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THE PLAYERS: OFF TO A FUNNY STARTPage B1 September 13-14, 2014 Vol. 69 No. 40 An Edition of the Sun WEDNESDAY AND SATURDAY WWW.VENICEGONDOLIERSUN.COM FOR HOME DELIVERY, CALL 9412071300Good morning, Gondolier Sun subscriber Mary Kurrle FRONT SECTION OUR TOWN SECTION IN THIS EDITION COUPONS DEATHSLEGALS .......................................... 8A LET EM HAVE IT ........................10A LOTTERY ........................................ 2A OBITUARIES ........................... 5A, 7A OPINION ......................................10A POLICE BEAT .......................... 8AA SPORTS ............................... 12A4A WEATHER ...................................... 2A CROSSWORD ............................. 5B RELIGION ................................... 6B SOUTH TRAIL ............................ 4B VENUE ......................................... 3B CLASSIFIEDS COMICS TV BOOK USA WEEKEND Gabriella Chocolates ...............5A MRT Lawn ................................14A Twin Palm Chiropractic ..........5B Jane D. Artesiano Howard H. Becker James W. Burris James M. Douglass Genevieve Gordon PHOTO PROVIDED BY MARJIE GOLDBERGThis dolphin near the South Jetty in Venice was captured perfectly by photographer Marjie Goldberg as the dolphin caught a red sh in mid-air. Gold berg said she named the photo Kerplunking, which is the scientic term for when a dolphin slaps the sh out of the water with one of its tail ukes to stun the sh. Goldberg sells her photos as part of Marjie Goldberg Photography. This photo and others can be purchased at http://marjiegoldberg7693. Here Facebook page can be found at: DelightVenice Council Member Jim Bennett warned the city this week of a sleeper agenda item on a transportation board that could theoretically jeopardize all federal transportation funding to the city. The issue, Bennett said, has to do with restoring three relatively minor safety projects that the Sarasota-Manatee Metropolitan Planning Organization, which prioritizes and funds regional road projects, deleted from its ve-year Transportation Improvement Program. The three Sarasota projects are: an intersection improvement at S.R. 758 (connecting Siesta Key to Sarasota) at Beach Road removing access to U.S. 41 at Hansen Boulevard due to a high number of automobile and bicycle/pedestrian crashes adding a series of pedestrian islands on Bee Ridge Road from U.S. 41 to Dunn StreetSaying no to FDOT could be dangerousBy GREG GILESNEWS EDITOR The planned U.S. 41 Bypass widening could get nished even sooner than anticipated. Or it could get canceled, theoretically, if a group meeting next week takes the wrong steps. FDOT | 6 A Nokomis man might be able to claim the title of Floridas dumbest criminal. Dion Davis foiled his own burglary attempt after he fell asleep on his victims bed. According to the Sarasota County Sheriffs Ofce, 29-year-old Davis fell asleep on a bed of a home he had broken into on Albee Road on Sept. 8. Owner Bob Wotring said the man forced his way into the empty home through a locked kitchen window. I mean that is obviously silver, but it was all just spewed on the oor, all setting neatly in piles, said Wotring as he showed items he said Davis pulled out of kitchen cabinets. He told WWSB 7 that Davis went through his entire house making piles of stuff he planned to steal. All these drawers were pulled and open with stuff hanging out. Since Wotring was out of town, it might have been a crime Davis got away with except for two things.Sleepy burglar takes a nap on the jobFROM WWSB 7 SARASOTA COUNTY SHERIFFS OFFICESuspected burglar Dion Davis was caught after taking a cat nap.BURGLAR | 6 The blues aint nothing but a good man feelin bad. Leon Redbone, blues/ jazz artist Expect Maxine Barritt Park, 1600 South Harbor Drive, to be rocking Nov. 15 from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. during the second annual Blues Festival. Venice MainStreet and the city of Venice are gearing up for it. Its almost all Kat Quast, director of Venice MainStreet, can talk about these days. That and the Chalk Festival the same weekend when buses will cart festival-goers between locations. Plans include a Blues Festival kick-off party Wednesday, Oct. 1, from 6 to 8 p.m. at Venice Art Center, 390 S. Nokomis Ave. It will be free, open to the public with light refreshments and music performed by blues artist Steve Arvey and friends. Headlining the Blues Festival is legendary blues artist Mac Arnold, who once