'-. .Whit. *. who died Thursday sxtgbt .. ... wa -.. tb o...
to ,... Ask him all a>e t It. .:: a. .N Mw. ..::- I,

.i ewrtwl,. Friday. -
tt \ ;
"'\ ''' ,.r 0(' a \ ,. .. 't ) = .y- Pry 1" ,,
; .rP'\ ; i.T' rt- .
.. 4 A Y&/j wy r !
t:1 "
::i\ 9s a ; .. .. '
.. .
>>' .:.. .4'if.. 1L ,; ., :






Meeting:; Called for Monday Afternoonat '

MR. DAVIDSON I 11CtSlllt Secretary's Office.

All members of the \Uchu! County

I Fair Association. tar !>>iV, -.re requested I CASTORIA
Suffering From Heart Failure, it.. U1..t the i.tflce Of P'" .es.cretaryt. ,

9 Fell Dead at Fairbanks.:: I ''c i, tT-.j .\....*or VV \\ t' .tsnh, i i I Iu

i I the ,'i uri ui>r, Monday .itrri 1 nun HI For Infants and Children.The .

4 o'clock. This f. an tnrtiest invitation .
i and it is hoped that! a respectable
-- -
number will be in a tit-t r..!'nnce There Kind You Have
The Death, Came As a Sudden and Horrlblo -
I : are many prominent t uine.4' men
Shock to Her and Her Friends I ..
1 within almost a lone' throw of the

Sympathize Deeply With Her-Fu. tie j fr1 rr 9 Court house 'who can nr-1 honl-l l attend Always Bought .

neral Will( be Held Monday. Ire. i'Mant 1. t t n N a* it i I. very' important that the ASetfetabJe Preparation for Assimilating

bu.ines of last year' rAI1.'IIOI1" be thcFoodandRctf uki-
A* a result of heart failure.' Joel 8, 71 t..clu..r k..vnta ling the Stomachs owl Uoweb ofIVotnotes'DigesHon.Chretful Bears theSignature .f i
cleared before the
commis.sinnera !
at IiryN'M r. up county *
Davidson millwright: and flight.r at ..
are willing to make
: an
the plant of John I* Lynch, Fairbanks, appro
priation for the coining/. State .Fair, .
fell dead whit' uo duty Thursday .
which will be held in November
Deceased was a native of Lockport -
It will b. mneniber that at the
K. Y., and was sixty-even years of nc and cst.COntaln5 neither(
last .
regular meeting of the county of
age He was a veteran of the Civil I OptumjMorphine nor Mucrol.
commissioners the of
War having ...rwith, credit the A GREAT GAME. question an appropriation NOT N All C OTIC. F
wait brought up when theheard
Union army in a New York regimentof
Fats and Leans Entertained Their positively refused to take any
Infantry. lie has been for
many Friends at Baseball Friday. action in the premise until a reportof .,.../0er zr-iwrzz/mace
years In Florida, however and resided
the expenditure. of th. County ,s
in and about Jacksonville until a few Nntwitlitndiiig the> thratnlnR : J

months ago, when lut accepted a position weather, a Rood crowd was present. at Fair Automation for IiVtA had beenmade. ...... "-'-.
.s-4 InUse
Thi, it appear, the mauigrrof .
with Mr. Lynch at Fairbanks Heras the baseball, park Friday afternomto. exhibits has b-en. ready and .J'J J ( Jt:1': !

the father of Mrs Lynch to whom witness the annntl contest between I liy w S-/ .
anxious to do. but twit effort afterthe ...,..,
be appeared greatly devoted.At the Fats and the LPRI111, the proceriis,
I State Fair failed to get. the county
the tim of this fatal occurrenceMr. from which went for the benefit of the (4l&I, 1.
body together.I're
Lynch proprietor of the mill anda Cemetery Association A rxtfcct Remedy torC'on.-rttpa.
ident Hr.iwn of the State Fair tion.Sour Stomach.Diarrhoea: ,.
son-in-law of the deceased was in The Ramp was intended tohave beenpulled .
Association ha Riven notice that howould 1Tt itsComulsionsFeverisheless i
Jacksonville, having Seen summoned i j i ofT Thursday, but the heavy JdvrFor Over
the invitation did
accept to appearbefore 1 Loss or SLEEK
rain .
there on business. As soon All he i prevented and a pnstptMietneiitof .'
the Hoard of ( unity "mlnlll'"hul" -" -
)learned the sad new. he returned immediately one day wit ordered. All tn..r- Tac Simile. Signature or
I r* on September! I. and by that
to Fairbanks chant were generous enough to clo.etheir .
time the reportJmuM l he submitted I tothat YearsGASTORIA
The remain were brought tn this I stores for a halt day Riving; the board NEW YORIC. Thirty

city' and turned over to Undertaker clerks and employee an opportunity ofwitnenomit
Let everybNiyounuc nut Monday .r.
McCiellan. The body wa embalmed I: what promised to b.. the .
this be
ternoon. that matter may *ettied
and, pending the arrival of hottest game of the season.
and Alaohua runty can retain
many' of whom reside in rtlatl..j The RAIIIH! remiltwd in a draw, the her excellent reputMii.tn at the next 4

States, the remainstll t score being eight to eight The Leans State Fair. LXACT COPV OF WKAPFCR

Charge, The funeral will be held I claim the victory, however IU at the

Monday, the interment being in KverKreeu : end of the seventh the score stood Cheap Rates to New York. -. ..-..---... wsw..sa ......

cemetery, this city : eight to nix in their favor. Only the On account of the reception to I lion A+'

Friei.d of Mr. Lyiicl in this city first half of the eighth;: wa played Win, J. llr> *ii upon hik return toAmerica 4

and elsewhere' will extend sympathyin I rain having interfered with the JZ'UUf". the 8."OO"r.1Ir Line will

her hour of bereavementA In this half which belonged. to the sell I) ticket* from (),aine.ville to :New'

Fat, the score< was ti.I. the Fats havIIIK York and return (all mil ) Mt '33.M.Til'k..te .

Serious Runaway.Considerable made two run*. It would' have on stile AUkiiot ?H and ?U, t

been the 1. ,, .' second, with limit leaving :New "ork from MANU.A. ..... AND o..u'o.. ..
t-xcit. meat prevailedupon turn o-i the .
Aug. HO to September" I Fur further" fi
the street about 11.3O: o'clock half of the eighth when the umpire. was particular. apply" tu 1. (', Cobb, agent FLORIDA COMMON ANO S *t *aSIOSANDLIME

Friday mottling, when the. horse ate I compelled tn call the name off y. it. tl' depot.Thousands : 'i'Y

ttched to the delivery wagon of J. II. The content, A. was ttie expected, WHITE

Vidal, the groceryman, decided to give; was, a most amusing one and thins i Have Kidney

an exhibition at pni.tinc. I I who attended declare .that' they. Rot PRESSED BRICK

: their money''to worth One and Never it.
The animal beciimo frightened at upectatorwa Trouble Suspect O"'ICCS :

10(1).thi""h.l..IIII: H hugs piece of sarcastic enough to deelare that How To Find Out. BRICK

paper that wn, wafted by the .gentle 1 h.. "cot his. money'. worth" on the I FlU. l..ttle tir romn n Kif, ,itli ">mv OYAL.U CHU"CH BI.OOJACKSONVILLE. .
summer breeze before him. at the third inning \ .itr Hint l it.t it "t.ui'l t t" lit\ lour limn -. PLA.we COMPANY
.t "04'.11111.1 i
Corner or West Main and Mannicstreets .
ELKS' HOME PLANS. .1 C: 111tignrdun.: .uC ,
Q nooucv
Without he darted I S.LL Oust OWN
warning ,. S 1I1I1..l\h\\ 0
\> ( Vu-1 f
suddenly up the street, and the little I i 'iltt"tIilU'I.I'' !
Were Submitted in Sketch at
\v'TESf'Vi .
who driving .lIpd II. \ r LUUy
boy was viporoulv
negro >
I Meeting Thursday Night.A _A...fc-T-ipV IA J x..m ,bum it i.
for help; In the meantime .. > L\\ "
...: r- v i.lfiice i.fki': HOUSE
i THE:
interesting tiiii oft
moot >M { .
of the animal inereaslog i
the peed wa t tt..uble to.
and at the corner of Went Main < iiie.vUte Liitlge No. Do). U. I I', O. 1 1'?., t 1ft/:/:,(' ,, /fro .|.MlH dean .

and Union streets the vehicle collided ws held hursilsy I evening,( when two I ... .-.; .; |.. I'fl- It ..r |,IM, ,:" '1. 11IiI11'. i'r./.sIcier| }

candidate. initiated into 'h'j 'rte- in tli l I"" L l .
were "
with ait iron goat, which threw the boy : F1oxicL
.' of that the kidiuj ICeY7
nl'III..j. of Klkiom: nlvi i ''ti\tti inv( |I"> ;
"iff the eat about fifteen feet into the wild Mulder .ir".1.,t ",.\c"t r
I Altother interesting feature. of thetneeting .t
street, and put the" wagon out of burrEel. Who To I>u.Tberf .. "" ,1"1.,110" the Illuff 1'inil' Mid girt r-MMi.. r me t"tl"/ unit tUMntf( nt.
llltt -.fiir' -1 I the knowledge woften
was the fact the blllldingcummiilee t i. '' 'in
The horse, however, dragged I It sal. .1",
., ll I KilmerSv per
..*nied sketches of I 1..1) *M l r
what wn' )left about halfway down theblock pre plans u""I..It.t. til'' 'rl.t: kl.lne' rem." ,
I fur th. elegant new hnm.hie'h! will ]
ul..utristt.tnwin .
and vtopped fuhiU. I" I"n' atilt '1 ( "rlnl(
located the corner of n'..t Lit. li .1..1.1.l
on the U,rU. k 1ney, rr.
As a result of this runaway Mr I Vie | ill
and South I'lemanl, street The utbler i..irt I'! the ,iriii" riKi....ir
pal must expend considerable moneyin j.I .. ,! t4 h,1e l "% atcr
., which are tiding, made by Archiefret It "rrcrt
replacing two wheel, to say noth.IUK un<* M-nltlitiK |1.,111 nt |I..hll it t. sir b..wlrflect ( 4
of he( inconvenience he will expenti.ee I Edwards: of Columhla.i: C.. will follovmiR) ii-d f.f l li'lu| ,>, '.Inc" | 1Mlot'C"r.

in being out the use of the I.1 l be up-to-date in every way .H'l iixercomr that utl|>,U-u..j.iit lie HE BEST DRESSED MIn

wNutl t I The committee on building wa con ,-....!tv fir ,hiring 'IUJ *'U.-.l I" K1* "''to 'n

--- I tinned, with instruction and tciw.r" to luring the! "la, "',,1 l tn fet ttf' moor
ttii.-. during tb' ,IK'I' *. """- tint,' .n.1'
r act As soon a* the plant ar* com .
f t..rnr.UfH.t
the t'.lill..n leit s i ... .
I :+ pleted. which will be within the next i.. "..n ,,,,,,ti..t .t .',,11.1. stn' ti 11l"C'1 r -- -- --

few day, bid will be a>"."I..t for f.., its %. on.lerfiil t tree ..f tlie tu...t ..Iitt. I

and the contract fur alteration of the ,-...lnLT raw I : '.,'M n TWO CARLOADS CHAIRS y. is ...1..1.. 11" ., I' '_..t.. waist! '. .,'
Y : I building which. at present stands a. a );t..t f.ft ...., .I 'Ih"' .t'.I.1' : .f : 1 __ ._ .__ ___o._
... I magnificent residence t will be .let V.Msflaytae. ..'"t'i. t...tt... '

r'. While this home will not I- a* large 'K..L that t..'.: "II "\'- 1

ONE CARLOAD SUITS : a* *on ". It will tn ample for the ao si.aslit.lydtt.r' r. '-_ : WEARING CLOTHESTHAT
"YI".n. .\.\.:,- ** l ARE
I commofatton of Gs>ne till > I.odic : gri55hmit'Mt.N .
Itltsi.t, k l I :
t and it* frierdt. and a III||| b4 am-jng: the >. \ t. B_'of tr..ru.I

f DRESSERS 'I most modern and up.tojate in the wntinv ."..nC.. h.,. tr.iix' > I
ONE CARLOAD Stale ,r afl' r .,< ".,. .. .... .1| BEAR

InK' ,>' 'u .*vJI

Elk* to High Springs, I '- *. |:M .tHt.... '.. \ 1 9

r- ONE CARLOAD IRON BEDS T M h:11 i., Jr and J l It ", .,11..1.| I THIS '
\" : TICS',
I Ito returned Monday from High "
;. f4prtng.. where they have teen on a tYA.re..1tr..1'.lrru. .. I 'J.utlh.Ac a. .
.Mrs wi 414. east a .n.i""iwt lefts
That what have com sad mi..>on A* r.pr....nlativr' of w.rdH errs ..titres ..1 In "\A'' ..'_ '.w ,. _
.tit.. we "f. ......... Is I,... .'... last r.ra &t.,
1 (tiainetvill 1.oJ.o.. Wit' H f O. t;... IM Le .... nr ,... "' .. .. t rsa ........
ing. We secured prices because I they went for the purpose of ,eFad.r.I. 1 .,., ."',...c ... tar .i .te"- +isj ...... st T.:!..
: ..
I ...-.. Visits.. rrc4w I
of this quantity and a..i.taneo. 'be Ureav ..
't t.- lag any poeeibJ to A ss.I. Will. uacaJE.FI" LABEL,
\ | d family. In, the death of their I I
1' an investigation will bare
: brother Kla. E, C ttekwy who died at

out our claim that we can Ilicb Hprios early. Thursday morals, SI3IOXSU

and do tell everything in t I )Ir, IHcaey was a m.tuber of Lake ." I. THEY COST NO MOREWRE THE FINEST MADE

i C. lode-, bat laa........ a. frslao.

