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Kr-: ..... eroraU* all train *ebd..led lit .r""* lnTara*. ....... W1..a.. II. Jsel.tsastlil&e. Isrlptav
f-. ,4.".. ,*M.-<1 throocn "* 0'. Bxm of !al Mra4tleaving T.-efNr 1ft, 4$4"' Aas vi's 1 -t I .eib, $... said Weep [ I."
=: r-MBte from CH- Tamps Kov. 8C.... fin d ..... "" sr.!.'. 1M a. 't'-t>4li 7. I A dyy a

,. -- 1 n. Tam Fa r tat.,.ar wlM boP a* eetterl ...' bay Ir eirstd kewtL.L II Iditb ppd, js. *sy.iumi. vaaas4I, l>I ar
"tin : J l' 1 ':. that b. In40d to a mach )anger *.t.k* tlwa fcr, .t fr* fltastll .h- ....nt k.s.a, K =-: l i AIlaay, ltf..l.a..ll 11MeM.lfe rMr.hS+aiweal l'D yX.rth1
'to J *. .*.. naval /e... 1
tor i crowd wilt ge frets all wars + .
'n."" .. -- : \
- f .....IINt..,.a......'I, date. * Mi Ik4 sad taker fkat.. It wtttb a... ........ ...11..- I' ... ,......" aqd t ltrl !I Mt OIaU

.i hw 'IJ.MJO aa .s..fU., ** ""stN4f b meet "r.eds *... -.II'. .... I tdrsak J ..., ,. ..
a'M .
ar I. 0..1. rM1I4. sad r.wew fleeesst a.r.if.l.rasattaa.5. .. ----' -
a,. .ad sa ik aid f bare eeelei you .... ,..... --
. Nul ea..t ".\.4t....... .,....- i .M....
:"et J. yef7I
.pa "J" left M fiat .... -Yft7. '
:) .. M hod fromaK'Atl.wli.
1 t A tatsg. :........,.1tK Ittll- J ll'ellakar 1 .ha+ ,
....., .f Ca.t ...... s..S.. -
- .
---- ,.r.4. -84 )I,....... Track C .ylesa.Ile ....i st.r _.. . .. .- -- '. .. ;..:: ;.. . '.

--. .1 t 11t.! aak.a Wa Ar.tU.Fla.AltMtl. Go*** 1.;*... Jeetsrwettie ........tA.u...-. .love.......lea..melee .bee ...Jw be "--- 'tatwee.agi.aM,. ylM;;;;' '.I.i.4.;..gew4 ae., ....., ,r/t.e.1 s+na eg.rh.Tkreelb tJbP pltwa1
fah rsZws yeIw lh.lirIA.trM '" .M -
blr .-.....r +-----... -- - -- h1Mas MM.e rt-E.a... Tees era Eli. I1. Ce..q..
.Ot. ... bni . el .... k rilq :: u.i alvU.. AM****.. CVa4; LB Miloef. ;
: s ea >
:: .. w a 11.W eKMI u II W awl.* .al..catiM.. **.Nrs
ar .... *
, as ,.. laaidast ,......... H.. .... ..' ow .it .... . TUtwt Ag.... o.U&., '
.. =-.- a 'a' ..arl Look at AlVl: / ra jMe,3tk.. ..,'....c.-. ...... 4.. skrler .str.d. hart.Ala.
fie.. w' gta.t ... ..' e
b.. a. 9- .
ilia ,. r.R.4
rtf k
ea a..r. Sks a : : WY I.xr'..,. h's.e. .
a rJl.&JrJ: aoyt..trrTf)x. .... r.... 11'' n Age
... . Aw
s7 :
+ rs
1a Ihirat Ut IoU Av ra'a tl'11ta lMaf." ewwa. Art .... tefIJI.
rt invites .
"b ::.: ys ta.W .. *. At.. t tag.JWka1
ails t, ; we. sr+a tdaytag 8ao. ... at .....'It. at'a tlMe.. "r' aA.fw .. W. J. CaA'% ,,-.....*.. ........ .w.s4r.. *. '*.*.*:**.. C.
hit a.s.... "' Laxative __._.__ ._. ., .........-...- ;"-e :' T I?. ""nl:. 0..1'' ........., ".....
bar aI4
......... _rerae e- \:

. .. . ; .
'" .I.l'
1r JMfWflNli 'nr 1Jt! f.rr n Tr"l r :Jl.n :w __ ..-e I ) ._" .:., -\.J\_ \ . "

-.... .
: 'L

\1.!': ,,",li( .'" d. ... ., '. 'd.,/-4: \ 1. "... ::1'1"W./ ;7',: 'f iH }ii ',"111 '11P.(! !I." I 11,. ',.f:, a'f' t. ":",,, .1 brirY, ,;.. ,' .

: :i.


-.- -----------.--..-- ---- _-____- -h--
---------- --- -----


1 Drunken Man Fall to Rob but Hav I Ie Compilation of Confederate Post of

Murder WOMEN Roster of Officer Light It--
Kansas City. Nor. 2?<<*-In an at. Washington Nov. 2; .-The compilation -

['tempt to hold up and rob 3. Frank of the confederate part of the
will find i i\ MnzL
Ifcnery. proprietor of the Kentuckys v'a 1..1MONl roster of officer and enlisted min of And eee bow quickly it w"l J arm
: I,1'(JR. U1C. laotive, a S cold,room or .
I boua. a rate hotel at 905' l.lrawnt "I, i 1 "OI'OUKIly' f"- the Union and Confederate armies faction Oil Heater hallway.takes T r p Lof

North Sixth street: to Kansas City. It.'r' : iiunt! the provided for In an act of congress In t .- furnace and other atovei17 t'=-'

Qa. Emery wa not and Allied, I'.t .111..., r fie poe 4ble bermt 1903 baa been footed by the war department (fet7lts- ; aeaaon and in midwinter ("n ;era w
\ ttd Lee Simons. a negro sorter, t ) t.jlcm ia any condition to be a dlMcult .taak on vac- you to warm any cold spot in tie

'w*$ hot In the abolder }nd slightly IJCt 1'1"ltnl", :ant t.o fn tbemselves tao-ow, tnii 1.1 In count of the incompleteneca of the house heaL that the other stoves fall to
wounded. Charles Rumble aged 8ftvWk ;' Confederate connection In possession
{ act'ul and thorough in results.Tcstc4 .
... Iron molder from independence: ?! for }'J )ea r4, of the department. TheSON
4 3Y(J-: one bt the wonld-bo robber.. 5',{'. and 11.oQ 1J\t' bottle at During the year a considerable

__ .Was shot In the cheek by officer,Jwho all Drug Storee. number of record of North Carolina

>pursued<< him and Sam Hutton. '. and Virginia confederate organizationsand
< Humble and Hutton were IntoxIca MOZLEY'SLEMON a few organization from Florid
'...w. They entered the hotel and Mts.l9ft4ppt and Texas were received Oil Healer

?I''walking: over to the desk told Emery ELIXIR by loan and these were care ctrcr ..J.c ,l )tFitt

.d band over his money. No guest : "o.w, JJI>>e Con.Ineea" fully copied. During former year tct13C (equipped with Sc* keless Device)
: were In the lobby at too time. Bmerythem I the work had progressed well from

tqd to etpout* that he had no records from Alabama. Arkansas Is the handiest oil heater wade
:.rDoGey. The men' staggered from Florida Georgia<< and Kentucky. In Doe not smoke or amell. Wickcannot

), the desk apparently to make their departure --------------------- order to make the roster a*,, complete low. Perfectly be turned sate too and high a. or too

J When they reached the RawlInQ Case ta Supreme Court aa possible data hi' being taken operate.a lamp. All part easy easily to

door, however. Rumble braced himself Valdocta. Oa. Nov 27.-In superior from the union record of confederate cleaned. Give Intense heat at
against It and with a shaky hand court Monday John R. Cooper prisoners. Up to date the wbole number .. mall cost. Every beater warrant

fired two toot at the hotel proprietor lawyer, for J. 0. Rawllnga. his sons of Index record cards presentedfrom ... .. ed. No household should be

*,, Onset. rushed Into the. lobby Milton and Jesse Rawllng. moved tbe Confederate roster Js 3.3CO.- . ,\.; without If not at the your Perfection dealer'* write Oil Heater to

mod found Emery dead, lying aciOf's that verdict In case be set aside on 111. ,.t "':J nearest agency for descriptive oar

the' hotel resister, which waa spread ground that record did not abow circular,
r-open on the clerk's dek. One bullet that they were prevent during trialor The New Pure Food and Drug; Law k

from Ilumble'a revolver went wild when verdict were rendered. We are pleased to annoanoa that Fn-

The aecond had'pierced Kmery* chest Judge Mltchll! refused to consider motion J.,'_ Honey and Tar.for,cou&b, cods

,Just below the heart causing almost en Georgia law doe not requirerewords and long trouble) I I. not affected b, The @y Lamp tarns night into

tuatant death. to make such showing. Mr. the National Pare Food and Drug law da'other Superior lamp for to

Humble and Hutton fled down the Cooper then lied appeal from decision a. It can talal no opiate or other harm ll-rotmd household use. Equipped with latest improved -

stairway, There they encountered and court refused to sign' appeal. ful drags, and we recommend It a* a burner. Safe simple, satisfactory. Bra**
$Mmond, the porter, who had been attracted Case now goes to supreme ourt againon safe remedy for children and adult. throughout and nickel plated. An ornament to_any
by the shots and wa Just as- this technical point It remain room whether library, dinine-room or bed-
J. W.
McCollum & Co.
.eeadlng the atepa. Rumble Sired a to be seen whether Governor Terrell room. Every lamp warranted. Write to our nearest
---- -- --
.Hot at Simon that struck( the porter will again grant respite on these agency if not at your dealer

la the shoulder and the robber !ground Rawllag and Alf Moore Big Gold Increase STANDARD OIL COMPANY Incorporafc
London. Nov. 27.More than
pushed by him and bolted for-thetreet. were to be banged one week from
$5,000,000/ la gold was added to the
Tuesday, and the two boy the Friday -
Humble and Hutton were seen by following Dank of Gnglanda stock of gold on

,the officers on Mlhnfsoia street, a Monday by the receipt of 11.0&6OOO
In American eagles from Part and
block away from the hotel, and rare A Year of Blood. r
the purchase of the bulg. ,260,000 ESTIIER 8. JORDAN V'. W. HAMPTON.]
,4. >aae, tiring a* they ran. One Mullet ,
The year 1903 will long be remembered of
the gold available In the open mar
.struck Rumble a glancing blow on II In the home of F. N. Tacket of ket. -
tile cheek and caused the molder
:i ,because of his drunken condition, to Alliance, Ky., a* a year of blood,which JORDAN & COMPANINSURANCE
flowed from Mr. Taoket's
,'. !stagger and fall. Hutton stopped YOUR HAT
nod tbe lungs that death seemed very" ne'.r.
pair were soon landed In Jail.
He wlt.elt "Severe bleedloK from
May D. a *".- 0..-, O.t It MakraTrouble.
'Always Was SIck. the lungs and A frightful cough bad .

brought me at death' door, when I A man usually buy m hat that** "In
tf, When a man**y*he al way* was slek4roubled J began taking Dr. King's New Discovery style.** but the modern bal for moan hat PORTER BLOCK GAINESVILLE FLORIDA'
with oauah that lasted an tor. "
a lots to gnawer
for Consumption, with the ..astonishing .
:t', winter' -what would you think If he Baldhead are growing more numerous
:" result that after, taking four every day. Hate make excellent
ebould say he never wa tick sinceMJnff bottle I wa completely' ,.restored anda. t>rv.x1lnr place fog the paraffltta ffrmu ... t
:,< Italian.. tiorehonnd Hyrup time has proven, permanently which aap the life from the root of the Fire Life and Accident :':' ::II atl.d ;

,\ Hooh m man.'slat.. Mr. J. O. Clark hAir.When
cured:' Guaranteed for sore lungs, your hair twain to>> fan out and .
---------- -- -- - -
:Deuver.. Colorado, writes 'Fot years your scalp! U full of Uandruit It I* m
4 I' wa troubled with severe cough and colds, at all drug .Ior.-.. cure .'.n that theme counties ..rm. are f A.. M. GVAHAM. President II. E. TAYLOR, Ca,bter
Price Nfc and 1. Trial bottle free. busily at work.
cough thai would last all win' ----- There t* but one way to> overtone th- \t.o.: W. Hn>.. Vice-President Las GBAHAM. Aat, Cathler.
t..r> This sough left me In a Want Tlllman Gagged. trouble and bill the grm*-that way I*

miserable een/lltlon.' I tried Italian Chicago No*. .7.---A rommlttee -to afr applyN>-It will .kilt wbro's the arnrtv Ilerptetd. and he to Horehound 8yrutnd have not had a of negroes, headed by Hwv. A. J. ). sure to r.ult. ,
_tek day *Ioa*. Thai' what It did for <'..ey. pastor of JJfthflll\l. K. church RoM b.I.for|I..4lTiir dnt.r>.t*. fUn.l VXs 1ritorntv
> sample to Horptctd Co.
ie.*' Mold b> W. &l. Johnson. called upon Mayor: Dunn and asked Detroit.! !Mien OF G..A.JtiTHBv-JLLE.: :

-- -, -- that be u_ the police force If neceaary *-
4 J. M. llodlford A Ce.. Special<< A rent*
Had Stormy Voyage. to prevent tbe delivering of an .. THE ONLY NATIONAL BANK IN ALACH t A C
y;, New York. No,. :37.-Four four address on tho' race Question by Senator - - ---

/ !. day 1. ">OO Immlcraat pa-enger on Tillman next: Tuesday night on Capital. . . . .. . . . . . . $5OOOi1 ooSurpluB
'; arrived Monday fronyQvnoa and Naples the ground that the address would be I To The PuWIc
: : and Undivided Profits. SO.OOO oo
r were kept below decks while a menace to public safely t Mayor ;

l the steamer pitched and rolled<< In l>unn. after receiving tbe committee .l .ivetr a oankist: ba.ta..s.with ra !fUUe eos.l l to sal bask: IB (beU Slate S.C
Kale which at time assumed almost wrote a |letter to Mr*. Adele Keoler.ecrtary tfe*_.oaa...of ram>. .. .re. jie.OorporUoaa.eui.. later**'aUO...
I am now the sole proprietor of the bb,,ftleet.larr...,.n.a, All btMlD_..._...Dramptb
the propor"one! of a hurricane The of the Chicago Union hoapltal. I H. E. TAYLOR c..tI."r

Plortda came through safely how for the benefit of which Henotor hop formerly' operated by the Baird _
ever. and none of her pa..nCt'h Buffered Tlllnian la to speak, declining; to act

any permanent ,injury. On the u chairman at the meeting. Ilardware.Oompany and will continue

night of Nrtv. at. four or five great i ii vr-OA mm ? GUlf RAilROAD oBchrdnle C
-apou' were of There I* No Reason the business! at the same old .tnd. Ail .

them very near the .!canter.l1c Why your baby ihou Id be thin and work will receive my PfraoB..u..u

__.u_ __ .._ _..___ __ __ fretful during, the night. Worm are be" : ___ __. ____ _Effective! April 20. 1BOB. _
the eansfl of thin, sickly table Ill* tion :fo will employed by -- -

I natural that healthy baby should b* No. t lit:: ft I ?to. I %''I.. No.N,"- rat '
m'. Vally Su.OatvAM Alb e. STATIONS DaU ea .aOaly 8 _:1. .
I fat and sleep well. If your baby dots ilea "a
T1103. J. M'RVOY. _1 lben .
t not retain It food don't eiperlment
I PM PM PMArrtre I'M A tl Q11
/ with eolla cure and Ith.r medicine, I' Sheet Metal Worker and riumher. L*.ve I !>.... Love Arrive JA' ,
ate 18J 40 ..... ..,Ure Oak........ 4 a t a o .
but try" a tattle of ,W'blt.1 CreamVermifuge Arss ea Ar to Lrsa Lr.oe aLvin. .+ ) m
I r. s. I I refer to my former employ- sea sea I... 4 tO .J Downs Pmrk.. Ar. M Ar >
tAd you will soon see your' sir ear Ar 4 sea- .... 1lsyo"atOll ...... s a. N I rArCM .
baby have color, mi laugh a* it should. C re. > I At S MAr Ar a oAf ..........."'"7" .. ..._ __ ... .. . L.- .e I" II .
Arteao J r .." .llsmplwt #ti'rtase.'. v 115.. Sv I. .I.' "
Bold by W. M. Jobnatiu.Cu.I ---- -- - - -I T _": : .. .
-Coaneeeles ..... Dow....; Psffc f ra.a trmlMSo a..s rroMiUva>Oak se,;_ c.:..: '
.5:tem.ed Mere J.nsUea rwr Mass Allow Mtxl eU sae.rmedkte r# .
: m y. bur.. ,iMUo mo> eo iee.>o.. wl.botb.raeea.'tbw.ewe.lieaL.C'- w
"htmsr'b.r.." I'WIRI'r""t a violinist repsentfnlly LA GRIPPEi A*--; ..... .u t.wla ...... ....... u..0.-. .,
all til'''An U )WLll\iO. l rel..eas.1 R. P, It01'1CIH&. O...v.J PIre'3.J to-:-:
'yiMJ were talking uva Oas rLDaUlo4.
through my eota.Oh ."

