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'... 11'k \; :t. aMev.m.......n7. CMeJTwr f r.tt- Hick. 7 11RS. J.. A. I t

i; .ftiste fcy J. W. *Uaa A C.. 1. 1 K. B44UW4' A MAW Agent. ,. f... ,.'. ... .. "
'ti 'f11 /t. ''I

., ; :: :.t.;. '. .xt"[j"'" f '! '" "jU P '
; k1ft'W
,1i. 4 l ,,, 1' ; ":
.. r *. flil''f'i ,
', .a" : I : ,
t :tk 'It. < <.,, (
., ''. hF- .. )
'J" /"_ \!>b', ' '- ,\ #<\ \ '
'fi " ,
.,' "II . 'k' "'.. f" ,; ,, iPl't. 1'1 " >. r 7r," J., p I'! ., ( .'."" "'., '" '.1,"" / ,!! '. : 't c'I
,.t< \" '{ ( ;f "t. ./" 1" .,., J.., '.",-..,'.,{l I, I''" _'.( ,," ';\, \r..tr, ""',:il..i1 ,, l -\ ,; \ "
., ,r" .'


N 7



f.tthz .11, "
gtun: all'the most vile,'and' loathsomedens \ f
with which' *om',of "the cities are l pjkurPremjnI ,. :
the opiom"'den, U the
a,ered .' the Poet OtfOe at QsJne.sTUle.Fla., j
.M eseond-claa mall matter. It It stated bj .JThe Herald

that Tampa hat upward of twenty

H.H. MCCRKARY.Editor and Publlnber five of these dens that are run with I
w;W. ASHLEY AMoclate Editor.JE88BE. I regularity and there is no law that can
) ..
-- --- -
reach them in order to prosecute the
.mJRTZ. OtT Editor.
proprietors as they deserve. The paper ,\

LOUIS :"jf, DRUM BY. Oen'l Tra-elliuf AK nt. says:

l; "Ihe Herald is Informed that the IQ .}.:
I; F. M.PBEW1TT. Supt. Composing Rooms. number of persons who frequent these .
r places now Is I simply astonishing and J

OFFICE: rORTKK BLOCK the disclosures as to the identity of Your Choice of \.-'
ao5 W.Main Street, S. TEI.R-IIOKK 43THB ""
many would set the city agog with

DAILY rs',published every morning except excitement that would last even Tampa 56 Valuable Articlesis _
u Monday,delivered by carrier In the city or
for months to come. These places
mailed to any part of the United Mates postage' I t
free,for$5a year: fi.jo six month; $,.z5: three I run open because there seems to be no offered for the freight-car coupons on Good Luck Baking Powder can
month;or 50 ctntu for fie week_trictly Indvaace. law by which they can be suppressed .label.. Besides beautiful piece*of jewelry, the list eludes attractive articlesof

,i . I., the present time ; therefore, this wearing apparel and handsome things for the house. You can get them easily a

line seems to be an especially, fitting time and quickly-and you'll be surprised- their value. Five of the premiums are
notice in local column 10 rent a
Heading illustrated above. For full and of the whole list the little Good
description pictures see
for first insertion,and scent for each additional o cull attention to the evil so that ,
Luck Premium Book in each The the wholesomeness ofBaking '
can. positive purity, perfect
insert ion. an effort can be made to secure the
Rate for display advertising.made known on passage by the Legislature of a strong

application.The law which will put an end to ,an evil
Twicc-a-Wcck.Sun ia an eight-page,forty. which is greater than all other existing Powdermake

column paper, published every Monday and in Tampa just now. The opium
Thursday, and contain all the news of the habit is the worst form of vice and
...week local, State and general, and will be the It the moat widely chosen of all leavening agents. During this year 16,145,114 pound
all the crimes
leads to on
?4 nailed postage free, to any part of the Vnited quickly have been sold (many orders coming in for car-load shipments), which is the largest business
States or Canada for f 1.00. )'e.r-Ia advance. calendar. The deus which are being for a single factory in the world. This is only.the inevitable result of the original: Good Luck

conducted for the benefit of dope plan-to furnish the best baking powder in the world at the lowest price-10 cents a pound. I t'x
.' All advertising bill become due after Ii.t.ppear.nce lends and for the many new victims Good Luck is the best because it is purest, because it produces the lightest .
; of adverlinenient.: unless *-**-- ---- -
i? a stipulated in contract farties not known to us which can be lured there, ,should be whitest, sweetest of baking. These results are due to its unequaled 1

will be required to pay for advertising in ad pot down,and the representatives from leavening force, to the fact that it contains no adulteration whatever. -
tal vance. Address. TUB DAILY BUN.OALNMVIIX lillsborough county could do society It is the most economical because it takes less to do the work than ,

-., t'LA.a no greater service than to prepare, In- any other baking powder. If your dealer doesn't sell Good EM I *"" ffij ,

--_. traduce and pass law which will bring Luck let us know and we'll see.that you are supplied at once. f ATl LY itff 1

If the weatber is favorable Russia his evil to an end, or at least reduce ito THE SOUTHERN MFG. CO., Richmond. Va.

iit- will celebrate May day with a revolution. the minimum. The longer the evil

exists the harder It will be to uproot CUTTIM4 OOf SPOONS ...
and pat out. The Herald believes that CBAINO ODR A'* 's thSpo. "rsmnoiwa..t '
& _ _ ** fouad J
The railroadi have picked out Vice. he law is one that would benefit the au ,
President Fairbanks for President in entire State, and society will btI much FOR VALUABLE ARTICLES.SCC LIST IN I II '.h,
I CACM CAN. A44r,*,aTTHC Oci ja*TMC> TSToiier| ;
1608. ___.___._ better for its having been made." [ TNa5A1tfnsnaM1rGc< | Da.N.tr551 a.wNr.IA Uaa. I.
-- ------- 1UTHERNIIMOMDj Idr

yi The press of Florida has opinion of THEY ALL DO IT. >

Its own, and they are coming forth
s every day. The Lakeland News very sensibly .
remarks that "some papers are wastinga ,, .
The terrible natal engagements In lot of good space and working them

Saigon Bay were fought with Rojest i -_-' .
elves up to un unnecessary degree of I

veniky twenty miles, away, heat in aneffort, to prove that there' Is The Columbia (S. C.) State says :

but one section of Florida fit to liven 'Day after day, wnek 'after w.eek. cotton *

If duelling would only result in taking -the one ib which they chance to has been streaming to market.It JDoouTQ uiDe .$

w off a' few graflera In Cuba, we be published. We think the discus has gone; to the buyers by the

might Introduce It In New York and ion unseemly, uncharitable and detrimental twenty and the thirty thousand balesa It's 10 to 1 you do If you arc & victim fi des

*f' Pennsylvania. to the Interests of the Stateas day-only the existence: of the assoiatioa of malaria.

a whole." has prevented the bottom Don't Do It. !.*. Dantferous. . arw ,

The production peat fuel at OrLando The above would be all right If The dropping out of the market. But the We'll admit I It will cure malaria, but It leaves 1

will be a new industry for Flor. Jews had stopped there. Hut 'it con armem seem to be satisfied with 73jcent -t almost deadly after ufioctd. 1t

i Ida. 'it
; ter than hard coal. The News thinks It la published in 25: per cent in acreage we hope for HERBINE 1

A ')6t the best part of Florida" when any but fifteen ; many allege there will belittle t

lion J, 1'. Taliaferro hat the heartof What the allies 1
t one knows who has seen the State or nothing. are is purely vegetAble nnd absolutely guaranteed {
Florida with him In hit Senatorial uf the farmer to think? Will the '
that there are many sections "flt to to euro malaria, sick headache, biliousnces,
duties. Such popular recognition U lire in." There Is no better State In fanners not help themselves?" aDd all stomach,kidney and liver complaints.

;, indeed a compliment to any man. than when I
he Union Florida you arein ----- TRY IT TO-DAY. flj 'j
-- --- .--.-., search of salubrious climate. and Bottles made rf are now in
---- -- -- --- a paper SO Cent. lit Dottle. All Dr sggi.t.. o
The feud 1st* in West Virginia and I the' portions that may be considerednot t."e l t">y some, of the dairymen in the ,,

Kentucky are Retting the thing down so good as others at present, will euuntry for delivering milk and

10 flue that they can have a meeting be all right when the country Is set cream The 'inside is lined with par For Sale by W. M. Johnson, Gainesville

i and do no more harm to each other than tJed) and a thorough system of drain. aflln at ai2 drgreeeand then baked ..."..-

a couple of French duelist ago constructed which steraiise the bottle and makes

It tight. It keeps the milk sweet.'

A man at Fort Lauderdale elalmed The news that Joseph Jefferson the lanier, and a bottle when emptied IIiIberjere

he could make enough in two years to 'I>eanof the American Stage," has contained only one.fourth as many 1 1 L

live in good shape and pay for hie passed away will be read with regret bacteria a* a glass bottle.

truck farm The prices for land there h l y men ana women In all parts of the ---

range from $25: to two per acre country and there will be many a ..

.,- -- -- tear among the members of hie loved
BAD BLOOD Painters and Decorators.Opposite
If the future of the Russian empire i profession No player who has ever ,

depends on the great naval battles It wen before the American pnbllo was

will be unsettled for long time. Theao.rnm. so loved and respected as was Jefferson -
a "I had tro.bU wits lay Wir,U which **.*.. fay. Brown House.
.'" will also w.lt. long timeto The sincere admiration of the kVooJ ware l s.rta.n par*. M* f sMwa curd *-< > *"> with I lssp'r| |

strengthened by ater-lovers was attested in the last year war.N ..r s .. : .-"r"-'h. ... abe I
a victory, as .s aUss'pss.t* a -- \a *| d* aSb
Togo will .pick off a few of the battle few years by the great audiences :" "':'. .. =a:7 tit .r trt.. .
"oTW.1 : V."Si Ura IV ? i. ''',
*, York Cty.Ii.7.
aolor's :
eminent -
14 ships before he begins a general en. which greeted the

MRement. very appearance, even after his ..d.UDC'ed *
-- ,; I age had made his acting less D tror We have new la stock OVER ,OOO ROLLS ef '1'AU.I'ArER. asserted slit

A canard was published in a Merlin :' convincing and biB voice hai; lost TM Doweb, the Latest akadett sad patterns, ..cI.... rrcelvlag treats shipment dally.

usher| slating that pirates had run much of its powerful' tone
up once
'" Our Jlr. Sttrabenrtr, wk. Is U Sew York City at preheat, has ....rht';a...
the Potomac river' and looted<< the

i ,. United States: treasury. Some of those How's This larger toi than we haves kaa at prrwut from the Urgent and beet impertera-

:rt (ierinaii newspaper fellows ought to We offer One Hundred Dollar Reward 7- their, which' when It arrive, will give as as large and well attaerted a stock .f.
com over and what
see an job
Y that would beNVe for any case of catarrh that cannot Wall Paper a* yea will Dad aay wkere, In the South.

be cured by Hall' Catarrh Cure.F ........ ....OnmS.n II >e 4.
J. CHKSEY' A Co.,Tolf'do. U.R'e !!. --, .....thJ.... W..b..rnrhs.." Is.. -*..". VySTk W* alms carry a r.UUae ef Paints OIK Yarnivhe, Furniture IUk jii,
.. .
'tare. 44 U be I. *>I. a.bl.> ctAMpwl CCttA8XUAL
a receil a copy of the Ml.ami the undersigned" have known FJ taa.e..a..i ..sea.a. r..a Di.a.p w.aabtllat Drashen fir the b.Dlt'.1I4 general use.
city directory, published by A, It. a.r.dp C.,Ckiaaeo.e N.Y. 1aa
Cheney for the .last 15 ,.atland be
1'srrUh of that cry, and It is a very lie,, him perfectly honorable In all SALE. TEE W1U6N BOXESMENLNDWCMEL I I I Get Your House Painted FREE. Call and get particulars at,,:

neatly and exrefully C'ULurU..11,11.. business transaction* and financially ; store.
I i our ;,
U contains. S Kpte|: ', and besides the able tr carry out any obligation made i .
directory and' \"J< his firm.WALHIKO.. .
other useful informs I
..$ta..5..e.teFNw I :
lion hits a large numtM of advertiseMkfittt KIKMAN! A MAMVIV, t t..ea... dwekrr.1' ..__......--.I "
Wholesale O. .
ruKgists, Toledo trrlt.t/.w M wan.aaM
of llta ui', .progress, ) bu.ines. Hall's Catarrh Cure .. taken .inter Y_ .....a ......H_ : :
... ,
_6.Jralal.Di.. S I .-n.
t, u'''n. A new Oireoior ts published i>.lly, acting directly upon| the blood' rwehAaS CI.. last ..1 .-, : STERNBERCER & PHILLIPS 1
each )ear' and three thousand' cupirs and mucous surfaces of the system.Testimonials C. ---.uu ..... ...
sent free. Price 75o ,. .. M wl Ie ..... w + .
are rnt out by the :M.anik bu.inrs : per! & a. ....- p..t... h. OPPOSITE BROWN HOUSE
tHiitl. Sold by alldrugglei.lrak. .. St -. _a btti.e asAtaahe :to.
menThe, ..........
Hall's Family flits for constipation area M'
__ _ .. I
I", n ._ ., ---- -- .-.--- -- -- ---.- Gainesville FIrICt I : ;
nvif of The limit .- ,
9 >prln<< )bur -
.,,'. urtt leaked. so badly that KditorKetir's : Two government otttaiaU of Coba I a. I .,'

s "" I'a#. in which he keeps ''u'i fought a duel' at Havana with saber I 1.ecw.ua4.SDervtNDC -- -- .---.-- l t !
,IP. bwcame oaler-suaketl and and one got a deep gash on the arm. '
w the tn.1 1 ou the I\I'-I..Uoo: of !I Urick bats, a mile and a half apart, U ,
a the" safest duelling for all parties in B. F. JORDAN
a bid" for shingle torrjair the game' r.: == ,
tht roof. W b. paid, for in adtsttismic. ..--:1._ .._ pawas.. __ OfYHB
-- -- .+.vMtw -.. |M A LV eOVStTIwwssw k
and! another fur nail. tu U .......... ..,.r/.... >a*.. war star. '"
a taut for to advertising. fur the bal'S.I I --.vtblaat..dMr/.** OLDEST
"at. nUn that would r.1 k.+rta..........ttalea[aakwtity.s INSURANCE
furnish them. --__s..rW AMB I\aBS'f COB ,,
11. will then bat let |hv asr awuat,.ew ...... w. ea.M e.-
rut OD 'be tu.f in earpentersj gl&iE 1'')>E>N AIL ELSE iAllt ........TO. VKC.GASNQWa. PAHHk
I.ru.at for
..M Cs.sk
Tames C.Nd,
ua to n.
Hura.t. u that'maa. U.. to tuaw tt.M Or drattiga.
p a.r h.lit 'foorease bit .4.nleID.

?i, 1'&LNuC. ad .ot.erirUOQ 1Lt. POKTK* B&.OcK, GMN ESYIUS in


. 1/"',' .. ... ,- ..,. : .
.,IoI ( "., \ W.,. :\ "'t "
' ' .. '.' iI"; ""
<' . ..', ,... )- .io-_,. '.
x 4"aaA x. tow rid ,; (. '. .

