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Cream Vermifuge ahst' It ......II toe ..r.a'.<> a .i..oll tits .. Whita'tt" .
: of three tru tr*
I < irl. sold dat June 18 --
bro lb' 119 worm. from the child. "....r.'... MINI for tb> ,,,,,|.._ of dlrrmlfilntf Ticket certalp to -
up the sale of mill*** to t>. aa u.rO HIM) oollc.nrd Special : OccasionsVIA July 1&. IncluslTe ; final return limit (J.tINESYILLE'1 F.Olun:
))1"'. the bo. worm medicine in the therein for th. noit .ur.f>r.lln,' two reare September 30.
IsIfco I lh.r*.rt..r. ISUU. will own .t H o'.lovk a",.|
fworld. Whit. Or. ", Vermifuge cl._ HI .un..t. TTe following numrtl i"'r.->n. For full information schedule! and
"\ th* children's tni.lo. It improve here ,..><*n HfixtliitiHl ln.|.."lor. of sell! elec.Ilan I rate to any point North and West oall KEhOKT.
: || I' Itronkor.. T A. U..I. .:. \\'l1law \ uw.
'$b.lr digestion and assimilation' fI'tood. \ t' \ (iew..tt ., eletk. SOUTHERN RY. on or write liEU E. IIKKKINC: Florida -
.I llv onlvr ol Hoard of l*il+UUi: Instruction title Passenger Agent L. .% N. R. R.,
I, strengthens their nervous system" the' /Mtttlv of Jun... .\. II lit A.I TWO TRAINS PAILY IAMT.I.eateJarkwatllle010a.ta.,7 2O6 West iUy St.. Jacksonville, Fla.
"'' them to the health vigor I 1C It \\'Kt. Parlors
od .
I l'h'm. ....1. lut. I...,'n.tM ::;:; p. m -.. - - -- -.-.., ----- -- Alachua Pool ,
:u4. elasticity, of spirit natural to .\ J I.. KK.l.t.KV.h anti Hm<\.

-...1.bUdhood.. Sold by W. M. Johnson. f::l.HS Kaltlmore. Md., and return. THE SUN

., NOFKT. OK Kt.F.OTIOX. Ticket on sale July 1. 2. 3, 4, limited .

The: Tt -'..t-t t..fcrrl.t.. \' rleotlon' wilt h. h.>..' In tfc S.ti.*..lll.. July 15. Can ,b* extended August JOB PRINTING ,C. Darns t'reprieter.I.oeated

ht Iv Stephen It.*... a Methodist inluUter., i xni., r..uIMetrlutminharwt.r.Juh13.IMNroriiI ..t..e .of rn>inlnrf whether ur not rid, 51. 1POB. Ntop-over at Washington.

\Ia the hero 'In 'Th, lllaliop1* Niece." Ot..ir1 \ d.etr..l for th. elrvil.m of three tru..too. turn. On sale daily. Limit October
hits early waitIn
XH1 of mind after
*tat tb.ref..r KIM! for the rurt....> of tortalnlnrf
'dsrtugr the theological labyrinth 1* the r.trf u>Ui."o to t.o IMKOWM I *ml 0utio"%. 31. 1905. Makes Specialty of All Kinds
r''thU d.'rnh7 tbe author Uenrg .., thoroin for the nest ._.....o.Unrf two yerr.thereafter *'U."7S liar Harbor. Maine: and re. a Porter Hlofk .e( :3lJid !>
IVtli. wilt open Ml f ooUn ki and In
)VB. I'tcartl' t'lo ot .iiif .i Tho ,.otau.'AoI' mtnvr.t ten.ene turn. On sale dally. Limit of Plain and Fancy: auare. Three tint-clue tabless.
bad !>... turn. MI,iHilntoil InM-O'Mor* or _kt ..1._ 1. 1005. and euurtrrtc'
At twenty-e, Hteplien K se. tloo. 1"At'...>."...n. K X, MUlvr. J, J, N. Y and load light, and prompt
Fnot made a perfect recovery front the Then ,_.n. with t' J. \ltm*..n as olorkHT *I.1O Saratoga Sprin r sissies.. The public Is cordially iDfI'.saDd
""'.1' of n,"' rU' ln.trtl.>n Ihlelb. return. On .S. daily Limit October CommercialJob alw welcome.
[ panic' Into which a promatur dlcov- &th ..., of Juno .\ it I ( 31. 1POA. .y*
...,. of the plan of al\.atlou/ bad thrown a.1IIt :i \VK:..KN. ._ -- - ..
fh'ro. Nil 1Mb mate.Atleat *37.0O Washington, I>. 0.. and re- -
:*liliu. lie" bad employed the rentedleaWhich : J. I. KM.l.Koo. and .u-.. turn. On sale dally. Limit October

'i;,. are prewcrtttetl to heal' our cora- 31. ISM Printing

r' IlIu_..., but their abun- NorKKOK t.Kt."TruN: $32.* O Buffalo. N. Y.. and return. 1LACHUA COUNTY

laseduanti variety *. wl a* his die.SoalUon Ticket on **le July 8. P. 10. limited
e'\1. will bo hoM tn tb NrreeertweeeIi.b.lul -"
to leave none untested had re- An &Ita".ot on 'rhni'*!** July* ii. l", ft. for i July loth, Extension by deposit" to I . .For. . Alachoa county I Ie .HUf3>O aerrsarea > "
,be putt..t dr itoioruitnlnrf' wb ihor or not 1MO. Stop-over at Wash.Ington. baa 348 mile. railroad. ">
.rdttd his convatewcenc Ills t.reu.uteOadltlon .August. .
<< ....s dlatrtet ..*>.> t>o ..ro....| a M-*."ll tae Business Men M -lufii'*'
of ,,'b- tbougn Ualltmore and Ptlladelpoi going mile wagon rod.
WN that one t.eatt4 dtatrlrfur th oiootloa of tbroo true
to a Uter."or the leart.oa* of dot.... and returning. 123 poblUi. cchools. 37 pheephsieplants
M "Jttoa that h. ties belted. almostiMMeulouehy ...1.. th* rile of nUU..40 t.. t>o .. o.aoU sad 30 saw mill. *;5.(111 l r arl
> Just lnlde the eml of o*+< o* Uo fo.t lh.rwla for tko itot ouo _.... two West. Professional Men ana per .
TWO D ilr boo five newspaper
;;v *
Is Mill fearful of doing ..a... ,bor.."* INWU will oin at II U dkeca . far
>fer'tttalty. a"--. _a_.. The tot,ow \a t amid pan 7lii p..1 due** corn cotton net
whKh will uttvla .....1'tblnar. ...... Aae teen ayesaieet ..ii-o.|or* of MH| LettteJatka.asllle7t13p. -', oat potatoes. pin.*ipj'*,, "'
9asaaetblst ,
ricetloe'_ )>1. .._.... J. t;. Itaw 1C. :.. a. Krw.. 44O.O4 Chicago 111., and r.orn.1On Manufactories Etc .rye.peache. pto."' ploals r'

t The Diamond Cur.. I,iWtthJ ureter. M lebaw of lhaa.tl aA r.ekHt ut '''bn., leetrwctkta, ,..a. .*!. dally. Limit October 31, IS'*16. I cans cages, and all kind of "af'UI> *

tae .u day uC .J.._. A. U l** t U.4O Louisville, Ky.. and return. Legal Blanks on Short Notice.The .
L Tb. latest news from Paris is that K It wrr.KH.Alte : sale July :9. a0. limited
Ticket on
;; l b'as lu 141t Iwat'a.

_ ltbey bar discovered, a diamond cure t. J L KM.l.K ace sad uytNOT1CK August 1O. If**. following letter one of our iainesiille( the County Seatlll'rtr .
-- tg.sa Knoivill.T.nn..and return ,
If fear .
.. toe' consumption jou con mail order customer is lfejrplajiatory
'f't_amp'Ioa or pneumonia "it will 10eYe' _. ur Kl.t:.. TIOS, Ticket on .sale' July 1. A. 0. la. 1814. j fourteen charche two p 1
Kstenston by deposit
b* best for you to take that great An Ol..>t,v>w sly b* hoot '" ter. ,IA...... limited l&day Louisville( Ky., Feb. Y, 1906. Mhool. tA. East Florida s em 'a
,. IOO5.
SebteM I".'"'"t 1--- .I Y' IS. fwI until tept.1 80. *?$
';4'remedy mentioned' by W T1.; ..<1.. of I tko, ....r.__ of de\4Jr1pJlIi .. .,.,.... at set "9Ule. T.nn and return.Ticket II. II. MeCreary.Oain prirat* *ebooU, three nw*;,*t :--J
est.id he -at..s a .......... tat .1..t. .*vilU. Fla. United State land amt, .
Valer Trnn. **I had a cough for dfcMrtotftw sale! July J. 3. 4. 1k6. limited ,re' t
I i . > tN.Muotaurt -1 tare. Irw.Ire. : on Dear S rr Received the priming: water. flr* alarm *yt* nt
{toort.. Nothing helped me. :tbrw/et sad 1w (C. tw.rtew. of d.t.ralldat 1& daf" K tnstoo by deposit ontil lee >r <
a year IAe vale vI silaee. Ie be e.a.wd sail matter In da. &time and will ay slat and gM light*, tw fief
-until I took Dr. King' New li im>ov.ry tc.it..e1'''''d lbe.eta ._ 'M seal _........ Iwo tMp'1 it I. perfectly katUfaetory. I like the mckan ahov tore 'V"rM. eet
...,. ,.......U_. I ll.t willuaea sl r sSe.bI Uiab t Clare Service a la earth. e.v.top" to tniMh. Many thajika totroar in UdA cin.two moe f*** +
'.for: Cough and Cold .
Consamptioo. ..., aata.d -
sad ..... ., _-' 71e ru aoa.4'01 tr I
ervatioas sad d. at....Ioe io fllUag order.Yo > f ear
'i'+*bUh l gav.luetant relief and *ffe ted Cate. ._. to a ..ler of eWekelseet 81..pl. ear Ire. prompt
o, t'b.rpT .An W. A. tarelw W N- talt.-dL UttMinwUfaMS .KeerTalty fnrnUIk. .r* "
"ta pot nmaaat....." Cnequalled quUktra tires .t\.lll' M.. ...K.lweUY" s ri.e.v .d 0 e>llies Ma.. M.trot. fJ $

.torferoatai>4 !nag trouble*,. At ar.Ier ee tloe.a. eat l 'cape. Lesarwtisa tb,11 .,,, c.'I' t .n' : n"" ,,,,,: ..:, "" -"'. 'I," t\ w.ax
? .. > ...k_4aI e4 .... A.to Iai t", 0;. '. .... "" "'
pries 114th. 'lt .oars \."(:.'.. ',,'1 ,....-,;. ,' .I' " !



fj THE DAILY SUN- tom T 1r CVTT.T.' ''..r
: FLORIDA._.. .IIT.V. 11HEWS 1JUi "' sets
- -- -- -- -- -- -

Women Drowned WH e St...,. .
ALL ht A.t4f.
: I K r.o'-t'l.. T..c= J : i- -'u"I eh, K1. by 1 t,11
? Joy l'-La::
IaCir, rtc j t::2 \I : .. 1-:' )
PARTS OF FLORIDA n3tYe o! $_.,, ..". .. :.' Iodt... .. at: Deer'e'! s BO ha !> ee *rron -.s' .
.1- I
) Oi- .. '
ae >f A *Aa-Ujc Mr! *, CiXer .
the .
of it .. : P, -:.- ..! t het .
%J w4 of
SOf'a..WDotJ r
I >Em9mti":,' 1'Or .
= a a FTI"f' =. ,
I 1711- af fiat tie bor-! .
prnr was ::.
Happenings Various Tern wtr" 1i-:t.:2 .
jr ? .
Brid a "''oJIIa '
takem -:11 Tf j>r stt;:. to S ""Y"

Sections of State. Churky ia m-r rear &r: ..r..y.::* w i':. for u' .., ;1.11'. te < wSe 5 tie trsf:: CASTORIA
bathing; The two w. 5 b.* i *'ar:
ArrlTNcwrnavAair a CM&! of a .o
ed to waif .
aco ti* -.x"- !''Ia-.1 ta 6
MOST IMPORTANT EVENTS 15 r"MTed the day onaea aairl44i
THE hand.h*-. Ml** O'B. mho
ws.a .-' !b- .art .li Vttbrt: a* ie sat ta
front .!epj !jn-o .-
w c15 f*+t !vp his a'
iThe Land of Rowers
TranpirirtC JrffKin Vitas; T i<>rtn: w'h! h-- \\Tiea w

Things "Boiled Down" to Suit the they beitla: traanz: MU. 7>!am lrn.rr The' Kind You HAT Always. B1.qht. and nblcli has bees
c. Man C.-Ita S+.ZCldm.
0uy Reader-Itema of Interest to Johnton ml.o a. OB '!>;>0 b ftkSCfam..S In aDe for ever 3O ye.,'., baa fcorae the .I taretZ. C '
.s; zbate Wash. Jay 10.-K C
for hep:!" and a arias T-.t+)cd amid bas been made nn Ier bl* .
All Classea.A Icoyd. .;td U. asslstaat Cf'W'raJ pert.
ed. but he dt 1 Sows 'writ. swatof : -
data: Ml
*' 1IOIaaI a.perTM.a aloes' It
cutlery factory will soon be in op. Orf'r' and Ilss Tb 'rls ht! nak forthe th- llaabarx; .Bremen Ia...raaecoear A.Dow..d. yoa Isfhacy.la tlate. f

irate at )ISD. **. third time t\o'):!j '' >ii.*. were re-" : : hacootmtttexft saiciife. bf JUt c..W>rfcita, Imitmtiana ... **J.BBt- k.Ct! >114' .* are ball
aso ota htma.e I !.
c Ih.u.lcb t b't'wBoJd
Voloia county Is having a petition covered.Asthma Interested .Expes tt.e.ta that trifle with avs el eairl anger the .....t.* Oft/
** heavily la tae
circulated for a wet or dry election. .a.-ta 'tad ClLl.Wrea-Espe..w.e. against 1-S perimon2.What
Sufferers Should Krow Ixt n- a J Naval Dank of DaveaporLSVaa
7hls.Foley's .
showers at Kissimmee
The copious C. C. May. president of the
of benefit to that Honey a&J Tar r:.. cartelmany
been great sec
hue bank wan arrested la Beriia.? It Isbelles is CASTORIA I
e..iJ o! a.U.m. that were ;
tion. i fcls mind was -..AbalaaC'e4.e .
<< hop :e., Mr .
AiJo'pb: tlae-
punta Gorda U bound to be a good Gactorta U a kanalen aamb tJtate> for Castor Oil, Parecork" -' e
lags 701 tihe-t Th.rd .
town. It has basines men who ads Iowa, wrtte* "*.\ srt.rt I. Davenport cord. OfrVcees Are Elected.P >) Prop aDd SootblaMT 8ymp. It to I'te uMknt. Itcootaias

rerti.e. : contracted t ;*h.. Ky. July .--The n>env ) aaitacr Opl...... Morphine nor other N.rc tioaiilM
J.ano ago a
Tbs canning factory at Lakeland ha until it finally ben cf tie AlM'rteaA 3tersaeopeal ," ;err tnto nttbnia TGebeat
boy down for .tbe. season and sold its ; mdw; .*.t4. ars.ah. could cot octet hare electee the loU .tI= o/ a&ajr Pexr riba..-.. It cure visrrbeeea. asMlVtad. ,

entire, product. fleer* rre-.itte.t. Slmoti II Oac, Oolie. It relieves TreHbtaar Troubles, cureiaaad CotaatJpau.a
give; me more U.sa t" < relief.Foley' .
Tbe people of Green Cove Springsare Honey and Tar njf .rary Ooroe' nalversity. Ita ca, :f. Y. sew Flatulency It aaiaalla the FooU. rubUe tbe8&oauIe1a t '

that wu recommended retarjr n. HVol Kt. aal 'erlaty ofXb' aad Bowel, g vta* ......t.hyaDd aatural &Jeep.
beautifying town and giving it and onttycni: Uittle:
eDli.IJ *,*:+. Lincoln; treasarer. J. C. The CbJMren p.TIae 5if>Ut ra Friend.
I tidy appearance. cared me of s-thtn, which had
SoaKt New Orleans. LA.alt !
The New Smyrna Breeze office has ben growing: .n ta<- fur c ti>tve fear. .
----- -
If I had taken it at the vttrt would GENUINE CASTORIA ALWAYS
Installed a new press and is keeping; up hair Men ",.'.-J rear. af ''jrit"g." Base Playeva and Foot Racers!

with! that busy town. J. W. Me<*o: um .% Co 1,1.: J Kroner, ez-ehanipion loaf :Bears the Signature of w

Tampa talks of a new court house to dUtae. e foot raeer of Qermaay and .

accommodate the large and increasing Authorities, May Clath.G Hollar J. writes Ojt. r. IS1iOl : *T>jrR -

business of Ilillsborough county o-ss:.t" ii. K>'.. July l'>.-It hatt.f'tn in& training; of eight week foot a

Piniaoneof Dade county'* hustling!: II'. .'. here Ulr that Ju1S alt' Lake City io April I.*,. a
U.1t ,' .- Circuit 1 court who. i I.
t c I used Mallard'ow Liniroeat
will have to
towoi, a new hotel artesian my
Gail! th. c N of C..I..l. I"o..ra fotna. t great..t atlfaetion.. d w
well and many other improvement. Therefore. I

aiieep Mike I had Itotando a visitor of who Sanford relieved, while himof circ Ja'It..itn-f'<>n>*.D'era">!>'.H.: t.tar ri the to baa transfer aIr!given>" of under unlt-r Powerfrom .n to;,I I bruie all highly wt.reeommettd 0 or are rheua- trouble alttn.Snow"with Liniment SVs,sprain tX aDd to. The Kind Yon Have Always BoughtIn

$2iO he bad collected after banking his ,
rtntfe after the trial t ,
'l.ol.J tti, M. Johnon.Tt
by .
hour*, No' n.ar wb tt decision was. math bj : Use For Over 30 Years.
- --- -
Bradford county will now offer a reward Ju.jllo: ('or'hran, and that the pro ecu? t.eesIaw f:.... M11... s r........ a ....-e..sse vs wr..rw --- M

to anyone who capture any Ini .th'n.. concur In the order A s >,T 1* M. dory told about a western

Mind tigers In the jungle. of that Jiidite C',,rhi granle the writ ct.a t man n'.o Slow ..Mtr. tee Uta.of Judge.r. i0

county. ',. a* < .-r I' and rltr'-Pt<.fl that 1.0., A /*- t.h: roan bad a. t"f'uty.a... dult.r ;
t.ta 'j.. t,!' "ti to the >a.I: at Newport. claim ".ant the judge woo was then .
number of
\ petty robberies hare
: Ky. a r j-ti .,f aufh'.ri'y maycur only a'i at*>niy.'. aDd had dunueOJixlifi the"

t<>cn committed at HanforJ, and the .t"n ti.- .>-1..- ,.f t".. fmtcd State Iw for i..jiii.-ut uutll It because nrr JOB

MJow caught claim to hail from Jacks ,13 1g. : "..,' ..1.. .. c." not<>ii >u. to hear .1.. rely. "1 ba "D.t PRINTING

lennlle. the ti. ..iijr lu. but rS-t to Itaveoo

The bet patronized feature. of the >.. I will kay y"Mi a. U as I ean.** Ii

HO o.day be told the JtMicv that be '
rourth of July celebration at Titus Sec..d.Yo r Order to i .
|irou>%<%l to sue and put tier claim Intoa 1
: v Me' wa* the freedioner. Hut all were TaKe "
Ju'l.m..ut. .Ib.tIn to

well fed.Charlie. gad. the Jixlffv reply...I. -for baveu't you. no THE SUN JOB OFFICE;

Robinson, a five. "%r.&d CareOf a thing tI..t )ou ran levy on awl It

colored lad of Penaacola) was run over will .null hake (. *11.e nun did -- .. .
1.1. L. A N. locomotive, his head being Your Heart.It not ..r-- for that as It would Ire MxueJtl -

severed. _fnotion l I., Ua**> a. J't4hnu"ht.n..,<> !
) is t'lc! engine: that furors k
judge retuarke'I. \uu will flatI e t.t lire :
l I."e, Madicon county will hold a ten thc !,Io vl of the
to every part a lawyer to III"" fur you: now. let tar
dIJ"! camp-meeting, beginning; July LOthtlH; :'> bltKHJ ton\cys the hate It awl I will KU down tu court CHARLES BLUM & CO. s

2-a, under the aurpice of the M K: notirishrncnt; that makes flesh, and ronf*.. jiKlciuent suet sate the ,

Church., South. bone au'! muscle ; it ales car- b.itlirr. of a trial" The man handed -DCALEKH IN- t

The rit".. oT! the ..articles.If orer II,. I O I*, mid tin Judtt went to r.-- -
Crystal River News says th/ t worn.ollt { ..
.. eY 1fQ
rut .u'r.JUtI1lt1U..t for f2-.
whn it I the heart flutter Whiskits WiM
comes to raising floe ("orn. bigtxrri or palpitates j ;
suit cwt.. M. h*> Mtrrit t to do. 'Tt.-.. tie
potatoes and tall ,, it i ii weak, and is work- HArID 1.
*ug r cane sent In M tin to hu creditor for *.'.*1 for MADe
Citrus county Is at the front ill;: iiiijicrft-ctly, ,.w, that the aUurn.,.'. ft-.. aiwt t-wnrlihlr that be art LIIII.ra .