Uottt wewvy about tbatr replied ..,i Pneumonia follow. lui Ortpp i
... .L "1 t.I 1 T" M
All careful lb. man ad4r ee assure you but never follow the ''we* ofFOLEYJS
waant e.,.hIc anything that you wouklivarticutsrly
want t.. hear.I .** ; Honey
'vomorx"W user FaySholGSTjpewrit

T1.-.r ...a ........... and Tar
am golotf tw ItMeb wgr wagon I* I

tarf*...**.*..t tb..stbuetaatleyeeet I I 1 1CrauuttUt. It stqp the Oooc-h and aeal the lar.>,
"- Preveat.I' Cosuexaaptloa.wtteai .
. M. .jin wt o e T..r front *e- -IoQ'" you do 1C my U y." ..hi t.. |I i
wrw ttce"'is'a h..e M,',t alt d teaeus esperleece .*a*f set Hwm V ewre ,, late, ef In o.-t al, as-... .
dos tiata.rt.\It trvr. -r. Mould to klok over the ...""*."-tUltimoreAmrrfram. wtteai *atf wiH ... t*rtrr4 It Wl WM
.iutnUlti *irai"" tn" U with coal- .tala a .ear b.d ...... em elsr ..... acE 01YI.J:1HnD
Mfled }n4 other ..lrue.tItIRBINQ Uastse aaa T.s ee.reJ e. t till: IIETQInt

QUICKLY CURIZSIUV..ousntee. w TeieyU I *-.- M J. 'I. :.b..ltm.a at lk ,. 0\' THE .... .
.. today M t H wa the sob I t
c.n.ttpetf CMtUcul
day y-- ha4 .. HVW. 1U I* H. v+rrHot I :
I. -". IlJrvpefiei.. Jltatartanew
: ail U ,..." caetptairt. the rarwmi .f\ ** TM* eI vftaHtyand I Stanton Foundry & Machine umVntSAL nrTfiOA 1 ;v1f .
1\f,>,. t.*. 1Pbttl.. bcM.t... *. _!/> *K. that U w rHi

' h.u.. TV*.writ.*: iIilndtier- "WN.I CO. lac- i -
W :xt h" ttttas U.-.c-U".I .
.v.r UkL h......... "! ..- Ther.'e No Ute.Ts .tft
te :'y a -dBallard wtlrU N W.1t4i I ta I PALATKA.t- FLORIDA Llglsest Reaclagl
rM.1 X r.reaeala.tttl h. .... I0y'frtcttda ,....,. ).. .*.. bit H...... hrII. -.....,..emaee. er s.I 'Wrt.n ., the WetWDa.
." .. t- .et a.gwl.tor
u. TV reai eta
< .... r.'-...... x... 'F. ....... ta .
"alICl1to.. 1 edr.. ,. .. '. t.g ........ If y.... !InI a" Silty Ctlif* ui ,
le. If t Ras to eis.e .... distil ... et M.r raaebIm.,
ffev 're+a tie eenis> il. jw. earp _
: Snow liniment Co. tl<..a* sat rre.fa>'. H" y..r "..r. a....1 Grits lout PkStII Cites r rS I

ST. LOUIS. ass UerMa. wut rat It 's Ita peeper sasd't1. Ri8r .4 134 Jut ca1 For SaJo I
.1' by. .
.. A po aiv sere feeTry eoaetIv.tba .. a tsj Eifiln.

.,.u......... ....,-'" ". set/ all '1"-. F13
stet te a lorpM 1....r a bite sa4 "o.&wr:: x vialsrA xx-var. THE SON Gainesville. t ,
'; Sold an.! Reewrntrrenjed by yew will .........' t.e ea,iblet .... &aJ4 ,meraw roe vw.r i e. es.sate. .. ,
a '1. X, JOU>M)'. slal..nWe ....1 )I J.......... .. e'mle s.b.+V' t' IVs tJeMtbrJal, -


. ', .. ', , .' ." '. ,
1 .:;;..:... 5 ;; :.__....... -- ----- --- '..



-- - - -. --. -- _. ----- --- -- - .- - -- - --- - --------
-- --- -- -- -- ::: ..____ __ __. : :: ::::: : :::J

: i l Y I PROUD OF CROPS. The huf>haod of one of the ""ultrageites" -
----- --
} gun II ftnprtoned in nndn for
The question I I. asked by a Chicago rioting in the Hans of Commons will -prI"INCHEJTE

I newspaper, "Wh, not bA proud of the subscribe too a day to the wnmnn'*
r a' Q.InetvtUs.ria.. great crops that are being raised this ma*
.. ...po..ome. enffrsR. fund nv lung a. hi. wife fe.mains .
matt matter.ay. on the farm.?" Of thefarmers .
: year course 1.
jail. It may be worth thatto /

. .lt l&or aDd P are prnud of their crop, and him. NUBLA.CK"
the tradesmen are proud of them, and ---
.. 'r tltdltor.pslw1rr. the merchant "I ""'
rejoice" and the manu.aatnrer
t +lit The great fU of I eenW that was

.... lupt. 0omtastnR Rooms. aro glad. Proud of the great expected in November has not yet oe. Loaded Black Powder Shells
: "ri>p.T Certainly. It In strange tbat Burred and .$entlste and others aredisappointed. "
one should a.v unh! a queininn. "
roeT>ea aLOtK. ; ire fArh..r< have been ,
: Shoot and
fig Strong Evenly
ms1Mat .; Taa.sraoaa43.2 The crop are bumper one thi year. i only two-Count de Gftstellnne and ,
every morning#z. They wail.' sorpa those of 1905 by .e... Tom Platt. 5 Arc Sure Rite, \.
oral millions in Tnlue. And the
to ant city,or
p4hy lPfdOf,& mped the by Cnited Slats.postage or lest year was' no trail one=e.taln. The Mercury, .an Illustrated\ sheet r j Will Stand Reloading.

btd5Tear$ aa wt mouths* !L3$three J" not one to he ashmel qf. 1I'ahllh..d| at Dat.' "nd'a. an ",ndmini

P teats fY eve week.-strictly to In all tho world there i* no country trntinnorenn. bus .'tn"""" un its toe. ," They Always: jet The Game.For .

where such great varied end valuable The defect' of the drainage amendment

?1&es In local cplnnm 10 cenU a line rope tire prodneed as nn the American. I* said to b.. largely responsible for its '"; Sale Evorywhero.H.F.DUTTON&CO..

Mtttios.and 3 eent"for each*dditlon 'arm*. Market are near every acre demise '-, J t tJta"r.A.BX.s
of this land. The railroads absorb the c

tor diapisy advertising made known on surplus and transport it to she market According tr the) la|*.* returns the ,

centers of th- crantrr or the world., 'Ainsr"lrfll amendment! wa ""now,",,' V

-.fce4.Wcck Sun hen elght-paj.forty. And that bleb fl left behind will not under"' In the election on November :m.c 100Q.

pspet. publUhed every MonJ.f and be sold for a rent less than what it Oth by .OO7-oy r two to one. All the

A JaL a*State*eeatatas and general all the, new and wit the be e old be sold for farther away' } or, other amendment were defeated.

putting it another nothing will be
y ttgt fret. to any ytrt of tbeVnited way f {
,,, cuwla.for$uao a year-4n adrance. hipped away for 1... than it will bring The people of New' York do not .

due after first .t home. !'" other word. good price seem to be elated over District Attnr.n.,3l"rome"a .
,II i4, rtW ac Mite become prevail everywhere., The good crop .

Ia rf advertisement, Parties, unleas not known otherwisecontract to uskngstrd means an abundance of distributed houses when movement dangerous on the crini sum.bllng ::B A :ECE SAND

to pay for adwtialng In ad- DOW wealth. Innlaatalk about with impunity
Addro. TUB DA.II.Y SUN.G4Ufaavu.&Jr. .
' THE GREAT DANGER.According ---- DEALERS IN- ---
When It come to considering the

jt; brjcios to look like the color linewfaitbselotbing ; to Mr. Carnegie, the very proposition to abolish birthdays the

line even In Cuba. rarest of the dancer that beet small boy and ''the b.nk clerks will Sea, ss1EVn.c1:: Oo"fc"fcoo. _

'.,. - young men who aim at Mice*** In ba.'U trennnanly object to having O orlVa.hlnR'on"lt

:tnloehtsof l rain fell In Louisville ness I I.. the habit of intoxicating II- ) abolished.The 5

('ml).*tthtn three days. What aftrttolwatsr quors. Hit say In his book "The Em Do a.ea ralb ...ILJer bMtDVM,buy aadaeUroreUa aa4 Done..le IUebae
.. .. .. The aeeoBBiaof baaka.banker.e cporaUo a.farat.n......._.....other*
pare of Bo lue. t"
Canadians are also very pros reeetved oa favorable'ern a, Hpeelalfaeaitleero;: ._lLlac soUeeWoe .. all
pt;- ===== -UThe fleet and mo.t Deductive peril, perous; but their benighted and bung ao......... OI....In the UnU4 Htatea

%.5ew York World I. DOW ad. aDd the destroyer of most young mt'n. ling government Is Rolng to so revise

uec)Ir. Jerome In care of the' II the. drinking of liquor. I am no the tariff. to modify its protective

Wet Sleeper. temperance lecturer In disguise but a *

r man who know and tell yon what ob- iniquities. - -_ :E' orlda.,

1 Few York man Imagine he I* ataitj serration has proved to him ; and t "Thflll country" need. no more mil. _._ __ _
_u_ _____ _ __ _ ___...___
and quite a number of New : ay to yon that you are more likely to roads." ways Ilarriman.- Perhaps

fc.monkeys imagine they,are men. : fill In your career. from acquiring the. that'. the! reason ''Mr. Hnrriman Is ap. G. S. MERCHANT & CO.
habit of drinking liquor than from
1'' I any propriating an 'many of thf'Dtn him ,

ftrtsnttoly for)(r. Platt the women or all of the temptation' likely to a*, self Retailer and Jobber ta

*k tie petition habit have about I all you. You may yield to almost ----- -- -_._- --.--- -.---- -- -
wi is their energy on Senator Bmoot.I any other temptation and reform-may

! .1 brace up and. If not recover lost REVIVO Staple and Fancy Groceries ,

rood many of the "trill mar. ,round, at least remain In the race, RESTORES VITALITY ,.

*|w'ortedby Mrs. Parsons would I and secure and malntsln a respectable J..Ia.ttta

>w!kiaterdietsof! temporary mental position. But from the Insane thirst "Made a I iraln, Garden Seed and, Fertilizer.
VrttloB. .. I' for liquor escape Is aleiost Impossible 'BUUTU HIDE! BQUAUK.: i i i UAlNKHVH.LK. WI.OtUnA.IIIMh. .

f i I have known but few exception to Well Man. .... market prle paid for Chloken, t:... and other Prwdaee.

it'rorred Texts couple named Carr this rule. THE\ sf Me." :
A Oouipietw toek of Hay OO--; : .'.l..ou'Latr.n. Meal, Cotton hoed )f.*, .
* been reunited by their baby. G.x It 1l.T hands\
and n,.. We only the VKKY BKHT good at lb. LOWEST *
something unique in the line SENSIBLE ADVICE. mwwO::: ZL2RA 7IID7.::>> : PIIICKM. and guarantee satisfaction. always,

tirwoepler p..n._a... ram nllehi so....,.. 1' seta __ _____ ____ _._ __ ... _ _____ _____
.. .
powerfully aD The habit of Indulging' In the use of
" I Y mea esa r'eltata their lost .asbornt asd
profane or obscene language Is one of old men Prim. ret"Oypr tbelr youtafsl riror br RAILWAYN
lw that Bourke Coekran .1 I 'mar. using II"V,"u. q.'klJ' aa4 q.s.'Ir: r.. SOUTHERN!
wise-ill- find It much ea.lerto" .r. I the most nonsensical habits a human .Week.OY_u..rwhul.o.iP/werlhltla Ner'ovssr.s. Lust VILlity\ tbsu.l

* for a Joint debate whenever he being ever acquired. NQ man or youth Wasting lIteus.: .ant saeim of sail-abuse rz; _

la Iks mood for one. ever raised himself In the estimation caress.,tldy. bvklnaa and IndiaoretloA.01'..."" .,..t.>lch It MaOta sea-b one careeby for I H-The feUAwlaa'Mhedtae Btfwtee are tm\iUa1llo4 sots ....._.."-'e.... are...esuaait

J' of saint or sinner by the use of foul : BUirtlnc at the seat of dlMiaM*,...., la a greet ..a. ___ __ __ __.. _. _ ._ _. .- -,- '. -''''_
.. "
and nerve and ...... t.......r. btlnvlMftiark I
n."report I. denied that the Jan anguage. Purity of thought the plnlc sil. v t rmle rlM>*ltBa4 re.funrliwr .l ewowwrttant.aleatas SLAW Masi 50.II) Mats. awn wars Ias.11

nkquske resulted from the speech are valuable ..IrloAnd yet, the..'ilre......f. !.yowl..*.>on*.harta Ik war* 1I1t"n..ia off an.pnMkohla I.y Ja.krrsttae' .$a Ki sus Tlse .." ....-.L .. . ..-... r' ,....
its our honest opinion that the man .ootM.r. urea bearrl 4 Ira veot rtnrhvt. tar ." des.wr . ..1kr "1M 12114Lr I." "'....... ... ... ...... . see rbA arnae
" of a distinguished personage per| -ttllodiin who unwittingly "eosses" little, now i sire free advice and roael to wish It, Ar ........ .. ..Iha I seas Ar "' ........ ... .... U ,WAr
waters.6er and then Is not half *o big a sinner a* with Vila rant we. Clrrulera frees .A44reaOTL I 4r ar"-'.... .... ......... ."'"'. r N aw .............. .. ...a s a..
NtDICINC OX. Hsria. olds.. Cw...., In. Ar ._. . ... ... U.wA Ar ,....... ... . .... ... r ....
the fellow who continuously think u at :" _._...__ Iw 'v taw AMS' Ar. tab.1/ '
.Elect : ...... .. .
'Mitt Hughes It I* Bald wore evil and speak evil of his neighbors, For sale HI ".."..tIU", Florin., by Ar.. ,_..._ - .....n' .isu. Ar M.IuSMete.......m.$ \... .Q..... .1--. .
redcap while hunting In the '.,. I.... ..... Np site .... :
and refuse to pay his honest debt J 8 Hod i ford A. ( Drugg Ar ........ Lety .k, H. a u. u. i WrAVM
* se1.. to avoid taken Wss :: 1:1 : ::pAr + .. f s r t
being for 'Jesus all :: : ... .. IV : -- Nat
'Liar. Why not goat? I upon the theory that' p.ld't All ..........,.Wn.... ....... .NII. K"Ilela" .pAr ..." ,............... t:: PN.e.A .
: all the debt I owe." If the pulpits of Wesel.......stpala. .N N. 1 ..M.A .. l'alrt11dY. !. Lee; 1M 1
the land would 'gO aU."" the fellow $. .W ir.wh n _-_ r H' /tl' I s .... ..." W"'t' V .H A G t o wA
*. .,.pf.. .. 'Os.. J',
f opts in the Canal --
Zoned I
who refuse to their honest debt. iNSOMN1AMT 'I .....
* pay taaUV4aN''taaWSp.ItMaeat" .. ...... N." ,1'
H ore judgment In singing ")1" love their. wives and their fel.lowmea.lo -.- ._- .AI .... i.
..try, I4 of Thee" Instead and to ,.....__.... . '_ .., r UA.I. .. a.
of after" them a* vigorously ... ....-... .e. ,Mme.Ar ,, r rep
lqhoy Works But Father." . .. .l. AP ... . MMr )-,
the fellow who
f a* they go after b...a... .....e.-....s f..r tew.sts. was Ar :=:=,:.. : .hM 4,1 / as.wAr
-- .* tobacco "-I he true ... .. .' .e' . ,-...... Ar ... III _..H. G.A' N 1 a fee L.IrtM !
T teat eus. and chew uLr. 1k..0. ....\. ........., .. ... I: il: st'vtI
i. .E ,f"r declare he la ant reformation of the race might be near ::.1.;=.- ;'::C:.:' ,,. . .." .rtt tlaet r Y i. it limit." .. ... tabs
.. .., In.-a 'a .. -
wt .IP- irY
wh shows that he la thor er at hand. ::a4 aa ter ws pP-, closes. aIet..Ill.Oest .... .. ,.. ,......
" kw .
"I waned) with the way he and ..-

'f-*suo are mooing the world. Gen. Bell recently wired the President Po.'Ih. Kxrelleul I)..... OarThroaf Peruse O. AU . ... . ::::
, ---'- of the advent of Theodore Iloose* Do ? t Train. .:........ I I. .5t."View .
-! ... ..-.-."----..- --- -.-.
intlaarf. -- ------" ---- ------ ---------- - -- -
o'd everyday robbers 'veil Bell who asked to be assigned to I i' -- .. ." l..... Nratae M./N ...... ai.tifM s&: .
-I"slten are so thlek In Pi".. turned out that .I"f: ;
and then ror
am'a'ss clIJ' that duty 12 1..: i L' tar- _. -....-*4e.*dar t... .
lb. millionaire Gen. Bll had been misinformed and .
po lardy: .1artwsJ uet.! ...._. _.-.u-
Ret any abowlait at all. Theodore ws a gal '' >. -M..w" IM. vltg glw '
that young ..
r -- ,,, .....7.
t tf. .. ,.,..... ..* ,w...a h, a sN erd...
baby. .
P Raw M t; .I, ... A...
Ut"@n '!i itenver.d -- . 1anao.ea
that a rabbit F t11.wM. aw J'.r.. w .wt1Mr+/a
tb3 .. ... 'P..n-.e the
.t .
: 'n O..a.d.mad. .
All n .. li
-mrnedlately If a drop of joke l -
.r; .:
iie11t !. r'.er4' Oft hi. 10ftI0. That about drunken felts borglar. or' .It.t."t'......-..,.",'....... .,. w\ r Y..r. ,. .A I irwajaiAkr.r ......... $-.... .......... W...$......I.......ta4*. M*

