time the aesiaon'a cotton la readyfor
1st,.wbloh appear today' paper, ,

{ A aorprise tame ; not oo account of BOWELS, market Sea Island Cotton Seed. Bagging and Twine. w- ,
the sentiment and motive therein con. KIIlNEYt M1.i
A Surprise Party.A Leather In Strips or Sides.
tamed (for I wooid expect Just such ant .
J' effusion' from your fertile brain) but The Inventor of the famous "TER- pleasant surprise party may begiven

(: .;!-lfl'tb. fact that you have doffed your HELL, SCRAPE," a man known wherever to your stomach and liver' by Manufacturers or the James Doig Improve] Ei !h.
medicine which .
will relieve
taking a
,7'1 pretentious mask, come out of your plows are sold and used, says: Sea Island Cotton Gin, and Supplies for &nihe
their pain and discomfort, viz Dr.
to I v
Abiding, and signed your true name
.. ;yeftr masterly' produotlon. Your bold- "I bare ud MOZLKY'S LEMON King's New Life Pills. They are most GAINESVILLE, FLORIDA. r s A

frl' na. rather arouses a little admiration. ELIXIR for to or 1* years In my wonderful remedy affording sure relief .--.
tangy for the tomaob. flier and kidney and cure for headache, dizziness -
'y.\'tIlMn tnuon, pleated to see that I de- .: and tineS It I... the bent lIIedlelne I nod constipation. 25c at all druggists.Wi --W-J:1..ec.: 1--r. Need of
r-]; you ao perfectly that you were have ever uJ0e4. lti also a sure aped -
C forced to recognise yourelf. I amlam de tf or pain In the back or under the
ttamaw Xnttir. .
": little elated over the corfnehle"'of'm7 bouldenu I have recommended U Innumerous
From many Melcctlona from Marcus<<
workmen. whensick JOB
ease to my '
'; diagnosis. )1r. Ormond. and unable to work a.d It ban always AniflliiM we thooMe tile n" uhowlDK bill
t tbe'lnstructlon" that I wave and asked gives perfect U.faetlon. U. D. keen Insight Into this weak ,human nature I'

it...'..1I1'eman' to deliver to you was TJEKHELL President Atfm.ti Plow of our: "I ht\e often wondered

'1.{Written'On April 9th. and the application Co.. Atlanta.. how it la that fiery moan loves himself I Send. -Yo-o..r Order to

; 'I received from you was dated more than nil the rest of ineji. bat yet :

,April 24th. After that you 'accepted MOZLEY'S LEMON ELIXIR. site It'MH value on his own opinion of I
hlm.elr than on the opinion of others., THE
sY;tfaa appointment, and later OFFICE.

.' tai your-reason that you did'nof.
., strained to advise to use freely A Lattery.
would be live you -
.kt.gw that the term
"Itiit. the
objects heiress! "I have
.'lt4? ;ha, which you said would prevent 4spools and Labarraque'a Disinfecting'luld been accustomed to every luxury."
,fjomfrom' teaching an eight months'. on your person and raiment, and That' nil the more reason why you GainesYille & Gulf Railway CompanyTHE
for mental read
:iMrJ I'elsewhere ete. your improvement Mould marry me," replied the impecunious -

,}f:; >JJdw as to Prof. Bonner. He wa freely oar glorious Southern History, suitor. "I'm a luxury myaelf. FRUIT & VEGETABLE ROUTEOF

.\.k.d for by 31,. Doke, but he !is not and Thomas Dlxon's Clansman. These ."-Philadelphia Ilecord.

;teaching at Santa Fe. I did write a will teach you of our proad heritage ---- FLORIDA.Time .
lifter for him "to whom It might con made so by the blood and sufferings of Table in effect July 9, 190_').
T our ancestors. Dixon will tell of CASTORIAFor
you .
and I writing for
oern,. now am - -- ...
;'!.'you,' I might have mailed this to yon, the hidden Empire that conquered the Infants and Children No. .
despotism that attempted to force No; :i,
.,but, In a recent letter from you, you Dally No. 4. No. 2. No. No.
The 1.1, 3 natty
Kind You Kara
Always Bought
us equality.Respectfully
if t Informed me that you would noteoe.id.r Esa'e Dally DatJ7. TATI0N DaU,. Dell'" hzt'ot c
reply from I the nnlay I
| ; a me. guest Bears theSignature I NanAMArI'M
apparent rudeness is due to the fact J. L. KKLIKY.
Mtatyoor: hands and heart are full MILT' MILT'
flv A P A M IAr. P M Ar :

looking; after your agreeable charge. --- 74f>> ...... ...... . ..........'Fsirlleld......... ....... ...' .> ((0 I)
'in: this personal letter you use the foltawing Not Expected to Live from One 1taay. 7 05 . . . ... ... ... .. .. ..irelne........ .. . .......... . sirs
? language "The cooperation Hour to Another But Cured byChamberl.ln' football match) ROO : . . . .. ..... ..... ? Dungarvan .....-.. ........:. 65
watching a
tb. editorial of the dirty Old Lady' ( R 05 . .... ..... .... ..v4outhslde. .... . ...... I 5G
.wf cheap crew Colic Cholera and _I canna nnneratan that footba. Her 8 10 .. . . .. ... ........". Hlakman.. .......... ........1.. -4-
:...., known as The Gainesville Son. Diarrhoea Remedy. Bon-Well, you aee. each aide la trying 14 15 . . . . . ..... ........ Lake 8'mon too ............ ...' . '54

'i1a today's paper you say j "Please Roth, the little daughter of E. :N. I to kick the ball between tboee poets at $30 . .. : ..... .. ..dlcanopy ........ . ...... . :, '
.rasat ne a short space In the columns I either end of the field. Old Lady 8 88 ............ . .. ... .Tacoma ............ ... .j.. .
valuable The high l)ewey of Agnewville Va., was seriously I Weel. that wndna be bard tae dae II 8 45 ......... .. ..Kirkwood........ ... .. ... .' ..
:,4ttyour paper. ill of cholera Infantum last sum. : they'd a* get oat o' the road. MOO ...... . .. ............. .CI7..tt. ... ...... .... 1'' "JU
Jaee you art occupying seems to have I mer. "We gave her up and did not I 08 . .. ......... ....Wacabont.... ... .. ... .. : 455'
,Made you doable-sided and big-head- expect her to live from one hour to : If the Baby la Cutting Teeth 916 ....... .... ..Rocky: Point...... . . ... .1 i 44J
'. this 9 4iSAr . .. .... ... 4 10l
: lam farther confirmed in t I
ltd., he "I .. ....(}.alo.-III......
pinion for another, says. happened to Be sure and use that old and well- llooL... 6 i5v.. e SO. .I r U 20 )lul\\r ;. at l 1

by your expressed contempt think of Chamberlain's Colic Cholera tried remedy Mrs. Winslow'* Sooth 11 M e 40 e 53 .........BeU.my.... ..... M ; G .0 :2 ,it II)
"."MW* mill graduates" and "defunct and Diarrhoea Remedy and got a bottle tng Syrup for children teething. It 12 00 e M 706 ............... Cyril......... 40 930 IS '::jrfll-rollsrs." I guess you have the same of It from the store. In five hours soothes the child softens the gum, 12 ro 7 08 7 12 .............Orabam..... ... 82 1922 I'&
-fatftllng towards other honorable I saw a change for the better. We 12 40 7 15Ar. 72R ....RamplOn City. .. 20 911) 110
,,'$ftfXJngs. You and I have different kept on giving It and before she had allays all pain cures wind toile and lathe ... .... 950 10 ro ....Palatka O. 8. oil: ,.. . .. ()() 1'16(1) t0 a.
taken the half of"one small bottle'she best remedy for diarrhoea. Twentyfive .
'\.ideals, or, as you say, "we understand was well." This remedy is for tale by cents a nul... ::::.::: .tr.4S." 845 :::.Lake Ulty,' t3.:ii:. F.:'...S'(..' .lff..1.

.'.tab other." I have owned and worked all druggists. ........ .. .. . 3 10 P _...Tallahaasee. 8. A. L. ... oCR p''. .
.i.a?' law mill for an honest living Wit Mhonld bo used ns a shield for ... .... IJ 05 I II 00 a...Valdoeta, 4#. 8. cI: F... 50 1'); 5 :0
',..i ee sobriquet... You a 2z4 pro. NELSON WAS IN TROUBLE.Was defence rather than a word to .......... 8 M a 4 :eq p .....Macon G. 8. F..... 8'J a.1240 a
as ( .... 73, a 755 p _......Atlanta C. of G........ 60 a' 800Ar
:"'or, In charge of a negro school wound otbern.-Fuller. Pof Ar A AI Ar Pit A )lI.v,i 1' M.
+..aft when your term' Is out you will Cut and Shot. His Horse Injured ,

glory In being an emeritus professor and He Was Left for Dead.

.ro ; IO become "defunct." In spite of Campvilli, got mixed up with some Shot Full J... E. BARKER General Superintendent

,ixour i nlmut. I am sorry to see thatyci trouble on the Fourth of July which J. F. TILL Agent.! J. D. WATKINS. GeneralKnt,

: have become so much Imbued with resulted seriously for him as he Is _.. _______n ____-------7--- ----------- -- .

;th- spirit of commercialism that you "out up a site to see," as the Georgia' of Holes.

1 'would forget yourself' enough to accept Cracker expressed it In writing to a "
1 am 65 old, and have I IEffective
".{,th* charge of a negro school and then railroad company regarding a cow one been a great years sufferer from .Southern

,',Ia the press boast about It. You say of their locomotives had put out of headache all life. One of Railway.
Ult I ia a significant fact that my opportunities buInes Dr. Miles' circulars was left . .
:, are not limited by boundaries Nelson states! that two colored men
at door and what it con-
|':.f any particular county and it is a by the name of Htarke fell out with my H
tained about headache interested May a 8, 1905
"twos of which I am a trifle proud that him about a cow on the 4th lost, and
'la the face of my being 'turned down' both jumped on him and out him severely me, so that I determinedto

!''by,Dr. Kelley and his board I wa thnflrat afterward shooting him and invest a dollar in their makeof 2 Ye-tlbnl<- Trains. Eat_. >.. 34 >.. 2O .>ortl,. and West. No: M;
for - -- -- --- ---
shot and -
,..' teacher the State to receive, r*'- leaving him in the road for dead. lie go gunning Jacksonville. Ho. Ky 9 lOa 1 Mp I Ly Jaeksonville,11*.. ..S'1, IJ 4.Lv .'

OOgnltlon at the hands of the Mat WH riding a horse and the animal was that headache. The first charge I.v Jesup 80. Ky 11 40a 1040p Jesup Ga. . . . IJ tAr .
:Board of Education and Hoard of Con- also injured.The brought it down, but I continued I.. Savannah So. Uy 1 :.'('p 1216a Macon, Ga .So. 1y tAr
to shoot until the thing: Ar Columbia, So. KySo. 66Sp1025p 6 COa Atlanta Ua.- N. ly: .t
rrtrol. a body almost! as eminent as the men were! arrested and were was shot so full of holes thatI Ar Charlotte KySo. 965a1261p ArRomeGa s4.Ity ;; .
Alaehua County Hoard of Public In- placed l under a bond for their appearance Ar OreenaboroAr KySo 1 13a Ar Dalton (la. So. I:1. "'
'.y.truetion. You should profit by the .before Justice' .Tames Dyess next' believe it will never come to Danvill< _ _ . Ky :1'U 2 lOp Ar UbaUanoo.a. .reno 1"0. 1'.y t i'At ,
life I consider it the .t eAr
;following lines from liurnsiffeO 1S'rdnesdsy.I again. Ar Richmond So. Uy 6 Ass t) 4Zp: Lexington Ky Col. .
jv work of "good 1 Samaritan Cinelnnnl. I (I .'C C' 4
would lame power the giftle gl'e us, Nelson ha employed Judge! J. ..1.Carlisle a : Ar LynehburK . bo. Ky 4 34 a 4 :!OpAr ..4'Ar
to spread the knowledge, of ..v Coelluaa". O. . Hilt Four
Charlottesville. Ry 6 I Kit' 6 lOp
| see ourselves as others see us ; to defend him. I Four "
what Dr. Miles Anti-rain Pills Ar WashinKton., So. Ky O ..Oa 0 6Op ChICII O. III Big
li It woald from many a blonder free ni, will do." I. F. MOORS Ar lUltlmorI*. Ii. I:. 11 Mils U :'ftpArW. Ly Cincinnati- 0 la I.ines '
:.,And foolish notion Cheerfully Recommended for Rheu Ph'det'ia P K. K. 1 45p 285atAr 'r ChicilRO. III .I's l.ina_ .

'r... The brave generous, proud and chiv- matism. 1353 Fairfax Ave., Bridgeport, New York I', I:. It. 4 18p 0 :.. j L. Olnt"'DDa",, c. H. << 1)1

''Irons man and womanhood of our O. G IIlgbev. Danville, 111., write. Conn. Ex-J Ar Chlealtn. III )fof'lon''

,Southland will never tolerate social }).e.I.: U"111bout) two years ago I Headache Neuralgia, Sciatica No.34New" n.lI York and Drawing Florida Room r..ClncinnatO (f.ll..t I, { ..

4'[quality In any form. Not even the was laid U > for four months with rheumatism Backache, Stomachache", Sleeping press. Car Fort Tampa and Jaea.on-I'I Ar"l'olf'do. n, O. II .t DAr 'I ..

[iron heel of the carpet-bagger, supported 1 tries llallard's Snow I.lni- Bearing Down Pains, Rheumatic vine to New York P.troit. "eh I. ..

: by the Federal bayonet, could tnentt one tattle cured me. I can Pain or Pain from any cause No. SO-"\Va-hinffton and Florida I: ineln tr.'a" fines. "
cheerfully recommend It to all suffering yields readily to the soothing Limited." Daily Pullman Drawing Ar Pi.borllt.'a. .I'a I.ln.
,]'force it .*n us In the reconstruction p. from like affliction 2oa, OOa and influence of Dr. Miles' Anti- Room Sleeping Car Jacksonville to Lt Cincinnati. o-----; : JIJt Four sa .

7104. No power on, or beneath the $l. Sold by W, M' Johnson. Pain Pills upon the nerves, the New York I -\r Ci.veland. 0 nilit .'ou" i'4 "

K earth, can force us to accept It. WeiWill of which L..I.eaina&oo.tIY ..r o. ity. _
irritated condition ..
not have It. The races must be Low Round-Trip Kates to California.If !Tfcre Kh 'The Laud ef the Nkj" >.. SO Ar Louisville hJ . So. RyAv
'Separate, In churches, schools hotels are ever going to Californiathis causes the pain. Harmless if i- Sa. Io+nls. Mn t+n Ry "
you ii
taken as directed and leave no i 1.1' Jacksonville. 'Ia o. Ry 7 Mp . r'
Sad railroad cosches. Profesaor youhave summer ia the time to The Ar Annisioa. Ala :00. r,1
go. after-effects. Lv tz.vannah Oa. N>>. Ry 121&a'I ** h1Ar 4 s
A eIaoalci allowed Young. Pays or rate are unusually low, Only I $&:! BO disagreeable ''I AI'' Colombia S. C So. J:,. 601.Ar .. Ar Birmingham Ala. . Fri.eo" ..
Mites' Anti-Pain hits are eM by Memphis Tenn .
;. oaa other negro to have had the prlnjlneJahlp Chicago to San Francisco lAM Angeles.Sacramento Or.r ""'n'." wA5 w/11 '- t**.tftrt I Alhf'yllle.f. 0 So. Ky 1 beep Ar Kansas City Mo ..rl.-n 4Memphis .
of that school over Santa .... ..-k.9. will \.=. If It I Ar Hot t1prin. s. 0 A1. Ry 281p "
negro. or and
re- I
fells ... wTu rvturw ya w*- Ar Knozville TrDn t'io. HJ B Tenn .
Which you preside. They are equally tarn May t. 3.3. B. 10. U, 17: 15.29.>> t. !.._ n ceR'. Never ....IA bulk. \r Loolnll1e So. RJ 8b0aAr Hot Spring. Ark. . "

''.a competent a. your.elf. SelNrespeet 3t). 81 and June 11 alto Augut o, 7. 5. Miles Medical C
'ahould have caused you to have de 0. 10.11. 12, 13 and 14 trouble berthin .. .--. . .-' -- ..-- .. I.\r Cincinnati Q dr (". ,k 15t Daily Solid veetibole train t' "
\\.1111-.1. No negro shall teach a white tourist sleeping car. Chicago to Cal - - day coaches and Pullman .- *"

.r; aoHool Alachua county. sad to this (ifornia. (.. Through tourist cars for E. N. WATERS No. 30-"i1 Pullman Drawing C.re.Jaokaoavill. to <*iQ.lontNo
Room and Rnffot Sleeping Car between IB-Pollmaii Dra-'inc
:you doubtless' say *'.'m.n,, "' California leave union passenger station. Jacksonville aDd Cincinnati I Fle..plnar Car between J ae*.*'-
k" Then why should you forget/ our sa Chicago 10:2ft r n*< daily. Route ---- -- - - - Mirmingham. Mee.phl.. Kansas

/rd Institutions and customs and wore -CbI( trO. Milwaukee A "t ;"01. PRACTICAL Eirelleat Dlal.g Car Serik I and Colorado Sprier.
Union Paeltto and Southern Paetfle
whip --- -
the shrine of commercialism' ?
; at General
Une K _\. Duller
,'r, Ac a "defunct pill-roller' I feel couOOCS get Agent< 1245 Railway t: 1..0.1 I: PAPER HANGER ARRIVAL AT JACKSONVILLE

'\ .. _ Chicago. From New York .hla and Florida
--- - -- ______ t Vubis.gtooet-Co. 2 ,MWa too
4 I ted.s 9tOOa. oi.
It Now.
Buy Hails. PalatI1K pros New York.Waskla=too, etc-No. i3. W..dfastea aadl Ifbr"I a Etpr
ltd Now la, the tune to boy Chamber- ** '

.t VNCK ALL[Lit FAILS lal.'.'Colt Cholera and DUurhoamReoelf CIa IaasU. Aabet/I.1 parlgalr.

,, rIa .|...wt te'to.



. r----:._---- -- -- -;::::::::- .-- ---- -. ---::: - __ _
APPRECIATED. D.p,, -. ...... Tire.. .

t: tlt, gLiut "A. to the depth to Nat.t a ''''.-
,: Mrs. II 11. :McCrary i. in receipt of says Suburban lafe.It eeagte In I- t'r.geuert. .

the following bishiy' at.prctaied son- .. Mien that U- fotare prv" ;'. s

rT-r..l .i tb.rJrt om.* a_ 0 alessrte.T.... gratulatory: letter from Mr,. Hudson of the tree U pruteirtis j a.tw< tw t;* t .

.. e. r.d-eSas aaall oatter.H wife of Senator V M. H.td..n upon d"I'UI.D flnaie with wti-ii t: jplncvO

Gainesville s-e-ir,ne t-e I"'". n the CJ. or>I. mud dye pertv t
'CKEA BY. Editor and Publisher" "r..I> : .
P v art ..- t pant U- .&all >wt 1. almt..t
TIBHT +. Fr \ J 'JI'I.. :j O(6.: ,
A.-oel. Et'Itor .
n W ASHLEY. \ .J I::. cuinVsint to t* worth a is s si'tag.
"" "MPK.= 'R MR.*.. .M.t, *' kKt' : I here fey the aluA AX .. all lu tW of-*>-

ESSE K. HCRTZ. City Editor. jut heard that Ciait..ct', h*. b m Hlteertloo.. l.*'k fur the tsusrkmade

awarded the Umvrr*'tjr. nd. *u happyam tl* emrtii uo ll- trunk of the
.. BRCWBY. Uenl TraTelln A"eot.
Lot: j I for ]'(\u. I have dropped mv packing tree> w i .u It ttxMl In the burM-ry. ao L.

k lone enouch tTer CoUtc :.\ that altbuucb U IDol JO.m
I"RF.WITT. Supt. Coirl>011011'l1l" ROt-lEa.: -
T. '! fcbalhiw will make no o Utake -
Mr you you
rlnd nu j >:.n. me m wi.h-
l'itf root want warxutt Uctit
: OFFICE: FOR.TER BLOCK. Inc for (Galnf.v.: an.J the t'nivrr.ity
and ma.ture. such as tb ry receivewhen J'Oa Hrrj ATisM. errs 5PUtlIS.
-7 Q u'. laiD 6trc t. S. 'rl. PHOM If 43ionJ unprecedented p'O'I..rl"! pled property. tout when her. A SURE CORE WO XDS, OLD SOMES. CORNS. Bt'M.

"Mai this r".ult fi.. 10fs,CALLS ..V1 IS.: COJCTItACT.
en t'.n. I
ns X"AIL"; sc_. tIKI.Dlug c U-U<<-&l..1 .eared two to three feet lu LUfS UCB. STU''
carrier joaits IROSTID
',' err' ) y.deltv r d by In the city or doubt if ome. of tbe ..taun.h..t a-iro- the ground It I* Imiru..lbl to derelop Bw__ SCALDS &Te- 1IIIT iAN

., brr. f
tmt, ',s:, or yo tents for' five weeks-.tr ctly inXoi'injj "With regards to Mr McCreary( and adU.iKis. Ih'p-our tree plenty of and drive out Pa's

.,Jft.- love for you m.d Klm -r. feeding ground pVrttty of 10'.1< flbroua PENETRATES the Pores. loosen. tha Ftbrcua TUs-js*. pros

uotirr.ia local column locenU a line "'Conlially )'o'.ro friend. earth and If the place of planting .. mote a t,... circulation of the Blood civuvg. the Nu.elM rufcsaslalaaticity.

ioxrtion..ad 3 cents for each additional not naturally suitableiltjt It out deep .
fn' 'Nulls "
tot AM I'ELM lit to. "
and put In what b rw.deod.
IlJartti: >nIUt s
*for display advertuiag made known on It is no wonder that 4t4ineTilJe was

4,:icat'OD.' successful in pec-nrms the ('nivrr.itywhen Tlk. .t.ry .r she Q.l.l.e T--

such lathes! Mr. Hud.nn favored The u Uuiue beating trees named by
fh, Twice--week bun Uan I-.gc. forty. her :-h.. i.. possessed of that Lana.tJa clucbottM vrrre sx called In CURED OF PARALYSISW.
: and r
ohnn paper, published every Monday of Cblnrbotia.or .
tlS.Jay, and.
.- local Slate and general and will beutlcU. friends of every'tne. and her weet vicereine Peru, In 1.=t. a Sniah. wile had been afleriag Eva years with paralysis is +

: : postage free to any pAre oC thc fnitedfutc voice was MI> ttrtetT'rP'featUr.. of the"service lady.wlee.r first b *bandwas rwtcfviceroy her ana, when X was perawaded to ... Bailard'a
.Jr Canada,'for ilooa year-Igwance----1: 1I .>f Mexico and on<>e of IVru. Snow UalsDeat. which eJfactcd complete care. I
I at the :MettiiNii..: church due and ltr net''ILJOO also viceroy of Peru. have also used It for old aorea. frost bites and, skin .
All: adtcrtUing bill become due after first ring the lnl *""ii.n of the LeRitliture. While lu Lima abe fell III of an ague, craptioava. It does the work.** '..

f Hrarnoceof adrertUenient. unlea otherwiseilipuUtcd Senator lliid.on. who represented from which ..114'W..* rvllevrd by the csr LmnMOirr ON CAMTH ONCE rmeo, A&.WATSTHUJUCSlZESs tLD :

in contract Parties not known to u* U''' .r.1 and P-trlf: .,.""IUII.. was alau a 11Ow..s..r .>f a hark jrtveu to hr ploy Repusa ALL $USTITUTts ;?
tin be required to pay Tot advertising in ads alclan IVruviau noble whom It and '
good friend of }-.t Florida Seminaryand by a 35c. 30o $1.00
,act. Address. THE DAILY SCS.GAL"s.vu. had cured >n>. before, and when
u yean I
.&.&. Phu.unday opposed the Unckman bill because i I BALLARD SNOW LI1NIIVCNT CO. ,
she rvlurn..1 to Europe he took
he believed it wa against the be.t educational : .
$T. LOUIS u. s. A.
with bet a lntere.ts of the :tate.. He
; excursions for working girl died I .b-fort* reaching Slu. but It was
was one ot the ablest members of the
.: will: be conducted by a New York pa.- owing to her cure and the ineaaurvaabe a
last $epate and immediately steppedto had taken to make known the .OLD AND MaVOOMc aD .Y i C'

lcr the front at a leader. Should h<< remedy that juliitne wan Brut lutro- ,

decide In remain in I"JbliWt! predict duce d liitu lurup. where the know -vvM:. JOHNSON: C+ta.i:n.wi1.1.e.f
Peciaeola's dream of Bli s is become I

that Senator t-red. )l. Hudson will ere edge of Hit v1rtu wan oon. spread by . .. _. . ... . ..
to lame of the grafter --- -- - - -- -- -- ----- -'
lag a nightmare: the Jf.ult<<. The name properly should ..
of that city lone be called to hJRher IMJ.itlon. in the chinrhona. _.. _---_ ,,---_.. _.. --,
be. aicordlni to Kp< the aT( but It U rarely no .|>.11..... "

., colored malt of Jacksonville) will

t Mt the Jim Crow law regarding the FROM THE STATE PRESS.tainesville .....- Ilf Insured.
You Are
Trees have about them something
tiding: of white and blacks on streetTampa 5"1
( ha been chosen as the beautiful and attractive even to the

8" location for the new :state Universityand fancy, ulnoe they cannot change their -

: had better watch out, a* that lit Andrew Sledd a* it* president place. are wltu.-re of all the chancre In a Company that t I. Responsible, Have a 1'uliey Correctly 1
Florida should now unanimously and that take place around them and aa tit,i''tn"lth Liberality of 1'ollcy Contract and the Company

Jacktonville exposition which i la now loyally support this institution and some reach a great age they become, s J'.) Losse I'romptly)
before the people will be opened sometime
make it the greatest place In the a. it were, historical monuments and
during the coming fall. like ourselves. they have a lire, growing .
Sooth. There are great possibilities in
and i>jtlnj away not belnc Inanimate You Are AssuredThat
the future and Florida should realizeon
The sidewalk on East Union street is and unvarying Ilk. the flelda and S
herr Herald.
; } -Tampa
lull in need of the attention of the river Ono keen them passing through
serious loss without have
-- no can overcome aomarefuge.
you you
various stages and at.last, step by step.apl )
commissioner. Let the work be
the selection of Gainesville i i.
>r Mfiritr! tlenth. which makee them -. ___ _ _ _ _
tell done on all sidewalk when undertaken. more than acceptable'o Globe-It. .
look still more like ourselvee. -Hum- /

preference peculiar geographical: having been and based altitudinal upon the troll t. .. . ._ Fire Life Accident t and Health InsDrance. f t
-- - -
Four women were connected on onetelephone SS
advantages possessed by it for such an ,
line! in an Eastern city, and DISCRIMINATING LADIES.r .
ID"ltution.re not so silly I as to Ss
tow not one of them will peak to the None but Reliable Companies ........u..d.
lay claim to one iota of Influence
.thr, and each one aeco.se the other r.'. !'.!.. .....|.lel4e .. Aee*.mt e ff
.f fiTefdropping.Th the Hoard of Control or to be in the I.. ..........t.._... :
least responsible for its ....I..ctlon.nd
The Js this can, in truth b? said of any and HrrrlcM steak tf It In the highest ;

Tampa Bay Hotel ground will every other publication in the :Mate of frmm.. tor It* quick effect In .1..an-ln& s T
Bake a tine place for holding the fair (o'lorid.-Tamp. Globe. the scalp of dandruff and also for Its excellence Information cheerfully furnished. UAINEN fLI.E. FLORIDA. %

tad the peed contests will be an at- a* a g*n.ral halr-resslna It '"t

aral! in that will draw large crowds makes the trstp' feet taM It allay .I'''' '' ''''''''' ..,
Although it i I. a physical impossibility that Itching which dandruff will cause. I IeX

amaoy floe horses will be there. to please everyone) it is the V...bro'. llrpcl. effectively cure -----" -- .. - .- -- . ._ ,

general sentiment all over the Stat dandruff a. It itentrore the germ. that PARTIAL PRICE LIST OP
cause It. :The sam germ cauve hair to
Borne of the shade tree and *hrubberj that the two boards did only what they all o't and lit' r NlI4n.) ..; In killing It. -

about the city should be trimmed thought was for the very best interestof 7f.erIeId..t'n* falling hair end prevents Whiskies! Win!: Bssr and Malt.

I,.i Irg' fur. It UnJs an aristocratic charm to __ _- -. -=-.-= :::;; = ___ ___ -________. ;
f an.: patting along the sidewalks. A colleges. Now that it has been d. .1. heir, that l_ quite dUtlnctlve. Roll ------ --- '- 1f". .

Ett:> work In this line wo Old add to I tided we should do all in our power to by lesdlnc durt.ts. lend 1Oc!'. In stamp EX..UEM4!' 1.ua.UIJ.ruu Hulk f.a <|.-Jug. rr' .<.->st rrvaaJ4.. i

eke ,1)0' of many itreet*. help carry this important movement to for sample to The Herpklde Co.. De- QU MeasureHunlUuf i Qta .Q" 11 Q,.. '1.110 Per U.l1o.:
troll Mich. Club Hire .f. ... Si 00 J WJ'oI.a lire, this t mo 1._" ..rad.i. ..
a most successful end. The gentlemen ,..
ISrr italicsRye.
constituting these boards went into J. K. lUaifurd Ce. Pipe rUI AgrviU Cewatv KreMoaaa I Ise 1 11\ J III .Ula. <'.rn, Hiim t tn. gealllr.
TI!h. i i.a..ian government wants all : : H. ,. 10.., s 00I "./lot |*.r U.l14,..
. .
tt. this matter carefully and without fear - '-' I HafUM'a44 lire I f. a tau 5 w lljre.Ulo. CurD Hum, I."II/r the ,
itineers hot but It will have to
| ,
I t uh let tistl.M +
I "oet.llJrotaa / so s too I' IU
ar: or favor and acted aeeodlnal-T.I. ".." hp.. Vase's and Ai> .s Hrandr. MslUiw
torn "
one to do the cowardly I .
lahastee Dully Capital.The ..... WftUkey 1 7s CiO W ..) by .....
sort t*ides the soldier in the > f n s (WJ t to .
army, FOLEY'SHONEYMoTAR l ea a "/ ." I'.' U. ....
**. w 'I"n commanded to fire turned --- the A|>t>le llraadjrMoUasrfOla. . ... 1 n stn s td Visions lit*. ,Is.t.lat lirui" Ufa. M""tfl''laa f .

Ia4 ,h ,t down the officer who Board of Control of State . In) at e m >.aauirLJCMI .

.L gave colleges met In Tallahassee last Friday U.n *a Oln 3 :: : :: ISO HT UU'IM Ur..:... i'L...
cc ,mnd. Monk Carouse furs 1 o
loc.t.d'the FaJat.1f use, .11 1a .
and by a vote of 0 t., 4 Mcmatain tern a to a w 1 a.Jamal. .
State. University at tainesville. The .. Ruanftfertford r "I' WI' r 1. Kstr Nta.dmrd I'ale {: soMati..ttrsd.rI. IS a..i
''fr Mum a n 6 CtO 10Unr
N<<' i I' not Florida . isVu..le .
Tallahas .
a new.p.pe'n Female College will be at >e 1tr.tMr a r. 103 ISO

1st .' at will Kin the Mid-Winter see. Pro?: Andrew Sltdd will be president Tk..r1.1LAXATIVE . Kle. el K."t'f ......rboa 171 a UO .10Awt. ,1... At-r, |Iu.tswtrd oats :. _. .. '. : : M
tar, ..", AU..e4 a "u js,4 Dr Masse UMlnnew Mtout. Wale... ".- fl ,.
t be held at Tampa Novemberto of the University, and I'rof. A. ..,...,.. ."..... bf t It. tI.... it s .''''destlun.1r. . .,
< __ __ _____ __ ,
: th CHI. r..y. u
all the way from five to Murphree: ... president of the Female
I d, lar,' :!.';': ;9 . : "' .
worth of advertUlrz and 'ollege. The J'eaf and Dumb Insti TT. g.rtulrt.IOLEY'a ANNE BROS W.11Jam. >

.r ur eta dollar' return. The tate will likely remain at Hi Augusine. Ai AXH ST. ___ _---------- ,__ _____ ___ ___ _.! ..t.{.
'. 00 NET sand TAR. IB ... .. . _. . .
-- -- - :
t It I I. (
a "money-making congratulate the lucky .y.
sore I' not entertained by bat Cities, and it now behoove every eltl TaUerwpaakaffa... ftefoaa ..t.. M a> M. OOao. ...... Preido 11 F:, TAVL4. Cashier U

,f any pablUber to the State. Zen to assist in building op{ these higher repars>ni only raaly W. Hens. Vlee.Ttsald.ot I... C2aitM, ..h.h Cashier r
w A Oarxpony. OHia.caa.
y the newspaper ahould do all schools so that we may have State
Ldr.. Fer "Hale" J. W. .rt:.".. 1.
rti.ine for nothing, running' colleges! for oar boys and girls that will by THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK,

frty to fifty dollar per month be the equal of any in the South .-LI5 ".'- .. -, - ..

'jf1' or fire raonth. i* ona of those Oak Crescent.

C.1 which _ __ MEN 01 WSMLN.s.aa.a.a .
we can't make out unless _. . ... .. OF G EBV-XLLE_
II --- - C. .Y' ...... A
*.o.# the State pay the preml'al I..r..W --...- --.........
Catarrh Cannot be Cured tn,._ es Urr.Nie.tr.rw. ...
the paper are expected to ., ...... --.- THE ONLY NATIONAL BANK AL.ACHUA CO
tk. rest. With local applications. MS they cannot ,f.r.eM... .....-. sad ass -na-- ,
f ... .
reach the seat of the di_.... Catarrh .. .....-byLL .wuw.n. J. 1. Capital. . . . '. . . . . . . . $50.00000 ?,

Tt' Is a blood or constitutional' disease S. :" w.t 1./M.....w.ea. retas '."

cannot refrain from conhe and in order to cure it you must ..5 b. r f"a..a.c Surplus and Undivided ProfltH. . 30,000 00 ii''
C t employment of whit .... ........
take internal remedies. flail's Catarrh ;
.r. street especially .. . .. ,. ,... T"V--...J. ...... ....._. irlis' ,..us,,_steal M ear ..... la aa* Bt*.. !t.usi! .
negrxxe. is taken Internally and -- ---- - -- -- - .
Care .. .
tie .. ..of "-...N.r.lha .GatWrasto.s..w. latereeaaUaws* ;,'
where the color line 1 is so act directly nn the blood and tnueous .. ..* ..." ...-... All .....- MasrsN4 M.a.Yr r'JIf. .

i1 yawn It was all right to do sorfaces. Hall's CatsirH Care ,. not a L. TAYLOR Cashlsr.ACCIBOIT .",",'

* Jj following the. freeing PATENTS _ -. .-_-- -. .:,
w e quack medicio It wa. pres riLd by +

t red man, and for several one of the!! best peyvtotauu In this voau-

I'' "'r'after, but now that there try for year and is a re;nlr prescription B. F. JORDAN KrI
*nt nu..LlDAD
number of colored men It is composed of the t.est tool's)

ah fled W Inatroct the known combined with the beet blood -v7' Iw au couwvaeas.I I OfTBZ ,, \
'at member o' their twee par1tl.rl acting dir.-.ctly oo the mu- ar.anw.r

N' d b. mp to'do the coua .arfac**: The perfect eombina ..I ylw ea.ss.Pantiles. : ei.IIB.IT \

X e lion of tb. two iacr.dteal \* what tadterwy I .cNSURANCE' -

ym resent the prod...... such wonderful results laarlac a.M atra q./Y. Nr 111111 '
at Jf site r. to Ids CAlarrb. !Head''' t..MMiaJsi 4"4 o. r r; ryy'
yea ,act wtlt F.J Clf faT'Co... P rt .. ,
tatoali ,....
!- .
ts t ict i t bj tithe t' I- > Z...... io.r' .:; r rigrA/ :: .. .. "" !..L.>.' ,.r-..i.<....;..:.....; '

um, ", ....... ... 'A N:fry r...; '

: .


r -

1j4 r




; 4 :; THE : ;

... ':"""' : f
I Ifested In blushing.: This phenomenon STAGE REALISM. 8118INE88; : CARDa":
A .MSE IN EVOLUTIONTHE the aenUmenta which
give rise to It, la confined to man- WIt" J.. JeCesen .... : have w Mathushek Pian6S ----...

ELEMENTS OF THE HUMAN HEAD I International Quarterly. Real Do. ............ DR. Da VERB B. MORR,.
It was the privilege of the writer .

> + AND THEIR.. ORIGIN.. ",r-- THE WEARING OK BEARDS.At year ago to attend a reception at NOTED FOB SWEETNESS L D PURl. DENTIST . .
which Joseph Jefferson spoke on the
*aTs.M. .* Tfcem That* Csm B* TrarvdAsilsuit O.. Tlm. .. WIn Esa.... drama. His treatment of tbe subjectwaa TY OF TONE! POKER AJIJDCRAUIL1TT. >
tf ....... .0 Uwv. D..a De..I.,..... 1. For ... ..r..y...... Interesting, tbe utterance of a .

4' Uf. That Is .. w Hlstbvr days Kuta' by the wearing of a man who knew the art of which be Offloe over. Marcus .
ED"el'I'r ,
.0".. T6aa Tlaat .f t6.. 17.1.6... beard wan a prlvUege that bad to be spoke. But the mot Interesting! partof "5

paid for the tax on every beard of a the hour came after the, completion:
i The origin of all tbe elements of tbeP
fortnight' g.xmtb being 3-'i. 4d. In thegm'lou" of the formal address, when an opportunity JT. A. CARLISLE
bass piano for this inlay climate stands in
hnman almost -
bead cannot, bw..traced. It.ls dny! of Queen' Kttzabeth.For was given to the audience to
i ,
tune looser than others OOAaIJ acted of ATTORNEY
certain however, that they hate H'.r 1It: a -ontary the muuarcbvf I ask any question they wished of Mr. pest Bstetlsls. sad most artasee AT LAnd .\ \\

"'. been, developed, In...tbe life above the HuKHlu: italic: their male subjects I Jefferson." Soon the familiar topic was worluDac.tip obtss.b:.. Solicitor in K ,uuy!
tffishes.f> Among the tUtu the .head Itbrnoi who wlrtIIc"lr.l.* pay Into tbe iftitlonal I Introduced, the effect of the modern Up to date assert

'yet distinctly separated (rum tbe eSc"b"IUN' '1'11/11: t'ix wu Impoeil bj elaboration and realism in stage set detail and Un- Real Estate CooY"JanCiulO
r:> te.tof'the body; there Is uo uttk. and Peter the Plinth. *' very highest. form the <'re.itt.ref lug to (llMloirve lore ruNU: niul the lower -. question. lie spoke sornewbnt rapidly attended to. Office lint dos!:tto runnptl,

f''tnnt move the whole body In order to ('Irtll-! &e4 I ;U.,rt' 'k. the tux on beards with a quaint humor nnd lII$*aipathetlc by ns continuously for utilce, hAUiJlIL" l- R.qua U.,

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it are attached the breathing organ was finali n-i.fir.'l In 17t2: by Catherine setting as "a tribute to the Wf/'f1kut-
stl. >tbe'shap. of gills, which require a II. 1.%..i..<..<.? t '(>, nt jii_ time linpooed of the human Imagination. "1 am often ATTORNEY AT 1.\\\
t'coaopllcnted: system. of machinery toE a tK'UI"IU UKJU| the clergy! ,. asked" he went on, why J. do not without a single failure. If von GAINY.VILLE. 1 "R.lIa,
ftft4 their functions; the Instrument* of which. wn loud II! >. tio-... who could have a real dog Btbnelder. But If I did want a piano for a lifetime's

Iftmll( and' 'sight are generally pretty afford It, ulthoii'th tin* li..,'c. ,uaJer.H1'I none of you woulu be satisfied. You service buy the Can sell your city

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tfc*!keeping.of u very rude machinery I In the fuurUeuth century shainrf der never looked like that dngT You smocking and farming laudb bd bu,
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I':irofc, which heretiftcr N a part of the old autuVtI' utlmhed: tu furl'"td him out of a piece of >our own heart. Cub or on easy term bent: oa It das* r
|..lead machinery, i* Indistinct and quite benrdM. Tlie litter ruitom 1 1'4 rehire I And then" meditatively "If I bad a trial. W* par Irel*b'. Writ W.E.. BAKER
|"/Jnarticulafe. to by Chaucer, Mho li| '}1 crlliiij4) 1111 real Schneider some one In the gallery (or prices TODAY.
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|.Jtw... we dud something like a uetkt worn In various sbuiiew and form durIng and spoil the play. While If be knew . SOLICITOR IN CH.\ "'}:I: .

Mta""a'' bend; the ennobled part of the tbe reigns of Elizabeth. J.IHJCM I. his part perfectly and did Just. what Ludden Bates

K 'ftsdy-Is-.more' distinctly .....atnt..d from and Charles I., as the poem*, plaj nnj Krhnelder ought to do'- pausing null GAINESVILLE, AUchua Co t l..J.
f that'wblcb sertes the lower functions.I other literary pro luctlonn of thane with his dellKfitful smile"Schneiderwould "' Offlee in EnOfI I KluvW
I the reptiles the bend Is. fairly fin t erlods amply testify. In tils M..\tmtomle be the hero and not lllpl! Then. Southern Music Bouse _
W:tabed. Every essential feature. t>xccptpwbap of AbUMeM' Ktubbn alludes to the with a twinkle of the eYe. he summedup ,

tb* outer ear that exist. In the barber who was accustomed to ask the whole matter with the quiet remark SAVANNAH, GA DR. J. H. ALDERMAN.DEN 1
;'}higher inammallii. Is. at 1 least *ugg>sted.iind bis client whether be wished bin beard "KenllmlUi a tall to wag In
1 there Is nothing to tx eliminated 'ut to look terrible to your enemy or tbe wrong |>lnce U u dangerous thing." JOHN D. MURPHY, Mgr.

[ ''la* .the further atl vaucfO. Nevertheless.- amiable to jour friends, grim and stern New York 1'ont. ESTABLISHED X870 TI 8 'l .
f :uan see* In the reptile the lowest cren- In rountenanpe or pleasant and demure. -
..tere" of the ccrle-4 that contains'" theme ." eta a. GAITHER & BRYAN, State Ag'ts,

.- >bodily' elements with himself, the William Harrison a clergyman from Linen 1 Is nuu'p' from the fiber of Oar:' TAMl'A. FLORIIH.LOUISVIllf : Otrsr Dutton Co', IJack. G.:ce..!a(

tIP Of all possible! degradation, nud whom one gnlnw many peep at the sixteenth : theery; t1rU'lt! product bent! the' -'
Nwr It with Inntliictlte abhorrence. century, refers to some of tbe : French and. Irish <:ermnn and Ituoola

;from the r.ltll.n.lvnn"e- to tbeitgher 'style of beards at that, period. It a following In order. In tide country nn DR.| GORDON B. Tl ON,
form I Is made oli two dlntlnrt fare happened to b., "platter-ilke," a attempt haw been made to n4e"' flax I
!*) On the one me arc led to the long slender beard would make It HOVIU I but It ban not l>e.'n 1&tIeeessfnl.' Flax DENTIST.
ltd*', on the other to tbe mammal.. tbe narrower. If It be weasel beaked ; re<|ules a constantly damp climate and

though closely akin In structure, there then "much bear left on the cbeekes i cannot be Iiuluted to bunk anywhere
*" '.' wide spiritual gap separating the ; will make the owner looke like a bow- ,, else Some Max Is ruNed here !but nut .' nASnVILU[ D. R.ft ftVery
{aptllc* and birds. We I'Itrom dull I died bed and so grim as a goose.*'- enough to make it of commercial value. Once In Miller Law LxcbaLKeGAINBSVII.LB :

Wl senseless things. to rreatnres which London Standard. i Nothing In. grown and finished. y'11.THE .
the embodiment of emotional actlvtjT'Th -
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mental activity of bird* find BUTTER WEIGHT. I Baseball ;* and Foot Racers! Low Rate Round-Trip Sum-
not In their marvelous WEST END
rprsaalon only ,
Louis J. Kruger ex-champion long
Tourist Tickets
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the Instrument of n considerjfclt (. m Qr err. i distance foot racer Germany On ale daily to various resort North FINE WINES. LIQUORS CIO\R3
Holland, write O.Jt. 27, 19O1 : '.I>urng -
range of expression. Although the Uve" and learn. I beard a* respectable and West limited October Slit to re- JOHN MENZIES. Proi'rltor!
tfl4Mi some idea of rage my training of eight week footraces turn including Chicago, Milwaukee,
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tl -UI Bar 5$ A
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piSTU I* little to choose bt tween the ex- weight, now, for Vbeen a long timeulltUU.l"r greatest alisfaation. Therefore I Extremely low rates to Portland fall to call on me when in Jacksonville
lion of tbo animal when alive and Ore.. account Lewis A: Clark Centen-
of your. "Certainly. Mrs. highly' recommend Snow to
nial Exposition ; alto to pan Francisco
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1C. are any one brul.e. or rheumatism. C5<3, 5Oo and Only. line operating through sleeper ,
she bought no butter. $1. Hold by W. M. Johnion. from Florida to Chicago. .
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Only line operating through sleeper
face I. found the monkf" ------ ------ ------ ---
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as It Mere, fur n higher des ourold customers" said the salramnn Through tourist sleeper to Calitor-
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rHleOnE'htho hair altbouith still keep their trade." SOUTHERN RY. RING Fla. 1-'.... Agt. L. A N. R. R.,
miring. the feces; grows N.> ns to s*'I|>- I next asked bow the store made up 206 W. Hay Jacksonville. Fla. qUAHTY Shoe Every

...... It more shan'ly from the hunt!.;. for this extra allowance. "That's dead TWO TRAINS DAILY EAST. pair warranted.J. .
t above ail them come n lnrK! \'r dklopment "
was the reply, "but as It is a
of the facial tnus<.l'<>* nUll u easy.trick of the trade I don't thluk we Lease!Jacksonville OslO. m., 7:=- p. m W. II. SIBLEY, Manasse AgentGAINESVILLE'S

,.ta7 of' countenance greater than Unit ought to tell everybody." "IVrhapn *.u,:: Atlantic City, N. J., and re- PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON.Dry --- -
( of1 the lower animals. other customer receive abort weight?" turn. On sale daily Limit October FAVORITE:
asserteil that the .
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'taeM of monkeys are more expres*ltean hot sir. m >d'., te<1 vapor baths and eJeortosl -
your prices are Just a fraction f04.7 > Bar Harbor Maine' and return trcstroentwill b. used la conoeoOon
F. those of the lower races of uu'uPjfOC over the an.rketr'Ieyerf! \V'e On sale daily. Limit October with nK..ltolnet to the treatment of : the reason that having uu adieu' sell cheaper than anybody.." "Maybe 1. 1905. whatever nature or duration.