A ImistyaPa'o _ _ _

(j ,
'! :' ; :: ':,';
,!' ;/ ,; .." ',
.Jir. I \ ( I' i"I
I ,I;"
1 ( ) \ ',

__- ._ _.. \\
---- h -- .. .. \
-- - -


'' Sunday School
Committees Will Meetat After Wonderful -Relig'our Work in

Hamptor's, Office Today. Recommends -Vinol- to Create Georgia Town by Dr. Strouse. BEARING >>

: The spring time inhere, which means Strength. Dr. Clarence B. S.rou e, after a few 8847 ,

1 thlt the time for picnics la here alto dnys..eDt in conducting> a big tent revival Cnofcoo , :

It is the custom of the various Sabbath ; A in MilledRvville. Ga has gone to 1 han beea a
prominent New York IIrti.t.Ir.: .
schools of the city to treat their Helena, Ark.. where he will engage In r of female trouble for
pu- Jules de
Naton writes : "This i I. to
pUll eaeh year to a day' outing:, which certify that I have taken Viool and a similar work. could prat around and
is not The meeting at Millrdgeville was a v. medicine .
only a benefit to the papils bnt found it of value try patent
great as an

'' to !the older folk aleo who desire to appetizer mot Rlorious one a* ban already been About eight .
go and tonic in general debility.
I along to keep "the children straight" After all other tonics and medicine published in The Sun. It was a great my bed.sniTcriBf with 1''

This afternoon religious wave which inept the place with bearing down |
at 4 o'clock the failed
f eom4 had to help me Viool built
. 4 .., mitteea from the various Sunday up and when thin noted t'unltf'Ii..Id' the au the back. My :
I my strength and invigorated whole'
... schools my city there were few unconverted souls. told me of WIDe elf
are '
requested! to meet at the
sytem in a remarkably short time. It '
office of Col. W. W. Hampton East I is certainly a delicious cod ]liver oil :i ii. In writing to a friend In this city, tie. I am Indeed I;

Male street N., when the Dr. Strouie says in part : first bottle started i
matter will
preparation end contain none of the
be properly and discussed I "It was one of the most #.uceeafulmeetings err. Ins few w-wkal was ant of bed ;
fully It
( i* greasy, disagreeable;: features of old
the deeire of the various school I have ever f_eD.o'..., hundred In better health and stron ; ;
cod liver oil; and emulsions
year to give a union excursion and thi"l were eODv"rh'd11 the bul* wee than I had been in

h nic, and from what ha* been gathered I ness house were oloofd during servi yt an. I take a dose now, :
ces. Scores of old troubles were' occasionally cf Wine of
Silver !
Spring: seems to be the favored j"
point. Silver Springs ill a bt'8utifull| settled, the whole subject under dlsciusion Cui and am kept U may !

,, and historic spot and the committees I I being religion among the pen.pie. perfect health. '

., Group of then were often seen
believe that it would prove a mot desirable of Cardnl relief to
Wine brltijrs certain
on the streets, some! in t"art. talking
place for a j picnic! since a great: tom of female l wt>akn...a and perfe llr rvRulatM
.a c many might be induced to visit this I 'of the great blessing.: they had re. of Cardoi stopa bearing down pair by "''
i ceived. Over fifty radet, from the which weakens ligaments holding the :
favorite where otherwise
spot they
college were converted. at ono service. suffer ewy month ir/oa take this xUcine. .
4 might consider the function with indif. will be and healthy without !
The great tent did not begin to accommodate painless<<
t ference. There are a number of beautiful .' of Cardul\ will make your health right and you
oak and magnolia shade tree mi the people We had two in your own home. Secure a $1.00 bottle of s

,. the banks of this famous spring, which I men' meetings during my stay inMilledgeville druggist today.
and Hut second was I
t? will assure plenty of shade and com
greater than the first l although both

i, fort.The were highly sucoeMful. All business ,
committee will talk this matter( !
tf 'I JCLs: I)E XATOX. houses were closed for two hours, and
over today but from presvnt accounts'there
the the clot of the l last.
-- -- - --- scene at men's

will be but little trouble in tilt-, and I want to rE'commendioel to meeting beggars; description! ----- .. .. -.. .. ._- .
matter of making;: a decision "'very one' who I is in a weak rundown,1Jt.ll'litat..d -_ .
;:,: ---- -- -- ( condition." A BIRTH 'IN ENGLAND.A .

This i i. only another illustration that
t II where all other tonics and emulsions Daughter Hat Come lo the Home of. :
; Mrs. L. C. Lynch Entertains in Honor
of cod liver oil fail, Vinol will purify Mrs. Howard Temple. I

: .:' of Mrs. Walter Hawkins. II and enrich the blood, increase the appetite Mr. H. F. Dutton hs. just received '

? Tuesday afternoon from 4:30: to 6:30, and create strength the l"formaUonthat- a daughter: tins i EUREKA WINE &

Mrs. Louis C. Lynch gave;: a delightful Druggist W. M. Johnson says t "The Com to the home of Mr. Howard

reception complimentary to Mrs reason Vinol accomplishes such remarkable Temple at Camelot )10.11", Hill, n -arLiverpool ,
Till: tan .'T !SOCTIiritN: MAIL : :
Walter Hawkins of Jacksonville. 1 I
results .is bt-c.u'fIIlt contains ling. -- .._- -_. -
Muter HaUley Lynch met the guests in a concentrated form all the curative Mr. Temple is well known here, ha,. 'I I.XMUI.SS PUI3PAII1.!

at the door, and Mr. Lynch was as* strength-creating. properties of that Ing visited the city ou many occasions

e sieved in receiving by Mr*. Hawkins famous old remedy, cod liver oil, but In the Interest of tha Hutton I'lios .

and Mrs. 1'' I>. Warner and in entertaining without a drop df bit or grease to up. phate Compiiny lie !i. a favorite with 1I.lrhll'u' 1".1" 'lIe.\( .. ( '
ti, by Mrs. Watson Porter, Mrs II" 'IIII''' '1'111'Whlltlllll" ,
set the stomach and retard Its work. all those who have hid the pleasure of Itrtohrtt'.1)kt ties .. .

Samuel Thomas and )Ir.. VanDeven- "I wish every man, woman or child his acquaintance and alt extend to hint t:..,..... N. C:. AI'I. llran" . . .. .. .. .. .
.. .. . . . .. .
N. O. AIq /Ie Ilrriuly
ter. Serving at the punch tables were 'in Gainesville who Is run-down. tired, their congratulation. Mr. Templehas ":U.a Mrls . . . .. . .... .
Mrs. J. N. Strobhar, Mrs. John Ches- debilitated overworked would named daughter Lucille, ho ":ta.-.III"N.C'ae'hll..ct. ,. .. .. .. . ... .......
or try a* N. C. I'e.nh. llrrndy . .. .... ... ... . ... ....
nut. :Mrs. J. A. Goodwin and Miss Vinol l on our guarantee to return their says he remembers hearing the name, ..:......aol.c..C1t.'n.: . .. .... ... .. . .
Eureka N. C' ,Sra. X X . .. ..
y Scarratt. money if it falls." W. M. Johnson In Gainesville and considers It a typical Eureka: N. 1'. Porn. XXX .. .. :
Dainty refreshment were served by tu.III.NC''nrn.XXXX: ., . .
Southern name, the South
; druggist;: being a
Oltt (',CJ W Ik.uttr.rt ... .
Mrs. J. O. Clark, Mr. J.. R. Harper 1------------------ ... country he Is well plemrd, with. 111'",,".". IU. . I
---- -- -- --- --
M. B. Mrs. !'hmn'II1'.I&'h.' : :
Mrs. Saunders George --- - --
F. & A. M. Meeting.; Manny" Itrnnk. Muur W..II =
Dudley, Miss Ruth Bcarratt and Mrs. HEALTH IS YOUTH. ....Itc. M I'" nil La'j
There will be a >gular convocation Mask' V..."., \ '
l . G. M._ Lynch. or4. red .
_u ___ _..-_ of Gainesville I.udge'No., 41, 1'\ alt A. Diseases and Sickness Bring Old Age.Herblne ,

Will Change Location. ,I M., at Masonlo 11.11.. this evening at taken every morning before Jin From *2.iO l. f,$.&O IVr .

The firm of J. W. McCollum: A Co., the usual hour. Transient fraters are breakfast, will ke.p you In robust twelve$4.Iwelve l ,lnl..,Uuf! .tlbflit llatrhvtl. of HttlrhotrK.m)M ItJ a and Ihltttld....ea'Stork. a '- ( l .
druggiitt, who have been conducting! cordially invited. Ity order of h..llh-De.. you to ward off disease. It lUloholl'. Tli.l Wb..." and n-t-urx r Imlllo frr. l . ;
W B. W. :M. N. (I Cure aMt secure a lM itl. frr.. Hive. ,..n. .
business at 106 West Main street S., HICIOOM. cures constipation biliousness, dyspepsia tlrMMly and ...<.urf> etalt bolll'. Ir_. stave IwcUo. .
KORT MrC.jct.LAN' Sec. one bottle rre.. lrlo... of -.11 feralu txoiMfcl a' ...... !
have leased the corner store in theopera fever, skin, liver and kidney tbs.ebeaAedv.r.A., No rhitrv. fur juyw. tx>ior
house block now being vacatedby complaints. It pudfl.th*> blood and rue ni...Mir.. AU ."Bd.r Will Interest Many Item "I.!..".. ft for ,uu... All _h.... quoted IMI .i>|,| .
Carter Anderson and will occupy clears the eom I"'oti.' Mr. IV.. 1/',?ore \I.n Iho** ..110..1, "'>|..,''al| inlcoi-n I....,* ,
Every person should know that Smith, Whitney Tt.., write April B, abCI'd. Money refunded It Fwd* nut .t.Of',
same about May 1 good health Is impossible If the kid. IBCUi "I have used llorblrie, and findIt FI'UKkA: niNi: A ..lCUII :
Ibis is one of the most the best medicine for constipationand
neys are deranged. Foley's' Kidney 1M WKI-T SlAY MTHRKT.: !
as well as moot desirably located liver troubles. It doe. all you
stores in the city, and it goes. without Cure will cure kidney and bladder disease claim for It. 1 highly recommend It,"
in every form, and will build up 600 a bottle, I hold by W. M. Johnson ---. - . ..
; saying Messrs. McCollum .\: Co. will .
and strengthen those organs so they PARTIAL I PK1CI2 1
attractive resort
a make of it an
will perform their functions properly. Will Move to Dunn.llon.Carlar" .
The change was necessitated on account -
-: No danger of Bright' disease or diabetes Anderson who have been Whiskies Wines
."s of a demand for more commodious If Fol.,'. Kidney Cure Is takenin conducting a gri',-,,rj In the rMwards ,

quarters occasioned by the time. Sold by J. W. McCollum A block earner East Union and Eat --- --:-- .. .
it growth of the butiness. Co.eTd8LI888TD.
Main street, H.. for the pat few KXriltMH: I'llKl'AIII.& balk : .

-- months have d.. xlid that Dunnollon I nuns.t..aare. qM.. Iglu. IQtn. ,

; -..BODiv was "the proper place;' eonsrquentlyare I Huailn Club !&,. .M i se tm 7 m
that where N.>-.>n Cowaty MMufMitfraia .. sat 1 !e t 10'
moving to town, they Hr.
lirel .. it a hr a ar
H.F.DUTTON&CO.DEALERS will In bu.I"! -... .
engage l U_o.'. 'H' Hr., 171 I w C at Nre.. "
; : The firm is composed of 8yd L. Car. h_.tel. 1..1 IiO bas It to '' .
t ter and W, II. Anderson )Ir. Carter ..... W'I..-, a y1 a ere to, "M fte
entertains no Mea of leavingOalnetvHie I*.e.b I I..4i1yHoUfikSUIe . I tt 5 UO s lie)
INOottODGL. Ape" I/rsady . .., a J. a ClIP s MI v.....&. "
i bot theboslne*. at I>un.nelloa .
Sea IslaD..d ; . . .. I'" a M 1 alt
will be under, the managementof (}.n... (MeMoftfe J'" S 00 10 l.r.... :
l'.r..lla. Cave I M I sal to .
Mr. Anderson .._...,. Lon s ,. lID w seas.
. .
Seed and Twine. Walrus K .
Sea Island Cottpn Bagging While the people of OalaesvllU re* t...!... It... ..' t .) a .. 'II' ..t.l.u.nlMa

Leather in Strips or Sides. Itres to low thi bull"... firm, they tJr M.dtad.i.* Ilr.tea iw1Hl .. it a 7s 1t a t.p w e e ke a. t........,..*., I
will n..r.h.I.. wish them soeee to ; of K. I> Ikmrt- J ,. t w s ... nrer Ara:
of the James Doig their new field A.orttWal AUo_*<11 e. AU lord. of .... Uvaa.. .
Manufacturers Improved English Pr'... .rimer

Sea Island Cotton Gin and Supplies fop Same. A Dandy for Burns.Dr. 1- .' AUAMsl4T. HANNE r --

.' GAINESVILLE FLORIDA USA IWrgln, fans III., writes "I. ft". ,

have used Mallard's Hnow Liniment ( h.._ . -... .. .. -. .__ .....__ ., .. ._ _. _w _.... .." .
- always recommend 1 U to my fri.nd., as

THE EVERETT HOTEL I am eonfidt-nt "..,. It DO b
'It Is a dandy for tqrti.' Tho: who r

; y live on farms are Mp* ially HsbU to The East Florida

1:" 235 W. Bay St., JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA. many which accidental heal ripely".oi" *.when burn ISslUrd's. brol*.,

Know Llolmsbt is spt4led. It fthouUi
,". Cratnlly l<<*!f J. r4Miflily rrplmi sad ,.......Ird. Newly: hlalkell.Earpeaa always be kepi Jo the ti<*o*. for eases l TOR: (

: PI... nf ."' ."'.'14'1.' "Xbt. lAJIf, II U bottle
Hold by U MCream. Jn aD4lOfl.
:8. A.SoN, Pxo-pri..e-tnr -- --.- - -

t' .. __u_ __u --__ ..--. -- .. .. I-IITB.& The Normal Class '

COMPANY Vermifuge Contlag! for Eight

i BSTRACToolfklr -
This U th. Ta?bate' formal iMtttui | 1
TM HtfilTKS .r 40r*.<4 by |,. ..c.t. H ip.rJAl. .Mi..i a. o
i: as UcoAiroU Lady f..a.,b... 055 tw tward* :

r E. E. VOYLE. MGR. WORMREMEDY Dormitory iiy. sag board ro also IM erc I

; ; .AbI'"u of Title and fall laformatiaet famished r .. Ua4 U Nat T ha el.**.*. IM th* e..C..r. boUt l I. ,* ( ;
eooaty. oar majiajrer ka. Und In tats outv Misty[ j jto yean sstlp I>..,.rti...*i.. will i.. apse M |!HM. 4..ln_
1. .. titi thonraghly eoavereajis. with land ,,,.... |M.i... ... r.c.lar K' mnal work, ;
I l.r 'GrIM "o..uSoe 1144..... tiie $ ,

.,; :4:; $ E. E- V Q-y-LE. TIKE. CtfiUMtCirfl f AV0$nt TtWJC. ERE M. L

.J.: ...... .. t
7tU, AOCTDE2iT, BUKOL.iKT AND DlDaarnT INWIUXc7t. ....... 9MCJ..l ..,w..ae.s ( 1l\, '
;. seatlat a ___Mf' of A..rteaa MMJUP ZacU -,....si + Ba atd.Sllow"U..at" c. '
..: :t_, JUU.L pL jTL OTTT 1.0.... ..... ''s... ,.. Mlttf.7R .. '_ ; :: : ; ; :

I.-..:. I': G&.e. vn ] .9. a. -b.LL Jo ashes
I 'h1
{ -
J V M6',
: .I.:. .
'r,'*t,, ,Ztt.I'i. '''': '.' ! .
1!' o , ." '..-,.ftI .. ".,.: ,;,<' ".. ,;", .y s-it, i > ,' **&r' .
m r
l'l'r ; "l"f' .. ''' ,t'tt.. ,!\ot 'f..w'J: . ...':{;,,/>f.W'. t. -It i
\ .
h ;1 ; t. >. < I' ";" r.n. :I } 'L. . ;;,. c "Jai.1e'
" ". '. '. s


:J.11;! (,,' \\.t\...,, ," ',' . .. }({ 1'f -, ,

I .
-- -

Theney had his right arm tort off at 7I
NEWS FROM All received other flnju ___
the elbow. He -I-- ;-M---. -T---------- .
r es Rod may not recover.