4IIQ&h rabbit 101.... tobacco mother.-tn.isw. si* tJ,.. ,.,......-a. SMr>...KMM I.a C*' e* ".T. Wf t M 4..wec T If ". M.TAY10 b p.P. .A. 0. It. A LLJUf. A
'-. the er"- H* e*" get Mmlf &UnaLZALETi HtUJCn BOXES I + a "

It - In trouble bv ..h.*. .k.**..a.* It...... l T AO---- r-l

ajif .* IQb..r* In Congress feller. OfeveUed wed C Molt are ,.. I

+ rd. ........h.. eo being -- --- ---. --.- ESaSaai "f t'tM au TSIVSWS. ,!.. COAST LINE
'> +
PrTsw trJ *
"t. ""%"7 popular but In a.../ l.y tI.- .Ifbty.dx gees C .ba...>t tai nNr. r* .. .. *W
ot." . rv. ,.Jr.' '" r & *
*.. .. r- s. t''at Op-poD.DU seal beHdaj to a far. wM.A ..... .4 .

them thai assay .*a.... Ie blew .P'

&., .,. J their generate a ,r aa.YM =/.., rai .
'"Asa --- ?, M + I
tas.ltf admirers , THROUGHSERVICE.
::1. . ..? .w w. Irw
. up.s. 1'.t't rag that ... .ill yet Ml I Hon's TIMs"

! w mSwy a State bat bad Weeffer saws ...*.,... ...Or* ruse-I I
SI 'v -.r .urwt414 ma. .. ....* t.*
'. far hey .... .f *>*..nt. + *

' Hared by H..... r...,... C*>*.. ,

7 .,. ,, ... r. J. Cts star A Oa.. ?a154e. A.we .. .. err
..... M ". -
.. :: :. ". I .
--.-.....s .. ore et the wa4..pec& .... It aaw.. F. t I x == ;
.. ,
..,. .
b7 .
'h .." .. .&4 IE J. Ce...y for t*>* lass 1s y..*.. ...d a.- .. ...' ........
...... teag is Mav. we OI4A... hu..s wt .4 y1M. leases wills 1111 .
........***. ssi all S Rtr .
. .... II. ..... aim prfe *y .. :4LreAw 'tit r. .
tls..t. .t : ....... dIoooCh& I.. bosl. ..e. tra..*....e.. ..4 p..r.altf.tae JAQ .....fJ.*. eo.iL.A ...t
.. . .l. .. 1 t C ..+e ca
b la tarry vet say .**.. * -, ... t 1at ... .- ... --.- --..... ._- ,. ... -
II by a,*. flrw..-WAt* .. Kr.siA* *. WA- -
..? sat sis .... O. kM. ..! PurKr k tysl.rfg
iI sees QrlHa/ T. ..
.. .* ... frets tTbot/r *io DVUUMtS yaM am, hi. ,..,......... haw
s.rne. 0.- 1UH-S CU"k Cuss U" taa.s.e. 1t I c: slr..a..wsra.
:s . a.. s at
rrsa'1 friend of Xr aaltysttlegdlwsly et.wss the .-.s .
.. ... N .... .TPtees.Tetttpot t
11 a t. a Iiosgb Itidevre and GOOD V I N Ticket Agent.
< .
Pr'.. %k J.
I ; .g +aM ...S f era pTk.11M A- ,
eIt::: ; .. ..... atoW ,y.1Ar.ra. ...ta.I t
e.r tM fOlar 1tt3.r.I Trtw4lali's t.(11' t'Lits ...,..u.A M- par -- 'T !
.;..e S. :

". .. . .', -. '-. '. .... .. ;
..., ' 0. ,' _.._-,- -41. y I
_ --- _
--- ---


.w _ --

Ma.rUute In n.h'_ 'rtn t#. r

WAYS. OF .THE TOAD.Sara From the Hlbte' aCCO"ntfit thw mar.. Gainesville & Gulf Railway Company
,, of lli. OtltlUJ of Tbl recalls.reatere. raga of Jacob with Lenli Af\A ttebeoca. r
> and tram other narrativeg AJet1'lafte
in Jewish history It anert)* flat mar THE FRUIT & VEGETABLE ROUTE:
It Is uuu'.wll. 'to that the toad lov- --- ,
rloge was not held to be A Nsrrslnent
loa water aa it <:i.>cs, should wander OF FLORIDA.Time .
or religious rile In tbpatriarchs. tttAAr. of the !
away from regions to dryrundL TAMPA
: watciy
In those day. t a,,, iie 'I of .
whero it 'iiu iMMt-r see a droll Table In effect July 15.1900.
the family, fbe father. Wtft Meat- andpriest
OiC water except at ruin time and leave .. JJLILNo.
: Its water right. to the undisputed posaeasloa ruler of the fniojly! and this brJ 1 ---- ---- -'-- \ NOVEMBER 14 to 29 1 j

ruler whose authority If recognized. ,
.. of Its rnual neJgbbor the frog or Aa far as we learn from < 11lble narnative a. No.8. No 1. No.2 No. 4 No.8
How' the toad loves water must be D'-Ur. ball Daily
i WrAT1ONH. Daily.
'' In the cflo of Jaeop' MArrisgen. Daily' Dally .
.known ever there to every is a garden shower lover..hen.the creature- the simple iclrln of his JBgfiAfers by Es Sun Ex banAr.AMArPMArAM SEABOARIAir ] "

coQAtltutM the therebeing
Isaac mAfiipge
-, leaves Us cool retreat undcr.tb0 piazza .
Jjf&r abed aud stand as far as Ita fore no religious or other" MteWony Ly P )( Ir.. Af I... Line Railway t

:;. p will let It. erect In the rain apparently whatever. Of course hoboaf, mar- 100 900 8 20 .......Sam on City.... .. 700 7I 6 12 40. AnnoDoces
enjoying to the utmost the rlsges made In this way v.1'., just as 1 20 9 12 8 87 __.._... .. abaJ1J.. ... ..... 645 ? 03 g ltd' A ute of

ower bath."Whenever. sacred and just as blndlA ** those 1 10 9215 80&0 ....._......CyrU.......... 88 f to 00 .ONE ,
they are near the water performed In the mont. reWouloua 200 945 866 ....8n11uuy..I. 8 28 goo 1140 er FARE

fmt breeding time they deposit long manner. In theM day l/p J'cutestant 220 .1000 908 .... .. .. EIIUhorpe. . . . ... 612 Jl 20 Oos 25
plus CO
countries the marriage IdvVa t do not 2Z 6 10 10 9 16 . . A. O. L. Cro..Ing. . 0005L q0 6 11 05 mission cents cent, C\t t
limy strings of egg, and the young l 11 ooh Coupon Tampa and
lead has to go through the tadpole look upon m/irrlflffe a" % I mtoent.. 2 .wA 10 15Ar 9 20Ar t .......9elne/lvdlle.I ...... .f' v 'f 4COIv. . JO OOar for the pubiie. and one cent r<
but only aa a civil coot/sv* though 4 10L . . . ... ..... ._....... .. for per c
stage In common with his brother frog. 413 . . . . . . . . . . .8.A.L.Cro..lnJr... . .... ,.. ,. 951 Military Companies and
lot when they are wholly excluded by most people prefer to Rlv' .IV rf Certain 420 . . . . . . ... ... . Lower Switoh . ... ... . 9 M Stations Bands. Rates apply from all \t

lance from the water they seem to religious snoctlou by hatft/ it performed 425 . . . . . . . . . . ..C.nnon' Oro..log. . .. ...... .. . . 940 ota Seaboard in Florida t

,J have the power of being viviparous, by u church rolnist f-At Louis 4 40 .. . . . . ... ........Rocky Votnl...... ........ .. . . 9 80 DATES OF BALE From .i

or bringing. forth their young alive. Republic .. 4 M . .. . . ... ... .... ....Wacahoo\a.... ... .-...... ... . . 9IC North and West of Ualoeiville. icber
In the water fertilization Is effected L -.., 6 10 . ... .. . . . ...... .... Ciyatt . ..... . ...... ,... . 8 M (Ine'ludioR those point), N
fishes but David thin. .n4 iIik/ altA _,_. 616 .... .": . . ... ........ .. Kirkwood. .... . ... ... 8 fiO ber 13, 15. 17. 20. 22: 24! 27 and u' ,
'y',in tue aume manuer a* In Jocular bequest: of DAvtfi J flume tobin 6 210 . ... . .. ... ..:. ... ..Taoom&. .. ......... . .. .... . 8 OCC and from points Snuu i, NcvmLr !
I the method In tho laud life career Is SO \i.oano" . . .... ... .. ... . and daily except Saturdays, and
friend John Homo v A/ curious 6 . . .. . .. ... .... ... : i
not known. About all that Is known Home liked claret an4 4( UU4 port, 6 aT :. ..... .. ... .. .. . .Toseawllla . . . . ... ..7 Lit days, op to and including tram* di

la'' that confined toads are found with calling It poison, and tha. f\r0 friends 540 . . ... . ... ... ....... 1r.Rlmonton. .... .. .. .. . .. . . 7 60 arrive Tampa morning of Nor I't
little toads, no larger than bouse file*. djcussloni 6 46 .. . .. . . . ... __...... HinklD"n.. .._...... ... ... . 1 4Qb Final return limit, all ticieu.80th. .
F About them after a time and In walled bad many ot) the subject. 60 ....... . . ... .. .... ..i ot.h.lde. ..: . .... .-.... .. .. . . T t3S55.s 1906.
gardens and place far removed from They also ued to have jputea? as .. .. . ..1..t .. DUDItIII"f'"n .... . . . . . .. . . 730 For further Information call nn .

water little toad., no larger than pea, to which of Wens took th y jvr\t>ftr way 8 00 . . .. . . . .... .. ..... .1f'Yfae_........ . . . . . . . . 1 25 Ticket Agent or write JAB, P TAYJ

wandering around their own resources of spelling their common f111< name d 06 .. ... ..... ...... For' Drane .. .. . ... ... 705A8r Traveling Pa .. Agent; Tampa iS.
and which could never have The phlinohber about n f common bin death, wrote' Wit his own )f. ArAMAr pi : L-v A11.PMvALJ. i Agent, Jacksonville. Fl., ; CHAKLK
toexra, tadpole, are within ex. hand the following codicil, fo Ills will: RTAN. fen'l Pa". Agent or raw
perience. __ __ .' F. COST 2nd Viee> ..,ideot, PC I'e
1 leave to tny friend :&11'. lobe Home D. OUT EB. Oeo't 8DP' L. E. BARFI.lL Tr.m'fit. mouth Va.

c ...Burh8n. Testifies Afisr Four Years of Kllduff ten dozen of Mold claretat _. .
- - --
his choice and one slAftj hottlo of .
O. B. Derbies of Carlisle Center, f J3TTSXX7JEC88JR. vague'
that liquor called port. I disc leave
N, Y,, write "About four ye arssgo him six:: dozen of port proyltW' that ho .. .

t, wrote you stating that" I had been i attests under his band .I taJ John ROBT. C. BOWERS.

entirely oared at a severe kidney trouble : 1 1 nine, that lie himself AJot 4 6t1lbed

by taking I Irs than two bottles of that bottle at two ...Jtt1I1'1' thisWttUnate -w-b..eo.: :Lc... Need of I DENTIST.

", Foley's Kidney Otirw. It entirely concession b., will at ofl4b .

\ ;Mopped the brIck dust ..sediment and the only two difcrenMJ that over .
Office In Miller Law Exchange.]
pain. and symptoms of kidney di..... arose ctwecu us COO"I'1\J\1 temporalmatlera.w
.. York 'I'M.I\4\. '
(save disappeared. I.m glad to say
"" Graduate University of Pennants c
\,\ ATI at I have never had n return of Any ""
Illntttv lit use 1 AI."flinging" .
jsf during the four JOB PRINTING
|j: thoa..ymptoms
l In the eantculiar 1 1# A moat pe .
},","years that have elspted and I am evljl '> condltlnn. It ia J hUr'istlng to DR..T. U. ALDERMAN,

1 P.: \ .ntly cured to stay onred and heart learn tout though the bedlh, na dies .

fly reoommend'Foley's Kidney Cure tlnctiyrevelrPsnn. Impt\9M'fft' of sound 0

to anyone suffering from kidney or there Is really no sound kt sit The DENTIST.Over .

"Bladder trouble." J. W. MeCollomAOo. aensatlon Is. produced by dty'hrtltument Sec.:: .. Your Order to '

', _.__. __ of the nerves of the ear> I A Ilm.... 'V"F. Interfervnro AN rotne frAOj b
: It. person's knowledge of English wax bolls, etc, fiOrtio one

.'Were confined to one word which oddly rttnurUwl that the earn THE SUN: JOB OFFICE I DR. DaVERE B. )MORRIS

':'Wreald' be the moat useful t This subs were rlnglotf they wr **IAS ue.n

>ect was once discussed In the presence Truly they rtrrry wrong; lu>&'rv"lons to . .DENTIST. .
of Queeu Caroline, her majesty enter the brain. They rtword."\ U)>t>'' bat do

;f*4> Into the question vigorously ae not happvn.
,Wrdlng Advertiser. '- ----v'-/ r'
to the Dundee The Offio over Msrous Znde Pbooe

;greater number of the company fixed Had A Close c"n,
: *. decided "* I Florida East Coast Railway
on, yes, One lady on no.M 'A danaeron..urjIautt aperllon In-
she argued "though never
an. no no very often m yea.*ana yea" voicing tho removal of fiMlftoant/ Local Time Cord No. *7. In Effect September It, Jftf.gOtmtnoUNP OORDON BL TI8ON
ulcer large as ha,,t from
as my my
w many men will Indorse this -RnAD DOWN. T"BOUND-IrIJ417 UP. DENTIST.

.,lAfter all one wonl would IMS as A dropIn I daughter's hip was prv*>>iV4 hy the .... -
83 2. ...'.
the ocean of our Kngltsh language spplloatloLif lIuolllen' fulMd.ive\ I-Ut- _. Dally BTATXOXa 0." No tin

1 ;A young woman wb had warned a says A. O. bnd aMpg, V *'-In At ......_.... JIoQUa Jaekoo.viU..Ly 7 J8 BS S4TMH
'few Irish words without understanding u*e of the calf,' Completely 1 "p.nI 104''''. ..?............5'IIIIUIIlID..._............." JIJ>>n t a ISam OAJIISBVIU.S.rp Fu.
'\ them lost herself l In the mountains, I cured It." Cure. eute *>tjm. mod &l>ca It D.m .................. II. .II... ..............." s slim a 45> m'
% U."Iem .............. 1'alast..... .
Meeting a handsome 'Wt.- ..Pug ..... ... !'e .JIll a1u.m
young peasant Injuries. 75o at all deugR1\t. -Br_ t 5 at Ar...................J' 1i 1.....................Ly "TM.,ST" -- .-t a-
'.," ,\-he tried her Irish on him I'at looked __ ___ __ ____.__ . '"'t___ __ 7 4Jlm It JuaN_ hI...................Ihl.tkr............ ......Ar a aS rq a 45aro_ D: ELLIS.-JR.,
1 astonished then ple sed. and rubbing u ---- -e1 /Nat .... ... _.. .. Xf................ ap k.t_.................'Ly .. ..... C1I i
,1 ola sleeve across his mouth, said: MAr- ........... .lk... Le.................a.n ...S'O..r tll1I ............
rah I Do ml.,.* The ALACHUA COUNTL.AlaohoA .1iir P'JQ 't""li.;.. t;...................J't4ta-n....................A rlIIijO"- ATTORNEY-AT-LAW
ye man It. girl lip. 1J ff'r>m ....................PVtMMII........._......... s SIIIpJIII a It..rr
In her Ignorance had asked him for a 5 4*IMB Ipm .................. OnawMi .................. NlPqNaan." . . Bounty I. rVHMA metes In 10 toss'Vi|>.m mII 1 I !$limn Nn : :::::::::::::::..Pert.. Il.Ttea.4tt c.*.::-.:*::::::::::: "M : a't},01.. : A3a.a r..m OAIMBSTILLB . Ftoir

