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EW i VMNMH|'iptT A F"H './

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._..,. ... ._ ... .
-- -. -. ,. -. -- .. .._ -- -
--.. .---_-..-.. -. -. ---- -- ---- -- -

Ni NEWS OF CITY AND Iniurenllh ru.hmaA A Hill I Insure. with, Oathman) Jt )llll. I(Ir-- -- T, I F, THOMAS i I// ,

: )1 Iri. H. W. WalU has ratnrnod fromA ] B. II. OalUklll of Mclnloih w..1
f pUaiant visit' to frltndi' At Hochll among the business vltllori' & tb till, city WILSON'S

: COUNTY CONDENSED Attorney, U Thomas of HtarkA I yeiterdiy.A.M. Co
-. -- was 'In I the oily on professional' bull- I Ouihman li. lufftftlog from theo ,
I 'I""uord. (Troll of A levere cold, but luilll.. Able
Mutton of General Intercut GaUicrcJ I The Solo of
It. I D, Kyle of' Jaekiourllle, a.iUUnt to write policies' urgent..... e ii
LIj by Our lUporUn.PCIIBONAL general freight Agent of Oifl' Hral oard \Vhenblllouitry.a dot o't Chain, -- ---
fay' AlrMne.wAt among the vliltora& to berliln'i Btomaoh tend Liver Tablets. Ready -to-f Wear
1 and real 11* far once 'how qulokly A Io
AND SOCIAL ITEMS Slits city ycMprJay. Ilrt.claii t UtMO'dat* medloini FULL LINE OF ,
--..- .- '!'he friends of )Ir. John I, W. l ICIIr. .1 correct( the uliorder. 1'orial, I. by will!I Goods

Whit .HatlUppenedand. What U Going of White Bprlnifi, formerly of this eliy' druggliti, NEW GOODS(
8, li. lloborlion of the Armour CarLines Will Continue t I
t to Happen Told In Short paragraphs will be gratified At the Informationthat ,
she 1 liai, recovered from recentIllness. departed yesterday for I'alatkA" .
89 That "MA.. Who Hum May nad' ( And other. p lnli on business conneoled Until All Aro Sold.A -- )

It .In The tun.t Fred Newberger. (if Havannalii, the with hi. line, Mr Robertson ,la said I lYn..nal allmlloB t t. All niitlm, U +

t Insure Mtlh CtikhinAtt ft Hill deter traveling rrpreienlallre' oKrank lo bone of (Ih. moil luoeoMful tollolt this HAN Mall and tclrffrapU orders
tadlei'calling cardi In lateit ilylei A Oo wholesale notion Anddrynoodiji urn in the lorvloc.' HIM LOT or promptly<< attended to. '

*t Hun ofllei I & in the oily )Ir New Manager Thompson' ( of the (lAlnri* Waists Kimonas _.
Blmnninn'a Wonderful Hair for .al* ber,er IIOIIA. of the moil successful\ ,III. Hewing Miohlne) Company hai,, -- -

by J. W. MoOollum, A (Jo, young men. who comes this way. returned from A brief but successful! Shirtwaist Suits Florida

Can ....cdt: ,cxn for sale J. N. Dr.) Ooldileln, the oculist, AI per an. visit .to Alaehua And other points )Ir. Galnosvillc, ,
lone, (llln.um.I'la.. :2w.dawA nouneemcnt In snottier. part of this Thornpion" .U one of the mo..*uOGo..fui and Furs -.-. .

1)). Simmon, of Hell was Among paper desires! lo state. that Saturday I and competent( sewing maohlne men EE "

the rltllori 'lo .Ills oily ,..Itrd.,. will poililtely b. hi. last. day hero for In the Bute. Still Sold at s MITH'S MOUNTS
? HalUreyof Jaoktonvlllo war regli the season, The Doctor regrets very Mr. Win. 8. Oran of California, Doing
i lereel .t the brown. UOUM yeiterday.Attorney much to have, .but. lili profeMiloiiAl cngageinvnli )ld .tuffared/ for yean\ from il.uma' WELLAll
lUin. And luinbigo. II* was finally
lie -
rlivwhere demand Hut
ICvani Hall mad A brief advised to try (Chamberlain' 1'aln' \
business trip to JaokionvlllA yeiterday.XV. be going Halm, which he did and It efTeoted A New and Artistic.A .
Mn. N. 1 D. rhlllipi haa returned! complete au.'I'hl.. liniment U for I
XV. J. Aminotl of Jacksonville! was
sale! by Alldrufgliti.K. .
Itout from JaokionvllU where on TurnJaythe ntH: ('lAMIMiAll: 1'HOIO given with
__ r"l&lIl..rOthe&. Brown yeiter Attended the marriage of tier, W. Llttlelleld. for several' ,...,. 'every doien catlneii All the old
It MU5. U. Y1L5Ofl.O "
daughter Mn.I J. A. Ammoni, to Her connected with the cotton departmentof standard styles and many
For Bale l'lr' birch In breed .
canary Mr. U'llmer of AtlanlA. Th. marriage Dutlon) Co, but now holding<< A lu- slew on.
Ingeifce, AJ"I.t" ttf( H. Untvertllyilrel --
lit was attended by many frlendi of the email'. r(iililon with headquarters' A), SPECIAL MOUNTS for E. F. S.
.is contracting parllei, And everything Illiekihear, (la, was greeting old L-__ __ ,
Vet Ha1.-lr" Morn and practice'
.stabllslsrd.Iplsleen yean Address patted off happily.Tliomai friends In this oily'" ,....,d.". Mr. W. IJulehlnton wife And child of School Children--and llablei

Hun ufllce., 01lloadnailer Sledge nf Hell was In the MitUlleld li on* of the most compe. 1lnnlll..lo"., AooompAiiled, by Mri.
Jolley of the AlUnlln" clly ",,dl'. Mr. llodg U A pro lent" cotton men In the Booth. And hit Ilutchlnion'a mother Mn. H. N, J. Fine Fadeless Fotografs

Coast Mn wont yetierday. lo I'alaika gr...lea young resident ot thsl section services* Appreciated.Mrr aufth1ln, Arrived In the oily on Tuei From Locket to Life Hlie, t

DII' official I huslnrss., who la desirous' of eitabllihlnff. home, ,KlllenanJ family nf Orlando day evening, to remain for several SMITH STUDIO.

J B, Thomas, tIn progretilve, liter and ai A result I hat, mad An entry have arrived In the ally, And will make weeks, They Are located At SOS! Kail .
chant\, of Hague, "'II' bush t'a .\\lor through the United, Blues land ofllo .Hit their future home )lr. Klllen Main street, N., where they will keep .- ---- --
to this oily ynterday of' valuable.. land Situated near the Hu it AII rider In Ih* Heventh Day Ad. houie.Afleripending. '
wanneo Silver, Weil lend, venllit Church He hai been .hire forth THE CONTINENTAL
several ,
Dr) J. I), Wilkins spent WedneidAynight !! days In the
wild' M, family, at Mloanopy. Itememter! that Col fat llebrkahI ,, put few days assisting, Klder Crli* oily In th. practice of hi. profriilon tfA1'I.illsrAUuLM: : T. + ,
turning to Ibis city yciterday.Mr I lodlJ.\ O, O. F., will hold A special man In A series of meetings of the de Cot T. I K, Users left Monday forJaok.
nomination\ a I, Norlh Oalneivllle Hall, ''
meeting till evening for the purpose" aonvlllfl, whlttierho will b* gone forAn
and MM, M I. J. Ward of Mica* .
Km thn of' Arranging for the.. capper And tnterlAlnment and became" 10 Impressed that hi" decided Indefinite length' of time. Ool I .
nopywerln oily yeiterday, I
} to be At later data. to remove Isis family here, It.li. Owens li marked (
gnosis of J. H l Kmrrion and family.Wanted 1 given hoped they will b* pleated., Attorney eml" I.
The session of the (hand Lodge( of nenoet and numbers hit friends by"
To \ .. ,Irun l I. .
rent good rinrlfthl
i -- ----
fur literal month', Address, with; Odd[ fellows will convene here, and Iti neither,, one'i, iwoi nor threea1, but by
term, IV U. Hut N.. UAlnwIllt. HA., his.. purpose of' .the Itebekah" degreelu the ivor, *.-lllgh Hprlngi,, homes

Jams, W. Douglaii' of llrady It In do their part towards entertaining' NEW YORKRACKET. Mlii Annie W Armstrong. of Haiti),

tho oily:' having oom to prove A home*/ the rrpreaentatlveiiMn. more corresponding. secretary nf .the
Mead In the UnltiHi Hlalei land onion, H. II. Owen formerly A reil.lnt Woman'i Work of tho Southern Htateiot
Mrt. Iu llorlon of 'Wllllamilon, hero, And who U well known, And. \ who 'Ih* Uapllit. Church Aflvr A pleaiantvlilt 'i

H, 0., It In tin oily for A few wrtkaAI ,hse. resided .In Havannah for (lie |put to U.,. and Mr*. 8. 11. )Ilogori In it /'
th,* gurit. of her daughter" Mr*. few months, writes that while iL* Itaatlifled this oily, has returned to her home.
J It. 1 Kineiion.HpcelalAgenlJ.. with her new home she Kill'" MI. Armstrongd.lie.red A lecture to Sit111rt
has A longing for (lalueivlll And, J her, the ladles at the llaptlit'' church flun- ,
l,. tlioAtlanlloOoatt .or..r 0' 0'011\0')
Dumlngaiof i
'Line. .I, old! friends' Th* chances are that _r day evening which, was well AttendedAnd 0,.. Split Nlerlaal. "p" 1'.a'...
departed rester..lay lit re. Owen. will return to this oily fn A greatly enjoyed. The l.e.ur.11 w"c" Nor.. ,
for I'alatka And other points on ,few week to make "It her home, And It CHEAPEST tSTORE; ON EARTH. full of Interest' to women (from brgln ,
ufflelil) business, ,
,safe to slate" that she will receive' swarm I nlng 'lo end And A great deal of valuable .
H. V. )1..",,,.. of' TAQOIIII' one ofHi t weloome.Mln > Information was leoured.

moil l'tf'Rr""I 1 cltlieni of that Jennie Hpaldlng, an aecom The advance Announcement of the MI51
eeallon, wee transacting. business In llthcd! young lady of Demand who .has. PocketCuJJery appearance of Frank H. Davldeon) at :
this n. NORTON
oily yetirrday.Ool been In the oily for the pail few dayiaithiRueilof tho opera houie February.. llh, In I
1. H.) Wehtler, of the e Dullon) Mr. And Mn. 8, II.Itogerii $. "..,..o.r Hopklui," bring with .It the I '
1"0"1'1..00"1(11'' ( I list returned from has. returned. to her home assurance of it taro ..'.nll).'. treat. M
? Dutlon) And other (polnli.wh. ht "has Ill, HpalJIng U quit prominent. In Frank )).,leJ.ocl hai won th* heart of' NOTIONS ti
been In the 'lut" .rMli ot.' the fon'IIIt'' Hlale' church work bolog the corre ,, All.. before whom he has appeared i .the

Miss haute" Rnlght' of r With Hptlaps' ponding, locrelary! ot' the Wonian'a company" supporting| him hai been ,elected AND
was among .llioin who favored (lain**. iVork, Whll here she mad many with great care, And thiprlalllei -
tlllw wlllv' A visit yrilrrday. Mlti friends' who Admired her greatly 1 for Test rocoivcsl a guarnn and mu.lo' of the orohMlra$ are iNOVELTJKS.HuwtMr\ '

Rnlght'" list. many frlvndi her who are ter Christian And social' India. And tml) lino of POOKET pleating feature. The company ear
always glad to erg her. who hope to have her her again At no rlea all special( icenery for the (produc
II. 0 1'Arkrr of l,*.0roi." was In .the very dlitantdat KNIVES which wo will lion, and A good cleat comedy 'ruler. ,", I f.

ally i>h builnni, yritcrUay. Captain' The unlofl of W. H. Thomai when"' Boll at from fiOo tip to 'tAlnment may b* eipecled.& :Mils J. A. AMMONS
1'arkfr U one of. th'''' most. ,uoc..itilbuilntH ( completed" will bi Among 'the flneil Among the vlillon& to this city ,li J I

men of th. county, operating| and! moil modern 'In the Htat. Major' $1.25. A flno tiHsortmont II. llodlford of Os'h uitt, Oa., father of t .. _. _._.._ _. ._
Mg Morn at LaCrosse and llsaue.Mr Thomas always Ulleied In system And Dr. J H llodlford, who arrived WedaeedAy .
and om fully\ giiuruntoe U'uNtM\'U.I.t.H:! I I1l1Routr.
HtloU, Apntmlnrnl elllirn and neatness, And these ofllcei will meet every) > night.' The arrive) of this gentleman : \'OIUTr.

dealer In rllUarr of Ptl.and I I. 'In every demand. There will'" .b.* A |>rl. (l. So como and buy was quite an Agreeable.. ear : .
the. city on "".In..., Mr llvtoU vale ultlee, which will'" l I.. filled op In p I'rl.. to 1)r. llodlford. who wae delighted .
AUtM. that Slue. DH.aml ir llon U on AIxvom AI .modern A manner AI poulble" and HOinotljinp that is fully lo greet him At the door. Mr. llttdl*

Aiut that money' U plentiful In which. till owner ot th. flneit livery guaranteed or In 0 no y Ford 'll eomonhat AdvAnced l In Ago, be Alachua Pool Parlors
L with the. people| the' ri', stables In Florida will conduct hit prl. Ing now In Ma .lRhty Arx U Atrl. nf rate business The oflloea will'" 1 h. In bank .liaa active .Anyone of forty. II.
th,. \Ultorf lt lit Ntwltmy tills ..WAIAinohft .....plng with the atablei, whloh meant enjoys (line healUt and declare now ('. Ham rrvprlfler.. '.
oUr lrrilay.
y !nest... And! system throughout thai he can hut Any "young buck" In
Mr. Arrlott li t.ry |opuUr 'In . A lteastiMl IJae .r A foot non of A hundred yarun or more L
lila rellon, liAflng sorted) Hit pniplifalthtiitly -- -- -- --- 'cu>d of ft moil almlabledisposition ,
A. \'mn laliU Aid dvpulylii READ THIS. New Ginghams ( And I I. declined to make
friends wherever" he Ii known.
>rlR fur A liumtwr\ of year.
HlplyTean, June 1. t IWIDr. I, and Madras _. --- -..- -. -- -- .uoated In th. Tuner HJoek, eouth i
\V. It baker of Melnloih.ont of the side .
iquar* tfrlclaii' table) .
h. W. Hall) HI Louts Mo,,-DearHlr.
lradlun inrreliAiila. of thai ..>.tl iu, 11.1)1) be pUr 4 tea ...1.. this werl.' Iwtd llghti, and prompt And eonrleooi'
Having varlou remedies
was Among lh." business visitors to Ibiscity \ J. R. Emerson sereio.. 'the (tQlIlte rtllally Invited i
without' eatUfaelory' result., 1 was |I"rluadeU Ut Me 1 At, .H 1.1 fBli Ut Ne. tfAt and Alway wnltorn.
yrilrrday Mr. ltak.t stales that
condltlona' ,In ih. vlrlutty' of.Mclnloih. toglteyour' ..r.... Wonder"A 10 irate" lad Thru Are la shirt &I Company ...........
trial. I..have ttml 1 OliO bottle, and IfattUat An4 anw special felon. .
Mob U A Sheaf tru"kltig' irollou, bare ;
U ,
tot ease one of long Hand Kcducod Prices
"been tine and the). m<'r'hanu hate ..n> sag lust bathed the eklll of the first \lcCO :\IonoSavers i ,
Toyed A tin* trade l tlitilrun.yrt' U yielded At one to Another small
Mr, a It, KnlKht" ", <,..r NVllmluKtwn.N 'S'he Trans Wonder," which 1 heartilyrtromntend to tho -FOIl- ii I
to All iaT( 'rtng from Aid lot ,p( ihoso I
> O., AcouinAnlrtl, | \>r hit tun and, hey And bladder trouble. \c2\PE0PLE
wlf.. I.Uut. and Mn. UUrtnc KnUUt.Ar ., Your. truly Beautiful White Spreads Printod6tationopy 1
'h Rur.t. of f Mr. and Mr A M.Ouihman W. I II HMTO. i All Our
At their rl atani hmn WlAUchua Pastor "aI''''''Chu"b. Itlpley. Tvnn. at 08 Ct)U t.\ ()ood.I Sold ,

A fnor, KUut. KuiRi; n A on Llvo 11V ...... j
A row
onicrr An4 atationcl'
rrtul.rarmy at 1WNf. cJ
and t.ctUve IQ f/Irlltl1/ I tuna, art.w. ...
Fort I."en."rah, Kan. One small bottle of' the Trial Won* A flnl01'O sacks: Staples, ... y esusnrearAe
Myl+ PI Ith
der UIU'. (heal lXoovery. cure All r "1 lIft.
)tours !U>b rt I rau and lent ..tAuder .. link yw l.:
.oni 6. 0., mere In lb. eUyi 4ttrday dney,, and bladder trouble, rvmotreRravet of tint good( Stir .rta... ....aa..-. (' {'ekes IJtnylb.t.Stead. IItI

.th. cue."U ot Mr. And Mi., curie diabetes. seminal eml.* i1.J.ne aw p'1 Kn....... . .. 2.00
J. H. teamou They hartjuit .""... lion turn and. weak. < All and IrregutAritlee lam !.woks. of, th rheutna* kid* at $2.75; tws.S 5 lb. lo.xHa'.*".. Of'' .._ 1.1&

from Miami, where th.y Itav b..1 I Off and bladder la both men ands in* xzxxts.s. i.U O'.IIn..1111 lelwta., ; ,.; 1..ks
Ulllojt Frank llahu. formerly I women rtculatea bladder trouble lachlMrtn tor tin AU oeber prist.d'
If eo1J sack.'e a,,-D Yra A** .atlo.7 at Jlropor-
not bl
oily and At one tlm iuar hal.\ !In tb e your dtutglsl, Ileest.ty hw rtH..
will b. sent ty mall oa teo.lpt of II. a ('an yens era ,
aflvrnoon the Rf ntlf invn deputed. forKirkwtMtd. One .malt.. bottle ti Iwo aDOII'h" ,,.-.,. rn..s1+..._ ', u. .. -
tbr thy ",1II.C'C'hcJ omtlm O and PUlff D 1 Ca.s wes .... JU.
eH4om fall to perfect A ...... t ArtMi My Year Or.V,
\ 1' $54
A1 the RU*.la of frl.".d.. ear. Dr Ernest W. Hall sole u'.a.fMlortr. -
.' o. bot a m9. 8t. Ingle, .lo. t.s a-a4 NNr era
.-- -- Bend for tMilmwtlal. ". told by All Phifcrs Corner Tile OAINC5VILLB! SUN
: OTilEB: NEWS ITEMS PAGE 2 dtutkisls. I Tr.l.r.rI10 1: I11pia c.l6&U'fYu.u. r14W.,

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i L l, I. "' JJ.. f,..a.tAG- : y;.' .. .


i Ill 1 Fr
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,4L' rr' I I I" J }
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. x

bt ttnrtittt jun. ii

Published Twice a Week.-Monday and Thursday .

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-'-. '--'_-._ -_ .- __u. '" ._ ___-_-...;._;_...__ _--_ .. . .. .-.-.--4t- .. _. H-_.-- _. _____ _-u .__-
RUSSIAN* STRIKERS | A number. wwli of Ibis' ffovorntuwtt morning prlnicnreturned SENATE PREPARINGFOR VALUAHLK JCWCLft r- IICOOVCRBtP I'TO REDUCE ACREAGE

An nfflflBl" aeonunt of ytvtorday'i ll(* Officers rind Stolen deeds and
event lo aa follow : Roturn Them to Owner I
.''un. twml lh strikers. and tb* 000 worth of jowcU n..,.u hem tb.1I
I trooM.| DtMin.fltB of aoldlor had I room of Mr. NV A. Kdy tart Hatiirday, .....r _

[Clamor For Free Qovernruont 110 used to bee their arms aa tho Chief. Jnilioo l'ul1tr.iU Swcai I bare |lIMn found and ruinrn. d to thfli I II Will Do the Slogan of Colton
'Iu1\'d. disperad when the Iroopo ap> I ownor, helot of ISOlr l".r'iii.n, olr ,
and Dethronement of Ctar pea rod, In Tlio Senator-'. *.adona and Captain AtnUn, of thidotoctlvo Qruvroru Convention.
: I force, found' tI l Una of
In tlio eoun txtt thet day an attempt i.R Jw-1
N-THC eta wboro they had boon burled In lbs IiLIMINATr
TRIKE $ BMPIftBkncltnt was made to attack tloitlnny Dror CATTLE HAIOCni RN n pnOTBftl TO tKNBATIONALttMMarvle '
I -- market but U was repuUed. >Vork' ,... ground of the Ilaynmnd 'bold, and returned
Nation Throb with .cite men al Ib* electrlo Stations Joined the Commerce. Com them to Mr. ISdy. Jordan, ;' Will
'Interstate Qierflla Hi
Appeal to ,
t strike In the "'....'Ina. Then aom -, It wa* ascertained' by lo( r'roo I
mint and rear of bloody' rttvolo. group taking advantage oV th. dark million n,o.rdlng Fralobt rtatia.HappinlnQt man that when the jowrla "bad been Mid permanent Chairmen.. ,

lien-All Ouilntoo Practlially gupondod t hC'lU' began lo break windows In tb..hOI. In the house. and Sin. taken. from )1 tI. 1)1.t ,'. rtMim, "pro porto of Hunting" of Cotton Haves.
.. .: but order was *v"rywhoro -, auinobly by lloll Ikiy Wilson, and
In tt Ptttrtburg. quickly restored ale, turnod! ovor W gallon whom tbo |H> I Dun Magnlflid, ",

\I' lit.. Petersburg. Jan, Jl.-JiJ6 p, ta No person was killed or wounded on 11'ashiglun, Jan. It,.,,,Al S o'clock' lie. htllovtHl engineered the affair, Now Orleans. Jan tt.-All el.)
-err I'eteraburg wear* a martial .. Monday. The oiart. number killedon today Chief. Justice Muller" will oweal they wore sun) lo mall. to "Harry t-& monty apparently ate at work toward

el" today Kvwywbcre troop, bav Sunday wai to: wounded, all ol .In thtt Bcnmora a. a trial court of I inptMchmirni lam black, Monrovia.: th* end of keeping mtaatloiialUtn Mil
II drawn 'Into' court yerdi. Only whom U were Heated at hoipltala, for the Judno Hwayn CAa*. According lo ibo rouse* story thepackage of th* convention which hvgtna .its
waa claimed' at Monrovia bj
ekela are kit ouuidi. and smell A rc'.4 lutlon will probably' b* passed Moll three.,*' tkin hire a. day and .II.
Itoy Morgan, emplOyed at the
ode of Cossacks are .patrolling let .tribe at Moi ow, authorlilns ftonator l'I lt. of O nn.0> Raymond hotel 'In his they Bttcceo4 tho ooittrntton will apply
clly, and hi
)Moscow Jan. 14.-It i IB a. m,-Tho .'the Itself In businesslike, ,
rata, The atom along the prloofcthorougbfarei tlcuU to yii'ililo dmh'I Imtx-arh him wets biulcsl I at out a quarter of a a way to
AI. mushy C'lo.o4 strike la oproadlng rapidly. All the Ingot proccvdltiM u. Htuaior rr>'csprraldont mile from the hotel, the achievement, of eane and peso

.ad barricaded, printing work have boen stopped, No pro tr-mportv dooo nut lull i iktr Morgan, Carton and Wilson'' are lathe heal reaulli lltnlltxl., In all prolmbllltfto
The corrcapondent of the AttoclatPreio Unwspapols will bo liaued loninrrow i>K enouRh to prr>ld..ov.r the leg custody of I the local pollen acreeae t Ml net Ion and .provlitoit\
noticed acvoral men Ulitrlb- Thus war there have been no oolll- lilatlv .c.klon and .Uo during lee --. ...-. for holding' the surplus of Ihl. yoar'i

Ling proclamatlona, Tho people fofterly ,- atom with the |.ollr*. impeachment tjlal.Cattlo cnooK IN TOILS or LAW. crop A number of tk* delegate' are
woro ahy of accepting ouch doe Cmplot of tannerle wbo ar* out( :1'\ urging' former ('OII.rl"UIAn Catching

nontll) DOW they are eagerly acceptig on atrltto r.roaln .|ultt''. Men RoglitoV Protest Charged that Ho OptraUd Oy Hailing of &lUaUalpM I for permanent ehalr
them and have akkns nod them The' iKillc barn ordered all stuns \Va t>lnetnn, Jan tS,::nH. II, Cowan, I Monty Orders man and I the Indication today were

IN toteb",'' (swallow), aa alluilon to. be rmnftvod hum the< wlndowa ol of ..,. Worth, T...., rfprckcntlnc the Knuxuilf. Trim., Jan U. -1.I'ullumC'CI that Mi 116"1\"' might' lit. ", ..('nt.,1$ UN
the eprlog which$ hat become a lyutyta the gunsmiths, M majurlty of whom oattlo rala.,.' awoclatlon of Toils, I Inspector( II. Uvya bai' tfcclvM Information the, IhM I' of Hi* convention In oppoabtlon
of evolution. Tbo corrction- have rh..ed their ahopa. was heard today by tlio, house commit. from I IVrnandlna Kin., thai, Hi lint of Hauls Jordan but a

nit lecurod a ttuutber of ('()pl.,., Tltey nployvra of lUehtuihln Michael too on Intor-alat coinmeicc and for man filling the description! of a .par fount of toed otlll iiulnla lo tit* aim
alt alened by "Ib elluMlan Bo off, Under and Kthraeder factories, sign commute on tbnbllla to glee ly wbo I Is I>#|"|<>VIH| lo b* tlrorgo T. e.... of the elite announced In UlTlioro
bare tho .trl.....
Mnmocralle lAbor Tarty." jolnod lu further Poweru tho I Int rriaat. eom- Lowe .Ira. .t hH>n arrested In lVrnatvdlna baa apparently been some aaprchcnMon .
A body of ilrlltera at noon today
The proclamation dated' Jan SI mere commUalon. Ho Mid the rattl n( ihft. Insane of (HMiiimitvi that |li. convention would
forced their' Into the worka of the
la"CXmuadoi' way won believed llic y I liad been InJured < I.ewis. ur that' city take radios steps along' the Una of the
firm of and 600
Hopper oompnlled men
Ho long. 'M autocracy by advanced oath and,, bad IAa'e, it ta cltar*.d. optralMl. In tile it el rUCtlOn Of eotUMI. NO such Inter
to lilt atrlke.' Nimultaneuu.lyfatlurlos
taU no Improvement In our condlU and olhor work were closed nado complaint, lo lbs 'Inter ntfti com. city of Knunvlll with two other sues lion U iivldtnt. among ha ,leaden of
poatlule. Therefore yro cow .tbroughoui. the dlitrlcta, adjolulogUanlrluff mares fonunUMou.' |Ito| t'ald there wMno a tow wt> )kN ago. ratting |N>atortlt' < the tank and Ole of the, delegalea woo
MBU' to Intcrlb on our tannrro Ibo itroct.Ctrlko ',al fnr making A ',Mlo but li*> moue, obl.ra and imllalig nn lhaamr arw already here.
allowing demand.! J hired that rallroadk umOo rates with' To mini. said lo o. JaniM: "Of eoiiree' there will I* no BUM*..
'1'ba cematlon of the war. .. ..ding t* Other Towne. a .1.. to snaking lb. most money Parr mid. I IVw llMtry.. ado In' $ll III'' lion of buttling Call'III"I a4! Judge'

\ "Tbo aummonlng of a conatltullonalfeaiombly Vlffina, "lluMlu. Jan. M.-A itrlko. Whether the olilppor should pay IIIONtban 'Knoivlll"' and ItiwbMirr, N. Y" roprollroly ttugenVlllteiH4. of \Vatw.\ T... "IUl

of representative of Ibo peiMe. hat commenced a...,.. Tk* town It h* did 'In I/U. naid 'Mr. Oowan, on the aaitie rbarg. luiwo l It '''rto hat tI.. planura were, engaged
unlvcmal atirlraga and direct ae-. iUtet.K'ovn. bould not b e left to ibo rail road a for boners U b* ,th* third mt>mh.r of tbe m burning' euuaa,,<< have. been very ,
ret ballot. | I determination, but to wine one iU.. gang II* la Mid lo have IKHII south' borne. ", ..ptn.tI..... Won abU

i. Tbo removal of tl... and racortvlege ., UII..." .-Jan. i$!+-11'atk l.al TbVouiliout Ilia' nitre a(tvilbwri, tiMid. from |\noirlllf... vtnliing Xlaoon andJacbMnlll lo 'learn rtf only three also, IbM wore
and restriction. btttn Helms. at all Ito faetorl" slid It was tho un..r..n. opinion ol A pliolugraph of the burned one at Fit llamas. On., aad
.told r. 4l. been I
man at r ai ia baa
"'MI. $Inviolability of tb* person and railroad. .ht.i" bw.. cattlemen that fiNHulu. radii on cattle two in Taste and that' was limply N.
si. '
neat by Inepttor Ky* to w sent
4oclle. erowWMuw wee 'too high The" rallroadf, b* add illuslral.lb. rteefi (Blereol of Ihe pea
hero for WcntinrattonNBW
MKr*.dom of coniclcncn, apotch and Jau. 14 Tbo M11k1ra bars rj, bat tald 'In drtnn 6i adranrH -....--__ .. .-. pro! la ins ............ I think the eon.VMitiou t
rte pruM. tnottlnga, atrtke and Olt.'ra' at noon today totalled iu.000. rate that they should b* )hwiituicdlo GAOINtT OP rf AucE.Llet will l I.. practical' In III work.:

Mtoclallona.& --- stars. In Ibo Knnrai prhiporlty olIh -. *.- *.- Tixley'a tfilM l.natgtlatge} RIIUM
A vocoad proclamation, dated Jan. Trleote. Jau tt.-$.,eral hundred country. but N ...hl'l tidbrr* was of Mm Who have Taken OWc bore of d....*.'... They want aa they

a. nays workmen a. ral MUll \la"r.' the Uu.* anything' In that tbcdi,. ) (.boy should Under nouvlor. I ,_uI".1....,-_ In U'tttilntfrkii .Aillllfcfv......-.r kfclLwhere __..
Th prottlarlat of all countries are alto' share ID adtmlo AIM their ..,.... II.I..
aUn comulalo here late Ut bight. I'arla, Jan ...- .* fwMowirn. u (lbs hoy \ i
..altf>d. trylnai' \ 1 list of Ihf nrw aablfrti MlaMeri, ai 11o"Je" lh. number (if Ihoia pr..
"OIUBoua. tat hmt wllnc. xl IIItxwllal "')0". with the raarl" HVi>tn wfin' In thi msle. finally arranged ; tnt wlrii pmMily" VIM**! I4fl. flit vnt

cruelty of ILl autocratic got< tyranny! "IViwn with AbwMutUm! W..h1..n. Jan. 16 ,Tl"'..II f.' lua... 1'rraldimt of aka. cvuncll and Loin Inn AlMHighl of ibt' w .w llon ell{,,
.,..IUDt'cu.. aw blood flowlog. lathe TT.o*pollen dli| *riicd Ib. crowd. torlal' \l4tt\n thai abt wrnatt .if Ilu.r of fliifti**, M. IlwMMlii ,, ..,. of course, bo my much imallor. The

.tn,.., You raw hundreds. alaugb.nrod --- haul to sole' upon ttio Mwayii /Im- .#<*r wf Jeal llr.. M.MloUfr ou....... 9ri4lmlH" 0flKearss hat d.cldtt4
i dcfvndanlf, of Uiq .cau. of Ubor Mean, Jan St..Workmen held a poaehm trio I 'ItllClar.',. r '.-Ib. 'R' of forl'", affalriH.. f>o4oaaoe. that I Ib* l.prM. ....laM ifi of each aUU
Yon paw dCAlh nod beard groan meeting in a ball litre 'tart night to ale' ctambt't at the i>.-ninBlna of the I shall b. im 'ho basin ul votluH ?al,-.4a
.f Ib* wounded wonoa Bed dcfooa- discuss Ibv atrlk' altnalliin at Ut I'e- ....IUb today tu t Ii hUt: a hall Mlnltttr, of th. Interior, M. I9tltniiMlnlilt aliown I'f tl.ewIsty 1f..1.". r.
:{, taus children! Th. blind and brains toriburg. A. soon a/i the flrtt spook doton chain plll'4'd M1.alt i".ld* the lIar. of war M. I..,teaIU. I tog oat ole lo W albmwd. for NCI_

of workingmen wrr IP.UtI' around tr mentioned tlie word 81 I'etertburg, They Wilt' loratrt in tilt front of wknr their. beads had bt.. laid. Who the |H llc* ofllclal., who always atletidiBUfb Ih* first row of soils on th*' rpri>atutatlr Mlblilor of |Hibllo, worka, Armani ems w. bean .tl Kl.d for chalrnmnf
4trt ctd tb* aoWlcra to aim their rltto. dautblor, rtulU HruitllM and. IM
mucilage ordered Ito meeting lob aids of tilt chamber Of the I (Ih. r"< ni ,
**4 Ore btilltu at th* brcaata of Ito dUeotred.' Ills order one carried own MlBdltr of |Nibll InilriM-tlon, M.nitntratt eommttss wilt al.. Ito oa cbaJrnig.
managers only pry poar4,
HLorcr' It waa lh, cnporor. or ibo' Martin.Minister .
out amid I'Oh.ld.ubl. luniuU.Toklo. .
Mftiira Iow. and flntiied .
I ICOfW. ra being
ttrmad duke. the mtalator Ib* .... IMbWf.MluUt .
go Jan. n.- The Japaa. ... era abttllt. In of CJtNftMflft., It 1. I
tbo nobler' of Ib* court I _- % They appoariHi. a group. .r of BtfrirNliiirK, ..,, Hum. ON iniAU' Poll PCONAOC/ .
'In the rear of the seamen, and beadH
They art the rourdortral tflaytk Hew Views fttrlko. tender icrv4ariiHi, flats arts, Is.l I
Japan by Mr. palwi.r rhea chalrmai
ra.To keenealebioc) deyiMoptneota at Bt.JYtmburg. tad ww IrtiMiliioiy annouuerd, Jadln maumNii Ananco, ).. Mnlouipoftto Assumed et Holding. N.gr.os I" .Inv.l.
comrade! Balsa tk by and .... Itrrand,
arma ar
Th* publUb.Icg Iriograph" unUry Serettude.Jup.r .
.w..tt AloBio |II.| ftuwart .-, .
ueaat and Ih* arms at lee drpota, extra' acoofini. of the riot are at arm of th. .. laat who sergeant --...........r aa. I... M .-J W. Ilel
asd al the gunaoKlha. Lay law let I'' eagerly re.sd.1k. pMpi went ahoek- ", bare senate adds ON TrtiAL. ron MURDtrr l.....bU.. A ('. IAH sad<1 Prank ,Wibwt'
tla honor to ,
prtwia walls, Ubtrata th* doftn4 ed at the iiMth roll and there announc the -- all of Tr on*...... were hr4 to'
.r* of frcodotn; dvmoNih Ib* poUt II .la a wtte. .prt<.4 feeling that It. .bureacracy three .tra to of tb* noose .of r..prv.nU' Killed. Dr. 'It" Lofov In O,IU. ,or *4 trial .bofur. Veiled 1(111.1 Oommlss4w
Aa4 gtBdarroeo stations, and th* gorrraBt will be p.w.Ma, Ui *t.ntl conduct. lbs I8>p* cbnenlpTtxodlor Last V..,. : .r HlwinoM OH tb 'h',. of prier"
*na auto .w".'.g.? Wa t tide of reform, and tkat Ito downfall again Lsfin.yns ik,anok.. V*, Jan. 9i. m<* CM* tdChad.
must throw down th. frmpro a4AM .. of the arMerate oy.lra muil Judcof Ida." I th* Bortborn district. of Nor IL n.hb.*rn, barter and .brok. ageTote.. tors art wbwfto4rartor. ui .

coycnimOBl.' and w..** bate our end the war. -. I .r, ckarg with killing /It,. 114 I* the iii.I.tUo sad Na"h,MI* sew ]Has
owa go'.rBmtiai'llr A m.etbw of a fwrrlrn lecitloo old: IV. ; tow, a young lloanok. pby.'rlan, WMealt4 of rallr.a< aar n.) rUf *i.artr. UUord.n

915.E>> rte f'h,.tfc.*T "Tbo war U ov.r coleus tb. ItitMlaapoopt 'In the i/wse i" .la rorporaltow "lCen Monday. fIItI...,. ,
1i .g lit* ,lit conollto. *t ....nf ar. .",..M4 with aa Iroa ..... akacton| Jan, -'Upon" avea Judge A. M. Alktoi, of IMMIIU, pre Th.y *.. *...."M with M" 111 a.>
k4/ of tht riprmeiilatlt ot the p. It has brought aboat a erlita. Tie (lag Of tk. BOOM of fa.WNolatlvos" .14Ia,. Two ,luWiioko ftolrta wtt< Kro* l$0 a.fvUiM. iHi.4a.t theta wilt
ikautttd and .lar.. ..nr..tTh f .. .l.. walo4 *
N.f" JapaneMt army la JM W fightlag the today 0p* kr Ckawa *HB;Njar4l al inure I I9acn tb 4aiita pro.
A third pros.atlo *..*ala to tko battle of tae Hvttlao ....'1.." ; II. ttOII'.rMlN as the pri''of the. odgo thaw ordtfH ih. abffrlto Ifmlnary Mi.*W.athm and. Rat hoed
p.opl* not u* atunpt to lajur pdvM .- house I* : "port, New- at Lendeiw bill, )h..". Mako CI I's';!. otjvti O9 OrU Ur 19 oil fbhburn bad II. II Tiw......, sestet *ftt*. RUM '
' Tk. .114.. t\VIO a dirflottlly with f fow'a youag tupaoa from CTbarb'tl. rf O. fc.. beam bore
mmore are ta clrmla tn.ooa, JM. >tft A 4.**Ub In and mma Tan ).
UDa. A bub la reported to W aaareh ..we MfT frwai W. .'.eetobargOow4 ... later gvMng 10 tho tuttwla ,......... a few Rays kwklac. fUr "... He-
l8fna lk. d<>*tof what tad bapp.a.d Tli* taro arr.M.4bask. lb"y wlUa have
log o* Ibo Tarako-8tlo to ... tko u_ n.ft eeeay. am: OvomrNaahtifi "tllltr ensoipu.lid. '
TINt lo to.* qjarr44 mod llu...M. I* "hoist ae4ee11e vibes ?
.. Ito maUllod cuucktd t* of .rt..e agala ,.
pror a are .os .
*. T.ss J. K Mtlrn.r .
f.bbwrn f41t Uf.w I I. IM "'"..... trim Wrlikt \VWama aM WeMf l ,
VraalJlt. to ask (lag UxM XVI ftnatM ".strarag e.a .... He,." pre.p.tet .I...** 11. rra t.r .saw ',rsrutelag. is.ergerat.d .f'tHttI' t..HIt slaw llt4/ eostr4ass. of DnlUo. a... HMN!. $5I> ,
for broad. la IW Wat ,ikiory > TH ait la uttr'rly' wuhnt fuuaojuio lamartt st M. Patec.berg, ar* ..... lal' ".r ..fd fiiJ.t.... r.t. err.Cend.nsnsd.....- .
.na.1.. **. wbr* tk. woos ol eea4.ag story w.ere aad eb/Ms" So ,...,.. Uttil. ....,..r..' {..rTokewe s -...-. ,-
KaHLI are always laid. <. ... door .4IlrlUla. If''''. fur* a.4 rtwkre for safety ,. ow a ....,. Mab.rstw'aesir lse "M'. C""I" letiat.d, Murd.mr' T. D1..

gnat the ftllg aalaat UtUrltUh A. MMtM. at Uf C rrHiera. sad .0 any ti,))4 u rwt rear' sad a la'I' A..ct.. Tn. Jan M- n. dull V lamkra. O J.. JI 'rbl. bOb;0..4 t ,

bad b.eoB* ../..... U UUgkarg4 ......,. baa psas4 a .eeratells.s ft' pot, ......., of fit.H" antiJ.(.Tko t>fU aid a*,'.... of re,.....ia4itw' of tfc. sours May r.,...... r? ..IHt.... a Sue
that tk. Urlurti ar* f. airk. Me// ', ...* ,t. .: .tfilt'l. .,.,....... .ran bee HM..ural' .*JrM ray Te.) l.
lag aai..y to .rtac at.n.t a JTO!. a. a. .. ,,'r t .. ......anaarasIh Ihosey Mca..e i"d Melt hoo't's i lit* 4i>aa "*r* at awe iu4ay alhl hi .f II.,..... Nrni'Lt..n. wen U wrwotbaiaA
..... rrv..e" ...,...41 LrlLelct '5I ....... ssausa <...... "1". 16S skas r1 H4 for trailed aHac. *.**.."f (:baa. .,........ 'It All' Y'. .,., al. .bt .f. t>isI.eirIs
,, .. ..
.'.... lira 4 ,l 4 itra r l.au' f .r' a. ,..,.. e
.1 *
rowrt <
---a- ar sppr pc "U twffhas ..Jl tfl. Maisv. A Cale.ri,.. U* pre*.-aiaa tsrtsbent. .
St'. ........berg 16&. .4--11 .t a.. a.Ta r,. > a Mil.erip fc. to sod> of Ire Wry tdd'k1 Tb_ e.pr.m. ""11 elMt4 .\'&..... oppositW* to c Psi '20u1k. A* a ff Kt

.lpi sae .bust 1'bat. sic 1 eg:v .;a of eu.&Hf7 .,,...: ad *tt atettr la Jolat *...eio. u>vorro. Ik* AMUMi I .111 M aarl to' g"* Ih foriM that tkl II.osimata
a4 tcu .t ssdee udC.e1ll. ULs* a a 'air +r :I ..3t.d e+etr .u..... III a a..cT'.. ,alb banoL win east. aid bbsalet C1s'betasr.ttt Ste .!SC"C" M
aonJfI&t tbos.anda .r work,I P...'t.8'.H' .eta.rrMle'4I. I af .... .U. .4..t by rt.kf.t k tura.aUg detlue'.l< re. ,.... Mat ha' '-.1. before the pardosM
....+G !iota Ttreftia# 1'.4. tell $1.... J 4.. .. ,' ''' 04"'" ''''14 *sfr.g A. ce 1UIP-1, .ie4te4 I .. ...., 1 x

w _. : .

i ,Jr-, J -- ., t lJ (, tlf i---'," --iIJ

.. (,. "'1'c .t ,. .1 :. L I v..fff -., ,, '
I" +
\ ..' ,
t t I I I ,,
4 I '
} I
r I : ''f
J .
.t ,


,.... .... __ ___ ____ __ __.._____ __... .. . .
------ --- ------- _. .. .. -.--.--_ .
t:: : : ; .- > .' -:-- .._._..a .-- _. -.: -'--;::::, a--.. ....-. -- "

1' : !Dater of Ctcttied w| isle to tN l .....d.a .
f HmuUton in uxl)
DENVER Party. to .the 8u f.n. \

liver oil I prepared alt a fotxl-- f*)]lbwlfi. |{ fret TM Tbwes.UaIv. swill
Ic I ;I .. prer of .mitre' to re4ert of The

A Leading Spirit in the Great not A toMlike\ bread or meat, son sire ski det**..J wi well$ 011 Know '

4 .: r : Colorado CIL,'* Jl vival. but more like 'cream, ; in fact knowivhere "having' "been rt g 4ed for R
.* fishy yean a* a baker Theflluo of n .fool name and high

_) 1 CONVERTS ARC' NUMEROUS i; in the cream of cod liver ""'fore claimant hart' MHIM* 10 the I rupntntlon for quality '

I oil. At tho fame time it it n front for a chars Hi Iht ettatt of WIN I Iro have( them both.
hems Kttiberr
'' hd deesssr4. latt .f
On* Hundred $ Tblrir'Sevtii Were
bl'-xl-inflkur. a IHTVO tonic OalAetrllle. Kla.' who) died 'In that lily..
Converted. Ont M.ilegl.Id" : br October ?!. lU8. You KflOWRI

0,. 8lrou" ,t-"Cltf' it Deeply' flilrrtd, and a /lj-bulldor.. Hut "ro.am.. yrart a suit ha* been

and >stores Cloud .pdndpally ft 1 h food for tired pending. In the United Stale Court for Tho largest Imycr can sell t= the cheapest
l the flou I'hern district of' Florida I bt, .
.I A wonderful retlva' It now In' pro and Nvonk digcstionn. for :all tween ,Ialln.n.o. this. rtalt. IL'I U --(-an: iiivo more quality for tho inon

veer .la Ilenrtr, Coin.' All HitchurthMof "the suit u' Andrea Wbllllng. and oy. 11V are the larqMt! curclitttiwir> .
who fal-starvcd thin.
4 + the great city art wnlUd arc : : U1(
fourteen' other, at' residents, of Ocr tiihnvtonne in ..11i and hundred Art I being converted.Dr. .
I It I i i. ploAiiant: to take ; children many and aubject of' the Kmperor u'hrmaIl1. more fur I lie '
i Clare' net Btroutc I I. 'In charge of' ( woney.You ..
..*. Louis J. Ilurklslrn, Mareut' .
Hit., IIril dlttrlei of tht like it .ink for
and '
competed .
: more.U' Model, .
} and Jacob Kndel._. rttldeoii.,_ ___ of_. '
of fifteen, ehurehe.. 1>,. J. WilburChapman '' n
.tl......,...a...lll.. tiff AUchua county.' Florida."Yttterday ) Know.
: and other tvangtllftt" art 'In
r charge' other, aeeilont. k'OTT' AI.UWHt.w. r,..i *.,..l., H.. v..k. .there was flied In the .