PARTS OF FLORIDA Kid Bander was" convicted of murder The
in the second degree In the (Gads _
den circuit court on a second trial,

if; ', ,Brief Happenings From Various being sentenced to State prison for

Sections of State. life. The first jury disagreed
Josh II. Morgan, the negro who was -'

confined In the Duval county jail on .
Will Evans e:
the charge of drowning .. .
while en route from St. Augustine to
Transpiring In "The Land of Flowers.
.i Jacksonville, hue been released by the c
c Things ".Boiled Down" to Suit the St. John county authorities % : ; ,

'r BUI y' Re ader-l terns of Interest to '-

All Classes.Miatnl A Thousand Dollar's Worth of Good. ;,

"I have been a til ic ted with kidney I
w : 'is busy paving and putting in
and bladder trouble for years passing "1.
.. .
y ewers.Wauchula ;"'4 ,
with excruciatingpain
gravel or stones ; "
will hare auction tale 0'
: an ," says A. II. Thurnes. ,_ a_ well_: I'j i ;:
t "-of,town lots on )I.fllt.l known coal operator of Buffa!**, o.tll 1 {,

Tsadore Mill it under arrest at got no relief from medicine until I be. J 1 ..

Quincy charged with Staling! a horse gaD taklrig Foley's Kidney Cure ben I/lUIlUI/s Thankful.are. t.
In daylight. the result was surprising, A few The s

4 An electric railway from Kuftls to dotes started the brick-dust-like substance 111\i( !\< Who Escape

Tavaret i II being agitated and I it maybe and now I have no pain across ,. Surgeon's Knife
t built In a thort time. my kidneys and I feel like a new man. ..-./ '. .

The sum of iAOO has been sub- It hat done me $100 worth of good."
scribed for the building of a hard road Vole)"'. Kidney. Cure will cure *very. Thousands of surgical operations are per- :.
form of kidn v or bladder disease.Sold formed '
from Ocala to Dunnelfon, the total by J. W. McOollum
R cost to be 7000. .upon women afflicted with serious female

Achlas Bass of'near Klsilmmee haspurchau Striking Teamsters Dlt harg.d. troubles. Sometimes I
the operations are successful 1
'd the estate of Tom Silas,con- Chicago, April 25-Montgomery, ;
sitting of 200( acre of land, cattle, etc., Ward & Co. teamsters who struck !In =oftentimes they are not. .
;r paying $17,600 for the 'tame, sympathy with the firm's locked-out It Is safe to say that certainly nine out of ten operationsfor ..r
garment workers
were formally discharged
/ Harry Hopkins, baggageman on the female troubles
today. None of the drivers might have been wholly avoided.
East Coast Railway, is the third one
A to be arrested on the charge of pilfer. of the firm returned $o work this The most valuable tonic and re-builder of the female 'w
morning, although each one of the .
ing baggage on transit Hearing May strikers had been notified by letter organism, the medicine with a record of thousands. of cases y _.

'7th. that his place would be filled If he literally snatched from the operating table. Is1diaE.PinkhaiifsWgeabieCumpound :
4 J. J. Urliwell, a Tampa man, committed failed I to report. Manager It. J. suicide at the Llndell Hotel, said that the discharge of the drivers '
.St.-Loui., Mo., by taking narbolla acid. did not mean that they sever wouli. :
Ill health and financial affairs the be re-employed. .
cause. -- - -
; Do not consent 'to 'an operation which mean death until after
gt, James O. .Jones, United States com Ballard'a Horehound Syrup may .
missioner and deputy clerk of the Immediately relieves hoarse, croupy you have given Lydia E. Plnkham's Vegetable Compound a fair triaL,

United States court at KeyWest, died cough, oppr...fed, rattling ratplngand Note what it did for Mrs. Paul Oliver whose letter follows: ", :
'jn that city on Sunday. He was 88 difficult breathing. Henry C. Stearns,
,.arloJd. Druggist, Shullaburjr. Wit., writes May DEAR MRS. PINKHAX:-1 I was suffering from pains' In my,side and 1 y _,
The Columbia court 20, 19011 "I hve been telling Bal- womb. The doctors said to get well I must have an operation performed,, ;, ,
county onTened -
.r but I would not consent to that. '
.rd' Horehound Syrup for two years, ,
Lak ,
and It
on Monday at City, .
I heard of_ Lydia E. Plnkham's Vegetable Compound and sent for
b and have never had a preparation that t
will be the last term of Hon. I.. E.
bat given batter satisfaction. I notice bottle: the first dose did me good and after taking'the first bottle I could
Roberson who has served twelve
k with credit years that when I sell a bottle they com sleep all right and I did not have those"pains around my womb which Shad

himself county and prosecutor to buck for m {re. I can honestly recommend all the time before. Now I can ride ten miles In a carriage, my color has j,
tbeoounty. It." 26c, roc, 100. Hold by W. returned, and I am full of, life. I owe all this to the Vegetable Compound. :
By the slipping of a belt In the Jasper M. Johnson._. It has also done wonders for my thirteen-year-old daughter. I will {'' i
Manufaoturlng Company's sawmill I Banker Default with $1,500,00. never cease to praise It and recommend It to my frieiyis. t..i- :-. "\
on Saturday, a,, serious accident
S Milwaukee\ April 24. MRS. PAUL OLIVER. St.' Martlnsvllle. La. t 1.
-Frank Blge-
happened. A colored boy 10 years old .
was Instantly killed and Engineer Me- low president of the First National Thousands of women, residing In every city and town. In the
bank of this city, and former .
_._.__.._-- --_.._--- the American Bankers association presidentof United States, bear willing testimony to the wonderful virtue of Lydia \ ; J

r3Vt :-rTme6: --C.A i DB ... has defaulted the bank's funds to the E. Plnkham's Vegetable Compound. It cures female Ills and creates ;
- -
x extent of 11,500.000. The directors or radiant, buoyant female health. For your own sake try It.
DR, DiVEUE D. MORRIS, the bank have deposited In the bank
1 a sum sufficient to make the institu

,, . DENTIST. . Dot lion been perfectly arrested.solid Ur. Blgelow ha. Lydia E. PInkham's. Vegetable Compound Cures Where. Others Fall \, '

-- -- t 1

!:, Cures'Coughs and Colds. 'rI

4 Omo{ over Mtrout Kndol's.! AU 'work su.r Mrs. 0, Peterson, 625 Lake Ht., To. I
&. assess, peka Kan., tayst "0f all cough rem. .n
? Nan Patterson Faints 'In Court Father Kills HI.
edles Mallard's Horehound Syrup Is my conclusion of P'r08eeutorand'i open Son.
J0A.. OARLUtLK. favorite I it ham done and will do all New York, April 25.-
s ATTORNEY AT LAW that Is claimed for it-to speedily core time within a period of six months taken with a sudden fainting and Sheets. 45 years of age, shot and killed
all coughs and cold..i-and it Is so sweet Nan Patterson today. eat !In court and I Recorder Golf ordered a recess Immediately. his son, Claude Sheets near the city
? And Solicitor In Equity and oleasant to the ta.t." :,)60. 60o, listened to assistant District Attorney I The defendant revived when Sunday. The young, man 'was foremen
1.00 bottle. Sold M. Johnson.ROOMS Hand explain to the Jury what be, as
by W. the court windows were opened and of a cane; of laborers in which hie "
Real Estate .... the public prosecutor, proposed to convince I father worked. The old
Conveyancing and General -- ---- --------- ------ was able to walk unassisted to the man ways
Practice. All business prompt!) them that she was guilty of the Tombs.o.S1MEaOHANT. 'discharged and blamed the eon. Tnei.
attended to. Ofiloe next door to !Hun: AND lOARD murder ot Caesar Young. At the I I boy went home Sunday, being afraid, !'
_. to do so Saturday night &ad, JaM A {
--- ------ For Colored
: People & GO.'Retailer werda with his father who ahei bias ,
dad In the yard.Refrigerators.
and Jobbers In
(}UICUYII> ta. FLORII, 100 West Liberty. SlreM.Acromtnodatlunt .

._- Staple and Fancy Groceries
Can sell\ your city property. (improved 5 ,
Kirst.Clats." Hatf"It".bl"
and Minm|>ruT Hl), phosphate .
trucking and farming lands. Send him Most desirable resort for FertIH
I a Hit of what you ofler for taU. SU''n.: colored people 'In the .,1'J. Grain, larder. Seed r.d er.. --

--- (
-- --- - -- -- -- SOUTH RIDE SQUARE. i t We have the only and genuineODORLESS

w.l:. lt.l l:hat, ,!I. ,!I. HAZEL, Highest market price paid for Chickens. EMS and other )rudoe.

ATTORN' :" KY-AT-LAW; Practical Briler-Matcr and Michlnist. A Complete stock of Hay Corn. Oats Floor Bran Meal Cotton 8d Meal TIt
and R,e. W. handle only the VERY BEST goods at the LOW.
; . :-'Ol.wnou: IN UHAXOKRY. . EHT PRTOEH. and guarantee satisfaction al.ar.. ... !

___ ___,._ __ __ _. ...._._ ___ __,. ___ ._n_______._. .__ .-
All Work Uuarantrwi SatteradorJ.I ,
UA1NKSVI1.1.K.: : Alaohua Co., FLA. - ' *>"''''''' BV.s I1rA'Ie.I'ir\I'0I -------
Orttc,. in KtuM: Illi ". k. I :
-..- - -- .-. --- 607 a. Oak Ate.. Oalpftvlll*, Fla. 1 will COST YOU NOTHING to .
: - - - -- -- .-,- c
; DH. J U \t.lILtUUN.H Ilf Investigate

KN; Tl 8T. .1. \v. t PATTON, You Are Insured )

I acc..ur TalCsaSer"' : ... CIVIL ENGINEER AND SURVEYOR "
,Urtcw W. U.n" AIo1.'IIII1"1On ) Dealer ID Real Estate. In a Company that .is Ri.. ><\n..bl.., Have a Policy Correctly I I Ice Cream Freezers} Walt.lteeata; ts j P, ;
04..11 e Written With Liberality of 1'olky Contraet and the Company aaa Arises ,
51"01.1. ws UI..U" cu er...a ..... I"Md,. Work. P. n. BOI IP3. lUixBsriLLB Fu*. __ Taj Lows Promptly \

---.-- _. _
1"D' -

r,t 4 UOk''N N 1'1o!
t' .. .
i.tT1mT.i -- --- - --- -- -- --- 11.1 Isch&s.

4iit. ...U_-. ('..a.". ltetrlur..n\ MAX 1 KRAUSS, I no serious lose can overcome you without you feat some 0refuge.

rtea rr.r..lyrT.Wr.la N.. Yr. AU. ReprvseotlnffE. I i
1 ttt.lklcd..eTr rwi riWud !" -'II; Ie. I'

u.AIiN'aratiV.u...1.4W....La- rkeL.a.,.....,. A. WEIL & CO. ::: :'A I Water Cooler ?

''''..''IU. rLa WHOLESALE SHOES, ) Fire, Life, Accident'and Health imce. ( Ice CheU. '

: FMhLD&
Tilt: "t.n SA
q .
ur All UrerripUeas.iole ) None but Reliable Companies Represented! t Palmer's Haoamoeks
,1' FSNI: ll'11E L1gtJUR4t) .. .
\ Clli.ltty --- -
7i'' i ,
JOltN M&NaLEh.tTarr.wr' Agents forXOXARCU aDd )TD11t:1U

It.-a W Mu .-... ....,,_....? a1.Faultt. \ Ql'1UTl' Bboee. K'.rj : CUSHL\J..AN: t

fail \Q rail t.t.u.wul.-. .nd daah, 1na't pair warranted.J. L.Ufonuatton crfoUy fureiabed OAIXE3V1UJ5.. FLORIDA 0o Baird Hardware Co., :.
uu us .b.b
ha J.(' )Qna. Mintsse .
Afoot od/
: .sa' I OAUiE.5VILLE. Y7ORIDjI G'

4. rrc

". '' j r., '. .. "- ..... .
'. 0 , 'fJ 'Ij ' . ; ,., . :, ' ' ) ; ... ,
"!-< \ : -f i: I\\ f ., ;'I! ; ,, > ":- ,\.1& ,1 ,
"'" \. '" . ''' ' ''f' c:i ',' ; ,, ''I' I r'y
Mb .' .- ..'" ', : I'' " ,..''" . 'I t' _: \ g s ,


4r y ;;'rb

"-" -

IN AND SNOWSTORM. J*.. M. On4BAM President Cashier! l4 ,

i Oao. W. lire. VI..*P* Sid nt Alt Cashfar.
ste* Being Visited by the : e

fif t April rt Storm 25. The in Year storm_ that I THE FIRST BAN'K' %)#,

4) /I fly fioaday morning_ continued I .

i .toda). The down pour OF Q-.A TT : : S 1
,from rain to now about miU-
the plains of eastern Cola : THE ONLY NATIONAL CO
m covered with from 6 to 8 I1JiTTNN.