-- - - Area has 248 mile. rttitOAti.' 9UO _10 "t. l ?J5=_ Ar.. .-........NSW_WfitmrrHje ............... It a traat. ,
A. (lit ., tele...... miles wagon road W l > lutt1".. 1m 1 ;;.:.. ...a A. .............u il. *.h....._ 1f '_-. ...:-
tb" ancient cathedral of Oenoa aTas 123 runllo schools, 5r? phosphate flrt M aam ........ *'7. .....-u...... .. 11 fgipat .....q A. CARLISLE
planti,10eaw mills ,'AOOU court II 40.1. a 02_ .....:Ots iu.e1Jue........... q at ._. a ao0 -.. J.
of Immense. raltto has been preserve house tour And -. 4'0.- .........:-::::... - ............-:::::::: r .,.- .. .momiI 'ATTORNEY AT LAW
for 000 years. It la cut from a n.w.paparcl pro Mpm -.............. .. ............ ...Lg T MPm ...
t daces eon. eotiott, Her collar, 1 tom.Ae.:................ .Iet................. .. 2 '0.-
Ingle emerald. It* principal diameterla OAts, rye, tmtAtoraplAng 1''''"".... ors It !it ear mArt.: And Solicitor In Equity
twelve) end one-half Inchea and Its ... p*eht., pears ,1"tA.. i.e. a 1un II Wale Lvi:::::_ :.::::::: Man : : : :::: :iAf -if M na !u
fcelght five and three-fourths. 10<'1.... It esn. and all kinds of ,,'__,ab".. *u AiyjrU Y ... t.-; .. ...:::::::::'tit"ft ............ . :=:r .i '*_ Rea' Estate, Conveyaoetng sod O
$!.. n..- .._.. ... ......... tor,.. .. .... ..... Practice. All business -rcnir I.:'
to under several lucks the l tfata era :
kept keys It .ter .............. ... ....It:w.. ::::::::..... to 8office.
of wltlrh' are In different hand, and It t E.. ....... .......... .....1...... ........ .. ? ,'j 'I 1 .IN\II,.... attended to. Office neit door .. .... .. .t....".., I1.. . . ... ........ .. UAnresvtLLa Fc.:>a9
to rarely exhibited In public then only Gainesville the County J Seat,. ....... .. .:..:::::... .. .. .......... .... .. ... .... .. Il 1 $
S mpas ........ ...... ... ...
; by al& order of tha senate When exfelbltod I .n. '\. wN.... ....:......... "
......... " .. ....... . ........... ............... leMMal.. ... .tI, FERDINAND DA YR.ATTORNEY ,
It I. suspender round the neck . Has IO\In. nehurtih, 'VopoblU sets 4 "'t.... ....... .... ...... n ................ 1.0 ...
of a priest by a cord and no one I. aehools.tbe Unl erli/A'" Florida. .'..... .. ....... . .. ......51..j- M"MAw" It 1ra 1... AT LAWOAIweanus ,
aehOOIr'h.: ... amaat .p.. ... .... ........ .................. ar.. U p.t
Allowed to touch It but hint. It Is private h /e at t.--
a .... a Mpg ...:... . ..... ... ............... ..
claimed that this vase la one of the United H..,.. Isn4wai obtif the best 4 e.C. 7 fy,. ....-.. ........t .. ,..t.:............... fie. seater..Mw 11. ,- ,
gtfta which made to Ctolomoo .r. Mr* alarm 'J"-\J'. eMtr) ( a 'lest 1 ..... ......... ... 0 e...aglarr. .......... .... -. tees .. (t+mrs.... -
were ) by
I .'... IA.. .......... .:N'.c q/a pae.... ..H...... .. .
and gas 4iKbU, two'>> Icy ,#'0"". .. .. .. .. .... ... /fast a Mew Can.II jlly rrop/1 (
the queen of Rbeb*. J 4 MfcNuM : .. t -" awftalag .........:::.. ltaan. ....-- you.
", .ohl". hope* three Wl facto.rU ,. . .. .att.s proved And onimproved" ). pa...rJsiaI3454
cotton gib,two rrt"-eTl" "toHe*, : M.,# ;: ,..:::::. .: : I .>r* 1.4> .lirntah:::: e::::*I! : ; al laads. k
a..... ... .'.... three) ,.1Ir0e4e.ltltQ .riMUrrmAnnfs '1 ,, .'q Ivy., I .......... ...... .iL.-.t*. .......... ........ 1 J I irueklag And farming !., 1:e
for SA
list offer
a r. (Ulc >. I a of what _
Lop de Vega, the famous SpanishAraiustUt .tor ._.. ......... . .
and poet. lived from 1JXE1 to one rwUflfog' tar i p w.- . -)1..1..
MM. Ills work when two babkl. Ajui .well .... ... ...... ,t..I...... "' I ............... ..s....... .. 1E W.E.. DAXR.rroR.EY.A) .
literary began panties plant*. ',J ',. : ...... 4tl.- ..... n._._.............. .Il. ........-.... d
M :
eutekedj .torv emt* l
It* was about> thirteen y+are old. and < every L.1jra
--- -
from that Urn until his death portal I thing lo th*.onsu.rAl' lUv* -t.. ;".'....'.f..,:Nv. 4C:: : _/vdM .,, Pub:.a A/a4*.<'Jua.. Ie.Ms N AH.... y.

*f alty years h. pouted forth an woor* .. - .. '- : y -. wawa.tay. . SOLICITOR IN OIIAXCE3TGAINESVILLE. .
anous quantity of playa. dramatic com1positions I tee t. f ,
of all kluO*, pou of every 4 :I i't. I !E... W a wttl r..J.
hamctr. Ur thlug every spirit from R. i'ttvqM .t. "'-' Ata.h.a Co
-- -- -- -
'tfc strictest cetletsaa I r r N Loau t e w... ... . ......+ ." HI. Om.. I. B*dl Sleek. _
to the most un M .... ..
.... ............ .. + ..
iN" 'III . J ._
IUl""ti'UYlur. s :: > .. _
t bridled.. UoMtM." Over iaU Maya are V j .. I, "'"" ,. ... ... .. Ip.; I ...... ........, ..'. ...... ......1-.. 11...._ tt.n .. .n.e.... ._----- -

....utfl\l to blot gad the publUheU cot .>11E11 sal 'I'.u. .., . : .. _, fl. .... /1 er... .....
hdto vomi H.tnjr ahoot 80O, Is cots i.-. : eta. -.r.t. MIIM1 :4r .. d. ar 'a... :::L.!a n gages ,::, The Florida

taioed la tw.aty'.tttAt vol. ...
ltOrtJ.rUl r 6 1 ccaD7'IAL' mDSlUr CWWKTIOXS jimj .

Cove ';elWt; ;- ii st9r; and I Truck Grower
mi.ra Fruit
hde Happy For Life* :. l\Ytu ( ) .1D1 ipe ef pie P. M 0. S. So c.w. .

C great "rp'..*. cause In1" 'he ta IIttl.t IttttlcEO.tPttITT.: -. tIRYAn z- anti Key \Veilit.'r .
t" & t1 Blair eNarwi e epMnaterdretal ; __' .+a I. aiirstrvs -- L.j. nuqxnr.ocuut., IGrt f aa! 1'r''P''0

fit AI.,..... XV. V.... wK._ kit L i|.* Irwttl ,*.;;'.t' eaa.1.*'ie.+ et \* **.*..A .- __JiS3rMe***
:: ; ; .:. : J ct. := -r s = n-u
f daughter WAS restored from te dr.a4* ..... A'1L............ ttartk AMt4MI J'..A. ..... car wra.... SSB .=.
.. lie .. *
f al c utr'.I.i be *am .J.i' /L0
b4 6t Vttu.* j'.II.II: ect fttwJts hw...;.ysg p.y AVwt RlLt 'Ia cslt, 0.. YMr..r.. td r
u", daoght.r
My WE CAN HELP YOU ItiM... '. 1aat. ......... .. .. .
1. jt'v welt Mo.ta4w a s.'I""A ..
'dines. "Slab yl.Wed 10 DO Iaaaa.tlbat } : .T.+ .I.7s.'eat"" .af..f .hrtr
... ..s' r a t... *). .. .c. w w M IglfT ris.t .......,...+a. aari s ....
K-.W steadily woe.. oath .. a >. ;",un' -Tr.i.. ic.p-1" .
lei's :-N. Trf"
at '.
.n !.w.
lAt resort w. tried Kl. lri. IU"..., -.-.. .:w.w.r' .... ... ......-. ,...._..-._..-... ._ ._ .
Ao>.4 I r Jeto- to ..,. Ike... bottle. ef P JUt.t.t.t,1':\x 'aar 7tt.e. -.v Hbrg -.. o. M.a cf.I... A ba4....... tSsths d :a eItrait
:::= = i M..g .
I /"ra : .1 a e.= ..-l ::. ... I .. ta......
f..t d ." Q.,Uk ear. .a. a w devoted .ep.ef.lly a t
euart4 roe -. IT. -_.-. _.....L_ ".a..f w b ....-- ..'...tsaer a-sa--.rf a.waN.w..aarrwfhoe. ; t>te sad wtlC"'talaJe gve ,. '"
N" for nave.s ewe.pialuLs. get.eval -
ti7.. '. .1Ute.RO'w
tits LC I.. gigs Isf lstida.A .
l. ..-. i I .
,eieblllty femsJe wrakae. .. eI .
sr4sb.--4 t4ou0 sad ."'aria. O......."I r.$[:E THE TICKET AGENT. U.dlk ep*.iml trial.....+taaetids ........ ., :IIt
teed try A a drat ato.e4, PtitOe.. THE SUM. Cal ...tlUe, Fb. J. D. >:.All LI kstt. try P'a.MAzt... ST. AtlOLS1lj, P'I.A.' .....> S..AJA1WSKAA4MIl'HE


.. .. 0 '. . . . , .. ' .. r
.d .. liJ .. .....- _. _....--.o.- __-_ ---_. t I """'f... !7 ".
- -

'. .b 1 " t t. ii I: III,
; "p ,p r. j
..... .
'""" '
I .. ; ', '" ""
,;> ," " ., :I';",

: ,


.. -
- -- --v..v.; .::>:: ;:-- ________ ___._ ___ .
.. ... ,
... ----------- --- -
cIMAN JONES ooooo ooooooo o o A r-tt" E\ pe
.J.JlJ A Try rrtty effect<< way be produced
.i. III Decatur. Ala., On Sun = by using *oiu<> saillo dye In powdered
;jt day Mornfng.A.a Convid.ents need .large amount of nourish. form ''a tlfoliol. :P1U a small glass

t-'v.; t7.J..styMo" i I)! ment in *j\A ly digested form. with the %Iot>hol and drop tbe smallest

.._.J. mil "I.I".n i in Decatur. gt portion of the dye on H. sorfaoe It larltfsaPR
.J'J'L, :', ';in' 1 cloaji Sun- ScoryEmulrlon is powerful nourishment ",lIt .))oot down through the liquid >rPAID z ,
;::. :n 11(mi of the'bonae <> like a htrnrxl of color, dividing Into two
st ..tin m Itn runs a re- -highly. concentrated. bran ftes. which will subdivide again a

.. ,i t u, j j I": and Alabama and nftftln until you have, anparefttljan .
d :g It ink l4 bone, blood and muscle without Infvrtfil plant In miniature Rl'<
tin \VJiMnmsn z putting tax the digestion.! roar c.ven An errad assent of
ftiViy on
I .. ,
\' to the mayor's of- nslimr. rn"jl' .1. to. throw the ivfle -
i 'w' an offlc r be sent o qt-.", toBUCOisTSi eoo. AND 81.00. tl
r j t. ,will, bclnc In theI OOO OOOOOOOOOOOOOOO I and the' r olBvt shadows will be'veryA 1 , %
ntcrrktloj to watch
I j. II j : > eee: what thee ;

!, . i reaching the house t"

)I lo.u HId Will Wade was -S EARLY $;; NIUS.| I<*wtoM l..t..nd, De, CharitableTo '
51 I to ,him bt UJe\\'JUlama know." a pretty bride of Jour hordes NS well a* to yourself.
u :u parties doing the ahoot- Men Who. Vero1A/k In Irnra. 'bat : salt to a friend the other Von ne>.u oat suffer from pslusof any

1&4 .c51:1g the disturbance. lie old y% llM",trt*. all those jokes about .ort-your bones need not snff r. Try .
r -H-o m.iler< arrest and Carted Davy made hlj ?bcrlaient having a<. much trouble a bottle| of Hl| rd'e Snow Liniment.

st :. ,wr with him when Will of melting lee Vy tfK-tlou when but ,.. and grocers anti being h cures all pains. J. )I. Huberts, Bsaeratfrld. .
ihCt ,m from behind. the buljgg weuty. Young (y<\- ao older wtten! he all that Is Just too tool.I Mo., writer "I h".euH'd,
behind the and made his firttt 'prrtUitlcatlon to theRoyal I .
,: Jones ear. J yen Lirtimenl ten J.u..nd tindtlo CHAS BLUM & CO.
',' poreh. Ward and society nv,'\I *V&" lu his twenty ' you an+ getting on I
.s2 :)11 seventh b41 she heat I havseverused aft CIO AV. Hay S,.. Jack.aneille||| Fla..
been yenr *Hp\ He tint actively "
;-cs;' d. and bare not as )yours deer her friend I hold b7 VV M. Johnson. I ;
'j lIe was removed to espoused the urntu\tt\ theory Fjee. : I
sy o.ckxkJ.Jrnlng. nel was twentyvtifrt he made Atefirst' course. I .\n1tQT''
c-ra'e: and died at 1:30 nm Seaboard Parlor Cars,
Important <0< lertscfrles In the same ...,. would just deal at A ro-
r i TP. seaboard Air Line operates' but. BROWN HOUSE
field and .
Aragft Vbo at once beyanie'nls ." the wife declare' .
..J10... one of the most young
lAs champion '\' iA then but eel parlor' cars between Waldo and
f t"'Q13"ea1"llhi.
and la my uroocr. she con-
T In Morgan county senior. Tahtps on train tearing Waldo that BARBER SHOP
ofilcer He was k v : Is just as obliging: and
l.1SrI a: j fi : Forbes was uty;< iff few votes at
.. c c by a '
u. ? the p61vrftlon, of beat which OalneekilleNOtIClt, KAUMNT I.Al'l"
dozen oranges and when Trap
and hits been on
Iu. 'r'.. :zry since He was a pointed the wttfr fa Mahr. then thir I found th 'po were but ej"r- --- - -- ---.----.-- 'ftm.odat work of nil IHnd .>"ut 4
r 3 f :o ty-one. to the
I < rnf nxtnlCAl iiilvalent. hug, ao when I went to they OP APPUOA.TION Molt rU7 sad In as vi. o4.'. Msnnvr.but .
I ?! jroc. 'tf Mason and councillor Joule was t\eflty tWo, In 1810. when I told him so. Nu...... lr.t-oi.a. wor."u.s. ..." .m
ft \\' :ores council No. 3< J. O. his great work "vU* begun, and :Mayer !, nia'am.' be .said 'I know 1.DRED UKDKll 8EOTIOS 8 -" -
P t jI, The coroner has ems whose discover/RA/ state from the same I bad put In n dozen but 'Ol' CIIAITEU 4888 I.AW8 OFKL.O1tIIlA. A Mere ol he puMla....IN"...4leUeA..

Gary. and an Investigation year was then tVtUty-lx.: which was one of them was spoil .
be Ei,.: Alice Williams Jim also the age. *>f l f elmltoltx when be course 1 wouldn't send ;you Ilnilee la hereby alum that J. J .

cd and Harry Copeland were art published.. drrebdent discover beat goods ao 1 took 'It llsyman.parol.asernr Tax Certificate
sad placed In jail to appear be- of the same lava./ William Thomson No. ....U. dated the 6tn day of June A.

;J, coroner's Jury. was a youth j\Mt; past his majority yon think that was nice 1). 183, has ttltul said certlileate In Atlanta S j
,tH people of Decatur are very when be came*> the aid 1 of Joule before l e ao thoughtful aid hou- any plllire' and ha. made appileatlon ,
for deed ta taus In
tax soiordan
Torkod up over the affair. This the Rrltl*# y4Ciety l and. but seven >cluded.-Harper's W" kl,.. with law Maid: certificate wmbraevsth
tu third police officer -that has years older tyMtt n\J formula bis following: described property sit Birmingham
ILled! In Decatur In the dls- own doctrine v>'C dlfc l lpfltlon of energy. ula'"d lu AUohua county, Florida. to ,
\\1t of his duty In the past elghtetVi.fttdit And Clauslus a\'l ttnntdne. who are wt:
usually rnentlapf as S"Jinr 10, 8eo.2, Tp. Chattanooga
the Brent d%* 'jop'ni of thermo-(lynaiulcs It. ri )t. W-.4O a or.... .
of Pneumonia on Accord. were Ath far advanced with InTacts and Children. 'I'". .al their novel 81.qletJ before thtewere Ycu Have: Always Bought date of the laauaueM suet oertltleate
'T daoot( know of single Instance We in th. natne of J. W. 1.1II110..r. Louisville
thirty. y well' with the
agree ,
\1nl. .. sold certificate shall be
Oft a cough or cold resulted In re.
father of 1 IntliVjfve. Kdeuce that "the
deemed according to l lee, tax deed "ill
|fl"tIIOala or consumption when Fol- man who Is Untf In yearn may be of uu.LSl lsu thereon on the 7th day of D.. Cincinnati
q'Iloo.y and tar had been taken. old In bou.t\ :hange. "..", b.r, A. O 10OQVitns ,

inmeooKha and colds perfectly, ...... .. ... \ my otllolal signature and
[."Bot takechances with some unIbevapreparation CHINESE SKILL J WITH AXES.C.rpeater. In "' ma. a"1.1.fl.. Ihh day IIr November, A.
\/ devtor who hail lately pet Chicago
,. I,. 1000. 8.11 W1KNUKH.
whlqh may contain *$lle lied ample opportu| Clerk Clroult Court AlaehuaKlorl'ls.
[<"w'bleh cause consumption, art wan. rye ':bMidenlwl.'bthai' will. Cenp.r. :irn humility If nothing else County, .

:,.JB that retard. recovery from a "".. Gelds One lay he was g,ct 1 )ly M. 8, Oln:VK D O.

