LEVIES TAXIS j the Mate should b* represented t Chairmen' S.. :, ... la. tie .. ;
I via I'I
taken upon himself the task of defeat! I i Muney HuikJing.. .
j | Uan ngton. I) C 01..... 'orr;' I" ..... .
Ing ConKresamen I.ltleHld! and Can One striking feature of the Internal) 'I i .....".... of )tot T.....
| .y h.r.no d..t.1 about lxivern. --- -- .
tion for ,.*.I.e11on.| Th. latter, who ,....au.lawe that, ( r -- H4 iti/e'w.' tnt.w
I i* they never took II"ward medal t .,,,.<| on the drainage: '*' 1'ale death e'n*.r* with", ime.rtialstep ;S I I of ". : t ..e tJ 1"'t, It' ..I". I It m.e" I aid
la Speaker of the Unas.. and familiarJy ( toquallty'' or value" bwfalway' to N. awe ,. '.'bow .2.1 1
from by the' of ... rrid -I.a_
qaeIK owsj landl>oinl Hut cottage: p and thepice to .
I "nawD.* "I'nele Joe" to hi. 'n.n".n. The kh .
Illy tax on 1itUe/t.r. i* three J sWs. .ye..l.pr '1'0. sa4
'I'p..v.. tt I is f.sibl+ to drain the cf the r'f'rt" Likewise! the | I eu.Yvatioat. I
r' .*. defle. Qdilp.ti n, any other dollar., nut ma"1'1.11)' .r they > I I. \ !
ares ms.
nl CverclaJes. whathis neeeMity of I i I tarsal revenue I..tll.,.". e J Mua F... Ii "'.Jeer' C M. "'..Men.
of the labor leader ** *' I nally .
to eutne to hi i |, l '''.b",. *to cies" or the Key Wet 014 Ma rk..Wa I

district, and meet him la Joint, d.b&4e. brand who*> retail valne, 4 it. Iweat itT Cpeially when the land i* in a certain a. death make. Kj;, d.. u w.'ntt PoO". Ite_...... I
say Utiaaitoa .and ta. railroad, may a.t it 'rr.sod: on the rich and ,... poor B. -
.a.. cent. each Ttietaiona t ... 1
IMt. after we drain It K-.id... .... pro. '., h. cones In ..v.,h a wy plat me ,e 1'1. FJtUtATIO"c. .
lb..pac. allotted each ; bar .te. I about AOl
aunty .tx *; Rt. ne-flfth of the
p< '.d .*.*iiii.tn e.a. .ai." ...m..' will '> r*>eocntt i .d a,d not *>... tim :.wet waveee at G ds..ile. .1..
bit,"'.. at the e oml.g State Fair will I j I retail v.art/ /is .... than c...-.if htb i 1 ,* A.sws t. tea' ,,
1 i give the Ooternev aa4 hi. eaM eet th*> every millkvn doe the mn who War .n tact "
b. reserved for that *xt inty at the the value of the KeyV..| e.tar TRhwaly ama.ee.f.k.ass ': f=: .:
rlfM t. deo'ar. f the burden cot the I. Mat
any aetMtoa *> the tax know tael .aollia '
great 1'anama Kip*>. ".... wj i.t. I.I tl $ ..
tsl a drainage d triet and tat land i* paying it. proof s be .....
.. held U IPM, sail whl*> wilt b. at* eUlurday afternoon and lnve.i* five j __ wa.ee4.w.r.a..i..." 1t.a4ae.v'r., before .,.4. .
I /-e.
*>wn r* ten rnl* an a.,. tu do the ) -- -- v en /
% tended by .....4,... of tbow.aed. Melt Ir a perilte .......,.. tt.+t.. -0'11 Jew &I .:& .. .
1 Many new build.. will of eoa.... j I'.*>K1 Virginia' .Caervot rt. .. m.n'" ; -- __4 == W...e a man by ,.>* formation .fk tI4. ... ... : -f."." ,.. r..
mew al lab ... >airsttery w I .., It ...s.
>: have to .erected. tot the r.ar-n-NI. ( '.a tale' the '.......r of tn. t'"....d \ natoraiut *.!t that every tinsen .if all "' aega.r... d c-I ... _2f7 r.. .'a Tt' w

x In order to givo Floret' and other rotate* .in making hi. pvrttaas.* .* do.. farv.r ahoot* a hawk he throw ttte.oapee ratriar. d.. a.---... .. *'_<'?*.* .**"'* *. ....*.
tail. *>f Ats( work .. at -. rise BJM
e .
Ibis m ; ij. .
a. Mat.. .tuple room to display their r*>* J tae NUow taat. bay* t..r.. ei'.*r* f.r OO, bill IM tae. fir.. foe tfe_.ta tee t..4 to ne .*. ale I L'e.. u >aiAdvenise .".

."arr-.. .I'.d.o aanlj la '1...... ..s> 'Jolla, The lax rMt. the ....%,.*>.t .....1 ,, clad take .. c..
Cord ta b. without r..rt 4Matattoi> I totaeeel" I ae .It l ..nt* a ......d It i. the. i i 4..,.*>y. at .least a t* >.a*>.l rat. ,.... .he i. left free .04 ... atti'tt4: r.-.w.. ....
J tn.e. sad -.).. Jls weaned 10os- at .. .1 I 't, .T.pr.
every year. be fM .
ither at ta e Beat Fair 0' ta. rasa |.an- om the beat (rv J. of fla* .at. (>. j 1 lllal Bi*. U of more b**>.tlt t*> M..j wita.v .w and -... : ;4
lea Ltpo.ltloa. .a t-a"I.' "rcpt 9S a"...,. w.na fiat I f.,... .. III.'... .. J
I l I in The SUD..

M .. :' .' .' ... tJ.; '.' .'<..
1'S /1X 1Aa / .. o.f _. U".I0. .
t apK J h

J. )

_.. _._...
i_' _,: '. -



tf .


-_h. _____. _.__ _. _ __.o-.. I
I QCYl I tlemaoly meD than )Jr. Reynold I l

Sure""te"dent. i iI ha.e. nerer met. While ia our city he
HOPELESSLY INSANE Make en won and hi. elegant wif made for them-1 I .
I Headgjartara Three. .
i 1ve* probably more friend than .WILSON'S.
-M "
r. ll ., -
r h 'l'' t I'"n t-t"IIII: (' '"'' .IIY were ever made by any euupl under ,
Unfortunate Predicament of r f S' J. i 1'. rtt similar "" fan
Col. whom 3. n R.\ .qls circomniiin.'f*, an '. the s stn, profound. that .. '
ored Man From West End. .uprrinteuder.r !'tr. regret w. w thrm
i t..n iv k.;: g:: .n this aretinn. ",,', "2 heat. for other quarter*. :Many, in.iliicomema .
: 11tit1e., ; .! .. '' offered in Another WeekAt
DOWN agnater.. for I amt were order to retain Bargain
TIED WITH ROPES !I ihwr ", .,. '.. Trey here aho' tit, them permanently.

I '.h. d| their Shor. here. and wt,,. ",save ".\s to the Horn* Coml?rt. it nerd. '
It w. Necaaaary to Securely' Bind, the in" hort whn.. fir O,:,ala. no commendation from me A. all

Unfortunate Victim With Strong; The'VP.isht. Iron Range 4*. ",'1'.ti'' ......U.nr..r.n..J01". know, there i i. nv This Popular Stort.
Cords to Prevent Him Doing Badil;: are t tr.., '\ ..l'' 1 known ihrouehoo: I 1" >r da| other range on earth it. rqual for ,

Harm to Hrs Attendants. t nerd' an ntnd-irfnn.. :Suffice" ,i lo nny thing., like the pric.Ii..hl.' for. \oman >> ;
.a" 'i. W"T. r. that the .. a lio own one but i ie t rood of It.
., ..
William Archer, a i- 36 pieces Figured Lawns go at 7 1.2c; worth 10 and .
colored min a'h. fti(ct and! ..
I .r- 1 it- fAm.n- Horn I" .-,'.,.t consider that h got a Limps
hat been employed by Dr. Win 'mm.* :aKomoko rr.K... and, ...n ,? the. home dir' ,-t. gain when h,. bought: it Sincerity.' j, 12 12c. .

for the past few week.*, w.-nr I Hy nifHti. of rhnrnnch. .T.t .m .,f ,..n- "\.'. A. Utoi kv. 29 pidces Figured Organdies and Swisses, only lie
suddenly Insane a day or two v+..in. i I!
ago.;: anti : hy ir-ntlotnanly, talesman! wo| "Secrrtary Hoar uf Tratl. I
became violent' Thst.* WH. r''t>ort. I in immen." tfim t rt....,... II."l.n- The above. letter I I. only one of many yard; worth 15 to 20c.
ed to Justice E. T. Henderson by (*p h try with l.... !1 iimlar, recommendation which' hare
"ml> yetlmtt: ford r. ," 15 pieces Fine Organdies, choice only 19c yard: worth ,
V. McQueen, when Archer .t".1 I I been t .
VH taken i liverv. they hirbeen .nll"h..i .. siren Mr.t Krfitoltl. both peron
into custody and, .arraikn-! f,..fr.. .1u,.. i >: tat'" f.ir ypnr. and .n .at.t.
Ice E. T. Hendertnn who I'omrimted and iluf! ,t>:Uh"f.. been their:n..t.'hat i : 18 pieces Cotton Suiting ano Percales only IQc yard.
him to the GainesnllH lift' wnii, r'l". I I I all c.-U'H"m., .,., wl-ho.it. cepti.-n hair. MR. PATTERSON DEAD.

ommendation that the iinfortutiate' r .-..n w.-.l. I plra.r 100 Size Bed worth
man be sen' to the I I Prominent Young Florida Attorney Large Spre&ds. Qn
.. hixpiral' for tar m.> ni."uiu l ?' i the, hand of Mr. ttt n'.1.' ) lacIlargaia. h
sane at Chattahooche I(I" ..i i .It.w in many 5n.'!\n .... ). "- Patted Away in New York. everywhere S1.25, this sale price ClU-tJ

Archer wall bro" ht to Ih... ,ny by, rind ii .at.. here. in service l( fr.m, ri'- Information has been _.>ired. in this !
private eonveyabci. ye..terflnv., Con. tern to, .111..1\.. year., and are tit t t.i t.- '|. City of the. death of $.'1.. "'attrt.7u of In Milrt ".I.t., U lille l>ara,.U and all aln.l. .f Nummert bI'

table J. D. Siford hat"Inc him' mcharge. i ihC.1, I.. :JI I. n' W..rk. :I Miam' which occurred In New 1'utkon ;. Ml.. *it'erUI ,
The rnnn b..onne *o ci"lt.nt *!>. .. teat> working: under Mr H"'I j I the morning, of Ttievday. the :2l. h t bat I an
that It became ti-ei"'ary, to *-..,ur.. hi.\> nn1.t.. I k.. the, uunAa:.t hin.1'r. arep .1I t'-t.ea.rd w*. the *.in>ii.AW! "f Mr.and .
limbo with I ..rf-..t '..f1t'"I..n-.fln..d' and M ,.. J. M I Kwreo of Oala, but for *
reptn proven him h' ", en ei I imany 1ViRS. R. cATYLSO1 ;
-ntioti I year* residents of <)"ir>erille.At .. TiTHE .
leaving! the!' rental" or demur t b.> -iily u hick i I. the type the cim-, I
harm to tho e about him. I PHIJwill ..ml.I",. They hair. nitdx .i.ut live' year ago;: he married Mi.. .

It ia said by thn.t* .tlNo..1) 1 to, tie in I many friend throuchont;: thin tern. Jr..ie. llarco who. with on. child, a lit- --

a position. to know that th. nnforrn.nato I tn,)'. with th. result. that they hate' tie girl. survives' hint. and in whom the NEWS FROM WINDSOR I ly. It look'' a. though their' eiperlneui -

man ia the acute' '."'..111"01r..-t'-..r enjoyed" : !a tine lnj.in..<.. 1 sympathy. of OainrvilLr friend ,Is ..s. ;' i 1. going to turn nut to be a very 1j

who for several month*, and up to a The following liter of Rev (' A II I: .1- tended. Altigatoe Captured Khunk-Protp.ct* >rolliable on. for them
icy paetnr of the Ttrst. !. I Tiie remain will !_ 'taken to 1i.ml.1 t twhere
couple of week a:;:o. cn i-i t ttr't tr.... making penernl of 1.1O.k.. and) secretary of the Licerisk the Interment will tie held to ''
rep' irin.: "11.1 and \Viruor| bid. fair to have
Hoard, (nf Trade, will i morrow.i ..rr. .\u.c.l: ;! Maj.tr' (J Dunn
pressing club an We.t 'fnion .''. ...tArch.r show th qu't.' an.rsngeornp. this fall .
... *-.tni in which Mr. Reynold: ,and hi. i:i eceaed l was ait attorney' of high j: his a little. grvj>d*"itt at hi.. houie. Me
.disappeared about from hi*, I'-la-! ofbasinepf a..",.j"I". are held In !"t Jwannrecn ) ,'I attainment and ranked high in hi..I I'| l. caul lo be a wry 'li".I, young man \V II. Hyle. reeeiitly plckrd' over
two.Oka I I I
%: nn wanafterwards
six bushels of from
a single'
'tnty :>: f"uf..ion. and luuil.hrs Utt. of divertioo' to the grapes
amen flonrisMnc a p.' tol m vine, Who
euppemong grape wa
a certain! section of l'BI,1 .'tll. May 1. lfu.ci It. J I'eekhant ivceiitly, I had a 'family grapes grow
The j
weapon wa taken from : .
away him. i The ei| rrimeutat farm n' the UnU Honda!
and then. he .. "To Whom It May Concern-: j I reuoiou. It was a very enjoyable) nee 'I
appeared demented '
J. 'I rertity of Florida having be.>n cleared 'I
Mr.I ityle has found a new friend In
"Both .
at im tor of the First Uapf caioo. Three hume.ouminps are
daring! if he could not hire a can h. ,: of *tum|<., I I. now toeing f..""..". and I the form of an alligator, There is a
would "take Church' and secretary( of the Hoard of a aye bright' sputa' to li>ok bank, tiv inafter a
broirmtie :
a ant
'nigger' in GainetriUt kill Heuitappeared Trade of tlii city, it sire" .. me very I j will be.thoroughly? turned and ready year, mall Wind In hi. Held I lu which a little
very j for us. when the tnirerity .
opens.The has hi.
'gator afraid for
1 greet' plea.nr., tn commepd Mr. A. (J | Mrs: Maud Kii'K' an.I her brother up torn
afterward.and tr.ct. winch I. a largn one, I.i aid
tlm This little saurian Is onlyabout .
had not been heard of since until Kynuld( and hi- admlrMile body of 'i,Im.n to bC.Ultfli dlver'fled' a* lo the adapt 1; M I"..., alton l> HoclTorough, left last ptt. ,
two and a half feel long toil
his arrival here who repre-ni the Wrougtit Iron I week to spend onieiime with relativestn .
leiterdayTha nf th. soi! and }
I lUuce | ability 1. will probably' last Thurtdsy night he caught a full-
Company and the )loro !
asylam has bem notified and teach a great thine in ,agrirul.
Comfort They many grown skunk. dr.ICCPtI it 'Into the poml ,
aD attendant. is fOSr.. t. I from Chatta.booehee : oar city ratiK'for: several. were months quarteredin ..ndwouhlpp.d tare in an perimental way. \ are pirated.. to report that )lr. and drowned It Then after watdhlng tit
in n day or two and Mr \. ..te..II.h... have. been .
i for the moat at ripen In th. mi fur tt.re u, four a
fart my < It sees rather nnuracioo to charge
church .1..lu..r.."".. time .t Grevn Cute days h. ievour-d| 'It., The Inference) Is
BUILDING CONTINUES. !Sir Thomas Llpton a. heavy tariff' tat retotned home, '
i "Not all traveling companies or In. ''on the gold cup which he presented to SpfiiiK have >-ni ire 1(.'"'. !I... pole eels,

Movement Seem to Nave Become dividual attend religious service. ref;. the New York Yacht Club a. a pro Mer. ft.iowden. Adam mud. Thom* Mr TortHle has a veiy promUInglooking u.
Lively' in Western Section. nlarly ; but Mr Ucy'nolda and hit bodyof for the yacht to race for lint Sir' a* have. been .t."rn.II'.c. with pinery Although Slum *|ipa

Whll<* the building throughout the I' salesmen are refreshing .s "Jlllon.. Thomas I.( not the kind of man to pee .hurt cotton this. year They have. wore only *..t out lat fall. h. will hav

city continue lively it appear. that I In all my ob.errtion I hare not been mlt the receiver to pay duty on such a (line.looking patc.hr* very beavtly several Hue pine thus year, some of
thrown with more .pl"ndM body of II.. ".11 laden M UK \.LJ..f gltfantia .,le. whleh. the plant having. fruit on them' nearly
the section of Chf'; city"'. .t of West gift ati wool and yard
ITaiaireeEre men, and a more high-tnned and gene wide" portman ale now begirding' In o|....> very r.Id| grown now ,
!r" now enjoying{ the hear.Seat i
__ ._ .
and mon important boom. Many I - -- --- -
new home hive been. completed in I!

that section durtnx the peat" eight !

month, and many: hand.ome one 11'1|
now in O'I' r I nf erection Amorif wi: ('I.U'I: !TIN)> Hee' Our "In.)." far Early:

these I IP the etrgant' home of linn | I IrtltaU I Il it'LU1Il.ll.F.HOLll

Frank Clark. Cnn '....tui' from the : r11 HYDE'S
*Second l itrict. on West ]Liberty IIC.lU1.TO.lrlllt: : {IlrIUrTHREEDAY

Street. It f I.. undertood+ that this '

home will rot when completed about. :

W.0no.. and will: be a civlii tn the owner !

end th. c.ty!. alike. !
The residence being' erret d by Tee |'' SPECIALSTHURSDAY
Graham and Krtn: llaile on We.111 i'

Court acd We.t orange,, .irri.. re.

.pe tlrely. are rapidly, hearing com. j
pletlon. while many miller but mod)* ,

ern eoatate( are going up FRIDAY SATURDAY.


Galnatvitl and Gulf Has Naarlr Two iHundr.d |i i We offer you values in goo> ;into that they
Men at Grading Wora. I
are real h3rgainH..0 t

Robert Ellis, a member of the civilencinrer's I'II \'. realize that the Fall JH almont hart rind l be in to .nve tho goods '
department (sineville and reason ,", ; we niu ',t .*hap .
Golf railroad under eharxe of A. i they are arriving. ,

Taylor has arrived lo the city from :: We must make a few strenuous clean-upi. The prices' w .; quote on i 4t1t
airfield, and will. remain here 'for a lo l it. ,
few- days. MOTE rftiriM: qcurcu: cum: slap TIKI: A III T.
Ha trMits; excellent progress ingradlnsr I
on the Gaineville and lull I

from Falrfleld south. and state that a lOc India Linon . . Sc EXTRA SPEtlALJMIRJ.WAIST SALE $hoo Black Tafleta .77c
fore of about 10O men are evcsced 20c White Swiss
12Jc26c $1.25
Another fore of nearly a hand-l i I. Black Tafeta..89c

railasfrom Cry.tal Kiver oorih and : White Swiss . . .15c Your choice: of any S1.5O Shirt-Walit . 89c<:
will} join the Kalrfleld{ team 26c Fancy White Goods. . 19c Yonr choice of any S2.0O Shirt-Waist . $1.19
See the Black Lace and "
Or. Ca,14eJ. III. 12 Jc Dimities and Nainsooks Sic flour choke of any $2.25 Shirt-Wabt $1.40 new
Oanze Hose at 35 and SOc ,
Jade J. A. Carrr.0 of skis eity nn lOc Dimities and Nainsooks. 7c} Your choice of any-$2.5O Shirt-WsUt. . if. $1.69 pair. tit

" ?..day a-Uht n-eeived' a telecram to lOc Figured Lawns . ,$C Yoar choice of any $3.0O-$3.X. Shirt.Waist $1.06 Great valnee in .Ladlea' Hose at ..
ta. effect that. bit eldest! brother l)r. ISc Fred Lawns . lOc
RO. C.'I...!., was 'n a dytor eonlitl. .. 20c Lawns Yoar choice of any $...00 SUrt-WaJst . . $2.06 8c, 10cv 25 pair. ,
FifTired ,12c|
.. a* hto holD 'io !It..t>>*r'r.II.! C I

Dr. Carlisle l .ia boot ......'..1. 13 yards Lonsdale Bteaca's 1.00 A rm IIit1... LJa*. ..4 ....... Nwrilrl. to CteaaSCOflkirta Cp; I .t.a
yoar* of. age as4 ..a. bee* proraiaeatta 20 yards Fine 7.8 ReacJainff II 00 Ute$ Arrlf.!. .toBelU I MM .Iias
11.00 sr...sa aaln., ... ft SO Blw. kaiobry Pklrta f.ae ,
S*..t. Caroliaa. a>to ..u.. "tale, 16 yards Pine 4-4 .Bseackias .
/ .1. 1,1,1tJ,, l11.. Ua.w flklru, .!.,.> .
_far "aaj year. !!. w.e a '.rreon >a 20 yards Fine Sea Island Brown 1 . . C m .10 M 100for ';{
.3 w _
ltklrta Whit UM
,. "lIlru
,... 8.....u. I\4! GUI Oarollaa lafaatry
4.H.. tike Civil Wr, sad aerred the . ,. ._..$1.0O Iklrtt ,'Z.4. AU oaks Idklrtt. .....-.4. BSgI . r .310 t. .... Jr J

Co.,..lerat* arty "Uk aiarke4 _ffloo -

o ......,., esa.. Ut. .f Uta .ra,
.' a..flies k. a.... a rr..)...* >"!' -

'.. '..... U. KewWrry. mad foeaowM year.*:' TQIWIiDECOMPANT' '
.."\ kaw .... a spigli.t.Ta. .
-; frWe4e" J sdLe Cad.... &a 1k..

,'.;'. s.final.._- .. ..psstt. ...f.will.....,.t...-dlb.. N.tlk.r'H wit..I lIlY ... III lu i d-U ... .. 'lIff' -. I IT til..a '

:,) ...... >...... ti at ,

H ;}r irailr .. h y / I' ..)* "y* *' jj, 4 *- H''a
'S.rH.'s' ?::, m... q} .brtil rYaM .. ..R ..: Q'' ... _4' .L.r" ':

='" "
"" '
..... t'"'':'' \ t.
.. .
'+"''''''''.! ......'1" at''" ._

*fe t *" -- .1+ qft"c ----

Bad Stomach Makes Fns. pursuant *< the.rwtfHrement* of
,5,3d at U& e
11 LaM Office at Gai TUl :Ila.. i Oi tee Jwi e. 19o1d. ales ol the State of JbrMs notice .at

Committed I in Justice Small's Court Bad Blood. Jury n. 1008.Notloe .. cl.en to aU persona Interested In

.. hereby lrea thee la eonapttaacv! Notfee' 1t herey '; ::. Aiy thC CuRrre cat llen upon the property hereinafter \t\
for Murder Without Bail. Yoa can not make wet butter In a with tbe prwrtatooa of tbe Act *f Conr of wit! the tuor s .ale ofyRe '.> penronalsr be sad appear. before th.
Jan 1. UK'*. ..titled **An Act for .be sate of a. I..... e : A u..t f"r: the .. UrrRoo. << of ourclreoitcjourt, favand for Alaehuty
:. Jack: Barn. th. negro who attempted foul unclean' <- nrn. The ..t.omacbrTM timber land ta ..... Htatea. of Calforma. Ore- '1fDbe'r I...... r I" St .'cs ur :1drat. .. In the Joallbsh Judicial Circuit of t-

Grant a* a churn In which to oft work up ...... Nevada, and Wanhrnir b Territorr." a* Nevada. : 11'rltvm lerrtory. the" court house In Oala. .*.IUe f'II Mou
Rr Ae.
to murder at and Jlalntrqrate; our a* U I* bnlncdlget extended to all the nubile land Btte*> by Act .. ..' 1 lid !to.cat 1.0 :3rd day of September. A. IX raw, the

Hague Saturday, the bullet: wounding <-d. If It be weak *ln(gl"h and: of A.,.... *. hart George W. Newoaao of Old of Aarwlt 4.. J .::ere'' I; H .nI... ;. ..,T..o.eOUD' ins the second rule d.y after tbe |.IHtblM >
r" foul the result will be torpid sluggish Town county vf LaY e"e. State of riorlda. of L F' 'e rote a writ and to abow oauae why the

the Intended victim! and killing Tom liver and had impure blood. has this d.y Bled In tbia office big swore atatemvnt b_ .ba.. lIa.. !......I. .urtseehl.aaorn rtF-erlbd" property act forth and de,,i

}McGee another man. was arraigned in The Ingn-dienU f of Dr. Pierce' Golden No. MO; for the purchaMe of toe went No. 63: t .' : 'r'I1 '"e 0' toe ort"1 1 the p tltloa. of the City of Ualoe.yilir
NwH) of be 1-4. :Ne" 1-4 of Sw 1-4 of NI.t See ::- tt'P.f SC: I.4 k sled In above named court and more
r Jnstiee 9m-.il' court at JIKue ..ndClommUt..d Medical' U.-overy are lust such a* beet of section No.o: In Township No. 10 Ne 11 0f he '' S 2 'n Tnwnshb' :' j. ,1.rIY described an follow, rti: A

? nerve to correct io.e: all such derangement M.. Run,. Xo. IS K: and wlU offer proof S.. N-soya' p-: :: ; 5; Md! w1:. trtis land befinnrnir at the m> tbe_t end
< without trail to await the *. It 8 p without a to khow that the land MMiirbt la more valuable so stow Shat, t. ... ....". mQre I I >1.in *tre ?t. as raid *
action of the grand "J'iry at the. nextesclon drop of alcohol In lt" compn.itloncbem for Ita Umber or .a.oae than.for agricultural vala.bie for : ,5:.: :.c.irt Deteirobt1.h: : f tie: I' sot Iamptoaattub-diyl of lot three
purposes and to otabiteb bin, claim tosaki ,
ically trlple-rellned' glycerine! being t Oak Hall property recorded: In Plat IJ-
re of the' circuit court, which will used Instead pure, u f the commonly employed land before KrirUter and Hecelrer at claimt. said ... .. ,......,". Urgse: u..d Hec..lr I at pare en of Lb. publio record-' or
Uainen"Ule. Florid., on Tuesday the 1M day ev .t (O.ln.' .. t', ,,s is on Tu..d. the county Klorlda. and runoiruf from
be the fall term. alcohol. Now this glycerine U of itself a Nit)
of !e..ID..r. l'' 'vMa h'tt day of : ,er 1'
eptrt east caner of acid Kant Main
Juttleu Hmmll who wa visitor to valuable m"' ilcli>., Inotead of a d le\el1- Dames a* wltcewte: *,.: J. K Hardee.. H. Henemeese wu'rle.; : ... lirorre W. NFwa0. fort feet to the aovthwcMt atrertwent
our agent like alcohol. especially In the Hardee. (,'. P. 1101_.. K. V. >"ber.aU of Old ... J. JI. Hartle.-'C .. lf. nea 1: P t'l..r.. Maid East Main atrect. and run tb-noe a

q Gainesville .Monday stated that, while cure of weak atomach, dy pepla and thevarlou Town. Fla. ell of OW Tue n :.d. one hundred feet more or lens, to Hark
-' the wound of lien Irani nut forms of Indlff-atlon. Prof. Klnley A.y and aU .....,.,..001olalmlall' adversely tbe Any and all, Iir"' :.. e'.lluloll .tth..ls the tits und run thence" east along said Par
may abure-deiucrlbed land are requested to me ..001.. are requested. tu
tlllnlCwOIod, : I. U.. ol' Bennett Medical forty feet, and run thence north uric *
prove fatal they are quite painful s1.d College; Chicago! aay of It: their of claims In this omce. on or before Bald l.thflay their e1le'lDIIln th.. omce uR. or before acid. f eetf more" or le.... to the point of be'.
: IMH.Pd 1tiwid
ept mNer.
aln drntM la it serves an eccellent parpone. Ilkhdayof 1.Qtenlner Kegl.teictNTF.T should! not be taken for the us*. and part ,
"i tire giving. him no rend of pain and p W. (). ROBINSON. Retflater. W li RlIUSooOS.
In add petition
U on t of the bent manufactured I .__ -- forth herein oicntlocr!
;- trouble. Ill condition howeY '. !ist product* of tbe piwnt la It* --- else be barred.
:: rdered I-a. ; NOTICE.Uefartmect Witness ray hand and the red of
actkm ui m enf W d. | (H
t r little Improved our Saturday bight, especially If there IK ub-erallon or eetarrhsl! NOTICE FOil "UBL'CA TION. Interior court on Ibis ictbday" of Jule1w L
'r" and he die. V*.trlU. <:alarrhal laflammatlonof stomach Laad Office atUalneayUle. Fla.. ; ..the Office.Oulneu H. H. WIEN'OI:
may L..iaJ .
t oite I' U must -lot\ preparation, .{iljrrvrioe July .'h. IMM. [Sean!] Clerk Circuit l. .
.. IvuuA
V\i.\ July I
All stated will rell.. caMMOf .(rtMartbamIand e.
parties are negroes. a ws T man) prroMl Notice U berebr la
*icew>1.,19 ...tri<- lIt'Id It U useful In rleo that compliance : minolent cor.l* .t lOIdn"! h..,tnir been .
A. In The San of uod.,. Barnes is said with tbe proytaion* of the Act of 4Joo of V HU'earj.!' contestant.
chronic latentlnal dr.PPM*> eta p tally tbflatulent June 3. IM7,.. entitled "An for 01d this omce \,\ A. : HILL KOK DIVORCE.In .
act the Isle
and In certain forma of of No. JJ IJ. made MrebS
variety MatnBt entry
tobar a reputation anything but en* Umber land .
.. In the Stateo. of California./ Ore- Tor K, TovobbtpI the Circuit Court. Elirbtb Jullelal C
I ebrook otlp.tk>n. tlmultlnB- the ecre- 1U04 fe.S' .f N1* Section
viable tory end ...crewr fnn tk>oof the 1DtellJGa1 rue.Nevada.a-d \\ ...... & Territory.* a* S.. Il.oir. II F: IM Uilfat K lYammell. In Alacbua Count 'orlda-In Chan.
.. snda'When extended to all the publio land State by Act which U U Mlletrei] that said TramonelJ diet! onkept. Mahola Fleiolrur va. Henry KlemtCK
In the of August 4. liwe. AlTa Smith of OUT Town widow known for Divorce.It .
{ Obituary.. combined. la-t right proportion of 10. IMJK. leuvn: no nor
county LaY..no. Mite of Florida,
*. with Golden Heal root, htone root tllla del sled td this office bla bar betra: thataaldUid b.. been wholly abandoned appearing. by aJHdavlt appended 11

A sad death occurred In High Spring Black Cherry hark. Jueen'c root Ilkxxl- No 4.... for the purrbaJte of the aworn Wit stetemeat of Neil. IIIDe. the death. of said' Traiomeii. tbDaoOonncDt bill tiled In the above atatedoau p that H,

Thursday August Btfi' that of Mr root and Mandrake root or the extract of SAfe of NeM Ne < of lets of 8..,. No. S3 In not tie/not/ due to empluTOient. L.In i Klemlnir. the defendant therein named
ou A.
? the Army or Nays, salt purtltowlt I dent of the State of Horlda. mat aald de.'e:
Tp. No 10S. K. No. :.
&;these a* In Dr. Tleree'a Golden MedicalDlseo."r U 1! and will offer proof to F. '
HIU heirs of LXlfait
re- Duncan Jordan. She leases a husband ,., there can be no doubt of Ita show that .b. land aoiurht .. more valuable for Trammel ry BOd deceased the unknown are hereby nodded '0.JOVe.r. preceding ant has been thin absent, order more of than publication sixty days
'7 and six children one an infant great efficacy In the core of all stomach timber. and or.1Uae to eatabUnh than his for claim' agricultural to said land purpoaea. respond ...1 offer evidence touching concealing himself ao that MervlceproccMa in"

r liver I and Intestinal disorders and derangement before Keartoter and Kecelver. acid l alievatloo ..t jonelot-k& a. m. on Sept. lu. cannot be made upon him ar
four day* old, to mourn her 10.... 8h. *Ule. 19019. before the KekNter' and Receiver .t the
*. These several Ingredients, have t'la.. on Saturday the nth day of oeptembvr. : over the age of twenty-one years, it U th
was an estimable lady, a true wife and the strongest endorsement In all such lest United. States Land Omce In l.mneitvllle. 1a. fore ordered that raid resident defer: iti
medical leaders He _Ito_ The geld .OIU'IIO' bavlotf. In.. i-rop er amdarlt.0led i be and be U hereby required to ,
.alWll of such eminent as name aa : A. H. Shaw. Nathaniel appeal
1 devoted mother. She was a veritablehome.rnaker ['rot It Bartholow." )I. D. of ..1..11'41.Med( Dee. K. t.:. I>..*.... IJauklen Allen all June V IWW Set forth farts.which the Hill of Complaint tiled la Aid caue ofbefore
stow Ice
that after due dlilvence personal er
T... Monday the 3rd day of SeptemberU
of Old Fla. !
giving! all of teat ColWn. 1'tilla.l Prof. Hubert A. Hare.
up thought of uk .
notice cannot be tuxle. lei. berebf ordered
Isle otherwise the allegation of ;
M. D.. of Medical Department. Any and all persons clalmlnir adversely the nald
b elf In the care of her children the t.-! .ruCl..n... JoiinwMt. >L !>.. M..r.ral) aboye-deaerlbed land, are requested to die that such notice be then by due,and will be taken MA confessed by said defend. t.

duties her r>*partm.n CnlTr ltr "f New York) Prof.Kdwln their clalma.ln this umee on or before said .tb props publication. It IH further or..re that this order I''
of household and the \v. 'UIHIS"'OS.IC.Il'.tf'r.'
com tA Hale, M: l'. lUhnemmn Medical nay of September. cart. CI Keecierr.NOTICE I I".t once four oOI..o..tl.e| we 1
fort of her hatband. Yet he was Coll./r"c-b\c.--.o/ $\ : Prof. )"bn U. Hcoddnr.. M. I>. lid .H. KOIIINSON. B .k Inter. .. S. CUUHH.- .O..IIlle Sun. a ae..pr i>uO.,HI ti
,. Kin*. M. D. Author of the In the .n +
a never deaf to the call of distress, and American Ilsten.atorr l and scores of other OK API'LlC'TIOS0" TAX : Thi* July SUh. is) s

t the leading. medical men of our land.: NOTICE tlt 1'UHLICATION. > t. Wi5lOpM. Clerk Circuit Cour
found time in her busy life to minister. -'Vbo can doubt the curative virtues of DEED UNDKK !SECTION OK CliAITEH4HrW. I M. S CHEVBS. Ueputy Cle'k

to the sick and the needy within th.. a medicine! the Ingredlentaof which b.ve.ueh lAud OfBce at lialneiytile. ."1... LAWS OF FLORIDA. A true copy of orb4nalSeal .
July. 0. IIII.so ( S. H. W11-NU0v. Clerk Clrcu't Cu
circle of her acquaintance aymJea.imuitendorsement" ? Notice la hereby irtven hut. Jeorve It. IUN.purchaser : I Hy M. M. CUKVEH.' D '
Constipation cured i by Doctor Plerca't Notice hereby irlten that In compliance of Tai. Ccitlttcate S... ;two dated I Iih II. U. MASON Sol,. for Compl't.NOTICK \ }
She wa a native of Lownde county, Pleasant Pellet One ..r two a doa. with the..proTlalon of"the act of Contrrena of 3rd day of April A. l.. l,.w.l.; ha+ filed ""lduerUneatc
June >. l 7... .""tl<<"4 Ao act for the nale of In -- -- -- -
ofllce. and has made
10) applloatl -
e n foe tax deed to .issue In accordance with FOR I'UULIt'ATION.

Her sisters M '.. J. II. Singleton' of icon. Ne"ada..bIDII&o1l Territory aneitebded law. Said certificate embrace the following
Man Killed fen 25 Cent to all the 1".1'0 Land Mates by act described prop-rty kltuatrd in AlachUd. ....uo.'JJ. Lund Office at Oanertlle.| }'a'
Valdnsta.( and 1\IIU I.lscte Iiobinon of of AuKuat. 4. IHOS. Thorn I*. Allen of Old .'1..1(1.. towl': July e. IoW.l

Naylor (h. attended her funeral.A Cor'lelo. J.i., Aug 21-A shooting lown. county of LaKayetle.. State. of Kloridi. Ne 1-4 of Ne 1 1-4 of N w I I Sec. 9. Tl.. 9. Itl 0:II Snl'o N hereby vlen' tbat. In cotnpllan
hn this day tiled In this office Ala ,
sworn atat < I
affray htw'en two neKnn- took pine acre with the proyislobsof tbe. Act of Congress
few day ago the sympathy oft ment No all for the purchase of the The said land belnir' assessed. at the date of June 'J. I"... entitled 'An act for the tole! 1
hero In which Il ,
High Muring aroused for H., Kanire No. 12 K and will C.lforola.
was offer
a youngwife other nogm \by th.> namt nf \ ainlltnuo proofin of Unknown iron. Ne..al. und WaoMotrton' Territor\
stow )
that the land
mourning ti! .. tragic teeth of her aoutf ht bt more valuable Unlexa aaid certificate. shall bet' redeemed aceordlnir ..!t. all the punt land !'h.t .. .\,
badly that he will||] silo Ti.. dilly for Its timber or atone than for agricultural
.. to law. tai deed will Issue l thereon on of August 4. 151+.. James H Harder of >.
hnaband but yesterday the heart ,,( coif). iK-rurrtil I>.,T :.". c-onts. .'"nt'li lend.l before- and Register to establish cost Keeelyer his claim to said Ibe3.Ihdryof Auirnot. A U II"i "'v. Tow n. county uf l.uKuvette. State of .'0"0
at LJalnewvtile Wltnc my oftlolal Kltrnatiire and seal this b;.. thl. tar tiled In this sinew bin sworn iriient I
the community were wrung at the nl.'hut ((4 bring purHiK-d t b>' the shirr Kia.on Saturday, the JSth day of Sets thetiitl: day of July A. U. I.. iS. No Ml: for the purchsa.oftheE': f t
mtocr. II. %. -
' sight of children bereft of their lIT and and H WIKMiKH I Ve1 KS n f *e' of .
i young It""Ut| :- 1 It I III thought will J He name aa wltnrwteo: Eugene O. Allen. W. l>d Clerk CtrealtCou't Alacbua" .. IluNotice I 12. InTownKblp. No IIS. Range otnn.S'.. : r
J. N.
Allen O .. Ituliueit. .
beat earthly friend | befiir JubuUalneyaiof0W I will .
. h",3r.tllr"1 < murnlne. "Tnwn. 'a. ofler proof to show that. the land *ou rbt

', Much sympathy i I.. tended to the -- -- -- --- -- Any rod all |>en -- l nriH> << to e.tab.b
family alMive-drtorlbed lands are requested to rile O.IU CO8K SECTION"' s OP. CHAITKKWlteewtinv nnlm. invalid land before tteglster.ral Keen
a their claims In this omce
on or before acid l lath
LEGAL ADVERTISEMENTS. 4.eLAIVM orrLOruU" rr at Kla tin _'", the I '
High dry 01 September. 1)11 I O..lh.lle. 1'1 I
Spring Ang |O. I day of |!

'Id. Wll.ItUHINaON.itegit.r.NOTICE In. hereby tfl-en that ('. f- SlauoIhu'r. He ,..torl.elDI.r.IOI. ..: CeoV.. S.wm.
j>ur*>h..Mer I if Tax Certificate No. :'a>. tat J 1.. Harden. I' K. Uolme. K. P Planers
) Another Good Man Gone Wrong HILL ION lUVOKCK.n I I ed the 4th day of July. A IJ. Bud' Old Town, Kla. ,1 f

the Circuit c....,.. Eighth Judicial Circuit. ; .: KOlt PUIIUCATION. has tiled _1 UI ....ntn"'e. In tny ome.. Any and a.l i er on.(1.lmln.adyentelT tti" \
He neglected to take Foley'a Kid Alarhua I'nunir. Klorlda. la Ohancery and has made application for tai deedo I .bove-d*>.rli>* Malti.lhl.lep. Mount Land omue at Uatnekvlll\ Kla.. .. issue In ......urd."C'llh. law. Sa.Idcer'I".te their "1.lm..ln fists. .
t nay Cure at the first IIlal.1 of kidney is. (haler IUU for July It. hall, omt. on or before said I I',
emhrucethe of .
IMvorreIt following described Auy :r|>icuit> r. II'
trouble) hoping It would wear Notlo l Is, hereby irlven that' In compliance t>rot away '
uppearlruf hy arndatlt al'petulol to the hilled with the i>ro*)..lonn. <>r the art of Con rea> .u' Florid, town. i
aDd he wa ooti a victim( of llrlght'* nl lu the al>o-e mated cau.e that Nunr.eU".Irr June 3, I''11'. entitled "An act for tbe aisle of I Se.. see. .IWTp. 055.. K I IK. .ino acre*. I

disease .h. defendtnt thereto pans''. fa. a timber hinds In the !Stales wf California. Ore- The *-kt land belnir n me.we Th'.re. I I. danger In delay, but "e..klent of the "Uaie t.f KloTkla. that ark deenrfant .,n... Nevada. ami \\-aahlwton TerrltorvV aestenxed I the t Miiano. of such certificate In the name uf .

If .'d.! .jr'* Kidney Cure it taken atone has.been absent fnr ruo*** than alatyat to aU the pubOo land !tot.t.>. by Act : L N. Kooerta I I 1):1: r.NUKU !VKITIOV: P. OK CHAl'Ui.1w.
i ., .. nett ..........Un.'h.* onler of publtaaUontot of August' 4. liar;. Wrier K lAltbvr of Unlearn acid certificate shall be redeemed acI I I I\ \\'. ().F' "'I.IICIA.
the symptom will disappear, for I* .>..iioe..ilixr blnuaelf M> lint _r.Ue orub l>kl 'loon, county of state of tardta tu law tai deed 4 will l Issue tbereoa on ] ;
.1.,.rni. rannot he made uiMin him. hlurkta' ha (his day JiJ'.rII": office his lbw' SISdar. ul Au.u. A. 1' IWlII\ Notl<>c /la hereby iflven that J. 1*. U'atkl
kidney are trengihrned and you are ml K over the Cite W twenty t ne worn atatemeci Nu &4&. for Ike. imrvbaM of omlal klirnaturand neitl tbU purrbr.er of Tan rrtlilcite, No JBV dated 1

soon sound and well. A. It. Mass of )ear*: It l. therefo .m1ere l that the MwVt of Section No I. In Towohlp t.be **>th day of July A. l'. 111I111I. ,tie Ith dat 4H Juljr A. IX .lAt'has
aid. relieiit defendaat be and hen No II. !H.. Hantce No. 12 M. ami S. It. \vtINt3FSIsle I I and rerttnoate I In-ruT oIHi.'c and iia) .lo:
Morgantown Ind had> to tenor erehy renulreil to to the lull will user, Clerk lllr>ntlon for tax deed .o Innue In :
vet up appear of proof to show that be land Circuit Court Aii ..bur Co. t"NtrriCK \,,. i 'n n
ttuiplalnt: Bled In Mkl Cruse h.UtreM'ndaf. sought U : !I with law !Soul oertlfloate ,
} twelve time oil nr more valuable for .Its timber or BUM>.. embrace.
lu the night and had the l..t day uf O>Mi>l>er. A, II i I..se." than for atfrtoutlural" purivi e i. and establish lowing,.tl-Nr-ntx-,1 i>roi>erty situated la Alachui
.: a evere backache mid pains In the ulberw/w' the allruatlor. k..ld hid will bevker his claim. to Mthl lend brfixe lle"biler and He- OK APPI4CATION n)" TAX .. .n', .'..' 11. t.iwtt

a<* eonfewe liy sail. defeiMlaat eel.er at tlalae..ytlle. .,....101... on ThurMlav, Uf -:[J L'NDKIt HK mON< K OK CIIAIThlt: Commence ut sw ('or Sec 3V Tp. II !S H. .
p kidney, and was cured by Foley'. It la further iinleretl that thl.. <.nler be I...'. the n.b day uf Hrt>tcmur.. I...... !..:.. I.AWS OK KUlltlUA.Notice 0' run N law'""In.*. K a1 0| ..h.l"to branca

Ilsndtine.a wren for Oct ..,............ week H. namea aa. wltnewn: ... t. "..U..,. Jr. awl.K : l Isderrces.01 mlnutem. 90 7d .bl''.. ..,
Cur. J.
Kidney W. MC"Cotuna.Co.\ 'n the tialne IIle HUH a n...'..iiltelurcbaner \ Seas1. lne. \ f* is pbalua betrinaiatf. seo. 3>
U......, In ask? count and .htateThU .u.., Oil town. t,.. 4>f T... frvtlrlcate %'l... To..... I 1 I Is "1 acr*>n.
t allsvd Strike Will AutfiMt II:' It**\. Any sod ail uaaclalailiiir adversely the lated th. Sib tS.r.., JuteA: U I Lat I .w0! ".'1.5 '1"II.lnc! tt-we-ned at the date of

De Catted Off. t.. II. WlkNOKH! Clerk flrrull I'ourt.ly : artow-oeacrihrd lands are r..iue..tet to Ole firs tiled MtM certificate In my omce I '' '' .-*'( "> the> name of

IllrinlnKhMtu, .\1"l AUK. SI--At the M. H CHKV/.5. II ':. their elalnu In thU om... ou or bef.treaikkllTtb and> baa mad application for lag deed to I- I| rnknuwn.rote. .
A true copy of orurlna) da, wf nr| {ember. IWA' .rue in aocordance with law SaM certificate) luild rertlncate Shall he redeemed ar.
ticnilfiuarterii nf the Alabama tlUtrlct let \V U. KOtllN! embracoathe following deaxrtbed ""dl"l'.'law. lE treat will '
H. II 11'1P.Nt'etk'Ir."t.: toUS. Kea'l ''''. proi riv al.liuated sane Ihlrlua
,, of the Cnl'tnl :Mine Worker of Amer. Hy M H CIIKH C,. -- In Alaehua _Dt Florida tow.it : dsr. of September. A. O. halt. (
It. II MASON.. !Sotloluir for Complainant.NOTITK. -- lx.t IS. K:-.t of iraen atr.... Windsor Wl'n. ?* m. um..I.J "U-natu'rc and seal tbbi

t lea Hi' vul. reoMitly. Cart by the I litril --- -- -- -. ._- -- NOTIf: OS' APl'UCATION:" t''OI& TAX The set land belorf -.sed at the date of :0 day uf .\II.e. .,. I I won. :
''e-4" .. th. l_u..nce of soot eertldcate 'In the W1EVGKS.
on tiie gnrstl..n| of whether or milt OK APPLICATION:'' n)" TAXi "t-II: UNHKH HKCTIOV:" r OK i:'II. AITKH of J. T Vanbu"klr. name .. Clerk t'uit c.-"HI u. Co..

,gfN'f ie airll stall be railed .-. LAWS' OK 1'raeesacid its j.
off at the .J.H I'NDMt' : H XTIilN UK t:IIAtTKHMM. KjOKIU,, crtutcat ahall beredeemeilacconJUxf M .DC.
inliitM, iif t'ii: f'Hir' big furnace c mpt L.AWS OK t't.UUU,. Notice hereby ,h.. that A'-6..4 Really the link' day to law.of H lax.ptemh deed.r will. A.I
nice. I I. }.t log renuNnl by the nulMInt Nu .M hereby rfses ,,,.. A., U. Micro- ed Co.the.1 ur.4. wr of Is.July C.U"\ ii".I'_. No -.dat the\\'1'0 1.1 akrnature and keal thla NOTU'K OK APPLICATION:" FOR TAX
rotiitiilu" .* s. XVtill, nuihlng official has '.erg. 1...,...._.. of T. c'.." Ikt.,. N.. rut. acid wrtlAVate. In my ,"""e. and have Bled *tbdayof Au us1. A.H.U II 118_ lIt:..:. l'NUFIt| SECTION: :" s CUAHTKH
dated the Hit dsr cat ".1, A. I. Sal, bas Iu..1..WWOrllunf0rtralrcd. to 'U la w.s.a:%. '- eLA11'h .
tern hirers out. .It. ta helleveil, the akrt eskl erttlncrte in sty utII.... and ...-...** wlialaw. Hakd. e.rtlnoate.u rabr eetntati. ae-... 11 nerklrcall lost Alaehua c.o. KUNOTICK OF rUlliltlAiN4'ir' .

court will; ahtw! ... oede. al'I"1k'.t.'a. f.u Irs d e.1 W Moe I. .10. 'ul..DIr desenb.s1 I I 'I." tlven' that
In lvoterly enacted N.
a mnjorliy fwtnrif is f.
.......... ."... with Sew M.1d ".,,,....... eta, Aleebua Sheds. to. it: OK APPLICATION t>llt TAXi KiT .I 'i, "* tertineale No. C.'I..
s E ml'! .UK. off Hie airlke which hen ", ...-.. ... ,........,tW d-* i ut.rtr ata. UuID..._. ai N K earner of See.! 15 anil ma i Itr.KLI UNI RK MRCTIOV .* OS'tiiAITi.t. d.. 0' SQ..ft, A UtA. b Ml..d.te .

.beer. ir |.j"itr> ** .lnre Jill,. Zl. 1VOI. Gird.....I"._Ateebaa... _... rkwata. toed: W to ...b..1 K H. then !''o.: ......... rUat of hw. LAWS: OF FLOKIOANothf I this. 'taw.r'I me.wn.. .'. I b trade ale .1
n. rueeNoii wth nf MW corner HeTV. way to waer* It rnaMp, How Town ere... I uemt ui )sue n
an I tieliit''h.1 l ,a'mtii ROM: worker :M u. H *). th .... ft l:..t 4-A ft.III .. tK eat l.. K: line of nee' awl north. to b.- U hereby vlven that J I' Hems : as .. .J 'rrl'n'rtr :.. will,

!Mouth alu..S .U.-l ,It. W e..t Ill f U tt> be.Ianar riasr.r ...... S. 11 .. It :Sir arw*.. t ureber. uf Ta Certificate "' 0. ;in. dated the ".'.''r _"rlted Alachua ro.

Iti. _101 lard i.ola,f amimxad at thwdate of lib day of ...1.. A IV I..H. has n: di .n. pl.ubla ,.I..r.. .
y Wh Fret and Worry 'U.. said .lan.1fln* ... *nred at the dale ofv the .-..._. ..f Suet. eerttneate" la the sense of certMVcate la my onue. aiul bas* sr a1. I I .sof Seyu/ Nay Ti'
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I'maM 1 certificate. ...." be r....l_n.eJ aeorU I .. ( to law, d.... Irrnea emtt Iwsaarwnf s. t tbe date of
You herd nl fear ,pneumonia or tit her 4 tea wUI lM e th.,.... oo felllris desern rst .....>. ., all u' 1 I t. ... O.rUDeate la ,
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fay .>m..tal klaraatme and **al tbu, > the Ulbtlat of A.._.. A H IrK acres. ...>,_ lay S deed -
with l allartt'< llitretituHiit, t hyru|-a .... Iftbdat .......aat A, It Mw.Al .. II Wlr.! .r",. sell lent brUvr a-...d 41aM IM d.,. tot I i'' fork .1..., of .S.pteeler.I.A. ..

., |x>*.itlTe cure for roJ.cuuth.; M. it N trNUt' '. .1* ('\Serb ("1rr... four Ak.*.li.. Co. .t. ,- r-o 0' SwV ...."....,. la IM +'ks.w m. .+56.10 arnau.e 1Ills.
r whuut. I..1 Cicit: (lreslt" ....,. .ial' v. KLaNOTIO of S N. Ileccdet. Gam I the eft ... ofueu. .. aid _a ibis '

' InK emits a ...1 .brnn.-.Ells. Mr*., Hall. y .- -- l'aesc err ""<>ateeuntln 1Ohal be retej I I I A II lei 1'sst. .

of 8 Iuu. Kail(.. H! H write : I hate ,. : notIrt.1 << i'l'HLICTIaIN; OiiUrl( .r-&II.J..SO. SttI.I'nns: the rata* .day... law u'.*!>.*.i4eoit dnM
used )our wot.tlriful n.lla"d'. lime* U56.'S .. U.I.It. ,,- i'tA hilt TAI Meow 1 as .wn<>lal awaaiu.t .,. ..., acs: th1.
hoituit children Jut i*. !.*.. ..... .... aft des of A_ A. li ese : ui
rtfup can mr f<>, fjtevear a rejMlar .w- of the IWwnt ., CownrM ., ..n A..I.t..ATIOS
lie "e...u. hate tieen wouderful S..u.t-. M ........., rhos that ,... ,.......... Kafr" % ..t Ate.a*... evHiatr be... w S II WIPK.ias.: ..: '. .:U s5s T11/N. SURTAX
... seSUee hem ales. ......... of ah taten flue Jsae Mt. tiaja, the VQ |using order was e al Cle-iV S'lreull taut AUh..a c.:.... 1'a I I .- 1.\11' ur CMAITJEK
w e s- M XV XI I J .hr rUtHIIlAA .

-- -- --- tae, _tot pod wW t. w.A. refuse Ike k.Is. ... .. fMlWISCT *J That t- (...:jmru. "Tr. Nntk ,
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I. _. .
ler Sad Hex-el ..r .. u..,_..,... .'\. A Oe-f Ma. Std bake-. '. I* AI.twe..sia TMOMITTN I : '.lien list p. J,
.t*."" .hlp Manchuria oil Rf.Honolulu. Vat .... liar. .U. ,uw.11' ys..tiow 15atrS.1 ,.....-. T..Ip : .
tbs. a.la painag ..I-ee 1Wow :
t et wawaewll.e Jrlttlneate
WiJ.liw Lea. .., Wac._. A C' 50.1w ( < 'wrtru4i*r-u ire .., ... R. A. Da i
Auk 31 The I'Aftnc, Mat assn .,_ .U' ., 'serf ewr.,.._ .t; 15)05 Iswtawof S'ko1t..re..rt/r. Stale sal. e .. to ;
11.1 1MU fur N l t l ..*. ALwtw..at5 .rOtlused b ._ it.ia astir _........... .. .. I. ... .U. sat o.
Manchuria We I 14 and K I. ofw tussle db. aWNlertkM
teamahtp : earn of fur
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I 4 of S.ee a. 11' .'x. It. 14 R is.* .M else aa fvUuv it..tfta>..-. ., I.. howled at Mtaa *( .1_ C? ":: : sM.s.r wlie4w 1 1"r
IslandBlaJKeVS ... t I r-at _teM ta* tiN tl.ktta :0...,_ i. aa.l des ,... sea a. Gartor.alss4. UB r M ;f.uwwteg '
II. ___ it .ko.h__ I. pew.. a.< Sc..f FWetl. ._ .._....... -
T.wa.tiV A stt 't..aAttsASeba.
Hk* It la 1 :
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twe Stu "= tsar r..rtaW sea... U.wl 15 : ... sa r\ rNa, _....r t wst easeAna '
Ser' ant Hone oil Cure* T J ......-rV J ..>*_.._. J L J.. _.... lea law n.. ..I.blv.t sea r'a'tio+M ALetae ru.atsrsaS be stst.1 .,-....Wrer..14.. _...,- cad U ., ,: r .../.,a-... tor. daN e
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kteeutu.tism. Cwt. borr-s Hum* pstew. wrMMly awry a_ 1etale U..., ....___ -
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-- 1 Gar uW'seer hi visas tr.s.w lbbs. ..._ L.wtr...... -- S .....a. .. ......., "...., : sae b6. Aar .)f ... .__ -
XX ,- ...... A
J. -- ,
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J. I'I 1'iehett A J'oo'' .'r''r. Kt.se4. .... t.. I'CMMait. lei r -Ia. ra...I I I 'N1e-ar.a antes., .., .

+ HIHI, ttywaehee I",,"K C" .., J II iiuthA S...... .. ts.'v.i..w 11.+1 Iser weetsaheSc. ....a.....1. .tlLSOSLls, ,;;Iert end Aerissf/'__ .p-sues Jrl+ A U two ...
le. and Clued A
ra.anU .r'i bndee..5 w I..a order 1. el.esa.if *. .A 'teat 0 H wflc Iota.
r IL hMrk.. K. 1MWI.v ::.. It MStune.nsse.wtoa : tae felt ts, e4 J,... A I' Ira dsr.. ll'wwt'_ art Alwbsa (:.. .

k"- =yevMIts.CweeaJ.f +6.5. I OKt 1tl1 KtaTANl.liPllu JCa.w ...L."T..I&wa..ct' I .. .... ." s.m. .
( -, II\I .XN ':1 .utlt..: Ala.tea. aslrt" )1retlee taw er erJ.e I. __ Ce..lraslr, of Ibe ao.f 1--Me I .ur .ITU. ATM>:N .\M TAX
son .J I.e .a.1.1w awl \a.- at saki Ira ''>i UNbS.A .
Netire' t* rt.ert.r treat that foe is end t. .... ..._-__ isda ....h. VS.. A' a rwawta. a.rr5/.e wi u.e I..wM of ttss/5' :Nutty" C P56. I reLA !QT. X or CH41
us week. from day :tr.I .J !Ash. ewa ... "K .. 01 !.... .., .... M. C'A -...,, brM a. tltJcay7tiatat'Allea ..or 'kl'."

aij dale ker*'*f, 1. .4 Zr .. Ile ... wen Glee. ... ,- .... t.e, eta ,........ -.r was poreef.1Cvso" ., ..--...... 1 I ".
*.tr4lan of torn It *l It. *,
Uth a. A J a11NIJtrA srSr-Vl.
Omra It. MelUalfc. vrlll w 11 two u.....+.a .1 "Aa.1' It...,., .actocCT; : 151A N 111.1 ... Jsts w, pc.. ,r5 .S in22f j
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v J'ply l to lh*> ..... M. --... ed csla'u-s.r. N A ker.ease .... b.e+M rtess ttal Its lwirs. .'o .
(\xiniy Jikdc. of Alaekua rouaiy" -4o4'ncw Las.ttaw r-.u- "" ..... .-.. twesnd. nttwe Irs al..e awlae .... 1'c' rst..y .. I .>* -- ,.A UJ.2. and
: ;: t'J"+ AtItIST&ATfl14d : /woe. etta tort as Rear.. wt. se -- sect pert r wa aeei..tr. .ti-'M *y
rlertda.lee urOer to sell all of tbrlK reare .t ersrIesef .Ju. see- last se.+.t tor.r to 's .I ? A**' ** V
a se-er.eeaw5i4 en .... .. ww./acw.w .
"'. title' sad '*,.,.*t of like .., N..._ -.r.. .. rM1H ,.... w,.... M sees ANrtae esas.b .r./eNN M toeSee. Lr e.tw a..i. ... Nr'M.ee w'e- .. .i**.- *. \ : k-k- .... Z J jjv-jaw *> .

Tram It. M.tlelk cud Briers K )..I e* __..ea w tee _.. of +.e )..r. J. ..... .- I+wwss. 1.. .. is.e,. +w..d .5 W u Aw-waTs*. *S v7w vt* ft. a****.* *H-*T S.VM.!! **??"5r ..