_. -- ---_ _.__. __. __.' H.. _. UnllHl states Court a .petition of )Ma. 'nc i limo (to buy Furniture Ifl when tho
The In Hit third
meeting* art now rte Ells
,w ..tk. The business 1100.... elotcd' for 0100 ARE nfJEOTCD Hhelhbotd I'uKman l'g:<
the day of "praytr to great li
ri 1 lion From Trtaaurr Department. .,. art from I>.lli. Germany, and she Ivtnr.Wt .
i p The Denver J Hew,, The lost and Tim i petition wa O'C! l by William Wade
IlepuUlleanartall filled wild report 1'ottmatttr leo J. Arnuw hat re* Hampton and A. Jl.
y of' the meeting, They glee 'largt cuter celred the following' J letter. from. .the C0uritvllort at .law. atWrneyssnd Undirbuy-Undirsill

; of n,. Blrootfl and speak' ,, of lilui a. treasury department' relative,, to Iht 'Tht potlllontr* repretent that )Ia.
protw.ed publlo building for (lalnec'
.h. eloquent young Virginian tie Kllia
Pugmari, net Neuters was a All lot
convince of
flit ..hlob..1II competitors; us
'' "prune of Interest at you
? Hit paten, reportont 'hundred. and this times .,Itierof William Keubert, deceased

}} ,n tttirty.teven ai converted in ont ..,. .tht whd dl.d Inieilatt. and wlthoot Issue. tills t Ot1 1\)'. Ju t. investigate-our
c sloe held. by n,. 'Buou: ".. which It dt to proposals for Iht They alto letup that she I is an heir
'''. ', t rlueat"a toast remarkablt meet. fonttruQllon of the.. "building to bt and dltlrlbulet. of said N.ubeI. d.* prices! vlll hoar out tills asnortlon

t..( ". log," Heveral of use.. theatre) art bt* treated. under on.. ibt advcrllttnient.ll.. In your eutiody, rntelvcd ceased and ltntllled to an Interest )
1" Ing opened for meeting' In proportionate part of laid ettalt

1 \Y* slip,. the. following' from. an ao :.,,mber IDOl I,16 you, loo"art", and advlted opened' that,JMmberU In aooordanct such d Inlerrit heir, Ipwll," a ont.elghth undlrld' .a** 'No Yesterday, Not Tomorrow\
t count' given by ont rtporltri with.. the approval' of the. department

"Ilrcauit of Mi familiarity. with& all I H(,it bid rreelrfd hue -
Deafnett Cannot
'It glided circlet and isle 'ucct.. among Uton reJeeU'd, the lowest blddtr .having BUT TODAY.

the world.wcary society folk, Dr.tMrouMtnjoyittit withdrawn' hits. proposal" ', on account, sly local' application, a* they cannot
I .. tlllt of "Tht Bo reach the diseased. portion of the tar,
of the alleged mistake' his..
figure, .
: if. elely Kvangelltt." lit look 'tho part and all Iht other. bids: being In tioevt There I I. only out way toeurtdeafne., SOOU8.
ii. to perfection Alllrtd In Hit Inert std that I.I by contlliutlonal rcmedle
of tht. amount.. available for the work,
lM.ol of street, .ulu. with natty Deafnet I I. caused by an Inflamed eon
Moot tit, (his blond' head. lurmounted I "Jletptcifully"J. K. 'J'AYta., dlllon of the mucous lining of .Iht
by a darby, this. youthful ".n.II.' "Bupervltlng Architect. .," Eustachian Tube. When this tube I Is Gainesville Furniture Comp'y
looks II'". "e bad just corns from, lak In peaking of tht above I'ottmatler Inflamed you "have a rumbling< sound
t or 'Imperfect 'hearing. and when" It lientirely ,
Ing 'lea with' some of the 400 llul Hit Arnow Mate 'that'' hits action will In. no '
1{ likeness ends II..".. When. tit begin affect the closed, deafness I Is the result,
to speak. the. society" man hat. vaulthrd, way eoniiruollon uf Hit" and.. unto! the. lonarnmallon can, It
building. but It will'" now I bt Calnesvillt Florida.
r / n A It If 'Chit I'vntM. eirnnl' Christian toatkfor new IIId. In the.. tneantlmt taken out and this 'tube\ restored' 'lo its ,
who, tal" (10 eo..dltlon.IlnlC.1II bt dt
you pur reprwnUUvei' In Oongrtii will
Itrojed fortver. Nine '"* out of l nan .
"Ttan sil.nllrnaJssticaily, fol 6x rcltt their efforti lo (lit. dt
'! teourt .
caused by oilarrh' which is I
lowed after the utter' down the
out Irid Increased spproprlaliou.COUNTY West
I. furrowed steels.. of' strong men, wo ---- -- 'Ing but an 'inflamed. condition of 'Iht Main Street.

i. ;+ men burlod th.'lr f'acll In handler* '1'R19ONERU., mucous lurfaeei.Vf .
.,' chits and Unit children grasped their 'I will girt ona. hundred dollar for ,

band tightly and wondered, whllt U,. Now Looted at iht McDonald Turpn anycato of deafness (caused by catarrh -1

I.hlou..la tai crowded meeting Jut, tine Farm, Fairbanks, ) Ihal cannot'b* cured by Iall'a| vvvvv d%%

night gavt a graphlo, )' portrayal of lbs On) Monday morning. Sheriff. Fennel!, Catarrh' Uurt. Nand for circular' ---.-'--- ..-.- .-- -.- .- .

,:, dtparlnrtof.. ale. soul from tht body attlttod, by W. Dliou, landed twenty fret Hold' F."l-vdrupnine.J. Ciiaxir' 76>Co.. ,Toledo' 0, ----- ------ I
I and madt a touching appeal fur those county .prltonert' at the J. li, MeDon Take lIaU'| Family, 1'lllt for contll

.'} : 1' a In the audience tlll unsaved 'to .lake a aid turpentine! farm at Fairbanks, pailon.. ._.'_... _
1 'Sf ; dtoltlvttttpbtfort" too lalt. where they.. ttlll bt worked, moil of tt.d. Dig !Hunt Gainesville Foundry and Machine Works.

lately! out of hit '".nU"1 with them. having been trantferred from the.
? only a few year separating him from Dutton mine near Ntwbtrry. They A jolly trio of Georgian* hailing from -- --

-' paddock and church, and till looking were certainly a varied. looking 'lot, Favanuah, who' wen. at Spring .'.r" Iron and HUM Castings, Locomotive and Machinery repair, Wt guarantt ,-
Farina* Iht guestsot Manager N. A.
Ilka a 'husky' young,. eollegtootball among them bilog several boy of not
playtrln' everyday cloihet' with Mi more than fifteen year and Ihret .bt Gallium for three of four day day, good: work and prompt delivery) at reasonable price Located' 'In

sla( .foot one of' hone and mutole, tbt Ing to badly. crippled they were. taken fare returned' lo their 'lCIh.... Ihtparly
eomprUrd J. M Dlion South Oalnetvlllc on H. A.:I*, and 0. ,\ O. .Kallmada,
j young tvangellit look hit audlenct<< : by wagan.. tht teren mll*, while 8h,,. pretl
gently but 'firmly, leading It step by Iff 1'enntll mounted on hcrtebaok and dent of the city council )Jr, Jadtden. 1 T

? step. down m,'* pathway' to the( last. carrying a strong argument over hi. director' public work, and Hal I'. .. .' .-. -, -.. ,... ---- -- .. .. .. ..
his member of' the --- -
'an firm of iUcifiiA
tA farewell to earthly frltudi, whttt ..h.i shoulder In the" form of a that gun .. .
Hunt tiientlvt lumber
: i goal patted on tie ont ills, and .Iht marched .Iht remainder lo their new merchant -- -

?; ,s 'f 1 sharp.. ., ;putted on tht other| "wher*," quarter. of the loud CII,. They' carne for .GAINESVILLE BOTTLING WORKS. i iI
# Ibo of a few da,* hunt the
purpntt on .
f Mid tht young man, "..h. .mother At Falrbank they were greeted by
,, )Doctor' farm, and were not disappointed. a* --rssteuttsraa or- -
pane* on the right and In anguish MCIbur Godwin who slowed them to
?I i husband .patting" down the path on the.new ttoekadt which', I I. now nearly they enjoyed tine luck, and )Ir. Cat I fort Soda Water, all FUrors, Ginger Ale, Root and Birch Beer Cider Etc. I
I lUou .made everything' ''' a* ,......n' a* ,
I t, the left i whert ''he outer l ,patting Joy conlpkted" ant they were slowed pottlblt for them. UA1N :8\'JI.1.E. TLoniDA
fully In tht flock of sheep'' suddenly! away to get ready 10 I product<< Itof supply" These gentlemen art well pleased'

; r spies a brother mingling, with tht,, h.ul.lor. fur the tradt. with the 'farm which they enthutlai Write roe ride... C*...sad tx>tu>. are not eoU. bet met tie ""lIf"". I
Ion. Judging' 'from tin look of leveral) of tleally declare I Is on. of the preltletleitale .

I 3U Iho chore of the tvrmou,while the.. .Iht.. "gang" tht market will net U here, promUed* they harm lo return ever seen.ale', They "- '-. ... .... .. .. .
at "
'4. l. choir softly tang "Jutt At I Am," th*' Hooded through'' .Ihelrrffortt. although lunlty ''''hU. oppor --.::! -

; ..d'i .' earnest.. young fisher of men urged' they will hive to hustle. around tome _. .. .- .- -.
i.. + 4 those of his. audience who wen not already what lo am. the lft.M per month' this A Orlm Tragedy

'' It sure, to come forward. fully a firm. .pays the county, for.. their blrt.equipped I* daily tnaoled In thousands of YOUR MONEY BACK

t tenth of Iht thousand. 'pron* With 'homes at Oath.. claim, In Hoh one,
n reamed to liar. sitar.11b.re" .aeh was Whetlt. another victim of

e Klven a hearty handshake and.. the The tlalntttvlllt .'..r. Deparlmenl' pneumonia. )Hat when.cootumpilon coughs and or I, -If tho Goods Don't Suit.

young ,ultaIU.,'* blessing and prayer. whlth hat enjoyed a reputation. a* ont coldt the I
art propatlr healed
of' the 'ROt' nt.l.lt' 'lu tht Halt tragedy THAT IS OUR MOTTO AND WE LIVE
It was a great torn* ha* It UP TO IT.
avertrd+t F. 0 l. Ilantley of Oak
_.. .- .... been Improve by tht addition of
a 'Undim, In.i.l wrlten ")1 ty wife "ad.h.001l.1I111plon
axt The Morgana May Come "blcjtit .brigade., Chie10'Neill, and
three I
doctor Rye Whiskey
Rare :
hit and Mr*. 11. 8. Morgan of Jacksons Attlilanl Thief Ouihman 'hate .beensupplied her up. Fiualljr the took U,. King' Corn Whlskeyi

loth).h. J., who ..,.", the season here & vllh handsome. ehalolrttClereUttd New I ttir.>very for Guatomptlon, VKtt UAL. rp1 uAt
.... wheel,, toulppe4$ wlib" Copper listilled.1(115!
It. year ago, art now pla attly fog C.ugb* and cold, whleh tared her, and } N.
0. "
horat 'If"l can .bt hear) fr V'Ilito.$1 (M
t located at Miami. Thty atefrl.ndiofIrs tenbloeks
twday she well and Queen City .
+it strong It kit!. . :2 I oo
+ J. 11.Urahamwho Is l nuw Intor thr" germ of .U\\ dl......*. dne l .
', .' '' rMpondxiie' with them In an eixltatorta In Iht *Hit of a It,.. If any person '..,..... uuaranlerd" al Hit aid fl.tO no. Sunny South . ;l0%\ N. C. Dottor . 3 t oN.

1.t + Induct them to spend. taint thins ; should It run deNs "r Ike i' depart by all UruyitUU.. Trial, batlleafret.DR.
? <, iJ'.,". l>r. Murgau It ont of Iht mot I mewl' bU\ >yclfa It will Im thelrown faith, -I . 4. 00' C Fino 2 50
$$1 alTatl\ ) ."nU".".-.) ii hat edit been oar a* iht warning notes will *erv. a* a Ovurlmlt.
. .
f P. D. HICKS 4
U st I 'plfaturt tu marl. lit sad hliettlutaT bltil' toeUar the war 00 Laurol ,raU) 8m I <"II''

1 t. \)< wlf madt many' treads hen who DENTIST

+ r r1 hard alw.y. remt-mUi.r l th.ni kladly' Sickening, Shlvert*( FMiUf c..,- sap n........s ,Woav.WAUH .
i and trutf t. hays an .y.t.i .'ri.uliy ei fgrrttlng ague and MatarU esa bt ttlHlcd' ). DIPlOMA
n f them atiia. W''u,.. ih. ...-.onit aid t/urrd with ))..".. IMlter. Tht, FLORIDA ====pfB wuon $4.00$

i .r n en.,. *' Is. a pure, tonit annlielH< ; of ttprjiafbenefit 0...-(,'.,.>wn popJ' please talks ea

1 Dr.I MorganU qullw a l III' ..fy mss, In malatU. for itvsert* a trttluratUt a.eesis before c. mftog to aav.. wok
!' t being the t'Of't:p tpondvni :>., .n"'al Influenet OQ the
Urgt paper. lit dots ttoi __rUoauit \" p". C"I" entirely out of tht .)ttem. It I le AYE HAVE OTHERS. WRITE US.J' .

I +' lit It vamptllfd.% for .li.. I... mu..h lu \?., rr' ferr4 u .i 1 l&lne.. b.i. ir. SIULISV I \
.0IUCI'>'te't mvtut to pay l hle.tpenr.l fur /ng notvot tole drag'* b4 after tf*

%. heist a "wtekor Iwo" but nij t(OCt"* 1::. 8. Xluitvlr oi Henrietta' TH. \ M It. f.kNiNU 8 U R U|J:()s. -
: l>t eaut. t>t tuvea tht work aix! hit T.t .. wiiteflt "..., I rotter wa very jr. \A/ IDT i i z..A.MS
i k } ) hears ""aea i> lit ,It a* fluent and Iii. took) KlfHXr\ ttgteits\ .
( &
1.4'I"'D.' A writer at lit i. stalkerMhis'k s.rrd hits J ills At af. ,. \IN.'U' < whWh....... I 1.I r rash Male Si.. \orUa.I P. 0. Box 401. JACKSONVILLE FLA. 211 W. ti I
ut' I''*' deal .'1l', guarsste.d.eskrAb4 .1 r.drte I ", ,
., v .......... ., .....
q-' ..... __ ,
t II. "--.Ijo" :.....'.'........... ," -.:.I'....M14 ..... "i3 1 ;I r I ft t
1 4
fr" :
: !: (! 1,::!! ? ,11.. "...- I;(> + s
(t / .
-- _
f .

J 1

t'HE GAINESVILLE 8)i) : J 'N U Alec 111; 1005 3l

_.. ---- .-. ... .- .-., -_..,- --.---. '.. ,.lI ,- .. .-, ...... ....--.-.-- .- -- _- ._ :_-- -=-- .;:-;:- '


__ W. W. Aihkev Will tikMljft_ OuilniM' 'In
Futufu fee The 6un.J .. .. I',4
J.. to the...
I The 1un < ilre to hitnouncn

-. I! ; I.'*pi.' of Ititieivlllfi and the sets.
U.4115 Time lx kt le MtClrect by IydlaaI $"NO11 YOUR
Will bo Extended to Mclntoih I ranll.baou V"C gcU ble Uotnpeun'L I runJiul'rnuntr7that U .bn .<
I.I[ the tt rvioei of 11'. XV. AtUI'r. a ixni-

DuringPresent Week How many women do pan knew w11esi' : papa, worker, for i u.r ,e.r., aid
I.u well and .trualrt' 1'nhasr every, day the Mine el rjr over and ,
riCAOHINQ TOWARD OOM.A Ualiirivlll'', elm. will deWI** Ills time
ofer ftff ln. 'I do not feel l well i t e.uo >
I I Ured all U* thus t I" I lo iiUi'niuM _ntnril>erfi' NIt.'itlung, 111'.11\,111, UImUlU: _

The Long D>t I ante 8ervl'" of the Can I I L and JOM i,ui.nim<( end aba. i."<"'*$ anj Tim Largest Mall order House

, Florida. Telephone Company Proving !II iii
a Dig Convenience, and the Service' J I t i It ,U the aim nf inn nnMUher.. toinnki Yar. M...'.. w,"",,,'. and. Ohllh, ,..',
,la Growing and Improving.' : ) The Hun. a paper( 'In 'kvciiinn with, IIJAU\.10.WM,1t U A It )11U:1.

I I clue |im.rr.k of uurcilf, and this cm.
One of the mod, convenient add-* .. IN TilE ENTIRE {
I rr only I'< <' done by the .hearlr. r. i'Iw'ra.| SOUTH
lion to this teellon IA re.4iit year n \ t
the unlol afforded "by tho 'long dii'lane s.----

line of the lout Florida Telephone a'ult )IIS: ,

[ Company, I I 0IeU.h11f.. lists Ulsderwrar and< 1'.11I',1\1.' '

This company" at the .beginning was r .on "om:Y.

'more of an eiptrlment than anything' Tailored luIUl\hll, Jsekets, "m, ll allis. I.grnirheInge .
.h l lUallilng' however the need of .

a telephone vendee between. Utlneitllle > fi f 16 It 1'flhllllll'1(, '
) and Atrrdundo r,lmer, Mica i 1I
Cluiluhtg' dims, Ilnderweat stud l'urnhhlnps.
.Al1JJ HalcArOollaldMoret"ln .
nopy. Hooky Point, and other 1,1"'ff.1,
Manager Voyle thought' the venture 1 1'01t 111R1.'f" AIIIt t'1I1I.UItI S, ,

would' prove profitable' with the reiult I 1&14..11'0\& eiab the earn 1 U"I'. lte
that he Installed .the .,stem. at eynilderahle worda yourself, s ill no doubt vou tt\ 1I
far from,,,,,11. Thl.eeu.enha7bcosally JliI"ll'e ttlld goods by lspless O. O. U. "lIh 1"ltl1. Inetslulne
eipwnm.The tror to<< aome Arrangement of the fmaleortrana I before ot'th'R., '
last: Florida Telephone Com width IUlnlf Ilkelf }n ..
pany now has linn estendlng from c1.1''I\' of tplrlt, rrlikctanrv to go i .. Wa tlhf'tlr..u send two' ur Ihtrtl stiles o'' any garsttunt

OaliieivlllA la Archer and Interme.. anywhere or do anything, bid,..."., for .IM1l1on..

llale 1-oluti, to Fairbanks, and to )llo- ou 1l4'Nh'If"t'own.neMi4 aleeplcfcuneiM' palna, flatulenry, leucorrhira' nerve, .. ..- .. .. __ .._.,.._ ... 'N'_._ ...._ .

stop and Intfltlllfl\Ua".h'h. There TheM .sYn' are hut warnings Ii .
are now about llfly telephone, on the that. there (U danger ahead, std nnle..ehrr Write for our complete Fall end Winter Catalogue

line, which prove great convenience I .tlun la ,"luevllahta reaulU
to the mernhanii of Ualneevllle a"IS' The ne.er-faUI ,irreme
the people of the country. The mat ",eymnlomii I.,.". 12, rinkham'e VfO,. W. W ABHLKY.

terof a quick and convenient lervloe ctatile.MlMKateMcDonald.ofWootlbrldge C."rmllll\, ..-_ -
has been rralUeJ, and thoie who use ,
N. J.. writ's h11caS I lion ti( our oltliata. ThA. belter the
the hortes. would not do without
bin. 1'nkbatn( I patronage,,, tiller tI'i paper and L . -
them for roaionableoonilderallon.There .. tlilnk ...... -
any" I tUl M n n naturally dilikcsin thealatement that a oU, I.... a daily
are at pretent no Instruments mk l..r In ie l "0lli L..n> wiit eu not.h lo IIM llmt paper la alwaya Indicative of a busy
I at Wacalioot, Tacoma and Clyatl, but ) LAND TITLES.
rmtot 'hh' > from Ulllnf nin fur the sake town.
those di'ilrlnn 'phonra In theio ire* of r>ilM>r MITM-II. ( "' ."I..n. .
... MilTeri| 4. l How gout a than I be depends
"troy a I lot $4. I unl< < epwiyviii. I paper ,. ., .
tloni may now get lls.nr. a titrrlii, Inwl4' '. and lrrrcuUniU. ;on thepuhlliherand" (la"palrona:, H 1Li...+' 'n R+MOu .' "I .
The laleit mUerlbori" to the tyitem wbll II .n...'. It" a p llysksl "''ffIC'k allt'l no CIMthOl.
ulil I I wimhl' recover, (nil K link. i the' paper doei not coiiin up" to your 'Tar. IAuraa2.! ,! .t 1.7:11I': a ft" f'f tln.,fdrtulHtx I.!'!' fie. ILL
Crawford Davit who have
are \ Just 'JdIA
bin'nirwl. .P<<"".... l'.n''I'' eut1rI1. Idea of, what, It ahoiiKI be, don't '

Installed 'phone, to I f*....11'l ins inr, awl duly'111.\41 to t.llt4lw..tlttrttngwtan.u HM!! will. '' "', BiI '''' ""IIt) k," but try to <'hoot" It Aa Inho Title! I IB 11'hnt(111 pay for when you buy land) thuroforo

atend The company began Monday ei* "bat a..>Hti<114, l iiMMllrln It U." ( pait The Bun will In' Ilia, future la* know wlint you aru buying.\ ;
the line from Mleanopy to MoIntoih If III htn't inhale.. to brit of (hi....
you are get A bet for Hie Inturetti ... _._. A
and other point In thatvleln Ixittle of hvdla 13:. I'lnkliam'M Yei eta* vlllo, and when niiAMopi to runildar r-.r+ --
(ca ly Iud within the ue&t few days It hie O in|.oun"t at our*>. and wrlta tobin.l'hhkhamLynm Titles Invisible correctly revealed to by '
I Mutm. ,. fornpocUladvlre that ihtfcotiimni of H paprr are the you ,
will IKI for > .ogleto
possible |
trade nf the publliher. the
stunk In
. -lt U trt+ and always helpful.
talk wllh perfect rate lo Molnlmh.It same at the gilt d. on the inarrhauti1iliehei Tho Alacliua County Abstract Company
.. It the"- ultimate 'Intention of thecompany ), -- -- 'then. It oan ,be easily IIMurd ,
ritind. the lervle DEATH OP MRS RHODES.
lo luCp*
!how .mueh a paperprahillously. adver* '
dar Key, Ooala, Waldo and "' .ho.r, .-. Gai :c. sv-it.J.o: ''IP1orid.lZL.:
vach which timings
tlin a oily ai
i which will afford M most twiellent i.r- Eldest DaughUr; of Judjte<< Oeo J. Ar year. -.
much IxiKrHl lira
lo property owneror

"Of _'._ _..._ now Paaiad Away eundsylThe merchant ai In the. paper -10 .t. I lTV -
Han renreli lo chronlcla the If du nut take Die Hun, I
ODD FELLOWS' UOM you now try
death of' Mr*. Julia U. Ilhudvi, which .. canetl
It for a month, when on by Mr.
Oonc.rning- People tad eveiit ooour'ed at her home on. CHARLES BLUM & CO.
Item at' This Ashley, and WM assume. ymi It will emit .
.. afier II ,
Popular' Retort.uuittvuiCulp Sunday morning ihortljr sill all the local ai well aa central
.',!buses ,1II.U.IIIP4: : I IN
new of the day.
nf lettyiburg.. I1* .
who It un tour of .Florida U a guest Drcraied was the ( IdittdaucUler of \\0 will shin lie glee l i" re/rlre anyfavora l Y .
few weeki.UeorRe Judge l.#o. J. Arnow tit lisle oily. the In the'' linn uf., Md.-..ru.III' and Whiskies Wines
the Home fur ,
I At a was born In Micanopy! Heptember. 10, job "print g, and kite' you value re* I

11. Nlkodem of Chicago arrived 1risod, waiwniequenily at the lime o,Ivrd. ., 111U101'1 and Liquors
-- -
at tin Home on tfuuday, to remain > '
of her death hi h..r Iltly-Ilr.t year.Mn Likaa Florida
Indefinite 'Iud. 110"lean *
for an "
old time Odd Fellow. llhodei was inmlrd Cut lo A .I 1 1C Whlllemorenf. 111j'WlhltU.t.| ., (( Nos 517510
Archie Mli on, In 'IR76 Two children
Mr and MM. II U. IJdwardi, acompaMed Ky who I u one nf the" (bonding but1'
after whl, ,, :Mr.
were born lo them, h BAY STREET
.. liy Mti. M. Dougherty of lie,. men wf 1,1. home" ".Wlt. beildea I
Mason died and In lull the widow ,
Lafayette. Ind., paid'' a vlilt. to Wind being an alderman. of MI oily, it atop'' WIIISK Y
married piss Khodei, with whom aimhat
sot on Holiday, where a large numberof '11..1. 'the Odd IVIIowa' llouin. 'to rcuptrate JACKSONVILLEI
ilnoe lived happily. Hhe .1. de '
Indiana people art spending the his, health. He la gaining GSON G '
Tout member of the Hipilit church FLORIDA
winter rapidly" I' '''II''Mfd.'h the ollmatr.
and a noble, Chrlitlan character.Drceaied .
made himself the water and all about Oalneivllle,
O 1 Morgan has &'01'"In *
with the lady and rentlemen liturvlved tiy a iuiiband.Chab. that he think strongly of locating here Agonfs for Pabi! Milwaukee[ Beer
Ithndei, and all ihlldren-Mri.
boarder by treating most of them'' to permanently. KiiMiri. $$0 r bill tOdn.. ill per doe. tl 7ft
H. A. a'.rei.., Mrs, Munle KennanJ' ,
a oarrlaRA ,Id. In Hunday Hn hitch. Although Mr, Whlllemore, luau only' blue lilblftiu. (per hbl, lOilm. si J2t l p., dos, Jl ftU' r
Chants Arehl., Janus and feast been here a few weeki h.. has" Improved" .
+4 a span of hit line driving' multi to a Rhodes Hhe la. aim sutured ly A ao rapidly. that he romplalna. that hit Jung's Cincinnati ,fled Heart Beer \

thre...ealed. lurry and they all had the father two ililen. and four grand* doilies don't lit him. and. ,, he .coiilem
pleaiure of viewing. aome of the roinantlo children. Judge Arnowr. her father Indulging, In a ..n'",.. of trainInx Ivr lid, IPiloi, |0 : Iwrdnt.lI.1'tl .
teener jr about ClalnwIIU. to red lion tale welaht... He hai been
llenj.T.) Arnow, a brother and )Ir.,
amlcfd with bronchial<< IIclU..I.I.. Uateadlly
Home of the gaeila vlilled th" ally ): fright oron ) uhnrgut
lima Watera, a iliter. arrived at the gaining, a manry b'verliU annoying f'xprf'-"H
ehuol on Monday morning and wit home from ialneavllle tlwut an hour trouble.' tho following, liquor:
eiertliet. They .
netted the opening' after the death. .

were pleated with the manner the pus The funeral was held (from the real Greatly In Oamand LEWIS 1000. Away Above Everything In :'t

plU performed their .1''''. and Ih.eOd".I. dace "Hunday" afternoon, Klder: Ml>* Nothing la more In demand than a f (the Whisky Line; \
I'rof. J. U.
ettended by i
ton of the .llaptlit church onlol.UnlC.Th.ln'.rm..nl medicine which tneela" modern require. *
Kellunt. Mailer. Garlhel II 4 1 f U11IUhrtll . 5 00( .
Mornsare was, In tlte Flemlngloiicemetery. manic fur a Mom stem dancer,
Mlii I'ioreiioe. 11'Ileoe'' of the 13 full quartH . '. .13 J 7ft
Attending the achool.WINDSOR Frlindaut the family" ... ',oh a. Dr.) KI". New Life I'illi. r I

tend. alneer lympathy In their .,.. They are juit what you need. to eureai0maeli DLUM'S MONOGRAM, 10 Years Old:
and liver, trotiblei, Try them,
TO THE FRONT. reavcment.niflecilona. --.--- At all druggliii, tfto. guaranteed. .1 I full (/quart . .1. 4 so1JJ ) r

Mint North.rn--People'- Slavs Arrived, of a Father -- -- : lull 1IuntH . J 1200 j

And Are Cnjoyln LU. There. Upon the death of hU fir.t.born, O.S.IACIBn R & SON EARLY TIMES, Pure Sour Mash Whisky:
Julia II. HbcwlM, "ho died January 21.I i.
Among the vliltora la this oily .Bit &w.6 ItetlM.. In II.$ ..<4 leer HeirraMenl HurtlI 1.1.... ;

urday WM Hon. J. A. Itw.bar0ugh of One s by one thn I...... die falling, NM.vr""TI. .hgnM. orr n(. J .1 I full quarti, dul . 4 Of)
Windsor, ,....r..n 1..1.. .t fromAlaehua One by tibe our oCt I I. rolling, o full quartM 1' . r fti CtI
(Mr loved oars meellag, In th. sky, n
county. '
Itoiuorough alalea, that \\'ln4..or We'll Join them there bye and b,.. r >t:T'p. I;' 1' /, 1 13: full quartHDLUM'S . .1" 71t ,,

la on a young boom HOW. A great Julia, nr.h'beta. last lo .',. .. #'
many Northern people a majority of Tu join !h. ..ah' who want hrfor.l l -CfJ Lt' F 1 ti SYLVAN GLEN, 7
whore are frjm Indiana. hue arrived.and "CHI' are left to Join the thrutigWbeHinutt *- = ? Years Old:
themveltea hunting they gaT Uhf Ood Low -- yr' p i.1,.
are eajoylo loogT 4 full quarlH' :uvo s
The crowd ai an
and ticking SgXrrRstieo '
and mullW'ad.erI.pelt.Ueiy Must I, their f.lher.old.nd worn.Kureiv I ""- r--- g n full Innate 4 AO
at a .
U a jolly ou. .
fresh J; '
them gilt grief
at ,b.. i.aon.In To walk the path of toy life" ..alffo... turn. -- o .,_&. If' .. 0- I ia full quarto u ooSHEHIDAN

all there are about fifty vUlion atWiodior T. weep in elteace and to mourn* q. .. .
now, with the |>rt>abllliy of Oh! erHl fate, to rernl the tlA ) i CLUB:

aa inerrai IB abort timellarntk That bind .afe laced oa* to my h"". anti Building Material .4 full quarts . 9 7ftit tf
.. I'm
"1. forced
-- -- cruttHKt by year to /
die. full quartM . . 4 I 00
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Howard of X* >V a&tb !Si )last I ....... aloe depanf (111AItl.l'ATOYM. C. 13: full 'lu..riM i . MCO' f-t. '

time had Mr Will IM Child U left to g_Ue mf f 5.tIm y.ti's y.
!Sew \otk atoae txaely
Sub Cord
polled with skis. trouble. fl).. .,n.. .U1I1IIIoa"brae> nw up the'till kill I can ftf Hf.tsad meet Weights, ,. Hardware \ aro d'lIJt1"H In ovurtlihiK. In tho

I had salt rheum oe eeiema. tot My children dead sad duUaa wife .A.f'lD Liquor' lino \Vt11, J.'''. bat nothing would aure U, .*-
tit I aced HiMkUa'e Arntea Hat,.." lb.f'milyr" m.dlc4a. 1 Ui 'lacMIu..te of GLA.SS. uurn null WlucH from

A quick 4 iur. h.aUr for.uU,Uarniabdaore Lasses for MTMT*-Ur. TbMIIIO'e UrfIdood l.ro; to .oo per gal.

droggtsts.ti ... Tw..IJ.a..u.} all ...S i.nap, ,:E. K. EACEEH. Frooriotor) *t.as


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.. 1 "'. .-- -::;:= ._ tw.....:. .......... ... ..-..:::-,'
) .. .. . . -- -nt r.'r r .dum"o ::::= =::::::; ; M.- -.r.
.r -- --
,, .
- ---- ,, -. .. -
: -" I UV '-J--: --' ''- *.- .. ____ __ .A I .
t ok '- -- -- 1 I' The I'mldent of the Urgeet" .
i ; viprt :3

.r ., ?t -"GjJt-vlL I J WASHINGTON_. .UtTTEF aced*! to scent farotf estratsgant'fbolt..,lit and adtotrert esgger(I'' company.. In the United Bute,1 11" aitlenlor

} 0 It I et'" OH.it? ct..lt1t W* hlnRton, Jan W.- lc fa( nip government and to ihoee who Im. I senator from' the moIL pnpurvnd !-
richest Blate' ". the Union.
Ayers lrha .
rA i __ took between eoelciy and aglne 'hIL" I I' (Impossible.. for the star the
f r ? r for year aekgosiledalore
'4 Ii h'" #a .r. WathlnKton At, this, season, and stripes to float',over anything' << lima
wttM l.trr et I. lwn. Rt tl.laat, | of hU Slate and liM .
:} ..: ', A.... r.,....u. .fI4M AM .r (.4.rat .. rn.. will go on till Onn.,... and. t I. not entirely and purely Rood. Ilu Wlrldpfl<< a
t tt '. ..N +ilnlot.tr., Inllurnnt *e>e nd! only I to that of' rPres.id.nt
o' 1.\\\ .L..:n. __....._... .___ .1.1.11.| under the wlr. on the 0 those who h.*. "been behind Iho :
i'\ .....- .._.- .J.. ..-"-,.-.-'----- weak halt4.Then i of the United Stale, Ho
'of Huroli n,*>x/.. when the .atoll """, who have teen the great, Palling hair means
t rubl4eht'4 If try Monday l ,and ThorMlAj end whleh hair ; I presumed to represent and l I" cirileoneern "
end with I ftgreavprd< an and pulleys by tplendli strengthen. your .
: II at ('Iftlnwllle net-Id Rural .list!. Heretofore the ." stage; tfTectt' are produerd, there I I. feed with' the only hair food I Iycr'sHolr .d In the Interest of Mi Bir,
t and. th* at. large l tH11> ,
t :: .. := country m oitonkholilor
6lalM hate '
tom the aurreondlng nothing "Iuu."%nlln the statement Vigor.' It checks
I and president of .h, .
If.JI.I'OItEAUV.JWUannIIJ'uhl'r. ,
:, .'I;' ._ ____ .___ _. quartered the dlff"rnt .. are ihouitnd of t>>eroni r* falling hair makes iho hair < !11ft l h.. work d
i i..r
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.H iiiy
5 ... 0_ ._.. building.. ThM> have. b.'en. calving; the.. pay of the government nh press inp i ift

+ TaaMIMAUe/ralertn.l I ITl 1gsllitl, them" And U I I. proposed 'to I, perform we. adequate aervlce for the +1vantg o/ a"rlna.toOrIU'Ali"nhl 1

I le, 7VtafiAWerk HUH II ft yeAr I 1.la them ia.... uf the horiofi of tv. p y-no ttrvle* in fast that might noJAtt Hair Vigor'r.row against: the Intereilt of the p<*opln e'

month, fiQo. i elngle Mr''..., fb.t ,". (|uarl" img them In I0ilr with a* well b uiidono, They are is' the United Slater, and the country ai
has been mUlli.in
/UfanfleIMt111AtaI. 'llonri wurm-il 'by patent stores relloti'nnd relatives and friends ant large" of d

t I";1.. !I :; Jxxial Advertiemt" 10 cent ft 11110'ilJPr"Jt furnl.lird" .. ) with sleeping, outs, f<<. $ lienehmen of 'member, and ...n"oflft"11 completely cures reslores dan Ian lo support Ihwo fiN" cnmI \ii,,
fJ1ii.1j I ; Wttli the
In rivalry United R
; ,'. fur the lint And 10 eenle for r-aeli ,Addl. chairs and ft "bMh", Ab, o.bli>tt mlnUter, sons, n/ rhea drufT. And It always | sites Ur ipoMal

1\:\: lid; .''nna'' inner Ian. -.-.. lonn tlnofl dead And sums 1'1 lush, ) sill colono cray hair all iho rich, eilabUihmeni. If It were ici

II' t '0, i DUptayM) kdvortUemtwU$ (or IlirwIf The, 1'rtildeni'j teen In hU lu NVaihliiRipu and' /Inlluenllal, The dark color of early life for Henator Platt, with 'his powerful

And 13: inoniiil At s'w i eclal) rate. riithi ,,1II1"ah' Mt noon on tht present eytlem of appointment' under '. ... t.nlr ..... hill.. e r!t t*4ir" .n. t w [ Influence backing the oiprttt com'
I'rlov furnished' 0" application' frail ....U !....1)II.n. 'I'|M'w I HI,. r' would long since have
I upi of ltarolluuxl, flu. will||| |ho no Olvll, Service f\urnlnaUnn will doubtless I. 4 iI!>,;,,,"U'l.u iH panle. we had aelftupporilng
., 1 Marriage mid Death notice! I 11I..rtt'41 of lUir. Vl "I..U. /eel.II\fMUh'M U l* postal. ettablUhtneai,
und l behest \
undor the > A**' .
free, OMtIlArh'. a ..nt. A line.i result l In time, In the' purlflcatlo l\...IICA'. SA".... raIMYN.a..t11I'.t
,_.._ ,, 'the pollvy of McKlnley, ... with loiter' coning, ono cent Postage
-- -. .- out and ( of the tertlc. e f.
... _--- -- -- niptotfiiieiU' I! '' "" :.....strt.1w
i OUK OIV..tlU'O' J.ln that policy my have been, Hut but wlij ihopld (the gnvemmen" .., .. iMr.: .. r. Instead of two. Mr. Hooievelt know

edge,haa not boen dulled 1 by the, of this'! the poitmativrgcneral' knows .0.
11'cekTha life to wait a quarter a conturlfor ;,
rI ,n.1 .Pun Y.) Wo and,'(Iho'1hrlco-s.'. $16! tine and humdrum, onion the 'Improvement' and. purification Falling HairPATENTS hundred of' thousands of Amtricanoltlten

Ij I Sun and thneltianh* ((la)) try may expect the llvelleit i whcrt. thou.sndeof' well equipped am know It and fwl lit I can II.hall

Weekly Oonilltiitlon one year 1 71 (ration In In """lor,. I competent' p riont are ready to lak .. ... It b* continued Iteform" It in
the ((da) -- --- --- -
'lit The Bun and Atlanta" the airs hoary bloated corruptlonliti
; ? Thgovcrnmenl
of these Inoapablet
tioml'.11'e kl, Journal nnnymr. 1 fXHi The! moil Interesting' ePIsode of placet departmental TO GULP OOAST IN must be ,pulled off like tloki from am
still the Bi>mlWt> klyTlme.Unlon many
Bun "
one year . 1 MitV week hat been the defense of' t4.. Is far In arrear limply bl'Clu"'h. VCNTOnO. malt, even 'though the I'roo.lnroh.*
.., Mitchell) himself tile, (floor ., ..
-. *- II by on capitation.
.. ;:: 11 will
-.eoraass-rte. I .. people appointed 'by" favor Tho following( ".trnla.. were reeentilIssued ;, .
We will not anc 'pt, atampa of a flonale. Tlilriy'lhrfe yean ago worked" and do "'
not work have never the. full Coast clients, a* re- them
Iftrgerdenomlnntlon' :3 I ClJIU.! tame. Senator Mlloholl\ wit to It liripeoied (hat will be a

I -; : ---'= =';=. -= youngest senator.. and served ftt not' know 'low- to.....work......... ported! I). Ih m.\ PO 1' patent law. determined, light In the Senate againstSenator '
t It] q f I WatVlngtou. : D) O.", who will fur :
time with Morton lrlk*
The New Yak. are TMltOW OFF TUB DCDT. of nf thento
man of Ohio, Ooukllng( of tilth complete, roplte any cavalry regiment! 'lo "ten, thus outllag
when the tax aiieuor
,, come roily' modrit'around York, Andrew Johnson,, of Tfnn. Now It the, most favorable time tin. reader uf Tim Bon for ten cent,,' pecopy them down. one third It It well known

... ..... mighty; 'hadu'onlahIOl' dead. ITun8.m that the cavalry aervlee' U preferred le
-.--- -.---.- farmer* of ,the South ever' had to go 0. Anderton, Wheel
two year ago he was returned nf debt. If they are not frugal either the artillery or Infantry by tkt
Uncle Him 1a now awarding contract' nut hone detacher, wrench andtureen
t } for carrying null lu the electric roads .n'l. from Oregon, And after enough to dn to now', they, must 'IrfO wrlghl, atlaahment U.I W. Hutoher. army oftloer" and men Senator!: Hoot
truce' bf \"tnl.n" year he li ( or | claim that 'ten regiment of' cavalry
where |IIJunI,, 'lo remain. debt*tldden the balance fire 1.01' LuelUM. Lowe!,
on the Senate' floor, among the Ban Antonia, j will answer. all of the United
(their lime exchange, There< purpo.ca(
; ;;;; ;; Inho.1 of Ills old confrere. He hat I 10 ttyt an Canadian, tenerlfTe dlikt t 11. J. Mare State' Cavalry I II not necessary Inthe
ty't The railroad do who I a few suggestions that teem' propel burger, Dallai.Me ban (1. H. NIeholelalreston ,
charged: with pushing through a rhlllpplnoi, eiopt In a few ltolt
dunes thebllli, * hit Senatorial' ,
4 I patent' ( using ted place Since rifle and muskets

n ; writ..them .... \ and getting paid therefor, ft i DonoC' run any deeper" In debt. Colllvftte ). lnieet deitroyeri, larlanc of greater range have been Introduce!

fir two thousand dollar. The Talladlno, Kl Tato, chimney cavalry ha* 1:0'"Into: comparative de,
I Km .
mint ,turned,, out no land that will not pay. Jacktonvllle
Tlhe 1'hlUdelphla' Florida-T. W. Doyle, ,
I him U molt poilllve Unless the ,
against tuetude, commander I I. inSane
band from which a profit maynot
stet 7,000,000 gold coin hit, ym. Did ploy no cotton and corn cultivator! K, It,.
convicted and aentenced
a there will never b* another old
bo made, liaise thing, eveilu "
; I you gt Jour ,hard 1 can lie believed, Your "' that, may every be needrd for Trammel, Lakeland, oar coupling.'''' time cavalry charge, Then the railroads
It. O, ,
heard his defense' which was & ; MUiUilppI crossing the oountt, In to many dl.
less mbney
John, It, Sullivan It delivering a than. Inn. / .. supplies, Try to spend : explosive engine; M, 1C. Tyne, (/Ilos.
more Impanlon old : reotlont make It .possible for Infantryto '
than I I. made If wear
course of' 'lecture on the, fun he had necessary tr, embroidering attachment for tew<
received .. for
any money clothe do without luiorle nd stay. I move with leu time the rapidity

spending1,0,000.. tutu In getting through the land, ftt home, until all debt' are discharged<< Ing( inaohlnet, Tuttle Shorter I or oUl'lr/ ,. The day of cavalry, Ilk.
(1. L. ,,
(III denial to have'' been Alabama- ,
appear the day of chivalry I ,
world be freeman peat
There worn' 12.". commercial t.lI.ur..I. live 'In convincing hit friend., (let even with 'the and A trolley | 1". (1. Cobb, Hunttvllle, fill .
I' last7tar. Unfortunately' (here Itt although you have lo live on ta"foftlll..nlahln"" loom : Blatr -4
Innocence, but 'lo have had no
oornbread and fat meat and do without Former" Unl Senator' William )
record, of the The t,,cr,t of' the South' wonderful
>o t eucoetiei euce over those not predlipoied
it t sugar and eoffte. there I I. no trouble growth and development lira In tin 1C. Mason of' llllnol It president"

favor _I llltedvbl'" and there I I. no taorlllo of' 'the American Fruit and Steamship
We will (ell mere about. what' tact that her oltliena have an original'Ity '
you which one should not try lo make' to Co., organised, at Mobile. Ala with a
The tcntcnoeof Senator I of ?
of mind, and aro capable adopts<
to l beef Unit'
1 till done the>
down Kftnta" during: the last term of throw' It of!. |tli 'the "Old Man ol Ing' It I to meet new condition Home capital of $5,000,000 Some' of the )lau.
when the pileo coming
we IP*
I the Bea" that lilt astride the. farmer er fruit Importer of Chicago, Saint
--. gret* and the .xposuraof' ft of the I, most uieful Invention grouted
member who had been too will, bit ever ghastly' grin weigh' by the latent Office last week wen. Louis, Cincinnati and Loulivlll are
r',. Tom Lawson said that lio once pre* tohemce 'through the .' hits, him down, impairing all "hitalrengthweakrnlnghlt concerned
pushing .. from Klorlda cltlitnt, at the for"rolnR.bulldlntlJ : _
'Tinted (!Ise Addloki'" front committing energies and _. .
-- --
y ....Ield.. lie now realise.) his ml* Henator department' Mitchell, 'together' and with' the.. R'i beclouding this., pwn life and the life ol provct A Philadelphia Judge has railed Ihtt,

t' y tah. --.--_.___, Hermann of Oregon cannot but hit family, IMpplneit and debt arc FLOMIDA-CRANDCnniES "the, only kind' of killing permissible

I'romoler of' the thlt| >tubtldy bill\ wholtome warning to our law Incompatible, They cannot oo-eilit. under the'law' lathe kind' hat oeouri

admonishing them to confine The farmers of the South are more In the parlor when the lights art
;E are now calling It subvention Why The following from The Ocala lUn-
not RO a little further amid call It 'plain tltltlee more ttrlctly to' their ootinopollian than Ihoie,, of' the' North pier will b. of Interest to our readeri I turned low and that "the only sate

'j I, "graft _. tide work, warning them that they They deal.' more with the commercial. "John Farrell of Framlngham. ,, kin that can be given I I. the one after
world. They are thrown Into more lutlmate which no ,tale are toU
not act ftt Attorney for their Matt, a former resident of Ocala .hai. .
i it'l .': Chicago It again I tnakla;'fuss of' New uentt or friend, Krerylhlng; relation with mass, of' t'nlarafd'I.w. received from the I KtitOoatt Kallroad ,- .-__ n-__-..