played with the late legendary Chicago blues artist Muddy Waters. He played with him for several years and Mac has an honorary doctors degree in music, Quast said. She hasnt met Arnold yet he lives in his home state Blues Fest to feature top actsBy AUDREY BLACKWELLASSISTANT FEATURES EDITOR COUTESY PHOTOMac Arnold will headline the second annual Blues Festival Nov. 15.BLUES | 11Since Venice is all but officially a retirement community, the biggest part of the local economy must be businesses that cater to seniors, right? Wrong. Nearly half of the $1.75 billion in economic activity generated in ZIP codes 34275, 34284, 34285 and 34292 in 2013 fell into one of three categories: manufacturing, car dealer sales and repairs, and grocery and convenience stores. Maybe thats partly because the average age of a city resident dropped in the 2010 census. At 65.9, its barely over retirement age, down from nearly 69 in 2000. Those are just two of many facts in a report that Economic Development Advisory Board (EDAB) member Bob Cushing will present to his colleagues Wednesday afternoon that might come as a surprise to them. It shows a more diverse economy than people might think, he said. And a bigger one: Venice has just 5.4 percent of the countys population but 14.1 percent of its economy. Although those four ZIP codes arent limited to businesses within the city limits, he said he used them on the recommendation of state economist Matthew Moore. He then obtained economic data from the state Department of Revenue for the businesses in those ZIP codes. Cushing, who has an extensive background in business development and management, said he under took the project on his own, to give his board baseline information about the local economy that he couldnt find compiled anywhere. I always want to know whats the lay of the land, he said. You need to have some trend information. The report will be a basis for board discussions about advising the City Council on how to help the citys economy to grow, he said. After compiling the numbers, Cushing said, he was surprised at the size of both the manufacturing component of the economy more than $346 million in 2013 and the auto dealers component more than $304 million. I figured they would be up there, but its pretty big scale, he said. The auto number doesnt include repair shops and parts stores, which contribute another $30 million. The growth of secondhand stores also stood out to him. In 2009 they generated about $5.4 million in sales; in 2013 the number was $13.4 million, an increase of more than 148 percent. Over that same period the Venice economy grew 27.8 percent, his report shows a better rate than the county Data: Venice is not just for seniorsBy BOB MUDGESENIOR WRITERVENICE | 2 Manufacturing, car sales are biggest impacts on Venice area economy. Gondolier 7LOCAL NEWS COVER TO COVER FLORIDAS NO.1 WEEKLY NEWSPAPERaer-w-WF MIT400L _j


ABC 7 WEATHER VENICE OUTLOOK SUNRISE, SUNSET VENICE TIDES Sunrise/setTonights sunset 7:37 p.m. Tomorrows sunrise 7:15 a.m.Moonrise/setMoonrise 11:10 p.m. Moonset 11:53 a.m. EASTERN STANDARD TIMEDATE HIGH HIGH LOW LOW P.M. A.M. P.M. A.M. SAT 13 4:43 2:42 9:39 10:28 SUN 14 6:08 3:22 10:13 11:33 MON 15 8:02 4:10 11:04 11:33 TUE 16 9:33 5:14 2:05 WED 17 3:16 12:39 10:20 6:42 *STRONG TIDE a A.M. p P.M. Florida Lottery www.flalottery.comLast week I read with interest the bicycling suggestions presented by Kimley-Horn, the engineering rm hired by the city of Venice to conduct a downtown mobility study. I think we all agree that if more people rode bi cycles into the downtown area or for short trips or errands of lets say three miles or less, that this would help alleviate some of the parking and trafc congestion problems. Results of the study agreed with this, and a number of suggestions were made that could help make this happen. Lets touch on these suggestions. First of all, the improvements suggested would greatly assist in helping Venice maintain its current silver-level status, and perhaps advance to the Bicycle Friendly Community gold level. Suggestions made to the city council include installing additional bicycle racks, adding bicycle lanes where feasible, establishing a bike share program, installing signs indicating distances to various locations, re-striping bike lanes where needed, establishing bike corrals, and my favor ite, increasing trafc enforcement for bicyclists. There are other suggestions, but this gives you an idea of the emphasis placed on making the city more bicycle