The railroad depot at WilliMon ha boel ly l floes not pet this nourish- was even at J-J .t. lf wbU-li" the '.......lIt.or Jl/

l b-en receiving repair, but the bust incut ; it 3IM1! fails to throw off mrroit" after r<*.i>verliiif lie breath.Iedig.stioe Nos. 517.519

0... at this point demand a larger the impurities, :&1141 l they remain -

building than they now have. to }1W>iM>ri the ,.. .stem. ;7l.T BAY STREET,

If it i is irregular: ,;tripe beats. ''L .
With' ll. roT> >aDloa* heartburn fla
Wilder bat, old hi.
i i.s the heart i i'o 4'JACKSONVILLE
or i prniably tulence. torpidily of the liver, eonttlpaiion -
taring outfit at Wauchula to a comply and the circulation i ,
that will continue the work These palpitation of tbe heart, poor ; SON GC'
Wilder had trouble j 1.rrr. :! condition areiTMRerotis. blond, headache and other nrrvouyanptom .. FLORIDA.
in securing help.
can *. sallow .kin. foul tongueotlen.ivr ,
Florida i II not the moat unhealthy \'our hurt well, and keep it breath and a legion of other Agents. fir Pabst HHvMkat leer '

State in the Union although the Uv ;'0. \\ ith I Jr. Miles: heart Cure ailment, l I. at once the most widespread K.r-irt, flew totot. 10 do.. per do, /1 I "J'1 .'- .

!.aat' C ICvhop: of Pieraon Volu. which i is a heart itie.hcinc and and destructive malady among Blue tat.G.aerr bbl l. lOdo till 21 per di<.. tI.6f) .

onty. bat 89 year of age, will go toS tonic that strengthen. the the American people. The Herblne '

< uth Carolina to recuperate, heart ner-e* and muscle t"atm..ntIll cure all these treble June's. Cliclill R&Hl ..art ...r. l .

"I rare ln ..jff. for .
T Starke Telegraph; ofllje i I. to t Iwop from rt> r.urnr ft<.,..l ." -r-r Hak to..rt.s jr r GOa bolt.. HoM by W. ).. Jnhi..on. Per bbl. 10 do*. hl| pet dot 11 i<-
1 h.it'i.-j oil the d"tor-i. In tlv* ? \
(> j..dleh a new pre*.. In order to r<>".mu.I' /. Ty\ all I.4<1 m. that I
P'int" larger ptper. The Telegraph Ia I I.tiure1. I. t"d. I.., ..t )tr/wtM d. 1t It..." !Called. 'eat. st.pheel.e 1k.. "'_'_'. \\"e p"iy t might or .exprtwn charged 1i .
tp r.p v vttcat r.-II. urea "*
"In -
r+ rratn( lrtiuie of Afrla
im* paper now. ani we are glad m. to fv Iw "iV.' Hrtur.. ..a4 write* tb
t- t: rt.r.t.n ,s>r ln ln r t'w t If an old li'iutt-r. "reftliant| are ntlll notneruu on : illowiiic{ liquorn: .1:::
ere l.litor 'r\.t-
Matthew : ...
'prosper. i'. tlrvt t fll<* 1H bn-nt rn rwoil .. 'n"I. U |nlrtlantsrly the ran .
tr| return the m"""v Kry der.,
II,,n L. 51 War* died' at J... .'.ome i In I."1 I.. .! n.- from the I m.. I Ian .. la tb. rouiitry lying ltw wn HM Vldo- LEWIS 1866 Away Above Everythinf" k K

:- .\\Mrcw Ilsy July 4 He was a /us. n .".:J. ...':nr _>.'.. !Ire my trwuL4jr ri4 ...nol11...rt lake*. wtiWIi la very the Whisky Line: t.l

)east< 'g butiae. of HI.:1 .r, i.. ti.tY t'.ta. X TTOr billy .iixt r-.nn,"d by tuiu-ti fort it. Tl,e1rtr
a 1 man that ctinn, M.1.! .' H".rt Cure I* sold toy >c-k. ar- vUil.l*> every wben'. althougt.tbey 4 full quurtH . . . 5 00 ,;.
was noted as being the only Ue. your cfrM i'*..t. VwN. w .l e***'.nt.* tha'
-' j. "an member tiv. ,.,..t truffle will t>.off-t. If lit.>l. then.mr/ves: are 'bnt rarly' *..ea.Tbe 12 full qanrtw . . . . 12 75 JJ;(:
of the Florida !. hi!. ,
..1.a11l11(1)4"" .
h will refund r men y > by ""J.b.t.t. to t.. .. '
III i-rt in 190CI: Miles Medical Co.. Ulkhart. IndAbsolutely forests I. ItMmllble. I have more tban BLUM'S- MONOGRAM, 10 Years Old: %'..

:M Prater IJuDn.Jlona.. hot once ruuie upon *t>ofa where t,,..ebug 4 fall fjuurtH . .. . . 4 :'JO1L /

.1' killed by a party out hunting for *- \ .*./. wouKJ apffar. to bave bebt :! full quarts . . . . 12 OO }i
a r." a klrwl of .let'jnt carnival) apparently .
named Kid I..wia. who killed
I" 'ty Sheriff Frank AJI-D.t Holder. for no other" pvin,** titan that of watt- EARLY TIMES, Pure Sour Mash WJWttled

w > <* resisting' arrest. I"-i. was too destruction.. ., large area rorerlognab la u.... I'a4er I}eterI ....' ltapertl/flrhr;
capstired : acre< would be eotnpletely' ;
on Friday morning at Holder pod of tree, nothing but Jsggedltump r full quarts, tlul . . 4 00. 1'1 ".

Low - - ., stlckltig up a few feet from tbe 1i t full quarts . . . . S .ftO. :r ;

Rates to Whit. Springs ground, remaining. of what bad hOe'a t : full quarto; . . . 10 'Z. mil?
t fpeud a while at White Hpriog., the been thick format. )aaaee of large tree* V ;
wading< health! resort of the Htate On would b* uprooted and burled' boat Inevery BLUM'S SYLVAN GLEN 7 t.

t, far.famed 8awaan river. The direction. tansy of them beta.

nlln..nm. and Golf offers' the followC toe iil bodily to a loos dletanre trot Years Old: '

: low round>trlp rate- from Galaesiuuday their original rM"eJttoa. In many n... 4 full 3
quarto 20
If the entire f....p would remain Intact.toewtng ,w .
only, $1 ; tleket goodroiagtiaiordajr st pUlnly that fond eonld DOC. d full quarts 4 50.

*.: :>, and returning Monday Have l eo the primary ob>eet of t>al. 12 full quarto 9 00
tieket good for fifteen days. I Ytr. e.e t.dae. wJnl.a.!ie de.troctk>a.w

I>ouble dally aerviee. For further - SHERIDAN CLUB:
rtrtlcuUrs' be letter and most esoootaical ....k.
laqaire of ticket agent tf tHe Liver Lively.Orino .
poeer' now oo the market All 4 full quarts . . . . 2 75 .
.ices-!>, to aOborve power. Writ* Iprie. Laxative frail Strop give. *

A Surprise Party.A ... permanent relief la eases of habitual tJ fall quarto . . . . 4 .OO

pUaaaat tarprUe party may be Thle rotlne U Doe a "Jack t4..ritMlLIId at all .*.>stlp lioa .. It .ta.....te. the liver f al qnltrtJt . . . . 8 00It
trades" vita t dynamo or
gtrta to yoar ataauaeli and liver, ty '* sad restore tit. natural atloa ",* the
sand ry tricrr U> keep y-a "po..1e4.
takings aMwicia walah will relieve bat U IB "Craa><.r JaeU to d.l, :yon how.U -fHinnl Irfl'ilfaa u... nraaaapilU a are dealers in
I.ir pntla $ 4 z .atKt.I via t Dr. ...11:. sod M _ataiak: Hold sad* f.il Me or otxHaary. aataaftHa M,PaaaMasa ..< avervthlBfr. in the_

......a..er,... tlsoaq. MeL' ....... fpt atr nvla o aa4. ,,If MMLaasl Liquor line WhiAletu Gins,

.... _. . ...", ..t- J. .....II<\'. :lIot.a }; ;Jt..j ... ?
,.:r.., "" , .. ,
'/1 "'" ' '-;''''''\.'''' "

.J k 0



S __ -- -- --------,- ----- .. .. .
- -
--- ---- - -
-- -- ---- -

CITYAND 7! :. A. M.altos o! C.IIIS..1:! k.t TO IM* *OWC AHOOUR & PRESERVE *. ha.. a. fewv p e. of TV Swtfe < .

EWS OF Lag after k ta. ::.... tSters.ts .n :h.. ; \ BEAtTYCO foaa-lete' aec ant of the eelebra- '. WILSON'S.

: city j 't:" E t"Os o! Ga.U. aol ,Gn.c tlae !
COUNTY Met your ; .to p-&t a; at Tree Asa' :-+b 1's:: +...,...ty. wavefe .lk04t* tx mailed. by '
c:ce and j,).. earl rot far jor fkt.ie or- NADINE FACE POWDER :: -r" ......i. to !weds I. sdj iniaglta 1

in tfc. ...rarJ eoate i *.- -r brut a zr'.' .- Pelee wrapp..t ready for aaa.il

Ltts of Gener** Interest Gath- Mani Vr* P.r'J.t C e**::; bail .?s.peri.r tltalit.. lta mle. ., w.1.r =t SI1.t"'P': tts a d. ass

; crtd by Oar Bep-vtera eK.dre- .-'t -*a.4.J' for ,'tt:*r.l.;. N ; I..p 1.,...,. !.,...,'1 01 ta._ c ty trot Our

). ,C -f'r.-: It.1 -,.. peas its }tiC! t 4N'ADCS cow t.. t".c ,....,....,*,;.e .far i Big Values

; AND SOCIAL ITEMS Mr >I I Sm;tt of McSat.R E.r'l 3ra.a Ru..J. C., dew York
F w.t -.!.. draL'.ts tM.
,tart ni t herfeoiae yesterday after ss t in all
Haa Happa iwdami What is Going 1r.r r *.t to ter flUorr .:ft. J. s al 1 trace LIVJ *rt-et.ec o ..J fr.earls. a;: of
1 Bdsfo-4: r tt:* c :y wasx are: glad toee bias again Mr
1;..Nap9." Told 1ft Short raragrapHa The -kJ ,' L.pYJ :. ..ry rash elated over l.a.aes- DRY GOODS
u 'he Tw .
::; t.et' Century
That "H*> WHO ffbma May R.ad"ya ville'. Ttetory ta tie Vairerity shatter
S. Club w...
serte Ct
sty: :
Sea.'Q2 a* ke ...*y* >te fe.U more< at hornher..
Th this evesc: after the k :.?ert ?:arua... Keeps Us Bjsy.;
: pe.pspers for sale at ':be SOB benefit of the pat: ...brary1Vhen \i tk>aa *r y ifc.f paceR.v
: .*. ii \asiereoa." a Prevby-
' &r war: -
yes a ; .easttoatatirethat
.rc' tenaa <3 *.>..of Taaip. preached two
LidiH"e.niDe canh I.i latest *ty.eofflee. i i. easy t- cite ant: certats to act. .
. :t.retttt s.rat.oa..o ibis. city *aa- Mt
use Chaxb.rlain's: t ::ca-t and Liver
.,SaD dayat rte *xal >4t of tke Pre.by- i IlcluerbRlnts o;
Jaekaoa ef Oeala t* la the city.j Tablet For u:- by &U dnggitt*
,,. D. | tena e&rt\ the oraiac and the w
V.j formerly resided kere.E )fro Wii,:.TJ -: tterlaad of Hie *. Meta
': for Sale Cheap-Hwabold good. Springs wa ic :he city yetteriay. lie :. r ci: row-Dear te e.... .. tag eem<. beiag a aaio* *erv ce. Dr. E.br itf ri.st Laces
wa en route hl>: from Williton S'ow1 tr a vtwty srmraw ewe
. street. d3 :C- ,
I.ply at 208 lIapolia et.. I"ha" ._ a a..c s..tL. ew.a.- 'iad.rea wa greeted by a large coa*
\, where he hat bet: ori a ba.ine.. v-.it. ...-- ._ ,seer.a>. -.. . H. delivered eli ,. aid aN Wash
aat farBbe, room to rent. ... .. :gretsLac aa | at
pl -- wat' + m Iw r's+ .e w..r..ts .
.bpl1atnl: E.stMaia street. S. et Fneni j? Muter Charles Waters -- -......... .... ..." .. and UBre* i... ennot o* "FJoca.to s.Rsds.
will be :> .ef a+ giber **
p a e2 li learn that ae i. rapidly >a. which wa appropriate
Tai LQt aL 1 Ls t S'u."C.a..t.t: 9acetIt orssraer very
W laeklO8'of-Wlaile 8prinit wa :
- . :.
j. ,,_ i...
rv-orenaz from tines sees. 5&c r- ,
[ tered .1 tb. Brown Hoo.. ye. as which -.... tf .a .,.. .w q.aac... wsaa..a,...a.f71o' . tkt ee*>*0tt
tr ,. ha eoofiot-d h:=s to< t.' t.e4 for the peat ... ... ._ ,.l;) .ttt.et.oai.dirset.d to the adter. .
"rd" a'1'tier
few day be .. A asst r-.il.c. _....t i. M t..*mesa of W R, Hied on. geaeralgeat
dew lt'\eeler A; Wil oa sewing ma'bone ..... tR
The oiiaa'> Foreija >f.:.*tooary Society a .r.e.a. ta.toervwwarwe . of tae Cocoa Centra) I..rJD.. ss
for sale at a bargain. Apply at as ire Mrs. R. Miltonss
of the Method Episcopal arvae Company of Ciaeittnati Thi
[ oSce. Nation Toilet Co. Pans Tena.
th>* Ctur-rh will .. ,
ra t at tls. claeroooi! although comparatively newi
.... .. .. . .
vUiting card at The --- -- --- -
ladies, pet yoor of the evurh at t o'clock this afternoon Sold .a raiaee-nJle by J *. H.4card i iACO..J ibis immediate eeetioe. i* one of the
f and oUt for favorite in :. MrCol.aa::: A Co. W M "
oSee your *
Jaa A tttea: i i. e
u. tace de ir d stro.gest and beet IB tb. country fcav*
| content.M i Joha.oe and tll a-e4tac drtaj; \'''' I I
Grand thrr J Divine ha returned from Jack Tuie. to J.?kocTii.f. via Atlantic Coast -- ; a roaaetvative and ..fe basis for the 1'AFr.KEVTACRJ.Vr. N
JMtill where b. a week with Train ,.p tch-er Fred Fart of tke
pent Li&e Tiek<-t. on sale! July 19. good rt thirty-eicht year. This eompany
friend I Atlantic l.=ct L*.e a** reicrcevj f" m '
IUUTand returctn: ; Ja.y; :::. en regular: train. writes a special annual dividend pre
Jlr: and Mr*. J. C. Haile and chilrn Only li 75 r::..aii trip ...- Condwm. a brief v ."t to L>*ebarcMr m um wheh appeal' tu life ib.uraneetaker

| r>t \lachaa vl lted friend and I \\'at.C-.veer-( for V.ctor Talking *. I. .ra T Cr*!aw.!l .tQr1t..J oc *. whKft Mr Iligdua silt t.*> clad twf

,leUui- in this city yesterday Machine and recor.,. Retail order Mondayana a .i..1 wttfc the fa:::. y to explain IIi. office' i* at 1'-'';> \Veti

, C L Williams of "".Ido. a clever .ofcitor five do'.Sr.: ur delirered fr.O d James F- tell at Slelro Main street :N

for the Singer sewing machine | recorxl m'-d ma hic.s exehanced: Metro K =--. rir.4.y of WaealMKM. ore of1' W K :"teekert C S lltll M >eley !

tu in the city on business yesterdayLai I (<.a:t-' r.kkiBK Machine Co.. Jack the lfcd'z: tatllW'nof that ..e c'U"1aat '(Taylor end Iteajamia 1' K.ehanh1 3

:e* who get their calling card tony,;:.. I.t trading i- the city yeeterday I: torae
[fnotrdat The Sun office. 25 for b)!; Mi..*" :'r'-n. MePreary_ Pearl Whets R.m.m'oPr the atter.Morrton eooe.rt West taJ and LaFayette countywhere
[ *II., hire five vote in the library I Ieollt non... (j.rlrufjp.tpard.. Lena j a be': will bv given at the O,.r* they t .-e twee engaged an .survey>g

.t, i Baird and Cornie r>*uchtrey left ,... Iooe COt: cht Btvier tae auspice of I latd f.'r the Cummer Iatnber C>>m-
the Twentieth Century Ciob for the I".J for the pat thirty day. While.
; terday rorrch..r.. where teethe
Jn: I' J Lynch of St Patrick Cath1 th.Jill .
benefit of the public library. away )Ir. lleh 'rvi. killed a monster
tile 1 Church has returned from lfa.1'lhcr ; gnets of Mi.' Annie McLean in a
rattlesnake *.oaetbiBg< like seven feet ,rlatma.v) ticmia rr tiwt.'teeL
> where be filled an appointment delightful tt>u.e party lie. ,*.** c King and Itettie Miller
| left on Monday for an extendedNortLern ia leagtb and brought the *.venteeBrattle .... ...1' .... ..... ..t. t she.a..t. .
laada. The concert to be given .t the O
1 ,
and button home a* proof of hisgam. a..ta
". will visit
Mr. sod Mr, O. W. K *terin! of : toni.l.t by the Cutter>Morn.on Tip They at Waycro .. jv,
Mr. Meekert killed
*. and K...bf'r1tOb. ia. and Chester an imnt.as.bear
WhiteFprinas Concert:>> Company tinder direction! oftllf'T.nll..th
iifCh springs have gone to ti. C.. to t..> absent about *ix. week, and It I* uk that Cb.'... Hill
' where they will rec ope rate fort Century Club for the hot. at cne. )lr. Taylor ha nothing EE ;
le. dll'. I benefit of th- public library promises to relate, a* h* ...kept too buy lightIng .. M-OUNTS.-
ET, Mr. Hart of Paradi filled an to 1- the fin..t thins in the: muicalline moaqultoe* to hunt game, :
ever heard fiere . .. WELL ;
NE WYORKRACKET. - ---- --- -- -- -
r'K>o;ntraent at North (raio-*ville Hall i

hllcay! evening, delivering an Mr .bd Mr J :- I>apus and daogh T. F. THOMAS .-

r Mt,OK t4'rmcn. Int.r-1 ter Mi"
>"' Perry< M. Kugmte of Willicton panted by their gracdJaoxhter. Miss [the choicest of the new once "

; Urough the city yesterday for Alachua.here Man l Futeh of High ->prints. were in IHIDfRTMINO (CO. 1 as issued.i .
. he goe. to visit< his brother Jo. I the city yesterday They were en routeto ,
"Jb| riigate. for a few day. Lem j.i City on the .:..t Cost Ask to MJ' then aa they

'. If; have fob printing to do bring where tt ey will VI. t l>r J If Djpui, *BnMMaBMBaw.W>B cannot 1 IK, displayed to advantage

ittoT .e >on offlee. For every dollar'* t Rev r I U I1rijo.r Live oak pre FULL LINE OF in a of\$u. u

ort'iof! work you get you have ten I siding elder of the I..e oak Ii.ir/et; ,
, tote. on the Library content I )I K Church. :'outh was among the CHEAPEST STORE ON EARTH NEW GOODS. Fine Fadeless Fotografs

Mr F M. Prewitt and daughter ; viitor tu this city yecterday I r.1 --
Agent tor... From Locket to Life H, ..
- -- - *
L..i... have returned from a pleasant I| Bridge hat many friend here who' -- --- ---- --

ret> to air. and Mr*. J. J. William at t were glad to see him He I I. one of the Monuments, Tombstones SMITH STUDIO.

