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with prontlsea made by him ... Fry* Woodruff.( .'... writes nut anA later tM MMe*.; In kUt... II. ---' .4. l.4 sow's .wwa>smww.i. ..erM.AMtr .

"After doctoring for two year with ilern cl4s atOM falling hslr and p.ev..*tTM Ma e.enj n AT1Ofts. ; H Nq ;1
We election year, which be declared .. '.'l
t if elected' he would the the brat physicians In \Vanrbur. klffMM*. It .m ales an Meat half dres.tog Ii CJlO Ca "b, -Tres eM._...'. .. ..1:'U"c'"m J. "....;::.....'.*, "..os -. .- ,
one H tond an aritermtt .h4irTMin to ,. . 1'L'i "
.rood .aalary, of 10.000 aa Ids coinftn and till gettiog' worse the doctors _d. hair the t* .J.H. dl.Unc4'4 ;1 = is.a.ae : ::::: : 11.e uek leaa..avltk.4... :::::::;::::: t:= 171st sea,

atton. and would turn over all tined me if I had any bolt... to 'attend by...>Mr .t,..1..t.'.. *.ad ..... Ii* *........ ...jsa... 1111-. ... ...... .... . Ilanwam. ., ........_.... r. H4 e 1 1t.sat.
fee ... eul . ..feet. .slstio ...... ...,...t. tltuleir fmwm.
Tn O Detroit. .
unapt t llerrlcttf
teen to the. county. to. I had wu.ran..nd to It at Mleta. iIle 1.- ... . . ... ..(..f'..eke .............nt.. -771.... YClfii. tM' .
once, a* I could not possibly liv.suoth.r -. II..... .." . . .P. .. . .At S to!'!! 0 ..AMa.pea ..
Prisoner Commit Suici&a. J. H. ii..Ut.rd A Ce, "H' ""rcial' Agent ...... .. ...7' t'.. ..;:-.Ji-i. month. as there was no cure . . . . W"apipafill.
:. .: .-_ . ... .ml.en . u.r..A. .
Deltas. Tex.. Oct. 10.-C. C. t1'tlMuu. for m. FIJle,', Kidney Our was renmmended .. --- -- r......;: w. .. .. :: ...... n .:::1: .............A'! "i"hyyw! ebsast. ': '

.. charged with murder cat himeif friend and I UAWtaa : I'Ma SC epee N . . ............. 1. . ................ t "1_ 1'/IUs .

with a razor in the county Jail Immeaiatelf' to sent m by a son to lb. ttore' i, rope Mp.r: ripe l l'w, .:. .,.:::::...,.:rl',..::./ ::::::::::::::::: : : == : =:', '

> my .... 1 ,... ... ........ .. .. . ..
11t r. aid dfcwl from the wound \VII- xa p It. . ... ......... -,- '
for it. and after taking three. bottle. Ibegsn .r.-._ .. A' '.',, _.IJ ,, ,e ... t1- '
.iJ. .
;: ::.r..1:;( ...
tlana. 'II do wag A burs trader, shot to gei better, and t"CtG'I.a.ct to "Irhs. -7 dpwA' .............. ..................-""... :. . t M '' ipat ,'.
[*M: kl:lw| W. A. Minot. a livery aim- t ..ww t Mpee. ......... .. t N ........ il.. e,... W 'S
** improve until wa entirely well. J r I .''slat._ a. efNq_ .. :. ..twSS .,J. ti-; ;. ,.. .. .I. "x.1 t MYv.M
I i>*n several months j - ::.: .; .. .. .......,
_ W. McCollntn A. Co. .e I ... .............. . "" ............. . ;,. ..... .... .
t -- I "It............ I 4'1."'.............; I... .. ............. .1.' .. t." ,..... f....... ."
'''' "P ,
.,a 1'lla.... ."__...... .I . '.. .. ...., Jhelha4 :.: :.'. --. : II. i1 ':
..n..... tryrear.." .**! the ls.*....n.L 1 1I. 's' 'tfh..f.:1. :. : : ": i : :: :: 14. ljjwt "t.'t: .
t It...... I ip.aw Lv .. :.. . : 'lMt.. ; . . .1 il.se
,- ........./NR a roll .1 MIS'hr"' M Mi ,i ,..... .. . .. '..re.a ... .. . .A e ri y
I J ... f e . . . ini. .. . v f v'dae .
at lrwwWtt Ma 'Of .. .
I wean playtatt pnk.e wr .....- . .. ba11t.. h. .. J.Ie I I'wse ;,
P'r ..&... \.u May av. M tG hey I.e. t V. ... . ,.,.. . . .. 1 "I.. T .tense 4... )ht'',.t
rleL. ........" 14cl..1aa.ytime I =
fast ,tJlt : ,::: r ..
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; : J'-:7
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i M.-I. .. "-I. wick mm ..t>.-aoi .frigid ,. .-..... :. ... .... . .. ,". ..7.. "..'............ . . .... .-.. u..... III....." ..... .'\!!

r... fit isle "1 ea....y Mushier. atafiac a +OMM.. .. .. ... .. . sM ".. ". . M e -- u -. _,,. ,'"
/ ,.W" ....,aslft ., ruts. ernes? ..-I iss1Mti : :: : .1. I 1O J"t., : try I r
;.. :. .. .;: .,,... ... .=::: :.
a wad Ileary. ..,...:... .a. tttst .. .. -, .. .. .. .. .. .. $ t
hoe'r w..*> ew..NclU for .... .. .... it.. e f , ..I...' yj et.Jp........ . a. ...ssMJ .. .)'
ytM .... I... ,. .. .. ....... .. -
hay taw hat ter pi w its tike *.**. ,.<. TESTING METHODS ; lieu... \ a loses :=
,II i never agalai ton..b tSMM. .. a a r.lI I .; ;: .;:: . .:Y .4... : .: i "==
W .
Garde "",.< t w .M swyCASTOR hasterd b is'none's I A tt a* to UM, *...edfwtiaiac .( ...... 1 !fMe I t. .., .......4.. .,....:..,i1'J;:::'.. ....i........: .... I tm.. i;;;:;
I . ; ..... -I .. ...... III ,
a C...,...... JadseFar pa peg s ov.v spar : r mi. .. .. .. . -
i :: L ell aa. . .. tr..et/ .. '.. :.t=
tsse'/1wwL was wade a fist ag.by :: . .: .. .. .
t. +.a .. '. ... ..... it ... ..H... M tfyw
the gr..t poWJ.aWac.1 : : ,: : :) :=

IA 'I Ilarp.r 1& ",...". Tw hoh51. env.ierr.d. ;' .*e.f'r" 'r.:::'s4',Uri ' ..i ',1 ....rl_ .....,... -.f Naiar ..t/A'1 tit't M

gabywon'1 ;*: ala ad OMUrta.fca e.w IJt a w.t3 hseemt'v r .M t :' 'r e 1 I. Ith
..s..r setbse ss4 the .c"-r 1.7C. ;1 i 't' .. : H

cry if I [ KI lad Yw H2T8 Ahraj? BttLj tM I e. swr ..n""' TN"o.I .::;-' 111M1 l. .rlre.ala.ASiM. 14.. t;:'.;' ""

yo wag .....,.,... feet u... a.wsp.pwer4v..Uellsd .. . k .f ;.. -: $ ; '
BARDSt1OREl1OUND = ; 'p- I'sqitss ,.. ;, ,:;** : .;;;
A.aas 1M a&&j i .JIIIt I ... aa4 the /ItheA fern 'M ...- : .., t : : ...,,:..; :--; .., t I J 1 M'\M' a

SYRUP. t &Ipa r sf .. ..... rasa.iel.veiih .. I ... ... .. tf ......, ..lli,., :=---i.I': .Va..q..... a .a.._::
f ,.,.. *' PNtM* ....., t'* ,.. ...... ; ... : .1....... t
J 3 ... .,, ,... .e
lswnttotale.. re.pidros1'mdt ..-1 ar..111e1e/. %" ea*'"- 10. _.._.1Of'' L -.- 0 ..__ .",. ....,
Gtaloe soothing IIIJa.rknUCt.'IlES AoLa ea.ydrI e..i! .......... .. the f' tNCUt ,L". ocaH.'O'JL SltL"IIP

COiXlttS. COtD*. i I ._ kJ, ....... .. wet esA --...... ............. .... .. COctm"- s._AT- X1&-*. V'
Nhe t. M/.. rj anoaat.oT11. rl4af. C..stie. 11wA.N lIS.-1 .Ilk N..l '
SORt ADD sew r'w 'hat wIli feat *e he1 a. M5111..r40.s.f.. .: ..
W"oo..q l CVtJJn ; p./ .... ...,., ......... .... .. -..... .. ._ ttnvnrm.. and Key Wc t. -- /
ALL rLtlaltxulty DtSCA N - ---- .__. ._
.... ewY III wK M ........ ... -- ---
ems, p 151 resell was r .e... est.eel. ... ... .. bu *f-.oca.tt

Mr. writ J. C..Jerkin.'I can llFnrtt'l0. I..ajr .....,. w ,. w.i4a.-t..d'm .1ti.rsea, .. ai etMstrbe.l ties feet. i' .kawt: I 'Y w.es_ami.s.s.eleea. .....r.a == ..,.........." ......
; ibt
..'agb for haUard. a Jlor. i = at .m.,. .. .. .e.peer. .......... :. ;, I S :CI i ; n.-t.! .star.' A hr'iiira.
N"n w
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eared A Cat.The. to 455 AI ,ia1s, ,.........
.5a.4 ,'naJt. It bag 4t o ... ,- ..,..... ... tletclrI. -" Tc.o.rer.wA4

T a..bJ"" u. ,"lOGp..s trlr. t t M M..eutf abet aM d1wggIs.. .., ....... .. ..a.. tt'fb retFat4tor .hliawet .....'- ; .t....... key Wont mad lMvsss,

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114. SQc acct S,. tJ f tf r....yet'. !leer. 551.1 Tat k. .Ia .. 'sneer .WA.. -"' Agf s 'i 'fII"" ..... s,4 js .

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aa4 .bot. -- ] 1110
aRatd s.ow 1..Mltxtea' c.. ...ugh sew. .'s es. j 11.. bear sa..earea. ea..tssrw. rr.. ...rt,. ,..... .. v' .L.wp.i.
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NTUJIIt''IK.\ Mat ....... ,...... drew a'seed Cbc.e ise..sa .5r... .Mt. "*eeme..A .. ... a....tUsee ',e u. .. V ..... .uv.+e e'e .... ....'!f'f..- .u.t -..'"..11y.w/sans..aAa.A.....1 Nrl/er/. ..... a. '1

... .. ... ....MM. I. .,....... .. ... ...-. ....ea... Is.fj ... .t 1IMi1t ;J,;
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....... .... ............ ... (, .. rr fj p Me Ms.. Care ci1 Ub. LOCAL. T1JM0 Aim Ut ::1 .iZ: ti..
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.... and Ceo.loAlss.Je 4 b3'sra11.1 . ....... ................. 1 W, to' t SEE .JII TICKHT AORNT."

.. 17" 0.. .. ..1"1"jTTMt>" . .1., 0. Ti AU$ U. Aftw O...'| P***. Art. ST. AUfJtUJTlNa.

:: I.r.'i.: : .. .... ......... ""- -.!& 4 .""oii... L' """r '- x.-t..u "''....,, &:, .... ,' ." .N<.,"' I '.iL., ... ;,4w.:, .,. .'.
4'l. ..ilmfr.aiae..d.. .< .t "

Ir $bt n'int billt ,


1, Published Twice a Week--Monday and Thursday

i -- .. -::.: -- _. -.;:.:..=- :;1---: ====:--":':-::--:::'- J t -=-.-:._. .. ,1 ...-- -: .. ::


J' _


leeperate Negro Fires Upon Pursuer* I';" ", Young. Woman Put Up a Desperate.

\ STRIKE Bain-brldge In ,Decatur Oa. Oct.County.*10'h" <&::' *.rtlf DIE' ON,' SCAFFOLD Macon Fight, Near Oa.. Depot Oct. at 10.-Macon.Oar the HAS BEEN POSTPON

'atieraon and a portion of bU pusee. pluck of MIa Josephine Barge prevented

eturned to tbe city' from Climax:, a a burly negro pu.5 at.eber

land' increaso -in Pay And mall town >9 Indies east whufe they South Carolina Jury {Cmvicta from getting away' with a large sum Attorney;R. Cooper RqueatPostponement

:- jive hunted Lem Williams, a negro of money belonging to that young
r Shorter Hours ranted for the murder of his para- Criminal Assailant. lady. Miss Barge la visiting& in. Macon

oour. '.-- -- ,; from Tennllle. and while, here I is .

OVER Tbe negro shot the woman down taking in the sights of the big Macon
with a Winchester and departed for fair. While walking near the Union

tan swamps, declaring that he would depot, a negro darted from behlndx

"and Was Made a..Uong Time Ago, tot be taken alive He returned to Negro W.nt On Stands and Denied telegraph: post and madek dive for Jesse and Milton Rawlins Have 1M
fio turpentine camps and terrorized the bag Mies Badge wa, carrying and
the Southern Wa In
abut Dilatory
the Cclme-There Was a targeCrqwd
irery negro on the place, swearing -I which contained her purse and. a Respited by the Governor For a

'& Making Answer, Finally Refusing vengeance on any one who 'gave him ,of Spectators, but No Demonstration. large sum of money. nod of Thirty Day*.-Alt Moore \IV\

f What Was Asked &w.,. He was later seen by tbe.h.rltl"a Instead of taking,fright and tearIng -
party and fired three times the bag In tbe .hand of the thief Not Go Defer Commission

Atlanta, Oct. 10.-A. the result ofllatory |t Sheriff Patterson, one bullet passfiif Columbia. 8. C.. Oct. 1C.-At Benneitsvtlle Mis Barge held fast to her propertyand Atlanta Oct. JQ.-At fie! f- -j
taotlca on the part ot the within. an inch of the officer's a negro Richard Dargan at the some time called for help. Attorney John R. Cooper U Jlaa
ithern railway official, 200 ma lead. 'was sentenced to be banged on Oct Frantically''' the negro wrenched and

-'pieta of tbe local chops are out on After firing tbe negro ran and .... 19 for criminal aiwault Judge Hudon twisted the bag: In an effoit to break the set.elon.prison baa commission postponed, whiIn t'.3 t t::: ru.j:.

ike, and fully 1.000 otber roochln- aped in tbe darkness. He Is heavily rushed tbe trial tbro.lKb. taking tbe ;young lady's hold and be finally of the Rawllu case from ft':: seer

at various points in the south are' armed and has greatly alarmed both only half an hour for dinner. succeeded la tearing the> bag loose, day until Tuesday of I iVj .:own

'out. the white and colored residents of the Mr. Patterson< heavily 'Veiled. told leaving the strap handle In -Ml.** week. .Colonel' Cooper ,'z: .
List August the machinist made Climax neighborhood.A of the crime. Barge's hand. be unable to obtain all of ,_ ;_:
demand for a 28 per cent Increase relief posse will continue the After her two children had retired, Again calling for help Miss Barge; and additional evidence h3::! w
wages and 10 hours a day. The a called and tried to get her fan
I patch and It la belteyed the negro man after the fleeing negro and alarmed submit to- tbe board.

,t'r matter waa referred to a committee I rlll eventually be shrrounded and out. She refused and he attempted by her cries b, dropped his booty Chairman Joseph BMn, ::) i r .
railroad officials, composed of SurlntcnditU taptured or killed to break in. She and the childrenran and made his erfoape through an al
there la probat c.f
says no : C
of Motive Power Stew Sheriff! Patterson 'who ha. been in in their night clothe toward John ley. .
'r 1It4"Cro." Alf Moore, being :tr:: ,
aU and General Manager Spencer, the affloe SO years* regards this as one of Pearson a negro near by. The <*n MUa Barge recovered" her propertyand fore the commission, the'

fatter, a relative of President Spender ale most narrow escapee, aDd !Ie being caught her oa the way: She recognized Is now receiving the congratula has been respited vend! < : fl:

: congratulated tbat the negro'a bullets ber assailant a* Richard Bar lions of friends on ber pluCk.d disposition of the cases tl t'.:! RJ<

,,.;' Frequent+ delays were asked for by !' failed In ,their desperate mission gan whom she kn>w wpll./ She and scription- of her assailant has been sing boys Judge Turne! ,' ti;:;.
_: p i the' official, but finally anI.1Umatum' the children screamed for help. furnished the police and a general
\ d
would be an unwise pr. c ::: f
;F waa J Issued which stated In substance .Memoir. Caused Rows The children ran In the'negro house alarm has been sent out by beadquarters. "by bringing ,
tabllsh a cap rM:
r\r'tha.\ .&. the Southern had decided to rev New York Oct. 10.-Dt. stch. to and she followed Ibrm.t a* non as -
t> s
?______________ 'wfore the commission
'I+ JTus the demands of the machinists. I r she could all screaming ao that
the Times from Berlin report tbat a people .
Jt.t Then it was that' James O'Connell.et tremendous row baa been caused bythe nearly a mile heard' them Standard Oil On Trial. .
I whom were sentenced! ton' ) ,::.
Washington D.O.. president of ". Pearson and his wife, to whose Flndtay. O.. Oct. 10.-The Standard .
publication of the >femoirs".of have *
'l the international' association, ordered the late Chancellor Von Hobenlobe house they went said they were Oil company of Oho( was put on Oct. 2. been re 1 ; tl|
wttta governor for a period of ) L .:, etb.dr .:
tbe men out. Promptly 11 o'clock which include extract from his diary awakened by the screams. The children : trial here cjargcd conspiracy
application fur a >'ou:r.:': 2'
Monday ntornlug the men worthing in referring to tbe differences between ran In and told them that a man against! trade In violation of tale state '-
the Atlanta shop walked out and tho emperor and Prince INstnarck. bad mamma. She cam In a little aali-trust law. The penalty prescribed I heir ..enten\e* may bt L --

they atate they wUl stay out unless I .' later excited and exhausted and told Is a fine of from $50 to 95,000 or
which resulted in the lam.. retirement ,
they receive! what they ask for. them that Richard had committed from six to 12 'month*' 'Imprisonment Fire ChJ f* Convent.Dallas
The Dargan
emperor telegraphed to
__$ This U the ant strike tbat the Hhe the John D. Rockefeller wa originally a Tex.oct.: 1:1: : :
Prince Von Ifohenlohe who residedn the -crime. got negro c-On".nfluu.1
annual I h
UouUvern& has had with Its machinist I Bcnnettavtlle her brothir party to the stilt, but was granted aseparate fourth <
I llohemls, censured him for "gross to go. to for lernaltonal1s.oc.atloa cf F 'r :X'4c
since 1901. At that time they struck tactlresness'u but Ita'/ declared<< here *. trial tbe date of which will --
I' in began here TU4t duy. A: "I :
lor' a. 2S. per cent Increase In wages r I I I that the real culprit Is Prlnce Alexan Mr*. Patterpon'a. li-ycar-old daughter depend OQ the success of the tate presentAit.'r. c.; sr'.
"tad a Whor'dsy. T eG per cent corroborated her evidence. the preavnf proceedings.: It 1* said gate are |
der. tbw chancellor's! '
youngest son
__ Mr. Rockefeller will not! be a witnessand cause were made in for rin tilH
Increase granted but the boor
wa who formerly was 'member of the Several negroea saw Daman in that 1
the afternoon mrracrumemory
mill not. attend the trial which
day wee lost relchstag and still holds an official aelghborhood' the night of the crime: .
of the dead nrrrheld. : ) air
"Banker !
be --
will before Judge and A
At present Ihe machinist receive He was captured In. a the .
poM. and it ,is said the etnperoj'a swamp The remaining t f:;'. e
4J a day and apprentice get from 7ft alapleaaure' will be visited' heavily next day.Dargan. jury flL convention will be dc :: ut

"cent to U.%$ a day. This I., they apon him.Wlvwe went on the stand and denied Section Master Hurled From Car nlrtal the subjects to be d : t

state.. considerably lower than the the crime. There was a large .
New berry. H. C., Oct. 10.-Mr. William I pmmlncnt fire cblef (Ic :- C
_ scales paid oth r machinist whose crowd of rotators. but no demon
Resented Court Interference. .I A. Pitts section Master of the derwrlter and ntanu'i; J'

hour are much shorter. Chicago, Oct. 10.-A dispatchrohh stration. Southern railway, was thrown. from a lanta. Ga.. Whee41ns: W \ : II

s Just what effect the strike will haves Madison WIs.. says Charles It. Bat. Society. ef Municipal Improvement rapidly moving hand car and a* a. result : making bid for the. n- :';' ar:: ,1Llttl.

la Jntposslble to ..,. Tbe machln ger. 38 years old. his wife, who laUH Birmingham Ala.. Oct. 10.-The of Injuries auwtained Is now In a
iU, 10 far a* Atlanta* concerned, mother of his two small children
thirteenth annual convention: of the critical condition at his home. Tbe Mother Faulty Burned.
.mr* well prepared for a long lay-out., and another woman to whom be was American Society of ,Municipal Improvement injured man baa not regained conaclouane Cincinnati 0.. Oct 1' .l.ScbuU. .-.)

'asthry have an ample fund but they married unlawfully, have been livingIn began here Tuesday' witha ** since the accident a fracture .. aged 16 yea

do not anticipate. they will be out the same house since last May the good attendance of municipal engineer of the skull and other serious II1Dtb """ to four younger! T wh\
.more than a few weeks- lawful Mrs. Sager acting as servantIn bruises rendering him unconscious.'
and officials from every part fatally burned by' a kern nm
Among tho higher official of the the home of which her rival la miss of the United State and Canada. He also suffered a broken leg. Tbe Ion at her home on heat! ,-;: c

Southern In the city tho strike dl4Il10t tree. Sager. who 'Is an Insurance During the morning me.Unr's of the accident occurred about i miles north this city. There was no a ...

+ em to cause' any great amount licitor and custodian of the buildingsof executive: and finance committee were et Helena, a small town adjoiningXewberry. to aid the suffering girt on* t-a'
of Inter*. the University. Wisconsin voluntarily --
and tbe convention become
held proper optond literally a
i, The men on strike were loath to ....
made this" confession in court. I .'.
early Tuesday afternoon being' Turkish Sultan Shot.Paris. mother bad been dead fo-
dleu. the situation save to say ibat"they ia
P very one concerned content with .-'
tunder t--
welcomed by Alderman and lieutenant I and the family had 1
bad only walked out after wait- Oct. 10.-A dispatch to the
this arrangement of their domestic hr
Governor-elect Henry B. Cray tlae.are of the ire( r
loa patiently for the Southern to aoI I affairs, both 'womenreaeatlng. It when Petit Parlslenae from Constantinople f "kleft
who for the President use than ; Tho
poke a .ar.an.
read t7. declare' that the real .secret of tberece
p code to dvmand which other ..
the court Interfered. An Investigation
: abcr :::
Chart Carroll Brawn of Indianapolis the horn only a
I .
bad granted. They felt they had I has been ordered .t Illaeee of the sultan of Twrkejrwa
During the afternoon fore the arefdest.
been badly thMt will be heard from the commit'tee
Kurdish who >
wa Jaow
boor ,way than one Further than a woman
00-000 Fire Le. E"J9f"'
on exhibit, oa municipal data and I Arrested For Robbing
of latest the
his favorite la harem
this general statement and the furtherons Lea Angeles Cat.. Oct. 10.-FUe .' Mt
tatUUca. on fire pfvteclkm and on beautiful t CAlumbla. 8. C. Oc
CircaUn Accord
: a girl.
that the walkout would be attended i which started aI
mysteriously Mondaynight .
disorder, they would park, development. A number' of paper leg to- the story the ballet. was extracted t "' l on. .Ha. I*. O. Jo*>r w. It.t.
by no '
I the all
oa the top floor of cham I
of r---:
oo municipal l questions will be by a German physician, the t t.*. here> oa ibe charge y
not talk for publication. I
ber of commerce building on the eat \ ::1.j1.
read at the afternoon and evening sultan under Ute octal: of the Deo Roor: ; -
going operationwithout
There I'a a mas of work on bandat i aide of U dw.1. between First and : Ta:jQJ *a 1e
sea.lona. The convention wlH last la Raleigh N. C.
taking. chloroform and displaying
the chops at the preeent lime, and Second street, caused' a damageroughly Tour day a. .. ployed here by the Pborrfxcompany. L =r'

} bow this work can be done preeeat I estimated at 1100.000, to p 'rcent great' serve It 1* charged that t. *

,Quit a problem. by water. Tbe Ore men had Old Tim T."gr.'aaLIDatoa. .,--.,.*." li.COO from his farmer ..ar.aAft
'The following ahop are affected by great dltoculty' : Sa fighting\ the name Oct 10."Ibe twenty.sixth Will Rehear Peonage Co.. officer from Raleigh w '", Ct;1lr<

the strike: "Alexandria. Val Mancheater I, on account of dense acnoke that plied anneal coaveattoa' of the Old ,' Cape Olrardeaa. MA. Oct 10. -The tkm la pectd to "J.k Of

Va ; Rpencer. K. 0.: A h*. the two top floor. OtB .. and coav Time Telegrapher and Historical a- pinnate case recently tried here young paper man back to Ral.U-: te'e's

YUI N. O. Columbia 8. C. J Chan I I posing room of the Herald ea the oclatto and the. Society ot pe Uaktd i which retailed in Cbarlee U. Smith 4eeJa the charge.Bali..es
lee***, 5 S. C. : Atlanta Manna tllr i ground' Boor wer Hooded The typesetters Slates Military Telegrapher Met and his ass and five ether *Wacftned .

' 1a.D&....... Svtma, Ala. ; Dreenville.Ml !I t CODU.U.-4 at work la a showvr. here Tweeday A larxe number of .I and aeatemced to the L<.*uve*- A la..** w.. MiKdsKt_

... 4 KnoxvWle, Sheffield. Ala., and Same machinery and a eoeU4rabte > delegate have arrived la the city worth' pJW>atiary. win be reheardla Nw York, Oct. !_ r.. -;

-ClrreavlU' a. C. -. amount of paper la >.. base- among them Charles A.' Ttnker. wbwa St L wsl*, Tbe counsel tw the J. Adam*,. the wo-calld Txwbo r.
I.>fese Mooday made appllcottoo for : :: :::.. (II
I f a. s
meat were damaged manager ef 'M teeters Vales was Lean 4ee4 a .
: appeal ia writ of error to the Cwfted '? 110
Little Child Kidnaped.Buffalo. . Te.J-cn" coatpy dartac the civil the Ho(eX Ane-tmls wo w'ftn. :
N. T.. Oct. 10.-Boole s.evasi. .. bola all State.. Burt of appeal at 8t Xxmls. It.r..e v
Life Wer ... WHhevt a war. The . ..1.* are ,I belief of eoroen .
>dws4grr" 3 years of age, the daughter New TOt''. Oct. 10.-Worry over part of the UaHd State, gad Cage The appeal wa graated and tbe t **.. .spreae.d at the o..tN, .1. ,t w

of Frederick Meeker. a e.V ouken. >srtla the lose eta servant who b4 left her ada ____ ea deCeadaata ham Veen admitted t*> q....t otter JUUaT. -* elea-ft ;*'.

believed to be la the ....4. of kid- after vnaay years of service U beUered l1otZL .. The c rcmer eaM alas a*: r "

.taper*. Monday afternooa while Sw to have ceased Mr*. FloreaeeVnger ...... .....*,.e.i Davis lit Meet UeeCkwaac. Japea.q N.... roavtacd tt his ....'.* t''a II
ale and ber brother w... IB )tats : to end bat lli'.. Xro. Uager Colorado t prtae*., Cokx. Oct. !'.- New Oct 1 L-Tke JapaaaaUsertUas w e..id re..aal ewtdeg.e w .- .....

.tr..t about a block from their home ktUe4 bWU by tabaaax Ulumla.Uia< Mr*. J. A. lloyee left OoJorsAsrtagi 000 ....,.... to laser aaahl .... inoz4enn Its a pretats. '.II.

the alrl wag approached by a woenaa \ gas while her baabuad. was .earcala a M. *day aught fr New York Amokaa copa J to gds ...., at the .........

who asked' bee to to for walk. } for a servant to take the place ofi'the ;:!t
Tbe child readily accompanied:. the i ooe who hal &'OI'e. l. a fetter the strtea. tthseoe of her ......... Mr*, ., t* eta ,t r < *.t Oeaeral ltm.in... Under. Plea ., Pat" . .J'" vNt

woman exjpeellaa the usual rewardf I which Mr", baser left she saM: .<<*..... Davis.. widow of the *.*. *. ka 5fc. ads America getac' first A....,.. N. Y. OM t of .

candy. Tbe ooly desedpUoa the j "O'od>ty: I am tired aad ..*. ... .- dent ef tb' Coofederate *tale,. i ar.exa )tanehurtaWn.irsat. art'.. ...... jiie ht-P .j r'a ,x
Ia4 could .tr.. 'was that the woman --- -- had rt.1sa, b.or I''A .

waa dred la gray. Dean .* Alabama Me4' .l c.a...*. New Veek11 Least Rep.*......U--. Dt"U9r ats c........? Pee ...s r4y.ivr.r...1t the i.. '

M" U1 >>&.. Oct. !#.-Dr. XUttlOoo4e. New Tork, O w..c\ &. Ort it-XTHk. mart La s. ,a SW jean'
.... >IN t .
tkUfakgata ekaratsee. theihdetyrel.lb4 . .
thew "4t'la". lit C...."..... oar of tie leadlag *lrayevrgeoa tratlew tm Cat ctur hZ star was > ,wren tae ciheesacy!f ,
.. .
Ida z:1.23t..4atast t+t au 'W &nt derSt t saswss sae ades" ot aca1sai "a...e. area aie4e. "i.I.J P
New Ye**. O rt 10. -Oases $4* of the cowstry" aa4 fotva+ r'I""MU..I '
t "Wo*****!* Drsgtstw ..
were 'spe'ed( ; wrap trervw Tip'et4la .sd wil
N.w T- 1
Ip day, Fer a thug the. uooa4 was os aas fries. ..teeterrN... or theEwL ce'14'et.L5 w'ee *

1 a sc tasJeyo 41 A.'It- f.e, riMeR.ah t.',' rr4w. ... ,.... .' .- .- --

__N ,'" "" ,' ,' ..' "
f -" ,' I.. ... , ,
., _'__ 1 .

r'1:, ;5" .', ., '" ' ,
.._----------- . ..rAAEETINO
--- -- -
f Ii Cure For Tha Blues DEATH OF JOHN DOW.
---- -
i: rNoW TIME
VIII Well Known Young Man Passed Away

;, In purnnne adjournment the Health 'F Hy Psaforcd sad the Jay of Information was received in this city
d 1' goJattn 4 'h'Q, I. '0" B.ard ..f Co .mykV Uie fiegnted.'Vh."t".rfnl Tuesday of the death of John Dow.
,, 'CdUUoI..i: .Mre: _fa'n 'n4"ct. I ."s inn w) eh occurred at Mnnf on ory, Ala.. :
Toetiday fur 'I 1. , ."",, Ii 'h+.h*!aptwltromu. et ft' ..' .i... To CS-et SLBARGAIN
*' f nfer < < k
rmtpos Ong i on Tueaday more
: ,. ja-+ n. ,,I i'niaxitfeu: :into that< ng of aoomplieation .
with the aobtiomrafsslonera appointed perfection of misery. Uie JILLkM: It ia of disea"e Ytsulffo,
eoare an exhibit for the finite Pair, a sad plot">re It fa usually tab la way t from rheumatismPfoeased ''
ib'lt held In Tampa from November bb, bas been feeling **out of aorta" was a native of Kdgefleld, I IN. "A 'WATCHI
. :Ito 20 Of the present year. S. O., and was thlrty>nloeyeari of age. .
There were present at 'this meeting U* was well known in this section of I-

tirman .John O Dumpier, Oormnl-- !I the State however where hn r"sKle
5 ler O. O. Pedrlck and Oommi..lon. for sometime. He l. survived by a
ti"r'', ;,1. F' Town send of the board;. Gen wife and two ehlMren, four brother. have 4' Standard Railroad Watches

t| OommlMioner N. A Onltison of Wen. E. Dow of this oily, J. H.>Dow o' that have been used short
.>County fair' Association, and Sob. .w Atlanta, 0, Clayton D. Dow of Moat a time tha*

d imiasloner, A. U. Hlllearyof Mica gomery ariU' D-Witt Dow of Tampa I will Boll'Oha'a for Gash. Write
r, II. 8, <}ravel of Gainesville and and atesdamea R. L. Clark' of Flora '. ,.. at I
;')Blltch, of Santa Fe. City and R, L. Whitteo of O ,'ger. once. '

IB meeting having been called to The funeral will DM held, In Montgomery '

tr,, the matter of a system for worke t this afternoon. The aympath; .
; matter of collecting exhibit. pf a host of friend throughout the .

+' ,4 wa taken op, and all matter Mr, RosaAdn State are extended to the bereaved H dTEVENSHIGH

,re satisfactorily. adjusted, after relative. ___ __ ,
e"- the board. journe4 to .
for aome time( head lie.Robed and Doctor Said He Would_ Not Live.
kin with the general commissioner feack also; has slept poorly,been quite
aub.commissioner on Tuesday, I nervous, and nearly fainted once or Peter Fryr Woodruff', Pa., wrilest"After I SPRINGS I FLA.
J Ib 17th met twice head dizzy, and heart beats very doetorlng' for two year with ,
busts then that bearing-down feellnr, the beat In .. .
:' The deatlnle of the Alachua physicians Waynesburg. -- - --- -- .
,j county and daring her period ahe (ia exceed --
txhlbit" at the State Fair ,ia In the lagly d..poDdentNothing' pleases sod still getting worse, the doctors advised .
land* of General Commissioner. Oal I her. He doctor aayat "Cheerup : you me If I had any business to attend The Oldest Whiskey House in Georgi
.tl ltKra and Hob-Commissioners W, M. have*dyapepsiat* you Trill be all right to, I had better attend to it atonce

Jllteh, II. 8, Grave*. P. O. llamsey 'I aoon a* I could pot possibly live '
But she do* n't get all right" and Established ,1881
IT, Hawthorn and A. U. Hllleary.: hope vaataheas then come the brood month as there was no core. -
_ 'ho are to work in cooperation with Info morbid, melancholy everlasting for me. Vole,', Kidney' Cure wa '.0. 4 OLD SIlAltPE WILLIAMS
BI..UBS. ommended to me by a friend' and IImmediately
i t county oomml'*lonerrf.Tlia I, Don't watt until your nufTerlngs have I i Pure fln'" old rye. Dy the pallonfl/ !
cent son to the
commissioner my store Four
county passed driven full quarts *3.fir
ei oMer to the effect that all exhibit I, .you.. t.ode.r.1r: rithyowrnerveaall ootirag crone, for it, and after taking three tattle I EXPRESS PREP
but take llnkhanTa began to get better, and continued to
Ifl i of agricultural and other poductlbodul i Lydia E. Vege*
,. to assist., the' *nboornmlKoners .- : table Compound. Stile what It did for Improve until I was entirely well." J EOi J. COLEMAN
In the matter of exhibit : Mr. Roa AcI.mll. of 819 nUt! Street, lUcQollum A Co. Pure Pennsylvania Rye. Hlch tatelluw. \
mayeendlhe Louisville Ky., niece of the lato CJen- By the gallon f1 :.,. flQ
I ', same by frVlffht. to the Ala era! Roger Hanson,O.8.A. She write.: Death of "Bob Kennedy. \ full qnsrtii$3X( ).
ehoa County Fair Association. N. A. i Dear Vn.71nkhaaa& ,i r 1+'#xra l F.XPIE S Fi
'Oalilson, manager, Inserting on the tag I M I cannot tell yon with pn end Ink what Information of the death of nnb E.
i Lydia K. rinkbam's VK dUe Compound Kennedy, which, occurred p ANVIL fi'rE
; r lnlJ'from
the nf the the
name owner and price, !| has done for me I euffa.d with f.maUtrtniM
I' wben sum will 1). either coldest.. Tam '' **. eatrwme. Ianud.he J,1u..' the result of Injuries received In Pure nbstantlal family whisker, ]
: nasutvl..d rvouava w and slates! f-.UnJr. 1 wu a football a.m.'a' Pennsy Ivan'* the gallon $2 CO. Knurfulr in
r: pa_Of returned free.of eo... This I I. 'In {: / to try Lv dJa'K. ftnkbm'."rcflAbl. wee __ "12.90. EXPRESS: PIU.I'A
t,,, the nature of a guarantee from the i\ Compound, tad It ant oaly curw17 (-. received' here with a great deal of regret. '.
,If board, and i I. authorised for c.mMi>'.hut It has r.stor**!rae to prrl eel Mr.I Kennedy, more familiarly. CLIFFORD RTE
f .llion'. pUbllea.1 bealth younger and days strength.has ..;....nMd.The buoyancy and I: do not of my uf. known a* "Hearing' Bill" amoog the OLD KENTUCKY CORN By the gallon $2 25 Foor full qua
bonny longer with. dwpotxt acv. .. I did< !- bsiebsll and football element, was U M. EXPRESS REPAY
:: A Card, fort I rotwfctar: Lydia K. rta\li uBi's V_|e> welt known and popular here having Direct from bonded warehouse fine
table GcMupouBii boon to sick ...hllNtl.rtac and old. OLD VOtXTEU CLUB l'tm
This Is to certify that all drogabte' wOIDe....* I ben connected with Cast rloridaHerulnary '" By gallon 300.
Are authorised' to refund your ,money., If yew have) cense derangement o;, : In the capacity of physical Four fall quart $3.b0.EXPRESS ., Rich and Fuur mellow full qn-ru fly the$liar vulbn). II
if Foley's ffuney and Tar falls to cure the> female orgaalam write' Mrs., director lie wa* also connecter with PREPAID EXPREc PllEPI
Mnkhara, Lynn, Ma*.., for...ke. the Oak Hall baseball
your oooRh or cold. It stops the team for twoaeason ------
-couch, heals, the lunge and prevent ---------------- ., when the Oak Halt enJoyt. d We handle'all the leading bra.nd.o' Rye and Bourbon WhlikJ-n '5n thau'
>various' resolt from a eol l. Cure Ja A NEW TR "NMASTER.M. the reputation of being the cream _01am..ur list ices and will save you from 25 to 6O per cent on your purchase. Send for p'
and catalogue. Free application. '
team of the State.
grippe, couch and prevent pneu-
motile and consumption. Coutalua no H. McClamroch Has Been Appoint..d -- --- -THE ALTMAYER & FLATAU LIQUOR COMPANY

opiate. The genuine I I. In a yellow Trainmaster on J & S.-W. Napoleon Bonaparte TVT.A OCDIT, G..A.
package Refuse substitutes. J. W.MoOollum Owing' to the Inareaved amount. ol Showed at the battle of Auaterllta
A Co.HIQM basinets' over the Atlantic. Coast I..tneit be vies the greatest leader 'In the
.-------. ha. bcom necessary, to appoint "0. world. n.Uard'.8now Liniment has
.SPHINQS SCHOOL. other trainmaster, with the result that shown the public It Is the b.n llnlment .
the .e01elei ehlef dispatcher of the In the world. A quick care for

Opened Monday With Large Enroll Gainesville' otHee, M II McClamroch rheumatism sprain, burn, out' .'0. W. R. THOMAS
meet and Moat Flatlerlng Pro*pec I.. ha. had the plum fall Into' his band, A. O. Pitt, !tode.... La.. **yi "]

L The High riprlng public, school and will assume. cbarae of the Jack* use Dallard'e Snow Liniment. In ray

;'r opened for Lisa fall term Monday, the onvllle and Bouthwesteru. division/ ol Family And find It unexcelled for sore
that system.IS. chest, headache,corn*-iu fact for
Sib lost., with a large enrollment, anf- -
t and a most flattering prospect for one T. Bomvrselt, onaj&f the most ef thing' that can be reached by a lint :LI VEy:

of the most successful term In It* history ., Helens of_ralors or dl*|.aieheni 'In the Dent" Sold by W. M, Johnson. ,:
employ of the Atlantla' Coast Line ..
----- ------------ -
The athool this year Is In charge ofMl will anccevil Mr. MeOlamroeh a* chief D"CTBX'Q'zaa OA.. Ds

.. Mary 1 t:. Mann, a eaeher of ree- dispatcher.
.Oftnlied. ability, who has a competent Train master. Fred II,.Ford will con Sale and_ Feed StablesHorses
corps. of a.ltauts tlnne In.hla position' a* trainmaster. *t|' T. ,

Frlendf of the High Spring school this divisiononly having' been relievedof
are anticipating for the earning term some territory. The ,,,....... of .ATTOIt\ :Y.AT.LAW.V. .
one of the beat school term In the business made It Impossible; for one "
man lo handle the territory formerly' Buggies
eojnty. .. ._._, .
f Qanx.vu.La FtOBlOA
assigned, neeessltated$ the

CURE CATARRH NOW. change._ __ and Mules ." Wagons
-- &,
Do t 1 Oe Imposed Upon. _
Oo Not Walt Until Winter or Disease __ _
Will Become Chronic.e Foley A Co, Chicago, originated DBSTI8T.OOlee . for for
llouey and Tar a* a throat and lung X -.'

