what we have com Osin a.ill.: )load.,. slated that, -it.l. "*1'.". to point' .no-n on Ui. lt<4iProportl ..1i'gaUIK.CINIED111E / :

ingWe secured price because the wounds of K.v. Oraat may Dot at.d oat.ly low rates from MKMTMtlll

< of this quantity, and pror fatal they ar. q."'. painful sad other' polal. >r. 01 TME MA KJ.fr

I will bare are giving him no end of pain' Dad M'.Oft-Chl a.o, III. and returnTicket .
aa investigation trouble, Hie I HUM Tabulator
ewadltioo. however. Isliltl
sale II. .
on daily to .
oat oar claim that we can Improved ever Saturday eight .....IM, "''Mh, sad I limited i to rt. UnlYfKSAL ftrTDOAKD i I very {'
sad h aaay dU.All .
and do sell everything in turn aatkl toberSlt
1 pert. {" are ...ro.., a* wa.*tat.-d
House Forniihingt ten to ID Tea lies of HuIleS.,. Bam. Is said I IIe aaT.eO t>.wver. Colorado rtprlas;. or .
LaIC""-> t ,Hhlfil Lightest Kaaalagl, TaChamptow ,
Twenty Per Cent beer a rvpotaitos aaytalag but ...1 Pa blo./ Cal sad r.toro. Oa
Cheaper viable. _-___ .*.. dally u..UI"pt..be,XXa, dp..d tyriwr of 'M World iI

than any one else. riaal ,e..,. lI.i'Oetober II... :.. the rsyHHoU.. Mora ray>0lu>l.. !. '
Oo il B. IhYe

Aad lose all lal.,*.& wa.a bah. .U $M.40-114 rt..*. Ara., sad. reform. u*. la (iala' ..*lll. tfcaa ..y ethar ma.hla..

witaia. ra.h. lie"".. will ..k. taa* TWraa-ts' oa .... dally riaal
a.trtCIPraIen at r-| tai woes ,.,. limit It') days from dateofaaU
liver ferforw* Ms duties .....rly, J, For 8atn by -

M asalie rasa.t B. V....... I Elba). Ala.. wHtaet. "o.. .
lee a eoawtaat ......... from eo.e&.... Da1/1' to N**H.mt>>r >r*h roasts THE SPit Gainesville Hi.AdvertiselixTilESUN

|<_MSsvstd a d.so....,... U..r, I .... trip ....... to-.rts tesmata will .

fj md Iferbiat Ie be Uea ..... sieadUls> >e. be N -4a *. ..,.a.* rssoc. Yell
) y.. for t.... trwabU*. .a lae ..arkaI 1.f..sa.slo.. s4kadele... USA* labia.. .
.. ... ..........J I .. U
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ass -
:: F''T'.E' ..... will toe h,....do ......,sly.
ttM. so bet** beet tw.dtd. of IM ala>4.tkad .
I writ I trtsti all......... f..... u..se s atrelkratfoa ,...
1IJIIItII- is..&.... w kwew tie pad .,...... O. L Jbsastso.
Me Me stLw .... w. ., I... _1*. PMS AaTMi. L. .% ST......!X.. Ill :
...e ..Isyll..J14b. ......."w.
'' _

I-f' :" ,/.. ,.,.. -.... ... ;:-'!, ... \. "Y yl ,. tr.I ,sol .. ...i"Ijr;'? '
y ..1. .. ,: R-.:.' Fr1i :.'Y' ; ;,"f" f'--->:. !"".Wrirr4ra/ .*! i'x.: 'r c",it"': "A';'?<" J r..W' .


.. '. ''ll

1Jar -


<< & TION1Wathington 1
to one of the two or three

papers that have erltlci.edj Hot D. C., Aug. 18, IOC6.

EDte1'e4 at the Foe* Otne at Gainesville.Fla.. Frank Clark for his euloglsm of Mr. To All Democratic Voters : a.qrapjtayaryawL.N/w/.taa t.a.w..

....oor.d- ".mail os>.ter. II, M. FUgler In his :Miami speech. If there was ever a time in the hi*. CASTO RIA

The Time.-Unloa says tory of the Democratic party for the t

U. H. McCKKARY.... .K41 tor and Publl.her.JE8SEE.AURTZCtY "A periodical ha sprang op In De. manifestation of/loyalty and patriotism -:
-- --- -- -
: : Y.dILOr. Land known" a. The Mereury.. It on the part. of It. members it 15 For Infanta and Children.

4 announced that it i.i 'published weekly right now.

1 I '\ :V. M. PREWJTT.... Sut. CorotoUif Room to uphold. the right and sappres. If we are to win a victory and elect|

: th. wrong.' A man who parts his a President. two year hence, we> mm f4JI14 { The Kind You Have
OKFICK: J-OKTKK: 1U.OCK. firm elect House of Representative
numff in the middle<< is announced a a
W.Maia turret. !S. TRLLPHONK
-eg 45-9
its editor and manager. It contain, this fall.

TUB DAILY. sere,publislircl every ring not one line of Df'WII. not one item A Democratic House can and will Always Bought
eept Dondaydeliveted t>y cArrier in the city c.r '
tending to benefit Florida or any investigate: every department' AYegelatJe Preparation for As
'r !tailed to any part of the I'nilrd Slate, postage
a 11. thrce county or town in the State, not OLe I government. With all of them honeycombed -
heeforfyayearta.yo.a:\ motu s; 5
rwr ttoo.ta.w; 40 crnt f** five wet'k_ trictly Aa iiBKestlon' onlcnl-"l to "advan the by "graft," the edges of which ling the S tOfCBCMaJIIdnvels ofPromotesT Bears theSignature

f advance. interest any individusl.out.tdaof n only have been touched by. re.-en' exposure .

peculiar clique of politician. whose. sod prosecutions there will' b* .
Reading notice in local t foe first lnsertonand, cent for each add U iona only hope for power lies in the effort a revelation of rottenness that will -

insertion. to array the people against the men astound the countiand Create a demand > eslion.CheetruJne5SandDest.Contaimneitha-

Rates for dln(
application. front wilderness to the most desirable to clean the government workh'.p. OprumtMorphine nor Mineral.

.i The Twicr-a-Wrrk: Sun Uaii tlght- Kc. forty portion of the United States. To win the House we, need money to NOTNARCOTIC.oa .

L Coluran paper, published every Muttday; ..d "It is not surprising that such a pub. defray legitimate expense and get out .. t

', Thursday and contain all the new of theweek licatlon ahonld attack Mr. Clark' fur our vot,. \Ve have no protected monopolies !
local. Stale and general situ l will be yu.IRiDS4NluJy7ftgislw tV\
making complimentary reference to from which to draw to fill ourcoffer.
sailed, postage free to any fut of the CutletBtaleur Jttrl.Q.C.f.M.
C Ca..atllt.lor f i.m a )-'/lr-Iu advance. Mr. "'I. ler. for those who would fight ., a. they do those of the Republican t

progress in Florida. look on Mr. Flag party We most, therefore, appeal In
All advertising illa liecomr due after brat '*r as their arch enemy, and he should to loyal Democrats for contribu

appearance of advertisement union otherwise appreciate this as the highest compliment tions.
-J, el-
stipulated iti cotitrnct. l' rlic not known tou.
'pii trill be rrjuir to pay for advertising la ad. that could b.. paid him. Will you send on one dollar at ol1;e.

, ....ce. Addrc... Till?; DAILY 'UN.G41J1a.aVILLa. "The attack on Mr. Fla5tl r. which and in return for this. we will send you i UseFor

"LA.f'i. this periodical publishes, engages in copie of our campaign; literature 1'// perfect Remedy for Constipation ;

., generalities which do not call for special sued by the committee. You will Sour Stonuch.Diarrtioea.

DEMOCRATIC NOMINEES. answer. The general. tenor of it. have the thanks of the entire Demo Worms. .Convulsions.Feverish- OverThirty

' that,,, Mr. Flagler is one of the wrongs cratic party for your favorable response oess and LOSS OF SlJUEP.
: ---
YQT Member of Congress. 2iCorttre..*lona:1 I ,..J be suppressed has a standing,: to oar request Tac Simile Signature of
Dtotrloti answer much more effective than any Address. all remittances to
FRANK C I*A It 1C. of CuuinMa.! that could be made of word It J. M. GKIUOM. Chairman YearsGASTORIA

a lot Justice of thin. Supreme Court: stretches along the Atlantic a line ofb..aut7 Munsey Building Washington. D. C. > 'YORK

CHA M. 1'ARKlllt.fMof Kocaoibl. and prosperity over three hun

P JAMES H. WI1ITF1KLU. of Leun. dr"J miles, and it ia there to stay If the city authorities would enforce

For Railroad C'oiomlMilonrr. : whether The Mercury, or whoever the ordinance against cruelty to animals

NKXVTON: A lU.ITCH col L*..,.. owns' it, would like to blot it out orooC. there would not be so many skel

K. HU1KSO.V IIURH. of DIM. !*. ..ton* of horses to be seen on the EXACT COPYOWRAPPeO..

v rot State. Attorney. Mh Clreult: "But the line I. not yet complete. treets. _____ '" fast. -._..... New..._SOW.p .
J. M. HI V Kits.Kor : Possibly! The ;Mercury would like to

top its completion. When It is com The practice of "breaking" horses
State "' 33 1
.lIator. :< tMtrlct:
II. H. MrCKCAIIV.For pleted it will be the mot '..m"rll"bl.chl.y"m.nt obi the public square sUetald. cease." It

in the history of railroad endangers; life and limb. -- - -- ., --- ----------- -- ------------ -
------ ---
For Meaner House of Hi>reiientatlve. .: building. Mountains have beeu tun

+ hYD U CAIITEH. but before has I
IJ.lled. never a railroad Says Lull Will ,
, T. A. I>OKK.Kor .
t r reached acrcas the sea to an island far
Merlin Aug.; IS.-Mr. :Meyer the
I'ountr Tin A... distant from the I
eM.or: mainland. American nmba.tador to Russia who

V.V.. CO. ON. 't Was :Mr. .RJ.r'. work Inspired. by 1M going to Kinnor.K to take the ; If You Are Insured

For County Tat; Collector: cold hearted'selrl nne...? Why did cure, tay the general concensus of ).

W. 1,. DICKINSON. not some one form a company to ex* pinion In St. Petersburg Is that the
t..nel" railroad two hundred miles beyond present lull In the? revolutionary movement ,.
"'01' Count Trea.urer; In a Company that is Responsible, Have a Policy Correctly
the last settlement that contained will.continue for several I months.
r f K. II. I'KKLtH.: Written With Liberality of Policy Contract and the Company .
) two hundred people? Why was not a --- --- ----- -- -- -. --- --- __ Pays Loaves Promptly ,

t. For Member t-.hoc.llto.rd: company formed to build over the keys DO YOU GET UP
II. It. ItUool(r.n. -4 ,
and across the waters to Key West

? 1C.J. K.II. .WKKKK.Kov PUT"'''. If' these were so clearly money making WITH A IAMB BACK ? You Are Assured )

propositions. It !ia strange that the gilt*
KUncy Trouble Makes You Miserable.Almost .
(fount Comml..lonm l : ering opportunities fur wealth were 0 That no serious lose van overcome you without you have some ,.
J. f). UAMI'IKK.; neglected ao long. everylinly who, rewl the iiepaj "***- refuge.
IT. .". 1'AlTI.L.INfU. ulo pasting on the character or
J. F'. TOWNNKNU.; 11__ i"im'" mule by} Ir
t "'. J. MATTIIKVVS: achievements of any man there U I one '= : ***-x*-* 'i Kilmer'* S\\amp- r

C. ('. PKUHICK.The est which with an honest man I. final. _i I II Kt..rl, the great kidney ) Fire Life Accident and Health Insurance. C'
-- -- Everyone who wishes to discuss Mr. liter and blntlItr > ,
spare allotted each "lagler should apply it. Of such we g] t'e- remedy.It
county .i.
IK the great medical
None but Reliable
) Companies Represented.
t hlbltlng at the coming: State Fair. will ...k'oulol you undo his work 1 II I : trixunjOi of the C

be reserved for_ that county at thegreat Would you change the Cast: Coast back \ J I nineteenth century t

m Panama Kiposition.: which| !ia lab into a wilderness? Would; you stop 1 t diecoverr.lafteryraraJ. ) ,
: 3 of cirtttitlo re M'urc'hI A. 1VL.: : : :
held Is laths, and which will be attended work on the Key We.t extension and >y Ir. Kilmer the CUSHIVIAN ,

by hundred of thousands. tear up the tra;k' .ou.h of TitusvilU? --- cmititritt kidney amibUtMer

Many new building will of course, Votild you obliterate the towns along 'i'eciali .t. ami i wonderfully Information cheerfully famished. GAINESVILLE. FLORIDA C t

L have to be erected for the Kiposltlnn: the Indian river and lisayne bay and .ucce",.ful in pn>mj,tlv curing li tne l...ck, .
uric acid CMtarih of the bla.l.lcr anti I\/\I\\\I\I\I\I tI\I\I\I\'I; '
to order to give Florida and other81atee hate the farm grow up in grass and hrigttt's;l liaease. which, i ilhe' worst
..eed? It if -- --- -- -------- ---- -- ... _
ample room display their re Say yon dare. If not forui f.f kidney trouble. -- - --- -- h h _

,4 .our,".'. aid no county! In I Florida can cutout that' your attack were Inspiredy Ir. lulC''iaSw.mp-Root is i not MConimeiuletl -
fford to be without the meatiest and most contemptible for everything but if YOU hue uvt
representation PERfii
m. j duir[ RAilROAD
kidney liver or blad.ler trouble it "iJlI.e co.
either at the State Fair fir the Panama foun"just the retiuily yon, ne.-.l. It has.

; Kxpoaition Mr. Flagler hall have passed l>reti te,,,tr l in sit ninny way' a. in hospital
way hi. monuments will remainorne work anal in J rtvatf pro'I1('... AIM! b..sprovvtl Schedale Effective April 20. 19OA.
of them as J.r..m.ne..lnto 5usucces.ful. in every case that itj =---- --- --:.-- ---- ------- --- --
A tehool of seven whnJe, ranging In lu. l matte -
lu.n".nt re-ti by ;
/Lrc1AI ''
the future, The magnificent palaceshat j No. t Nn No. 3 f. t!f
length from :2U to 13 feel, becametranded which, all rra.ler. of !lilt' p.iwr| Mho, Ue tally 4.unOnlyl I! STATIONS Us: :i.. So. w.xuvu.j&! : .4
he has built will' crumble, but he tried it. have Mouth Beach pit not already may i" : ; : : r
on _
Anua __ |_
l....k J2L-t LJL!!
lone of all men has built a country and ln>ttlc vtu free bn-.ul. alas II tell- I : _
tine, and perished on account of the AM I'M P M l : P7it-rF'M I .
Ko atttl l how to AM ,
#sN' I' will never pa.* away. The band of aig more about Sw ''tip > t.cave Leave tease I I II Anise AM
: Arrivei.
receding tide leaving them While f.iulouttf" yo\tba\e trey, or bl..1.ldertruu- 10.0 10 I' t 40 ('i.. Live OkIowliBrf .... 4.:tu .40 I Arrt-e Arrive
Concrete and steel with which he will' ArTO A t >lO'V't a 40
'l. r 'III .4 r 40 i f
tiietittoti tending tilts 1 ;I.- 'L '
these fish are commonly known to le.Vbrtt rllllW: LvCs5. LvI53 ;'tat. H> > 1'arY.' t en II.. It I" Lv a *o ,
bind Key West to the mainland f ArJt.I: : 'Ar454 '
"land In biter." as "whales," they are will' e-II..rc"uHfY'r in t h.r,. .n-' t send your .a 'at tat IAr. 1W..OJ"D\ tJ.m t. 'Arato Ars17 .
A tave to be renewed from time to time, . really ItlaestUh. a small kind of whale.The ArlO :*> Ar s I" _Ar.M: 0 Hampton .'i.; { iuvsii
writer assisted In the bat the garden pot of the world today, 'C C.... lhn : J.Unl4t'rC r-prtor. ate_( iU-& _I yt_ !|:,jr *>_]I?_. .jI Fn _
iI .
a letdfng' Its rlt'hu to thousands, will S. \ The ; Coantetion s.ade at Duwnng Park> for al. U.I_ to Intl from Late ,
ODe on the Uulf Coast In I 187& which hundreds of fiitv-crnt anti c xte Attnc aDd I.no Jun.tio. for Mayo. AlkD and aU Intermediate. points O.Y. t l'err.Dd at
soon tempt thootands to
w was 32 feet long, from the blubber of .1..r:: at.e t'ottles' "'CO e..tl..wa.t. .br. inrarmahm as to ea+e.eelt.M wttb otter ann. 'J"on. uresU onUeoelai '_
hare and .. Ag t 'phnae IC. L.wta HuIMlts. L ee thk. ater
them long as 'It remains _
w/hleh &O !Kallons of fine machinery oil IOC" : 1 *" n'.l: gxjiol 'Irvxgists t.'n't make "I-lIoW.'+ -'OWUNO.= treCATLANTIC. '. R. i! : "-.
he Ideal born. for men the man an' III.t, ike i ut rmcint'X'r the name, I.tvs Oaa iha,aroa.HOPKI\vtaerall'a.aettietAaeak
was extracted, the oil at that time tHo-
"' who opened "It to settlement should t.eemembered <.' *rt K.. t lv V t 'IC'r'* w.ntp' -Rowt, .
lug worth 1 1.2ft per imllon. The oil '* at. 1 the .c.-''lI'e.' .*, >..< 8:twlutOI1. N, Y onv -- - .--- --- .
extracted tram brain (van of the Ittack rv wttle.. ,

fi.h i Is the finest kind of machine oil. _. t''
--- --- -- ---
Deafness Cannot be Cured

lly liK-al I applications, .. MEN AND WOMEN. COASTLINE ;
; Florida counties contemplating e.a.hibhhlc they cannot t ; w. (-. ..r.- aar .aa
eaett' the diseased| ...- ... -.(< portion of the -
: at Ih.onllolC Slate Fair. at ear :::::..r Lew... r 4 ar t.Nr..N..a = 2- = .;

i ,,' Tampa will be interested to learn that there i. only one way, tocnredeafaea*, ;:.::;=... f ._....-..OIl... .... _ria :
$ sod that I I. by constitutional remedies. a. Nieaastsiwva'.ta a.se ..5M wsat.ii
tllllsborouKh Bounty will not compete Deafness ,. Caused .eas'lt ...wI sa Mewq/MSt.
,w;+ for any of the ,'rh.. offered. Hills I by an Inflamed con .. A A 5 _. I. ..... wrsaersN THROUGH
{ ditloo of the mucus tinteg of the Fo': .. ..._ __04. M.ta i
borough however will c> represented .' ..asar.sart.
; tachlan Tot.'b.n,, this t Ib. I Is ,
4 4i 10- i.t.Aiatr was so s.rra :
by a magnificent echibit ; but .. It lathe I
i, flamed you have a rambling stool or .
home county of the F.". and.owing
imperleet'heating. and when t I. ....
to Tampa being the ..ene> of the Fair .7.J.
tardy closed. deafness is the result. SERVICED.
It can easily win points "D Industrial'
and antes the Inflammation" can b*
and educational! eitnbite.' which puts taken out and this tut. '."0",* to it. : ::
t the other counties at a Uisadvanltge.aod normal (condition heariog wL; b* detrcyed #