.i.. House Furnishing' ten to 4.tll.(!! wa co mach more ........I.Dt of Fresh Saltwater FishOTSTEHS I WRITC foci 5AMPLC3AND PRICCS

Twenty Per Cent Cheaper see..., the <.. ....lIe lode d.*UJed

to offer aid a.adt.>... two brothers
than one else. I 4 {
wllliagly reepoaded

Tb. sympathy, of all br.t Ia.r Elk

i''M with tfc* bereaved family. to th ate
IGfrLtwrat.rs at e.st We wort ...

t*> ssak* rt..-. I A M,.....; f.tv.0. THE SOUTHS LCADfNC CWrHICRS

I "flow to aep off p.nos.(. attack oft t

>Uio.sae>.. aa l aat4toa4 eowstl attos* :
S JiiESfiUEF.ilitYME' was a mystery tires D,. JC'' c". )(.wI .

If jr- >f. P.I1. eo}** .hor. c...,..,,

: a :.f.I f:......' .f uadsolta. tad TMo.ly I O"' IVJLLt r f'LOltltJA
pill. ..., .. ...,.......s .. gie. I It
f..."e '---IIT- perfect .. t.fswioa every bed r .r 1.. sass "'srri.r.d w ...._BodA THE DAILY SUNIOC 3THE 3 Wil..u

...../ ref.-44. ()alit a* at aU drat tae trade .11. tI... t... mantes
eiae+.. I...... a. ,.... ..... rft Jo44. ,
} s.w

,.r v 14 z. ,ad, ., f4..d t -. T i
I k

*''&*:' .,

r1r'h? y s .'

t JV .J .
Kmi '"$0 t ';,' DALLY A TArtlf-F: DILEMMA. '

.he u la Iowa the Republican faction are I 5,11 N BEAMS" I THE: BREAKERS '

'whether the
discussing the question '
BEasa.d a.*the Past OOB atM Oalne.v111e... arty has "cut loose from the. Pre -i. THE BREAKERS I I. second to none in location aDd beach attraction It

ii ordlaaa malt c.".... dent" by nominating .Cammins who (All ifffbtn. reserved. In AJaebuu.county.) f.I the ideal hotel for summer tourist*. Situated upon a high buff overlooking/
the ocean and l Iroe than two-hundred fee from the rolling surf, it eombine.'
!I. not a "aDd-p"uer. It doe. seem benefit nf an'oa..n with the pleasure of a chore retort. The
the voyage
H. .. .tdItor and PublioberCUr Written especially for OaIDen.ne: Dally Sun.
H..11IcCKJCARY. -- rather unfortunate for -,h. Cummins room are large all notable. en suite and ingle! with bath. .and thoroughly .

gja JESS. BORTZ-... ,.... .. Editor faction to appear In that light but screened The dlnlnjr-roorn: i I. on the ocean side and one of the most attractive
they will. have to lay the blame on Multi-millionaires are the Captain room of the hotel. Bleetfic lighting: telephone aerviee and immediate connection

K..M. FREWITT..... Supt. CompowlDir Rooms President Roosevelt for deserting Kid, and Robin Hood.-pirate* on with an op-io.date livery. .
the high sea of .finance. Bus will meet all trains.
them and now being on the wrong side In addition to The Breakers it has been possible to add the use of the

% OFFICKt IOKTKK: BLOCK. of the tariff ia.ue. But a much more What do costly sepolchers and stately Clarendon bath houses, bowling: alley, pool table, dancing pavilion and the
h eg W, Main Street.: : S. Tict-LrnoMB 43-9 important matter for the voters of mausoler amount to if we-haveno famous Clarendon fishing pier. The table will maintain.the high standard to

Tax DAILY seer,published every: morning ex.Mpt Iowa to discover Is how the Repnblican enshrinement ou human hearts that which Mr. Holt pledges himself wherever he assumes the management.: ,
The record for healthfulness for children i* a well
remarkable especially
Monday delivered: by carrier: In the city otnailed stand love use
candidate for Congress on .
established feature
%c to any part of the Vnile Ktate*. poootap
+ F 'free forks year; ,a.$'>> IKX" 'irni!..: ft t.t1 threeSDontha.ot the tariff issue. Are they pledged to .Woman" was the subject ; _Rufus The proof of all i h to Join with the many who are booking for the season.

v : Sb reota: t'. fire weeka trictly in Vtand pat" and refuse to revise the ; Choate delivered the toast. He said I For rate and reservation apply to IIERT\J. HOLT, Seabreeze Fla.

dvaoce.: t.rUf1-that is, carry out .the agreement "I would wish to b" my wife's second

made between President Itoo e. husband"
Reading notice in local autumn lo cents a Hoc
o for 6rttlnserllon.and *ccttU: for each adJItionatnaertlon. velt.and Cannon to run a stand-put, Marry the girl that rcfjses.lo.t.7In ..
t v campaign. Or do a"y. or all of those the parlor while her mother is in the. THE ALACHUA COUNTY ABSTRACT CO., Inc.

I Kate for display adrertminir made known on candidate for Congress stand with
Ititchrn. Ten to one .he'll make you __ ESTABLISHED ISM.
;, application. % Oov. Cummins, who hat been for tariff .
happy man.jn't
revision It would seem that the R..*- I.' The quentionof the line of
The Twice-a-U: : tmn Uan rtcht-pnice.forty. I ) be a sponpe.: Some people Render. reliable! .e.ict's of every sort along
Column paper pubtUhrU every: )Monday and p"hlfCftn voters of Iowa who believe want to absorb in Title the LtfnQ Titles in the State of Florida, particularly
everything tight
Thu day, and contain all the new of the that the tariff shelter trusts will have Alachna county.
week, local. Mate' and general, and will be: toJ< use great discrimination when they and give out nothing. Are you a first consideraon -- ---.---

mailed, portage free, to any r-irt of the t:iota{ vote, and need to question their can sponge-da,you sponge( SPECIALTIES: Abstract of Title! Tax Sale !Searches
c: .. advance.
state.orCanada.fur oayrer: for
didates for Congress as to just where The one that love you most may beieve Agents for Non*Reeldettt Land Owners; Plats of Counties,

All advertising hula became: due after brit they stand on the tariff, Ufiie. To evil report with the miud and the investor.Towns, Etc.References.

app.aranceof: .d"CftiW"1l'lCllt.: unlen* olherwiaeatlpulaled : vote a straight Republican ticket for deny it with the heart. The troth I..

Y : in contract rartiea: not known to us Congressmen would be an endorsement the one who really loves. will never : First National Bank of Gainesville H. F.
will be required to pay for advertising la adAddreM. -
1 __. TIIK( UAIJ.Y ....CN.G".x..vu.l.a of the "stand-pat" agreementand ortake. Dot ton. A Co., Banker

t'lA.i be looked upon as a command to Don't advertise your power too freely -

put off tariff revision for an indefinite ; you thereby increase your responsibility

DEMOCRATIC NOMINEES.for >ernd.! __ many fold. The great outside
__ __ __.__...
-- ---- world levies it* demands bated on your '
Florida East Coast Railway.
Member of ConirrriM. 2il Con..ronal., In every'clty there art movements personal claIm..

District: I which call for the expenditure of mon- I You can't IOTA one In whom you 9

f FRANK Cr.AKK.- of Columbia.- e,. Some of these are of a distinctly have no confidence. Trust or faith, i I. Card 16 1M
and Local Time No. 66 In Effect April .
public character are paid for ,
>01' Justice of the !Supreme' Court: the very heart of !Jove. When it

,r CUAH. It. 1'ABKIIILI- EHcambU.JAMKS bought taxation. Others are of aemlpubllc ceases to throb love takes its flight.To SOUTii.BOUND -READ DOWN. NORTH-BOUND-READ UP.
II. WJlITt,.:... or ron character aDd for them
confess one I.i to-be assured of the -

For Kallrodd Cornrtlnnloner: the finds must he raised by voluntary other. ...9... Ne. 2. 8T.A.TJO Ne.71 D.hyto
NKWTON: A. fll.ITCH.of Levy. ontributioiis. These. must come from Da", Dalq Dally
There is a sense in which the of
s r R. UUI'SQy )tURR. 01 D-wle. the men who are doing the business of age t onp1 9 Nom L. Jaeksonvllis.. 7 TTpm a abase
inventions 1'1' deadly paralysis on : S.wp1 -outhJackeonvUle..r.... ..t: 717pm 547am
For "tate Attorney, Hh Circuit: the!! place and who have 'the. mODe,. the finer art. For the modern 7 2vJ-1D 10 o.m 0" _._.$t. AnIQ.ttD......._...... 1 Upm 7 Sam
J. M. IUV ER$. There is uo other way. The man who instance I 7 Lpm 11 J8am ._.,.. ......Huttugt." _____ 00 9 tP' : IYam
, girl is not accomplished because II c.H .m 1115.m ..._,...... ....._..EastPalatka..._._.__....... 00 920pm W+a>
i has the money is the man who must 3pm 1 m t. ._ .... at a... 6Iem Obam
For she ----- :
State 33d IMstrlet off
Senator pay the bill, if they. are to be paid. grind an Hungarian: rhapsodywith ; 4Sp1 11 loam Lv....._._.._ P.Iatka..._.._._.._.M : e5 m 65am f .
r H. H.McCKKAHV.For the crank of a pianqla. Tpm:::) A' ..... ._ tan Mat_-....-....-L. .._...__ .16&aa
lost enterprises of a public nature ....._......_... 1pdi; L...._...... ........San )(.t_ _._...... .__...&r MD" -.-a..---,
Metrtrrh IIuune of Rei-refccntatl: which have for their object the bvtter- Some parent are'more careful about a ttpn 12 a2pm I --_- vane ---L.! : pmS : ==
SYD U CARTF.R. of condition business the keeping and training of their bull lSpm 17.upm : Dupont. .,....... 23pm
lug otherwise
+i. : 9 eepin 1 ISpm Ormond 1 a6pm s 0Oam1002pm
T. A. LIOIE.fr. : ---- : 1
than they are about their children. : Guam "
in a city will directly of Indirectr pup 12lpm Daytona __ 1.5pm
10 lIpID 1 a.rm .. _____ PortOranss..__ t ISpm C 17&11I "i
For County Tat A..e +or I return more than the money ex. 1 T the bull-pup should outlive the 10 Mpm 2 Wpm Ar...................__. .... 81D1rD...._...._._._.__. .. 16pm Il>amU

W. W. oj. OS. ended to those who It. aforesaid parent it will be clear case loam 6"pm ..... La.. Uel.a-............. lOOpm a Itpo .
pay JJ 251 4 Stipm ... _.._. Oran... CUT ___ __\\L7 1210pm a 69pm
) For Count Tai Collector: ----------- --- of "the survival of the fittest. 11 40am 6 aII'm+ iJ.-... ......_Oranarange City.Jun. ............... 12 dDm LlOpmI'm
A :I ___ ..__ a..a..mU
W. U. DICKINSON. Many "lories' have? been told about IOpm Jli. m'rna. .Ar Otpm
.. SNstn
10pm 2fpm OakHlll 2.opm
For County Treasurer: the long: telegraphic messages sent tlpm 1 lepm ';'r-:::: :: .::, ...-.Tltu1.111.:::::==:::::::1:. 1 m pm S Ouami '

IJ tn 6 t.Opm Ar .......... Csuror + ft. H .:F.LEIL h y women, as if the feminine mind KIM'IMJ e .e II Main! I.'I......_.__ SaDrord...:_..._............_'iLY a 6Op. II lOam_
were incapable of expressing: 1".1teon.I..I 11 IJ.na pIII r._ :::=:T'itunlUo ___ ...Ar 206pm S OOam '
For Metnbera !School Hoard: .. .____..... 222am
; How false and slanderous KACTICALLYItCPAKEI 12 Slam I161pm Cocoa. .Lv .1 H.ID! ,
11. II. BROOK tn.: 12 ai.m .R I 2Opm loam
: --
J. K. KUTCH each. an Impression Is is well shown l Oirm : m: ..._....-....tall iWr ..=-=-==.:.: 12.7pm : 17sml
) andHOI'EILyI l1am:' 1 aopm! w ___ .. .llelb urn.___ 1117pm 1 roam I
R+ It. >l. WEEKH.. h7 the following Incident. A gentleman 1 6/lam a IOpm ileb..U... ..,.....,..,..., 11 6m? 11 a3am.asm
1 1 OOpm ..8t. Lnc. 00 1U Seam n OOU't
4'+ For County. Comrnlsfclonem-: weut to London on business. A* a or.em HpIII .. ___.Fort 1'Iere ,..... .. &earn H 53pmtN.m
hit left he said. something to his wife :' ',I7PIII ter__... .Tlbb.le.0 1017am 11 II/J.m
J UAMPIRK.: KESE>TEI 5 Mam Selpm ___. Eden 10lJam U ISpmS ._ __
f K. K. PAl'LUINU. bout buying her a new dress. Just e0w a .6pm Jen.ea ___ 10 team H ODpma
J. K. Tt WN"fNIW. : ). .before starting homeward he wired ItODCCESHOSI'EUITY. slam a .7p.m __.._.8uar&- 10 00&m iO r.Qpmc
loan 7 2Ipm! __ Robe fIolIDd ___ 9 slam 10 2Spme .
J. MATTIIKWS tu his wlfs U\Vhleh.h.1I, I bring you .0... 7 .cPtD "__..W..t Jupiter 9 15an 10 C. <,. rKDUICK: 16am 9 l.'pm Wen Palm Seaek --" S 4l>am' S lope .
-:::- :. -: --:---::::=::::= -a diamond ring or a silk dress" a earn .411'11I ___;.._ I1nYDtOIl. .. a 2Oe_ .Olpaa
f' The a 3.m a flCa.m .-. ___ 1..lr., ...___ S J2a. t 60pws I
reply concise and
was explicit tram 8 ..Port Lauderdale 7 26am 7 5CpwC
Theodore Hooaevelt is going tow .. 4'... ..
Itoth." M'am 84."m ____ I.anis.___- 7 lhlD 7 Sops
Panama.agfl If the canal dirt doesn't __ __ v Ot..m 8 aopm .,____ .lIaD.lal.....__ 7 fOam 7 $Spm7Scam
-- --- 1020"1'11I .___...Lcmon: CU,..-- 6e,5m 7lpint :
!flr tome of the bosses will I The United States I I. the WE CAN HELP YOU roam 10 IOpm 4'_____..M1.mt .... ...Lv. 9 a3sm ,06PID :
only country IOam MismL _...... -.A 1
In which the sun of the |ooreat me.hanic I: loam --I n:====ir.. _=== : =--== 11 :=
{;. 'eorlll--;: .
Rockefeller to staletaent RE1MRE
; ( a or laboring man may become
'\. '.. Buffet Parlor Cart on train 29 and 78. Buffet 81eHnt Can on train 09 and CA.I ".
recently handed down by hI. Its ruler and wheretli* daughter of a P KUUUt'E and L>ally except..unsay..