'r','" J' Tork, became the former can have a In the. direction of cleaner .' .. There It ft great proportion Company A very flattering And liberal Governor Folk tit Missouri bad. belterkeep '.

/, i 'large charity bill without A big deft. thlp and a higher and more rigid men of high Intelleclual attainments offer of land. and other Inducement hit rye on his KepuhlloaaLeglilature

inond Heal. ttruotlon of the duties of the engaged 'In Boulhern agriculture, .
,... to return lo ..Iorldl.d start an experimental h.I Is reported that tho
--" 'laude brandies of our Rotornl1l." Many tlr these am college-bred and, farm for the cultivation ol' nod-dollar bill are getting very

: Panama It "1\1"1'0 much proiperlly find delight,.", In the graces' of literature, rrnnberrl1'rlor 'lo the big. free:. plentiful arounl there

'. I that iho la beginning,,''' tnbother her U will be remembered\ that and the treasures' of totem1. mid tin Mr .rr,1I. owned a 'large orange
'' elf about luck& and trill that other' the recent" presidential campaign pathlce with all koheme ,lending.. tc -- --
two miles uU of Ooala on the
I; i I government I have, Oortelyou, the Republican the advancement of clvllliatlon. Many' grove Fort King r.oad. The place was known SATURDAY WILL POSITIVI
ea t' -----:: than that, If of them luIlUo.'Ihlt.d and de
i iWe repealed wore once are at the "llottonlan settlement," Some LY DK DR GOLDSTEIN'S
j nave, been ad%Iced that Attorney, dent llootevelt' were elected he serve ft better fate than, to be fore," of older reader will doubtless!
(1..1. Moody I.I of the opinion that be elected' without a pledge or worrying over A condition of things remnnber him. DAY INGAINESVILLE

It* flat the" beef' trust un the road 'to to a"JAn., President ,,,. highly unfavorable' In their material Ma.'t'Iu'I'.1lit ,
"Blnoe' hi* return to ,
.:4 ; .1aUII'.r', house been>> tI'"oll'dlJu'' It" need not* prosperity, and which ran only U '
"i ..: 1 hat. been giving hi. attention to the
1' 'i =---= turned that he hat nothing to corrected' 'by" giving:, In their agricultural .: cultivation cranberrlea. and he be IS HERE WILL REMAIN UNTIL -

h't' \VftU tUooinpUlnlnKthat while friends or to thoie who worked operation the Same" measure. ol' lleve that they ran be profitably : THE SOTH-EXAMINATION,

Torn I.anion dIJ not Riff them sore, bought 'to secure hit election common( sense, that U given to other' grown In Florida. He has made excellent AND CONSULTATION FREE

It* frlRlitened the "Umbi" awayy, are. many hemostats, holding" .. dullet. arrangement with the KmOoait .r-----.

which was uuich won oftlcetln "' ..hlnRton.'hero are It may be sit down .ai an inontrovcrlltile railroad and will give employ Dr. (1. lolditeln' of IxiiiUvllle. wh.

llepubllcant, who 'lo "put It ", \ fact that no farmer, or planter event to a large number of men, wo. I I'I well anown by the ,people of Gainer
Kow: that Tom, I J..o,"Iial cornered are unlit lo' hold the oftlce, for $ can doh.. belt thing at the bC'tt'hn. vllle and ,''el"I1111 arrived In th
and children, vipeclally duringthe
the market with fretuled flnino lltvraturn they' hate drawu pay for from ...* If hit) I I. In debt. Not' only this,,, pity and will I* located at the Hrowj
( ...
cranberry picking .un.
house .Parlors the balance' of the
There baa but lie. should.' have working capitalat prrslcut
complaint) li made liecaui Impuihrd ,,,.,,t.r'u'rflre. A .
-- -- --- week He will lit glasses 10 ,let*
I.t t ka. ), the prlc) up ft IlltU been a 1'reildent' to iMtt equal) 'to halt the value of hU t pye of those who need them
_- _- ..w.. qualnted' with the weakness' and test' relate ft'llh such a capital t hi, 1'reildent llooiovelt began ItitThunday I

Another busted atoek broker ha de tnnneti of the, Olvll Bervlee ran told or sill hit crop buy the best with breakfast A* eight' lo

La. ,on' present'' rieoutlve. Two or labor At 'the ,luwett rates, secure sue which .he. Invited some nwpaper men i r
,. Ided to follow Tom r am- .
I end wrektegolho Kallotul. ( Oil II) ) best Implement of 'husbandry, preterveand During the monlng"m"- and conferred
;' J pie' and drop& Amalgamated llteratura.copper Ilefnrm' league held three ,' lnena. the fertility of th, ( with a delegation, un the railroad I
lak Amalgamated
I up -.-_. ... aloe, vftrlegated: with tnclal' all and keep till building In repair.A bill betide receiving th. vlill
--- In Wftihlngtou! It was a farmer" ao equipped' "move forwardIn oftenator* and representative(' who

The stage U noting to lose another body and Itt time was liken up' his work with A certainty' of aueeen,. called. He entertained A dlilln- II.* I bat, made the study of op*'" "*

1 one of Its brilliant llghli. John L.announce fteademledlioMtilont' about the and tiiteeure ihl, equipment 'half, ol' gulihrd musician At lunch eon. He returned 'tpeolalty, And anyone In nerd of .laI'!
H.aUluu. thai h* will al'8 It dn t hnt, s
r. cannot better that give
'lo hit chic where he remained
ment of aged 1; clerks and a .,. his landed si st. shout be sold If .ktll. 1'arcm of' childrrn wlm.. rrr
and take to ,lecture platform.
,,, up __ ,_ r petition fur these long in the .. neceuary. There It many a planter' In until five, when h. took a long none* tre In aUf way .rr.e'l'( < -- A\I.t..alolwalt on the the tJouth to whom th I .. aphorlimol, back ride with Senator odge. lie III.m l> to l\r. tloldiieln and have then*

.U It fearvd that It thi grand jury to hotIf be hud attyihlug to Ovid may b. applledi"I ; had! a large party of dinner gneitt, In. rtamlnnd. Too moth ear animt! takrn .:,
rvntluuei to IndUt Dotted Btatei B.n: In """y neulne''
anuf\ ate, and his laconic r.ply know Ihti rteht, '" and. approve" It. UMJI I I eluding Whitelaw Held, and In the >n the .thla"tlcul..e load. 1''
111 I enough "
fttort, they w numerous 10 may
evening .hetbook hands with between
hit communication on the Condemn lt> wrong and yet the wrongpursue. net Retinue oonH-queocre In after
I'"t.i .party. of their,, own, cud "run Civil Hervloe would be In his ." Qfteen hundred and eevenleen hun Ife. If th, eyes of the child 111))' <

tllinLe''' -_. .-_ .._y. -. doubtlet a lgtiinent of what h* -- .-L ----, .-. tired persona a' the diplomatic rvcep &:1.: .... abe Itoctor can tletertnlnnmd I.

: ," Beera\fiUkyO0iiRre\ -- ---+ .*nnsrn Iff a:.'. duingand, WIU &10. A number of The dukes and. tllrer at the Bl.UegU llun. After the reception he took sup.p.r mon adjust apt" 'tonrt tueh*>rvetHl glasses Increase a* will& tAt Chi t'* "

thfintvlrea which suns have been, Informed that Hotel In New York are marked with the rerltlog' arty Aod
ting Interviewed in 'trength. The Doctor hag been giving;
;;, they dIMU" what they .w going. to retlgntllont rout not be with an anchor This. It It *uppo..d. I'anon N'.gn.rraI4 I'rvtldent Rooie .'atlffaellon' for many year, and w'an '

.0. They had t.... ., Ito Unf U Jo* II it fttmnil' ..,t a'h' that the tang. 1 Ua hint to *
I (lUnnon at\-nut "It lint for tmpteramdnt, of a serer.. prey em houli and. rtttaurtati. ----- -.- ron'.. or 'the publlo Tboe totT rne tad:
_ with their should call on him
r -- --- yen
a, --- with eietfptloo of that ol -- A newipaper( may dtofo' a column If f he doenn't give relief It will ouoe'
r'' '' } China has been hating |.eae for ten Sites la the most eotrupt alttl ( The lecturer J who says A womtnthouM m the praise or commendation of A hem anything II* can adjust lo afi-

', year and U now Itching 'for ft IlltU bund on the 1"-1.) stilt Ue not merry until" the ran sep. nan. and hIll forget< It In a couple of ftJ" and any Age A good Aloe rigkt t .

-_ trouble' 11 ,h. can Just keep quiet pllihed.My port a 'liuttuntj ciutt west IA pot the .*ek..*. bat a two-lln* tpea'' that It not I Y adloiled !la A lotury to a penoanlih arrofd. t

!+ until Japan fluUhet with, Ituwia the eharg Kaln.t the, Civil rueMotlhleoan\ry on a level' with I iltogelher pleating will t.. remember to do falllaft tiihool.: sights A jtla they* lmp can.rftctly lit *

sill'") tf *Ue proper attentloa.;" ,IH pl the United Slates will) foreign' uotlecavii.. 11'4' by the average reader tar Leo Jean. atted I.I wo,.. than no (la**.

tit 9 I 1' 4 11 IL I\I I

4 .wutrir. Nya qNtnfeal,. iwv, intatanlm" ..

_d -............... .... ... S )t\.u.\;............ ...""'.WM. ...I.P.:....... 4-Jger '"' '-t- En. C.' = ,

; .... ;,. :-'"'+'M'14tt'Qgh' ..'1!!a+.4 ddts) .,tt I A. > ..... .!'t.' .....ffr'id' .'\\ ..dt 'J.i)""_ c
.... ". uI1,
IL-- I .
j' 1



C'-: =:- _'. :' -" .-..-.-- ---.-..--. ---.. --.-..-.. .-. ..- -" '.---.-. -.-' -- .- ..-. -..-.-.

Mayor Prater of M ncl oar Enpterti to

TRUCK INTERESTS : Soon Big'ge In Nuw Cnlerprlie.AmMg --.- -. -- -. -

the proitilni "IOu' -at-I.n
------- folk' who tUIUd f Uftini'ivlU I! yi .t?nlay Neglected CoEds Lead Consumption

H it Estimated That Several was J. II .',alor. nivjror or Mleanop
Thoaiind Dollars Will be Lost ftnd an a1l''>rounO rnrrgvile business How Consumption Develops,
man of that progr Mi>. town. ,
TRUCKt'HS: ; WERE PREPARED' M,. 1'raUir hei .Iwrn for eontw time. M.". ...... "f imncumpilnfieMit; ef *HVhln

.. operating a .'1., mill <>r grind eaptelly' lCIOUf 1M way, i II
In MhMnnfy." whl"h his lMHn' ft great I A fi.*Mi pe4i Ass Huns' and Those Who Had 'Ihe AdvinUge .
oonvenleitc the good people of Ihfttteeilun ,1't''perly nlnl 'tnr t''W a.
of Telephone' Oorme !llon He hat Iwen making A good) 1 'angel,
ThUeoUl I. .UU.I..IIo.1. ,,,(It. ,-4"..,
Co .cJ Thilr
Crops During the Ihlnw, dlla"tI.U. out.f this vwuture '
t ff l by nn .I'.n' wlial ,.', ..im< treat*
Diy-Loia ((6 peens and Oabbifie. r..tl") butdeelJrd ioeng.g. .In thninanufapluie ,, t 1t 1y 1- nr.rlll that U InvtTerltikl,, and Die CnlU

of lutitWr, with the re- "',II llslur.,
cold wave U uiten ui, and .It U
ruts that he will soon *>tabllih ft sawmill '1'h.n. ..,.11"$ "' a.ld 1 I. .nltll. an] A
1i. Of the OtiUeit Of tilt lelieit.Tli of' aboHt iO.un feet rapacity, i IMlr I i .niili( .1..1...ie. ,'lnnph' r.'uir. arete*

government retort from the day, twin which he will at leftit eats.. 1 I ""r"111", bun Ihey. Ih. u.IX ..'""IM.fltpi

weather, bureau at Jacksonville, r.. fy the local demand. ruU.
sty awl t h>' u *> pslleat p.'ta,, Ices of
The Mtaftnopy country I. growing ,
eelvrd lint. the rl
Ieslerdayutrd '.m. liking nmlli'liu a sad raHlv ua II .! 'ur' end
rapkllywhich led Mr. Trator to ,
would fall very ,<, In ,1".I".lr.t
ptriluro conilderauly, and up |
the "onvlu.lon that' the nunuUclure 1
"hn.Id Inulusu.a la der'''I,."* amiOUIIF U..
tktt this would' b. the, moil ..,
uo '
of 'lumber would prolllable. He
prove I li I BTUWA W!.,..'.
..td "19' lino the fAUl, (,seas of
conirqunntly ordinal' ft plant, and fti 'I'ts'nlh.do.'a'r. U < llni in, only t>ii1ln
JUM. son, ai ll Iwoam<< known he. scoured! i I M, rr that IU, |uuni\ iui The varloui grower of truck In this' audlclenl orderi In advance to keep r1, .'"N''' If' ..Iwe111' '11..11..

section look advantage' of the advance( him buss for several w.tk.. r r I 'II u. )net in 1101.) vs\ i Ih"1 Ml e'oMill
if porn' and).yeitcrdny, were busily en --.-- ... i lOr Aimira, hut. i .. ni 1a"" ".
paged covering RIMJ utnerwiie' protect I fIIh,. "lIlIlthl a...,1d. 5tr.l I 11.1 1 ,'"ui.aa.ring
.leg their product. Telephone. ) mss U "..,1,." ,, 1\111.1..1 II. at.ai.king! a.
man\., < ) l I ,, ." p
were lent to the where' H. 1a I < .r "
4 ulea growers; Mri W. Sanders Panel Away .
lluw ,
they could !h. reached, with the reiultthat Mln Dalle Chilly Quite III. 1111, suit In rloiia"w I ntuly"iir' >felt|h,

by evening ft large proportion tli t, The fad news tlf the death of Mri. til a r<. I

Ik. crop had been .protected. W. II. Sanileri of Mlcanopy, on Tuei. l'i'ttunpl.la,1'.ftsn. h'ltl \.."."% "Ih'

While Hi* Toro will naturally b e I h'..k ft MMIMI of
heavy from ibis f reeie, a great deal, of r reoolvpd In lists cliy Wedneiday morn "'kw r lists IeHIryi7! l I..ru r* it .M I lonlile.In .
the. orop was laved, owing to advanoeInitruollona I lug, Bhe had been lick only a short \ isI ft wash 'Ihe' oniiftli. ainl I stall went
1'hrl.U the ores I broken, "sad t a Hi NX* wtlu' tre lmnt
tlint-, the cause of her pining way
t'amplelly, rMturAl l her to' health
along tI.f (hlll.nlll. and (lull aoutlif
being typhoid pniumonla. I>eceaifdwai I This .Uw hat '''',,,n,, U ditlng all tI.,
I, till point 'protected which meant I one of the old and highly re>'pect* i I.l1 LIAN while, hoi H day, and "rvUWy not ..nhenal'
tkatthe. loa'In Ibis lection will l be ;
I rd rtildenii of that section Mid her pu..ee In while _/1m.) inn do.a nut
comparatively small Oilier growers,I death has caused muih sorrow and re* liavA. similar eap.ri.nn v with IVruna

1 however, who, oould not be reached b/ gre!. Bhe was the mother of Mr. W. 'I Cure the ftlUht Coltfa and Av' ldCoiuumpllin

'phollewllleultertnaterlally, aa thry U. Johnson and leaves two other chit ,

wereulrawsreuf. what' the oondllloni I drrn besides her sorrowing husband to 1 'Its.' first Step boson r"Miimuirtptlon" 11
would be, mourn her lOll, W. have no iarlo* r a (Mild Th.*n..*itiilepli ft rallurelupiirn
Among use cropi to Buffer( thus' will, uUn ftt hand. regarding the funeral PC-KU-N/l/ IIllrClnllllTh.. third al.p U this dl '

he the lettuce, young bean and cab Mill' 11.11. Obh' of Mletnopy. 11. CURES vrlopmentof atrrh, whlrh Iracl"III
bageoropi, The former .la just crow ter of the Ohltly brother! of thli oily, .UaalTerlog J&i b\Itonm.. .aehriinl The fi irth eltp." Ihe,,

In the. height! of the season, The, from a serious stuck of ery. COLDS catarrh liralnelueprmd' freest the. lieadlu
the 'Ihntal then) to lb. bruurl.lallulc.15ut
1 beam will shortly be coming on, sodas ilpelai. In the faor. Him baa the AND
{ ympa | | Inally liiUi tH. lung. It laIlien
\\ '
.' a rule I hive just retched abovo the thy of her many kind frlendi In her I 1 1I,, 1 I ,,1\\ COUOIIS, mn'iiiiipllAn, In the flntilage,
ground I
aflllctlon( Atany lime during IhnprnHrelidfca. *
t ----- i
Thoee truckeri who have been ihlp" turns, from 'the flrt "..-' ..f the odd toIle
ping cauliflower and unprotected let A Colored Marrl.,.. || finilr.<\\11.....nt In llicliinn*, IVrimnoan

lie' have enjoyed s good thing (Inane llli Honor Judge )Alison Judge ol r llo\v ProllyPowell Miss IM r..I1.11"1', ((9 *ti'p the dl..we.If .

; elally. at good priori hate. been raIi the county court hat experienced you have lak.11 ft rohl" butt lerunftwllliiiiit
allied. While a great deal of leltuoe some dull tlmve recently, but ocea* AVimllcmlth ItetL ,',,11)-, Chll' 'liollle In Ihe 1_
ginning will iluinorw .....| than a hiUiloien
hit treed grown under cover for latehlpmenli ilonally tome wooing couple will give ,
tIVetl t/ 1..tU.1.. 1. the ratarrk hastsl.nr4ltn'It
t+ '
Urge eonilgnintnli of' him bnilniii the, form of A marrligelloonte 4 | un the lunge,

(, early growth have Wen nude, with the -and sometimes he U. reqnett by Pe-t'u-ilu. IheuMndi of Irttlmenlali.

remit that these crowerixlll not .u,. .d to perform the ceremony which de W. have on file $tlinnnntl of t..11.|

fer 10 nultrlilly. Many of those' minds ft mutual' undemanding .tie ).11.. Lllllin l"owtll, Aurora, Ind., ", riles. inunlaU frtmt |N however who have grown unprotected tweenft man and oman, for life.. oalarrh .
of tlie lung "by lt run*,
s'Lasf .spring Lau hia corers cold 11'0' .lIln,IN" Feet wtt and being
eropi also have ooo.lderable protected which meftiui that the genial Judge fti out In the rain, India tiny I httl matt miserable coM but I tie/toted It, We can give our retl..re only a illghlgllmpMufllie .
+ letluoe and U U doubtful' whether least makes lufllelent feel to Insure thinking It "" toonfr* nit. Hut It hunt torn. for I*a wrrii, when VMtarriy of nnx>ll*>ll_tl
this' (I'lint will luecumb the cold. kt'rlnIOOd, and soul together / /*// torn ft hint tnvtttt* tl -- -.--.- .-. .. .. The latest to be performed I'I has hHrcI'd much .bout l'erune andin I/a,.,.,.,that Iborrghfaboll l. month Kiiblherpliy.lelanlnthewnrKthai
ceremony btg"n ttklng It rtgvlittj I..."tigntt tried ta flnJ that In wrA the re4.elved, eueti a volume' of enllin,
WILL HAVE A SUPPER jy Judge Mason was tUat' of lilvln I4.,HI ..AroArn tnJ throe we'eks' frrafrnrnis'onrplefriy rs*
C' ugh H sic | rla.tln. i"Iien of liauU M J>r. llittiuin
1'erguion end Mollle llftll of Jonei amr.d my 11.". ,good ,. ...1,11116" 110",1. I'..
I bur ta""
Mount Vernon Lodge< la' Preparing For vllle, who' came to the city Wednesday

a Dig Time at Eerie Date for the espreii purpose of Joining Ask Your Druggist for a Froo roninu Alnuumu cur :11)05)
The Jot meeting of Mount Vernon heir[ fates and leeorlng a legal permit

Lodge No 90' Knlghla" of 1'ylhlai, was 'place their shoes and other clothing . .- ... .- -_ -_ ,. n..

an Interfiling on*. It was 'Interfiling together.' An ftddlllon to the Pile>> county. fair Oalhuun anal, hit N gn.eery store two
a from leveral, polnti of view, the lodge ".. dli de place where yet gilt mar FLORIDA NEWS ITEMS building' Miami. OHO I.n.-III I I", bloeke away, wlirr*>ii|>oii Uilhoun luck

having conferred the work In th. Itankf rledT" queried Ihe prospective groom -. 1'011'4. It.I I. "hoped the, fair. Will'$ not his trusty" \Vlnclteilermd eummeneed,

Knight which It U laid was as he placed his "black head through be a. dins. Ihe building. I' some" fancy ihrnttlng. HedritihoMhnplltol '
Drier B1U
of From
News All
rood and .having. at the eonetuilon of the crack of the door. )
Than, Ixmki of Ihe, ) I'nU "a''ly |rr.i.urer front llughei'" hand md lh.u
the meeting dec Mini to give a inp "It ehu ate" replied (Hie Judge, lloiu or the BUto" show' tlutlhiwunly.eltrnl" |hoard eoiiiineiierd act shoat' thdrur,>4 at p..riplratlttii -

per 'In the near attire for the ben with ftn .Idea tint &there would be eome. _. .. It In debt, and ft two-.nlll levy U ,.. that fell front HugbeV brow,

tnt of the memberi. their' wlvel, thing doing .In. matrimonial' line. The n.hlnn..on U now on ftt Ml. peeled to {p4y off the entire luin who In turn cussed In run and. l lauded. f

sweethearts, eto At this ie.ureno.It.. couple. entered amt -wo' The of llernandu hli. In A refrigerator' Mr, whir he lit
It U needless to add that this runo. 'into the pretence of the Judge, see I, county money down 10 pool wf1( arch awiU n"" abueme .
ApiUehlcoli thin 'In Ihe and The UroukivllleHlir
ihlpi more ilrn treasury
linn like all olhrri''' under the ftuipl{ cured the license, and were subjected, of "t of the leaden hall norm
other what In the Biftie l luknoir why. U waul I not ,
| ......
eee of the Knights of 'yihlai. will be to the ceremony whleh provided that --" -
up-lo-dat. 'In every u.r-oa. The .last klollle was to do all the washing, keep Tampa ihlpped 3A05/WO"(1 cigars for be ft good lime tu ,....1' the bridge. A Pleasant' P.rlyMle .

upper, which was only s lodge affair he beds midii up and perform other, Ihe week ending January,,!!, Frank (stoker, eon of JHcharJ Uro UllU Ywteva V.....,., Ih..b..h. .

given complimentary' t>y the officer*. household duties while her husband The .,,'1111 I trill of IHe circuit court ker uf Titnmany fame tiled front In.Juri. .. daogliier of (lev, and Mre, .

was on. of the host enjoyable afftlri was hustling for ft living of Levy county oOlltflai.tfJ..lI'uu,7. .. re.lved In... >4lo ftMlde atDiylwftft. i H. II. Itogefe.al.tlelesl> < .ft n'. 'ub' ir of

ever held' In this city Abet when It "Married life U .ho' iweet" re. The OltUeni' Hank at,n..hlah41! was )KewltHi' IHinley wit also her young frlendi 1 on the '..aniir uf

comes to entertaining the ladles marked the groom, as he leaned gentlyover opened fur business oqQlondsy.: January hurl. the etghvli year uf her advent IbM thli
the shoulder of hli bride () M. R! ehureli t W A. ....
Mount Vernon maybe depended upon and com 22. r e s world... Wednesday att' rniMin. Time "

for something eilra It... uninl.mouily '. plied with the Judge'., request to iaute Ai an evidence of, prosperity j't. the I Inched ft fl.lNOiifttl... iMlt on wlaylait were' .ft n fiul,., of the youn p,.,,"

decided that Knight If. U. ltd" to U hoped' that lie, will bank. of Miniteel'ii. added to lia iur Mr. J. W. 1'awell lb. debt (liter, asset argil all wise an
Plunder .U to manige. the culinary find the journey over I the matrimonial plus' fund. ?flht was lwe'ul 'In r Mf IM entire 1 n.. eon .1:

department whleh meant al.lhe be sea one of contentment with no (IreenOoveHprtngi (fijalklng of ."' \tUIl'. .little. e>f which" iwey ilepftri. *'d.lltili wish-. ,

ginning something carte good ai lie squalls to 'Interrupt his happiness and club andV or. Jath.m.11 l stirred asp over the .leg .... ......... many >>a(>t>y r.,
U one of the best In the ....nl" la bring him on the night watch. ginlilng a gun 'rielle' on revival' '''". on 'M Ih.. ...', Dr. Mun' /arcs al Ih. day .
.. clay pigeons, \\ -
this direction.Thli -- -- kill ,s.. loader of the NKtetlng. Mt e
Hew the Free Lakeland and vtinfjr:,> 1 .. i .illor, Oullty .f Mwrdir.ftt '
IUI".r.1I1 be held some time e Happened. ni I.." tKat "w ile.. ,.... 10.. ,.Mir brother. IoM
daring February. penbabiy about the II. I:, Demon bit carriage and the Urge Irish |"II.Ir-tapln Ha hit. are not a v..,........" iteeloiM. J..0, ,."".., 11.1..
hai tory the| season ? .... ai tMMir'i' ref ,>). iiiiigMlMftt ",' "''I.....
Ilth. wagon man who been In the' buil :
.__ : Tim Maetalew Klvef 1 J.*rnll ftfdenl lira.. .. .
WAMIv'! 'lla e'"h '
( .u
flies In this for Th. .bar ftt iVniaeulft .harbor I.
city many years and being
Pointer Lost .wei .a,. "T''.. city U hMhlnggre4 ,., for ,,
ii .
Dog der Inb. r. air< antler
who U well knew, here, hues a rraeon dredged and the e.un.1 ..fila) | be deep.
profmtft.imii I., the IllWe. Oe o* .f "Us.l.'Iv' ''li.rla.r n' r?" 11 ft-
\V It MtKlnelry' has bid the n t.'O'.DO' for the CleW imp. which U now upn U,. .r and wider, then err before,
I fereitc at JfttfUeitif. CTalfteivllUi Ash/N. !I..' Iii',, han !I. "' f".' g OI1.l
"Noting hi. floe fotftier dec. While talking with ft crowd .of gin The baseball teem al J.)Terra Ot.,1. If the ihrlei. ty of eanw.'. Mi.ier in nm tmni d..
steten < I
which strayed' .
Queen, was or lemen ni the corner of Went Main' I Iud his bean and .
reorginiied will ,
icon fte. the )jury 'Mine > uel <
The IN .... mailer of J. 0. Newberrf fJllgh .
from his home Wedneidiy night.
Liberty air... ,,,,.rd., upon the have ft crack team in I h*].field.. .aIieo ref l ui..fipf lu iii"ii 1, V.-Oleo.
animal whleh U. ft while and liver prleg. a binkrupi In the M
coming cold imp which. was getting: The settee winds. nf lait week dKl/ The frewteeji p> color with liver fi floe. ...t. .',.1.1 at Jftrt-MMtvllle Turediy, tkthe .
**rt revs ;
Voider and eaMer .. ...
''nu'. I f
4 erery '" aa ftilderabl. damage tobrtngeion; the IQs v.rdl.V hgnt'( '" <"
.Mttfla1 ftpplUftlfon. t.t dli
I Koriginally 11Z es s Irrt. Naturally efs ,
one eiprrovd himself Mr. Ieneoa$ ab year./ die of a ak.'u.un4. f hurl '
the owner l I. very ...toot trees. long the Indian JUver. '- leeiton.Heed ek-arg 4 In banlrupuy waa set let Veb. r ._ .
raptly eiplaloed
boat the my iterknu dUeppeftrenee. of "1 know the reta of thU. ..ld. cane will be '.'r. lneffen4oonly rusts 0. C.,, .."d ef *C"impl"fl.Alft. .

the dog, Seme d-a Yankte t.e t.f 1 be door thle season lx..w p irl... liav T...,.. le ....... t>e.p' rall*>.iwMH p.s st. Mybq.1 .. Jftft. ft ,in 'III"

Death at Kenapaha.If ope." '. dUeouraged many who were[! hopeful t.rsel.lled. lfie '.....I..ra ..... (I,..". ftate tlleirtMwatt IUee5 Ii., .,..

UFeyelte. .... lafait sea .f Jdv.t' This' rta.on was apparently' iitUfaeUry. M"ileeltoKewi .'.. .,.' A......." ", ...fft.. .U l e bee /*ee M, Lltel 'fI' ', tea

..4 Mr*. W II. Tlniley. died at Ue and Mr. n.n.o held boors un. Oeo. M, ttlo*..legtr.timikey( at ,... 1.loW 'IA that et., J'ebetwrj. J. The or 'N" 4a" .a "H.t e el

Ito... of Isle. r u..t* at KanapeJta, UI I*. A. Jerftlgaa earue upon the ''fni u'l* |..lte. watt i A :.wai badly ......... will be Laid. !Is She OailooofHotel. "erisrplug.. ....". .?11I.,, promeufore

Wdft eday morning of eheler* lofaa ene a..d *>it>lalajd' why hie dog'i mangled by a. eleetrUi tat;,; ftikl died. ,... Ta,..". Jay II ft for .brs"g tour e. a.t
turn. Tfte funeral was ...14., Ka ip. tot>c e was ipllt. 'roes kU. "to jsr/.1/ t n M. Ifdghee of fMnferd get en Isle veeeeli. wae ctMtleterf TW aitfc'iBttJ1"" ecaattU /

.ba ......,.rJ Tkaredey. and was atI -- -,-- A Madtaoe prr.4li.r .ii. 4 the cub dignity' beeauie (I. U. Calhoun' of tkatplMe tkre charges. I ftUe ,e.ileaUyi ill

...sNl by great many ",..4., who Tbe (crony m 4idM la UMnMtode ofM |et "'>o.', ero"e ,... a"ktiti'.mM would .
.tt.Dd c'npatby' to ,a.. parents la >WM far fit."rt>-Dr. TlMMbev'e Liver gel to It." The men wee. dog<,< fitdvr ..... and armed himself with' a pit' Wijiu.a M i. kk wli,..f la I>r TkKlrr'a

their. hoot of bereavement. i gad taU'I,,.,. d mighty i.if i. <7' Sot to gH revenge. Jlogbe .t-o' ftt Un' gad Jik. ?J '1""



.',.-. .. .. .,...... ,. ., .. -
-" '
',' ". 'I' \"" ,'': 1'I"1''''' "" "',.. Ii .'.' .
\ 4' I '
: -_.... "'::''I"" L. : -- -: -

1R err vr'

"I s' ri

I (i ,
t .. .- ..-- -..-- ---
--_'-_' _-_--. -- .. _
.. __ .. _. .00.---- -- -- --
-- ----- -- -- -
c:. :=.:: --: ::-;-- -..::- .:: -.;::-:: :_:-. .: .. p --
!Ir f I'KODUCl! AND SA VI! UfttablUhed In 1881. LEGAL ADVERTISEMENtS '

)' NEW VISITORS ARE ; -.... ........ **. *">- *V*>0N'S % > >W X- >"'VN
Jointache The Oldest Whiskey
!. Uk0trll Oowrt. HtttiUi JMdtoUl. Olfet.ll.
BEING BOOKED DAILYIndications A' f ( oust ,. (slave.r..
1)eI,1OtlJt, 'n \'.
<" Ofauw. lire
; I'J J .. __ I House in Georgia' It! ..nllfae.. "k. K ri"I.1>mi.Nt liir 10 h**.

Are There Will Bo U one o/ the main symptoms of For the informal. of lhu whode. U *M.**.Ht' or ilOdevilbsati'4eosuse., w1. lo IV* MM
sire, to have ihi), k1 14 Crowds Uonfercnce.AUCOMMODATION8 that terriblo disease culled Ilbeutuatitm nur cold ecorag wo recommend thefollowing 5f" '''. eteul.el 'M".W.\. .c n a...
at .
Large: method of preparation. ,iAk .,el ] ...e. aid I.. 5 ri.d.
which mattel life a daily dent of rU ceubchIl.a.iL< No I5,OIetbiNwAces
..... M Ik* |pN| lil* WANTeD. torture to many thousands eui uii snit mm to ,.,"*** **.r*. Cay .*>* vef.: U .. tb.r.tor. ........r'ha.l eW
Ice Mw. .,.,...o* .kkiu. .M Merle. = ,Ie ....,......* 0flrf. I* .h* U. l>*rk*
., i ___ __. clituMn,11, to lit* iimil. ..kn.r. uMraurn 'tCI0 ....**, <0 use its ol OMM4. .l'"i
limn 0'pw 1.4n..iI,1wMN ... we Ct i ix>,lnr* MimOkt. tan
.r 8.e.urr 0yir Bayi a Great Many HAMLINSWIZARD ki, t ouM"k.*''It.*.*I .,14) I OHM* rf1 l.Mif *tlo d.UunsnJIM. I"** oilwiwlk. onoll MM 'Woods (il i ini'kl II *hOWU ***It I / I +iiwlp tM ,..It... es **..
,1 Mav Compiled Wllli flttiuttt lli.. ?.uadc,,M* Mil tutor lb/l flay* *<,.. re***!! tar MM ,.roim..MH
11 De' l,!r wPn1f, bur kvddllpd '' 'i .IeenSM U further ordorfrt. ll *t WIt $., !.. IM*.
Throu&h Th. Bun Out More U *(!..) !<>*MibiMr ti' will 'u IMwil on*. ft week t for four e t Houitd, OIL II In e4'M'du..*Ira 4, ,chi rt Ilrtd-Peopl Must bt ,' Ttit Aiir ,.allll'" f HUM ooMt .wirit. weal In"M ,,"II", ol ret M.,..
al'wein I wlr cud) d.,. ih. ..i .,.,. or... ual 'It... ........ cr, tIm., ,,1JOtI.
"I'll toll you, advertlilng U nil l ) au""llaso *. MI l'rer|' *m *ivliifr. ita .. (1. 1NN'1'('N. (Jt.rlC 'awls OoMrI
"I (Urn or (1I ,.r jiw.ot* hand up kixt Mooli* MI 1 |Hkl) Mir A. llSl MC". U oAMMwrrt
:::: right" rtmarkcMl Becrelary FerdinandJlayer Iniervkl : llu .. .. will .
1 Je a treatment which affords lor" kk ll I isle .- ""'
cAEi of his Florida' Winter lllble. l'rfoil' '* iliruuili' Km laukila llr*.* "' ,laor, TN r O. '11GN'rON.' A.k
positive cure for rheumatiim and I wow) nikli. .* Hi. beat MHtob*. Wlifn dry> tk. IVr K II. Wlvrui, U. U.
+ Conference, Iol1i Bun reporter dayor Vnw* end l'k..k In. bolt. 5 l*>*,r of wt kUw. II. A. Tllll AMI"I....... hofr. lor OomU'U.
allied dUoaiti 11..11 0... 0' toki, *t iwo ago, la referring' to the artUlo one "*ki M0ub* irtMluo4. unit rolkiwliurM '
In a recent Unit of this paper' 'appeal, Applied externally U relieves >kOII. /tlfAltl'1:11'/LI.IAIN> / : NOTICIJ OK AWIJOATIOM 1OU T ICI'Y.JU
I'Aflle rikvlnff' rklro) ,,"1 rM>lllll>* may wild( UNDHII unorioN UK ciiAintcnIKM
'Ing<< to thui who had rooms and onuld the pain at onoe Taken. inter. I"H N aWimnodat, ( vlillori to th* Confer "ffiM kwi* way Hark l l M* end<< else gallon 18.10, 4 full quiirli I3.W.
nally, It cures permanently by. tt..., semi on ben nf babel, eat real) u* Mil of' ... 'U hrtir. t then llttt 4. It Mf4M,
1+ onoft to notify )f fr. haler .! once.Secretary lk lln'' 'r. *r frH.'M klHtili' | .>liitf. imliit Our ixritisH: : 1'Itll'Alll(11:0r : rnirotikkvrol "u G rUnet No. ft. dflM l*..
the blood of the !lactio ..h.,.* f 'rfl. .e.Uonn X,urirt rnr tllidkr MlikkllUt4Mki '
purifying irk det11 iwr | of Au ? A.IL H ' lUyerilatM thai a ,greatmany I c>n. iiMinilkV. else| wUi| l compiled with his rcqgcit lu 'Inform acid which causes the dUeaio Muloli |>ktr4 to lssu.In *<<. *'lltiorUU ,.w. held
.,It* niJrk ..lUUl],n. *.IHl4 rears ..*l. *Ml>r*.M ". d..tte-t
r him of aceommoditloni, 'but .that.. Anthony flrolth; of Mayville, X1Utaysi >ri>rU* U or Hi* vr.kl.., Mm.ni lo tbs ,rr- ( Hun 3.7ft.. 4 full quarts |:1.W( i>r."..tljr kllul'>'' In AI.0hu1\ ootinijr, I1wWf.

Inor art neededV* are RolnR; to t "I had inch torero rbcumaU Inb 1 run for hum.-wed. wel ixrmH.s: : I'JUI''W( : \ W-Mof- K.U end HH of N.., or' NeW Hi U,

', Java big crowd" 'he mid. "and. If we in and shoulder DIAMOND ICU COMPANY ANVIL. nvi: Ti. II.0rN'a. It II K oonikliilnt' IM Corns,

cannot' find accommodation for sham io palm my arm H II, MTlngiton.Mfif' (1'111.,11I.,1'1. OUlranl.\l /earl old. )llr Ilse(' Mugs Tli. a.*i'>i UiMl tlMi' es.aeod al| itm d.l* .fli

t' It will b. *. qttMlfon of 'Rloyo m.' W* that could neither work nor sloop l_____. ___ _._ ._ _.________.---' gluon 13,60 full quart. ,,\\76. ,. a innikiMt* of ,kugfa, uerllaral.lit Ib. .*M.
of I Jnl.wIlulttu.Ues| "
; '" would tery niuoli dlillk In .hare. pe0t' and wai fait loilng- all bopo of LXl'JllihH: l'IUI'.UIt ., 'U lpt. shell) b. tttd.**,*.t ft..
Pocket and Tablo Cutlery ('J.UTUU"( l nvi I: C'CoreIh la 'Uw. (sa fl.i* l will ,IMU. ther.ua' .e
plfioomt her., fall to find accommodation cure, when I board of and tried li.>. r th (Ur of J.nuer A. U .I'eS.
and lo .fine other point llr the gallon 13 SA. 4 full quarts Wlti" Mmr omelet M""ntur i Kiwi sad l IM
*, go llnmllni Wizard Oil two bottlesof /DO. ixruisM the.utk cor 1.0.A.. '"
i i : : l'mll"lII: ) caar 11.1" .
j with the italement. that Ualneivllle ... .J
( them." which performed a perfect per. I UM I'OINTKU: CXJltN CI.U1! I'CI Clerk Circuit Court AUobu Vu.. M*.
+ oould not& accommodate
; let nianent cure" Price OOo and $1. Stoves Ran (lu ri"nti>Ml 4 years old )Itr I the
; lye I >.lr. layer It, receiving' doieni of' O'b oso.n.d. gallon I'J.tO. 4 full qunrl 3.7ft.: NOTICH OK AI'I'UOATION loll TAX

t'4' sera dally 'Inquiring<< for acoommoda Tor sale and recommended by KXritLKH: : IMICI'AID: 111:1)( UNKK1I HICOI'KlN' I OI" CIAI'TICZIleas (
and thoit luring
flans ratei. tto.,
01." KENTUCKY( : : {()1UC
I room ihould 10 Inform. him" at the ALL DRUGGISTS. : 110atoru.: : tlotln0' h.Nl>r ,h.. teal J' I* M...tlln,
I Unaranl..d l 8 t MM old HT the |>uroh",...rof ilirnflli iHirtU of 'i'a,. \&al'
enrlleit) |11O"llJlt' moment, that be may l _.. ..__ _ ._ __ _.__ 0_ -.._ gallon 13.00 4 full quart U. .Ste l4'a .Ill oiled the. M"can of Juir, A. III"
,.. '., b.. nlNi ss A nprllnoite In my "",,,.. aed
","W'I' liar.. Inqulrlei Intelligently. OPP TO SOUTH FLORIDA Xl'mNK: I'IUI''W: tlU cede .' 10. tor tea d./IIO "*". hleonurdaaa
+ While the Ooufereno and Chautau* w'ltb '... ".k' oar/Uk'.te es..
W. handle fill tii" I.adlnlJrand.* olRjro trance the 'oa""I1" d."rUtC'C1"1"" '" Mtnet.A
qua| was well attended last year, 'Indl* Allen Qooltby Two Doyt start' on and' Jioutbou WliUklot' the,, market In Aluclitt* ootiniy. 'lor..a",11,
the crowd Hit t and will care you from' SA vet cent Wltot NwM itixl HwU ...... l Ie 'lli. |ii|, S..1
'4tloni ae that a Starch for a Nw Horn. n. .ll r. "tioruliili lio0riof. Uixl, more .,

acaion will b* much larger, ai Iho "afair Allen (looliby and liU ion Wai tor. to for W(price per cent Hit on and your oatalogu' purehmo Mailed. tend {I.;.* Mid. last hln' ...*...4 *i the d.!. .,

R / hat been widely ndvertlied and the and, 1 Brandion, llarrli Mnli'liun'' were ,,4 rr free upon aj-plloatlon. ,U.tie A.M l" i".*'lHi no.... web i.tUnost.l In the 'sweet(

4 r 'Intftrcil hat been deep The Confer' In the oily from Moiitfooda. Tut>.day. THE ALTMAYER & FLATAU |)II\)_ MM. of nl"o". i>hll I* r dice will open Bunday, February bah, S.11... tea deal will IMHII ibflrro>> .'
I This trio are starling out on a |IlfOU- III'. ....tli. rt., of January. A. U iwt' *'.
and tail 'for two weeks, II will'" b. 01.' liar journey. for they do not know LIQUOR COMPANY W"...... cy 011,1.1 slspslAaro, Cal seal ,...
Alwo'weekt'itiilon (b. ."" day wf Ittoo.", "lt....
of' 'th
lowed by a just what their dritliiatloti will h,. oOo.50H.5io.tia! ruunriiOJIMILES NTIIEET: : II. U. UKNTON.