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by, grimace much that human In- quailed.Iteferrlng. return. On sale dally. Limit October CrAIXKSVILLK, FLOalDA.
slop' convey by language. Although to A dictionary I learned 31. 1905. -- .- -- - -- --. Ulachua Pool Parlors
Pine. vocabulary of the Inferior rater..nay that butter weight ls an allusion to a f:17.00a.hlnRton., 1>. 0.. and re-
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I limit the mobility of the face. hut with", to "nt.I.cbt ounce to the On sale dall,. Limit October 31, 19O5.t a Specialty of All Kinds
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the demand of the mind and In I..eU ..* La..... fltt.65 Knoxvllle.Tenn.and" CommercialJob The public I* cordiall/ *
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J. O. LUtiJC. Dtetrioi FMOMfor Ag*. Men
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en.. loc.iIL.un of (II.* heir al to your truukji and drawer and chests *
J. BRC1 Y. :JMHor:o 4 Pro rttSevMed Sea!
tlisovab a cbarwct.rinti.: fe.ture of uiso. and Jewel lxe tot Wr t' for you. Mrs I** MbtmflTtnmammo* oar Gainejirille the County ,.
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.. Ice plant at Live Oak will be en- Svtatnp-Root., the great Vi; .luc\ remedy for Cotton Crop Poor.Jsckao. .
The fulfills evcrv wt.h, In curing rh um.atitLm. Retailers aDd Jobber ta 1.
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gambling houses of Key: West giatain tiftx'-c<-:"t .,::.1 >nr ". : r.t ... PRICES, and guarantee satisfaettoa aI-a,..

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:' trouble. Several arrests 189 Miners --- -- -- - - -- - --- -
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Rod convictions are being maie. Rhoutit."oth ; s a AEIAir :
'. Abram Turner was returned to Ivv- mail Ail,ir>.os I>r.Ixiltner . ....' ocr red today at the \VatertowacoHlerv SE..A. :
&. C I:'
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Rhondda Hill, while ISO men
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charge of murder. .. wen ir he pit. Comnnlcatlon with Line Railway
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Two additional rural free delivery anj nu.t iV'. but remember the them I N ut off A loud explosion .

Live Oak will be name. Ir. hilmer'" 'anap-Ruut' cud was hea t at noon followed by the . FOR. . f.'
routes from soon tit: address. UiU ;b-'Ultul.t. N. Y.with betchlrs .f clouds of smoke and dust

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titf. attempt to hU&I"J..r Owen oad- ,ut has not yet returned. It

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the colored folk are under arrest for were Vf: 1. ,
her daughter. May( Hrown is the late..'

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The East Coast Railway; ha just rntMhand thusia.tic.upKrrt.. of every p..r..un In aytnptou; sallow akin, foul tongue,

"., ) .... work on the constructionof tit Apalachicola .t\rIiota. l reap water! o Cfr I.* y.- ',ireath and a legion of other Seaboard Florida Limited. :

the Key West extension at Key ailcnrnt
there would b*< b great boom to Vpalachicoln >

Larf:". avid mn'e! it an import tnt pread H d destructive malady among
the The llerbinetrvattnet Seaboard Express
several homes are being built at ..t'aflort.uJtu9t1n., .- I:.ecord people
.' will cure Ml these troubles, .,
-- -- ----
Winter Haven for Northern people
One Dollar Saved Represents Ten Dollars SO* t.." I. Sold by \S.. )I. Johnson
them the
jrt will occupy coming Seaboard Mail.
Earned. . .
wn'erGeorge. - ------ -- -- -- -- -- --

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He must a[>ei.d nine iti.llitr. in .livingrxi 41:1: (hdla.ue.. 'U be rbllUr4 "An Onllbaaee MODERN PULLMAN EQUIPMENT t''
to George Walker was given years to Yrut.ts tat An Mention to li.na&..

at Tamp for grand larceny.The >.Mi.e* for every dollar aved That \\ h.tlwr ur Not lloiwl *>ba: M I_esat fur SEABOARD FRIU.I.UIITEt> la a solid vestlboUd train ietfi )1!
. ,
being the!' e.. he cannot tou cm, thei'urpu eut !'ourt..., iduc.tiwtsl Adstaatadr.
Hoard of Control offered tn place nosed exclusively of new l'ullman.alulpnNnt-1)tnlni( Car Double Drawl..e.:
ful about utinecearf rl (>eliae.. Ver) ar4 Ya.'t.ltle. I. .or Adteoenl &G Stateroom :
count snot OtMrvatlon between
the!: Deaf Dumb and Blind School at ." >> Hleeper. U'Ue-uperstiDC Bt. AoKoitlno ):4:
Nahl iltrlla
often a taw cent properly it.e.ted. and Jacksonville to New York via Washington, (waving tU. Audostirs4
Lake City but the committee of citi- like btiyftitf i>eed. fur his. Kardeti, will it OML,.IHII. HT 'I.. M,vo.. AI CITY 1:1.10: p. m. and Jacksonville 1 tin: dally except Hundays.
lent respectfully declined the oTr.( iT ttM<.iL. or TM" tats or Ul:>r"viLt.B.Sretiwo t
save" several doIUra outlay later on It 1'wa wa,

Mayor Hit. of Penaaeola has prei i I. the ame in buying CInatrl.tn'. I Ttf Mator l. fc.r.hr tltr_'... to Only Linn Op *ratlng' < r
nird to the city council l a very tiaa! 'n... betel OQ th< ",..cI.] of A..._,. |..01\.
. and bottle
:Jenjtihy document to show how that It co t but n few. cent, a .11..1011. C brlher ur rtrt Ib4 l..eaaee 01 U.. Daily Through Pullman Sleepers from Jacksonville to New Orlaatw'lj
of it in the I:ou.f often sates a doctor'* . .
robbed. 1..1.' |rovU* l the br IHIa Onllaaa ahall b *r.n
city ha been systematically hell of several dollar, For sale by all at that tta.e. .1.......... by ,... '....'..r.-4 raw !
The' curon.r'* Jury In the !)avis murder dru-lti"C.: lrr.uf..delt, .1.ucbeleeth.a' For full Information and sleeper reservation eall on any agent Beaboard tt'..
Sr.-iU>n 9 Th Matte .rd Cltr U .>lt
at Miami has returned its verdict.and .v. (Ytr of ".lu...UI.. In tatr nurp.wale eatluaa write" A. O. MacDONELL. H. O. OYUlTON.r Ja., vi,
in Chlcag?a"s Capture Whist Trophy. ....,..11'. chatt t-u.. tweak ut ..sId ettt la d......... j A..,. Oeoeral Passenger Agent Passenger AgsnlJAOKMOXVILLK. '
two "rson now custody are -
iM ... .. ..
cH O< llM u ta>l tloltanu and fur W>.
,u';''' h'd of the crime Name* nut fti'-as I ". July 12.-Ch'caso: has rarv I t Iaviouut! u..ll' flair lttMiaan Iktllatv. FLORIDA. ;r
tired the v.,r shleM trophy present a Ml io bo sae a. tutiowa, lo- .
rio. : Tbuu.mrl.stbUar.: . ... .. .. .
wit Twvnu la lOiean.lct ---- --- - ---- - -
I est by: the HrooklynTilst .club play frow dale ur -.. ._ nft.,Tbucecaa L.1I..aeb.u. '
T.{ie people of Plant City are holdings : for wh'ch! wain* opening:: feature of cr.-dl... .0'..... ,...reaher esiti CLYDE :LIT E
Itsfebaw.walthereof .
.h.Ubate bees paid.to
bill revival la ten and nil
meeting: a the concreaa of the American Whist regular noise,ica1 unt.r, field _wads to best
the paators are assisting the Rev )Ir. .r..' .t tb. rate of five per .,.nt per ass
!1.*agie. now In session here. .Three IS-: all.n. i.*y.l>. >*iu". ..." cud 'M ..,._, e i +
:N" r."ortiy, won Las chtrRe o! the men toam r' pr_entlnc. : the Chicago. art twlocii-! of _ad boHt4a tLbaU be pea sbtl ai ...., wy
ate baall .r 11. t' l""ua 6; &MASI...r 1a se Id
.. seer ere, o"'thwt"rn and .New "or"'bl.t ass ..,. ...s curb 1.HM.ttl shall ba.. ._r.... la."r .
*., WIKM>" at_....t th.rew.. parable ai
V *5'J't will he made to b'a: ,kb the
crow oriatloas! pH.tlctpated:; Chicagoans: tie. -* l 4a mwotlM frowi tw tfof .
Rite in Ia j. county and there i. nod IIdnnlulit by half a matchYrd I tb bead salt tM>ml. Khali b. *n ra.*4d a.
-r tae dirrr U>Mi of tee Mayo and lair Gown
>t h si whet they will do well in rU uf Mthl site and wall !.. .a_....... br t>M.
IIaor.ad lfehl..t of the'ltr ( ........
I'' ... Conductor Killed.Chattanooga. : ao it rtion. The soil of IUd countyi .
hall bear tlM> e.wt.".... seal if a.M .1',. Haititxiada
i v"ry rich. Tenn., July IS,-A colllslou ak J be oKt at aol tea tttan par =dr I
b.*r 4 In aauue.tm a* th* iriMwd ar* .t.ilf 1

S "r) n...i. rrai** fruit tree in hi. the CI tiro freight yards of the BouUx.em le.rtio.a. ll,. "vine to eWeb he puce
.. railroad system In this city at an .r..4.1 tae ..,...,. |>.....101..1 fu. tn tlk. |..*B M- TRI1Y': } S A. TT.TNGS St
RJ. 'ii. ja the Manner *n 1 they art Isf.eeliue eYe to aptxtod ere tl>..'oUn..........
.) av I If Uden with fruit' that the ear:r hour today J. C. Hlsekwetl lU: Tu_iat<., tnilMt wv t>aol' *Mi a b.44lst ta'ltN' +&IUC '

I, "It hutif.. |w- propped uphirt yard conductor. wan killed and OeorgeMrCurf or atroor Iwlidln-ca* .......*.ror\ '_**IMJO..|..lnutsMre..,__ .or..>"-.. Jack onvill 'and Ne"W' York ;

'. a switchman *a< prot>a>bly ar !)_"W to .-UJ .lltlo Calling at OIIARLEWTON.: B. O.. both ways.
watat d*nc wa given byt
taeei.o I TL.t 04.fzrdtaarne.hell '
fatally ln.'j--, n.e frelgat; cars welt : po1i.bed
b fan a are-.baps pab.tsee4 rso ne Haut CwsUtviM .er'floe
) hug men of Orlando Tuesday] nrtrnaihlf' U tile
smashed: into kindling wood. f for tJkJr > dai.nets IM and ate ,.J,.:'
; D"a t Owing: to the warm weather t prorat, cc ii a-rmrf with eye p.c.--.c.: .f tai
l""" ....._. '_r. abati be iwCtbfcMMd .b.r.wlib. Clyde New England and Southern Line*
sage uf the waists prrMrnted a hanJ- Uood for Stomach Trouble and Con .t tfc. ava_ brat to tb. _ rap.|iv afc*.
5 a "|..grams. .( the cio' oC rhr. 1/.era p.rk''4' or ItUrtr .1.'.. .|M> Mavwr'air<.eiaialtu *- stet(t
party. stipation. .... +l-vtf tae ..e.... ....._ J.rotki.d Direct 8-r.Uo ..,.... JACKMJNV1LLK. HOHTON: and ;
1 tor>. a*'Uw A.e fit .... mdr ..._. PROVIDXMCX. aid All KaaUra Points' Ri
:' e %rre.t flf Mr.. Freeman, ehsrged Chamberlain'. Htomnch and I.iverTablet b4Uwt 4 The beltol.'s bee ...... at saul Ca111tsf at Charleston both ways.
have done n,<* a great drat of .e:'eUoe scsa r:... prated lb.so ,.. wlH'6a, .
..r Ktf_..--.. ...--., ..... --AII"__ Y.1asaUostIhadn" SE1u.J- B.ASL'Q3 lq lqMouthbootid
lt"o<1," aajs O Town of Hat I'ortsgr: ..-....s..u.id ...... .... ........ jjj.m.K.x/3r:: : : <

Ou'ario. Cati.
vie\ the after effect art not unplrsasot, M. .rda.. ,..,..,.. u........ I ._.-s. rCorthbooad, ... ... ... ..... .. . Kr..m Foot of Catherine St.. Ja. If tUtHi ww''r of lb., role.ec.l 5$ sein a '
l I reeomruebd them U* all who = :
I.ri" can sew'.. I'w Idweww..l l..rad.." ..f.JJ
,u?_r from atuuiaeh disorder" FurI.a aiM.. ........."aU'" Iwed I. __...._. wtla j
!.t by all dru gi.t. ta* t__ ..... ......1..6.... ., rhrs .. UPtI..._.: trruuxmc. Clyde St. Johns River Line j
,,.. walerttr of tile .ute.s..t .,'wehaoUus.sat ,
9Treuscra -- At.ta l Ed_.$uaa.a .-.- ..- last saocS 8A"'OMO
Makers Strike In G tbam. ur..ea ....... air be ..awed.Pawed Hmtwwrr'a JACKUOHV.LLIO J '111-
< (In Coosc. Jar a. era Stopping at PaUUt. Astor Ht Kraoeis. Boreeford (DeLaad).ajs4 I.l
July IX: .--Tt truuaersmakers'
York. .
ew f K. .
Landings on ..,. John Klver w
union( has struck for an a4vanc Pr..O.ss Clu 4vaaelLApsv4
W '.. '
:. In wages a ten-hour work day. : ,K. -11,11M.ur.. Steamer "crrOt JAOKSONVILLE" k

and rerornJUon! of the nalon There It pM>lato<| (o sail folUtwsi. I...ave JAOKHOVILLR 80....,.. Tt

are 1,0.)0 trousers nvakers oat la ZS4 entire ef I'Jrcllem.: and Thorsdays.OW p. m. lietamlng.. ...* BAMrOED Mondays,' :.Ql"'

shops, Tb. calldrrn's Jacket makeen' \Vedt.*days tad ,Wale. 8a) a. m. h y yM

Under sad trhavnv ..Inu... Mw.r.... a. KLoavet
anion wMd> aaa a saemb rahlyct ", ._...d !. _. i. W. M. THiiam. a* Mat sCHMDOLE

Zettiallee S.OOO ha ordered a ..a.ral Mrlks. vr of lee 1.31w.1: . (1.......us.. n-rw... .. ____ .-..... . . _......J..keoa.iU.... . ........ ...Arrtrt
u .risaoUow to N *ld a..a
Absolfliely the s f st and most eeon to go Into e>seet today fr kltpph.e by *of Oaf aaavttr' ..awe tri eta dar of Acts .1 .. .t. .. .. . ... e . .....Ptllttl a.... . . ........ .Isar.
+ al P>wa e SVMT osi tho market. All wagss had reoo altieo of tae o tca. A. O. tSUS. Iff ta.d d.etat.d w tr W.I a tale..... . . . . ... ...--.Alter .. . .......... .,. -

JS to XI borso f w.r. Writ for wa..Ic.Iwaw.S* Ice Qrd--' psfta.ged.' tax SajaaH awtca* pewtSL.for> ...... aattfcat I .111f1aat.... ", .......... . ..81. ,....-.. . ._...,1.. ..

c Forced to Starve.U tav* a.a ..... +r a*.i.*tat..rad v...*r* .. .......B-P1NI .aad) ........... ..
.. tl MJak at all e* ..sa alt st ..*.....UIM.Tk Ama .... ..... ... ...... ..........,........ ,
t.said d w h dysats i or bu, .re aad V. Leek of Cooeord. Ky eaystMJTor .... .*....,.tits'K tee..-Maetnewi for MM a4 tfgtdlgar** lMB sand ew fc....t.. JOfoo.- ...... ..... ..,.J.Iefp............ -....

bqt is vi *aa T-f Ads SO year I .nff.re4 agocU. with ... .....-....sa eesaTM .. UZJr&aAL "AM. AlD T1C.ZT Ontoz:: %iW7iii'Y;: BT. 3A
.b.ft a'.Mdb eel
Ctasb.e'J & to F'.da.e pod twee54 : aa r
,. ork, ae. a lION urn my: upper Up. so ,...,..1. '. te'Ilsossl} .... . .. l
sslMatea,I *1 tttttttllr;amir a wa'S& . .e..rpia .. ltr w.rn r'
eoaMttAtie.Ibat I CMU. ao$ eat- Aft.v. *. liLt. W. .r slid tosA. Sea. ,,! .j .. .
,R atlarttl ;.Mitt: < J ........ ... .; .... . . "
.... t1wsY1hf11K r elM... I cued ..... .:t:= . ..- ,"" c.'" .
..' J. .t.. _' .' . -
. .

.- ."
li,+ ,


:Mr. and sins 8. J. CIJa"o'ri:;;:- --.: -- - -

KEWS OF CITY 'I vilU were .hop.o't: .0 F. THOMAS Conductor O. )I. XUton of the At- "
terday. Untie Coast Line one of the moat rop
:: ular bell-cord yanker on the! West WILSON'S.
COUNTY The friend. cf A M.
i Anln Coast has returned to Lakeland after -
to see him out
: days' illuei ague a brief visit to friend. in this """. 1

:.:. of General He runs a pa*.enger train between -
)(stiers 31r. and Mrs CV. Lakeland and \Vay roea. i

.} tired by Our turned from a pleataat .i '; .. LINE OF Remember the Gain".lltOu1f
wtt Wacahoota.Get I Our
ha: round nip rate to.hlt.* Springs Big Valuesin

.{rE RSONAL AND your Job printing at : NEW GOODS. on Mondays at only\ $1. Train leaves
office and you can vote Gainesville at 6:3O a. m., returning at
::,*bst Has Happened ite in the library contest I 8:3O p. m.. and affording a whole dayat all
Miss Margaret this favorite re ort. Cheaper than w,p+
Told In Short Peace, lment..s. Tombstone,
i'' Happen .
| That "Ha Who Runs young lady of )(ieanop,.. Iron Fences.See hiring a buggy and paasenjcer are en. DRY GOODS
50 'l'lIi&0 friends in this abled to spend a day on the banks of
It In The Sun. CDirision Our Samples the famous old Sowanee river tf
Superintendent Kcc33;) Us Busy.
Old n _.papen'for sale has gone to Ocala and To compliance with an order of the
t attentlea t.e all Matter la
"' eee ttt' South Florida in the Board of Public !Instruction eUo-
Mall a4 telegraph esters -- -
; ladies'eallin cards in Atlantic Coast Line Lion will bf held la this city today for
attca&e4 t.
office. Ihe purpose of choosing three tru.ie s s
a&SoD Hugo Benjamin of :\(
>Irs J. 8. Bail.? of the city for a few hours .. ille. Florida for Gainesville 8ab-8 bool District and h ig Assortments of
for tbe of determining
purpose rate
I* lriends in this eity. was en route to ,
--- ---- of tnlllaa to b* assessed and collectedfor
D. Warner, has will spend a few day*. Embr0is.8r.es
frank [)avis of Rocky Point was In I the next two years. The polls will laces
florid on ba.iness. Mrs. Earnest Lyle of E yr.t.rda,. 1{. was en roots to 'open at 8 o'clock this morning and closeat
: c.V.. McDonald of Roek Ifeorgie! Mixson of this outh Florida on a combined '00"'. D. A. Robertson F. X Miller aid all Wash
:' trsdioft In the eltr y.. visitor yesterday to her and pleasure trip. and J. J. Thompson will act a. inspectors -I
Sheriff J. B. ) and Mrs C. J. Mix!on. and O. J. Mixson elerk.
Deputy a few copies of The Sun Goads.
',.*sl4o was f... the city ,... When you want a plta ;' account of the celebra Every property owner should realise ;'
pleasant furnished that I is easy to take and c "ulI nlll. anent 'aeuurlog the the importance of this election and be -

'..Apply st 201 East Main .&r. use Chamberlain'. ity. which shOitld b.t mailed by sore and vote.C. .
Weeks of WaJdo Tablets.! For tale by all : e to friend in adjoining L. McLean and his Interesting little -
acting business In this city J. T. Prrcival has ... i rice wrapped ready for mall son. John.of Lauravlllear again in Mrs. R. Wilson ..

B. Tlllis of Tampa where he I ha been ( -t.t. a doien. the city. aid will remain here for several ... - .
- ---- -
-- -
who paid Gainesville few days. lie expect: to OrifHn of Jacksonville, secre days. Master John about a year
those .. for Savannah on important treasurer of the Miller and ago had the misfortune to accidentally
,terdsy.few t:. C. Moley of : Realty. Company, and also swallow a quantity of potash this THE CONTINENTAL

Wheeler & Wilson Son's valued friends and .. with the Miller-Mallard seriously affected his throat and he CA FF.In? T-'V K AXT.rlrat w
chine for sale at a bargain. was in the city yesterday. I Company., was, greeting old was brought hereuuder the ease of

this office. I.ey. wa a guest of his in the city, yesterday, )lr. I>r. lhllllps for several week. lUiug
: If you hare not a bread )l. 8. Cneres, while here rat Alaehua county boy. being considerably Improved he was taken
should try one. Every one Grand three-day of Jesse I. Grittln of Jones home, but the trouble again broke out w

'it Baird' ville! to JakonTille.via \ i m friends here will be glad to and his father has brought him here

*. E.T. Kinklea. the Line. Tickets on sale! he Is prospering and is for treatment, Mr. McLean has many

ttell! *. was a. business . returning,; July :22.: on ; u.1 become one..of the rising friends here who are glad to se him
city yesterday. '" of the State. but who are sorry he is here on this a
Only 11.75 round trip > *
Lad ie.,Ret your visiting The Twentieth Century h.rUr.l. II. Granger re mission. They hope, however, thai the

Boa office and..vote for your to express thatA to tlttMe ... .,. from High Hpring. young patient will rapidly. recover.Nesting .
- --
J 1. l onte.'. "r.t Lonnie Hill
library them with their : two prisoners.
I patronage ; Board of Trad
postmaster H. O. recital at the Opera Cllerbee, who were arrested
j Hicks of Waldo were evening. The mm of l7 upon charge of assault The Board of Trade held a special

: paid Gainesville a visit ..& receipts of the Club which upon a warrant Issued at meeting at the council chamber I a
(* of Frank McCoy, who Wednesday morning which wa called < earner 80), "'h of Pmtofllee). '
.. &. (J. Uay of drove l .rk. owards purchasing books them with "overlaying" him for the purpose of considering a proposition ape t.tr.e4: ...... 1t,1. is....
manufacturer of that place ibrary. night recently. The d.. for a page write-up of tlm city 1 In w..P. a..,.. i
tttiag business in this city Robert McClellao .. The Times-Union.

J R. Emerson returned day from High dpriog:: were arraigned before Judge J. If. n..... .... ', '
of The Time. Untnn appeared --- -- -- -----
bit the evidence :
was weak
fn>m Kirkwood. where he to embalm the body of ( ". before the meeting and explained
,. taking after his grove and of Kidgeway. S. C.. who case was compromised with the matter when the hoard "
nun' of the costs-and the S \ln
s51. place Tuesday, and ,. the defendants were happy. referred the matter to a committee W MOUNTS t.

t': Ladie who get their .P.'I main for shipment to ... ... After due consideration it was decided
---" ---- -- -----
y printed at The Sun office, The remains: were shipped : that the board would not take action : ?

eenif, have five votes In Carrie accompanied Moore. by his i'T. just at this time.- . _. All the old ritandards and:I,
eontest.3r. I YORKRACKET. the
choicest of the
Vsnabls Not Alone.In new one* .
[ and Mrs. Edward Among the new arrival LIPS Itstied.'e' '
Dunnellon are in the city I.t the State Normal in this answering the article In The Hun
: tk* tatter's parents Mr. day we note the Wednesday to the shed that T. r.I. Ask to t c'e them as theyf' "

, D. Smith.It lie Call and II,. A }:. ";.. Venable of Arredondo was the only cannot be diaplayinl to ad.

will insist Grove ; Misses Jettie Fulch representative' of Stonewall Camp vantage in a case.
pay you. to worth. Maude E: \ / U. C. V at the Louisville reunion. ,
, eer fending Blue
you achieula. Rub, 1'arnelt of Adjutant John C. MeOrew says this.
sod taailla Takes Fine Fadeless
, extracts. Foto
Lillian Norton of Miami ( paper was mistaken, Betides Mr. Ven refs
?or .
perfectly.E man of Lake Kutler. and } able, J. ti. Dupuis of the Morgan Cavalry From Locket to Life 81... >
C, Clapp formerly of Parker of LaCrosse. STORE ON wa there. .I..r.)1 Hhaw waa 1'
sow of Miami Is here. He EARTH0 also SMITH'S ST
A R. Harper, the piano present representing "'Inne.allCamp. DIOf
to bit former home In the turned from Ocala and _. -- ._--_. . _

k* will fun spend have job the printing summer.If trap bnine, Mr.. and Harper reports states a...' Cutlery The regular Attention meeting Woodman of ,Alai na AT $Ta AUIOSIIE.. :.

it to The Sun .
office. For "
e. 'f'
pie of Ocala are highly .t. Camp Woodmen of the "World wilt beheld Large *
furnished .
"Orth of work rooms at OMs .
, 9t. yon .gel you location of the Florida you carry a pocket this evening at H o'clock. A Mil l View Hotel. Free bath Light hejsjs**
on the
Library contest.HIM several! cif the leading attendance Is desired .* privileges. Kales 41 to $1 M*",
, Uaehael Mixson of Brick City among J We carry a jguaran* N. 1C. Casts,. O, U. week. each rnntn. Meals may' be (.. ":,
timing hr parents Mr. (teoritw Crum, declare that of Pocket Knives L. A,. Jsa.io,*, CI.,... next door. n. ". .. FI.HIUAM( .lM..I ;j.

; M Milton. lice| young po.e to send their children knife from 50c up -
"rre glad to greet her . Miss Alma Fennel has guaranteed. We have #:

IIr.> C I.. Krannen. of ,Atlanta where she has line, and if "you -bori'T---AIT:
n' i in
the city and for past few weeks under the a good knife call and
. or three days will be the << J. li. S Holmes. It will .
friend., Mr. and Mrs. O. H. b.-r..d that Miss Kennel I 1 1"\\

Mr. U M. Locke upon for appendicitis #"

pit' bat for the put few ion), though difficult Curtains Don't wait Twenty Years to secure an rr
tot st l It.Jnn.llna.|| has gone Friend will be delighted .

Oa afh.r. brit visit to the condition of the indefinite dividend, but

. fc C 1t..I. of . tat Improved that she is patterns and fine x
- *f entirely out of danger.READ .
th > firm '
Of R. Q Davit' tf
. .al i ag.nt. for the . -- -.. ..-._---_.._ --- Our x+.60 Lace
" "(iou.. typewriter. Is in the )"4 ore pretty enough. BUY A POLICY WITH THE :

lat.,." of his firm.llr. we have one at $:t. 25 J';'35'For

I Uedwood of f J..,..... Txtx... that.are good enough I !:

the- ty for a few hoars .. Ur. t:. W, flail bt. Queen. ;:
...., Union
.u "n route to her old Sir' : I have suffered : Central Life Insurance
-- -
\ 'fa,, N Y. where she will kidney and bladder / .
e ek. with old friends. tried a number of

:'..mr>*r the excursion can truthfully say that Sliees of Cincinnati 'It/fJi.\.. .
effeellve .. .'f
*> r..,* Ailantha Coast proved so your ; ; t
"*.... ntilf .t.75 round & der which 1 can : -- .: -'t'Y)

tars eg July 22. g.. mend. r Oau. W. a pair of our Dixie md get an"...ANNUAL DIVIDEND on your inv, ',<' .. .
O3*!"!!* for further Shoes for women-a
)fr.,, W U, hazel aDd | A TEXAS medium priced HUOO All the latent form of pollcleH at Lowerthan : ;tea', 'i::;
ht1 .too, H. O. arrived la One small bottle of the by Southern girls- other companies. .

' 1-erdlJ, and for the next ,; ds r, llall' (I...* .. prettiest shoe on the

the "..ta of JIb. & kidney quad bladder for .the Ev 1 JC
price. .
If"C C. Pedrick. fflie ....".J.cores dlb te.. .. 1
>. i 4
' lo vtt her mother Mrs. aioae.weak"4 !... --. solid and guarHn- .f',.

; Bmittireeshoola,, before tten aW all IrrecularitUe Our Shoe Depart. full information coll on or. I> dd :'.

llr. *<,i Mrs. .... JL. eys and bladder la is full of good thin .
. .
.... .. ,
kited eaitrecql e* low F'
: '
price. Be-
yesterday.. their } "
} .' aalMrsm If .** MM by T V J #
Tlvty au ft, mi when need W. B.
;, JJ1*rot so Ns. > Bpsiatte will One b-. stint H fcoUs try xaaii>is ties sr .. pair. you HJ'Gjfc I, ; aCsSsT DO; ,
'1 they
tr .
. U& r.ul.egga.ti to. ... suits tlsiit.is ta pa. & +' .I1ati to.P1ewAe .. *;"Af t: : 4ffZii :"' '
.... . .. ... .... .. 'N'r : .
... -' 1 --', r .. .- tI E . # .
... < ,. -.t.L..W. :-{. : ;
....' -: .. . > .o. i/s ."...: ., 'tlt,'. 'I'M"f.... .. .. : ,
0 *_ e I ;; .."" ,.;I.i I( -... .; . t. ,t'! ..
"f' 2"-t4 ; : .. :
'J' .
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'' V .... '
I: : :.::, .4 ;


':If .


'., WILL BE WIDENED Miss R. Korton. j WILL EXTEND LINES so JlnyZ.InfantaA .. Aida I :of '

Ai, Gainesville Circulating Regulates the Bowtttstrengtl DiJeJIIO\

,t jBep.nt Eighty-Foot Boulevard I ,..Library... Long: Distance Line Will Connect EI1IING POWlJE m: ens TEETHINO the Child and MAKt:

:' Will Lead to State University. This City With Outside World. Costs hiT 25c at Braofrts, or aaiJ 25c to C. J. MOFFETT, M. B., St EASy!.

Mother Mft*** no Jiy
but .
louses emus the
; Only the Late Popular Fiction. your child mm thousands h. health and Iii;
[,COUNCIL' : ISSUES AN ORDER THE SERVICE WILL BE GOOD TTKETTMINA Im mmmlly given and" done aulcMy'by slv/ns those PowdcOl.

|,,?;Surveyor Instructed to Oo to Work Imidlatsfy SPECIAL SUMMER TERMS lOG Nothing But Best Material Will be Em dames the of'ecta01'tlsesummer' a hmmtugHtn tomtft/n/chl/arI;;:
"" per week Uowinir three changes dur ..
,In the M.Ue0': Broaden-, lag the week. Book Bunt rot be kept ployed In System, and GainesvilleMay

'; t ':. Straightenin West Liberty.rJ'8ew. out over one week without renewing. I Talk to New York With P.rfectDistinctnessBig'lmprovemenE. .....
"; .,..& >position Accepted. : CHARLES
Xtot only the "common people," but VOTE THE COUPONS. The Southern Bell Telephone and .

\\.101'.; "Council of Gainesville are T elegraph Company, which is one of ,

.'/:-+boronfthly'aroused and Interested in How You Can Help Your Favorite Organization the largest and strongest organizations I>_ W

.4aa tional mattes, as is demon- to Get the Library. of its kind In the world, proposes at no Whiskies '1

**r&$ d by;th* action being taken bybody There has never before been Utant day to place Gainesville In a Wines
a con-
!; In the matter of public Imjit position I where her people talk
est in Gainesville where there
was so and
,,;j.ftrrem.o,.. .Daly to points In Florida, but to Liquors
.Jf much value for so little or no outlaywhatever every
: aapeo1Mm.etingof the council 01'7 of Importance In the United
In the N
as Library contest 517-519
..fatar of discussed lar' '
city was tates. It will L.t a big convenience
now going on In this city.
i...i atton the location of the
r' on with :\ tuna person in Gainesville few
< You will find in The Sun on a BAY
every day a STREET
1/.Efafvnlty of Florida, and it was unaoUoa.lydectded mObl.at.nolce to be enabled to talk ,
\ c opon. Each one of these coupons '
.. to open West Liberty 'o parties In Atlanta, Macon Savan- ,,Ylll-II5KY
counts for two votes, and a* there aregreat
Sft from Fifth street west, a dls- a thousands of nah, New York, Chicago, Cincinnati. JACKSONVILLE,
.tMM. of little more than a halt-mil., I many therestitution and many other points, and It tends to 01 I G
that bulk' The
gete.tho .o! FLORIDA.
40 B Width of eighty feet, and to make how that_the _country has an eye on
Sun coupons is the Institution thatwill
r-ft boftotlfol grass plot on either side of Gainesville and its progre.I"e.parh.
win this contest.In Agents for Pabst Milwaukee
.......t. It was decided to begin and the Southern Bell Beer
to furnish
:,,.jfthfai work at once, and the street corn addition to this coupon, every sab these particular conveniences Export, per bbl, 10 dos, $11 ; per dos, $1.25
scriber to The San who pays In ad- ; Blue liibbon. bbl, 10 dox
'(,fcsflte. was instructed to employ a surveyor flnt, because they believe that it will per $12; per dox, $1.6OJung's
for of the
vanes a
quarter year has
",' and begin work Immediately. pay, and second because Cincinnati '
they are de- Red
he of Heart
casting 75 and Beer.
s & L4b with Its of ale .
;{ rty street, row irous of giving the of
....,.(Antstately live oaks and handsome for a half year 200 votes, and for a a. convenient and efficient people service this city as Per bbl, 10 dox. $9; per dos $1.
600 votes.
:&wOty! residences on either side, is al- year any other point.

'frt-mdy, on* of the most attractive" and Of course in baying from the 'merchants This is no dream, but an absolute We pay freight or express chargeson
who In this
..::; *i should never forget to ask for the votes the following liquors:
: baa It I. Intended to make the Thor
; Southern Bell has had force
a of
'; and vote. If you don't do It you will mf n
/ wid.ning It all l the feet attractive by be sorry when the contest (is. over. But engaged in this section, with headquarters LEWIS 1866 Away Above Everything in

:.J twenty and planting whatever do vote the in Gainesville. These men the Line
yon coupons any- :
; 'jJ! lawns which
are now abssnt have been sent here for the '
)J.Je.." property owner on the street how They do not cost you .othiog' arranging for the construction purpose of 4 full quarts . . . f oo
except the for which have of aongdistance
: (." WH1 be glad to concede the encroach paid. paper you line to StarkI!'. Jacksonville 12 full quarts . . . 12 '5BLUM'S

t ; In order to make the 'thorough- .
yIMot' and intermediate MONOGRAM
points, and the 10 Years Old:
f fer attractive, and the result will be Feel Impending Doom. work is fairly under
way. The rights 4 full quarts . . . . 4o::?i
t.,,4laa' Vest Liberty will beau avenue of The feeling of Impending doom 1 In'I -..", it i is learned nas.been .secured

\,,ftMMtaty end granduer when the doors the minds of many victims Bright's the contract for the poles has been 12 full quarts . . . 12::? On

'of' the elegant University buildings disease and diabetes has been! changed made, and the wire and other materials EARLY TIMES Pure Sour Mash Whisky:

ft will! be thrown open and bid welcome to thankfulness by the benefit derived here-in fact, the latter has been Mottled In Bond Under Joverumeiit Sup;'>nNi<>n.

,",'Iito, the young manhood of Florida. from taking Fol.,'. Kidney Cure I& here in storage for the past month. It 4 !full del.
:t"The quarts, . 4 01'< '
City Council also considered the will ,
cure Incipient Rrlght's diseasi I. expected that work will
of begin<< as (r) full quarts . . . ;r ;rn. ,
;14 r painter sewerage, and a propositionrfor and diabetes and even in the wore t soon at the construction "gang" can ,,9

-t: plans and specifications was r.adii'flOm cases gives comfort and relief tiligh: arrive, and within the next few months .. 12 full quarts . . . lu 7..tBLUM'S

;, : Oeo. W. Lyons., which was ac- disorders are cured In a few days. "I Gainesville. will be in a position to

jtptd.and Mr. Lyons instructed toy had diabetes. In its worst form" writesMarion converse with the outside world. 6. SYLVAN GLEN, 7 ,

yproosed with same at once. Mr. Lee of Dunreath. Ind. "I triedight This system, like all other lines Years Old: r

;'J''& Lyons, In his letter stated that he bejft "' physicians without relief. Onlythree owned by the .Southern Hell, will bee ,

: 'llvei the sewerage could be eon bottles of Foltt,'. Kidney Curnade Hrit-cla*.. Nothing but the best of 4 full quarts 8 20 ..

'ffl> strabted, with twelve-Inch mains, at a me a well man." J.V, McCoU m".r'at.lneludh1a'
OOSt of $4O,OOn. which will provide a lam A Co.Valuable. a heavy' copper 12 full
main wire" will be used. and whenenmplrtrd quarts !H 00

i yllrst-al... service throughout. Mr Jewels Stolen from Hotel Gainesville. may boast of
.::Lyons is one of the must widely known SHERIDAN CLUB:
? Ueaufort, 13. O., July 13: .-A Jewel 1 laving (Ju..r the most: perfect IOIIR-

..,:t':j onlraotors for sewerage" In the Houth, case containing S3tUU: ; worth of dla distance telephone systems in the 4 full quarts . . . . 2 75 i
ai 11II* Is now engaged In building the world.
} monde and other jowela has been ti> < U full quarts . . . . 4 00
A' system for the city of .Palatka, and will Inn from the ------ -. -- - .-
a hotel.
!; :J. likely come from that city here. Jewel were the property of Mrs.The J. Petition for Final 1 Discharge. 12 full qunrts . . . . 8 00 r

r; After disposing of these lnt|>ortantnatters II Adams, of Salcni. Ala. Mrs. U. S. Iiiriot Court Southern District 1

the council took up the task Adams had gone In bathing !saute .>f Floriiln, f* In rw K II 1'nrler, M 'We a' e ,f.: ,of equalizing th. city taxes, which Bankrupt In I.hi-
ocoupled milter of 1'eti
her jewel! ctiso un the clrt-ssor In he r Liquor 1 line Whiskies, !rills
ttil their lime fur tlin remainder of I floe for t'Hint I>i.ahMr>,>t*, 1' ,
4' the *,,nlng. apartments at the hotel Upon returning .-- On thin 7ih day of JIII"n.. IPOS, Rum and Wines frolnI.fin %

to her room the missed th!' nu rending the foregoing petition. It ii i I. to fj i 00 gal.
jewels Three uiir.ro domestics enployed rderrd by the Court that a hearing be per
Makes the Liver Lively. In the hotel have barn arrested had ut t.tl the nine IIn the 3l.t day of

i Orino Laxative Fruit :Syrup:: given All July A. I>. 1903, before *MII| court at -
yet the gems: have not been
re Jack unvolle, aid district ---
permanent relief In eates of hatHtul1on.'lpaUol" in ut IO o'
coveted t elock' in the forenoon<< and that notice
as It stimulates the Kerr thereof IM t.utili-hed in The C iainraeillthus 0

and restores the natural action of the Large Increase In Tax Returns. a newpaper printed I in said dl.-
a; bowels without irritating there u-gan.. riot, and that .Ilkuown creditors and
like pills or ordinary cathartic. Hun Columbus Oa.. July 13-Over one other 1.IAuo" In interest may appearnt
r million dollar Increase In the amount the sold time and place.nd show THE ML( Slffil! JOURNAL
not nauseate or grip and is mild and emus.U
Remember of pornonal property was given In for nny they hi f e. why the prayerof
pleasant to take the name the said petitioner should not h c!
taxation to the this
city yav. The dl
I Orlno and refuse substitute. J W. granted.
t TMsColluin: A Co. rest tax from this'will b4 over I1A.OOO And it is further ordered by the

_. -- ..- --- and It also Increases the ejtjr'a boas' court, that the clerk shall send by mail THE NATIONAL FINANCIAL

The News From Alachua. Issuing capacity to the extent of >70.OOO. .- to .U known creditors notice or said
In the completion nt th* city's petition and this order a t Alaohoa, July IS.-Dr. J. ItUruip them at their, place of residence as
waterworks system! this $'P0.0 ran MI stated.
-of Hawberry wa in town Sunday and
nerd to great a4 run tarn. ILB the proa- Witness the Honorable James
,Monday visiting. his uncle. fOnt bond Isaac, $2&O.OOO, will not b* (II.. S.V.. Locke. judge of the said Reveals the News and Facts ;governing:

c A. D. .Walker,after a pleasant visit I I enough with which to build the araiem. (court and the seal thereof, at Values
F "to relatives, returned home on Friday Jacksonville, in said district, on the

'last, much to theregret of some of Will Interest Many. 7th day of Jul ly. A, D 19O6J Studies underlying; causes of Marke
the young ladles.Dr. livery; person, should know that good A true eopy. Iovement&

r J. J.. Cloud Is again mad to feel health is If Attests E. O. LOCK, Clerk.
impossible the kidneys re Reviews, analyzes and criticises Railroai't
_glad by the arrival at hi. horn of a deranged
roley's Kidney Cure will - -
and Industrial
1 , permanent boarder. It's a bouncing cure kidney and bladder disease In every UTICEIU ,----I reports

b'jj' boy.Alaohua. form, and will build op ..ndIIr..nalh..n ineteotloa will be held In the Cbrrrr HI kHcbooJ Has complete tables of Earning '
contlnoes to grow rapidly 1 these liUirtot on Tu ..lav. A.au.t I*.IWfc.toci Properties.
so they wilt
organs .
the i pwrpoan of determining rfe lhr : and better times are predicted when perform their functions properly. Nodanger "' .std dltr" .haft toe er.sted a .vestal ka 1
the Atlantic Ooyt Llpe Hallway ha.C'Cmpl..d ..,Iauol dUtrioi. for the &eoUoo of thr*. %rvw Quotes active and inactive Stock.-'
iif Bright'disease or diabetes ,.*. 'Mtar..Dd fur 'M p riH>*o of delailstam ..,-
4ii its new tracks her, making If ....1.,'. Kidney Cure ls taken in eolleend th.tbvr1a rate ut..else fur Ifc. oat t+ 1M s_...a..rd.lla. I tMt Bonds.
Si It possible to have through trains by time. J. \V McCollum Co. tear i*.r.."... IN.U.. wiw 01". ."Suekteki two Records the la.''t sale of Bonds anti t1
her from Tampa Tallahassee, Live. _. el_ .t .UWMU Tfc. tuUwvlair ltaa. >U pe revioo >
---- sues b.en a&fl'Ula'N to eeetoee o' .a'" yield on Investments
Oak and Lake City to Jacksonville and K U lV'er >n.J. M. t:...r.,U A. II at the price.
UlUUm wlUaV J. M.Ub.w.iuunl 0......
return on same day, as .it I is under IF YOU LOVE YOUR Ht r_.( .....rod ol t'abds 1aatreetU. ... t.bI.t Answers, without charge, inquiries c -

% Stood they will give In a few w"eke. .. .,.4Sa" of oJ..,.A, D. a.att. '1rTr3t cerning InV' tl11ents.

:.>ei>t from Tallahassee, which we WIFE DON'TROAST Cb'm. I hi. w 1...'a..1 ..
will hare a. soon as the Jacksonville At Alte.\ J, t. KCU.RT.**..aDd Sup Use who dally 'C'9..tt... Till: NAI.L STKLITJOUKMAL :

,' 8oQU1 .'I.n division is completed. - -NC.YI"ICE or -KUJCTIOX.- - I U better qaallfleU t* lave.t ...'1

r O. A Williams has gone North forth HER A. "r.eu-t' wilt w 1..7d la be T"'t ie safely. sad pn.OUblj sal t. .atlu- attest Isf...l.

.. purpose ut buying( goods and epsod h i'eha l lit triet o: lb at.y. Asu.r to raar airmts tkAji .i.e wk .. -. .w .
compelling '
Hy r 'n bake the family tae cre..r 5 hethee w a aeN
log the hot month.. bread during the hot summer month .... dlerlet aMU be wrested a ...a.elrl.e..at t4C
dirtrt.t.tor u.e eeeNoe wr
. !toy your Hrva4 from -,......J_.sad. ttw tee ...,.......tMee el de.w.aLaI. .- PUBLISHED DAILY Bl'r. -
Ch. ... ,...
foe tlheu rate of a.tlt.te so r -.seem. __
k .....u..... ,........ roe tats_n.e.....ia. t .
'Zton\m.nd.d ...Keystone Bakery... ,..,.. thee.after. I'. ......,..' seem Dow JONES & CO.
1 0, .....___ a'raawl 'l'ee tostwtse es.> M.1a.n..e o+*- ,
: 111., wrh... It's a savlax. of time, work and tor :..der.d ttr.rersae'c.-t: 44 Bead Street mew Term-
1>eo.2, 1901, "About two Iwa tnooey.Fmtfc etceUow: A. u Saef. A. t. : :
years ago C"I' J. '1', ,....._a. einir.-- '' THE .
Breed l"*lltrrr l ::; ounanr sewn ureter STULI.T.WAlXSTREETJOURNA.:
Iai4.op for four month with thou tlly ttr ......04.......... tawuMttrr- or KJLLL
To all parts of tbe city Also Cak \ fie den ... .. A..11WiM :.. I .
maUsra.: :t,.... Bel lard's BaowLInU Pie and other "' ..'" .... T.rt.. JI..na.
every l'f'Udue\loca of "
.., .uant(;-.:. ..ean.1 ....- Ira. the n oe>m. ap-toniat* A st.at 1. L 1.rL1JtT a.tt.p.Ad1 h.sM.. .; w"t"r : : ...
.. i :.
'.... .
.;11 It..... .... shop t ., '
, ii
-' rrjri e ryl1 -w. ,
11 V
Me T. lt'r.pcielar 5ryata. v

f .. 'f ... I.' J erfSe IllS M: . .
,' . ':>,
', Ii.
.. ,, t t\ ". ., . !'
t .
"' .
: .y.
.. p,.. 'r. r

,. .



p _


f 1 "



fM BOARD OF CONTROL "IT SAVED MY LIFE" 11 an....:.Braneaa at the Jwm-Whitieg.of the bride's;. THE ALACHUA COUNTY ABSTRACT CO. 1I

parec Thursday fterno---.- i at 4 .

SEIiSURVEYORS! PRAISE FOB A FAMOUS IEDlaIE o'clocs Kev :S.: B. Rogers oflC .ia"ojsc.Cha W'-P'"M.: -_.;" .'e- .- ____ t'J
,. !. Brannati of Tam aa i Vtee' The cue.t.oa :,
J\ Render relisb.e sort .. jT fffT ort along the line of
) Will Survey and Mark Out Mra. Wiltadwa Tells How Sit. Tried Lydia Matt.* Vhitinc. The g.C'* na t. ne of of! Title i'." t.atd Title ,10 : "'-%.. r .rUs. particularly .

rjfcey E. PiakhajM'a VefitUfcls' Cssapaaad Jut Ih.a .DZ y >a ftc m"a o* Tamps. t -r. .-tv.
University Grounds. la hi . .. first ---- .-- .
the State Time. e trwi. the lu' ini'li h tdau cont.i --- a

..* t-r o* Mr. asxl Mr. C. E !' l'E'I tLTIE". t I.btu..t..r 1111.,: T\ Sale Seaarehes
Mrs. T. \V.iauien: of ( eration; f. .
) &nDb ar
:F ptRE EXPECTED HERE TODAYBryan Iowa, writes to Mr*. 1's.nam. : Wr e The &un. wi'h omen friea Ss.ext .urea!- tar ae..11..101..1 I A' .5 II"a..,...: flats .t .aaties.. ;).