HdUboroucB: therefore with. forever {-nttte .a... -at "..f tea eaoeueosNr e( xw0o NO C"., nY (except what 70.) leave with the Ajreot Between ;
c draws from the race, I l ll.buruIJbOD" are canei by ..'.nb. orttch i* tioth,ng );e 't dN ...
her reward from bat an tafiamed ndltian of t tie", .10., +ttt rtas ,, c cltvrs .a. JACXSONVIU.E.. OCALA and (1..1.1 ES\.JLLE. .
eipecls ret
'surface*. A t.. I !. 4
the advertuleg of lb. resources of the a.av e.w n ---- -
j We will give One Hundred Do1spe -- -
-- --
county to the thousands! of ho>rt ..s..... for any r*** of deafnrs.
ere who. .will... attend tae Fair : and i ealarrK) that cannot Wearedby Halt's .aa .5-I arr. r w S.sae Foil Informstoe mar he obtained from

for the benefit of advertising, ...." if' Catarrh Cure, ten4 for circular' free. .twatow. o c. Tk

the fifteen! thousand dollars F J CxaJixaT A Co Toledo 0 i
were cot
j $told hv nll4r ,m"".. TVe. J. A. GOO D W I ... J' ,
offered la 1TJcket'
premiums, every .want* In
I Take i aU" Family rill far eo..". t AgenL 'y:
fthe !k.te should "be" repr**.atrd, .Pas. .. &; r- 4

G''y I
4 x M j N hart t?* a G

u ,. "' ., _. ... _
r Y ItII : .
1 :" ( .i rt .,. tsik ,._! '

.... ,"t'' .* ;; \ -""



-- -- -..: -:.-- --= :-:-::=- -----= -- =- --_. ::.:..=:=- -

BARS MEXICAN LABOR. Lost Money and Life.
Marion 0., Aug %Dangling at: The Cleanest I Ii :
the end of a from limb
a Aliens Working on Constructing Railroad strap n of a .
Are Ordered D I large walnut tree: In the aha.le01- 1i
*'ported. I ,i Chew Made ,
Washington. AUg. 20. which are a number of graves Ullla
-An lni| ortant ..
Question' respecting the importation of Steiner aged 24. of Or'lh0,. wa! .1 j \'.{'

labor from Mexico fur work Into tile found He hats been .lead about four .1f to)

United Statea .for railroad construction hours when cut dotm b\ the coroner I f '
In Texas has beta dt-unuiutd! li> Steiner was a patient of 'n" local san i

th& department of Justice at the instance itarium and his mind' is believed tr If you could see hcvSCHNAPPS "
of tio have been affrted by Ina.es 811uioIlnt, '
depuinitut of CUUlUlo'ree II is made 1
and labor. in livestock speculations.
and sniff the delightfully S-9 '
The question was whether men employed --- s \
as laborers on rtlliotd rouKtructlon Beet Sugar Plants Combine appetizing aroma of ; i ? 'J;
were "skilled or "lInMlilllt'li" I>*-ln>it. Mich? AUK. 20.-.-\rllrE.! .. ,,'r the thoroughly .j' fs'

In the meaning of the la w. Hit dpartiuent ." Incorporation have been filed In \\j\n \ f : "
of Justice through an oplnivn ring with the secretary' of *t,ue of cured\vell matured -

rendered b>' "\Veclnjuorru.>' Ct i n. the Michigan: Sugar eompnnvhlch tobacco of fe H which it Is
eral Charles II Kobb. has dtrtdtd thnt will consolidate under one man ... '
would dis- vjj cover the rea-
I of made you P
least the
the men are "unsklllel lthnrprM: and ment at xeven largest beet
that therefore cannot, um'.tr: the law f sugar manufacturing plants in the sons for the big difference between:: SCHNAPPS .4'tt' 'N } c?

be admitted Into tie country uudcr: state The Initial caplrallrHilon mentioned and its imitators.
contract. I In the paper 1 b $',i>ooO''>. but
SCHNAPPS is clean! The factories
The decision *a\* In hart: when the papers are completed the fg. Reynolds
"In the act. which is nn" In force urea will bf nell<< Into the milt Ion", are as clean as the cleanest kitchenthe tobacco .

,the distinction between: two ciliates in manufacture is scarcely touched by human

of labor Is ntlll maintain l. It ii Injures Guard and Escapes. hands-with special machinery to cleanse the leaf ,
therein provided thai neither da* Meritllan. Mlsa,. Ang: 19!).--<"lwtrlesIlosenfeld. ttSS
a negro<< burglar coti\lctid and produce clean chewing tot' ncco.
shall be brought in under ct>ntra 't, No
exception whatever l 1M cont.iliu I in and given fifteen years. knocked down When such scrupulous care is talccr.vith: the choicest: -

the act In renpett to unskilled I I.thur. his guard at the state farm, tW his selections of tobacco: from America's' finest chewing tobacco ,

but It Is provided that skillt I labor rille and colly marl his escape' It is ..
districts can you wonder that SCHNAPPS so :'. It:
Is claimed he came direct to Meridian :
may be Imitorted under 't'rnln: \ c'>'n''!
tions. with the! avowed purpose of satisfying so pure so appetizing and wholesome -so
That there In a dlTrtiu' InTact
and In law b.'t\\.t'n fikilUd and, shooting Officer I.,'nns who brought different from chews: that pretrnd to be as good?

unskilled labor is too plain to admit, him back from :Nashville' for trial. Expert tests prove that fits u4"rior tcbncco requires ;

of argument."It and takes a smaller: amount of swectetitne; than any other
must. also! he! presumed that! congress << Lightning Bolt Kills One. ""
wan mindful of thl dlfforenc In Crawfordvllle, Ind.. .Aug :'Lit< ;While kind-and has a wholesome stimulating and satisfying

members of the adleV Aid S.clety effect on chewerc.
the enactment of this liw It I I" r<<'r
tainly not for the executive dt'p trt. of the Christian church at \\'allsnre.Ind. Be sure the letters on the tag and under the tag spellS

ment of the government to' nullify the .. were rehenrslng an entenalnmentIlKhining S* na'p'p'S. The Reynolds Company is under the "i '
struck the church and killed"
will of congress' direction of the same men who have managed it since '
Immediately on recrli of the opln. 111'John ru-llls. Mm ll-sie 1'hlliMit
Ion. Acting secretary Murray, of commerce and :Miss Una Shoeaf were *4 rlou.1y 1875. and who have made the chewing tobacco business !

and labor dismissed the appeals Injured The church building; was a life-study.

of the aliens and accorded them se>trcldamaged. There ore plenty or plugn that look like Schnapps, with

to be deported out the same satisfying chewing qualities. r
Must Keep Cars CleanChicago. t

Summer Diarrhoea in Children AUK. 2rt,-Suit hrnulllt bv R. J. I REYNOLDS TOBACCO COMPANY !

the" City of Chicago against; the <<'hloi. W........Nary M. C. .
During the hot weather of the mi turner .
go Union Traction cunspatly ti fau+se .
month the first unnatural ion...
of the filthy condition of street Carr f
ness of a child'. bowels should hare .
owned l by that company was dtrldidIn -
Immediate attention, *o n. to check .
favor of the city. \ penalty Uprising at Santo Domingo,
the dieae before it become lIt"riouli. $100 was mentlono l in the \' 'rdl<.t of Cape llotUn. An :r'> .\ bt'ilou :Ef1_ 3.ORI7AN"s
All that I. i il few doe of
necessary a simitar
the or more
Jury volution LUM lJru..o'u. mil in Mantis
Chamberlain' Colic, Cholera and cases' are pending against the .tri',M Ifctltiliixlo. HKoidlilh. to r.-t.srt.<< t.yell ts
Diarrhoea Remedy follow by a doe ,
car compan '.
ed heiStturdat ll">uliitU.tiai > lauds
of e..tor oil to cleanse the ytem. r
iiiidtr iiiniiiainl*of lienersI! l Ntnrrn I
Rev. M. O rUoekland pastor of the How to Avoid Appendicitis... are said to hale token, H" \l..r.<<. anti

First M, E. Church Little Fall. Mot victim of appendicitis are hart mtuktd' << and' tuptnr+-.1 l JMtHin I
.? lil.OCK OAINES\'II.I.Il. II.()-I UA '
Min, writet: We have used Cham
those who are habitually conctlpatrd which wa pllldK! und Hlidoti4d uf
berlaln' Colic Cholera and Pmrrhcea Orioo L.I.ti.'rul' syrup cure t,'r tsvfut" persuss< hud LII<< klINd

Remedy for several! year and find it avery chronic constipation" br stimulating --- -- -- and Accident 1"lh."I.I.I' 'h....
valuable remedy especially for thenatural """H'"n.... : : : I
the liver and bowel and restores N A W. to Increase Stock.
summer disorder in children," bold action of the bowel. Oriuo l blll.lt."t.lII.IIK. ::0.A Ht'Jlle'lII-t

by all druggiit: Luxstire Fruit syrup doe not n.ueate her intttluK Hf l'i' aloi'khi>ld 'rs of the
__ ___ '
h or gripe and\ U mild and pleasant :Norfolk' andt-.t.-rn rullroHd, at !ifs>- or nt STAIr OF flORIDk ,

Free Seed Condemned. to take. Refu. stil>*lltntr.. JV.. auke'a.. ,, tn authurlio an Inr,.."...
ChlttJinoojia; T nll. AUK :o,-ThtBouthrrn
McCollum .'.t Co In the capital I stork of the fx.inpiiiiaccording \ tIAINI3SVII.l.1
:NureMen: anaoclaiion.
to announrvint mud' hr's ( ?, FLOJlIUA.
in sesalon! at lookout mountain,
panted Trunk Products Damaged.: The nxtitiK will H, |I.CI AI on rlu'' i....:
a resolution mndemuinK the din..
:''Iottulk.'M... AUK 1 :2"". -\\lth all the ter of <"IU' trlbutlou of free ..>.>du. b>' the potcrnment '
(for Men. Scientific and
Young Literary
heavy rains of the I".t! two moutli- -- --- -
Richmond wan (ohoi ri a.
in tht.urfulk trucking bf'lI. thai of
the place for the nest meeting:. during Children In Pain courses. STRICT MILITARY DISCIPLINE.
In the creek district
Friday' night Ih'l in>
ht the Jal1le.lou.xpoailion.- was' the heaviest and corn field' Nrvrr cry s* du children who are yk

and other crops were submerged 1 he differing from hunger Much I I. the ; ('."* In fl..ln...vllle. "M.|>i.,,,1..>r ,or"> lot .taluaull and
Well Known Minister Dead. fall potato crop I I. rolling In the cause of all babies whn cry and are < IMllll.n: Ml.KIHI!' : I'rr.ldeat l S'aihville.- AUK 2U.-J. L, AlexundT. ground and kale seed tuoweti recently treated for lie II u"''*. when they' reallyare

one of the must widely known mini I. In the ditches and other plnr -s. suffering. l from hunger This I I.e.u..d I.
ten of the Cumberland Pre"b>.terlau saving bu t-u'l:: washed, a"aIn ) from their food not being assimilated >C:*.tea t>l t.as..t1 ;

church, died at bl. borne In this city bat drvouml hf worm, A 4

Saturday morning 'II. was 77 years Self Defense. I few doses of While'. Cream Vermifuge!
.. t : :3DTTTTOIsr&:;; CO
of .
a. Major Hamm, editor 'and ruanacier will cause them to c"a* crying aiidI .
-- of The Constitutional! Eminence,,I begin' to thrive. si one.. well a trial.
bold by \V M. Johnson.
Ky when he was h fiercely attacked ..
tThr four year ago by pit... bought a boa :: 1'rgERS: p

of Kucklrn'. Arnlca3Kslv.: of whichhe
Hold All Your Ordersfor
.. "It cured me in ten' days and
} : ..Ie. "_'._.asp asd wU "_.t... .... Ou_.,. a......... '
no trouble since." Quickest, healer of New Work (for ......b..u.-.. ..,..,.. ...,.._.. sal ........ k
barns cat and wf"nda.I.r.-s at _..... ...._ Special, ,r_.+1"1..ru ...1... ..........._ Mall
core .r:8.. .is .t. Va.1fOd. .........
all drag store. I US. We Are

Found Murdered. Imon-clASS : "' ]:::;-..:X:,: 3 FLOB.Tr1A:
Puf oik. Va.'JIt :fl- The N>'Jy o| TAILORS
/ J.m..e .:. lleneycut. .rtloii t<,r.irtso 4
Of the Tidewater Railway| .as founO

I'I by the side of tile :Norfolk' an.S'f" : and do nothing but upsto I Female College

era railroad track near rViffoik The I 'rAI.1.ArsAlI'! -
man's throat bad bn cut and hishesd -date work. Cutting :

t aasheri. bcsth leas bN.lltn and<<1 t strictly to date. IT 1111111.41;
thew_ a, d_p cash arroe* tbfstomaxk up
.'" 1',,11... .r l.tlle.1'h..
I Work unsurpassed.He h nl. chisel' fur T.a.r.. .

A Mr.t.ry Solved hale a M.. llae ef*".".t",w ta select .,.It' !lighuoi' or ttu.ie' ",...1) mud 'In*!ro-

I I "IIo. to k..p off p.rtodta attack of I I fees l**. .-. / : :; .:p lI r rn.alslry' IoeIwl/ag' ply. u'.ce-
Why .sufrer"i1] bitioQoe* sod habitual rot>.tip' .tionwa q. '',tll''."'.

inwbenBALr&RDS I I a mystery that I',. Kleg's' >.. WM. SCOTT cbllPANY Tailors !I *>mnt. isenuui .if 1lu..1' .\".. 'nel.d.
', .. spirit. leg I'. I .
I'iiU. ovd| for rt John
L *
fe roe.
SNOW r 103 ",'..t Malp '.( :t |t tI l iri""9 lltfhl ..crwslu/ 1sprs..Iory:
N I'fessat of Magnolia loci ,Th tt

LINIMENT 'I e.ty pilJ: Uses are rusr.ate.<1 to give t ...... ......a4: ,.. ....... tlU. "_ .-14 .." .. es e__ fin sees
''r--rf.e' *atlfseti u .serybrly or :. W.daewi., 5 -:. ..."\i hCal seal ,awlal,
.4. 5S. si! .Led ta/.nw.1W. w..4. Se ...sloesMAM.ACr1MeCI
WILL CURE : 1I\0r.y r fot>4 only j st dreg:

.tore.. ____ ___ __ I GRINDLiuthriFraitSyrip
8a_-.r tscuesiOes 5 Rate VI.. At SOWES. SPRAIN Ntt'Nl1t.
STIFF JOINTS' =MA.WAK.uA.SCAL&S. : I : Coat Line. : *eO ONV.e.Nltoes

CTX.. I Io. to! ram.r .'s.wrsso* rstee 4> all um- ...r AoC....0SANDLIME
A. Frt.J.J. fa..nr.*'C i DI.' eirur* wt pe..tear. .ow < writ**;*: I ntt"U.1 M rUnlm vis tae Attsatte. Co*.t L4.. >o lr obl P/NtMnt to test. .r
\ .nt for mr tarn,+v I' '. f 0 as.w*r qseeilews. Far raiee,
ie the -t ittJrnt nt t.ia4t. re...rvst+<>sv*, e. say Iaformatk.w. eorn Tb new laxative Doss
It *u.._ l.uM\4l.ntl..hl..* _aD .N with Frssk C :* S.tCHI, J/U- oof gripe or na US... *. I PRESSED c lcrc .
.j" 25c. SOc and
J B Hrd Snow LJnliurnt J Co. FJert4. $sabosrd P..loe I i I troubles auid chronic t.... BRICK

)hot. edpedoD reswtllsg thiaIsttiral G rL
It1IT'.LOL n. .t.er4 Air U. ep.rsuw .,.,. by COMPANY
fet *'* ears .n.i.... WY tlld. ... I action of tblJ'pfM** .ds11live
J" trate. >eairtaT W.... ..... '
.M* aw eldb.w.1-
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aaA pecnn+atenCtd bye
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IJ-" A == hr BaN.. .. w. >l iMatlll a ftk
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R'f-- >
0" :, : :, ,, _..'" m ;- ..... .



