Is offering good, able-bodied laborers dosing, for the medtolae is taken Id
4 _
IIAO per day, however, cable 1'"_, with tae airyoo b,..".,aacl go.* right

FLOOR COVERING should b* an ladoeemeat. as the seal.leIs BEST LINE TO WASHINGTON AND to the spot where lb. eatarrhal germs(

snore than the average common laborer JOINTS KAMT9ft are present, healing the IaOarne-1 sad 4

Is made .'udJ.' oar star, Ware ran ,...1.. at other
la better po ltUMi to Oil four --.. -- ..*..0.1.. oee way (seeoed. the disease germ and valeting the

wants (a tntfs line then ever bs. Fall Openings .l*..).on .*.. daily autll Oe blood silk the oxygen, drlvlag eatarrhal <
for. and our stoek Is the most The ladle. of Oaleesvlll were oa 1 111\:" germs from tae systemDo "

tomptet. e.., shown b.,. yesterday la their glory. Tae O. W ts't.10 Il.tlTpriris. Ark..oasaUda|. aot try to ear catarrh of tae 1 WHEN YCj

t Hyde Ootapeyae t 11,... t'V'. ]t... ly t limit. nlaety dae.'a. he4 by potting medicine Into your 1 r*........It"... = "

: ira>4Vi mtlMaery parlor weep both 1.U City of Meiloo' sad rvtaratick 1 atomtal .. neither a .e4..atia.l .--.| ... "'"
lie |Iwo rfawn Matting I balding:their fall sad wlater ep.*&.n. ,.** on sls N... 22 to 38.IsMtaslv *.,eoatlaOD..... ,,...,...... Breathe 1.e a r- >
FREE. : lt 4n *tore were erow4 4" laroogaow I .i .trait Bitty ...,.. the healing lly.u.i and la .__WI ro t t"-

{I the 4 ayTae .a.u :c..n...T..... sad rrlnrn 1 a few day yo.s will notice "IMt..s.
JI I: t). W Hyde Oomfaay ad oa ticket on Nov. M and II jtlsaU tt. voetlaeeti oe will reeeU la a complete RInes, st t fZdJ F..
Coma to oar store for i display '..Ir fall and _,..... tit... Ne.. IS a4 la..".<<;..,..
anything i! roods. aad their J. W M-C-I .
| reety-u wear d. ts>,2i AsReaa.Oaawe rstam stet" saACo, kave see* so "
in Hoatd Fun ahiDJr; ( ..,._.a| attracted week ati..'.... e*. tm ..Ie ">i r:. 2* aai 39; sassy e.... --t. try IIysm .--.. .uw.-.1 wL yt
err ban It. I.Mr: Crd*.rtae pr, ea% .*....... o t ataatt =""i.... M. lt08.l.Q laelv ee.UMer*. several of teem. cease
taU store. Israaklag aa.,4--$.-. .'. elty Usluabia. So C. sad r.ton I I...*.. *U ..... of relief k4 t...

store of (l. aa4 ... vttett* are ....,'. t* k.,a.* 14M Nov, 4 aa4Hsati ... dp taa% they give aa shad...
,*........s by tae ,...'-' of (UiaetviMe. NOT 1. \9fttfoe + .r en'... et ......,. will ... .

GAIKSSYILLEFORIvITDHE! M r.. LOrae4e k4 oe JU 4y at .. ..**.Uosi rvgsrtl,aar ratty t* :..r..... wtUsTa ...W7 coal. titer ..a Steveet k'

CO PAfY.L. rarkers sataay beaauf hats sat M I* sA*... pats. aroty( tf r K MCaU C template ..if I: costs ..... It.'oh. T O lava tGstotsrts z
..M ate. tar *ta..4 Utsi .... w.r* I* %a4 T A' ; Jaesea r....eaa... D. 1". t ;. eitrs battles> ef ffyt as svhl *.... T... .
A. Jukeatxilec& era. +I .... .e..4 aN airy $0.caste

W . o , ,, .
> -
1; b" Bha,:iiitiaaBit& d_ ,:, / '
:= _. .
-J1iL. & =
-" .. ,. _... -- -

1 \' .

; ( I.. ,. . ,
.It. \ ." "
I ,.
\ 'I .
\.y '

___. . .. .. \ -_-_ __ .
------- '-' --- -- H ---. ------- '- t ,

I IiENERAL ...-- Rthtein & Stern elothtog; was a :mS"r..A.BJ.XtBJIHJD" :: 1 eeQ. ,
ING quest[' at the Brown House yesterday.

lIe ia a Georgia; boy who has won a H.F.DUTTN&CO.Sea
ORDER great deal of credit, and ia today bold. .

f I tag one of the most Iterative posttiana 'i-DBALBRS'IK
HEATING ---": -
on the road. lie in a personal friendof

' enth AnnaalMeeterate the city editor of TJie, "Sob. having Isl'8J Ld OotJeD.
: :
been born and reared in the same _
' .
[ '."n In Georgia, .J .,' x :

--GAINfcSVIUUE The Lady Baltimore: which was Sea Island Cotton Seed, : and Twine. Walrus

c g AT STOVES held at the reading rooms of the Pub Leather in Strips or Si d es.Monufacturora 0 .

FI'o":: Pathos and En- lie Library yesterday afternoon, wa ,
well attended, and those present were of the James Doig Improved EnglishSea
Veterans '
. ami Urges the well pleased with what:they received
* Present.jsby I&landCotton Gin, and Supplies for Snme
*ithI, State to be a cop of tea, a slice of good cake and :

Railroads. the receipt for the famous Lady Baltimore GAINESVILLE .. FLORIDA USA

the .tx. cake which I. a* good as any Y
annooneil'lJt cake aver made. The benefit was for .

rf\loloo of the Veteran Flnrida. the Public Library, and,the encourage- MALSBY MACHINERY CO.,

fa;.,a Confederate F. went from this entertainment wag OF JACK80NVILLK::, FLA.
br "tjnr-Generl We have the Jtiqd certainly appreciated.Hon. .
. AdjutantGenIt
.tte f!. R. B. AWeka of Hawthorn' st -
chtet-ot .
; o.lIf1'd to the that are sure to chairman of the school board and t Portable Outfits a Specialty. Wrltw
It I
*S&Ietlao who was rgatn honored by the electionas for Catalogue.

Iinasportetion of companie cent* please and cart put moderator of the Santa Fe Rlw.rB.I''I' 4- . Bold on Easy Term*. Corner Ward
..ibelotr rate one : ,,,
and Jefferson Street
apt,., ty.flveeente, for the then'\ up proD\ptly. Association just adjourned.returned ,
computed on the I to his home yesterday. 'Un

JL,tripled Pull details ale Bob" as he la familiarly known, i.a I.
limit of tickets, etc., conscientious. gentleman a
PI from local ticket ant no man In the county commandsmore MANUt' AND O/aT 110UT011.

.t.rtd tctpect than he. unanimous FLORIDA eoereosr o rteaaeo

I herealia re-election aa moderator of the association SAND LIME '
order. which are -
ital fall give other data pf was one of the most flattering WHITE
compliments which could have been
IIBK the reunion, which tott'tctsr

rest .t Gainesville, and paid him. ____ __> ?__> PRESSED t3F21cK
Vith Interest by everyntert THE NEWS FROM MELROSE.

urtaa follows i Delightful Birthday Party-A Quilting
>n Florida Divl*lon, I I.rat. Bee-Other Notes. JACKSONVILLE. FLA. COMPANYLX3STE

,!. Veteran, Jack Melrose, Oat.. 21-The- Grand nine '
..Oetober 15, 1906 came over to play the Melrose nine on

IOrJ() ."No. 7 Saturday afternoon, but did not suc
,rtaeral commanding e..fl1ln carrying off the game, as the ._, __ ' __ __ _.0 __ . . H. _.. ....._ _.. ._-_ ..__. _..____..-

InannonnclnR that the score was seven to twenty-nine In faTor -
a pleasant visit to hit parent,
mil encampment of the of Melrose. The CLYDE
viajtors were entertained
Mr. and Mrs. L. \V Jackson, In this
I i, United Confederaterjflbehtld on their arrival with a good
city. Lawrence has many friends here
at Galneavill dinner and In the evenlug a plllau
who were glad to see him agaiolMM.
[ti4 the 18thIovemb.r,19C6 was much enjoyed by them.
8. P. Lewis, daughter, Miss William Huffman celebrate his "
Kate and Ch.. \V. of Wade d
Confederate Veterans, eon, ,
.U eighth birthday last week by: giving a
Confederate Veterans after a visit to Mr. and Mrs. FA G. .
his little /
party to some twenty of
tt* prirlleRe of the floor) Reinhardt In this city, have returnedto friends. The\ afternoon was "spent In ,>
hubteri of the Confederacya"y their home. They were accompanied I "
I playing all kinds of games cud In enjoying
to attend Our by Miss Marie Reinhardt, !
a"y : the fine refreshment provided.
w wall Camp No. 1438 U. : who will be their guest for a few dajs. William was made happy by receiving ,. ,

I eitSaena of Gainecvllle, Prof. Jules Elchelberger left yesterday numerous presents. r

spirit and hospitality aretMlVoat i for Alachua and other points, E. W Watkins of Putnam Hall was FOU n s-AoxT3sra-e: :m.A.oa: 'WiiKK. .

the State are tnak- where he has been engaged to tune and In town Friday to .arrange for DBTWKKNJacLcfsoxwlllo

pvpantion to Insure the I repair a number of piano. He declares the operation of a telephone line from and Now York

injojment of the occasion The Sun Is the proper thing Putnam Hall to Melrosv, II. expects Calling at OIlAnL STON. 8. 0., both w.ja. '
M'jaopfd' that there will be when it comes to advertising, as his 'later on to connect with Palatka.As .
atntboilaitio attendance. ad. In this paper has been the means a result of the revival meetingsheld Tile Finest Steamahlpi la the CoattwUa S&rTlcsClyde

hdttnp I. entitled to one of keeping him constantly on the go for the past two weeks at the )f. Lin6s
NeW and Southern
4rrrrj twenty members Inibt.aadon recently. E. Church by Rev. T. Slstrunk six England

additional( tort After a pleasant sojourn of a monthat new member were added to the Fr<..Ight 8;rle. Itetween JACKHONVILLK. UOHTON and

? tea members, provided their old home Owensboro and C.l- church at yesterday' services rilOVIDKMJK and All Eastern Polnta,

trtrry tamp In good atand- houn, Ky., J. 8. Goode and W. 1'. Mrs. W. II. Cor pew and son left Bat Calling at Charleston both ".f..

10 at leaat two dle- Uoseley have returned to Gainesville. orday for Gainesville to visit Mrs. M.
'IU a aG.I-WIIifICL'Y': : B.AJLXN'GB8outh'JOu : ,
eoramanders of campstospptlntdelegatet It had been sometime since they had Phlfer. 4.. ........... . ...From lA....* wharf, IJMUinNoithboand. '
when the pleasure of meeting the friends of One of the largest quilting bees ............ . From Foot of Catherine ....Jacksonville ,
" fill to elect same. A* long ago In "Old Kentucky" and naturally given. recently took place at Cue Huffman .

<*t>ta velected the ads the visit was do tbty appreciated House last Tuesday Some twenty.fife ..

!'liP'.II. at once report on this account. willing frleed' ambted and

,wuad those of alternates lotCB The attention of the street committee assisted, )Ir.. Hoffman to provide no.merous Clyde St. Johns River Lino

* .ral at these head- qullta far their prospective sand t4AN
f Is called to the fact that the elec- J-A-OKuoNviuuto O"D

* trio light on North Pleasant street, guests Btopplngat Palatka, Astor, lleresfoni (I).La d.nd Intermedtate L adlnE..-
asnwhieh may be In are corner West Court has been out for Mrs, O. O. Husband ant daughter on Bt, John Hirer.HTKAMKIt .

rated to promptly remit several nights This section of the and lilts Sadie. Multea spent the weekend

*.* Brsccnfs per capita to city is unusually dark owing to the at Starke. .. OJ'reyOlr J.A..OBSO :cLm""
-fBral BO that their enrollment school has
The present at
.s.1M entitled presence of so many shade trees, and Iff appointed to ..n.. follows i Leave J..honlII. und.,., Tuesdaysand
to partiela reached the ?S mark. This I. fitter,
deal of
pedestrians experience a great Tbursdafs.Stao p. ni. lt.iutning.leave. ban ford Mondays,
.toa, than It has been for years, and It I.I to Oitt> ) .
* difficulty In making progress In that Wednesdaya Krlday*, a. m.Lm
. . _. _. .
tra of the divisiond be hoped that the helmschool. will ::- -:::_- ==- -- :: - .::=-.:;:---r--:: :; . ::':'_:: '.20::: .. ._ T.. "5*
' to attend and If vicinity soon regain the high reputation of for ia. 4 rat.JIUK "(JII'UUL :::.'':

1....v .a oil form. Ilsr. F. M. Hartman request The mer years. ) pmflriA . .. . . .. . . . . .JaeftftonvllUt. . . . ... .. Arrive 9>0&ana
-111.'leea and brigade Sun to announce that beginning Sal.urday ____ pm .. . .. . . . . . . .Ialatka.. . . . . .. ., ...Leave NtOOpna
h11,. the 77th 10.... he will becta aseries Notts:.. am em. .. . . . . . . . . . Actor .. .. .. . . ... . . >a,10 1''Ie".tonS -
.qaested to maker of meetings at Antloeh Mlstloa- .. . . .. . . . (I>Land) .. . . . . . . tiOOpnuArr1veN(00am tacampment The Christian Kadeavor Hoclal) Come _. . . . . . . . . ... Han torat . ... . . . ....... . h,ta)a..

4 aS-ai Rat. ary Baptist the Rev He will C Par assisted ml".. of Worth O.ln.nUl"lilah- ___ _._lt_) alii. '':''__'.:' .... ._..:. .:.:.: .;Ial.rjatlar L.., ..:... ...:.:.:..:..c:.::.:_ _..... l4itxl..!5. ,
In by
tea: a supper at the hall Saturday. Oato- (<< N>rRALPAfl11. .AKDTICKfT OKKICK. Y ItT
a companies have Is Invited .!! 173U'.JIA .. JAOKMONVILLJI? :
kinson. Tb. general public
CUi d eeot mite her 17 Tb. l'OO".s.III be used lo pyte ttnxtsonern.JN..Awt.Ge.t'w. ...7 Itt W*. hey e6 .l_4aem m
per will tM' continued
,and th. meetings send delegates to the DUtrlst O. E. w.0. .4YfobJ,. a. s w &;J.I... a..rraNad.M
nee,t*. for the round'ap long as the attendance and result h.l H............ I.. .....m..
.tMallilr 1.0' as Convention at Cedar Key, November .. O. upitTY.t1.e.0.SI...$.5 W..b OI.Y<MI r.WLht.Art..wye.b
.t'M. t Ut Agate will warrant 6-?. Maiw. T1IKO. O. KOKlt Vl..*Ir..ffi4eai sad Qeaeral Uanaajet.n .

'. .ht rse sr .hoe. Whenever yoo see the name V>f Jo. First Coarse-Oyster Cn" .,.. d cc..1 n*r M,Ken*Wfe.. HM.k, ..........f. Mew Tree "jr

.... greatly A. Wallace attached to a how you ego Second Course-Chl kea Pillau. .. .
'surd to Rh,.. pob.the -- - -- - -- - '-.. - - _.....-..... _.- .,-
H'.CtJ depend that It I. a good one. Mr. Tile Contr.IeCream.Yeortk -

t t approachaal Wallace la the "showman" that give Coore-Cske and Cot e.. ?

at! inclca"meD' of .n be aleii..e. and meoey back if Hash roars I. eevea *...... Veer '

Itt I I' "L..DlO Dot satUfled His "..eke. Bad B.y ......,... let .....J'-e.vro *eatt.Mas. FaySholesTypewriter
.lX Zsrt Company will be at the opera h o*. J. Crocus CII'..
It. t 'lest. nest gstordsy.. matinee and night' JoeA.
.-rt. ChUf-of- " .....a-r. has 8H Tf **ikaEditor Cod.

..... never had a poor eoswpsay DO" play Saa< I wish. IA publicly" ...