Dear Mrs. 1"1Dk.bam- : 1..1"Er.t ul.lion. She invest"-r Ten., l.ir.Reference: \.

{, of the Board is Also "I ran truly! _y that TOO hT .Tri my '
; c".irma" life. uW I xmuoot. T .t9 Boss Woem M d'C;".. f.rst .Nat .,.
cxprr my frmUUkl* Vo .
to Look aver the Situations you in won:. I ,-.. .,:>. H. F.I .
Expected .
H Kjmp-*. drufcet, Leighton ['QUOD A Co .n..u -

s Close Some Preliminaries The As .. "9. One of ray customer* I ,

People of Gainesville are Jubilant.jsforTbomu s? f had a. J which
received information if. a 1. e-uM' 1 retain, 'utl\iaoe on it*

Chairman Bryan 01 ..tc.naHe l>oucht one bottle: of
W. :dne.day Board of from Control Ih.I. party of IV h t- Cr.am Vermifugo. and it ABSTRACT &4HLTY COMPANYI -
r. iarveyo and engineers would arrive hru'nc. up 119 worms from the t child.

today to begin the work of It' t.orm medicine in the
in the city :
White'. Cream Vermifuge i.
the lands and laying: out the, wor
irrvjing also .hilUreu's tuc.ic. It improve
,rounds: for the University of Florida th.., r ".:e,,ttou and ...'nlat; n'n of ,
recently located Jn this eity. fool<<( ngthens their aervoa system .Abstracts of Title and fait Information famished regan4 *: lands |I. Utili"'
and r.- ires them to the health! rigorate eoaniy.' Oar manager; ha. !lived in this county thirty years an!
to people.
This will be good news our i ,riciiy. of spirits, nsarl to .. thoroughly conversant w.,th land titie
and Lot to them only but to the-entire cht.J i.old by \\-. M. Johns,

This prompt action of the board . .
-- -- -
State eommendable. It shows that Alrj7 GtI Ilad en Ilr..lag ekreia et nts.... E EJ"QY'ZE
+ \f\ most .
appreciate the situation and that TIi.T- are time ways by which muk- ,
ths1 business and are worthy to ..I.of,Tr.. I wt'>te! to >'OQ. telling yon bow: 1 rat ar. '--apture-byehatng.by trapplut FIFE ACCIDENT. BCROL.\RY AND INDEMNITY IXSCllANCE. Kspr. ''
they! mean felt. I bad desk>ref for o.rr two vmtrs ..t. u1y J' J t>y ,.fe..r1nii. A few may beM"Uro. senting a number of prominent American and English:: eotnranlssREAL .
wear the great trust with which they ant spent lot of n.->n..y r n mniiiiw t......., .,i ,.t night by creeping a* nolewb ESTATE AND CITY LOANS.
but. it nil faihl hft!
been.eloth-d. The Sun said as to ; me. MT mnnihlyp-
ia'- rio" tu <1 O. M| and I nifT..ixl much l. la. .. tnMnttleatone the creek rdgta G>a.i'aesvill o r ? F].Orld..A ,,

poi as the personnel. _of the board was with fainMnjEAt-U*. hea.tae.he. Uu-kac-b. ail and teat -luttg for them to crawl up on _.._ -__ __ _._ _-, _-_ _____ .. _ H __._ .__
jnaoanced that it was an exceedingly beann4C twn p./ns./, ant I wag rt weak I the luiiik to fe 'L In this they are. very -
could hardly ke.1 arouivL As a last notrt
wile; seleetiou. and we have since Bern I deiV to writ T TU ant try Lydia K. Itnk- Ualut r II vln,c; Mvurol- a favoriteroot

go reason to modify our first opinion biun's Vetret Me: Cofnf ,urj.I. ant I aja so they ap .roarh cautl { to make it stronger.pr. thankful that. I flit. for after fnV{ >wina your *)* ..1.! and dip It In and rub off the
exsepl livttructiotx. 'hi-h >'ciu n*>nt DM free of all
ll"' In and r lu until It
mu. It again
Sledd will accompany the party charge" mr n.>nUiIv | -n".'< lIt&rt..t ; I am .
regular ant In r..r/ .-t hmlth H.*l it nut U |..--rf- 'ply clean and lIu..1 to their This coupon entitles the holder to two votes that can be- cast for
tataperintend 0 the work. We feel confident bivii.. for T4Mi I w will be spared by our I uucvrvlr trut that this letter mar Irrnd
no gains every uTi-rtnf wntn- in the country to late pn> Ulrtt the stwrtsitian Is sums called! our, signed and renamed to the ballot boies In either the above
citizens to5_ice him a favorable impr write you for Drip as I di-l. Hentl.) titfmteU In the pro. to stores.Naasref.

?' ion of the city where next: year When women are troubled with Irregular wait. .\ t-..ot. bowever.. Is usually used .
which he has a.. the rats can be more elly andquietly
the institution over now or jKunful menstruation, weakness. 1.tlt.U... . .. . . . w
I' the honor to preside will take np itspermanent leueorrh' pl&c'C'ml'nt: or ulceration iipproncbeO on tar" water. In
of the womb that bearing- thlw cm, two' 1.-.0011 a..?y the same
home. down feeling Inflammation of the' ova- boat the H,iurtsmau requiring" a pusher. Yams ef Peter . . . . . F#,

Chairman Bryan has written he will rie*. backache, datulence. general; de A- tht lll>ort com over today or tomorrow to look bility. in.liiT'-tion and nervous prostra In at uUM. the sky must tw. conipratlvetr r

orer the ground and complete some tion. they houlur In order that the hunter
true remedy. Lydia K, . .
jet unfinished preliminaries. We eon IMnkham'a tahleCorapuund at once mar hate the advantage of the ruooa- - -- -- - -- - - -- --

rritalale the board on the wisdom and remore such troubles. llett. or letter _still bright starlight.

-.foresight displayed In the selection of Xoother female medicine in the world A ba!':tit. with reflector ... however ,

Its chairman. Mr. Bryan is not only a has reociretl<< such wi endorsement. Kefu. all sub and thu urraugement Is frcvjuently FaySholesTyp M
scholarly and cultured gentleman and
stitutes. quite ..ufv<< aful during the darker
leader among the younger members Mrs. Pinlchsm invites all nick. women nights to aufllrlently well acquaint-

'of the bar of the State' bat is also anaetire to write her for a>vice. She has guided ..>l with the bunting. grounds.-haltimore -
thousand to heaJUu Addrc, Lynn, *
energetic broadminded pubs
AI....... run writer
'' U-pirited man of arrai,.. -------

The "........ n..t. .
; Ail honor to the Board of Control -- ---- -- --- -
A monkey .Is not fortunately a coin-
Hfcr, the promptness and energy with AFTER INCENDIARIES.Town : mou ,:1('. but one wait brought never 4 .ACE OL.Uf: )
which it is meeting the situatioa.
lheleas: to a New York young; woman
of "Micanopy Want to Pay for I .
by n frit-in returning from a voyage in
: FRANK CLARK HERE. Conviction of Fire Criminals.The the trip II l, + in>:n the luuineut of his Till: JUKXKT t

1. town council! i. a'tt-r the fel-! I. ,ntmn.- into the> house the monkey

fiCorgressman From Second District tow;who were po moan and low a. to ..li.,> e
|r Vnits His Friends in Gainesville. rub and set fire: to the store of S. H.UeuJarnln..t let ti. look Mftir. unit for the next hour : Machine.Lightest
.b.* fanitljr was kept busy trying to .
Gainesville MLcaunpy( on the earl) w
ACT the visitors to
InK r"IIC.'r the Inoiatfe lie. IU1. -TUe moil
morning. nf the Fourth of July aryl! I
(:Tltar ['lake City Coogressman-elect from have oT( 'red A reward of fid) for the ( in tli* teinM,r.ry aluuuc of the rook ; shift I Lightest Running The ,

{the Second District, who came down apprehension and, conviction of the Ii': >.u&tdl' part of a chicken. whleh lay Champion Speed Writers of the World

goo a professional visit. guilty pnrtie ih, tab!"*. Coming In pi weutly., the Use the. Fay-fihole. More Fay.Mhu).. In
5 Cal Clark's friends here were des The people! of Micanopf: ; are a loyal ,..,..k tnlsiMM th<* chicken and looked '

(tlh''d to welcome him again after his set, and io not t relieve| in anything ,al.nut lu aurprl*** to aw what had tstWUe .- use In Gainesville than any other machine, <*i
.MLU.la visits here, a. he came to that i i. not fair. even in competition. : of It. hu.l | ,hrU'k of terror, and ruahUig upstairs.
I'them' as a "plain friend"-that i i", not They are desirous of protecting theirInterest ...I he t..t into the family alttlug room For Sale b'-. . .
against, the invasion .>f lire.bug.
ut but
campaign! worker just an an crying:

'"" r-l r citizen when he could meet l and l burRtarp, and are willing to I. "Oti ina'aui. tlio old tiny himself is THE SON Gainesville Fla. -

*ii fnnds in a casual way. It is need- I upend their money for the purpose of
'kn.to add that he was warmly wel- I bringing this thing to a stop plckhr the rhkk.! -n:"-,=,ew York Trite

med here, a,* Frank Clark has as I A Surprise Parly.A I flit.. __ .-. .. ... -- .- .-- .-- .

Baioj. friends socially or politically, The slid "....... M_..
n lay other man in Florida. pleasant surprise party may lxgiven Take The
When tar panic of 1SU7 .w"1tt oyn'tll. Atlantic Coast LineFOR
.. IL,. ( to jour "Innl..h and liver, by ,
lark did not come to talk poli'aes -< uutry 'hot national road was

: he-muie he is through with that taking n me.liclne which will, relieve\ barely halfway through Illtuola. No ALL EARTHLY POINTS 1.

eater JI l life which keeps man in a their pain and discomfort vn : Dr. work was lone on it after" 1H41. Two

King's New Life Iill. They are a most year t'etWi', lq..r. a line' of stages Via Via Via
serr ,s.tat.,. "always obliged, but vaa
wish- wonderful, remedy, afford Ing sure re. and (Nest riMitew hail liven started from Detect ".ew.l I'. aa ''r'''
'rtu discuss some legal; qneslk)3 i North H East t Sontk V t
; ) :_ *" Attorney Syd L. Carter. lint and cure fur headache, dizine. CnmtwrUtwl. In Maryland, to Tarehaute I or a,...o.tua r SIa.m..s: + :
and constipation. :25r at all UruggUt. in Indiana from which, latter 1.'u\Je 1.W. LJB
; e 'r h. was as usual glad to meet I>lac*> the,.. .was. a triweekly service I fur ."',

tail, frirnds, and discussed everything Goods Were Returned. iMtMwuicers awl tnall to Hprlngtlekl, ill. Rapid Transit and TJnsurp .>is 'd l Service

If p, .IC interest the Unlverrmattir. Ttil market I the first overland travel
After all. it appear to have been an ,_ -rim. fable! la egret April Id.Depart bolt. '
|lib which, he declared in away front east t'. vre l, J.&atM'naand
"burglar" who entered the oflice i ie
honest For OAINEHVILI.K Arrive From'Addreeai ,
'nttured! was''better left to mall bags wer Jolted aUaug. In rum
of the Western Union a few nights =::=:::::' ,--=:-:-- ==--- -
tk D"ople> b.reonte et*irre each with four A p-m Il ll.bpniap .
and Int., ":10.
: tt1
.poi ago and took therefrom a number strong horsv On account of the high; -I"-+ ;
1. ( tale. it tvterence to the proC mediate Points I
of small articles, a. the articleswere rate travel was confined maLnty to Dally i Dally

.,' JTemment building for reachedirr Gainesstated found laying at the foot of ttw erchanta cud lawyer The pasiariigvr 12116 pm O.ala r..bu' aDd 'CamJHI. and Itta pct .
that when he
with an allowance of fifty pounds I
,, ortlce at the opening hour Thursday Deny laMnntldlat. I'ulnt. Dally o
he would do all In his I
power morning. All the articles were therewith ft baggage, gab at the rate of 1O
Sec Irt* the increased appropriation of small ejeetri I j cents am""*. It la noted that Clay ?;(rpm Palatka. Jaekauuvill., I Ilap tor
the exception a I ;,
'I had already been assured motor and the chances are that theperson I atxl Lincoln' were among. theItiilailelphla frequentpassengers. Daily North, East and We.t I Dally is11K6pm
C1:* ,Ie influence of his .- I.mdger.
predeees1 having it will return it when .... HlghdpriagaWayeroaMavanaabfrua.wak. $ilip.o 1)

1 r leagues.You; may say will. have finished playing I I Albany, Atlaata all "o'ola' North. ?sLt W./ Dally
out far that this Increased appro- Forced lo Starve .._. .. __'_
suggested by
The"burglar. as was
t. 3 >s going to be made," he. II. K Leek of Concord Kj, ,
The' Han: at the time, must have bern { says >8.18pm I gti8arlr
because my predecessor have there "For V) year I suffered aronies. with I MNIa.I1., Miean"PJ and Clara
very youthful as was nothing() Daily Dally
-c1 hard
and have made good taken of special value to anyone a ore<< on my upper lip. so painful', ..
.. any -- ---- -- -- -- -- -----
1 and you may feel sure that I sometimes, that I eoald nni eat After
*. bat a youth and then It might be said.as I a ...r.J '" 7 190Il ..
it. a.u p
r will
be properly attended vainly trying' everything .1.! .. I eared tlilth t+ ) '
.. a plaything. I prnRs DaD,
tree! :test> Congress." It with Boeslen'. Arnlea Halve. It's
...)fooda .
.. Sunday
w -
great for barn, .,..t. and woands. At .. _
If the Baby is Cutting Teeth ..- ..-....;.;..:;:.. .. =- ; '0
2 .
all drag stores j only p.tas..a. t
They Ar. Delighted. Be and use that old and ".11- IDt.-.b. 1Iu.... Tlek.t., goal over JaO mUa ofsxtoas Ike prime..Ipal '
L a'- sure .I rsllea .l. 1M Htai4N areoe.ale tb. vTbrougb
'.hi congratulatory let- 8oe&bera bJ vrineipsi ag.ao.
many Mouths .
t tried remedy Mrs. Pullman aleep.r. "onraIDpi' 10 New York via AUialle CosaI* .
[ Jegrams received by The ng Hyrup. for children teething. Iisoothe. 11.1 am euro we could get afoot; ea Ua.J ale via --A''''. Coast Line and 8ocUh.ra Iallway.Tor f

"iud: 101t the location of the the child softens the gums, your IJM'OCIM.' I am not a man of sn ""lat..Joo, eaU Oft 17'

ritiy |Q this city the fol- Hays all pain core wind colic and'. .. pensive taste. Khe-AJiy os wtkowsnla J. A. QOODWINrJTlcksrt AK.nt.JH GaI..U'. tz,
** t that Twentyfive to marry .... ts a man of very
we very highly ap- the bee remedy diarrhoea. ,',
t. -nlng .. it doe from these _a... a bottle. I expensive taste FRANK O. BQYL$T01f. DU. r.*.. AgtISS W., D. 8TAJUC. Trmv. Pass. .AgftTHE Q

_! 'opts' who spent last wine __ u .__ ._ -_ ____. W. Bay St. Astor. Hal.$ TttU.Fla. :t'
b M.EMstKflON.Trar.ifcr.,.. f fal.A. Pa.c.Ag...,
a.n.llft| and will bs regular l.. ., i 1..
Hate her i j fetarwaparil *. Meads WUr.1asto.. :I. O. ..C'.:' N.0.' 11'

:""coals. lad.. July 13, 11+06. shattered nerve*. Givcssbeakby

..J! u retry. Oaine.tilie tit 1 red io grate cheeks. Puts toed

our apa&QIa&Joa. w. flesh oa clots chlldrea. Tssepinoles

tsivlat .d over Gala.ayt l.'s <
"***. soya Mac.J. B. LtoTP..

9 K ;C ,w't' ,
IkfcaftsSB** **- 1**"'*-? *>*.*.."f...-' .a J..u :i k/1sT -"
r. jjfYgyri.t' j j







: 'Begin Taking;: Ozomolaion Today GCAMANY WILL BUILD PORTAV : BT A. ? TEIBID: : 1a O.

: NEWS FROM ALL and Your Core Begiaa.Today. t

Concessions Granted by Morocco TKaieer'a .

York. July 12M. :Jean Hess
the well known traveler and author I

'Jkkf Happening/ From Various of an Important work on Morocco, who Sea Islao..d
,....easel zCHI ...,.....-r_.-....-- la credited with great peraonal Influence _
Sections of State ,
over the sultan la quoted
Xta Vitalised Medicinal Food Properties aa authority -
' r .. .r... -. Are Wry Quickly Realised.In for the statement
that the Ger.
#J Jirlnglng Stealthy Color to tae Sea Island Cotton Seed ,Bagging and Twine.
.!rH.r; MOST IMPORTANT EVENTS Ch_V. of 1M Pal and Sallow. many government haa pa..ed an agreement Walrus!
In Producing: Strength to U>. Weak to Leather in Strips or Sides.
the VVebl and th* Invalid. with the sultan for the construction
: ." In Toning up the System of Convalee- of two the
\Transpiring: In "The Land of Flower port on Mediterraneancoast
cents from Kxhauctlnjr Dt a *
; Thing. "Bolted Down', to Suit the In Cl.* arl.lnr, th* Entire; Hyatem.In which will directly ,menace Glbraltar Manufacturers of the James Doig Improve!
> Ourt hInr the Worrsut. Engh.h
\ : ; In Kaun llnf Out the, Peaked says a Paris Dispatch to the
'Busy.Reader- Item* of Interest to < Tbln. Sea-Island Cotton Gin and Supplies for SS'llle
,( % Kae ;9 of Children.In Times.
"All Olaa..... Battling up on their Uttt Bodtee .
the t> .lrat>l.. Pink and Whit Flesh and I The International conference.' M. GAINESVILLE FLORIDA. U S
>omit',; i.&oe. are being planted In Color- In Dotting and Dlmp their**cheeks that with make the Mot Pretty her.. Hess declares will be by arrangement AJ

';.quantities 'at Como.Rb'Ievopproppecls Heart 01&4.OZOVLatoW between the sultan and Germany, be '
r brief and amount to nothing more than 'W"'J:1..ec.: :lc.. eed of
? about Chlpley are I. as Aatldot for all Df_**. Cased bsitzpo.r.
to Cola aad Wet. a confirmation of the sultan's political
>tied' to be ..r111&YorabJe. To pro.. its Medicinal rood Merit a and commercial Independence and the

--i'lir.,Fatah will close hi* singeiooliatRalford Trial Bottle Free by Mall Integrity of his empire. JOB
Will be vent requeet.' 'Write letter PRINTING
Saturday.QCtf : ,by
; ; on ,
',> . or postal card to AM soon a* this result la achieved
Qathollo church la I to be built Ozomnlslon Co..98 Mae St..Hew York. the sultan in the exercise of his Independence -

,,itJeoaoovllI0, .to CUlt upwards of All Oruc1.t*-Two el..etoo.. And tt.00. will grant to a German
company, subsidized by the German Send: "SToiaa:- CDz-cie to

state, a concession for the construction -
Yaddition to the Miami school NEWS TERSELY TOLD.
ig'to cost upwards of >|?2OOO, will I of the two port In question and THE: SUN JOB

.......&e4J1. The Prince of Wales waa eafely the power wll then be unable to offer OFFICE.

":effort! i.being made to change 4 the delivered of a aon this morning. I I any opposition being bound by acquiescence - --- -'-
in the decision of the con
t. .eat of Washington to Chlpley The Glenn building, one of the small ,
ference. M. Hew thinks
:" ;. office building of I I Gainesville & Gulf
;,.O .. er Baltimore col. that the fear of provoking a Europeanwar Railway Company
.orange crop (In the vicinity of lapsed today, killing two persona and which inevitably would result in

will be much larger- than wa Injuring one. "I the conquest and partition of his own I THE FRUIT & VEGETABLE ROUTE

,. lie*'., Five deaths from heat prostration empire may in the end prevent the
la'eotmty'will not make any exaa were reported In New Yodk city dur-i I sultan from striking this dangerous: OF FLORIDA.Time .

county at the Mid-Winter, Ing the .forenoon three of them children bar&a'D.with' Germany. Table in effect July: 9. 19O5.

.i .mpa. less (ban a year old. _. .. .

-\;ik;"'Brown, an escaped prisoner Dr. William A.Moale a prominentand 'Indigestion, ;; ;:. o. ::.a

t.t..Tampa, was captured at Key widely known citizen of Baltimoreand With its companions, heartburn fla Dally No. t. No. 2. No. L No.311'

:.lead. returned owner of the Hotel Stafford died tulence torpidity of the liver, constipation Exc' Daily DaUy.. I 'TATI0N8. Dally. Dell? y..sc pt

-, ird county people are talking of today after a brief illness. palpitation of the heart, poor. Sunday Hun

I little printer' Ink to advertise The proposal to make Prince Charles blood headache and other nervous -

i-....., ro... Push It along. of Denmark king of Norway. 1* symptom, sallow skin, foul tongue, LV A M1LY I P M'LV, A M Ar. P u Ar A M Ar Pot

"'-Lake has been adx ported by those having the aup-I offensive breath and a I legion of other ; 4 . ............V.lrftf'ld.......... :. I .
L City postofflce deciding and also would be 'ailment, Is at onoe the moa'' widespread 7 05 . . . . ...... .. ... ...... .I1'YfDe._...... ... .... ..... 6u)
$ > aeoond class and the people by' ; and destructive malady _among ROO. . . . ... ...... .. Dan{ arvan ....... ........ 65i
1 entitled to free mall delivery. tlcally received the majority of the 8 05 . ,. . ........ ....nouthside. .... ... .... . : . 5 tw
the'Oeala shot Norwegian people. the American people. The ilerbiue 810 I.. . ..........Hlekman....._...... ....... .1'. .5: 4i
r Jl't'7, negro on Governor Magoon. of-the canal zone, treatment will cure all these troubles. 515 ..... .. ......... Lake 8Imonton... ... ...... ... . . 54)
night while engaged In g_m. oOo bottle. Sold by W. M. Johnson. S 30 . .. . ....... ... ... hf l canopy ........ . .......'. . . 31
lay not reoorsr. The other neped. today cabled that Alfred W.Prove, an -_. ts 8tI .. .. .. . ... ..... _. .. ... Tacoma ...._........... . . Ti .0
American canal employe, was stricken Lose the I'rl.. 84:1: . .. . ........ .......... irkwnod....... ... .....". . . 511)
with yellpw fever at Corosa] on James Cro *Iey. a, noted English bib- 8 50 . .. . ... ..... ........ .. Olyatt... ...... ....... . 5 11)
>'. opl. of St. Augustine are welllearn July 4, and Kmlllano Rodriguez a Colombian bled him one memorable dayto Q'OS . . . ... ......... .... .aeaboota.... .... ..... .I . li
rhlo that the Institution liomaniac' 916 ... . . ........ . ......Rock" Polat...... ... ... . 44)
at Panama, July 7. a bookstall Bhudeblll market and 9 4bAr .. ... . .1. 4101100Lv
l tfeaf ,dumb and blind'is to re. J t
spying a little volume took It up and 6'i5L6'0 1 .......G a 1 a_-10........ r se2t) iii 10Ati 3U1SCI

,. .:.)11tba; & city.'eielaruction. Bent Her Double.. glanced carelessly through It. After 11 85 640 653 .... .....Bellamy.... .... 865 94o :: :

of a.rook road from "I knew no one. for four weeks. ,when awhile be asked it* price from an old 1200 615 705 ......_...... Cyril.......... 840 93') I 1641'
Jacksonville ,will no dobbt I was sick with typhoid and kidney woman and was told It was two and 12 20 108 712 ..............Orah.m..... .... 882 922 t SC,
'..s' enterprising of the Izpence. "I'll give you sixpence for 1240 113Ar 128 ... ...Bampeoa City ..... o 8 1') 1 11.
hastier move trouble, write Mr. Annie Hunter of it." Bald Croneley.... ":\.,.." replied. the" 1........ 9 W10150 ....P.I.tll..e. 8. a: F'.. .. .S r.o r 600 s.. . .
tpptlat Pittsburg Pa. "aud when I got better .
,\,' Balford.'1's public schools hays an although I had one of the best doctors poor old dame;;"It cost me :-S-Hhintng" ::;:.::: ii'fr" 8 45" ;;.Lake'City. O.8.: F.::. 4"p '7..z" ':: .

:' I[ could I bent douK had Whereupon our,book devourer threw It ........... .... 310 P .....T.Uab&Aeee, 8. A. L. ... 148 J.I.. .. . .
,bnent of sixty pupil, with Prot.YJoit.e get wa and down in disgust and retired. A,:gentleman ....... 11 O 11 00 a _..Valeloeta, H. 8. a F... 4 bO PI 6 ro ,. .
a* principal and Miss 1\I&K' to rest my hands" on my tawe wheu I overhearing the altercation ......... 3 a 4l0 P .....Maoon G. B. A tI'..... 11 Sf s 12 40 a. .
otlns assistant. walked. From this terrible affliction I stepped forward and purchased' It at .... 7 3a 1 55 P .........Atlsnta C. of a....... 750 a 900Av ," .
'' was rescued by Elect'ic Bitters which the um demanded. Ct'OI'IlIley' returned PMr AMAr PH LvAMLvPM. .

.. Immigration agent from Chi restored my hwaltn btid strength and soon after and noticing the book bad
..,. been looking the land'wejnnty
over anxiously inquired what bad become -
now I ran walk" a* straight as ever. gone
Trains 3 and 4 do not run between Oainenllle and F.irfield
south of Miami. the
They of It. 8ohl. answered woman -
They are simply wonderful. Guaranteed

Mull pleated with the location. "for what you refused to give." L. E. BARKER General Su r'nt..ndeot.' .
t_i f< to cure stomach, liver and kidney Tell me who bought It. and I'll give J. P. JUL, ARens. J. D. WATKINI GenerAl Agent
OojMl Lumber and Supply Com disorders ; at all drug stores ; price &Oc.
him 10 shilling for Itr aald Croasley -
---------- .. ----- -
axmteotplate establishing norWOfka eagerly. The moral la self evident.
'.M Orange City cud will Americana Arrested In England. i

t'a part of the Eau lallta plant London July 13,- J. 8. and II. C. A stay of Lla-ti

t plaoe, Fhlpp' sons of Henry Phlppa of Pitta- The straightest thing In nature or .Southern Railway.

""*battk building at Jasper( has burg. who were recently charged before art Is n ray of light when paaaing
medium of uniform density. . .
a sheriff with the reckless! discharge through a
rbeen; tlom l..d. The building
of Hence the eye Is enabled to teat the
firearms on the Henufort esTate
tI.. -on" and the bank will haveme
\ bolding
tralghtneaa of an edge or tube by -
i room Hon. Frank Adams (In the Highland of Scotland. coincidentwith Effective May a8, 1905.
It nearly a* poealble .
lt>as.Hl. by Mr. Phlpp from Lord Lout a.
lidentvof, the bank. a ray of light..euctt part aa de-
> ) by which they wounded three
pr. part from atralchtneaa then Intercepting :3 Vestibule Train East >.. Zit No. 2O >orta aDd Went. >'>. ii
Ill."a Fenaacola family wa absent .
nun, were committed for trial to hiy.
( shade to be ------ - - ---- -
"hom..njoylug their summer out.ia The defendants were liberated in a ray and causing a Lv Jacksonville. So. Ky 9 lOa 7 65p.v I I Lv Jacksonville Fl. .80. KrSo. 7 4.p
;, burglar entered the residence $2.500:! hall each. The Phlpp boys dls- cent upon other part It.I* not knownat I. Jeeup. Bo.. Ky 11 4Oa lO4Op.v Ly Jesup Ga. . KySo. It. ,)'. l
what early period In the history of Savannah .So. lay 1 SOp 12 15a Ar Maeon, Oa. . . lif f 't a
l a) bath and aD outfit of the own. charged shotguns: at three men whom mankind the discovery waa made that Ar Columbia 80. Ky o 65p 6 OOa Ar Atlanta.. ,80. Uy. 5tiaArkomeGa :

ieotarbealde $500 worth ofier. they bettered to be poachers. One of tralghtne could bo! thus determined.It Ar Charlotte . So. Ry 1O 2Ap 965a . .So>>. Ky 7 3So. >*
He waa not out for his health the mt"1WIU struck in the face and I* certain that thousand of mechnu- Greensboro. So. Ky 1 13a ll'Rlp Ar Dalton. Oa. . _ . R,. B =5-.
..' lost the sight of au,eye. ics UM the method dally without being Ar Danville. . _. .St). It,. 2 2la 2 lOp Ar Chattanooga, Tenn So. Kr. tl 4a;:
of Ar Kifihmond . & 8 6Ma O Ar Lexington, Ky . .Q. A O fi :Ji!I'.1
..1: famous Nocatee grove at Aroaklb able to give a rational explanation 1. Ky 42p ArCineinnntiU..Q A C 7 4', n
Highwaymen Kill Railroader. It. Ar Lynchburg Ho. Ky .4 aia 4 2upArCharlotteevilleSo.Tty .!
of Ool. T.J. Waiklos.n <
s '
property Lv Cincinnati O. . Dig rour 4i.i
. . 0 18a e JOp
\V'Inlh-hi., Kan -- - - ---- - --------
Bold to K. A. Thomas of that July 13-T o highwayutiti Ar Washington..So. Ky 95Oa 9 Wp Ar Chicago. Ill Big Four 7Pa M

for tlOO.OOO. It baa 110 sores In *ho early today at Cedar UNHAPPINESS DISPELLED. ArR.ltlmnror.. R. K. 11 SO* 11 25p Lv Cincinnati;-OAr -. . Line ;* $- .'
,trait and orange Ool. Thomas vale hot noel Killed J. C. Calhoun of Ar W. Ph'del'ia. ; p, R. K. 1 45p :l M. Chicago III . . .1'. Line. 7Lv
M* the most extensive orange grow Kansas ('lt. a special agent of the lea sad \V*.>. c...!_. AW.t U.I \r New York P. K. R. 4 ISp C 30. Cineinoati.O. O. it, U. r t,.;
Atchison, Topeka and Santa FV railroad I >tany wom.n weep and wall and refuse Ar Chicago. Ill Mnnnninir 7 ZI-:
the State. No.84 "New York and Florida Ex.
to be comforted
because their one raaoI
o.1e1&o1"ID the city Wednesday, whoa were surrounded by a posse ..tJle..lna I I nlflcnt .....*._ have become thin amtfaded pres.," u.n Drawing Room I.. Cincinnati O if.C. -P 5'4ss Ji*'
D. ;
Fort Toledo OAr . H. A
nrur Oklahoma state Ueepins Car and Jaeksun
line : Many men Inclln to profanitybecause Tampa
t arrived from In Onto . . P. M 725*
| polnte Iletmit Mich,
and shot and KHU-.l. the fit.. bile through the thin I ille to New York. -
Pennsylvania, waa heard to .z- thatch on their cranium It will b. goal No. "Wathlnetort and Florida Lv Cincinnati.OT l a Line* :3'P
i aurprU.e that S,. Augustine P*<'- new" to th* mlrabl of both *ex*.. til .trolled." Daily Pullman Drawing 10515S..
;,tlbjoy such beautiful summer I Baseball Player and Foot Rac.rsl ..am that Nwbro' Ifrrlrtd has been Room Sleeping" Car Jacksonville to
placed upon the market. This .. the nw .',...' 6 4.i.
New York. Ar Cleveland O ling r
ler. He said It was much oooi.rmore Lout J. Kruger. vx ehampioa long scalp ..nn ld. and antiseptic that acts -
1 delightful here than in distance foot racer of Germany and or destroying th* germ or microbe that I Lv Ix xingtoo. Ky . So. Ry. b 31'
TTtr..sh'5Tb. La.4 ef tile 'J" 5.. SO Ar Louisville Ky .&1. Ry SIP
write la the underlying cu.i* of all hair<* ,
was and eltiee la the North Holland Oct. 2:. 1101:; j "Dur-
7 3"!"
truction Ilrplc44e t. 'a ee.w PNPara. Ar St. IXMII' Mo . . .So Ry
',whe. had training of weeks foot LT Fla. . So. 7 .
; been sojourning.. leg my eight mad Jacksonville.. Ky Mp Y M a
tion after anew formula en a a Ar \BOIUMI. AU .t'o. f y '
Record. raoea at Salt Lake Cay, in April last entirely nw prlaclpl Aayoaa who ha Lv Bavaaaaa.Oa ..u. 80. Ky 12 loa Ar Birmingham Ala ,rV>. Ry. 11 4Ss
I need Ballard' Snow Liniment to tried It wtn ttlrr .. to na wont ,TryIt A r Colombia. 8.O..bo.\ Ky 6OOaAr Ar Frieeo li lp)
f*'.M *mt Kids' HaU Club I I. to my yovratf aad .* ceervtacMt. IM..by Aaheaaie,K.O.. . .,. .80 Ry 1 trop Ar Memphie.Tean Mo FriaenMemphia II""
rjfctot the State. They lathe greatest ..'''f.1un. Therefore, I tMolnadrucalata.. >.< ..... la atajnpe Ar Ho Sprfa**. N. O. 80. Ry 2 slip KanaCUy, A j'l''
.. ..... highly_recommend Haow Liniment to for eawtpl* to Tae tI*rpc e. co. Z>etroiu A? ICaiozville, T.aa. .80. Ky e Cop' T.ao.
Mt Tltusvtlle olub 111"
. all who are Uo.blItb sprain. MKh.J. Loralerille,.,. .r ....1', ... My 8COa! Hot Spring Ark _
!p If frame. can be arranged.lawraj tit. Lssl,.. .. .. ,
r>suite* or rbeomatUm.* 2&t. 6Vs and H. Bealferd Ca. dpeelaI.scM Ar ,",' ..8o.Rv 4MpAvClaeiaaaU No. 18-"The Florida Ltmil'
on up the State going . ...'. .Q.* 0; HlftaNo Daily. Solid y..Ubale train throu"
$1. Bold by 'V. M, Johnson; - -- + -
: a.. &*,. Augustine act Jack . day eoaehe. a ad Pullman bleepicy
>'....!*Ahey wilt play the best -- E. H. WaTEI .. .50 DaHr Brawl.. Car.Jaekaoavlllel4> Cinclaoati.No. .
Attention. Voter y 1 fcittet Isst Room
testalL' = 19-Pallmaa Drawlag
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. all MetroextlU. i, advertising In Tb. Sun. Oalj i .- vZJ; 80DtYIL.t.L.
who pay the nm of $1.25 or r "Q'
: "!,, ," I subscription taThe Daily SAtn r" nee 'tII It-,

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-- CU7 Editor. allow H. E. Vest to ....'' . .. a rfh-r i'1'It"; hints, theta that
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throttle and rVm song
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.a.1td;. to nay? .- of tile Cnlted States,pottage "way. to main- .',J -ml.-' I : left at ..' .\.<) lta..r H."'". L...'..... A rCKtLT YXCKTABXJC COrtrOUXD and the MOST rEKFBCT i
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f.rr' Tt6flr: we n.a hmc thr- A eta: ,i-\ll."*tor rvcelveit a letter Calomel. Arsenic Qumina. HERB1NK U
cents for Gore week*-*tnctly in or a gvaru.-
; record for Ions run m this leer tit the from r :- ;' 1 in jnMcn part and was td cure for all dI....** produced bv a TORPID LI V Kit

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). ;Bg jnxrtion,and 3 cent for each additional I it left JackoiiM( ... it rrahf Co'um-!' : tran'ltumrtalnt to the po tofflc* purpose. One bottle par -..d today mar save you fro** ?"
tilt I brought ; nr!. reply that the matter could a sick spell tomorrow. Quickly cures Bul....... C..-
bia. alluwmR" Mr W..t titter to chanc tip*****. BysWpsla. Malaria Chills a..4 all UrrC4 l'
advertising made know not IM> af-
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Mater : :i > property of the pontmai *-
,TeTvice''t'eekSnotiaa cICht-p&cc.forty tt"r. genrrI i and neither the sender of A PROMINENT PHYSICIAN'S

p.1*r. published every Monday and In ,om" p'ai' ?** it uinj a et(.c..d of amilp the Jc.ttc'r' >r the nddreeeee<< bad further ENDORSEMENTDr.
contail the news of the t
local j. and state and general, and will be In !leis thnn 't nnniitt- going! ir, claim to It I Kansas City Independent.The A. ,. Hannah leading physician cf Umatma.1 J g

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to pay for advertising in ad- --- ----------------.---- Sulurau, but Ivas more aatUfled
Addre.. THK DAILY SUN.GAtazavlt.ts . Ballard Snow Liniment Co.
FROM THE STATE PRESS. anyway it seemed a* If I waa .-t.
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: ting mor fur my tn >nejI>etrolt .... ." X o al*. U. S. Jfc.
- '... .1'.1'I.'I.
Hurrah for lt":nvil!< she mil: r
| proof that Arizona i i. ready for continue the hn; .t hiorida Seminary I
be shown by the ballot Tlif Iir.el .< niaclatltai*.
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!'ictory to the O. O. P. building to mire into by private' old b.'n. )t..hl,,.... said Mta., Norris to AND RECOMMeNDED BY s,

subscription It i.i the "Rrit that beer II on. u\\ 11ft b them run to her when --w"_ M_ JOHN:: 30N 7 Ga.:1n.oe-v-:1.1J..o.: .
.magnanimity of some people is! JSU*."-Ooala t\-nm: ,: star. she call) t!'''m.**
. . .
------------ ----- - - - -- -
touching. They will refuse MU "I HU]<|MM. she Mt on them when

ring rather than con fee. the pp.t. Although'I it i I" a physical inipo...i- they wiry tl.>." remarked, the Infant I I I I "

.' bility to Jllt'a" everyone it is the .ceu- I,benomeiit>ii rftlectlrely.:

I The* Republicans of New York will eras] entini"ut over the tate that the '

from the mayor that every tub two board did only what they thoughtwas Stew In.I1", A_ H_" ". 0Iff
It "In a east., of energy to overeat. 0t You Are Insured. ,
di on Its own bottom and that for the very beet interest of theState .
Hut bow.n.any person are tempted to
wMcClellan la not a green tub. of Florida in locating the colleges 0t st
gratify the palnte long after the de-
Now that it has been
tnan l'" of titnicer bare been aaUafledT
IB Company that (. Have
a Responsible, a Pulley
San would be In favor of prolljor" we' should
g'<< ') Thomas to "Gener.I." carry this Important movement to a ut inv.llda Is recruited. Vats Losses Promptly ___

.alJ bj brevet which he deaerra most successful end.-Tallahaee Tap-
ital ............ CPARTIAL
gallant action and meritorious
Mr""' H".t I'o you find It ecopotn- You Are Assured
The Lake City Citizen.Reporter says : Ical to co your own cooking? Mr*.

statement of the man at that it "will be hard for certain member Iturnem. .Ob, ye.; my husband dosnt ,

r.Ol1io. that the New young York ando of the Board of Control to explainto eat half an ouch a. bjs did when w* That refuge.no serious loss can overcome you without you have sum ti.r

limited train was wrecked forty the taxpayer of Florida why they bad a cook "

,looks rather flimsy. It: it more voted for Gainesville for the State Uni - -. --. - /

the work of fiends. versity. How de... it come that th.-..

- -- gentlemen will b- called upon to explain Fire Life, Accident and Health lilsurailce.k;.

fast their act? They were discharging INSOMNIA .
only i trouble with trains it
liming\ the well-ballasted main merely a public duty-one ) None but Reliable' Companies' Hsprsaeutsd. ,

I imposed upon them tiy law Lake City
It if the tame In all buiinest. :
ha no right to demand an explanationfrom : ..1 ..... Mss eu,.. r...w. ,.. 1._.... wets,
the solid main
ran keep on : wbtea> J ..... -. eleet.d" r.....a ....., ...... e'
them-Tampa aily Herald .d I as ear tae l'.. rlv.a .A.l[ C'USE: .A.N':
all It lathe .
are right.
you open r.e.e tsaa asp 1.. := r\... . .:.r.-t ,
hu that play the. miichief. ....,t .....1... --..... .. -r 1..a4_ N
<>ainerill get the eni."iI' of tease .u My an r.er..g :om.... Lltl.. iU.beat I Information cheerfully furnished. OA1NKHVILI.E. FLORIDA C.I C.

Florida by a rote of six: to four. We
alter Taylor the who atiault-
man congratulate the joint Hoard of Control For I I I I /\/d

Coorr4'urnao Lamar three year the city of Gainesville and the TM powtla I .. .. .
and --- - - - - - -
was sentenced to five year in Florida this deoUiotiIt :
people of upon :
penitentiary. has been refused a 1'--- PRICE LIST OFWhiskits
wa a wise one, which the coming
ibj the state board and will year will confirm Gainesville madea wow cavwMTto I.
ki.timr Win Bttr and Malt
10 ret at present.I'ardons are not ao Rood; tight and deserves the honor. II, ?

heaped her and certainly we re. .
upon = = = =- ... -- -
--- --'--- -- ----- -

joiee with her in her good fortune p,....... ........... ........ Ts.le tla.d De p. d .:x I'U EM4! .'U EI',11 It.FtU U.-4--.1a. free>st 1.f1'pal4.. '
'florid :Mid.Winter State Fair which I. the good fortune of the State Ir.s11.4e. *..... .. > M.. tai.ies. N*
.. Uri"'l .il Qu M.aowre. 4 1.1.... S Dui I*Qua .
A14 !' beia. Tb II.'") 1'rr (u"a"; .
pai' making great preparation alo Gninenville' enterprising bu.i- NsuuSS4 t* a.* .. peer :...:;c.u Hiinlta' '' CTit.. Hre .... . .t. eft M OO It00 ,tie.Lila. t'orntu ta.1 erad.. i
nain the editors of this and ad- ness men usually gt whatever they go a t.ruag Resod r c..C"&cace"t1.?. .a>. N.W>* Couair lOe. . 1 0) a S. 7 If) > I'., illalk .u.,.
Ri..01.. enrn. "...u 101". 1".I1'r, '
CStlt.; tome time. during the after ')tah for Gainesville and the //UHWAL SALE TEl R.UII... Mt'n05r.45 a'. e .. J.> M .01Isaa.'sH $t M' 1'.r '..11....
It goes without that of }'larida.-Levy TimesDemocrat * T. S m 1 MHoolal .,..Gta. Coro Hunt, l seat fur (.. n>un.rtiai .
saying University -- Drov, ..... . . .. to) S W ISO) t'... l>siaun"d4"
sill k- a big time and a big .. . . ... .. Mr. 1'1I41t and Apple Heady. M.Uo rv
____ '__. '_ Ml WaUker T% a CO M ... hr .....
T'oJatt" of the event will be -- -- -- Ilr a4y. .. .. . . n ou to 7ut I....O.Uon'
tilt a: ample time. The colored people of Atlantic City FOLEY'SHONEYMBTAR Apple J .Iwandy Ira t ou a anP Vtoiort Ity.. ...o.UI I)..u.-. lire. N..s''....

\. J., are contemplating trouble because :;tlSMlUtai. . ... . ... zee 4 II' T *A iu..tliyLKMI .
boll w-eril; !i. doing much dam- the manager of that famous resort Nona Carolina Ccn': : *$ e ua f oa i ,II '
will not rent them bathing suits Mow*lain Cor, S T. *> s Mlo "Ititss' I two
sotton In Louisiana and Texas, duaaiea Item. . f 4 aft 1 Sft : . I ..
i3Teoie.seeand Northern Mis-( and allow them to gn In bathing with .....u.... Nos. . 1 n S fO S awTk Mteadard darll I !. 61ah..sra
omit' (gaudy s u> e aaRJMC
the white people. We have always 01 Ke',' Iluerbea I n a ou S *O ,( ubsreer, Iai.nt.d I notr. '.
nary fields bar been absna r ... AU.. ,oInl. ... . *
Irau, maintained that the Northern peopledid Tha crigisal. Aw_a_.. Avowed o. All Oo Mla of HAM U taa..' hlu1I. tint., S SAIIAXH
a* the continued rains
: Pvte. by tn. bbL on apedIe.Ilos ,
.hl.rered 1 not understand the problem regarding ,1

ud Florida with cultivation.are the only The the negroe In the .South, LAXATIVE c a ugh nr.11. a.uii M .I.U'kltu! ,'iLLE: . :
test tarenot reported with too where, they have been known for many Tie g_nyan.WOLETa W. MT. BROS. t'I.-'. .

with year* and the people have a keen .eneof _w--- -., .....- ..._ w._.__ __ --
according to the weekly HONEY! and TAR. tapswksc ';

their need and are willing to belp a T.U..., *. ....,..* SObsttCvjAaaVVeH J... M. U...... r..I4. II K.; T4VLON, Cashier

them along in nearly every needfulmanner sir. sr": tn above all thing ele' they are
remark to The Penaacola ...... .0._._".. 0"-',
that The Sun Is not ..Iml.tlc never denied the privilege of bathing .
to the discovery of oil In Flor at any and all times, In fact they are rr Sal. by J. II'. JIc1'*''.a. M (.. THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK .

fl Krt -ployed by the Pear- I i encouraged In. this healthy recreation
--- -
PIO'.J' that them are strong MEMAHtWMNB. OF G.d2ZQ'...wSv"XLLE.THE eE
oil here aDd he should I Catarrh Cannot be Cured C rw.I4 Y far..at.raaIntl.

it.thing abontlt. We hope he With local 1 application., a* they cannot w e..r .4 ..a/.....s.Lwr a..wb.w..w..r.trra ONLY NATIONAL, BANK IN ACACHUA CO'. ;,

sal also bop She companJ'h'r reach the seat of the disease" Catarrh . a. r..sw. ad e.. an t.. '.

,, Of money oat .of the I. a blood or constitutional pees w a/ear.was54 >1aieMeb, $ ooStirpltw
Te a t a. M awS L pdat weee.e,
only Idea wish
w* 10
and In order to cure it you must ,
l kthst ease, a. 'uw.u. pcep..d. fat
iprts eome hig i.it take internal remedie. Hall' Ca.teeth N w.w.a.s brow ee e...ra.u..I.4 .st.FmNJ. and Undivided ProtitH. . 30.000 00

Core is taken internally, soda Paao ........*. a.ea te.dela wltk '_01"_ ...., M Mr' Batt Is .ae ateSs $oi1ste k
apparent let .. ...... ... .
blood * *of rxaiaia. kM.j t4wwrsb.a..w. laswees siiee.
'* -op In the ts directly on the and raueou .. siss slarraa.7Si.at AU.es w....esed Ie.e.eils t

sea Jj try ja Gainesville and surfaces ,fall'. Catarrv. Core i. nut a H. ..TA YLOa.o..*..,. %

t' r**Wenu. and business quack me<< '
aitancing; toward eompUJ on. of the beet phy.*...AS ia stile eoan-

r1"d a. pos lbU. owing to try for years and I. a regular prescription. .