Itealh the '. eae..s5W hrs. M55 ttysaSn 1 w&a I'S. M.,. faro Iw N w h .a c 1vw > .' .. 'k aTT rslA'T
Ill still 10 .iI..I.| .( deserted w. :.:.. r A..raaS eSwssu rise... w l\." :: reef' w b.Y.-- are M. 1se.a.a to.. irer. eras a. I asy .., Nit r -*:
....s. s Lots S. 4 aaj !&. HUk I. RK te.a aa 4 a4 >.rws ttttee 1. lase t s.f. 1 M e.'S M ub, .
> :'t..s.i se t ea r .... Sv" ,pee ese wa M ...... V. f4: a atrs. TMrw
Orlciaal liak,....tll. t*.rv.y war. sS.wC IM yeasts> seM tw.1a.'a u w l..IbrMe ..ISweaM '-.. .
F TtlM. MeBKATII. ._.. t w N. fM sell ewes5 wiwh 1Ike. area.ws slsrNaMNacre.Ito LKw .. May Brae K: N. wee ,.. _..... wN..w y a- ._- ....._
FA ._..... a Ise v '_IF.oi S. e'rfr.r .r W ...,........ I Ms'.tms-aa arer.w.as.. epee pre. ..
-; U*aMllan *f lam r. *t4 '''m.,.. S ". ..%. M..... .. ..-f..l.: ..... .. .. -- ... .. .".. "'" J.. eN WD vac ear .eNl..true r y.tee..yw: h. "

\iiett.allb h' eaM wow .... row It. .- 4tlsjwe.st MPI.... Xti..e K..ee ns .. s ,..j
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1.. :; ; ey T .. T.a A V
+ a.lr es.l..s st .. ...._ i a. a 1'ae,
tie- a.: et la ,
al..U" 1"a C I r
.\QC : "' '8. 5 ww *
... I tr IJLII. ...., C'Wft a.i A.ar. I s.. w tNtlsllttsu7l ,i .. tae A an.. a ; isi a t awl,-

....__ C
.:+.IrAdt ,,.(apt "
Ase.r 05a, ,.


q q I
y P x ,, + y. y a 1 '.

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":; -

w ; 1 :
r -

"----r-- .-..

.1:1" &
_.: #
.,. ;a. I
: '


/ \ .1'


-- -- --- h___-- 11E GAINESVILLE SUN: AUGUST 2i: HIUj! ( 7t. ."
--_.. --:: __. _.
-- -
' '-- '-y- -- --- -

PARTS OF FLORIDA A P.c' ;.c Will b. He'd at TK:. Popular I

cTVIozley'sLcrnon Retort-Evertooe l..wit 1ft. :

Elixir. T i "r > in Please aT w .u_ *pao'" <- BEST ;
Brief Happenings From V > s in y ':Jr ralnab'e' : ptper t extend a I rH .

Se tions of State. J .t(. ::are for alp cr.! sl\ invitation t.1 all to a pcnl w rt
ant tbectie.. Magne.. *
I 1. : 1 1"- TJ.ol'nLIa. -: at a M rh.a.. '
.\l1lttHt 29 Ml are re<)Ue.trd! to bring I I -. .. .- -- --- -- --
THE MOST IMPORTANT EVEN S : ; prc"'cl1ti\'o ( .f welj.!! *!tlyd I ha.ket.. t ,

or1'II()II) There will t>e am
Transpiring In "The Land of F''. *. .Lh.1: I 41thcr fevers. kind Come all-a good time eurttn

Things "Boiled Down" to S .' teed I' ),,'. fr r.:el tXedateVei.In.| ... _-.

e 1 ( rl1ttpart.! ..; day .\ llE'nt 9.h. R.'I'.. tflJll'.
Busy Reader-Items of i I. '. r. 3 .. ARE
t..r Parent ',
All Classes. I Bab-: Don't Grumble I WEARING CLOTHES "

JJerer In th. history! of r .1.:. 'V .nr leight i ,orI
\\ hen your j.tini ache and f on .,uTerfront (
stores industry pri'e' .
ru' i '
or the demand h..n0 utrnn: ::'1 .ill. i per h.'ttl rheiimatUm 1'uy a tvtttle, "r THAT BEAR

Irug 1tore's. MaMard'* M\ow Liniment and! get in. k
time of the year as they flee :I. ,
slant relief \ positive cure far rheiiinaiiftn :II
Lake Helen will have th., .
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burn, cut, contracted muae \
building enlarged. * m '! ., *oi* c lrt.rlc. :Mr I T Ht>il.a .
date the graded aohonl they I.r[ ''I t .. t"ri>imnent nterehsnt at Willow l'nf( I I h

have this winter. Tn. countyboard .," A Sad Death "ria.. **y. that he Hnd HallaM'" $ l

appropriated ttt_o for tr.i I" tiro.> :, !' ,'a ,. f It*...th "i.*.. d ,. iiow Liniment the be.t ...all-rount
fit 'Ir ni.d :\1'. T I tto \ i ''inmtent he ever used "o'd by WM

Ernest Webb, who' "' ''4.'n''I'I.1, ,, p .t" ..,,1 <' IT
ago injured by an accident t "w .\1.1'I 'TI i I' g: '! (I.. WHt. evhti WM ..r..1., "Y ---- LABEL

Coast Line 1 j Meiros. N1..lrn. \)....
ImDtie train HI I nkelnti t K w h. "r h'm : he haniMnt ft *

on whieh he wasthat .engineer 11'\4 ..ii-d :< -" ",r in his home 'hit iaiit I \ .e. .\\sg :.-Ur.l"r.ill\ Harnet

company for fl5fM> 'hIlHh.1 I! t.ver >to,. HMeitVe h..p.. he has e."ieH left last week, fur Ma<*on. i..n ppeu. .t THEY COST NO f NOREtfARE THE FINEST MADE]

claiming contributory nrglirucr: mi to thrT :htrr hum. ..ton.... whert there t\vcior three month tuduti pharniacy .

the part of the rtilroid. eomp-iti' to 1 ., II f hr ut Telling and .orr.".ringherennl WRITE TOR SAMPLES PRICES

hare caused hi* injuri.. I i ('lI.t will wipe ail! tears Mr*, ,V. XV Craig has returned l from

At the meeting; of the l I. ard. ..f "I. fl' H> fi.r he now ran lean up"n the her outing

dermen of Key' \\..... Thllr.Ia T "ft..,. I "eTrlH. inkr. nrm*." Mr, Yearwoixi tint 'hlldren

noon Mr. Jodd, the "sJ''rt' a .r."iltflnt'. I Hut I.IH! Inelh all thing well 1Ve'': left yelenlay for ileurttia., tit be. gon

"-"n', undrr*tan i why He should cflllaway J' two or threw month .
who was employed to examine the. ;Mr. M I Cnrpew who ha been
books, announced thai he hit i included one "' hn( has jiit' began to bloom away
ICI life. why ,If 'ionld then l... hi* work, but <'vo to submit his. report until after hi.* r.. down "TI.'..t 1 all the fragrance we.trdflwayIh.atch Saturday and i i. staying with her eta THE SOUTHS LEADING CLOTHIERS

turn to New York, when it mould tie. ; hi,* darkest' l loud hatesilrrr ler, )1 r.. Fickle Mi I.. Flom, Corpe
litiinc .\tll" ... haa been quite III the pat weekMi .. .
j..t j .vet.te.n
printed and sent lit the ttotrd.. .
... .
I year. of age and' hi* "J|Ilrlt took Pearl iuire of Anthony return.ed -- -
Coy H row anl an 1 lion .T.ihn it.. litfht. to Henren tie :'Jlt of TnlyFrflrlr.s t Saturday and will pend the winter I
Beard spoke in Seville :hquar in I'*". The Oldest House in
\; i he entered t death',
aocola Monday night to a i'r'III'yarioo.ly In |J"."<.''' IIr < ..rlenre he dosed hisrye. .. M. J. liarnett i i. haying. hhome ,
estimated at from I fn.*> MX' rehfngledMr ,
Hi* only" trust was Jesus' blood, established IMI
2,000 people. Th. debits wa on the I which irifiire certain hope to rise. *. 0. O husband and daughteMi .,- -. -
Everglade! drainage question"' and wit' I .. Seta, and W. K.: llaker and family .
I I 1)rsr l .\II it! wes a boy loved by the OUtUI't.. : n II.I.IAMtia '"

Interesting throughout Many. iimr. a {' yuiinger set, admired by all who meth I are camping at Lake Ooneva, 0th' Pure flue" old ry.*. My' the gallou |3 a).

were both the speaker "r'I"'I.t.| d.I! i From all account'* it wa a I'.r.iward. Hev :: .I'UKI'AID:
i|Ili\l, .. without. him, but the faire nf ; T II. riUtrunk la holding a roo. .
-- -- -- '
crowd, but a fair one. neverlhelf.* i vial' oiertirg at Hex.Mr -
I| flowers Hr .
are plucked t. <> roI I
The strike of the conductor and m"1< j I should not eomtdalnVei1onot' knot *. O.teen of Jacksonville t* .1.1& f + t ta:.., J. t.JI.\ {

tormen of the KeyVet Mreet Our We Ins her mother Mr. S. A. OmxUonMr. Pure I'.nlh..la. lite.. Utah and
I i who will! be called next can *y r mellow the gallon *}.?A. Four
Company', which originated l Tuesday' a dear ..... face that once ehin..d .oi and )Ir.. Wilkes of Iowa are via I fuii' quarts) lilt)>, .'

rooming, i I. till on, although the cr i i i bright hs Keen hidden from n* ; that Itlng their conln, Mr. and Mr: H C \ "' KXl'UKMf: ."IMIKPAIP: i

bare run on *e or more each' day. l lit i i i it will never brighten a* again nu this Hick. They expect to local.here, .

close town at night The cane of the earth How all mt. him poly t\. 'f AtYII.IIYE:
you How to Avoid Ap|>endicill*. I ,I'ure .ut'..iauilal' faintly' whiskey My +
strike wa the refusal of Loni Tinder.one ,
Heavenly Father who took himI
or the motormen to from know. He al' -- &
I you wa ay* quietand /:J SIt't. ":X PKKPA1D )
trolley party o\ negroe Pinder wfl.disehargrd those who are habitually eontlptrd. .. .. .. ,
thoughtful and kind to every.one S. .". I
alloh.r i
b the mauagerand >
:| Oriao Laxsllve. Fruit 'I.U't'IU
Hyrcip eure ( RYE:
man carried out the party and during hi. long Illness he wa .
patient and tender to all Hi* phy- ebronle constipation by cumulating tilt IIxiTll'IY.Ull1 r II y the gallon S i ::fl Four full qnarU
the liver and bowel and restores the 2M.. fXI'UKI'4t4I'.U-I.AIU' !
In Self Defense. .
ici and loved uh.f.lh.muUIt'r.
n* ,
Direct I from bonded warehouse. fln- -
natural action of the bowel
Major' tiamm, editor and manager I brother and .lter -did all they Laxative Fruit does Urloo and old My the gallon 13 (.Q. OUt -"WEIl tM'lf: tOlt*

of The Constitutionalist, Kmmenre.Ky. I could lu keep him with trtniii hut Hyrop not nu- Four full auarta MAO. Rich sad mellow My the gallon 13.60.
taste and I I. mild
or grip and
., when he wa fiercely attacked their effort and prayer were of no pleasant. Foor r"IIII.}! "* 13 90. ,
to ta...... Kefa* aulietltote. J W KXPflKMrt PUKPAlti I CXPUKHH l REPAID ,
rod year ago by piles bought a box .iI..oou must know that It wa I
of Buckl..,,'* Arnica' balte, of whish your Father' will to take him and we
W. handle all the leading brands of Rye and liovrbon Whiskies (In the mar "
be say t "It cured me in ten days and have the sweet hope that Attic I I. alt Russian Lapel American. tel and will ave you from 36 to 6O per cent on your purchases. Hend for prl..*

no trouble aince." Q,Jieke.t healer of lug with his dear sisters, to welcomeyou C>4ea. Any X!,-An American eltl .Ut. and eaUtlocv Free upon application "
burns, sore*. cut and wound. 25J at all when you cross the river of .
.II drug store death. ten named Unison, arreated as an alleged THE ALTMAYER A FLATAU LIQUOR COMPANY

political: provocatlrv agent baa :b.tI.A.OON': G.A.. -
The funeral careless' << were conducted
Home for Chorus Girl'*. been expelled fro mthe country. Ambassador .
:1 by neighbor friend: and the body Meyer, was Informed -
Cleveland O. AUK :: --- XtrerrllriKto of the
wa laid to ret In the eold earth to action MAY BTTLE 'IN DIXIE. LAND. I
a report rcc<< <<'l\-rd here from he taken by the Houlaa author GEO.S.H ACKER & SUN'

east, John I>. Hockt-feller h.t<* un.h" await the trumpet of Ood when the ties, but aal? he saw no reason to

consideration a plan U -tnd.'e! "" A fi.iui. dead shell be changed and be like protect against It. Olaaov Is a Huslan *- f. W. Orawert. lmmigfli, Ci :.,t. alAaVIACrukgIsa or s

for chorus girls to thu amount ot .,'* glorious body, and sing hi.Jtrai. Jew who rcr.nllr tnok out dUoun. tours 0..".'. and Alabama, l

1100.000. .... foreverruor, .hip -pepeon. ltft.nta, Aux %1. .',*>U.rlk \\'! "li'.

M AMI.* II teats Urmn.tt who for many r.ar. 4* "

made a careful' snty! of tiuinla' iii t .i J

was In Atlanta( a .bt.M lint H,,n 'ay G

I CASTORIAFor _orcNt. t. :>.w York where u. .\.
p. .
Infants mad Children. a
ut a U"Ullb rrloaf i

Thi. Kind YM Han Alwaji fenht .Is. the ......1... J Jand

I h.a. Just mad a lour of *s la

= ::. sad Alabama .n.l ..pr*....! himself *. .

G ofMurdered n"r. that pleased. with the con'tlllon a

'" the tae .,....... Mr n,., .'t pro "

.e, to start the roluny. bf brlngtagto Building Material
at Cburc .
I some iir4 ilermes aad' U..rm..Am.r.
Troy Ala. AUK. 2t At lIopto.-.n i ,
kart tasllJrs the II04ICII at first 'bit CIIA1UKTOX. M. <1.
I'rlmi' i Itp lupti.thtirrh 17 mil* b<*
umber t>.lpg attgmebi. yeer tyIn I
low Tr>r Uie "tjivfay aftemoun Jobs i Ii
year Sasb Weights Cord Btrdiare
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a atur re turre'
All careful TtVHIt' .ttr4. both b..|ng yowax.narri awe ....
an dadysntas.g of the *< u+I"lr
**} white wets It ... p.C''tna Ur.'t ...14 :
women use and communUrn day at 11014-.11.III
'TlIe ( ... GJ-L.A..SB.
"* *r baturalfy" **.1.
dices' oft the gto.tad. lb. ..rvler. c.t.adedlnj .,
eul(,.raUi! .. TWf or.'., till at ,&. '
I lato are. afteriMtHsi. After a.... tu car r>.hr rraplntn.ar) act it j E. Y. $& .c1r.Jt.= FroDTitior
..n__. rinsed sad --.. of ib. $. .
.. just ibis ",.., .., ell|..., 'hsf .beenntI
I H .. ....._
.- -.... i had de*rt-1. a Jldstilty arose. RWb-. "WhysufCer.wi1h u44. in futa.r Ire de'vkla + --:- ;
Wnmanwho.u!!, r frt,rt f. burs -cl.or-t to *j.l.'t ivttr, aa>4 at '

w..r. b.w4laehr.r. at a t' W "."".' .d JrJl.f'4 le tla. ..an". laa pfliA'wKen )IUr./ ....,.t dec2taa.1 Ct .*si. V.. ForAdvertise IkKt IU illnlthI
o/t d". tola orb, 1 slats wht.. atkMntljtc. Wra.was bed pfliA'wKenBAllARDSSNOW: .
Pt' *Oe-S *l'. WI' the rats,>ay prefer late
tot 1111 th"lratol' s' Rklbwrs kllU.1 It Is al1.a.4 ..
1ft waN ..,U"I a rfajig.".-. '.
etnel and otb'r dl'1: 'a ae
in The
: tsar W.St.e..4 flr H a awtaU.r aI| Sun.
>rr.p' f*4.
HEttBiXB QUIC :L\'--=RFS flaxe ..4 tl ai Ri
C .....1 .... ..... Coes tlpt..w.tlh..e I It I. ax< t* vrs>..| who *k
and r..cr. thep.ye4s. !tales.lases t need e4Tp.4 sad lta. act. 74 ..... WirUMATlfM.: tel'T.. nUl K.p4t. Csty. W. l) Asir, IIn. ofwaxer. ----------o
all user 1..wsV1 aaas.tra. Suck X>*fll", ,
t s pgt.k.a.l.4. ales tea. pr.wr M TAINft. WOL'AtyY. .fulls ILtrtad ieaday eight a
> C I). Ph :. T. 'h.TAU. : :tt.stly. eoae.cfe4. $'I u'p JAtrrs. MURAUHA. .
I. lb. '..t eat u.. Katbloaal ...
.., TeTCwr 1Kiw t. _..- b 4U", rTL.u "" .Ut..
for- ta/.f. I ... eemp ar v'a'cs. a Joe. of .best 11144"
Cssilde..s 1ft PaMI WOrk. .
.. ...., ... .t. ... .. lsafla.; T... ..'... ,.
,.. tt.1.. I s -nt..A x t ..e J..nana.......+.r Itwt.13 r1u. ..
.. +.."' as *)oo rkitdreo. who ...
tulhl an" E: cr !i' a u( cry Ua/ut.
ut for In" ,....U.r.. h
..tlwa.t.. I .rase.ttzi.'ds.r er I .t: t.. r ; ?.vi.. freer. ........ $....> be tat.t I. *1w. ..,\.t lAalrn.at. ........ A WT.c ........

$ .. ..... wf all ...*.. w*. cry .... ... II. .... erne. aadee.tdr.- .
'en.i..1' ....w... ....... .t .. w ,+
rvK1: t'k ,,
it ? I trs etl br..tsw, .Wm. tWy resJtfas uc. -/ ... ..... sg.otlIa rrwt.
", .IJ a... sad ......I ......,..aM.wtM .
.:....... .tY4_! "I .sQertas tsler ,..pr, flit.'Ie ''
.;__ SOU.aI, L:I.U ;'. _. e.- trot ... -.c. ...;..... ft.1astll 'Yard .'.WIIiIilllt.t! ; a ltttfM/rF Iasi' two. &1.-. ... t 3 :Lh ..t71M.
.. K f
:.Ir titlr 1.eU5., H- l' z.y. J'Q" ..... ,. ..; .,....1.. ..
.. bss 11IIM1R. & ""I.f'off
.. u. "H I .. ,..T.. 'tli.;.... '
h tbv ..... .
I -- ..,v: -' .. ...... .. .. ..". .... ..

'. ,:.!'d- t"t"l .- It ". ,. l- ... .".


t "I> .' {.of ,
." ..'" ...
l'',., 'It
:' "
'" .


--- -

i n cavalry eooipany organized In Ala Deputy Sheriff L. E. Story of Windsor '..
ehoa eouo ,. supported by the State. was in the city Monday. He

Warranty deed and mortgage blank brought two pri.o"ers. Philip Bryant. ,

COUNTY CONDENSED A 1 Plate for sale at this office the form used in better known ai ''dunt Claus; and 44c _u

'Alaehoa county which saver money in John Buck, who sorts arrested at or

recording. $2 per hundred or fiOo per near Orangf; Height upon serious
.Matter of General Interest Tath- dozen by m.U.) Cash must aeeonopauj Charce The former wa released +

red by Our Exporter F.. Ike ens "'k .... order. dawtf I but Buck sons remanded 10 Jail in de

ICE ,CLAM I Mre. No J. Okley. and daughter I.uh'ol $105 bond The greed; Jury at

;, PERSONAL AND SOCIAL ITEMS I.e.\. \ ..........trs't i.t 13.t Ie aD'a costs I Mie*.Iiora, of Columbia. Ala., after a the fall term of the circuit court will
wh.O made was
-- pleaant'vfitof several day to .t,. take up his rear.Rrr. .

Jt Whet Has Happened and What Is Going Jell4))le Cream Powder and Mr. Jesse E. Burtx. left for their I>r. J. I' Iet'e.5.. pastor of the

: ...1 It raa be o *.1..iwl frowe tn 1 0 art..W.' home, via Wayern.sl, yecterday. They Methodi. church At Arcadia made anagreeable
,,t to Happen Told 'In Short Paragraph $Fnp' Mr* nu-t >.of..ie paeka.5..te a The hun oltJce ,
to call at yester
gnsrto.ilka.4frees.t rn.' .ktu.best. ezpeet remain in Wayero. for two
' So That 'H. Who Run May Read" la*or f u. :n*I sr .y* ,. ear o* U ecH n todX or three. day. days Dr. DrPa*.* was in charge of the
.. ereryiV:B* bet UM lc. s 4 snilk la I
sIn' : The Sun.from c--talDed .. tb. parks;*. u ttir* tu d Comui 'iuoora. M ktodttftxvntalr .
tleMlaJDaUJ/ Sum ,V oUJ{ I oxm. fttrawterry WM| for State Senator from Lake county I of this paper was a boy and the writer ,

.T om.. Water of Dell was tradingIn Cnflmrorvd.If ,wna a welcome visitor to this office I can vouch for abe fact that he did r
roor grace*hasn't It....4t>l._IIn4,
tfte c'ty' yeterday. IIiC.0 .. for two par ... Jll.......*.aThsCiems yesterday. Ho I I. a pleasant gentleman much to build up the church I in this
'\ lt.elp.l..k ttelt.d7... nod The Son predicts that be will) elty. The pastor was only paid about Vile w
Friend of Dr. Gordon B, Tlsoo willregrt Fare fat Ce.. lit a...,.*.% three hundred dollars in those days -
make Lake
to learn that be (indisposed at n good representative to
his home.Mr. the upper branch of the Legislature. but he labored with the same xealooa- ,/H/81Jodo.r
Here a* If he were receiving three I
and Mr.James Chesnot of Af ).- From \\'.tlne.day';.'&aUy Bun are some people who are thousand. Dr. DePas is delightedwith !

/ eboa pent Sunday 'In this city as guests O. F Jolly of Waldo wa In the flityyesterday. mighty careless about throwing old Arcadia and refer to the country complete treatment at
track Into the alleyway Such people our store for: 25 cts. His
of relatives and friend
Ooda. He
a "the Garden of the (
should be> taught a litile civic specialty is Liver Complaints
Henry 81mpeon left yesterday for O. W. Maine of Maoteocha wa lohe left yesterday for a trip on the East
mode all
pride by n floe. It 'la Impoa- kinds and he
w Mlcenopy Orals and otter point Coast eitend his trip to Key
city yesterday.R sib). for the authorities to keep places may guarantees satisfaction,
where he will spend his vacation.George month' vacation.
' ., O. Baa went to High' Springs on clean If people will persist' In such West being on a or money back. -
* Oleason and George Beck of business yesterday.Wm. practices. .PVom Ttiurtdau't Dallyun: Ramon's Liver Pills

Book Point, two progressive trucker, FewerGsllons : Wear Longer; Devoe and Tonic Pellets make-
Adam of Windsor was trading Mr*. B. N. Smith who resided at
were trading In the city yesterday.Dr. la this city yesterday.Cha : Newberry. able county, for some time Hague Strickland of Hague was permanent cures. .

' W. M. Johnson ha gone on hla *. Dell of Hague was transacting I I la now wltb'her husband' Nashville, tardlog In the city yesterday.L. J. W. MeColIom. J. B. Piekett A

annual vacation to Whit Springs, bo.inees In this oily yesterday.Follwood Oa. In renewing' her subscription to O. Bell of Dutton was a buones* Seer, Suwannee Drug Co.. J. D. Guth-

where. .h* will) recuperate for a few )folatoala..of Bei spent The San she ..pr..... great InterestIn visitor to Gainesville yesterday visa and Cloud A Pagan.

deya.JDUa. Monday In Gainesville oa business. the loeal occurrence of this section W. A. MeLenna of Waldo wa -.-

Kite of Monteocha was la the sad says she does not want to miss nlngleoopy transacting business in this city yes Notice-Taken up, one bay pony
8. R.
Chilly and of
SOS Mleanopy
city. yesterday. having come on Inopors were 'In the .I of the paper. .. .,. about four year old ; nick tail. Owner .
'); teat Dosmesa eonneotea wun me city yesterday oo business have ram/Dy '
can paying
Col. John E Lambeth for expenses
year one II. T. and Wade Thomas
R. J two promising
board. Hadrsak, a prominent planter
school 1
of Alaehoa of the lead Ing eill..... of Gainesville, farmer of Mnnteocha, were* and eo.a.ol advertUing. Windsor ti
Mrs. P. J. cf Mlllard was traDaacllnir basinets Cook. Orange Heights Fla.
s was i 10 thcounty eepltal but for several years pat a resident of trading to the city yesterday. ,
?la ab.ecity yesterday, hawing' coma tot yesterday. Atlanta. Oa., In renewing his sobeorip The young people of North Gainesville .
consult Dr. Alderman in Mr.. J. If.: Colton and baby have re- Miss Josie Dampier of High Sprint!*
regard tiontoThe Son, .,It.V.. enjoy feel ao very ranch encouraged by
earned from Savannah her returned to her home after a pleat
acme dental work.JaseM.Rhaw where they reading the paper very moth Indeed the'socce ef their Wonderland Bazaar *
ant visit, to friend in this
h ave visiting the
: of Alaohoa. oDe ofT former's. parent. and are glad to know that Gainesville ., held the last of July, that they
the J. L. Jameson of Bell returned 'ahi. I ie growing Friend of Dr. Gordon B. Tison will "
most widely known cltlxens of that so substantially and rapIdly here *>Raced: the world-renowned
,: section of the county, wa transacting I* home yesterday after a visit here i ," be gratified to learn that he I II out Mrs.' Jarley with her, remarkable collection a

t bosive..In' thr. ell, yesterday. !fe reported that West End In good The elder: Mrs.'Kennard was painfully again, after an (liners of several days, of wax work figure tc stop in

'O. J. Milton has accepted n positions c ondltlon.There I 'injured Monday by falling on the l.md I), Dell n successful planterof North Gainraville( on her way around

.s cutter at the maasvet of K. K. F. will", t:. a big picnic and bar .- sidewalk between O'Neill's, and Bnrk- Hague wa visiting relative' and the .old" The> exact date i it not

gan. Mr. Milton I I. competent man one at Miguel' Springs on Wedneay *- him's stores on the Erut Bide She transacting business in this city yes known at present, but "it will' be in

y- as well as popular In the trade and August :29, HIC6. Everyone I in. was carried Into the .latter store, lerday.Ilrer. September.

will 00 doubt attract additional patronage vital. to attend where she ree-hed l medical attention Dniisl.* left yesterday. for Attention is directed to the. advertisement

In connection'! with giving a Mr*. T. 8. Dorsey I. spending a few The sidewslk has a fall of. about a foot S ampson City where he will spend of The G ".. Hjdw Company

R good service.' week a* a guest of relative. In Ken at this place, audit, I I. trange. that day or two visitioohi* father J. B. which appear; elsewhere:. in this issue{ i.

Capt.ln and )1 fl. S. O. Tucker and L ueky. Friend with h.r. pleasant many people are not Injured there. D Douglas This enterprising company. In order tn

c family vpent Sunday with Mr. and and profitable ..ojoern.Oeo. Attorney W. H Palmer, referee 'In U S. Chamberlain of Tacoma one mike room for fall goods, some rf ;

it Mrs. John R. Beville, a few miles west t1. Merchant and children. Mararet bankruptcy, has returned from Starke of the oldest and moat widely known which I have already' begun to arrlre,

,'ir of (Gainesville Captain Tucker ; Sallie and Harry, have returnedrom where he heard the cue In bankruptcyof oitlxen "f that section, was trading In are off-ring special I values. in many

ports a delightful ,time a* they ref a very pleaaat visit to Ahevllle Nelson D. ,Bitch of Raiford.: Avtornry > the ci:y ,...'.r".,. lines, and it would pay b.r Aln.hoDt0 -

entertained In tho usual hospitable and other reports. Mr. Merehaat U Palmer IntendeJ to have appointed J. J. Haymans. the naval stores operator era' Inok over the list. Orders bL

r : manner for which Mr.and Mr*. Derllle much Improved In health.T a trustee tn the matter, but ef.1. ehloo.a who also owns valuable mull or telephone"will receive the

have suede themselves famous. N. Sewell)) of Winter' Garden, formany owing to the fact that there were not property here, left yesterday. same careful attention as a personal

MUe Helen V.hoa-; Parkhlli. a year a resident of Gainesville. a sufficient cumber of the creditor after a Jay spent looking after his in vi,it to the .eo,..

x r charming young lady of Montleello was 'In the city yesterday 'Mr. .Sew. present to represent a quorututhe e... e....... Thnnm.rou.. 'r.ndIn: this city of

who ha* been here on. visit to Miss ell I I. now. engaged In trucking and wa potp' |>ned until Tuesday, the 28th LABOR Contracts, just the thing fofarmer r }Ir.. T. 11'. Puts ant: her charming little

Pearl. \VheUtune. for the past three roll growing, and has made quite a ) and turpentine, m.o. 6O. pe r daughter Mia Curtis, will be

week, has returned to her home. ...e.,... of that business. _-0. .___. .. do..n..2 for &n, or |3 per 100. Cash pleased' rt learn that they have returned

She mad many friend here who were hunch Wiggins of Hague wa among lnt.NEW
delighted with her presence, and who : he visitors to Gainesville{ yesterday, SUN Gainesville. Fla.. and will... axaff. make this their I

I hop to see her h.r. again at no distant lie tnaaei a specialty of stock raising, YORK II. '". Caasele of Island Grove la i Ir- home. They are' located at the Pitt*

+ day. : especially hogs and took the prise" ,at Itie city on a visit to hi. ".r. Mr Acme 4 | West :McCormick street

J. H. 1).)u.I..*. for many. years a i the State Fair lat year for the peel W. M. King. II. I.I a very enthtxia. which' has just been enlarged and otherwise I

t:' merchant of this city nut now manager Florida raised hogs exhibited.' tic Woodman and came to attend the improved Mr*. Patti will be

of the commltsary. of Monroe Robed Ford of Mieaaopy wa In the RACKET. meeting of that order tonight. welcomed home again and will no

Venable A Co., rival store operators city, yesterday and made The Bon a. Mr. B. }. Hampton has returned doubt be kept busy entertaining her

of Hampton City, was among his. agreeable ..II. Mr. Ford and family from Roanoke. Ala. where she ha. old fiUrds: for the next few days.

friend here Su.d..l1 of whom were recently retorted from a pleasant been .,n a pleasant visit to he r TO THE -
u t glad to sea him. Mr. Douglas1 family visit to relatives. and friend at Pool ll mother. Mr. Whidden. Friend are TRUSTEES OF

r.sl4s here, but a,. at present visiting Circle and other polute In. Georgia, glad to welcome her home ..gala.II. St. Johns Methodist Church
.. in Mouth Ca'oiina. with, 'h. ..e. ,_. CHEAPEST STORE ON EARTH (Gentlemeu
,- L .
The genial Charlie McQueen of New. Seville Arredondo..a.d-
lion of hi. son, Byrus. berry wa ero sing palm with Galas*. log lo the city yesterday. MrBevllle Don't allow your church to* pay Bcents
i Captain J. A. Tucker of Kochelle I i U per pound for wood
elite friends. yesterday. II. I I. an en till enjoying herself an d If
was in the eity trading' yesterday lie Ihuslaatla .horeemaa and wants to .sae being benefited by the exhllaratta R Lead they buy 100 pounds of White ,

.tat** that Mr, *. Tucker and daughter, ,, mountain b...... of North Carolina in hew they get gg pounds of :
- -- -- White
)II.. Winnie, will leave loJay fur Terre Lead and 12 pound. of wood
JU3JP :>. V. Malnes of Monieocha
Haute lad, where they will'" visit. READ THIS. ..mu.be wa but ".1' they buy L A M. Paint| they ;
Mr I Tueker's .'SOT.I Eit HltlPMKNr OF to this city yesterday. g.t a full allon of
mn.h.r.hon, she has paint that won't
not ..eu for fifteen years. Her mother tI'.IUCIW\. Ala.. Joa .. 19OI.l + i Mr. Maioee. who I I. quite a sot wear off for 10 or 15 ]ears, because L-
h" Mrs llsenrah ,. };. W. Hall.. ttt..L aUt Dear I eeesfnl farmer, brought a load of fin e A )t. Zinc herders L
C.r..I. now In her Roundtree Trunks I A M. White Lead
tI..1 hare been n great sufferer from cbiekens to market, which he dl. .ed and
: eigKty. >slx'h year, but Is yet ...1".. of at fair price L..t.l I. Paint wear like
bladder trouble for
and iron
Friends uf Mrs, Tucker years myea
and )II.. Win'
.. wis of n very severe nature, earn* and Valises MI** Laura StrlskUnd of Waldo t gallon L,
me wish, them a |.1...... sojourn wa A )1. mixed with 3
elllog to Have several pIlon. -
me painful' and In the city a few hour '
W,. and Mr:, Turn MeCarroll are re dangerous operation' I ......Ieo taken Tte STANDARD'OF PKUKKCTIor: roate to yesterday. Mhwae r air riled Linseed, UI{ will paint ao mod.h '
en lavernese. h.u.. .
joieing over the btrih of a flue boy many d'.d..... I took *hp
' which ltrt the .hunt. of I..nap Root for tare. years and Was Our la'.' of Trunk and Valle. are ha* accepted a lucrative( position wit! Actual soar 01 J. .\ M I. about tL.30
day M the ..''. l:+.fe Cure two ynra and they t .. the Citrus County Abetraet *ad Really per .aUoD.
something immenee. because .
home of N,.. )1C'('.rru"'. carry I
I 4.
parents t only relief. After S.
gave temporary \.d..w.
Williston a few days ago Theh.|>r'I I having two operntioaa and prepariaa the stock east cell at | ri,,",- that
.*da fM has itt>t yet seen eke youngster,. for the third. I taw your Tease \Von. be malcfi"1. If y'*u are- going head. "I".j... my t.o.....

a* he I. tow .Ik :New. o.z...*. I.Jli.. dee advertised end 'nnrennesd. n lotus away give' u* a rail Lawrence Monty. .*. yoneg snap i I. -lIh L)1 :Loo". 18 ,. an ajo
'. I got almost' Isan.e4inae> .....,nndl .have 1 the employ of the bothers Hold .p.1 ...
safe enough tu say huw.?er. that he I I. euuilaoed W l Improve ever b.... Co P.11|| T.1phsae .. by J C R..b"r. .'Iubaa" Fla.
waiving with more dignity than usual. My doe tor entd my bladder had grown .. who had the nalsfoMuae t. .
together In tnre. a-lass nnd I .1 netatn eert.e Ialsrie. by r.III"Ir'ro. Epworth '!
sad the proverbial |<**e.i<>k. would noW 1 *. wat : League Social.
Is, tt when U romes to prmtdnes. ..( .,ring .I..d...... Kosaan Uvtnf|: The DIXIE GIRLS a telephone pole, has *utn>i etly' reeo.. :The 1'a: .ort. lA.ca.
ran sat more than I eon for yonrTea* ..d to be out agU. ,, ||. ,r.a4. .a-t their
fri.*4. extend congratulations.Mr. a. Wonder, and I sail It n world be eipeet k, f'OGcb ,... "CN ilali. A If.... .
and Mrs, J.m.'br..... o t wonder, and I ..... all whosncTer eHll hoe recovered la a few 4ajs.Anveng it.C U..ft. East U.i..nll.US :

'rt ,\.11.. > are nc s bnel vtelt to rel Intlvra I. give tt n trinl. Wlahlogyoa wen.>e. I for Ladies the welUkawwa$ West K:.d. jay .oe.al .M. .....,.C All L.. awr".
r Yonratrvty.W ........ lwClane.vlll.. are )Cr, a..s their I".s. era .Maw::
I. in this elty They speet the > C. I)...at.. W. O. ..... of sad M re. tops la. ...... sr 1..hl'4 4 '
.day ye.terdy" a* guests "r N A Catlleonatdpriag and Misses JeanlaaT..,., I'L boa nt {.seas all 'f'q"--1to. ..... brhac ."'""\'
4 oneer ch..... of t*>. eo.. ro.A' \_" ,
l atk rarm, Mr, Abrasns. A TEXAS WOMDCR. it TV., .
wnftj wa for ......1 year. ...-.4 In One ssnsJI bnf Ibis Tatars We r la the Shoe that the .,.*..Je see ..u-I are .. style to vtsit Mr.*. OoUon's .... -

the MweUnl merekaiMlle, Iw.l... der. ally OmnA Dsaase. H lag ,.... They a*e ...s..r..aw leathern tar Lyn, T.,_. at c..n... ..4 ...
ry. nnma s> .. !....
.d wear ..II. look welt and theM aria pat rev that W.
bee ,. J.. eo.'U.' when. b. tW any .trd kradd.t te.\N..,' fade,.
..1'..... nnd eftteodvd h''. territory. gravel emmn dsmijatea. alnIetc. wUhUa the eeehi .f aiL Try n psistab. t While hero 'Wr are ...ete of relatle. N.
r He ha now one of tie kaadeewteet ... cad ...... ...+d. Mr. ... lit... W. W Cnle *.
asxmia ..,we\iI.M ,Yws+1sM s.
l < ...ot." Its rea ., h. kl.4 net i. lb..... Mra, K, L Lyl. -M hat.
Klerwl*. bet .. the nVMith, and hi* twiWYaeebw bees reeMiag in ewWrry foe
rr friends will be glad *\learn. that he \ eeM IbeiY i. 1 ei bfr, w. ash pella at ........vw received ...........T.roast. CY..S ;,11
( .. .r<..a erULg Mr. Aw***** rna... if nladsIII W whWh .... .... "' tt t '1 ,
were east t. n4a.. hiea a the I(.. .( will M will ..... t>t.ir I.. atlr #a i
two wW w
old' neieheler* ..". % r.V data .... tt> .... ...... Mr, sad M.... Lyle a.. M M,saes aw,
... ......! .
..... ''' .... .
be 8041" ..
no b.. ..... = : ..
the tbnrl ...
I\atu .. .. WI" .
*. .. '" .. .... .. at ajaA
"+ sat soak am ."f ..... bad by IMV s Meads. an't tt ate /nary. (
wifeHie fr.... ].!. ta\ 'M.... ,1 ibttlllJ PIIIF .... 0< k
..*\,., esaeelslal.si";tsA hla ..... . ", .... .......11-.. oJ eitewhgsyii. .-..
I .." '> '"
hAS... I'f'-" tAsl.
.- 4 .....
.. .. ', '" ., ',' ,, ;-' ..
(':..b.- "'

Gainesville daily sun
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ails ut ouoe uotlhed tbe county otflcer
WOMAN MAY DIE and a. many of the neighbors as ,.u"1|I ]GHISHGLM TURNS I SHOT TO DEATH BY MOB. 2.0CO PERSONS'LOSE '

al bl.! .. .

t A& SUlT OF In the meanwhile with :Mabel 1 as n I Negro Attempted to Criminally Assault -
Lit.: .. Girl.
gulJt Mr. hooter, haviag ON HIS BROKERS LIVES
found thenconiclous
Columbia, S. C.. Aug, :::.-Itob Ktherldge. BY QUAKE
victim lifted the
L bodj lu
tar u"gres \\ .1<>. oa Thursday
his: arms and carried it .to his --
!?'Hundreds of MAn home tart, atttniped to criminally as"aUll ,
are Searching where every possible assistance was Defaulting Bank. Teller Tells olFilterings. ills 7carold d.ttiKhtir of T. II. West, Convulsion Produces Furthet
r endered by Drs. Hoy und !
For Fiend. M wwll-io-ao tunt.cr ot sleet Mount '
who had been notified over the tele '
\\tlluiK kt'Cllou ol c phone an.! arrl\ed In their
autus. Af .
oa Monday utS'U takva" to the rcduvf :
NIECE OF INJURED WOMAN HIT ter her Injuries had been
dressed she CHISHOLM PLEADED NOT GUILTY o his crime, b)' the' lather of the lit.tit $80.COO.OCO FOR RELIEF OF PEOPLE
t was teaderly placed In a I large tour- > girl, and ..huu death.Vet l

Miss' 1 Ethel Lawrence Is Suffering tag car and brought Into the city and IIv.,s IS miles lu the country
taken to the Wesley Memorial hospital Bays He Conferred Frequently With All Public
With a. Broken Arm, a Fractured UtherldK WUH antpluyed, at the! Co-Operating In Relief
where An operation was >d.rEmovlog Sims About Tr.dlng-Flret Invest home of \Vfsk. ThurA.lu). atternuou. haakotl Work-Town
.' of Qulllata. with a
Head and Her Right Eye Was her right rye which: hud the Into w'rl' to accompany bIns' {
been almost knocked out. mc."t In Cotton Futures Cost Him Population of 10.00O Souls Completely 1
: Gouged Out. I IAtlana. to tile barn to feed the BiiK'k. Itwaa
It was found necessary to uatJ: Loss of 10000. while there that thertdg mud Destroyed.
" : Aug. 22.-As the ,result of tltcnea In sewing up the gashes on a desperate nori tit assault the little
cowardly cud brutal attack. upon the forehead of little Mabel.: Her Inurlcs. 1Jlrmtn hatu. Ala., Aug. ::.-The; .g irl. placing his head over her mouth 1.1 m*. Peru Aug. :22: ,-Th'r.va.* f
Miss Ethel Lawrence of London England j though painful art not dan preliminary/ trial of Altxander It. tu imiirie. her another nw.v> ,.arlhauuke shock at
and her little niece. Mabel. 14 gerous. and It is believed that she will : who. as paying teller of the hutrlbly bruised scream was \ uli>t>iuU.> fart ..."lat. According to M,
but the no.. ru tailed
years old, by a negro fiend Monday recover within a short time. Mrst Natlooal Hank ot lilrmluihiiiu. In Zeta tiiw lunJi reiMirls received bore from
morning Just a .tone'a, throw from County officers friends and neighbors defaulted fur ftUO.UOO.>> w bleb he claim It was reported that tho girl could i tho setter of the f..rthqu,,"'%'. the town t
>tae home of the little girl three-quar flocked to the scene at once to have lost in bucket hop specula' not uf ;uUlah'. ItlluUnl about :2i:* lullo
recover hum lu"
U lujurle Mud
'ters of a mile from the end of the Co- where they received an excellent de- flan and 11'. J. Sims: and I*. M. lta} .'*. bur death trom \.iliMriU| niiil ba>'lng a I''Itul.Hun -
vxpoctcd ut
enhlll car line the aunt lies In a sc/iptlon of the negro from the niece manager and clerk of lllln-rt: Ac Clay, any Inn uf some tin ttiousaad miuU. ,
meut. lluwevvr.' a long ilUttnifo .. .
; mo r.
dying condi;ion at the Wesley Memorial : She declared him to be about *23: brokerM.. charged with ailing; and ubt. ( till' bur been completely d.'s>rn)edAt .
sage mess
toasting t ph ..lclMtifiutoil
hjpltttl.( : the niece is suffering years old. 6 feet in height clean har- ring In ChUholm's defulc.itlou. l*.'K uMonday that thence {.Into. Peru, this morning there twits

from: throe blows on the forehead in Cur nearly bald with a protruding : before I'nlted State CoiumU. bur .u.*vh ''uK. war runts hope ul a ullulit{ shock' and Itiiacho wu

fUeled b>. a big stick and'the countrytor orehvad and a thin face wearing bro toner \\'ath. Chlshulm said that - --, .111ta.t.1t by Itlt "lArltul".u! yvelerday. ti
mile around I* being scoured b>' ;aii .shoes. She staled that flit could Mn transactions In cotton tarried onwith

mall mob And pohes, ot determined easily! Idtc'nUrhim upon night.IJloodhounds lUberi A. Clay, wtrtunder tVt: '. Became Cray Over Lynching. llucnu .\) r..,11tu :SI: .- -U u. in.llu .-
men who will take the law in their were nurrlnl to th: name' of S. :'NVt-bsler* He had told f>r" i>nwiMMV s. (*,. AUK:. :::: -. Hob t I > Nactoti tixi| \' publUUiMl H spt-clMlMixttch ) 1;

own hand If they kticcced In finding scene und within two luliuitvn tool Manager Sims that \\'b..h'r was It )"'.\llat. ti u"4): ) fnri.* of Mgt : from Ixl'urN. .HollvU. unmil. .
the guilty brute. ip tho scent which ass" held' for a wtalt.'o: frleud residing. lu .'\esgurtee.i ( u\' nlI1Nt1'11 win! nuiv. ..k,'li>K Unit ::ores 1.rtI"u"i but their

In the attack upon the aunt her half mile at which point It was bruk i a. fJ\'r th. recent |h i>.cfili,n., anti nnnoli l lh en UM u ivkiill tif i.tt: < fiirtIikii| <4Kn. '
right e>'" was Rouged: ) out. her n(1'J6 en. Another trail was taken up a On cruise examination ('bl .bolm" told .nc..iK.. Dun lin would'- M..pnuK *>v.>ry shoik.* and! Iliv* ut VH.paiuloti. loutLiu

almost ('ntlr'IJlttvt>ft..., line of her short dUlaace further uu. wnlch'- wa ho N. Just before. h" went awu%' ,Ill bU woman he met .I'h h'. tlm>n hi xt t slrutlea thins Hat ..aiii' iaii...
arm broken, her skull fractured an I I tolkiwed until 3: o'clock whe.i the dugs/ \nc.itlou tee,,n.ly, Invent Into .the rvsere ttrlrll ni-ij',1 wnmt tint wa drUtn t tirrvd ut l.ltuufhe. (IU ut (jtilllo'a.: :tli
her. death I.. oxpec.fd. were called nIT on account of com box' of t the bank where. 'I lB". ,<,>.>v, IIWHwltiimit' iliilni them Injury. and tI I at iiiu-nllll.. 11 at IVtwnt, 1.1'.t> I.*- "

The nlf'C't'a. 1M"I with lesner IT! plele. exhaustion, j wa kept, and gut out nuiiKh jf th<. nt lutt l .tut inttrcil the pn>mUf.. u flleiijaniln t'l..ee tILs mid <> ut 1." '.. .'ru On Hun

Juries n-. <*I(' feigned death In order .\t 5 o'clock sergeant l l.an1urll. ol ruouNy to "iiH| >ly the drL'clt lu his rt-g King n whliK f> rmir. HvliiK nay. ,lug H.l Ih 'r&' wus u .t,,,,,,, 1011uUliiii /
to Ht-cuie an opportunity to mak the city detective! rur...,. nrrltfit on I liar rash. '!'he. .rca"It'nt of tin bunk lu Hie ti,rona<*a .e, ui, 14)utly pry \ &Valapiiruloii+u whlcti ,pii>diicM !

leer t.'tf'atJt"!' und bring aid to her aunt the cent with two fryh dog and had left hU k.)'* In I Ihe riscrulur hue f'I id acing HUe he nifaiil to tiowHUlt tliwomen .. | a fur her I panli. *. ,

ti The aunt bad promised' to the niece took up the troll wh..1'it was left a few moments I I mid It was then "f tfn place UK bad u gun .\ tlUpalch.. liuiii t4eitltiaaxnttiscales'e f

that tht'v make a trip In o the wnn4 oft. .;.arl>' :Monday night. huwii>r. that ChUlmlm +traded 'Hit1 IIKMH-J but King Kuril-filed lu .lUartnlng him Hint .resident llwUfi, .Is piiKcfdlng til

Jus acro,.* the" road In quest of some he rt.turr..d. to the city. rHptrtlng that ChUbolm plciidoj nut itullty and nll.1/ later. miMirtlv, bound.. .It** wets taken 1niputl'ru ifcompunli'd by lhi mliilitvr tc"
Lcautifnl' I ferns! which grow oj.ruan.lltotJ the dogs had lost thu trail welted exa flutist teen. lli then volniitarlly \, to lirt"itwood, npi>tii.>ntly a raw i>r (hv Interior suet mluUtttr. of

)' In the fertile soil of an. antiquated I The nt*w.. uf the attack. spread, like; I offered to testify ngnlusl t the l lug tunnlac war iii 'llwrYI. the .II..f. work '

breastwork, a rvllr of the late (ctrl I wlldnre and hundreds. of menUlud. hrul.,1'+ and made n full statement ofhi .., '-- -- MIHI.II;<.* of .) mpMth wire most 41'
warVUllo hey were' picking r..r1l1tend the home during the day to receive dealings wlti!l them and, the {ua.rA Negotiations Declared Off. gr irfiilly rt'crlviMl' by the irovivrtimetiM .

w, :-r. )JuaJ about ready to go horn.. an accurate description of the II"Rruan.1 f he bail su_fafni-d. rte.: lug that ill. resale (*M< &IJua..:; 2. John' AU'vsuJeIHtwl r : ,I 1"1)1.| end tiit'.viiKt'* of .lnr. *rrilli

tlltn(> "o at''fed fnrtji the ride ol to Ktnrt. upon the chase In little lined by hltu Ix-toiiKed, to the ""nt... '** Miitd Moiiibiy night that Mil ngo ... ..nk.. .. w *>rt' ablotl bark. by /Hie tlhllojn '

the eiu'i.inkniiMit tipiioalte to the "nt', s>]uad. of ten or inoy. determined/ to 1', U! Hiiillh, manager: of Poster A: lutloiiw. between blin.4-lf andMI. pit.ldflilI .

ttie were nbout to :II"c<*nd. take the law Into .....Ir own hand .'0.. 1J1'.l..f'u.It h which firm Chlo bur tll""n'ulhA for I.'tllt'lnrnl| ul( 'I'hl I rutlri. >uil lento Tllllll fit ll.itucstU

"Come with ire. girl:; jour father If they were so fortunate' us to catch balm I I..* alleged to hard rqu.ndrrrd| 1 Inc %lut fungi >liar teens il''--rnrril| off. irkUK' ,.....,I."ly. but (rum 'rUtH 1 1 1In '
And brother are no hvri I want t the negro over $T".<>'... Mild who bn* C harg1pending 115. la. U.uti/ | N tutiMiii-nt I..*. night H.iiitiuv tree. (HIIK I. tint working. ;.:

you hot l !\ to K<> rlaht down !hrr with! Humor after. rumor was circulated: against: him slmltnr to ttio.> In which !hN sage ".\11 lb.. uti( >mpt.nt At rulliiu Ha. urn, I'ullpl.u "11.1| TUtU

mt:' raid: tie: np-=ro after which he ; to the effect that the vi" gro h..1 I iH't-ti against Hliiin send HMS, wan nn |Ire-. IfKiitl:i Ion. |hare., ..ntl".1) | In failure. ftit. rnllro.id sheet ti'''u., .iitri-. ..11.1! dwelt| t

r..a. *)*.\ Mabel.' M. black h,;.l IN eln.1 captured In different part of ih. count "'nt, still b*lnu sods nt inure the city 1 m i to u cttajiciit |ir .|uM.Mloi./ 10'1'l \'/.- Inks luit >' nil bfvn ilf
ring Hroui'fl her throat but nut unit I >, It.I Ir nlimated that on v Thousand It I.I e"I'.t.| however. Ill It Hlllllh II\M end lil* uthrJt. .f'.1 l to risesrWrr pr II ltf.,1 i <>f ('tulH hit. "r>lvr*.t l thailmni 1
the girl! has,I first caught hU hand men w,Te ncourlnK Fulfill count will chow up n l "f ire Ihe hearing en.U. It 'I'In'n I uI.1: | to con.ldr .>tali-|| i'''riHini,'flt"t uf provisional 4

vwUti her OAn |IlrPH'I1.ID'> hint fn m > doting the. aftvrnuim aced night. as beU said ti. !I.. eiirou: from New" a prnMt itiin| from tlx-m,, but It w .i.la l*..ll HUM* of WIMI,1| and. i fur lu ortlwrto

.choking her nrlouoly I Two nriw. > sv<*rtt arrt>*>til oa suspicion. York- .(<*d( |w.lr' *> ins) hud ni.t< Ui.' homl{ v.,.. Military on.rl'irrr .
licit Imt when In his fi>itlmony ChUholm sal.d that iM-ui>ilAil; acing hU grti; on her. he took they were taken t bo- N?f now rrpalrtiiic ibis rullrosd. .
.. tore MU h*. had frr. u,..nily conferred' with :Mr h more al thin I Hint* to **
up a huge stick and struck Miss: Kthc 1 >fab" 'l i IIh. ilfclarrd that | sa) semi' lelrntaph Hue*.
-l terrific blow full In fhe face 00'\| \leas: *> they wrri' rot the onf'.. Hlms Mbout trading end that hU fir.. ..- 1 ho Miiiti. ?rltlr{ at \"I".IJlc srititrusnUlnN ;

don't treat auntie tike that," screamed MU. lfarl': : i l..iwrrnct-, whoi. home Inventnivn. last' February .luflUnt..1 l to Freight Blecbedi. Ended. ilUtrlbiitlng e'.tetere where

the little girt:: and the negro turn- U lu lx'n.lui, .:n If 1..1. came acme s '1",.'''"', tin .which he .n.1.ined a lose Hun ..uol'h,.... Aug. :: :-. Th- neigh' 1 |it>.<| end m.'.|I1PIu| | .. will||| bet .irved to rv
th. wati 11 -* of |H.on... acconllng In what 'Mlan.tI. lorksd. 'In Osklamj I. .. lli. '
e..t acaln to the child. I'riKiuclnR a "e t..J ago to pay a *U. OM-J end -d amitn rnrth'iusk sufferers, Tn*> (latter
coarse rope from his pocket, h** trlr>.1 It to her brother whom she had Dot .., toll him HU total Ie)s... with: *> Motiihern. I'nciric offlcUU have r*> are dUplMilnw. ._.Miipliry 1'"hl"II.

r }M./NN: l .. mov.*d the rinbarga, nn the flew or .!.hrl. and. roiirsg*! |I.jirK<> partl.. i>f rtin

.t>elng unsuccessful In his attempt succeeded A negro answering In many detail, -- ... .r I.r .bulky freight. which ha* tie's. who .ral..1| l from th. ."Ietr.a'f

a In* la..M'lnir her aunt Th. the d-.rll'.I'1h of t fh*. brute who nearly Quarantine Line Drawn. b--!! In r_'..I"ocfur ....*rml week k.. I .'..11.. IIKVX i"..-n roiiimltlna rolij '*-

""ftl ct rushed. to her aunt's aid lu the I killed Miss. Ethel: |I.*wrTic*> and 1 New I Iberia, I.. .loft :::.- -A qua, r "',lghl shipments comlnir lit isYraurl.cn .'ftmid| it'lirr. rtlulrs st Vitlperal' .

nick of time and caught the tope near wounded her nU-ce, Miss Mabel l Lawrelic. antln.lln. -as ....?' .1.,. thrown I ..I.utt an I othrr elate point* nr*> /'u.ablwh.r creel.| Vln.nlfliiisr' blat the. ;

her aunt'* head and kept th. brute *>. war capture.! i>n lower !>. >*tiirstreet *> district' comprulng sl. siuarvblocks. motliiic freely showliiK. that jute',,>r* inaj..ri'r uf lhm. hate .b.ni rsptur '

from tightening It ant I choking her at.nit 3am. Tuesday by OfHr .. In .which' the pll..nt suffering are d'Hng an .r.n.,1 trad. TIiHoMthern ., ..I l ale.1 l MHiMierilr dwell with,. l//|I.
Into, uncon'clounes. a. h. had plan r.- Hannah and Jluscell and Is now from ).110,.. fer.T .Is 'locate, I-v.ry l'.rflr| and Manta' IV Mr*> ward "f &.* lijt.. (lw-n piibtlrly' shiM

ri-.l Th> negro again turned iiwfulabe4 yl'Ic..., 'In a rII at INtlr. besd'iwsrters, ItouM In th> dUtrt t has b*..>a fumlgated 4 handling j'>liilly .,MI it :3.x, refs aru iof 1 .i..l this severe. .......ra nn Hie pert of .

> and after he hs-1 strticlc her When caught, tb- negro was dodgIng Additional ilUlnfrtors, ram. the, city dally. the ...'b."U''.-. a.I .",", rillni a sales. f

...."ra I terrible blow all her 'u,.- !In and out among lh. .h..I').... frrtin New Orleans. Tii-lsy and B.e -- -- (sire vfrrt: .>it ih.. tunvlrCs. fit fa.t are
beat. with th. sttffc' .h. fell to the HU clothing .was rnuddr and slrvsk* gangs are at work In the neighbor. VPragee! Destroyed bFires.. .ii'i'I .' r"!rng ;

.'41l1n.l. rr> lng nut "I'm d_d' of bUxMt wrr<< upon him' Ills far*> hood of tb. quarsn. ttirtioii: I'rei Ml Johns Nw .llrxn.wlrk.. ,fur :: .\II ibw ,,ibtlr f>....li.... In /'hits.|| raw }

Thlnklrg' he !hat 1 killed b..r. h.. againet bore sign of having' bn area ('I..tj Idt-nt. Irk,,, (has g"ne to J*>f"nor.ltiU -Yurret nrr. arw raging. In tatt.lt. ro-vp**ralnfl! in the tall.f curie sn.t the

acked the runt, .who was al"Btr as It *>y briars. Tbe runty be K..r an sdntnlns term 'j'+ .....,.. ihr i.eph. r pants of New. llriin..wck.| and Q i... .wlfrr..rs from the .IUa.trr srw ....R' 3s
in :3 eturin1 rotiditlon from the firs of having trsvH..1 a |.nc way M,,n .brFfO 1 ... l4' ref (resin the New beet priitlkc..s A l".prpb.ll.lura 41.. *H| In r*>Alrlni lh> d<.nia :mt hulldlnK.

t>low In the meantime the II'U"4trl. eta) frt'tn an a4>t,lnlng rut.rat,. lilt 1 Iberia. ,.. >*>. IIwill' prtrbsbly ''vUl /.trb ay. thet the vllU. .. of Ht erol 1 th. igrapn <.n.1 l railway llal ... 1

with remarkable prr ..oc0 funher arii.... the offlr re' uplrlon. oh.r "..rt.,. poin'. Con1lt..are b.r.. Charles d. ,'aplaa 'In Qr and l lllrMllr r h l It Ii U r....."t..1 l leer > h. .t.I"4n KIVrinc '

"mind. Jump*> l np and ran to W C and tie was hurried! to the station. Ie frmpl s. The p11.-el I. ......,.... tether tillage r.stby. .ha. la-en pia e *>l.iri s hill{ 'In ron 4

Hunter's residence the nearest place During th*> early nv>rnlng b.M.r. tbl.s to be "p In a tar ..' two. 4etr"y*"l. Tb. d.iM./tr 1 10 .... .pnrtrl'nrr! lh> *>mllon of
-of refuge, negro took off bU shirt which ws, __4 crops sift tliMb. .r Ita4. In that vlrloIty I%tt *.!.'.-..... in .,..p.r M4>f*>.. The pn-

H.*>tDC tbat the llttlo girl' ha I .>.. bk,bdr. and waftb-nsl |<,sat r rf
.eaped and fearlna: rapture tb.Cto IftUe. later o.. hie .o1elutl.: Trouble' O..r W.", .... lag O s.r ftr,.. are .vurnlncM ... ,* J 3.t ,.. *>r..., there we,. two.