''I Olirlillin' Worlferi' Inilltut, after' Mr. OooUbf rcciitly fold Mi home )tA'ON. mcUlUU.: ( 14 O)lerk, Clrvull LNwin AUohu Co.. II..

widen. the. Chautauqua will hold the and faun and .edMvlili -
farmatMonloolia( |>/nM -
1t boardi for a couple of week, makinglit a desire to out Mi, fortune fur .
woeki'" of' refined enjoyment' hose Ammunition and Guns. 0. SMITH l..taII Omd al tlif Mouth,, has Ron on a proipiollngtunr. .leoembcr iw.Noilo 111,1'
1 1 who com, l Kicecdlngly low ratei Wills R view to comfort It* fit 1'1111"1.11." U, "..,*.. l..n that tie (n11nwln'r'" '
'have been granted Upon theie ticca* n.ni.... .."I., 'is., hInd, toil'** uf I.U. Iniiti4*
h'IS up a eovotod wagon, flllnl It with to hike >tntnulll 'n riml 'In Wi..1.| |K>rt of M.
11 aloni from all point In Florida, wllhJltHtral..t"tI."lolI' bedding and' ollirr noocnarloi, and A varied ..selection Carrots, Triple N1'EIAL:(: ritu: I.IHT. i1nalster M that nkt |>ro<1. l.>.for*
end U.n.ter M Uulnt UI..I.. ,.
_ which will no doubt'( started out. II* bas no jurtloulardrMlnilloii IMatcd and Kolld Bllrtr Pieces, lluntftr IlyXXX . . . .fl I'o ".nlll,, au INAIrJAMIt1 o.

attract large crowd hero xxxx.. . . . . . . :300 W.: IkiiinUMor (1114,. n...
but passed though 'h. (told Medal. . . .1 . . BOO IM, lire rnr 'id* !/>!. a *tid 4 ami NH or Ut\

1 MAOHINEIIY' 18 BXI'EOTfiD, oily wllli lilt awn ulUlllnion. bound Largest Sellers In Florida ofr.5 Old IIlk" . . . . . 8 fiO tot tsoITt.tNI4Illfl. .
south lit slates that the' first local loyal' Heal, . . . . . 160Oornsll'skey I tUtikmc. Iti* follow."* wltnM.). 'n ''Mr.
--- | . . ft (O liU'. ..iontlnunuk, t."""kl.bK* upon| end ouitl.U.a
lly li. elders where ho thinks lit will\ ,
Ai Soon .. Arrival Workon of Mid' lard Tau
I.. 160
Machinery to
hl' : Woven@ Wire Fences . 8 t CC
Objtct Lesion (load WIII Utaln \t. satisfied", lie will 'I'UO"| oainp 'h.dta. E I (Uln . . . . . IDOlo 4 OJ of'John Urdr.u. piitiii......n.* or W ordr.l..n, furd lie,of 1It(Judy tv I Il ..<,<1.....

4: The governmunl good roadi ma ., ahoua' lie It greatly trltCl''ItdIn ... -' Cat floods at lowest |irlpk'", ICitra I U. O. Ilaf"..,,& or IIsMllteM. ..,..

4 ohlnery which bps boeii ordered loOalneivlll the vlclnlly of' Waiiehula, DfHulw charge for 'jugn, tf-gal., I0d | 1.1t.1., l I"Y. IU .Uier.
county, lio ,e..r. and may vontually Chattanooga Plows I Ito I :a-gal.W: W. will allow .price' -
tooonttrtiotft mil\ of ob make that lilt southern trrinlnal. charged for jigs returned to in.Uoodi NOTION XU rUHUOATIOK.,

+ jeol lesson road, It peeled dally, and The 1'rti Winner kl Ih. Bt Louis K..i>Okltlon, bond If desired e-ibw6mNrrlols 1..114 omo. *l (..'''....m... n*..

I .. nun a* thli machinery arrives work ARC MAKING 'PnOQUC88. e -- Jah".ni L INA'
-- -- -- -- -
will begin, I: .1.-\ .. .. ._ Nolle .U ttrl>l firm. lkl llm followlM-
I. r. KOII I'UIILIUATION. Sawed anther '.u'UCId' noilo ui Ui |IIIUMI
The rout or lecllon of road In b* Hospital Oulldlng Oommlll Art Baird }Hardware CO. JAnet 011I" a' ca.I.....", .>. n*.. to a...thil.... nnkl, foot In ku|>|mtl or hs out....
MM Ifoof wlU l .
'I !I: i' k'1 O

J Jy decided\ but It U believed that (JAINJ! :8\'II.J.t: V'.OUlUA.o Nnllfl U hereby irl Iron lbV olf". rpllnwlnv. r>t rurr r. 1..6. tin.
r upon The building oommlllflK\ the Ala rikmxl settler h.* (Uml noun* her Intvnoonlo
d II will a bt on the North lalneivlllo atxlVaradlie _ ___ _ __ ____ h."".. riHiunulkllun |'riM'f 'In kul'ixxt ehua County' and (UaliitMllI lloi llalAnuolailun. ,
|> 0 IIct. .w H't* ** '4 .
*ttd test will ltfor* 10 IP L011 of f** '10. 7*'.
l road that being the thoroughfare of which Dr. J. llarrUon NOTION OK AI-rlJOATION' Kill TAXUKYJ ... .140' mnrt ||(Molvoril| ovWe II*., .mM. M., llr.II .
,ho""" ,IK. HrtuolauJ nniiti. rotlowlruf) '
needing. the grvaloit atten ,lodges I It chairman It using ) VNIIKII MKCn'loM! t OK CIIAITK1I4km. : lo Mora
every W1rnt.NJ1ofOredr.Ila his lamtlcuoue .....d. O. upwb. end oUh"U'" .
lion at this limo Other, hard roads effort In thus matter of railing funds, by LAWN OK llxmiDANnllo Uel. ,..} Ih* N wU of He. .. Tl, T ol kkldlk.... TI.. :
1.,1'| been cnnilruoled.. leading<< from for I Ii tire, riven, |ht IVrrf )I. Ootaon. K. ll. 14| Pt.. ,,, I antS NK otfl of .II of .He*. I, J,.t'.IUI "ti, Ill 1""'. 'iVMt-jon.. J. K. WWI. t,
tubicrlptlon the proKn| '<| building I..."" ....., of' Ti OrilOol. Nit. M. dkMxiIb IV t H.. IL l. liMb O, \JUff,. ,,1141'' !><>
OaluoiTllle In various direction, but vrhloli will boa publlo charily hoipHal, 4lb Akr of' Jtili.' A. Ik |a..w,... riMfllMMld rtktii** the rollnwliif' wllnp" ...l ,ftb pmra ,04 i W. t,11UInNSUN.thud.. ,.
I to far this', road has been neglected ("rtlnnala! .In. mr ..m..... Cell. laM nkyi .I'loU"| | *. .r MHiilnuini t*i4dno* "a..... end uultlvaUoe --- .. .. ,. .- -- .- -
modern In Whll ... .
rrrry mptol. a linn fir !as deed mlwniitln iMtrdlic wllh and ll li snore than likely thai tht hat lubierllwd IIb".II Uw, hiiM ri>'un...' J. W H.Mi lk... of Ur4r. Pie. J. A. llrltr' NOTICK Rill I'UIUJCATIOM.,
great many ,. t\.tt, 4 pen>frl> .1/un4MlgAlaobuapwtr. I uact' ,. 1'1.. WY.. f-" *nfoittorUr.<",,n... ......1 Om.. al n..III"\on.. ..
I inllt will b* used there there art ottim wbo .liar. not shown,. trAw !' .wle'. 1.IUI'uI'd of; ('lIn. n. Ieo.tnl'et. II, 1.-.
MO/, 4011'1'..1.. H.TIV I *
It I li not known who will he lent' Nolio.l.,
tlm,, Inellnatlon by at'litlng In Ibis to sutrafl __ 0 _____ hereby irl,*B Ibm ''hll TollowUrniu )
wllh tees machinery, but lion Marlin .. Mid laid 1..1'1l kkM>_*t kl it. dal. OfI 'nu..
worthy cause. llltaibetn' Impossible, 'II. I.tiesn, nt "I\'t e1'1Utk'ii. I I. lb. nkli>.of or AITLIOATION t'OI& TAX lo ...k. nnftl front' In kuin>o l of IJ. oUlM, ,
t r Dodge, director th. good; roads d. for the"" ooininlltti In slake' a personal' ,." IStwll.itintf IIKKP UNinn: KBOTION' a OK CIIAITKMM r.M,aid Il.rs51| !>Jeiniarille I I, ||
1'a e
| ,.
I al WaiMnglon and who U JoIt//,..... ants. ....U"..... ... "1 1(1. I.AWH or rumiiM. | .,
irtmenl visit and wflldw'.Iha.N lbbriisy" 'JiS' cif
to everyone, The Nun I. tr la taw as .Iced. ( Of' Notli>* lb.>r.>.l> .
now In Florida' itatet thai It* would queittd an slate lhattlioi desirous' of lit. tM, rtkr or .10111. %'Crr. A. U m"vVltnfMN tiuroiiM>r of TuitWalkslinee'taldj4n, 'I. Vases HIMMOM or I Howtiinir. n*..
1 like looom* lucre peritnally.! Benatorl \ mi .tn..1, Mime. ,,'., sod. Mel '''I. ".,"" rontrlbutlng or bvoomlng' a inombtr\ of the /1nb di.' "I .I"H.'rIot A. \L 1'tN.N trill KM OlMt MM nrrilnoaio (i mroni Mall/Leo. H. To 'II.. n. It t.II. .

f >odg* attended' a good roads meeting the Association. may teourn full |>ar. I'd Clerk drt'ull Oouii:AUebu,. \YIKNI11* ,Vv, N ila ... end .kti. tiiMt *| olIo"Upn fw ".tuM ,be rc.U .''h" witnesses 'n ..'''._
In hull oily about four yean ago at oculars" upon applloMtlon, to the (com lut sell dots to l .w In ?'rmlenn.. wltb. ,Uwrrrlln bioonllnunuf' tees/sloe ulr'a end """"." ".
---- **! *mbra" <> HIM '01".1.. d* bM laid TUI

_ which tints he was treated to royallyby .. mid mitt who.*. hire Those not who yet hare paid coil heir ribulnd aut. NOTKJi: OK A1TUCATIOK tOIL) TAX .t1'1CId. .,',',",t..,.".,m\owl'N" Mluatod ,is Al.ebufowtlr. J. r t4s4st Uulnn' U...., JV, cauter

Jut people' that he "list never for orlnUoni remit lo U),. .nJ.I''. IIKKII UNortt% toxmoN C OK IIUITKJI4Mt. 1-4 of son I. Tlv I0.lt "in ash. R 14 01 WlUUutUiUiiM.. .ll ol lUub Iwnd.' .1*.
and 'told Dr. T. may '.AW. (It' ixniituNoll N. W Men 4.T. 10 llUM, A fc. -*to .*r*. Id W. U. IIOIllNftON.= IU,'lMr.
gotten Ulihftrd, 'treasurer of Ih. Association 'nt. sakile 1si e.anwA st It. .. .
d. n'
y, Tbonm, chairman of ten Heard -.- 11ewa....wrl'bww. U .....of.
of County Connnliiloneri, thai b- HAS MCOCIVEO ENGINE. "'*. "Hl ll>. lHk day of Jilt, A. U i'*.. .... "" .MUu,- nerllanet.. kkli l.. riwiu '\...","
Land .
om. el l (O'n.n.' t,. .
1 Sliest t surd tierllni-Ki In tnr urn**. *IM| h.. ... tlnf' t ,.. deed iwu.
t wanted to com here) attain and fell M>k4* *ii,,lU nl thai thli wuuld. a BOO! opportunity. Mantgtr Oalllion of Spring Park Farm onUw.<<< wltl4 law HM _rlinotoriukir. 11hin.aln. IlfI\c'l.. lIJ..nal"" sal Mal IM I N..U..I'oIt."hr but the roltnoio .'....
/ Ilafnlbwlrwds.'itIe IwwwrU sJIsa1M 11. \ ib. Il"Sday or .,.Mk ,. A. it. IAA\ Ca5w't .t/4.i. has flleel of til* .loinl...*
t/ Will Soon
?:u 'further luformitlun other than Ot oust *. lowll' ,... I. WIUNUKMAIbuCu. J.. "ibj> oral |irt of ,In k itH' >rt or hi,* cUlm.sad
pNutMotot. N.Iwsa"lea, kiwi HH MNH Id (a.\a t'lreult, ('CJotrt 'hkt MM tToof all ,it* tud I*for* Itn/ll.lnc/
Ills. matter would b* 00".11I".d. hiss Manager K. A Ullion! of the 8p,+ring ol ?*wl4 of NwyseaiI.'MN14.1. --.- ,,n. .N (....'..r *i Ukln_ iUfi, .,... onUUlu /Mbra'
.been received 'from government,,' re- 1'ark Block Tarm Company was In the T1. .. bald. l.Ml tiii." < ,,,Ke..>d kl Ih. dale orkn None OK AITUOATIOM -- err ... .11.. tt
| M it 1 Nan
| Mk* >h .silo.e TAX ,
of ).Ir. AVI K .... | Mr J. )!. 1\11.*,,, N. MiHTiH or I........ n...
; girding the oohitrucllon of the ablest city Tuvuday. > > iIKU: ) UNl:.U HIXTIUN a OK
U..... kii w ,lit'.'.* ....n !>. .....,........ .. CIIA171Jts : 511:54w, fur Ik* Nwliof H*).4.T.|>. 10 A.
'....Ull sired itroptued by the City Mr. Ualllnon cam for th* purpose ofuporlntfiidlng kH otttlitii l>i ".. '., "1..>4* will (ewa lhereue I.AWH ur n.hlll4.MoUNt" 1
t>n 'H' iKii ,kr M 1 t ..l 'r Council and Ins llalnetvlllt'' Hoard' ol the unlotdlr.1 and Of | has IVrrr N t'ah.w. .
bb .
.. .. .
Wiles' .m .1 Mlb.Iut aid seas ,. I.......ha.et of Tl c.'."""**t. No. M. "..... Co.115aw.resWeaupu 5,4 Oattlcellns"
4// but b that the of' th "Hfirou' .hots.. Ih.clhdarlt.ti., A 11IuVN '. .f *.M land opt, :
Trade, II may possible livery new pwwcl' r' U of J.|t. A. II l*., .... K IViVrww. '

J street will be ronitructrni, while the .'alri'auks' gasoline' engine, which was I" ..,. k fault AIecCMl\\'nm. .I) NaewrrMN.M. Ht..mM-..MTnerllnect.lot I...ta d MD.*,1 o"to,.iMn.. ""*'i I*........cede....,..sled'.,. l.ftS"U..., >..."" '..J..,>.It.. Mktbow.M T. *i.*lW fwj ."*r. .O fw

__ government" maehlnery U her*. ordered for use on the farm. The en __ NIb Mw H14 ..ru....i* r r.s"con toM folKTn nhUI n.* '
.. be 1M d,.e.hw.d Iw.l'ertt sllsaiM Is A......... Id W. U. .tOIUNKON.' n.t ..Ul,rNOTIOK
nine I U .K rotary of th, latest' and most .. "ntli t1Nrblf,1ocIi"e ____ _

Card of ThanKt. modern I"Ufrnlnd will be used l in I 'she. i I"..aM to"Iscd 10,11..ce.rtdI I* tan dale or MMAI. DinciiAiMK'' or

Wu desire to publicly thank those great advantage aino It U th i .purpo PATENTS IH .'ssasee -4 se.S _t\Me.,. M .......0'of CIUANIUANribBr .

: who aided Klrby Hmltli,,, Chapter, U. D.O. of th. company to uiak all III own i t......, ..Ct'atrasaid ..It.oela .ba .... Noun M ........ vices abet ... 1DOe'M .l
took n'Ik5wOelan ... ..
fetnl.eto. r .,.1ie.Inywa.de.awed. ...... ....._ la ii .." au.. or this ,",11et., ... .
I In makdiK of the ui Aef.l' ..
atuecen ''
tupper ., IYantls5 0r Cad its Ilanset
? Manager Calllion slates lbs I t h,* hat .. U' led "f h l c and. market. booths at th. opera house '"el,"" t and, U placing lu |to.lllon n S.alefwue.a.SNOS: M .11. vet w.TVANie_..... .... e1I/15 de .h.OOSMI.AAs..... h I InatkM, *Hmltb.fc.r. (. ih I..a.nl. U_ KM It. tl.rlaal..___,.. I1".not vwiiiir )_cur*.
1.wast. a.e.4--.....i. '. -.... 11 i 4 J' "" wliM. fnv ....
f the Uih TM MId Alkfhttk
hut II has rVHrtM
the fine '
mill "
on tHpeclally non grist: also received .. MMi "ir.
...... '' .004 ,_ ......' ,. H. 1 II. WI NX. ,: .
-I members, who muted U th. work andrendered other modern maehlntry lu tan form ..........'...t ....- ..... ... .a. : w 1J such valuiblo sortie .. In ot ford mill, can mills *i.... and loR t -.5' rw.... as.N..1h..A sa 11.11. 1 I --- -_ MIX.. Ml. of .b* *.M ll.>.tbt Suns M>
short Unto Spring- Tark Farm will I tnsawa.a..a 5S.1..1s.aa.N. AhMINIKTKATHIX JIOTler.Ina llMMhiM.***,* HMlh bk,l4l .uaa.... IV*
..... ..11MIC ......IS r..o.t ... .
the rtfrvihincnti. alto the l w f11a .Ne
'for csera
trying W UI.to-dll' in this I ll4t.. Iesf1. 1"-1....... I
l reipecl. O..p...ii. I IWAaHINQTON U. /wlsal.OMe+, .. ... 'IWra hspt.rbr Ilan. A. n t.4.I .
; use of the opera house and varlam arllclei I 0. 0. fedisiwi of t rMkl ofH. A'e.bibel AHTIIUH I W Tt':1It'A"Tf.r.' .
t furulihwl. byuuMliaou, and all 'If th* Uby It Outline Teeth .Net'...- M.. M4 ltimaera M All 1--. h b... 'r., i 511.11 A,.....MbI. lot lt.r..M ......

I' othtra who lu any way rnaiributrd\ lo \ ... w ill 1.to _.... ...1 Ma .... Un Nt'', ,
the tueteta of the euli. D-SWIFM .
i' .
) 4 { .. frlcndi pan reel HMurtnl that tried remedy, Mr. *. Winilow'a tooth N' win, .-f Ibe.,Male vrt iti*.f I to AreNOfylure.* U t. ...-... to.No.IIo.... ........NWA.Ca.M......Rica. that attic i. .w..sMla i7. r.r.aotb. .
i'E their I klodnt will ever I* rtnueiu- tog Syrup, for children tevthlng. Itloolh. .'nunlJo i..... .. .... 'M AkIt..."_..,,.alai .. I -. *** ..*et'ardl.e", __...law M ll.*. M,
5' rhwlde w --.,. ......*....,.,ri. "l. M...... ... __
b.ft\d by unr chanter collectively and .* Ih* child noflvitt Ins turn, ... ... e..c11 of ......_ u.
Ccai ,
eat .
't 'Individually. allays all pain, cur\ ** wind col to and I It 'a. ftMl. ..bvAf ..... .. e.w will a ..U......."a .,......,.. sus se4 hail'.,.....sec"M cast e'.k.Iket.*"*b r*..,..............."' ...,.,
>I... II. II. MtCaitANV.' 1'rei' the Wn ntrurd I.AI NA W
diarrhoea Twen 1..4AU-
'** On"AM.
i Ma J. N, bru' ;It.Os *4C, iyftv cents a both' Advertise In Tlio Suu tiNTM......',W...,.. *l cc..atau, u' An's/buy dAs A1.IS tray 1:1II.' *.*a Car-.e...

I .., .f1..T1 .JI. __ a. .. 1le.e iMtw*. ..
t V

: .. r

4 .-
a 11 Y

1 .y.1ii ..

.. ..-... 1 ......1

... ..... .. ,
; .aI.M ..
.iIa: .. .
'i ,lr,,'" ft., ,.. '".I"1' :":..". ., if'>''t" 10" '. t.', .\ ',- ,.. \ ,of. oIII .!I L.\\.tiI\\t<._"" .<;rr'\\.I'< \" !t'.' !., \<" ";t .1.). .
.. .
,....;. _._ %' '" r '
: "
'. '
: .fa : t .


1 ,./
... 1 I IIi
t 41

.I t.. se t

---- -
-- --- --

WEST FLORIDA MOZLEY'S ,, .U ,". ...,.. (...I-. .. \I'. -_ ... '- .
LAND THE FELT SYSTEMIS ...1 1 _\. ." "


Over Million Acre Tied Up by Pint Car Itaaehpd NoW York in

Recent Dcciiiou of Judge Locke :( : Tilt: Excellent Coutllllon. ;.
-- LIVlUt: Carload of DUGGIES

Tats Fertile Properly Was Traded Un. iIUC1'p The Product Wee (Orlip" and fine, and.

er! Spanlih Rule to White' Men by Commanded fldf Prlc" In 'the

Indiana Who Had Robbed Their The.|qvi nlor. of the famous "THIU Market-Second" bar Was Shipped 1 Just Arrived and They Arc Beauties.
UKLL! ttOJLAl'K a man known wher*
Store, Which prince Complication, err plow. are sold and used, tap i Monday-Byilem.' a fine Succen

The United Slates land ofUoe In title, The first carload U"'"k by thin fall Wo buy in om lotnj,: do oilmr \tlefilum In tlila St''
oily has received Instructions to I per- "I hne.1 )10111.1l.tA.thN car *y.t..ml recently adopted' by. the

snit no further attire of oerialn. *ee* KUXIII let W tit II r.... In nwr. (lalnvllle and OuU lUllroad, the lion ? Suvpomi' you flak tlioin.To .
tione of land In Waihlngtoti and Gal (.ndr car the .t..tM.b, near and VM- leorgia' Southern and' Florida the

Noun oountle, between the Apalach-' her*. std pnct u I.Ibe We.fleta'e 1Mee ftoiithern, and I'enniilvattia" railroad '. 4_ u tgmnano ....
leola e4sr seed nule shirt a Mre M'" JSew York
and Ghoctawahatehlo river, has b.tfe"'tod In market
elect let p.ln Ibe Lsek pf aides the
Weit "Florida, pending deolilon of Unl e1e111drlr.. I hies rq.u.erided .U In .*, arid the content were In llrit-
ted Rtatri Supreme Uourt. Till In* ,",fllfI""'" ."..... I.nr wotkinvn.. when class condition and readied goodprloe buy in
itrueilon came from the general land Nek end \I....,..i .U .elfle. e4 It t>M alwaysdee. *. largo qunntlthw ineaiiH to buy
Mfti'IIall.raeltoa. 11. 5)'iiInirJJ. Fairfield chimp) ; to buy in oar lots IHUIIIH a Having 01'
ofllee at Wathlnglon' and wee The tint oar I left Thursday
prompted by recent development hi >o., AU."IL IVWtnt. Alknt 1'luwt night of the pall week, and in accord about $MOO to thu buiHO') on frolpht pm'1\ingll'k

the United State' Jourt>> for Iho Houllc ante with the Nom made by thin'

ern niitrlet of Florida Judge I I.ixkel management of the eyitem, reached _)1 ='Iit ..".tir., 110 ...
reildlng.. MOZLEY'S LEMON ELIXIR. New. York early Monday tuom'''',. Im

The tract oomprlte more than a Ing a little more than three days enroute. IM tboro any wondor( tllnt wo I Poll HO luuohchoupor

million acre, and. I I. among the mast -- --- ._----- The car oonlalned' 4fl baiket than our coinpotltoiHf tVt' hew bu toM
fertile, 6f Iho land of Wet Florida' nco cnoes IN tone BTRAITA. of lettuce and the product upon It* at !;
producing abundant crops( where eul arrival at deitlnaUon was bright,,
tlvated. Captain ef Japan;; ; Cruiser Telli green and crl'pH did not show. the,

The history of this laud I.I an Inters Mew Russians Bunk ahlp. effect' of IIItt average riprc ihip
eating one. It dales' nay leek 'to Vletorla, 11. C,, Jan. |/. The .team mint, but retembleil' Inure thin tram
17M: and ha. a "'ltl..lh.hloh now er Athenian, which arrived from thl pnrtatlnn of go.nl! under refrigerator $45 $50
prove of .'...Importance to the peo Orient brought'" among her pa *cng"riDr. system being<< at fresh.. and crisp( at If ,
pie of this country, inasmuch ai lev. Clampke. an eminent nurgcuiv It bad just been out from the farm.
oral) Ihouiand' aerie of the land .ties who will offer hiss airvlooe to the Hue The felt lyitent of shipping, while

already) been hometteaded under the' alan medical corpa without eucceae. new on the, (lilneivlll and lulf and
law, the lends have been granted and Ho tell of such pocullatlon and a e4 the connecting line 'In New Yotk It
Male of hospital and Itcd Cross nrranicmenta 1
the. government will likely bo In aquandary by nu mean a new" thing, hence I.I noeiperlmeut.
with tie Huitlana. Thl
ai to how todltpoieuf the Athenian brlnia newa of the aluklni The arrangement, cf the' $60I
I It of abiolote to .
ijaeitlon, of the Japaneo rrulner Kaaljrcn' ol car one safely Legs.tatlon
Judge f/ooke of the United' States' Port Arthur. Contender Ukorta, are or other perishable produoti,
Court Southern Dlitrlcl of Florida, It worked successfully, Ihk "es.
and In command, who eurrlved, pry was on I JJ ,_ TR J
recently confirmed.' a private claim of the following nana"' I. hoard and other I ItuII''" for some
John Forbei A Co. for these land, "Tlio' ealyet was struck by a mint reaiotiwa* abandoned! It sates the

whloh were leonred through trade and In two minute II.,ted jo her atan grower a great deal with the Indian and inb"'|uent coo board aide and begin going down fait tranHittatlon| In the matter of re* You save from $10 to $15 on a buggy bought (from
Urination by the Hpanlili government Captain TaJIma' rejualoud on thl frlgeralluti-lomethlng .in the ",IR".
through the. governor ot West Florida." brMge' refusing' the aialitanc and ye borhood of '",.nl.nto cent a package
The Forbes 1'urohaie grew nut of jccilng renionktranee of ofUoeri U << according to ttatlitlct
Indian robbirlei. The firm of 1'anton take. to the bwali. When the vend The teoopd felt car Iff Fairfield. W. R. THOMAS.

Leslie A Uu of 1'eniaeoli, of whom tank the captain and 13 sailors, together Monday' night. and I.I etpeeted( to arrive .
John l'o' .. A Co were. the uirvlvlng with 110 petty offlcrra and roei In N.w'ok Friday morning,
partner and euoomon, eilabllihed a were engulfed In the WA'''., This oar oomprlied Pile> baskets' of let.
t branch store at Apalaohy, on this Ap Aa Iho Balycn foundered the Rue tuoe.

I alaohleola Itlver, which wa robbed In clans poured a merclleee flro on art W. I'. Ulover of Valdotta, (la l andA.
ITtrjand egilnln 1K)0) b, a party of from Katloh and the) rwcue by Japanise O. Pawioit i>f Jaokicnvllle. com

fref booting Indian under tlf,*) leader warships Will made dlrDcult. merclal, agents of the leorgia Houthenagd A
TIle work was continued ten hour*
hip ot' the notorloue William AuguttuaIbwleg Florida, are 'In this territory for a
but on trace was seen of the captali 1
*. Indian trader also con and other, fw daya looking<< after the hlpmenli' ,
traded many and heavy debit. with the S_. ---.- _. .
.lore. In order to settle these claim TaM Aneiior'e Notice fr\ l
the Indian (tint 'Tallapoo, Hem I Important. Ouilneie Change. I shish. ) meet the. la .payerof the
Hole and l.orer Greek) joined In a An 'Important business change I I. an following place on the dale set
ale ot the laud In question Fotbe I '
nounoed from Ilrooker, llradford COUIMty .
flonilrmedl opposite
A Company, which ale was
Lb. Bpaulih governor of Weit Flor ,J. McKay Alfred Co. ..ulh''u. ,* Orange Height*.-Thurvday, Jano-
Ida.DRADFOItO, chased the naval stares Interests of A. cry SO

ROMANCE.' II. Hhaw. Thus term comprises twenty ))1.lru."ld.. January 27.
crop, or two hundred thousand boie, "a"Ihun-H.luda", January 78 .. r 4. i fit _
Two Popular Young- People Drive 8U and" It one of the mc *t etirnilre and Tacoma-Tueiday, January 81.Mlcanopy l. i +, Vie'tw '

teen Mites to be United, rno t iiioceitful' that eetlon. Aside, -W dne.day, February I. +,. / Ap
from the nival stores farm, the com Itlh.tun-Thu"da: February." 2:
The story of a happy romance comes
will eondnet ,
san a large oinnmbsarywhich
front Lake huller a proirelve town will the neoetilllea of Island Uo-"d., February tf, A NOTI (ill IJXCI1U.UNCIJ!
supply Lake. View,
-Haturday, February 1. '/n
ot llradford county, which terminatedIn life nut the .. bat
only to .n"lo" to farenoan.
the air I II nf
James IlM*>uHli thraiiRh our Whiskey ipoken,
the marriage )Friday njghtof many of the retldrnt' of Ilrooker and I ValtJauh-lond"f' Februery e. Nebo knew U. nip tn ln.. t.l nun drink It but In prlMltlt| mat'
Walker and MU Florrle' ItouglaM, two ,10InU,. i 1'aldn-TIIelday. I.ebru,February lowiit' afKl. I'Utlly. though for you lu lute .It tu know "'* ,,\JUl1f.luu|l | ,
prominent young people of that sees p -U Hooky Point-Thur day, tIAreh.rastunlay. I
- -- -- .
February II
tlon.l It I II of peelal intereit. to every tai. Jolt rerrltHl. ftHI' rAe Jlndrr-ea C unlf lire, t J Wrll...
Miss Hiugla*, who hiss just turnedthe payer to snake. wareful 'return of their. ....r I"All qUArt.. Iwlrktd s.rerrl''h he: $3 l frrl'iire
happy. period of hit ilileenthl.lrthday t>rpi"*>riy each year and f re |uel that. press I'trl'" 14 . e J V Islet. .
was evidently very deeply Your Life every one avail !,hvin.*>lvea ut these ...

Infatuated with her young 'lover bat appointment Very reH.eifully.Wtn.m Headquarters for NORTH CAROLINA CORN.
there seemed to be ome objection to Current.The \\'. OuMoN. ,
the match i not teeauie of any moral Tax Aie*.or. L

rea oni. or for any reason that )Ir. ttower that give you -- Ocala Pla.1ABSTRACT
Walker wa lId worthy' <*f hi* bride, life and motion U the nerve Ocala Home Wine Rooms ,
I.o"u""u& the o\'Jtflion! It I.I under force, or nerve 'fluid, located In ._ -.tf-T ..... arrnar' +aw .!!._- .."t i,
.: Hood wai founded upon the yoolhful the nerve cell of the brain

\. neiiof the young lady. and tent nut through the
I I )lut love will find a way. It I I. a itervca to the various organ. Co

. true laying thai Iota laegk-a at l*.k.inlthandnotwUhilandlnglkeMat are tlr..'. 11lfYOIIlakable /, Undertaking & REALTY! COMPANY
'i,1 h cannot tcp; have
,I, had been" forbidden. .Le young lady, by Mdah, feel aturtjr, lall and -. i

t acv shrewd manner continued to melancholy, or have ticumlfta I J n no rpo...,.,.d.1 i
"'" .r meet Jte man or her ..ho..e*. with Ute rkeumat inn, I>aclt.lac, perl. FULL LINENEWtiODS.01J'I

''. remit that they finally deeded to east oUlcal "pains 'Indigtvlion, dye.! E. E. VOYLE MGR.AUlraete .
\' .t matrliMHiUlfarttite' tot*>i>r. ffexutia, Momarlj) tmutiU, or : ..I Title' a..4 fell u>r.xm.iMm tplfhtod r l lawl In' title
'''' Mtesl Sir iM.i.., .ha head. .. Ml l ogla' ** l liver Inactive ,
Oft Friday evening kktary* an arc ,
I te tltoNMjhly euM.*,...., with. land till**.
gave a party e..rllm,,.i"ry tl her your mr-< urr nt la weak.l'owcr attr.ll..tsll :. 1rlltn
,, friend, *at the twos ef kr braU tttr. .{'T'xinrinif fwrl i.t'd laneeH 1'erwaal ; t.*!f.,. U .

: Uy etitUM, ...r fake N...1.', TtieyfMHig ; eamrt Inn' ;; torttcreatr nerveetl.rgair this II... Mall a.4 ttlrgriph ..rJerprewplly E. IE. "V .
; .,.. Ui_ *> .
l4y b*lag | popular. r ntrihrn the nerve alte***! l.. V;:. t
l. and wbile' Dr. Mil V Ket4or tive Nea. AUOIIlKKT., DUUULARY AND iMDKMrtJTY IMVHAKQK. f(.preBnffug -
were great many preee < .
tke et..leg. we ", ... att...*.ilyfi vine I U th" .' fuel' you aee'd.| It a .a...HBAL i*.f of pMMwineftt!IWrATM' Ult Ai...t CH1.Aa Y eMl LOA ata Hih. .*...|...... '

' ... Mr W."la. Qnlnaivilk'. Florida
.sit and aU was .* re frc4lik ,thr M. -..proilncevnrrveforrr. JM1ori.d.
O f1stGM'v'illeh: r s l
.t> ire4 a carrlag*. ek she yefUdy an I r. 'lor.'italh/ ,.. .
... _
In aid drove raM4ly. *. M..rk..>. ..w..." I t. 5-" t.ht/e tit -

II..DM of etIMea .,..... where she .b'I 4i.1... Ii,...". .m..1-4 .i..a.i.m ...,4.. ...."ij NURSERIES

. I. u..... desired ...,m.* .ere... iy wai ......,.,...sus'....... ..f..''t I'.. -a.I/qe GAINESVILLE
.. ,...,
'forrn.d.TIt. w '
p. ;.r"..; I u. ? ,.. I'all 5Iater' 11 ,,.4101.o1 sad gMfte4 i
to. i llffrr r.r the .1., site a teke ef ,
nml 10 Lake :
_. .
e.apk r* .
) .. I I ..... .
.. '."..' .. ......, 41".O..IIfD .... .. Ike ateod.N tsrteU.s Bath. bate a..... 'H'f'1I' be.bts4
H....' the f.lwUic' 4a,. were takers ... II I_. h.een 1 ... ,. ..,.fII.=w"_.........,. ..,. I'UAJ T.IID6.r: ( as u"galls Nsttr..ful
ageJ 'late the thrre..... ajtel forgive doIiIIt_.a.t 'i ........ ..-.. PI- .. .. I"'. -'lif I.L.U"f."' .... thew. .u.. Frelty Orlsaaatah.l.. tie: (atai+te
.' 404 ..-.... or-.. "..'vw.w.b' 'oN- "' ..... ... $. 1'rtsa (Here" tree I | I s ) '
),t,. VUU iUon. .' tAke th,... sr .ynt ..., .. .,--V'...
.$.a popnlftr roe..a pow.. lie has ....5...rte I. ......., ...e t..fl.., If.. ,',....... t'- f t- .. ,.....I.... ..., JMIESTILIE WBSERIES, IL 5 CRATES Pfrpfl( tf. C11XESYILLB, flA.Advertise .
1... for kom 4... .P10'.i. tyThe sha.. ...,..,.. ., er.r .I'.7la'A ...U! ,.. ;t
JAb nll&14" "&" W.u..s. mad re W It II.IL .. ,." It ens Atw e......r.w. 4g70N tai.ht. ....i . .
.It4J. eery hlghly em chi...U..IIII" Of' Y1/... H.r!.. ,. ...4. W ,..- A. Co
hu e.ra tr4 .:1 a, dsajbltrt ".'ft"\, b4.-v a WJtt pr.i.. ...'.....,..tee If.. IM te'ie,,Iw 54t'a
W W floagUM! a pressmen and 4'I paws :J.w ......rl. fft.1 ] !! in THE SUN
a old'....,..f"J famaa G.I 114 fA" ,Stasis Milt Medic*! Co... Ktkh n. IM .

I" .' "' ? "!' ., w :"
1.Ip, .f1"'t' 'f{ 1..." t '' r
I '

1t .. ) : I : I

\ '

I,\ ,

II '
) '


... .... .. ..... .. ...... .._ ... __._ ___.___._ .. .,.. .__
--=- :-- -- '" ------.-. - -. ---.'-.,. --.__, -__ ____ d, ..._. .c__ __ _. _.u_ ______.__. _. __-r.-_ ._ _..rw ___,.__._, .'.:" ._ -- _.'

t:' I, NEWS OF: C YAND Among the visitors to this oily Hun 0. W. Hiuknlght ani 8. T, Demlng' U. W. Hulehlntoo, wife and child of TO BEAUTIFY

\ day was JJ.) J.'A'.tflrman, a prominent two prominent builntet' menof' Archer, I '/Innlll., Iowa, accompanied by Mn, .

clditnof llrooklyn llradford county, were among those who favored Hulchlnton'i mother,, )h.. H. N. J. YOUR COMPLEXIOPI

f. I' COUNTY CONDENSED who was .here. on a vUU. to hit' rllle with a vlilt'' yrtterday.Mn. 0"110'.1'I Luhlln, arrived In the city' on TOM.
Dr. J. II. Alderman lie ,.. IN lAfAyH
.. brutlier Nlckoll and two children of day evening, to remain for moralweeki.
I -- purls the people of hit section ,In, toI. Wen I l1St;
Virginia have arrived In the clly, They are located at :lOt Kail
j Matt n General Interest Oath- o.li *ut condition .this evaion. Thofirmcrt and will spend a few weeks In North Main' street, N., where they will keephouie. Sati. ola

.'a '' ,have. nude prollfla oropi. the OalnMvllleat'' ( Jl.
prod She f
by Our Reporter. gueiteof' Mrt. 0 1)). ....... .. -
merchants arc enjoying a fine .trade, '- -- -"> "'---
Dr. (lolJileln' the oculist
and. altogether. everybody. ,It happy and I per an : TIIH UNJQU.U.r.IU; : 1JI:1UTU'III.: ;
4$ 'PlmOOHAL AND 00 01 At. .ITEMSWhat tnnltntrd.Marriage' I If. W. H. Itotarti of LaCrosse, a lueeeit nouncetncnt 'In another part of, this
f --. ... Jul, ninrilitnt. of that place, was tram paper, deilrei lo Hate, that BatutUay I

Mai U.pp.n.d.nd What'It Doing llcentft were l ufdyc.t I"- acting business In (his city yviterday. i will positively' be Mi hit day here for
day by lilt Honor Judge( Mason .. '4\1. I.Itoberteupottsagoutl' mud during' U.I..on.. The Doctor regrets. very
to Happen Told In Short "Paragraphido loMti Marlon' H. Phlfor.. and Nellie : the "$
fall tenon.Mliiet much to leave, but hit' profenlonal ..n."I"tml'nll litJ' T
+ e That "H, Who Hunt May Raad" Main Oorpew., Iforg( W. Mvlier and ; Olaudla Mollte, Maude Oow.* eliofthere denand (that he .

> It In The Sun, r.lla IloberiionMariln. Oourlnfj, and nrd and Nettle... Hoffman, three ohirm be going, ,
) Alma" BmlUi)., Walter Wathlngton and I
'lag young ladles of Melrote if re. N D. returned
Whom 1\II.laJl" JIIJI h'.m I Ilnoy Oaiton, .Ueorga( If. 'Uanry and were vies Phillips, hat
fat hand.rutda bug//"lei In Florida Luvfnla )llrnnion In the latter oat (llori to this oUr yctlerday' having' from Jacktonvllle) where on Tuesday
Aw.jmMrt COin tn consult Dr. Alderman In the attended the
O. 0. 1'edrlck the genlalJudge' was oallrd, to re marriage of her
upon gird to"tome denial, work. daughter Mrt. J. A. Ammoni to Key
J. 8. (Good departed y ettcrday r.rorll1lh. ceremony, whloh ho did .
fi't' for a brief vlell to )litr 'huibind at Tain nliliRrratgtoto: The. Daughter lUbuktlnare eon Mr, Wllmer of Atlanta' The marriage' N

?i ,, '. pa, femplatlna grand time at their sups Wit attended& by many frlendt of the

l...t 0. II. Wllllauti of fell was among After a pleasant visit of tercral days pert February" 8rd. They will oonilder ,contracting partlei, and everything}
to frlendt In this city, Mrt. J. 1)) Cut
.. ,the buolneit vlillor lu this. oily yet let returned. yesterday to her home the matter. of' serving refreihmenli, on patted off happily. II't '
: lelday.Wath. the J I".uropean plan' and the menucardt lire. O. It. KnlRht'" of Wilmington, ,
'In Oonla, Mr, Cullor redded' for
I and Joseph( Noblei' of Melroie' tome time 'In lalnoirllle, her hut will contain the delioaolei of the tea N. 0., aooompinled' .by. her ion and

,, were among the vlilton' to .this filljeiierdiy / hand (being derision' tralnmattur of son wife, Lieut and Mn, Clarence Knight, NA TINO..A Is i new. dlltOo.rr. .uaru\4"

,i t, the Atlantic Coast Mno Bht 'has Captain.. 0. H. Bcawell of Marlon' are 111ft guests. 01 )h. and )Ir.. A. IiCushman ', eons and roomier DM. or fuivJo4 Voliloi. ir, IloiHri.U.flue, to, Tea.remove Htli*visit.-

'Warranty" needs for tftlftat, till of* numeroue friends here who are ale Ala? who hat been vltltlng' hit ton at their' pleasant' home 801( iifM, IJrrr Hi-10\1. lil ekli..4., or our W.

