wind. bald '.$! The .t1'IIUo,.. .. f
true and sUl .w about profit ofly
hlp'a. cargw here. Owing to eiUtlu by President! Henry C. I'op. of 8t drove up li. lb. attire of Jobs II J'.", .-sUDlat.. '
trouble between the sailors' union and I'aul. )(inn Thfprtnelpal! rallruswt seven knot. nlfl,t n. 134 (1..111.! Street II* ....IIt.w.d I ..,..alt.-tJ. ,If .I1T .nit btiaer.ttyooadutte4.
At II o'ciock bcau "t Ib0. sit M tIll 110
: I. flora
the loacaboremen'a union. Captain of the United: Slates are represent Into IbO back yard and a few mla- teslrlrt
the llcbtublp tomhi' b tI.. *d by pest lIeUOfl
Pleree had been tbrf'atf'Df'dth\ a at the nieotlofMayor at later waa found 4a4.Wir IOU' than tI.. '
boycott by the sailors If be employed CbamblU, of Chattanooga waa i made could no' '.. S*ea truta .. .. pr' Ue wf t "hl't'al 1'.A..4 /III

Tacoma longshoremen and hence bad I delivered! the address .of welrocw. shore .le,a "ecod Broken similar pun f

Ured a. crew at Settle.. which was responded to by M. J. Han May II -Tb. I'aelfl*
\l\Vhem the st'-. tner arrived in portboat O'lxary, of Sew York. B.,erml soar Steamer duck .M lh. Sand. toast rfO"Ofe for "long distance witw N.Ore Killed 1t1 a'.v.tor.AUa.a .

200 long' iiorvoien boarded bet mlttee-s were! appointed and a f.w com Now Yofk. May It.- ,A'< 31 'clOt'lI laws teUcrapblitr! ba ta "roll.... U ...ItJoba. '''ele:''_". a 1
this UM>tn\uf\ tb. Cunaro o" ....A... a".ro bf, fa old wet
Vm.ed. clubs billies! an4weapona. e.ugAl
with mlttee reports lub llUf"d. I. claimed, by a. wrrete4 m_.AC4 In ;
Ja er Tb. 4'a"U" wen were This afternoon will be spent by tb. er Coronla, wblcb sailed > I..r rr.l*.4 from 31S mre oat at sea lb. rise. Jack W'fl.ol's stag M.
tea wherever found and some- :., del'1CatNbIUDC tile jMriata of hl.U* lrra.oi for fj erp.<-,1. a 4is4iM Tb. ramanmlraikm! tame from (b. ,.. al. J 00 .t,..., sod bia Ara. e,

were fired b! fore order was r. le / abuut ihe cltjr sad bAil e.. I..t paseanger tl' .... ..,111Ilruua" tb* g.,..r.III..t transport Hoiarai, a he tuned r... re.rti..l.

no4. ..sM>as will b* bid! afsjo tomorrow opposite tit" ;taac hook b.seve. -It kit left Uii. port )Id., and wenree.lred Wb.s rs4y belt hsepttal ....'..'I.n... I t watTic.
Two lugs }.r. ttj.r-i 'a pot tiM .. wsa .....1, Tbr rwW
and Friday. >'*r ibo n*{ .acnCl'Ur detector kam t'uy
Ea.n.rstes Railroad.Pa liner off In. 1M II II. TO. .14 M *. Th. Kit made, U It I I. [ .tfjnlfl'.tr the ....,c t t.,,

'ftarrtaburg, nay 1S. -Tn ror at Ja'IoMftYllte.B1nolacbarn. No data**. u 't. t tp U frar .*M al Ik* U.r.i Watk p, WMI wbearoti'afeslIos Sad head through the wlnAar ,
Ibla afternoon returned a Ned Meeting P 4. as tb* tottotn la taa'' art of thetbua.t wMigbtr air its., 'r"r'
Jury sundla
) ass held wllft the |W>.Uiaat < '. .,
':a.. May Is Tbsutlx ....4.
rdlet MieraUiui the Prnne7Ienu annual even..Uoa of tho tfsgtb J. .wet said.Chna. a 4Ui.jBc
company from any blame lot 4tem Wli rt- ..,.. arwel.Ito.. ---- ICJIWI'OUHo aJ& w*..k.> ego. 145 apart barnsr.' the
Boats Harrisbur duajt r .rat an "e"IM His Uwue.tit. ba+ Ile ran .aa
which iaN bn In. S.s_Iota at tb. Hill tb. I
I irrday la which 23 time. were '*.> UmU. May U.J . White Girl A/resU for Burglary.Na l.OwfJag .Ife y .... hiJ. y
tsaa betel for tb. pout two 4.,., *4 d4 ok 3tusd.y, 7
strop that 1M person* were isJelin of U* CnU'4 $ 4.. court ha ..b.;):>" T.... Va, II- .A* aAipfk .
jwra d ysst lay It was aaaaisitti 4 '- "-.
r I. W1SIt ..;0..6& sc Jest aan L.blsg clinac wa* resvc a..4 k.. to '
I If decided 14. hold tk* a..w mmluff M M'I<''wqy Ctagl.f.d.
QtUIlto4lD I.rkt'"d luUrns t..U.atlo'ttee.
p.Jkw ofa. tbetu
nre.t1eg It Ja MiUKeirs Dawa'iter Dead. a of to day U ',I. M .uru) p.ttenuarj' .. tact has. '....- .,' ...... eosmltt.d J.IWe het of tor 3147 Uq'bA
r.. '
dfaaapdta, Mar 1 1 -'Marie. the tdartgbt.r Beat Wife (. D atK. lot ,.*...Jn' a r. .-d 110 141a. city wIe "alia. tlKmm, r.r'..styy 1' He.

of Jobs )tttcb :t {"o'J'oln'bIA.: 8. C. "a r II %. E4V: .. to tstats his: 4...... .II., .ttrY'IIC .t.IM1UII1K. :. & l2ioar-old air, w.* arnat.M os .led a 10 taatpktad I" altnw.... O'

kt ei1 t*. Utllted.Mla. Worker a-'(! ...'tI1' Hal s.gte, tbot at kl .I'.C Islld Jotp ......,.. eharg. e1 .....e..m. AQI ,Iastasy. II, A, 1I.lU.tsdiois. a1 ah

fi.dtiTr at Svrtac VaJ>7r HI .J ...1. eta A, kt Cafltsc: titrla that tie r.t.atka at bia .o.'w was atotter n. .....ilaa bed Pt1.as4'4t'tsaartiabfl Mr,. it u. boa .t flo11d4w 1 111'tcbeli waa atirtlagItisasYltriaf bee b* fro+.44 t* blest hilt tod.atb of rHglog sad be .w .. /let yf&k tar Mr a&I.. :>bb. .. ,Met If.. aa4 a4 daplblthfa. t

l wbelt b. r c f r4 tbs wttb tM .....,... A doter atto !rat pdeawr wbo ,... ...... ..a..dIR Nkr+w ......... ral4aledr. / tact. \r ,I. t..IUI..or c.PrS.L..on...ata fie..: "ra a
ttl' "'*e Is$;Ibtl iass+lr lbs. tiwaM I). gogaa 'WM 1rM'11"' Ilolmtad I.U. tilt Ihatt_ yaalttMf7, Irb.1h..?.pt. b lld. kr ,a. Ilad 1bat1'tlNtaiaei: ,.," \\0 1 : :":'. Y"OIIII'"" '" ,"-, , ,JI.f.'t!.f ,
t .
'! [V' .6f>'x'". (, ....; pw&Ap.-i&Myi.v, ,. ..
sr.....,JI..I% .', ."r.. I"r .,. c' ) ,
,', . ' .'. ' 1( ,

.f, ...

.y, 4y .. .. .. . ,





Natives Attacked Hut at Night and .
A mother wrote us recently Robbed and Murdered. ,
that she had to keep Scott's Chicago Hay 13.-Word of the!

'. death of Lester C. Winterton. as the
Emulsion under lock and key
Educational BilLPaesed result of a night attack by native robbers
-her children used to drinkit atWady Haifa Soudan, has been The Standard Naval Stores Company of ;

by the Senate. whenever her back was received by friends in Chicago. Win

i terton, beaded a prospecting party Jacksonville, Florida, are now prepared tll>
/Y LIBEL BILL TREATED COOLY turned. Strange that children which started from London several

should like something that is months ago for Soudan. According to contract with independent producers an-1-I
letters just received from Wady Hal-
Wife) -General Dicklson Granted Re.
'' =T-o ,,;. so good for them. It's usually fa, Winterton and an assistant named
ief-: Oppose Ice Trusts-The the other Scott'sEmulsion Bow don were asleep in their hut the will pay flat Savannah prices for Rosin and i; I

fancy Bill it Pasted-Several LegalMatters way.
night of :March 18, when two native
makes children ; delivered at either Jack
Passed thieves entered the place and attacked Spirits Turpentine ,

,t, Tallahat.e May 18.-The Senate had comfortable, makes them fat them was axes.VIDterton and Bow. Free of '
t don fought desperately, but were sonville or Fernandina. storage.
$ ; a round oat of the pension bill yes'ter* and rosy-checked. Perhapsthat's
knocked senseless '
day, and when they had finished the tl '
; why they like it so The thieves then ransacked the insurance or commission charges. We are
ry._ bill was cold In death, so far as that
house for gold and falling to discover
know it makes
body was concerned. much-they any fled. also prepared to make liberal advances. Investigate
Passed the Senate on third reading
them feel good.We'll .
Bowdon recovered, but "Winterton,
k ., Senate Bill No. 160; by Mr. Blount, tend you a sample the whose injuries were far more serious : our methods of shipping in tank
to for the sale guardians ,
an act provide by
a died 11. lie 36
of the real estate. of their ward. "SCOTT DOWN E. 409 purl Street Saw York. age.on April was yearsof cars-it will save you lots of money. For '

Senate Bill,192. by Senator Crill. an

act relating to guardians and author- the time for holding the terms of Growing Aches and Pains. further information apply to

ising certain charitable or benevolent the circuit court in and for the
Mrt. Joi /Sumner Bremond Tex:
:: .
corporations to be appointed and to act Eighth judicial circuit of the State of
write*, April 15, 1902: "I have usedBallard'
as guardians of minor children and Florida, was indefinitelypostponed.Mr. .
Snow Liniment in my familyfor STANDARD NAVAL
r validating all such appointments here. Huckman's bill authorizing writsof STORES CO
S : three year I would! not be without *
tofore msde. error and appeals to the supremj. ,
It in the house. I have used it on
The bill appropriating $15,000for two court In civil and criminal cases to bj h
little girl for growing pains and
yean for the Tampa Mld-Wlntbr Fair made returnable to a day In term or my Jacksonville F1a "
aches In her knees. It cured her right' _
1' '
be held between November 1st and
to vacation of said court to regulate the
, way. I have alto used it for frost bitten .
March 1st of each year was passed by time of filing briefs, to require the _ n
feet, with good success. It is the
a vote of 17 to 8. advancement of certain oases pendingor "
best liniment I ever used. 25ooOc -
On special order Senator Iiarris'resr to be brought therein and to author
and tl 00. Sold by W. M. Johnson
olution relative to printing supreme lie said court to provide, by special Gainesville Fla., and J. C. Bishop PRICE LIST _' _

" court reports was read. He discussed order for the speedy submission' and Alachua, Fla.)
. .OF.
: It thoroughly< and spoke of how the. hearing ol such oases, was ordered

original printing contract failed and. Italian Towns Flooded.
poke of an action for damages Mr. Klrkland's bill providing for the New York May 18.-Most of the EUREKA WINE E & LIQUOR CO
rivers In northern and central Italy
Senator Harris offered an amend sale of tax certificates at a reduced are overflowing owing to almost continuous

meat to his own resolution,eliminating valuation, under certain conditions,
m ss: the clause preventing future awarding was engrossed.The rain during the last six days, THE TREAT SOUTHERN fAIL ORDER HOUSE.
acording to a Rome dispatch to the
of contracts to present State printer, bills introduced -
following new were EXPRESS PREPAID.
Herald. The Po has Inundated the Full Quart Measure

which was adopted. r town of Moncallerlm, a abort distance
The resolution was put to a vote and To prohibit the shooting of alligators from Turin. The inhabitants hare Per Four Six Per
Gallon Quarts Case
etrrled. in Spruce creek ; to regulate holdingof abandoned the lower part of the town. Itatchett'Prtnt.e Stock . . .. ... .. .. ..,... .. k 00 Quarts M 00 boo eat o0
Senate Bill 210, an act to amend' primaries to protect birds ; Hacbett'eThat'.Whlskey. .. .. ..... .... '" . ..... .. 460 4e0 11110 ,,3,1i!
; game
The towna of Aleasanda Valeasa. and . "
Ha\Cbeu'.OId Rye. ... . . ....... 820 810 11110
Section 2264 of the Revised Statutes of to prohibit formation of Ice trust. Padua have also been flooded. Bridges Eureka N. C. AI'Ile Brandy. ......... .. .. .......... 475 476 490 700( 1400
N. . .... ... ... .....
C. A 'pie .
HraDdy. .. ...
t.; the State of Florida, relating to po.t-I State messsges read and House ad. In Venice have collapsed and a number Eureka .. .. .. .. '". ...... .. ... 3 400 2t 8 4 rM1 00 (IIi i:00 II 70
ing signs, ringing bells at road cross I jourced until to morrow at 11 a. m. of cattle have been }urekaN.C.Pe.eblJrandy. .. ..... ....... ........ .. 475 4711 700 1400
swept away. N. C. .... .......
rA Peach Brandy- .. ......... ... .. 3 RS 32ft 9 .0
Jugs, and relating to speed in cities or - Eureka S. C. Corn... . .. ......... ..... ......."... 3 2t 8 211 4.IIA M 1970
read third NEWS FROM WILLISTON. Failure.Cosben Eureka N. C. Cora RX .. ....... ........... ...... .... 3 tlJ a00 1900
Incorporated towns, was Concrete Ties a Eureka N. C. (;O'D. XXX ... ...................... :976 175 4u50 8 80
/* time and passed ... Ind., May 18.-The Lake JoUrelraN.C.Cofn.XXXX . ... .... ........ . ... .... 2f1t) SI\O 3711 7ermltas. \
i Interesting Budget of Notes From Old Crow Bourbon. .. .. ... .. .. .. ............. .. ... 4iO 4 1\0 131\0\
4 After several amendments to Mr. Shore and Michigan Southern railroad H Rye .. .. .. .... . .. 4 fit) II 6
41'0 18110
Wartmann's bill had been That Progressive Town. has decided that its experiment with MUDDY Shook Rye . .. . .. . ......"... ... 3.5 3 75> 8'IS M 11 30
y armory Sunny Brook &our d1a.b . ....... ... 3.11 3 75 11 30 ,
! passed the bill was ordered engrossed Willlston, May 11.-\lfI.! R. D. Med concrete ties has been a failure and Ecbo 8prlnll'.' . .. 4) 455 6 II till 110 ISIS a 1
fink . .. . ..
Velvet .
_ .... .
_' '-A franchise was granted to the Sin and daughter Mary, have gone to all that have been put down east of Oak and IItWl 1125 7M 111'1'0 ,
3.! 4(0 e00( 1900
Manatee Light and Traction Com Suwannee Springs to spend awhile for here wll lie removed. The companyis

sny. the former' health.Mrs. now at a loss to know what to lain From #.;)O to 3.50 Per Gallon, Delivered.

Senate Bill 182, by Senator Oillen, Dr. }Hick has just completed a substitute for wood ties, because the twelve Save I.beh twelve of label".\.beU'.Uld. of Hatrhett'i Rye end Private..eeure Stock a bottle and Save a bottle twelve free.labe.18 Save of

f'ic empowering county boards of public handsome cottage and moved into It. latter are becoming more scarce each Hatebe.Tha" W ht.key and toeeure a bottle free. Save twelve labels of Eu-.lIa
N. C. Corn and
secure bottle
a free.
\It, instruction and trustees of special tax Rev. Norwood of the Baptist churchat I year and the supply Is Is feared will Brandy aDd secure one bottle free. Save Save twelve twelve labele labels of of Eureka Eureka Mats N.and 0 secure Apple
this will leave for be exhausted in a few more one bolUe frlte. Prlee. of sn.oads boullbt a' eODlPany'. tot me
\ school districts to establishkinder-, place Monday years. tbaD .beD d..f'r.d. So eh"rlle for ))1111'". 'IOS..or dr.s."e. All.are or per bottles canoe lees
Mertens under certain conditions, wasBill Nocatee, where he will marry Miss ; -- full lIIe&llure... All .tandard brands.of .bl.ltl.. 10014 over 1117 bar a' IOu my per drllllr-IO are
| from 1& Ie." 6 for YOU. All .In. qUO\f'
OD aN.II.\lon.
"' ad third time and passed. Harris of that place. Their future : Terrific place With Death. liquors. than tboae Quotf' SIKCtul! price.. on larlle
,senate 183, by Mr. Trammell!, home will\ be at that place. I "Death wits fast .ppro.chlnl"wrltt'l Money refunded If ruodr ootsatkfactoryEUILFLt

iyct to prohibit certain educational The Willlston( Manufacturing Company Ralph Jo". Fernandez of Tampa, "'1.., WINE LKJUOR COMPANY,
; .
in tuition* from maintaining prepare Is turning out a vegetable/ basket detcribing his fearful met with death, STREET. JACKSONVILLE )LA.CLYDE .'

w in'tlV.i.rtU>collegiate, sub.freshman that is hard to beat. They are run "as a result of liver trouble and heart

t '' at'iry "aVJnlo departments, regulating ding full capacity and it I.i with some di I..ea" .e, which had robbed ma of sleep .. -- -- -

and aoade\f study to be maintained didloulty they furnish and fill their or. and of all interest in life. I had tried LINETRI'GPEEgLY I

tlii coUrt 'uUon., and pro.ld Inll that der*. many different i doctor and several l medicine .

by said InijkCertaln' high schools shall Mr. Williamson of the Seaboard Air ., but !got no ItenetU. until I beganto

diplomas ofVtlder thereof to admission Line is getting In some good work for ue Electric: Bitter Ho wonder .: ,
entitle the l\S II class of the several his line soliciting shipment of vegetables fill) wan their effect that in three day .:.\_

, to the fre hnfl jail l Institution, was' from this point. There are I felt like! a new man, and today I am

tI"te educstlli'ne! and paed,21: to 3. about three) to four car of cokes leaving cured of all my trouble. Guaranteed ,
I at all drug sturrs ; price fitte.
rd the third hilt to amend Hection this place dally, and they are abont .J

Senator Hams "An act to provide equally divided between the two Fugitive Chased Arcund the World. ..
road. If the condition continue favorable "
4338)) orklng and repairing
It). Chapter New York May 18.-When K. Ka
there will to at least six: cars -
for establishing. public roads and pla, a native of Honolulu, who arrived
tin 1 maintaining t counties of thisbridges leave here Monday for market. her' on the steamer Ctnlrlc in custody

of the sevtlKttte 'e penalties for There are twelve irrigating plant of Sheriff Henry C. Vi
It and to |>r roved May ?!{I, here now, and with this Innovation I ohiltt ho will have completed a trip BETWEEN -

(failure thereof," ; ird time and other sections will hardly to able to around tho world more than half olfthich Jacksonville and New York .