'<'('phftlolan. "hasn't had anything to do farmer become --.. _
may the of
a .hw2>I III i ....::1.! '
,1\ UL.SEJiT IT. .,, .
With the Rtandard Oil Company for resident and the mother (if Senators. ....21! N.Oslly ....17 Ne.tb "Dedr', ...11 N.2 O 0.22 Sal

t;,...r*.'. What lucky man Is 'getting It U the. only country where all earthy au.aM Dal" >t... .AIIICH. f:;. D.Iry D.I" DNIy ou aM aabnp _

r? .the 85 per cent dividends, ? I honors are within the reach of .L..L.'U.- "
::'fL: =-- -- citizen and where it depends upon the THE SUN. Gainesville Fl.. .' Slop ... ...... _A. 7... .."p;;;;: ;;;;;
.. 9Mp 5Lt ''a' 20MI' 1JIoIaj"---: .BnutbjactwovtU..Lv 65s A'
ijf there II I a chance to boom bnslnes I I .. individual himself whether he will be -- -- --- -- 08111' 72ip:: 6"-of 244iIO I... ._......Babtobece0 _" s2.s, 11 4.1lnp 6np'slop
> tU? T.w: >r a""pt 2.+;.,1011a.AUrntle' Beach__" fa 1s '6',. I21'.". a n"f ap: :
B boom It. Don't rot on a long face and a Senator a street-sweeper a rail. IQt*.pi 74Jp Clop- loop U..Ar.N..J>' ...__....... .. COut 7.0. ualul! 6f,.,.., a2 p
lOok as' though you had a stomach road section hand, a millionaire or a .
*"he. Hold up your head smile and pauper, a general or a policeman a GRIND .

V"look for better thing, disc little banker ur a bankrupt. .
; your .... Ceaasctloa .... at Miami with.. Srsaiathla el the P. ft 0. S. S. Coasaav fee
J:,, ".81m.r, and try to speak well of (\..h.'i'.n ------ ----------

: no matter' how. small you may Another Weatrrii millionaire has Laxative Fruit Syrup Havana and Key WestTwo

',.,,r ft: *know yourself to.be. turrietl an humble hotel maid It was Sailings Each Week. .

< t love at the first' fight a* she twirled a I f.... 4ant to take

'tt, There are pillows wet "Y l ant>* ; there feather duster with careless grace In The newlaxative.. Does Train Discharge Pa\aangr at Ship's SUSe. No Tranafera.. -"\

c! 1 are gentle sensitive natures ataredaVnd the corridor This Infatuation of our TVaaa Tim*Tabl..bow the tt&*. .t'ebtektnln. may h.xr>* t.>d insides at and <1.M*
.t warped { there are oldtlin friend capitalists for the hotel help is a not gripe or nauseate. a,*a ak>. .*v.ral .tatioiu.bat their arrival, d.pans.-t the t1 w.sated I*not.narsat..d
ass tit tattCo raiiy te be ...w ra. ...aai&W. for U. .' .
'' Cure stomach and liver | any iaj-n any eoBi no oer artatnc ltr r>vau
"7 separated and walking their lonelyWay thens. to which only Whittle could

-*' with hope dead<<1 and memory but tI" justice. The American heires. .. trouble and chronic constipation For Copy of the LOCAL TIMC CARD or Other Information

*.*?'. pane there are cruel niisnndrr* hn". .r. l I. not on record as marrying by restoring the SEE THE TICKET AGENT. 'ht t '

)}, tendings, that make life bare-these a tallboy or a porter She dt>*.n't
natural action of the stom J. LX RAHNER. Asat. ncn'L Pas.. Act-. 5T. AUGUSTINE. FLA.
'f Are but few of the sorrow that come ear. so much far a uniform as for a

the crimes uf the ( ach.liver and bowela. _.
from tongue -;- -- -- -- --- -- .=.:
:. --- --- --
1'1. .7- For Male by J. W. 31 '.U.. at Cm.MCMANOWCMEN.. --

Deafness Cannot b. Cured
,_ It 1s gratifying to nnt that many ofF

F. 'our eltlseits are taking, active Interest I I I.l Ity local applications as they cannot ATLANTIC COASTLINE "

.;:.t la improving their home and grounds retch the diseased portion the ear. list Cr ale Y re.r..e..rlI..hw -!

I rA. : little effort on the part of each cltl (I There is only one way to.>nr. de.fnv.., -...v...... .w L.INI/Na a.r.w.H.trr M a..M..INa.a a..N __. ;.f'.r:;
taut would make Gainesville the I..d'i and that is by constitutional' remedies, r-.aa (.s... Y.fia.,...a.. aM1 .. aN.M :"t>:

f, IDa tlty of Florida In |x>int of beauty I Peafnes I. caused' by an Inflamed eon .. MtvwAlaeets a..c.re..s.s.atrlsatl. .
f I .$ a..4 ty o.wa.wwt.a.1.
and attractivene. Nature has teen tlitlan t>f the, mucus lining of the .:0.. r.t Is W s .r.M...
s. rat w
liberal with ,u in the matter of n.t. I.i taohian Tut"'h.n this lube la In. 91-.ab.e.l..53TL r. .

: '..,.1 resourcvs and ,t uny: remain for'I ftamed you have a rumbling ..oun.i or aM wn1 0S May 9

't U* to develop th.m. ; imperfect" hesingand whets it I. en '

: ---:. ttrelv closet. d.sfnes. I I. the result :' >

and unle. the Inflammation can b* i :
> A Western paper a.). thai you flan .
'* taken out and this tub restored to I Ito k M .
1i tell a occefal farmer ty looking" at :r ---. -- =.=..:.
normal condition hearing will be 4s.
,his horse i joo can tell a
i slovenly wo asa B a aaaaaaaaaaBB BBa j B w4.: J
1. tnan by looking at t.., hair : yon can .i roved forwert. aloe .**>. oat of ten Pwotuwtsawo e r r t+.of e. ease I :'o CHANGE (except what yon !cave with the Agents BetwssiJACKgONVlLLE ::4
f are caused by ..catarrh which U nothingbut ..,real. "*' 1
:tell the dry goods too's statesman by 5..n?Mkm MutS i **
a* 'Inflamed condition' of tSe tnu.ussorfac CO hvasat, L OCALA and (IAt: ES\.lLLE
Blocking at the patches on the bosom s.We Ire... seas. _w e. Yew ay
:.:.J.of bl. .,antaloonyou can tell the .54.Ae-.t1..H.. 9tASN _.. -i -- -- ri
will give 0.>. Hundred IVtllar* p._ aa.theses.'nret I sb.:.. .,
'tpoi.oaou..rrot;: ty the blunlneas for any ease of d*.,.... (eaoa.** bveatarrh w..w..ark.
'$4 f hla tall but the ....,...t thing of ) that cannot be ...red b7 Halt's sea s... see 'aIes s.... P.e.a et F-II" Ia\orma mad be obtal..s ff'Ola

''dill. you can tell the: eni.rpti-iag III.,* Catarrh Cur s end for elrevlar' *. fr.,, .a.r.p.vop, o C.r .

,_aD' by a glance at the I local 1 F J CMK""BT A Co-..Toledo, O I *
paper 't f
: ." I ae not divine revelation, but it I II Sold Take bv Half all*dron Enmity*..fells. 7V .Ur reaati* J. A. GOO _D WIN Ticket Agent! < <$

1.... and gospel truth. p.U... mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmrngsmmmmmi M )f < .



A. t ;; 1..J"h. ,,,,
.. -M & N .
:\.. i j f.ns.aP '4 vWvi*"HI O' 1

u "oIIII>1i,1.W'( W '''' ':' ., ,,off.
jIt" ".. ,, I ., ";."""" 'II\" ." ";. .
: ;
.:; : "
''' '' '

'!' f, :;' ''' THE DAILY SUN: (GAINESVILLE/FLO: aXUGt1ST: 2Isli6

_.__ _.
'- -- -.s. -. Y.- -----:----:- -- -. ;
-- -

NEWS 'FROM ALL UNITED STATES SENATOR Bryan Cneersd tn Tennessee.Nashville. :B. :F J"ORD .A.N'a "
: Aug. 24-The Dt-inocrlt- JINSURANCE
FROM SOUTH CAROLINA Ic Mate! com nil.I toVUne>, .'\ uomln. \J I

PARTS OF FLORIDABrief PRAISES PE-RU-NA. ated Frank Avent of Ruth"i '.,1) conn .

ty. a* CMiiillrtate for irenn.. 'r""n. ilk*

rennecsee rallroa.l conitnl .. 'a .4ic-

Happenings From VariousSe cet.l l the late J. X_ McKen t k Resolutlons .

r'1 were aI'>I.tt'd enU -<.1): WilLiam !.
tions of State. I J. Ur.ran fur the IVmo. .rit, prfiid >. PORTER I LOCK QAINESVIUI.E. FLORIDA

'ntinl nonionatloii In 1'"' .11,1, in I .

THE MOST IMPORTANT EVENTS vl.lng him to come to T.. ,. .....< r.> - .

.I>,'ak during the canting t -*li n. .-J .
al] Fire Life and Accident IZSzSlr ; :
The ch.ilrni
Transpiring; In."The Land of Flowers" campaign: t nr..l!:
rested to appoint' a (coimn.u t I IP 'ut -- -- '
Things "Boiled Down" to Suit the tend the ltr>'an reception In :N. w \oiK i.

Busy Reader-Items of Interest to and to formally Invite him 'i. 'tVnuoTho -

All CI...... I ft't resolution III' < itt. rho;" UNlVrDSITT or THE STATE or mmGAINESVILLE. '

Hn"t'rnol' <.\,\ be ono of ,.. tun :
The white prisoners escaped from I h'",. '
the county ,Jail In Pensacola by digging I FLORIDA.

through a brick wall about IS in Galveston's Sea Wan)| t a

thick. ht'1 Makes' life now as safe, in that (city as A High-Grade Institution (for Young Men. Literary Scientific and

R. H. Lesfsne the naval stores operator on the higher upland. EV (TIKH-

who was shot by a negro at the I toe, who resides on. Dutton :'t in' Waco Engineering courses. STRICT MILITARY DISCIPLINE. I

Earnest camp recently, it now reported --1 Tex, needs no sea wall, f"r safety -- --

being in such condition fie writes : "I have, used l It r King's .
as a '
FA1.1. rKUM): op''ii. in Gainesville, September 2rtlh, For catalogue sad
that he will possibly recover but he r 1 New icuvery' for Consumption thepast information add,"... .\ UIC.I.J": : rrrtMcs. )!. .:.I.'II..t. I'U.
had a very narrow escape from instant I J live, year and it keep me well .

death. and safe He fore, that tim I had M

cough,:: which for years had I"-...! growing liR: t ft l'11 t... n.- The contract for the erection of Pen- i i.aeola' .
I Now It'. goutCures
new and modern city hall was worse.

signed Thursday on behalf of the city Iby I chronic coughs, la grippe" croup, ZE3IIE"1. : UD& 00B J
whooping cough 'prevents pneu
Mayor Bliss and Contractor Chas I
monia. Pleasant. to take. Iery; bot
H. Turner will commence at once"
guaranteed at all dreg slorcn. Price"

occupy tnolithing!! the' the site. old building d"l ? r 4 W" and |1.X)-. Trial bottle. -tree A :rrKEBS.:;:

Another big banking; institution. ill i to Ex-Senator: M. C. Butler. Rainstorm Dcea Great Damage

be organized in PensacolH at an early p"s'fiJ It Often Caitsttt/ty Catarrhcftkf Kunn! City. .AUK 24.- X terrific Do a. cr.De,*.'b.II""lIer nunloeu. bur sad sell ror.... sad u..._... ......_. i
date, with some of the mom proainentcapitalists Stemaf/t-Fern Htt Relieve CatirrA rainstorm .prevtilltd In Kti't ,.,.. tlt\. Tbe kocountaof: t>.ak..l>.nk.r."orl_. o_..__.,......,...... ..... .,...roe
and business men of the" and vicinity! Thurdn re.elvrdonraorDletereu.. yp.olalt.odla.sfi' .....1.. ...**...,io7s W ,
t'urly }
otht SfcmafA and It > rauvliiKmor
Therefore aJewttiy .
.:'".*. tt.:..w>tBtaln ihe Untied Sta,...
city as stockholders.: It will be a banking For Iys/"psia. ''- or I tt'!*** serious da.u. InKansni

and trust eomp"ny'ftnd Trill have Clt5.; n lnch.. of "%'nlt.1'i tell'

a capital stock of 200000. )(on. :M. C. Dotter Kx-U. H. "Sen" n record for the time f % .e and M G..A..IN"E8V L-Im: FLOE.IJ:1: : A..
1- from South Carolina for two hAil hoiiTM Low lying' lantl were
Work on the removal of the woodenbuildings .
*. In a letter from 04..h-cl l | and the i>iJIce! and fir tlopnrtmentM ---- '- -
to replaced by anew mod.
I>.O.. write to the were railed! on to !
ern brick the home of the new port.ofllee Irene persons M.O AHAM. President II K: T..u..l..hl..r
of St. Petersburg begunMonday. Co., a* follows: .alll1llnKlun'j from tMnenientx In 1 I.11th l Italy' U.o. W. Hvna. Vlce-Presidsnt I... U."u A.... C..kl.r. .
;, was ;
"/ can recommend
In the north
end of the town. and In
The work will b.. puhedrapidly dyspeptl mint Mtommch
the eat nod l west bottotHM.vh.ro t'iwater '
so as to ajlaw the new' quarter have been using your THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK
5 ntori-.l Hinall hi
ninny Several
I m short period"" I feel very I IH
be November 1
to ready by
relieved. It la Indeed m .' downtown basements Hire! flooded
People of Pablo Beach are ftlmrtst a medicine,- betidem food tonic." ] and stMxls lnniagnl.Children '
OF G..A.IN"ESV"ILLE.TIlE : : : : .
unit in favor of organizing this Tillage

into'a town government, and at CATAIinil of the stomaoh. h the (or- in Pain ONLY NATIONAL BANK ALACHUA CO .
for most CMHQS of dys
the coming session of the State Legis-: Never cry as do children who aresuffering
pepsia. In order to cure catarrh of the oo)
Capital. .
. .
latore It is probable that *
very stepswill stomach theeatarrhmust eradicated. from hunger. Such:: is the
be taken which will result in the Only an Internal catarrh remedy causeit. all babies who cry and are SnrpluH anll l Ucdivulixi Profltn. :no.ooo\ ()( IMI

municipality' of Pablo Beach being uli a4 IVrnna In available. treated for sickness when' they Wally .. .. .
no..1t liiBltely. s b.alttg! br.L: *.. cub l faelllq..lual' t. asp bass. !. ,k .
established. Ptruna exactly meets the Indication& are suffering from hanger This is ire ..eoll.."vI r.rieereMerebaste.Gorpue.ao.a..N ..,.,_,.ue....
"el.I..D' All t>u-lB.. .r..._,.. 1_Oil?
"Th. handsome mid! commodious caused from their food not being ..-
tI. E. TA YIAK 0.......
steamer .'Falcon which is to be put on from the ntitlylnu |>recincis have, nut similated but 'devourfd! by norms. A

the run between Tampa" and St. Petersburg b..en. received but enough hare reported Mw doses of White's Cream Vermifugewill

:, by' the Tampa Bay' and West. to make the result sure Temperance cause them to cease crying and

Coast Transportation Company, in expected people are rejoicing over the begin to thrive at once Given trial.. ABSTRACT & REALTY COMPANY

to arrive there in a few day. victory Sold by \\'. M Johnson

aDd will be put into commission soon The street car strike, which halt 11..n
Thirteen Flrsnven Injured. 'T iocj t*i>t>rot.cl I
after landing. in 8t. for the week
on Petersburg past Chicago AUK -Thlrt.m !D'LLs'
Orange county has commenced active was settled Monday afternoon to all weie either. .>vercomeb)' miioke It, E. E. VOYLE. MQR.Abatraats .

preparations for an exhibit of its resources parties concerned satisfactorily. A lnJ.ltcby! explosions while tlkhttnit afire of Title and full i Information furnished! reKartlm lan .. sat.etnnty. .

.. at the Florida State Fair A Conference was held ni (...Uri** be.tween In tt e paint mannfarturlnK .t"b( Our manager has lived l In this ,eonntt thirty year sad

I \ resolution was psssed. by' the hoard of I the striker and Manager Urban llnhtuent of John I.urns, ton DenlMalns Is thoroughly conversant with I suit till..

trade of Orlandr heartily endorsing the and it took but s. few minute' to come street, *'arl\i Thursday The fire

Fair and euergeticjwork: was pledged in to an agreement After the agreementwas which In belle-.d l to have started trim

behalf of a tine display' from the old over a car wa. turned over to the spontnn*.<.iii. unibiistloti. caused.. a lost
j /.reliable progressive; .. county of the orange conductors and ruotormen and they of ZU'\lu.. .

belt. carried the car over the lines in the ..UU:. ACCIJE\T. HUKO1.AKY ANI INDKMNITY JNHOKASCaT' k..,..

The wet or dry election in Madison various parts of the city, hurrahing WASHING WITHOUT WATER seotinc b naml.er of prominent American and I.ngll.h.orr.p.al...
I IUA: (. ": T.\TY. AM) DITV IOANHOodLri.oriT7 ,
county Friday aroused lively and having: a good tim. in general'

,both sides working with Int.r..1 .. !. like Tr>lo. So '..t KM ..f t)..4roS. > 'l.TJLo: J e"LOr-t.da: iy i iI

The Indications are that the Don't Be Blue 111th./ tlerplcIJ..

has gone dry by n overwhelming ma. And lose all interest 9 when help !I. ; rid you ewer se. nn tn'I'I f I .

'jorh,. IaUI.on precinct gave a dry' within reseh ilerbin will make that I w w ...,.It..r.. U..nl\ wun..t auto atU I LIVt m PtBRI 3 mi IUIIROAD (CO.i.rhednle

majority' of seventy-seven. Returns liver perform its duties properly' J. ,"u 1U what w uu j 'u ar <''f f .

H. Vaughn Ellis Ala., writes .'U... him'It : .
:- ,.,. .
U rr.ry bit a. try to tHI
log: a constant sufferer from cunstlpa.tionand .f iMiiMlrutT amt Iv pi- nrnt 11.1)n. > __. Y.A.etiv..tprtl: 31: '. I"" 'm
... hy rUn" tho g.rm. IMctt C..... -- - ... -
disordered 1 have |
a | Canthrstl.ie. t'.e' 'V:, ..... ; r-----;; ;
It wish e j .
I I I HI ,s. I io< f r. xio is aTATt >>>
found liertine to t>* the 'In st medicine. I 'raof'anti stroller .ol-e,.t<'.. which f. rrnlh :,.Ii, a-m (..IV: Dally' ." .. (>V. ,l>.n. .. ._ 'HMS *-.....* CMV ieI '
for those trouble, on the market. II "rl".t .1 lnrre. .Jl..n'. .' nx>.t e. I Drs I *..

have used it constantly. I believe It I I ru::1.! i| llmr. Vtvnr, .. .. ., 1.. -A-i' I'M'f'W;
; rewbrrl. U..rJOIc'Io1. .u .r.
: I to be the best medicine of its kind r.._ It ."....11I. ant II' p'r..It''e !<:.<. I....:.. L..::, .. Ar.t.I A....o Aei4vo* AsaaiM si
"sasW* .. M I IAr '''we .It. s i sv ss *
all I I terns >iirrt f le' .
and I wish sutT rrs from these W Arl -r'1 <
ft I I. th. 'rsrlnat' er4 r j.I>,rIM, l .. s .' t.r. N L. M'' :'I INw1 1'u. .
fi.All trouble. to know the good .... ....lf r.>.rml-1. "!'" manufs" I I. sr AI tS .....J...W.M.. I I'j.
t'n :: : :
'birl.I' .... s S *<1Ario : I l* I
has done na.. Hold' by \\ M. eat.t 1'v teal" a ""'f.' Ar Ar Ar rrr ,
.'em,... toe ..m,,'" I. T"a r....'.'. Co :a' A' tar Ar Sta i Ilsaeiue. .>!.*!... .1.. I c" I I lip" L. r. C.e

tt son, I l'.tr..'. Mien. I I (........U.... .'.... a. tl'.1'8'' I'.'. ... ..J ...... ... .... ,.... I... .... ...a ....., sea N -
Unionist Party I i. H. II...,...d. A c... **e.elal "'treat.GOOD Att.g.edlf.iaJw1N11.a" I.. ..., A,1.. ..... .11......._.... ....... t
Orgsnlxsd.Pan "or t.terra.fioe, .. I. ........-.r. 'II r/Nr ...... ..KU ... ... ..-.! !*.---
Salvador. AUJC: 24.-A unionistparty A...' I.-.*. 1111IICMA .sis.ase 1.'. ('..
i .. l'.I.I". (. I'... ...( N t. I" '1 NINa' .. ...-.... .....
baa been u'PDb..et here to I I IJ.. I... Y......wp'h .
work In favor of the formation of a JHEAB I .
careful Central American republic to Includeall I

the> t'fctral' .lmerican republic a.1 AIDS DIGESTION _" 'I"'I" I'I

""omenC7e now constructed: A central commit
t tA'
te. has bn elete' l to> further the I '
11_.__ ...11: v.dstI Urea
alms of the new party A number ..f .". ..
,..#.. .u.a te..y I.uee 1 e.e $1If
.'GIimIm1- promlneftfn'rat Americans are In '; ......... '- ....... ,$ You Are Insured. .

eluded In lie mrntM>r_np|
.,. who snifter from ... \
e'w.r \
... ntxl nil .11-! 'In Self D.'.*... j Iu s ('<.mp4ay that is lt-.iw sub:. Hs /.i.ey ."".* lf
h..h. .. ... ... .... ....
If o a-s .s k s. W. .. U th I.it.r.l.sy .f I' ( ',a".*t .. I n.. Ur.lupeay
l"l lit? .lJu'II.1 l .tt ii .1
,SM doe to a torj r. ; editor sod t. r le.. i. I' t. ... S 55f5 ear
s.uot Jut thelratotnacb with clmI 'I Vajor tlarnm. msasg ...i.....vN ., r-e ._ as \ fays I...-.. Promptly, \
of The Constitotiessbsl. Kmiaeaee. '
and oilier tlmr ,
Ky when he was fl.rrey .U..4 .
.HCRBINB QUICKLV. CUPCSsfc four years ago by f Ue.. bobcat. a box:' MN>.. 1"a.. T. MIUII R. |',.sw'' You Are Assured
>. CossstJ .CrUIts i ia. C
>ssaswsm. e. ..
of lioekies'. Arnin'r.1 l I.e. of '. -- -
..aNliverv.rc=""""b.* says "It eared iw. In t.sj dsis sad j Tfest .o tenon. k..alf r.otn. you .........l yew as>.. --. \

Mr... C* I). rhtllrv M.rM..> ... rouble sis>e*." Q.....k..t Kal r .f i ibame. WILUAHJkNDEIIMNBICYCLES ), ,.tutee

FaJla.T.*. writs lrln.i Pierbin. sor+. eels sad wowods. SB 4.11, '
the 1..t llvrrnan'ctly. ft "
.,...r trl-t. II hen ,Ie.' any ,_ all dreg stores and
milT .ntl n y.. lf woHJ .,fI \ Fire Life Accident and Health \USI tdMe. C
I srn>_>. I re
tt..Itfa. .sst Ufa**. I Electrical
pQ CF' Sftc. applies.s f) :r... b.t !rehab.. Cotapealee k.pe.e.at.d C
all ...
".). ...., .seors'os rts t .

kNird.. SA6w Ui..t CI. ... ...."...:, pda. are sew s.. .... : -oj-- -
t. fee' ..... .. ...... .. .. -
... ,*. ..Jttlaati Co..t LJs.. :<. trove : .ey ....

sr. LOt.-15. MO., I k4s to .**..r }...t.os>.. fs r tstN. .... ........,. kttrtasl. t.+,N t A.4.\ CU.H: TAN --

r.ser.athos..or. say l.f.nastlo..s.e.lraok.N.ttb ... safl ftlasaw .1- J.,........... eb..tIaUI rQ,....... OAIUIYILI.L PWZDAr C
Fraaa C'8ot! ...IHs-1 .
and Irvxosjni 1Dfil.'4 are. a.1.3 ...-
s.w Ages'. J..u..
1'-i Iys 'r".r 1 W. uTNIVN' ST. '''' ''' '
W. .. JialJViaT, 1ir ., .. .I ,
t "
). *' .,.. ..*,..\t.....
.f ... ...._ ,,.. _.. j&." .. ; */ .-d')' b.'t'9* J it'Jti-
..0.<.. .__ ', A". ..... : .,;. ;::,

v a.

1 1M



: '
___ .
1. An Informal Oance. I

v: NEWS OF CITY AND HIGH-GRADE I A number of the young people enjoyed -

an Informal dance at the East .WiLSOH'S. i

COUNTY CONDENSED Florida Seminary barracks Thursday iI

vening. Eight, couples participated I

PLUMBING, In the TerpNichnrean art. although

Matter of General Interest Oath- here weremany more present. Music

er Bred by Our Ilaporters.r was furnished by an immense grapho- Another Bargain Week
hone, and altogether the, evening was
.i .and. molt enJoJ.bly whiled away.A. I IAt.

L. Daughtrey of Rocky Point was -

? : What Has Happened and What !I. Going In the city yesterday. Mr l)4oghtreya This Popular Store. '
to Happen Told In Short ParagraphsSo a*jo.it returned from Philadelphia
and points In Tennessee where he ha.
i That "He Who Run May Raid"U been for the past few w eks with his 36 pieces Figured Lawns go at 7 1.2c; worth 10 and

In The Sun. famll,. The family remains In Tennes- 12 12c. .
at less than the "
House to let. Mrs. E. A. Clapp. tree; where they expect to sojourn for

Old papers for ale at thU omee..s the balance'of the summer 29 pieces: Figured Organdies and Swisses, only lie

TewerGallons:Wears Longer; Devoe. I old prices .. MIssTCarneitine Fagan expects to yard; worth 15 to 20c. ,
make her departure today for Jack.
x Ladle.'ealllnR card in latest style.. .onvjlle.:where she will spend a few 15 pieces Fine Organdies, choice only 19c yard; worth

1'$ at San office. for poor work.We da,. with relatives. From Jackionille 30c, 35cand 40c.
To R"nt-On. seven-room haute on
shewill proceed to Lexington
;;c Coon street. J. A. Phifer. KJ'.. where she will eater a woman's. 18 pieces Cotton Suiting ano Percales only IQc yard.

