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thus sae.
AT ANY WIHN.DIXII Limit I with $S. food onto ; New AH Purpose Determent limit 3 *Mi )S. order Of mom YOUR CHOICE Umt 1 -'th $) ..... er mar*. tflee. a4 to Beaches Skis Ike
d'X Ilfou I fat ef n_'
1 /
L By whom vat the tlxMtttatemenl
made t
1 To whom vat be speaking!

jet a s11ti6 erfl lhte and a talif/l lor el J. dih af..1 S.4.U t It By'110II here found'Samuel wkat may the ocnatoaT this PropbX.autementbe

1. T* S.... the ant King of
wsyra t. Israel
I. Upon the dleobedleoce of
tad I. the eoaimaBd of
315 West Jefferson Street Cod that ke a terlT destroy
Ute Analcktae and be
failed to do ....
4. I Saatoel IX zPAGE :*.
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-.. _.
-- -----




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6 Ounc Jar b
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H r 4

( u__ _


I = News-Views of Gadsdens Colored People I

J Arnette Chapel A. L Marshall Cattle Show, Antioch MB Lions Off To AA 'Alexander Ends Little Rites Are Tanner Chapel I

Church Notes Buried Sunday Sale Mar. 17.18 Church NewsThe State TourneyTh 8-Week CourseAHTNC Held March 2 Church Notes

The conference usually Funeral service* for Albert The Nineteenth Annual Fat Senior choir of Antioch I Carter-Parramor Lions ( ) Pvt. Welter L. Chapel service for Henry Service at Tanner Chapel will

quarter Lester Marshall were conducted Cattle Show and Sale, which Missionary Baptist Church la' basketball team left for Pom- Alexander, coo of Walter. Alex little were conducted from commence with, Sunday School
held Friday evening It d.- I from GreenHhad AME Slmm-Jackon Funeral Home, II:30 a.m. with the Sup in
i* sponsored by the Florid observing Its annlversery. The I ano Beach, Honda, Tuesd.yevenlne ander Route 1 Chattahooche
fired because of the District Church: Sunday, Mar 8 It 3:30: Cattlemen Association, will be program commenced Monday where they will playin < March 8. He died at the FloridaA charge I

Conference, now I II aeasion at pm. lie died at the Gadsden held, Maroh 17-18, ta Quincy. evening and will terminate Sun the clana "AA" tournament.The Fla., completed eight week of and M University Hospital\, The morning worship service

Springfield A M. E. Church, County Memorial Hospital on According to report from 1 Lions are Northwest Military police training at the Monday, March 2 at 8:10 a.m. will begin at 11 a.m. with senor ,

antna.Superintendent'. Friday, February 28 at 4 p.m. the secretary of the association day.The Rev R. Ford and "A A" champion for the 1963- U. S. Army Training Center, The deceased was born and choir and u here serving
following an extended illnes aasistant County Agent, congregation '64 season. Coach Charleston Fort Gordon, Ca, Feb. 27. During reared In Gld den County, and Rev, Braxton will bring the
of the Free Will Baptist
Alexander, 11* was born In Gadsden County the Alexander lived for several year In the
Russell course received message.
Stephen, some forty Holt ended a most
and Long all teacher and and attended the schools of Church: will be in chargeof hoopster Several t
entries will be shown by 4-11 suceesful season. instruction in such aub- Shlloh community. Visitors are cJway wl
pupil to attend Sunday school the county. The deceased poe- service, Thursday evening civil and law h moved, to QuincY servicewill ,
Club, farmer and NFA jecta a* military come. Evening worship
members Th Senior choir will render Last weekend, the lIort.hwt"AA" when ache
The morning worship service !aeased a pleasing personalityand from Gadsden and Leon traffic control, map reading, resided one South commence at 6.30 pm.
will begin at 11 a.m. The had many friend of the Counties special music Friday evening, tourney wa* held inPansacola pnsoner-of-war control and aelfdefense. Adam Street The deceased Thursday: night to choir rehear

114v. A. H. Hunter will bring younger circle Stephen also Inform that Following by a sermon by Rev. with Lincoln of Tal- The 23-year-old soldier was well known around Quln Hal.
the devotional service Elder C. The eulogy was preceded by steer will b* definably Improved Netiemiah Bower lahasne meeting WashingtonHigh entered the Army In October C'H.* became inactive ev- The Rev. Eddie Taylor de-

T Syke will !brine the mess short program. both quality and quaint Saturday, 7 p.m. an evening! of Pensacola. PenMoola 1963 and completed basic combat eral year ago, but alway possessed livered the 'evening message.

I ge. The survivor are Mr. Viols wise. The steers, mostly angu of songs, with choir In the won an met the CarterParramore The C.-P. training at Fort Gordon. U* I sense of humor,

Stewardess board one will be Marshall, mother, Tom D. Sylvester are In good condition. This I II area participating. Sunday 3 fighting Lion i* a 1959 graduate of Jones The survivor are Mrs. Mary
Sarah Ed. Rev. Jeremiah Gee and team won by a narrow margin Tennell, mother, Mrs. Johnnie C-P PTA
entertained by Mr James, Charles and Melvin also vanfied by the Assistant p.m. High School in Orlando, rk.
Suns congregation from Mt. ZlonPninitlvs 66-61. M. Mitchell, and Mr*. Carrie
wards at home, 4 p.m. Marshall, brothers, Missel County Agent Richard
tiv. ROM Lee, dinette and Earn- liartsfield of Leon, A. Baptittt Church will Alfer Johnson was the big Black, sister, Richard McFad- Set Wednesday

The Young Women auxiliary line Marshall, lister The two, show County. have charge of service. gun for the Lion, with 16, Bouie Rites den and Frank Lewi, mother,
day will
Mr*. Mary L. Mr ROM com- service will James Anderson, 14, Rafield Strom-Jackson/ Funeral Home In The Carter-Parramor
will meet at the horn of Mr* Sapp, mencs Tuesday, with the arrival Evening commence at
Author MoMollon, Wednesday Marshall grand mothers, Mrs. of steers at 7 a.m. with the- at 7 p.m. The Rev. Bowen Elias, 18, John Thomas, 11, Held Mar. 3 charge will meet An urgent Wednesday appeal night mad
evening, 7.30 p.m. Laura Caldwell, great grand educational will bring the mesaag James Davis, 8, Hugh! Simmons 7:30.
mother. feature beginning and Emmitt Tribu, 3 Funeral service for Hender to members of the PTA and
The A.C.E. League will meet around 11 a.m. Supt. Parthell announce that St. Stevens PB attend this meeting.'
Interment was made In the each. The Lion hit 66 per cent son Souls ..... conducted from friend to
school will 9:4S
Long Jr. Leonard Sunday begin at :
I p.m. Sunday Joseph M. Blakely, president The highlight of the eveningwill
argue all officer and member Cemetery with the Carter-Parramor 4-11 Club a.m. and urge that all teacher* of their free throw Friendship Primitive BaptistChurch Church NewsSunday be report of the delegate,
Slmma-J with
to attend. Mr*. W. M. Long, In : Funeral Home will serve aa master of ceremony and pupil report on time. The tourney opene Tuesday, March 3, 3 p. Mr*. Thelma K. Robinson, who
school board vice 11 Th Junior choir tuck, Hollywood, Carter Plans minister in charge. The deceased 10.00 with Deacon
80 p.m. Sunday NFA students will appear on a.m. at a-m. the State PTA at Gainesville.\
Monday 6:80 p.m. Official Saint James program. and usher board 2 will serve more received< a bye and will passed at his home, Pibteburg George Bradley In charge.

board meet Tueaday, 7 p.m. The educational feature will throughout the day. meet the winner of the Lincoln Pa., February, 26, following an Morning service begin at

Prayer meeting, Wednesday Church News be the highlight of the initial Weekly prayer meeting< Tuesday High of Gainesville, GlbbsSt extended UIn_. 11 :30 with the Rev. Sam Mann Hospital Report

(30: p.m. Choir rehearsal '1:30 program including, judging by 7pm. The senior oilier 'Petersburg Lincoln Is the con-Regional A native of Quincy, Florida, presiding. Prayer meeting every Admissions Mar. 3 Mar 9

p.m. Senior choir rehearsal 7.80pm. Service for St. James A. M. 4-11 and NFA member The board will meet at the church, sulation winner, Northeast Gilbert he was well known In UM area. Wednesday night Essie Mae .Gllyard Chestln

Thur dlY. E. Church will be a* follows: selecting of the grand champ >*,ur Sunday school, 9:45 am. with ion and reserve champion An Thorns* urge all member to played for the Pittsburg where he wa gainful p.m. Evening service begin at' hue Robinson, Robt FainNealy

Choir Union In rapt Powell E. Woodberry In placing of all steers which will Ittend.Women's. crown Tuesday night employed until he became UI.Th 6:80: p.m. Sunday. Everyone 1*: I Lola Fry, Authie Zeiger -

charge b* on the popular Danish System. eulogy was preceded bya invited to attend these services. Mamie Byrd, Marvin Moses

The morning worship service Martin Rites short program. ly, Sallle Mae Dunning, Rosa
Recent Meeting 11 am. Rev. A. R. McGlocktoa The evening program beginning Day The survivors are: Asalm Church SpeakerRev. Lee Edwards, Lee Maggie Watson

New Zion A.ME. Senior will !bring the message. at 8 p.m, will Include, Held March 8 Boule, Panama City, Mia Glena Henry Cooper and congregation Susie Flower, all of Quln-

choir, entertain' recently, Quincy Evening service will commence Showmanship Contest, The At MacedoniaMacedonia Bouie, daughter, Mr*. Mary of St. Paul Primitive cy; Lawerance Wester, Havspa
Choir Union One. The lice 6 pen. Wild Hog Scramble and the Craveeld rite for Charles Bouts, mother, Henderson Boui Bepbat Church of Gretoa, Fla.I tutha Mae Fryson, Gretna and

J me* Nealy, member of the The regular official board awarding of price Missionary Baptist C. Martin Jr., was held In the Sr. father, John Henry, Mitchell will render service at Macedonia Lucinda Benjamin, Havana

Senior choir) and congregationmade meet Monday evening, .,:80 p. The Wild Hog Scramble I Is Church annual women's day St. Paul cemetery, Gretna, 2 Jerome and Emory Bouie, brother Missionary Baptist Church Sunday BIRTHS- Eathon and Mam-
the reception of the choir m. All officer are urgent to program will b* held March 22. March died as the re- *. Interment was conducted March 15th. Tim S:00 p. mle Byrd, boy, March 6, Ed and
exciting and entertaining. An auto
will be featured, in the Sally Mae Dunning, girl, Mar ..
and visitors moat fitting\ attend. all out effort is being made to The program IP.m.* of an accident, 9 30 Friendship cemetery.9immsJakson m. The public is Invited to attend -
the morning program which will March 8. The deceased wa Funeral Homein
Thursday evening 8 p.m. week these services.
The festival obtain two wild hog for the '
song wu preceded I by prayer meeting will be held chase. Team chase begin at 11 a.m. and the afternoon born In Gsdaden County, re- charge.Rites Ushers To MeetThe
the the
by hog
opening ceremonies
The Hev, Or* Ma Bridges will session which will begin I tided with his parent at Gretna Meets City Wide Ushers Union
with time limit \ Board
with Chaplin lilah Jacksonconducting. a eleminating
conduct a special healing service 8pm. The speaker for themornl.ntr and Mended Springfield elementary Held For will stage their business sei-
Welcome the content Team have been Palace
wa extended Stewardess board two, -
prograM will be Mrs.Kline school and often attended
Immediately after the close lon Thursday evening at 7
by the President of the lected from 4-H Club with- member of the churches. Infant Mayhand AME Church: Havana, was
of Moore, a the community o'clock at Ellzabteh
prayer me.tAnr.Steward Missionary
host choir. The choir two In the oounty. Boy auceesfully entertained by Mr*. Virginia
board will be faculty, Steven Elementary The survivors are Charles Graveside rite for Jerry May Baptist Church.
number*,each of new and old entertained at home one of Mr. downing the wild hog will b* School. She Is also a member Martin Sr., father, Mr*. Willie hand, wa conducted in the Cloud, at home Monday evenIng President A. L Robinson
gospel favorite given pip a* award. An appropriate opening urges
Jamie Dig**, 3pm. Sunday. of Arnett Chapel AM.. E. Dell Martin, mother, MayWoodward Greenshade cemetery, Thursday with all member of respective
The total received Beef Cattle Judging team H died at home Wednesday service was experienced
money Mr*. Elmira Rang will entertain Church. French Ma Woodward lesson taken from the churches to attend. A reminder
1309.25. Invitation! hive been sent to will Bennie M. Davis, Barbara 8 following a brief scripture
at home member speaker
andfriend The afternoon lively that member special fund
I Infant: first Book of Psslm A
The next business session' of of Stewordeae board 1.1 the following &-11 Clubs Jackson be Mrs. Ruby G. Franlc, a Ann Martin, JacqulinMartin illnes Mayhand Is the discussion was participated In dues will be asked.
the union will b Leon, Jefferson and Hamil D. Martin and son of Mn. Mae Willie May-
held Thur- Choir Union one will hold lea member of the faculty of Car- Sylvia by those in attendance A total Sunday at 3 p.m. the wore
day evening, 7 p.m. before the regular' tension at St Jame 3 ton. NFA Chapter extended ter-Parramor High School She Sharon K. Martin. B tey Funeral hand and i* aim survived by J. of eleven member and guests ship service will terminate the

fourth Sunday<< at St. Jamea A p.m. The Rev. F. Murry, nine Invitation ares Carter-Parra i la aim a member of'Arnette .Horn in charge. C. brother. Sheila and Angelia attended. The Rev. J. W. Young two day session. Rev R. Jim-
M E. Church The imiiricel pro- old miniate more, Nort/hiide/ Jackson E. Church. Mayhand, sisters Simms-Jeck-
year will deliver Chapel A. M. pastor, gave some helpful re- bus pastor of Elizabeth Missionary
tram will be held at Ht James mease*. at St. denies lie hall County Training School, Camp- Th committee chairman MissionariesPlan son Funeral Home in charge.' marks. Baptist Church will
the fourth belltoa, Beacon, Rolach, Howard program Jr.
Sunday to March. from ChaUahooch**, Florida Mrs the
I Shad Mrs. Earlean Barber ring message. An Invitation
-- -I II II Aoademy, Lincoln Ruth Brown, Mrs Fannie Brown Circle To MeetThe DUMMY NOT DUMB Is extended to the public.
vllle, Madison County Training Meeting
and M.... Mary Cowart extended Iris Garden Circle will London A four-man gang
,aa School an Invitation to the public to The Junior Missionary Society he entertained by Mrs. Lucille was surprised when Detectives According to the Florid Alcoholic
Th 4-H entriesare
following aUend A complete program will auxiliary, Quincy District, A. Evan, at horn, Fourth Street of Scotland Yard flying squad Rehabilitation Program,
Clem Sander
I Jr. Sarah be announced" In next weeks M E. Church, wilt stag their at 7.30: p.m. Thursday evening arrested them a* they raided a the alcoholic la a sick person
Seders, Hugh McCaihey, John
Issue of the Time regular meeting, Saturday, 3 President Lucy N. Gillium clothing store. who can no more control his
Miller, Ue Pries Gray Bridges, at St John A.M.E. Church urges all member to attend.A The signal had been given to compulsion to drink than diabetic .

Vera Gordon, Dwight llounton, For p.m.President Annie Mae Love, progreat report, on program the cops by a detective standing can control his reactionto
Sylvester' Houston eater Patricia Rites Held district head urge that each projection will be \\acu..- In the store window posing II atailor' sugar. He la In need of outside
Hendenmn Harold John
ed. dummy.JH4iJe help.
\ B. Smith, Jr., Jurel L. Smith, GreenFuneral Junior auxiliary b* present< at .
Sherman .
this meeting< Program planning --
Dorothy A. Smith, tlaudette
Smith, Harry V. Smith, Elbert service for Sherman -I will highlight the meeting

II Johnson, Johnny J. George, Green were conducted The District Supervisor, Mrs : IT'S UP TO YOUBy

0 Stanley Cord, J. D. George, from Saint James Primitive Mabel P. Woodward elate that

Styrus Kenon, Willie Kenon, Baptist Church, Sunday (t 3 each president should attend $1t'
Clarence George, Curie B. p.m. lie died following an extended and answer the roll call with

George, Dyral Cries, Ronald Illnes *t 8:30: p.m. at her financial report .. _. //own E. KenhturLU.D.

$100.00 JACKPOTAT Gardner, Edward Gardner, Alo- the Qididen County Hospital

,nio Smith, Melvin Wyatt, Gary The deceased wee born In Chapel Rites MARCH OF EVENTS new book
moved to Gads- by Pmldent
Bridges, Alfred Mayo, Wendell Liberty County, IlfI
Mayo den County several year ago KIATINO "CHAMPION" I SENATOR STRESSES I Ydlgoras Fuente of

Th NFA entries artl Bobby He was gainfully employed by For Mr. Smith or HIS CONSTITUENTS I| HANDIAO NECESSITY Guatemala letter written, the by story I* told ot I
'Anthony, Amos House, Ray a well established concern Chapel aervicea will be heldfor Castro In ill?

Davil and Byron Price. Havana. Al Smith, Thursday, a p.m. By HENRY CATHCART lit which ho
; t JITNEY JUNGLE I I The Florida Negro Cattlemen lIe retained membership In :tlome. Central,.,* WasMn0ro WrittrTrrASraNGTONOna he wa declared *- to

i ; ,Association la the only Negro the Burlsl Aid Society. Mr. Smith paean! following of the reason that Sen. Kenneth B.W fighting for 4 ,

: : ,Fat Cattle Show and Sale In The survivor III Mra Lucy an extended lime* at the Gads- Keating' re-election prospect are Improving I* the long, soclsllim and "

PLUS I I Florida. The officer* asset Tyler Green wife, Miss Francis and den County Hospital, Sunday, hard hour h* puts representing what h* consider the beat ended by tying

\ Sander Jr., President, Mis Gladys Green, daughters, 8 p.m. Interest of his constituents. that tt h* won .

5 BONUS WINNERS John B. Smith Sr Vic President Nash Murry, brother Mrs. Rosett 11* 1* a native of Jackson New York City and other cities throughout the state ar* manufacturer the struggle In

I Russell 11. Stephen, Hardy, sister and Oliver County, moving to Gad den of a Urge portion of the national output of women's Cub., be would
secretary, and Enouch Anthony Hardy, brother In law County where he lived and clothes and accessories. Impose Cornnanism .

REGISTER AT ,,treasurer. Slmms-Jafknon Funeral Home made many friends. With thla In mind, Keating recently delivered upon
00. was In charge of 'rl'lnlcmentsNotice The survivor are: Mr*. Ruth that country.
an Impassioned addrma concerning the

JITNEY JUNGLEBE ANNUALS Pringley, Mr Birton.*. Marl Mr Minnie Smith, ;. y necessity to women of handbag "Ladles' Although this letter copiesot Dr.Ktn,,_
Mr Julia
BRUSH handbag are la no sens a luxury," Keating wore widely
BOTTLE denies
Portoni desiring news service Rittman, tesmln declared to a rather Inattentive Senate audlnc circulated In Guatemala ant
SURE YOUR CARD IS PUNCHEDBY AZALEASPearc.'s In next week Issue of this and Hsrdon brother
Smith daughter. *. "They art a necessity. I suggest that Chile at the tin, It was never
Mildred ,
Times inked
section of the are MINI
will be made in the any senator ask any female member of hi* reported to the But Departmentby
Nursery Monday
8:30 P.M. SATURDAY I to ubmlt tame by Interment our Ambasaadora la either
SimmaJack- s family whither handbag ar* a* necessary asatockings.
evening, a* no news will St. John cemetery.
QUINCY FLORIDA conntry or If It wu, it was total.ly
I be accepted next Tuesday son Funeral Home to charge... I have seen more ladies without suppressed. This might have
1. -1 stocking than without handbags It l( high
happened, ot course, at the Will
/ Urn to remove the federal tax on them." Wleland level ta the But I*.

A* Keating well knew, the unchlvalrou partmnt This Is only one mOre

Senator KsonVf Senate turned a deaf ear to hi* pleading and straw Indicating that our Stan

continued the tax on such Item. However, Department knew Castro wa a

( IS FOR Speech ,OIl... aim' Keating made a lot of mileage with the Commanlst all during the prl4

food "", IIM- speech, not only among the produce ofhandbags that It was helping him corns bpower
In Cab.
la his state, but among user a*waiL
Thus, tile vldeaco aoauno-
And, aa that political adage goes-never forget that half of late that the real danger of I

the eligible voter In any constituency art Moment Communist takeover of oar

P e e country i* Internal U tt war

e AHrai IS FAMEl-Rep. John McCormaek. the ipeakerof not for the appeassrt ant Man

PRINTING i the House, has gotten more publicity la recant week them tale Ideologist la our own

over before la his long political life because h* U BOW the rank country, external Commaalsa

Ing government official to succeed to the presidency la the event would b* powsrles to injure as.
of tragedy befalling President Johnson. la fact It wonld hardly be la *..
klaxon today, had wa hot aided
The other day. McCormack attended a M-parUsaa prayer
and befriended It during the put
breakfast at a Washington hotel. H* entered the lobby with It years with food, money, know-

Rep William H. Ace, R-Ohlo, who decided In tile spirit of true how, military supplies ud pre*.

LETTERPRESS bl-partlsanshlp to help McCormick to hi* assigned eat till la a great variety of 11'1710

i Ayres escorted McCormack to a short-cut to the hall ta which

the breakfast wa being held, but encountered a military guard Will someone plea** oiplala\

blocking the way. Walking up to the Army aergaaat Ayrea why for a generation we have
never demanded fro election
laid "Will you pleas take car ef till speaker Th soldier ,
freedom of rollcloa. freedom of
and coldly returned Ayr**' gam and aid tardy "BUIy Graham U the pease or eouUtetlona area

i the speaks" .....t ot any lett-wlsg dictator

I .1e.r After some urgent explanatory word, the military inca but w* coatlBs t* clobber every

snapped to attention. "Come with ma," h* aid, aad escorted rhbt-.. .,dictator with demaads

McCormack to the head table for these rearms. Not 1"100
#j e I I bet wo eoatraie to nbsldls

OFFSETSales e MTMBFRS ERA BEACHES WHITC HOCSE-Acres* the many of Ue Comnunlst orleated
left-whig while
length and breadth of the Iud a uniform cry I* rtslng-egalnst aid to tyrant Ue hikt-wlag catlingeg yeta'sand

the reduction to Bumbers of human IdentlUa by such glaata a* I Individuals who Mill power

ore federal government lAd the t.lf1IIIpall'. I la aa Sort U thwart CoaanraMadviac .

Literature Letter Heads President Johnson, who la pressing the government program **.
tom; to provide each American with hi* own Identifying number for Tk* tarsal amps la latta
tax purposes, has himself fallen victim: to the bureaucracy of the America are a last desperate

phone company. From bow on the White House telephone (umber fort to throw hack the dark

Business FormsG Is 4M-1414. It to the latest and possibly tile test of a aeries eartala ef Coanialsm valet

of numbers changes that the Whit House switchboard aaa experienced seems to ho caffiag that eo>
lineaL Betlovrac. a* a malt of
over the year err atUMdo toward c..., that
Tags and Labels Until OIl other day the number' WM NAUonal t-1414. Priorto I I'aclo Sam will make De move to

I that It wa NAtional 1414. sod maay. many )'III'I.p. before top the adnace II Ceauaaalanim

the dial system. It wan Imply number L Latin America. these aujttaryeJleae

There I* Her than a desire to Chang U aa W Phee are actlag hi deeaaratloa.
Call Us for Prompt and Accurate Service all-digit system behind the latest switch, how .. Thus ear nhaa1 to uk 1M aIde
vr. lie Mceaaity stem from the fact that atcertaha "..... b of freedom sad .elf........
CommaakMS todlag U
time of the day the eaptur telephone
627-7649 U* rightwlag tyiaaay vtueaPtor
** become hopelessly: overloaded
.* *.
Vader auch conditions the NAUoaal exchange b...* *.

Jammed that eceesary calla could aot got through to the White Zw.bees ttiawaces

HOUM vm though tile switchboard was aot Kaatf overloaded.Household l*.,...,..**...r.

of the WISe
Host tM yea *aa f Household HM>|

IdlcnoMti auuiUasa*; tt* .....'* a* antHthatU *r foaJKjdUfatom ...bri* .,... dtaolwd
taw to warm the aaa to..... bet.sen watt ego asMuat m atnal

15 South Madison Street aast.-.. 1ndISe& lied hrswa. Th oolor bialy attracUv* ot water ranks
-40ow. JiaIaQ KdVeate* till bread II .. that ,::, ..

I < hv



J 'f.
1 .
II ,_ '" ", r '


_ __ _

In all calendar mmlh' n,.m limo
04 one sank, wood for tour lima nf Ik* tint publl'.l"on ..f'
VACUUM CLEANERS !aoutlTo .rok. In tba .0.1 thla kotlro. Two coplo "( .a< I 11
CLASSIFIED ADS'JOR"REN ounty Tlmiw. a nwp.por lalm, or d.mnnd nhall h,. '," '
Now kid tied Clemen ll.h.
t). riorlda.DONB und pant oUtr.1.1' ,
Any mik* or model AND oaoptKn aQulnoy : of the lalmant. and el
Repaired I Florida tkla M day olFokruarr .worn to by the tlninuu.o. ku
Writ Bx SM *r I'I4. Mont, or attemey and s" 0 .nnled '
( .AU Mwlo Sour by a flllaw foe of 1110
< Pbk. 1771831Cairo IMtHn .W'1. Cork rOh. and rack (4klm or dcmai

Ga.llJ1D1G Occult OoortOadajon not .o filed .ball b. toll m
-I CaMkU. Florid l*.lnl. bite
By Oouita* (. Boor, A* admlakttfltrll ot Ih* F ,
I lat. of Too Hlrko, Jr, dnrFlrat "..'o
FOR RENTt One tint kadroon. Pob.ii. 211.... I, tL II tIN | publication Mar 1-. 114
War fl IP M. Apr, I Oin
hors lor 1410. .!>. Iw. bedroom I
kom for 110 M per ..nlll Plumbing Fixture. Elactrkk sad rHE { N the l.'t 0' the 1',1$11Judas

with eoliabed Hk floor Supplied, Pip and Fitting. TV SERVICE : 8 'IRCUHL'RTTHII I ( IR'I'IT O.dodon Co...,. Florida,
bath and kltebea tad nil ... U, > In t'robmae,
ora convenience T B rl.tehOrr..b.rq .1'1 Wkiw H.tirt. Tile Hoard Nepal* .. All I ::'tot'N?? P-L RHA. IN III ,. Ittalal. 01MI'IIAm.

III or HI I Fla till, Ph.no Bl Cu ud Oil Motion I Make ... ...... 'IIANCikT.DIVORCE UCK" a minor D..ed.

ACTO kADIO WCtrOk. LLOYD T. VANLA .fNOHAM. To All Creditor and I'*r*?".

ROCCOPIPE I Aplllll Raid Kt t*:
Oil MAIn 7-IUII II SUNDAY'SRADIO 0 I\ VANil'IN0IAM )<.u and *a. of you OIl h.,.-

Ftm"R.:NT 4 Room |r.rnlikd / : NOTiCD B.'R110AMTI'HI by nutlflod and required to pro
Apartment Private bath L*- T? CM .ICE WIAIUI' .*nt any claim and domnidewhkk
nt d at 230 E. Jrfferaon Contact & SUPPLY CO. lion Wee. J.Neoi.CAPITAL STATE you or oltkor of you "In>'
Mra Harold B.vli, II?-441: 1'0: OICRAI.DINII IL VANLANDINOIIAM hero against the ealM of Nib'ml
.r 417-HH. If 44 YEARS OF SERVICE Hlcke, a minor doomed lNc
>c M, Pork $f sold County, .to.Jud. tko Cnuntt:
FOR RENT Room to ront 10'' T* Thla Area llth fltroft. 0. & .. of Oadadun County, fl'rIda. a A
prlv.le born.. G"od realdentl* M .eotkm Phono 117. In_ peraon at Hit N. tlh Klr.M'OR 1110 S, Monro Streal t Suit for dlToroo bas boon. Floe Ma. within sight ralemlar
l rruht agalnit you In Id* Uri
of the
I month from tho
> HINT 1'b... b.drocunfurnlsh.d
lit Court nf Oadndaa. CountfFlorida 4.6 .
TALLAHASSEE FLORIDASHIRTS i: flrrt publication of ita nntli-a. I
houu.a lira'It
elly In Chnnoory, by UXJTI) hall he
on Uk Talquln Bond Cal" A r. VANLANPINQ'HAM. and you In Hack wrltlnc cUlm. and or demand shall elite the ROMANCI IN INS ROYAL royal Tomatoes In Tokyo. Ml.** RanaJto Tau,.ram,

attar I p.m.. MAIn T-iiu ___ .. __ Ire hf>rby required to rilo with officead len U bow bar Prtnc lit
MMI, II I h ulai of roeldenr and poet ethk ( ), 19, ot to Banc Toahl (1'\1II1), 0
.:..I lh. Clerk of tha sold Court your ,I.... of .11. claimant, and .
written ,,'.n_ poraonally orky hall k* worn to by tha claimnl Brltiih btutneamnkn John AIIPr".1.1 I attar i eoorbMy eaU kt bnportal Pklac.Tb *** I

alloraay. It any thorota, and. his ...nl, or hla nttorn.y bt Stockholm' whets their ond ana of Emperor h** r+c 1..4 pT
L* ..... upon tha Plaintiff atbornoy ,ml >ny ouch claim or demand Bounced. Tb familiarity UIM Taugam, daughter of q formar ..elm.Me ,.
FOR RENT tharoof or b.rora -
a ot py on
not a>. filed ....11 ba voidUlnl .
tko 4tk day of April A. D HI...k*

"H.H..III A. ."", Inl"t.lrll of tha Haute .
Moden S Bedroom nnfnrntubed tall not 0' IUd.m.ntorf . I 1 b. .nt.,04 agwln.t you brd.l.nlt. .
Apartment Located SUwwf 3fpunq'i doraard1'trtt
r 1114
Duplex kt 71S W. Wkahlng \MTNBM mr nand and th publlrallon| II *
Mar II II Ia. Apr
ten. Within walking dim ; 'cal of sold thC: at Q.ilnrTFlorida : -. o w Y

tan..r abopa, kchnol and A P 1M4' this I day of March SMOKE TO 1U\I PAL t

churehe 8BAL) Wwln Snip

Clerk of sold 'curtSly Kknut City Mo At a ro-
Cal 627-7161 during bu.l ./ Douses 0. Blur
rent mretlnf of tht
not hours, or 627-6294. aft PEST CONTROL D.C.
and WaterConaerV.Uon
HAL A. tUVIH Uanclitlon of Still c-5 .d
er I P.tllo end root Control Tr..ltoCoatral AI"" ".' at lwulney k plan Mao air

PANTSLAUNDERED Hat sod Iltarn.y. Florida for Plaintiff provr-d to adopt I rkcporm n kifmhlrm > ,

..0rh F .la->tUa JoI.,. I. if 10. II tl of kn kntl.pollution .W

REAL ESTATE Coil TklUbkuoa. Fla. AUVEKT18BMKJNT Wit BIDSCONSTRtTTINrt Fkmpklun that will ktrM the

FOM. wed of keeping the nation

FLUFF DRYREPAIRS COLLECT WORKM 1MPUOVBMICNTII: WATER: FOR itreknik For rlenn Smnkry, the bar 11' A e ii
yean, vaQAham'
INSUTACE'OR FLORIDAlaalod has been the limbo of the fight ,
will b. *. A formal
propoaala r igklnut fnr*.l flrrk

..hod by the ('It, of Quincy., benign will be worked out to h
and Florida In Iko courtroom Ondn
U Ion County Court Houio until company th* now fkmoukSmokey 1k

: wool ?e
for eonairuetlnc oloar and
RIItIT l.- Hodroal m ONE STOP valor work Improvommita, alwhlrh

Itw.lting on career of meet J.,- tars and tlm. the maid HILSM\V RESIGNS
lemon and 1.,.. Btriet IVntaalAlvte lirop. ',ula will b* op.nod publlcly '
For All Your
Waif at Harbin Wolf lot and roil.Propoaala of Slat
DRIVE IN Aialitant SecrrUry "
Ill Weal Crawford Bt II may ba kuhmluod onmy c1 1
of dlvl Hllsmkn key dnlgn- M ,
number tha thr.o Roger k
CLEANERSComer Fishing Needs tluna Into which the wtwk la dl- tr of United Stain policy In

FOR SALE Nearee d Crawford ... B.paraia ountimota may Smith Vietnam has rvklgiiedHla .
0 Lake Talquln Road ha awarded on any number of
Jlvl.loni.. T'bo work enniioia as. reilgnktltm rams k day
HOUSESFOR W. D. H.noll. S. Roberto It ..ntlan, of th* follow'''it aft<< th* Admlnlittntlon dl. .