1hMS> wa read the compete with us. It i I. a question of wa made a* a fugitive from Calling at CHARLESTON S. C., both ways.

pa'ted. itroducvd byKaliie only a short time when we will compete justice anti the remainder as a prl.on- Jhe Finest Steamship in the Cotstwlie Service .:;

The following wer< with Sanford for the celery er. Kapla, is charged with the larcenyof

+ content i ', allSenator trade. With plenty of water this is J15.1H O) bond in Honolulu. Clyde New England and Southern LinesDirect

Ma.*ey-T by county easy. -.- --. -- Service Between JACKSONVILLE.
and :
This section I II totter adapted ford I I- Cotton Fire In Alabama Town.
school warrant IIiU for ,vduca PROVIDENCE and All Eastern Points, ;
I Opelika. Ala.. May 18.-One of the
"botrd of public Instruct versified crop than any section In the Calling a' Charleston both way' .. 1
liottal purpoee. \t. combi* State. moat disastrous Ore In the historyof : SE::U- w :liEKL Y SA LINGS ',

Suator nlll..n-To prntllonsof sale of Cleared for Action. thin city occurred about 1 o'clock Southboand . . ...... . . . . . . From Lewis' Wharf, B.ton t
elatlvwlng thin morning when the warehouse otlUrtow Northboond..... ... .. .. .. . From Foot of Catherine It.. Jacksonville:
manufacturer .t When the body I I. cleared for action, Smith,. containing about 900 .

Ice, or trust or comblitattto f' 'It doe by Dr. King' New Life Pills. .you can bale of cotton, wa' burned. The damage .t.

hlppiog of Ice and re' tell It by the bloom of health on the .Is estimated at between fJO.OCK} Clvde St. Johns River Line .:.:: ;

drillers to give full weight. ttion cheeks ; the brlghtne.. of the eye ; the and 140,000. It is understood that toe Uetweert JACKOONVILLK end 9ANFOPID .;

Senator McCresry-Joint M, Rrmnea of the flesh and muecle; the building and about $00 bale wen in.urea. Stopping' PtUtka. Astor SI, Francis. B4'rt'tford (l"LandancS la&4nnedla. '..

(,ropoaing amendment to S buojanoy of the mind. Try them. At Landings on 8t. Johns River

Article 8, of the Coiulitutlon. all drug .tore.. 2&! d. Steamer :"CITY"OF JACKSONVILLE 'V

to municipalities, u Warning.You It appointed toad ) a. follow i Leave JACKSONVILLE "

Senate adjourned till 10 a, t Jap Sword' for Roosevelt I cannot have good: health unless aDd Thursdays, 8:30 p. m. Hl'tDrnil1., leave SANFORD Sundays Mondays, Tneadaya''' ',11,

morrow Heading. "'a.. May Is.-Rev. Dr. J). your kidneys are sound, for lh. kidney 1Vednesdays aDd Frld.,.. 8a. a. m. ,
I In the House.TiUahas.e. "---.s, t
Schneder.. a. missionary of the Reformed I filler the blood of impnriti. which Mr...."... IC11CIL1.1'. Yooab.aht '

... May 18.-The a church, who tia. just arrivedhere otfcrwi act as Irritating poison and Lea.., .:1'10' pm. . . . . .. . . Jarksoavllle . 2M.
t 1-66 . . . ... .. . .
transacted business a. follow : from Japan after! some yea.ru1 tI I break down the delicate organs of the pin Palatka..Leave
." 1OO.m. . . . . . . . . ,
The libel bill came UII" I i body and cause serious trouble. If .'nor. . . .. . . e0pas
Avery t-"Dt'fI from the tatted State you 4am . . . . . . . fit. . 1
after Mr. Julian had poke against rought with him a roaxnlflceot! .wonl.e have kidney or bladder trouble and do . . ... . . .)krvsford Fnftei DrL.ndj . . . . y100 paa':
( . . .
Mr. Avery for the bill it wa InJuitolv gift of Ie4ln Japanese offlctala.b I not o*. Ki>leie Kidney Con. you will Artir.a:8oam . . . . . . . . .SAnford . . 1:00pm'

t postponed preente to President KouThe **- :, have only your*.If to Mara for r.- _.__u 10W am..:. ',' ': . . laaW.rpI: ::: : : .. . ::::: .:.80...
--- - .
.all .. ,.. all forms 10:00 ala'
.V bill for the relief of Mr. Mi *, a. j it |wt *it vely cu!! ofkidney _
Q .
: preueataUo will take aUceOy. O.Y ER..AL PAM. AID
and bladder dieeaee. Sold by . _TICKET_ OFFiCE,1'.2_ W BAY sT,
.ub.tb; Hic"l.uo. widow of tieoei e I I''J .. JACUOfVtL-U'_ .
ll..iI\D. wa' pMed after much!! diV'vSecV \V McCollum A Co. W, Go r.CVt.)1"UI.K.I1IOX'MO"'GtJt..l1L.Jr ......, ....."...Lc..e.. r.- Act. trt : W.., i54,5;:, Ja.k.ew.melCs j
.. . .. .. c. P. U 0
caniori. -- -- -'-'-" A.C.ItAG&TYOpat.n'ar.seaAat r .., BCIC"u .u..", Jaekw svW.. ".. rrJ.t..a..r" ,:

,, 1 I' t* lloue substitute, to amen! ) t. TH:4. l). &Ot.R.,1.; .NewTera. ttce .""".A 1CY.,
l t 1.4 :Wt and IMU of the Uevie4 Hiatr. 11 C'lacrry C4tora.'bCQ o. .ra1 & r. p. CLYDE 00.. :

\ of .'kn.di. relating to va.raaU, threatened with consumption. It .C. ..s.eo.. 1IiIIICdIu, n ttw..wrest,N..T.D.n1 .Ac-aaa. 'f''1 "
ir tup4>b.l ion of the rule, wa i controls thccov.cbaUays Inflammation '(

,. >..e4, This bill was offer...! by the ers soothes heal Even In '
wltie. a* a ublilut for nine va '1'
advanced It sometimes
} + "''''coJ btU) tntrodu el la the' Haute cases Advertise in THElJ ;

I ply in the *.e ioa.. w torts ahravt rettttrves.i'0 .

t )leCfta".11 to nacnibe L .... ." .. . .

.L1V .. ::0_.. .y rl4. .....:p'f;; Ll' "" -.: :..:,.." 1.j ,:j., '.\),* .1t ti.1. ,,?j \....vitt j i.}:;; '\t \;' 1 l", \ -,.,. ''',j'

I/,! e.. .
.. \ ( \ < '. .'

?', p THE DAILY SUN 1: GAINESVILLE, FLORIDA, MAY 1 19, 190I 3' '" '

L. .

; EXERCISES zomulsionC I PROFITS OF THE DUMP. PEL MOWPETI 'S jflHBBCartt. Cholera Infa tism, + ;
--- ---
DUrrhoes. sad tar
for ;
Co.saptloaTrl.l Good >loner Intaay Old ThtagaThat ,
Soft(. Fr.. I t>r Mall Bowel Troubles of CMIdrtn//
BEGIN TONIGHTjfimberly'a 0..._. C.,, .. 1P\a. at.... 1. 1 .Art Tbrunn Anajr. ,
1 Jig.. Aids Digestion" I
"1 jret." 1'1,1! a I'hlhiilelphiu ilumpviss 1 tf/ty I ;

4 ( $ jivivi>. fo rent and, the: ill. Regulates tM BowalaStrmSth.era .
Policemen Arrested for Perjury. I>i .al of any luiu|" of \itliiiv. > fcrIi the Child & MSSSls '
Class Will Open C'u\'iuJHm' Ga Max IS :N.; littlaf I'lnans I. fur u' ,+tu11re. l 1\\ I m: It, meIf _(TEETH I NG POWDERS)) ] Ir'I'HINQ

mmencement Work. X.It'II''U' as cnafl In r, m r tae! tlicx. arc iliiii! |>.>
:airt'M of l'. f of Police lira !ttlyd r [;0- 1'1"1 tty. |HIIII.\; out of them. i '> are Mother Hesitate no longer but save the health and ltf 0 of

I hannon and Policeman\ r.V.. Skelton.! tunnil. you ki.iiw. Into tin .>.. :,TK and Y6THlNA as thousands have done by giving these ponAVe(( .
PROGRAM A GOOD ONE on warrants charging;: : them with' perjury so forth Is easily given and quickly counteracts and ov.r.>
.. Some the effects of
the summer's hcatuponteethingchlldrea.E1CE1T1iBL2
i ; in t'onl1f'c'lllIwith th.* recent sensational fork are iinother |.cT<|iuilltp of

imposed of Choice Literary Se- . .. .
I gambling: \ rata in this city. luine. Many and many ink ad\ \ broken ---- - - -- --- -- -- - --

Ions. Which Will be Handled by a They were plsTced! under $111 I 1 bonds buttle on this iumt! .lulll l n Kcork! lu : : : 91f387D: 1SOO.

umber of the Brightest Young Ladies Both have been on the police force It. I ;;et S cout-i a |K>uiul i 'r all the ar t

for a cumber of years" and .stand well ClTkH I nll.l.
!, and Gentlemen in the City.Theeommeneementexercises , H.F.DUTTON&CO.HKAI.KKS
,u It 1 the community. "OM hlio''s are "' 'rr tikes t M' to be
I aolil.. Ttiey have always mu* uwl .
: of East I
Stars .. '.''-th.- iie! the in-lop that
( | -e over ---- ; : IN-: i,
.jrida Seminary promise this :year to GeorgiEa tern. Meet.
can Iw usi>ii, ncain., : The s111.t,1..r;! pieceof i
the most successful inter- :Macon <;a.. May IS.-The grand
tr>hHl leatherut' out of idem art Sea Islao..d OottOD.
chapter of ih Kasteru Star Masonsmet
ting and enjoyable in the history of wade tutu, purses amivrlM!1.1.> .
Institution Elaborate preparationsi at the hall of Macon lodge! No. 5. "KtfKNlielN nU have \ ulii.Some- m

i been made for the occasion and on Cotton avenue In this! (city and a thtutf like t."U.IUI pouiuU "( icohehare Sea Island Cotton St'l'l1. Bagging and Twine. walrus t,

ere ia no doubt but that the eCerise ]large: number of lady members of the tlst..1 l every year III the rn.inma.'tutvuf leather in Strips Sides
order from all sections of I the state . or a
will be largely attended through- kid glover and print eali' > '-
were prt'flE'nt.Irs.: :Mattle May I>el- "!>i> jou law tln...e einhti'i u
it the entire course. kin of Atlanta, grand matron of the there1'ell, each of th...-..' !ImrreU Manufacturers of the James DOIK; Improved l English a. ,

:, The ceremonies will begin this evenIng order presided at the sessions of to eoutuliM its -iwu "1I1'1t'1..I. .,N..i>rtxl Sea Island Cotton Gin and Supplies for Same. a

with an elocution exhibition by day. ( 1IIII'kt'tlll111I1\ ,,"':t'. I:1.I: h will

lia Wimberly's class, with the following I sell'lien "114..1111 a trinxl |>n r 'l'hro GAINESVILLE. FLORIDA. USA
Railroads In the Philippines .
Interesting program : are, I believe llftyweveii.nirtii" ofUuirketHltle .
Washington, May( 18.-Secretary iluuM1-1! and M>IIII< duupayield -- ---
Introduction and March . . Roebuck
Misses Taft has postponed until :'\u" 1 next all the varletle*. .Mm>> > u>Ulstweutyiteveii.

Wimberly. the date for the opening of bids flit ."I'bllailelphlii. 1'1..'..+. AtRACt4
Trial of Jack . . . Fox, Jr. REALTY COMPANY
Miss Majy Baird. the construct f rallrads in the Philippines. ; i.

[Oh Dry Those Tears . . . . . .Rlegr The prSpectus setting out the THE PORCUPINE.
Miss Herbaria Perry. conditions to govern the bidding will -- (X oorPOr..te: 1.1 i

ollege Oil Cans . . . . . . . . . .'. be promulgated within, a week. The !. 11U '.'''Ine For .u nn %<-.iiilrr oratural' TnvlrfSomo E. E. VOYLE MO R.
Miss Julia
Wainwright. secretary meantime will accord a hE'ar.1 I a

Morning Invitation . . . . . Veazil ing to representatives of certain[ interests : 111"1"III.. weru cmupiiii In the Abstracts of Title and full information furnished regarding laud la this
Misses Oliphant Dempsey. which[ desire changes In tho Adlromlrtek several I years 11.on county. Our manager( ha lived<< In this eounty thirty years auiIs .
:Mr. Whitney. breaking i-ain|) In the autumn left an thoroughly conversant with land titles
original plans. .
ie-Village Seamstress.Wiggine:' old till which win saturateil with .

Miss Belle Sadler. $2,000.000 for Panama Canal. I unit 101'1...". On retnrnlut tit the unine E. E. V a Y LE.

Last Hope . . . . . Oottschalk ramp the next year they Cuinul that .
Mill Mary Lee Oliphant. I New York,, :May 18.-Plans for the the tub had! |HHII tna\ve'l until, little t>tIt FIRE, ACCIDENT HUROl.ARAND INDEMNITY IN URANOF.. Rpr

[.,Angelina Johnson . . . . . . Dunbar enlargement of the terminal and duck was left. They were nut l long lu findIng settling number of prominent American and English oompanlss. .
Mis Ida Little. I' facilities at Colon and Panama and out whnt animal bail iloun. the REAL: ESTATE! AND WrY LOANH.GAo:1.D..AA .

:Virginia of Virginia . . . . .River the double tracking and re-equipment i I work f r'tbt rump wan, overrun with : V ills. I a .B'lorida t 5

Miss Mary Streeper. of the road entailing an exependltureof Canadian I.orruplu.n.. At nlclit they . .. -.... - ... . ---.---- ... ..---..-
Open Thy Lattice .. . . . . .Gray approximately $2.000.000 were al" I I .....'.nn.. such a inilmict that the .."ml\.
Miss Nell Dempsey. proved by the board of directors of ers wer obllgeil to kill tbiiii to protect G. S. MERCHANT & GO.

.)Id Billie. . . . . . . . Pyrnelle the Panama Railroad company at a their proix-rty. The bundle 1 uf a paddlewas
Miss Annie Walker. meeting held here. gunweil half thnniRh. Retailers and Jobbers In ,
Chorus. : The >xpl"nntloii of their .pr.wenre In

{ The following student compose theluating surh renders during that >" ,Ir. when
class, the exercises to be Danish Bark Run Ashore they bail not .IMII untlecatily ahutulsntlu Staple and Fancy Groceries "h

eld Wednesday evening of the coming Atlantic City N. J.. May 18.-A dl* the irevloiiw" yenr, I I. tbm 1 they bad ,
patch received at the maritime exchange made u reiulexvou1 of the rump, belnnattrairetl
|week. : station here from Lung llranchsay 11)l thf old "brine tuh. On Grain, Garden Seed and Fertilizers. '
Allen Graham W. K. Zewadikt, W.
that the Danish[ bark Bertha from this th.'y feasteil all willIT! aiul for
C. Whitney F. 8. Roux, O. M. Jaco- that ..... l with SOUTH HIDE SQUARE i t i GAiNESVILLE KLOHIDA
Rio[ 'Grande for New York went ashore .1..0111'1'" greatly pI'-imM
>I i. Mis Elsia Smith Nit Mary Ha. the Uxallty.An \ Highest market price paid for Chlokens. Kggs and other Prudu.
during the night off that place. Her 1'V
ita. crew of eight men were landed by the lnter,'..tln t query| IN Dili la the A complete stock of flay Corn Vats Flour, Kran Meal, Cotton (8ed! Heal
A cordial invitation I. extended toe liking for alt an IIc.'ul..1 III n nntnrnl hand's'
: I breeches buoy. Tintiertha Is loaded and \VII only the VERY RENT good at the LOW.
public. The exercises will be held I in tasteVen. they ever Alilf to gratify EAT PRICED, and guarantee satisfaction always.; t4"tL
with hides She Is lying a danger
In the Seminary chapel and will begin' that tn-te to any extent In-fore taco. >
[ I
ous position. i I '
gave them n c-hmti-n do .,, HI. NUliola -
it 8 o'clock prompt.APPROACHING.
JC.t..b1.1nec:1: l U7uaFOUTTO
___ u '. a
Fought Flood with Dynamite.
( NUPTIALS. Th. 110......._ Ira.....
Lima, 0.. May IS.-Dynamite was : & CO.TS3RT
IIen I I. an explanation: uf the old .
Two Popular Young People of This used here to blow up the blockading!
borM*..h supenitltlon Mt '
banks! of a new channel rut for theOttawa :
City Will Soon be Wedded. was a skilled farrier. One day
river In aid of Lima's new at work: In bill forgo tin devil litered i -
Invitation are out announcing the $: ooo0o reservoir.[ Heavy rains have In llsKuiM mill re-jueiitiil Iunilaii to :B A ERS.! 1

approaching marriage of Miss< Maria, : brought down a deluge of water, which[ shoe bin "sugl! b >of." 'I he saint, although I

daughter of Col. J. A. Carlisle to Kev. ; the channel could not accommodate and he r.Hf>gnlxeil I hi. malign cue'

Wm. H. Hargrove which event ..ill'' hundreds of acres of farm lands and tooter, ntHtxlml, but I'U 11I1..1 l.lni so lx a neural'kiaakla lw..la_. but and ..U VurcVra sad Doa.aiM Ks......
that 4T..esl.of baaha, baaksr..0'""......'.._. f., **,., ...,...... six! ..%krsr
transpire on Wednesday the 31st inst.. oil lands are flooded b -)ood the high mud pant during the! o1'crallou| .".l..d oa favof able .._ "IH* Ial 'M.Uu.. r, aiakle. .041_..... e. ul "z
at high noon, at Kavanaugh Methodist water mark.Eagtt.h Satan lagged him to lst. Tills HI.I ..).e.aile. ixtlau. .-. Ualt4 .
Cborch. : _ _ >un tan UUl. but only after Ii.. had
With a frrtx-K r- IUb. I made the evil Cue |pruuls<* that neither
The bride is one of Gainesville'smost ,
C3-AIN:mBV-1"Lm: : FLOET.A: :
Tli Ttf are dlsadvanlsgrs| nttaclml<< to IIP nor any of the |lesser rt II spirits, hi.

popular and most widely known wraithlnn one wit" not horn tu It or I I I servants. would ever niolent the In. _"e_ .. . .... "_, > k,
young ladies.. She was virtually reared 1 Is slow In gfftlng u...><| to It. One that I In si ex of a boiiwn where the( liurM iho.

here and has hosts of friend who love Mr. QuiiNby fiiiitnl. "">'. Ii>n.h>t> won UlMpl.
her for1 her sweet amiable disposition.The seers, was" that tli' clief always AU.I I __ .