... Ask for F leJ". Honey and Tar In judging tH" performance. of the an elderly. man. wto rtv _.____ __ ____ ____ __ _ d_ ___ flAIL'YIi
native Cblnnvto workman It IM almost SOUTUrU"" \
.."ra.. anf tubttltute offered. J. impossible ty vAlU the popular bias in to step In and see hi*
f UcCollom A Co. wan Mlllnsr. At the Mos0 of J
that addlctlgq to their own methods ..
elector asked for
and tooU .iM,t ljr bespeaks fatuous yuutitf n .
Caned > vrllli the ,1A Ift C ir 1.1 HC--
OuBose CasoI I man.
conservatlsux." u b this Is In many
I( *a ,... Is . Kram: ,
: Ala Nor. 27.-Inta cases true ('t Will often be found 00 .
: ..nil
.e MM. with
r ;: i: court here Monday the careful I that what has passed your per
aaj -. a DuDone. former pres- for a stujbgrv\ blindness to the virtue ""n tUut"'In like c"ou..I..Uo totai.. the'* Hrook -. "FLORIDA LIMITED"I.
.slat cf First National of Is 'lu reality keener
bank of Innoystt/h a ...."* evhoed the uwa 'n.U/f/
*a c:w fuoct.. was called and perception of 'IIJ\r"tI\"e merits than tell .....' I knew clue oustb.. 1 .. Jacksonville ?|45 o.H f
Mats;.! against him oontalnwas the Judge btl'\1VIt wee aware of m_x>.l du*..r. but she was 'c -. read. Dulloee This I. p tt'' '''lj\tl.r true of Chinese \ a... oQwsdwt It she dk.t" HervkMt. Very tl...l Psy Ooachos. ,. .1"',
k w 'ti misappropriating theo carpenters.YhJl* most of their commonest through rulluian.. b...|...r* ::1
III&lI the xtrm of: about tooj* Differ lu some radical .,...._..,_ I,0/.a y
ate r la a stockholder In the way from Wf < vo. It'1s never safe to TnrmUB* w". rom Local Sleeper to Atlanta.
auk ) C. ai .unt of $40.000. and It assume the nVr0r1ty\ of the western \ 'H>ii tit.t. ainl lot: .nd rL IwntrstY e
II = I>.iBoeo made good the pro luct TIMf niall ax. for example.Is f't'A..'..ut tli*. tlHie nt the ".n-.n t

ks.'I iK, over na mtoclr. It a txNtntUOJfr' "ttl"bt'\Otl. tool ant they ttoti" TO l..if t.......,... 10.- J
a = 3! Ms losses resulted from are reruarlt/bfor\ adept lu the use of It. + vnroMMm.1 It In &**.*f*+ For rate', routes orr.**".Uon.,
stra: c 'a aMon.mous being" able Uf Work *s true a surface I twenty ltn Mi at a time acct .'tJrCS r+;. call on or writeJni11CS
therewith M*.. mu ,.* obtained with an |<<'01 these to an amsuurm w,
ads in the p,b'lA of the while man *# atea..'...l frViMl It ws. cfi: ,Freeman
r.akrt.4M On heavy Vwtk It .. customary for ......l In 1'tMT by 'm..a PJamlwl l I '
Pl.'t r
iT3.i famous strike breakers In two to boor fofc tljer on ot'JMalto aides still a send HlUHt. appear AI'I. .1Mkeoaym., Via.

*. :-aa4 ere it,. King'. New Life PilU.. atrtklnste.t_ b'o.' ..... Woth laDebt .. for three two Mltlon

*>.* ...r sod bowU go on strike are ua.&J.1 lvr recover! !. over the "...l CIO amt Me wklow _.._--._- ._ ------, -- - -' --. .., .. --- -- -. ,._ -. .._- ......
.71. "I)| settle the trouble! and sboiilder, .IWI'st. right awl left ... 'Mu (n..k' .
aped There la % fY*** ... in a: work i|>.ti.goes.... hvadaehe right on 11.for aDd*.\ accuracy vt tirlltery. that U a treat to. I: ---- -- S :.EiA.. J3 c:) .A. .i. :ID: :: '
t.W.c's of blows Is almost
., all||droritists watch, ao,l 'tv rspMlty cm.
hewtt'irt/rsg./ """ twstln.rrinft llata.
-. Air Line RailwaySavannah
ay Mas Been PlIIa ed. .,1too
i': M r. 27.Ad
k 1MM ....' A.ard.The T
.pe.rt a rescrudeseeste
.. grMt tnrslard (Jtls tarts). a bird Np K e. .FOR, e. ,
c. lieumat I itlll fowl 'tft .b. *."'h4'fU pro?lt c* of .
: 'N. bas'Uefa'x itus.iay.Ilse: mravV Knrxwpean fowL e I

14 AtMOtfeAn consul bas .n sit. It MrtM tli. Norwegian Markcock. Columbia Camden Southern"Pirf'es.
r a: 'f f tn rnfonr prWe- TIV" "kid AMlrv attain a weight of ,
1 M......."" s and their thlrtl.d.- pi4sbdA and where ft 1to1 ,.
Jr. ,
Itleatltul 'in.rI J t w""C thirtyeight Raleigh, Richmond, Washington ..
IIIIf"M. and crew ferty pods '
fan.Ced Man Found Dsad.asi. nave l-h+b A liwv4. Tt* WnU Usve Baltimore Philadelphia
L k
Ala.. XOT. J7.--Ar- dleappeertlt fruMS western Iurjpe: ,
t : L .ho.was to have been where opv> +V t*>**" carte slnot. Bous "",,",+ New York.

La, IJ..e. 11. tor the tnardcrf. mm trW** sad are seen Oftl iy lu ,
4( : glee -t Mils skirt.u: .
'an: *. a fellow convict at smmtl tltxtr'I1A S4M *
: -
., ta.. 1)aleper All I
L.L ? X as. was found dead lastaffer the lowee Isaft.y' '
: sleet tiles meth sweet
bee.amtl fsrtA
'IDC % *
a morfh&&. I
: a the Caid1NA -r- an Uy eggs ss

.. a. ordllff.Iy pars A britV .a" b.avter .. {! ksu f f ar with Two Elegant Train Daily.
-- --------- WI\\ Aw rtiaeow5ty. It .. .CWw.

.eJtr eM r.a tc.. tight IAA .e ese 1La.k w1t1l .. -pa inwhen..
alreogh eef" k esM. a*. nees tits ...". 1 ARI5S SNOWLINIMENT Seaboard Express.
Laxative&Qmq boaT gMit4.f th S Beek ... i

hls.pgtu. ,
-- '-'--
Seaboard Mail.
tdtr pat.a To l'."'1>&. I CURE

The $vbftr4 Air L s>. riW .II. a.eoeat : 1MATISM. CtT.. ot.n

,.ttitl. t.,. IN'.'. dress U...... SPW 4L"*L WYlp 1ts.
.HI. ,t.1'ititps and r...r. as -.. tor.. JOc.- MU.UALOIA.SorwLinJmrotCA..

- .-.. alt_ CI>>H..a'. ,...".:f ,. f, UT_. MODERN PULLMAN EQUIPMENT
Milbe. Sat'4 on Mler ..... Arrtm4.I, I.3/a. T....
'na"\ > .. I __ JIaJ.w". .flw n..
mnne "'.- J4 ,.. 1t.Do":: '1. n sad" 21. ... t. to.,11 I. ; -
,.teryltld e .Ad iN...... ; ..._ '---n t.4 t..ta.wt er4ar .

Tablets: m3. *<***% leave 6a...vflJ. atMr. s leO a..54....W... I Only LIDO OrJ4fraUDc w

.. ... stt'.d r. J1.s1et ',ala pet.yeea 2.k. JOe ae.f ill.cO

: 'Cold In One Day Iw'lateape .s l.a'. 1M ..ll.r. S Only T>,ron=b Pollmia Slaepcri from JicksoavtHe to Mow artse.lee ..'

tz'e Crip fa Two .Day L.Iidtt 0...,,....d. J't ..... thiag 1d T UtUJlllr.. sat. fI

tara lrl -.114 ...... KJr. ,. tall lsfi.r+.utiae ago sleeyer ....resl.esa sat b. 5y SCI.ettb.swl4l11'tels. '

r :% .0M\tI. ttn )(j) 0. 4 b jr I .. 0 ltOTUITGW, .... "''.c'''' ........1 r.......' Ageui. .,'.
...,. 'r11 4 ,;
r/7' ... ... .tab ts... ? X. J...M S sU3. tra1l.I..i? JACXOXYLLLL Wl.J ,.IP4. ;
.. ao/ tee w_

. ... .. ,-. .
.., '. .c.' ttw+ +. / .._
., :.Mi-___ _...." -j rJ r.f': 'r7* -

k F 6 t


S - -- __. - -- --- _. ------- ._ ._
{ -- -. -- -- -- -- ----- --- -- - .-.--- -.. --------- ---.- -. -- -------- -- -_-r-. ,

AMDSOOHTYCONDENSED II Pinkoaon Is at home fain, after j Lady fingers and maeoaroones every '"

S SO OF CITY a visit of more than a week at the day. Gainesville Bakery.
Tampa State Fair. MOVEDTo
r Mra. Ethel Kirby has returned from

.TheS.J.THOMAS Plymouth Book hens of all aisea. a pleaaant visit to friends In Tampa ,

f from four and a half 10 seven .- Let ua bake your turkey*rThanksgiv

I G. 8. Merchant & 00'.. This U the ing morning. Only 2fi cents a.iDea."Ule oar new 1 lo Mion. on corner.
General Interest Oath. finest lot of hens ever on ale In the Bakery.A jut North of Io.tofllce, wherewe
11 of city. will be ple.."d to greet. you

I .Jred by Oar Reporters. WadeThomaaof Monteooha pawed new tint of fine turkeys. at O. 8. and do oar bent to please you:

Merchant .\ Co',. All sizes and at
\ SOCIAL ITEMS I through the city yesterday en route the lowest price. Oysters, Steaks: and Short Orders
'''IAL AND rD! ?' 4Y hnm. from Sooth Florida where he '
;; ' .
Positively the finest lot of Plymoath I I. )
: :i .u a prospecting: tour for the
at Happ""ed and What 's Goings I IMak past few days Rock hens ever. brought to at Coffee the b*.,. Everything'

in Short Paragraph Sole Agents G. 8. M"rf.b.oOo'a.; nioe.. Uame Otmked to order
.pen Told O F Morritt of Lakeland! I la 'la the for

3 3LE5 E "Ma Who Runs May Read"I elty on a viait'to,hl. wife and children, Have. your atationery printed ",.The apoftaof

east who are stopping with Col. and )h.. I Sun ottloe. Flrat-claah. work promptly. OrEN EA1U, and LATE.
eat n. Sun.p.pers delivered at reasonable. pricea I Is our
K Webiter at their elegant: home - --
:VEling! \ for sale at this otce.rjtm Everything "The Pines North O.ln".Ult' motto. '

polls toda,. :Keystone For Sale. -Fine farm near Hague, George Myles, the progressive young THE GONTmENTAL ;

t"' a r s< IXIftofle Iaker-beadqu: en for and oathnuae Also twoaere lot con. of The Sun, was In the cite yea CkFE 111 5T.tL'ltA4T,

-elk., Loot Like taming fine dwelling: and amble In terday, and made this office an agreeable

1\.1.,1.1111 turkeys at G. 8. MerydleeealllagcardsIn New East Gainearllle. Apply to John B call.. GOOD BREAD

w.. Mr. and Mrs. Thnmaa Wynnot
k Co'.. Dell, Gainesville Fla. Mee-I
N "" .u"
latest .tle. dith were In the city yeaterday.
Among the prominent visitors tolaiuenvillw
Saa otnee.GtOI'P All Silverware Brass, Copper Gold:: is Hon. A. II. King of were en route home from Tampa, AIDS DIGESTION
Ilion to Newel Nickel, Zinc Tin and Enamelware where they have bee.n on a visit to the a
p,Morris baa gn, das Ackoonville, for many years a ""I. tAn.
Glassware Fixtures,M arbiew ork, State Fair.
keep.oes tethered or
ight 011 busieeer.hand Floors, Woodwork, Tile, Onyx. Wall dent. here and a graduate of EastFlorida Dr. J. J. n.'r" of High O. ,..u.." wbk.I\ .....r. soely that trtsd ttsert III
ier Dcue and Marble cake every day. Decorations, etc. :: Non-inflamable Seminary. his friends are b.N.0 crests.
I I Feaster. of Mieanopy, Dr. J. M. Bore k
him his old ,
nab r,. glad to welcome to home
yeseerille lug of Waldo and II, L. fertile of Ar- IT'S YOUR OWN FAULT Y ,
J".d sad rolls hot for dinner everylt1 Wanted A live up-to-date young redondo were among the visitors to

0110..l1Ie Bakery. man to take orders for Uega.1 Shoes Inialneavllle. Gaineivllle yesterday II,ota do 110'keep "000'. W hot.,.... ttrsa4 '
tot in the A chance for r tsbie. (or I*U au.ds tress evarr day
city good some aahoudenverst
d" ..1,, Moor wa trading Select a soiled, 8. F. Brooke, the grocer will b"olo.f'd at rust Moor t>y
his the
man to through
Springs yeRattedN.ssengerl ,* young pay way
) Of tvt all KUYSTONU
day Thanksgiving' as he UAKI2RY.
-S: lverfitT. Write atonee for inatruo
Ctli ; guarantee U. Tel. Co. place on. painted iona. The Boyt Co., Jackionvllle, has decided to give his employee a I'hene ICS.". U. T. M'lUFIMU ''re..

.rk to right boy. Western your Fla. 1 1Mu. holiday. Customers will please take - .. - '- --. ....
clWY: V/ool-Oor big blue cart fall of dry I notice and file their orders for Thure-
Gainesville Planing and Jaflkman of New York, who has : WILLIAM ANDHRSO
vend for 11. wood work and been spending the winters here for the day today.If ,

.d cry CtSaCo. r past several years, has arrived and you' are going to Tampa to wit ....--..- r
want. a fine, fat turkey forUakMtiflnR. the of the V.lrr.memb.r
ness sights great State
JOQ will be located for the season at :!OS
order from G. 8. Mere try a can. MONEY
rant East Mechanic street. Friends of this the old reliable Kaboard.Doubledally BICYCLES and

titt A Co. 'learn service which puts you at
to pafutu lady will be pleased to of her re-
p t\ Way fat bread a day old when :you BACK .if it fails to turn. destination on time. Rate, one fare,
M ft It hot at the Gainesville Bak* plus 35: cent, children halt.fare, pine Electrical Supplies.
Attention la called to the advertUe- .
rry for dloDec? went of A L. Vidal A Co., which ap SO ".nl'' For particulars see Mr. ...........---

*'!TJ :; v A. McGriff, the druggist of Mleajlt please yon.THE1S i pears in this laaue. This firm will becompelled Cobb. Agency for lr.4lit* IHf jclrn. n.rl". ;"

ocaliafflj: was a business visitor to Gsfnes- to. move on the first. of the We have Just placed In slock a sou
dose : ,
, p. rills le.terday. year, and la offering a choice line of ,enl, book uf lalneavilU. and Alaehoa promptly. Klertrtr! ws rk P
which I.I of the handsome ef till "I......
D. M. Bryan of Alaehna was among goods, lo reduce the stock, at greatlyreduced .
eat ever shown-and the price I Is not '
tlb.eea tbo whospentyrsterday. In Galner&Uon *- prices.A. ,
. builnfas.leoopof exorbitant. A tine thing to keep, or 1 1 3 W. UN/ON s r. ;

E.. Wlttatook, the contractor, has an excellent remembrance for an --.--- _. -----. -.- -".-" .,
-- -- ---- -
tt, s 25 of the finest Plymouth J THOMAS GO -
ride returned from Jaekaonvllle, where for absent friend. Call and seethem.( A.
fief k-nse-er brought to Gainesville the five months he has been au
L. Vidal A Co.
emro atO. 8. Msrchant. &: Co'*. erlntending the erection of a floe Miss Nora NorfeN..
r ( I). 8. 11 nines, a prominent bnalneas I I
Chas. M. Dell has returned from building on West Bay street for Thoe.V. .
tintLife man of Okahumpka, who has been In
BifM' ', where he has been looking ate Porter: The building one of the
the city for the past two days on a
ht hi It ilenstve farming Intereats. largest and finest lo the State two
Order your Thanksgiving" turkey visit to his eon, a atudent of the University
meted room to rent on block adisquare stories. with two large stores and a Ladfes
from Merchant .fc Co' left yesterday for Jacksonville, Novelties
warehouse the Brat, and fifty apart
,. gentleman. only. Apkly
.co Cream puffa' Saturday after where he was summoned on business
803 East Liberty street Sun of meat room oa the seeond floor. and *
''puomc or I noon. Gainesville Ifaker,. before returning home WI... Ifalnea I.
Ice -- --- -------- well |>U %*ed with' the oeW University' Fancy Deeds.
For the test printed stationery atloweat
thla: tjr Ren' boarding and It. surroundings, aedf deelareaGainesville '
call The Sun ofllee.
id tea., folly fnrnlshed ; have plenty or prices at one of the mol hospitablelittle

..sett'uvt teard-r now. See Ferdinand Bayer Postmaster Atwater of Waldo waatranaaeUpff eltlea. he has ever vUlted.lineman .

al', business in this city yea WATCH nv tvis-iotr.' : It..
nf the electric light ,
company F
R MeL Grady a succeaafal merrUstof terday. pa, J."
were busily engsged yesterday
High Springs, returned to his Any eake known to the trade madeto

xdireu teas jeUrday. after a brief business order on abort no'Ice. Oaineaville Now raising a number of wi,.. which were -. -..-. ..- '- -- .-... --......--- ',
ruapended too low across the street, -
b. :1: trI, krA. -. Bakery. r' and which. Impeded the progress of the POOR P JULES EICHELIERCEI I;

ri3t OPi !k-tt of Newberry. Juniors 'aDtf''d-I..abftrt'1'II en sewer werk. ,, four.ln*basd sad other Inrnoata ,

ten #ajb-r of the firm of 1.'. R. Plekett Will pay tl.aO per day fwr men. Apply IHTho which| have recently been added lo Piano "
i" and
lou, m'nqr-dar.n of lamber was a on 'bfllb.| Gainesville'. m..UJe..t .0U.$ .,...... Organ Tuner

fay WiaM. visitor to Gainesville ;e.ter. Mlt... Clara and Julia King' of Wai. I Time, Galneavllle wthoudoubt| baa the and Repairer.