DIVISION ONE allll.FOUNDATIUNl dnaed khkkmip In ltd Vietnam ar

SALE: I bedroom homo. Mponlal .ub-f.jnd>rl )lll. .
policy nuking m u.
., wail rno.lelCe
Call MAin work for lb. .I.
1 low-1114 down or let payment lit lilt Maanullit T V SERVICE I of n......." ..cva
>rlv.. Mar. I. II II 14 41 .. ,10 H*.aln All M.... oompuH.d *ub-fill, op.- not elated to any policy
MOn I-**** ilal null Inootlgatluos and luad Inuei.
IMMEDIATE YALE i bedroom D.DmJIm1ft I
I bathe, attractive Florida room MACK'S RADIO k 'I>DIVISION TWO: Conal.tlnf ofoulilil ?
All well hooted on about I/I clot Iron pip. line*, v.lvIn J'" V" ? --.-......... 0 _

a,ro partly fenced In. Call ill. TV SERVICE I' and nonnartlun V> eilatlnioloar LAIGII1 AT ROIItFRS
0001. I IgOR II ,_ tho Court 0' the tonal, well, and th* nw ..I... TWO tXI Al UA inm A TANni-A Ilt boat (lownr right) WOT** Ih. U>ort tonkor AttpMnlo
lOt 11M'
lUll Hone. Mads lot. Judas I* Probate, Oadad.s Count,. Florida. w.n. neo..ary drain lint ot lower overflow New York A woman teller a* the gSO-foot ship foundor m th* AttanlltllOO mile lotrth of H.U'... Two rw aiamber dl41 i 1 1M I

two ap.rtmsnta 17,140.01. SM! I In ret Kit.I. of IIn.. and relooavllon rend the prnrllled nine This \be Onrk-.aed.....broke to two III the ptw.klk.g A Cttso Ms war.plp -c N -.1
down, Owner will finance bal Idltk Whltfleld llroetmin. DIVISION TllMCBl: Conltln U k Holdup," looked up kt the {

ante. Contact Wilma Walih Doo ....d. of all welded steel ar preolreu.d robbert, who were igrd 1} knd \
Phone MAIn T-Slid. tl 100 Per Cent Financed To' All Credltori and Pots,.' concrete type oloar water
IT and laughed kaying. "Sorry. ,
BRICK HOMES Haying Claim or Demand>> well, capable of aiorlnf IMMhiall >
Against laid Kutatai .>n.. 104-1" Inald diagnotor,. thli U th* wrong window"They
I BEDROOMS Air 8 ... Completely Tub.S. You and each of you .,* kereky II water depth all lank. eroeaKrleo went to the next window t
Tkl I Bdrm. Hem. looated ed. Price Start kt notified and required I* pre- and n*<.*a.ary pelnllni and the toiler milled and ihnok
Ii\ Bttllart lit
put any lalmi and d.m.nd.whloll Th. ly** of tank t* k* aeleotedby
I.'. He laeld Ldry Km. $7200 her head
elth.r of ,
you or you may the OwnerFlam
TIIs Helk. Items. ( Bedrooms, have aialnm the eetat* of Edith epecirinatlon and eon. The youth ahutiled "Wtr
11_ Combination Hltn I.'.. or Whltfl.ld Mtrtetman, .........d.I. rant dwumonl ... avatuhle far not fiHilIn Bank guard heard
,... Den. Oils Pawn Will H* $48.39 per monthW late of Hid County. to Ik. public Inipeoilon at the offlio uf and t 'ht
classes FHA. tall MA T-MTI Count Judi. ofndedne County the City r. Qulnry, Flor.lila tile Aleut the buyi wars kr- r h.vl
I' ..r ran lafomiatton or Writ alto kreepl your old bomtla Florida, at In or may be obtained from mUd
Jerk !>. Jeaea, II* Wynn It.ariaana. a trad. I th* eourt home of I..Irrb"O.UIl \Medemanandklniileton. Em In. WSMt 1.ypegypllt.yttrn yx'1.10

rln. Writ P. O. Boo 124 at Quincy, Florida, within all eon H U Hoi 117 Atlanta t,
-. or Pbono ..1.nd. months from lho lam0 01th. ;. .; upon deposit o< 010.00for PIT BLOODHOIND
Unit publication' of tht nolle. any or all IHvleton
377-6833 .. Two ,..pl.. of oath claim I One-hilf the amount of do. Greenville, s. C. ... Office
FOR BALES !: d.mand shall be la wrltlni. poelt will b* the
Cairo, Ga.HOMES. .hill .iat* th* place of return of all ::n"'to"r' : loudoondlllon put two bloodhtiunrii on the
Bedroom flout LowDown tf and. poet office iitdroa of 0'1 within |u) dayssN.r trail of James Robert Wllniti

Payment Low claimant, and ehalt b* worn the dale of opening of bid.. who hid vnrkped from ONt :
Monthly PaymentPlnane- b my th. claimant, hie .'.111, trupoeal moot bo omom
1---- attorney and aagompaaled b, a \10= by a .rtlflod shack ota prlitcn ramp
lag Already Arrmrtd. No,. (ling vas of an* dollar and tuck kid bond: I* *qualto On dog woo hit by in kulo-
nun McMillan lOll Mif lain ar demaad not a* lied at boat lMiu parent( mobile, but the other held to

folio Drive. If ball b* Told B. of Ik* amount bid. and the trail The tricki of the dog Y ,r rirr Il
Harold Btraetman A retract porformann
I A. admlnlatrator of tk. Kital: payment 00.0a an amount and Wllaon met, then continued
of Edith Wkltflild at'..,. egual t* one hundred IIV*%> ild/ by kid*, According to offletc -
nan, doroaaodFlr.t per cent of th* contract OIaOU." ..
: I :t a :t publlfttioa Tebroary ItIHI will b. r.qulr.4.. r
ill :t. withdrawn Wllaon It turned .
+ Fek III IT. har I, II 41NOTICE No aubmlllod bid may ke out w. hr
{ 7t after the aloolnf lint part tines cook end hid helped
erheduled for Ike receipt of kldi .r
triln the dogs kt the Tb.
TO rREPITOMFlorida : ckmp
Ill day
of thirty
MAN WANTED to supply I Haw. Kiagsberrp.l ".'ut.( 1 for Th.a period City ,......* the rlihl to bunt continued It. nest diy Y
Produut to InQulnoy In the Court of tho Onunty
lelch .en umon j ar all kid knd to
robot any
*r part TalUhaaeee. Oood Juilc. Oadid* Oou"" ,. Florida.In wlv Inform.Mil.
time to .'.rl. Write KawlelfhFAC111 Prohato THE CITY or ul'INCT, DOG FLIES nOME
-II Memphla. Tenn. Greenwoodand In rot t>iat* of P'IAJRII14

Mar II, II, Apr I. II 41 R. L. CHBMCR ",. H <". Ontwr .
D.rass.dAll CII, ..."..., Venice. 111. A thrt* yew r
POSITION WANTED Aootelant Te Crodltorc and Formica "or. I.I II old boner dog went for a stroll ...
hookketper or typlet write Hoi .
Having Claim or D.mssdeAgainst
K. car Oadaden Oounty Time. Bald Btt.t.l IN THB OOflXTY JUIXIRI and returned home a week let
U Sunset Acres Iou and math 0' you a,. bona COURT Or OAIWLIION COL:NTTFIXIRIPA *r .board a jet from Pitta- ACM Or AMXHTT-Mra.

POSITION WANTED t* Compete ky notified ..cI required .. pre. burgh Pk, 600 miles away, Gam and bar grakdaon Sls-I

Ion for eld.rly porno For furUi- CLARK PLEMMONS Mnt asp olalm and d.mandiwhlrb N0. 1111 P.STATI or FBIJXNotki S.*.. Lapel th. owner, ha- von Urown 1. waN word bi'
you. or eltker of you, mar IN Ill
.r Information call MAIn > lluiAMBITIULII 1sooas.N level tonuon picked Brutui Jo CaNt of Ib. fu of
U PBOM MAIn ha.. as.llIOt Ih Mato el I1I1NRr.NCY'k"1I **. ,
7'131LEON rti...... d.r.ued late .f .1. I and droll to Pliuburgh where 1IWft'. pnrottla Mr. and Mr*.1
WANTED Typing 10 b. don nutty. to tho Couner Judge 01G.dodon la hereby a Iron U.t tk.uad.rlin tb* dog escaped. who
Roses Brown wore among
.t home Call MAIII .1117.. It -- Oounty. Florida, M ..,. d he. flied Ita Final'
nfflro la th* oeort koua of mail Hoturn and h.port n- Kionutotof A utlv of Pituburgh called MM H ponon aboard a teur-i,
MOTrlLIU who County at Quincy. Florida with the Uat Will Tiaiamonlat Uip&, from the iddrea given lltCUtll IIACN DOWNID AltUHn-Aiartrtan kwuntaln ,... fujliM PwaitlM Alrtln ConjrtonaUno.

want to earn but can'.only I. Hi olindar ..0..1". from th. Folio Henry ........ and ham on the tables tag, and Loprt wen_ kupact th wmkaga a Brlttoh "TVIUnmn' klrllnar Th

work opportunity part time to earn Nero IIM an or 1"m. nolle of th* Two flrat ouplM auklloatloa of oark of of too Matrlbutlon filed Ita Polities and II.for.ppl.Sedan.... wired $1575 for the ticket for which rraahod on Mt QlungoMr coat Inoahruck, Auatrl. .kk kl s brlndlndj, plan 11I1. nalal104\\

more per hour showing Arontuemetlot glalm or dtm.nl ....11 bo I* tlon for Fln.l'hl' sad the dog'i night himi. routlM twsirAlrIghl tram Unvton to Inxabrwk. An Uk Tkho, the p
Write 111'& Dorothy MOBILE HOMES wrltlnf. and shall *l.ts th* planot..ldoico that an the day of April Tklnch fca burled and evrlod wy moot of the Oodles of th lblr.rta-C.IUan1 btl
Martin' Avon Diet Nonagon, vt and post offlno adk 1114 ot II t* push A. M or ai ai 1
the II aboard Ih* wen hi what M ODnaktarad the
V a Box 1141 Mil, Tall.- ., or Iht ol.h.a.1, soul shah anon tkoroa/tor a* the und.ralin pamn >r. Bad wootha prwrkktaxlkk
h.*..., Fla UINI Sails Sarrto 0as b/eCOOS. .4 may k. boardt will apply PoliticalAnnouncements wont air ......, to A....., Ita avrwiigaiior. &I to prognM.m bnoMdlal kartlgUonJ;
> ) 10 the County Judco of rt.4 U.Cnonty .

Xv Moon.'VkilaH anld/ by a flllnf I fa oflollar ooo FI+.....a at hia of lr" latha -- .-... .. ... ..
Catdnor. Concor Stwut and such rl.lm or dtnandot Court llouao In guln.-y. Flnr'
IIT41Mtk tiled hall b cold' Ida for epv renal of maid Final THICK nOUN Rambler kirtomobllH will b*
Zlg-Zg !Machine. Ala el4. U'od TikUki *a tutors and "."'"t and for .. Telephone Solldtlnokoo
R. n (li.Mr
*r will Uk 15." parenl. r and 10' Wld J. 1m. ChonmpAs order M Milrtbutl n and for. FOR COUNTY mirxirr Ca u During ihlkt nad U Chill/ atkrtlng lt.r toll ._... Oboes

Writ Atlii SewtngCcnten. Plot 'mllll.t'.N of Ih.Eet.l. Final iMackarf aa s4.'t ism.5lipiE5QBwbboooy I hereby knnounr* my candidacy Augusta roar, making too flftk Rdmblr koo.o. 4loe4 .ar. Maid bow
w. trade tot furaituro M oC IL L. (,'11.._. daeoaaod lor for redaction to Ih. wtilih damaged UirMbulldlngk to be1Md In Lain ....."y. glpeeoekoio. a_...
18* N. Pklkfn 81. anything *f Tklu E aAJfIt offlc of Sheriff of Okdidea nrrmrn poised oni plant H.t..e ... tail T.llekaoao.
Tt 'Trot puhlirotlol 1'.11. IT. II" of th* arose fir tf'll.1 bniuilnM A marl 0*. ......... .- ...... .*
enueola, $.. .. Offlrer County, kubject to th. l>m*>
W. HkT. KOOL SEAL D M .1011.00. Ito Tro the bl.. aeroao 1)4.41. A." ... H>
Altom.y for Joint Admlnletrn.torn A* Fiotutar of fat ,** Will eritto Primary, May 1. 111II. (rimht "'''..... II
111 B. Waakluton .Ul, and TMtaraeat of F.IH HoaryOr An alarm .M amindul frt
U. S. 19 Vi BtO wool ol My dealr U to continue to Th 17th tnrrual LU American
.-- trurk It .
Florida fir Mtnimi
Oulnry. tho mlMlng
Talqula Inn. ...... II. Mar I. II. II ItIN >*.>ry and T..wl.Attorney .. atrvt on my put record .1 pill and arverkmull Fl4t of Ttmp opened AND
FOR SALE I pop Eionvtorgvlnny : your Sheriff a away fb. M with an election. bill
IlE CIRCUIT/ Ct'.t'M lEt} boy wire ***II runnliH
..**. Florid Florida I alncortly pprrlit your la kUrt the auaon of tb* FlU **- IEKVKESpMUl
OND JtDHUt I1a1b.;: Mar 11. II. M. AP away from ft.
eonfldcnr In soil 1 for 1M4
part *
1211 Wool Traaaw OFTM Vi th. buIld In,. I Dial tnd
riRCirr ( Fir
1952 Willys ': km again iliu rly tiklng
or In? J IIBOOKD IVT'U was .5t/m.td tt about 11OIIUII Health Foods
,ho.. 111 till unneRN: MOORS FINANCE ('t'I? It AND FOR (IAMUCMor our 'ot. and kupport on Miy -- Then lbr :* th* peopt*
Rebuilt COMPANY, o >i;rrr. rl-)IU1JA. w I. -- who want you do mrnethlng Mia' A....' I*****. OwkfHI

( orpotMloaFlalntlff (1/ANURRT.. Otto rdwkrtt Th ...... at parrtrti It fur hm thai they can well do W. a,.. IU Fk. Ill'tUt
1- ..11 110. Ills raid rututnii .A4r for Utllll_...*. '
199. 1o OllnYJtt Co 'I'.rUBI'. ... hid re or.it A i. B'1IAcPR1 Oar drinking *r bllnlng I* we: -.- -- .
o ,NVtU.R, IMC OATBAJtrrt related with
will SOON JA Thenap, lACKW to b* closely I
WELL DRILLING I..,... o.t.a rslda Cmrpotul.. Plalsuff I rot Kxriirr child derUVm whether.IGI
8565453FOR Ui drink kxrordlng to the FlorId
FtaJurUg a Cant: plot* r plugs_, Offlr a .THIHIHT Iwo 414 hA W MARY I brby nnounc my cindl- AlcuboU lUhkMlllatlolrrograni. FOR YOUR

UM .f Dosing Pnmpt I** "" ..lilt. Katokr liS daft for election to Ih (Offlr .
r>o of Sheriff of G.ddon County.
Horn *f 1rr11atlcm TOU OKOVEH: (. THmtBTaad U I.5 --
SOON JA THL'run an i... taM *ub) rt to the OnmieriU PrVmary and Ilut SALE bosh oilfl4 that a OonplaJat ..01..-. I. hereby | Tb* Sperry < FUEL
TERRYROSAHARDWARE f.. f.rMloM' moma .1 sat ..r...... t. oho flnoJ. dooroa afforoolooar ,. Mop t. 1064Qoalukatt.ssi .. at>* KM manufaeluronwill
LSfD CO. follcwlnf oaacrtbod ,... taOa aad I Uw pV-bool 60 mUUm
GOOD. SMALL tae eaaoe poodle I* ['.. (V.MUMKt of t'\ rio produr soot S'N E LL
REGISTER .It ,. aid for Oo>l.l-i Ca..- CrtduaU Member product for '...mptlon iron
CASH till ...tIt Mww St (I) aora, .ntor_* or !***, W- lyVFIarMa. aa e dues nwaiber" d. Sir 7 Years lAw tnforrwnt .- lbs new SAM Oran Way| OIL
log Ik* Monk 11..1' a< la.I
Tall******* Florid U. .odwoead 'lorli will ClpaTtenr a. llpedalAlntl /
TUU -' 1 Total f. aortal two aaroa ntora or aaldMaty me/rrUAdlM NUlntf.
With t eil.atM In
for Tat in.IMT tot .*.. *a d) arrtk.4 I* WarrantyM e.11 the aroa iy with FdTkl Duress ofUlTeatlMtkw ----
Money I Total ..... ... <' doorrtbed aaTk IV.
dJ Mao
W kX Tkoroky tt .t Butlo***
.... oiM-kak tlth *rmnnlior
Oroimdliroaklng (
HAS A Tkaraky froaa f a>i*
YOlft STORE EtCOEO- "_ ... boa ..110. ".. Loa Mortkweot UtoOQ..Of'IIIIW aVrtfcMolfwa ,U G..... County part IDft4IKUd to Orlando Fell '

I. "_.., sold ..*. a44 boooaiM It of $75.00 14. un ... ro.oedod Is aartor .f: T w ,land* For "Count,-wU 4 loIN durktauoal tlrtliiBAIUMl .

I WE MANUFACTURE I hoed aeard Book* *< r/:4.r.l: ; Flee.. onto Two IIt/5N0rt1. ..... law ..fore*tnant lol...,. ( 34.Marko .
SEE It, Woof.N Ml los.
0.. I"tkor '\' IkUkodlal. Hiarou (
laai said III awo kola
tk. nlfkaat and DISTRIBUTOR
OUR OWNCUSTOM aid mare aartKoiarly dma4 Met pohlla kl4or for *.... 110'._ tk* UAu4 lovnugatkni *f maW W...", pr bd.n$ e4

a* .01..... towll ..- ko.ni af ..... o'eM.s. Ie flu trim** -- ConpUt osnpffswith Anwrkna AlrlUw*. rrwIMf lpr '<

I MADE OrMKLNO leas of *u<*o Nortkwoat pst lad _yard..or fo.ao and tw* .rt.- tn Ikeefternaooi all law enforcement *ge*. toot kvreaa" In the Uni, CallSERVICE

W"TATi.i of the CaM OM.kalf o< tko I- rk tk* .10'c Fnnt day Dear M10awb riot under tile prtortpl All frtorn. .. ameer waffle to a rWurtlMn
t>M> NARI'-[" -. Qanr .. -... nl of UMlr KaUo .
BLINDS rqardJ .U far tot long 41*
the MotrorelItan VENETIAN of ISO 0e4.... C1rm5/r Cp.11ho. vet **
diM I eiaaaalon la* ",, Towaaklp n 111N.esb. ... M ..,.,..,. Flarlda Ik Ito Minted t* lair antImp.r'tbai
Ufa I.. C. tow baa oaon ".... goo try WMt. are IBIIO fUgM. OIL CO.
lag la ISO ./'1il''. .. area /1M...* Cavaly, FUrUa. aM $* NI'IIT SEAL: ..) .. trratnvnl under the
sotll..rdls.ry,.. .4 pvaelon lea, koaot..... BLINDS ECTATtDAWNNGS 01._ foal for a dMaaw W t. of Sd.r 1110 f'Ireoli: ('.... Ia..." PILL lAUD WHEAT
group o yordn ta_ no south far a toW
Mk for ,
I your
mil writ. BUI (him at IH111 ... 1rnnlaa Sir alnoeroty
or oC tt yard tk ma we civi
or write P.
.*. Florida ._ no Monk for a .1........ In tko rwtrt of the (SOW J. Meal Fkirtlotfe I that the union bad dread ti
r... I*. It Mar HI 4t STORM WINDOWS of 1* yarao 4* lao po'al of >.- ,...**. Oakide County. Ftortao.In Pa64i r-tltMl .... load DM vbavt after rrid.

roll *ALJC Mew Ik*** Krmoyor I OUIXtJKl.kaa .-.. ..10"led'" ,had eto .1 I
Broil Well Elootrta Oek.or ALDM2TOM BCBCDtS boo* Iliad afalaot yo*. sad. I* r.tr taso WTM TO TUC: VOttM: OF CAMDEN Mar .aln .*!* wttb kaaat QUINCY
Model It*aa..*.. kt.*i. y*. aro roaairtdj M .n. a espy PJK.KJ. ,..
MAlk ,-*.n. of FOOT Aarwar or ........ to r--ot. COtXTTl baH 4 tk* wrfo would b.
Ortflltk. Totepkoa 1\ lbs Oaatllalat oa rk. ruiallff.Atooraay. ,.. AB Creue..4 PE. I .*,.ky knaounrt mf ....sa. narrtod to lnltd MA*** aklpiTk oa eN
Glass waked i Oardaor. of ._ naiM or t'lomdi at Cottftid work. Pt/
d for tk* Offlr *) a7M4 va terAM
PVII 'ALa Iris For ralrtaa Quincy Oardaar and .. OmUtr *". ,..- SAM 5.1..41 ry 6632319IH
**. | done *4an. *.e.t I Pala BoiMlac. l* y. Florida t.. cad man. of yoa OIl bar I ". ,.. If *Urt.xJ K will b* awl fck i aorta tt b=
tto*.. I wner. inL ; aadi the Ik* ortoiaal Slows, orrtoadlaf ," oMtftad sod regard .. pre mr Mai kjad *.....*.., to r*..., okthi IseAvls1 Jnlmnoal.

till. Mar. II. I* H AND COVERALL CO. la (*. afftea W Ik* OMN say elaMM sad de..aedewkark pranpt awl *fljrt *t ...... *t V. M.**>y, AflXnU ........<. OnCHATTAHOOCHEE
Clark W tM CtroH Oair4 w or or oltkor / y** a.r Stamps
0. $' I a0 nm tour nn will MI0d IFtdL mid labor WtitL
rwn PALE ono II! 11tof_ tile l..* day All Ma(*, ha.e a'aiM Ik* ootat of Tee ** kw rtarF
ion /InoMirM .rnM at U S14 Wool JoorsosMAbm IM4. If you faq to ao oa, Jade.1m. .. it. ...---. k><. W owl --
Seem M II.tk aaek II .bay.'.-a.tke ..( ky afaaSI: w a* I.a.oJa4ua oe..iy. I* Sao ".".., Judui tt. T, IUr. tdJ Hue* paopto u.... .. boa.s AU Purchases I

.* 're For mm0 : 71441 j *a yo* lor tko rolM ... a4don C..a'V r.irida at I'. MAT. 12, I' Jt UlkoTf. and that atpUln kjucJaf .,
.... ooaia Omkaai MaJCoawa ..
(* rk* C.apl4at.TaM offlea la tk 'T k u* aUOatMtf I
t t5. 0.404.. C.u.MI Ut-lll.+ U NOTICE okaU ko ,.w... M fntawr. rtortde, WMk- .| the oafyjioa pmaietu.
a.p.wr.55, Fboos


1 1


;r.- --- -

Nutrition Classes Game Officers

41st Anniversary Sale Still Inful! SwingHere HD Scheduled OfficeA By To Safety Enforce RulesFlorida Boat

special pilot project 1* being

Are Just a Few of the Many Items We Have At Tremendous Savings! Come In Now! children offered through to mother the of cooperation young. i fishermen tit re

of the Gadsden County minded that all boater must
Home Demonstration Office and comply with the stale I boat
the Cooperative Extension Service safety and registration laws
SALE 7 PIECE University of Florida In ,prior to shoving off for that
Galnosvllle( and Florida State f.v2ftlrll: spot
1"- University I the responsibility of
II III You are invited by the Gads- lICh boater to Inform himself
I bedroom suite LOVINGGROUP I I den County Home Demonstration of the provisions of the 1963
Agent to be a part of the Florida Motorboat: Laws andIt
project /Is now the duty of our wildlife -
T f Would you like to attend six officers, by act of the legislature
I ,* nutrition classes on the follow. to enforce these laws"
nrt e TRIPLE '. r,1, tog subjects according to John Brown, regional
DRESSER 1. Eat to Live Better (How manager, Florida Cam
r..1 i1 I food affect health, looks, and Fresh Water Fish Commission.
e 4-DRAWER .. < and behavlorl) .
CHEST 1 2 Children Grow Right with Four points to remember Involve .
Right Food Forming (II registration, (2) safety .
.'.. e BOOKCASE food habits.) devices, (3)) running lights,
,' t HEADBOARD 3. Meal Planning Made Easy and ((4) safe operation
ta :a MT : BED 4. Food Selection and Buying ID) All pleasure boats propelled
5. Principles of Food Preparation by machinery of more
\\1 '' than 10 H.P. mutt be registered.
6. Food Fad and Facts Application for pleasure boat
-. The clsssrs will be held In registration certificates are to
April and May. You will be be filed by the boat owner with
notified of the time that the his county tax collector. The
; 0113 pieces 9941WALNUT'or Decorator colors Include Brown, Beige, majority selects A baby sitting registration certificate must be
Turquoise, Sage and Gold, Ideal color "Crofted by service will be provided aboard the boat at all times
Please fill out and return this the vessel Is In operation
to match the theme of homel
your SOFA questionnaire to P. O. Box 231, 121> All boat must carry one>
Jam1S011, I or call the Home Demonstration III life-saving device In good
CHANTILLY $10 Down Monthly Payments only and Office, 627-7442. and serviceable condition, approved

l' 941 CHAIR Name ... .. ....".._...............??..... Guard, for by each the passenger U. S. Coast; one

3 TABLES and 2 LAMPS Address ... ..""'''....?..-...??........ anchor(1) oar and or paddle rope of and appropriate one ID

No of Children ..._,....?..?......... size and length. The approved
Iife-uv/ng/ device be
Age of Children ".?..?...?? ..... ant cushions or vest can type buoy.life

i %W10fRw ... ""."..?......M.....:..... preserver Boats over 16 feet
In length must meet additional
How many and what age will requirements
(3) All boats operated between
you bring with )'ou1 .....".""..._.. sunset and sunrise, re.

".."..... ...".".............. not landless of length or whether o
a motor II used
K 1 are required
r.wt:1 ., What time Is most convenientfor to have and use running
you to meet? (Check) lights
; ((4)) It 1* unlawful to operate a
Morning 10 am... 11 am... boat in a reckless manner or
while under the
Afternoon 1 pnt.. 2 pm.... alcohol or drugs influence A person of Is

1 .. guilty of reckless operation of a
D vessel when he operates a boat,
c Occupation of husband .. ....... or manipulates any water skis,

'f ... .. ........ ....................,..........' willful aquaplane or,wanton or similar disregard device for In

Occupation of wife .....,.,..-.....?. the safety of persons or proper.
ty or at speed or in a manner
.. .. ....................... likely to endanger life, limb/ or
property of any person

3-PC. In all These boat regulations plying the navigable apply to
Bunting Group Graveside Rites
FULL 20% WIDERIN I water* of Florida, which In-
elude Inland lake, ponds,
Are Held For stream, and any other water
Danish APARTMENT SIZE In Florida.
Design Only Mrs. W. H. Sikes Florida wildlife officer haven
fantastic .value! Sleek and sturdy Instructed to pay particu
modem dinette! Upholstered chairs $4941 : Crsveslde services were conducted lar attention to violations In
AnnlvertarySocial art vinyl covered table has for Mrs Lena Sikes, tl, these four basic area whJletntOl'Clnl
deep I of Hosford at 2 clock Sundayafternoon game and fresh water
bright bronntoni trim and mar I ; March 7, the Hos- fish rules and regulation,*

5995 proof statn resIstant plastic{ lop! :J.ford F. Myers Cemetery officiating h.tt Rev Brown said.Complete.Information on boat

T A LE.$5.95 AIM In chrome! 36" x 60" TABLE 6 CHAIRS I Mrs Sikes, born In Georgia, laws 1* available from the office .
I moved to Hosford In 1923 She of the Game and FreshWater
wa sa member of the Fret Will Fish Commission P. O.
Baptist Church. Box 576, Panama City, Florida,
Patio Group Heavy Webbed I Mrs. Sikes died at 11:43 Thursday and from the Florida Boating
Bunting Aluminum evening, March 5 In Holts Council, 107 West Gaines Street.
Tallahassee, Florida
I Rest Home Blountstown
3-Pc. Set Aluminum Survivors Include her husband Ask for the booklets "Safe
1995 Boating In Florida" and "Fact
Chaise W. H. Sikes, Hosford.;
Lounge five daughters Mrs Rena Mae for Pleasure Boat Owner"
Klncald, Jacksonville Mrs. Mary
i J3 Y $,jd
Lonsy, Mrs Ferol Hodge and
SALE" lrs Mrs. B. T. Cobb all of Hos J. W. Smith, 53
I ford and Mra. Beulah Calson
Bristol; three sons, Nollle, Jake Succumbs Here
and Johnny of Hosford; one
brother, James A. Sapp, Manes J. W. Smith S3, of Quincy
MS, G'.I| one sister, Mrs Emma
passed at 11:15 Monday
away :
2995 Dasher,
Savannah Ga IB
; evening, March 2 at the Gads-
grandchildren 27
greet grand
children and den County Hospital
I 4 great-great A native of Jackson County,
I grandchildren.The .
Mr Smith moved to Quincy In
Butler-Morgan Funeral
I e 5-Position Home,was la charge of arrangement 19M.Fun: rat services were conducted .

,Adjustment r. at 4 o'clock Friday ..ft.rrnoon. .
March 6 In the Dell
Mrs. Lola Mears wood Baptist Church with the
Innerspriog Rev Morris Frailer officiating.
Dies Interment followed In the Dell-
Cushion March 8
wood Cemetery with the But.
ler-Morgan Funeral Home In
e Vinyl Corm Beautiful Floral Mn. Lola Mean, 60, of Flat charge of arrangements.
Creek passed away at >:45 Sunday Survivor. Include his widow,
afternoon March 8 In the Mrs J. W. Smith Quincy; two
Tallahassee Memorial Hospital d.ullhlr.In.. MaedHl Eu-
Born In Flat Creek, Mrs, bunks, Panama City and Mrs.
Protect Your Valuables RED HOT SPECIALS! Mean was a member of the Thelma Smith, Oxford Mich.)
Flat Creek Baptist Church one son, Charles Smith QuincY -
i Funeral service were conducted ; his mother Mrs. Cresxey
ODDS AND ENDS at S clock Tuesday Smith, Quincy, two sisters Mrs
I afternoon In the Flat Creek Dora Weldon Oxford, Mich,
I Ii Baptist Church with the Rev and Mrs Estelle Andrew., Romeo .
I Jack YelvuiCton officiating Mich; one brother Coley
NEW AND USED Burial was In the Church Cemetery Smith, Romeo, Mlchi and six
with the Butler-Morgan grandchildren
Funeral Home In charge of arrangements.
Steam 'n Dry Iron 1-Req. $109.9 Damaged Blond .

BED ROOM SUIT _ $79.95 Wilson Survivors Mean Include and Vennls three Mean sons 70t

i 1241 1-U..d Poster Wall of Hollywood Fla, and JohnShepard T. 0)5tale
Perry; one daughter,
BED ROOM SUITE '_-_' $35.00 Mr. Martelle Staley Tallahassee
: one sister, Mrs. Utile Pitta, 666
1-U..d White Piece* Flat Creek; 7 grandchildren and = t

BED ROOM GROUP _.._ $29.95 f great grandchildren.
I _
1-Used Walnut 9 Piece -Ne.d Repair . . . . .
8-Cup Percolator . . . . . .
armful ...ut pawn DINING SUITE $49.95 . . . . . .

rtrlpplnIng p.rhMl.1. .h,.'u'.... 2- UMd Hollywood Tn .
1 rhram ..\Or_ 1841 WATCH OUR PIGS GROW
to .(..,flam lkUn ttp. MM* SINGLE BEDS, complete $39.95


I 4'- GoodMETAL

v ''e
DRYER 1- 7 Piece

LIVING GROUP _____ $ 59.95 t1?

r $2441e 1- ,

Y w[ HIDA BED __ __ $ 69.95 The official weighing was February 29

1- Complete at 10 am. Starting weights 35 and 40
L..k ,..., BABY BED __ ___ $ 14.95<<
..., ... pounds. Thete pigs will be weighed
willi .- J- each Saturday at 10 ajn. Weights will

Imty FRIGIDAIRE RANGE $ 59.95 be recorded. You are invited to come

J- tee these pigs weighed and let us tell

FRIGIDAIRE WASHER $ 69.95 you about Purina Profit Plan
WESTINGHOUSEVACUUM Westinghouse Clock-Radio of Feeding!

CLEANER _ $ 19.95 March 7 Pigs Gained 33 Ibs. on SO lbs.

$ 1A41 J- G.1 of Feed In Seren Days

$2941 __ _._t REFRIGERATOR _ $ 39.95

''I 1- Wrta .c SUBER

1 laL.Att..r..n. .. ,, II e Don Control WASHER.-_ __ $ 3W5DANLEY'S and 4 ..cN'wa..

,MR luttM

for lit Sleep JOHNSON ...

rDI: !I liaG
( e 'Mut. ..r11..s.dW 2121 W. Jefferson SLAr.1 vague

W esto .. ,.
. III .-. .


, t

Gadsden County times
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Creation Date: March 12, 1964
Frequency: weekly
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Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Gadsden -- Quincy
Coordinates: 30.585278 x -84.584722
Additional Physical Form: Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
General Note: "Consolidated with the Quincy moon" <1909>.
General Note: Publishers: R.E.L. McFarlin, <1913-1917>; R.L. Swerger, <1918-1926>.
General Note: Description based on: Vol. 6, no. 10 (Mar. 8, 1907).
Funding: Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05
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d'is/II .