..rsa from the *c n.". leaving bur' '-ko- .... foan4 to b*> bloody. lie'. high' New+ York. Ang, it -Jsm.. MartbaSo .I.w.r.1) | end <*.ni blftoa fitr'tier r* 'tim I ly or.ois sad tell years of age a c..UI.', r.s err,. --- *t H..nllrg., but .
bias t dsntagwAsiet q,
\ through the ".rk a "J ''1&11ou.... .. ....,.
It of Mr.
r *dons ndltloei ss the rtdof bi. was reported I that tbe poltr* ellls 1 Ab..,.,. _. -- -- -.-
blows.tnc retly lake tbe ne.rn capture to eat la The Urg rear room of llw.k 1'letutla' II. C AM. JI The ..>.!.s. :;
Ait/1N+slS; mach fr1chtft1t4"t ant Itl--- the jBwretMe iNMse fur .Wsttllral4. ,. ValRI"/''* .al..M. the Old ..........ed or Kraprewe of ('bus. whirh' I..p.-e't as...-.'. f., ..ve.. *
.. .--tee Urn art James Cwo.l.h> .,. Z& yeses obi, ed w s/Tlf H] fu4. h.. ....tr.n4. Is'AaR. a.-Alre. n40rt
front t*.r ...... ... lilt,. \l.Wt. re r Tvewdar TbHr pa.... .,. <* Lard I".
r. ace.t 2.*. .wbo. .
:.aj wntJl she rcb4 O* borne rt Mre.a4 blng heist quiet stare It U eMta ear A'lmlrsl T,..... .,t mind h% 1 Vc
Mr. floater neerbr.! and tnltA M tact a 171M'lalacUI filloer If the ties .aa.l4er. \\', !I.... Kllloru, 3' tb. .."....**. ....t.. a.,y \KCb 41-el ., *>m.. .Ur..K..l forte III health, made It

,, n bet story. Mr. lI.ec'Pt'a.Li waersWfKts of tVe s.tnt are t..fA"4 p..r. _WoO a (1 If'Jn"r la a TsrV.iy. ",....*... wrrebm 4-prst.r attempt l"> end Purr I lire by

*a\t.ly left tie It.oIIn.e. as4 .went tn tbevs It te ...4) trend bat the pc*!e e ti .u'"1 .r..r .. charged with I t 4e toww ....h..1ft. where iki."q'ste .,..||*uf from her ruma and )'*M,plnr. ,
,.. of tin brutal attack apes t I,e tins may be atsek*! by a aMi. tb* .**.*" !.e ..f Mu 'h* sad |b. .l...,f ,..|4 01 .,.. t'atleq 1/,51.. 4a. t l Isles stares e.rula/hR' t? f. -r! .jf Mao

: aunt sad br Uttl "I e. ated Ls.3lis. i tag X cM..4.key P sit ursvne.t air, .bit* Ohio. IJ.w ...... Train, sera al tef 'T.. in".nYa/ broutfhf. bar fr "

Etbef Ia......... .U1 saelanrhw.. wait I. Lalt. a woaaaa. May A :I"'. with! h..y 1b. diet .tyw...t east ...... ,....''ut... .. rteht mlvt. /lr.Sr. >ir s: t'1 e pan;. .
NveMvh liensm k. bews 14" *..LCr..wp. sat I'... sr. .tneb. ..b. _reerrt"rl fr belt t
bet ta* s.tr.r bal sore's.et.d la ma Ds1rMi. ltkl. A... :1-n. '..,", k. acsnattuesrtsl ... M sar -/
tag Li..eap.. ba.-lsi flled -.1./ .. smlchbuta r rte I ber uitburt. '
tb _
a h psd c. fretcht.r 04.1"n1rW heel \C. .. K.M T.. _
.taompxab tb. u.. trh1.tt' of hUC attatitresgh ti sew-wad by t2. Rsr4sd Tra.t oataif .. JiUa.... et... Nl.ts Aa .
n-T.1 Maneew.ea ".lit r r 11e4.rII >.t. r it. Heal' a
t. ttsoreas .*t of .bast af +.. .nI1i taJI11d4e<< : +
".lslt 'ylii1ebtlta uses wrrg jrnwac at l.n.H.: .. eewte.ta4)a, rl s I .sop .bs.N. .. 1.'bkar.f.\ ;.1. 'O.M: death! aaQ Sr.
ew. .1.-r Cra..... e1.. ta.b. while ta r .1+ '.?atL Ttt.. ,
1e.lrt.l / (ar fai J tea 'It... IL.., .. M tetra be E ft t aJtL. ; .
t' JoI r.. La.n.oe. waa oot4 of"attack c... l.+.ai.....Asa. frlrra.r.' Ie parr lt.:..rihY >,}'It Milwe sea was .. ..,.. IS aJ. eases. IIreA d 'SI ."4 Ica' .IIt.ad( .... .....,. ,...,. '. ",. D
". bf Xn. flcrstr. aI4, $444A ; '3 .. tu.a.tat.4ael. tML .0"JtI." mfr t: # '3te ,, ftrH" ..ta sit V I.,5ei,.fltj.u. V.Ilt 111q ...tf .letr net 0.1& 554 A r .a r ft* I). "...,.cf.. iJ"' _:'t. '
E 14 ,........a:. t +.t.fs.:. .era. tf.r......bit .fees .title tt,$:tts 1. T..'. f'k'f11t4' rR"aM'K a.kl.31'S',..,. ''' is's ; f ": ... .a w
ev fa
'ry .ettaaa't 47 44st ,& ,t flu" AlII!1 hrRt0r+/ as 2 ,O' ,,\#\ III. J... .. I ,'
!fL. ylyt, seer at' CisisMt >iwitr': I ail .. '. ,.... < "" .
.. t "". ...r. "" -: .. .. .. .. ., .ttr-tr ....o.MJ'o "i ) ',,...t- .... Y, t : t <; -. .! .. ..!' .' ., ',

y A

a., .t M dt.., .. r ,
.. ,
&** '. ..... f;. .
i ,


-- ,
- -


I Prominent Young F'lorida Attorney SORES Al 3

HOPELESSLY INSANE Passed Away In New York.

t See Us for Information has been received in this

y city of the death of S. L. Patterson of '{RDUBLESO E-OFFEHSlVE-D.AHQEQDUS

Unfortunate Predicament of Col. Miami,.which occurred in New York on

the morning of Tuesday the 211 inst Nothing is more discouraging than to hare an unhealthy sore or

ored Man From West End. allPLUMBING Deceased was' the son-in-taw uf Mr ulcer resist one treatment after another sometimes scabbing over and

and Mrs J M. Bsrco of Ooala, but for apparently getting well then returning with renewed energy and becoming:

TIED DOWN WITH ROPESIt residents of Gainesville. worse than before. Sores and ulcers are not due to outside causes ; if they" .

many years were, salves plasters lotions etc., would cure them. They are kept up by a.
About fire years ago: he married Miss diseased and polluted condition of the blood brought on by the absorption of
Was Necessary to Securely Bind the Jessie Hareo who, with one childa little -
refuse and waste matters of the body into this vital fluid. These acccumula-

4 r Unfortunate Victim With Strong girl, survives him, and 10 whom the tions find their way into the blood usually because of an inactive and sluggish

Cords to Pravcnt,Him Doing Bodily sympathy of Gainesville friends. i ie extended. condition of the system. Nature intends that they shall be carried off

through the utual channels of waste, but the different members failing, to-
His Attendants.William
Harm to
.. and Tin Work The remains will, be taken' to :Miami', perform their duties properly leave the matter to sour and ferment.' The-

I q Archer .a cnlored man who where the 'interment will\ be held to- blood then in its effort to keep the system healthy absorbs these poisons and

' has been employed by Dr. Williams at morrow. at the first bruise cut or wound the sore is formed, and the constant

Komoko for the past few ..weeks went Deceased was an attorney of high drainage of foul matter through it keeps the place open and irritated,
110 it cannot heal. Another cause for old sores and ulcers is the polluting -
suddenly insane a day or two ago;' and attainments and ranked high in hIspro'e..iol1 '
of theblood from the
or weakening re-
became violent. The ease was reported -
. HenI"JUCtS' ____ ____ mains of some constitutional!' trouble or the
to Justice E. T. Henderson by Chas.
A sere .. 'rltb"co.Tlua S.S.S.Florida effects of a 16n.g spell of sickness. S. S. S.
V. McQueen when Archer was taken :
question of age watt one which begins at the fountain-head and drives out all
Jnto custody and arraigned before Justice .
ARE war never mentioned lu Aunt Lucre- poisonous matter and germs and makes a las -

i I E, T. Henderson who committed ItmllT tla'n nnMtfu'' without eliciting; au "I"| PURELY VEGETABLE..ng cure. As soon as the system gets under

him to the' Gainesville jtli, with recommendation AM, parently frank IItoll"lo'nt 1 of her own the influence of S. S. S. the inflammation

that the unfortunate ""01'''. Ihe llxtent'r.. however, meter gradually leaves,the flesh takes on a healthy color and soon the place is-

t. man be sent to the hospital for the insane WORK failed\ to thud on reflection that there permanently healed. Book on sores and ulcers and any medical advice with

Its at Chattahoochee.. \ (l L'1 R.\%T FoE!). xxoro certain nu'.tlns links which out charge. THE SWIFT SPECIFIC CO., ATLANTA. CA

Archer was brought to this city by were missing from ,'Aunt I.neretla'ii! .
----- -- --- -- -
rlmlu uf event.
private conveyance yesterday Con .
"Thorp nothing uiuch foolish
stable J. D Siford having ,him in more Female
than for a woiiuin to he! trying to con- : College
The b..e.m.. violent
t harge inn so 't'lIIIf'r "
< Aunt J.u'f'U"
use. wan wont
that It became it) secure his -TALLA MASS. HE- ---
to say. "Now. uu>'l>ody tbat'H gut a

' +, limb with rope, tn prevent him from bend for figure cuss "M up inj use IT POSSESSESIdeal

]leaving the vehicle or doing. bodily quick n* wInk. I H'M| >'''e. Moat o' the location. IT EMBRACES

harm to those about him. BAIRDHardware folk In this town could tell ye. I warrant Excellent equipment College of Liberal Arts.

It Is said by those supposed to be In ; they've heard me give It out Well standard selected curriculum School for Teachers.

1 a position to know that the nnfortonate often enough. I wu married when I ,Hpacious, gymnasium faculty. School of ;Mu.ic. vocal and hntro-
won Hereuteen. and after I'd been mar- mental including pipe organ: -
man la the same William Archer Heated trimming pool.
Co. rl<-.l tl\o years we moved to Tennennc new instrument
'.' who for several months, and up to a Twenty-acre campua. ,
where my three children were High moral environment School of Industrial Arts including -
< oap'e of weeks ajo, conducted a teat burn uud when \JUum-tbot'\ forty- Admirable college spirit Domestic Science and Art

tress making general repairing and two, noxv-\xas ten we moved to MHHourl. Steam h..t. electric light./ School of Expression
-- --
i pressing club on West Union street. Three years after that my bus
Archer disappeared from his place of thrown with a more splendid body of 1'8lHlluu1 his lung trouble an* we carted Youoir ladles contemplating1 entering the College. this Fall should write at once for dorm
and more hlgh-tooed' and tory:! room bewtloo t> Kin. Wednemlajr. September 2e. and continue eight months.
men, a ; gen
business about two weeks ago, and was out to Colorado. Stayed there live Porost.lorue.nd detailed Information write to A. A. JHKPIIHK.E.: : l rekldent18OO. ,
tlemanly man than Mr. Reynolds I years. and then came on east when his --- --- -- .
In -- -
afterwards seen flourishing a pistol -
a certain section of colored' quarters. have never mf"Vhll... In our city he father died, cud Txe'xe been here ever :mBT.ABLEJ 3:]mI:) .
and his elegant wife made fur themselves alneo -tx\euty-four )"("UI'8. You reckonup
1r The weapon was taken away from him. probably morn friends thanwereetwr what I told you about 'VlJJlam'sageIt

and then he appeared demented declaring made by any couple under you wont to l>e" sure I'm occ'rate. H.F.DUTTON&CODEALERS

4 If he could not have a ann he Tliat'll !I..> your quickest way, and then .
similar clreom.t.'ICt; and it was with
would "rake a broomstick and Mil you can figure on mine." -
--- ----
profound regret that we saw them
'nigger' In Gainesville." JIdhapp..red
leave for other quarters Many in* .
I. Liked Ynller.
Immediately afterward ducementa were offered in order to retain "When I was 'In the leglHlatnre. said Sea Island: : Ocrtrfcoim. .
and had not been heard nf since until
them permanently Uncle Kufim. "a lohl.'ltlt for a railroad
hi. arrival her. yesterday.The .
'As to the Home Comfort, It need ca'oe to uie nod wnntetl uiy vote for
asylum has been notified and Commendation from me... A.I) n rvrtalu uieawure."' I dldu't like hlarlictiie Sea Island Cotton Seed, Bagging and Twine. Walrus]

an attendant Is expected from Chatta ...Informed people know, there Is no .. and told him KO, He came Leather in Strips or Sides.
hoochee In a day or two. its fiKulu'aud kinder hinted that there wa
other range on earth equal for
':"1" |In it for me. I ,cot, wad and told
t TO 00 TO OCALA. anything like the price It sells for. No him to clear out. He cleared!, but before Manufacturers of the James Doig Improved English!

man who own. one t+ut Is proud of it. gulag he naked; t Sea Island Cotton Gin and Supplies for Same.

Superintendent Reynolds and Man Will and considers that he got a bar 'ITtirlt Rufus. what color do you

Make Headquarters There. gain when he bought it, Sincerely, like (lest", of nil? GAINESVILLE FLORIDA USA
'C. A RinLKY "Valler, unit IH dunned to you for a -- --- .- --
-- --
,, The Wrought Iron Hange Company Secretary Hoard of Trade." hrll>err: "4)-11 I. --

., (if RI. Lnnla. for whom A, O Reynolds The above letter. Is only one of many "T\ro wicks Liter the old woman G. S. MERCHANTS CO. -

,fs the division superintendent' have similar recommendations which have wrote mo up) a letter that men had ,

tt Wen working In this 'lection making IXHMI tru',,' stud pnluteil the b, the Retailers and
been given Mr. Reynolds, both personally In
Gainesville headquarters, for the past turn tin* rl.t.-p. mill and the fencex itUMintlfnl
three month. They have, boot flnfshed and for his waresWhy I Caller and that without toittome '

their labor here, and will leave Fret and Worry I had Just t r.i.l the letter' nlieu Staple and Fancy Groceries
the rallnxiil teller nine*) urouiul and
In a short while for When your child ha* a severe cold? iikk if I coiililn' |1e.kr|illy ...<.* my way

The Wrought Iron Uanire Companv, Von need not fear. pneumonia or other tlt.ir to faturliit; I 1.1. UIt'II"UI" Ir.'a.' Arden Seed and Fertilizer
too well knnwn throughout Florida. "
pulmonary disease. Keep upplied. 'It'i a bl lined fraud on theot'l ',*
4 .. to need an Introdnntlnn. .MuffleIt. tot with Mallard's Horehound Syrup-a says I In reply, 'I.ut 1 when n lOan tinIcrntantli SOUTH SIDE SQUARE. i i GAINESVILLE FLORID

say, however that th.flnmr.n.., manna positive cure for colds, coughs, whoop- tti.it I prefi yaller'to any Highest' market price paid for Chickens. Kgcs and other Prtxlnee
faetnres the famous Home Comfort other Ciilor and put" lil."clf out to wife
(lug cough. and bronchitis.' ; ,.. Hall,
range, and sell to the home direct. of Sioux .Kails. d, !> wriiest 'I have Ole yaller, and tint I yaller .tan.)N fit A Complete stook of Hay, Corn Oat, Flour, Bran Meal Cotton Heed Mea \
11, means of a thorough system of can- ? t>o plnliil tint It ran be ween from and H We handle only the VERY BEST goods at the LOW
vaa.lng by gentlemanly salesmen, who used your wonderful Mallard'* More- any Burt of the ...unt,. "'11,. I ("antito I EAT PRICKS: and guarantee aatlafaation always
hound syrup' on my children for tlteyears l It.M-4 It,:,,. oliltfue him In return' ....1 ._. ,
,In Immense teams traverse* the conn -- -- --- -
-- --
4t Its results have been wonderful yon tan count un uiy vote "-Ilultlnivre --- -- --- -- -
.+ with samples, selling for direct d...
1 try ,
.. Hold by W M 1. Johnson
llverr, they have been 'engaged In the SOUTHERN RAILWAY
---- ------
State fnr years, and so satisfactory
e1 Will Go to Sea Q --- ---- -- -
y and durable have been their goods that --

ti all customers, without ..(".I'Unn. have Lieutenant J. W HtamlinK ha. goneto n, >iR.-l. 1 Lty:< N. Virginia St.; ....N, n.- The 'olIuw'nor schedule fUures are HiblUbed only at Informs.* and are tit*ffuaraa-

t bn w"III'I..1. as the various testimonials Hi Augustine, where he is in camp C,an.*ille. Ind,, writes : "For over 1"- l *_-
with the Florida rlll* team which ha IT.. years I was troubled with kidneyand -
'* In the hand n' Mr. Reynoldswill 'I". '. ,' y.r''I'.I'r. No.liSo.al: VOHTH AND saes '
show In Instances these been. selected to get to Sea. flirt, X,' J bladder affeetion which causedme -- -- - '-. 110. t31
? -------1-
many I." J.Mu1e. :HO. KV l T 101' eo
9q.ai\ ,
ranges have been In service from fifteen to participate. in the National shoot in much pain and I worry. I lost flesh 1.. Je..up. p.o.lit|I lls.loe't. .I.v J..up. ,.tins" U, 7451'
: Its len'p
4 early. September.Lieutenant and was all rundown andla L. !ta.ann.k. ,i.o. Its! s't'' :Is IS. Ar beacon: :: !'
and dn. i year ago .. lit to.
to eighteen years, are yet Ar Columbia Sp Its 5Nipl eR'. Ar Atlanta ..
gag "....&&I..n' work, Htsndlng was selected had. to abandon work< entirely I had At l'harlotte : So Ity lur4ip! .less Ar Howe- : o: Ht Pit( 5Hu 7 a'*::
A' treen.buro .
; .
: .
tin.Rv i25e.lastp Ar U.t.oo .
from the State Troop as one of them three of the best hysieians who did ArIho.ll'e I Su..ICT. A 18:
? The team working nnder Mr, It.nold. .,* I rim Its IMI' 2i Ar Chattaaoura. '.' .. ,So" Hjr 9,.\a
r .. like the manager himself, are cuniilment,| In that officer but to die. Ar Lrnenewrt..a. Hr 4 list sap ArCls- A C. T *>
Cure -
a complmient Foley's Kidney
was LY'ri .. ,, '
ntlemenrefined and ei ienlloQS i- .
perfect :
con Ar ('hark.ttsr.IJe s., Kct, > .| e iimH I a C.,1l.: A L., 9 4Ap
which<< Is the type the com In Oalnesville .. well It recommended and the first bottle save A' XX..hln.rtXX ,,,."' .' K* v.nK 9v'i.: A,1Jeac! L -- ___ _l'.,r_r!!ur) !) +as
goes with.Mil saying that he will do his me treat relief, and after Ar itaatiw..re' ICJI11-,I :: l.v OaelnaatlA : : Lle.sl s.i
pan will employ They have made taking the At r t I'MLdelpbi.. .i'. H H, I Mp r <'hae..ro : !: Uoe: .
many friends throughout this territory part in making honors and records for second bottle I was entirely. cured" Ar New Y..ro,, **, It.. 13' a :II+.' :t111cioaau .. >.11 A U, T. lAp l Hkif. .

with the result that they have the learn ________ ___ J, W. McCollu-a A Co. -t....t'.." .'IH. .,..-" .or-TNa.a--- T is..s11.- :- Arc;""t.-in.;IUeo u --- Mnnnn .t_IS.
enjoyed a line buala.... Don't Grumblehfi -- -.. -- -- -- -- --- -- -/ | Ar. Toxl) .t'.11A..Itar P._U,i 7w 4Ac>
.... Jsckw..We So. Ily t'Df! t. .
Ill. "r
etrd _
lullo..lncl..r of Uev, C A iti.lIcy. Hot. || r !!.... I.. p........ ." !Ira hi I -- em" awe f 7t.
\\ your joints ache and you suffer! M ,' t'hl| ," ...... li Clttolaaatl 0
% .
veal 'r .tip tn figure! out "':(;01" -o ki Ityr Your. T9
pa.lnrof. ih. First ilaptlst Church Arc: .*.,...u ... .
wr Asn..ta. ... U.f' else eta.Ar
from rheiitriaii buy a buttle ofHallard's h'w ii,stJ bat. in n ear jogs oiuM' buy kt II' $ .r
of 1.1. O.k. and secretary. of the Livet.t t Hot l' |>ni.t*. N. C. ., Hi ; ;; l-" Lemls>.__ HA. RT "a-.VKOL
tnow I.lnint-ui and get: In. with the t.n41c.u I throw away on Ara..i; ;P, +"o. U} Oak Hoard' of Trade, will show lh- stand relief \ positive cure for rhentuatUm. tart! lie "urk I b.*e, n..ar I Ae Lnuiseulr.. .. !Ooo.u.I. .. ..t .t.ous .f....M,. _7_KaHO.

vsleem In which )Ir. Keyuulds. and hi. burns, cuts, contracted' nius.cles ..... ill. l.+r j AKvut. l nf.T for' myself hilt A'-r st.......Lu.1..'e.....1 "v,A. NrU c' 't III'.1"-0" j At Ar .A."w.a._.........,., ... ._ .i4.. Kr KT to'"
I tletp
associates are held lu tuwanrteecounty only| slant three for JunPorker.St.te : I Ar. li.soeu. .
1 ..chetetc :Ur.I T, Hogy. I "'''''c'
aprominent .. i Kmcellrnt iNnlog ,'r Kai. .- ''
...... t Car ferviee on All % (lip_ 1Y1..o' ._so
merchant \\1110" l\>,nt.Tata . .
r P It .. ,,
Through Trains, yon :II
Live Oak Hoard of Trade. I Li Ive .
1).k. *, says that h*> finds Hallard's I,.r'I I r. _._ __ __ : :Pt tai. a'
Tla. May I. l '"% -
;now Llnimenl' the. bet 'H.roon"'inl."t S'bJ d. "'1. S.e, N.. ... -
**To Whom It May Concern : he ever. used ""d by XV. rlll:.w a w.at"" enr.e.lr.tot. IWs '....... .&. Ja.u asstSo.Ma..t: ,. :--or... Yota.Jae..a --. wu Psiltasa t....t.... koota ,;...,... c.

f 'Beth as partorof Ih. First, It.t M t Joho.ua. "Ort tt. ..m. prttM .pl'*> that a p >r*oo s.IC:. .-"V.s..:....'ortI.,_ eras lvata.11.wV* Cu s Lmaited" Dsi y A.Jhnsa, : 1.11r41t oa tiwel; sox (.'.

t' Church and secretary 01 the Hoard of ti.a tttrtnc arv.uit.1. hu :00.r.. t .:.,... Urawm4 a&.u. ....,., i-i..stag es, ..,....
S.abo.rd Parlor Cars. Cnc.rtt..7 soati,.. "' ._"a... Clot !>pr...... KIY\ J.eLt.n..ta.. 1I.1Id.
y Trade of this city.. It gives m. verytreat wr..', forvvt tlw,,'r. ."caJ:1"OI"l ..14.wen .wt5: Rom.d. u.- sad' (sireeasesi ... '1'...,.
The Seaboard Air Line orrates tuf- ,-. (,.caJe.L.oam. W. Sm il..m!war.ss4 k > a.4
pleasure to c 'mm od Mr \ (iKeyoolds AU.a.. c.. iArui
!% ..... ., ttl'-1a .
x and his admirable body. uf fet parlor' can BetweenaMo: and 0- rata. &: Je.ND w "..oral. 5 vim, 4,..... eta ............. M_...... Kaw .

men who repr..nt the \Vr tught Iron Tamp on train leaving. "aklo that mot nt ratti p..n.s eh.k ltura..1 --
t'O".H"hb ale raoruing tram from ... PS. .,
keep tea tii'i \. T. 134AN. Is-trset 1 __ _
H.",* Company and sell the Horn Gaieeevllle' own "'etrul-- ""A. l.s W- ltay "&.,.I.a.."., "
\lsr Comfort a
is raits. They were quarteredis I B-WOK> MOSK3AX. A, U. r A.JOBPRllN'G.

our city for several months, and -- -

.4 _worshii." for. the teat tent at my .
How rail jour cord re rottit&t, a"" ors.. :
+; church Your Gold rrehsbly Hew atrro 'out IolDOtTOw" Tat

"Not- all 1 travvtin rompaaies or. In. ..>Me l.. ceUa al..fa< tend dowaw.rd,,

'Ifs lividuals atteud religious. :' services I Swop skis flow...1\t k.....My seta AC't""'* ,

ularly but Mr. KtyaolJs; ernt hia. Cherry r-xtcral. T..r- r will t tell. fOCI why Heart dotbis. Ask list! alt!

t a.f salesmen are r.(r..ht,_c2n .... r.IC.1 about It. A.a him .if be bat an.<'nb'ft& tcrrcr foe cowcka and ceUa Tbca seE1 Your Order to I 1a
roUGe ale> ...1wtaatcnr ItlL a... w .......s w I
:: e. ..
all my wb.vrvatloa I aav* wet : j:::_ f ** <: '


-- ..
r .. ''-. *"
r. + f 'T.,tf d '.. / I -' ; : ,
.: "I .a3+ 't..U .. \ x
::.; i&o'w-'H''lir: :..J.t" : : __ "'; -:. ; e..


-- --


Movement Seems to Hive Become Alligator Captured Skunk-Prospects

HAVE IT OUT Lively' In Western Section.: I Good For Orange Crop. "
While the p-iUdlrrj; t' 'I' ii,wr the I "'jruh..,. Ana. :2J -:Major O, Dunn I

cult (','rotlnu.I'.I,, it ipi,.itr* that C I h..,. H little gritndsoii at his hotne. !lit.! '

Annual Game Will be: Pulled Off s, the gie"I'on nr the city -i of We., Ii.S suit! to be it very brely young!: nit's: i

Today for Deserv.ug-: Cause.< F. ::. 1\' t dI' 14'.... >I.. nut, et .w.w enjn f,.,. 6.ti,.. I firiii-h( .K hits of diversion to tieMujsir I ;, ONE CARLOAD SUITS.

I :'CL CI'EAM ir.l stud iiir..i liuportnti: C.\I'.... Many", : i

n*W homes have been .' impleted In 1:. J Hrckham. had
nccntly a family
'.. BIG CROWD IS EXPECTED I' !*rhem ..n.>crh.Uut It: ThaI U all it cotswtatu I I
< .- n.a.1e wits I that section during: ',>. past' eight. reunion It WHO. a very enjoyable ocCti ONE CARLOAD DRESSERSONE

> The Line-Up is Away Above the Average Jells)Ice CreamPowdera Went I .. and many hnnii-ixitt. one are .in. There Intme-comings are ai-I

now in course of .r"t".r', Among/: ways bright.. spits to look back to in
...:. and tho.e Who Attend Will Not I & J It taw<< N ma-Is and frnrn In 10 ntlnntrs.Mn.y .
.'ire.''IU..a:...t 0.1. pt'ktc.tatoa .these i i.* the elegant I ",me. of linn titter year.
: Only Help' a Deserving But Are q...:, *.r'n'l'lie at..t ft... **. >- ,)c..,. s, Uwtin I CARLOAD IRON BFDSThat's
Fund. tX 1 a..aur= no"*:.*." ;: .of nauruii to I Frank Clark, Cntigr .nl'4n from theSeen I Mrs MniiJ' Kirj and her brother
Assured of a Most Enjoyable Time. n..i, > crust n .r1 "i : .j\I l r wined tD nv 1"1'1 uul. ror l by
1'Lr.. ; Jo' n.l ( ....tunrra 1'1.. kird.tn : It is underst.nl. that thihnnne i... I week tti spend imelim with relatives.
The Fats and the Leans! two crack .
I 'nintr. l'ati.l., L..n t'tra"bo-n-1' rte iL'ntLuvwrrL
: will cost, when Ct itipletej. abnl8Q1Q 'I in (ieorgiMWe what we have com
baseball teams which have been "pick-
J It you crocer biupnt It.M110l Mm lI..m"andr.e. and wil I!I rn. a cr<.ilu! to the ii ed up" from the rank of .
business ing. We secured because
to u" tor two ra"kl >< Illu.irI'.tltrrlpe prices
Moolc MaUlfUl-r Htid, the city; alike.. and MrsVilmn, who have been

and the professional men and others about The Ce.eaee Pere ro.d f.., is,.ey. II.Y. I I The residences being rrrctid by Lee upending some tim<* at Green Cow! of this quantity, and
will have
city their day this afternoon
Graham and Evans little on West Springs, |hero. returned home.Me .
will bare
when the annual contest, an investigation
>Ii ________u__ _. ... _______ Court and West Orai i e streets. re !*.r.*. "o.h.u.IAme. and Thoma -
which promises to be quite exciting, stit.etively< I are rapid I) Hearing completion have l>em experimeiuitig. with out our claim that we can
benefited the !
being by exhilarating
will be pulled off at the ball park the '
game being called at 3:30 o'clock. mountain breezes of North Carolina. while many sin iller but modern short ciitton tin year They have and do sell everything in t

cottage are going<'\ tine.looking patche heavily
., :Manager O'Neill! who seems to have \\ Y..UpeberehO. A. Adams andT. very House Furnishings ten to
--- -- l J.d.>n with. h.'I1..r. gieantin: site. whichare ,
the matter In !I. C. Shaw of Jacksonville formed
charge, very enthuisstlc a Dr. Carlisle III.
now" beginning to open very rapid Twenty Per Cent Cheaper:
over the outcome of this game jolly trio of visitors to Gainesville
Judge J. A. Carlisle of this city onTuesday ly. It look a* though their experiment '
which will be the finest and most intricate yesterday.G 'II than any one else.
night received l telegram to' !I. going tit turn out to be a very
seen in Flo.ida the present S. Chamberlain of Tacoma IIr.1 I
the effect that his eldest brother. l .profitable cute for them I
season. Manager O'Neill wishes it of the oldest! and most widely knowii. H. C. Carlisle, wa in a dying eondijtinn Orange tree are looking well around I

t plainly understood however that Citizens of that section was trading in at his home In Newberry, S. C here, and Wiril'iir bids fair In have ,| Itlrrhr'rl\.r., nt nntt thl week
every player will be a "home boy" the .
city yesterday.J
l Hr. Carlisle is about *ev nty-ii ']uite an strange crop this fall i1v
and that no "draft" ha been made S. Goode and W, ... to m*It",c n.......
Moseley are year nf age, and has t-et-n prominent II. ltylrs recently pickeil over I
from any league team oot.ide. spending a few days in Tampa. During in South Carolina his native State, 'I six bushel of grapes from a single]

A great deal of interest is being his absence Mrs. Mattie Browne for many years. He was. surgeon in cuppernong grape vine. Whys wit

manifested in this event for two rea : has charge of Mr. MOlelf" '. business. the ; ..y."thUh Carolina Infantry that "who said. grapes' won't' grow, lu If GAINESVILLE 1
sons. First, the proceed will for ( you
go I A. G. Reynolds division superintendent during the Civil War, and served. the Florida? U a II IO FURNITUREt
the benefit of the fund : J
cemetery ,
of the Wrought Iron Kange Company Confederate army with marked rilloiency. Mr. Kyje 'tins found H new. friend hi ; (I lilt', -- -
which i.i badly in need and second because i t
of the excitement and fine playing St. Louis, left yesterday for Since the clone of that great the form of an alligator There U a ,t .r.: i' COMP'NY.J .
Ocala, where. htt will arrange to nuke conflict he/ has bveti a prominent phjsiciau mail ,pord in hits Held In which a lirtle .
; which i ii assured. The admission
headquarters for the next three in Newberry" and fnr ome years 'gntor has. taken. up hi. "t.."... for KOIIIMtune
will be twenty-five cents for adults
months. His canvassers! will remain ha been a capital! |prat. Tins little nun. rut ii i* onlyabvtitt ,
and fifteen cents for children. It is I
here for several. day. yet. They are The friends of Judge.: Carlisle in this two Mini a bait feet lung| but

,; to be hoped that a large crowd will I all gentlemanly:: fellow, ami during city and county will s) ni|.,,..hi'It| ith II\.t! '''''''ruS-J nmlil he oauilit a 'full- I KFF: I. SIMONS I I
turn nut to witness the thus
game! their stay here for the pest three him in the mUfortuni of his tool hr,'. Kri'wn .kunW..., tl ragged it into the paid I
encouraging the players and assisting l>t: \tH .IN
months have conducted themselves. In critical illness I and tliitwiirtl& ,ii .rhrn after "waichiiiKit :
financially a deserving cause. I I
such a 'rr+'hn.r' a. tn make many ripen In fife ..in lop tl.ree or four
The following is! the line-up of the The EMpsrimentil' i.srnt :
Fresh Saltwater Fish
friend. who will, not soon forget them | days.. lie.Ievu.ir.it. It The inference. ,Iutore .
respective teams and thtsalnne shouldbe I.
'I he ei|>''rimentat firm of the Cols -- 'Nalur. l less ti..lr'a lt.dl .
an inducement tn thoe. who wantto of Florida, hnlut .tires. clenrrdif ,
VerMty ;
MAKING FINE PHOOR&SS. I r. Tnrnde ,ha. H very prtimiiiirpiutry l
see something nut of the onltnary -- lump, I.\ now bring. fenced and : I."III Allluiuali' the .H.| .

in batn ll-something whieh they willremember Gainesville and Gulf Has Nearly* Two will b.. thoroughly.: nirnrd.. and ready I wrre only art out last fall. I hr: will" hart.several .

a long/: time and somethingwhi /: Hundred Men at Grading; Work.Rub..rl for ue ",%het th<* I'mtvrciiy open tine pints. tlii year, stone ul I I
"h they can relate tn their children I I said
The tract winch i I. a large one,
Kill them
erarulohlMren.. a member of the civil the plantK haking hull on uesrly ,
ami with prideFats : ... .
engineer's department Gainesville. anti j to f quite| dirersilleil"l In Ihr'! ndaptuttility iirow n now
L. (r f. L. J, U-irk- ,
Lvnch.r ; i< of the sill Hint will prolKdly. I --- --------
( railroad under charge of AV.
him 3h. ; J. (;. Ilarrold c. f. ; John teaeh limit in agriful- I Cheap H.t.e( to NtJw York
has. arrived. a great many
Taylor, In the
Carlisle, r. ; "'. :Merchant tb ; I). fl. city front : t.ire in an etporlmeniNl wayI : On aeeounl uthe reception.. In lion anti, OYSTERS
Fairfield, and will remain here for .
Morris. ., \\", S. 1\lcnw"U.( f. a S. .
; ; few days | \\ in J llryan upon, lii return loi ( lit rear K'inilltir. CUUlI.UI'| ) J
Ha.-Iti. I. f ; II.K:. Taylor 2b:? ; JosephA i I Epworth League Social. 'i Aiueric*. the ; ....hr.I.1lr) Line will
He report excellent progres* it.ar..lhUl I' ;illMsVII.I.K.:" : : M.OUIUA.I
llttet.: I ..abtltllteLeant The F.peitrte| L. lsir'ie and .their I sell. iii'kcl trout 0..111..11.> | to :New" !
on the || and kilt I
-John Seagle. lb? E A. frl..nh. lliroiicli th. Inopitality of :Mr*. ; York aa't t return ,tll rain. 1 at I.U: (r.WiI I I.". now |.rr-|>are.1 all iMM'..'''m..t.t.>
from FftirHeM
O'Neill. ::!tJ. Will McKlu.lry, Sb. .n'lth. and states that it | It, mil.iwith. It... brut the. niarait ;
; 1>. 1'1' I DfMii. East: U..I in. .vilk i <-. will rn.Jjy I 1'.11..1. tit ale .\utu t 'JH awl SU,
(;iarrtner I r. ; R. J Holly, p ; 1M.. S force i.f about lounen are encagedAnother .. ftlTiinl' in Itna' llnw rtiuite Hl"( .
j a Hial asocial this reiiing All L aiiiieriHint : -Itt I ''iniii leavnirf New "urk fromI
Tetc'i.c ; J A.Oootlwine. f. ; Dr. J. I force of nearly a hundred' i ill thou friotnl. are liiriloii. All I''I I Aim :.W> lo $"I".r'. For further, I :

M Dell .. a ; H. .'. Miller, r. f. ; Dr. ar.dlnlf'f'm/: Crytl Hirer rorih. and young Indies art .I..a..t| l to bring a pnrtii-iilar. apply lu K: (1 Oiihh, aitflil THE DAILY SUN. lOc A WEEK
Gordon K. Tlfon and A. W Bargvnt.sah : will join the Fairfield team |1M.> nf luiioh nil I it man rant Ir.t" L deieu| ti.

I .

The Fat it has been .aid l are already i -

kicking" on the Lean having: two j

substitute! while the rat. have. only

Oi-', Hut Manager/: O'Neill, who Is \u: C'IU"': AT :>
playing: on the l lan team and man.Jl'i
( h..l. In
tie MtTmr one fat man I.I .
ing. says ('I.U": ...\I..IIU......" HYDE'S .
noons; ,
equal to tan lean oues, lienc he i I. ..et: \fl\ 'rch"1&:

merely iiiaking rhanite This little I

misunderstanding< : will not interfere .

with the game however' a. the

matter will be amicably settled before ;,

diamond.the contest i I.. spend out upon the ]I, THREE-DAY SPECIALSTHURSDAY

Th* merchant hive generously ,

decided to close their store this afternoon -

in order to permit ire .mplo,.. I

to attend the game. j jKemrmber. FRIDAY SATURDAYV
the game f* for the ... .
benefit of the cemetery association.It .

will be called at St3O o'clock and j

admission will be 25 and 15 cents. \ (, offer you value in ;oo(1 l ch an tii 'nliaii.
art real bargains.Wt .

NEWS OF CITY ANDCOUNTY realix.e that the 1 Fall *' t )lu r.. affil \\'.? rrlu+t In* ill ",luLl'| to r"'h'< th. nv -'onU' ; alrra
CONDENSED they ar* arriving.V .
Hague! Strickland of lUgue was V iiitmt niak, a few ,Ntronuou rrN'au.ujM. Th. prir.H \vs. itlltihl on. good i-lunu,: Tihaiilih. : nllJ.ht. to A'

tarditg in the city yesterday.L .. do it
business :>ui fKitut:: .{tiuru: nt.i.on 4>i 11 rtki: A HII.
C. Bell of Dalton was a

Tititor to Gainesville yesterday.

George P )Iorr,. has gone to Jacksonville lOc India: Lin EXTRA SPECIAL SHIRT-WAIST SALE $1.00 BUck Taffeta: TIc 1}.

on an important ho.in..s trip. 20c White Bwii . 12c15c $1.25 Black T.n..ti .80c ,

\\'. A. MeLenna of.Wo was. 25c WhiU SWIM . Your choice of any '1.50 Shirt-Waist bile
transacting business I In this city yes I

'.rd., 25c Fancy White Oood . lOc Your cboiM of any 2.00 Shirt-Waist $1.10
See the t new UUck Lace: and
v vt.,"" of Sheriff L W Y.aD.U.i" 12 Jc Dimities and Nainsook)c Your choice of any $3.25 8 bl crt.-W abt . $lAO
Gaulle floss at 35 and 5Oc:: pair.I ;
learn that tie. is iadlspos4 -
rcrt to lOc Dimities and Nainsook 7)c) Year choice of any $2,60 Shir U Waist . . SI .00
at lOc Fignnd' Lawn .Ac Your choice of any $3.00-$3.&O Sh rt-Walst. . $1.08 Great value in Ladies' Ho** at
C. M. Coaaer of Lak. City was

j amoAa tbo* who registered at thBrowa lie Flinird Lawn . lOc Your choice of any,$400 Shirt-Walat . . $2.08 8c( lOc 25c pair.
2Oc FifTirad Lawns. 12c
I lows* ,..'.rda,. '
13 Lonsdal Bleach' 1.00
r. ..... J.. DMBpUr of If lh Hpriags yards A t.w halt.' Lli.. .... ....... Mess HalrUII ... I..... lit 'I.M

tea retarded &O..r......,aft r a r 1...- i 20 yards Fins 7.8 BsMchins., $1.00 ... Late t Arrivals I I I In Itl1$-l-c$ rf
.I.IiI 11kin s &> ltl. Chamtry ikiru' v+,r
sal visit" to frfcswda la late eta,. 16 yards Fie BJimrhiny 1.00
FV-{ .
I'l.U NYrrt SI.19 tIM Itlu. LJM a Hklru Ilri
Tint Sea Island Brown Delta 10 to 50c "
La....*.. Caassls. f.ra*.rly of thisrooaty 20 yards M 44 Ua-. <*klrt' '1."". .t Sr4 Whit. Ua.r. Skirt!! .S...s

< boa DOW r*dsic at Ara4ls." Moa for Non !.<..<> =tklns .t.. .-. ,\11 r."tier I'llrt. r.jt..1 SaC' 35c to $&.08
e r
a visit to relative*and f r..a4.ia taislty.

W. E. l>.w has rotanxMi from t"air. z

beak .fc." he aa4 a bets ben THE G W. HYDE COMPANY fWI

pU Lya..*.cia.II eat. visit. to al* fr ea4r Ja r

L. B.tllWof Arrs>doo
tat to aM ,Nq ........,: X... I P11.1. II' TM atof$4Mt fwr AN tIN P..Ne. ,_ t"111I1; ft SM '

,>&nIUa". Mal "11'tJL -. ....... wad

,f"f. ... ;;' 1'r'N .. :'
);;;:f:';. ': __ .... ,,( .'....-::...", .: ::,,:,!..-(... "1i.\- .1 "" :J ......-.4 'i Y' ./>
ti.1..1.o..it. b'h

__ I


.'\'III t.., ., u.. PRICE OF FARM PRODUCTS There. no donht 'about. OovemorBroward

m ;;&h2 gmn FALLING. !, queitcn from being: his posted own oa stadpoiat.the drainage But THE B'REAKERSTHE

The farmer .bo votes liMo E.pabISean Ivupro-e it to feasible. to drain the

.' 2la.e'.4 *taw rasa Oe>** .t .r-. ticket i. .er t hinc ht. bead and ,Everglade. what .. the neeeoeity of KRBAKERS I..eeood to nan in location: and beaetk attractions. It

r ryr..tiss..aJl DMMr. thinking seriously that .ooB..-thioz iarmnx I til? E. i.aJt7. the land ie in ie tn* 6Je-a11UMe1 for-vikinner iounSituatei upon high bluff, orerfoofclcue
ift combine
1 tie ocean and lee than two hundred feet from the rolling surf.
o with t' protective tariff. He litigation.and aIM railroad may get it I the benefit. of an ocean voyage wt the ple. .*
tt.U.SlcCREART-.j! ..Zih.rs.dP.bti.ser.jr node the price of wheat in the ChUewco : after' we drain its Besides the pro- *are< large all ou..*...ve>. ..... and single with bath. wad :tnoraajcblyc.rcend -

-- market has fallen 12 cent a ; posed ntitotlonal amendment will 0 I. The dieia room b i on the ocean side and one of .artvaefve
JZ> EZ.BCJtTZ..Ckr Falw.T. I room of the botef. Electric lighting telephone eervieenavl immedamfte eon
hotbe l. leas than sin week; heal_ i give the Gcn-.nacw.Dd bit e.b.aet the : ,

.>*- PKgWITT.... Sa**.Comi..fog Ronwat (t find the priee of entton. eon sad oats right to d.-c!.... nay veetion of she nretine Bo with will meet an up-to all trails late hairy. .

| falling aid that all he bay still eoo Mate I a drainage 4I"tri and tax land I. addition to-n.. Breaker it has been possible to add the owe of the

OITTCKroaTEM.. atdDCg..saw. tinoe s at top pries.. He ha* been !I owner* ten steals an are to do the Clarendnm bath a.on-.. bowling alley, pool tbte. dancing pavilion"' and the-
.,....street, ... Ttxrx. .......,._.oeTII. '|sold by the Republican leaders and the work. .. fa moo* Clarendon fiabinr; pier. The table will maintain the high standard to

'. which Mr. Hol pld_ himself. wherever he anme the maes.eement.Tbwr.msrkabterreorslforheaftbfulnr.especially .
.lJAUy .paaliahrd e.uy_. -*;-,, Bepabliean e.rap.lit..t proteetk -I for children/i a..n.

.-.,o>.3i f* tbe .. ..,.tion o* thfarmer.. "Paledrath enter with impartial established feature.Tke .
y .. c4 ., tbs faiirU 6t.tr. *
tos.y part paw b' an'. it inree. the hoe*, na rk;-t step the cottage of the,, poor and the proof of all I. to Join with the many who are booking for the aeaaon.
Cave.fo>fj a year; f a.!*> sea nal .i. fi..r brae -
tlaa.tll ;.. cr su I'S- fire week*-Mriclty is for his product and k.ep* up prv? *. i palace of the nets ** Likewise the internal For rues aad rccerrationa apply. to BERT J. HOLT, Seabreeze, Fla. .

ad+a.or.y sod therefor prndoer prosperity ire I J revenue tax>gatherer equally

the farmer. welt a* the protected J Jf a. .certain a. death makes his de
Ztadfat.uire.t. lueal: n.a.... CC1aI. alwa*
!or bet ia.earo.. sad*cw.t.. foe cacti additioit..ertlo. truvt. A- Inns a* the wheat crop I ma'od.OII the rich and the poor. Bathe THE ALAGHUA ABSTRACT CO. Inc.

.. f wa only a taaderately goad one In the come in .urb a way thtt he ill not COUNTY ,

Kate.for aryls, arfnrtUta" woe. 1.aw.osaplliatio. I United State. with 4fcon crop reeognixd aDd not one tim In ESTABLISHED lied

.,. !i'abromd.0 protect3o.iai seemed to wore very million do** the man who bear The
; the .ta vi>=atter said It woall. the harden of the tax know when be Renders reliable *'emee of every eon along tile line of
ha .
Tit T *e. Wetk !NS ric1t'tote ortyoamma r--
paper ...!oIiaMoS c wy Moa iiy aadTlMrMlay. .I now eornes a bamper" crop of i {I. paying It.President. << Title the Lead Title in the. State of Florida,. particularly

sad sauna all la* MW o* tieweek : wh" -'. w.iahio' ..T..>r b) pouod W the Alachaa. coo a I)'.

local. .....w ...t cvaerat. aad w ifl t* for flrat eoo.kiF -
b _b l.. sod rood prospects crop Roneevelt i* a partisan
_I1cd.. pe tale I rrr. to any T"t of tie: Carted SPECIALTIES: .AWtrada-eT Titles; Tax Sale Searrbe;
+a Mate or C.a.>U.for fl.noa yeari..d.aaa.AA I I abroai.>>4 down CT>TP"e 1J priec to Cr.t, last and alt the time, and there .ratioo for Ageata t 5e.Re i4eat lead Owners Plats .f C.a.tks
the the .r y
she expot t. > -that ie. are good many Republican Representative .
e4mii.at un. baeo.e doe after A..teppearac.of Liverpool m.rk.be- all othereouatrte and Senator who are trying to the la..or.T.s Elf.Rofervnee.

i .-1">(1----.. ___ OCMrwMc enrapte, U willing to pa'Dd ,- make the voter* believe that the bappinea -- -
m.ted. t. _er---. !"art.--. t0.. S.'ioa.f-Banll
., Fins of Gainesville, H.F.
of protectKMi* tat :
b atifal theory
aria be rtw.itd to pay. for ri.ertiHaK i. ads ; the Mr. Roosevelt depend on i
, Pntton A Co. Banker
isr ..-ce. .w-. ., Till "Au..y tot !.l. : tern i i. faired: lackioe The farmer their re-*lee Woo. whom be bad Jot a. i, .. .

G.INasrltdLm ....... ffod the tariSon! wheat of 25 cent a eoon see defeated, if enough other 'I II

----- -- .- bushel 14 a Jelo4ion' sod a snare' for of were elected, to m.k a Republican

''a DEMOCRATIC NOMINEES. 1 Seooree no wheat i.i imported when we ,quorum. I

ra' 4> more than ran *x ransomed here Florida East Coast Railway.Local .

i for Mt. ..bar of Coaa-rci.. *1 CoerrC4Mriet. _.w-a I sod t.a"bUD' a foreign market for I The Democratic Coagreiooal Committee .

the .r rphi., claim a cinch on 37 Congreaional -

a FRANK CLJLRK.of Cwt4& It will be rather awkward for Hpeak- I. dUtrieta now represented by Republican Time Card No. 66 la Effect April 16, If*. .--

For Jovtiee of UW y..pr a>. Chars' .r r.anon..n.s the ether Republican *, with mere than even chance

CUA8- PAIUUrLl-CIt r eaat4sJAYZs peaker. in the campaign t.> elect a In the other 20 districts neeeeary SOL"T1I-ao(;!(D-R.E4D DOW Ifogr1!-WVID-READ (7?.
B. WIfJ "1EL.lJ.of IAoe.Ftw CoeiTree to explain to the farmer
to obtain a majority: In the next Con

+ Rao.d Coa wisnc r how the tariff protect. Ih.mh.o gre.. It i* to be hoped that the a..vs tr..Jtr2S BTATIOXm.JaekoBTlU. a..7. U:.:.

4 XEWTOJ A. ELJTtH. of Let,. I t they have. to tell in 'heh..pe*' roarbet tatician of the committee.* correctly Days 0 Doily Dairyr.

R. UCt> O.V BCRB, of D.4Attorfr .. and boy in the dearest. Theref .iied-op the situation, s o y.s 5 2'OIga' IA .. Ar 7P .
.saps a:!tom r "--gUIIJ.eaDWOI'I.A: I. 7 17pmUpa t Ina
r- State *ik CUcvtt j f{.hoali be no oeh trouble In ...plaiDIcc i 7 .pa J o 40aIIa _at. ABroUa_ .. 7 4Ya .
7 !.L 11 Lm i nips f Idea
!! -
J. > KJVKK all the farmer ha. io .
why bay .Mpn .11 a3ea Last: fallka.fmUika. f m f t..aat

> : er-..... on the average 4) per ee.t. It seems rather ongraeioa to charge Sap. '""& r._.- r. 4 Upm0pm c.u.:.:
For Kft V t.tor Tiwtrtet : I 7 _. 45 .tinsi
Sir Thoma Lipton a heavy tariff tax 43f_mUX l1 L r Ts sik- AI n
:: be aoae the Repobliean speaker" can
.j8; .fan Matco. I -
4 : point with pride to the prosperity of on the gold cup which he prevented to a LSsa L:...._ _P.a Nat *.__._. .---.AI a mpmC

rr Tex "..at..r. H.ne of Rrpe..etuL're.: i I.the trnt and combine who are pro- the New York Yacht Club a. a prize saym 12 zp_ Efl.. 1"1..1'. I.... _
*t n L cA RTL1L I for the yacht to r.efor.. But Sir 14ym U 40pa Ora.ad Mpg
teeted by the tariff, t Upm a OOaa
T. A POKK.W Thomas i i. the of 23 1 r mteaa a .aam
I I not kind man to permit ass 2lpBt tpa
It i. evident that these comparatively 13 Ups JTpa .. Port Omar.' t Ise 4 ram 1lO
J'or Coat r T.. A..wrww I few pxotectvd inter...t. are of moreconaeqoence the receiver to pay duty on such a t3ps 2 apps A'__-ltew trytaa__. t 1Lpa 15smIt

COtAON.For gift. 1I..a "all wool and yard has .Ilpm AI Lea.u..a u. 1 s 4 UpaBft&epm
the ..
to Kepoblican man* it m S tapw L..OrantsClry__ 12 Wpm
Comctr Taa Co.rtor alt.r.. wKjO declare they will stand pt wide" portitnao.. Ii .Jna Orange,'iT.I4'Uoe 12 1- 12 41 t 4rp a ..
---- --- I. 1 Od.a .
W. tn DICk.ISt.OX.oacir on the tariff, than the great acrieoU -- 11 10ym = _. Oat ihr': I. CApmX 40pml t tram

tnral Interei4 that are the chief ba.i* Calumny l. fh* wont of erflx In I it 11 Ura a J..... AI__ ._Tmovrt1 ___- 7 of t stns'iiH.
Poe <" T'T*...r.r; s A.tL .... .
wealth of the United state.. there are tw<. who commit Injustice IOtMa i it Cams
of all the
R. U I'l-ECEK. .3pm II ar.. J.__ fanfonl._, -
url one' who I* InnmL-ilerodotna.
1 ilps as,. Lv T itmr 2 06pa 1 OOam ..
.a C-- L: Ttpta 3 =T&a. .
ter Near.rs %.boolltonrd wpm .
: "Bill" Chandler I I. also among the 13 ) S1am .Xoek-eilo. 1 aopcn 7l'aaa *
,a H. M. UHOOKEJLJ : YOUR HAT t a sm 12ipm .Kn"*Ut*_. 13 ?pta 1 Cams t,to
,,p' r. rrrrcHft. prophet, and in remitting hi. dollarto t1.m :teem : ......Mlbnanio I > : u t7pm 1 ram .w t..;.. .
1 s.aa 11 Uaa tl Sam
rv xt:zits: the Kepablican Con relonl Corn lops. .Mbutiaa. .
2 4mm sops t. L..d. 10 t+wa 12 avat .
mi".. advi4e. that "'.tod pat" agregation Slay .. a .tyl'"n O... *s 1C ]tabas a m.. 5 lSpm. .set lie", 10 Nam 1 s p. -
r r <<......." c--a-roo '.5. e. a s:a. .Wpm. ._Tt _I'" 14 17am 11 1S .m .
to "work for reform sad Republican imam ...... Glee r M Siam 11 1S? -'
J 0. DAMTTCJt.F A man uual7 bay a bat tKaC 'in a ae.a -1"8 Jeaw i lst ea 11 ibtma .
rJ PAUtXJNiJ. victory. Realty. President style. but tb. moU rn sat for _n k4 stag .7.- -"1JS&r" IA team 1. $ p s ;
V. TOW sE?fll. |{oo.evelt ought to revise his deter lots to answer for. 2+lna T mpm : Boa.i..ad : $4a 10 2.1a4e .
7 .0p.iMKtpa. __W.,4 Jap4tT_ 1Pam 10 OppwUaw .
W J. MATTHrW*. minatlon to kiek thi faithful one out it.klDea.L are grr>m\nf more numerasus u..... .Wort rmlm Boacn Islam .pm 'h44tam :
c. C. FEzmici. every day. 11la make excellent I t qps. JIny__ 2O.a OlpBB tills
y -- of his position a* head of the Hpanich .....-11". plaera for Use p.raHVr s..... fops JoeIAF a 12aa i0pmr
4 -- -----
--- -- Claim Comral..ion. for from helping' Melt: sap the llf* front the toots of tie lava ..opta port a..d.rdaJ. r 7 2su 7 saps -
Farm "..d. are getting fl d" 5 ism Cps 1..au 7 leas T lbpm e ?
cheat Max Tilden out of the "''..HI.neJ ralt.Wh.n and now J saps = .Hat land : 7 Oreaa 7 Mpm I t J
hair fall
begins to out
!. .om part4 of Canada. Th. I)otnlaloo your / s.em h'pa I -aoa( ;;: I gam .7 sips
down to rirtaally bing railed a liar in your _alp In full of aiwlrua It ta a f Y.sm Aw ahml 52 ts 70Spmt
>_ countless jeans art (c.m L91 )final .. :LYI! orpm ,
bwur at work 3O Uom..1..A :Lr'-' _
Ar. 1110pmJLO
1 .,
___ 5)s4
always ,shown hi. determination to There ta bat on* way to o.ervome the>>
stand by "tke old flag and an ap rrnvMo and 1.111 the t.naa-Ibat way Wlo aeeO.t Talk.ebn as tntn.la nod a but rlrptaa Car.oa trains 19 and U. I
If yon ha*. money la burn .a.. it apply, Nevbrtta Herpleld. to ttM I lrally camps r.oday, .
propriation. If he eoald be *ur. of a .. ,
o alp- t will kit the cerma and healthy
'a..11 tho loot olchl4 of next winter.Tbe .
fair hare of It. Chandler (is a typical t. ,Ir It sur to result.Aot4 .. 21 tea t. a..1t/ I N..f.
Q.lao..Ill. <).. and Electric Light : br tf dlna dn.trr.t.. 9en Win, tat tt1'' tsw17 a. ti a. is s..20 sa 2Y tat
and faithful Republican and entitledto n .ATPCIa ....ac.. I ad
rtrnp for to TU IrpickS Co.
Trot will thvn barn it for yon rapl. a. DaaI f arh Orb! D..y D.Ny
I sit 'at the table with the bt or OrtfvlU lllcbJ. __ Sea tea o.g :.,. y

n* Captain -Ilobaon'- -'urit- -.- cltoo of a .' of. them. H. Bedlfeed A Cav, Mnecial A Iltlwts. .H .a I Mere. Lr.J.ek.oe.til._ ) ,1,1t Imyr.: n c.:.'.
''' .i- ,. ;:
._ ? --.Issas: itn UUao s.tip
f war with Japan won't .
,Japan eooMa't do anythinc to 'bl.eoo..r good habit, ha. acquired perfect IOS.y: .-.t .It"pi" .(>>p.lOa Ar_ $_......... ___I..'' .... 7N 120..'' S''''p: .!Cp .

; a* lung a, .. have tlobaon ono
mastery of all the simple regular d*. GRINDLaxative PfJUKSCUI OCagEXTAL STEAMSHIP CQXflECTHNS 1T XIW.

.r .Id., _._ .___ tail of hi" work .o that he can attend
-- ----- .
; to them almost without thinking' a... Caawactlo: .... at ".... will SW.....,. .f I" P. a 0. S. S. ..,-; for "..
s Som people marry beeso.e it I.i '
about them he I 1. left freeand unwearied
wontaiiod*, Olhor be..Q- they can't Havana and WestTwo .
to eop at hU fall power Fruit Syrup Key
r work ,la tlocU h.'..... But tho most
with" a..nd complicated duties a* o
irry bcao_ they fall lt tote andaa't Sailings Each Week. 'f
., p1 tau
they *- a..nt to

fall out.l --- --- Dtacbmrye Paaavmgrra at Satp'a SMe. No Transfer.
--- -- Th. laxative. Doe .5Trutaa
A New York flat owner ha. a elaae

....CM. automobilists who expr."4 a In hi. INN under whlth the tentu not pipe or n a u s e a t .. tiTtasTarts... __ta.M_a. wales fr..n.any. bo earorted Seams at eel 9.y..r .J:
ales wow .situ. b.e tsar .re e.5 ar d.pute. et tbs ngrae.- '.Nes em'...id.
wllacn| to romply with the law *. families sad ..rv.nl* alike are Cures stomach and liver .....o..y I.w..... _.....W....say.....,..em say--anou.the.., __ I.

... 1..lft. 4peed ray they ar. provenl compelled to wear rubber h..le. he troubles and chronic sans Fee Copy of tbe LOCAL TIM!' CARD or Otbrr Inforwattofi I
ed from doing 40 from fear of being
: bearing the expen**. The result (I.
r ran down by the other follow that he never ha any vacant fltt, stipation by restoring the "SEE THE TICKET! AGENT. :

; --- awing to the fact that ..."bot, {, natural action of the stomach J. D. RAHNER. Aa t. CJen'l. Pas.. Art.. .5T. AUOUSTINR. FLA.

A good many .... who voted for Mr', no .eet4lyhod.| liver and bowela. .

tcooavelt have sot yet r>.kl Ih.lr.l .--- .--.---_.- -------- Far Hale by J. W. BcCMlam A ('..

a a....m.Bt. or th. eampaicn I fund D..*"*.* Cannot b. Cured ,

would' have ot.r .8..0.(1. whlrh
& II, local application, a* tr-ey eaanotreach MCHAMDWOMEK.nawnawnnBWaWaWaWawmwahmwaw .
,'I to Jo4t about what the frosts and< In ATLANTIC COAST LINE
... .
the diseased portion of the t act. 1'+P. ati ss..ra.C
... .
I8O1 fur
.Orate..otnpanl.s IB
pat 11" __. + 1e. ,. ,", .., = =
there i* oily one way toearvdeafne.. M.N..s.M i am-at "" = -
,tar _the Roos...lt. nAaalaralUt ... ...... t is..a sms.
till' ________ and that t. -'km.I..9'di..*. ._M.n.wF p,._ ,..d s.s a.N1f i
IM.aWsttrJ t ,..swe .....Mtsm
-; ---- I""oe fBe** .U cued hy aa Inflamed cm.. i tlU a.s.by wq .a.. 0 J.