,.Jifk <:nville. aleo relative at Waldo. i| most earnest worker and eloquent and Iron Fences.
.,. , .
--- -
----- - -
!I cpeaker in the Florida Confervtvee. Pocket CutleryDo
A rar. muaieal treat i is anticipated See Our Samplct

',Kibe Opera Hou""t tonight when the A letter to a friend from Dr. II. Her AT ST. AUSUSTINE.Large. 'f
ttr.Morrion Company appear unrt log of this city who i i. now pending ............ atteatU. .. all aaatterv isthis

.<. '',j. aupice* of the Twentieth Cent4ry hi* annual vacation bear informationthat you carry a pocket II.*. Mail bust telegraph. ..... aool furnished ..* at o..a b.
., f knife J We .. va.. Uoa.l. Free bath Lie a I .... ,sy a
ib I I II he enjoying i life in rtatbrookvilJe. carry a guaranteed rMI.u, atle.d.d .
keepia privilege Kate 11 to M .
t' J Iferlong and son. Henry of N J Hr ilertag i i. a hard worker line of Pocket Knives. ...k. ....h r'''nm M*.U may b*> had per '

l... %'hI...,.. in. the city ,..t.rdaJ.1 and friend will be glad to learn Ever knife from 50c up Gainesville. Florida est door. W. H. *. rIiIRD.. .rN?

71. r inner i i. engaged in the znanufae- that he I. "makibg the t..*," of his vacation .. .. .
fully buarantetld. We havea --- -- --- --- -- -- -- tt
Lire :.,f iamber at that point and em All wish him a guud time a* '
beautiful line and if
ll"J a Urge fre4f. he deerve you

lm :z ttie.isitors to this city i i. I.. Remember! the Gainesville A Gulf want a good knife call anti DON'T WAITIDon't

sH, .--..-.? ,,f Seloia. Ala., who i I. the f has ruun.l trip rate lu.hlt.. Hpringa get one.

fuat ,f hi. iter.. Mr. J. M Flewelbrother. I on "Jndal' mt only fl Train l leave

.1"I, ''II t F. K Seaweil He i*
'. s.e l with our eity. I 9:3Op. m and affording a whole& dayat Lace Curtails

& rab-r; excursion to JckontUni this favorite reort Cheaper than wait Twenty Year to secure an ,

ti.I hiring a buggy and passengers are enabled
> Coaat Line July 19nly
'T'lrk' $1 75 round trip good rettrc i U> .j...a.c1 a day on the bank of Pretty pattern and fine indefinite dividend, but

r July' ft. tt.. Ticket Agent the famous! old fowanee river, tf value Our ._.5() Lace

.&L<.I. for further particular. -- - --- Curtains art, prftty enough.

;ell of Are her. the efHsienter READ THIS.I I Then we have nut* at $3 25 I BUY A POLICY WITH THE seti
=s >er for C. W. Daoknight. pent
Pet: ,y .i h his family ia this eity.l P.'Y-.R. T* Ii''' June 1. Ir-H. a pair that are good enoughfor r

l I. i i. on his l annual .vacation I),. K W Hall. rt l...nii., Mo -l ear I a Queu.Sliaas.

tm. r yesterday' for Pablo where he Sir : 1 have suffered several >.ear from Union Central Life Insurance Co: r.of
v' 'nd a few day enjoying the kidney and bladder trouble and h... |

*a4 braeetr ) tried a number of preparation,, bat .

I II a ttadpo nt of economy, to can truthfully say that nothing ha Sktis Cincinnati
.J 1."c L about the fatnou Uloe proved effective a* yoorTeia* \Ycwd ,-
r. which I can truthfully '. ora-
Kl.ror. a Im faJly: cheaper to ."
*. B .e Ribbon lemon and vanilla mend. Oao W, C> Ala< nark' Girl Shoe for
Ak your grocer for Blo women-a
*I +;ein. I.naoa and trmnilla. Take lee*. A TEXAS WONDER. fine medium priced shoe All the Latent form of policies at Lower Rate J

** "r. -rf4"ealJ'',. On small butt of lb. T. .. Wood made by Southern girt*-
than other .
tie 1i u* Vora Xortao, proprietress of ... Hall'. Great Dteeovery. cure all the prettiest shoe on the companies. ,

rsoUtiaa; library. reo,...t* Tae ajdny and bladder troobU. recaove market for the JrlfeEv- 1''
f ta tte that wliUe ah*appreelate Crav l. eur** diabete*. aenUnal emiaaioo -
solid and
r=:.s waieh ar> biBC.a.t t-. ti'.. library .. her teed. Our Shoe Department
oat *. library bad all Irregi-UrltU of the kid.a.ye -
k I
a.-.at a-t and bladder la both me. bad L* full of good thingsat For full information call on or address

aoc a eavadfatal. for the library. womearegalat.s bladder troobl. la very low price fie- .r

. Mr find 11... loam BuaM7 or children. If BO old by your dnuur. member us when you need

m al..ne... reoi.iag over. rill be seat try aaail om r....a4 of *L.OB the next pair. W. B. H I G DONSLea :

.b.G.vial of.a.* tafr .* U-ir ...... star. boitU .. two .aovtlx.*' treas.s . ,

J QQ.g s ARsed ';&... aad, ...wt..u.. ,tia ....,.. s YOUTH- Anxkmi!.,.to_. .PI. *..
: ..
&ad. .. ;--t""" >rM',.tlleNr ; . '; \. ",... ..........1I'.r'. .I A* r A EN

aili. -

Title: Gainesville daily sun
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 Material Information
Title: Gainesville daily sun
Uniform Title: Gainesville Daily Sun
Gainesville daily sun (Gainesville, Fla. 1903)
Alternate Title: Daily sun
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Creator: Gainesville daily sun
Publisher: H.H. McCreary
Place of Publication: Gainesville, Fla.
Gainesville Fla
Publication Date: July 11, 1905
Frequency: daily (except saturday)[-1938]
daily (except monday)[ former <1903>-]
normalized irregular
Subject: Newspapers -- Gainesville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Alachua County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Alachua -- Gainesville
Coordinates: 29.665245 x -82.336097 ( Place of Publication )
Additional Physical Form: Archived issues are available in digital format as part of the Library of Congress Chronicling America online collection.
Dates or Sequential Designation: -58th year (July 24, 1938).
General Note: Description based on: Vol. 20, no. 48 (Apr. 5, 1903).
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Bibliographic ID: UF00028298
Volume ID: VID00653
Source Institution: University of Florida
Holding Location: University of Florida
Rights Management: All rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
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Succeeded by: Alachua County news (Gainesville, Fla. : 1934)
Succeeded by: Gainesville daily sun and the Alachua County news

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J '..j;":' < .

p.R* ainv'ittL. f :niln

- ,


TINEERS AT LAST fhtJ wa ITnlon found cul dad: where In his be room had today lived: for at INSIDE TIP GIVENCOTTON New vice York agents.broker Mr.under Van examinationsaid (Riper, the JAPANESE ENVOYS

tbe past tea years. Dr. W. A. D. he became acquainted with Mr.

SURRENDER WARSHIP Mont om.rr. who arrived shortly after Holmes In New York in Aug.. 19OI.

Mr. Ifulfff ( .",ith. thinks Mr. Hull died j BROKER through a "mutual friend." AccordIng SAIL FOR AMERICA'

of heart dlv '! *.. A botfl"
containing 1 itJf.J.. ,. ? to this testimony Holmes told Mr.
corroMvfl inthe Van Riper be could
Government Statistics On Cotton get Information
Poternkine Turned Over room but Mr. flull's friends place no concerning the government crop report t Enthusiastically Cheered AcI

xo credence' In a theory of suicide. Dr.I Crop Leaks Oat t
; Boumania Officials principally: through the report of
; Montgomery! said! : be bad prescribed Steamship Departs.
fi4 l .... the general agents and the report of f
corrosive puillmat IN LEAGUE WITH THE a'OKtR.Thla' *
as a lotion for an the state agents Van Riper said

ORDERED TO SINK SHIP affection cf the skin a disease that I Holmes furnished him with Infi/rn: BANDS PLAY PATRIOTIC AIRS

'9; bad annoyed Mr. Hull! for some time. i Outcome !la the Result of anv In. ton from time to time for several.

Mutineers Offer the Warship to vestlgatlon Started the Cotton Baron Jutoro Komura
e by months In advance of the publication ; and. Mimit-r'

sots as a Present and Want WOMAN SAVES FIREMEM-S LIVES Planters' 'Association, WJo Charged of official figures and that the Information Kogoro Takohira Will Represent Japan

rU Furnished them by that -- that 'Information Leaked Out. furnished by Holmes corresponded at

'',...' They Were Overcome by "SackDraught" I, exactly with the figures afterward Peace Conference To Beat Hell
ant.Jh. Washington. July 10.-A* a result of
In New York Firs Our National Capital.. .
published the official
+( '< as crop
New York. July 1Q.-Miss Caroline the Investigation by secret "ry&cV

; Roumanla, July ID-The Baumicartner. of this city saved the agents Into the charge! made by Rlcu- report. I Yokohama Japan July 10 r a
brevt' of the Knlaz PotemklneU"con'eort '
lives of a number bf persons who haJ Iud Cbeatbam secretary of the_ CottonPlanters' steamer Minnesota of the gr..at u

? ; the rebel torpedo been overcome by the "back draught"In association that information Price Denies Everything. I ern line having on board the Japapeace

,tutv* 'surrendered to the Rouma- New York. July 10.-Theodore H.
a serious tire in the Wing buildinGn bad been given to cotton brokers lu plenipotentiaries tailedthis > rU
;Authorities' ., have landed and are Price the New York cotton broker today for
Ninth avenue.She New York by some person or persona point Seattle at 4 : :Ju I nu >

,being dispatched In small partiesgeMnt once spent a few we ,ks at a In the bureau of statistics, departmentof declared that he had no acquaintances ternoon. The governor Of y,,k ,. ,

A. places, In Roumanla. training school for nurses and wbcu agriculture Secretary Wilson today with or knowledge of either T. and the civic bodies escorted th.

c C. Van Riper or M. Haas. from whom. Ipotentlarles to the pier wLtr.
yF she saw several firemen lying on ti! t made public an official report In which
too,', Roumnnia July 10.-The beIs said In of the
a report department were, received by
sidewalk, home of them uuconaclou* he state. that KJwiu S. Holmes, the a military guardhe t.
Nth on the Knlaz lotemklne of aerrlculture to have received
pier the plenipotentiaries and '
she Insisted on caring fur ".11 uuti associate statistician has been guilty

:offered to surrender as deserters the arrival of the phync.ar.s! : summoned of "Juggling" the ottlciat report. Tat Information concerning the cotton Elites entered. launches and wen
vth. Koumanlau authorities have
to the scene. The flr:,t nth report says: crop veyed to the Minnesota which n!It

e4.. the breech blocks of thu she attended had been<< Klvta: up lot "It has been found that Mr. Holmes dressed with tinge as were a!: ,* 'r
hJp'f guns as a pledge of good ELEVEN MEN ARE DROWNED.
dnad, but she dtspache4 a bystnuder communicated advance Information to ships In the harbor.

for whisky Ice. water and ammonia, L_ C. Van Riper, a New York broker The Marquis Ito. Premier lathe ...
t announcement of tbe sur.the They Were Thrown From Boat Into .
and by diligent efforts Induced artlllclAl and M. Haas, of New York who acted other members of the 'at'' 11 '

mutineers Is expected respiration. Seeing that the pa. as a go-between In conveying 1ftfor I Swift Flowing Water. Griscom. the American mlnl-

I tlent was unconscious she ran Into matlon from Holmes to other JsTew Chippewa FalU. \Vls.. July 10.-A the staff of the legation, were IU .

IrteUneer.have offered to pre- the roadway and treated another Injured York brokers including Theodore terrible accident occurred at Little: those who accompanied U.lrot'I ",

..the and
then in
another kneeling Price. Steps have been taken byJ8ec.retary mura and his party to the Minn

meat as they declare they are the must'ly gutter calmly at work with Wilson the water. An enormous crowd of Japan!

ua,tha* she should not be handed bandages, and ammonia, while the to prevent any further A crew of 74 men had been sent out foreigners with bands of music I -
II leakage, of the department figures. and
,to'Russta. crowd of onlookers her by the Chippewa Lumber and Broom
encouraged entire the bled at the water front and K!:"
nn re-organlzatlon of bureau

a Kalax Potomklne arrIved hero company to break a los jam below the enthusiasm wa' manifested, the '
of statistics and of .
manner : preparing -
accompanied,, by a torpedo boat ,China Refused Russia's Request. fall. playing[ "; partriotlc air and the <"

71bw: lies In the outer harbor near .-(>klll. July 10.- M. Pokotloff the I mothly crop reports has l>een A crew of 15 men started in a boat discharging; fireworks.On .
outline b yhlm. The papers InJ connection for' the center of the LouisQokey )
Russian guardshtp ..Iu zouape. Thecruiser Russian minister at Prkln. has left stream
with the InvestlRatio n..tltt refcrred arriving; on board( the M'n'
A .misabata and the for Washington. Prior to hit depart and' Andrew Cagtion were" running
and those who
Baron Konaira a "
to the United States attohfryfor
ship Mlrcen. are Id close pros- lire he requested the board of foreign the boat which was overloaded: ,
panted him partook of a col.aMoter ; sr
the District of Columbia and he hasreported
and as It touched the lower end of the
.', General Angrlesc. commanding affairs to sanction the dispatch of a called amid '
which the ship a
that In his criminal
jam three men Jumped and landed
Dobruj a division and tho port small body of Russian .oldl rt: as ar "banzals." The Japanese
prosecution will not He againstlIoJnu. of "
render. pnc eded to the baltle escort to the Ia.'nl I.latna to tbe borders safely on the logs. Takao. fired a salute of r I'. .
.. ship.
been dismissed
-tAl.. demand an explanation of the of Thibet. ',he Chinese replied The other 12. however, were car. ,
the Minnesota put to sea f '
from the service of the department. as
tied into thewlid rapids where
for her reappearance In Ronwaters. that an escort was superfluous andrefused away boat and a nav.i:
According to the rffturl'UtiOO the boat was capsized: throwing all by a
their Husula
consent Is atpnriTttly >
Judd of New York In the er specially detailed. to conv tout
after she had anchored the desirous to emphasise the formerly into the water. They wire all good
employ of L N. Van Riper Induced the of ToUlo bay.
swimmers, but the water was too
.'Potwmklno b fact that llama
< !Ian exchaiiKlnK Is under their protection
+ . latter to tell of his connection with the swift, and only tine succeeded: in say'ing The Japanese peace pt'nipo:1I !
with the .
a Royal Kuardshlp . and It l U reported that thr I.'nnia .
latter to tell of his (connection with: himself lie was a 17-year-old are Baron Juturo Kotuiira. u-: h
The appearance: of the I'otem'and is dr1\wloll funds from a Russian bank .
i that Holmes and then made the Informationto boy. }]idle Martin of Chippewa Falls goro Takahlra. the Japanese tu
rumors concerning un Inaurrender. at Klschta. Minister PoKotlloff reri -
Mr. Cbeatham. Van Riper became to the United States. AC'OIllI''t'Haron ,
caused the greatest ntly privately Interviewed the Uatna .
the witness Canadian Sailors I Komura from Japan areas
principal in the Investigation Mutiny.