friendly. Im disappointed representatives from the Bike Walk Venice committee were not informed of the presentation. After all, we are the ones who initiated and put together the application for becoming a Bicycle Friendly Community, and we have a good idea what cycling improvements are needed. Hopefully, we will be asked to provide input into the various Kimley-Horn suggestions and assist in their implementation. Ride safe, ride smart.Why werent we consulted about bike study?By MONTY ANDREWSGUEST COLUMNISTALMANAC 2A SUN NEWSPAPERS SEPTEMBER 13, 2014 WEEKEND EDITION SUN FILE PHOTO CASH 3Sept. 11N ...................................8-8-2 Sept. 11D ...................................0-0-2 Sept. 10N ...................................9-7-9 Sept. 10D ...................................6-1-8 Sept. 9N .....................................5-2-6 Sept. 9D .....................................6-9-8 D-Day, N-Night PLAY 4Sept. 11N ................................5-5-3-0 Sept. 11D ................................7-0-0-0 Sept. 10N ................................0-1-8-7 Sept. 10D ................................4-1-2-8 Sept. 9N ..................................8-8-1-5 Sept. 9D ..................................4-7-7-6 D-Day, N-Night FANTASY 5Sept. 11 .....................11-13-16-31-33 Sept. 10 .......................3-13-21-31-33 Sept. 9 ...........................4-6-10-25-28PAYOFF FOR SEPT. 101 5-digit winner ............$221,366.04 456 4-digit winners ....................$78 10,449 3-digit winners ............$9.50 LUCKY MONEYSept. 9 .............................12-26-45-46 Lucky Ball ..........................................9 Sept. 5 ...............................4-14-21-41 Lucky Ball ........................................17PAYOFF FOR SEPT. 9 4-of-4 LB .......................$500,000 2 4-of-4 ..............................$3,397.50 41 3-of-4 LB ...............................$363 559 3-of-4 ....................................$78 LOTTOSept. 10 ....................4-5-21-34-45-52 Sept. 6 ....................3-11-13-22-44-46PAYOFF FOR SEPT. 10 6-digit winners ...................$23M 28 5-digit winners ..................$4,021 1,156 4-digit winners ..................$81 25,242 3-digit winners ..................$5ESTIMATED JACKPOT $25 million POWERBALLSept. 10 .......................2-14-39-40-43 Powerball ........................................13 Sept. 6 .........................9-29-31-43-50 Powerball ........................................18PAYOFF FOR SEPT. 10 5 of 5 + PB ........................$127M 5 of 5 ..........................$1,000,000 1 4 of 5 + PB .........................$10,000 50 4 of 5 ....................................$100ESTIMATED JACKPOT $149 million MEGA MILLIONSSept. 9 .......................25-34-55-70-71 MegaBall ...........................................1 Sept. 5 .........................7-12-20-24-59 Mega Ball ..........................................7PAYOFF FOR SEPT. 9 5 of 5 + MB .........................$41M 5 of 5 ..........................$1,000,000 1 4 of 5 + MB ..........................$5,000 21 4 of 5 ....................................$500ESTIMATED JACKPOT $52 million 50 percent chance of rain91 74 High LowSATURDAY 50 percent chance of rain89 74 High LowMONDAY 60 percent chance of rain90 75 High LowSUNDAY 40 percent chance of rain90 77 High LowTUESDAY (18.6) or the state (22.8) had. Growth has been fairly consistent over time, he said. Tourism actually plays a somewhat smaller role in the local economy than in the countys, with tourism industries including restaurants and hotels and motels making up 15.8 percent compared to 20.9 percent (the states share is 12 percent). Venice had a faster growth rate in those industries from 2009 to 2013, however 27.3 percent, compared to 23.7 percent and 25.6 percent, respectively. Cushings report also compiles demographic data for the board, including: Venices estimated 2013 population is 21,253, up 2.4 percent from the 2010 census. The portion of people 65 and older is 57 percent. (Sarasota County: 33.3 percent) The portion of people below the poverty level is 9.1 percent (Sarasota County: 11.6 percent) Theres one piece of information Cushing couldnt find: the economic impact of the various events and festivals held in the city. Data are only available on a monthly basis, he said. Right now we cant capture that, he said. The EDAB meets Wednesday at 3:30 p.m. in Council Chambers at Venice City Hall, 401 W. Venice Ave.Email: bmudge@venicegondolier.comVENICEFROM PAGE 1 475635 Find your