,{ t floe i trot< |*r doyen 1360, per buns ways delighted' to welcome her, and and daughter, F. U Beawell and Mrt Alaohua avenue. Lieut, Knight' It a rnifiloD I In M fur*. f.eSCM 'u.. *" clew,

dred Cub mail accompany ordrr, who regret very much to bid' her good John Flewellen. In Hilt city Iris gone regular' army officer 'and lUtloned at flOUt "n"",. end restores it.. b* utr .f
Mrs, Henexllot "liai to Dade Fort Leavenworth Kan. oulh. TbouMndi. total to sibs swifts fNltlnoU
returned from ta,.. I'oMotiedof a motl amiable d.... Oily, whom he will spend a l'rio.o aid II.U leading
i Ohleago, where, the .has teen for, .Ihe potltloii, always oheeifuland- In a jo few days with relative' He eiptclt) Thomas Hodge of' Hell was 'In the run. 0'maiL J'rc'- >,r.d cell !>/ delis

pail few Keels on a vltll/ 'to relative' vial' mood U .It no wonder that the 'to Hop here en route home tflty yesterday Mr Hodge .U a pro MTIONiL( TOILET: (U* Tartu, Tfaa,

r::4, f J. A. Ward of fell, one 01 the pro makes"' a friend' of everyone the rtieett To '''ol'ullllol understand a for grenlve young resident of that section& Hold 'In Ulncivllle by J. H, DodlfArtl

,_ erei'lveroerohantiuf. tliat n1ace' < was Joni, ifrlnesrlay'e latit\mt( met employe, of The Hun It. taking who' U desirous' of' establishing' a home, Johnson W. MoCollum' A Co.. \V, H.

..a among UI. viiitori' UIIIMI coy yeuer* your. final proof nntloet and placing and at a remit ,hat. made an entry and all leading drugglttt.II .
,, Heed' cane for sale' Address 8, I., through the United _. ,
dajr Turner, Mloanopy{ 1 la. w2lW : them In another' paper at |3.oO. My Bialei 'land oflloeof L- --- ----_._-

1 H,1 K. Oodwln was In the city. on M, Thomat of' Monteoeha charge for thete notices ,U U.'ou' valuable' 'land situated near the Huwanne "ft, Ilevllloof Arri'dondd<< was In

Monday In "purflhate. lur ll.. for &the trading' In the city' yeiterday wat are therefore paying' this man tOo Hlver Weil Euid.hits. Itul city' yesterday

J.JI" MoDonald) turpentine, oatnp atFalibankt W ;nore'than I charge II, II. McOniANV.. Killen and. family of Orlando O. W. Hlalli of' Monteooha was traeSInj
r BUndley of Hague was among 0 D, 8ehafer. the marble cutler hai have arrived In the oily and will makn I In the city '''Ittrd.,.
the visitors 'In this oily' yesterday' '
11/ 'Mio, ; and Mr I VanNelte and a billiard .ball. witch he made of gen this their future (some. Mr. KlllenIt W iilory: Davit> and ion, Kllery M,
+ ')'.roe, VanNelte New York Firtt ola i boKgr repairing and uloo Italian marble, and which he an elder III the Beventh' Day Ad,
,1 T "; of are In pilntlng O.OI't.drlok. .c\.I.n. Davit) are 'In the oily from Hlarke' ,
the city", the gocili uf Captain mid considers quite a mtilerpleoe" The violist Church He has been .hire to the
They are Mucttt of L M, )icier.r .
I { t XJr, J. N, Htrobhar.Dr. )h., K, II, Godwin of High Spring' time required make this ball hub.tllI the put few days assisting ICIder J:' Orli* mlek.'

was ahopplng, 'In Ihe city jetterday nearly" six months, but Mr. Bois man In a mlci of meetings of the de*
flolditeln' the oculist It .
11"" J. EL Crown
lend the T, A, Doke of Monteoeha'" war trans for luau worked only at odd moments, nomination at North tlalnetvllie Hall, or Hooky Point, a prom
t' at Hrown (Home and Inent tuootniful
vtpeeti soling. business 'In this oily yesterday, W. T. Mcl/endon the and became to impressed( that ho d** and trucker of that
In remain for e*verat' daja, Dr. (lold. tIIL'D.I"> met place, was HIOM who
ttt>lu enjoys a fine business here. J, A, lleaeh of Trenton was In the'; on grower of Alaohua, was among the aided t7 remove hit family here Jt'l 1 (Ulneivllltf n among vliliyeilerday. .pall
oily yesterday and made The vUllort this hoped they will be pleated.
Bun araI.ble to oily yesterday. )fro
0. II,
Hodgeaof '
High Bprlngi, afiar Justice' 8. O. Uarron" of Hell .
l call. Mel.endi>ii ,has. always' had remarkable .- -- -- -- .. was ,lu
brief -
skit to his family here, has re* the oily yeitvrday. Juillee& Ilarron
(, '. i turned 'loliltdutlei 'lu the mechanical' )Ir,, W. D, Wllllamt of High rJprlngt success with .his. tueloni Hit "product* one of Ihe most progressive' cltlieni U
department of the AtlanticOoait Lino. made a brief vlilt, to friends In thlt are always' fine aid' bring good prloei' '
NEW\ section, owning a line mercantile.
oily yeiterday.' In Ihe markets of 'the North. He ei* YORKRACKET.
W.'T. Ohetnul, the progressive tner. business' In 00..011011. with ,hit. oilier
plots to In the usual
t put <<
acreage the
chant of' A rrO taietratlly write II. H. U .. coming ivaion.
,a. Ulloo.*
to 'thliclly yesterday and mad tllie, d1 wit. After spending several' day In thlt Ix>hrlMi A eonlmrlor t for bard.
The Hun mi agre.sblesswel. )
liable call : ai a prof V. H. CljMt of Olyatt !Hlatlon' on the city at the guest (if' hit ton, Dr. Her* wood matorlali at Palrfleld' waiamong'lhe

t I O alnesrllle and pull was among the I cog, 8r.( departed, << yesterday for White vliliort III thus oily ,(,,''er.
Dr. <(1<1. W. Tanner, .the druggist' day Mr. Lohrlg' It .,
U visitors to thlt oily yrtterday.Wanted Bprlngf' where he will sojourn.. for awhile making( a fin iao
High' Hprlnst,. was In She city for at Ihe Hathllion before eels of (Isis venture' (having shipped
Man to yeloraInq '
operate *
i few hour yeiterday. ll. waien route 'lathe and taw. at one, Willi.Ion vender Man, 'to hit home In Philadelphia' Not severs) carloads or spokes end rims to

to Ooala" where ho had been cum* ufaeturlng Co., Wllllilon, Fla., wlihitandlnghli( ,stay hero was brief t CHEAPEST STORE OH EARTH parties" In) Hagentown, Md. He Itttlll
mooed m a wllneti' In the United Captain' 0 A. Neat' shipping, having. consigned solid
r a I phoiphate 'it* compared' with other sauces, he
BtAlet court operator of' Wade, was traniaollng enjoyed It very muoh, and 'hopes to return r carload' ,..Ierda,.

Mr. J. K J Webiler, daughter" Mn( business In 'this oily yetlorday.Deputy early 'neit winter.Mr. N. W. 14IUI.. old, for tcrrral jean
5,. rl O. F. Merrill( and Kraud.daughter, : connected, wit),-the cotton
fllierlff J. H. Orangerdepart* I and Mn, O. lie Heal! of Union. PocketCutlery departmentof
; little Mlia Merrill. went Balnrday tnKlngtford ed Dulton A Co, but now .Ia.aatl" .
yeiterday' for Hell and other polnti' town, 1'a., who have l beams tojournlng holding A
& Houlh .Florida' where, sir (tit the Wett land on ofllolal. builntii' In Isle oily for the )last few days, de petition, with .headquarter. at,

k Merrill holds a lucrative ,100IUon.> )Ir,. T. J. )Terry otSampsonOity .. parted yesterday' for Daytona, where iJUckihear, Oa, wa greeting. old
They' to t ta absent .. I t friends'
o "ra\l In hula
city )
will yesterday lr,
week, 'In the city yesterday, 'having come tn they lake" In the automobile
consult" Dr.) J. 11. Alderman" the 'di n* raoet. From hsylon.llrs, Heall will li one of the moil compe
r+ t' llebekah Idge I. O. 0, F., will hold( Hit. proceed' lo II home "but 'her huitibdeipeoti tent cotton men lu. .the Mouth& and hit

a supper Filday evening, February 8, V, M, Mtrlow of llrooker one of 'Ihe' to return here and join the services are appreciated.Menrt .

fortliebeuellt. of the lodge, There i pronllnenresidents, of that tcotlon, Unlnntown hunting party" at Palmer, Just received a guurnn Robert Daan) and Kant ef
will t* oyitere" 'In all tylvt, salads and of which he It Anderson, B, 0., In
enthuilattlo were the ,
was traniaollng business' In (Isis oil'1 an mem city" yeiterday "
_. other good thing, whloli will be void' yesterday y bcr, teod lino of 1>OOKET: the guests" of' Mr, and Mr*.

a''lara reasonable will lie given price'later., Further parllon* John' Crouch and (toy Williamson of Afterseveral days spent( In 'file oily KNIVES which wo will J. H, Kmerton. They have just arrived
0. H. lassie' )Miami .where &they have beeHlilting
North Ualneirllle have gone toNoo* I 'the clever special' agentof
1'rof. M. If. DeUnd, principal' of the alee, where they have secured lucrative the FrUeo Lot and iMprovi/ment Boll Hi from too up to ? << Frank thin, formerly of till

I Alaohna' (traded and. High) H0hool, petition. !. Oompany departed ,for his home In. $1.25. A fine assortment oily and at one lima marshal', In the

i epontynnday, 'In this oily a* the' Rueit Mesdames' A. A. Meltae WallerAekerman Fayettcvllle, Ark., yeiterday.' Mr. afternoon the gentlemen departed for

of hit parcnta, Prof. eland. slat' (s and ration of Melrose', Manle hat been. representing a coupleof nml avers one fully guar Kirk wood, whore they will spend souse

k. thai the Alaohua' eohoo), whloh (I. one were newly I Incorporated towns In Okla tlmeaithecueitnof.,. frlendt.
among ( who I..ortd Qalneivllle nnt 1. So
",, of the belt In the comity. U In a most with vltllyetttrday.. homa, troth of which ate growing rap ( ( como and buy Mitt Annie W. Armstrong of Haiti

., tiroepirou condition with a fine vu* Idly, and manifrd tu idltpoeof thirty something that Is fully more eorreipondlng' secretary of the
John T. I:D"h"" the clear
,p L rollment. loll tn pmornlui.ntcitia.ns. and biiilnetr' Woman'a Work of the Southern Htatet
After ft plravantvlilt, tit friend, I In faoturer. Hewairn Waldo was In lb. city jeiterday. men here' who hire confidence In Okla- guaranteed l or money of the Haptlit Church, after a pleauatvlilt
route home tro.n11I1" hOD" future
n this oily, Mr, L. M. fell d'r.,1' l for back to llev. and Mr. 8, II, Rogers
3 Hawthorn' whem flprlngt and other i polnlt, where /Voni ntlrlf'lY'Ht1lJl' Aunt this oily, hat .
yesterday. she will"' be I he has been In the 'interest of till line, returned to her 1.01...
Ibt of r.laU". f.w d. Oane *f ed-' . ih' ; KY1'.1 1131 a ,. J. N, a lecture U
l__,___ ______._ __ ____
prior to returning tn her home In Ten Hone, lalneivllle, Fla, 9w-daw A Ileaktiritl'' I.W ef the ladlet' ftt the Uapllit church Run-

a 11.*..., Mra. Hell retldvd. In this city READ THIS A, H, Simmons of Hell was among New day evening whloh was well attended

for many years, and has great malt 7 the rlillore lo this city yetlerday.. Ginghams and greatly" enjoyed The "lecture was

friend hrr*. UII'1.,. T.nn.. June 1, 1001.Dr a. J, B, Thomai, the progmilve tncr full of interest In women from beginning
K, W. Hall, HI. Louie Mo.- >.a( and Madras to end and
flans for the prnpnsed| home of Mr. chant of' Hague. was' a business suitor' a great deal' of valuable
Dale' whloh will be l loottwl on th. lot Bin Having' Irltd varlout' renudlrt to this oily yeiterday. "III( t be placed e. vale, ibis week Information was aeourod.

cm Halt Main street N., (acquired), euaded without to latltfaetory give you' retulit..r...., I Wonder"was per* Mr. and Mr, M. J. Ward of Ml a. Let' ;5e. I at N. 18 r fttt. Ut lie, flat THE -SECTION-- -- IS GOOD

hare been completed' and work on the I a trial I have used one bottle, and nor were In the' oily yesterday, the 10 ('ftalllrd. Three are la short h __

l' liulldlnu' will begin a* soon at the ins although my eau It one of 'long stand* guests of J, K .unction and family. : leagtbt aid are 'pcrla| ralarv, Out En'Juttlce Otrnee I I. Yet Partial to

tetlal' **u lm ecourH. It will bo a n Ing that banted the tklll' of the Ixilpht James W. DnuglaM' of Cindy .It la Oood Old AUctiua Count. .
'' up..l&>dat,. ttrnoiurtf' 'In n.cry way and .lcUnyet It yielded' at once t obe ?
A credit to the ally ..ull'' owner *'lhe. Tessa Wonder which 1 heartily city having corns to prove a home Another nmall A letter just reeelred from It. 1*.
t I lead
In the
II' recommend 'U all lutferlng from kid United Plate 'land omt'.. Harne. formerly of Orange Height
n..ora Main I of Hooky Point *a 1 ney and bladder, trouhiea. )1,*. lou llorton of Wllllamiton, lot of those bat who hue decided to 'locate. for she

; among the UUore to this city yesterday Your W. II.truly, 8. 0.. U In the city for a few week Beautiful present at O ear, Banta Ituta county,

)tr. Main ,has been offering, for 1 Tailor HaptittChureh. Itlpley.lUnroH,....n., at the,, guest of her dauehler. Mrt. Whlto Spreadsat write* The Bun, at follow I

l c t 1 1ei tint {piss two or ,ta",. days wltU lau ob J H. KmertonH. ,, 1)8) cent "I-'..". eod m* The Bun to Oscar,
ruction In bl. A TEXAS F. Maine at located
k 1' .' WONDER. *i of Taeatu, one of am in Baas toes
*eiaryyi"Ie,,", toe ultaphyilelan.It .
: 1 One small bolt!. of the TVa Woo the most progre,0ie! eltlient of that county. 1 like the eooairjr very well,
that hit will'"
I I. hoped
eipfrien' noeriouidUdfanlag I der I section was A low ae "U It healthy and dry. Of court I
', lIa", Unat Dltoovery, cures all l transacting business 'In mono sacks
from this afnieIon. > this city yesterday do not .like. this. section a* .,11.* dear
1 x I kidney and bladder trouble' "IDO'MI old Alaehaacounty, but .will remain
Brawl', cares diabetes, seminal emitalont. MltiHatlleKftlthlof High Bprtnr of that hood Rico here anyway for an Indefinite
J. W. for It.&U ;
lllandluc, ,
(; few (, weak and 'lame b&fb. rheum* was among those .who favored Ualnet' and may 'grew up with the country.Cuba.
,..,. one of the valued' rmployvt of f F sum. and all irregulatitla" of Ue kid. rllle with a stilt ftt .. -
ymterday. Ml.. $2.75
F the Halrd Hardware OontpBDy' has a D'!. and .bladder, la Iwth me. and Knight< his frlendt sack .
many her
Mlatcd bltaiMtf wltli H. R. Ooleon of women, eegutatei bladder trouble In who are
,1 ealldren.' If not told"by your drurrgbl, alwayt glad to lee h,. For 'litigate* In real ..lt. 'land, in
the Alachua County Abetraet" Corn Ihe dlff..
will ru and In
b part
what t>y nail on r">.'lpl of1, Area Avriett proflotf
mint where his frlmdt may find him ilOoetnallboulelitwomonlh.. : of Newberry was Untie U will I be I well.. to 'I.. J. It, Bml.liof
1'1'a future" )h. .Handing It one of meat and Mldom fall to perfect among the vUlton to toll thy ytur> I Trenton, Fie",who t* in a poeltloo Umak
d (ialnvetille'a elerertH and most corn t ear. )Dr Ern.i| W, Hall .. mass a day Mr. Avriett I I. very popular In pmrrn nftOmfDS! ,It to you I0t.,..... and can **v

R potent ) ung .tatu and will .o doubt fMturer." l' O. box a,. IQWo\ bU '""0Ia. having served the people e cure Ik. tpvelel steamship rcdaetd h'a"rsiea. to and frota
8eiH) for tMtlmonUU, r ruikie) *oo -
r, aua a peat UM.M in 'Ivlt' new fl,(M, I. "C ..1t, Sold by all faiihfally a* co.liable acd dv*>\/ Phlfem' Corner l>&nfe. and on !**> Cubes Western "U-
,hrtff for ft norab of yen, '- I roW f ir, bro p"tlM. ert'II _..tal.,....'

porP'O'. 4U.S,..

,' n '
a'I ,, 4 '
... ( .....to" "
_'. .....11'" ,.

Gainesville daily sun
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Title: Gainesville daily sun
Uniform Title: Gainesville daily sun (Gainesville, Fla. 1903)
Running title: Daily sun
Alternate Title: Sun
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publisher: H.H. McCreary
Place of Publication: Gainesville Fla
Creation Date: January 26, 1905
Publication Date: -1938
Frequency: daily (except saturday)[ -1938]
daily (except monday)[ former <1903>-]
normalized irregular
Subjects / Keywords: Newspapers -- Gainesville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Alachua County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Alachua -- Gainesville
Coordinates: 29.665245 x -82.336097 ( Place of Publication )
Dates or Sequential Designation: -58th year (July 24, 1938).
General Note: Description based on: Vol. 20, no. 48 (Apr. 5, 1903).
Funding: Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05
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Source Institution: University of Florida
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t' .



\ V d ,I:2; ) t


al'lt..t '111 1 un

_. .
.= : h :=::= ;: -.,.

NO. ; tL( GAINESVILLE; ;; ;J U11 i\-1'JUrj\it"AYI);\: \ JANUARY 20, 1905 TI N CENTS! ; A WKKKJ

_. .... ... ._ .. .. .. .
._. .. .. .
--: I -.II"_" ._.. ...-? ._ .," ....-pp.- -- J --- -.--......J I JiM( ----.--..- --..--.---._. _-. --. --.. ---. -. -- ---.. Y.\

I A number. of Rovernment printer VALUAOLB JKWCLB. RSCOVSI t'

I Au oftlelaf! account of ytrdaya Polls Otncr Find Stalin Oeodt and

event U a* foJIo) '*; Uttiirn This to Or-nUt
MANIFESTOS During Monday there were eollli FOR SWAYNE TRIAl l'a>ad.ua, Oil, J.... 1'--.T"* ItO.KM AND HOLD SURPLUS

'kin. ..*.w...a tb* ttrlkera and the (' ) worth of jewela *toh-n fmni. Iht
.., ...
A -- 'I'
'or Froo Qorernrmnlbrotymiont no ned lo. u*. their. anna ai the ChUf Justice Fuller ,Will Bwoailulbo bare t>e.u found and returned to lhlt Will Do the Slogan of Cotton
rtuwda .,..*. .....s when the trwpa .po ,- owner, Chief of .'ull(.., Krem n, ol

of Czar heated. Sona1.orr.. Pasadena and Captain Austin, of ihs Grower Convention.

-- I In tb* oourg oat th. day an attempt ff! detective force, found< It l/u: of Jw
rte where they had ticca buried' In |th/
nc o.T.Ul CMPmiatlen was wade to attack (Jullhua, Drof TO ELIMINATE BKNtATIONALIBMHarvl .
L' t market' but .It *an N>}iuU at Out elietrlo ii lajfly them to Mnf Wy, --.
Throb with Cclt n Matluna" Joined the
to lnt.r.tt, C.mmtret Cent Jordan, ef QorgU, Will B*
l itrlkv 11tho vvenlng. Thou torn ... It was untl.ln..1 by C'blef .-r...
d Pear .f Dleody "..yoh.I w thai when). the had been Mad Permanent Clulrmn-R-
n groups tahliiR, ad'.nt.lft or tb* dark. n>Ul.n Regarding PrigM nat,. man Jessie

? I DUll"... Practically Bus n..a bran to break windows In tha Happening In the )toms and ten. taken from )1 r. I XI.,'. room, 'prtumably ports *f Ournlng .f Cotton Have '
J I In hop)*, but orxlor was tverywher by lieu $U,)' Milton, and
it, \
Pttinburg.rtburg Dean Magnified,
\ quickly' restored ale, '. |.: turned over to nation whom tho Iwo

k'g Jan 21.-=Ltd p. m No person wsa killed or wounded on Wir-hl ton, Jau 35-fAt ] o'clock'' Ute belleviHl englneea. the affair. New Oilcan, Jan II.-AU .1..t.ment..pl'arenlly )

rtbnrg wears a mania! a. )Ion"a,. Tim exact number" Mlle/l% today? (Thl.f Justice luor)! wilt, '''N' they were pout to mall tu "Harry.. Kel are at work toward

f ( y Hierywhere troop. hard on Hnnday wa 'fl; wounded, Its, of In the aenatora ai a trl'cunrr of ten 'lam thick Munro' ta" tilt end of keeping.' allcinalltni4oulof
wham (9 w,r* trralod at hotpltala, According to th. pullc story t Iht
'Into court arda. Ibe CHtnvvntluit which begins It
n Only *
>)> |>**chmcnl fur th. JuJu* awanr csse.A l ackag., was claimed at Monrovia by
"i, re .Ipfi out'*Idv. and. wall -M rtMtoluiluu will probably\ ; t>v p*"t 4autborUInt Hell Morgan, three ct.,.' totlmt here )1'1'' and II
Strike' nor employed al |Ib1'
( (:'uasac:).$ are patrolling ..b.i a scow, : Hmator' "I'lalt, of Ooune ".,.nund hotel, 'In this cit)', and by they succeed HIM rontrntluu _m.apply
:The alore* along the prlucightar ) Xloncow. Jtn. II."ltlB; a. in,-Ttia I tlcul, to prvnlilo d"rllII': i in peach' him were burled about a uuarter of a l ItM-lf In a businesslike.. way lo
jJ ** ale nioitly cloicdaded strike la iiradlnK' rapidly. All th. I moot pixxHHHllngt a* Hcnalor ktjrisrreildcnl mile from Ih* hotel. the, achievement of MUD and, prao-

A printing wurka barn been slopped, NniKwvpuprra pen temporo, dWt{ not tool l Morgan, fission and Wilson are UIb Cleat retullt% limned' In all pn l>"*.blUjla ) .

rcipondcnt of th. Atocltpoliced will bi |Issuntl. tomorrow. strong enough to "preilj o\oi the. leg custody of (he local. Jxillcxt. acreage<< induction and provltloi
t teverai men dl.lrll>- Thui war ther 'taro "been no colll* liUUv .tt.k>n and .Uo: during thtluipacbmut ... .-- for holding ih* Surplus of this ,..,', ,

amatlona ''be people for alona with the |*>llc.. ,' CnOOK IN TOILS OP LAW crop A nunilier. of th. dee) .at.. are
shy of accepting such duo ICntployf of tatttterle who art _ut' dish 1>11 { urging former CoiigrvMman' Catrhlngi

iow they sty eagerly accept- ou. alrlk i"/m1u quiet., Cattle Mn no'Ur' Prot .t. Charged that tit Operated By n.I.II\C of Mlttlttlppl' fur permanent chairman

and have nick nshrcd them The (Hillc* taro urdertnt all .TBIIto Wa.Uln ton, Jan I6<-H. II Cowan, Monty Ord.r., And th. Indication* today war' ,

.. (awallowi>)>. an alhulun bo rein tvd front tile wlndoira ul of l.....t. Wottt, T*!., tflirwi'iitlng for 1tialrllle'trnn., Jan. 3&- lN.alomclnH that bU nainf might.. b* pfctcntcil on

Ing which hat became a tyn' the Kiin nillha. a majority of wloia cattle rail..."' aBnclallirt <>f Teiat, | >corV.( II. 1(.,* IllIi ie<. >ilvM Information the floor of ih* convtmllonMn, $ UN"I| ltlon

t .evolution, The eorreipv'n have closed their
1 a number of topic They of Itaekriuhln Michael) too on InltMlal Nm. .rt'' and. for a man' filling the "le.cilitlou/| of a par count of notwi allll |points to th. t'' p nd by "Ib elluitlan Bo off l.''ncl.1 r and Nt'lrAt"' faclorl, sign comm(>rteou. tb* blllt to aH". ty who la bHIevKI. to b. ti|
' ratio lAbor Tarty.' hate Joluwd In the atrlk further posc'lu"be| ltit, .*-ale coin fjnwe, had ben aneeted rn HVrnuntin There bar apparently& been some pprhentlon
A of Mrlkcra )
r.,1. iclamallon. dated Jan II, body at run/n todayforced mere comnhsfua l ')lle| "aaid the cat' ( ni' ihn instance Iutlmali*' that the convention would ,
their Into lha work of th
,\ way lIe men believed they,*'bad 1 firm of Hopper and pompell! $<(0
} ideal Ho lunr a* autocracy'Improvement lu join tb* Mrtk. HlinulUneouitjrfacinri Jured by advanced rale and .had. u t I. tll..IW1.. operated. in the of cotton. No such lolea-

J In our condll *'K ami' othwr socks" wore<< 11).e' mad eomplnliik'' tha Inter 'sto com ctty or Knoivlll with two other meta Linn li I evident, among' iqs. .Ivadcra *i
"lt 6lMr Theieforo wd cum tbrouIIHtut th.. dlmrlcl adjolulnitr ) nitre N.nn.utuht l lit Mid *tit>r* wino few wka ago, rabtlflg |IN.llu.mNl the rank and file of thft 4.1} i"tea wh4.
scribe on our banncra th. V"nl..lutr, ...t. bails l for making" a" TMU*, trot !>* iniHi.> order and ,,,,UJI..IC on the are already h.r*. '
1 emend: listed! that railroad .tunqa raise with ttiiMTwo: men, paid to b* Jamuer.rr "01 pouter, thrr sill b* no luggva-

MR l Ion of his war.Immonlng etrlk' 00r.adlno t* Other T.wnt, a slew| to maMuK' lliniio.t moni-y. and Ifcw lUttey,. Ira Itt Jail ItKuoivlll lion of Hirnwg H, .lto )," said 1 Jiidc
of a constitutional 11'betb.f"th. ithtpiHir ibciild inure an \Tcnni. It It,$.. J.... ".-A sulks pay
|of representative of the pieta his o*i.,.*ft.Ml "r., 'J'bo town than h* it..ld in UM aM Mr, (L wan, ". on (ire nameh.ne.. Ixine ,II touts. that the ,planter wer engaged
be Ih. third. .
ssI, inlfrage and. dlrtc|, *eftnova > qui". should. net l b J left tv the railroad lot 1911.1.14| lo member of tht m burning fAltmi ,have. been very
lIft I I. Mid, lo keys ttnnoutl
"j determination\ but to MIIIIH' ono plea gang mueh mi.inw., \\'* hate .ben. al.lt. .
fioui Knovine"' lIHim' MMMHI and
) of clew and radi ttuvnu I IlHialB.r Jan M."-U'oik ,.. ThrtMigbmit Iho eiillrodlhwett.. .Ill. I JU"IM.lnm., t. A i boiograi>n of tbt to learn of suits l three |MA'* that wore .

i Jt' and rrttrk-Uon, been *iot>|..... at all the favturt sod It was ibt unlvi-i .1\ mHukw olcalilMprn man held l a i fyrnaadlna .ha* !...*... r* bnrned, on* at. mart (lame., M., sad
101'(11111) of the parson and railroad .hoM h.'iVaHMw. .. that ifrrlght ia*<<. flU ratlUwrro queled by I mister Keys In b* val tn In T..... and that MB Imply la,;:,

j'_ --- i too blat "t11. railroad, he added t>*r. tar Id..III..Uo m..n'I.| the ilep lltlere' of the par>\; s

V' km of eonkclence, tpeoch and \ Jan, u a I.* Mrlbcia tiersat bats ..1 M>itn ilefHu- of advane**! -_.__or"-" .plo In ..k" iiroblom I tklAk. the cow >(> w

meeting, atrlke and polllitaflona IHHHI t Ml.y tina4ld& 10.*. rater. that tlef .a.ould i fie iHrrMillftlto NEW OAPlNtT OP nANCe "..flll.n will b* praeilral In lit work.' a.

r/ ) ..__ share In tb!Ii Jtf.ua I pttMffwfHr Ct'( .--- --. -- Today a (rater browihi Utg number
id t l.re clmrtk.n data! Jan. Tri.*.*. Jan yl.-dtev.ral hundred the counin but, h N..I. i t if UHNT* waianilblak Lit If Men WM* May Token OfflnUndtr i of delegate. They "{*ni aa they

i workmen **..<..bKmmtot. \ Ito Jl.m-, In that lhur. ibf abould fttuvler.. arrived '10 Wanhlnitbn Artillery hall
'' loteuriat' of all countries an, plan cwuuUlu beta leis la.i night I ales *taar* in ,.........t,. l'rt, Jan. MIHI f.,iKiwi'"g la ibt ru6..rw arty flied their| credential.. ,

or"DII J. Hat sit the n*. Mklavl wlMtaKPtu' aiHnally 'fbullgp the number of thoi pre.
; you nave. wltnetM'd. Ihtof I MlkiMn wllh Ito cvar!" "IKiwn wltfe 'In the Banat.W'aibinstun "".ItfiJ'MI'! eat who .probably. ievd l.ioo Ihs vowIng

i4 ru.n the autocratic gtiV- tyranny! "|>own w/th/ AU auluilsrnl"! Jn. II. i fie flrM' we |'reltl' (Hit of eM eoimeil and milt ttreeghi' of lh.. rttnvenllon will...,

You aw blood flowing |ucU I Tb* .ullt"f"] ( >|>ertd tb* crowd, 1..1| esideass .bat th,* .*....1.) l I' liter of naee, M, H ivlrMl of eour*, .b* very moth.wafter.'Flu.

You saw 'hundred. shush' -. about to rater upon t a">",. rfwnin !h..
luJMI of Its* cause of !I. Vienna, Jan, tl.-Workmen bold( atn pKKbmrnl trial) aH| ei' a i .lu tb* ear J Mlalater of foMga aff,,,*-M, Del that lbs rer-'MenlIU of rich! alal

/ > .5w death and heard groniirounded I ,>.,llnjt Ift .hall bw lilt night tdUtuM ale rhambw ./ tk* Ixgiantftg of tbte .a.... shall. .b* on !b* beat of cotton raUd

woraea and dtfen- thU. iliuatma. at Ml 1'* .*{.0. tnday In Ik* *ii">p. *f a hall Mlrtl.,lr or tb* .lnl|..rtr, .... Uti...'* a* bown .by .ecretarytester's. r.
rent* Th* blood and brain*I terabnri.. A. MO .. *a th. AMt speak| dne.n chairs 4eu u> de.ihs'l ...,. Mlnltler of wire M. |MHiit, |mrt, flea vpa| in bet allowed. for tad

suits w.ra 'II.U"t.4 around IT merilluneil th* word HI Ixembtirg' : Thoy wet totaled lathffont of iIh .... Mlnfolw. of martfl. M. ThompioB, IVO.OoO hale or fraction" thereof N+I

k"lr head had beta laid.' Who I tb* Mlc4i| official' .hn .1...,. .Il..". flrH row of seals on the "'pr...*. Mlr 'llr of tHfMki. work. Arroaui" 'on. her be.n elected' fof chairmanof ,
the a,>)dler. .to aim Ihrtr rifle" I Oauthler.Mlalaler.
such the' tetoluilnn commlltt thlcommllle
ordrrad tk .
r <* meeting lab tllv sd.! of Ib"* thaw > ",. pf lbs
Ii bullet" at lit. hreal of Ibafir' dt.anirt'd" JIlt ..nle>r wit tarried sets "' ....... only II. appeared*i of |mUl 1..1 ntH loa. )1."I..ftll will *.lefl It. 0". ..balebah"
II 1 was Ibe emperor or the MaMln.Mtnltier .
(, out amid' ronsWeisUe lumen.Tokk. ........ ''u''N' rod 0Im..4 otn i
{ ik**. the mir l.tcn. .h. oar ., Jan tib.-Tt Jtm.u. noble' of th*. court! absent They app4r' i la a "uu'j of mrk..."*,... )$ flnpa, ON TRIAL YOU I'CONAOC
,Mar tbs murderer! Shy tt.w Yhws ttrlk,1'. In th* iMr of lb. chain r. and! Under .e.,....rt.., fine arts, |>. -
I *d by Mr. I'alrner. th r cbalrtntnan lid II. .....u..*..t<, Ananr.. .i. MerbHi. Nrgro.s ,
"'rrdity wawh1sp drivlupasrnla. at SLPeepsasrt. .. AI..,.... .f Melding. ,In 'Invs4.
,SQ,. comrade! fUiii* th. ar f were imedlalely' a' nouhcrd. \if p<..1'l sad twlegrapht.. M Rotated. notary itrvllvdM *.
Tbs nwpMir pufrlkh Alontt$ II. Mewart, ....M at vtrgvanlat .. '
nd the arm at the depota, lag itf* aeMMinta ..rth.. riot are in. .4 / >*r, (Is ? Jag.. ".-J. W. ??.
or Ibe. senate .tlo aald I
b* (unimlth*. I.*, low Iht OgMf .....d. Tb. HH..1.' sere tItotlt.f'4 "1 hat* Chi honor lo anaounc: the ON TRIAL ron.... MUHDBH ,.....gkH., A. C, lane an>l rraaa Wll- f,
rail,, liberal tbo dfnfr at JN tin mil and thegiis rue, all of Tesap..sa sere her* MIrUl
,. wauagera. of Ib.. arts <-r rrpre<< *.iit* Killed Dr. Fred Lit... M Otl.4 *r SI .
[ dr* llBlted/ .... limiUtloar > .
hiss to orMiduet Ih* MipttxMeillaw
imp L... Yes,. '
'* stations and th* gut Hlinmo SB tb rharg of '
will | > Ui Nan. poon-
H "'I" '-< **
and aiat buildings! 11'1N agaliMi iSts "lei Mwayau. lUMttwk. Va Jai "- .11. CAM \ACfckrlea '
down 1M0' and tbs ltd.f*th nf. rW.ns hunwiiMrtmftrtat. said ikl the down.tan meat Judas* of th. aorthera' 41- rift of Sur. It. i"I.AbtuC. l>aak.* and hruk* Is.Tb.**. Isis spa Mtbcoatlractori Oft

_...1. and an'*i bare oat .nd ib. ,u.,. Ida. *r. el>*rg.M with fcHHajf I>r. bed l>. ,IM Mitatille sad. N*"h lll. **w'Hat
Nun eo,? A menb -- few young luifwhephy.Jt.... WM .r railrwld soar rrira HHtrier", 11 I
M fefMis 1"I.kt" old
.1he tb.1 ,..,.....ao..! '1bb a ; In the H use tall>] IB rorp'If..t..* drum Mfcftday.Jdf .lerdns ......t". w
toftt vale.i ItA.elasp.
tlyd thftiucUtnatkHt. ctriMfildt'ot aasrarr .. war e..c M Wa.blugtos.. If < pun tewarew A. )I. Alien, of tlwavlu1, pre They are ..hf..d wttb btlngja II *>
.,. arse ] Mi inns bM1, .
< **)* a 'I .
lu.. .
"r..ou'h uhe pre It bas bf&.clH array a.**..., TU leg of fit* ..... ef ,.-,*,*efctttlIwUf ," .kll.. Two **li ,eiie.. wettihautled groan, (Is I.nItHH agalutl Ikelr wiltt
aad Means }*rora **..,.d. Kara
Las d*tegdrata watr4 .
ftj>**kre OaatxHi .nsorse.4 alIh pr.lk
Japan.. Arm/ I* a.w fl..Mlg IM J4. then ora. ..l tkertdta .
ms t Ik
) to lfc, ...art r.mwt.*ll..H and ..*v. tired
appeals battle' or the n.****R ......." roofer *** aa the port f tk*
lit lr ..w..ttt f. teak
I .t I.. .n..pt tosJrte' ptl'M/ --. bole la ,.../.. ) Oil O.debar Ma .Last rt.bbu. M4
New .. L."....u bill. ., Me*.ra MAMa .'-4. ().,.. II M. Tt.II.Nli Scent *ervi,4 mae
F 1idtatrisws.. ar* )I. 'eflla- Ix.*..... JM ** A ''.*.Ita to a (VU.) sad ftna (Tear > 4Wf.*.iltr. a" Ld1.. ..y.wsg et.'p. flees "*it MI.4.H. raw.rtr I**** gMtag l* &k 14 m ftldB44
fOlIo ,
o>uo It r.f>oH4 to U* mirelT less ....oy tee.11 lit. I........,. r. "" a fw 4M '' Ltua after Uea.*.,
U t.lwm th* tfo*|.f wags bad hap .
Tk .
t arko.JI.to to Me tk' Ufttflod un .o4st. **..: ; /t' ItMt.Elria.d{ aifM jhiak Uri will late
ptsed TlN> two ..**) *j.*rr 119tryll. .le .
I aa" Ik. naitllttd/ M.rclt.4 t. (isdds of Mrttif.,.* are .,Eats feet, Hu....... T*.. J*. :r.L1tlffiM, I "........ $1.w 5e i iM ht.*eiIIH trM4 Wright Willie lg ,anpvstled. wk ',
r '(1 air Kl*' I..... XVI ot sr rs .w tMo N....... pnr.petd.koatks. I Iala.. II, >Ta*.ef w*. 'k M4wtBff l.I I sswMsg ban L.4** Ural had Wsdl.ys'sreltl.Mn1
ps .t .
(for brawl la Tit, "M< ;.'1He' ,. a+. ..... ...., ...., ..ff fa4.d a* .*.., saw ,gift .tl Tee ,I lea ..*... Tk ,..,.... ale prowl.. two/. '".1... 0.. made tledl

rNbaW ,.........., r at* .< M .......*.rf ar* a*.*... lo a.rv. M. w... WVJt .< l-* ....1. .
""'Y"H.. U.. Mna.tE IPc.iT .1... sad .......... .e yestk' n. ..... & _'t' -. --. -- ---

it* aa; ,a laid to like door .. aid ...... ,... fIr .sh"i r. .,fta .* a *.*.s *.*...if'. y: law* ".* e..t'H4I' ft..C.4TN. Cnd.mMd Murderer T. Dl'.,.

taws ta.. fevHag. BI.M Ibbs4 4e .4 .:La ..,........ (sad wdi a.f Ji.*4 N .****. >.*'. Sal. a 141 Aa4l. Jt*. 1* .Tli. a.*.1.( j jla pf*Mb.. ... O, Jait H. -"Ybr rllptea.1e

.,....,.. ......... M bMaJba" p5.aed. a rllaaey/r.r w ..N.b. .........,. ** ,........ ,...1.4.. fo gea.meth sad besse ., .*............. .t IkeFesas tIftCI.1ndA. '.f...d l*. eaten*IB a ...>

; tN 1tr.1..b are hrakbr .. .4t....l'II .latorg bt" b.swra'er st e4 artyalrhla .........,. ... tNlt yMpa tph,, a fit.. a writ a f wow la Ik* 4*'*

ey to brtwaa sM+.t a oral. ty .,,_ .i ." tf..r........... t .y rt"e.Mswed.4 sa aa4. ...... tit. raaatlNef at .**.. ..4.y aid aA| of llermaa Haavlllw wM .U ro!

1:1 1"W.'ttIf ......:...... cUr .,.. ,..j .. ...... .... "'1 IV p1 .1 y tw.... tinA 1'51(1. .1,- .. seise,4, "*" '$*. 4"M4f te 41.. rVl,..U. *4..M I I. (-4
-.-- .,...... h aN' ,.......... .,' ....rtd,4. >..p,.iyrt*.in. fort:irtMBiJ>' t.4 ,'-,....nm? eM ..,..... iarumMol *(.fir(, chair fr ik. murder .* ta

berg. Jos J Iq II:It a. eta .".. ......, .... t. ,.. ... ..,. .r ties fli5*1)d Tt wwprrd ItspWof oar ....... WIU..i .ppa.bloa. .", ... U fvrUewtla, Aa *... '''Iwill

"t war gets- 1*.,. art, .,- .1' 'awttp ..y*'.M sad s1"sate I .. la uses *. *<.. IOMM" U+e peas. M. made W get Ik. ..*.toot M
..Ctt ua,4s.. ..........c tbk ., ..... k.... ..-'. ." .... ...."... .. wry .u....,. I Is a Uwli. ft* 6tI' NUM will fe. arei t." M.e4or. s 1st. rdameta I)* S..Ie..* eO tkat lk.
attbaash ......... till s1tt6r i \t.. ........* .id'w, a.i lt.... .. t. ...... dt .... wa* *4iiau4, .*.H ar <*"bled ..,... tarsi be ,+awsuy deaiar.4 r.1t.4 .. ease may h.
4 1 afreYsi+ ; \rwe ..4 atttrL I ....1'J''I': .I...,.... Ilea'oJ ..
1"11" ". Tf .. ,. ..flier r" -. ...

.\ H" ., ,t ,+

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) "

< .. '- T' <- _. n.
"t u'r JI/-. /
: '. ," 'vri
1T:1 1 1 I


7 .