.for Anacoberof .IU..... who .... a Sib knowledge. B>7 Ikaak t. God for beat
? AND dinner oegreg ted at a lake sheet lac tspns. .' a bed ease*f erseme of a.*. r

CONDENSED two mile. and a half east of t It. city scat jear.' a4e)94. lo f%" A L'iS.r 0'',.J:pU is Ut.

yesterday, wh.relh.y.eopn ashes.der pityeata. _ad. l. J..... Ilk .!iH. .eI4ih THE ISr..T

! and flab fry Tke was and lit* vr '". Oat al..'.b...
one ef this .ACIII)e 09 THE3 MAJSKCTomvrjBu.
ais e..>*Mllt+oa* are
prepared by thY. R, M*. C. y. wa* lo ... B*.ptr .t iy,
...s.. tfce vtrv cotUsMif I a B Tabulator
s a.s. with Ike fry was prepared' MM W a 1.naoe
Toss Boul..r. It was a ,. I [ KTMUUB \I orr

'....Ilh for tW bet ese. .re... al ....._ t4.- Most.IMI Every Machine.Cajs .
& a* arraare. was declared Br.t-...... M ...rr n' ve. 0eC. J' ...... twrat7tttrt1 I
k n"wt -: at.a. teak la asas.J .......... tI1II the tlta.Uere 1
)Cast FloridaUl spiel. .1 Bakls. ". Sire. H-.....W )Lod>.stl aa tarOnt..Ms L1dta.t fI.ifi'! Llgktat llaast/sgS SA.I .
*..t..r 1. 11 W [f4mpo k-sr faa I > 44w ... Writer .1 the.
< o. clever traveUag repre...ta.rte ., a/eaed > ,. ., Qs. ... 1t.r.
L __...__ ._._...___. -_.-_ _..n-__- ..- -- - Fsy1t&ete. Meylqwla. toI
-a Atlaata. I I .... I. rl..iaovilh. tltats any ether" ..........
.. ( Mst.s e.
-* ia>..,*... ... ..fM rv.os. reel erne
F ? sy saa & r. S.>. .... heel *.*, Cs*. ...... try
a* oaatew Have One O* avM....,, Vw .*...*& trot ua M I
R+4 eae.lrt Ili. Is.nett y...,. ... A4 IfcNt.,.......*Aysr a1.n1 For Sato by.. .
:'aav ate.1r y as.ea1 ,..eswtbe aed caUa.n.a

*. +if orals, TTj: _. ... Ie, W*..... ra... s-..*.a...i aya--<- .... THE SUN, GtioMYllIe, Fla.rl .

JLOCiOasJgi-gy-I" -.-- -- I I'
t sDr


,/ \. .t.t(* :t- -.,: r J ....I1IW..l r .

I '
( I '
I tC uI

tt (I1r tit ftt

I I .',f .1 ,I r, II ," I,


. .. .. .. .. --._._--
--- -----. .-.-. ----------_- -- -_..- -
"' -. -..- --------_-._ --- -- ...- ... ---- ---------- ------------ .
---- ----
... tI
:IW' 79MEN'SWEPT 1 -
Mrs. Dr. Curtis Home From Main.

WHY TAKECALOMEL Other Notes of Personal' Interest.
If You Are Insured.
TO DEATH ? Orange Hefghtt, Oct 94.-Bovlnets .

V- '"' is dull not many In town and everybody -

-- When Motley' Lemon Is tending to their own business. -
lilixir, a purely vegetable 1 In a Company that is Responsible,. Have a Policy Correct
?t Tells of the Horrors Written/ With Liberality of Poltey Contract and the OomrY-;
compound, with a pleas It Is rumored that B. F. Barnes has Pays Losses Promptly .
to Great Gulf Storm. ant taste, will relieve you resigned his position with the Melroie "

rt 1, of Eiliousnean. and all Manufacturing Co. and taken his departure

TERRIBLE HARDSHIPS kindred diseases without for other quarter We re* C You Are Assured

griping or nausea\ and Bret to lose Ben as a citizen, as he has

leave no bad effects. been here several and the children -
years 4 loss without
Adrift- That no serious can overcome you you have come
in For Hour on Lope Soc. and >$100; per bottleat always greet him 'with a "hello i' refuge. .

Uscued and Tell How Their all Drug StoresMOZLEY'S Ben."

R. P. Lumpkin Is visiting his old

nions on A House Boat Were LEMON ELIXIR. home business' In with Sooth pleasure.Carolina combining ) Fire, Life, Accident and Health tarance. ;

'. Ala. Oct. 24.The Mal- "OXtt Dots COMVUTCBS." Ben Lampkin hat resigned his position 0 Reliable 1
Noue but Companies Represented.
I' Colorado, ''Which has arrlv as agent at the depot, and contemplates -

rt, having as passengers Jo- entering school soon.
tslson Charles Olsen, Charles: The railroad company I. fencing the I "

n and Otto Drink who were road, and quite a Rang ot laborers are .. . :M CUSE:1VJ.A..N: : ,
New Scale of .
.'f u_> at sea Saturday morning Wagce.Plttft.bure. located here at present. I 1
Oct. 25.CommltteearO&JrtlkUdll famished. GAINESVILLE
cheerfully ,
Information FLORIDA
vessel 00 miles off Key West .. Dr. Curtis went to Jacksonville! yesterday / -
,. t. Urotaerhood of JUUl- 4I
men were found standing; on to meet Mrs. Curtis, who la returning -
;made; out of wiz logs, and were way Trainmen in the IltLaburgawltcbtng from a visit to her old home in I I I' '
district have presented a new i
twister waist deep at the time Maine. Her many friends welcomeher
scale of wages to the 18 division superintendents
said that he and the other home again. The Doctor has several -
of the various railroad ESTHER 8. JORDAN. W. W. HAMPTON,
'ere houseboat at Long
on a *. The scale provides for eight hands gathering peotns and preparing

ten the hurricane struck tbem boura' work with pro rata pay for to ship. His pecan crop Is very '
W' the boat to ac.. It soon
overtime and sn answer la requestedon fine this year. JORDAN & COMPANYINSURANCE
pieces and out of the 12Cn
: or before Nov. 3. The demandsare Mrs, R. D. Patterson will leave to-
board, 79 were drowned
about the same as those of the morrow to Join her husband In Douglas
afore bis eyes. The other
Chicago district, and effect men em- Oa., where they .,:ll'ee10 make

Jacksonmen ployed In the yards only, the road- their home. Mr. Patterson Is chief car

i sal that tbe loss of life men JiavlnR a different wage scale. Inspector on the P. 0 & A. railroad.

arise oft Long Key than any I Frank Wiley and Mr. Rhodeoe were PORTER BLOCK GAINESVILLE, FLORIDA

nt.Inca. Napoleon Bonaparte I visiting the. family of Joe Botch Bun-

were employed on the _x- Showed at the battle of Ao.terlUsl day.

work of the Florida East he was the greatest leader 'In the Mrs. J. II. Patterson and Mrs. II. D. Fire Life and Accident :"::. aotd .I

(.railway world. Usllard's Snow Liniment has Patterson were shopping In Waldo to- nmpa

shown the publlo U Is. the best llnlm day.
eat Damage From Storm ..nt In the world. A quick core for Mn.Chas. Ilelfrlek' and Miss( Clyde PERRY M. COLSON, Pres. J. W. BLAHDING, Ylce-Pres. B. R. COLSON, Sec.-Treas.

rana, Oct. 24.-Contrary to the rheumatism sprains,burns, outs, etc. Tn...) were visitors lo Oalneivllle' one
snag contained In the report re-
by the government It now ap- A. O. Pitts, Rod 1" '., L*., say.i "I day last week. ALAOHTJA COUNTY
Miss Bell Hall Is visiting 'In Gaines
use llsllard's Snow Liniment In
that the Isle of Pine suffered ville.
Iderable damage from the storm. i family and find It unexeUrd for sore

y houses at Neuva Gerona and I che', headache,oorns-in fact. for anything A'Most Worthy Article.. ABSTRACT COMPANY

Fe and In the Intervening coun- tttsl can be r..h.d by a llnlment. > When an article ha. been on the

were blown down, much damage ." Bold by W. M. Johnson. market for years and gains friend. IIICOKPOBAT.

done to fruit crops and the every year, It Is safe to call this medicine H\J..a .
a station was wrecked The Bryan Speaks In Indiana "
worthy 'Suoh I.
a one.
.1" Cristobal Colon a small Indianapolis. In I., Oct. "25.-William
It positively curescoughs
steamer, plying between the'ell J., Uryan made We. Crrt np.ecb and all pulmonary diseases. "The Title Is the First Contideratlon."
Floes and die mainland, whkti Wednesday at Ix4>anon. There are
One of the best known merchants In We do an exclusive Abstract business with Ncllltles for Imparting FULL
tbe passage during the storm, other speeches scheduled for the third INFORMATION concerning the Title to any and aUI.nd.ln Alachua County
ed her dMKlnatlon without any and last day of his Indiana tour, at Mobile Ala.. says t "For five years ALL nU81 ESS TRANSACTED PROMPTLY.
of life The garrUon of AmerlMarines : LdKayctle, !>fth bl. Ltigansport. Cul- my family has not been troubled with

/ rendered valuable service ver. Plymouth. Columbia City and the winter ooughs. We owe this to

e'' height of the storm In saving Fort Wayno. Ha was entJiuslastlo Ballard'. Horehound Syrup. I know

and property at Kueva Oerona. over ABSTRACT & REALTY COMPANY
In .l spells.. Bold by W. M. Johnson.
JQY'eraaUoa'edn"eda7 -- _._-.-- ____, -
Many People Drowned. he said he Intended to write a book
Santoa Dumont Falfs to Win.
,..w York. Oct. 21.--Tbe sotttaryIvor on his European travels based on toe ib.oorporatGd1I.
Paris Oct. 23.- Santoa-Du-
of 33 men who went adrift letters be wrote while abroad. M.f
moat Tuesday made another unaueceavful E. E' MGR.
;1.. barge boat Halt,, from lower .
In his
tU Key, on the coaat of Mor"during Don't Be Imposed Upon. aeroplane Abstraeta of Title and fall Information furnished regarding' lands IB this
win the I
[:<< the terrifIc gale of Oct. Foley A C?., Chicago originated rich Deacon prlre. 1.- eooDt,. Oar manager has lived In this eountr thirty year and
[ .. brought Into this port Tuea Is thoroughly conversant with land titles.
1 Honey and Tar as throat and rung YOUR HAT
the .' Kl I'aao. He IIUu. I
>y earner
and of the
remedy, on account great ;
( .*.>!) of HalMn Twylor coun- E E ratE
merit and popularity of Fol., Honey .. _
'lot-Ida, and be declared that he Mar Da a lyll.h 0 flat It )takesTt ,
and Tar many Imitation art offered ......
eight: of Out 3* others drowned FIRE. ACCIDENT
believe. that all. of them went E.r the .,aulne. Three worthless Imitations A man usually buy a Hat that'a "hi seating a number of prominent jtmerlean and English eorapanle
but the modern hat for ha
have similar sounding names. tyl* nn REAL ESTATE AND CITY LOAJS8.
den the barge found wed. Iota to answer (or.
lleware of them. The genuine Fol.,'. UaUha ate growing- more numerous Ga.:1.x:1..ea-v-:1.LJ..e:: : t 8'lorii3sG.

Honey and Tar Is 'In a yellow psekace. every drllata mk extHtontbroedtHK - -- -..- - _.. -- ....- -
Eight Injured In Wreck. ptae** for the p.tra.ttlc s_rm
Ask for It and refuse sutteiliute.t .
any which the JtTa from the rowU of the
tvtrUnd O Oct. : asp
.. 25.-lilght men S. MERCHANT fc CO.
[ Is the host remedy for' coughs and '
Injured, of thwn perhaps fata hairWhen ..
sold. J. W. MoOnllum.00.. your hair bciHnu to fait out and ,
; a wreck on the eastern Ohio ro+tr MMUp U roll of XtaadrurC It la a Retailers and Jobber ta
r* alien that these counttas germs are
Chagrin 0.
near Kails. ,
Visited the Pope. bully at work.Thee. .

icsday. ltoIne. Oct.: 25. -Dr. T...nnnnlwithstanding not' . l. but ODe war t* o.*reo re the and Groceries
.. _. 'tb.- trt>u>>l. ana bill th* prm'ba' WAN .. Staple Fancy
'-'--- - - - ..
unsatisfactory coodIUon t aapty XewtHW ?MerpteJU to th..Ip."t ,
of his own health Insisted on KM.I wilt hill the terms and bmitny
'w TlelUng the ba'r i I.. sure 'a rrault firaln Garden Seed and Fertilizers.
pope Wednesday morning HI hi t>r inadtAa druarleta Semi Vm ,
He found that the pontiff had improved .t.rhe for sample to The ItarptetO Co.
the pains In bis knee de- ''"tri..if. Mirh.J. 80OTII SIDE SQUARE. t i I OA E8VILLJr. FLO KID A

ereaeed and his temperature which X. Itadlfard A c... Special AreaU Highest market price paid for Chickens. Ejrrs and other Prudaee.
was above normal had diminished.
la view of his Improvement the pope Complete* stock of Slay Corn Oa... ,Floor Bran, Meal Cotton 8d )....
dr ldrJ to receive the Rncllsh pllThanday GET THE BEST and W* handle only the VERY BEST goods at the LOW-
ITtwa morning. ,I EBT PRICES and guarantee satisfaction alwara.7aa. .

Makes Homety Women Pretty.
.M. GVABAM. PresidentUao. 'U. E.TATTOa. Cashier
No woman no matter how regular' W. Hroa. VlPriden Lea OBAHAM. Aid. CasbUr
her fealar.. may be can tMI e.UfIdrr9" )

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A ccz refs 1 Leisure, Fruit Hjrup aids digestion. THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK

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tau pli cd by silmuUtiag' the liter. and bow. O2T Q-.A. I rMJJJS V 1.r.E.THE .
p .... Urine' Lax."". Fruit Bjrup does

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GALLARD'SSNOW pleasant to take Remember the ; srr ONLY NATIONAL BANK IN ALACHUA CO

Orino and refuse to
b m aep anysnbstllatSA.
J. W. MeCollnm Oo I Capital. . . . . .. . . . . _$MOOO 00

-. ---- and Undivided Profits. 00
+ 1 Surplus . 30fOOO
LINIMENT Shakeup ef P.tlee ,.....
New Y.rk. Oct. :$.-IW* OenJts o..a ewe...e17 ......__.t.-- was rgaet3lt'...... .. .., tot .. ... ..... $55dis.
A A.c.l\tl E.nla.rcecJ ..e..aai..e eai.. ......
Posltlvc Cure For
ie.sisr IN.g.>am gate wKi*. Tas- : WV teeetsi Mrsat.Mae AB*.. ....*t'4=

thin, teasel.Old gore., day of the MK**.t shakoes ta tins Jah-, 25.000 No Words U.E.TATLOR.O.aa.r. _

r+tttr, V'oatndu, Stiff Jotnta.thmk wiry nf Kr., Ttr%*. r** Wr* for**. II. Nw Gazetteer of this Weald ____.___. .________ __ ___ __ ___._..______ -- _
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.MIft pelt ladtsate# .........tere.O'tatae. N..IU.craphlC'a1 Dlctl.ftIUT I
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"3he*. Staes 3Sc,It/c, $5.00 er bey. man ear wo.taa.1. ncVtkty oat .
.t pi !lard Snow liniment Co. .: r.wati ma& bar- eel'g ts+ .. . oa..d. 5
1're r41y (J. J. \V.lh offTekosk .tea.La.traati.ta c ........ .',.._...,se.aa..l..aa.1.4.w ..r,1.w.. , +
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sad dad tl ..*',...." Q...,.et riUras aeC.u Ca.AIW.t.ta.s IG : ;:
.ml VN crnmcnJ l
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.. >.... lt** hWU&g salvo.4sv. S e4est 3.leaoi. FLoEXDITHE
X. JUUXMtt, Gs1sepl. ad at all "raa.-

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",.t, , ,",' :. '" ',' ,1 } : e..i. I ht 1M ';f' l> '; .,. '>;; ; ",,, : I ti';\,1'"'" ,'j\\'; 'Jh"i" :f.'t'. 'm. :, I'n'( ,! "
'" i", "" ./ f J '1"'<', ',' i 'IOf,11, , 'll: ,f"'.,;.,,1' ")d, r. tl: .fJ1: , :; : \
, I ,, ) +DAILY SUN G ESV'UJy FLORftJLi: ( i ODj R't t tL'" lO!) ; 'l,

... .._
: --:':-::-:---=--;;'-::::::;:-:.:-;::;: -=: :'-=-"-'-'--:-::- :. ___.__ ::-.. _:::.-----n_.. --..--.:.::- .:::-:::. .:_:_..n:: :-:"....::::;:.:::-- ---::-_:._ _______ .::==:-.:: I' l '; i

Outsider of Lee county. which I* p.. FLUE CURING IMPROVES TOBACCO LIKE !{t

eaMarly situated the taxpayers of the

us.eesTWe.lrta., drainage district are nearly' a unit in {
-C-\\Tsat ua+ nailer. ppotiiioa to the drain-age scheme. ROASTING IMPROVES GREEN COFFEE: i j//

Take, for Instance '
IPrM. Der.1 a poor man, with a I; < : '
r; '<"attR
family to support who ban homesteaded _
.pity aallrn. : 160 of .
acre land whom the drain.
art.1'omw sRftooewx I ageof the Everglades will not bene Flue Curing Develops tho Stimulating Aroma and Taste

fit one cent ; undr-r the proponed O nNtitutiooal .