'"( l.i

P.K. Yonle Library Fla.History fb'jlll') 10Qi

University OP Fla.Gainesville "

Fla. -'-4 HKAfllLR REPORT


TOBACCO SHADE-GROWN FLORIDA CAPITAl u s t>U m tU !J J tm.ts 1 Lowest Rainfall Rainfall Highest Week,,Temperature Temperature week month Ending Mu.. .,11 243 SB SI M

and continuing Rainfall, year 114



Slcralt 'Holy Observance Week'Set Quincy Jaycees Honor TwoOutstanding

By ClergymenThe

Quincy Ministerial ASM

elation; that has for the past

number of years sponsored the Adults
Good Friday Service, has Young

adopted a new format for pit-
taster observances
Rather than the annual Good
SPRING CONCERT Th. Quincy High School Band will present its annual Friday Observance from 10.30

I Concert" at 8 o'clock tomorrow evening in the school auditorium. Chattel A. Burns I through 230 with short dovo- -
U the band director. Photo by Martin's Studio Lions on the "Seven Last I N- Lamar,
Words," the group will sponsora FSU Building

School Board Week week-of something services during new In Hob an' t Timolhy Elder

Easter Seal Campaign Easter observance It will give Dedicated To

Initial Plans more Urn and more Interest to I' tf Receive

a larger portion of the communIty PlaquesHon.
It will be educational, In James Love a
For New High hat it will encourage attendance t
Tom Adams It
A .
Is Launched In County"Once at worship In denominations Tallaluuee March '
other than that to which building housing Florida State 1 Ilq Featured Speaker At
School MadeA University Drpailmrnls of '
the person belongs.
Night BanquetAwards
Week Mathematics, Meteorology and
Each night of the Holy ,
new senior high Ik'hoo11'111 again the annual Easter services will be held In a Statistics rnd the Computing
be constructed In Quincy Just Seal Campaign to raise funds of the Center was named the James were mad to two
church representing one
north of Corry Athletic Field for rehabilitation purposes of Jay Love Building In special outstanding young adults by the
denomination In Qulny
major -
member of the School Board the handicapped children and will ceremonies Sunday afternoon Quincy Junior Chamber of torn
announced this week adult In the area hat begun' These service begin n merce at the Bosses Night Banquet -
his on
7. and the of Bv placing name
t 30 m people
p t 'l list .
announced E Malcolm Collins Thursday it the Jef.lemon
The \location wit chosen because building the University will thus
the community are encouraged
of the availability of Gadsden County Chairman House
Ciadwlrn -
honor county
Last 330 childrenand to attend is many of these scry- The Hev M. Timothy EhII'r.mlnllt.r
enough land at a central location year over and farmer who gave ,
and the proximity of the adults mad over 430(1 rI Ices aa possible An announcement substantially of hit knowledge of the New Philadelphia -
of the place and the
site to th eaihlric field and the visit and received over 18000 Urn and energies to education Presbyterian Church In
churches be Included
will In
city swimming pool. Beginningof / treatments In the rehabilitation member of the Hoard of r f Qulnry. Eaalln.gulahei .
next _II'. edition of the paper a a dW __ ; 7j dAW
contlructlon w:U be announced of their many and various handicaps Control from July t, IBM, until : Service d is the
the Bend 'Let ut make this, truly OUTSTANDING Buck shown Outstanding Young Man" In
at a future date throughout Big his death on Sept 2, miA Register U presenting
A new elementary Ik'hoo\ll80\ Area These patients are screed a Holy for Week the stated Ministerial a spokesman former Board member and Mrs Sara Lamar a plaque designating her at "Cadt the community. Mr, Sari Lamar .

will be constructed on S. Stewart from central treatment center Association Quincy chairman who served with him den County' Outstanding Young Teacher lor 1964." hnglish teacher at Quincy
Street In Quincy juat south In Tallahassee and also t J. J, Daniel of Jacksonville, was High School., was riled I* "flads.
of the county school bus garage mobile unit which makes monthly guest speaker In brief ceremonies The award was made at the Quincy Junior Chamber ol den County Outstanding Young

and warehouse The Initial visit throughout/ tile nine McPherson Asks stheduled for 2 pm. In Commerce Bo.... Night Banquet last Thursday Photo Teacher,"
plant will consist of 18 counties of the Big Bend Area loom 101 of the Mathematlrs- by Martin Mr. killer: who wit presented

classrooms cafetorlum, library 1 Including the counties of Madison Meteorology Building Prril- plaque by Jimmy Auman, wit

offices and toilet facilities. Taylor I Jefferson, Leon, Re-election As dent Gordon Illstkwell made nominated for the honor on the
Robert Ma>bln, Tallahassee has Gadsden Wakulla. Franklin the dedicatory remarks and the City Commission basis of hit outstanding contrl.

been employed at the architect I Liberty, Calhoun Service rendered reKponw was given by a buttons to the community Hi*
It I I. anticipated that plans were valued from a professional I Tax Assessor daughter of Love, Mrs Frank Old Parking work with the Boy !Scout and
will be completed and bids for monetary standpoint IfA I' May Jr. of Galneivllle The the youth tesmt -- little league

construction requested about In excess of $50: .000. I Tewy McPherson announced Invocation| was by the acting basketball. and football wuespiTlslly

July IS, 1964.Alre'ldy I Serving with Mr. Collins are 'that he would trek re-election 'S>U chaplain the Rev. William Meters To Be emphaslitd.Mi .
under construction Carl E. Rude county cochairman at Gadsdcn County Tax Assessor D Brown. r *. Lamar who was pr*.

In the county at the present ; Milut Embry and Vance Reverend R. Eugene Rutland In the May (th Democratic Born Aug SO, IBM In Qulny Here tented a plaque by Uuik Regis
time are a five classroom addl- Luten, Quincy area; Thomas E. Primary. Mr, love received his bachlor Replaced ter, was commended for her
tlo nto Havana Public Schools Kelsey Ministerial Association: McPherson hat been Tat Assessor 's degree from Davidson contribution beyond the call ot
a six classroom addition toSalem James L. Stewart, Gretna are; Forest Hills line January 1951 In College In 111111 after wartime Th* City Commission of the duly In the field et educillunv

Elementary School and C. H. Richardson, Greensboro seeking re-electkm he said, "It servlc In the In fin try. H. City of Qulnry decided Monday Mi was died for her knowledgeof .
an eleven classroom addition to area; Blrger Anderson Havana la my desire to continue to serve married Ulllan Croasland on night to replies all of the the J.h"ln her love of tath i
Springfield Elementary School area, and Albert B. Andrew., Will Conduct the people of Cadsden County April 28, 1820, and the survives parking meter In th* city with Ing ** In the wel.
The School Board adopted a colored contributors. In the same efficient courteousand II ..flM..l .. PHI Teal new manual tyie| In other far of her students. Mrs. La.
policy which went Into effect I Mist Mary Martha Massey and Impartial manner as In the -. -- -. words the new meter will n*> mart wiMk In her eh_'" and
March 4 not to grant maternity I Miss Pam Cogglnt are cochairmen Revival ServicesRevival I past" esulUI the motorist' turning a. civic contributions were aim

leave to any teacher In the of Lily Day set for Saturday lie U native of Gidsdrn Home Exemption ever after Inserting the proper,I slreiMd
Cadsden school March 14 services will be conducted coin The type inert! at the present Featured as guest
County system.It Lily Day Is a bounty ind It the son of Mrs.' Deadline Nearing speaker
was felt that this action isneoesaary 1 highlight of the 1964 EasterSeal it Forest Hills Metho- John McPherson ind the late Urn only require t person dui'Ing th. wining wit the lion
dial Church March lit through Tee J. MrPbemm louiily to Insert a coin and the Turn Adsmi, Florida
due to Campaign designed
problems to help Secretaryof
The will be Mr MiPheraon He served with Tat Assessor lubes to Indicted the nlt
18. time Is
guest speaker by use
Matt who
raise funds for was Introduced
which could arise In grantingthis crippled children the United States Navy for
Reverend R. Eugene Rutland remind all home owners thai clrak type mechanism that I by R. C 1oI1ila."OpportulIlI.
In this
leave The Board did II'N. The solicitation -
type Jr., minister of 81 Paul Meth- year during World War Wednesday, April 1st It th* baa to be wound each week \
feel that It Is possible! to will be conducted In the today makes
I1. After
not discharge he entered for
odlrt Tallahassee. desdlln far spplrtni At the Com >
Church I't'qUI'IO01 County
guarantee an Individual a position downtown area of Quincy Volunteers Florida Slate University and puny that existed' Msler-
Reverend Rutland I* one of t homestead essmpllon.Us mloloners Perry Woodward I Iml..lon day,"' Mated Mr. Adam.
upon expiration of ma- will be Identified by was graduated In 19V with I '". M. Tlmuthy trader "the
tilted that there *
tr and the ,
\ Murray Spouner com _
family of Methodist mlnlaters.A future must be
will carrying basket of llllrs and met with vigor.
effort B. 8.
ternity leave Every degree In Business Administration still about I.000 persons who took under oons/deva-
wearing colorful brother la serving Pasadena Imagination and, abov ill, In.
arm band and .
be made however to reemploy I
bass not applied this year Uon the Instillatlim of four
Methodist Church bt Petersburg Laura Gholson inanity Ultl1 fur
chest ribbon. young
who have H la
good teachers droppedout a member of tbejrirstPresbyterian .
and hit father, who began AH new horn ewnert tr hour meters on the eourthm men with rivta eunartcnc
tor maternity reason "The philosophy of the Independent Church A- Quincy eaprcrslly reminded that they I squtr side of the street that The
hit ministry 1814 it speaker
of and a past Mauler of Washington Wins Honor At : emphasised thai ,
way giving strengthens fr .
retired," but still serving Me.Intonh must apply I. person surround the mad house Till more young men ihouJd tows ." J
and Lodge No. tt t, ami go
the American
perpetuates homestead esemptloa.Conference would enable of/Mali' and envployret poufblithe
Methodist Church Me- tt the
Spring Concert concept has of voluntaryismwhich I Intosh Florida Reverend Rut- A. M.IFath. of the euunty courthouse Azalea Festival the possible It ia the art art ofeffeiMlve at

been responsible I forth land Sr", also held a revival at to insert enough runs "(adsden .. human relationship.uoll .
TodayLibrary Laura Oholsnn'
greatest progress In medicine Forest Hills several yean ago st on* time to give' a half-day' Mist tervlre should be Ihe
Slated Friday research legislation and Reverend Rutland Jr. It cur- Urn.. In the put employee had County's Tobacco Queen II''f highest' goal in lire and ihouM
social action in the history of District parked In this tr and it two 11X14 -- wss fifth runner-up II s be tuatalned by dynamo
rently of
mankind and which Is nourished Secretary would have the talent coolest and OVUM!I young
Set tour Intervals they minds,
Evangelism for the Tallahassee Young men hike
At Quincy HighTomorrow only by Individual knowledge District of the Methodist Workshop to go out and Insert additional how at the lath annual AIII.jV'lIIlnl a change the *orW." Mr.you Adam ran

night the Quincy and conviction about specific Church His former pastorates coin or be cited for a violation In Palatk this pas I hallengsd his audience.:

causes Include Ruskin Groveland City Manager llarbert Gregory weektnd.Rponsorvd. He brought seat that a dem.orrilte .
School Band present ,,
High annual Spring Concert at "The Independent campaign'ollowed Tampa !Height, Tamp, and hat rnntaotod the Duncan by the Qulnnunlor *ot4..j/ Clillllnoc survive

(Its o'clock in the high school aud by Easter Seal Soc,.- College Height, Lakeland HeIt At Experiment Station Parking Muster Company, manofactu.re Chamber of Commerce,: nles* people! Participate la lov.mmenu .
I let assures freedom to determine married to the former Mist of this type meter, Miss Ghotsnn of ChalUhimchn' w* seldom secure
itorium. selections to be budgets In response to Martha Jan Brown of Lake and a representative I* espected was one of IS girls rpreent' a better g vrnmMit than we
Among the needs of the crippled In each City. to be her Hilt week Mr. log cHles In all ptru of rlords deserve," Mr, Adam United.
presented nf'.Iu the "followingfChnt : community rather than in relation The North Florida Experiment Uregory slated thai the meters Two of the enntfetenUwere luring the evening Dun
I "by Vox Me- to the financial requirement These service ire sponsoredby Station will boat the 12th It. now In use wars absolutely: front oul<<-at.I.. Brown. president of the Quincy
Beth; "Donna Juantu, by the Commission on Memo annual Library Workshop for worn out and must be replaced Jayesec
featuring of number of other An etllinsUd SIMM personsnrtl Introduced I Be III I
Suppr -Bugler Holiday agencies and the ability of a bership and Evangelism of Forest University of Florida Agrtculurtl ro The conunlsdim also sat aa I ,. the downtown area of guests and Jaycee members In.
Jarvis La Bur, Pat Hills (}. V.
separate uncommitted fundraising McPherson Experiment Btitioni personnel toning board Monday night for "'slalk Sunday afternoon to traduced their boss.
Farmer Murray Sea,, Wayne organization to providefor chairman. All services will begin from around the state a puhllr hearing on a requestby :view the blgtfe. parade ewer Also reingnUed it the bane
Stewart Bill Blount and Mike all," states Mr. Collins. at 7.30 p.m. here today M E Craig to change the I aged for the fevllvsl Th qUilt w..e LoU."
Bales, "A Gilbert and Sullivan i -- -- Presiding it the conference. classification of sum property I festival I II held rash year at a t.sdsden County 6Tlme.dsnd
Festival" conducted by Lynda ......... .. .
Vials II f Teal
Student Conductor Bay High which will have M Its them: I m I time when the thounndi ofulns have Drew Radio *..110.
Futch :
Scientific Journals' will b* aie In full bliwm In WLNH fur *o.perttlnn thtiwtj
"Proud Heritage, processionalinarch I Baseball svliie Gardens and throughout during the
and others Tiger Willis H, Chapman agronomist r Third Annual year In recording
Preceding the Senior Bands In charge of Die North florida iliikt' and publUMng the Qulnry .lun.
several short selection Station, and Albert C 8t.rlrk-1 Miss GholsiHi U the daughter. bar Chamber; of Commerce sea

will Concert be,presented by the QuinCy Season Starts and, assistant. librarian st the' Jr. Horse Show :, Elementary-Junior Band. Agricultural Experiment Slalom of ChaUahoorlit. --- --
Main Station library in --- --.- -
The Band 1* under the direction Here Easter Sunrise
of Charles A. Burnt and TonightBy Gainesville, I Slated Saturday J udgo Reynolds

has 88 playing members Doss James The conference will open Ito
Ticket for the concert are Times Sport Hrller I m. Following welcome by I Th Third Annual Girl Rruuf Service Planned

lIe for students and $1.00 for Quincy HtKhl baseball team Chapman Miss men Payne, sec JIIII'I"r..* Khnw hit been ,Seeks Reelection The Kasler Sunrise service
tdult They may be purchasedat will I'ttathe North Florida Station planned> rain or shin at will be
open Its I1A4 vewm tonight conducted M IflllendCemetery "
the door or In advance from against Panama City By will toll the group shout' I clnrk Saturday afternoon atVoodwtrd County Judge thin year beginning

any band member or band pa- High Field.at 7:39 at Corry Athletic the the background North Florid and Station future of t I 11 err p'wlies. 'I Green PasturesFarm II Y ReyMilds nnuunr'.d st I IS Caster: morning March
tron.Your support through attendance l Five of eight home for Stanley L. West, direr-or oil Sp .._ed by Qulnry Girl 'into week that he would be a, The sit'* of th. service wilt
' will be greatly appreciated the Tiger are scheduled game' andsthe the University of Florid (I- kout Troop IM the show will' andldal for reelection to thdfb' he an the tide adjoining the
band spokesman atIted.ljf brarlel will follow In discerning Smith l II of County Judty Us:
S light this year. All night' lrilull be fur young people i year : liolnmonHId the newest
'garnet are on tap for 7.30. AUthlf the new function of the agrl- and under. A trophy and rib uallfled with Circuit CuurlUerk pit of the cemetery which will
Edwin Baur MondayJurffe
' day wtll be played cultural library bun will be awarded In each ; lie used In future yssrs, the
garnet Clinic end I
s on Saturdays beginning tt 1,30 Firming Bennett, llbtirlan Laundry claw torn of whk b will be raised Reynolds was lntluiUiunty Key Guy K Wad., tpokesm\
In the afternoon.Season for the Agricultural Eiperunrnt Costume Class, Western Pleasure III neighboring for the Oidsden County Mini,
butlont' system U nest on the Gull and Boyt Barrel RareBerelwrk : Oeorgl lie was ads; terltl/ Association, emphsalied.
= family tJk...* ire on Mrs. Set March 18 It.nd ClassA 'sl.d In the public s huh olienrgU The
program followed by Pony Hev. Thorn C Kilsey
sale for
00 at Wilson's ris* '( and ebtalMd his It*
E.DfID Aim** M. Mother, in assistant special testate will be the'! will deliver the sermon at tile
rher-Cantey, F p.n May'Thug Sire.. Virgin Smith, necutl"wt'rttII' 01.. from the AtltnU LawLollel ,
Spwrgeen Dust In the library it Gilnewllle Favorite Helper. tits. It which gree brief ind slmpl service.Liz's .
Co., Joynert Standard Service for the Florid Institute *.
Bennett has lust issumed the ) any adult, family or friend may ---
C. S. Dunn Is SUM Station AI Smith at Qulnry position of librarian coming to of Laundering and Cleaning part Id pat*. He nme to Qulnry In ISIS
March I, Ittt Bank and are also available Restaurant
oat .ld U Ihe priest.prawke .
from Florid 'romJUIhIl&lltln Adorn,. I will eunduet a laundry Fairy fee fl -W per entry, ng
Air Mall any of the high clinic" at 100 Wednesday : of law until his tp
Mr. Love Hutchinson, Editor rhool baseball player On the therofer'enrewill I' tt the Sober per class. ants and children inlntiiwal MM1 subsequent elec Hands

I morning Changes
Time Candidate ForCommission family ticket plan the whole be a talk by Ljulm Loin S, will b* admitted for tit
I Gadsden County It Johnson show rocs A* free Inn to the office. of County;
Indu toddlers
chief of the Division of and sdulu, Mle -
Florida be eligible to get to death of Mm. .Bell well
Mr Judge following the
fsbrla ,
the and Documentation > Uon> care Serving M Judges fur Wr t. ::t-I"I"
j HutchlnsooU : on one ticket to sue all home ing known to safe ( thi
Dear Mr. Post Smith t* well tones throughout Judge Frsnk H. Thrower a* *
i Wish.Ington Tunnel and Cventt
, has Just been brought to' baseball garnet, othrrwla tingle al Agricultural library, the date having appeared aria will. be llughl At.. big.Ish August I0. IrM Judge HeynIdt area. announced this week that
that 'tumor'baa ; admission to each game will D. C'ollowlnl JohnW had bought all Intend ofMrs.
It lit
member the she
attention a
Home bemanatntlon
I' my Quincy' C Spurt-eon Dunn, ChatuMorhee -I be lie for student and IOf lunch, psnH led on programs and Jmpmg Mia Tern
circulating Hamilton In Lb.'s
been In Home tVonwnkt f Uss lihew Part No. 14, Amertcin ClUabeth
bualnes.nanfarmee for adult. by Bennett will discuss the problem Robertsn; and littler Cls
I that we have mad plans to es, on Radio and TV ind en legion the first ftapilst thurrbof Restaurant which I* located raw
announced' this week that helwill lU of rtlUrvey kuherWtyne
, Prld. of the Valley TOII\aht' game tgatatt Bay Involved la digesting end the QuMry Is- 'he south tide of the is
rPmOYI our any number ef program designed Quite square
candidate the office be
be a for the scientific material how Henry will the *nnMinrer
High It .
I Southern plant from Quincy toanotllft' Commissionerfor the sesson t opener for to bring eonom ers 1nI..._ change Cfcib H* ws formerly ulncy.Mr
of .
locality and that this County both squads. Bay High It n- tvtllable Partirtpanto on theIt.ssess.4 ties on today1 fiber and fabric and Ctrl Edward.. Cary Judge of the City of Quiney *: Rtwllng said thai the
S succeed
District Mo to .s re Cool rlngmarfer Mist Susan Woodward
considerable concern Pcted to field another and served had changed the to *S
bu caused eat- *. at are time t* name It
l1. B. lint Mr. Illrt plant to It the show fftslrwit with
la your community. (There retire from the office at the a sunning veteran team a* usual parting ;;' For the test fifteen yean Mrs ..... Undo Bur Mrvlng a* henuawaM County Attorney .I JUstaunnl" and will stake
for*. I would appreciate JOUr'reprtDt.lnl expvatlon of his term completing .'will b Pining staff and i Night I Smith feat sensed and operated I.her reputation en good lurid
one of the ;
this letter' toughest foe, R yval| Services and good tsrvlie In a pleasantmospher
truly 101"lbat ever twenty yean service -w the schedule Last liege laundry and dryrleaalng Food chairmen are Ass Rkhtrdsu .
hd I year the, She plans to be
Wen this ha* bee cir en UM Board I iTIavr* fell to Panama City rut PTA plant .In north central Flarkta *) and Nan Morgan; en- Revival menses. will begin open seven day a ....k.I .
rr caused that cancers Mr Dun operate thettret and IJ.L I ,A ...II"of Pier ageacie were trine cfcstravns S taa.a Heya- It the Sycamore MethedMl -
culateer.ad nested at tile talversMy ol aide and Bread Campbell. Churrll st T4 very evening I
and valued employee .In Gdsdea Cauaty tad Crttf Qulnry winning Tuesday Mar. 17It
*> our loyal tho** local folks County. Georgia .It owner ef but erratic .baseball teaauo UM Florid, wber she had ample prop ehalrauuk Faye Khof ,,Marsh IS :W. At Tho Loaf
and to It the oppnrtiMMy' to deal with young Pier: tickets hlnn. **.... LWJTIUmrl Davis ef (ed-
: our little buateeat the Skyline Turk Center and year. winding up with .. .-7record. Father Night > The Me* C I.
appreciated I .
"eke rkwnteryJaatar as then tad Jady Dlwm;: ground dirk be the eiisist.rNUTRiTiON I
School will
beta. la and 'ortI. of Dunawend Acre where he PHrblng was tunposedU Quinrr grew This Woek
we bays made raise beef rattle and breeding be tr qumu soak let 'a and Senior High MiaolMB --- rhwmer'Nancy" Ban tad "
proems several year stock, and be fca* ether binloet and defense strong but wa the Tuesday, March II M 7.JOpm. Club Championship Usury tJrelwr: "...,._ rhalrmm CLASSES Leaf Theatre tUrartlon. fee
these put hand I am glad lssere & arfeiM that wvakened whetj In the ludltartam. -_ Unda hew, Vicki Floyd claws:the coming week .Hsrlud Jnhn.ny .
OD th* ether Match Approaching A series ef aulrlUon "
sttBaOoa IaN art**, He ha wide n.-w- lie chips were dew*. The PTA will meet el thistime sad Carol JohneM: snail rhalrtte I II offered to mother tt Ceol starring henry Silt*
that because WIt a baa confirmed ranging from bridge cwMtriie- TU year1 alae. rwild be sue and dad. will bv t tSn! The ..._ Country Cub ..- Carol lUaUHMi and Vlrginla young being children beginning In today Friday double feature"
again there are many "onaertul lion and general eoatrteUac tonenrtpeptr of Coach BUI Rots heel to win ass ef the surely" rakes will held K' dub ehamphmshlp Mwkham: puWltHy rbair- More InformallM will be Rto Breve* tunUig
.. April
we folk to Quincy who an puMMUoC. laid,town Seer, bm M will also b* that will lit given ....,. The Ia the earning week Memdenha manOton JeficeatShow atatrUlon aubarU offered '=1 John Wayne std *S..mmsPlaee

interested to the present and dewtog. epfnUoD ef mueraoU his roBghwt *rh..4ul*. playing .rvcram will also feature dieUngvlshed will M toUteeted to play-! Ireasurer Otaa Jrff- b* found en page ItG'Hnaboro I daring Sandra Dew
the future of Quincy as growing and CM*'t wear Mare., and I doable A trhonl like ..,. and ttmety speaks, big t> the dab. ehsasptneisbiiwill ,... and Marlly VUllamt ** On SsUrdtJ doW fetlitr
community., eBJni real estate a* well a* Rutherford tad Leon High tee r, A. Lehman h,.. ., UrV hive to Uy. t* II hntaeualifytn stated by Mr, tad Mrs H D will lie "lite Breve plus -Kurt
angnsst that Industry.. theists naaagem Met faro iCsmn each. It tile schedule 2. State Beverage Dept-. wile, ,.,.... Tb* ...eluy woodwind Jr and Mr tad Mr*. PTA Psrty" Marring Bobby VIAl"...
and who mUle
e*. plat as 1st Iwere the tame a* peat yew's'Qnmcy win speak about new law per-. lag ........ may b* "' y' CraeM Jefleoal "Stt",,__ Court Deelslan 'The India ll ttr." tarrtn|
el sUe
regardless W *ero opll Bar and feared .. Calre' _lei "rs*>*btjr Move aaatstandtof touring *e teenage drtaklag any day darting March It e*' Hot roes .111I....'.*** hoer ad the ftrhoor win Mill"",", ..-I Tony Randall sod Burl IVH ti
Important pert Georgia he atwadwt pvbD *asni from Uw Brt g past frlnsd and neighbor W Marrb I*, ..Hle case tad eaU drinks will tel by th* Han. Hugh M. Tay 'scheduled for Sunday, Mondayand

this.Atone. HIM line I Might addHut 'school M Cain lid Mercerlimrsity standpoint
K to s known tact that uv .. Macpo, Ca. lira the feeling u you !h*>. t- resnenther to g* to Fathers .tote* tnne will be IS 00 **vVy [ MMMored ty Girt S out evening M the Orseuhoro day '1m the French 1CJ1t'

tc:..__ as r.*. y-> I ItoeMS.e es ne Teas ItesUa.N as .... y-. l Might at the PTA, tee to f* toward prUr .troop 14*. PTA In U>* school todilorUiin. surrtag Jn l.ttetg.

4 \\


., .
.....;; -

pw i*



I Scout.Camporee. -, World Cyclist

At Lakp Talquin e& Stops In QuincyFor

t Set April 3. 5 t4Y Short VisitAn

M Boy Scouts of Ctdsden County unusual visitor topped
wUl Join other troop from for about an hour In Quincy
throughout the Suwanee River Tuesday traveler who for
Area In the annual camporee 11 yearn has pedaled over D5-
to be held at Wallwood Scout 000 miles.
Reservation, 8 miles South of "I'm not a bad guy I Just
a Quincy( on Lake Talquin. The t i ',t ..Sfw look bad," said Walter E. Deim -
Camporee I* scheduled for April of Hollywood, Calif, who
3-5. wai dressed in a loud-colored
David L. Ules, Scout Executive shirt, dingy looking trousers
for the Suwsnee River and a crash helmet. H* was .
Area, Boy Scouts of America, forced to Hop at the H & M S
states: "The 1964 Boy Scout tractor Company because bill

OIL PIT FIRE Is being put out by members of the Deportment :amporee will be another step motorized bike developed mechanical

of Public the lot off Grave In character-building and wholesome trouble.
Safety on just title of
fellowship constantly emphasized Claiming the unique
Street The men are being shown practical methods of by the Boy Scout of "World Cyclist," Devlne Hid

fire fighting by Dewey Starrett an Instructor from Florida America and so necessary to he had visited every capital

State Fire College at Ocala. Two wooden shacks were today's youth." In South America, Central
Director of the Camporee, Mexico and 48 In the Gust Speaker -The Hon. Tom Adorns (left) Florida'sSecretary
burned as well as gasoline to show the fire eaters the Bernard E Wilson of Crawford- I :CS1ceS of Slat, was the featured speaker at the Quincy

latest methods prescribed by the Fire College. Mr. Starrett ville; and assistant director, 6 ..*:w. ;*.. .... "n "I'm planning to tee every' Junior Chamber of Commerce Bowes Night Banquet kit
conducted classes here twice a day all week. He used Samuel Murrow of Tallahassee, Slat capital In the world" said the the Jefferson House. On the left is Don
A at
MEMORIAL Florida University building was Thursday
classroom lectures well actual demonstrations.Photo have Issued final plan for this visitor "I want to art a world'irecord
as as Dan Martin I ear's campore to be held at named In honor of the late lames Jay Love of Quincy last by doing something no Brown Quincy Jaycee President

----- by the new Wallwood camp for the Sunday afternoon at special dedication ceremonies In one else hat ever done Photo by Martin's Studio

Charles Sowell L. D McMillan, first time. ., Tallahassee. The new building houses the The motor on his befor..i
Camping activities will commence orange colored bike w.
County PeopleTo Richard Gardner, CoL Owenby Friday, April S a* the I of Mathematics, Meteorology and Departmlnt'l from parts of a Kiwanians See

and the many member of your boys organize their campsites, Computing Center. chine, lawn mower and four fi PINMEYyllUNNNn
Attend Fair Industrial Committee of 40. Each scout will bring bill own bed prln... I Color Film Of ft
equipment and I "It will get 100 miles to
expected to
artment's planned programs
that As we you have know wanted It Is now to 2 expandour years Uv* In I tent and cook his own for the public to help them Blue and Gold illon" and will go 40 mllet per Florida Parks I )fUt -
meal. b lour, he said proudly.
Meet plant In Quincy, and add as rough It In this keep up to date with home making
Planning virgin forest Devlne told how he crossed
camp, used for the Information. I
to additional
more employee but produce due to first time by Suwsnee Scouts Remember Laundry Clinic Banquet Held he Amazon River In South Forest Ranger David Burnt .
County Agent John C. Russell differences of opinion between Camporee activities will commence .I March 18, 10'SO S.00. f/ubor merles "Some natives took furnished the program at the

and Home Demonstration Agent u* and your City Commissioners Saturday morning with A: Johnson Show Room, Free, Approximate 100 people attended two days to hollow out a canoe Monday meeting of the Quincy On day last week a loud
contests of wood. I was 31 days and 31 Kiwanis Club After being In-
Mrs. Marlene B. Gregory of because of what we test between troop involving and open to the public. the annual "Blue and I Swooomh wa heard in Wash I
Gadsden County are among and still feel) are stringent compass reading, signals Gold Banquet" for Cub Scout nights going through that Jungle roduced by Gerald Wynne, program ington. It wu later learned that I
some 75 Agricultural Extension building regulations, which fir by flint, knot-tying, Pack 208 last Tuesday evening with two guides"He chairman, Mr. Burns something kept In the dark had I
Service Agent who have been and bandage demonstration and aald he had lectured tostud..nte showed s film featuring the passed at s speed greater than
would add considerably and Baseball In the George W, Munroe Eli In Florida I
cooking Tiger In universities and state parks
Invited to attend the 1964 North unnecessarily) more to the coal School cafetorlum. many light.
Florida Fair Spring Planning of addition. Sow The theme, "Our American mentary colleges and had spoken at where Floridians as well as people A bill bad gone through congress
building a new The was
ceremony civic clubs. "I have liberal from other state are Invited
Meeting la Tallahassee March have not added to eur Quincy Heritage, emphasized by the (C.a/l..n Inez Saga Oar. conducted by Den 1 and a birthday a very In raising the pay of members
visit. The film
Scout throughout the education, he commented to was
by $10,000
year per year, a
20.North Florida Fair Association plant gain will be used.' lay better ball team to become cake commemorating 34 Devine said he liked Florida color and was not only beautiful boost to 132,900 plus conflictof
yeah of Cub Scouting was presented Just fine. "The Is beautiful but Interesting as well.
Secretary-Manager Lloyd Since no hominess can "stand a better ball club your- scenery interest chances and 1,461
Rhoden said the meeting will still," this Is not a healthy condition Ie II. Also entering Into the The by tables Den 2. colorfully but I don't understand Jack Jones, local Shell Oil fringe benefits.
be held at the Leon County for continued growth, and C. S. Dunn tuatlon I* the placing of Quincy decorated and arranged were In three the weather hot, cold and distributor, was welcomed Into Every underpaid Solon was
Agricultural Center on the being Iwhat we feel w* are) an Into a new stronger subgroup rich of the just others" the club as a new member. amazed when It was learnedthe
Fairground, starting at 10 *.mAll aggressive growing company, we playoffs with teams such rows representing "Yeabe said "Someday Also present were Louis Barl- bill had passed.
County official from the didn't like It.N'lurelly (c........ I... Put 0..) .s Marianna, Perry, DeFunlak dens and arrangement of pack 208. for Preparations the banquet I'm going to write a book." nests and Stewart Hlnson of One member who had made

17-county area Involved lu the as Is to be ..- parents were Mr. and Mrs. and Chlpley. All In all I were made by the three the Quincy High School Key six trips to the cloak and coke

annual Agricultural show are pooled, other communities In William Ellison Dunn, whose 11" the Tigers will give be-I den mothers, Mrs. Lester Gat- Safety Officers Club. room arose and called or began
Invited Rhoden said. the State heard of the situationand four suns and four daughters of! the team a good ball .. IIn, Mrs Mitchell Drew and Thomas Reed hail as Mi guest calling, for an investigation Hedidn't
Highlights of the meetingwill have Invited u* to consider stlled In towns surrounding Only three tarter were lost Mrs. Thomas Kelsey, with the for the meeting his oroUier-ln- finish, and 1* expected
has discussion by MalcolmB. establishing our plant In their Cairo one son havetmt served trough graduation off lint assistance of other Cub Scout Stage law Gerhard Mlelke of Mana- to recover
Johnson, Editor of the Tallahassee towns, and have offered various several terms In Georgia House ecr's team Fain Poppell, mothers and fathers. Berlin, Germany. Mr. Mlelke By this tint the news of the
Democrat, on the subjectof inducements. which to datew. of Representatives and Senate James Earnest and Jackie Blsh- Outstanding event of the evening Members of the Department and his recent bride and his 10 grand raise for congressmen
"Why Fairs.'' Johnson will have not accepted or encouraged Mr. Dunn was married In op the pitching staff (e* was the presentation of of Public Safety of the City mother are In Quincy visiting and senator had swept the
be succeeded on the ro.i;; because we like Quincy t2J to the former Eunice I PtA Poppell) Is back with 23 award to 17 different Scout of Quincy enjoyed a grilled Mr. and Mrs. Reed and family country.
by Mr, B1IU Tovell, and have sincerely tried In our Blackman of the same home I mound duty experience plus Tommy Gatlin received his Wolf steak supper at the City Hall The battle had begun sooner
of Special! Event of the Southeastern -I tumble way to be a part of town, and they have one daughter 'Bill Newcomb, looking good Badge and two additional sat Thursday evening. DeweyL. than expected Th opening gun
Fair In Atlanta, Georgia Quincy Patricia, who U the wife of among the corps awards a gold arrow and a Starrett, of Jacksonville County 4H'ersDemonstration had been fired In the war
Mrs. Tovell will point out I A* I dated while wv have a"slight" Mr, Dunn's bossiness partner, Hitting 1* expected to be the silver arrow representing 20 ad- who conducted a week long against poverty
the ways and means of making difference of opinion Lee A. Sherwood. Mr. Sherwood key: and question mark of '64, Itlonal achievements. Lane school In fire fighting and prevention -

fair exhibits more attractiveand between your City Commissioners I* a former member and I I specially lacking In the power lahaffey received hit Bear was a special guest.There Sine its opening first admission
more appealing to the pub and ourselves, w* still. think president of the CbatUhoochee department Badge and also a gold arrow and were two or three other In Dec., 1856, the Florida
lic. highly of those member w* City: Council out now'reside In Listed I* the Tiger baseball two silver arrow representing guests" partaking of the dell- Day Held Alcoholic Rehabilitation Center
A 12.30 luncheon will be followed know personally and I am sure Dallas Texas 30 additional achievement doss meal
where h* la a squad; Pitchers Gary Edwards la Avon Park has treated more
by a IMHnlnut afternoon the other member that I don't petrollum geologist I Ralph Sperling, Tommy The closing ceremony was given Chief J. W. Halre, director of Gadsden County 4-H'ers held than 1,800 patient
session devoted to discussionsof know personally of the same The Dunn cam to Chatta- Bauldree and Bill Newcomb, by Den 3. he department acted as host their annual County Demonstration I
the 1003' Fair Inc along withrecanmendatlons high calibre. tooche to make their homeIn CatchersJohn Veasey and Special guest were J. E. C U- for the occasion. Day, Saturday, March 7. I
Improving Which all lead up to this 1830, entering the newspaper Bill Rowel, Ib- Luther Me- bel', president of the Suwannee Allen Smith had the devotional The bet way to make Gads
the 1(164 show The '64 Fair because of our feeling toward milnea, and took an active interest night and Dennis SenUf; 2b- River Council of Boy Scout of Careless typewriting, or typesetting Susan Clark led, the den County a good county Is
will be held October 27 .. 31. the People of Quincy w* never In the development of Rodney Joyner, Jimmy Suber America, and Mr. and Mrs. Leon adds many new, and pledge to the American flag by making yourself a good citi
North Florida Fair Association have and I hope never will resort the community. They live now and Charlie McPherson; Sa. W..ver. leaders In Cub Pack sometimes luscious words to the and Sandra Woodbery led the zen.
President Jack Levine, will to "spreading rumors" on their farm S miles east of Jimmy Naff and Walter Dover; No 4 of Quincy. l.nlU" '. 4-H pledge.
welcome guest to open the about what w* plan on doing town Both are members of sr.- Keggle Bradley and James Cub Scout Pack No. 208, sponsored Audrey Humphrey was masterof
morning session. : If and when and I sincerely the Presbyterian Church. Roy Abney; LF- Frank Baker, by the PTA of George The pen may be mightier ceremonies Merllyn Halre, This .Is s good week In which
The daylong session Is expected hope It will be never) we decide Bill Stegall, George Bywaterand Munroe Elementary School, has than the sword but It often takes Linda Ard and Cherra VI Sapp to read a book, unless you have
to conclude about 115: to move our Quincy plant Mike West. CF_ Jimmy 28 boys registered In scouting another iword-wielder to prove helped the girls set up their already read your book for the
Rhoden said.Letters. w* will advise you directly, personally Commission Taylor, Tommy Presnell Richard Reverend Tom Kelsey Is the the point demonstrations. year.
and through your paper lily Wynne and Walter McPtier- cub master, receiving: some very Nothing 1* more apt to be Outstanding demonstrationswere
and It will not be by rumor! son RF- Keith Dsughtry, able assistance from Billy Saber wrong than a history written : Dairy Foods, 1st, Melissa,
Editor Lastly, since this situation has (r..tli..4 Inns tae. OMon Richard Luten and Jerome and Bobo Edwards, Boy several hundred years after an McPherson, Raggedy Ann Saliad
to "com to a head" In"I you Tharpe. Scout In Troop 203 of Quincy. event 2nd, Audrey Humphrey!
value Prideof the Valley South Robert Street from The 1M4 schedule: March Broken Glass Cake; Srd tie, Leslie -I
ce..tl.... Inez Pas. 0.. Southern being In Quincy, I R-l to C-l. No one appeared In 12Bay High her; March 13- Awards Made The National Medicare Coun- Halre, Kool-Aid Pie and Sandra -I I tIIDm
would welcome at this time an oppostUon to the move Bay High then; March 14- cil of Florida will seek an Woodbery, Deviled Ham