....nt In Kusteujl, und attracted at Vrna and gave him presents. The I .
Crowds conducted by the secretary wtr- ifallfax. ::. S.. July H>-The attempt I ascertainable here Colonel T \
to the sea front. I.lama U still at Cr a.Penalci .
mutineers vice and said be was oluduced to runiixnunlcate of the Kovet.iment to transfer Canadian no, of the war office. M. Wma i
asked the HminmnUn
the fact that advance Jnfor-l malls from the Allan line turbine rector of the bureau of politic\ t
vales to guarantee that theyfurnish Examining Surgeons Meet.
f mat Ion was given out by Holeins because steamship Virginia to Sydney and airs: M. Salto. director of kne tJur..Iof
the sailors who Kiirron Chicago. July 10.-The National A*
: be had heard that Holmes and thence Montreal by rail has .....velop.it'd Inform.Uun.'and H. W. I>-'nl""o
frith the snctatlon of
Roumanian passports and pension *,>mlnlng stir .
his associates bad intended to try to the fact that the crew of the Canadian .I (American) adviser of the foreign .t
i guarantee that they shall not be goon: 1u14 convened hnr for a two
manipulate the June cotton report. government cruder Canada 1.I flee and a. number of Interprfclerks 4
dlted to Rutala. Tile local author. days' session with 125 pension examIner and others appointed t.> :\'t.' tithe
Using this Information founda In open revolt against Captain Kwnol-
as a
.SIO members or(
are, waiting Instructions from representing Premier K*
tion the secret" service agents Interviewed ton. who is in command of the vessel plenipotentiaries.
arest and In the meantime' the the peimUm board In attendance. In foreign" minister dIng Iul
,Five of the crew !in sura will act as
are now for
who bad Jail
niander numerous persons
of the port Is preparing aJar order to further tho movement towarddoing of Baron Kouiura
been mentioned refusing duty. The men allege bad the absence
with by Judson and Van
the Knlas Potemklne. ( away whatever friction .x
L r iRr Uts between the" pension boards and Riper as well as gathering a mass ot treatment; that the decks leak, makingthe

link Ship Says Russia. the p..n"l..n l authorities nt Washington correspondence Including many letters use of the hammocks Impossible SEPARATE CARS FOR NECROC3

written by Holmes to Van Riper and and the bedJtng has not been changes}
stanttnople, July: in.--The Rus- r Houston, medical" , referee c Ir t
the others. The report made to Secretary1VIIsoci for months. Senator Strange Introduces Bill-Lejislatur
embassy: has autborliM Turkevlink pension bureau war Invited to attend
and the secretary's Adjourns Till! Monday
the comment
convention. The convention
the Russian battleship Knlaiemklne .
If sue nt the en- will !>,. devoted largely to the readU together with details of the new" plan Tragedy in Tennessee Town. Atlanta July 10.-Senator Sir!
Nashville Tenn.. July 10-A teal of Itulloch ( wants the nx c
of of conducting the bureau of statistics county
of the Dosphonis. The port pap m on dlmviiea tx-oullar! to olJ
I sold UTS. makes more tban 4. 06 words It reviews ble tragedy occurred on the main thoroughfare who-ride on street cars to have s irate
the attention of the topossibility !
the entire" Investigation begin- of Dickson.! Tenn., this morn cars or compartments pn.b

:: ,, of the battleship at.I Excursions for Endeavorers.italtinwre nth gwlth the charges that were Jsld' Ing In which Dr. .:. W. Reddings. the for them and In the senate be ,"
ptlng to force a battle off thetea DOM.""
before 8t''rpt.rr1l.on: by Mr.' Cbeatt town's leading physician was shot five duced a bill which if gassed s
and July lu--1'odl& Is 'Kxcurslon
asked what ought to b.
"' ham several weeks ago. The chargesby times" by J. .:. Fowler a musician 'quire all street car companies 4
under such circumstances. "Sink !*>> tu the :3nn. \.>t1 Christian
Kndeavoivrs Mr. Cheatbam were backed up w'th Fowler charged Rddlngi with ruining business In (eorgla to provide. -PJ, -
without hesitation.was" the" reThe !- now" attending the nation
hi. home The wounded man I is In cars for the nrg-
certain evidence that Information had a or compartments
al convention of tinsociety', Thel*
been given to cotton brokers la New critical condition and can live but a Tbe senate passed the house r
Turkish 'llspAtch boat Issedln.q !Itora and delegates an"tr today tinthree I
different evcuryitm to 1VustiingUen York by some person or persons *-mployed short while. Fowler Is believe to b< lutlon concerning the Chinese e*
ntlv. ,
was sent to try to com I
where DUtrlci mmUnioner Me In the bureau of statistics r.-l. Insane. The tragedy has canned tbIntensest slon act, and after the resolution *
eate with the Knlas r-t.nlkln.> at

atranci of the tophorus.. which .Hand .will deliver an .addre.. from atlve to the acreage and condition rte l excitement-, - at Dlckson. read It was lost.
'be sunk If Possible the capitol" tepii, on> t<. the bAtiletleldof the cotton crop of the Unite State Socialists Bar Policemen.- Owing to the fact that no c'r.r.

Gettysburg, one Joan, the ('ht'aoa prior to the official publication of the tees have been appointed there e

r..v*> r* peake which will In'-'I: !tn pastors anlvlsltprs. information and that the crop flxur.* Chicago July 10.-.Militiamen, policemen no session of either the house 01:
; ..tailed..
'I Account of Lodx Riot. .
Among the gums: are (;0\' had bn tampered with In the de-part deputy.sbertfts and other off! senate until Monday: morning At'
patertburc, July Irt Th. O .. of law to be
ers are barred for
ernor NVarfloJd anJ Manor 1mautisand ment In the Interests ot certain ,cotton C'Onelulon of business both braes
Messenger hU nmrnln&.rrinta a ewer from membership In the industrial! of the assembly mot >c
tiled their. fa.mlll.n will return In speculators 1S ""f7'U d* general :
aconnt of the
dUturbanc at attend termined one a thorough Insect workers of the world as the t3.oelal.tleaders : adjourn until Monday raornlnx s
Is. anetdltorht'y! ) declares! time to a "C'.uul.nr"wbl h upon
that they
unjustified by local will be held In Armory hall ton .hL gallon and furnished to officers of the have styled their new labor rpnlaaUoD. made and carried and a manr' r
economic Resolution '
'on. and United 3tat* s-ecre< service" all of tt. declaring! the members of the house and .* a

sodalUt were fomented by revs" Elks to Meet In OufTalo.llIe. evidence which ba dbe n given to the against the admission of police onVrs will go to their homes Friday nUi
agtta- Into the new union was adopted unaaimously
The acvoust -y s :hat the (U.. I.-u I.. July 10 Robrrt W. department. Aaots then were pat la at the

.aces nlralnated June J3n\ an Drown chairman of the board of grand touch with Mr. Caeat&ajn and direst, don her*. coavejkUoa now in see. Lone Highwayman Robe Stao

coafllrts between the troop byh'rlotem. trustees tit the Order t.f KU. left today ed to .... ever"> possible effort to ascertain Meadows Idaho July 10.-Tb* .**<<

: On tbat day 160; of th* for itafTAlo. The 1..01\1.\11" dele. where er tbere had ben a leak from Warren to Meadows has tw, 1

n were killed an* Ii2 ''Wo-an.tf'o' gallon tob.. National contention tomorrow la the ck'pjlr.t..4 If so to faral Killed Hie |tft.ti. don held .p by a lose highwayman D +

officers and three, soldier wr m a special' train Iullmsn the secretarjr with la. name of the person Morris vtil.. Pa. July 10.--Driven Udlatrtcttoai Resort station. Tn. baadlt roYfl'

tied and two polk a "aui .were cars via the ItaUunor and Ohio Sou hw or pnKvoa reapoaalble. ltolsn. by rvtaor aad the evcthaMtlaa the driver with two .fomUc rt*

tied and many others wbtl .....) i _trns and the lUg FXntr flu. loot* Is tbe only employ of Ute gevewm.at ; aaa-aaari' of hu crtsa. Gostav et% and compelled him to cat' open

.HO worth of property .was de-: vilie bC'atl"II.u1"i w b* at tie. hotel who has bees JIaa4 to aava.Bva.i asT; I A.CbMmm/ :.; tea y ar* oM. haw eamfaaail sail seeks aid throw heea OO TBd 7".
lnw)'ol. and the ,1, 'a.auo..m enter, rovae loss .wftfc sing. tallafSaaUoe. tliilL1M": ;:alssewsi;-- 1.11,1ItMieeif. .... ......,. all tAm rr.tstrrd lette'sTirNarns

M'dI tale Uvitbly U.-,. anal at tk.; hotel;' to brokers',prIM"..,titer.. ... li n slilatti': .., .- ""' '''''''' i : '.( an. oe 4VIva .wrl
,i'eat ,tt, Oead, KUV# "
,1 P ( .. ... ;
... .- : J,:" M.$. I.



"" HE BAIL* SOT:. ;GAINSVIL.04. ,," DUTY 11 fa


; lff'' :SEMINARY WILL Wssra. as Well as Sea Are Male GORGEOUS ATTIRE. wtsblLaaea 1878

D..__ .t LI..r.... ...-.... t. "
.. HAVE A FALL 'TEAM Miserable bj KM ej and tie .. tw.ti Cee.t.fy :S:: F i .:O-C-TTO '&

Bladder Troable. The Liverpool merchant In the latter 00
air of the eitditeentU century .
. .
Kidney trouble preys upon the mind

,t t, r Wa, the Decision Beached by dIKour.1gesandl..._ vigor ambttion and cheerful; l>euuty, hove lag rrll.raytnre.Irp..t"ntecl. a Iiednnwtv by no ueau!. ata nnpU. nl1.'
k Citizens in Mass Meeting v" :) tress soon disappear wet:n Iu.'oi&.v4l. In a suit! uf OIK* color. EJRS
rt fie. when the kidney..re usually Iitflt: or of a unuSfy ..balla.rru..
out of order or dir ,- cut of his ordinary .AH., ;/.ADJUNCT. TO HIGH SCHOOL eaf'etl. of a court drown r ,at. with atanJu* *a a-sasrsl banking WDUHa- and sell Vorelxa and
: ; Dom
Tan Maoaaiaor beaks. t>..**.*. n1o azeesa4e
lidueytrouble has etx .oesUoua. .
d collar and twist( tarmen
<< gtlt. silvered. or Waken l r.o.ld on r a.owuJO.-i .et mere a.at..z, .
ptJa Proposed,*In Addition to Regular become 00 prevalent &Uuttonn. IIIii vrnlittcoat.. was very loiic. .....tfUeiK> & to the Colt*siVt ..sae a1ues ro m.klat .o:;ec v">c* 03- ,.

d,L'',.r'Branch.s'of Public School-Nor- born afflicted with these often! decorated with G
:.F weak kidneys. If the buttons. Ills breeches. twine ahort. : T..LE,;, 'FLOB T
,:.inaHtis'to-bo'' ..u.. Cared. For. child urinates too often if the urine acakla were! ornamented nt the' knee with : T i A
f '''' enthusiastic( the: flab or if, when the child reaches an buckles of 'if>ld. alvtc: for stone kept
meeting of citizensheld when it should be able to control the lu = -
age countenance by large K at -the'court bouse Monday.jffig'fbr passage it is yet afflicted with bexl wet gilt buckles ou his sliCK-x. bU lear.being S.MERCHA6

.. ". j.he'parpoee of arranging ling: ,dtpend upon it, the cause" of the difli- hoed. as a rule In silk. plain, stripe
aewommo4atlon( ": for the faculty cnlty is kidney trouble >nd the.first or ribbed. Humps at bl. wrist .and a .% Retailers and Jobber In 'f
towards the
should be treatment of
step I
'44eat+ of University: ( normal these important organs. This unpleasant white stock about LU throat were an

'?'convened here Monday, also to trouble is due to a diseased(Condition( of almost Invariable accompaniment( and Staple and
.. the Seminary( for another the kidneys and bladder and not to a on bill bead a cocked bat. polntedvln Fancy Groceries

'>$alhthe, University buildings I, habit aa most people suppose. : front and higher at the back than tbe ,
:eUr...p...&.4.. Women as well as and men bladder are made miserable side, over hair dressed Into large. rain. tar-itR Said
with kidney trouble "' and
'cannon curls on each side( of bit face .
i meeting was well attended and and both'need the sank great remedy.The .
a cue hanging
ideal 'of enthusiasm' was man I- mild and the immediate effect ofwampRoot be or It might : SQUARE. a t t GAINESVILLE.
over a "t1e. "cauliflower" FLORIDA:
is realized. It it sold or
::along educational. lines which & soon *
by druggists in fifty "brown bob" wig. Tbua. with stick or Highest market price paid for Chicken Egg and other Prudaee
/that par people are still thor cent and one-dollar umbrella rendered remarkable by reason ,

If ,imbued In school matters-in size bottles. You may.... : of Its Lend of Bold, surer ,amber A Complete stock ot Hay Cora Oats Flour, Bran Heal
*:absolutely saturated with school have a sample bottle I'' or ebony, would be wend bill WilT to>> and Bye. W. handle only the VERY BEST, Cotton Seed Meat
by mail free also a B--II...a town." In "full ,dres" he must have **" PRICES and guarantee satisfaction goods at the LOW.

ftuum.etlcg.,. .,; was called to order by lauiphlet telling all about Swamp-Root even more attractively looked the m "t. alwayi
including many of the thoassndsottc.t : .."
cbant..I.rltu. -in III
r.Thomes.: who explained Its
pur- monial letters received from sufferers :
'IDdaroos Endel was selected sec- cured. In writing Dr. Kilmer & Co.. natln or velvet sled In color and de-d"tt. SE..A.S"O..A. -
Binghamton' N.Y.:', be stire and-mention': with lung flaps! elalnirately embruldreel :o
this Don't make mistake c l. silk! bret e htw and Bilk IIOM: with
,normal befog called and con- paper. any
but remember the name Swamp-Root. : coimplcuou kuev mitt shoe buckle If Air Line Railway
at the Seminary under diree Dr. Kilmer's Swanip-Rot+t, and the address be on occasion dliu>d with tin mayorho
got the State Educational Board Binghamton, N. Y., on every ought rvcelve mi engraved Invitation
Board of Control the barracks and bottle. I II card sImIlar to tliw following illrecttil . FOR . .

Itory.of the college will be used I to air. l.t t r. In.177O. : "Jlr. Mayor Savannah
''$b. accommodation of the faculty Noted'Moonshiner' Captured. i present his compliments to Mr. Columbia, Camden SouthernPjnes.Raleig'h

students and Mr. R. B. Taylor J eece.! begs the favor of his company
Raleigh, N. C.. July 10.-The United
on Bunday next to dinner at 1 o'clock Richmond Wash-
.Ieeteda. matron to furnish board State deputy marshal and four of his ,
' nt the Exchange. An
rate not exceeding $12 per month. assistants have arrested after answer In desired.
a desperate 32tb "
July. 70. ington Baltimore
i'ijThe;. matter of continuing the Semi struggle Columbus Gtlwards a'' Phila-

until such time as the new State white man who baa for 25 years been:

falverslty. buildings which will be perhaps, the most daring moonshiner, Bent Her Double. delphia, New York.

are completed which It I. an In Piedmont North Carolina. It required .: "I knew no one, for four weeks when.

e4 will be ready for occupancy the strength of all five of the. I was sick with typhoid and kidney Three Elegant Trains Daily-

!&h .'.r.I.lor 1006, It was decided totaus men to overpower and handcuff Edwards .! trouble! ," writs Mr*. Annie Hunter of

that Institution. as an adjunct who styles himself "the Red Pittsburg. 1'.., "and when I got better

'/$h. Gainesville traded and High Fox./* and" who? bgMV If that for a'' although I had one of the best doctors, Seaboard Florida Limited

Woo* and by subscription over $1,000' quarter of a century he had been too I could get I was bent double and had

:railed for the purpose of assisting sly for the beat revenue officers In the to rest my hands on my knee when I Seaboard

expanses of conducting same service lie Is In jail. walked From this terrible affliction I Express.

,&.fterlllsposlng of a few other trivial( was rescued by Electric Bitters whichestnred

1...}t.r(pertaining to education the Tenneaeeean Waylaid and Killed. / my healtn and .strength and Seaboard'Mail.
Nut adjourned. Chattanooga, Tenn.. July 10( -iA special now I can walk as straight as ever. .

W' to the News from PlkevlUe. Tenn.. They are simply! wonderful" Guaranteed

5 MR. SHEATS APPOINTED. ,says that W. 8. Toilette vice presidentof to cure stomach, liver and kidney
?!1"1.' the Ferguson house here and brother disorders' ; at alldruguoresprieeii0o. MODERN PULLMAN EQUIPMENTThe

rWltl I b. Principal of Gainesville Graded. of the state senator B. O. Toilette
of Crossville. was waylaid I and shot to SEABOARD FLORIDA LIMITED I. a solid vestibule
$I",< and High School. The l>..1l<-.ra-iM wwi Ilia fnlforiw. tram I.n.
death this posed exclusively of new Pullman equipment-Dining Car. Double l>ra* a-
early morning while coming
f'$',Uon,1V. N. Bheats, ex-State super Why IM It that a policeman! of medium Room Sleepers, Stateroom and Observation C"r*-operating between tfti.
from his farm. !%o cause la kaowalor build can handle friMinetttly two guttine and Jacksonville.
;,fatendnt. has been tendered' the prin to New York Washington, leaving c.uiCIH a8
the rrlme. The murderer has notb..n and sometimes! three turn his nlzn: In a TJilO p. m. and Jacksouvllle 1 :20 daily except Sundays
patehIP of the Gainesville (h.deS.nd
= : captured( fight? An ptllcer on the local force was
Iffh School by unanimous action of c.11
cuwslntt the qucntlon. "I'll l tell you
'''..,boUd of trustees and the Hoard of Mr. Cleveland Will Not Retire. why It In." bo mild. "It I..* simply hocnine Only Line Operating

Public' Instruction for Alaohua cons. New York, July 1O.-.In relation to the policeman I IM> In uniform. The Daily Through Pullman Sleepers from Jacksonville to New Orlsau
ar'i, It la not yet definitely known report that drover Cleveland was con uniform tlenoteM niitborlty.{ and that '

,.. Ua.r. Prol. Sheats will accept the l nKl a ring retiring from the trusteeship! takes the nerve out of his opponents
,.-tIQIt.bu& friends here are inclined of the Equitable Life Assurance soctety. 1' to a certain extent. They know that write For full Information O. and sleeper reservations call'on, any agent Seaboiri or
they lUcDONELL. d. C.. OYLTO:: JH
are breaking the law t try resisting
10 believe that he will.
Mr. Cleveland .
authorized the following Asst. General
Agent, Passenger :
h im. while he might even kill them and Agra
:,F wProf. Sheets I. regarded as one ofrthe statement "Nothing has occurred not commit JACKSONVILLE
n crime. All through n fight FLORIDA.
; most competent educators in thefltate thus tar to dissatisfy me In U e with n policeman the other fellow or -- -. . . ... .
", and will make of the school one least and tho Idea of retiring from fb e fellows are thinking of e..cnp... The -- - -

\af the, highest standard.. trusteesshlp has never entered my offleer l.-u't. lie's thinking of tubdulug CLDE LINE
!; mind." and iirret tliit the" man or nervy Uo puts .
vii \ Mrs. Munstngej Married. -- ---- his whole effort nnd strength Into. It.
', Uood for Stomach Trouble and Con while bin opponent! Bt'tierHlty In
> fight
,. ,Vrlends of Mrs. Munsinger of Wind
stlpatlon."Chamberlain's a half hearted way. Pnt" .l1..tn"n Incltlzf'l'
y-wr Will probably learn with
surpriseat'the "
( Stomach. and Liver t'hothvK. with hiM star under his
;* was married to liev. Mr. How. coat and be wouldn't able
Tablets h'l to whip
have done m* a gees deal of
,1-1I.U t la Philadelphia a few days ago two men .his sice auy mon than you
Rood, O. Towns of Hat
'hl bride I Is well known In Windsorwhere rays Portage would unless' the two men knew he r
\, ah. Is postmistress, and whereil.aha Ontario. Canada "lieing a mild physic was an oftlcer of tbe laT"Kansas:
"'; has resided the after effects are not unpleasant, City Times
\ for twenty years past8ae and I
can recommend them to all who
_ _',!r..: bas. many.friends in that section suffer from stomach disorder." For8If
,'t The groom Is not so well known h"reafe by all druxgists.Occasional One Dollar Saved Represents Ten Dollars

14 ,. present as hv probably will be, since Earned. TRX-'VV" ..IJ.J ':BL"Y f .A.ILI2 GS