-.a nt.OCZ. amendment he will be compelled Found ::In Schnapps that Satisfies Tobacco HungerThere
t jpcctI rL raox.43- to pay $16 a year drainage tax i
In addition to his State and
"t7 mo ,aing rt: county
I*A1* ,carrier la the ritr,or taxes. are*.,three used by far;;' Hundreds of imitation brands are
(tar; attcd Stalra postage In this connection The Sun take ;
ells inonli wCk-4tt4CtI7 Ju 5 three Iii pleasure In publishing the following mers for curing and preparing their on sale that look like Schnapps ; the i}

C-e appeal from citizens of Osoeola eouu tobacco for the market namely sun outside of the imitation plugs of tobacco -
__ which Is located' ; ,
-- I y, in the heart of
J -- ;Puma 10 cent a"bae the drainage districts cured air cured and flue cured The: Is flue cured, but the inside is

u: .;atsforeaehadditioaa* 'We, the onde Thinned Democratic old and cheap way is called air cured; filled with cheap, flimsy, heavily .

,tiriltof mad known on officials of O.ceula county, desire injustice sweetened air cured tobacco one
y r the later
to the people of this county, to discovery and improved way
; make the following' statement to the Js called flue cured. In fluecuringthe chew of Schnapps will satisfy tobacco'
fit;SUD aD eIght-page,forty. qualified electors of the State: than two chews of-" '
hunger longer
,.t. fed every Monday of and the .'1\ has been said In the press and 'tobacco is taken from the field f #
.0 the DC w. such tobacco. I i
stautna ,
t. aDd geroam, and will be on the stump that the people of the and suspended over intensely hot
01 the United drainage district tests that this flue. :
.-.w any Left Everglades are ALLIn Expert prove
;JJ'I a.a J'HMD advance. favor of the payment of the drain flues in houses especially built to retain .- cured tobacco, grown in the famous i t

r tTs become due after firstjJwtUonenl age tax. the heat and there kept in the
Piedmont and takes
unlcM otherwise "We desire to say that at the May region, requires ; r
.-met. Parties not known to nan primary the race for the Legislaturewas proper temperature until this curing less sweetening than any other kind, {
pay for advertising In ad. ran solely on the drainage l tae. developes in the tobacco the
TILE DAILY "'UN.GAunu..a process and has wholesome, stimulating, '
. trt.A.ATIC aud the successful nominee for thegislature.
: & lion. Arthur Jtanegan stimulating taste and fragrant aroma satisfying effect on chcwers. If the

NOMINEES.Conarresalonal. was overwhelmingly elected on a clear found in Schnapps tobacco, just as kind of tobacco yon are chewing don't A'

d Woman, td CUt"Osjeola ANTr.URAt..AO&county was pUtfoilfl.the headquar green coffee is made fragrant and satisfy more than the mere habit of l

:LAa f-httrl.t, or: Columbia. ers of the Disaton drainage. canal' sy*. stimulating by the roasting process. expectorating, stop fooling yourself"and '

tern. This county may therefore be Only choice selections of this ripe, chew Schnapps tobacco.
i of the Supreme Court! styled Tits drainage county of the
LAtliHiLL.of EHoambts. State. Oor people are particularly fa* juicy flue cured leaf grown in the Schnapps is like the tobacco chewers '" y,

1 1 WHITFIEL.D.of Leon. miliar with the effects ofdralnage, and famous Piedmont country, where the formerly bought'costing: from ?5c. I"I"to "
CawotaalonerlS particularly qualified to
are express an
A. BLITC'H.of Levy. opinion upon the merits of the proposed best tobacco grows, are used in $t .00 p'cr pound ; Schnapps is sold tat

ICWCXBCKK,of Dade. Drainage Constitutional Amend. Schnapps and other Reynolds' brandsof 5oc. per pound ,in 50 cuts, strictly ;

inn txoner Mb Circuit men:. high grade flue cured tobaccos.
10 and cent plugs.
isle RIVERS.tMt 'We repent, that the people of this 15
Senator, S2d DUtrictiE.E.MCCREARY. county have already passed upon this
drainage question and in the race for I .
iRoune of Representatives: the Legislature they voted this drain WINSTON-SALEM N. C."i

LTD L CARTER. age scheme down and emphatically - '- -.- .. a.'
------------------- ---------- ----- ----- ----- -- '--- --
t A. condemned it."Basinger Not since the n d carpetbag days has ":
Irt.aati;POKE.t: *- sor:' ... the nearest settlement of there been such an effort on the ptrt
W,W COLSON. any else to Lake Okeeehobee. voted of men holding high offiae In Floridato WfNCHEJTE

(ArCnttr: Tax C&Ierlort .' almost to a man agaluat drainage trick the people and to foil them
..a DICKINSON.tkC The past action of the people of Into dark corners The drainage eon
n this county In voting overwhelmingly stittitlonal amendment ts one of them ,

K.&PTELER.Ic ;a>;":Treasurer. AGAINST this drainage: scheme Is In It. "The Little' pant' of Alaehua" In his "NLJBLACK"t.

self an appeal to the voters of Floridanot palmiest day, would set' have dream
..:. fWbool ItoardtLLIOOKER. to fastep our people this .
upon oppresslve od of fastening such a thing upon the
,:, j arbitrary and useless drain .
IT rTT 'R, p.ople.T'mf'.Unlon. t. S Loaded Black Powder Shells
I. a WEEKS. age tar."This. -- --- . --
la an appeal to you, the fair'
No Charge Against' Sllvalra.Havana '" Shoot
c..t 1IItw.loDent Strong and Evenly
minded people of Florida, to give us ,
X a :AMPIER.W . .' Oct. 36 --OoveraoMa-
r., PA"1..L1Na. ) your assistance, and to vote AoAttsTthe goon ta not likely tn .request Venezuela Are Sure Fire,
n.'IW NSFYA' Drainage Constitutional Amend to extradite Manual
Rltrelrai {
. <.MATTHEWS.I'tbratlmsehlne ment. the fugitive banker of llavaoa.. who Will Stand' .
c Pr.rlCIC-: Respectfully submitted to your fa. .frs understood to he In ('a aea.-a. no

vorable consideration criminal charges have yet been tmW They Always' Oct ,The Game
sent to Goveker "II. T. Duller Chairman Board' against him.Peoples'. '

wss made up of County Commissioners ; E. L. Lesley, : r < '
For Sale
P'ar: <, all the to 1 Everywhere.
Tennaylr Clerk Circuit Court j W. II. John.son.Couot : savings Bank. Clossd. 1
bad to do was to clap Judges W. J. Rears, Superintendent Washington. (>ot. 35 -The Peo-

ere? It. Public Instruction ; J. At. pleat' Sat Ings bank of this city was ____h .-.. -- __ . .._.. ... ._ ___ .. . .. . __. _n_. ._... . ..._ _.._ _
Walker, Sheriff J. W Aderkold, closed Wednesday by order of tae
nee''of The Clansman" Mayor of Kisslmmees W. I). Makln comptroller of the currency.PIMPLES.

itttshganot In PhlladelT son, Tax Collectors :J. L. Over.tre.t. ;
The truth Is that the Tar Assessor| J. R Gilbert, ,..Tr.... (01RIIIVAI. NOV. 5-1006)
tie ., '
; T-cle Tom's Cab uteri J. A. Lancaster Supervisor of .
a ( .. -- -, should b*) Registration and Member Democratic -
wail.> sraaa.( or the coon- State Executive Committee; T. )1.

Murphy, President Conceit 1C11l1mm. .> . .. ,.. SE..A..J30..A..ED "
| .* !...*.. t'.s r*l
. ....
S4 ? *'' *
; ..a-t ,....._ w u .I . ... ......
declare bat .... jTrC. ... ... _
i < r. **, '. r.t* ** -, '% 1
.. .,
.... .
rw ;!Ealtea. proposed by Referring to the death of )1,.. I Aar-. 4' SI f.9'>C.f M. fr. .... .11.. .----:5: AIR LINU RAILWAY
.. .
Xmasa; would mother of James IITillman : 1. ine .I"ley.M k.- "" I
severely GeorgeTlllmsn, ;
'M, r-e high tariff rate who has visited Gainesville l I 11..Mrre a. W3....a, N w. a. 11_....$.J.O..t :; Announce. a rate of OMB: KAUB plot 25 cents to Jf kstavllU., and relarn
4q 1 I for lb. public and one *.at per mile. for military"' mp4alea and bras tM Dcb.
t f Ther make on two different occasions. The Tim. foe I I lUtea apply from all A..a.v fttaitona In Kl',rf'la. f).io. of sale,
Asa I.oae.rery tune be Union says the pallbearers were ne. Tito f3ow.1! 1 I I November 0.1.1..8..4... deal limit, all u.".,.* Jtovember' II WM Call on
tasiS '
grow, formerly shaves' of the family I your ttaket Agent.
..--. .- ,. .. . ...
---- ----. -
who have never left the plantation !1- "- ---- 4i .-..---------.--.-------*
-,cu a the wood pile" This reminder of the friendship be r
Cfca .'ioa. which the tween the races that prevailed In the srwe.; s.t wmar JA8. P. TA 1'LOII. H. O. IIOYLrrON. J.. '

.:. c T::) discover I If lb.'aj olden days and that atlll eil.t among 7rev.liegPsneg.r Agent Aa.'. (J.'II..... Agent.CHAULK8 .

hu lIear la mind the white and blacks who are' old Tampa, "'a. J.. .oum.. Fla.

::::' a Cart of tb. enough to remember them Is In mark ,_.... ti.+.w, P.S TT....O... ee nswe.
e: 1 r ,. the aecoants of rare ..... ._.. Cw..r 1 . n. nv Af. nw AnD ...
... -d contrast to ,...1. 7.-......._ 151 ,M*.... cl1I; r. co r.
"'t rc,;..| the law. strife with, which the ..edemas of tbenewspapers .1 ..__ .... _J....... General l'a..ea..r Agent. $.oo4 Ytee.l'
.......... .-...Ce4: C ti.. -..H.Y. ... .
filled.IOO fORTflMOOTfl. VA.
let '= i' jr. having- pa* .-'' ------ .-- I AIMUIL SALE. TDI..WOI BOas - '-- '-" '. ..- - -- "-'- .' -- '" .. .. ..._ ...- .._.. .. -_ ._... >--, -_...

1 r e d..U1t ins Rawer, SIOO. I I
i I
.. t. ltt6n and grain The rsMMlers of ta.s paper will be "UN .HiD W tUJl.

3s t: ):: r- -3 of Atlanta pleated to learn thai taere la at least ... .." .,.,. .46 uwerelt ........... ATLANTIC COAST LINE
...... ., arts'' Kzahange one dreaded disease that s <.... has I t -..,'.-. -. 1"n." .. --.. -...w....... jauu.* ;** .
.. .
*' >- . ...... .. jtTHROUGH
>g members - g -
been" able to tore lo all i,. stage. as d r. .- ,. .. . . -... '
..: I 'iea quotation. Ut.11e ...'.rrla. Hall's Catarrh Core i .. ,. ... .-.,- ya e... 5va. S.'S./
) ,
toaibite .sofa rase ewwee/.p
deal.well i i.t
.. .5J.I... .
is the only positive n re BOW aax> tot
..... .. '
s .. H "-
sk:: atatn. ... medical f rat.raMy Catarrh b- H ,... .... ':' j jI .
nothing lag a eowstltottonal d....... re...*lr... aeoestltatkraal < 4 I If;.., ___ :

',-:, a* seeding htaad I.......... Hairs Ce- ,. -. i fi '

i -_- the rot tarrta Cares let*?? .....,....". *..*.< I
J**....ll be tratHM ditatly.peo t**> blood sad.. ...... IT1'PATENTS SERVICE.

York. aad aorfa.. of tbo eystesn. thereby, d*>- .
JC .*.Un. ytroylnjt the fooadataaa *f tke daavd -.**.* =--.c:: : ; .
"tlk radiates glvleg tao pails .u..... by
hisc,5 t t v*. aaxt. bvildiag sip ta* .....111.t... sad aUtia *- .. ae+ teL + XO OHAJfOB (."*** what. yet I*.v. wills the IS......*
.. L ..
7 -
:: nature tm doff H. west The 3ACQOIVJLLC. OCALA a..t U.uc vu.u
-3 wftb i.g41Ilt .,....,......* bav* so ate** faith f. '*. : L' : _, ; _
- .34 Ia OaJteHare t..a. --. .....,...-. -'- .
tat offer -- --- ----
red ....... orgralai. .n&nr eowers that peered W qe sa.e t+anAto.t't'y+ti+s.

i' J f ?f. Ileadnd fo* any ta* Chas rtIWawd .ass ....r a w* star.. ,arw t r.ew ball a.'.......... may be fplttaltMHl from
.an. .. ........ Ur Hst of { +..w eA -
'Lt c u...
(1'... ... .. ...... .. AddyontT 0. I
3 Carom 1 c. T.a..4.
::: :*. .. .... they AaaW be 0......PM. 73'.. EA-SNQW J. A. GOO D W I if Ticket Agent.
:::.e ... ... ....... I Tape 8&1". If ....... tee .......uII' .- \ ,
:........ 1


: ,, _._ !__"_' A. Sad J>.p ' '_!'1" % W it.j ./, t,

; .
+ ;

En1\.r.LY SUN: GAINESVILLE F1JOUh11 OCT BER' 26 li)06) 7

-..---- --

Murphy's Charges Fall Flat. r -

ii\ Hi1 SON New York Oct. 2*.--Charge* made
; AWFUL PSORIASIS by Charles F. Murphy the Tammany S ::ELa J3 a 4-R::

leader, that Tammany Han. swadi

- KillED HIS WIFE/ dares had been "held up" for cab Air Line Railway
conetde rations
by the manage 0f tfeeladepoadence

--- 35 YEARS .........e. are anaasjftced

to have fallen through com plat sly."
I fired Fatal Bullet Into wben investigated by ihe-aran nary. J' . FOR. . .

7s!, inis Own Brain. Terrible Scaly Humor In PatchesAll Grover Cleveland' Recovered*

Over the Body-Skin Cracked New York Oct. SS.-O rover OI"e- Savannah, Columbia, Camden Southern]

TWO SHOTS AT WIFE and Bleeding-Itching Unbear- land has entirely recovered from his ,

recent Indisposition. lie came to rtew Pines Raleigh Richmond Washington
able-Cured Cutlcura In
''Van by Thirty York Sunday from Princeton 'And Is ., -

Valkenburgh. Wealthy Days at Cost of $4.75. staying at the Uuehlngham hotel}, ]{..
Baltimore I i
Real Estate Dealer, Runs .......... was the guest at a dinner tendered Philadelphia I -

jtx.Hsd Been Separated From him Tuesday night by friends here., .
Months.. ' .. *
Iff* For Two , .
BY CUTICURA A Young Mother at 70. f
Tex. Oct. 24.-At his
i. "My mother has suddenly been made
Houston Heights Monday
"I was afflicted with i>3orla ls for young a' 70. of Intense
Alt Valkenfrurgh, a wealthy Two Elegant Trains Daily
It\vu all
years. suffering from dysy.pala' had entirely)
te> dealer, past middle life over my body 1 used three cakes .
disabled) her until six months "
pl:wife dead and then fired a of Soap,she: boxes ago
'ito Us own brain Inflicting a Outloura Ointment when she began taking: Eleeerli'flltter. i Seaboard Express.

foundlie had separated from and two which have completely cured her and i

f0 two months ago end bad filed bottles of Cuticura restored the strength and activity she

.; for divorce. Monday be re-. r bathed Resolvent.with the I bad In the prime of life," writes )1 re. Seaboard Mail.