"!'' t heavy wet.snow. Capital . . . . . 00
raph wires northwest and
':''iIl the city were generally ren- Surplus and 00 a'

''-' senlce bIe. Doea ei )Lake. City was entirely Iso- I the aotfouoM of rtrmrr. & ,aDo", ..,I n #'
;. *,The EXPRESS br .peota>arNiB..B.at .,
[ storm extended from th* $2.25

',,4 ? ... ndje of Texaa ,to Central Wyo- PRE-PAID! -._- --, _..._.-.---- --- - -.- ._....Oaantr.Do ,......_. ., tAg'?
-. 1 .a,.
t" ,re stock on the ranges Is in good OUR CELEBRATED COBB COUNTY CORN R.Ite: ;

ttlttoa, and as the temperature was 1S GUARANTEED 3 YEARS OLD.
G ;rw. there ,will be little loss. : : \ 00.s W
Copper distilled tm tit* good old fa toad stylo __ .
0 i be incalculable. Little dftmlgeIfar flavor mot to Ue had la other brands.Order .
is reported to railroads. tto-day sad we will ship in plats ease ODe "
,:s calloa of this *3c *Uemt Whiskey express .....pall! : A s J,
for .LY5. .. .. .
buquerque. N. M.. April 25.-New
clco'and Arizona have been drench. Harris Favorite Rye

by a rain and snow storm which II Years Old ... central. baahta buiUavM,bur Kiohaa..
Tb. tooouoi o( b Dks.babies.oon IIIId otberar.o.tr
ted six hou Phoenix
** the
reports 4 Full Qual E.1tpre. Prw-pald. #:s.oo +d on l.vorsble) terms. 8i_ oa ..Uo'IAIDle
.wriest rainfall of the winter. The polvutn\lIe United 8'.'
1711. 1a. oU flyWhisb.y has 80 eq1a&l no tisatt.rwhat
. reams in central Arizona are far 70.7.. It b the dad of m.Uow taet.. irc.A.TN'Ii18''lTcr
I 1Jt of their banks. Tbe plaint of good too for -.ecUciaal .... W. wiU abe alalp 1 : ..r : -' T'\ A

{western New Mexico form a sea and pI1. Cobb Coast end 1 quart Harris Favorit.It7. . _._. ... 0 .""_ .__ . _,__.
/sell traffic from the coast on the San. tocet.her for a3.009 eq... prepa.ill. 'Seael.. '
t :;.ti Fe is interrupted. From 5 to lo yeas trial order to-day. .
OUR GUARANTEE If'70D are not eattr.17
feet of snow lies in the mountains, and n
: slid .
pl..a oar goods are not u .pr.-.ated. werefaad Southern
,frj.; melting rapidly and streams are your laO..7 b7 n.xt aaU. W. atalt. noC. !
($ rising. The cold storm win be fatal .O.D.. .lp.eata. Oar... ..... ... Third National
U to calves and lambs, as well as to Bash o. Ea...... om.. Seael Eapr. or P..tolllceMo. 10 .111
,;' many: old cattle, which pave been .. Order.
t \, thinned by a severe inter. A., H. HARRIS Effective ''

t,: T 12 Walton Street ,1i17L.Rk.R. CA .. .. .
: --- -- --- ..-_- - -
"'- --'-- -' --
....- Pirating Foley's Honey and Tar. SYestlbule Trains East: .... d l\u. rYe..
::0- A Co. ------ .,
: Foley Chicago ;originated ----
In Jat'hun"IIIt1 &J It :?OA 7 '
fly t'lu. Up. 745p
Honey and Tar as a throat and lung
: Lv Nn. II Ma lO
J..up III &to It y. 1080p
< remedy,and on account of tne great -, .-- - ---- ,- --. .- '- --- Lv Savannah, so. Ity 180p': 1:111\: Ho U,. K OlM ),
k, merit and popularity of Foley's Honey Ar Columbia So. Ity tS Mp d so. ity. f i20: i
and Tar many imitations are offered Ar Charla&c/ ). Hl let)4p 9 r.t. Nn. try. 78011\
't \r Orren.honr No. Hy 1:1: 60. 1:1: ,H.r. Ry. bits '
for the genuine. Ask for Foley's
; Ar "an.il'' !to. Hy :or.a : $u. U,. I4ba1tlchmon
1 Honey and Tar and refute any substitute h n. a
)7Itye.'t 6 ll 201'
tt offered as no other preparation Turpentine Operators Attention Ar 1'hohhurlC So li.17a" : /1 .t U. 740p I
p4 will give the same satisfaction. It Is ArCh.rkii.ivtlieaa.Ry ecrJI, e ti.1C .'our H"Op
mildly laxative.,' Ilf contains no opiates Ar W..hlnlrlon.. tll by O 4S1 \ .lUg' Four. .:710._
and i I. safest for children and Ar .IUntor. N. R.It. 11 elk )to. .lass P 88p r
f delicate p..rsons. Sold by J. "0. Me- ArWI'h'del'ia I'. It H. 143p 2 Pa I.inee 110.
i Collom A Co.Matbusbek. Ar New York 1n.. It. 413p I II. dI t). It 46pNo.

t The Standard Naval Stores of .Mnnnn T 2Ba
J' 34-"New York and Florida E .
pr....." Daily Pullman Drs wing .lr.'t.--r-,
)81..pln Car .on Tampa and N. .t n. b lOa
Jacksonville Florida are now prepaiud to
Pianos .11I. 10 New York, I 1-. 1..1 Nis
) PiCinee-ADti:
No. 81)-\\.hh"rton and
contract with independent producers and Limited," Dally "ullm.n ..,.." : l's .Iln--6Ma ir ti '
ltauar I."rlnllf Oar Jaollof\III. : 111. I ur 81IiP ;'<..;:
VOTED FOR SWEETNESS AUD FUR will pay: flat Savannah prices for Rosin i and New York it"t! < { ---- "' .
TY OF! TONE POWERDURABILITY. ADz ,,t'kl. tir.. Tai>P ..
Spirits Turpentine delivered at either Jacksonville Tbrevgh "The...." .ft.. H')" ,.. $'. II,. I lOp ;'r'\\C!'
Hn 119. 782e (1. '
I.v J.ehoD'III..FI. tin. Ry 7 ,'
h'l or Fernandina. Free of )storage, Lt "'.tann.h, 01, R.I. ly Jr: J ,,1"0.Htt. n tty,.. 11 tt f3.ai
'r r Ar Columbls $. (l rtu. ly II( II'rl.Hl6p.
-. Deft piano for ails twist eltmat. stands t.Q I.o la insurance or commission charges. We are Ar Asheville, N. 0, Mo. Fly J Frlaon 040a
lane looter tha other.eonatruetedbeat Ar lot Jlrlblf" N. Ru. Ry *> M" -
aateriala. and most arU Uoworkmaaaalp Ar Knos"III, T.up ,Ho ly ( It MP ti
t;; obtataable. also prepared to make liberal advances. Investigate Ar loulnlllc l Mo. My 8 : .. _._ 020 i '
Ar". Louis Mo. itr f M
'YR UP to 4... aerery Limited'Ar
'; .., detail and Un- our methods shipping in tank ClneInnsii .f' h 0. "II) 1 train, through t'
; equaled.Sold HI..plnl
N", 00-0.11 J'ulltnaD ,.. .. .
,, ( by as continuously tor cars-it will save you lots of money. For Itoom and liua.i fill."I'Va, ,,,.,, Drawing Room T,

Jaekaunville and.. Cineinsall.. .._ .. Jacksonville,
; ------ ----- ""- --- -
t! OVER THIRTY TWO YEARS further information apply to and Kal.... ,
, \. 1-11.: Dlal.g. tar Nenk-e.
'J:.. without a tingle fatlore. It von --------- - A- '". -.-.. .__..
want a piano for.a lifetime's
,.:, .nlcse bay 'herJio STANDARD NAVAL STORES'CO. From. New YorkrWatnlscion. eto Florida Llm t

.:z.la.th'shek T lied. .OJa.m.: + h
Front Mew' York Washington tl. : Florida Elr.pies. -
< ,\., Caab or on fair t'-. Seat om IS cars From Cincinnati' ', Ash.vllle, eto.- ,Florid Llw s'
':' tHaL We per Ir.'" Writ ned pWapeg.
for' prleee TODAY. From Chicago, Cincinnati. Ad.", ) ...,"9tB5 a. m.
i. .. _. _._ .. . . -, -- --
- -- -- -- -- - --- - -
---- J. t'. Ll'HK, Dlatrlrt raas..rtr Ac .MiiUI.., FU.

Y Ludden & Bates SE.A.S a AR D 8. II. lf/anwlrxl'.T.$4. We tI. .., A.O I'. A

'f I ;ir -----..<..-,_.- .--. -._,-....._.-. _..M....._ ---.-- ,... --. ..'- _I

! Air Line Railway Take The Line
Southern> Music House, .

! ), '" SAVANNAH, GA. . FOR . FOR ALL aYt.

,! JOHN D. MURPHY, Mfr. Savannah Columbia Camden, Southern VI*
!>trswl '
;- GAITHER a BRYAN, State Ag'ts, Pines. Raleigh, Richmond Washington M.as.oat.rr. y:

\ ,'" TAMPA, FLORIDA. Baltimore Philadelphia Rapid Transit and rd
: A -- --
N's Tlm. Tab'. In i ?
New York, Depart For ; A rrl t. rrer.r.r.
LOUISVlllf! AnDnAsnVILLf -......"_ ""I' ] ..-;:-. ..= --.,,.-. ,,. ,=--
+. 86p IIleta 0pri 0,8p a Is
IMily Dally"
Three Elegant. Trains Daily. .
[ D. L 1311&p m O aU, L* | iMOpm s''

Seaboard Florida Limited.: IMFF U, \ Je/* I. Dell,

1 _..,- 2C1Jpra raJa.ka. Iii"pm
Daily) Kortll. : Dally '
FsServiceTo Seaboard .
fastest Time--- Express. /Apia 1 I High tprtacs"'.,_ & '11Ip..

Dally. j AlbayAtlat. .. .,all. : .. Dell ly
y '" - ---' ---- '---
Seaboard Mail. ,
IiUpm tiMam '
k' Birmingham Memphis t
tto kwsll".) ''
Nashville Louisville Dally 4: |r bally

MODERN PULLMAN .. .... -. ... ... --- .. ..
Cincinnati. St. Louis, EQUIPMENT
Chicago Tk SEABOARD FLORIDA. LIUXTKD Is a solid vr.Ubo.... '&i.. cotta 1tlaet DaUyex.XotMJiy I' III,,, 7DJ J
posMi aelalv.ly of a.w Pvfnm..a.getpuaeat-DIamj Car Potable Dn..... s;
sad W la I.ikUHt
t *
and all point North with ns* -r. jtootn: BJ* "rs.8I..fCMMft sad ObM.aiott C.r.-ofi.r t'.f MI..r.a Ht. At*. -------t-.. _- _- .. ..- ..- *-
'tilled Throat iMninf(faJlaa.u Oar tUrrkw.tUH.n. > ....... sad Ja.a...vUJ. to J(... York, vU ", ...l.cioa. Usvlay Hi. Aogotti. Iatereba.t;abl fa UlUeg.TUat*. gmoos >*. prta- ,
OFFICIAL ROUTE V* KaasM City 13:10 p. B*. sad Jacksosivlll a.lOclIJIJ .ie." q.day.. tipal .anwa,.la UM CkMUJMro .tt... a;*ot*. )
t k .. tlM 8o.U ." Baptist CovrentkMl to Tluoog Pollsaaa sle. .pr Port AU All.. o..t
to* hold May KVlTUu Oa. far rate Only Line Operating U... ala via Attoatte Coast Ua *
4 plat O ea.t. for l.he round trip stop' Tot*on>..... |JbloraA4lo0.1I on
'", ....* OA t *** iMir.t.p.rmitted at 8c 8111J Tbroafb Paths SIN,.,. from Jacksonville to New Grkau J. A. l..*vllJ..
v Locks a.d Mammoth Ca *. "
r_" I.. . ................ear re.stvaalo.. ., ...eli.J For fall laMvmMa acid al.syev ,......,....syl1.fl UJ'_...t.aboulr", FAX JL&At9 O. JlOTUTOy 6 t ,Dte. f M. A Tr... r.... Agt.H. .
f.M.r*. ...... taxi fall lutarflftatias writ. A. O. J1f.dJIf.... .. C. JJOTJ..I. O1i Jae I !. W Bs ...' Astor .
\i \f d'io.' '....vrr9trr GItO.JS.iR'IUttsO... 1tVMI Fto. A..a. GeMftIPllill.-A.. 1"s.eEet igeu. U. >Z1OJUIOJI.TItIL 'Ii..., .rue.,/,...
$1' ;;: '' 'Pa.s.'Ait.I:.A R..x* W. Fi.3 "
WILtt4abtd.t Jr"0. --9.-
l",:'...t. '.. .,. '. ...., ... ...,..-=Z-- o. -
'f1i ;
\ ., ri"" II':: '' .. .... ., t f' .. ,; -t,
'. ,.', ."I" ',\ : :1'-'''' '-fl.' '1\1'>"'.'.A'';'' .' /f.., .. ,.10."';ri.Ar..rs: .It. ff}... *. / .... ,-. ,.;. '''-... ,," , ..... I "r J ....... I
,"'' ,' I",.. .. t, ,, ';' ,: 11"j;<1' M.1f:, '', . \.',<"..'I< ," ; ,. 'rt"-. < '.- ,"' ,,).fff.A//f'", / "' .m..'j\jJ. cr.r'. 'I." .''i"'.'. ", \ ( ''".'".. "' . 0:1', )\ ,,\' ;' \ ,' 't'1'.', ," ',',', .', :,1 "" OT V fc-.
',: "' \, I .. ,!.'," .
"- ,""".,'I\I.,\ ,, \ .
\ ,\ '. ,'" .' : i


> <,. ITT

? 4,7 r 3k4


C : ,- - "

t tI ,' ", T J l Sternberger Get your AFhillfpe.house painted r Call free at our by Some Men Leave lllf, 118111i .

I tore aDd get particulars. the WidowTo WILSON'S
An Estate for
: OFHEALTIly Odd and end In'wall paper at 6c a '
YTER roll at Sternberger: Phillip. Make :.:;-, .

b ;r \ ,7e; beet shelf paper aad much the cheapest. invest., and lose\! or as a temptation :\ "
'\ I How much
I I .. to peculators. .BUSY STORE.
y, i It; : ", ,"' William Nobles of AIcRae was In the better to leans" her .

:...';' '., '.. yesterday, having come on business
. connected with the United State land li $500 or $1,000 a Year Incomefor

office. lie entered a homestead of Life, or for 20 or 30 Years?
valuable property in Clay and Putnam ,

counties. ,
1 We will fend you Borne interesting Has
.r." / Bargain*-Splendid lot of 3-inch and ; information showing how small an
: 4-Inch.plval rivited'pipe at a bargain. annual Outlay will yield a permanent

1! ... 'r ALP;; Also large lot of 1-Inch, good as new yearly iucome for anyone for The
whom nare to provide.
If Standard and lot
F i' t P wrought iron pipe f
.,':;'t',." I"t of other thing Write me if you i
.: 1 II' need' anything. O. W, :Moyen, Gaine'' W. L. HILL &: W. B. HIGDOM, "

.... .,.. rllle Fla. Special Agents The MUTUAL
'.' It. = Ja. A.. Dawson formerly' of this Life Insurance Co. of New York,
'f4, f''rit
s city, but now residing in Macclenny: FLORIDA GOODS
V' ,.J, ., p'1. GAL ESVILLE. i : :
", <, ,.:"':' J KI where be hold*a lucrative position with

the Grifflng Company, nurserymen
Dr. E. W. Dig ptt of Jacksonville, and the Prices
returned to his home yeterday. Mr.Dawson' .
1 agent for the State Board of Health in
numerous friend here were
POWDER charge of the smallpox situation in
glad to see him again.
this county, !is registered at the Brown Are Always Right.
B. L. Baldwin( for many year a resident .
Absolutely Pure House. Dr. DIggett is a clever young
' of North Gainesville, but now residing man, and during his visit here has

at Palm Beach, ha been visiting( made many friends.WantedBids .
HAS MO SUBSTITUTE friend in his old home for the past few
to construct cesspools -
v day, and appear to thoroughly enjoy at county jail. Any person de-
meeting his old associate He i II accompanied airing to bid may secure plane, specification
by his daughter Mrs. *. etc.. of the undersigned, Mrs. R. Wilson
- -- ------
----- - ; Maude Goldimlth. Oalnestllle. }' I.. Bid will be openedat
H. Saunders ofs Mleanopy wa the regular meeting in May which
I NEWS OF ** business in this city yes Col. and Mr. Demlng Fitch accom will be May 2. The Board of County

panied bv- their grand-daughter, left Commissioner reserves the right to

COUNTY your bon.." painted free by on the Seaboard yesterday on their County reject any Commissioner or all bid. O.d2w-w2t O. PKDRICK -

.. (.. A Phillip Call at our journey to their home in :Madison T. F. THOMAS
,x and get particular. Wi. Mr. Fitch and wife are regular Workmen have have begun on the '

Matters of ( J, Ward of Mlcanopy, a progress Gainesville visitors and this estimable home of A. )I. Cushman. Alachua
farmer and trucker, was in the couple have many warm friends here. avenue East who proposes to have mwm (co.