'' prospective groom is a most earn- up the nifiiu writtt-n lu liU own I Do Not b. Imposed UK>n.

,.st worker in the ministry a Christian guag. PrrncL. to which the master of Foley A Co., Cliicsgo, originatedHoney Air Line Railway r
:if gentleman who deserves the good wife the household car' a ..lraUICI'r.
throat and long
and Tar as a
"I should like to know" what I'm rat
whom he will have the honor to call hi.
IDle fur our*. M, AlpuntiM," "al.l Mr.jtii remedy, and on .t'eouh.1 th. great . . FOU. . .,
own, and congratulations are due in ( .Ul.>y to his[ chef uii one in/radloa./ merit. and popularity of Foltf'. Honey

advance.On "Ix-t us have! the ILX-IIII In IluglUU to and Tar many 'initiations are offered

Wednesday evening. June Tlh, ,'day." fur the <
.a' the home of the bride' parent Mr. "Onl. moD.leur," was Ibe rrrly. "It and Tar and refuse any substitute

and Mr*. Chas. Alexander Liddon ff* ver* Iimll. but I '..-...1 d" It no If offered a* no other preparation' will Pines, Raleigh, Richmond Wash-

Ocala their charming daughter Miss you \.1 g\t\ me *# illctlunualr*." give the same ..atl.fsetiont U mild
Johnnie will be united in the holy A 11011,1lout\ wlol party care to withthe "ly laxative. It contain no opiates and ington, ;
Dr. James ner that evening. aril efts met
.bond of matrimony to ,, i Ie safest for children and delicate p.rsoos. -
followIIIK Mil of far-:
Maxwell Dell of this city. Dr. Dell .. Bold by J. W McColium A Co. New York }r'
a ibmp at .li. tH of It.. eatt.aelmon . ,
one of Gainesville's most prominent lo furl p.lCTi --'" -. -- ... ..
young men, a promising physician and ..t of mutton lo lh. UtlU ......
the feel a Isolator}u"l.
man in whom city
Duf'ka.a.. atCbatlolt .hArp ssue '
great pride. )Ii.. Liddon ((4 one of the at the arp ..- Thrwj Elegant Trains Dully.
beautiful ladies of the Turk.r at thrraltii Mtl
moat young MISS n. MORTOM
Brick' City a favorite social circle, >r ami )1".. Qnkl.b IIT'H"I Seaboard Florida Limited.
and will be greatly mis- d In the society -
bail ,..IoJ.
afterward that they neversU "
element of Ocala. over a n.*** hllsrlwa" .llnner party,
Dr. and Mr*. Dell will reside here, NOTIONS Seaboard Express.

e, where they will) be welcomed by their C__ .... 1-".t._p./..

':J. nameroo friend., all of whom will Even of wl... so cheap end sboada&t AND

,ft join In extending congratulations! indvance. In PplB the native ma to a_ NOVELTIES/ Seaboard Mail.

very little. They are frlftJtTnlly 1.- ; I
; __ trat>rate, b rw.>vrr.'la' their u_ of toterco -
Baptist Convention at it. Louts aDd f' drink coT.. '
">........r t.IRS. MODERN EQUIPMENT .
"+, 6t. Louis. May IS. -The first boat at all boors stkd app.rei tly every boar.
,', of today's' session of tee general coo The clerk. who take hi* morning cap TheHEAHOAKD: KIXIKIDA, LIMITED: .U a lOUd veetlboled Inl_. .0....
'i Tfiation of the liauptist north sad at ti bm another at bl. desk aa boor J. A. AitMONS posed e lulvelv' of new Pullman equipment-D.alag' Oar, Double Drawing.'
devotioaal 1.tar. P1Ird.-S from a .u__ v no>r. k ota H, biateroom sod Otwervatloo Oars-operattag between $.. Auguetlae .
;>southwest was given to ea aad Jacksonville to New York, vii Waahlagtoa, .leaving. Hi. AugustineW.lOp "
Tb toelaetM mss suetn.throvcb the . .... .. ... reUe*. The report ot the committee -- -- nt. and JackeusivlIU I r3Hdally slept "raDda,..
rt of mtae appointed at a conference In ftIIM'ta p.ttrw wbi. a fellow who earr
UK coff*. Lust milt ..CU eases E. H. WATERS Lino
Only OperatingDaily
: "Sttv Yar l ant Jaesary rewt "n'sWai ,
POOD ba n rmM* permanent orgaaUatioo was then read tbra oo the tid-ant. PRACTICAL Through Pullman Sleepers from Jtcktonillo to New Orleans

)'br: Cbalmaa K. U. Tareaaer. of Ohio It the Spaniard do ant .-- .. .ta bin :

1F:'A *ITBT J 4iciuk fotlow.'d.a sleep H ta bin oaly respite from rot fall lafornatlo and sleeper. reverrattotia call OB any agent Heaboard or

:, h.t.>tL-UoMry Iiagsels. .. PAPER HANGER : write A. O. )I"dO- .LL. M. o. JJoVurrojr-
A..,. Ue*eral Passage r Ageat, raeeeager lget. f1JAc1C&

,1).u ......... !(YtLLx. FLOXIDA. r

-Mana.Boa"" to hi wtf*. House Painting .. .. .. .. __ ....___ __, . . . .. ...__......_ .." .J
; o wtcI aa MM lit laAtrwOag ar ta 9onaay. and Oecoratinf.Drvwa .
t S tt'fEF1lE ALL f FAtLi bttal '... ytw' ".+r wtetrtvfl
11..1 Ce..b Sr-e T.... C.wd4r. a rviewfcsrJ H...e f.rarf'. rIA. :
to teas. lad tr arse.$. *P<<.- aata abra. BOC IM. wttkvf TIlE DAILY SUN 10 a wat P

..yry iwMavt iafrr wtfft ts.ceett. Fall UM ct sad Wail fa,.., M
: 'dNft lent sill..- la stock al lowest J'nc.e to UM trade. ,

Asap t.Wyh r t. ,v ..r
w ,4 .' i d
Sli' '
r 1 4 '
4J 'l1'X
"" " .'..
'''.' ". 11-
r.' .. . "-'_J }

f '
i. '

... "
.. 'f r -


h gittn Tk. "Real Good Old Pod and Ralte"
80 long ai peopl' csn do as well of .\..'raUa. .

and get as good bargains at home as Australia rival
The tea drinkers Liver Makes
Sabered at tbe Post YHBee at GaJneerUJe.n. they can by sending out of town, they those of China and Japan not, however A Healthy

a..ordUs mat natter.H. should patronize their borne mar- in the quality but In the quantity Man

chants. If this U done the merchantsat 'Onlluwwt. The men especially A Well
P H. McCRKAKY.Editor and Publisher. '
borne will' ask no more. 'The drink the !beverage in large quantities

W. VT. ASHLEY..haoetl&.EdI\Or.. writer has taken the trouble to inquire and all "day long and at a strength
-- ------ ------- ---- -
JESSE E.BTJRTZ. City Editor. Into the matter of prices on many articles which would make the cue of a tea a

and It Is certaiu that the merchants drinking CLlnaiu.iii curl. On Sunday t
LOUIS J. BBUMBY. Gen'l TraveHnaAgent.. morning the ten drinker stiirt with a
of Gainesville sell as cheap as
clean! M and a clean word. The potIs
F. M. PREW ITT. SUPU Compo lll"Rooms. they do in the larger cities.
bung over the fire, with a sufficiencyof !
OFFICE PORTER BLOCK. There lat'aid city in Florida where water In It for the day's brew and

tog W. Main Street$. TKUCPHOME o-J clothing IS sold cheaper than in when this U boiled ho pours Into It

Qalneivill., and a careful inspectionof enough of the fragrant herb to produce

Tag DAILY Rujt putiliahcd every: morning except the quality will show that the qual a deep coffee colored liquid. va&oa si***

mailed Monday to any,dtlircrcd pert of the by United carrier State in the, passage city,or city of goods and make .will equal any On Monday, without removing yester 1 A PURELY VEGETABLE COMPOUND and the MOST PER

fret,tarfja year;; $.5O alx month; '1.25 three' to bpi hac(. It is the same in other day' tea leaver, he repeats the prowess, FECT LIVER MEDICINE KNOWN. Do not fill your system

s. month*;or jo cent for Ere wcc *- irictly taadrance. lines. Our furniture stores carry as on Tuesday the name, likewise I on with Calomel Arsenic or Quinine. HEHBINK is a puaran-
Wednesday, and HO on through the teed cure for all diseases produced by a TORPID LIVES
found in
extensive lines he
as can week. Toward the clone of the seven and IMPURE BLOOD. It will cure MALARIA without leaving -

: : Reading notice id local column 10 cent a line cities threw times larger, and this is days the pot lx filled with an acrid any of the deadly effects of many drugs used for that

ft; for first Inaertlon.and 5 ants for each additional true In the hardware Hoe.It mash of tea lemea. ont of which the purpose. One bottle purchased today may: save you from

insertion.' Is only a habit people have of going tea In squeezed by the pressure of a a sick spell tomorrow. Quickly cures Biliousness, Con
Chills and all Liver
r Rate for display advertisingmade known on away from home to buy some tin cup. Ily this time the tea Is the stipation, Dyspepsia, Malaria, ,
Complaints. Used and recommended by the medical pro-
'. 'application. thing, which hat grown on them 'n the color of rusty iron. Incredibly bitter fession generally

Toe TwlceWcek eight-page;forty past few years.. They often send for arid disagreeable to the uneducated
palate. The natlvex' cull It "real good A PROMINENT
of mail order houses
g column paper, published every Monday and goods
old and rails," the simile being obviously
Thuradajr, and contain all the oewa 01 the they see their advertisements.! The punt
week local State and general and wilt be drawn from a stiff and dangerous of
home dealer can put a stop to a great Dr. A. J. Hannah a leading physician Umatnia
nailed postage free to any part of the United lump and regard it as having been Fla. says: "I have been using Herbine in my prac
deal of this mail order business if he
State or Canada for Ji-oo a year-in *dvsnce.i brought to perfection. tic"and am well pleased with the results. 1 always
will only quote prices in his advertisement medicinefor
keep some on hand and think it a grand
i Ali advertising bill become due after Aral and invite the people to give The JaiMUieve- Idea of Bravery. Biliousness and Liver Complaints."
sppe.renc.of advertisement, unlena otherwise
him a trial. There In time when death Is much
stipulated in contract fartlc not known to tu Large Bottle 50c Avoid All Substitute
will be required to pay for advertising load- The mail order homes get their easier for a man than to fulfill his duty, ,

,.' r ,taus.' Address, TUB DAILY SUN.G.UJlaavu.La. business through their advertise and If be dice just for the sake of Ballard Snow Liniment Co.St.

FLA. ments. The same methods are opento death he cannot execute the duty thatIs *

. assigned him. True bravery la not Louise U. S. A.
--- -- ----- -- --- the home dealer and if he Invites

CRUELTY TO ANIMALS. the people and gets them to call,, and In throwing away one's life or courting
death but in dolug one's duty at the
see his wares, then he is at fault if he
e The drivers of the hack teams 'in the does'not get their trade. The newspaper hazard of one's life. You must not of for-Japan
that. From "A Daughter -
city will have to be more careful 'In I. the medium through which to get," by -:Marul Of'ollal. GOLD AND RECOMMENDED BY

their treatment of the horses they induce people to trade at borne.. W. M. JOHNSON, Gainesville, Fla. ; J. C. BISHOP, Alaohoa, Fla.
drive or they will certainly get 'Into Homelike."Mamma .

trouble. A Isdy who has noticed' the The second Quarterly Conference of ," said the little girl who --

t way they ply the whip to them has wan having her. first) experience of riding "'''''''''''''''''''''
i the Second Adventist Church, now in
been thoroughly aroused la this mat this In a sleeper. e 1
session In city hat brought together "
tir, and a few days ago she expressed "HusL. dear, whispered mamma,
a number of faithful Christian
herself quite strongly on the subject workers from various portions of the "you will waken the others." ( Ilf F
"Hut. mamma I only want to ask You Are Insured
(. "It Is a shame, she said, "to see' the State and their meetings are of inter. one quest Ion."
drivers of hack teams, as soon as they
est to all Christian people whether of "Well what U It?"

!get out of sight of the owners use that denomination or not. There Is ""'bo has. the flat above us! ?"Ufe. 1
their whips on the poor beasts. I never In a Company that is Responsible, Have a Policy) Correctly
but one aim for the Christian churches red r Written With Liberality of Policy Contract and the Company r
yet saw a team get past my home Money.Dlxoii .
-the betterment of humanity-and 1 Pays Losses Promptly S
i without being struck with the ugly -How It jour artist friend getting .
The Sun hopes the meeting will be one
tai whips these drivers use. They whip along In New York? TOUlon-Ob, 4 ;
of profit to those engaged In the work.
)Y some of them just because they have splendidly! IIIJIII'- Mine you beard You Are Assur'edThat
from him? Tounon- -No; th t'lIlht' reason C
the advantage of the poor animals, ft
Admiral Dewey is reported as saying I know lieN pro..p..rln.-Ut'trott:
and for other reason.
that the Russians will win the battle, as Free Prws.HEADACHE. t no serious lots can overcome you without you have some
"And some of the horses are qul.. .
a they have the largest number of fllth.In ..- .. . 1 refuge. ,
o' and because they don't ---- ---J-----
poor, get ships. Lord Beresfurd the great
,' enough to eat. I heard one driver say

,7' fat hi never at noon.gave I his wonder horses how anything he would to be are Kogllsh the the victor'a,naval ssys that battle Japan,there as they will' is ) Fire, Life, Accident and Health Insurance.I C CI

+ t like to work from morning until night
In numerical' strength The \
withoutanyihiug to eat? nothing MMyfBthrhMttM.a ...<<..*.f...... elk b.ed..1 I I None but Reliable Companies Represented.
only question is i can the ups find the for lh. !..|%...".five y.ars" and n.v.r found anynll V
''It seems as though something could .f antll b. b..,.. "klu( roar Cu........ Bloc,
Russians .. ......,. ..
bas tMfaa taklnc c. b< b. D. r bad \
I*** done for these poor animals. Why, lbs ....4Mb.. They .."... aatlralr .ur.J bl.... I I
they. whip them perfectly awful: I The Legislature will now be in lineto C........ will c'T a roil ih .hll. or mine hl name ,
l now they act crazy to get passengers, be "cussed out" by the State; papers K.M.l>.......,11N HVMlacr.W.l.dl.oapofslad. I I \

but l of course the passengers are not for the next two months. Information cheerfully furnUhed. GAINESVILLE. FLORIDA C

afraid of getting hurt, while the poor t beat fore

t dumb animals are hitched up and can't There is a wideness of difference in I3owCIJ1pY "" 4'r'1.P\ \I\I\I\I\B\\

getaway, I with The Sun would give the opinion of men regarding right

d them a good one and ask them to and wrong doing. PARTIAL PRICE LIST OF
top. CATtta/1Tt0 ,

While The Sun might say something Cotton Man Attempts Sul lde. Whiskies Wines Beer and Malt.

abuse the matter any person who see ,
Selma Ala., Max 18.-This city was
in* owner driver of aho""eorother - - -- --- --
f or stirred this morning over the report n.....a.. Pal.l..'\....rn*.n, T....flood.TVtOeod, --- -- - -
h....& of burden abuse them, can have M.*........., W...k.o or tirfpo. Ire. &.,*ae.{<_".! EXPRESS: PKEPAIb. Hulk
that Mr. C. A. McKJnnon. manager for !. Tk. *- lbl-t (tknipod Vu. tood-JotfJ' Fn'f'ot Pftpald.I .
them arrested for cruelty tu animals I.. veman Co., cotton: brok...... bad Sil4/.au l lIio .r.eS y.::r moo-r bub.8urUncR I I Full QuMeaMure.Hunting 4Qte. e Qu.. IQu.I I
and punished .medrCe.Cblca<*orN.V. 39! Club Rue .. .., M .( IIQ t I r uiH Rye. BleMCorn.OuUood, vrade.
hot himself. Mr. McKlnnon had bn
ABBUALSALE TEN MILLION BOXES Nelson County Rye . .. t nos 4 a 1 so S.OO I Vr Gallon:
4y Every city of the site of Galneev.lle nick for several weeks and it Is said Monogram' K>eHannea"4t .. .. . .. an 4 fto OO I Kye Uln. Corn. Kuro. Fine nuailur.

should have a Society for the 1'rr- that this together with some financial .-- .. - -- -- .. -' - .. --- ..- I I Kjre . ..... S 7& A 00 0 V() Rye. Uln. Corn.S3.nO Rum.Per Uallon fleet for: the DIODe,..
v.ttlon. of Cruelty toAnlmsls.Our ; affair, bad preyed upon his mind until ou4a4 Drop. .... ... 4 VI e .v 12 a10 fitwPrrGallon.
he temporarily unbalanced. The Malt WbltkerIVaeh . ... ... 3 75 5 to 9 M "44" Kye. Peach and Apple Hran ,.. Mellowed
was lirandr .. .. 3 7* s school are the bulwarks of our shooting took place at his home In FOLEY'S I I ...... on Per Gallon-
Apple tlrandyHolland II TS! l<0 9 IK\) Victoria live. Social Drop H,.. MedtolaalualHy.
national eiitteiiee. Destroy the schools this rltr The wound will nOl prove Uln .. . . Z! MO 4 7 X .

and you cripple the country fatal the ball striking near the trm- U..n..OIn .. II 714TN s SSTO 0 V) LEMP ST. LOUIS REEK Per Doc.

... - -- -- pie and ranging upward. Mountain North Carolina torn .. t 11I\ 4 ui 1 t.l F alvtaR Beer.. . .. .... ... .-. . .... ... .Itila
-- -- --- --- HONEYiioTAR Hum CornJamalra ... . J 6 tit 9 M\) Extra i>aleStandard . .. .......... .... . .... 100:
+ If the Jap and Itussisus don't get Mrtlfortl Hum t. r *4 i7:S 7 t5 .... . . . .. ...... . .... . I 00
S> fft > > O !M) .. . ... . .. . .
Georgia Negro Shoots Ohio Officer. Malt, emtra dark; I fKIDIC >>
toether.uon, there will be lirape floods 3 rs sat
a dearth of' U V) C..burl'e-r.lmpOr&ed.... .. . . . I noS
I- |>ftragri|>h. Ml for the!, dally papers ChlUlcothe. 0.. May Jg.-When Ofll The original [ Of Ke t j Ikmrbon :3 rsH WAwortmenl V .V) llawt Ate pinu '.-. ............ .... ShS
I I I Allowed All tioui)" of Same Gulnnem htout. tDU.. ... ....>........> b.
-- -.--- - cent Welgan and Maimhiuer attemptedto Prwe. I Price b, tits bbl. on application.
) 3 The sweet a negro burglar early today LAXATIVE cough remedy. "' -
aid tu the Blind and {) I I ::
School ft the burglar fatally snot \\>ljr and In U'8-1 HANIME JACKSOSTILLE ,
at : Augustine !hal been voted Tbe enulno \\. AIIA11S ST. BROS. *
I .'LA.I .
at $7&,(*s), Thu i.I one of the mod de. the breast and escaped, although. HONEY and TAR .. _- .
-- - -- -
shuts offeet
riving institution Maughmer fired five without 1 :
In the State.i .
the a Y.11.w package. K.fu* ttibaUlaU.. __
A l'O"ee finally captured
--- roan on Hunslnger's Island abount 2 rr.*>.rMl only by I

Florida should) be rp|>reM-nted at the miles below. the city. The man appearsto /.t.. .. C."" ..",. Crito.*r.
luiueitown Ki: |>oUioii in JtlO':'. With Fay-Sholes
mi Appropriation of $25tht1) there should. be a half-breed Indian and give* Far !Sale by J. W. Mrt'.llMM tc C... I i
his name as Ocar lYans. from Ceorsta.
o !I., a very good di'| .
iluot*. MEN AND WOMEN.
-- -
Deafness Cannot be Curedby tea.. I a> Typewriter
r l
The" sBylnjc U "that man ,iul.ttthe local applications, as they cannot ..L.r..a .t U.rt..roe rL..1 tr.abn...b.r.ttus..w..w ....