Many people In OalnesvllU are be. I remedy, and on account of the great In Miller Law Eaeb" All Ail
ginning to Bough and back with" the merit and popularity of Fol.,'. Honey. h y,

A fall symptoms of dlsr. ..e.bl. antI of. and Tar many Imitation are offered' Graduate University of ranylvaala.' w
tenure catarrh. The tongue la eoatetlla for the ."nul._. These worthless Imitation Purposes w PurposesWe

the morning and they do not sleep bavViimllar sounding nansee.Beware .
well a* night on account of disserve* of thsm. The genuine Foley. J. "v. PATTON
i able tickling and dropping at the back Honey and Tar la In a yellow package. J ..

of the throat aa a result of estarrh.Ilafore Ask for hand refuse any aubsiliute. Civil. engineer Make a Specialty of
the disease becomes ehronlo It I. the best remedy for roughs andeoM and SurvcorUE..LLEU
they should use Hyomel and gt -. . MULES for WORKING
plote freedom from their atarrtal 11' UIUL E'ITAW
trouble.. A Mkanopf MarrUg.
I Prompt '''..''0. to all b.sl..*..
In forma ttoa reaehsd thl..&&a
It you neglect to treat catarrh when y ester* I'. O. ties ISO. UaUeavllte, Fla
,, U flrvt eome on, th* oh.oe. are that day of it.* tnarr . .. . ... .........
-- -- -- -r- ----- -
It will become ao firmly rooted and this city to iliac Kate )I"h.".
teepete that It will bother JOU' all iaoh erof Mr. J. O. Mather, which .
winter and may become ehronte and : oeorr.4jat the. home of the brtdel T. F. THIMASUNDERTAKING Which arc Guaranteed Sound and in
.almost Incurable. mother In ..&.altOrl Tn..dsy. The
ft. first ..ta,'. use of U'o...., will I .......04117 wa erforme4 by R.v. K Excellent Working Order. PricesALWAYS
show .tf'Gt44kS. Improvement In health I A. Gray the Methotist ...0...... CO.
I The bride a youegtady efMteanepy -- -- RIGHT.
sad a abort time there will be MOftm popular
"e" trouble, and will be free while the gv,.. Is well
haowitaaa" wMtlar h HN He I* _ea. FULL UND OP
from .tarrb and a tgKe a4 .oMwill .
1'10-4 a* a salesman in the close of "
bather you durUg the wtater Vl.CoruI&e.t U..... NBWXOSUXI3TH. 0000AU $..-
Remember that llyomel I Ie soW uanleran -- ,- .. -- .. -..--
absolute guarantee that It eerie Lest We I'Q&' If It's a Stylish Turnout

notbteg unless U nre.. ..I.V )I..'I j Forgot-l.efcy U r..U.*., eaa't eleep
Oallam Co. have **4>1 a great ...., at night, won' ."/. vree .pe.saoitie Ilyewei outfits .''tn, tm_ with tbelr :: A bottle el W."." Crrem Versa ...! IROX .r>OC1L'tzsrA. .

personal; gttaranjee that It costs notfc- : luge steve fail to re fleecy ....... ............... Yon WantYOO
leg .i U.* It cure. and they have .eno :: rr *....M give. fcef baby \t'1i"e**C,.*.... ,
tauy rentsrtabl..vWeaee of ,... I "'.ItID".C.. So wrap Ii.*. wises the, V'..seaU sua.ava t_ alt _.....tit R<
'atal re j* ..,. of Hyomel that th.y tsar ,. pas. end ,..,,.1. tubas ....N' uea ... luau sal wt.aeaasa r ..ewe
.fHn very gU4 to eo."*<.. *,.""n* t..*% 4.'... a.i knew what t4) .t.' A... boille s-v.... .......,..-.. I.aaiptsvUle,... -- CAN GET IT HBRB.Uk .
.. nr.taM aae4i*<".> w4514 hr''C 'Le 1.
4 iarati* with ."1'1 p+.C!<,.agc. hm "'*-.**. and taught: ** t. is a .j... !1-. r't '
A ****(4et* II f Hil o+ttll *wU bet '$L 1'li -.tlOt""t! U1aaaJrr4 attomt.latj eaa


". '' , .< . .Ii',")", -.-, ,>, J" '. ,

'f rA ,' <.

x* I'A!

--_.." ..,- .. .. _.. .. -.. .....' , -- -"-- -. -...---- -- .. .--_..... -


8 gK K TO BEGIN 11VIy Hair City Eng,neer -of Jacksonville' Views udb

ON ELKS' HOME GranoKtMo Work Here

The ruy of .Ja1l1.avlle.) r.aV..leg
--.- the tfC --- superiority eraimllthie {od.
Specific100$ Now! inR.wdJ Ran 'AwaY1I walks bing ,>ujyp/fwtt/ U GainesvilJeot .

and ni1ttee. i its city tfisgmlfer to this city' ,ae

(Of th Jfe it I latter part of Mjt.ast week to eeurspeeinoatioos.

-- HOME 1 Don't have a falling out with. ''m> preparatory M I
A FINE Uyli-R ..a .
"AK suU-wlUlaf psxvementthere. :
your hair.: It might leave you! : "*
Sriji. '
I &. Edward the Architect. Then what? That: 'would mean Oontrae'nr ', '... t* doing some I Tho mod You Hare Always fought, end \vlilcli liRA 1. ccafn

ToskEapeeMl. Pains to Hare' Home. thin, scraggly; uneven rough nice work in tbr.1t".< and work which .... use for over 30 year: bas boron tho tt.1JnRtl1ro f

d.In Comsnlent and ModernAtf'I"e hair. Keep your hair at home I will stand a* the'stab:: are of extra I rand has been inn lo under his! per.I' .-

Are Pleased.D Fasten it tightly to your scalp 1 thiekne. The dally': galloping of a sonnl aupcrvlelon! rtlnco its Inthucy.e .
A"" .
and: <4 A** .
reflK horse 1 l.y a criafn rider along the entire + Allow no o o to dc ...lW nafor the You cap easily do it with Aycr'sHair ,
, .-ntanasc.fi' distanct of \\Val liberty strict All Counterfeit's Imitations amt TiiNt-nA+ l" urn btttr :
i..' borne, which will be 'located Vigor. It is something from the Uakverslty. buildings to the i. Experiments that trifle with and cndnngcr tho bcnlth ofIiiftuits '

the cnrr ofV...... liberty and, more than a simple hair dress intersection at Liberty 'and Pleasant unit Chlldrcu-Exprrlouco Aguha't! XIr1me.n"

roat'Dt: streets, .h aY i nit been ing. It is n hair medicine, a streets has not had a tendency to breathe .

t .,t4 from, nlutnbla the architect S. 0.. U, \I Vattertj.'I .*- hair tonic, a hair: food. matertsl J V..r*: '' hSIOO What is CASTORIA

work. will begin to the alf The.. best kind of*testimonial" Reward." SIOO. \;'
d S..td for over sixty reua. Caatorin la 'n Imrmlrwa ubHtltuto for Castor Oil Pare- '
ami the fitting
,>f the bulldlog .. .... .. The reader of iliipaper wiU bepleased '
) .
de fur d.J'. Alao ay J..o...e.f..te..n as. a) .* -M.* to Iearn'thttahere' Is at leas! gone* l)roi" anal Soothing Syrups It In l-lN\N\nt. It; ;
retswc ..everalUJ.gpOaiae.viUe coutnliia! neither Opium Morphine nor other KnrcotloeubHtnnco.
'f'd that A.m..s. 9 S.\IISUAIUU.A. '
) rf'm.m one dreaded disease that sclenoe. has
Lodge No. C90, %9C! ntL.8 '- : Its ngo Is Its ptiarutttr It destroys" \VormM
been able Luau l its and
.: U Q2EUf t'esrOQda; to care stages,
mill nlln FovcrlAlmc" It Dlnrrlnuu and \Vlntl .
n cure
D *TO{ E. purchased the In'.o&lolof the elegant _. ....__" ........_. ...._ T that Is catarrh. Hall' Catarrh Cure Colic It) relieves Tecthlnff'! Troubto, citron C >UMtl|>ntloui
,r.er borne, with Is the only positive' eure now known to ,
alterations aa were seentWr twit Flatulency. It Intllatca! tho Vend, "rriulatc the
the medical Catarrh
fsocb clob-house. The OPENING OR UNION ACADEMY.Opening .. fraterulty. being Stomach and Doivcln* flvlnir healthy and natural aJocp 11'
and constitutional
stone a disease, requires a
Tho ChtUlren's Tho 9Iothe.r'
lanncca- Frlctul
awaiting the com-
.situs. bat been of School For Colored Pupil constitutional treatment. Hall' Catarrh -
I SOS of the plani. which have ared. Monday-Big Attendance. Care u taken Internally, a"UoRdlr..c !
sad when completed the IJ'' upon the blood and mucous i
Theo lIlnKof Union Academy for
iM! ODe 0' the most conveniently surfaces of the system, thereby deslrnylng .
the colored student Monday wa a treat :Boors tho of
-.upcliD the State'for purpose. : the foundation cf the disease, : Signature .
|r o,sn!'nib rs of the lodge who event and was largely attended. The and Riving the patient strength by "
f'ff'f" the pilot are well pleased reboot fa under direction of Principal building; up the constitution and assisting -
toiioosly awaiting the time DeBate.who baa a competent carp ofassistants nature in doing its work. The y
.IIJ sAve '. and a moat successful term proprietor have so much faith In its
kft<..J edge: can occupy the pre curative power' that they offer One .
:PA It anticipated.Toe I Itnodred Dollar for any case that "It 4 ..
t (I. aboot JOOiltO, and lathe enrollment on Mondny morning I fall. to eu,.. (Send for list of testimo
n. )
desirably located la was the largest of any preceding term, vials Addre at _
1 $ 110&1 rcy Ihehouse most is alto-a hand. and the faculty and tudebte are en. Sold F.hv.3 druggists CIIBNKY,A Tro.Take Co.. ,Toledo O. The Kind You Have Always BoughtIn

terlng their duties with a determine 'ill.
Lae.nt, aDd with proposedvaltera Hall's Family l for constipation
PlAft. ..t..I:1 I:) make a most desirable club. Lion' auJ a will. _ _ _ Use For Over 30 Years.ABSTRACT .
Union Academy", which la the largest ..... .
,ass and lode room. F.rm ewe e..wa e "aeettit" eve s..e.-
school for colored people In this ."0- Valuable Sold. ?

A Young Mother at TO., Lion of the State, ha Just. been thoroughly IS. M. Neville a progressive young .

. |.M mother hat, taddenly been madeTwenty overhauled, repaired and repainted planter of the Uevlllevllle section. haspurchased .. .. .... .. .. ..
----- -
-------- - -- -- - -- -- --- -
.rdAll' --- --- --- ----- --- --
and presents,. a moat prosper through A. O. BleenbarR a
"Ir at7R ,.a.. of Intenteffmifromdytyptta
I' out appearance.Danger fertile tract of 100 acre of farm land
had entirely. about flea mile west of the city.
bled her until six month ago from & REALTY
Plague. This land Is regarded a* among the
h!*t ill began taking Elcctrla Bitter
There' grave danger from the plague most fertile In the county, producing :
IIICB tire completely cured her and
r of coughs! and eolda that are eo abundant crop. About eighty acre
I strength and activity she 1X1oorporat.41E.
/t. prevalent unless you take Dr. KIng'a are cleared, but the new owner pro
I lathe of life." write Mn.GUpanrlck .
PAll prime New Dit overy for Consumption, pose In a short time to clear and fence E. VOYLE. -MOB.Abetraets .
.L of Dan forth. Me.tteit
Coughs and Colds Mr.. Ito Walls the remainder of Title and full Information furnished land In tkia'.
. restorative medicine on the of Forest City. Me., writes i "It. a Friends of Mr. Bevllle are coogralo e qa',. Our manager has lived. in this thirty year and
.. &,tt stomach, liver and kid- laud
Ie thoroughly conversant with title) .
Godsend to people living la climate a ting him upon the .purchase..
right puriflr the blood and
where coughs and cold prevail. I And
i Tslsrla. billloutnct and weak- ..
It quick!:, end them. It prevent Make Homely Women Pretty .

Jc. uraateed VToDderful by nerve all druffBlst tonle. Price Pneumonia, cures lagrlppe, give No woman no matter how regular' IKL IE.riKK \TO X LE..

wonderful relief In asthma and hay her feature may be can be called
; ACOIDKNT. HURtlLAltY ANb INDEMNITY lfUIAN0r. 8.atws.sealing
Funsral ot Mr. Lyell.tltsfvacral fever,...and make weak lunge strong pretty If her complexion 1. bad. Orlno' ntimti of prominent' American' and Knallsh. .ompanl'*s. -
enough to ward off consumption Laxative Fruit tyrup aid digestion. tEAL KHTATK AND CllY LOANH. ",
[ of Mr. Kate )) the
Lye aoagha and old.. oOe and $100. and clear tallow blotched Complexions G a.t5 O"av-l.1.1.o r e F"l.oX"l.da" '

WI'fatb her cf whom occurred. at theif Guaranteed by* all druggUt( Trial by stimulating the liver and bow.1 __ - ... J I
, mother. Mr il. C. Lar- bottle tr.". els. Orlno Laxative Fruit" Syrup dIMe ,
M 1'3 South gn ._
University attest,
) not( nauieale or gripe and I I' mild and
allay wit held from the rvstdeneeersoon Approach' Nuptials. pleasant to .take. Remember the

d'l.r' at 8 o'clock.Rev. T. Cardaareout announcing the mar nameOrino refose to accept any J. J. WILLIAMS'n
*zeD< of Kavananvh Methodist ubetitJte. J. W. MeCollam A Oo.

11t. ." attng The service wa rt.a" of >JI,. Ruby I.e McCatkey to .. ..._. _'_ ,_ .._.... h. .. .
Mr. II. K. Hooks at the IlsptUtrfioreh
'r J.1< rled. a great friend
r lie In this' city, oo the evening of October
4c-aed having come to payt 17th. at 8 o'clock. This will be the
UI tad '. The floral
'p.e& first ehureb wedding since Ibe build. MAMMOTH MAIL ORDER HOUSE

...1 '-r.'I.I.*.B..r..t and teautlfol"numerous, which as they at.iT1 Ing was erected and the popularity of See Us: lor
*. the contracting parties will call out
fr..lld.hlp of donors
) i many lowliness the eer.mon-r..ke-- ..... __' .-- '. . -... ...-- .' -, "-
t //.e cumber followed I many x.=::: = r : : : : :: s.: ""- ;: ; :
( the re. .
!&aa'') t'.et r Ian retting.place In land Son. u f. .
)1r..Uoo\e I. the popular and eWel.. r
'ttrt::j ceoa.tery. where the ceremeloded. I

r.tI. hen' ,-' Company eat cashier la of this the city Southern, and his Ki friends.press 211. f West Bay Street Poslofflce[ Box 401

'JIDpaUI' or! the community Is
t will eobgrstnlate him In advance.A .
'tdc3 ,
: t' bereaved family.A --- r

Badly Burned Girt Moat Worthy Article. JACKSONVILLE 'FLA.

for' :=: a' :woman. I* qaiekly oat When an article has been on tbe .
ntarket for and gain friend ALUMINUMCOOKING
$:a C I.A'.1 Skive years
(* leap*
lassie to call this rnedl
'r f' O Jy. Weleh Tekon- every year
tlf acne a worthy one. Hoeh I Is flatland'sllorehouad
\ nJ' : 1 use U In my fare
cs. :;., sore std all skin Byrop. It poeltlvely cores
; Injuries
c.j eottgh and all pniwtonsrlrdi.ert....,
s i. 'W(> rerfeeU"n.n Quickest pile One of the best known 1ft.,.....,. In WARE
-I hmlllMC salve! made Wo nutko n fipccialt of out- l:-towil trade, nail id!.
t.-'I[-"'.. )Mobile A.... M'> "For five peenmy

- family h.. not been ircwbled with ,order tf.'Celvo irnmwllato attention, Inwuriofj pnnnpt.IJblunenL .
We ibis to
the winter ooach owe
Mss cb auts Ballard'* )Hareaoon Byrop. I knew

..-.- _._,. ... It ha eared my ehtMrea from inaay I1400kovcrthLtJw.t.
" sick .pell*." Bold by W. )t. Johnson.Some .
1 aIding Day.SGhool --- . ,- > vrhloh t?'only n partial! .ot tare

Fine Pointer
) :
;: wrtqnslvo tine kept in stouts
'-'-- .. of PfcitHpebarg.ST. .
:: Dr. M. U 11&raiU

t J..a well-....a sad pof> t raporta. .
t Na, ... f sr... 8. maw who spends bin. .ta.*,.. ..,.. has Our Prices Arc Right pe4.ta ...,. 1&,.. r".m.r ha.tH*(. M >..f. **4-r s *.i&* Wh'-1.'.y Sir

.:t.La. eat to C*pis In / "..., Deli Ms JI--a.,.... sad erab.r M>'..**.. Yaws f.H 4e.ri.,. (A a t teN ".*"'ill U null

Q 1nD" friend Are fla. pointer data by e.- ....n.. Ill 7*. ..,..... ,*.,e.... T..... '.., ,f..rw., I!,. f reiftkt pr.p.id.

:.. w Pr''". wMe* meat that tt. -1H Weoeatog Tits r...... OI4 Overact fttf* (.. to..*.<...,. J.' gee,. ".14 Cede 111,

1" third Y..r e*.et>e
is a great doC f*.**.r. as*.* -. / fltt Mf--_ .... ..... sea ,....... ........,-. tan .....8... ..,20,

....---- --- levee ,.eprad 11'- same to also ...s.. I 12 'etN *|..an.. .... ..>,r**. peepsfdOstw.opolmr
>U la fMHI ef ta. bust .*... I. .*.see... I I sad well kaasa "..4.-".'....., F. '_"-, 1'......_,

try. and. ...... 11\ ,".1 <... .* .. T_rf. IIe*..., "...... iMerrtt'. Pmead litsttsil aa4KTC W111i.m.- rr.".. !rent

rPlIlont House ,... with 0...... DeU4 ......1 TM letter.. .. st.edmaly list ..... .,....,. spa life meskel.iitlhdt .

friends deeleg lbw .esasst .......- wfUKZT.laws II t$ M ft >er..eMk*. Q.r t._"' l VtlNy efttxe Pa.

BAIRD4BAY .. all after ....J4 .4eetr
F Jtrbw Cesar i wiil&lry'abelt.. tress ....... hf .." .....

ifelrtlaatdy MaAaJC'rt' ; W. a moo till a.fft', h' eaeha..e fJt.. as a ides .,...,. std ......,...... toseeaaad er money refes..dedAM.

t C..v-;;::: left lIe..,'%:.*wt fcW became ago ...... -.. -," ... ........ tsars kw .....,...... by ..... e'f'4tt" .f' ,....CLw ...., ........ ,

lisre.t.s'eeIus. f ers> bin teM #>itAs( >... ..en.. gaged I: CURE t...... .i.lj sIJ1pMg!lj seldeAite .JUt "' II .....,.

r.... M s ....$. ....r. ..,.,... win "'.... a

Liar 794' II" and g let J" 3oslshBlue. ,

I' eIeu$1 tape .assAel. CartW A14 aIt....... Eaa.ssu --Mr I
.e..k.2ari.emtppllrawab ...4.t tI....... &a.. Awes ..-..
> 'i.
; :' ......,.............at.l., "....... !wrtw.r m.dMtse watt J.L"I..r tf+t+braed i4.. 111 .4 1t ...1.......t.oa.I l r--wr.-.r-....-_. Sell Fir Our Prtc List And SayH Iiy..


.. ,. . ', ' .' ', "" . ,." ,
." 1".' '. ''. ' -. -.....:..- - ., ..-_. .: '---- '.. -
ft'J lOIn...... -

{ t 9i r 1 w.


_ __ __ ____
.. .
___ - --- -- "
___ -- -
-- H -,--_ .___-- -- ---------.---. - ------ -



r -- - -- Robust Their Health
Women Who Owe Restored' and

National Organizer Mann of Fruit Growers' Ice Company Will I
TO? Usefulness to Pe-ru-na.
; National Heads Association Pat Up Big Plant Here. -


-- From \''VomcnV10;
,' aterla' For Modern and Sub. Commodious Quarters Have Been Se Have :-

..s .i4t' Roadways and Stre.ta -Ub> cured tn Routh Gainesville' Acceeaible Been Benefited .

..opoaUlon of the Clyde Steam to All Railroads-Work on New: By Dr. ffartman's

.",. om pan)'. Plant Will. Begin atXInce. Advice.A n F ., C I

r$ufi c Far sometime! I haveecapied Gineavillf' advantageous position qty *

_ "with my personal af. aa distributing point, and her. many Multitude of Such Letters ''
_ _.e;&:. had very little to slyloads natural attractions, good water, ete, Are Received Every Year..\ 'Y 3
d : bet I have been will undoubtedly make her a m no-

ever, In an effort to 'flod a faoturipR' "It,.. Among other enter "
rill a cheaper road material, prUra to be'inaugurated In the near TYPICAL LETTERf 04: ?

.,' met to ua not a* an expert future, I II the building of a mammoth -- '
--j ,, t well-tr"d In many part. of1ntr1 log plant by The Fruit Orowera Tee Mr.Garry Peduszl, LJn.tadN. Dak.,

and ur p..ud In every Company..,headed by- W. It. Thorn, write i '
? , A great *uo,et.erlal president, ; O A. Onlclougb, vleepre through''I tko your pleasure wonderful In telling medicine you that I .. !-' ,

,i ," are tarvla and erode dent} n. F. Hampton, Secretary and mm entirety cured of catarrh of the :
treaurer. and capitalized at fifty stomach and pelvic '
eta would only I be used on adatlon. organ .
"I was eo rundown account of >...
Thousand dollar on my '
When *ucf. a road ,
Mr treated It I.I known a* tar. A site has been secured from the A lllneae that X could no longer attend to 'l: :
I bouMwork.
o my I could not eat or
m. It Cements the broken O. L. on West Main' Street, south of I sleep and bad terrible pain In my back. *7.;:(
:"o".tb.r, and Dot only keeps the Seaboard track, with n frontageof "1 took Peru a and In five month I : j

emly. 'In place but make a duat 600 feet on the Seaboard Air Line II wee well. I have not felt*o well for along 3, .
,t1 and a perfect waterthed or and Oalneavllle and Gulf track, and ; time. y.h
Ifiht covering the road bed. BOO feet frontage on the track of "I wih everyone who ta sick would

en the sound and seems to save the Atlantic Coast Line railway., thus take Pernna and thus recover their LniTe oN DAK :
from crumbling away. giving' the new company ample' track beat th. i
o "I hate Pernna In tUo houae con
,I I. little' doubt but the value' room for handling an 'Immense amount tinually. I thank you for all that
of business, and access to the truck of
.. of a macadam road la more have done for me." ,
all' the railroad. entering Oainesville.The I
.ubfod application of
by an tar. A Medicine of Merit.
factory, which I is to tm built Immediately .
41: Ich t tl only another name given Miss Katie A, Washer, 1TCW Prentice
' ', I I. tn be equipped with athlrt.ton
1'1 been,
whiob has treated ao street, LoutsvllleJC7.writest
.k. h a better road aurfaetr absorption machine of the "Am my experience ban been ao
}ate,t Improved design and labor-tar. favorable from the use of Peruna. I
old to lee the city of
InK device, Including aufbmatln air unhesitatingly state that I believe that
ivllle make the streets around and steam equipment for handling ice It l.a medicine of unquestioned merit
publlo square and for one block, att for mil the Ilia that t4 women mutter
between storage room and ..art. enabling from.
out each way, of crushed atone
the eomptny to Ice fire t more re MI find that It strengthens and Infuses -
flOe and apply tarvla itf the stir.a '
friperatorcars within the same time new life into the system, and
", ,e cost of this application that I C. now required tn Ice one car by whenever I feel rundown or overtired
old ILbout' fo"r e.oU per square a few doaee of Peruna will
the old method and at let expwn.ePajme strengthen _
n-dr Idea of the value of thla eqolp me again."
When 'In New York recently I aw
; ment can be Rained by the statement .round a friend In Need-Pe-ru-na.
people who make tarvla, and they
Mr*. FlorenceAltkens,1104Frontlit.(
hy an officer of the company that a _
intend they are putting the material aolld carload of Ice can be loaded fol'.hlpm.a' Tojedo Ohio,wri t .!t MRs.FloRrrrcta e ..3 i
the market at the lowest price po*. Peruna cured me of catarrh of theuterus. r /
of dollar
at .4o'n
not Q".rone 'ToczDa 0.
rlble to at to Introduce It* Ie O would I took about four bottle* when ,
) for handling. The ,main storage I noticed
an Improvement mod five
Nftake. only a light reduction on 100 bu. .
( room of the plant will have a capacity bottle cured me.
'..el*. I suggested we should need per. of 2.000 lent. "I do not know what I would have America Is the Land of Nervous

g'",taps.:Odor &00( barrel, bat they would While this company will endeavor to been like today bad I not obtained Women. '.'.. I UiYI1LC
Mike reduction. Z went to Peruna,for I was Itf terrible -- ;;;::::-
no see a a tate
Secure 'It. share of the retail trnde' of The majority of women are nervous c
;(Jol. Theo. O. Utter vleeprealdent and "I had pains all over and we eras Ml*> Anna. McOlnn.ltil 1a _%
the city of Oalneavllle, ltj>lant will b" beoauae they suffer from some form ofp.l
manager of the Clyde Line, and asked I and Irritable. I was laing hope of ever vie catarrh. Providence, R. I.,wry tea I
: he would make built and equipped especially for the being I well again. "1 wish to let yon know of the g:>t
him what rale on n handling of ice In large at The greatest obetacle In the of recovery
quantities "/mm to-day well woman after tut way your medicine ba done lor me.
Shipment of four or five hundred bar wholesale, and .It has secured ,exceptionally feting r nine month I cannot tell la that they do not understandthat .'I had What the doctor, called heart
'veto and return the empty barrel, and bow I catarrh la the main eonroe of their
low" freight ,sIee for ehlpmenteInearload you happy feel, but you will trouble. I bad been doctoring Gas> ayear
he. cheerfully agreed to do It free. know, lllne*.
lots to St. PetertburK, Punta before I tried your Peruna.
Thla IB the way a friend to Florida' Gordn, Crystal River Donnellon 8an 'Parana la the beat medicine- on earth."My Women who are In doubt ae to their .flgotav. bottle of your IVruna and

her people and interests. act This line ford, Euatli..and Dewberry on the At. husband la now taking It and I ailment should write to Dr. XTartman, after a.we.k'* ueeof tt I began tf .1
lithe great corrector of rat.., and this lantloOoatt Line railway, Oetlay Key will always k..p Peruna my house. President of Tbe"llartmaA* Banltariura, I)o better. I could not eat,eleep. r w K,
Peruna la the bed friend I ever bad. Columba ,Ohio>>,who will give their' let but .
X hare
trtan haa made tuoh a line possible, and Jhher golnta on the Seaboard AirLine It cured, m.." j t at last found that < -
I tere prompt attention without charge. I I cine that will U Piruoa."
and to him Florida ewes what we all railway, and Mlcanopy ,on the cure we :

owe '0" true and tried' 'friend, ,. ., Qalneaville and Gulf railway. The -_-_- _____ _" .w _ __ .__ __ ______ _____ _____---------"----_-_-_-_-u-_-_-.-.-_-_ -_ ------------------------- ---
-ore than we ever can pay. company alto anticipate' a large botl

'" think the railway lines will either UM from the refrigerator car com

ofhem/ cheerfully carry a few honalrwd panlea during the vegetable aeatone.

barrel of this tarvla from Jack The Sun welcome this enterprise to

onvllle tn Qalnetvllle free, a* any Galnettllle, and wishes |it..aoe....
,f', #004,think done In Oalne.vlle| mutt In __'."_ __ ,..J.,.. .__ IM1mle

i a tfm.'help the line upon which we tie.peed. ", EXCITINO RUNAWAY.

; In- addition to the streets mention I Jaekaonvllle Drummer 'In a 'Santa- Loading Breech Loading Autoloadingthe '

e4. the on. 'leading. to/the University. I Lionel I MIx.Up With Horses three Important steps In :. ..wrtU>|'ln theRemlngten Autoloading:Shot
of Florida should by all mean haven Oct. 1O.-While Mr. Cud which toad>> atN"It. sues the "17.1" to eject- cock,and r*toad. The shooter
application of tarvla' to. hold the i h..a>.atmf>ly to pull and ,...... the trlcr for each ."01. Almost no recoiL Pr
of lb.United
Sporlln. a representative leafy safe Ftve'aheta.TtiB .
\\4 rofek: in place while It a.I new. The !Orocery. Company of Jacksonville wa u.. Pr*.. 154 -

writ road to the depot should be driving' ,' toward Hammock Itldge on ..AIM 14 i..5.vi ........... .....s N Xw 1 e.a eIJiH-.
eerily' repaired, and when shaped up I his way toOalnevllle. a freight trainof
,: bold in place by tarvla. the Seaboard Air Line railroad REMINGTON ARMS CO.. Illon,. N.Y. Agency.J1S0'wqttY. City ,

The real of the Improved road I frightened. the hortea, they becoming'

around CJalnetvllle can be put In |:unmanageable. )h: purlin tried to .. -- _ ,."- ..__ -- -. _ -- ,-.---- - "-_ .__ .. ----. - - -- _"__ -- - .- - - no _ _ -- -
:,. hapt, and by an .p lla.Uon' crude take the reins from the driver bat of the Board County Cemmlaloner'

.tl toads equally a* good at athpalt, a* only succeeded In getting hold of a* manager of the "om.at' work department G. S. MERCHANT CO.
that It what they are. They ana per ,
i on.i the bit attached to the other In at the Florida State Fair
u,, teetly dustless, and will pay far them "'h0 hand of the driver, broke and the which la an assurance In advance that Retailer. and Jobber ).
.,tvft.each ,In eating wearing ap
e year horsed being without restraint broke
thla depart meat will be among the
panel I, to say nothing of that ,health 'Into a wild run. The vehicle coon beat at the great State ahow Mr*. I and Groceries

< sad comfort which la beyond struck a stamp, the pole wa torn away Palmer' hae herself a rare oolleeUoawhich Staple Fancy ,

: l ri... .. and the body turned upside do"". 1* very valuable and. wish the

,..; .Jott little' money will make a The driver was thrown to. the ground a.*I.taa e of other la4Ire. will be .eableJ drain tartfen Seed an.1. Feriilizars.80DTH .
.. ...cUd showing In making over oldriMkdf ,
.. I ** and )t/. Bpurllnon him. I to.....,. a flat ......bit. The
"A stitch In time sates ....n.. Neither >tr 9par\Jo\ nor the driver. 1 Alaehaa Coonty Fair Ataoetatkm aed SIDE' SQUARE. t I I OA1N\ :8TILUS. FLO.:I AIltgheea

ia a.. saying never at true anywhere were Injurvtl. Henry XfeRae. a .egro.wa .J the eoramteatoaer wilt he lUthte4$ to
.h e a>a ,In good road. driving la the opposite. directionand learn that this lady has eyneeated to market price paid for ChleJtea Etta: sad other Pndaee.A .

I will at another lima write you aaaoeottof before he had time to turn out of, accept this rp M..lbl* ae>f,....,....&,.
oil road, how applied. eto.Tlvee.a4 the road the hortea that ..tel..... at. ; 0.,1... taek ut flay. Corn, tats. Flour, Bran, Meal, Co.to *.-J **.'.
"e! you for the aplendtd work inched. to the vehicle dashed late his I Nay .. and Be. We band sad the VJJJlY BEST good at the LOWtaT
>'. done In the Interest of gosl paiok8, guarantee aUafaetl. alwa* .
bate ai
you shock esneed him lo betnrowp .
cad the > _
wagon : alt,... ,. O teller Wu Mr*. I>. A.
shade. 1 am :I oa ft. .
to the grouod underneath, )J".4 ehtMrea "waned from --" ------ --' - -- -- -- - -- -

A. 8. Matra. one or the bled whe. .fa passing over I oeth Carolina $tfetunlev after a few =A'x'AlL2a311i1cn: : :: : rcmo.
:'le.'rteldeet, cad National 01.... hi. akle. Another negro coining totheevoe .etha* abeeeee.

lair National (food Sc( *la Aaoeiatloo. . about this .... .w.f9d ......* m X>. T. K.(...... of Taee.isa. (aqeiteMr. H.F.DUTTON&CODKAIJIR5

atry help ert that MeRae wa able fee to: It,. I
U.I.eviIie. October 10. haw a few boats after the ...W..t.Mr nail< Mra J. W. W.dsw.ttb and

8f.erUn" t..n.-d<< to Arire4e* Uvsury.nta Dicing DUfeanOd.Oct. and ph..ee4 for atKMher vehtvle. w.rtha aa*> her, )1.1'. A. Carl'
Havana 1D,-Tfca U.rnaja.at I loa. SeaL TElari.d. Gcrttari:: .