N. '

Crush of Travel. DO YOU KNOW
That Dr. Plerce's Favorite Prescription U ,
SKIN ERUPTIONS returning European travel has set In. the only) medicine for ",'omf'n..n the In*
Governor Advised to Extend ClemencyIn and overy returning steamer 1* crowded gredlents of which are printed upon

Three Cases.. to its capacity with homecomers. Its wrapper and have the unqualified

1 Atlanta. Aug. :!O.-The state boardof All bear stories of the harmful effect endorsement of the leading medical Excursion Rates

pardons made the following: recommendations FOR 35$ YEARS la Europe of the recent discussions writers of the several schools of practice

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Co. Ohio July 17 1905.
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Chamberlain'. (Jolle.Chol..r" territories $34.O5:>> Toronto Ont., on taleSept..
nut warning Insttutt and ,
gives relief
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Bombay, AUK. IS.-About :.r>I\) postmen >tl to 9119.304.11.::
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known medicine for these
i t. the bet Steamer Pretoria I
ed Warrants have been Issuedfor Orounded.I
parts with lint water ntxl Cuti- pay.
>, I diseases, should always be kept at curii Soup, to cleanse the ...urrUC'fof the arrest of the ringleaders. A Hai.iburs. Aug. 20.-The lIarnl.IUrg.Alnf'rkun I No trouble toanawer questions.

hand as immediate treatment is necessary (cni-ft nnd l scales and soften tho thic kcnitl Hood caused by! the fall of 20 Inches of liner Pretoria from Now Excursion rate to other points.

and delay may prove fatal. cuticle; dry without hard rubbing rain Is devastating! the Uudburnea Ills York grounded lu the Ube Saturday. Limit, rcbtdules. Pullman I accommodation -

For tale by all druggists.Hold and apply Cuticura Ointment trict. It I Is flared there has been a Tugs are asiilktiiig the steamer.<< I and all detailed information -
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newt soothe liiitl hcnl. bcavv loins of lifo.
for Patricide. Cans. *......<""'-ftt.tmd t'lf..r.el4 thfonffhovtth Forty-Three Persons Killed. I either on application in per-
.rnr d. I'.A1.Ih.I CI:'h.m.<\>rp..Hoi' lMnt O- \\'anaw.ug.. 18-It Is known now sun or by mail to -
: IliirkcllU. K>.. Aug. 2 ).-Clarence MT Mkilwl t rM,.Ilww I.Cun TurtuiMcney ..f ..: Nothing Known Sf Woman. .
; ti Nuckola, axed 1$. han been Indicted Avon. N. Y.. AUK. 18.:-A dispatch that 43 persons were killed here on F1UNK l'. ItOYLSTON.
----- ----- --
for the murder of hU father lender- was received by Mrs. Herbert Wads- Aug. 15th and about ten persona were District .Paimeneer Agent. 13S \\.e.1 Bay

k nun Nurkols; The Utter wa found De..tro-t: by Fire. worth from her niece Miss NelU Snernotf. wounded. t Street. Jacksonville Fla.
Canton. Ia.! Aug i 20. The store of
near his home on Cnmp Creek with In Finland she la well .
saying and ----- --- --- ------ ---- -- -- --------------- --- --- -- --
J. \V. Smith, 5 I>> niU! fast of Canton
Ills skull crushed apparent! by the knows nothing, of the use of Mile
wan struck by lightning during, rain-
barrel of a rifle. It is reported the a Smernoff beaten by chevaliers at St. CL YDE LINE
wtorin In the fire which followed
prisoner will plead self. .f.nse. Petersburg several days ago.
the IIturf1111"" Its con'ontu were destroyed.
---- .
It..IN reported that there
Don't Grumble was 950O:; In rnh destroyed. The Ioi Unnecessary Expense.

When your joint acheand you suffer will" probably nmoiuit to $..',Q(). withno Acute attack of colic and diarrhoea H

? from rheumatism liny a bottle of liftintnce whatever Mr: Smith onrneon! without "warning and prompt

fef Mallard's Hnow Liniment and get In- rnndiictfd, ono of tho lar a- cnuntKtortH > relief must be obtained There I I. no

slant relief. A poiiive cure for rheiirnaiitTn In this' ..section and wan doing': necessity of incurring fh- expense of n

.t' burn, cuts runtraeted nius- (i IUTK" bti lneStomach *... physician'. service in suet cases if .
-- -
glee, sole chevt.eto. Mr. I. T. Hogy a Troubles and Constipation.No Chamberlain'* Colic Cholera and
et prominent merchant Willow Point Diarrhoea Utmedy i I. at hand. A doe

.1'...., say that he find Ilallarl'sHuuw one Call reasonably hope fur jCnt,1 of this r..mt'tJyIII relieve the patientbefore n'
Liniment tine best all-round direction when the bowel are constipated a doctor could arrive. It h.. FOTJ R SA.IXI3STC3SBETWEEN:: :: E.A.-OEL WEAK

liniment he- ever ued. Hold by W. Mr. Cha. lUldwiii of Edwardtville. never teen known" to r.u. even 'In the .

';r M. Johiiiou. Ill, ....yi "1 utTervd from mat severe and dangerous ease, and JacKsonville and Ntsw Yor-lc, r

chronic cmiMlpatioii and stomach no family .houldbe without it. Fur
Sttnsland Reported Cspturvd.Hpokane. troubl for several' years. but thanksto sale by all drugelais.Charter Calling at CHARLESTON 8. C.. both ways.

Wash. Aug. io.-HankerBteitaUnd. Chamberlain'. Stomach and Liver The Finest Steamship in the Coastwise Service

the Chicago fugitive. Tablet urn almo eu rt"ttVh, not Granted to Railroad.

reported captured at Midway, 11. C.I Ret a packV of the** tablets an 1 cut Atlanta AUK. IX.-The secretary ol__I Clyde New England and Southern Lines

-- -.. -- "well and stay well? Price 23 cents state has granted a charter to the Pel- Service
freight Between
For vale by all druggist. ham and Havana Hallway company PROVIDENCE and All Eastern Points.
which" will OIKrate a line from Pel-
Calling at Charleston both ways
.. -. Hit by TrelgM. "Man Is Klllvd. ham na. to Havana .1... a distance
I I : .. of 40 Sm: I--VV-EEBL: : SA
), I' Atlanta AUK. IH Thursday right IIIIff'Tbe road I I. eipltallzed : ILIN"GSo

about rt:. ,.n o'rlork .. at U 0ttoo .From J"'N''harf."
:: \\ :M lluniphr-y. Bxtoa
1iifij a wtitrhiiiiin tm this Oi-ornU: mllro.ul I :i\U Inbound. ... ... .. ...... From Foot of Catherine I'? Jacksonville
: : W.11 Known Actor Dead..
1 was trur'. hy the rrnr end uf a I

1'1'1' I '! 'h freight triTn: at ttiu. Ittulevant .t"( ,..i bill.New fo-merty York! a Aug.well i|lit-\\'II11amf.Ca-known actor dl.,t I i Clvde St. Johns River Line
''' crossing and ,.' ''' 1\: trseufor tr.dey'tr.dey lie wa born In Ireland t-t<*fw -e'n! J ACKUOMVIUL.IC and MAN "'O"D
: ./ /' (I. j lt'1l1 CoO( )ants euttliiK ofT both' legs I and 'I Stopping at I.al.tka'or. Be
/ and achieved a reputation before hecame re*ford (DeLaudand lu'"rmCII.Ua'
\ Laodlnn
tI I r;;7 t'1 '''t. I tearing the |1MMl|)' fearfully\ bmUInK to this country with Mica I.ydla on Hi. John Hirer.
the. face *o that be
wa. atnmtt
"i"I. \ unrccuanltatle. "Ihompson 1 In the fifties. Cahlll toured SrEAMERCITY :

the Unltrd State-.. OF .A..CKSO: V-JLLm.7

4. I* appointed to sail as follow l...mf Jacksonville ::buod. Tuesdays

'. CASTOR 5 Eleven Police Killed at Warsaw aid Thursday. 3:30 p n,. Returning I leave Stanford MoLdays,
CC'l'C r..t 1 r E "'an..., Auait: Kleten !police "" Jnv.da}* and "" "Ia,., 9 :Jed *>. msa.ltsb .%
For .:u.'.uu. and Children.! a -
and one gendarme were kllle Thursday I : =:
'.. l!.''O l I.
women I
The Kind You Kara Always! BoughlD.na night and other were wuuad.-tlMurdtrr I II....=... CU IULE l'r 0".boe",.

'f,' t: l.e.re 3180 11111. . . . . .J.ek.un.III.! . .Arrhf9:1z01Jam e4: '
C 8:48m . .. . .Palatka .
Ih . .
.. .
4 .. p R dJ0 pia
y '; I h Negro Hanged.lxtiil 3tam------- : .
11ant. fu.llt Astor . . .
.j: x1 S 81&lI.at'u. uf /K c: ...vllle.' K> Aur:. 1*.---Jn eph I . . 8.lford ( Ireland) . . I I s1f0 O p.

\1'ttulrt who ""tT'r fran + .r""h Johnston it negro, who" murdered hUUe. . . . .. Sanford . . tr:;.a1aa I'm
.. )o../iae'hr' .. scud .\.' .hs. ., I .. was banged H 'e ... Pr.m>n...t Railroad Mart Dead.
.l.sn, t \\T'1,1.1 l I" e. h. .t b. y I OKNKRALPAHrt._ AM) T1CKKT OFFICE. m W. BAY tT.JACKNOKVIl.Li
t..t flit rl' "r.touu.-t" ttt Ie t' et.t L &:tiKU' >u. AUK :\). --J ItiHcent l ,,rr.1 t I .!. .
u'! .. tCOMPETENT JUDGES r. W .1CnNtIIOJIl"OEK..Uc.. ...... Ge LP--. ....... III W., ...., .". .I_....;... .. .
u.l nJul t'r eIrpr c..r.1 u+eararr Ir the IA'a.lolLluD an<. I W. a. cuopaa..If. ,....., ....... ... Fl&
C. .
b.-, laatetA. ...u"..... died, Saturday aftera -- ''DOt.f B.I&. .... "__ .. ..,.LOVaLLo.....,.........
I f2111"'L:11U1C1t.1' CUS long Illness at vas otJudge .....ft tts.I..e' .:..-- ..........- I A. C it LtlraY'.O.a. rs.t'. ---". ..."' .. Y__. TDt..ILJota.o.......,........"..y...
tttkusreeea: COft..U U\M1.\ !mHIsrwd "',.-- w' ., twat. a buatn.p. .t twotttylat TIIEO. O. EOER VIe.-r.id. and On.ral Maaacsiv.
rto .r'. Ih.lIrc't"aa, IttaIsrta J,.a. Itarr of uuUvlllo. and "tt wew..a ....._. p.ety a.mr 0..r.' c<<_ ..... M Xeaa a..., t .
nr.J dlhl'r' Comrl.lnts.Mee was one of too most prominent rail baewtrg wt.., wilt teem ......., 1M 1-9c. _. s.sa,1.0 hsNw.,. New y_.
I C. I' 1..In.. ."'. Str "bt... rod ni.. la tL--date. "-ealt.. U._ ...,,.. let I.- frare. tac __. -- -- ---- -.- --- -- .

; .". ';'. :'" .t t.. 1 I r'he I' e.rae.g' ll.rplttd.t t E.MKAL CITT
.. II" "I .... rwr..w.a+.J ?.wipe'. "ll.i- ; 800D IIEII
t. t ':r..th'.1 ..
'1' rtrl. .1. II t ... "e nnrv ..... Whr Fret and Worry I, .w..'... age.. tt a1.,a....4"-1".-t "iv sate,.. ...fr-.n.. tUtlwt. SHOP:
app -
'II' a'ut 'I' e.'et t\ 'rori.l: ..f lilt \\ .... 0.1' .MId fca. a cold? .... eer rtI.c'
'1 I r..a... .1., It 1., h..... I _t a 1a..t". .' .ryI/n. Cha*. F. Dorm an. Prop. AIDS BiiESTMHIT'S
You a..d aol tear |>B..*rnoala or oia.r .. r.
\ :... Z1.n j I ,--...,... -'- cast.
pulmonary diaea.e.. Keep supplied '-.eo: ,.....n_ 4ft.. t'ertt.s.l Or.se. .." I til East
;:..:C SJ.. I I Unioa dt..Soath :lids. qusreliet'lavttls 5e.....-- r.h..4 et -saaa elec..
Hal lard's -. ." ',:\6 let.t.f ... .
with Harvkouixl 1t-ep4.I4- teeaat ...
S.p-e owe5
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: log sxMtga test bro' hUU. !Mr Or.- ,... ,' IT'
U.U.I I Yiii .*
T. : \. ; ... \ (I. .. '.... ... :. 1 FAULT
.. .. ....,. ...... .. of Moos Falls, 6 1) write. '"'I fcav .- tt stsrl >1' Most .
p. he -u Jat.
-1,.). ...: ...:; "If. J-: awl <> >- shop ,la the city,
..*d Jour wooderful EUllard's ilor* "'ks .. Isa.Lwt dre.H.m 5..t HI' N k.aeoeabl. rat.. If vre o tee keen be t.'wasm.s 1
I booed ? oa et aiUryear tot 8". e aaspe fef .asaaa. em T1M ll.rpwaa. 0. :twrteooelnctm.atHOT f..r tam., fwt t. wets tvMeeers esr ,
1"uP wy .
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t'Js4 sRv.rwl
tiait! a.I4 :tu 110'w. \ tw..l 1II.Na. et teat leer..
*. Its r alt, ba.. bean Q4sdar. s
: ... UIISM>>J. [o.IMed1s. ,,,I." Hold by W M Je... u t J. ... -V-4WW4 A Osv, o.d1 Aes..lci sad COLD BATHS HLZCIRI.. ICEYSTaMrotas

.CAL HAiftAQE sad 8I14K1"OOlXG" lei,

'! t 1 !... y k, tR A ht '


IL : .. .


--- ----- -
-- -
-- ----- -- #
-- --- -
-- -
--- ---
OF. next: general election of representatives in case of conviction of ffMny!: in the -
NOTICE ELECTION a* required by Section I, A'tiel" court of record. The circuit court of

XVII of the Contti luttiMi. Eambia county hall, hive! foal appellate S E..A. : 3 a .A. :R :0 1'1
-- Approved May 31*'. 19O5. jnmdtetion of all misdemeanor ,
"' Wbe,.'.. The Legislature. of 1905 tried In the court of.rco J. All

tinder the Constitution of Ifc83. of the ARTICLE XXX appeal or writ. tif error prosecuted Air Line
SLate of Florida did pa.a five Join from the court of record- whether tn Railway
That the f\11Io"'ln"
Resolution proposing Amendments to ainerjttttient the Supreme Court or Circuit Court, :
Conciliation of Article V of the Cnnfltitut" of theState hall be.
the the ; ta'eof FlorIda > prosecuted in the rams way
mod the same were' agreed to by a of Florida, relative to shy ..Indioiary .- and according to the ame rules: agosern . FOR. .
be .
Department to >
nunU rd
vote of three-fifth. of all the members section such proceedings iron: the Circuit .
39 of **iJ Article .V, I to... anal the .
elected to each<' House ; that the Court to the Supreme Court J.i
same m hereby argued to "itnnhall\ be I\
vote on aid Revolution* weraenteredvopon Approved June 8. 1905.
I submitted to the elector, of ih*. State
'. their reaprctiva' Journal. Savannah Columbia Camden
with yea and nay thereon and<< the1did at the'pner,1 election to b. held l t>n Southern
determine and direct that the .%iti the first Tuesday after the tjr.*, Monday ARTICLE XXXII
Joint Resolution be submitted to the In November -t. I>. inofl, fur rati- That the following. amendment to Pines Richmond "
elector* of the State at the Uvnera flc tioti or rejection, tr wit t p| Article1'11! of the Constitution of Raleigh Wash- .
Election In Novpm f'r. 1900. Section 39 The ..nnu"IIII"IIof| the the State of Florida b... and the .Min>
NOW. THEREFORE. I. H. CLA\ Jti>l<;e of each of the Criminal. fourt* I i I.. hereby agreed to and si all be submitted ington Baltimore Phila- J
CRAWFORD Secretary of Sratr nf of Record now. or herenfier rat |ha. e.*. to the elector of the State at \ j
tahl, hrd shall bi the general election IPCtffnr .
paid qiirterly by rntifloa-
the State of Florida do
hereby give the where' such i f. tinn or rejection -r
enmity court *>*titb>
notice that aGENERAL I delphia New York.
lisheil.nnd .ha 11 he M" follow* r I Itl c"untie Section I. Either: branch of the
ELECTIONwill of |less than fifteen lhoiiH ., .
u thereof
be held in each. County iu Floridaon one thousand dolNr, ; IM couri- may propose amendments to this. .
Tuesday next: .acceding the flrMonday tie of from fifteen thousand population f Constitution ; and if the amine beagreed
in November. A. D. 19O6. the one thousand dollitr ; it) erinntie to by ttiree.tlfth of all the
said Tuesday baing the of from. fifteen tl.omiean t to t vnty-flre 1'I member elected to each >>ouc. such T\vt Elegant Trains Daily.
thn.and population, fifteen hunorej, proposed amendmentshail !te entered
SIXTH DAY OF NOVEMBER dollar ; in counties air froth tnty.flve upon( their respective Journal. with r

for the ratification or rejection of the thousand to thirty-five thiu, "ahd! pupa. j the yea and nay and shall tie pib Seaboard
said Joint Resolution i>rnp".ini lation two thousand dollar.*. : And In'', liherf in one newspaper" in each ? >itn- Express..
Amendment to the Constitution uf e untie of more that thirf?-M*.* Ih.nfl.1 j ly where a newspaper. i I..* pt.blishvd
the Stato of Florida vii : and population, '.....nt'.flYI' I for one month immediately preceding
dollar.*, hereby repealing *n$ and ,,111! the next general election of Kepre- Seaboard
ARTICHE XXVIII part and part of the said Constitution II j sfntativva.. at which election the same Mail.
That the following amendment to in conflict herewith.. I shall tit"' submitted to th.I"OI"r.* of