For the h-st printed stationery, at ollege. Friends of the young lady

7 lowest prices call at The Sun office. are now prepared to put In First' hope to see her return next spring In6ne 100 'Large Size Bed Spreads, worth g0e Each

E. B. Bethea of Jennings Lake was a Class Plumbing and connect to sewerage health: everywhere $1.25, this sale price ,

r business visitor to this city yesterday in front of your house, and' have it Mrs. Maretta O. Brooks has returned

O. of Archer from the and is now ready for ..
F. Bauknlght was country
all ready to connect to the city sewer liar-gains 'In Shirt Waist, White Parasol.m..nd all kind. ef Summer
transacting business In this city yes music pupils in piano and voice cut
when it is accepted by the city. Come flood Special value In Black Taffeta at 1.OO.. Wilte Wash SIlk at :5O
t.rday.Ilon.. nre. Mrs. Brooks has been very luc-
early and advold the, rush that will and The yard.
and Mrs. Frank Clark made abrl.I essful In securing a large class of
take place when the new sewers are pupils and giving entire satisfaction
visit friends at
t to Mleanopy yesterday. -
ceepted'by the city. Being a graduate of music she I. a MRS.: : R.'YLSOl: T. I II

.' lrst-elas. teacher having a thorough
Mrs. M. II. Depasa and children of
I All work put in by regular plumbers knowledge of music In all its branches.
Archer were visitors to Gainesville
yesterday.V. under a sanitary engineer and gu.raneed. Rev. Francis H. Craighlll. rector of I,

Beware of accepting any work Holy Trinity Church has received information THE." CONTINENTAL
\ L. 11111 has returned from a boss.nees Y. P.
from Rev. J. L. Patton of
trip to Daytona. Palatka andother that will not pass Jacksonville Inspec- HIRMELlNGJSI \URANT.
tlon. Ashland Va., that his daughter whoa
pointf.Be .
1 h'. been quite ill with typhoid fever
Real (First corner South of Postofflce)
sore to get Blue Ribbon Lemon Estimates cheerfully given and plans. I. very much improved. This will .be "
and Vanilla Extract. The beat that I
and specifications drawn op in ac ord- ratifying information to the numerus -
L money can buy. friends of the Patton family' In
ance with New York and Jacksonville
Mrs Ch... Fowler of Otter Greek his oily, who spent last' winter here.NgtieeHorsrs Estate NOTICE.
" pent yesterday pleasantly with relatives Sanitary; Requirement. and Mules for Sale- Having secured the services of
In this '
city. Country work a specialty. Expertson V. R. Thomas has gone to Kentucky two experienced restaurant and
,1' Mr. and Mrs. W. p. Coffey have returned where he personally!' selected a carod .
Agency. hotel
sewerage for country homes. people we are in a position
from pleasant visit to their each of fine horses and mules for
old home In Kentucky. IW" to give you service second to
his market They are expected Sep.::

Wanted to Kent-Furnished room The S. J. Thomas Co. ember lit/ and will be placed on sale no place In the city, and a trial will

near square, with hath. Address a' his stable at prices! you cannot are One nice Cottage in High Springs, convince you of,It. Stay-at-home

nare Box 64, Gainesville UalneTllI<>, Florid. ford to mi.*. If yon want a good: 45OOO. taken' the best care or.I .

If wife has left you for the animal, wait for the arrival of this' 35 nice Building Lots and House
: your --'--- ------- ------- -- --
l summer the l'_aree House will take. Graham ,and rye bread fresh every lock, select what you want and pay a near University, I4.00O. I

rare of you Meals I 2.Vi. ( ay. Keystone Bskery: reasonable price. 3-Acre Lot good house,tine location I Open Early and Late. Drip Coflre

Wanted-To rent five or sis-rnnmit II. L. Rosenberger aod daughter of On account of the home-eoming of $2,000. Western MeaU..
Wm. J. Bryan the Atlantic Coast Lloe If you want the best on the market
louse near September I. Mrs
square Kirk wood visited! friend in Gainesville -- .
-- --- -
x William Scott, 'pnone 107. eterday. will sell tickets from all points on this B"'" Harmpling. he has it-prices right --------- .-

hoe to New York and return for one oo.
Typewriter ribbons for vale at thisafe.76 John Holly', lbs merchant of Arre- .
fare Pius t2.::b. Tickets on sale An- --- - ----------- T. F. THOMASUNDERTAKING
cent' a piece. The very Hondo, was transacting business In
gust 28th and 39th float limit leasingNew DR. WALKER TO PREACH.
best ribbon .
y on the mark t lalnesvllle yesterday
York not later than September CO.
Friends of N A Clllon will regret T. M. Venable of Arrednndo mm.her "th See your nearest railroad agent! President of Methodist College Will .

to learn that he I. suffering with feverat of the County Democratic Executive ur write for Pullman reservation. and Deliver Two Sermons Sunday. '

his hom. Spring Park Farm. Committee and one of the wider ..0"
information to Frank O. 110yl.on.DI.n.ct The Sun has been requested an. FULL, LINE OF
For Sale Five-room. I known men of the county, wss in ,
dwelling and Passenger Agent, Atlantic nunnce that Dr. SV.lk.r., pre"";
ere lot In North O
dress I.flc-k Hoi 171.nainevi1le. Fla I.. )I. Hoykln a prominent con tracer ._ .. will preach In this city two sermons ---
-- -- -- ---- --- --- -
It (i. n... ha returned from a husiiii of Jacksonville. was In the cityesterday. tomorrow. In the, morning he AOENTS: tXJIlMOSUMENTM.

.. trip to Utah Spring, lie was for It I I. said that Mr. Hotkina will flll the pulpit( of Kavanaogh Methodist

several! year a merchant at that place. I. after some big contracts. oontfcm- NEW YORKRACKRT. Church at the usual hour, and TOMBSTONESand

; Have your stationery printed at The. plated her in the near future tbough to the evening will preach at the union .' IKOX FENCES.fV .- r

e Hurt offle". Kir t-cUa. work prnirptlydelivered nothing definite can be said at this meeting at the Baptist church. See our*ampe: .

s', at reaonaltte price U uur t I mo. Dr.:' Walker is an eloquent and Imjressive .

e ntntiu. I W. Allen llaile, a progressive young speaker and those who hear this Personal tin*. Mad attention aDd to aU matters la
Tom Blair of Ihfr.Mnulhern Hell ,..1.) planter of Alsehua, was transacting him will appreciate him. prompUr' attended to. order

.t>Hone Company hs returned' from anf.m..I.1 business In this oily y**t.rday. Mr. .

visit to Lawley anal, other llaile offers 91X reward for the'.ppr. Ocala Juniors Will be Here. Gainesville Florida.

I' point' ienlon and conviction of the party The Ocala Junior baseball team are .

Trainmaster Fred| II. Font of the whu shut Walter. "White a negro employ expected In the city' next week and

4 Atlantic Coast Line hareturned from rd upon his f.rm. a few nightsago CHEAPEST STORE ON EARTH will play the Oak Hall. Jr.. a series of

an of fetal visit, lo Jacksonville *ndtithr .. will b. noted by advertisement three games-Tuesday.Wednesday and Miss loboau's

points. elsewhere In this paper.READ Thnnd.,. ._ -- --- .--

. The Oak Hall. Jr.. were treated so
H 1.. anti J M Burner and W S. JUST UECK1VED: :
J..luv" nf Lake. View hospitably by the Ocala team and the
were among THIS.
tH i.>.. who favored the county capita ANOTHER SHIPMENT. OF good people of the Brick City during Boardingp.! aj school

wl'h. visit. yesterday T.'n-. Ala.. June 6. 1901. their recent visit there that the boys -- -- --. .. -_ .
Its K: W Hall tit Louui D"arHir Roundtree Trunksand have D...* finished talking about It.
Frank !Hale, representing Awitt A
-I have b.en. great suTerer( .from and now they desire an opportunity to 3O.elt Main Street. S.
'onipanT' "%<*kers, la spending a day
bladder trtxilile for two and reciprocate.Both .
i ." two here with hi.. ntolher and inri years my ValisesThe OAIXE3VILLE. F
, case wr. of a very severe aatur..oona. teams are In floe condition :,FLORID
; dentally wnrkinat up'th* tradeAfgii .
elllnai ate tu have several painful I and play good ball, and it goes without say.
.t .n.II..n..t'tnr for build 8TAM"AUI> OF PKUFECTIO: : ?'. The Thirty thtrd
dangerous operation. I have also taken ..* log that the games: here will be well Year open. Sep.
' IH. ..' all kln>t.. Plans furniahe l lOa many' different remedies. I Look attended .. tember 17. 1808.Pearce.
.h Med f,,,,,I.h.t l If requlr*'l!. Address Mwramp Hoot fur three years and Wartier' Our aalo of Trunks and Valises are .. ..._, -.. .. -..
tafe Cur.. twp years and they something immense, because, wr carry; -
I1O3: AtocMi' KMesJam : Board Public Works.
avenue only gave temporary relief After the sleek! and veil at priere that cannot -
*. H r' Until and C Kline having two operallous and preparing b. matched If you are going;{ The Board of Poblia Work mt in House
I have tune in Catuller..'.. they will for the third I saw your Texas Won away give i us a call the oltlee of Col. II. F Dntton Friday

Y pend a few days a* s.|et> of the for.m.r der 1 gut advertised almost immediate aDd purchased rrlivf and a bottle have I There wa no business of especial importance. .

'. mother Mr. O L Kline, continued. to improve vvr sine. II the regular routine having Centrmltr Looated. Otrraatla.T.at

/ T Caon of Island Drove wa in My do. tor *aid my bladder bad grownIngvher been disposed ofNOTICEIO0 Thoroughly Renovated
In three places, and 1 was and Under NewManagement.
the city. Th.r.day. having some tu at*
alntiMt ,
auffvrine death (man living The DIXIE GIRL .
land th. meeting of .Woodmen of REWARD.
if ean say mote than 1 ran for your Tea.a. .
the World ThrOay vening. He Is avery Wonder and I call It a world's I will pay IIOO for the apprehensionand S1'to $1.50 Per Day 'Meals 25c
p wonder and I toor-. alt suffer .
nlbuiatie Wticdraan' who will Shoe for Ladies conviction of the
party or parties
give. It n trial. WUhlatfyoa *ueev* Iam Si-reut H.... bv tke Ween. .....
C I>: l".tinU. general superintend.I Tour troll who shot Walter White, colored, at

eat of the Hattoa Phosphate Company W C. DAHIBL. and Misses nay farm a few night ago. F. T. ORD. Ma88pr

left yesterday far -.hI.'oft and W. ALLex IIAII.&. -_ .
.4 ., points on bwaloe eowneetsd- oth'l A TEXAS WONDER. Is th.* Shoe that the |eot- >le are. call _. ..- -- .. -,. --

j fete Orsn He will be absent severalI'rof. On. aaaall bolt). of u.. Tow Woa' tog for. They are made of solid leather TilE CEXTKAL CITY Miss I.

daps. der, Ual**Great Discovery, oran nil and wear well look well sod th. Pries- Merl .

I', II Half of 1k..ap.ri. kidney and bladder troatle. ratios la within. the reach of all. Try a pi BARBER SHOP ... .
n .ital farm, t*.lv.r.lty of Florida gravel. sjams diabwt**. .....aaJ uad..loss .. I of thrs. and t* convinced rI1

"t v>.. rtar".d to Lake" City, after a few ..weak wad .... ...... .....* Cha*. F. Dorman. Prop. .

days spent here. look I a si aJtter tk-e later Uaai attar all IrmcularitUs. ) of Uo kid L. .
I East Caioo St.. South Side .......
..u of has. ilepartaaent of the great. aeya sad blander la boo ... .adwuansa.rofuUies Square
e .-011..* bladder ......w.. tn, Remember; wt Mil goods at Gatxasncu Pears. 0.4Fucy
Wald..., :.If aat sold by your drawn s., RACKET PRICES.
w Joke K Iho... A. W Ly.a and Jo -'
will bo asat by mall on monies aT '!.I .
..ph Jeaala of Mo tfcro. ...T. A. 0... Ono anamlt bolo U two montns' ,......! ---__ __ __. -- -._. '0 _. ____ _.. Most ar-to-dat (-, .. ...
ahoy the
O. C. BalUf a.d. Jolts Townaead of ..., ... .....- falls to tt.rh.t s 1 ett,.
..... Pr..-.,...,' MaU.... Re.eoaafele .1...ee..s.o..treat.**.*.
r ....--. ..... Is.,!*>. Mgt ,.......1': --.1 '
"a .iaM..s_. BROs.y
AM'MIA srelasea J ;.ew.wet..d 'Wtl % JtHl1.. 'WATCM IT R1iMK
.J "t' w. "... "6. w. << SOT sad COLD BATH*. ELECT- : k. ;:
J J.
.. 2-- \..: ...F.: \::,.... '1o"T'f.t": ..... ,.:r I! ,MIAMI

Gainesville daily sun
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\I. 0 : 0,'
"' .
:; ;,. 0'"



I < :" nint n'i lt 'i nilu :

:=.. ... -- : .


'.. _--=- -=-- =-. '.'-.-- __-=:. .- :-..:;..=J
Want to Know In:.ntion of Company. i rtp' . . :2 .