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n. _..... ._. __n_ -...-- :-::=.-_ u_--- :::::"___"':- -=:_'... c .&.:-
r"COLD I DO YOU GnT UP Jap Dislodge, Russians.Tokler .
i' ; DAMAGED,\ Jan. SiT1. Japan*** boui

WITII A IA1M BACK uuarira it *IH ('hun&, Manciiurl. rt
_ t I pasts that a Jm nn*.. (wc dl.shndaN
TRUCK INTERESTS Kld.iex Trouble. Mikes You Mlwmbl aboui tine tiininny: | of HutaUa carat
--- AlmoU ...,.,....Iy .'..INkI.n,.. "..w... r)- northof) W4etMkuofi Mon I
...._.. I I. sure. lo know of the wmtdtrfulMite day oeouprlna (Iho poaflloo and cap !
', It it Bitlmated That l Several 'S.._ii ...*.1. by U"JUJu. luring, sown ii.ur,..a and arm. An- '

Thousand Dollars Will be Lost: I lit Ill linot.tlie..,'" !"{rest Hwi kWnoy 'in-- duet Jtpunf-t detachment milted I / :

liver and IAad force of Humlana In the neighborhoodof (

T/tuoKcns/ wens PHEPAUCDAl 0.11 { i dtr ,"".1,. ChathCiiMK, inflicting over XO caualllea '
It U the pleat m, ditlimipli > Tile Japane( captured fire
I r I 1111 lonl. of the wfflpori gad uifu with thMr I onoe nod) \
A ftul. And Those Who Had) the Ad iInwrcn111 v.nlury I Id

i \ ",anlal' of Telephone Oonnecllon l htOC'\.I'tM'wiwulAc.tt i.er..)..a rchliy rstit arum. > .,. l t 4 ;

I Covered Their Crop During the i Dr. Kllmvr Iho Vy'arlblps at Charleiten' ', '
$ Dune and Cabbage, _- vinlntnt ki MII., and CJiailff JH.. (f.. Jan SB.-United) \ .
Oay-Lu. to tl.ltrr .''';(''lftll..., and" I. worulrstully.u StateMtslo busts Hull and Trillion A NaTO onItrionndi DXCULLUNCrJ I'
Tlif cold wav U. upon ill, mid" U I.r I. 'iratfnllnp, +vnnptlr.citsinalatttuhack. \ arrived Ui I>\Jr'. Latino stopped CDrtm'u
solo. acid 'I.tanh) of the ;bladder au.., .. whenever Whlikey U spoken of,
eno ol the cohlrit tit tin ecaton front Hampton toads to join the through the air our
; .n, .U Ih* worst drink It but lo praise In met 1
11,11"JlHA age
The government report from the Width fleet nt OutahrA for supplies, and ales None know It but lo love It, none
ftirutof Vl tn.y" for to taste (Ito know li'i good liquor.
lowness and) Knough you
wtaiher bureau at J"ovi. ntlll.) ,e.ttl.d Iir. Kjltiir'ii5wampltoott! hot roe.tiursnen i It) iiavc a quantity of sun cotton and purity
yesterday, aimed tint lha tern lwlftiruvrriIuhuigIntif you\>*\o othi'r eiploilrei at the fort on Hull-
would fall considerably, and kidney' ""....- or l.lwMer. trouble H w UH I lo van. island The destroyers are commanded Jail t'Hthtd MH cases ,Andersen Cnnty I live ft) O I.
peraluro found just the remedy you nr 4l. It has tour. full. quarts, t fkfd securely' T.I.; Sv < 4'I tiro
j Kill would be llio'" moil mvere teipectively by Captain P. A. . .
,chat I IKSMI tested l in HI ninny, wage, In IU"-I.II.I> press Prep lt'' .
1' .old war line lha fatal naves of work and. 'In I jtlvntr! pr net Ice, and h.. Tram and Captain W. H. Cronley.The
Hull And Truklon are four alack
eoaiicfrMfiiLlii" caN Hut a
;i 1PItd, irrovM1 every
The varlom arowari of' truck In' Ihlilection *|Klal nrrmiKcinenl( hiss bleu mail. by boats of about 410 tone each and have Headquarters for NORTH CAROLINA CORN.
which all re* took advantage of the advancarfpurii slat nlre ,ly tiled II, may' luv A e" mploIxHtl .... -
,. and yesterday war busily tin i lIOn f pi'. by mnll aim book tellIng -
gaged covering and otherwli' proleoU ttiora alxxit, Hwiiip-K ,apt how to Imperfect Indigestion Ocala House Wine Rooms Ocala Fla.kTtRAC 1 1.M.
f I log their product Telephone nut fill" out If yon bare klhiry.. tit bladdet lruu. Meant... nutrition and In oonie. ,
blo. Wlieng wsititigtnonlloutrradlugthis. lose When tile liver
quince vitality. A
.. sent to Ida "t.tr.
.. wino growers ."hen.1
In your
offer thl"tAlltr|
they. could ba reached with tho mull atM.t"ner,. falls lo eecrele bile, the blood beeolnriloided .! __ u. __ .. _._ -

that by availing a large<< proportion of bk Co, IHn ll ttl1nll'r.- with bllloui properties, the dlgeitloti .
the crop had been prnleoled.While N. ,'. Thefiftycent '' beoomee Impaired, and the tALttPAIii
the lose will naturally ba ami one bowels,' conitlpated/ llerblne wlll'reoi & [

keavy from. title frUit, ft great" deal of Mild dollar' by elt.Iwdllreare(all jjexxt druggists n-.ta Don't.aNs..s"makeany tlfy this I It glvei. tone to tha stomach, j
liver and kidneys, ilrengtheni the
the crop woo laved, owing to advanceInilruoiloin 'mUtake 'hit remrnilrrr' the list,., ap, ( : OOJ'pOJ'At.11: 1
Nearly all th orop Hwamp-Koot" ))r. Kilmer'. HwampKoot, petite clean and Improve,, the'" com
along the O.llIOnlll. and lulf south and thaaeM.ttl. lllnghniiiton N* V., Oil ,'lesion. Infuses now |life| and vigor< to E. E. VOYLE MGR .
battleNEWS tha whole system oOonli a bottle! ,
efthli, point U protected which means every Bold by W. M I. Johnson ibitraoia ol Till and full Information furnished K lands In this
tll" the Ion In this station, will bet ___. .. __ .d.n._ __ _. .- ... .. ..- county, Our manager ha lived lu this county thirty yean and I
.li thoroughly' consonant with land title, ,
aniall Older
comparatively grower, OP CITY ANDCOUNTY TAMING A TIGEH.' .
would ba readied by I \l'a
'however, who not CONDENSEDII. I .
1 'phone, will .uRertnsterhhly, aa they. '/b. M'"r M Hlioitiii.N owe Mtr.Nar
E. IE. "CTo "TE.5 \:
r'' were unaware of what the' conditions --- \\ta. I'lvrr ll iil, ,
L. llevllleof .,\""dndu"III In .\ Kualuwhit. thus ilmUlx-n\ how an .
Among Ilia oropi lo suffer< moil will the city yreterday. attt'iidiiiit. (biVmnht, must frltMidly relax waiting a number of prominent American and English ootnpanleiliKAL ..
lloii with n dour tlHcn" KHTATK AND CITY LOANH
I cab 0.1V. Hulls of Monlaocha& was trad* '
be the lettuce, bean and
young "Thrrtv''' it nhuwiunii I tliKxl< to
0-wIanelw-i11o J loocdLda
: .n
.' The former I I. lust now Ing In the oily ""dl'. t
tiageeropt. kuIUllnC' ... .. .. .... ..
--- -- -'- ------ --- --------- ------
In the )height!) of the orison, Tlm W. iilory: Uull and son, Kllery M, It liinunlflwiit lU-ngnl Ilgvr which his '
beam will sbortly be coming on, and 1)ari.) ale In tho city from Hiarke. got nt n law pilio IHHIMU It bed: itK !-

a. a nil* have Juit reached a.bov the They arc ahl guests of 1,. M McUor 'aily "hod two men, LAND TITLES
ground, mlok. "At Ili-ut Melchlor \\'uulc1l.ul. hU' foot .

Tlioas truckers .lao lute bun ehlp 1) II, Morrlion of )Mnrrlilon a prom or hid 'hniid Into bin roife, but fnmi the j W:1.r.iJi: : .:: -----r.-r-: -. ... __
tvny (the litter would lrp nt him heI
r ring cauliflower aid unprotected lelluce Inent mercliint and cltlieit of that I know Unit 10 put hliitftolf, fiitlix'ly In 1IThsu.jue1frn rj..7Vfl.. n jlrtt!,eonsllrntffon /or thifM.. .."
have enjoyed a good thing' place wailranmellngbuilneii. In. this Its power, \unill& IJ49 atilchlp. Nothingm : I

tally, ai good pileei hut been realised oily yeiierday |. could do would tnlilUIi. n friendly I ritlo ia what you pny for when you buy land; therefore

Whll. S' great deal ol lettuce W. T. Bhandi, of( Otter Greek, the. fe-lutlolllhill between. hlmtclf! cud the know what you uro buying
)iaa been grown under. cover for late UI'II',
aitenitra' naval itorre ar
shipments, large conilgnmenta of "140""' dtliflnnllly, was nettled, and'
rived. 'In Ilia ally yesterday' on a ihort
been mad with the )EUh lit" ahnwMl II by' Inklntf NOIIIO oldrlothcM
early growth' bare" Invisible
Titles revealed
ordinarily correctly to
r mull that llietn growers will not cut vliltlohli family. ..1"lIIl1arIn with rng andIhruvrlng you by ,

111"0 materially.* Many of (hoi., J. 8. Crown or Kooky I'olnl, a prom iliem Into the WUP.: Ilia I
however who I.u.. grown unprotected bent and iuoee.itul trucker of that llltt In it jiffy 'lore the old clollic to Tile Alachua County Abstract Company
that the a ,
thinking 11"11'0VAl
crop alio have. oomlderat' ) protectedleiluoe place was among hose who paid, Flares

and It I li' doubtful whether Ulneivlll a tliltyeilorday.JuitlcvB hiimun"N *xt bcliiff.day 1 fluhe next day and tho Q-odLoa.GB-v-.tllG, HTloidLcLei.JAI. .

Ibis. plant will euoQumb the cold. 0 Darren) of Veil was 'In nest Xlchblor iiiiitlmiHl to throw In !L.. ---- -- -..- .. ---.--- .-
--.-.-- the oily yesterday, Juitloe llarrou lion I
tu HIP direr attUTiHl flittm*. sad the M. UaiiuM, President Qao. W. HTPI, Ylee-President
t1 MOU8B8 8TILL 80ARQE. of the moil progroitlve oltlteni. of tiger mtlmml lu destroy Ihvm Hut

that section, owning a line mercantile a* limo I ut.srv) the ntilmnl <<.ennr. >d to '
Famines Greet Difficulty In business la connection" with hit otherIntercile put I wart into Ita work and In .the end THE FIRST NATIONAL BANKOIT

i' Securing HOUMI. & U unto tip altogether thru ntlnck on
thus pcarcmnv*. It would' just. piny
best evidence that OalneivllleU lateifarrlvali In (Ulnn
the "
.Thfl I Among
with ticm| or \else not notice' them ntall
"'uU up" li the faot that houses for rule alt Joseph II...) and family of G.AXNJDSrJLL1D: :

,'1 living and other purposes are at )prei WlllUton Mr llail' U" a boiler maker, "Nu'nt Mcldilor llnnv lie OIK>II* 1

t; ant and liar been very toarcc her, by trade, and li laid to be one of the rut I the, cage door cute iiiornlutf' walk'id l.'IIE ONLY OHABTERED BANK: IN ALAOHUA CO

)taniger' Yoyleof the Abitraot and molt competent, In this itolloM. The. In boldly' and slopped' | the! tlgrr fumlllnr

)Jteally' Company Haled yesterday that family will be gladly welcomed by &ItIolile ly on thin hatch It Rave him a friend.ly '*
'. never In the 1,1.'orlJr lislnesrlll.", has' of OnlnriTllle, who hop they l look und )>'urtvd, U took him foranother Capital . ; $60,000 00

reildenoei teen *o tcaroe. A great will l 1.0> well pleated manikin not worth tmthcrlnit nnd Undivided
Jurplu? Profits
about It fined acteu years. with Mel 25,000 00
lauilllea have recently'" inotrd In, .. for 'hard
many i Ohai 'iGhI", ft contractor chloe and became" aa gentle as a kitIrn. -

and It .his. tome lo a point now whenIt wood materials at }KaUfleld was ." DOH ell,iedrstr. a IInlll"t ....."..,..hll rseUUes"nl lo sat bask la |k* Hit BoUtll
li almost Impossible to scours a de sac ". N.reka.' Uwt.ur.uses.. ......
among the visitors to this city jailer J .IND'01 r..n. 't IOWM
a ...., AU".........trseuea"'",OIlWW",
# alrablemldencc many art ooou day. Mr ohrlg U making a .In" iuo- Found a Cure for Indigestion, .
.pylnghouiei which aft not at all In case of this. vntur, .having." ihlppedleveralvtrlnadiot I Ohambeilaln'i, Htomaeh and II. E. T A' Cashier,

: keeping with the surrounding eondl spoke and thus lo I.IrerTablets use for Indl .lion and Und ..- .. .- .. . ... h. __

,' tloni."I stilllsiipplnlt ( atlusgeouslaned asolid I hailer, than 1CO'r.A.DLBUtDD: 1OOO ..
I h that, they lull ray cue any
1 have ever nn the Ilka fur do.
h carload' iciierday dyspepsia' remedy I liar .vortried
mind! for houses.. ," )Ir. Voyle eald.
The ilrpfMiloni Nt the corner of and I hUG many H.F.DUTTON&CO.
"The 'people are coming" and. are ant;
I Weit Main which' remedlri.' I Jim nearly flUyuui jeareof
'' and I.lberly" streets
lout' tu remain. Aa a ttiult they will ,
deal I
and hav a great
have barn.. for ihe past few dayi a
,, themprotected
rent a"no.a"thl to keep from. 'Indication' I can rat almottanithtng
M from the weather, and I source of annoyance' to pode_lrUnl. I winl to "t..>....- know of rertnlu famlllra of refinement and the public generally, have been our, H>jek Mill, Ala. For sale by all Sea Xslaxxc3OofrtoiQ...

k' who are Iking .In vlrlualy' thacka Just 1I11 led In, which, inakei a big 'Improve druggists, ...--._ ...

to, b. lier." mtnt. 'I'''. .,,,,. to.nml". ...nf whleh ftnrae.a. ........... "...... 80\16101)(1: Cotton Seed Bngglng and Twine.
W. 11. Taylor U chairman' has been Walrus
At .n *,ldf"O"ot, Iho truthfulness performing' eomewry KW| work for In ri nut.vr, t18t dlalibaasus eels'. Loather in Strips Sldea
of )tr. Voyle'a' itatemf ut, one 'Intlanc* the 'pail few week', and. thlr' elToninrt worn t>y i< Jet>anrwn woiuuu' of blab or
,U rvcallcd where a. family U eupylng' > appreetatvd.THE rank ur n.t- Hcviitli i.r twelfth roitnrr
bear $"t.t (hall twenty. Manufacturers of tho Jninea
fume, hnutv. "Ie piano alan' being smelt .. Dolp Improved English
be..N ns vvntmlxtit t.re
i north on the market" double the SECTION IB GOOD un Son Island Cotton Gin and Supplies for Pntno.OAINE3VILLE.
. I* u.v4. ." TtiiM at n frostpatarr .
amount of the house. with 6th.r fur.allure -- .,
watt hat me ware .
In Out Ca.Juslice U.rn" li Yet ParlUI, to | tats it H t FLORIDA USA
proportionU & .. tWwttyalt.'til. ebawittgalllulw
aeema that "U would boa ,proQiablefur Good Old Alacaua County" many w of n tIUI'1'kt rrliMMi, of IrMM . . .... -- I --.__.. ._ 'H. '___. .... ...... .. _
.lavettment a number of moneyed A inter lust rtrelvexl fr.m U. ". grew" of wild\ r.M.,r..41...r and Clr Iwiruua DIItab11.ahfld. 1O7O

h1t" of tU city. lo get i..n.'h.r. form Darnel, formerly of Orange llelithtibut and hr"w'lI. tbtlr .Jri,car ant skirts .
M company! and conitruvi a number of who hai decided to legate for lh.pr.sent .11 "PC'Of'ft'',t with 8W*... 0li. > while
houWi U aa' 'Invretntfui. These at O.ur. Santa" Uea e..nt}, other, let l"Itt4I pommlngllMB' ..f willow J3.F.DUTTON&OO.:
... ...
sal vberry t" and .
ti houses would.iways' rent" readily at write* The, Hun ai fallow! i I .eptsyw
II.T ,,,brot1I'tt'.Ut'm'! pktal' out
R09d priori' and luliiuKi.iiion.lbo\I""Klof "1" .... i.o4 ma. TU* Hun to Osear. life WMQ of
with ntttTMVtryl |
manta '
".u"Iu lola"Lbtpl dtnou. Th.O h Florida ai I am la>ated* In Binia Uwacounty. this ,.wf"tt wit"; .th... ft\l'l"on. :s A JSrJ< :EJES
(; not a lrabladwelllb lo r.m n\. Ike I like theo' ( ntry very well .

oily today, iiotwlihitamliun unit. agreat I ailtltheallhy anti dry Of ....ttt 1 To Cur a Cold In One Day
havm beau te .bily .-0'11- i do not Ii1a dais ..*\..>. ai well. dear
many Tak lUtailv' Broo QutalM Tab lbs S to rnI Mel....p..s.q...... .aJ..ii Mnttt' .,y D e.... .......... .
etrueted.' .?' .....__ "Id' AUelidaeouHijs but will "mi5njlivrvanyway lot. Atr! .fgliti refund ti. m n"y rI.on.-... ...w..ar.....M".w."..M".....''' u.N.'""., ,,,.................,. ..
: fur aa lodefiolie j.rfbJ,! If It site to eum. 13 \V llr.,*'* sig.ualur. ......w. ......'" 'w u.....wp IUD.rsf.al..f.. __ tuklt4e.a.tioa.o.W t
:& Death at KI"'raha.N ,std nuy'growup with the country! ti on *ae) bot. 3de.Money .

aII. LaFayetlti, the .Infant. .onidMr Mr I ;-.= -. .- .- ..- '
-' -
,, -- -
.. IV. II, Timley" died at shy 1 1i o.AJNJDSQ'"LJD: : :3TX.OZl.TI": ) ..A.iVi.

tam. of till par 'nta at KWedueiday ...... i enough to buy a box of Pills ? j jI
,, morning of cboler

Tit* funeral .... t .U at 'Kan- Then be thankful t It tncini so much to have a box of Aycr'a ,

,' she oemet4t7 'Thursday anti sits a i- I: Pills always In the house Just one pill at bedtime, nov and I Tl DAILY SllNJO' \ [

tended by a great many "lt J.. wbo then and you need have no fear of bilious attacks, alck-head I

extend ijrupathy to the parenta conatlpationvSold' for ablY ycarytSa:.. :
bewtvetneiit. I
their tour d 1+ ......-- >

', _,_' ', .,; ''4. ..y, ., I" .' t. d'fJr .

'i' '



f I I


____ ____
----- --_ --. --- '-'- --- -- ._.- ---- --.- --- ------,-- --'-.- .--n -.--- ..
,_ _. .
.. __ .u ______ ._ _---_ --.. -- -- ;::::::::.::. -:=:.-;;. =- : 1

I IC4JU'All WILL HAVE A SUPPER. aDi.rt.e if the licit *fmti I3rTBI3SirMI! O.A.B.DS
!; .ORID WS ITEMS p | I 1:1.:i \\.1. of lit. I l.i: ,...-S- VWV>W< V>VQil. ...-

Mount Vernon Lodge l| Preparing Fora Mini in. I"r tit,. I,rt11t/M1 on n *iiiiiur! fi.rII DaVKIlK U. MOUIU8, '
I Dig' Time at Carlf' 0.,.. lion I..1MI'" "'.I."NUl'llhJ| *"'j.| 1 Mun.'r'
Ins r.., iK''ti'' SeeG'j | iiiii )
The ,hit meeting ftf Mviu Vernon IIl\'nh 1.I..fllI& '11.* aviudwhhll .DENTIST. .

,tio litr State.f BLOO Lodge< No. :DO! KulghtioT J'ytlitai. was .pietsilti'' ....r) tiny !. but. ftA' --

-- -- 1 0via an Intereallng< Of'.. It wai lntpr-ttlng ,ph'Ille'.u' :: 101.,1, i, unit ill. <",III1'H1nt"i

season I. sown at 111.'I. I from tcveral taints, 01 ttpw. tlie, lodge 111., II. i MIV I' ."u Hatil. Hill) NlMlllli uau ornr Hni.un KndCt. AN .....* test'ut.

1 Culumhu.UhIn, ?\f., t., \1\\. 1 having' confer Mil the week In tin Hank ( .1 .1 1 i I. I.I i 14 ,> vtull rci 1)' ... ., .
come! fmu hart .an I rant .II1tt Nia.t nf Knight, ..hloh It t* Md ties .pll".ln):; M'M .'I 1 I i .uud. tti Iwo a1570
la itiipl mot o7sien, than from liupuie \ICKM: | mid a Krnrtnl rua- good, and having at tli0jiii iuilun III of nl"H., 4 Ihtnl"r"i.' hl'ft'. hdlnw.d .by j. A. O.1U.uu.U.
point (nth* Slate down ruutlluon ot the a y tcin I tied noppttltc. decklert I l\vu i.i\,'a of "iuiimiiivi' '' dHiirurl, but ATTOHNBY AT LAW '
al .WMtneliiff. I 0*.>i. and 1id au all the meeiliig tn gir n inp* I
f 41 hipped t, OQ.OUO elgari for l."Ou.II..4 feeling list .1111.l nee tol I"era. per 'In the near future fir 1 thu 4.11.tili .. 'Inmnm. Imvo "TIM-U IUIIIMI of iTiimVMl Ana fcVlletmr In Kgully;
., II... '.. UMiix. .iuii'll,nl when InivHlIU
t >
Ending' -
14. I I. of
January I the
tlf1&a.t UM K a 8.. and nf tho inemberti Uncle wivn,
at itr tnkiiiB "vf n or H>UM! my akin n' Uli thi Miittl, In turn iMiMtMUi nisi steal) Kttale; Conveyancing and (lea.
dog. term of the circuit court wi rlr iil of alt cru urns' and took one .weethearla, "to. bur for MII hour nr mi At "nhll' etall'raMkt. All butlntM promptly
eounty ooovenea Frbruary 7. ",,111r. )i*. (bat aur.d me that It U needlrti to add ,that thiifuno. td Rita tin t.*....".,..... cvel a brlrt' rte' attended iv. Mine" ) viral lUwrtoHu*
t W.....' Hank at Lakeland wet my I>Il to In nor Ion, Ilko all ulnas' under the auipl pltw rrviii tilt Muffrrlnfn Induced tithe u---U A III anvil., .*, I'U>HUU,

!Ior business on Monday, Jan- tu.l. liNtlltix condition. My appetite war eta of the Knights of I'ythlit... ..III'", dull thud, 1111\"fl1bl"\ I1t""JII"b4'NIAn" \
restored ..1 could eat anything 1 I... TTKllDINANO III.Vim
put ,
tipto>dato In every. r'*tpe t. The I.., 'n TU JUUFastest
fore hit. and at I re '\ In pctheJ
:%' 'evidence of prosperity' the InrreftMHl weight,and that. "slum text. supper, which was only K "h>dge affair ..... ATXOIINKY AT LAW
nl" vrhlch wornrd inn *o much dlMn.w given eoinpllinvniary by the oflloer) .
'hat added to It
1Kj31knstee lur
.j1 | re(l, and I WM once spin my old Mil. ..... one of the moti enjpyihle' affairs lOUiSYlUr ftAShe .
1 .1t M flasld. I |irrllljr rrtoimntnd 8. 8, 8. at the "Q
held and when
Mi It
'In oIly
,1 Cove Pprlngi U talking of or best blixxl purlrtf and tonic made, and ever Can Mil four city property" (In ,'
Q ilrongly advise lu u.. to all tho* In need comes to entertaining the 'ladles proved and unimproved phosphate,
QI I :cr.r Run'Glub and prictloeon ft' such inwlltln VlCTon HrvnuiHa, Mount, Vernon may I* depended upon trucking and farming lands, brnU him '
out. Cor. JUrthuun and WnUilngton Ares. a list of what offer fur .1., IUVnl
., for tnmrthlng eitra. It wai unripe
Vlllr U.
' -.,...I c.------_-.......w.r..
, d and vicinity will harveit Wheeling:V., May el. 'loot. inouily deoldrd that KnUht' M II.

t it Irish, potato crop In 'lu hit My iy'l.m WM run down and my J loinl Bauiuieri ,U to manage the culinary .. W. i:. IIAKIW: &,

If season ached an4 iined h111 COnal't'raLl! ,. had de.arlmeiil| whloh, meant' the be ATTUItNKY*AT*LAW .,
used ft B. H Ufote and knew whit It ,
r at reuiaeola 'harbor'U being ginning something eitra good: at he
was. eo I purthtwd a bottle of )and have Tlmo and Finest Sorvlcoto
andho channel) will$ be li ot the belt In tho lu
.y deep" UVco s t>.rM bottles and the ache and on. country
Ider than over before, Pains ail cone, tnr bland lui been dess. thli direction. All Points -
I baieball. Terra .... and rgentral lirallhlmlltvn' I .n This supper will be held tome time OAINK8Y1I.LK. Alaehua Co., .'GA.
team at
% Oelan testify to It II a blood purifier and tonic, Onion In Kndl' llloek,
during February, about the
1 reorganised and will$ $ soon flU Market 8t. Jolla C HtwiK prcbably, North, West -

L (crack, team In the field If vat bewanyordered 181 h. -- ,,; DU, J, II. ,U'UltnUN,
itivero' wlndi of last week did yinplomi of dl. Oured Lumbago. and NorthwestThrough

able damage to ortngrt th* writ tie and blood our A. II. OanmanChicago" writes March --. DKMTIST* \

I ng the Indian Ulver section, SS phyilrlani will 4, }03i 'Having ben troubled with Pullman Drawing' lloomBleei |a...*.ir toS.lilr* AY.,...) '
cane will be same to Jefferton S sdla. you free, lumbago at different hence and! tried sing Jan dally, from JftekionvllleIn
Our book Illrinlngham, Na.hvllle, KvanivlllChicago .. Our Dutloa> A Dot lltftk, UalarNKr e
ikli on alter another tliendlf
season Low prices lure" one phyilolan *
l/oul I'eitiaroli. Mol/llt'
'UI) .
*'' MteftUoe to Cross at UrM** work.JJK. Y
I a.d many ..1.0.." hopeful blood and akin I ferent ointments and llnlmrnti. gave II and' New Orlrani., l'I.ws te(.
/ 110 New.. II...... M-nl free. up altogether. Ho I tried' onca more Plnnt lusting 0,r $.",... In the .
bald 'C. The Swift Sfcolfto Company, Atlaata, Qa. and got a bottle uf llallard'a" ,Know Mn Boulh. Elegant **re. lieollnlng, Ohalr UOIUKIN II Ti ON'
810flelll the
) )gr turnkey at Cur. Horn, o' the famous ""hleago '
I .
la polio atatlon was badly ament which gave tne a wot t Initant and 1'lurJd" l.ln\ltrd\,, ,," He iure your BKNTtftT.Oull .

elrotrla and died. the Hlble Con relief. Icaneheemfuilytecommendll. hoists .jut..l. L I,. A N. -
by an ear great prepaiatloui for
tiradut. \ ,, __. ., ..
and will add my name to your Hit of For raieitehettulei and tleeplng oar '.1 ,.
In U rice, feri-noo at Jaokmnvllle.11" OalnettlUeU reitrvationi aptly to trite ft,,.'1.t.ri.ase .U N.. York Our, .
former suldi.rs" ? fAt and M Hold
icon preacher uteri th* tub tlm ally, llrother llutnphrlei.In d. or.It14. work .M )it11ts apel.lIIee.Au.WnaaUuaaaatasn. .
f t, by W. )C. Johnson .. OKI). E.: lll'HUINd, Mi, lass, Agt,
> 't cross the bridge ls.e'6n. the mailer of I. 0. Kewberry of M ,? iiiaMp Mi fai 90(1( W, hay HI.. Jaekaontills, 71. 011..U Mlllf rJUwUIHMTIU.t.; x......"' ".
It The man who does High 8rrI II! K bankrupt 'In HIM fed Mrs Duke' WantTujTn I :ICU, I ( Kt' '

..Ih' swlfI. eras court at JaekionvllleTutidayi the I 1
New York Jan, ; I AIIHWvbli
Hilon I to the Dade coanty" fair bearing on the application" for discharge Duke, wife of JLOCl"! I, Ihika. Tilt WK8T r.1i1J.IrlNK ,

Mliml 6HO feet will b* In bankruptcy was Itt for ".b- warn nrroaied at an Tifflee
r'' It hoped tho fair will not rusty 0, atrret. this eltr, toUaf, un rt'quiallkls JOHN Nr.NKIGAProw1.Iur! .
tai the building, Tampa making preparation, to en. pal fr' laaued by tho Tfiaa author ,
h r.-fUf .MM 4 *f rig fl ITUl"I "j such 1 1Y.. urn .,..li. unlll, na,
lit of the folk eounly treat tertaln Iho I'oull""rn Hinek tlrow* tins Mr*!. Duke had birii 'indicted ..VIAkVlirtMllftM.tWlUMAltVll&MfMI
..... ..
+ aw that the county school board Sr.' Atiofllatlon meeting, whlelil'Is to br the grand jury at NorujtJiK-hen. .,.|....Lest.MM**"*
)t, and a iwo-mlll! levy It *a. be held In that oily February 1. The Tec., on its charge that aha and lisa|I ... ,_ ................a.._.-....ft...,4**....*. JOe VIJtl ...< fall to rail.) on tn. when In Jaokinnvlll, ..... s

h' 1'; ayoI( the entire turn .....10... will b* 'held In th. UetinoofthsTatnpa U Vaylor. tel Chicago' ,hart mad false ''I '...r.< kH.,(M* ..II.M.......li............ !
*io..a ...< ovrfeioMta ..... .-..''iO ...... OHYSTAI. BAUHJN
!."' ;, I inly of Hernando has money Hay Hotel.U. atatemenia" In an 'Imtrutnrnt tin 'M i *..*'lt. U. *. ".'.nt OffietWABMIMOTON ,
C ra.ury and The llrookivllle )I. llughei nl Hanford, got on hli atrengtb of which a atwkhi' .Ucr 'In out \ O. O. I, Yr.."U. M'. I'rup't

t, i to know why It would not dignity became (I. U. Calhoun of that of the national) .bankagln that plan,d I I 1.J.. .n"III. Floild

t time to repair th* brldgei.' place would not tell him any moreeralPiand was Induced to indone. lta..I. autoS .,

: broker, ton of Illchard Oroinuniny atmml hlin..lf with a pU. .for "0,000.P' ? 1- i I Iteat. "s".rt"1{ and .nlnf\'d' 1.lqUOrl
lot thnt at '-- --- -
tame, died' from 'In. to get revenge llughei r | and t'/net 'in the ellj.ANOTHER .

Iced In an auto aoaldent atNewton Calhoun and, hit a grocery aior I Iwo n n n _. __. .n n n_n.__ ,__
blocks' away, whereupon Calhoun lock) .
BlanUy was ,also Mi trusty N'Inebesi.r and t'OIUII'f'tJ.d You _I' ... .. .... ,-.

tonic fancy ihnOting He first hut the
1', I,XI f L, K church at Hi.. Augm- l
pistol from HughrV 'hand and tlmn
t 3,1%) debt, but on Sunday commenced (shoot' the drope IIf per Up, I

.J W. I'uwell llm debt lifter, tplratlon that fell from Jlu.....' brow In the morning tire.1 l, "

j n'ul' In railing the entire who 'In turn started to run and lauded and fre<|iiully v, id II* i' ("Ililtlaclicthat .

III, a refrigerator ear, wheiw he tat UalntoM untu' 'i-altle. You
ate' tliie it. ell.. stirred uporerth* dawn 10 cool off and await the I"a" have btrrit IHTVOI<>, < 1.1"1 smith

iltigoiHn that oily. Dr. )lon silent of the leaden hall stone JccplcM tiijiltt of i- tiff lit, and r1oLoL BUGGIES !

.. .
'u.l.r' of the meetings ta --
I Bloomy 'irrn" > '1.1.l ihiriiiH ,
.1 lore brother BAD DEATH AT MIOANOPV.Mre. Title 1 !""' 1I
you your you ,the. day. tarn < >\n'| ehau ...1 ,
.'i'Chrl".an. "' 4 slums aUttta the hcul. luulP and
lilr.lJournsl W. H. Bandira f...... Away,
J Uuale. of lira oilier organs. that d! poid' apse

pals "The' elly I I. nuking Mill Delle Chilly" Quilt III the 1I f\'" fur "''''I 1111 vuwrr.Ttirn Just Arrived and They Are Ccatiilos.Wo
The tad new of the d.ah..f )Ir., the utttmach I"n".o|" dl!l I .

L' DAY WILL POSITIVE- W. II. $.u".r..r Xieanopy" nil Tuei t the f
day .,elWnl. January 31th, 1009, waire weak 11",1 l drrui itloti .
IKKIF buy in car lot; tlo other ilunlorn in UIH! flee
!BE DR. GOLDSTEIN'S .elved In this city Wednesday inoro Dtul the klilncya1. liver In-

; LAST DAY INGAINESVILLE. In,. Hlie had been lick only short nctlvc.What. tloti 7 BuppOAo you link then)
lime, tlif eauieof her .....In. away
you teal l in/ not A atom-
I/! 44. f l"*lng typhoid. pneumonia l eeaied aril, lioail J, lilditrv '"I liver stud" ]- 1 JtJ r
. > was on. of the old and highly retpeet- Iclnc, hut Dr. Milr-, Vtrvlnn'

, tC AND WILL REMAIN UN. mad residents of that tevllon and her footho\ and Iced tin, ucrvri and

..THE 20THEXAMINATIONI death has caused mud sorrow and re build ti' ,
I nerve ''tteMr To buy lit
lnro to
i CONSULTATION FREE. 1:"'. $h. was the mother of Mr*. W. .If. w1. bp' I Lla ..,. ....... nieatiH buy

. i' __ _, O. John.ou and .travel two other ehll* '_) .,(,.milt...... "'fl.stis.. fr.s.....1.' In'net.......u.._.rt.M ... cheap] ) to buy lu car lot** menu. a Having) of

II. (iold.tin of fx uliflll-. who dun btildte., ""O"'UI' hut u4 to .",.r..,...,tlM IA tearM1,?I 'I...f1.rt.de. re 1tww11' about $H 00 ,to tho buggy" on frolgbt packing) ot<-.
known b r the porl. of (Oaln.. mourn her 'lo t.. W. have no partlo* Ml ilal. tftf Mel It. e p
std l hm arrived' in lb.1A .,1. at ./M, .1. f.f ,....,
will.11'1"1&t... loealed' at the |lro.' utari at hand regarding<< the funeral' s ./a a .:t:,. .........." aO. ,.......... IL l n &t
n. ).ibo. 11111. Cbiiay of ,.al..""",. ,'.* I,.. tan.N0.li1IltsU"11 I rn.ttl f....fMM ... 1
.J lIrlo'I'hfl \ HPof the |ir.' MI .
k lie will hi rIMrH i .t Ui lh. ,., of the Chilly brother of this ally, I Ii ,.., aMp.al.n.t.M1." Ti's N ........Rant IH<< thoro wander that womll 111111&daonl.vr
/ans.ili.u, nerd U..III eaffrig from a serious attack of er,* ..".......tf h. .........gin" t"" "::3 any HO
... .a.i
1- I. Mu
? .1.1.. In th. face .h. hu Iketyatpethy .heH::a r .." ,_,t I a ..Ia' ( t | tlititi our coirixitltorHf| r Wo liavi /
; Nt.'s W.rr.n. d r,..... a"".4w at. buggiest
of hermany kind friends' In .her .i..4 tot t her .p-41. ii evht ...
(, aittieilon. .... W"fIf'eu.. .. t iii.erii'ni I
!. 54 w
.t 1 w:., ...a r' bs no
A Pleaiant Party. 'I.i" 0...."ill ....... .r:. '.. j

Uttle! Miss! Yeura )11'"*. Ih* D.. I'Mil.(.J\.JU'LMy'1I'.. Hwwl". .w tkr.g h lit..." I I H

charming daughter< of lie*. and )Ir.. LY' w-- wt$ puss a'.}.. ,t .' the I $45 $50 I
.. ..... ..
=t' n "If"I M
1'9i a s.
,, ,,F mt4e tar= study of opiws a. 8. It. J.o.*,*. entertained a nomtxr .1 -.+u via >.M* f ..w,
and any.,t.e .r young frleada em lb. oreaiton t>ftli I bottes Medical Co. .,lkllart. Tml j
I do t.ttcr ltaa a''''. Mmirettie a I
.,,,MIa tti bee advent Into this
ot eb..*. eraay year _. .
way fff lrd should Uke ; world' Wt<]B.idiy "I., OGft. TIt.,.. '" -- --

It r (,old 1l.* alt 4 bit .h... _fire a number of tb. young poH" THEPRESSING IiIIII:.,StILLY I

Too wo.h ears esea.t b.tthispt prf...i, and all who aH...drd report $55 $60L
ni aUr a. any neglMPt .
tntlll..hlll".lafltt"OOft.( at tAi tun' CLUB!
of the p rnu may led o i
.Jiwte ., -, h.k Ih elf "... *t.h I
1 rktO. ...*<)....... 11 after* 1'1 .
: ih. "-ee of tt.. chill ....4 i iIL. I ,lag tft>. llttht. lt.,*u*< many Kapf r- 117 w..,.[ .. "" "HI
Dotlor eau ".1"'.'.e if ,
_. Burns st ,.. dl' -. "HArlll ( '- 111
,< |we OaOA RlaJM a. will t* ih* ALTEEIIG REPAIRING DTEIIC CLUJ.lac .
u.n..ad laer.ase ifcur
iotir I,...".. Lo."... OodaS. I
,. .
The fjecloe Mss 1"1"1
L.ii tat aan, j*..,., lad w.l! li.1:,..".. I..c..r Ili.throe., AID FEESS1BGII'OTA' I *
..lMad bras a werlL j .... pew Itt r...rtk will kU a, aodal al Ik. ....rw ,...... sos..... .w .......... I Yoy live from $10 to5! on a buggy bought from

.f ilireyeei. pwbl/c T ,.I.e.. $... fit Mn.T. 7 Tvom.., VittMai" II I
sbetnW e.11 e.s Rrat,
/* give' relief It will BM .MW| .,,*., ".. tl eelBg, l. wk..Jk, aBl ALL III .1I"7RII, ;,

,"tlag II. eau a4J*'t .. any >egeri a.4 friea-4. are l*,,Ud.Tfc 4-- W. R. THOMAS.
any ac* A lend tla**> rtjMntle4 *,...I.f will b* e****| f* a .... Ya f*...l,. ptempi awl .... rhtlafe. \
>. l... I* a prrw'a fro.,. people she kayos Ib.itlb I
a ry *., a rr.f ri.l.. to tb. e.ea Note. a.4U
... sleMS. ........ .
1 idiRljhl. they UI Toar 555t, iaarsbsr.Rip.r
AjIas.lmpufetI/site. to a*.4l...*. 10 a U ...., tC* aClr pierce ..., ......u....... Des Inch I M I

_0'" tka. M gla.p.tl .... W ea/.y.4. Mtakt4er. I.'....' ........,. p I,

S I".Y

.. .'..,\ ,,.\.
; I \ f I' n \ I f rl y it
A '. '4 1
f ':
i1i\ I \ \ ifII.--.P----'\ :: ""- .'.." .. -;, 1 N iri

-- -



FLORIDA) JANUARY 20 11)05) ', ,
i .., . -
------ -- .-. -. -. --. il
-_- .__-.._-_ _-.-- .----v -. ..-.-.-.--.-.----- -.- -------------- ..-- ---.- .-. ..' .- - ---- -: .. "

DO YOU GUT UP Jeps Otalodgi Ruiilana..
& COLD DAMAGED Toklo Jan. Ir Tko Japanese .heed.

WITH A XrAMlt I1ACK1KUney quarters at .11.i Chung, ilanoburlM. rlIMirtN .
hut i & e .lMiun| '''Me' foro dlatodgMaixiiii d.
+ TRUCK INTERESTS$ Trouble Mat<" You MlKmbleAlnmH fino roinimny of JtUMUn. cavil.. V"J

t northwest of WeUlwkuon' Mon. ,
--- cvwjrixxly *tn'r-*- tlir iitwU eo r>
iI'eee,' Mire to know uf the w,>"ele.Jlnl l clay ocoupi-liiK (he poaltloa aleS) oaf
It U I Estimated That Severn U _fI cares tiimlr I by Let., I lurltiK'.. Mtm hora.e lad arm An

Thousand Dollar Will bo Lott.s '" lit li4lm'r'a' "NNatnpI itlift. Jiputeiit dtahreWt rout"" I
III Rout; ttte. bid ,
great nu., 'In (lift AeJgklwrb ,
k4 -- Ill I(.1 .o)1. liver and hlaitder fore of iana od \
TIJUOKHftS WERE rnEPAnC t' ,,,""1,. or Chen-Ofcwjir. infileUAp' our f6i ouo
.., It U ii'.RTOI imxl"' "i.itle.. The J.pane..<" eiplnnsl flviofflror lip
1k e II teal' liliinifili of (liealmrtciiiith M4 men. with Ittolr I I once auda ,r 're I ,
At a Nule, and Those Who Hid .the Advantage I I oiiiur) ; ,'",.. V \

t I of' Telephone Oonnactloi dIvoowreduft.reanc ..,..11 y
.wletttiAc, re. tw+lR 1
ll Covered Their Crops During On. 11 ,by U,. KMiner! lh y'atelmipe"' at Charloitoh' 0
Ion 10 peons and Oabblg, ..: eminent kidney aol Chart..UIih, d. C.. Jan. *1.-UnltetiiaUM <' \i
Day I Madder .''I.II..t.,. and I I. wmtdrtfullyenmwafut l 'C'40' bunts, (Hull nod Trui' A NOTti OH UXCI/I.I.INCl1 I'
Tl"t cold were U upon u,, *nd U I I. In iiroinpllfywiilngbMiiel! leek minihirlkllt' IUd .rrVfQ( lu purl, Uvln stopped' ccruu'
one> of the. coldf of( the ....on. uric nrlil. mlarrh of the bladder froittllaniplon )Hoadt 'to join itu Heionnd through th;air whenever our Whiskey li spoken\ of.
The RoreruIn'alI report from tin | lla...**.. which. la the worilfiwm n".. at QuJelirn fur supplies, and Bled None know It but lo lore It. none drink It but lo l'ral'ClIt. ag(*, tnol I.
kidney lht. know ll'i good liquor.ted
of for to lute It lo
locitess and Enough you
weather bureau at Joeksontlll.>> / r t. Dr. Klliwr'e 1 5w mp.Root la not too. to IINIV a quantity of gun cotton and purity. ,
eelred' jttterdajr, stated. that Ih. torn (l1I1I11..u41..1| fur f very Hi) HI U "twllf yon' liaiklduoy ether (-xplu.kei at the forts on Hulll
would fall oon.ldr ratlj\ am liver or hhuMrr' rouble il Mill \I.t I van Island The deatroycra Ire com Just l wHirJ" l ROO( r* .fi An"lrr. n County lly*. f OA .WrA I. ,
peraluro Bart It Inulifen Tour ill Ouarta, Jt''urC"I, I:'. $ its*
tho remedy" {
found' you
,; ,tit, this would be the mod 1'Cro! < IfMnl JuM In MI mnii) Maya, In he"I'U,1| 1 mended reipertlvely, by W.Captain, P. A. 'pure 1'rrpald. , . I 1 1
Trant and Captain H CrotileyTb
cold war ,line Ito fstelreek.' / of work and In plvnl* prarllr!. an hl case that Mfixrial Hull and Trutton are four stash' l<
JUM, eosuccresfu every
Th* tarloui ototmi of truck In Hid. arraiiucincn"(, baa l reii maue by boats of boott0 tons ach and .bare. Headquarters for NORTH CAROLINA CORN.
wiilrli all rraiVcra ref thlslalicr"' j | Mlioliavc a apeed of 1 II knota,
cotton took advantiR.. of lh* .adranr<. 1"1111.III'! buvo A Minpl
lint alrcadr ) -
/ report, and' ,.".rd., wr bully onRUtd hut"l Kill( ft*" l hy stall. el.os' 1.uult tall thedip tlon I
covering and. eiherwli' protect Inii more about Hwaitiii-Kool.and, how Infliuloullfwmliawkldnry Ocala louse Wino\ Rooms Ocala Fla.
IDR ilitlr product. .tel"he-ne| unto or Madder troii Means has nutrition and In cones ,
Me. When wrlllnttnienllomtadlnicllii* leu rllallly. When. the liver
it whenthey queue ii-'mitlr.
isges could were I he tent reached lo *, with growers the mull Ktncrtniaofler'In hl'IIIIt'r\ njliK'iiul )our filll to keerele bile, the blood 1I.00\n. ..., -
f( '
that by evening A large: proportion or (Mrra d: Co, In Dr. tr8 loaded with tllloui fI'OllflII"|> the dl I. I IIuoov

the crop )had> been I"ltlfOl..t." N. V. The giitlon' biooinei Impaired' and the ABSTRACT f MLTfCiPANYE.

Wdllo the Ion will naturally. I be 11ft'.e'ent and .. .... bowel oonitlpated. lift bin* will'rectify &
v7thinfrteieagt.itdeil ol dollar .mire 'unlike are n ef* *> this | "It gives ton lo the *tom oh,.
.. an.ban
.uM 1 1 by nil goal druggists Don't liver and kidney, strengthens" time appetite .
'' III' sated owing to advariciInitruoiloui ..
Drop wai )' mistake, but remrmlx-r the name ( .poratodl'
( ,, Nu".11 tlio oroj' /Hwani|>-Uoo(, I>r. ":1"",,'* Bwesolaltout| clean and Improves the corn -
I along the Jaluoivlll and (lolf south ..ind tlio nililrvi" UlngliAiiiton, N. V., on.Tory .pleilon Infuses new life and vigor to E. VOYLE MGR.
bottle, llm. whole .,"em. fOoent a boille& '
flliU point" U proteottd which means Bold by W. M, Johnson, AUtrtct of Till.. and full Information furnished regarding land In this
e tliat. the )lUll In Hill *allon will bcomparatively _"u___._ _ --. -_.- county, Our manager ha lived lu this county thirty yean and
mall, Other ,, CITY (Is thoroughly conversant with land tlllei,
liowem, who would 'not b* reached bf

'phone, will sutTersnsierlslly' ai they .. CONDENSED '11'f! \\'.,. arnm. Out .'Orl....' HEI. "VO 2TXjEJ
wer unaware of what the condition Will turn* 1I..f. .are ,

I 1 would, be, II. '.. llevllloot Arredondo *at In A at>>loJit.t Hunt .1"11:111> how analU'iulant FIIIB, AOOIDKNT BURGLARY AND INDEMNITY 1NHUHANOR. flop,..