'law. but as hero! some time reach the diseased portion of the ear. P54.1.... s W a t aa.ter.a -

i rfare>> many of the Uwt were |'s...d, There i i. only one way to cure deafness, ACKM: \fLEJMtiTHE : >

it,1-.I.x>k* at." though the law violate and that Is by eonattlotiunal remedies.iVafnf ,.. wo.t.wilts Is pl., fret.. i.en.awty.5i. 11C.HTMA(1II '..

man .-.--- -- .. Is caused by an InfUmrd condition t .,al.t seat M ..,S. L >E 0:\ THE XABKETI

I hco ):ass Coast ba.rt>all plttjrr want of the ntucoas liulbg of the
Kustaehlsn Tub. When this tut* U I Has Tabulator
c, v :rattle( and they want Sunday ball. UMIVUtSALKTBOARD I
I x
Named bave atumblingsoundor
l h. you
) re are many other t.lacrs that
t" want Imperfect, hearing. and wh.u It U entirely I Every Machine.Lightest
11 day ball. The action of the closed, deafae I. the re.ult, PATENTS .

ytro will t,I" awaited! with' Interest on i and unle.* the liiAammalioa Clan betaken

r .. .ul'Jt'CI. out and this tub restored w (lu Shift1 Lightest Ronnie;! The
. formal condition bearing will be deimyed > wo.e.v.. --'
s i ,( uiauy- -cities- of -the- state- whvre.IU for.v." nine ease oat of Un r::tiw: _.. r.oo."Df===- n=assess Champion ;pool Writers of the World

are caused by (catarrh which U nothing .nens.. --._ IM AIL COV"T'' ".a. I IJt eM the r'av-Hhole. More
t I ur :Man' frthool are l located. the hut an Inflamed "Condition of the moioui ......... .*t.*I N'...*V. e.. M uj ,"i".IIII"" have ilou much .. surface _. ffif*.*./...,. u.. in iaiae.rille than any other machine.
to r .....-4 ........ ttsi.dAly..
) Dollar IJ
t a1 ::1,11< the tchixtl. end place then on We offer! One Hundred w.a..rrrs.s r
h a s -Ikl fiwunu deprive these : ward for any cave of" *f De* x ,.' ,tiC'111.alloual place. : catarrh thai cannot be cured by Hall's .a..1'O" D. a.w' For Sale by. . .
: advaDtsgiNi thyo t Catarrh Cur*. I!
t '.st, e. long ..uJo,... would Lie a great K J CIIKXIT Co.. O. i iI I
I ar ship and a HP backward along I; Sold by draggisu. Tto. I It GA-SNQWi; SON Gainesville Fli.i.

.1u 'a&l\lDai liu... t altos Tale Hall'* Family Wlls for eoas ti-i ,. .

,.- -. -


ttttl 9* *>'-I 'wr't. tIw ., ,iwI Iilr,

{ :
4 9 L try, ':" r fd:

' -' r*' i wT'-w"w *' T" '<* jC'TEB"" | ?


Y'f' - - lk
'. If.'



Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound, the DEPARTMENTMakes
Deputy United States Marshal Time in Lower Branch of Great Woman's Remedy for Woman's Ills. a Specialty of All Kinds -

Made Them Shell Out. Legislature Thursday. I I II of Plain and Fancy


Warned All Dealers in Future to First With People Anxious to Hear Debateon kF

Secure United States License Before i T1
a Most Important Measure-De- Printing
Attempting to Dispense This Deli
bate: Will be Continued Today.
Cious Beverage-Dealers Indignant. w
Prominent Speakers.The I . For . .
Deputy United States Marshal O F.
following telegram wa received 'I
'I Wright of Jacksonville waged wart Business Men
by The .'uu Thursday night relative to I I .
what he termed the "cider joints'
upon t
the debate on the Itt.cltiitRn education.
In this city Thursday with the reInlttha I \i Professional Men
al bill, which i* of much interest to
every cider dealer in the city was l ,
pool le in all vfctions of the tate

..,compelled to pay a proportionate Uni- "Tallahassee, May 18 -The mart intense Manufactories Etc
ted States tax, according to the )length 4I ,
iuterea wa created ill the it-
of time they stated they had been dispensing Legal Blanks Short Notice.
Date in the house all day on the Huckmall on
this delicious and refreshing
bill. The hall of Hepreteutattvei
The officer accepted the
beverage. was crowded to suffocation, The fate the Following! letter from one of our

funds, and warned dealer whd caredto of the bill is yet in doubt. The debate ntil order (*u.tumer* is *elf.exptaoa-
"dabble"' in cider in future to take tory :
in the louse continue indefiutely
out A government license. may Utiuwville. Ky .Feb 27, 1006. t
Among the apeaker ur. the II. 11 MeUrvary:

Many of the merchants who have ni-a"ur. today were :\I-.uu. Dnckman, U.inr j filin, DaI .

been accustomed to handle cider are Ha1o\11. Noble and i )rar $tr : Kt'ccivci the prlniiDf

protesting vigorously upon the action __ Knight'' matter In due tune, and will.ay thai
of the officer declaring that he exceeded : 1& i I. perfectly natinfacUiry. I like the -
..IIVl'lop..IIIIO much Many thank for ,
in the These
his authority premises.
your' prompt attention In llllinR order.
merchants have been handling cider They Were >o* Mer. Kin*., .. Thai. Yours truly,

for :years some of them without interruption of (b. Modern CI...... MK XI I. O OOCHTNIY.Send "' .

The of ancient Rome were ----
and claim that there arvuas
they now "
fl@/ order to THK BUN
is not sufficient alcohol in the beverageto not aa some people supixint mere ()aineavlll. Fla.ALACHUA SF
lings or ovals such as may be seeu
Each barrel of cider
affect a baby. '
in the modern circus. They: were !

,hipped into this city has a certificate broken up aud varied la.character according : i. .1.1o

from the manufaoturer watch protects to the nature of the nghtln ,. COUNTYIIII, ,

the dealer the certificate stating that to: be done or to the caprices of thone

the contents of the package are non- In autltorlty. Ou one oc.asiou mi arena :\ other female niethciue in the world has rervivrd' ouch widespread and Alachua County I I. Hoe.-KW acres In' '

intoxicating.Mr. might !'Merubletbe Numldiiin deiiert. Unqualified endorsement area has 248 miles" railroad OOO ?

Wright has at least effected a on another the citroen of Heiiperldes. No other medicine has such a record of cures of female trouble or such miles wagon road M imatomoes .
for thick set with groves of treed and rla- I hosts of grateful friends as baa U>3 pulilio schools, :37 hophat
revolution in the cider industry a >!anu :.101.w mill $76XX) court
the E. l d
tile niounda while again It pictured Lydia Pinkham's Vegetable Compound.
time in Gainesville and the fellow house fire newspapers. and pro-

'. who likes cider and feels that he can great rocks and cares of Thraoe. It will entirely cure the wornt form' tol Female CtmipUtnU, all Ovarian dunes corn cotton rice anger,

do without it must resort to the With these surroundings the rom Troubles. Influiumation and Ulcr ration Falling un.l DUi.lucvu.t' of the I: oat, rye potatoes, pineapples, or. t,
.' not atants advanc. retreated: encircled Womb, and c um>quetit :Spinaleakn.hH, ami U ix-oullurly, adapted to the ages, pesoher, I..rll. plums, ix-
i, jug process.In their adversaries or kept wild t>..ta Change Life. I I canand all kind of veg.table*.

speaking of the matter Friday af at bay us otvaslon offered or an their It has cured more i us<>" of Ilackache. and I.e ucorrlur than any other remedy

". ternoon Sheriff Fennell authorized the courage or fear utiRReflted. Men corn the world haa ("\','r known It U ..llIu..t Infallible. In Mirli( "ItM'.. It the
with the dUftolvca and expels tumor from the Utt-rus. In au early "ultimo" of dew Gainesville County Seat,.
,'.Statement that he proposed to compel bated not only more comniou velopment.Irregular.. r

every dealer in cider In futore to conspicuously brutes but with such moimtera BN elephauta Suppress-I c.r Painful Menntmatton. Wenknfl of the Stomach Ha. fourteen churphr*. two publta t

display his United States license rUlnucenM, hlpixgwtautue.sand Indlgfstion, llluaUuir, H.HKlltijr, Nervous I'nmtrutlon, llenilnrho.. 1I.IIt'r..1 I lh-bil- ,hiM>ls, the Kat Florida He in HI a ry,

as required by law and in the crocodile. Uu other ocranluus Ity quickly jiold to it. \\uiuti troubles. ea Kiiir pals weight" and Ixirknrhe. In 'privaM houl.. thren*,
links of genie such as deer and war .tantly fH"rUlllllt"nllcllr..d \>y Its\iM>. L'luUr *clrrumnUucea It I united" Htatei Isnd oflloe, time, heat
.' event even then that the beverage was otttrlction. \\cr. abandoned' to the multitude SDvl 'urRh'. the feiuulot. ( and U aM liurrnleiwt all unter water, urn alarm .T''.m. elrctrlaand "

found to be intoxicating, he would arrest and lu route cases the arena It quickly if move* Unit llvurinir-doivn IVHJnir.. ektrrme. la*.ltuile, "don't t Ks Haht, twit low factories, N

the dispenser for a violation of the could l IM turned Into taken, ftlh with care" and "tvant-lo-'c) talon.1' feeling excitability irritability nervous- machine hop., three wood| faotorle > t
neat. Dirzlm-hN, Falntnr. alerplewmrs.. tliitulrlK'y. iiicluiivliol or the blue* ., cotton Kin twit mows factories,
: prohibition law in a dry county. luoiiateiti. of the deep and ujx ,- ,. . -- naval took anti hcu -- --- face of wlikli eiiicuKenicnts
rangementottheUteruawhlchthis medicine. 1 alwnyn o irr*. Kidney I'omplalnU ufacluriiiR companies, Cue tttwirmanufactory M
Adventist Conference. place. anti llncUm-he, of either w x, the Vegetable! ('omp.and ulwny' cur'. one rreilfjlng I lurpentln -

-' The Quarterly Conference of the Tluma women who ief UK* to oc.t-pt anything rhw. are rewarded a hundred plant two Ixtitkn, and well
.. *
Second Adventist Christian Church in Thf> Word .r..I." thousand time. for they get what they ""lIt-it cure hold by Iruglsts.verywhcru ; liHikml. stores emlirncliiK every.
The word Jiiulklnliu OOUU-M from three Refuse all kubulltuUrs. I. thing In the nommerplal\ .**
:session at their church in this city is Jnpaneaa rootM, jln.rlkl sha meaning m__ ______

meeting with a fair attendance and rE'IC wetlvely wan power carriage. butt - - '

"' much business is being transacted of U not of Jnum| <-<' orlfflu. So rc nty ANNUAL ENCAMPMENT. 1 ..11.eet*> ""II..

importance to the members of this pro. I as 1S7O the liioomenlence of the -- "ThU U l.lttt-rlr hull MIK| you may

gressive society. There is a large slow luintxrlinf two winded c arts South Florida to West Florida and anioki In the itnrtU'ti," In 1mil slam: I

amount of the regular, work of the turned: I the thoughts; of KiiKllxh rent- Georgia over the S, A. L. whlrh hum lux-oinc t, ple'lil wf one sort I
dent to the eMM with which the hardynatlien : of 1"1,11.llty. ,\not icr v church organization to do and the del. The annual eicotion of tin SealtonrJ I
could l.rul..l" I lljjlitly truct- just born .ptrf'trutMl |101 a inrmlirr of
egates are attentive to the work In Air Lint Hallway will be (siren. May I N
ed vehicle and one wa Inreutu. some the early rising fraternity
in this has avery Iftili aud 18ih. Train No. 34 "'III..heave "
band. The branch city say by u inlsalouary. others by a newapor *. "I wlBh util.l tli. boat """l"rJ onto

good membership composed of > proprU'tor1 son. Ever: slnop then Tampa May Ifcih ; tpceial from Jacksonville do a* lie llk>-. In my h>.M .

some of our most worthy Christian the henry cart have btu entirely dl- morning of May I9th and I' It tHiimdiMery frlindly. but or KO- I f+

No. M log l,. hi. linlrixMii. tiniiiKnt found a 4
people. __ ___ : p.n.eil with, from Chln.III. trim May
-- HI h. The following ratfrum (lam mei.Ville llttlf curd tnliiK, Ito time of morals.

A World Wide Reputation. I IIInlnll ticket I.ate'I ICII.t1lJill ', "Drrnkfnut. nt 7':it"." .,..1 In no N. H.w I
A Positive Necessity proper, for muni : :
White Cream Vermifuge, has achieved *. n.|.10.It will (I.*' vkar..l. l away
to lay upon my bed for 14 I IdllJ' 5 Live 0"-.2161; \hdi.oll. ." I .
a world wide reputation as being, bruited IK Ionly 13 M; Montlce'lo. (It>; 1.11.11".C' at -. ..- ',

the best of all worm destroyer, and from a rerely II 6O; ljuincy, IM II. River Junction.Ticket .
found relief when I used a bottle The vial.1.* Nea.
:; (JJ H..lobritllott +1U.
r +
influence weak and unthrifty I i 1
for its tonic on i .
Th* motto of thi !r vbit w *
of Kallsrd'* Snow Mnlment I can will be limited. "' ven ,
the ,
.. : children a* It cheerfully recommend it s* the best ..lel'I.I,. of date of ,.le, I': C. Cobs, (Inv too Inll. < b."
acidity or sourness of the stomach .\I"Pt.Oalll."UI.. iJtf. An ri.-... of ruiirstt I U Imitallty
bruises snit to the
medicine for "ever
improves their digestion, and assimilation An rite.. of witnmitf, 1* 1"'lllulllUltAll *
fflicled It tla* now become a pot> ..
of food strengthens their nervous If the Baby I I. Cutting Teath r 4
them to the live necessity upou 1n1u.1f.-U. R. esrcM of taste \I. prwwUy.AD .
and restore
system U and ..* that old and welltried -
I Pu.r.illt', Tesas. sure u j
of lyrntmerchant, flKHM of crtttlelir |I. lI llo.Ut7.
health vigor and elasticity spirits W. M. :2.V, toe and $1. Hold by W. M. remedy. Mrstl, mclow'. SooUi"B An i.ti'e.M of f-rMiftileiifw Ia I egtl>O).

Johnson natural to Gainesville childhood.Fla.Sold, and by J. C. Johnson Oaineville, ."1.., and J. U. Syrup fur children ''.'''inlC. It I IIUQth. Who will show l u* where tu draw tb**

Bishop ,Alachua Fla. Bishop i Alachoa, FUT .. the child. xnftru Ibo iruni, line l-lrimt: N. !.><>u In ftleryU,'.

allays all 1"ln.OIJ'! ''. wind colic awl i I. )h"ul"...
- li.rsasee .:..Iof'.
-- -- **. "_I. m It.r.With .liebmt r-rn..d J for ilitrrhoca.t T..u.
tU- \It"m of ;.Hie dente a bottler I..**. .. III* I,..!*. and moti e<* many IlfOf'IIon. I J'.hu," .be .. Ulllivxl a* .ha / the iitarfcet, All
The CashGrocery luifb 'fill. !! I tower sow on
011"1I1.l will a slight
two x-twu-u prlnclpsl Anti Nln..II"nat.le l favor; stxl '. ....f aHti 1.11.. I olrt..| lilln |'iC into hi. overHrtt I' .i.--.Jtj. 10 :'JO hor. {xiwrr, VS ?li. for ;

It ham one or two rrawxi or solid advantages !. Ilnrirv irrvUjr' w.. II.* author of a < "I I.MIM> )oti ra Hot lfolu ton flrle.

which i are> .worth mentioning style In ..llton*.| tiling which had out again l"fjIC'II." I CEO. W. MOYERS,
"I ht l.* H...1 l ,t'...enhnlnd'atty. i
not ret>
been often Imitated. b it i
dige.tluobefore probably curerequalal. t.,
Co. -It glvm Uuie for cotuplHe! IlIu.n.' .. cards U.I...'III'. t.t.rld.
"hutt'4 l
the stomach ht i'ln urltlifr ot whkb hate l--i' rtiiinibtf<< very t>..lty. for m.ImteI .
to taker* of a supply of t..I. and Itreroovew nwpn* wasfriendly i

the c-bief" meal (ruin the t1u.ewhen to Oixetey' tain .vnfnl / l'I.kIS.I.. Lodger i ROOIS AND BOARD

the nerve forty I* w.u..t for the a violent a It"r." ,1.'rhe .r..m4' -

braIn to an tour when It can tbs grew warmer until r rb Doper: oyenlycalle the w.aa M'.y If "4.15'' ..
J R. EMERSON & CO. tomach. l the owlet ai'r'i' It wit tlportnnity .. ep. 'If *'*' .refiiM* to marry me said. For Colored People }
i lit* wealthy .,..1 it i.ti. "i dull pin*
I>eroos wbo are the vlctlni of tirr4rf !h..1 h.wi wBtlnc for
It. > In f',4, > that "... away sfvt >lf* KiriiiIIOttr M'CRAY "'
hrvnle complaints sod whoe direction/ j I nu.>urv |''fM r i .
1& slow and f..*bl. are. often greatly had the tfHU'X to .ee with tiotli *f "Of nntn*>. r-r"h4.l..t the girl IAt-
his .. .. e" totI,. 'AM If I would marry 19IJ y'M I st LJb.rty. Street.Ksl.
.n.t1nlr'la..t1 I "
.treats for *uefit*<1 by ttklng but two m l* a mpurart
*oul.l hang to life IU. a InlM,.;. PlotU.ra '
lay !If they", are careful to et a* moth I'I -- /.J'
Hall !'MeI 'at C.ffre. ? U.. It gYiee.-f*rt' >lt Trlh- .
Bsrrloirlea 10 tbf two a. would ordinsrlly t- corn. way AeaeommorJatl<< ..I'.t.<.'I.... .. .
I Obell.k HEALTHY PLANTS 5t... K.soesble. Moss ....I'.LI. .eon for +
BalUnl's pried la lhr+.. Tb nurl !c to particular I I.J. I r.f;
rotor.d In .... .
people ally.
will d, well to adopt thiscourse .... .. .k. M*.. <'.,.,.. AftralU. a*
'.. trOt th. }trot malwbat .b.ocJW he W.ll .. ..-4 .*... 1. .1. HAZEL --I :

We have the Choicest Goods] .. late aAd tt. swi.d ....1IOQoo DM rem _.r .*+ rtMwlMuh ,, *. .

ably early.Juggling) thntl wne.t t- _. .ev/t. .aaet PncUcal i Bolkr-liker todAH lar.hlalst (Ilie FloridaFmltand
on our daily .f a _f ._.hl_ I.., .1-.........
....-t near. I. '.Lre a b.aUb? I } Truck Grower
With Drnsnr>i|. ....