'ealtalou.ret In s.a.u.a.o report tsar PAUMCfl ACCEPt3.WrN A. D lftil.,, &e p.ttl.# ep grapefruit
'.n the liumrcvttu' In that provt.*oItav0 MRS I Ii let Ik W ......-. i

t beta "MM/ with Ue .aat* Have ..ra.r ........... W.tk The Bell t.......... line .\.1..,.. to" i Sea Lthtnt1 Cotton Soed, Bagging and Twice. "Wair. .

aoa of one band which la in. ax. bIoeegatbIo i Deperrwe .e* State Pair, .. wet a,lag e..-... : I4 obey 10 Strips or Side

# ftC10D ear 4T.-ca. eo. I ;;;; ;;
lira.V II Palter.one of the outet LLfOR .. ..., pet tka.g tee
: ,....r Tan boa or l ra4 tb* crntaeffVtaa .t
.. Manufacturers of the James Eub
'_ Molne to eevbcrfc the wmtalaki I widely known sal wK.t."",.. w
*>*... at OaaUajto. qty and ta taM era of etTO4Try. painting. and .....,. m... U far fcn.M' W ..*.:10.o..t.l. Soa Island Cotton Gin. and Supplies* foru '

.esa at MajuAaUtowaeaw* t.M7.tit 1"l taacy wevkla ,....-." ha al 41y M ..... wall .adet.Ad4P.w. "hX!I \nVn.d E. .. VTn 'n\ "- Aty
salt ab.:e to ...a*" t%!*> t-*f.rywrta* .. J _?.;...... .. J t. A I r -tt"M ;Uwer . ,". Otla..t; :": lfa,

." .' ., ; .'
A .'tf'
_. _

,', ( I I III It
I rr !

$*If yrr1"''' P111''Ipwf ??''*11*'" / nWI JBEBpTF PiP r W W


' . -- -
-- .

GAJJliESV1LLE SENATOR MANN'S IDEAS. They Stand Alone. ,; S50.00 REVARD.i. .

. ; un la another colu o thin 'U.no:of Standing ont ta teM r.II..t tln alone, J sI3RMoNk1'Ips. I I Tae Beard or l'O&Iot) 0MB'-lo erll het'es .
iJ anti aa a c.'u,.piraaaa exampUi of .....a.ward or tae.00 for 'IMI '
' ilte r Toe Sun flon A. R. )f'.DO. the pioneer frank ant *h..n.MSEaliM w.tli. the sick : MIlt c....... af INILL Visit.!' "I'Pf'f'lHft. who touripered -'
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jI _..._. Medical D- ". tfce famous I ___ _sal AudiooNTttjar ''rI
: \orjr remedy forever.The .
national orftanlxer for weak -t..mack IwJUsectlon. .
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1'H'1 of the National Hood Koada Ae.o ia- pep ta, uirj nt llvar ar biliou'ne'a, all want a problem can be I. difficult I.I
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YlREARYY' Fdltorand Pobl'r, should be employed and the material onus for all dIcasi' alaa aaan e1IM"th'e remedy make fotir, ...*om way, aonitbew. I led A anaieieat In tola oQiee ooete by: Mm affidavit. H. A i'uwUon bavin* r.r. r.
rum thin
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or svaselU"IOt', tR . sf-Itor Mann la a Rood road enthualacMiot affections. with the ip would Und It. WH i ..f the HeM Heetlon. ill T.iwnMilp T SU ..
1.tay. ti1'Q.fJ
leach bottle ot.tio above medicine* never ....w. tli. by Jane. \V 'IWwa, a. wi.k. bh .
U'e'...,.....rv.......k Sear U.. )'<<'.ft.b from any financial r"mur-er.- pears. upon its wmpimr a badge of honesty I Nor can (hetReJil" mantn* alas,. flad aOe tr'" U.., Jaeiea U .......< Bled a few ,

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R.III.Tlta : This frank and open publicity }daces \ t i that said >.11.> p.... sow 1fhtNll.... l.H.. env
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_ft'd each addl.Mertton. ., stud 13' the best guaranty of their death of aaki Jaoaea W |''wa .Id ...
." 10 Guts for of the Golan In the matter of con.trnetlnc merit They ranno ,\be cltKHaa patentnor gianta are financial pigmle;: The man are hereby iM ltn..i) tu a*>uearOttlt rs.?"IvMd'

{ for three highway for vtl e enm'ut secret IC'iUN'for< they are neither whose head f* In the.clouda f* too \far o'ok)ot evkteaoe; a. nl., on UMMhUtf No lUk..,i.l, i revs..I I e..I.e.;.*,,."'.al th

1 Nt ad\rrti1'ement. and conrenienoe and economy of her Mnq qknarpt fxxiiHttn removed have hla' bands In the I 11te.lMef.md Heeelver at the I'uli.4 gte__.
month..peelal rates.f l>r, IMerro feels thai he can afford to to I>aodOi e In lal e IUe. tl% ,
t2 ication: Pf'opltNo man in Florida po*.f* *>amore take the aft rttd Into his full confidenceand dirt. '(be**td caatmtaat fealn*, (n 1Pt'6M" ai"'.
>fnlshed upon practical Id.... because Senator. lay all the Inginitent of his merit <"IU', aped 1'Ioe.' ... d. iu and Death noC.ICt'.Sn.ert.edObi'uariet . rlnea freely before them because these The foal of the rater will never bow that af tee&lue d....._.>er. %.mal..n)
&IN 6 epuUaline> Mann baa made an earnest, study. of ingredient. are such aa are endoncd and know J 101 tlUa unUoe eaanot be n.....t*, It ta bereb <
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most strongly praised by secures of the "
theaiibjeet. Through Mia effort the .bUoa _
most eminent medical. writers aa rnre If always pastured with the,common
Oca CWJBBIKO; laar. people of Florida are doe gratitudefor for the diseases for which theee mcdl- herd destined for the collar and 'h. 1'01 H Irtm'n.r-: :: : '.

Thrtce-a-Week many miles of excellent and substantial clues are recommended. Thf'N'rore.he
?. and the afflicted do not h.Ye0 rely alone upon yoke. NOTU-K OK AIM'UICATION rot TAf;
World one .. .. . .$1 M roadway
T ) Atlanta (Oa.) Dr. Piercc'a recommendation aa to the Moafof Iheri'eople" In this big worldare .I Ur.KU UNOKH HKCTIOX:' CI1AITKH '
and the And now, since Senator Mann hu curative talon of hia medicines tor certain '
Constitution one year. 1 75 come easily r ct>ffntod; diwaaea.A In a rut. One la born-ha lives tNs L.AWN OF >TUOIUUAKotfo .J
E* and the Atlanta (Ga.) to be one of on-a oltlten( of glance at the printed formula on anddiek-and the world rooks. nn aa t.1IH.oreb. 11I1... Ibex XT U. tlwrlhis, ,
Journal one year. 1 COn Alachua county and Oalneatllle each bottle I ,If, show that no alcohol and p.wetresrr ut Tan Oettlaoate No' Irtl1 datedth.1M 4'
eekiy no harmful or habit>nnulng drug enter though one more or one let bad never dev of N... ...ber. A. l' IsaM. ....tU4114 Mtd0ertllie.t.
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energy ever eon tru?- wholly compounded of glycerie xtract wrdnno wilt Sew. .fskt ..ru.. ... ear t.
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Re will not accept atampa of a . plant. Thce befit and safest for are plunging Into the world lett Ut AI+ hua MntT. V'frrM, k'eI% "
county. the cure of mc : 1n . chronic die unfitted ,I C.sm. at N..or, sat mn a eeb.lm to tslttaiI
denomination than 2 cents. Several years ago .
0.1000 ,.. l I..b to ,,, site nt teetloa 'M'l -
tended, by special invitation, n good rasa, by addivasing him at )liuffalo who will fall to stem the tide In years ii to: *u H. out. of H_ih toa. ttwm N 1u b..ttaa.mtI
N. Y and alt communications are re.ganle'1
Ti> II, R
i ( NOMINEES. road enuvention' In this City, which a* aai'redly confidential.It to come. l I Ais. k' t.iMth lnmerwrwe4 et ,It. dala oC'
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DUtrietiHUNK 11>odR. head of the National, Good the canoe of many. forma of Illnetu. Dr.1.If"rco'tI ed In some abnormal _eccentric. 11...... Mkht...T1 Ift.t.. Shan t.retlsmedssmn0 I.I. I.
'a tow. ttb deed wlll -. /hweWm .,'
CLARK.of Columbia. I holds Department of the troTeroment, l'kh:'11J..U..tII cure t'OtUUpae And the fellow who la content to plod ', rttbdtjr or N.,.. 15.11515. paltw '
J ._ tk>n. Thev am tlnv. autrar-coatml irran- =:a:. .
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h Use of the Sup 4n Court* and other distinguished advocates of One ;tut. lVll tv it a gentle laxa on the dead 1e"ftll.I most ure to pro* I the .ib ".. .. u......,. A. I*. I Jt VH.

D. t'A RK1ULL. of EtIoamW... i hard road*. At that tone If The Pun *, two a mild -athrtlc. AU dealers In nounce him or..,. .. II WinOKSk ...
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113 0. V IITl"fEf.DJ .of Leon. remembers there was : ilju. .
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[1n'ON A. HUTCH of 1AY7. county j A eelMmportant one
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B.L: aSC'V' BURR,or Dad*. .. and enthusiasm the Senator Rot Japan ...11. more to th. United State hint torso doing and the matter told
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Ii" Attorney.Kb Ctroulti ''' to worktand< In the words of the oldaho..tr1.k than to all the eounttlea of Kuropeoontblned him that among them might b. aome. tmrehmee .of Tan f:.'ltttv..e N" Rte tlalwlthe

. ,, r we hare heard about, Tile: trade., with Europe whoe would hie kill UV or July A IX IHT, fee wit '' ,
j. U. Rtv>1ts. : on. destiny .111" e.rII000I. tm 05) MOs., oast wee aV.dM.
r . I' kept''pegging away" with the remit amounted tof t40.000'.000 first half own. And _.11\|| ". might for he wa i" Moa fee tai dee to tawte la :='.. . wile
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Suit Senator. SM Ditrleti law ,MOMS ,. ..,. eabra0.! the 1Mlkwlayd..wttw
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STD L. CARTER I the tumiaaea ., sea erUttate lit the .......t
the county la now beginning to wake period. __ tfaanowaI .
1X3 KE.IVf "* ***" this age of financial fury the boy
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: 'AMeaMtTtr : up to the truth. "S" .au".', knows hi. father Really he 'eonllatf ta taw. lea.leed sill ..... I'erau. oar
I untr Tax : Let It be hoped that Senator Mann'seQorl When Ilofieli Haga died It wea up. ,.. ol NwveBkber, A n 1555.. .
; w OOLSOK.r ." I-I nn more than a mere acquaintance Wit.eerto *ttr .cwataitoi aitftiatwre a 4 seal tWetkre
poled that hIs I.'op.rl would be i i
will continue to bear fruit.lion In the home everybody la ao bu. leth:-r of October A. IX Ita1
", rotBtr Tax Collecton worth from 100.000,000) ( "to $100.000.OtO. y I b. II. W..tNU..t
W. a DICKINSON mother overwhelmed by social! fane |nl ctera dr tt ttoart AtaekwalJu. .n.,
The estimate was too lowra* the valueof Ity M H. r lltTvMM tor >
John A. Graham Democratic lion and the father la Immeraed lo I
PCI f ouBtj TreamrertK.R his a*.*ta i Is now pttt at flfiO.OOQ.OUO I - ':
"" nominee for the LeaUlatore from financial tide. There la something
PEEXCB. Ntmtat' AI'PU&'ArtOM rxinM TAIL
A nice suet for his .widow 16 handle .
Ter Manatee county, whom Editor L'EnRI.l fearfully sad about II a If. The old Dra.x. CNIUGR NPlyt'ION a or C.Aa.-rtK:
f3eboolDoerdlit for the benefit of her fellow. If she
U. DROOKKR.r of The Tallahassee Son .has been eon- Br...kJe chat and the sacred bond of .. LAWN ur rUtCtDA

rUTCH.Ii UnuIIlamb..UDR. ha. published a osea It aa expect-d by hr admirer. the family circle' have about becovetreaaur N IleeM l "_t>, .<*.. ihak T, <*. H.**....
1'I' =. .......!. paw VW or 'ram yert)0. *... .N v ..*.dated
U. WEEKS.r reply to the ehargee made against him. -lives '* of the pact. I, .IM *nl <**r of J*... A. IX Sera., ewe. _&imft
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principally The It,... statesmen Spits ronlUrtenl t.l.ata Is..e.aa..e
twelve he will l.e the first IIIlionalre 'I ::tt"-.tt.: =
I C. DAMPIER.r years .. . ewien ee SM. tae
t.r* from parties whom )fro Graham ever prod".,",. .ald i "If I work
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TOWNHEKIX rontrol flfty-on btnka and trust eom I tN. i*.eeti'.. A MMt. -< Mi.ate
W J. MATTnrCWB. exonerate hlti In each Inctanc Th. I work with bran. la lima U will cor. I I TW std Leebea0 eaerw.1 aI last
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retmicic. letters were written to the Chairman rod | but If work with. the mind. I .' .
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lira wo going to do with Cuba? eouat,, one of Item bring from brighter through all eternity" TMa .. 1ft.15.? 5. ........... /It Ii I.at- .'

.oca next. Then Veneiu Dr. L'KoRle, uncle or Editor L'Engle. oil ledutry- _hi..._hand.. ..... .. -- ... but an anticipation of the )t".1 I'..W"1ft'. let*.ef .' .Mll.i......pfisalwre. a { *.'..... ......... aM
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,--- -- ---- Genera) Albert Y (l.lehrl'.'of pants OMea ClIp.S1 [Tt/.wl A /ira.
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John B. Beard will meet In Joint d.- American ,...bl'N tfcal Mtk An.er.* .
I the Hteli of the ve4ee tk. tamal will i' :
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I -b, belt last. U.., t.raa l I_.'......ssi Fed T,....... -cv.---& eql. slam Ira ii.4 M 1* ik. II f s 4 4fcl .. a bay. .***. J peso 44.. !*- sr

(the .ma.r Srrrvd 1 at a ...:a'7 M .. --- ..,,.. a s.4 ri'.'' 4te...,4aa. : *.*.*. high. ...fp. ILUAp.s....). very

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: .. &...h.U. ka1.. pilaf ..ere tha,t e pee.i'.4 sae 0.tetwa.eT1te ... ___ ... '11 -... .......i laa.V 1ft aaay .. yea .a.. tea. cfcaMraer ...,-( .. f..........-..." u..co his
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z0. pl p&.y.11 ... I'. =. .::: h'ty '__ '+ :::.:... t .. alMawr lke ce.....*.. .4rrt, I IawMw. iw 1tOW r..oc ATZD AT Tile
; sw tst Jars.. I$14. A& .......... ....rneS.e.. err L
1 k'[ If wwly N.W> saes *He.ret la harastt.., 1ft..MM.. CI"'f"
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I pin.. testy ........? t.f c.atoeate ...... ........ Ir- ..... ...._._. J I.5 asirOe,4/reea0d', / .S.If .f wae krrws4rta ....*\ '.....

:: ..4 the ties ..lab that very .*.** ***. r.av..*. 4 .....*>.. J. i .s.1ra....=...t.1-;_*. w. sreoltl. M $lfa" by ess4e'D.EDW\ ARDB.

I I 7 sae rrao ... ,...'...... 10 5 ...'gbey ....... eI..u........ ....r. .",,-ftU..'.It.c.,.........,........-. :iii _. I/....4eW.. > a* a>.*.,. +*..".. ell ale ** .fi MipeeetuA, WIltlur..du .

1 1I S r.wra-- 1sem-.... st.
1I I .
. ., .' II '. 't' ''' at 4
'' '
x ""' " \ .; ., ,,. '
; .


.. .... _.. -.
-- --- ----- __... .. -
- ----....-.. ... -.. u

:IVS oooooo OtOteaOO* HEAVY FIRE LOSS -:.. ,
i IN BLUE ,- ' }",

That hacking cough continues "zj r (kWomen

CAMPED IN! CUBA Because your system is exhausted and 0 SUFFERED BY JESUP : : ( v (i .

? ;
e your powers of resistance weakened. QB : : \ .. '.

l' Take Scolfj Ernu/ / tOt .
on. Hotel and Three Busines
>voral Hundred Soldiers Hare 4.r.: :

Beet L"1.lld..d. :: It builds up and strengthens your entire system. ** Destroyed.SUPPOSEDLY . f/ ,.'

o It contains Cod Liver Oil and Hypophosphites so 0 jf

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n Official Are Gratified. at OOOOOOo; ;ooo oo08 ThouGh Unable to Save Any of the use --L.- .i id

II ... '.- -'_._' = --- -- .-. --.- _. --- Building Found Aflame the Citizens -
StuatJon, and Cdlevs' That "" R
"' Itl. DIES IN TRAIN 8MA$H. / HELD ON MURDER CHARGJ: Prevented Fir From SpreadIng [ + }
lea In Santa Clara province i
to Other Building .
se Overcome' In a Few Day One Man Killed and Several 'Injured New Jersey" Physlcia Charged Witt, I

,1 I In V/,. & A. Wnack.l "Murdering: His W'fo. JeupGa.., Oct. .9.- Fire which DON'Tletyournelf
a. Oct. '.-The first the landing >*lton. U a., Oct 9.-KIromaa Win Tom Rlywr, N. J., Oct. 9.- -Th: began at t o'clock Montfay morningand to be mi ,
cats' soldier In present Hughes of Attanta Is dead sal Kuglneer trial of Dr.: Frank lirouwer, charrec raged fiercely for more than two Why suffer from w*-v. "
;' of Cyba waif accomplished Charlie Barrett of Atlanta 1'e with the murder'of his wife 'wa* ot hours destroyed the Strickland hotel aches, have foiuti"L;

With. marvelous promptness lightly Injured as a result of a wreck the court calendar here (Mftjaday. ,. and three bu'ae** houses. entailing and be tretfni '1\-I., !'.-
.day night the Second and Mrs, llrouwar died la September. +000. There was needsatter.tloet. .. --r
on the Western and Atlantic. northbound a.lot* of over $ the great liver NttCl1U '' I. .
.U.Uona of the Fifth United
passenger train No: 2. which 190S after an nines which was dl no insurance. .
::1 Infantry were settled under occurred 3 miles north of Dalton, at agnosed at first by her husband ai, Following I* A list of tbe lose: S ChUt..ad,e1im1.,, .!
:'Its Columbia. The First 4
Camp 12:80 o'clock Sunday. cholera morbus. Two trained, nureui Strickland ]Home 5.SOO. ail Uy Complain:. i*.
rUi battalion of the same The cause of the wreck *wa* the called to attend Mrs. Brouwer ewi Bausey lire' furniture *U>re. $1,700. t 1 1

were sent out to tho camp breaking' of an axle of (he center declared, then.islveti dlesatisfled wilt Bryan George grocery atore. $800. ton Mr, T*. B.XD"Cj.writ SU rH**:ot {

N. driving; wheel whJ.chaa defective. the treatment administered by Dr. J. II. Bennett, barber shop, $150. eulfpr Hl for _"'..fronheadaoheis .: .
1 Funatou established his The train was running at a rate speed ltrouw and withdrew from tbe case Total losses, $5,450. dfaclti : -
arten at Maria nao, convenient of 35 mile an hour when the axle of Dr. It. it!. Cate later signed a cjeatt The Klckllghter building caught on fainting spells.i 1 i
,command. Colonel Wailer the left side snappeVl. hurling the certificate setting forth that Mrs.Urouwer fire but the flame were extinguished no relief until I tried 1'
n1Jng the, marine, has beento llrigbfri disease and VTOA completely cUMO ..,
wheel and aide rod a distance of several died of with only 1 alight damage. .. "
report to General! Funston feet. Boon after the funeral rumors began The fire started In the grocery store it nlw ya.

P entire force ot regular and The engine turned completely over to spread that there was something of- Bryan George and a* tbe front PRICB COc. -

o will be under Funaton' com being followed, by the mall car. two suspicious about 3tfr*. IJrouwer's dealt door of the tore wa found broken Ballard+ Snow LJnlmcr: t I'I'

.until tbfc arrival bere Tuesday baggage cars and one coach which and T. K. liyer of LongBranch, a open! U la believed to be of incendiary' ST. LOUIS M13SOU
ral Bell who will direct the were hurled against tbe embankment brother of the dead woman, began r1'itn.Upon.* I

tlon of the forces throughout and badly damaged.. The track was an investigation. The Metropolitat;. reaching the store :Mr. George n.t __ -4

Jt and. torn up for a distance of more than Life Insurance' company. In which attempted to enter but was driven
ht an hour from the time that 100 feet, tbe rail being broken and Mr. Urouwer wa Insured for $l.000In back by tbe flames. A hurried examination Sold apd Recommended; b;

':transport Summer came alongsidetUroA4 twisted. The mall car wa lifted over 'favor of her hustoahd. refused tc of the front door showed \\. )(. JQliakoy. CalnefcTllle.
\ wharf, disembarking Into an old 1leld' pay the policy and also began an Inqulry. the work of robber Mr George eal I .
',,'been completed] anrj; the 600 menialnir Five mall clerk were, in the car; A* a result the body was ex be left $172 In money In the .atore .
the ffaoond and Third bat. all feeing jolted and receiving slight humed J>ec. 19 and an autopsy per which was consumed. Destructive Forest Fire.
n,. .Of' tbe Fifth ha<| been tran injuries. I formed. That Mr. Brouwar: death Jesup baa no system of waterworks Los Angeles Cal.. Oct. 9 EI::'t

d on street can to the camp. The Pullman and two coaches were had noUbeen caused by Bright' disease . and tbe citizen fought the to 10 square mile of brush land burn

;troops are in good condition* brought back to Dalton and the train Is said to have been the unanl fiatne with bucket of water. Though ed over i* Sunday** record of <' 3

xd disarming of former Insurgents were run over the Southern to Chattanooga mous opinion reached by the physl unable to save any of tbe buildings disastrous fire which since Frt":7

jesses better. and are ,engaged In clearing clans. that were found In flames they prevented morning baa been eating its way laand
vernor Tnft Assistant Secretary tb. wreck. The digestive organs were sent tc tbe spread of the fire to adjoining out through the San Fenando;
.on and General Funston; are itratl All Wustern and Atlantic train Dr. Oenth of tbe University of Pen. buildings.Traveling valley destroying ranch houses t::iro-

''nt the situation. an
.s'. dlfllcultle In Santa Clara prow over the Southern until the that lie had found traces of Passenger Agent Meet. Standard Oil property to atbes
; will bo overcome>> la A few day*. wreck I* cleared arsenic and what was supposed to be West Baden. Ind.. Oct. 9.-Tbe threatening towns and hamlets alp
'confident are they tbs 4.Governor engineer Barrett was brought back ground alas In the .stomach. Th thirty-fourth annual convention of the ing out 100 miles of fencing and leaving

ft and Air Bacon' ay that they be to Dalton and I* at the hotel where grand Jury found an indictment fnJanuary American Association ot Traveling 325 square miles of acreage a
T. they 'will be able to start for charging Dr. Brouwer with here Mon blackened waste. The fire is beUevd
b* i* resting easy, and I is in a con- Passenger Agent opened
me next Haturday. of his wife and he waiarrested. to have burned Itself out.
,,1 __._._ salons condition. Jle wa Injured bya the murder day. Special train brought delegation I f
cut on tbe back of bin bead where _. ..-._ _.-' from Chicago st. Loul. Louis-
Labor Trouble In Chicago. aeveral stltche were taken. II* was YUle and Cincinnati. C. L. Stone Father Kill. Daughter Ass 'it.
I. ChU-ago. Oct. 9.-1"1\e factional LIII. Damap>.by Rebel Paducah. Ky.. CMt. 9.- ::,
of the Louisville
cut on the chin on. rib broken anda New Oct.Advlce. tramU.an. general passenger agent ;
bt which baa bon In progress) fur York. was shot to ..'
cut on the foot. Ills injuries are little and Nashville railroad will read a young negro
'Vera) month In the rank of the not *. serious a* first thought, and late that as amazingly result of the In A paper upon tho propriety of allowing Vlckftburs by Join Scott a .
>Atnt.trr.' union haa involved the the nhynlclana. In' charge state that : damage occurred a outside agencies to handle convention Jones assaulted A young clt.' t

illdtng trader of ibis city and eonlderat b* will be out within 10 days. II* is I surrectlon Ir:. Ilsvsna province., where There business. Scott's And was chased down y t' 3
trouble U I RlJtlcll.atmJ.1"bn much of tbe flgbtlns wa don. and killed. Scott Is no':'
i father
cheerful, and state that he i la ..UabtIF bunted houses barns *
maters are divided into faction fa- disfigured, but still in the ring. are no devastated or fields; tc I. Marine Landed. to be molested as the symps
oring Corurlluw: P. She ami those Knglneer BarrU deplore the death ruined crop or of troopi Havana. Oct. 9. -Tbe' cruiser the people I. with Sim. In li ; t : *
fbo are opposed' to him.' It I I. said mark tbe track government two month two other negrcK-v w -
of Fireman Hughe*, who rely In this It Is stated Brooklyn Monday landed 350 marine,
rebels. respect f
bat She* baa entered In ft an agree short or lynched in Livingston county for tsaulUng >
SI year of ageand wa to It' will be the cheapest revolution In who went to Camp Columbia. The .
+nr''with a number of building trade women. It Is declared &a
receive promotion. Indian Farmer battleship Kentucky and Indiana will I
,fey virtue of which they will refuse H.v..rat passengers and the train West have returned history to their field everywhere all Monday afternoon for New England Illicit dlsts-ty in the locality Is tie

handle any building material which craw' were badly shaken up. and were waters. No further report of principal cause of tbo crimes.

i a telivt' Ml at bulldhir In nrocM of slightly injured. llbndredof people trouble In any part of the Wind have
I qtriictu by Any trarau r. other Mill Laborer Scare. Chang In Representation.
from Dalton and surrounding country: been r&cived. The disarming of tbe
n thOUI supporting Hhea. Several providence, Tt. I., Oct. ..-tton Washington, Oct. 9.Some rs.: :* -4
> visited the *cwn > of the. wreck. insurgent I* praetleallr complete,
al U j strike have already taken mill agents In Ithode Island
tree on this) account And more are 'Va..n President Iloo..?.U goes toPaurma of a Scarcity of help in some departments *, who will be dl..rtn d by the American representation InV'a "'
and assert that. in this respect ton have taken place within tV athree -;
iced for Three hundred and fiftyworker .
In November he will b* e. rural guards.
Nry struck Monday. :33 and the' Increase! in wage granted e..I'laat months, and a* tbe aacn f:1:
battleships a
Ope being afTcclrd when an 8 hour eortedbytwo big summer did not have the beneficial I activity la dlploniaUo clrcl-a B.proiickes .'
refused.Charge . eraiser belonging to the new navy. result boped fur. The increase Strong Box Wa Empty. great Intefrtt la sh'wn a
1 y oat Nod ub\ the ..n,...," of Ib. naval has not thus far drawn back a suffl- Facia,.Oct. .-Te Mcbo U. Pints the representative from South e'=.4

fti:' Against' Major Johnson. vese). will be eeleoted.wife dent number of those. who left th published a tflapatcb<< from Carta.?.... Central America. With the re' J ::1
.!, _.._, Spain announcing that a ,entatloobad of
lower and of lloot After his tour
Cleveland 0.. Oct. 8",-Charging ---------------- ------- mills when wage were I Secretary
at Mayor Johnson I* financially In. when there waa dtsvatUfacttoa among been caused there by the dlicov- South America, pabite attentl t s

rested In the surce** Of the Forestlty v the workmen for oQ1er reason cry that the among box of tae Italtsateamer been directed especially to the : ,.
'l irk (wrecked In August lat I
Hallway company, otherwiseA on ItooUga island with tie lees of pfn republlo
A* the Scent fare street rail- Tr8.dy. After the BalCCovlngton
7 line, and that he procured the via, Oct. ..-'Wall. returning . about ISO live. ). altao th towed to be. Costly Fin at Cap May.
aaUaUon of the company, obtained from a "breakdown at New.. hermetically seated was etepty.. rai II Cap May point N. J.. Oct. 9,-
Ins the preaunvptton. of the ',
complicity I Fir watch originated In the Packman
ahlse for It and baa assumed a' bern a crowd of black engaged la a
ot the crew la the wreck.' I t
ncial Hpon.lbblltt In behalf of brawl, resulting In one of their onn cottage destroyed $ O.OOO worth
*. Forest City Hallway company all bet being shot to with the Made, Attendance Onor.' control' wish the aid of the Cape Wx
-which ta mild. to be In violation of and Sam Witborn. charged I
:.* 'law the Cleveland Rlectrlo. : rail- kstllnjc, were arrested by Marshal New York.. Oct. .. .I lire department.: Tbe rackham ro'
Arty. died' In common plea court a gab S. i' ,IrA Harwell of Nwdm>> aa"ta",04, over. Gllder 4r.v.. a Young t-La..ne.1 tag and the Cape House, the target

iJl City ItalHray company' line* four years ago bas jet ; bet ot cottage damaged.
,enjoined And that Interferencethe careful Quiet After Deubl L7f"eh'ne." attendance odeer of the lUatlnctoa
RJfOoo MobU AU., Ocl.no fear High Aoo4. OIU c..I*.v. was an ....... A.- ....
Cleveland .
the l n.. of the .
will always] that wr ntertalned te regard to athlete before Ms neck was broken. r TV "..tt tt tt'* ....." ..*.t .
Railway compajny be prohibited l' assased ..... ...*<. '.r 1raeae.l '
and t rwsjmni frttfc
U BOW unable to participate la
d th. a retaltatins'for lyoclk
.f Uae court. .. _.__ i keep vywppl lag of rm Tbompeo and Itoblaoa. ct arc aU sport, B* Caco took part la. Oil- aeote.ttr ............ A ir*".!' "
Letter U. 8. Ooode, wixhBALLARtfS denlceve's neck reetatel sNierte eseid .were .' -
to 4 with bas disappeared" and wa broke ta A foo( I,
raps "
feet' .. tJ.. taooo' be a .....-.,*
vUI. FlA. Daf .
Ualn.. the tty ta aa quiet a* tf ttotaiac Nt<< scrimmage t.... .
:!tarp, while kepeag ewer
Dear Slri f&.JmOl"U c*' tlUt. 6t the ordinary had occartKt.W I weM N a vesy. 1/. r i jii..f"e t..f' f 1.twerald .
aced >n rAlntlnKtU doecn't some SNOWLINIMENT This vtoefcfl be a queer work sad I had Jk ak im ram:0'C .
ws y
t as thy thought U would.O. .m nOct. >,.atal/y t.jer.... queerly *or.r*>*.i If say oa. man .r '\tine ** mesh. a- mtisilrig *ax .
'. H. BJward of &: .anU, "IfYUcbton. Chiesaa --Mrs. UabeH C.iler. any ewe set .. ta/n were allowed lon 1 a. fat ** Ke ..r*. itaUub. :t. I ,
prini 0..1 .
1..0:1: his house D.vo. three i.*r* A Positive, Cure For wife or 1>r. Ralph CIa"".,. r*. .t >. it eer4tc lee tittr ewe sweet I tbe mean attract txlr wHfcsUlb Mt
o t h* h..i used 80 ration 1'%*'. Fatal. celveii. It t* feared fatal tajttrte Banday _hi. f .r tt>.fere or the eartX.

tore sad boaght 90 gtllon D,,roI I, ttktttttnatism, cus.Old Sores, night whrta aa atttooso&Ulst ran _._- -_._-_._-----_. ------.---_.---
.. II 1,11.K I :cpralew \Vo+nr4a. StIff ...kltata taco the bttxg?: 1m waJea *TM sad br
!, .I.a.te 11515' extra thiswithwslltawash Cor*** Uunton tail all ttt** ..** aa4 and f-ye.r< J1101I TTaKeTwere :IFEIRT I. OO1Sa ms. L turnip Tkt.PrU. B. s. CCLSOJ. jALACHTJA K..tr +zI

I Still KNOS.Mr drtvln TB* tosnobOtst attempted ..
'Zrver r' AVait Carroll MoBU" ta,
"plorhta, "b1T r-''''.'' .ttt we I .. C. II. IlunytMu BtsvitrN : to g'M. sl* lugg. toirtag carwttat I COUNTY
,would tale M .&11061 to paint. my N,.rrr. Mw w-rll..: I Isaveua t ea* head loW was heNfe.g a __ __ .
OQ', took So xsiloae I". ills t -cf gnaw L1ft.hp.,,' anti aa't : cigar ta Ut* eHTaer. acxN8njr to a wtpsees.
iseut Is ,.. U., pains job iawhltt leas aa jr e>no ad be Detoc to the watt u'ftt.Jpun *oil *H j+*ln*. It I* .
., ,.ra I . useful MOdl.eto. to .r.rrYr.At .... .---
b. nat
.U "hu. v e..t n .. Dead.xesta. ----- --- ----
: ... .** 'anaa Cloeek 81. .
J.aeati nO'SC. bnuabt a gAllea.ve. tint at the h "s..OP j jQELI'
to i...,1ft. NR TrrnU' "o.a. attwo IMT Stse. 2 C, OC. S t.OO 0 Oc>t. -t A'Wtuapejaeata
.,..1, T.xa*. li palate. I > AT1M4t el u.. AJekaa late.rdtst OEI V i.11, 11a...
.. Ballard Snow Ui1i eat Co.ST. $ ii.cpal .Ia..a. dried. Benderalgal 1
TA: reason foe nobody Bemis. llue LOt1S 0.- at WSberfrrtte. ws1esaq 17 tilt
-.D09P l> ." I*t ,..., lama. U A 'lb.. 'n1M t. lb. Tint c..i4.rat ,
,4 .eho......, 0&.... palate.l .naaUe _._- ._-- W. del in ...,.1.... .U-.rM-t. hoM...... wtl1 ,....Uh1lflUltXATI0X yr t
oere. scely.1K latest .........C t'''Thi. ae -r: and a" ;
rcnmtttenahcel fey' cards La .tile.it
w. laft'll .bt Oo SoW an'l 21; ,
t tL rt'utLrw ,.Zi ait,eTllTh
n.8. J. 'n\oua.. 00..u eorr .
$ W. M. JVIl1li8X, firs] r1sCst. en. esll..a.
J k

r !& .. ,. N \ i f ? tA'P'i


.H. H. .l
* .

II.'t i11 f.

.. ., tI .:

\ i it "I 1
''' '; ,:''


_ .____ _.___ _ :
__ - _ __
:: : .. -- . _.._ ____. .
--- -- '
-- ----- ---.- .. ---- --. ya

:'f ME NEWS FROM MELROSE. Infested With P ckpock ta. Koricit PCn1.ICATIO1
SAVED BABY New Yom Oct. 9.-It der &ped NOTICE OF ELECTION ,
I Houle.urprQvuKe .
t. in Huffman Sundaj' hat the Vande.,but: Lad Offlee btl.alarawlge.Au..t -
: oap ogre< i lirlven :

Crowd Expected. during the ace ealurday was Infested<< TeThelstrtrof ... hibetvitbej ., 'ha' In (tom

8.-Moch Interest I. with pickpoeVteta. Ore100 tlfttei of Rktr1.1. As4lseaeoete.of the State w'" fl.. "I..n" 0' the alt 0' Colt.
,Oa of Jn'ea.ja Lrnttt.nl'Aca
,K. .1 *< rev the
y.r LYON'S He it known list I. H. ( *. Crawrwnl. He II
approaching mar5ho..D LIFE were taken toto la .da b tkr'tstr..l t'a It..,
lathe custody around tt* rwiary 0' St.te of ...... "I.
,, ... 1SSt 4' of ftInit.. ... gds. ewads, ad N asblt ri ,. 'I- 'r '
; grandstand Mocked up In a cat- 8ft. twUue ibstaGENERAL tI.sded o.J, the 1 ubltr i aad !tt.t:::; .

I JIll of Litre net 7JIsmewThe( 'imr.yn tap near .. rare i Acgwa .. Itet. Idstthew J lorlocc< 1 ef .
? was ever town. C of srtrrettr ,
tT'. t t-I, ..
and ti! ,' big ..d ELECTION&gE&ZS&SffiSSl Raids -3... ;
wIn take plans on the er had dPI.art.c1.Tre.tr..Cl day tt *1 In t
e' o' Untold and Constant .... cw. Nt ... .
f'O"'CJ Suffering .. ... wn.tatesee.s >I : u. I t\
: .
October" 17th. at the reel.drloe of the l' I tot Hw I.. staff H. i I.1 HI( .. \

$'""I" .,r.Urt.Mr. ]W. F. Fickle.) ,_ Misery-Awful Sight From that 1m. Continued. ..or.., "allot..- s... It. Ti,. IP ..... H. is R.BkO and wl+l ', .1
of b to IIM1 lb. I lWl BOUKht mo. "
in town are --\. Gom a Dreadful Complaint Infantile Ec Washtngiln. Oct. The presi L Tt1eaar fe, ttctlnbrr or st thM t.w : :.. t,.,

Ktx.rr.vall of New York. who are 00. zema-Commenced, of dent Mond balled an order oootia- > ::.:\\-t..IId)the to *i:=:.. SI.end elsl Heeell u t..

s.4 family former.r at Top his fling the SjMkdreto treaty d ia>a oora- I Sixth i Day of Novembor r a.,_...... rlorida, ow T'n".hd" the 5$
Tie 'o tagproperty I of I tpIlllM r. IMM.He .
Lmng: 'oJ. A. Remmel. Head and Covered Entire Body. minion to March" X. 1MT. This is ''r ole \'Iv.' 'M ... ....... se wft.- It r F1.tba "

: from their the con,xlaslon of wbkth former Sen I e...... .... o. norlda. t tS "bU.,.. sn Lt Does, Joks H, Uam.,. U \V )t
returned of UM Town .
I.r.1J n
; tbo. (\inj. *
>stawof Tniint ;
C .. the Hinteak
JZ orib are h. and Mr,. D. O. MOTHER PRAISES start .;,lam R. Chandler of New I Tw JwMktee of the *>u<>ros e..Slayof A. sa4 sit parsnip etah.tng ad".