..). taat every time dubs of th. macu* lialng ef the K s.- r... i.sste rm.4

,afannr thoit. a ha-k fea .throw. a tnchlan Tab. \Vh.n this tube I* I.. hsw.eas..a..alL i. THROUGHSERVICE.

/BO bill la the fire, for ihoofh- the Cased yon have a 'IImblh..J or M e was N 'anvilss

bird take. an oe*..60.a' ehl."kea.. II.troy.
I I imrrtect hearl.,..4 whet II ia enI ,

;' ." at !...! a thontaad rats, I tlrelv cloeed. ....faeo* 1.t the result

t .... and molv every p..ro bird and naleo. the, in&ammattoe> .an betaken )

o that flfe.- U of more t..a.Cl to lb. out and lb.. lobe .. tered te It. il

farmer, ___________._ i normal. ........kHI. heariag wibde.trryed || .

forever nine' *...* ont nf tenare '
t t eas.tt e[st ete.'Marw 5O CtlA:' OE (except what yoe Je.y.tLla the ''!
< LaFolletl his a eonp2Uhedreaalt Yw Afvat) Between '
rot caaed by catarrh, which. I I. noOlagbnt ,_--.- ... ..
in Wteeooeta, throach hU r*'' i JACKSO>V1L1.K. OCA LA a&4 GAL: '
aa lafiaoied condition of s*.m..... nrgaw. s. ts all COHw7a.tt.
latest determination, that railroadrataa l.M/r.i Cm
s, .nrfaceVe *. Mr.a..yamm.
hail' toe reealated with t.l...... .e sad r J se' 4 -
'y \ will, give 0. Itundr DoUar Mrs +iIi4ms, t+atsf a IssAah :'
to oath ,..Uft064. and .hr( >|..,. The for any e*.. nf 4..:.**. (eaaeed heentarrh 1

State Railroad(not ... ...on ha rod oe.d ) that ....., be cored. by Hall. ..i .assn tiw..a..as.c.... 'tar. a e.l.as4 :cow .11100......_ mss be obtained frets
Cure sen4fertrce lar.
grain. rate. .a e ..., a b.. .'. The Catarrh tree wam---9 *
; l t F J, CwsusT A Co h1.4 Oo4 .
w: .. ... ....... 1. net M great, bt it ."0 w4 ". J. A. GOO -
by aid .mat>*... 7S.. J) HTI y Ticket
; that fate can be. rvdoeed wbn unable Teel. Halla raftU y rOi f.r ......u. aq -.e
........ -
,.. .
... ,if ..
.. .
&. a

I s .
J -
.. .. it.. '_!j x
',' r : ,_ "..I..1'A 'f""." 1 : "::.


f: "GX z SVILLE, FLORIDA, AUGUST 23. li.! >G ;i

---- -

: fLost 92. 00; Stole $3 FCC.Psducah. .
.NEWS FROM ALL N, ? t. Ky.. AUK. %%.-J i'.l.! Abbott ,

--thenlng and tissue teller of the
r ( PARTS OF FLORIDA treating cmient of chronic di- ease,M llngerT purse -- .1 bank. has disappeared and tie' bank; No--Operafion ,

'Pierce 1 is following afteT la believed to be out J7"'1'" \ few!
t +: Nat -- 0: restoring health. days ugo he was! granted i.ua Ion
{ Brief '! natural remedies, that Is Falling to.return jit the .
l .; Happenings From Various sx native medicinal roots. app en'cd tlmPrefcldcnt .:

" Se tions of State. the. _.lture, of rm hua timet'tand an tnvestlgatlon George and C. Thortip it I U -.u.l.:i U.-KJ found Mrs. Malinda\ Akers of Rishnm. Va, writes: t.i

m r- --thout the use of alcohol and "I. h what doctors call and couldn't
i by Uk eombinaUon In just the right the shortage. President! T I IICIU1J: "n't- 'prolapse, J

|-V THE MOST IMPORTANT EVENTS proportions.. theory Is that Abbott lost uhout $_,0(11) stand straight. had pain in my -back and

:r r'x Golden- red Medical ras 1 Ingmlionu Discovery of Black Dr.. IMerce'a Cherry- of the bank's money plat n,; rnrdt, shoulders, and was very irregular and profuse. :

:''i ;Transpiring; In "The Land of Flowers." barle. Queen'> root, Golden Weal root, and knowing he, could nut niako I It Doctors said an operation was needed but I
liloodroot and Stone root, specially' exert. good, look S5.30O In cash when hi'-
4 Things "Boiled Down" 'to Suit the their Influence In eases o* lung, bronchial' left: The bank Is secured b\ a bunding couldn't bear the thought of the knife. After taking '
and throat
1" .Betsy "Reader-Items of Interest tow hi. therefore trouWee., a and sovereign tht.'Ulscovanr' remhly- company, wltlch has an ,i :%>nt After three bottles of Wine of Cardui, I could walk "

M All Classes. catarrh for bmnchltl and kindred laryngitis ailments...chronic coughs, Abbott. The teller bas most promteent young me'n In I'adu- "
.;w., The Tampa Tribune says the Ihlp'iq. Strongest The above possible native.endorsement roots also. have from the tho cah. and bad been with .th, bank two splendid health. .)':
meets of. cigars for ,the week ending leading medical writers of all the 3" ars. Cardui
several _ is a pure, vegetable medicinal essence ,
I c August 4 amounted to 5,715,OOO, "a ree"ordbreakinR schools of practice, for the cure not. only
: performance for the of the diseases named above but also! for "Make Hay While the Sun Sttines.; } especially adapted to cure women's diseases. i It '''
seaIt Indigestion, torpor of '
liver or bllIousn -
.8cD.) ". attributes this, in. part toy obstinate constipation kklney and There is a lesson in the work nf the relieves excessive periodical pains, regulates

'. ,>Vhrewd buyers who are getting in their where bladder locatod.troubles and catarrh no matter thrifty farmer. He know. that the irregularities, and is a':

; 'order*' early, You dcuT* b..ve0 take Dr. Pierre's bright sunshinq may last but a day and safe pleasant and reliable FREE ADVICE $
sayo alone as to this; what. he claim he prepared for the showers which .
wlllii are ,
Writ .
Lawrence a negro, twenty- for his "Discovery la backed remedy for all u """ d crlH all ,
up by the so liable. to follow. So it .htuld h.. your ivmphim aaJ. r. rill seed you.
:, )two years 01.1. was carried to Tampa writings of the most eminent men In the sick women. I In t-rro AJ\k : ,|>uin M ILa4 .'
.> Monday Marshal Logan of Lake medical protrusion. A request by postal with every household !)y enterydiarrhoea suc "......"1 ,.. AJ..l ury leo..nftl.
N card or letter, add.-od to Dr. K. V. cessful use for over 70 : '.. Ne1wtsta.<.. .'ta.
and cholera morbus ;
,. y land, and pUoed in llill..boro county Pierce, Buffalo N. Y., for a little bookof may attack ':' i--
.Jall for safe keeping it being feared extracts from eminent medical anthorttlos me'member of the hcm with years. Try it.
endorsing the Ingredient* of hU out warning. Chamberlain' ('Colic
[ 'A*that he would be .lynched by a mob at medicines will bring a little book fried
i,, -,J.ak.J.pd. Lawrence is accused of at- I, that is worthy of your attention If Cholera and Diarrhoea n.tn.Ihieh At Every Drug Store in $1.00 Bottles. '
1 tempting needing a good safe, reliable remedy oKnmer / i* the best known medicine for three.
to assault a thirt.en.yearod *composition for the
chronic cure of almostanyold diseases. should always !>.. kept at
daughter of Section Foreman or lingering malady WINE
'' Dr. Plerce's Pleasant Belles hand as immediate treatment is. necessary -
Dtfvis of the Atlantic Coast Line, near cure con.
stipation. One little .011. t"M a gentle and fatal
delay may prove CARDUIIB.
"her home, ODe mile from Lakeland."blary laxative and two A mild cathartic.
For sale by all-druggists.
't laniilt, an old n.gre.nd The most valuable book for both men OF

.J..' "ei-slave. died n.ar.Welaka ;Monday: Common cud women&n1..II..al I U :Dr. Plerce's Ad- Leaped from- a> Train.Ft. .

.A. .t the ripe old age of 109 year, She vlM>r. A splendid U..P'lrflvolul .. "'n'n.: .. Ind., Aug. :: .\ tread!

art was. born in South Carolina and married lf', with engravings IIUI1IJ.JlCfOtl to be Victor Holt'r. iiKed '".
and i'olonooclllat4't. A ropy :E\ Jc>:ao..A.
-, an Indian. Her .m..t..r. being E! paper oovenxl. ",III l lie nit of Ithlneliinder.., leaped thnxiithn
:Afraid the Indian would steal her and to anyone sendlnv 21 window, of an eautbound P 'nn.yl 4
In one-rent to
carry her away, sold her to a save the C"OIt! of mal stamps II nil onti/pay, trDr. > vanta passenger.. train at the ohlt *w,
;\'owner Alabama. After her husband R.V. Pierre. KufTaln. N. state line. lie hose been ""'''111111'10\1- INSURANCEPORTIitt

!- :died she was married again three Y. Cloth-bouod, 31 tamesWith with a fractured skull and may clll".

... .....
--- -- --
more times, each time to a negro and, "'0 0"" co-:

although she married four times, she His Own Razor. A Mystery Solved.

.' :.outlived all of her husbands. During Lexington Ky., AUK. ::::::.- --Htal'ht. "How to .keep off periodic attscks of BLOCK OAINESVILI.IJ. FLORIDA

'i-hr life she had thirteen children seriously about the fue.... neck and biliousness and habitual constipationwas .. % IB

a oldest- now living I is eighty years arm with bin own razor was the fate : a mystery that Dr. King's New

r O\d.\ She' left Alabama in 1SC9 and has of Jim 3teveneou. H "In.-lnl1.11 '1t'Iru'j: Life. Pills solved for nee writes" JohnN. Fire Life and Accident !i"::I1 ;,::I "111,1 ;VJ:

",,,?teen lining here. in Florida ever since. in a light with \V i'sley 1 Parker a I Pleasant of Magnolia, Ind. The -- I IunlVfDSITT
7fi, ington negro Stf\eiiM ad\uiut only pills that are guaranteed to give '

(- Summer. Diarrhoea in Children. on f Parker with the raoilur": but bt>rt. perfect /satisfaction to everybody or
\. .During" the hot weather of the summer he could use !It t Parker had succeededin money refunded. Only ?6
months the first unnatural looseness getting it away" from him. St -\on- .
eon then pulled a pistol and attempt lt
of child' bowels should have
a --
ed to shoot J Parkrr. when the latter OAINESVILLC. FLORIDA.A .
.Immediate attention. so as to'ch.. k
used the razor with tolling effort Stevrnnon -
; the disease before it becomes seriou will" ills! Hold All Your Ordersfor

All that is necessary is a few doses ofChamberlain's ---_. High-Grado Institution for Young Men. Literary, Scientific and
New Work for
Colic, Cholera and
..{I Diarrhoea Iteraedy followed by a dose Stomach Troubles and Constipation.No US. We Are Engineering courses. STRICT MILITARY DISCIPLINE. ft+
one can reasonably; hope for "d
1--' castor oil to cleanse the system.
digestion when the bowels
.,; Rev. M. O. Siockland pastor uf the Mr. Cha. tUldwin are of constipates Kdwardtville. :- ALL Ti'i: l upens in (icin..vlll.., -.t"h. 21th. Fur' eslalngue and

L>'" First M. t;. Church Little Falls. 111,, "I suffered from mum( mm Information sd.lf.. .\MlltF.W: sl.lllll: l'rrlleMt. .h.III,. I'la.
: .MI o.. writes t "\\'. have used Cham- says
rhronio and
berlain' Colic Cholera and Diarrhrea constipation stomach
"< troubles for several ,...,., but thanks I x..t..r iiMAscx 11 v.j
Remedy for several years and flnd it a and do but
to Chamberlain'. Stomach and Liver nothing up
very valuable remedy especially for

summer disorder in children." Sold get T.b/.t..m a/ package almost of these cured tablets" Why soil get not to-dato work. Cutting :EI: F. IDTTTTOZLsT:: :: & OO

j by. all drugRists.
"F w..lI.net stay well? Price 25 e.nta. strictly up' to date.

wr.. Shot In the Back of the Ear.Columbus for sale by all drucgists.Oody Work unsurpassed. :B A :KE S

I';:> IndUK. :22!: .Frank I'll. i

ray, of lntl", rnmniltte l sulK of England at Frisco. We. have a line line nfSuituples le .elect

,! tide h re b\ shnntlna" : htm! flf In the Ban KruncUco Aug.The body front See u.. 0. a rereasl.nan.lr.e" .....'.._. car .rd..3Ye..:,. sad .......... rsaaasee.Te. .
: the In of the late Lieutenant Clarence' End. ...e_...of !>..... .......r.......tH.UCK..ices..,.. ._....... .... .._re
back of rs >t sir: a r"flnrt. The
'.e.srrd! ? ...... "p.eaf r..1.... r. racier .0'1.."... .. au
J- police found %'<> and it note Indlratlutfulclde and, navigating otnrer uf the cruiserCbaltanoega WM. SCOTT COMPANY Tailors ...._..,. posq, 1. tae. Ua".. ....... 11, "
:> on hU person. lie has a who was' Rilled/ In the

'; brother In lotlnRton.! Ky. harbor of Che r"
-- ..---- ago arrived her on the Pacific linerKorea
:{.", Lieutenant Hngtand was killed .

:;;., Plttsburg Overcome, Ang ::by.... Fourteen Gas. men on his ship hy a liullot fired from TIIE CENTItI.'IT1,

':,w.tire overrtmin. by AT' l Lanlltlln Ran at: the steel ElysatarnaceurJon.a CuThey on "Uoar In!small a French arms practice.man of war
----- - Cha.. F. Dorman.
'J'a..dw mt'r removed to the .4.45
How to Avoid Appendicitis; 2C" !""l'h.tfut. y. ?.,.... ., p,1I '. 1j111fS
boapltal. where three have, died.is .
._._ riN.
1" 111 East Union 81, Bouth :tilde' Hquar --- -
Most vletlnvs of I'r
__ appendleltla. are : :
-- I
.---- I .Su. a 11 r Mi. a Mi* U H.,. a .
Are hove who are habitually constipated ()AI.BSVfLt.8. .FLoKJbA U.ur tee.edsItsie' .. eeTAT.i.vw ''l"lj .. ....0111, .....+rotr .ur..

...' ..I Well as lea lade Orioo Laxative Fruit Syrop cares -- -- _I I-.!" +a ._ _. a. cue _own. ..

HMnUe by Ktfwy uri hrcnle eoDstlpatton by stimulatinghe I A H I" *f I' M r N I' M A ).fA.'
L.... a.. ... Arrl.. A't
Most op-to-dal shop it the ; Acre. Arrl.
liver and bowels and th. "I ; ;: : ::
restore a.o I < j t I,j (.I.. ... I a- I S ee /C a.
; Bladder Treble. natural action of the bowels, Orlno Reasonable rateeourteoi. realms nt, Aram Artee. Araet. :/ lb.1'/. ,lv/ / a. : /.rel. l..s.:
** L.ee l.r .Ile a Ar1ar AItto Arnie Ar t.us
Kidney trotjhle" preys upon the miful.tciikambitUHi Laxative Fruit Uyropdo.- not nauseate 4 U *, W.,... J.....,..... I Is. .4.. '.Y. n, (.. a U,
.,"II ( h"mty.J HOT and COLD UATIIS. Er.Earnr.1 Ar >"> Ar '"> |Ar "' r.11p .. :I.IJ 'If l..aese l..e' '
ages or gripe and I. mild and pleasanto I .... .. .. .
Aria 110 i Ar.II1: ,Afs ll ., leer/.r, .L 1 I.r J n I. r.ar uy 6 Mteae.wtW.
ant rlwvrfulwltcn
:. tight UAL. MAMAAOB and .HI A .
take. Refuse substitutes. J, W.JeCollum .
# n__ tor-on di.al.lear .de at P..i1s l' (or sit ?..la. t..A tN.'as U.. 0.a sad ..../. .... sa '
... the ki'.are ) .fc Co.Making -= = = --- Att H> .i>4 W.r.Je.eU.a fees:. : ,r.e4 steal.e..a.e.aa'
0,:' out of ortler or tli. _. -- t .' : eiI ess .s esaer .Iu.. it' I. f .ad. as .......1..._.......
-a.'t1.: : : p
.. :
OOii JHEiD A.ese -$ '/'. !.:.' .Cuss7UNAa
:: e.M'lI. Wests m Trip. LUWIJ7/J, ..,....... M /' )eht'Klt4. .e..f.. t...........r ......
k';'"" Ki
r,' twnmie ii. Iteraltnty nun of the prradent '
; that it is not uncut AilS QUESTION
;.I' inon for a child to\f on a lone overland hor. .

ti .rti affltctnt with bark trip ff' the ranch on ihlrb blfather '" 1
wrak. kalntra. If the first atart.4 ts.1M|| west r.. Aert k.es-se.....shed. .*. 'Ifcalfc tlreMreaar .. '
_. .Iw dd ..... .
rhll ar..t.. ..tO often, if the urine sosbU tear. !kvstr-d 'ne.r Merfora. N It \\vjuUr ..... *.er .vIT'S .. '
"tf). fl..h.or if.when thecbll lreauran cow pool**, ar* bring. used ." ...t _Iwn it should t e able to control the .
t.It jot yet _lBictr' with |je -_t- .r'fMInd.up outfit t>rovl "Ura wagon and. YMR iWU FAULT

._jltxlnpon it. 'lwta_ >f tl r.lirti- camp equlppare follows lb. party
U kWney Uoobl te. and the tir tjivanU if roa b see........... a M+ ...... t<* a Compaar that is Jt-.,...a..bi. ll... roily) Cu".II
ly abnaLI be \ the treat meet ..f ar ,..r taw. /er:: w.a 'r... _., ... .... Written Witto LJt.rslitr >f ruy C'>,alrsst sod !... Comra.ty
IIIwp In Serf D.'. ... stire.a..r d as 4ew .r .
tdlaaoellsl. torJr.:16.t This _m l3, ..itml \ rays I. J'OIllI"'J __
II j' a d..es.1 cawton edk Msjor Hamm, editor sad manager KCY.STDNB UAKCRY.1'hsa. .
"t yy blal4er. ) not U, of Tae CaastltotlostalUi.' Kml..e.. 1
!.&.. .. T. HCHAI'EB. r.....
lY Wt a. tnoct r*"f l. swfjjn"otnen -*. You Are Assured
K,., whesi h. ... fl.rely. stt..ae4 '
ac well a*IIM'tI ate ttUMlc mtw r. C )
'. four t plU. bo.gkt a box .
with kidney" an" t>U bot.'C..t' the sam* great rewwilf.itte of B,", ".'* Arvfe te.lve. *f wklrk WILua.uAIIENINBIOCLS That ao o-rk.o. kiss eat .r. rf.,sm. yea wltKeai you have some
ftftJ-t aryl 'M ( eCect ant ... says ; 'tl eared ._ l a. tesidsyaasxJtn rsfofe.Fire ) ,
Re.s areas re e3aeesl. h ia.uleldrnggiets trouble .IW'IP." Qs..ke.4 keal..r of .. t

ill.doilerr Mtr be r*_, eo,.... rat sad w...Ck4s. SI.I and ,

II If.hottleasowV and oo. '" all dreg sioev ) Lire Accident and Health losonnce.
_.t ,,ample S
.. lip aal tree. also a -... _____.. S.eur.leo R.'.. VIa "An.CLM ElictritafSuppilis.,1.ar.etttlsi.ate ,

IvVasitf'kl't. t.?UBC an about tlwsslarp.Zss t, Gast .. ) .... but 1.Ia&/ C.ospeslos. ".,.....,Pd,,
[ iCEdiar ..** 01 the ta.-.t.e teed.tslta.W _
1 ., fcttrrs recrtwd fmea swfivrvr 0....., .4..rsi..si rat.. to ail .*..

''' pr d, iMwntlaf Dr. CUsj..r fc C*... ..r........_, polate1. a.. eM. N sell N+Ttb.. Rop.ld.
I rJMfffcAmtaa, NY *.* se sad aa.atla.poa via ta>e Atlantic Cos Lls.. .. i.>.o. 111... tli.etxitfa wall .&. mac. C"U. I & .A.rt aIatptaaad1llb
,.... PJ'! ". "'t _k. -Y totata>se. M* N *. .|.......... JIiW...... tNaMly ;
w lrteber tbc aaawm &wassiT...IUwA. ..............sw svay lafsrssailsaSJ ..... rr sM.rfeUy tsrsisk.J4 '.8A1JI $VJ1.U.J.O.>> .....
'. gw.ay.la.et, sad the .*.- *.sl..a, wsrsak o. ,-. ... ....
.E -- :c. Y.. as* e:- iT raw.saa' AI1sM: J IT TfI..... }
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rn NEGRO SOLDIERS TRANSFERRED Mob Wanted to Lynch Him. ,
: Tampa Fla., Aug. 22.-Will Lawrence. .

Brownsville People Demanded Their a negroeolr.. old. was __.. .. ,, ..
x. -
Removal. I brought here by Marshal Logan of t VVVX1-

4 Washington, Aug. 22.-Orders were I Lakeland and placed: In Hillsboroagh

Issued by the military secretary Major county Jail for sure Keeping:, it being:

General E. C. Aalnsworth, for the I feared that- h would be: lynched bya

transfer of the negro troops from Ft. I mob at Lak>-land Lawrence U accused CASTORIAThe

Brown, Tex., where there has been eon G L 'Of ateraptlng to assault a 1+-

rlous trouble between citizens and, no1dlers 3 j year-old claugater! of Section Foreman

to Fort Itlngeold, Tex.Which Davis: of the Atlantic Coasi Line, near

Is about 100 miles above Fort Drown, t I her home., one mile, from Lakeland.

and I. also on the Rio Grande. tjna Monday afternoon. When the
t negro Kind You Have Always Bought and -which has boea
company of the Twenty-sixth Infantry I
advanced upon the girl she screamed
In for 30 bas borne the signature of
Is ordered I over years,
to Ft. Drown to take
and. he
ran. A hitsahortly
,ra posse and bas been made under his personal ..
the place of the
negro troops. afterwards and the
All careful girl identified : '
f. The company ordered to Ft. Brown him. A crowd of one hundredmen supervision since Its Infancy.
is Allow one to deceive you In this.
made up of white men. This shift women, use gathered and took the negro from no

log about of troops was made subsequent the officers but Major Cox of lake All Counterfeits, Imitations and Just-as-good' are but

k to a report from Major C. M.Penrotio I land. appealed to the mob to let the Experiments that trifle with and endanger tile health o4fInfanta
', on the situation at Fort HERBINEWoman against Experiment.
law take Its course. The negro was and Cblldreu-Experience
Brown and. after an appeal by Seaator then delivered to the officers and
*r Culberson to President JoolleYEJ"t.Jn .
who eater from BCvernheHdaclici placed Intakeland jail. What is CASTORIA
his report Major i'enrose says he
*. and nil!! dta<>aeit -
+f was persuaded that the killing of one clue toa torpid liver xliouldnot
citizen In Brownsville and the wounding fill their stomach with cal- Another Good Man Gone Wrong. Castorla Is a, harmless substitute for Castor Oil Paregoric

of another were the work of soldiers othel and other drujjHERBINE -*. He neglected to take Foley's Kidney Drops and Soothing Syrups. It Is Pleasant. It

although he had been unable, QUICKLY CURES Core at the first signs of kidney contains neither Opium Morphine nor other Harcotic

w as yet" to discover who the guilty men Biliousness Constipation. Chills. trouble, hoping It would wear away, ub tanee. Its age Is its guarantee. It destroys Norms

are.Of and Fever, Dyspepsia Malaria and he was soon a victim of Bright'. and allays Feverlshness. It cures Diarrhoea and Wind

the attitude of the citizens of -and all Liver Complaints.Mrs. disease There is danger in delay, but Colic. It relieves Teething Troubles, cures Constipation

Brownsville toward the negro sol <'. I>>>. Phlllev, MarbleFntli If Fol.,'. Kidney Care is taken at and Flatulency. It assimilates the Food, regulates the
diers. Major I'enrose says: ,T,'x. writes: I find Hert
once the symptoms will disappear the Stomach and Dowels, giving healthy and natural sleep
"That the enlisted men hats been in" flue| beat lIvercHirn-etlvrt- f
subjected to Indignities since their an ever trl..d. It use dun my family kidneys are strengthened and you' are The Children's Panacea-The Mother's Friend. .
and myxt-lf n world; of soon sound and well A. R. Bars of
+1 rival here, there can be no doubt anJ
Fr<>n this has caused a good deal of feeling friend."
M or twelve times In the ulght. and had
among them. The one case to which: PRICE SOc. -
I attribute thin outbreak, I will make a severe backache and pains in the Bears> the Signature of _

the subject of an official report as Ballard Snow Liniment Co. kidneys, and was cured by' Folt'* ,',

aoon as JohnV.. Vann, the collectorof Kidney Cure. J. W. McCollum ,fc Co.
customs returns -
to the city.
? Major l'<*nro u then outlines briefly. Bryan Leaves for Home.

r- the case (in question. 1'rlvaleaew- Gibraltar. Aug. ::-William J. liry- ..
ton and I-.lp.c<>mb were panning along Sold and P *o"" in "n led bv an and his party boarded the North ,

.- a walk on AUK. b, where* Mime women W. X. JOIlXHO.t.Killed Galaeat"m. German Lloyd Ilnc-r Prinze Irene at
Were" standing engaged In conversation 1 I'. m. :Monday Th*> steamer nailed The Kind You Have Always BoughtIn
-- -
with a man named Tale who .Is for :Ocw'ork at 2 p. m. Mr. Br>'an
by Brother-tn-Law.
employed in the customs office. The expressed hlnaWlt as being dellKbted
negro Irhahwalk"II single file between New Orleans AUK. ::.-William Eh- with his tour. which closed with vs- Use For Over 30 Years.

the vtnmrii an4 a fence. Tatc aria, :27 years ot.l, a saloon Keeper. Its to places of Interest "In and about .....tt.TW..n.m _a ye ___.__CT. nfw..es*O.W.
Aloiiilay nlylit wm IItllblJf'd throu 'i "
knocked Now ton down with, the butt the rock.
the heart and killed by his bro(7ier-ln
of a revolver and 1* reported to have
"o said l: "I'll tcurh you t'o get on thewhrn law. Joint I.. Gunk 30 >'eara' old. Hbar-' .
Is salil CASTOR I ----- --- -- -
have -
ra to been healing his -
r sldrwaik there I J.* u party of la'
dies wife and when she appealed to her
on thw walk' For Infants and Children.
brother for protection a row betweenthe'two
When Nt'wtiiu rose. Tate U said to
have: covered him -with the revolver, reunited In the fatal stabhung The Kind You Have Always Bought FLORIDA MANU/ACTUergrt3' AND DISTRIBUTORSCOMMOM
of the
"Damn you. leave l -. or I'll blow your former. ANO PRESSED
CJ Bean theSignature
N'f" brains out" /...-,.,.;:.. SAND-LIME
) of U WHITE
This arrttunt of the affair Is corroborated \ Steel Company Declares Dividend. .

by 1.II'II'ulII| Major (','n rUMt' New York Aug. 22.: -The Itepubllc
rw,ii ;lu ntnrlal PRESSED BRICK
an liivofttlKatlon! of laffair .
Iron and Hleel cotniuiny Tuesday declared City Directory For Sale,

but an the collf-tor of the CUM- the usual quarterly| dividend ot1UI t We have a number of copies ofDaru' OFFICES:
tunic Mr. Vann Ix .
out uf tho city It BRICK
percent and un extra dividend
hat not !been 1".I1It., ti' hove the affair City Directory for sale at The DYAU-UPCMURCM QLOG.
of :2: cent its
per on preferred stock
II.k-d Into. Sun office. It i. ft handy' reference
1'hw extra disbursement Is JACKSONVILLEFLA.: COMPANYWE
on accountof t
On book fur business and professionalmen
Aug. IJ: Major I'cnroww
Mays, a
r deferred dividends. and leaves 6
Mr. Kvaii: and Dr (Nniiti, mayor of git!ug the names of residents
per cent still duo on I he luue.Unn.c..ary SeLL Oo" OWN RROOUCT
llruwnsvlllp, caked, on him.I Mr. F:v. with street and number. Price n du".

an" said his wife *' a* <-lz,'"l while! ed to SI.
-- - -- --- ---- -- -- -
- ---- -----
entering her T>onf., by a .
m-xro. *upponed Eapenss.Acute ----- --------------
tit bm a "'''''lirE'. ht
ns wore u THE: : "m7HITE
attacks of colic and diarrhoea
khaki I uniform I .
'I I KtitiiN
r. wan un eonu. without warning and prompt ATLANTIC COAST LINEExcursion ....
: able to
Identify the
man but both ahan.l e S. T. UlllTt:
relief meat b. obtained] There is no I"r"llrl..lur.
her husband l ('IIII1Ilnlnl..1| l that theoldU
nrerrstty of inoiirrinK tit.! eipense of aphysician's
>r. Kitttiert'iJ near. tlu-lr home, and Cedar
' service In such eases i if _
4 annn)">d I tininGslveston's.
: Chsmberlsln' Colic*, Cholera and

5-ea Diarrhoea) Remedy i is at hand. A do e Rates Situated ou the Riot Cool and airy room Fine bonting and flsMng. Rt
fits) day '
Wall lof this remedy will relieve the patientt'ffori per

Mftkee life now n. *"fe in lust city"' as i t a doctor could arrive.. It list ___ _u __ __ ___._

f' un lli. .. hiplter upland, E.V. (Jtxxl.loe never ben known to full even In FUOM J.UKSOMILI.E.: CZ.Y'DE LINEFOUa. :

9 >, who r**lde.. on .Dutton St., in Wan moat sovere and dangerous cs."", 'h"l

!>>., need no era well| fur safety no family should be. without ,U. Torsle = QUICKEST TO =

II. ..,it.. "I hart used 1 ]Ih. ""..c.. by all \I'UJII.l"iYaquls .'

New 4.euY"'J< for 1/onsumption: Ire

", past tier yr'.r.so.t l It keep me welL ri i Kill Mexican' Miners. Washington and all Points Eas t

"11ft safe Before that time I had i a. Honota, Mtx AUK ::: Pour Mesl _

Bough which for yeats. had. been grow. can mtu.r" wire waylaid In u can>-tuneveral

1 tog .ror**>. =Now", it'* /iron" Currrhroiiio s miles from heit. by w band ul

.t\lfh.. la .crl,.,-... croup. Yn
!tt r whH'J.lult.Ilth and t>r.venls pneiitit uni" wounded, .nI the other two r. daily ; limit O31..

Capri'. Jfh<" I Indian huv. ti,Vri ref fll.;: Atlantic
k n if i* Pleaniil I' take Kvery: bat City. N J. on sale

tie. guaranteed nt *li tIt.': .lore*, Price liar b,'hiJ>t trenches Mud m>"p" Artl&'Walh..1 daily ; limit Oct SI

1 5>V< sodLt1). ..Trial U. lU free. i tf> attack them. fl..U. 'i isg.ra Kail. N. 1'on s.ledsily S..A.JLJN"GS: : E..A..CEIVVEEK.: : .
--- UETW.E.I
; limit Oct. 31
3 Moore to Starching for Oh.Walton. Jacksonville and New i
Hang Sept. 10th. : York
fI.lau( Washington I>. C. on *ale!
r, t.'irtt'ianl, : Ante Z-: --lioU MoorvuriirM K,.. AIIIC 3J -Natural KM' dally ; limit ()ct. 31 Calling. CHARLESTON. $. C.. both waysThe .
low MI.I! Mniiiltt..d a criminal was struck hire ?u the property of' '
M.*.ul. u1Neu Unity the 0 7-rr-old Miss Anna Hind nt a depth of C'\( #::.1 U Denver. Colo on sale daily 1 Finest Steamship in the Cotitwise Service

!,t UiiKMer. uf J (* MiHMl. M.i4' hh..1| t>,. Ie"t The praruutrrs are not satis- limit Ojl. 31 Clyde New

IOTK Judge Kliu...*r. taunt tcnilty and tied alit. wilt .u to a depth of l.iXX fltl:. Mar harbor. Me.. un sale! daily England and Southern Linea

.<.nlrnccJ Ui ttr bangtM on HrptvmIH feet to fluid l oil Ml,. lllDd It a au\\t limit ().et :31 Freight Herriee" Between JACKSONVILLE. COTTON and

IUlh next; The W.t of order tar \VtnUm. III...I. poliilclan of Cor #4 \.0i Chicago III.. on ale daily ; PROVIDENCE and11 Eastern; Poin&..

"wra ke'l by tti* .crowd l which nlledh lrton K) : limit Oei 31.ii. Calling at Charleston. both ways.ENiIWEEKLY .

x' coon 'It'm > I It ..'..,.*.*, ruparltj :
and when the Deer Wr In C.rm.ny.I"'thu. # ......*. Wrlichlsfllle., ,: N. C. nn sale SA :JLJN'GR:
JM.ttti read the ennever ,.,
c; trace shouts of .. \ *& Z:: .>.rn*.iv>. l h lhtiti :.,.' I daily ; limit (Kl 31 > hbouneS- ... From LtPo....' \\harf. Boo
rang .nlt .
) cc 'C. w'thlourd.: . From Foot
o' .
rued \II be.. Catherine .. Jaek.oonlU
l.*-fat. her. l lu t'IerrlAne.. &M.t a r war wbt b t .1.-< a I e I *:'I. In( Saretoga rr'nc.. N Y. on .

only t>) those lu the court ht".... rent r"l.rt.t.. distrU-t U t.if .. t1. .%,le dally limit Oct. :n.
br the huadrenl of rrsalt itercsts du 1 Ire .. MeetM.d
n m uu'slJt Harris
M.,.ne.* sect ....f lk b \l I<*,rv.trle was U, .t ...xlua b> tlM r.ic.ta; SPECIAL OCCASIONS. Clvde St. Johns River Line

u l for st.-. _. -t'Vlr..n jAC cuo><>riui.C and MANI'O"D
< > .lnR and faded
guilty. -
-- 'S'.IU lint
;tfpriag. Ark r-n sal. :'tupprag at PmlatkB.
and rtneJ fxu .n.I Astor Hereford (Cl) I..nd). anj 1111.rm.-Jta&
rusts or sU UK<..tI.. 1.aDdiA..
Sister Are Drowned.rand .. daily Bjinely days, .a St. John. River.SFEAMEU. .
ta taCured. tbaingang.
<; liana Mich .\\I tit. :: -Two .it..:.. Ul hmf>.
and-Sammer daughter uf t'ar-. K K.rt* a. aged it. :. 9. 4, A > limit opt ISi CITY OF S-dCKSONVILZ: "

Hew Fever Cold. suet U. Urownd before their parents :' &.. Is l'Oint1.! to sail .. 10110.
M Memphis. Teas on ..,le Sept. .....v. J.ell.HuUI.
errs while Uthln la the A raa< rivet lal.. i:3U ,
J. Nu .
eum. HsletvklU. Indiana. 9. 1'). 11. I3i limit xpi :>. h ftl I.turnruR. l. .". ivrfor4 Mondays
** .. Ib.r'll" Tb. bull.s acre """,,,..,...1. 1\'edne.days arid ."i<2a ,
Lal I otT :3a
eitit.st year r U for ,hrvmoeilhe -- p31'. Toroatn. Ont on ale .*pt. !: > s. m.

with a summer eeld.odl.lre.*. Children In Pace ) I? 13. It. 10 Until Srpt. ...u........... --==-=.:
isle* that It interfere with my business' i aAae.a. IslIF:1)L'Lt: 1c.nar?..aa.t .
Never .ry a. do chvlJrrn. olio .r. eftt...*'M' to 1V*| :i. l.ears 111)1'm.; . .
1 had ms.y of the symptoms uf hay H Jack.unvill.. . .Artii.3a0'sts
euBerlnc& from ha gr raeh ,. th. j >trouble toansw queeticne. trs&pRti . . Pmlatla.
t.e.r. and a doctoc' S'r.eertp" did ,! 1\0:' aln . . ...... 11400 fm
eau..Cf all bb4e who cry tad %r. Ktcarvion n'.. InoinerI rcH.... . Anor'. . . .
not reach my C'.1 treated. for .i..k"_. really1 ....m '.. ebeduU . . B.re.foed : aJOp.
medieinee wt>Uh seemed to ugly| alf' wren they PkitliBo4stioe "0t"'D'" I i ArnreH .ao amUKNKRAL .. . . iIt.Laadl' . I Jpm
a r. suffertSK hum* tllla.c.r T* .s ,Is ). sad all dvttiird informs.to lOtsatn ord . . ...ao.ftt"1'ri. .-
F Mu ) I ,: ..
ttsvat my c*>* lely IsSidled i -- _
caused from t.." foal tot b.lc t.e .. '.0. .ta. or otb.rpeastsebr.rfull 1OOO Bas
( fcavlnc. 101. ', .ll.0". sad y PA-S.. AND
y '''RUna't'd bat tevcare. l l.f -o.m. A t.ra......,. *ub.r txi spy'K-SIHMI .Jn p.r. I : __ OIT'CE33: W B.jAb. : rnLU
Tar and It quickly cured me My wifeh r w --- -
few .2._..' Whiie Crass MO ot by mail to ,.IlL Ad.t li.a I'..a -
4 's since u.e4 >"*l.j'* II 0..J s..4 Tara Versalfu* w a. CitJO.ui, Jr t'T ats. ... .. An :a -.a y, yJ Y'e,
werns them t. cease eryisg sad I WOK l.IWtL'sTOt. ran.! lei.. P U) .&... ...-I""
with to. J \V Mo A. C BA UTT O.s.r.a .v..t Jsa..ti':) tna
sense suee.*' s'w-
'. tkrtve : s.w
to as Uifl
W c. it a'n&:.i Dutriet P*.*esicer d.eai, Uti :\... I l THZO.O G'LYDSr'tit.' (.rlcGwo.tln.att.7lcwT.a
c,111aaa A Co. Et3E8
r i -.l4 tr IT)4.obnws. I t'1r. l're.rda
$ trv ( jMs
., '1a.. 6..es' Ca.. Jti. lsana.:... .. ..
'. >Nrsa.a.tBB...............,... w-.
r s ... .
; PIe, .e !' 'II'jj.!' '" .". jt. ,.,'\" /'."' '_"- '..'... "'. .. ..\ "" ,, .... . ,-.c:... ;, .. ,
t-' .4.'<>- ;1_ f..!!.: ...::'.V:, 1z:.!!. .. )l &(.,;, L. -.f ..".

J< ..



--- .. .
.._ -- -- -- -
---- - --
-- --- -
--- ---- -- ---


?...I'rI lllw In I'*:Method* In Ilurtuu.That %r* Still VIA LOUISVILLE & NASHVILLE SEJ..A.SC: ::> ..A.. :E :D

The system practical for ohtalulu
rubles lu the mining district* in Itur- R. R. Air Line Railway
ma. ,la of the most primitive tb>M<.-rii I.tlon C ? ::
says the Seurcbllshr The inlnln-: :
shafts are simply bole ul .. The l.oainllle.N..hwillt' n"Urnadwill
ut t\\o feetsgdare
sell round-trip rates from Jacksonville
sunk to a dt'llthlIryiu;; up to
.art, or sixty fevt. Tile liorht); up of to points shown on date indicated.

' ..thewalla of the shaft Is moot crude, Ir Proportionately low rate: from

tDe aide being su|>i>urtfd to l ) hosts at HIi other points.J(60fiChicago. Savannah, Columbia, Camden Southern'
' the corner uiul hranehca'' : III., ant return
secured enrefully against; the
.Idea by meant of stout t Ktlrk*. ___._ Ticket on sale daily to t>eilembe Pines. Raleigh, Richmond, Wash-

The miner oarri.-! a tin pot lmll.ir ID :roth, and limited t'j return

shape to a blunt 'cI-,1 l: "Ullt' on Ills I until Ootobor SUt ington Baltimore Phila-
bead. lIe .li In I!) ,
juata \\u our .I.lIl.r "
337.90Denver)( Colorado >prmj,;. uri
and digs IxitwtMMi) Ills kieH in the :
poolte corner Tlu' ..:...th. or l 11 j''m. UI"I l"ut'blnCol. and rrt-iru' Onale delphia. New York.
the ruby bonrinir earth N ,rulIiHl U I j a JS B I dally untlI8ept..mt..r3t1th.
conveyed to the top at fast us it Is ">x- j; Why suffer wilHBAltARte Final return IlmItOcteter31st.,

' cavated lu shall buckets lot lo\vn $38.40 -Hot 8 riDIZ., Ark., ntul return.
from above. I'
pallnwhen Ticket on pale dally Final

Tbe'UIparntuiI! for r2i.. ii:: anti l.mor-, II SNOWLINIMENT .. return limit OO d.j. from date Two Ele :nllt. Tnil1.Daily.. .
'log the bucket* I H Dimple In the i>\
ofale.Daily .
tremc. A shout btmlNio |I".t, uliout
twenty feet hl;:h. esprit a lIIIuu.lIn... tti September 30th roundtrip Seaboard
Is fixed upright In th. Kroiitnl at a convenient I. WILL CURE summer tourist ticm-t will Express.

dlstniui from the pit or dw ht. be on ale to yariou reorii Full

and a lone, thinner IMIIIMM! ) p\ot| ttil| M RHEUMATISM! Cl'T". OI.IJ !information. scheduler. time tables.

, 'Lorlzontnlly Into the ii|'|wrn.l I of It $oas SORES' SPRAINS \\Ol'NIS, ete, will be furnished |promptly| Seaboard Mail.
to project an eighth troll the inlue
and the long! arty to\\ar l the inlnTeltlnar ">, SCALDS UTZ., on application to .
U. E. Hi -- -
:t4Rt /
O. .
A. Wl.ulcl. 1)al1l1': ".
write: ..I.....< Un IIn rei'..Sii..N\ Fla. Tf, Agent I.. A N. H I U No.- USW. > ,
Air* and Mix' l.r lul..>.
Ijininifiit for my r"IIIIIIt Kay 8t.; .Jacksonville. Fir.
The female pulse" always heats f.>*t- IM the lnt Ulthm-nt illllll,.. MODERN
I er than the male." nald n "!"!,%'slc'bln."anh It relieves hums ntiil-CMlds.' PULLMAN EQUIPMENT
from birth, to death the puMespeed ZSc Bua.rN'EBB Q.A)2Dt-a
5Oc and SLto '
<< steudilr decreases.! I have un'1 I -

doubt that by the pulse alone I could Ballard Snow Liniment Co. Dlia'EItE: : it. MOKKIS.DENTIST. ,
tell readily. a healthy! 1 person's njie mid' Only Lint O )t3rl;Ling :
hT. LOUIS. MCX.Sold .
ee=. IMbe tit birth bare<< n pulo that "

bent 1OO time* u minute In the one" of . . Dally Through Pullman Sleepers from Jacksonville toNew Orleans

girls anti 15o time. n minute In the -- -
and Recommended by
caw of !hH't the. nt i:" of four or
: \\. ,.. JOHNSON, (ialueflvllle.M..U. -. for full Information and .lee per r..r..iuu. Ball or any agent Heaboardor
five the
pulse" beat will ha\c fallen respectively Office over Marou .Kntlvl: Van r,. rillau
to Ito and KM). MaldenV writ S.t O. 1U1YLSTON, Ja., A..>iiaul General) rV,{.niiKer Agent,
-- - -
--- --------- -- -
and youth |'ul'e- nerase ninety-five JACKSONVILLE. .ORIOA.. t :
.. O..n.. .. J.'s A. CAULISLK:+ :, '\
and ninety: mature omen'*it ml 'inon'x .
One day :i letter wan rl.'I\.I"t the -
average elirlity and seventy.H\e; eld.'rly l>O'4tllc-e'! lit furls 1 lK''irliitf: the followIllS ATTOKNKY- : AT LAW

"'01 111', '* and men' nver.ice nlxty* I"'rll'tluu: "To the Cr'ah'>et And Solicitor in Equity: Take The Atlantic Coast Lie

and fifty. An old woninn'. pulse rarely 1'rt'net 1',>t.t.** The letter l tnnlervu4

If ever Kinks t..lotift;), but among IU"lnWh..1| to deliver It In Victor Hu.-o. Uc.' Estate, Conveyancing and Den "
old men n pulse, under fifty 1* fairly who rt-'funeil I to reeetv0 It uiul went It eral 1'racttce, All bucine prompt! FOR ALL EARTHLY POINTS \ '
common." attended to. Office next door to 8uI .' '.
to Ijumnrtlm. ThU J:m-uhii uN i .1.1 t

A C..,,'. Cnparfty.Should : flliu-tl it on to to\ICt.1 aoo-j>t It,the. MiiHHi: 'lety-r and The passed|latti-r. Office. OAlNKMVII.Lk----- ., Fl.OHIIIAJTERDINAND -- Dawal Via Va

you wish! to .pet the capacity i'iuilly' iiKwli'Ht. rt'-m-nt It to VU-tor IJAYKR, I NOrlil or K EastrliSo t S th4Vest\W t....%
[of a .Rllk" you can do '-o In the followinniuier I J.o..W. '
IIii:;;;.o. \\lm finally iic<'''|'tad| It. The AxfoitNEV I.\ W.UAU..L. "
Take the
IDe : iiieuoiireiueiitiifrom
letter bad reached Its tI..tlnlltlou.-
[ the bunghole to the Ixtttom of i Llpplntttl'aInazlut'! I ., Float' )* Rapid Transit and! UnHiirpiuyHxl, l Service: i
[each end of the cask In Indlt'.r.- --
age! the two tneiuretnciit! .-. Multiply/
fthl* figure: by ItM-If, tlie Then miiltl- A Wemp'.t.U1)e Can sell you. jity property, (improved Time Table In ffel April 10. NXXJ.
kind of fnund lu Itrnrtl and unimproved), phosphate
ply the pnidiift' to>' .ISr.!'_.>t'.. null the re- and. liuUtna innkeM waip Itn neat of a brilliant truokinK and farming. laud. Head hima Depart For OAINKHVILI.K Arrive Front i,
jraalniler h* the" nuuil>er of gallon. .:x. \\hlte PIl.I..lonnr.l. "II-I'udln It list of what you offer for sale, lU21L: :::::::z: t
[ample: :u Inchc*. *,.e ln<'he* (n\eratre -- 3 :fU V 4 high HprinR and Inter 7 3ftam
from the lilelie briUK-hen of the trees
ISO Inches: ) 3Ux"Ox3O=''=..01l0. whh-h. Daily x : I mediate Tointa ,,11.11)> i Hun
no II" tn esralw| > the nttentloil of the w.E.. ItAKEK.ATTOHNKYATLAW. |
multiplied/ by .CHi-jytVl. = Ot.l'_. Thecontentn. I -
| therefore, are 01 gallons and monkey x. Mhitll In tho..e r...: ""* han, 1 :u.tI-I Ue.I! L..burg and Tampa, .,d'i ;m
n tr..1I1.t..III.! linlitt of Imeitt'if.ltltitfe '! 1 DailyDaily lntermpdiat.l'oint. ;, DallyJacksonville.
a i fraction. __ __ I I \..r.ihlliiT.. e\eli n li..riictM Dent. -i---- -
3 .tal.."" a i JI): 40 JIm
.The End of the World Don't B. Blue : North, t;.., and W..t (' Dally

Of trouble' that robbed 1-: II. U'olfV I And lot* all Interest when help i I. UAINE8V1LLE. Alachua Co.. Jo-L" ii 1 .(Earn- High- ; Hprltifs' I Wayero;*., Hatannah, 11runwl- ; ;k,-- j BilO|> m )r
if Bear (trove I", of all u.e* Office In Endel: III",,". I I }
I '
within resch llerbine will make that Daily Albany, Atlaata, all Puuils North, Kat; WMI I Dally.
fulof'.. ram when lie began takKleeiric 1 --- -
liver perform it. duties properly J.
log Hitlt-r. lie writr : looiatn'w
J II. Vaughn, Elba Ala, write* : "U.- J. II. ALDKKMAN. 3 tft p in
"rwo It'ar. ago/> kidney trouble caued! DR. Koh llr>, Mieanopy and UltraU.111
trig a constant ufferer from contlpa> Dally)
isle great ufferiiiK.which I would neverjave I lion and a disordered liver, I hare
survived had I tint taken Kleeiric found llerbine to b* the b*>*t mrilteine.. DNTIH1';
titter They also cured' me of Reriraldebility. !I for thoe trouble.. CD the market I 12.:V) pinDaily 3:r bA m t,
have u..d it constantly. I believe It t'alatka i>a ilyInterchangeable a
." Sure cure for all .tomICh j' lo b<* the bet medicine of It. kind, Over Dutton A; Co', !<.... Uasn..vp.DR .
liver and kidney) complaint blootl | ... '
and I wih all uff *r r. from the e -=
I....... headache, dixtin... and | troubles to know the good Herbln --- ------ -- Mileage. Tickets, good over .8.L'" tulle. of among the p"...

[wcakoe** or bodily i I decline. Price 6Oc.laaranteed : hat done me.'* told by \\'. >f. John..on. Ipal railway in th. Boothrn Htat., are on ale by th. principal. agents.
st all drug tore.. j I UOKI >HALACHUA ft TI..oN.UJot" Through Pullman sleets| Port Tampa 4o N.. York, via Atlantic Oovrt

A'JOtll \ Line ; alas via Atlantic Coast Line and Houlhern Railway
For complete Information sail on :
IAS. M. O ABM. Preident II. E. TAYLOB. Cashier "
J. A. CJOODWIN. Ttekct Accnt. CJalnaavllU.'
R'. H\.io".PrMld.o' Las GBABAM. Ast. Cashier
U.o. .../a 1fal.r Law rr.tbtrrel Address .
PRANK 'J. HOYLHTON. Ms, r..., A,... W. D. NTAILK Trav. r.... Agt|
U.I..it.L. YLa. lilt W. Hay .!.. Astor "nlletl... Jaeksonvllle. Via.
HE FIRST NATIONAL BANK W. J. URAIO 1..**.n..r Traffic Manager Wllmlagton.IV.fi


HE ONLY NATIONAL BANK IN ALACHUA COCapital Alachua eounty I I. -*J.4OQ an,.. In Gainesville & Gulf Railway CompanyTHE e

area, has :94* miles railroad 9:t)
$l BO,00) f){) miles wagon road. M postoffiee., a

Surplus and Undivided Profits. 20.0000 J73 rebuts schools, 77 phosphate FRUIT & VEGETABLE ROUTE
plsni! :30 aw mill. iaOfJO.., t'OU irtKoo
.ILIIa/NiI, a e.Iaata.t ,,_._. wttb r rU1UM*,).*! .. -y bear la 11,. ..... a.wl .., four "..'JM'p.er.. and pro OF FLORIDA. r
... __aa.f r.,..,......reo...... 1OrSU. ...., Is.e..a.owe$ due** fOoa. cotton rl*.. .osar.oats : .
.r .p..lel. ....*..' AU...._.,._...Mr U. pI
ptnvatiples' or
rye potatoes Tim Tabl la .9 Mft July; 16. |(M INo. ,
H Z. TAYLOR.C.tlil.r. .*;.. |>**.eh.e, peen, plan. ...* .. ____---- h_ __ _._._ _.__._ ___, ..
.... ,
--- --- - and all klrvd of vegetable

i B BBBBI i B B : Gainesfille the S at. fi. Ho. S. Wo. 1. '"l0.7. l foe 4 Xa.' ". '

County) .. D.Iiy 0.11) Daily. ;'' HTAT10NH.. : Lttily. 0.1141", DallyKiHoa
r.. $h.I'j' ;
FaySholesTypewriter Ha fourteen ehurrv., two pobll' 7 : e1..i'M
Mh .ilstbe Uai....rity of Klorida.rrlvatV M -- .-- --- ---.

hooU.. thrv. .... .p.r. iJl Arl'11ArAii
I.vAV I..1'Y ,A". A
United Mtatee (lax] oIRe. tk* b... 71. *3)
I U) ft 'rn an ... "aw-u (717 i
..... are alarm .. .l .iri. '
.JU- 1 3 It. ft 1 11 _...... .(}r.ban., 4a A 1' i U1614'b
aid gas ligttU, two lee fictorie. *.. Y. r. i. _... .. f'7rti. c aa 4, 12.1
Ttaebtae. shape, tare* woo l ,.. f" fI au II.'
:, fI' 5A1 r r. .. .lr..J' '
,.... .... '
rice .. gtw,two rocs tt ts> 1 1121' '<
(tl) K1111Aor1. ,412
2 : l ;
three railroads f rilllier
A'c.U" LIIM.E: ) two -
O'a a
7 tie V' 111 A,, C L, Crwiat 4 'A.,11L4

THE nr.vr: afa maaofa lortag.t.r tor.paa.so. .... r/_,tlfylBg. flbe tar 7 "A) 10 It 4' P 2OAr: J I.. .H.n-v/ll... .. . t ;, a .1)1." fJ to'' II Bile'
. ,. 11) ul.r
.. .s.
4 If} ,
line OX THE JiAKIET ,....... (.last. two k aks. asxl w.U I "I
1 I. M A I.. I,o..ing' _.... . 61I
locked store tnbr i.a evry i' ,.., b ... .. It W
1 :$ .. r -u. Ij.
KfTOOAKD H a a K Tabulator thing la ts.>. *.sBsa_retsl ..... I 1 :m I -. j C.naoa's Cro.el.g .. ... I P M) ;

ON1YR5A( ON .1 fh t.. ''''....)' Petal. . ... ...... P 3f) f
: Every Machine.Lgai s w..II.o. . .. .. P Ic" 4
The Florida t 10 ... L. tn7..... . ... ...... s 6aktlrtwolyd
611 } I..: ... ....... .IIUl
Tt. a 71i ?. .... It .c.
SalftI LJcKte Roooiaf Fruit and Truck Grower
t .' '.... .. ... ... ... -. It >r
Wetter. the WovUlM .. ..I. .,. 1 M
C4mPhe Speed of 1& rr ,. T..Ja. '
... ... Ff.. **.*. 'a ... J. ..c..". Edller. .......,... ,. ._.._ LaJl.I. 71""
C. J"aJ.KtMt r* 44 _.... It..I1.... ._...._ ... I 7 41)t3
Dee la Oai.evni.. tasa say ota..r maelde. OCA LA. rUe IYl . ........w.. . 1 Mfa

Oa. Trmr W f r. Dwe.ma .. .. ,. 7 bS
--. ....... LleA U -. ,1la---- I T 7aa
to rOil Des.. I ca i

for Sale by. 1 1.Ie 10 ,. ..- ..r.Mr.+r.. ... t. ,
fitiittlllk' F ltllts/rJSair. an........ .,'.-..aEJA :, r M AAMJA r P Mj', L. A 11I1 i.. 'i1r.Z A MJT.
L .. Ys 4 IIA.st1
.. f- "S. IJ1N
of" "" -- B. CUTJJHI M, 1..v' t. .. BAJIKBI. p.a.r'" }
., .; -'- ; ,: \. ;, p.1 '
r t 7Na .. IH ;,. .a s ?' 4 'i..... J w h /: ::: :,1"" ,;",, S : i 1 -

n '::1:1NEWS

-- -
tea -
8 : THE DAILY SUN: GAIN S'S'ILLB.' F.LOxmA-AUGUST: : 23, 1906 .

J, D. StringtelJow- transact I*rbo '

Of CITY AND +i... in Live Oak.
E. E.Voyle cute a professional visit -I .WILSON'S. .j

COUNTY; CONDENSED to Stark yesterday. .

: Miss. Dora Dartsos of JacksoaTillc. is ;; ..

6 :1 ia tbe city on a T>s.t to friends.Cba. 4

Matters of General Interest Gathered .. V. Mi:,cr and C.T'.' Eaais of

by Ocr BJ porter*. aHBsssSEWERA6E Orala House' were yesterday. rezitered al the Brown i:; Another Bargain Week

PERSONAL AND SOCIAL ITEMSWteat ass B. J. Rivctt nf Cyril machinist ati i

the big mill of Briakley Balms was ;

Has Happened and Wtoat te doing ia the city yesterday. At This Popular Stora.

Byers Dominos left yesterday for I .
to. Happet Told b* SHort P.rsgrs1..
Sampson City, where be will speed
So THat **H. Who R **a Mav Rand'
bP r; H in TK. SUM.H day or two vUi.icsr iaN father J. 36 pieces Figured Lawns go at 7 1-2c; worth 10 and

I al less thai .the DooCla.N.w. S'I 12 1-2c. .
M>_ to' let. Mrs. B. A Clapp. B. Pbifcr. the naval stores I

r Old papers for sale at this ofRce." .'or. baa returned from Roche lie I IGret. 29 pieces Figured Organdies and Swisses only.lie

Fewer'Gallons; Wears LoocrDrroe..: all prices .. Park where be has been looking)II yard; worth 15 to 20c.
after his interesta.Treasurer .
Tadira'ralliacrarft Ban office. latest .. Ie* O. \. Ssunders Levy 15 pieces Fine Organdies, choice; only 19c yard; worth
x far .peer werk.We oiyry7 who makes bin home nt Brono. 30c 35c. aDd 4Oc.
For ,... h.., printed stationery al ,
.> was among tre prominent' visitorsto
lowest prices call at The s.. office. Gaiaeaville yeeterday. 18 pieces Cotton Suiting ala Percales only JOc yard.

Dr.J. Harrison Hod era mad a pro-
I have sold my interest in Candy
fMMo..lwwi' to. Hid Sprint yesteSrday. are DOW prepared to pot ia First-
100 Size Bed Spreads worth
Kitchen to H Pinkosop; If I owe QA
Class Plumbing and conaeet to ...er-
Wanted to Bent-Famished room any person' they will present their everywhere $1.25 this sale price \J\J(5(
ajce lm front of your boose, and bare it claim to me today, when they will
near tq..... with bath. Address J
xr ear Box 14.G.LrJmille. all ready to connect the city( sewer' be paid. :e. Cion...... Bargains La Skirt Waist., 1ti bite !Parasol and all kids of SaasmerCaii

If your. wife baa left you for theVTjmaner when It is aoeepted by the city. Come .Jodge J. Carlisle mad. n professional ., Special rater la Black Taffeta at 100. Wkite tf..b Silk at SO

the P..,.,. Raps will$ take early and advoid the ru.bb.., will visit. to Starke ..'enla,.- He and lie yard.
states that Starke ia growing rapidly
car of yen. Meale SSe. ..... place when the new sewers are ----
d and that the people of that thnviag
.tN-To rent th'. or .:s.room: .erepted by the city. 1\4JRS: R_ WYLSOX _

\itiooaa near Iq...... September 1. Mrs. prise.

William Scott, '...0tM IeT.ti All work pat la by regular plombers:
D. V Maio;. of Monteocha" wasamong -
Typewriter ribbon for s-ale at this l under a sanitary engineer' and guaran-
the visitors to this city yesterday -
office TS eeats a piece. The. verybeat teed. Beware of aeeeptiae. any work Mr. Mainea. who is quite saccessfal V. P. HAR-.ELIIIG'S THE GONTIHENTALClFERESTJtURAST.

ribbon on tbe market that will not pass Jacksonville inspection farmer brought a load of fine
}l. T. and Wade Tbon aa. two pro. chickens to market, which be disposedof '

i mf.iag farmer of hl, ..ateoeha. weretrading at fair prices.M. Real (rJ'W& corner Sostb of Po t eaesSOT1CE. >
t in the city yesterday.. Estimate: cheerfully" g1ren and plans ,
Waits, formerly of but tt'
and drawn in accord
I For Sale-Flve-roHn dwelling and specifications op now of Qoincy. where he ia connectedwith

acre I,*t io North .Gainesville. Address nee with New. "ort.Dd; Jacksonville an extensive tobacco farm was Estate .