..... 31 It* S l' ..... I* DO more dangrou* than to .egl..e' pA'.." of tnnar w net 'Ip s l..1 Work H.a l.-t !)st.fa4taty, I 1.. J. DKl'MOT. ,l'4IUr' a.4 Pr.?'r,
that IIu s. task.( r c art ... Mart.V. .
2L5e 1lk1...y dltorde" Foley'. .:.. _, Car OCU..1. rL!.
Irish Potatoes, per peek . # row. ir.tMe tea
pound toe eorreel IrregaUritie and has eared tea reined. 1K. ./*<. .
Beet White Bacon, per Ots fear .. *I.Wl
Darkec's Salad r.iDt: many sever *>.. after other TmiT e.aae .ere 4rf aa4 Rat4aa. .. till. ? ,.. Oak Af e. t.a..rUL.,11.. ":
; .. Illagl., ,.$...r. . 1U ;
.._ '
:!:.e 'It ua. _._ -,-
S C... Corn out tl.aa*. sad '..tare health sad ,. .
:!II.e tarot h k t. .e ef fMt""M.
I CAM Peas FIVE MILLION BRICK A uacbo..a' llIu.u...... lAJI.a.'". ;"
with + # atk.
lb. eaD'r.* .I< S CUM Toma.u, 3 ::r.o writes hale wttUh ,'a . '. U I. f.II _.. d.,0M4 MfMNrially .., the talerveW 01 a
3 Can EOM Beef for shoal two yer.M lJwWede itnv4.tA.. ....u.y. t% c--.. I have the Bost sad bat build lbs frail sad v"..,.t.t. fruwers of
lrs.b Onions and Turaif %. II. iMvU of Mi St.rlis. lows, now
set 11..Itbi'. Niro4 a the: .f. r-Ia. rkk/ toad lftOgrgiai | rJorWa.
Jrr*.b bin TIDe Cotfee.Afl but two tx ttl". of Fol.,'. Ktd.y Vr I.amtlnt 4r..i.. aw4 .... to tag alpine, for J<"'.t ..4h primes wratmy doltrrr A s|>..UI trial' sutiMHpilou of ala.

Orders'tly F11W. Car *ff_t4d a ,.nsaft.ateiir .M Bold tomow. tip v._._pc. ae 'rM f.pksrt* Ca.J. ..) ... any sm*.i !. rtJCLKfl *. K, 11. ttowtb' will be .a' oat r.>slpt of )5I.

phone 176 byj VT McCeUiua' A Co. a. .tJn.I A c.:... $jmsdaf Agtala Maeu..Os. j J I.Mitts 814UMH tas... F,

y.1"itJrna .

"li r d PM
\ \ &&&m&pMi3 F
ji.- >> ""-' :
I ,,1 r _. :!!.;......

*THE SUN: GAINEsv.- JJJiF. .ORiDA: MAY 19, 190r. ''t'"''

ter. r ,

0o. W. HTD_. VIee-Preeident LEI: GRAHAM Ast. Louisville & NashviL
Atlanta Editor Talked of ae President Via

PARTS OF {FLORIDA for Jamestown Expo...'tion. THE NATIONAL BANK Railroad.The .
Atlanta May IS.-It la r.ported that FIRST
t,': v. following low routd-trip rute-
Elon. John Temple tiraves, editor of
I Jacksonville to various point-
Brief Happenings From Various The Atlanta Sews, may be offered the OF G.A.IN"ES"VILLE.: : from
and West will be In effect
North. o
position of president of the Jamestown I I
Sections of State. exposition to succeed the l.tft General THE ONLY, NATIONAL BANK IN ALAXJHUA CO dates shown. Proportionately low rat.from .-- 1\\

Fltzhugh Lee. other points : '

I' THE MOST IMPORTANT EVENTS The suggestion of Colonel Graves' Capital. . . . . . . . . . . . $50,000 00 LOUISVILLE. KY.-Rate $16 40, account "
Confederate Veteran
name was made by'. EL Christian,
;": Transpiring In "The: Land of Flowers." assistant general passenger agent of''' Surplus and Undivided Profits. . 30,00000 Reunion limit,July June 10.12.13 inclusive, with. final tt

the Seaboard Air Line rn the Virginia
Thing. "Botled.Down". to Suit the Does axtlutlrely a oanklnjr bualneaa.with faelUtle equal .o any bank ID the State Solicit PORTLANDOREGON-Rate $85.35. ;
club at Portsmouth last Saturday ,, ... .,, intereat.liowed Lewis A Clark Centennial Fair
Busy Reader, Items of toe Meounta vf "arm ".Mereb.a. Cot'I>or."oa. \C. account
Interest to night. Several directors and officers by special arraoccment AU business traoaaeted promptlyH. Tickets told certain dates May 23 to

All Cia..... of the exposition company were present .E. TAYLOR. Cashier Sept. 28. with final limit 90 days.

W.. P. ':Barrett baa been appointed and It Is said the suggestion was SAN FRANCldCO end LOS ANGELES
'pronounced the beat one tnat has jet CAL -Kate. $83 90. Tickets sold
postmaster at Donnellon. certain dates April 10 to August 14,in-
been made.Secretary. THE HOTEL
; ,The flnt 'shipment of peaches from EVERETT elusive ; final return limit 90days from
Q. T. Sbepperd, of the ex ,
exceed Nov. 30.
Dade date of sale' not to
City was made Saturday to New
position'company was in Atlanta a FLOKIDA. COLO.-Rate. $42.65: account .
a day or two ago, and while here had a International Epworth League:
p. n.Uarioa county board of commit conference with Colonel Graves. Convention. Tickets sold June 29 to

' anxious to bond for a new When asked about toe matter Colonel Ct-ntrallllocated, thoroughly repaired and renovated. Newly rurnMit'd. July SO. inclusive. ; final return limit 'i
Coon home. Graves merely said such an honor European Plan. August 6.
would be a great one, and most highly bUFFALO, N. Y.-Rate $32 80, account "
The East Coast '
1 Railway will-run ahotneseekers appreciated by any man. Other than :EI:. JM.A..SO Pro-prietnx -Annual-- Meeting Grand. LodgeB. ,
excursion from Illlnolt P. 0,1:;. Tickets sold July. 8 to tu,
: I this he would not discuss It.
In the near atare. I inclusive; final return limit July 25.

Only o'oe druggist la Pentaoola escaped TORONTO, CANADA-Rate $35.20.
account. International Epworth League;:
arrest for telling llqoor. The Convention. Tickets sold June 12 to

k others were nabbed. Troubles of a Texas Girl Result In 23, inclusive j final return. limit Auguit .

d ?. F. B. Lucas of Tampa baa been appointed Homicide. 25.
v elreult eoart eommUaioner! by Yoakum Tex., May 13.-B. B. :Macon NASHVILLE, TENN.-Rate $16 25. ''

c Judge J. :B. Wall.A a prominent business man was Itlf Vi AU Sim JOWL account School: Vanderbilt Peabody Biblical College: Institute.Summer
shot and killed by M. A. and P. A. 11
half June
new itore and a dozen real Tickets sold certain dates to
Newman, brothers, who were con final limit September 30.
denee will be erected at New Smyrna July ;
cealed In the Lane hotel, and who used KNOXVILLE TENN.-Rate $16.85,
in the near future.
rifles. THE NATIONAL FINANCIAL account Summer School of the Sooth.
The automobile and bicycle teem to Mason, It Is said, feared trouble Tickets Hold certain dates June 18 to
'' be dreaded by Tampa pedestrians worse but had adopted the pollcy'of going DAILY NEWSPAPER. . July 15, inclusive; final return limit

4 than are the highwaymen.Feniacola about In his shirt eieeves, to show September 30.BRISTOL .

,' medical men and others that he wall unarmed. TENN.-Rate $1885: account -

' will make an effort to establish a Several days ago Miss LJlllan Newman Reveals the News and Facts governing Brethren Annual Tickets Meeting sold German May 29 Baptist to 31,

i, charity hospital that city. about 28 years of age died at Values. inclusive ; final return. limit June 30.

Jacksonville would like to have a na Runge, and shortly thereafter Dr. J. Studies underlying causes of :Market For full information, schedules and
tatorlam, where boys and girls can M. Boyd, a highly respected physician rates to. any point North and West callon
was bound over In $5,000 bond to answer :Movements or write OEO. E. HERRING, Florida -
learn to swim. Good idea.
a charge of malpractice in connection Reviews and criticises Railroad Passenger Agent L. fc N. R. R.,
Arthur Hamilton, colored, got 20 with the woman's analyzes :206! West Bay St., Jacksonville Fla.
,, years for manslaughter at Tampa for deatb.1[ and Industrial reports.
The brothers of the dead -- ---
the killing of Henry Hirers.Hon. living at Alice and the other at Fort Has complete tables of Earnings of BUSINESS O.A.RDB
D. U, Fletcher of Jacksonville Worth, visited Yoakum. then left town, Properties. - -

:; will deliver the commencement address but returned last night and the shoot- DR. D VERE B. MORRIS,
Quotes active and inactive Stocks and
at DeFunlak; Springs May 23. Ing followed.

: Henry Johnson, colored, who broke They surrendered! and have been Bonds. . .DENTIST. . .

his ankle a short time ago while wrest taken to llallettsvllle. Records the last sale of Bonds and the

(ling In Tampa died of blood poisoning. yield on Investments at the price.
Saved by Dynamite.
Office over Marcus Eodel's.! AU work gear
The Louisville A Nashville Railroad
g has granted Penaacola business men Sometimes a flaming city is saved by Answers, without charge, inquiries con anteed.

dynamiting a space that. the fire can't cerning Investments.One .
a lower freght rate. from the North. J.A.. CARLISLE
Ohl cross Sometimes. a cough hangs on so
west long, you feel as If nothing but dynamite who dally 'commits THE WALL STREET ATTORNEY AT LAW

\fy round has been broken for the new would cure it.. 7. T (tray of Cal- JOURNAL III better qualified to Invest money And Solicitor

%k passenger station of the Seaboard AirLine inoun Oa., writes. : "My wife had a very Mfely and profitably and to advise' about Invest in Equity t

Hallway at. Tampa It will cost aggravated cough, which kept her nienbt than one who doe not.
,. Real Estate Conveyancing and Gen
/ upwards of 30000.: awake Two could
night physician eral! Practice. All business promptly
The only trouble with the' population not help her; to she took Ira King's PUBLISHED DAILY BY- attended to.. Office next door to Sun

ii of Miami Is that too. many live outside New Discovery 'orconlumpUon,couahl office. GAINESVILLE FLORIDA.

( the city. limits. It would be a big town. and colds, which eased her cough Rave; DOW, JONES & CO.,

only for that one thing. her sleep, and finally cured her." 44 Broad Street New York. FERDINAND B.\YER.ATTOINEY ,

Miami l I. to have another hotel ICOz Strictly scientific cur for bronchitis THE OLDEST NEWS AGENCY OF WALL STREET. AT LAW

126 feet on the ground and three. stories. and Isgrlppe. At. drug stores price COo GAINESVILLE. .
$1, a Year, '1 a Month. FLORID..
Miami I II bonnd to. have a place and *10O) ; guaranteed. Trial bottle
,y ; for the. folks who come to visit. them free. INVESTORS READ THE WALL STREET JOURNAL Can sell
your city property, (improved -
The people of Hi Augustine. will petition Kissed Wife; Killed Self. and unimproved), phosphate,
the. postofHcf. department to In. nirniliiRhain. Ala.. May 18.-T. R. trucking and farming lands. Send him
create their postal. facilities and give TulloM. formerly town marshal of a list of what you offer for sale. 2142n.
them more room during the busy season Philadelphia, Ms.| an one of the ---..

'; of winter.James . I most prominently connected young . ... --. -- .. .. .. . .. .. -- - ..- .. W.E.. BAKER,
men In NVshuhit comity, hall committed .I
Mitchell, a negro I.borerdlf'd ATTORN
MiiclJf by tiring a bullet through EY.AT.LA,
in the. St. Augustine hospital Wednesday
morning from the. effect of a but-I Mil lnutii. After being married for five JOB PRINTING . SOLICITOR IN CHANCERY. . .
months domestic troubles are saidto
_;c let. wound Inflicted by Tho. Paschal *t. -
hate HifUvu, and huslmrul and wife
Col** several days ago. GAINESVILLE, Alachua Co., FL>.
I agr'','d +10 ht-parato A* the wife's rfwere Send YoOrder to
4 Office In I-ndpl Block.
On Momliy night. ill negro cut. frcta bfltiK loaifcil on a wagon

their way out. of RUJ.b4'rr park jail preparatory to moving, Tullo went to J. H.

3. Jacksonville. They ",..r..11 sentenced I' her riHim and asked to kl.s. her (1)11hy THE SUN JOB OFFICE. DR. ALDERMAN.

to long,; trrni. The** deliveries are After cllllnit jio. lio retired at once to DENTIST.

I"lumlnlf t John I It. llru,lon of Mscclrnny "'' fatal shot. AUermaal

t. found ,1"'hlln"t( lot. im Tue.dsv.ll 'j Gainesville & Gulf Railway Company Over Dutton A Co'. Bank. OalnesvB

had evidently here at work and Pboao Special a".nloQ Crowl aDd Dr1c1c' wwtl,
died *.i L I Time Table (In effect April e. l8O .
prominent. 'Maker"' enmity politician, and For Infants and Children. -- .. --. -.... - -- . '.' -'--' ..-.--- GORDON:- B. TISON.
a :Meson and WJ Fellow. in Inch ..hnd.In .

<<. The Kind You Hate Always Bought No. S. I No, 5. DENTIST.
De.Uy No. 4. No. S. No. 1. !I No. S Iy -
'$ Albert Sanford of Yrlvlngton was the Itao' I Dolly DaU7. HTATIONH. Dally. I Dale. RxorptHun Gradual BaUu! / ore Cones DeetaJ tenser
' liven a hearing before llnllrd Slstrititmiatiancr . = offrom Sunday ; five"an' " New York cia y.
' (\ ArohihtUI' at. Jackson Cro..8I1d. work and milm/ S eolalU_
ville. Krlday, on charge of mailing I AU. WOBK OCABSAMTBUk.
the pwlofltae at Yelvington fur transmission rail Horse Ends Lr A MiI.[ H MLy A Ml I I Ar. P MAT! P M ArPM Omo la WUler Law t ebac...
Fatally. 7 4& i 3 15 t..I ...__?..PalrBeld....................i 1 Ill:: 110 IX. .
through the United States Col.jultt.\ )u., May IS.-While Dr. P. 7 ai 2: MI.i .......: ... ...... .1"111..1..........: 101 100 ----- -, portal cards containing lod. rXVllkln and MU vnnie aaerton:: 80) :i46 I' ...... .!. ..... .. Dangarrantotunslde., .......I........ Ito 565 THE WEST END,
cent., libelous. scurrilous and defamatory were nut horseback riding they must M t>6H 3: 65 \........'...." ..( ..... ... ...... 12 55 6 BO84S
epithets. and sent. to. hU mother two four-horn. wagons t''A.h'dItb 10 ; S CM I...*.... --..... Hl k..D...._>..............1. % 60 FINE WINES, LIQUORS CIGARS
in-law of In 8 IS 8 10 I.......... ._..... Lat Blanoaton..... _... ...112 45 6 fO JOHN
, Hrlts turpentine.
ciI i: att.mpingto 8 SO ; 3 3O ....... .... ... MUmnopy .........1.........12 90 6 SO ME.VZIB3.Proprietor,
- pars the lint wagon the hone Miss 8 SSH 3 40 i r....... ...... ....Taooma....__....|,... 1220:10 dint W. Bay stuJaekaoatOle. :::. ,ru.
IF YOU LOVE YOUR rUirt-non was riding became fright 45H 8t I..j.: ........ KlrkwoodClyatt ........ .......12 15 6 15 .
cued and the mitle became mue.n..*. MW 3 55 ........ ........,. .... ..... .......112 10 6 10 fallFaust beer,bottle and draught. Doo',
able, the rreuit was that MUs Racerton 03 4 16 ;i ... ....,.... ....Wacslaoola.0. ,... .1' ..... .112! CO 465 on me when In Jacksonville)
a WIFE DON'T fell under the and ...ast'Nhf'd 9 16 4 40 h....... ........Rocky Point...... .. ...ill{ 45 440 -. -.
wagon --
941Ati5v'! .. ... j .....JnervlUe... ... h... ,13 SOlUJOAr 410 ---------
ROAST to death. The horse that Dr. i a } ,
4 HERd llOOLv1! 8 15Lv| 80 i 1. ,f' to \ SOl)
t I \\TIkln was riding was *M> mangled that 11 MIS 1 40 ;'e 53 ,.........Bellamy... .....! 855 1 4* 23t1
d compelling her to. bake the family I I it had to h* VlllfHl. Dr. Wllktns was ro 6UT 706 ....._Cyril..... .,..... R 4O 0 m i 1541
bread during' the hot summer month. alaM1: hurt. IS 30 OS 7 W |_.....Orahaoi.".. .... ft S3Heoapeon 1 9 23 I 13C
- I: 40 T 15 Ar! T 28 '' .. City .....: 20: 9 10 '! 1 10
t guy your Hread from A Death. .......1110) ,1060 '. 8. & F." 5W pieoo; a1.... ...