.. .. , mml rtaL TbU baa It I. composed of she best U>oU. I' ftU..LIn&D B. F. JORDANera p

ItoiS a J dnwbia ao far thU known combined with the beat blood "s" A'b cotwvaasa..r '

""?ral I poop. an waiting purifiers, sating directly. oa the ma . -w%. /. M'.Md.V' .weal.." ..,
I .; oJ new aw-.. a. eooa .O.M .orfs>... The p.rfe< eambina- s v..L .t *r pgseMtt ,.. s ,
Meat eat (
real) as be lion of the two Ingredients. I. what YsSJ 451 Irrlc .s }. PM: INSURANCE
5.4"o,0 ae ursdv Heal. produce such wooderfal re.Hilt. in _pm..as.rr sir. circle ttls.s Rig ,... era ;,
+occ. tiwl.s. 10 **. Bead tor s.sNm.aial.trtl. + -
of carlo atarrb. ,
k t1e.. t'III.ena Ia UOs 4ty.. .. P.Jftfesl CfslrsT Co.. Prop.To4.do ... .",.. Xaa&ftAjttSStMjd&gTj:

aa., good b.lii. '.. 10M"aecaabJe ...,.10. :,,';< tt'i\-( : p . .

.... fag ... bit.1 ai.t. P'S.. T5e. ,i
K tll
; t1a If r .. toe
-';. .." _.r;: :, _\. ', I 4 .,., ,7m. ). ". .




THE SWELLING TOAD. DID YOU EVER WONDER- 1Rew u. 'rrl. Ce.atesf tt.. :1n:7BX2q'Eaa:

UWe have a man In this .offlce," remarked C. R DB
.*... r...<. About Ta>l. O4.l.r \\-J1y a baby carriage Isn't known asa one of the official of the treaury *- Mathusbek Pianos --
, M.as ....-....
cl7t7dp' department the other day. "who la DR. D.VKRE B.
n. wonder of the genus batracbla MOIa-as.
Why It In so much easier to be wrong without a peer anywhere In the country -
the greatest natural history oddity than It Is to be president when It come to spotting a counterfeit .

i,' be found along the Atlantic coast Why some people! manage to talk a .coin. Ilia faculty for telling the NOTED FOR sWEETNESS A3D PURITY . DENTIST. . .

,the United States H the -welllng great deal without saying anything? spurious product baa been developed to OP TO E. POWER ASltDURABILITY.
a aemlaquatlc creature known to of a remarkable degree' lie gave an Illustration '
Why 10 many our coming men
ttnrallxts aa bufomachalarua. It 1slocally of his skill the other day. On .
seem to be handicapped from the start?
met with from Nea York that table In the corner there were 0.7o. over Jaarens Endel' J"hn... .
Itjr:to .Taek onyllle. Fla., but la most Why the company that Issue the piled up a couple hundred half dollar
has the uUly cureless railroadthereon
along the coasts of Virginia Apparently they were all sound and J. A. CARLISLE
land and North Carolina. When ? genuine specimens from the KQTern.ment fleas rlaeo for tW trying oimat. stands Insane ,
Why the average man Invariably 11)"er than otLem. coe.truct d of
t'Jta ,natural state the "swell toad"iabout mint. Our expert walked Into the ATTORNEY AT LAAud '
maS..'.. fool of beet materials and \\
'the size of a himself every time hetries moss an wa
a large bullfrog, room and giving one glance at the pile
looks, more like a fleh than It doe) to net up% ? of halves twenty-five feet distant be -cw.maOlltlp Up to date ob'a'1labl.. solicitor in K uity
n every
ka.,either a frog or a toad. It Nat Why itien are nearly always", embarrn' quietly remarked: detail and Un- -
'. Inches **tl] wh "' they e-either flnantlaly RefE tate,
lz In length and ban the pi"opo There'll a counterfeit In that stack.* e ono faculty of being' able to swell ,i>r otI"t'wl? "He then stepped up to the table and attended Practice. -All IJUIIIO't". ir"rn.., 1
>>,tb.aUo of a football. In which state Why "u mrnn: Ten who ore anxlon pulled coin frqpi out of the middle of Sold by1 us coDtlnuOUIItor! 0fflCe I1t'SI. dour "
;'legs, tall and head arc scanely to work ;vtu-!1 ,,\c': nro just'" as anxious the pile. It was tested nnd found to be > LrAINkcVILLfc.! f ,

to nvuIl1lt n'hen! w'll"hy ? spurious. I asked tho man to tell how

Ible.itloa appear to he tho chief \\ some n: "i are not not black aa he discovered the counterfeit. OVER, THIRTY TWO YEAH; FERDINAND HAYEK,.

In canning these Curious ere.t- they itn' |,i.ilKt! and some are not a* IJy the reflection! of the light* be ATTORJvEY AT LAW'

to Inhale air until they swell|| nlto white 1\8 they are w fjlte\vasl+l?-Cinclnimtl replied. 'The raya cost from that coin without a single tanu rp.. If TOO GAI.NE9VILI.kf .
;: .""bursting. The twillof/ oth 1'II'Juir'r. were wholly different from those sent want a piano for a lifetime's : J. ,

i !JDa1 and female are !iie-irly pure i out by tho other pieces. That coin stood service buy the --

and are .covered with spines .'...,h. ('Irtltes :J.,.. out as distinctly from the rent as a Can sell your city |.roi-erty.
"'give that porrfon of their nmtto- In a small Sjtit'i Ameiicni state I blood ,red poppy In u field of white ]:\vI.t1 ..u.sh..e k I I proved and unimproved), l.hu.'naL''

,t.the'' appearance of a well rite which' had rentty 11n.: ::-rr >:IP n t'!HHJ::" flowers.* "Washington Cor. lirooftlyn trucking list and farming l IUDU., >t'IQ ':1
'Jtnt.0D bur.' IVrnons who under- of administration the new p:'>>tentc'e .:& Price as low a* U eoct Bt with quality. a of what you offer for ale .! i"l},

the "awellton,1", find know vat summoned 1111 artist"' and ni-l,>>-<".I| HAV C.*b or on easy tern. sent on aa
'\:1tabJe. little rnxcal It In cut It designs for nil the ol( !< lat tiu'farui gle.CASTORIA anaL! We pay fr !ttti. Write W.E.. BAKEK.ATTORN .

I rub the spine-! on Its hPlly."lwII "1 wlnh, showy t'Ul't'r: for price. TODAY.

rW 1, up until It Is utterly helpieM.rcurlous showy" he IInieL "for thc'I'Pf.tc'' lire I' .. E Y-AT-LA%\',

point about the erea* pressed by thnn. I hate here nouiesKcUhe For :Infants and Children. . SOLICITOR IN Cll.\\la.l
sM; that aa long nil It Is. kept on that I myself have: |'rrn lu. Ludden & Bates t
It It la unable to expel the air ao Look them over aiwl be guided by these The Kind You Hate Always Bought

.>',reduce the swelling.' 1 Ideas<< as far aa potHlblc." GAINESVILLE Alachua Co, t ,
ft The artist Bears theSignature Office in End el
examined the ,sketches Hloclc
\ carefully. or Southern Music House
Tlils.M he said turning the pages, "is
l.ar to This Wr..... Worn* evidently for the navy and this for the .. SAVANNAH GA DR. J. 11. ALDEKMAX, ,
:Jk.. M.r. Civilised Than Men.ftr army but If you please, what Is Iaprompta .....ry. JOHN D. MURPHY Mgr.
In of the most ,
loclrKlllM a long plume three one fashionable restaurants -
'In bill study of "the on a
yellow dress coat trimmed with la. Paris a man's life was ESTABLISHED 1870 DENTIST.:
{{Interesting elngs* In the wor""" tblil-I
ly men nnd formulnfon aud" saved through the skill and quickness GAITHER
women- a BRYAN, State Ag'ts
,. of one of the guests. It appears thata ,
'of, the body or quality of any gravely, "Is for the secret police"Ii. man, with three friends was diningat TAMI'A. FLOKIIU. Over Dutton Cos Hang GaceUII.e:
one of the mall tables when -- ------
I/that la not unlike In the sexes apiece i -
la a. man even to his thumbs, Kind Today. I of meat lodged In his throat and I

i m Is-onaan' H a woman down to her Lens spent on ties dead and more be found It Impossible to get rid of LOUISVILLN[ DR. GORDON B T1J>ON.

toes.. Let man. with his vaunted spent on the living would bring about It. Ilia friends In alarm slapped him

ity In everything cultivate a many happy re u1t.. Hearts ace break. on the back but the unfortunate man DENTIST.Office .
,;feeling of his real standing In Ing, loved ones wait and tear flow all became black In the fd,.e/vtud fell to '

"'Of''Mr.. IIII1' statement that wo- because of the withholding of kind the floor A surgeon from the German lusnmu B. R.ft.Very

g"at. unquestionably superior In words unspoken and letters never sent. hospital who happened to be dining In loMiLer Law tOAI2IB9VII.X.S. ch.u..e
tactile sensibility and probably The aged father and mother far off In the cafe pushed hid way through the

J In the discrimination of the country would often be cheered did crowd. lie saw at once that the man FLA

',"Tiw1th\ (to be perfectly IroparW the son or daughter more frequently ;was dying and that It prompt measures Low Rate Sum- .
Round-Trip ----- --
;advantage either way In the send them a letter. Behold the sad were not taken be would quickly

>gases, but they have letter mem mistakes of others, their remorse, and uccninb. He ordered one of the wait- mer Tourist TicketsOn THE WENT END,

l'''taad,more rapidly bear pain lx-t- profit by the same before It U too late. era to bring him a small funnel suchas FINE 'VINE
sale daily to variou North LIQUORS A ClUARd
la used In bottling wine and then reports
'1 recover better from wnnuds timid Today, now. speak the loving word \
Illnesses are I less changed by send the tender message, write the let.ter without n moment's hesitation, took and ,\'elt.including limited; Chic October, Milwaukee Slit to return '- JOHN ME.VZIKS.. Proprietor
EO!: ,
",.;Uv* longer nnd barn relatively you put off day by day, and don't out a sharp knife, cut the man's throat. 19-MI W. B' .y at..Jaek..onvule I' .a
brains espeelully !In the rental wait until you. forget it or until bitter removed tile piece of meat ,and-the I Coloradopring.'

la.V', 'nifn. to put It In a few memories haunt }ou.A waiter having returned-quickly Inserted Extremely low rates to Portland Fault beer bottle and draught Don't
ere more rtvlllred than men. the funnel 111 the opening. The Orf account Lewis A Clark Centennial fail to call on me when inMAXKRAUSb Ja.klol" I"

|k0>>>e Other hand ')1 r. Kills' flnd-t nraslllnn IIunM.hota Pet.llrazllliins inuii wan then hastily conveyed to the Exposition ; also to San Franciscoand I

''rite, slower In mind with trrtvitrr ruin a snake called the hospital where a silver tube won inserted I.o Angelec.' I

th of Ixxly (they are two three glbola all a rat catcher. It liII fifteen In tho place of the funnel anda Only line operating through sleepers' ,

|lour; time us Mrong UM' women). foot tug is harmless to the human I, few hour!:! later he was pronounced from Florid to Chicago./: Representing

In movementvlth touch being, becomes quite a household pet. out of dancer. f Only linn' operating through sleeper

Iter. lung rapnctty, im>ro blood! corand M lazy In the daytime but at night -q from Florida to St. Louis with dining E. A. WEIL & CO. IZTWHOLESALE
'' eshnlo tvlo ax much car- matte about tho house In quest of Its ear service.' ,

> dioxide but these limit timlltlf] nre prey-rats.. These!' animal. It promptly "LOW..RAT-ES I Through, tourist sleepers, to Califor.
drawbacks than iithorwl i since kllU by twisting their ne{-ki.! When nia. Free reclinjng chair car. Iinett SHOES

t-ar;?. .. ices able to endure c >nlln "-- Ilruzlllnns have to pass from room to FOR dining; car service in the South. Or All l)e criptiwn .
.fond bad air. room In the dark they first put on their Ask for ticket via I.. %: N,

slippers. It would not be pleasant to Special : Occasions For rate and schedules to any point

Dart.'nh'.r.lty.. plant one's bare feet on a cold slimy North or West, and for Pullman r'' 'er-
\"IA vatlnnn. call on or write OKO. J--:. IIEKHINO .
J1a 1917 then lj.tin alltHlon U SOUTHERN RY. j 20- W lily St., Jacksonville, 1 Fla.W. DUALITY Shoes. Every
oath university. I>nrtinoubfoundoil ( '
CnUlnar OK! .b \o o_. pair warranted.
wu by a charter nr.int TWO TRAINS DAILY L.AST.
In Homo parts of the world. especially
ore the Hevolutloii. ami,l the Mtato II. SI H LEY
,Mew llaraitshlra sought to take Italy and India It has been cu. oni- irate JMk..'ont ille OtlO a. m., ":5.: p. mf4l J. Manasse. Agent4LtIESTILI.E'S
dry to employ removal of the nose asa
I'IIYSICIAN AND SURGEON.Dry ----------- --
the charter rights nnd n".' the form of punishment sometime Jndlrlnl. > :2: Atlantic City, N. J.. and rp.
aa a part of tho new unlft I but chiefly. as a mode of carrying turn. On sale dally. Limit October ; PA\UKI1.
which wan charterol I by the N 31. l9 i. hot air oiedlotted vapor bnth and leQ-
out prl\ ate rvtengv. Kwpeclally In so mollitrlrtM trl<-.I l treatment wU be uJ In conoeotlon
Jtnre. The point was r..I..*. thatfrgislature I ( of India U It considered a suit- Mil.s liar Harbor. Maine, and r". with me ltr>lne. In the treatment of ll.ea.e. of
had 118 rlgtit to do th!... Mbli form of punishment for. husband"' turn. On sale dally. Limit October wb..tcer nature or duration RE,onT.

;'It was so decided by the Unlte tuprrme to Inntot on a wife whose conduct he 1. 1JW5.i OtHo in PorterBl'k, alb E. Main St. N.

,"'. court after a memoxpoMttlon UO>M not tipprote. Among the Uomuns i &t.lO Saratoga Springs. N. V.. and nUouaTIL1.. FlXJRIDA
of the case by Daulol rnturn. On sale 1.lmlOotoher
This Alachua Pool Parlors
|MMinlty tens not at all raptly In- -- -- --- -
The,, Gaiette 31. 1W' .
ten pokes fun at
r11t"h..1 l iHttli
by tau law aDd by privateauliutvtlty.
> 'university which It state*,. "has *::17.OO' Washington. I>. C.. and r.. THE SUN

atudent." who "may aerie aa a -- .-.- turn On sale dally. Limit October
t' ea.N 31, IQo'l. JOB PRINTING C. Burr, .'rflprlf'l jr.
....1.. Twla..

Iioltnii twins are a great curiosity, TWO
'lt,\ A at...lnr n.tv
way the Hlngalea and Tartar twin to live. Twins. In their belief, ....,,..ark"4 ntllle 7t4&: p. ..., 7:",: p.m

have of popping the question are brrnldM of tm| endlng evil for aen."t .t .u.o.a Chicago. Ill. and return. Makes a Specialty of All Kinds
a1ng+Uar. The man ends and pur- On ale daily. Limit October 31. lfr>6.
ninny ,tears ago the abduction of Located! in the Porter Block t.ulh
da lady'a wearing apparvl. Of beautiful! twin daughters by member f2O.4U: Ij>ui.ville. K,., and return of Plain and Fancy tide square. Three flrit-ela table
fie If she due not like the gvntlo- Ticket. on sale July '.'9 30 !limitedAugust (
of a distant tritx wall the cause of war Good lights, and prompt and eourt *:a'
she nt"t'dlot partwith. the con and great loss of life. Hence, probably. 10. 100A.! CommercialJob service. The pubile is cordially infiVU
ita of her TnrtlnU but If he I iflC.tt.'i Knoxville Tenn. and return
I Is th* orlfflnate.1 the practice! of kilting and always welcome
;?or'd one she readily doe ''c>. know, Indian twins u' born. Tickets on sale July 15. 19O,
Moon as they are '
- -
that when the evening cornea they limited IS days. Extension by deposit

be returned to her by the suitor ntrf Ilia until Sept. SO, 190A.Dlalag Printing

:person lie "I..td.| the night beth > She After mlw_k float.. Of married- lit.. Can, Service a U carle. ALACHUA COUNTY

> the same roof with her and the Arthur 1 Ita". rvMrhtKl, the sad certainty Sleeping ear reeervationa and detailed
'information furnished . .For. .
t day after a certain of
amount that you do not love tu*. Arthur oftle10R Alachua eounty Is t7)6,4kIJ acres
ng I* iron. through the ciniple'ii My. dearl ttbU' no UtI. protecting. upon West arplleatlon.Street. l'a..a..r Telephone 743.e Business Men area, has 248 mile railroad. V',

bit an tied together, aitd tbenceth You abouM haw married some crrdu- I J. O. LTJMK.Bay District Pas..ng.rAgt. miles wagon road. M ro"om**.
*>' nr>' until and wife. lees. stupid girl! .\rtbur-n'.U. dar Jaoksanville. Fla. 123 public schools, 27 pho"phat'
plants 3O saw mill. .75.U') ec.oft
y,5. lint I did twwt. Professional Men
* my very and
L house five
t'hlao.r 1"'a..u. ll- -- -- -- newspapers, pn
J .. corn, cotton nee. .ops'
..,,i has a deity who opeu Jest a t-_. The Florida Manufactories Etc oats, rye potatoes, pineapple, rrage.
'eyed Of bU Mr*>r htp rw In the ntoru- Dont beg: the world" owes yoo a llvIng. .. peaches pirs.. plum,

and another who clues them at .": slid the pr *perous dtlsen to the Fruit and Truck GrowerL cans, and all kiss!: +.? vegetat +
It.: lie.baa a utl of rUlng.. standing.ting. navudlcant. nut be WAS staggvrd by Legal Blanks on Short Notice.
...'1111111.. ..... :
: IIUt. wim- the '
1 !god. ut spitting. rliftng. .w.1.l replyAll rtgbt.: air; lend m* a trie till It J. BRt. BT. UJ.... aid ..'........ The following letter from ooe of our Gainesyille the County Seat.

... uaeeing, .'Ut' pry chuUug, pays up/*-'New York II era M. oc.LL"LA.* mall order customers ia s lf- zplana-
,, fare coa).' who par.told at the Dry lias fourteen ebaraa. two r
i of a Cblu s. baby and . . .__ .:...... .!." -fSBi-wIM&*. K-. Feb. **. -**. schools, the Kast Florida emuaati '

the uixratloct abu ttilnwiuanor. Young >Vlfet dont like that conking :Uagle apses...... . ..... ", a. IL> lleOreet7. privet. sehoole, three a. +Irn
lu bU own Ulloui, "ticks v tisiaenIIIC.911a. United States land office the e=
uppity feThaol t'h.- at all. St>* bas ue 'rpatience Dear . ,
Sir. B rv.4 the
printing rand
water fire alarm 'c
tier aonaUrr.tton. t>tx''. actually matter to d.. fjs system.
ajral will say that light two let f* r r
r ptgtaiL"A cru r Tlu-ri B4-Or*>*t .nskre: I. r .......... s6ilsAateh. I' its tie gas ts
= maehlB thrwooc
n.cu,.. Foe dor at really mak you eat Cve A bandromely iUastns Mstl/aattM toss..... w-......: ...... for rice shop*, fi t ,' y
,eottoa via two aaosa
!'1 th* aallar vaM thing dov she) detoteU p* .
poor ; the aLoarUtnr. the fraft and -* >1.s'. ls. ....r. these rail reads, two ferUliatectariaa rins:N
I. .
.t41. -1IU la a *!*<'. lifr ; _tlt4. :.:'.,.,. 'Jr- ':.:!>!':" .4<,. ; aompaaiaa. ofj a =s'ridb
n "T.., .JodMd the rlMMtfaJ Idiot "tMt Tres aoodoess 1s ilk. the glowworm ': '/1-:;' ,'-,-'''-' g

.:t'or.Mrk to; a. 1t. 1atitle- ,, that It thin.. mat urban no months A spoatal wtll b trial* **a s*ttitet. rye : tt: jlri$ t+tr.Msir: 'eletscl

".1\. r '
1. -.r -- --'






-_ .
-- -

ceorgiA; Legislature' Hard at Work.committe. A_ ".... N.www. w. TIt'. Cr.e..e

on New Count! *. ..* .!.. H...!.... Ha-E-EDU: TON' CO..

ltfaat4. July *'.-During the short A wnter says of Catherine the .

uf the bouse Tuesday several **r. .ru.,. of Ituu..la fn>o the
srayntr: : WJ1 were Introduce by yu 17i i: '

_:4.r'Dg members. Outside of the pass I I >'. at U snit lit tier own Ore :s A K: EaS

T U Her i s.a. Ideally simd '. Froiu
die :.f 4 few privileged resolutions I I I the r- 'i of creating and ver- .k
practically the only business 'fDo.
the us tlrluU Though she
: fre .
e wa
bouse a .f'D.ral hsnnln.t baats.aa. set sad s.tI loeeta: sad Do>>"II."G at........ ,1.
'f,1e he could! .ho .l lrinc .. ...
b II ny a note an Tb.soeoastaotbsans.0.anem.eofVLrStloas.farn. L"'abat.anlotaw. .,
d1raLer Slaton did not appoint his toast. .- ., ho couM sing iu better, oo- .....1.... ota faeor.b t.rroa. titv.tsl r..t.o Q.6. ::. OO'..ol'uce et sit .,
I I seseatbl. puree )ID 'be Cstted! iit! ,.,,,, ,;
new count M. but he had .
; committee on cast< ,H rf. rina lu a concert. A

+ the matter under careful consideration uiltl.. .. i I".t of the moat exalte' and r

and will probably announce Kt'ruot"u Engine: ridlru illavxirdant tone wart tb* ioJ
4:1rHll: the day I G..A.I: : ES-V-XT..Lm F'T.UF.TT' A ,
It today or tomorrow. Absolutely l tin .aft-pt aLd rn..at( eco.nomtcal I cv'n'.... e. oii seconding the other

the Interesting bills IntrouV power now un tI. 11O",1..t.1& I with ilc shrugs anti all the sol
Amoos aizt'II-J>8 to 2O hors puwt-r U'ruc terprices. I emn. t t. mpbjcnt' alr said grimacesof
d w&a one by Mr. Wright, of I
*rttaM she G. S. MERCHANTS CO. .
II1- tits. rrouthl4 p-
J"Jd. the object of which la to make This encint- i i. not H Jack at ..11tradf's" pa...-.'t. A cat concert and" imitated' ;
counties dry in"fact. He proo with Ujnitno- hutterie and
,rd:1 sundry' triieer to the, j 1"< ., of a cat In the most droll Retailer and Jobbers InStaple s
make It misdemeanor lor krp you "punIrd,
>.es to a but it JS a "Cracker J ek" to du your' sn-1 I h. n.ii4 manner, always taking ;,

any person as agent for another to work and no mioiake :fold) under full cart ...101 appropriate, half comb

.ell liquors of any kind in counties guarantee or your moni-v bIi. Simplicity bait "s.' mental! words. which wbe In. and Fancy Groceries

" share prohibition pr evaib. His bill itelf. vent.the (occasion or else, spitting ,

also make it a misdemeanor for any. GEO. W. MOYERS like u it la a Mission, with her backup

one to carry or to send Intoxicating Kaine, vllle. Florida at li.' .1denly boxmt the first personIn irata, tartan. Seed and F rtlllzsrs.SOUTH 1;

into a dry county, except for her W"-. making np her hand Into apaw
----- t outraiceously.lt .
nr mewing !
personal or family use. This measurejrii '
\\' .st; whlt one night Cathr- market for Chicken and other \
been drawn to meet the defect in Huntington Buys Another Railroad. (playing Highest price paid Eggs Pruduoe
: Inc ,.., M her to answer
law which permits outside parties San FrancUco. July 13.-A dispatch not get page
the the ,U' After she bad twice
to ship liquors' and to sell them in to the Cill from Los Angeles say rung A OompUt stock of Hay\ Corn Oats Flour Bran, Meal, Cotton S..d Keel ;:",
agiiti tv th-> attest sh* left nUt
tit room.
counties thereby defeating in that offlcia! announcement has been and Ww handl only 'ha VERY BEST good at the LOW. \;
dry ; lo"ken. .\'a krcen ant dM not reappear EST
PRiCES and satisfaction always
gnarant .
made that through the .. .
part at least, the .objects of problbl consummation for n ...>.u-I.I'rahl"l time. The company
of a deal Jn..t terminated ... _. \
t.03, H T. HuntInsrton suppoo. ..1, that the unfortunate pane - --- -' -- -- -- '-- -

hapurchaeil) entire all the wax .1.| shined to PHnn-la or at least the
In the Senate.
President Weet announced Tuesday holdings and. interests of the Los An.gelea knouts. M mutter of fact Catherine Sm.A.:: :E3 C) ..A.. :D

and ll" di n in ILalUsy company.: on t'ut. tux tli' antechamber found th<*

t the Important and evidently eagerly The property com < Into the hands of I RJ:". tae' Ills iMPttvra. busy at wblst. Air Line Railway

r Ice: d fur committee on new counties Huntington through his purchase of '*\\'hu the hoi! rang happened to

ai county lines, and ImvdiatHy follow every share of the capital stock of bate s? Interesting a h.iul that he

the reading of the by could his mind It. . . FOR . .
l g names $l. Ue clerk[ a number of those interestedla ;ow. nhnt did tb* empreo tint fihdlspnti ..
bonded Ind..Nf"\Jn'A of )5.000. '
a. matter of new counties were Ied! | the page on her errand and Savannah Columbia, Camden Southern)

:'y seeking for a list of these son- then r f Venezuela Makes Settlement' .
until lif wtiouM, '
return. Pines Raleigh Richmond Washington
a .rs. Caracas July IS: .-The Venezuelan: -
This! committee which will doubtless
cnngre: >.' has ucct-pti-.l the contract
Summer Tourist Rates Via AtI.ntlcCoaat
he one of the busiest of t>- standing Baltimore Philadelphia
sign.June! 7 In Iinn by the repre. Uln. ,

r 'miniittees of the senate la composMhe sentatUtti! of Venezui and of the dl*.

following: Crawford Wheat* ronto-fie,,,ellviicli.ift.\ preentln the If you contemplate visiting summerrenort New York. E

try! of the thirteenth district, chair nornmn bondhoMtrn .and l the .olln..t'l .re ticket agent Atlantic Coast I

man \\". C. Itunn. of the thirty-eighth; of forticn lHin
C :X King of the forty-third ; .:. A.Ctipfland. Itriti.-h bondholders fur the settlement erencc ti> rate, routes, schedules and

of the nineteenth; J. H. Ho- of the outstanding ohllxatlons of Pullinsti ...,.Ia... Hummer tourist rates

f:>! of the twenty-ninth; : D. I' Ruse V..n"7.u.-d.\{ The: contract provides for are IIU" Ira effect mall the principal) re. Seaboard Florida Limite<

of the fourth and S. D. Bennett, of the the l issue of :a t per cent bonds to the ,ort Ihr"'I htIU the country with re.
turn limit October 1st. Kate have
nth. amount lOt $1.12: ; ">ll .:>25 IvolUartt. goad been artutiuncrd to all springs, mountain Seaboard [

ri-.let mao! ,\\itlnu 47 )'t ar.. arid ..-n.hore revolt. Fnr the first Express.F
MAN'S DEATH rS A MYSTERY. time rininil.trip tickets are now on sale

r to rtori in New England territory.'
Asthma Sufferers Should Know This. Seaboard Mail.
Found Dying In Wife's Arms With a I .. _.
--- -- ---- ---
Kolev'. Honey arid Tar hall cured
Pistol Lying Near. .1> OIUUNAXCK.An :. .
iAaln horo. Oa. July 13-Henry CNv I many C'Ut' of asthma that were (ron ...,...

kicUretnn\ r\ro\ .. Mrs I Il .-..
> u
v -, young man living about H Htlluitr.--* to be "o&.h)..' "An GMiocne MODERN PULLMAN EQUIPMEN

m '. 9 above here met his death In a ii>C. jut \\'...t Third * J.

nr'iorlous: way. Iowa ..rile. : "A sevrre void eon \ i.r Not lh>ml. list be l....i.U fur The 8KA110AHD FLORIDA UMITKI) Is a solid vestlboled gala v
A pistol shot, accompanied by se traded twelve )ears 'UlU was nfulfCtfiluntil the 1".n.Mo" sat "''.eur1nd r..II01..a. Ad.Tsnt.re n M"'d exclusively, of new Pullman equipment-Dining Car Double Dray
and rtltlra ta.r At]).<*!>t to
It finally Krem (into nnthma Tnebe Kootn Bl*.*per Htateroorn and Observation Cars--operating between 8*. '
Tscreams, attracted the attention S.Ut i U\.
gustln and Jacksonville to New York .Washington, leaving tt,. Au.tIe"
t mrdlcal.kill available could not .
01! neighbors who on their arrlvnl.f Its If oNbslatl.:' HV Tail M4V<>. tarn Care 13iIO p. m. and Jacksonville 1 I'M dally except Huuda,., .i.

< und Corena dead a ballot<< having give me more tlisn temporary relief. c..u..u. or rise Carr or UAIMSMVII.I.K.Section ,'I.>

Foley'. Honey ant Tar w... eoru- I'WNIIN
lOfj through. his brain. It wan M* 1
1 Tn. Minor U hereby fllrmp|.>t lolw Only Lino Operating
S who screaming and holdltiri n'.l..t) ogle llfty-crrit (jottlrtli .. . . I
was u > hi. tr.s'l.rii.ll i> otelliotf M l> * 1:"
*" ;tia head In her arms. tirt-ly uured ti.t* uf atbtnt whicU, lard I i ilwo to 1>*. sheiberor fn-m 4>n the Nut ate. tl tit.*' nt i.wsnee August uf. lta.luctrvMe it.bnsdst.rutl4M .. Dally Through Pullman Sleepers from Jacksonville to New Orl

M t r account of the affair l I. that been grttwii ul me for twrire! jfi r.. fur hT 'b.kt.nitaanew steno! ter.
itt tk.t ila.- ayw..ed t.v the rr.Utrr.Hl itrr ..
a shot himself sad that she ran r.: I had tHkn it at ,tit.U"I I would
.of ..*.hl. clti .t tMjak vtrt'iloaert for full Information and steeper t reservation. pall on agent R.sbosi
the house and raised ht* tend hat'.. t sera' sarrll y....,. :Jf niTering." I+ !... t T1i. Stator a" J. \\" :\t&\\ 'ul'urn h eu. the' t t., ,n aril.We.Inmete! .-.>r;>..ri iuf CsPselty. .
he sandy road and ake him IIas .. ...}... a.e I.unla MWt elty in 4.b<>futtiMul t. Oennral Passenger Agent, Passenger geaI ,'ttJAOICAONVIf.L1
: hurt and he said he was. AI 1''..,"._ 10' ,...4" 1'buu-.DriI".U.,... and f.e the
oii.ouiit tuelt ftlllv Tbo...MIMI !J..I........ :. FLORIDA.
I was found about 15 yards away. Inventor of Gold Pens Dead. rut lo l>ranM*dae end .. (* a. f nV. >-
: ::? .y.- . . ,_ .. _
.U. 'Iwrrii TUou lMl U r* ,In M - r --
-h rays that she took the pistol! New Turk July 13.-John T. .*..t"'. frf> h.m and throw It away l.r'_.o.rOlmf lo years thereafter .n,11| CLYDE LXNE
one of thf nio ot iU.re&.f biUI' b..r. been pl'.
nvlghlmrs cay that the track. the \"gllf-I totes, unilvr Lo.o direr In rewulmr nrurlail'It'd" Hah txnwl to bear.
I..en' a' Itw r.te of rye per r*..t t'.r so.nua.1
thatovens and a woman wer'g lion th" fiat Gold pn were tnoaufsc.tured 'si ... _.....11..11'. Nod .h. Interest
: skip) by sldf. M rK. Covenanil : rat lwua-.a. .f ..ald boasts ab.U be perablp as
.. in N t.w York (city and who was' thebsanO r ll K IxitlcMi a JmatvBr In ...ktntr
," to carry a pistol l with Walter Hunt the man .rKl h fri .......... &l>*U base .t>tf rv..} In-
', had been married on'y a few associated tarsal .-tMi......... .t.a.d th.r'.to. intrabl. .t
a : said to bare iievt.*,,,l the first model Ins .n.i ..' {..ring.of J s _..u.... from tl. data
t.f the t..>...! salt bcMtda ..h...U vnirrmVMl ..-
machine.. |I. d >S4i at
of tb* sewing
dor the f1.ru. of the Mayor aDlt Oltr Cvan
Arlington N, J. lie was AS :years of rllvfk Mc.t. sal! .fc.U b.t .._'.'... bf tlMMaror
Negro Killed on Way to Pen. anal Ir..*-J rut ap:... shall bear In. !of M i>l Uir M
,. -n. July' I-Uayf": Collins. n bonda assn) I*::.rI"j.! ban Par n.r d -
nr.re.l Iu atJC,1.ntn as the. ...O&.a. .... Bode.tIea.sv "s.4
"" :.in was convicted of attempte.1a' tJ.
Held at Quarantine. for tbr .....!'-. t""r.l_f l.rttbil wu.bt.dfax.
assault| on Miss Hogg, at arm Passengers .
13.-Twenty.flv*. Heath a t T1. Vrse.... to 'U nisi' u'. Inoreed. ---- - rtTR.z.w "
York. July
t.- of the Coplan countywan New; .of Its .......t. ......1rJ.... for In the V'.4.. : B.A.I2.INC: : +B
MIS3'CItY! 4r!
sentenced to ten year In passengers nf the steamer Alllanca.mhlch IrwIIvD lOr. to'" apWIo4 as.'u the IiMb..w Ieg. ,
....._ .,
.u: T' se"Ire. balm ur i u blltdlallfC HKTWKKNJoclcaon wJ
'fonUar,., was killed by :Mr arri n" lad night from Colon, butMllad, for_...... tnnp.>**. or ..ik.rwtaeao.ureedaeatl.155) ville oriel clew York .:ri '
transferred to Hoffman ..,..b...._ .ad faefnlae.In .
a brother-in-law of ill*** lIolElP:. today acre
IX ad"" meet to Mid elt. Calllac a' OIIARLKHTON. H. 0.. bulb wajs.FUMt {
way In prison. The killing or- island: for "c'r.atlOC1. The examining fleet!... Tin this()pod I.........U be pair I.

..- Crystal Spring. )Ir. IMck- physician found that all\ these ells far\a thirty t,tillm 4sa a aw wash sitar his r .......Sabe4 a sad In _.t U. ne .!.Nlfleeily. la Ua CoftitwiM lenl..rr

> led the train at Ila&I.htir t. pass 4B2er had temperatures above pro.L said sMmd aIsIN p.t-; .atk.w of this 'Pi;'
decided to detain Oni"I''. anal'wba.ae4 '......au.. Clyde New and Southern
"en" It stopped at Crystal Spring: the oorrr.a'! and It was a' tae ..u_ 11_. Sa Ihe e..se ....... ...... sod England .. ,' .
. .1 l calmly Into the coach wbrg ..rs them owlns to the prevalence oly for a twrtort us. thirty data. the SirYur.prwla Direst It.r.te.B.tw.en J.ACKSOSVII.I.t, IIOHTOX: and ->
masses -JllB4r I to* a.wesl .teeth.. cru.14.4f ,
Hargeanl Dod !s was lifting! : 'f'lIo.' fever on the Isthmus. vr t. *r O-....... seas art .....0..&....... PUOVLDEKOK and All Eastern:: Point, (.' '

Mi. >. and drawing his pUi 5.esk..1. Tb. *>.IU* to be -.t st said OaUllBff at Charleston both ways. y !.
prisoner! eleetkr..a.l1> b... t...,.,.4 ....,.._. the ..,.*..%.
three shots Into the negro'. The Diamond Cure. '.Woe fdo.tlua.J ,........- ...... A..laal ""w BB1d.W JEEL-r" S.1 LXN"GB7.
........' hods" flues eleeii...e uaad M.slwd ..
I)Nith tnatantanrou, Mr from 1'arU I. that
was Than latest r.rw .
sad a..l.rrl tM r.W.sSbereud.bald r.a Kouthboand. ... . Yrona l..wis'. Wharf
'. sn-reaJered. expressingsail..- .. iwvi _.ta>*r'rttr .._U-em see MM Wr ..... '
tty here dl.f"uv"r.d a dismood cure .... ae)4 sad U.. r..l..rt>% twrrvof' __..- . . From root of Catherine St.. J..lClyde
"f< with what be had done. II.r' for e.n;.am ptiOb. If you fear .fm.tumptioti I f the K'..!urlir .f taw tui.%east .t asi4" .= -;;-?'it.w-;
. ties Ki' fc* PtNu.a4k.a5I I'.sds.
d the! nevus de rvrd dra'.11a' or prirumouin. It will. hnw.ever. sore tOMdl -"aJJ h 1..ed ha _......... with
r.mpted assault ,.. t 4>'_slit iwo.Ie........ sass. .IIf..t_; atU. St. Johns River Line'lt3.tw.rs '
tM' beat for you to take that great .. ...orltt 0' 1N .......,. east St_.......u.o.. .,

Re remedy mentioned bj \\'. T. Mc< eeofVanlr .....w." ..he a t.oc4"A4.sa.t Wad s.I.auedOpA ..... _.....,..., Ikrr.N,' ta.aso : JAc.ctsoravrt.r.ac and 6".0..D ),
"11 set. Consulted. r. Tena.I had a cough! for I .U t'a sel.. ".a, I. .4- :twp lna; at I*.Utlui, Astor. Ht, Fran... )Ure..foni (I>*LAMM!), and.Inti
>" July 13.-'T2e: Chinese Noth.nc helped m-. I.. L HIUJOMK.It '
SOTolloid fourteen year ..M.n. Cltr CmMtU t.Ai4Kwsd landing on $". John Ie....,. y!:
:. ratf, the H..aan. until look 1)s. King'. New I>i *ovry b ere> ..VU Vdtf** JACKSONVILLE" a ,

.. LI4 :1v11I.)>> the other kgatks.1 for Con.oraptJon.. Coigh and Cold. W H. TI1UMAA. Mf,. Steamer "CITV OF

....4 wtnafal r.hu la rrtujn.ar wbl h instant relief sod effecteda It appoint &0..11 a. follows Leave AClKSOXVILfK' : Bi odf..
. gave: ).U *f heel: .... and Thursday. Ail) p. nt Upturning. |leave HASIITOKU Mot
lAAJe the quick
aapeJS .nlr at LTnequalUd
ap I Permanent core \S'adne.days and l'riaJa,..9&) a. m. : ji
:.-4 tae' % coaJrr.acw la tb* cur* for throat sod long irmibUs, At .tr-s..f
taw s.4
Vsder sod hi' p..er ss III.
kk tU.. mxinJlng Chinese intvr- all drug store. j price 6"e and |1. KU.'. Shawls ,**UM!M at*>. 1. W. U. Tkunta as also..ref g"less. .=?.. MCIIEDVL.

.. .. .. tM tat ut t,.tn+nr r.wda. 4u bete. . .. aJ . . . . .1&-ILaoa"UJ. .Anil
h..I. CAuuk. WAS oo&sullenl la anteed.7'tsl U)ttU' rr. sa.1 a s..e.i el.wtk MI V. b* bal Iw ash/ .. pelt, . ..... .. .r... . .
Iraaer"lb.., Jap.seas rpll 4 - .- try latr.f a..aa.w.ttw.ua too Ma<.r rf AO IM*, .iMpu. . . ...... ... . ... .1a'lta.r... . . .. . . .Casa
Low Rates to Whtt Spr inK.. A. ll I**, (or Mb txMVuui Of rtdtsw a n* br arfAara.ArrivoMtJOarn. . . . . ..,.. ... .. . A.sor .i,4. .. . . .... r!
il' > t aialy jtlmaUcg that the roO .n kwt 55*fr..a+.e the bead.ats..wub N wit.d ansi forM b. .JJOam. . . ........ __ .S,. .,......... .... ..-.

i.w rwe4rutd !rocs China woald dper d a while at Whit Hprlbgt, the .5 eat sl..tndlas.r.w'5aw4 tine. es..et.4 aaaa..e.taee.t ,et r.o1 . . . .......Br*.ford (DeLaMuS) .. .... ..

Owen. .aNt 0.. piaa of aetto adlag health *rt of tb. MtaU. Oa .ad ,/ as s'sra etea aa... ",:_..... ...... $twnfovs ..... ... ....: c

s .t: by a"D.. jCa. reply ha yet tb. far-facMd tfdwaaa river. Tk The root p.da.( tae$ave!)rebef/.lpla!weld, .i.d a be 1Ga.I.t1e .. lOlJO ....... .0:...... ... . ..KotrprU*>.... ._--a, _... ...1/.: +

h c alrtd ftivea nasals. OaiaesrUl. aDd Gulf hers IN '0110... r5.W Murstb.noes. t-, i t w ad OEaItimAIM/ TicKirr omricat._ w. HAY fI'r..3
........ lag rate ...ad."P ratee .from.GaIM F .... A+...bN.Tllsa.-Aa. )<; ttR ri gas.'
n":.;.. i; : : t .t114 r .M. ,. YJ r (
one t1lfA 1.'1

.. ,




-- -- -_-_ -- "
c n. -- - 'f +:

CITY AND I l' J. 51. Shaw of Bellamy was trading TO IMPROVE AND PRESERVE Tfc-e J'CI4a. .ropt.. *f North (-aoti .... '

NEWS OF in the oily' yesterday.Get YOUR BEAUTY I eilaalwT- beat k..iac a gt1a. .' WILSON'S:

your Job printing. at The Sun job C"M6 ... parteip.ted ia a "U.a at : e :

COUNTY CONDENSEDsrs office and you' can vote for your favorite Campbell grace fast sfgft., T' e-.

In the library contest NADINE FACE POWDER were. a tombrr present. sad U I. 0---:

N. A. CallUon of Bennincton. manager I . < HKiHTKn I?( <<"KTKX HUxT.: *+ levee to 44; that those who *tt.B4.-iit

)latt srs of General Interest Oath.: : of Spring Park Farm was in the Mur-ri.r In <
red: by Our Reporters. city on business yesterday rf la' t a.H7StM,. the Gainesville A Gulf: Our Values

S. E. BaaknlRht, formerly of this 1i.4 B*. rwaavt trip rie tn White Spring Big

4X AND SOCIAL ITEMS city but now of Central', wa m the oe a'ndaysaI.sly II Traia leave.* ;

PERSONAL city yesterday' and dined with Mr and laltwr..ilU at ado a. m.. ret.r.*iag at in all |

Has Happ.n.o:...<- What la Going )Ir.. M. H. gaonders. ; 1.3' p. a*.. aawS ao "xtag a whole day I
WhAt :. .t this' favorit r_n. Cheaper tbaa
Told In Short Paragraph Prettiest five-acre tract in the countyfor I DRY
to Hpp kiriaar a boggy aad pwssesgere. *r .oabl GOODS
known as the '
r So That "H. Who Run May Read .rt.- to .pead a day o. tb_ banks of
place North Gainesville Term and
ike fajnoo o4 f'Q..... river. tf I
It In Tins price right. Apply to M. B. Saunders. I Ks-ss:: Us Busy.
i P_ of this I
Old newspaper for ale at The Saoofftee. agent dawl Xr..1.I. Ur. farm rly
m.de'aD tit,. sad Nice Madg Joe.. ft! Ja k. :i
if Repair are being the shed
soovUV. wr nailed ia tnarrtage .t 4
l.adies'calllascards In latest style Porter block, East Union street which ,
T p. m. o. Wedarsday ia the latter i'J.
it Son office. will make quite an improvement sine n. bride U a. aeoaspUsh lady of ; lie Assortments of.1t w
pedestrians may now keep dry in Inclement
furnished room to rent.
pleasant Jaek.slvill.. whets the groom is engaged t.
t Apply at 201 East Main street N. 6tM. weather. 5 IA th. pr* tfce of law He is aarpA.w :

M. Clyatfc of Otter Creek was M. Parrish and family who have ""-..A4IS 1: VAC Powwltn .. eees.e ....... of R. B, Peeler former county Embroideries, Laces

( transacting business In this city yes- been residing in the Kennington section _, asdr..rttetM,...,..__ a .a..sef.t..tl.trawLY.e- (W-n sacesvr. _r SOpearao tra. ir.r. sad grew op in oat midst ':
for the past six months, are now Cases ____ wasp ._.-.. etlt. Ledlea Their many friends untie In congrata.tatlan .Ii all Wash
tsrday. .
.no w ,,-..- r- .. ._ see..e .
Wheeler A Wilson sewing ma- pleasantly located in the ISlarke cottage 'M t.ora""sJ ca _m M frees asst tww asemo.e .. "
yew North Gainesville. of tae.e..tsm.THPVr'aLTYLaCNlr4C'Af.ED. I
ebloe for tale at a bargain. Apply at -9_ Prof. Ceas. Smith of Michlsran is feeds. ;
Grand three-day excursion Gainesville ,, _...._.M vadta. r__ tn.loeroi --
this otftee.II. der at 1t r.e are __cu.s.. rtaie.d ..ntlfYU. I speeding a few days at the Kndel Inn.
Ruby DeLand has returned to Jacksonville,via Atlantic CoastLine aM .e stn pee ettr a. rVD yota He is a elever fellow and an old- -
? } MOSt:
visit to friends at Tickets on sale July 19, good !''t..s .a s.-tt_ drwtst.u.of eeu orfee t. tins musician, and entertain his awotade
from a pleasant ....._.....
returning July .>:.!. on regular trains. C.IUW r.e.a I frH *ds sad the guests at this
Kirkwood. I'reG.red osit. h Mrs R. Wilstn
Only' $1.75 round See Goodwin.
popular resort in the evenings with
Ladies, get your visiting card. at The National Toilet Co. Paris Tenn. ,
B Id. Chase left yesterday' for High his voal and instrumental ."''e Ilon.. I _- - ---- t+
Ban office and rote for your favorite" in Hold 'in rraiaville J,. H. BorflfontA --C ; : :: -
Spring and other points, where he will by Prof. mlth Is apparrutly a well read 'i-
the library contest.C. Co JV.. MeCollum A Co. W. M
spend the nest two or three days' in the ... musician aDd Is spending the season I
John n and all leadtag r"J..a.
C. Barn and daughter Katie of interest of his line-pianos and or here for his health He has visited THE CONTINENTAL ;.