( UaD1p I. re U .. the saatonf' FtarMa.Tw d rwit e.tledI
: Mr 8. Rowe. presldent.4 t .> R Aro d(bMiu>.& .woeenfeltirte: their etshe.I. thin m..re: .tr peter
TMts&d .
of Brook. CUTICURA REMEDIES --- --- ----.- --- of ....,kt.. ... ..dar: ut.l o\Obet iwnW !.I
and family "
E A K>nned* : 0s. stateSeratae for ssad tlei.stvrW Id \0 KOIIIN ON.n.
)hue removed to town to the ---. ---- LEGAL ADVERTISEMENTS. .. IMktH 1 of the $Iste of PIOr4kt. \
Fla. Two M.Inh.rae. ,.. .hreNf'
the lip. or
Slmmm cottage oa Siarke arenae.f "Our baby had that. dreadful com .. Istlreef tb. Stateof fbrWt NOT1CK .'1't'ltUeATJUN.;.

f school under the effi.unsnsgementof plaint Infantile Eczema which afflicted NOT1CF OF APPLICATION FOR TAX .. oMiity Ak..Morof Tike.. 4 lad Om e at O. 1ab'
Tall .
nspoblls : lullevtorOmintr
I the Misses An- him for several months, conimcrMHnjr at DEED KDKIt SKCTIOK OF CHAPTER .. C.'I." T,.,.....,.... ,. July is. it '
-- tbe top of his head and at last covering 4 sN. LAWS OF i FLORIDA :: Pile OucaealmJonor*. \ Notice is ker.by Arse Ihs1 *

knou, l II doing finely. Over sixty his .whole body. ilLs sufferings were NoUo l Is hereby vices Nat It "pl... Three'OUhlttt MeiuHeraot Insir,, ..... the Oo aljr hoard of Jo-el.weld Hi*IP.sl ooriw-tied "Alt tae Iles set or the O.rst the

.kol.rssre enrolled with one bun- untold and constant misery m fact, tntrebaiwr of Tat OrUflaat. No. m. das> .. Ju.'.0.0' the Pease I and for luteoh LIaaNP late/..a the 14,.,_ of t .nt,widcede.
there.waa nothing "''would not have ed tee ebb ear or July. A tx ''''1. lowlotf N..a4. and \Yhl.'oa Twrd
follow. Jovtlee! U ufot via N_ ..
died aDd fifty more to done to have him relief 'The I h%. died said oeftrest. ia my offlo.. .. IX. IS IS IK. : t. .i| '*il W ..u the ''''1'111lilt' Mtste"
Huffman has returned given and baa made wpnUewUtm for tax Q..1to n C, .hl. of Aatrrf t. 1"W, II.. M. Lot
P. In awl for
Mr*. C family doctor seemed to be wholly Iwnie In. .eeordaaoe with law taut .lstrlet. .. ills felM.eisaJostle. OM Town, cwuMty of t< ..
visit to relatives In eertlfl ate! the fnltowtn N.- .. E t. A r.1l K ii. ,.. tlbrkta, has this .r-l-. :
from s plratsnt incapable of coping with the cane, and emt>r ee d v IA la_ If. 1A' M 'Is.> OK
I .rttNod property situated la Ataobua worn 4 '.Ri.nt No MV tor the
ouaty. Sn Te. pulb.
ud Jalper. after Various experiments of hi*, which Qv \\1.-.1" base beroanta et
1.//?.O.k Flotida. towlt: my band and .m..., HOH rf Stclkta N.t I. I.
s crowd nf Melrose baseball resulted in no tenefit to the child, wo Loa 1. T 10 .iwt t* between Warren and State wf at TaUalMMM Uw treat( Heal the dapltat.of the :'\\\f\ N Quit eer.t to Maron,1 J., to a druggist and got Lewis 'ttfVitMl this the d:7'u: s oe.r .woof '4>i>'r hat the
A IV 4t
ei tetier. w
followed 'heiream to Tb. aaid land a.-.d soabt Is .au.Ne fur Ue, .
ntboiiMtt Desalt at tb date of sew. 'II'
full net of the Cuticura Remedies and It. tl. 'Y caCA'Vnntl),
a be t..usnr. of such oerUaoate la the aaao* wt r I .bas rue adrlewSIwrs! rvtwe.. ant I..atr
Grtndin on Friday hoping to win the applied as per directions, and he beganto C' O. (teed.tXnlpos.&d. Tu:. W .>aa..u. Stl..rtft"-1 Z tr Hiate. tan dais to alt land c.rote U. from the Grandin team immediately and in about 1 eerttfl at. ahU be r dee- aocnrdliur Costy.MHnlurrs _1.O&1.._. 1.. SloeSt. 01"na..
{ improve .. .. .
4kird .
game to law, tax tat ..! toisj, the seore was 11 to 8 three or four days began to show a Iftb day of October. A. 1 IUM.WltneiMiur Its ..__ as w:tse.w' II M IerU.e.
brighter spirit and really laughed, fort ORlrlal fcUnmur an4 .eal this HALM.Under NetAsees t'batre+ U. A M

'111 other way Everybody speaks he first time in a year. In about ninety the 1Mb day ot Meg">teui>er. A. IX led, and by .virtue f .a .....UOll issued allot c"' ki T...... ViaAar .

highly of the way they were 'days tie was fully recovered with H. IL W1KNGEM. out of tbe Circuit ('.wrt !. ant foe AbMhaa sad alt p.teeaaeatml.v sIveeeetp
fMT tip pd Clerk Clroult Court Alaebaa Uo. |>ta.NOTICK Coast'.Mat.of norMla b.slat date atMneotearnwd Led. see requested t q
fretted while In Grandin exception of a rough skin, which is -.------- day of Msrok. A. IX IM. sod to ate directed I lib ..Irelalns Is ISIS OISee" 01' aforeasM""
and as lberllT. er I I'", Of *>.|.M..be.. hIM
gradually disappearing eventuallywill Alaeh.s.oc.tr< vkwbta. where
Huffman Hnnteicportf
l" P llaffosBof the OY .
be : APPLICATION FOR TAX in W. K tterU MMte ta MklDtKf and Iblnnnd K. \V U KOHINWOXXOTICW fter!
replaced by a healthy one.
that the prospects. or a full .'l>>raiee for the Cuticura Itemelnelies ; PEFJI t'NDRK SRiTlON: S Or OH A ITCH Vpyt.I.drf..daat.there bawbee t-*led awte .
> by K. C.'rseber. HbeiHT of n.n PUUWCATtON
4t m. LAWS or rxxuuuA At.ekraNOralr Os
\00. sre very good Indeed Several always been our greatest pleasure, xNotlee tbe *)tb day of Nevember, A 11. r.... a. tbproiMitr .

> IIJODI' are already engaged to their and there is nothing too good that wa to berebr' _!**. that 1.aae l'+..D_.. of Said mntond K Voyte. tbe furt Land O t.e at I.Ine.vIU.
puroba..r orr.%> c.-uftca No. Itfto! .. dated low Isg dei> nM>d proper* towit lbrtidestaawber e Jsli Milo
!flUlu winter visitors, and he has nu- could say In their favor for they certainly tae sib day of July. A. IX Iliad ban 1Ue4 M. wars warn saved our baby's life, for he was aid ..rU e..I. ray ofH ., and baa nude ap U Uae rltle Fvritlvwr and W_on Man.fa tr> > tb uri> talon* uf a: A serous letter asking for rates. The tbe most awful sight that I ever beheld pUo".Uon for tax dee totMtu. In aeeof, aae* IMF Comt<.ny of latnevvlOe. rvwtd. *. _k] Oertlfleate Joe X ISfa. eaUtiwol # <'t for the

Mel has been much 'Improved bytkti prior to the treatment of tbe CuticuraKemedice. I .1' law Said, eartlfleate e at>ra... tb. fot number U betas anted t>.....>b.r..tb. = toad In tto* Mtate..1 CsUtueta< ,
towing 4eOlCrtbed property altitat.dut Ala buaoouoty A IK I*** and aoOoe U elei t Sat 1. .Nc.sds, ..4 Ws.lds t,+s 1'oHlery.e..fdnt .
f*. In the kitchen eta.. and I.ao. U .lrs. Uaehclla Lyon. 1820 I Ktorldn. towltH : U. W FeonetL 1a rb It"t.r. * eonaty: to aN 'M p..I.Ik. '.ft4 (.._ My

Appleton A''eo. Ianona.an.., July 18, % of sot{ H M>. 10. Tt*. a. It- *-fO aor_. I under and bt *rnue of ...... eteeitttoa and the ..f Awawl 4. IMIS' Jslnrs A aM of
heist repapered<< and painted.TUESDAY'S Tb. sail Und betas sa.eased at the date of lev* mde tberevnder, will veil the ..... 4enrtbed co-air of Ai .. .Of tloMte.iklsdar .
1905. _ _ __ the Uauaoce of ....b....t.Ule..au ,be aameofUakauwB. property of th* MM Ktmood K V.TM died Is tM..4fton ..,. ........ .,,,..
I !to ......r. said .*ee.tl 1.... bwfnr ..... ...urtnoune. .... awl. ,.., the IWrehas, ttf the Ne"{ Q' tit
ELECTION. t Ualea* Mhl o..r1.tIte.shan.. redeeoMwloordltuc so done at <..111_''''.. tl..rMa. between w* 11_ N* bu In Dr N.. H it "' 0. J* *t,
--p' COMPLETE TREATMENT $1 tola tax deed wldtru.there.o.ra the 'Mtai boura of *nle no Monrt y. tb. alb Oar rOI offer prnuf I to...... that .U* IMHMIT \ alek,
the Mb day r leo.emi..r. A IX Len of Noveniber.'A. IX led, tbe site beta a UTbte . *..lu.t4 fur t tt. tlmt>.r tit .tuts.is...
Advocates for Amendment of City Complete external and internal treatment Wltnewi my notel aiimatur sod scat this vat _I.... _........'%l i.wriwo v ...! w NMUn .bUalho...e 1
Charter Were Successful. for humor confuting' of tb.etb day o. IMtober. A. ."'.... Mem|> einhey SUtb. A U, lest .Mclm Iw call .l ....f.- Hrw...,... oMolrer ..... \
I "
11 l aauwresrtue. .,.. '
Ss.nRes ;
( OtntlucnC.undl'iusmap I .. WIIII OI'l8. WeiKNNVl.L co-s. W..M'4Msy'kW..iM ".
He election "uUeuraAoapj l ran ne pal of Tuesday now be had for ono dollar. A single 4. A, CAHUHI.r Pis taiUraAttor eyMA II I II* MH>I. a. WMIMM. Mt >. (' i VtaMbwr. .1

fcieh was culled for the purpose of set is. often mUflcicnt to cure the moat .....a. _.... : -__._ .:------I I ,.'..a.llow tots H, J. U. IUI .>9. Hall U. .e.- all ;('

toting for or against: the amendment torturing, disfiguring, itching, burning, KOT1CR. aTrH': & SALK. As cad Iw ry.w elrlnWli sAlonely the ff\\
and scaly humors crocmas,rashes, and Notice t.l tetchy ... to an creditor, I..... abs.:.ds ofb t a,. r..lweeteet to> so
if Section 10
to the city charter providing / Under... by strive at deeree nf ,..... .. .
Irritation from to when U trtbeteoe slid nil neroa bawls*eleline m foreeWimtro theM N4Mw Ps . us mr toC.* **bl "a
for lha abolition of the infancy ago, = ntnUiwt the estate of Tboma IwItooa. r r vx>ri.>ee ma ant render tor day. Of Ml' .*...*." ,--IIL
all else falls.Catk.rs deee.*.e<.. rreoeot them' to the nnderM Man J, T WIU..J"Mtve' nr the Ctrevlt CNxtrt I! W. tNtyrtcK IKI111MWN. at.......
igliosof the city ordinance, was --to.OI.I.e.e.. .mi Pm.4. .a.......i.............. ...cI within" the time required t>* law, ....> for the Kt"btb .....k>l.4(, r-e..f tbe Ntate nf i ioa -..-- .--- -"--- --
.._ .. "I etoo. ... ao-. vaida. tne tut ... .f ,* .* .._,. ,
-' 1w.t t < I wise 'M" will be l nrro rtrwd in fsvor of the amendment by ...bell I... 'I'M u.....u.isa1"Woman debts u.t u. paid w ,*. vast ,. n eertaht.Iw.e therein ten'>1lntf on ,-.. or Arit.i.'ATtohf nut TAX .
touof 102 to 61.Tke UDd&.nI8&. ...._", Mde of MtM eoeit In and for the caws'" t ormn C'fl\tCH' MM' THIN a or iiiAtrKH' 't i*
---- -------------- AdratniU u>r of the estate of HHMUO B. tr of AI....... awl Ht... car .1*>*irt*. waereln l .
. ojnx LAW ur F'H''A'
election! was a qotet one. there Ito...d.ee...... J ('. II..... Ueowt UMt. .*t and J W Iterrmte i:
Terribly 8calded. --. --. -_._ .- . ..r...._'. I. W f llrooeto. _.....a* m_te* Not.. Is hnebr .-t.... iM.. S J 11sywsrtw4 ;
'apparently, little) Interest. manU New York. Oct. '.-,Mra. George la .....-,. ar.>otnted tor led terse oul perMsee0. Tet (enbl.ate.e Dr. ...4 Vtft*
NOT1CX or Innsot.t rioN. Mil nt >'.ntt out few. .n befoie
Inied. t cry a tne gown eased ISa led ear of .I.h. A It .suet h_
II. JcnL GO years old. wife of a -.-doer la Alnebua eowntr rho. M., ..n 01.4 asld ger tiled.s w.y 5s
Jobs W Notloe to berebr' siren that the arm of M..sas1. tnebthde of ,November. I = =
Tench. F. X. Miller II. M ow.de Hede sptJ4oae.w ree sat .. ICaowlswr
Chicago physician la In a aerious condition i Ifowell. ftnilta A (U niiiooil of Ll. Ht.wU. .Mac ISe l.rsl been'_le..U ,.. toMele who. Ina MM ..etleoses .._
Ftikoson and A. J. DaOoita acted. a.Mrpeetorl at Si. uke's hospital as a .J. Ik McilMinnd g I*, llowell. U.: IL. hero* erM>ed rest eNase Iflae teiotowlt ) twee. the fwSewil dearihed sn.elr _. ...
wereentbe basl..es NewtMMTT. ---t:
toforotf o In Is..ucat) e5 Alarhessed .s. -.... M Ataahr.seslr v1.e4). .. lowitt.
result of a peculiar accident In her llurMa.. .a** this oey dn.olred hr sorttilal.o..a AMof f.it hit M MeeUooTwo. Twwnnalp > 'r Me |>.of .*. M and !Me I t 4"f Mlle 11 M.M S, '4. '
J It. Koaltn retiree cad bate
KStfbt U.. n).lee fceel: .
# teen noatAlntn | Tr IS M. Se nere
apartment at the WaldorfAstoriaearly 11p w.n rod K. it Uowett. M. 0.. aswrrs nH tt.. _...,. '.0"_ Mw re ow UNO, toeetlno. wltto I.i a.saofSWII ...... ITI't1tKNt -iMweiNrn.
Mitt Wells Married. Mra Mall. of the late firm and to tb..n nil Ultefc. all __ . .
Monday. Jeak_. who had W. said Macular tne W- .* hereditament' .... _M Mal bias awese1 i nt tlMK ex M.of
(fofortnstioo of the marriage of Miss been staying at the hotel with her are Iaysbls. t.I'Tg' HO' nnd nm> Mtnonee. taoroeto aonmetnd or innnwM tbe i s.sase... of toes e.+tlue..cc .s IMg gar.
}L" >e alter tatnlne M.M eoerly to booi N rb Ilsis.ad H..rt koor
frt Wells of Worthlngton Springs and huaband, for several days has long IIOWKLL.Kewberry. .fct ne tao urnpert* at i, JI'1a.. Ole,. a. Ire.NOTIOttur and p.* said deeroo. fee*nn4 eo *. ... .. M* to*. Ise ....... wlt ISw,- .............
fr. J PiuTomlinson of Lake Duller, been a rletlmof Insomnia and It has W. H. rUwDOUK. nwMNlMnAUH1J I ..... .' y of .....,...... A i.....

titer!!! occurred recently, has been ref been her euldim lo take a hot bath Dt&HOLtmoN.Tb M. HIV Kit*. ...........* fur i o>.|i.oett .1.'C..Mr tot MANN .Wa_et itc, .ndawrelW. Itthlllbs tlb.

led by friends here, all of whom Immediately before retiring. Rome arm of Oliver A ...aa..,,.. baa.Um..... I .Ft. WIUlU! s*.
time after mWnl tat Mr. Jenk filled< by J. A. ...eu-", ,."".*. A U liars elM NUT'Ca0" ,'"'".... rum. W <(<'lertt riMwu//. f'....fI Als.MeaVs" r
mc:4beft withes. Miss Wells was sue II... the .,.._ a* the _*>. ...ad. eat. i..ad .?
tea known and the bath In her spite and stepped In. M.Uad and ,,arsad au M of "" OSVw at ualba U e.l.. A..O..T
\ popular : 01.: MeAr...ner S4. lea
as a young = .
Notlcla or
red r..rv.tfwlly .netts aawbae. >y nnt 'r4Xnaiad .. I II
hit, nJ on many occasions has been The water was. almost boiling and A. it. sat MoUeo fc. bereor sires UM| In ........*... VNIMCM KKwrrsim a orI' WA4'yn.tw
aha was terribly scalded" before her eel, is Mart J. A. M<'J.rTnY.NOTIO with tno t.ret!.!.>.of toe <.., of .'oner e.s.1 >
t.nlrcl. social figure among the J.ne a eowud An net for tne unto of I .... LAWS u. n.ottIU.\. If
, T"ftp*<>l ple \Yorthington Springs husband succeeded In removing her Ctr.Ne.. .. :le lbe 'Isaac. .4 feateraS., ''ni ....... Is AprntiJ ..... .......""}/,;,
from the 'ub.CASTORIA. a. Me.ds.s.4 We-ateeVno. Territory ,,........wf 1'.. Co-ixl ., AJaw1. fled tJ'tt. JI;.' i
.del I ':J"c;loo,. tended to nil the pea l. ... Me Sr Aetof ii ,
Acted tJwf eve
u4 Jwf
Fuor wests after the OrI publlea* A..wM *. inue Jeno i Trotoen of tev. dap [, . .. .. .... '
Or Tomunson Ie a prominent and ion of ibis t>otl". I. .. Uuardtan fMajorl ....... .. t rntotte. l.*a to of rtws4.. I Mae.ea..ll.ti.Ntiscot..I.1.w &p! t lmww'.4 Ic ho. tR.de. ,:\, I

t*..f=i young physician of Lake '. Maon and Marion I*. Ma.oo.mlbors. hoe uoe MO d.Me. .*>ed In tM.,.,.. nM.of..-Nate.wo .fait .Law ....... ____... .........e..wat.se. .. iar 'If
for the nwreanae tao N.I
.tier will apply toU..On-I.', Jodc $.11 W t4 * .t h oeToen i f udcea.1... rhed sewee.li. ste... .. A Mw 1s;a
* e/U.e N.a
, sod is destined. to become 7t .iwac u IhwMs" ......., .
one uf A'.eho.8Oun'orWa.' for an or . __. > a M. >...,. fie II K., sa,1 j twill ...... .. Me.oaMsW
dthe! m e1 'o"'e.*.talla his profession For Infxnta and Children. ..4.r reset to.... tbt tk. Uo. M .rtosoll all the tight, ,,,.. sad ..
... ....-r or >- ta o fee .tt.a.: .
"e.2 .... ........ :
e4.eet W.
:4'rd t.
eonnty. ,.rest uf said minors In end in tbt felt l i.artee.rsl u rvv*** .*4 led ee elift li Me n
Tba Kind You Hara Always Dough 1'hm bate. CowowO s1. tie da1.* .0 ,
I Uo4 Iot.s
---- winir r.al estate tol i Toe Wet s4. to before Sy.M.t.r.a.r.tti&a.n nv ee P . aw s .
Card of Thanks. htf nf lxt Thirteen IlS aed part of .. ate rW oa We........ tbo Mb tt N.I.i..st4 U.U.JS .MMseamof. .. :

D.antbe + .., Los Fourteen flU ta tfeetloA Ten caD>. ; .*.".. wow I e.elaba.<. 4'W.sad. ML t ,I .:,.e.ts seal. .etsNta.se. i.. ,.............Mt }
2 r S 3I1' Kindly permit me to 8UP arar* of .. 1 :gtlalti.Cgrn Township Tea HOI. Kane Twenty 1".0.-,.... .
***y :r valuable paper as a medium CMlf abu. Inc In Writ half of $..ton t A... Msa .... .l.l..oir eeetr ,... M1Sd.i d Mo-y e.eysahe., ::: Ilsrri. iM1 1( ,
tt .. Te.. f iO) ...... ... .r e.r ,
: ; wb. h to sincere tI.., (8). Township .. sew sji. a** t1. Wcrlltrs I't.
convey f elM rw5t'. II i
tt'. those friend who my Treat to Be Smashed SUn<. T ivntf (DO). tt..atli *.
were son AUeliu ......,. rio,.... at prirate ,. ;, u taIIMC Nf.Mcghaa I -, .w, r.. .. x.t.r
Ica1 :a tiurleg my reeent trouble t M xlco Cliy. Oot. >.-J+: _..,.* ers::1 : y

*** w the ""fen i .t u .ale.na. ltb. A I> 190. NtlnCa 0. At"I"Lu A"10H Oft TA"Ki
to especially thank Bh.tiifsd be taken y j- pro September *rr11'K<< .... APYtJessYNI'Nf rtm TAM i I na s U.U.. ar4nurw I.ir c..JlN "

Ir: :.: Jailor TorI., for their' 'teed, ........ of eovtf. lit estlr4pllfk r 01tu. T NAwn. ()..,.. .... ,I ..... V WUKM ab rtUIIC C U" If".....,..., ..... LAWS u. Y OWtAfeoa

. k_ M ta me daring my confinement of bicker i rtc*.. a4 It a. pnoba0c: belt L.Aa ."/ p... .......... .1'.1''I I' ) N S.Ni1r.. ./reed I... .r 1- j1'e.e,.., ,

11 .e<.ss u es rn win b.. 'I ..sw.q .4 f.tofl li...a .,
ty Ja.I..Dd those who that UM duty or > WoI. M berea* e. .. Ie I. HIs is a. fit.. f I, teteq
to .
. rrhaav.d. tteeertitltOitlt e.IeS..re tl .... .'..- M ..... 5Ml I.eslasi Ibe ... 4Ir sir JNy A 1i t..ilt, .......
;J rac: and give me so h words of temrer arftr .ass. *.. etJb okr( o| J A 1s ._. !, .... _......... lie wr r41se. .....
-.: a: ; -iperts bel... there to all ........ . CRIMD SWod i rlJH i..e M ... .... I' .... tawse s' U"1:: fcc 4aO ...e o tryaMwWMw.
:eluding ye editor and staff at lhVa%flMm4 as.reo wr. wWf 4)9 .V9 ***> ..*> . .__....... tlttt.tbs. .
ei of active tm hi rraaaH over 1 J- tteew/.y = ..
c: .1- sn aeAd o M4q
r be remember kindly. ty' tnT> *JBm w jBj lpaj WWffMB *T W (n vnooB Mp tea
... the eooatry. arrt ...t' the high ...,... loliii etne-ess *JoS proper*:nH- send Si Akre.e.wv las
-.tl ..
Very tralyVtuJA, > .. o' > iiC. *> ***, te ota .le eN .... M1f1.Ie.l, U.....
\ TnowAa.'ctober la Ue recall *f a eembbsi.e.. wW.1a I ...,.oa _.. ., see it *T* a* if """".. ..... below. s.-.aW ee Isw .,.. .a

r-i .' 0. U lalartowa t e the great mace .t the laxative Fruit Syrup i feee K eJoo. ,'.., .. MeoCoj a\... W tern .n.s..a.. A aw.4 s.rr4Aai. .._ ,
I t..1es. W a 4a Mw tlaur _... e NMrs
:-- .... .... .. ww.sd,
people. __ ___.._ PJea..nl to Uk. !1 I T,.N .*Ml j.4 *....., .. .** *...., M e.: r:1.: t-t.: IFM::
Me s. ... se .nob -=. la ebe ..... .. C 4 u(1:::: : Selo I
GEO.8.JI.4.CKER); & SON OV ed Poice4sg Does ; 5.,1.5 c., ......._ :: sass .r Ad 1isl jela 6 4
tlpsti..e.. Th. new laxative. I wed -............... w. M a. .. Leah do )1eMMae.. 41 to hell.
.. .
re.otle frets e "' .. 'I. wtt.peJJ1t* ,
j i M .. em .... a IQ.M eM
MA rFACTOKKIUI OFso chub I. qttMkljr eared by Or JCI.g*. not rIpe or jiauacatc. 1 Ita .r.. ttrl.tyr A 1r: ie ,4 4:aro ....tat r. .......1 r-, rh'. .R
: ... I :.. ". fs.,... &JI"
?far Uf I1U*. T*.y resale alltear Cares olomtjch and liver I'" ...., :. MsIw r. .1 ';:.

..rw.r greet ,.. .1si-. sad ;I and chronic j !i;' ; ; i., .
r troubles cant
J'O .. 'a'''Isle A Mr1JOATPtl? ill. 7A
.. cr:. lef..e ... m. asd efgwr" ..... ...vr.teelerh j N Hunn<< swwn-soli .. ,

r = . ....... t..4..b.. dts..aeaa ,, tipfttiot by reatofine the pls1'J. ..NllsJNWVtsJnf' UP tdUAV71I$ '
I" .. LioW. frY ru.
leo '
ea j i 4E
a ar aid loll.. s.it..*.., grfreg e. dMeU.fo.rt natural net lone(the totn- I Minis.NITMA1N41VtfW. -

M ae 34*. 0.sra.t*.4 W aU deog.l I, .cb.llrcr and bowelJ.Irf ] 1w .. M....... :.::--. .... ':."' :r'A!:L "

t M 0.**. J ; .L ::: Mn.la -- M = it .. 1 .. ... ....
Tar fesk. J. We XCft_ A f*. I I t..4 sae M ata.a pc ... ."" M. ... .... ..... .
-=>> g.. itte T>r w ) at Pt aR OfneetKssaa. 4 4t u I a o .. Nor M........ w-......wr..... w
e. .. To I.oast .... ._____ .__.__ .__ A. .... i j i Towtp /so. ....... Ids ...... ..I( to.., ..... ......-- .- 7
.. R..-te. X- ..... .... .J::: .
t .. r ... ,. ... .......... .ial .teoa.e
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err ;; were l I er ;:: ..... to mo Meo. ft v' I! a. wa o.1'v st'g'r ";:t.td.4 I. ... ...; ... oft: .
a ? r asLzij fr*, i-it s osnoova eoxoai Ned : .Isa4. ..s...1 .- trA .' Him 4Md e# a ale
Tl* wts.i fie srsaMta esaspottElCY a as ............. ... .ov easyasa lea tee ..flee ........... to 'tae.ows ........
4ow asses. owl .. eM.Is .$ -

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-- -- .. I t -t.l nww* ..........
BuildingMaterial. rv.rrt..aw r.( fr **dMrisstrNrAMS"'i t _fr .... sae w._ ise.$1.fl I = : t. w.... .1;

sow . I te.5.."...... sal.ea.
I IoJ ced a+ewec', ..
lp... _.e acs e I.-.w ++ . ateStS.. trw.Z r. rtlr:
. .lAtfetJASL
(11A.JU.CftTO-c.- $ c.WeIfits'Card e.eedsra+re rw .. .. .. If fWL ,
MI i.s Cwr.Ns 4 need.
.... .'._ M .
M e A1e.s .:..
owe.O55 wi ..,..,.. ,.. ... -...... .c
lmInrL..A. od VZoJIIs.u aa .v a...rr+. : w+. Of...... t . ...' YfarylLhh1p

.. S .'ses e.vldw,, I :
Mppoe. W taa .....: ..... ;u'r. Is soar d::::; ..4 haw :
i Ik W. w rJ : :
WAars.w' .
:: +0w .Me '* ..e4o
2 ......... . .mmae ;;;;;s.. _cOw I_ J C ...'Os4 ....... Il.esltr.sy

& 1MwMA1M u-.. ... w y w aelr.a-a.- -. ... # ........ ..a. 4 --.. .owd4y flw .s e4
woe "aeanw' M s.r r .' 1 ,.,,. ..... ....... .. r
: :-.tia... . ::. r. ... MIF5Is.. ft .. 5.4 p.."f ,Ate
ibe .
sa we ts.we .
"": a o" c. -. .w-'' t .- ,. e (4.. ,
.. w n.. . J .. .sari.eet.a < o re ,". ....- .-wb.,... l
.. R tkr-w.a4. -. es jr::-.. l :; r,1 et Wt _, ee ...... ...-.. y "" ,-;"," ,, ",-::/;)" ,." ;:';:: ",

loli ? iIACEE Prt1" , ea,1 t 'I: Wa.;;-. 3. 8..y..0 ,51e. Jwl1

'. '' n
I .
r '" '. -,0' ." '. \ of', > , '

, .Itt: I .' : _ -- -- ---

.' ,


---.- -._--,- -, -.-. . -- ..... :'..!. -.- ___ __ r- . "'\='.: }
- T: : .. -
... --. -- ...
: --
*:*S OF CITY AND .tom Tfturwiov,JDeUry Sw: --i

WE Lad I..'".Unlt cards in latest styles 1I

. 8. L. Blanton of Wad was trading WHY TAKE

: In the city yesterday. CALOMELVlicit ?

Interest Oath.' = : TO FILL I ... bra
:JJtteI; of (General =-- ----- Misses Seagirt and Clara Well \
---' "' MosKLemon
Our Exporters : ar* spending a few days In' Atlanta, Ga.
ced by Il i xiI'. a purr.iy "',,gtta:).iv
'; G. Uartwell Kelley of( 'Roehell was compound. With .
n rl a

tIS aNAL AND._SOCIAL ITEMS Marl 0 r'@fe rs' transaaiiug terdy.Mr business In this, city je. of ant; BihouftftejfcA.taste, \vill n.lu\null<<. a o.;

.Happ.n.d.nd Whatl., Going ** Alice Strickland bas returned kindred diseases WIt'Ct: ;

:'4 from a brief but pteaaant visit to her griping or tmusca. and
7rUpP Told ln Short Parsjrapha .. FOR ; .
---- .. parents in Waldu, leave no bad effects
"Hs Who Runs May Rad .
Sf nat Captain W. O She be*' and A J. SOe and $tOO bottle".
\ per
5 ,*.The Sun. Moor of High Springs favored Gaines
f !MEN'S WOMEN'S AND CHILDREN'S at all Drug Store
.' fvetdajDcttty Sun till with a visit yesterday.

', fV MI'.".rGsJ'ons' :Wean Longer;Devoe. = Joh.t Baxley, a prominent eUIteit of MOZLEY'S'LEMON

t, i.A Psrruh of Hague was trading .f FALLand: wfNTER the Hawthorn district was a business( ELiXtl
.' .. tit, J.'lerda. visitor to Gsioecvill yesterday.County ''g iu t1.Nn Co".._....'

:" *n. M E Miller of Kanapaha wasiopplejr 1 Surveyor Janice Crouton of

; 'in the city J "*erdy', Mieannpy returned to his horn ,e..

,'\ M Gladne, of Micanoro }" terday, after an official visit to this
\; ClothingHats' and \ city.
ro nl yesterday in this ett*. DR. SUTHERLAND'S PUN
Ira J. Carter
She rhooae of the progressive young - -- ; ,
I; Jobs and Jerry ; ....
''tills trading In the eity yester. .' merchant of ".berry>> returned to Was Laid to Rt In Mieanopy W*:,
**re ?
': ,- F h. : hi* home yesterday, after a business day Afternoon
",. ,; urnls ins: and pleasure
:, a, B, Chitty of Mlcanopy.pent Sun . trip to Galneavllle One of the most largely at

4ij with friends and relatives in this . W. J. and S. G. Mathews of Donnle funeral occurring in thl olty*
I Oh' \...:.: '. were visitors to Ibis city yesterday. sometime wa that of the late Dr,

H, H, Arnold of* Fairbanks was READY-TO-WEAR: . . The former I I. a county commUalonerelect i Ham Sutherland which occurred,

;trtsisctlog business- Gainesville WE CARRY EVERYTHING from his district and'will assume Holy Trinity Episcopal Church .*,

ttsteria1 .' his duties In January .. o'clock Wednesday afternoon' ltII <..,

Joka Weerhaa returned this city' Two or more styles of any garments will be sent on approval for Miss Mae Conway ,returned yestsr Cralghlll officiating. '
and benefieial day from a delightful and beneficial Deceased wa a member of Vrcret
tfteracsHghifal sums
,....,.iot in BrevardN. CBetblttKite selection. Write for samples and prices. sojourn In New York stopping a few orders, the member Of wit

day en route home In 'Savannah.Friend attended the aertle. A special ''I
of Hague and Washings
are glad to welcome! her again. arrived. from High Hprlags, hoot

bBunrsi IN Kilt in of Gainesville Waldo were yesterday.CsrpenteT transacting. : B H. LEVY BRO. oil CO Wm. II Tison. formerly of Ibis eity thedeeeated.lxty.nln.. member at ||45 p.of m order,. '', *'.'

but for the
were engaged yesterday past year a resident of friend' who attended the**,ye.< .l
., banking some needed repairs to the SAVANNAH G&L Jacksonville" I I. 'In the city. Mr. Tlson.having after which a ftel.1! thin

Uidstsnd on the court house lot. secured a permit expect soon with. the funeral party to Mt4'
io In the
OctDdoetu Cb... Pormao of the Sea- '1'0 engage. saloon business 10Oo.la. where the Interment wa* fcM.Pclal .. .

ton! Air Line, who make his home Harvey McCormick left yesterday .was transacting business' in this city! .consisted' of threetwo

tiWsldo. was in the city yeaterday.r for Philadelphia, where be was ordered yesterday ,, : M,. and Mr. A. G Austin and Phillip stay eoaehea and a hi .....

to duty on the ernieer Tennes.se l Miller h..* returned from Terre all of which' Hi
frifnd. of N. W. Maplhors are glad The laehna;' School of Telegraphyand wer comfortably ,
.' Mr. MeUormiek recently Rrad'u..ted liaute, Ind after pleasant visit there.Mr with relatives and friends.
him oa&.R.lo. after illness : .
lose an RallroadiAeeounting; I now
open. .. Miller' and daughter. Miss Mere.
from naval Tb. floral
a Anapolis Academy decoration
: till 'typhoid fever for several week. Have room for,a few more pupils..* wr pl
and ha been at home on levve.Mr die, accompanied them* far a* Be fat, fragrant and handeum.ableh''
t, J. B. Godwin of Paradise, Superinysdest ply at once. 'R. M. Lock Alachua. wane.T.un.wb.r.
*. Alice Tilltnao of Rochelle Fla.13."L laattending teaisnl' the popularity of a.h. dees.ue '
of the Chase
naval stores Ins
will ,
tttrsts, .AI. business visitor. to passed through the softy yesterday en lion. John O. Dampier They remain. The remains were turned over to<<
of llagaechairman Sewane for ....... week*. Mason I fraternity after the .fc ,*
Ctuiestiltc yesterday. route home from Hampton where she of tb.lkof. County Com.roissloriers .. |
bad been summoned on account of the The ladle of the First. baptist ceremonies, which fraternity **ndu*>
Hits Edith Wilson was lu the city "
of Fort George yesterday
t ski the
remaining service
urban illness Church tendered
of her grandmother, a reception la the
... hi been on a visit to the family for the purpo* of attending the specialmeeting 1
Mrs Beasley. The University of FlorWa at the
patient U not lm elegant
of the ,
1(11. Dbel4"! S II.
Wiengev, reUirnedtsber proved and friend. will I regret to home of )In. H. Wilson last night DATIS ARE POSTPONED.
home yesterday W. M Parker and children ,
of New --
learn that the chances for her recovery which was largely attended and great
LV Polk, a prominent farmer of are doubtful. liver sere In the city yesterday. I y enjoyed It wa one of the leading Slat' Rvunlon of C nf.dral* V.tr. .:.