?. after a protracted absence t' Soap, applied tho W. L. Qllpanrlek 01.Danforlh. Me.'

;his young ton to the gate J Ointment once a Greatest re*to rat I re medicine on the

"\:him and sent him to call his .r. 'day and took the globe. Seta stomach liver and kidneys -
Ilcsolvcot dl-
', When Mrs. Van VaJkcn- as right purifies the blood, and
recUxL In
?peared In the doorway the days IV..... complete cured, and I cures malaria, billlousness and we knes -
(: fired two shots, each ofr think permanently, as l It waa about five *. Wonderful nerve, tonlo. Price MODERN EQUIPMENTOnly

produced fatal wounds lie )" '"TheeppsorlaaLi 6Oo. G us ran teed by all druggists..
aot: himself.a first made Its appear.
.. .
., aneo in red - - -- ------ - -- - --- -
;, i-potn, generally forming a
_ circle,leaving in the center spot about NOTICE or APPLICATION FOR TAX
Said' Ha Would' Not Live. the size of a silver dollar of sound flevh." PEKD UNDER SECTION 1 OP CHAPTER Line Operating

""r Woodruff" Pa. writes In a short time the affected circle ./NB. LAWS or KLOIUDA.Nouoe .
dootnrlng, for two, years with would form a heavy; dry scale of a whitesllvrryapprnranceandaouldgradually U brebr siren that Alex. Sterm. Daily Through Pullman Sleepers from Jacksonville to New OrleansFor
purohaaer of Tax O.rtifloate No. HO. .
i. phyilelans In Waynesbarg. drop olt. To remove the entire scales dated the .tb day of Jaly. A. EX. tool bas I
by bathing or oil to soften them Bled eaU. eerttdoate In tny of ce. and
I getting worse, the doctor. ads tilling baa made spi>lloAtloo for*..deed to .....In,
It I had any holiness to at the flcwh would be perfectly raw, and a o0onlane with l.w. Said oerUflc.tbrfc ems fall Information and sleeper reservations call on any agent Be.boeNiorwrU.
light discharge of bloody substance e.the foUuwinr de orlt>e<] property "'II.
"to.1 had better attend to It at ".ouldoo out.. That lt'aJytTU8twouJd aced la Al obua eouoty. Yields, to<< wit 3. O. BOYLSTON Ja., Assistant General Passenger Agent
lob I. Iilook 4. It I. Santa K.. '
.; as I bee month as there was no a noa of eueb oertli> st In be name of
llrr at Moody.UnleiM
It WAS in all
spots over
e. ,oley'. Kidney Oar. was roe my .*id eertlflOAte shall be redeemed soeordtat *
body, aim on my scalp If I let the to law. tax deed will Issue tbereoa oo
ended to ma by a friend and I acalm remain too long without remov the :ntb day of November A. U. iwe. Take The Atlantic Coast Line
.dlal.l, sent my son to the store ing by bath or otherwise the skin Witness. iny olBolal ulroature and seal this
tbs f tb day of Uotooer. A. IX lore.S. '.
U, and after taking three bottles Tn would crack and bleed. I suffered U. WIENOES.
intense itching worm at ntghts after lid Clerk Circuit Court Alaebua Oo..JHa. .
to Ret and in IV-d blood
getting or warm ,
rove' until I was entirely' well. J. by exercise, when It would be almost NOTICE OP APPLICATION FOil TAX .
eOoUum A Oo un1.M'arahlo. DEED UNDER SECTION' 9 or CHAPTER Via Via ViaOtipoDi

-- "To sum'tt all tip I would not go 4WW. LAWS OP PLOItlUA. East Dupont South'2Vest'\\ t or

.afa Blown by Robbers through such<< another ordeal of affliction Notice hereby trlvcB that Jobs D. Teeter I :o I or ack'r'2* ao
for Ullrty- ve yean for the State of |>ur ba>er of Tax OertMoate No. j''&.dated > m.- JscksoovUla '
rie, Okla. Oct. 23.: -Robbers 1ans W. 11. the Mtb day of July. A. .j). I..S, barn flied
a. (signed) Chide ter, oald eertineate In my nffloe. and baa madsappUesuon
Often the safe of the Htate bank Ilutclilnson Kan., April 20, 10UV for tax deed to Iwiue In aeeord Rapid Transit and Unsurpassed ServiceTime
....rlt., Okla. 60 mile east of O th....awi.,(M.r..M...4?U.....c'M Ma.1.w1 a_. wlta law. Bald eertlfleste embraoes the

early Tuesday. They secured u.'t..-t,..s,her MI,i1:Iw.s.w..' eb.follow..8OU.Ins d',..MTlb Plorlda.Kl property bell: situated In Ala- Table In effect July 29, llK>e.

LftOO and escaped after exchanging . . . . Commesee' N. corner MeW of NeK 8eo.
-'---" -- -- ----- - ---- ---
tl. Tp. 10.H. it a. run W 10 5 T ebalns. ben W For GAINESVILLE Arrive From
hots with a number or citizens pea) oh"'_. tI 611 obaliw.J'': I a'lIIeta.lDOI and Depart
to the the HIGHER WAG>:8 FOR POSTAL MEN 4 W eb....... See SS. Tp. II>>.H. K. n-e 1-4 acre
rn .
by explosion.robbers
The mall lead besot assessed at the date of awpm: High Springs and In'.r- 7:261: .n
are headed for the CrHJct.1'7' tbe iMuianne of ueneerttfloateln the name of I
Substantial Increase In.Salaries to De Sins K. Ik Ix>bman.UIV Daily z k urn mediate Points Deily x BaD
apparently, snJ a apodal Recommended. |.M said rtlOcate ahall be rede.h.deordlnir as
with officers and bloodhoundsbeen to law tax deed wUllMue .r.OD- aOOpm Oeala Lee.burl and Tampa, and 2:66: pm
Washington Oct. 25.-First Assistant tbe sntb dry of N >,emt>.,. A. U. line.Vliaee 1 I
started from Bhawnee, 1'ustmaster. General Hitchcock.In \ > mss offloUJ niirnaiure. and ..alUI. Daily Intermediate Points Daily
la pursuit. tbeS4ib day of Uatooer. A. IX laoa.B. .
H a statement In <'onnect! Clerk Clreult Court Alaobua Co.. }'la. I
recent announcement that Tie would .-- - -- Daily North East and West Dally
+, Carter Harrison' Injured recommend" a substantial Increase of NOTICK or APPUtfATION FOR TAX

real.l. Oct. 25.-Former Mayor salaries for postal employee, said the Dam UNDER HKCTION OP CUAPTDtMf. 1100am Hgh! epringl.'aaroe... Savannah, Brunswlek I 8:10 p an

II Harrison was taken Tueaornng stun rt>ce4vf>d will benefit 75 per cent 4 LAWS or PLOIUOA. Dally Albany. A'laa".., an Points North Xu Nest Dally

from HMoiit. Oat. via of the clerksIn grate below $9OO. Notice I Is hereby ties that It. R. Col-Mtn.
tm' to Chicago suffering from astrained "rc ba* r of Tax CortlBaate No. MS. dad a rib m 30.06 a m
about CO per cent of the clerks receiving ed the led day of Jaly. A. IX 1"-" baa Died p I 8".11." MleaDuP7 and Cilia
back and possibly InInjurles. I9OO and U.000. about 40 per aald eertlaeate In my ottoe. and ba Daily Daily
With made at>t>IU>atloa for tax deed to -. la aeeordanoe -
a party of rent of those) receiving\ from It.100 wa,1a I... ttaki..nusC.w..a.r.e! _
a. consisting of J. W. Winter.Ma. to U.:00. and 30 per rent of those the folioItvir devcribed (>eiH>erty altnated In
ben 2 rqDaily
Alaebua eovaty. H rVla.
Xtormee, 19. n. Toman! and over U.:00. N. | 'of Nw M and H IS or :He ,... and Nw 12Dairy I P.1a\ka" il
,' llaeklll. all of Chicago he was An appropriation of $15.700.000 will ... of Hw 1-4 ....- M. ITS, ... H. f I-I. _re..
The said land be...., --.d at the date of
hunting baok oX Cbapleau be urged for clerks of the first and the messes IMIOII eertiaeate In tbe name of -

*'was,, injured' during a portage. second class offices, an increase of Unkmown.Unless.sM.ertlaeat.ebsU be redeemed aeeontlM > Interchangeable Mileage Tickets,good over 18.000 miles 1.J of among tbe prlt

I23.0oo.oao over the current year, of to".. tea d.e.t eW I.w. tbereoa oe elpal railways In the Boathern States, are on sale by the principal agents.
BAtn day of November. A. U. ifluiWttnea .
which Increase I Through Pullman sleeper Port Tampa to New York via Atlantis CooLin.
11,370,000 Is for employment any ofOalal Uitnatitre and Mal this
? Lest Watt
of additional clerks sad the tbe t>rd day lit Oatotoer. A. Ix 1\11' ., also via Atlantic Coast Line and Southern Railway.For .
I. ... H. WIKNCirft.AI.JMia complete call on
restless esn'l Information
sleep rest for tbe promotion of 18,300: 14 ca.r" CtrrwlOrarnrs Co.. Jla,
lit. won't eat, erle epasmodlesl* clerks' In first and second claaa post- t II, !1. >>. OllltVIU*. IX C, J. A. GOODWIN. Ticket Agent. Gainesville.

.bottle' of Whit*'* Cream Vertnl office Address t
:1. Agt..
i .."., falls to eur. livery moth.8IMQd The department U also consideringan I UKCD; CNDKIt SRCmON or CIIAITKR4PH lag W. Day St.,Astor Betiding,Jaeksonvlll.Fia.

) give" her baby White's Cram amendment to the present law . LAW or PIXKIDA.Nottee W. J.. CRAIO t aa.enger Trsffla lana.I!'. Wilmington'. O.

...'ilfog. *, Bo many limes when the. limiting the payment of higher compeasatlon U hereby elves that. James J""IItf. T. O. WIIITK. General Passenger Agent.
,Is and fretful' the mother' to letter carriers. bevees-e" of Tax Certineate No. ND, .
pal Sated tbe tad day of Jail. A. IX |W K baa _--. --__.--. -- - .-- .-- -.. --_ ---- -
'..l know what to do A bottle': Bled aaM rerttoeate la my olHee. and baa

iletnedlflln; would bring color to' In Interest .f Union' Paelfle I made eurdafM ai' 4toat e wltn-oe law for tax*akt deed_ru to-love.. eabraee M*-
New York. Oct. U.-Tbe DatU tbe toikvwlow de.4 r*..>erty sir Gainesville & Gulf Railway CompanyTHE
i .. and laughter to his ; ate.t M Ale. .bttae, ... "". 101.. ....1t;
,: a trial Bold by W. M. John- Mote and Ohio stock purchased sometime I Commence a. ..._... of MMM .. IwwwaaA
dltk n "Ual *W..IMS""ran West Mn feet
from the IVnnsylvanla
ago rau.1 |<> t....i v4 be.inntn.t tbeaee Norta HS feet. FRUIT & VEGETABLE ROUTEOF
--- -- road by It. It. Kubn. Ixxib ft . West MS. f_" ,,-, Mk feet and Reel K*teet

Knickerbocker' Hetsl' has tb* Timed says, been taken over I 10 1.eetsapr .. FLORIDA.
Opened Tb..W land ..-.* .*.-d at tbe date of
Turk. ()(t. 25. -Tho new IS. In the Interest of the Union Paclfte. ,... xMai.e of MM a ...tA8e.,. la ,.. aaave
W -- Tim Table ia effect July 15. 1006.
Knlchertrk.r hotel, at the The stock acquired" by the Union I- VtrwmlaMtM_rua.... abail
east comer of nroadway and c4nc. U U staled., by BO mea represents -edles to taw,,..deed. wK>.ii>.ta...- on -
Ito eta....of Nevemtoer.MTtteea ,. AU.....
f..eoi">nd street. was opined on a controlling Interest la the Ilaltimore mss. oAeialtbe aearse and seat Ibis
teeday It adds another to the and Ohio but It Is suOlclentfi tM.Ia.*. .*(MtoeerM.. 11 w.1K.g1UtW ::fo. L :No. a. fOe 1. Wo. 2.1 foe .1 1'0.leI.l,:

aly rich aat.lre. whtr began'I to give the laterevts. hl..ttttla "4 (- ,,, CxFol '>e.rt A...... flu.Daily Dally. STATION D l Bea

;ib* Watdorf Au Ha and ta which. I I the Ifntffa ractfie aa trnportant votes --- - -- --- _.----- U.-e'a Ez fEX

too mast rocstt *..txt1tHm are the In the management of tie l1altitadr.:

.. and flelnoAt. Ta. rurnthJag' sad Onlo.New LV PM .IL.VAM.I.T:: Pili'r.. A tot ArPlA', a K

tl;,e o4vi rust mtllto of dollars.Jaooti Eeen..r Je.key ft.J.McI. CHINOlaxative 1 CO e en A 20t3 .......8a.mroa City...... 7 00 71$ 124

At<"r Is tae ow.*r. York, Ort. :$.-Orover Cleveland 1 90 ,|ISIS 1 ...?-_.....Cirabavm...... ..... 6 45 fOIl \( 13 Ui
-. I 140 | a 2ft f. 40 ......_C'Y111.: ..... .. 6 U I toe ;1,12 (JJ
Ne.... Killed at Dance... i Puller unlit a year or two ago :3 OO I. U ........ . ... &my ... I.EIHthorr I. ... a :. M It ;;
.:t Ua. I on* of the >..**,. of the Fruit 3 ao to 4M .. ... . *. . .. . 6 12 6 14 I' 11
tdf* Oct. M.- Xe eo* country ham bn graded I1O a Syrup 3 M ,10 1O 1ft . .. A. O. LCrorUag.. .. .. g011 644 11CWvi I3e
>t lava a 1I"C"9. was .*.* o* iae mooih tx.r a year. by the stewards of 3 .VrllO j' :JJA t oOLtr I IIm G'If

ties of Mr Adair by NUa Wera *. .V. Jorar ehib. Tfe* mosey win b* fMvaaant to uik*> I lOLvt ...... I .......ff& ... . JOaa&

;'sad TUb Lathaer. .a..lWu..t cesla 4..... item ta. }o kw r rand for die The new laxAtive. Doc 4 IS |t. . . .... . ...S. A. LCro* leg. . . ... ... .. .
at a C *etaM nwcro ball. wit* 4 30 I. . . . . ......Lower 8eii.h . .. .-... ...... .
CC't'rim." ..i L llr... sAkxi rvdr a. IVttor &a WW'. a cvtsV4 > not gripe or nauseate. 1 I 1.:5 . . . .1. . . .Caa...** Crolag.R . :. ......... .. .. . .
Ttt4a LatlraehV. *x to* *. the ,.*' of ti-|*"'i*. ....tvd ta Cures stomach and liver 4 4i II... . t.:.. .. ........ **>sy Point....... ....... .. .. ,.. .,

aiftfel. a. rae la the aprtaj; of 1tN. Ir 4 M .' .1. . . ..... ....Wacaboeta.. ... ... .. .... .. It'.
DreuUtaa was Ut*>r oat vf Ilsesag '< ta4.* yeses< prevtoa. to that Urn troubles and chronc coo 6" ... .t. . . . ......... CI.II .. ...... ....... .. .... ..