High Springs were among the "visitor Rant. Mr. Chute is one of the best many of the prominent parts of Florida CAIT-KEMTAVRAXT. ,

to this city yesterday. salesmen in this section T Capers of White Spring was and considers Gainesville one of

J D. Stringfellow left yesterday for \'.. M. Winter of Chicago ha. beenin amnn.c the arrival. at the Brown House the prettiest and mot healthy' citieshe '

Lakeland and otber points where he the city for the past few days Mr.Winter yestr
will spend a few days.' i i. "well, pleased with Gainesville here. where a. resided for many years,
and ta friends are always glad to ee Mason's Court.In .
:. Cannon of the Florida Ferti-! Judge
E. 1' which he declares' to be one of

izer Company left yesterday for Ocala the cleanest. roust moral and moat up- him. Judge Mason's court Thursday

and other point. on business. tc-late little cities he has ever een. \\ V httlworth of Kvinton. one there was. an Interesting case being

Ladies who get their calling cards C. II. Illitckburn. a progressive citizen us the leading citizens of that section, the case of T It. Pickett vs. 1) J. Rich,
wa in the eity on baiae yesterday.Mr. bourn, replevin of a horse. The case
printed at The Sun office. 25 for CO of Lire Oak was registered at the
M.rutewortn- states that the water was' argued without a jury, the matter
cent, have five votes in the library' Itrovrn douse yegterdty Mr. Blackburn *
melon eon is almost at an end In his being referred to the Judge. The decision -
contest. i i. living in one of the most progreMive .
section and that as a rule the growers was rendered after the argue
\V M Overstreet of High Springs, town in the State, which hedeclares
are tiBed with prices. maul in favor of the defendant.Christopher .
ear inspector! of the Atlantic CoastLine i I" growing "l.>y leap and I
was among the visitors to this bound" .A I' Jernlgan, formerly' of this city' .Mathon represented the
but why" i II now conducting a jewelry' plaintiffwhile 11. A. Thrasher ap. Iflr.t eoeaer Moils of tin-toffie.t.
city yesterday.O We hate a few copies of The Hun buine.. at Arcadia, has returned to peered' for the defendant.Mrs I o5ea 5,115: sad ...... Srtp c......;

U. Green of Windsor was in the with complete account of the celebration that town, after a pleasant visit to his "....,. ges'..
eity yesterday lie called at The Sun of Gainesville anent securing the France Ats'nn of l>aytona and
parent, Mr. and Mr*. L. A Jt rntgan.in .
office and had his name enrolled on the University, which should I H mailed by' tin city, )lr. Jrrnigan's numerous Miss An,.l K, l'.it.ron of Jaekon.ville - -. ---- -'.--
ascription list. our people to friend in adjoining are pleasant| visitor at the homeof
fri..ud.111 be delighted to learn that Prof and Mrs.I 1)l E E
H. Days West
Price for mail
Static.: wrapped ready
a 1> M: Dean, the naval" stores operator ' he U prosperous In his new home, as Boundary>> street. S MOUNT

of Espanola: arrived yesterday' log fit) cents a dozen. he de.ervesto be pro p rou*. . . . . MITH'SWELL
------- - -
- ------ -- '-" - :
and will visit his family here for the t;. 1'. Colter a prominent lumL..rmanufs'tur..r
--- --- --
mut two or three d.,.. and, naval stores operator c T. F. THOMASUNDtftTAKIIKI t'.
Mr. I). C. ii;. Jenkins of McMeelcing of )lcU.... Ga., i i. in the city.' Mr. All the oltl Htamlardsai

bat returned to her home after a pleasant Coulter, whom it i i. understood i is a HEW YOKRACKETS' the choicoit of the new oits

; Tiii. to Col. and Mrs. \\.. II. Pal. after man of certain considerable timber means Interests, i I. looking in this ((0. i iHsned. tAsk :

m.. North Gainesville.Why .
,.section and may decide to l locate.<< to bee them, ns th
do rent when can buya
you you
frond place> prettiest. thirty-tlve acre cannot bo displayed to
home so cheap' and on such easy
term from M. I). Saunders See Mr. tract in Alachtia county. Cool spring PULL LINE OF vantage in a cose. '

of water, grape "vine and peach tree t.
Saunders for p.rtleul.r1I.W. .
in prolific bearing every' year.' .\ bargain NEW GOODS.
% have the largest assortment. of Fine Fadeless FotogrY
for the right man Good road to --
pricket knife in the Stair. See the '
Oal"'ill. Apply to :M It "lJnd"'rI." Agents tor... From Locket to Life d..... '1rSMITH'S
trtnd"Balrd! Hardware Co. Everyone <
Bgellt. OkT NKAR T"W N. TlHcUxiVfc.lt'IITY ", CHEAPEST STORE ON. EARTH Monnnients, Tombstones / '
guaranteed at Balrd's.If STUD<
._ ___
n. -- _
1- rlkmtyJoel == =-n. 4 and Iron Fence
have to do bring
job printing
you W. TucKer, Jr.. of Live. oak. Junior
it to The Sun:> office. Fur dollar'. See Our Sample
member of the firm of Woad ..tTucker
worth of work you get. you have ten Pocket Cutltry AT ST. AUGUST
wood and crotie euntr.etnrl.I..h ,
tote on the Library contest.' l rr*.aal att..atUa U all shatters I*

I K C of Willitton in | yesterday for r*.uth Florida, aftera this U... Mall sad telegraph .r..>rpra Larc. cool furnished room at4VUwilotel.
Epperson wan
couple of day. spent with old friendsin Do a pocketknife tly attoaoW U.GaineBvillr )'r.. bath. Light' I
te city yesterday. Mr. Epperson i* ... you curry '
this city. Joel wa formerly a nah..ill. keeping prlvlUges. Bata U I.l
one of the most prominent merchantsof .. boy, 'having bern connected with : AVe carry a juartn- I week. cash r-Mmi, Mal may .b..
). Florida ..., door. f. I'. _. rJ KHJ1.DON'T
that progressive little "village, the uliu&.n.t.nt'| office of the Atlantic teed litiu of Pocket Kniven. *.,

Mr. I. J Clyatt and children hate Cot Line Every knife from 6Oc up _..___ - .0- .. ____-_____-._ __

returned from Uniatllla. where they fully Usndolnh>> mother-in-law. of fully guaranteed. have
hare been on a visit, to the former'. colored, died In this
Muse. TarrUh a beautiful line and if 'Ti
I..nte. Mr. and Mrs. K r;. Hmlth aged you WAIDon't
city \\Vdnedy seventy years.
want a xxl knife call and
Frank Mcl>avid of I.aCrose wa In The remain were' shipped to Monti- :

th> city yesterday Mr. McDavid I I. a cello the former home" of the deceased, get one.

J.rtl.J..roul farmer of that section, and yreriiMjr. Deceased was one of the

try> :JKht: a number of fine chickens to oldest and mot widely known resident
varlet, I Montieello and was one of the Loco Curtains wait Twenty Year* to secure an

I'.eturf frames, I4-.2O.originally' cot' J old)( servant of the I)..nham 'family indefinite dividend but

D ,iw 7.1 cents. Come early and get I who wilt, ee that she (ia properly' ins and tine ,
Pretty pattern
T)or choice, for they are bound to go. ..,r..d. .
T .**e are excellent values. Maunders . values. Our $..60 Lace r
- - --- - --
tile -- THIS. Curtains are pretty enoucrh. BUY A POLICY WITH THE :;

T .. mot fastidious( are delighted READ Then we have one, at $a.:if 5

'h Bliu' Ribbon lemon and vanilla I'vsa, Tzx" ? Juae 1. lie il. a pair that are good enough '

extract. Ask your grocer for Blue I Ur. t:. W. Hall.fckt Louis. Mo -I> ar for a Queeu. :

.. 9 >In lemon aid vanilla. Takes ]e**. Sirs I hav suffered several years from Union Central Life Insurance

I .n ,r* perfectly. I kidney and bladder trool>l. and haw - ,

.I. regular Friday evening preach- tried a somber of prvparatloos. bat
a truthfully say that nothing bas ShsssShiss Cincinnati ':'?
-rviee will be h.ld., the North can o-r -

t". 'vllle Hall this evening at the proved" *o ffretiv a* joor TexasYoo- ....'

*a &. hunt" Either Rev; Dr. Nixon or der. which leaD truthfully. r* omtneod. w

.. 'r. will deliverthe.ermon. 0.... \\ CLatsnave. Try a pair of our Dixie nod get an ANNUAL, DIVIDEND on your roves

h>.member the exeuraion to Jackson Girl Shoes for women-u .
All the latent form of at Lower.: Bate
'I' ,.. via A TEXAS WONDER.One policies
Atlantic Coast IJne July 19. fine medium priced shoe I ,- r'

T-t-t. only $1.76 round trip, good re- small bottle of the Texas. Wonder I made by Southern:: gtrls-! than other companies. _
tl'l' 'f July 32. H*. Ticket Agent Hall'. Great Dieeo..,,. care all. ,
the prettiest Hbo on the
(',)Jio: !
for further partleoUrs I kidney and bladder trouble, remove a

r' M Kamaey of \facab3ota wa In I travel area d label**. aemiaal .misioaa. market for the price. Ev

't. "*1&, yesterday and mad Th. San : weak and lama t.6eu. rbeoma- ery pair solid and jnioran-

sd 1Ft e.U. !{. *ay*crops have been liana and all irrejrolaritle-i. of 'a* kJda teed. Our Shoe Depart* For full information call on or address

rh.. his ae ttoff* and ecttoa will be .y. sad bladder la both ... ajstl ment iH full of good thingsat

21,:e if the rafts doss sot iat.rfr*. women.retn l*>**s bladder troobUa Imchlldrwa. low pjriceg. Remember

S A Thomaa.. rtnrr.d to Paler If not old by your dragi.t very us when need W B.H I G D O
latka ( a plaaaaat trialft hare. to will be sent by mall. oo ,...lpI. srf f 1. you r i 1 .
r4 Doe sell bottle U two moata.* ....... th next pair. ;
(eta. Mr. fled Mr*. O. A. W. .
r Tae-a... aasHktaad a..a.scla1Je to p*.,... a roux to Fleafe .
Xr:T1so.m.. t. pa.KSu... Fours ,
l1:4'ia: ......nerd:.11st Flsata, can: Dr. Er...t W'.Ha1I.... a+rYaaIsu '" .c ERA'L:: AGENT, :: ).

.., feu __ ..,.. ...,:. t?t.. ... _.P.O..lMI> WK.Bl IrflMaV ... F. RO 7 ;'' .-Jt..... ",J"'t.,It. I vt.'tl....t' .. .ft"- ,. i."lit: i4 f= '
.l't' .
\ .._ tIr. t I r- ; ... t"'j"'t.t..r ..i 'A !" t. '
.....10 .- ..../-.. -. '" L..... .. ;,; ;

-, .... ...

r .

list'' :: :- .'

l r aJ; !. e a.I., tri.11'; t', M

A t Published Twice a Week--Monday and Thursday

; {( r .. -1Y' ._ ...



was- taken. The light house and Carolina and return for Jim King for.

I.ICE i : ;PERFECT OF buildings were taft under guard.' COUNTY SOLONS HAD murder, $42CO; L. W.'Fennell feeding OFFICIALS CLASHED

"1>ti,ur prisoners were taken. prisoners, $122 40. Fees in criminal .

: KILLED Cape Notoro I I. the most" southerly A LONG SESHONi eases as follows: H. G. Mason, OVER CALEB POWERNoted

SilSGOWIS: point of Sakhalin Island on LsiPeroiise county judge, $28 12 ; L. W. FeiineJI.sheriff. .

straits, directly facing Ca.pe'807a. on i $ 8.20; George M. Colman J,

:t. '1' ''! the Japanese coast. It commands'the1 A Great. Deal of Time Was Occupied P.. $8 go; 'E. T. Henderson. J. P..

rx .OWD/ By Aseasnin While straits. in Equalization of-Taxes. $34.14r. J. D. Siford. constable. $55 30; Prisoners'" In Hands (

': i.'Becei..ed Petitions. Lend.Jspe RJ A. Caawalt. J. P.. $4.23; B. 8. Sessions Federal Authorities,

'::1'} ..... Anxious to Money. constable $7.00 ; I, C. Walker,
London July lZ.-.tHnee. tbe hour SESSION LASTED THREE DAYS
fr.)1, constable $14 3O. W. D. Dickinson

;.Y, A POLITICAL CRIME they opened today tbe banks charged collector commissions, $349 75 ; L. W. MAYOR'S.\ TEETH KNOCKED CXJ
r.t .'; with the Issue of tbe new Japanese Levy of_Taxes for the Year I9O5-Special Fennell services inquest of Andrew.

.. : !to In Was Arrsstsd Immediate. loan of 160000.000 have been rushed Examiner; Ferdinand Bayer Examined Booth $6 30; L. C. Graey., Ibsnber for Jailer Wanted to Place Powers i In C

t,J M': .Ml* Identity Is Unknown. with applicants. The Indications are Books of Tax Collector' Office road 4.60; D. G. Edwards work on Provided ,for Him by His Fr.enJs,
'. loan will be
that the heavily over-sub
,It''i'J-.r..tv: ..... Killed In Warsaw-Other orlbed. Tbe rush Is even greater and Found Them Correct. halt road expens'e$14.1O; Bradford on repairing county Brooker, one- This the Mayor Objected ana a ,a

j d.Jtiielan. Nsw than on the occasion of tbe last loan. Gainesville. July 3 -The Board of ter Fight Ensued.
'. '!rr bridge, $16.02; G. W. Livingston services
Commissioners this
County met
'; General : day. rendered board, $5 W. H. Robertson Cincinnati 12. Jailer
*oseow, July 12.---Major ; July : p ?
COMMITTED ARE APPOINTED. Prevent John G. Dampier chairman
: $ ouTaloir, :prelect of police ; Cr..fUr"r. commissions, $129: 20. and three other men are uu o:, u
.1 C. O. Pedrtck, F. F Paulling J. F.
'and toridsriy 'attached to the mm Set Ordered t alter arrest by order of Ma)01> He:
Lso slators Can Now Townseod.
ot the Interlur"was asaassiaaikKij'tuornlg That the sheriff be allowed a long bold of Newport. Ky I'u !:11
Down to au.ln.... Upon motion the minutes of the last
while receiving petition distance telephone in his office forcounty.pur Flynn and Ratican are outj! : (o
: Atlanta. July 12.-Outside of the a p. meeting were approved without read- .
gsof the p Ut.luntlr. drew a revol- poses. baring been arrested charges, *
polntment of tbe standing committeeby log.
Gad fired three lairs at the priwbo > Whereupon the board adjourned until slating United States officer :
Speaker 81 a ton. there was little the board
Whereupon a* required .
fell dead. The assassin. was Thursday morning at o'clock.. discharge of their duty and -u> aap.
Important business in the house of by law, proceeded to review and equal.
}.1'rested.Ths -- himself waa today bound ov-- ..
representatives Monday. ize the assessment for the year 19O5, Thursday. July 6 Board met this
: assassin, who was dressed as a pear on Thursday to answer ..r
jawasant, has not been Identltted. Hot Now that the committees bure been and not having completed the tame day pursuant to adjournment of of redlating United States 'f.

I t'111Ns' ; ''recently arrested 'a* a political appointed and are ready to take bold they adjourned until Tuesday morning Wednesday Present, John G. Dampier *. baring surrendered blninelr! "
of the wblcb have
numerous measures
wpapvct, but escaped from the pol1ctt&Uon been presented for the considerationof a9. o'clock. ________ chairman ; C. C. Pedriek F.' F. learning that a warrant was

:- before his examination. the legislature. It Is expected that Tuesday., July. ".Hoard met this Paulling and J. F. Townsend. arrest.

J The ...auln' awaited' In the antes bills will: be disposed of wltb a rush. day. pursuant to adjournment of Mon Whereupon, the meeting beingcalled These were among the rr., :

"fOOII1 of tbe prefecture till the other An Interesting ,feature of the com day.. Present J. U. Dampier chair. to order business,was resumed. attempt of some of the fru,

riUliunera. had been-recetved and then mlttee on new counties,- which hall' man ; O. O. Pedriek and F. F. Paulling. Ordered i .. leb Powers, former secrera, .

herwd' the 'udl"nCruum.: He ad been Whereupon the board proceeded with That F. F Paulling having in his of Kentucky, under intdn o t
: provided for. As a matter of
efd towards Count fihouvalorT and fact tbe committee on new countiesIn the equalization of taxes, aud & o' having possession $61.54 which was 'apportioned complicity in tbe murder oGoebel.

five khot at clone range The11pu11ets both the house and agnate had been completed same adjourned until for payment of road hands he to furnish the r

paused through the body of the made up.and the announcements wjere Wednesday. morning at 9 o'clock. is hereby instructed to turn over said prisoner was to occupy w tn rr e s

glrstecL amount to J. F. Townsend. forts than usually; fall t
to have been made Monday,
..'f." > It was discovered, h xever that Wednesday, July Q -Board met this That $135 46 be appropriated to J. F. the inmates of the Net>< f"

rt-: Purely a Political Crime. many of the members who bad been day pursuant to adjournment of Tue.. Townsend for road hand., in additionto tog the tight which follow ,

;i1t8t.. Petersburg. July 12.-The &**a.*. named i>n these comltteett were disqualified day. Present J. O. Dampier chairrnan amount received from F.e'. Paul. jailer refused to obey tin n
:fedsUon; of prefect of Pollco Count der to place Powers in .1 .'
for tbe reason that they had ; O. O. Pedriek, F. F. Paulling ling.

,JinouVitloff, of )Mu-iCuw today Is consld- promised their support; vote- and Influence and J. F. Townsend. That $::'W" be appropriated and p'''id than that lrepare4) for hn: ..

;rated to bel' a purely political crime IUIi..ttxJullt to some one or moro of the pru- Whereupon the board proceeded with to C. C. I' d rick for road hands. or's front tevth were ktux

wwi not yet 10 years uf posed. new county schemes.In the regular business. That C. C. Pedriek is hereby authorized solvers were drawn and a "

''V_.aad was rtgurded as being of the the Senate. The following!; bills were audited to act for and answer and plead tire pollee force of Newied {' .1

:, aJieat type of Wr! HuiMlan official./ lie ,found correct and ordered paid. t fur the. board in any mandamus or Into action. The ja>ir

f yCttme fiom one of the mo>>'"' famous \Vlth'the exception of tbe announceuitut S. II. Wienges. auditor $ tV.. M. other proceeding by the Board of Public tbe order of United! H'>a

tttotlltes uf Itusaia. The Count wa* of lice standing committees. by Cothran'hen that nmt'la.. ;
:, Torley, guard at jail $25 ; Moses Sherman Instruction of Alachua county
;,ya>' ;;arm' of Count Peter Hhouvaloff. a Pr..atldt"utVe.t Monday. little businessof janitor $25; Southern Bell Telephone against this Board of County Commis. rlsiliction in the PU\\ .i

\;vtatesmarf who reprtvavntfd Hutn>U attn Importance. transacted by tbesenate. Company $7 ; S.. II. ".Iell.,..... lion'..,.. coutiitltted Powers: to th- N'. *

:..., Ilerllu conference, was tgnu..rlyolonil stamps, etc.$4 BO ; Gainesville Gas and That David Lee be granted a homeat gave dlrtxrt control over bO: z
The senate of 1905-O; passed Its first
:'j4 of the Guard regtut; 'nt. known 'Electric Light Company $1 3d ; Walk the poor farm. to the Jailer and that th*
bill Monday. It local
was a mea.ure..nd ,
ilu tho.!8t. Pstersburg and was one ufKlchulas Rufui Langfon If. no right or authority in
consequently referred er. Evans fc Cogswell Company, warrant That wh..r..u. .
no coin
\jtuAperor personal friends. I He I.. Geo. E. D. W Tbe charge sRslnttt: t a
mlttee. The bill was Introduced bySenator book. $2190 ; H. H. McCreary. Lyle Crisman .
',t+aucc.eded General ,Xwlenol. -hn wasextremely T. J. West. [.. I : tbe three, turn aireaU: > M c
.'..t"r." uf the third district publishing report tax collector! etc., Tompkie. Sam. --e. C. >

",,y.. aevere, as prefect uf police and provided 'that the county commissioners $10.15 ; tl. S. Merchant A Co.. sundriesfor MeGrrgor Willlsm Water and T. E. assault and battery and) rotticur.

... 'wti odessa earlier In hU carver. Count of .Mclntosb county should bo road, $9 BO; G. H. Merchant ." Co., Holder, each having: complied with the The warrant UK--.
s I' ;,ltbouvalotf earned the esteem uf all bybusln or and the two pollc-'ui< J
elected from tbe county at large ''In sundries for jail $4 ftO; H. J. Thomas. requirements! of the 1.w. that each be
b1attirm .. .. luiuparticularly rued the United Startn<
; s course' making by
? a stead of from the different districts Co sundries, $:!908G.; W. Marble, granted a permit! to own aud carry apistol
;: ""lt Polluter with the .t tu. er after consultation u ;>
as now provided. repalriugnsowrr,5leente ; Halrd Hardware in accordance with the law.
Xl:4eqt-. The imp(.alun exists bi-rw. attorney who rirst dlrrc ,
That all the real and
Company sanitary bucket. 85 a tax levy, on
;i..tJia t the count: war klUror prearrv1nj States man .t and the ..sPowers a
THREE MOONSHINERS SLAIN. cent ; Pepper Publishing Company, personal property in the county for the ,
: order. The xemstvulatM. will nut to his cell an l t. '
t: .... blauktt for county judge'. oRice, $S 90 ; year 19O6( be made as follows ..
t ba allowed to meet at Moscow July him there. This was r.** 'J t
;f' Fierce Fight' In the Mountains With J. H. uletcher.earingterpauper$3270; For total State tax
'>c altbouab this act I I. simply In ex two policemen acting u.
4t.) the Revenue Officer Ferdinand Bayer examination and report For county tax proper. . 1 mill
1!, 'outloa of the orders of the go rrnur For county school 7 mill. from Mayor IlelmboM, an
lloanuke. Va.. July 12.--Details hare of tax Governor'* office $10.1.: G.
k".....r.t Issued previous to the assas. For county road. .... . 4 mills rants wore then issued 'r
Io reached her from Christlanbum tellIng Dampier expenses to Orlando Good
:{ 4dAat1on the prefect uf police. That whereas, the Board of County. tulssloncr.
uf a battle between revenue urn-- Roads Convention, $le ; O. C. Pedriek
Commissioners in and for Alaehna
errs and alleged moonshiner In Much expenses to Orlando Good Uoads Con. .
t Twenty Rioters Killed at Warsaw county, Florida, have appointed to RESUME:
: anan (county a brief report of which vention. tl .80; F. F. I'aulling. expenses .
t:*..,"Warsaw. Hun..Isn Inland. July 12.- 'I' examine the various offices in and for
wan sent out Saturday night. to Orlando Good Hoads Conveiitlon. -
t$Al kree bloody encounters between the The revenue men went Into the tto 40; F. F. Paulling. service said county I do hereby certify that I Missouri Officials Try to Oust Roc*

t l koapstoaps and tb* striking, hoe makers. mountains to distilleries said have examined the tax book, receiptsand fsllcr from that State
*"< capture on road,$<} ; A. D. Chamblin fees
,.fit 4*".WnlCh about' :o perttons were killed to be operated In violation of the law. in cnro er'. Inquest of Henry Smith stubs for the tax collector's office Kansas ('lt1. July J: T t
-art wounded, occurred today. The in and for said county and find that testimony in the suit of .\
They were met by a band of moon
s $4 10 .\. D. Chambiin. witness andjurors'fees
', striker sere marching through the shiner, led by Henry Adam:, and fir ; 11'. I). Dickinson, tax collector lu and eel of the state to oust t -' i
t same ..... $Il Mi); S.
+ city from house to house, demanding log on both sides' began. for the county of Alaettua, 8ta of Oil company from Miu :, '.

,' the lowering{ of rents by 20 per (',"ut. Three moonshiners were killed ..ndlbe Curl constable, services same to.... Florida. has made full and complete sumt'd hre today before J.; -
$8.20: 1:. T. Henderson, services coronet's
Many, out of fear compiled with the mortally wounded and one : settlement of his accounts with the : A. Anthony the case i.t:;

J demand of the strikers. ue agent. Deputy Collector r..n'l inquest of Chas, Duml. $3 ; county on account" of the tar book for I transferred from at. Louse! 13*

Tucker was silently Injured. witness and jury fees, same ease, $8 ; the years 19O3 and 1903. .nd for the II. : lIadlp,. the attorney gnT t

't MartlalLaw at Tin .. dead J. D. 81 ford, constable, services same cense accounts for the years 1903 and assistants represented the ass''
:. : .$ Geo. M. Colman. services ago.&. Faaoiiijixrt HATKM.Special I
Tutu.. Caucasia. July 12.-Th* thoroughfare Columbus Collins. i eases ; K. 4'niner.Gainesville The state charge that 't
Andrew Mouth $3
and .qu..a..re occupied by Andy Andersoa.S inquest ; Fla., July 6. 1UUG. I ants have entered Into a c
+ troops, but the city baa been quiet witness and jury fees same ease, ** tIM .
.nter.Tb That 8trnberg A PSIIIir be paid 1 to control the price of ol.competition.
t since the proclamation of martial law names of the wounded moon \\ .Fennell service i examination of for paint and painting. $94 93. Judge Ant':: '

n The orne,OA taaette has resumed pub. ahlaers are not given. Rebecca Washington and Tob Smith The board adjourned 'I named special commUslca

lication. $11.451 11. O. Mason, services same supreme court to bear the ;a

Deaf Instructors J. W. Smith services' Inquest Capture Whist
Met.atorgaaton. ease $14 ; Chlcs0* ne Trophy. I sad report Its findings ' -

i Russia to Dultd Nsw", Navy. N, C. July 12.-Thirty, of John 'Wllkerson. jury and Cal '**o, July HJ Chicago baa captured ter examining several a" '

New' York. July\ 12. -,A Stn Petersburg two state, the District of Columbia witness fee ume> ease. lid i J. I*. the silver shield trophy b* will likely go to other .*

': dlspatr.'t: tke World says that and the Canadian province of Stokes, constable service same ease, .4 by the Brooklyn Wnist p.at.1 stale for the sam PUf1)O! .

t';t the navy UriMrtmvnt having resolved Manitoba and Ontario are now represented ' P; C. 11'. Bank night. so twines far for ..blt'bu the openlag .. .... oft ---- .

>' to build& a i-ewertus n...w navy baa In In the ..thadancb.r.. on the road, tl,1O| d 3, Ttkomas Oo sundries >!. congress of the AIII.I1"hlat Noted Murderer on Tr I''

: "', a true ted Charles M. Kctimsb to male American convention of the Instructor for roal. $1.TO; W. C. ampier.. work I league now la session ".-na. Tare 13. Y

;. :$an. for nw wharves, c'vlng the e*. of the deaf- DeUgate are still cum oo road. $3: s. II. Bnjamia. tarn tads represeatlag the Calcaco. Salem. Ore.. July 13-O-: '

act tint In which: tbe .11'->; can be lag In. aDd by tomorrow It I* expected for road taint f ldln* I..Uftdw..1 Northwestern and New York Whist ... a convict In tbs patters ,* '

' .., ..; eatpl.ttMt.r --- that the number of states rrpre- lumber for rosd.I ft* i T R I eoalalioas participated' tbe CbtcagoaAar lag tried bere on a chart*

r 'J;. .sealed will. be Increase by several road overseer t W; \\ R wincJ: >> h.lf a ma ten.Yars Moot wasJointly Indict-

: ,JAPANESE TAKE CAPE NOTO O. and the total number of d.:.rttr* will team for eommlasloaers $1 SO* J. W I I I Harry Wright now Inca '

- bot much IAr..r.Jr.** tore are Carter, team hire on roaj. tlSCuJj T 1 ) 'eNuct.r Killed. tae rouaty jail with the esc:;

Warahipa ..", bArd and Capture Port 12$ the register. of thesdtel; depart, t tag outlaws, ;;
5 T. Wlliiaate..aadriee for ruad. $: SI jI Cbattaacog T.na, July St.i .-.\. tv1. .WIb. . s y.-e'
an Sakhalin (aland. sebool. } souther. Merrer.: ..._ .
metal of the very tstates
work road $9
oti Uslaa of
*. H. Mall ; J.j i eextae oestte t at r-i
Toklo. July 11, I p. tu The navy .lr is rprteate. and every state ions to effetjprteoa. tJ\elt e.ea x
fir) .....
I 4ta\Olll, work oo read ; the Cltlro>> freight yards of U. $*'..u.. .. .a
f\tajrtmnt baa.cf'h..t the folluwlnxfrt middle w.... laay of th.decute > A* Tracy W.-4
s tbe .,...
road $s3 21)
C. 1.. Tnlgpla. 0. '. : era railroad system tn this et..> at ..ae.ul.r rtat
s AJmira.. Kalsoka-. .. h rf&g au flight, two t*
w 1 utt >'" are- nit The address of .
work road. $12 hour J.
0. V. 11eQresta. on toOay C. Ixarkweil )I, .
peRro cruisers and four torpe.'kiXAraaakonik the prrsMent Dr. a:. M. G&11.u.a.t. w lsdlltercj cards of the penJteatlsn'sVoa '
a work road. $10.;d J. raatfoetar. was killed
W. L. 8snU+:< GIG i yard aMoCSat &4 G.vege aa".' al"
s taft July 10 wltb this asorainip. Toalgat & clsaf'ged with sturJet
T.:Zd........- oa read. $TVti J.U *. a awttcbouui was 7 "*.,.* _**'
-hac to* tk* pttrposm of Stanley THcunpaawof Fkta4 e l *law des ... \ of tk* etats<< law *
aw.iws oa ...... H. L. W WaM ..,., ... nv fretg t cars wort a ******
A e Fiotorv.., livered I sites' aleisOt4teaR: .ss.. as ..n1 kethr* Ike fact
a '
> b4U to 8eo ....... .... k' i.. .....
;,1 *. >:; !'\i-.. :t..v7 :t JU.,]: ...itJ.: ,J <-.J! :\ ssssspsasa I In 13.. .. _
: ',
: f .
.. 't-\: it ,. ''', ... .tI ...,,
' "" :<' :
.. ; ,
) "
M .., ; ,, ?< .H' ".t. , Jf!'. !'. t. ,\ ,- " ,

! THE .



|Officer Hague_ Was Compelled to of the Most Competent Fac

f Kill Man He Tried to Arrest. You can depend on Ayer's ulties in Florida Obtained. t I'/ .
Hair Vigor to restore color to For Infants and Children


fc'f Officer Hague Attempted to Arrest fails Follow to directions do this work.and it It never stops Exercised Every Precaution in i v.g'lb : The Kind You Ha

*'l Will Hunter Upon a Charge of Car- the Selection of Instructors, and "

t vying Concealed WeaponsHagueShot Hair Vigor Those Who Attend This Session of >: ,. Always Bought

V* Five Times. I the Normal Will be Benefited.The A\cgctaUe Preparation Assimilating -

'jf foodaI1dRe ut1-
": There was a tragedy at Hague Tuesday fallingof hairalso. There's Summer Training Normal School hblltes( tomads: and Do vls ofINIAN Bears theSignature

morning when Deputy Bheriff W great satisfaction in knowing established by dirrc'ion the Boardof _

) O.'Hagnv, In an attempt tr arrest William I you are not going to be disap Control.,of the University of the is- I

.:ti; Hunter. was compelled to killrlh'ID' pointed. Isn't that so? State of Florida opened Monday witha ----- r
to save his own life, according to I 'Rood attendance Classes are being
.. wa..b.wt. on.Cbroe-rful- ..
I "IN fad.d .tll It .hl. J& Promotes Digest
,r por .. Deputy Sheriff/ Hague it is. took Just b..ttl. of A'.r'. organized for teacher and students j
; neither
; Rest.Contains
r..tor. I forms d.rk.rich ness
,aitW. was struck by balls from Hunter'sAatol Hair VI.or e.rt.lni,4,... whatea claim rev who desire to. prepare for a State first, >nium.Morpliine nor> liiicral.I of
; five time before he succeeded In it.-A. M. l.wwaa.RclcIiID.c C. second and third grade certificates and or'N.AH.CUTC.e'OU .

);'fJrlD&lolC the man to the ground. I I .1110 All .p..I.a ottl..... forFading f.C._.II AYR, M.*co-. for a life primary .certificate.

a>. From the best Information obtain.fable The faculty In charge of this schoolis

.It appears that Officer Hague ap. Hair composed of the!! leading educator IiSlJ4'ZZ.1'tTCI R
I .
.pproaehed' Hooter and attempted to ar- of the State They are specialists. in

\ .feat him. Hunter resisted arrest and their respective lines of work., Theopportunity R..t.+t.s.. .-

>atepped backward Immediately draw- is one that the teachers of -...:."--6.. i I

J! CD.'. pistol when he!! opened fire. Of. A PRIZE WINNER. the State c.uootf.nd/ to lose. -w...
Scer Hague realizing hi. danger pull- The faculty is as follow :

'itt j'* his own pistol and began to tire. F. W. Barren of Evinston Sends to Prof. L. W. Buchultz. principal p.y- UsFor

['j\with; the result that he killed hi.. man. Gainesville a OO Pound Melon. chology and dagogy. I perfect Remedy for Cons lipo-

; 1. Offlaer Hague was taken to his home When F. '\". Itarron, the progressive Dr. W. Yocum, Latin and physics, lion.Sour Stomach.Diarrhoea

SOd medical assistance was summoned postmaster merchant and all-round Prof. I. I. Ilimes. Palatk High I '\'orn\S.Convul \ .Fownsh-

.ifrotn Gainesville. Examination: showed good citizen of Kvinston. undertakesto School rhetoric, literature com petition ness nnd Loss.. U F SLEEK OveThirty

ttbat Hague wa hit five times below do anything he goes at it In a manner and arithmetic. FacSinub Signature-ofNEW'

\tb.i abdomenevery from Hunter's which assures success, and very Capt. U. M. Lynch. East. Florida

f.\Tt: >.ltol t..klnsf/ ct. While the wound seldom if ever, fails. Seminary' geometry algebra, trige- YOTZIC. YearCASTORI

':Ne 'painful, the physician states that ;Mr. liarron has sent to The, Sun' tiornetry and general Itistory.MsJ. _

"tbij will not necessarily prove serious n watermelon weighing ninetysixpounds. W. L. Floyd East Florida Seminary .

yitf.iftBd'that the patient will recover. This melon was taken from totany, zoology, physical geography .

f- The community regrets the occur ten-acre field which has produced melons ; and physiology.Prof. .

_1$; renoe. as both men are well known in this season weighing from forty to Arthur William, State College -

"u"ib. Hague settlement. ninety-eight pounds, making a line civil government United States EXACT COPY OF WRAPPc I.

.J't I JlluDter was about tweuty-three years average and which have brought. history, composition, Florida historyand .

,''t.Old and was the son of Hiram Hunt..r.r extra fancy prices In the market. Unlike orthography.Prof. +14s..RWC arose rtw sees Cf'I

well-known, farmer of that section the majority of melons of this A. 11'. J IAck.on."hlt... Spring.

1, The funeral of the dead man will oe."S.at dimension, the fruit I is very solid, geography, arithmetic algebra, orthography -

today sweet. and of excellent flavor Mr. \ and United States history. .... .. . _ e .___, .. ___ _
"1'. Itarron is the Mr. J. 11. Johnston. Uade City, ,
saving weeds frorr. this
Asthma Sufferer Should Know This. tract. irammar, reading! and geography.Mrs. The Oldest Whiskey HOU ith Georgi

iQr Fotey's. Honey and Tar has cured Thanks are extended to this enterprUlng Ella I.itF. Ilamilton primary
.; oases of asthma that were con-
snany department.The .
grower for both the melon and
Established 1881.
eldered hopeless )1 ft. Adolph Itueslog ..
his thoughtfulne Hoard of Trade of the city ofGainesville - -- --
TOl West Third Ht., Davenport all
-- --- -- hsJ.prfpcet'd arrange-
.,;'Jowa. writes : "A severe cold ami- Bent Her Double. bouts for the opening of the dormi- y_ t Pure tine od? rye. Hy the .ca

.ft..acl.d t twelve years ago was. neglected '.1 knew no ones for four weeks when tories of'the. East Florida Seminary to "' Four full quart *

.t.,,tintil It finally grew into ..thll"'. The I was sick with typhoid and kidneytrouble this'. student. charging $12 a month I KXPKh.JEtf. .--
---------- -- --
Ji' beat medical skill available could nut ," write Mrs.. Annie Hunter uf1'lu.hufK. board This give to the t indent an
,4:.Ive' me more than temporary relief. tlrst. ela.s. boardat ice'! J. COI-E.M.O:
In i
.I'-, .ud when I gut better opportunity secure -
't Fole7' Honey and Tar was' recommended I nominal i t Pure Pennsylvania Kyj a.I .
although, I had one of the bet doctors H sure.Those .
ineliovr r
the <
4By K'UI'flrfull
; 'I and one fifty-crnt bottle entirely I could. get I was bent double' and had who desire to ecure room in I ,' qunrt* it 'I
cured me of .tlimi' which hade i the dnnnilorie..hould, make lica- t' I I. .....
to real my hand on my knwh..u I "J' 1X I'R E.
been growing on me fur twelve year. -- -- -- - -
walked From this terrible. affliction I ion at once, Iterative U i is impossible} to '
'.:-',If I had taken it at the start I would c .AMU R11':
wan rescued by Electric Hitters, which say how long the room will remain \ \I
; have been saved years of suffering." \ I Pure .nt>*tantil familythe n ... C
( demand is being -
restored healtn and strength, and vacant. lute M already ,
fE J. W. MoUolujin A Co, my "'"R"" wnllon $i 5:.c). Kntir K.
now I can walk' a* straight as ever. mad cur r. servatinn. *:29). EX PHI-1-:

Js A JOLLY TRIO They are simply wonderful." Uunranteed State papers, pi..".** ('''1''. ----- -- -

,I to cure stomach, liver and kidney rLiFrxiuii in: E:

{;. Three Prominent Women Educators of disorder ; at all drugstores ; price Oc. Will Interest Many. OLD KENTUCKY: ..> j I"YJ the Kllol Vlx'pKb! .fur': ':
Florida Receive Recognition. Kvery persmi should know that good :wi jUir..et
'I.' from bonded warehud.e fine I -
.," In the New York American of July t) MR. LINDSAY'S HUMOri. health i i. unp....il isle if the kidney are and old. By the gallon 131 s). 0...' IHUNTKK: : ('I.I II CHI:'
leraiifced .tle Kidney (.'lire will
> =
there appears in connection with a report Four full '3 2-V I 1ch aud mellow By the.
Wrote Hew. Thomas P. Hay a Sincerebut quart j '
bladder tiisrase
of the of the =Nittionnl /cure I kidney Mint 111 every C * proceedings
i Humorous Congratulation : I'I:":I'\ In iMVKiWe
4 form, mid will huUtl up and :
Educational Association M good halftone !
i.;. u..,. \\'. C. LuuUay, the eminent trrngiheii th.*.e tirgin *o they will -- --
picture of Mi. Anna Chains. Mi.. > handle!! all th. leading brands of Rye and BourbonVhUkif* sr
Hattie. wl.. Presbyterian divine of Mala, who de.j''h. perform their unction properly No ket and will from 5O per) i '
rCI.tn, Hampton and Mls I save you 2" to per cent on your purchases : i
livered .. last I < commencement dancer uf Hrltrlit* di.e*..* or diabetes list and catalogue. Free application,
A "three prominent women educators of upon
iiion of East: Florida' Seminary, write I if Foley'. Kidney' Cure i. taken in
Itev Thomas>> I*. Hay of this city a'i I time J. W MeCullunlen..
Is taken of the three tl.t
The picture one follow I I I MAl'Oill... and ItlltMIMill Ol,
grouped on the veranda of one of the, : II! ___. e_
"1 the
want to congratulate peopleuf ;
noted hotels at Asbury 1'ark.& While'the I
Uanef! (lie, through you on account
_ ladies do
names of the three not
of the victory gained for the University
figure In fist published I roc".thIM'ber. *. I I I
of Florida. 1 suppose they art glad
are few names connected with 'II
that I preached the funeral' sermon I
: the report as it appears In The Amerlian.
over the Ks: .l Fh ride Seminary. Thnti ill
'< Hut just underneath the picture1s .
i the way they expressed it to mewhen /
the following paragraph ;;
I went up to perform that service.
;, "A high jumping exhibition of Imr- ."

,y die race effect was' given by a number
tTapt. II. :M. de Mntmollin of Pslstka -
> of>> the '.teachers the meeting of the
p a member of the Governor's 51st!?.
department of physical Instruction, ; :
also write' In congratulation.Indigestion .
despite their fresh white pique skirls 1rllsy -- _

b and billowy petticoats. The I Idea wa' U tf J i

to conduat. au experiment the coordination "
With Its companion.. heartburn flatulence Kereieae Haglne.Absolutely Jr
'l and relation of the mental
: torpidity of the liver constipation the safest and must ear
forces with the physical and mot of
palpitation' of the heart poor nomical. p-iwer, now on the market, All ANQ OTHERS
the teach.rsdetnon.tratedbeyond cavil sites1 *. to SO horse power. Write for
I I blond>> headache and other. nervous
that it their minds said 'jump theirmustier price,
r,old respond readily to the '1 1\1 l'h'I1.aUn... kin. foul tongue, This nine (Is nut a "Jack at all WITHOUT HESITANCY
uRensive breath and a legion of other trades" with dynamos or tMtiiwries. and
i ailments U at one the Ino.*' ", ''d.- sundry trigger to avepyoii "puisled."
There are no names mentioned and Jat> Indorse
spread and destructive, but It 1H a 'Cracker to do your
the reader ,.t Tliv American' however' the American people malady The llerbtnetreatment among wu.k. and uo mistake.. !wild! under full

are at a !U>.. to know who carried off will. cure all the. troubles. guarantee or your money hark Simplicity Mark
s -the honor 'Ihr trimd of Miss Hampton MM bottle :Sold by W .M Johnson iUelf. Rogers Whiskey

are willing, to *''11;:*' all they have GEO. W. MOYERS, .
a* the limit of perfection *n distilling Rich mellow al
_ that Miss Clrnt won" saucyk .:.1.1.. FUHJaBecause
.aiooth. it pleae' the palate of many uers. Will .l'a'i
-- -- -- your at first opportunity which we invite you to tat
The latest news' from Parts i* that t l.y.Jft5nLwmITroRcE

I v+ they have discovered, a diamoud cur Atuli Jna ,nOes Ocala House Wine Rooms Ocala, Fla.
for consumption If you fear con J )

atDption or &" ...urnoul.. it will. how. I

ever be best fur you u take that treat I I . -. -

remedy mentioned by W. T Mete.. uf Tilt .ri iflil \
..I..r. Tens, 'haJ. cougtt. 'or I
r foarteen years > otluni helpvd me they are the b tin .

until took Dr Klug's :New Discovery ..n....... --.11&",.",..", ..Ft -
for Coasouaptiou,. Cooichs aid Colds' , rOI.&TaIlON&y..4 TAR la .. the land for th$ money rwrq.
Pete So.talatn HI Glir
whl kth gave 'Instant re t I.f and effected' Teller aafca e, ft...... ..heUseaactiy > t FUton Hi. BaM and Bird Bur, Cti1t

a permanent cun. I nrguallvd quick tlh.ls.t .. Ask you] dealer for the t OAr E.rLI.-'LORJ: [).,.
..e for throat 0a luajc troubles, Atjlrtig I. Jim" Shoo and insist .
;, .... .o..wv.q.OM..wL's "Sunny 1_ .. ..: ...
s tore*thrice to* and ft,, guar i it. [__ efS..4__c .,w rori.ol/. bet s...a a.f _fc. t
Trial. .o&&l. tree Sa. ., .1. W. ft1.Ilsllsur R I pn Retting
.. ...._
I" -
,'J(' .r .. Cam.M.... .
'. .1."" .. -.r" .:...:".... .,.- '. .
, ..I'}:,. ,
.. '""" e ::70,. "
et\ " '. ;''''.. : ... 1


....<, '. ,
," j


UJ 4 !

f "f

i A r THE GAINESVILLE SUN: ,11'LY i:$, lhj

rs .
- - -
-- - -
_. I
---- -


AL MURDERER Cure For The Blues
Man Inj red by Horse-Fourth of Jj'v. .

Archer .l Taly" 1O.-Georc-: I. n; La!: !

--- Health Fully Restored and the Joy ol the misfortune to bee a vnluati *. horse

:'J'N Sleeping Was At- Life Regained I while ,,it riJin The horse _tumb'ed
1 WUe --- I and fell in the road breaking hit necfc 4

.k ked j \V t h Serious Results. When cheerful Is sndtlenly brave plunged lightheartedwqinan into that i. Dr. 11..1',4 has purchased a burro r.lr Busy Women !

I.! -- perfection of misery, the HLUES.: it is : his children and the little! fa d'ke are
AND BABY KILLED a sad picture. It is usually this way : I having a tiru time riding ami driving
She has been feeling "out of sorts" r
i All the "tore. closed on the Fourth

') er Pt i Wounded-Head ofvrfortoJN i and th'lerks, got a holiday. Mm and

Man Almost Severed Guy Fletiiiug spent the day on the Ss

e Which Also wannee river, returning the next dayA Furniture
: First Shot. Buying !
'ffO''", BOO Cub Jackson Arrested. very emu., yable) picnic at the horne nf
lfd CnJ Mr. and Mrs Frei in the r.n"I.:

i ",s: at his home at peace ground was' held and a :Ine time wa
(hi e
. and the world William .
B 33*t had.A
> a f erz-tie and law-abiding! reoerst imprirement to the town
*" ,r Bland was horribly" of Archer i* a board walk from the 1

t'ereJ yuunc; baby" by his side, Pre.byrian church to the pototH e Tlii-4 i, the' rage: of the hour. Money.iv.;t .* i is
jl nr fate and his wife was and from the depot to the store' down money
d-Jbya sneaking as- town. 1
'!o'u.5J1 1 w r,':ay night. The foundry' and machine shop of H.I 1 laid awaYher are you gom;:* Ui L'I: : tt' Purni ,

Weft \\5'i \ gin a house on the .Mel Rosa.Adn Maddox has been completed and started *

a C ''II. '*. where he has been I operation last week. They do casting tnre this Sprin .'
1 aced ,t' "nf time He was reed for some time; head has ached and : up Id 5" pound and all kind of

1i II+ A :, .*t peaceable and hard back also; has slept poorlv been quite I I lathe planing and drill \vork.Shipment -
nervous and nearly fainto once or I I .
;,terfermg with ue per- awl of pears are going forward
li.I\: twice; head dizzy, ht.'artheatM
i n' a*'''r* .. .1 i tlie neault caused a fast; then that bearinjr-do\Mi fet"lIn.1 I fr m here and are bringing fair,
1 dea ,i,diRnatiou among theder and during her menstrual period she, is price

. AT section, both white exceedingly despondent Nothing I Mr*. HJ ig'e.' and daughter: Taehave .
: : Some Facts
e. rn J up pleases: you her.have Her dyspepeia doctor says; you: Cheer will beaU I givie to Columbu 0.. to spend to Consider :

fcfcrcsat! ,n from Bland received in right soon." the Aiimrier
J M f day i It to the effect that But lobe doesn't get all right," and Born ti xlr and )Ir.*. Anderson on
city Illd thto child were sleeping: in hope vanishes ; then come the brooding .II Welneday) norning; a ten*pound boy. We are the lniv: ; otlealer:: > in thi--e.-non: 'If! KloritluHave : .

reI ttd WIU'; his wife occupied anoth- BLUES.. morbid melancholy everlasting Mr*. E. K 'ou..on. of Hradentown is the bet :elected: -took. Occupy) the nin-.t proinU

ttotT!:* earns room The night be- Don't wait until your sufferings have '' vi.itiii':; r..l
fcf sarrt::> < .e window were up. Sudy driven you to despair with your nerves I )1,... ( 'race Heed and children of cash have no equals.; For credit have no eoiiipotition. -
without warning, the report oflpnra2 all shattered and your courage gone Newberr are viittug( her mother here
When )
but take Lydia K. Pinkham'sge-I yon outer our toor, tVel jilt: welcoiuo
window near- \Viflitoti ,
the Mr
ut from table Compound.>what it did f.*r t 1'rtjnc was visiting as though hat, enough to
j th..brd occupied by the man and Mrs. Rosa Adams, of 819! lath t"et'l', r..l.tih..r.*. this week. yon money pnivha anything

7. The Bret? shot had its effect! Louisville. Ky.. niece of the late lien- I r I Mr.. lUrn-. of Live n.1with\ a sick i yon need. Remember, Wt' want y' ur trasIe-\\'itil money -

tilly mulilatiiiK the" head of the an- era"Dear Roger Mr* l'inkham-Hanson,C.S.A. She writes: ,' child. M at the Magnolia Hotel. The without it; j just a l.ttle I pad, 't.'k or[ month."VftTe .