,BUSINESS RESUMED .Nevorit.. Ally,: .' i.t'111c1'a.d i SMITHOVERWHOS J4LIDE.( Hade. .'_ 2 . GENERAL BANDERA, .

offices of M .1 I S.i;;tA... t'u.. In this 1I.\w"oll. 2 . .

city' and in .Itr.t i ('It) \\nloh: fcus Docntur' . I. INSURGENT KILLED
peudtdVnlnt,\ \\ ...rt.'h.lt..d on GEORGIA 1 h'Kaltl.I .4 ,

TJitirsilaj l b> a latn 11111111,.. i' .It' Ihr pJ. Ihielge.: . . :: _. i
trans of ille: 'uh..u.n mud Its \uilou -- 1)1'(1I . . : .

"Uuainess: Houses Open for First agents In ot'ur: oi Its Mho" wanted: Carries Over Ou *Hundred Couu- J) uaghe'the . :. . Was Operating Against Cuban i

to know whit the coiiipaninte.ul'* tc Ihtulhlr. . . 2 '
Time Since Ruake. di about settling! its aicouiTl. It 1 I. tits in Primary. Karl: I)' . 2: Qouernmout
-- said t the lit in has 25oi: 'o accounts to Kctml . . . --

bt adjusted! thioiiRhout the south u ..:m n Jo:h 11111. 2 . TWO FOLLOWERS MET LIKE FATE a
large number of which are located t Kttiert: .' 4 --.--

-- along the routu of two wirer: tu N ttw Rmnnuel: . . tK.inntn Rural Guards f''
A Force of 200 Mounted
Moverr<*it Is on Foot to Organizea Orleans, which it formerly operated Fulton. Floyd Bibb, Richmond and . 2: . .
According to one r 'port the losses Kato.. . . :2Klo Which Had Long Been Sa eking- Insurgent
Company to Facilitate the Raisingof Thomas, of "Big. Six, Are for Hoke
amount to ;::..11011.11111It( ua exptct: ) tl . 0t'orth ; I Force Commanded by Cand : .
Money Necessary to Construct? ed that formal action li .>klnjr toward Smith and Estill Sate.. Ch. ?..m by . . :2 .
*.> In Their Efforts.
the City of Valparaiso. the: appointment of iin assignee would Uncomfortably Snsall Margin. Kraiiktln. . . :2Kultou : ..*r .

bf taken today and that Possibly tin I . . t. Hat'an*. A us, '** I I. .Ctneiul: ijtioutln
Valparaiso, .\us. 24.- -Some of the attempt might ho made. to organize .Atlit.. ... A UK. 24. 'Ttif{ result of the Itllnu :2 . liituue.a.. the i.t'Kto I UatUT of llav.. ,iuyitixlaif ,

tUslneii. housed here are opened for a new company in which soma of the state priuwry la a filial \ iclorj lot (!tlcock . . 2 .. wao, rtcviitl: tivdued uu ITkiira : ,

-business fur the first time xlucw tae niemher of-the other concern wouldbe Moke y tlth. > (ill l II" . . 2llor.loii .. .*ut l aivJ and Uecuu ullrlaIt.ly' ;

catastrophe uu hursdaj Inclu
Telephone and UKgraph: coaimunlcatloa thut Mr .Smitu has carried II'"' IJradytireene. . . . 'l'hurlhl.a moriiui, tu an "'u.ouulei t
with Santiago: has been re-ea: count!*'*. In several ,'uull.I,'. !It aillrequlre & . . . 2Owtniutt earl. )with luial uuanUThu
used al I' Will Bore 45 Tunnel. the ofUclal count to determine .
tabllshed. but tae li.iesj are 4 .. ll.iiKlvru's baud ociurr yC
San Jo'I'.lIh1'0.. AU.J. ::".-Tlu> \\'eat, Hull wltli!
l b the 'erumtutofficials. tho result and taunt .e'\_ I'l'l oTthe llattt-rshnm. I. 2
moat exclusively > go> .. "d ui :J ofUi\k.' A forte of :2i: >0
rullroail will l hurt, IS .
I'aclUc tunnelit
era ruinotu cob Iltle I a no trIkttsof
iiittru: Hall IHancock. iiituinttil I rural guards whlth hail bt eta
The city la: still under martial law ,In eastern California betweenOrrllU a defluitu character bate been rt'- . . :2llaralnon eekllitf lau h'.UI"t.'lHIlIn' ,
pair hole days *
liockwtth ,Panit. 111"11'1\.1| I
> and I
traffic ctastn at I b o'clock In the e\eu cei\ed The presetlt Indexation tire . :2: foiiiiun.jdt b llanUcr.t. lluallyoditttutd
log and utrryuudy tit. compelled to of jtoiiiK around mount alii*. thtV.-stern tnat Mr hake Smlh i 1M aiurel of2t tilt rrl.. . :2llatt the )\ot"ruti otimmaiidtl .
I ant r
woik tor- Pacific. 1 I. going thiotiKh tluni the "4 delegates. to thu btutt* cou\entiou . .
take ttonii. part in the or re>> hiiil pitched his tamp r'r11,> nlglitlu ,
As first in- longest> tunnel U at the head of ypringCaruso. out of .ttiti; cUlullrlllll1C the tut.mheiahlp It.-n r.1. 2: .
Ing normal conditions:: u [ udJItloa.. tu .llautieru.. twti' of tils&
half 12: miles east of (lure)', This' of that hod)'. I 2 ..
tallnit.ni:. the government appn- Henry follower Midst, 1.111",1. but. tu>nu wuiupiuri
cut Is under the rliln, ilK'ldlnK the It lu all pnjbitlilllt) I hi.1 nuns)' .
prlated l.Utm.o for tile telief of the tattoos Houston . . .
,1 I
north and middle irks of the TVathtr Uiallon b)' ,arcluinatloii, at the state Irwln :2 .
destKutc. T't! cu toiu e was TU- '.Jt forvt ttMiuuundtd ,c
'I 1 Ihtt'i4iirk, >
tunnel\ will .
rler. This. bt T.ooittwet :
opined tn :.1: >' and! Ira me b) watt : ? con\t>ation. which ui*.1. at Macon on Jackson . I IJaspti b) f'luo 1,1,' \I'UI have captured you "

and by rail: has !h'n rt. uinedi !. when 'tlmlll..I. The n \t tunnel Sept, I. e . fl' :2 I Juan de MartlntA, the "'IIIII"u\.t !

The I postal tivUe' i N now In opvratlou I on the road will be the one uuder That only other <'orrtc..t* on the statt Jeff! I DitU :2 ilio \\'"..tt
One tit HIM gnatoU JilIteul\ ties lleckwlth Pass. This t will l 10. ticket. wire' those for h' oQlcen of I J.'n..r.ulI. . :2JcnKltm pled HIK town and *i"llroa.I .t it tlou. y'

encomut'ii'd: bj I'll. authorities! 1.* thoInteriuiut overl.iMiii feel; long' and. it l h. bf'lnlCbon'.1 JUI.trnlipr It.'n.'rl1l and nclKMtlointiiUvlont . . :2Johlimiu Inert wa' no tdiNMl...hed. at the .}Coo ,

of he bod l Us tt.co\tred front. ] at bout ends( The third tunnel (. .rf Tlie.. wwre cttuideti| 1I >- . . 2: .upatioii of Suit Juaii tl<> Martlnt. '.. aCoidliig <>
will .pro'.!lil!)" lie the mot diMicul I oiemhadowed 1ty) Hit. tt>nte.t over :2I 4
the ulna: aa till the Stnt.'teries. wvri.Uv .' ly Jont . to tiltleport* just rl'ttlt.d: l.
engineering ft.nt of all ait It will 'item the govt'rnoralilp-MI lompletel tliutnumt I 1.1\ . . 4l. .
.troi':: t.l.1 At the \ailoii teriporui) 'the .mull fuiuti of rural Muards. wttlcti. ::
through Milld rock for n .llatale.* of the \n.t.,. wt-re, not aware' . i'
hart Lie :2: .
Lurues hup' of 'unll1" accu .. |luau| at thu approachof
lit Id the town
of laud:! h" 't. This will |I... north: of I that such content were on. until the) .
liunaUii!. awaiting tu+ dtalgautlon of I.Ili 'rt) . the, lnuti,,lu..
tlit.ii in&'... "C[ burial Thu work oficcoitiinn I Quinc on Spanish 'n"h. un,! 'rtiMik. to mark their UcUt tw. :N." .Ithor Un olti i . . :2: .

tlio bo'Ho*: l Is bttag'; punh- -- Mr. Sanford nor Mr JoUnston made' leap ml.. .. . . I. New; ; lurk An 21,--It wa* anuouuc.4 -

'I 1 hI the u 11101 la orlt-r, [ to urol an Telephone Girls. Strike. the slight*"t "111'1'''.'''''". Comptroller' t.l'11l.iit . . ::: . Ironi Hutttnik AUK J" Iha'' '
TT two hundred' I
1t.h.11I1C. In fear of which many faryI ChlC'u.111&, (hmt'rlll'rltcht and Htale Holiool Coin M t.I. unM . . :3 Ilea. rat iut..uln lUii'lt-ta, who' gi, a
|pf phon> girls mplo> cd In the c.1)
IiilHpfoner. Merriit carding .i'v.ry enlist
.us ar. I levins the city. Thrcmgn M.1'11 11 :2 I ly dUiliijiuuh,. hlm.*lf lu tlirwar ( 'IIItr'rs
the! whole lenscth; of Ilru/ll attnue and tral exchange of Chicago Telrplion t) *o far as rrpott.| "d"lhrt .i. Ion . . :.: fur iii.u. .,p.'inl/a/ ,"t>. hid leftrio-

all u'. cr victoria stuari?. large ttud. companat ruck. .Thursday badly crippling .,; contt4 for conKro wt rtl Mr)ufiMiller. . . .. . : U .\tv.tas, I IJ; tattle* weal of llnaiit.wltli .
: th.It'n'IC". The caiut of the Interesting side .**11., '.. Two of thee : )
rat \in *'u 1'"true-toil to satjter the' i JUc'lu&u. ', . alntut ;:i> liiiturKfiu. whom nuiubt r
Jionu: .,j fioui/ iln> notere rain. strike was an order issued b>' the ..ft. furnished br the nrAt district aletIN.lher. . . :2: compan .itclarlng the girls at "rl'll'trill' I lie fight for the short term to fill :: .
feurviior I>f (t.Hthllllilke| nay! alt l lah', h) a fuser uruif.l. mitts> nuu
in truer the hullrtlng: through a tho tacancy caumd by the death oft Milton . . ;Z .
tb l. during the iot'K'' It Nat ltupo sal|l. and 'ammunition whlrh. *et out trout
rear doir. which. In order to reach It. "luu,1! H. 1-:. IA."t.T hrought out .
lyseparate MItrhill I I I . . 2
ble to ituud Pratt \.liliout u;'pjrt. .. list ...1. 'I I lid m<,t d<.y It was rw.M.r>..ttd
Ihe.'r.| compelled to lliroiitch
( go a of audMaia than thai
A ino\eiaent l Is o.i foot to orgunlea : art ,_" I I. that |II.ul'l.'ra. had !be.'n wi.und.J lu e
('III1II"ln\ to facilitate the rald.iKof pa ftp.I It"te ill too feet Ionic The tlrl.Ih''lur.,1 for the long term J. NV Otrerstrpft 1t.II".c''II..rJ; . :: the head lu a .klrml* '
that the paimagewa" )' l Is mud' of Kcrfvn, over thr f.* nlll.'h..nt.| Ttie, . 2 +
tau.nty ciar)' to reton. truc7: lie MotKnri iii.ul.aa wu" ..'..n..' ..It year old lit. v
d>" even liv that disk tltne and dark. long term was won .by HunV \V . .
tit It pt.'pu.td|. to n.h"aC'e theftur Murray :: took) pat In tie 'Ian )I..ue' war a*
in-. Jed Mil+ hunt Interest for thefirt slimy\ and\ slippery at night Thereare $h"I.It.tnf. of Savannah, over huh J. Jlll.ehye.eWi.oa. .. . . t. well. a. lu Hit war fur ut.au. mite' c,

spa uoaths., 1-tie plan 1 I. tu con three ntlooit en.ranees on the all I'I. A llrannrij tif llullocb. =\' . . 2 iM'lidrnrM llw was well. ::Uown lu
l Ip and the girls dfclnred. that
hirui: .h.. new buildings of I light material ) they In HIM third district Congresstasnle'wls ()rnru" . 2 every protluri* uf Cuba: and had nr.. art annoyed b> the huiiKer\ .-4JD ufthese ha* drfratttl lion I 1".111') .MHughe i t . . ::
wild to lay' out streetj *) theyw4) Iilrthnris Inrtnrrti with. th* Sit-. '.,..*. When, Inllavaua.
have a uniform width of 20:: meter place after a spirited con.rstThere Paulding.' . . . Mundxrt. was. IS| tin habit of

r *, Tilt province uf th, north ajdMout ----- ...1'. a nunlbor of contests IMrl. en. . :2: . gsth.'rlntt cn.wd* of n..rn.>.. about mgt

.i. uhlch have not suffered from Fr/inklln A Billon Suspend. i for judReshlpa. and fur natorslilp. ttrrc. . .. 2: him and inaklna.. .p rh..e tu lhe>iii on

the earthipjake" are ,,'ndlnaIlPlllh'/:: ':-:.w' York Aua 21.-The .u.p.ni.
of foot! an I money to he strut>tn cite of the firm of ..Franklin Illllon m*>mtM < I'nlird Hlatv tfa-nator A. O. llacon foil . . :2riihikl occasion h. weal to the senatechwmiiOTr t

ten at.d IJAUS. >m of the Consolidated Ktn.'k K a. had no opposition for rrnomlnatlon, ..l . . 1 and d"llv.rd a violentp4