Among |hctor i 10 suffer( mod will tli*oily ytiterday. biwiijibt nlHint friendly... trim.liner entlng a uuinlr of prominent American and Kncllih; companies.
with ftoMv tluori"Tlirrn WAlb.QR.J.T.
b. lettuce bean and eab 0. W Hlalliiif Monlcoeha was trad
young wine
.... a aliortinnii I "COtt! tu eB-v-:3J.o: JTloarldLa:
bags The former U Just now log In the city '''lord a,. t a
erops know nmuad.tikldnr. II* Dnco boughtn
___ ____ .. _._
In Hit. helihtli' of the season, The W Kllcry: Imrls) and son, Kllery M, 1.lo"InlUl Hmignl ilucr which hemet 1"u

beans will shortly* coming'' on, and I Doris) ate In tho city from Htark"' nt n low pi" lev I IHH n""* It bed: .1.!

ai nil have Just rtaelitd' above\ tin They tee 'the guests of 1<. M. MoCor* "'*idy Kllhxl' two men. LAND TITLES:
ground nitck, ".ti Una\ Mcl"''Mor would put Ida fmttor (

'his linnet Into bit (" "'. but from 'the ..
Those trucker olio''' have been hlpl i 1) II, Morrlion of I Morrlilon, K prom war the U".rVuultt 'IMP nl blm ln ..::' i--: : ;.: ':. -. ; r. '--r- .. .

ping cauliflower unprotected( let Inrnt merchant and oltlien of thatplane I"t'tlut to put hlniKflf rntlrvly In. /1Thm. n +cal Mnddrmfflm /or the tnsnafor."
liar "JoedlCol thing (loan .!. _._. _
tut was trammeling builnen In Hill Its IICJ"0"'U" b Miilcldt, Nolhlngi --- f

lally' a* good pilen' hut been. re. ell, yeiterday | txiuld dti tvoiild) tablUh H friendly Titlo la what you pay for when you buy land; therefore
f allied While great deal of lettuce irlnlloitfcblii, tftwwii blmiiolf nnd the"
W. T. Bhandi of Otter Greek ]know what you uro buying
hai been grown/under cover for lots ".,'r.
stenilv' naval tnrri operator' ar*
shipments, large consignments olarlf ""0''"* ollglnellly. wn\ UMMrd' and 1
growth liar' been' made, with the tired In the vlty yesterday on a short 1lotrhior.huir.4.( .. it by Ink lux eume old Titles Invisible revealed to
ordinarily correctly
hit you by ,
vlilt" to family.JT.
i mult that them.. growers will not .uf. ('lull"",... atufllutf& Ul1UVilla, rnga and
tar 10 mal.I.",. Many of those, H, Crown or Hooky Tolm', a pronv Ihru\TIIIIC hcm'' lulu the wur. 1Uoilu
: however who liar gromi unprotected, Inent and luoeenful trucker nt that star: + n Jilt, torn the old clolln-a. tul The Alachua County Abstract( Company
lm lliltikliig Hint, tutu fiituiv was a ,tGalJ:1.eavl..l.J.a
i cropi aha live conilderabl protectedlettuoe place, win among those who paid II l *
L .
and U, U doubtful whether.. (Ulneivlll n vliltyeilcrday.Juitlo biininu", nt tolnjf.clay ntttl Ito. next day end time' : ,; :IF1ox'd.12.

this plant will luocumb the cold. 8. 0 Harron of Dell was In sail XrlfUlur ontlniiHl to throw Into --. --.. -- .. ... --- --- .. --- --- .
-------. the city yeiterday. Juitloe llarrou lion Hit' tlcvr nturfnl, flKiirtHi. alum tbw
IA*. M, OMAHAM, President Gao W. HTM Vlo..r,4eD',
"OU8IS STILL' OOAROE.Pamlllei of th. most 'progrenlv oltlieni of I tiger rontlmiM' .. tu UcntiMtUem.' Hut.
that Motion, owning a fin. mercantilebuilneii a* 1 1 mo |Mix.i<(1, Ito nitlmnl' Or.sl Difficulty In In connection with his other lint luMirt into JIll xvork end In the end THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK

+ Securing; !Houiei. (nttrcili, It gee up nltntfclhcr. HIM. attacks ontb
CAttNTinrii. II would' jtmt piny
:The but vldenoo that OalueivllleU Among the lateit arrlvali In Oilnei
rliff not nolli-w tJirm ntall.
with Un'iii op
"full up" li the fact that houses for vlll ere Joseph Haul and family olWlllliion oar GA 'I'NlDS: 'TJLL1D.:

living and other purpoiei ar* at Nfl. M I r. limos) li a |boilermaker "Now wna MclchlorM\ hub\ .., Ilu opctin >
i nt and hire been very tore hir*. by trade, and It sold lo be one of the \ the (Hig. door one morning, walkut TIlE ONLY OirAUTEREJ) HANK IN ALAOHUA CO

Xinager Yoylof (Ih. Abstract and most competent In this Motion, The In boldly and *l
Ileaity Company Hated" yesterday' that.. family will be gladly welcomed, by thoI'CJII on limo I iMck. It gore Ids H friendly
Capital . ; 60,000 00
look mil. piirml It took him for
serer lu the history of lalneivlll( has of (lalneivllle" who hop, they

teat will be well plcatrd.Chit. ubouu miotbcr U manikin lhr metes not worth yearn with liolhrrlna,' Melcliior QurphiH nnd Undivided Profits. 2fl,000:\ 00

\ Kohrlg, a contractor' for hard and IKWIHO 1 a* gentle ., .a kit.

and It hiss coin to a |>olnt now when wood materials' at Falrlleld& was 1m," I Doe'IC 1..lr a naakhe emmdew. wii" ,..all\l.."Ur0 .., Milk I. i1e aisle Ion.ti
It Ji ,almost impossible lo secure desirable among the visitors to this oily )...t.r.da .. i,,. ......... r..n.N.N""t Oor1\Iuoa. I. .,..,alIo."
kr aw.o II ...., A4 .who. "......,..,,septa. ,. .
rrildMioc, and many. are occu- ,. Mr ohrlg li making flnn *uo Found a Our for Indlcutlon. ,
pylngliouiei which are not at all In men uf Ills venture. having shipped" Htomaoh and I 11. t:. TAYLOR O..hl".

I me GiiamUerlaln'4 . .. .
keeping with the surrounding<< condl severe, carlnadi of' ipokciaml sums loparilra Mrer Tablet for. IndlReitlon and find -- -...-
lions In llaReratown., Md. II* litill mST.A.DLBJ.tJIJD: : laao I
"''l i have" serer teen the Ilk. for de slq','plna, having rouilftoed I aiuMd" thai they suit my 01 teller than anydyipeptla
1 have et.t
carload remeJy
maud for houses," >Ir. Toile" eald H.F.DUTTON&CO.
tried and I have many
depressions at the corner ot
MT1i people are coming, and are aiu-
', 1 am nearly flNy'oii* searsof
Writ Main and Liberty streets which
lout to remiln. Ai rriult they will
.. dral
ace and have gross -DT.Al.KUS IN-
here been fur the part few day n
rent almost, anything to keep them Iruni Indigfatlon. I ran rat alm.atsuything
.- protected from limn rather. and I source of nnnoyauft to |pedestrians.. I 1 ..n\.n now.-(lo. W. KM: Zslax3Lc3L
know of certain' famlllra of refinementwho and the public generally, hue been I nay, &flak Mill. Ala. For sate by all Sea Cotton

ar.UlnlIII vlrlualy shanks Just. "Hllvd, In, wlilah makes a big Improve.i drugglitt --)_- ._ _

1L la be heie.. \V.sent U. Thareetrommlllefnf Taylor| U ohalrman, hat which twin. u.....*... .t....n.... n.!.... Ben'lBlnnd: Cotton Seed( Bagging and Twine. Walrus
Ai an evidence, of the truthftilntii ,imrformlnK some very Root' work fur 1 nIUtI.l..r the IliA pkai .u clan Leatlior in Strips or Sldra.
t of Mr. Vnyle'. itatement' ', one nuance( ih* pass| few .t.kI. and their etT.ru worn 19" It JtfKtnimu' of Ltgb.
.li recalled where family li occupying are apprelait rank or luf, .rJVMil or twelfth "',.

auo house the piano alone being .. "' ryMV nJy Imreu* loan Hutuon ImtrCty. :MnnufaoturcrH of tho .Tnines Doug' Improved English

,' 'worth on the market double theamount THE SECTION__ IS GOOD whllo might i IN* in*r m.T yt* .omanion ry. Tun* reed sit a .nwie....1 Bon Island Cotton Gin nnd Supplied for 8nme.

< of IK. house with other fur. a. that .tiie ".,* .
Meld '
tiilare rel It .
n'lturtj lu Out, CxtJutlU" Dartiei U. Yet Partial,, to 4 FLORIDA, USA
l proporilon M t tfreiitjr-Avw, Mill *lK>wtiMr
Good Old AlacKua County, w ninny 1. . ._ _._ ,
It .....R. thai u would b R profitable, "''maor" |purl>l\ i if m..... nt Ire* r. .
Invrtlment for a number of moneyed A letter J just rteelve> from H. ).. It""" ', .if ,\u**yHlftW. 1\&k1.f Ma1MawrMI 2 *%t>llain_cl 1070
i cued, or ll,.'(.'11, 10 get I".r.. forma Uiraei, formerly of Orange llelfhti, 10,,,,, ii. Wlr Mhvrtw awl "klrte .
company and POHIUUVI M number of .let who lams "to''IJed tol IoN.i. far the '1.......... |1111() g Men tl<.H >., while
.... ..... nxumlmrfliM. tit willow 1. BE.: Dff1. wTw0xca.
ot by
hou''.. U en I Inveetmeni. These present at O* ar. Banta Ho*a eeuniy, ; .
.. ..ii4 tltmy ltWMetue and
houiet would' alwaji peel r.adflg atKCpd a riles The San at fallow i .
by cumber'd.terl .If..t plrfcixl I
arlo", and Ibis IU IMIion it.ouUrutl "Ptoaie. vend in. The Hun lo Oicar ..
t | with BWUM.. rt tv*>>ut (tll a an.'hI", d'h.". 1'1\.... ti riakhe ai I am lotam In Sinia Uia lh. Jeweta Mini lime. flowwr" :s A )< ERS

r not doilrabl* dwelling mil in iU* i>twnty. I Ilk* the euMtiiry "'ry well, _

t'11a..,. nolwllhilandiun mil a M till ".."I., and dry Of .."re. 1do To 0." a Cold .In One Day I

great many lisps been. reAvutiy. ton.ttruetrd not like this .r..Uun *. welt .. dear Tab I ...... .. ..... .
Take L\iailre }crams 4.)*I. h. r- a. > *k IN t." .H, a4 |l fw lft ..! \Ieaeel .....*. .
_.. |I4 AUehQ .Mumy. .but. .will& remain refund Ike ..- ....> .Nawn. Min* : 2.r.r.;l :! \
1 .- -. 1 -- how. Aa:! :tr .rg4U moneyIf ._....-f.*.f.uH,... *f*....rMlK Ur.rtIlTMte5 ..JSi eu..rr. V,.
.hrr. tee ied.q.lle l xrrfo4. KV (i .* .. u
anyway as | .it falli to our 'ar e alc- ---|HU PKtVK...- S
i ; Death at KanapAh ihe .* each Ui. ..,. '
I ana 'J 'grow up with eou. '" 'u'< (i ot
11. I..K.yel..e, the Infant pan .r Mr I .. -> - :'
a ['an4 Mr*. \\'. 11. Tiniley, died\ at ihi I

$ b'm i of his parent at KinapahaWedneiday \ to box of Pills ? J
buy a -- -
Money enough
I" morning of ebClI"a Infant i -

S 'turn. 'be funeral was ...111., Kani|. Then be ,thankful I It means to much to have box of Aycr's W t

;' ahl oemetery Thursday and was a'- I fills always In the house. Just one pill at bedtime now and DAILY SU3Oc .,

iM tended by a tress many filend. who I then and you ueed have no fear of biliouft attacks, aicl>headachet -

vttend ijiupithy" 'to th* parent in I Indigestion conulpttlon. Sold for tlxtv, .e.n. t.r: '

d I their' hour of bertavtmcnt.jt". 1 ...... .. .. ....";-

| q, 11ar } l m f!> 'S N ,ail 5 '. .< ......, t, '
1k A+ns'.' aAfiarrk F 1T V

I ,.-flT1:4: _


____ _. __ ___ _,__________..._.__._. .. -- 1 : ._ ___ _-s::
--- .
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.'f HAVE A SUPPER. /lla.rte. fOr the reed ...... DU tNm: : O.A Da
WILL __ _.. _
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'.IDUWS' ITEMS IM" i:i "v "H. : uf IN- l\\\ NttiI'r -

TAINTED Mount' Vernon i i1.11 I Preparing' For I mid n nf tin' .'11111.| ..*.. on it nli,uirr for. JIt. DiVKIlK U. MOHR1S

a Dig; Time' at EarlDale.' .11 I 11111. i 1'9h4" 1",11-1111' ids'nl'I.I.nIA'rIn | ,
JieKJ'fom'Au .- Im, 1"1'"'chess. I"ut'111)! It would' .DENTIST .
'; The tail meeting tf !ituiu 'ernon Involve iiimoiiin-' iMIII. Tlu< whn'

c., ia State. BLOOD lodge Nu. 90, KillAM. Cf rjfU.i( war ,,'hldl'nllll; "',,'r)' ell" f Ii a 150*. C. --. ..-

..... -""': an Interesting one. llM-a* Interesting l'Ij'hnt' 'bind'. and II I MtlnUHIK
from feveral point' (if fie*. the 'lodge '''.....11 Inn 4 HIT fniin iiiirtli and southtou'nlrl OmeeoteeMeainNa4er, e. Att work aver

blnJ .ulon .. aow/I" at Mi CllhuJ\hu., Ohio M.1, rgn3.Item. having confer ml the' Kai\In Uu hank I i..c: if net .\.i n ronull *vi'ry aaia4.J- _._.. -
four votra ago I 1\*a auftHiq of Knight" whloh II. N nod wa ,.t1".ltI \',,,, 11. 11 i te',;." IIV t in, two "*)'* :
ala itiipimorf than froru mid or flliiMMiMiiiiiii'iiiMo. Evil, fotlnwHd by ,
.. oysters IUlllut.11It'| a Kenend/ rundown < good and having. at the ton iuilun of *
I po1u& .in. the Biaic.ihlpped condition of tba eli>m 1 bad neeptUt Inv .l.Ia) ..t < "/111111.11II""t't.| \ but AtTOHNHY A1' JAW
her twing flesh and had alb the me.llUR defldnd ta Rim a enp r'hlwd.
an .luiiin" >. IIMVP I'Cn known n( Ahd Solicitor In Ivjully
% 2f M. ; pone tired fefllng lull melt me tnfetrs per In near "l liiifi-H" l>liii HituielkHl| whm Inn' -
ndlnp.. January 14. ble. 1 ltfnn the UM of t' 8. 8 and, tilt fll the memberi Hhnr, wire, ""lhtI.lth tlin \\ laid) In lulu iMMittl and Heal Estate, Conveyancing. and 0....
,ring t.rm of the' circuit court.convened alter taking aeveoorelghtbuttleem. ',11.1" awretheartii, ...ta.II. cleans back, fur nil hour. ar 'x> Ai Mttu oral Fractlot. All builne* promptly

S.' :'OJ February T.IUI.n was ruddy rtoar, It.e*!thy c>f all glow eruptions that aaur'nl and took tnethatmy on a' .U needlfi' to add' ilift' this tune' ghn llh.l|I.......itffi>r,J rvMi a iH'Iff rc.. UlllOf.attended lu. Ontev(UlNtiKVII.I.K neat minor| .'t.o.'A to HUN,

,' Hank al lakeland wise bloiHl had l>cn t*.torci| tu lie nor U,,", llko all others under the auipt Alto from the aufTcrliiK 'IndiM ,l !tlI >/ ttmiitmumi ..u-iL- jni .i-urfrr arr-.rr T.-j-imiiitai-r .
I watt comlitlun. will buplo this dull ilMtil. iuil, Mir blnIx ntuhu.phr'rty&
healthy My appetite was cea ot the Knights 0'( Fythln. I IIAYKU.ATTOKNKY
for business Jan )
on Monday, restored I could be 1 "' PKHDINAND .
t. ae eat anything put niloil
r alt.n fore rue. and aa I rtgalnru Iny appetite which was only'a lodge,, affair' 9YtyttllatOLuIsVitittftk_____ AT LAW '
evidence-, the tIncrena 'iliiweight! ', cndthat"llrrdfeel., supper .
pvoiprlty Ing" which wonted me ao much dUai given complimentary by the ofllaeN\ flstxssvsut. ..01111I..
'1.' ).lasutee. has added to Its. sub .permit, and I was only again my old avlf. gas one of the mint rnjpyable affair' -

I -hiDd' I heartily rt'<'Onnntn8., H, ft* the ever held" In lisle city, and whon U aviiie Can sell your oily property, (Im
.1\q'.' II tM'e i i Oov Spring* I* talking of or beat bluod puilfltr and tonlo made, and contra lo enteilalnlng the ladies proved and unimproved), phosphate,
ilronoly adrlM |Its t UM to all UIC..ln need
thud him
1 II; n Run olub and practice on of mats ,,, Urln.. VICTOM "n'PhIH"Cor. 4loun'"fllon sissy te depended upon irnckluR and farming for sslee,! sl/Jlr..

t I ',-, ron. Jlirthuuu tad. Washington' Ave*. for enmeshing eilri, It was unanl'* D. ft-Hit- of. what" 4#you. _uOef- .1,1t 1 T

; t j land and vicinity will harveitrgcit Wheellnr, wTv., )I..ea. looj.My mouily ilreldrd tint Knight'" M. .II.. J:.T'1)AKlili I
:. t. Irish potato crop In III hit system' war rundown stud my Joint"i Blunder I.I In imng'" the culinarydeparlment I
" Kill tcaion. ached .'lCt pssneJmeeonrlderrddy.Ihad ', which meant at the be. ATI'OIIN Kt'-AT-LA11r',

l {' ,i bar at 1'ruiicoU "harbor' U "being wee used, M B J 8.purchaiMftliottleof 14. before and knew|"and what have It ginning eomeltilng calms good: a* heI Fastest Time end Finest Service BOi.iutron m OIIANOKUY. .

id and thooheunet will be deep. UVtii > .oral UitUM and the acbra ftndpalm I I. one ot tha but In the country lu to All Points -
I t, d wlde( than ever before, ail gone, mr blond hat been cl.aeMl lists direction. I''f (lAJN 8VU.I.R. Ala.,hua. Oo, FLA*
and Renrral health built I can This supper will b* held some time. .
I baseball team at Terra Uila Onioo In Knvlel. Hlook,
II teatlfy It aa ft Mood purifier and' tonic during February probably about the North West .
Hi --
I ( --I I I I > I II I
en reorganised and will loon IUS )htbt 1t. JOIIK C. BTKIH ,

I,I;'.' i crack team In the'" field. U you hive anyyiiiHomi lolh. ._ _, .m and NorthwestThrough JHJ. II, AJ.1>ltUrAN,

e ttvcro wlndi of lait week did of dlf' Cured Lumbago.
.. ordered blood DKNTIUT I ,
a. ktderable damage lo oranges on tho write ua and our A. H, unman CMoagt'i! wrlira March 4
f. along the Indian Itlver section, phyilclan will 4,10031 ''llavlngtiern'tMiubled with Tollman Drawing loom |I...e.wMf. biKeUierA\ 't.1" ,

I ed( cine will be icarce In Jefferson S SS ftdvlMyou free lumbago at different. time* and tried to Weeping|Urmlneham is,. dilly. Naihvllle.from,Jaekeontllle KfaniChlonRo. ... O"r txitioa*O 1 >Ufck, u.....,. a

II' t? t, tfcli season Low price, have Our book on one phyilelaii after. another then dU- Ht. IxtiiU, IVniaoola. Mobile Hi>.ft.. ,tutailot W Cross sal,..14.. werk.Phos. .
t 'f ,' ouraged many who were' hopeful blood and akin ferent ointment and llnlm ., pare It and N.w Orlcant, To...
,;" diseases. sent free. up altogether.. Ho I tried once more Finest l>inlitg Car HervliMi In the -
if lleelloKcwi, U01UWH It TIHOHDKNTUT'
The Swift Bpeclfto Cempanyi Atlanta, G& and Rot a bottle uf' llillard' Snow Mn* Bouth. Elegant Frr U."Uuhllf Ohalr DN
''I \t. : M. filoeokngr| turnkey at the Uarti llnnie of |Use famoua "Uhlvago ,
I almost Inttant'
amenti whlcli pste lain and ( Untiled." He
sola police mtlon was .badly Florida turn yourtlokete .
I ed by an electric car and died I great "preparallona for the IHule Con.fereno. relief. I can cheerfully recommend It, rrlid tla I,, A N.and O"ha" &I-Of', U'11teto t..nitl. ..,....,
i Injuries. 1'I.cJ..t\n'III.." OalntitllleIt and will add my name to your Hit of For raiMicimlulf sleeping' catreierratiom ore sears'..I..f...... .. If.. Yak nit
I former luldlen.." Wo.CAj and $1 Hold apply to Qrewa.irtd. was soil nlUtoI at.laliIuAll. .
Ilion preacher urea the ..ub.n' the ell", llroUier Humphries.In by W. M. Johnion. 't Old, I'; IIMUUNd. Fla, Fan, AgtV /,,. Woes U".I\,

or on the bridge until you the matter of J. 0. Kewberry of -.---- n. fr Ale \ Hay Bt...i JiBVion-llle, Via, 011..la MUleifU. w Nr.htnle.

The man who does I I. .con* HUh Bprlogi, II bankrupt. In the fed Mr, Duke Wantidjn >tai.Kew : __ J uimamT1u.e_ J Ktrj ,.

ilghlytwlfl. eras court at J ck on,IHeTue.day. the York Jan SSM&1'
Ililon( to the Dade coonty fair hearing on till application' for till Wi-liU puke, wife of Jlrufl'". I I. |lukwan ..
I' Miami" fli40 feet will be charge bankruptoy. wee let for Feb situated at an' Vfirlco m Uroa4atreft. PATENTS FINK ,,'INFo.I.IQUOU8 A 010ARH

|. hoped the fair will not. ruary C, thla city lodjr< mi tt'Q\lllltlolI JUAN Nr.H&JUII.I'toI"t.\Of, .

I Fat the building. Tampa U mating "prepiratloul to f"t.r'aln patura liaised by tho .""ruu aulhorltlfta. __ ...........'.?) T V*V nt sleds. W. Hr H.JiK'bttmitlle, Kit,
f unNtn
the Boulheaitorn' Block Irow* M..... Duke haL bl'l' Indictedby ,. ,SAC. .>liri.!**4|, .w...4* I -
nki of the Folk county trca* IH. l..i.T, ....4iAl*H."> ""' I tI "
4 era' Aiioolallon meeting, whlih It to the grand Jury at Nacngdochea., ......1 ...nl nM r.... ......... |*I .w.N.| Faust aa..l.l\lI1- rsugh.1)on'lfall
I+ w that the Bounty' school board ..,.........,,' *.*.> ..........i ..*.-'. .>! tu rail on me when 'InOIIYSTAL JnukeonT111.
i>t and a two-mill levy li I ei- be held In that ally February 1. The TM., on the charge thai. she and CThaa, ... 1H.. iMMrt* >H.....I Hlii .e t; a ..y*e, -
| will be held In tlmOailnoof U Vaylor, set Chlcaio had made fain ",.....M '4Me.i'... t.M4 Ma.ue1N'slants .
I payoff the entire aum.uly teMlon .M OYiIY..ONra %......r i y'1..4. SALOON
r the Tampa Day llotrl.U. atalemr-nta' In an Juiinnncnt on .Ill 0' rvt*. U. a. .... FWAKMINQTON ", OM... s
} of ilernabdo hit money treniih of which a atorkhoUcT In om yv I 0. 0. i rr....Uarh.,. '-rt"'tIJIIOII""III.
M.. llughei nf Hanford cot nn isle I
and The Ilrnoktvlflei
a ury of the national haiika that plan,
tln .. Florida
boaun ( U. Calhoun Ilf that ,
"ti i to know why .It would' not dignity was Induced to vmlorte. iht) >lr noloi,
time to repair the bridge. place would not sell him any more ir I
for 110.000, d:
I Inl\tt'I"-
k crates ant .rni.H| hlmielf with a 1'1.- I\.a ) | Doutiutta) I.IcilloN
taker" ion of lllehard Orn I
.... _
-- -- --- he .
lot to set '...PIZ'. llughei thnt at -- r tend( Ylnt' en ( ClI&,
died from
I Ipammany fame, In* Calhoun and Mt ft grocery store two . -. -- .-
eelved In an a'Ho' accident at -
X.'lo" Btanley was alio blpoka away whereupon Oalhoun took
L You
tilt trusty Winchester, and _comnsehord,
a sonic fancy ilmtUIng, lie II nUII"II ihiplilol
M 1C. church at ill. Augui from Hughe band and then Get

"I'' a $3.1R>debt, but on Hunday commenced tothnnt thmlropi uf per* Up. THERBUGGIES l

.. J. \V. Powell. the debt lifter iplratlnn' that, ,fell from Hughei' brow,, In tlic tito'rnliitf tlr ,1.l Jan ulll( .
rtvmlul In railing the entire who' In turn elirttd lo run and landedIn frequently.ili, It ., Ilurlnrhethat -

a refrigerator car where tie) tat almost' tinlx II+titbit.: \'""

I )ntllle It all attrred" up over Ihe down so fool aft and await tit. ftb.t0< have licrtl IUTVOH' *. .,all,aa niulalcc Carload of f !

Kolcgun In IhUott,. U,. >'hmo Ita.M..I Ihe 'leaden hall itorm. "ltl'tt1l| night ahl( I' night' anti

leader of the mtfttlngiMy. '-'- -- clooin: >* anil IrrnthoUay ,II ,Ia during. .
pleas you love your brother '0'1 BAD DEATH AT MIOANO.Mra. .''(. Tlilt.rr > "'. 'Jhaul" r J_

iaChrliilan." -- lion' ofTecia tho hcai I lungs And

Mau.te.111TeTJournat' of lira W. H. BanJera Panel Away other orj'ana that d i, ITIIU upon

| awn eay* : "Ihe city I I. making i Mil Belle" Chilly Quite III.I tie( flfffor in. ,' I ivc |Hiwcr. Just Arrived and They Are Beauties.Wu .

.. I The *ad newt of the' death, of' Mn, Tlifit the nlomarli Una.. lo digoat I
ILDaY W. II. tUMerat-f lioanopy' ( on Tuea* the food I the
WILL POSlflVE. day eveiUnK, January 31th, JI()). was (a weak, anal dr 'uiiiU, >n INN),. buy in cur lot; do other tlonlorH this tW '

BB DIl. GOLDSTEIN'S reeelrml In this ally Wedneiday mornIng uiul the kldnryf Iwl< liver 'lit-

LAST DAY IN Hhf had been ilok racy a stud nctlvc. tUiu f HtippfHo) you nnk' thoiu.

I time, |h| eauinuf her passing away What )ou ntctl IM I not a itomnch -
OATNESVILLE'11RE lelnf typhoid, pneumonia' J). ...td head, kidney) c'I> liver rued lIclne L J I Lll.'l'u --

J wai One of the old and 'highly\ re.peet< but Dr. AI.tI,.. Vervlnc lo

/ AND WILL REMAIN UN. ed reildentaof that' stubs antS her root ho And feed ili<' nerve and

riL THE tZQTH-BXAMINATION, death ha* caused. mu-h:- Borrow and r.. titilld nerve<< tlmticrMn buy in largo] fiuuntilim mean8' to buyCllt't)1)
CONSULTATION f REE.I. .r.'. the was the mother of Mr. W.C.John.nn '")1, wire ws.t e5'. i ,.. '"""". n.".'
NP .. and I.a.Iwo other ehll tal .( rl'.Mi t....H .\ In. "....-.. ; to buy hi cur lots ineiiiH u Having ot
- 1.OMP11iMM ""I rep/ euna.nlrMl
dren besides l hr eorrowlng husband to .a. fit? nt a I1"..M4d.twit about )H 00 to thu buggy. on frolght, imukhi, utr.
I r, (I. ioUliteln of IxJHlitllle. who .. ...I'fa .tM-.M4 an.MI .,.
ell known !., the people of tlaln***i mourn Ii" laV'. hat no pa, rile* (hid I".r er.r ..r;. ,,1IMIJ4
...... .,
.. ... It d. r I "'
and lflnlly.. has arrltrd in the ulartfttliaud regarding funeral (10 "a1.a bftunt eterr durrlhw. k( ,........ U. 11..D. I 1
and will fro 1 Inei eI at this (llrotm( Ml.. Ilille Chluy of ,.aleaM,.,. *'*. U.. .*..."..... tli>U'... i'er pr.y'e "
i. IVrlorf the t>ai".n"" ..f the |>r>*. .,,n ens ft,.::5 a ..I., .'"
week |ll> Will' 111 glea... tO the tar of tke Chilly brother' of this pity I. .p./n.,.....,..* .n O 111*.' MftiifI"Mini... IH Ihoro any wonder that wo mil HO much
> of ||MM. ft ho sent then oTf( rlpg from serious' attack .,,. Jr.s/' .'..,1' i .l HMmilxl;; j jlH.r.lw. c iuril't'r than our coinpctllorH! Wu )him* luggl't4nt ,

.lmlae 'In the ,.... Nile has the iympa.thy ass....,. ; I .......,,.ba I
of her many kind "'..nd. In heiaftlleilon. Ku.trr<( ," I
nMP.wr. and fh. .'* t.... i
.. ,,.... ..t......... "' t ML.l.rr.mr I I '
.d She I hiif seal
A rteaiant. 1'irlf., In 1"H.lti .... "t.l % I
J. I* wr UllUitJIKJi *rM... ttt.
Mill. files Yetetft Pajama, the Dr. MISu' r//wtns ...d lit sews $45 $50
harming daughter' of flee and )1,.. wM, well .....4...*. tat KlU :
.. #li
"nlitS't wtll |.....,>< I ifr is f. .. M .
.. 1111 made the *ti/f" of opti.i a 8. II. JtOt'''. tntertalfted' a number of ,", _r ,
tall,. anti anyuae tnI/etd, o' gtaii, .1 1 her l'P" friend on the Meat: .Ion..' Mllea Jhdlcal'.o.. LiUiarU: Ind I.
"+ do better {hilts give t turn a
rantiut I
Farent of ea114ea whns..leeIn : tk*dlghtb year .f ber adrent late thliwfld L ..___ ___
I '
affteted should take '''fI4-.d., "t.,,...,,. The.
&rift way Uolditela an4 hate 'h.mI"t. wr a number ofa.. young tHNipleprMnt. THEPRESSING 11A1)IEitiIUX) : I a

TO* meek tare eaanat t.. and all wit* ali.0414 report a $55 w, $ 60

__the n lnVrtkolar.pa\ 1*. partnl. a*may any n lead gl *ft tot ""pal dtllgVtfil afiernuo at Ik* con CLUB ;

..r>\ \tJ.*<|.*...... la .".,., moisten pt'wkleh. they d*>i4rlH. wi.h.inp Ill W..U.'a'"'' irt
If tlV > of ,a.. child tietdt ; Ike little hot',e many .h.rry reInto ,
t she \ \ can Jturmli.e ..ea4Jc.a. .r th day.Epwerlh -- r 1 II 11 T .. j J ,4
... auite a* wire' Ui IH* ALTEBIIC HEPIIRJJC, ML1XC, CLUI.
.. ,.
*t art Co pre ate and .M"a>* tb Leigwe tle.4e1.
I till," Tfc fketor lass Urea I"., IIG AID FBESS1KG I

iifaction rte ......N for h many>w .>worth year. |a4 K?. taiir w.. til The ckarch tl,w wl.itk|. hoW.Uag>4Y ........ You save from SID to'$15 on a buggy bought from

"f tbe pabM TV** ...I".rI..U h.ns.01 M"I T. f TN"' .'. Wet Main. .. I

eye *tM rvlitf.U eall will>. hint ItMHeI, and sows .... U ti .f..1.'. t. wbkli. all ALl" trtJ/K Of ./t,1 A7h'lat. :
darsY give: it .
t ftvytatag. II* eaa adult to ftnyi L js.ra sad .* ....i any aa> A gaud glftM rlgat* 1be will t.. |....., In ft *\*.. .ale reed .. ,ro.'" as'd (wad .4
J.'It4 to a ,Isa.ST to s p.r.ruarstlleg a., ."rotI.eet...... aa4illea ..,... r runt Hl>l I. wise) fcato** IkeirbiMiuM \
.. 1.1
III afford *. Y&Jf r *' iy rncwUtrikipr
:"ltCHI"aif A glaM. they l.n.,*>rfrctly. ft4werte ....... l. *.ld lat ttv) avail |U.# wofk 1oOI..1..... <>M trial,

.i taaacwr wail "t.'"". mslroe ytxi a frg..lir cwttvoker.



_. ., \ _h, ,'.. l ', I ,.'\1,.. i .., J", .- ,r. .r. I .
) 1\ I' w
""' -Jr.\'JI! '.. L,1 Ih .,'1'it "Tl

--- -- -

+ I r 4i' la
I 1

:W.(} 1905p )
I: THE .._ ... .. ---- --. _. ;:- =- .'.-.:- :---- -:--
.. ---- --- .. -- --.. .- --
.. -- .. -' .. --. ----------- -- -- .--.-. -------- -
'. ---- -- -
c: foree waiter, boNUI. PATENTS TO GULP COAST IhVENTOnS. .
A" ri 11ebt" u a great L LAn

t11c! gt.lt tr' 01'debt few men without or women worrying can .be.or.heave t..lnR.11'In .ls ore Aw1iJll1Ca&?

The following rll'' were recent),
anxious If you are *o d."IlnYOI'td run IrxlloaUotui of n mo form of .otoroaeb
omeII. II o.IU.. Y.., that It. li lmpo I ilbli. lo cxtrUate Jour- Issued to the Quit) Coast client, ai rt- ti bill! ).'. bUlmiracm% or n lnwl liver. 21(4
1lalered It lie the.oooltA..1u p""all .UUIIII".', telf without goleit ihrotigh banktupK,. ported by I). HeIR A Co., patent la, 1\: ') I. to' (.r.aho you. Don't rtftk l... imu ubm ul).

t .. .- OPOtl. yen, Wellington, I). 0., who will fuinlih u".. d .... +h.t..I'.luluo-1Mb&UotLw:
-- bluer
then lake' I .
II. NoC11/1AllY.YAltor.adtebltl.er. and tart again, no matter who oriJ. complete. poplri of any of thei ,4 I. ; I 1I ,
1'ayfourdetIn to rfideri of The Hun for tn Hull p H a RN ,
IA.. tlunl. .. CUr IMU r.urnom |lelt4ordfeouaa.aloft.
... -..- full a'M'rward' when, you arab .. copy i
------ I
If y nil T.-8.m O. Anderson, Wheewrlghl hat nil tiiolr vlrUK*.-nono of tholrikKully
all rltalltyeapperey
I'Cn T Y.1111LOCN. UM rid of
W.M" AMaeat.I. Trt...nCl"/.... unfortunate step, i'fl. horse detacher wrench .nd c rffootn. IIRKUINE taken.
1 to' have liken" an will forwuil lic eWbra.piii:
.. regularly "
--- I harnei ,attachment (I. W. Ilulche .
--- .d.A i
bilb.d.teiII ... trace It If ynu un. If you Plato nu th01U oetltoorRamittlwrtncteo \dh
Taeltelr.f, toW p .sntrrl.Ih.M.t JM ". mlilake, remedy ."It "* far at It U In tan Antonia, (Ore hlUI j Luella M.' I/owi ; lion, ItoAU tiff LUlouinet, hCOAC1acllC'fl,
n,'Yoi'd... dtlh"f'4' W Canidlauenotlf.. disk !t. J. )Man Ills in gooU health.
....U.0.Ins psrllf u.UMu'l Hi>'...v.. I your power tti do iO| bnt when |au I I Jlror Lecji you
,MtffMt'a fUrl II ao $1.l nonihii" 1 II 1.. i ita tare done your bell, let the thing drfoietcr burger, UIII110 bin (I. II, Nlehol, TRY IT TO-DAY. '
,.. nor th,i .i M e" to fort, ...!>. l>u not drag II. .hlt.lon (Ualveilon iloe lace John A. NelioiXoundroek. floe av DottU, All Dni..Ut4.
MriMly IB 4t.rx along with you. tfvrer allow nh hII ., in.,ct.de.lroyer ; (Uttan

tlasdln. nottaatNbell--" .(1"' .... 10 rant IIN dead and thould b" burled to "ke..., I'allvdliio, ill 1 r..o, chimney.riorlda .

\ +, 'M lint lnM f(,,,...Ml ft renW for...*i at'.1&J bobbing. up and dialnlngolf your IIcapital -T. W. Uoyle, Jaokionvll"| ., ForSalo by JohnROit Bros, GainoavllloFaySlioles
..II.'UII,. cotton and corn culllratorj I It. n.
vain !
In regrets:
I idles ter dh4ljsy i4V IIWelr. made knoelt .' -. -- .. Trammel, Lakeland, oar coupling -
% e0 .rtlt.UII", -- .. ., I!:" 'li".4." ._ I
| ..--. .-----..-- Senator Oookrell, at the cud of .thlr... 1' MlMlMlppI Q. Mytlog" Merldet ..t..tJ.ov

The Sr .Ma..i Neck. run U a >Miererr ... U leaving the f4tnU.i fI plu.I,. enable M 15. Tyne, (1101I 1
"r'ou"""" l>#i>*,. I'lUp..bf'4 >'< yeara'eortlon ,,. embroidering attachment for ieIng ....
d$7 sad .11111..hY. .114 ootl'.I" .u Isew. ,. lih not only a record for ''al.lmall'
I' machine '
of the wff.ti, lofki, Ute and n .. nip but. also one of' unblemished bon.
enl t. ,i>4 alp b* tnftlltd. ,anus fr... lo tn, or ThliU a itilklng contrast "UIt AI..I1II.-U... L. Tuttle, Bhortei
earl It' the "lIfl4 Mates 0'Caasda to''1fasrrle Mr. Keldrlnghaui, whom the,, penile. trolley i 1'. U. Cobb Huntivlll, fll'! .
iAtsna. Mary seems to dente more, ,bl.h.U. Thetooretot the South') wonderftgrowth "
AU edtetll.tlu. bills t>'e'>n>e h. 'U' "ft' Benale.' _._ _
IN' ..A.O' sdreruMla.n6.Nasoth/aNl.. __. .. ..-. .._J and development He ,In ahe .
.ettullla/.d! If.U"," "IIM Dct' kaoa.to '0 About |l6,(>WOOObai been spent on fact that hr eltlKeni have au originalIty uf r AtK.MMYMiuiinTiin : :
.IU l>. r4.lff>4 to r" lor $4lv.nl..liif In, .4. I mhway under ,tli* downMOwn' itrce'of ot mind and are capable of adaplIng ,. I -
faces. A 44,. TtlnlJAilYNUN.Iluaartll IIIHT:
..,'..., Ohloago, and It li' now propoie 10 It to meet new condition I

!._ .. .. - pend. at much more In vitenilon ot the moil useful) Invention ,6onl'j MACIIIM: ON 1111: MAIIKITI :
--- -- undo possible Intcotrlfl I b, by. the, PatenOffice' last week ...ere
The New York rnllllonalrri are loll. rim subways, now HUH Tabulator)
power, art proving even anore I from 1'Jorlda clllceni ai the forcgolnaVundantly nrmOARD I -ON -
Ingly inodfit whet 'the (as ,Iunor I UM11RSAL",
'. oomu around. I+pnlar In the Unit than the elevalt" "' provei Every Machine.Mghteit .
-- .'- .
.. roads, -- -- -
-- --
--.. .--- The great mistake' the Our ot line.

Uncle Ham U now awarding<< contrici J. 1). )llockofellr talked lo his| ion', sea 11111.1011. not turning Kngllihllo < Shift& Llgbleit' Ilunnlngl The

w for earrylnK mall) 'lo the elcocltrla toad JIlL)., cU i In' New York on Hunda:" could then tubiorlbo to our peperi, Champion Speed Writers of the World

where poiillde. of "Diet.) 1I. dt-< him how higovernment.
II -Of on the subject which would tell to run u.. the Kay Bholc) More Fay>8hole. In
lived too fast and all
lafed American .
The 1'hnldelph mint turned noOT 100 much The oil king. ,mlgh't, h iranipoicd -_--- .... In (Ulneirlll than any other machine,

r7COOXKgnlJooln. lilt liar. IUd) fits Idea I and suds "A me x.rItul..all'.Oo'ttIlO'Tim Woodruff .

you get yourtliaret cant eat too fait and llv* too mueh" of New, York 1i a candidate foliialrlmonjrai '

I -, --.--_-- there ....m. (0 be noth For Salo by. .

John l,, Bulllran I. dell".I" a The arbitration treaty between dlt InK else for which.) he can run fuel' TUB SUN Gainesville Fla.

course or Ifoturraon the fun he had United Hlatei and the, following ooui now. _j. .... ,

/. pending' $1,000,000 tics has been mule publlo" by. order elf -- -- 'I
-.1 L r f UJ I
I The 1'arlt doctor who has dl. o".d
(IreiIrllaln ,
: There' were' 19,931 ootnmerolal fall Ihe B.nal.ln.lfculI", I'ortUgal, 1'rance session, 8"ur.i Ib.tklsslnaprotnoles digestion nee ___ _._...-- '_ ._ .-. .. __ _u. __ _.. .--_--_1

t a"I..,)'..,. Dnforlunnteljr, there I. and( Germany" Italy and Spain.Congre (not eipcot liny rakeol! from the pill. r

thn. maker" after' this,
' no record of aucocnifa -- '
-.---. .. -
ili sting very wisely, In II. -- -W .
We will tell you more about wha tnorilio "legislate for tho abolition ot A 'UMI" 'p..h.cim'C' ,1 I

Moody .liaa. done to the bur trill, he rebate. lyitem among the rallrondiml .. -.U i) n rllllh'l' e1 1t4'4h "I.t I

when wo rte the "price coming down, t It would also .be. entitled' to prali. : nluht UIrKd<<'('I"tN' that ho could ,
__.. _._ h.'_ hut live without nto, and asked mo tc
--- If Fit devUei IIIIiito. enable ui 10 i v
la his vrlfo. (]lndye-lu a ringingOrayre
I. r Tom Lawson Mid that lit once pre. ...napehe' Pullman car porter. :I II lI1Ceb "bt >-Ye i and If you .

. tented Usa AddleVi from oommltllniulelde. ---.- (don't belter It, tliero'n. the rtDII.'ItI.| ,f 1

\ nl' now ttallin "tile' mil. Agitation, With those who bit I burg' 1'ont. > ", ,

ft, F ..... 'kings all ihelrown way that, !I. not .. co...__. _h_ ___._0" _' 1 ..
w..wrr iopular word. They want to .be. !It, .
inb... ...11I ,"VI'IIT'B'SCream
: I'romotrri of .the hlp> ldy .Ion.. Agitation a wakeni thought anincoveri

are now (calling the iut\enllon! Whf; thlngi' That U what the, ,

t not go A little further aiTD call It dish ou't want VermifugeTHE JOS ZAPF Jacksonville Flat

\' r ",'',,." -. -, -.. --'-

making-= --fun of New (Jovcrnor Tennypaoker'a real objeo GUmilCED Wholosnlo Whiskies, Imported Liquors, Alo, Stout
Chicago U again
1'Ii.' Ion to newipaperi. In general seems 10 and Domeitlo Wine and
"ok.'IUIt" the former can lit,. i af and (linger Ale Imported J
r ">o that alHhe cartoons oiltlvely flat, WORMREMEDY Mineral' \ at
large<< charity ball without A Lug .? \
f ler him-In| looki. If they' were II

I,j' mend iical.Yheti .. -- UKI.1 ho U, they would stop Ihe 1 Anhewser-Iwsch Beers DrawAsDraught and Bottled! ;

. > Uo-; ; Adami of' C01en.ln l( I"U., __......,,-,.,. TT__-=-_-= L,; ; Till! lll.l'i: Ultllln: FAt'HT' ,

took hit "oath ot uNoe", It thouuhl' lovernor Folk' or Mliiourl had 1 bet,. nuiMuiHit: : KINO or IIUTTI.V.D; : IIIIHH.: : .
that 1;loTtrnor l>aUHjr| silo did! THE: CHILOAN'SrAVonITF) 70MIC.IW J.
I.r keep hli eya on hit llepublloai .It&tp.N.. Absolute tatlifaotlon guaranteed or money cheerfully refunded.