Article XVI of the Constitution of th.. Approved! June 6. IfXVi\ the State, for approval or rejection ,
State of Florida be and it i I.. hereby If a majority of the' electors voting -

greed to and ahull be submitted] to AKTICLG XXXI I' upon the amendments at such election
the ..lectorof the State at the general ,shall adopt the amendments tt.e same
AlAotlnn. tn ho held on the tint I.u.... That tl%.. tfil!Innpl %ff m tviM.t it vtl*'i t A 'n I IArticVVof shall tkedtniM a fiarl nr the Rnnaitu.i MODERN, PULLMAN EQUIPMENT
day after the firm Monday in Nor rn- the'; Cnnin; ; ;itntioit; ;'r the;; i I tinn. The proposed. f amendments; -shall -

ber. A. D. 1906. for ratification or rejection. state of Florida relative to the Jlili- i be so submitted as. to enable the electors -
nary Depmrtment. to le numbered to vote on each amendment separ' I -

Section 32. The Governor, the Section" 40, 41. 42. 43. 44. 45. 4d. aril 4;. ately. All smerdments, .adopted the
Comptroller the State Tr..ur..r. the of said Article V, be anal i the a rhe are election at which this I I. sulimn ted or Only Line Operating'
Attorney-General and the Commie hereby agreed to and! hall h, submitted heretofore adopted by the elector are I

aloner of Agriculture of the "tat* of to the elector of the Slate at thegenentl 'hereby declared a tart of the C m.tlJtution Daily Through Pullman Sleepers (from Jacksonville
Florida, ana their IUC'tol.OU< in office. election to be held oil the first I from the date of the adoption to:New Orleans
are hereby constituted and designated. I Tuesday after the first VInhilny in of the same.ApprovedJune. ---

as a board of drainage commissioner. November A. n. 1900. for ratification +I II. 1906. Fur full information and sleeper reservation call on any agent Seaboard

and are 'hereby authorized and empowered or rejection, towns I. The votes east in compliance with writ. .>. (j li1)VI.DTON: Ja., .'** .tant O.o.r.ll..n )
to establish a system of canals Srotion. 40 Therehall be t."t"hll..h-t said proposed. amendments, amt,I the .r Agent,
drain, levee*. dike and retervolr ed in the county of Jo.o.mlJi.'Vh..n.. i I canvass, declaration and return* JACKSONVILLE.:; : FLORIDA.
of such dimension and" depth. asIa ever th- voters of said county -.hallo '. thereo. shall be objected to the same -
the judgment of aid board of drainage determine- by a majority of the vote regulations and restriction a* ar' pro -
commi*.toners la i deemed advi*- cast, on the question at any (Tenernlelection I j Tided by law for general election In Take The
able to drain and reclaim the swamp a court or record and there I I the State of Florida. Atlantic Coast LineFOR
and overflowed land.. within the Stair hall be a judge/: of aid court rho shall i In testimony whereof. 1 have here-
of Florida or such part or portion be appointed by the Governor and 1 I unto set my hand and affixed the great
thereof a* i. deemed best, by said' boardof confirmed by the $e-n"t.- .. *>u m shall seal of the State of Florid atlallahansee. ALL EARTHLY POINTS
drainage commi time and to provide for the irrigation alary shall t be two thousand tire hun- August./: .\. I>. 1000 VI. v"
n IL j Via
of the 'land reclaimed and Bred dollar a (t ,. N. CLAY i in i
to year payable qjaterly) s ) CRAWrt-Rf. WtuttVia E. tfel-oe. I'. AU. ll'ACIr DVPOAI.
maintain aeh canal, drain., levee, by the county of Kseambi Time I Secretary of State. worn u. r S Bon th i .."...."* J.._...ta..a or "
dike and reeervoir! in uch manner criminal court of record now -tahhh- To LV FN\.:tL, "horlff of Alachuacountv. Jaeb'atu. J.olI".Ul un II VUl
aa will be molt advantagenn tn the ed in Ecambia county shall, ui
territory *o drained, the State of Florida adoption of these amendment, be. Rapid)) } Transit and Un $ 'C1 l Service YS
its inhabitant and the commerce come and be the court of rrcnrd as ,
Z3VftINwfRH .
thereof.! herein provided and all officen of sued ORD. +r
Section 33. That the board of criminal court of record .shall b- offl-l, -------- Time Tableu./ .(l.ot April 10. 1905.
cers of such court of record and discharge .
drainage commissioner* are hereby authorized nrV)-:RE 1 n. MOICKIM:
and empowered: to establish the rlntles and r.c..i"* the J3H. n"I'| art For (.AINKHVILLK: Arrive From

drainage district and fix: the boun- emoluments of such until the expiration --- -
darie thereof in the state of Florida. of their present. term of office. . DENTIST 3 t&O l> II High H|>rmg* and Inter | T.;:.ftao.mediate '

That the bard of drainage com mis- Section 41. Tne said court and _. (tally a t- Points |(>all} x Hun '
loner be and it I I. authorized: and empowered Fudge hall have exclusive: original '-' -
to prepare a list nr' lint of all jurisdiction of all criminal c>*e*. not I 1 :c Upu> Ocala, I..e.burg and Tampa and ,. ::166; pm I,
the alluvial or swamp and overflowed .capital which shall arise In !tC:* anibiaeourtv. Office over' Marcos fr.4..1': s. !*..... timsteel._ lially _. ha'.rrnoodl..I'oiat. I tally .
_. _. -- .
taxable lund within sneh drainage and snarl I have in ij cmi iacnunty -- ----- --- - '- '---
dlstrictordistricts, and levy thereon concurrent with the CircnitCourt J.A.. CARLISLE.ATTORNEY:. 3.cnl'J Jacksonville.l l-J: .40 pro '
an acreage" tax not exceeding cent and Circmt Judge of ..Itt! county, 11.11> North Kast and Weal n.lly
per acre per annum to be fixed ann'i the same or gins! Jurisdiction of aU .; AT LAW -" -
ally by said. board of drainage cum other cases arid matter as the circuit Ii: a m I II ll'gh! t4-I.r.c.. \Vajoruss. Havaonah; flrunswi.k: a 110.. UJ a
mUsinner. and the various tax assrs.sors court and circuit Judge of said county, And t Solicitor in Equity ally I Albany Atlaata, all IN.Iuis North r..dV..." tally
of the various counties embracedIn and the same power to issue writs. of

part or in whole within. such drain mandamus injunction, quo warranlo, Ret Estate; Conveyancing and ire 3:16p: > m 1O
age district or district shall receive certiorari prohibition, habea corpus eral Practice All business prompt!) lioshsile. Mlcanuiy' and (,lira
such list or list and enter the! same and all writs proper necessary tn the attended to Office next door to :Kai Dally
upon the tax rolls of the county nr complete exercise of their Jurisdiction; office OAIMBSVM, Fi-oatn
counties In which such lands may lie a* the circuit coort and circuit lodge -- --
and the amount so levied, by the boardof of sell county, except the power and J7ERDINANP I ItAYKIt 12 tally:40 p in f fatatka :3 I AAnra
drainage commissioners such authority to summon and enajanel a i Dally

manner and form a. may prescribed grand jury.Aeetioa ATTORNEY J .\T LAW. ,
by the board of drainage commission 42 There shall be silt, term --
era" from time to time, which amounts of said court in ah year UAFMBSVII *, 1'LOtsru. Interchangeable. Mileage Ticket, good over 18.UD mile of among the prln
a hall be collected by the various tax I Section 43 There shall be for said -------- eipal railway in the Southern State., are on aale by the 1"lo.lp.I..nt.. #
I collector of the counties wherein *uehlevee court Can sell Improved Through rullmati sleeper| Port Tampa tu New York, via' Atlantic Cua *
attorney who shall you jity property, ( .
Line also via Atlantic inset Line
have been made* other taxes:: l and j and rwtuthem Railway
>e appointed by the Oov.nor.d eon unimproved). phosphate,
. are collected in accordance with law firmed by the Senate and who shall trucking and farming' lands. Head hire For complete Information call un t

and pay over sail amount collected to hold hi. office for IntII'' year. His eom a lit of what you tiffer for sale 2142n.W. J. A. UOODWIIN Ticket Axanl. U.In..vlll..
the board of drainage commissioners : pensatlon shall bf" fixed"< by law Address .

j'said Superior commissioner to all other* shall liens have a lien the Meeiinn. All orfenses triable In i:. IIA :.:H.I fCANV S. HOYLSTON.pt: *.. fa.*. A<<'? W. D. HTAIU't Tr.... I..... Agi. '
' land upon aid court shall be roe.eote-d upon IBM W. Hay *t? Astor Itnlldlng. Ja..konvllle. ,... C
taxable In such drainage dis- .
any Information under I W. J. CRAIO ... raffle )Iena.., N I O
trier to enforced.d by tax levy for oath to be filed' by A TTO u-ay T.LA'V. .n..r Wllmlagton. .
the cost of any work done under the the procreating attorney, bit the
provision hereof, or done prior to grand Jury of the circuit court for said MILICITOK IN CHASCEUYGAINESVILLE. .
""b. adoption of this amendment an countyjnay Indict fur any off...e trl
b d.r the provision nf an act of the Leg. able In the court of record t'pon" the Gainesville & Gulf Railway CompanyTHE
Islatnre passed In HOC finding! of such irdlctment the circuit Alachua Co. .'L>
. fudge shall commit or ball the.eeu..d. vr,
Section 34. That the board of drain for trial In the Office In Endel ltlo.k.
of .
commissioner be and It ia author court record which ._ .. .
age trial' shall. be upon Information, -- -- -- -- -- FRUIT & VEGETABLE ROUTEOF
Iced to exercise the right of .mln.otdom.iD
Seatlon 4$. The terk' of saUl court
In condemnation of
for the loeatloo of its canal, drain.. shall b*> elected by the elector of DR. J II. ALULKMAN.D FLORIDA.Time I,

I..,.... dike. and reservoir for the Cscambia county and shall hold office
aforesaid and enter for four yar and hi. compensation' Table In elf.., July 16, I"JIJ."
parpoee may shall be fixed by law. The sheriff of K N T I M 1. .
-- -
opon take and os- such land aa It -r- ---- -- --- --
Eecambia county shall he the .*"'otlve- ,
pending proceed t.lo.
stay officer! of .ald evturt. and his dot!,. : I .
I.... deem neceary for .0"" par fee shall b*> fixed by law. O.*r!>-*..<>e Co s !*.<.*. uw...rt mDttD ? a. SD. L "D. &. : "'l0.7. ; 1'io. t t ".. .sbslly
paoee. and in ascertaining the roam pen- Dolly DaU,. M'TATIUSP4. t lMII I IIMIJ
!Section' 40 Time rules Daily
cam af
nation to be Mid for sock land or right pro sal!: 1un. I I
redo r and practice watch oMeln
?. of way. benefit to be derived from I Ir
aaeb drainage shalt be considered by circuit court of the cooaly shall M
the obtain In the roars of .reword aad all
" ..JaP7r !law relative to criminal "* of record twatm li. 'tlaomi.DE$7Ia71. Lv P Ml J LVA M'l' T P I.I. I Ar. A W1Arl.A! A >at13f4O '
0oetlon 33: The Legislator may except a. otherwise provided Here.In If A IIf.J'Q (sty. . .1 (.l 116
for assessment of benefits 51 I I7 $17 __... . l
derived' shall apply to sad ..atrollh. .OUI I 7") j .Orahasu II 4A 7 09 13 la
by lands by reason of oeh of record C...... of scene "'sy be 141) to 26 a it) ,.., __.... ('7.I..H I .816 s $ f/) J200
draiaasre. and. the collection thereof. had from toe co ta. ....-da therefrom shall b- patdto t creels voices of another ......at' for the 0... r ...., &... r...i.s..1caw I I: 2J/ JO fl. r O EJIII "r,. I U: II *nit
ta. board of drainage eoaaml*''oo* ) 3: 10 10 P i 16 I ACL Cr.. 14M
samesen *s, sad under lb. laws pro *iag lot o>
be .... .. .
.r* to w d. by them for ach drain vlling for eb....... the ..... frost estua gar J J MAr 10 1* Ar: r 2Ur, I... .tea!o_.IU........ f : 00 LvWamaoot A (.01.. II ODlvlOToOar'
ag. porpo
t elrcoit eoort of 0.. eooatr 10I ".ir.c 10 Lv t. . J 1-. .. .
Approved May 37. IftOft t .ill coort of ...&II.ra...., The 4 Ja K. A. L. (Sro Lg. i 1-.... i. I tA7 J -

(H>>..,..nr ".,. In hie ....'.. ... order WILLIAM A.IEisONI I 3' I. Lc,.., tl.ls.11 ... . i. r*W .
ARTICLE XXIX I the circuit Jodge of EaambaootBty a. .. : Cae.ne's Cre.etaK . I 9 4O
of say DC b>>.reooaty to head ove .. -.ore f: fI, . . .. .Ine., Peta... .. . .. .. : *' M''
That Peetlon alas 19) *>f Art..I. S.. term or parse of term of the .ors ofreeerd .16 I. . *... .... _.. _JlCM
U C)) of the Co..tltetKo of the 0iat of Aay civil esvas* In she .+ .rt 10 '. . OljrtUt. ...... .... . .
"Io.wa" and the same I* hereby of record may be tried before a refe. BICYCLES and i. I. . KlraweW.' . ... ... .. a,.sl
aaeavded *o a. to read aaTlv -no.. r*e, er la .ra.. of ta*> 4t* )..IJ.u.*j !. lan 1_ -T____...._ .. a,fC
wt.fl..tioa of the Jodg .*f the roan of ,....,... -. .... ........... .. . ... ... . K ;
I. salary of eavta .1..... may be trned by a ,ad.. ad ItlvM. or Electrical n T.....".. . .. .. . 1"1 Aft
loa a* tae h...... Court ea4vll be tat ass be traaferred to tae *.lr..U ..n Supplies. 4K -.... .... ............ ... .. i too !

..; laaaaanit M/MXOOJ) dollar* a year. of Eiaaaatna ....aty mt ef say other fl .a _.... ., H........ ..... ... I i TI40
P. Tlfco salary of..b Circait "..... aaail ....1'. la ta. ..... way aad a*>ro Hsxi I 1In. .. .1..... .. .

; .. tare taaaaaad e.". i aad red to te same B>"" ..... a* gove.-- .*.ato Atty for ...... ... .... :1M t . De'm
CfBJOO 00) dollar a year. ............. tav* ....... ..." tOI Jo. Rep.alrtagb. 00OB .Jfwtaar...-.,.. T C
''TIIIa.a ...'.................. .... --We tt....1'. .. pw..,a 1. L.etfkaJ..... 41 I I /err ..... t ,

tIea .M .nl. .1. V of tae o..u...... .egtle 1?. n. V.arvsa Cvr t>* of fill eM ..... l. 10 .--'......... u" .,
...... .. ... ... --wtlg ... ..... aaall fare sp.sIi1.ty Hrttt.. A II J" A if:*6 -r" (jLvA1f.Itr.. .v '
i.r 111t I. ..O .1.-is... .. ....Isat .. ell __ a Ie.aad 1t....... : .

..... lw. riMtr: :lttw M .t+th IJ4Wurr.) [ ,r tw ta s t..afti/ra"" i 1.13 W. i10N Er. ..0ftUI& ..... .... ... .. "(

...., '" ;... :: ); .. J\ ; :' .t. '....of" ....:..r.\\ ,... ,iI",. ',1. :.. .. '. .. ". ,..... (_,.
A !. ...;: ,,-, <>': {, :;:;.;:'-, ;,; :.: '...;;.:, z.r''' '.L"'::""! 1).t .

,.. fP!;.... k I' '-4r4 ,. "::" P.jl 'P.--A .J" .' '" "
.. '
: ;
; :. '
:" ., "


i1 t.