Creeping . .. .. . .. ... ". ... .... . .. . ..
...Keystone Bakery... HlooJ poison cr.ep. up towards the ........ T. 43 45 ...LkeCtty. O. B.0 P... 104 p74) ;....... Vaz 1

11 heart., causing: death. J. E. ::faros, ........,... : .10 P: 8. A. L..... 148 1'j.; j.I ..
of time and
saving work
0 a
money.I're.k li.lU Plains Ulan. writes thai a .........11 re, ,,11 00 .._VaUcet*, 4l. 8. f...,l4 50 p ft W . ..
UI"N4& IVrlhrre4 Bally ...._1 aM s 4 30 c P;, .....MStooe,0. & AP,.". II al 40 a1.I.i. Because they are the best
;. To all parts of the city. Also Cakes, friend dreadfully injured his bead .... ''' 'I i a| I55 p. ..,.....Atlanta* C. of 0.'"Hi's' .: .00 ... in .
J'ln and every other production of which swelled up like blood poisoning. Ar P MAr:1 MAr| PMT, MIL. P lit;,.... . the land for the money !
1P the an\1 h'D. up-to-date Uacklea's Arnica Salve drew out the Ask
you dealer for the
bake shop.r. poison bal led the wood and saved Trains 3 and 4 dojoo* ran between OeJaeeville aDd FalrfleM on Sunday.L. .- *

r. w'IlkfEK I'reprleUr Keste his lit., Best In iae world for bums E. BUE It. Ge..rl 8gp.riat.aMle.,. Sanny Jim shoe and insist -

Itakery. lme.> 113.a. and tOm. 3ta at all drag atoree. J. F. HILL "'c"I.. D. WAT>;1NS. General Ageat. on getting it.DAY .

: 1 i F
-- '
.' '



-- -- --- -

the laity than by the medical fraternity I ,

I and the doctor who can get a cle\et One Time It Wn. tulle COMMA
: : RepresentingE.
THE SCHEMES THEY USE TO article! published In one of them U sure IM Thin ('...n.r).
to draw patient letters to the nt'wII1'l1llf'n I The hi..!(>r.v of the 1 I...>ut of coins lu -
I ou 04.'IIlloIiSIt' h an an epidemic this couuu'v by private iiidlvldualti, and Alachua Pool Parlors ,
the vivisection :agitation and companionv..uld\ make \ory interesting ,
E=. 4lcHt. byVhleb : the like are equally f'tI't''t"u.1 not be"1It'n\; gold wiis struck In WHOLESALE SHOESOr
live Pr e le*. Are Ao j.lrJ t doubt they would U more numerous North;iii.i! a man uneil HeihtleinUrtod ('. Hure, PrvprUtttr.)

: W.1..1a Tk.r Dodge the Rule but for the curious fact that the studyof n Mint of Ms nee n there<< which All DeMTlptlona.

:--rd.. A..l".t Advert ll 'I medicine seems: to destroy the, {cow er 1 J was als.l.he.l| |: |, | l h y lace in t<4'!\ Half - ---

A young doctor beginning to of wrlUul"t'11.. I I oujtoH! .).,... IT eagles; ) tad one dollar : Sole Agent tor XO AlU:1I: andHOYER* "'?

Is terribly handicapped by the Hut probably the l..> advertisementa pUfos i uri \ly., him w. re largely <'If''utllt..1 '- Located m the Porter Bock! tooth E16 DUALITY Shoe. Every
doctor can have I is tn IK oniployoil In in i lit- Mouth and went. Ale i. side square.: Three tI ut..I.! >. tables.
under which any medical man \\ some cause celehre. This Is artly| the tlwlIlh or li iiiit gold they wore about Good lights. and prompt and courteous pair warranted.J. +

vertises Is expelled from the explanation of the\ extraordinary speetaeie ai |x'r went under Miluion average, serrice. The public is cordially invitedand
,Ion, saya tbe tweeds: Mercury. alwayt welcome., j MinassB Afonl
; now and then witnessed In the ., \lMlul the same> time Icuipletou: Held

may be an extremely betted courts of three or four medical men rolll..10,101 in ivorKla: Ho IUOto -- . -- _. --. -- -..--... '-''' -
or Burgeon and yetlt he baa swearing that a certain wound could California! in 1SU) an"l inlutodeagles

Ital to buy a practice or Interest easily lie self indicted or that death and tWt'1I1) lire dollar! i I."t.s on a considerable
the covernors of some was undoubtedly due to arsenic while scale. Mun> ,uipanU4 mind t'IRE.LIFEAND B. JORDAN
does not succeed in earning three or four more pledge themselves reflnorlos In Otllforul.i .mil elsewhere ,

during the first, few years to that the wound could not by any possibility :i made a l>usi. ioH<. of III I' I. III a ;: gold coinsI ACCIDENT IN

body and soul together. be self inflicted and that arsenic I during the some {.ct.l: Naturally: THE OLDEST 1

Of course the result Is that nil had nothing whatever tit do with there wa a groat. ti'iiii'iatioii l to make INSURANCE ,,
of dodges are adopted to exude the death treat Is the scheming. to tlio4 trivia. under weight and of Inferior AND BEST CON r

feat the rule against get engaged In one of those trial, for tlncnoxH. Tbo M.IIIIIOIII In I'tiib '
Is well known in the profession, the publicity( is worth a diamond mln. 'i iued l eagles, balf ca;:lees and double PANIES

reputation and a largo clientele Still another plan Is to get up a b.- eagle which l Corn Oil the olivorNo au
more on the success with which \ : pltal for the euro of Home *]Mcliil di'-I rye with the legend, llollm-Mt to the
accomplished than on real (' I ease, l-'or this purpose several I d.wtorll I.oiil. f _f! PORTER BLOCK GAINESVILLE w

ability. A celebrated( .pinion "" I often club together and with funds of i Quantltlo of twonix flee cent and
. .. .
once admitted to the writer i their own" plus what they can get from fifty remit gold R1'" '" wore IlkewNeiiianufiioturtMl -

rose to the top of the tree by : ,, the charitable public, open a hospitalfor at San "'rrniiolnco tlie Take The
Atlantic Coast LineFOR
Into his carriage several times akin diseases or deformities or ailments former containing oul\' about six, rents

and driving at a terrific pace I of any ninl every organ. Their worth of the metal :md the latter

a balf dozen streets. Sometime nuiues are uot only advertised in the twelve cents' worth. l llrM ago! a lot ALL EARTHLY POINTS ?
ried this by forgetting to take a press by circulars and at all kinds of of these were! taken a.' "..lto ierinuuy ,

ary instrument when visiting a dlnutTH and unl1ualan..UIlICll. but often and circulated there litch. elicited u CIs YI. 1 Yb vu
and then sending hU driver back they are put up on a large board out formal diplomatic I'rll".t from that D\Iooa' 1 o..u P.A0. D.tpoator
hot baste. Naturally' people were ,, side the hospital, and they who would .I government. The prhato minting business N or th II or E as\t of S on th at.aesaklp I W es S Jaekvlfl.aal ICJJ

Impressed by the procedure otherwIsA remain obscure lieoome famous was Hnally .toPI..1 .ek..etL. Jackwaviua U.. UosUosasrvRapid t
that Surgeon D. must be an aud get patients from the four

surgeon' since be was so often corners i.f the kingdom.One A FISH THAT FIGHTS. Transit and Unsurpassed Service ;
desperate cases. of the moot famous ways of advertising 4

Another London .'Ksculaplus Is the Issuing of bulletins Tb. A.. ...'.. sad Irl..._.' its.kal Time Table In effect April 10. 100A.
income of !10.000 a year to an about tbe health of some man of note. .f Slum.So .
ious stratagem on which he Even If be have only a sty lu bU. eye aggressive Is the ..Iaka!. a little Depart For OAINrNVILI.E .Anin From
the is with itsprogress. --..- -.-.. .. ..-- ..--.- -
last couple of hundred pounds public kept acquainted Ads from Slum that the entertainment -- --- --- -- -- -- "
In the world. Having a very .. In that cave the doctor already It affords has ix-corne a national pas -8.6P: -I--- With tlprlap and lnt.r. \ 81aoamD'ill 1
sister who wa desirous of has nearly all the reputation and time. The fishes are trimmed to go I mediate i'olnq I Dally
_.. . .. .
< he explained to her the i patients be cares for but lesser' llgits: through regular battles and are reared - --
often hare their associated ,,'IUltbe 1ll: pm Ocala. Lresburg .ndTalDpIl.aDd 3
making a practice by simply names artificially for the purNiMe| while theIIlrIi.P 'I at4Op'
brass plate on the door and crack physician, and every bulletin to exhibit them to tbe genera Daily IlIt.rnlfOtlate rolntl y

out a red lamp and Induced: her In worth a hundred guineas to them. public In farmed out and bring a large ;;;U;v-,r 'I I'k ; -Jaeksunvlll.. : m l

bis\ accomplice In what was not ; A doctor 1&'onl.lttlve> a deal to have It amount of money<< Into the royal o'lIt'r. 1>silt I North East and West I Daily
moved from a fraud on the public announced in the papers that be has They<< are kept In iiiiirluini built for .- -' _''
part In the plot wall to take a : returned from a well earned holiday In the purMmc| nod f'tll1''U| tin- larvae of 12Kiii pm UlKh bpring0; WaycroaSavannah. llrunswlek, 'I' 8116 pm e
Which paralyzed her limbs and i Norway' or the Mediterranean, and moMiiultiM-ii Ulltl'n poKHlblo rare Dally -I( Albany Atiaata. all 1')1"1 North Kul: W.., D.II7
... ..
I mRIIa medical nan owe his comfortable --
In -
her the appearance of being taken of them Wbeii the fish Is In a

t stage of fatal illness Then income tcj'the friendly t'tlltorwho quiet ft.lie. with the HUM at root the 8 :16 |> m i. /iooaru
taken In an ambulance to [' says' something about him In the dull color are not lit nil remarkable.. Rochelle. Mlcanopy; and Citra

In a fashionable( went end street column of per.unsl'Iw'ws.! Hut If two ire bronchi together or Dally .1 i, Dally
.. . _.
.. .. .
-- -- -- ---
Mo t of these methods only -- -
der so to speak, as a forlorn | are open within night of each<< other oren If
) place herself under the rare of l) to the city practitioner. The men who.cttl one HIH-H UN own IUIIIKO in n Hiking g 3 .60 lip. Pili. ..
Dr. X., her brother bad \ .. In final! towns have to adopt different glass the little crfHtniv IHH-OIIIVM suddenly .111Jn I High HI., ring. l "

taken rooms In n neighboring; menus ioncrnlly they an akouse oxclttil. Monday ._ __ as.HundayInterchangeable .
.. .. .. . .
- - ------
put up bin brass plate und hired of all their arts to. make frh'.uhwltb The tiiiH are rnl'uil, and the whole - - '
Alllrsgw 'ra..k"/Ctd over U.UJO miles of among Ihe prinolpal -
riage with a spanking pair of \ the ladles. They try to l... very liody 11111111. with metallic loiter and railways in the Houthern Htates, are on sale by the principal agnls.
Three time every day be "''I|*>AT'I chat'ml\l'; at garden) parties and haMm colors' of darkling I Ix-anty, while tbeirol Through Pullman sleeper" Port Tamia lo New York via Allan tie CoastLine
hour with the Invalid, while th( at tend church r.stninrlyamid cometimes ] ,<>", lug gill membrane, waving liken J j alto via Atlantic Coat Line and ttouthern Hallway,
riage drove up and down the huve a note brought to them In lilHk frill round the thrruit. iniikijigrotoMiu For complete! Information call on ;

He cleverly managed; to have It the middle. of nerico in id hurry away. ** the genenil) n'i'| '-urnmIn I J. A. GOODWIN. Ticket Agent, Uclncavlllc.
ed that bin patient bad been They ciulttix to miiko thenmelvffipo Ibis matt' of Iriltnil'iii It makerrpsret| Address

as a hopeless case by all the big |>ulir III the lix-itl clulis, or get re- eil darts, at Its rein <>r refliM-tlrl| antuiftnUt. I .FRANK C. IIOYLNTON.. I..... Agt.. W. n, 8TARKiTra.. r.... Agl, '
lent men of I.r>ndnii. At the end mnrkiililo<< I b>' the |IMI..M.a'.leis! of n spiraled If ton are i t' together In 13H W. Hay .1, Astor limMIng, .
month be bail cured her and !, hoi-Mi. *, or 1,'h their halt to ImtkwNo a tank they rash it tacli cither with flee H. M. KMKUHON.Traf: Mgr., W. J UKAIO Oen. r.... ...., t

began to pour Into his waiting ur tflvo u pnlillc I.''-tore Kohl lIm..t fur. Tin'little N kept on until Wilmington, N C. Wilmington.N
Hut the most successful, method \ times they win attention tliroticli the one In killed <>r |lint to niKbt." loft not .. It
Is to write a i'of|>tilnr medlcnl I l"" efforts of u tactful wife. .until) they ore oniirrly ixiriitcil) d.x..
sciuiincdlcnl magazine: article .>r Another'.cry good plan open.. In therirovliuMI the victor. shut hi. K'Uldy: Him. that l like

a letter to the dally |I.r.*,.... One \ a* well\ as the city doctor. I.. flags of war. are never lowt-reil until
man found tbut it r.lIotI..IIlI'.m: 1 to end. tfMlinonlaU to HOIIIO' wine or 11t..aer ban I brat dii tar., ). .Southern Railway.

be sent without any ulterior mineral water Importer or to a manufacturer ---
to a widely circulated church lIut. of aiillur)' clotbliiit .and ,x ca- BORORO INDIANS. . .

proved better than n Klondike( olonally to a <|iiuck nmllrtneIn \ ,.,....1,.,. - al

mine. It Is also known that tin- thus way they get their nuiiM con- VI*** lk. $s, ..f This 11..111.. Hllcctlve April .
paying patients are not the reully staidly )In the lucal {paper without Infringing Tribe ...! 1 holes..... I 10,

but those who Imagine they arts the rule iigulust advertising In an Interesting article on tbo sborlglne I

These foolish people devour Tlie worst of It all from the pulilte of Mraill In the current Mouthem e Train* lla.l: >a. HI :>.. SO tomb' s.d n..... M(.. t* 1
ties of medicine and medical '.) point Of view It that it I III nut time lest Workman tb- metlMol of itjiiultig I *
l.v' J."keolUlIl" So'\ It f N :",la 7 Gino .., Jseh.onvllle, Fla. H.,. Ity.M 7 tA
this better woo the In MH-rnil
and knows gets boys thus '' :
no 1.1..I'ln" or mirgeon
I I.. Jr..lip /$' o, KySo II Ah IO4Op Lv J..up, O., < Ity, 10 I.) .
poshing: doctor In fact the greatest reputation, hut the I" si rnnn The rerrinony of Initiation Into tli, I.. t H. ..."n.h !ItyHo. I MJ" l-J: O1.IAr/ MsiHin, Oa, H... hyHo (1)
-- -..- .- -- . of "".In..'.. And Willie patleut ctuw.lto right" aril privllc.i-* of r-IUuu.I.II'. | In I I Ar (:oltlll1" '. Ky n v.| n < Atlanta the! f."lil()tirtl.le<< bouse. of the.. ItjfM 7tir
who\ hme cleverly<< adrrrtUedtbeiuelve lironre testy -.t the baby Uiy I.1 Ar (>ri>.ntiora Ho.H 1STKJL 1:1: ta9. 1:1: Alp lUlion athushek time moot ktllftil t'liylcian more in !..... daiilxwltti gum or pitch Ar Danvlllo' -. :/1/...__:J..!lOp! Ahsttanu0ga. Teas U,. V4oiI.V
and oiirg'sMi of all grow runty anti all sad pIslMl with M bl'e featltfri; then Ar JCI"htll..n.r--r.ltr IJA.. fJ U.e Ar Islington, Ky tj. A O, 6/1p:/ ",

but starve In )lm>'k streetssit..l.a.. early In tl. 1IJ'.hl'It'f...,,, tl.>* rl.Ing III'-.t.,nil hfoiirg t ....f<_.,.Ity nm-i 4-I'...: 11t/p Ar ()lrt..I"ft"lI. () 4 k U 7 4Oti "'.
"" of the sun the f.n'I, an>l friend and Ar Ch.'lou.'U.Ko.) Ky tl ffJs fJ I lip (>'*D..If..I.II, t), lie Four t4up. ':
VOTED FOR HWEETJJEHH .un Palm 0.4 ; ; .. the priest or con '.irer bvtsk* th.ra.wire. ..1CWa.hlughrn.. !Ho. It, U ti. yamArChisega.iII, Ilia, Four 11'I MNM .
lingo faux In M. \*>"k on nu.-la .. t<> sn etulbri, IP near ttttll*.". Ar lUllirnor* P. ItAr It. ll i I-s II vnp 'I.. tlt.elnnll"i: 0 !'. Ltu..aPa {| ,
TT OF TONE, POWER ,, writer a* follows of the relation. eiUt* And s. the .'111. <>>e aUIOf'C'IJI pwtrr. W PhM..l'la I' K It. 1 4p! 2 M. A' I line. 7 I'HArCr.l .