( were .. rv d a left i iK > hsllee'a ....- ttt the ...title parsed tar tipation by restoring the ft IS . . 1. .. ... .-...... 11rkw, o.1.. ..... ........ ... .. 8 is
whisky.JwUu : bit |rS.4rrealt4 : a aaft . . . -.. .. Ta.cee.. .. . .. . . a .e
a year.teed natural action of the atom IB) t .t. . . .... ... 1t, { ot.y .... . .. t. .. ... . ; JIC

p Caesara *ch. liver and boxy la.r a.ay f }. . TtevwlIia . I. . .... .. h8
i Po&soaln. a.9ft . __ Lake ......... . . .. I *>
wan pf eerie. bat .1.....** SaW" .y J. n.1tcC .U.. C.. all --. JUe...... ...--.-,. . .. i 4* d i
frea ...... ..,ao..
eheenle ... . . .ite . \ . . . . 84
i mark and a.* bee***. aged be.I. ----- - .. --- aM. ,, . tbetd.. ...
t :. .sMlt U qwleily *.re4" by 2>e, TI.g> ft U . .. . .. .. Dsntarvae ... . .. .". T *-
[% time, Hitsaee. t.Mew ctt4
.1C.. Uf rilU. Ty t*.Jbor* a tlygUaaxs DAY CU"('* 00 . : . ...... .Irwisw.-.... .. .. . T3&
|**rf4d "..". II. W.. will ""COr ...... troy iW systems cad ; 4t .|1.. -.. . T coo

U...,. sad glee you health.iOarrU . lafae cew vie-..*; ear sertrseS PILE j I . r.-. ... ... .. MEJ
Aw.U*. Holloa. KI *,.*.. f etosaa b. .....,.. >....xy.. 4 listsfort ..*1 4 A r rM .Ar .AXijL' ,. PM. .ILYAM: ....rjrtv* A

1 eawuUer H.rW*. tfc* beet sade. wltb.i.t C" cv d1..vss>L. -_- .-ac-_--_. I
la. t .. fir. d .raatd ay .. ....--..vaN
fcy dreg
wr kee-rdof I. cener Ist4 f T"eal
---- J! .. C'CTLllat' .; .. ....'. .L,., Ze Jt&AE. .
,, tiioid ti W K Je4tva.x r.u. ..a..w. es..w" .a.a

, /. '- -"...- .,. .' : '. ,, : .,,,::o.t,">> p.,,.,t, ... n g'.rJ..4..i k Wuf 4' A.. .I.
m. :
\j,,"' "'

,! .

; " [


__ __.. I' : .'
r .. _ _,___ ..__ ___ ___ __ .... .
KM FRENCH CABINETHAS i :err ztqElAe: : : 0I ia

I ,5'
I .

: Clemenoeau Has Named COOPER omoe la Miller-Law 1Cxcby"a
. 1
His Portfolio. : OIee lLLa. Vt.s
." ,
'. ,
.;NISTER OF l.ABO$ CREATED The Phenomenal sale of L. T. Cooper's new preparations proves the many reports D"It. J. It. ALDE.RMAN,

\ of their marvelous curative properties.

:' n,I Portfolio of Minister! of the Col- ,_4; -. The demand for Cooper'a New Discovery and Quick DENTIST

Was Offered to"M. Mllles-La- >r. ;r Relief which have effected such remarkable cure off
,, ( stomach trouble rheumatism, deafness and catarrh I
O.. Dutton A Go's PaukJ
Crolx-<}eneral Picquart Minister of .. l has become enormous, Newspapers in every city have
commented upon the curative powers and on the unprecedented '
; War. r'. z demand of these remedies. Thousands of I DU. ROUT. 0. I ?\VERS.
letters come every day to Mr. Cooper describing some
%..-Tlie new .
Oct. r
r.J of the most remarkable recoveries from the ravages of
ca... :-j, I.U been completed as folJJ S '. .. disease that have been brought to the attention of the DENTIST ,
,* public in recent years A most remarkable letter was
__ ,r and minister of the inte- recently received from Mr. If. Jordan a well known Office In-Miller Law Ext.: .)
jmenceau. d restaurant proprietor of Scranton, who writes Mr. .
of Justice. M. Guyot- Penn
vcr: r Graduate, University of
e.ut -
Dte --
_-cr of foretffn affairs U. 11- S **I ....* .rr4 fee the'tMut thr. yrs with a..*.woe ca*.of ,
towaih trobl I could Nt to noibtnv.. dIOA, .c.....frotn Indirection. Any food would. ...r.f...._tl..and I f.. DsVEKE \Iontttst
: ., of education M. Brtand.jliaL" a would ha..lclc traadacbMi and 41U" p.ll.. I lost fortr po.nd_ D \'
r ;
:; g !. .... .
well hi sad .l.w week mr+om* I doctorwl with many dlf. ,5
r of finance. :M. Calllaux.jUs. 55 Genet pb .lcl.n.cud ttt...a M..b.r of KX.ll.d r>'''eell... bat.... S
Ib, ; e*I..d rettef. Kvadlns1 of tb. ., _.DENT1ST.rP
General Picquart.Vis no rn rhaM cares of stomach
.. :;:r of war. ... .. .. '.
trcMibl ffc Mt by Coop r New MvdlciaM.I decided'.al..tH.mtrt
_.lor of marine M. Thomson. ;c., 7 a l. I M>rend a bottlvot th. New Dt co* rr asdr.vlsd ale ' ..i '
mat tmmdt*> r.llef. My.ppvtlt*bas rtarad cad I do otprl ea. 1
M. DouMinister ."
yialater! commerce 'ok .nc.aar dlfficvltr lndtrtl.>...Tthln* I*.u All pate and tildes; over Marandet's. Ilkon !
IItJ'l"Je. i ..rroa..*w|....dl> dSM and wi.hc I dlr to thank JP04It for th. .* \ of public. works, M. Bar- rna.dl_h..* Uou.illalster. MR. JIKNKY JORDAN. 13* I"'ad. Av... Bcrast. Pa..
of agriculture. M. Ruau. T.> B: ELLIS, lilt,

Minister of labor M. Vlvlanl. Nearly diseases originate In the stomach. Cooner'a
The portfolio of minister of the col- " New Discovery acts directly on the stomach and digestive t''
ogles was offered Tuesday afternoon organs. It Increase they gastric juices which are A1'TonNI.AT.r..AW. "
,, Mllies-LaCrolx. an all-Unportant factor in the proper digestion/ of food. ;
tol Cooper* New Discovery and Cooper'a Quick Relief are GAIKKSVIU.X, .. P:
the preparations with which L. T. Cooper effected his ret "
Charged With Diamond Theft. t markable cures in 8t Louie, New Orleans alid otherlargecttiea.andresuttahaveamplyproventhatthey -
Cc.uiabU. S. C.. Oct. 24.--J. W. can
V..rt' a tt&gman on the Southern t be used In the home with.much success as though ad J. A. 4

tnlas between Charlotte end Colum- ministered personally by Mr. Cooper or his physicians. ATTORNEY AT LAZY':,

la! U under arrest on. the charge of t ; Cooper's New Discovery costs 1.00 per bottles sit l for And Solicitor lit :
teal:=S a diamond from Samuel (5.00.: Cooper* Quick Relief cost 60c. You can get Equity.
Sck::! :ll: of Savannah. Ga., proprietor Nit. U. OItD.1N. them of Ret. Estate Oonveyanolnff and '
of Whiteirtone XJthla Springs. -- .r.l 1'raotloe. All business proattended
Wrr claims he found the diamond to. Otlle next: door to]

mid In a necktie. Mr. Boheftall mlssd olllo. OA1Na.rir.l.a. Ftoi

It on Thursday' night when he ar- I J. W. McGOLLUM & COMPANY t'
11 AYE
rt7cl In Savannah on the Pullman FEIIDINAND ;II,

ri. railway detective searched Warrs"C3 ATTORNEY AT LAW, ;+

: cjjtl found the diamond and: (...
doer tuilen: articles. Not knowing QAIMBSVILtK, S FIX

dt hr was suspected, Warr telerr It property I:
.. Can sell!! you t ,
p'":J from Charlotte to have the -------------- -- - --- --- ----- -- - ----- ------- --- -- ,.. .
---- --
- - and .
-- --- proved ), pho
.cv ulcher arrested for taking the ANNA HELD ROBBED. HELD FOR FEDERAL JURY. CENT UP FOR TWENTY YBAR8.Asssulter trucking and farming lauds Head
K :-3 fnra his valise. but on arrival I t -- - a Hat of what you after for sales! 2w.
:t s.a train! Warr himself was placed of
: $1 OOOO In Gems Stolen From Actresson Trial at Man Who Is Was Arrested and Plead
U'c* arrest Ills home Is In Colum-
Train. Charted With Fraud. Guilty to Charge.Montroniwy. E. 11AKEU, {;
Cleveland. O. Get. tt.-The police Maton Oa. Oct. tt.-II. R. Cordon t Ala. Oct. SI .-Herman -
A Card. and a detective agency are working who clatom to have worker as Thompson the negro who attempted ATTOnNl Y.AT.LA. ,

diligently' to discover the whereabouts agent for a New York bulldlnaT* loan to ravish little Calll, llelleOaln . SOLICITOR IN OllANGKKYiUA1NE8VILLK
This It to certify that all druggists of I1BO.OOO worth of jewelry and Jnrennseut company, was placed Friday and for whom posses r
srtsathorlzed to refund your money which Anna Held the aotreas. .e- under heavy bond before United have been rrrtuHnir Alabama ever

U Folt" ', Honey and Tar falls to core ported was stolen from her on a Pennylvanla States Commissioner I.. M. Hrwla since is serving a So-y.*r sentenceat Alaohtta Co.. ,
Jour cough 'or cold. It stops the train while coming into under charge oC devising schemes to lratt mines penitentiary. Om In Knd l UIo.k.

sooth.heal.the tangs and prevents Cleveland early Monday mornlBg. dctraud through the malls. At :3 o'clock Monday. aft rnonn the ----- - - - ,

.,moot molts from a cold. Cures la The Rents, said to include many very The case worked up by IHistnffice negro was slipped Into the allna'Kmn- Stanton r
grippe, cough and prevents pneumonia elaborate and valuable piece were Inspector W. II. IMatt recalls a cry' city court rmim. pleated guilty. Foundry
sod consumption. Oontstns no stolen from Ml. 11 eld's state room smooth .ch
ejiatn. The genuine is In a yellow while she and her hueband. Florence4rfffrled. many citizens In south Qeorcla and was put on a spwtal train to chine Co., IHO.PALATKA .

F ktge. Refuse sub*litotes. J. \V.McCollom / Jr. wero temporarily absent were swindled Gordon resided. at Pratt mine, which had right of way -IFLORI
from It. Helena and claimed to have done business to lia destination.
; Cu. --4daaufs...,.,.
0" "
The Jewels were in a small hand throughout the adjoining terri Since his crime was commuted. .

American Friends Conference.imond. satchel which also contained over tory. The plan disclosed by. the authorities Thompson. has bent In hiding carefully Iron and Brm Castles aa4 !MAC)

n. Ind. Oct. 25.-The 16.0OO In money and lepers, b..nk was an offer to secure lance guarded by deputy. ahwrirrs.. Ata Grate Ban, PfeoijTbaU& Cut)
:::;K cr aeaSon books etc. which Ilia. Held Mid loans on real a small advancement confefsncn with the stat offl ..I.
r t:1.:: conference of on the foreign American inial she valued at 164.000. Wh'n the of r... for examining stiles and and Judge \\.. II. Thomas of the city Railroad aad Kill Cul{ |sand .

:3 WM held Wednesday. The con- case was first reported" to The hical pther **pe....e. was secured. Under rnurt, HhertffV It. Walls eaUt that Rapatrs.QAesT '
(:.:ac3 is police they were Incre4ukwebut this plan a Dublin liken event on for days he has been shadow by a
": working on a plan to put Chits Kohler says he Is now convinced advance as blab as 1125. poss and advised" that immediate action JQV.JJD r :o..A.ow .

ra r aa mission: work under a genres that the robbery was -committed. : Cordon was said to have worked be taken Th. n..,.. was taken ls>ta,._._.aM w.e' step.... fs.tltl U. YUUNLowF'SOUND ..a sae

;. through an attorney In Savannah from his hiding pi***. and placed In
- -- - -- - -- 11.14 gave a des! .... >tion of two whose name was given as Mao ,. fTbe a buggy with a private eltlsen. He

men on the train ""*' >. sd eke suspected inspector r>_a4 that letters bad gone drove the e4iu H. to tee cuurthmts TRIPe
,- :- and the detective agency; < r.- from Uoritua "t the address and that I at4....... inurtuM 1M ho,.. and ease
t X perttd that tay had s K trace of use later O'.r
: of U en la lUltlriMM- Miss Held letters forwarded H* him at 11....... was met lijr Judge Tttonm. the print4M -
'- "l;:) says she b4V v** eke was f tlowed7' Gordon was ft ret arre4d at All sny. "*lti.g atr.ri>..y. the eik of the VILLB, :It.

J"of, the two men from Hattkaora to tail t where l>- wa. .aarc.*! with rb.*Ua. mrt sal a gamier 0' armvd deputie The IxjulatII.( A Nashville 11.11

\ rtty. Tb. actree appMirs _rWfs I and Ho.llt..C.I II. pta4ij/ guilty, and wa* will! sill roundtrtp rata from
rteiiea her loss, and says thesstesvel A fcms l..*lag Uwnday In Mseworesttlted I gtv*. IB. ....Mil **aif*... 10 yesr.. sofivillo to points shown dt
\ eoatatsxNl ..... so...... fortnae. I |I. him d.c..Uo for action TMMnp*** agata. o.sum4 the rc*l* .',oIJOrUon.t.l low on

The liters vat.as4.. ..'.. Weiss! I of the f4al.... grand JfU7.I : of"* bugajr Vtfir sad Unrr*. U, th* olhr point. rate|
V C'OMIteIe.1!'
I mcn ; valued at fJf..*t1: a I.-..eti corsage bucks Warned by White. waltfaju a sMMtip. ..v.4 by. four 1111.40.-1/ot Hpro! Ark
; sdfrercr l. pM.0 of U.ans)4s. sad eso14s sad Au&..'.. Oa. Oct. SI.-A special ...,.Hl*.. j|. was then Uk a U Tie bats on ,s.1.| *daily seat .
valued at ."..*e; a defog .f ftly to %s>* rHMmlM* ties Jne.vHI.. Unkm Pratt ......: ,.,..f.. limit lOdttys trout .
\ .:hculd use ...,... steal. a. !.....; a *.* 81-' ...-nl,.. ....siUt. !archer. says a of sal.*. "

I -- lar with fast a.mtfS>.s ef Haw..*.rls nd.-' ... beet putt..! by tit.t Dally to Mptmbr #r>th
.... cIsbt ..rlftge .f ....... valued ai : b.l4. **u*... wara4g. every fct.. las trip aommer tourist tiehels
t I,, .'".. a dtss.sA bru1r worth doIlbs .-.ram fsxr e.x.M.s Hy ta go CASTOR! b* on sate la various r....,.....