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weeks, has returned to her home.
Friends of Dr. Gordon B TIton will all ready to connect to the city sewer She made many friends here who were Bargalas la Shirt WaUts, White Parasols and all kinds of Summer

regret to learn that he Is indisposed at when it is accepted by the city. Come delighted with her pretence and who G4 0d.. Special value In Black Taffeta at 100. White Wash Silk at CO

his home. early and ad void the ruth that will hope to see her here again at no dit- and 75e yard. .
For Bale-Two pianos, book, and taut day.
ake place when the new sewers are
J. Parker 701
all furniture. Page
Yesterday being the regular pay dayat :IVIRS. R. 'XLSON'
East Main 8t. N. cepted by city. .
this point on the Atlantic Coast Line

Mr. and Mrs. T. R. Sweat of Btarke All work put In by regular plumbers the pay ear arrived on doe time about

are in the city guests; of Mr and Mrs. and II :30 o'clock and made "the bo,." --
a sanitary engineer guaran-
F. T. MeCormick. happy. by distributing the various salaries
: Mrs C. A. W. Thorn. anddaughter; eed., Beware of accepting any work due them for the past month's V. P. HARMELINB'SReal THE CONTINENTAL

little Mitt May have gone to Jacksonville that will not pass Jacksonville inspection work. There It a large payroll here CaF -RESTAURA>T.

for a few d.,.. and it requires some time for the distribution

Mr, and Mrs.Jarnen Chetnut of Ala- Estimate cheerfully. given and plans of the envelopes and tign- (First corner South of Pontofllce)

chos spent Sunday in this city at guestsof lug of vouchers.
and specification drawn up in accordance -
: relatives and friends. J. W. Bynatn of Live Oak was in the
with New York and Jacksonville
If jour wife hat left you for the city yesterday and registered at the Estate OTICE..

summer the Pearce House will take sanitary Requirements. Brown House. Mr. Bynom is a prominent Having secured the services of

+ care of you. Meals 25c. contractor and is now engagedIn
Country work specialty. Kzpertin two experienced restaurant and
\\.nt"d-To rent five or ill-room erecting a fine $6 OOO home for the
rioote near square, September 1. Mrs. sewerage for country homes. Camps .White Springs. He is well Agency. I hotel people we are in a positionnow

h William ("nn. 'phone 167. known in this county having residedin to give you service second to

R Typewriter ribbons for tale at this The S. J. Thomas Co, Alachua House and for about conducted two the Sheffield no place' in the' city and a trial will

nfllce-76 cents a piece. The very years. One nice Cottage in High Springs, convince you of it. Stayathomestaken
ialnrMfllle( Florida. John W. Ettel of While Spring, alto
test ribbon on the market 45000. the best care of.
senior member of the firm of Ettel &
-- -- -
35 nice! Building Lots and House
,. George Oleanon and George Beck of
Rocky Point, two progressive trucker, U. W Arnold night clerk at the I Son, proprietors of the Brown House near University, 4000.

were. trading in the city jetterday. Brown house, It out again after' in this city was here yesterday look S-Acre Lot,good house tine location Open Early and Late. Drip Coffee
several days' inditpotition. ing after his interests. and to visit his 2,000
For -Five-room dwelling and is >T>,.1 tern Meat..
and friend. Mr. Ettel who
Hi left for son If want the best on the market
Henry mi son yesterday you
tr acre lot In North Oaineville, Ad. ._ .
operating The Hamilton for the same -- -- -- ----- ---
Ocala and other see HarmelinK. he hat I'-priceo. -
dress Lock Box Gainetvllle.. Fla.H licanopy points, right .
4 where hf will spend hit vacation. firm which owns the Brown houserights to..
,H J. .F. Bunch'! of the Standard KertilIt states that he has had a fiDe
Georicw" Camp of While Springs: and -
(It-r Company !>*. gone to }:Kvinttnn season. He it well pleated with the
\ %I 1. I 14. 1'lympton of Lake City were Captain and )Ir.. 8. C. Tucker'! and
,a Melnloth and other point on botines. business of the Brown Houte here. .
- business visitors to this city yesterday.Thou. family spent Sunday with 'Mr. and CO.
Joe Ettel it not only I a clever landlordbut .
)1,.. John R Bevillea few milet west
t Ir W. M. Johnson hiss gone on his B. Young a prominent naval a fine manager with the result
annual vacation to Whltn Springs. tor-* operator of Nixoo \\'...hIDJC'one.JtJut.I. that he hat made this hostelry. quite of Gainesville. Captain Tucker reports -
in the city business with a delightful time, as they were FULL LINE OF
where h*> will recuperate for a frw on popular throughout the State.

ct",. the United states land wflloe.Capt. __ _.__ __ __H. .._ ___ entertained manner for which in the Mr.and usual Mrs.hospitable Beville NEW GOODS....

lav! .. your stationery (printed at TheRun James Chetnut hat returned have made themselves famout.Dr ___ h _
ortlrw. lrt-rl*. work ..romptlJ from haluda N. C., where he lisa greatly .
I hU outing lit that J. II. Alderman returned Sunday AUKST FX5K
delivered at reasonable pries. i I. our enjoyed rays NEW YORKRACKET.
motto country It literally alive with Floridaixople from a brief business trip to Jacktonvllle. '! MONL.ME:>: T>, TOMBSTO.NESProooI ) :
Dr Alderman it negotiating for
'' p John Kite of Mnnteoeht was In thecity | and IRON .'El'E1o8ee : !
some valuable butinett: in
' r I H. J. Dlnkln of this property
' formerly
city 19 .
yesterdahaving rom on important our*aou le*
that city which is paying handsome .
bulntt connected with the hot now residing in Jacksonville, It in
dividends and will probably invest In
ohool' board. the city' fur a short .1.... His numerous attention to all miner la
..m.. lie hat no intention of leaving
this lias. MU
friends. are glad to welcome him telegraph orders
The regular w..>kl* tne.lng( of hit professional practice in Gainesville, promptly. attended to
and learn that h. it
' Mount Wrnnn txxlge No J). Knight --- -
: -
---- -
'e however, as 'it is proving too profitableto ----
T of I'vthi., will !>.. held ails evening ; him. Gainesville. Florida.
For Mal A second hand
" Cheap -
+ ..
in M ""I" hall
piano. rook stove, heater bed-room CHEAPEST STORE ON EARTH J. B. Douglass, for many years amueh.Da a
.h.> "111... RibttonMavor .
Nothing equal .
of this bat -
J ulte and sundry household and kitchen city now manager -
," Ak for Blue IUb....,.. Vanilla
of the com mi tsar of Monroe
articles. C.II., mi house and see y Miss
Grid sag It plain. Absolutely purego them, and take them at your own Venable & Co., naval stores operators foboau'sBoardings

t .. twice i a* far. ; prio.'m., N. Sheata.READ of Sampeon City., was among hit

Mr, J'), J Kiehboofgnf Millard ws i Friends her Sunday all of whom were
In sheds, yesterday having eom to -- Jt"VT HKCiiVKDVM : : :) glad to tee him. Mr. Douglass* family n school

consult Dr Aldermen in regard t.. THIS. >r..IKR SH1PMKNT: OK resides here bat are at present vitit- lJaYJ

some dental workV Ing In South Carolina with the exception
'TKVKlN, Ala., June 0, 1001Dr
II llrll of \\.I.ln. an employe' n' K:. W Hall St. Louts Dearr Roundtree Trunksand of hit son, By ru. 3(1) Wctt :
A the rnsitmntler'. department of the $. -1 hate beat great sufferer! from Captain J. A. Tucker of Rochelle Main Street. s.

t4..t..r,1 l I.In*, wa a vitltor to bUdder trouble for two ,,,a,. and my oat in the city trading' yesterday.. He (IAINE:_IVH.LF_ :. FLOKID\

llllne.vl. l yrirr.lsy. CO".. wrt of a very. severe. .,..ur..cona. Valises tale. that Mrt 'ruc'air and daughter

, 1VsnI.d-Cumpel.ut, ctenographergixxl 'lling .". tu have> several painful and Miss Winnie, will Irate toiay for Terrs Th. Thlrty.thlrd. Year 8s
pal I' right p'riy Must fur dangerous operation 1 liars also taken The :MTXNDiUD: :" Ol I'KKKKCTIO: ; : ?' Haute. Ind where they will visit 17. IPO8Pearce. opens ptember -

Wish refer.Kee* A>l 1ft... 1' O Ito Swamp many Hunt different fur three remedies year...l'Id.r.I took. Our talc of Trunk and Valises arekoinothinc Mrs., Tucker' mrt,th-r. whom the hat

AM1Jadkwutill... Florida. n.*,'* r*.f. Curw two year and they immense, in-cause we carry; not seen for fifteen ,e... Her moth.

.',i.h 1 itf ;Mr, JIM" ItruoV. who ha. only gaT temporary relief. After Rte .t,>ck and tell at prices that ('.n.1 .'. Mrt. llanorah Carey i. now In her
III having two operations and prearing not hs rnatoheil. If I eighty-tilth year but is yet activeFriend House
Lien quit. for the past few day. you are going
for the third I saw your TeiaVon of Mrs I Tucker and Mitt Win.
will itf gratified to 'learn that her con des advertised and purchased a Untie away iive' u* a call
. il ( to 'knipruv ever .ia.... ---- C !S Hill eivil engineer for the
Sledd 1
Andrew returned front
My doctor aid my bladder had grown Cummer Lumber Company left Thoroughly Itenovated and Under New
a hulnr. trip to Jackonvllle In thinterr together 'in thnr place, and 1 wa yes* Management
almost death. N ft .. ''' teriiay for Douhl I Sink Levy county zT
*! of th* University' uf Florida uttering ao livingran The DIXIE GIRL .
S of which lei II the preUent. say more than I ..a.. for J*>urTeia where. he went to rsliee> CommissaryMsnager $1 io $1.50 Per
Day Meals
U under, and I call U a world' *. Ble \\.n..u.to."r; for build under, sad 1 ht >. all who toBer! willgive A ... ..
t Shoe for Ladies Mr I "<<,0 ill was summoned" to bath" ( t U-i*> be ik. WV. or vista
|leis of alt kind. rian furnithr It a trial ithlng: you *uee..., I
Carolina a few days on aeoount' of the
am Ytturt .rol,. F. T.
Cash load furnished if required, 'd. RinTICRFORp
W C. U..s I a L. and Misses death of a brother, and before h* was Maaaccr
dress Ut Alschua avenue. t:. _
ready to return was tri.kva himself h
Jesse M Shaw of .'Ia hu.. .>.. uf A TEXAS WONDER. with .
I. lb, Mk... %W.. tk.* pup l. are calling fever KrietMU will be sorry to
the n ot widely kno n cititen uf that One small bo tls of the Texas Woa f jr They are mails of solid l I.ath.r l ears this. but bop he will *ooa re. Miss Nero ...rt.. I Ir.
of the
e-stlon county. war tratttaetiobutlness .
dare Hall's Ur.., Discovery. .ur.. all and wear well, lark .well and the prkts eovsr. ,
la city yesterdsy aldswy and .....4., troobUa. rmor' .. within the reach of all. Try a pair Mr tad Mr, Tam MsCarroll ar. r*.

Tb. lolense (Itching eharacterUtl* or gravel. s..a.a 4iab*.*.. seaaiaal aiasiosut. of the. and be ronviivcvd j..*... over th. birth of a flee buy>> ,
salt rheum and ...."'. I. instantly al! .staafc. ... laat bsska. raeomaUaas which first saw the light af day ., the

Rayed by applylBgChamt..,lal.'e Miss.I and all lrs ulartti.. of U. kid hoo of Mrs ".cera"'. 1*"." atWlllutoM La dies'. ..,......
,; At a sure fur kln diseases thi. _It. I. .,. ..4 bladder ta both ... aa4wantsa
raia... bladder troabis. Remember, w. Mil goods .t a few days ago The aspay aa4Faicy
unequalled. Tor .. by all druggUts. .rs ta "
atldrea. If sot sold by your dragKt, RACKET PJUCES.PHIFER .oS.. has cot yet *... ala. J04I.*...r.as .
+ Col. John It I...II aaa rturned' from still.. ...' bl small o. receipt of $1. K* is owe l*> tsw 0'1..... It Is ......

Worthlagton. where lie spat >G.d.r On* aaaall bottl is two asoatM* treatment ..f. ..**.* l. .a,. ....w.*.r.laat as U
delightfully,. II. states that there it a sod ....... tails to .*r>sst a ..1". with rw4l.
*> .aily taaa .
"" t .1.
.Q N. Dr Lrswt i tiiTt....! .....
nice crowd of Jovial people at that ,..,........ F. <'. bo* .3a., au Lass. Ma. BROS. .... Ike ......''''.1......._ wweid set W11TCU MT
popular resort wow. wad '''81h.. .*.s 4 for ....isa: 8XlaU. SoM k* J. W. tie .Is I' whew I' ..... .. ...+........ 11'iUDSW. It ttelaA f

spHsgs see In fla. .os>4Uk&.>.. x.o.u.... 0.. lfti.tr$'Ooroo Vista. ,tJ3., PI& ....... ........ ......,........ i"

.. _\ ... lI;" ; ,J'1:,. ...... '''' '. f ,.,., 1>1' : 't., ,.-

Gainesville daily sun
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Title: Gainesville daily sun
Uniform Title: Gainesville daily sun (Gainesville, Fla. 1903)
Running title: Daily sun
Alternate Title: Sun
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publisher: H.H. McCreary
Place of Publication: Gainesville Fla
Creation Date: August 21, 1906
Publication Date: -1938
Frequency: daily (except saturday)[ -1938]
daily (except monday)[ former <1903>-]
normalized irregular
Subjects / Keywords: Newspapers -- Gainesville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
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Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Alachua -- Gainesville
Coordinates: 29.665245 x -82.336097 ( Place of Publication )
Dates or Sequential Designation: -58th year (July 24, 1938).
General Note: Description based on: Vol. 20, no. 48 (Apr. 5, 1903).
Funding: Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05
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F tr trI

I t tit

int l1illt i ail!} un4

A '

-=- -- '

1; i OL. xxiii, NO. ] j6NE8YILLE.( FLORIDA! i'ESDAY. AUGUST" :21 1 I. 190C.; TKN: CENTS A WEEK

:t tJ :
-- -- -. --- ------- -- -- -- -- ,
-- --- -- - -- -- -- -- -- -
see the flames rising! : In Vilparato! I SUFFERED MUCH FOR HIS CRIME. '
UAKE OF EARTH Jtany inhabitants: are terrified wlr ROOT ROCKED. BY 50 c mEN ENTOMBED i

tear of other shock, anti tie" work ot Gov. Jelke Paroles. .a Negro. Saying He :

WRECKS HILEAN CITY rescuing the bodies U prt,'ctodliik I CROWD .:IF.STRIKERS Has Suffered Enough. IN VIRGINIA TUNNELNot

.fJ; ;;; very slowly. ItHtJollH'rht... \UK. :1'1-, -I.w.|
Tae Bell vhlt.l l ilU'rlct referred Itnat' 'ul"1't.
: > to rencv a nil; : re. \> no war

which is on the hill. behind! the city. ed. lu :\lont ,t>m'.r). **:r. fur

..' e ydds to Horror...Hundreds Is the most select" residence! cJl"trlc' Stones Hurled Through Tru-in tie: crlme:! of uf: "' unli t.i nuirder and Known Whether Men Are S

"i "' of Valparaiso and Hiparentl| sufferei! criminal a*. uiill on 1'1') Uer of Mn

t,'" J'I:., of Lives Lost. ...... the name fate that overtook Nub lilt! Window *. wife, wut p.\rueuI !by th,. g.ice-rttu.r on Ddad or AU'.0.

1; In San Francisco ear.hquake; --=- the adore of the trial Judge! and I Ilea -- -

Honolulu AUK 17.-1 p. m..IrlfOss i ed I more than wa ri hUlltl) coming to
;.?l' reports from the Islands of lia him Me has.erred t more thun seven -

'. 1 Cable Communications With South wall Maul, and Hitto rep.rt'" t.\. While Mr. Root and a Party Were Re years. HU nenteiKe wee eviii ) .-.r" Strong Party. of Rescuer. Working

-.1 ::1<"it.j.\"'f\ America Are Cut Oft and Details wave the general height; of which wa turning from Ranch. Striker,Ston.d for the assault 10 murder and tee anly Frantically to Dig Through Great.