DCKAIULITY.B Ing between the rc..n. otflclnU srnl aweeH' w.JII",111),....... from ktdnd *- t I A .r N...w York (P...,.It It. 4 lap 0 8Ia I.v ''tnva.eaii. 0 U IJ A ii, M tiq
-- -
the Palesthey remain separate, like be *.trrn ibleriMT. .* th.. tune *..''. .III Mnnnn 7Xla046p.
oil soil water. net Ituwlsn, even inner bore" the lwr Up of tU. rtn- No. "31-"New York and Drawing Florida Uoomr4e Kipm I.. Fhn.7nnaii/f: ,, (j H. A I'l -
I> ) Pullman
he U the l is of no rune- *ly -
though mauler Toledo. O O II A II. ft Xk:
bryo wsrrior with *n Itrstrnui oi n..I. .|>lag ('., Port 'Ian'I' and t I Air f,
"lone (or lfcl tuba enoaI flU4-JK. her. It \I. only ner-eonary lo ot>- .ni.rially. fair tl-e .111..1 awl IfSlttlfnlly ..111110 New York t. lirt>l/, Mieh ".__ .- ,1')1 720a
1.a. rlass otlwr. eoMnMt nerve for UIM sP'ce of sn hour from .Ivavsalel Itrllltant 1rtvr i No. J-I.\\.lra'to" and KlorUa 1'C tia% nnti,() ra Linn. $ir'ip,

b*%, .*.mala. uri s at trtfetls erne n>rner of the elegant lining room: anal at tJ.. same i c whisper, "1> .Indo I r.l litt4" Dally pullmsn DrawingAr Pliistxvrg/ra..: I'. Lin. _srvuV
.orll..blp obtslaabl., of the hotel the behavior of Ih* Polish0ociety ** bumtnliiir ' or the>. of 'Ituum. riUeping Car Jeehq'I'Jlo' lo.New .or fUnelnnstT 'O Ulg FourIlia
Cptodall seven sn l DM. mpU t.. l Isolation of orne other millif ....jMrt hot the York, j Af (JI..I.ftId..t.U ; Fo ,rH. 4iA"

4.tU and" t:.- the fustian offlr of onki.... It U rlilhl !. to ..llId...." softly r... - r., t.jr<< ICS ... It,. D alp;

egastedSold : only nefNtMry tu tae aMe to dlntlnguUh I.-t the fMitl I fr;>ihj. lu turn TareagH "'TIa..rlfu rky". ,... M Ar i.oal.vilKy/ **. Ky, HlOp7W>
the groop4 from one .DtJtbP1'-ttM Bait and tf.m llsdixi-1. f vurlfronwv .. twrne be ___ ...;._---. - -- ,,- | Ar Ht. fx",U. Mo Ko K y. *
by ns continuously for with their almost bourgeou Lv J..kanvllle. Fla $o. KyLv 7Mp171&a ---
tic notfillty U.. name "t "* Hill. MP Tta.y i Ar AuniUM Ala KM. uy, 9 Nit
families, merchants from sit tIM prlnrlpal Mavaanah, (U Hot,. Ky : Ar Hlrmlngtism. Ala HKy.. 11 .A* ,
.f Ibelt ......_ cad ,
are very J..ksi. lambia' H. O Pun,. Ity
TWO fuatioaarfrand Ar eU"AI.Pbl..T. ,
THIRTY countries. Russian nn Krie MOOyo
OVER will but fail" tl. '. kilo rwm in alien.. Ar A.h.vllU t: Pw,. fly rllp I i
societyaevl It will l at orm'. Ar Ksa ('Is "f Yri.en KM
PoUrii la oafs to tm+.h' rlllum of tl.. irtt Ar Mot Hcrtai*. N C tw,. Ky 3p':i
without a single fail are. If ter-om. clear who !ts at bone here. moo.
a pornotlO of Miirntb would bate to Ar Knoxvill. TenD H*,. Ky
want a piano for a IU.u".. .. ted to Ux dl so that all ott- H.H Mprings. Ark W9M
firmly r > .....W. with It tt .fOe time sail beIt4tiat.d LcttUville H .. MyArm $ t4. .. . .
..n !4t Lay the era become strangers aa.1 Intnrfera. It mucb s. oJ. child .... Late Hoc,. Kr 4MpM No. JK'-"The Florida Limli.d."
la the role, sad lb. rot- .! **." Ar Cinelnaatl U A l). IU'o. Dally, HolM we.tibaie train, through
1\ [athushe >In day .'NMbe. sad Pullman Ml"(.tn//IC c I
.. ......wss wok The RI'hnl M.i tfi Ihe Wo..ld.n. > 3T.-r>aily "nib.. Cars "'ectolIht. !! to ll,
IA .
lrrte.. a b. H.rt>>n Car bstwsa ,
._ *...- a_, 1& richest"- ntsn '> lb. world Moans Reeea Ind n.r.I 1(1".111" 2h Id Pullman Drawing Kaon
C** or Will overvom ndigr. .ai and Jy.- ...'.rmville sad CiceiassI1. RU.l>.lar Car f<.|w..n JaeksonvllU.
.bl. live . .
?ts; We. fret ..... Ilk kld.";. r- ; !seed 00? 1 witho Kana
ie.a TODAY. p.pala5 regelate: tb* bowls and ewrs HlrntlaxtMRt, Memphis and
far s .
.t them, so it f.t.t0f4ItI i sot to a.g .
Tar .
It I. t> E ..JI#.& Malag S.rvlalr.Ctty.
liver and kidney eowplsloW. i last &a...... organ rf "oa.,'. K14n best Mood earWber inrfgaraior la ,. U.. Ant sign of d....
bidden & tike world It is | v"..tsbe, p-rfeetly andyour j
banD. sad .hoaU .yoabe aofferer jttr, u stood 'It From New; York, ....-Ko.' 2', "Washington' and Florida Ueatl .
health wl: U l
will .... U IIyooar I la.d:' LH .# ..
from 41.H.. boa .trrn thea. *ul t.. 4i ap IMM orga... y..... :(.. York W..Ia.I.. _, ....-.r.. W, ""..Mac'. Music Boose wi.. J'h\, ...hde4ic.or
Sentkrn kl. aa aoI I., .!*. wt.. : Occar Jkywinaa.lU ,reM 'f 74) p. ... :
B .
sad taaaagvr COM and "' dgKew I ". I'lorids Um c
rroM Wsllaltsad
. Ky .rU..u *! ,.... Bead C cel.nnIJ.A* .tII..N.-o.29,
SAVANNAH .. Cocoa.. F)a .ri. .. 1 hitC a s. "
hed. .i4) .
aNd yoor JUrUae 1 la ny famUy aMid YoM,'. EW..,. Car sad take (real ClM'a-u. Atlanta ."' .-110. H, "Ha. LlnlMd..9.SO .. Da.t. .
.a".f" ,
JOHN D. MURPHY, Bad It a BNM* e S..lU.t .-....... Ja.I '....are In tailg eared n. | rmtneatly .. _ . . . .. . .. T r
b .
fAA >
CSTAKUSBO' I effe.t. apoe aa7aU ae > .! a Ida.? ........ wU< ..f.llr i ...
ad kNll. iJoW! bild. .J*%..MI, J. C. Lt'SlC, W 6A3THER BRYAN. SUU l .u,.11&.. and 1. O. fttefeop : '' scold lave nails PM" mf ,.... aoo&.I.qM.uf.GA.
\. tor4..J.. W. JUCollwn A Co. L H. Haaarn.r..t: U5 i iM'i LA1u .O.P; ,A..
"' .: ," ._'J'IJ.AJI&1' &.' ........ .... ,.. :. .. ..;: ... .'t' .' 'f\l': \ !. 'to. .:r. . ,, l .(t t.l"e'; t< ...r.: J1iv ...oi&.! .'!,,,'h...M-V.'
1 t! .. "' ". - 1 1 t. -.. .: 4. "" .. fft/I /' 1J; :" 't. ,. 'k qlj ? .',f; \ '. ; l'THE
:. .r t eUiar' '' ''' I \ I # ; ; \0: :' 'I )
" "! lfo'lr lAI .... t., ..a''K '" I "j" ai.; 'II. r''I'',.'''' l. /1: !r.'Ii\ I"i :'' ;
: .
f.t .' of .. ,
..1I1'" :I'I '. .' : .,... ,.:,,, ; , .' \0": . ', "j''. :

V.f.. "** J



____ m___ _ u__ --- .
-. .. -- -- -- ----

4 J. A. Ea.low of St. Augustine: wa !j TO REMOTE END OF SCHOOL YEAR. y
registered at the Brown House yester FRECKLES AnD PIMPLES Closing Exercises Tonight at the

day. I I Graded and High School. .
COUNTY CONDENSED In 10 days, use
Deputy Sheriff J. H Granger was i I The annual closing exercises of the

called to Alachua on official business School bere we are again with mon
.SAT1IMOLA Gainesville Graded and 1 High
I *
y l Matters of General Interest Gathered yesterday., I will be" held at the Auditorium this Bargains for you. JSo matter what jot,

A.' L. Glass of the Atlantic CoastLine The Complexion Beautifier.SATINOLA (Friday) evening at 7-30: o'clock. want in the Dry Goods line, we have it

by Our Reporters. went to Ocala oo official business Owing to the fact that the principalhas at a less! price than you can find it eUe-

"yesterday.- only been in charge a few weeks ,

PERSONAL ,ANt >SOCIAL ITEMS .Mre. J. Winter of 'aldo'I'll in the program has been changed from where.SPEOIA'LS

the city yesterday on business at the I N the usual entertainment.. It will be of I

M( What Has Happened and What Is Going county tax collector's office.! I interest to all, and the patron of the :

i to'Happ Told In Short Paragraphs Rev. L. R. Lynn of Palatka who has I school should all try and be present. 20 dozen Ladiee' 20a Vests only 12 ,<'

been on a vUlt to his brother C. ri.
Program. 15 dozen Ladies' All-Linen Hem-
4' s 80 That "He Who Run May Read" .1
Lynn: of this city, has returned home. Song, "America". . . . . . School med-Stitched Kerchiefs, each lOc

It In Th Sun. r A One suit case free to every purchaser Duet for Piano . . Misses FennellViolin 10 pieces Curtain Swiss, regular l

Old new.papen'for sale at The Sao of a 910 suit or* $10 worth ufmerebaadl.e Duet . Misses DeLand 15c values, at per yard.: . lOc "

r office' ,. tf at one time. J. Ma- Address . Hon S. M. Sparknan 20 pieces 7c Gingham for, yard oe
nasse. Piano Solo . . Miss Myrtle Fennell
Dr. Hart of Paradise was In the elty M Presentation of Medal. . .
yesterday. F. 8. O.teen the prominent and well Hon. Christopher Matheson
p known naval stores man of Micanopy, I Reading Roll of Honor. .
st Ladle.Son office.ealliDK' esrdi la .latent styles made a business trip to this city yes I . . . . . . Principal Mclntosh 24 ty

terday. I Only seven weeks ago Principal Mc-
Sam T. Dell of Alacboa was la the i + Y take control of
was called
We are pleated to hole that J. K. Intosh to Remember we have only this lot of 21
city yesterday
Abram. who has been seriously ill Is a new discoveryiruaranteed.nd the schools, and he has had much to Fine $1.25 White Spreads, Q Q

c Bimonaon's Wonderful Salve for sale with fever for some time,-is able to be money refunded if It full to remove the contend with. But in spite of the fact to sell| at., each . . . . J7 O c
by J. W. MoOollum. Co. out again. worm CaMe of Freckles. Pimple. Tun. Sallownew. that he had no time to lay down plansor

A. MeCleeoy and slater of Cadillac : . LJver Spot. 01.c""' *. or nay akin make arrangements before the . 3t .
wire la the city yesterday.For Pay your water rent to T. B. Ellii, eruption In :30 d.yn. leaven the akin clear. excellent I
school opened, he has done
collector.. HOVVest Main street,
soft, healthy and restore the beauty of
Beat-Offices over Chitty's Office hours 0 a. m. to 12 m. and 2 p. youth. Thousand testify to the merit of work and the roll of honor shows a I Wilson'sT.

% store Inquire R. il. Porter. m. to 6 p. m. SatlnoU.MliM . large number of names add the attendance Busy

;r For Bale-1XXX) Irish potato barrels. Col. J. R. .Flewellen\ who has been Alice Llrette write Thibodeaux. La.. has kept up .remarkablywell.
:J. N. Bone Gainesville Fla. d2w4tw Oct. 15 '04.-"Vor four yean my face was
quite sick for..orne, time is r.port..dmuoh .
completely, .covered with freckles and plmplea.All .
" Joe Manasse, dry good. and clothing improved and his physician expects remedies failed until I used two package The people should turn out to these Store1.

dealer, has returned from a business he will be out soon. of Satlnola which completely removed the exercises and manifest an interest in

trip to Savannah. freckle and pimple My complexion is now the public school so that they will bea
69 Odorless l oral S&il perfect. and hope every 'lady having frecklesor
milch credit to our chy.COMING.
For Bale-A good giving
cow "
pi tuple* will try Stloola Price 50 ,five quart. of milk. Inquire of J. R.I all there is to say. Best made. Prle.1; II 1.00. by leadlnar drutfulsw, or mall. .
Emerson, Cash Grocery.T. as low as the cheapest. Bee them at EVENT.
Bai rd's. II NATIONAL TOILET CO., Paris, Tenn. ,
_ M. Venable of Arredondo was a
n also L. A quantity of McCarrel stone for Bold In Gainesville by J. 8. Bodiford i Kirby Smith Chapter Will Give Lawn ((0.
Gainesville visitor yesterday ; A "'. McCollum W. M.
use in the windows and doors of the Co., J. A Co.. Fete on June 2nd. .
O. Graay of High Springs. Johnson and all leading druggists.Miss .
Professor Hull who has been teach. new Holy Trinity Episcopal Church Kirby Smith Chapter, United Daughters -
--- --'-
has arrived and the work will progress; of the Confederacy, have decided:
Ing In the Hlcanopy schools was a
I Carrie Dell William. of Ala. FULL LINE OF
more rapidly.
to give; a lawn fete on June 2nd, which
In the
caller '
city yesterday.
chua, who has been attending Miss
O. C. Tousey and daughter, Mils Annie II will be given on the court house square.
v W. W. Stripling representing the C. Tebeau's select school, will leave for NEW GOOD
of Gainesville came down to attend Ice cream cake etc., will be s-rred,
B. VanDeman Co., grocer of Jacksonville her home today. I --
the exercises of Bronson
closing and the occasion will no doubt prove
in the city yesterday.Col. Agents tor...
Having Just received advices from
High School and the annual picnic last successful. Mrs. J.o'. McKinitry, Jr.,
J. W. Patton has returned from week.-Levy Times-Democrat. the Success Music Co. of Chicago, I will have charge of the lemonade :Monuments, Tombstonesand

Wauburg Lake when be has been for Robert MeCarrell of Jacksonville, 111.\ that their song entitled "Oh, Miss booth. Iron Fences.See .

some time on a surveying eipedltlon. patentee of the MeCarrell stone which Mandy," is now on tale there and in i. This entertainment is to be given in Our Samples

\( One beautiful suit ease free to every is a fine imitation of granite is in the all principal cities Alexander A Powell celebration of the t Vthday of Jefferson -
I;, body who buys a $10 suit or $10 worth take pleasure in announcing that a lsvJune
Davis which 3 but desiring
This is -
of merchandise at one time. J. Ma- city. atone being extensivelyused Personal attention to all matters !.
number of copies Of this compositionare
nasse. in the construction of the new ; to avoid having the event occur this line. Mail and telegraph orders
now en route and will be placedon
the selected
W. M. Ross and Mrs. 8. F. Koss of Episcopal church. sale Immediately upon arrival for on Saturday Chapter promptly attended to.

4 Ocala are among the visitors to this Mrs. Howard and family of Pitts- the indulgence of lovers of "ragtime." Saturday.

city. They are registered at the Brown burg:, Pa., who have a beautiful homeIn Further particulars will be given Gainesville, Florida
------ -- ----- ------ later.
_ N House. Eat Gainesville and spend their - -_- ---- - --- -_ --- --

4 Mrs. Mary J. Baker of Detroit Mich., winters there departed for their home Their First Lesson.

+ who has been spending the winter in yesterday, Friends hope to see them NEW YORK Some weeks ago The San called attention THE CONTINENTAL

this city with friends, has returned to early next season. to the rabble that assailed the

her home. Itev. O. T. Mattox of Live Oak who people who arrived over the Seaboarc CAFE.RESTAURAST.:

One beautiful suit case FREE to has been In attendance on the Adventist Air Line Railway a* they left the trainsto

everybody! who purchases a $10 suit ors church conference; has returnedto come up town, and cautioned them

$IO worth of merchandise at one time.J. his home Ho is the editor of The RACKET.CHEAPEST that there might come day of reckon

Manas**. Present the official of the
Truth organ ing. Marshal Pinkoion got after them
L. T. Koui of \Vlllittoti U in theolly, Adventist Christian church. and the result was that several 1 were

r having. been summoned on account of The medal for the prize essay, offered brought before Mayor Thorn*' court

ff the sudden death of his little nephew by the J. J. Finley Chapter U. and bad to settle, yesterday.

Master Thomas Roux. 1). 0.. will be awarded Friday night at STORE ON EARTH };... Parker was the first. to feel the

A. B. Chltty of Jacksonville was In the Gainesville Graded and High law in regard to obstruction the wity of

t the city yesterday on his way from rtahool auditorium, :Members of -- passenger and he wa assessed $2.50 .4

Micanopy, where he had been for a Chapter art specially urged to be prey and o.tI.

m short visit with his parents. ent. Wm. Murray being guilty; of the same

John MUelle. member of the firm of Superintendent J. L. Kelley has returned The "Good Old offenie, laid his offering of $ andcosts .

Williams A Mlsello, glnners was in from Tallahassee) where he down a* a guarantee of !load

'"t the city on business yesterday, and reports went to attend the meeting! of the Summer Time" faith, Aa Bailey, another offender (FlnicorncrlSoulh' : of Poatoffloe.).
Op.. l.tll .U.lHt.
_ the u.IIII.otl.IIln trade. contributed $5 for his freshness.James . Drip (off*.
county superintendents. which was a
I Wn'.,. ....h.s .
p, The following gentlemen from neighboring << imrtl interesting gathering.: Supl. Kelley i Seem to be almost in tight and I it is fila*, charged with disorderly

town were ilnevllle. viiilor i I. an indefatigable worker along our duty to keep as cool a* possible eonduet-"JtrlonlnlE" an express me.

yesterday HiiUt' Chilly and C. Letter thee lines and does not lose sightof : during the heated term. .enler"-a grin: that wa quite. adheslve EEMITH'S

}4 Arrow of Micanopy, and U. Lucas anything: that may help our county : - wa fined |2 00 and coU It may
teach thee chap leon in how S
SUaok of )tlftgtie. school :
conduct themselves at *och place,
J. II. Coffee of Waldo U In the city. K IL i Holmes of l'w'ork City, who We will name a few ar --. + WELL

+ He I I. en route from hi, old home! at hu been Ht the Odd ......\\10"*' Home In Death of an Infant.
tidies that have In
Micsnnpy. wher he ha. burn pending tin* city for the pant winter left yestercUy we our AH the old standards and
Friend of Mr, and )1,.. .F A. I Roux
%) the past few ,I.)'. pleasantly among morning: for Jacksonville, from establishment that will help ..iIIlmp.thi.- them in the deathof the choicest of the new onesas
relative and fri..h.81m which elty he will take his departurefor I
their eighteen-months'old issued.
n T I're.cott of Newnnville the K..l. lie will spend the summer to be comfortable
a : you Thorn, who patted away at o'clock
lu New and Ask to see them as
Hampshire expect to they cannot be
Cont..d..r"t..t..nll p*.t tiff year ofage Thursday afternoon of cholera infan displayed
advantage in
... In the and return to thin city early in the fall. a case.
city yesterday ware I turn after brief illnes

I plron-U" to note that he i.i very aetIve Mr Holme his been an active bust- A Nice Hammock The funeral will be held at :2 o'clockthis SPECIAL MOUNTS for E. F.
fur one of his year, ness man In-New Y'Irk City mot of t afternoon from the residence Rev ,
his life, until the health failed him. on the veranda will make it several School Children and Babie
L I'. Wagoner: : of ;Mobile. Ala.. U In cooler. J. J. Nixon of Kavanaogh MethodistChurch
the city to visit his wit.* and baby, who - conducting the ceremony

the of Jo. Intel: Robert McClellan will have Fine Fadeless FotografsFrom
are guet .t. of the READ THIS. charge or
A Good Ice Cream Freezer
Brown Home 11r.'ron.., and Mr. the funeral arrangement Friend of Locketto; Life Sine.SMITH'S .

Kttel: are sister and brotherCommenting pringtleld Tenn.. June U, !(Ulu has a tendency to lower the the family are Invited.

t I have been troubled with kidney . . .. STUDIO.
Sunday. May :21, those temperature.A -- -
and bladder troubles for a number of . . ,
,1/ White -- - '
popular to and "
trip Springs
return - ---------
and (0".1'10. and having .Some Men LeaveAn
same Jay Leave Sainetville U, Clifaa7oTiixle Net
heed the advertisement of I>r. F. W.
iIt ." tl Ky 9 :30 a, in, Sunday* only
11.W round trip J. K Hill, Agent.Th Hall's treat Discovery, A Texas Wonder -t hunt over your bed will make the room Estate for the WidowTo
concluded to give it a trial from & to 10 degree* cooler whoa the A
purity of lllu Ribbon lemon and which I found great relief and would moquto( begin to try to ,
f' vanilla extracts i I. easily detected. sing you awake.A invest and loe, or a. a temptation
recommend It to those similarly af
i ., They import the true flavor to all deecert to peculator. How muctr
nit't..d II. H. KIBK. better to leave her
*, Ak for Blue Ribbon lemon and Suit of Our Feathsr-Weight

vanilla Take |I..... Flavor perfectly.Mr. A TEXAS WONDER.
Underwearwill S500 or $1,000 a Year Incomefor
and Mr,, J M. Graham have returned .
One email bottU) of tae Texa Wooaderliatl'sOreat *
seep a* cool aa a eo umb.r.
from extended sojourn at Discovery cum all you Life or for 20 or 30 Years?