;Ulltf' victim hi* brains going! in "I cannot tell you with pen and ink what I i child u t being treated by Dr I>ePn*.
redirection This hot evidently" Lydia K. Pinkbanis VetretAhlo Compound :, 'rt. IVlle Junes and children ofLaurel
has don for me. I mitTtred with reniAl* Pay tine Froigrlal
't:1: ..::child also, as the mothered troubles, rxtreuxt la ic ; that the second shot was direct nervousnem and that all'gone: feeling.' I was llauknight 1, .

, a. herr three shots taking! effect. s Compound dvi. et to try, and Lydia it not E.only Ilnkham'c cured my Veicetabl female I I,I J. K. \\elU i i* off this week for Pablo

had the presence of mind to exieh derangement, but it has restored mo to perfect Beach fIr" few days' vUit
l I which her health and ntreiigth The liuoncv of my I I I Turner Puren i is hi.
ju! tEe tamp, was near spending vacation
younger days barn returned, an.!1 do not nif-
s .rn two more shots were fired in fer any: longer with deejioiMleiicv. KM I dui l".- in i akelattd and lirookrille this Gainesville Furniture Company
;rd>rr-t ;in in the dark, but failed for*>. I consider Lydia J:. Iinltbnm''> .KP- I week.
Loon to nick and ,
table Compound a sufferingwomen.
t.'t'.r mar. sere ." j i I Archer I l.'sdgeo... 6i?, K. of P r..

,K''tl f'.l! > wr attracted to the If you have some derangement of ; elected the last term officer except {

''mat I ":en tf ej Uncovered the hor- the female organism Mass. for write advice.Mrs. I'I'Pinkham. '' the outer guard. The roster remain No. 120 ( j ( Side of Square, .

lib:a t rc( _d lion \ score of men and Lynn alt follow. J. K. Wells. C. C. : M II.

.rfsn: a search which resulted intaekrag -I i Iel'as.. \ C. ; J. \V. Slay Prelate : (} '

to n I" home, a short distance MR, SHEATS APPOINTED. :t! S. FI..milllol1.. J. \\.. ; :&am Fleming Gainesville Florida

I' a ce.r. by the name of Cabiiakir 131.! A. : C. P. "'ood. K. of K . r !
rai,"ton denied all knowl- Will be Principal of Gainesville Graded n. Lradlejr r. n : T. I'nren O. n.

KIt ,f'-'. trnc:..dj. but he was placed and High School. I
Baseball Players and Foot Rac rsl'
IIICItr arr, s t and wa given a prelimtury lion, \\'. N. Sheatp rx-State superintendent .

armi.. .fore Justice Caswell at hat been tendered the prin- I Loin J. Kruger, ex-champion long

1:1: :' 1'1 ,day afternoon. The re- cipalship of the! iainesville Graded: and distance foot racer of Germany and

I .t' Hf.. mn in the case High; School by unanimous action of Holland writOjt.>> 17. 10.)1: "lur

Inrtc .f I wa" raid that cireum-I the board of trustee and the Hoard of lug my training of eight week. font Just Ask the Man

..: ''t.w r.. strongly against: him it I IItr' Public Intimation for Alachua coun i I rags at Sail LaWeCitj.in .\prillait.
: ,
I I used naU"rd''now mitnent to
a' at .fu*tree Catwell com ty. It in not yet definitely known mygrfatf
LHI* i j ri.nnh whether 1'rcif :Cheats will accept the : "t KNticfaetiun Therefore I

position but friends here are inclinedto hit.:hly) rectimmeti'l Snow Liniment to

T B"s Worm Medicine. believe that t.e will. I I all who are troubled with *prain. Wlin h.' buyhis

,8 ; .. druggist, Leighton Prof. Sheat in regnrJe'J: a. one of : brume or rheurnati'tn ::'Ac t3 and !
Ca .. r i tl. -oU; b1 \\'. M Johnon.
of t
niy customersr the most competent educator' in the
et. .. W .!: wa sick, and thrf'w'' State and will make iif the school oneof !
sj North Gainesville Improving.:
t i 1.1. retain nothing on its the highest standard
wJ! = ought' one bottle of I It i i. evident that the uHirbof North Buggies Wagonsand
h daineaville ha gained new life and
f am ermifuge, and it Mrs. Munsinger Married. ,
br i! urnted into the
:, rigor since being iiicorr'
1 worm from the child. Friend of )1,.. \Iun.ins.r of \Vind.
', j of ()aine.ville. :Notwithstanding>> '
I city la
worm. medicine in the sor will probably learn with surprisethat ,
sor. that the uburti ha alway been pro.
(..r" Vermifuge is .
rn she was roamed to ICev Mr
) "' :,.'tI touic. It Improvesand lIow.1 I gre*.ive"bemg inhabit. l by progre" Harness.
ltr ell in Philadelphia a day ( ..
assimilation orIh..r slur people new" CutlJ..ne. seems to
well known in Windsor ;
IDod The bride i I.
+ nervous system have been ,...to,...l .Irae" the territoryha
4 r where stir i i. po.tnsi.tre.a and whereshe ,
"m to the _
health '
vigor been madw a 1'art and parcel" of
>If spirits natural to has resided fur twenty year" palt.
d' the University (Jily anJ many Improvements
*>yV.. il. Johnson.CE She. ha many friend in that cection
are 'tM'ing c'>nt.nif>lat*> The i I. not .0 well known hreat I '
;::: r -> APPOINTMENTS. groom he probably will h.. since. \ these. 1 insprnvemenIs i I. tuw I, Tin man will say: in nino cases out of .
present ,.
erection of several cottages by O It j jliailey Ii
Ao'j it i i. learned that he will take up his '
and Lynch Will TeachC and the material i I' n J" being !. (, Il--ir his head l is hhap"J< l v
abode Windsor. II. it a strong per ... I
delivered the rn.H'II.] cot |
't, Net Term. nx>n I
1- s sonal friend of I:>TV. I: Illsck.tone. tage. will (M* tingle an. / way i J'iuhtf'l'OIIl i ,
If-- ''yd and George Mi. the> Bible l Conference orator who Ie''' and will no doubt rcut real t a fair) ,

at: -r. pointed by 1'resi i it known here, and i* aid to ,In a man of ;I price i''
.it! of the
; rare literary talent Forced to Starve. '
k' ; r..ors at the next The gun .extend congratulationsMakes . It F. Lerls of Concord Ky .ay. j :
',. ..r.ity of Florida --- - | W. R. THOMAS yf.r
n- For 1O! ye"r. I suffered agonies' with i ,
iu Lake City pr the Liver Lively. .
Ja. a ore on my upt M>r I'l' .u painfjl I
it1t reo-tion.'fr. of the Uaiver Orino Laxalivf Fruit Syrup give 11J14'rmanpn' omotimv. that I roriM not eat After i 1 Gainesville
in of habitual. '
relief cars I vainly trying everything ei'.". I cured ,
MCM n sr.> well known e ln1 constipation a. it timuUte* the liver It'sgreat
*It with luCit.I.u' Arri'-s .h. 5
*mgvii! on the fscr the natural action of the
and :
toy restore for burn, .ut. at -r ity Normal, which i I. bowels' without irritating the organs all drug: *tnr*>. only" .".<* \ it
-f r"' 'd. ..t.nd con. like pills or ordinary cathartic. l Iues

X ,- *. 'lh the assurance! that not nao...'. or grip and I.I mild and I
...;.. .f''.p,t''nt men in their pleasant to take Ilemember the name T. F. THOMAS
.t\\" .
At.: \?, could have been Orino"and refuse sub.titut... J U*.

'mt+sided, for Rh MeCollumA- -Co.- .- --.-- ((0.)
.I. Mining Company Assign Our

'" 'H.I..; .. III., writ*. New" York Ju.v;: 11 The Xim rJmlalec > plan--Pay as

w, t.., ll two y.ars ago I and smel :r g r.,.|..njrB c...!

-..: a 'uf months with ,rheu la mining ore ::0 Mettco La* mtf. sr FULL LIXK OFNEW
bt :I kalt."S' snow Llnlcu ajtslctnet! to Wlltlsm I':. FSf, \V.*.
...( ... me, lean lUmVlczins is p'....J..t sad Henry GOODS. You' Can--starts the ..r
h .. -'od II to .U
'1 .n", .. aotf.r1 A. Dickinson U ser.*ary. TU. com I --
__ \' J.IOMa.- .JC3 .Dd panT was Incorporate la (set K Agenta lor...
1>01. under the11'. of :N.w York TtJul.Hton "r

tith capita; atoe of fi 44C4 J I !L > 111.EY---I I ; Iron 1''t'Ilri: ';;'

t'. If the Baby is Cutting TeetH" I t Sec Our Sample -
'' S t.
ROY.ON. -ole 4k
B. sore and use that obi aDd w.!)- -- -

tri.d rmd-. Mrs. Wia.low'. Kouila 1'.r sai attesstl.a U all salter. Ia ff +ai9e ,.Ryr'C4'v
M ... __
ran..rnaatd.: = .: i.MC Syrup, for children .. IiJa.. Isljame. !. Ilan'. .JI.u aa4 I.f -p-a'- ea;den ....

k OR .coshes tike vbtld. eoft.os> tsve N1..dn1 ... :rr4 .up } a+k t 'v '+
1 & d. i allam all paha.: ..". wlsxi eotie sad ae 7 + n t.v4Y4
=_..:.. ,..&. :r. ...|MM*MMM.lv ...llintaosla. Tar1N
.. .A. J"t.., ..,.;..or'Jo .....- .;;:r --:;:; ,,01'.,.... ivy r+.

.' '

1, *Jfl} ,frff3y&yl '7 +, r sF't, W 4. }; n'. ,. t'a. w. r; k .c6 \.


r ..:,- ,\ THE GAINESVILLE SUN JULY 13, 1905 ,

"'1 AN OPEN LETTER O would some power the giftie gi'. o*.

To ee ourselves a* other see u* ; Governor of l& AlabamaEndorsesjJ
,:( From Dr. J. L. Keller to ,Prof. J. A. It would from many a blander free n*, s

a' Ormond. And foolish notion.

.St r Prof. J. A. Ormond The brave, generous. proud and ehlvalroo -
Principal of the,Negro School man and womanhood of oar > PerunJ

TaUab.**..;Fla. < Southland will never tolerate social :; ,

Bin Yoor article under date of July equality; in any form. Not even the .,- : _.
1st; which appear ,In toda,'* paper I* iron heel of the carpet-bagger, up- I.-T: J <

a arprle to me ; not on account of ported by the Federal bayonet, could Other Prominent State Officials
'' .be entfment and motive therein contained force it an u* In the reconstruction period ; .

: (for I wool expect jut such an No power on, or beneath the
rt ,effusion from jour fertile brain) but earth can force u* to accept it. We Add Their Praises.

,\ for the fact that you have dolled yonr I will not have It. The race mint lie'eparate ;

'j'f-, ",eatloo. mask come out of your in church-, schools. hotel

:' _biding, aid igned your true name to I and railroad coache Profeor you' ... ,7
'!your masterly' production. Your bold- i should have allowed Young; Day or h C52.SSWKS, 1

g-;';;,fiats. :rather aroue a little admiration | *ome other negro to have had the princlpaUhip *
-t I am much pleased to see that I deairlbed of that negro school over r i a mM[

: you *o perfectly than you were I I which you prtide. They are equally ,

';{forced to recognize JUUU.U. I ama a* competent a. yourself lf-repect r i A 44 oV w ,
little elated over the cor- (I should have caused you to have de + r T4 t

,"oU.s. of my dignoi. Mr. Ormond, clined. No negro hall teach white
.1 tb. Inltructlon that I gave and asked | school In Alachua county and to this

.<"Rthe gentleman? to deliver to you wa you doubtless say "Amen"
'\,('written: on April U:h. and the applicaw4'tlooI.received Then why should you forget our sacred . v'k1

from you wa dated Institution and customs and worship -
;44priI24th.; After that you accepted ) at the shrine of commercialism a

:. :'(to* appointment, and later declinedjgihrfoff An a "defunct pill-roller" I feel con t t' _

as your reason that you did not trained to advise you to use freely

:, know that the term would bt tire Saponl and J.aburraque'. Dinreotlng!

month, which you sail would prevent Fluid on your person, and raiment and

.yon"'trom'.tachiPK an eight months' for your mental improvement ,read _
*.>"rIft*'.J. where. etc. freely our glorious Southern History _
... \ Now a. to Prof. 110fll.. r. He wa and Thoma* '1>fxnn'. Olaniman. Thee fs ;

.". lied: for by Mr. l>oke, but he In not will teach you of our proud heritage, I e+

Vffi: ehlnR at Santa Fe. I did writ J'Jeller.lor \ made *o by the blood and coffering of ..-- -
The bam
Magnificent State Capl oiBIkiiitgofAi .
'. him "to whom it mipht conNMlfn our ancestor I>ixon will tell you of
th..mOl't wonderful Mobile in a recent lttt frl,
-- ." and now I am writing one foryon. the hidden Umpire that conquered the ONKof In the" history of Mobile Ala., earn

mifcht have mailed this to you despotism that attempted to force medicine i. the multitude of Governor Alabama COmrnends Pc-ru-na. "Allowme tOIl 'nll' ;:; m
'brit, lna, recent letter from you, you upon u* social equality .ndnT..ement. whl,*h Pernna I* In a letter dated July SZrt.1H09. written from Mont testimonial an 'u.c< "..
informed; me that you would not Respectfully, receiving *Ji a catarrh cure gomery Ala.. Oovernor Joseph J.Johntjn,jays: I qualities of IVriinu I ."
:; I the from men of national ../ Join Congressman Brewer In commending .,
from .
OOOfder a reply me. guess J. L. KKM KY.KlELROSE used it for t if 1''" f'
- -, ._- Ian|i.ortance. Peruna." J. Johnston. .
'apparent rudene.. I.< doe to the fact Joseph months and Him
: [t.ifeatyour hand and heart are full \ HAPPENINGS. The inorft ilUtlngaUhed men moat excellent: tonMarker. .
of the United States have no 1 .
.looking after your agreeable; charge '''rona an an excellent tonic, and It 1recommemlvd .
Matters of Personal Interest In That hesitation In lending their Influence toassist U. S. Marshal. Northern District
'*$8thU letter the foU .
: personal you use the u> uae.by those who have
in letting the public know of
Hon HaD Coo >er, U. H. Mar fi.ii
co-operation utl John
M catarrh
lowing language : "The Lively Burg. meritof 1'eruna. a* a good cure. -
U. the Northern U..trlct1:& >*n\a
'of the cheap editorial crew of the dirty Melrose July 12.-Mr. and )Ir.. H. Nearly one-half the people are In someway ftwlch. writes I j"Your
'roi..t known a* The Gainesville Sun." von Noxky left lat week for two affected by catarrh. Therefore It Register' United State Land Office. remedy for catarrh an,!
1:."ocIa.r'* ""Ie.le'me 1* almost a national ("utle. and it 1. of lion ltot Ite Utcr United
paper you says months' stay In Chick Spring, S. O. >crt n.rber. ; la grippe, Peruna ha done me a> r u"
short in the column. national Import that the people should States Land Ollice write from Montgomery

a apace good that I cannot*p ak too ia.,11; v 'tit I ,
."iour valuable paper" The high Mrs. O. O. husband and daughter, know of Peruna. Ala. "1 have ned it for a short t unrl
Neva, have returned from their trip to Catarrh 1* an American dlea...
a you are occupying seems to havea "''F'or some time I have been a sufferer have Improved rapidly from n
[ you double-sided and big-head- Georgia. rerun I* an American remedy. from catarrh in 1U incipient state, *o day. 1 wa really much *ur|.i ., a
confirmed In thus Misses Carrie and Grace Uglow of Catarrh 1* a result of changeable much no that I became depressed and such a quick and effective: cur.' Oia
d.! I further
.iY. am '
climate. ) runa." a result of long and'car.rul.xpcorlnlt'nt.Uon. '
Mrs. O. O. Grime.. .
Starke are visiting feared my health was generally in a Cooper.U.
(if'loo by yonr expressed contempt for .
Mrs. Lee Goodon entertained a few decline. Dut hearing. of Peruna aa a S. Marshal. Southern District.
.*<. mill graduate and "defunct Catarrh enter thenyntem through: the
; "" good remedy I gave it a fair trial and Hon. 1. J. Bryan U. H. f.r"'I fur
U roller*." I guess you have the same young people Friday evening.Dr. nerve center and atTert the mueun .
began to Improve. It effect were Ulinctly tbe Houthern District of V sun.
)long toward other honorable Craig Barnett of Sarasota has membrane Perunaenalles! the nerve beneficial removing the annoyng write.:
: "D.,. You and I have differentor been visiting hi* mother, Mr. M.( J. centers to 'repel and expvl the catarrh I symptoms, and it wa particularlygood "1 have n ed Pernna for ram" a

a* youfnay', "..... understand!' Harnete.MU from the system.t'aturrh a* a tonic." -Robert IlarUer. I abort time and have al n. h... rat
se ''other." I have owned and worked I I.a. ( Fannie Mltelle has returned 1* a systemic disease and Collector Port. I friend try it and they all JlrllnOOIJr. It
Ir'ror honest' living from week at Worthington curable only y systemic treatment. the b tcatarrh remedy ever |par II .,.
: *
: .{ w an a stay
The reNiody that cur** catarrh must lion. J. J{. Burke Collector of Port
Ii. e. my sobriquet. You, a 2x4 pro- Spring stun' directly at the depressed l nervecenters. Mobile, Ala., writes market." It can nut be Jlraitl uhighly. ->r. In charge of a negro .chool. i Mrs. M. J. Ha met I and :Miss May This U what Peruna
when your term I I. out you will Harnett left lat week to spend the Redeemer of Public Money!' It ha been, used In tny lam.fly factory you reanlUt do not from derive the prompt u... of amt 1' r 51+j"1H
In being an emeritus professor, summer in South Carolina. and tonic It In excellent. I tr.lre
>fy as a ,
Hon. John C. ftvicli. |Itetl.-emer of write atonce to Dr. Harttnan, I'r u
I Inclined to think will cause :Miss Lena MoLeod ha returned from .lea In to its line aalt.tics.J. .
Idh am 1'iitillr .Money, "wli M>e olltco\ .It In the > <*urw -tllfvlnn of the Hartman. Hanltarlnm. wisp;. '.
)tf to become "defuodc." In spite ofae a visit In Galneville. I.f..t4.mce TUitlillng. In a letter written K. Hurke.Postmaster. Ohio and he will give you the II
antmu. I am sorry to see that Frank Yearwood hal gone to Galne- frn MuntKomerT, Ala., .ay- of Mobile. of bin valnable advice ratl.\ ,to
have become *o much Imbued withspirli villa to attend the summer normal. "1 take i>loure In .curnm"ndl iluu. 1*. i). Marker ru.tuia.t r of r_}K>n J uce ctrictljRead .. cunlhJ..uu..
of commercialism that )Hel McCullough of Holder II I vis- .
i you ".._ 0-.__ _____ ,. ." _ ,_. ---. ------ -- _.- .- -,
said forget yourself enough to accept ting at Mr*. Chas. llaldwin's.Mrs .
i* Charge of a negro school and thenprei \V. I*. Miles hat returned to his

\'tbe' boast about it. You ay home In 1'rtlatka. 1
J __. LAMAR'SLEMON TAKE What the Mayorof
fact that ---
ii. U a Iffnitlcant my opporIDlties -
I are not limited by boundaries Tug Run. Down Launch. Lamar's Lemon Dothan, Ala. says:J

[.:any particular county, and It U M New York July 11.One luan wa of L. L. L.

tot which I am a trifle proud, that fatally hurt and sIx other had .. oar LAXATIVESold LaxativeThe Do rns.r.U.a.!' \rr I

.,the face of my being 'turned down row eftrape from drowning today when great family rr.rdlclno ,,*u r.. Lamar..Tn; I
.Dr., Kelley and his board 1 wa the the tug Oneida ran down the 40-foot hi/good drttg *1-I,, teacher In th i Slate to receive reiltlon nuptlui launch Mna, owned by Nlch / for Constipationfor (nU..n.n1 h....

( at the hand of the State oa", Smith In the upper bay off Twent Disordered Liver Slits.opnnc fur I..uu.r'.l..mon.....". tI"' I
rei of Education and Hoard of Donl l\th" utrrrt, Hronklyn. M. Smith 50 DOSES for Indigestionfor .c'u..d ii &0 all. rfrr t

>l," a body almost a* eminent a* the I the ovtniT... of the launch was one ol 50 CENTS Headache trout.th_r ttlMtrUi.ulr..nl 1'.1 I'IMTV I'any
ihua County Hoard of 1'ublio In- those on hOltrS nt the time of the col. 'mm.nGrd r''I' I tf.l i
and u.- It tn lily
for Biliousness
'.....'..0..." You should |>rutil hi the' lUlun He escaped Injury. The tug ,.._ _.. -'r bF bate oM !..(. of U .ri a' t,
,,following line from hums i cut the launch In two and it sank I Lamar, Taylor & Riley for Dizziness .u 11' ver bad any o..tJ..1

. ., Yeare.pr"thJ 'P
Drug Company Use it and .
--- often -
- - ---- - - - provnf U0' s I
MACON, GEORGIA Malaria.the \ )1.701'


the Goods Don't Suit -- .... -- -

THAT IS OUR MOTTO AND WE LIVE UP TO IT. FLORIDA NEWS NOTES. gambling colored fifteen folk' being are under arrested arm at.l one for . .OKDKU YOL'i .

\\ J Lee will start another paper at haul

Rye Whiskeys Cern Whiskey Terry In a few day*. The St,, .\OJDIUnepoUt'P force will Whiskeys Wines Etc.

i. lilt" sat. J'In u.I. The I Ice plant at Live Oak will lw enlarged be engaged for a time in taking the ,
.: to the capacity of twenty ton eenu. They can leave their clube at
1 )
i"ti11\'t1. tJ5
Copper 1
N. c. White..St <15X. a day. ho....
Queen City . . . 00 . . (rom. . .
The Tampa Bay Hotel property The East Coast Hallway ha JOlt pnt
'Sunny South . . :! 50 C. Better . . J OO groaad will make a fine place far :J,O hand. at work on the construction

GUt Etlge.)0 the fair.J I of the Key Wet .t-o.loll at Key
N. C. Fine . . . J :>o i Largo. Henry Free ,
''Pedi K Oliver Jacksonville I. missing
b ree. . . .1 1111
Over loll. Laurel . :.1 00 from his home and his friend fear for Several borne* are being built at
.; . . . a& tit) Vally .
Winter Haven for Northern- people
his afety.
', The onUI'todn) t.,
I The rifle to be u-d. a' Seagirt. N. J who will occupy them the eomlnc
s in the eontett will be tested at St. Augustine winter. Mail Onler IIoiix-

RPt.OMA DTr====Pf<< mm uoo$ u Th*, gambling by Col, Tbo house. Carleton of Key We.tara who George made LitxJtey way with of a Kentucky hor* belonging, a port in the &>tith . . .

to Ueoric' Walker, wa given rare yean
ha.inlCroub1e.. Several arr..tsanti := .- -
al Tamp for gra.U la.nJ.
mad .
eoa5ctio are blag
Tfc* ]marl of Control offered to piece)
: WE HAVE 01'IIERS..RITE US. Abram Turner was returned to the Deaf Dnmb sod Blind School at 16 A 18 Clay and 501 W. BaISUJacksonville. :

Ilro knllJ. by Sheriff Low where heI I Lak. C ty. bet themmltl.e : of ttl-

1 t" wanted on a charge of murder ; a 'raepsattaUy declined.. ocr. Florida.

": J LI..A.MSl: Tw MldUtas*) natal fr*. delivery .3. W. S Zkiliaak of OeaU ha ,

', ...t Oak wtUt&rt* IM isl <* ?. fr.it... Its MJ
Jl1l. 't..: u.t '''N a k st/aar/ 'tltatlt
1 ttoysl 1hsR
.. ... tiRtl
r ., .
11 : ':'I1I"1 ,.,:. ).. :''''''','.' '' ; \..;.,.'...'

., .


w!' =

-CAIr-ESVILLE, THE UNIVERSITY., r Isabstaatiatpd and we rested our ..,

:: case upon these' claims, not upon the

:11..: t It is unnecessary to attain refer to demerit of any other town. YOUNG'S FEMALE COLLEGE

the honest tight we made, to, cain it, Gainesville sympathizes. with Lake;
is it to sgain i. praise the Tk.cm: a ev-i11c,, C3-fs_
nor necessary City in her Inca, instead of gloating
mttertume coney FULL COURSES FOR A. H.. n.-o! A 11 i . .. '..
t i1 { Cti ot liberal spirit of our people, who over it. and nir people regretted the ornrns : n-F l

1t.1 backed MayorThoma and. his delfgi- neee-+ity wk:.fh forced them to fight Physical Culture, Elocution and Music, Our Specialties. A

tion fffectoally In their fight to win i, for the t.u' supremacy' at thecdacationnl .
aDd Tbal1MlaJ'at
SeJ Etrry Monday for city' a lusting glory. V:*.i ", "''rt"l1thI.. year to butklln sat -'lull'lIJ4'Dt.; "" "In, U.. I, ,','trIOt. ,
our { center of Florida. The issue .
liAhlp..tll1f', FI.cidaH .:. 1' t$ u\tu..ium.SwlmQ1II1.rt>u ). OOOc.\F1ue. t'lU1).Uf' t' ... , :'?nr ;
.. \V. make no vain-glorious attemptto i was forced upon us whti the East M'r t\ .or III r.xteertenoed T..a"'hf'

iCYEditorandPufel'rSrBCBiPTUMt triumphantly shout our victory over Florida Jn"in ry' wa abulirhe+t. and I. S." i ..-* I'.n 9. Limited Xumber of Free cholHnii n i '" \ \ 1\ ..::01.j ;
)1l TE aojethereity in the race for the laurel we t>.tn.r.tbt'l content determinedto ; ,
.. .. .
& r. pens Nf"\f'tUb4'r! 9ti. la1ti. for free o-.talorue .tdrr+
we have won. But we do feel a naturally win. iVrtnin men furnished th"'l I. l.'OCIIU.\: HUM', Pr.-M.J...". .
,+ TiRI" 'r : proud spirit rue within at whenwe club wi'h which their own heads were

ir'W ..s.wt"pk SrN n a year ; sir. consider tha'. one of the brightest cracked ; but Gainesville has only the ,
5c State' been I Imnct -- --- -- .- -- .-
the hat
11.. ye PlnJleeopaf' gems at- disposal k fIl1! feeling fur Lake City and

> ,, .RTft&rso RATIO i reposed in the diadem of Gainesville' its good ;....11.[ |.... r

\ : 15 cents a line ambition, and that we. her citizens. I ----; --

:t rs':!.dt'I and& tOtcents for each addirtte .- have been made the custodian of a HIGHLY APPRECIATED. .M Are You Going Away ?

inert n. jewel whore light w*. hop will flood
for three
PilpAp.d) advertisements .rates. even the darkest corner of the Sooth MM. H. 11. McvJreary i< iti receipt ,f kI
ad 12 months at special with the glory of the light of Florida. the fol'1?1.1ft"1
fl1rn.ihed upon Application 11&. highly appreciated n-I I I YOU WILL NEED A NEW
and Death notices Inserted The task imposed which we knowingly : gratulatory letter from >Ir<. Hjd .

/mare Ob,fuant-s-.. :5) cents and! willingly I took upon ourselves II I wife" of Senator! F. )l. Hudson upon I, HANDBAO FOR TRAVELING, ,'

"when we entered the fight for Gainesville fI..curin.the. lmvfr.ty :

OPR CLCBBISO LIST. the University, i." *not yet completed. "T !:,t\l.I. FL* July *?. :(a'5. andy have just: iveoiveil a large line of IHWt"lo

fun and the Thrice-a-Week nor will it be in the memory of man. "MI'EN I MK*. :\I :CRE'RI: havejust Bags in black, brown and green. Iiet unabll.prites.. '
v World one year.. . .....*1 85 That! we hare the University is not
) heard, that Gainesville has b
t"naward..d ( Joli<< value Come and seeI
Atlanta ( ) "
and the It has the
Sun all the fight. only opened
Constitution one year.. 1 75 University, and *o happyam I I
r-k'T Son and the Atlanta (Ga.) door to a greater one-the preservation I for you. I hare dropped, my packing i C. SMITH: : :. w,.
1 60 of high ideal and the endowment y
Journal one year. lone offer r"t'Jlation.
Bl.Weekly : enough to con *
San( and the Semi-Weekly of the institution itself with an atmosphere .. ,rr. Hudson join me in wishing :N d1Th Sidf' Squat.\ i.aim?*villtFlorida ;,

n-"num one year . .. .r 1 oO which will equip the youth with! for l.asue.ritle and the l'nUer,hyunprectHlenttd : .,. -

an ambition to become a member of prosperity.
-\Ve w > not accept stamp of a alumni. And the fight must be I
than Scents.f .. its I "Had this. result been foreseen I
rdenomuiation continued to a glorious sequential end doubt if some of the staunchest advo _ MIST _

We mutt, by our endeavor- by our en cotes of the HucUmati bill would havebeen .OP .
ulluions: for working: girls couragement and by everlastingaid ;
so strenuous in their etTort
11 coaJacted by a New York pas- so burnish and polish its purposeas "With cnrds to Mr. McCreary 1 and '

to cause Florida to continue to fan love for you and Elmer, EUREKA WINE & LIQUOR CO

commission ha selected the spark of faith she has kindled in "Cordially your friend i I
, peace the nearts of her people al: to our fitness "* .a
*xouth V. H., at the place of XORAMIRKWS HTOHON. TIIK: .ilU; :.\l' MHTIIK: : MAIL OIIHKK: iiorsi:.
and worthiness to guard the .
-- -- -
It i ie no wonder that Uain."iJlewa..
dice ___ __ jewel[ so as to cause that spark to leap successful in securing the University EXP 1:5S PREPAID. Pull Quart Measure.Hiktobctt .

[)fcrwiy should call for a new'deck,. into a flame so great that the conflagration when such ladies .. )1,.. Hudson favored i i'er t".r !4h .'..rta..Lun

lit I 't-em. the kings are all gone out may paint on the skies of the- her. She is possessed of that: <.Ju.n"< <.Juan"< Case
South "Galnelvilleo.Ima Mater,' Uah'hf'U' 1'rtvate !t.wk> '.IU Ra en le.. au tit on
Ilk*one now in use. amiable deposition which makesfriends '. 'l'bllol'. t\'t.....iev . . . s M. 1 so C\ ._1 13 7. .f
as a beacon by which the youth of our of and her tlatchett'.l.at liveKurvk .1 1 Jo.I I :n': 1 ..1 Ml i
State be guided the walk of a everyone, sweet j N atirllle: hat set an example may voice was an attractive feature of the I C. Aiii'le IU.ridy . . "" S VU
great, grand fu'nreo-a future filled t'urekaMat: :: . . .: : : . ::::. .. ... . ... IaI ,Iii'
hof imitation by all Florida services at the Methodist church during Eureka N C.I'f'a'h llrurOr . . ... ...... ... .... .1f1 ;h '7 e.. II WV
with human kindness and true broth
a .i :a 'Ir- I .., 7tW >
Banner.JRortds N.C.I'.chllr.r.dJ'
last session of the'
i- erhood of the Legislature. Eureka N.C.'urn .. . .. .. . .......,. . . . .. 1tJ'l: .1 :u'I' /M TO l;
humanity. Senator Iit.deou, who represented )KurekX. f. (Corn XX ... .. . .............\.. .... .. III' .1 ,.. 1\1' 9 so 1
Education lathe keynote' of progress.t tlJrekaS. C. t'..rl1. XXX . . ... .. .... .... .. ... . 2 T' t 11\ 1 111'" :*>
[ towns are' booming and thereMrdly Brevard and Dide counties, ca. also a Eureka N. C Corn. X\X XOkl . . ......... .......... ... . 111\1. z "., .11\ '7 fin
one In the State hot hat made : a..and..1. the great leveler of class good friend of East Florida. Seminaryand Crow !V.urbon ... .... .. .. . . .. . 4 1\11 t k. 7ftf II MIia 'r
. . . . 7% Nn >
yimtrorrmentsthls" season. the great upbuilder of a people's' civic opposed the Buokman bill because Sunny hermitage llrook Rye Ityr .:: : -: :: . . . ::. .::" 1 fit J TS t w
It the doors of .. . . . . . . .
righteousness. opens Sunny lirook Hour M h ::1.110 J Th A M II :*'
-- --
he believed it the best educational
was against Eeho Mt r1nt. . /tit 4A n \al I u ra
is best and in the world.
all that good interests of the State. He 'oUk Velvet "h u. b jft: r .a IA TOi
[lit market hat been the
cotton on
. . . . . ,
Ie i. a richness( more priceless than thetandard Oak ant .1 Th" 4 (0 a IU iw ?
tpfor ,nual days, the advance in h' was one of the ablest members of the I

;rice having unprecedented.. of dollars can measure. fast Senate and immediately stepped the Front #:.u0 to S.50 IVr Gallon U..lh"f'1"II.

- makes leaders of men and counselorsof to the front as a leader." Should he I !Save" \.h.-I..bel.. or "a.bf'U'.I'rh.l. Slock! .fxt M cour.> a U,ltle trfv. H.... PN
women. A good leader cannot be I tee..1.1.. of llklcbctt lixl Kf. arid .*curc> a 4lltl. h... Pare I..!"..llIob..o' .
[limps bad better watch out, at that decide to remain in public life we pre. H.ter-e". Th-.f. WbiMkv- and .......r. a turtle f re*. Have IWf'.bttlJt, of t.uk.
other than a good man, and a wise will N. C. t urn and .. "re a ..(On.. free. Mare' writ. l lat oo-ille exposition, which it now' diet that Senator F. M. Hudson ere t>a. bustle) free. M... Iwrlro )>>,,I'e of Kurrk: Malt and _our* i
counselor cannot be other than a good long n*> called to higher position in one/ bottle f r*-. Prteee* of .ll cr..I.. bouirbt 11I1'1' Morv nr. ln i<.r gallon l*.-i a
( the people will be opened tome and good women make good than owb.n dsJvrrrO_ No ..h.r.-' for ju".. ........ or f1r-r.k. All of air tM.t4l->. mm
daring the coming: fall woman the affair of :;ta'-. fuu rti*>*..ur.. AU standard brawl of wbl.kie. ...WI o-rr ni y bar .t too |-.r drinkIO
and great State. frOm IIV)..*.. 4 for you All win.. quoted t>n.1.I'U..uft. We .1.| .. uu-rr >tt.*|>..rU a
'iuor" than ibo.*> "UO'..'. !"H--elitl |>rk>.. un lens 1IIahU.I.; |'.,'''.d any kU. .. Never lived there a man, profligateof .Ue l. Money icfurxl-Hl If itotxl* not ..U.ton
| women were connected on onehou THE RIGHT SENTIMENT.
hit youthfuLopportnnitiet of educa ll'ltF.K.11: :: : x: i.iqruit ('UlI'\\\: ".
'line Eastern:
in an city, and
ion, though he were crushed under ala WK:* T MAY HTItEKT. J AC:1t.lat'lW.YI.A.: ., f
I i. In of
Senator McCreary receipt a
nat OLf of them will speak to the I
the of million. of but
aalrath, one accuses the others weight money letter from lion. 1). H. Baker of Orange .4.tr
hit last
arrldrippint' :. what regretted in moments Home Sumter county which i i. - - .. - .._--..
something his wealth coulJ not buy-a r tg.neral I
poMenned. of the proper ""nUm nc. Mr. WAS BEWILDERED. the decision of the l board gives vsry
-- noble
lknl' tat"tf ajparatut belonging to' great enlightenment n.k..r represented umter county' in - . . .Mtf.rActlnn. The Tampa1'unr. ..
It is gift to by
a youth snowy
r Jrida :r'" urinary ought to be the State Legislature> four terms, represented K. U Smith of Ocala furniture' !am... .. 7th.
red It i i. the sacred endowment of a .
for t1e t nlt' nitJ. a. the JabKiture age ; Samter cud Marion counties and an auto expert, returned yesterday _-- .: : .-- a
wise father and a loving mother to a
fJ nj are said to be the in the senate and wa n member the afternoon from ( aiii4vlll where HOW THEY VOTED.
and fits the youth togo
ID t'l' Mate hopeful future Hoard of Trustees (if the Fast Florida be happened to b.. on bu.(ine.s. Thai. _. k
forthinto battles for hi.
the people
Seminary', tilling: very' position with day. night he was sleeping the .Le\ \\t of According tu irifurin-itlnri obtained

law! for h... commonwealth, with a stout credit to himself and the constituents the Rood and vtrtuon. nt the Itrown from the White !t strli.K Herald th> 'e
a )ing tune before the '
u'y newMate courageous heart, armored with an ap- Florida never had a more loyal oitlssn house when f>ain isvillrrc.-le.l :ire ineriiltrr tlf( the. HUII'II of Control voted t
will be able to from his
predation of duty as a
"I f to every trust reputed in him than Mr. nsw from Tallahassee that they' had s* follow ;
fart the
success that the handed heirloom to
Je'va: 'ay attained. He parents to be as an taker, and a word from him Is the utterance won out on the State 1'ni-ertity 0011. (isfnerlile Lake City
was aref
his own children. of an hniifit man Following test lie said It was about. 1 o'clock II. Clay Crawford.' Iiav. N II. Hruward,

nary Educational preeminence like stately I I. hit letter1gxurt: when he wa seized with a most t.rft- 11. Tin: N..tt..rtl..1lam.*. i

i'Tr fortune, I. carved by' the chisel not "'/ : Ilo .:. l- July B. 1005.HON. bl. nightmare, The Urn .bells., were \ ) nott, t I"r. .t. L Mrownliryan
crat says that )to A, the axe, and perfection can only be ate of I". I I'. +
i H. 11. McCltKAKY.: ringing and he Imagined mountain M. ilolleway N. .
cod"| who waa defecate touch of a mass
supil tamed by the "
1'' lOCi al n.*"II I. !lame were surging: over his hesd and H K H. l.
r Ir II ft'l,. < a. C. 11. Dickinson'. erful' hand, guided by a critical preeptor > "My' Dear Senator H cause of the roaring like the Niagara in his .sr.. f"* K. Yii'imj. )

'' ttr. secretary to GOT to bring the whole statue to decision of the State U.)ard and the that h. wa In a S"-tory building and ,\i!.iu filing Io the' same niithorllythreM .

erfl: n' accepted a perma- bat rich thing of beauty that all men I i JIm,," of Control in locating the Unlerslty the wall w*>r* tailing iu A. soon a* 1 members of ih. HUllr,1 of Controloi '
t .I e comptroller's of- and feel .
may. admire proud to 0"0..e.e"noot Y at UinesvitJc/ I feel that agreat h. could estrfcstft himself from this I "l fur I."fcM (?llf. while every rue/u- ; #

\\ expect to Jump at once into I benefit! has bean done the youth frightful iu
... the magic: circle of the Iitn..light of the I I of the star,. The people of the Stale and dressed, and on 'Invettlcmtlna the I I Voted for
a'' rnment wants) all educational arena and proclaim our ins 'are. to b*> congratulated: much more cause found out what It w... From and wn Kite then the assure .4 ,(

"' hut do it the will hare to litutton the best ; but in tlm. let us ,than the citizens of aknesvllle l>*caue that tlm- on until tae train left y...* Slice that they will neir live to *****

)" .Idier cowardly hope, with the active cooperation of of the location. t.rdsy th..> town and "Its peoplw were the day they will rtfi> ttieir action "-

r ande to in tire the army our people, applauded * i ":Jlne.I'1'oun' e.I..bratinff.: Everything' that rang through any fault of .'.r i..."p-| >.

fee'sej- < turned pie of our grand State we will earn i "I' H. BAKE:*." that whUtlrd, that .BplodMl<< or r e.

-. a otHcert who Rare the right to crown our effort with the Oar esteemed friend has .filled downto so'inded. wa called Into r"1'al.Uluo< LAW. h A.
-- motto that even shoe. in the seats of the pursuit of orange growing at and th. hottest time In .Its. hi.".',. I -

e ... the mighty may read. (-aioevill. the i: hi* pleasant home in humter county I.I I. wa abroad In tb. old tow a. Everybody Th. lpriua has K'>r -> out and It
cream parlors apd Athens of the South I I all who know him. and and .
s by cheering .
."' ,,' drinks was has been published In tiisny ps|>er*
arc sold ateaus - |I
;,r - look back on his past record with a aod thtiir Joy knew' no bounds Well .
;; :--unJay', t that a law was pa .*d st the !last sere
toI *d tnbch GAINESVILLE TO LAKE CITY I, feeling that h* ha don his duty well. fort .Is ,h. biggest thing ;
.. r''fple who they may .Ion of the ,.....la'I"*> prohlbltlnif the
.. went to We wirt Florida had mor of .ueh mn. that ever b.fsil our neighbor The A
'r ,1 the dayThere. can We offer condolence the t.r..Pdr..ke sale of cigarette. and Cigarette, p'i>'-r*'

tT :eying a cool tecnpern City. You fooght nobly for what hear -clori. In the spirit It aroos.d. It (It not the tact howovsr. s* no *u hUw .

*,. it would seem you' believed was your heritage, and 1 GAINESVILLE LOYALTY.In It I. an omn of an aupl.lou* b clonlor ws submittal to the <;<>-*nor<< for4hi.
l tere's to you ,I for the new folvrltyr and .1 iicotur'

Has sa. faults? Lt them perish OGaU.oaoee of its grorioua .-docational .
4w speaking of the University of happy Hoih a m.**ur* ws pr*>4.iit >d si the .ii.,
Ha she virtues? them high :
refrain from con- We taro oaly say for Lake City Florida aDd its location at ffsiaesvill/ wares r for th. c.o.04 com last session, but It ws newer enacted %

d toyment of whit '],*. a good place io which to die. ThT.m H.rUJ: says that "It 1 take monw->alibOeala.. Mtar Into. law
I -- -
t "egroe*, especially Gainesville Star. something more than floe buiUiinjis. ._- - -

s re the color line M so tz aa...ill. should not b* uttklod.8fe and fln" grounds[ < to make a University.That GOOD FOR GAINESVILLE.: The Tampa lUy Ifui-'l' irruuud will t
should lift high the oliv hanehand
5a' 'wss all right to dd be void of nnV t*..."tn all .fiigbbor something Ij-k. City, seems to Control mak. a flo. piece for holding lb. fair
s r 'lowing the freeing tog cities.-Oel. Manner. have !*ek..J and n.le""III>.. seems to The Hoard has selected ', mad the speed eunteu will bsa sttraetlao .
a0. and for C have pcjss"d.la O.la..I.|| .. she sit. for the H al.
acvoral Th Banner Is assured that (lain.- I : that will draw large| crowds.

e, r '' th>r...

tor of eoUtrsid mm ass and child la Gainesville, uuuide rpr*..Qtailv. to the I.ri.fatoro of I .n at ,..........n lat olcht Its Tal- -. -

rya'd to iostrtMt tbs n. Star o0 ., (wbos. editor I* an Fiends who baa Dot teen. loyal *x. she J.b.-. alter the lalms of both I' -

st tars of able nom eoademn the Poor line of East Florida seminary aid ,its maaa<*.
r mployed to do dal asojgnj.... Which appeared in that s a. rnvnt. and we do out believe sh. er loqavntly presented by d.l.aatloo* test the Jiru Crow law regarding; 'M ;

r..4 people r..s s tbsla per o/last sre.k. The people of Galoes-I will send oo. who will not t* loyal to the from Uaotw en'", aod the tot wa4 fit : riding! ; of wblt. and blacks on .".., 'l

., *byt.i toaebento 1.s xHla.Jed by Mayor Thomas, made the Dew University Florida*aad who will to four, ; 1. 'ear. _

$ a. whit. 0.0.1.tfOl ldnt4t ........ for Uv Jocatioa of the State stol be a flrm defeadsr of the his Ito.tl It .. to ....?$ that .atyflv.p. .

: + by aeg>4vyla.tSt Ua ivr.(tf .l .-:* solely epee the merits aM'le ....... M.Ja vsrt .'e.$4;U a00..... of,, pls. **9l. *f I'e.asola's dr.raa of klfalrM

St. the obJ sU eabi. e6 oia....<.. 'J"Ia.e" .14J-.. .of Gsla.erU3S s,.. uja.tlyattaoth d ont i & .. : .... "'. > ;: ...

oast. ',* :WS. _'.....' a M tl0S14 M Zia Llalalsaarr P' oils ,,. .
... )0,. .... ,. ) "
"'., : '" " / " (.. ;..' '-J'.. >'!":> ' W"r : :'"'


--$__ THE GAINESVILLE SUN: JULY 18, .1905 r

---- -- -
------ -- -----
I .. -

which J>r. Kelley ha. attempted to east Cures Cholera
a slur it is a significant fact that my Dstntc
opportunities are not limited by B. TraMel
HAVE A. FALL' TERMThis the boundaries of particular J .
N; ELIXIR any i JlnJl Jlge. A.dI 0 c:
county, and it is a fact of which I am a Resul.lts the 80".1' SOrt"1
trifle proud. that in the face of my be. ens the Child and

Was the Decision Reached by It EMULATES THE log "turned down" by Dr. Kelley and (rEETHltlG I pCWOEftSlM TEETHING Eq:

Citizens in Mass Meeting.AN LITER, his board, I was the first teacher in the Costs (Only 25c at Drnffgists, or mail 25c to C. J. MOFFETT, M. D., St. loci,.

STOMACH, State to receive recognition at the Mother t Hesitate no longer, but save the health and JJIe
BOWELS, hands of the State Board of Education your child as thousands have done, by giving these powder\
ADJUNCT TO HIGH SCHOOL TEETMINA Is easily given and quickly counteracts
KI11NE1'ti.The and Board of Control a body almost ..
Comes the effects of the summer' heatuoon teething chllarZ[
eminent ax. the Alachua County Board R

It.la Proposed, in Addition to Regular inventor of the famous "TKK-: of Public fnstruction __u__ ___ _.____ __ _ ____ h___

Seminary Course to Teach the Higher I1F:1.L hCUATK," a man known hpr- Very respectfully,

t" Branches of Public School-Nor- ever plows are sold and used, says t .I... A. OHMO\I, B
---- ---
,malltes f THE JOY OF LIVING
to be Cared .,or. Catarrh
Cannot be Cured
.f ft) "I have u..ec1. MO/r-KY'H LKMOX: CAe 11! PCLLY RKALJZKD WHKH TOO 1
,' An enthusiastic meeting of r.ltlz""nliYf" KI.IXIll fur 10 or 12 years in ray With local applications, as they" cannot

''&WM held at the court house Monday family. for the ktoaiucb. liver and k.U reach the eat of th. di' >as<*. Caarrh ENJOY GOOD HEALTH 0
';morning for the of arranging: r.*>... and Hrul 'It l I.. the ltrt medicine It..e is
purpose : a blood or constitutional disease 1
t".er.ed.. Jt l..* ulwi a uro ..,oe-
,! 1C
.. 'fo, accommodation fur the faculty ride for l>.In In the bark or under the and in order to sure it you must
,au d students of the University normal. bouldcrx I hare recommended It In take, internal remedies. Hall's Caxrrh -

Which convened her Monday also to nuinerouiv CAHei to iuy workmen, when Curt U taken internally andacts

",odntlnae the seminary for another rick and unable to work, ..d 'U DM* iiiwxysKlvcni'erfeet'.titsction. directly on the blood and mucoussurface.