U U learned that he will take up his Collision of Arms.Ti The average. man does not save to tUCTWEKX i

r abode at Windsor. He Is a strong personal .klo. July: $.-1. p. nij- -The follow.InK exceed ten per cent of his earnings, Jacks' arnville and New York, i

friend of Her. W. }:. lilackstone. dispatch has been received from lie must spend nine dollars in living Calling at CHAKLESTON/S.. O.. both ways." t

.'.ff)' the Bible Conference orator who 1'1 the Japanese army headquarters In expenses for every dollar sated That The Finest' Steaaahlp in the Coastwise Service I
hnown here,and I Is said to be a.man of Manchuria: S being the case he cannot be too care 1 1'E

rare literary talent. "Occasional collisions take" place betwren sal about unnecessary expenses. Very Clyde New England and Southern Lines

The San extends congratulations. ncouts on both sides of the ntll often. a few eents properly invested
road alonx the FVnicbwa Kalh' The like buying seeds fur his garden, will Direct Service Between JACKSONVILLE BOSTON and t

At the Opera House. and Ki r\Kl\ '{lnn road,. The enemy Is save. several' dollars'outlay later on, It PROVIDENCE Calling at Charleston and All Eastern both Points.

t Mrs. Edna Smith Morrison took the belnc' gradually driven" northward. Is the same in buying Chamberlain's ways.Southbound

leading soprano rol.s In the tnuslcateftivei Colie. Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy SL3d2-W.tiiE1KLY: : : B..A.XLIN'GS: :

here for the benefit of the Pyth- Kansas Can't Build Refinery. 1& coils but a few cents, and a bottle .... ...... ... ......?.. .....From Le w ie' Wharf II>" .s
Northbound..... ... ......... From Foot of Catherine St..Jack.'jaT.....
.w goeas Lodge Knight of Pythias: laatWednesday Topeka, lions. July 10.-The law of It in the house often saves doctor's

t?, and more than surpassed passed by the 1 legislaturelast winter bill,of several. dollars. For sale by all
I l I
"$the many' good things that was said of appropriating I ItO. \\Q to build an Independent druggists. Clyde St. Johns River Line

4;, 'tier before she came. Should the Cut oil refinery. at Peru was today --- .G
.. :,....) neon Concert Company ever declared l unconstitutional by the SwtNeeci J ACKOONVII..LIC and 3AN"'O"D
ji7/a1 TamV agaain they shall be givengreater slat supreme court In an opinion ixderwtl IF YiiiflTiiiWIFE I Stopping at Palatka. Astor St. Francis Bereaford DeLand.and Jot.r.D+d"

4 .$111. r.e.p'lon.-T.mpa Tribe by Associate_Justice Oreene. i ::6 Landing on St.John River. !y

Tal. liabilities $JS7.&4&: Assets. u
company appear at the la appointed to sail M follows Le.ye'JOKSON.fLLE' Sundaysaa << T kehls
Op.ta.Hous.. this evening under theaustteea Ohlcagm. July 10..-Louis! M. 8p a* Taarsdays, 8:30 p. m. Retaining leave SANrOKP Monday'' h

of the Twentieth Century eer. a life Insurance and bond agent.Ka lEI ,Wednesdays and,Frld.,.. 9:3O a. m. 0a'

-Iab' for. the benefit of' the public filed voluntary 1'.1 tlou In bankruptcy By .cots p.llly her to : t*'tho rataQj : i SCHEDULE 'ra'ut'. *:.a
:::& .
library.Ctheerfulty. ___ __ In the United Sratrs district bread duneS the hot' MMBUiMr ........ .. .. . .Am..2UIJ
pang ... .........J..kaoayll............... ..
Recommended for Rhew court He places his MatvUIti at Hoy your Bread. .tiros ........................Palatka.. ............. ..fA... (it tzh
IX47.CIS ant his easels at tt<'0. 81'......"' .:......... .......Astor .. .............. ... .JJ
A matlstn. ...Keystone Baktcy. .....................8L Ynoot................ . ... J.
0...G. III""' .. Danville 111., write*. Forced to Starve .. I "' ;t1I,. ...... 1..1stisfordtlsIndl' ....... ... . . r \
a XHe 2. 19011 Jlbout two year. I 11. 1... Leek of Coocorxl. Ky It's a tartan of time, work atai asosjay.T Atttlv. a N 6ttta:::...'......, ......... SaafotQ .................. 1.1\u S
\ was UV4lip far ffavr ago says ; It'rrJt fetes dklttetM ... .::1.II -' . .-. ..... ..... i.............. .... .... . . . J \
t' moatha with rho'A -> u..ola\!) year I suffered SK>UH*'. with : I -;7LIt'ens -
..u.a. I ,tlrjslll'allat'd'. aow'slNl.oa. Litt- a eorw on niy upper li(> .<. paintetlanetlm.r ul. > all p ,f.u of. the city 'Ala-**. .--*:;sMtsasITsl ; .. 12J W. BAY ST.. JACYri. 'aiL

''''''.t ,bad r''...... .a''f' that 1 eouid' '<.u eat ATtertryiar and the every iuairn. other npt pi _..._. '. .,.An... tss w.. ...rg, :u: jw
'H C.
'j; ..
.l.< ,H6ttt .v.ry..b..1C t :.e I eare ak? ahop J.
llarklenrr Ara.v rho. .. , : e l
.. the.. NDt1-
fo burns anti ani: t* t: a Atstot n. T. MTIUFKR; , ... ._. :y*. ..
.'| oo 'T'I:' I a.rn Ite.e'1. r;, .:...:' a. aysl AReat"w. .M

\ ) I<- ., .... .r
/''"ro L,'-- 1!" AA) SI n#; Ji era

;. ,, S, z ,


_-_- --- -_-_-. __-_- -----
c-- ------- ----- -
I !:: sa.Lwssr. ::


OPENEDMONDAY Az3o: ash,. t.. s -...... '-' -.... -
r ."!" ee+ ee '-. -I 'm. -.c-a -- _. -- --._ -
Caweatf: toy '. : .aa br4 a.1.dnTt et9'. 1.tt twM -.. ".. p..'1asa4w. -- .. ...
Leas L.. Mm. 'age Su Slat ..aa.t :9IOLi iD t".. . .. w .r".c
Fi. et :: w -w. a.- --. ..... --,"' + .1tw, J tae saat:yfs'
JGact Competent
0-t of tk i A. neat 2.at r et Asa va ttf: a ter -See

dtia ia Reri&2* Obtained. : lorvn.f Taavr wi. _. ttll. .* U*at'Y -- -- R'vKtllLttiL'ao
1 ...hest Bt+da ti .area..r h ..... n. La." w' T'Iltoss Vie r
.... TW __ ..... .......... J P atl e"
: et tse.' a.I a --- ::a 1.t _-;: r-.. ., ('_ ..-
EVERY TCACMCR A SPECIALIST, s.4i.a, so ti. [1+ f w'as !'......-s .W
u.:..ht tit : Lea; K ZMar Zwweca1 ....... the .a.... to =.mss-- flat.
-- -
Eat Evart: Phca. +o.+ in scribal.. .ko w n;L4-duse as w.te.earsr aril -
Board 1eea r ? I :- J"'.... X.t+aua ... : ...." ... K.. r
: . .
of Uatrwctwr-s. and ie 1a 9w t-.mw ui :II.!!
tM S.t.dtiew sr.e'v wy" ..ea.me.t y.a..ae..ww I :' r JOlt .ILu... S'scalMe+s.
.... AtteII4 ''n s S.ssaow of "
Thos. C.a.nrm& It weer rw. ri

rtorwlal WM be B.s..Gted.h. .ym wteer x twear -- -.. ..- ...-. - '
tM II:
ra-Vrr was *r ne :X arwt '!la'
: gommerTraiaiagontssleLcaal: a.* >jvc iLtmin J. T .. .l'' "irani
s osst'I.shed' byAueetiow of the Bord w.....e tB.ey .s gist I:: ABSTRACT REALTY COMPAf
of Control of the TJniTerty of ti. e4e43.nt a: Y. ... tat 7..IS4 a & \

State of Floridaopewexl Monday sits -t.at:: : 'we...I y I43e te 7te et :
xoo4 alteeidAncw.* Claeve* are beingcrpaiuxed ( .- wi floe -.c eeew.sw :....-r.' Z
B '
tor tenehr and atcdeat: 1t e. Ztvaw-.I tSw resrarat ':-
w ever sr K Case C. 7 ,"
tor Scaw.Er.t
deaire to pepe a .1r .
wto>> .secs wahitew r 1 mfr .aJt& ; *f' r shwa ?s.r .alreaaaatw ?%r-a taut cn- ate: ..c ..a.-' 'a tiff.
.eeccd aid third gradeertibesiea star: 1A. __. .a &w.3'# aw.sasy, o-z.r ttssadad'.r taw ism4 .ua u.ci e..aat7 t.bn! tea.- hat ba
for a '. primary eertiflcate.Xte r > b..2a.a1 aaasr Lw t..oras4 Ly 'I.c..a' ...uE ans..... a
ia charge of this aehool
faculty -
r i< Tea. aaec w
M eoapoeed of the leading edceator : : aw.. aMa :: wM wrte+,dC

of the 5&&". They are *ce. talii* in w-si.- .w*. tae c &-"D.t A t E_ V O ..
petlre line of work The 2w -a .5etTiedt a..aa.t u.r MF'
their opportunity w one that the teacher of prrJ. / j jof :: .:. a.m .. It. I nxz 1c\.' .I:3'Y. fir: k'I .*.t L1I'yJtS2T' :: "LL CZ lte......
SaA a u atf.esr a. ras-sett .Lswewaa asst tnt-3: Ntsjas... '
.. ,
aSerd to loeeji hoes art4 a. +t .r .sebe: 3+ id'r t
State eaanc r .L cTT: L.OG&i.
],In. Pk o.r kw.a w... taaew :
.iacolxy.. isms-Sutton.: km.i of d,... &...a N -.a..c.. Tte dyes' : ...=.eec -- .J.:1..e r T .F'1o.---:1.d.A:

pr-:f. L. W. Boeboltz. principal p-y- I t deraasraeat r- Ids eNvwtrtek a.W -_ -- ._ _. .___--.. - -- _.- -.
w -
eocgyasd tedagogy.Pr sad whieb. .. .......
:>> .-r 1!. L .gtm aL It w 3r
W. F. Yoee.m, Latin and phjtic ante: sm..4r .
t ..L4 it ti. Ivs2. f me
Prof. I L Hime. Palatk Hi<'\ .: eaanot w kith a.to,t 1"t'oc : .ta.d. is ra tt u. teew ae.S VOTING COUPON.ay .

6 and arithmetic.Capt a bat carats Ira ec.- tae art ,
tioa G. )(. Lynch. Eat Florida aso.As pr.. t s.e w.wt .q.ra. ta !'L a.a.I w t 1 rdas.sus eatsLJ.s t!. ...'.f.. t.: sw..ws tat raa !. ea.t fe'
teation to yaefe.et a-.I. betaat -t........... t as.tatat.eu t.sgwtaat fir t". t.Iti'aIa 'W't.' yrot.ttyii
ye=inory. geometry, alrebra. truteBintry \T 1.t. HJV : ; t cw8ee. 1 S s, t. ..c-a.-J asJ r.taraed U t.' as et brie. tJl .ett.e the abet'.
( and general Liatory. eomp>t :r :
laJ. W.L Floyd East Florida Gmt I loam'sVe : stones.
.__ J. ..+.b We.ea..
urr. totany. zoology, physical gecg Uo.la.z ee t teuttest Y.--te .
For two 4aw. Ia.titato.
y etame.
rtty and physiology.Prof. I wlki.u.it 'U t eet+.r ta.7ww f \n.f-ww i
Arthur William. State Col was srte to are ta.. ru-.t.: ss 1e d3 Nt I
.! C.4rr .
l f&., civil government. United Stat* f.taAte.t weak taxi at Lai .... .ws 'lrTrti&C11:- seta
liiory, composition Florida history i.raeca. .. I .. ...., e[ brs e.'cty' eattu.c'. IMC: DAILY MX
bat s.etitai .rd ... fatSerda frame t tM
asJ orthography.rcf
White I I .--I to(is. .. tt i. r.i..i A, W. Jackeoa. Sprteg ( o pce iJ a -. - .
t to fist ttM. '! jJot Jtm im WTVT N Sttie
arithmetic algebra *
ftccrapby. : f..Aare I .- ..: to aa accii* eit which k..p-
and United State. htf ,
tory 11I7 fo.-.l. My aiaa whew hw wra* worfci z..E at
Mn. J. B. Johnston Dade City a.. watt: 1 wM .
wam..tpI .t aa a. tailor. u..J' a taUore
iracaaar. reading and geography, No other n i ive.reived I xxa cswwe fell .. at* am. loG FaySholcsTypewriter
Mr*. Ella LaF. liaznillos. primary, su.eb tluat aeat r that few SVaa It
dtrartment. t3ed Dd sy! "f.tltt. t... llillltatc. to p+w

The: Board of Trade of the city of rate' of fetn.. i! tbeewafer. aadrew Jobo.art
Gatc *ville have perfected all arrangexcezm E. \ khAA'a I-----t wrtt.T a-.c. tt.e
,. .e twat .e tM ra.c. I15e
for the opening of the dormitories -dos. vwey .....h ., a 1
of the Eaat Florida Seminary to far'e; ; j
I-FERRYMEN alid eta .c.raw y M dcetpb.rM
'h ttudeata, charging 112 a month yt ..a jewaev. Al'i. 1.>CiltiL

tcard. This givee to the nud ate ancppcrtunity Bridal I THE aDT

; to aecore fir tcla. boardat i ..._. C..a .. ...... XACttUC OX! 1ME MAKI1T.

a nominal aotn. ItanTl:; rartuo. bitter bare two toned '1 .
Those! who de.ir* to secure rooms in Oakes, "a.te! >n.kt ens .t the .w. II I So Tabulator
the: dormitories should make application ,r Icwlastkal ..waas.. mmm IIDOAIIn[
neffro I
W'1Jabftl ashore
: ta wa Machine '
at once, because it i i. impo*.ible to Sciuaton r ? )
cot \V_t AlI6lnlJa. Tberw are i A -
My how long the room. will remain rovinx: a p. '
..I _"Im.. In this uetvralThe
vacant. Quite a demand I* already being t.r ir ...-:1&. ** bate been. Jotted to- I LJghleet Mxlft' Ughteet Rvaalagt The

trade for reNr..alioae.I5t.'t In tb e boAt to r\TTn a perfect Ijatta cru>"V
paper pleae copy.A bas brlJ.e of of r'jna1 star ruraprlw tbe- i Chatapkm Sf-reU Writer oft... Wockt

--- - Brook*, the .- ant" two Mor font* the tran I I'.. the FayShoJee.: More Fay.9h ole. laue

PRIZE WINNER.F them. \\"* : .** The ytinlcc ha. bare the la (Vaiae' .viIIe than. any other' maehin.
men that we : f Q&tune""J1Mt 0.1-1 prliw. die
W. Barron of Evinaton Sends to roeneottcg I In a (wwrt c>)*t rr. 1- .aM to W

Gainesville a OO Pound Melon. eabLe>> broke I Km.t tU>...... It... ratted the For Sale )h-. . .

When F. 1C. Barroo the progr: veF"tmutcr. with the: t, U..nl f'Uoi" t..rLI

merchant and all.round Oake.. seems I I watt,. THE SOH, Gtinesfille Fla.v. .
food citizen of vinaton, undertake were imra r< : A
i AB*| .f wbk-h variety U your
to do anything he goe at it in a man. etimbed tu th cHnctn safe oe tb* stir ...

>.r which a*.are success, aDd very ter hard : : ("ae-.\ Vttt of f .th. \VlMro ._ _____ __ _ _-_. .._- -. -- .---- .. .- -
seldom if e.er. boat a..hore.Tb ; .
fails a new dream se a a w bat
Mr Barroa baa Mal to The Son bridal I, n'1y '.-at... In the rlfD.ctD4 Take The Atlantic Coast Line

a .atrmeloo weighing: ninety ail were> take .*. If that Ae poond, This melon wa taken from alc busted, .' !: then .!... ctwiaarre ta the _lf ..-
.aere field which h%. produced mrl I eoua
oct this aeaaoa weighing<< from forty to board and i I or tl bat.uc.. eta ltta

BiQMj.eight making finetrare. mtn! t.>T*. I l DsF.ao West =;
pounds. : a *wa. N orth.Kast.: GeSonth I a e'w. .
and which hare brooahttitrm
dt_ b- a tab to marry IMoYr Mi..
fancy price In the market. Un ay" |+"tJe should cnarry their '';'
like the majority of melon of this *.** Rapid Transit and Unsurpassed Service t ..,

Time Tmblo In effect April If. l 0a.OAHCXtlVILLJE o\J'\
rseet and of excellent flavor. MrEtrron laitt' Coin but be. ti *nt a rent, and be .
It this R. nedy. It ': II -,u .|.Hers.-I'1tt.burg Poet. Depart For Amite
saving the seeds from .
.. .. -":.'":-. -:=.-:..:_--,--.
tr';t. sooner or I I -
6 ;i.: p at t Hip Sptiaga and lateriate Ss SlllrIsilly
Thanks are extended to this .nt.r- eocne yon a a... Points
lr.ing: grower for both the melon aDd need h :

kit '. ,htfuLne.*. ave life .' I I :r.9mA 13 Dally:14pm :1 Ocnl.Intermediate Leeahurg sod Point Tampa, and f sM Nt 0. r

BURGLARS AT WORK. 31seon.Ceor Ge : ; TM Riff rUvtjfw le.. KOpnaDaJlv ; rmlatka. Jaekaenvllle.North. i s

C'ttrtd Telegraph Office Sunday was of ,.. :' 1 the I last and West *'

N.ht and Stole Several Things. Macon fair a i ": of 19.05pm Illghlprtap, WayeroM. .....aaa-. IS,........ !tiff ltd

Burglars are apilo ar work In commerce, m ; I bally.SiUpm_._,, 1 AlhnnyAtl''ntn,, all Poiate' 9orth.. East Wee DsS "' .
millet of th --- ---- ----
tis.n.stille aa4... offle of the I
federate .. Tour la t Rate Via Atlantic
"m.rn Union Telegraph Company 1.Ite I* tober 21 .. ; Coati Line. Eoehelle, Mi Utt victim. Boca time during I DallyXOam
b3nda/ night entered the oBice date for contemplate visiting summer .,..,..,. -- .
Broth .A >la. oa .e. tUket Steele Atlantic Con.t ;
a rear window Lad helped Tim "
U.*tlu.h"! to a telegraph inatrament. the oreaaioo I d get all Information with ref. Dally J-' *
u-Rrtph" t", G oiwia to rate. rootee, ..h4'4 u I.. and ex.34oa>day
key ao ". small electric _
) : ...n'gommer' tourist
motor, Stock rate -- -- -- - .
**. two dry batteriea and a few sad <*e I : In effect to all the principal. 1'.. Interehajurenhle Mileage Tickets, good over ll.ooo.u.e.*sauog aM'
%.. r thing. lb. greater part of which for the a& the eotia>ry with re- Ipal railway* in the flowthera Htntee.are on sole by the nrinwtfoJThroagh agals;. ";
tU property of Fletcher Kilt, a Shatima' sleeper Port Tampn to Mew York, via AllaatifAddreen
*...**Mr boy In tt employ of the meat Oa I all a October t.,. lUtee have Line also via AtlnntU. Const Line nod booths Kala..,. ) .r.
=l4 Q', aloa of the to all springs. moont For__..... Information,all cm "' "1".J.