,. diwtry goes where U I* welcomed Invitation to appear before a Two ordinances were passed Rutherford there; March 20- amendment to the dIJ:1 Dip.Bread | lasts cusulrvil I II
and generally stays where 1t meeting of your Committee of on second and final reading Greensboro hire; March 24- At Blue And allow a Demonstrations Individual III"
1* appreciated." 40, and any other businessmen Ordinance 420 dealt with budget Havana here; March 26- Leon lWe-1o 1'! ;for a Medicare' : 1st, Allene Smith, 4-H

Our relationship with Quincy or resident Interested In what adjustment and No. 421 there; March 31- Blountstown Gold BanquetA program, I Celebrity Bread; 2nd Barbara "
has been s clone and friendly; our future plans and expectations hanged the polling place for there; April 3- Havana there; Mahaffey, Wacky Cake; 3rd,
and will\ be of City of Quincy elections from Arthur II Courshon, chairman Jane Smith, Whiz Nut Bread.
one, we always appreciative Quincy call for. April April B .
and Indebted for the Yours truly, he fire station to the police ..teC'Oer::; ; April; 10:I "Blue and Gold Banquet"wa of the board of Washington Federal Bread Demonstration Teams: 1

help and welcome .extended VALLEY FEED & SUPPLY elation across the street. The Cairo there April 11- BlounU- held recently by Cub Scout Savings& Loan Associationof 1st, Mary Catherine Clark and
._ .. COJNC. new location will be used In town here; April 14 Leon Pack 4 at the American Legion Miami Beach Is Wed In Susan Clark, Cinnamon Twist
George PUtt, the April 14 general election. her; April; IT- Bainbridge- I home The Rev M. 'Timothy'' "World Who's Who la Commerce 2nd, Sarah Sloat and Susan
PresidentWorkshop The Commission heard report here; April 1ft- Rutherford Elder served a* master of errmonies. and Industry," Moore, Brownies,

on dlacrepande In the here and April 20- Greensboro I Other Demonstrations: lit,
map of the Central Business there, I The theme wa carried out Alcoholism generally afflicts, Sue Vlckers Apple Crumble;
District. Steps were taken to II with blue and gold decoration persona In the 35-65 age group' 2nd tie, Cherra VI Sapp, Blackberry -
MAIn HUt comet! these discrepancies and I by using arrangements of yellow ; -- the tuna of life when the' Jelly, and Linda Ard, The

Phone Investigation of some of the jonquils and suspendlnilu average person la In his moat Proper Care of Teeth; 3rd, tie,I bA'ftmy-! \\ACACIr}! 5T1Ll
provision of the toning ordinance FSU Buildinghim. and gold balloons from productive years.It Carolyn Herrtn, Pineapple
IV........ her P.. 0.) wa ordered. A provision the celling. Den mother In Crunch and Debra Kelsey lit USE: BURN atE END OF A COI1D,

Thurs, Mar II of the ordinance requiring off- charge were Mr. Stanley Chefs Salad TIFN I1.Oft Tilt! flAMi OUT AND
panel will Include Dr. Victor
'JOHNNY COOL E. Green, Jr., Everglades Station street parking In certain In- ( her Pap Oar. Brooks and Mrs. Frances Math Dairy Foods lit, Anne Su- IKHAlI TNrFllto1lSt

Bell Glade; Miss Antoinette stamen and locutions wai dlsvsied. him. From 1920 to his death er*. Lion her Cake'n Cheese Cake; 2nd
Award consisting of the
Starring Henry SilvaElleabeth Commissioner E B Vanilla
Libby Burns
Moye, Sub-Tropical Station Mr Love wa active u a tobacco Badge and the Silver and Gold I
Gay moved that church and Bread Demonstrations
: Louis
Homestead; Dr. Harlan L. grower, packer livestock
Rhoadrs, Central Florida Station schools b* exempted from this operator and banker. Arrow were presented to Mike Sunday, 4-H Celebrity Bread
Owens the which
at banquet
requirement Commissioner O 4-H
Sanford Dr. Luther C. Other member giving
Until he sold the business In attended
was by approximately
Mar 11 O. Cox seconded the Aft- demonstrations
move Elaine
Hammond Main Station Gainesville
July, IBM, h* wa* president of 70
DOUBLE FEATURE: er a vote call U found peopl Deviled
and Mr*. Muther. was that Ritter, Eggs; Cathy
Low Leaf Tobacco Corporation. Among the guest were J. E. Always on call
Commissioner Howard
Fletcherand Cocoa Loafers
Following the panel discussion From that Um. until his death Tharpe, ; Judy
Gilbert Suwannee River Council
RIO BRAVO Mayor Illnaon were Breeden, How To Frame A Picture to aid when
"The Technical Aspect of oppos h* wa chairman of the board President; Dewey Jetton you
Starring John Ways Serials" will be discussed by ed. Commissioner Leon Weaver of the Quincy State Bank. H* Sr, Explorer Post 204; the ; Gall Thompson, Chiffon Illness girlies.
was absent UM motion died. Filled Cookie Jean Suber
to Pecan
Dine MartinSUMMER Mia Jade Lee Tyson, assistant was major stockholder and Rev. E. Nash Phllpot of the ;
In the Station Library at Mr GnI/OlY" asked to make member of the board of directors Centenary Methodist! Church Gripers; Beth Harrell,
Aloe Gainesville.Strickland, a study of the requirement and ; Brownlee; Sara Well, Chocolate
of Wlnn-Dlxle Store
and Eagle Scout Francis Me-
PLACE will talk on the report back at the next meet- Inc, at the time of his death. Call of Troop 201. Drop Cookies; Merllyn u.tre. F. P. May I
ng. Cornbread Muffin
subject of "What Publishersare From IBM to HMD he was a
Starring Saadra Doe Doing to Make Informetlon James I:. Cross, finance member of President El.es how- Judges were Mrs. Frank Whittle -
Richard F.... ,More Readily Available" and director of the city and clerk er's Agricultural Advisory Com- Exchange SeesDemonstration and Mr*. Sammy Gray. Drug Co.

Mlas Leila L. Scoring of the 10 the Commission, revealed mittee. you ford anything vital O.t. .
that registration would be held Th making of money Is a Phone 627-7601
Citrus SI.tllIIUbnr Lake Alfred
,, -
The Board of Control whichhe Doctor hs'U be aurprtesdAd
Scot.. Mar. 14 will conclude the program In the courtroom at the City served chairman talk that require attention unless Quincy. Flo.JBk .
as during WIll L.
DOVBLE' FEATIRC with s report on the organization IUI1 from Tuesday, March 10 fiscal 111 7-11158 you possess a few gushing
adopted a resolution Audio-visual thatii
and utilisation of Information through Tuday, March 24 between equipment oU well.
RIO BRAVO the hour of t a m. and following his death being used In the schools of::1 .
wh&cl.Id about Mr. Love
II noon and I p in. and D p.m. : Gadsdra County was demonstrated -
AlaoSURF Neb day except Saturday when 'It* always evidenced luv by Grinell Bishop assisted 111611 QUAY) NIGH YIELD
the office would close at 11 questioned honesty and Integrity by Bill Summerford at: .
PARTY Graveside Rites noon. lie explained that to.registration and good Judgment along he Exchange Club meeting lastWednesday.
la for those that with rare element of wholesome l
Starring Patricia Bobbylnton.Morrow ,For Dave Taylor hay never registered and envphaalied wit fid good humor which Introduced by program chairman Qs 5EEDS4FERTILIZERS
that this wu not a so frequently served to smooth, M. D. Walker, Mr. Bishop
...- .1atratI0II. The election over difficult situations In time, stated that there Is approximately : on
Dave Taylor 63 of the Glorycommunity f
138,000 worth of this
will be held on April 11 busine which cm before the .
Saw Most. Tees.. died Tuesday, March Board of Control lie dent I equipment In our schools."It "' 1 @
Mar. 11. It. 11 10, at the Oadsdm County Hospital. onttrated In his actions and Interest I doe not replace teachers \7 \'V

Clinic an abiding compassion In any way, but It don act as avery
THE BRASS Born In Gadsden County, Mr. Laundry effective aid to these
for his fellow man so frequently Azalea Camellia: Rote Food Bone
|Taylor was a member of the Mt "
BOTTLE shown la assisting thon* In t..cJlen. explained Mr. Bishop
Starring Tony Randall Zion Zion. Baptist Church M Mt. usaisear. has run 0..| need, and In his attitudes and I Evergreen Food Potting Soil Peat

Burl Ire Craveuld service were conducted people and the problem m>pnali concerning the FlorIda Nuir10.a I Cow and SheepManure
many School for the Deaf and NOAH I Lft" s
Wedi day at 3:30: .t that arise In the day to day care Blind. COMPLETE LINE OF .
the ML Zion Cemetery with the of clothing Sea Mae.Jov
Starts Wed. Bule '-Mhrgan Funeral Horn In A gradual of the American ills consecration of board to membership the rsponsibllltM *- s Lawn Garden Field Fertilizers
charge of arrangement llUt!lut. of Laundering School 'fsaL 1TItUt
his keen feeling for what
IN THE FRENCH I Survivor Include two sister, of Fabric Care, plus a numb wa right his fine sense offalrnew FIELD SEED
STYLE Miss Anna Roney Taylor amMis of courses M the National Ice 1111.ect t for acbolanhtp -
I Amy Ethel Taylor, both, slltute of Dryoleanlng. Mr*. his
Starring Jean Seberg 'of Glory; and one brother Tin I Smith I* well qualified to bring '
study, and above all his
continuing Lindse
All Varieties Corn Sorghum
;Taylor of Qulnry. you a common sense approach ? i IiI
humility despite thnany
-=-c ==,, to th. ear of your elotiiM- n. honor bestowed upon Chufas Cotton Velvet Beans

explaining on the the market 8tltftft"bUi fibers him, contributed! so much to Millet Kentucky Wonder 191 Beans
today both
welfare Improvement and '
DREDGINGON : natural and man-made Mrs. Peanuts Cow Peas
'Smith reduce the bewildering growth of his state IlAIl ,. IT'
Th building which now bean ln(1 MC 50 SIIY1WA1' -
array of "trade Dames

LAKE TALQUIN I that plicable understandable to proper fabric and terms ap and Mr. Love's put Into name UM was In completed IMI. It'l til.OP.'ItxI Cf/Iff AppR4s1AN T GARDEN SEED -
part of FSU's Science
BEACHES SEAWALLS CHANNELS You may rest assured that Mr*. Center growing stow MA MsltIfsAa1MOWN ft
I Smith's, Taking dress Out of MI ( r
CANALS BOAT HOUSES rabtrV Is timely and most In All Varieties Beans and Peas Cantaloupes

terestingMrs. Forestry Rtport I O irAIt NOAH Is AsSTAXS i Carrots Sweet Corn Cucumbers Lettuce

Contract or ByTheHourSEE Smith will be on the OU A balft4iuNeA C
Okra Pepper Pumpkin Radishes Rape
,Program In the aft.rnoos asioa. ** The Gadadea County Forestry OtAMK ..1tItRttIOW.D ) ?
Service report 1 wood firs NAnel.ltnruuPswge Rutabaga Squash Watermelon
OR CALL The morning session beginning during the pest erven day*, H.J. Green Seeds p
:' at 10.30 and deal with burning 1 acre. Number of

FLOURNOY I laundry problem stale removal wood fine tine January 1 of
PAUL and dying In the wain- this year la S, burning J a acres.
tag machine, the Home Economist Number Odd Fad
I of woods fire* reported FEED MillS
Phone 627-3826 1002 W. Franklin St. for the Florid Power Cos at this same paled a year ago A MB to Dneasmn*. Tat, QUINCY INC
Mrs. Email* Carpenter wU, .M M, burning 141 acre. ... Baas !. u wsdvgTsusrfhooa ,
(IdlewUde Lodge) (Residence) I b* the demonstrator for this Rainfall In Quincy for the past I report tr, 4>Ukt/Blly

QUINCY. FLORIDA part of the program. vk averaged .60, Rasedale. tree of noises zed that his wtfM QUINCY DIAL Mnn 7-6287 FLORIDAo
I This Information b part at 1.30; Havana UO. and cousty > W baa to skat the teat-
Ole Home Demonatretioa D., avenge, 1.01. 1 tts I

J \ I ,


, .
' .


curlouser," but that Is the way rI I '-

Episcopal of things like this. So the contractor I -i

Church went to the wolf or the : SCORES OF SMART SHOPPERS ARE EONeI
Holes villain or whatever you might
,c.lllUm er, It and he was I
told, 'get this you can't do It, tll I HFraSs :
from SL Paul's because to do what she wants EtJ! ,

t Once little upon old woman.I Urn there She was had to the do way,and you and I will shower put have In or to a I go washbasin bathtub all I r .t: T-* rnif' { uJWYlll

l house I path and i Uttle bitty at the very same time The I + y

house outdoors and just 300 building code say sol So the ON I MORE [TEMS..MORE OFTEN AT' JITNEY!
contractor reluctantly went
dollars. She lived In I town a. seep* rJ.
back to the little old 300 dollar -
called Quincy
fcitn her 300 woman and told her that
dollar she thought that *h* "they" said Quincy too k
might let that was big The Friday afternoon golf
path grow over and Important a place for I matches at the Club
and forget about the little bitty tn& I
piddling 300 dollar ,
house Improvement ended In a Ue
outdoors. She talked to and it had to be 1500 FUvl and Margaret Markham '
that* contractor 300 who said that with_ dollars' worth or nothing at all Among those playing were Dot.
dollars sure enuf And you guessed It, Its nothing tie Dodson, Audrey Helen In.gram .
everything that the little bitty at all. But MULLET
house stood for and that stout hearted Gaxle Duys, Lucille
it performed the service little creature hasnt broken Shelter, Betty Curry, Helen
could be transferred under the revelation of this .
Taylor and Elisabeth CanteySeveral :
to the
Interior of the
sort of -
uncompasalonate and .I
house she of the Sawano golfers
was tickled ate to and desth.slept Enter In. She the and improvident FAVORITE: HELPER Dick Shaw left) and Bradley are planning to enter the

big bad wort. Welt, he didn't paper whistle tyranny. She's learnedto Munroe are shown astride their sturdy steed at the Shamrock tournament In Talla-I
and she never walks
really ente because he never that path without the rhythmic\ Girl Scout Junior Hone Show last year After Dick dismounted hawre. The qualifying round
will be March 19
came to either of the houses accompaniment of "All or Nothing hi* pony just plopped down on the ground and C
And he really wamt all that at All; Half a Job sure has its Our championship tournament .
panted. (PS. Notice Bradley'i pony
big And will
I don't guess he was would ," begin the first weekIn
really a wolf. But for our purposes me say appeal one thing to me for Qulncy's But let tongue hanging out.) This year the Junior Horn Show U April and later In the month FRESH CAUGHT
he U the villain of the Building Code: Its the best set for 1 o'clock Saturday afternoon at Woodward's Green Lucille Shelter, Jean Taylor
placethough not really even code ever devised; neither the Pastures Farm. and Helen Taylor plan I to play Ib.I 3
:he.: This I get "curlouser and Germans nor the Japanese or In St.the Lucie.I state. tournament at Port Limit 10 Pounds Please

the Russians could ever break for the historian.
It and neither can anyone LaundryClinic Mary Louise Ray was elected I
In Quincy Our Adult Inquirers Council Delegate.
SEPTIC are meeting this Friday After the bualnes meeting I
evening at 8 at the homeof Schedule BrlgttU Bietenholi gave a talk
Mr. and Mrs. John Patronls, on the Candy Stripers
TANKS Jr. We had a large and Interested Karen Alday,
group and as usual I SURER at JOHNSON MAR. II reporterGREENSBORO
talked too long, but the questions (Sponsored by County Home Frosty Mom Old Smokey
were so provocative and Demonstration Department SENIOR
INSTALLEDFOR relevant, I couldn't dismiss 10.30- Introduction of program CUB MEETS b
Ml -4
and Home Economists,
them lightly 1 am going to Glenda Fletch..rl1N president
have someone call time on me Marjorie B. Gregory, CountyHome called the meeting to or- SAUSAGE' 5ge
this week at 0:30 p.m. No more Demonstration Agent der. Patricia Moffett had the .
SALE I going till 10:30: without even 10:40- Laundry Problems devotional and led the pledge to .
II I looking at the time I'm MI'I Emallne Carpenter, Home the 4-H flag Susan Clark read
I tired of announcing meetings, Economist. for Florida PowerCo. the minute. and called the roll. Girl Scout
so there will be
as many (too There was one person absent
many meetings this week Mall Washers type and opera- Mrs. Clark Assistant home Fresh Ground Fresh Pork
kinds of places, for all kinds tion detergent, starch, Demonstration Agent, discussed NewsTroop
of people, about all kinds of bleach Demonstration Day Our
C IgJ things. Demonstration club will be well represented 148 met Monday Marl 1
Dryers and other laundry Ores Revue ha been changed 9. at the First. Preebytertan HAMBURGER STEAKS
JUROR ASLEEP equipment Irons to April 24. Church; W* opened the meet-
Tinting and dying M... Clark want all record ng and Mrs. Woodward talked
Richmond Va. When JudgeM. 11.30St. Removal bonks to be turned In before 10 us about the horse show. Our
Ray Double noticed one of Shirley Clark County Ail' May 13.Our troop la supplying the refresh
the jurors was sound asleep, he Home Demonstration Agent program was on "When ments. We divided Into patrols
declared a mistral in 11:40- Drip Dry Wash & foil Step Out." One half of and collected dues. The meeting 36 Or. ft7c
627.6851 a caw
In his court. Wear, Marjorie B. Gregory ,the book was for boys; the olh was closed with a game with 39cPko
The Judge mad this decision Questions er half for girls.Margaret. he Girl Scout Law*. I lb.
12'00- Noon break Dean Jean Munroe,
because he had Idea how
EARL LODGE no 1'30- Taking the Fuss Out reporterGREENSBORO ScribeOFFENSE. I
long the Juror had slept 01'how of Fabrics Mrs. Virginia
much testimony he missed Smith, Home Economist for SENIOR .
i Georgia Grade HE"FRYERS
---- -
Florida Laundry and Dry t-H BOYS MEET HINTS TO
Cleaning Association The meeting was called to
Brand name sand fiber names order by Floyd Suber, Jr The HOMEMAKERSBy
Treatment of new fabrics devotion was read by Thomas

Dry CleaningLaundering Gould. The roll was called by Marjorie B. Gregory,
Randal Tolar. There were 20 1.t
SJJllJfG? Drip dry present Home Demonstration Agent f I IIsY
New Household fabrics and The program was on beef cstle. .
their care Mr. Bernard Clark showed CRUSE M'OTS GUM I (
New things to come u. a film on steer feeding. Several SPOTS STAINS .
1 Questions boys from the club will Come to laundry runic for I 2ge
245- Do It Yourself Dry enter steers In the Fat Cattle help, Subrr & Johnson's March CUTUP
Cleaning, Marjorls B. Gregory Show and Sale next April. IB, 10.30 morning session; I 30, Ibp
Ronnie Sadler, afternoon union, both different .
Storage of off season clothing report..rGRF.F.NSJlORO .
Chewing gum has a way of
: Summary JUNIOR getting on clothing, upholstery I
v t-1& BOYS MEET and rugs. .
The meeting was called to When this problem arises,
I order by Stave Tolar, president chemist In the U. S. Department .
Allen Clark led the devrtlonsl of Agriculture suggest
The notary Jack Fletcher, you: First, harden the gum by I 1IlkD a tme:tur s I
read the minutes. Mr. Clark rubbing It with I cube of Ice Q
showed the group a film on I Then scrap the gum off with
fitting and showing Battle. The the buck of a knlf.
AND BRINGS film ended at three fifteen. W t I If a stain remains on the :
4 listened to a record, and saw .I fabric or rug, sponge It with a
s rum one Judging livestock. The' grease solvent. Thru ran be
/ Sunbeam
e c NEW VALUES thirty.meeting was closed at three careful.or purchased chemical Fumes under name from various. solvent But trail be

Jeff Saber,
reporter also are flammable.toxic Home Read solvents the label are Sweet Rolls 3 PkOI. $loo

from carefully and obnrrve all precaution
Smith Begins listed by the m.nuf.o-I:
4-H Club
Basic Training More Information on removng -: LAST WEEX'SS I '
New Views stains, sundry problems, .
I I Great takea, 111. .tames M. new fsbrlcs and their rare will, '
WestinghouseINSTANT GIRLS' 4-M COUNCIL Smith It, son of Mr. Helen be given at the laundry clinic j I 00.00
IIOLDS MEETING IL Smith of Quincy, has begun b ly three horn economist. This
I The Cadsden County Girls' haste training at the Navel I. planned to help homemakers S WINNER-
4-H Council met In the Clover- Training Center, Crest Lakes, hy your Home Demonstration
leaf room of the Canning Cen 111. Apartment and Is open to the]I J. L FLOWERSt; Ya'
II ter. Sheryl Thompson, president The nine-week training Inludes public.
called the meeting to or naval orientation history BONUS .
I and organization seamanship, I
der.The constitution committee ordnance and gunnery, military FIND BILL WINNERS-
I submitted an u -to-cI... constitution drill, first aid and survlvsL The Hmie h. approved the iii
to he Council. Each club During the training recruits $00OIK,000 defense aulhorlutiun Henry Phillip
will have I chance to study the receive test and Interviews bill. Including MXH-,-'
I constitution and vote at the which determine thrtr future 000 In research funds nut asked -
I assignment In the Nsvy. Upon D. J. Morgan I Af fDAl
I next meeting. The constitution, : by Defense gecretary Me (
committee members Glen completing the program theyare lamara. ,
are ***% V I
da Fletcher, Jean Jordan Anne assigned to service schools The $02.000.000( la Intendedfor On.al McCook
Suber and Mary Louise a.,. for technical training or to research on I manned bomber
I Karen Alday was appointed ships and Nations for on-the- and a manned Interceptor IIfiJI1:: : Gloria D. MenU
Joint reporter and historian Job training in a Navy rating plan $100.00Robin
Mr Klmb.l Brown
I The Council voted to subscribeto speetslty. Since the bill approved: I II IDuUxirluUon *.
the Gsdsdsn County Tunes Naval training produces the bill it Includes no
power In SMpower by supply-
at all. U
nuxuy limply sets

Jr d ELECTRICALi the big qualified ships, planes personnel, and to short man the appropriation maximum by limit Congress fur later Hood
stations of todsy's Navy, i

: SERVICE Haw prmncretla leader Senator Goldweter continued FLOUR 25 Lb. $179Eord.n'
Rep. Albert (Cola predictedthat his criticism of the AdmlnUtra-
Congress would adjourn In lion and asked that new policiesto Baa
.. ON 19" PORTABLE Anything from reining mldsummrt"with on of th. deal with communism la

: a house to replaying best records." of any Congress lahistory. Southeast Goldwater Asia b* nwd. .
continued his defense
a light bulb Albert noted that mod members of his poelUon on Socials I *
TV only $179.95 of the HOUM, a* well Security and his Hand for fiscal.
many Senators will be seekingreelection policies that would guarantee

Ike Shepardat They f'n.t nest: November get finished soundness of the pwiabm dollar.. BUTTER MILK ViGaL 44 c

so they home and dn NEW PARCEL font EAT I II
some campaigning" lie MM"They
SUBER & JOHNSON also want to compile i I Beginning April J, parted poet
SHELTERBUTCHFURNITURE record on which they can seek ,.te* averaging II.| pert Luiianne
CO. re-election. above prnt one, are arheduted .

'Your Town and Country Shopping Center" MAI '- MRM. Let's resolve to make 1M4 i I lUsed to on become the IIM1( effective.volume, the

IHMtlWenhewe banner year for personal lavprovemeot sew rates are figures. to bring Lb.
2121 W. J.ff.rson Street 627.7631 I I Ph. MAI MIW n4 general good- la M eitn I7S, 00OOO to the COFFEE 2 99cCan

I rhea..d Pod Office Department '



SHAM IIOHCtUHIl teeth sMp.d te INSTfANT] Golden Ripe

:: --m c:: EXPERTur !

_ _

ftuin na it mil BANAN.ASlb.
hem**. POWER
....- iWSi b...

ea:- O. e sa .. $2. 5UM TOOLS

t c:;....... ..... BEPAOCD
*> taNtf lelft

-"- .-. I 627-8403 I


sal.,, CO.

-- 1012 W. J.ff.rson VAULTS MOHUMENT1MADttBCt ;; lb. 5cII

: LANTWNSJS MOOOS ewe1 ryo. w al QuIncy. Florida


'--- v -

GADSDEN COUNTY TIMES SPECULATORS IN WHEAT RA.M, ToJ-Mor-Quin Council 23 8 p.m. Masonic A CAPITOL Plants 40 or 45 miles Inland
The railroad lowered Us rite
Building: Social Security Representative, 9:30 a.m,
and eotUnuIniTUX 12 s ton even though there A as
CUATTAMUUCUK TRIBUNE Court Room Court House: Boy Scout Troop 303, LETTER only hint of .1IIIOItarm

PublUhed each Thursday atI S. Msduoo Street 7:30 p.m., Scout Hut: Girl Scout Troop No. 148, 4 p.m., by water," Get said

.t leh H terri Nawsnsp.rESTABIJSHED First Presbyterian Church. By Jerry Mock Gee said Florida now ha* .
306 mil** of barf waterwssoother v .
IMI I Tuesday, March 17- Canning Center, 8 S: Lie Underwriters Tallahassee It was sort of 425 mile In which .ho
like la the basement
Qulney florid L s victory coffee Federal government has an ilereat ,.
tSUPEf'i 12 noon. KHtreD' Restaurant: Quincy High office of Sec of State because of recreation nsibilittM .

-----.o-y-__ BavA4Nce School P.TA, 7:30 p.m. Quincy High School Lion' Tom Ad..... with waterways and another 480 n I!Its

On Tsar UOO _T.. Ve.r. "M tin Month {I7k 4 Club, 7 p.m., XlttreU' Restaurant. folks of floating the Florida over Crow the beflnntaf State- In navigable natural stream
C S. Rep Billy MatUir, '
J. L. BstehuuM h3baA.r Wednesday, March 18- Nary Recruiter. 10-30 a.m. Post Barge Canal Gainesville. who talked t., ?

Its eam... __ A 4..,,,,,, .u N..... Office: Joyce 12 Noon. littrell' Restaurant: Ei. Week The proclaimed occasion was by Waterways Gov Kar group by phone from Wa>> ton. said b* would push fni, '
change Club 1 p.m..Jflerson HOUM: Gadsden Corm rte Bryant, with Herbert C. Gee million In Hood control 2

ty Hospital Auxiliary, 10 a.m., Gadsden County Hospital of of West the Palm Beach, president navigation project for the 'I"t
Florida Association

4 NATIONAL EDITORIAL !: Marine Recruiter, 9 12 noon Post Office. boosting the slates Late. year He said Preilc', t
Johnson has .
budgeted 14 n i
? $ V* N OoI Thursday March 19- Canning Center, t S: Alcoholic: : waterways.Tlelng together the states lion Slat for Barre work Canal on the Cr ,

p i Gr7INr .JEM n r WE EAT Anonymous & .Al
OON a4GAIN.isrd Pours Pariah House; Florida State Employment Service seemed to be the slat*"s No. 1 LBJ ENJOYS HANDSIMKISO
mission today The the
key to
9 3, S. Roberts St development, said Adams, was s Preside Uohnnon on his n.
the .Cross Slat Barge Canal cent visit to California demrr
Friday, March 20- Canning Center. 85. Quincy Woman And the officials let it be trated enjoyment of mitt *

Girl Seoul Week '. Club 11 a.m., Woman' Club House, Air Force I known the next big target was with crowd and shaking Minis
Recruiter. 9 12. Post Office. the "missing link" la the tat:.- with people. He gave Secret
I I coaiUl canal between Carra- Service bodyguard scvenl uneasy .
Th. observance of Girl Scout Week began March 8 Monday, March 21- Ewanis Club 1 Jefferson bell and Tampa Bay. A drive moment when he would I
March 14. is on to get planning money mix with the crowd.
and wffl continue through House, Order Eastern Star. 8 p.m.. Masonic Build. from Congress for the project The President ha. II... ,
1 ask you la pause and consider how you as I tag; Social Security Representative, 9:30 a.m... CourtRoom and two taxing districts w hared the politicians hand
Individual can prepare yourselves for service to your being set upOn ereshaking gesture but never h.?
Court House Scout 7:30 ,
: Boy Troop p.m. be shown such
aHAitntw ft ffnrmaffnfi- I of the future enthualann"
mi projects,
Scout Hut Girl Scout 203. 4 First Presbyterian

p.m. laid Gee, e -
V-ihi. was h;challenge th. lat. President John F was to tl* together
Church. a system of :200 miles of deep
Kennedy luued to the 8.500 Girl Scouts who attendedthe channels In the Central and Floor Covering

Girl Scout Senior Roundup in Button Bay Vermont in Friends And EnemiesThere's Tuesday March 22- Canning Center. 8.5; Rotary Club, Southern Florida Flood Control

the summer of 1962. j' 1 p-m Jefferson House: Blue Lodge, 8 p.m., Masonic Gee District said for this pleasure would boat"It tuff lad. lat Pormle

The camper discussed the Presidents challenge o sobering commentary on the state of the Building: Business and Professional Woman's Club with a boat take a tow a person of Inlaid Oaoleum. nabberYIItL

throughout the ten days of Roundup. At the end of th. free world alliance) in recent events both in Latin America 7 pjn, CttreU't Restaurant Florida by some other means
they submitted to the President this personal and Europe. than by dragging his boat down corkCounter
Wednesday March 23- Nary Recruiter 10-30 a.m. the highway."