-r ome "iwearlng.--_-_.-_ leglilature. It U reported that thou TMt *tMWiMC* I II rntr l ,.l. .ntf ..VJollord Write for price Hit.HAVR .
r ind.dollar btlli arc getting 'CIf'r'C1I.lUu' ;, Liniment CO.
)'.nl"1 U hating much prosper. -Sno>v MON1 1' OUDKIUKO OOODS>;> TltOM JOfllU'lI! : 7.\l'V. .
around there" .T, bouiei, MO.
fly that ehe U beginning to bother. .hnrself .
--- -., -.
IVr Halo W. )I. JbnM.
and tnlU) that uthegovernmvnli
about luoki have. The rhllidelphla' authorlllea aiiking --.- .. ...

elepi to prevent R.mt.lInJt-n.
r I ..rpt poker" and roulette Title leave MENAND'INOMEiI.lips SEA-BOA-ED
We liavo been advlxsl that Attorney' I'r
''ho' itock market a clear monopoly o' ,., .. .
Oenrral Moody U of the ojlnlon Dial ,1 (ll* t kl v Mlf4>
... I
'lie a.mhllnllllu.ln. / / 4el NNN.W.N.NS Air Line Railway ..
road t<0 11N,1
he baa the .beef. trust on th* ------. Mill*
..---- ?UI1LUCgItEAti. p. p, '+ wxNaMlblune ." .I
iiN ilaughter.. house .
4 _.---p- Ten per cent ot the llepublkatt eon I '. Ir f .Id* kr' note/Hh* FOR. I
--- --- .
Iota are charged with grilling"' atxey '
Wall itreetU complaining that while WI I /1Iui.l.ls ''S... ,
''' are unable aa far to vtonerat I.' ...NM. savannah Columbia Camden Southern
Tom LawioudlJ$ not give ,
'''fin..''... ... .
--- --
frlghtrnrd. the "UmU" away. ..--.....- Raloigh Richmond Wash- :
... ,
which was tnueh wor Plio Florida
I ; ....... The gofernor of New York says htIe ( *
i there to enforce Iha Jam' ,and not t<1t 0 ington, Baltimore .j

Now that, Tolrtlun has t'otll"f'I'. them ailde. We thought. quliUTerently < ?t'raltand Truck) Grower York
the matkvt" with frenilfd flnanc lit1vraUre N.ew .
11 complaint U made brcauie het'II"UI".d .T,.... .msssssssThe I-J. mtJMUJJltor: cud l'rop'r, L .,
the price up a little railroads do not Care who Intro' f. .

..... -.-- "ueei the bill, 10 'long aa iholrattoreyi ur.'u.I"U, 'Three Elegant TrnlnS Dnlly.3e'a"board :

Another' bulled took broker has. drcldrd .. write them. .. (Ine. 11 tar. ,...... ....... ...I.noNI.clt' .
to follow Tom awivn'a i ample -- -
--- "rlflt..
I. and drop Amalgamatetl' copper and! Oeefneia Cannot b. Cured Florida Limited.Seaboard .' .

take up Amalgamated' ; literature.. Ity local' ftpplloMloni, a* they cannot .
.. .ash the diseased portion of the ear. A handsomely Itha""af'4uadDi I .,

The itage U going tn lose aoothei ber I la only' one way to cur, deaf eenid .hul"H| Mp+oUUy to the Inttre.te 0'Uut Express.Seaboard .
tine of' lit brilliant, U hU. John L. that U by couitlUillonat nrmcdleirifnri fruit an4 Treatable grower* of

;,\ Qltlvan announce thai ly* wljl gl:'?0 .It. U cauied by an I inflam.doam. .lorhla.

up and lake to the.1Mtnrlplatform I Itlou of the mucous lining, of thtuilaohlan .\ pe. ..ia1 trial eaborlrtlon of lit Mail. .
1 ---... -."- Tub. When tits tub II wnlhs will be cent on r, .'lpt of 25nU.
.. .
e- BtampatakH -- --
U !II feared that It tit* grand Jury iflamed you have a rumbling found .

; k continue to (Indlot United tflatei II r Imperfect hearing. and whn it liitlreiy --

atop they will bo nuuterou4..uh le el,.*ed, dealneie' U the ie'uli. MOD I ERN PULLMAN EQUIPMENT

atari party ot their 'wi 1. and "runBetralfrUkyOoiigrMt id unlace. the" Inflantmatlou can' .IM t1
.. 80AII0.\&U rLonilU I.1Mltm> le a .oiut MtitaM" "tein' .
.. Uiruial
restored to
'hi". ____ uk..i out and tbU tub
led esemeirely 0' new fullmta fqllll'ftM'.e-I..I.. .. Oar. Double. nfl.'DJI'' ,
WHAtltton, hearing will I I.-S. Itenm W...p7, $Iat.nlone.nd Ol..a"oft O.,.-< +r.UIII l'''WHtl ft& Au
>en are g.t.tinglbemlclreelnt.rvhw .
toyed for+ver. Nine' e*... out of tea. nocuaraa... ..I...oncrc......' f e. -_"" *1M nine a \ ..k A. tlll... ao N.w lurk "U \f1.blltl'CHI. '.uIDI8&. AUlutU
d HI wiiiohthey I
t ,,r. M **) by catarrh, which' U nott -.1. .. ., .. .- .-- '-' ,.10 p. m. abd JaeltONtllto i :ludilly nw>r t*..da;..
... .. ...
dlteUM what they an* going to .''.Ii.! '" A'L coun."
1\1. but .a Indanlyd) ca.dltkkt of tinNU JIo,... l' ,.,ritt "M'I ,."' '' Ihao,00c'1 \
do. They lud betlerCannon Iff .Uuei. Jul ,.. ...+,..i.... Lino r
I." < "* egtfle.e.11V .. .....hntllt fir'ass Only Operating
about "It tint. w' .I r..1. ,
hundred dollar tot ,.., ,
--..-.-.---"..--......it I ar-'t ,-
t China has bred having pace fr ten ..'tM' iuH" ian"'M ... Itching for a llttUtroubl ( (*"'fI. Band fee rireuUr*,. For full laformatk'o s.d.1..P.r rreettntton4 can uaKt'e' Rretload or
yean and U DOW ...... t r J ( siaeewtr AT.I.do.Ocold wrh. A O. MuIKHCI1L1., .. IJOYUTOf Jut
*. tale can Jutt keenquleluntil t" &J] i 7. AwL ( ...,. J"-., .......1. J-aNacer Ag.nt
1 t Japan n..b.hh', Ituitia,.lh, 'like ttaiP.ai'al.tl7. ,\ I'illi for eomU.1'lUua ; FLORIDA '

Mil) r'*' ate properatieutlosx .


," .."':'" ...."... ..,1/, tt t&Ir& te. ? xi y j ,
r t


: ,...



_. ._ _... _. ___. .. ........ _._ .. _._ ... __u J ........... .
--- --- -- ------ -- - -


,l a ,d> ffator of Mlcinony CKpecll J 1ft A Few Falls 'F
Soon Cngage 'In New CnterprUe.-' :fl If or ''' I p
It ,le a noUtabi. a
Ahlotl the prominent out-ebtowll ,
ber of winter '
elks who tilled Ualneivlie( ,..''enla, F
: TIM: ereasing.werr ,M' |
w..l II Prater, mayor of >Canopy : that U, vUlble to l
Mud an all-ruund energetic u.h.| ...
nnd -
STOMACH, almost dally Inquiry ( ,- malt
mm of that progre*.lv. town. UU\\I.t4.\ : vUllon regarding I
: Mr 1'rator hat been fur inmo time theBlatn.Them .
IilllFt1'h.T11n licf'1 liolhs
J peratlng a grin mill of Rood cipiclty are many | an/
In' >Mleanopy, which has born I great
Inventor of the famous "TIUt.UleU. In the' North who |
convenience to the cood people of HintMellon. ftOUAI'*," n luan knuwn whereape their large farmi ."
II* his been making A good plows are loM and used" sale I homes In th. nn", # : <
thing financially, out of this venture tired of thin tfdloul
I ) ) poll tho ohoneat
lint drclJrd to URalIn 'ho .. ) ;
recently 'I Ian M MOM.KY IJCMON them for about\ .,\' '
manufacture of lumber with the remit Willful far M tel' II ream ta mrI ] )' for tuft inoh-
thai he will soon eitabtlih a law ..., for the *-*....... .i.r aid KMlilt In the yrarjind ., t4Yl 1 ari7twft. < Jffyi1.
II.,.. end And II at the Neal rwlleIeu. I41te whern thy ran .n,"
mill of about 10,000 feet capacity. per et...\tM'4. ..., a Mire ..... not have tu poke In }'lh"ltlf1! n if//
day, from whloli lie will at least Mil$*. t"Dtt fur Vela I la the M.x lit .et.1erthe warm.Many. //,
I fy the local tUmindllcanftpy bouUm. t Mae nauWUNaa.A U Inesmmam.e of these .
--j. ... h..r wakwes. ahem
> \ & country le growing ... about the price of
and HDkWe to work a.A U bee aF t
t ." ipldly, which ltd Mr. rraior to "were ir1" "ltH'. 1, solution that ,tu' manufacture TKUHIil.L IVe. id ttl Ail'nu I tow acrri on which Ih..
S ber would prove prolllable. lieu Co A"-II\a. elvei a few hours "' \ IH whon) tho
| ntly ordered allant. and a* broom .
t until nil it I
It beoamo known h',e ercurtd, UOZLEY'S LEMON ELIXIR would be unhappy )

ant of",1.rs 'In advance to keep Thele men would (' J ) lonvlim. Muti!
----- -- ----
kuiy forioveral' weeki. '
for the winter at
I .- over the. shoulder of hU bride mid compiled ,, ,
ter would bto '
A Golor.d MarrUge* with the Jlld.,,'. request to ia- denti, when. they .
Honor Judge Maion, Judge of lute, li la to be hoped that 'hn will faot that a summer '
has find Use journey over the matrimonial'
oourt experienced
iownly aa a winter lint i
nil tunes ideally, but ooca sea tine of ('contentment with no of
who do not know of I ; oonvlneo, you
I, some wooing couple will give squalls tn Interrupt Mi .happlnrii and and about ( .

I linen In the form of a marriage hung him on the night'. I. .watoli. county I became ( h\VPAUJnw-O\u'

-and ,ollltlnn"e I li requeit In the way of ,'.
? >erform the ceremony whloh do.a Polnlir Dog )l |ll. rolling, let a ) abortion
w.n. )lol\lI"tr'ld' the mlt.foriunoof
mutual undemanding be
have real .I..ln ,
and woman for life- losing hU line pointer' dog, I
I 1f a mm for sale, get up a
i Queen, whlih was stolen or strayedfrom Tomorrow
: meant that the genlat Judge at occupy a portion of '
Ml. home NVvdntiday night. The ,
akvi euRlelent fee to insure newipaperi for )
6? and soul toRelher.lattit animal which la a whltn and liver
bodv them lu different
? ,ceremony, lobcrtrformrdge color with liver ears, li very fin... coil. North where they ,
Maiou was that of Klrln lug original' tl,?:1 M a puppy. Nat are antluui to .

ion and Mollle Hall of Jonc orally the owner U very anxious aJ3 to our ,"
. who cam to the city Wednesday stool the dog the mysterious dliappraranie" of people who will be SeeOs..

r l he express purpose of Joining L .. __ .__ .. -. community. .
fates and\ '* urlnl a legal permit 1'tlnter'i Ink will .
f ice their ihoci and oilier clothing WA8HINQ WITHOUT WATER properly used

ir, te 1.1" Tr.l.B t.-u.. IIMDU .r .....,.. So Comp'y;
idlideplioa' where 'If gill mar 11'lls.sl ...t.,...... Do Not 'p
*,' queried the protective! groom, When ul..u a
you aver He any one ...'1..' .. ,
1 plaoed hit black head through amen. 'htm..I lve. wiiliout 1"1' or upprrM It, but
+ iraok, of the door. "N water/ cough U only a Florida,
If you dl l what would' you say t
I, ho' am," repjlttl the Judge Mint rate, and that ,
i an Idea that there would be tome It I* ,r rr bit a. r<* IUh (0 try to f.t should cure then
r tad' of Dandruff and a doing In the matrimonial line *** ty r.*dlne the terms whloli reuse of Ilielf The
' this assuranestEeouupl.entered, It. with Cnntht rtd.. 1'a..tln.UylyN coughing 'U a o
I and elmtUr .utrlane4s which form Slrtat.
the of the Judge: ee* In
pretence promptly njpprri
the t>rlnrl|<"t Imredltiite of moat eo.
I the lloente. and were subjected caned lair Vigor, preparation )
ceremony which provided that Newbra'a Ili>rt>t ratt. II .lla.k* and VIIU ilia parailllev '
I jle was to do all the washing, keeplimtdeupand .rtn which f..4a on th* hair rme. hut they do not e aUratla.'J.
. perform other It I. ha erlalnal and only .,nMlnee twrlaln'a. Cough) "V

4 hold duties, while her husband "alr' erermlHda Ur lMM. Ite. In hand does not .
I ['h"ll1lnllor. living elampa for .m"lo l l 0 Th. llerplrld CH rallevea It by
tarried life U ho' .sweet" re. SHtrolt, Mich. throat and 'lungs & GO.
(V lid the groom, ai he leaned gently J. N. llodlferd & (... Hrerlal AgtntaG. itrueted the .. '

: -I lice Irritation! and
i I -- -- - --- ---- ----- "
I Italioopena the .
tuaU and "....
ae ".U.. the "
r druggltle. Groceries

W. HYDE How ''he F". ,

II. 15. Itenion ( %
"..OI1I11.n who hat !
r In hll ell for
r neat ,
who la known

rt "'J.'nE BIG STOKE." for Whll'alltln.the cold' map \ other Tri4loe.,

t ... --_. lemen at the oorn
.. and, I.ll>erly streets
coming cold map, ) ; Meal I I. Cotton Mad Meal'
\ .
_oc... at the LOW.
i &IOld., and colder > I ...." alas,
ona expressed ,
ruplly explained i
"I know Iht '... Line
Borne d-n 'Yank,

I open.This"reason was I /

; L'DRYGOODS. tnr,. and Mr. ] Via
til \.. A. I N *>O ,
t W cst !
I erne and J eiplaln. 1 : : I taaatahlaUM C ; !M

tongue was split.a1f1

\ In
i Nothing ii more I I Wo,
tnrdlelna, whUh .
Arjriv* From
tents for a blond : ..J
Full .
Line of Ladies'and such so Ir. K..."' .. ,lhlOl"(

They sre dual what .-. ,J>ally .
"ellt..h Atalldroggltie.and liver \ ; aad liiOproItftOpm,

I ." Pour .
: ;; .., .

Gentlemen'sS'HOES. R. it. Pally
<*Ba* -
{ ; : 'UD.. Ir16pt;;

n orta1 I /#. \We.i Dallyhtflap_

t! ; '
H (JAIXl 1'lL1, : i -r" Daily

-. .. ..

Funeral ) ( I 1g.,.'

t oeyl'andU
Licensed ]: .
.. '. : : .-:.. .J.i;'
... m0.e.f amen, Ike, prlr..
.....,....,.,. ta. tr(.flpal. ag..te,
York, vU Atlaatte Cool ;1
.._ Plvt.re ,,...... J: j ..,.
--- -- -
e. ...-. ..... / "

Uia, CaiMram, Agent 0-lnf...IU..
i Vt "TO. = Unit [M. ,harp 1 '1
-- I>. BTAUK.\Tr.r. .*.*.. 4g' ,)
..". ... r... .
,. T.l .
0.- try plIAl0 Uea. Pa.. Agl,
Mill rust. friN pt WlUnlaf, N. C.M. .

s ., H il uhl..,...'!!. uiit i!,1 l 'e
I Pt

. .
' !

,., .
'r. .".... > \-JIf'" I 1 r', ," ,M'1J, "' 4\.r-\ _' I"f'7'f'; ,!. .....-II IM"dM" "'f .._ ,:', ,1\ .

I I \


i -., ----.,..---..-. -. -.. -- ------._ -....--. .. I h_ 11- I -- : .
on'I'; A. Itdl.onthe Cannibals tiers. "'.,. fit .e ,..h..r' Yh.. W.p It .aMa eN 11. t ..... In the
(rmoui Inventor. Bert In Tnr.,*> alakls. vl I'erNIIMra.' u'' +
New York, Jan SI.-A critical) turf1n 'I'h..1.. ...., tln I Iliuil wirtwliliwra or e'hll'I"'lIdllll'/ OMI>.. bin M-JHIMtloll, IO Stoves Raiios
l Op.rtlUf.I H", MIH boon\, per formed. devil Wetflll""lilfft 01 Turkey, are nit **. Ibo fAK that N pul| '.IisI..'l l u book ord..la'rM
trnnnllmirjr and). iiMhniiftli fore with ::1(10 >.prrlaloHitfruvlngN
on TlioiiiNM A Ur"II" : .1 I i nerrucy ,u.n"hl'MIIl04 and( garages. mar delight In ml liy the laws of cUon to MTV wi Hint Ic..ltt)' wnr on wliowlluw

L )II) i 11.1>. family in rto.Ud, .Ii hoeing SUFFimiNOj: but iliolilghoftl In ib... talisman MHII.V, tin Mature. of inn,) "ttet' iliitin end n'protlucoIhetn an.: (L :I-J:n'tara.
tinaffuli !mid tea, d.uO.i c'-iilti !I.. Ohtstnedl r mow nt' their young men 17 A r
thought) of IrllUntlou\ Tiirkluli rwriilftitii. ,imily, In Midi a .1I.. oud lniironii|
Thw opera I k... wa. lot a mailold nb In to rolloro All pain Thin. can IroxMliitf elnu'prln( llml tintw WllnfviHol I Ibe"' AIW cHinlilc| of 'Ingiruvenlwul41d1ueetdale -- rt
close It run IM'VW lif foiKollmi.VfliU | blniMt. ir ate the drat todrtlui
'1'1..blll4 iho ear Mini/ very "
c' t lo the brain quickly l JJO dono with HA3IMN8 > ant J'coIlfir 'I'lIlr l | nro role *. Ohli|iciatnln, WM one of tbo
', ..1..| M"1. woint-n and- girls| kiss \the) first makcm. of luttbouiiiiy fiirnlluro (i 1
Ai la known the Inrenlor
Ronrrapy, I
WIZAItl OIL. rocrull'.. tfm, rhrrk, ntonlli send IU'foi* 'bin' limn tide |ire44mi'' ,,"onl wanVAliicd .
F bat been the affliction bas Bern\ flowing' worao nndloxtornal
For Internal 111'0"1.' ) Ilirjr.<< won rinbriK-e his |leas mid, It 1V.. "I'I"IM.I| III IHMMWMI.Tbo '\'
lies boon MifTerltiK c'nnsidrrabl
) /Idm of disking. (mirth urn of ma-' ,
for about A wtxk, and the mailer 01 curutho action, It him no equal ffM.Tim ,
I mnMCllit) 1I1'1'.n'lull.| ilnwM tJONCllI1,0.1 npiwarN/ to liavt IXHMI
an Operation ".. broached acrvral' !tin tlio entire medical world. It with noruiw, lln folds"' In bU critic result., of liniuv.. A ,.f lain idiyah-lau..
!, dart spa but.. tlirro, 'was ulion* bOij mid crtii' M-* ov'-r mid ovn nirnlii bin In l/omloii IIIda Bruit niMiiy mahogany
that It might bo aviMid.(' I'rtJfoY'It the Inflammation which wialIng klnditM, whims do will timer Idank. nnd', wi/iilliin/ H candle I IKII. lio
t ,It dorlowt.| lioHOvor. that while lift Irritating your nerfoii r gl1. I'f'O n Bill u, lie kj'JI(ii I lie walls nnd the Kent for n iiblnelinnker. end' limtructodlilm Gunso''i'
1 Mr. IMIwn. wa boner 'In many parj lionrlli of the robin.. In which. h* wits to ui o ihv iiMhoitnny.. for the roijulrrxt -
11(111"tlAt' jiiDwlh WA not yieldIng 'Mates, ilio circulation of tho born but wlilcb bo IN nbout to '|tilt flrtlclo. of rninlliiii Tbo mon. Ammunition and
'to trealtaonl. And I the concluilon'waa all blood forever, mid Utld Iliciu with bin tour, ohjiftftl Hint Ibo wood wna' lot hard I
Tt""It'II And
iMflKHl thai' thin nM>rallon would 'Kin l y bill ,,,11"". '
have lo bo porfnrmod At onco. .H. ,scientific menu". gently hut cor- capture' lu hvm. the. vlllflBf this hun got bunlrr tools Tho men did no A varied selection of CerrofsTriple u
waa begun Pal'. tae/l l eight' and was noirinlnhed rnlllnii. of the vllliifici ccnuc. And wboii Ibo doctor raw iho IKJX ho I
II until an early, hour hits morn' ,'I (airily rMtoro, your body to Thru, amt. AN though nothlnir bad WAO minuted nt Its beauty' I'.I)C'nl' Plated and Bolld Bllver Mocei, I

Ing liavlng oocuiiU'd moro than ewe II('Ri III* hnplicnwl. tlio latter Mfl nbont llulronllnnry and trI-Inhs" tulkc l iibout, It, nod, nt. last ,
bourn.Mr. I INrupatlurM.| Never ntinlti I III the |Un.'hc'lut Hucklnuhnni" mino 10 Sellers In Florida of )
IJdUon, who Ii 87 yeara old, rmiinrd You can't l'to nick, If yon ward tho coiiiMTlpl'd tin Inn ,iiirntloiHil ii mid MO It. Hho WAN MirMpinrnl. and" |n'raundeil Largest
up And HlMmt,, until A few hours on Joliilnii hlo ri'Ulmrnt' thin young' Ycr.l thC doctor In glue her waist' for *
lIlJrwre ebb OI..Ilfln bcpan. off tho preliminary' action oT den bfTonim" n MIIHIIIAII I | III kindtfd n almllur I...". .\. it ix' nlt IIIlIhu6fnlll American ; ten Wire Fences
-- dlNOMO microbes with thli Ix>ll
Uoufhl Olumbirlabi'l Cough Himedf forgot him, end watt bo to Approach/ .
greatest of All jnodlclncM of 'the vlllflKo/ from which ho baa I..n -
and flint| II to Frlonrti
forcibly Itrllll".1| away i v 'rtrrn / )'f'lh1N' Chattanooga Plows
)1,. K W J. I'lfoli' ( drugglit InVictoria modern tlm ". 1'rlco' GOo and
<< 'bin cI.lre'l t frlrmU, bU fnthor, (CMICAO",( AnD '
( Autistic, vases "A onito fl.OO), Fully "uarnnt r.d. tiidthrr, bmlhom, nUUtu. amid nwootbwirt. The I'rise Vrinnm' at the_._t f.oub_. r..' ..,.".. f'
'ior of mine was 'o pleated, with' 'would' drive blin from their
Oliamberlalii't"- Oougli Htmedy, which For: Halo and recommended by trfcii with mrM4i And |I"K>'lt' him
she had curd fur her children when. with. stones.' fLODIDAIMITDVIA [ Baird Hardware Co.
suffering front colds And croup, thai ALL DRUGGISTS. ,
during A lorltll."' '. llmo she obtained' /1n..IM/. ".,1 rlliat.. OAINKSVJI.U:, FIXHIIA.'

al my shop, hills bnltlei, which she ...__ _..._ ___ __ ____.. u _. .__... Not lung ntto, pnya C!olilor'aofliclul ; W""kIJ', --,- -
sell to Ian frlondi different I.arl.ol Dillivi They have ( l.yir.Illrmlngliim of thin lU'iniriiiH'nt' of sgrkuh ,
(tire wont lunch Ainu' the Hiato, tilling them how much good! YBAKERY
t Ala, In. 25,-ThMllfttit > cent. the ileparliiieiit by AU occasionalIMrlr'eNnmilont ,
It had done and advised them to KiteU of MlM Itolle .- ,
A. trial,"' Tor tale, by Alldroggliii' IJIood"or'b, / Virginia,
.-. bolO body WM found In Dofuhtr Btiirdny .Alnonit other things tho writer' him Only lolld ""ulhntltrain wilts j>b. It. T. 8CIIA1T.H: Pop, il I IOore.r
nUM. bollivod 'to be eitherIn lenc l Id ndvUa' Ibo nvretnrj' of Ihs tietnrliii .
ANOTHER$ AUTOMObILe VICTIM.Offleir .nallonlhl! library cart from Florida Orate and Cron.s.tre.&a.
.. Illnnlnatiim or the Immediate vldolly. | / <'nt 10 thin direr: '
to HI. lx>ul., ChlciRo Iho Writ And
Ho line liton' traced hero by Mr ",,,. had n 'tam'41' Chat rtyd. Ilionelt' )'.0. )loiIsta /
Tries to Catch Dip Machine .Dloodhoundi. It |ho nf ro It uplured Iirln N Turiwi* klitll i MIMI s (hale ravalt Northwest with much quicker time
Ind..Ii Onlouily Injured. be will not bn tnktn lurk, to Decatur .. luul the Mm* .U.rr xl 'In
: ,Now 'York, Jan tS.-In attempting M tin ft-cllna It an Milt there (bet slinchlnp and r MUoo All meals In dining C\u-.tnlee A l la ..- ,:
to rapluro mi iiulomobllo party, for IMe. thought, would lie In ...liorrr Hukh. (The Krul l-lnf uP.. otrto.. fin I fit dining oar toivloo In the
nre"'I''CI>C1InK. Hlvyclo Policeman Kurt orltftble., Tho reward or 11COO by Iha ,to then, I'f She mouth v.KI.ly.; ) Slut the Bouth 01101011: ItllKAtiS' OAK KB sad ,',a

It, who wcarsa! loorp ut modala\ tot l Mpld) of north AUInm bas bnitipplemfiiltd ti"Srr4.il Homm'ii, KM HMwlrr.frut. nfirf)'. .u tlH. nil..Chit lUIrr wee I,..aro.
bravery, baa been lerbmily .Injured by A reward of ItOO bjr. anti inure IIenarkNilr. Ih' (t'.a"I1.| ol I...,. Jaokioniflllo dally, UilK A. m. ",
III.H..,,. flush. All of .nl 14 M lt d.- Airlro JbleaRo neat day, 4iW,!
llo was dollberatoly run down by .tbi Acting Governor > W > | p.m. ,.
AuluinvhlllitaISnnla \ Mute Cuniilncbftm, of Al)* ecttpll'n., Arrlro Ht I -
J alghtod four men tearing Con' . through I'nlhnan drnwInRroomllteplngrara .1..00. U..re.i..d
Pleasant And
Molt' Cff,cllv.> dally from Jaokionrllln -.. .!
trAl l ,park At One Hundred and Tontb If the Daby I Is Culling Teeth T. J. ChAinbora" KdltorMndlratnr, fin A. U I. in, train to lilr
shoot In "II hit running to mlleiAD ll'ssirtlllo"
mlnftham" tit Louis, ChicagoAnd
Liberty Toiai writes )Deo. 2A HWi, ,
i hour lie rude A motor ryclo and HA iiirn end me Hint old mid well- "Wllh pleaiuro And unsolicited < H. A. I,, KiM a. In. train to 1'en.
fcont It along In the wako of the auto tried remedy, Mrs, Wlnilow'e Booth I bear' testimony to 'the curative by ioworol you, "oola, Mobllo And Now Orleans' IlopreicntlngWHOLESALE
mobile.(>> To til* '1U. the four met Lug Ryrnp. for children toethlng. It n"lIuJ'lInrthnund Hyrup, I han .< If best mrrlc' I I. desired ask for .
r sealed In the oar shrieked with laugh soothes the child' softens lln gums 'ed U In my family and' can cheerfully tlokota. via I,. .\ N, .14.J A. 'VEIl" &. CU, :::,::i
3 I..,. ICnnla' wia gaining lowly ottbo allays nil |>aln, cures wind oollo and I. ana,", It l Is the mat otTaetlvo and pl.a.. )"'or rates, rullmanreMrvatlnni.ote.' ,
big ('Ur. when suddenly It carve lea iho beet I remedy, tor diarrhoea, Twn cutest. remedy. for" .."uh. and oolda I salt nil or wrlto1 tleo.lt. K.: herring' SHOES
haro nerd .
U. XM Mo And 11 (10. l"Iorlcla."au. Ageoi. Jaokionvlllo
dead hall, and began 'to back up. t;.flr,i ei! ntn a bolt).. Hold byV, M i. John.on. Florida/ yooVvii! Hay street.I Or ill l>mrl.lloni.Bole | .

Into It Kiml* t't..hv-d. bond m. Mil t .-_.- .._. ..-_-. _- -. rr .. ... -
machine ahattered And -
waa ICnnla - -- --
} was -- ---- ----

( rind lioaaiong, bleeding. lulu from the A doien road deepon unM'louM > r rJr!! !!li'i J Agouti JtONAIini And "SOVIIIN, : f,' I IOTii ,i

uunds \ his dead And face In an.thci r.MJN: qUAI.lTI Shoes Krery
r Instant iho big mathlno WMVpeodlng pair warranted .

I away. I ) J. ManassD Agent
A general (Milko' alarm was aent out PECIAL SALE M :
e but the AUtolili.' running AI top aptod 'i + +
tnanagod lit faier Central park by A

lowed about-.."way and-oicaped.llav m I 1atllUsllOk Pianos :

Oarllilo I*. n. Martin L. L. D., Ili ,

'j' Of' Watrorley Teiai wrltei "'Of f .
i A I > : > IXU)
HHIiKTMlHS: : : : AMI I'Lltl-
I morning<<, when.. lint arising, I often (71
I find A .troublesome. oolleolloii ol' OVERCOATS and SWEATERS I rr or TONI:; rovrcu& .A UJ'VlUJlII.T"

I phlegm which .i-roiliicii a cough,<< and' II, I '.
U per, hard tudlilodgoi but A small
iuantlly of Ilallard'a horehound Bjrur I

will KtonoodliliiJgoll, And. the trouble
I. over 1 know of no medicine that ll MARCUS ENDEL heat. pfuo. for ,tote. nits .U..". surd., I.
aatertsW. aid ,
like I ""moil cordially reoommond I moss tthtewotkaieaIWii
It to All persons nerdlnfl' A medleino 1 m I obietseble. .
for throat or Innv lr<>ubleM ::0. MX Up to.." er.rr .
and ".00. Hold iiy N'.1t1 l. Juhnton. The Clothier. 4..u .IIIt utKti ..
t I l 4. -

Sailor or> Murder.
+ Bold
bj oa continuously' for
d llonlulu.' Jan K. .R. tlentau. marls"
At arms on b iard of this I'nn....l Htato [i III mill winter and in tho ho"ight of tho season wo areoH'oring OVER THIRTY TWO YEARS
guuV'OM' Wllwll-n.| Malawi with mvir ,
. \ .I der u be i nest $......... for .the ktlllngof I Special Bargains, in Otforcqats. High l Grade First- ltDI I want without A piano A for failure.A lifetime', If von
i -"leaa" HirrlA. A ,
teat priao- \
sorties Idly theM
I' ft.II'liel, Juno, boaa, '*'* foUAd gull.ty I Glass Quality and New Goo(1.( I \
of niMiikiaugliler In Iko third clC'o l I 1thuBhe Iz T
irree tin juiy toMIng A n r.uiimondinon I iIi
'if lAuioiief t. |heirvrJlcL' ] Our Famous S1B.OO long Raglan nowW. II. . . . . . $13.75 Iii I11*#, M low M UUIU. """t'..' .h q.. tr

The pr''sl' -i' ,iHiMitiio' .tHWAltf. under I Our Fine $15.00 Long Thibet now. . .', .'. . f. . . . . 11.35 CsebitoeeW'. We rr t tw" ..ta\...", ..Wri". II h,.'

,t tBO>> V.M.HII, or a I line i I'
-- ia Our Splendid $10.00 Long Heavy Weaves now II II . . II 7.05

'' Convicted ot, "Crimping.1' Our Good SU.UO Long Drown Weaves now. . . . . . . . 6.50 ((0 Ludden&BatogSoatbern
MobUefi Al J.i> ?', IH the hulled IL
mate dldttll noun (rhiirl. Ii,""a. rl !
Wbo baa ,ban irui lot iliv peel. two Music;
or thre* day en f Hir iharitta, olMrrliu4ng. OBi Sweaters House
." ttrilo Special Reductions in I'SAVANNAH
1 | inS novnt-y fro. i a A,
aillora aa A f.e for blfpiug t bra oa
i treacle. was cw.rl"'lo4 M all 'ctU,. .1 i Every Grade. My Big Stock MUST rm II'' JOHN D. MURPHY, Mgr.

tbs The mlalmuiall penult E8TA1IUHIICII! |M0 J
threo yean I .IAO |>"lte tiaix
be Closed This Season.MARCUS n' GAITHER a BRYAN, State Ae'ts,

I Spoiled Her UeulT TAMl'A. FIAJnlUi.I .
'Harriet Howard of :>, ,10 W Mlh 8t ...
,+ New York, At one lluio had nor beauty I Why Not Learn to Speck; 8pantihl

eKll| .d with iViu trouble. Bhe write. : I ENDEL ((3 You ran teeuro A copy of ibo BOW I
salt rheum or for I edition III booklet entltlei. "What to 1
tot nothing' .CMlad euro un> Bay la
ftpanUti tA
and How '
.. Bay It
Salre.) ; by I ,
used Jlncklen'a Arnloa
till Outfitter to Particular w .
Pfcople. two
1 rent
I A quick And cuts healer foreuta. burnt r I |ugoto VT. 11.
and sores. TwoHtyDro Hat, At all Haiti. dl' I Unn 1"1.' .
UrvCfUta, @@ij !17tTOTgJgiffJ6ifi ti rA dd PIA tJiij! IA t0 10 Jj I 00.1 taUnted, tlataanW. .
I UtOf {a..
'- .... ---- .y1 < ; .

t .. x.4
f r.l 1 y \
: ,
.:I'' I ." ; j .
", .
+th I } '"' ', ,
'''.{ 4'\\i' \ >4'_ ," w -1.1"\ i'.\.! ltM9V \t'YAtiI41fif1g{ '\'l AtbM1JtlAi4 Mpi Its d"" .{4 1 1'wW'lW ''+ ,ilj ri ,. ;#"J At'ilh.' ...', .I #' ""In I.. .!.II; i .

.' ." 'II<'J., .r ,",..".',. tl\.. ...","" ...... ... .>!(. ;'"" ,,.:! t5.lH' .';, ..... l..j ,,\..,- I" .."" "4'' __ r"J.,, ... jJ -

: ., -..C""l. -.1 ...-, -roi"-;- >tt.'u--'1, "II\--. \':, .. I.1 '-.......... -.;, ._.r_ ,...... _;' f -i.IM"-t ..: '" -_................ ..r"r........tt' .,. ,.).. w i.a.

till'- :
} ___ -.-- .





_. .. .. .
I --- --- T ---- -- ---
III .... .
-- ____ .u_ _____ .

[EiW TERSELY TOLD NotlC'fl .t Appllratle! for('batlrr, lt.: .. 'brrI

._. ifl PISOS CURE FOR '

Vanu.-rlilU. of New York H ol Nok rl>iu.rr,trb A. UUeiibi fen 10 t....aa..1.1 ihp,Melwin iN1I,.....I.. I : POINTS I IlKfU'ONftinLR' OOMPAKIK8. 1
from a hadlr wrenehed ankllull CURES WHERE AlUlSt FAILS III"'"...... (flOHIIKcrn WniTTKKUIIKIULITYorlH 1'.lon $.
I dt' a aft while Ito.ba.clf n ,l r m-li 8m 1 Mr a1"d, oJ J11)w ."lIr. .Ma...nIM 4
NII. u N .
Vw U t r a.I $ H*. ( (AIMI.1qI.aI "IM....t wUOYOOyTIUOTa1
..... .r n Sm soosiS .lit.. I"" ...,.... Oc,........... PROMT I'AYMKNTA UNWKfl.mxl .
.u M unit .**ui of the South IN MMh r4 i
TM leili d.r J I ,Ia'I-
war at iii..*,.. B. C.. waa ar u 1I"KU"\ \V. ear these Ime.rlanl polulS rM..n') 1

today itjr the American Burep >' .. '. iiMMIV' .o11.1t a t usliles..
-- 1 lit' N('ft, yollr
4 |limy of Now York charged -.
.lnbt'ullm 13.000.Wiiltn. KILLS 8CLPJN MOVING TRAIN O4IAK1K4I OK BTANIUHO t i: T''''''' ;;l.'a
Ion I -- 00 Ml'AM Vi I IAt Fire Life Accident anil health JI1SllEl1CC.A [
m negro, accidental! Young Woman Cmmita tuidde In .
.h. $ Iwla Weld at Aahburn da Pullman Car Birth.Albuqu ... ..,*' '.1'It.:5td.a. .: i
.... '
L "
.Wood lived .;.0 minute. troth werI1JU / .rqu N. Mrx., Jan. H.-A '",,,",,, a"'" "laAnhl.II.'Tbe. j
a & )"*, White tried to cam faystsrious death uocurrtxl In H I'ull- IM.aral I...'"". of ilM gonts for tlio-
......... .. ...
p M lu 1 e hr c acM1.bu I
ll II"'''In.' but save out. man car ftttabett to CMr.go-0Alll<>istla ...."..'..I..ins.llarI. 1 t..u..,."! ,

-. ,1JI tlybe" .rlnOml"tor .I.tttod U de.o4 )" Bauta' Kt". trainwhl it <>anedlhiooa.li al h..,..h'rlll a11rrIa1MIhlt.iu.Arllele,+l.'s' a.d.l.ekt.lher'.nlrarlP. .1 Vietor Safe and, took: Company

.. a below uero tbla mornlnk al Cha h.... Th. vlcllw *a* woman 111-11.e amrwaat II a..Idldl.ll. '.'''k '
t.e13 lake% N. Y Uke' Chauiplaln UejnpUtelr \mMifele. It or M >e*r. eld. oi' t''k Mwi.uisik.n. ytl ... Mlaetr, ....isTMw..CAlbulbnrr. Oizaoi3.n.o'bi.: : OTn.-io.:
( .. U1),. .111 "' '
'' '
'' ''
::* + froren over the Ice beini r.l>eni tntlloate' Let name to bo MaryMeKe .1'1 tuit, .wl a.t Slip" ....,... ..'I 5 0' ,\\41'I'S, The "Victor" I I. the beet sate made, and jiartlea tontump lat.
to to Inihea. thick. 1 *. Nrt IH1 Sa* Jnno avenue Alt I ",.". "' has ".Mr"'" 'k.hrr 111"t$ t tlu
$..., a'<> k"hall.(K> (Mtf is'1au4. ,..101 upp .Yen IRK pon'have of safe, or untlliing In thai line,
1 to abolish """tlltt .b, l" ame4a. Oa6 Her ticket t rr>.4ti from >mM KIM! poiMtiuon M wr''t' rivt WM l.r (ruin. IKII to a ''tAnk vault, will sate money
1r ll CIII.... to lx.. An...... a i"d |tb. 1'ntt I,, u"lihukl,,.. l.jr ouiiAiilttng.. ",. Cull on or add,.>ii,
11 to of Noun Carolina) baa beta ( .
Anl i iv it) po,1'oallun'bass split lora
need! In tlio general man 'OuducoIQf' and |porter tar .that ,'.no4 of' niu (M) r.*,..
: amemblyj, "when aim' toured the coach she "was Ankle V Ttol >. .."........of ih., Pa.qpa" "" CXJSH3WCAN &. HILL: :
bill to make panonger faros I ,,,bsil tot non.urlyd hr a ,*.. ,,,"', 0 1 W.MarerM. ,
a mile and a boll I\! aeoiid('laM8weekaold heavily v After Wiring the nrll night the wo *,,*.,.... <>l nni )1_ Ittnii n I'n a (., ..."",
titan did not tease> her tH llb. About' I.rr.. .li ikb s1 lU. f>it< > ''n tk.n Rat N".r''
n Auruni ol Papbsia 1'/r.te' nr '"
'Infant of Mr. an4I. ..
two hour* "UOI. (tlm train reached 1'1. ft.tL.atc'UIl. 0 >mof rt ''u.u' ,> held on
O I. 10 UU'fon war found load It hei* the'or1.r heard a moaning sound ,I.,Ydp.snl,...unU HI. 'r.IK.1l 7 o'clock( 'In Iho morningntppoftod front ht berlh and asked If abe "wantad txi vtitll. IM nr.,tIeelIaw' HIM! 'alln.lll,,n utulln.n

hat the cauto or ill anything. the replied In lhntgaUte. ,.,,,'.'.by'''.I.,,,It" Sid WomK J.,t\,.I\UIt'I.twM. .< 1e1'reiarraraIIS IIsIMb THE EVERETT HOTEL
llh wall bean failure. Mr and uJ.n 1

.: llitcon'a homo I 111ft O>1imbnsr % An boar "Ut" rsbo ixirfW found (Ihi rd..M Art"..le of VI l .Weir' .T. .. t la>Url>whlf"Mt nw.n.hi rI. .. "orimrtl ol I...,.,"..n. 235 AV :Uuy Sk JACKSONVILLE FLOHIDA.tVntmllj .
woman da
e racing board at Ormond. F1a_ Although nu |IMlaon l lIQuid b. found, 'I'KJ..tMlllu1l..IIWbo.O'AI1IC1" VII' ..,.. pate. .*n.i r.<.44n.r< olIt.
d.cldod to be tn the motor race! the theory' of ulcldn was advancedbecatiMi 'b..ulw.'NI...Ia Iwtao are ar ,' ,,_., .totaled thoroughly twpsltr'II| ,| and, rrnotatisl Ncnlf I .Mrmlahld. .
*_treral iilrcea' of paper 'were (I. WmMUof II.In.. IIPti1) ",, IWi' ......... liuri'iH'an: Plan
Tuesday with stock can fonutl bfa""III"name In of Mra' I, |,.ll ,Y.shares
,.dlitancea of one, five and ire cam I', llunch ol .UliMviU' ., r i II HU"h.lf n.UTATHOK .
N, Tli., rac-0 will continue front O. II, Close, Alameda, and. t hIt name KUMtlDA I :8:. M.A.SO ., Py ooir xGAtNESVJLLE

.iQ day. UlIT each day. The weatbtcllent of ilia. A. MeNlel, Stl Michigan. auntie 'ae A'''"'ah.llr elw.a, (05,00 busht..,.,,. .... I. II W.....,.. a. .. . .
CillceKO.Tha: I' Ilklnl .iMi J, N' 'llunnh .nnl" nl whom .b.Iniu
sw'we'da+.,I1".aY.Jrbs/aen, ..tfl"II'...
body will be bald here await'
"1tt.M' 'hll'. II'Iy' .1111" .t! 110. ,
remarkable' wreck occurred olrlllnola InK order. M" hu 1'" '...'11..... Ib.tr, II.'C lb.,1Iwwa\ *IM) NURSERIES
Ccntial) railroad near \VJnMlii '1.,..'..Nf rh.u.r, mint iMibKnwlMtuml, Ibe .!..
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I eilendi-d to president Jluo''UIl' ,rd hU life. Al all druggists, Price
>rdlal Invitation to vlilt that city r"oo.au.flhltfd." I I AdvortlRQ, In Tlio Sun THE SUN JOB OFFICE

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t Mobile. CLYDE LXNEI:
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