'ta 'e b.lie"4as the lotroder cy willmeet t..os esahor. reort Far the drat . A. GOODWIN. Tkkst ".... OalacsIN11n <>u.r was dtuem.sta : od.trip tleket are now on .ale ..u*.
'. 'l'\Ick.,a novice or a yooth.UUj. slam the at the in New Eagland territory. FRANC C. BOYUrrOIf. I>1*. ...... Agt.. 'W.P.lTARK.TrnT.( Pass.? '
.. taken were of Y&J... to. lei W.. lie, .'. Astor llolldlat. Js.k+e..tLI. ..... _z'4 v'
----- ----
-- --- -- -
,Peri tprofessloaallyeo la H. K. EM.Reo".Traf. Ligr.. W. j cmAio.ben.Wilmington.. ...r 1,1, :'\:
u.. wmlatge..11.0. .M. .- .r.:... ,IIr
fir. tUrsMS

'wentlsh C parry Club.Iftdie any? Wby aef have .M dlt

of the Tweauleth G story early-, rich color rE3tor.otA A '. '.

M K M 11s Dra .\ers. rs.Hatr Ytpc wi.,.":'" t V, w

a ;' i
; .u.r.
-. h-- ..:

: kx

4x t i dy,t, ,A t E r lh ad t. 'Ta


, --- :: -
a ; -'Begin Taking Ocomulalon Today LINEMEN TOUCHED LIVE WIRE. ? i j E'Z' Cures Cholera Inlart"... s:

BRUTAL MURDERER and Your Cure Begin Today Dies rhoea, Dysentery, &; tt
la' Instantly Killed-Hie Body Hung In Bowel Trouble of C ;

GETS IN HIS WORK Midair for Some Time. r Any Jlge. Aids 0tc,;I-;: .
; Atlanta. July 10.-Stricken by a live Icsu&.tu the 1laMelr' Slrtr"J'ttppETHING -
I wire which he had accidentally touch. ens the Child and Mai

ed, D. S. Demars, a lineman who was (POWDERS J TFTHfNG EAS,.

Family While Sleeping Was Attacked rs., c d 1,4_UoIJI re..1.r..,t..swra- working at the corner of Jackson. Costs 0aly 25c at Druggists, or mall 25c to C. J, MOFFETT, M. D., SL tonV;.. 9' I :
With Sextons Reaut ts. Its Vitalized Medicinal Food Proper- street and North, Boulevard hum suspended Mother Hositato no longer, but gave the health and Ills >
U.. are Wry Quickly Hcallzed. In the air until fellow Turkmen your child, am thousand have done, by giving these ,00'cfrKsmtlMA
In Ilrinsing liealthr Color to the could extricate the body ancower.* It I* easily given and quickly counteracts and rlrJ *.
;' FATHER AND OABrKILLEI ChV of the Pal l and Sallow. wome. the effect of the ummora heat upon teething over
In Producing Btrenrth to the \V.-*. to to toe ground with ropes. chlldren.ESTILSL2 ;;
p the }' ebl. and the Invalid.I
Wounded-Head of In Toning up the Hyetem of Convalescents For many minutes the dead man
K Mother Painfully from, Kxhnurtlnr LH..ea*+*. hung from the end of an arm on an >gS>BI:) loeo.
Severe In ClennxInK the Entire 8).tem.J
Man Almost *)
' Unfortunate J fs'ourl.hlnit theVorut.. electric light pole his foot having
};1 From.Body at- First'Shot., Which Also Facea In R of< un Children.In <1nir Out. tI.e Thin. Peaked caught In the wires. Ills had watt H.F.DUTTON&CC .

J Killed Child-Cub Jackson Arrested I the enlrnble BiilMIn, / Pink up on and their Whit Little Flesh oodles and swinging below the wires and the blood a

In: Dotting thelV cheek with tbe I'rettr flowed from a great burned place In .
"While sleeping at,his home at peace ----DEALERS IN----
jir Color and Dimples that make Mothers his left side. Other workmen had to
with'mankind and'the world, William Heart Ola*.

1 tit; Westt.an energetic' 'and lawsbidlnlcoloredeltzeu Za an AaU"ote'oraU OZOMUL810K X>l.e.-. Caused br: ascend the pole cut away the wires Sea, Island:: :: Cottoo. 6-
: Bxpoavre to Cold and Fat.o and tie a rope to the swinging body. :
of Bland
was ? prove Its Medicinal Food Merits a when it wan carefully lowered to the
': hlsToang baby by his sldrjp < Trial Bottle Free by Mall ground. ,
Sea Island Cotton Seed Bagging and Twine.V
et similar' fate..and his wife wai '"
1 a Will b.Hnt on reqiuwt.Vrlt* by letteror Demars wan alone on the pole re- s
i:painfully wounded, by a sneaking as poctal card to pairing wires. He accidentally let Leather in Strips or Sides.
Ozomolslon Co..98 Pine St.,new York. t
:asln. Saturday night. All l>ru gl.t-Two sizes-SOo. and 11.00. his left arm touch a live wire as be T

, .1Vest: waa living In a house on the tried to throw a hand over It. The Manufacturers of the James Doig Improved w
he has been h so
John Cook place, where *
;j shock was so great that be was *
THE NEWS FROM ARCHER. Sea Island Cotton Gin and Supplies for SIl11lt. ,
\ He ,
t ?f,1einplo'yed for some time was re- thrown away from the pole, where be .

1. .....d as a most peaceable and hard- Man Injured by Horse-Fourth of July. struck other live wlrtm. Ills foot GAINESVILLE FLORIDA. V s A
tr, Irk'_g man, Interfering with ne per- caught In the wires fastened to an arm .
<..a affairs, and the assault caused agsllltd.al Town Improvements. on the 'pole and kept him from falling -- ,..

; of Indignation among the Archer, July 10.-OeorRe Long had to the :rouA1d. ..
i'tafcidcnta of that section, both white the misfortune to lose a valuable hors Gainesville & Gulf Railway Company

"," hfreolored.i ; .- while oat riding. The horse stumbledand CHOLERA INFANTUM.

,;i );':Information from Bland received lati f.lIln the road, breaking his neck THE FRUIT & VEGETABLE ROUTEOF
', teUy Monday Is to the effect that Dr. DePais ha purchased aburro for Child Not Expected to Live from One

'.: t and the child were sleeping in his children and the little folks are Hour to Another But Cured by FLORIDA.Time .

r: .te' bed, while his wife occupied anoth- having a fine time riding and driving.All Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and Table In effect July fc, 1 05. ,
. .
be. the stores doted on the Fourth -- -
Fkbejtd the same room. The night Diarrhoea Remedy. -

vaa; warm the windows were up. Suddenly and the clerks got a hOJlda,. Sam and Ruth, the little daughter of E. N. o. 6. I I '., I tI tt

,' without warning the report of Ouy Fleming spent the day on the 8u- Dewey of Agnewville V a., was seriously Daily :1o. 4. No. 2. No. 1. N 0 3 h

.{Vffun rang out from the window near- wannee river returning the next da,. 111 of cholera infantum last sum Rxc't D..U7 D.Uy. HTA TIO-; I Dally. Dial"", P'2. ,.t t

.eft the bed occupied by the man and A very enjoyable picnic at the home of mer. "We gave her up and did not Sunday f" C n) f

baby. The first shot had Its effect )(r. and Mrs. Frel In the Magnolia I expect her to live from one hour to I II .

,1"iierally mutilating the head of the on- grounds was held and a fine time was I another," he says. "I happened to I T4V A MkLV I P M Ly AM I I Ar. P M'Ar: A1: Ar ."M: t

.'">fortunate ,,''ot'I. his brains going in hr..!. think of Chamberlan's! -Colic. Cholera '7 46 I, . . . .... .. . ..........F' lrft..ld...... ... ....... . . . e ; .
'e'fety.' direction. This shot evidently A recent improvement to the town and Diarrhoea Remedy and got a bottle '7 :.>5 I. . . . . .... . . .. .... . .Jrvlne........... . ....... . i. . 6'<)
: also the mother I of Archer I. a board walk from the R 00 'I. . . . . ..... ..... .. Dung..an .... ....... . . . !, 11t
fettled child
the as of it from the store. In five hours .... ... .. .. . ;
R ,1) . . . . ... ... .. .. "
.aMd that the second shot was direct- Presbyterian church to the postofftae I saw a change for the better. We 810: . . . . .....'......... Hickman.............. ... .I.,. . . i I ,
,Sather,' three shots taking erect.! and from the depot to the stores down kept on giving it and before she had R lb . . . . . ....... ......... Lake 8Imooton... ... ...... .. . . 64
iJtad the presence of mind to ex- town. taken the half of one small bottle she S 30 ... . . . . ....... .. llcanop7 ....... . ... .... . . 5 3
which her The foundry and machine shop of 11.Maddox 88'J' . . . ..... ... .. .. ... .Tacoma. ............ .... .1" . ..
was near
lab,the lamp, was well. This remedy is for sale byall S . . . . ... .... .... .... Kirkwood....... . .. ... . ;,
l;.".o two more shots were fired 'In has been completed and start druggists. fJ: 40 .I. . . . ....... ... ..... . 0Iy.tt.... ...... .. ... . I . 6 I '
Indirection In the dark bat failed ed operations last week. They do catt {l03 ''. . . . .... .. .. . .... .. ..Waoahoota... ... . .. . 4 :5
,heir mark. lug up to COO) pounds and all kinds of While Being Cursed Fell Dead. 915 . . . . ........ .......Rocky Point...... .:. ... !. . 4"

'feighbors" were attracted to the lathe planing and drill work. Columbia. S. C.. July .-W. J. Uol- 9 46 Ar . ... . ..... .. .......L1.ID--.lII....... p r .920... ,:lu'IUAr 3l 4 \!>
forward tins dropped dead at Lucknow, Lee l100Ly e L680 .
of going '
IB*, when they discovered the hor- Shipments pears are 1185 e 40 63 ... ....:.Be1Lmy.... _.... 855 'g.;) "
A of and from here and are bringing fair county, as the result of a dispute. ... R fO 93,1 15I -
icondition. score men 1200 e tie 706) ..............C7rI1..... .
began a search which resulted in prices Some of the citizens decided to clean, 1Z2() 708 7 12 ......... ...Orab..m.. ... .... 8 82 9 22 I A
tklnB to hi. home, a short distance Mrs. Hughes and daughter Grace, a ditch and Rollins was overseeingthe 7 15 Ar 7 211 .. . -. nSCityF.. ... 820 9141 II" ,
12.40. . . 660 60..1 a. .
the of Cub have to Columbus, 0., to spend work. Peebles Bald he, would ..9W toro ... .Palack..a. r
J', a negro by name gone .
jn. Jackson denied all know! the summer. I help and secured a hoe and began ::::. ::: .8..48". .8'45." ..:.Lake.City. O.: B.:. ..... .T' 4"r\7\ l" .

i of the tragedy, but ,he was placed Burn to Mr. and Mrs. Anderson on work. The two men disagreed an to ..... .. . .. .. 810 P ...TAU.b..aee. B. A. L. ... IoCR 1' . . . ,
.tlar -St and'was given a prellml.nsarlog Wednesday morning a ten-pound boy how the work should be done. Pee .... ... (16 11 00 a. .....V.ldoeta, f4. 8. g F.. 4 b0 p520s5 ,
" Mrs. E. E. Coulson of Bradeiitown is bles became offended and went home. .......... 5 a 4 ::10 P .....Mayon, G. 8. F..... 11 8' a1240\ a
before Justice Caswell at Later Rollins went by Peeblee' house ... .y95. a 78 l5 P. .......A.tl.nta, C. of Ga....... 750 a, U Wfir .
ihoa Monday afternoon. The re- visiting relatives( here this week. PMr AMAr Pt Ly A MIL'9 PM.
to explain the matter more fully. Pee
Mrs. Grace need and children of .
ilf of the decision. In the case was notled .
visiting her mother here.Mrs. ', bles being already mad. ordered Rollins
bat .It was said that olrcum- Newberry are
away cursing him. Rollins went Trains 3 and 4 do not ran between Gainesville and Fairfield
Payne of Williston was ylaltlngrel.&I..e.
|... were so strongly against him it
[probable that Justice Caswell com- here this week.Mrs. to the well which Is in full view ofPeebl. L. E. BARKER General Superintendent.
.' piazza. While standing there J. D. ATKINS. General Acer '
td him to prison. Harris of Live Oak. with a sick J. i' HILL, Agent.

'r.,..;).. ......... .. - - child, Is at the Magnolia,, Hotel. The he fell dead with Peebles still cursing - .- .---..-------- -. .

(...'I'., A JOLLY TRIO. child is being treated by Dr. DePass. him.
'.).c -- Mrs. Belle Jones and children of ---- ----

d Prominent Women Educators of Ltturel. Miss, are visiting Miss Aida CLEANLY WOMAN. ----I Southern
( Florida' Receive: Recognition. lUukntght. Railway.

.. {'Nair York American of July 0 J. E. Wells Is off this week for Pablo I2rr n.ou.l7- Thlntui by 9n mrtmf flee . .

V connection with a re* Reach for few days' visit.
: app.ar.In a ee.lp That lake Cries !).."ruIT.
ill the proceedings of the National Turner Daren Is spending his vaca. Idea
Cleanly woman has an erroneeu Effective May a8, t4os.1'ettlbule .
itlonal Association a good hilf lion In Lakeland and llrooksvllle this that by scouring the scalp which removes -
picture of Miss Anna Choisee Miss week. the d.indruff scales. she 1_ curing -
i the dandruff)) She may wash tier scalp a Trains Eat >"'. tit No. 2O ortb sad ",'..,.1_ t." IiLv
Uaasp'oDaod )l1.allaUle Lewis, Archer Lodge; No, 62, K. of P., renleoted dandruff _. u_
day. and yet have he - - -
I everr --- --- -- .
_*,.. promloenl.women educators of all the last term officers except life Ions, nrcofnpAnletl by falling hnlr Lv Jacksonville. .So.; Ry 0 lOa 7 fiftp I I Jacksonville 'Ia. So. HI tLv
da." the outer guard. The roster remains too. The only way In the world to cure Lv Jesup So. Ky 11 4Ua 1O 4Op Jesup Ua. . . . .. . My .
It taken of the threeiped follows J. E. Well. O. C. ; M If. dandruff I.. to kill thn dandruff; <<..rm..n.t Lv Savannah. So. Ky 1 iOp:! 1'J 16* Ar Macon, Ha. .tW>. HI "" .'
fte picture (one M ; .
t,,.,. In no hair preparation that will Ar Columbia So. Ry 6 Mp 6 Ota) ArAtlantaUa. 2o. icy.Ar
on the veranda of cue of the DePass.. O. ; J. \V. May, Prelate; U. do tttitt but Newbro'w, Iferplcld. Her pi. Charlotte SOl, Uy 1O 25p 9 65" Rome 0. . . :000. H.y tAr
hotels at Asbury Park. While 9. Fleming M. J.W. ; Sam Fleming chic by kllllnir the dandruff germ.leaves . Oreentborn., t'c,. Ky 1 13a 1251p Dalton .Ga . . .So. hy. bAr
j,names ofthe three ladles do not M. A. } C. I). Wood K.;: of K. A B. ; R. the hair free tn grow ax healthy Ar Danville. . So. Ky 2 212 lOp Chattanouga Tenn .so.>> Ry. t+ II tAr
Mature Intendotl. TtoMroy the cause Q. .1r C
re. ?,In the published proceeding. D. Itradley, I. (l. ; T. Duren O. O. you remove tho effect." Kill) the lindrurf Ar Kiehmond. & Ity 66a <54Zp< : I Cincinnati Lexington. 0 J.y (1 .\: t. kLv
are few names connected with term with "__,rtcoI.'... S OI4 by Ar Lynchburg So. Uy 4 34a 4 2Op ,
h tArChieagolll '
leading, druirrlMn. Bend 1Ck In stamps : Cincinnati. n. ftig ..
Peel Impending Doom. So. Ky 6 IBa 6 lOp
It In The .Amerf Ar tLv
rtportas appears for eatnnl to The Herplclde.Co- l>etrolt. niJt Friar
underneath the picturelabs The. feeling of impending doom in ),Ileh.J. Ar .tin.: Ky OfiOa 9 6op ,..
0- Bat just Ar Ch.rIO'h..ylllft.. K. K. 11 3'). 11 25p I Cincinnati U I'a I.inrsAr
following paragraph iA.hlgh the minds of many victims of Hright's M. Uodlfgrd & C.. Special JlrentsE. Ar K !t. 1 45p 2 86a Chicago lit I I'a Lineav

...... Jumping exhibition of hur- disease and diabetes has been changedto ._ - .-... -- -- -- --------- .-- I Ar New York 1.. It. K. 4 13p G 31_ IJtnctonati.O .0. U-: .t I, ,-.. 4Ar
"h race effect was given by + number thankfulness by the benefit derived Chieaao. )11 Monnn t

,.the, teachers. at the meeting of the from taking. Fuluy's Kidney Cure. It H. WATERS, press.No."31-Daily"New Pullman York ami Drawing Florida Room Kx- Cincinnati.-U.:-- u-lT: II.: A.1r TI.n. 4, 1
O. :
Irtment lot physical Instruction, will cure incipient tlrlght's disease Sleeping Car Port Tampa and Jacksonville Ar Ar Toledo 1)011. "ch O. I'. M t

ite their fresh white pique skirts and diabetes and even In the worst PRACTICAL to New York,. Ly Cincinnati. 0 .---' r'a Lines I'

billowy petticoats. The Idea was oases gives comfort and relief.\ Hlightdisorders No. 3O-r"Wa.hinsrton and Florida Ar Itltteborc.t... Pa Lines
of the are cured in a few days. "I Limited." Daily Pullman Drawing '- -
'Conduot an experiment co- Four 9Ar
: Car Jacksonville to L.Cincinnati. 0 Rig
lloatlon and relation of the mentalea had diabetes In its worst form." writes PAPER HANGERHouse New Room York.Sleeping Cleveland 0 lair. Four d 4 eLvl

with the physical and most of Marion Lee of Dnnreath. Ind. "I tried -- --- -- . zington l ,-- --,$o.--fly.: V'Ar

teachers demonstrated beyoud "... eight physicians without relief. Only n..Kb'Tbf' La 4rthf'> Sk;" >o. 36 I Looiaville Ky Br,. Ity .-.
that If their minds said 'jump their i three bottles of Foley's Kidney Cure Paintingand Ar 8t. IAnla. stn V? ReAr .
.lies could respond readily to there made me a well maD" J. W. MoCoUlutn Decorating. I.y Jacksonville Fla :'&0. Ky 7' MpLy Aonieloo Ala $o. i', V r' -
A Co. Savannah 0. :o. Ry. 12 16" Ar BlrmID bacl. AI. fo o. H" I. 4 ,
are no names mentioned and r Columbia tt. C . So. Ity. e OOa ..
Ar I Fri.C'
Ua .rifle Fla. Ar Teno
Ile... Cemer 1 Memphis
Attention Voters. llrewn .
t.reed ere of The American however. Ar Asheville, N. O. . So fly 1 bopAr I Ar Kansas City, Mt Vri.-o. P. '
&. a lues to know who carried" off W. wish to Inform the |mtrons of Not 8pri ", N. 0 14r. H7 211p' ..
-on. The friends of Miss Hamp* Full line of Paints and Wall Paper Ar Knaivilte,Tenn. 8o. Ky eoopl', Memphis, Ttonn 9 '
vote allowed in .
are willing to wager all they have The Sun that no are In stock at lowest prl ea to the traUe. Ar LouIsville. . . . tin. RJ 86 a'Ar8t. no spring.. Ark -_