Rico. was In the city yesterday. He While her Mr. Parker who la a vat unction of the season which lisa an. Will b* HM Novmbr.. 1:1..14.: .
It I. rumored that
gentleman of
,, axle The Ron an agreeable e.lI. re New York he.., stockholder a! In the ued,friend nf The Ban, called and renewed been tendered eompllmentary to thetudents Owing lath* KrtMlngwf the Ja.ksonvllle .. ,

isvisg his subscription, Gainesville and Gulf railroad and who his subscription.Leroy and was appreciated by that rnlal.' which will last. from "

: Nils Je.si. Bndlford baa returned tot was a recent visitor to Glneville, W. Denharalef! yesterday for body, as II afforded them.. oppor* November 6.. 10. the Stl Manion'

,r kome in this city, after a pleasant propose 'present to that road a Atlanta* <)a., wher h* will enter th. .unity to meet more of the people. ofGalaesvllto. sod meeting of th* United Coaled

ojoorn in< Raven Gap Atlanta and handsome fountain to be placed In lbs Southern Dental College If. expect at. Veteran, whleh wa* \0 have bees|

I''.tasr point in North Georgia .rass plat at the passenger station to remain Jaekaoavlll a fw days, Th. regular fall and winter' an.Dooae.m.nlof heUtln. this city all 0th. ROth "' n. :.tie"]
I before proceeding to his studies. of that nn nth. has b..n puttXMi.<.. sift
J Jones of Sampson City, mem ere. This was the first visit of this Levy, tiro A Co..

Wr of the firm of Venabl A Jones, entlemsn to Gainesville, and he ex. For 8.1.-1114' ar* land eight .I lathing, bat* and lornUhlngs, a..... tllNov mbr IS. MI II "'

....I) stores operator, was transact pressed himself as being delightedwith torses, seven onus, 23 head of eattle, a.bUaappst.ls .od.,'a Issue of Great preparation are being ....,

laC badness In this city yesterday the oily and Its lutnre prospects. two wagon., one buggy, all farming The Heml.Weekly 8c.... This Is one of by m...mber of Mto*.wall.. Camp to _*; .

Tf mplemenl Price, tl.TOO. Apply" toM ,... Urge*I, oldest and most rellsble .rtaln the visiting .omrad** on tlsetats.
Roebuck has The lilts fnr the Florida'
premium '
accepted a po dale, and a which. will ..
K Baoknlgbt program .
thtoa MUanopy. Fla. dew pAuse. /In the Booth, and tbe fact that .
on the nrveyor' taff of the State Fair, which will be heW In Tarn.
b* remembered I* being 11M .
advertising' In Tb. Hou ; prepared, ,, '
; A.Isre.I.| A. It Harper and son, Alex pay them dst
and Golf In November hav beets reoaHved
railway exten* p. .. /i* estimated thai a Serge crowd will ..,
andcr. have returned! from North Caro byhe fact thelh.f
aNt left for his duties and Interested may have a
yesterdayMrs any person braneliib
present, representing ..
have been advertisers, every
ina, where they bars been regular thispaperforyear.
J f J:>hn Bennett and Mr. A. T. copy malted to them opon application on an ex *.,.1.. and every cession, of
.. A
< .
leaded..joara. Friend will... b* tied nusiwner f LevyFlroe.
0ii..latl 10 N A. Calllsoo, general eomml.slooer *
yesterday for Htale and the Veteran
Mieanopy ,
A Co l. here ar.
to learn that both have been<< greatly always a alisOed suesoister
... .
Mrs. Bennett will b of Alsehoa county, or Je s E.
r under the tielpallag a big time.
reproved pbycieally.W. R which' aecouat for tb_ largeMilrong
.h,.. of Dr Burls vice-president of the Florida .
Montgomery for few --
they retain. and tk-elacre ..
T. Chesnut. the *
merchant of
State Fair Association. *
flTMrs. ed ba.,..... they are oastntly gain ATTENTION, COMRADES.IUy1q .
, O B, BaIVy left yesterday" for The list I* a complete Ot .. and redndo was a business visitor to -'-
fag 1st this slice.
A'staaa, where last night she! attend4s will prove of Interect Jo those eon-...... Jalnesvill. yesterday Mr. Chut .arter. Hi.i.*wll Damp1I1K. 1w1..

,,- marriage of her cousin. MI.. ,plating making an exhibit at the great Brought ls a quantity nf .*.d rot to* to Upon tk_ o..a Iow ca' the third, year U. O. v.. tlal...,lll...t Via.. 4()s4.th ..

l-UCato, to Arthur Brown of Fort Fair. the Dtitton gin lie has b**.. buying of her advent data coca world little IK*. ,

t.;... Deputy Sheriff CrUman of Mieanopywa cot too this *.altOO. but declare the Mis. LooI.l the I.t.veslisg daogbler Your c..... dwe must be paid |h. foM

", W c. Johnson of Mteanopwee In the city ye te day. lie brought crop will b* about on.*lblrd abort. of )f,. sad Mr, Y. )I. Prwlt. *atr. to April 1st* Ife>7. Tbl ....n.** lfHM J

*''ii;*.:)r to thi* city yesterday. Hsntr Jim Legglns, the negro whom It will The friends of ti 1Crew*. .a well ..laed a number of her friend at la. at *****. Or taa.ll.. In the .''' .,'

tat. H* son, Willie,who was a*. be remembered wa. ant with a hatchet known awl promise .hl... of hague pose of her parent. Mast Galnvte. | | sll'wd*'e.
***."at'y" .hD' a fw a day ago. I* get. by Jim Field at Klrkwood ,......t"" who has ben III for **m. U..... will.. Wednesday afterasMM frwsn 4 f,t_.ftUMk heaavs nAY'. Cotlt..f. '

.::si ai; m g nicely. after he had shot at sad attempted tout o regret to leaf'. that hi. *of 4itlo. I* o=- Then w.r. Bft.en present, Jottm Q )' (J..w. A4uta*>..

"ae Fields' daughter In default of llttl Improveda4 that b. I. tlll.. as4 tfc.aftrw MHt wa |Nts** TluVlthcpupooa .
:1 'rxn has note ball h. was brought to ,... ..Ob'y .aB. .rlng a great deal. It I* hoped. siajM** ap.rc>f riat. to tb. ****.
> Jed .
o t xten trip to Ik
*,\-rh..,. .< Jail her, where he will be *omp.llrd bo.*vr. that there will so.n Ue a ...,n. Ilfrnsisent af Ic. erecsn asxteak /t+ I .st.s ,..ec'iANosGGjfls
.beJl'f' o'
a .....UI. ... .
change for U. better. wer.e.re.-4. .. *. t*
lie: to answer to the tread Jury upon I
s :
sntfy. F'I.ode..* glad add .11....4 .,
greatly by tb* little foil' ,
',* -C'1ft.. her bom again. tbarg of MoJt with a deadly AmoK Ih* many Ba. pointer dogsreceived ;
r.[ all. th. aftervMso ,
wa passed _**t
Mr aci Mrs. we.MD. Leggia tried the *ra.y I. tkl..ily rseefaN' Ntb.er. t 'JS u.r J U.t" J "
G. k
C. Strickland o f pleasastlycad, lb. Uttl dspatted .
Haste sad w set*'on the .o'h rflWe. but It.didn't Imaging. t. lr. J.1. Alderman. >K ..... ,- ....... ..,
A. ,
i Strteklaad .r.d wishing ll* |Mt... ..., ..*. "- ---
tCtleer declare fceto .l lb tits Doctor .... trawls
"s't') '. work, as the > pure ( a
-. + )II.. Maria, of Paradie*. perfectly ssaeMrs. Trent Georgia .....el Dr AI4erMita s>ee a. bapry a* In. ".1 lWeSeLeltlrr 1 fjdor> f riccsl .j
.toMIC': who .
O.J" d..i.t.RAMOf
! *.-.t- s visit" ,. .rd.,. Fens Wdn.sl.tlr. !)holy Ss: very food *f ....4... aaxt amlrf u .. I ( CABV TC8M: *"* ) ,

A =.r"osto.aMble ba d W. A MsOriff ef 3I..p yts tate. a big tint. .a .... field tics ..... '. OHOWNIC CALCHDAH.I I*ttttf'*>!** AM'tf.ua.s*(a}|ni f...+lQuluus.telsU .,
rtan .... .
rP the d., with. relative la tbs art assays wish k-U new a .1. .SlobI. -,, VI
Eut pent
l ** gprlag, Atk., where b* kas .f btib pedigre 000 .,.... Heed.eweeilay Caw r s. i ttl.Cscwlog }
! tty
} tk
t b41* *: having past n bHo.o.tb eoafSned la I and. Mr*_ Fred M.lakM1.n. emvtMt Il... IV. )t. lbl.hof ..... Fe. ... ..... Ge,.... oTh .,< f.r .,.. Y..r. (i...... 0eu frf.wtstawt A.4 ,..,.,... \ .

' enapoileds' ael"rc of the WMMC ....., anew a4aosoag taws 1&. /. It. .. Ct. or ., .,.. ,.
3 a rgieat a l. )I,*. K*abarft KMMaer.Mr **** * Hf*f '.r ,
tii opraliasi. I' *. l...... at Wade .......stal ......,..1 Its .......... -.. 107 I.*almost an .4M..*** with! It : P''O OR
*.-? rcw ek. for many y..r* a I leak. plaatertro she ,MWM t* tM* eif y y.t.r- ..It.***tll*. *... *.soot .f ave.' I at IfCMT. -.1 O"OAHS.t, -
: Loeky Polot bat wbol. .' W I Davis, a peegrw** ** .
at.:I a pia.a now ot>er sad *-.Brotta.eEVAHS a. hd.. ....nd. day Mr. KMeti ... t*** spar.t.d gel '.'.faala.. This C..t4., .ee. ....-.. ," -,-- '

lie k. .* at Ce*tr Hill, r..s .. by tb.Oe.stiy CM .4***.*.r*a. a ew-. .let* *f !..!*. /.... U.li !**.... it'7't ,"
m ye*,erd.,. after brief _. - ---- ---- .. .
.** tr a - - .os.M ... t a eal. .. sk. elka4lu lssdelasly ..feted to these.sleeeb.el .. ,'. ;\ t(
H* I*well pleased with..c.I far... 1/t.tIde -10 Y.I 10 b held .
'w. .. pep, Oe..ta.h..... ..... t. .1(
.. .1
I SEED CO I. Xcv.mt9H. sod .... t. slimed .aII 4s/a .. p$415l, se ... ....... peed
I C"'r. .. [tll.w .....*,. .f t*. A... epK1a1 ......... al ..... board. ,.. .......tk.Sa,ges, ....., holiday.. ass SMITH'S STUDIO

, 's"0 f.a.t ......wills b *d |..ne" I. ....... flee ,.....,.... I* ref hoaxes .f Ik. .*... ...tlNr

,I :'i", feeder.. ws. In tie 4tf y..t*, ftLI.tn. a nJUJ ...d Mr ... Mrs ......, M. Ce .ars* ............ ....... .f.)..y.. *Mr % f...' Open and Ready to 5akJ(

I 4.... ..... "NI aorssat. O. MAKOOf rYEII. bsra.d Jgas4ay ..... .H
t ..- -1 death.f 1ie $.... DP. W'R- ad ll..tow. Ma** saS $e. T.MyMe.ra ..** j4.*r .ef.l kaMe-4. .*> Tfct* New of

t ""*Aafacd. cia 1 tieaaheed f.taired .. ........ p1 y ftve*.fefl C.*.**.!*' eNaf y aefks I** Styles 4

,. D PUIh,. ... ri,......, .. p e : ....... Mr ..Ives ..v. eMssnawlfwi. Mg Sue cease. sod woll >e aa* t. l CM* r*.

ti -,:. -a thtr dry.aft., as ......... FwW CswsUJUsja. .3( ft4a f** t** kea*** Me Aaals 1. onus .f *.*.** dst*.* frn VIMHSI* FINE FADKLESSi'
t' .ra: 1(!I..ks. 1UIaata. where ... ...1 lwpived.... Ar1tsh ss 11 Itlto". c.- sari ... ..,. lp esboet Ike Idled.Me .... 35I'L 0.. 6............ T.*w. Asks

r. ,. beonfi .f hie ......... Lass. llded Cro.a (.......... RI.t.. were ..... .. ..grad/ '...degatl..t sad be .H |*H f** lr

S tsrC toe Jars liras .. Is**.***** Vat 1t1IIS$ 4atisseUL.ta ........;aed w .t *ee. he ......M. ..... w.... ..... .. wr flJ .... FOTOGRAFS.
::. e4 11.. rrtuud ..t ...a140.ase .. .............,.. .......-.sr" sr kt. ..... 111 I"kelt.
te AI.
.t ..n .star. ..ciao as ......... .*.*.+* ..*.... ,*. m T.y..* *.****. ... I tlwa'Mwsnsw. 0..6, e., I. E). 41hvM. . ,-, '.

w a i O..A.JI"X., 'TZLLJIi 4sMh. P.ev+st.. ,. ae4 c.:...... A Drwta f rq '1..vltt r.. .a At...w1ti

s :.'.., .-.' '.,, ,'. ,. ..
,, ,
," 0, '" ' ." I. .
.: 1:" .1\t\ '

Title: Gainesville daily sun
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 Material Information
Title: Gainesville daily sun
Uniform Title: Gainesville Daily Sun
Gainesville daily sun (Gainesville, Fla. 1903)
Alternate Title: Daily sun
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Creator: Gainesville daily sun
Publisher: H.H. McCreary
Place of Publication: Gainesville, Fla.
Gainesville Fla
Publication Date: October 11, 1906
Frequency: daily (except saturday)[-1938]
daily (except monday)[ former <1903>-]
normalized irregular
Subject: Newspapers -- Gainesville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Alachua County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Alachua -- Gainesville
Coordinates: 29.665245 x -82.336097 ( Place of Publication )
Additional Physical Form: Archived issues are available in digital format as part of the Library of Congress Chronicling America online collection.
Dates or Sequential Designation: -58th year (July 24, 1938).
General Note: Description based on: Vol. 20, no. 48 (Apr. 5, 1903).
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Bibliographic ID: UF00028298
Volume ID: VID00475
Source Institution: University of Florida
Holding Location: University of Florida
Rights Management: All rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
Resource Identifier: oclc - 32994415
alephbibnum - 002027051
lccn - sn 95026977
lccn - sn 95026977
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Preceded by: Daily sun (Gainesville, Fla.)
Succeeded by: Alachua County news (Gainesville, Fla. : 1934)
Succeeded by: Gainesville daily sun and the Alachua County news

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iiint l1il1tf nitu i

_. ... __ .. .. . __._ _. . .. .. ''', .___u___ __ .. __ _
''' ._
.. ___ _.. ___ -- .- --- v"L.XXIII _____


. .
---- --- ------ ... ---
) :':: ::: ter ,



".p r.t. Negro Fire Upon Pursuers Young. Woman Up a Desperate 1

MACHINISTS STRIKE 'In Decatur, Oa., Oct County: 10 Sheriff I'
atternon and a ..pOM.IOtJt his pose t tbturned E pluck of Miss Josephine Barge prevented r

to the city rom Climax a' a burly negro une- natcher t

Demand increase in Pay And snail town 9 mllew .ut. where they S"1itb Carolina Jury Convicts: fr&m gelling away with a large.Jsura Attorney J. E. Cooper

jive bunted Lem William, a negro z ". of money belonging to that yours r

Shorter Hours. ranted for the murder of his para- j Criminal Assailant.TESTIFIES lady. Miss Barge i.* visiting in Ma- PostponementTUESDAY
t "
oour. ] - -..- con from Tennllle and while here la t
The negro juhot the woman down taking In the sight of the big Macon
11th a WlarLestec And departed for j fair. While walking near the Union OCTOBE

he swamps. declaring that be would J f depot a negro darted from behind a

!:,.,.mancS W*. Mad a Long Tame .Ago, tot be taken alive. He returned ioJie ,. Nlpro" Went On Stand and Denied telegraph post and made a dive for Jesse and Milton
turpentine camp and terrorliqd the bag Miss Barge wa carrying and H.ve
but the Southern Wa Dilatory ,fn .the Crime-THere Wa a Large
" every negro on the place, wearing which contained her pulse and a. Respited by the Governor For

J, 'Making Answer, Finally Refusing eng ance: on any.;one who gave him rowd of Spectator? but: No Dem- large sum of money. nod of ]
., .. Thirty Days-Alt NoorNot
What Wa Asked iway. lie was later Seen by the A \stration. Instead of taking fright and' leaving
If rtiertft'a party and Ard three time the bag In the hands of the thief Go Befor, Commission

Atlanta, Oct. 10.-Am the result of (t Sheriff Patterson, one bullet pa s- t 1utnbia 8. C.. Oct.: '10.-At Ben- Dales liars heW fast to her propertyand .

;Dilatory tattler on the part! . of the rig within an liwjh of the otDcer .ssy\a\rUle: a negro. Richard Dsrjcan, at the *!ame time called for help. Atlanta. Oct. 10.- At the. r ,

". ttouUiern railway official, 200 raa- Jead. KP' aentenced to be banged on Oct. Frantically the negro wrenched and Attorney John It C p (.

-cblnUt. of Urn.loqal shops are out on After flrlnic the negro ran and ... f 1 for criminal aaeault. Judge Hue twisted the an effort to break the prison couimlss: ', wt'1 I

s .trtko, and fully 2.000'otber machinist ;aped .In the arkn(.*. He I* heavily I ebrt rushed the trial through taking the Young bag-in hold and he finally In semlon. baa poeipun. ; 1
x .* at various point. fa the south are armed and has greatly alarmed both t j obty half an hour for dinner. succeeded in tearing the bag loose oT the Rawllns case f :c:-.. c _

,.lo' out. the white and colors" resident of the Airs Patterson, heavily veiled, told leaving the strap handle In Miss day until Tuesday of .i i ;
Last AuRU tho machinists made 'Jllmax: nelghb rhoo4. ot the crime. Ba rue's haft week Colonel Coop r : i. :. L

demand for a 20 per cent IncreaseIn A relief posse will continue the After her two children had retired Again calling for help Miss Barge be unable to obtain a cf ;

wage and 10 hour a day. The ,,watch, and It 1* believed the negro a man called and tried to get her ran after the fleeing negro and alarmed and vubnilt Additional evl.lt'ucJ: x J
to the board
matter waa referred U) a committee will eventually be surrounded and o,t, She refused and be attempted by her cries( he dropped bin booty '-

of Motive Power StewArt Sheriff Patterson, who has been In r,ft in heir night clothe toward John \ .>, ways there' 1* no pro'' ::.

and General Manager Spencer the ,omce,20: year, regard this a* one of rAt' n, a negro near by. The tan MU Barge recovered her propertyand gcgro. Alt Moore be.eg .. ::;:.

latter a relative of ,President Spen ail most narrow eacatte, and 1* be- e\ttAht her on the way. She .recos- Is now.,recelrlng the congratulations ore the commission, . )u)
has been rtp4ted : r'r
der. Inc congratulated that the negro' bullets i .sifted her, assailant as Richard Dar of friends -on her pluck. A de f --
pusltlon of the cUn 'r 3 ;
Frequent delays were aaked for by failed In their desperate mission. fish. trborn she knew well. She and BCrlcJUon of her assailantha been -
,the oMtl..*.,but finally an ultimatum .I t\n children a.c..nm&d for help rurol.bfd'tbe "police and a general boy. Judge i c .: 1.
Mould be an unw >:,e I'i itabll _
'wa* Issued which slated In substance !"Memoir" Caused Row. ''bo children ran In the negro house alarm ha. bt-n sent out by head

' that the Southern had decide. to.rotus New York, Oct 10. -Dli>*tch.. to jtj she followed th'c.-m. a* mbn as quarters -h by bringing a cM rr

the dttitMind of the machinist. the Times from Merlin report, that a Itr"m.ndoua | ab8 could all screaming so that peoA >fore the ('ommh.S'In,

Then It wa that James O.ConIMUoCtt ) row has been caused by'' \\1' '" arty a mile beard them Standard Oil! On Trial. Jesse and Milton Haw .'

w Washington, 1>. C. president of the publication ,of the ")(tmolr." of .'eAuon and hh wife tox whose Findlay O.. Oct 10.-:-Tbe Standard whom were ten.teu 4 ten '.

"i the International association, ordered the late Chancellor Von llohenlohe hte they went said they were OH company of Ohio was put en Oft 2. lays; b.J r* Itfcovemor

the men out. Promptly at 11 o'clock which Include extract from his diary s'fsl rued by the scream. The chll-: trial here largrd with conspiracy for a period c 1

Monday mornlnir the. men working I lathe referring to the ttltferenc between d41 ran In and told them that a man agaInst trade in violation of the state their Bpplieatlon tor a
walked out and anti-trsat laws The penalty prescribed heir senjte .ce* may
Atlanta ahop the emperor and Prince DlMami-ck, hed tnanuuo. She came In a little '
they slate they will stay out unless which' resulted In the latter "ire. 1'.1._ excited and exhausted and told U a And of from $50 to $ .OOO. or .. ----:---- -

they receive' what they ask for meaL The emperor t legrapb Ht to t'hI'J that Richard Dargan had com- from fix to IS months' Imprisonment.John Fire Chiefs Convene.Dallas .-
This b the first strike mat the > l>. Rockefeller was originally a Tx. OCt I
Prince Von Hohenlobe *ha residedn Putted\' the crime. k lie got the- negro
, Houthern has had with its machinist nQb mla, censured! MM for "gross a4 |ta to jiennettsvtfp for her broths party to the suit, but was granted a fourth annual conc '
t 'lane 1901 :At that time they struck tactlasneas'.. but It Is declared here .!A Aparatetrial, the date of which will tomatlonal Aasoc.u: : : 11 l

for a :<& 'per cent ::1 Increase In wage. that the real culprit I S. Prince Alexander Afrs Patterson. ll-yearold daughter depend on the success of the atate In began here Tuesday h ;

and a 9-hour day. The 25 per 'cent the chancellor'. youngpst son. corroborated. her evidence. the present proe ',l1G... It U said, gates; are present A r
Increase wan granted, but the >ft-bour who form..ly.WI' a member of the tIeveral negroes HAW Dargan In that Mr. Rockefeller Will not be a witness come were made (In <. :
Jay was lost. reiehstntf and .UI1 hftld an offlclal stlgbborhrxai the night of the crime. and .will not attend the trial which In the- afternoon .. ' .

At present" the machinist' receive post and It U Mitt! the emperor'a lie was captured tn a swamp the will be before Judge Banker and a memory of the d a<:. :

'3 a day and apprentice net! from 75cwnra Itspieasuro will' be vl..tted heavily ov\t day. .. Jury- belli The remain t I:..:. C::
convention .
F' : to $1.25 a day. This 1*. they ipon him. Drgan went on the stand and de- the win i r.
Section Master Hurled From Car.
nlcal subjects to bo
state. considerably lower than the n\N\ the crime. There wa a large
Newberry. B. C. Oct. 10. -Air. William -
r Co prominent fire chief';
.i-arale paid tber machinist whose Wlv. e ** Interference.. cMetid of spectators, but no demon. A. 'Putts, section master of the derwrtter and nr' ';rlania. -: 1
hours are much abortedJuat Chicago, Oct. 10.-'A dispatch' from s\htiuaaeI.ty .
I Southern railway wa thrown from a Ga. and \Vtu- \. \ ;
what ffect the strike wilt hare
say R. Sa..c . 1
' of Municipal Improvement.lllrtnlngh rapidly moving band car and a* a result making bids for th , rl% |is IUM>oUje) to nay. The machinist :r. S3 year old his wife, who t* -
of sustained u In I
Ala Oct. Injuries now a
m 10. Tbeannual
*, *o far a* Atlanta" I* concerned the mother of his two malt children l I
r critical condition at his home. The Bares
lr.nth convention of the Little Mother" Fatar"7
are well.. prepared for a lone layout.. and another: woman to whom he was 1 i
Alhetlcan Society' of Municipal Int< .: injured man has not regained con.sclousnees Cincinnati O.. (A' ::
p ,** they have an ample fund but they married<< unlawfully, have been livingInr >I
VtAvrraent began here Tuesday with since the-accident<< a .fracture Rebuilt, aged: 1C e" .
't .BO not anticIv.bft)" will be out the name house *li c'' last )tar. the 1 1IflAt't't1I .
of the skull
and other serious
a 'bead attendance of municipal en- mother to four ouue
;sure thnn a few week lawful Mrs.
Base actinic a* servantIn
-"+ and official from I bruise rendering; him unconsclou burned by a ..' ::" 'r
every part fatally : -
Among the higher official of the the borne of which her rival U mls- 11 -
Southern In (the city the strike did tress darer wbo I* an Insurance solicitor of the United Ktate and Canada. lie also suffered a broken Ie*. The lion at her borne on It
VtiIKnx the morning netlng* of the : accident occurred about 2 mile north t this city. Tbe-re"5 t' e
tint .4H>ni to cause rant great amount and custodian of the building
tIYe and finance commlttece of Helena a era all town adjoining Buffering ; ,
.or Interest.The of \ Itc were to aid the> -
the University of \'laconstn, volun
men on strike were loath to tartly made this confession la court. bola and the convention proper open I Newbvrry. _______________ become literally a ) > '
,41scu the situation! save to aay that Cveryone concerned U content with N Ruly Tuesday afternoon being I I"W" Turkish Sultan Shot. I mother bad been de'i ' -

I hy .had<< only walked out after .waitIng this arrangement or their! domestic te0mnM by Alderman and LJeuten Paris, Oct. 10.A dispatch to O e I and the fjBsllr h" <

patiently for tho Southern to .c- affair, both women reacntln" It when -b\ Oovemor-elect Henry n. Oray. I Petit Partalenne from Constantinople I under ttte care of w'o ;
) wAo spoke for the a. ..<. I ;;
-cede- to demand which other road city President : leis than year .
, the court tn 4.rtflr* hind .1'1",...... They., felt they had been ordered. Charles Carroll Brown of IndUnApoll" recent illness of the sultan of Turkey i left tie hpase 0111> atrore >

bests badly treated by tb. official' tn rsK nd.d. During the afternooo re- wa that he wa hot In the abdomenby the aectdent
snore, way than one. Further than gaits will btt beard from the commit.
$100.000 rire Lose. a Kurdish woman who wa Jealous -
title general statement add the further Lee Angela CA!.. Oct. 10..Klre t'A vtt exalblta, on municipal data and of his latent' favorite In the harem Arrested For Rebbmo E-p c r.Cutwual. .

i one that walkout-would<< be attended which started mysteriously Monday, \AUstlc, on fire protection and on a beautiful Clrcamlaa girt. AccordIng ti. a C't .
I ., !
by nr disorder, they. would night. on the top floor of the chamber prot development A number of pa to the story the bullet was ,.- I Pattern miss* L.. r .J .f'' .
44'., not talk for publication. of commerce building on the rest pots w municipal q.....tk>n* will be traded by a German ph "etaD. the .4 here tie tb. e*,:> ?

? There la a. tnase of work on 'hand aide of Uroa"w aT. between First and Mt at the afternoon. and eveningwM.ioae. sultan going under the operation iCJ
at the shops at the prnt time, and e Moo M streets, caused a damage The cotiventloo wilt last I without taking chloroform and dis- la Raleigh. X C ti. -f;:
bow, this .work can be done present roughly !\At "1&7" ed here by the I' -
axtlmated at JlOo.ooo. M percent playing great nerve. :2. bi.
'gillie" a problem compmay. It.*
by "ater. The ntm.. bad
Old Tim Telegrapher cAn :%'
The fuituwlnjr bope are affected by great difficulty la fighting" the lanes Va......tOD. pet 10,-The twenty- Will Rehear Peonage C... rz.COO from Ra-Vigt* -4

ue strike. Aleiarxlrla. Va.i Mancheater. oo account of da*. .nx>k.e that filled \J.tb annual convention of the Old Cap Ulrant ... ).10,. Oct. 1O'-'I%. emcee from ::- alr ,
Va. Spencer: N. c.: Ashetile > the two too floor Otaee sad corn* 1'1---. Tlrraphr.> and historical acegklatloa pence.. care. recently tried here tine paper U .. r a '
X C. Columbia' 8. 0. : Chsi"i.ietttc. lwM4ajK room of the Herald' oa tae ; sad th* Society of the oat- which resulted la'Chart** M. Basil, teas

8, C. Atlanta. Macon' lllr ground floor wets ftc>>.S1I'4. Tbe typesetters I, tNt fUate Hillary telegraphers met and his son and five other being dente the ebarta.neilev. .

, lulaabaat, 9vlm.. Ala. ; (Ste.nvple, continued at vork la a bow. I I >nv' Tii *d&y. A lute ambr ofdytrtate. fined sad sentenced to tae t..a..... ..--....... wa ............

MU...i Kaoxvllta. Sheffield.Ala.. .. a..da "1'. t'ome Maehlaery' and a o slderable I. have arrived la the city worth penitentiary win be> reheard N.... Tort. Or.C I" T a A

'UDVUa... e. amouat of paper la the base- i t atAdaa bm Cbarte A. Tinker, who I la St. Loti.. The CIOU iuM4 for the .1. ,t damn, ... P?aSAllo i r. h a

-.l wereLife > 4.Q\....... -/w WD *f' of 'M Wrsr UabxaIttrlax defense Mocvday made appUeailoa tor who was fosaA dt.d b 1 -c=;..
Little' Child Kktnaped.K appeal la writ of lie r.. 4 "
error to United w'
1' .A&eo&J.a.,
1 'k.grsph coespay<< tae civil the 1105.4 ..
, itnlraies,. T... Oct. 10.-.8ua1.YI.eker. Werthl.se Mfl,*MM t a Servant ""k. Tae Alcmt are from all Suite eowrt of appeal at 81 LooU. t.M.c .r t ar per W'be. ..

) y..r* of *..>, the daughter New Tomb, Oct W-Worry over page ot the United State* aa4 CaA Tae apPflaI was granted and O e **v- .saM'....... a.f ... .....!.. .
of frv.lrttk: Ifeck-r. a> .*Jnottke* *r. the to** of a ..rraa* wbv a4 ln br I i -t" ea .1.f.ad..at* ..... been adnOtted to : tars k&au'a .1&'" e
,, I* betl...*.. to b* 1* ta. band of aidaaper alt. tnaay year of aervlc U b*. ball quest eeW Stan 'ut k'tenvtacrd
1 I .... Tb. taeoee
; *. Monday afternoon while Silo tle.'.... to aavo cauMrl XI i%. flarvac ,: -- .... me"H'' w'e ae
. .. Wt
Mrs J
Owle IIU
MM Use ,
; ** Jape.. Name.
z' ale aa ttff. t.
tie stoat a block. from. their home. t lined .herself.,. tabattac tthtatiftaOlaxgaa Uager the atrl I I I ljty, J. A. U..,.. left Cotetado I.... uCot1u.t1 refuse to alter aaAjBteffeaift the rnsr4..w be a Ma'srsw
'raE 'Pf'OAebe4 by a vaaawho while her a..n>a.d wm aMt'C.'ac;
ashe4 her to ao tar a walk t for a **ctrat to take the place oft tae Monday eight for. N.. York j .dy ealiM by the .1I.ft61n1d..t of .. railway walew. -
a Japae.ue easeto .
The cbtfct I
r.a4Nly.aeeompaat.d tae be 0.. wbo hail cwe. la a letter j jI 1 I . : -
; .I
.. tea r eas ttlaee ot hr caetkW ..... r ... reNa
.. ** ; Mr < t ii G v.nmaa: espeettag tint Q..1 re as i wktc" Mr Vn left 6 I
*+t arid: '. Or :
I Jvtpeeoa Davis.. widow oC tars prev kern Sl ( ...u... (
' of .sad, n.- tt- the *t>oodby: I am UiMhla4 awl mutt,* i alt at u. af4rrte ..; +,........ a'.d za
etatra threngn Marbehetrtt Ha
14 eoald &Iaa that,. the wees ate ... !': ar 107'-
. est
---- RSA treeteKivie s
'was the..... t 'I.
n'saew .
...._ I Wae .r Atet e. Pled teI C.t1.gw Nero Yte11". Levi ftt'glet.-, Whofe.l. Dear38ste Ceteeene. Pa "'Isst aaeyet'4 .'w
Maoist AlA, O It -Of ao.tt' ..w Tern Oct Ill -4aci rethrflAr5gc WaahtL&tDa. ,Oct 1* -W"hJik'w t tit ..err' .

tltvesstse. to C."iH.; i. Me of 'h r 1w4Xatrierai j : to this cwt atoa4sq was than 319 dvegal*, .im ar.endace. the a e-a.es ... a

*.. *w t e ,, t,' .. AtMrr a. ..sRC ,ft.-"trec-s c4 t.. ei !!*vaai fr*..*c JfY t a.p.u: : : t .U e 5 1'tI4 da tWtp 4 aasa.. nnvsa' ao eI tlrea2dnignesal ,' .tF'ti
"* '- ate 0 1-: .' a \tt "..* ' 'Wd .. -
pre-oe tee J1asa't.-aa asset ett"n << s,3 'ca 'f'lwr :at :xw. 'gd gWtwai :. J Dnmg-tns' sees.n"Jest 1'f" '
day c" s "tee ;t a an'1Ii.04 -e.. tow tan: t-<;&; 4TJ r"t'4. ot theM > caa'e-" ra 'N e w 'ttt. ..aa.;tt. ..": .....3 t '7M1 '::,- ate.3 +tr'Mr
.. .. .... ... ,..
. .. & .'at c't" e't Jl'a'irtsssa, .. "", ..... "'\a -:" -" ,. I'f: : -c. -r .

.. ..
'__ -.v.,,'L, ,. .' ." ., . . ,'J"' .-, ." . 'to ..' ".

*!+. :,;

? \ ",,,,', : /
PP pPW ,
r: '1I'.t I

', < Ci, "/

' ;. 4

-- : ttATNTCRVTT.T/R. TTT.nTJTTIA. OrTOBElt in. iftOfiIts .
-- -------- - .... .
--- ----- -- -- ---.. ..-.------.-._ -- ------ ----- ..-.--


M. H. McClamrbch" i His Bn Appointed -
GOUNTUONDENSED Trainmaster on -I & B..W.Owtag .

',f -- to thffjincreased amount of

of General Itltb $t Oath.ccCL 1MtakI. O\'fOr t. Atlantic Coast Lief'
.It has become rtiev..saty\ to appoint another
I revolt that
Wt:, will sell SCHOOL, the efficient c||.f dispatcher of the ffl4MOAT00AVffW., '.

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,* Told In Short Paragrapha FAUTHRR WITH Us. r sonvllle and 8o \bu"e'b11.1.100 of S S __
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ll III The Sun. rywX: !.P Union Primsr . . . . . l&a i operators or dispatcher in the
'4 .... for .Ie at thia office. Swioton's Rerr Word Primer . . . . . ,153ed's employ of that/ Atlantic Coast Line \
.ro.IIOD't Wear* LonB er;Dt.Joe.Wi. Lessons .* ,26e-. will succeed MeOlamroeh as chief C. Nocwine, of Flat River In tho lead mine district

..'calling cardalnjateet. styles Webster':. Handy mCTlON'AKIES.1&9 di spatcher.Trisinrncrter. ..Fred... 'H. Ford will continue of Missouri, HM cent us this photo'of a pair ol Diamond ''

jjia officeBrrsd ", Webster's Webster's Primary .6Oa In his position: trainmaster ofthl Brand shoes worn ,10 month, underground where ;'

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lor Rent-One six-room hoate near GEOGRAPHIES Well Known Young' Man Passed Away Ai a1 ,
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tt prices call at The Sun omee. !tedw.,.'. Natural Advanced Oeogra- Tuesday of the death of John IS* I>o*, WE.NAKE MOIL! FINE. tsOZ. .s 7WAMVi1 Y

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yn Micanopywith
'' tttbeday relative Jn this Physical . . .$1.30 at & o'clock on Tuesday morning' of a z't
MATHEMATICSMilne's complication of .
jTtierday. Element of Arithmetic. .800 from rheumatism. resulting .--,_._ ".-.- -_._-- -_._- --_._._- --- _- -._.____...___ _ __.. ,-u. ,__, ,f,
;Mr. and )f". Fred Reinhardt are on Mlloe's Standard Arithmetic . : .:65e Deceased was n native of TUESDAY'S ELICTION.Advocate .
iris to )(r.. Reinhardt' mother Robinson's New Elementary Alge I Kdgeflcld., THE .
9. 0., and was ihtttyolasyern of CONTINENTAL
. ag*
bra. . ,
Jamie, at Wade. $1.10 : for Amendment of Oily
>Milne' High School Algebra .$1.0O H* was wall known In this section' of I
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nearly, new, cheap I. A. Mal* GRAMMARS aomstlma. II* I I. survived by a The mnnclpal elrotioik of Tuesday
.km, 116 West Union street. Metcalf. Klementary Grammar . .4Os wife and two cbUdf'en. four brother, wht
,>cbe n the bees are In the hive and M etcalf'. English Grammar ..:Oft Wm. E. Dow of this alty.J. II. Dow of voting ins ..r avalnst' the amendment

imotqottoes are,around,.com to the PIIYSIOIXMJIES Atlanta< Ga Clayton P Dow of Moot* of 8otion 10 to the city flhu'.., prod (aTU
>tree Hoot*, the best lo town. JOAONUt'A "How W* Live" . . ..40a gomery and I>*"" Dow of Tampa vt Hng for the abolition. nf the pub ; E.
.,.. I I. your last chanceto HISTORIESFitlds i and Meadame* R, L. Clark of Floral' ll.r.ton of tli* shy ordinances* was Having seffured ,lln servic..a of

"I.ODAY pay your water Grammar Bchool . tt.OO City and R. L. Whltten of Gslger.Th carried' In fv,., nr the amendment by two .apttrlft..d restaurant and ;

,t, T B, Ellis,Tax Collector.T .- Oolb,'. General History ", .91.M funeral will b* b.ld lo Mont a vole. of 102 tfl 64Th hotel. prople ... arc In ,a"pnsltlun
this election' wa a quiet' one there
gomery afternoon The ,
Yn. W sympathyof
; Pitt will
open her class!s WRITING BOOKS now to Rtee'lnu "rtla' '* id to
n host of friend being apparently! little" Interest man-!- '' f o<><
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tel.tives, w. T.neh P. X. Miller, II.Plnkoson you of "It, Htay-at. ..
.u. >your stationery printed at The -- '
and A. J. DaOotta acted asInspectors. taken th.,brat
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,iR I. Davis, a progressive planter coors* . . . 'ba from th. result of Injuries received. In
Western Mralr. .
ud tracker of 'b. Ratlcdg district, ------ ---- -- _.-----, -- a football gam In ,*a.nol.o'. waarreelved This Important Function Ha* Osen ;,
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will open Kindergarten The S. ThMias G baseball and football elements wa* bnflt of the public library* hsspostpuned b#ea House
at rolntry building Monday, Oct. 8. .. well known and! popular here,, having in a U.t. |o b* announced'
!ems on application. Ualae-'llle. Hrl"*. bean connected with East FloridaSeminary .lateri but 'hi. Barr not m.ttr, v lh*
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never disappoint-Blue Ribbon Manae:.r
bean and Vanilla. Cart Balrd of Kanapaba. on. of director. H. 'was also connected with and the ...r.tof II* aomposition and

lrt.IHO a. far and the Abeoluely"Bin Ribbon pure, the ffltlant foremen in the employ of the Oak Hall btsebtll team for two mtauteetate will' be aon she .less BOA W..t Crane JMr! ..tiCosxmertlal '
Fists T. J. Swearlngen. naval stores, la lathe ....oa., when tb. Oak Ilalla enjoyed prised by sash: of mir IsdUs. a* shall be >
'/,+N. is perfection. Ask for the 2&9 city.Hon. the reputation of being lh* cream ofam..or 'fortnnat .no..... ,frO.,l It later 0.If......u...., f'......