ered by Our on business yesterday They will spend, a few day in Atlanta.W. one of the finest and moat modern
t.1 residences in that section. Several
t: wall T. Jackson of Bronson wa in the :
and end 'in paper at 60 a 1.
be finish
weeks will the
required to
z +yr PERSONAL AND at Srernberger A: Phillip. Make city yesterday' Mr. Jackson has just
home, and in'the meantime Mr. Cush FULL LINE OF
c half paper and much the cheap returned from Wanburg, where he
and family will make their homeat
What His owns a nice place, and _her*> he has man NEW GOODS.Agents
1 J. H. Fulk, formerly of this the National Odd Fellows' Home. .
+ to Happen Told In been looking after his interest He
: bat now principal of the Archer I I. still suffering from ,rheumatism After a delightful visit to Hon. W --
; ..
So That "He tor.
_'A wa among' the visitor to this however, and departed (in the afternoon O. Robinson and Mr. A. R. Van De-
'r It In The Sun. yesterday. for White Spring, where he ,venter at their elegant home South Monuments, Tombstonesand

1 B. F. Jordan has A, Ford, division inperlntendent hope to secure relief. Pleasant street, Dr. and Mrs. A. Huf- Iron Fences.

j _: on business. "'? Atlantic Coast Line, departed Mr. Walter Hawkln, an estimable faker of Carson City, Nev., made. their See Our Samples

J.adlel'a.1IIng ,
t d,o at Bon office.Simonion'a. la; South:! Florida on official busl- 1 guest of Mr. and Air.. Loafs O. Lynch. from whence they expect to go abroad. Personal attention, to all matter la
Both the Doctor and his genial wife
Yesterday afternoon Mra. Lynch gave thin line. Mall and tele'l'rIp.f.rden'
bjr. J. W. MoOollnm : Love of Lakeland division *ur* a reception In honor of her friend were well pleased with Gainesville promptly attended t..
and expressed regret that they could
tU4; k For Rent-Office for the Atlantic Coast Line, wa which wa attended by many ladle
k.ti store. Inquire R. H those who paid Gainesville a The afternoon .wa passed in a max not remain longer with their friend. Gainesville, Florida .. -

a; Ski L. U. Oracy of yesterday, lie was here on of i. pleasant manlier and many bad the The member of Kirby Smith Chapter .

visitor to this city business. pleasure of tnfatlng Mrs. Hawkins. U. D.O., are requested to
meet at the residence of Mr. J. F.
It. F. Hyman of Ladle Missionary Society of JNEW
f -
McKinnlrt, Jr.. nt 10:30 Wednesday TCONTINENTALCAFE
at the Brown House Presbyterian church will meet' this .
morning, April 26ih and. attend in a
t.. 4 0 Albert Perry of at 3:30 at the church. All YORKRACKET. body the memorial( exercises of the .RESTAURANT.
,. of cordially invited. Herald
I guest Pap Terry Stonewall Camp of Confederate Vet.
come prepared to report.
f' For Bale-1,000 mans, which will take place at the
F J. N. Bone .", ()m.n appreciate quality and de court house at 11 'o'clock.' The president

k 11'. F. Beach a the best for their money. The of Kirby Smith urgently request

; wa a business demand by housekeeper a full attendance of that chapter on

+1'j, terday ,,, for Blue Ribbon lemon and this occasion.
extract shows that tley are .
lion Henry 8. \\'. \V. Pemble of New York one of

e from a brief but "best ever made. the cleverest traveling men on the

.ro c Jacksonville. ,*. J. D. Turner Mr. J. K. Futch road, was at the Brown House yester' ,

s41 'oo"d-Elnm of Mr. Arnold departed yesterday Cheapest Storeon day. Mr. Pemble I II well known In I

have same b, Jacksonville where they will at. this ae tion, having been regular visitor ,
paying for ad. the State W. O. T. U.oonnn&.lon. Earth. bare for many yean. He I II the
t 1' R. H. annual meeting' a* rep
Smith a founder of the Ancient Order of .
-.-_--- ---
of Hawthorn, wa ..* of the local union -- '- --- O'Rang'OTang, which order wa very (Tint I
--- -- corner South of PoatoCfce)
c In this oily ,...Lerda"n..t. A. Singleterry of Archer has pur -- ---- popular throughout the State for .e,. 0... Celll MI4al..kU, Drip C***..

n, your house the barber hop known a* the eral year, and for a long time held W..t.ra B.*U.s .
t ' i 8t.rob40r..r" a'h III$ City Tonsorial Parlor, south Do You urn Oil or the Important office of Supreme

f store and get of the square from Carter A Ouyru Colti ,- - ---'"

John 1 a', Hester, a Lrs'W. ., and will assume charge Lightning 7 EE

chant of l Kvlnstnn '. This shop I I. one of the moat s MITH'S

4 itor to this city ,,,. in the city and the new owner The GashGrocery WELL MOUNTS

: Mrs ({Unrg* ) no doubt be well pleated and If you' use lightning Ihf'n.. can't .

Ht Petersburg are by his purchase. Interest you, but if you use Oil we

visit to Mr. suit :Mr\ _... . have got what you want. We have All the old standards: and

Oild. and .*nd. in \ READ'THIS. succeeded! in getting something" new In Co. the choicest of the new ones
roll *i t.r"h..ril..r.\ | | the way of an oil can. It i is a 5gallonoil issued.Ask
as .
5' IM,I .lirlf |i.|
o est ". K.W. Hall, St. Louis j I>ear8ir- no place for the oil to leak out at. Th. to see them, a* they cannot be

Mt. .Itnr. /"tr (, .. I ", been a great .utterer from blad ran has a'Hrst-elsss pump. and yon can displayed to advantage in a case.
prtt>olil i| of the -" trouble fur twu, year and my cane fill Jour lamp without soiling your J, R. EMERSON & CO,

}, f4 t auuniK: the vulture of rue a to very have serious several nature painful compell and hand or wasting a drop of oil It I Is ( SPECIAL MOUNTS for E. F. S.,

day "r u* operation. 1 have also ta- the best and mot p rfet oil can we School Children and Babies.

F' : K: H Yanlifmau many didorvnt r*e.n. They gas jfc I A Cka f
member nt the Brut ,' Knot for three years and Wa,. long a* they last at 4> e** Attests rIlarriBftea
q,4 y'l"' iVman l Company Kate Cure to. year and they only We only have a limited quantityIt Hall Steel Cat Ceffre.Italian . Fine Fadeless FotografsFrom
relief. After
temporary having .' Obelisk Fleer.
{{ 40"hf I operation and preparing' for the you need a Can, come early.Boys' Locket to Llf. SEi*. j

: d T J Ul-.r. of I saw Jour To i a. Wonder ad. -
.", and purchased a bottle', I got SMITH'S STUDIO.
mut ,, Wash Pants.
I"lI.r..I .
a Immediate relief and have con-
We have the Choicest Goodson ,
\1 -- -- -
<111 "** trading in to (improve ever ince.. &ly doc A big line for the Summer season -- '4
lit' net sl said bladder had grown to daily
"Iuru a my our
"" in three plac..>., and Ia.* uf- thn kind that wash. Sizes! 31016, and R. McCLELLAN

I Ice C l rc a i say almost ulore. than death I can No"' say man for living your ,the price i I. only 4&a. ..... 311( : XU..... ;

prices rrc.ptions call and. '1."' Wondvr. and I call "U a world' Irish 1'utaloe., per peck . SicBrt. Go.OAI
on \ Undertaking
In Overalls
i ,, and I hop all who suffer will Something Now Boys' While Baton per pound liteDurke .
Mr and Mr U A It a trial Wishing you success, I Salad Dressing Zta
Well mad. and just the thing for
,th York who h,.. bt> Your truly' Queen Olive 16eB t
Brown Hou'v for W. C. U.ultra.. boys from S year to 14. Can Corn 2AaS ESVJLLY.. FLORIDA. .
| -- .. ..
departed --- -- Can l>... . 2&: -
1 yesterday A TEXAS WONDER. S Cane Tomato*. 3 Ib can :Y>e
Shoes ?
They Shoes 1 Shoes !
an visiting .
2 Can Koat 13..f Funeral
small bottle of the Tessa Won Directors and
WautPd-h..Jd Hall' Great Discovery, uree all Oar stock of both Loa and High-Cot Fresh ()aloe. and Tamipe.
would I- 'lad to and bladder trouble., remove Shoe is complete and strictly up-to- Fresh Kitra .ia.Coffee.in Licensed Erabalmers.kern
s with line )looking' curt diabetee. teralaal' em'le like for to Order PreaipUj nllH. .
farm that could l date, and we would you try
*, weak and Lame baeka. rheutua- -
.i; 'u>ck fanndd,.. I and all irreguUritiee. of the kid. IIl'&ir. Phone 176
rla. d3twt: and bladder la both men and - ------.- 01 sad 1.stev.is jPletars

', 0 Tile procram whi< : .", rvculatee bladder trouble. la We ar. the originator of I low price XOTWTCOr AITUCATU: HWI JUTCCIAl. Fr e.. a.w..r s........ tit

Kirby Smith for I be sent. It by not nail eold oa by your receipt' drujrgUt.of $1. and.verjlbtaj fully goaraaled. r.aeI'WTkl 13.Na, Cp4l.tery. IMbua: K.. w

omitted, iu urdu & mall bottle ie two motkth ,,*.t- be eeste...... Is t.Mesas I" .d...... ....uat.r.nr.w..ta,..... .. _..._ NA : daka. fuwn.. sadporn' r..
unite with $ and ldotn fall to perfect a Mil tf.e.. to,tae w ...1.+.1 -eel ...a..etrLt .. *Msy*>u>a.mm .
& federale Veterans Dr. En..' W. lIatl._1. ...... \M ....... .t c-u C..h.iw.n.1At.eMsa -
,1 ...,..ie*at tb. P. O. boa t2D R&. Lots M.. PHIFER BROS. .........a..r...raw t.arr dM+.rt..r...ef isles. Ssa t.e.ev.e.- 0rtIn by Teleg apt er Yt "'
for Ustlmoalala. Bold by all $ ..,
day morning April c ( '", Phtftn Comer, Oala*.vUe. FU. _.w r. 14<,,1.. tfiec Att"4" .


'i",1' Ii,'rj Z'\'I '.fl" ,n'" ',',"tfu' ) r., '". {f// :t;\; :''}i. '. ,').1 kof';...Ji ., :: Wl.ffJ.I.I"\ "
iI ,' .. ,'-,'., '" ,'j:',', ."' " "j,. ';\, '. 1""! ,,'. ,' .'I. ": '' ",".,,-"'. <,' ", .-',.- ". ,in l' .i'"r.: ,'.ft., 'f Sex 1 151F'
,' "
: pl" \ \ \\I' .\ .f '", ,
'' ,1 "
;" .
,, IW ,0', ,"' , 1

Title: Gainesville daily sun
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 Material Information
Title: Gainesville daily sun
Uniform Title: Gainesville Daily Sun
Gainesville daily sun (Gainesville, Fla. 1903)
Alternate Title: Daily sun
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Creator: Gainesville daily sun
Publisher: H.H. McCreary
Place of Publication: Gainesville, Fla.
Gainesville Fla
Publication Date: April 26, 1905
Frequency: daily (except saturday)[-1938]
daily (except monday)[ former <1903>-]
normalized irregular
Subject: Newspapers -- Gainesville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Alachua County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Alachua -- Gainesville
Coordinates: 29.665245 x -82.336097 ( Place of Publication )
Additional Physical Form: Archived issues are available in digital format as part of the Library of Congress Chronicling America online collection.
Dates or Sequential Designation: -58th year (July 24, 1938).
General Note: Description based on: Vol. 20, no. 48 (Apr. 5, 1903).
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Bibliographic ID: UF00028298
Volume ID: VID00577
Source Institution: University of Florida
Holding Location: University of Florida
Rights Management: All rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
Resource Identifier: oclc - 32994415
alephbibnum - 002027051
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lccn - sn 95026977
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Other version: Gainesville sun (Gainesville, Fla. : 1903)
Preceded by: Daily sun (Gainesville, Fla.)
Succeeded by: Alachua County news (Gainesville, Fla. : 1934)
Succeeded by: Gainesville daily sun and the Alachua County news

Full Text
---- itlf
T (ff- '***"' , ,

_ _
; : f >;

, 'I
:: "> .
K '

ri r" v aCMe'u,

:, r

x' nn

j !J. ,' .

-- "

; : N t).6'(j -= = uP _\ J.'i'u.,-,
t liAIXESVILLE:, FLORIDA/ [ ) wmNEslI.( 1 >AY. : : : :
t:::::: _--==-. AKRiL :2 (1..' 11)05) TEN CENTSA WEEK ,
__ _ _ .
- ..
-- ---- ----, -_. -- .;: .:. =. '- "
l -
RUSSIAN WARSHIPS\ purpos.ly gfut out for strategical de. "
j The Novoe Vremya this morning! ANGRY OHIO MOB I JOSEPH JEFFERSON

LEAVE FRENCH PORT pr.nis a niinor:\ that the opposing g.juad i \ Net Loss of Over 7 Cents Compared

runs were already engaged IS CHASING With Saturday's Close
Saturday. NEGRO
1 !j I hilt the i>apt r has nothing! to support : Cha! .;u. April :;.-A double: back
tie! report and sotterbault Has performed by flog
no credence Is placed '
Heavy Cannonading Heard Off in it. ; heat today. Instfuj. of settling into I

Kamranh I, Thf report that the crow of the HU.. Officers Spirit Prisoner Away a feminise* nee. the option prompt!) Famous Actor Bas Passed To '
Bay 1I j| linn orinsrr Diana internetl starter thu morning with" a r. petit.onof
I at Saigon! An Automobile.
after the battle of August 10. but last wtek'a Kttisatlonal acroliudcitM The Great Beyond.