It'd Ido spent yesterday aa guests of friends facet collection of handsome moots

A note for tb.nk' you In this oily.fin. To *. /la the ",.,.. and their. presence I.I ap THIRTY *
.. VUAK5' fX1rfRIUNCEk.
ft a let the blue Ribbon Lemon and of High preciated.Her. .
Raymoni J. Hatch f**' "" .
i 1'tCI l.. Absolutely pure, BO twice a* In this BuyMatting': '. of the
Spring spent yesterday city asa Tho*. 1 Hay, pastor IJelpe.tell, .1.ryAa.
tamed .
f t.K1s. the Blue Ribbon or" la n
rl. guest of frienda. { Pint Presbyterian. Church of Iht city, .. .. ., ,.. ,
"r'HOa.!: -- - - -- -- -
Ask for the SSe site. Tam II. Cato and G. W. 8t-vns of esp,ete to make nl... departure today<<

> A Ward or Bell was In the city Alaehna were among the vliltors to for O.ala. where this evening ho will JBPP I! SIMONS

m..rd.y Mr. Ward la nnw employ the county capital yesterday. o tel... .a the marriage' of Mia Mary

.4Ba->attoobayer for W. W. Gor. "'.'1110. t..ebar.i..4..."' .,tit lien.| Aast.aa

;:rderet .e **. Art t .Doah.ftd has proved Found-A pocket-book containing I aidr.. 1C. U Aaderaoo, aed Mr.MartlaJ. .
Owner please call at
< :- '3ee .f.1| |I.. accumulating the sums money 11.oe.. which, twill ......., at Fresh .Saltwater Flsk
>< t Sun office and describe earn I IIr.
Ir -'
y staple rcntly.v She first Pra*bfl.riaiOburH. .U that .

<'v sad 11,.. E A. Gray nf MicaUrorwl { w. O. Johnson of Mieanopy was city toolfht.' TV bride bas many
t "' *?! friend' In this with In the city yesterday! having' been friends. la, this' ally who will leans ..fher
.* summoned here as a tlt... In court .....1...
'In' rd.Mr. Marriage' wtkv.a| degreeof
K Gray I* one of
tie c: .l *l q..*at minister la Ibis Lo.t-Lady's solid gold hat pla with' I surprise." bat who will wish, her I J'J'I

*' ."fI baa many frienda among Initials "M J" engraved anuen ..*|>S>..... la she e.Nso..bil state.FASTIDIOUS .
f ej--aa Btaw>s aawaMsaa a Ma aMa ai-aeMa
1re rewarded
a-q.&hu.. r Finder will be by
t".r.o.\ IArgc
. tI". W. D. Saaoder. left yesterday Son office. \ WOMEN

:1 fax z'r ReiwR.. She was ae.omJfj Among th. plasters from Shipment f'OIMW- ........ Toilet Anti.*spde a I .... OYSTERS.
tee Dr. Union of ?.. York. ocha who eme to Gainesville. trad'agyreterday .. 1IiIC.....' U U bftfeftic fare of Ik*
.i: 1e some place wash eU /* I
....... *. Asa its .
r tia. sad Both well kao.o throofhetit their A uAltcraVU..J: I
who go. to Utah are r"-'c &" dernlalrteg sad ,W'UIU.I
v ff<; rqr I jk''culve.-d n.....,. 1 sals. ]
Is the Pert+'o.e of loep.etlnK .ectioo. uaU*.e. are .ua or !
s t. r .toes at Uracfitt I *a-r4e .,... A4daaoR. I.. .... pyeaee4 tea .....*.....,.
t.?. U'a; .114 Gztnres of the late i1 The Men It I requested to aaaooacethat rind The.. /'..u.e Co. lto ....,MM*. |.>. trade -itt. lao Lest the master
Se''',lsnd with a VI.V to there will be a s Tb..bC.-1 I atf.eda .. ibiss flu... YAeC. J..'"
a.r.s. It a.. I lag a.rvl"+ at holy Trlalty Chor..i. Tlie _

"'.r tv- the etxmeay of the Elk I' owing to the 1ft.... of tbe rector, Be*. 1 1I .

t:<* '* **..t.lbaaar of the "Wo-I FraMie II. CniR3tl1.KNOWING l Price
ssc 'f a... .r .
iloty Trlaity. EJI'MOp.ll --- --- -- ------- ------------- Y. P. "HARHL1N!

tad f\a .,II be. hell |a their baad.oeo.l|, I I IT. r Are t CO.

: wwlo..s "...,..... ... HOW I
cs/ "reh w..s..t Right.New ...
d0 r 5th. n.Ii4.. / I
t .
aesets '. charge
are bosky
... "d'a ",.,.ri.I( for Ifc. erect . oAoaiiie ka* .a4e essay I rULU' LINK OP

1 -,- Waaar Ula,..wlU prove owe rUb. If ye will l J..... -.nw tl000s..,.
a man
*, .....*,rol ever beld fcere.a - --

>I t'en .... tlgat. ,Le PMa.e Mc'4tag .! .
a.t.a. Hid. of a..aok..Va.. 1 Real Estate and ANfNea r'mallalatlt

..'h.' },.. o ,....r4..,. after a kaa y- will ass tow to re- I e "l'.. 'f'II'tfJ'Z'llMt
s .'t .. W. bent' !.,. W. B. HI*. York Reotil. Broker....
I'",. spy. M,. .... yoor Mt.I.g s/.e IBOt rr.1trs; .
HI*!**. w.. ,. .
a' +tal In""r J... thsa .ae-h II whet l... t
h'1. recr***tUK a .
Yew I ---- -- ----
"""' . t.h ........ !"o'' ... aa 4 start yj E Racket \ ... .
:, .4.. ... ers*w , wart .......Asease .

..' !:* *. M4 Ib.ehut..H. !.attire. e \be rw4 .. rwetaS ass ss. ..w. -54.4 ....."*a eeee..

:' ...a.....w. ....... raa e- o.... j aerelosHrwyw* *.** Pelf' r Bros, 1' -"--"

*. '*raarl/ ***a.e.l MI WM RZ PtO". CAIWESYILLE.! FLORIDA. t 1csmatrltle. "..,14...
: 'taa...
_? ..sites ..m E..pI
au1...t c.i

hatwlr ,aF

I ir-- >tifJ i 1r. lr' ''''M t f7 arr

Title: Gainesville daily sun
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Title: Gainesville daily sun
Uniform Title: Gainesville Daily Sun
Gainesville daily sun (Gainesville, Fla. 1903)
Alternate Title: Daily sun
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Creator: Gainesville daily sun
Publisher: H.H. McCreary
Place of Publication: Gainesville, Fla.
Gainesville Fla
Publication Date: November 28, 1906
Frequency: daily (except saturday)[-1938]
daily (except monday)[ former <1903>-]
normalized irregular
Subject: Newspapers -- Gainesville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Alachua County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Alachua -- Gainesville
Coordinates: 29.665245 x -82.336097 ( Place of Publication )
Additional Physical Form: Archived issues are available in digital format as part of the Library of Congress Chronicling America online collection.
Dates or Sequential Designation: -58th year (July 24, 1938).
General Note: Description based on: Vol. 20, no. 48 (Apr. 5, 1903).
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Volume ID: VID00523
Source Institution: University of Florida
Holding Location: University of Florida
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Other version: Gainesville sun (Gainesville, Fla. : 1903)
Preceded by: Daily sun (Gainesville, Fla.)
Succeeded by: Alachua County news (Gainesville, Fla. : 1934)
Succeeded by: Gainesville daily sun and the Alachua County news

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aii'exittt ail!! un

t= ::=: -:-=:-_-==_ _ : :----- ____ _
.___ ,
:= "-=:: ::=- ::::::: : : : :" : _


v., c::.:::::.:_=- -:..: __ _._ _.
-- ----

'TRAIN HELD UP 1 confusion. the train among continued.the exlcted paskencrers. j NINE ESCAPE PRISON LEAPED OVER RAIL OF STEAMERMiss 500 MEN FLEE

Truohrurt was tnVen to aiatpow and Browning Jumps Into 'the Atlantic ,
placed In Jail. He appears to be :j

BY LONE ROBBER years of age. He Is & * & Inches .BY PICKING'LOCK Ocean. BURNING
Jacksonville Fla. Nor. 1.-011. VESS
.. in height and weighs about 135 : !
.-w+w.- pounds. His description tallies with passenger miealng Is the report made

Bot that of the flock Island by Captain Crlcboster. of the Clyde I
Is Brave robber and
Overpowered by
Three ifilarderera
tbe engineer of Sunday night's robbed All eg ed Were line steamer Iroquois.. when It arrived French Schoolship Dc tr .

ConductorAND 'train positively identified him aa the I. : in the Party.ONE here Sunday. by Fire.

same Identical man. Miss A. Drowning, an attractive

IS PLACED IN PRISON PRISONER REFUSED TO JOIN I brunette took passage on tbe steamer CREATED THE-
BOTH FIRED; BOTH FELL DEAD at Charleston for Jacksonville At.AR

I Fla. 8he.actedQueer17 on the boat,
Death Fought The Sheriff and Posse Are In Purslut ,
*' Masked Bandit Up Train and Duel to the In MI.t .-
: and spent moss of her time leaningon There Were FiVe Hundred
r Rob. U Recover .,..lppl'Town. of the Fugitives, But Without any Men
the and
Pa.engera-Booty t rail looking eadly eut upon -
Cleveland :..u..., Nov. %?.-In a Board the Flaming To c:: ja;>> t'
.d and Restored to Owner*-la a 'duel Distinct Clew as to Direction They the CJ\eau. She had not retired
pistol following minor disagreement
a But All
Had Taken. to her state room at 2 o'clock In the : Escaped Save Thre: -T
Noted Highwayman. between Joseph Hammond a
morning but was rim about tbe deck. pedoes Exploded During FireToulon'
druggist of Boyle, Miss.{ and J. M.
Kansas City. Nor. 27.- One-of"the ralatka. Fla. Nov. 27 The COUn- Wbeu tbe steamer arrived here it
'CooMt unique and daring tralo robber-I U'Uryant. a farmer of that vicinity, ty jail here was broken open Sunday was found that she was missing.. Her France. Nor .
I at tbo former's store both of tbe
test In tbe history of the southwest' night and nine prisoners escaped, including berth bad not been occupied and her torpedo schoolshlp Algoc'r. :.:;
principals wcre-lcilWd. and lIammond' ed In this
.wa. committed one hundred mile I three alleged murderers open suit care, cloak bat and shoes harbor has bur;j r ,
brother was shot and slightly *tro>ed by fire. There
..ait of Kansas City early Monday. wounded. Will Dumas. George Valle and Geo. were In her stateroom. ft is supposed w

lletweon Slater and Armstrong I Drown, all negroes, and In jail for that she leaped o !ward at an onboard when the fire bi 2:: _k

cc JMo, a dlstanc* of 21 miles, a ma.kedl Hammond While tbe and altercation between Mr. killing negro men, are 'among those early hour Sunday tr<""Qg. The burning of the acc . .p Gated
O'Oryant was In prog the
r stuin, single banded, robbed 20 pasengers. Jesse who escaped. Seven were negroea'.nd There areno, letters or other thingsto : greatest alarm f. _::
reas, Hammond It Is stated
city. The 7
In three care of the fast two were while men. Indicate tr Identity. ru: t
entered Into the
argument, andO, docks, whence
: -.aMt>ound combination of Chicago In some way one of the prisonersgot trey could : : A
Ilrynnt. It Is alleged, opened tire, mass
the lock gvciros. a of dame j ::jt ,
Burlington and Quincy passenger to the cages unlocked Bolivian Railroad Work Bepu .
wounding Jesse Hammond In the right .
'or. Tbe burning vci
hand I Iless.
and rendering his pistol use
.sutured Approximately ,:,000. beside t a hole with an ax !in tbe brick wall I work on tbe first section on the1 extensive brilliantly in the enctrcU' 3
Quickly following this shot
..everal watch and other pieces of both and succeeded !in getting out at 3 Bolivian railroad system plan I and the glare of the flume.other ,
principal. fired each receiving '
.,jewelry. The man finally was over- a wound which ,caused, their almost o'clock Monday morning.i ned hy the. New York syndicate t.. *- shipping and the cc_ t.

jpowered by ". II. Hey wood, the con- Ituitant death. Another whose i lOne negro prisoner, Robert Reed, cently formed for that purpose 'U I wharves.'
eluctor. who knocked a ral*.'l revol- party, refused to Join them In breaking the already been begun! and contracts' lor ''I 7 here was terrible anx. '* c
I Identity Is unknown Jolnetl'<< In the
ing tbe fate of
:verfrom the robber's band aau forced t! Jail and reported the matter as, soon rails have been placed. The Bolivia the COO mum c
shooting; from outside the building
"bn'to they bad He said bad lathe of :.until" the authorities anteverybody : -
the car Door. but his shots were without effect. j I'I" rone. they railway company name '
The robber was bound made to "' j' 'to go In groups of two or the enterprise! Us capital being fur- had been taken err ,j t
'O'UrJ ant. was formerly of Mlllport
disgorge and four hours after the Ala. three. nlshetl by the National City bank of beats and raved with the c:: :

robbery va committed was placed Sheriff Howell and pose are In pursuit this city the banking home of Sober three. These men did nt c: c

: tu> Jail. Negroes Condemn Guilty Ones. nt the fugitives but without any A Co. jand the firm of W. R. Grace the roll call, and it Is pr _u:_ };

The. robber who satfl his name was fSftttUe, Wash Nov. :27.-As a distinct clews as to the direction they It Co. It was declared by a member were burned to death.

Trucheart, and that he came from result of President Hoosevelts recent bad taken. of the syndicate that competitionof The small boat. of the A

California, was recognised by the engineer action In discharging; negro soldiersof lines will necessitate the outlay were launehed. filled w.t.i: c. 3;; i crowed

as the same man who In November the Twenty-fifth Infantry for riotous Drove Off Wife Shoe Brother of not less than $33JWO.OOO.: The away while those tf :3 c-:

In exactly the same manner, conduct at Brownsville. Tex. Canton Ga. Nov. 27.-Larkln construction of about one thousand not leave In this manner 1. : t\

rand the same place ou the same road, the negroes" of Seattle passed<< a resolution Underwood shot his brother Joan, miles baa already brenplanned, providing arrival of their rescuers A r .

wont through the sleeper on an easttwund condemning the course of j I, fatally wounding him. It la alleged for separate outlets to the seaboard tbe men, however, w--3: ; f ; }

: Chicago Hock Island and 1'a those who were gouty but deploring 'I that Larakln had been on a spree and through Chile. Peru I the Argentine tbe flames to Jump o *f s i

.ctfJo' Overland limit od/ which on Ibis I the president's action In discharging J a few days ago came home and found republic" and Drasll. swim away. Six torpcd. :

division runs over the Alton tracks. the entire battalion without ascertaining j ,his wife with a three days' old baby. the schoolsht-j explod< 1 w .

'rrueheart.who refused to giro his who the guilty ones werw. It was He became enraged for acme reason Panama Canal Contracts. men were leaving the r.' ?

full name or tell what town be came revolved to petition congress to exonerate and drove her away tie picked up New York Nov. 27.-Ulds for the There was mush fear c-: : t.

1 :from MId that It was Ida broth. those soldier who did not his 5-year-old boy and started for ITUU '1&.000.000 worth of the Isthmian canal height of the Ore that a tz t :-; :> t:s

,+'WhO held up the lock Island train. participate In the riot and restore (Ground when be met his brother, contracts, will be opened in the aslne oa shore would bc":_;::a I

,'The train waD No.>> 2., which left them to the service. l John won tried to stop him and endeavored elf 1"" Washington.( D. C. on December but this wo* prevented b, ( z

Kansas City at 9 o'clock Sunday to take the child from hIm. 17. Among tbe bidders will the magazine with heavy c"- t

mlIM."rot1 Kansas City to Mexico Disputed Over a Doard Bill. After arguing wltlh John for awhile. be the American Dredging company, water from powerful flro bIt : '-.

ibe train la run over the Alton Knoxvllle: Tenn. Nov. 27.-John arkln shot him with a singlebarreled of San Francisco Marshall C. liar la not known whet; 1 T-

.: *rck. At Mexico !It Is cut In two Upton was shot and Instantly killed gun. Inflicting' a wound from which rl a. president of the company andV. originated from an explo:._=a cf rder. -'j

N" >> near Cumberland Gap Tenn. by John will die. Larkln Is now in \ M. Ilooffe. of Honolulu. one ef or broke out among t'.:z
James 11 err el I. Tbe two men bad jail. He makes conflicting statements the directors who returned Saturday on board

to fit flouts. I a dispute over a board bill, which In an effort to justify his act. from the Isthmus called a meeting The Algeclraa had burn c. I u

The train reached Slater' at mid : Upton claimed Herrell owed- him. -' or their sub-contractors at the Fifth school ship since' 1904 ,

.. might. and when It started out ofthat Herrell claims that Upton was bold Murderer Flees to Mine. avenue hotel. President Harrison It Is thought; that the fib ," .

place five minutes later. True IDa him by tbe \hroat and threateningto LJnton. Ind. Nov. 27.-W. A. there announced that bis companywill broke out had been am-:! : t

heart boarded the smokli/g car. Ills kill him when be pulled his pl.- Watson a merobant of Midland. Immediately: Increase Its capitalization day long In the vessel. :,:::- .