...' Olem won easily. the Library contest money paid for __ -r- LoG.. . . . too. Ry 466p I I No. Ifr-'The Florida Lim 't...
.- - . .- advertising In The sun Only those A..OI..I.'I. . . .Q. A O. R 1&.1 Daily Solid vestibule train thn"
who pay the sam of 91 :J5 or over on The Florida I day coaches and IMllman Sler,
subscriptions to The Daily tun or those No. SO-Dally Pullman Drawing Can JaekooviII to Cincinnati
iiss' M. Norton. whopay oath for Job printing will be Fruit and Truck GrowerL. raaksonville Za.m and BoffelBlee'ias0arbetween and CineianatL.EneHsvt I sleeping No. 19 Pullman Car between Drawing Jackson

allowed to vote. I' Birmingham Memphis. Kan" t

Those who pay '1.;: & wits be allowed IIRUXBT.; EAIter"'I"n9'r. Btole*Car::: Berrtr I and Colorado 8prioo.
75 votes for the onrauliation of their
t Gainesville Circulating ehoiee ; t'J BO entitling them toX> OCALA FIJL
3 will entitle them to ARRIVALS AX JACRSONYILLE.lliaaT .
and $
...Library... votes I I One Year. .._ _......!... tad Florida r
&LO voles. If No. 99 YTaahlagtoo
WYo.Was tttar >
r m tzartoa), ,
Stagle repie . ......... _111
i, -I If the Baby Is Cutting Jeeth i I I __ .... ,,S rIt311.' >s..' 't e1t.Wlsebl.glssM0.-JfO.t ' aDe"Waa Ba ooand FlorWs
ialj KlctUm.&CUMKJK .
tar Latest Peslar e"T-
lie sure and use Mat old --and I A handsomely i Dost rates! Florida t
i't tried remedy Mrs. Wloslow'e .: .U-I I devoted especially i to ta* "RaaLlya+a sad

ZCiAI. > Ti kta. weweett loa byrup; for children teething j I the fruit and tegetab'j-:
wled hits .tiMRee der aoetlves the chlWsoftens .he: .fume (: FloridaA .
the wank.,,Moults taw asa M IFrs4se C all pain eurej wind CO' < *';d Utt special trialnbmcri
wr +are swr wtwwl rem"4r for dLurbo.: &. w.s- moalhbe seat OBeecls.
Mnte a Ootsle. ELAmI'. taken. -,'.:
;J. f fvP, ,*-. .-- .;....t.'-
,If. .

IL- THEDAlLT.- : G 'TTTiT Y' n.oJUDJ..JLLY )J.llO. ii iig "

- -- ---
-- -- -- -
-- .
;: -
'w ---
_.. I u.at rid; ?r ce'.7 t' .2 a.: tears.. --E iIII": SE..1..E'

: 1t.C lt2t 'y ,4=4ire s.. .; '- ;- asa twZ ; 4" i'fr'
aS I '. 4
e2-- ,
.tat ei w..ew ar"l I' Y't: : .
taw sus +e ;.--+r z. th.. ':2IIe"-M et ... i s- .-. 3-: i. a .Za4raL !' '- 'IIliG
] ;; ..at trasa: 0IIIee as. Ca'a..we'S.e' .r. ... "daeats.eal-.re aaril .._2 .De i ii :- 'tI- --e: st.Za.4y. w "- OF ALL LINIMENTS 14.Z .

r..+ecteotaa+.GnatwU :i itatstir. a the t_: M& i Z79.. Mlh. U 1 -: .. ....... J'P --- 4 X,. C1."I.ES. t 8IA .. 4 A"C ALL pAJft r
wee Aa..
1.'I -;-s.1IoPt aee a"ICf"7 -a-
E U'. of: I.,......Al i1! ,oae.e.gie. ......c "y .... .... lwa.ie j tam a... J.'J +. a.s.ar a.'l 7T CURES ---= > --::-.:.----' .-
i .
., ...r ,-24 .. - ...-.. -... -
---- -- - cst+- we w' it s.ate '& fait "t rlf.ala eOt; ; w -- --
mKl. CStTu2 ntli.e.y . r'.ot'; lID . ... .. . .. .. i aeaa.w+twaw.r.a..rr r ---'>+.. a. .r y---
"SAS E. r'C' i : ; '- Y' tN ak.e -":.a.> .,.. azA .

"sat. that er t ; .... rata .we Saw -- :-A........... e6 aidee I.-a.: T,. gets
3 5t'X1IT: s'a! T:-a.ras: slett .. .
i ..
r: gee ='--1' ray rr. .., :...sr e. ast .-, fc ere' a.t..toata w' ,

-L yttlrtlT. .....Cbwae.t NeeasOeT27CE Ikea. a ;..eGalESv : . -.-..f WIt4. ).a r"7a+ .+lLie's ).. 'rRAAa

F.. a M-P as a Swf MorL rza

: = ?Oet&tt rvra ;::i ".O :_4 :E cry_ i!I M .- --..5 iat h.ea tttaa X-

.cc: )ta..1a: 5recc.: $. T2&L,- jai. a Lt a wae,, t'frr3 bra s t.l.r 53.

- f t a .';.r r-a2 ,,_._ : :t.. wretw...1Jos wa-1 sea htaart ::at FwIre.atit
: dal
; : a .1 StX f+ii e.ety----.c<<2.cr t-.4.. C.tJ Y... ,.....,. .
., .4t iweew t b, cs.nicr a tae aqr.as. :0'-'"" ... t .. .
; r. a..l cis tr-tej; wt. y.f .:...? ::.... h..:: .. .
a C7..7t-.o.e: w Pc+'tLCa j1erestoy... .. 8' .... Tt..A .; l 'k"'ta it
a year S&.s. -u.. I r:! Krwewua aa. .. .. .. Jr'K.. .
ctr a faaa. 7.tlia '.a .... ... Co r '
;;#t". nests fat twee weals-.tt+ ax : .. +
.k ":--: _' : .......... tiaaWe = -.; :.
.,: :: rsa : ., .. .- .
ney sat ate s1 -atss.. $ ?.a+e .' t ..

1':"';;'. -=---ia i ? __*__ M cvxr*. a lac I, a. y.: i..r.ate.. . lie fi.... .: t .f tae tL'a &.s a2.: t.!. r'1
. -._ .
a i-.r taf.i'eat1J
L-.&isatae...*'a.bf-!evil acdtt.otca2f. 1'c... .. C
/ '," ioeaAlz.L t 1. site -
:>. ,: a't :_ anrs:_
.. I, ::I
"fa F z.aLe kac.t ce 5I.. It.: l. : :- ,' :... a agar r a: ."........iffy.... I fee& t t.a't a

sTpa.i.La: y w.T atd t. roc of .:.a.e :,, a.. .ne..ri teat ....&oof.!<< s-a. h.e-* dose ttt yit.. a. JRKAI) a i 7 Ca.Er
j j i 1IC eltie. :. B.& .. .e U. -u.... n.. p.i.e o t2.. sea;..

.e Twnti4ek Sea a as C'ic1Lt f.a le. Metcc The s..::.- s'.2- tsar. C.de ...:...- are '; ... etrriazsias+t s.-. '. ewer .... at Bh a eat.1 w t1 1 +e1. we.
;-; r. 1.1t6.ie.1 ewer y ado.d.j evil1a" .. : is :oe ;t _: : gee-.z.: : : w.- Aas. .. r-ttite2a z[ Gabeet.'of -r- -:- ZLc.. 1mFe &,gw,:k Ca. s.a.a-...-g cvg p
......d aa3 cvs1aii. aJ u.e- .cww .I t2e.r wlwwt w avw-ibr, aa.A'I of Tw. k
k. 2oaa2. tease and tewetat. aa4 .i3 Ltia ac a.n. ek t ";u.ay e. lanes;. tie ..eataew.ss.eer.. I...la aa i eve are hr= .i"'a sew:a sews!..a ttsaen.d
:.4. Fe.tase free as &aT part 01 UN t'tutrd.faits The at a r c ."-..... ..r .or ..e ukao.z :-- .:, yax". tt.wt-. a'.hee wind,..ca:... Xt !aerie.. :s TBS

rea--..tot$ ..-a year-ia -aaaeAl i ;>c4e ::!::. tee f-.ar s_ ofdJiterel D H. it..tssC1 cjKg.fcT.tsr i.orais:>T i E'1 L t'd hew.rare ,
.I..re..8t.i t is S at recaaas, a: ew es.sibe.tlatwea
r tr'r-.t
.a it.: pas ;- aeaat.Stied avoe ta
..;setti.Qat -Ja: txesae due a.etT the .. ; as helag, ke.rdatw3 h e a. I !taw ..Z swty
per of 14.t -a. TL. t+ i of ti-use.. tt. .nuts d eeaa&e' traeaaf a
; +st ceraelea, aa.i shelfh
c.I e.cn---c. sa- ec. etwyetd :: r a rettssi a C'NaIC 1TI.Z
TDearaxe is eo.d.eL hrtit. .os k.oww 10 .. TIf'!; lea; &y 'liter TWo 'S...._ Ls.impar a. ;-a.aaa tees! sw tz'rt:+aca2J' errew .. ... u.e-.

ori" ioc r... Ie .7 foe admitsL to .. :. far ta.asa, er the Mate -: 'J Lit wto ks..w ks=" aa.: ... 7TS. 2Sc. see AND $1.00

face. THE XXUX.Y ..c tatterstt' !ere s :e.J r.- _- its..nit.. 1aot; . ark J..III! 3.xe past rwve w'i.ja, a
G.&DI BAt D S."OW LI="I 1E1iT
uta, FX-k. co.
ar :o_s :".. .a; ". .: 6a.u:._ re-tit .' at'as. .:... k-rdaty --l'

-- r.He! were .->: --jj. c* y as eoat ;e a-. e ", f: r eta ka.d ..-' .f.....rt. ..._ ST LOILaS... U. S. A.

THE UNIVERSITY. .3bstant.at"d as'a .. feted eqr
--- -----
:tie opoa tfce*. a-t.-S. ,.-> sp.-.a. ti* G' 'ESV1LLE LOY.LTYI .

:t .s cneeeesary'to again refer to Geraents oj fry .,.:a.r t-:.a. 2eCO AND CI D tiv "

the i 'cest fiftht we made to rain it. liaiaeste: .y=paa. t- wtt u\ .. "a.\sz .X tt. Caiwr* :ty ef
"VIiT" L JOTSON Gn.:1.:1.
: e_
tar: .s it eeeeaaary to again praise' the: City is:; i:"r : -*. .c..t 'SJ e f jinatitt F1ors a &w its lrat*.. al t3-aiaeetii.le. ,

I tern spirit: of oar people, who '' over it, t.rd >er poV rr tted tie t :& -,. H...,,\ say that it take. ------- - .-

ta'-ed Mayor Thomas and hi* delega* ; eee .aty wt' rh .ore..; them to f.h, fiO : :j mo.r. IUa ye bat3dieg. I I I I' I It

111; so efectoally ia their Sght to win E far the!: to-a'. ir' ''=tey as tie ;a-; sad: a. gr'.iad 9 to make a'taiver.cty'' *

far car :icy a U.tig glory eattoaat c.tr. of FiorvJa Ti.. i*.3e :bit ..* s;*:t..*<< Lake City .eeto t

We make ao ntn-lorious attempt waa fer-d uca a..s..& the Et I kite la tad std GaicenIIe .eat+ to

to tnaaiphantly: aboot oar victory aver : Florida :-CUIUF7u .t-.t: : aid I eare r----.4. ; If You Are Insured.. <* .

uJ tbercity in the race for the laurelwe '1 I we' entered the coatest! terrsiaed. :: .. \b rfcsa eoanty aaa sever amt aft

have won. Bat we do feel a aat t toill.. Certain tses Jam's&ed the ;.-.*esatite to tk. LPc*stare of 1

.nlJroud:: spirit riM within o.hea |club with wth-fc their O.B heeds were FVorxla who ha sat lees l yal to t2eEast Ia" a O .er-ay tfcat M R"""' ....:,.;. Have a 1"'eI'>ty CVrr-xtly: ..... r.'
Wnttear SV Lt IVi Coatra.t .
u Nra.ty of r, a.J it. tb.patlj
we cocs-der that oae of the brightest I crackrd ; bar Gaia-svi:!*> has only the F:i:r-da egBia-ary astd it* aB.aB.avce .ja z..o.... "f'O&ftlJ' '

rest at the State.. disposal hat been II most kindly fe. ..htg fur Lake City aed r-i-rnt. at-tf we da SOl t-.I>eve she ever /,

rtpcted in the diadem of Gainesville's I it. good r'.. -u:..L.! -':. -yo with not t e Icy alto tte

ambition, and that w*. her eit'r.z.,1, tea Ua Ter4ty of r.on4..4i.1J '/ You Are Assured

lire teen made the costodians of a WAS BEWILDERED. act be a firm defender. of tke iastito*

bON light we hope will food I 4 its .at wheavever''
Jwel lOG & maaar=
;> nat ao .ericn. Lo.aa otreoos. yea wtk of yea ..... sa.e.rwf 5
lien the dark. corner of the Soothwith E C Smith of O:ala firn.tare. faaae. key are Beastly attacked en tae foot! .Ie.

the glory of the light of Florida.The and aa auto .expert rtareed yr+ter* of the T...c satare of oat Slate.'"" ) sM

task ionpoaed. which we know day afternoon from: ('.IC_",!!". wherehe : - -

it-'y: and willingly took upon our. i., happened to ton bu te...s Thar The d. eo'.r** of tk* 2:... Jnfea t* M:) F Fire Life Accident and Health f J

Ifl' *s when we entered the fight for day night he was slepi0c the sleep of Abdersca of T.cr.t Kavaaa.fhMeO : .t nsmn e4 i

We Diversity, i. sot yet completed. the good and Tirt: a. at the Brown odtt Chare Sunday eveatag.

sar will, it be in the memory of man House when (taiEe4Ville. received the was an ably r-..p'r--d; and tireely ads >oae b .t i Cootpaaie fierte.at.d

That we hare the University ia not news from Tallaha.ee that they had d lr...s to the people of this city' lie

all! the fih' It baa only opened the won out on the. tate University eon directed i a,s remarks along the Ii... of j sI ;
j jeducatioa F
door to a greater one-the preserva* tst. He said it was about 1 o'clock and showed that the gloryof I A JM: C V sINI: A !* (.

tieD of high ideal and the endowmentof when he was seis. with a mo t ,.rri. the great. centers of edocatioa I Jjt1'
l ( furnished. OAlNt>VILLE.
the jcsiitation itelf with an ble nifhtmare: The fire bells were (Grvee. Rome and Italy-had all faded i: / Information cheerfully \..

pher- which, will equip the I ringing and he imagined mountains of trough" lack of purity of the popular'
in axb'tion to become a m.m.tmo..1 flame were surging over hi. head androaring hart. Tb. a. i.aee l1.t.Dith I .

Kt a.:jmbi And the fight I like the Niseara in his ears, marked attention ; t>u.. if the fast i. I '. .- ---

eooinnard to a glorious sequential end. that he was in a : :.'.storJ building I any' standard fr<'m whf h to:>> judge. MARTIAL PRICE LIST OFWhiski.s y

"W* :jtt by our endeavor by our en |j I the walls were falling: in. .,. soon as hrr:. *.> steed b no prehension of daal'

toorss-ment; and by our everlasting i he could eitrtcate himself from this : C.r here in oar" midst The .*ntlrne.la : Winos Bur and Matt.r
t4 to burnish and polish It. purpose ')I frightful mental condition, he got op of oar people are far good, and those I . _. . .
tit eaate Florida to continue to fan and dressed and on investigating. : the i who are most in the foreground a* ;L -=--- --- .

tie .;ark of faith she has kindled in cause found oat what it was. From : framers of pub .e aeattcu.at&.. 'in full EsrlURI"I" : -. ''II.'Ik .. .-,.I.CI ,..... :\., rn..... ian .

tfct hearts of her people, to our fit* that time on onto tHe. train left yesterday : accord with the 't"}itis. Ruler The {)-. w-. I Qt, SVjv II Ota.rt tl h'..".. tau .- j ,

stt and worthine to guard the the town and its people were atmosphere of oar: fair city will never I HUW06 cs..ta> aye *.a* s t< cv aa s gas J .*.. a,.,Ut.h_C."'...,...-....-.1 .r.....