TOKIO ANXIOUSLY NEWS II I I is;: undergoing repairs at Iteifang.: Toaquin. >n>f 01 the Bret' trader allowed a A
and tad; I CHAnCED WITH HEINOUS CRIME rail of 4 cents a bushel the price open
I : rejoined Admiral Ro- INTERMCNT AT BUZZARD'S BAY pi tHis
tloJutvenalCy'- s squadron Sails in a I Jestvensky at I Kamranh bay previously lug at SO to 'Sc as "ln.t $1 at the clone ---

Northerly Direction to the sailing! of the Russian squadron Black Demon Assaults and Murders of iiatuiitay.Afur : Condition Was Thought tt Do Improving .
and Consists of I April!! 2:::. is denied here. White Woman in Buckeye State andIf the Initial plunge, the price
52 Ships-Japs Army Waiting Re. for May showed Vk.tfndency( to rally. When the Change Cam. Suddenly

suit of Naval Battle I I Mob Gets Him There Will Ce a reacting t4>mpurarly! Ui 972-4.: If the -He Was Beloved by All the t 4
II t
: I CRIME IN GOTHAM DECREASES.While Lynching. I selling wait, from representatives ut People
j : ,
Kamranh Bay, Indo-CLIna. via Sai John \V. dates! It "was "well disguised
gon April 24.! -11:30: : a. in.-ThtUus- / Population increases Lawlessness Columbus! 0., April 25f- Speeding the niarkft' prtntliijs the appearaitcw \\Vst Talm) "('aeh. FU Aurll' ::;.-
alan squadron consisting of 5i' ships. Shows a Falling Oft.ew from an angry mob of 4IK) XV title peo of a tmieral bearish attack rather Joseph Jefferxttn died ut his home

Including the transports, left Kamrauli :\< York April 2...-Although the lilt' at Mount Vernou,'.'Ko\, county, than an !uttriupt at further liquidation! "Th.. )IteefH." at I'Mlm" Ileavh Fla., at t
population of flu county of Stw01'' early today, a deputy ot t>s r iT,( James of h >! UitH
u Bay at noon April 22. and the main < ) acquired during an attempted 6:13: o'clock! Sundaj. Tho end cam
portion soon disappeared In a northerly haw increased UO. .II t during the past C. bhallt-nbaoteT. tn an 4 iuiu u\oblle. cot tier. I p. A. Valentine, of after u day of unconactou.nss! and 4srtW'

direction. Sixteen vt'sst'ls--tbl' time stars. there has not bet>n a proportionate rescued George Copeland, er' lit gnu axed Armour & l'o., was generally credited' a heioio struggle of lays which

Russian cruiser Svletalana Russian ;Increase; In crime! according 2u, who had tn-en tr-cWed: .. .V> his homo with buyliiK CClJlllIoh'rabl .May wheat\ had, exhausted: his vitality. At h4ili '

hospital ship Orel four German transports to the annual report of district Attorney by bloodhound sad afe fi I"d) abt.rlly while the iuotution were tin a f"'n t id! . his nuns <'"1,..,. ;1 xbIt
Jerome's chief clerk.In after midnight tm the'cJjutrRp of a.- and VS. The other l .
seven Danish transports ::n'l wax attraeti t br and t Frank Jefferson ; his nurn
three Russian transports-remained! In.. the detailed reports' of felonies, saultlng end: murdering'b"fy! lh* Miranda the renters of n ::1.". lreli Helling.howcxer / )toss Mats,) 1111I.ham : Dr. it. H l* nter ? '+
; there is uo marked advance! of JJrlckcr ,a white woman ad: 06 year from .
the offing. I figures iititde! sources MpotinIfil > and his faithful oM servant Karl Krttier. r
,. Fishermen and others! that as compared with former years. The Saturday night. 3f the market down. It wag 1 e
they hard heavy cannonading assert northl'1I" I average number of prlsontra charged As ooo as$ the word govknit'\ hat then out long until the current' figures for The end win not a surprise In hlfamily.

with felony who were confined in the gro had been placed In )ail the moll :May were V3H. a net loss l of tiMi? )Kver since hU UK sinking Vi

J ':,> : ..,' "' "I't: '" .; .... ..." was l.SOG. This is the lowest average frightened Copeland wtapiautlly+ dls- close. "IIIIf1tdI\1 morning! and which was tnt l ; sr>r
ioiI" o
;\ JIn" e, gassed{ by a big! overcoat' W
;.;.: ..' /.. .i'''' I't .:f on record. packed Hetoie midday another cent was lowed l by an apparent \
t. .
,;;. 1-l}7% : .writ JAn"JI. Ii' o The number of Indictments and com. Into the bottom of the automobile' and clipped from the price of May wheat, u.t.A
i'' t t 4'.Ii' ",.,...-."IIT .. ?' one of the sheriff's d_>$lut's jumpedtn #
i ','.1 ; ." v"A :M-.. plaints disposed of during the year sales being made at A2ty: a bunhel. On .
''r ',. 'W, .' 0 N 1901 l I was u.o.'JS: *. Forty-nine per cent and dashed ihroughjfa! lock street the slump| Armour A ('''. was reported '
I?? / ;l lf s of t too prisoners were convicted. by and tttarleilon the way* to < e'nterliurjs, I to have bought In a* much a* 4'Q3 .
;' ; about 1 miles dlat.nt.'l1n.; I
verdict. The classified list of convictions C'upvlaudwlll 1OOuots o bushels of the May I option. Atb
during l'-"H showed a --
f : s:"..p c ;: of startling and Cleveland! train which i,1\ parted 1 FRENCHMEN '
r preponderance male criminals. Only I OBSERVE EASTER,
I.. : "ItA,. to arrlva In Columbus tod : ;
B 6 ..... lI(>'J r..malt's: were convicted. as against ;> at 2 p.m. --- :
2.27! men. or the 11rPDlals::/ ICC Time mob baa not as yet learned i> Foreign Office Was Opened Only a
CIl'fMl 5! the transfer and It Is
wer found guilty of !Barn)' and threeof I beniR: momentarily Short Space: of Time
} J -jt7.b manslaughter. Of the :.ICI) persona I atiicueated by propfrom! the I'arl.1'rU :2t- 1:4U: p. m1"11. f tr> F

11 ", ; convicted' during the year 1.C10 country dUtricta/ attracted 10 the. city plAit ofnen and other drmrtm! | nat .ass \ f
by the news' of the
F :2 were citizens of the (United States tnuril'-r and the buildings were closed to4lay In run
h tb+esteneI.vlolenco.! *>
--- IIt'CUOII1/ h the Easier" hottd.yr
I "' .
'ltrftfr"'t31&TO'trgfiM Ttr.s.r'
Map Showing Locatlcn of Kamr-ifl" th" which.' w Ito the I lianler aIJcnltnlll"nt i>r
Bay.of .-.' LARGE EASTER CONTRIBUTIONS mob und I begged that tilt.I"w' !><% a)Iowt I- both branches of partlament and! tae ,
----- | *.1 l li> take. It* coin ie, assuring the departure of "n'.lclult l ouliti un.1 l ii '
Kamranh Bay during Obe t.nll1, :' Over $250.000 Collected on Sunday In peopjn that <:'Copeland ollie! l he RI\"''Un must of the minister Ibrru
except : ;; 11Mlnlsirr r.
e of April 22. the Various New York Church. speedy trial and imploring them not .
t 1 I1 )lcan.e! to attend the iinvri: h
Those who saw Admiral Hojel" \'n New York.; April. :2i.-;; .Hauler conlrllitiiioiih to bwmilrch the name of the city by Ins of the OambiHla statue at llorMU..

shy prior! to his departure say lie i 11. (to tlt! iliiin-hfw of this city any untoward" act. ban resulted In a period nf film alter

suffering from dysentery, accompanied are -lluiat.Ml! to hav.' considerably The run to Centering was fraught the cltettnni.
alltinlliiK thin 'l"'l
I by severe pains. All the officers and exceeded; $::!.'."'.II"' rasan lucliltnt and the JapuneMo JOECPH JCPFKRCON,

crew of the Russian! ships appeared to total of tho'U or right churches ed road were taken Cope Unit lay test. pit til I rilda) the family has brrn walling

be full of confidence. cla* ,il l a* Hi-' \\ -alilii,T con ""lCalloQIC crouched in the bottom of I bat mach lime. Tim foreign for lb<* end Mr Jvffereou'a cnnd!' '
once was / !
ep( n briefly
It .is believed here that It 1 is Art i probably r. aei.! et! t hat Kan re. In some cowered, with terror, his. eye protrud-. at noon when It was" said. thai no lion Haturday night grew ales lily

zniral Rojestvensky's Intention/ to doverythlng htstanrea the gti: were as large as lug and her lips moving Iti Incoherent I confirmation! bad! ten received of th a Smr.e and th" family, who bad eel red| .

possible to have Admiral |25.0<'"' from: indlvidiulM (l race prayer. rtx| >rted canonnade outside of Kam wrfi aummoiifd fiom their beds. and ", S"rc
Nebogatoff join him before undertaking church riH-tuot: out contribution of Miss lirlcker was a servant In the ranh bay during the night of April Dr I'ottrr was railed. The pallrat's ,\

I a. decisive' battle. A torpedo boat that <"". which will b. lined fur the Fairchild family and .. highly reapected. 32. the day that Adurlral jmiil j fonillilon ntlnued/ to grow worse ail b

destroyer Is patrolling the coast training) .hu"j"i" of 11eaeonnesses. She was for years employedas sky lull tb" mast of Annam through the day and the brief hullel- I t
,Tbe French third-class cruiser Descartes Alton' th'-r I the conitrcKatlonal offer the pastry rook at the Kenyon Alii The oftlclals hers discredit the Ins front the brdsld.| contained DO t'

: left here at 2 o'clock Saturday ing wa.. $.'.:,. !i1o the largest In many Mary aea+lemy. that the crew of the Interned report wars of rnrours*.nient. The slCkaes 'j
,L. noon for a point on the coast years. St 1lIdn... .. In HarU-ru received cruiser Diana now al llalfong Joined of Mr. Jefferson, which ended In hU t 'S

where a nanennan reports, that be saw $J'H':; the I I largfut( amount ever ROBBERS SECURES JEWCLRV. Admiral ..LoJ..t........, previous to his death was contracted, It U believed 9
20 warships. The man. however was offered by that( ronregation; Like. Saul Hg. while iit a recent visit lu hla HOB, *'.. _js
unable to give their nationality. Grace church the, plates; received one Claimed To Be Officers and Gained Entrance Cbarl: II. >ff..ra
Although the Russian crews were check for .::;;-0' 01.1 Trinity U to Apartment Th.n a f.w pull.. above I'aliu U...cb. where d k

confident of victory independent' observers thought to have raised at 'leant $Co.(("
who got close enough to Ad for the numerous instltutn, 1'nld..1 Civvrland.
h aural Rojestvensky's warships to be patronage. In Hrunl.J h,-avy offerings have galo'tl entrance to the apart Hilton, CS years old, of K*-tmsier. et

Able to inspect them were not unttnl were also repori-ii and several meats of Mrs. It. (lilmore In Twentieth shot and hilled fleorge Ywtiag, 45 Funeral n-e.nta Not Made. "If- ;7 e

moue regarding the efficiency: : the churches will be able tn ,1'! ., out' heir. street and at the point of revolvers years old; slashed his wife terribly Cleveland April. 73 William Winter x

nquadron. entire Indebtedness.To rot>bed )Ir.. (iiltuore add Kdwnrd (Jl- about the head and neck with a kaUe, J..I\II. a win of tbe actor, heard r ,
-- rout of 12. 00 worth of diamonds and then shot and "killed himself, 'Th> of the de. .th( of his father whit pIIa. '

I Stop Property Destruction The victims were! then 1 bound and woman It Is thought will rerover.Th lug through ibis clly !lat nlgbl enroute t
Excitement at Japan's: Capital. Is St. Petersburg Apr.: ;2"Vlth: the thrust Into a clo) ..t and the door : tragedy, It Is said by the pollee.followed I to ll..llrfontln., O. |II|_ has rang w 1"N i

Toklo. AprilInformation object of stopping the u. "ictlon" of locket on them After lh. robbers a quarrel b<-( *...tQ t the nn fliril all engsgemeats for bis tb.strl't :
keenly awaited regarding the movements } *
private property: which gas. been g';"- bad department )1 fI. UI(more! tuggedat over Mrs Illlion, Young former! cal companies' and will leave lb. slag y

of Admiral Itojeatveoaky'sagnadroa lag un In the rural district:: under the her hoods and released her hands, boarded with the Illllon lie/ eta( Indefinitely. lw| said that h* .oiiMmeet '
It Is generally
Influence of the leaders of the peatant Hbe and Glronx were ...Jf strangled| la lied tb* Million toft** Kunday and was. hU brother 'In Toledo l today and.
will either
the Russian warships movement an Imperial d 'cre* was 'la- their narrow quarters Ulrouc.' in talking! with fb. woruaa -avo her hus. lk-n .n on Ui New York for Ih. f>
continue north from Kamranh li ytintll sued today aitlhorUlojr the minister get a breath of fresh sir, kicked one hand enter! al .,f bU father, .'taIlC........'. fur tl."r." '.'
they reach Chinese waters outside of tbe Interior. Jd -.- -- which, fe. said '
Iwnjluan to appoint of the panels" IB the dour to splinters. bad not b en corn
the teu.'orlal limit or euur time commissions In the dlsturb.4dls, lie attempted to react i through thi Collar Button $4vee Life. pirted

Pacific occau.Ki.it diets!<< ( to trace the culprits' ....rsts bat the opening was ti.j narrow. An. August (h... AftfM nIt U prolsaMy ..

tbt tosses sod ct>!l-rt the amount of I bother panel ,.*. then broken and Mr*, I due' to tbs gXMl tfm: of a rnliar. Body Kent to ......rd'. Bay.Ibutard's }

From- Manchuria. damage doc front the member of the i ()!!more (crawl) ..i tbrr,..gb. she se I,. 1/ulton that Manager hilly J) rl.. of lUf.. :ila.. ,tp' '. J1--

St. Petersburg. April ;*.-Tbe new vllbaae ronxnunities' implicated. M. I exiled a duplicate 11"1 sod r..1OIrOOlls. the Cotwmbta ta_"".!U climb I III nest a I It was learned today at ('ruwb Ne..i,

t.' from M t .JC'buru :indicate; that Field: ; bole real and personal property |la Abotst n....! worth Cff Jew 4ra4 man, While no the way from th It .looms of Joseph Jtttt>r*in, that the J

'1 Maribat/Oyama/ '* pans await tie re- liable! to be sold at auction for this city eonfht by the robbers was o*rrsoled. &lI"I..a tn Augusta. Hn$.).f moru Uxfy of th. agitxl! aetr .fif'.") not b* ,. I
; salt of he natal> t't'3 it being< wo rurpsa. Tte d"cr_ alas' orders the tag, a mallrl'M >#"o Den l a pistol. brought directly bete. frori I'aliu

risky far the Japanese army to tder yrsatlog of state ttan to the land' bvflet through the train striking l...ttcn, Ara"'f:nl l. bar bn mad t tI.

take a Tlou oi"'rat.Ulu s hI1. the ot o*uers not p"*....e.ei a: the means of repairing No M.'. Strikes e* L.c"CMI'. Karl la the lorwi r..n".ately M .. place the racket la a re.'lvin< '

comif the .....a.flsht >I. la th- bal their laser*. X* ."ork, April ?.. -T'b4 new bvrU4. passed thrwdgh/ the p It"4i, lute.4 ttt vault ac IfcMtod gnat carte' a time .sro

..n *. / ShcrriM Admiral! Ro)"*tvBsjTadlro lax sea.uQ will begin la earnest today the glass, and taad"
? tract \ t.,'k and AdmJra: Totes police May Have "D.w." ." b -n 10. ivO workers !t. the trader set's collar tmttoo, and being: partly tired ",*.. the. coaatnr and nbrosd. .

still be able to protect tb..J.f* -. n........ Apni U -Ta mysterious slit! begin Apefaiioa. oa4r III. art; et "nt. gtaeeed. tan > TlM l. xty t.... F ,
l.tfA of com ru lJott"atloDti b.. ...nrra: "Mr. t>,.e." prtDcips! la tb. mardrr LralVnt .
beMt at the mar ia'ce:<<: is that tb* Ja"s of ChauCeur WUItaaa rute. la a lonely ..pklt.,. and r.pt.-*.im. l .. of sktt.) Kltde Life exi Wife's Craw. r* tt. nr, ttandwitb.ktB .

a wilt forth .tb attempt to rill r j*
a latest Vladivostok. and male ct Is believed hy the Chicago: pi ftp there bJJ W no etrtar star iocbusls. U's,haoss died to fats city Iwo. tssrsago. wised Wth Mud. '''',.etlel\r, rDetrott

,ne ac.otbcr. Port Arthur In bare been eapxare A atuu at. n. builders. srchlteet. a.4Ut pve pee Her ..'''''0'' Mf' "I bla h. )Ifcb.:. ArU. Zr )JaJ". :

.. ..rIDC the 4e crptlos: : of Dote .. '.ft-r. of "H4lau: .bare wurk on ..". and fIft..f114 10 Ilobaela, his 0a.. Iltiilts | *(or,, K. A. (iltttcxt ,wko. "U; t '