Lock Bx Gainesville.. FlaFriends Sanitary Requirements. r riewintoW aqaaintaaeee ia this Cityyesterday. 1

a/Dr. Gordon B. Tisoa wit, ; Mr.I Waits* friend are Having secured the services of

4 be gratified to bars' that he is oat Country work specially. J.Pf'ruOD : glad to learn that be is prosperiac two exferieaced restaurant and

again, ejfer' .. Illne of several daysyated sewerage' for country homes. Among the well-known West End Agtncy.One I hotel people we are in a positionnow

-. W- -Bf yoong mao. position<< .. visitors to Gainesville are Mr end Mrs.W. to cite you service second toco

clerk In retail grocery or drag store. The S. J. Themas Co. O. Colson of Jennings Lake, pioneer place i io the city and a trial will
Address 7O4 Liberty .cr..... ""....Cit,.. citizens of the county. They '
: nice Cottace in :!ih *>prief;*,! convince you of it. t.tay.at.tpms
t Have year stationery pnated at The Gal..s lilt, FlerU*. are en route to visit Mrs. Coisos'e.i.ter .* .I *.450 OO. J taken the best. csreof
Mrs. To too. at Campville.*d ex* >
Ban offlc*. FI"a- I.- work<< prorcptljdelivered '5 nice BuilJice Lots and House
at reasonsble' prices is our i : I peel to leave for that place tod. :
, Tbe intense" itchinc characteristic of : ..*sr' CDI..ni.J'O).
While here than are guests of relatives.Mr :
,4 motto.Jsmes. salt rbean and eczema is iactaotly alIsfed .1.I > I 3-Acre Lot.good house,fine loeatioo.$2..G'0. I l>ja arty: aad Lite. Drip Ceffee
It l)ell. a ."H't".fol l planter I by applfinjcCbaniberls-in'sSalve. '. and Mrs. W. W. Colson.Mr. -

i of Hsgoe. was vUilirg rslstives and '. and M-s E L. Lyle who havebeen "P1"tf'MI It-.lA.
As a care for skin diseases this salve is If you want the best on the market .
transacting bu.i.... io this city yes ; uaequalleU. For sale by.11 drngjtUt residing in dewberry. : for sometime seHaroaeliojt.. be has it-pnces right .. --- -- -- -- --- ----
terday.Jeb bare removed to Winfield.Tsno.. I .
I The regular weekly meeting of the too
and small printing oa fit which place they will. make their fu-
press T. F.
i I local camrVoo1men of the World. TMOIIISUNDERTAKING
In fair order for sale at a bargain ,tote home. Mr. and :Mrs. Lyle are i
will toe hell in the lodge room. 113 Mrs B F Hampton hs| returned
v, Apply to Mr. J W. Cannon sOI t*. i popular' young people, and will be :
}:.., Coian street' this evening f moa Roinoke. .A.1..o where' she ha CO.
missed by their friends io
Unlversilf street The,. will W work' sod a full attend numerous Newberry and elsewhere, bat all who .
i.: Miss I..eaora Mlisoo,, a stenographer aoce i.i desired mother. hire Whtdden. Friends are ". .
: know 'b.1DIda them in their
formerly nf this. city bat more recently occess glad to welcome her home" again.
I The regular meeting of Osine."ill* I new born. FULL LINE OF
of Jacksonville, I. her on a brief. visit Midge No. Y 1). U. P. O. E. will be The yoaag people: of North Gainesville
-- -- -- .
a'l her parents and f nets eld to Masonic ball this eveainc. .twbl'h feel w very mach encouraged:' by

,mow Ai'gu.tW.nsk.eootr.etnrtorbtiildl.gC. >! eommiitee oa baildiric and the success ef their Wonderland Bat -

of all kltHts. flans fDr i.hPd. : club boosv will present r
Cab heed furni.hrd if reqtiire'l. Address atlettdsnce is desired.. i have engaged the world-renowned >' ,* TO11BSTufE4

y 1IO3: Alschaa ...nuf'. t:. for' S.t.- Cheap-A seencdha Mrs. Jarley' with her remarkable col
.' L. W Jarkton. loral. manatee of the piano rook tore, healer b.d.room> lection of wax work ftaa! Fee. tc stop in FEM'EN.Tsr .

His>ger ..-1.|< ....hin..I.,. yesterday. ....1.. and sundry ho.j ehoM and klteh.i .1 North Gainesville,on her' way around &V s. oar-C P:_

+ f. r |..int. In the* t:..t End: lie el. i e. articles c.n.I in* house sod see :: the world The exact date IB cot .s-sJ .it aUoo

peets' to t>*> absent .severaTdsy. them sad take them st jour o.aI I know at present, but it will bein rah .... tall wad t.e to. tfr sU.pb ma&&eN"ordersOnlnesvllle.

1 Par.*. strong.d.|leioti Hloe Rib* I f rtt''m.. N. Sheis.1C I i September. !wiapNl atte.asat &4-

hen ..UI g es twice as far' .. other C Ulover' of Cincinnati, one of C. N Kirkland cf Ocala is in the --- ---

..1...... Ask for Rlae Ribbon> Vanilla the most widely known and must sue I city. Mr. Kirkland was formerly a Florida.

and say It plain Th....'. none J ant a* eessfol advsrUtiac specialty men on CHEAPEST STORE ON EARTHJl progressive young merchant of S

1r-.ocS I I I.b. road I.i ia the city. Mr Ulover City, bat is now connected with

1: J. J. H.,..... the naval stores epee' J .. ajrsrtlslac specialties. acid. i. Porter-Mallard Company of La'.l. Miss

nor of L cht'<*'os. .his.. also owns valuable -rose. of the best posted men ia this line Wills, wholesale grocers. Hs fobcau'sgoardiDgflayGhool

a property her, left ,....rd.,. ia tbe eoantry stockholder and an omeer to the << =-- ::--- .--- .

after a Jay spent looking after' bit in pany. bat it. also "doing a torn" on
te rests t =lT KECKIVC1)A the road, this being bas territory Ha
READ THIS. ,is clever. ,and .. ;
enjoying tradela !
.."'.. W. E Itaker left yesfrxlsy' farR > : bHIPMKNF OF

; 1..1''.__, (''t' J'
wilt spend a few d.,. with her ta'.J ).. K \\ hall Jt Loots bear 1 Roundtree Trunksand .. directed to' the adrer.tien an

bss>d. wh..l..aablu4ls i [ .. abvtrsct + Sir-I have ..*... a great soSrrrr from eat of The G W Hyda Company, -West- "Main. Street. S.

: .....,.... tr<.... ,bladder trouble for two years and my 'which appears" elsewhere. ia this issue GAINESVILLE. FLORID

k II. V Csss of Island Orove I. .in ease wts of a very .ow.... ...U....C'\ID. Valises This eatsrprtsta company in order to 1

t'.e city. oa a visit. lu h.* .....1''. MrsV '1 lulling ". to bar. several sinful a.ddangerous make room for fall goadf. some ClI The Tbh'J.'blrd Year
operattoas. I .have also takenmsny opens Sep.
\ M. I King H. .is sary .s.thuis. .. Iis !I different rained... I took The ST.\Slt..HtP OF PERFKCTIOr I.b eb have already bP.U.'o arrive. tember' I.. 1900Pearce.

( ".0...."'... and esme t. attend the'raeetinc .arop Root for three. years, oaf War Our' sales. of Tr-Q..nd.V.I.*es are I.,. o3.nag special' valors la many -- --_ -.- --
...'. r*fr Cure two years and they I lines and It woald ry bare.i.*h.nt- -
<*f that order loaighl ;I I' something taaa>ease, be .... we csrry I
ualy Ease temporary relief After' to look th..
ers over list. Orders
W J U.Uo. th. hsadsaa. and .. the st.ek std veil at prices that cannot by
ay. .s g t vo o-rattos and pr*|.r<.. I mail, or ,rlrJ"boe.III House
versatile editor of The Willistoa .' fv fur the third, I saw your Teas Won*I b.. matched. If fOil are going ': receive the
U., advertUeU& d : same careful' alt-nt'e. .. a personal 1
as purchased bottle. call
ot'"te. was <*. Sun. y_l.rday sad > a away c" u ;
I 1 Rot .1.! ..t immediate rsltef aaoVhaveeoattaw 1 I visit to the store Cewasr r-.wo.&.
n s4e The Sun aa agr..sbl.; call Mriiatloway ; l t64..ILLa. n..a
-d '
t>* twtproveever since
.. nsakiag a. eicelleal raperof !I tlJ doctor .a.d my bladder bad grown -- I Ii Oa secoaat of the oaa.-eomiag of Tborooghly. Renovatid
Tb. Advocate t....'...r ta tbr.e places and I wasw3ertag i Wm J Brysn the Atlantic Coast Line and Under NewMaaacemeot.
'. alaso.tdeatb. ? nail sell tickets from all .
\ man liviagcan points on this
MUs Lsara itrieklaad of WaKlo was The DIXIE GIRL
say more thaa I eau for yo*r'Tex Inc to New York sad retara for
in ,h. city a few ho-tr '..*.rdsy $b. "'.-4. and I call tt a w-rl ls one $1 to 51.50 Per Day Meals 25e
plus $:
::s Tickets
;- was en foist. to Inverness where .-e .r. sod. I bop. all wbasaffer! wilt on sal* August
,.. Shoe for Ladies >:h aad :9t", fiaa limit ***eUI R4. .- tee vsvvh .....
ha.eeepl'*' a iwrrstlve J'OI"- with I. tt a trial \Vishlag ,.. ."...... I leavlacJew w r
Yowrs ..> York aot later
tr y than >*rieaib r4tk.
the Cttrus Cowety .U..s Realty F. T. RLrTERFORD
W C D&.L.: Mm..EetMiss.
.Coa,-..,. of whieh W I:.. Kaksr of y and Misses r your aearest railroad agent .
4a this. city' t* at the "..ad.l A TEXAS WONDER. or write for Pallaaan reaerraUooa and -

J P U.!'._ of A ,aJi. Is the s>be* that the teople are calli tall .af rmatsna. to Freak C. Boylataw.IXsirtet .
r pastorof Oa s aaaail bu Ue of ia* Tsxaa Waavler. Pasaeager' .& ..
Atlaatijt.at Nevi
the 3.thotl.t sharch at that place, Hall's 0....' 0-.1'7. ..... alt tae They are made of solid leather' Line, Jackaoavill. .1.Fla.. Nom. .
after spending a I.. days. ia this city ad -_wU.. look wall wad the price ..
bladder .
kWiaey ad t COM w... re.aT.. The naaserowa friends la tk.
of Rev., T J >'.CNa sad othr U witiiia the peach et alL Try a pair city ef
as a gaest era.. .ears 4iabetea, ....ua.a1. ..ash.w Mrs T. W. Pitts. ami bercaarmtag
'''-.... left yesterday '., poiats oaths ..-.k. sad ..... ........ rkew.s- al u.-.s be conlacedRcractuber daaghter. M.. C..... Uitie -
East Cea.,. ....,'. he will visit a -. ... all will be l.. 1
p trs.tsl.rtUe of tks k4- pleased. to lam that they bar reta .. .......
few before retaraiag. baas. n4wjana.raytHataa blattl.r
days ways to bock ... tea! .
Lawrewes Monty tae ... I. bladder troablea te : wt tell good' at ,...de Galaeavttia from Ja.ks: ... Lad
yoa.t aihiee. If ant .*4 by year racist., yule &adill stain asake this their
zr' ,... esapley of the rVsathsra Belt T.. wOl boIo... v* aaail nst rsestpt of It. RA1TKKT PRICES. base. Taey are. heated. at the ...". FalcyRites .
'r; a-hoas Oo. whw bad the ...r........ tosaataia 0.. anti boats .. two ca.a..... _?_.- ..... 44 West X.o.-Wk .. ..
meat and ...._ fails .. """ .
p servers iajarisa by faUtacfroca a
.hiea baa .... ..... .. .
W_ Jeet awl ...
ears t>r Zram.t Ua-lsoa f
,...... wanttseta.we ) .
taWpboate pole, troflketeaUf
a raisss latprvTwd, .... pitta
P. (,. baa <<3- *. Lamia PHIFCIR BROS.Pbtsrs will ...
". end $ be et .., Ha .. ..... s. jas4 .. .. .
.c. toM !ten far nssx.aiaaiats. (aM w* J. W. ac a.mln. ww4 will .. !T, Rye, w
: | entirely. rsovraJ' la a fee ..,.. 1IhO-t.... A 0. I 4ssb. t. hs kew s..vtNatag her 1
k Oaeos jW., ra. ... f H.... tW tbTSaa. ifstfr dt.,a ,

..-.i": ... ".L...;.j. !.....,...oA.. ",:"j-"' ..r.:." .; .:,4t.cti..,..LI.c: ,..01'" -."..:..tJ..l'1"I. '. ..... :...... : .1>..[",'.'..i.k. ,

w ,




patflCjtttr i aill1 ;. / t art

_. _
__ -=-. __ .
= _
-- .
VOL. :- __ _

- -- -- _.
-- -
ite a i once! uotllied' the ---: --- --. -- -
county otficern
ii WOMAN MAY | --

v DIEt .1 and bitt.a... many of the neighbors as pu. |: GHISHGLM f TURNS I SHOT TO DEATH' BY MOB. 2,000 PERSONS'LOSELIVES s

In the meanwhile- "with I Negro Attempted to Criminally. Assault a
: ATTACK as a
: .
K titJe, Mr. Hunter, hat-lag found the BROKERS LIt:.;. Girl.

unconscious victim lified the body lu ONJIS, Columbia. S. C.. An*. d': .-llob Ktherldgo. BY QUAKE

Ills arms and tne/ uf>.ro; \% ..hl.h\ Thursday
carried It tu
't 'Hundreds= of MAn are Searching where every possible' alu.hta.newa.. lat attempeil to crlmluall assault '4 Y

t For Fiend. rendered' by Drs. guy und Fischer Defaulting Bank Teller Tells olPil tae i.ocar-o4d d.uijjhttr. of '1'. ll. We.t, Convulsion! Produces Further "

1: who had been not I tied over the tele* firings. n wcltao t..n&.'r ot iho Mounttt'lllutg .

1 ctlou 01 aluJa county war Panic at '
: phone and arrived In their autos. After Valaparaiso.
44IECB OF INJURED WOMAN HIT her Injuries had been' dressed she on Monday algal taken. to the .a'ruv -

c,. was teuderly placed In a large touring .. CHISHOLM PLEADED NOT GUILTY' ot his ("rllll... b>' the father of the, lit WC.COO.OCC/ FOR RELIEF OF PEOPLE

Miss Ethel Lawrence .la Suffering car and brought Into the city and tie girl, and shot to death.Vot t
liver IS
lu the
t. taken to the Wesley Memorial .
With a Broken Arm a Fractured hoapltal. Says He Conferred Frequently With Ktherldga: All Public
: where an operation was war >mplo> wd at the: Bodies Co-OperatIng 'In Relief

'-. : r Head and Her Right Ey. Was i removing her right eye' which performed had' Sims About Trading-Firs* Invest home of \....*.. Thur".lay attf riuxm. h. Work-Town of Qulllata. with. a l''
1 Gouged Out. I been almost knocked out. mi-nt in Cotton Futures Cost Him a k'xl' the 'laic girl. to accompany{ him
Population .
It to tree baru to teed the iock. It I 10.0OO Souls Completely "1
was .
I Ift. necessary to use 12 Loss of 10000. }
r;-J" Atlai :a. Aug. 22.-As the result of stitches In sewing up the gashes was while there tnat Ktherldg, mad I.a 1 Destroyed.
f cowardl cud brutal attucl upon the forehead of little Mabel. Her In ll.rmtn. ha1U. Ala.. 4\ug. ::2.-:: The desperate eftort tit a.*uiilt tbn Uitle Lima
IVru. Aug. ::.-Th'ruva..
tot Miss Ethel Lawrence, of London. England juries though painful are not dangerous. preliminary' trial of AU.mUr> It.Chishullll. to uiufflu placing his haad over" her moutlt another i ..av>- earthquake, shock at

I and her little niece. Mabel. 14 and It Is believed that she will who, as paying teller of the her ncrvams. Hit* wa. 1alp.rul.u tart night.

,. years old, by a negro fiend Monday recover within a short time. .'ratatluual Hank ot Hlrmluglmm' lu horrlbl his bruised, but the no,ru failed 1 thu 'lattJt report{ r.c.tylt.'d'h..n.According. from to w

morning, just a stone's, throw from County officers, friends and neighbors defaulted for flUU.OOO. whUh he claim I"rl..lau.It the rerun of the
earthquake the
!the home of the little girl three-quar flocked to the scene at to have lost In bucket shop specula. wan rK>rtod that tho girl could town
on'e.whpre uf ulIIat..
*.ltluat.built! :2:< mllot
ters of a mile from the end of the C o- they received an excellent deytptlon lion andV. J, Sims and I.*. M. Hajf. not reciver burn h,'" Injurle. and,1 lentil Valparal >

,l --penhlll i ir car line the aunt lies In a .< of the negro from the niece manager and clerk of itlliort: Ac Clay) hur death was vxpot-tt-d at any ..unIU..ut. ulatlou uf i. and having I""i -
route urn ttumsaud itoul
f dying condition at the \\'e.le1t"0I0 She declared him to be about *23: brokers charged with ul.llulot( and rb'I t, HowHvur. a long dUtanco m.v.. bur hero .
rompletel d **'nrd I.t I.
' rial hospital the niece years hug In ChUholni's rage trout t h. attenjlliiH |ili lclnn
\ ; Is suffering old. 6 feet In height clean shay defaltatlim. iMganMonday > .\ l.ttiiu., .',,'ru. this morning there
scatted that
*- trot throe blown on the forehead Inflicted n. nearly bald with a protruding{ before United Stnl<>" Coiuml. turn was sonio tuipv{ ol(
bar wa* a kllglit shock ar.d lluacho
* by a big stick and'the country forehead, and a thin face wearing; brogan stoneralt. Chlahultu salt' that su'viu lug.Bream' .. shaken b wa ,
> an 'lIrtlHlulIl..u yesterday.
r. lor miles a rou ml Is being scoured by IIho.... She staled that alto could hU transactions In cotton tarried. UII -- -- -|- e

t. small mobi and poss: ot determinedmen easily Identify' him upon sight with tJlbri A. Clay, wt-rt1 under t*I"I '. Crazy Over Lynching. tlurno
.1)r's, Aug. :ll---t: :. a. m.I .-
who will take the law In their Uloodhounds were nurri-d to thtscene name of S. M. \\'t.'b.l..r. lie 'had told <2r" cnwo N we iim belay ptihlUui-.l n *pcclalUMpMtch .

own hf annot. -
the guilty tirute. up the scent which held a w.altluy: frtiuU. rvxtdlitK 'hi da nth' ,
was for .lullurluGa. rfl'n ti w'rut ., ,
rtuxy tblnkliiKo k lug" oust 2: ,"11.1 l p<'roii* Inr t their
: In the attack upon the aunt her half mile at which point It broko the .' ''
was nt It I lI..hll.'C", snot nnnunnccik lit CM an a reedit of I l.u:; "lIrU"IIIhllt

I' right eye was gauged out. her' eu. Another trail was taken up a I lu rroxxxnnilmitU>u 'hlllhllru! toM{ < tiittt li.. would u...aiilv i>vt>ry hoiki and 'IU,-. Va.paiaUu.. tint

almost entirely I severed one of her short dUtaace' further ou. which how jiint befikre he went UMM%' on binitcatloit woman h<* Inch 'I'hrrn tlnien hr Ht. I liU; iloatUd' Insist Ihu .iiui c.tu.ar u.-

arm broken, her sKull fractured an:1:I followed until :3 cluck N bra tin ,II)1"1 \ ereruly' Invent Into the rv tartlet:. negrn, w iru>'n l.n'l t \\a. drUitiIWM I torrid at I Itnurhv. III> at Qulltot.i: :1 J5: ..t
her death Is, expec.vd.c were called off serve UX IIf tli. bank abuse
(aft account of cut $1511.0110wait ( wit' 111111t doing turret
and{ at out-null.. II. at IVtaro' l rd t at !.*.
' : The niece escaped: I with leader In. plete. exhaualiun I j kept. and ):;ol out nmiKh' .f th, nt hot I II m .nt*'r *il th., lurulthlsea" of 1 I'lai-lllt. iiiul i e.. at LwCadra' iu) HUH.

& I Juries 'ur.w' feigned death In order I At H o'clock' Sergeant I-unfonl.. ol m01I] mipil the flei'.dt. : In lute ri-g Henjamln 1 King, n. who >* farmer. HvliiK I 1l ..
/ HayUK !', 'IhiTi* wa a .tn"'m( i .mullim -
to Mfcur. nn opportunity to mak. I the cityy detective force arrlvi-il on I'I'I nlar rluh. 'hi,. 111'.lIh'II' of tho bunkhad In I Hi* .'..rll'lIu.A sea "in, Iniiitlt prorlMlmttig \ \alaparulo." \/I/ bleb pioiluc. *
lier escape{ Mini. bring aid to her aunt. the!' scene with two fresh, ilog* and left hl.. kf). In lh- r"'.rr%.' b|11'It' that lie iiifiint to a""ault lliWOIIIIMI e td a lur tier .panic.

The nunt had promised, to the niece took up the trail where" It war l Itt t Ins n few momenta and I It wa* then of tho plnce Iltr|| bred a gun .\ iMnpatch Horn HanllKRo

I' that they make a trip In o the wood oft. Karl}' Jlonday night howctcr thai Chl..holm.lr81t'.1; >III<> mom'} but King f.iii.iM-.l.-.t |lu ,1i|| bin .. Nnnuurnrvrthat
urin1iiic I (l'r '*ldt"itt Uutr. +,-.. I I. pturrdlnll! to '
Jus ae-rUII' the road In quest of some he rt'inrn.-d to the city. repjrtliig that "hbhull"| plctidej tint. guilty uuJwnt rend later' "iMit<.Iv h.\.I.\ IIM war taken \ "'1'."n'#.... iccompunlvd by Ih. mini

t.cautiflll fern which grow % utnJaly t the dog had lost the trail. ll I ed, exniulnatlon. Ile! then voluntartly 1' In" Ilrernwad ni"i>aii. >ntly a ruts ttr tath.. Interior. and I iiiliil.tr of r

In the? fertile soil of na antl' sett d The news" of tho attack spread Ilk e nfT red) to tenllfy ,,,,..In.1! thlirokcm *- tug maniac war io Mupvrvl Ihi relief work' '

I t' reatworU.. a rtllrof the late ("hit 1 wlldtlr. ODd hundred of 111"n'IIII| | rl| 1 1 and .nltll.>l .n full tntruiftit ot ... -- -- M t tM.ttil'a of
> .
I MkarVUlIe hey "were picking fern tht home during the: day to n Meta. i. hie dfatlnK wit,, them and the lour A Negotiations Declared Off. : iffully r...h..1 atdtalhy| {liy the) "arts' m
p* and wr:".. Junt about ready to go horn.. an accurate description of the negroand he hud rurfnlnrd' sat .lug that the vital h CM< ttiit, AUK: ::.' John' AI",<*aitJor I a: .I piHipli greet l nu'**uKiM Knvenuuen'oflnrrrn" f ,

i k the no T ni{" 'fpj: fro\ji the ride of lo Mtnrt upoa the chase !In Illtlo nerd by h lag lunged to the bl'n J... Dowlt' salt Monday. night that Mil n.* lliankM"' "* labluil bark by for hill

the embanKniPnt ++lte to the .quad* if ten ur mo iieti 1't J. Heiillb. of >. lAtlllllH 'h. .
opj{ r ni i >rmltied lo manticer Footer' A: Rl tWf >n hfr+r.rlf and U'I II l 1 urn .pn..l'l lm.

i' they' were about tr icind take the law Into .te.Ir own band* t'n. bntkera with which firm i'hl- bur Ulenii Vfillvu fur trUinrrt >
t "Come with ire. girl: fnthwr. If they were mt holm I 1.. "U"w..1!! to hair the Xl.ia ;
: > i"ur rortunnte a* to catch .ryurndrreover | l iii -clftrrd l off I I. w 'irklag rranl.irly. but
from Tilt II '
and brother are no lu-ri 1 want:: 1 the negro. $T''!.01>.. end who JIH. ( hart;*'* Ititwlr l |LLut'ul. | a ntuti-iiifnt U.t plat to Haittiuito y
III.* llui |I. nail '
[ you both to co right down tier' "with I Ittimor after rumor wan clrculjc.l: pending against him lmltnr... to ttmi- In whlrh ,be sit) ".Ml (II,. iilt' <-niitat | 'S follnit! lla sins, I'.itlpl.o" wiirklng.At ;..
1 Tilt ll
''y. Tn >,"' faM:, tie: negro. after which her to the effect that the U.gru ha 1 lies.n at.iln dulls and lli> <>.. wa. no' perear li'-uiitl;i lUlu I lm"- rot,|1t'.1| In failure I'Hrallroa,! ktatlmi, *tori. xn .

ell "a'fMn\ : >url, hls black! h;' 'l la clo.. captured in different palls: of the nun I11 .ktlll being abi< nt from the city I lui I Is'( M clttijiciit. pnga.lJha| 1.111'n, Inter 'hat.' all beau il and .Iwvll ,,l
f ilng arout'd her throat but not tint t)'. .It |< limal'd that one thin It |Is'. rsp! '-<' i-d l. however tint: Hinlih" 'lUa' and lit* 11.1111".1'' r*Ur.
the girl hat I flrnt caught hl. hands and. loco WITH ncoiiring. Fulton' conn will shrew nti l>"frr the hearing I'llh.l lan rider' It Tin n I u.frrd: tu con-1.1.| |
twltti her oan. Jlrp"t'lllna him fromchoking t) doing Ire afternoon and nlabt hVj salt l In I.! .. nrlu.r: from NrwYork a proHi.iti| >n from turret, but it <.. l...tllllnrl of woo-l and.1 rinse. pmvUlnnall In orilwrlo '
,L her sirlutiklyKeltanlug T"'u tIClhrr: Mete arr..I..1 via 'd 'tw.1c' 'thh..d. .
uca '11'" .- : no oTTrr II, ,,s ** |IIUI'r< Fur hoinl. l ta., Military
hi* grl;) on her he took picture 1.lIth'n they were taken. b. In hU Ictillmonjr, rhlnholm call.. thath IM-K'XlAll.'M. Cb .fd Mllll lfl.
up M huge Mick and struck,; Mls Kthrla tort Minn Mabl Mile declared. that .. had, frr' '|Ufiitly ronferrwith MrHim lilt more at thl llinr lo .a) 00 itnd tflrgiaph line railroad

J terrific blow full In tip face "llcaedon't they are r.ot: the one. about trading: and (that hi.* air\ .* -- ..- "h.. .
treat auntie like that.'. serered m- 3.h. iul: lawrence. whose. horn. Inventm lit.t February aipHMint t te In Freight' Blockade Ended. <*nl.lnM ill.lrlbiiiln* .1! \ali rntr>*raUo wbrr ar.tori ;

the little girl:: an.i lh*> negr: turn- .. In Iximluu.' KngUnd. came acuter fIIINNstn wMrh hI' *".ntalne a !Is.r S Han Franrltco, Aug :::-- The frt-lxht Jnl wad tiM'.IU-lii". will O.. .

..( again to the child l'rttduetngcurie : the water 'flee -.....k'1 ago to pay a rl U. of ores. S tonlt. acrttrdlnK lo what lion "Ie,.."..l4In Oakland I I. ended and) .i. rnrthiiiakr .iiffr'rve4 latt.intr

ropo from his pocket h.. trl!.,1 l It to 1 I.er brother, whom she had Dot had toll' him HU Mal l Ic).... with the Homhern Pacific ..m....... have r.* .> illiplaflng e../mplary rar

:to throw I H over her head and upon "een for oiunt' v..ur.. Kim have" arnotintrd, to over '31.INnt, moved the .. ... putrloil
rtntiarg'j on the flue or .!.11rl. all.1 > .i. I. ... .......!__ ..t. ........
'emg un".rlll' in Ills aiiriiipi. aiicee ... A ngro answering. In many details -- ... .. of bulk "."chf t>_hl n'<>h.. .h.'__. sira .hlt *-...aM..l from th. '-'
< !"
aunt Thettr bruit who near. Quarantine Line Drawn. been .In rtLirn a for .w,.ral w*..>V. U I'Psi lr .have I he.n r."rnIURIC ruleherle.
ce rushed fn tier aunt's aid In I the I ly killed Ml*. Kihr| f.awrfnc r'rHght Mptnwnta .....
antir New 'Ibetla.! lm .lug. 22.' A quAantlneline r .In..n Han end usher rrlium at t'alperal.s. i
Sick of time and caught the. rop .... wounded her nine< alias Mabel laiwrenc 1'tanrl.te. ao'I nthrr .
T .tat.'nh' 1'a.ablant..
war au. -lay Ihrnwu alx.utIbf sty sod I Vlnailflmar. but Ih.ua.rs'y *>
her aunt' head and kept the brute .. wa* rapturv.l on low*>r !>--Mtur dlvirlct, 'unl.lna, .h! t quar** motliirf furl 1,. ahowltiK, Ihafuhsrf.. uf them tiavw .bens ''

from tightening It and I choking her *..ratNl'lt 3am. Tuesday by Om. blocks. lu which ttit' pstlent uffrrlnx are during an e....11. fI' tra<1.. TltrH"&Jlh.n on. ....1 .,........"1 d j....ll wills raplurily (111"f

Into uncon clou.ness. an he had plan errs Hannah and Jtuol. | and .Is now from yellow fever Ie! located. Ever: y .'...In./ sod ","1'" >V err 11\ ..,,1.' ut bur have tern pabtlrly' ehuti|

nil The neicro again tiirnsl ujwja ytekra' In a cell at pollc* head'iuartrrs. nmiM In the dUtri. handling' J jointly atral' teas: end ..
t baatrrn\ fiuulgatmj rah nut| this r. ."UulI ots tb.. of
>lab **, and after He had struck h..r When "caught th. negro wa. dodg. of Ihc ry| dally .pent .
Adflltlonal' ..loflu,. ramfrom she aulbtrttlea, .I. .'t.rt'Llrtg .alu.
everal terrible blown R Ing 'In and out .
her f
n fur -- among ..h.ba.I"w.. -
dew r>,tlran Tuesday and Ot* is.. rtrri 'psi I", 0"111'1.. who
21..JlIb the all1.' oho tell to the file clothing' was muddy and streak .aoc. err at "work In the nelghbu. r Vl'tagee Destroyed. by Fires." il'l'I II' "1'srt- are

round, crying out "1'01 l dead l '' of blood wets' upon{ him Ills far* hood of tit* qua'.h.I.1 i __Unll. 1't M1 Mt Johns t New llruiiaolch. Alls; 35K AM the. .)bllr belles)! |I. (Chll

Thlnklrg he had killed tier ho acaln"t'8.1 boreKits/ ; of having been cra clued (drat lrtf.n bas x/e'1.I tn J..n..r..t!*' ..r-t flea arw ra.lu. In rarhsr.parts nryperatlna. in the relief ...urk analho err },
the runt, who atr ,,, a* If by! briar. Tfee .
tIn f
was tory he cavof r an aI sulring luen ru acetate' lbw !-* > New IIrul...'"". an.t Qurtfff urtrrt-r: from 'h. .!"/Ua.t"r are .

a stnnn H comlltlon trom the flu i havlnc travrl-1 a l..ng way )l"nfn plc there I* ... t>4' t.r trinn the 1.. prtit>.<-.... A l'.nipb.ll.(u. n tl.. In repairing lh*> Uaniagml biilliflikg' ng4Cnt 1

bIQ'n. the rue--antlru ihr II't I- dad| >rn an adjoining' f.nnly rill I Iberia ran.. lie -11 i|| pn.bably>> '.hU 1 | I..t.b.r.. that thw vllla. .. of Ht amt| ib*> r''i-ari.i.* ..".I railway llnIt ....
4Clrl. with rraar'abl pre .tuTtnlnd -* of" further aroie the uffirwrs' e...,... dr t <*. ta/ In' Mk
u plcloa. f.her n.art y poin'0 C ..nn Q>IC .- and an u r>iM.rt...l 'bar she CblUxtn/. -

Jump+d) tip cad ran toV C and fie was hurried to th. station. !Is r.,*npl.*t. Tar pufk' .ftt I. ......t ..br rlllag.. "..''''. b.. beets prrrtMrhr .nwwslut., |...h..h..'. a hill .In c KOVrfi ,.nuri 1.
tys.rtaghe +
Hunter residence. the nearest place early nvtrnlng'; hours this to b. up la a d., .. two. ot-.I.. Th. .1..1.rs. 'u ... .r-VI/to i fur. Ih. million. of .i M
.or refujcetfe : .. nrgro look off tats shirt .which nape and tlu. l> I hada
-r .
wa In that. aisle lwnsrU o. In p.tprr ...i... The
lag that the little girt hat ..* bloody_ and washed II Wkn strip- Ity U a.ary. sad pro
!Ie .. .
still ,.< jest .I. pr"., .-. ill ... aatkteat brae
-eap.d and p+M a IMO 'later Trev". Orrr a We"'AIi. .
fearing *
capturw. the IWCro oa. At..a4etcLtl.ta: a leg n.*r nrre arc burning' At' 1n .
-faa from the *-'& '. .leaving hi. .tC"" was found la .tr bloody.I.. U high' New+ TolI. Anc. ;1 --Jaen. .. Martha "H lnM) ,rsl. and (:..ntpl..lf.tnwaNerw.iea nest farlhwr r.>.. .r.i UUin wrday. at there hort w.r. two ,

'flm tying'; cm the> grosad la an a rYn .ly nervous sad tells Vonfllrtlar/ taU. 70 years of age. a uillUI.. was .lttkrowca ---- Intervals
tb. heck ', at M.dlla. .". but the? 11' no' daa.....
; oetan condltJow .. rrpart.d a J fatally
tfce that -01.1.
as r uiX of his the polls. will *f Mr. Train "b..
dA .
'. blows.Aftbnacfi>> e.<,.U, haft the ne ro capture*! to old la tae Urr. rr.r room of lire "kin fla.' IS. C A
"' oc*> fr1cb''; t>*-i+ sal "l...s- tb. IA.,...... hncn for Ul...nrtaVaJloB i hltttglq'.aM.w the OW.l/ursecle eA .r Kraprew. of (*hl 1"4 which i. "'(-t f.r Aeslelasee.Ititfsrd .

'*.' tn[ from tr vmnm-t. little MaWt,/ ,.a en. tlto TvtMjay Th1r |>La>. .hiboPl.C sad Jam*. fuo.l.t.y. Ie yr oUI .4 la astir** Ht4y h.. 'IQ b ..r>l lh. .. 1a.. .'IIC. =1.- 1Irs. n.rttf".r.
oa watt) *b* .... kept. ejal4p -Iff JacawMi.!!).. rut. was sa r-a.t" O. bom of Mr .1A4"e It l. rnafn .b remalee It'll..r Admiral. Train ,H mist :24, waortf mlbl' tacit 'r.

.a4 Mr, Hosier nearby, and toM that e 'JIM'.I.11.. ,..no.. If !a' tae .*<.UUr. %V a ttan KllVirV_ 21AM. tM 1.'rllu..A //t.l.r asry _he, rJ..i. a. eotu <&.,.fe*..| fiom III ..'Ith, iliad" II ..

Y&.ai a er etory Mr .!a.r.f.. of IW fears a..nrt..r .la a TwV. .lilr4 (..... J'. .
hunter \mm 4l rr are l learned iy> +sJla. ';. t. n. ,. ,..... .cor_ 4-prai. ativmpi. in sad ..r I ill by

.'.ry left t eBMM*%. act went tn the It Ie .... f.*r.... hat the p...*U. s street .trrnltsr..t .t \. rfragiK.d wig bn.rftlat bf 1oa.Aama. _h..... ulr-.grtrr.. .'..lla., front tar, ru.n. aa.1 ,
I... tscea. of ti'. brutal attack w;+es IH tloei may tf stacked by a Ile. ............ of W..- hr1 ass ,1tIe eha. w.re 1.14 ass 'b. 1'ts/f." +t ,...._ .Art !eta ill el.ierc ront.>lnln' t? f> .rrlejnl .r W5-.

'r. ..tut .M ..r tlttl nlc sn-f 'rMlS tai vi (.....hk.' fu' &l1 ue ssive4 rnr 1 ."'" (1:0..., ,...... ....... Y,..... IWHI ..I tar The. .n..".,."... bnrlght her i0 .

:: ,341s. Ribel Loiwr *MetITt ttsaaaseM r.. haY Its Lake N.r.a, a w.4SMA. May A filer, .lta .A'HI! ta.. diet atif-et, s'...1 r+.4 Lw1+ .,1 awl mist fI,.M I". N. ;ftiri. S'

r but tk. siwgrw sal e trr-j*t+4 la auk- Onrott." MUh.< Amf. Jt Tae flulrtaa. ha. bewt h. '...g.S .. art ,.__. .,.. areo.rrsrlat ihr rya stets. .ltp -,.."' ..4 her "hrip' ,, anIselaab.srr

1? tax'; tl* ..cap">. kavlag fsiJe to ... ...... .
n &.C...... fr+ttbt.r Ws..ts.x>> 8a1t C.- ttM rocP'e1" '.I her UAttwrf.fu .I
COtDpta1a l. Ute object of hi. attacJHike t -
used ft -
by n..1aaJ
"S3a.gts vts+>< t3slt Tra.t! O-: ;.? JU.... oetk., f11.e 1.rg %ZFTtssw ..F b/1re..yr/1. lUt n .
o.s 01..10, aJJ: nf" was vrk la a satiates .. M !leer'. 7..s P :seer Ii.aL
w ..
4 .nw ,Irsu
'aa.e.. ; at l.n.- flue'. II.' a'e.ln .\ws 'rl I ((. s<.
lit : .flof' s. ass.au 'b".r.c.\ ,J.
hrtec .1.a fc-r. t ..... k ay.l..s- tr COfIkA ..,J.. M "r .1 '.hsstc Tls. U.Ie death: sal a.
;!.., Mrs., Lewt.3d* was ttsotS..! of c.. rota.. Astt. 14rttwcs4 .a Lass /lrr.p, 1a tare.:. ..4 was aeaq' 1stalyt. ra, fa:1 a tJoIoI 'n he .Cu"'.. S elect t./III rr ..1L1 .itlloi 1 a M
:attack lair. )lira. UW.f. &:..14. L5.we- 14 ....t.t.to yd Jut. ..srHMfswr .. s I: r "I ,....k. UC 1: d .t11.c rt.IIt", -sa Mr 1t.' .$' 1.11.4. __ Were rtew,. 'r "3t D
,** r.*v2t...... &:. ... ... aV4piMats .I)..r't' t'0..... $54 a fwr .we > the poll-c 4ra' -
t1I.4a2.'e .a. f+ ... ... ?Us* e.......,.. T'" trtttlltotr: .;....lN a+elySa'IiMt'rap asf ; ";:'t, .1 .. p. ape

::) .J' !fC ....... '. tI.f11M. .!K. rs'i'telis. tr ..-: r'r'r :... ; ber.,. sss t' f' 14..j "hr+W MF AItgftu at "2 ..O'r."' ... .1. ::1.0:. .sl. 'rii
t J.' .. ;- "' ', -..f' ,, 'tl t. 1 .
.. ,' .. :
>. .. .1..1.N .1.t


; :: 1



; Prominent Young Florida Attorney SORES AND

: Passed Away In New York.
See Us for Information has bn received in this

city'of the death of S. L. Patterson 01 UDUBLESO OFFEENSIVE-DAN EROUS

Unfortunate Predicament of Colored Miami,'which" occurred in New York on
Nothing is discouraging than to have. an unhealthy; sore or:
the morning of Tuesday, the 21 t inatDrceaved more
k Man From West End. all was the son-in-iaw' of Mr. ulcer resist one treatment after another, sometimes scabbing over and

apparently getting well, then returning with renewed energy and becoming:
and Mra J M. Barco of Odds, but for
TIED DOWN WITH ROPESIt worse than before. Sores and ulcers are not due to outside causes ; if they
resident of
many years were, salves plasters lotions etc., would cure them. They are kept up by a.
PLUMBiNGand About five yeare ago he married Mia diseased and polluted condition of the blood brought on by the absorption of

+ Wa Necessary to Securely Bind he Jessie Bar o who" with one child, a little refuse and wane matters of the body into this vital fluid. These acccumula-

Unfortunate Victim With Strong girl survive him, and to whom ..he.Jmpatll tions find their way into the blood usually'because of an inactive and sluggish

Cords to PreventHim Doing Bodily ,. of Gainesville friend i i. "s-, condition of the system. Nature intends that they shall be carried off

1 Harm to His Attendants. tended. through the usual channels of waste, but the different members failing to>

T % Tin Work I The remains will b.. tak..n'IQ }Miami perform their duties properly leave the matter to sour and ferment.' The-

i William Archer a Colored m\n who" where" the interment will be held' toe blood then in its effort to keep the system healthy absorbs these poisons and:

hat been employed by Dr. Williams at morrow.' at the first bruise cut or wound the sore i i. formed, and the constant

Komokn for th. peal few" week" went" Deceased was an attorney of high I drainage of foul matter through it keeps the place open and irritated
so it cannot heal. Another cause for old sores and ulcers is the pole
; suddenly inaaoe a day or two" ago, and attainment and ranked high in his I
luting weakening of the.blood from the re-
became violent. The eae wa" reported -
otuI'UK'KS: profeion. ____ ___ mains of some constitutional trouble or the-
to Juattce E. T. Henderion byChai.V. .
A S._ tm .'rUb..".. S.S.S. effects of a loqg{ spell of sickness. S. S. S.
s McQueen, when" Archer was taken :
The QIl.t'ltlon' of iiuu/ waif one wbkh begins at the fountainhead and drives! out all
tl into en tody and arraigned before Jut ARE was never tuvritloiifd lu Aunt Lucre poisonous matter and germs, and makes a last

lice E T. Henderson who" committed IU.HlTANII. tla'H |>rp 't.>u
him to the Oaineavllle. j jell, with" r.-c- purvntljr frunk *tnt<>mcnt of her own the influence of s. S. S. the inflammation

ommend'atlon that the unfortunate y.nrn. The llsteni-r., however never gradually leaves .the flesh takes on a healthy color, and soon the place is.

man be aent to the hotpital for the in' MORK failed to tiud on rctUctlon that there permanently healed. Book on sores and ulcers and any medical advice with-

i sane at Chattahooehee.Archer "L'.t HA>TEE>. Avoro certain ionntliiR links which out charge. THE SWIFT SPECIFIC CO., ATLANTA. GA.

J wa brought to this city byprivate wore missing from Aunt Ltiorotla

conveyance yeaterday Oonatable r-Lnlu of events."TLcro'i .
e nothing much foolUb
a. J. D Slfortl having him incthnrtto more FfdridaFemalemCollege
thnn for a woiniin to !IN. trying to conoeil -
; Th. torn bc"me ao violent "
: tier tiff?. Aunt I.ucnUIn was wont
that It became n.CI1l.ar ti a..our his to ..u,.. "'Now. anybody tliiit'H gut a --- -TALLAHASSHE-.

L limb with" rope, tu prevent him from Lead for figures can add up uoy age IT POSSESSESIdeal

g leaving. the .vehicle or doing. bodily quick tie a wink I H'xjMe.| Mo-it! O' the location IT EMBRACES!

f harm to tho'fI about him. BAIRDHardware folk In thus town could tell ye. I warrant Excellent equipment College of Liberal Arts

tt It ia said by thoae .uppo. d to. be In ; they've heard me give It out Well standard selected curriculum.faculty.Hpaciou School for Teachers.

a position to know" that the unfortoII. often c-iioiiKli. I wu married when I gymnaclnm.Heated School of 3Iu.ic. vocal and iDftra-
wan KertMiteeii. and after I'd been married mental including pip' -
.'. man la the enne William Archer Co. swimming pool.Twentyacre organ
live years we moved to Tennessee new"" instrument
for several month and CRinpuaHigh .
who to
up a
vhere three children School Industrial
my were moral environment. Art, inclod-
(Oar)e of weeka ajo: conducted a rest iKjru. nod when 'lIIluU\-thot' forty- Admirable college apirlt. ing Domestic Science arid Art.

) three making general repairing and '-- ----. .. -- two now-wn. ten we moved to Ml- Steam h..I. electric light. School Expression..
5 'pressing club on West Union trent. Hoiirl. Three yearn after that my buss
Archer disappeared from his place ofbuaine thrown" with a more splendid body of Iuilid had Ma lung trouble an' we carted Young ladle contemplating entering tbe Cotlere! tbls Fall should write at once for dorm
men, and. more high-toned and gentlemanly tory room. uiloo bexln W ... about two week, ego, and waaafterward out to Colorado. Stayed! there nveyearn Cktalotfue and detailed Information write to A. A. MLKFMi: k.r. Prefcldent.xaee. .
man Ih..11tr.. : Reynold I und then came on cant when his --- -- .
a.>en flourishing a pictnl In --
t have never met. While In our city he fattier tiled, and we've been here ever :.EDST.ABLUlElElD: : : .
a certain aeetlon of colored quarter.
and hi. leTAnt wife made for them since<< -twenty-four ).t'UI'8. You reckon
'T+ The weapon" was" taken away from him selves probably more friend than up what I told you aliotit William age

4 and then he appeared demented declaring were ever made by any couple under If you want to l>e sure I'm acerate. H.F.DUTTON&COOot

If he. could not have" a linn he That'll lx your quickest way aDd then .
similar clraom.tancc', and U wa" ,with
wound "take a broomstick and Mil you can figure on mine." _DEALERA tw_
that ----
profound regret we paw" them
'n"r er' In Oalneivllle" lie'
w very leave for other quarter, Many inducements Ire Liked Y.......

h and dliappeared had not been Immediately heard of alnoe afterward' "until were offeri-d in order to re- "When I was In the legislature. ," said Sea, IslaILd:: :: ;;o.n: .

lain them permanently.'A t'lulo. Hur"". "a 'loliliylHt for ft railroad
hi. arrival here" yetterday. .
to the Home Comfort. It need cafe to me nail wanted uiy vote for
The asylum ha been notified, and Commendation from me. A. all n certain ujeaxure. I dldu't like hilt Sea Island Cotton Seed, Bagging and Twine. Walrus

M an attendant I. expected from Chatta. "" .informed people know there It no scheme and told him no. He came Leather in Strips or Sides.
hooohec. In n day or two" its fiKulu'uud kinder hinted that there war
other range on earth. equal for
':040 in it for me. I trot wad Awl told
TO QO TO OCALA. anything like the prlo.lt cell for. No him to clear out. He cleared but before Manufacturers of the James Doig Improved English
man who own" one t ut I II proud of it.
r going he axked: \ Sea Island Cotton Gin. and Supplies for Same. I
Superintendent Reynold and Men Will and consider. that he cot a bargain ITicl Itiifu, what| color lo you

Make Headquarter There. when he bought it :Sincerely, Ilk,' Lest of nil?" GAINESVILLE FLORIDA. USA

"C A Hi i.LEY, Valler. and l 1M' turned to you for a -
4 r, The Wrniight Iron Kane Company "Secretary Hoard of Trade," l rllx-rt:' t aj'" I. -

ttt Bt Lorile. for whom A. O Reynold The above .letter I I. only one of many "Two w ,,'k. 'later the old wouinuwrote G. S. MERCHANT & CO.

I I. th. lvllnn| tirerinteiident, haveM similar recommendation which" have toe up n letter that men had ,

been working" In thi eptlon" making lxeu there ami |pniuttnI the limits, the Retailers and Jobbers In "
been given Mr. Reynolds, both *
) Oalnevllle headquarter"" for the pat lion,. tin elder! mill and. the fence n '

three month. They have. > aboil fln and for his ware. I"'11111 Ifill Caller and that without co't

to me. I had lust| read the letter vtlieu Staple and Fancy Groceries
( bed their lnl>or hem. and will leaveIn Why Fret and Worry tide rallnuiit feller i-oine+ around and
a ahort while for cU. ,
When your child ha a severe (cold a!ok.. It I riiiiMirt iN...tl| >ly nee my way .

'.e' The Wrought Iron Mange. Company Von need not fear pneumonia or other clear to fat urine. lit-. inen"iire. rain' Sardtn. Seed. and Farlillnrs.
tort well knnwn thmiiphont Florida "
are 'It'* a M.iineil fraud the ,'.'
pulmonary dieae. Keep *iipi,.lie to need an Introdnat'on.' 1-4..I11c"> It to 1 |In SOUTH SIDE SQUARE.
with Mallard'. tlorehound l Syrup. arm reply 1ntlien n in.m tinder I t GAINESVILLE. FLOKIDA-

c say* however, that the company manuf .. positive cure for act ore. the famous Home Comfort other rotor and puts| hl".elf out tu cite
cough and bronchitl' Mr. Hall l
range, and cell to the home direct. of Sioux .Fall. 8. U.. writes 'I have nap ,'ulh-r. and Unit yaller itaiitl out A Complete took ot Hay Corn Oate, Flour Bran Meal, Cotton Heed Mea
By mean of thorough system of oan HO plainly tint It ran. t.e seen from and Re. W" handle only the VERY BEST <
,, "a..lng by gentlemanly aaleamen, who" used your wonderful Itallard'* Harehound aiir part ur th.' .tmi..ty. why I run't EST PRICKS, and aaarantee aatlafaation alwaia

Syrup on my children for fiveyears cln le*.. Ulan: ol.lt| --ue him In return, nnd .
In Immense team traverse the country -- -- -- -- -
; It. remit have been wonderful you' inn count on my 'oh"Haiti.- -
"with telling for direct delivery .
"" Sold by \I'I Johnson tutor.tnrrlenn,
f they have been ''engaged In the I SOUTHERN RAILWAY
I ----- .
; State fur year, and ao satisfactory<< I
t Will Go to S.. Q.rt. Given Up to Die.
-- ---- -
and durable have been their until that --

t'Y all outom, without" exception" have Lieutenant J. U lOamling ha. gone H. >pK> -l. I rJd N. Virginia fit, s. U.-'l'be tolWwlntr s.hedute} figures are I'ubu..lle-d only IOforJDaU. and n. tee tiarasteed.

t ben well" ,1""fl1.1e| the various t.'I.m..nl.te tu Augustine.., where he I. in ctrrip Evansville Ind., write st "For over - .-
with" the Florida riff team which ha. five year I was troubled with kidney -
In the hand of Mr
Teti tw* l
I.\.T"41" BA'T o.\.3': KOHTM Apt wpr '
been aeleeted to get to Sea, dirt, N. J.. and bladder. affection" which caused --- -- - -- 110.131
will show In Instance the -------1-
many ; JreY.untllle I . 1I. -
4 !>o. Kit etas) 7 MSo. > '"on .
rang* have been In service from fifteen to partleipate, in the =National"' boot in me. much pain au,i worry. I beet flesh 1.v Je*..upI.T 11yrii; :YI ...K *n.So. .la J.p. so"' 0.1CJ'. NTSo ,lOikp1AO 1.lIr
early September. and was all rundown andla avonnah.. lir I !T>'U !%. Ar M.eooAtlanta. .
to eighteen year, and are yet do. year ago Ar t'fiiumMa .b: its sets)| an. Ar .. it?
excellent work. Lieutenant HUnding wa" selected had to abandon walk entirely. I had Ar Charlotte .. 1>.d,. Ityllurep! ...,.. Ar Home. .. ..iu.Hr No K seer 7 >.
laic 3f
Ar S. HyIIIS..ISItI.! A. aJUMi .
from the Hlate Troop a. one of tlie three of the test nyician who did .. r,,. ttrHo. .Loa
The team working" under Mr. Key n ll'e r+ tu. Ar Chaltaaoutf .... .. .. HTW ._
nold. like the manager. himself, are> mat raters .hol*. which I I. nut only a me no good and I wa practically givenup A'-Kirrunoixl -.. -.- :H-.t' \ t Ar'Le.I.oD. .. ...... A 1. a xy'
--- -- .
bM compliment to that ottlfer. but a com to die .'01..,'* Kidney Cure wa Ar Lrberitmrtf<<: 5!..,,:'MT .,la- ) -.l'p 4tla- D-- :_ _-Vi.* C.C _T.sip
prfeot tr..ntltll1.n-.n..d and C""n.el." i Ar e'bsrkOIeeI2. HO. K .oral! e itnHo > ." i .. .. U A IJLJfcrf '
plunent In (1alneville well It recommended and the tint bottle Ar W..ii.pftun : : _ArCbIM __ Ir.
a K* Slim S5ii. ? I
t gave
rations. which" I II the the com- Kmjrl *
type .
Ar lla,............ . .. f It 1C'II ati,Map I.. "'_11111..1. ..- .
pan, will" employ They have ntade goe without saying that ho will do his me great relief and after taking the Ar \\.a {'tiUadAr ..lrbl... .1.'. H P.* I 4M SJb* Ar. ('hieee. ... .. !pa'"..1"l.ia.t._' lIw.p;

many friend' throughout this terrltory. part in making honor and record for second bottle 1 was entirely cured" :New Yf.c_*._ H K 4 IS|> ear: L.lleeiaaeiI.. .:. .:-- -CT. H.A U sap lINftM '
---- --- ---- --- Ar (:has..o .
-- ---- .
the J. \\ -
with the result that they have lean McCollunj A Co. Menem 7ru
--L- 1..r..H TNL..t.orvtsa.rv' ''iol,.il:;"t--'IIUU .:'.":. U eVe
enjoyed a tine t..I...*. Don't Grumble --- -- -- -- AlP .. Hyr P._,! ,..
.. L" .J_ ...>e.W.. So.. 'h tYp I -\r Tolr.u, . .. ?. .. a
Trte 'ullo"lnecleu..r of Rev C A Itt.ld Its. lint. a tl*r ll.l.. I. ... I I .. ....., 79i.I
<* !
\\hen your Joint ache and you *uTerfrom ( She I"i..1 T.HI \*'r 14'1' to figure outlitw I A'.CA..b. ... .u a HI Ht It...as.. Lw ",_...... ....., .....' assn j
%d l.paetnrof the first Itaptitt Churchof ArC; ..1tI...! .
A.M.IUw .tereerier II.eA.Ar
rhenmaii' Bur bottle t..u.l Hr 1 MT.!
a ofiteltanl' nuiijr in n ear )un r iul buy :
I.tve' Oak, and secretary at the Life I Hot >>i>na.'. V: CAr :: Hr 55p I.. I. *ta.-UMi a._ R. .....,
$nuw I.lninieui and Ret: In. with die. i.t"itv> y..n throw away. on KiMiivtUe "4 Ih s A" LuulvUI .. ..... so, KT lorso. I,
'x Oak Ki>ar l of Trade, will how the .taut relief V positive cure for rhen C'aI"! 1 He :>ur'" I bate. il.-ir I Ar .L.wuet. ..... HO. UT I II...sl I V.. ..t Ia. .. . Kf tits

.tem In which )Ir. Reynolds and hi. matiam. burn, cut, contracted mu. rout' ..", ah-Mit hf\ ', f.'r' myself hut Ar.,. n.t..t...n.oe.., V Ho a K C?+! II.. Its I 1t. I. A'...r 5Nneta.bset.Anuat..e. .... .._ ._".HoKr NKy -... .

a.*oclate. are held *tu Suwanneecounty ole. chvst.tof only" at..Mit t br.--. fnr you-\ooker: Ar V..plw ../71..,,,.Iietp -
*>! r I Tprominent l'ocy. s tat'
a State.oaat* I I Excellent mloc Car rervice on All A, K...-.. city r.,,,.,,' s "
merchant at W.ilowTaia I'.n'. .... ... ...
Live' Oak Hoard) iif fra.le. I I.I.Ive Ok.ria -- Through Tralr. i x p.
!'>. ..
*ajr that he ttnd ltalbrJ', ........a,.. __ t : ,
May 1. I lv.t
>now Liniment the l>*>., all-roand "t\'hy ,10 girls .' Sf' A' Y.r Ytee ..
"To Whom It May Concern I .. 01\411\ .n .Cf'nt1trlll. .. a 1 ilxtd.l:.1-" tI-ItJ' i'nnn.a tirawltir KcM_ "........ c.
: liniment h ever used :"'c d t>yV. ._r""stn ten Tsml .M J..a.on.wo a.. Yew' V__. ,

t Hath at pe.lort the First lt.i>t>*t M Johnon. lit. ..rr>.> pet.pl.: tbdlt a "per'ww, JaesS.wo r-ra;; le.sa:4y'-:; .sew, Lain.la., Car+da.Lwlyd." Dane PJumaa: 1..ar.:4 R.em "h.rI; twr c.... "."

Church and secretary of the Itoard "r :.w a-e a rti: .... br...... ...... .
Seaboard Parlor C.r.. tl- a trine "..**_... hi. Cnsrrtbey: Weal... Aea..1.. Not a Itae..W..d H.fet Wr.otas Car bet si' J&.iralle., li.adeq.
Trade of this city. It git e* m. very w.n.'t forvt: lbrv'r. rtacacv
treat i,l.asur.loc.instu.nd Mr' A C) The. Seaboard Air Lat>_ operate buffet werItlut.. 11ws.. .... n..Ji.ss '_. J_a_. ::. a. ALI_,.. c.n""ap...__. aw C_'aetane Aa:
"" -. ; .
h Key nold* trod his admirable ody of parlor. car ***,..*.. Wa!lo at>d ts+r. _. car; .1-. w t.iwede !.tag., t'iia. .t. IarwJagb.m. ).......... saw, .

who the Tamp on train leavioc Vaklo" thai out vatu ,*. check .. I -- --
men rpreitt Wrought Iron .n'I'; Itupa *. -- .
Kapge Company and sell| the Horn Ualae fIOl1a.e1.eith' .vUU. the moraine tram front keep r'*.>nf.. t," it. own ."Hitn>l 1 JA" t"saNAiuc, tat ri.t r...-.Mer.Aa eai, lee We seal; in,.Ja *_.T3.."... .;.

+. Comfort r.ur.. They were quartered 1IsMt. %1n'I\ a. H. HAfcftWTCK. f. T. W w. H. Tlo "VLOC.C.r.: A. uR'xacsMOMIAN"' A, U. T A.

I I. our city for ....r.1 month, and I .

;4, wunhipp..I for the most tart at ray Hew ..UI jour eeW 1'. roaightP Q'one ,I
y church. I\our Cold >.l.ly.. od orro.flor. 1 TAe .I JOB PRINTINGfco <
Not all travvline compaalea' or In. ;: ttoelrre b .. eollaic ali'out.outaye a.arts,

1 dividual atlrud rvdclou servk.* reg. p Ib a "' ."'N wa.Jc", wlb A,.....'.
b\&tlt 1 a ny Pt- ularly heyn.lds hia. body vt> bv Mean dot.fat*. At all I
h f salesmen about .It. Ask him if be hat a.tbinj better for Sec.. Order: to
*> are r.trv.bl.g> es.e|>tiet>*. coucha and Tb a
Ja all my ubservatioa. I have eel t*.. follow bia .ltta.. whatever It It. CTTrtT..L** ::' MI y." r vrw.*' C."J f j- <:;- I

tl t THE SUN JOB OFFICE I Ia t ', ;' :'{l

'. .J., ."It."I": -;' !i'- : -"Wi :-; .... "'; ;:w. '" .:... ..:::::>... "
..... .... .. _. '". __... '"" 'fk.1 ,:. .. .' S i r '
: .. -.. .. ; :
.:.0",. --...,..11.t; ;; .lt1r'... :'J: .. --:,.:.........,,__t:::,. ,; -oJ"; '(' r _'" .." .