commitment and And among the most significant are positions taken Post Office: Joyce**, 7:30 p.m.. Jefferson House: Exchange Gee said tae aim was to re' Top
Scout Promise
"W. will re-examine th. Girl Great duce
by Britain and France traditionally supposed to transportation costs by
I Cub 1 Jefferson House
Laws and work harder to use them as principles to live be Uncle Sam' truest friends in thOM area p.m. fraction He noted that la the Work
Palm Beach are the acreage of
by. France, already having pretty much declared her igar cane has been doubled
"W. win keep an open mind in order to learn from The can has been
nuclear independence from the United State, ha gone a The National Outlook transported AH TIP.*
our experience from situations, and from other peopl.. to Savannah by rail for let la-
step further in undermining America' with
position respect ing. He said the
for know sugar can people
"W. will develop in ourselves a oaring Expert Installation
to recognition of Red China. Br Gentle sUcedera considered shipping the cane

ledge"We And she and England are the leading figure b some 20 to 25 per cent of American by sea from new processing
and them. THE MTSTtKT Of tit
will eras
to our prejudices
try trade with Communist-dominated Cuba which ha families were llvttt below
grown ?oN "--1SBI."G PO'UTT SHdFER.BLlTCH.m.
"w. win respect freedom as the right of every individual vhtt woe at the Urn the Poverty ta the more ordinaryII
to the extent of making a virtual mockery of this country'sattempted : Statistic are mart Wpteeuve stody was Mndnrted. set up a* of the word want or K
thaa wordt lIMA nsay west destitution undoubtedly still .. .
economic embargo against the Castro regime a reasonable definition of the M.aa.t
"We wffl try to leave a small part of ourselves In.verythnq shocked vbea the AdatuatrUoa *- boundary between poverty and exist in our country But the fI Q\.M'f nOl104
infonsvd u thai 29 per measurement of its extent has
income.The .
. des"W. aa adequate
we It U worth noting that the first public pronouncementof cost of &M fanuU !r tb* couavi eluded the statisticians.
will in our world by first finding .IB Btrtlstatistics. I explanation of this apparent --
promote peace try sere Irving puvexty ------ -
in ourselves. Sir Douglas-Home after coining out oi a meeting with tree nut* taM word. contradiction la obvious.When .
peace President Johnson in Washington was the Cat statement need looking bu*> and fir *a* poverty Is defined la atsusual -
This statement written by teenage girls, eloquently that Great Britain had no Intention ol halting the traded : ;urn out li> lie acorn .Is tnsprevure terse, we tend to use STORY ELECTRIC SAYS!
elaborate th. Ideals embodied In the traditional Girl .... tu saULfrwod I*:aa elastic standard which! move
"On honor 1 will to do non military good with Cuba. expiored. i HB la about the same proportion "WRAP YOUR
Scout Promise- try my dutyto ROOMS IN COMFORT"WITH
my At best it suggested a lack of concern for the fact TIle enUrtan far bMiuda si a* tile avera level of all iaremes. -
God and my country to help other people at all tunes, the policy was keeping Castro In business and making family la the pretty ra toryl} There stems to be aa la-
Girl Scout Laws. Smut psychological mechanism
and to obey the was aa anaual tDram sclov
It easier for him to spread his hemispheric poison S3000. Ta. reanoavl kka impel the authors of such
The them. for Girl Scout Week, March 8-14 U "Girl auy acms
i Of course there are two side to every question but able e- (!'. bait v&n tb*'Udim to choose a standard
Scouting A Promise In Action. For more than 3V4 Presidents Cmnoal .surf leave* Just about 20 per
o* someone has aptly said "wiih friend like these who Kevort HEATERS
million girl and adult Girl Scout, this theme refer to the I .a* puhlufext st tarsal cut rent of the population below

traditional Girl Scout Promise But the 8,500 girls who needs enemies that. If the urn trturwei were the poverty lire.Pertape could. ,
earned backward. per tent one defend *
were Roundup campers in 1962 will remember also the o( the MUM lansUi** vovld sta'lstjcal approach which t
promise they mad. to the late President Both promises Ike Ai The Mike have bees dammed a* potertyurickea -I make poverty, by definition art"1
the lot of the lowest
: la 1M7 Tlvis ta Merit ooe-ftnn erf
and confused world.
in tense
are pertinent today'
our families
sake r wonder wetter toe on Income scale 1
The observance of Girl Scout Week remind eachof Newscaster Dwight David Qsenhower will add a new cntenoo Is reaiiatic. la any .1>>- But the eradication of poverty x ,r y

us that this! Is a time to reexamine our own value dimension to political reporting this summer when he wlut -. Leruialy ta the a* so defined, then become a*
Impossible a* the
immediate post-World War U squaring of
and the values we are pasting on to our children. This assists the American Broadcasting Company in covering year practically even body troth.the circle

I I. a time to reaffirm our own belief In "God and country the Republican National Convention.ABC I b* top ta the bottom of the

," and to support organization like the Girl Scout. ( has secured the tanner President for spot appearances income stale, thought ol himself Gadsden County
a* living la a period of uo-, I
in the role oi ) Insurance .e
analyatJTh. prece4entePrsspenty.. Center Baseboard Electric Heaters be
WantedIt logical next step Is for the National Broadcast la book Just published aa 1121 West Jefferson can
Statesmanship lag Company or Columbia to sign peppery Harry S. expert from the Census Bureau the answer to your Heating Problems

Truman as the Democratic expert lor the Atlantic City c per calculate cent of that American In 1929 some families'51,' PAT THOMAS whether it is one room or the t
that member ol the
U widely recognised:
many conclave.The had Income les*, In purchasing' Entire House!
House d Representative in their landslide vole (290-130) power equivalent than .
unique insight which past Presidents would be current INSURANCE. INC.
Jar the Civil Right Act were not expressing their con. Income ol $3000 This SOLD AT DEALER COSTWE
able to oifer the American public would add to our political make the mYr'1ltttl deeper1la l
victims but revealing their vulnerability to pressure and
education. It true that an actual
passing (hi. hot on to th. Senate in th. plo hopethat majority: PAY ,
potato art our population THE FREIGHT
Television has mad. it possible for all oi us to be was livlnf Inpoverty
the Upper House can put the chill on it m that year of peak! e
arena spectators at the great American spectacle II economic act.rRyTThat T.E.C. Members .
Republican Rep. Louis Wyman former Attorney Genera are Eligible for Installation
former Presidents (and Vice Presidents) and high party la the queer result .e,
] of New Hampshire, is more. specific on this poln officials are enlisted to comment on. and explain be reach if the current statistical Allowance for the Installation
than most Had there been a secret ballot. he says, the measure of poverty U appliedreUotprcUvely One of Baseboard Heaters.
hlnd.thHCtrl.* battle waged during conventions, it will But sUusUcal Stop Means
would not have votes
gotten be in the public interest studies of pmerty are not a wand Complete Service
But the sole question now is: Can the Senate when m* examine the results STORY ELECTRIC

even though opponent are prepared to talk endlesslyon of IUd studies made In DIAL 627.7 Sl
the do than this of QUINCYCALENDAR the pad another kind of mystery
subject more d.lay grant
""' ,rir*. Invariably, such studies QUINCY 1100 W. Jefferson MAin 7-8686
extra-Constitutional power to the President and new OF EVENTSA narbed the conclusion that

brigade inquisitory deputies? And. how much d.1aycan

we expect when WhIt. House strategy lor action Community Service by the

on tax, (farm and military authorisation bill first -

will consume time a* the convention date draw nearer? Gadda County Chamber of Commerce 17-151' '64 Chevy n Super Sport with V8

The outcome which 1* nothing let than whether power
Calendar Is based on Information reported by dub
the United Slate la to becom. a dictatorship may
well turn on the development d statesmanship when secretarU and program directors as oi the Friday preceding

none U presently apparent In view ol existing and publktton. : '

in the South and In those northernbigcity I
contrary state pressure with heavy concentration of Negro pope. Thursday, March 12-- Canning Center 8 S. Alcoholic I Jr

Anonymous & /J-anon Family Group. 8 p.m., St
lotions, we may bet look to those area of the nation
Paul'. Parish Hcjue, Florida Slate Employment Service
where racial issuee ore ol the least political concern for
9.3, S. Robert Street, Men's League Basketball
th. Moees b lead us out of an emotional wilderness in
Championship between first and second ball
which the landmark oi Justice and Reason and Freedom game
have becom eobecured. champ, 7:30 p.m., QuIncy High School Gym; Junior
Woman' Club Fashion Show, 1 Woman's Club :
If the Senate 1s not to yield Ignominiously! to the >influence House. pjn. T .Itla

that numbed the conscience of the House there

is much to do to accomplish desired reform within t hid Friday, March 13-- Canning Center. 8 5: Pilot Club ru ,

framework the Constitution. The bill as it stands con 1pm.. Jefferson House; Air Fore Recruiter, 9 12

celved In deception and ededicated to Executive authority !- Noon. Post Office.

adds to the stature of none and destroy the freedoms
Monday, March 16- Kiwanls dub 1 Jefferson
of all black or while or red or yellow atheist pan
Baptist Catholic or whirling dervish. ; House, Masonic_Lodges Gadsdea_Chapter No. 30, .and just the place to enjoy itt


Review Of '63 SessionThe I I

1963 session ol Congress the fifth longest In HOW

history gave President Kennedy the lowest legislative TO COOK UP

acoreboard achieved by a President In 10 years.

According to figure compiled by the Congressional MORE

Quarterly, the first session of the 88th Congress granted CONVENIENT

Kennedy only 27.2 per cent of 401 specific legislative TELEPHONE .

request When adjournment cam., no action at all committee t-

or floor bad been taken on 91, or 22.7 per cent

of his requests. Final disapproval had been given to _

28, or seven per cent of his request

Action sail can be taken this year on 264 requests, a

though 34 oi these were rejected last year In a committee -.-, ....
the floor of t twy II h-..,.. SywwiJ B1d4 s.a
on chamber.
I Find out far TOW** what this Chevy II can really do. If tranam nt n. Both an optional at extra cost. along with
Congress failed to complete action on many proposals there ...lul.JWa.rby. let it rive them a food fous>om. a Fositracuon rw axle A.M-FM radio, and other

In 1963 because ol substantial opposition to them I Then we it r aJ -moving truck the nin-ejound. aonl'asoriea And for all its nJIOftt'. Chevy many II fvtesTsa.of

both In committee and on the floor. I W.lb its lleW.xtrwo.t you need but rive the 1CCtfler- try it wears to glide alonVti hway, That'l

Although they were not voted down and hence did Have a color telephone installed in ator aa inch and this Super Sport will take a mile. b. au* it has hiab-mOunted i m&petJdm coil springs iD

not constitute a clear defeat for the Administration, they your And thisgrwat highway r. onner look the part it the front and Mono-Plate *inlef springs in the rear.
kitchen. You save steps. You can converse plavi i so welt A fiance at iu all-Yinyllntrrior VlitheremhmgCbeTy
were never brought to a vole because ol fear they would lISu'PrSportlwco.nd -
comfortably while what's doortndoortsrpeting will toU you that. L fc, for it. it a no surprise Chevrolet
watching your deaJt.t
be defeated Therefore, their chance this yar are considered cooking. There's Tour choice ol either the &or-mounted 1 you DncwUc. Because
slim.Kennedy's. Costs so little, too. Order yours today. Powerilide or Four-Speed Synchro-Mesh that' the only thing about thatkn'trnper.
moet significant successes came In the
mental health and education fields. THE GREAT HIGHWAY PERFORMERS Cfcevrefet> Cherelle. Chevy II>Con il1.Corvette

Partial action wo token on his two top priority pro. I S. flew t par 0Iw0W n.-
ilrsi r
gram a tax cut and civil right Final action, however I

was put off until this year. .

The last very low legislative score wo mad. in .
1960. President Eisenhower gained approval of 30.6 WINNING TAYLOR CHEVROLET CO.
per cent of his requeeu. t Quincy Telephone (o.

In hi* first year of office. Kennedy scored 482 pv 23 North Adams Street

cent In 1962, it was 44.8 per cent .I Qulncy. Florida

A / )


- J 1 11ju"


I depend on what you now own GARDENINGIN tion University of Florida, I
in the way of Insurance which Gainesville

oflf you don't mention U your Insurance FLORIDABy RonfllavlllessIt IJerJOIlCl
possible to find some of
Ia not up to what your these vine that flower almost

1{ (} family need, perhaps life Insurance -, nrrrey Sharpe Editor any season of the year. But, If Mrs. Howard Boylan and two PICK YOUR FINANCINGAS
I .JnJu ran CtlI ahould get this additional your vine didn't put on a better son spent the weekend in Pen-
unit or at bad that portion Florida AtTlroH rsJ Extension show Ian season than the neigh icola with Mr. Boylan Daughter
iQuestlon: My wit and I bivedecided which would ataure the Immediate ., Service bor', perhaps you had too heavya Cindy visited her with her
Plant arc Ilk people they hand In the fertilizer bag grandparents, Mr. and Mr*. C
: to put .11 of my *500tttrly I need Adequate life I Bougalnvilleas are very sensitive D. Johnson
salary ratty this yearitto Insurance la generally regarded lo.e their shapeliness by overeating to nitrogen Too mh
Mr and Mrs Bill Davis
I inane form of thrift or savijg ; a* the No. 1 Itf'IIin any will give lush growth but few. the weekend In Homeatead with
*. What are the advantagesot CAREFULLY AS YOUR
family' Moat folk have excuse why flowers. Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Davis and CARKEY
program even aecurplea' -
life Insurance, comperedw I
firm and the Stock Exchange they have bulged out of shape One pound of 1-12-12 fertilizer family.
th a savings account or common But talk They per 100 square feet of soil
aay this 'to.l'I Mrs. C. D. Johnson attendedan
lIIocuT'An.wer don have Look at the rain area usually will Insure blossoms
Only you can decide a* to Inler-Amertcan Conferenceof
: This Is not the way and '11 discover that vest season.
gauge you
to approach your problem or,, the adequacy of your present the wettest' season of the Century Another method to force flowering the Methodist Church In
we should My, opportunity Threlative : life Insurance. You should call ha. kept food In easy reach Ia to cut some of the Gainesville Monday and Tuesday -
merit o( these varloui I in your agent to work out a all winter plant root With a garden From there she went to
schedule. of need, but must Lakeland for a Founding Day
tt plant com proPfrfoeu. Since plant cant push away spade -e also known as an
in relation to make the decision of how adequately meeting at Florida Southern
your family from the table as people should, Idiot tick make three or four
need Each bas IU proper role you meet these need then assist them to reduce their stabs Into the ground around College She will be dinner
lad the three are not in direct Th. $500 additional you arc waistline, the plant about 24 Inches from guest of President and Mrs. ,
competition What ahoulddo making available should enable Charles Thrift on FridayMrs. ern
you Training tender shoots to the base This plant torture I
la to take advantage of the you to add a tizeabl. block of stay In line I* like chastisinga method work In bout II oases Hugh William of
situation to alt down and put on insurance You don t give your child became It U easier to out of tea terne Ia visiting relatives here I ,
a complete of age, but if we assume age 35, this weekMr iYOUR
paper plan family nip wild activities In the bud at:
protection for yourselves. Put you could add the equivalent of an early age than correcting' Lunchroom and Mrs. Jame Kit of
first thing tint and see what $40000 protection In a FamilyIncome them when they become hardened Madison, Va are visiting her I
you could do most effectively Policy called a $20,000 offender Therefore, you'11 cousin, Mrs Douglass Brouk.land
unit.I That
in-t taking_the_next 1Itt'PM_ family $200 would monthly give until your 15 find It easier to pinch a bud Menus husband
year from today U you were to than to wait and use the pruning I Mr. and Mrs Alvah Bryantand
die and In addition $20,000 in sawSome March It March 20 family and Mr and Mr '
INSECTICIDESSOIL cash which could be used either hedge plants, crazy with Pierce Lee and family attended -
growth, are putting Beatle Monday, March 18-
on a the funeral of their stepmother
: a* cash of other Income -
FUMIGANTS and still further, give you something ,act They are sending up neck Sloppy Joe'sFrench Mrs. Beulah lee in
like, swaying hoots, then Fries
letting Cairo WednesdayMrs. .
like $10,900: each value In
WEED KILLERS It by age 63 It you live. a canopy of leave that area Plneapple-t'p-Sldf Cole Slaw Down Cake T. K. Smith baa returned
a* a Beatle wig
Actually, there 1* no competition Prepare now to Othe Butter Runs, Milk from a trip to South Florida
between life Insuranceand wig-ilk* growth, since It Ia morethan Tuesday, March 17- and Jacksonville where she via-
either aivlng or seouritlei Rare lIed her brother In law and
likely fad
a th.1wW
( Each has Its best spring sinter Mr
own use* not add to the Green Beans and Mrs. J, D. WU- w
beauty of
Eventually all three will I W .
probably the hedge. Lettuce and Tomato Salad moon
be fitted Into your program Lawns with a dull green color Apple Cobbler Mss Eileen' Wright and son
Life Insurance, however la will map to life again with applications I Roll. Butter, Milk Tom of Port 8t Joe spent Uie
unique. It doe what nothingelse of water and fertilizer ,Wednesday, March weekend at their home her*. I
Sales & ServiceInc. for can the do future- It create at an estate Apply about 25 pounds of I Brunswick Stew Mr and Mr*. K L. Jarrell of
once on aguaranteed
8+6 fertilizer Tossed Salad Jacksonville
basis. When per 1,000 square spent the weekend
have you feet of gnaw.Sprinkle Peanut Butter Sandwiches with Mr and Mr*. II W.
adequate insurance, then
the food Saltine Kolllna and Mr.
plant evenly and Mrs. David
,you should consider investments I over the lawn then water In Chocolate Cake Milk Stephens. ,
Box 3, Ph. MA 7-6101 ,and savings.Surprising to prevent the grave from being Thursday, March 19- Ensign Harry Nathan McCall,'

I It burned by the fertilizer, Fish Stix fwnierly of Uulncy, ha. been
a* may teem,
QUINCY FLORIDA the other fellow who argue Often you can bring the green Baked Bean transferred from the Naval Date'
color back to winter-weary Pineapple, Cheese and Lettuce
in '
Norfolk. Va.
with you *o much U probably to the Bruno
right about half of the time. lawn with two tablespoon of Salad wick, Maui Naval Air SUUon'!
iron sulphate to each gallon of Carrot Six Charles UrPheraun bas returned I
water applied a* spray, Bread Pudding Lemon Sauce to his horn In San''
Sprint Fever Enriched Breed Butter, Milk FYanilwo after being her due'
LOANS Spring bursting out all ever Friday, March 20- to the illnesa of hie mother,
Ia a good sign for the gardener I I School Choice Mr. U. U McPheraon.Mrs. .
unlei It* discovered that W* hop that you will keepIn
RESIDENTIAL FARM C. C. Mynard and aim
the bark
on a prized ornamental mind that menu are
I* rupturing To the neo- subject to change for the following Clay of Atlanta w visiting her
Lowest Closing Costs High Appraisals phyt thla could be an omen of reasons: patents, Mr. and Mrs. Kyle
TermsCONVENTIONAL a strange new dlor.... I I. Government commodities I Pope
Good Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Smith
Chances are the splitting are delivered which were not
I bark I* not new aliment, but i In the county when the menus and daughter Judy spent the
FJLA. the aftermath of winter fl'ftWl.Drl.yed were made weekend in SuartanlMirg and
I death of plant branches 2 Community food habits vUlleU their daughter TUlle, astudent
Quick. Confidential and Courteous Service also cause alarm. I are considered. at Converse College,
Jack Frosts havoc may not I. Rise In the cost of a food who played' In UM Junior Keillal
SEE ALVIE WOLF AT show up until week or month Item. .
after the chilling mind have 4 Availability of equipment Atlas Ermine Owenby who I II
given way to tropical breete and personnelNo Interning In Jacksonville, spent,
HARBIN-WOLF Inc. If your' not sure of sn ailment menu are given for Frl the weekend with liar parents,
on your plant, h* always day because of class planning Mr .and Mrs Carl UWtonb,.
321 West Crawford Street
a good Idea to check the symptoms and school preferences. Ih Mr. and Mn Grant Dawwnreturned
Phone MAin 7-8737 I with your local plant specialist Friday menu I* usually hoi to their home In Akron J
or county agent Or you dogs, hamburger or fish. Ohio yesterday after spending
Your Business Will Be Appreciated I may lend a plant specimen to I t week with their eon In
II the Plant Pathology Department, Alcoholism I* a treatable Illness. law and daughter, Mr. and Mr
I Agricultural Experiment Sta Tom Davidson on Lake Talquln
u Road ,

Miss Marguerite Saber,, stu
dent at Abraham Baldwin Col-

FREE GO SEE THE "REBELS QUARTET" Judy the leg weekend and Deal her of with room Savannah her ml parent,spent Miss,

Mr. and Mr Morris Saber,
Mn. Thomas Hartley of
BoonUin N' J., la visiting her
brother In law and alder Mr.
QUINCY and Mr. Arthur lorry; to
Mrs. I'ercy Prlr of Elberton,
G*, will arrive today fur *
r s Y visit with her slater. Mr* Henry k.'
r 1 *. Flatter Wllllsms and
l A daughter Mr*. Jack Hlobardsoa
THURSDAY. MARCH 19 will leav Monday for a visit. U
Orlando with her daughter Mn '

f t 'tS 10:30AM to 12:00 Noon &5.T. Den Mr*Franklin. Barn Illgdon and family left Friday low"

I by plan for Ta toro, N C., due
I to the death of her elder, Mr
I ) France Clark

Mr and Mr*. Alvah Bryant .
were In lialnbridg Sunday due
wte'p to the Illness of his father, W '
I W Bryant, who I la in I nursing
hum there
MrBryant and/. Mrtam

Icy of Jacksonville were her
t r Wednesday due' to the death of
their grandmother, Mrs Beulah
wiry T Le of Catr a .
r Fred May, who attend Holies
Academy Jacksonville spent

I Ir1, > h r the Mr. eekend and Mn with Don hll May" ,

Mr. and Mra. horse* Curry
left Tuesday far Gainesville. AUTO
Mr. Calvin Curry and IOn plan
to return with then for a vudl,
and with her parent, Mr. and
b rew Mrs


I ILmJi"I t tTw



I SAVEt\ 3Q.turII

Fence Posts There's no bettor place to finance that now

I :1- A a' / II

1t SspentaTrtaUd auto than with the friendly folks at The Quincy


_WED, MAR. 1ITHURS.! .MAL I9I FRI., MAR. 20 I SATq MAL 21 MON.,MAL 231 TUES.e MAl.24 I ;... 4 M g Y..od'I State Bank, your full service bank. Low cost

Lake Cit, Havana MUIw w..aWtc-.1La Mane

11.a5eia I. .e U.Trv.f.e aae..+..rt.. I .. ... se. e Su N a tit a.I.la. II as II a.Qadarl I auto loans are keyed to your budget.

Jasper sess .. w tf pa ..... .. Ilw sew ""
Rendeed '
C'hah. '''c..,
.. t. I' ..
apse pa 1'i""U" said ... fI/,. Aastaehie.laf .. I. If ea e. --.,Roo-..,
IJve Oak IfA/ /ua ti .
1f .. a e- leT Yaleanhe C.Ta .I G.w a.ppr ha.dhf
p. .. 4 N Sr.t.t Ilse .. .. 1 .a Dtrula1l Rplaga CambeR. Tae.lMedia. .. r .C-_...114
feT ..11 I. f M ... 1M se I ,.
f I. fu m Ie I" R.T 1 ::::.:.--
a e.. w e e. 11..1IIte1nI n. "II.. Bead C1aJ"'J ..,......,
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Mas4aaas o.wr..w. a I. less s...
ere e.. I. f e .... .. : I
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1II.&iHUe d.elfs, a .. e. a .. e M 'tn'f C..I1.
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11:15 PM 10:00 PM 11:00 PM


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Li I .I
-- -
-- -

-- -

GADSDEN COUNTY TIMES SPECULATORS IN WHEAT RAM., TalMor-Quln Council 23, 8 p.m., Masonic. A CAPITOL "plants Th* railroad 40 or 45 lowered mile It*Inland rate

Building; Social Security Representative 9:30: a.m.. $2 a ton even though there a.
CHATIAHOOCHEE and ooiUnulni TRIBUNE Court Room, Court House; Boy Scout Troop 203, LETTER only s hint of transportation
Published each Thursday It 14 S. Madison StreetA 7:30: p.m., Scout Hut; Girl Scout Troop No. 148, 4 p.m., by water, Gee said.
By Jerry Mock Gee said Florida now ha* I l.
John H f>rr Newsnap.rLSTABI.ISHED First Presbyterian Church. 306 miles of barge waterwav,
11101Quln" Tallahassee It was sort of another 425 miles In which the
florid Tuesday, March 17CannIng Center, 8. 5; Life Underwriters 'like victory coffee In the.base Federal government has sn intercst .
12 noon Kittrell's Restaurant; Quincy High ment office of Sec of State because of recreation: p> _
weed r.ser .. Qugey """- 4&vA9NC'FT School P.T.A., 7:30 pm., Quincy High School; Lions Tom Adams, with waterways slbllllles, and another 480 tulle,
> a folks gloating over the beginning In navigable natural streams
One VMr UOO Two Years $5 60 811 Month '171 ""aw-.art Club, 7 p.m., KlttreU's Restaurant. of the Florida Cross State U. S, Rep Billy Matthews f

J, U BotchlBM ,,, __.. .. rhDot. 1"". ,1I' Wednesday, March 18- Nary Recruiter, 10:30: a.m., Post Barge The Canal.occasion was Waterways Gainesville, who talked toi./ ..
by phone from Washi .
Xs group :
Cannae Office; Jaycees, 12 Noon, Kittrell's Restaurant; Exchange Week proclaimed by Gov, Farris ton said he would push far 'j
: Club, 1 p.m., Jefferson House; Gadsden County Bryant with Herbert C. Gee million in flood control (i
'wy of West Palm Beach, presidentof navigation project for the .
41t Hospital Auxiliary, 10 a.m. Gadsden County Hospital the Florida Waterways Association this year He said Pmldi t (
O NATIONAL DITORIAlASsbCMTIiN ; Marine Recruiter, 9 12 noon. Post Office. boosting the states Johnson has budgeted $4 n It.
waterways, lion for work the ,.
on Ci
d I| (i? U I wwEEaEAT Thursday, March 19Canning Center 8. 5; Alcoholics Tlelng together the state' State Barge Canal next wear <

}F on, .. "......t.ILa 'p : Anonymous & Al-anon Family Group, 8 p.m.. St waterway projects, said Gee,
seemed to be the state No. 1 LBJ ENJOYS
#r + .4GAIN ? Paul's Parish House; Florida Stale Employment Service mission today The key to the IIAVDSIUKINO

ZION 9 3, S. Roberts St. development, said Adams, was e Preside Johnson on his recent .
the .Cross State Barge Canal. visit to California demon-
Friday, March 20- Canning Center, 8.5: Quincy Woman And the officials let It be sirated enjoyment of mlxln*
Air Force known the next big target was with crowd and shaking hand
Woman's Club House
Girl Scout WeekThe Club 11 a.m., ; the "missing link" In the intra- with people He gave Secret
Recruiter, 9 12 Post Office. could canal between Carra- Service bodyguards seven un-
of Girl Scout Week began March 8 belle and Tampa Bay A drives easy moments when he would
observance Monday, March 21- Kiwanis Club, 1 p.m., Jefferson on to get planning money mix with the crowd
and will continue through March 14. House; Order Eastern Star, 8pm., Masonic Build from Congress fur the projectand The President has alua,t
"I ask you to pause and consider how you as ing, Social Security Representative, 9;30 a.m., Court two taxing district were shared the politician's handshaking .
for service to being set up. gesture but never ha,
Individuals can prepare yourselves" your Room, Court House; Boy Scout Troop 203, 7:30: p.m., One of the future project, he shown such enthusiasm

country and to mankind. F. Scout Hut; Girl Scout Troop 203, 4 p.m.. First Presbyterian said Gee, was to tie together
President John
This was the challenge the Church. system of 200 mile of deep
Kennedy Issued to the 8,500 Girl Scouts who attendedthe channels In the Central and Floor Coverint

Girl Scout Senior Roundup in Button Bay, Vermont, in Friends And EnemiesThere's Tuesday, March 22- Canning Center, 8.5; Rotary Club, District Southern for Florida pleasure Flood boat Control traffic.

the summer of 1962. 1 p.m., Jefferson House; Blue Lodge, 8 p.m., Masonic Gee aid this would "let a person I Including Formic
Th. campers discussed the Presidents challenge a sobering commentary on the state of the Building; Business and Professional Woman's Club, with a boat take s tour of Inlaid linoleum rubber

throughout the ten days of Roundup. At the end of the free world alliance in recent events both In Latin Amer. 7pm., Kittrell's Restaurant than Florida by dragging by some his other boat meant down' vtarL corkCounter
submitted to the President this personal Ica and Europe.
encampment they highway.
Wednesday, March 23Navy Recruiter 10:30 a.m., Top
commitment: And among the most significant are positions taken Post Office; Jaycees, 7:30 p.m., Jefferson House; Ex. Gee said the aim was to reduce
"We will re-examine the Girl Scout Promise and by Great Britain and France traditionally supposed to transportation costs by
change Club, 1 pm., Jefferson House. fractions. He noted that In the Work
work harder to them as principle to live be Uncle
Laws and use t Sam's truest friends In those areas Palm Beach area the acreage of

by. France, already having pretty much declared her sugar cane has been doubled
"We will mind In order to learn from The cane has been transportedto All Trpeei
keep an open nuclear independence from the United States, has gone a The National Outlook Savannah by rail for refin
and from other people. :
our experiences, from situations, step further In undermining Americas position with respect tug He said the sugar cane people Expert Installation
"We will develop in ourselves a craving for know to recognition of Red China. Br George Hit edon considered shipping the one i
by sea from
And she and England are the leading figures In some 20 to 25 per cent of Amer. new JII'OctI8InIP
ledge."We I
will to find our prejudices and erase them. TilE MYSTERY: Of THE lean families were living below (
trade with Communlat-dominated Cuba which has grown. NON-VANISIIING POVERTY < the of Individual what was, al the time the
"We will respect freedom as right every to the extent of making a virtual mockery of this country'I Statistic ere more impressive study was conducted set up as sense of the word want or
than words and many were destitution undoubtedly still ""' ," tfi tittlttA
attempted economic embargo the Castro a reasonable definition of the
"We will try to leave a small part of ourselves In against re shucked when the AdminUtrs- boundary between poverty and exist In our country. But the f QUINCY ,fLOJIO
lion Informed ui that 20 percent income. measurement of Its extent baa ,
an adequate
everything we do It Is worth noting that the first public pronouncemen t, of the tamllle In the country The explanation of this -eluded the statisticians ..
apparent ------- -----
-- --
In our world by first finding living In poverty But --
"We were
promote peace
of Sir after of
Dougla.-Hom. coming out a meeting with statistics, even more than words. contradiction Is obvious
peace In ourselves. President Johnson in Washington was the flat statemen t: need looking Into and this one When poverty Is defined In statistical STORY
This statement written by teenage girls, eloquently that Great Britain had no intention of halting the tradof I turns out to be much less Im terms, we tend to use ELECTRIC SAYS!
elaborates the Ideals embodied In the traditional Girl eprosily.. when its background is an elastic standard which moves
non-military goods with Cuba. up In about the same proportion
Scout Promise: "On my honor, I will try to do my duty At best it suggested a lack of concern for the fad: explored The criterion for Including s as the average level of all In "WRAP YOUR ROOMS IN COMFORT"WITH

to God and my country, to help other" people at all times,' the policy was keeping Castro In business and makinc I family In the poverty categoryan comes.psychological There seems to mechanismwhich be an Inbuilt ELECTRICBASEBOARD

and to obey the Girl Scout Laws. it easier for him to spread his hemispheric poison 3000.an This annual Income reasonable below 1 Impels the authors of such
The theme for Girl Scout Week, March 8-14, is "Girl may studies to choose s standard
Of course, there are two sides to every question, bu t I enough but when the
Scouting A Promise In Action. For more than 3Vi I'rrlldtnhonomlc Report which leaves just about 20 per HEATERS
as someone has aptly said, "with friends like these, who, cent of the populaUon below
million girl and adult Girl Scouts, this theme refers to the needs en.mied" was published turned out the poverty line.Perhaps .
that. If the criterion were
Girl Scout Promise. But the 8,500 girls who same
traditional carried backward, 32 per cent one could defend s
were Roundup campers In 1962 will remember also the of the nations families would statistical approach which

promise! they made to the late President Both promisesare Ike At The Mike have stricken been In classed 1847. This as poverty-In Itself the makes lot of poverty the lowest, by one-fifth definition of,

pertinent In today's tense and confused world. makes us wonder whether the our families on the Income scale
The observance of Girl Scout Week reminds each Newscaster Dwight David Eisenhower will add a nevi, criterion Is realistic, In any absolute But the eradication of poverty,

of us that this is a time to re-examine our own values dimension to political reporting this summer when hi I immediate sense post-World-War. Certainly: In the 11 as Impossible so defined as, then the squaring becomes of as

and the values we are passing on to our children This assists the American Broadcasting Company in covering I years practically everybody from the circle.

is a time to reaffirm our own beliefs In "God and coun- the Republican! National Convention. the top to the bottom of the

try," and to support organizations like the Girl Scouts (ABC has secured the former President for spot appearances >, income scale, thought of himself Gadsden County t0 :
as living In a period of unprecedented t
in the role of analyst.) prosperity. Insurance Center Baseboard Electric Heaters can be
The logical next step is for the National Broadcast. In s book just published an I 1121 West Jefferson the
Wanted answer to Problems
Statesmanship expert from the Census Bureau your
to S
ing Company or sign Harry
peppery calculates that In 1020 some SI whether it Is the
one room or
Truman the Democratic for the Atlantic
as expert City per rent of American families PATTHOMAS
It is widely recognized that many members of the conclave had Income less in purchasing Entire House?

House ol Representatives In their landslide vote (290-130) The unique insight which past Presidents would bt I power equivalent, than a cur. INSURANCE. me.o .
for the Civil Rights Act were not expressing their convictions lent Income of $3POO. This SOLD AT DEALER COSTWE
able to offer the American public would add to our political make the mystery Xlll deeper I
but revealing their vulnerability to pressure and education. Is It true that an actual majority I II

passing this hot potato on to the Senate in the plo. hope Television has made it possible for all of us to bt of our population was living In I II PAY THE FREIGHT .
that the House the chill on it. poverty In that year of peak
Upper can put former Genera arena spectators at the great American spectacles 1 II I economic activity? T.E.C. Members are Eligible for In-
Republican Rep Louis Wyman Attorney former Presidents (and Vice Presidents) and high part;r That Is the queer result we stallation Allowance for the Installation
of New is on this point reach If the current
Hampshire mot. specific officials are enlisted to comment on. and explain, be.. statistical
there been secret ballot he the measure of poverty la applied of Baseboard Heaters.
than most Had a says One Stop Means
the-scenes battles
waged during conventions, it will I reUot.pi-c measure would not have gotten< 50 votes be in the public Interest studies of poverty are not new Complete Service
But the sole question now Is: Can the Senate and when w* examine the re-I STORY ELECTRIC

even though opponents are prepared to talk endlesslyon suits of such studies made In DIAL 627.7151QUINCY
QUINCYCALENDAR the past another kind of mystery
the subject do more than delay this grant of emerges Invariably, such studies 1100 W. Jefferson MAin 7.8686
extra-Constitutional powers to the President and new OF EVENTSA reached the conclusion I I that

brigades Inqulsitory deputies? And, how much delaycan --- --

we expect when White House strategy for actionon Community Service by the

will tax consume, farm time and as military which the convention I.authorization date.less draw than bills whether nearer first -? Gadsden County Chamber of Commerce 627-8S16 '64 Chevy n: Super Sport with V8 power

The outcome nothing Calendar Is based on Information reported by club
the United States is to become a dictatorship may
secretaries and directors of the
program as Friday preceding
well turn on the development of statesmanship where

none Is presently apparent In view of existing and publication.

contrary pressure in the South and In there northern Thursday, March 12- Canning Center, 8 5; Alcoholic
big-city states with heavy concentrations of Negio 'pu-
Anonymous 4 Al-anon Family Group, 8 p.m., SLPaul'
lotions, w* may best look to those areas of the nation Parish House: Florida State Employment Service c
where racial Issues of the least political concern for
9.3, S. Roberts Street; Men's League Basketball:
the Moses to lead us out of an emotional wilderness 1 In
Championship game between first and second hail!
which the landmarks of Justice and Reason and Freedom champs, 7:30 p.m., Quincy High School Gym; Junior

have becom eobscured. Woman's Club Fashion Show, 1 p.m., Woman's Club!
If the Senate I. not to yield Ignominiously to the Influences House. M m e/SfM10t h l1 irMse e
that numbed the conscience of the House, there e saa r

Is much to do to accomplish desired reforms within the Friday, March I3-*> Canning Center 8 5; Pilot Club,

framework of the Constitution. The bill as it stands, con 1 p.m* Jefferson House; Air Force Recruiter, 9 12

celved in deception and ededlcated to Executive authority Noon Post Office.

adds to the stature of none and destroys the freedoms
Monday, March 16- Kiwanls Club, 1 p.m" Jefferson
of all black or white or red or yellow; atheist, House .and just the place to it
Baptist Catholic or whirling dervish. Masonic_ Lodge, Gadsden Chapter_ _No 30, enjoy


Review Of '63 SessionThe I II I

1963 session of Congress the fifth longest In HOW

history gave President Kennedy the lowest legislative TO COOK UP

Scoreboard achieved by a President In 10 years. I

According to figures compiled by the Congressional A MORE -

Quarterly, the first session of the 88th Congress granted CONVENIENT
Kennedy only 27.2 per cent of 401 specific legislative TELEPHONEHave 1


When adjournment came, no action at all committee s

or floor had been taken on 91, or 22.7 per ant

of his requests. Final disapproval had been given to e

28, or seven per cent of his requests.