Rumor of Naval Battle. Baler arrest at )MetapftJ Tmu. I, tusi4 wbJh win last lor. yeah to lama Sire Uad. fie c..aOC toVr r Ywd.erarJ rd .sut," > Yt4tsi, ',+et+..' ;.4rt.,

t'etersbrsrg. April 21,-11 a >e> u
4mlrJty >. di.poe ad to *cr. pn Ideetify the aaspct sod U It Is eatab.uabed ta* past few year I having 4elay4' .& to> a frtetwl t t. tM. cttyv, WMA&OI. tft1 fihlM :.M.r: .1 rt fU1$ .5...1 i,Wkyt;rMad, .:... rchIGtR r i '

[ .enratI B an: fareign tr:>grafcj that .... Is lb. cwt .aate<.. la efaUsies h> **....> a* .il**, ,Va| It wU .....$1 got .ff th* trafu ,Ja IhP awfN1'llit. .... .. IIIR'fltala+ll6tt ..".....' .I'Jf' 1i'.Jt yro
1 flag la* WB-reabon of fir bread !him brk to fbicago far ttt+iJs Wet a 1M. Hasse 14 rsttls lry' Lard. .145 near Oa* Pill .e.nH.rjr aM ,, keel)(.....s .-C_''," .+ltt. + tf j' Mtdrldfi,+!'a'";I\Akt.: .", \'J't; ,

.? Irml taut aad abe Jep.ershertro Tbe prt.etw r said t.0 bars .WAr 1ft ow hotM Ndes .'tree's rerla grataBtstl to '1. -.tW. grtvtr. ,wh.ffhk4 ,.... twei M... err'.:.H.I:..L..bM4. .;;.. 1d.1PI1.' ". ; } .. '!I)

= tkat waaj of tbaa ate 4asattIY: ....b........ m s'et' 1M .itlro LL !'_ la..tb tt plkci,. }4ft4 !(r. .ftitAe1t11.. ,.,. .k4'fFNtt., '. ...'a, : '":";,,''i/,/($: I-1 ... .,?. ...; "" f:1fji:: .J' ,..J (I. ,,
'AI \! ':\\ I .
; .. '. :J ( .1: " : .
j 'I I' ;. "f" ,
et 'i'I; ) "" ; x' 1 ':, A tip: '.,.:I', v!
0// ", r" f',r.ru:1t'W1. .c.J J ,.... ', ,,(j:\ .'
..... .. '.... i 2 'f;.r.,A; ,i : ; ,. 11" i I I' ,;tl") '. it \ . 1 I
.I" J ": r l'c.I .r 'It'"h"tIIf'\ t "\ I','L' '' ,.! "4' "flt''t'r'!;. ; "vl\-, + )
4 !;, f"I.I."i I' '
t \
; ,, \ :. .,,'f.' :." ,J', :. 1!.t! tiii, ,, ,. (,'. ; ., , 6- .. .f .4' I .. " ;tI\ ". ,,\Ii ''','iI "+\,,'I"' .
'1.'" .", '1"': ". .
l' \,


., > ..,ilt '1#', ,V I';' \io''iI"'I'II''f\. :,. |( \t..,..!1t'I-f"l'\t-'t''fI, <\. "'I\ ;) ..:,...;'. ..,"nlJ'r"'& "' 1WI". ."I ,I'Iit1J.,;... ;; '- I.'t..W,. .' If .p


::4 .' l
: .\



Your doctor must .
says you
i AGAIN AT BUSINESSThe take cod liver oil. probably: he Attorney J. M. Rivers! it in Tallahassee -

means Scott's Emulsion be- on Important business

Key West Railroad Bill Not cause you cannot take the M. A. Bennett, representing the :
Eddies Manufacturing. Company, Food
} Reached by Senate. clear oil ; no one can take the went yesterday to Leesborg- the interest to work

clear oil who needs cod liver of bit firm. He expects to visit on is food to live
LIQUOR LAW IS PRESENTED other point before returning home
oil. The doctor understandsthat J

Father Bran han of the Diocese of
Absolute Prohibition by Constitutional and doubtless meansScott's on.A
St. Angustine. Roman Catholic Church,
m Amendment Asked-Matters Educa- Emulsion of cod liver will.arrive in the city daring the week, man works to : k Jt\

tional Receive Attention-Short Sessions oil which everybody can take and 'expec'. on next Sabbath to openat live. He must live

by Senate and House. the church a mission to explain ...
because it is emulsified and
Tallahassee, April 25 -The Senate Catholic teaching. He it a graduate to work. '
and action on Senator prepared so that it can be of the American College of Rome, one
convened at 4 p. in.,
Stockton's. bill relative to 'board very easily digested by the of the'flnei, Catholic educational In. He does both
titutiont in the world, and made an
for educational Institution -
't' ; of commissioners* wa deferred.The most sensitive stomach. Most extra ,eir'* study in a special. course better onUneeda

following new bills were introduced everybody likes it. with the Paulist father Washington, I
D. C.
: arid referred' :
We'll send you*tampl free. The members of Smith Chapter Biscuit
Mr Ca&ova-Making it unlawful to Kirby ,
SCOTT Si" BOWN E, Pearl Street, New York.
409 U. and
play ba fballor football on Sunday. D. C., are requested-

i, Mr. Crews-To rtquire manufacturers I friends who might be Interested-are the soda cracker
of patent medicines to print mtnnfacturt'rft to label their wares and r Invited to meet at the residence of

tr, on label percentage of alcohol for permission stat on label proportion of alcohol I Mrs. J. N. Strobhar, on Tuesday morning that contains in the

to vend tame in this State ; contained therein; also joint resolution :. April 25th, at 9 o'clock, where laurel

penalty,1u00.) relative to local option.Mr. wreath for the graves of the Confederate most, properly balanced -

Mr. J.ek..on-To limit and definer Buckman's bill relative to county Veteran will be made for Memorial

P time in which to file pleas. Indict- court clerks aud recorder was read Day The chapter will assemble proportionsa

menu, etc ; also to define time for the' third time and made a special or at the residence. of Mrs. J. F. MeKinttry -
writs of error la criminal cu e. dr>r for Thursday morning. Jr., at 4 o'clock in the afternoon greater

y Mr.Cnll-Toami.d revised statutes The House paused Senator Gillen'a Wednesday April 26th, where nutriment than

; relative to Ike removal:: of disability of concurrent resolution providing for a carriages will be ordered to carry the .
r married womenMr. committee cnnsiftting of one from the members of the chapter to the cem. any food made

+ Harr *-To bate State instead of >*nat and two from the House, to etery. Kirby Smith earnestly. solicits

4 even di.tr,ct beoatds< of medical examiner : visit the Confederate Soldier.( and the contributions of flowers from memben from flour.

*. Sailors' Home at Jacksonville'and report and friends of the chapter. A

Mr. 'lcCf'f'tt"J-To amend the law upon the conditions and needs of committee will he prepared to receive

4 providing for tie f-abh attoo of acts of the home. any floral offerings on Wednesday at .
the Legislator i& rtain itewtpaper The bill of Mr. Wells of Ililltbor- the home of Mrs. McKinstry. Uneeda
'' Thisamendmensseekatoelimiaatethe ou.tr, prescribing compensation to be -'--- --

necessity of matiibg eopie i 10 each paid county school board, increasingthe / Is Thankful for Kindness.Mrs. .

qualified) elector. per diem to $3, came up for second E. A. Larzelere of Philadelphia, ,

Mr. C ran* -To define and suppress reading A moti.n to indefinitely post who hai been spending the winter. Biscuit

opium deni pone was lost by a tie vote, an amendment the guest of Mrs. J. I). Turner, left yes

Mr. Sams-To amend the law regulating to cut from $3 to $2 carried and terday for a two weeks' trip down the S

A' the establishment of ferries the indefinitely, postponed.The East Coast and from there she will

@ across rivers.Mr. bill by Mr. itryanof Washington return to her home.In .

Noble' concurrent resolution compel attendance upon the public taking her departure, the said : 5'

instructing the joint committee investigating school of this State and to provide for "It is with regret that I leave Florida

the" East Coast Canal fines for noti-attendanc and for ob- and should like to come again. I think

Transportation Company to carry on taining leave of absence from school, the climate fine scenery exquisite and

the work on..a more "elaborate scale which was reported unfavorably by I people charming. Gainesville is a delightful NATIONAL BISCUIT COMPAKT .

r than usual, vas indefinitely postponed the committee" on education' , was, upon \ little city-truly a place of

iL Senator Brown's bill for the relief of motion of Mr Uryan, recommitted.The pleasant homes ; hut, if I may be allowed -

Marion county and Mr.I Carter's House House then adjourned. toe comparison, North Gaines,

resolution, relative to a committee to 'I villa I lit the garden spot, and surely it .

A visit the military college at Usrtnw Regents' Bill Postponed. I blooms a'* the rose'-(he hearts of the rJ",.', fttrgft;

and the St. Petersburg( Normal nnd Industrial Special to The CJalnenvllle Sun: I I people a little warmer their love a t

School: were indefinitely. post Tallahas, April 25.-The Regents little stronger' and they seem to have Graham Crackers

y poned. or Fifteen Trustee Bill, affecting all I learned 'the word of the Master; andI Bailer Thin .Biscuit

, The following bills were consideredon the State educational Institution, feel' that some will\ reach the ultimate -

their 'cond reading: : I I which came. up today, has been postponed I promised reward Thanks to all Social Tea Biscuit

Senator Crill'. pure food bill was' as a special order for hy :?d. for courteous kindness."
Lemon Snaps
amended and then ou motion of Senator
: McCreary. made special( order for Last Hope Vani.hsd.WJien .

Thursday morning leading( physicians said that. CASTOR I A

Senator' Craitn's bill legalizing ordinance W. M Smitharl of Pekin. I...., had In. I For Infants and Children.The .

83flof the city of Tampa, "u curable consumption, his. last hope vanished -
L passed under "u.pn.l<>u of the rules ; but Dr. King's New Dmcovery! Kind You Hate Always Bought

Senator iillen's bill authorizing city for consumption, coughs and colds I '
L Hears tho
clerks to a|'point deputies was orderedengrooed. kept him out of his grave. lie says : t? .
"This .".."1 speoitlo completely cured Signature ofDeath ,
A' Senator Trammell' bill prescribingthat till', and saved my lilt Since then I I
W J when there Is a total I In-* of property have used It for over 10 years, and con. of Mr. Jeffords.. CLYDE LIMES

i, insured, and the company fail tuIf ald..r! it a marvelous throat and lung
The Sun regrets to chronicle the
l'a'lh" full amount of policy, them cure" Strictly I scientific cure for
death of K A. Jefford, one of the oldest .
If: shall..- returned lu the in.ornl theunearned rough, sore throats or cold ; sure prn.venilv .
( *> of pneumonia Guaranteed, and until widely known citizens' of
premium was ainendrd and MM and $10.1) bottles all "
at drug stores.Trial tfaiitetville.I which occurred at his
ordered eugroard.Nenalur !. .
boltl free. home", East: Magnolia street, Tuesday
'W '
Crew's bill amending' the I
TUESDAY--S-; morning, after an illness covering a
r law' regulating the issuing of teacher'Ii' CI ELECTION
period of several week.

certificatesantt Senator McCrrary's E. A. O'N.III EUctsd Alderman to Fill nt-cuet',1 was seventy years of age, e
;rJ bill\ regulating the attendance ofschools
and may be regarded as one of
'ri within Unaxplrsd Tarm ,
special tai districts, S
Gainesville's pioneer citizens having ; .
were ordered riigrnMrd Tuesday's special election' called for
resided' here for the pall quarter of a r
house memorial A, memorialising' the purpose of selecting an aldermanto : VV' ..wERL"Y S.A..ILIN"GB: :
century, or longer fin had a great UKTWEKNJacicsorwille
Congress to make an appropriation of till the unetpired term of Alderman
many friends who were pained at his and New York
) '&).lO.l for the Improvement of itisekt'ater i'edrlck, resigned, was a quiet affair,
f \ death, but no living relatives here Calling at ClIARLE ON, s. C.. both ways.
river, was passed.s only 171 vote being cast.
W S. ire a son-in-law of the deceased 'The Finest in the Coastwise Service
#K s Steamship
., Senator Humphries'. Ilradentown There' were only two candidate for
who resides in St. Louis
charter amrujinriu. lull wa advanced the' position. 1A.: O'Neill and Or. J. : notitled by telegraph of the sad, was occurrence Clyde New England and Southe LinesDirect
toils third reading under a suspension II. Colson. The former received 115
t of the rule, vote against his opponent's M, which and this funeral arrangements Service Between JACKSONVILLE BOSTO and
j cannot be announced until instruction PROVIDENCE and All Eastern Point,
'i Senator i
Blotint' 1't'1""I. charter elected him by a handsome majority
U received from him. Calling at Charleston both ways.11irwEEKLY .
amendment' bill was passed. :.V to 0 As has teen; said before, both are I
: S.A.ILJN": : S

Fhi (% tiale thru adjourned good men, and either would haveserved Cheated Death. Southbound.... ............ ... ...... .... From Lew a'W half, Boston
In the Hout. the city faithfully In the poai i. Kidney trouble often ends fatally, Northbound...... .....,.... .. From Foot of Catherine .,.. Jacksonville 4 i
lion to which they aspired
The folio*' I log nrw" bill. were Introduced but by choosing the right medicine K.:
() \"III has served the
city faithfullyand Clyde St. Johns River Line
11. Wolf of Bear drove, Iowacheated
eftloiently' as chief of the tire department ,
Mr. 1I.k.r of Cla-T" amend law death. lie aayst "Two year ago< I I 1i.t"W'.n JjtcKUoNviuuic and SAMI-O
anti there I is no reason to Stopping at PmUUa. Astor St. Francis, Bereaford DeLand and ermedlata
relative to hunting. Cftlun: j had kidney trouble, which caused megreat ( ,,
believe that he will not do the same Landing on St. Johns River
Mr Haker u! Clay-1'u prohibit' certain I pain, suffering and anxiety, butI
,,:? .games and sports on Sunday I thing as an alderman I took Klectrie: Hitters, which effected Commencing Tuesday November 1ft. lOOt, k

Mr Crawford of "rang*-Tu regulate Friends extend. .- _' .. -congratulation-.. ._. a complete ear. I have alto fount! St8imersllCITTOPJAC.SOaYlLLEwiiid[ [ "fBEDl DtBBABlti
entering prriultr "f another them of great benefit In general debility are appointed to sail aa followsi Leave Jacksonville dally except 8U8 .,* at ;;
uwners'uf' caUlr.Mr by Frightful! Suffering;; Ri| .ved. and nerve trouble, and keep 3:80 p. m. Returning leave Sanford daily except Sunday at 0:Dla\ m. :'
SuRvrtng frightfully from the virulent so.tt.ar.ad. Nottllloasol
them constantly on band, since, 1 1Bod I .SCHKDUIJB
IuIoOof St John To a* da.a. .
*- providefor potions Of undigested food. O U.Orayotin they have no equal." All druggists Leave a30 pm. .... . .... .. . .... .Jacksonville.. ... ... ... ..Arrive rioD anv .1
t--n.ioi 10 funftslfratr., 1 oldl-r, of Lula, MU*.. look Dr King's them at W-s. SrtApm.... . .. . . . . ..Palatka . . . .. .. ... .Leave 'Ip0pn>> N
*fco have euane lu Florida from other New Life niU, "with the result" he KUt.rs.nl $:(x sm. . . . .... . .. . .Astor ... . . . ... .. .... .J< pat
IHI1n, _h<> have 'b..t101' their. write'that 1 was eurtxi," All I 4a.m.-.. .. . .Pt..FraDeie. ..... ... .. . ... Ice JIG
fl'1. lu I.rusiun.In the Notes from a1a,1! bowel dieordera give atom-to It la not b-tp.. bat obstacles: not fa . ... .. .. . . .U.rettfonSDeI.a.D4): ... ... .. . .. od plJllt
*hrue.lhey cam. their tonic, laiatUe properties. way 200 at dim.*, but tfimcnlUaa. that teaks OMO. ArriveSt4Omm......... . . .....Sanford ..,. . . .. ......... >. m
14 Mr Muitli of all drug (tore., guaranteed, I UatbewiL, IQrOO am. . ....... .. EBterprts....... .. . .. . ..... m"

... fur 1'olusia-ro amend lht . .. -- OKNEKAL_ PASS. AND TICKET OFFICE. IS3 W. BAY ST., JACJC* o
-- - ---- ---------
working ruad and bridges ---- -------
aile! >> a bill w validate ; r.M. t1towi went.J><..gas.01.......A.ID Wed IQ at'L..I.--t 81
the Ineorporailoi w O. 0Ut>>'. ..Jr vii. A.e... c. r.J..Oy&LL.ago.
p of l>'Ituua<< IWsih Siurt-mpcurilla. The doc- r....t n.._........Jwturee.Wm. t '.
Mr ""lr"1\.o \'ohnia-H.Qllirlnl torVSintaparUl. The tested>and a.Till n. ": oaae. o. neR801:8tatstir..aa..rt..Y.rr. 1.YD&N WJL P.o..J"n.l C1.Yu. ; ,;,

( tmi lud- 10 U U.,.r. also a e rs tried Sanaptrilla. The Santprlll *.- Geoeral Maa* e,. O, .eral&t
11111 l to amend read worklt law that makes rich, red blood; Ca "s.1--i.1IwIIJI.IIt.....*'"'Wow T/iKtiSecfl ;

.1, Mr brjan of WasMec a (by r''.. strengthens the nerves; build

QQ.'a-To- hoqQi pa'\.\ edkiae a the whote syiitew.Jb& Us You> suet Order forI" JO ,;.