THE DAILY SUN: GtrNE VLT1E FLORIDtlTGUST- 28,190(5. (; 3 -' tI*

-- --

I I :0 "F
Movement Seems to Have Become Alligator Captured. Sku Prospects

WILL HAVE IT OUT Lively in Western Section. Good For Orange Crop.
While the bMildJnt; t ., iclnut theCitv \"inh..r.u..:. 2;: Major: C. Dunn I

eor.timiK: 1'rely, u tpi..are| ( that. lit* a little grandson at his home. lit< '

Annual Game"iU ba Pulled Off th,,- set-foil of the) city \\.J (,fV.t I i i. etui 1.' be M Very lively young HI:"'i n

Today for Deserv.u; Cause. F ,," >I>. n t.fr e' !s -)'w enjox it>I.. h..ft" Hint fiirni-'if-, 'lots. of di\er loll to the ,' ONE CARLOAD SUITS

I :'CL CI'EAM fret rtt.J t.lr.t tmportikn: i>".... Many 1J'r& .4; _

EXPECTEDc,1. new hnme. have bee'1 "' mipleteil in K. J lleckham ict"tly had a family'!
BIG CROWD is i ches rn.rac*> "bat' U? nat 1s'" all It costs I
'w n w btu l:.aUo wiUl I that section during: r',.. pant eight reunion. It was a very enjoyable ccCMsiun. +| ONE CARLOAD DRESSERSONE

t. The Line-Up is Away Above the Av Jeilce Powder 'I nivntTs. and many h""tl'1\, \'' tines are These home-corniogs are al.1|

now In course of e.re..r. Amurg ways. bright spots to look hack to in
,;. erageand those Who Attend Will Not saj It f**N rt..1e and tm.en In 10 mlnnt.
Many; y trroni. ::t i.f o... p,.t ki'c.imo a I'I these is the elegant I nor of linn.i after years

: Only Help a Deserving Fund But Are quai Iti t>r I f iiMiUi.a1lt.u.lfr.!; y Inc.cl'._..>.\nnwlt.L.I.t.mitfar:: or H..:..:unni(to> i Frank Clark, Con r.'III'11 from the Mrs. :Mnuti' Kir); and her brother" I CARLOAD IRON BFDS

''- Assured of a Most Enjoyable Time. a'I I. i* cvt. .j n._.: .t ;. "k a atnt ml lit, WIV Secord D'';..trlc' en Newt Liberty I Ii I :Master. D.1 Pun Ho-hnn..sh.: left lust
taulyd La tl' aud..rore.l' by .
e.< 1'1\1'
>. F oil *'.>miu'.t..twnrr Ftve" kil'..... i .u....,. It Is und..r..t".1| that thihome ,I Meek In spend sometime with" relatives
The Fats and the Leans, two crack 1'hn.r.:ntn,1'.a a.., Lcuiun f>tra...bfrrv .... baseball teams which have been "pick- L:I.tlnvur.rL 1 I will cost when completed. aboutftJ.OOO. ,I I In (ieorg'aI : That's what we have com
If Law It.end hi end4'e. and will: be a criJu to the \ :
T'WT crorer *name own. i aru pttn-tvl to rrport. that Mr. "
ed up" from the rank of the businessand .. I We secured because
to u for twn p.nk>c< I Uu i-U I: ing. prices
unit. the i alike, .
l( >cl Hook At.ltr.t Fr... er city and :MrsYilroti.. who have been
.. professional men and others about | I
the city, will have their day this af The :.f fe Fvrc Fe.4 C.-. Lt..,. N. T. I I The residences being '>rei'tt d by Lee : pending some tim. at tlreen Cote of this quantity, and

Graham and Evans lUile nit West Springs, lisvtt returned home.Messrs. .
ternoon when the annual contest, I au investigation will bare
III promjiet -______u__ __ _.. ______ __ Court and West Orar it> .streets, re* Snowtleii. .\aL ,,". and Thomas (
which to be quite .exciting clai"m
will be pulled off at thball park the being benefited by the exhilarating ,ppetl."I,. are rapid' I Hearing/ completion 1 have been experimenting with out our that we can

game being called at 3:30 o'clock.- mountain breeies! of North Carolina. while many rut tler but mod short cotton this year They have and do sell everything in .
ern cottages are going <.p\ Hur hooking 1
pntches hrsvsItladen
Manager O'Neill, who seems to have \\". Y..Cpcuarch C. A. Adam andT. very House Furnishings ten to
--- ---- .
with %bolls of glKikiitia else w high
the matter In charge, U very enthusiastic C. Shaw of Jacksonville formed a Dr. Carlisle
are now beginning": tti open very rapiil-, Twenty Per Cent Cheaper""
over the outcome of this game Jolly trio of visitors& to Gainesville
Judge J. A. Carlisle of this city m I ly. It look as though their experiment '
which will be than else.
the finest and most intricate yesterday. I' any one
Tuesday night received n telegram to I. going to turn out to be 1p"
seen in Florida the present G. S. Chamberlain of Tacoma one the effect that his eldest brother, l Hr. profitable one" for them.Oraiii I

season. Manager O'Neill withes it of the oldest and most widely known R. C. Carlisle wa in a dying conililtinn e treee. are looking well arntllnlhare

plainly understood however that citizens "f that .section was trailing/: in at his home in Newberry.. N. C and "'iret'nr l bids fair to Itaveiiite ItrfrlirerMtiir at n...l thl Meekt '
r every player will be a "home boy," the city yesterday.J .
Dr. Carlisle is about .
seventy-six! | ait nrange crop this fall II I
and that no "draft" ha been made stick, .,.
S. Good and W. P. Moseley are years ofag., and has been prominentin W II. R} lee recently picket over I

from any league team oot'lde. spending a few days in Tampa. During South Carolina hi.* native State, I six bushels of grapes: from a single |
A deal of interest .
great i. being
his absence, Mrs. Matlie Itrovrne fur many years He wn. a surgeon in scoppertutnK grape vine. U ho WHSthat .
manifested in this event for two rea 0 A I NESYI I LlE fy
has charge Mr. Moseley' t.Huin.- the Seventh South Carolina Infantry alto said grapes won't grow Ins If _
sons. First, the proceed will go for
A. (i. Reynolds, division superintendent during\ .. Civil War .nod served the Florida! u a u t
the benefit of the fund FURNITURE
cemetery ,
? of the Wrought Iron Range Company Confederate army with marked Hit.oiency. Mr. Ityje has. found a new friend fit J u ti iu %, ,
which is badly in need and second because write i '
tit. Louis, left yesterday fur Since the climf. of that greatconHift the form of an alligator There i N a. COMP'NYJ
of the excitement and fine us ...
playing .___.. '
Ocala, where h" will arrange to make ,. he has bfen a prominent physician small pot'd in his. field. In which n little -
which U aatared. The admission
'. headquarters for the next three in Newbvrry, and for..o'iie years 'KMtor: bits ias.eii up/ his at>o.le for KOIIIM.
will be for adults
twenty-fir cents
months. His canvassers. will remain has. been a capitalist time. Ir-| t. This lilll. nituriMii is only I
and fifteen cents for children. It is I
here for several days yet. They are The friends of Judge.:; Carlisle in this about twtiMlitla. half feet lo"K hull.
to be hoped that a large crowd will
,. turn nut to witness the game, thus ,all gentlemanly fellows, and during city and county will .> "'I."tlli'| | e with" lrt.ThU.J. niitht he o.ilthl; a lillluri'w I K Fl F SIMONS I I

their. slay' here for the past' three him in the misfortune of his.. brothrr'ecritical 'u skunk" dragged it into the pond | n
encouraging the players and assisting I' : \l.\U IN
',' months hay. conducted themselves In illness i Mlid. .. ...wll..1 u Tht u after .It"IIIII6I: |
financially a deserving cause. '
such a 'ma' '>iner a* to mate many it ripen In. tht> s'rII r.or ".r.... nr four
The following is the line-up of ,lit'r"'rectl..e The Experimental Perm Fresh Saltwater Fish
friends "who will not start forget them. I days h. >levtiort i| II.'I'h... inference. Isj
tennis, and thinalnne shouldbe I .
The experimental 'far"I of the University j '-laurt- 'liititir.. Ices pole osl.
an inducement to ttio. who want
MAKING FINE PHOQR&SS. of I Florida, tinting:; bt>eu cleitrt-il !J Mr.I Tonxlx' "". N very I.rntuis'nit b
to nee something out of the nulinary of slumps' i I. HOW being fenpoit, and !
-- -- : l l.o.l.1hltUU.ty, .llhoiititi tin a itllp
in banall-something whi"h they willremember Gainesville and Gulf Has NearlTwo will h. thoroughly.: turned' artd ready I were only art out mat tell Pm: will have

a long time, nn.i somethingwhich Hundred Men at Grading; Work.Robert I' for use when the Uiiitcrsiiy, KpensTh .several lice pine. this year, vome, tit' I I Ot
they can relate In their children .. .
which large i is aid
tract i a one,
Kills: member thtMit .
grandchildren, a of the civil the plumhaviiiK' fruit on nearlygfnwii
anrj with
pride : .
engineer's department Gainesville and I to tie quit.) diverailteii ;1' lit the tidapt now
F.ttll-I4. ( Lynch r. f. ; L. J. Uurk- --- ----
of the soil| suit will
Gulf railroad, under charge of A W\ I atiility prutishly I
him 3l>. ; J O Harrold. o. f. ; John teaeh, him- i Chap Mutes to Nttw York
Taylor, tins arrived In the i a great many III nKriiMil-
Curlislf.. ; "'. Merchant tb ; I). B. : Fairfield will city from t.ar. in ail esperlilientitl' way i, On arfoijni. tif the reception In lion ,,1111, OYSTERS
and here
Morris. p, i U*. S. :McDnwall. s. s ; y. : few. days.He ,. remain for a 1 Win J Itryau upon hit I return to (eln Veer of .Fufiiiiurx Couipsiiy ) 1

DaTitf.l f ; 11. K:, Taylor -'I.! ; Jtweph i I Epworth League:; Social : .\iiieriee. the :4..h'.l\r,1. l .\ Ir Lint will .
report. excellent prrures& in itllNKHVII.I.K.I = .: : FI.OU1DA. ) ;
A Kltfl, substituteLeans grading the Gainesville The. E.norte:| L< ntrtiw slid! ili.-irfrifixl | rill|| iu>k.>>t* fritiit Oaine.ville to New
on Gulf
-John Beagle.. Ib. : E. A. from Fairfield and .. through. the hospitality' of Mrs.D. j York and.! return (tell rail. ) tl t&J; ; JVAticket I 'am now 'Ir..t.> ar>>., to KH'onimrKlatett
O'Neill. ::b. ; Will McKiustry Sb. ; nuth. states that a Ifitilf. with. It.e. I...! the. nisrkltalTutil
1'1' Di>.ii. Fast Hilll..iU.i will en on eels .'.itgu.t 2H abet :Vt: >, < r
force f about loo'
Gardner. I f. ; R. J. Holly, r ; R. M. i men are rarsg..d.Another '* II In this line rtunie 510.
:N'eiw % .irk fMIIIIl.
'! force of jay a 't..1| thi eveiiing All I.** :II""i <* lth 'IHlll' leHVMlrf ?y.
Tt-tcM.c ; J A. < "odwin. e. f. ; Dr. J. nearly a hundred I.I I. and their friend are Inviimt All l. Aun :aO.n. SfpiiMiilier" I .N"1. further
M U..I1. .. s ; B. .'. :Miller r. f. ; Dr. 'grading fr"m Crystal. Ulcer ,.or.h. and young' ladies are 'I'I..t.'I| | i 11 bring a .I pnrtictiUr, apply" .u""K: It' (tohti.. aiieni THE DAILY SUN. lOc A WEEK r,
Gordon B. Tison and A.V.. Bargent, ; will join the .Falrrleld team IMIS ur Inuari 11..1 I until mach I1.t./ l L depot. .

... ; .. .
.ah.ti".I. I --- -- -- --- -

The Fats' it has been said are already <

kicking" on the Leans having two j

substitutes. while the .Fete hare only .

01"-" Hut Manager O'Neill who Is 11'E'LIKE: : ATil.KUKV \IH/\ ,.... Our Wltnlffw. f..rnhaU trrly:

plajinc on the l Lean team and managing -
\ In r
the ..a"i,. says one fat man I Is HYDE'S
equal to tan lesti oars, hence. he ismerely : .IIALIMIOLIHA1. IlE1U1, .'rt/.111:11t: .IIUI/11. .1

making rhanicc This little 1

misuniJerslsttdinK will tent interfere .

with the lIm", however as the

matter will be amicably settled Ie> ;'

diamnnd.fore the contest

The merchants hive generously ,

decided. to clue! their stores this afternoon i

in order. to permit the employes'

to attend the game. J FRIDAY SATURDAY
Kemember. the. game Is for the ,

benefit of the cemetery association.It w .

will be called at Si3O o'clock, and {I. .

the admission will bo 25 and 15 cents. \\ ., offer you values in gxltl cl *nti ultrt.JuarIlU"+l, at Iiric.'t1 that you t' ui't' h'lp l| l ut appn'tiut j that lit,)- j

art real IJarg'uin.i. _
W 1.e reali/.e thnt the Fall reafon" i in ;almoHt htT- anti wn inunt.." t !'If'' in s-hajH* to ,MT.iv.t th.- uw O.HM! ; already

CONDENSED I theu rt arriving.VvV .

Hague Strickland of litfru' was intiHt niak* a festrenuotiH fd'| Min.llnl. Tip* .pri<-.'> \v qiiotM <>/n gIeit
tarditg In the city ,..'.rda,. do it t'

L C. Bell of Doltoo was a business :>Uf 11'IIICIa1ltIIt: > { : HI.i.on 4>i I' T.tk.i' : 'ill" I.

visitor to Gainesville yesterday.

George P Morris lias gone to Jacksonville lOc India Lanon. . . 5c EXTRA SPECIAL SHIRTWAIST SALE fl.OO Black Tatftta77c: -
: on an Important t>a inese stir 20c White Swiss . 12c $1.26 DUck: TateU! .89:

\V. A. McLenna of WaUo was 25c White Swiu . ISc: Tour choice of any f 1.5O SbirUWaut . BOc
transa tin<< bu.lnI.In this city yesjterday

t 25c Fancy White Goods . 19c Your choice of any f 2.0O Shirt-Waiit . $1.10
Sea fire t new Black Lace; and
Friends of Sheriff t. W Fennel! 12c Dimities and p-.IPOO.e I Your choice of any $2.25 Shirt W al.t . . f 1.40
that .he is ,iodispos-' sauce I tae at 35 and 5Oc pair.
will regret to learn n.: : : -.I
lOc U"UIIJ.auu Nainookj. 71 e Your choice of any I 2.50 Shirt.-W.1t. . . f 1.00
.4 at bis home.
, lOe figured Lawns . ..5c Your choice of any S3.00-f3.6O( : Sfcurt-WaUt . . 1.08 Great value iu Ladies' HOMO at
C. )C. Coaaer of Lake City was

.anuMUf. thos* who registered at the 15c Fignnd Lawns . lOc Yoar choice of any..$400 Shirt-Waist . f 2.0ttA Be, lOc, 25c pair.

Brown house yesterday. 2Oc. Fiffnrod Lawns . 12tc&

13 yards Loosdals BUach'&r 1.00
t ..... J.... DmavpUr of High Hpriags Yew1k11.... Uses sad I...... II.a4. Halrt' U (!... t> liskk{
20 yards Fin 7.8 Bloriiiac fl.OO Lilt Arrivals I I I In I" II'
bas r.tara sU tohrho..a..aftr a ..I.' ..* I-
lib) ftkaru 5. H I fit ltisChmbry !ftkiruWl.lt teue
' sot visit to ,,....,. .in tab city. 16 yards Tint .-4 BUarhing II.00
t 11.(1" Nk.r".. "..1n.y, JUu. '..1... ltk/rt.' '$1.Ia 5Oc35c
20 Fine Sea Island Brown BtltsBir 10 to
La.,.... Caassls. formerly' of thiseoeay yards P... L/aL ... ""''r .$. a W Ut ..,. 9klu. "S..

bat now reaxllaa at Ar,*4l.. Moo for. . . .Sl.OO < Oil L'..a :nalris .:.N All .... "11'1. r.J.1.. to ".08

a visit to relatives sad lr..-ds 'in this


W. E. Dew has ....ro.
buts sfhers he ..... a brief tot THE G W. HYDE

=. I visit to *>la frta. .I.... r r' COMPANY

1ns..r Arrs doo4a we..tsada :
tag H to ... 'eiry >,....... : X.._ m PIII NI TIN .B0C9MMMS wit JMI nM '....I.. i t Fist t!, iM '

r ,,BevtlJa b trtitl. ..sjlijtLR. ...... asd,
-.. ... .. .I,.
ft. .... : !'fir....
? .
...t'..,.......e-..Jf..(.-.. .... .t-.II, .1I..t\. ; J Lg4 5.LthiL

KwaaEi1.JBBW4, *4tfW' \-+ *wr-- MTBE T


l. ."

O' 'f: ,', UAIL.... PRICE OF FARM PRODUCTS There .. no dowbt 'boat. GovernorBrownrd "

; FALLING. "lac posted oa tee draleare THEBaREAKER'S'THE
.i qaeiicn from hi* ow. ataadpoiat.' Bat

The former who votes the H.pab-|eappoe it Im %..*tbie to drain theI

s. .&sae Paw Odt.at 6afse.G..ri. liean ticket: i. eertt blBK ktt* bead aDdUai.UD ,I E..nrladb.., i. the e la ..the deal ho el for-ewmmer tour*.*.. Situate-fl upon a high Muff overlooking;
_.' 1I'.1IMn a&Mt' seriously that aooiethiac" M i lit? E..iaJf7becI tee land .
It combine
1 itoe ocean,and leee than two hundred feet from..* rolling tart
-DZ with the protective tariff. Befiad li&i&aliGa.aad the railroad may get it the be..gt..t an ocean voyage. with the pem*.tre*, of ft ahore re* r*. Tb vmocnear

1 J.D. McCBKABT: ..* .llhar sea PtDtirer. the price of wheat ia the Cbeaco (- after we drain .it. Beeidca. the pro- large all oeteide.e. aaite and single with baths. wad .thoroojctelyereewed -

-- market has talks 12 eras a : pored e->ntitotlooal amendment win Tta.diaiag-.oom i* ON the oe** sale and one of them. **.attractive
JESSE:K.mritTZOtr mow. I of the boief. Eieeu'Mt eervieeand immediate eoa-
room lightingtelephone
Y bo,bel i. I... than six week; he. also I BeeM'Bi with an ap-t date Ii.,ry.Bo L
TV M. FUKVri'JT...." SBC*' .Cownatfag Ilanaa i! find the pr ee of enttoo. eora tad ot right to dee'are. any veetioo of the will meet all train .

| falliar. and that all he boy stall eoo tate a drainajtedtir and: tax laad I.I.I I. additio to THe Breaker it ba. been possible to add the oe of the

iy OFFKB PottTEk-1LDCZ. I f 11.0_ at too pr'e .. H. has been |'own-r* ten. ee.la an a-re to do the C1a M_ bath ao o... bowling; alley! pool i 'bte*. dancing pavilion and the

..w.Stem aMret. .. Tu.ar.__ott I'told the I epobHcaa leader and the work fa moo*Clarendon fWfaiog pier. The table will.maintain the high! standard ,to
by .
which Mr. Hoik pl. le* Mmvelf. wherever anme the management.
Tea X&.II.Y fIC"'II.' poMiabrd ...r'7-. .e asz that proteetoo -
RepoblJean newspaper _rkahle healtbfnlnre for children/ a well
The rm rrrot' for *. especially .
sop*ainiBiay.dclitind by >*ii i* the salvation o" thefarmer.. I "PAl.d..alb enter with impartial established feature.Tte .

'.lees..fled.he"lo asy a Tear..n"; taste tfc.*.t
1.o.tb.a to n.CII I p a.e weekr .riclJy A for hie product* and kep; up price. palace of the rich ** Likewise the Internal For rails and mervaikma apply to BEET J. BOLT, Seabrrexe, Fla.Florida .

-..--. I sod therefor pt*
... i the farmer. well a* the protected I II ,certain a. death make* his demand
4 .i .10
t leadIat.otiee.i.twleuirnst: ; : c* a*
I tru.f.. A* Inns as the wheat n'p: I on the rich and lb. our. Boa
+r torfftt iawcrtioat.and; wt for erne*addiltooml "THE ALACHUA COUNTY ABSTRACT CO. Inc.
ta.n-tJae. !1 wa only a taadersielj; good one In the be come in cueb a way that he fc* netreeotaiz ,

< .....for d..pla7 ....ft'rt..k. 3>__o. I United 5'.whb tort eror -d and not one tim In EST BLlSIIED l.The .....

h- .p_..,. ,,'brod. protert3o.i.m.eemed to wore very million doe the man who bear I
' qu..lloa
TlwTwb"k ...*:. riPI pate. lortT.eds. toot a. the *taa>d>tattars said it wool!. the burden of the tax know when be Renders reliable aerYie4Pi of every lIOn along lie line of

paps. psbli.kad CYn7S.a7' ...dTba.iMy Rot now force a bumper crop of i I. paying It.Prnideat. of Title the LaDd TI,'". ia the. State of Florida particularly

a.d __tan. aU Ifc* .tw, of t wh_t. w!izhiojr nver ft) pound to the Alaehoa. coon;,'.
...t tew.1..a4 ,3Mited. 1Ioc I II" eoeeid- --- -- ---
-k. local eau w for
b t.be1. sod rood pro.p.ets crop Bonaevelt i is a partisan
po-Ugg tree, to a.7 rt of tfc L sited SPECIALTIES: .a.lrada-et TlUn; Tax Sale !Wan.raoD -.;
:: : f fAD abroad, and down eo pea the price to Crt last aM all the time and there
... .. for
r Male.or C '! .for f u'.o. > -t B fi I .a..b fir A...Rrs Beat Land Owners; Plats .r C..stiea
i.be etpott t.**>.-thai i*. the price tbe i sic a.ond.m..y Repablicaa R pr":1

a .d-stti.i.t tin lxa..e doc alto lint'ppearasceaf Liverpool m..k.a.h.._ all other tative and! g..atonbo are trying to: the ID _Ior.T.. Efr.R.fer.nee.s. ..

: .4vgtt.eme.t. ruler a 1Icrw_ eowntrte compete. I I. willing to pay- I make the voter" believe that the hap- -- -- -
_>p.'.ttit !. .onset. hraM. r4 k. 10 ace First Sational Bank 01 Gaia.'UI. H. F.
sill beteq.hd 10 pal' k rl.eni..a. i.ad-; and the b attfal theory of proteetKMii I pine. of Mr. Roosevelt depend on ].
Dnnnn A Co. Banlr..
igce.! Addrer. THEE lI"'u.yC! it fo-ic.d Jaekioe, The farmer I their re-election. whom be had Jon a* .

. GW UI- LL..1.a. find the nand oa wheat of 25 rent a rooa>> see defeated' if enoqgh other* .'I II

----- .-- .. bohel i* a .h'la.ion and a *aar.. for of I were elected! to make a Republican

DEMOCRATIC NOMINEES. !eoore no wheat i i. irnport ___ _____ __ __ .
r*.e more than eara S>* eonaamed here East Coast Railway.

j rat McK.b ofFK.AXK ..... s7 C_n....bo.altAprie4 and tare to hoot a foreign market for The Democratic Congressional Committee

the orpl..... claim m eineh on 37 Congreiooal *- **

; CLARK of C41iua\tI II will. be rather awkward for !Speak dbtriete cow represented by Re- Local Time Card No. 66 la Effect April 16 **.

Kor Jvvtic of the p.".pr Lea rtXEWTOX .r r.nnon..nd the ether Repablieaopeaker publicans. with mere tbaa even chance -

CU A L B. PA IU(!ILL,ot r.--.W. .. in the campaign t.> elect aCor&rr.s In the other 20 district neeearytor SOC7ri-Btv:'D-READ DOWN NOtrTB-BOUHD-ftEAD' UF.
JAI Y.U. WIIJT11EW or L Y to explain to the farmer obtain a majority' In the next Con

a.tro.cl Caawirsnertr how the tariff protect them when gres.. It i* to b- hoped that the -.alt 's.. .Ap2a 8T TI0"" ': .. 7t, s.Da11a.1t

A BUTCH" el L* F- !i they bare to ell in the cheapest market tatician of the committee baa correctly *

K. HCtON-JB BK of D wt.. and boy ia the dearest Theret sited- theaitaatton, dt.m t SOU* IA J.ekmav113. Alf T T'pm tau
op .wepm .3.m L..oUl'.caao.- tv 71Tpm a4ama'
Ftor Star A twaey *tk] Cares j t'.hoali be no oeh trouble in ...plaiDlac i I ;... 10 aaam + a. An.a.t'-_ c ipm T 4..m .
tm II 1Wa .1lwiottt. a lot
J. >C KIVCR i! all the ha io'ereaaedon
why farmer bay -
5 !!i!_ 11 &Tam Ean J-alalka a m aa
It rather anrraeioaa to charge
I'! the average 4) per e.... seems 33pt. 1 m 'r PaJet v 4 **i>mft 4rre.
roe f.... Lean.. a in+uretc Pi r Thorn*. Lipton a heavy tariff tax 7 4a pm 11 MiaaB IA_. !.lack- A r 4ape tins
: H. H. )-CREAKY ,I be aas. the Repobliean .p.aker* can Tliaa
: 'r .t Matco. r
apm +
t point with pride to the prosperity of on the gold cap which he prevented to clam L. _Pea! Mates__ Ar 0 >{

c Fa )I &t." ff'=:'R.pr.stt.tl.es.I.5TDL.CA : I I.the trotft* and combine who are pro.teetrd the New York Yacht Clab a* a priae u raps L. Dsaapoa-. IOpispa
LZ 4 t aaam4.m
R tY1t for the to for. But Sir
yacht race
a Oats
by the tariff I 1 llpwt _Ormond a Mpm
T. A. 1771.L I Triomaa i Ie not the kind' of man to permit 10 1 Slpoaa p.yvm*. a 46p. 4 4a.mW
It i I. evident that these eomparall.1 tip. 1 'pm Pon.o... for Costly Tat A.**wor II ly few protected Int.,..*.. are cf moreeon..go.ne. the receiver to pay duty on such a tsp. QOpm Arwlf.w tlrn.a._" a L p. 4 LSamit

+ W. W OOtAON gift He'. an ".U wool aDd yard hot 444tm A' La .He.... j L:' 1 w iipmll
lo the Kepabliean n aD. was 4 Om -I r' ." '.Qtr__ 12 i'pm a bepmii
For Co ctr Tat C.ri r.toM elt.r.. wh,o declare they will stand pat wide" sportsman. eM__ == Oranr,CttyJsaetlo. 1- It ei at
l ..
----- -- 1. 3* --tfe a- ( 4 O..awI
4'.pm n Al epm
on the tariff, than the great agricultural -- $ lops 2pm ;;_. kfiiT r. 2 aopm a avmIs

) iateri that are the chief basis Calumny l. the wont of erllx In I it Slpu t laps Ace__ ._T. .111.- 2 0ll I oem
CovcH. Tr*...r.r: ! there twt. who commit Injnstkeaal iL.
B 1'EELCit. of all the wealth of the United Mates, are .3'ps 11 t+m.. .i___., kDtord_._ ..'rL9 a ii lhm
I one who I* laJu.l.-U.rodotu.
1 _.
TliMpwt 16ps TII Ar 2 O'pw funs
For Misr.n Jwfcool Board: I 12 slam l t taps ee-- L. l T4pm 2 um
I "BIU" Chandler I I. also amonx the U a.as t Mpg R.ct.dm: 1 20pm t iAaaa
s M K IJROI' LILy I t O.am 4 Slpm .FAa(.all(._. 12 4rpm t 4-o
j. ,.. rtrrcMH. prophet and in remitting hi. dollarto YOUR HAT 1 iDs 4 step. : _.Melbnoro' : 12 27pm 1 r-aa> ,_ .
... Con t Warn s bGp. _eebu. '-A-_ Sl tiara f
WEJ.K: the Republican < ...i".. advive. that "ttvod pat" aggregation May .e e. StTtlo. 4>... Dot 1CJk. 7fake. a m.m ltpm J+rt 1 trr-*_ .. 10 ham II S pw.a .
For CV....atr CewteWoaera:: ....t.... nat. a a7pm -_r..._ -''- .- 1. I:am 11 1e.m
to "work for reform aad Republican Imam .41 p. .!>!_. to Loa. 1115.m
Mr. J O. DAUrtCJI. man uaually buy a net thatr "in 5 am ups .. sewn 10 aam 11 fora
r. J' PAUIJJN victory. Really. Preaidenl .'7_. but the modern feat for na l.-JU.la a alas $7pm im-rt. + 10.eas< 1* tepama
J. F. TOWf.CXri noo...." onght to ,..i.. his determination to atnawvr for 4 teas T (rpm __ Hobo(iland .. .m 10 2.1m
4 40B 7 )pm _W_JaB4T.*+ steam 10 O.pmt
W J. MATTMfcWR.C. to kick- thi faithful ne out It*>kl!>e*ta are growing more numerous iz.s a l.3 m : .Ran pmlw aaaefc : a 4ram naps I
c. FKOOICICt every day flat make excellentbreoitlnc a Nam __ H SOIt I
of his position' a. head of the ripanith. .baps Delp.y.
.. plaer for the p.ralttr rmrilrti a tram laaa* a ?-* I
---- -
Claim Commission for from helping sap the Ute from the roots of tIM a u.. wpm --.n L.dsrdat.7.. ***aT aepm
4 sam 47pa I.. loam T i
| Farm haad are getting ft a day hair/ Mpm
cheat Mst Tilden out of the Trevtdeneydown 1O<*ar > t tpm .nallaikilate.Leiaoa T 7 aa. I
fa ome part* of Canada, The [)o- \Vh"n your hair fe* ln. to fall out and x..w. 10 a>pa + ('U. : nw..n .7 1.pmthem
to virtually" being I railed a liar in ,our scalp I* full of arxlruI it la a.use 20 dips Ar_ M .mljL- _Lv j Stem: T ospmararm
mlaloo' i I. really becoming worthy of the railroad rate bill mii-up, he ha. sun that tn_ couoUvma xcraa art L-t_ MlaaU__ A :%rlt i ir ; ;rpm
wot lee. I I balmy at wotlt.Th.r. 10 PS r At. -UOIII-'" : _._ is lDpma.er
__.__ __. _. always .abown hi. determination to I. but one way to overcome the $

land by "the old flag and an appropriation. tr"Me and tilt the ..-!' - If yoa h... mnn j to burn ..*.. It applyewbro'a Iterptetd. to taM j Lw117 eae.pt e.nda7. .
if he could be sure of a .
-alp-lt will km tK and healthy
aatll th* lone nights of next winter. cerm
fair ahare of it. Chandler i U typical !. .Ir I I. sure to re,utcRoM ttaL) I5.a' 'awtt r n
111 <).. .eT sett ae.tt tte.20l1 .22' aa.ad
The O lo4f and EI.eU6e Light b. leading druvrteta. Send Wm lls.1'T D.d, ,
sod faithfol. Republican and entitled "TPOa, as-sacs.: ( .M
/crust will thin bate it for yon,, ..* for sample to Tb* llecptcMe Co. t... ILN, ga. gas, soy gam Daly soh I t.llm
to sit st the table with the bet or Oetrclt.. lllcb. i.. L.. Qa.a.
--- - 0.S
o Cvptftln llabaon'a eU.c.tioa of a worst of. them J. H. .....,... A Gee Maecial Age+aY t4 at a tem. L.J.et.os.til.. e l 7.j fNa 1s

-- -------- -.-- "' -'- I. 4a-= := := 000af: .mrhJ.esmnG1. Ll 1 s6sa,; b1Jiti.. : :; 1 Ctip
war with Japan won't aea.r anybody When err 7 tt io liar' ha bIn hse b She a.. ip a.a{.
a tutu, by the of 10:1: 1 ? p' b up+ 2 a. IO --IoUe..Ue r.aa1.._.- 1.s 1.'e II a'p i. t o"o
,Japan eooHn'l do nythln to this good habit, h.. acquired perfect 1IGs.:... t.SPI lop' .000001I01.JU.P"W'L." sae, 7..700..1+ Sf"".,.!. aCp

oaofry as lung al we have flobaon on mastery of all the simple regular de. QRINOLaxative Lit eCClgEXTAl. STEAlSfllP COXHECTMNS AT XLW.a. .

oar _____._ tail of hie work .o that he can attend
----- ----
to them almost without thinking' .... ..* Mae at Mbu.1 with Slea w 0ome prop'). marry bee.i'*> II i I. '
about them he I I. I left freeand
oniagioa. Other be.ao.e they can't Havana and Key WestTwo .
'00'- at ...ilaU power Fruit Syrup
work la alocU h.rae... But th. most
with new and complicated dalle a.
tarry beeanae they fall In love andAtt't Sailings Each Week.
they .,1... "'--nt to take

.. fall one--- _- "_ -- --. --- Th.new laxative. Doca Tratea fXachwrre paaaeaxvra at SMp'm Side. No Transfer

A New York flat owner ha a elatjae ..
Thoe automobilUt who ..1" .** a In hi. INN under which the ten- DOt gripe or nauseate. ..-.-T1m.TaN.. tttt4re the wa..at wNrh t"Ia..Joy to sport*!toarrlT at aMr
... ... .
-tom --I u. M' their rrT i r ct.frtx.+at. lb.n..s a.'Ifr..ini
w/llllagne.. to comply with the lawregelating sloe. "mllle. sad ......at. alike are Cures stomach and liver ..t......0..7 Ie be..... __........-say. 4e.esay --..__an.u.1 ,taahl'-.

t"r peed .*/ the, ar. prevent- compelled\ to wear rubber he*|I.. .he troubles and chronJc caD8tfpation F.r Copy 44 t.... LOCAL TIMC CARD or Other In4ornatk

ed from doing *o from fear of being bearing the ..p..... The result i I.

tea. down by the other. fellow that he never has say vacant nU.. by restoring the "SEE THE TICKET! AGENT."

:-..:;:' '-' .-- : =--==-= ole.lo the fact that e-erjbolj iano natural action of the stomach 1'- D. RAHNER. At. Oe"'L paa.. AR?.. <;T. AUGUSTINE. FILA.

A good many men who voted for Mr. ..elety} shod.D.afn..s liver and bowel. ''- .- .
---- -
'01..1 ..... aol their tlaat -- -- ------ For Hale .. I -
'i .( yet rakt .- ---. y J. W. McCMlwa % CwMEHAMDWOMOL I II

.*an.nt. or th* campaign I fond Cannot be Cured I

would' have ovr ia.<.....>,tnO, whlrhla .
t II local application, a* cannot
jaat about what the trusts and ia ATLANTIC COAST LI NETHROUGH
.. ...
reach the dieed portion of the ..r. a t sta. C-* .Y rw es.
.. << $ la 1DOI fur w ,r a
'OlDpa.l. pit
'Y .ra. up ._ .' ..:'. __ _... _
There I* only on* way toeiredeafnea.. .u. u.N-.wm Mwrwar. -----.ran ? .a.::: -- :
.. .....
.too Kocevelt &IIpal.to .t w.... r..b... .. .
t.. "'__'___ and thai I. by -.aion.. remedie.. rw era..a rw1..a/ 1 a.u.to.tQewrel'a ..- ,
.... _
---- N.e
-: I"*e fiie** i* caused ay an Inflamed e n.d ttwtl>,1 ..a. h ameesoasmI.

A atataralut says that every time it Ion of Ute mo o. lining of the, K*.. 5. N Mt N tla soh.... .

r...... shoals hawk. fc throws, .
a *
> lachlaa Tab" When' thk tube ia la. a. m. e a s..w sxtte..af .

eftOb41l la th. fire. tar .beqC" th. Camed yoa bav. a rambliog aooajd or M N ...

bird take* an ceeatloa) .--..",... ll. .. .
imperfect heari.g, std when t ia entirely - "' -- -- -
destroy at l.... a thona 4 rata 1
;+ closed defno* i i. the result, SERVICE. :

t alee and .tol. every y.sr.o bird '' and unless the laftaaamatioa can be t1 e'N' .

that. flle. i is of more l..arCt to the takea oat and lh. t ibe scarred lo it* .. ,
--=: ;:
farmer __________ !i normal eoedllioe. bearing will b* 4** "

.k't let. LaKolletl .ha. eompUhed} :: trcyed forvrs niae. *a..* oat of tee 30 CIIAXOB (..n.t...t yogi lea.t the Aat" B.iwe.aJACKSONVILLE.
; are eaa.ed by ..'a, h" which. i i. noHag.
....h. ia Wtaeoaeta. throoitd fcle p.r- I i : OCA LA mt4 ( AI. : L.VILLE. "
bat aa laflaoaed coaeltxta of 1"0. + L t co.+wntta.ricer a
alateat determiaatuta, that railroad / .-1 1,1 Xr. .
*.rfa..*. .. a.rlM son .., ;
I Cw .
..I.* h4l l t>* rc..&lated with f.l,.... w. will give. 0. Uuadrd IX Ur k gwgw> Lr / bM*- *.- f av P -
W as 9 4 14>i>aWT > (
.. both railroad a ad.. kipper Th. for say raae of de\Ta... lUate RaUro Co_tnU..oa baa red teed eatarrh)>> that .....i be eared by Halt. sq Awn sr.. s. w rer r..t a rwt.AS..warcw Fall tJar.naa t o i may be obtaiaed from
; Catarrh Car ew4 for tirceJar o. r. f
Pee -- -- ----- -
,tram' rate ... eeat a b*...l. Tae ,
): F J Cwx.BT4\ Co.ToUd
OKoAd .
:. ..'le' .oattoa U x.l *o .rink, bt U shove J A. GOO WIN
bt all drwW.tt.e. Ticket
i Ii't< rat. ea v. r.\u,e4 ....a 11.2aa..a1. .. Tm llalla FaaUlr nil fer .....u.pa&.aeee Agent.v a arr

",, time .oj: ;
t ,.. .'

.. .. .. ..... '0 r"' J j

'\ q...J t \ "" ." .. ",L."( i-"I: -4. i.::' ::';':r\\ ::, ..:--. :""

t'r: .. r.:.--l.'..f....*,...!'A'1t



-- - -

: Lost $2.300; Stole,, S3,SCO.Paducah. .
FROM ALL ;. w: t. Ky.. Aug. %%.-1"011)hbolt.!} :

''Q ithennc and tissue t.llek of the An1erlcan.t>r1lln.. ;'I.lnun;
tna11nll' chronic; linger al has -No
: ( PARTS OF FLORIDA .--te caewy of disease as pur- bank disappeared and t ie b.inkIs OperationMrs.
t sus .Pierce, Is following after believed to be out $?,"
.. '. # Nat 0: restoring" health dayS ugo he was granted a taea loa.
? natural remedies, that Is Falling to.return.at the appo'trtd! time:
7' Sri&f Happenings From Various ex i native medicinal roots
+ President! George C. Thoriip!. '::1 i. '
pruexa Kan
Malinda Akers of Basham. Va writes
rm b ltmu':3 ,
7;' :Se tioqs of State. bs. It ure an Investigation and. It It -atd| round '
III without the use of alcohol and the shortage. President 'I "I hud what doctors call prolapse, and couldn'tstand '
by sUHtuJ 1'unnpsut'rtheory !:
combination In Just the right
{-, THE MOST IMPORTANT EVENTS proportions. Is that Abbott lost about $:j!oon straight. I had pain in my -back and

1 N Gokton cued Medical r.* Ingredients Discovery of Black Dr.- PI Cherry ree'. of the bank's money plat uug cards, shoulders, and was very irregular and profuse.

";j' 'Transpiring: In "The Land of Flowers." baric. Queen's root Ookien Meal root, and knowing he. could nut nuk It Doctors said an operation was needed but I Icouldn't ,
lilondreot and good, took $$.3t1 In cash
Stone when
root, specially" exert heleft
.C. Things "Boiled Down" to Suit theyBlur their<
:' : "R.ader-Items of Interest to and Ea.-throat K therefore troubl,,..a.and sovereign this "Dtscov-remedy company. wTilch has an .iK.nt After ing three bottles of Wine of Cardui, 1 could walk i

r.; z All Classes. for bronchitis, laryngitis,chronic coughs. Abbott. The teller Vas .mo of lee around. Can now do my housework and am in
catarrh and kindred aliments. most promtcent young ni.'" In l'nln- "
The above native roots al, have thestronjftwt splendid health.
The Tampa Tribune the in
.w says ship. possible endorsement from the cab. and bud been with ,lh' bank two

h menu of cigars' for ,the week ending leading medical wrlwrs. of all the several )' ara. _u.. ---::.. Cardui is a pure vegetable medicinal essence ''
: A'affost 4 amounted to 5,715 OOO, "a rec'ordbreaking school: of practice, for the cure not only
:It;' : of the diseases named above but. aiM fur "Make Hay While the Sun Shines." especially adapted to cure wonlen's dise lses. It
performance for the sea Indigestion, torpor; of leer, or biliousness -
1":, .son.". It attributes this, in. part to otwtlnatB constipation kidney and There is a lesson in the work of the relieves excessive periodical pains, regulates

f' ,,shrewd buyers who are Retting In their where bladder located.troubles and catarrh, no matter thrifty' farmer. lie know. that the irregularities, and is a

.J, order,ear b. You docTs have to take Dr. Pierre's bright sunshine, may' last but. day and safe pleasant and reliable FRUC: ADVICE '
L say- alone as to this what he. rUlm he prepared for the showers which .
will ; are for all \Vrltur 'u. a k.1N d..crlMa..II'
ho !. Lawrence, a remedy
negro .
'wPDt".1 for his "Discovery" Is backed- up by the n.prss..aJwe will .J r.usick
liable follow So should be
atpo :years old, was carried to Tampa writing of the must eminent men In the so to women. I In successful r:. AJ\i,1e: puin M.I*>| .:v tot>.: '
medical 'profession. A rotue< t by postal with every household Dytentery, AJJ'.I t L.J'.*'-'J..Iy. lWpr m.nl.a .
''A' Monday: by' Marshal Logan of Lakeland card or letter, addre MOd to Dr. K. V. diarrhoea and cholera morbus may at* use for over 70 eelaq: :r.;e'aat.aM.J.ele.leCS.'u. ,.
,* and placed in lllll.boro county' Pierce Buffalo, N. Y.. for a little book
of extracts from eminent medical au- tack some'member of the hen,.* without years. Try it.
for safe it feared
keeping, being
endorsing the Ingredient of hU warning. Chamberlain'* Colic
:attlit he would be lynched by' mob at medicines will bring a little book free At ''
Store in
Every Bottles.
Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy, which Drug $1.00
;t J.akelapd. Lawrence is accused of attenaptinR that Is worthy of your attention> If
i needing a good safe, reliable* remedy of u the best known medicine for .ihe eJiteases.
to assault a thinenjenrold -i knovfn composition for the euro of almost ,
should always 1>- kept at
daughter of Section Foreman any old chronic or lingering malady.Dr. E
fie'a+, hand, as immediate treatment i* nee
PI '
Pleasant Vellotn '
Da>is of the Atlantic Cosl Line, (\ con-
;{ Btiputloo. One little"(.cll..,, l Is a gentle e..ary, and delay may prove fatal .W CARDUIe.
home, one mile from Lakeland."tviary laxative and two mild cathartic.
For sale by alldruggists.Leaped .
c, : llamilt>a, an old negre' and The moat valuable book for both men -, OF
and women i I" Dr. Plerce's
',...., 'it-slave, died neaWelaka Monday Common tx>n_ :Medical AilYtaer. from a> Train. .

at the ripe old age of 109 year. She A splendid luw-nsg "'too 1\'nyne, Ind:. Aug. :: .\ rrnii:
', .*,was born in South Carolina and married volume, with engravings 1 upno ied to be Victor Holt. nerd: lit
.: ... .colored plate. A copy, : F: JORDANINSURANCE:
{'. an Indian. Her ,master being 8! paper-coveral." will be sent of Hhlnt'landE"r.'ho, leaped through
:afraid the Indian: would steal her ant! to anyone sending :1 centsIn n window of an eastbound I'ennaylvanla
one-cent tarnm,
to pay
curry' her away', sold her to a save the coat. of mailing unlit, to passenger train at the Ohio
Downer in Alabama. After her hunband 1 Dr. U.Y. Pierce ItutTalo.N. !state! line lit I has been unc'.n"t'I.HI-
Y. Cloth-bound, 31 at.ml18..0 with" frsctiirfd skull and may die.
It: died, she was married again, three
.. ._. ._.. _. _ --.-.... ----
:. more times, each time to a negro and, rt
:'ot A Solved.
)e< although she married four times, she With His Own Razor. Mystery PORTUR BLOCK QAINESVILLH. I P LOI liA

: ft:outlived all of her husbands During Lexington Ky., Aiig. ::.- .sfnshodserluunlx t "How to keep off periodic attacks of ,

.II.r life she had thirteen children.po about the face nick and I Iarnm biliousness and habitual constipation w's

.'" oldest now living is eighty with his own razor wan tho fate was a mystery that Dr. King's New .
yesrs "
.11,1 1
ko d. She left Alabama in 1RC9\<< and has of Jim Stevenson a Cincinnati<< m- (ro, Life Pills solved for nu." wriiei" JohnN. Fire. Life and Accident i::.., ::..1;.. V;

"....been lining: here in Florida ever. since. In a light with \1'caley Parker a l lx. Pleasant' of Magnolia, In.l. The _. I
ington neGro Stevenxoii ad\uiutsl only pills that are guaranteed to give

r= Summer. Diarrhoea in Children. on Parker with the nnor. but b6>rt> perfect /satisfaction to everybody ormoney

,,summet"it. :! he multi use It Parker had. Huccccded r..fuf'd..I. Only ?Ba at all drugstores univniir or m" STATE or FIOBIDAOAINESVILLG. 1
,. .. getting It away from him, St.'\t>n* '
son then pulled a pistol and .
[ nes of a child's bowels, should have .
? I to ,.hMt PHrkiT. when the 1.II..rUIE'd 1- FLORIDA.A .
Immediate altentioc, If) as to'che k
the razor with telling effect Stevrnncin !
Hold All Your Orders
; the disease before it becomes seriou
will!!! die
All that Is necessary' is a few doses ofchamberlain' --_. ? I for New Work for High-Grade Institution for Young Men. Literary, Scientific and \

Colic Cholera and Stomach Troubles and Constipstion.No Engineering courses. STRICT MILITARY DISCIPLINE.
t C Diarrhoea Kerned followed by a dose US. We Are
one can reasonably hope for good
'Of castor oil to cleans! the system
digestion when the. bowels are eonvti-
.,; Rev. M. O. Stoekland pastor of the FALL Tllltl: l upvns in (i,lne.vlll*>, ',1spt.mb.r "Ih, .' .r cstaloguw. anti
paied, Mr. Chas Baldwin of KJwardsvllle -
L>; First: M. K. Church, Little Fall, mum( TAILORS Information addMiMUK. :\\' b1,1DD: .l'r.ldeat Nalnesellle. .'.-.
111., says t "I .ufTered from
? )tIi' n., writes i "We have used Cham-
chronic ronslipation and stomach
..berlain' Cholera and Diarrhoea
Colic trouble for several but thanks JCto.t.nl i.zo _d. l tI9 to
,'''Remedy' for several years and find it a years I and do nothing but up
to Chamberlain's Stomach and Liver
..\\7..alu.ble remedy especially' for
summer disorders in children." Sold>> : Tablets am almost cured" Why' not to-date work. Cutting :E[ F. :o-crTTC> & 00a
get[ a package of these. tablets and get.
i.''by, all druggists.s .- well and stay well? Price 25 cents strictly up to date.

k"'" Shot In the Back of the Ear. For sale by all druggists. Work unsurpassed. : A T
1/- Columbus, Ind. ,XIIR. :Zl!:!.Frank I'll.
s i rey, of Indiana.mil: *, commltte| mil, Body of England at Trtsco. \\'p hate a fine line nr Juinple-j Ie select 1Du

+ Cide here b%' AhtMitlng hlniftIf In the Ban Kranclxcu Aug. ::. -The bo.lv, frwn. Her us. .".11.'.'".".'a. ....,"._. e.r. .r4 ...1 rur.te: ..4 I.......... IC........
of the late Lieutenant rar"nt'u Ktif n. ..e_...01 055.5a.r.en..e.1 OfO.U_... ,.....,.,, ......... .... .,_n
back of the rls'it! "::1 r. IT a resort. Th. M r.e.i.td.er5orss.lamse.d, : se.eat/.e.J514.I.. / ....1.. 004'.."..' .. au .
police found Ill> Had| n not Indicating land tutliiatlnjc officer of the cruiser WM. SCOTT COMPANY Tailors ...._..,. 1.151. is ... Uc". "...... .
Chattanooga who was Killed in the
a, nlciile nn hi* ,I"'rxon He has a
tiarbor of Che Poo several weeks. 103 West Main Hi N. :- "
Brother In t'otlnKton.;; Ky. G..AIISrmS-V': L:: r.EO: I WTi0P'TT ft
ago arrived her on the Pacific liner .
-- ----
Kortu l.l utcnanL Hngtand killed
was A

kx.:..* Overcome, A UK. ::by... .Fourteen Gas.d'lttsburg men' on Ms ship by n bullet<< fired from. THE CE TIC.u. nT\ [IVf OAK. PtRRT 3 OOlf RAILROAD ((0.

",1arnaccorJrnre.. h A>' MUkliSIn I gas at the 5te' .Klyu l c.u.: on "" 8.1 In small a French arms "practice.man .of war engaged BARBER SHOP

----- Ch... p. Dorman. Prop.
it "I'a..dli&' They were removed to thee'Dsspltal Avoid t .dule KT. ..! tt.e .tpril :'ft. I heel
where three have. died.Woll How to Appendicitis 2r- __ .. iS
; = M =
< -- --- -- -" --- -- ---- -
111 East Union 8t. Kouih 4ld l'IquauI..y.Lt. f''I. f'---
Most victims. of appendicitis are .. I 1 ,., .. .. .
M Ya.
---- ---- - -- I Nu. t. No I I a N II t.
those who are habitually constipated ( ... V.LUNa..,, .hell "..OIlJ' D.iit ''t aTAT.e.Ys 'I..u, .. .....0..1' MesIROit i'sitt. .si
.. !.
Are Made .
r is Men Orioo Laxative Fruit Syrup cares __ __ __ _i_ rue. __ ._ _. a ._ : .. ..

m.taMebr Kifeey ail hrcnla+ constipation by silaialatlog !AM... IA.* M. ; l I.*...M 1'M Arrl I'M<. Arrt AM. Arrl AMAttttm ,. '
; Most -to.date shop , i tto S #
up # ,.
the liver and bowels and restores the l > I f Lt. .i.s. I i tn I I. e.i

Bladder Traatala llewVIC* natural action of the bowels. Urine .onsbl. rat...,courteous lratmnt, .se Ar m* La'Art"*** 'i.,4 Ar. ft 1.. .Ie. .... ..... ,Ar 1.v.e.* *. !i.e...r. IWI> I I..si.At ,* W 1..c.Ar 5 it.

trouble the mini!. aiatlvs Fruit Syrup-' does not nauseate 5 .r air Ur eta.. | W..,. I.....,... 154 545 I 1.50 1,5
Kidney preys upon HOT and COLD UATIIH!''I. KLKCTHI- I Ar a >.> Ark *o lAr *.' reel/ I, :I.* Imo Iv I a tea i.e C 0' ;
rag ssndlr* n anibition, Iw-wuty, or grip* and Is mild and pleasant AIJo s' Af S au ',AntI I I"eh Iis.ai.s frets.. '.fer I toa l.v J s' .1.. r.. I.,f s5.
vigor arnl rlMrvrfulnr UAL. MAHAAOE end 8IMHPnOIMU,
;- nrsa IWWMI .liwpfear to take. Refose .nbetllG a... J.V, ('esa..U.e .... at Co.t/eI/ Pars ,.., ul, ,..... t. .,.l frtmlJ.. (Ms .i... 1'.ry. sag as r
A Go.Making ---- --- ... ..... ...
McCollum. "1\.a4 M.r.Jsaetioe ter A"tra sad ail 1. "+ rai5ra
when the kWneysare .. .. 'w .. S 5 M.., .is.. .. IIu r. ...., us ........ ............
of order die: -- ::::: 'r1..r. = :.t ;
out or A. .' 'l. .. :.. U.
rase.!. West.m Trip. 1UOMA, t. JWJX, ."...(... .. M I' M'i'Kt4'seers' ......... ,Sass..
k'" Kitlnev trouble liasheronie I> "'worfj. H. D_ Aug 22 -KermltRoi 1.svs' as Yu. ina.

r' In prevalent >..vIt. on of the pre:t"*n'. letHunJsr AIDS DIIESTiaN
'y that It i i5 not uncotnf long l .
inon for a chili to tee on a ertsnd homobark
afflicteil with trip .u, the ranch on tihlrb alefather 1
f *rn AM ,,... ,....v.N .< 'sass. ling
soak kKlnvr*. lithe f Ilrwt started tJ. .tr-t| ..-..t ra. t-S--- area k*.Vf !..>te "',.*. Hioii
etYtli orioAtrstooortrn. if the urine oaMflMh.or reer Kvsle.1 'near Mr eflr., N, D fleul 1, >. .< Se erITs ...., fAre Insured.

lie if.when the chisel rvarbmsn .r row pontes' art bring M- l sn,l ; .
when it stMmM t she .. it ytt n1ictr l with j ,lwt.Kwlaponit around ip aotA(. provlslie wagon and YHI ran FAULT

theeas'enf tbe.IlitT *. camp equlppst follows the partY. .... lu that H-. ."e.t.I.. !lie.! a I'oll.y CoiWr.ttvn ...., 1
trouble.! anti the first tr ,ova*ttovr ..__. ..... a hr. a Compaay i p-
Is kWn y fhsaelas .. Lab. far is a> amila fr.... ....ryM ea .... VV .Ib L4trslitf 'f r dory C">,tilrsst sad lk. Com......'
.Irpsymoi tbetowante the This treatmrrt ,In Self Oef.*s.. >4..fl4 M a*n.*AMTk'BY5TONH .1 fays If. ...s .U'III51I1 ,
nt.wxaaS. untdeasent
a d .'s a disease.! .ram;.: Ajn Major H..m.4ltor sad answer BAKERY. ) S
bial.1er ml net U, : L'mi..ee. +
kMeey. of Til CoostltotioaalUt. .-.... LeaI.. r. MI'.i a'a. .......
1Mhit se mot penple .e; pret. : K,.. w... h* was Only I stta.a.4 C You Are Assured )
le tntw rwith >
well mca are ma "
loop &y pile. boo" a .boz.
kstaev sn t bL ass.! ship same great rewsr'Zc.intl. of Bael1.s''a Arnica Halve.. s fs ekie WILua.uAIIEUSNBICYCLES< 3 That ao. e-rk-t !* .. sea ,pe.,... you wisltiest Loo Aare aoaafo. -

._ sept the imw5wbate e1eet ed .. says ''''f' cored ._ (I. .*.d.,. sad ,. ._. ) 4 r

>Rae i* "HI rraHWtlSnsKXt Iti.sowl are ironbl sl.e.,** Qst.ae.4 s..al.r .f

In Bfty, ban., eo,...erassad w...s 4s, at sat aidBkctrltafSupplies. 0

,J. aI4 .*,a.1 o..teetht.ioU.tU.tlee. tag' at! drug stores. ) Fire, Life, Accident and Health losaraoce.OAIXKHVILU )

areal free. also a a.sf LsSr ..'a >Buinmsr .c..r..... .....* Vka Atla.t.ic t
,fay BJea,ptslet Iuctt aH aboot sett P *IWt, C..., ...... ) e but r..bJ.. c.a....&.. II..'...., da. '. _
iafdra d the tlw.e of east. _
h..r eMetNoa rsseeS to all ..sassam
pldsI rtlers teems$ fr+rs ssfrtvte
srr.d., Is writfeq Dr, K13es.er h Ca.. steateis,1date see ... .. Mie. Rr..y tlsti Mrt1>t.R Nrye/..' I.M/r1.f

;t,1 be sa'w cad wsutstsjet. via tint AtlaaJ. Coast. Lla*. r. ...... 4... aalwrJ+ ;Toattskal tMP* C"U. HIalaaaatl.la. N. .
Dst t tstake say sstatake, We M ....., .......... P.I iNer.reeervsii .
+. .e. _, ..r...........i ... stir are tllsik, ...f.Ut fsnfets./. !. FLO1U9A ,
sad lbs ad.Mtagk "r, wit* teak O. ......... .... ..........

> *es.f. T.. e. e' 7t yya ',1 ..rl.+ JseksrarrllNf I
W. UNION 8T' I" "

7t "" T ; 1'4' ) :', :,,,,,
;. I ... ': ."!!- ,, i wnr i.b ... ./J'r' :< .Jv., < _
r. JI1t.r. :i, -". ..'\I......,;.,. ,- -, ,tMY




Tampa. Fla, Aug. 22.-Will Lawrence -

k", Brownavllle People Demanded Their a negro 22 years old. was .., -,,,--. .. .-. -, -.? ,- -, -. .-_ _,
Removal. I I brought here bfarsbal: Logan, of e > .v. >iNV..jCr.

5 Washington Aug. 22.-Orders! were Lakeland and paced: in illlUboroagh

Issued by tbe military secretary. Mal county jail fur cafe keeping. It being

k jar General K. C. Aalnsworth. for the SS feared that h.' would be lynched bya

w transfer*of tbe negro ttoops from FL L I mob at l.akland. Lawrence accused CASTOR IA

Brown Tex., where then has been serious G { -of ateiupilng to assault a 12earold -

trouble between citizens and, soldiers I > daughter of Section Foreman

to Fort Klnggold. Tex. "which/ Davis of thetlantic Coast, Line near

is about 100 miles above Fort Drown j I I her home,. one mile. from LakelanJ.
r and Is also on the Rio Grande tine Monday afternoon When the
negro The Kind Ton Have Always Bought, and which has been
company of the Twenty.sixth infantry 1 I 1 advanced
upon tbe girl she screamed
', in use for over 30 years, bas borno tbe signature of
Is ordered to Ft. Brown to take
and- he
ran. A posse caught him
and has been made under his'personal'supert'islon *
i tbe place of the negro troops. All careful shortly afterward, and the girl Identified
ft The company ordered to Ft. Brown I him. A crowd of one hundred "# _' since its infancy
is made of white This shift ADo no one to deceive you in this.
IHKf_ up men. women" use men gathered and took the negro from "
ing about of troops was made subsequent tbe officers, but Major Cox. of lakeland All Counterfeits, Imitations and Tust-as-grood" are but

; to a report from Major C, MPenrowo a I I appealed l to tbe mob to let the Experiments that trifle with and endanger: the health of

x on tbe situation at Fort HERBINE"Woman law take Its course The negro was Infants and Children-Experience against Experiment

Brown and. after an appeal by SAB a tor then delivered to the officers and

Culberson to President nOOl e. ft. placed In Lakeland jail
who suffer from severe What is CASTORIACaatoria
In his report Major i'enrose says be ,
headache" find all! ne -
was persuaded that the killing of one dUB toa torpid liver nhoiild '
citizen In Brownsville and the woundIng not fill their stomach. with cal- Another Good Man Gone Wrong.He is a harmless substitute for Castor Oil Paregoric -

of another were the work of sol oitiel and other drugs. neglected to take Fo ley's: Kidney Drops and Soothing Syrups. It Is IMcasant. 16

& tilers, although he had been unable HERBINB QUICKLY CURES : Core at the first signs of kidney contains neither Opium Morphine nor other Harcotfonbstance.