The deparlUKnt of public works ,MfMai change was anounc..d Thursday The and probably "JlII..1 every vole cast I'lttn.inOulln.an . . -rh rrtk-lli| lh. Kn ernm"nt for

: '|..Ju ha. appropriated IliH&.iMT" fur Inability of the firm to ctdlect add!. In the primary I fl. 2: . "not lehllll' him an i.rnr., H
The Inll.... table shows the Italian' 2 . ...
the 'unlltftlf'tlon of sheds to shelterS tfnnal margins from cu'ioarn. af'rr: coun I.) wa. "appoint l rkw 'pt -

the r..fim-!* from ValaparaUo: and 1 the upward movement of the market ties carried by cacti candidate In (h. Itandolph . . . >r of inn bou. of 'parliament The d

.f.'w.lt'n'! who continue to anise at tat week Is.reporb .1 to t>*> the rati..* KUlM rnatortal race and the number of Illclimond .4. *. . 4: 1..1'lun whittle ....n.l..r.. ..plr..| to w.-

the Chilean capital In !I..rtc. nhmtier.. of the .upn-.ton, A member of Hit 4vl..gaf** to whirl each county Is Hockdal. .. . . :2 that of chile. of pullrw

'1'he 'r 4iln! .ail, line >.-tvn l.lmarhv firm today cstlmatM lh*. llabllltl afliKi entitled In the contention "..hi., . . - --- '

and Qullpuv In a.I.tlthm| t<> "urT,.rlii $ ) and assets at $3 u.OOt> to |4O.. Hcrn . .. 2HpalrilnK Cnt..age.ne wfsr freer Heat.Cblra "

-..vtvljr from the rarlhquak of An I'.n l, lie ..ldh+ firm hop** to rum i 1COUNTr. ri. . .. 3Horptlrfl 'co. .Slag 21 .rho..I.f bk
SUM 10 h. has several mormon t'rev. I promise with its tre.Jltor. and rr.um. If . i. 2Mtewart .p-ipw" a.ata ibr. ..n4m| the tMrk oaMtln y

lc.-", newly m..f'. In Its rlHnlty operation b r* y.So. . . 2t \% .*Jy alaht. ....kln.. .h..lt.r uav ''

\.IIIo.1alt! tlll 1 U without street !3 I I M"hI t., . . ..*, tb. dales from Ihs heat of the

Itilht, but orJrr !Is nlal"I4.ln l owlne. Insurance. Lose Adjusted. JA..Un. 2= .Sltakr 'falbl.t . .. :3laltafvrro city AI.s ...r....-.. T1iur : x
to tar .f..*rlly of the lI.uhurUI. wiw) Han .raftf'hcAu... 11 Tb. Insure .. : . . : . 1Tattnall .I' ; the n..,.- irr w e4 *>..>.. s<>. Tb. l+

..ho.11 i *TiM>n caught rornntlttlaaAavcme ante kr
rubJ..rt: juvtrj at il.aK.BIu, This l ie nurse Ualdwln. . 2ltsaks laldt'' ... .. .. 2 .\* Intense slit I th. auth'rrllli 4+ $?

tie aui:,htt. wltl*** fell ai than hw lovuranro _aU
the llm of the earthquake. are the base to pity I! for the total |In."ra.r* ".rtow. . . t 'Thorn .. .... .. ftTlfl people .u y'u '!..... h'* and poor Milk,

s.aac-4! !! of justice, and the Maritime pre of the building was only 'I.StS.noo. 1 It 1 I.rrtea . . . .. .. .. It I I. .......1... art aarmln) death rm(.

r lecture that a total toe_. tbrf..r.. a llablllly !flit .. .. .. ******. . .. .. .. I .. a KM>n. ..Ml I'... /In tb*
Knif of a trifle over a million aa
Witt Swbmlta l :. OCInt ., will b.- 4UtMbtit atsMtag .% ury.... . J .. .. .. 'Irowp. . ,4"..---;;i. I .,It.." crowd.tl In tutm rount. tbwrxi

Ht l'rt.r.bers. Aug..mlr. submitted lftlo. ... ar. .1....,.' wnbearnble.ln .

.Alit, the rortrer pT Ptaakf.i41.. e-the U said, to ba. the lar...t los airs Nestle, .., .. C .. T-t... . ,.. :3If . M,..0.1. net tw the. open streets

to an nlJ4'raU.ln. at
>"ID.whwb.. a p.rfisrrn.telegram ret.tw.4 country __ __ CaI........ . : ,. ....', 2 .. ,!,...,. . .. . JWalher. (few porrf"* v en
E6p'aa.the. rnt A 4.elate.. that .hit. 1 ..xe.."....* ef Race Tra&l&a.8t C.tt.datt. J.. .. .. .. .. .. . l.n..M..til* we,*> 'rQ...... with. wtHtivnand

sere I rum .. brow. for his 1t1.1 l Mtfl. Ass, 24,T- raw tb. Ant t.n.. : ,.. .. 2 Wellon . *. t rhlHr-e A s...teN. remit of

Ju..llb,1.all mmor at p oIlt..I'' time sic*. the pssa. of taut aatlr CarreM. .. .. .. t >*'af.. . .. . 1V.arnra. !.. pr*..t....*H heel wave .n..... wbl t. yChkaW

It f. Praakfnct sotwithetss4IsSll. betting Uw tassel! a auprasi..w of Ca .. . .. 2 . >* e> k.* b...n iifTerlne; nla ... b..es t

aim wit to the cv obllc irar,.4 to r mala ai' all ta. rac. tra Ji. la ta. staU. a rat. e.tanks .. .. J . s.hlataras_. .. .4 a parka/ .re*.,. In the. .rtm. fsqnod.

b* la tb* virtattf 1st or4tt .. m.. la< .Ill..: MW Ja._ orals Chatham' 4 .. .. "'.,.... . .
or *
tlrsslfoft .
ro! nty U." ry t>'''7'.' win .t.! a Caattkneleae. '.. .1 rh.tst. . J -
> affrrt a rare strictly ek**. J .o'....,la< at bU tare Is Cwsrz3.; . 2 .ltl' 2. Will Cee.'w.t New Railroad '

First ar..4 by Sell..Uren1ta .. ttawt TWJ -=...2-. will feet 8... Cb.ns..; .. 2taatk. M'att.u.t' Z 1'ttlo.aa. aria' Auo24 ..-N... u, i"

n. "-c.. t.-Two tart: ....,.. sad wl.j >* CMa lartttiixi a..I,. .. . J"' WEtal: . J ,-4Ft.... ".f. thai J I lUftlwfe. t till ilan

III ... Pe'wee' lllra Pbnt + -.- ma'r'N CM,. . 2 N I/bsss I .a. Pho.mis .| lI. ..... Aside.. 11.-. a
'rawer. tasaey' .f lien writ WI T..... MF.sor4a's (Mate.Ilan Clayton _. JCUariJ W..I...... . 2w..1 ....Nod a "U.kHl print. t4. W...
pNU1ta.c a MM .""'.'bm... tw ttn .
I'tttslstr ........,.,. after rr.lt1aco .1st 2t-n. f,a.t 1G > tWpt11Yi1b&s1)t
.trwet bT, Ar sat w.r. 191C'.hS.' : Fly (: pile ...... I. the .......... .f 111.Otct4.a. .. . I. tra.I, lae reel *. 11st 4ug9t" herI raE'-..*4 i* v-tnllv t
ftJe, al ell'..J ..u't'WtIt..... ..at- .*. aa4 brt.susl. Ktas"'a tltoarwar ': N.., . 2C -... E41$11 end Uq... .wsifb, ..",m. T7>. tattle& s-al.r ail that 11ap ,

dM"nr crsaaZe e( c.; e has avew ,..... I.. t* ft* lqullh .. .. I P.....J Wlas. lbw r.. +sit 1.a 4'.... ..UJ UCe,'*'', n ,11'...... slat" 011 ....

.:.,& .... at .? ... 4... ..as.. ...it+l +.t tee rank Mail raw .Re base aely. % t .,........ et i' .. ..e J ....... '1 1N1r..G sae. ...... rut_. ."..,. .aad. tlletlcro' ha. C.cld aad

J\ .....W .. w4tt ttaae: tMm flea Itp.s It.:2tt.T x..&&;,,Lipp:':t.. tsrtai, ..... !t..oP .. $4'n'.atl. .... aria theta, is t1.fl HtUe )Use. t.. Vssi ...., Kur mL .
\. *........ ..rtUI c..t 4im tr: .A. .. : .. r ;.llmS*. t. xar : r
n,J. .J .*,' :"' ._ :fIN! !., aoLrsH*** ..... eft !_ .M r-. : t'o" .r\ h : it, "l ;w..'Ii 'c'I'
., .
.N, : .. ,, ,
.I. '.' ,. "'T", .., .. ..,_'!' ':!4 M' ; $ .- +-a MMw ':f'

:JI .. :. \ :" .r'.f..of! .
; \ \ V.' ..\ ; _
Ere i a ... ti '
w ; :tal ..
r WInL. k4 ,, M1La cr, ''Y I" Y(- V ( x N


w. ==-_-_=__

tf.;(. TACTS ABOUT THE !f. CHITTY'S READY WIT.A Floriiia Female: College

a Little Incident One Time Still Reminds ____TALLAHASSHE -

"{ G. & G. EXTENSIONContract Him To Be Certain. IT YOyeSsEi{
See Us for
"I'll sell you boy., when a fellow's I Id"al.t'fC.toa., IT EMRRACEi;

'..lIe..r..d'be'. likely to do mot anything Excellent equipment. College of Liberal Arts.

Fifty-two ," remarked Henry M. Chltty, In standard currieolum. t$chool' for Teacher
for Grading -
> : talking with A number of frl.nd.wbo Well selected faculty. School of Music, vocal and Instro-

Miles South of Crystal River allPLUMBING were con.er.lnlt.ovpr "the danger of tipscloas Kymnasium.Ueatrd mental ioclodiog pipe organ-
swimming pool.
this world." a day or two ago new instrument.
Twenty.acre eampl.s. Arta: Inclod-
AWARDED TO W. H. JONES "I know what lam talking about," moral t, School of Industrial

--- he continued, as some of his eompao* .Admlr.ble ... sonpimeriut. lug Domestic Science and Arl.

Work Will/ De Pushed Through Without ; ions began looking at each other 'with Steam heat, electric liRht. School of Expression.

F-urther Delay-Contract Caps' for a doubtful twinkle In their eyes, while Young ladles contemplating entering the College tbtt Fall mould write at once for dorm
others looked at Henry who I* reglrd. torn room Mriuiloo heal,. Wednenday. September 2e. and continues eltfbt montbt.or .
Brooksville. *. a. urHMaE.:. f':ealdeot.xaoo. .
Grading as Far South. catalogue and detailed Information write to {
I ed as a nervy kind of fallow who never -- --- -- .-- --
--- ----- --- --- -
Road Will be Finished Soon. and Tin Work ;
"skeered" of
got anything. jr }CSTBLI88ffiD .
of the 231 Inst.: has "Tell whavever ?"
t The Time.-Union as frightened,: you

the following to say regsrling worn on ventured; one of the coolest of the. H.F.DUTTON&CO.DEALERS

the exfension.nf the Gainesville and crowd. .
i Well. I'll tell yon _how It happen.ed .
Gulf Railway ---- ----
1t. OUR continued Mr. Ohlu,. .9.r.1J..r. :,
'Work is to be, commenced hy September : ago, down Micanopy; where I

r 1, and pushed to an early completion TIE ICES was horn and raised, there was an outrageous Sea zslan.dCotton:: : .

y ?f on the Tampa and Jacksonville ARE : murder committed, and amob'

f Railway. mum was formed to hant down the' Sea Island ,Cotton Seed Bagging and Twine. Walrus
AMWORK dastardly murderer and attend to him
.'Theeontra.twasawarded4nisin.a. like people used to do In those days. Leather in Strips or Sides.
General. Manager C.
ville yesterday by
before we had special term of the
\\' II. Janes of ;Mayo." : '
.N. Atkinson to :
courts try such fellow Naturally, Manufacturers of the James Doig Improved English

.: : full of ambition etc! I Joined the
Sea Island Cotton Gin, and Supplies for $' nee.
c; S gang and. with two or three more fel-)

Jacksonville Railway Company. low., was dispatched through an old GAINESVILLE FLORIDA USA

"Mr. Jones arrived in the city last field where it said the .
corn was negro ---- ------- ------------------ ----SSSS------- ----
eight from Gainesville and when a.ked committed the.crime was In hiding.

a for details of the award Muted that, 'It was a bright moonlight night, G. MERCHANT, CO .
while he could not yet go Into details. and with the others., I took an alter '

h.. could and would state. that It was I filing row. The rows were about a Retailer* and Jobber In

his intention to have the work begin quarter of a mile long, and naturally

by Heptember 1, and pushed as rapidly our little band became scattered. and Groceries
Staple Fancy
a. possible. Co. About the third row I had traversed, ,

"The' portion ofjthe: road embraced In and about the middle of the row,

the. contract awarded Mr. Jones extend something suddenly stopped my horse. :arain, iarden Seed. sea Farillizara.

*. from Crystal River tnBrooksville, I I Iadlstsnaenf I looked UP. and before me stood a
-- -- ----
twenty-eight miles, and I, -- SOUTH BIDE SQUARE. t t 'i GAINESVILLE. FLO KID A .
great big man with outstretched
I' DEATH OF MR. DICKEY. Highest market price paid for Chickens Eggs and other Produce
& three froth Itrooksvllle to the With I.- hands. I raised my gun and fired.