John O. tm of th* Dial*. Watch for the date, sad wait. for a
fc-orjte EMI of the Florida Fertiliser Damplrr of plans --- -- --- p i... o' the ..ke. for 'It will.. b* worth .. rate II a stare sp".'taf,
chairman of the Hoard ..
JNtssrsftaring Company left y.st'1'. of County Com Valuable Farm Sold. a Jot of wslSfng. rat a toy tN_.w.<.k. 1at.t."c.pu.lih ."
mlstloocra, was In the city' yesterday the| best thi market" affurds. I'
.1'1 ff.r an extended _____ otrun*
vltlt to points' I In E. M. IWvlllr. > Y
a progressive young ar npnblle .oll.f',",.
.. for the purpose attending the .p..i al'
*'h. Florida In Th* Interest of his meeting of the board planter of *lh. l Lrili.vllle" | section, has Mia Well. M..laea. ,.. .- ....... -- ., -" .... ... .". "._. _.
Ira.w G..s through A. O 8t*.aborgertll a 1.0'.1. of th e tnarrlsgof Ml.
i I will' boy from or ..1110' e. Miss !ebeeu'sxSwa
you yo
U Parker and children of New f tract of too are of farm land Pt Wells nf Worthington Hprlng. and
l tint at private sale or anetlon any Lou.*. ,.,. ......__.. .,...
\ acre In the city yestrrday. boot fir* mite* uses of tb* f U,. Dc J. PlttT. nlla<>rtof Lai. Duller' ., >
: !Tait.hr Mr. Parker, who I* a v/al_ hold or kitchen furniture_ or anythinget Ibis leade rgant4 .* among the which H""r4 r**.ntly, Ka. been r**

,. *H hind of Tb. Son, called and re* of..haerate you... sto with.k, todl rent po sad. of.ssl.*The of sal real* most ftrtl"). in abe ounty, prvdasiog ..lv* l >y frlsMl. beta, nil nf whom loarding-Bay: School]
,Ne.4 hie .0b.elpt1 bandaal .mp., Atreat eighty set.* ..tend teat wish. .*. Mk* WU| .
a specialty. P. M. Oliver. w* .....: . .... .. .._... -. ,, ,
,i i -t-Pointer pup, while and llvr err stared, but the new owner pro, ..H known sad pofwlar .* n young I .;;:-.": :;l'r'I',
fit. about flv : W. T. Cbetoot the merchant of Ar pctMe In a short tint* to clear aaxl.f cues l Isdy, and on many oattoa. hoe bees -
month old with YY
'Wseii leather ..mad.> collar., Anrs rrdoodo. was a b lass visitor toOslnvlll tb. maladr the ....t,*| social flsrur* amoea tk* I lkrl'. ,West. klsfn...!' ..... .f!. '1 ?
-* ,...urd.,.. Mr. Ch*.not Friends of)|r. n.vlll are ea>. at .
, to gratalsl > loess loel Wortblagt Mptlag .
acme of Jo**. Return to 3. i fiAtltlt : lt.f f'T ITI
It '._1., a.d reeelv reward. b'oocht la a qtiaatlty of seed rot tin to (... big' upon tree Irenhsr.. hotel' fu.*lt 0... f f :! &!!. # .v

t W tb* Dot ton gl''D. Hs bee been btiflagcotton --_. Ilr. Tti_ ..*. Is a >ro nla>t aadtaxing 1 1ea.e.e.lal '
Jaek.nn' representing tiser h* this season, tat declare ll Mr rod Mr*. Larry M. Colsoa, r** ,tiyt<..la. nf taw. I Tl Ttiltly.thlril Year 't"' e ....-
I1t p.etet Machine Company Inre crop will b* about oo..third snort.Th t..rn.4 ystr4ay trove (*r*.. Harbor Hatter, east I* dll....4 to b* am* on* *t*.b.r 17. 1909. "
rspsclty of local' manceer, has .*4 no.,.., .,..... cad few York of /bN I.,., .. ... ,. ,
tram friends of 'fi. L. Crews, a wry I. ** Mt *.***srI In hi.*j.."'.*._ -
exteodrd buslnee. trip' City after an ...** of ..vralwks. .Ilrsdford ,
toCVtfar Key sad other point k.own.1I4 prominent eltls.a of flat Mr. Colsott was *MMHn l4| t.. ..tiwarty.._ ,,. HouseIt
I..",, W D.tthara left yesterday. f r ar who has bHft let for some time, wll co Keith for tk. b..*dt of bU basis)*, A Mlcanaw -- Pearce .
Q" s. (tear .It.r. B. will tars. ,..,*, to inns that .... eoo4lUoe M and fris&d tbreelhart the gusset will i MarrUg ar'
eater r
"'.,1.. i IItsl.larprar.d. and tlktt k. is .inotferlag bgl4 facts ...'M....... ,........... afa&.U ,*..*
Da u fiat W I.
>ul Collrr.. !!. eipeets greatly l awaavt (;.esreppiwfa.l..
kNeeeie, (it JacksoavllU a few days r I a treat deal. It I. hap. s pawed. still so**) b* natl4 to r*. day. .f tk* s.*rHs..* .f Henry fllntn". f I .41)u.Swrttrta1'tatM.........
We that there will so.n be a .ftk.. .ity to Ml'** Ksl Mat.. ,
however qp
a pree.dlalt I r.... .c.** *..lv* nsta(.r4atl.I"e r"
10 hi. .tedl.s.kn .
A R Harper .: bang* far the betterx w..i.k. .stai frean Tl.c eovalyt.r (.-, .......t.,<4< stn. J. O, Mtn.r.. wMaeltt .. Thoroughly', It.a.,.'.*aad. u..f'Ir "

*.<.r. k..v. sad eon. Al. R...torA g. Maaa+ >.l 4... . st. 8oMU. VI rMa, srr 4 as she ..... .fX Ib.. bride'to r Iii ass.ent.nl"
a, *s. returned from North Cam* aa4 P J &".... of X.w York, a largeto ,- ..,,-- .olk.r I. Kie.aopyr. Te.ed.sye Th "' '
......, r thy have be+ai on a* .s. kBUer.. of t... Ol...vni* .acS Wcetmd-All*.aaed HMr.asaav tiue d W .rrsnsay ww.. ..,,0..... by parr 1:;. I$1 to SIH
oJ erc. ?Friend will be 61 lhsv A. patty the M.iheeli"1.heu.h. p. Rsy MH4s. 2Ia
. f pwieltia.is band Com 4
t.trt cloys railroad. rt r *4 yesterday; ra /trite k. .
t.oed that boUt b*.n grratlyD4l 1 a IOta 01 ,.....iM. .f u o .WH.-t At*.aa .'ass ,... b e$. N N ppvlrr. 1M. lady .f grapes IU....I M 1M Week N Meats

pbikallr.Si .f that ,..t a.nth. !,.... laird.14 ,)/....., ...... the praerr If wee. -
ry Willisns hs .. ..rM4 heewe and opaler, ..,.,.. I "
fs. They are wait aJ-4 risk tMt p... II. k tipt as.. I P.. T. fHJTHWf0> '
55 Cedar Key, whr a* .a. b ,.... .. Mt.R .54. .y.d. .. a ......... Its ,,-, stank .t rf>. M+tMtttprlEb
t"nc 4 far .....".. In dx4g bfi: "" w FOR BAR6AINS U.Cermlot. : A ......, '- ,..,r .
;-"s w..,.. lie Maw Not yet i 0a* Aaa*C tree ***.* *.*' tltat.**' 4... <14. to.- t I II I

G***:- aa>4 will return In a *o.pJ. of r.rierd I. 'h .15 1 ,,...+ ........ AI Maria... I :aOil5TLXN'Q'i
.*.'. *-his 4.UN t b.k.Atst to D,. J. 11. ,aN...ass. I IN ,
\ r*. ... i "
U .
1..1a iNu....r parsbs.eJ tKati raw a 1 twrely i' .w that or 1t .. Aleatasr It........ iS .......... ,
- .-- .. J .*4.,. she Itch' al Of.. ...... .
- --- t (ISMetta kssatl Ara AM...... 41' ..,. .W'A.1 .tJM ........
a. t** .,....... I. .... r
-I afwrasawt
h. ,.r) f4 .* ..*s la<. sad ae t/ei Real! Estate .
or rarv 4kM ....... I
Miss ... .1 wtll sell to t
lIera 11,1. pasty a t.lc If.* .. tit. Mod ta* .1'I.1tac IIIYEI'HWLIJII
i ...... with ... a". aelewl..MM .... h gaee4 . J... tor.Babb, tAo t..If wlaprrgtf .

.r LIAb r-SI."' .1 Business. Chances. 0.. rr..Matt.....". .. 7tbtrb ktsAusrY1 ALLEY
Ma., W M' ......, tfaaa '*. .. ( .Mo-as
baew. ass taNrN daoM. ...d... ....., sad sac.frlr...r /fa.. z..t c.' ... .c....,.. ,
lalil&' .f ...aa..a w Span _n_.
h.MiI' ..... .r ... .*........ .....
eymeestat .. ". I See (taeY.rf.. Mo' ra..... ........., peso ,tw> ,*.r n <..wi. K-*.... f
,aNrfacy assess the ..siMrs w tin air yesdsy mwm| .'- 0a he4 bts.t hoe..Ise l.; 4l........tt..ty*..... ,
Jir L+../Ata4. ibs.rtt alty.taat ..... dry )0..."..eq rf....... t. w.....ei. tMratfe .. ,
Iris.ut'Bi ...c.J c......ss......" tit a M\- tra4A.4 .wsspM.a. L Q. "la.+rtr, ...I., WI4004v1eys east Yc.....,..

....::. .1I..C1M . 545 .tAe. eiat .,.... I NAiM LW .,ABASH 0-.,...." f.....'tM. 1rltss l_ prs l',4tu..teley asceothe.. P.......guaeateod0...... ....... '.pot e'
'.'.M it.c.; J... t<: .. t.:4 feted end .."....... ms fir e..ltratr. W'tnsttt I:tt.tiettytti
H' .-9ttwy .. R: atsred: stye ? W+f .asp bewttrpt belle esafa.
:: $ r"s' 419e tr ..t fH 14.* U Iv'rtp
I 1C WUNW. It p.syWz; 0.. frSR ... p'1 Jt Ides .t,
fury u.
1 1 arT br:'.at r d't edt He Has rto 4 wIClt "
yea. Thrru IJf1Iff"
. --p btf ''''- ), r.fci !',E"lt: O4L...."'...* 'r' AAdt'", 'I"U!. I C. K..JiLlt ....yt >............ s


j... ..... H.J5b. ,.., ,.. I ..
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: >''.}. "." \ ,,',''


..... ,, _._ _..__. .
.. ---- -- -------
-- --
:::== .::::::;::: ::: ---- "-----. -----.... ---. ,
---- : -
---- -- ----- --- -- --- ::=::=::::::=:=:; -----


If. wa..e Cate Or..rD..llr :v..._ l'sJust. -
GAINESVILLE Trouble and Meter Suspect It .... In E TPt.

How to Kind Oat. Tbo environs of Feltitelum. In lowerKStcypt.
---- Fill a1 t.tlcorco.nmong1wawithyout : la age pat rood foremost
water rand let it Ktattd entfotir liourw ; amour sunny handy where the culture) CASTO
fruit GrowerS' Ice Company Will. a ir>hmenl <.r ictt of indigo and tac tuanufm-turo of.fabrlii -

Pat Up BIg Plant Here. y rr::;:.-. :; UJlhl'It'n.'1.1 vi,:Ii 1,"',.ll..HIII>toiitutioii .* llvd w:i:i 1 Il were the p:'lu '!pal liidUctrieM I-- .

"I ol the kultKjft. In the mitlOk aJ,"'.*M. \,hen the .- For Infants
'k ; if it .fttain! CrtHMulem lauded on the roast of ani '1 1t
your linen it istxtdenre Egypt and eutn>U. 1'ebUuai. where

of kidney fort Said i. now touted I they purchased I The Kind Yc I
>modious Quarter Have Been Secured trouble ; too ( ciuanlltl-i of tbe blue material' t .

in South Gainesville:, Acces frequent decire which they cast o>'ur. their panoply of
to pin it orpeJu =
war. Afterward the tonal -- ---
Ibla to AH R.allroad.-Work on New "'r" in this buck i* MIUM mu Always
;. also convitu ing proof that the kidney bras made lu Franco' and became the AVefielablePrcparaUouror
Plant Will Begin at One. and bladder are out of order. fabric of which tbe working garmentor similating ibeToodandRedula-

Gainesville' What To Do. tbe mnle Ile".an11.;; made and 1to the Stomachs tf
advantageous position ting t ODU
There in comfort in the knowlolge *o .thu day. the
\k a distributing point, and her many often expressed that Dr. Kilmer' Tbo the
name locality was given
natural attractions. Rood water, eto Swauip-Koot, the great kidney remedy the fabric
(will undoubtedly. make her a manufacturing fulfill every wish in curing rheumatism, suit thta wan retained by ____._._. Signature
pain in the back, kidney, lirer, bladder the French production but contractedto
"h,. Among other enter and every part of the urinary pa nragc. IVlouwe, which later on was changed Promotes Diestion.Cheertul--
Pprlse. tr be inaugurated' In the near It correct inability to hold water to blouse (pronounced bluze The Hess and Rest.ContaIns neither
',future* it the building of a mammoth and in pawning it, or bad smock worn by English male peasant OpiumtMorpbiAe nor.JinltaL of
t.fee plant by the Fruit Grower lee effect use of liquor, wine or la a similar garment and though It Is NOT NARCOTIC.A.tie : .

4 Company, headed by W. It. Thomas, beer and of overcome being compelled that unpleasant to go often necessity not written In history that the blouse ...

president ) 0 A. Oolclough, vlce-presl- during the day and to get up many crotMwd the channel soon after Its
,t:1U b SN1L'aPJJL79zRv..sde..crr.
;dent; !), F Hampton, secretary and time during} the night. The mild and entry into France, It would seem
::11 treasurer, and capitalized ,at fifty the extraordinary effect' of Swamp-Root probable from the fact that In other :-l-
i* noon realized. It stand the highestfor times the smock was now and then / -
c Thousand dollars ita wonderful cures of the moet distressing called a "blowae." .
A site ha been .cure,1 from the A. ' cawe If you need a medicine
This fair ladje la tbe origin of tbe l, a;. j.r._
O. In on West Main street, south of )'OU should have the hClit. Sold by drug garment of our warme** affection to "*- -
the Seaboard tracks gu ts in fifty-cent and.oiic-dolUr sizes.
with a frontageof
which we hate loyally clung for
bottle and
You may have a sample Ithook
600 feet on the Seaboard Air Line that tell all In spite of many ruthless detractorsand CAptsfect
; and Gainesville and Golf tracks, and aboutitlrothsentfree .::: will continue to do BO notwithstanding Remedy for Cons Upft-

BOO feet frontage on the track of b%. malt. AitdreMDrkilnicr Iill4.. ,, ftl", ', ; the fact that, whether called tion.Sour Stomadh.Diarrhoca.
the Atlantie Coast LIne railway, thus & Co., lUng ,-' bluze" or "..Iow.e-.** It. Is not of arlstoCQntlc \Yonns jCortvulsions.Feverishocss -
canton: N. Y. When -.,*....f...n-c. lineage. and LOSS OF SLEEK For
Kiting' the
new \ ample track
writing mention this paper and don't
room for hifnd: ling an Immense amount make any tnintaVjr. but remember then Mat ?" m signsture of
business, and aeees to the tracks of a II"'. Dr. Kilmer's Swamp-Root, and toe..
.U)> the railroad entering Gainesville. tir fl tbe siege of Troy In the ninth century
The factory, which 1. to be built 1m before our era. for. both In that tutor

mediately, is to be equipped with a Will Coin Mexican Half Dollar tunate city and nt Mycenae. Dr. Schliemnnn -

thlrtyton' absorption machine of the San Francisco Oct. 10.-Telegraph.Ic discovered objects of gold silver

1. latest.Improved design' and labor-suv- advice were :Monday received at and bronze which could have had no

inn devices, Including automatic air, the United S hates mint here ordering other use. than that of buttons. In

and.steam equipment for handling Ice preparations made for the coinage of mediaeval times the clothing of the EXACT COPY OF WRAPPCS,

between storage room end ears, enabling %.GOOooo; Mexican halt dollars, which common fieople was generally tautened ees.......v.__..*.?. ..
the company to Ice five or more re. the Mexican: government has arranged ; withoo4leu jK'jn' of the type and form
f with the United State to have of those resorted to In wuwjrgencle .
rlgerator.. oats" within the tame limn
put out within the next six months by the country boy or the prvent day.
that'ls now required to Ice one ear by
The coinage will begin a* noon .. the Buttons covered) with cloth were prohibited ---
the old method and at less expense bullion arrive, which 'will probablybe by George I. In 1720 to encourage
Borne Idea of the value of this equip within 'two or thrlo W.f'JUI. the manufacture of metal button.
ment C"n be gained by the statement

tiy an ofllcer of the company that a Storm Sufferers Provided For. noth AIINh IT IS; PEtE :
olid carload' of l lee can b.. loaded for The wife In the middle! of the night
Washington, Oct. 10.1Cro...
shipment at a cost of not nt'e,on" dollar was awakened by tbo loud snores" of
for handling. I The main .storage' hc dqtiart" rn received a dllpat.cb'l'u'4.&J. her husband. Hbo endured tbe horrible We Have Made a New Departure in Our
from Captain U. A, Clck-
racket a* long a* she could.
sa rooms of the plant will have a capacity nell commanding the naval station Then The Increasing demand for our \Vhl'lrl"Vln...*. Lq* :
pinching the she said
}f of 2.000 ton. man sharply : through the irate has been liB great that we have d..aid'l1' <
at 1'C"n.Reot.. in which he stated that
"U r ert. you'd make less noire If
to ho.lne.The
Y w4 While this company will endeavor to inn army and nary In PeUltcol'a h.veru..ldecl you kept. your mouth shut.** lion will b., taken lo filling the orders our and all goods will Rreaie I
eeorn 'Its share of the retail trade of. for the want* of the storm I HerlM-rt. sleepy and surly* muttered: tonal
the city of O,'lne.vlle| Its plant will b* sufferers living' about the navy-yard "So would you. guarantee.DROP
built and equipped especially for the and that no relief from the Red<< Cross ,
handling of lc... In ..large quantities. at will be required FAULTY DIGESTION And we will mall you free our handsome c>ro.p ctus whial: Is
lustrateit with pictures. of the Ihl.hllOlf, Ortlc., the U)tt ,;:: I Imeitt.
wholesale, and It has secured -- I'i
excep StoreKooio: *, Siftble, .'0.. which fully demonstr4te. t
tionallylow freight& rates for shipments Cleveland Returns to Princeton. Quickly Shatter the Narvoua Systemand lies for handling our enormous, business.V.. will gladly ." -. <
In carload iota to'Si. 1-"burlt.I"un'* New York Oct. 10.-Ex-l.re.ldentCleveland Should Be Given Atten Price Lit In which we offer some exceptionally low pikes. 'J'

(-inla i( Crystal' H'ver, Donnellon. San. I who baa been living on tion At Once.If goods. Address all communication to Department "C '

ford Kiistls lila farm near Taruuorth. N 11.
l and Newherry on the At returned the sufferer with week nerves only

lantloCoast Line railway, Cedey Key to' I'rlncvton with hla family realised that faulty digestion' was Joseph Zapf & Co.

and other gnlnts on 'h- Seaboard AirLine TuMKtay During the summer b. baa the chief cause. of nerve exhaustion, a
led a wry active life superintending
Gainesville railway and, and Gulf Mieanopy railway on Th.aoanS'.nJ the. toe removal of old and the erectionof core would would. be much .easier for he 610 to 640 West Bay St. Jacksonville, :

z also new building on his farm Jill then strengthen the digestive*
anticipates bosl
a large
health la excellent: organs with Ml-o na stomach tablets
ness from the refrigerator ear com A few days' use of these tablet will

x'* panles during the vegetable seasons. ton and strengthen the dlvecllve system 1 AT/l.F3LZHIID 10 Og.
The Sun welcomes this Julius Caesar
enterprise toGainesvilleand
so that it' will .b.orb.U the elements
.wl. '.he* |h suoee. ..: Was a roan of nerve, but eiekn. of nerve force from the dally & (
-- mark
-- left Its and he became
aged be food, and the nerve will be strengthened .
Famous Tragedienne Daad. fore his t'me.' Hicknees is often caused
sleeplessn will be overcomeweakness ,
Rome Oct. 10.Ad..t.lda niatorl, by a torpid liver. Heroine will regu ----DEALERS IN- -
"ihc tragedienne died will|| vanish and the various

; L. __ _._ ___-.. __-_.._ ,_... _, late Mrs your Carrie liver Austin and give llollon." yon Kansas health., function and regular.If of the .body, will become natural Sea 13r l..d l

writes "1 eobslder derbies the best you have specks before the eyes.Me .

medicine 1 ever heard of. I am never sleepless' have Sea Island Cotton Twine
nervous twltchings.neadaches Seed. Bagging and)
OUR _without it. Sold by W M. Johnson.
'-- --.- and backaches. If there Isntvsea Leather in Strips or Sides.
or distress after eating If the
: Missing Boy Found.
hew York Oct. 10.-Willie LbarabAra. appetite poor and there I* general Manufacturers of the James Boip Improved l |
, debility and weakness, begin the n,*
RUG bud been. the mining 4-year. \old from Italian his borne boy. who for of Mlo na at one, and y ou will soon Sea Island Cotton Gin and Supplier for fc

tnor than two weeks and who was notice a marked Improvement 1 In GAlNESVELLiE. .

: b Ilev. restore to Ma the whole-dle. *>lve system restore
Department parent *lay The
little fellow was found<< wandering the vital force and nerve energy, and G. S. MERCHANT'

Is More Up..lo-I>ate Than abou the streets at the Itmokbn sod Impart ambition strength and good
Ever Uefor of the Itrooklyn bride lat Haturday spirits 10 the dlseoarsged, rundowa Retailers and Jobber ta

meat Mod taken; to the room of thet'hilJrrtja and weak.YA .

r: RUGS, SQUARES, MAT. aoclety. He was lentl> I ran no risk whatever In .buying
fled M'-o-na, for J. XV "'eC Chum % Co. Staple Fancy
give aa absolute guarantee with every
Cashier Sentenced
and all Blade of Floor Coverings.ALL to Pen.Nasbvllle. tO-e.et box that the money will bf refunded
Teno., Oct. 10.-AllenlarMsr rife iarrfen SaM aid Fariiliztrs.
slits and pv..... defaulting cashier' ot ua.... )II-o-n.. does all that I* ,
a natluaal .!
claimed foi It SOUTH siDit aqaABK. o..cn; n
see t a t
our line before you buy hank at Tullahoma. Teen was
elsewhere a.ot<*
t federal court fer.. Judge CUrk .

then su.p days to rive rv .r" oppM1..U., I' aid Bv.. W* handle only the '-F1oGl'p EtT good tSc
Bid Covering to al'P44 l to the prv.44)t for a par SR'? PKICTW. a.ad.I'tUI'** aatlafaetiosi alwar

r Run. > CO. ,-----.-- -- i

of all >. ri S:abor f Parlor Oar.
a |>tlon*- Hoe Steele IMUSOO Free City.fUlem ---- --- WILLIAM
Tk. Seaboard Air Line operate b.fft .
LACK CURTAIN sad 11)11TIKIIK4 alajuS4 Oct. I* -J*me. Fr1itee. .
FULL. LJNG OPPOOPS parlor ear *.*.*.. Waldo and
lursnerty rftjr tr*** rvr of Newbur -
Tampa ass train leavluc Waldo that
*. pl..64 x..IHy to clamp.of Haw ,... eova..te with the morning traiei from
J it.. oar Use of 1J"'*|*, ..-tb*> ewsb.sat.tu.ot es( Isc..tOl to reads of o..U,..

t most complete sad .p.tt lin. ever shown la the ..ty U ant J&.aIl5&f'J' .AGJCII'T'a roll

*oavxETt''? '1'\.II..ron: nRnkri HOUSE
Oloodresalts P.Iso.leg Electrical ;
I ... 1605Oalnevin F1.'C1I.:

: AINESV1LLEFURNITURE from vhreftte von.tl|<.tloav.bt trN.It..r! .......alhlew BARBER SHOP
e .h i* ttlekly eared. by Or KM<*. i

: New u..U... They wet v/. all at ..,......... a. as wess.ve asGSM I LLUilt:! er.*. ....... IL
.p.eelwe terate outer tsoe elttrsa tad .... ac..a as.a s+i.naa, sei.gr I 91'r
in'aMt. new life a" .'c.r. ex e. *..r .......uw aeseetas MI t T a.beer .- ;: atatc ee.....+s .... prrNpC&t01f
e' !asst.. Baasta. tl.a4SCPe 4II.\e...ses" r -" .. ---. _..__ '1 I _.k, ...III......>.C.1. taaase's.nttd.
COMPANY. . ttO.. wltl3o( t ptnrregt pP 4........ j ,*! ar..war: .arctrrle es -
Florida. ,tom...
:bt trasraat Ord a Y a.dr g.r'a } "
!I'I. t"' C
.. 113 .
Y 1 -- "" _..

k' V .--'-' --...'-,-.......-.....'..... ", ...... '.- .V -....Y UI.b'w1eY.f....+.. at:+'w. (. _;4'.Fydc'. I6v vRr

fi'lAV, vv
( l

r THE DAILY StN: +GAt3ESV! kLE, FLORIDA, OCTOBER 11,. =1906 I.': '

_-_ ---- .. ,. ., .. -. -...---. .... .._-..--... .. ....- ..-. .-"'-".-.. .

STIONS FOR 'I'1ae 0"1.GIANT MAGNETS.on&lltles, M...... '1 t

BUILDING I -d. AVI ill ..."'.-. S. S. 58 fOe. THf+ BLJlQ :

ROAD See Us for Thor I"e"liat 101'0I...(tlaw of an electric .

c rr'1.at,eCten<< iced one tn ruuc-y bat of thin ba\.et
action and curative properties great remedy
It I.. p.erlmru. a Ix...do\\' *J with the purifying
and thousand w'u atodav ,,
Mann of made:I. S. 3. Ior The Blood a hOq4
Organizer '
spI.v .t4tnl- ao nayetvrloUK are
cue11 enjoying perfect health owe their Chotd'r/4nlC.n blood or akin di.se't ".
gads Association Ht tllltlt pork ii H. to this nmwrsolly used blood nmliciuei :entirely from 1'Onh. ,
A. aHoat C'urlulh'% o.n 4f .k"1'i'lty l
and rnredicnts.
herb unit barks which possess not only cleansing healing
tteMJufHton or liftUa ....e.. W Ota s
to hap the blood in perfect ;
strengthening properties '"
AND CRUDE OILU.na' cbltte ..... and Iulii.atk.< # blood is lack tin tm< v
order. No one can be well when the impure; they : .
tru KMITIMH lu UN atpaylevt form u and strength that is natural with health the complexion becomes p.U\,' ant ti
Modern and SubAodwsrs statr of e. tutee of 1 ojftir>u wound with
For sallow, the vitality is weakened and they suffer from a general broken dowo t
lH' of tiittw of insulatedcopper
a nuu
and Streets-Lib condition. When the waste or refuse matter which nature intend shall> wireVlit ku ""nrio currmatmn
SUam- thrown off leftm the system oecause of a ..tU..i81tOflhl condition of.
Clyde is
of ..
of wire
.| eMi ItvriHiKli tbv.\dncU1'I&"I
fPOPO,11ion ALDMINDICOOKING the expelling member. it is absorbed into the
the etactrtc' r"r<>s *3eonrerttrl lutoiDHKuetfo anti'
pa" CUARANTEED blood raakisg this vital stream weak sour "
r'M'\.t'1i .adQtbe coil of wire
fometlmu I hare Z. acrid and its condition is manifested r>v boil.
'gin For mf and core of curt Iron" atMtime all the R E E PRO M pimples, rashes blotcht: and other eruptions oT
..,cop ed with my personal cbaructerbatlca of a CAHfcWon steel tuie FM toe skin. S. S. S. goes Into the cirvtiUtion
little to I N E R A L. S
had very .J net su, "
of blood taint or
ate WAREOur And removes every particle
midi, bot I have been The >|.eratlui) of iff I In* m.K"ot" Isqultr poison of rvry character, makes the blood fresh and strong and ghesnfl' Y

rer. In an effort to fled a atlwitl. The l itJ.\f't tS attachedto to the entire body. When the blood ha. been cleansed by S. S. S. all akin
tbe Claus honk' and the> ends of tbe
road material, with
a cheaper dise..sea1t1 eruptions pass away and the smooth clear skin glowing
La,!to as not as an experi- wlro fonnUx the coTl are connected health shows that the body Is being nourished by rich, pure blood. Rheu
aw.U-lrled in many part of directly with the Jynt that The crane matism. Catarrh. Sores and Ulcers Scrofula Contagion* Blood Poison. etc.,

and Earop", and In every III then swung .1'0 over tbe magnet laKUHiHHKlvtl are all deep-seated blood disorders and for their cure nothing; equals S" S. SIt .
dlre toe metal to
try sly does not inJurioualy affect the most del ion tc parts of the body and can betaken
fir1tocett.! be removed. The nt Knct IN then lowerod -
with. by old or Hook on the blood and any
: perfect safety young.
are tarvla and crudei ,. until' it comer lu"contrtct<< with the I
burial medical advice desired without charge,
,,woo Id only be wed on a object the fuirt-ut la turned on tbe THC SWIFT SPCCtFtC CO., ATLANTA, CA.PEI1BY .
When tuoh a road bout I. raised and the tnaaa or metalto
lee moved <'I\UII\ ; to the majniet.VbMi ...
------- -'- --
It it known a* tar- -----------
Prices Are Right \ the loud reocheii the desired
It cements the brokenher point It may b*. trt>i>pc i without DratIn"'rlng U. COLSON, Pres. J. W. BLINDING. Vlce-Prcs. B. B. COLSOK Scc-Trcw.
and not only' keels the inn! uct or It mar be low-

ily in place but make a duat- en>l. the current abut off and the material ALAOHTTA COUNTY

tai a perfect waterthed or deposited creutly.: Tbe crane op. ----.--- ..-
ttteorermK for the road bedHh .rator nerds no help to load or uulond -

.round and seems to save and tbe work ran be done In halfthe ABSTRACT COMPANir'The
crumbling away. time.. with a saving of from three
from to four men, New York Herald, .--- .
.s little" doubt bat the valued .
macadam road It moreed
J a by an application of tar A Moat Worthy Article. Ge .:c..ea-v-LlJ.e.. F a_

o another name Riven When an article hat been on the
i it only
'IIr r which hat been treated aoi BAIRD market for year and Rain friend 'The Title Is the First Con-Iderstlon" . ''

it a better road turfactr every year It Is safe to call Ibis medl I We do an exclusive' Abstract business with f-cllltlna, for imparting FULL. f

Ute to tee the city of cine a worthy one Such It UalltrtTtHorehound INFORMATION concerning time Title to any and all lands In AJachua County11UHINKMH

------ ---------- Hyrup It Httltivly cureacooght ALL : TltANMACTKll 1MIOMITLY.ABSTRACT .
the around ,
.... make streets
and all pulmonary dl..,..... . . ..
Will Be
and for one block atsub Excluded From Church. -- --------- -------- -- -- --- --
One of the beat known merchants 'In
of crushed atone Grenobl. Prance Ocl 10-MHenri .
way atotro' Mobile Ala. ., ..,.i "For five years
Dame declared
.4 l apply tarrla to the snr-
1\1 cord of this application : very priest who aMlnted the formation my family baa not been troubled with & REALTY COMPANY r
of cultural afteoclatlona under the winter cough. We owe ihlt tollatlard't
| four cents
teitout; per tquareiliSwYork
) tbe law would be Interdicted and thai Horehound Byrop 1 know

every Catholic Joining such _... cla. U bat saved my children from many lXnoorpor..c11;

I i who make tarvla.recently and I they taw Ions would be excluded from the sick tpollt." Hold by N. M. Johnton.Walter E.: E. VOYLE: MGR. .

the material church __ _"__ -- -. ... .. Abstracts of Title and fall Information furnished regarding land Isthll.anonty .. .
Jwey are potting I...... waJ ,v... .
Oar manager has lived In this eoantr thirty year sad l' .i' l;
cadet at the lowest price pot Snow Storm In Michigan. H.vmr t atnlor was an In- la thoroughly. eonvertant with land titles.D53. ..... :
i ii to. Introduce it, to would Detroit Mlcb. Oct. 10.-IleporU tctnperate |H'r"ni ((11 words and ItntiHlWonNwtirtli ..'
'!}fipht redaction oa 100 bar from Sault IfUe Marie Tuesday state \\' 're theme ever snore

[tnfXttted we should need per. bat the Lake Superior country la be- ci>iiteiu|,tiMMtM wor,N than these of Ijiu
6 11&00 barrels bat they would Inc swept by a nortbweat Kale and doe In rt>ft. i>ti.v \Vitrdn w< rtliT ".*.ott ... DBS. V a x LE..

snow atom and that navigation U ..... and Setae-a .N the qiMlttUNt ofM WII\Z."OIDENT.
|:reduction I went to tee HUKOLAHY AND INDEMNITY INHUHANOE. R.nr'...
S, E :er. vlee-p .lden& and both difficult and dangerous owing to |..iteakr> anti ihu fmrbtalssed Isle tenting a numl> r of prominent American and KngUah, aompanUsHKAL .
read. let him |>lrt.-*> UM accor1e on KHTATK
the anow. AND CITY UJ..Ntf.GoI.D.eev:1.11o .
r"the Clyde Line and asked tb* tMtrk. Je t what I. lu.'IHd ss.,1 rUtut-. s
\t&nte\ & he would make :: e a F"Lor:1.da:
on aed my grow Into tlutlrr atcrrtl and
tour: nr five hundred bar Arrive at Port Said. nM t.ter rlcl. tity lien mun* I uia.tloatlt.M .1 .. " ,, .- .. __ __ ..... .._. ... ... ._........ w.. ... ... _. ....... ...... _.... _
Port Rafcl. Oet 9.-The United
cetera" the empty barrels, and States armored cruUer eauadroa, CMKH la iJiu.UM'a tatter.to Ralph Wsklol4a.era.su 7... VI. O.AHAM, r.ehS.o' 11. 1':. TATM, Cashier.

agreed to do U free. slating of the Colorado. Maryland.V li*> writes: 'We must nuwdeMcetHt Uao. W. Ih.... VU.Pr..Mtn' Lin OUAHAM. Attl. Cashier
t tht a friend to Florida Wonlttwurtn. Me often gave
way .
at Virginia and Pennsylvania eon

.sad interests aett. This line mended by near Admiral n row IMOD.; an opinion......d. o Pluto.. ;nuUHr for wliWi tuManc he neverhad II. THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK

mi corrector of rater, and this arrival here Monday from lbalerum .IM*... f"Ofttl"tttp.unul. of the HrotHv.I .
tads such a line poMlble.rtdacwes Greece
t'mleil. a Ito* of,rUtm'a *>n the km nf
k. F > what we all a traveler l.Mt In the snow (It. mi..nwlM O1P Q-.A.xq-IIav-xz5x1n1: : ,

rs&se ant tried friend vts, Socialist For Congress .r mi "" ......*... He said It wv HM

tavt ...can pay New York. Oct t.-T Socialist only ..M.1 t ow.> fti OM |>.Caen afti\1\ been THE ONLY NATIONAL BANK IN ALAOH0A CO
t9. ra6 st.errnVly n carry a few bun. would al'01tabl elect one of Its representative own MM tIN _....*...4iJrNtpolton : ...