.!' as yet to discover who the guilty men Blliouarwsa, Constipation.quills trouble hoping it would wear away, Its age is its guarantee. It destroys 'Worms

are.Of and fever Dyspepsia Malaria add he was soon a victim of right's. and allays Feverishness. It cures Dlarrb a and Wind

the attitude of tbe citizens of .and all Liver Complaints. disease There Is danger in delay) but Cola It relieves Teething Troubles cures Constipation

Brownsville toward the negro sol Mrs. C.' I>. l'hill.Marble If Foley's) Kidney Care is taken at and Flatulency. It assimilates the Food regulates the

diers. Major I'enrose says: Falls, Tux.: wrll'..: IfltHlHarbiiiM once tbe symptoms will disappear the Stomach. and Bowels, giving healthy and natural sleep
That the enlisted havj been the best Ih'f.rc'urr..tlvn fever
subjected to Indignltlex since their anrival trl.-d. It .lin-t. dUUH inv family kidneys are strengthened and you are The Children's Panacea-The Mother's Friend. .
anal m.>'HiIf a world, of soon sound and well, A. R. Bars of
here there can be no doubt anJ (rood. I recommend It to my Morgantown, Ind., had to get op tenor GENUINE CASTORIA ALWAYS
this has caused a good deal of feeling fri,.,,,,,."
y twelve times in the night and bad
among them The one case to which PRICE 80c.
I attribute this outbreak. I will make severe backache and pains in the Bears the Signature of _

the subject of an official report as Ballard Snow Liniment Co. kidneys, and was cared by FoJe)'.
Kidney Cure. J. \V. McCollum Co.
Boon as John \V Vann. the collectorof
customs returns to the city,"
Major IVnruKO then outllm-a briefly Bryan Leaves. for Home.

' the case In question I'rhatt.s.w.- Gibraltar. Aug 22-\\llllarn J, Hry- ..
ton and LIpMcomb were passing along Sold nn
:; r a walk on AUK, 6. where Rome women '. )I. JOIttMOX. Qal. .,.UI.. German Llojd liner Prtnzu Irene at

Were standing engaged In convrrsa. 1pm. Monday The steamer sailed The Kind You Have Always BoughtIn
-- ---- --
lion with a man named Tale, who Is for New York at 2 p. m. )Ir. Hr>'an
'4 employed In the customs office. The Killed by Brother-ln-Law. expressed himself as being delightedMth

negro prlvatiM walked Mingle file botwttn New Orleans AUK. 22-\VillUm Eb- his tour which closed with vjsIts Use For Over 30 Years.

the women and a fence. late aria 27: years oil a saloon kteptr to places of interest "In and about The e...__ ___. vi r.sa.vsT..e, saw...__.
Mondry nljjlit Wall stabbed "
the rock.
knocked .Nowton down with the butt
the heart mid killed b>' his brofher
of a revolver and in ported to have: '
law. John 1. Took. :30 old.
yeare Kbarra .
naM: "I II t Mch you lo get vu the
.ls said/ to have been btailriR his!! CASTORIAFor ---- --
,: sidewalk whoa theru I I.* a party of ladies '
'' wife urn! when she appealed to her
on the walk, Infanta and Children.
+ brother for protection n row between

hue: \\hen mert-d Newton him rose with. Tate the U revolver said to the* two rentillol In the fatal stabbing The Kind You Have Always Bought FLORIDA MAMU.ACTU'1/13/ AND DISTRIBUTORS

+ of the fnrlll'r.St.el .
'Damn )ou. It'av,', or III blow your Bears thes1gnaturs cOMMOM AMO Prtgascn
'r' brains nut." / -LIME

$ This account ..f thu affair U corroborated Company Declares. Dividend. of 'U WHITE

by Upxroiiili. Major INnroiteKouxht New York AUK, :22: .-The Ill-public
: nn otnclal lnvt!! (nation of the PRESSED BRICK
I Iron and Sttil company Tuesday declared City Directory For Sale.

affair, but un tho lolUtor of the CUM the usual I quarterly dividend ol1J We have a number of ofHarts' OFFlces: :
tome Mr Vjinn. U out of the city. It : .I and copies BRICK
percent an extra dUldend
hut not born ] City Directory for sale at The DYAU. SLOG
pojt''lhlt' to have the nf UPCMURCH
of 2
cent Its
per un preferred stock.
,. fair looked Sun ofllce. It i.. n handy reference
y. Into '
1 he extra disbursement Is on account JACKSONVILLE F1.A. COMPANYwe
On AUK IJ. \lnJ'lr: IVnroHn.. book for business and professionalmen
Mays a
(if defrrritl dividends and leaves t;
'$ Air Evans 1 iind Dr ('.nibe.. niH)or ofBrownsville per rent ttll duo on the luue.Unn.ce..ary gitng: the names of residents SELL Ours" OWN ROOUCT
"r called on him. .Ir. Kvan with street and number Price KeduC'
.* said bin "Ir.| ed 10 U.
was Mtlztd whllxnterlng .. .
-- ---- -- -- -----
.her honf by .
a negro *upponed Expenta.Aenl --- ---- -------------

1 'to hn a Moldier| ns lit wore a attacks of colic and diarrhoeacomwon THE WHITE HOUSE

khaki I uniform Mr i\jtnn wan nit without warning and prompt ATLANTIC COAST LINE ....
r" ablt to lilnttlf) Mm mill .but. both shoan
S. T. \flnTI:
relief must b<* obtained There is non .r"lrl..t"r.
.I her hiith.uul. tompliiln l that the
*>er,.lt7 of Incurring. the expense of a
suldlers| "UIt'r"J,| near t their home, and Cedar ECeyFJ.orida_
thytlcUn's I..r.leIn ouch cases i if
annued (In'HIK .
Jhamberlsln'v[ Colic, Cholera and
Diarrhoea>> U.meilr Is at hand. A doss Excursion Rates Situated on the Bluff. Cool and airy room, Fine busting and flshing. UtaCLYDE -
Site) per, day '
Gslveston's Sea wan
of Ibis r.m..dlIII relieve the patientt

Makes in -- .- -.- -. -- -
lift fe .
now n "' thai city as ter doctor could arrive, It has -----
"' on Ibo. higher upland. Jo:, \\ U..ki.I" never brew known an r.lt.l even In the rlttin J.1CKSII.1.E.. LINE

: l ., who ,...1.1.* on l>ulton $I., Id U afn mot severe and dangerous case.. wad

lei. need no .ea wall. for vafetyll no family should b.. without it. For == QUICKEST TO ==

wri i.e. t "I 'have .nPlI l I Itr. King's ale by .\SruaRI'I".

.''t, :New lui.euvery for Consumption the

past He year" an.1 I It keep me well Yaquls Kill Mexican' Miners. Washington and all Points East t

and ate before that time I had a. Honiim' :Mix ,\UK ::: Pour Meal

rough whlvli for Tea's had been .row.inrf ran nUiur* weer waylaid' In u canton

wnr. Now It's Kane" l
", ei..nuh, I I" gri|>|'., croup, IndUn Q rrancico, Cal., on sale

j wboopiuff eough and prevents |>neutvMiilia <> wounded. uii I the ottu'r two es daily limit (X t 31.

"* I'lvatMtil tti lake Kvery.: bat cagey. :fh*. Indian have tnkii ref ftt.;:. ,MUnile City, N J. on sale

lie iiuarsnteeil R| all)! drui: stores, !'ricet urfe Inhljl trtiuhoHStarching and troops art daily ; limit Ocl 31
u"'attiMl !<> attack them FOUR::
t NWi- and fl.! l'', 'I rial l b.uilo. free. #.*.":. Niagara .. ..11... :N_ Y on isle SAILINC 8 E.A.CEJvTEEK.: .
daily limit Oct 31.
; for Oil.1Valton. J ck80nville and New 'j
.M04r./ to Hang !Sept. 10th. 11I:1.1"'Ihln.lon.: D C. on isle York

Ul \.' ,,">lutu|. tin \111& :? -Uob Moon: Ky. Aux. :2.: Naturjil I KHirmk daily. ; limit (>ct. 31 Calling CIIARLE TN. s. C.. both ways,
the .."..rh." .. .t>iiui.ltt..d u criminalUKSMill was here on the proH.rty olMinn
t' :.tM) heaver Cola on esle daily The Flaeat Steamships in the CoftttvUo
liM.ti Uuhy the 7 )caroldd \IU Hind at a depth of bWleet ? t Service

4r'y' ..tlK.iter vf J t' ll.*..l. w' .... trl.,M| betori The. pnintulers are not .* limit Odt. 31fl Clyde Ne-rr
England and
Jtnlse K>mr. toot| guilty and tied suit will gut to a depth of l.iKX |.::::' liar Harbor. :Me on ..le daily ; Lines

...nlrnr",tl lu be bange on HepieniIM feet to nu.l oil Miss Kind U a sic. limit Oct 31 t'feight n Between JACKSONVILLE CiKtTUN and

'r l"lh ,heal The best of order ter of \\'tlU"", ... Hind |">lt.kl.an l of Cot _4H.l.:. Chicago Ill. on ale daily ; PRO\ IUI.NCE and All Pastern Points.

'-... kH by tI... ('rn".1., which. tilled Inaton, Kj limnlel 91 Calling<< at Charleston both ways

the court rum > I i ..'..,.*..t CM" |I'<"rl I {I S.Er.4.-'V'VEEJCL"'Y: :: : '
they War In :!' *ii.riKhisville. ;N' : SA ILINC: : tg
.. Germany : C. on sale.1.I
t when the
> and Jti U read the en ](.'hboUDd_ ... .
p,! trace shout of .. tto-rliu. .\HB <': 11.r1way' I h 'hc's' I| lady l ; limit (set 31 $.., .Fron'Led.'N'harf. Boston
jo) ran* out a* < anever Utt.oDr.d.. . . From Foot o' C.ah
+ rand with' a b.-sr war. whit h l..il-.,u !b. I #: I.IO riD..Iaek D..UI.Clvde .
h-tot. leer l lu iMe eUnd. U tonly !sratojra Nprrn[ N Y. Usale n
l h tb.... lu the raging' la certain t||.trUt.. It i. r.I. .
) court tiuuui.e. Imtt I dally limit Oot 31
rr.urt ,.f i.ercas.() du 1 le. MI t.Ctt.ct.1 .....|
the .
>r hundred of men ou' l4, liar
% la.t ."... .b tike' ,.. SPECIAL St. Johns River Line
4 rim M..treiMtn* ... ,f Hobtn..rtI': was. oa > tea t*. OCCASIONS.

triad for .".ana: and found .'lilt)'. -- -- ---.- II .a...... Hen ttpnap. .\r..n. *ale ntupptnR al Hwtareen P l.U..A.tor JAC.cuO. B..rord% and fined taut an I rx .u or six iiKnthsta CU.IAnd'.an.t IU'.rme4la&40 Lsndiar
tbslarant. Sisters Ar. Dre kn.4. dally atnely dsyit .. .n 3t. Johns River.are. .

Staid Have Mich \uJC.. ;: -T...o .,:o I kohm .d. Va. on isle srt_ xElt

---- daughters ol tart K Kart: .. aged, 11 3. 9. 4,6 limit xri 13 CITY OF J..A.aKSOVILLE': : "
: :
Cured. Hay Fever and Su Cold suit II. dro-nwd before their parent Ie
rm.r aptoinie.l
to sail
y *l.fti Memahis.. Teas on ate Sept as rollo.. s-... J. k.HI.ill.( .
A J. Uatetvklle. Indianawrttest eyes while UatMnn la the (]rand rivet and Thirtoda,...J:30 p,, In I.turnturg: 8uDda"" Tuesdays
o Sutbaum here. Tb" bodies 9. 10. It. 13| lima : .pt ?O .. I..ve o.csa: ,.,

"Lal year I suffered for three -were. -rt'C'O..r..t.- t31.tl.3 Toronto Oni on ale >rl.I N'r.lnr.dsys eru4 Fridays. Jl .. rut.a. .

months with a summer roW w"U.".... .... =.:--
CHttdree In Pam i I: 13. H, 16. limit. Srpt. ?' ---... -
; .... ...... ,"" etl 1ItlLt
tea thai Uini.rfrd with buein' .. : sr..lst.sa.
It ; my Never a. da htKJrn also .I .it.Bi*._ loiVl ?4. Lea,. laJ . N..a .
1 had of the of havfever Ivy are i\m . . Jaek.....,.viil*. taD
taaay symptoms ...ff.rn. from huc seek ,. thee No 'ro bl. toan..-, questions, ':4.S pm . .. .hl.au. Arrive :
and a doctor's .. did . Le. 5 0
pre riptio 3.O
.ue of all kbi.. .. b,. .ry eel a,. Eze.rsioa rate. in other foists. : sat .. Astor . : ; ::
reach ..a_. and I took se..ralmedicine. .. IIl
not .
my .
wliieh teemed to only" sgiCtavate treated for .if'.....**. .lee th.y really I f Llmtl. .chduU.. rullaisn aeevtnB I: ..tT1re a ,JJI] am" . B.rr.ford. . 1t&Ad>)> . . . 1 ; (1 pm
ar. uffvnait from rn alC.r This Isw..4 >odslu>.* Bad. all detailed informs.io .I IOttm . "aator f. . . . .aaoaza
case rorluaately' I |" _. Ent.rp.._ .
my I :
from their tad cat being arultaird .. to "te.. or 041k.r p.>.*i. b-rr'.lI1J' 'l1R.tl.I'A i --____: : tasANDT1CIiET -
doted UA.u fcavlnR' Foley llc t>*y and bat d...car J by .0"... Aihem I, fsr.t..Jked. either oa app teattoa ia : O-'C'E. ::: w HAl' !>T .lACK.yUtvRLLf
Tar and U quickly eared me My wife ..e or by null to per G.r al 11MKtO CrJt. yll Aws G..I' ::;- '
feet w w. as .w .. J
FoU *. [l Jr Miss. a.,.( a.T.s. .9'e.! ...
has sioee u..d lloaey sad Ta
} "aa. ( t. ....".. cad I t rltag t. nO\ L.'U. > r.t"M..tr..t _. C: tit CLL S.a.etae..a..I.
eryis .
... c .J .
... ... BAaLaTT 0. a.
with Site *t.nte .M. JV MeCoU t.g+e to tlnv..tee r.?s a .: .. 'Y'-"L,
e. UI.n&.1 I tUka 'P..cuA.. leer :y..t & I I I. THZO 0 Era t'LYL1i> .. A Ca>> tt.k1 t.1".. M :..aUt. ., I htr r Jasl.oeville. fla. y G..ra'Gaa. 7ts., a1Xextatts.oe. rk..Frrssd.nt aw 0.,1 I1.aaser.

ysysyAilAa............:c. .y--

+ 4 F to' It. ., '. ';r '_''' .j.'>- /! ,, .. ....,............ .. .._ -:
:\; f. 1-'r "'I. '.. "'(; 'fff
'S ; :.!:... .. i.r:: i,

--. -- ,
- --- -- -- -- -- - --- ',
--- ---- -- --- --


t ...... Primitive. Methods That Are Still SE..A..J30..A..Rr::> 'fir
r. In l".* In lluriut. VIA LOUISVILLE & NASHVILLE -

1b& system praetlc-od fur obtaining
( ., rubles In the mining districtin Itur-I R. R. Air Line Railway
ma, la of the most primitive i d.**,-riptlon. I '

[- says tbe Searchlight. The mining: jJ .i
abaft are simply hole ulntnt t\\o feet The Louisville A Nashville U:ml road
FOR. a
I will tell round-trip rates from Jacksonville
I' aqoare sunk to a tit'llth.ltr 'IIJ;: up to .
fifty or, sixty feot. The Fhoriu up of to point shown on dates indicated.

'_ ..tbewalla of tbe shaft I U> most crude, I Proportionately low ratfrom

! tie aides being;, supported by post atI' Hii:7 other point Savannah Columbia, Camden Southern'
the corners ami l hrm.1-pea ur small
I', tree secured carefully atraluxt the : $13 O6-Chicago, III., And return.

' 'idea by means of stunt xtlr.s.! } I Ticket ou sale daily to !>t'J.. Pines Raleigh, Richmond Washington -
Tbe luiuer carries a tlu .pot imllar luabapo umber 30th, and limited. t j return .

, to a bluut 4.1.t: e 11 l rune un his until I Ut!oiob r 31t Baltimore Philadelphia
. bead. lie down I -
squat In one "
$3.1x11Ienver Colorado '
. M'ring. or
'and dry( hetwecu his knee lu "ul'1l.r'I} I
Pueblo Col and rrturn.' On
, poalte comer. Tlio New York. ti
ale daily until Septenlber30th.Final .
the ruby bonrfnt; earth: 1 I" enlist U I I

conveyed to the top nit fast UH it In ex- j j Why aSuffer'\"i1h return limit October Slat.$38.40hot --

, cavnted In small buekt'td let down Springs, Ark., amid return.
from above. when
pain Ticket ale
on daily.
Tbeuppnratu't! fur rat l+in and lowerIng '
II BALLARtfSSNOVVLINIMENT w return limit DO day from dale, Two Ele nnr, TI'ain.Daily.. .
the buckets!' 1 Is simple, In tie ex I
, tr me. A tout[ |I.-IIIIMK) |I..t aKttit of ale. t

twenty feet high oalled a iiiannsdiiio.: Daily to September. 30th round Seaboard

la flzetl upright In tlu' ground at a et,uveulent I. WILL CURE trip summer tourist tic
dl} tniu-o from the pit or dwln.t be on sale to yariuu reiirti Fall'. ..
: and a 'lulIJ l :. thinner bamboo .plvottslborlzoutnily I RHEUMATISM Ct'Ti. Ol.O !information. schedules, time table,
. Into the upper end of It HOas i M>R1-S. SP AINS. 'VlNSTlFP \)S. eta' will be furnished promptly Mail.
to project an eighth from tlio inlue JOIMS, M-URALOIA. tt
and tbe long. arm toward the mine.TrllltiK SCALUS. liTZ., on application to .
I CJ. A. Vrlotlol.! 1)111'r...e. it. E. II Kit: KINO. -- -

writou : hi! n"'" Bllllnrc.I'I'C. n..w1.llIhlh.nt Fla. Pat*. Agent. I.. & N. It 1 K No. USW. :
Aire .l Hex lir Pulse."The '
u Kay til.. JacknonTlllr. Fir.t3IIBJNI1:99 .
for my flllllil\'. It
: feinnlo Pllh.e always lioats" fa+t. Is tlio bt' JJnhiU'tU! illn,"'. MODERN
er than the male" said a ..1I\.II'Iln.! : It rt-lieves burns atulx-rtUlH.11 PULLMAN EQUIPMENT
', > : O.A.l D as
ant from birth to death the .puNepetMl 25c, SOt and $I.no '
steadily decrviise*. I have un I -

doubt that by tin puN} moue I could 1 Ballard Snow Liniment Co. DR. DicVKKK: : MORRIS.

tell rpadlly a healthy person" ogre mid l-.T. IXXJIM. MCX. I Only Liuo Ujt3rttting} ;
vex. Bah('* at birth ban a .puNe thatbeats : -
1.n! times a minute In the case of DENTIST Daily Through Pullman Sleepers from Jacksonville to.New Orleans

girls and lot tinier!' n minute In theca -- __ >
Sold and Recommended by y
_' or INI.VH. At the niw> fit four or.
W. -M. JOHNSON. .luf'nUl. For full Information and leeper reservation call on all)' agent) H..bc.rdor
five tlie puNt Is'ata'viii have fallen rte Otne over Marcus End.ra: J'ltnrt\ pin".
.pectJ\t'ly to 110 and 1("). MaldonV writ S. U, HOYLSTON.: Ja., Aiiant Ueneral I IJACKSONVIM.K. hlrseager AKltna
-- -
----------- -- --

and' youth puNo n\erase ninety-five ...d..t (Ur..n... Jm: A. CARLISLE:, a'IARIIIA. t\ ,'.
and ninety; matun women'* and lI\pn'/4
One .lily! a letter WJIH rofed| at tile -
average Hirhty nn<1 '''*venty-rtve; elderly ATTORNEY; AT LAW
l>o+tutU! (t? In I'arin iKVirluu th. following
women's ninl Iu.'u's nvenure sixty" }In"'rll.tlulI| : "To the cr..te..t: And Solicitor in Equity Take The Atlantic Coast Lie t
and fifty. An old. woman's. Imle. rarely lr 'nci I'not," Tbo letter ,-nrrU \\110& ;

It ever Klnkn t.'lotift) but ninoiiR ln'triu-tiHl! to deliver It In Victor. Ilii\ .o.nbo Re. Estate Conveyancing and Den
Old men n pulse under! lift)' it fairly n-fiMdl to r,H-Mv,, It and .n nt It eral! IOracUcc.All business promptlj FOR ALL EARTHLY POINTS \

common." to Liuntrtin''rhla: ceiililM uNo. d.. attended to. Office next door to Hue ., .... ,..

churl to att 1'pt the l I..t ty-r and 1..c..1| | om"... OAiMCHVU.Lk. ; FI.OKIOA va. VI. via
A ,. :Mu-isi-t. 11n' I.itttr.Hjunlly ----- -- IN&_' "',
you wish to get the capacity } iiiixii'iot. rt-a." 'iit It to VU-ti FERDINANU IIAYKR, North OP East E t ts.ni S Sout61N...:a1.\VestJw\W t :..0..&d

of a cnttlr you can do "o In the follow Hn&o.bu; linn II.' iKxt-ptod It. Thuletter ATfuKNKY: AT LAW. "aeu'a.W. Jaesau.vWe .."....'. Y
ing mnnner: Take the II1t'a"Uft'IU'utfrom .
bad reached It. tlt..tlnatlun.-1
niP bunghole to the Imttom' of i LSl! >I>lnoutt'M Ianzhl" OAINBUVII.LB I'toRlp. Rapid) TraiiHit and! UnHiirpiuw.Ml, Service t
each end of the cask In !bubo Avert I --

age tbo two JlU'I'Iur.'m'utM.lnIUlly: ( A tt'..p'. ?.._. Can ell you. ivy property, (improved 'Tim Table In "fl.,,' April 18. 1MMJ.JA1NKHVILLK .
tbi* fljur by 1t".lf" take. Then multiply I. I
One kind of 'n..p found lu llrnr.ll and unimproved ), phophatetruakiog
the prudiK-t by .INI!" IMI. and the remainder (
4",1Ut.III8 snakes Its neat of a brilliant and farming laud Head- him Depart For Arrive Front
in the nuuitjer of Kallotnt. .:x. a Hat of what offer for sale :111e.cv.I r:=::SBlllKh :
white pi: <*IeI.oarll. "UIIII"'I1lIn6 It
ample: C51 lnob..f.. _". lm-he. (nveraeeSO | -- 3 :Wl p 4. HprioK and Inter- 7 3ftammediate
from the bltbei bram-ben of the trees
Inchon. yuxOx3O: 1.0UO.: whith.multll.lll'c.l Daily x Point ,ilaily l x Hun r
no n( to eMiiM| > the ntt..nUnn of tilt :. ItAKElt.ATTORNEY: I -- _. |
., therefore by .Cir.Erim.lire =01 G1.1H2.gallons: Tht'nt4.'lIh. and nionU. .*>.+. whir In those re.,:loni have 1 :UI p ro Oeala. ....*burlC and Tampa, afd 3 6fl pm
n truuloc'"u"If'( t bnMt of ItI vcrtgatlug! : -AT-LAW, interniwliat.l'olnt. ,
Daily Dally
a i fractlou. .
I e\"r>'ililut=:. rteii n IIOMH-I'M iif.t. ------- -
3 .uipmDaily. Jaeksunvill., ; l-J: 40pm
.The End of the World Doo't B. BIos : North East; and W..tHigh Daily
Of trouble that robbed K II. Wolfe. And lose all Interest when help i is GAINESVILLE. Alac.ol>... Co., ELI ll.j: ; ; 'feipringa, Way!ru ., Hat annah, Hruuawidk- ,-- 111U p tu ,
of Bear iirove. I" of all u efulor -
Office In EnHel: Hlrxsk. I I
Herbiae Ala..1I Point .,
within reach. will make thatliver Dally Albany North KalVe Dally1O
[ ... cams" when be bi;,,ti takIng I I ---- r
perform it duties properly J.
Elreirtc Hitt *. lie writ>. :
-r .' U. Vaughn Elba, Ala., write : *'U.. J. II. ..A1.Uf.KMAN.DJoNTIH 3.1&llIn Main
DR. liothvtlr ) and Ultra
L'Ttro y"sr. a nu kidnt-y tro reused] .O..ul"
ine a constant uffrrer from cotittlpa- !DailyDaily Dally
[me great .uTerlnt( ;> Minioh I would never I I. thin and a disordered liver, I hate
ave survived had I not tak"n KlcctricIBitt found IIerbin to b" th. b-t medlelnr, r.

( .. They also Pllr..t me of K.-ri. I for those trouble, on the market. I 11:40: P III 2661m'
have tied it constantly I believe It I 1 falatka Dally "
r.ld"billt.u:, ,.. cure for all .torn. .
I. to boo the bet medicine of Its kind, O.s ll.a*. U.Mwn.D I R
Men, liver and kidney! enrnplaint.bloodI.easss and I wish all .uffep..r* from cheer -
|dl headache, d!,.ini>.. and I I trouble to know the Rood "erLln.ihu '--'--- -- I.h.o..bl., Mileage.. Tlkt, KCXJd over H.Uni mil. of amunc the prtn

..akn... or bodily d.C'lIhe-' I'ricefiOc.Ipaaranteed : don me." fold byV.. 31. Johnson Ipal' railway in th. Houthrn H'.'... are on sale by the pinelp.I..a,..
at all drug/ .tor -., I(i DR OOKIX n 7150". Through Pullman .1".1'| | Port Tarps to New York, via AU..". Coastline

tJr.ofT1AOtlle. ; also via Atlantic Cost Lin and Kouthwrn Hallway
For ,,"pl.... InfocmatUin. on
I... M. OVABAM. President II. E. TATLoa. CahirLKK J. A. GOODWIN. Ticket ARCat (Claln.vlll..

Uao. W. IlTDa. Via, >Pr..idot UBABAM. Aat, Cashier la Yai.r Lu -c..IW.1 Address

KKANK 'J. HOYLHTON. M I., Pa., Art.. W. D, HT A IUC Tr.y. h... Agsl
BANK O"'LLa. YLa. 1M W. Hay .!.. Astor HnlMln. Jacksonville" Fla. ,
HE FIRST NATIONAL W. J. ORAK, Pa..ncr Traffl Mana*r. W'lIlnl.eloll, K.


? ONLY NATIONAL BANK IN ALACHUA CO Ala !hua county I I. /..*J.4<...) Mr.* In Gainesville & Gulf Railway CompanyTHE b

area, ha :HI mile railroad 0JO
Capital . . . . . $ OOOO oo mll. wagon road. M potoiflc.
Surplus and Undivided Profits. : OOU(100 173 rabbi .ehOCI., 27 phosphate FRUIT & VEGETABLE ROUTEOF
plant*. 7Jaw- mill.. I7ftfor eourihoa
......_:. a O.a.IU.e._. wtt\ ,1111.a') to av \.a .e ,.. aM" a.wt *., four oe.. "p-r., and pro FLORIDA.
sac ___le.f r..G.IaoreN..ca.. lsts..esao..e due*a ..ora. cotton, ri.... ....'.
or st.e.la an-.m.. AU ...aL.- trsa.S5wd s.tl.Mir oat.. rJpns.o.e., p'n.' pl.., or. T1so. Tabl. In .fT,"jt July 16. I**. ;i
H LTATLOR.C.sbt.rFaySholes
anI.e. pa.>h**. pear, vegetable.. ..-w. .. + +___..._._ .. ,_______ _.__ .__ _. -....... .
.... -
-- --- --- .ad all kind of '

Gainesville the Seal.Ha Nn.! 6. I No. *. No. 1. 'I ":0.7. ?'Co. 4''! %''fufJ '

County ". Dally Daily. 1M",,. KfATIONH.:'\ ()eU". A.II" ., Dally
K. Mow I ,iKa:: Muu/ pLvI'
fourt..s hurrt".. two public I
.ctoooltb Unl*.,.,., of Florid. -. .--- --- ---.

rrtvat' *.h K>.U. thr. a......p.r. LwA1t'l' ,.1'M ,Ae.Ak1 A.1'IArAIt

United M..... load offlc. the bat 114 a rll ... Maw .eoo Tiff 7(51 7 U I 117 OA
TypewriterTHE ..r... flr.. alarm. *yt..m. ..l.slrt.sad .. l :II.. rU! _..... li abaus, II T' ; 13 1A
ca Hirtitc. two le lu ort.* .. I". Y rr. j i. ....,. ., '"yrll. lit a6 ,11&0 j 113(1)
nachla' boy*. three wont fa to 2 (I) s6 if" c. . MolUmy 1 fJa ,,1111' ltd) v,
rise. eetto *;|M, Iwo mws ft ct.rt., '
0 II 9) t
: : / II 11 14
2 31) Ifl UI Klllihorp :
: : thr. .. rvllrocida. frtllli ._.
two '
2 :M 1" 11' A CL,, C.H.. Ob (A 11 M

Till: IU:>T .I""riaa.. ....ry.Compaai.es. r_",tlfyaa. os.| ; tlIs tae 2 6" A' lu IS A' f ?OAF' I .. ... ca-"le.. . I''_is..1.111.. II (olv II 0111.-_
6 Ifj L I . : .. II) (.9 rU
01 THE JIAKKCTHaH r.atl*. '1.... two baak. and wMto 1 j'. It .A I.. (?ro..ing ..... . t It
k4 ttore. oibr t.c ..e.ry.thiag j 4 3p 1 .. Ilrw.e" H..tl.b .. .. It 67M a h;
KfTOOAKoT& i Tabulator la tk.>. *_aar tl llav*. I 4 :16: Call.o..C'tNel.. .. . "to .,

UnlYfKSAL* I >?tEvery .4 tJI ,. IU...-.r. "01.... . .... ... Y ao
I Machine.U I 4 u. i. w.&a." . i.41-." Y It" 1
The Florida j 6> 10 .. t.lysttr. . .... .. s M
6 II .j. i. .. ltlrkwowl. . ....... M 6ql
Tb 1/) w. T........ ._ .. N M:..
Fruit and Grower
Sit II' I Ugttt..l Roaalaf Truck .
.at r.. .. '. .. N MrsMW 9 . .. .. ... s a
CKam 4 M B;...*<1 W>lt." 01 the World I 1'1 .. T.. .U" l.. .' #0. f Ur.
.. M. Fy--'u*i.. tatkaa U J. .CUT. E4ltr.4 Fveyr, I fII' ,.. '_.._ ........... ., I 110
C tke ray.ttlMtl r* .. _..._ li1sOaa. ._..... .. I 1 t1Ab
.... I. (0.1..11. say sibs JD. hhl.. 0
0. Tess II." i u t 9. 0...,.--- .. ,. 'ID.
Ilta.b ....w. I. I (I) .1......___.. .. t .
t6 Fe.et p.... t ca ,
CFor Sale by. I S10 1.ArtM t. ..- -,..,...... 00I
.J .y If.sleas.ye.ta I \\41 AM A PM yLvAal1LaWlLi, .. )1 ; s
f THE Sill 1I;; HPv w w .las.a

.. wt, tl&Ll. L..wf
i r ,. .. COTLii .rs'1 ...,.. L. _. [ ttsN.,iffrHE / t.

f > ;
r'w: ;" y '" ;

.. .>> '

LiF, ::1

-- .


-- -
J. D. Striactel-oSr. trajaaactinc;

NEWS OF CITY AND HIGHRAREa beI.i.... fai L .e Oak.

E. E.Toile ese a proeioal ..ieit -I .msoirs. .j

COUNTY CONDENSED to Stark yesterday. '

).rise Data Davttor. of JackeoariUc i* ;, ..

i PLUMBINGaHw.a ia the city aa a r..a to friend, ...
of General Intercct Oatb-
Matter: *
Cha. V. )Ii: *r and C. W.: Eaai of

-ed by Ocr R-tporten Ocala Hove, were yesterday rendered at the Brown .t Another Bargain Week

PERSONAL AND SOCIAL ITEMS a S B. J. Rivets nf Cyril machini at i tl

the biff: mill of Bnnkley A: Baike*. wa j'

O1.' SEWERAGEat in the city yeterday.Byer At This Popular Stort. .

Deas.**** left yesterday for I .

Samp.oa City, where he will speed a
Bo ThaI -N* Who Run MtR aoH
: wiTH* Sun. day or two ...i.&ir.h, father J. 36 pieces Figured Lawns go at 7 1-2c; worth 10 and

less than .the Doogla. 8'1 12 L2c.
Hook to let. )In. B. A. ClapP. W. B. Phi fer. the naval **ore. .

,54' Old pper for sale at thi* office.Fewer ator, 1\.. returned from RochetW 29 pieces Figured Organdies and Swisses only.lie

; Gallon. .; Wear Longer; Devoe. ski prices C,.).. P. ..where he ha been. looking I r rafl.r yard; worth 15 to 20c
ht A&.eree.a..
in lat st tyU.
Ladcalling ear *
a mt Son .offie. Treasurer O. N. Saander* of Levy : 15 pieces Fine Organdies, choice only 19c yard; worth

For tb. t...t printed tiatios.ry at for peer werk.r eo tt ry7 who make his home at Broa- 30c, 35c. and 4Oc.
*:>o. Wa. among tb* prominent visitors
lowest price call at The Ban ofliee.Dr. .
to Gaiaeavill yeterday.I 18 pieces Cotton Suiting aao Percales only IQc yard.
.J. Ilarrieoa Hodge* mad* a pro
feaioaal visit to HItJi Sprint yeateVday. are DOW prepared to pot in Firsts have old my interect in CaadjKitchen
to H Pfnko** ; If I owesoy 100 Large Size Bed Spreads worth QA 17 Q/oil
Clan. PJombinj- and connect to .ewerac -
Wanted to Bnt-Faroiahed room peens, I.b.ill prevent their everywhere $1.25, this sale price *J\JU\ JL.cLvjJLLBanoUM
Ui front of your Loose and have itall claim to n e today, when they will
near parr. vita ..*.... Add re*. J
t ear Box b4G.LemIUe. ready to eonoect to th. city sewer be paid.. N". Ct>riol*. tot fclrl Walal, VI kit* Parasols and all kl.d. .< $namaserCoaw

r If yoor .If. has left yoa for the wkn it i. aeeepted by the eit,. Come Jodge J. A. CarlUle mad a profess *. KorriaJ valve In Black TaJTHa at fl.OO. White- rTa.k Silk mi BOW

.1:1.: ...... the Peare rfoo* will take, early and a.d..oWl the ruh that will .U>na! visit to Stark yetcrday.He Ji* yard.
.tate. that Btarke i* growing rapidly
car of jroa. )rears 25e. I tale place when tae new aewer are.e
and that the people of that thrivingtown
Wanted-To rent fiv. or st* -tooQt' : epted by the 'city. deserve credit for their enterprise 1VJR.S: R._ WYLSO _

iKoo* Bear M).a". September 1. Mr*.I .
William Bo*. 'phooe 181. .' All work pat la by rrgolar plumber
D. V Maine of Monteoeha
wa -
Typewriter ribbon for ate at tbi* ander a .aaitary engineer' and aue....
among the visitors to this city yeterday ->
otBee-TS ceata a piece. The. very teed. Beware of aeeeptinc say work THE CONTINENTALClFERESTJITRAXT.
:Mr. Maine, who U quite a .ncceful V. P. HARIELINB'SRial
beet ribbon *>. the market
will Jacksonville
thai not pa* loiter.tioo farmer, brought a load of fine
H.T. sad Wade Tbon.a. two : .
prosmiaisg chicken to market, which he disposed
farmer of M-mteoeha. were of at fair prier.. (Piny' eoeaer Sotttb ot tbbtoElesl
ir, trading i. the eitj eerday. Ctimte* cheerfully givers and plan
M..11*, formerly of Mclatoeh but
and .peeiflcation. drawn op in accordance
For Sale Fiee-roovn
1 dwelling and
now of Qoincy., where he U connected ,
acre II in North' oOlne.ville. Ad- with New \-orlr..Dd ..IukloD..iUe8'Dit.
with an eitenure tobacco farm wa Estate MJTICE.Hating
d,.... Lock Bv* 17I.Oineville. Fl.Fr'.Dch .,. Requirement. renewing a-qoaintaoce* in this cityyeerday. j

f/ Dr. Oordoa B. Titon will Mr. Wait' friend are secured the services of

b. gratiOkd to team that he i U oat Country work vpecialty. Kipertion : glad to 1 learn that he U p TV*peri.c. two ezr-eriCBCed<< restaurant and

$. again, fjter an Illae of .....r.1 day. sewerage for eoontry come.. Among the ...,I-t.owa Wet End 0Agency.. I hotel people we arc in a position

F -. W.Jr ted-By position vUitor Gainevilte' Mr. .
yoong m.D. a to are and: Mr. now to give you service second to

clerk in retail grocery or drag stow. 11-. O CoUon of Jenning; Lake, pioneer co place ID the and
The S. J. Thomas Ce.l.alneille. city a trial will
Add re.. 7O4 Liberty .u....,. WetCily.. citien of the county. Theyare
I ( fro. nice Cottage in nab :::arin, (:..! convince you of it. May-al-k/xne*
Have jour tationery printed at The FUrM en route to Visit :Mr*. CcaSon ales
j >FSS I w. taken the bt ..nof
Ban offlc*. Fir ,-<<,I... work prorcptlj ter. :)1,*. Tnton. at Campy.))... and ex- S nice 'SoiUhg Lot and House
,, delivered at reasonable price i I. oarmo..o. I peel to leave for that place ton*.
The intense itching t.rae'.f.'ie of rear C'lIi..nity..on.:
While here they. are guests of :
.a alt beam and eciema i* iatantly allayed "1.'i..I.1 Sere Lot.good bCMI... fine location. Op*n Early and Late. Drip C.ffee'
Jam** It Pell. a Aieceetfal planter fazCbamberlaio'.Sal.e.A. Mr. and Mr*. W. W CoUon.Mr .
t/y apply $2.U10If
$ of Ilagoe. was .i.iiing relative and and Mr E. L. who have Wrtera If'a)..
a cure for kin d..*..... thi valve i* I you want the best on the market
transacting boinea io ibis city ye*. unequalled. For ale by all drojEjcitt. been re*id ing in New berry for sometime *eHarmelinic.. be tau lt-prices right.
..rd.,. bare removed to W'.O.&d.! .
T.aa..1 .
The regular weekly meeting of the too
t Jeb pre*. and cn11 printing oa 'fltin l local .ootlD.a which. place they will make .' 1 T.
camp. of the World fU.1 ---- --- --- -------- --- F. THOMASUNDERTAKING
ture home. Mr.' and Mr.
ale Lyle
order for
fair at bargainApply
a .
wit! t. held in the lodge room. 113 Mr B F Hampton ha*| returnedfrom
.,.Y to Mr J W, Cannon. tOt 8. popular young people, and will be
East Colon street, this eDio<<. ; Rotnoke. Ala .< where.. .be ha. CO.
nr mined by their' numerou* friends in
There will be work, and a full attend 1 been on a pleasant visit to t..rmnlb.r.
)I... Lennrm Matson,, s *ienograph. aoce i* desired. Newberry and elsewhere hot all who Mr.. Wtudden. Friend are .. .

x formerly of th%. eiv bat roar recently The regular' mUncr GainesvilleIxxlc know them. wi.h them success 'in their glad welcome. her home -...rala.Tb. FULL LINE OF.NEW

of Jacksonville.! i. here on a brief visit. I ;. tin fhe). II P. O. E. will beheld new homeNEW .. yoaag people of North (..iD..*.
I. her parent and h..I.4I.. --- -- --. -- GOODS....
in Maeonie hall tbi evening, ntwtlh ville feel *o very much encooraged by
v At>gut W.s.kecontractor for the
lr>g* of all kltnl. Plan .. ebb hone will present paa: A full [ YORK I held the lat of July, that they A<..UE-VT. ) RMUXI

Cash tried, r.'ni.b.-d it require b-.Hd.1 atlendanee i i. deirrtf. I have engaged the world-renowned %
dre. 11O2 Alachoa a avenue E. ror' Sate! Cheap-A .eeocdhandptano. '! Mr" Jar ley with her remarkable collection -

L.W. Jarkton local manage cook *store healer b.d*r'.om | of wax work fitness, tc lOp in sad 1KOFE>CE.N.'

Hit.ger ewing ......hi.... left je t.rtl.jf .ui.. and undry household and kitch*! North Gainecvill.. on her war aroundthe i V See oar saopeePeroa.al

>r taints In the* East ):rid He ..a. ,' .. article. Call a* my hoo- and ee : RACKET. world, The exact date i* not

pest.. to b- absent .. ..nfd.'.. them, and take them at your own i t known at present, but it will, be in lass .... MU1.season and te.etrapb 10 aU &&,ord-..._..

'..-. .croa.| .d.llt'io.*. lilac Rib I fr ee. Wm. N Sheat September. prv.ly a'tea
hen Vanill U>*. twiee as far a* other. It.. C Glover of Cincinnati' one of C. N KirkUad cf Ocala I. in the ---- ---- --

.atrael. Ask for R''.. Ribbon Vanilla I I the mot widely known and mwIees.fol *uc* city. Mr: Kirkland wa formerlyprocretv al i I Gainesville Florida.

and .ay*It plain' There'* none Jail a* adverUiac specialty men on CHEAPEST STORE ON EARTH young merchant of Lake .

a-od I I I I the road i It in the city, ),I,.' Glover City, bat i.i now connected with the

J. J. .. the naval Lar.dley.l..rtl.l.i.p.ei.lsie. i. Porter-Mallard: Company of Jackaoc
Hay man nuns ot<''* and. *
ator of lx *hloo' .% -l.o .11ft! own v.lu.1. oa* of Ik. Lea pated men ia '..i. .... will. aih .eal. grocer. H. it a Miss fcbcau'sSoardingiflagichool;

able property her, left yesterday. ia (h. eoantry ,stockholder and an officer in the company -- =--- .

r.. rU'r. JJ pert l looking after hi. in. I II. i ierei bat it also .'doi... a tarn" on

I j jMr Jl'stT UECKIVLUANOTHER the road, this being hi.* territory H*

., W. t: Hiker left y-t-rdsy for READ THIS. isHlPMENT OFRoundtree i. clever,and t. enjoying a floe trade ;

lv. O' where.. she Ala June I In this section. _
r e* teas <'tsar< ,. rravaM willetMl % few dsys with her ro.- K W. Hall m Loot 1> I Attention is directed to the serer
band who I Is e-ftabtUhtnc .. .btr. tb S.r-I have Uren a great *..fle"r e.1 Trunksand t.eemeat of The G W H yd* Company, 31 }V.f1 _MainGAINS !

ii ....ine.* there. bladder trouble for two year nnd my I which appear* eleewhere. in skis' ioe \.ILLE. FLORID

A II. V C...*-U of hl.ad tiro.. I. in case WL of a very evere nature, comIIB -i Valises This enterprMtnic company, in order Io
.. .. ] .. ... to h... several taiaful and.dagero 1 make room for fall goodf. some fwhtch The
:4 t' City oa a v.*i1 l tu hi '.r. Mr. Thirty-ifeird Year
o ra.ioa.. I ..*.. also vak- open Secvtember .
M W )L Met He U .*ry ..thu.ik.- 1. en many diCvrent ret e.l.e.. I took 1 1I Die 8T\M>ARI> OF PERFKCflOrttiar I, have already begun to arrive 17. 19OJPearce.

sir Worelnsa.. ...! e..... Is attend the I $.aR>p Root for three year and VVar- alr. of Trunk* aitafVal. areotnetLiag are o9.na< *pci ht .alo la many -- --_ --- .---- .
tneetinc of that order tonight ..,', inf. Core two Tear and thev lmmea. becaa .4" carry 1 line, and i* would ray barr,in-hnnt. ..

F W J tiello.h... lIad.- tad only havigt.. gave-o temporary ot--ratK* ao-1 relictft.r pra -arias the .t-
$' versaub..dlto' el The "'UI..to.r.| the third, I aw your T.... Wonder .I' not b- m.. t.t'\!. If you are .:oil!Jt snail or hl J'b04l.ill receive theme House
.4ertUe sad purchased bottle.. ,, call careful\; att-nfon a* personal
.OC"". t* >** luwn yesterday aadmade ass, VT'-e U. ,
1 rot atnxwt immediate hl..r.DeS>haveevtiued I chat ta the tore C-.raa":: .
X-alH. .
is' Th. Sun an acreeable call )&r. ** Improve .<_ .JITIL&.a..P L&...
i alto.ay U ...ki.. an ..e.lle"t raper+. My demos .*.! ny taadder ever bad crownte Oa account of the home-coming of Thoroughly
of The Atl cxte ether ,In three place, and 1 ... Wm J Bryan the Atlantic Coat Line ReaoT tbd aad Under' New
b .I I .wSertag: alnso. death. will sell| IW... Management.SI .
; MU. Uaara $..i. I..oI of Waldo w* No man living. The DIXIE GIRL from.11 poiaU oa this
can ay more th&j I caa for yo..r Tex- line to New York. !
in the city a few noun )....nt., She, a. WooUer. ta d I call II a work}*. retarn for one to S1.50 Per Day. MtaUZSc
,.... fare pin $: ::s: Ticket oa ale Aa-
'-1 en to Inere. where .Sensed I h..p. all wh.*aSer will
h*. *eep'e;h aid. :>ftk. Una limit leaviaffNew : -eeet4 ...... av tfc- .....-- ttwlk

the C tr.* Co..ty At.tret and Realty am Yo-wr truly York sot later than hertember4th : F. T. RUTHERi-

Coca *..y. of ..hwI'" :'. Haker. of W- C. Da IIL. and Misses 5.-. year ..*..*., railroad a.ont 4R0. 1fI.at. +

; this.. city' M at the head. A TEXAS WONDER. or write for Pallamaa rerratow. and I -- -
: fall '.r "".1"" .. to Frank '
I. C. BoyUiwn.Dte .
tsr J P I****** of Arra4ia.' rator Onanaall bottie of the Txa the MM> that the t-eoel are call '

of the M.lbdl.l.henh! .. .. at that plaee.fv tlali. Urvotl Dwieovery. ..*rw Wydr. alt ,Lag f**. Tky ar* mad cf soul Waiitrrand &rt.U.* .Pa..eat.r.JaekaoavtII Acent.. Flo. At.oasistr..s lIi.s. Nero Ne..

.r *....Uac a few day I. this.. city kidney od bladder. *roabVe, *. removes wear well, look will aDd the prier .. .
a. a ...*' of K.... T J Niion and oih.. travel. e.r.o 4rb.L..emtoal ......: .. within the reach of all. Try a pair The asm.r.w rtetkd* la this city of

.r friend*. left ,..,.nI., I., point" on *..<-....---.k tall laaii bock, rk.sss.. .. where.. ... Udaagater.. M.* Casts. will b*
the East c..a. ke will a 1
p sauna add aU l.
tmwcaJarlt. .
** of &M ailsaey team s ..IItI.1
few day bfr. retaminc ILLa. $ sad *4ow4r *. beta tars sal pleaded t. that they. kav. retamed + 1lii

....... Mw the '' lath wvme.r.tsiaaso. btatdder traabiw. ta & n mber, ire HU goods at *. Glne. .T y. y ac aan I
...'W..... If... and will ,
sold by pose.nacc. RACKET: : agaia aaak this *Veirkwoa
.npiy of ,.. leathern Bell TeUphon PRICKSPHI
W\.U M"1 its r.**." of $l. .. They art la?a>..d at the p "* FHCJ s.
*> On. who.. had the *n.foetaae tot ;Ow. ....', bwttU M awe o.-ktJha tre.*. $"
hoaae. 4 4 fTet ) ..
t: ....ai. *er *w* la j....... by alhac INCa most sad .>V4ona fail t. awcfa-M a. -*etE wren,
ear*. Dr. Kr..*.t vr U .. .1I et. ha lea boss enlarni. fad wtkv:
: a Wphone ,. .. has\ ..0.1.0.*. aa.*ai ovafatar *- ; ,
P C>. sat S:1 FR "sudsiwprev.d.. .... Pttt
e. it. Lwia
,. .... t* b* et sire. If* esa....t* tb I fair .*... a oajia.> Ball Ira i.Mew4 w.*..1 BROS., weie.m" M.. aSsla. ... -WUI"j QA "CS !T, e j,
...*...1' r..*.*..... ia a fv day*. M OU.Ma-O. rk l.:-. d..taba bs kept ttsay ........* q; 1111. .J
.o.etS., r.. ... .
,1i.. s rot tine ee.s isle rya:

:.... .t ... j. ....... ., .L...
"W.L. ;: .t It .j1 : .r..A: 'j 4 ,.. ; 1:4t.: .:.3:, ..! -I&' '" :...;: ; i'" ;



,- ': f' "
.- 1

} .

I .. jIJr 'ingbitttnn. 'i.

----= :- --' -= =- Published Twice aWeek--Monday' and Thursday

VOL. XXVI. NO.I:; tAlxEsvIEi = -- r y _

( --E, FL)11111.-( ) THURSDAY. &UG11ST 2: ,-19Oh ONE DOLLAR A YEAR

....... .. . .- .
WUMArT an j a* m.ijj t>r the nt'IK\b-"JI TURNS SHOT TO DEATH BY MOD.Negro .
j I'
*1 de; ,

AS lESULT OF ATTACK lu if, m., a\\lil I.with Man: : Attempted to Criminally Ascult
fniit, M I. liuiitr. .1 ON HIS BROKERS LttX. Q rl.
hu\ln8 .
f. .
un BY
UIH' n".t..u. Columbia 1!. < .. AOL ::.-IKib Ktherldtte.
leiltu. lifted the ;... !h !.
bl,. ,, the uegnt wao." on Thursdaylast
Hundreds of Men anif .dn.l carried it to his :'tjtn, *
are SearchingFor ""h.t, attemped to crtntlnlly assault
'\l'rr ;>o* Hjle aa.fatanc.,
Fiend. rend i're.! U) Lra Itoy and I KUoh.t I" j- Defaulting! Bank Teller Tells olPi tU'_- i-)ear-old daughter of T. 11. \\vst, Convulsion Produces Furthtt
who A wtMeto-uu la\ikvr ut kh* Mouutt
phoiiv hard Hnd been notified o"cr the tele Ifd ri U 18. lluiig section I ut ..Mluaa county was Panic at Valaparaiao. + ,
arrtveil In their .
NIECE OF INJURED WOMAN HIT ter her injuries had 8111lJ4. Af ---- on Mundti) nljEht taken to the seen -

was, trnJrrty placed been In "rn'.1! she! CHISHOLM PLEADED NOT GUILTY uf his: crime, by the father of the IIItlr 0000.000 FOR NKLIKF OF PKOFLft
a lar;e. tour\ \ Kir I. and shot to deathVv,.ll
Mlaa& Ethel Lawrence ins; car and .
l I. brought: Into thw
SufferingWith city
an,1 I
l >ws IS miles |u the countr) .
a Broken A". a Fractured Taken ai to theVelej Memorial hmj.lt, Say H. Conferred Frequently With l&heildge was emplojed at 'lAr, All Public Bodies Co-Operatlng In M., i

where an operation was performed, Sims About Fl' house uf ,\.... Thursday aftvriiouu.. hak .. ,
Head and Her Right Eye Wa remo\tnK,. her right Trading- a Invest Its Work-Town of Qulllsta. with a
eye which hail "' l the litl. girl to accompany blu.
Goug.d Out. been, almost knocked out. mt to the barn to feed th. sluVk. II
Atlanta It was found necessary to ue I: Loa. of 10.0OO. was while" there that Kthvrldge.,'" I Destroyed.
Aug. 22.
-A* the result of ..tltrlIn .wlnK
up the Rashes on a desperatv effort to assault the lltlU
cowardly and bruuil ;&tl.u. upoa the forehead of little Mabel. Her In Itlrmlughaiu. Ala.. Aug. ::.-The l.liua. taro Aug 22,--Ther* was' ,
Miss Xthel Lawrence.! of Loa.lua.n IK' jurieit. though painful preliminary trial uf Alexander HCbl.b"IDI. Ctrl' placing his hand over her mouth another heavy earthquake shock at
land. 'and her Httle niece. Mabel, 14 and It .Is bellered/ that not she dangerouM. wit who, as paying teller of thvMrsl to muftle h, r sermons. 8h. was alparalso last night According to H
horribly bruls.>d. but tb. fallc'
year old. by a negro nE'ndIoula) recover within short time. National Hank, of tUrmliignniu In Isle near tft. 'latest reports received her front '
morning Just a stone's throw from l'ounty officers friends and defaulted! fur $IOOIMH., which hv claim" odorNN. thu seen of the earthquake, the towitof '
the home of the little girl thr quar born flocked to the" scene. at neigh to have test in bucket shop specula. It .was reH.rtod that the girl could Clulllata. atlualetl about 2t. miles

tats of a mile from the end of tt.e Co- where> the>' receUed an excellent" once description lion and \V. J. Him and I* 'I. 1'ayr.. nut her .recover.....thaa- Runs her Injurlrs an. trusts \aiparals4i, and having a poi ll
,pen bill car line the Hunt lien in a of the negro from the niece" manager and clerk of tilberl A Clabrukeis. > expected al any ann utatlou of some ten thousand souls,
dying condition at the She charged wl.h alJln and abet meut. llowevwr. M Ions: dl nce meate '
NVelo Menn declared him to be about 23 > iron the I bas been cumplclvl) desuuyvd.At .
Hal hospital; the niece U. sufft'r1u.; )earn old. G feet In height clean share flog In OhUholm's defal'.atloii. lt,ass iHteil that there: attending physician l.lttsa. l'.ru. this ,morning there t
'from three blows on the forehead, itt oI.: nearly bald. .with a protrudingiorehead 1 :Monday before {'nlt.N.ah'. l ummi. I her sutvlvltig. was somo hopw ut was a light shock and lluacho was

fllcted by a big stick and the country and a thin face wearing bro stoner1'ast... Chlsholut said thai --- shaken by" an t-aribquak yesterday.liueno .
for mile around Is being: scoured b>. gan ..lIu..... She stated. that site\ could his transactions In cotton,, carried on -

mall mob and pos_a of determined, men who will takfc the law. in th. liowfl lllitudbounds were burrletl to ids name of H M, Webster. lie bad toldManaxer the Naclon to-Uy published a specialulMMtrrt

hands If they succeed in Il dlu.. kceno and within Iwo mluuteji too;' Kim that >\'etxi| 'r was a "You Have Ruined My WI,.." Ourto fnun ....1...... '''I'hi.' ,aniiottitcliiK a
'the guilty brute. sop the. scent winch was held<<" fur It wealth friend residing lu Augustu. Cried. that '.'HHI prran.lu.l the,r 4 Y

In the attack upon the aunt h"ir hair mile, at wilier point u was brok U a. Ocala., KU Aug 21.-It t:. \Vl.hurt. iut.. M* a ,n''f ih. urtltquakH e
I1&bt.cye was gouged out. her n<"<> eu, Another trait was taken lilt It i Ou (eiamlnailon t'hUholm'' told of this rlt).. .war killed al H.11"t.... "'hocks and fires t ValparaUoi. that
almost entirely severed.. one .if h..i abort iJUianre further on. _which wa s how.. just Itefore be went" away uu bin Ion I'MKCO '.''.&It,. Kla,, Hunda). by A Ito tienths from tI.. sam.x caiis" .. ocurr .
Arms broken, her skull frartuie: au i followed until :3 o'clock when the tI"III:s vacation recently, tie Rot into the re. turp< ntlne man nanmi Huttoit.WUUart ,' .d at l.tittuchw. to at ijulllota. 35:
her death !is expected.The were culled off on account of toiplete derv. hot uf the bank _where ft'*'*."'") operated. a tie camp.>> at Kliren. at ftuirhllll. II at "'..tan.. tt u at l I.a< r
niece escaped 1 with I '.o! r 1 li t.'xII"uallUnt was' kepi, and gut out enough .f the and with his two daughters went I'UrlllM auj h tt latralertt, On Hun b
Juries;" aa <*ie feigned do.it In nr .\ & OCIOCK Sergeant. l Lanford of 1 money to "I'I.ly| the deficit In his regular to Butt Attotlito to bar dental work 'l.). An* 1:'. Ihwrt' was M slrou' nun.vulsiiiu '
der to secure an opportunity to inaU.. the clt) detective force arrived un casts 'the, president of the bank dour for unr1'hllr the loons Isdjrwn Mt ti'.ausialxi: which pioduu- X
her escape! and bring aid to her aunt the scene with two fresh doits nnji bad lett his. l eye lit the re.er\e boifor > l'II the ili'Mllafa rtiatr* and "'1.. t.J a tar.her panic.

The aunt had' proponed' to the nitce i took up the trail where It was left a few moments! end It was then hart was wslllug In the office, llur- | A dlp.ttrh trout Haulliigo announcesItiHt ++..p

that ,-ey make a trip' too< th.' wnod_ < off, Kurty :Monday night however that Chlsholm estraded. 'be noose) sus. who hnd a grlvvanci* agalusl 'hll j 1'sldent llctsro I* proceeding lo
lust across the road 'in qti*>.t of some he returned to the c1t,. repjrtlnK that Chlshulm pl>ade4 not KUllty auJ lenttst. wbu. nshte Is Nichols,, rvin \'a'I'' arato Mecompsnlnl t>y the ntlulsters 's
fr'Ifrl ft'ma' *{1fe! :tow: abnnJan the dogs had lost the trail. waived examination. lie then cut.nntarlly to the "nur and asked It Nichols wa' lit the Inttrlor and minister of : ,
'ly In the fertile soil ofan, antlquat t The news of the attack spread Ilk. offred tn testify against' th* In, \VI.b.n replied.>> that Ko was, war m supervise' Ih. relief. work '"
rellef'of. wildfire and brokers and made a full statement of and Iliirton thlnklug U was Nichols Messages if
breastwork a the 1 l-e chI'l hundred of men vUlted. < sympathy wer most
'W.r.'hU.... they _'picking fernn.an the home during the day to receive his dealings with them and tblo.ehe wtui" spoke, fired a load from a shol gr .irftilly received by, the a r>v"rnnient ?