Action still can be taken this year on 264 requests. ,

though 34 of these were rejected last year la a committeeor --" ,.,,;:,:..
tk.y I f hoes AiswSftrl OTJ* 0 c4 SMI
on the floor of one chamber. Find out for youraMf what this Chevy II caJI really do. If transmi mdon. Both are options at extra COlt, alone with

Congress failed to complete action on many pro there are hills nearby, let it rive them rood gomj-ovw.. a PositracUon rm axle, AM-FM radio, and many other
posals 1963 because substantial opposition to them Then see It give .towm both In committee and on th. floor. s\ uhiUMwextTa- \8 you need' but am the 1CICl'lttIIOflly it sterns to glide .W the highway. That'
ator i men, and this Super Sport will take a mile because it hx
an high-mounted independent coil In
not voted down and hence did springs
Although they were color
a telephone Installed in
your And this mat highway performer !looks the part it thefront and Mon smgle-leaf\
not constitute a clear defeat for the Administration they
kitchen. You
save steps. You can converse I pUjtsovwlLAflanceatiUall.rinyluiUTior WithevervUunBcWlISuprSporthMfo.!
were never brought to a vote because of fear they would .
dooe'to-doorcarpettng you inj for it it,
while 1.' y no surprise your Chevrolet deaiT
be defeated. Therefore, their chants this yar are considered comfortably watching what's cooking. There's your rhoKoI..ithtr the floor-mountod ./II Jf is anxious to show you its price tal. Because

slim.Kennedy's. Costs so little, too. Order yours today I Powerglide or .'ollr.S Hd Synchro-Mesh that's the only thing about U that iIft't IUper.

most significant successes came In the THE GREAT HIGHWAY PERFORMERS Chewrokt Chevese .
CberyII Corrair Corrtetta
mental health and education fields. e> (
s. Aess
ed CMwCJld SAoaUas
Partial action was taken on his two top priority pro. sPsriP JIIW

grams a tax cut and civil rights. Final action however 5

was put off until this year. 1

The last very low legislative score was made In .

per 1960.cent President of his request Eisenhower gamed approval of 306 .m :;is'U Quincy Telephone Co MANNING TAYLOR CHEVROLET CO.

In his first year of office. Kennedy scored 48.2 pet ,,23 North Adams Street Qulnqr. Florida

cent In 1962 it was 44.6 per cent .,-

x r < 'ti t



1 11juu

-- --- -- -

I depends on what you now own GARDENINGIN lion University of Florida, I

In the way of Insurance (which GainesvilleBou

,. oflf you don't mention If your Insurance FLORIDABy al rUleas J-'erJonau
It's possible/ to find tome ol
U not up to what your these vines that flower almost

() family needs, perhaps life Insurance Hemy Sharpe. Editor any season of the year But, U Mrs. Howard Boylan and two PICK YOUR FINANCINGAS
.J ndl4rancfi should get this additional your vine dldnt put on a better sons spent the weekend in Pen
Florida Airlenltaral Eitenslon show laM season than the neigh tacols with Mr. Boylin. Deughl
unit at least that
i or portion Service ,bor's, perhaps you had too heavya er Cindy visited here with her
Question: My wife and I have which would aisure the Immediate Plants are like people they hand In the frrtillier bag grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. C
decided to put all of my SMKyearly needs. Adequate life Bougainvilleas are very sensitive D. Johnson
salary raise this yeaiMto Insurance Is generally regarded lose their thtpellneu by overeating : to nitrogen Too much Mr and Mrs. Bill Davis spent
some form of thrift or sav. :will give lush growth but few' the weekend In Homestead with
as the No. 1 Item In anyfamlly's CAREFULLY YOUR CAR
I lift. What art the advantage Most folks have excuses why flowers. Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Davis and
i of thl'N Insurance, compared program even securities' .-they have bulged out of shape One pound of MJ-12 fertilizer family
account or com firms and the Stock Exchange 100 square feet of toll
But plants cent talk. They per Mrs. C. D. Johnson attended
mon stocks? say this. don't have to. Look at the rain area usually will Insure blossoms Inter-American Conferenceof
This It not the Only you can decide as to next season. an
Answer: way gauge and you 11 discover that the Methodist Church In
problem or, the adequacy of your present Another method to force flowering
to approach your the wettest season of the century Gainesville Monday and Tuei
should opportunity The life Innurance. You should call Is to cut some of the
we My has kept food in easy reach
day From there ahe went tLakeland
relative merits o( then various In your agent to work out a all winter. plant roots. With a garden
Into schedule of needs, but you must also known as an for a Founding Day
thrift pUnt come proper Since plants can't push away spade -
I at Florida SoutherrCollege
focus in relation to your family make the decision of how adequately ,from the table at people should, idiot stick make three or four meeting. She will be dinner
needs Each has IU proper roi you meet these needt ,then aulit them to reduce their stabs Into the ground around I 111t'1cot President and Mrs I
aid the three are not In direct The $500 additional you are walitllne, the plant about 24 hashes from Charles: Thrift
competition. What you should making available ahould enable Training: tender shoots to the bate Thla plant torture on Friday I
take you to add a sizeable block of method works In about 9 cases Mrs Hugh Willlama ol
do U to advantage of the.ltu.Uoa stay In line Is like chastisinga here
to alt down and put on Insurance. You don't give your child, became It Is easier to out of ten. ernms Is visiting relatives
age, but U we assume age 35, this weekMr I
paper a complete plan of fami nip wild activities In the bud at -
ly protection for yourwlvea. Put you could add the equivalent of an early axe than correcting Lunchroom and Mrs. James Kite 01
first things first and tee what $40,000 protection In a Family them when they become hardened Madison, Va are visiting her
you could do most effectively Income Policy called a $20,000 offenders Therefore, you'II cousin, Mia Douglass Brooks,

14 taking. _the_next. step. Much unit That would give your find H easier to pinch a bud Menus and husband
family $200 until IS
than to wait and use the pruning Mr and Mrs Alvah BrywM'and
years from today if you were to tawSome March 16 March 20 family and Mr and Mrs' J-J-
die and. In addition, $20,000
INSECTICIDESSOIL hedge plants, crazy with Pierre Let and family attended .
cash which could be used either
i I growth, are putting on a Beatle Monday, March 16Sloppy the funeral of their stepmother
cult of other Income
FUMIGANTS act. They are tending up neck Joe's Mrs ftrulah Lee In
and alill further, give you something like French Fries
swaying shouts, then setting Cairo Wednesday

WEED KILLERS It by like age 85$10,500 If you cash live.value In a canopy of leave that areas Cole SlawPlneapplel'pSlde Down Cake airs T. R. Smith has returned .
scraggly as a Beatles wig
from a trip to South Florida
Actually, there la no competition Butter Buns Milk
Prepare now to remove the ,
and Jacksonville
where she via-
between life Insurance
wig-like growth since It 1s more Tuesday, March 17-
Itfd her brother In law and
; I and either savings or securities. Rice
than Brained Beef on
SOUTHERNCHEMICAL likely a spring fid thatwill
Each has Its own best uses Inter, Mr and Mrs J. D. Wil
not add to the beauty of
Eventually all three will probably -the hedge. and Tomato Salad liamson.Mm. : ,' .rte
be fitted Into your program Lawns with a dull green color Apple Cobbler Eileen Wright and ton t
Life Insurance, however Is will snap to life again with ap Rolls, Butter, Milk Tom of Port St. Jilt spent the I
unique.I It does what nothingelse of Wednesday, March 18- weekend at their home here.
Sales & ServiceInc. can do It creates an estate I izer. Brunswick Stew Mr. and Mrs K. L Jarrell oi
for the future at once on .1 6-6-6 fertilizer per 1,000 square Tossed Sal.dPeanut Jacksonville. spent the weekend i
guaranteed basis. When you feet of grau.Sprinkle Butter Sandwiches with Mr and Mr*. II. W.
have adequate Insurance, then: the plant food even Saltines Holltne and Mr. and Mrs David
you should conader Investments ly over the lawn, then water In Chocolate Cake Milk Stephens.
Box 3, Ph. MA 7-6101 and savings.SurprMng. I II 10 prevent the grata from being Thursday, March 1FUh Lnslcn Harry Nathan McC.n.1

burned by the fertilizer Stlx fuinirrly of Quincy, has been
I QUINCY. FLORIDA as It may seem' Often you can bring the green Baked Beans trannferred from the Naval Bate I YOUR
I,the other fellow who arguer color bark to winter_y Pineapple, Cheese and Lettuce In Norfolk Va. to the ikuna.
with much Is
I you so probably lawna with two tablespoons of Salad wick, Maine Naval Air Station :
about half of the time.
right Iron sulphate to each gallon of Carrot SUi Charles McPherson has returned
water applied as a spray, Bread Pudding, Lemon Sauce to his home In SanFranilsro I
dprlng! Fever Enriched Bread, Butter MUk after being here due I
LOANS Spring bursting out all over Friday, March 20- to the illness of his mount,
ls a good sign for the gardener I School's Choice Mrs. 1) L McPhenun.
unless it's discovered that Ws hope that you will keep KEY
Mrs. C C. Mynard and .u"Cl.y
RESIDENTIAL FARM the bark on a prized' ornamental In mind that these menus are
ol Atlanta are vLulling her
la rupturing. To the neophyte subject to change for the following -
parents, Mr and Mrs. DoyleI'npe
Lowest Closing Costs High AppraisalsGood this could be an omen of reasons .
a strange new disease. 1. Government commodities
TermsCONVENTIONAL Mr and Mrs. Thomas Smith
Chances are the splitting ire dellv.redl'hlrh were not
and daughter Judy spent the
I bark It not t new ailment, but In the county when the menus
weekend in Spai-tanburg and
FJLA. the aftermath of winter freeart. were made
visited their daughter TUlle,
Delayed death of plant branches 2 Community food habitsare a
student at Converts; College,,
Quick. Confidential and Courteous Service alto causes alarm. considered.
who played In the Junior He-
Jack Krost't havoc may not I. Rite In the cost of a food

SEE ALVIE WOLF AT thow up until weeks or month Item. cllalMini Ermine Owenby who It
after the chilling winds have 4. Avsllablllty of equipment
given way to tropical breetes and personnel.No Interning In Jacksonville, spentfare II
HARBIN WOLF Inc. weekend with her parents,
aliment for
If you're not sure of an menus are given Friday
Mr .and Mrs Carl Owt'nby.
on plant.t'l alwayia because of class planningand
321 West Crawford Street your Mr. and Mri. limit Dawwmretuiiied
good Idea to check the symptoms preferences
Phone MAin 7-8737 with your local plant specialist Friday menu U usually hot to their home In Akron
or county agent Or you dogs, hamburgers or flab Ohio yesterday after spending
may end a plant specimen to a week with their ton In
Business Will Be
Appreciated law and daughter, Mr and Mrs
the Plant Pathology Department, Alcoholism ls a treatable Illness /
Agricultural Experiment Sta Tom Davidson on Lake Tslquln
=- Road
Mill Marguerite Buhrr, student .
at Abraham Baldwin College -

I FREE *3 SEE THE "REBELS QUARTET" Judy the weekend and Deal her ol with room Bavannah.her mater parents spent MUi,

Mr and Mrs Morris Suber.
Mrs. Thomaa Barkley of

rtuonton, N. J., Is visiting her t
brother In law and slater, Mr.
QUINCY and Mrs Arthur l It'r' ,. to
Mrs. Perry Price of KlbertonG .
r re .. will arrive today fur i I
t visit with her altter, Mew Henry "
COURT HOT/SE SQUARE '..u111.Mre.. \ h '
FUher Williams and
\ daughter Mrs. Jack Rlchardtoi
THURSDAY. MARCH 19 will leave Monday for a visit li ;
Orlando with her daughter, Mrs r ,
r Ben Franklin and low'
family I
I 10:30-AM to 12:00 Noon E.S.T. Mrs. Ham Illgdnn left Friday

by plin for Tarboro, N. C., due
to the death of her sitter, Mrs
."n... lark
Mr, and Mrs Alvth Bryantwere "
In HauibrtdHe Sunday due I :'
10 the illness of hit father, W
W. Bryant who Is In a nursing
home there COSTAUTO
1E"E-- Larry Bryant and and
r Mrs. Fred Lotkmiller and family
of Jarkwmvllle were here
Wednesday due to the death of
their grandmother, Mrs. Beulah
T Lee of Cairo.
Fred May, who attend Bollei
Academy In Jacksonville
tor spent
the weekend wKh his parents
Mr. and Mrs Don May.
1. Mr. and Mr*. Horace Curry
left Tuesday fur Gainesville
Mr. Calvin Curry and ton planto
return with them for a vial,
and with her partnta, Mr, and
Mrs. Frank RroUh.


1 r rW. LOANSThero's


i ,... ., I
.... M'wlI I IS

'i1 I VE30.1ear\ I

1'T 'III I fence PostsPeoUTreated no bettor place to financo that now

".- ... the

i \I ,tuft.< ..
I ie.. ...... r


,ere 4 .. a -- State Bank full service bank. Low cost
_WED, "ITHURS.MAR.191 FRr., MAR. 20 I SAT., MAR. 21IMON.MAR.231 TUES.,MAl.24

Lake 0" llavasa Mil.. WewaWtrbks Mare
II .. f. s p- eae f. .. .. sca7 Freepeet 1 I. .... s. a .. a .. 'IY se .. sQstaey / .. auto loans are keyed to your bud got.i .
se ea .... .. Per. ii< I.
la."" cue .. .. 55 N ..se .. 11- lIlT 6eaaf.N .wsvrt
cr-htfow c..,
seaM .. se. p- l.aT NltnU" aad area ea 5 MLNe p. Ap.l.ebk.le I' .. /.sae p_ I ..- ., ........hsp.ow
fbattabe.rbe. .,,. .. 5. 5ee su + .
Ost a. t e. sae Valpenl.. reel. sw r haOdhfr
5 p. .. a e- Brbtal 11.11 .. ae s p. DFsaIak 1Itr\IIP C.rr.MlIe TawseeMedses r .c-.4
a f. fais pr 'IT 455 ae a pse .... .... e. R.r ter .. a MI ;::;:"--

p. r e pBloest.te... n. Willie .ad Chlpley Ileab.mGree.vUle i i
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.1' a a. e p. a a p.
ant r.Mtpat ais CMr i
tee p. ..1- t.13/e ass '7
t I



Preserving Co. BANK: NO. 1 CHARTERED AUGUST 1889

YOU ARE PART OF IT! ..,...-.o.tw B.| I



iai>.eeraMftiDrroiu UNDER THE LAWS OF FLORIDA .


11:15 PM 10:00 PM 11:00 PM


.<< t '1



i I


Projects Named -

I PAGE I Has Woman's Entered Club

Persona having item oi social nature are urged to call

Mrs May a Richardson at MAIn 7-8503 CIP ContestThe

"n. nn ...nn......IUWUUUWI........................ uuuuBuuoporoooooooonuuouuuuuouuumums
Quincy Womin't Club

dwarf azaleas, snspdrs hat entered the Community 4
Sawano ClubIs Friday Tea Is i gone, bridal wreath and snowdrops Improvement Program Contest
On one end was the sponsored by several federated
Party Scene Given ForBrides.elect silver service from which Mrs Woman's Clubs and Sears-Roe-
Fount May Sr. and Mrs Fount i4Ij buck. There will be a f 10,000regional

Mina Jean Betllt, Miss Jane pointed May Jr hours.poured during the ap- prize iwirded.prize and a $300 state

Mini Mary Catherine
Roddick, Floor hostesses were Mrs, W. Y The Community Improvement
May, and Mill Peggy Miss Tee Munroe and Mill M. Inman, Mist Jane Curry Program for 1962-1984 of the
entertained with a delightful Margaret Lawson Curry, brides embraced
Mrs. George Bates, Mrs. Whit Quincy Woman's Club
party at the Sawano Country elect were the honorees at a two
Harris, Mrs. Howard Fletcher, the restoration of Qulncy's
Club Friday Beautiful arrange- beautiful tea Friday afternoon Mrs. Fain Embry, Mrs Don KEYS TO CLUB J. Fisher Williams, contractor for tin. most historic, ante-bellum landmarks

menu of mixed candlea spring In bran flowen candelabra liven by Mr*. Carl Fryer at her May, Mrs Hal Fletcher, Mrs remodeling of the Quincy Woman's Club, is ..howlihandlnq l ; namely, The Quincy LIbrary ,
flanked by home. During the appointed C. R. Shaw, Jr, and Mrs. Sam the Mrs formerly the Quincy,
were at point of interest hours guests were greeted by ,Myrlck. keys to C. D. Johnson, chairman, and I Academy, Incorporated is a
Mrs. T. H. Smith and Mrs Buryl I The hostesses gave the honorees Mrs. L L Willis, cochairman of the Woman's Glut I private educational Institution

The refreshment table was| lUgdon who directed them to china in one of their Building Committee. In 1832, and the Quincy Wom.
centered by a colorful arrangement the receiving line, which was chosen patterns, as mementos an's Club Building, formerlythe
On one end of the table composed of Mrs. Fryer, the of this delightful party Hall and Free School of
wan the punch bowl and on the honorees, their mothers, Mrs Approximately a hundred Washington Lodge, Free and ,':
other, trays of sandwiches and Mark Munroe, Jr and Mrs. J. !guests called: during the afternoon Accepted Masons, organized In 1 \
co oktea. M. Griffin and Mrs. Sidney 1828. The Club begin the operation : :
Dancing and Interesting garnet Johnson, mother of Mist Curry's of a free library it a :,, { "
were enjoyed during the evenIng fiance.A community project In 1917. The : !
lovely arrangement of Japanese Informal Party planning of the restoration of '1ifc"'O'".
Parents of the hocteaiei it- magnolias highlighted the the Old Academy or Library "
tinted with the entertaining. entrance. Pink camellias and, Given For 3 Building was begun !In 1961 and' ,,; .
Sixty-five young people enjoyed magnolias were effectively arranged K was carried to final completion .: ''' # ,.,,,,. !

_this nice party. In the living room. I Brides-To-Be in February 1964 by force account ? .:: ',r"" \< j",
and direct purchase. The ;: s '
The den featured inlets, -.q."' J .:
daffodils and forsythia In artistic Mina Tee Munroe, Joe Anne plans for the work on the Club ',
ANNUALSBOTTLE Lawson Cur Building (or old Masonic Hall)
arrangement Don and Margaret 4 Miss Wilma Ruth SheffieldThe
BRUSII The dining table, which was ry shared honors at a lovely Informal Yy Y+ were drawn up during 1962-19-
AZALEASPearce'i covered by a handsome ecru party Friday evening 63; the contract was let In July engagement and approaching marriage of Miss
1963, and the rehabilitation was
linen embroidered cloth with when Mini Kate Stuart Mitch, Albert
Wilma Ruth Sheffield to Francis Woodward is
completed In October 1963.
Nursery Mrs. Kenneth Harmon and Mrs I
QUINCY. crystal lace Inserts candelabra was centered with white by a Arthur Macon entertained for The reason for these two projects announced by her mother, Mrs J. M. Schofield of Tallahassee

FLORIDA tapers and nosegays of white them at the Stitch home. Arrangements I wit one single and simple Mr. Woodward is the son of Mr. and Mrs. A. H.
of pink camelliasand objective, namely, the preservation Woodward of Quincy. Miss Sheffield is a graduate of
of our cultural heritage
roses highlighted the living! High School and attended Lively Business School.
and hall Delicate pink from the early days of Quincy,
!glads room. and forsythia and other not merely. monuments to the She Is now employed by North Florida Gas Corporationin
B&B early spring flowers were featured past, but also to convert them Quincy. Mr. Woodward Is a graduate of Florida High
I[ In the family room. into useful community Instruments School in Tallahassee. Hell now employed with Stone'
for the present and the
(iroJe dining by t table handsome which linen was future As these two indent Inc. in Quincy. The wedding is planned for April 26

RESTAURANTformerly cutwork cloth was centered by landmarks were In tad need of at the Hopewell Methodist Church in Bettstown at 2:30.:

a silver and crystal epergne of extensive maintenance long deferred Friends and relatives are invited.to .

I whit mums, snapdragons, fuji $1500 Check Mr. Robert Hall deft)), treasurer for Fine a failure on our part to

( Liz's Restaurant) mums and bridal wreath On Arts Committee Concert Series, 1s shown with a check I would have have undertaken meant s this disregard work have the necessary painting season of silent prayer was ob-
,one end was the silver service and furnishing of the room served for this work.
for $1500 proceeds from concert..ponsored by the of the Biblical Injunction to preserve -
from which Mill Jane
Curry when
In time for use ad.
UNDER poured during the Woman's Club. The amount will be used toward "the ancient landmarks, completed The general meeting was
NEW MANAGEMENTMrs. I appointed Quincy which fathers have set" the annual children's Summer journed, after which the lndl
hours Silver trays of miniature payment of debt for remodeling club house. Also pictured Reading Club geblns itt activities vldual circlet held a short meetIng -
I (Proverbs 22 28)) well
I : as is neglecting
pattl ahells filled with chicken
are Mrs. R. H. Strickland, treasurer of Quincy Woman's In June .
opportunities to provide -
salad, ribbon sandwiches, and
Belle Rawlings Kincaid chairman of Fine Arts The work at the Library hat
cookies, cheese straws and silver I Club, and Mrs. R. R. the community with continuing
been financed by fund raising
library service and within
compotes of nuts were alsoon
& tilt table. adequate center for civic, projects, and from voluntary RE ELECTWILLIAM
owner operator
contributions and bequest from
cultural and social activities.

18 Years Experience apothecary honorees The hostesses three jars with tiered presented fresh crystal the camelllas Woman's Club Junior Woman's I In and undertaking adding the the desirable renovation Interested friends of the library D.

In them. Miss Terri Board MeetsThe Club In Regular facilities to the Woman's Club
Robertson and Mist Mary Mld building the Woman's Club Miss Curry Is "BILL"HOPKINS
SUNDAY MENU 1.25 dletan were remembered with pledged Itself for t debt of
I bride-ette books executive board of the Monthly MeetingThe $20,000 Thus means that the Honored FridayAt
CHOICE OF ONE MEAT AND TWO VEGETABLES Mrs. J. W, Adams, a recent' Quincy Woman's Club metThursday QuIncy Junior Woman's members hive placed themselves
morning at ten o'clockat under real financial
Baked Turkey and Dressing with Cranberry Sauce bride, received a set of ash the club with the second vice Club met Friday for their regular obligation a In very order to enable Luncheon

Grilled Lamb Chops Fried Chicken trays.Approximately I president. Mr. J. Fisher Wlllltms monthly meeting with the the Quincy Woman's Clubto
VEGETABLESBaked Idaho Potatoes fifty guests loin R. L. STATE ATTORNEY
Mrs. G. O. president,
presiding. continue to the
were serve com Mn. Fred L May entertainedwith
enjoyed this beautiful
Buttered Broccoli Creamed English Peas party, Barnett read the minutes following presiding The minutes These
munity. women ire ever delightful luncheon Friday
Cole Slaw Spired Beets Whole Kernel Corn among them Mrs. Mark Mun- the praying of the Lord's read by the secretary, Mrs mindful of the a
high purposesof In honor of Mist Margaret
roe, Jr., Mrs William Doss and after which
DESSERT Egg Ouslary, Apple Pie, Coconut Pie Mrs J. M. Griffin, mothers of Prayer Mrs Brady Bill McClellan Rogers, treasurer, the club is stated In Article Lawson Curry, at her home. An I
SALAD Tossed Choir was II of the Article of Incorporation of white glad,
Crlup Salad of Dressing the brides-elect and Mrs. Sid After routine business made her report. Mrs Pat Edwards arrangement
Coffee or Tea Milk 15e Extra ney Johnson, mother of Miss dispensed hurd' announced ::1 gave the devotional. which reads, "To endeavor mums and bridal wreath cantered II
Curry's fiance, that there be t covered routine business, to cultivate public sentiment the table Place cards
dish luncheon at the l'l'IIu.1 Following Peacock h.dch..e for the promotion of civic Improvement were of bridal design.
loin Billy
lar meeting, Friday, March 20.' and the beautifyingof Mixed spring flowers were at
Mrs. L. D. McMillanIs of the fine arts program -
GOOD FOOD GOOD SERVICE This Is being done In order to for the day. Contestants Quincy, and for the best development points of Interest in the bail
Bridge Hostess save the $50! spent for luncheons of the community, and living room.
contest were
PLEASANT ATMOSPHEREOPEN Mrs, L. D McMillan was hostess toward the budget.Mra Judged In the Those sewing taking part were and generally to give aid to all The hottest give the honoree I
\ to her Thursday afternoon W, W. Msssey will give Mrs William Montague, Mrs worthy objectives" silver In her chosen pattern
DAILY 5 AM to 9 PM bridge club it her home. Early the devotional. Mrs. John Hayes Pat Edwards, Mr. Billy Yon the The Woman's Fine Arts Club Committee of Miss Tee Munroe. bride elect
has charge of fine arts Miss planned t
spring flowers were effectively with of
Peacock, Mrs Don Brown and : was s piece
Sandra bkeenes will sing several series of three concerts for the
CLOSED SUNDAY 2 PM arranged In the living and dinIng solos. Mrs Walter Howell. winter of 148631964, the proceeds her china, I
rooms Potted plant. were Mrs. Peacock won and will Among the 14 guests were
Chairman of Legislation Committee from which were to be I
WE APPRECIATE YOUR PATRONAGE In the den.Preceding. Mrs. L. L. Willis will represent the club at the fine used toward the payment of the mothers of the engaged COUPle'j
the game she nerved present Mrs. C. D. Johnson, arts program March 19 at Chip- debt on the club house. All of Mrs. J. M. Griffin and '
I a dessert with coffee. who will talk on "Women'lRelpon.lbiltl. ley Judges were Mrs. Wayne the musicians who were asked ney Johnson and Mrs. John
.. In Politics and Peacock Mrs. Clint Bassett and to perform gladly lIVe of their son' sister, Mrt. Morris Suber. P

.---........--..-........--.-...-..................... Legislation. Mrs Mrs.Ilsrbert J. Klnson Gregory Cook introduced time musicians and talents Involved There In the were first 32
Mr Fred Parsons
BUNNY BRINGS YOU Luncheon For talked on Problems of Wives eleven concert musicians on November In the 14th February Baptist Night ,

and Husbands He It Psychiatric concert, and there will be
I Field Work Supervisor employed twenty-seven performing In the WMS MeetsThe I
Miss Curry by Florida State University final concert on April 30th The SERVING

lOUR 1fA'UQ to supervise FSU students Quincy business men have generously Night WMS of the First
i J Peach blossoms and pink camellias sent to Florida State Hospital, supported the printed Baptist Church held Its month.I I, SECOND
prevailed In the decorations Chattahoochee for field placement program with 102 paid adver I ly meeting Monday \' |

Tuesday at the homeof tisements. The concert series Eleanor Stevens opened the, JUDICIAL CIRCUIT

.....-.:---..._............................... when Mrs.the R. and D. Woodward Mrs. Douglas Jr.,' instructive Yellow His talk was Interesting and ha In snetted November$1l6.! 1962. the Junior meeting The minutes with prayer.were read indapproved. I COUNTIES OF

roses were effectively
Woman's Club entertained
Owens entertained with a luncheon with I
In honor of Miss Margaret arranged In the club room. a silver tea In the old school I
FOR THE BOYS AND GIRLS Lawson Curry, bride elect The Easter decorations, bunnies, room on the second floor of Committee: reports were giv-1 Franklin Gadsden
dining table was centered by an eggs, grant and chickens spanned the Quincy Library. Their purpose en by the following committee
I rUt"c arrangement of these the length of the tables. wit to raise funds for the chairmen: enlistment, stewardship Jefferson Leon
flowen In soft shade of pink. Easter chicks were given for complete renovation of this mission study, community I
EASTER WARDROBESFor Cards marking the places of the favors. room and to equip it for use is mission, and publicity I Liberty-Wakulla
guests were of t bridal motif. The hostess committee consisted the Children' Section of the Loll Carter, prayer ch.lnn.n.1w. )
12.The hostesses gave the hon- of Mrs Brady McClellan Quincy Library. The tea wathe s .. In charge of the program, FOR 16 YEARS
Mrs. Walter Howell and entitled "We Proclaim Christ"
the GirlsDRESSES For The BoysSUITS "' t household article at t first of number of fundraising I
Mrs. Louis Powell On the food Sara Stewart gave the call to
memento of this delightful projects They '
I party ire now
which was attended by the committee were Mrt. Scott engaged In the rehabilitation of prayer. Marietta Bricker led, YOUR'
Clark, Mrs. Charles Dean and this In prayer for the missionarieson
attendants, some clone friend. room. They have had the
and the mothers of the couple, Mrt. Austin Nixon. wall* replsstered, the celllnm our prayer calendar. Willie, HARD WORKING
Sizes 4 16 : grandmother. and the aunts, of covered with eelotex, new light Bee Barlneau gave i report of
3.98 io 16.98Hat&BagSels 'tt the bride elect and groom-to-be. Magnolia Garden lug fixtures Installed, and they mission work In inner city area.Several '1 PUBLIC SERVANT
9.98 13.98 members led In
io I tope to have the necessarypainting prayer
Circle Meet Set for this work. Elizabeth Weath-
and furnishing of the I Paid Political AdrJ)
erly gave a report of mission
t Brides.elect'Share The Magnolia Garden Circle room completed In time for use
ETON SUITS will meet with Mrs. J. M. Jim- when the annual children's work with National Baptists. A

Honors my) Taylor Friday tomorrow) Summer Reading Club begins
afternoon it three thirty. The Its activities in June.
2 98 6 MOl thru 5 Yr. chairman Mrt. Lanier Richardson AU of the work at the Qulnrj
I Mine Margaret Lawson Curry will preside Mrs J. Library had been financed b) Who Stole The Mink?
3.98 io 6.98 'and Mist Jo Ann DOM shtred Fisher Williams will present a fund ratting projects, and from
honors at t delightful breakfast program on the Growth and voluntary contributions amt bequests
given by Mrs. Mark Mun Cart of Asaleas and Mrs. C. A. from Interested f.iendi
SLIPS a Coals I roe, Jr, her daughter. Tee Mun Spooner will give the devotional of the library. The next fundraising
Sport roe and sister M... Ctrl Rude, All members are urged to project by the Junior EVERYONE
Straight and Full nt (Saturday morning. attend. Club will be their I annual sprint
Sizes 2 18 I The girls were seated at stable fashion show and luncheon on
In the living room. White Club Meets March 12. to be held at thi
1.98 io 5.98 su : 4.98 io 10.98GIRLS ralMll.... Iris auleat and pearl Bridge QI'I Incy Woman's Club. IS INWHIRL

,blossom formed the center With Mrs. Owens During the past year the restoration
I /-. Cards marking the places Mrs Maurice Owens was hottest of the exterior of tn e wig e
of the fourteen guests were of to her bridge club Wednesday Old Academy building, home ol A
bridal denlgn. afternoon it her home OB the Quincy Library hit been
SIZES BOYS SIZES i The mothers were seated at Bellamy Drive. Rotes and camelllat completed Including: the plantIng
the dining room table A similar were at Interest point of shrubbery round thi
arrangement centered this In the living and dining rooms building and the placing of i !
INFANTS INFANTS table Fruit and greenery were la the, new alga
I The hostesses gave the honoreet den: The Junior Woman's Club li

thru thru boudoir caps at-mementos High score was won by Mrs.Jamet presently engaged la the rehabilitation -
of this nice party. Johnson who wit awarded of the south room upstairs
JUNIORS 14 1--, an apron. Mrs. Douglas Owens -, with plant for Its use u IT'S
held low score sod received the children' section of th< THE
Mrs. Arthur FixelIs a personal article. I Ubnl'). They have had the wall*
Bridge Hostess At conclusion three pro replastered. the ceilings covered
gressioni the hottest served a with eelotex and new Ughtlni TALK
ccs COMPLETE I Mrs. Arthur Flxrt entertained: deaert with toffee fixture Installed, ind they hot*

j I her bridge club Wednesday aft'I......u..uUUUUhhh.................................................._...a

% LINE OF I were erooon.at points Early of spring Interest; fUmen Preceding : OFTHE

the game she served in 1 MERRILL'SFABULOUS j
attractive party plate.

ACCESSORIESFOR I Mrs. Howard Fletcher, i guest,'.. ,, TOWN
was high score winner.
I Mrs. Jack McMUlu was iliaa ,;:; : Y
3 cum at the rlub I:: :




Manag m.nt.

mW'fJ Jnc. Over 20 Years
Mrs. Willie Fife Roberts SKIRTSBLOUSES PAPER
Owner and Manager o-

North Side of Square Quincy. Florida Phone 6276233N. SHORTS PEDAL PUSHERS FOR DETAILS!