.yes were covered by a tnask Ueveilng tol and fired. The ball pierced- Up- Ind. la dying at a hospital here, and by several million dollars and

. a revolver at two passenger In tons heart. Herrell was jailed at Louis 8hulto)". an aged miner who bid for the work. It la stated here Will Act at Umpire' ,

4he sat nearest the door, be ordered Tate-ell., falling to give a I5.00O shot him Is besieged In the Tower Hill that probably six groups of contractor* Wilmington. !>*!I. Nov 1T

them to pas over their money and bond. ________ nine at Midland. The shooting was will bid for the work. Gray judge of th4 Unltri f'J ( :
valuables. and to do It quickly. The the result of a trlvisi quarrel. The cult court has announced;; t ) c 7'
.en complied and when Truebeartjplace4 Guards Disarm ,Cuban Band. mine Is ante of the appointment 0 t ron
over SOO feet deep and It Caruso Will Appeal' C....
Washington Nov
,, the stuff beneath his belt and ST.Secretary would be necessary for each memberof New York. Nov. 27.Former Judge the board of arbltrs' CJ :: t'

proceeded' to gtve his command In a ; Tail received the following dispatch : a poe to carry a light If aa ..tI I pittvnbocfvr and Frederick W. Sterling. the differences between =

Jkrnd voice to the man In the netlwat : Monday from Governor Magoon .t..t tempt were made to get Shuley. whoIs counsel for Enrico Caruso the era Itallway company: an.J > r :.

forward the ear full of paasen- I from JI..anAaader Clenfuegos Sunday's overhauled date: "lUnJ dotO Known to be armed lth a shotgun II tenor completed Sunday their si davit lets Ills aeceptaacecondttJoa "t.-e" : .
mars was fully aroused and ready tacbment a : and plenty of ammunition who could upon- which will be based an application on waltlsg un-
comply When the robber bad systematlcalty I! of of rural Laada guards under command make a deperat- resistance from the to the court: of general sessions of January before openirgtngs :>
robbed the 1 lathe Captain They were dark caves and In for la the eeotrorer-r. ao c b
passengers 1 taken Into custody and disarmed with i room. the mine.A permission to appeal from .' ,
smoker of their belongings he party Is guarding the main way Magistrate Baker'i conviction. Tbe so elosely engaged! la *J: i

pats s] t+a the door, keeping &.hIm'| to difficulty Ct..tu., .and*. are lUad now was being composed brought I I and If the murderer attempts to come application.-he attorneys expect, will tied np Jo that time a. 3 "
.covered. It M minutes* out he will be be no opportunity for oth'-r w
was run to tif eight men." captured* or killed granted at once and they hope to
Olaagow from Slater, and be awaited I II ... get the appeal up for argument Inside roMttUen. he madnabte ?

the arrival at the latter pUce. As : Woman of three weekv. Judge DUten hoefer sad meanwhile the r
m.COO Bushels of Coat! Lest. by Collapsed Fleer. teal
the train stopkMtd at Glasgow. swung I said effort eoatlnwo at work
every would be madeto
Newark. N. J.. NOT :
0. Nov.
BteubtavUte. ST. /The
off and boarded the chair
oar aa It obtala
a decision
Rebeee as I soon as .
tow boats HajrmoA HUOM fcjul U. Wj I i I Hweaarta wa killed a duelea possible Colton
rtiwhttt by a moment later. Through i other ("ana"-'. fine of Ito will be SOO Bales b-c.e
"the chair ear the robber's taotle la I Thomas from ltt| *urg. ran late person were so badly la* paid under protect. Roanoke Ala., ? "vtiroae -
the piers of the Ianhaadle railroad jared that they had to he taken to '
the .m"-"er wire repeated.'at t 4Mtt ta roe of the

M 'he *crt,-r.<4 a .!-i..r alkl began again bridge daring a dense fog here alak- the city hospital and 14 more were 8...... Petter beloogtBr to tieW: A
less .) Defends
tag 10 bargee ooatalalst153.000 bushels '. seriously hurt when the door of Americans.
his M..atact1arlDc
commend to lerkte e.agre
emrreaOar ta"tr valuable passesgen Cottduotor to- wf coal. The tow boats ..l the the lobby of a hall which Is used on New lb..... Cocut.. Nov. 27.- : 480 bale of eetbta wr' '
bridge foundation MatKlay bights aa a Jewish theater lllshop Ivory c. 1" a.H. preaching i
escaped alight rher .
( llyw w*| appears on the -*ea* have bees s vera2 fed
; collapsed' beneath. before t.b. frtrketey aaeoclatloa
:litre and Trueheart. with the tramanaad f damage The shaken barges of coal weight of people Yale of the with thY.. A. Iran'
standing oa It. Christ chorea. ef.I.I the
"Threw "p your hands pointed win he dislodged with dynamite. I Americas i.T reewatly eat N k" -;
agalaet the
charge which he .
Aria rewlver at the eoadoctor* saM tale Ut Ore r* of rite"
breast a..,.." of complying. the A..hitl.hetl Dead In Chair. j I Negro Killed hy WMte .ee.lA bad been brought hy a to.s.cfttko .-

eondttetor o il** a* a fls,** knock*) t I'neas. Ituiasd. Nov. 27.XlocMlgtmr .- /*".. La.. Nov 27.-White- *o*.y-t.t.ttJnjE Amerloaas aa4 are latak averse only to aH of a Per Cent W*.. '

i: the revolver himself from on tae the rb sass wrs aa4 baad.threw feorvhtm t archbishop Stable.of Io...Human. who Catholic reeeatlyha4 I I I, c-a rare kUlurtfay.... &..a IUc't Aatoeo shot R>aa wtaUgs.* >tliloisegre art sad .*.**ty aa4 Male, eaylag: 1caa tin-ts. irata... f*.. :a to-

tett yoei that the sober. secoa4 eseear or S Ivey suet 1Il.l :-
bees atU. la I
ft to the .ar ft Mir The tw. combating theUercnaa While a party of chest O whttevayewas ..
> men thovjckt ... .. .
;i I of the vast .s4ortty ot the .. of she '
'" strugat.d flerewtr while the .a.,*e a- \ chWdree goveracaeat'a of Polaa4 order retUVn to teethe I steering the terwa. la the ,
oe; wre huUaatly Ml a pate t t of warmtag ha4 aettvoo, thvrsoe .. r
the soelftf of bien '. ed 1IoD4a.J'. T e sett
Oerniaa laaguaae. saw found deed I ) good' gor-
finally the dean >.*. noa.tata*.. no
male ts eeeg.rta -> .I totatejtately .Tsar, sad a high moral. effects .1M ........... a3J (
! the ear came to the coadeetor aua4 a halr la his ta4y here. Ill deat. I wet to hl. ...**. sad ewc'ut.d a re. 1eWW lost of >

the rotor was literally plaaat toO was ca.*e4 hy heart disease.Oedy 1'OIft' #. and waa shot a* he e+tataNto > L. go tale effect Ds..ssbertbsa ft- 1e .
-" ps.M
Boo. : ef 0.......... Warner.Ctaeteastl. the eeeae.Teetlftee. .. ataesr.. Watts Weee.New ..cs aftt. kart. wewt'S. ,. .
Orlneai. ;tiro.. ,
Wh, Arm waa re..#h.4 at I ; Nov. ST.--Th*o4y Ut OUIette CAS. TT -The mar

U 4 a. .... a iaarahal boarded the Slayer" Ue*.ral VHiar4 Ware,r. 011' *Urlla. :C. T.. Nov :?.--Dr. stage.. w.e<, BUaehe. Walsh th. actreae.
Xr.U sad Tr H4MMfi was fled hasd bed at nata....*. .w. t.the passed i O. A. loon .ties west e a te wHaeeastaa4 Trav.f.. away aeema.r fit toe.eusesy Cha+et.qwied .1" a3tiers k'_;

.rd tan aril taken teto the ac.a..... : ikisoyb dry l+loraday aewaPaM I. ta the Ottlett trial her x..- w'aa asaosacot 1Nee JlGe- Ytee N.,. fTIiw.sat

Jt.2 ''tws.4 M talk. .K"H to bees j sled. 1+r his -.. 'UtlU-4 p day. aMl .......* that Grae Brow So The remmeav. wa* l... --4 a....:. >:..
the r M-star. iwr Mco aa4 4th. tas u* c4 rowa W.tIIiC .II' .
toad ..
w .
tyytaia S..epaa hmed hy
trh. l. ; tajwlea t3U!
+ rts t hebee fhre rinse *ak. .. .. .
< a l"It..: ,...ie4 wa* the oalsv of l'katap-sea. tea It* way to No.IJ: rH tale JI&c MMM. SaXe. ..-,* p .. hy cj ssK attaths .54 Mric to hee assns.

sae "'-4k lt* \.'''m "....-t o fattens wi:: take, whene It was f. ta-l O'::*.:r. aiBecteta M4ajr whoa r!>. reader. wet, bleed.1 bi a ttderttrr

... i net' s"fA" "'s., :ry .was tit..'ts ...*.:* t a. t ,\y Qevjcrkt Wanter* ee rtai: C'Mrs' with atavtajt Kay, stag Job Utea Wj. was bet. rep....4 a swat ..... ee '

"It aft** tstht'. d+. .dlywali'drOf bt ear. .y fast. eeaa a ... .t \M Tesaj wws *.s .tteerih. I UIoe at taw Caro: tt,... Vjic" Tho Wemaa to ....e yere.frtr ass t1.+1s

....... 1ssr.a-

.- ." '' .)' .. . ,, ':' .' . . .
+ 1 1'f.. .. .. .. _.':" ...,;-- "--------- ----.---. __ .:J.l_ "c =

__. __-. .

__ '1J,, .. -., .
I -
L -

__ ,' , ., .,
r1 'Jj" \ ''.' .
," < .1 < I'J' ) I > < " (,: ;1';,. 1,1 ,


.. .. . .
-------- -- - -. -----
_. .
"___ --=-=--____,__ -:---------.--.---. ----- --- ------- - ---- --------



-- --- --

Two Secured Life Sentences for i : r Church of All Protestant Deuomiuatioos .

Will Asaemble.
Murder in Sooond Degree.


Sermon Will be Delivered by Dr. An.
Of" the Many Liquor Cases Tried at ,
drew Sledd, President of the Unl
":This Term Only This Number VV{ e t
veraity of Ftorida-University and
Convicted-Youthful .Prisoner Waa
High Scoot Will Attend In Body.
Daniel Slmms.
Dolls Games tr
With a desire to assemble together .
,, In the
''-Tnere was 'something doing. ,
TAKE VINOLit (in one great cause, the various
\. In and for Alaehuaooonty.
'circuit court churches of the city have decided to Fancy Novelties. Wholesale and Retai
Ills, Honor Judge liasoom II
heals the bronchial tubes bold a onion Thanksgiving service on

Palmer presiding Tuesday, when and remedies the coughYorrenturlesoldfashinned the morning of Thanksgiving, begin .

seventeen prisoners found guilty of | cod liver ntnffatO o'clock when Dr. Andrew FIREWORKS--We solicit the patronage: of the trade.DREW"S' t
Sledd president of the University of
Various offenses during the present! oil has b.*en prescribed by. physician
Florida baa consented to deliver the
term were sentenced. the world over for coughs bronehit,

Borne of these offenses were quite weak lungs and consumptionbut! ,msny ermon.These services will be held at the BOOK STORE! C
could not take It oa account of the useless
grave, carrying murder In .the> second Tabernacle, AUehoa avenue, and inasmuch -
fatty, fishy oil which enveloped
degree with a life sentence In the medicinal as they wilt be partlcpated in 45-47-49
the curatives, and U ol..nfal1.d West Bay St
the members of all protestant denominations -
State prison. One of those sentencedto to help those who could take I it! by
mOlt enjoyable' meet.
lift Imprisonment was a woman because It upset the stomach. JACKSONVILLE FLORIDA.
Inn.: !I. anticipated. It I I. the custom In ,
who was arraigned. for the murder of Anyone can take the delicious cod Gainesville( to hold this union serviceon
liver preparation Vinol, which contslnt -
another woman at Helrote. The every Thanksgiving day, and they .
- -
all the medlelcal curatives and - -
charge was murder In the first degree, body-build elements of cod liver have, always proven of the deepest In-

1 bat"the jury was humane, and rendered oil actually taken from: fresh coils'livers erest. As a matter of .course, this

verdict of murder In the second will te no exception, REMOV ALSALE.
a bat no oil or greave, and wherever -
Prof. Tom P. McBeath and faculty,
which carried life sentence, .
degree, a old-fa hioned cod liver oil or .-a ..
; with the students of the University
The pours convened t the regular emutslotia! would do good Vlnol will together G
hour, 8180 o'clock, and the first ease do far more good for all bronchial and High School "will, attend the

called: was that of the State v.. Daniel. long troublE"V. .. service In a body, and It.I.. is expectedthat In order reduce stock'! having been forced to vacate our present I lCi

9 Slmras, a .I.t..n..r.old. white boy \ ask every person In Gainesville the faculty and students of the on January I, we wish to offer our entire nook of IMPORTED Cl1INA

of High Spring, who was arraignedupon sntTering from chronic rolds, equghs, University. of Florida will also attendIn OUT GLASS at greatly reduced prfcta.

a charge of assatilt with Intent I bronchitis or weak lungs to try Vinol a body,.. an invitation has been extended At the same time we will offer ff3r: entire and new stock of FANCY U(

to murder his step.mother whom. It Is on our 'guarantee.- \V. M. Johnson them. DAY GOODS at prices that will be to your advantage.We .
alleged he struck In the head with a Druggist. During this service the regular have the 'largest and be..",elected stock In Central Florida of F.C.

skillet or some similar Instrument NOT. ..--%Whlle we are sole agent for Thanksgiving offering will be taken TOYS' STATIONARY DUES.;INC5 AD TOILET BETS. SOUVENIR3: 1 t

some time ago and for which he hm Vlnol Gtlnesvllle.. It ,fa now for sale for the Gainesville Charity Assocla TALS AND POST CARD ALBUM-, nt other fancy novelties. !,

already served<< .a Jail sentence .In the at the leading drug store In nearly lion. __._ __ We are headqaartejs for Pipes and moke,.' Article.

town of High Springs The defendantwas every town and sly. in the country. Sluggish Liver Foe to, Ambition. Agents for Waterman's Fountain Pens.

found guilty of aggravated assault, Look for the Vlnol In ourton. -
and was sentenced to serve six months Yon cannot accomplish very much You Will Save Money by Buying Now
4n the county jell after severe repel.v If your liver Is inactive as you feel I"

rnand and lecture by the court. first three dull your eyes are heavy and slight After January 1 will be fitted up In our new quarters la the stare tt i
two easee ; case, years, second .nlon exhausts Orion Laxative .
Other cases tried were of the State six months e> you. corner of East Liberty and East Main streets (VIDAL'S STAND), where
ea.e. Fruit stimulates the liver
i Syrup
vs.; J, II Truby, Henry McMillan and Taylor Morgan three solicit continuance of your liberal patronage.
years. and bowels and makes you feel bright
Tom Mack, all charged with selling\
Charlie Johnson manslaughter flveyears
and active. Orlno Laxative Fruit 8.1- Yourrespectfully.
liquor In a county which had voted ,
does not nauseate or gripe and I* .
against the sale of same, and In each Jack Dames, murder In second .legree. mild and .very pleasant to take. Or A !L. VIDAL & CO.
ease the jury returned' a verdict of :
Imprisonment for life. Ino !. more effective than pills or ordinary ,
not guilty. Only four of eight cases of 0
Alex dmlth breaking and entering
cathartic. Refuse substitutes.J. .
'q, this character have been convicted twelve GAINESVILLE. FLORIDA.
VV. MeCollum A Co,
. daring the present term of the court. Forest Robertson throwing explosIves -
The sentences Imposed by the.courtwere
under dwelling house fire years. Death In Alachua.
follows '"
AS r
Cork RlUruee, selling liquor In .
JLltlle MaMllUn, In Information has reached this city of
selling llq'inr a
I county voting against sale of same, six O
county which has voted agtlnst the i the death of Alexander Young the I

ale of same, fine of I&OJ and onttt. or month twentyy*.*r.old on of Mr. and Mrs.Oeo. ir 'If
Jim Llgglos, assault with Intent to
t You Are nsurd11i
twelve" month murder, the years.llenjamln W. Young, which occurred at his
Daniel' Hlmmt, ...0" and battery, flora In AlsohUM of hemorrhagic fever
Drown soiling liquor In a
six months. Monday The funeral was held Tuesday I
county voting against sale of same* '
Fred H-lnl-ardl selling liquor In a afternoon, and was' conducted In a Company that la Responsible Have a Policy t''rreLIJ
twelve months. Wrtttenr With Liberality of Policy. Contract and the
which had the from the home of the deceased.
county voted
David' John.on, larceny three years Pays Losses Promptly
..1.01 foOO and costs or twelve", .
-------- ----------
Court adjourned until 8iSO o'clock
months. Tho Great Headache Cure *
Wednesday morning. ,
Josle Howard murder In -second' degree. You Are Assured

for life. IThaI.
Imprisonment / THE NEWS FROM WINDSOR. \ .
Howard Price, aggravated assault, Bromo-Pepsin
r no serious loss van overcome you without you have some
twelve months. Interesting Dudget From the Progressive retoY..
Jim William, breaking and enter.leg \
Little Town by the Lake. "*iote, the W0n\ Pepsin."
jeers.Walter Windsor, Nov. 37.-T. M. King of
Levy, breaking and entering Live Oak has been spending a few days C U R E Q Heidache, Indigestion, \ Fire( Life Accident and Health lusurance.