{f.ar, Until the University buildingsJire : << .. |rCHl.lent > Atlanta. t'L.r U tlTKKUKM .. Hall's Catarrh Cur {r" not a fitat

,?: pletad. Co.. Atlanta.KOZLEY'S." quack medieiiia It ..". prescribed b;
5 The'meeting was well attended and UUIt"" of the best physicians in thle eQUU- awe

't'>stgreatdeal of enthusiasm was ,".nl' try fur years and is a regular pr etc ripion. / -
LEMON ELIXIR. & It l I. comtio'ed of the J -
>* ''t tonics
\ felted alone educational lines, which
; combined with The Liver Medicine
known the best blond Popular
: ... .
Meowed that our people are till thor* ---- -- puritlers, acting directly on the mucous

."eacbI1 Imbued In school matters- in this saw mill graduate and defunct surfaces Ihw perfect combination Win Keep You WellA a

rifik4, absolutely saturated with school pili-roller. who, by a majority of fire of the two ingredients is what

I W.... votes. ha been placed at the head of curmv produces catarrh such wonderful:S..rnJ for testimonials results! in GUARANTEED CURE for all diseases produced by TOR.

:: )%""ine meeting wa called to order by1I'a10r lachun coun I.,'. school offices, that free. .... J. C'USECo.., I'rop'., PID LIVER and IMPURE BLOOD. Do not fill your system 0rr
Calomel and Quinine. They act rank
with Arsenic as poisons
Thomas who explained: It. pur- he replies to a polite Inquiry in a half- Toledo Chio. which vitiate the blood debilitate the system and leave a trail

;jo.e., Marcus Kndel was selected sectary ilumn of vituperation and abuse Ir,. Take void by Hall's.J lrupHi Family"' .., price Pills 75a.fur constipation. of bad symptoms which require years to obliterate. HERB-

stud of making a single attempt to INE is purely vegetable and contains no mineral or narcotic

,t'tbe normal bring called, and Con- justify the action In question h" i I. content ---- -- poisons is absolutely harmless and is the simple remedy ef
nature. It carries oU' all poison In the system and leaves noin.unous a
looted at the Mt'rnillar I under dlrt-c- with vilifying the IUIUlrf'r.fld Girl Prevents Jail Delivery. effects.
4101' of the Htata' KJocational: Hoard In the
: same suave, guileless manner, Ala
Ulrmlngham July 11.Johnand
'Board of Control the barracks and which with certain other Influenceswon CURED BY HERBINE AFTER OTHER t
James Roper, two white men, whore
!,''dormitory of the college will be used I for him his handsome (?) majorityIn \\" placed in the Knsley jail charged REMEDIES FAILED

for the accommodation of the faculty the election, of last thinks .
year with highway rubbery made a deeperate Mr. I,. A. U1c) 4wd students and )1,.. II. H. Taylor i, sidetrack the Issue. attempt to ecapo.Vhtn Warden tick in bed for eight months with liver trouble the

.Vas'.eleeted. as matron to furnish. board Though not a member of the board Harris took the men their break. doctor seemed to do me no good. I was told to try

"Ja. a rate not exceeding f 12 per month. and without the power of a single vote fact. James taper attacked him while XJerbine and it cared me In a abort time. I cannot" t

?/:2'be: matter of continuing the Hftml.17.'antll In that body, !Jr. Kelley takes upon the other ran for the door. Mr. Harris recommend this wonderful medicine too highly. e

'* such time as the new State himself the responsibility for their o little girl secured a pistol In tbe TAKE IT NOW

[University o buildings which will beltsd action and upon the unvarying principle offlce and held l the escaping! man at 1 :: ROC BOTTLE. 50c GET THE GENUINE

are completed which It Is an- that "a hit dog always hoi bay and with the assistance of a negro

.Ipated will bere.dy for occupancy here," we readily concede him that re- trusty James who was ..tru gnK Bollard Snow Liniment Co.

; she term for 1906.! It was decided to sponsibility.! And now for a few facts with the warden 'was finally forced ST. LOUIS U. S. A.

tsloa that Institution as an adjunct In the case back Into his cell after which John

the Galnesrllle traded and High At the April meeting of the Alaohua on whom the little girl was holding

tool and by subscription over $I.J) () County Board of Public Instruction a the pistol was also l locked up. -- -
raised for the purpose of assisting petition asking the board for my appointment BOLD AND RECOMMENDED BY

expenses of conducting same as teacher of the summer Wife Murderer on Trial./ ., W. :M.: : JOHNSON, GaLc..es-v-: ,
: disposing of a few other trivia
Uteri pertaining to education the school) at Trenton was presented to RaldKh.N.; .. July 11.-X Wbern

'. tlng adjourned. the board by the'' supervisor of that has a very sensational trial that of
O'1"c -, _- school, bearing the names of every John Patterson for the murder of his

j; REPLY TO DR. KELLEY. patron In the district. I submitted" my wife under clrrumntance of peculiar ABSTRACT REALTY COMPANY
application at the same time. Within horror. The crime" was committed last

"A,.Ormond ,Assumes Responsibility the nest: few. days I received a letter winter lie had separated from her

j'jx. of 'F.Ir:Play.' from the supervisor. of Trenton school some time before, and one night it Is tZnoorporatsse .i

From Wednesday's Dally Hun Inclosing a letter from Dr. Kelley\: in (charged he went to her tome and E. E. VOYLE. MGR.

':-'Jut following communication was which he, denied' having received crept In her room with a can of oil
my Abstracts of Title and full information furnished regarding land. in this
which ho her the
poured and
Ivertently tniiplaced whhh ace upon
application, but asked him to informme .
county. Oar manager: has lived in this county thirty years and
u for delay in publishing sainetWindsor of the ruling which the board had bad and( then applied a torch. The is thoroughly conversant with land titles.IE. .

Fla., July .!,-Editor Sun made at that meeting (for my special "'onlana.. burned to death, no one

le grant me' a short space In the benefit as everyone can see) I.I e., that being near enough to aid her. '

Unas of jour valuable paper, in no teacher who had taught: outside the E j 4-"ZIE: :
Big Flood In Minnesota. ,
lisjh to review briefly the article in county. could receive summer work In
i Son of th> :?9lh ull. entitled "FairAnswered ) the county unless he should agree to Minneapolis. lJnn.. July 11.-Tbe FlUE, ACCIDENT, BURGLARY AND INDEMNITY INSURANCEsenticg :. Beprs-'
flood In tbe Mississippi apparently has a number of prominent American and English companiesREAL
and signed Dr.tf. .
by teach the winter term of the school as ESTATE' AND CITY LOANS.
reached Us highest point, after being
In that have been charged
well Although I knew that the rulingwas
steadily for three weeks. Lumbermen Ga.:1.c..es-v-:1.LJ..e: : s FLOrida
I i.e being false and of attempting to made to suit my particular case
believe there is no further danger to . . .
I> the School
represent r. Kelley and and to gratify Dr. Xelley' political --- -- -------------- -
_ b from the logJam
*> apprehended great
fit. A few word. by way of existlon :- spilt apaiiist me and was, In fact an
at Camden and heavy rains
and self vindication will not facto law I could but
ex post not concede wont Is
take place the thought to be
I amiss, after which I shall leave it to
the right nf the board to favor over Hundreds of ao ae along the
"honest publta" to decide who I Is"prejudiced those ,
teachers who hare always taught
Mississippi flats ..... been abandonedby
": party in the' ease, or In the county, and so gracefully bowed their owners, and tfcey will not be

his attempting to misrepresent III 111t.Jml..lonud now comes the reovrupied until the flood subsides Men

paint[ LlI inconsistency.Dr ;
e "tramp teacher" "sorehead.,' Kelley: In his. article says "Wedo -- ---- --

titled Individual" and "med not propose to allow new comers to

.e' knight' of ths( iulll," who. In a deprive hom teachers of work duringthe : Your LifeCurrerit.

>art' ous letter; lu your:paper of the dull season and then RO away and Womenand

Ith oil. tanked an explanation of cerJiln I I'nve hut throe mouths work owe'

things donejby the School Hoard, of our trachers." Then, wh .

IJ. Ormond Windsor, who have Kelley appoint I'rof. (I \\'. Bonn

K taught lchtterms In the public a summer term .Santa Fe, whenKellry Dr I The |power that piven ywlife :: ChildrenWho
ooh of Alaohua needs and motion i is the nerve
county, no knew that he would teach in
It rod net Ion tojmoat the readers of another county for the winter term In force, or nerve fluid located in

"a* Sun. $inceth promulgation by the same, school year? Does he deny the nerve cells of the' brain,

r forefathers of Ifreedom of II.ohor this? Hear the proof : :)upt Dickinsonof and 1 sent out throttRh; the

1 the press itltas| never been eon. Ilillsboro county told me in his office nerve tn the variou or;;:::1n. wish to dress well should
I If tired.' "("1'\011".
red nut of order for public you are
any In Tampa three weeks ago, in the presence

rant to have. hl'2..ot.] discussed in of my wife that I'rof Runner had irritable heailache: , cannot feel stuffy sleep, dull; have and order their goods by mail from

It. lint suchis the arrogance ofLS.1IACKKR&SQN accepted .a school' in that county for
melancholy, or have' ncural ;:i.t,
the coming' term, which school he had

I Dr.procured Kelley.upon:Now the recommendation)Ir", Runner is, according of. rheumatism! 1-:1in stomach,. indigestion backache trouble, or, periodical dyvpetxia the-- B B. H LEVY BRO & CO

MANtTAl tl IIKK4 OT to It,. Kelley's definition a'tramp ktthiev and! liver arc inactive 1 ,
teaeh.r.ine. h.I Is lesvingthe
i y your life-current i is wcak.Pl.'C"rl'n.luc .
county after teaching" but one term,
lV+t mi I while I, another. "tramp teacher," was nl; fuel is needed SAVANNAH GEORGIA.
otnetlmij to increase! nerve
; I raised and educated In the county andne.e ; {
the "
'trencthen nerve
,. outside the until enerjrv
!= taught county Dr. Mile*' Restorative Ner
last year Now In the face of thetethings
vine t* the fuel you need. It
what dose the "honest public"
-t r feeds the 'csrroducca nerve
: think of l>r. Kelley's "Ideas of law and
force and re orca vitality. .SPRIM WES now
ss tlce?'* I not making a personal pi
a ., a am : ..Wh.n I \....." .kl"tf h' Uflss'
q right on Dr Kellej.** much the better n..ttrstty.' ..... ". allool "',ntt 1.mI'll ..
jAr :. 1 ..*. eentte.d t.. rev i-. I
for him ; and having presented the had .P e11.. ts _
I -or--ru: :::. :;. .t.'larra.JUr
fact m the case 11..1& in U le hands or with n-
: .T.W .u w_k that
Building of the 'honest public" and Intend to fcHN*. t* aJt up. The JtT1" I:44- !
: Material cxMnnvrn.-v .with es14t << .J ". Write for Our Catilogae.c
have nit' t Any further: personalities In which he )fir rtrr.4.lies was K 1h.4
i .t .3s"g b-.t ar w
CIIIAIILt TON. N. C. .tectar..t rtdi
rt may wish tu engage will I trust be _Ir..r .... -.},.... Ta.r.ta+
.. "c-a... wee rtctlcr
C4fd Hardiart c."ODduOI l..r.+haUJ" awe sey 1 itw wee 1..'.,. I Meei.
To I'rofllouner.. .pra. d I hav. sot ...se Ia a _..-.u.e ... tba's .
.t a..Mtre) .
------ --- - --- -
... 1 offer niy most sito een' apologj ; 1 Q: Yalu, ,Iltrarcn 1a. :
the ... er(his MUB l e.rts.etsiest' .. .... .,,' : ; .


3W V&l '1 .'. .. ,


-- - .

r- Object to Bible Reading In School I I

t- / FROfum Cleveland, O., July 11,--Tbe readingof

the Bible In the public schools! : wa
1'l..ITS, .s; F' 'R EUCTlON. C
FLORIDAHappenings denounced In the report ot the committee .
'Lithe Hi. o' .' t""l .d or IaetreoWoo:

( PARTSJJF on sectarianism ot the central We fi* ''n.'... r .,.1 I aaal'a7.rr snit 5-den.
ranQ'Ir ., conference American rabbi!, which 'tKllnir tn i . .. ,iriorl>eat rottoWK
fr All of NeotlonII ;-. : : : ? 'I. V. :,. ll.l*. J3. J.
From Various bas closed here. The report sa-" IV Id. \;. !+ : + '
that the place ot the Bible U: in the YOU will 4.:. Kanne; 1% t: ar.l:I'i/" > Towotli0 t f
State. OOF 2V 2w J7. i4. ;r\*. fcl; ins II ..ith of tb. Lev>r.. JF
Sections of home the church and the church: eou.tvline. Towh.I 1 I' t t'It.etlF:. and aio f "iJ
'nnl the south hair ur !Srrl\ ..' U. IV! aDd all of. '
MAIL -- tchool. To force i: Into the public eat more '!:!. a. si.: a*. c'(. a:. :.I Jl ,1if Township ta 8.., J... ;
=A8 .; IMPORTANT EVENTS educational Institutions is to interfere Rance IA F:; sits. tit .. e. I'.n-n.: 7 M. 19 aid
MOST .w. T.>wn,.i>tp III S KMBXI-" i wild allot seelo
Loafs E ___ _- with the growth of a finer and larger: :31, north of the I.ev' .. nline.. Towa-
; Flowers." .hli'v> S. KaDKe US.: RI'r i t>.if or See.ttnnal. .
of brotherhood. .
JleWder .,rirt' ,? "The Land human Town.hlp C &s.:' l- .. is: do mtA'1"f'1I1'UUUY I
!" p to Suit the petition )'"'' .'n.'rIbJe bt.MS, ltoeaUan.lertlon
B-tad I I to ii..trrauterrltorj '\" h.Uler ta.abovedeteribal .
1 ore \ ; of Interest to Veteran of Mexican War Dead UneedaBiscuit ..h.", Io."Wf"I.o! -

lldre \W R eJ d r-Items Tacoma. Wash., July 11.-.John Sel- Ia1Tzsz Shod... vt..ut"trnrthe .' ,.I n.:-o.eot leer
Iris and .uU.e&1Dat. dittrtet .e5.<> tow for 'he
: Classes..t fey. a veteran ot the :Mexican and civil( .tetu'.ve u.. or 1 utoll tree .rha..... within ILL s
I dt i"".. Keopvctfully MibtuitttslU
hat purchased arum wars died today. He was i? :rear !
rBai.boroaKh count . William*, II Oar IA W.L1J old. Mr. Selby served under General !! I1". **. Nanehe4. A. T, :?..an >prH. I> A tr.vatt. .
JV UrumnioiMl. A M<-...-h.V K Heath.
will scow be in op- Zachary Taylor in the battle of Buena I Aaron t'u'k. II. I*. MlUvr. It *.. \\Vll.ai-i; J. M.
leutler7 raetor Vista and later was with the United 1.-.... S! It. Slaughter. H. I..... J K SrnUU.
Manatee..oldiers' .\ J. ttokc.. U. Wil.latua W. W M cW.. C.. M
ion a' Statea troops operating in northern .\ Coiemaa.

Old reunion and barbecue Mexico. lie was given special work- -

Bo.lill green!' !' July 27th."oIala by the government and In recognition t'\mECI..oSCRE: MOKTVJAUE. :
I I Ii I can do more
\ county is having a petition I ot his services received a personal you In the flrvutt c.'IMln. Eighth Ju.Mola! Circuit.

fated for a wet or dry election. i letter, of thanks from President Abra. :[ "Ataobua leortri K"IUIUF...'...,DI. T KlorWaIn... :Susan' Jor l.'ber1r.._Morta -
( at Lakeland hal I ham Lincoln. The remains will b 9 work enabling .rf.* F'ure'Io.ure MU|>pl.n>*ntaI Hilt
n. ealln ing the It ai'irlnrf h, mdavlt. app4 mt* sent Jacksonville ill
down for season and sold iLl to his former hi:. sled In the alM,, e! "tatetl oau.. that 9u an ..,,
j. home, for Interment. I you to earn more Jonr.. the feiMlant therein naiutHt. 1I U a neef'.
product. I -fxMlriu of the !State of .'"wld... and that .... y
ha been !I ..r t..I.I..n' of !Shu5.utr Slate uf Mlao4udpN.
Lake county
of H
.111.W map Fatal Panic on Street Car. that rod Uorr th.0'.. Iseney.ene y.am; la hallirrffore U'
litued It is a good idea and money so or {ieeotly New York. July 11.-One man was: If'"tn h.- an.lhe l. "rph. ''''1\-.1 to ai.- XI
.t'uIt.'u. |H>ur to the Hill of '.nui-Ulnl ..
Co fll< | la aaaliu
Help fatally Injured and many other personscut f ... un or ,-,...... M.'n.Ltr: the Ttti dar 01
The Pad City postofflce has been and bruised in a panic on surface you can buy more .\,,iioi.l A H I') .:% olbcrntv tl,.* aU*"atlwii'
that -nl.l dill wli i>r i.kkrn. oonfpv.rU br aaal
|aced to third class, an evidence cars on the Brookljn bridge early frtrlrht,
it s further oiil..(...l thiti, ihi, onlrr l>* puaufi
i i. growing.
fie town today following the blowing out of ..,. once a sarit Coi, r l.ss-e.'iItiie| weeks

Tampa talk of a new court house toaerommcdatl the fuses in the controller Iroxe' at u .I i I., i.lniri. .> "un n n<.w .i>itirr 'uhUIOII" y
U.needa Biscuitdo ul) f* -Mill' ('Unt\ an.l| "l kll>
!' the large and increasing both euda of the car. The pa><*enger3 '1' : ,
.. IIT>::.NV.f:- if, a. 11; ('
if (}"'" f,
HilUborough county. leaped from the whose
puine+"i of car. : sp od was 4 4. IIM. tIlS.VIS.ut:
named Herrington of undlmlnlahcd.: Frank Lawrence, of .\ true C"|M or i>rl. liuil
J. ?__Il man II \\ II- :\1110.:00. tl"rk "'111'u'''. Court,
Irrn't wa drowned in Escambia river Brooklyn the first to alight, was borno more work and :I.e.e5! I IVr M I I'llKV. : KH: U OV
down by others who leaped h, \ 1'0 HltiHtMlol: r far l'o i npl l tIIU.f.
[ Mthelth! & He was IK years old. upon m

and he received Injuries which w.,.
yke( Kotundo of Sanford, while cause his death. ',, arn still **re Itm I 111\'ttltt.KIn ;

Iieep: had a visitor who relieved himat "' |hr> iroult fourt. t.t"hth Jii.Ucial: ltrul. 1
at $2ul had collected after banking Alaohun I'oitnl Ilurld.l In "'""1\".r,,
Wife Elopes with Milkman. mopey. Aliiett l. Merer. to I'iitienov r.: I1.TO.-

loan Trop. N. Y.. July .-Albert Dun. I H W ikr..ri"
It t.l'1'a'.rlu.t t.y stlhlr.lt. pht'end.l an the hill
BraJf! >rd county will now offer a re- ham 75 years old a wealthy resident t .',1 III utr .I.uv.. ....,..., ....u.... tI.., "':"'.11..

[ sari to !invone who captures any of Eagle MllU: a suburb of this cry non I I'i.rr rr'uleut, 11 thr.lerrl..lutltherrln..t the vl.te of ilurldr. ''.n.l, I: : t9e

blind tigff in thf jungles of that Is bemoaning tho louf his ::;i >'E'IU': -.nlrt ..r. .the. 'U" tI' Jlald.etun. t5t.Wle...t
. .n'' .. ,,,.. ..\1.1 "nol ovrr the etc ur
[ wuntf old wlft. who disappeared with H.Reynot.1'J. Is nil'n'. "'u" .11. I, Inelerur. .rol.r... this
.5,5) 5.'h ,t..-..1..'" drleh.t.nl be awla5.. isher..
Charlie Robinson: a five-year-old a young milhtuan..k simplo
I.s r '0'.1 I. .1't'rtr 'u Ili. '11111 tlr llnnt'laina
to:-reJ. I lad uf l'enacola, was run over note stating that she loved KeynoldS 5lt '.. r't I,. "'"..1 ,'..".... .U." II...... M.arlrv the
.. .l5.> ?r j".< t II I I. 1 ..'lor,,, I.. the ...
ibral. .\s: locomotive, his head be- and was goingwith him to Chicago, IrrfMltoi.- ......1 1'1.', a I., 1..1'n r.'....n'-
I It- VMM, fli.fri..la, tIt r
the .
wan only explanation of her
tC cverfdThe disappearance l I. f iilhrt .inli-rnl rti.,. ....l".r l.. I''.l>*
left by the young woman' .htM| ..!..>.. a wrvk I..erultp. weeks
ackionviUe. Fernandina and ui, Hit Iane.viU.:: x d., iirw..i.nit>r fWV
Southern i II the name of the new rail. I ,'hr.I In ...101 i-.Mintt,. ..n.I. Hi.""
&'fil 1>: nine i-lh l lS "". y'
rod be built from Jacksonville Feel Impending Doom. '' '
to to II 1ipssih": t rl.'rI.I'Irru'It \I r'.

Fercai:.dma. I The feeling of ill { eidiag doom \in NATIONAL BISCUIT COMPANY A ,r rote .'r IllM.I..I"a'. 't'IIKrjs |U ("' .

the mind, of many victim of l rtl:ht's 'v. || MirNut': ; ::* I !Vi k "t......;I V"aur. y'
Th< railroad: depot at \Villiaton has 1'ert ... i hr'r... l> 1 t,
been receiving repairs, but the buaiBf I i disease" and diabetes liar l 1t..t"11 frinngcdto \I.AJt':" Ft >". r.. furtnit.h.t. Irrl'11'Y

*. at t'.is! point demands a larger : th nkfulri.-*. by the I...in-fit ..t..rl"'tlInrn -

buuJins than they now have. taking", Fol-..}'* Kidney CurIt t \' or* "I'I.U''fiOS tUI& TAX tI
I will D.'ropter I,Iil: ) t'SH'U1'IUo.' ; : ;.; x l'''' (:tlAl"1T.a 1.
curt incipient Bright' disea.t'and .
( The M iVlertburg<< Normal and In .-. ,. 1.tr n.U..ua.\. t.h..hv <
diabetes and i lit the Graham Crackers
even wont .
da: .tnai :chool, which was Docket ..."" ;. rhe'nVhat..\t..d'.a. ,,";\>+
1 stars girt** tiifort and relief .ight t' t ..,..,....... nu'eh.a.r dl, ra C.'rtUlo.r..i'' : 'I
out toy the KueUnian bill will be Batter Thin Biscuit
re* disorder Hrcctirtd in a few dity I V..s p-n -t dotal the ash Lt.y of
ttedbythe. entcrpriaiog citizens f I It sa.Uml haw nlr4rW e. tun.'tt4cPAhrbp atais, .
oIL had diabetes in its worst form wrupMtrio V Social Tea Biscuit J ., h., miMl.. ,agnb'W ilon for tai il..nt iu I'J .
.t.t Ir ugh county. i 'In >.>.><,ni..i-r> will >Iis "*.UI nrrtldoal__,S
I u !..... of Ounreair I IrH1 I truilght l.r*.*. 114 f..!!....Irin .1t*..*rll_.l prtif..tt],. .a... } \
t F inJn t.* not the most unhealthy : J.lay.leia'i" without relief. 4)u'1't"r. Snaps atr.I I:.:.AI.Chua.'.runav I'I..ri4", lush, t;
Mat '* ,lit n. ; a It It in I A li uf roil uf I* ...
!* fnion. although the Rey. ..e bottle of Knl-y': K .idnev ( 'ur*< drown A.l.tltu.ri I to i.ln...*lti<*. H... ft, TD.'
Ins i !1': hop of Pierton. Volusia1 !I.' 'IIr.n: atMi i-.v tsA tit ur >.'. 'iia.iirvwi .
mrfdf m.- a well"" ninn J VMi't: . .t. In Ualn: .JII:rIl {
e -' > ,t9 prat' of age, will go toN hun k Cu. >. nM Utll heiv'ti ".-- 'tl at thb ..'. .f r, .
,r Hiii. to i | louiii...* .., writ r.,>(llR..t*. In th. BaMvCNfiTlf : 1...
recuperate. J At. I....... and Si..rfl.IIn.nr.I.'u .;."
i 'I \vr 'Ia\ \htitw. nl.._ ..101 .rUn..t"e. ...,,11 t..,H..I. i ieurdr. .
died at his home i it in ... 'U tie. tea dr.d. -au I.w. ..
> ...... Jiffy July 4 He In |iur..Ilgnceof (:'i...tptr Xi.. I s II.. wh .1.' f A.s saI .% U therhMs:
was a t.r': : i;
%Vltne.. Inv emrlrl .. err. n...ll/1i.
'I. . Soctitut: Laws of Florida. 1 I IK--
e. 4 utws. tiiwn of that section 'b. 715. d., of .I1 1.\ al 5eV." .t

rlw I ,,-t. .' ..J a* lining the only Ite- 'i, low a tiHfiitnt. ..ho\in':': till' Hinouiit ll..k t1rr..1l I'.IrI 1' i'i'r.!:: : ., :y

i''u C *ihr of the Florida 14"J\-! I of tIL". 'oll"l.t..d Ly O. liickuuon 4. 1')1 M all' ';''-.,., t/. A tf

ia colUvtoruf .\ 1 'ellU\ l"lor -
: ,r t.tx 'otlnt) ?

M l Idit for the |' 9ri<.l ending J ,.n.. S". : Or AIM'I.K" 'ATKt.XIlKKU tHH 'l'AJt
I Mirror iMiritifllon was shota. I fNHMt: !'I'.t THIN Of CIIAIwf. .
. 1p1Sas.hnwnby I county tr'a..urtr'* rtceij't '- .
K ,,1'.1 tj a party out hunting for AbsoluteLemoo Security .. ,, I.Awl.1'IA11111AMutse.
ou til* in my ottk'! tow it : |
H rrn.' 1 Kid !lei.! who killed U heretir *lt.n thai Al""..l Alt.'
I'' SJ.... cr.ff ", T X R''l I. K".l |r <:>MMtH ir. l ir.ih..er nl T..
ankII..n at holder, .. ,. '..e (:Ia, ..f ,....lii...lli. Nw a, d(1..4010.:1'
.'' r< a .t nknrrtnt Lewis I.j 't." .. .. . . . . . . f : : ".. of ....., A l i ,iWiU.. h .
t was cap tcrinti f uiid . *.I1 I"ft .rrtln.al. I. .., ..m.... alit b.. ...... ...

-'Jay morning at holder Road Fund. . . . . I'Ml: 1 BTJcliiKjl i Is t the l>est thing \\.I' havt* to a.wlllk.'...'........ ion Malrt,..a d.ed .I.1 I.su. 'It _. edJae, ( .
i elrllee.t..5je5eelbe I fat-
Fund . :tlii. 43j : ,
T i tor talk\ about the lowing <1 *.'rliMHt | t soap terii e !l"'hu'rl, Fund I' U..oa I f U'ehnnl 1 offer .:** Alarhua eu.atv Ykel.l., ttltA'MitToa f:.
: h.*. been diocotrred that F'aud l','ll. ir>4 1 IS; 0> 1} interulingflel'o..itor/ | >' l: I. CJ a tIn .. ....'..,,,....

1 irtfull Of them down I Ia In School I.i.nd Sprc'f Tax I 131.1 i 7*) II I, T'5.. a.W toll.in.li s .t hetul_,awa..d lit'nr"T.l lt .d.1.III. ... M.. IlL

.-ut.ly ai.d the trees harg b .. .n.w wf a.eebutrtld.u. 14 al..satal=
r Total . . . . . .f.MI'f tII .I Wi.......
-I ekes ot oap ; bat th e I:n.a....t ..,.&11..... .1.. be r.A.-etl..s
't :r. II 11'itr.uz.:: -IMM. l q U*.. Iii ...t..t w !t.* i. i I.IpLIs. .
Nor u bTAUte it tistQ't Clerk C'itvuit Court. ,i. t n 1.t.1. \lta** fur mlal .>I.'..' .re ....! Mail
ITIIALLi: l.uc.\'rtU-I: :"lF.1,1.1:11,1: : Itjl'll'/'EU-/u, : '! IEltl: Iwo Ttlt tl., lit J _lt A It ..*'.. .

'" If 1 have an amuse \I.It-: I: OIM.H lOMKMKMII: : : >M II Itlr Jd cljd. .
M l Sar'rm.
KJCKCt'TOH'! NoTICKKt ATIvftll.i: ... ..- .. .. (>. .
> >c J .|,n. riper. It will Letter Ie ;atLr.t.rr ....t..r hela on ,b. I'lIOHI'I....... AM.> MlirKtl.lIi: .\ II. '!'.111. : I' 11 UO.\s Of II ivr M s tilt. rj. a. ,I I.NtJrlft .

>Irises Uuildingt and a II AU' of J ,in*. A U I I'.'" ....,...<,l t>r u.. '' 11I''* iii > ..
.f ( ...DI' J9Af ..f A,..'B..* e ii..t],. t1urid.. t 0 : ., A i I : If IlIIi117,
convention, ric.. and ,... I.Dd..Pd, w .rreulur uf lbe loot .a"
II !... s large and t.._ ..u..t .'f Ua.hert tt ''11'1. d-.s.. I I. J....... ofae S"... .' I T ata 0111AIt.
taa o-llion I tae. or wW e....... sons tltetrfure: .-.1.--, ..._,., t .J 4IwM, Mole ,
T ,"er, If they don' b. .'trios of .n .rider _I. anA rerf.e i. 1. II.....' !...'.* I

*. I. IM .Latter of lbw arz5r.Ir.t; ,,.t 01 the ." .Ie o! + 1C want tiw-r Hl\"tHli'n"f-- of Mcxlern Banking &* ToT J >f j>r .l IM
running opro.lCASTORIA |. .a54 lt.ibert H 1'.xtrdr.I IT ..r..-' 5.f tae Otlu nI" you .. v.- . .. a' tia4l :=-f.:
a .ud.e uf _lot Couatt at ........ re taw "'"i .n_....... . r' .___ ...a wf .a>_ _
... of June! A it t".f. i*..t...- t. r-.h. rlv.. ....n la > > ., '>*.H .a.re, an<* taaa
I"". .t J alt *r..!I1..ni art ..*<*... 41strtbatw_[ ua M tit O slllilg an account: with) tiIJBANK rerau.5, t . .. ,.... _.. ...-...... fja
.. .. | ., .., ., .
iirl ... t av4MM baviru ..m. or _ -.: .. .ir .. 110&..iT4i
."a,n..t H... ettatC wf .a.l K.ir ,.....t a F'utd.rea.ed ..... !5545 -.. . .' ,.., by aaU ..Ua,'rT Ur. '
ate h.-tr' c..,...: ..1n t" ee.enIbe .e ... *. ." ,- pur ...r ","*.
e to ... at J.ei.-..a".... t--w.. w it 4 ...., t .1 .. ,-..?.. ,.. 'I. lar ..fI. ...........
Fur) Infanta and Children. Sit t.0 'a: ) ) ear'. true. tor d.te .of t,... test.ibe ... It a.IIreal hp ...,.... w.e .
tyre beta/ the 4sLe o1 tar Ir-t: I.a ... \ . ,. .... r..e .... ......." e W ...
rya. KinJ You Hare I4o.a ..er...' lie that r<... .t..*<. ." .t- ..r ...u. OF ALACHUA '.. ... . '.. ...* ilk* .,54m of 1M
Always IIIPt .,. : I ....,.. II .. ,
b.rt ai.a., % .. t. i4.retJu.. .f4 ,.
are r.-, Jetted. \0 .a.ae '...a.... .sc _:t.. -r I W
f with u.dert/ad I: .I ..(!.. w taw .*ea *.1T I.l/ ti1 ,
of ; IJoa\rfS t1...ri14a r of ...._ A I" ." I ALACH U1\ FLORIDA. J1i1111/tlJ".I"\oe'a.-r.\ 'flAIJMJJC.AT1I""IJI
TtlfOt. V' . IK : II I: .
11,4'1- ,w r- w .ref '1 +I.H..e .. -
: $' (1RICY.ru :4
M.-t M l"\w\tr1'" Ure.a.ed.
tc: I.n, ta t...... __...... ia.lrlsrt. ._ awd
I" Statue Quo. .:....,..... ., Ii.alit...e of A'.IM I
; ..f 11 --?&. Ajnerle&a e.. ; 1/N.. .. "r ... W 4U .'er.oaa 1x51.

.'.. s a .' oa uUU la stitae q1lQ, THE ALACHUA COUNTY ABSTRACT CO. Inc. I Y-J4.we.1iI W"I'.....c.;.a./N..e.rr list 41 .../.

I c .-a:'y ccmaU I .re.rt b.Qat PATENTS I If. arts iifs..Uo..4 '' an* .. I ..
Muatrta .f IN wt.tm of .a.555014 .lis
t .
7 'M betwew j AHUiirjj .. ,. ...
lb. Japan.tae out _, us lao U._ M.fw O.
l' Z ...':aa fore. I _atr ".44. 1. .... A U.to J.*_..11..

II 1UiUk.17. p'.lev ... a o CS/IR7tiwwg... Tfc* questingut K. .d. rrdaMo, .spit.. of . anti lb. lio. of .4. W1nrNa.1 .x5444..15 N..a.a.d
u..sass nee f r v ry. s.nrg .... Ha. 1..... .. ..... .... Sales -I
M pam.* taltaetrt e. Laws TI'I. *>.. .. of f turn] : for Sai 4*........
A Surpriw 17e a.wtav. b 4 s. ..r. tM Till the n t f at *,, p..e uarlyf + w ewes rdw.i+lr ....:-'
.. J.ALHA W Ia 4AL1'.
... a .b rs.+ r .art5wp..wrlaaral.v .Uaobll& evur.C7
:.k t ..4t.4 Adatlrab seI.r1a fit uoe 'A<.t fIO' 1&u.
I surprise arty may be !fl/tl c".kS- - --- ..-_ ttf

J-) .r stomach. ao4 liver by s.&*. r.vas..aars.. ev "1'1.1 I U.TIL"'rare."" . Tlll.| fat lisle a.irvhrelIgral.

a a m. Jxriaa which will r.U.vav4 QN..M Y. ia. tf+'re.ae OAau rmttoa for for ,....t..Weat lead u__r t IMaU .f' (seethe.. ....... .. ......1'').f.,ont.. ..fleea. UaoIoe

d eeoaalo", vlxi: Dr. AMMAIQTOr. O. O.DSWIFT&(9. t... ... I'r. Mea rlltslaaib.4 .,...:: T .... lA foes"
If.. l-iJu. the Investor --'... I .ul ..-.I. 5. -....... ..
; Thai aft mat - ,
-. /wa.f w1Ap.Ntl

L:4- rvm.dy. adoydlat sore ,... ( n.eM.9.UoDal! Haaa oM .aJa.*vlU., H, Yisttoo .. .445.... .......tara. ere i taai, *.....4,.*._. >. .50 6 it.

taa: Cah fat ........ 4 ra.: .slots 4 Co.. B.ak.er.. \\u w '..."&4 .. M!
astuatboa A4.-...........f ....... .,

.. ., MaII" CtI..w.'l'" ._ .."' ..t .- '

. .. ... 7'I" : , .I_ .,. .( ', r .,' ':' :.t"r.," w'w.rj6tsttalis. : 7 I'0';' ; W., ,",,, ", ill., r ..,,' '.: .' .#o..' ';" ,. ,,,,T. .,. :-t.. ,


7 ,'

p i


8 : -- - --------_ - .,
-- ------ --- -

Mrs. J. Porter Smith of Waoahoota K. O. Moseley of Elarbee one of The ;I the instigation of Frank McCoy, who '

JS OF F CITY ANDROONTYCONDENSED arrived In the city yesterday, and will Sun's valued friends and "ob" rib ....1 I charged them with "overlaying" him SHORT SUNDAY'J": r'

be the guest of her daughter, Mrs. O. was in ty'' city yesterday. Mr. Mnie-l on a certain night recently. Th.. defendants .

O Fed rick, for a few days.Miss . ley was H al...' of his father-in-law. 1 were arraigned before" Judge FOR THE DRUGGISTS

Minnie Shaw, an accomplishedyoung M. S. Cb .e!'. while here. \ Mason, but the evidence was, weak

lady of Ala bua who has been Mrs, \?. M. Ilaxel and little son of and the case was compromised with

General Interest Oathbred visiting friends In North Gainesville, Johnston: S, 0.. arrived in the city yes* ';, the iftytuent of the cost*-and the Ministerial Association Wants "tbe r'Y &

.j of has returned to 'her home. terday rind for the next few clays will court and the defendants were happy. Pharmacists to be Good. *

,, by Our Reporter William Jones of Island Grove was a be the ftaests of Mr*. Hazel's sister C. L, McLean and his interesting lit.

.: He Mr.. C C. Pedriek. She expects also tie son. Juhdof Lanravillean again, in
Gainesville yesterday. I
t AND SOCIAL ITEMS will be to ..i.lher mother Mrs. J. the city at.d will remain here for .... V-
,NAL accompanied his brother, who a
Smith, >Vacahoota, before her return. eral day, Master John about a year
student in the normal school. Instead of Rolling P.lls; and Filling Prescriptions
Happened and What as Going Robert MeClellan returned yesterday .!In. had the misfortune to accident
Ha' MI. Donle: Strickland a charming ,
Sunday Import
ParaCraphs where hew nt ally swallow a quantity of potah that Morning-
grout High
In Short Springs,
Told ; of Waldo who has been visiting I
Happ'n Read"MTh. young lady to embalm the body of Oeo. %V. Mooreof seriously affected his throat and he tnt Meeting of the Association Tusa };
Who Runs May Mr. and Mrs. T. B. Ellis In this
"H. _
I That I was brought here under the care of 4 ,
Ridfewsy, S. 0.. who died in that day Afternoon.
returned her home.Misses .
li Sun. oily, has to I Ur. Phillips for several weeks Being
place Tuesday, and prepare the remains I
The regular monthly meeting of the ,
Frankie Owens of Tampa and. ..
'- considerably improved h wa taken
zwM1ay'. DaifY Sun: for shipment to his old home. : .. .
Ministerial Association wa h M luesday 5
IK. of CampvUl* la look- Louise, Carter of this city have gone to The retrains were shipped Wednesday home, but the trouble again broke out
+ MsoHiby I afternoon at 3 o'clock in the Methodist 9,
nc where will visit their
bit business Interests In thishsis. ( I :Judson they accompanied by his daughter Miss and his father has brought him here
tner parsonage. Among other important
Mrs. M. L. Carter.
grandmother for treatment. Mr. McLean hat many
Carrie loore.Amobtg .
> I
matter discussed wa that of securing -
returned on 8. )D. M. Stewart and his accomplished .I friends here who are glad to see him
T. Cromwell the new arrivals of studentsat shorter hours In which the
Dora of daughter Miss May, were in the but who are sorry he i i. here ou this h
from visit with the family the $late Normal in this city yesterday druggists would b. compelled to remain ,
dsy front and mission. however that the
city yesterday High Springs They hope ,
Fennell at Melrose. we cote the following : Miss :Jessie open on Sundays, so that they
made The San an agreeable eall. Mr. patient will rapidly recover.Free .
Alcc Bradley of Waeahoota, one of Call and Mr. A. E. Evans Island young could attend church .eryl .... ,
IL8. Stewart ia engaged- in the general mercantile -
All Our 8ab.eritTh"
farmers of that section wasjdmg Grove { Misses Jattie Futch of Haynes- to It was shown that druggists* ware

ilesdioc the city yesterday. business at High.Springs. worth Maude E. McKenzie of Apa- Great American Farmer Indianapolis. ; perfectly willing tu enter into an are t
+are O. Halle and ehll- NotIce la hereby given that I wilfnot lachical. Ruby Parnell of Lake City Indiana, the leading agricultural journal I rauRement to confine themselves, to
; )Mr and Mrs. J. be responsible for debts 'contracted of the nation edited by an able
,: visited friend. and any Lillian Norton of Miami Ollie Chap- certain hours of work on the Sabbath

of Alachua by my wife. Mrs. Annie E. Bailey, man of Lake Butler, and Mr. H. City : corps of writers. The American Farmer but it was made plain that there was a is
alativein this eity and personseredittag her or trading Parker of La C roes e. I I is the only literary farm journal fear one or two of the physician, would

u u ,: aDd MrB- Perry !t[. Colson andrea N. with her do so at their own risk. Miss Alma Fennell has returned from i published, It fills a position of it. own enter an objection to being limited to

left Sunday for Ashevllle, JAMES 8. BAiLEY. Newb rry, Fla., Atlant, where she has been for the and has taken the leading place. in the any given time for their prescriptions ;,

c..where they will spend the summer. :July 7th. 1905. past fv' weeks under the care of Dr. homes of rural people In every sectionof to be tilled. It was therefore resolved

,; 11f and Mr*. G. W. Essterltn of E. E. Vole of the East Florida Tel- J. B. $, Holmes. It will b... remembered the United States. It gives the' that a paper b<* presented to all of the

. Iilb Spring have gone to White ephone Company has returned from a that Miss Fennell was operatedupon farmer and his family something to practicing physician for their signatures '

, f. *, where they will recuperate for Inverness. Mr.V ogle think about a ide from the humdrumof there
.Ur ){prut* business trip to for appendicitis, and the operation and in this way show ware

! I few day*. promises great things for the East though difficult was successful. routine duties. Every: issue eon- non. unwilling to grant their fellowmen i

R e'. Mr. Hart of Paradise filled an Florida Telephone Company in future. Friendi will be delighted to learn that talus an original poem" by Solon. L.Gttode church privileges on Sundays.
at North Gainesville Hall comp"an is branching out in For the next thirty days we
appointment The e.erJ'dlreclion the cutxlition of the yuuug lady has so
inter- offer two for the price of one : Therwieea.t'k VERDICT OF CORONER'S JURY.
rllluiu evening delivering an and is receiving substantial far improved that she.is now eon.id.reden.irt'I. '"
:"un. the leading county ;"
afting i rmcn.f' support.T. out of danger. j
and The American Farmer, both W. C. Hague Was Exonerated forte\ .
'1 f'.. Vn. M.( I. Smith of Me In tosh re- M. Ven&ble of Arredondo has returned paper ;:
C, :\ Griffin of Jacksonville fecre- one for $1. This unparalleled Shooting Will Huntsr. 1..'
.1 'torned to her home yesterday, after a from 1.o-ulnllle. Ky., where he of the Miller andHatnpiun year .
tarynd treasurer 'f
offer is made to all new subscribers, The coroner's jury which sat uponlb.
:J. S.
kiff visit to her sister attended the Confederate reunion. and also
Realty Company,
, I and all old ones who pay up all arrears ., case uf the killing of Will Router
JodiforJ, in this city. He reports a most enjoyable time anda with the Miller-Mallard
ni and within thirty days, Sample 4
renew by OttlcerV.. O. Hague at Hagtts+
Perry M. Fogate of Williston passed very large attendance of Veterans, Grocer Company, was greeting old
II copies fr... Address Th.' Sun, Tuesday while rVsiilng arrest meD/
the city yesterday for Alaohua.htrt much larger than had been antici MrGritJic ,
through friend, in the city yesterday [Uau"'Vill... .'Ia, tiun of which was made in The $un'
he goes to visit his brother :Joseph pated. He was absent several weeks i is an Alachua county boy being ha returned a verdict to the, effssjt S,.

9a rugate, for a few days. and visited Richmond sod other points the ,u''i of Jesse I. Grifiln of Junes'vide. NELSON WAS IN TROUDLE.I I that the killing. was ju.tifUble, sines

MM. F M. Frewitt and daughter in the Blue Grass State. Mr. Venable HIS friends her will be glad to Ottlcer HaKu waa protecting his _

, LooUe, hare returned from a pleasant says, wherever he went he foui.d the I learn 11.at he Is prospering and Is Was Cut and Shot His Horse 'Injured, life Clta. It. l 1.,11 wu foreman of th. .

rifit to Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Williams at people greatly interested in Florida detirt"d to become one of the rising and He Was Left for D.*d.A. jury, which was .111".1 uf a haU-f';

'Ji k'ouville, alto relatives at Waldo. and some effective advertising of the yount men of the Slat ofCampyill. .
I). Nelson, a colorJ man duieu of the beat ("111'.1of that se.

Among the visitors to this city Is I*. State was done during the reunion. I>e.nty Sheriff J.: H. Granger re- ... got mixed up with" blue tiou. Th* fvidmcv was OarefUllJweighed'..

H Swell of Selma Ala., who I* the Frnm 77iur (/o.v: '. Daily Sun turnej yesterday from High Spring*. trouble on the Fourth of July which =

: ,Uft& of hi* sister Mrs. :J. M. Flewel- 1\I"J': 8. Bailey. of Judsou i I. visiting I He bti light two prisoners. Lonnie' Hill resulted seriously for him. a* he Is Mr. Hague, who was lilt four time'

..kn and brother. F. It Seawell. He is friends in this city.C. 1 and Jittjti( Ellerbee. who were arrested "cut up a site to ser," as the Georgia : by lIun'..,. U red orlrd sting as )

tell pltaed with oar eity.Mi "'. McDonald of Rocky Point was in tht town upon a charge of assault Cracker expressed it In writing to a a. could bC9 ripeetrd, linger the .I .;

.-*s Bessie King and Bettie Milkr trading in the city yesterday. ; and battery upon a warrant issued at railroad company regarding a ".uw ore I Fumslancw' While bis wounds aN.,

l lift on Monday for an extended Deputy Sheriff J. B. Kennard Af I _____ _.______ __, __ ___-0- of their locomotives had put out of painful they art not contldnred. e'"

Northern, trip. They will visit at WayeroM "Waldo was in the city yesterday bu.!In...., on*, and'lfiv tai''M.!iuK physicians' salt

any Elbersou. Ga., and Chester I Nelsou slates that two colored men he Is entirely out ttf rtng.-r. .
Waldo: '
OrlandoVeks of was transacting NEWYORKRACKET. . ,
S.C to be absent about six weeks. by the name of Miark fell out with -.t .x
business in.thi city yesterday. Attention Ye Nssdr.
him about a cow and on the 4ih tott ,
:3i.! ?s Irene McCreary Pe.rl.bet. -
none, Gertrude Westgaard Lena }:. Kinklea.. the merchant of Rochelle while he was on his way to his fnrm hemet For hunt piirchaing c.atra.talir_ ;

was a business visitor to this. I the men and women who were ina loans in the rtiaudard Guarantee a .
BairJ ao'l Comic Daughtrey left ,e.- Trust Co of Ws hiiiKton. D.O.. .rUMl.j
t.rdtl for .\Archer where they will be city wagon. They were evidently lookingfor to G..n, \\", Moy..r.. or eall .t"Kaekrt
the FU-M. of Miss Annie McLean In a H C. Atwater and O him a* the men got under she vehicle dtor" of J O. Kvansftslneevllle. _.

delightful house part,. I Hicks of Waldo wr among thoe who and the first ,Intimation h. had I If I am nol thrsr, Ie

paid Gainesville a visit yesterday. of impending danger ass when f.t/e ofthe Kvaus will wait on you for m
J l LVI1. of Archer, the efficient I .. exclaimed ":hoot him !" l tau. W. MuvaasSFJun. : ,
bookkeeper for C. 'W Raoknight,spent Mis* Margaret Peace a charming women lt. 1 laari.
SMndsy:! with his young lady of Micauopy, made a brief Two shots were immediately tired andNrt.on
in this
MrV, visit to friends in this city yesterday CHEAPEST was struck 'by several buckshot, \\'. have a few copies of The ,
u i on his annual vacationand = -= :- =---::
- ::..1.011 says the men then jumped on with complete account of the ..1.
U-ft yesterday for Pablo where he S. G Gay of Grove Park, the lumber
him and cut him severely, afterward Ion of (Gsinesrlll aortas S. aria JI
1f1.i f*ml a few days enjoytbg theceeto manufacturer of that place wa rau.
beer:.., acting business in this city yesterdayT. Pocket Cutlery shooting him and leaving him in the University" which .hoo!"! be ntaJIsslj

road for dead lie w.4 ruling a horse, our p opl. to friends in add{
}Ir. aad Mr J. 8. Dapuis and daaghr L. Davis of Rocky Puint was In and the animal WAS also Injured. !Htate, Prier wrapped ready for I IIng ffiI

Mi4.I tHaly: *. of Alaohua. aeeornP the city yesterday. He was rn route to The Htark's then. went to Nelson'shouse &U e.tts a doors: <; ..:,

ni-d by their granddaughter Miss points in South Floridaum a combined Do you carry u pocketknife and farmed, his wit. that they .