Adams St. Quincy :

'..te.........0'..................................!.sass..I Iry


'. 'l :N: ',,,, .



I .Union Battett as hootcw ilhMn. to attend il.i. Rural ; saAssociation ruin) 22 it Valley Forge, cam
Miss Tee MunroeIs Garden Club James F Johnson, chairman meeting.Miss : I I Iion I'! Key Cub's IBM theme)

presiding The devotional Miry Mlddleton U "Fulfill Freedom's Challenge.Dr .
PAGEPersons Luncheon Board Meeting was given by Mn J. F Johnson student and Mill Susan Mlddleton Kenneth D. Wells, president
and the lesson by Mrs W. who attend Gulf Coast of the Freedoma Foundation
Honoree Held TuesdayThe L Montague There were 6 College, Panama Oily spent mad the presentation
members the weekend their ,
present with parents K e y Club International,
itema of lodal to call Circle Eight met with Mrs Mr and Mrs W. E )'liddlt ton. which comprises approximately
having nature are urged I w. F Bettis, Mrs Lewis executive board of the
Mrs. S. I TS. Charles Tuesday Bert Mnrian as hoatess. Mrs. Mr and Mn Henry Holly 87,()()() high school boys In 2700
May Richardson at MAID 78S03I Gregory and Mn Quincy Garden Club met
i I Brinks Jr. entertained with s night at the horn of Mrs. Ralph Porter, chairman presided had as recent guest hla father C. S and Canadian high schools,
beautiful one o'clock luncheonat Douglas Brooke with the president Mrs Howard Boylan It W Holly of Faah, S C He wn cited si follows' "Sixty
McDonald gave the devotional and the also vUttrd relatives in Tarpon seven thousand high school
the Jefferson House Mia Evelyn
leanon There were t mem Springs while In rlorlda young men adopted an eight
Mun Richardson
Luncheon Given In honor of Mint Tee prerfdlng Mrs Lanier
a roe, whose marriage to Wilson opened with prayer after ben prwnt Mr. and Mrs K. l' Rappell, point program which stressed
HInton will be an event of April which she read the minutes en rout to their home In Toronto strengthening spiritual growth,
r For Miss Curry White camellias centered Mn Graham McKeown gave Hospital Report Canada, after spending preserving our common heritage
the table Place cards wen of the treasurers report and passed the winter In Florida, were recent and Ideili putting demoo
Here Thursday bridal design. financial sheets. AdmiMtant March S 9Mn guests of Mr and Mn racy on the offensive Inspire
A. D. Lester Intelligent leadership stressing
Early spring flowers in pastel Following reports of commit
Charlotte E. McCall, higher moral standards. by
colon were at focal points In tee chairmen the circle chairmen Mn E. II Jernlgan has asher
Mrs. Hal Fletcher entertained the dining room. made splendid report on Mint Cynthia Marian Cox Emmett guest her son in law and promoting mental! and physical
wtta a beautiful one o'clock The hostesses gave the honoree the activities of their circlet Bundy Mrs. Marguertl daughter, Mr and Mrs Carl fltneuKlwinli"
luncheon In honor of Mtas' Margaret silver In her chosen pattern It wa announced that the Lambert Mm Marie E Knox Rudlo of Glen Fall, N. Y. International, too,
i Lawton Carry Thursdayat as a memento of this delightful Therapy Party at the Slat HIMplial S. S. Parkett, Mrs Nellie Cross Mr. and Mrs Ned Ilinwn have was honored. The organiutioa
her home. Mixed spring flowers lunchon. was a grand succeaa. Mn George C Owens Mrs Rosa returned from Beniirttsvllle, S. received a Distinguished Sere
were at focal points in the Among the 18 guests was the J. t). Kelly was In charge. Parramore, Mrs Erma Jean C. where they visited her mother Ire Award for Its lBfll-44 them,
living room and den bride elect's mother, Mrs. Mark The president reported that Poston Mn Gladys S. Cooper Mn Paul H Thomas at the Hcipnnslblllty! The Key to
The luncheon table was centered Munroe', Jr. Mrs. Douglass Brooks would be Dave Taylor Lllll Ruth home of her brother In law Freedom Kiwanis; has won Stop
by two silver compotes general chairman of the Flower Golden, Moses B, lUnrlt and and sitter, Mr. and Mrs. Harold award each year since
of white camellia fashioned Ins show which will be an eventof Floyd Baaaett, all of Qulnry, Mldgley and her sister' Mn Freedoms foundation begin.
curved design. Place cards Miss Munroe April 18 at the Garden Center Mrs Eva Mills, Walter Walsh MelvIn Lafrrni of Arabia who Cirri K International. a college
were of bridal motif. Mrs. H. D Woodward Jr Morris C. Edwards and S. L. la also vlalUng men's service organization
The honoree was given two Party HonoreeAt will be in charge of Ute Junior Ling Havana, W D. Ferguson, Among those going I to teeThe alas aponsored by Klwinli, received
handpstnted ashtrays. Miss Tee Division It waa announcedthat Mrs, Alice Pitts and I. F. Sharp Seven Ways of Lowe" In a George Washington
Munroe bride elect was remembered HomeThe a schedule would be pub- ton, Greeiwboro, Obis Lee Tallatun.ee were Mr. and Mn Honor MedalServices
with china In her Bates llnhed in this paper anon. Brown, Bobby Holt and Mrs Warren Illgdon, Mr. and Mn
chosen pattern. The Board voted to join the Peggy Joyce Clark, Chatta- Bill Smith, Mrs Henry Weln-
Among the 14 guests wire home of Mrs. George County Federation of Women's hoochee: Mrs. Ruby Porter and berg, Jr., Mrs. Henry Fawk, Held
the mothers of the couple, Mrs Bates was the setting for s delightful Clubs, the mutlon bring made Mrs. Margaret Lock, Tallahassee = Evelyn liaison, Mrs C R
J. M. Griffin, and Mrs. Sidney Coca Cola party Saturday by Mrs. Fred Klbilka. ; Mrs. Euleen Conrad -Ir, Jr, Mil, Arthur Flxel.1 For C. E. CookFuneral
Johnson. morning when she, Mrs. R Mt. Pleasant; Mrs. Genell Burden Mint Marguerite Hitidrix, and,
1, V,- Cantey and Mrs Howard. The program chairman, Mrs Hosford: Mrs. Kay Shof Mrt R. I). Woodward Jr
3 Fletcher entertained In honor ol Brookt, reminded the board of ner MoMI, Ala. and Winfred Miss Sherry Chandler of services for Cecil K.
slA C' Mrs. McLellan, Miss Tee Monroe, bride elect the general meeting to b* heldat Stokes, Teloftla.BIRTHS Huntingdon College In Mont- Cook, 48. of Chattahoorheeformerly
Centering the refreshment table, the Center March 10 at 8 Ala of Banconi. wers held
Use weekend
: Mr. and Mrs Fred gmn ry spent
1t Mr Edwards was a branched silver candelabra p,m. with Barry Otllnger being Shofner, boy, March S, Mr and here with her? parent, Mr and Saturday' from the Mount Olive
Church In
Ba.com with
ty holding an arrangementof guert speakerMrs Mrs. Richard Durden Mrs Hubert Chandler and fam Itaptlut
Fred Nordhaua, Ways the Rev J. Fred Stephens off-
Married Mar. 1 white carnaUona. mums and Mar. 4; Mr and Mrs. Carter
and Meana chairman led In a elating
snapdragons. Spring flowers In
Mar 7 and Mr -
Clark girl
dltcuralon on methods by ilyKey Mr Conk died Friday at his
pastel colors were st Interest
Mn Mellle McLellan and A. which club could make and Mrs. Sanford Poatun, girl Club Int. home after lengthy Illness
__ _u ____ ... points In the party rooms. Mar. SDuplicate.
S. Edwards of Pmaacols announce money. Interment wn In the church
GOOD MORNING SHOW Miss Donna Dickenson the their marriage which The hostesses gave the honoree Mn Roma Horton discussed Wins Top Award cemetery with Evans Funeral

new "Jeanie With the Light Brown Hair," will appear at took place Sunday, March 1, at a personal of this lovely article party.Mrs. as a.memento betutiflcatlon of the city and Club In Home of Dcmalsonvlll, Ga., la

7 o'clock Friday on the "Good Morning Show" Channel 4 the o'clock McLellan In the home afternoon In Havana at Mark Munroe, Jr, mother roadsides.Correl\Xllldlll/lllK'f'etary.! Mrs Tuesday Meeting Key dub International high charge Surviving are hit widow, Mrs

I 6, WCTV. Miss Dickenson Is shown in an authentic copy The Rev. W. H. Morrison performed of the bride elect, wai Jack Strickland, reported that Mrs. Ben Duncan and Mrs wheel bo,.' service organisation Pauline I Stephens: Cook, ChattahiNKhee -
of an 1854 gown of turquoise tafteta. Her escort is Bobby the ceremony before the among the 25 funts.! she had notified all membersof Douglas Brooka won tint apunsored by Klwanl In. his father, Waiter

Cox of Gainesville formerly of Quincy. Miss DickensonIs fireplace which was banked the meeting and Mill Lucille place st the Tuesday morning ternational hat won s top Cook, Itavom three brothers,
with beautiful arrangement of award In the annual Freedoms H J Cook, Colqultt Ga. T. J.
the daughter of Mrs. Mae Pearl Dickenson of Quincy a Luncheon For Smith announced that she bad duplicate bridge club which .
Mononu foundation Amr-rtoanUro competition Cook, Jacksonville and slater
Japanese Magnolia mailed cards to the sick. played at the home of Mrs. Albert a ,
and the late William E. Dickenson. and greenery. Recordings 01.pproprl.te Miss During the social hour, re- Kohnk this week Mrs according to Louis Mrs ills Williams, Gordon,
violin selectionswere CurryMrs. President of the M Ala
freshmentt served
R. 11 Strickland, s guest and a't'6: : '
of 1 hs Kl-
back Quincy
monthly reporta. played softly In the ------- -
Mrs. Tod Bell were second and
Presbyterian ground. Allen BoMtlck and Mn wanls Club sponnors the Key The University of Tennessee
Mn. Horace presented
Curry Mrs. Jack Richardson and Mn
attended by W. E. Middleton entertained' Sunday School [Club of Wulruy High &haml. recently named McGregorSmith
The couple was
the Suggested Constitution and Fred L. May, third. Novelties
Women's Meet daughter and son Mn with a one clock luncheon The sward which was prevented Florida Power A LightCo
her awarded for Send.
By-laws which were adopted Inn Eubanki and J. Ghentt Saturday at the home of the Class Meets were cnnktei prltei to Kenneth Cohen, IT, of chairman ss "Engineer
whites, dips, and coffee
Held Monday The president Instructed the McLellan Her daughter-in-law, former In honor of Mlaa Margaret served, Ewing Township High St4i Lawson Curry, bride were Trenton, New Jersey, on reb- to the field of engineering.VOTE .
nominating committee which it Mrt McLellan, wao alto pres elect. Centering the luncheon I The Hope Sunday School Early spring flowers were al

Following the Bible Study composed of Mrs. Lanier Rich ent.For her wedding Mn. Edwards table was an arrangement of Class of the first BaptlnlChurch Interest points '

which wn taught by Miss Louise ardson Mrs R. V. Cantey and chose a smart turquoise white mums, tulip. and stock met Monday night at 'L FOR
the home of Mn Hugh Itailneaii Mrs. Lanier Richardson
Qua *rman Monday afternoon Mrs. Morris Suber, on the new ilk dress with black accessories -Place cards were miniature with 10 members and 4 5e
In Fellowship Hall the officers to be elected flower pots with lilies of the attendance Is Bridge Party Hottest .
lervlr members In
Women of the First Presbyterian Several special dates Including Mrs Edwards has made her valley and ribbon with bluebirds Mn Fred Moon, clan prnl- 7 Leonard
Church had their regular the meeting of Presbyteryof home In Havana for many yean of happln.The .-. dent presided during the business Mn. Lassie Rk-harrimn entertained ] Boyd
monthly meeting with the president which Rev. Matney Is moderator and Is an active member of the hostesses gave the bride Minion with a bridge partyIn
Mrs Bob Davidson, pre a day of training for Vacation First Presbyterian Church. She elect linen as a memento of A beautiful devotional on honor of Mrs James Kite, FOR
siding. Mrs W II. Fort sec Bible School workers, was bookkeeper for what U this lovely party. Happiness was given by loin houseguest of MI'" IXmglaw
retary, read the minutes and etc., were announced and plans now Arrlngton-Morgan Furniture Among the eleven guests were I Inward Thomas. Drunks, Tuesday afternoon Camellias i r* 'j
the treasurer Mn J. W. Woodward made for some of the entertainment Co. for 35 years, having the mother of the couple, Mn Following the business *m- In shades of pink and t COUNTYCOMMISSIONER I
made her report The meeting wat closed retired in I960. J. M. Griffin and Mn Sidney.lion, Mrs. W. L. Wood had nose, roses and rluiun ol r ,
Mrs. Fount May, Jr announced with prayer The groom is head of Edwards Johnson and grandmother, Mrs |charge of the social hour during grape and Ivy were at point
that her circle had the program Roofing Co,, of Penta- Fount May, Sr.Tuesday. which time a mlarellaiwout/ of Interest.Wlnnen. t' District 1
at the General Meeting cola where he U In partnership shower was given for Mrt J I of high said second Ii i
next Monday and that Mrs The Florida Alcoholic Rehabilitation with hla son Hs was superintendent Coffee W Adams, recent brld. She high Korea were awarded co Gadsden
George Fellows of Greensboro Program makes a of public Inrtrwtlon of received many lovely and useful turns Jewelry, The "honoree re.celved .: X-I County
would be guest speaker. large variety of free literature Eacambla County for 18 yews gifts. note paper at a memento a (County Wide)
Chairmen regarding alcoholism available and served as a member of For Miss Munroe Early spring flowrrs were el of this OII....lon.At .
tees of various commit upon request Writs the ARPat the school board for ten years Interest points In the home Fonclualon of three pro- Your Vole and Support
circle reported chairmen after made which the P. O. Box 1147, Avon Park, Following the ceremony refreshments Mn Fount May, Jr, and Mn The hostess served pie and rot grewlnn the II players aerv Will Be Appreciated
their Florida. were served by MnEubank Dun May entertained with a fee *d themselves (from the lei
t, delightful coffee Tuesday mornIng -' .tablet refrnhment of chicks :
The couple Is now at horns at In honor of Mint" Tee Monroe salad sandwiches, dip, crick (Paid Political Ad.)
HARRISON AUTO PARTSUSED ills E. Jordan St., Peiuacola. whose marriage to Wilson Methodist WSCS era, cookies and coffee Trap pe a
Hlnsnn will be an event of April
CARS Given The setting for the party Circles Meet Susie Snider Honored

USED PARTS for all makes Luncheon was the which home was The subject of the lesson, ,
ol Cars and Trucks For VisitorMrs. decorated with early spring
studied by the different circles Mrs rise flniiler Jr. estslamed
flower from their garden. CHARLES KINARD. Ownere
24-HOUR WRECKER of the Woman Society of with a party Saturday li
Io Bett of Scarsdale. The dining table, which was Christian tfcTvlre this week was, honor of hiT daughter Bunl Remodeling Additions
BUY JUNKED: CARS N. Y. who Is here on a vMt covered by a Unen cutwork "You Are Christ Called" OUi birthday. An Eaxtcr them
1422 W. the honoree at s delightful (cloth was centered by an all with Mrs. : NEW CONSTRUCTION
Jefferson MAin 7.7115 was with Irla Circle One met was used la the deeurflllllll.nd <
luncheon Thursday at the Jefferson white arrangement The buffet was Nash R. Philpot as hOlt ii, favon Miniature haste e Garages a Carports e Porches
House Hostesses' were predominating white Mr*. A. D Banp, chairman baskets wMh little chicks an
Mrt E. H. Routon, Mrs Pierce highlighted by an all blotsoma. prvalded Mn. t:. Nash I'uil eggs were given each guest I e Roofing a Siding e Cabinets

NEED A GOOD PLUMBERIN Williams and Mrs. Amos Davis arrangement. of spring pot gave Use devotional and Birthday cake, Ire cream red e Florida Rooms Enclosures
Centering the table was a the lesaim Ttier were bin punch were served.
the silver service on "No Job Too Too Small"Havana
From large
A BIG HURRY beautiful arrangement of camellia members present. Many of Suslt'i little friend e or
AT REASONABLE COST? In shades of pink and one Hlgdna end of the pound table coffee Mrs. Can Circle I met with Mn Hal helped her cel.bnbe this oc. Highway Phone 627-8495
I rotes with sprays of the same tey bud Fletcher aa "hot***. Mn caalon.
of red
An arrangement
-0- ,flowers on each side Place In the Buryl Illgdon. thalmmn, presided
of 8C Patricks design and Japanese magnolias W
cards were Mr* L. Letter save
living room was a conversation the devotional and the lemon
or want to contract I The honoree received personal piece Camellias shading from Then were tight members prey p.'Jo"aI II I
delicate. pink to red were alto TIMBER.
article ss a memento of .
a big or little Job? In this rmm and the den.remembered. entCircle .
oocealon. home of
this S met at the
THEN DIAL 627.8666 I __ ___ lima esaet p.P the Mri. Andrew Smith, with Mr. I Let Us Help You Harvest Your Timber Wisely

Card of ThanksWe cookbook.honoree with s Charleston IMMI Smith at hunt**!. Mn I bliss Paula Leslie bad si Mr Contact Ui Before You Selll
A. B. Blackburn chairmen weekend guest s rltnnMt who
24 HOUR SERVICEI! I want to thank everyonewho the SI were pn-
Among guests sided Mrs. E. B. Emory gave attends ChlpoU College, Miss WE PAY TOP MARKET PRICESI!
In any way expressed concern Mrt. Ned Minus mother of
Carolyn rtrrtnr of WhljitumO .
the devotional and Mn IxiuNkhoiejo
MOODYPLUMBINGCOMPANY for Rick's tafety. Your the groom to be, hit aunt Mn gave the '-' There *., daughter of Ur and Mrs Florida Forest Products Inc.
cells, visits and prayers W H. Fort and Mlaa Munroe't ,
"" .nre
were IS members and ons visitor
:our anxiety easier to bear. grandmother, Mrs. Mark Mun- and Mn Cecil Price
1927 Mainline Drive present Mr Call James L Stewart Quincy 836-5494
May experience touch the 8r. and aunt Mrs. GeorgeW
I our nie, Circle 4 m.t wWi Mn George, visited Mrs Irs Price and MM
QUINCY FLORIDA I lives of every parent and child Munroe. Munroe a* hurtes Mrs L. U' Nellie Clark In Itllmm, Us, or call or writeP.
and make all of us treasure. Ueprecious Willis prwtrted In the absence Sunda,. O. Box 305. Tallahassee, Flcr, Ph. 2210669
Next Door to B&H Construction Company gift of love.Sincerely Golden Agers' of Mrs. M. B. Bates, Jr., chair Mr and Mri M. D. Bates, Jr,
G. O. and, Virginia Barnett man. Mn L. L Willis gave b-rt Friday fur i>.iu.. '.....

Attend Meet the devotional and MU Marguerite
Hendrix give tile lea
sun There WIre nine present
The Golden Age Club, which Circle I met with Mn Carl Does the Postman

beetj JJal i was organised lad Thursday st llaienburg a. '*"-.... Mrs. R.
Jveaven 'the Garden Center net MilsTuetday. B. Lester, Jr., chairman, pnsldtd .
Thursday there were Mn Fred Klbilka gave
approximately 10 In attendance' the devotional and Mrs. Carl Save YOU Time ?

Canasta and other game were, fryer gave the tenon, There
Invites You To I enjoyed Donn James and mere 10present.Circle .
bers of the Garden Club me"'I' His met with Mn Oho
ed with the entertalmng.Refreshments Edwards ss koeteM. Mrs. Everett ;
I were served chairman, presided c
from the dining room table M-J. A. Knell gave
Come See The Glory which was centered br an arrangement the devotional and Mrs. S M. i

I of Pink Perfection: I heroes gave the lonon. Then IIo'll do it gladly, as part of
camellias wen 1$ members pretent.
The Tuesday meeting was Circle Seven met with Mn his Job when you pay your
of Spring! I ala s satires* and each Tuesday
'win be the meeting tin*, weekly bills by sending our bank
ss that day suits members Mason Music
better than Tnundai C checks through tho mail
It'. like a flower Garden our hundreds of distinctive hats In aD colon I Anyone who leas related the COMPANY

oi the rainbow will excite and delight you by the world's most famous wonderful age of slat, Is lurried 14 L Washington Street '

designers 1 men and womrr ay You save all tho hours
Time, Tuesday afurnoan*, PIANOS ORGANS ,
rats, Qi met Garden Club. spent trudging from place to
Band Instrumentsand
Mr. John Jr.
I It Is more: ;....., W term. place standing in line wait
of replacement tows, for ae Accessories ,
afq Henry Margu employer to fir s problem for change.
a I. drinker with several years es- Home Ph.t MA 7-6705
Quaker Maid pertnwe on the Job than to
'offer him the moral support of Open Mee. Ties. Wed, Frt
f Your cancelled chocks are
-,, Betmar I' the company and finrt hiss to 4 w4pa-Ai Day Sal

:' and ,trevtm.nl. legal proof of payment, too,

and safer to usa than cash.


Gas BOB?** Prepare It Better .
INTRODUCING: 019 CassinTs First Mffliaery Collection: oee ol the iarenxwt Water Heaters

designers In America DOW lends his talent, his flare to new dramatic, young
smart millinery. \ lalrse& Get roar conrenlent, ttm..a v1nQ bunk checks

Healers Ij here. Open A Checking Account now .
II'. worth a visit just to see this Much Talked About selection oi LadieeMiHInery. Notre Woken ( ) ::

Among the large m the US. RCA Whirlpool Dryers CITIZENS BANK .

ICA WWpool seed *

2 ctj ida Jli Kcrre BeMaeraVM COOK WITH GAS : AND TRUST COMPANY *

Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. .
L WasViiQtosi Street Ovincy florlda
111 East Jefft **_t Tallahassee. Florida Telephone 627-6034 Qulncy'i Only Insured Bank

ly t ; 'i



Jf 4 *

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Y fya Y'u
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,' <<" "'1" > { .",1&1' ll F
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''I ::1 ,


} "
: -- r
...' -


,'. \., THE POWER TO STAY I I ; t.f ", '

An anchor poems like dead weight, doesn't it? I .,a ':,,:
J '
I i But what mariner would sail without It? For an anchor is not dead weight. I ,".,

,. It commands the tremendous force of gravity in a wild, raging sea. It can grip solid } f : '"" '

'' land to fight driving wind or swirling current! ) '.
,\' .
A few men have thought they could go farther faster without religious faith i iTl I

until the squalls found them drifting helplessly on bitter shoals! .

God gate us forces of motion and progress. We see aspire acLIe\e. :;j

.'.,,, ,,. 1".5' But the power to go is treacherous without the power to ttay. j j I fL_ ;

So God gave us the Truth our churches offer every human heart. I .....:.'
I .. R' ...;.. .. = . I
i t.. : That Truth' Is man'g spiritual grip on the enduring the, eternal I .e

t' i


: Church If the greatest factor larly and .upport the Church. They ,. :
: on wrth for the btiMmt of charac an: (1) For hi* own aaka. (2) For : .
: fuooloodcltiHn8hip.JU..lore-.children'take (3) For the sake I"r'
y .' I houM of spiritual value Without a of his community and nation. (4) ,'
the lake of the Church itself : >
: strong Church, nciUwr democracy For
b...: 1.,:, ...' : nor civilization can lurvivr. Then which needs hu moral and material .
r-"'"", '" :' art four aound reaaon why every lupport Plan to go w thurch-regu-
: should attend iervlce larly and read Bible daily. -- .
r rye : person regu your ," \
: : \ = ,:
., : Cq-orIPU964,K..t< rvli.,Ina.Stmburf,Va. $ : ". a

: Sunday Monday TUefld"1 Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
'\ : Faalma John Acta Romans II Corinthians II Timothy Ifebrews ; f\ '
.cO::1.18 :25-35: 16::1.10 :8.15 :1.18: :8.20: :9.20: )' ,
,\ ( : 1.W: ,

I ,j '"',. ,..:. ,-< "\ ,
,. : yr1fU,,.,>
.. .aaaaA
1,r w tierfaaatalaararalrrararrararatrrrrrrrlrrrrrrraaarlraralal rrararaaaarrrarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrralalrrarrrrrar .rrrrlrararlrrrrrrraarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrararrraaarrrr

I II .:';" I I

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Hydro Gu 4 !2 Little league RegistrationRCtstreUan right one'" I Increase In three-oar flmlliea.1
RECREATION Manning Taylor S 3 wUl continue to Have you noticed the beautiful Already three-car households
CraU OU Co. 0 8 be open for all youngsters planning camellias on the tables at number 1,800,000 In the United
GOLDEN AGE CLIB to play Little League baseball the Jefferson House' No, they States Fletcher
NEWSBy The Quitter Golden Ap Club this spring and summer AROUND havent added Sawdust" to the I n view of the history of au Company
will begin this week meeting The Little League program will placemats yet.PLEASE tomoblle sale, It seems absurd ,
Done James every Tuesday afternoon from again consist of two leagues The PLEASE TAKE to talk of a saturated marirt INCGREENSBORO
3 to S at the Garden Club Cen this season the Junior League NOTE The deadline for NEWS, The good product, the pro.gresslve
Ufa's Basketball ter on Weft Jefferson Street for 8 and 9 year olds and the SQUARE NOT AD' ERTISING, Is Tuesday store, and the lively'
Sim Mom: Thursday, Mar This program U being cosponsored Senior League for 10. 11 and 12 at noon There la one organliatlon community move toward expan,
the City Recrea year olds Mrthdate determln 81 Sub.r that has been sending anon and extension
J- Manning Taylor 56, Craig lion Department by and the Quincy ed as of August 1. In the news just about 11 Market expansion, neither for
Co., S3 Shell Oiler 58,
Oil 47. Garden Club for everyone 60 Uttle League games for the clock every Wednesday mom product nor store, can be sig --*--
Hydro Oat year of age and older. Senior Uttle Leaguers are expected log for the past month and the nifleant without aid of aderlalng .
Top Ten Scorer
Player, team TP The Golden Agers met lastThursday to begin by the latter The activities are really pick members are wondering bow Before they buy, people
part of April and not later than Worn come the news haunt been In must always feel some need
afternoon for the flratUm The Junior
B W. Goodson MT 200 Ing again .
the beginning of May. The up the paper Well, thai* how for' buying More .utoml.hU".
is at 1
T, F. on, SO 179 with some 28 In attendance an a Club Kashon| Show "Wesi Gadsden's
Junior League will probably cum. furniture, foods,
O. Joyner, HG 198 with most expressing an clock today at the Woman new prepared Largest
begin after school la out for that the better housing sold
L. Jones, HO 151 enjoyable limeDifferent Club, the Quincy High ,chool Someone remarked only
the summer Concert la tomorrow bunch at the Times office Is an after the consumer has heard or
SO Band Spring
R. Lemleux
123 types of program others InterestedIn audttorium All.American crew Not sure read how and why a change
CO Parents or night at the school -
S. Griffin
112 and social activities will be
R Parramore, MT 108 planned from time to time managing or assisting In our and the Girl Scout Jam what he meant exactly but w'e would benefit him Source of Supply'1Building
L. ParrUh, HG 110 even a covered dish dinner 1* Little League Program are urged lor Horse Show ta Saturday at, sure are All. h'iglnal\ Selling a retail store is much
1, Wells, SO 110J. on the agenda for the near fu to call the Recreation Department Woodward a Green Pasture Ftolle jrantham, the lead the same as selling a second
Goodson, COM 71 lure City Hall care Donn Farm rain or shin. Julia teacher In our little Sunday and third automobile to a famIv .
White, SO nrln.1 Tall come and talk over the James, 8277681 Woodward says School class, asked the boys and The retailer who assumesthat
girls what they had to be thank he has reached
a peak la
Second Half Standlnia good old times with your Politics are picking
Team Won Lout friends we believe 'ou'll Social Security And isn't It fun We liPno'l ful for during the wrek One likely to find his sales falling,
111 fellow sighed, "friday
retailer who wishes
Shell Oiler S 1 hate fun politicking other day The to
we got home we found cards camo take a place of growth In an
Information from politicians who had called And while on the subject Clf expanding economy exploits his
teachers I was privileged to unique advantages to expand
on us
t "Manv folks think the only While on the subject of politics attend the Jsxves Bosses Night But he la not likely to rea<..h his Materials
reaton they should write or someone asked a publicservant Banquet last week As all of new market unlesa he makes
you know, Sats Lainar was effective use of advertising
call the aocUl security office lao
If was running
claim ," remarked anyone named "tiad.dcn County Outstanding The consumer muM be const ant.
payments against him "Well, Iota say 1
Young Teacher of the Iy reminded of how and why a
Walter Kehtie. social securitydistrict but
'have a lot of no
manager, In Tallahassee, opposIUont! \tear Other teachers, who received particular store may bent serve
opponents aa yet.
In an Interview yesterday "The I Adrian Anderson just brees- nomination and weretpeclal him. Farm and Builder'sHardware
truth li, he continued, "everyone guests at the banquetwere ---
should know first what pay. ed In and said he hadnt' decldrd Mrs Peggy Maw, fourth STRAIGHTENS BARNS
yet what office he II seek
menu can be made and whento but he'll give VI a clue anyday grade military teacher, Mrs at Small Quincy Allison tie-,1 Mount Juliet, Tenn, Pate
claim them. This la Just ai .
now, Carver 77 an unumal orupatlon
special education te 'her al
Important In planning for the .
Sorry about saying the Jun he straightens lean.log
Munroe Sad
George Mrs
future ai are health and IIleinhurllk. Mary ,
.:' Ion Woman Club la renovating ler, fourth grade teacher at bams
the upstairs of the Wornuns Greensboro, and Mrs Maillyn' When he was a young man he
Thoughtful people now ask, Club for a children reading Campbell, moist studies teacherat straightened a small building
ahead of time, about old.age, room It la the south room of ChalUhoochee: High! I hat was swaying and enjoyingthe
survivors and disability pay. the QUINCY PUBLIC LIBRARY Believe this Is enough fur the work, he began the businessof FertilizersAll
menu from social security barns, *
Thought that picture week. Bye.bye! COllea<'k to straightening
They pass the Information on looked like the upstairs of the sae me Carver says he straightens
to their dependent because they Jbrary Helped up there myself I --- about a down barns a year and
YEUOW realize that the aortal security yean ago when 1 was on never lost a barn meaning
taxes they pay are building protection he Library Committee one rallapsed under his work. Types
COKER 71 HYBRID i for the future This farmer who II also a
CORN I "While It Isn't always con county commissioner on Die j I
I lenient for busy people to take side was telling about his (Shade Tobacco Formulas
Prolific line away from woik for i visit two sons' dilemma the other otofrti HAULINGTRUCKING
Very to the office Kehoe aald, motnlng One was milking the l
Ideal ear and stalk height for there are many ways to get InFormation COW and the cow put her fort IJ"JintJJ
Custom Mixed
about social security In the milk bucket The othersaid )
mechanical harvesting Free booklets are available on "Why don't you put a lid I
request These give general In onh.. bucket
Premium quality grain formation about social security, Was pressured Into pulling By lIul"' ALL KINDS Let Us Quote Prices
facts about disability payments, the following: ln.l A Sign of
J Resists drought, weevils, storms I help for self-employed businessmen the Times A local politico Automobile builders continueto and Distance
wife reached rather rant Into her Long
! and farmers, and much surprise pessimistic economists <
Consistently high yields 'more Also, questions can be purse to give a "voting card to by Increasing sales whereno Furniture Insured
answered over the telephoneand a friend Pulling out the first market seems to exist
Coker 71 it numey-mahV corn..Plant it! by :tall" one she put her hands on -.. Prosperity of the pant ten Fertilizer and Lime
Kehoe Invites the public to without looking at It she remembered years la due In large part to the Sam Hutley
make uoe of the facilities of hurriedly that she Increase In two<.r families Approximately
the district office, "OUr most tad a number of dlff.rentlot- 12 million households
important job 1* to help the ng cards In her fUt: "Oh' let In the United Mates' now
t PEDIGREED SEED COMPANYHARTSJVIUI me see did you the MAin 76433S. Service
folks In this area keep up with use" two automobiles. Ten years Spreader
I SOUTH CAROLINA their social security," he ...Id.A ago the number was approximately
representative from this of ,1 a.m., to assist persona In fit one third u much
I let will be at the Courthouse log a claim or wanting other But now motor company eieculives .
Cotton Plant Coker Carolina Queen In Quincy every Monday of Information concerning social feel that a new spurt ADAMS ST.
I a----as-----sso----r sae 'each month from 9 30 a m. to security matters in sales may be traced to an

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I COMMENT ON SPORTS I One Minute cart.18lh green 1 understand, pulling Francis that lltUr hid lHIt{ 9. ( :ff ; Tips On Cooking A President FITNESS Johnson DIRECTOR III'

company Saturday evening and ''''' '';
PHYSICAL FITNESSBy Ie1_ for effective InterMtional Sports Quiz bad I hard time entertaining, : lts: !MAo.' taU's"J".N'ESSfJ.!! VegetablesBy Muilal!, retired base

Pole FritokieWashington. com petition. because he couldn't keep ..w.ke.1You ,,,", Co. "".,..... .. 0_ ,' to head th* government
D. C. Pre d. 1. Who I* the new pitching had better watch Chicken i ( II: :": ti'_ Jack IloraaDon't deal fitness program. II
dent Lyndon Johnson's appointment In the recent winter Olympic coach of the New York Francis lit'i pretty slick on the j; destroy the vitamin C I
.. in coeds Bud wh
of Stan Muiiial to replace game, it wa apparent how Yankee? tint tHo 00 your fresh vegetables by Wilkinson