:!--- . = "Ie...... sad ..... M eb.r .wUr..... to wortt at a.eA ... .care ,... oumnw_ For : Information* tt...ul... tUna .
I\ ------. - -==:;o.t. "'uts and Childrsa. e.* will b* furs>Uhd
-- --- :'walrus. ot flags: ..elsrus of '1a. aMy. ... .vam4io mesaerre wi be ton appikalitl to It

I DONT -.4a. ...-.-. .... ...... a. tT" VwUaMtlx I* UM owlKft'Wt. Tbs KInd Yoa Hays Always BcZhle :: (J. H, Hsssu a

J u.1f to IMS ra'ertsti; frota l&' w I$.... ...... of greats trade atrset a firs 1's... <*..*'. L. A N ft 1t.
t', 1i.f'rtrcMn..r.! to' a. i. proml..M .......? by r.ers3 stcrtaee. := :: W. Itry rtu.l b.aavlll." red'1r
bate l.iD" ", a ..4.U.l DaCr from&... PIagVs. ... of ..... vraa .-pttu' Nosdarstght :
L\ .' a" frNtfeJ.... 1'tnut I'' TWr*". cra. ds.c.r fr.*s ts>. plan sad severely .W.v4. If*
.u.>.. Try f4Orbhte brobe awe r fMMs Mea M-.ta-s sad ---.-
suck --- ATLANTIC itrr resjaCi ,......",. It** .f oe*...s aad **#Je tast are s. ate COAST
paoI i a4 a rive. church. !
WtS OwMtlfHitton Btk rH ,......... ...... J" tsa. Dr -. .asMs toy' ... >/. 1411.. At..ptawsw TrtaJi '..
ttwn4tg wtlt44e or .. ..........
o+-. ChU..w Wer asvJ |j : ... D.esrf ..r C.*.*<. t.... vl*.. s-r.. ,tit,.. .a..a4. w. On. H.-n. bit-
am Lhrte.a. ..ialta.ur .. Cosgb. sad Coi4 N,... O... Wall.At r..p )litw. eta. II alett'. ....11' of 1M ROUND TRIP EX
tust <
*. I. CS.Tva >(..,.h.a.1{.",.. .. lp.rvvl C..,. 31. .rl4.s. "tl'. $"'aa. Maas' b.r N.ta.... trta..
.. w" "d; h.. .. 004.... .. e...P.. >>...c .. ..h.tswewe. The Great Headache Cure. Wdssedsy. 11be AM lose u. atas BATESINCM
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.....*-. ufrt.wt K q.tcl1 ..... .*... It s r..*..u rsaa. .t" 1M """- meerse ulf 0.- .
1 "*. *|M4iA. I j..*,lv.*.. r.... ... .. us'.. ...a..n.t.... BromoPepsinOn Heal Tbw ,...... fagersd }J
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J it a*..;. Ie .sod .. tt.IL r..Mi.. -- I, a Hsi. Mlaly' 4.,.,
t: Ptticn gfte. ...... sad ebl. Wa sadl (.I) C. U Er 1t4uk. b4UuUft. AH T O'.ra..... ay all "n....... 7emit. ,_ Iata11., ItnHW..u "-" ........ T..... O4. 14.-1."r IJ, 19) limit Jtov.Kxnrsloa I. gMI. ....IV

'1ar\I Snow Linlfnc9 OJstis >. ire. __ m.Lk+i 3e. Iharst ncetH14 > .. ?.
.;... U.. Spot. bete -s S ra' t.allure
ilk .. ltlgis6-w. wd P.rlsr O.srrs4 lllassarr' r W. u-ta. ., er I 1..11.. eels ds/... 11'e111. .
E.s +
} It t G llfiC.j. nso'attlJ !!Yua1ui T..... M.1g11
t tlk'h.,4 U.. .r..... (tet. rlsartetj* P7mta.fsle eb_ isMM|.ti .tt. aiMt alt sibs'
; .l4iee.rd. A.t-... .... *w.W s, a i :W.os.ttr. via. ale r.lltt.r" Md4...... .... 4J.I....... oC 11I& sl .ti Cwrm*!!**) sr, *tx va alll4 pi .
. des part. .... ..rf.
Ttra1ak. lfy
sad. ac I. y raratso4.
W 1eb:
sat. to.made. +s vets ensr
p,:.:ottuvie 4i : tyr .Ta...4...."d. 55 5 aAt ta7lataet: it ens aUna "tares . war J&dOLU:. dl tU. Dcs tr tthe +..letctrft.rtw. tllr.+eMr.1!eo.ttrog.4 Q. Jt "naa .j.! .Itiny th.r..a 0' Iit'F trl....... ..

2;. JO."IIOs.! < T sTttk nlsr.r1u ,, Z. its.a sw/ ::.... $ slw. .... alt $.1v ,wtr C lbk Mott+rtmnOl.lrtei. -gyror, ..,,r.;
W.B.J stf ,.t..lssk4. i ft


,. tti.r ,_ ,, '" ;I' ,\, ,. f1i'i
y. .k1 4t' w. .w r.KY ' .5> .;." -t" "

.. __ __ 1

-r d.11,
t1:" ( '', I\(\ .,
; :
.//'n'' 'I" 'II
i I'
I ( : ) '


--u____ -.-.--.. .
c-: -- ---.-... -----.---. ---'------.----.. ----.7--- - -- .,":.a.: ___._.I_

: OF CITY AND Hat will be given away at 4 o'clock.

,ftWS Bring your''coupons.., The Q. W. Hyde OLD AGE

i Co.Wood\ MOVE.
COUHTUOHDENSED THE -Our big blue cart full of dry Y ;
wood for tu'\Gainesville Planing and Depends Not Upon are. but Upon
OcfHu Co.' Vital.Force.,
General Interest Gathered \ To- our new locution. ot cars
JIt".e."J of 1-1t"! OJ:. E. Manning and W. A.McLenna' : At the recent convention nf physfr it, .i Jtt.t North of Postoftte rxi
by Our lUporter<. SECONDCARLOAD :$%V.1doue shopping in clans there waa a good deal of dl.ctn.Ion we> will bit pleased to B'.-e'

the city Wednesday. in regard to old age and ,the usefulness our best to pluso yOysters ,
SOCIAL ITEMS For Its s i.rr"o uf persons years old. "
AND large plasteredrooms. Steaks and Shortour
Some at fifty call themselves old
(Tan,)> used in rulte or siagle.
,1. .Happened and What Is i GoingpHsppsn turnishrd'Qronfurnished.;' P. M., Oil'v and really appear no while other at Specialty:
.... t4. r, .. Mft seventy years teem active, vigorous Coffee -the ,W.t. Ever i
In Short ParagraphsN
; Told
i and jonng. nice. Game evoked to
That "He Who Runs: May Read' of Clam jOTclam chowder and a It was the opinion that It .ws not fur sportsman.

'< y>ThsSun. mackerel full lint alPfrenhand l1pe. Three sues of years, but the loss of vital forum that OPEN EARLY and LATE! r
makes'ed dines
for sale at this office. & Earle. 1oII.;,""' a person ,
!! Old pipers ", lion, thin blood and poor elroulatlon
fw.rGsMons:Weara Longer;Devoe Rev. 3 B.:Rogers of the First Bap soon start functional powers and vital THE

TO Let-Lower floor, four room DEVOE'SBEST list Cbol'eb"t"IU conduct the serviceat It, on the wane and then the symptoms OONTINEN6\

-ys.Clapp.tadiH'ralUna. i North Oa'lnesvllle Hall tonight. All of old age quickly appear, as the C4.FE-REHTAU IIANT.TreraontHo.,' d

; cards In latest styles ( are invited system then has not the power to re.

SaD offletifnt.dA Ilighest5n quality but In the reach place waste fast enough.

: .1 few more boarders atHoewe. LEAD of n..rJbod1-1110"Ribbon Lemon and Our well known druggist.Mr. W. M.

AND Vanilla. "Absolutely pore, go twice at Johnson, says> "That, old feeling maybe
rtae ZINC PAINT far and the "Blue Ribbon Flavor". Is warded off and overcome and we I
p !4athewt of Tacoma was in the
J. : Just Unloaded. perfection.Rev wish every person in Gainesville who

',:tit11t.t.rday. L'P. Thomas of LaCrosse returned feels old, whether they are so In yearsor Ii.:
J. W English of (m.u was 'trading 4 to his home yesterday, alter a not, would try our cod liver preparation P. C. Reinhardt, ft1anagc ,

.;.. II tile city yesterday.I.tBlaek couple of days spent here. In attend Vlool. We know that it has

chiffon boa Leave at once upon the session of the Santa Fe vital' properties which repairs worn Us 209 w. Orange Street.QAIKEBTtLt. ''\\1".Ii,
: jot office and Ret reward. River Haptlst Association. sues, checks the natural decline and

., I E.Godbey and daughter of Waldowtr Twenty.five h u n* A. V. Strickland of Fort Whit. was replaces weakness with strength. It .*, FLACommerelal :\'
in the city yesterday. dred Is an ideal body builder for old
gallons sold in in the city yesterday, having come on folks." ra.e1 a day iprate <
Elevation Vocal Ctiltare Piano and five months. We business connected with the UnitedStates by the week I able supplied;
av This U
tntcaose Vinol It
W. Pitts. a genuine the
Frraeh MrT. land ofiioe. Mr. Strickland best the market chords Pal
eraged selling one joba cod liver medicine, containing all thf; age of public .ollelted.WILLIAM .
made 'of
Mrt. B. E Strickland of Waldo i Is entry a homestead which I Is
said medical eoratlves and strength-mak .. ,. .. .....
tithing friends in this city. day. This moans to be very valuable land. --- ----- ---- -
lug element nf cod liver oil takta dl.
,, Geo.; C Snowden of Hatchet Greek something. Fall and Winter Opening-Measurestaken reel from fresh. cud livers* with tonic ANDERS

winding In the city yesterday.hi . satisfactorily by an expert fromtee Iron added. We will return jour money .

fish balls to csn.-something Let us talk Paint Globe: Tailoring Company. Our If It does not do exactly what we

lass for topper. Saonders A Earle. to 500 patterns will be on display for your claim for It.-W. M. Johnson, Bragg \
you. Inspection Friday and Saturday, Oc BICYCLES and r.
t. .
,; For the b- t printed stationery a'
tobar M and"27.
boost prices call at The Sun oflloe.JinooK DEVOE'S COSTS Phlfer Morrla. NOT*.-While we re-sole agents for

the visitors, this oily yes. LESS. J, II. Dye of Mleanopy, the clever Vlool Gainesville! It Is now for sale Electrical Supplies.-\

Utdty was Tam J(. Cato of Alaahua. and efficient manager of the Ditto at the leading drug store In nearly ;
'Grandmother's DEVOE'S GOES Portrait Company of Chicago In this every town and alt y In the country
a Try Bread made
.' tr the Key.tone Bakery. It's delicionsTarnished FURTHER. seetlonwas In the city Tuesday Mr Look for the Vinol. agency In joar Agency I for leading Hletles. Krpalrldone : '
< Dye ha b..n-iab..nt from this section town. *
promptly. Electrical: .
.' rooms, .in le or In suites,. of the Htatsvfor'some time,and friendsare _.._ nark "
---- --- ,------ ------
of nil ..In"J .
) for light houfekeeplng. Pearce House *
glad to welcome him here .'
again. D M. Phlfer Is running' a gristmillon
Too may hold the locky coupon The ladies East Masonic street, rear of Oawlord
of the Kirby Smith andJ. I 13 W. UNION
Iriof. It at 4 o'clock. The G. W, Hydto. THF S, J.J THOMAS CO J, Tlnley: Chapters of the u. D. O. .& Dtvls stable' and Is prepared -- ,- ..- S'
are Invited and requested to attendthe to furnhh'm..I., grits nod cracked
Friend of)1,.. B. T. Dell will regret' food. -
meeting of Stonewall Camp of
tolftrn that she has been GAINESVILLE: FLA.
indisposed Confederate Veterans at the court J. M Price' nf Metros, one of the Miss Nora Morton
lor Teral days.W ,
J.- boo,. at this place on Saturday next most widely known ltlana of that
0 Morris, of the firm of Phife at 11 o'clock a. m. HORATIO DAYI8.Comm.nd.r. section, was In theelly yesterday lie WM.1KMBM *
dl/orrtsha/ returned from a baslnestrip .
made The Ban
an agreeable and pleasant *

to Saebon"me.W'DledI"oaltlon.1. tivlll Wanted-Laborers on sewer work ---_-.u-. -__._-_- __'__"__'_____ call. Laities'
pay tl. O per day for men Apply Ksvalilci
on the job.Coupons. Captain f.ewleWls logle of Marian'
': forth: references. Address W. MIro .
n andFIRey
flea postmaster that town, was I
.n. Box 855. City. not recognised unless prei
NEW YORK the easy W n.IId.o. He
ant when hat Is eame for
given The O.
away. Serfs..
Mrs W j ClrlfHn. an estimable lady W. Hyde Co.Furnithed. consultation on Important politic!
efSurke. is( In the city on a visit t 0 matters with Register Robinson aud
)erecter! Mrs. 11. P. llolttein. rooms by the day week 1t".I..., Chubb.Ia.Congreesmsa.
: or month. With or without board.
Pearce House.Have Chas, Doughertyand WATCH wv tUdWIT. u
RACKET.CHEAPEST lion. Frank W. Pope of Jackson 1My Jew ;
your stationery printed at The
passed through the city jester*
BUD office. First-class' work promptly day. Paring their stay her She,. -...- ,.__. _v___ h _____,.
delivered at reasonable prices Is our I were suet by many old friends' all of

motto. STORE ON EARTH whom were delighted to see them. PROF JULES EICHELBERGEI
For 8.I-Oood paying restaurant ,
At a called nesting. the
uines, 107 Welt Liberty street. Apply of Kirby Piano and Organ Tuner
Smith Chapter the fallowing' delegateswere
to Jeff Simons on premises. Good
reason for palling HOISERY TALK.Tho elected lo represent their Chatter ..* and Repairer. '
at the National Convention to be .
4y W. O. lUcie. of the -- -
hId atOoIf Port MlM the U h
oo <
his name was In the city ,.* .reh,. Mjafton has now como of Kovptntn )f.... John Chenut. TIIIKTY YCAKA* IXI'O IKf

f II,. Hague would not say so; but he when it ia iieccHiMiry for )1... M. E. Wtrlhelnt. Mr*. J. K.Walnwrlght . ---

went through m part of the mysterious tho whole family to and hlr..J. r. McKlnstry, I Il.taa+.'III.. lloH4..
Mssonie fraternity on Wednesdaynght wear Jr. Alternate -, ......-.-....
i ldaedamee J. M, Ora-
Shoes of
and courno youcan't hem, V. M Prewlu.A.n. Oliver ai 4 JEFF ..
L W Chase and ),,.. C. W. Chase wear Bhoe-i without E ana Hall.

It,. at home again, after spending the Stocking, and timially tho Many pedestrians on the east sUte of uc.t.aa tx
'nmn>er abroad. They visited many Stocking bill in than the
more square yesterday were sprat
points of interest on the Continent. the Shoo hill ThiH will not by the navel window display' of 1.. J. Fresh Saltwater Fl

and were by the very Journey.snack Improved Imneslth bo the case if you buy ufttnndard Ilurkhlm. the ftloU".,. The windowIs
arranged appropriate' to the eomlog
Yr brand
; I will boy from you, or sell for you of gooda. of she Hollle. College fdotbell learn

I *t private sale or auction any ho.... We have just received today,eontalnlng a large aol balMS-
hold or kitchen furniture,or anythingsl a *.... doll holding a 'pjg skin.;* wlihr'f
I .. you with lodlspoee of. Tae ale largo shipment' of tho colehraUMl ........lO.a ..b.,,...... h."u U... 1.0 pro t .

of live stock rent sad ale of real BLAClv OA.T IIOISEUY carryout the Mia.,... and alto

r estate, specialty. P. M. OJIeerMi for :Men, Women and Rather the dUptajr' I* a vary .1.v.r

.. Agne. Regers, a tharmlagyoavgladyof Chlldri n, and this brand IA .... -,-_ .-- -'---

0t Peterburg wbo .u too well kriorwti to need ...... .... and OYSTERS
I bUD vUltleg Mr. and Mrs. W KI
much talking utxmt The JU... sad wblte pointer sin Dar of KirplloreI
pop, tea as Rnesp srsT)
f. I )nr la this city has returned to kerkeme.
\ MiM B grs Is eec of blt. of price coinrrumcoi at lOonndup the flo..t stack, Write for pedigree. uAllrrsYtf.L :, >pLUit

goat neW..1I4 bar IrUn4s' here 1'1ln8 >' Ttio Boyn .HOMO aed |rrt.... x. Graeme !>..*... ,
",*>aysgls4 to welcome her. at lo ana 2&c wear almost N.Y. 1".j ant BOW nr.pre4 t 0 wewtp

.. lik' leather. Sou tho '. . IHe IraJe wish she last the maf
------- lino alford.Ira .
i this !>.*. 1.>...8*.A
Copyright. 1906 byScasJTacr and try n pair next time .. ." ..... "
slue & theta WATCH you buy. FOR BARGAINS /M1MrM"- '" y'

They're Com Tho RadcUfTu Shoo I ]
ers This spare for the seat tWrtydsy for IIO LXN"CJ;