.: cooch*e river, on the route" to lamps Well Known and Popular Young Man quickly, discharging the contents of
a distance of about twenty-flve! miles."The A Complete stock of Hay, Corn Oats Flour, Bran Meal, Cotton Heed Meat
barrels into the
of Springs Passes Away.tileh two buckshot object. W handle
High and Rye. only the VERY BEST goods at the LOu
Tampa and Jacksonville! Railway "The shots naturally attracted ruycompanions liST; PRICKS, and guarantee satisfaction alwaysSO8TFIERNRAILWAY

kr; Company Is the new name for. I Springs. Aog. 24.-The deathof who came rushing up to .
"; Mr. Jo:. O. Dickey, whl<*h occurred -------
. what has! formerly been known as theGainesville the scene: from every direction 'I

'1. and Gulf Railway. The Wednesday night at 1:3O o'clock has have got him, boys I have got him!'

new company will push the work andIt cast a gloom over. the entire town. I exclaimed. We all dismounted and :I I

.. la their intention to have a road His strong personality and genial cautiously surrounded the form, which ,

\ .-completed and in operation n< soon .. charm of manner won friends and admirers -had. been thrown to the ground by the
.. N. II.-Tbe foUowlnir! schedule figures are only a!II inforicitlon and are not i1'uaraDh -

,(/11' 'lpoaslble from Jacksonville to Tampa. among all who were associatedwith force of the!! two loads I had pumped teed____ __ __._ __ ____ ____ ______ __
him. His loss will be keenly felt ---- ------- --- -- -- --- -
; ;It !Is claimed that the proposed route I into his body- ; .T-
4 the orders to which h* be TWO VOrtlBCLBl THAIKM KA"T j 45o.31 MO;SO NORTH A5n [} JSOI: !
"wl11 I be at least fifteen miles shorter by "And imagine how badly I felt, and -
of the I. O. 0, F. 9t.st L. Jacksonville.. :::: ..... :;;;:
than the Hsahoard Air Line and forty longed-the K. P.. had Ly Jacksonville. .So. HJTHJ II 7s. RyIT.bp
what a good Joke the 'boys' on me, !
1: Ly J..up. .,- I n aM .. 1044'1> Lv .. .So. Kyso. UI3I'I
tbree miles shorter than the A. C L. the Red Men and the Elks, he being avery I when they discovered that it was a Lv lu''nnAh. .. .!'Io. 1.1&! I U ISs'it Ar :.r..coo. .. . .. ... .. Ky =4bw
active member in .each He was Columbia: .......... o. Ky'o 0"" ". tll1'a"r Ar Atlanta. .... ..: . .Su.Hy bAa: '
via. Hanford. ... ... .. . ..
f railway, scarecrow Cha'o\1e. .... .. tCyrtONII' 9bbaAr Ar Kooie .. d So. KSo > : Aka.
establish hesd5i fast Chanorllor and Secretary of the Oreen"buro.. .. ,.Su. K> l" !Vr. ii iii.ArDanvlie Ar DaUon ...... .... ... '" KySo. a 2:1.
'. ."t'"lIr.. Jone..xpeets "I have nerer yet quit paying obligations .. ... .. .n.Ry YsOa ..SN. ptrRtebmond Ar Cbattanooi; .. ....... ... . K) lJ46a
quarters In Jacksonville and will sub- K. of I*. Lodge and representative of to oiy friends for this joke. ..... ... -. .. SQ._RJ I/ 555.! a4p: Ar Lealn"tOD. .. .. ... .... .. .. ..(,J & \ halo'
.... ... .. ,
t11J.. the contract In short ..sections so as the. Grand Lodge. In the I. O. O. F. concluded Mr. Chitty as he arose to Ar Lrncbburr..-" .. .. .,"o. Kyo ".Ids .0.p Cincinnati:' Ctneienau.. .. .. ..-: . ,C.U.-k.t.I.AC.l Tear
. e J slap
6ia 11'
(uir"M'yWe.: HiK
""to' have the work done as speedily as Lodge he was Past Noble Grand, and sell a fellow a pair of suspenders who Ar Ar \'\; a.h ICII'\un.. .,",0, >, 94.c It lie I' JI r Chicago .. Is.g I'" >tIM 7 l(>. _._
r potsbin! in the Red Men Past Sachem lie remembered the incident Ar 111t.U..or._... ..' .......}. U. H. It k a ii eta' L. cinolocatl.... .. ::-.- '1'.LI"Giallli.pr ;
'; .- belonged to the Klks' Lodge at Lake Ar Vest Pblad..IISa: .1'. ft. Ie 11..1.l 235. '. Chicago .. :_ I'a. LJneni. J 7 lOa.C..H .
"" .Ar New Yorke P..I!:...!RI .!Et _6:1': Lv .. .... -.OtD. H 4fVpMononi
TUTTLE FROM COLORADO. City Of the labor organizations, the -- ..- -.- ---- Ar II./t::/ ...: :: :-: 1 753.
Relief for
\ Brotherhood of Boilermakers claimed Suffcrera. TnaOCOH: "TUB t.ARDOr' TIll! ..K y" 0.30' L.V Cincinnati.. .. .. ...-..-.. .-.-.-..-C..-H.-&--D.1!I.9mAr
New York !Iou, :'l.The board of .. :. ...... .. ..
Say* Colorado ia a Fine SI.... But H. ---- ----- -- Toledo. ..BIIt.'our l "3..
) hi. membershipHis directors of the Merchants' KxchaiiKPordered I.. .. !'oo. Jy 7 Mp Ar f.troit..... ... ... ___ .Hi.... .-oirl 726._
1. Will Be Content With Florida J.y 'o".IIII.h .. So. HJ 17 Ib.Av'Coluwbla. .
5 death was due to typhoid feverof a letter sent to the members .. ... .. .so.Hv .,,'1... Lv Cincinnati': ;the: lour 1 l 931'p
... .. ArCeveland .
jr. H. II. Tuttle" a well, known residentriot a malignant type. Everything: that of the association and other rlllz..n"If Ar'Ar' Aah."UJe. .i. t L. L xinirtonLoulMville o. Ky, bAr
Hot L'rlnar.I. C. So. Hy 3'Tt
t Gainesville!, has returned from medical skill and nursing could do travert i :lt.w York asking tuharrlptlons far Ar lino.crllle. .. . ." o. Sty e{(';' .....::::: .: .. So. Hy| s top
AI I.oul.Hle... So.iL, 5FUaA Ar s& Loul ''' SoH11737r|
,, J. Colorado, where. he has been for the the calamity was done, but the r,'lief of the earthquake aurr..rt'r.In r Si. i.uul. ..,",0. fty 6 12pA Ar-Anniston.:::. : :Sn: Hr'Ivlr2.a'!

months, Mr. Tuttle Is without avail and he fell a victim tothe Chile r Ctlt."lfllI.11! . Q t l' II t5. Ar lru.Jnllh.a1. ............. .,. ..... so. KyjllotpKrK50!
"S. 4psst 1; a -- ---- Ar htempbla .. .... .. ...... .. ( IIlof-J
f; .rpenter of eiceptioual ability andVfor trim Deitroyer In the prune of Excellent Dining Car Bervtee' on All Ar Cite t1/.rM 4tI.Mf'IIII.oJ. .
4 Charged with Conspiracy.Moscow. .. .. ... -
young manhood.II. .Oo.. ... s3);
is of securing
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;:1,. Jield'. good position here until a few to which place his body will be takentoday persons the charged will belme, Implicated No 3a-*'N.w York and llortda .:.ir .," Dally Pullman Drawing Room Sleeping C..
In ronxpiracy
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Port Tantiia and Jacksonville to New
interment under the of
'J-yVsjaontha ago when he lost hi. wife care Governor Central liobashofr began at No. *WakAlcctoa and Florida Limited" Dally 1"uJw.o: Drawing noon Sl ei.ttat C.. e
sad alnce which time he has been dls- his Iwo brothers. who had been .unlmooed Jaikaonvllle to New York. tlnlntr Car. ?
f { this place Tlmrsda One of the ac >o ;-DatIr uUmaD 1..111. Room Uuffet Sleeping: Car between> JackaonvlUe. Deiuler
t iOOD'.nl..d.; as the scenes of the last I to his bedside dutch U n daughter! of General Keller. ..>B.Ule. A!hr.U*. Hot sprlr,r: K box*IU* and Cloclnnatl
The deepest sympathy of his as.oeiales No. l:- f.otn'a Limited-D.ly;I vM \'estlbu.ed Train.: Tbroosh Day Coaches and tullinat
day proved too mnoh for him, h..1 ----- tHawltur Room t.eeVicg Car*. JsckconvlLe. !; to At:anta. Chattacoo and ,thought. He finally decided. to goWN In the railroad departments, Joyner Wins Atlanta's Mayoralty. Pullman Sleeting Car Je_up Colorado t'prtga.Col. .1. liirm1ngbarn. .ILJlbJa. KuJA _

the fraternal' societies and the Cltf __ __ ___ _
..., ., and Colorado was hi. objective townspeople .Atlanta AUK :'I- .ChiefV. K Joy _

j ye., "lnt. He spent a greater part of hisfhtttdat at large is extended. to his n,"r was ",lecti'<| mayor of the city *. FHFJ IAN. T'Mr'ct: I.a..*rrr A..BUIit> neat liar St..Jack! .CAvlUc. "..

te.... LaMar' Colorado, but visited young widow and members of his fame of Atlanta over Thomas U. (..oo.lwlnby S. )t. UARtmiCK. P. T. M.H.T> VLOF. 0. L: A. IJliCOK9 'ORGAN.' A, C;. P A.

'Co /:Nasal' other places.lolorado IIJ. ,I 4 majority In the entirecity of - -- <-- '- --- -- --------.- .- _.-
.. ," Is a good oountry." heFriday :tI. Jo> tier's\ otul vote was 4.037and :>

'".....FI.*!4 In speaking to a repreof Attmpts. AI.Assault.. .AUK on:1Cunsl.lerahle :Girl.IMrtiilnghMiu tqp:
;..D'.t.19" The ;tun, "but In view of exrltvtutnt v.s\ 'a.1. at I'ruttCMty JOB PRINTING
; A Kills Rival' at Church.Islington .
/ the fa that you see me beak In Wednesday! artern on. when U
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Gainesville ru.ylnl"r that 1 think >
you white
was learned that John Uoyd. n
reUxImi' r.>%hal In laKofIlu' county Sezi.d:: yO""l:1.r Order toI
.Florida' Is pretty <*ood, too. I am inK man, had ntt'mptcd an assault on

Florida again, and I propose to remalb Ml** \\'lInr Onrner a 14.>ror-oM girl. 110\) .1 $turioon shot and killed. Johu

here as long as the good Ixml sparesmy I and hail h.-.>n arreatr.l| and plnrMl In England his rival' for the affections! I THE SUN JOB OFFICE.
of wroniHH i Sturgeon t e..("
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life, for I do not believe there is JAII, 1h> d. It U rlalmed, went tn .
better Mate in the Union, or a .. ...1 the n\r\\ \ homo. where' she> wi alone. eti to the niountalns --- - - ---
-- --
?' country on the globe for the average: and forrett h,'r tit drink' an Intoxlcwnrllerwar I

man. While I have t...u the victim of 1 I' .\ .l. her rrl', gave the nlnriu Investigating Standard Oil.
ChI('...... .\UL :*. The first grand
r the saddest and most heart-r.n.tingcircumstances and ni'lKhtK rame to the reacu.. les
Jury Investigating the Standard (ni Fay-Sh
t - ,
here that would have
----- -
company met Thursday heard evl. I
happened anywhere, and I am willingto Reid l Only For Deserving dense from f..ur wttnra...s and then1 I
disk to Florida in general arid Han Pranflsco \UH :'-The relief| I
adjournt| until) MoruU next No: iiiedtctmrnta
rS Gainesville in particular" t r."lr..tI..n. has ann.'uncftl that wftrrAuto were ritttrtcdDon't
'1,. Tujtle stated that the wa*" ii no iu..r*> pr"-I"n.' will br
'I'tllt..1> | to rrf r/ ecal In Colorado Is greater i ,an h..r.1 ar. << Crumble

but that the e.Hlt of living I. tHMlinl. Tho e who ,are wn r,bl.:! lit
When jour Joint. ache and you suffer AClfi\UtI LEDtiEb: :
enffering from old
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which makes the
w.mr.r.th'.IJ'' '
,all<1Ibut mm with sound l from rheumatism huy a bottle of' THE BESTXiCIII
the same. __ Hal lard's Snow Liniment and get In-j I
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strung .thews. I
11Ift women : >C 0> THE MARKETHas :
THE WHITE INQUI.ST. able to rarv for tt\rnu'h( will!I Mee slant relief \ (o.iiive sore for rheo.ntatisitt .

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---- -- tu shift fur th rn*elsra Tabulator

Coroner's Jury Has Adjourned C.,. ('iI..,.etc, Mr. I. T. logy af' UnlYfft5Al I ox

Until Neat Monday Morning.' al.t, T"."..... Spenlartfs .trt.... prominent m.rt'haalYlno.., l"o'at.1' l Every: Machine.

littboa. Spain. Aua.:4.- Tb. labne Taxas says that he finds ltal srd's

The coroner's jury in the ca.. of f..l.ratk>n has derided h. brats a Beet Snow Ualment the bees all-ronnd I what .

'fj Walter While, who died front the. ef. era) strike here f>lday. whlrh titanstaat liniment he ever used bid? by W L"bI." .' Ltght..t ROaDUI&: TheCLsntpip

1 feels nf a gunshot wound JnStcied on ts'..lK) persona will cr*_ 'ut k M, Johnson. Q Writers of the World

w :"the Halle plantation a few days ago, e.. ,". Fay.tholcc.
--- FayQhoe'. isas.
."!stet at the cfflee of Coroner Cohnaamornlni In Gaio, ..Vile tb/it

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f:.....' of Important witnesses In the L Best Tk" work ftl&*;, > day Gad art
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"'mornlaf> when the wltae.... ".. :7 ,tU. If txy are rasping and trap.ir ;.Mile
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