Bud Wilkinson a* national phyairal poorly! organized we are 2. Where ire the Yankees Reader Inquire a* to why to Panama where their leaders cooking with sod, warn home signed to enter politic t
fitness director was a In recent year the NCAA there 1* trouble In Panama, in had already created Ill will demonstration specialities with
waster stroke In the field of and AAU have been constantly 3. Sandy training Koufax recentlysigned Graveside Rites Vietnam, in Zanzibar *t al et against the U.s. as a bargainIng the Florida Agricultural Extension Muslal U now vice presid
politics.Muelal. at lomrerheads. The fight with the toe Angeles al, and et al. The basic problemIs tool to get more money. But Service. of the St Louis C.dIna1a.NOTICE .
I.I probably more the makingof that perhaps too many In the they bad succeeded in keepingthe To serve tasty vegetable with-
U at the height of the NCAA than the AAU Dodger What la hi* For Mrs Shaw 89, U. S. Stale Department are mob In check However the out losing the valuable nutrient,
fame, I II the Idol) of many a and it may be that the NCAA's reported salary : avid television viewers Castro-Kremlin agents built on cook them as quickly] u possl da.a age eaAa AMe
youngster (and oldster). He lack of cooperation with the 4. What two Australian tennis At 4. Today j c. this heals. further exciting the bl* In a* little water a* need
wee a popular choice and will AAU I Ie responsible for many player were dropped p.m. 0* TV the poor, wretched Panamanians, ed to keep from scorching the
command respect and cooperation from the 1M4 Davl Australian I no doubt helped by good, strong Pressure
of our trouble 1004 p, pan cooking or steaming av Jane ju sea
Davl tervtoe will
from American. NCAA Cup team A graveside wins cheap Panama rum. are other recommended
epokeemen think they 8. Catalut Clay the conducted for Mrs. D. A. .
won e
H* will not have the author could handle the athletic The "bad methods for cooking vegetables.The ,
program world heavyweight boxing Shaw 89, at 4 o'clock this afternoon It seems apparent the Panamanian
solve taak
ity to major facing better and perhapethey p ys" un a yepes specialist suggest that you TERMITES ,n
D* on the snort* scene, as a nation i chtmplooiihlp from Sonny; it the Old Philadelphia ap with loveraneat did Mt cook potatoes and root
can Certainly our Olympiceffort Liston. Who In Quincy with Dr.I I I want things U far. Tale vegetables
unfortunately the task was heavyweight Cemetery a multitudef ge se In their sklni, and keep WORK ALL YEAR
I have left something to champion beforeUaton7 U. S. Gordon and the Rev la evidenced by the fact thatwhen
of building sound bat other
a brn.dl be deetred. We do well In I fans vegetable in large pieces
Bronaon Maine offldatlngMri tea Caitr agitator were ROUND
athletic training which la the end the I while cooking to cal
program retain
track and field In which the theirnatural
Shaw, the former spotted by UJ. security' offleers. -
104 gay"
would the nation's ait-h vitamin '
prepare college have a broad program The Answer Beaali Love of Quincy, pawed dee set the Panama military and mineral
But we are no longer winning 1. White, Ford. away Tuesday evening in the ..h..t. tort force did not hesitate to take
the largest number of medal. 2 Ft Lauderdale, Florid Alachua General llonpiUl in threw away-e. W.-Harder them Into CDlted,. Thus, It. The test of sincerity I* the
even In the summer games because '3: S70000 Gainesville after a abort Illness his weapra sni armed enly was purely a ease where f... willingness of an Individual to for the sake ef yew be* e
we are so weak In other 4. Roy Emerson and Ken She was ( member of with vlrtae me his Bat terliaatlse eli* potltlcUni, hoping to gain do something without compen-
field A national physic fitness Fletcher the GalnwvUle Womini Club, the "bad guys" who dollars sowed the wind and -itlon
program, aimed at achlev 5 Floyd Patterson. Garden Club, DAR and the Ihea see the error of their way*. reaped the whirlwind.
ing broad participation would Flnt Presbyterian Church In But that Is TV. While vlrte see
help correct this. Gainesville may triumph M TV H I* M- And Immediately domestic
But for such an effort to Funeral service will be conducted fartunatelntersaUosalrelatlossde crackpot who tried to ....b-
succeed the nation need a program at 10:30: this morning not e.olt work that way. lids the Castro loving assasiln
someone with authority; Bits And In the Firs Presbyterian seeThe of a President. was motivatedby !
a right wing Bought to sell
Church In Gainesville with Dr. Incident is
to regulate it, and a practice Panama a Idea Americans
were roiponslbls -
I form of financial support for i U. 8 Gordon officiating perfect case history. The governing for the murderous attack
expenses, which would Include Pieces Mri. Shaw was the daughterof clique of Panama has a e .
Mr. Archibald B. Love and wanted to bootjack" a I
travel arid boardRCAViCTOR long
Rome have tried to establishthat
Rebecca J. Hollaman Love, one bigger cut out of the canals TO ALL
It wa wrong for American
BY HUTCH 01 the pioneer families Gads- revenues. On the basis of sound
yeungitor t* take pride In the
den County.; business, they have no argument America gag Bom have tried
She was married to Mr. Daniel So they conveyed to their
Since Adrian Anderson announced to Impute by maintaining decent
SPECIAL SNOWING In last week G.d. Alexander Shaw who withMr. people, a poverty stricken, excitable living standard V.S. officials HOME OWNERS
mob with a high degree
den County Time that he Pat Keeter organized the la Canal Zone enrage
would be a candidate in the Shaw and Keeter Motor Co. in of illiteracy, that somehow Panamanian. Thes, to avoid
their national honor ll Involved.
I Gainesville In 1924Mn .
forthcoming primary and this alluaUoB, they toe should
e dldnt specify what office he Shaw wa very active In ace live like peon
would seek) he and your truly lurch work having taught h dealing with Caalre XJ.I. e Wed. 11964 1
have been plagued by folks Sunday School for 68 years has compromised, paid out rise And so the dory I II repeatedall April
i wanting to know what wa up. Survivors Include three lom, feeling virtue wDl reap over the world wherever ,
MIS After considerable arm twisting daughters, Mn J. M. McClam- rewards. Over In the Kremlin there are dollar hungry, politicians
be let me know Monday that, roch. and Mrs. A. E. Harp both they d* not watch American TV over illiterate peoples
> It would not be for sheriff the I of[ Gainesville, and Mn Vincent .. Cuba gave them a perfecteppertsnlty e Is The Lasl Day To File For
to train a lot ef Ignorant
county commission county Flack of Pciham N. Y.; seven There Is a time to negotiate,
.I grandchildren and four great sealots bow to rah and a time to stand firm Whenever
judge or prosecuting attorneyII
ether thaw the kmd.e .
randchlldren cane miar gangsters Inflame an nirt-
riOlaraproof \ asked that I put a "clue' In HOMESTEAD
this week column a* to what I The family requests thatoweri .5 crate mob force, not lotto, I* EXEMPTION!
RCA High Fidelity be omitted So some of these trainee go needed to preserve peace.A .
Color Tub bring otfice b* would seek, but I have The Butler.Morgan Funeral !J N'-,nseeoe!- .........
Your I good
no clue. guess a*
you a picture to sharp, to home was in charge of local
true, you have to *.. It to M a* mine, I rrangemente.
believe It. Supsr.pow.rful
Edna and I attended the state -NEW--
New VI,.. VH' Tuner. H
meeting of the Florida Press
24.000.yolt (factory ad- t0 Seems n Association In Winter Haven Large Group
Jutted) chattls., Depend ) over the weekend. And did they
able Space Age Sealed, Cir roll out the red carpet. Dick Attends Garden
cuitry. Twin Duo-Cone Pope, chairman of the board of
speakers deliver rich Cypress Gardens, went all out HOME OWNERS
"Golden Throat".aound.I to see that we bad a good time. Club MeetingThere
He staged a special water show
.w+w i iYra. for us, long with a cocktail was a large attendance

party and a big dinner follow .t the General Meeting of the MUST APPLYIN
ing, and then had Jack Bailey, Quincy Garden Club Tuesday

.. star of the television program, evening when Barry Ottlnger
w ta..atda. "Queen For a Day" to say a poke and showed slides on his
555.5. 5.oe. r
few word Jack although he recent trip to Europe. The pree- PERSON
was unaware that he would be dent, Mia Evelyn McDonald

I THE MOST TRUSTED NAME IN TELEVISION called upon to speak, talked for presided Mn Lanier Richardson 4-
about thirty minute and kept opened the meeting with a<.
u* laughing the whole time lie prayer
Introduced his boss, the president Mr. Ottlnger was Introducedby
of Queen For A Day, and Mrs Douglass Brooks, program ALL PERSONAL PROPERTY RETURNS AND

In making the presentation said chairman, Ills talk was INTANGIBLE RETURNS MUST BE FILED IN
that the man wa* an atheist enlightening and highly inter '!
TABLE TV VALUE That U, h* was a Christian estlng He told a great deal i1' ORDER TO AVOID 10% MANDATORY

Scientist but they kicked him bout Russia In particular, The PENALTY
out of the church. They aught slides he made while on his
him taking an aspirin. Bailey trip were colored and very AT
said ood, THE

During the social hour, the
Those of you who have never Daffodil Circle served tiny biscuit attronaui Leu.teoanColiI. John ]I. Glenn Jr. look on, TAX ASSESSOR'S OFFICE
I been to Cypress Gardens, especially with aaunage and ham, Kenneth Cohen (17),Trenton New Jersey,President of Key Club
More Ir'BDpls' at this time of year, sour cream cake, apricot balls, International (right) receives a top Freedoms Foundation Award
Ow i. have misted a beautiful eight cookies and coffee. from pluKennrth D.Well,President of the 1 recdom Foundationat
'VIC Th orange trees are In full The dlnnlg table which was Valley] For! The Key Club award cam for the o lIDiIalion'* COURTHOUSE BASEMENT
Rap <__ well d.thelll'I covered by a white linen cutwork 186S them* "Fulfill mouvmm' Challenge It was presented ail
: I
%OtLer djU: ': : cloth was centered by a Valley Forge ea February 12. Key Club I* a Hrh School boys'enrlce 4 I
Te2e vision. flowers and the water show Is teautlful arrangement of deep| I organization sponsored by Kiwanii International. It number QUINCY FLORIDA
,, Just out of this world. Next rose camellias. Spring flowen 67,000 member in 2700 United State and.Canadlan high.
In Blaok.andWMteI Urn you're down that way be were effectively arranged on chool*.Glenn,himself,wa a top award winner Tewy J. McPherson Tax AssessorDiazinon I

I cure to visit Cypress Gardens the buffet and mantel
or Color You won't regret M. On the living room mantel
We attended the Prem Review were twin arrangement of Iris
at the Citrus Exposition Interspersed with other spring a
Saturday night Most aU of the owen.
candidate for governor and The entrance was highlighted

other statewide office were by an arrangement of muma and y g x ,,t+a rrku
present and many of them were lads which were tent by Mr.
really lampooned In a skit on A. D. Wall
fa.eatreae.n.aHaM the stage following dinner. The meeting wa held In the
Saw Scott Kelly and his wife Magnolia' Circle room which
while there Scott said hie campaign was beautifully decorated by
RCA VICTOR Mwvistd TV wa progressing real well. Mra. B. D. Blackwelder and
I talked to several of the newspaper Mn Henry Johnson Twin arrangements -
people from over the of delicate pink yr
.23 tube (overall dlag) 282 sq. In. picture state and heard a lot of nice glad Interspersed with button
things said In Scott favor. spires and flowering peach
VHF Tuner
e Super-powerful New Vista And they dldnt know that Each circle had pretty decorations

.22,500 volts of picture power (design average) I Scott and me were both from In their rooms.
Quincy. Down there everyone
e Extended-range Duo-Cons speaker think. of him a* being a Polk
Sealed Circuitry County man. Had a notice in Mrs. Fisher Williamsis
Dependable Space Age
this morning' mall Informing
Hostess At
me that Scott would be In Quincy Bridge

and Wait Florida the latter Mrs J. Fisher William .
$189.95 With Trade entertained
part of next week. He will.pe.k her bridge club yeaerday .
the Courthouse here
( afternoon at her borne.
morning, March 19 at
Lovely arrangementa of spring!
,,1030. I trust that a large crowd flowen were in the living and
will be there to welcome him. dining room Fruit and greenery .

MACK'SRADIO were In the den and potted
Cart "Chicken" Fowler plant were In the Florida room.
me Monday that he had An extra table of player wa

& TV SERVICE new sucker *t the golf course. Invited In honor of toga James
Said that Francis McCall showed Kite of Madison V*., who la
up lant Saturday and played visiting Mn Douglass Brooks
507 East Jefferson Street for played at) 18 hole He described Winners of high and low received
Frank complexion as novelties Mn Kite wa
MAIn 7-6606 being the color of the rainbow remembered with a personal article
when he reached the halfway .
i mark up that long hill to the Guests playing with th. club
I -
--'-- were Mr: Brooks, Mrs: Kite,

Mn Lanier Richardson, MnPierce
Williams and Mn R.
H M. Davidson
At conclusion of three
I Pontiac Tempest has a new 6 OJPjj tnat* smooth, quiet, economicaland an attractlv eparty progmalons. -
plate wa served.most .

140-hp strong.! Rut we Know it wont be just right for tf)body.

HORRID stops the wireworm threat to young tobacco

So we also offer a try, >.try'Igorous V-8 tfflgLft 326 cubic inches AGE SPOTS*

Plant after plant, row iflrr row-vigor- at* broadcast!my DM In all bioailtevl

Up to 280 hp. Modest extra cost. 4 out your! tobacco prove !the value ofDiannon treatment immediately after application.
Intecticld for wireworm And, there Hill another way to protect
r.a eeJacrbody'S
control. your young tobacco hose wireworm,
A smile application of Duuinoo 'let add Diaunon SOW to yoiar _ans-
made brfcxe the truck begins, ,knock plant water.ffectrvmw.

out wirewormv, They don't let a chance: [ pits wkly
to feed on rows or bore Into tender
You can count on Dtumoei to help vow
"11M. Control effecftveneu
outvandIng -
crop thrive and grow right through the
VouH tn the result in Wrong young
critical when
early period wireworm
tramplanti' a more uniform stand.Cairo .
AOITNIMOUTi HWealKarW damage can be dnatlrous. And you CM
brmn spot I t Hon ) wirewornieM.rMtUitf or not count on Diaiinon to do ..* fob uMy
the surface of your You can depend on Duunon insecticide without haurd to human and anifttak -
.hands and face tell the world yearn to solve .
-,KlUX before you red your wireworm problem -even }. without huard M (he crop.
sew Fade them away with a*, tf !the wwwwonm have developed mM- Ask your supplier far the Dtarmaslamglatmes
ESOTCRICA. that 1MCI1fttecft'Mr awe to one of the soil Inaectioda wed you need ..and start theeeest
that breaks up inaawa al piemen! In the past HinMo-kiD
wwtworms are n without about .
I worm w ewo
makes handa look kit
UM akin *orowns
e* v to control with Dutlnon. di"" ..
I afiia. Equally .fteeune wi (A
are neck and arm Not a eover-u The problem of wwewwm mhtanre Gels AgrtmHwJ Oemk JiDMionofOigy
Acts la the akin-*M oa It Frtfrtnneaatleei Continue to spread In alt the Important Owmical
base--Inc.lutWtaol' tobacco __ Where .H wtl Corpnranon, Saw MJ
happy crap ? the
ing silo a* It Mean up thoe elm River load, Ardtlry,
aMa At WwliM drug and touetieunters. season eanl be predicted. So why take a
U plus...II ,...bane*then chance plan on really dependable
.nwaluic brow spew MotcKn : ptoeecttuet with Duzinon.Chooae ;
k? MI sans iji m w ak>. .Gtgy.
see your' asthorM Pasties dealer for t vile chow of WioVTracU sad good sod on, toe. :* ciOTERICA. At all rune Stor. yew Mntrol ewTnad

..'- You Can expect b control of winwormawhen
CROUCH'SREXALL you apply Duimon J to 4 week
ahead of franplanhrtf Iroadcatf freowtng .

FRYER SMITH MOTOR CO. DRUGSQulncy standard Dvumnn granular UC applicator.granules. Or with apply any Diazinon--

either Dw.lInOtlSOW Dvulnon ; .
or AC 500 a
J2 East Jefferson Strt t QUINCY. FLORIDA Florida

I, o .

- -




have one before that dale How Augustine grass lawn more
v I safe and reliable such plane than three Inches thick In tratch 40000.00 Fund
THE prove to be la I matter of con 'beaten serious damage to the
"Super-Right" Heavy Western Beef : jecture turf may remit.Vertlcuttlng Received Here
In the pant our beat and mOM
FARM opens up the
Pilit'lrenoport turf and allows the sun to warm Slate Comptroller Ray E.
planes hens been developed on
he soil which stimulates root Green stated on March 5 that
STEAKH. FRONT the basis of military operationand
tests, and this/ actlvtty and causes faster green- checks for 140,000 from the racetrack
UM testing has procommeretal made- up of gran A drawback to th.IItlt'r.lloo tax fund are being milled
3Y DOYLE CONNER.COMMISSIONER planes trustworthy enough to la that Yl'rUcuttlnllexpIIII" to each of the 67 counties,
seed to tsvnrableconditions
gain the confidence of prospective The Comptroller Mid total
FLORIDA DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE paaitengen. could for develop germinationwhich Into a serious paid to counties to data for theI'Ulftnt
! SALE .' Not wanting to be caught weed problem. fiscal year li 132000.
.; 1 I asleep at the switch In the event This U .n Increase of 114,000
tie been witching for somr the new type supersonic really After vertlcuttlng, sweep or over the Mm period last year
rake the loose thatch and clippings when earh receive
report concerning possible ef position to any attempt at cut perform satisfactorily and with county more
feet of the Prod reasonable from the lawn The grass than $206,000, the it
In Florida flog off this labor source, California reliability and safety .
Close Trimmed dent's proposal to reduce Uie farmer have decided to such aviation leaders M Boeing should be mowed closer than amount produced In rf
Fresh Ground CLUB Your Choice I U S, Department of Agrlculhire's lace up to "realities" and doe Lockheed, and North American usual leaves have- especially been killed when frost the of the race track U
budget by more than on something about It now An in- are waking up airframe
BEEF Boneless MinuteCUBED BILLION dollars In the coinIng ensh* recruitment program for designs and engine? designs at In areas of the state where the. FIRE IV FREEZER
fiscal year starting July I. qualified domestic worker .bone ,a development cost of around grass remained green throughout
The most Important result, I of their objectives. !a billion dollars.Because the winter, mow at regular Santa Barbara, Calif. WhenHenry
3 Lbs. believe, has to do with screws As reported recently In The I of the intent heat height Uuwi found blmaelf
$1.00 Now I locked Inside food freezer ata
c and .la of special Interest a good time to fertll- a
worms Parker,
Close Trimmed ,7 California slat om.rl.l. generated at such high speed
tee, say Horn, whether your restaurant, he built a fire
to Florida's livestock Industry .
have been asked to make some engineers see tough hart
yard has been vertlcut or not out of the wood crate
T-BONE I a survey of labor need. county arda to overcome It ls believed It the lawn haa been vertlcut It turned out not to be such
'Super-Right"' As reported In the March by county, crop by crop and that stainless steel or titanium ertlllie right away. A complete a good Idea for when one nt
Baq Bone In Issue of Farm Journal I saving month by month Information will have to be used One fertiliser, or one that eon the empluyel opened the door
SIRLOINBoneless of some $650,000 annually Is tr to be gathered also on, progress heard facing the SST Is probable -alna nolrogrn, phosphorous and he found Lope warm but .t.
:, SAUSAGELb.Bag35c I expected by dropping the screw- of mechanization, and what structural fatigue Friction potaulum la nented A 1-I-I consflous from too much amok.
lb."Super.Rlqht" ( 1 worm Inspection stations along domestic workers will expect of the air on wings and fuselage ratio mixture such ..11.11-11. 8.8-8 Lopes recovered after boas
1 the Mississippi river to the In wages, housing, transporta l with attendant thermal{ or 10-10-10( Is recommended for pltal treatment
TOP ROUND Gulf. Th. stations were activated ion etcHigher. tresses also there I* the possibility turf this lime of the year ..
In 1959 to protect Southeastern of metal
labor cost are expected creep Laboratory Fertilise at the 1'.1. of 20
slates from another Invasion and grower want the tests will have to he much pounds of 866, IS pounds of
by tat deadly peal I survey to Include Information more extensive and far more 8-8-8, or 12 pounds of 10.10.10 READY MIX
Close Trimmed Rib 79cLIVER Florida has been
Beef relying on about agriculture ability to costly. per square f crl of I.'n. A high
those Inspections to prevent meet them Some observers be- While etch planes may be anahsla fertlllnir .. 10.10.10 la
screwworms from getting another lees adoption of a universal domestic built and flown by 1870 or 71 a lather buy, but It may burn CONCRETECONCRETE
Boneless Shoulder Swiss. 79c foothold her whore they labor program I. practically moat authorities fl't'llhal another the turf upon application' Peletlred -
can survive through the winter certain to result In higher 10 years or more of actual feillllters reduce the
; Lb. 49c and spread northward again prices at wholesale and ...- operation will be nrcessar to chance of burning *
Boneless Full Cut Round. 79c It cost u. several million/ dollars all levels for fresh fruit and prove their safety and reliability Never apply a fertiliser to a
tend USDA an equal amount]) vegetable to the satisfaction of the lawn when dew la on the grass
to wipe them out In the cooperative N.vl'rth.ltM spokesman traveling public It I* a big or after you have watered. However -
1858-59.eradication program of roc the growers indicated their gamble with billions at Make. you should soak the soil

SAVE AT A&P1! SPECIAL! Cabot Briquet new program la a sincere rf- nunerilalely after fertilisationn BLOCK
Two subsequent outbreaks to ort on the part of agriculture SPRING Saab the fertilizer down Into
the north of us well attributed to help solve unemployment he root tone
to Infested animals from the problems In California and in LAWN Sine there are plenty of *fNtlv .
Southwest which somehow escaped other parts of the nation. CARE r herbicides on the market *
Charcoal 20 Lb. 79c detection at the PeeTheir labor recruitment Is By Jack llorsn today, there Is no twain for
Bag lion Un. Quick action by our expected to extend Into other' laving a weedy lawn. Condi- Oakland Concrete
Stets and Federal llwobxk officials states. Just as baseball players use luna are favorable now for ridding -
however, contained the th* warm spring month. to get your lawn of weeds with Products Company
outbreaks and prevented them At it* recent annual meets themselves back In shape, now tei bk-ldea. Us lot rate recommended A0* Bo* ck and
from .p..dln But every project ., the National Prvth Coun- Is a good Um. to put your lawn by true manufacturer.
SAVE AT A&PI! SPECIAL! White House like that ll costly ell was advised that Florida back In tip-top conditions says It you have more lawn and Job TaosnaoaKM
: j "comer" >In production of Dr. O. C Horn, associate turf grass questions sea your leanly MAk MOM
Screwwnrm eradication In peaches and nectarines, Fiords technologist with the Florida agricultural agent, concludes
southern Texas hat been doing i 's harvest r.n begin around Agricultural Experiment Matlona. .Inm .
.. .
13 Fluid a good job. But I don't think -
April IS, well ahead of Call-
Milk 6 77c enough! Urn has elapsed sincethe ornla, Georgia, South Carolina Dr Horn first recommends
Evap. i Os. Cans last cat was reported thereabout end Alabama, It was noted that gnat killed by front TIME TO WE HAVE .
IJl Ctn. Sob months ago, to give Those[ stales may drop theirs draught Inserts or diseases" ) l>evn. Paint
aasuranc that Florida and lh early varieties In favor of mid- should be removed and replacedby numbing nature
rest of the Southeast I* free ......n fruit. sod ar at (least sprigged, The Compute tin .f
of danger from that source. Aim mentioned was an Increase advantage of sodding that the I Building Matnl.l.I .
White Beauty Severs months more at teats In peach processing and l lawn 1s back In shape. Immediately .' I Alcoa Aluminum Roofing
Is necessary to make sure development of a new peach I O.Usnlwd Keoflng k Sidinglleiuaware
screwworms won't appear again concentrate now ready to mars March Is an excellent time to, k Gift
In southern Texas with the advent bet, to compete with orange verllcul, which Is cutting vertically Carey Asphalt Roofing
of warm weather. If they juice. Into the graaa Vertlcut- e Gold Bond Shoetrork
Shortening 3 Ib. 49cSAVE show up eradication efforts ting will thin the grave and REMODEL and Gypsum frediiet
Can must be stepped up.I TO the thatch Several Nportlng Goods h Farm .It tar
believe It Is too early to CLASSIFYa)' '* of vertlcuttlng machines BUILD Plus Hundreds *f Other
plan on dropping the Inspection re available I at your local garden
line. In fact, I don't think It TOO LATE supply afore .1 BELL & BATES HARDWARE CO.
should b* abandoned so long '1 However, Dr lien warns 1
screwwormi exist
between the By Russell Kay homeowners not to vertlcut Ht
Mississippi. and the Pacific, and
until a barrier along the Mexican You may think this Is a feet
border baa been proved ef moving world but our speed
Peach Pie Ui Lb. 39cEach fective to prevent permanently today, even In our fastest jet -'-
any re-entry from Mexico Into airliners will seem slow when .'
the Southwest new supersonic planes now on
the drawing boards have been i
California farmer;;; aren't going built, tested and placed In commercial
to wait for a labor trial to dewlap till. .AU New
Speclall! Del Monte Cream Style Special I Jane Parker when their supply of Mex- Writing In Science Digest
lean labor la no longer available James II. Winchester discusses
Golden Corn 3 J 49c Blueberry PielE h'49c after the end of this year. the plan of tomorrow and ..
,; The Bricero proa..11Public points out the lid that the Ant
Law 78) is due to aspire nex glo-French Concord, designed
I December 31.Re'ening to whisk. passenger from Paris THE HANDCRAFTED COlDRJ91Y1rH TVT
Special! Wisconsin Specloll Jane Parker; their. traditional op- or London to New V"rk in
Colored Cheddar Fresh Crisp three" hours la already out of
the design atage, The tab for ll* 1//
; BLITZENDEATH EkettJe $4)0: million coat la being picked -
Fresh Cheese Lb. 53c Potato Chips 49c BrUlah up jointly government by French, hoping and to )

be the first to put such equipment
In service and enjoy Uie
: attendant political and prestige : COLOR
r'i i advantage France's Hud Aviation
the British Aviation Corporation
II for flying Insects and Bristol Slddeley : People who know Zenith quality won't

t 50 STAMPS .I 1 ,are doing the developing and 1 settle 'er I legs thin Ztnlth Color
I --t OPu1ATI/ NO S3AI M building. 11
501 t.. CMIMICMTERRIFIC I While deflnll Information cato
: With this eoupou and purchaa .1 I MONTH what the Huaslana are doing miAOCUfffM
= oat raseserer.
14 Os. Belli A.tlupU. r 'f .. :n Mile direction Is nut known, it olllMkullMii
III rumored that they art well
I s LUterine 89c I advanced, possibly further ahead" tor UHP racapMe
J. Mi. Coupon ge4 thin Mar. ISUSSBKI than the Ango-Frenrh In the + plliil at aura
I production of an BHT-ttupersun- sost.
Garden Fresh GreenCABBAGE
1.....___..-.__._.__. J 10 Transport dt
Th United Mate ls admittedly
ii IHJ = lb. 5c behind In the rare but $459.95
r plans the awarding of a design
contract for Its own supersonicplan. :
I.. II PLAID 1!: and engines expected to

!. ", STAMPS : Luscious Red RipeSTRAWBERRIES 'k be superior to either tile llrlt- >Highlit OiilityStinififdil
or Russian designs
: 1
-I A
Aviation authorities ar not !
and purcbas*
: l too confident of actual operational

i iw'l"hle-. Pslcb Kosher Who). !! sure**. The subject lacontroversial ,_- __- ZENITH rATURIII
front UM standpoint
.. Pickles 3Sc : handwlr
: ; of safety and economic .- Genuine Handcrafted chassis e
:!! I. 1.le. Coupes I. tIIn Mar. II operation. ;:: Ha Printed circuits' No production shortcuts
.: .. ., I 3 cwt 8 9 While engineer and tertml- :.-=--- a Zsnltn Super Gold Video Guard Tuner*laoHH

L "'. rIrrrh1_-- ; 3 m ; Baskets C dan construct agree a that 1,400101.iNl tt la posslbl:* patented Color Demodulatealrwnry..

VALUE an hour passenger plan capable
: I of hopping the AJUntia in
i r..Iwt PLAID Fresh Mode Cole I three hour or I *., they sr*
.i.. 25 I. Bl I numerous unsolved problems

_::1 STAMPS SLAW 2 80z.29c Siory Electric clef that UM make of such wxmomle a plan eommer impracUcl. ",

Iii With this CWPOSJII Slid purchase *f "i Bags .
.. $- Os. tkfs. BMMt From i 1100 W. Jefferson St. Whit no actual target date STEWARTYOUNGBUILDING
!.. Chopped I Fresh Juicy SweetORANGES baa been set. It is expected the
new uperaonla plan will b
I n Turnips 34c QUINCY *
I ready for delivery/ In 1/70 ori

!!.3.2-4. Coupo* good.thro::. H.: >7l. .Some-.- belles.._- -. Jtuasla may


fffiWtaua---amml 5 Lb.Iii' 5 5 REPAIRING REMODELINGWe

lie G.hG PlAID !! Bag C

_I? "IA U" ofH "I= Fresh CrispCARROTS Offer Low Prices on Lumber Directly from Our Mill. Top Name Building

:mt With & a.d porthao* : I Lb.
I| I- S o7ca- ... .lark..U I Bag 9c Available at Prices. & Save at Southwest -
: D.... rnsH o* CholsUNut 49c Supplies Always Thrifty Shop, Compare,

i.II! J. til COSIPS Rolls* ,oW ...... Mar. HEel i: OillL Y.UowLEMONS Georgia's Largest Lumber & Material Dealer.

d Doz. 29c

l _...___..-......--

Beck Plain or Self-Rising Ann Page Tomato as
Grademorked Southern Yellow Pine framlno floor such cmq

MEAL W 29c SOUP 310 z.29 siding, paneling sheathing, etc. Wolmanlied Westlngbouse built-in appliances. Johns-ManfUle

pressure treated southern pin. boards framing & rooflnq, sheetrock moulding paint Armstrong cell*

flooring: Douglas Fir & other West Coast studs. metal window of ,
log & floor tile, roofing telltyp.l
Country Mill or See All Shortening Sore lOc beams, finish & paneling: Cypress paneling Oak door units plywood: bath fixtures in all colors..brick
flooring preiinished paneling In fine hardwood
many concrete blocks Formica Insulation etc.

SYRUP V 49c DEXO 53c species.

Financing Plans & Estimates Delivery Service Attractive Displays

,..i-hl" ,

Price is this ad or* good '

Chattahoochee Hwy. P. O. Box 93 Phone 24W720

thru Saturday March 14. BAINBRIDGE. GEORGIA




'. t",

, "' 0"



.. o-m. ."'". .. 1t41

"i ( "i "I. n"I'iI"'IltIf''I'tlj"/ / nfjj / I' I I "Dr.Goooto".cA _.

.C.waw ....TwMP PalwiA.M : 4waaw..- .4wa.w....... .yw.w MM --....-_.....-wnolw_



$AVg _ sore,... u.ro...... ra. When President Johnson, apparently
T e.PrR u. with method and only
Only the top grade of b So Government
l graded beef wean ..>eW I touch of mischief started cloat -

.0 shield Placed In temperature In various defense Installations

: controlled cooler, W.D beef to around the country, the squawks
ti\ II bounced off the Capitol dome
the of tender,
aged to wry peak
w In all directions He got hit re-
flavorful goodnetl by IIOtU..1 own ,llons and distress signal from
;v praceu while still fresh governors, Congressmen a q dtheir
eon tltuenta. Why ourbase
they cried. Our people
need the jobs (And time itcosts
the government up to $4.-
32D to retrain a man for anotli-
BEEPOIN er job, perhaps the objection
s. makes tome tense if the U. S.
must be responsible for supplyg -
In jobs) U.. must cut DUCK,
O STORES let'l close down the installation.
In tome other state '

Steak. What everyone wants It tohave
k LB hit cake and eat It too.
x Some persons are apparently
convinced that all It takes for
FUlL CUT BONELESS ROUND permanent prosperity It for Uncle -
Sugar to tax and spend, dls-
h Steak.88 pt."WIior hit largesse at the will
of politicians. The President
was going to tee whether the
merloan people are as devoted
BONELESS ROUND to governmental frugality a*
Smoked HAMS they claim to be, and he .It
Roast. tB. 88ANNIVERSARY finding that too many ire unable -
to resist the siren voice
that promisee something for
\ nothing. It it really a rare treat
I BONELESS SIRLOIN TIP OR RUMP when tome grass roots denizen,
BUTT ; Shank or a group of them, tell Washington -
I Roast 88 off on this point
I HALF Half Its t Tough Flint
I : A recent try was nude by
1Lt FRESH GROUND DAILY PEG 49 Publisher Alex Washbura 11Hope \
(note the Irony, Arkan
q,5 ...6. Gr. Beef 39MORTON .... Mr. Waahburn said he did
u. : not think building a new for the$500,000 poet officewoo federal -

necessary. Resident earl
Ier had rejected funds for a
street construction project. The
J9, BONELESS ROLLED PORK present three-story brick building -
was adequate, he contended
49 and he went about trying to get
Roast. "". ;
ZDOO names on a petition op.
SUNNYLAND FRESH PORK posing the construction Butthe
REG 45g
s 1 government has said It
39 should go ahead and tome el*
Sausage ;
menu in the town of 8389
1 greed) because post offices
REG 39< FISH FILLET have to be replaced every 50years. (
MORTON Chicken, Beef, Turkey Ham, Salisbury, Meat loot .

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to slow down federal spending -
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not know. But the argume,
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I' \ conflict with Communism and
SAVE 2J4* EACH EVAPORATED (Llmt 8 com please) 'DEWIV' : raised the question of losing to
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Other "pro" argument: the
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= SurelY someone could have explained -
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'orf ueAc should have been devoting
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not the arts.
50 EztraN:Green Stams The People Should SpeakSo
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time for our people to take
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SAVE 16 EACH DEEP SOUTH PEANUT ? time we decide where we Want
.1?. to go: toward the false Utopia
"' and the fiscal waste
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mend him But we recall that
AT ANY WIHN.DIXII no recent administration not
even the Congress when Mr.
1 John_ was one of Its powerful
leedert, hat exerted itself to.
ward sustained effortt to euro
r government spending We must
50 ExtnW Green Stinpi r r ; retail that it Is the non-defense
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hat has mushroomed aunt In
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