.. Recorded 6 feet. In the enclosed hay of Maalaea. for the criminal eeax.usll.There ,
: .ii'1 1 Are Meager-Dlatu..bance.. the Train Wounding Minister of Agriculture Mass of Earth that Separates Entombed .
on the Island of Muni. Its h'IKhtas U much Interest In the cane

;.tt : at Washington and at Honolulu. ",- estimated to be 12 fret where In the Neck. in the ctuutly. The trial Ju.I*,'. *" rlt Men From Light of Day tf

) via Gal, It carried away a wharf Rut Its HUperstmctures. tog the irovtrnor, ..a\ a.
; Valparaiso. chile .Friday Ililntot.a., :o. Fifty nu'n are
i.. The phenomenon wantanlfested Nework.: AUK ,20, ( A caWo ill a .I I think& thepetltiuner has pi"<*i cehlysintered AUK
'. :westun Tex.-NX lUiout the: slightest: : patch from Uutnos A) 1'\.'* to a UIM.U" entomb In l.:,f Clinch tuuntalu tuaut a
hi I Irwiommeiid
vteilted by an unprecedented!) enough fur offense. and I .
tremor of warning' au earthquake lug I newspaper says.Ulle >l at "Un""I".rt. Va. a.. u rt..i ..k tll ;
heavy surf. that In- !h,> l..uuU",1
:i! this city at S o cluck last night \\, Secretary!' Hoot and u hart) a rate-lu. which otitirittl! Frlduv JS
of The tidal ware is mttrlhnttNl! to th governor then nolew that the
1'1i .i bringing instant death to hundreds were returning Thur.eta, ; ) fioi the It la now known whether the nun are
: hundredsmore earthquake at Valparaiso Thirty )ran woman was tasteof his own" nut N
*& ami leaving many dead alive hit the work of rewciitil ):
touttl the ur ,
& Persons haftiomus, Ranch strikes
ago/ an earthquake South America later' of his wife, and that hers wits,
imprisoned ia the ruin. uiaii) '. rushed flint MMMlblt. .\1,
tralu. UrtakJui three 1I..Io'WK lu MlI l is being ac as
?$& proxlufed similar effects! here. ; the only vdeutt! at the trial and l ,
' of whom were burned! to death before. I toot a car and woundliiK : ht iulnl.t,.'.rof continues : ,Is brlttlt, pumped the tunnel by several
aid could reach them, tire started!' liuznttdlaitl ) ( distance of TOO feet rand
agriculture iu tho tuck. piimpM. or u
I f.* and New York. Au.g. 20.-Weasel. Dura llier I I. really ver) graft' donlit
I' > after the Hut shock er\lt, & Co. which does a large,. bunlness irSouth Sovtrul others of Uu part win If ho t' iiiiiuliti' orft( .tiH.>. A Hum n litri. foit"> of men Is working '

J. : every branch of the city' slightly:; Injurtd'I ber of lh< beat lllneiiM In the pi,uwbcro ... In an ffort to r""II" the nnfortnimlenliffiue
America o* > x-lallv ('nll,'. ha ,
laral&C'd. | 'rUh. If they are. not ul p
:va" aiilhorltliM arc 11II..lug: au lu be way nil eed hu.ltli l that h. they i>
:. I'utilc and consternation I ln le'crlba. received the follow I Inn:: illxpitch from lt'II.I\ dead, t
VlkttKuUdll. .
totild irdly have I".n K'illt) I lit "
Die follyvtoU tho-e who! escaped: : death Vulparal: The I avein 'M''lIrr",1 uni.*.pectt..Uy,
lies seated a i>< nit nr*> of ae''u'il ..
)1'111' i
And lajurj became frenzied with tear .Tu\\11 neatly destroyed l. 1 PtrtlcMlaia Want Pullman Estate AssessedChlcami. : It U onlirtd Ii .t the ltlalrultvl and It 1. not known who Is re.puu.l l. it..
and could ruder but little a!. l 11IIIauc\: later, when" haKe... c'f.R"':" Auk. :U: ).-'Hit ilt). h,la Illt l ;
| di'l |u.'tlalent l tin lilt fill tat a' I law t.lo'Th"
to the unfortunate \lctliua. This dispatch was lion'd :: : :. im \. : a .pftlUou 1 In %the lriiiit tonit fin ., I It hltll Izc).; ,'ondn<'tTELEGRAPHERS" I loin entonilied. ar < chleilv nutlvtit ,
The buairtbH tp'II.Hl of the clt} in ., hut It I I.. not known whtlir liu I writ of maud:unuit to et.IIII''i I the tioard. of thnt I nionntnlniMiH *,<
almotuti h.I,. dc...Uo)t-d and flre *\ tiled yesterday mornltiK or thin. of rcvltw, to aiaeM tits t>n.ut<> of -- poiithwenllllllltla. anil Iliti. "!H'1te.- -.
are tlll 'niglul'e are KUfferlnK aE morning. ___ uturga': M. I'lillmai. fits I |>ttktlon lilt, ,lit Mini itnvlfiy, \i.+ Inlt...

E repttitlon of the horrors of Sin Kta.u. N 'Work.. .,\II :. 2rt'.-Tl>.. ('...ntra.a'HI riceit.tlttt' 7i>0 shuits of fctotk of A N. Dispatchers Held for Discrlmnations lien wnini ,nil,I ,'bit.Irt'n Ar.' at thtt
: Cisco As tttKht cunu ou the city' South Aincriran T.Je'J.1 l n"h t com the I'ullmun comianw of 4&alu.. of ( Against Union Men mouth, of the! tunnel wallliiK !>" WM of

presents everywhere a glues:; of unohfctructod that the ultiMtion In Vnlpuraliwi iiuelnu, have not be< n a.. ...HHI|. 1 Iii litvnlue tho t. il.ntr. to tht'm Iiu4le l, alit I pitiable. '
report .
pan Illrniliikh, \Lt .\IIK .\fl.rnprt
1 tin's and clhud4 of mokt: it fliullar to Lhnt which: ot of the Htale, ... .1.t "'.,n'tl In lit .llnilnnr) lu-ariiiK I tuUu.M ttii.t.<. dnvM .><...net err I..ut I "II.u..1 \\'omtnAI
Into the strict aud / lit* iMiaul. ..r rtvhw bus .. ..l"
and salt) 'r ttlitm curred. In Sin Franrlacu. l heir I man I?. "II.'QTl. I \11"11110'11.l J 11' 1"lIdl. I I'.lulu: H < rt .unliiK iml wrliiKlntc tli
**"u"c, where! throuk of uomeUtt alter<< repute. that all placer of liimllu rule| that stark' In ill 'tut. I.+ u part I l.vuiin: and J. It Moon'. oniilalM ot : htuute and l cr) liiK: hyutt'rl<'ull>' fur falls
wandering about crazud l b, ) of the tapltiil stock of i'h.! I Pullmancompwti lirolhtrs uud loved .Ilex who urtprtitont '
one- art I are
'MS hit\t !been closed.. and the d b Ilverr tin l iiilivltle. an.1 I :N..la'ill.;, tai IIsxulware
tht' awful cltl.ttulty.It and peratlon tttaff In niiicTi dfiiiorallrtd .. & )' n.hi l an. aside i I. t "mpt t h"11 I I ovtr In tlitt ftilirnl' et rue nd .r* In ih<. Mark holt ami per
1s I alm.>st luiiH 4itlhle to uncertain I I.ep. dead .ami ilylitKI ; f f'I
* iiKers | Jeer] > > of l.uu;:! 'I\/t/ on lhchurve ,
wldt' ul cuuntr) the \1.1 1ItHtlon I h. work of ... > will rontlnim nnrupMlv M
hew ua urea t rt nt
tormull. and' deliveries can only Hat Factory nurnsOrnnRv nf huvltiK hall laid! "..I.'. Nothing" hid 114'1 I ns |.i%.ll..lt. lli.>n.h It intuit
mad> J. U-\ fits .
on 1I1'ltl1e.-1\1I1I11| | to the unlit' : X. Aiik r. oi Uu Chiles. of itHliwuy 71 1 1leKrilphein
been heard from antlaKo. the 'ItIHil A xrttit ktany of the1"lln! In thecity which tutlueNti! u vl"I..ltl .1".1..1,11.It."trt. tin pn eciitloi| ItuvlliKl ( tl. iHttd. Wllh SIIV lltltlttt Of It-rtMllI
of ('l-.IK. o-tti l It I"1 feartd that tin tv how l It will t.tkt. tu rtiirh tli- Ft
clt 111'1111I
> halt left for other j.art .\..t the hat rltC".r of l-i'.terlckCuiuintiit | l beau tarsus o n l.t'half of ttiMf or U'i '
latt of that cit) in faring worse titan "If'" \O: tl.<.Ih'j* ,hale .. fed herd .
------- : SOIIM Jk ( 1. Iticiirrlnic; a by K A. iMiiquar' ) ilrput)' pr..l'Irnt
\'aiparul.n.. STARVING TO CHEAT GALLOWS. of Bout Suat"o:< and tirowlnn' r>"r> 'I'be <' iim. Itulloiialitj of tlit. law nn r..**!n .>r'il f +
IcKiapuli:; 'ullllllllnh'atiuD is cutoff of two Ihr I Inniiel l I. lirhiK dllven throutCh
IMTHOII 'Hit etuplnturnt let which the prowciitlon& was
,; in etrry tllr'UulI and every ouv liree of ..r'ulilt' origin did I .m,41,1 l l, I .. CIliM iHO'inliiln 4es'I I !Ie. to bee ont milt.lnlfim .
Who Killed Three Men forWoman. in) { Inoiittlit wtu ntta ki>.l liy 'the tlefun..,,
'here is. Its much drpr.i ssed! I lithe ca. Sturgeon. at Suicide. 'ruble daiiiuK: .onn time aM M""I' : but I'.ututule.lutlrr. \\nlt rind hrwoiilil h. II bn. nlitinly I..-..n ..\ '4'

'lamlt) at home. to sunk' Information of Despaired lI"r'fit th firm il-l that Ihev hn"T ... ftMlllfll MtMMIf 7"'l feet tllllt lll.< Illftl
I"' ulllle.. Ky. AIIK :" --dart'ticeHiurKeon rtrsittNt > I not 111,1.1" p.i III'| itt thnt
other pia -PS. are M ron.ltler.btr'IU.u.rr In I int bole
no threutu from mi% nonrci' iin'.. Ion. and ax he was not milt of
who .1I1t..1 I tliri *
No train hate arrived. I In lh. etty ot nun on 11"- The ronrrnct for Hitluioifl w.* It.t
and It l I. at a 1.- to expltln. why Illtt l 1..1 I l of the .
Jackfon It; old * lie would
con i ot Daley a "j ear
1'ft It ylnce the fir -l ..\lio< k. ratite. ui tit ri>"'r..r.. oonit iiinil'i' into br rof
r' I n"111111".1| In hl. et'1 l wluti told' any one would wl.h to hut their hull I tlit defeteiaofa lIu.h'r a ""11I1"1.1l..tl1.i
ill of the ra-llroad tutiiit.Is are. IHIi I 'i\ ,.ltl. lilt "ulh! | .".1| \\t"tttll Ul 'J.:""l.IIIHInin iii'
of her ."niclie. InI resort In thin rilL plant. for tbe trial. of tbe. rs.t till ll.
and nule or track 4111 the mrfice aretwisted .1| Is to li>. ont of tfif l lunge.f. and I IIH ;
that hf would .t.r t >.. himself to dea'hHo Demands PuntsHrr*.-.nt of SotdiersKt nit rlt. _?_., __ .
and rtud'tti ut.rtexe | I "'Ip.suetii' tiinnr-U |In the oiitbN'fw
II If I' .>til>' kuown from general; ac trarted: K once b) r..fu.hllC to takMttxtii l'el.r.' nrK AUK 2"">.-I loth Premier All Endorse Mob's Action -

} count'- :,,it death and Jtstrucllwu are I. Htolpln! mid War Mini*. er It. Joliinitila. H I' AIIK :" (totrrnnrlleywurd r.vtor .t M.t."'.... Nk'

.OQ al Id- tlltilelht l t'lurcu't: I\tnltlc'r( d that the girl won, dlicer ari u'C..h ltiK: ninny l-tti'r.
-tt were two ilUtlnct and urrlf from C'.trrottlon. ',y.. and that he had the a.unhhn..nt of the offers! from the. urelie .if ffie UnchlliK of th* .t.'ni Irl..n, nf the .'..t" (guard of

1(' shock. tlit* second one llowlnj Iflri'iil' her flu fall he hail tnti'ndfU and| iuilitl.TM of the hevalTTr KiiarUCfiuc rtrxro Huh |11._|" near ireenwiWHl; Pant htallh has rttlvt..| a teltKram frtimthe '

: almo Instantly after the filet. and tri.Lirr! tin his wife ">rne<| In Ihs whlpptnK of Anna evelllriKhen ...ke.l for a ..tarntrnlreiterrining acting: .iir." t>n geodesof the mrlne .... j+

a completing t hp work of d..t rucUurr. .\ .,,u'lar: f..i.tur*,. of the ra.... sea tiniyrnorT and the .,wvpapers contlnue the lynrhlnc the KIV{ .rtlor hospital. anrvlie. .1.tllle that a

'"'he stay bad bi--n unusually calm far ak a-+SJiirou a loyalty to her sire In be filled with Imilicnant article cold. he had noihlnK to nay further Ate of yellow later Wlf. taken til M I.*,

anti pleasant. At >i clock the city oir K (ititerned. 1s I that nh> kllletlher on the subject. M Htolypln. ha. or than that after a rmfe'rrnrewith| Inure. from .Havana. tin the Italianstetim -

'tuddtnly Htemed to swing backward -l' Lt.au.e of her Infatuation for tiered an ln.e.il.nn,. m The girt Is Hollrltor Cooper, (if the <
sod forward and then came to a 1*. II (:ray Hhe told Cha,. It l I. alleged In M hospital and I h.r condition/ h reported cull he had' inalrnrtt-d that tirnrr In that lie te.it'I t had t l....n <||.lllff..tetl' '

.'IJdt>n jolt of .Ul'h mighty force hat that !If he did not reciprocate serious.P.ddter, lake (l"III..II.t.| step to ''tn.......,',. |beknown anti sail...I for Ne.* HI..I.. Mhe "

row of building& : toppled to .the earth her .fle.etlm she W'MI|"| kill beratlf - tneriibers. of the mof A. flue will be 1.1..1 I In i'l irnntllte at the

.. If made of brittle planterVhllt J>i.trore taklnx the fatal dose. Fatally Shot. sentiment antonc the l>e.t. ,1'1.' of ,"h.I..il'l.i uiual.ntifla. .1.0" fur eels 6day.
\ '* rows of bultdtnss; went lawn .he said that Oray had defied. her ;c* )rnnt om.',., \\' Xa.. Auic ?'>. -At the county, MB well as a number of lie .

t, ant l In a few seconds after the see do it. Uri) hai d..rvie.l that the Klrlwis Kay ford, nn Cabin a ....k. 1 lit rnllea writ fcr M... )i. In sympathy with the ...ta.... '

and shock had subsided It became his HweelhenrtKtifreon nf this: piece. .\tilr w Oakea. fatally of th. mob It l Ie hardly pro*>.M.l II..' I Change It Mllltla ".U'"e' ,,'.. ,

known that the business part of th wa. place In a dungeon shot Malem Hahler I Hyrlen peddler the I'-'UU" will anoiint tn! 'u anyIhlfljt I'n.fraa.rrasg :11: A rh"lIlIflt t

town was doomed ruea.lay night) for an assault he rfim. Hahl. ) was tr)li>ie ..11|| sense g'.el.t ,% negro ccbool l_rh"'r of 'benetihhorhood In the mill I Is re*ltit0rif at ''hick. (

V From the 1111'teta section little n>lttrtl rn lior taindriim !latndrum/ !i.a i. to Mrs. O.ke. .n'l I *>e "" .'au".1 perk, encNiiipment, ."

WAS heard hut befi.re-. midnight flreiwere *|tnes. air.ln.t Mmriteon The jail upon h.r refciMii ft. "In' Hhe ralle the ne. .pnf>.,.. 'In wblrtl. h_ n official, die! not recall thl when \n. her hntbarnl who .. derel off > 'f. and I ....
..n burning there and It wa Hahlef re |I' nrnin< uf facile. nne r* th flrt N..r'h

learned that that section: jf the city drum wa. brought In tit !1M" |Incited. up. the p..mh e. H ah't ..r. cursing, reftie.l .. .\ir' ..lln<* i.lie the places of that Dr.t .}

a.., was doom..J, an.I trier pare! l him In Ht'irtreitucell to KTI and Miin ipied fn draw a Father Shoots Ml* Own Chtfd, weMtA 4.....1..... third Tenne..*... snilrwinain .

The cl y .taod<< > on a fnrrnctkn of Hturiteun tried to kill the man knife. when (irk.hot' his.. tbnoichhe 5fsy..llle/
granite icseU* which .*-em.-d to arcentUAte -- ---. r.nlrWheeler's edy wsa .-f..<-(..I at the home of MrMareu i pi .lb.- farce fl' reaulsrv *

the fierce of the .truck. tlt Akron. O Au*, :6.-A ..rU. . the stunned pe>i.ple werv riven Um. ,. ren ke etideo'ally' .killed" tats! "
fork.:, AugAnM..fnrem.nt Killed. I.* 4 M .lon Patch. t
wa lUIro..l" a..r1..s b.4.-n MarbaUvllte dattititer. 13 .. of .
to realise the mKnltUfle of the ralam/ ye r s. after ibfamily I'
t bs. beep mad n< and In VV'trel..f r.nkiin Kr Aug. 3>r -Henryoo
and Warwick
again the haktn l.b nn the ( A lad retired far irt. nlxht les..sl.
sty. city was Ala of the en.a etr ent of )II.. Carrie' | *. a ..... .'m1| (t.." of franklin. t
.. Tlolenr xreater than! h-f,.r. Tb and C. railroad! An .u.9tr"ora train taat dnge wrv na hflii. 'In thyard .
.ho .n i klllt lu the '
Peyton Wheeler| a .earth In places lifted an>l pfched the carrying a part of Orville pevot sad Mr f'srr reaehe for ht. g'Hta
left Mare.haIlvlU! > at the timethat I.t. general Jf*...i' i II 'III-I.r. tft 111.1 Ilot> ''tmUdlbr furward la other cam b* a.ufia, a pea.- br '*,_ .""let
plarPt.tr.r. ole. M, Mack. '.f Ve-w Tort Tb. ..f J.t-t. Cbarl: .... U' Mllilken. lUarlnic
was heavy trernr that .t..11 a frelrM Train Wt.If'k Intb ..... n. eh.fi,. ...plt..at .. he pOll.", :
other direction. Tb. Inana.wau b* r. t>rat.d *.ry 'j" let s avulse In the lb...... patchfoul.|. 11:1
"rery htijl4lnc to the icroun-l ThUoonUooed In tae br.eeb of the scan' rerrjrlntIn
t ..bt.rk. looter ha t!. suet brou bt their train to a atop at...rut ,Ir Ota Oe. t at tae rowntrr bOOTHr of ..... |..f tis Bred In are direction, tats k* .amtb <
the .brideCaJstllf. In W.......r. At'., I.i.a. llf.1 l*.. btxly ',f Jones i
Mien It bad subsided! Ares were bias I fe M apart lr tn Trite of entan.. e1...1sg tb11A.. she fay> u..nn '.. b..ton tLn.lawd
>||M Wbe.... te .e SP ., !..
.U.c "p .... tbna.aa4e of -mft. pe"r the only man hurt waa tbrvvw from r. .,....,.. wee / 'l.ae ... l***.lbl
'sons .err praylas for tJ paaie.wepe bU seat and ..lf.red a c*aa.l free rotr daw.b.... of ts. rwa.rs.4 Bchter >> tor; tie wO4in<.*.s4 girl bet *H. diedaftr Centlr 4ied.