<) were just. abont ready to go li. m" an accurate description of the ney-u had sustained. sa) lng that the cash gun into Wlsbails, heart. killing him sad! peo;"l" an I messages of sincere
the negro apeaml from th. ide. of and to start upon the chase in Hull used.. b) him belonged to the bank, '".tabl)' As llurton fired bw rafted thanks wen ,...bl..1 back by the CUII-
.. squads of "- (1 Hrnlth, manager of Footer ..< out ., *
the embankment. OP1"t'.lt.- to the cn ten or mo determined to sass pratdeu
they were! about to nncend"Coroe ,. take the law Into"7ieln, owu hand \'0.. brokerm. with which firm ('his NlrboU, )uu have* rulaeil niy wife.** '..h.> rallroa.l from Tllllll to haloes

with hI@O. ,rlrl". your : they were .a fortunate a. to catchhe holm .Is alleged to have squanderidover 'a.h.rt twin to KUirMa from I..HIMbvrton I. working tetfitliirly. but fnini TUtU
and brother! are not here I Path't. negro |.6.MK. and who" has charges N (' eight )rats ago and' t..i H"'III.| ao the line I I. nut wVrklng
Humor after pending against hint similar !<. those o"'lu'.1' tuoal\.III. property. thewest At IU .
yon both to RO right down here with rumor was circulatedto yolli.a.: uro I'uUvl and Tlltll
*' the effect against Hints and II.,... was not errs XMI.t the talUoAd
that the stations
me. said the negro, after which he negro had been 1 stores and dwell
grabbed Mabel. Ms black hMn clo. captured in dlrrllln vBt part of the ent. still being absent from th* city In.. have all been It.."..,.". Til.
lug around her throat, hut not unfit ; ty It l 14 estimate that one couni tb'm. i It Is retreat<1. however, that Hmllh Oeesms Crass Over Lynching. preslilent' of (.h...** has order***! that "
the girl bail first caught hl. hand sand men were securing Kulton conny .111 show up lHrf.fr fix hearing enl*. flrernwoud, tI, C. Aug, 22 -'kt"l liiit l"'hl..lI"t. construction of jtrttvUlooalbuilding 't
with her own. preventing! him fromeaoktnz t during the afternoon and night. as he 'Is said to b en route from flaw .'. a neiro :SO year i.f age Mo,., of .."u.1! and slur In order

her seriouslyReleasing Two negroes were arrested on aus York day afternoi went "'..'. thinning lu b Hi.. She hotnele**. Military err
Iclon. but when In his tentltnony Chlsbolm said that
his grip on her he took they were taken be a'D"* rs are now .lrtn.. the rail
.p a huge! stick and struck Miss Kthet 'ore Miss :Mabel she declared that he had frequently conferred with )Ir. that b* would assault> every r md. and telegraph lines,
.a terrific blow full In fie face "Please they were not the ones. Hires ubout trading and that bis firs woman h*> n,.t. Threw times b* attacked The authorities at Val.>.raUo areorganlflng

don't treat auntie like that. screar. Mls label ....,*..,... whose home Investment last February amouat*.! In ngro women. and was driven diMrlbutlng' renters when

..d the little girl anJ :tile negro turad I. Ip l.on'.n, Kngland.. came across IO.ono.. oa which' be sustained. a loe. away without doing them' Injury and fiH..| and medicine| : will b* s.rvi4: to
.. again to the child IToducInt a the .at,
coars rope from hi* pocket he tried to her brother whom she had notseen bad told him. Ills total he a with Klac. n wl It. f.rm-r. 1191.g a,. rtUpUrlng- etemplsry. p trloiUm
for Hlms have amounted to over 121.*Kxi.OwaraitUn In the Corttnara' se ..n. loudly pn. and .
'to throw It over her head and upon many years ri"irsse |large patties of e... j
being unsuccessful In his attempt, sue* A negro antwerlag la many details claiming that h* m*>Hnt to assault tb. tics who escaped from the prisons/

ceeded In lassoing her aunt. The the description of the brwtw .be neary Lie* Drawn. women of tt* plac. II. had a gun .In Chile bay been romml'tng roh-

'*lc* rushed to-Jier ...n..'. aid. Is the I killed Miss Ethel Lawrence and New Iberia l.a.. AUK. 22_A quaraottn but King succeeded In disarming him. ,series and other crimes .Valparaiso' ,
nick of time and caught the rope near wounded her al-., Miss W.bool l I... ll.e was Tuesday throws about and later securely "bound* !It. was taken t'asablanra' ..... Vlnadelutar.. ; but the

1 *r aunt's head and kept the r1Jt.. r...,... was captureJ on lower Itrraiiir the district' cumprtalag< ala square to Ur-.CIOtS. apparently a tar m.)..rl
from tightening It and choking her street abottt 2 a. m, Tuesday by Officers blocks. U which tb. patient .gSetla. lag maniac. and summarily ,h.ltUh, Upward

into neon" scion*sve*.. as he had ptaa Hannah and Kas_|| and .. now from y/tktw" fever Is located 1tvyhoes of too. have ba publicly' shot
fj.,. ;'*sd, Ta. negro again lurn.4 np> nMabl. locked I. a cell at police. headquarter. la the district baa be.a tam t H............ O* l.rst OW and this severe actUtn. on the part of "
-:' ..'. \ sad after heN had struck braowral When ('.....t. thw negro was dodgng gated. Additional dlslnfector. earn. Catea {a. Aug. 21.-sloJia, AI..aaJ K the authorities: Is ...,ri..lng a salutary

1';: rip' lerrttl. blows on her fore In sod eat assong the shadows. Iron New Or..... T.**dar sad Bvgs Dowt geld Mostday night that all nesjtxiattone effort uti the ru.nlc'r.. .
> '' I ..,... with tIM MU-1.<< she fell to tnJfrowad. III. rlotals)* was nwddy sad streaksof *gs are at work la la. avlcabo.. btwa aliMlf *t.4 Wll t.till, at Urge,

rid crying out "I'm dead.. bb* d were cone him. Ills lace baud of the' quaraattaed action, frtdent .. bur Uiaa Vollva for .*.ta-rae.t offB All! tb. ;w bU| bodle* In Chile I ate :

, x Tniaklag be had killed her, he agala bore sign of havlag been scratchedIf IrUm .... goa ta J..errttpest*. 9Uoa tangle has lease declared nit''.. er M>p >ratla In th* relief wotfc sod tbe
who ahead If by briars. The story be an adJotalB town to p owe .......! a ./..*...*. last nigh. l sufferers .
attacked the fron
. aunt wa gave.f assur tile .. la JUaster ar. ......'
:fa a stunned condition" from.I .. ftrsla .. havta. tntreled a ka,r way M s>. BvUi then Is. met dancer-- fma-- Urn--- -V-_-_- la whir a. sarn"All; in* attaui.I .A In rvnalrlnM the d.rar..l.t bulMli* ,
I : ,blow. tae meantime the little: Aay from an adjolalw tvaeff still Iberia ra... If. will. probably visit at aeuotl.llnas hav. .ad4 In fallar; aa4 fh. lelegrstpb. end! railway lino*. '
p 1Jt: <'ff t' rt, with remarkable preseac 01I farther amoe<4 the osBc. .. ..petu.. oaer nearby rxHata. pn fl*.ac* ar* I aside a rUan-cJt proposttloo. but Vo It Is reported that the Chll.. gr.yem
W C aaA be was harried to th* station l. ... llvst sad .,. ada. ....... refused to rns>
I -p.& lumped wp aad ran to ftJ Tn* patient la e.p.ed: men f will iMtrudncsj a hilt In c > v +
,ti' Mmatra reldeac v tb* nearest place o.rt.c ta* early momlac .boors. this I WMepaadsywt11. .. side 1C T *a I "r4 tw ..,..W.* green provMlag. fair th.. ...c.....,. I.awf (
.aro teak off ate' salrt. walcb a r iMsliM. fro theta bat 'It was | .
rftsw wa 'vioMii' .In fftpr ..It.*. Tb. piss
it ...... 'that ta. nut girt haJ ss. .W ody. aa4 washed U. Whwa strip- stated tw>n tay bad n. <<>ff.r. has, Jeet also prwoo**. a a/ national ....
.!Z ...... sad tartar captnre*. the negro" pelt. a little Ut.r ... kU. aa4tch...c..ta. Kn Trn.sri. o..r a W...... a*..Ulloaa closed and the. .t'. not Ik- At :2 3v yesterday there wets two .
.._.. fovad to t. 1'A.. .*. M 4ajaa Martha, lax wore at tale USA to **
i al. Vloody, Ira U hJ say
tl'ae from"la* scene, leavlag c''"- M .* farther (*,artil4 ss at short ttr/al> .
rar ap. a f *..... was tsMt '
.. NsB'mat oa la*_ gronad ra aa ..eraso ly neresos and UOa VonBtctlac Sat**. tatty. ta* bsvrk aa4 fatally ._... at ....tleaC>>. but tfcy did' acs data... i
;. ;sjrioaa coadiiloa aa la* ree.:\ of kit It waa r.* aged Oat the polVv wscr Aartann. Jt Mr. TraM A"'M.
? lMowL Jy tav the ....,.. ca*>t.r.4. fata > tarp rr roaaa of H.dhUatbera Victoria. 0. C. Aa*. tJ-Tiktfctaaa*

r'V 'AltaeragJi saava (rtgateaed cad b Iet. 1A.f't'1Mw ...... far kU>atleatloaUa sal Jams aalssDa. tie OM Mattt.ated. or Ea*""c* a f Olaa wairn I* **|*srt4 .4r.a.l.4 f... &......... I'U.dford
$.' "19 trove br wo*a4*. mil Mab ra s Ts>ee4af. TVHr plaave are Casalisey, 14 year ..w.oe t. ant.... l 4ar bas oa hoard las -' Aca. u.-x. o.rt4t t
";: ":ie _III ab. re. .... 1M .... et. M r_ Sufi. apt- ste. .... It ta e..rtaljia /.n.. ri-. was shot tarvwclita rcjalaa af Hear> Admiral 1tsia of. ,..,..., ..- a. .,..."... .aa4 .bad beau rtoo.
;- Mr"*. Haa.'r b sad 1014 a "twllliaa: wool fa|.sy If tae *, *aftjl. .ltWC1; ..rn KU art.., 2. the C lt4<< aHaUa "'7. wkj dial. al ...,....., isam health. ...... t s

''"sa"111at1: kr ....,.; Mr. H..n........} wbmalarts of tie sagas are ....,....., 1'a... .TvatMalrs eN Pao A... c. Tor ,...1_ wan .....ra.. .ttergt 10 ..ca her IU. fro ,
NNTrft t1sc, hew' asi ..... c. IVe It la ever fears<4 tau idea p.Isw star stilt' f.rsa. .tor*, to tarpi with brabt hs y..a. where dbagelr .......... tr'o't .bet reset sa4, .ew.lart :
the ....
"p-' aT fk*', boost. "attack wens ta* tine MaT a* ata *>d V/ a grebe. c.r Martha sold t-. *aou( were ..., aw t" I'altad 4tatae tfag isfa a ......,. wsta.alag. ii ,.., et w ctai. ,

-:,-" ,,seat' aasf hat Bttl*, a**** sad **sm4tW lag of Coaatea*?, It shQ .**.n..s ...< .blp O's" 'U.ir.n..t. .Tra':rear 11M T1W .rwrvkrs. btnegbt h/.r"t' .. ... .

e"\.j.,.... lltb.f Lwwrsei. sttN tsaaurlrea. e_ Ie..L.II.e ills -n.. flats a wawa aaa. Va Mar A Jr,, .w s ta( wao : ta.. des f j i 4A.11". "-.4 Plas '11esldts. IM'r rlgllt n14 Iirsbhtag the. ptI&.f .,... 'r
bst.th. ha Items \ sat Parr ..... ate t_ t'
ttwNro .essw4N la -.15.. eta '.etear.d fur
,... Jhc..u,. furl, ...... :2-n. waasl aseneptylas the rwrata. bglp. st. ": 7.
... :Me ............ !..... ,........ b ae. ew packsse ffw ins C-s- .. .""fMor., tree..." is.r .a.. j, 'h' r
Craws Kul
nsorJtalUa4 .n Taw rM Fr .
Us -.cc".r. ,, .. .... .... A ,;j
ii pit/ h1d"ttar1t11MaslStl b .'...... NttM II .. .
Traavr.lla Pita.ap tl6. Kle.f Ans.'ft + j- t' .f ,t.40
e1tA/Lrw l '
tM trtlMritl. Efk ..os. tllCat ...Stlktat N..,teas" :tws4k 'a''dlsl>Nlst..t. I ..a were "+ a tllN n ........ : 9/.. "r..t N. t14t,. r '
ad ,
wti1 tSI I t aLAh* 3N*. tb a
\ ..1' :.:; ...... fir-Aid .
\ ..,;;( : :. ok. : iMtlbht 1 :tiswrNsea' r tMtsr. f1..*.... rj 1 seya A'trtlibjllM.> tt .; fir,. r MsM1 w : ,Ass; $*-; \ '4as' '''.t ',_
.. ... .... E gMSbtt> ... ..... '
< .
.''a. 'Iltj ,..... \ PftIM11t, r- ..A' ':: MIMJ :;:, ."

... : ..,......... "

,t ? ;

i "oo .' ".,,-,--r.'....,: ..'
-' j
'j -. ...,. .,- .,." .

4 <, T;


-- ----- -
c ----
-- ,
)1 ..,..><-.a FROST IN VERMONT. ,
-- --
HairDressing .. Ou ton Writes from Townthend :
of Reported Frost 'in That Section -
Col. II. ) Dutton has received from CASTORIA
j> Vermont an .Interesting letter from hi*.

Many Individual Awards Were, good wife, who i. now sojourning at I
Townshend. 1 I'
Accorded the Teairff' ( For Infants and Hiildren.
It Is nothing uncommon for Col. Dot .
-- likes fine ton to receive, from )1,.. Dutton an interesting -
Nearly one a -
? LIEUT. BLANDING WAS HONOREDHas hair dressing.every Something to letter but the uuommnnly & The Kind You Have

Interesting point In. this particular TQRIA
Seen Selected| for Third Time to make the hair more manage-. letter was the reference of the lady to ifi"

' c Represent Florida State Troops at able; to keep it from being the effect that a frost was reported on Always Bought

from splitting the hill farms iu the vicinity. of thetown
National Shoo.-Ird.ldu.1" Distinction too rough or AVeCe Preparation> for Assimilating
the ends. Something too lit which sho is sojourning.The .
u to Sergeant Ooyd. at ,
letter was dated on August 1.1,. Bears the
Gainesville's crark rifl"tenm from that: will feed the hair at the LngtheSl
Wednrsday, and proved of uno.ual interest 1
Company H. S Second Infantry Florida' same time, a regular hair-food. on account of recording' a frostat INI-AXIS C HlLDUt V ;

State Troop', being. the Gainesville Wcll-fedhairwillbestronc.and this season of the year. _._ SignatureproutoOesDigeslion.Cheerful
Guards, .returned Monday from St. will remain where It belongs/ But notwithstanding that New. Kng-: -
Augustine, where they hale been contesting I land can produce front in August.
on the head, not on the comb nosandRe5tCOntAIMndtha.
for 1',1&for the past few days' Florida Is cool and delightful at this 1inua1.NOTNAHCOTIC. of
in the !State puniest. While the trama The".old beet for kind over of a>sixty testimonial years" time, and those ..lInfonoo.'...." who Optum: lorphine nor .

a whole did nol bring back any have occasion to remain here for financial .
...., _
Hfate price, three. were several Individual 4.4 new. .j_1.0.__ere.....c... r. .t and other reasons are enjiying

honor bestowed upon the team : their nocturnal slumbers with peace ..

for marksmanship. 'ifersSARIA'AMUA: and comfort. Jignts Jw1R .
The train comprised. flf*> men. anjlwas -- -- -
V In command of Lieutenant \V.Blanding. Oalveston'a S.a Wall .......Jas.'-. t In I IIIr
--- -- -- --- -
The team entered a* a matter Makes life now .. safe in that city as ;:.:..r.LKew
for the hand- WALDO NEWS NOTES.AccltJ..nla1 the higher E.V.. Good- / J.
of court the contest. on nplands. : )
: rome Taliaferro trophy, which gr,ee to toe, who resides on Dutton 8t., (in U'a- 4.rM: UseFor
Shooting of a Small Boy. ,
the winning team each year, and cameout eo. Tex., needs no sea wall for safety.
Other Notes_ of Interest. t Remedy for Constipation. -
? r remarkably well, but St. Augustine He writes : "I havensed Dr. King's Apcxfrcl
was the lucky winner this %,.'r. Waldo. Aug. 2O.- Two small sows of New Discovery for Consumption the \\'ormsconvulsions.feverisl\-.Sour Slonvich.DiarThoea.

Lieutenant Blending won the flrst Jasper Hirickland went out to kill a past five yeah and it keeps me well and Loss OF SLEEP. Over

}r prise in rapid firing, :'X%) yard, and chicken and (on. hut the other accidentally and safe. Before that time I had a Buss -..-
f4"' eeeond prise medal] In the Individual with a pistol the) ball entering cough which for years had been arowng Tac Simile Signature of

match the Jaw and lodging In the neck. wore. Now It's gone Cures &Z .; YearsCASTORIA

The tram was also ,recognized reeelvlng The wound under the tr.aru..al' of ehronlo cough, la grippe, croup NEW YORK. Thirty
fourth place out of fifteen J>,. Boring, i Ie not serious yet. whooping cough and preventa pneo-

competing team, which Lieutenant j jBlandlng The white "'. so disastrous. to orange monia. Pleasant take Every bot-

consider unusually fine, tree, has made Its appearanet in this tie guaranteed at all dreg stores Price

considering that this Is the tint year vicinity in great numbers attacking BOo and ll.OO. Trial bottle free. "
4 various trees, aud Is the only insect
M the team has worked nn a government ---- -
range. ,He is very proud of his team known to infect the China tree. Runaways Galore. EXACT COPT OF WnAPPCB

and declared that with proper practice Mrs. 8. i'. Entente and little Mice i Monday' was a red-letterday for run ewe___._.... _a a..et.

they would be as a whole the best Bernic returned Wednesday after along ....,.. 1 he mole-the "faithful genie .

i in the. Florid State Troops and among and very pleasant visit to rela tl mole" Maud-which has been so
the.brst In th. country. lives, in South Jacksonville and friendsat long In the employ of Saunders A .

t+ Brgeaa> O. I)< IJoyd was honoredby Mnyporl.New Earle .. a draft animal took a sudden -- --------
being third highest man In the l.OOO sweet potatoes are selling In notion to show what she could do on
yard contest which I. one of the moat &the. home market at eighty cents per' a sprint with the result that tfaunde.ro
; r
bo.hel.) A large has been plant THE ALACBUA COUNTY ABSTRACT CO. Inc.
difficult contests In use, Sergeant BoydIn area A Karle sustained quit a loss. Not ,
this match demonstrated hi. ability ed. content with tearing up the wagon to I I ESTABLISHED !.'.".

a* a marksman. Mrs. M E. Robinson of Tampa is which she was attached, she ran into f The questionof
Lieutenant Ulandlng was elected asa visiting relatives here and at Oaloee- another vehicle owned by the firm and Render. reliable .erviee. of every sort along the line of

member of the crack team to attend ville. used for delivery purposes, "wrecking Title) the Land Titles in the Mate of Florida, particularly

I' the Rational shoot at Sea Girt N. J., Mrs )Mudget. after returning North he rear wheels.' The animal( was ft. I Aluchua county
which will be held In September bee several yeare ago has again eome to ally apprehended after doing the first consideration -

glonlog the 4th Lieutenant Blending Florida to stay, and .will be Joined damage referred to. .for !srECIALTIEMt!' Ab'mtraetaurTitle.; Tax SaleAgrnN Searches

J. :- Is a good marksman the beat evidence here by relatives later who will. come A few moments after this runaway I fer >'on-Keol -
Tewn, Etc.References. .- -
being the fee that he has been a member to live with her. a hone attached to a wagon, and belonging the investor. -- -

of th. Florida team for the past A. Jolly of Orang. Heights sold to II. N. Arnold of Fairbanks,
two years nee year shooting at Fort I syrup over a year ago to b. paid for In became alarmed at the approach of a | Firm National Bank of G jloe..llleo. H. F. '
_b' Rile,, and last year at 8ea Girt where lumber wheu wanted Upon going rain on the Atlantic Coat" Line amt Dutton A: Co.. Banker. ", .M y yt
t. :. he rnsde good records, for the lumber a few data ago h.* made a bold dash down Union .t reel t

., found the pr'.. had risen from $10 to and over Into East ,, Th. End of the WorldOf $2O per thousand the price; of syrup the animal was caught the wagon ;

troubles that robbed }:. If. Wolfe remaining. the same. having collided with a telephone pole
Col. White of Cedar' Key accompanied RECIPROCITY.
k of Dear (lrov.. la., of all usefulness at the corner of Prairie and Alacljua
by Miss Burns, visited his
a.eriou.damag.wasdone .
came when he began take. avenues.
daughter, Mrs. A. L. King, recently to either horse or .
lag El. eel Ha mU. .. He writes t wagon
Mrs. It. Campbell and daughter .
"Two years ago kidney troubl.I.u.ed
; Mis Hlaachs). are visiting h.,.. Cured Hay Fever and Summer" Cold. ,
m.greal suffering,which I would never
Mlse. Cornelia Trowbridge has returned A. J. Notbaum. Batesville. Indiana. \Ve recrgnlte: the fast; that the
have survived had! I not taken Electric success of a bank most be
Bitters, They also eared me of generaldeblllly. from ...11 to Jacksonville. writ.'; "Last year suffered for three built on the prosperity of it* customers ; hence the patronage *
E. It B. Kite has presented' his wife of depositor and worthy' trarrowers
." Core our. for all atom* month with .ulllm.eold so distressIng reeiated with is always ap-
with a fine new plaan from Lad!den A that U Interfered with. bnsines. .. due ) eonfltietint" friendly counsel and
:"p' ash, liver and kidney complaintsblood' my a regard for the character of I.aline-
diseases. headache, dlsslnesa and Dates.Mrs.. I had many of the symptoms of hay \ tween the hank and its pii.tomer., : -
.. _.. I t I I I I
A. U. Dirt has cone on a visitto -- .
weakness or bodily decline J'lo.OOo. fever, and a doctor's prescription did -- -- -
Guaranteed at all drugstore., her parents in New York not reach my ease, and I took several
Mrs MM Che .. le on a visit to her medicines which seemed to only

.. aggravate
FF '- sister, Mrs, J. B, Kennard. here. my t'.*.. Fortunately I Insisted OPEN AN ACCOUNT NOWOn

$ Waldo Hicks! was one of the tolJler neon having. Fnley's Honey and

boys at Tampa Tar and U quickly cured me. )ty wife
Claud. bparkman Is on a visit to No. bse since used Fol.,'. Honey and Tar Time
Deposits 4
; SM Us for Kleven; lake to recuperate Irom a spellof with! the same eu cese," ...J.V.. MeOollum we pay per cent and compute the

IUn..... A Co. interest quarterly. : : : : : : :.. ,
J. I.. .:"'.0'. has disposed! of his interest .
In the Kl I Antonio cigar factory

all to Earle Trowbndge and will locale I a JWliss oboau'soarding '
business elsewhere.
- --
Oeo. Orenjrwr, engineer of the Ha- The Bank d/1 Alarlm'a/ .LutitM.

P. baud Air Line Railroad na. pure ;
PLUMBINGand chased the gins and grtst. ralll of N.1v ; 2 ay school l lI ,

t llaekett and. It Is ran by his son, : __ _

I), I.. Brsnn'.eg sold twenty head of art)_ West _Main Street 8.
Tin Work saute Saturday to A. I). TUon at 110 I Oitllst.Tb.
per hes-J (l.ltNf:+ .. .
A I -- -

Deafness Cannot be Cured I II TtitMy-tbir4 Year opens September Ideal Fountain -

By I Ives) a f plica, lions, as they cannot I IT. l ,$.
reach lb. diseased portion of she ear.

urn There is oily one way toenrede.,... Pen and r
sad tkat Is by e. >*titatlo al ,....I4Iw... Ink.
run i>
!>.etn.. &is .we4 by an inSamed.oa-
) AUK: d'It tan of the tnaca llnlag of the Eutsehlas .- '
h UII.HTWOttk Tv bVh.n this tube ls Inflamed CO. I

., "II you bare a ,rumblie M..s a r -
: ;.' inrrfe "..ri.<<.astd when It te eo Parker Lucky Curve :
llrlv. .> .J. deafae .Is the result, FULL LINE OF

lil'llttsTflIti: sod ui.le.. IH. iafianin.ati4>. can boP MB\V 0000.--...

taken.t avxl tale lobe ,..'0..... ta Its .
-- --
normal e.a4lll., aeaneg will n* le. Fountain Pen ,
strayed forever. i .... ..-- owl .l tea AU L"IT'a t'.1oiIXOSrJlL'T1' ;'

are e...... by ealarrNokltk. lsn tklaj, TGJI-T1r.t.- P

eat .. laflasaed! eosxlitlost. temecVe ::* 1 aar IItOS rZIill ... = :: .,
4) ...,.....
e.. .
0 ew sa.W.ar
BAIRDHardware \ .m give Oe. U......... Z>e>liars H. C. STEVENS r:

ts r say ee ee srf ss.fs>esj. leaved. bye .J ......... M .. ..........
.tatri that ce>*. kw. ..re Ca'arv% C..... ........4reaitersvrr... -nsa.rw--.ta.a.....aM...11. J. J. .l.r.
r. J. Tlalsiq q.ate. -
} \ -
Co. | .... .. cr.r. .1" ..
., ,....,.. ....'. ": ... j', ", Je'LORID
-. ,
a,. ..J?" y* '-", l '.1. .\ s.;,}0.r'"r .. """ ..."... v-. ..'

t y d4r. "



tl1 0
". ""
l Y t.
iU 1 Jti

>..---*- '

: .UNIFORM I + -- .

Popular-A., C< 1 I:. Conductor's: Chest I SCALY ECZEM)) GOOD WEEK FOR BABIES I i

Roobed of Clothing, Progrst.,,,,. Tow of R eh.lI. Rapidly 1 I

Captain Baket of the Atlantic C" ..: licrsa... In Population; PRACTICAL V/OIW.J .1..1.t

Line Ie.aho.* t.n.t nnifo'm <* 'i(cj, Pafflele: N TCXT1LC.Georgia ,
t. \ c :;nor:! and Mr' K
of the D..t.\ lantern id I I.. .' 'F ALL OVER BOO! It: ar rrrl.rne. .1 thlsufien.n. ff..n, I I.r
whl h .., l1' t, .. .
and h i' } eo. i (1 *.1! : tt, : month's T.. t',. =f' 'mi I
little "wad.** "Jt. resui. vj' hat :. '.it .I it I +. t

his trip tooth ,on the J.ek""t..01I.o-: Eruptions Appealed Chest >.,.. i'
Petersburg run day or two ag/ r... Face on and are the cu..t. ofIr.. JcN. Xirtuer
Neck Were All Broken. I I1 I
was wearing: eltl.. clothe& v.1 1..,..;. : :Mara :\,TMb'tronee ret mieit fromIAIUIH
did not deprive him of lii Out Sea es and Crusts Formed ( .
el. ,
-s..me!'*, fndaj after a il< *...nt vi.lt
but his:official dignity in -10.:1: Lady Has Great with '
app**< r'rl.: > Faith friends Mud relatiii4 \\ e wre 1

On nl. trip north it U .the cu.t. 1.1 .. in Cuticura Remedies for Skin clad: t.i welcome Mi: Mabel hu..... as

Captain Baker and oth.* j it t..-'..r.- Oi Sf.1St" ;. .i.e: wa* .,>rrly "i..J (iu the church I I1.

reaehingJaoksonvill. to dep''+ii 'h"r'! :M.a. Cons R,i.4 of U\t.. alter Mrek' ,
uniform In a chest provided f"r >lot ANOTHER .malt her* the cn: >-.t of Mr I .

porpo and don their ehiE.....'* ol I..r.t ears, WONDERFULCURE .t'n..e, returned home Friday

Captain Baker did thi. a. usual. tut BY CUTICURA"I The |Mtpnlallon of our little town

this time he might have been a 1 1,1t, :.. -- iitinues i to incr>>ie. Four dear litle .
careless la looking hi. l hat'J( boys gladly welcomed
: chest, ay h.'n, ; had an niption I\\'JY'aY'\ n wv' were
some fceartlesa raeal went in 1.I.d'! shirt t 11",1 I li.lj itn.l. rxt.n.t l 'Ii\; .r\i* here lat week" .\I.GJr.. ittut Mrs.
helped himself to the uniform ant d!..An A:ird;. .... that iu>" neck" and Prince are rejoicing over the arrival of
Baker fiiiv wi n> till l t.nl..t' n"l. oLio: n'.y annul a little ul'h,,'.. ." "
Captain was School of
KOId.na'urt'll} m and the lower limlm n.* rar ti, tin: ls.ti.-v... Technology
telling of the loss however. and wi'l' 'I :it tint tI"," hl it V.H rntklhe;it. Raymond Dicks uf'tat... prlnz i I.
.ecu re another uniform at once (li tut muni M al<-H or f'ru..t.. .'M'''-') \\h rwtho Uiilntf his si.'..,. Mrs. Owen, Kay

-- t l.r'al..llltC; out \u.4". InMtad of K/;<>m,( mend has made many fri..n.h. them.flier I.h.>n. >>>|.* MISS MILLER to n i.,h\:-It"au. 1 iHirrh.Md 1 H 11HIII|,Irte I..n,t awl In H* *..*!. .In .ont-P ",...._l lh.
APPOINTED > his dt'Junlur.ill be reicrettetlJ. n_ .<.ff *, ... nj,K..|_M _h..i
tn :it n> tit >f tli..- ('uticura ltcnatd. .N'a, ill Free .
\V. Scholarships > 4r
McCarley. who has been
which I luwl prrat, faith &nd all *H4siti our _7\Vw lT"frit''lThri.l'iit, tT'..TnA
"Young Lady of Lake City Will be Appointed "fuctorj A )oar or two "later tt.., worthy and faithful agent for the past .......t" ... .... ....... T.... .........,.... ..h...'.... ... ..... "1'r...,."...," sot nn/r. ,- Iale.l
to rams.....f inf..rtna..... .11_...."... eI.anaaee'f "". li.'wsn Teh 1.., ....-11". ..........,.. t
High School : 'rIJI'liuu| ap|il I again, only u lit tin month, leaves todayfor KtoMick.' .t..nmit mi...i in Mwhanw l. .:Wvtrtrnt. l'.itl.' % Inane. aol! foal nvinwrln1. ...!
The faculty of the lowtr.' but t"'fn' it t U.M! tiii..< to >"| id! John made himelf popularatnuog t>*iin.>*rln t>* iWlr Wm.nsiv ....| MawW.en'.am.'th.'i Mill.. t.h'r lorm' rl w
University very : :
Mich: I 1 ,pncunrluiother.upply l tor t>I... i"uticunt t..l'ray. MW t'h.'a.r*1 lat.oai..v I he f..rty m..n.t.,. of Il.:. t iw, of 1r.M n.n |.r.t Inl
Sebool baa beet completed with" ..hO'I I I Ht'tnt>du:.i. and! roiitinmxl i tlwir it o- the you UK folk, and we retret >_.....""'.....1..IkM-mltv |_" ..._ l.tS: (>H..: t.KAI't'ATION' \%fH. f..,.In.n.. ..".......,_. 1z

appointment of Miss Gu *te Miller of I until talc iiirv watt mlll'l..I"h ,* now to Rive him op. a r rK.
Lake City to Oil the vacanoy of one file'! }'Turn MIH-O the Lunt ntta,'k. It'hl' l (Maude I>avi*. Lee, Jenninc and l). MATI1t:5ON4! A.M.. '.'..H.. Prriidcnt. Atlnnta. Oeorcln
teacher existing 1 Ih'n..t Mtu any .MirtM of ant!mi. I (*lifl\.rd Ayers of Malntoth formed a
I"n' taken about thrt- taut(.-, of tin
Miss Miller it not only I CHItof the ('IIIII'Ur: ltl'.Ihctit lukl! ilo h'>t know. )ally trio and spent Minday lien

most competent t..cht.'u. but one :tf hoN' tlllKtl .>f till $."'I.| Or OlIltllHIlt. .u among their little girl friend.

the most popular in the State. and silt' !) : 1 id WINS 1..1'| 11.11"it h me; proUtMyone Mr and Mrs. Hammond" of KlitchII .
make a valuable acquisition half\ .1..0''''' of c.rh. are visttinir friends hero ,hi. weekIred ABSTRACT & REALTY COMPANY& utI
to the
"l tl.-< i.I..1 l to give the> Outio'in H,'tnHIOM -
achool faculty She I.i a young lady| of: < it trial nfter I luwl l.e'n I tin niilt.. Jolly of OranK Height ha.*
high connection, and i i.* one of ih. <.f tluir trtHtinent of oirt-iiui on MIT cepled a | o*>ilioi .. clerk with. K: r I ncxv'tatrsata.ctl
most widely known of the tench. infant loliKinic< : to one of our n..igti- '.trouerr. /"\rU"'" will' hare a
young: i U.i>. The took the chil I to tho ..
of the State |p..n"lIt owded store ow. as r .1'. a dully E. VOYLE.. MQK. '
era holding!: n llrs'ijradecertificate I IIt'an..tidan.I.| : Imt IIM tn'atnk'Ilt.hd I
She will be (,,1(11)1., ( 1 1oomed ill g n..1. ."-... tl ty |>"K'nrt*.l tin I'utitmmltincdu boy.Mr. Abstracts of Title and full Information fi.rnkh regarding land 11"I..
here in both social and edocttionftl ( .,. and' funti her with tlnMii. .. Hartwell Kelley of "I'raine. ('.ty county Our manager. has liv*d In this eountj. thirty year ana t

circle, and it gory without' .*y. \I I \\ Iwn they )I.'jtu losing <"iitu'>ira UritictluM was thoppine in. our town, Saturday thoroughly. "'U.-itnt with laiiil" title( ., w
lur'fin-w watt" t .mUj' .ditiKun l Mr. and )1 ,., .\ T. /-'r"II"r trim.drrl'.l .. ---
log that she will make a Ion.1> record'
: l
with but ho
itorcM cun.lt the folks with chiekrmiwua.a ...
---- -- for 1 1':1 W the, naini* rhil.l at tin uco ofh young a E E V-O. Y" LE.
Don't Be Blue \.(> yearn. and l her iiiotlter told niu taw r rid ay night pulling .: .
"rrcnui hail ma'\'yr broken out -IIH-.-. I vpeni delightfully dalto riKKf't;I il rNr" IUtUl.\U\1 AM I I IM'hMMItNtUK.M.:! t 1 m ="' .**. I I.nre.: 1'
And 1011.all interett when help i. lane '""ro' kith in futiturn Hrtt.r lH*< '. ter'. leg .entiiiK H till nll'er of ,pnttninent .'viitertcnii. ,,'..1 nultsh: null.pailira
within reach llrrtiriwill. make that for j-kin di) .x> than nnytliiiiK: I knowi Miss Amanda ferry entertained. her ii 1-; \ I. .rrilXlh I t -\ M; I. HI"'TV I.".\ NHi ; v

liver perform its duties 1"ul.I| | J. 1 arm. n'n|*xitfullv, yours, 1:Ji.nut. I K.ilMJU. :. tends wllh"r. | Tue..lay l+.m'a-j a.....am'C- .' -- .I' 1 f'''T 1 B.Vaojl.ho. Elba. AU write" .. lie \\' UM-oinb. loan Oil I. IUO3." night., 4
....... ... ...... .
I .1 I TM IH HI| "
tog a constant sufferer from. ot.ntipa. > 11.<.%_..uM. '......11...*>._ ... ............h..... 1..r a'rwrLltUT II,.. Moliy' Taylor of anvville( "*". .uf>
.. ... .. and MALSBY MACHINERY' CO.,
N.e. a .k war in .M : .ter 14. eying land frit-lid here %*' neck' _
tlon and a disordered ihrr.: I have :::-I, r4 m t.tans ,.I l har..1. m..4 M'1.:6 p. ; i it "J
found Ilerbine lo be the best medl.'ine. t:: r:: ,": : ; .:.:. -:;;.' 1, A- t ,1- ol Jh'utN1'llll', :; .1.\.1.il t
................"u...Ml.J..__................a lisle" Letter to Crawford & Davis.liainr.rilte. .L. ,, t
for those trouble-, ,>n the market I I-'lal t' \ {' SAWMILLS, KNGIHIS! : MID BOILERS.
have used it constantly 1 )h...iiere it '
to t>e the- brat medicine u' it* t.l ux! BELL WAS HER l i/ear *"" ir. : There'* twice as much i ...0;"I ). ; :- i -"t ': : e. )'..,1..1., I Outfit* a Sfeelallyfor Write l
hnu. In one hor.-it mot l t.e a marethere ", ..
end I wish all sufferer from ..I... --- .. I ( ,! -- ... .t' (%laloiiiera.v Ie.'an
as is in two or lhr.' nther to-
troubles to "know the good II.,rt>n\.. Has Been Af'po'"I.a Commandant of 6t..th.r. ,.- 1'\.1,1 UII a : 'I'erm. ('..u..r'ard
has done twit! by U :\1. Johnson
me. I the University of Florida fo with paint I..n. If" painter can I nand I fTeron. Stpeeta. lrt
do tour job wllll{' 1'-Italion. I'rroe for _
I I.i..at..t 1. It Hell, Hr l lieuteiitutuf it'll take\ 11 Of
----- fill : : I. or .1) other
the "Thirteenth. Un'te.1' Stair, 1.IIIt. ; and th. f".| of 1J'h I I. aliotitniIU 1

SPECIAL PRICES : Cavalry "tl.'n".t. n' Fo'I.1oh.. V* f% >it. whatever tie palm missy I

has. left the elf after, too 'ir three boo.
--- There. are paktit, nil-Iterated, three.. '
-'A.'f day Spent here. I'larter*-only. one <|1"i"ri of paint In a W. R. THOMASn
l.letiltMtaiil U. II. whn, ..r joys threputation ...lInn-h..'. got lo paint. four uallon
of being one of the mint nf riibbUh to gel nor gallon of paintIhe .
J. MNSSE'SIX I competent" officers the lnite J Stale. worst hor.*> ,n..'".. got i i. a* g.nkl] I
a. that pains. and. h. gr as farThe.
1.\rrI1J. has been detailed bf the R"ivernmrnt 1..1101..1'.1..' ,is the, ,..In.1 I Ia.
AM.. 1.1\: IS.: .. rnnimandant of the. Unversify the n.ost*hur.e li<>..e .. the hor*. :; -

of Klortda. He Tinte i the. \'our* vulva. I _/i VE YJSale
F. 11'. .lUroa ('t *
Made Skirts grounds, inpeeled the grounds and
5 New York
-- buildlnc. and complimented the arrang'tnent 1* N: t The 8 J.TloroasCo, sell our'
\\'.. have. them. In all al>f s and all of toroth very highly II.. paint

grades ; all made of the. best 01.1 believe, lht the sl,. wllfb- an 'idea)
ferial and in the.. latest and Feed StablesHorses
on. for the collet* and It. ouldixpurpose >
We have some great bargain in' 'D I J.iver Phil removes the bile.
these garments. Tb.Tonte I'ellrt tones up the .ytteinCombined .
Lieutenant Hell also ..p.....d him. form al'etlr.Treatment. a%.

'Beautiful\ Lace Hats self. .being: well plea.ed with (hln.... J. W MeCollum K. "lea..U.\

,UI... He wa. surpriced at the numl Hon. Suwanne Ut1Cn", J. l>. tluth.
A large; and eomf'henstve line to r .. and tJlood A Fsgnn.NOTICE., Buggies
select from ; very attractive and > r of handsome homes already I"Ut .

tri season's newest shapes, and under course of erection, .. well'

a. the general thrift and energy of the and Mules & Wagons w
Ribbons Ribbons I people. 1 ? 4 I 5.5 w N .

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Laces and Embroideries t j jHo Th. rapidly 1 InereaslbK l>us
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.';."'-f K Sooth KW.lgo.r,, sot auteeatleTfceMieee This .la to svttlff r-iy..ot-,.""
c .D 1'Iu..E. l t rWaIDA'' Wells, two of the moe roM tkat IMaltkS ,M. HAie will W r.....!
Eros Jsjlf" ao a to .tout Excellent Onlor.
''' > August 1A". Prices
obI..lnc. fed .... op .. 'M proprietor will be sunlit U at* Working

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Oie.n Up t. Die. ). sad will lk.v. 'M .hues sod beet ',

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flve years I warn trewbUd _Ida .W.+y *, JAMCH F.II.'TII.

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: 11 al ofU.. ___ I..t.. .. a>. 4 lbs Bse bottle gave MUXXM IS tfCAl.rrw Is7ATt CAM GET IT HERE. :.

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; OF
'I'f; : I PRC(

'Qth.e Every IV **** t* A merit* t* hflr"ftH r PiBLlCATIt --

u u Referring' to one of two or thre, ill TAu tl"",ta9 JZrfiffHER I the nppub- NOTICE FOR : N-
"hfl rotes
The farmer Land OlOee atOaJaeavlIle '
.. paper that have criticised lion, f

-m...d. Ceoeicberll. loot at Oaln rvffi*. Tla.. Frank Clark for hi.. ealogt/ .m of Mr licao ticket i i" scratching' omethinf hi. head iI I.. Notice Ic i hereby Ifi.... that Au/uxt In cwltb <

am ae oi d-cIaK. matter under A/>. of Cone H. %I. Fl'.Rl: 'r In hI. Miami I .pe..eh', thinking .-riou.ly that ( the provUiona. of the sot of C m.. r
eves.1 of Maroh ., t19. protective tariff. lie June 3.IiG.t m1Ued "An act for th.
The Timev-Union *ay* t I wrong with the timber )landstin the State or Cailfoi/ I
find\ the price of wheat In the. ChicagO I gun Nevada< and Wat>ble! rton 1' rueiteodetl

rablbbf'd Every Monday and Thnrnday "A periodical has sprung; up In D... market hat fallen 12 cent, a to all the PuUUe Land Nt.tr

? at Haloltrlller Florida Land known a* 'The Mercury.' It ho.helln l !1..t+ then tlilt week ; he al.o I Town.of August C 4..uo jest,.. "of Matthew......J'ette.tirttigt:0-

Florida. baa this dar Uied ,
announce* that (it i J. 'published week tlbU
p ----------- fliid the price of cotton corn and o : sworn statement No. U?. for the v
H.: H. McCREARY. Editorand Pnbl'r. )1y to uphold the right and so" pr.s'the ., still of then t I-Iot: tltw 1.4 and Ne 1-4 of S ;
A who hi. i{ xs falling and that all he!! buy Sec *7. Tp. 10 .... tl. IS .:.. and wlri a,
_.: =--=="---- wrong. mau part tiiioe pnc-... lie has been to Know most tb*> land auuirbt .to more v
n.m. in the middle I f. announced. a. at fo It. timber or atone taaa for set(
TKHMM'' OF HCaaCRIPT1o1"' I told by the Kepublican leader and the VurtMMe and to efttanHnb tola elalmi
it* .editor and manager. It contain i land before the /Ueirinter and Meve
; The Twiee-a-'WWk !Sn.t< II n nix newspapers that protectionicm -
. year ; Republican ualne"llIe.l"lnrkla. Tburwlay.
not one line of newiG; not on. liemtendirtK the .
months, &Oc. ; single cop let, 5c. I I. the *,,'lv.aUnn of the farmer, of October.. IMMt
benwflt Florida wltneiu. .
I to or any He namew an : K. F. FlshrtLaoiel -
AOVERTJIII'O:! RATE" town in th. Htate because it irn-reafen the home market : L>ee*. Jobn M. :.IDe,.. U.V\ .N e
county or ut.aI Hit or did Town. na.
Lao.i, ad"f rtllllf'rnt'flt., 15 cent a line I i aiiggealion calculated to sdvdnthe fur his product and kep up price. AllY and all rervona claUntntr adverse<

for the flrat and 10 cents for each addiwtonal I and therefore produce prosperity for abuve-de.ertbed land. are requested
(Interest of Individual otitaide of
,t Insertion. any well the protectedtrust their claims la tbU COCa on vr befit
i pectiliar clique of politician who. +c the farmer a* a 2!>tll flay of October IvuLVd
,w I II
Displayed adrfrtinementii for threeIz
*. A* long ar the wheat cropwas \V. QJ ROIHNSO.V .
F I only for lie in thi effort Ic tt
and 12 month at ppecial I rat... power in the ,

l'' Trice* furnfuhed upon application.Marrlaee to array, the people against th. rn-n I only a moderately, good one NOTICE OF AIM'LJCATION FOK t

r and Death notice inserted who are .o rapidly I changing; Florid t I United State, with short crop. DEED UNDEIt SECTION 8 OF CHAHT4W414. ,.

l fTee. Obituaries 6e.uta line.OCR .abroad protectionism seemed to workout OF
a from a wilrlerne to the mo.t de.ir- LAWS FWIt1DA.

----- -------- _=-- able portion of the United State, : a* the stand.patt 'rs! said it wool) Xotlce U hereby ulrea-that J. ti. M. Kr ;,

Ctt-BBtvo! LIDT.Th "It I I- that, och But now comea bumper crop of >urcha- oi Tux C..nllicateNo.
"a not turprning a piili- fated the "to day of July. A. U IMIJ':
Hun and the Thrice-a-1V'eek licallun.hnuld! attack Mr. Clark for wheat, weighing over 6O pound. to the tiled said certificate in mr office, and

N.Y. World . .$18. for made application for tax deed to IMI e
? ( ) on. year making; complimentary reference to bushel|, and good prospects crop accordance. with law. Said certldoate
The Bun and the Atlanta (Oa.) the following
brace described
abroad and down come!: the price to proper
Mr. Flagler. fur lhon.- who would fightproRre
Weekly Constitution one year. 1 7ft : uated In Al.cbua-county. .Florida t.mitt."
t Tie Han and the Atlanta (Oa.) *.* in Florida look on Mr. Flag the export .bai i.-that is i the price the Se l4OINw1.4andSi9ofSw1ufN
I Sen. :Jl. IP. V. S. K I IH-00 sores.
Bern Weekly Journal one year. 1 60 ler a* their arch enemy, and he *hquldappreciate Liv-rpool market where all other The tiald land below ajneiaed! at the d.1 ,t

The mm and the 4.DlI.J.ef'kl'"m..Urafon tills the countries compete i Ie willing; f> pay- the Issuance of HUC|> certificate: in the 1I.lt..
a* highest conipliment *
I or i it. I.TIIKVUal .
. 1 60 I -' -
_._ oneyear. that court be paid him. : and the beautiful theory or protectionism I ...tiBald certlBeate tab.rr be redeemed-
-- ,
Py --- ------- -- --- The farmer cording to 1.&.. tai: deed will Issue thereon
"The attack on Mr. Flaglr. which i I. found lacking i I the 24th day of September. A. U. lillIS
,-\\'p vrfl!
". not of
accept stamps PELVIC
this periodical pablffhe. ingeneralltie I find the tariff on wheat of :25 cent a Wltnewi mv' official/ nlvnalure and seat. tl
<; auger. : denomination than 2 rent. engage; the Guth day of Aug-ust. A. U. IIJI"*J.
which do not Call for bushel i is a Jelimion and a ;nar", for of S. H. WIKNGE1-,
-. -..-- --- -- .- --- .pre !
//V-ri//J hat prolonged
-- - '-- ---
cial ,.,. The course no wheat i..* imported when we ixl Clerk: Circuit Court Alaohuu nu." 1it..
an." general tenor of it. lite and made new woman 3 HyAI. S. CHF.VF.U. C
DEMOCRATIC' NOMINEES. I 1--- _._ __ .:.. .: .
that Mr.I JPIagler. I I. one of the wrong mI!."-',t.n. O. l). Robln.on.I raise more than can be consumed here n
-- t
i tu be u'prefed.' ha. a ntsndiiif and have to hunt foreign; market for NOTICE OF APPLICATION FOR TA:*"

For Men.t>er of ConirreM.IMotrlftTKANK 2d C.nlut'.lol..1 answer much more effective than any I :\ .. O. I'. Uol>ini.nn, -1:1: St. Felix Yt.. the ttirplutf iKKi, UNDER SECTION H OF CM AIT*

: Brooklyn :N.;. Y., Vkrlirat Ores. LAWS OF FLORIDA.
( I.Atut.orCo/uobla. that could be made of word. Ii It will be rather awkward for Speaker .
> 1 have tmken Ptrunm and H did nre Notice la hereby given that, H. '.1. KiitI ,
tretche along the Atlantic line ofUeauty Cannon and the ether Republican >urcbu"er of Tax Certificate No. I
than mil
J'ur .1u.tI. good two
of the "Mupreme" Court: more my yemrt'
{ ( dated the 7tb day of July. A. U. l 11.,,3.> bas tilr
CIIAS. It. I'AICKIIIM. KMCamhla.JAWKH and prosperity over three hundred treatment by pti.ll physUlans. peaker! in the campaign to elect a Maid certificate In my omce. and has win: i .

|l. VVIIITKlKi.ll. t.f Ion. mile*.. and It ia there to *tny I I -I Can really nay that I frcl Itko Congress, to explain to the farmer application for tax: deed to issue. I la uoooi,
another :No.; swollen feet Male vrtlb law. Said certificate embrace tft
Vnr llailrr whether Th.lerCuy., or whoev.rowns perann. more how the tariff protect them when foUowlD described property situated In A '
t C.umI&JITlol..r: : It would like blot it and Jim!... No more bloalintc of theatdornen. chug county. Florida towlt.Ne :
! NTWTON to out or they haw to veil in the cheapest mar .
A. ''H.I'I"'U. f Levy.
of Sw
4 :
; tamor.ahortnr..uf. rtath.: I I I"4 o.ec.31. Tp. 9. S. H. I.
K. 11 t1", O.V ntfltH. of D le.ff not. ket and buy in the d..aret. There" oren.
Nu more utirf and sore joint. You Tbe ni.kl land being aMHeuxe*! at tbe dateth.lw.un'ce
sta. Attorner ..tli CircuitJ. : 'Hit the line I"i not yet complete. nave. no Idea what your treatment ha should) be no such trojble In explain of such certldcate in the nan.cu'

... I'o..ibly!l The Mercury would Ilk. tr log why. all the farmer buy ha ins Dairy Crosby
IIIVKIts.For dune fur nif. It ,has prolonged> Diy life Unlewi said rertUlcate ahall be redeemed a,

1 I 'Iopll. completion. When It i i. com.rl"l..d. and made a new' woman of me. created on the average 49 per cent I cording to I...... tax: deed will issue"' thereon oc:
? !Stale P t Senator. USA: liutrlef, :: tb<- :Sltb! day of <>rpteiuber. A. It. IlK"",".
| it will be the mo.t remarltab'e' U ai/cA because the
H. II M..(. !.r..AU\'. : blessing have received Republican speakers can U ltne" mr omclal signature and neat th
achievement in the history of railroad through your klndne*.. Doctor *t"tf point with.pride to the prosperity of the 3"rth day of Auirant. A. D. H "rt.
the attiilancc of the medicine S. H. WJESO": .
t For Meu.b.r. llou.e of .I..n'.t.. : xiildlng Mountain* have been tune the trunt, and combine who are pro IllS Clerk Circuit Court Alachua .'101.
you so klodly prescribed. Uy ),1. S. CftJo\:& UoC.
s Fi1'fl1. 'AHTHI: ielled', but never Lffore but a railroadeached [ "1 arn able to work alnce 1 began:: your tented by the tariff
T. A. IX,KKI'or '
arrn..Ihe.ea to an Island faritant treatment hut Ifore I waa not al l.. to It i i. evident that there comparatively NOTICE: OF APPLICATION FOR TAXI

a <'(lltftl,. T.. A...ek..iirw : from the mainland. : help m>.':Vlf, much IP*. do any work I few protected Interett are nr moreeon..quence ,KH: + tINDER SECTION *I OF CHAPTKIJ !

,, \v_('OI..O, V. "\Va'' 31 Ir. Flagler'. work lnpird h'lt"oJd ( All praUo i. duo tu 11,. liar.man aDd tu the Republican 'man- 4..-.... LAWS OF FLOKIDA.NtUloe .

, hearted -.. "fVhy did Lie i treatment." !I.. hereby alien that J. P. Leon
for haunt' Tax'oJ..l.r: : agars,: who declare they will stand piton IlttI'4"bM"'r..t( Tex CVrtihcate No. 'UO. diU...!

} \\'. It, Jlf('kIN',11\. nnt come one form a company to eiiend the tariff than the great agrictiU/ i I ul .Vi>ril. A II. 1 lni>,. has riietltaald i
1 I oertllliute in .
mr orn'e. l fri
un n\\t*
t For f.'ountt Treasurer a railroad two hundred miles teond dollar. the tux i iun... dollar ; on a total interest! that are the chief basis i I, ai>t.Ui.ikllon for tax deed' l to Umieln accoixlafnrI -

it. n 1":14.It: the vettlement that Contained barrel of the bt"' ?rn>lt* of ale, porter of all the wealth! of the United Stales! I' nad.. M>roi>erly situated embrace In Alacb tic f"u

two hundred people* Why wa not a 1 I..or b..er. worfli twelve dollar. the tax I t riMinir Florulu. towlt:
}1.1trtuher. ,>.<.I..Joj) Hoard i j e4ufbw se: Dl.Tp. C.S.it.r3--4>>acre.
II II IIIIOOKI:Ji. company 'formed to build over the key I! is til! on* do'I" ,. The man who tmysI ALL GOOD I 'IriekaUl laml. being! a..er.ed at the date ..f
and the I the lv"nnne. tit .m'b certificate. In
acriHi water to KeyVe.If the
of ( .. arms
J KI'Tfllit. '. I nuart corn whiskey for TIONIWashington of Unknown.

II. wrt;KMFor Jr th..e were .o clearly money 1n.nKl.rolo.I'ion" fifty ants pays t *..ra..lwn and one- Uniea..akteertdleste MhaM. redeemed .e

It I I. .trange,; that thr gilt. half. for the. wM.kev cerdlnif. 'n law.tux. deed Kill Ntue thereon i>n
(' cents and twenty* tbe ?*lti day' of p..t"m"e A. It IWJrt

4 .MU. U.Iy llAMI'IKIt.K CooimiwilorervJ .>> : eriiig npportunitie* fur wealth w.rrn.gi.ctrd .ev..n and one.half cent tax. .A quartfur | To All Democratic; .Voter I). C.. A: Ita. 16. IOCtJ. I the VVIincM Slut day HIT...f octiclal August: .Unature A. L). Usat.and l seal! tfc,

t. 1'Atf.LIV13! *o long,, I| .eightvear-old Kentucky txmrtjon ..*. JI WUSOl-;:.....
;,, J. K. TOVVNHKXIlV "In pa.ing on the character or I; If there wa ever a time in the hi. l"l Clerk Circuit Court....Jtu... 'amy ...
worth retail one duller' and htlf. -
a Ny 1t
!ti. CHflt'R.
\ J. "MATTMFU I: hfevement. of ory of the Democratic party for the s. D C.
any man there i one j jet
In b.it
paid and
i twenty-seven one.
K O. .
__ which with manifestation of loyalty and patriot .NOTICK: FOR PCJII4CATiON.
hone I
an Ie finAl)
-- --- -'---- man half' cent tax the other dollar and

I.Everyone who wihe to di. lu* rr.1'I"6I..r I I.rn on the part of It. members it i I. Land omce. at OalneovlTIe. Fla
Trie practice nf "breaking" horse fw.Miy t
lxiuld apply It. Of attch u.a.k e the value of the good" and I, Notice 1.. herelir, given
the river thai the
on publlr.gn..hnul.l era*. It j following'
If we to win and elect
: Would you undo hi. 'wntk"Wnnt.t are a victory I tinned wttle' ba..tiled nuth'e of her Intention
the The "t.n".I'I
Y endanger life and limb i tax. n"Il' ffrqurntrr| I to make foiumutitiion proof In
a I'reident two hence we mast support of ber
ee Jou..h.IIK" the Kt Coat hack!: ,I New Orlean) "honky-t nk" ,." years r..a:in, anti tnst.&wI t'ro..f win be miulf. before

iito n wilderne. ..* Wouid brat elect a house of Representative I HIht..r! and H..C'hpr! at tiMlnearlUe.,.... oa
If have you top I much tax to the coernment in the !oo"'Dlbcorl\1'he. vii.
you money to burn save It hifall.. '
work on th. KeyVet eiteixioti and M. .Cktx, .. A. Eow .
+st. Widow
of the of John
purchase price .hno' F:1: l-
nntll the lung nlglii tif' next winter. t".r up the tra,'k aoulh of 'TitiKville. I con .\ Pemocratic!: (House I and willnvestigate i ward decea<>ed. oO:<1 Town Ha

The (laln..lll.liaa and<1 Klentric Light. Viuild obliterate timed by run in a nigH ('Irlid de.b every department nf the Std ;CJI. $ for tie St' 1.l of Ne 1 1 Mai; W: I.to'
you the town along ich d' the .e! 1-I .er.e. Ti 10't. It 12":
Trust will then burn for a* e *w..II..t| New Yorkmiilirtnnire I '
It you government.! With all of them hon.- he
the Indian river and lti. ] oases the hiLuwing I
; hay and
ayn '
in an hi. prove
-- evening pent at JD..t''d"cm
I lave the farm, crow: up In grass an.I cluli combed by "srr.; ". the edge.of., which I I Hi -JTKnil0w'fn! : '

p The lily I It'lh do nut believe In weed? day I It If you' dare. If n..t =: _-. I only have been touched by recent ex.prt !! E. *.., LJau"l..n. .In"l Oairey, l..lata Cop.11.lhot ..-

1 pit" 'eIly in regard! to putillliing< ordl : admit that "attack I *ure and pro tec dour, there will be j I Joan.not ,...01 trot lown. Ha
your were tnnpired HoriJa .
I '
co in tie contemplating I
t nanre* TI.., think) the i.e..1'1.. *hotili| t| by the irieanect and rm>.l oontemiitiblemtliee liibiling, ( at the 'wmtiig date Fair; rx' atTamra .a revelation. nf rottenness that will j i I VN t.. KOHINSQN. ..teatt..r.

*p b. kept In tbe dark In regard", lit such !' will be interested to l learn I astound the country and Create a d... j II I NOTICK: Ml[ 4M-MUCAT10N.

p matter., _,_ "After Mr Fi.gler.htill. have 1'".*...l ,j llillsborojgh county will not compete Ih"'i, mand for a I>emocracia administration j.! Lund Toe! a, lnetlUe!. Fla..

away hi. monument will remain ,,10 clean the government work>.hnp. A.ugu.t. 3V. 11'.>>
for any of tt-e pr **. offered./ VliIU Nutlee.. ,
Thoe hf'r"b
auh'lnnblll'I' who .
t ... In comply with .1ptr.wffngn. the lar.gnlatiog.p.rd.ay .a aome iif them a. far a. man can ...e into 'I t"rough, however will| | tie represented I To win the house we need money to ft.rtmtb.d.etter. maltOll I h*. 1:.given....,) Dol.that*'' of'h'his'ol1..lf14r..Intention!

the future Tl>e magnlflceiit ,alafe defray legitimate expenses and oU'J.nn.lau.n l' twr in wi-t'ort of bJ.
( shy.' magnificent! exhibit ; but .a. It Is '| get oat ei2. aDd that anal Joruo' will bco
they are pv..nt.d that he+ ha* built will crumble our vote.V have. R.rlster an.t. awls before
but hwalone
the home of the' lair no protected nv> lieeelteratti.lnr.vtlieMwoo
(from dolni; so hum fear of beingrtia cuuuty and.owing I j ..'''..U.t2:'. 1'.111 ,u.-
of all men ha. built country and I to Tamj teirg | nopolie front which to draw to fill oar
i down by the other, fellow tre: scene of the .Fair. I j UMAX 1. C-.ii,0f i Old

it will never !.... away. The band of f t""it can easily win joint on inJcstrialand coffer, a* they do those of the Republican la'vr.' the I.1 Of't. Town I.. Ha.: .and I'

ennerete and .1..1| with which he will .dueaticnal.thibil.. which party We, must therefore, ... !t I to : :0.: .. 141. Tt .!< vsv'bJT

If tbe negro soldiers stationed at bind Key Wet to the' mainland will\ other counties at a dUadvMage.ruuIh. : peal| tu loyal Democrat for contribution E".*..'the.. ..fuUowing."**"! wltnee' to prove
Fort Hritwtt, T...., are nnt wlihitoawn of'' amsl' uln sad qJt.Ya'&oe!
.he be viiJoao
t to renewed frnin lime to limeb and IlilUbnrongh. therefore, "llh'draw |I

't tl there will probably t.e a .UI.. royal" "ll the garden pot of the' world. litday. '! front the rsce IlilUborouch'county : Will, you send a* one dollar at on:*. |: Joa.H ,.;'.the..wr....the, atluf Olel el..rd.: Tue... h .s. Gaulden. -
between them and the T.... Hanger* Fla
yleld'ng lia rich. to thouaud. wIlt expert* t*u get her reward from and in return for this we -tll..n' you w, u. HSInINSOY
er. moon, They h...* been In I Re".r.
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