Lo.dh.If 1 both button and I IN 1.IS.aty... saae.s.. "I Peeefuiw, .
Ti&ieg about well cotha- ., l.aI bare .. 0et.*t.ff ty laoe-at 82.&Q per pair oro 'ease saause.........
-.u like tG-ha. JOG tuna the l st that .
tilt ... I lalklag I* > money can
*** taU line w. are showing u fte, buy. Real Estate or NAYES'UWLIU

Hut Schaflber ft Karxl tae mrrtaat w... aw gsada Wo
are now showing

Wwth betty man new thinicn I in Pail Business Chances ALL E.lo. ... ,
fleeing; worth IHT U eel atvasa)4 to ten U> . '
best worth wearing. and Winter foals Jt.'",1Jl ...'...,., .I East t.iea fttt.sade
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butt for rim, All-wool, pay you hantlAom ly to do Opec she ,

( 'M a. acreerixcd cotton lo the** M wNH.g -.*.*. a.*..... a se your trading with UK, no See d.etr.d hotly. fef fears t ft.e.salq.teeiy Y tn e e/ele4 :
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50. siaso, $22. 0. matter what youPHIFER nd l d.'., Wedeert.ys sad ll' /

, what h. u p.....C le*. sissy ..." .-_. '.. .",,, L. I _.. yreta&sy. sreeren' e4.,
NARMELWt' esle>q
' PilFER T ......... em'etseM r.ev ss.4 Xatnt4
{ : MORRIS BROS i bJl# eswlluet
. a M ef Jd Me. r

The Clothiers Cee>at* ..,... rklge*'" )rte '""la+ "......, ...t. He Has Them C. EMAf I*. ?*ta,7r.

t .-... ", .-,, \.. .. , '"> .... -"... 4 .a I
jfijMtotojj fraydfrisVftn i ii ni iMiiwma>i irtil(
i 1litlte

Title: Gainesville daily sun
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Title: Gainesville daily sun
Uniform Title: Gainesville Daily Sun
Gainesville daily sun (Gainesville, Fla. 1903)
Alternate Title: Daily sun
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Creator: Gainesville daily sun
Publisher: H.H. McCreary
Place of Publication: Gainesville, Fla.
Gainesville Fla
Publication Date: October 26, 1906
Frequency: daily (except saturday)[-1938]
daily (except monday)[ former <1903>-]
normalized irregular
Subject: Newspapers -- Gainesville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Alachua County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Alachua -- Gainesville
Coordinates: 29.665245 x -82.336097 ( Place of Publication )
Additional Physical Form: Archived issues are available in digital format as part of the Library of Congress Chronicling America online collection.
Dates or Sequential Designation: -58th year (July 24, 1938).
General Note: Description based on: Vol. 20, no. 48 (Apr. 5, 1903).
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Other version: Gainesville sun (Gainesville, Fla. : 1903)
Preceded by: Daily sun (Gainesville, Fla.)
Succeeded by: Alachua County news (Gainesville, Fla. : 1934)
Succeeded by: Gainesville daily sun and the Alachua County news

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9 / l'4 4 f + I ,nine: l1ille i ai.ln nI



-- ------ -
.. --
-- ----


Arrest Was Result. of Trial of Walter Los Will Probably Reach $SOOCO.

Edmunds,' Acquitted.' Union Station Was In Danger.

: {t TO ';CONGEAL MURDER Atlanta, Oct. %! .-Pat "'Webb, a Savannah Ga.. Oct. 25.-Fire on BY NEGR1

bailiff In Justice Puckett's.court, was Tuesday afternoon practically destroyed -

j arrested Tuesday afternoon by County the 'eiMre block of buildings

Torch Pat to Toxra to Hide Horrible Officer Dunbar by virtue of a rule 7Tir Men Were Probably; Fatally bounded by West Broad Stewart. "Trusty" Prisonc
Issued by Judge Roan In the superior Fendergrast and Jones streets.The .
Work. court requiring him to show cause why "Wounded. beat caused the paint to cur)- Oflic

.--- he should not be punished as for contempt .... on. tho union station Just across the
for having threatened Tom street. The efficient work of the fire NEGRO THEN COM
.t i Cakes, a witness the case of the ., department probably prevented a conflagration -

I state agalnnt V'alter Edmund, tried for at one time It looked

fTwo Hotel. and Seven Houses Burn Tuesday and acquitted for"ttie murderof Factions Met In Public Road and as If the entire business section on .Black Killed His Gi
Frank Smith a negro who was West Broad street was In Imminent
in Battle-Sheriff Same Manner
ed to Conceal Murder-Negroes Suspected Members Engaged .
death the danger.
cut to on Iorsyth street
and Summary Punishment I. viaduct on the night of Sept. 2!. Goes to Scene of :Trouble In an The fire destroyed the stores occu- His' Own Wife,

Fesred. In default, of 1100 ball Webb was Effort to Restore Peace.' pied by II. Lang & Dro. barkeepers; He Was Serving.
? committed to jail. 110 will not be I;. 1<. Lxrwln. vlrygooda; Wallace &

Natchez." ).U... Oct. 25.-William tried on the charge until Saturday Knoxvllle, Tenn., Oct 25-r-A special Sutker. bar; S. Ilen z. nab; L.. S. Ulrmtngnam Ala

JJoyd. water service superintendent, Nov. 3. Judge Roan having announced from Sergeant. Ky. to the Sentinel Irtce. furnltufe; T. V. Vlgodsky Flat Top mines 1:

I- burned to death; C. J. Little, an engineer that the offense, charged against him says.: clothing: XenT hon UlllUades. bar. of this county w

of a ."It.ohw engine killed by struck at the very fountainhead of An cnsa&cnjienj4between' membersof I The house of W. A. Ilazzard. a negro state convict pi"son

a blow on th* back of the bead, the justice, and the court desired to carefully the Brown fuiflons. on Dry Fork : on "West Broad street was damaged aged 63 years a

.JoTinxloA: hotel, Cochran hotel and sift the charge against him. creek south of here, occurred Tuesday I as were the residence and storeof murdered by W471a\

Peen' cottage destroyed by tire Is After Webb was arrested be stated and Henry Brown, aged 34 J. Rocker & Bro. who was serving a

the record of work at Ferrlday, LA. that he saw Tom Oakes. the witness rears, a teacher, was perhaps mor- The fire had ft* origin In the explosion the murder of his o

JO ann..'west of this oity. In the corridor of the court room last tally wounded lillbu Drown was des- I of an oil lamp In :Melgs bar ago.

A negro who murdered the engineer week, and. having heard that Ed perately shot three tjmes, and WU- ber ehop. It spread very rapidly. Fain was a "tru.

for his money set Are to the hotel to munds had killed the negro with a liam lirown was slightly wounded. When an attempt waa made to turn the hospital:: departru

conceal the evidence of his crime. skinning knife asked Oakes If It were About 80 shots were fired. I In the general alarm It could not be It was discov cd t

XJtUe' body was found under a shed true. lie state that Oakes replied The factions 11 Is said met on the 1one. aa the fire had melted the wire i. bole In the Ii

In the switch yard by three railroad, that he did not know that he was public road near Henry : The main portion of the property destroyed through It was pan

men, who were attracted to bis side too scared to see who killed the ,ne- home. DrowD"1 was owned by Messrs, Wal- negro women on t Ie

liy his Cto. JUI. lie lived but a fewminutes 10'0.Vebb declares that this was all A clash had been expected. lace ,&:.,. .Sutker L. 8. Price and 11. llllley was vtat:on
i nfler being; found and was he has had to say 'Oakes. I Sheriff Crawford has ,gone J.ang. 2 catch Fain,, when k tv

unable to toll the name or color of I Oakes who Is being held until the scene In an effort to make' peace with The loss will amount to about of upproar z '

Ills a..Uiant.Th I I grand jury Investigates the charge of the factions... 50.QOO. Much of It Is covered by Insurance behind and bra!'':aed

pay car of the New Orleans ,'perjury: against him, growing out of : Lang Bros are probably: Fain and another
and Northwestern railroad passed his evidence In the Edmunds case be- Victim' of Whttecappers.. the heaviest Individual loser who was under *u::;.1 l

through Ferrlday and Little was evidently 'I Ifore the grand jury, and his contradiction Chicago Oct. 25.-A dispatch to In adjoining cell

murdfertd for bV money. I of his evidence while on the the Tribune from Redbud Ills. says """ Cut Companion's Throat. told the s ory of the

Boyd was asleep In the hotel and stand In the trial of IMraunds Tues Anton )lUllbacb, a German farmer residing Lo Angeles, Cal. Oct. 25.--John When Fain wan b

was burned to death. Ills body has 1 day, gave boil In the rum 6f 1 100 at Renault Monroe county Williams, aged 17 yeans, was grrest cell be managed to

dot been recovered. f for his appearance. Ills case will be Illinois, was whUecapped last Tuesday ed at Long Ueach' Tuesday night and of carbolic ac'J f'

There WM another fire In Ferrlday Investigated by the grand jury on night and died Friday night. MilMbacftx will be held for requisition by the of the hospital asdi

Tuesday, but owing to the tact that went to town on Tuesday and ,!' governor of Louisiana. The charge i contents,. dle l In a.w

'w -the telephone cable between Louisiana I became slightly intoxicated. A gangsurrounded 1 pronounced by authorities against the llllley wa* from
Suffragist Arrested. I'
and Mlsm! J ssI lrvl.banks of tho MtsstUnlpnl Oct. him In a saloon and I; youth Is that at' Shreveport. La. several which place his bed
London. 25.-Ten women suffragists -
river are down no news cans who threatened to hang him. He resisted ;; w..ea&'JO, he 'committed robbery .Vain killed H'llc-r I
were arrested Tuesdayfor
b received.A but wa overpowered. Then the that be DU
end attempted murder cutting; manner
disorderly conduct In the precincts
negro man and woman were ar* of the home of lights were put out and he waa beaten the throat of his companion. The wife. __ _ ,
commons were! arranged -
.,' reft In police court.VedDeadar and I Freight SteaNew *
fearing murdered IJttle and It Is be- bound to Into tals wagon and started home. I l i Hams, when taken Into custody. Is I '
were over keep the York. Oc-
lieved they will b. summarily dealt sis month Such Tart of the gang was waiting for him said to have admitted his Identity andspree.ed
a commonplace freight strainer Jai
with. at the outskirts of the Tillage. They
his .
relief at arrest.Deer
outcome of the affair did not meet thevlews I showered him with stones. lie fell th* New Haven and
Several visitors from Louisiana who
desired to atinme the- role ofmartyrs bartender? The wbltecappeni are Killed by Governor. New York to New Ha
that there would be a I Darien Ga. Oct. :$.-On theirway .
by being committed jail to the watrr's. -r; a
to drive aU worthless
and when the to Ha>annah from St. Catherine's
magistrate announcedhis hang aroifad the saloons of too Tillage Island off SlatD':: J: J
*roe* from Ferrlday. decision' a great. uproar broke out I Island. Governor and ).1.... J. M. Ter day morning TNs:
and persecute strangers, simpleminded *
A number of whit vagrant were In the court room and ultimately (bewomen and Inebriate. rell spent a few hours In Darlen. ; got away la a IS.:".*-=a'
vjriven It'm' the place several week had be force. : persons They arrived the J&Mle.I I
to removed by : on yacht i-J up and brought tl

goThe Home of them were literally thrown where they were the guests of Mayor' the steamer M l J.1 s
property loss amounts to out among the' crowds .waiting out- Epidemic of Peculiar Disease. W. Wltkn of Wayne.boro. Governor tings it report*;,1 '..> M
900.000. partially covered by Insurance. New York. Oct. 26.-The World
\ aide the building anJ Mrs. Terrell pent several with steel Aboa' 4 o
I says that an vpldotnto of dieaae .
: i : day on S1. Catherine's Island where Stamford the II v nan

Hawkins Withdraw Motion' I Dedicated.nttburg which doctors have COatMM"lIHn- some excellent hunting was enjoyed. I. unknown srd ::1<:Jonr-r
.e..f unable to diagnose and which
tjalnrartlle. Oa. Oct. IS.-llefor* Oot. 3ft.-Th* new St. In. a fine deer being killed by the lantern vet flit has assumed alarming proportions In
kludge J. J. Kenwey. at chambers Paul Roman Catholic cathedral" said governor. when It became cv J
the own of Marino harbor on 8ta- _________-__ ____ t .
klsliKMivine.. counsel for Fret Hawitn to b* the most beautiful edifice In the I steamer 'DO>1' r' ,t tc
ten Island has thrown residents of
Land Suit.Nashville .
*. convicted of the assassination stat. ttnUn a cost of $3.600.- t Dig took to their i tos'
that place Into a panic Hundreds of Tenn. Oct. 25.-A
,of Henry K. Cagl at the K.ot* persons have sold or closed their been brought by>> rUsman & Rob.
eat<< time to prove his Innocence, with artisans skilled craftsmen and laborer Four Trs'nmertPtttaburg
huas s and snored to other parts of In llk-kman ,
iris this
county state
-tlntw their motion for a new trial was dedicated I WednsJay by O(
the Island. The disease has already against the lion Air Coal
and Ironcompany
fibs dismissal of tho motion was mad Monsignor Falronio papal deJegat. toAmerica of the Clevis "1
brought two victims to the grave and and the New York Trust
assisted by Cardinal JamesUtbbons K
An the following language: "Fredillawklns Ion of the ivna
of there are present under treatment lathe company to recover 9C.OOO acre of *
Baltimore. I t
declaring tiU Innocenc of Archbishop known a* i "
Eh* charge of klUlug Henry J:. Cagle JTartoy of Newr York. Ryan of Philadelphia town over 300 case. Its victimsare land part of wnlrfc is the Warner jumped lh* tra l.- "*
unable . and a score of other high first attacked by a high fever andsown furnace land and the Aetna mineral '
sad yet being at the p... dlg- : Wednesday a tMtatt
"'latl... of the church red blotches cover' their bodies.At lands. The 'value of the property I*
ant time to prove his Innocoo*. with who arrived BeU.vve <>n ti r:
sinks his mutton for a new 4rtal.w | her for the occasion during Tuesday Its Inception the malady confined estimated at StOO.OOO. and" wa sold '.-claaa,.. ,.,.. f ; s
I sod Tuesday night.Desperately UseU to the rank of American laborers ; under the hammer acme year* ago lest the track a' t
nearly 3.000 of whom have for '"..000.t .
Wealthy Canadian. Commit, Suicide.' over tile beak aLbs 'I '
; been brought to the town from Ilaf- t
Chicago. Oct. 2*.-William B. 'M Wounded In right. Ohio river > i
4 141....... 55 stars nt *g*. of Toron- Jackson.. Ky. Oot. S3.-Will Me* tale, N. Y. to construct Cuban Off clai. Suspended. lajured. tat u -cc of

to. Ontario onmiuUted suicide bx Intosh has been brought bare from new factory buildings. t harass Oct. SS.-ta consequence were hart

hooting himself at the Karalo. e a hotel Athol. where h* was desp.rstl'lywounded of th* discovery= of coUusbm of minor

tttewtirt had bn tnaklag a tear ta a fight .with Mo. Caodlll.CauiUll Machinist and Laborers Strike. f otnclala of the eturtrro boos and outsiders Acquitted 01 MTbemssrtla

of the wt with Mr and Mr*. D. O. wa Instantly killed by Robert New' Orlmuks. Oct. 24.-Following ta connection with the auction : c_

<:tou4 of .tDI-b.: *<.,. N. Y. Cloud and MclatosA Th Metatosa boy lad tb* Olsoharg of ten men iky MasterMVtasBlc sale of uncalled for good. Cashier as Mardre of 11.7rtao.nwMer .

i tls wife were held" as wttas pending gone to the borne of CawttU. who J. P. Nolan all the ma- Donallso has resigned sad ore 1aspecter of KahJJ A!:!