*TMh, r i II tarrla from Jack. *. Mortis Illlqult, to concrete CaplUil r . . . r . . . . r . .$30,00000

,. a .at! >etv>lle free, at any from the Ninth eoncrettlonal: dtatrlet Bonaparte gnrp.tia and Undivided ProflUs . 80,000 00

drag ,a Oalnetvllle mutt In on the lower east tide. .ed the battle of Antterllls
9Ho Butt tat>tM*.etir a...>i........**-.,*>U*,..UU..moral we sac 1sa la .!M .,... Boast,
'4 's: per upoa which we de- lie was the greatest .leader la the .- aee.. ) '__n.Mi_.....M.CiariM'tl.......... lesmsNtaaew.4
A Badly Burned O>rl world. lUUsrd't Snow Liniment has .r--:1: : ..eon........ >U *...mm tr.X............. ,

r"i the streets mention. or boy man or woman It quickly oat shown the ptiblle 'It Ieh.. be** U.'. H.K. TAYLOR. C-ahUr.'

tM wat ** * the UniversityI of pain If nuekl..'. Arnica Sal,. la applied meat la the world. A n* ka ens. for --.. .- --.->. .-.-- -.- .. -- . . .--' . ..--....... ... .--... .. .--.... .---- ..- .---....

.te: 4 by all meant have promptly O. J. Welch of Tkon rh.nmall.m.prallll" Vomt, ealt, eta.
JG.tabl.iatsasd: 1.,?Ua.F
C:) 'If tarvla to hold. the tah.Mich., tayt "I at* It In my f... A. o. ''''''. Kode*>tar La. says "tat

1.'.. w'.e. it |I. new. Theta fly for ..ate. voret and all skin. Injuries Btllard't Haow XJnlmeat ,la ray

art r e depot should berat and find It perfect." Quickest pile family and fled U a..**.!ld for tore' :
: ;y acd when shaped op core known. De t healing ..1.. made. chest h.4s.b.. *offs>'-''' fact fee aay :o-crTTO 4z; 00 _

el+ v'y' tarvia. :4.t all dru gi.se.'f1. thing that e.a be reached by a llol*
. .. i
act of the Improved roads ---- -- -' meat" KoM by H*. )I. Jolt..*...
>sbeav .. r....i'.. ......... '
cmn be put Jna B TS3"FgTTr.Tg
cwlwr l t>eb.r t-i .ww. ran
-1&1' Cf application A pre A Letter, .
of crude
..tn Awn t* a river hi
"*1 I I. good.. ashpslt. asat date f.eiMau.f -\mtmt.. KelNt .*.... *.*.ten to ...... Cla. OJ _. *dttMr .

..key are They are IMr. else .,"-' -. .... ./ hers otiNeled.a A. n. Harper, .!?e II...... .............-.... ........t'er.raa aN Dttea..w1 It........ .
"-*, and will pay for them .- mrm4 ..e.rim' .. *....*. Oalaevvllle. fit.. "t-.e e.ee....... ......................-.......,......._.......... ......
t year Ja saving wearing sp. f by.itNrltt.v.yw trot la* !>*. .., Me t+.*i lHf Sits We SM>&. that sale J.sl*. NeM.MtAL..rr..1.aM1..es.w s+lsaes s.ra. Craw.::::::.'.......... ...1s..W.eii..so acs

,,1> .' .. ....', hr"' ref."a | k
ey c.:: jDtt of the health Mew of J... Dtoa>.u..rrr llvee ter at sila
'0nbleto.. Is beyoadcsooey _1'.a.....- MlH.lfU..4 tfclarfcy.. "_I. I I eslislthl. tealag Is that ........ r

wa.-..... mrr-t.t A..c.. .. 'Ia" .' Mia ttoai beg t. say thai we G BVI.3I1: FLOE.rn: A
de's woeter .
cC ttatos
3> wilt make a meaa'ry. 'Jet dl. 11'- .... jre' M l.K... do sot karw bin party. sad personally. .ikaw --- . -- - -. . . .. .- - --- - " .........._.._ .='w ewrdtaf ..451N.. et he wMr '*.*
11f !t old
\ making aver sleep .. sa M eaa aa' forests st1 'Mistsyo. ipeally cowl eat ,..... .Mrap| MamTver
I: :-J L. tlmetsw aha." ......gbrr'r hsSnPs- '-. very truly.
ter: ceur.. iron 1s'ossa A !.a ta.. M II

t I'QQISI" I, asa.b.r.1 _a .lyWes ... .. .M. ... a-...... ... re.... ATLANTIC COAST LINE r

$t ac :Ur .In* write ,oarc4xj asof %"- I "wt "..., M.t.j I hetmy - ..,..,...H ....... ... ,. t 1 1THROUGH'f
: .. .if rsisr..c I ...pearM Lest W.
; s, Vow applied, .&*. s.. .sews es "
CC' r .; rtK. e 0l..a4ld work Lee. Ie at ....ohts part. s. Met Fen**.*4.*y (.. r***!.**, *..*! .!*..

f. the ,.iere.t of goad ... ,...,... J It ... .. stare Kn.M.Ta at Mast.w-mt eat,rnt ...*av-4l.*_. :
...". ea .-/, J i r ktastl..1 w-....*. Create V'crmft ...
2 am *o r.. Issulur Mee...... .... ...... ly. A
A. d. *!.*". ate aM <. revs ffrtt K "r.. Every itM4a
i"rla :e, i .,.,,1 jiattotut Urges.r aHtWa s..a.-. .....w give 11sr baby. "....*.0,...

"a. .yu UoQ.j Items As.1aNr M"te l.**-M l "..... y..p. Ms ory It... . ,IMMaly
..'..l .-: N ... r.a .wirsMlMs Ns1e a.feesfo. IAA. ts,0t1I. SERVICE. ::
? .. q.&.ober A gM4 tftslssf* to aswlls.r ........ ...... .... sea a... ..*. .. 4. A ..*.,* ,
iii.. ''" katwlssltWl N w-t .. ........ .. ... wM .. see onsir.. ........... wild tessR soles. tCtrs Wf..V': ; ._ .
Vise ..a. ....1. riot Megoaar a. ... eyes. ...
t.eeeq.. fisay Daoar.hd. a.Msrt iids. -** w 0... .. a''... t1.sk16y W it .I....
.' II> ._Y.. dltstteaaa slrt .. ta.ar. cad 4CV *->"-*< *ts s..a ... WO ClfAJTORJACXJSO.TT1IXE.C.u.t4 whits 1e's s.... witfl ,.. A..n .......

Iee\e ".t..- ... ., C4. *a, re..ovt. span. .t> .-.. .....- ; OCAtA gad CIAI31&YIIXC,
la tit pvwvtae.
..Ma t'watr4etn tart ea.ta. If e1'o. saran .....,...... erf Brwtwegas _- ,--- .. ,. -- -. .-"

0I t.".:.e..*...... .'e.'1.4 a taste w wet 1layaitta Lc to. as Ilra.x Ie"S .-. They CurestMtt; ::**etarserr st ?' 1 r1* dt..tsselosl rwr ,avxsw ba r fakl MfereswlWlss entry bus .t;,...... frogs.

""t.. a"d...t u.. 1.J.v **Cr.vratt K.M atttsa t" IN
.4L : '.,. cuts .. ". Thisrt.. .... .....A,.....

a rS 3 'k.Q(. I aM m t5easllfcy tit >.hlnlwk Constipation testes er.we.A w.rwexr.Ib.rt ... .. rergr'a.,tas.,.rrere Y'uqY J. A. GOO D V I K TlcliCt Agent.JBs ..

M.J:.::: es they wfAa

t :ct. bw:_.- ..... BB B**,*,.'- "?. u' ,. ..

.. ... !) r'J... ..... ..... .'f .. ___.,. _.......iiII' '1--'......".,.. .._.. .. ,- ,. Y...'A.'r. .. .. .-.. ... .,.... ' ,.' .' ; ..' '" t: "_' . J

_.. ......--" ..,...,--. .. "' ..._.... ... ._ _.. _.., ... .. .. _.. . .. _.'__'h'_ ...___...-.......--.._...._____ .1
-_.. --. "-..-,-- -- -- - -- =- i

KILLED; t2 WOUNDIED.Striker. Grocer and Judge: differ. -
NUMBERS ARE BE- Savannah. Ga.. Oot 10.-J. O. Nel- -WASTING STRENGTH
Police. eon proprietor of one of the leadiug
and In a Pt
: INTERVIEWEDSwarms grocer store of the city, must face
Bloody Battle I. ING
; : Judge George T. Caan : t'
im. Quebec Oft, 10:Twf' u :e superior
court for having! [ discharged one
tilled and a dozen woqiutffcdlict
of his clerks E. (I. Peek because the Women who suffer from
between Ktriklng ,mill of .Humanity Call On unnecessary, disagreeable
latter had own detained: on Jury tfnty ,

provincial mil her *.police Tbe at't1fc.w drastic Cooper In St.; Lonis. In Judge rann'a court. Peek reportedto ; painful, weakening, female complaints, will find that fieI

'taken by f tie authorities to the court that he hml.. been dsehargod > Wine of Cardui Is a safe and pleasant remedy for
became: Ho Vtd >> "rs detain. ill l
riotous *trlk nt has had ast SALES CONTINUE ENORMOUS
Vfl end no further trouble 1* ed as a taletnn Judo Cann their ills. It acts directly upon! all I the delicate, inflamed
promptly utumoued Mr. Nelson before S
Mound City is Now Overwhelming! him. There Mr. Nelson dtscuseed tissues, purifying the blood, throwing off the clogging 4
>be wounded men are In a
In'Yount .
Interested *. Man and HiM the matter 4tat'
as indrpendenuyas
.bUllion. matter and female disorders
relieving such
ike at tbe mills began on ..dic,ns-Evident H. I fa Not a PassIng . he'had, when he fired toe clerk. as irregular,

The workmen's strike fund Fad a. Claimed. Judge Cann reminded him that hg was scanty profuse painful'catamenia, prolapse, etc. C
up for a aerJoua offense, for wblcji be
i.ad mal begun) saving to feel had l the vanished pinch 8(. Louis, Oct. 10.-In view of the might be fined 13,000.. or imprisoned Also relieves headache, backache, dizziness
enormous tale of Cooper' preparation for "I to.u.re' -
20days. adrUe you .
,' aM Monday cold.that The the announces mill ownltnpbrt -- now going on in this city and the in- a lawyer Mr. Nelson" said tbo"'court.HAlt cramps, dragging pains, nervousness, irritability, etc

tense Interest which :Mr. Cooper has right Judge" -raid Mr. 'NoJ on. If need l advice write us a letter
labor and start the . you telling us all
stirred up since his arrival, a represeotatlre 1 will be here with a la"')' %'

[r intnd.the men A meeting In a wa desperate. called of The Olob.* ..mocrat spent your symptoms. We will send free advice (in plain

: Incendiary speeches 'Were Tuerdsy afternoon at the young man's A Young Mother at 70. sealed envelope). Address: Ladies'. Advisory Dept. .

bout the middle of tbe af- headquarter, watching the swarm or "){J mother ha. suddenly been made ,

Iho .men decided to clear out humanity eome and go young at 70 Twenty years of Intense The, Chattanooga Medicine Co., Chattanooga? Tenn.

|'")te' breaker A mob of J200 During: the afternoon the report suffering from dysyepala had entirely '

ledwith revolvers and other Interviewed. many of the caller and disabled her, until six months

;, rushed up the hill leading obtained' statements from all who when she began taking Eloctrla: Bitters ago ALL DRUGGISTS SELL IT IN $1.00 BOTTLES 4

Jills, eared to give the ma. to tfielr experiences which have. completely cured her and

llt owner, ready for violence with Cooper and his prepsratlon restored the strength and activity !she
,;."fo.d 40 detective and specialon *. had in the of life "
prime writes Mrs.
the outskirts of Urtdr "I WEOTE TOO WINE
selected from
The following are
VV. L. Ullpanrlck' of Danforlb Me.
II< There was no parleying. those statements as being typical of: Greatest; ,restorative medicine the for advice,and by followlnf ft an* CARDUII
,1.$L rush of the strikers:'was the *the on taking Cardui.' my Fomala Troubles I
general expression of people
C'UI'H.Mre. R.s.Wallace. '
a: volley from tho revolvers cent I' globe.: Sets stomach, liver and kidneys were La vac*,Ala. J12 OF

ands of the police. Bellinger right, purifies the blood and _
Ihi )(r. W. T. Bray, living' a* 1120 An. cures malaria* billiouiQeis and weak.
leading the mob fell at tho
U.y with two bullets In his, gelic 8t. when Interviewed said r "1 1 nfo... ,Wonderful nerve tonic. Price' -

The striker sought shelter, id offered for years with atomac|"). 60e. Guaranteed by all druggists.Slap . 3

: med fire the liver and kidney trouble even yenr, 9
on police many WINCHEJTER"NUBL
m ware bit. In faet I had tried many remedl. In Face Caused Death.

jtw.uI6orr ,fusllade was kept up but obtained no help from any medl- New Orleans; Oct.; 10.-A special

Wlnutes, the striker standing elne I tok.. I bought one bottle_of from ICoacluako, Miss., says that M.

:,rounds, and tbe police remain- the New DUeovery medicine and one D. Deea, a merchant, died Monday 1

ehlnd their hastily constructed of the Quick Relief. After, using them from the effects of a slap In the ttc. : ; 1

dos. it wa apparently br tnunsent one week, I felt to wonderfully Im flees was slapped' by a customer dur C 1"

that hostilities' were sued proved I can hardly I believe It potil.le. ing an altercation and afterward sat.

while both aide removed their le. I am very grateful to Mr. Cooper down apparently 'to rest. He. had 6 Loaded Black Powder Shells
_ led, A* there appeared to be lie has a wonderful medicine/' been sitting a few minutes when he

eel I hood of a renewal or the trou Another caller was Mrs Olara Yoh. suddenly expired. .Physician, said

1,Appeal was' seat to Ottawa for IvingatietO Locust 8t. She said hat: the slap probably brought on Shoot Strong and Evenly,
)*. They arrived Monday night heart failure.
1"1 had suffered with stomach trouble
Arc Sure Fire
went Into camp In the lumber bad 1 ) ,
for several years I was so the
.. Alexander and Albert Mac- Nothlnfcto Fear,
last year I could not eat 'anything atall. 'tj Will Stand Reloading.
n, member of the firm fought I could not digest food and Mothers.. need have no hesitancy 'In
my ( .
10 the police In the battle with
trlken.I' had severe pain In my stomach most of continuing to give Chamberlain'sCough : They Always Get The Game.For .
little .
strikers declare they will elertir hue time. I did not sleep wetland had Remedy to their ones, e.It
contains absolutely nothing Injurous. -
leader and continue thee severs headaches at times. I have
tried many remedies, and have been This remedy Is not only perfect Sale Everywhere.;

10 a number of physicians. I bought 'IT safe to give small children*'bat Is a

Wounds Bruises and Duma. some of this man Cooper's prepara- medicine of great worth and merit. It

V applying an antiseptic 'dremlnRrounds Ions, I feel greatly benefited and has a world wide reputation for Its - - --. -- - ---- -
bruises 'In. In flesh since cures of coughs, colds and croup ani -
,burus and like have gained steadily .. .
---- -
,rles before 'Inflammation In, the/ using the medicines. I have not a can always be relied upon. For sale ,

if be healed without maturation and race of stomach trouble Lift,and have bJ all druggists.Arkansas FLORIDA MANUPACYIJRC11r ANO rlt"NT

'about nne.Ihird the time rrqulred come here to thank Mr. Cooper." COMMON ANO rw.C.SKiol'rttalt
Whisky I Mighty Deadly.
,.\JKe old tratment This l. the Mr. O A. Taylor of 4220 PlnneyAve..aatdt I
Jonevboro Ark. Oct. JO.-DanielVelmer WHITE
'dl.aoy.i and triumph' modern "I have been sufferingwith of ''aklwell. )If)., and Jl: .

try. Chamberlain's Pain Balm severe stomach trouble for aev.ral : M !lly of Genera. Mo. eame here front

90 this same principle( It Is an years and owing to the nervous i tanlla. Ark., and WeN taker violenty PRESSED

pile. i.'ad when appH.d0 stieheues ondllluna caused by this trouble, II ill. They wild they nad bought : .

a them to heal very could not sleep. '''Th. only relief I ob I whisky at made, Thorn BRICK.OYAL.U.CMUACH I

1 Ile. It aUoallajs the pain and tamed was when up and walking I Ick. They died later. Another mau. BLDG..JACKSONVILLE. .

less' and prevents any danger of around. I tiled everything. heard of name unknown. IN lying at the point FLA. COMPANY II

., poUnnlog Keep a tmtlle of for stomach trouble but nothing' gave ot death In the hospital having been

Balm In your horn. and It will me any relief. I heard so much of this poisoned from drinking wbla ,.. we SELL OuR OWN PRODUCTCLYDE

i you time and money', not to men man Cooper thai I decided to try hit . ----.. ---

the Inconvenience and suffering 1 edict' tie. I have rated several bottles Makes Homely Women Prett'\ -,. ." ....,..-' ----- . . -- _. - . - --- --.- ..

Injuries) entail. For sale by all and noticed decided Improvement No woman .no matter how regular LINE

lists, ._. _'_ almost Immediately I am now en- her features may be can rte called
lively' eared and feel' happier than I pretty If her complexion la bail. Orion

Pure Food Regulations. have for several' years." .axatlve Fruit Hyrup aids digestion .
I'Washington.' Oct. lo.-The slew pure Mr. John Sehenk ot:2111 N. 12th St. aDd clears sallow blotched complex* t : 1
W'regulations expected to b ttKionvr
when questioned, said i "I hate had Ion by stimulating the liver and bow. i
del public than was antiel-
The work; of the committee eight years suffering' and sleepless ..U. Orino Laxative Fruit Syrup does ,

.three appointed by the secretaries Ignis on account of stomach trouble net nauseate or gripe and I* mild and
> and headaches, I have used one hot pleasant to take Remember the
a.r1c>ilturs). treasury commerce
and name Orlno and refn. to accept any
u. of Cooper's preparation now
Jabor has been approved by Bee
ubstltjte. J. W. McColloo Co.MliKiurr .
riM Wilson and Met calf, and with rest every night I have not a trace 1 .
trouble been -- --- ----- ----- ------ --------
View to securing the approval of or stomach left and have

cry Bhaw. Mr lorry a member immensely benefited everywayMr. ." I >. aLr.115der Foun S.A.XL1N'GS mA.ca:: """VVnnc.: .
left. 8. I*. Illtehlngs living at 9146 sad w ",,,...nt mm e._ttoa teed .
ttle committee Sunday night
out u( tM('irew"Cacti I* cad far A........ l3151'W>rL.1
I Ilttsburtf The regulations may Franklin Ave., msde the fallowing _.,y. Ht.t.01 "4Xt .. b*.HMr ot M.rek, U. .... Jacksonville and
day A. 4 act te tees dtr.et.da.t5evif.r
,1 to. Oho printer Tuesday.Cou statements "I have suffered. with Ah .lxi. >eoa au.TlarM, wh r.-
...- heumailtra for 90 years.. Ia.. stiff: l. W K. IterUMo to k&.ur..s KlRMMMt. Calling at CHARLESTON' 8. G. both ways.
( 's 0.1(0"sa...,.there h.,bees tevl.d .poo" Service
A" A.f,1 &h Cu..d.0 I.. all my Joints so that I could hardly by 1'r-__. sheeht.1 A"'.''..ewstr cwa The Finest Sleamablpi in the Coastwise

jar ego our little girl had a use them. 1 have tried I Cooper's remJy I {the wa+e sdsb.rte Car et.esM 1 N.r.l at.e..t SC.A. 1\VeytM.seta>> the se tat tae Olydc New England and Southern Lines
havi him el wtsad.. .db.d ereeerty. towltt Uentae.sea
here thank
and come to
of pneumonia which left her II ._b.e .a. .eeea" _Ar_ .5? gob .. 'l's.tlslaw..in. .
an awful vouch. She had spells aDd purchase more as X can now nan- esrstulr. act WaJee l4aaata. .r Freight J Service Between JACR50 .VILLE. BOriTON andPKOVIDKXCE
1sttowtray.1'iatse..tdem swla..* t t.w and All Eastern Point.
:' ooRhl*.. ]n.l like one with the die myself' perfectly after using the I eta '. 5.454 :
: :: =:: I't both
one ...k. I feel better A I.: .. . Calling at Charleston ways.
>log i sough and some 'hooRI.h.. reparations J.. W..aen. M aheete .e :r.;hiss _'Yo
not .*l well al all.. We trot a haa 1 !>av.. for many f..".'* ...._...s w 'tirt_.. a.kn ese..ttee. and the .., iT-"VTEEy B.A IT. GS

of Chamberlain's. Conch J&.m.' Amelia Leonard living at 1090 Sal..I' =: ausde vl.eap lhertr.d.e.,tr.l the.eat wtll..a. =abe I. Pali.* o. ;Mhbotmd.From t.e...' Wharf B). f'.
bury sit said t "I have. safft.4 for W..tl.ty ..ht sweet'... Mere the. .-w. ... .Jae,....*. .*
i which acted like a charm tae I Itb. 1--. dose at (.at_..... bl ehta. M'weeate Nofthbound.. From Foot of Catherine *
coughing got stout andwrites pan ten fear with .'stoiuaahltrtna-I west. ......... .....- hurter, ""' ha Car
... ........ .... .. _
H. An. a.tr..M.g'ath.
sae Me
... W,.. Ore Hostsrd, 1"".' bee hvadaoh. dl.( i<,,... and kidney .... Clvds St. Johns River Line

r. 111. This. remedy Is lor..,. byralgstet. trouble. I nave bees. treated by a !.w isO1.giber 1'awt141b"t4..loth.ahertese A,b.Ale4ba.504.I. +esa Li: .tvr__rft jA.oxooMViut.tfr and "' *

.. amber of nhysUMans and have used ....J.KLI1U.... rt.8oa\W'a S.e..Vjiga,. PalatkA. Later Hereford CD*Land).ai d J..I1IH"I..I. [..a.ad'.IICIo. > '
----- all kind of medlei.' *toothing did me . -- .. tu.re.rcMAATTWg - -,- 8t. John River.

Mev.,la Dreves.Msr toUklbJC a..wed' any good )lr rtlie w*. very lr* *ALKUsCee SrraYEKCJ.I.

.. M fe4)I:,. t..rar.. qt... a .1.-Iko.-s..&.001 girl. toss.lib ly.regular In foal and my my back life was pained a misery an* grwat to .a... .. et asd wtn-d .K....a deer.. er reams: '1I1 ..* X" OIH1 .A.CKSO: V ...t..LLE

/ suicide 1)1 pxOSMMk ta the tie**. I ..ff.r*.J with set.roosaess !1 I '1I.l tile tratpa J::.. .. .....imres _ootos.b' Is app..Mtt"i t. sail a* ........si Lv. .I.*III..dll. a* .Ml) .. *"".< J.
yst.eccf or''four of her tutnuvtt i..n elCo 'M es.a C.v .. ...Meet.- ASee. and n..n4a'i\p m. ..' r.,.<<. 0avu sisal se.eay.
sad loss of sleep. 1 have used i ..a -.... -- ............. M M..h i .,. and Frfctaf". adO a. W. .
Kawnl _
at a coantry a ; tee bottles of the New Discovery I r. ..-. .......4 ..w-. M ....Mr a.ee.5.r I .-._._. -_- -
-- -' -
to.nehtn. That the MM CICIta Ales.a..M slate .. whr..s --C-v"
," ,,.e4l..iae- This .moral* aa Immense i Ir s' N.nw M ea.a.abset a.w a e. a ; ::.;. Uf1DULt.:
."dat'"" tat a pleat ef mi ; upewertae pe.ewt from nay system. ..,....-..- I..N." a tree.s ,._.iswM*+ : ...."aI3lJ ..... . . . .. .. .. . ,.J..._. i... . .. ... .. ..a".5" s'_
lls a'3wed to the r.sdlss vi Tl.. hat undoubtedly been the eaitt I w I .S..aa.N.s...st ....... ..'Magid.-1 tw tw eea5 a....seer-e.> l 'tUpa H. .. . . . .p .I..a. .. .. . .. ; :or.
near: agrtda I lof 1 : twee..-- .. A..... --... 1l..Ma aft I am......... ._ . . A.tat .. . . . .. . .. .
-.--. .- all my eocr.ffac-.84 I am very ., M.a.br ..... MA 4&s .. N_...... A. elL ..a I . .... ........Breterd tD'LaM) .. . . . 1 1Jf'C'C
is of Teeter and E An ,* _._.... '
ta.a.5 411 el t.rl Ma s T-+ .w : : Jl
intense itching ."...."'t.rtatle *fts In splt of assertions mad by varie are abN... ...... $s..te.. nr..a ew.A.rww..ct ., i iLrDT.'Oirioincim.w. . . . B-AT FT. q
.- aeews wow ar Ie- tewtawe miss. ---------- ---- ------ ,.
wl".tI4l1k..1t..a'" taeS. pay ieia .s that QMpr .. a foal W.....aS.w. .....srs+Mw. i.eaaert.seawe are lnlrMttept''aeyt.ii-are.i.elrtire.. a.a. m K t+v. 3..5 we'N' +ss"arta .
wao ..u..... til. ass, the y*. g man. wed ,Mew.w tn.. Ot w.a..P lCtl.rrv. hw.. Atu.. r :'vtrAl.aer+''
aliai4 by applying ;Caastb.e. seems to be reaslag eves greater .*.... ..1.:c'em'::to.h.aat Seel. = ': a.. ,..7THEO.
1t'> Half*. cod paaay *..t.re> tAS.* a. bta visit dress to a &oM. It is Sits. a.w s ...t .. at.,...w ...utttywwa _t:. aAGaI'n'. GMo .o..'hr a va ci viawL.a'R.G.e.Mast

..... 1"'............. II.... 'r a''' .way......,..i that toss 4a> Jfor*, %U by all dr.."..,.. called" ea> him y.si Hay, j. X tet+rttlt h tt0.1eci.et-- i.. 1..i.5.u ..u.ca'.e.. ..1'

tti ,,' _'.! .L I' ...J 11 ..L ... ". ' ,

:', :;, ' '
.. :

J1""" ""u "?UI"lll1 I.

.. ....... .... . . ....,. ...: u ..'Jfni:
. '" .r+ -+-. -- '" .--
,f :: :." ::. .. .-... ---- -.. --., ._- ,p. ..... .

SENATOR MANN'S IDEAS. j Hon John .\. Graham T)- x wratieoi'rninee # "' IIlf +

n1. ---- fur the IejriHtor'" from
In another column of this lae of ;
The Bon Hen. Manatee county. whom: Bdttor L'Engle
A. H Mann the
pioneer of The tTHHaha..ee Snit has been continually bu
otDoe st O.tanvtFl..11. road-banderol Florida whose, ability Your $>>us.
roes toaster. ha been recognized by the Natkmat lamb' Qorernmrnt reply tit tie ehargf lliu Ae again't him : .
by the _
jptsor and i'ublNh..r.t" . appointment of The reply &MlltII prfb".Uy nf letter -- C.rr4.11y
Viee president and national organizer lu a Oornpasty that is Re.penslftavr P".*c? > _
. .Dttr Ldltor. of the National Good Roads A.-.oeia. from parties whom Mr Graham Written \\'uri Utorality ulna tar i;unt|..ayK

CPO.trs Rooms.rugT Lion baa an inter*>.tinRartf t0nnpractical had been charged w"a\swfndHnc.! : and !II.. .y. J.mate. Promptly 'l .' 0P
exonerate hint in .eb Ipttance. The ifo '1< :
road !i\'
building the methods which \. "
>:a RLOCtc.TE4.ainoas4. hoohl' be employed and the material letters were written |||> the Ohairmanof
}. which should be u.t!
ate* e Hinty. one of them being front S
' .1by.bed. worainjat Senator Mann U a good male enthu.
by carrier every la the city,or al"i .t not from any Hnanciiil r "muera Dr. L'B;ltg". nncle "f ,ISditnr L'Bngle. I. That no serious loss can ov..rct>inw you without fk have some d
-- "tUK.. :'' .. >
nited State, .
or the postage tion. but because of the faet that he ideroted - H ,. ?

p -w as month weeks; trirtly tt.Slbree in to the work and i I. anxious to Hnn Alfred S.. Cfflr-Abrmm*. e t. :l; a l

' /e / fire see Florida develop with nther I'or of The T.var*>. ,Iterald, ...d" 1:.
the Union in the matter of C"On"nethIR Taylor, the car r>nnt. ., "nton of i iS Fire Life Accident and ;Health i lusuraucc. j--

,a local column i*enta *ipso highway for the comfort whose arrest wee receniy| made en tie ,

.,wl cent tor each Additional and convenience and economy of hen charge nf
' lvertisinj made known on prople Kn man In Florid pnce.ses" error Jennings. have e eh boon bonndover ,*

more practical ida, leee.1.." Senator In the sum of $4 Op.. and will b4t s .

1&L Soul U aa eijbt-puler. forty Mann the .u1 has mad an earnest study of court.tried In the Duval_ county criminal APL :lVJ: C LJ S :E-I: :N['.. :.N' I ."
j..et. Through his effort the t.
.Wioohcd every Moodar: and =::= : \
.II the newa of theM I people of Florida are doe gratitudefor Information cheerfully furnished GAINESVILLE FLORIDA
....? ? : .
The first Issue of :The; Suwannee.County .
and general and will be many mile. of excellent and subs .

pee 't aa1' I"rt of the United tantlal roadway.And New, published at Live Oak t .I""' ''\''''''.....1'..... "- ..... 1'tltl'' "/\4 ,

Jot'l.iJO. : a J'n.r-ID advance. now, ainee Senator Mann has by John MoDaniel.. editor and pro.prieror ) . ... .. .: ...
-- -- - ---
. -- -' --- - --------
I Is before cups' well
n* a print
eOft'e to toe one of u.-a eiticen of
btlla become dIM after nliaemest. epsg. and 11----------------------
. Unless othcrwin Alachua county and O.In..IIlf'-h.( paper :: ) : r
has a Root advertuing' r atrrnage. The
a-ndo r.rtic. not known tone proposes to prosecute with more vigor I
for advertlalnji in : Sun wishes the new enterprise success
to PT ac\.1 l: and energy than ever the ortatrue. r
ZJ! THB DAILY HUN.NOMINEES. in the journaliajio Reid" *
t'nn of good road
C4IM&&Vu.u.tR VIA. throughout the !INSURANCEPORTER
l county.Sevral'. =:.-. I" +

I year ago Senator Mann at. Editor Frank' t:. Harris and hi.

.c tended by special Invitation a good charming daughter, )Ii... Sarah Harris I

M tt Cavtcnt. 9d Con r Mlo&a4 ,, road convention in this city, which! ': have returned from pleasant visit to i iI BLOCK OAINeSVI LLU. FLORIDA

patriot: I was also attended by lion. Martin I New York. City Miss Harris la localI : .------- --.-

'nt;I:t.ARK. of Columbia. Dodge: bead of the National Good i I editor of The Ocala Dally Manner .nl.l''
Fire Life and Accident IaiSaiMd"! It j
furnished her readers wltMt In. tKOUT.j
**rt->f the Supreme Court Roads Department of the government, some l

J.p.AJUnlILL. of Eacambtm.C.B and other distinguished advoc.tes. of tarvtting letter during her stay :n -- -.-- ... ,

.trtitTFIEXOX- of t on.FLITCH. .. hard road At that time The Sun ( the great metropnlia.aTTZTCV .

Jat; d coa.mlaaJODeI'lr.cx remembers cnrr ctly, there was not i! ._ _uj i { IfRAIL WA-
: A .of'Levy.its vXceedinRflve miles of hard surfers" I
of Dad.. .
road in the county ; but with that en. j jergy .
... r I N. U.--The foO wlatf' M he4..> ....\arM.re t.v..Ufc.4 Ndy astafuvanatlon and are sot uaraa*.
> and the
Into 'fcer f tb Clrcoltlit enthusiasm Senator got ...
besets .-. ", .' .. .. -. .-- -. .
: ; =: '.- -
i.M.BlVERS.. to work and. In the words of the old : := : :;: -==' "': -=-

Jaaa Seater. SM Dtttrletiji .hoe*msker wit have heard about s+ ; r -....0.---.0.---- -..taalaa-_. nAse_. Nip-- ... .iDE .oa"N .lIb J w_" '...-__ {_wa.tpb

' JaekaoavWe ,lot "It .m" ., ... J...... ,ule... .,.....,.........,her ,....
. ): ('RJlARY. kept "pegging away, with the result f I:: Joa' an .. ... ::: .Mu: : i1 ::,1. asp L.. ..._"....... ...... .. ........... .$o. 10..it
, that his efforts mutt hav had come i.v ...."........ .. t as It Is.A Ar Maao... .. ... ...... ..._.....IM);.m 15. dAr
ji Ho M of Representatives. : r thiu.uhlr _.._...-. .. ...0. ity SMp4 sloe AU"..'.... ...... . ................. Aste
TDt CARTER.T effect, aa since that visit there lea A.. t'Aarb.......... ....... . .tie. Sty N l.p .Ma At {Ito_.......... . ..... .**. .........0. fe..
,} A. DOKL been constructed central miles, and A' U.......,... .,. ...... Itt .t Me I'tip Ar ton'. ..... .... ...,,........$o. hi ;
to y J..t. ._. Hotly _r jJAI I\! AT s bsttsiuarra. .. helaey 't
a-.o. ..:::;: :: :
: :::
the la ;
C'oTu AssewortI. county now beginning to wakeup IrIlti.. Ar t".alaatop. t. .ty *1 AN.Ai : .
: ItloMar.luel! _aka...i9
: : : :: .. .
! COLSOX. to the troth. Ar ..._..--. .... .$.*. !h.-et.- iii.Ar _u'.! .. v. 'v.I
.. t.I.erlN1.s.tlie.. .. . sera .,... I \1'U.. _II er'
Cam Tax Collector Let it hehoprd that Senator Manlyseffort A r W.alttaaow.. . ... .rOlat, 55 '0ArII ., '!! ..,.., r1.v4lnelarat "
v. Otl will continue to bear fruit .lU.ins.. ... ... .._. ne11set }...... .. .. .. .....ftlli; R w...
AI' W.as ..hU....'....... .... I 56 tAI' \. 1 a... ... I..,. ::!!:!.. ... .. .. t.
.hr. ( .:t: Treasurers .-- Hew, Yur r _. .. .a. ..... 4Ia _.aws let: sne' Nnti.:::-: ........ .a:u A h '114itr
L - .. ;!
tr.xLER. .c I I ...Ol.u'; "TNa Wirnwr rN.aaT"; ; ; 1, (.'fcwlaaatt f.t,1. . .. .. .. .. t' n.r a.. 'r itAC
I nc: *r &..bool Hoard' I SBRMONCTTBS I IIt ""' -' I ....... .. ... . . .. . .. .inn uur ,a sw
n. .t !OB OKEIL 11.e I Jsekan.iW.; :. ..- . :Ian ,_ t'"" I.. . . . ttl-tt .' t.e ,
L. ..."..... . .. . M.. unit lea r.: 'r! 'i''
r TTTCIC .,.. I AI' Ouhnn.... . . . . . ... . ."'0. it eerie.. gr'-\ . . ...." tar s as
. R aC WEEXS. two perfectly symmetries! elrel. .......... .. ...... .., AI' A......... .. . .... . ./te. ky 1a1.Ar A" _.. :... ....:.. .: .:.: .urf,_)ea .
'--t. -.. I .. .. .. . . . .
..... te- a Iloa $s.rtessN. C. . Kr I'rvArKr..sr LelielOt .. .. .i.e. ..."
. om. omaclalooer a ever touch they must sometime touch ....M.n.''''1. ",''-.n6',- ". .. .-a. 1.... ._ "_'\ ....,... Dw,... .:..: :: ::, ::. : ;:: N.asp Artnrlb/... ... ... .. .. . .. .. .H' J45 M aAr
. '!' "*. again tlrraare two perfectly ;_.;:r:Nor ...--.. -.... .n".-.1"!.1\i... .At I.aneUl..........._ .... .. .... itr c5.eAr MI, ter1. '. . ...:__ .. ., . .... .
J"J >
AMPIER. ym .....1_'__. .. .. . ..N at e IrU Ar Asitlscm.."..... . .. .. .., ukv Mlea ,
.'Er rATLuxa.ar I metrical.... If evernnee. they touch .UFL.:". NtCTal.a' atiniurits . .Ttr/n.a/. s a.. AI' l'flngIi....... ........ ..._. .O'I..tJe ia/o."
-. 'WTIHENTXc IU... T.1..1.... ac.. A II N......... ... . . .. ...... .. afire
'1 'u.TTHEW ..-. each other with the tame mathematUeal A.. ____.......... .. ... __. ." ',1 ... Kscelleut Car K . ,
c . pYeeltlon, I. It certain that tho* .- ... ..T...._ U-. .-.. ---. Dining Service on All ........ .. .. . . .. . .. ... .. . :
pr DIUC1.elp _.-. .-... -., .. ..='7' ," '::.. Through Train Ue\ ........... . . . .. .. .' .. . . .. ..'... ear.a.A.
two lives.. must tooth again. They may ..._..,..,. _... .. ,
.t. __
_. 4. _.....,... ..... "' ._ ._. .It'-.... .-.. .,......
drift' far apart now-oh, the Infinite N. se "New VII.... ;
lea tn do with Cubs S1swidrE.I.enb"11.111 Ivlbass
.. . .. ... MoeptseCss
: w. --new w .. N..wM I'ti..a Tsrw rw J..G.awttsa '
pathos about It all Hot If they IMsymmetrteal .. .. .
'Den. Then Yenezu, eN .. .M te. Nat.. ''pn.w.ersw. aM ;;N.4w i.4; It.ltvl'tsitasa
lives once they teach J. AAUS AXD TOOL CO ............Ht M clew v... '1ha'b4f c. 11/awislfltp.sleey4ne(5s
Vw w... ao.. o..u ,...,,- 1..INf "...,.. ....... a1eM.fCae .
ssr.r A.twSsa.Is.wwevtt4..ll.
: == they mutt touch again omewhtre, r.ra.P.......Nina a A. ........ A..m.. U.. hens sed etaqt", nd.te. '
.. .
I somewhen JI' IIb1o,.sa I emirs.4 tr.llf .u.A t'tn.tlewl al gala.Ttrrou.b ti.y C.... rsA 1'ttpa.aa
* W. 'o made to crests alIOn ilrseMe : Mi.e.ft.s t aan, .. Attastr. Cassesn a end !:::Iaastt. Aiss
::: M. = :
of record for Dade The silver chords of the silent piano l'elimaa, . 4 5, Jetwap etsers. t't i via Cinds.aam. 1n.sn&Sis, Kass..