J .dt.7 fur of tbe l... wbo dl"4 last JacearyWa : tlagerlna' a few """'are ':hlsrn. -'c.. :*>. -Th...? .>r. H'ensland t

.)Can,. 1D184hav.. oeevfredaro.aa4 ... -- ---- vice pr..!d.nt of the ttli'vtar'.,

tMt city. sad ___.. vI evee. Ne gt. KUI' .* While. Man.W __ tcspL.yes.C.rlembos. Alleged Murderer C......t. Avenu stale >.".11. rbaff- ./lth *lto .

base t.e.a Cwt At p--.t I' ,. I.. II 11.<< ..s.!. \a.. A.c 2's Wt1.. O. A t J* -T>. ft .. If""IIotw1nAI.. A4 f -..-.JJalft Mlle, h.. .t..,. .......1... ..."' .. (1tt",I ,j

t seetbt.. In .IAte two s.eatbtr "I -.. J..... M....h. a wtut. trwek farsuet bllricb and T '"CI o>p-pjr A tlll Hs'nlle > -r. t ,. tr.'it.P. .... :ag>rr bf'.... Ju-t. i ., Mrer' <*on In +

1/1a tu ...U,. cU,.. he it I. b.4.sadtV.er. Were .,.... r*..*tfi. a .*.rr. UI MeT .b.rc I. T J \.>lr...e. of .:ik.- bunt -JA'I'I i t. ''1o,ri<. .f*.r b.iata IK* We4t (Cntrt"> s...i. t ., / 11It:'. CtMrfi(4lar
aI. seversl hvadre.1g. rarest ew In a .... of craps at AfWr sad .. U.er rajf.
um an alSU I. Unal.... It In. eifnad to> r...wr. ...*, after f\ito lit 14.11 tlr..e t'en' etea C. otf Tt ><>- bf ftlw .......11I1,... HI..... If.mU'.II'' A vg, 2 tP.t.a __

Natal ...... the. best tart of fa.. .bvtsid. ha't oe*at.e..| nwtk av.ae1 tb. a...trw M. aad .............. Itirieb "'1ft".+ay ,1 It t Ia. aVc! t aw'w.a-t i .' I if/: ..( |MAle _

.... C'Orthft of the ftry coal baa date ,ant wf te ma a UIU'C 11rt!! a. (,....--'-..., ..t.e ..r...4 m...... selcUetlesl s..r N.* II' c- tt A'. rat ft, ...... far t..wiseasa.

.h. pet ('t" bark ttuay Tears .. ...,' r.:!1Wt .a. aMI !'_.... ........ ,...." tut .1w e/atA lase. 4. "-1'1'::>> tie IIsa. $ ". n,.. foep.rtad gee J. :, e' '4-. .aAhall. ., ",

1... veiJ. of t'r Uuatlaa T.a u; J...... of see era ,re for fr.OJ..Af ..,.... ; IU.t. IA a' .'. .esa.t.oueM a.trpwet: .. 'u .Mt. elf.Ilsai N 1'h+ u, s 4OiWsa.

tats ol tilt c..rraaa teasel Yru., wbdwMM ..../ w a a bnrrt4 to W.4e,. oa a aaa...1ar IUUwtf.. .' II *rt* ....... """. '. fat....r ..rgpe0e...1a Jteil Acs.. ii, wfla t :e ..agls, ,1

loota' ,. a& n.riase.a. .....a.-.<< b pnt..... a lycthialt ... ......,... asslast f.... "" .-aKI ....... herglra: ae am .r......l t'Mlralgrlr'iltl i Theta Jt.aa 's.ascriw, ...::t Irls.ri

+ .,- jtlCaL isAttt ..,.. telkts at tiA,11.1 f.. t'Jhl'r .... .ear tfataN "ry 8M ....,"", ,. V a *IC Irag 10M W. Mid., I Iif ,. ... .sg1! fl arw4. :'t ,10' J ; ;&in* LR.Sliitli ',' ,mow 0
t. .. : .Ji- < :; u. ,'" wr % \. Atf1 a'- Y.,., ,: '1r .- '"
--.i ;
...- : : tI.q"t" : -"t. i. AV ...N : ;. r = ;/-'" ,110 .:
.. .
; ::. h : :: -::.".,. I. -i.E"! .. \ .

.' ,

X1 a d t dot j

,, 2 THE DAILY : !! .

a -
-- -- ----
Accidental Shooting of a Small Boy. RHEUMATISM

Other Notes of Interest.
See Usfor- Waldo. Aug. 2O.-Two small sons of .

I Japer- Strickland went out Ito kill a TfouBLES oME. PAINS AND ACHES

Many Individual Awards Were chicken and one shot the other accidentally in Winter because of the cold and'dampness .
with a pistol, the ball enterinc While Rheumatism is usually worse

Accorded tfie Team. all the jaw and lodging in the neck. of a changing atmosphere it is by no means a Winter the disease disease
Persons in whose blood the uric acid which produces
'I The wound under the treatment of aches all the round. The
has collected feel its troublesome pains year
LIEUT. BLANDINQ WAS HONOREDHas 1. Dr. Boring, Is not serious yet. cause of Rheumatism is a sour,aCId condition of the blood brought about

PLUMBINGand The white tty, so disastrous, to orange by the accumulation in the system of refuse matter, which the natural ave-

Been Selected for Third Time to I tree. has made its appearance in this nues of bodily waste!' have failed to carry off. This refuse matter coming in'

a Represent Florida State, Troops at vicinity,' In great numbers, attacking contact with the different acids of the body, forms uric: acid which is absorbedby

I various trees, and is the only insect the blood and distributed to all parts of the body and Rheumatism gets

National Shoot-Individual Distine- t known to infest the China tree possession of the system. Rheumatic: persons are almost constant sufferers;

tlon to Sergeant; Boyd. | Tin Work Mrs. S. P. Entenza and lIul.i... the nagging pains in joints and muscles, are ever present under the most of
while to dampness or an attack
Gainesville's crack rifle team from j Bernice returned Wednesday. after i along favorable climatic conditions, exposure
the severer symptoms even in warm pleas-
indigestion will often bring on
t' Company H. Second Infantry; Florida and very pleasant 'visit to relatives ant weather. Liniments planters, lotions, etc., relieve the pain and give the
la South Jacksonville and friendsat
State' Troop, being the Gainesville j sufferer temporary comfort, but are in no sense curative; because Rheumatismis
Mkyport. not a disease that can be rubbed away orS
r Guards, returned Monday from Ft.Angustine New. sweet potatoes are selling in drawn.out with a plaster. S. S. S. is the best

where they here been contesting out: f the home market at eighty cents per S treatment for Rheumatism :. it goes down into
for prise for the.. past few days I I'KICLS: I bushel A large arja! has been plant S the blood and attacks tbe disease at its head

hi the State contest. While the! team I A HE ett. and by neutralizing the acid and driving it out

whole did not brine back any I building the thin, sour blood cure.
ms a ItliItrANIs/ Mr. M. E. Robinson of Tampa I.I is PURELY VEGETABLE.and up
st them were several Individual Rheumatism permanently. Being made entirely i
Baste price .
I visiting relatives. here" and at Gainesville. ,
honors bestowed upon the team I of roots herbs and barks, S. S. S. will not injure the system in the a

for marksmanship.The n ota least. Book on Rheumatism and any medical advice without charge. v+
Mra. Mudget. after returning North THC SWIFT SPECIFIC CO., ATLANTA, GA.
team comprised five' men. and i iUAHAXTEEI several years ago, has again come to a

was In command of Lieutenant J '\'. Florida to stay, and will bjoined. (

" Blanding. The team! entered Ms a mutter here by relatives later, who will cometo THE ,HITE :HOUSE:

+ of course the contest for the hand. live with her.

I some Tallaferro trophy, which goes to To show the desire fur timber in the S. T. WHITE, i'reprktor.

the winning team each year, and came : future a party here has received an

y out remarkably well, but St. Augua-j I' offer from Clay county for timber Cedar :Key-, Florida_ .

,:t t tine was the lucky winner this year ; there to be cut two year hence' at the

Lieutenant Blsndlng won hi'first1 I I BAIRDHardware Situated the Bluff. Cool and Fine and Rat '
expiration of a turpentine lease : on airy room. boating fishing. e ,

price In rapid firing, 2OO yard, and I A. Jolly of Orange Heights sold f LOO per day.

second price, medal In the Individual I in ._ .
r syrup over a year ago to be paid fur - --- ---

". match. Co. lumber when wanted. Upon going "

11; The team was al.o recognized rereiving for the lumber a few days ago h*,>
"$ fourth place' out of fifteen found the price had risen from (10 to I I ,

.. competing team,, which Lieutenant I S2O per. thousand the price of syrup KSTABLJSHKD 1WW.
Blinding considers untleually) fine i, ----- -
remaining same.
considering that this is the first year Obituary' Col. White" of Cedar Key, accompanied Renders reliable services of every sort along the Hue of

i': the team has worked on a government A sad death occurred In High Spring by Miss Burns, visited his of Title the Land Titles In the State of Florida, particularly

: range He Is very proud of hit team, nn Thursday, August 9th, that of Mrs.I daughter, Mrs. A. L. King, recently.Mrs. .- ____. Alachna county.
---- ------
Duncan Jordan She leavvs husband first consideration
and declared that, with proper practice a R. W. Campbell and daughter
they would be as whole the best and six children, one an Infant SPECIALTIES: Abstract of Title; Tax hale Searches
Mils ttlanche here.Miss for
are visiting
cp' In the Florida State Troop and among rourd.,. old, to mourn her loss. She Cornelia Tronhridge has returned Agents for Nou-Resident Land Owner Flats of Conntle,

? the beat In the country.Sergeant Hat an estimable lady, a true wife and from visit to Jacksonville the, investor. Towns, Etc.References. -

+ O. 13. Boyd was honored devoted mother. She was a veritable
:t:. R. H. Kite has presented his wife
home ntaker giving all thought of t First National Bank of Gainesville. H. F.
by being third highest man In the l.OOO up : with a fine new piano from Ludden A
, yard, 'contest, which is one of the most self In 'the! care of her! children the Bates. Dutton A Co., Bankers.

In duties of her household and the comfort
contents me Sergeant Boyd
Mr. A. G. Dirt ha"" cone on a visitto
demonstrated hit ) of her husband Yet she
In this match ability was
her parents in New York.Mrs. .
deaf to the call of distress. and
as a marksman.Lleutuuant never
:Mid Chevea I is on a visit to her
selected found time in her busy life to ministerto
kc Itlnnditig wa asa sister, Mrs.J J. B. Kennnrd here.
member of the crack team to attend the sick I and the needy within the Waldo Hicks was one of the soldier ABSTRACT & REALTY COMPANYE.

1 the National shoot at Sea flirt, N. J circleof her acquaintances.. boys: at Tampa.

which will be held In September be1 She was a native of Lowndes county Claude Sparkman is on a visit to No.

ginning the.. 4th. Lieutenant Ulandlngis Oa., where.her relatives still reside. Eleven lake to recuperate from a spellof

a good marksman the best evidence Her sisters. Mrs. J. U.) Singleton of Illness. E. E. VOY E. MQ-R.

being the fact that h. has been a mem* Valdosta and Miss Lizzie' Robinson of Title and fall Information furnished
J. P. Entenza has disposed of his interest Abstracts of regarding lands In thit
t ber of the Florida team for the past" Naylor 0...., attended her funeral.A In the El Antonio cigar factoryto eounty. Our manager has lived in this county thirty years andIs
ic Fort thoroughly conversant with land "&Ie..
two shooting at
years, onw ) .ar '
few days ago the sympathy of Earle Trowbridge" and will locate ajjsines
lllley, and last year at Sea: flirt. where
High Hprings was aroused for a young! .* elsewhere.Geo. .

he made good record. wife mourning the traffic death of her Granger engineer" of the S... IEL E V'C.3Y"ZE

husband, but yesterday the heart of baud Air Line' Railroad, ha purchased ,
the community, were wrung at theighl the gins and grist mill of N.
-- number of prominent American and English companies.
;r Mrs. Dutlon Writes from Townshend .I nf young children bereft'' of theirbest W. Haskett and it. i i. run by his son. REAL ESTATE AND CITY LOANS. '

earthly friend. James.P. .
of Reported' Frost In That Section. Ga.:1.c..eR vi.lle '!' ,P''Lorid.ta
Much sympathy is extended to the I JL. Hranning sold twenty head of -- --

Col.! II. .P. !)ultnn has received from family. C cattle Saturday to A. 1). Tison at I1O ti

Vermont Interesting letter from hU High Spring, Aug. 10. per head. ___ H__ : G. S. MERCHANT CO.
good wife\ who Is now sojourning at _._- -
Anothsr Good Man Gone Wrong
t Townshend Cured Hay Fever and Summer Cold.A Retailers and Jobber In
It is He neglected to take Foley's .Kidney -
nothing uncommon for Col. I>itt
J. Nnsbaunt llatesville.' Indiana
ton to receive from Mr*. Hutton an Ins I Cure at the first sigr.s of kidney
"Last I suffered for three
"/ letter, but the uncommonly I writes i year trouble, hoping,, it. would wear away, Staple and Fancy Groceries
month. with a summer cold so distress .
interesting point In this particular and he was soon victim of Brlght's ,
r1ter..LIIIIC lug that it Interfered with my business,
letter was the reference.. of the lady to disease There Is danger In delay, but .
I had many of the symptoms of hay rain garden Seed and Fertilizers.SOUTH
.( the effect' that a frost wa reported on if Foley's Kidney Cure Is taken at .
fever, and a doctor's prescription did
.:'. the hill farm. In the 'vicinity of the not reach uty ease, and I took several once the symptom will disappear the HIDE SQUARE. i i QAlNKHVILLK. FLOKUXsV
town In which she Is kidneys are strengthened and you are! for
sojourning. medicines which seemed to only Highest market price paid Chickens. Egjts and other Prodce
won sound and well A. R. Bass of
+ The letter was dated! on August 15,
my case Fortunately, I insisted
Wednesday, and proved of unusual interest Morgantown mod had to get up tenor A Complete stock ot Hay, Com Oats. Flour, a raa, Meal Cotton Heed Mtsj
of frostat upon having Foley's Honey and twelve times .in the night and hada and Rye. W. handle only the VERY BEST goods at the LOW I
on account recording
Tar and oulckly cured me. My I wife serere backache and pains 'in the EST PRICKS and guarantee satisfaction always

this season of the year. has since used Fnley's Honey and Tar kiilneys. and wa cured by Foley's ... .. ,
) Hut notwithstanding that New Eog with the same success," J.V.. Me- Kidney Core J. W )McCollum Co. -- -- -- -- -- ---

ti land can produce a frost In August
Collnm .\ Co.
Florida I i. oool and delightful at this Wealthy Planter Suicides. SOUTHERN RAILWAY

iw time, and those "Ilnfort unale" who Nashville AUK 2 J-nJatnes Jackson
Is Run ,
Incendiary Down"
F. have occssliin to remain here for financial a wealthy planter killed himself b>
and other reasons are enjoying Knoxvllle. Tenn.. Aug 20.-Charles shooting at his home In Llrnestoo N. B.-Tb. I fonowtytt .ebedue: I16w. are puldlshed" ode .I.forllDaUcD and are not..u.ra.
1) rr't'k.' convicted' In the federal court teed.- ...
-- _
their nocturnal slurab*,. with peace county Alabama Friday afternoonNo ---
''h here of burning a government warehouse cause la known for his rash act. twovatLClaT..17.. aser 5o/i ao.n -
and comfort and'who made his escape fromomiet. _. ._ -- .. __ __ SO.Tx !-wlvrr_ a01)Lv
J.eI.u.iQ:. S.. MfNo. Ite,..' rM,. L. J IIW... ...... .. -
the same day was raptureJbjr Given Up to Die. '' .Ho. Rjr I.sp"
Runaways Galore. L,1J.w..e. HT'II *:iO .i.So. > L. .I-a. ..
a p*>.." uf city police 6 mile south L. ".,....alL KfNo I at.llll.. Ar JoIoe !w. HJ' Naq
Monday was a rvd-letter day for run. It. Spiegel.: ITH N. Virginia t t., Ar C'.tumbts w. Hr Min 5tt. Ar A4aota ,. fooo.HJ'IOa. !
of KnoivllU.Smallpox M
Ar1Ca.r.utt.I HrtIO.epl.a.r Ar Huse.. : t t tAr
iIt away Ihe mule-the faithful, gentie Esaaetlillad., wrileat "For over llr.r.-burs. >o-Ittpe.rlfaly; Ar U.ltos .. : .. MrSo. ::