1 ti the C'Ol"Oae"'a |.ql&.*'. KI...ran married their sister to tale away the chtataU: said. Jabonra employed by sad two clerk bare bean sus- flea t sdjselrrRd.saner

.a* th. omijr: son of a wealthy Caaa- mitt daughter their sister, who had the northern raotOe at Algiers struck pleaded.. pending aa tnvs tixatkm. Th* eebsy ........ T'

dies who dial several yrs ago. died. Cat 4Ut resented this asxl the W..s.M4oal. Fourth VU President aaaoavt t* the frauds t* net bettered orela we.
--- pelt *iu*.-..s. RAW ).Id toab. a third Thomas U. Wilson of tntemaUon-- to b* great. Thar i* ca clang.against sri aiJwry
brother, was arrested aa4 ts la Jail al M scat nuts' vaUm. who (s hre IUao.I the *Tfclrer!
.. '
Stenslsnd dame Brlnas tTM.MO.Chtcmgo w.*twin. .' 8-JIO"$
charge; with C'aII\P"d fromVaanliuKUm.. nays that the ,.
Oct SI. -ledge BrUMf broad. tee a r6
_trtk wilt ...,..4 alt
over 8oGt
Ute u>rvn. court has Hi...l 1use j I Mrs. OetfUH FIU Object*. ate. .. Th <*m" X.nytalerested
Death f ..,.. eea Padae tn... taAI... the n ujM Is
ss" of Oct. :$. .........t. rr.-t 0"<."IDa...H of thetatoraanWa.s.1
eC this Wnlae
tiUUe bank, which was wmh.d by < city .*syaa AW $...... a.I'I:r*.**.' to. oil>
neat has J*.t .*** ...*.. e* the death M.tabta. t. expected '
tta pr*.Uat. *.! O **..\&... to oltjeetiu ta court to the probate
th* '*.M. the fttaa .** charge d hltakea. which naaaa New York, 1a the hags of Oelrlch Her oh
/1&0,100. TU tit .. i >ctiaa I* haal 14 *p4 by th* C'O.f.t.; was TtU per east t; oneesr.,*.. oer. Oct. 1*. Th. ressovat s.csrtas his ,..,...&1 Id..... toward ,! e*> ch. grwssNl that Mr Ovtrtchs was eve theses.... ....... ...,.
a .r..t et tie .
eat the far valttt ct t&* **.p4tal .t.. ; of the body to a rvJrta vault wasth &11e..M. of the awe a resident el New York; bet .CCa&fecala. .eaw er a .

of tu baa1I. t first that bora** k.... smh cjy ..... ... ,-., 1 : Mr. OeJrteh toA ih* tmlk: after ****** cad> r'k Y,

.of 'a* death. e.ha4""a IB for I""'... Meee......, at Y1e.C1II.kap. .......+y. t set I tale estate lo .... km >set a4 *t*.. H.... stole.. a.* .

X2OOOO G4J'Ma" Miner' May .t'Ts. wek la arcordaa with th. maM ()d.. a.--i'Ry 2.... pee. ,... T A aee6I aY w...t
1:***.. rntaftta. O t. 11.-Tamtss >.** fwrtoex. thlr wtn b. *r*. ..,.. ar. rxt..cted I. teene UM et.4. - tsars .

peels lave 1"'iP"t 4.eaaa4 *f ....t... aav* tSk* **a.. *+.t t* lit... one tllc ulinega (-'raJ ...... Vet ''L C*.r.rej .** w..uk_ a- -

.... ttataees Her %...b.. wane. *ata vte-........ K". Ie atved the dedleatIe.s j Xw Ortat .. Dec 2&a.n... ,... C a

that th.'. asaoriati ..***< Ct ef City avrn. .*.e..t. of ells tM* sseeslae4al tem- t Hor. ... hf t*. Yews a*.. PacUIc: ... ......... ,

-.opt.* th.* *amttt.* a* New York Oct. 3*.77. barbel CIt r t1..r n. .........., 1 of : rwa4 left deer p*aeea Wedneaby. w.rzssa a '

t>*lag re Mrt>s.*Ui>v.* of all t*. .ata.r* .VtM. bsa lees a.r.e4 apse a 44. .: ..,... anslred ptc "1),1. wt.t: Rya Iriantat. e,.......... with ....... .!' ..rttrla .t :

*e i.>>T4 This ....*.* -Ja* hrU- ,, tA.U"-.v.t It ytU ro aAeerrttu C41J ...... ;erg" "..t '1M awma.ttwtn ... seed --tee ra&ise1 tto s tywet i ._"4<' 4'

.4. .cr+ko Of t" 7J&t0 ...... ..- i ... e4 a- er seta .e eI'Y at !ie+. moarsrrs eft' f'"Nt tsfastrgf grrea.te.e ..>rb ...'s slaws .ar ,," ...,. I. 1

rtras. j.'t ......... Ytetazt year 14 at3eaat sita.aelr *< the "'T\ r.a t.+aot4 ebriham "" ', ,. ;

s I ,- ,, t.
1mMI'.i.V!: .... e.w
-- ----- --


. . ,, ':, ',' ,', J" ,'''I'( ..:/" ,' : '" :. , ,{ 1 ,
: \" .'\f'.1"' "f''I"'; :' ",:" 'J, J" ', " I ,,""" 1';' J, 1 ,' '

.. .
----- -- -



';" First Football Game' of the Season : Tbua Lost. Restored by Lydia Those Who Have the !
,,., B. ,pinkh....'. V.aetabt. OompouwL. Responsibilities ;
, to Ooear Here. ___ '
< of Military Branch. __
How many women do you know who I
are perfectly well and strong? We
.TEAMS ARE IN FINE TRIM hear e'Yer.vdal.tbe same story orer andover OFFICERS' ARE COMPETENT ]
again. I do not feel well ; Ism I&c'
so tired all the time :
The University Boy Have ,.Been Prac Under Direction and Instruction of

dicing Regularly; and AreQu ck and Commandant; Ball They are Becoming
Active, Out Will Have to, Play Hard to 6 Quite Proficient and Will Show tl: :::

Defeat South Florida Boy People Whet They Krf w. b U
The first real football game of the The staff and roster of the TJo verIty wear '' HeaUr. Ttj i.

'season, where football sure enough !t of Florid hnvinsf been eompl.&- neater that viva t::'

will be the feature, will be the. game ed, tho hereby given for the wherever used. Prodj; ::
between the University of Florida and enny ?neral Information, of the pablia! beat without smoke or swell bcc.l

Bollins College, which will occur at hA Up to a reeent data this list was not a equipped with smokeless devicei
the baseball park in this city today tw. complete and verified, which has so- 1 oo danger. Easily carried arour.d <(:u

The people of Gainesville are devoted counted for the tact that lame baa not. to room. You cannot turn the wcV tior
'f to football and since the University wen published too low. As easy and simple to

is # has been established here and( Following is tire complete listsStaff as a lamp. The

rR there U a good team with prospects of .

? witnessing some floe games, the interest SMljj Ka McDonald PERFECTION Oil
j Iocr...... The University team First Lieutenant. T. It Ball 13th U. .

;: lias been working hard for the past S. Calvary,commandant. (equipped with Smokeless Device.
Mora than likely you apeak the same M. I Moreman. first lieutenant And
few days, and Is said to be In excellent worda and
yourself, no doubt feel
you Is ornament to the It Is nine In
an come. two finishes
mllltitry secretary to the president nickel
condition. The same Is said of the far from welL The cause may be easily and Brass
od fount
boys from Rollins College, and those traced,to some derangement of the female O. Tompkins, first Jleutenant and quarts Japan.of oil sod burns 9 hours.beautifully Every embossed.beater 'warranted.Holds
who attend are assured of a game organs which manifesto Itself indepression military secretary to the,srrgron. Do not be satisfied with.anything but a PERFECTION Oil Heater.
worth going; to see. The admission to anywhere or of do spirits anything, reluctance, backache to go George Ames, ordinance sergeant If you cannot get Heater*r information from your dealer write

,. the grounds will be fifty cents. bearJn own pains, flatulency", nervousness Battalion and Field Staff.J to nearest agency for descriptive circular.y .

The schedule of the University of aleeplesaneaa, or other f.* \V. 'Dou h.rt'Y. major.T. *
Florida team. for October and November male weakneaa. Z first lieutenant "Vsf .\/mV\\ makes the tome
tt Then symptoms are but warnings Eason and % "amp\ brieht. I>the safest
1* at follows t that there i"danger ahead, and unless adjutant.A. a ana bat lamp for
October 26 Rollins at Gainesville. heeded a life of suffering' or a serious R. Nellson, second lieutenant and all-round! household use. Gives clear, steady light Fitted
November Riverside A. 0., at operation la the Ine.'It.blere.nlt. . with latest improved burner. Aiao1 of brass throughout and
Gainesville."' .. The neverfailing remedyforellthese qnartermaster.Boy nickel plated. Every.lamp warranted. Suitable for library,
symptoms la Lydia E. 1'ipkba.m'e Veg W. Gorbett, .ergeant-major. dining room or parlor. If not at your dealer's write to nearest ,
November, Savannah, at Savan stable Compound. Company Officer agency. STANDARD OIL COMrANY. laeerpera'
rah MbM Kate McDonald of WoodbrJd ,
November 10-Rollins, at Wlntef N. J,, writes I Company A-H. Gan'ltr,captains E
t Park. Dear Mrs. Plnkhm O. Bryan, lieutenantV.. W, Qlbb, .
en* ..Ilestoral bnUth has meant so much to me first sergeant ; J B. Earrnon, T. C. porals II, B. Ode, II. U Fisher musicians
November 17-Colombia A. C., at that I GOOD UREA
cannot help from telling about It for .
M. jf
Thompson Oolson.
Savannah. the nuke of other suffering women sergeants;
"For a Ions tint I .ufTrid untolil crony James Kirk. P. J Carter R. Ghapln, Both companies' have a strong mem
Novembers!-8. 0, M. A. at Charles-
with a feciuU trouble and Jrr.KtiUrlU ., bershipJand .
K t>. MeRse corporals I R. II. Dean ar drilling hard. As aresultJitey AIDS DIGEST
which made
Iota me a physical wreck ixi no one
L thouxbt I would rooT.r, but Lydia K. Pink Jr., W. L. Fa ten, musician' are becoming quite proflil-
ham Vegetable Compound ben entirely B out I In the manual of and 11moyement.
Charles Canoes ( '
cured rn.. aril made....well..., -.rehlr.1 k-t Doe retie'red rr ll.
1 feat it w r duty to toll othor euft'.rlnCcIIJMDwbat. : cptalnO.: 8. Bryan lieutenant C. ... hound fe.Asu'to which ,beatur,
Rathbon Sisters or Waldo Observed .a splentUd" M Fisher, first sergeant ; Sandie Gra-

Annlverssry of Order. For iwenty>flve lean Mr*. PInkham, ham, 8 K. Jenkins,'l J, 8. REVIVALIST. HIGH SPRINGS. IT'S YOUR |
daugltter*In-law 0 I:. IMnkham 1
MM. O>n. P. Morris, Past Grand has under her direction and since her Shand., R P. Persons. L.V.. Hollo- Famous Preacher Will Hold Servicesin
Chief of the Rathbon Sister, spent decease, been advising tick women free way G. Strlngfellow. Ell Futon cor-
Tuesday night In Waldo, where she attended of charge Her advice Is free and ----- That Town For Several Days If you do not keep fond..' s'-_'.
a meeting of Crescent Temple always helpfnL Address, Lynn Mass. :mDVT...A.a.DS. High 8prlnZ'. O3t. 23,-Rev. II. G oD'ou'.b1..rOf'ht.r.rat dellveretl .t your dourKIWSTONB I

No 1 of that order, which Is the la. ------- Houdday or Texas began a series. of
dies' aosllUry of the Knights of Pyth. WILL. HOLD' MEETING TODAY. meetings here on Tuesday io the Methodist BAKE

,Ian.*,. The Temple observed In a most OPERA HOUSE ehuroh. He has Just closed avery t'bene In... U. T. N('IUII{

appropriate manner the eighteenth Sub-Commissioners' and County Commissioners successful meeting' Live Oak, - -- -
anniversary of the order. There was Will Come Togelher. and will continue the meeting her

arranged for the oooaslon fine program There will be a J'Jln'\lnar the for the next ten days. BROWN HOUSi

comprising addresses, paper, County OotnmlsslonVrs. and BobCommlssloners Mr. Seodday has held meetings In
muslo. ate after which refreshments for the Florida State Fair Saturday. October 27 nearly every State in the Union, and Is BARBER SI

were d. at the court house at 11 a_ m. today. widely known In church circles. Ha
As Indicated by Its number Ores. The> meeting will be held for th Matinee and Nights will. remain (In High Springs as long as EARNEST (''IT. Pr

cent Tempi ,Is the oldest temple of I purpose elf bringing,: together the Ideas the people feel that he I Is doing Rood. Tontorlal work of c
The Musical Treat ef the Season I
the order In the State, as well as one and working the commissioners. and after which he will make a tour of the promptly and tn aa up-t.: .;::_.a tKothUtf .
of the strongest sab-eommlsslnners, and It Is hoped -- hle. He expects. to remain in Florida bat Or.l< -'J wiployed.
------- that the, full quota will be present as Joe A. WallacoIr for the remainder of the present '
: A share of the pu': ;'a r-:
Marriage" at Waldo. this Is a Urn when all, commissionersand y e.r. i
*ub eommsslonra! -nU the r 1"0. Comedy S".eeaPMT5 .
There > must get to I
was a marriage at WaldoThiuaday Funeral of Mr. Sims. --- ---

parties being at Judge noon, J.the J.contracting gether.Mre. W II. Palmer, representing theWoman's I Th. funeral of Mr. John E. Sims of Ie
Gentry olSpartanbarg P[( BAD DOT Union
$. O., and) Mrs. Kffl* Department, states that she City, Ind., who died at the T. F. THOMASUNDERTAKING
home of
tls .
1 parents In North 0.1....
Is making floe
Manning of Waldo Judge Gentry I I. avery progress. another
Influential' eltisen of South Caroline lady rf the slay who has volunteered rill Wednesday evening, was held

and a man of prominence. II. I Is 'assist her she has been doing' Every Une a tu b! from the Baptist church a:90n'eloek
good work the ladles and the Z..en boat .0..1 Thursday afternoonRev. 8. B Rogers
to ., congratulated on winning so fair among .
Every Cot ao e a CreattoeJ officiating.The .
Woman's Work Department will be FULL LINe o1NBV =
a bride from Alsehoa county. a Every E..e Reveiattenf
, ... ,. great feature at the Fair. Apvlsa... L easkter. .: funeral was well attended, considering GOODS.,
-- - ----- -- -- -
the fact that dr.....-d hail
--- ----- a >:''.-..of Dellctl,1!
PROGRESS ON SEWER WORK. A V*.d. 1U.. resided here for only a short time.
AUKtMUofMlagrns a IIIUo.ur The floral decorations
were plentiful.The AAxx.3IOtV11FNT r-
NEWPATTERNS About Half the Pipes Now LaldSc.rcIty Interment was held la Evergreen TU.Jl.'tt
( .
of Labor Greatest Trouble.' Ilaarent, Adore Eatertalnen cemetery. .
and IKOX 1'CM'La.IH -
------ -
Contractor Heeman, who has been and Pretty HirUISOMETTIIINU -
working for the past few months on 3 KIT CTERT ACT: HARMFUL STOMACH DOSING. :'ee ear sap=s.Pee.oaal .

the for the -.- .... -
sewer system eliy, reports .. --- ( ' When H I I Used atteeti:MI t ( '
poms *
that he Is making fairly' good progress. Mt1Cxf: Maltese. IS wed ..., ton. ,.la, fart ri to Cure Catarrh. ,.... clan Mali aa4 trrofapUr ::=
ARRIVJKfi AILY.Our having laid boat half the pipe 'EATS' ON BALK AT A !L. V1I>AI.'.. .,t..J.a to.Qalneavlllc. .
Ho states that his Physicians and seteatiste --- ---
greatest trouble is air** that,
the seareity nf labor. II. has been in. less medicine one swallows, the bet 1'hr.rte. .

Hug and Pquar Depart- quit fortunate a measure, however Southern Railway '.r. It Is I in keeping with this. Idea that .

mentis brightened up most everyday as he has not desired oath rently to ityomel Is rveommended by leading

with sew Rugs and Fquar work an extra large forest t bet he nowent. w htl.laaa.htonchocu this sad other .
Road TripEXCURSION J rt* ""
tft number of catarrhsseet
arriving height patterns and t
handsome designs. predominate and nods a illf9nlt proposition eon When this treatment U used la .starraal -
la o
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