: ,'" I begin to vibrate when lbw humanvoice al' ._.. ._ ... . ". .. ._
C::: .:= .,. . Whateverthe "A. nckJWAN. ...".. a___.....16..... 'N W.*i ti4rki.ja4bM.Attii4.ru.. .
nU. a given nnt#
It ... .A.UW.CM( I..T.as. Wa M.TA VUJB. IV A. IIIMJOK NUIIA". A. O. P. A. "
''k .
;t4 th' last
day for pitch of the voice the gamut will
*3-Ui" pays CRIMDlaxative & - - .. -. - - -. ....-. ..-. .. .. ,... .
In order finds
to vote at be run until the piano a perfect

'sta'r rnhr 6b. harmony Do you see the profound

-- teaching The human heart is like a liVE OM. PrPRT[ HUir nAIl OAD (0(

..' d Monroe do trlne U harp of a thousand .trlnc*. It Is soreeponsive FruitSyiup .

1 n. r roT.ted btttlcr. It to the sound all about It
th..I Et.tira) April :0. I6O4.
. ..1'..r* of rottenness arid I And be ore the loot from the heart Pleasant. to taU. ......... -. .- -..:_

sutarc string will be like the one with which The new laxative. Doc 1reH j I ls:. t1wU, :. tA.Nsi, Ife. .. H. '
Iii i IIT.AT10"
seeks harmony.A
::::= : lift&o.t'I e ..
not gripe or n nJ eat 0 ..... _ ._ } a.a 1"
t h 'e Pmldtnt 1300.4t. .. .mar--- - ,. '
mtsuader.stood. taw.t---w' tom. +
discord Is only harmony Cures stomach end liver AM J it M 1'11 ; -
'.akv of '......... 1M. AMr 14
possession Last.
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--- -- --- - -- - -

f )1tc.. said miners sv* the dr- S-crSxNEea: O z t--

OF ELECTION ',O\trt and e4rcwh Judge cewnurtii "' 6'

._ j piss warranto. certiorari arv- :
I Mbmion. |.abe.s
eorpuena all wrtu proper T. B. ELLIS Jlf., .
I The Uejtlatoture of oos, under i&ej _ary to the eempkte x iuriMiktion a* the eirciut ....." mod circuit -
of tab of the State of Florida,
five _Joint Resolutions pmpGflng I judge tit said coantr.. except the power and Air Line Railway I
'* to the Con.Utwtlon of tba mate auibority to .unutMMt and empanel. a grand ATTORN EYATLAW.U. .

and the same were agreed to by! 1url.Secllr.n
(, t three.fifth of all the member .'. There aball be alit term of said -
,;a '(psis t'h house, that the Tote on acid court in each year
Button* were entered upon their Section 4 ,. Tate .hall be for said court OerltECVIN.B. .. FLORID' . . FOR . .
..mat, with and there- a praecutit n ttwriiey' << who hall be appointed
_ _ did determine yea and direct that by .the Governor and confirmed by the Senate ,
ubcnitted and who ..1:1! : hold his office for four year
"if.it tbe Resolution State at the be General EleomREPOREj te lib lpen"llcm fcball be fixed by I.... ) JiOBf. C: BOWKltd, SavaVinah

Mr. tpo6. T i hall 8<
I. IL CLAY CRAW. oath to be filed trr the prowcutingattorney, DENTIST. :
dry of State of the State of but he!! grand jury of the circuit court fori Pmes
e'by ,Jv. notice>> that aSENliRAL i Mid t .n..y. t.ay inJtct for any offence triablei .J Raleigh, Richmond Wash-
ELECTION in tli c. in i.l record Upon tbe finding of '
Office in Mllltr-Law Euban '
.uch Indictment the circuit shall ; ,, e
com '
F snecoe cia intIleyfir Florida on out or bail the accused for trial in the court , ,,' '. .lington Baltimore Phila-
Monday in of record, which trial shall te information ,
,A:. D., 1906, the .14' TuesdayIf upon Graduate University of PenoyTanfat -
i bvction f. The clerk of aid court shall ,"" \'" : del' York
i phia New.
DAY OF NOVEMBER. be elected by the elector o* Eecambia county 'tJf, E .
and shall bold office for four :'Tfl ,
_ ttoe or rejection of lbs said year and hi.compenMtlon .
utiun. proposing Amendment to shall be fixed by law. The DR. , :.- ...
Ii Oft ef the State :IY-officer of Mid court, and hi. duties : ''': d
'ARTICLE XXVIII. :: shall be fixed by law, . .DENTIST .
following amendment to Article Section! 46. The aame rule ol procedureand 4Offlee '
_e Constitution of the State .f practice which obtain in the circuit court : Two Elegant Trains Daily.Seaboard ,
and it ia.hereby to andomitted of tne. county shall obtain in the court of
to the crtb State record, and all law. relative to criminal courts.
U election, to be held on the of record except .. otherwise provided<< herein i over Mar ". Kndel'a._ Phone"*- rltur. .
la1.af the first Monday in No- shall apply to and control the court of record. Express.

I.A.. I)., 'oo6 for rat J\calioa or re- Change ovenue may be bad from the court
I. .
: of record to the circuit court of another county :r.A.. CARLISLE, .
L r. for the Mme causes, and under!! the lw providing
{3" Tfc. Governor the Comptroller and for changing the venue from circuit Seaboard
rea.urer.. the Attorne HMral ATTORNEY AT LAW Mail.
court of the
boner. of Agrlealture of the State one county to circuit court of
another county. The Governor his .
.i and their utcessors in office board, arenatituted discretion, order the circuit judge may of Encam- And Solicitor in Equity .
and de i< a* a
,comnisstoitera. and are hereby bia county or of any other county to bold one
;* or more term or part of term of tbe court .
Rea Estate Conveyancing and General
empowered es ,
and "ha.a of record. _...
lev': Any civil: in the court of
: dn l lna. dike Practice.
canal All business prompt!
record be
and may tried before a referee, or incase
d *
o( .ucn of dimension aaid board of dnd a of the disqualification. of the judge of attended to. Office next door,to Sua MODERN PULLMAN-

t era irment U deemed and advisable overflowed, lands ainto ad the litem.court of or record may he may transferred be tried by to the a Judge cfr> 01111!.!. GAIMKHTILLX, FLORIDA EQUIPMENT

the swamp cult court of Eecambia of r,
county or other
such or
State of Florida or
? i. deemed beat by aald county, in the same way and according to the FERDINAND BAYER
thereof a.
oommU.iener from time Jo aame provlslaon a. govern uch proceeding' ( 4
i u4 drainage to provide for the irrigation of in flu circuit court of Escambia county. ATTORNEY AT LAW .

d. ree1.imed, and te maintain *uchdrain Section 4 The Supreme Court of the Only Line Operating
*, levee, dike and re....011'. Slate shall, have appellate. jurisdiction in all QAIMKBYILLK, FLORID
; will be most edvant.iieou oases at law and in equity originating in the
!%*manner VHtory .o drained. the State of lorInhabitant -, rourt of record and in ease of convictionof Dally Through Pullman Sleepers from Jacksonville! to New OrleansFor
", and the commerce thereof. felony in the court of record. The circuit Can sell you.rslty improved
.Jo That the board of drainage court of Esrambia county shall have final ( *
Miner are hereby authorlted and em 'appellate jurisdiction of all misdemeanor tried and unimproved), phogphale,
t. .tahU.h drainage dlstrUt. and In the court of record. All appeal or writ trucking and farming lauda. Bead hima '
That tbe board of drainage comr whether to the Supreme Court Circuit write S. O. BOYLBTOK. J*. Aaaiaiant General
I' be and It *. a..tbori.ed and em- Court, .hall be prosecuted In the Mme Passenger Agent.
to prepare a list or list. of all the way and according to tbe setae rule a. govern JACKbONVILLE.; FLORIDA.
1 ov'swarup and overflowed tam.hle land such proceedings from ,jj Circuit Court tothApproved E. BAKER
.ob: x.r.v. dUtrU-t or district, andthrani Court. -
; -'an-acreage: tax-'not e.ce ,
reels per aM acre board per of annum drainage to be commir Axed.- ARTICLE XXXIL Take The Atlantic Coast LineFOR

ally'. and by the various tall asesor* of the That the following amendment to Article . SOLICITOR IN CHANCERY. .,
eotintlea embraced in part or in whole XVIet tbe Constitution of the State of .
u. ..hallYve Morid be, and the i. '. '
tin such drainage district or district aame hereby agreedto -
ouch list or lists! and enter the .a_ and shall .be submitted to the elector of the ". ALL EARTHLY POINTSNortii
the sea roll of the or counties huteat the general election in loot for fa'"- GAINESVILLE Alacbna Co., FL4,
eh land n f:dram amount Station or reectiontSection OfHo In Endel Block.:
yof gee ? .
kid by the board eornmi. t, hither branch of the Legislature Via Via Vla

ribed a In by such the manner board and of drainae form as* commie may be amendment. at a regular to this session Constitution thereof may and propose if the '. .- E t Dupont S th a0. \\11 VSO t ITrpoat, orI

from tint. to time which amount* same be agreed to by three-fifth ef all the 1 I :: lA$ Or on BleNasnablD '1 Jaek'vlD* aad
collected byb.. .., _' tax eoltact memtter elected to each bouse, uch proposed JR. J. II! .LDERIAH. ;. lac kao nvlfa Line Yoatsotrerl
of Ibe counties wherein .uch lvre have amendment shall be entered upon their respective 1 .
,rondo .. other ,.." are collected in asace Journal. with the yea and nay. '
with law. and : amount* and shstl be published In on* newspaper In Rapid Transit and Unsurpassed Service
;t 4 to the board e//fdnlnagn on- each county where a newspaper i* pubUahed. DENTIST :' .
said C'CM'AmJ..kMtH' anal have a lien for one month immediately preceding the next I 'Time Table In effect. July 29, 10O6.
lee& to all lien upon th* taiahles general I.t'f Kroresentatlvea, at which 't_ "t .
in .eider dralna districts to be election shell he submitted to the
..reed by any ta. ,levy. for the tort of any work elector of the State for approval or re 0,011"011. 'a Oo\Ilanb. OaloevtlTJIl. Depart For GAINESVILLE Arrive From
undo the previsions hereof or done )ject km. If a majority of the elector voting ';' 'ff:'A..
e ef thhi. amendtnent.: tan. upon the amendments at such election shall -
the. adoption
or the to prerl. ' "f *n *** ol the Le.ui.* adopt the amendment the same shall become Soo pm High Springs sad In'er. I 7. .;

paaaed in ?19s. a part of the Constitution. The proposed Daily 2' t UD mediate Points 10a11} s SOD
,tctton gt. That the board' of drainage amendment shall be *o submitted aa to enable OOHDON U. TISOK.
and it .a author b." to is. the elector to vote on each amendment aepawatty. 2" :
3SttbeerTghT. of eminent l ocationtot 1 the All amendment adopted at the electionat DENTIST.OOeetaMnier 1:00 pm I Oeal", Lee.burg and Tampa and, 'p-
......._ 0' bad f.* 'h. ita which this I. eubmilted or heretofore adopted Dally Intermediate Point : Daily
iliu strain. lveea. dike* and re.ctvoln by the elector are hereby declared a .._ _
the purpose af.r 'ald and may enter part of the Constitution from the date ef the .1aebon"lUe. I
..". and ... such land .a !. tsar. p nd.tondeienatton adoption of the row S.oopm' 12.40rm
proeeeding deem necessary Approved June 6, ioe|. Law 8aoengelQtlpsviLL. Dal Y. North East and We. I Daily 1

...-:ki purpose'. and In acertlninsT. the The vote cast In compliance with said .. Fa... -
'alien .ehe paid for such Und ores proposed amendments, and .the canvas* de ll:00.m Hgb! Springs, \'la7orotl8. Sayann.hBrun.wiok. aiop
WneftU Vj be derived from _* and return thereof, shall be sub , ,
-- --- ---- ------ ---
shill bo *on.iJ e red by the Jury. tested to the Mme regulation and restriction -- Dally Albany, Atla.t. aU Points North East Weal Daily
tics JI. The l>.H.Uture may provide a are provided. by law for general election ___
the asrrmeut. oT brnent. derived by : the Sute of Florida. GOOD BREAD .' I
b" "" -e Lech 4r.in.. antS thet In tettiowny whereof I have hereuntoet la16pm 100.hlP
ltnn t thereof t the eroceed* therefrom. hatl My hand and alnaed the great Mal of the . Bocbelle, Jlleanupj and Oitra
the boird f such drainage .aa. State of Tallahassee, the apical, Daily I Daily
Wit. bv tb... for pur o ibis lo'ioricl'J.at t" A O. leo .

..4 May ay, tpo3.ARTICLit I liL-lo II. Clay Crawford. AIDS DIGESTION ,
!: XXIX.p 1 Secretary of ti..... 12.40pm I 2 Mp..
i'-; f,> -ef'Article five (11 To L W. Pennetl. Sheriff ef Alaehua _ty. Day I Pala&ka U.ily
Section Sute or .,..... .. A Bdhe-epa one relieved of "that tired ,1
-- - '--- ----- - -- ---- ----- ----- -
,tt.b.and rSI.1: hereb,'. .-.-.\ 4 eo a. f..It.,.," which heavy. Uojrvy breed. _

r ir.=.liras as :-aao.r Court:. alur....* .1 be rch four,.,.-"ac..--M ofpWnw )'ATLANTIC COAST LINE bound to createIT'S Interchangeable Mileage Ticket, good over 18,000 mile of among.the principal
... ....) dolUr a year. The salary .f YOUR OWN FAULTIf railway in the Southern State, are on sale by the principal agent
(." J."<" shall ** there t....,".* >4.d4 Through Pullman .!...per Port Tampa to New York via Atlantis Coart

.'". ,.,-.) dollar a f"". Line I .1.0." Atlantic Coast Line and Southern Railway
N.ollots ROUND TRIP EXCURSION you do not keep good, wholesome Bread .
u.ndn.iNl 10
..bop fnr'IL4aE N For .
I Information call
"...a. V 41' ibm .:."" , rtn N hetbv en your table, for It la made treat* every day on
ha and theme shad be sec.Uutedarpeoval RATES and delivered at your door by J. A. GOODWIN. Ticket Agent. Gainesville.

ii elector .f the a.*. for or. t Address
toN.. at the neat euerat 'ectkla ?' ro KEYSTONE OAKERY
"*tiv.. a. ra.rrl by Astban s, AnkleI FRANK 3. BOYLBTON Di.. Pass. At.. W. D. STARK. Tray. Pa**. lt'I

the ConatituUon.d FROM JACKSONVILLE.. ltta>B. 10& 1C. T. SCIIAFEU. l-n. ISM W. Bay *t., Ator DnUdln<<.Jackionville. Fla.W. .
r.ted May ,fist. ..... I .
J. CRAIG P..n..r Traffic tanager Mrtlmlncton.N.
ARTICLE XXX I88.4O-Hot tfptlng, 'xk.a on aale daleI -
T. WHITE General Passenger Agent.
.mndme t .e Ankh I IlanU ..
!flit! ... foileohts If t olntf day.
C-'IN\ ef tbe *ute o( n'"..... I _.. ,
te Stanton & Ma --- -------- -- ---- -- ---- ---- -
"J,e the Judiciary ::?' ? ? .|17.65-Metnr>hl., Tnn..t on .al* Oct. Foundry

tired the Mme aectkMi'a bereby s* ef..y.'.... N Arttcje.,,'" .h V.*A .be.* !1 IG, US, 17.18& limit Oet. 311 ...
Gainesville & Gulf
teed t the elector of the Slate at _the i teaaion to NOT. 90. chine Co. IBC.PAUATKA. Railway Company
.a *.?*.* te. be heW *, the ant T .
tier the _rt MotwUr .fa November.. .. A. IV, X1O.38--Atlanta. Oa en ale Oct 9, -:- FLORIDA.MaaHifaeterera .
tai rautotta* or vpartiow
wlta, ',.,. That ..._! ahiry. .. the Twdge. 10 j limit Ost.:0I extension to
aab .f ,he) ClU>U&l Coot.eased I Oct. *O. VEGETABLE
hereafter .* "'-. eetahtisbed. haU bessrnevty 'i
v sw by the r iatT where Seth assetate.ha'M4 $10.85-Atlanta, (la. | on ale Oat. 12, Iron and Brrss Castings and Machinery OF FLORIDA.

and shall be a* f"I n 171 .limit. On. ::so
.... .1 lea thaw Aftee thawMad .WJoe I Grata Ears Phosphate Castings
U _...t.... ,
thessastd .Ua"
.ho.wa.a Uo.Z-AI.'a. tla. s on ale Oct. 19. Time Table In effect July 15. IfiOS.
...t..eai ,........ pvMskatiMi, ee Railroad and Mill
'\ Iii _.,... .. 11.5.5 fi teen Ifteee......n.s :10. Y1. 2'2111011' 1..yIDclla"- Casting ,- J
...,.... Ia....1 "
v ab.s.aad ... )
I taO t. 9O| extension to No*. and Repairs. I
la > fro* *P vw
r 4 In dwda to thirty*** tbe wa>4 ::.ISI Usw 15. No. a. No. ;. 1o. 1. Wo.2. No.. 4 i Na 4
_fitie,, .1 mass OA.ST JIC"VCR"r: =7.AY.tl't1 .
., sad .
thawed ifcai r b I Miry'Es
thirtythew a.d a.rolsttoo. twenty. IT TO-Maeon, Oa. ton .a I* No. 11-lT Dally Daily' DaU,. STATJOR. Dally. Datll.IE
aaaehtee ehoe fWlHUee ascend .. Esc
.... slid IMHa SOD s
.#.re. of tth. 4. GwNltwi... iaNaa N '" ,luetultt' llmU NOT. 3D. ( the butt SCNP C. VUUH OHOKAH.ni.vriMJ t

the ,U.>>-)Montstomefjr... ) on sale) ._.. ___, _'_h_ '_ ., ,________

,... A spfATtCLx I Oet. 20 33. 33 2. :3 :e limit I'' K1t
I I a L. P aI r.. A ML. P K LT. A ) ArPJ J1r A

XXXL | Otl. :). O 1900 j I IQ .Batupeoa Clt7...... l' ro 71$ 12 40l
That the hthewls. a........" .. Ajrtrh I I
M the Ceatetttifiti sow e4 the btato ef rhtttle, /5.60--i. Lo"le. Mo t on tale Ou. H, 2i) ; 9 12 9 8J _... ..( rah&m_... ....f643 J 1 6 12 1ad

,e *. the 4rUry !Wr r tMt. .s .1 IS t limit' leafing 8.. Loot O.t. 140 I" : I aW ......_ Cyrf1........... U ; 860: 11 ro t
brit s.etlis ..*y 4*. !*>. .*. .*. .. ItACTICULLTREnnED :7(0 U U . R.U..J' .22 e s0 1I.
.istA *F, .( said. Art' 1. V. W sal th. *>*.I :1')1..I to Got 8O.
...*r>*.ir agreed to sad shall he. ......... -1 f 'f.tIO-n.lhlo.> N. Y. aale- Oet. 10. sad : t
**ewa .l the **.a.e at the g M>ef.t claw, t oil : ) ,
M 1 e h.*i o. the lest Twa4 f sews. theMewday : It. 13| Hmt leain. Buffalo J step
va M $.-->.r.A. IX ,w & fereer j RUPrULYROHfEXlTT. J I
ie+lia.t t aS. tm.r.h t ; 0... 19.

: there ahall be oaablbb4 is U': 16-t.UJ"Of1. )II.*. OA .. No. . . ..
| ttCl "tC11UODCCES .
; Y.n -Kia. he.>e e tae ..wee :0 d 'i. .. . . . ......

'.:4' v .ha aeAiormiee. ajMe.alaa by a e.a.-..V. 13. UiUmit KM*. S3.r 425 . . . . .. .. . ...... . I r
.. f' ; '
ed tV.sit at*..*. trait a ...r ge the e *ar4 a4 theee 114183.-."'. Orlea... L*. I.. sale Oet.IS. 4... i.. .. , " .f..t.o..r.s.u.: D........ ...... ' a("

4 he t5a45 of and ..wt oalM .... aitsil 1&) limit Oat, 3Oj eiten* 464 \. . .. . . . .., ... . j 1

by ii.. .7 awl == Ice .sec by$5iUii sloes to N.... 8O.HI Ale i I . ... . .. . ....... ...... . .Iw.

.... ..who 1..4........ a-e tea tMwaeal.p . a sa .. . . . . . .... . . .: .. ....... ...... . .
rr.aSey ... 1& "
:20--ttlrmI..jhsm.= Ala. t oo ** *Oct. 20 .... .. . . a. . .. . -
.. ress .... a ,
p ""-i.. -tv' .. \-...1q-" lbs '.......... U. Iftl Basis t sHag 111'.1.... Jr\ ., . . .,1'. . .,.... .. l'foa.rtOt'y' .......' ... .. . . J"(

sJ teased new .aawwhn ita 9..a.hwy . tram 0.. 31 t ezteatktsa:Ne. St.EletItSIOR WE CAN HELP YOU as? . 1. . . ,T.+awilta. ..... . ... '. T'
,,,_else ':: ten .e'.u..4 toe.i .a.rd a ara.b I .0 .i' ' . . .. Lek. .t3Lllpoatoo... ... .. . . . { r X''
ed N i
....._..{. ail M sr tee..rrrt+s it sash s evawanaslN ntH I. e41a+r paiab.Leal 4S.. . . .,. . .. . _. n-.tr&Q. ... .... : . 'f"

-.& s....u ho ...... eauh easel ,.; ... * ....... art '-t.ab.55 tae ....... an r.as I I.t a 4d. : ... . . .. .. Dattzsryao . .... .. .' r >>
the ataattar..wl. at e.ea the .. i .tiase att4 all other *..,.....| ,. P RUUCCC sad r"
= .00 . . ... . .
... . i$1 i : -
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Ir'I'/ :' ': *W.l "' \is"" . !!t..}

Ifi G .. .1 : ,,',1f',. ., .W,, THE' DAILY UN'GAIN: V LL .rt OCTOBER 11, L90Gir .!,:: f &: ,')NI'

i 'f rr , ... ... ""'It(
: p --- ----- .-----. -_._- ,-- --.. -- ----- ---- -- -"r'--:' -- -
Porter I KtlTed.

.. t Old p",iut Hotel, Oa...'Oct.; ,,,,O. -Aa the Whose Say-so is Best? SAN FRANCISCO'S... -- HARBOR.World. ,, LOW lPD." TRIP'I' ;

",,'iIl'-, <.outli ota th0 Atlanta and With nearly all medicine put ;ip ter. .era.ps ,It. -t \a'."'. -a.tI." t
D '"I"' ,m t road left the dtpot )otar- sale the ma.ker'through driiitgUtH, one hay to take n. o..... I. the. I VIA LOUISVILLE &
rest saw' alone _
1 l.r. t'r' a negro roah. In attemptoff. v.lue. 01 course. such aa0'testimony lht'tr curative Is Perhaps tl1 fee .t.*.t notable "bottle
pet '. was Umewn under the not that of a dUintermttad party and harbor in Ife* 'Wild l. that at SanFrttiiflttco. VILLE R. R.

tf !0 end aught; by the ateps of the credit accordingly as If t. hot \0 be given the same ) "tlter' I. a vast reach" of
11 fNm
r.':l. li\) He was dragged some I It motived Dr. Pier medY.tJnSrihtw' -' water jiHjNJgfat mile! lung. untl tu *oui.

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a t j, rapid rate of speed, could exception the' confidence to this of rule.Invalids Their claims to the tldve of UN P.atkHow through will sell round-trip rates. froeonvlll

1M'',;, i and his right arm and leg solely unon their makers'does say not- so real or the faiiuMBJi
",,>' out oCT. H* also received I InJllr. Ef. ui'rhpilLimBT knowledge eaeh iMuriJttttt very doe t.. The proud tI' f.
.' on the beads Medical separate bottlTwrappAThus I other poia%*. ;
BUiqmoried at once, auffjrer* are taken Into. Dr. invalid CMllfornlawiOWk out over'' this serene .
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If t all efforts to save his conQdenoe. Scores of le dlng medical pl.a.._ nujyTlvfl you that here t. anchorage $32 2O-Dallas. Tex.,and rain
ipiie: men have written enough to nfl volume for,the conibluetl narle. of eta sold October Orb
"rt--1 1 at' 11 o'clock. The negro I in praise of the
lie curative value of the the. world Vbleto Indeed
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Final' return limit 31 da
w.'J,; thought of In Wet Point several ingredients entering Into thee The kSocroT of'old .
vtl well-known medicines. *tatetH C *it or the case Aside l date of sale
pd by members of traveling men. I Amongst them writer t 4'' \.be bad been porter at tbe Hotel Lang. I Jf al itennet Itgbtm a.Medical t'r>t Finley ElllnrwSJ J M. Li., it U/Juierowtlng/ tu notice that $S2.bO-HufTalo.( N. Y.. and ,"

lit and Chattahoochee House in the '! llale.ot the same city Collf; L''rut a. Chicago John M.; 8rydfder. California two big riven after traversing BALLARO:5HOREHOUND: Tickuts void Otuber t

'emPIOY of Captain W. L. Williams. Jobn. i Mj.It.twinr.., late M. IX.of late Cincinnati.of Obtoi Frof. the(gresit interior volley" dow and I9ih. Final rettileaving "
Cincinnati. Ohk
tot mot r than 30 years. llow of.JefeerrmnotMedlcapckulle>r. Ilanlto->: Into this bay. Thus nature ban fur- Buffalo Oetot

1 and srnrea of other equally _In ffvw_"ot i>. ulabtxl' two .*errUt. ..l>l, water' nwid. 1006.

;-1 Dangerfromth. Plague. the l"i'I'\'e's u vorn I'rw-Tlptloo ear** l lending frotu' a moat notable natural SYRUPAnd
won, ca.rs female w..akii_ ) pIrregu1arlttew.ocures > harbor I'lo.! tbe.r) heart of a rich will have health. ,1Q 8O-New Orleans, La,, and >,
..r on and n>rrwu you
', grave danger from the plafiiofoeuRb painful farming mining and IUI111 ate li
,) Thtr. period 1'drtrw UD 1'11tajotloo. Ureatvarn should be taken of Ticket on October
and colds that are so dt..ble:Jf0}? aDd *weakening drains oxnv These river, tbe ISucraitieuto Mud Hau one henlth and liallard'a I 18th, Inclusive.' Final .:'

prtraleat. unless you take Dr. King' I of nu.ra ira.eactisunirntdoiwmeo. Joalulu are of the music t'Utnnt"n'lal.1Jnlti horehound Syrupwill cure limit October 80th, By J
Bear In .
.1.. Discovery, for Consumption! ,' cr ti5:llln U.bu U,nh'e patent_ rll nor l even % <'an..tu California that the Hudson COUGHS COLDS. CROUP. I IUD'" ticket with Special
tlon" a rptrularlr educated who! la tu New York.
(oft b. and Colds. Mrs. Oeo. Wall BRONCHITIS AND ALL New Ofieanvand IW
Me. writes "It'. peculiar iwezperieiicA: .in who the cure of 'worn an** Thai harbor at Fan' Fra.uoUco I* tile PULMONARY DISUASUS.Mm. paying
.f Farrst Ctty. a his frankly aad roottdInalr ) eenis, ait extension nf :
takes patient* Into hU full oadenee moro nuteworthy l>ecauwe It I* the only
]Oodtend to people living In climatesfctre by tellln* them just what him Pnr one of flrst"tuagultude mouth of IMigeCBound. J. JI. McNeil, Salt limit can b. iured un,
coughs and colds prevail. 1 find acrlpUon"Is compo ed of. Ot no other n>ed! Lake City, Utah. writes: "I '
due and pui:t top for wnman"e alItDltb.a Between these point California am eighty( yearn old and 1 ...mwr'SULh.l006. .
'* quickly ends them. It prevent through drucs-Uta. be aid 't,
the makers not afraid to deal thus present to the orient an luhoi thank lloreliotmd Hyrup for $1TW-MernphU, ;r....... and
ammonia, care lagrippe." gives frankly openly and hoooraMr. by letting table cliff (coast only occasionally broken havlnir cnrt\d mo of cotiRlm ;
\wonderful relief In asthma and hay *what T.e7 abe.patent U taking.Pierrce. using. U1e same know axactir by n little beach or minor Inlet. coM.and other like dUeaa" Tl k.'. sold October 15lh,
'Wr sod make weak lungs wom to Little coasting steamer make Und- 17lh and I8ih. Final' r.i
strong lotto ifrre. correspon i- Three Sixes ZS<9 Sod and 1.00. '
:noulth to ward off consumption by r. Inns. It 1. true, at several point along limit : Is
I ence guarded as sacredly secret and this front but It I of sting ticket, with" Hpeoial A.
, toQlba and colds. 5Oo and $100. womanly contidencea are protected! by: grim a matter Ballard Snow Liniment Co.
.'Gotrsnieed by all druggists Trialbattle professional privacy. Address Dr. B.vr considerable baxard. lu some places >l.mph<_, and paying fee !r r.ants

free.Town llerce How. lluffalo. N. Y. along thin coast great. cranes fixed ti|.. ST. LOUIS MO., O an extension of rl
to preserve health and beauty 1* '
told In Dr. 1'lerce's Common Sense Med on the cliff hoist 1"'O1,1| and freight limit" ean be crurd unU'| ,

. Saved From Destruction. ical Advlker.. It In free For a paper- ashore ( lsskela.: And the daring little vemberSOtb. 1000. r.,
covered t"Op.nd Dr. U. V. IMerce Buf skipper must even then kevp one
Ire Angeles. Ca!.. Oct. 10.-The Sold and Recommended by
falo N. Y.. 21 one<*nt stamps to cover eye to windward let a crashing atoriu 140 00 Chleago, III., hind ,rah

. 't racing of' the wind caved the town mailing Dr. ViercVs only;Pellets In cloth cur binding constipation.31 sUmp. drive lu upon him and forever terminal \\. )1. JtlllMMI*. Ual.III. Tickets on sale dally to
cl San Fernando from certain
de- _. _._ .. his service) on the sea Thus It I* -- - 'tomtxor tt)..h. and limited tnf;
.. ctJon by mountain Area which -- --
* --- -- -- that the two great" harbors mentioned. Mlntpiw (..... Per ........,.,.. lulls until. October 8lt. 11.:::9.
raced Intermittently from early Fri. MEANING OF MOLES. must for mill' time .uarw a uuwuoH ly of ,, t.
here !- N lra0 > niftlMHl ofutHirMlutn cttritur
;day morning until Monday, night. the 1'aolnc ocean. coiuwcrcv. One familiar artist : If the itrMlRlu" la ou $ 1. O-J>.u..,, Colorado Spring ':

flity square mile of slope and valley A mole on Ou right .M.- of M tuau'a with tbe Atlantic tMstlxMird. can the right e.'le. "f the fncv the left Imml0bw )'uebtoQoIandreturn, Tic

lux)*, It la estimated were burned forehead tleiiott'M wonderful luck: ou l *rallol (he nttuatlon by blotting out In .hCM..1 ran
ever Sunday night and until the subildenco tb" left nkte Itt n xvuuian' forehead his tnltutB ere all the torts* IwtwcenHavNiuiMh nil Intt n" CAll IM ,*vrtM.. ir It neurellilnis bet 80tb. Filial return limit t

; : of the flame It I. said that gifts from the ilontl. and Portland save only New In the left akin of the fu<><> lied the October 31st. IDO.

I ; 1 tt an ''..'.<0 square miles have been de- On the loft Niile of u ...a..'.. forehead York and lK.|we..>ii thv** In plitcn of the right lanai HlM. .t4M be i4tHl Iti the tiotruler. ..8.40.-110' 8pIDr.-< Ark, Ant' r.tnnn'

I 1;'TU at!" d .. a moh leiMMt'. u long term In |.H.on; nunier-m liMq!" >llaItI', Inlet milMtllnte aeeertrly II U arti..l that In thin way Tickets on sale dally. Klni'
I ; ----:---- - on tlio left si.le l nf a "trtjuiii'n fi rvlK...,l, : tir>ken .MM ,cliff Pie will then relief, uwy lee ,>bttttnr.t In Itmw than

I : ; Sick Headache Cured. 'two litiftlNUxN ninl u life of *>&Uf'. have> the c-on.UUoua U-fore him whirls nun anl"tU"1.... explntiutloii l I" tlmt return limit POdaj* from da'

' Siekheadaoie Is caused by derangemtjofjthe A matt >v1ili n HH'.e In the subtitle of Bl\'" t., Snii "-nnlt'I,o, It* pre..,.tnlueuc.11'nl' .. lie two nerve wblcti 'have tilt greatest of *.|.. F

] ; stomach and by Indices* his fiirvlimui IMH a rmel in I ml. A 'wo- ..r J. Keuyou In HI. N'lrbulM immUT of tm-lilw nerve ontllng4nrf Hatly to Boptrmtwr 00th round

, HOD( Chamberlain' Stomach and limn with tiilt a tttole I* ftHilUlt. Idle --- . the fifth njnl UK inexllatt .."". trip' summer burial tlok.t* wll

LiveTablete mutt pitvlouM. .\* tli. fits*se <,f these. two nrrvc crw be on ale. to various "" .orl.. Fat
correct these disordersicd.Qeet DISCRIMINATING| LAOIBO.
A mol. M\ flit' Mk in man or woman itny Impulse! s>.NlveyswI In ti,. left bandwill I Information, schedule, lime "b1...,

cure. By taking these |pronusea M king ami Imppy life. ..tTr *
, tiblrt as soon:a. the first indicationof wcnllh mutt fume.A Kmt' T t..!.. tlreplel.t e. Av+..mt ml air 1t apittbd' l to UN rlgttt band will nf- on applloallufi ta ;.

the disease. appear, the attaek may ...... with a mole ou'the left kle hl.ltaer/lvrr..a.., fit the left wlilo .if the fact Till la I). 11: HMMMIMO. ;'1

V.in warded. off. For sale by all drug of th.III...MMr. |lip l| rarely nMirlc. and I T A. i.hens!! who hav* u e.t .Newbro' on t't"mt .>f the rmaalttft of tlwt cnnla.Indian Fla r.., Agent. .... A N. H U .Nu. US;
( llcvfOtt.i pek! 01 II In ih Mhttertwi. '
__ __
such a niAl. lu the'use' of a woman '-T' flee: aatetc effect In He n>>l..gih ttevlow. I W. flay Jae.MmvlUe... Kir' :

St t"1 Attorney Turn Back F.ea. denotes .ta........". acelc of dan _rr and .l*. for It. .*> ..

l" :.i<'a<<(.. Oct. 10.-State'* Attorney On the right she of the M|>1"T Hp a enllnr *. a .e ver.t helydree.iex It
John J. has .. make tb. eAlo rl fresh and II suave" Florida East Coast Railway
lle-alex turned over! to 1D0ho prninhscs gn n1 to lietli exe I
that Itc.It..... dandrulT will rare..
fouk county ail tbe fees of bra officef NewbrxV* Ilerplefct *fT..tlr.l, ..ttr.* r Local Time Car t
No. la
47. M
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