Worthington Spring, where they went
kidney and bladder trouble. r.moregrav.l t
for ri and recuperation. They speak A Pair of Our Low-Cut Shoes .
, eurw diabetes seminal emU- \Ve will\ seed you *.)1". loUre.iioc
-: very highly of the efficacy of the water will keep the feet thoroughly comfort- information showing how small aa
lions weak and lara backs, rheuma-
of the spring* and the surrounding. annual outlay will yield. a "*ml'. .
tiara and all "irregulartiWe of the kidneys ablateNe neat income for
\\'l\1l1a\l\ \ yearly anyone far: .. row a'La..1' .
was arrested at Archer by
and bladder whom
la both ,
_ Deputy Sheriff< Granger and arraigned rvrulale bladder tronblea mss andwomen 1stehkUren. atlfBl. aaate **say .... artlclea, you ear to provide iI:. WAIT .. :=. ': ;

+ before Judge Maon of this elty ,"'. It not Mid by poor druggist, but If yea will J..t call w* will take W. L RILL & W. 6. HIQDOH -w.- - ,_ I,
day ehargod with carrying ottoealed will boa sent t>r mall om receipt of $1 IT'Nt..n la U.wlag yon tW talat H ""t......,..__ .. .... _14 \'I
weapon, and One small bottle two mositM treat. aaee them.PHIFER. !'penal 1.T-.. VfTUIL at tar 1 ape.t s. I... ..... .. 1
on eoavlcttaa was sea Lw I..raace C..1 few TraW1I3EHTILLC INtyck.1Nww4.. __ 1
W ati
meat and eeldoot fails to perfect .. .
tented pas Ya4 ygtg ,
to pay a floe of $100 and eosts., ear.. Dr. a"r..Mt. W. I3aU.sole ataam- | i rLOK'UA ..a.. gis.s ne the f a.y
tcfj aL the jean.>havlag he Ute had mo y ia the the time po, he k.wa t ol*I raisin,.,. P. O. box 1:18,8'LaGle.. 8oU. by. M aj.], BROS. = _, __ K 54. Lt --.. _..."de... sew...,..

1, ,,"aassigned to the Pial. dwttists.teetiusoalala. r lf irt' Corner, Olwvtll, Ft*. THE DAILY SUH, lOc A WEEK>t flf

..... ...,..
... ... .. ..

Title: Gainesville daily sun
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 Material Information
Title: Gainesville daily sun
Uniform Title: Gainesville Daily Sun
Gainesville daily sun (Gainesville, Fla. 1903)
Alternate Title: Daily sun
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Creator: Gainesville daily sun
Publisher: H.H. McCreary
Place of Publication: Gainesville, Fla.
Gainesville Fla
Publication Date: May 19, 1905
Frequency: daily (except saturday)[-1938]
daily (except monday)[ former <1903>-]
normalized irregular
Subject: Newspapers -- Gainesville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Alachua County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Alachua -- Gainesville
Coordinates: 29.665245 x -82.336097 ( Place of Publication )
Additional Physical Form: Archived issues are available in digital format as part of the Library of Congress Chronicling America online collection.
Dates or Sequential Designation: -58th year (July 24, 1938).
General Note: Description based on: Vol. 20, no. 48 (Apr. 5, 1903).
 Record Information
Bibliographic ID: UF00028298
Volume ID: VID00600
Source Institution: University of Florida
Holding Location: University of Florida
Rights Management: All rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
Resource Identifier: oclc - 32994415
alephbibnum - 002027051
lccn - sn 95026977
lccn - sn 95026977
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Preceded by: Daily sun (Gainesville, Fla.)
Succeeded by: Alachua County news (Gainesville, Fla. : 1934)
Succeeded by: Gainesville daily sun and the Alachua County news

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I -' ;;;

'Jd Y li ? 7,
----.... n

... '


< )
1 ,. ..:\ '
""""." ''" ," .

IH innitte ;;. 1 I';; '" '.

'aith nn ""'5."""' -.

= .', -t :
- -- ,


- ==--- '- ------' -_.-,.----- --, .. .--.----. -.--.-..- _. ---- -- -- -. .. -" . .. _-- ..
- --- -- --


Is There to Act as Peacemaker In the The Fleet Consists of One Steam

Chicago. May 1S..lnHIt'1 tamper: j' New York. :May IS.-llcpi'i'sontatlvea -

president of the American Federationof of the I'anama republic have foi
l.abol'3s the central figure lu the -'- I orally detllcntod their navy at a hlp- - --

Believed Admiral Toga '! ..amst.r,,' strike situation today. Boats Leave New York HarborIn yard In South HrooUju.Tho Ho Delivers a Strous Speech ;

His presence in Chicago "' "... regardcd force afloat t-unslsts" of the
Will Attack $,ussiaus. as: offering! hope of pcacr. but (tht- Good Condition. steam yacht Orients, commanded l by Ou Railroad Que ti"n. ,

cry of the btrit.rl16! : still; for aI'bt! t'aptaln T. T .l<..v..lace. f urm crly of -, - aS

lra.tionjli'h the employers: had r't'!>l*. ', UauiMis City. The yacht war reccnt-
lutely retiuciia to JarlDtlltol'ht"r", I j ly ixiu'liatted from a Now: York man

omen and Children Removed From in whose behalf the Uamsters'quit, While the Foreigners' Boats SeemedTo lor $,!O.IMMI, and ban bcru thonturhlyrhauleil The Mead of the Southern Hallway
work !'!weeks ago. Ir. (tonipera u>,- preparatory lu taking' up '
Tam.ul, Which Is Under Martial ,, mat ho l labor! leadtis today in his Be Good Crafts, the Americans the duty of Kiixulinj the cakteru coast Declares that Railroads Will Help + ,

[Law-Fourth Russian Squadron If rooms at the Itrlg;*>* h se. Just be Are Picked to Win the Prize Offeredby of the l>..thiiuiK.4joi Government In Correcting Abuses

tore going Into this conirrcnce! he t-aid-: the occasion of holtitlni the Panama a
{ Ready to Sail for Eastern Waters. Emperor William and Unjust D..crlmln.ltIClnatlllllili. ,
"I 1 am not In a position to bay what' elisiKli. the (Orient was iu /taltf ,
fAinony, China May 18.!! -Ii I Is behi-v Mill or Mill not be done I will say; New: York. May IS.-\Veall.. r' coiul. |drtss and a l.rite Niity went slumrd .\ Mil)" IS -Tho second days' ;

d that part of the Japanese fleet t.king ,. however, that I hair no Intention of lions Burl!)! were much mine [a- !. headed! b>' I'atlUH. Aro..eiuena. secretaryof ." Muton of the. National Manufacturers'

up a positron below Kormo.-a interfering unless 1 nm commissioned curable fur a unit. of the jai-ht lu the location! l.inuheon war served Mu-uiitiu lointniluu t opened hero b

Lad that Admiral Togo has planned tcgbt by President Shea and his colleague lUu ttans-Atbintic race than on )"-otfrda : on hoard after which the Hag; of th<' with mails '''-r) tlciiRji) in his seat

& the Russians south of Formosa. to to $o." >'. Just before 8 o'clock (lilt' wind', I't'publltIhI brought Hunt n locker The laud opcin h.II' was well HUe.i

The Japanese get orders from the Thai President Oompers came to war blowlnu !b i knots an horn hunt the 'land rained liy Stcietnry \IOllt'III1'IIII. with ,' 'Mtoil spectators. "h.'un.-

icinlty at night time. Chicago at the solicitation of both the northwest the sky was clouilv and! tho '1'ht' rmbli'iu cutuists of four tI ntii'n it haul At wink and many lu-

The state of martial law first d'"- business iiiru and the teamster olll air clear. At that( lime It was 11t)1I1I1. squarer. twoof while, t>iioln* the upper leioMtlltK' papers" leave tacit rend oniiplrn

}lared at Tamsul, island of Formosa dials to act in the capacity of peacemaker ble to olisiTM- objt rte, ten toil!< N 101".8)" loll and the other lu tue lower right I that > It ally Interest both capt

lad subsequently made general all was the statement of 'the national The Sandy Ilixik llghlshli| could be band corner, and two miuaren, one till and lubor.

|!aroughout the island has been fol labor chief hlnibelf: today.Mr. plainly! setu Item the 11I1I1I1..lhl.) of each of red and bin".. In one of the I'renideni S nniol I apencor: of the

wed by the appointment of a mill ioinpers had a conference during Navesluk.The: white miiauthere 'It III sink' !. star' Southrrn hall lwa) tethered one of 170: i;

ary executive and the moving of the the morning with Ma>'or Dunne. thick blanket of rout which madvtuaaeuttrlnK of bluo snit In the other II red star. most nolulile addresses. heard before l+

omen and children from the 1'esc.i. "The mayor and I had a pleasant alH! >ui the start tig! point. The Orienta will leave for t'oloo. on the heel lonal maniifartiuers' convifl N

Sore island to Forosa. talk. .I I r. (lompers leplied, smilingly I Sandy Hook lightship so lia.aidotujesterda Thursday or Kilday.Arriving Mutt I Iter.

when a..ked what war done. I ). thai the conimltte1 .in charge there she ,,11b.\ <> fitted Spencer spoki for HIP runpor( 6

Fourth Squadron Ready to Sail. "Were you asked to btop the spread of the event, postponed It,'dlxappearedluring with two thiee-poiindi KIIIIS and two tat Ion Inl"r".11I! lu i>po .ltiM| > to the attempt

St. Petersburg. May IS.-It la' an- of the strike" ( the night The m>rthwe? "ter automatic rapid tire guns.PRESBYTERIANS to have. HIM government to Into

unced 'from Cionstadt that Vice Ad "I do not do thing! ," said he, "I 1 ad, hail subsided to an Sknul.1'7.1'' -.--- _- the rate nuking ImnlntMs' Ho argued I

airal Birelef, commander-in-chlef at Y!..(." The weatb, however still remained MEET. thai If tier Ko\t>rnin >n* commits Itself

Attic ports, has ordered the commau EXPELLED FROM UNIVERSITY. cloudy and sullen an If loathe to lei ---- to tier policy of tUlntl the price at

era In the fourth dlv;lon of \'II't',1 -- the yachts! lease these hon>n without General Assembly Holding Annual which inllroudx shall sell their trans"

iral Rojestvensky's fleet to hold 1 Members of Graduating Class Are Die .burl of it preliminary tussle v ith a r+K Meeting In Indiana |Mirtatlon.. It may soon atlompt to IU

beer \ships in readiness to lease lor missed by Faculty. ular north Atlantic ktorm.Vhfii \\1nona Lake. Ind. May U.- Two (lie ,...Illug prier bur lli' prisi acts otiiiatiufactiire

.he Par East by June i without fall. Jackon. Mlsa.. May 18-Klght membiTs \ the coiiunlin-e postponed yes mooting/ were heM ,,,may preliminaryto I *
--- tit the senior or graduating da.. t
British Steamer Seized. aL the lu1Yer; t). of 1..4.lnlllpl.i have the eveni JloiLty\ as boon .< pon" ..lbU or I I'tUtLjtluJau: cliuicb. wUUiv....,ill .f Yt.l4x.a4J1e51.11t. ., tl.,J nl) I......\.4: : w w

Tbl. 0', ( ls.'TiH' Uriii .h steam bet-n vpelled by the faculty, fur alleged with the preparatory gun at tuxni.l hold! Its tint session. l nuorrow. Tli"forrijjn mono)r. He dtrUrodhat 1'1U111I./lC',111/ r +p+..rsM.yy

r Ulncludon was her/ed b>' a Japa participation lu the Creek! !letter 'r. paratlonn to carry out this program tull.lllo"| e.alfrienca began Its ( the r llwa>'a Mill! co-opvraln heartily J

ese warship May 1.:; south of Korea trucrruty( troubled at the iUKlliution. wetn' Itt'Kiin carl)', the committee walk! -cri-iiiry Arthur J. llrown of with lice m'lriiiit'iit lu correctingulitiMii ;; at

The French steamer Quang :Nan was> There of the student reached Jackson till reaching Handy Honk at H.3U.Ihrte : the hoard of mlmioti. prrstded. and unjust. ilUci (ruinatious. Asa f i

iptured by a Japanese warship" on th from Oxford thin morning to d'- and a half hour before the The |M-uk<>r.. were llfv. John list rtntii'i. of fact ihi. court have at- X ,.tr

same date near r the IV-cadore l Islands, mand a special meeting of the boardof event w .s scheduled to hiuit.Tlii' Com Shuw" of I'hlraK". Ih.. C. II Vic, ready' practically slopped, (he giving

traits of Formosa. iru"ieftt for all ventilation, of the nitf al once atYri .it on n lour Aft.... of III'M.I..I) n. lier C. A, It. Jan of n-ri I it-hull- by (lie roads. Till: '

The cargoes of the two vessels: art atter.It unionR the ) acht( of 'the fleet It VI. r. of 1'hlUdelpliU., and Mrs. It| ILVeils I.UI evil willed. has had a trrwrl- .
iot announced. N probable that tne mooting Hill eenit-d. aliiioot certain ni Ibat time of Tort \\ *) oes, In,I.. secrrtnryof ins' on muni' linen of biulnv** in "I<

-- be called after Coteruor: Vanlatnaiiirturu . that' I Iht'ie would be no |p'.tpnuelucnI' tier wouiMn'it board of the lIor 'I' the north sled went, but a,pe klnK gen Y'
today' tally, the / '
France Made No Break. to the city tomorrow.Th went.Niarly" railway In the south hat ,
Queenstown, May IS..-Vice Admiral faculty recentiexpelled: 1 all tier The oeilj "esuel DlI. -1r11t 'in (he fleet Sou portions wre present. In not I.. "n Rutty nf giving rclxttt Jr >,

(Lord Charles lieresforu commanding Greek letter fruteinlte and afr aiil" In Sand) Hook' bay at t.! rlork wa" th.- ait>ll<*nci* weri .kf"I.t <<| Justice liar a n II III I.-r of your, ,

|the ehaonel fleet in an Interview! here: r.-llistall'll them. Further probing of Lord !Krs. lelufatb 1 it

the arrival of the Whit. ten were' BIICIOI ".| ih<-re Calling the :Mm. lUrUn and \Vllllaiu ....h' ."nllfl.... .Ir. Hpenct-r .al"
yesterday on !lit' alle;; -d iMilirltatlou of luemUer ;
Star (yne! steamer O'-eanic from :New ttinuii the freshmen followed and asa i tribal of the .t.-am ciait >.. lea theiu nl'ig lirjan Justice Harlan .Is liars '"1'h. reuudy (lies I In an Clr..IIIIC"'lt

[York, May 10. bald he felt France bad 1',1.,> ( the eight students were ex to the matt to urge the con>(rucrn>n errs !'! ...",. sal tluiioniclt ro (taken Hhoiil)' alt.'r 10 o'clock\ ii., romiuli- tartan cathedral' al \\'a"blll'ctn.'r.' tits .lu !br tlvrlvrd from Urge tursrale(
care that there should be uo polled All belong; to route of Oho most: : ',
breach Far tee In chalk** of the. ratv liuisled. lice tlrymi .Is hero to attend the inset Ing ofpreitldelits !Instead l of sml| Indlvldurt nl"U '
of neutrality In me pennon III i families In IIi. state, amongthe ;
sflth her 1 he aid kUnal "(;.-l ready for s's" ami tn, of the |',..b) (,.rlau colirges. t.J t. U liar hi throwing tilt sftrrfillgut! of
r} consent.; Possibly, number: beinK Ixichi Ma> e*. on :
the Aiucilcan yacht l>.-gan svtnK the J pubic kin,*|i.dg.. snit pu'Jlr'\
Russians like others mlgbt us. of Judge Edward Maye/s, of this tltyaformer : -----, -- scrutiny
French waters to repair accident andremain chancellor of tae university bay The first on*> to I rui ..11I/ the Vail. NtgHbors Did Suddenly. upon all rortixral arInnn.| HieirM..i. Y
halla and the Kiintreatii om to the start which rail, .by Illfgat/ attars 4p
and die
there until turned out The etpei led! students are anxlou to Atlanta. May' 11--Twu .men who
was ('umnu"Juu' lode \\ h te Thistle rrlminittlori: Inflict tnjry and
.---- -ciire t the! special/ meeting of the tru were nelghlior. fell rlooely' ! SAILORS BEATEN BY UNIONISTS tees I mined lately In order to bo remtaid -, Uno was ICoU -rl Ilartmeyr,, wbo hat
acre alongside' of ...seraother/ 'In wi.|*.. and judicious *"''a in
before the June commencementexercises. a vineyard on M ayson and Tinner asuu. resp.lto ,
bars | (h.. formation ofrporallint*, n" .F
Longshoremen Object to Them Unloading and Untb..r was Robert Adair,
was away to starting ne at Handy aiiioudt and rhararlrS'f
Strike.Tacoma . rapu j,,
Ship During -- who worked for s n..ritt In Nast At
If 41"10. IlKhlshlp. Ual/ou/ and the "f hi\r* "
We"h.. May IS.-A denpor RAILWAY TELEGRAPHERS MEET. : lania not far from "h..r" IUrtm.. yer s-o|
The .'..ur de Ms wa* I s only Lou. atIsierre' an.llIa pi.lem of #
ate battle occurred-du the deck ol goverta
has ---- lived Ifa'fllltt't'r.went Into his/ piturir '<
the steamer Centennial In which sever Holding Annual Session In Chattanooga tbai did not have theIces of a to gram a row latter In the mental .uperrislor aaJ Jlrunrtionwhich J <<
The catbrf begun. to Iblrkea can !rl''iP / drt. "
tug. {
.t men were slightly Injured and thre -A Large Attendance. morals his il". up agAin: and It 'looked *. It there inUbe/ .l all lnfri'ljn, of Km '
sue have been drowned Tenn." li .-Th* taw
thought to Cbattan< >!ica. May The coroner's jury* rdlrt was
The Centennial from San Kruncmcols twenty,fourth annual sestsiou of the Association might b.a return of yefd.,'. foe that death resulted from apoploiy ll.. "It ties" not ,In/. r'rtrictlos: of .

Seattle, brought from the latter of Itei'esy!: Telegraph Huperlntendent Observance from shore wa cut downto saw fro years of age Robert Adalr earning power o. "AU. vI enrp.nalr'ns #/
a matter of nil or elfh: mile. Tb thus! )1'/ '.r lIu.. ..
port gang of IS men to work the "al railed to or
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