Mar(: ;, Fetch of High in business and pleasure trip ? AVe carry ti guaranteed
Springs, were had killed her husband and told her j' 'rlc.r. use A..CATION. rug ,,
U:* it, j...t..rday. They were en route Mrs. Redwood of Mieanopy was in line of Pocket Knives where she o''nld floe his body. 'Nelson InU': ir.su ut HKmo.v s or CMAI'

u to L.m nell, on the Et Coast the eity! for a few hour yesterday. Hhe Every knife from ftOc up and tbit ?Mark areeoasins.Thf Sr.AWtl' Or fUntlltAU ,

store t .., will visit Dr. :J. O. her old home in Brook S.\Jooe fct.l .. flare' that T, '..
Dupuis.'r to
was en route fully gimrant<-**(1.Ve havea men were arrested and er ....r..k_r of f.. (:.,iYM.le Jlldod. ',,
a: d, )Ir., lyn N. Y when she will spend a few placed under a bond for tneir appearance ..... tto* .tk Amr ot "el". A. U '
Henry of and if
Ramsey fjoautiful l line, you h.e ...*.. _M <>.vM..M> In Mir .fl1a1.
North weeks with old friends. James I> ... ,.. ....
I' ..n..,iSI* are rejoicing over before Justice y neat hw wat apea+.._ 1- W
i want a bunny knife call and ..ee.nd..e.stn I.. clad e.IUa+.M
r 'h /rr r%. of a flue boy at their home. Mr. and Mrs. James M. Graham departed Wednesday r>r_*. *tOUft..e da.e,1o.4' e. aweWs.led .

r' Jng mo arrived Saturday yesterday on their annual summer get one. Nelson has employed Judge J .\ ClMMHMn a A1.*+.ew:.! .*'::<;. .*. 'i'.jc':::lai et

Pix a1 a half pound to the good vacation. They go from irainesville ; !I|Carlisle! to prosecute the ease. M*.. TV ". K. rl. rv".f'::**,i.. =
l*wa fi.:A kvl I*. *Mt !/ f MwVI. f
alit f"rh-r i. .0 elated that he din -' to Martinsville Sprint. Indiana, Tt .. K. VI.....,...tiM *._f_<

;. ,.*? w .i name the youngster UniJ where they expect to spend a few weeks Lies CurtainsPretty 1 North Gainesville No.... TV* ta .B44*ft*U-Wt. wf iMTtAtfIk MJOM::rUAI ,..:<':ta-r-

1 ongratulations: are 'In order. with relatives and friends. From tber.tb.J' 11. A. Fisher a IM! son, James, have ....u&e .... A4e.w.11a ."

I k. proceed to Crawfordsville anal I F iron to Casnpvlll. where They will be.ugag.d .wdlaf++.-t.wM. ns e.rltW./a+ 1., 4...!rhea wWla. =.::
ta's .Ln t,. Anderson. a Pte bytm -)other points and altogether expect to patterns! and line i In laying brick for &h. nest .ca.f of AI>__.. A, U. 1w.. .... -
of Tampa preached two be absent until about October 1st. itf.M Lace Mlta.e.wr.f.Lstae t sad. .
t values. Our : 1 few Jaye.I ik. ins d., of .1. r A. i*. .e*. -
or .I( DZ | .
sermons In this city Sunn N. W1tasl104
; 4.1' the ----- -------- --- Curtains are pretty enough :, ) ,.. Fred f.y*. and father departed ..1 C.\:.". ( ...-I"O..,, tM. i
< polpit' of the Pre.byr .-., *, .. ..
i. ** urchin the morning and the READ THIS. Then >ve have one at $:'i *!.', I.' Wednesday morningfortb.iruId' home I I a CX NKV

,i I.t m the .v.ni... The even Paws Ta.".. June 1, 1901. a pair-that are good enough tin )liehlgaawhere. they will apnd a II I JTt' t.
t.r.< rf c* being Dr. 1 I I coupler of months. >fra: .> t-:oI"UC arxmoN s or CMJ
a uDloa'.nlce.
Dr. t:. V, Hall. St, Louis Mo -I*>erMr for a Qtit-en. ,
have been
A 'r.. wu greeted )tt. :c.t.t".Dd family, I *- i.A W'JI 0. rLOtIIDA. ;
by a lance eon- t I have suffered several years from ,1 Kev b.,.,.. East
,r"Ut Hr -- - rrsUiiag In the rr A w l 1' tl tact fX O. V
= delivered an eloquent and bladder trouble and Have f'l:: (.w.am..a.a w sat*
1- L ..u r sire*S. have moved to the .
.e**%Ite rmfMi oEdaem. I i r5 dar e5 Jut A. IA Weeer.flt50sla.len..ii
t. t. :tried a number of preparations' bat Jsn .s CVIlon phew hr. ....... .,.. __
-sh wa very appropriate at that nothing baa Shots Shoes ,I. low tea 4.04 10 tiee 1. a.a__
eau truthfully say Williams of Cedar Key was .
( ... '. i Attorney J5yStt&raw 4.rttl.a e.a ws0t. V
1 proved so effective as your TexasYo* I I loo&ieg after ". property Interest .t_ psalatr. .........M A1..aea.
:L i j >
'fe.uliy'a IhaiFy Stele: der. which I can trstbfally= reeomnteed I ben. /. .. .'.. *
'. \(Je".f made Gro. \\.. c."a. fry a hair j of oar Dixie I ...ttZS ..*.. 45I
ftoenell* a i Kite has returned from ape .
Mrs. IS .. .. .
I 1'--, laser M. at f% Uses Wr at* lb
/'l 1 slit * fri'V*** la this city Girl Shoe) for women' a ..*.i"t tiei'i to her. si.t.r. Mrs, Turner. a:.::zt.sl.}.la wMs.Ts. .
l" lend aet.e aaa4 s tat
tr .
: A TEXAS WONDER. floe medium priced shot, at Ward City. saw ......... ., _. ............. aM
aodLtwo .f Mra... A. I......... "
rJ/ i!S..II"' sons of Mel- 0.. small bottle of the Texas Wod mlttde by Southern girls-- --- I t1 1.w.ad ...U*.._.*.!! *

f'; : ?*. r. tenon g t L visitors t* th4sday ". Hall's Ones Discovery, cure all tho pretti. t shoe on the Meetleg dead .f Trade. e.tars stwe,....M. law.* ,A MA..........

and bladder &rocab.... remove of Trade beltS !._ SBIT HSI.H.1 fctfUM *..
kidavey m/irket for the price. Every The Board<< a *|-eial ,
the U,.../ mt Jutr, A. U rA
Gard M. Hn.1 K Uawtl.rs was gavel eons ....*... awasiaval ...... solid and Ro->.'1.<< at the eotieeil' chamber M. M. Wl

I .. tor K, this ei.m ,......... He boos.weak sad Isjnss back, raeuaatv. pair Kiiantnlead. Wedaee sjtomlag' which wa railed a. t.v* Jreori&: Cn A1Mw..

ttl to v 1&.1. afa 1P.A fiats Mksl all IrretpslartU of tke ki4- Our Shoe Depart* for Ih. pa,,.,.>of eott.id.riag a ,ro o. ADMIXIHTItATMIX'MtM XUl1 ii

IA.anS.ol KBW .ass sssJlstt ..,.. and bladder Ia boti mea sat r ieut is full of good thing aglow for a ege .ria.-ap of the sily InTfc 7. tae. H Mw L eet.w.tadnataws.
at P .1..... bladder t oabie. 1.SitliMna. low R .. ./ IA,. Ye.aN.f A. KAa
: tt offl ,V tay awtalaR. w. .ar. at very price. > 't.... e-tJsi-oa. Per.4.. teIsl. 1teN...
b4 .. XI as It.ld try tau druggist. Keeaeuf Ttt Tlsi -Cnio" *.. -
rabn.a: ........ of kisj member UH when you need J, il pssvrid s5 .
ea! y will W seat fey. avail SJSB rwavipi. s>r ,1.o.e the next pair. .. before the sn.e.iog sad .>. V....a p.hlu.el.a( $.aa rile.w lN..eUN.I1.t 3.04 .

.if'oIU Berms thus)bsstla !. twit at.atw trslsstlsasal59a s>ltkJned the matter, whew the board N / e.4.0e r.psr. .
Twa fall Satins.. w seN.al b r
-tp".14, nee $ Ails w Mehwa .1 Years Anxiou/toPHIFCR Ph ew, referral *% '* .";. w.>....
v it.
mill. sjA AaH .... n/a $
''';,' ..,t.u ..."t'.. OS. ..'... L last* mr -
c. "'U.,., ... ,I . ... .,. '"',' ,
Q. "
... !"r (

Title: Gainesville daily sun
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Gainesville daily sun (Gainesville, Fla. 1903)
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Language: English
Creator: Gainesville daily sun
Publisher: H.H. McCreary
Place of Publication: Gainesville, Fla.
Gainesville Fla
Publication Date: July 13, 1905
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k.'l .


heuit tt f '"< itl1 y nn



ELKS' ORDER SHOW PROSPERITYA was taken. The light house and

WILSON POLICE PERFECT OF I II buildings were left under guard. OFFICIALS CLASHED

l -, Decided Gain In Membership and "Four prisoner were taken."

Finance Is Shown. I I Cape Notoro Is the most southerly
Xinffaio July 12.-The report of the'! point of Sakhalin 1.laod-oo LaPerouse OVER ,CALEB POWERSNoted

grand secretary of the B. O. E.. In an. II straits directly facing Cape Soya on
f..tI '
: null s".slon n "re, makes tha following; I the Japanese coast It commands the

fill'Insist On a Moat Thorough statement: Shot Down By Assassin While i, straits. Prisoners In Hands
"f\-<, The of the past baa exceeded
.apccess year
} Of Affairs.afi5 He Received Petitions.
.Izrr.stigation. all expectations!' aDd has been I I Anxious to Lend Japs Money. Federal Authorities.

; must gratifying. Fity-tiree! !' new fudges London July 12.--<3ince the hour

I SYSTEM: NOW IN VOGUE have been added to the long list ant PURELY A POLITICAL CRIME they opened today the banks charged MAYOR'S TEETH KNOCKED OUT

,.y. ,-- thoxe \lodges already In existence have with the Issue of the new Japaneee

precaution Will Be Taken to.I'that been materially strengthened by large The Assassin Was Arrested Immejiats loan of I150.0OO.OOO have been rushed Jailer Wanted to Place Powers'
': There I. No Further Leak. accessions In m..rnbenhlp.Ve have I ly But His Identity Is Unknown. with applicants. The Indications are Provided for Him
made an Increase of &2.M&8 In membership that the loan will be heavily over-sub- by His Frendt, ta

..Oils'of. Information-Nothing fromMr. giving us today.. 98* lodges and a Twenty Killed in Wraw-Othor scribed. The rush Is even greater This the Mayor Objected and a 3+.

.- ..price. total membership- of 200.O40 With Russian News. than on the occasion of the last loan. ter Fight Ensued.
'" qauutity of membership la coming
sWaablagton.. 12 Uul... ll. ( OeueraJCuuut !
July 12.-Major
July "" Moscow. Cincinnati
quality. The successful year just COMMITTEES ARE APPOINTED. July 12: .-Jal.ei: i' -"
|(ie& 1 ey developments! >> In connection passed is the result of the harmonynow &::aouvaloff. ptetoct of police and three other men are ou

l|"the cotton leak Investigation acre and toruierly attached to the tuin after arrest
by older of :
existing throughout our wide do- Georgia Legislator Can Now Get \I.u'
Wilson said today that he of the a..luatw L
nary main. fury Interior wa..i Down Business. bold of NewH| >rt. Ky i'o,
+.iM to stand on the report of the this niurul while re c.lvlllg prtltlun:.. to Flynn and Katican
Last year there were six lodges witha Atlanta July 12.-Outside of the are out.I"
t;service officers. lie expected One of the petitioners drew: a revuler appointment having been
membership of over 1,000; now we of the standing; committeeby charges: w
ever; that the Investigation would and tired thieu times at the
havu \" prefect stating United States
seven lodges LouUvllle dropped peaker Slaton there was little ottliera
f.:rise to various minors and stor-le low the thousand mark while Cincinnati who fell dead. Tue iI.hloWialu:: [ waarrestwJ. .. Important business In the house of discharge:: of their duty ana .ti +

( Irregularities' In connection with and Kpokane were added to tne representatives Monday. himself was today bound ov ,
hits i"" p.rtme"t' reports on other The assassin who dressed
lint. was : BOIl apeasant
The pear on Thursday to
numerical strength of the Nk' >w that the committees have been answer a
,'jroduets., but that where there was the seven lodge Is: had not been: ....;nU11te"d. He appointed and are ready to take bold of resisting United States
.a $*htet tangible evidence to work up WWII recently arrested as a political
Brooklyn No. 22. 2O59!>>; New York. of the numerous measures which have having surrendered" himself >'.
';bY'' declared he would go to the suspect but escaped from the police
No.1. 1.I04 ; Detroit :-u. 3"U ; been presented for the consideration learning that a warrAnt was '..J1IU,1Tt's

*OttQJtl.ot 1 : every complaint .and publish. f>'b1lad t hl.&, No. 2. l.lCt ; Chicago. %:0. station before hi* examination. of the legislature It is expected that t."rhl'se.

: results of his Investigations. Al- 4. 1.078; Spot;nne. No. :22S 1.013; Clnctnnatl. The assassin! awaited In the anteroom bills will: be disposed of with a rush. were among the rei i

,Irf; he. said, the allegation bAd ,been No. 5. 1.O20. of the prefecture till the other An Interesting feature of the committee attempt of some of the lnn

'le': that the tobacco figures had The cash on hand May: : 31 wan $l1f;.. petitioners: had been received and then on now counties which had leb Powers, former becretarof %

to, "manipulated and the mattut 91( 2. the total! alUlpb lsy,273; the lia- entered the audience room. lie advanced been provided for. As a matter of Keutuck, under IntUictm

Id be looked Into. Hut for thelent bill tic. only 4.5G The total surplusaa towards Count Shouvaloff suit fact the committee on new counties complicity In the murder ofUoebel >>
he had nothing; further to say fired five shots at close The
range. to furnish .
$181.017. against $109,192 In l'JU4 In both the house and senate had been the cet: '
x ft, new system of preparing the bullets paused through the body of thu made up and the announcements were prisoner was to occupy[ with in '

,tatbly crop report devised since the TEN DEATHS FROM PROSTRATIONNew prefect. to have been made :'Ion""y forts than usually. fall to Iii i

ton Investigation began, was put inCa It was dlscotered. t4rvever. that the Inmates of the :Newportlug : j
today. The report will be made Purely a Political Crime.
York Citizens Suffer by Rays of many of the members who bad been the flight which followed M
)alt; late la the afternoon and the Old Sol. St. Petersburg. July 12.-Tbtt assassination named on these comittevs were disqualified jailer refused to obey the nJ..-
Btary believes: that the steps taken of Prefect of Police Count .
der to place Power In
' New York. July 12.-Ten deaths and for the reason that they had
;:safeguard the figures are well nigh' Shouvulorf, of :>Moscow today Is con g Idtred than that prepared for hltu '
more than two t ct. J.arty In the day Assistant to be purely political crime
rvMtilU'd from the continuanceof a an ence to some one or more of the proposed ors! front teeth were knot:,.
retry' Ha>'e Chief Statistician the count WH not yet 40 years of volvera were drawn and aim, M,
the wave: of Intense heat which new county schemes.In .
le, ana several experts of thu dedpllrtment -. reached the city Saturday. A srnte.ful age and.. was tenanted a* being ot the the Senate. tire police force of :NewiMti: "ova"

were place l In a room unf4fr breeze from the sea servedIn best type of the Uu. slan ofnclal. lie ed Into action The Jane: a

lock: anti J key. and they Mill nut bit to came from one of the moat famous With the exception of the announce. the order of United Nt i ,
a tiifahun temper the torrid temporuture
'..Mrmltteil to como out until 4 O'ClO k families of Russia. The count wad merit of the standing committees by Cochran when tnat offlctal Arl '.
null excessive humldlt. but
lithe! afternoon of Count Peter : a''. President West Monuay. little business
a. Shouvaloft
son :
the MiitYerliiK. especially In the swarmIIIR ml let Ion In the Powe: .a;
le telephones the room havedisconnected tenement house qiiarttrn was In. statesman who presented lluaitla, at'' of importance wa transacted by thd. committed Powers to the :New.:

. and a careful scruu the Berlin conference was formerly i senate. gave direct control o\er nil
ttnxc. and throughout th," day the nm-
Will be >kttpt; of the windows to 1,18u'fO.'f'r, kept bii) removing Mun.lrl11'kt'n colonel of the Guard regiment, knowu'' The senate of U>05-1: *> passed' Its first to the jailer and that (li.> .1"-
vote the of leak bill Monday. It was a local measure,
polblllt a throughsignals. as the St. Petersburg Hiid Was out of no right or authority in M
patients to the \arlous. ho
and referred to'no
,,''vate Liniperor Nicholas personal frlfmla Isesucceeded consequently cum. The charge a lilr..t :tl' :-
',%rj i NQ' communication of any sort have General Zwlenol. who waextrt1U..ly mittee. Thu bill was Introduced bySenator
At 1 o'clock the thermometer r'KiA. the three men arrtttet s t.
b4i from Mr Price t hi"AUorDu7. Footer, of the third district' ,
: received: or severe as prefect!' of policeat
h red 81 il,>Kreea. two degrees higherthan assault and battery and r s
and the .. .' believer and provided that the county commissioners .
ecr<< tary Odessa earlier In his career Count
yesterday t and rnrnalnetl at this ollieer. The wanant.1.1111"1'/: "
Fthat. so far as the cotton Investigation Hhouvaluff earned the esteem of all >by uflclul08h county should beelecttt
point until :3 o'clock when a heavy or and the two j>ollc,'nn, n M
.'Ia' ooocehrned It Is a closed! .. Incident : from the county at large instead
thunt rstorm' with a deluge:!' of rain de- bill firm bu.n*>>* course, making 1m aBtlf of sued by the rnlted; Statessnit, :
.I' the different dUtilcls.as .
particularly popular with the .tu er after consultatittn w ih I 'i.i '<
'I'lukd un Brooklyn, the low>r
:'f 'Attorney 'General to Take Action. :1 ton IIr Muuhuttan and Huluirban towns for dents. The lmpre.*lon ex tut a here now pruvldeif. attorney who first direeteaStates : "+

tf. Washington, July U: 'cretarr that the count was killed for
'" In New' Jfrey. Tli** storm brought n preserving marshal and the j.i' 'r
tnrned over In t the sttorrer THREE MOONSHINERS SLAIN.
| startling! !! ; fall In the mercury, which order. Thu z..m.tvolalt wilt not Powers to his cell and fry tj A d
;* general; all tho papers in connec be allowed to meet at Moscow July .
dropped'"I 1:1: degrees within halt an him there. This was relll..t.l ) *
Fierce Fight In the Mountains With
tlon with the cotton leak Investigation
:' hour effectually breaking: the hot I 19. although this act is simply In execution two policemen acting un :r
j:'ll U Intimated that this Iw done with the Revenue Officers.Roanoke. .
; wave. This evening tUft cool breezes : of the orders of the governor from \Ia"or 1I..lmboIo1. an J *
Va.. July l%.-Oetalln havereached
:c'tbe expectation that prosecution of the general l IliliU "d to the .. ,
('ontl"lit d with everyprospect' that It' *" previous a a rants were then Usurd by n
.t several mentioned In the r.*- here from Chrlstlanburg telling
persons would", hold during the nljcht. situation of the prefect of police. missloner.
*;, port of the secret service officials will -- of a battle between revenue ofllcwrs -
The ruin storm alu.ont
attained therrulrtluns
and alleged moonshiners !In Buchanan
:follow L
of clout) burst' Twenty Rioters Killed at Wanxaw. .
a in
county, a brief of which STANDARD OIL FIGHT RESUMED.Missouri
it It la felt at the department that not report
l loser ectlon Manhattan: : and within Warsaw"' Hu lah oland. July 12.-
: was sent out Saturday night
Withstanding the opinion of the Unite4
Three bloody encounters between the
t.u mlnutt of the down
many towntirtflH Rode
The Officials Try to Oust
revenue men went Into the
States district attorney that on the
were lloodtsl to the level l of troop and the striking shoe ...."'.u.
":* facts represented In the secret service mountains to capture dUtllleriea said feller from that State
I ih<> ftldowalks In which about 2O persons were killedor
reports he did nut think a prosecution wuuuded, occurred today The to be operated. In violation of the law. Kansas City July 12 -The *

would lie a reexamtnatlon of the the They were met by a band of moon testimony In the suit of A'traJ .-
strikers marching through the
testimony would end or alter that opln, ARE OPPOSED TO BANK PTCV. city from louse to base demanding/ shiners l lei by Henry Adam, and firing of the state to oust the tOil <'_ i tor

--- on both sides began; company from MUorsumed l
loo. It la now known that President
the lowering of rent by 2O per c-iu
9 Tloosevelt baa taken a hand In the Attorneys for Creditors of the Bank of Three moonshiners were killed and I here today before Judge> i IL,
Many out of tf\rt compiled with the
matter and directed that nothing bleft Kansas righting C.... demand of the strikers three mortally wounded and one revenue .E A Anthony the case has itransferrrd

'i undone to punish the offenders l'h.cago. July 12.-Attorneys for the agent Deputy Collector: n. M. front tit. L*>u.*. tier --

creditors of the First National batik Lie Tucker" was slightly Injured Th" lladley the attorney genera! c.assistsnts oJ

..-- of Topeka. wilch failed July 3, ap Martial Tlflls.Ttflls. deed: & represented the stare

I.OOO-Mile Automobile "Uce. peaivd i'"lay before Judge,;: S. II. lb Caucasia. July 12.-The thoroughfares Colnmbus Col I la.. The .'ate charges that the fIr,

New Turk July 12- Thtrty-three these In I th. rutted States district and squares are occupied by Andy Anderson. ants have entered Into a cum '.

ty touring cars bearing mor than a hundred court here and announced ptMtimntv. troops. but the city has been quiet Seu.er to control the price of oil, des 3

t''. autonioblU enthusiasts, started went of a l pi,i. JH.*.J attempt<< to lutl since\ the proclamation of martial taw The names of the' wounded moon. competition. Jude A tbooy "u

, i ttrom\ this city today to compete in aWI lute federal ',ankruptcy prwceedlnirshere The official Gazette has resumed pub. shiners are cot &hf"I. named special commissioner

l.OotVntU t reliability tour for a trophy aicaln C' .art-.a J. lK>\lln. who licatlon --- -' supreme court to bear the t...'ia .=:

Jrpoaered: Charles. \ owns twu thl'I.. of C.., Instructors Meet.Morxsntoo. tt
by nildden. The the stock of the Build and report Its finding In -* c'" -
"*?; :start was mad* from the automobile Topeka hank Russia to New Navy. N, O. July It.-Thirty- ter examlalng several w it&ih
New York. July It.-A Strt Petersburg two state, the District .
t"e t i.-c4ob of America la Fifth avenue. It Juitc U-in"A halt pn-vinuly an. of Columbia will likely jro to other paY

*, '!*' expect...i that four days will be retatred minuend that b...nk,ruptcy prix evtilnc dispatch to the World says that aDd the Canadian provinces ot stat for the same purpose

\\.1 for the run which will end In would not b.* c>.n.i \\"r.1 b>' hint unless the navy department having resolved! Manitoba and Ontario are DOW represented

r; the White tmnintMlns On Thursday showing wan" made that 1..Un has tn build a l'O.erfw new navy. has instructed In the attendance b.r.Ob the
Charles" M. Bchwab to make American convention of the Noted Murderer on Trial
i the tourist' expect to reach IVrisItoutb. property within th. J'.dlf"tlnn of the instructorsof ,
N. II Kour d.1.III be spent federal! co-irt "f his. rfintrlcr It U plans for new wharves. giving the tx the deaf Delegate are still corn- Salem. Ore... July 12---<-hr M e

In the trip homowarU over an entirely! said. that l). t'ln' own property in a act time la which the work can be lag In. and by tomorrow It .is **pct. a convict In the penitent;*r

"'t different route, number of Itllno;* roulettes and tbat completed. .d that tbe number of states repre- lag tried here oa a chare _,f c' '

S ____ .rrl.rtA will IM mad li. obtain the app sent'w : b11W'r't'eHd! by .*v.raJ Monte was jointly Indlcteu

i Nephew ef De.d Man Arrested.Naahvllle ilnttnr..t of the same. recover for JAPANESE TAKE CAPe NOTORO. and U number of delegates' will Harry Wright now Iocs

this property A* for 'ht' fee maev. larger .':r** 'h.r.. are the county JAI with the cfcs' r-
t Tvan. July 12,-.' Pike.. property In Bemberd and '
K an...... Warship. Capture Pert 12S ota the "< & yule Teo,. dispatch ti the iUuo r w o.i ftakHalln. |ala d.Tokio. west of the echcot. Kvrrr ..< '1r>-."" Mercer with amnuaitio' s'' ?f(

says that Cb..I.ofh'r.t.. nephew ot Joly 11. 1 p.. m,-Th. navy ae.prtaaent statue Iv "pr, eated. and every state clone' PO eff.-ct their ecs from s
k. w. I. Tnllett. who was AMawslnated Cody Dismisses. Divorce Sole bas received the fnllowlagreport ate
ta the middle west. killed "a
Mssy of. the prt>>Oe, A* Tree .
.''. last ...urd., baa been arrested and Ct-'C'-au. July IS.-vK Ctspa tcb: to 'h. fromA4tesiral; Xatao; deletes)*. 'are. ..,..t.na.. ,tx4re of daring his Sight two of t! ":aC

.U* In Jail at Ptsevlll Muchatcllei0esit Hero A Hers:4 truer Uac. . "TWo :,...... &a4' tanr, a.
S. torpedo C.a.
*ay. the y rwtedtt'D': .,.>C. )f. O.lt,.>.4 t} :- prevails, ant Tint .. exfct I that l>r IK FYanfe !"'*>>w" has t'eefved te.ata.SeiR't" 1 kToItr.JeIr'l, ; wlilt ',4e1F.- anuNlcr .... r-r ,reloq
'\i's ., : iNis.. w 'h.I< .M Ue" trial tomorrow.v' f UbroUkef a eai/elgr&ai frt: qt. C'uluft; W P Cd/ *t", :", .. -. ;,1a ,J'stlfI : It.-. .... ... .t;" 1 K d. .of ''thetie law =....... AS
auu tae&atofEiXi diesel ,a q bt s 12'.e1t.a tae ,
"'" -.,,' a u JoO&l, '(0 to. ,' .!-?: Ftf "u
)0. ..)Io. tocr'\oIte '." ,,;;, ': ; -.1 1 '
;' It' -
\ Cods divwre wit -.i'; ''
t .... . case, ",'j" ; "
''', 5
: a's r , t.> I "tt_ eat? . \ .

r; : THE' DAILY STOfi (dAINKSVItLE. Lo t1DA. JULY 13,' 1905



:t'A Miss H. Rorion. ;. Santa F. Railroad la Preparing te
t Erect Them In San Francisco. -
'lt I San Francisco. July 12-It baa been
Gainesville Circulating t r formally announced by local oncers of FPAQTflrn
l 1'@eat Deal of Time Was Occupied : the Banta Fe company that atepa are M.
...Library. i
.. ,
I to be Imedlately taken toward
51 in Equalization of Taxes. eatabllshlng
,fi. - : j big freight ;yards In the Chinese -j .j
Only the Latest PipuUr Flctlen. basin property They will be th< 1 For
/SESSION. LASTED. THREE DAYS : -_ ,. Infants and
nucleus for what promlsea ___ Children
.\" ..,. to be one :
f" of the largest freight terminals the
'Lavjot Taxes'for tha SPECIAL SUMMER: TERMS. lOop I r
Year IOO5-Spe- crest It la expected that the The Kind
r week: allowing three ch.ne* Curlea construction You Have
",- cia" Examiner Ferdinand .Bayer Examined the week. Book must not be kept of these buildings will take
t Books of Tax Collector's Oflqi out over on. week without renewing I, I about a year during which time other

:.f / and Found Them Correct Important Improvement will be underway Always Bought
at the baatn. A Vegetable> Preparation As

;dftlnesvlile. lull 8.-The Board of In discussing the subject one of the similatinglltefoodandR idaittgtitesattttttalaBawe -
Benton work on ras Csu. 17''Commissioners met this da'oba ,. ; officials of the road Bald that San lad' Bears theSignature
C. L. ThlKPlo road $8525
it., O. Dampier, chairman s overseer ; Francisco la to be a great freight center -
O. V. McQueen work on road. $12
:4,I .>,1'P.dlck.. F. F. Paulling. J. F. ; 1* no longer a theory but a certain e
tad. W. L Smith work on road. 10.78 ; J. ty. Competitive points along theeo..t ..._ ,
; T. Edwards work on road, $3 501 J. O.
114oa motion the minutes of the lasti4Dx will not materially Interfere with Promotes DigpdUon.Cheerftirness -
Dampier services on road $4 L. W.Feonen. .
..were approved without read- ; this city's growth In this respect The and Rest.contaln5 neither
sheriff expense bill to Booth Santa Fe company Is now preparing to Opium..MorphmeApetfecl nor} L\craL of
', Carolina and return for Jim, King for meet ?OTI TARC
{ t reopon the board, as required development at a present OTIC.A.ti..rAa1s'sSWCaZi7J37fear.
11ftw proceeded to revlewand equal. murder, $"2lSQ; L. W. Fennell feedIng coat of $10.000.000.Commissioner.
\,' prisoners, $122 40. Fees In crltnU
; assessment for the yeartSOB) ,
ual ease as follows H. O. Mason, !
tto/ having' completed the same to Venezuela.
county judge $28.12 L, W. F.f nnell .r--
'Adjourned nntll Tuesday I ; Chicago July 12.-William J.
morning sheriff, $68.20 AI. Calhoun ......s .
; George Caiman J. -
;fh;"olook. of Chicago, baa been selected by .....
.."..t. P., $3 DO; E. T. Henderson. J. P.. President Roosevelt to act as a special i in
'iteday.. July 4.-Board met this $34.1.. J. D. Slford. constable. $55 80; commissioner to visit Venezuela and :Wr.

parsaant to adjournment of MonJf K. A; Oaswell.', P,. $523; 8.' 88es- determine the equity of the. asphalt )KMrrwe' / .wa
:'Present' J. G. Dampier. chair- slons, constable. $7.03; I. O. Walker company's claims and other vexed forConslipe-0

11.0,0. Pedrick and F. F. Faulting.Wfcereupon constable $14.80.V.. D. Dickinson, questions. Mr. C&lhoun. went to Cuba Remedy S C
,,. the board proceeded with collector commissions, $349.75 ; L. W.Fennell for President McKinley on a mission flon.Sour Stomach.Diarrhoea
:IJsquallzation of taxes, and not havCompleted services inquest of Andrew of somewhat similar Import before the Vorms Convulsions.re rj5h- '

same adjourned until Booth $5 SO; J.. O. Graay, lumber for Spanish-American war. When the report ness and Loss..-OF SLEET! For Over

fednetday morning at 9 o'clock. road, $4.0O; D. G. Edwards, work on of the appointment was broughtto Attsimila: Signature oft w

Ali.'\ road, $14.1U; Bradford county, one- Mr. Calhoun he refused to discuss
(fWednesday.:' July 5.-Board met this half expense on repairing Brookerbridge the matter but did not deny It. Mr. : Thirty YearsCASTORIA

:41: pursuant to adjournment of To... 118.0:; G. W, Llvinaston. services Calhoun was a member of the Interstate ----2I YOT2K.
': ..,/ Present J. G. Dampier, chalr-
,.. rendered board $5; W. H. Robertson commerce commission from 1898to w''
; asa t O. O. Pedrlok F. F. Faulting treasurer comml.ston.,1128 2O. 1900.
":, 4Md J. F. Townsend Ordered s .

/'iWhereupon the board proceeded with That the sheriff be allowed a long Tha Boss Worm Medicine.
: file regular business. distance telephone la his office for tJtr cot7Y o 'wa.tpn.
\ II. P. Kumpe, dr"ggist, Leighton,
'The ,following bills were audited, county purposes.Whereupon .
'!a..d correct and ordered paid : the. board adjourned until Ala., writes t "One of my customers Ytf.eerMUe.......... ..ew....s,;-Yo
had a child which sick
was and threw
,I>C8. H. Wlenges auditor $40 W. M,
''\ ; Thursday morning at 0 all food could retain nothing Its
irlsy. guard at Jail, $25; Moses 8h"rin. o'clock.'s on
& lie bought one bottle of
.janitor, $25 ; Southern Bell TeU- Thursday July 8 Board met this Whiter -
Crt"am"ermlfugf', and itt --- -- -
'tone, Oompsny. $7 ; H. H. Wienges.imps day pursuant to adjournment o brought up 110 worms from the. child. Summer Tourist Rates Via Atlantic fort throughout the
I w
etc.. $..lSO; Gainesville Gas and country p"
Wednesday. Present John G. Dampier It's the bore Coast Line.
worm medicine in the turn limit October 1st.
rjRUe::, .lria Light Company $4 30; Walk. chairman ; O. O. Pedrlck. F. F. world." t'r
White' If
''"54f; Evans Cream Verinlfiiftf{ is von conteoiplate visiting summer announced In all iprtncs! n c.
A Cogswell Company war Panlllng and J'. F. Townsend. also the
tonic. It ain
I I improves I resorts see ticket a pnt. Atlantic Count and ceechore resorts For r.ttime
'-"aa' book $2:.go; II. H. McOreary. Whereupon, the meeting being called I their digestion and assimilation{ of Line and get all information with rference runnd-trip tickets are: now .a&
: publishing report tax collector etc., to order, business, was resumed. food, strengthens their nervous system to resorts in New England: tart, i'rf
: to.181I.( 8. Merchant Co., sundries Ordered and restores them to the health, vigor to rates rmutee.ehedules and
.." road, $9 b0; U. $. Merchant ." Co.. That I'. F Faulting having in his( and childhood.elasticity Bold of by spirits W. M. Johnson natural to Tare I Pullman now in service....fI'.eto' Summer all the principal tourist rates cc-, Liver Women finllquick relief iu Ir f _u is
....clrl.. for jail $4 6O; 8. J.' Thomas\ possession $61 54 which was anti Blood Syrup.
apportioned .._ _. ,
>- -- -------- --- ----- ---
+0., sundries, $?0 OH ; GV.. Marble, I for payment of road hands, he ---- -- ---- ----- - ---- - -- ---------- --- --- -- - -- -

d>j?, ,palrlnKmni 60""nt*; laird Hard i j I Ifrsr I. hereby Instructed Co turn over said :..i.i.t

%, Company, sanitary bucket, Wi i amount to J. F. Townseud.

i .4nts ; Pepper 1'ublUliiuK) Company! That $135 46 be appropriated to J. 1''. .tI
"'.'..k. for county judge's oHIoe, $0 DO; Townsend for road hand, in. additionto I

tB.. FUtcher.carliig fur pauper;, ,$:U 70; i amount received from fr*. F. PaulUna. Opportunities in California r
i.....sID.nd IUy.r, examination and '... .

'r;wort of tax collector's otfk. $12)( )); J. (}. I| That f'JOO: he appropriated and paid t

:yDampier. expense. to Orlando liutosde od to O. O. I' drl.k for road handy

'. ; Convention $tt) ; O. G. That U. O. Pedrlek Is hereby author. The trade in the Orient is opening up. V

f:ySHCpanias to OrUndo bond 1'hICk'l lard to act for and answer and plead
;:'th V ntion, 'lIS.&>; .'. F. .'. fur the board in any mandamus or Our exports to Japan and China multiplied h

t:''''''ptite to Orlando Good Hnsds Con- other proceeding by the Board of 1'ub- the last <
aH'.v..%tOQ. .10 40; .'. F raulling. ser 1| llo Instruction of Alacluia county I during year. 1r

)''I' !tltetoa roade ; A. D. Ohamblln. feesIn i' against this Board of County Commit' There will be tremendous increase
soon in
-ti; coroner's |Ir'que..t of llenrv 8ml'h,1 i sloiivr.

iA I'tHlOl At O., phamblin, wiinc. and 1 That Dtvld Lee bw granted a home the trade of the Pacific Coast cities with the Far w
I;, )...,.n' f.... same ease' Ill tJt); F. .+. at the poor hem

j),Oarl. 'constable, services mme case, That whereas, Uufu Langforu H. r

,'i, ".to, E. T. Henderson service cor. I.. Lyle, Geo. t. Crisman I). W. East.Big

r.! 'OIIe" inquest of Oh... Ium! $3; Tompkies. T. J. West Sam Le., C. D.McGregor. opportunities for the man who lives there.Vhy .

,,I'' witness and Jury fees, same care, $)H ; William Waters and T. K..Holder \ not look the field ? i
J. D. Slford. constable, ..,.1"... ame ', each having complied with the over Ctk

.f"!> :is.. .. $3) Oeo. M. Colmsn, ser.rioea requirements of the law. that each bt'l Only $62.50, Chicago to San Francisco or Los I
Inquest Andrew Booth. 13; 'granted a permit to own and carry a

,witness and jury fees same case, |'H ; I pl.tulln accordance with the law. Angeles and return, May i 2 10 11 12 itof
,t. W. Fennel.rviees) examination of That I 9, 13 ,
a tax levy on all the real and :
Rabs>eoa Washington and Tob Smith: personal property In the county for the 29, 30, 3' June I., August 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, i i 12, 13 ,
'11._| 1(. O. )Mason services sate year 190.be made as follows : and ji
.aa., 'I. Z. W. Smith services In- For total State tax . . 14, 1905. good for return for 90 days.

I .-<1 vast of John Wlkerson$3; | jury end For county tax . t mill Rate for double b
'. witness feet same ease $6; J.' L. For county school 7 mill a in a comfortable tour- h

,,8k>>k..,oon..ble, services Fur county road .. . 4 mill. :
same ease, ist sleeper from Chicago to San Francisco Los
$.{ O. W. Bauknlght. sundries. far That whereas, the Board of County ,

+ road. IS.101 8. J. Thomas Co., sundrlfor Alachuak Angeles, Santa Barbara, and many other pointsin t.eta
road 91.70 W. O.
; Dampier. wa
on road. $3; S. 11. Benjamin, sundries' examine the various office In and for Californiaonly $7. Through traIn service from lei

:C for road. $30.69; Kddlns M'fg. Co., 1 aid county, I do hereby certify that I Union Passenger Station : via the 1a.le.
lumber for road. $4 84 j T. K. Walts/. have examined theta. books receipts ,
a ,road overseer $&); 11'. R. Thomas and stub for the tax collector's office

h team for commissioners, $l &O; J. W", In and for tald county and find that

Garter team hire on road. $1304; T.. 11'. I). Dickincon{ tax collector in and Chicago Milwaukee & St. Paul

,Williams, sundries for road. $7.'8 l; i for the county of Alaehua Stale of ,

4! I.. H. Hall work on road. $0| J.JF Florida, has made full and complete 4

.. _.. .. .. e/ttlemeut of hit accounts with the Union Pacific
-- -- --- -- --- aM Southern
Pacific Line
coooty oa account of the tax books for lrt,4

| YOU LOVE YOUR the years 19U3 and li>O3. and for the 11. x 4

MOM Account for the year 190Q and I 3'lu
1904 KsKuixAxn: BA.VKK. This is the route of The Overland Limited leaving Union
t Special Kxamloer.Galnsjsvllle. Passenger, Station. Chicago. 6.05 p. m.. and The California

Fit July If. 1006., Express at 10.35 p. m. The California Express carries tourist

ROAST HER That SteraWrgtr Phillip be paid sleeping cars to California e'erJda. .. Both trains
for paint. pad painting. f iM va, carry
'r > ;
, Braoaapelllngher to bake the familyt *- through standard sleepers.
'4 t 4>roa4 during the hot summer moot... The board" mJJournrJ
ti ,Bay your' Bread from Make the Liver Lively Cu r nplee. lelnrMsllosj seat Ires.rrciX ,

Orlu Laxative Fruit Syrup give* nn atw cssrp.a wits bfastk, j'I

...Xtyftone( Bakery... permanent relief In eases of ,dabltoa! I '''', .

Ita a savlaaTa j- Fyslt 0NC'lelhete. IIaII7'f and restores th* natural aettun of tbr I rN A.rN.t *eeat/'.

t To all parse et,.liff. '.U,. Ahw Cmkes. bows,. without" irritating, '.*+* oritsi i: > w tt Ont4fRT., ', x, k-
'f 'Pis as d. h\.- ]1s ordinary 1 State
t peadaetioMi of or C's tan I> MI >' L' ,',4.,1
1. i A s 1t M
tin III
I "J- not P anr.'rte. "I' xrip-* a' 0 l:i 'd a'nlplaa ,
ft: ....... I
''' lyIa
f'I"..'.''';4..u", .' ..'!' . -s.r'(4 ( t ta\ !Re.. ne "r i' f .it-uiaa "
4 f'C'r.! p; .n.t tr. J 1. L
<. "\A' i _.__ x ,


n. ,
: ... t

1 } ,
Lr .f _

N 4 M fr
.N .I t


- - - -
-- '
r --

Better thank you. In fact quite well. S.P'lt- Annual Meeting Being Held at ,

FOR THE DRUGGISTS Fat round and full of life and msckief. Atlantic City. N. J. I w:.' -HK::> -*-

Pink and white flesh dotted w ,thpics. cLa- A '.c C.ty. N J.. July 12.-Ta* Tb. Ci1l..tloa . n.
Rsadeea ,. *It: seev -- -t..ti .
.. M aloes th line of
Xo ccj;:-h. no inxiigc&tton 1 c. _caa i t*(&.>riaf oC the J*" '.t Lead Thies lm .. u
jUnisterial Association Wants the I All on account ofadministered :. ja :a twiat b.... alert. wlfh as of Till. tbefirst t,1--' _, //t i partaeularly

j j '. ..._._
A" f Larger: than e t rr wr.r. - -
Good. ; tJ- --- --
Pharmacists to be i. t 't.* brat week there wl.: b* ,.rEl'.AL Tn:Kt' .a1 atrac-1-.r it1.-; Tat 'ale warrhee;
pr ,,1Ip._ of Je.'..t .CBA .J:S erstioa for
; > *re.t. r.t t+w.ac.'t l.aed UII"rI'Lat.: tltr ('eaatleas '
OUGHT TO ATTEND CHURCH I i iti via .:. a"e*>. Tt.i. year 1* the: .. D.r.
,.. h... .o.. "
I 'lit'' :.:.. r.11 analf r ary of the -- - --- -

Instead of Rolling Ptlh and Filling Pre- dean .. ; l'oaU.J'Jf'o\.a'ur Itasai wbu.e a.f.p.h. Fart "atioaa: ha .. ..... :.... H. F.
Sunday. Morning-Important :1h.. t- uM l" Rfcboi M. II. liar.rt. .
'i scriPt; >ns by a mother wh, se l \e y Dutton A Co., Hankers.
._ : \..w S'ork. to a paver tnUU..JI
Tuesday .
M..t "C of the Association was temrcreth" c in ser. -.
She knows that j.' .','LSI-tV: I I> r.: lags Tlm.-
j .s I . .... .
Afternoon.Tt - -- - -
fountain ,f T-. 4 .. ..tlo. of a*.ltajlat'.on was ---
a of ener., T gr-i'wn :r.,
&armotEly meeting or the I I con. *.*. ia an address by Dr. K.
rri too. It stops waste if It mars
Association was held Tu*.. Kot.". k 3liniterial plenty of rich bloxL F.r rale: feeble i I ABSTRACT & REALTY COMPANY
afternoon at 3 o'elojk. in the Methodist ,! C-.> of Cincinnati The departmentof l
diy folk: it is the chef: nour.jlier at Ji 's'feasL
psrsonage.; Among other Impor- It a, 4 pbllaaiaropy Is under the
cures Consumption when
discussed was that of se- p*>r*. *up rvUton of Dr Lee 1:. 12aoos-9orst.d. ;
matter :
tint taken in time. All drug.: -t..c'-:
boor in which thedruggists ."'ra.: >. uf Nw York, the .[takers
elulDR So cents ar.J $i oo the L'ue. Let us E. E. VOTTLE. MGR.
.,., ,
would be compelled to remain -bu.> dUfISA.U. amcng) the
send youFree '' Abstracts of Title and toll information fnrnUaed regarding lands La
Sunday, so that they cur.. ; on*. Daannfacturtejr lc.t.tutot. thin

eosJd open attend on ehorch services.It Sample Bottle by fail! }!! ... i ihe department .tor r.." Incluilt ...aD')'. Our Is thoroughly manager h.&Ili..rd eoa..naa&Ub la the county taw thirty titles. year aua

Mtoiuel. W. L Latta. of the
thedruggists were *
wa shown Write letter :.r pc Hal toOOMUL.SION
Penca .. railroad J. It. llombcer '
willing to enter Into an arrangement > ;

perfectly to eonfln themselves tomain O8 Pine Street. Mew CO.York . I'.T:Aburg. and 1L J, Gr,*,abut. :I :Tit E L vo IF '_H

of Nea: York,
of work on the Sabbath "
The itstloa of the Immigration of FIRE ACCIDENT BURGLARY AND INDEMNITY INSUELaNCr. R..r.
bat it was made plain that there wa mf noxabs-v of Amn. and ,,
a rrotnineai companies.
wouU QUICK TRIAL IN! MISSISSIPPI -I the J- rn will b* In charge of Mrs. C f
one or two of the physicians REAL ESTATE AND CITT LOANd. -
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