,. f li 1 ''n,
itt! ,.. ,.. ;- i.ct'' 114 .

j grlI

\2" ", i ;Ir.... '>"M. ;' "" !r.'JY.. :..-',.',,'


I ::" "" '/';(;

1f rI DAY WILL ( ate Yt"tnl'n"ut"ndE'd P. Fleming, x' O\'E'rnOf to Hon.of Franci Flor-. Ozomulsion has Proved a Benefactor, a Blessing, a Curative to Myriads of Men Women and Chhdreo' *!f'[ 71 1:'

.. ,, ""*
I i 1 l m l l I v ,
( II . DULY OBSERVED orntor Ida and< in one the of state tie NII ino-n invitation rl..quent to { Begin Taking Ozomulsion Today and You will Feel its Curative Effects Today. ]| '

+ .,i' __ ai i.il I1r city "'lit) d -lMt-r a rin ori.nlrl.lre ''P
, ,. * ->>un. ,,1..iHo.+ioi). C"t. Fl. piing .,

,: ] P. Fleming: Will arcep'rd fct il I will delivt- the r.tdres+ ,

, f''frtKtncis of the 1 ," th- .ooihott..e n, 111"L.a| .K It..* '
3S Day.AtlON .
t A I I Ltornt.' b.h the pub., '. K<*IIvrally ':
. \I Invited.. '11,.- n.It. nni tx>th 'W"i i.hl'
: fhsp'ern: nf the lmshter: .. of ih* Cot. .
I --- ---
S, ffderac. htve barn inritnl, and all! \
8th a.pter of the United .Daugh- 06OfJHll.1oIe .. \' ,.
h ).are ciiii, -nt,d U> he |pre've'nt. The ,
'; .t, t of the Confederacy Will Honor didtirgui-heI! i -riilrniaii i ill well rrd MAKES BLOOD, .

/ :t.!) .,,}eadbySprinklingtlowersUponJ 'in the history of the Cogfedrrrcy and MAKES BONE
..It...sir; Grave.-Todays Program. w i'tlt' Ciiiifeilt-rntf. woldivr, atul ln" n- '
\ f?., V-Wfl:, m rk* are houitrl to plrnce! and intret.. ? ,;
'-0y4 Todtaj: JI i Confederate Memorial D-ty. : Kirby Smiih Cbapier U. n I C. wi. 1 MAKES STRENGTH all of which MAKES
'WbnVlo;iDg surviving comrade and
1 4!YOted wives and daughter will Attend the cerenionie Veteraiiii of the" Unite iCnfrdrrate YOU HAPPY. The most perfect preparation ever .'.0.
at the courthouse 'b
. :honor the departed heroes, who died In discovered for Colds Coughs, Pneumonia Consumption, e
at 11 nVIoed this: morning, whenKxGovernor
- te41efeneeyof; : a caufe which they brilelred'tu Fruuoi P. FIvmiiiR of.Jiipk'onville Catarrh Bronchitis, Anemia and all wasting diseases.

: be right and just, by placing) will deliver an addrvs | .

r fragrant flower upon their grave I I IJfThls I Member of the G A. (K local pout t. '

custom will be universal by special invitation of the U. C. V tj j yki
';throughout. the South because! it is a I
will also be aud
' I prevent participate In I
\ <4ay loved' and respected by every the ceremouie: ... r

.Southern heart, regardless of age or i I
The members of Kirby Smith Chapter .
,. standing. I United Daughter of ihe Oootf.Jeracy 1
_The day will be properly observed in 1 I' will, a".mbl" at the hunt, of i iMrs I

f Gainesville, as ol nal. An interesting J. F. McKinsirv, Jr, East Main +I L The Cod Liver Oil Food Emulsion Par-Excellence," the _
; program hat been which i i. I '
/."p arranged, I'! nrret N,, at 4 o'clock this afternoon. additional Life-givinR elements consisting of Guaiacol,
,'::1 i>s"follows : 4.,. I I d
Members' of J. J. Finley Chapter, U. :: whore: carriage* will be in waiting .to j Glycerine and the Hypophosphites of Lime and Soda. 1 h
them to the' where
k [.I>. 0., will assemble at the home of the convey cemetery It has Proved its Merits in all countries.
; floral decorations will be upon I S'
[president. Mrs. W. Taylor, 108 East pl."l",1 All who desire to Test its marvelous properties can gel i a
j the graves. The grave of \Veterans
[Orange street' at 8:30: o'clock this : TRIAL BOTTLE FREE
i the JewUh cemetery will also boll decorated -
I morning,where carriages will be await. :I i I this honor having been awardedto Jit goes right to the Root of AU Pulmonary
IDg them. The will Diseases Write
Chapter proceed to toQI4"
Mffdatue Werlheim and Uurkhim 'MI IJMOV
the cemetery, where the graves" of the ', and :MUsMaud Graham H l-to.**....t.Cu.

t ,departed heroes will be strewn with I \l 5 o'clock this afternoon: there
fragrant: flowers as a token of the love' I, be memorial
!' will a simple service nt
f and esteem to which these heroes of I the monument court house lawn, to

t [the Gy. arc worthy. The Chapter has :I, which the public is
[consented with pleasure to unite with invitedMen

I the U.. 0. V. in their exercises, and Past Sixty in Danger.

will return in ample) time for the eerf More than half of mankind over .

monies and address Ex-Governor sixty years of age suffer from kidney EDITOR'S NOTE. With of Ozomulsion untiUal;
Francis P. which will a knowledge of the uncqualloil<< << merits we r
Fleming, occur
/ and bladder disorders, usually enlarge.tnent recommend readers for J J.F.ST YOU 1
. fat the court house at 11 o'clock. Ingly our to send a Sample Dottle. FOHGloTVIUTH TODAY.
Stonewall Camp, United Confeder' of prostate gland. This Is both and Convincing Testimonials of its Marvelous recuperative ami \'tlratiproperties., together with an i'
", ,r painful and dangerous, and Foley'aKidney Artistic little book, entitled "IJAHYVII.LK." beautifully illustrated in seven color, and at

..... Cure should be taken at the TRIAL BOTTLE of Ozoimilsion Health-l"oo lTonicsill .lie sent you at once :absolutely: free by mail. ,

,- tint' sign of danger as it corrects Irregularities Address your letter or postal card to OzonuuVton Co., !yH Tine Street New York.
and has cured many old

I men of this disease Mr. Rodney Burnett. .

Hock Port M..rltto.1 "I suffered I Miners' Wage Advanced. ,I

with enlarged prostate, gland: and ;, I'ueblo, Colo.. April Z5: Announce *FTTT
I r n 'Xr
kidney trouble for year and after inetits made that bt.glnlna18)' I. the. j' J '!
[ RJZEY taking f two bottle of Foley'n Kidney 6.0(14) etuployr. of the Cu.Haiti: r I-UP|
? Cure I feel better' than I have for and Iron company plant i I" this rlty i .
.L l although I am now 91
I twenty years t
will receive advunr. in
I van old." Sold by J.V.. McCullum an ttigr. ft
A Co. varying from 7 in 20 per 111 t Th-
ounce emplnyrs and BUJH i uiUTiitcnt' x i ,I I
I Real Estate Deal I will receive from. 10( to ">, pr c">ut .t..t.I
Among the Important real estate advance, while the inrii In Mir- tore ban :
j '
.r deals of the paiL two or three days is !teal departments will n-cetve: au average

la lot on West Main IUt"tlLN., iimin>dfately > Increase of 7 per 1''IIt.
north of the McCook home,
I b M Qi
M. W WAITS, f.I.rlalh which was sold to .J K. Wells. Mr. I If the Baby < Cutting Teeth

Highest endoriwintnt in the world Wells, who has fir; the pa.t few years I B* sure and us* that old and ell- 1in.
x Of th<< Urgent selling, h ah-arade been living on North Garden street tried l remedy. Mrs. \\'ill.lo.tnc.th.. 1i.w.. x '
bkycle lu the world. .... the award %
No. 300, propose to erect a neat and tug Hyrup. for children teething, Ikonthe 5
to Ole KACYCLC of the outs (r odprtt dSPAN'ISII
glrcn in the bic\ >'tle cU.. modern cottage: at once., and will soon the child often the gums,
at the hi. Luui "'orl"'1 F.lr.GAINESVILLE'S be with his there .
residing family allays all pain, cures wind eulie and U

Me.srs. T B. Htrlngfvllow and C. A. I' the best remedy for diarrhoea. Tweni17five I Y

I ColaloiiKh have purchased at Millard ents a bottle, .

. -- --. .. -. Station, southwest of Gslnesvllle, a - . .. - --- ... ... .. I I
.t :ifJ
one-acre lot upon which they proposeto .
erect a packing-house.: E. H. WATERS I I I. .;
Both .ale. were ,eieeuted by T. B.

Ellis as vent for W. P. Van Nsss and PRaOTICAL : :: KING: (
Alachua Pool Parlors : 1v. R. Fairbanks, respectively.

PAPER HANGER This Jack i in" black with tnculy point) Stand* .

C. Rare ....prlf' .r. A Dart-Devil Rid. l i.:S liandM higb. Six yearn nh.Vill weigh

-==-- I I. Often result la a sad accident. To House Painting 1,000) p heal accidental injuries, use llucklen'sArnica
Sal".. "A deep wound in and Decorating. i[
Located In the Porter Block, south I my \
ald. Three ftn laM tables. foot, from an .("caden'." writes Theo Crawford & Davis' Stablis #
snoare. l al .
II re it H 11 elite (rnrr, > "e tlllr, 1.
'. Good light*, and prompt and courteousrri dore Behuele of Columbus, (1? "causedme
I f. .* 0. ,The pubiioU cordially) invited great' pain. Physicians were help. Terms:' $10 season or 515 to insure foal ,
Full line of J'alnU aud Wall Taper
and always welcome. .
less but BtMklen'. Arnica halve "iI
L.-__._ .-. ..-------- .-.' ..- - .- I healed, It." Soothe and heals quickly burns in stock at lowest priers to ,he trade, .. . . ("f;
... .. :"i
E. J. KIRK like maie. 25o at all druggists.Sunday t

Bull Fights In Spain.
Real Estate, Loans, Rents. Fay-Sholes
New York. April 23.-Jlull nxhts
Roots ..,.SVMktott A lUxM UW..m E. lUy St were held Sunday in many towns allover R. T. MClUITIt, r.....

Jaek.eeiIUe, YI.rUaFine Spain for the first time"sloe* I
Leon Co. Farm For Sale. The the law prohibiting' their being held Corwr Or__ sad c, "-.U.4I,t. Typewriter

best potato land In Hatting' Bar on that day wa promulgated says a n-I .145 P.o. I'm u.
gins in city hooses and lots.PIYE'MILLION Herald dtspntcbc from Madrid Owing I

-- -- .-, ----.. '" ,,- to the popular opposition to the measures aatststiru.LrV: rLA.cuo "l'X O"UJNlr.1t: '

to the protesta from the tor.*.
BRICK dors. minltlpal: authorities and other
loterettd In the government suspended I It "aUI 4Alcrb sad I'ttwI ".\(. : 051 Till: MARMKT

t now have the ara..' and best build. tae "11'. Sevens serious Injuriestave
\ gag brick made in Georgia ; wire at my b"A ,.r.... P"r r..r Han Tnlitilatorox
expense for lowest rash t rie. .s deliver. reported in varlaoa nap. 1 1H i I UnlYfltSAl nrTOOAftD I : :;

A"' *d at any point in Florida. 1:. X.JELK8 - .- '- ... ---... tape 10 4U 1-.,,. .. (:titraait.tsa Every Machiua
k a/ >o.Ga. I
IJf .. A WOMAN TO BE PRETTY e;..".. .."
-- _, 1 1I
ff,ht..l Khlfl'+ I lJ.hI..I Kunnlngl The
: .... n... ........... ... G'-F Hair i I
.. Nester .... c.a... Champion ,.....s! Writer* of the World

FOLEY'SHONEYuiTAR TN es..t **nt.or .f a haul. tare. the I r.. the Yaj..19"01.' J More .'.,-$hol.. In
.-.... rtmll" .{ a rnMl* s..wtb.. '--
.....a.Aac if tfc* ....... .. "....... wrt MISS n. nORTOn.NOTlJ 4 u- In (fialaesvlll' than say other ma hlo.. 4'

grin a Jr, AeM sad fsntru hair. I .
: new ar__.. N (a..... try p.rs.tt./. .
; b'urr.rs .... tIW.Ip .. I'c. of .,, For Sale I>y. . '
hear. where It rs. .... v "I", .,,. ( NS
:' Tk. erIgIRaILXUTffl 1M .wtiut.... seala.._ r.bM,h.. prwrbrews dater'Mbsrr ,t THE SUN GalnesY Pit. 'f

edy.T1. .eotrwtr e.raswtdIL hare. sad. ANDNOVELTIFS. ..d ,
ClIp hnteg ..... U4st eves rRe.t attt.d, llJl.J G+s.w

genuine .._.. ..".f.-fk. *II.**.,..........t as phase.et ,,.w ,.a. ; I ; :I--- .? ... -. .. ... .-- ---..--.-. ;....--.. ._. -.,....... _,"" ___...--A___.'

1i1II; OLZD; $BONET **
.. '.'......,.-.....,... R.nr..abatttate. raflss ....". .A4 .._ LLt..a ,.." u.r t. 1' '
; ford Vr taMlua
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