.. .. .. _.. .. Kenonsness .
-- - ------ - - --" - Insomnia
with his falher ln-law, J. A. Ros ,

borOJiih.K. \
On the Spot. None but Reliable Companies Represented.
I K Ilosboroafth the genial sales

We have I roan for Jacksonville Jrocery Com Ro Opiates. Absolutely Harmless.

pan', spent Sunday at his old home. AU P nc....*.. toe.S&ed: ..,... I) A. 1 C1.7SS:1.VL: : : N
the exclusive agency fur thepOLISH K. D. I'hlfsr returned Friday from voa SAL a v ,

T.mrwhe,. he has beta taking In J. VT. XcCOLLUX alt CO., DrvrirUUOee. ) Informavton! cheerfully famished. OAINE3VILI.E. FLORDI

that the States Fair. II:. Mal. .a4 Unto &....Ottaee-IDe. ru.
)Ir.. M. J lleckham and Will Il+ck-! "
--- -- --- ------ -------- I' '
the hsm are vUltlng& friends In Tampa

It Is Mr. Torode sank several nice pine _. -

; apples from Ms pinery here to Tampa Louisville and PERRY I. COLSOK Prts. J. W. BLAJLIHG, Ylce-Pres. B. R. COLSCH, Se .-TrALAOHTJA

HASSLER'Sand )1,. Torode' seems quite encouraged

with the pineapple proepeat. 'In Alschna COUNTY

with .It irore our guarsnte* that county. .----- .
{tti*.il pl.... or ,.on., refunded.We I Ml. Verto Is spending some lime

with There her Is sister qalte, 11 M,etop. O uf E. oranges llobba. en Nashville R RI R RIB ABSTRACT COMP; :

Life one of the grove around Wm.!.er.It ..COlLro."T'...
.1 and Luster begins |o look quit. like oM tlro. ...

IEtUtITo The bar enjoy these moonlight' st Line to Ge 'T.l ea-v-i.J..J..o, Fla.

nights and have had several. fox huntsrreently

at nearly nil of which they Birmingham Nashville The Title la the First COlul4.'MD.r
AnY + 4, htve begged or more foxes. 1t'. '
owe do an exclusive Abstract business with fscillUee far lmf* i
FiaisbM --- -- ,- --- Memphis,, Knoxvllle, Louis- INFORMATION eotvcernlDg the TI,.. to any and all lards ua .\ -
On to Jack...."..... ALL .ar24I TKAIMACTED" PBOMPTLT.

;' '1 Planes, Pumttxre, I'letar..,_MetaU,, The *?.. of the 8ufrdsy eeaool ville! Cincinnati, St. Louis,

KardwtM Floors and ail lllcbty Pole of Florida are set toward Jaek.o tI. Chicago and nil points

Ubed WoodwatklRa.a.esScxIc> ,ill-]us% eow b...... there Is to beheld I

Mara and StaJaa. Gaga aJ:PoUsh tes I* that city Hebo.4., the. North and West. ABSTRACT & REALTY COMPANt
( .
1 mate Headay fWhool Qoestieu
',t .. -.naon-c .
I' T> > tfi.elp*> Ja.kso vtltev
ro>c rs to
I _______ ;The i end s te.r I 0..9"'.... .eratte. threvch. .le- .. i
| >fv. r-
Step !. aIMS let .s s.. too Ho* s henl may seed beside.bier.. other E.
I, .case FWmda totf*.. ........ with d."MC. ; E. VOYI.E. MQR.AI .
4.....'... ........ .
.. .... ..'U ear 1 a.-.a f
So ie .
It tB> Ka boy. >tnM e 01 TlUo aa4 tall lafertnattea famished recaMlacty.
work will be eosMere4 and
a feet 4iU.c..e.' service la lk eTarevcfe .... Oar tseag.rbe.5-sd la tale eooatr,.ins jeate .... W
vie know.G&IIIeullte. ;.u..C p roc ram k .rra.c.. Asseg ( tfcoroB. Uavi Utlee.
<1Hy eemvernuit with
... .h. sreakere ate D.. II. M llamtr. Mr.Mart S
... .. .
,** ) N OaHfer
** few* *.. l.**rs>..ii*.al u.a.. flee

Furniture romp'raw.a" "ant latet.atsaa.l tWervtaty.TVe sad.>*her M,. Tv W,0 Je eLCMr I.....tfo-... .I....,...... *. t*.rates aM t. aN ..... E_ E: V <:) LE..
.. .. --
: .a West *
nortel.ortoet. J. II )I.L....... ., *n 9 t.rsA.bed - J....1.Oh.III. a ..r*.'P off ,a>. l-...i pswspeiy ea sppifeetto us VIL. 4 GOtD. RD&eL&.a'r A D Y.NDF.Ya r vJC :..&.1f"T :
i Oaif" K lv >..r all 0. E H.....-.. ", ,- ....ta...ttf ,- ll'.... .a..1' aa..... ........-;-= -
I| ... I ape Oy- ..,.. .... .. .tath 4 .. -.I.. Ictrt
M .' ss t d s. Oat F'. r. Art, U A X K. K. lit a T1f .uP CITY LoLe ,,",
erea...*,....,... W, Hay ." .JsiX ae vuU, rtes i cJ-.a.S.c.: : : --4-- -

,) I .. . ,' .
wu "'-- -
_", ., AT .J W1J .. rl 1i1i' ;:-



.-----.- _.- -.-- - ----.---
- ---
-- -- -----
::.: : - He Killed Wife and Himself.

kfA FE SHIPPING Toledo. O Nov.. S7.-Mr. and -nMMOND'
1 )'lra. James SoMt Mitchell of Salem. _

HEAVILY ).1&.*. mere found' dead In bed in a TI: 1 17 OIANO-.s'nOE
COTTON GET A GOODI rooming house at Bettevue. vast of
I here Sunday ristntR. When their iIVoR CVEOr FOO g"fi
room Was
300 entailed a strong odor o|
Solid Carloads, or ormaldohvde:: : ties w.a noticed Coroner

From There. p Thanksgiving Vertullye rendered a verdict o*
ld, to Move : double auclJe. Later investigation!

--- CROPI however, revealed facts which! It Is
BULK of THE said tended to .Blow that Mitchell
4 I __ drugged his wife anal caused her death fIY BI
Turkey fAC74RESWe
This Shipment But Nearly. and then committed suicide by the
i Dlatnbuted Among same means. .-

|00oowi11B. the Santa Fe and make every style of shoe thatis
,ewers Roaster A Weather Sto... worn. That is one reason why we ,
I s et on*. A writer telU oC a curious atone that
'r. rev J7.-Santa Fft la fast 111 to be found In Finland. It la a can give you better value for the
point for natural barometer and actually fore in
: shipping money Diamond Brand shoes
Urge tells
''II probable changes In the weather
Lad year there were from some this ALUMINUM It Is called a aemabnlr. and Its e'CU1. than is possible in factories making
.jrfdbalea shipped larRy la that It turn black before
for this .'* only one kind of shoe.
The flr : Broaching rain while In fine weather
and will consist of or .It la mottled
Iosded with spot. of white. Investigation -
kklaf MM carload, containing three has abown the atone to bea A* we operate fire large plant, aubtllvUed Into seven I

bale*. The sate was made by RUSSIAN IRON sort of fossil mixed with clay, rock pcctalrjr f actor,ie*, every Inch of leather can be utilised In j
./t.4! L Matthew of Bland to W. aalt and niter. AVbea the air Is moist aome department and we are enabled to grate our leatherto

J. b* amount of *'"* the salt turns black; when the air la produce uniformly the highest quality without, wa.te.
boa. be left among the farmera of Just the thing you need. dry the aalt ahovrs in white spots on
wOl the surface of the atone.
Zvt Bland section for the aaleiuxxat Ask your dealer for Diamond Urand Shoes

to nearly thirty thousand Perr.rea
.; n. balk or the crop In this At Perfume exercise a peculiar Influence -
? 3)ro1MAKCR.St IRtWDr'
dhililaJhe'h'P111"1vtanxJay l / *. over one'a nervous .,.t..m. A e2l4 Ice StI0awul % 1t1Lj
night, the 22d. both ofaid faint subtle odor la nearly always en

&.l..* Worthington Springshorsed erratlng. while a pungent rich perfume WE AMKE MORC fM SUO S THAN
with content Aa the often has a bracing effect. Civet ;
ssoeehpied at the time Induce drowatneaa. a faint breath of ANY OTHER HOUSE IfTHE. WCST '
were BAIRDHa.rdware musk Invigorate and the perfume of
raM, (Is unknown. the aloo and the citron la poattlvely
order of theTkt _
Cat',MDdlal la the soothing and comforting. The delicate, - -- -
eane being killed by the late (spicy odors of pinks carnation, apple -Ii--

i kit eaoted the farmers to rush Go's.Pbone i blossoms and aweetbrier' are thought CLYDE u>
trnad'Bg. Seed cane that was cut I to be beneficial.

Ktba freete I I. killed, which will 7.

i the majority of the cane grow. G..a.
pre minus In the crop next year. Summer resorts go through three

.ftttoatlno-d dry weather I I. great atagett.Ftrat..

insuring the vegetable crop here. NEWS OF CITY ANDCOUNTY aelvea.Second... "People go there to enjoy them ,_

[huts Fell beginning to be lively. CONDENSED .-Peopto go there to diverttlieniaelve
s A Co.of Live Oak who have *. .
lout the claims of the Valdosta i Third.-People1, go there to flaunt :
. atar* potting op a large dlajktre. i Mr*. T. W. Pitta and Interesting lit. tcemaelve Then,the place 1* faahlooable. ip

W B, Holder of Oitro tie daughter MId: Cnrtle, have returned .-Life.
.vkoowD* a large interest aooth from Tampa, where they pent B.dIr4T: GB :ID.A.OSWEDDK.: : .
krt.eoatemplatea potting his ,Mill several day vltttlnfC the former' hua- a.,... N.... !. Trmlics. UETWKKMJoolctiorwille
band and taking In the State "I have ono rule for my family wren? and New Yorlc
uUo. U.t... there I la a oonaoll great ,
travelaald the conductor of the
then will be two companies Fair.L. they Calling at OHARLKoTON. 8. O.. both way*.
suburban train "and that la for them
lag "here In the near future. J Durkhlm and son. L. J. Jr., never to Vide In the rear coach or the The Finest BteamabJpi In the Co*.twl o Service

'Jeff yesterday for Birmingham, Ala., first one and preferably, not In the
THE MOTHERS' MEETING where they went to attend the marriage coach next to the last or flrat. The rea Clyde :Now England and Southern Line*

of Mr. Bnrkhlm' nephew, L. O. eon for It I* ao obvious that I should Freight Bervte. Between JACKSONVILLE, BOtJTON and
\& it W. C. T. U. Reading Room Ball, to Miss Spero, which occur to think the foremost and last car of a PHOVIDKNOK and All Katrn Point,

With Well Attended. night. The> prospective groom I.I a son train would bate scant patronage from Calling at Charleston both way,

Xothera Meeting held at the of Harmon Ball of Tall.h....., and I* dentm.anybody If who there reada la a smashup of railroad tboee ace> are!. fg.ITTV/1 *Tj-*lA '.. TTJ1: ::::: Y SA:J'J': .J T>Cr Cr-f:*

C T. U. reading room Monday well known throughout this section the coacbo that suffer It aeetuaatrange Hanthl" .ou&d. . ......,.... .. . .. . . ... . From IA.,.*' Wharf J 11$1'.
AMMO* wa a very enjoyable aa well where he has visited often. Ill that some kind of a buffer I. Kottbbound... ... ..... ......From Fool of Catbvrin .1..Ja_k.ortflll'*
banmttiv*meeting. Th. room jraat friend will extend congratulation:: not put behind tb. locomotive tender

overflowing, and everyone Mr. and Mr*. John W. Ettel have and at the rear of the train How Clvdo St. Johns River Lino t tIwtwwatl

rf ready to do all in their power arrived In the city' from their summer many live would fx saved by a device .; JACKUONV..K Mod MANt"OtcO

f.atk the meeting a aocceit.'larcfram home at Falrhope. on Mobile bay, of the kind one has only to study the Stepping' at I'alatksAstor, Bereafonl (!lAndaniI Ixtrm.>.liat* Landiagz .
began with a aor.g, "A Alabama, where they have been for statistics of railroad accident to Bg- on Ht. John Uiv,.
Talk With Jra'* are out for blmaelf"New York Preuitl .
ie4tore the past few month It will be re- Steamers "CITY OF JACKSONVILLE" and "FRED'K DE BABY1
reading the
by .
president. member that they had quite an experienee ..u.... IC..... ft' .t w-.i.. .
lltttla Jr prayer led by Mr. Foteh. Ate appointed to all a* follows Leave .I..hoo.III., dally
"Ttr Feed In the big storm a column home time when the teakettle le buh- taturdayeatyt3O p. m. Upturning.. leave Man ford, dally..

| B. Ban"and,. How to Obtain h"4.0. account of which appeared In The Sun. thing and boiling nn the kltrhen, range _.___._. .__ ____cept.. ._ u".J." at fell a.: m.. ._.......__.._.. . ____.__. .
Their beautiful home wa badly dam lift It quickly by its handle and set It ----- - "
; '
h.nul Doet-SuoR by the. Mltk .. aged by high wind And water, but n' the open palm of your other bar*!, ..;. -;: :.. "4UlUilLl ; S*::STe.Ja :.

M.aa4. with commendable' they beganat I' Tltla sounds Wk, a very fooilmnly lb hag 'A.Y. SiW ptn.Ho ....... ........ ..... .auntlll' .. . . .. ... .. Arrive 3ruTar...
Acti,"ptij Baby." Poem- energy to ik -.. If yew hand uttglit to* bJ.. prn .. .. ...... . . . .. .I.a la'kit. . . . . "... .
"7tbsur. one to build It up again. Their( t...ell in a twtekllug--*ntt yon will find 1 t1A.m. .. .... . . . . . .. . . .. . .... .... . . ..*spin
friend are delighted to welcome them .. . . .. .. . .Berfc.rd flMpLarut) ... .... . . . latc) "..
",ph by the ladle and here again, prior to their departure that you eau bold tbe teakettle whk-lt -'I..II'aJam. .... . . . . ....... Stanford . . . .. .... .. . . Btaa am
d.L 'C>) Mr. tart just rotue fr-its a rearing fire for . ... . .. . . Ea'. **... ... .. . .* *w
t'D. "I *. Dr. UPhJUI.\\ for White) Bpringa, where they will some time without hurtle yon. Try _--IOdA_arc. 'rr' ... : :.:....... : ._ ._.!. !_ '
I If1" 8:.,.Temperance soon re opn their epleodld hotel Tb. It sod then a-. It you rn tell tM re*. UMKEKAL PArltCAND TIOKKT. FFlCKfJUOMV:..BAY_ rrT.:., JA(3KNVILIJI

V"1' Prayer In onUon. Hamilton for the eaton. MQhy you ant not twn h... B?+ ; ,. . .. W Ua& .........
tjag are to ba held the w.o. cxoi-roa r? w Alen
------- bow. that 'he wtr le I>ollUigMreacly .
v* jXc*iy afternoon of every month PILES CURED IN O TO 14 DAYS. .. before you make the .sa--t'1- A. O.EIACIYTYOea.Zeiss P A.*..*.* Yl..
'tc.M t:3 t.. a great treat. ArM O. KOKK VlwFreUa O...,., Maaager.3TOTDX4 .
are to be, the PAZO OINTMEST: : I I. guaranteed to 0..08'_t ""r.lena fe.r. ___..M.....e.... N.. ,.eh

rx cme one to look after cure any ea..* of Itching, Blind, Bleed- A Kl.**.r >4 r....... --_ -- . ---- ...-"-
*'<"B. po: that 'log or Protruding Pile la 6 to 14 day A Krwicb ITt-tat peeler wes elM

tt tern re that mother account.need not be or money refunded._ COe.:.__ gtt"t of a m 4tub f.r >*evr at a Take The Atlantic Coast LineFOR

I,.. Dr raa.*.. Oa* aaa-n.:...c atfifierwl k-Trtaira
TL--tna gave eaeb one ofp'.uot. State Fair at Tamp.. wen nerved at brkf*.'. Ttwr Frveteti

-.1 a plttee of eske, On account of the Florida Slat Mid pastier asked the stealer of **.Mr.." ALL EARTHLY POINTSNorth.z..HasLtSouth.
r :: ::1a' butter or eggs. which Winter Fair at Tamp. $o" 14th to HIo, Lost refH.*"! 'hit u .*.... ** peervet" Vt. 11*

reel f41. sad many a fcoute-wir Nth the Atlaatta Coast Llo Hallway OTI tithing W* lease .... day ll r,aG. W
-.:J winter a.a.on would do will sell ticket for on. fare ptu 7ft UM PitMMFia ,*.*". wrl.-c M* **** / Sse..arr J..e',
"V**.. bow -10 Mast ..k1. -Jlay 'M l..rtt kipper JeoG.OJJ' t
: make tIS... cent (Ineludingadmisl.fl' coapoa) for good frk4eL'i.01s.e

t't,"e0we..... compound at a tH the round trip. Tbe*. ticket will be Rapid TrutMiit and Unrmrpafm'cl J PerrictiT1n

Come to oor next oa ale from point north and weat of ......... 9'-,
tarsi lad oat."lcx. Archer Galneavlli. Bte'."., Haw. ..MtM. _r. paewllay $.I4. i ".&Me I. "Ht lv, :SO. 1ICK.Depart .

'- thorn and Palatka. .loeSlalr th.... t. ....... ....- red to Meer. de+..dlygwwea. Foe OAI.KKBYILLX Arrive Fre*.
WITH LEWIS. KLc'd .... P. ... HULJ .J5.__!!._ . =
point No- 13. IS. 11.20. 22. 91. 57 sod eetys ...., tar Ke" W. PI -I;
Ia.-1 ....e..c be tee lips U Ovsie.! :I L..sMrg l .cos MDelis'
L++.. 29th. From point*eooth of in* .'-" a'Wetsi.ra,0 I L
Oft L.arcBody of ... In 1'.t.eebmrg lhsiiltI r
T' r lit ftovth point aDd not lo.iadiag them Jfov.14th widen' ttw.ilk ots .
II 7 .=e t Florida. and dally thereafter *...sP' BeUorday i It a ....1t..f tMllist-. : plea dXl pr Owls;L..erg sad. Tamps. sad J
' &-, tat u.. pant 'two sod Booday .P to and I0.l..llag. I ten..W -- Daily \ Iat.tta.dInl. r...... ib. 4 t.O a asAMpm
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