J k..I l so as to cause that spark to leap celebrating. Everything that rang.1 bring reproach on anything that is for JIa-.naalt rebw.t'eat7Nt,e J W .... so R,..tMa..:. =...C.w It- e.aatt.Hans. .

into I Came ao great that the coo!!.* 1 that _whistled that exploded or re* lbe weal of the people. I, ... -.." RI. In' oaa a. It,..c:Ma. c-, liu. I.... r..w 'M _.ey.bo .
...... ,.., ,......... '
.. '
e wft u q
in::33 may paint on the skies of the oanded, was called into requisition. - - i rat Isar '.." Mr. 1'e.ea. sir Mtw Neat,. ttss2e.reJ
South 11aa' W" .. te7 a .0r W ...
Gainesville. Alma )fater/ and the hottest time in its history ass "
twe. h Hraad/ > I "M 5 M .
) tia >,eaon by which the youth of our was abroad in the old town Kvery FOLEY'SHONEYMiTAR A.-.... ISTM tH .. It a A' V1.wt.. a>-rt I.' .ire i !.tilt...>. >e Mr*. M..Wba
| fits' tnay be guided in the walk of a body was out cheering and shouting .,UMHlGlB> t M X* T wlM '..**"

k deft( grand fa to re-a future filled and their joy knew no bounds Well 'os.,.tits ra a c'.n.aa. (:...w i ** *> oat
-iti! haman kindne. and a true broth* they may for It i U the biggest: thing ala.atatw Cur a ra a so t a* Kaar rwa.e* !-a.war 11 1 .a. Py

t. rrlw A of humanity. I Ilh.t ever befell our neighbor Th. JAWH.M* a- t a .aa ff. Nat..r.w. .... t. I
>i a.W Its a oar .. s..duf .
f fA.:aton i* the keynote of progress. Star glories: in the spirit it aroused! u..... Hna./r a ..* .. a. v.-r. ,..,_ted i\'
It b... si h. t r .....,.... i It a tv w tit ...... A "
I e
ttaadt as the great leveler of class. It is an omen of an au p i iou. begin: A artB.at .-..... es A3 u-.a. ., ua.. LM.l.n.w ..d.._.. ...... $.
[ tkt great upbuilder of a people'. civic Ding l: for the new L'mrertity and a The .d j.IM! rts... I-n._ lot ba.. ec aps.besW.a.
r.1+ !t"O'J'Q"". It opens the door oran happy continuance' of its glorious educational UXATIYE --'
cevgti rettery.Tao I .a.n.... 'Ac": !'O"u.a.a.: i.
that ,is bool' and good in the world. career for the toa n and com<< HANNE BROS '
w. -.uI HT. "W.
Iii. a richness more priceless J than the I monwealtb Krala Star. .en.tfte
.. -. -.... ? ._----.1.
-Warj of dollar can measure It I .--- rOLE, HONEY"d TAR. aiToUow
;... )(.IJ.... ... t'ridaat II, t:. Tattua..kl.f t.tt
Jfc&**, i l-al-r* of men and counselors : E-' Law the nw editor of The a ...It..... Ref... mbttaaoaa > .
Uao. W llrva. Yle. rr.aid.al sac Utsfais Asst. CashierTHE
t" w'' gi;*n A good leader cannot be : Hartow Couri>Informant. in assuming r.*>orv- only toy -

['sl i.r than a good man. and a wiser hi. duties on that excellent p p-r, patsy A Oo.**....- Ot aa__

,Aaa'. > cannot be other than a Woodtaan :does not make a long strio t of prom. r.. HU_ay J. w. EeC.II.. a.... FIRST NATIONAL BANK

and good women make good I.e- al to what he will! d.. but will endeavor
** treat Mate*. to make the parr progressive: C ,,'

x*'.r .,vd there a maa. profligate I He is the kind of man we nd today MEHAallWtHMUk OF G .Ea-vrLLE _
r w ...a..e__....
Wk it j x.thful opportonltiea of edueat.ooch .-------...
*e : : b* were crashed' under I Catarrrt Cannot .... Cured .... a w e..5 --- .
.* C. ..--. ... .eW
-'IILt! of million of money, bat ....w --
.**, r.n-u.cl in hut I With local applications, as they cannot ....a. .....w CapItal. . . . . . . . . . . . $50.000 00
-. hi* moment I reach the seat of the dtaso. Catarrh M w. a. M. _.....e.
th.oar hi. wealth could not ,hay-af [ I I. a blood con.titottonaldls. ., ..N a'-, =:' TB.u.e.t. .rM.I.e SurpliM and Undivided Profit . 30,000 00
f *I a ''Rhteomeot: noble edacer : and < order to cure it mustta ..as ......... .
'* "ts a gift to oath by .DO"- Iease. n yew O-.s en**.*.*!* a ...>w.. ......... wt.< -> r mf."*.Neal. a. ant huh. I. the._Mete ti.uetttaa.N7anblafPafMfw. J:
I 1 -'e Internal reoaedies. liati. Caiiitarrh .... ehssM.G.wwM.Ye.a.s .... ...,....". .. /1.
J... far'I' ''s" the sacred endowment of u : Cure U. taken internally", and .. ae.fa1 Waa.earns s A u h..1e..s waaaaes.4 MealttpU. ."l>l:
'r and a loving mother to a B. T1.O..O".er. 'f'.
\ act directly on U:4 blood and mueoussurface. '
f' fur. .. .. _. ... .. .....
and flta the youth to 1ab/ CaAanii Care i I. not a PATENTSGASNDW I' - -- ..
Icn to the battles forbl people, quark mf'd HlaDe. 1.1.. .....erit-S II>
I nee of the best phyttwl la this e'ouu- .1
mmonwealth with
rat J' heart armored, with a aa stout.ape i try fur. It year is otnpod and U a of...the...r beat prefer tonic pttoa I .'.....vaee as eenNO e.IN + rum LOB AMBAccnmnp B. F. JORDAN

-a n of duty aa a gift from' b..I know, combined with lb. beet blood AWL C.uNTMISs.JL.iw..m..e..ra tv

'' b. handed .. aa heirloom' to I partners. acting directly on the tao I .
.. ,.". Idren, CO M aorfaa.. The perfect. oomblaa- r. 'law s1epwK THE OL1ISTAH
Mat awl a.hY.t.ar.l fras/t.s tad.el..fy.
'. tioo of th two lagredtenta i* what w., INSURANCE
sal t..r..r M r M.w
tr! preeminenc. like *tats>* prodoee inch wonderful r.....uli.. iaeoAnc fate a..a ... earl..a... Mca BISY COB
I' carved by the chUel, not catarrh ttend for te.tio oaUl. tr.w N.tsiw a.0. l
U. a i perf-..iioai eau only bo ate free. 1 J. CHKXMT Co.. Prop,

i the 'ietieat tooeh of a maa- Toledo, Chto. J Jij"
-a, tad Sold by drnmtlsts, pri&>e. :k.
b7.,ertUttal pea Take llall** Family Pill for eooU- ri* Brrccu : 4ANru
Uiae tkt 'wu!. t..... to -U t, IHY
""""f.04. +w4.o._ 'f' "s '; , M4 }+ ?
1 '-r'"j<.1J1ot{ t ,' "I .. AIa e"i
: : II\, '/ J'W\ :j(),:' '. rF r'
: / :1M 110 I'
.'I/'r. : "',\ .






TAX TR U TEE.IJ. MathllshokPiallos -- .

,... '........... ftftJ_ lie' Wh.t Iill For the puriMM of leotlnr/ three touted. ..DR. D.VERE B. MOUKDENTIST.- .
0... w. Ner.deals. CURES WHERE ALL ELSE FAILS therefor and 4e..llltD..w the. rate of n.Llste ,
to be a_Ned and .OUee.... thereto fur tb.
Question regarding the study of law B..t Ccush Sr ve T..t.a Good.U. neat tuereedliur two year thereafter. e1e<*
'were sent oat recently to many lawyer Ia time. ?oJd Irv druedate.sd. tiona win be helil on Thursday. July .31.... tine. NOTED FUn SWEETNESS AM "Ukl- . . .
In the follow>* peclai tax 6latriata. towlfRocbell

of Illlnol by The University of *- lDp.'.ton : Leonard Ou'hr1t".lobn TT OF TOE roWER AJiDDDKAUIHTY. -
HHuoI and elicited J....00 rr sliwl. ..rtm Perry. Jacne* H"Ic1.r.I. A. Tucker clerk. -

t&eae It appears that the day of ntudying' Wim.daor, --In.pectorni: r..ll'b.1':er L. E. Story. .
.. Fabian Thomas;tune Uyle. cJerk. Office over Marcus tndel'L P .
In lawyer office bitve ** -- - -- ---- -- 0'
law -
a pad oclooHtn..pe c'or.: J It. TO'll'ktn. S.
away. Very few of the office bnve .. Ciarship.The C. Uuynian.. ,... iI. Culoico: A. K. Wade.e.erlc.: _

any law tudenra at aiL Many of the (tnirt..hl II'| of the Hultln piilex. a Camprtlle-Inopectora' : J. A. Maultby. K.K. J.A.. OAR'.J I.E.ATTORty.
alll..t lawyer expreMited the ollulunthat npUIer/ H deeerilerl! by nu expert In ,,.'oa... Krne .. power M. TWa.aa.el.rK.: Beet piano for this \.,.:6.1 oKm t". stapdsln
.. P. TUlraan. M. M. TIU-
f Rex-In.sectors tune looker than otber eoc iructe study In a law office I I. mu absolutei 1 liiKt late IIM n niont vlulxtrHte exhibition man J, a, liee: J. .J':(toil win/ ,vierk.Oranirc AT I I. .
be., rca'.r1a:.. md mot artJ..uworlrmanab.p
waste of ........Ky. Nearly all the Inc- of Mklll, und J.rt'IU'.ln dancliiK. tins He1ifr.tIn obtainable.t in
: b
$ ce ful law nrui,* declared. that they. niu-liitf; hIM (iKdly 011 Ills Ionic 1.-K beinovtM t*. Houlwar, Henry KJtcU; J. II. CurtH.clerk tu date o every: 7

bad no time to devote to yoitnir men In n K4-inlctr for itliout two Mlro..-lr,-ixotor.: J. M. Price, (I. T. Tor- detail and Un- Real' Estate

't :who delred. to ntudy law and licit, MIKII Inclu-M", Ii lid then ren.r..llI" the position.twlMti lay. A. A. M,,H...; C. W. Ha.tlwin.clerk. SQaa ed. era! I.raeUe Conveyancing All bueinre, It .II

I young men were a nuUaiHf In U.<> .. ofi ami tutus In thc opponite direction. \V.Id.ln..peoto.: Andrew JoUy. IS W. attended to. Otlice 1. ,jJ
i TU1U.O. A. Npnrkiran.J, U. Krunant, clerk. next M t
fice. The only youutr mini they 'oiil'l i-.'t"illnj; IIi Is Kror *H
else at all wa one Mho bud already Mr-orcM of tiling. nnd panting every few wait W M. itenneit; W. W. Hruc. clerk y

i":t paa*(d his examination for tintnl. minute tn rock from wide to aide and Untrue-ln_pe *tor.: .', .:. Cellvn. Jolla U.OampUr .
,J. C. Hague; C. M. IV11. elerK.Alachj OVER THIRTY YEARS FERDINAND 11.\YtR.ATTOlttay : ,
,\vl>ar and who was willing 'to work for to (wend hit brlllluiit/ legs MO that theymay
*-ln.i ector: I. J*. Kutch. J. A.WJ-
.rt... nothing for a year or two I In order to !K hnniulit Into full view of hUiidnilrln UanoM. C. W. \VeJ1a: It. A.,C*..* clerk. AT LuGrAINKSTILLK

Kt the experience which come from : mntn. A ulinllnr display but Iiayne worth-Inpcctors.J.: E. Hayne- without a atnglefailare. If yon _

;,rfflrf, office. Out of the I.".*") replle with varied antic. markA the lovemak- Kutott.worth.clerk.0.Y.. Uu.l/rooJl. J. E. U..,..; -oJ. \V. want a piano for a lifetime' j.

' favored preparation for the lug of other sorts of spiders, but this service buy 'he.N1a1huahek
{'only seven ; Santa Ke--In.i ector.: A. V. EKJ*. W. DUokler. Can sell
Tt bar to a lawyer om
: -Another striking rewiilt of thin Invee'tlgatlon rUkN, and It tnuy often happen( that Areber-In.r. torii: Cs W. Heuknt.ht.Iteth proved and unimproved ID, ,., .1Ul",
Itrown. W. M. t-mlth: A T. Duren. elerk.Arterton "' : I trucking and farming laDd' .
found /In the. niiMwcr.* to the suitor I !If hc proloiiwM bl* performance aim
|a. tho lively --lot>.otor Leone Soultb. J. a list of what you offer for H't'

q''jQBetlon* aa to the. proper degn-' of <>r thown' oft hl. polut of U.hooky U".Utco.! P.()lot-eo. ".Inxpeotorn..w; U. U.:Harvard J. .... Crown.e.erK. U. Price! aa low ac la eonJat c.t with qualltTCa "* hIz

.|i preliminary edurntlon n Mtinb'iit should porfoctlon too IMM-Mlatently. I I.* suddenly' W. L. lUrtou. T. .'. L).,,l ; C. W. McOonuld.clet .h or on easy t.rai.. Sent on 16 dais'
'pave before.nterlng the .btw at'hool. A M-lz4-, und devoured by hiss more muss I k. trial. We par: freljrbt. Write w.E.. 11AKER.ATTOUNK.
,, .
T".'onniv. -Ir>.peetora- II. F. M tth'w.. W.
/majority of the whole number urged cellar mute. O i mb1R.A.II.Ewci.ua-U.:; Jd. Clwwberlnin.clerk. for trrfce TODAY :Y-AT- LA
.tti.t.gxery one Inking up lulu ntudy of \\
J. D. Wa.lklnsJ ,Yo
'::1 the law should .IIII.Ic.lc' H full ndleKVOOre. A J(..' Krbuke/ Carter. J. II ITator; J. W. Smith. elerk. e. SOLICITOR IN CIlANi 1'i.

.; Of the i.lher n majority were A young bride wn Invited to n Poll win omen at H o'clock a. tn. and close at

.'\ la.faror of nt l,-nat two jour In col1 brldK whilst luncheon und after upending nunoetMy Ludden & Bates
order of the Hoard of Publta: Instruction GAINESVILLE.. hu (', .
, ..; Ttiero was n prnrtlriil utinnlruHy I it delightful II afternoon wa told by tlil-. the 6th due of June. led.. -
tbat the completion' of n four ).....r her hiMtewN that she was In debt $75. It. H. Wfc-KICM.. Cbatrtoan.Atte . Otlice in Eudel !{luck
_t: J I* K. LI.EV. "Seo. unit fcuit.NOTICK .
.bI b SX-hotd ooiirn** wn* the nbnolLtellnlmum Mr. .-, unnwnro that IIIbo hud been ---..- -- ----- --- Southern Music House

':' which wu* at all ncreptitble. plaj'i"K for rnont>y, wit horrified at OF ELECTION.An .
J. 11. ALlJE
j\ It ,wa ,th, general opinion that haw the idea of having' to ask her hu buud .election will t.ehl'lldln.beroble' SAVANNAH, GA DR. N.

ring\ once entere the law school, the for the neieinnry amount. Hintrlct, on T hll""" a). July 13. iw*. for the t ur-

'i young titan Mhould' give his entire time Rhe mournfully ronflded her woe to l>noe' hall of tteterojlnlnir se created a whether aleelal! tax or not.Uool acid rtltrlot dl.)*.- JOHN D. MURPHY, Mgr. DENTIST.Over .

'. work of the *.boot und not at'tempt ch fk ESTABLISH 1870
''.--.to the him and ho Immediately wrote n ( trlet. for the election of tbreo tru teen there
.:'' to combine It with work In a for $7 rate of tllate to be mweiMe*] and collectedtherein G'AITHER & BRYAN State Ag'tsTAMl'A.
',4 lawyer* oWr. nr. Indeed work In nny hoMtfiiM. believing that a mistake fur the nevt Mucceedlntr two yearn Dutton A Co a lean*. Oa:,.ern
Dottier place unleaa. that WMM nb.olutrlyeltAceaaary bad lM'n imulc. Informed him that he thereafter. loll. will open at a olook aridci.r.e }FLUKII. eD"
sit .liP\ The following named Ler.ooehave
; + to pay rls>iiiie. On laws hud sent $I."i4) too much. t-ren wr'ladntedn.le' / tor. of ald elea- -- --- -. - ---- ----- -- ----

:....y er declared" that It ua* a poor| ncbool Mr. -.- -, however returned It with lion Knltfbt.M.with" M. I.May.I. lUanton F. 1' *llenderkoo.. clerk.liv U W. LOW RATES

,! tiiat could not keep n nIndent btiny all the curt Mutcment that the $75 *"..t- order of Hoard of futile Instruction' tile UUKDON U. T1SOX.DKMTIbT..

1.; GMt time, and If a boy found himself In tad flue bridge Score end the balance the fttli dry tff June A. U.. II""ii.its .II. WFKICH.Cb'no. .

o;II8Cb a tichool<< he ought to leave It for wan tor bin \vlfe. lunt'llf"On.-N.w York Ud. Iut. ln.l'n. .

;.;.,... which could keep him busy.Chigo TltlKM. Attest.: J. U 1't.NOTICK Via Louisville & Nashville>

New. "
... Or ELECTION. Railroa
f. Will interest Many. omoe In Miller Law txcb:: i_kFLA -.
An: ejection will he held tn the hurt SpringsSchool !=
PITH AND POINT. Every person should know that good inktrlot on Thurwlay. July 13. IMA. for The following low round-trip rate OAleaavlw. .
the. |' irt --
; health I. linpossibla If the kidneys are acid. dlvtrtet shall be created a apnclaltax from Jacksonville to various. point .
''k<.A child 1. nlway niirprl.rd that you _.-- --- -
deranged "'ulp, Kidney Cure will MOhool iiutrlct. for the election of three truwtee ..
)'t know the washerwoman. at It*. therefor, and for the imrpone of deterwining North and Nest will be in effect oil
cure kidney and bladder dUease In every tlie rate of tnlllmre to h.* an e ked and dates hown. Proportionate/] low rate TilE WEST END
'vfcou_. oollerted therein for tbe next succeeding two
will build
| ;When: you throw n friend a t 11011f111t't. form and up yearn thcreaflei 1*..U. will open Ht f elook from other points FINE WINES, LIQUORS ClUAKS( ::
stmiRthen these rKns so they will and c.lo.e at ...un".'. The follow I nt, named person
f:Hon't throw It no hv will catch the have been appointed nieetora of .aldeleotloo 1'OKTLAND.OKKUON-Kate ISO.SO
: perform their functions; properly. No : U. W. Kaoterlin.' W. O Summer".M.t JOHN MEN'LIES.'ruprietor' "
:ttiorn In hi* .hMtid account Lewis ft. Clark Crnteonlal I .Fair.
dlabete. <. Kuttfht, within U. K. Oramllnir a. clerk.Hy .I..sal \V. tiay U.. J.el&lIUl1tllle t. a
.;: Hop 1* n progressive. gauie. One'* danger {right's. disease or order of ......rd of Public Inmrucilon this Ticket sold certain date May 23 to

tfOhMdrvu falling to ttetmine famoti, then It "'01..,'. Kidney! Curt I. taken in trAtnday of June. A. IX IMA.' Bept. 28. with final limit 9O days. .
It II. \VEKK Faust beer bottle and draught lion'stail
, n otlaltrogree.ri to the arrnlukllIdr..... time. J\V McCollum A Co. Cb'lO. ltd ......1. ln..fn.Atteatl HAN FRANCISCO and: LOS ANCJK- to call on in* when in Ja..I..IIIIIIme.

k'1U?;f s.. easy. for a woman to IH Iollic'; - - J.. L... KKLLKY. Sec. and hupt.NOTIO LKS. OAL-R.tr $10\1.80. Ticket sold .
k -
--- --- ---- -- -
.1. $11 she line tn do U, to unille. hut a NOTICE OK KMCCTION. KLKCTIOS.: certain date April 10 to August 14, 1 nclutlve -

\,,".au bee to smile and ruln hi* hut. An election' will !><% hrlcl In the Krlnvton", : or ; tlnal return limit tidays from MAXKRAUS ,
election wilt bo bold In tho Hawthorn vale exceed NOT. SO.
An dale of not to
.. U. hK-ft. fortlio
"H -l ln lrlol on i'hurwiayJut)
.' '1WoJT"har oboist thin future I I" liellev < ichool iMetrict l on ThurMtay July 13. 1\111/1. for
|''tr|''n.* of trrnttnlMr whether or nutvoid ,.. whether or not COLO. Rate : : : Representing
the torte of determining DENVER 44265. account >
Mill lx KhuMln' toiunrmw.Ch .
there .ll trt ...h"ol l .il.irt<.l. for th- .lr tudnranout.
you know thcnr MM none ) Ir.. threfnr. .IM! for thff i>..,.".iM of deterM.tt.loa *.,bool therefor dUlrk't.and for the for election the purpose of three of. deter-truetree Tickets old June 29 to E A. WElL & co. 5r:: ;:
children ,wml atMlvollrottM
If\ :; an haul on their the rata of nduage the Ieet.ueoe..ttn.f k.I.e > twoyrart lulnit the rate of mlllare to be *_ wotl nodoollerted July 80. inclusive ; dual return limit ,
'h..r.l" for
un the children Mrt young Mud when therein for the next .uec.oi two
at/clta! >. d.
lt will ul
thereafter. lS> OIM . ... ..u.olookanil August SHOES
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l>*.n piHilntcHl ln.i>e.t..re of ..M olme at eunarl. The nnklelection iwrcone BUFFALO; N Y.-Hte $3J E O. account
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