4 mule," Maud-which has been ear five years r-as troubled with kidney Ar LrnOi. _. -.!o Ky tuna-_1Np Ar C.atuaor.' .C,!.' ." .. .s..uy Ki :::

a- long In the employ of launders .\ at Colon Wised Out. and bladder: affectloas which causedme Ar_We6aa.a1 ,w K7ter...u". Ar Ar L. Is.- .. .' '"' 41.. 'I! lap
Uwj..aad .
Colon' ) AUK., ? .-Tne American sanitary Ar Lv..ltwrg .o KTK stn, s ap .: T..
Earl. a* a draft animal, took a sudden I much pain and worry. I lost flesh Ar ll.rlulwrll. ofnorsi awnouaee-d Friday that and all rundown sad Ar w..atattp .Vie. Kt'et.' a\ip .Af Nn iil.r ;
was a -Iu.f IA.
notion l hour what she couU: do year ago e----- -
.. -
on __, ---
die recent' outbreak of smallpox her Ar ;u .t. K H. II| Ii ,,5 L. ltaeat..U, i. ---
a sprint, with th- result that launder had to abandon work entirely' I had Ar w.I is i.d.ipals. K IK d. ar.t'tee. s Llu a Yip
Is considered' to have .n....., an 4 !&. Ar \.. 1.ea :; :t 1 ;: saw Lt ll.eu..tJ: ___.. _r. ..tee..: 7 Na
s thrr of the beet
A Earle sustained quite a 10... NotvObtent town ba a clean till of healta.II physicians who did ;;.= ::- -'.-=- =-: __- .;.': = C. H AIX ;::
$ with me DO stood: en tearing up the wagon to te.or..atae__ LAa. >r ftff*JLH \" 'so.*, L c't.eisa.u .. .
op to die. Koley's Kidney Car was !
which she was altaahed. she ran into cu.. M... reoominvaded and the first bottle gave t.. .I_..o.rtC., / -e. Ht t... Ar Ar 7ti.l.d.irtrss. ., -,KidYb.r{ ; ::
j another vehicle l oxnrU the firm ** L. ......... e. 9. > H (alt .. .r. itinr .
ty and OU.M she said. y ur run'loct b ra. great relief, aad after taking the Ar Co1.t.e1a"" .,4 ..t. K>, SiK lM. .. L. tt.ewart/: ....r4 ells-
used for delivery purposes, wrvcklnsr enough to make an angel weep second bottl I was entirely oared" Ar "'.....t.e ... w? IJC ..'.. Ar' C .raa41_ .14/w1.1 Ash
wheels J. W. )leColloftlCo.. Ar. .H t.l+vY.. C 1'0H,I t r.. t.v Lestano.
the rear Th. animal was finally "I tkm't ere you shedding a t.sr. b _.. .. !+a Rrt f
... .
Ar 10: "" s Kt ... ArAr t.raviL. .. .,
.I, apprehended after doing tae, retorted. aiJ bU ready wit ..".,,l the --- --- AI lr r.. ... Kr \w o s*. .S-_ ,na!su .Ki roar I .

damage referrvU '0. day Sultan Greatly Improved.CoatnUtxTte. :: \ "'a' slap Ar Aaatw.a 7!
_ _.Or< al /.ter Ao RTr :ices
-- -- AfAr t5rrwrrk.at..,
A few momenta after this runsway. Au- 20 -Th. W_..... .it.,. RlttetpE ;
a horse attacked to a wagon and b*. I TW never any pity for cesit r**>- tan Rising attended the seiamlik with 1r.U. Dining Car !-.n... CIa All t Ar K_ nt, =s.w :

longing to II. II Arnold of Fairbanks ple.Knit tvu with tb.w.they Or carry--their E11ot.cumfort c. usual has. see vwoales. sbuwiac hs.heath J It T Brooch Trales. I :IH:.ei:-i.Y ce. .a at...
181ptve..1 coaMd.rably. ---- "
bee.... alarmed at th. approach of a I : ---- ---- -- -
.. Sot. '?t.. red -- _
,, train on th. Atlaatl Coast Un ant -- '- u____ '1'.... ... J lSL .WSXZS-" -* 1'aL.. **'-Lac..... ttr.ese.t C...

N tsaade. a bold dash dow Uoioo street sUs snare a l.oJv, Urn's tbe J.saw:G z ;era,r srzz1n. p 1a\ t*.... Rea Ywevrr. cDoaa -.

...ad-over into East n.ln.I1I". wh.r. A Secret "' stoat 'it. the refer f* Ayvr's ODl! w..I.-;.w.' _- .-, .Pte.Nes .. bre-&_.._tw..d_ ads *.-.._..zc" ...--. J.........Iefdeg

Sin h1e animal was caught the wagon !,CK. It feeds hair. makca tbencshhy N1. .*- 11I.a .... .
n.Da .
'" ,''batiat eoHMed with a tvlspboo poi.! TN bsir s..t>p. fsllinc .ut XisU rat tKas.asr. SffS: .J..w Can..HSS are SS Ca.ttaa.w. ...aai C.aM.a\/( r.a..u Ada.a..

cJ. y".aU 1 UM s>.rt>er of Trairie a.4 AI" .a dsRdruff -ar.. The r*.ut c..Kl ROt H different, lot .'. n* a&sWal ... ... iarr, ..... yaN?r .stir

.,: .Mt1uNa No serious deon... was dog.t ..,. And It rs a .,.. *.w 4rrcsi. &. kepi 1M kalr aWt aa4 ..-oc... (Why 1JAS.

.t) ir lion. or wagon. set sate .hst hair yen hate a.a.. 4 C" mere at t t. sans tt.si... f-o c... .. !'Zt t41.,1Daterta rs..... Ams.lea wawa Inv k.J..a.e1. -

a.a..Jtaowilr.na. wss.YU3&Go P... .
;" :- .oats ..ygAalr.5t #

M1 A N i'A t

i ,
i u \

r. .l


------- --------
--- -


-i CONDENSED ,. High Officials of the Atlantic CoastLine
Spent Sunday Here BACKACHE-

, ": Condoetor Ch-.s. R. Carter of the HEALTH IS THE FIRST ESSENTIAL (inevllle! "wmt favore! on Sunday' I

.Atlantic Coast L'ine xra! in the city for with the pre........ of tieneral uJ1"rlh-1)

' .: while y,* tfrJHy with rUtivtnmt It Help Women to Win and Hold tea dent H.Ford of tti' thirlv t .1..
; friends. Onrnaitt Ca.IT l t. nt. .. in i Mca'a Ad :lration. Respect' and<< Love ,
" I 's on. .\. 1 l'onuelly. .""">nnt."detof "I I wrote you for advice* writes Lelia Hagood
command ot high .
? .
a- e e-
pn iuporu.teodent .- '
borg local freigtitwhieh run through I \Vomans greatest gift is the power to J. C. tt'ggln ?.f the Sanford of Sylvia Tenn., "about my terrible backache and

.I Oaineaville There Inspire la admiration a beauty in reapcet.health and which lore.la district.. Atlantic C,"ut Line who monthly pains fri my abdomen and shoulders. I

On account of the homecoming'.: of more attractive to men than, more r iU. spent the day here In Mr lord's private had c
suffered this nine and five doctors
Wm. J. Bryan the Atlantic Const Line laxity of feature.To car.These way years

will tell tickets from all point on this gentl"rmii' all of whom are had failed to relieve me. On your advice I cook"

line to Now York and return for one well" known here pasted! the time very Wine of Cardui which at once relieved my pains
fare plus $2.25 Ticket on vale An- pleasantly among. their friends. The ?
gust 28th and 29th. final limit leaving party, i i. on official .bu' itie.s. A trip. and now I am entirely cured. I am sure that

New York not later than September "was made south and they were en Cardui saved my life. '

4th. See your nearest railroad agn. route Jacksonville leaving mi the

or write for Pullman reservation and afternoon train. It is a safe and reliable remedy for all female
full information to Frank C. Bo hton: General) Manager Royal of the At

District Passenger Agent; Atlantic. lands I Coast Line with headqnarters in diseases such as periodical -

. ... Coast Line, Jacksonville.. M. y4lrr Wilmington, N. O? hits ,also been making pains irregulari- IKES ADVICE
SSte <
Mr. and Mrs. James A. Abrams of an official trip a tour of inspection Writ u* a tottrr itotcrlMn. ; aU>
ty dragging i down sensations your a"mp'a. act N will i nj you
Jacksonville are on a brief visit to relatives over the track comprising the l-r*. AJvk..Ca place Matal nv.lop*.

in this city. They spent the thirl division He wa in High Springs headache, dizziness TM AJJr.e.t. ...".Late."_..AtNk1M AJvbnrytlp.rta.n.\: o..c:..."..,

i day yesterday. as guests of N. A. Callion Monday en route north backache etc. "ooc.. T."". JIJ

at Spring Park Farm. Mr. Abram*. Char.FBrown -- ----- ;

who was for several years engaged in MISS MILLER APPOINTED.
the musical merchandise bulne a successful At Every Drug Store in $1.00 bottles. Try it. ty
wife to retain the
here moved to Jacksonville' when he lore and a admiration of her husband Young; Lady of Lake City Will b. Ap

enlarged and extended hi. territory.' should be a woman's constant stud.At pointed to High School.

He has now one of the handsomest and the first Indication of ill-health The faculty of the University High WINE '

most modern stores of its kind not in painful or Irregular periods head SchooJ has been completed with the _
ache or backache secure Lydia K. CARDUI
Fl.rida.bo' in the South and his Pinkham'a Vegetable Compound and appointment( ( of Miss UII.i.1i1J.r: of

friend will be glad to learn that he begin Ita use. Lake City to fill the vacancy of one OF
is prospering. Mr. Abram.' friend Mrs Chas. F. Drown Vice-President teacher existing. i
Mothers' Club 21 Cedar
were about to place him in the line of Bpringra Ark., writes: Terrace Hot 1\lIu Miller: 'Is not only one of the J 4

old bachelor. until a few days ago Dear Mrs. nnkham:>- moat cotni etent teactirr, but one nf la. M. 0....."... President' II K.: TATLoa. Cashier

when he could no longer stand. the* "For nine years I dragged through a miserable the mot popular in the Stale, and will Uao. W. IITO_. Vlee-Pr.tdent. Ira UMAIIAM. A.... Cashier
"proposition" and took unto himself a existence, suffering with Inuanunation make a valuable acquisition| to the
and female weak_ and worn out with school faculty. She ia lady nf
wife. Hit friends join in the most young
pain and wearineta. I one da Ynoticed. abatement THE NATIONAL BANK
hearty congratulation in hit good( by a womansuffering.rt wa,but who high (connection and i* one of the FIRST
fortune. had been cured by Lydia E. Plnkhaiu'a Vegetable moot widely known of the young tearh
Compound, and I determtned to try it.
At the end of three month I wa a different, ers of the State) holding": a Hrstgrailecertificate. OF G..A.II'TES: :: :: : : I _
A NEW SWITCHBOARD woman. Every one remarked about it.and she will. l.e fcladly wlcoined .
husband ell in lore with all *
my me over '
'Increased Business of Telephone Com "again. Lydia K." Plnkh&m's.Vegetable Compound here In both social, and rituc.ttioital TUK ONLY NATIONAL HANK I IN AL.ACHUA CO'
built-up my entire system. cured" the circle. and It guru without May
party Requires New Facilities. trouble and I felt like a new woman." I am r
InK that she will make a gnu>,1 l record
The rapHly increasing. business of sure strong it well will and make happy every as I it milTering ha me."woman Capital. :f.oooo/ ()()() (DO) ) ,

the Eat Florida Telephone Companyhas Women who are troubled with pain ENTERTAINED' HIS FHI6NDS aurpltite: and( Und.vidi'd Prtltltt.:10,000' : ) ool

demanded new and more modern ful or irregular periods, backache' ,
equipment and funlilie. and th. fIat bloating-or( flatulence), displacement Manager CalMson of Spring. ; Park Farm .... ..( lt.'toe.ltelf.oonl&lu.. i>..h1r uf"r.tDMr..M.Kha4M..urI.orslon I.ti.inM. *>Uh ra<-IU.le. ...|.al!w..star.'0,bmih l.b.r..tshowed la the Rubs Hoi:.tH r.t

step in this direction wa a new inflammation ulceration.. that "tsetse Had a B g Sunday ", .1".1' .rr.".....". Alt bI..._ .,a.....'." .'U1I1U.'I'
ing-down"feeling, dlzzlDt.{ _. IlIlnl...._. a
double switchboard of the latent and K. TAYLOR OasMae ,
indl6't."KUoo.: or nervous prontratUtn :Manager N. A ( *lli.,,iii nf the
most modern &pattern which wa ins may bu rfatored to p -rfi-ot health Spring" }Park Stock Fnrni (< inipany( re.
stalled"day. or two at-o and strength by taking- I.\dia K. t".inrd his reputation tut r umlmy .lit ; : ,+
The East Florida Telephone Com Pink ham'a Vegetable Compound. by enieriaiiiiiig mutt friend, among
panJ'* line n>. extend to almost whom w*. the city editor of 'I he Sun. H F. D & co.DKAI.KH5

every imrortaat. point in the county, BAKER LOST UNIFORM'I I his family and relative.. and a (.arty .
and ".* far south a. Juliette It is said .
---- of gentlemen whocame by aiiloniotiilefrom : : INIslaiQLcL -
that the line will le. extended into Popular A. C. L. Cond CIO"s Chest lisiowvlll.. el 1 r. '!.III."n !I. a I

Oala and further !oouth but this i i. Rou.bed of Clothing royal, ...entertainer sot hit frietitl cai* Sea Cotton

not niithntp! C"(>tiin Bnkt o' the Atlantic CoastLine nut wall forget himImprovement I .
The :\Ii...-. \\Vlle.two of the most -
( short one uniform which -" e tiiiue on ?: pritiK'
oh'icini! stud competent telephone op uf the neatest pattern and brat g.H>d.. Park Farm, which i. d..liued ti, t I... St-a IM.iudf I I :rato11 JSvod, 13Iggillg and Twino. Walriwin

Brat/>ire in tl e State, have charge of and whleh naturally chat him quit. a eomvoiieof the must. mrnlerti .t.xk I Lautht:r.: Striiusr i !: Hi tJ,.", .
the 'heU.ltJ..ill.| exchange; of this coinpsny little "...
his trip .,,tjtli on the Jac".u..tll..SI.) Manufacturers I uf the .J lames= Iuig Iinpiovcd Eilglli.ih,.

The End of the World Petersburg. run a day or tau ago hen I S f.a Island Cotton' / (Hu. nntl Supplier.. for S'iiiu .
a. ring tli> n* clothe. *, which
or trout h. that robbed I.: II. \Vnlfe : (U"I; I N E':Vll I l4E PLOKIDA I USA
IK] not deprive him of hi* eleverne, Jcll-0 Ice Cream ,
nf (hear drove. la, of all uses I .+
but hi. otileial) dignity (in appearaiie. I
filllie.. rain when lit, tt.'iCtM tak
On '.Ie trip north It i I. the shalom or Powder.
IIIR Kleclric: Hitter. He write* '
Captain Hnker ami other Just b.fustreachiogJa.ksonviile
; "1'wo jear ego kidney trouble Caused BREAKERS .
) to drM it their 2 Packages .r
me. .ulr..rlnlC.whlch;; I would neverhaVM
a' N uniform In a chest pruviilr.l for the make nearly xti
survived had I taken Electric:
not purpose and don their eltla....'* clothe a Gallon. Tilt UltKlKKUH I is *ecun,1 to uont. In loosliun suet bash l atlravtlon It n
Hitter. They ..h," eore.l me of general Captain Maker did this a* usual but t. Costs lathe Ideal. hotel for Mummer '''',''.L., Hiiuaievl. upon a high lilulT overliN.kln.. ,
.M debility" Sure cure for all *'lomarh. the .tf'I.' .". and' !le.. than two hii.nre<| feel hum she rolling surf, It eombln
liver and .kidney rurnpl..ln...tJl.Mtd this time l I.e might have l-rn a little. 211 Cents the tt_ii..ftt* nf an novaii voyage will th- pleatir" of a hor*> reriri ThrfMirn 3,
d..f'a.e.. headache, dissmes, andweanne carries* in I locking his chest. when lair the cootcnta of a'. larg. all ituilrr tghlycreenrd
** or txHllly decline.! Price fi a The dliikrig-riMitii i I. ox the tKiean *uv and on.. of th. moat altraoilv
at all drug tore... helped himself to the uniform. .I cart nf milk sail r>H>m* of the hotel, Kle.trte lis'hilnH', telephone service snail l Immwtliale BHU.ttrnllon .
... Csptaiu taker. wa d.wturrd In ? .si o s' fr.*>*... X -- -- -- --- -
.I.e.tiii.,. uo.vec., 50. Mil will meat .11 trait*,
telling nf the lo... however, and will k z CRUM tint tar fl4rnrii.if l<. In addition to Tt>*> H..a.. .,. it !<.. l a..n | ,..lble in add the a*.> of th. '
secure another. uniform at once .,. a.t, L Everything: tAt Clarvndnti l bath howae. ,IMI*linn allay |-..1| ..."1... daiifllng, pavilion and the
,a s. farnou Clarendon fUhliig. The it. le will maintain lh. high standard to
--- ,,. : I thw lu | rka !-". pier >
hleh Mr floli' hlm.elf. wherever h. the mnagmot.Th .
atcirt .... nuc. pledge a.'iime
TWO CARLO \DS CHAIRS a,1..*... .M..fc_... ing..f..a..thai, .. remarkable r.rtir-l t for healthfulne... ..J>."ially 'for ehll ir.n. I. a well
f 1A 04..1 >IH.li|If*>.ha..Y '" etahlihd feature +
6 CommHtvd in Justice", Small's.. Court "X.i.;: ;-.l i'av..r..r. fti. proof til all I I. to Jotii, with the many who are Ixwiking for the aaoo.
T for Murder. Without Bail 1a._ramr, rwe'-.4J...i*..".*.T.
For rates and ,...,-.th.... apply to IIKKF: J. IIUf.T iw.abrrrVia.. r

t ONE CARLOAD SUITS Jack Karti*.. the negro who. .,* .w
tempted tu murder Hev Grant .tBlague
Msturdsy, the ballet wnuadlMg LOW ROUND TRIP RATES

the Inlendexl vietlm and illilltit Tom
MeiJee, another man. wa arrainiied In.

Jnctie Hmall's e"..irt at Hague and 1 1enmonIU"
| without tail to await. the i

CARLOAD\ IRON BEDSThat' .aetioo nf the grand Jiry at the D."t :

,'a..loif of the circuit euurt which win .
i .001.1. a.h..I1
1t. \ Ksllrusdi
b>>. the fall tern,
Jo.tir. mall. who wa a visitor .o !i will, | sell round