Florida dream home in this great BUYERS market! For a FREE Welcome Home magazine call (866) 357-6204 ext. 1222 or visit So Many Possibilities Worth Exploring Manasota Flooring Smart Strand Has: Lifetime Stain, Soil, Pet & Fade Warranty Family Owned & Operated Since 1968 CARPET WOOD PORCELAIN LAMINATE RESILIENT FLOOR Hours: M-F 8:30-6:00 SAT 8:30-4:00 (Installation Available) $ 1.99 Sq. Ft. C ompletely I nstalled $ 1.99 Sq. Ft. Smart Strand Carpeting Manasota Flooring of Venice 1734 S. Tamiami Trail, Venice 493-7441 Porcelain Tile 20 x 20 In Stock Wood 3 colors $ 2.99 Sq. Ft. (Installation Available) rfnftbr fntb nt nbr fnfbbbn 486430 Advertising Advertising Works! Works! (941)207-1214cmyers@venicegondolier.comCharleenMyersMedicalAccountExecutive AdvertisingintheVenice GondolierSunisvery importantforourbusiness. 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WEEKEND EDITION SEPTEMBER 13, 2014 SUN NEWSPAPERS 3A Target thanks you, and the kids thank you.rfnttbrfrtrnnrrtnrffntbnnnr nnrrtnfbnnrr tnrttnttfffbbrtnrt rttnnttrrtrrbtb frntbrtbtrnbntt tn nrfnrnrtnffrn tfbbnrrtnt bntnttnt nbrt fttbftt rt f 50474797 771_11FORTOOLS Yov"464 us FORA SPII -SRcy yoworT-e' )Ettiangem1 d Y` -It1[S 1.+f wu 1 i tf r i ,!Fo``X r C 1liA /qYl 1Dear Kids -mNeea Su PIPnschool, wppliec snet to I <' r 4:'/oF' s'pppplies Some RuJS in ovr School are fOPdttoo onah(gg S6001 su PO when +I'm i `P rade ins a of i r h,fiuan n [ _'0.f Kids in treedarrk I'suppliesu a H10.4y011, Sttuf mT'^r'K' )J. O ;"f r c! np t2 O.,yew of ge{fl'j9 us4+abe -X rj n)om d,d nothawe lz,euy mutt sL)Pp/, soyow u.s "` 1 .ThcLnIS z9U., rNrsy.Twrit u,s He str /,mss Jocf yon idS hcee!VF file T. wijl 46 t Yl tif J'hipg u,UOC'6 flnr'me d sWMlcw, He PeoPIG that n'd 5U fIr(sgreat sCh00 nip rjfg, z dot e L ,1i ;vee la f I / ,ell a v.Bile;e i-M x okV-wj yWtc,xL can rePckj R,4 LLr) -rjyFor S, p y2 qArize..,.VD'+6b.: T A L tRill


4A SUN NEWSPAPERS SEPTEMBER 13, 2014 WEEKEND EDITION Your Favorite Business Is Counting On YOU! 484506 Gondolier Sun VENICE CALL TODAY TO SUBSCRIBE 941.207.1000 BEST OFVENICE 2013 Venice Gondolier Sun BEST OFVENICE 2013 Venice Gondolier Sun EARN YOUR RIGHT TO VOTE Make Sure Your Voice Is Heard! Select Your Favorite People, Places and Businesses YOUR VOTE WILL MAKE A DIFFERENCE! Dont Be Left Out Make Your Vote Count! You Must Be A Subscriber To Vote: Subscribe today in order to be eligible to vote for your favorites! Start My Subscription to the Gondolier SunVENICE Name: Address: Phone Number: Email Address: Mail coupon and check to: Venice Gondolier Sun, 200 E. Venice Ave., Venice FL 34285 52 weeks: $50.44, 26 weeks: $27.57, 13 weeks: $16.26 OR call about EZ Pay for only $3.50/month VENIC}d1,CE Fltt.lGond VIAd Says plan hghlghtst6p6 IoH/.1 inwlMed .. iscu roundabout stress res option Illlllllt} 011 the lis p g areaD'Ve'n ;7 an rrwip.Iynu :W 4.xn "uw' :rix ,w';

WEEKEND EDITION SEPTEMBER 13, 2014 SUN NEWSPAPERS 5A Howard H. Becker Howard Hancox Becker, of Venice, Fla., formerly of West Hartford, Conn., passed away peacefully in his sleep Tuesday, Sept. 9, 2014, at the age of 98 at Pinebrook Center, Venice, Fla. He was born Oct. 14, 1915, to Henry Wilhelm and Sadie Eliza Victoria Hancox Becker in The Bronx, N.Y. He spent his youth in Yonkers, N.Y. until he went to Bates College in Lewiston, Maine. In 1938, he graduated from Bates with cum laude honors. While at Bates he was on the Debate Team and managed the team, managed the marching band, was president of the Publishing Association and was a member of the Politics Club. In 1940, he married Kathryn Thomas, whom he had met at Bates. She died in August 1989. After graduation, he worked two years at GE, and then at Liberty Mutual as a claims adjuster for seven years. He then began work for Life Insurance and Marketing Research Association in Hartford, Conn., where he stayed until he retired after 33 years, having worked his way up to vice president and secretary-treasurer. He had several consultant jobs after his retirement. A charter member of Westminster Presbyterian Church in West Hartford, Conn., he served as a deacon and trustee, and ve terms as an elder, including three times as clerk of session. He also sang in the choir and chaired several building committees. Active in the community as well, he worked with the Boy Scouts, was active in the Jaycees and served 15 years on the Hot Squad of the Red Cross. In the fall of 1994, he moved to Venice, Fla. He married Nancy Heinze in March 1998. In Venice, he continued his church involvement at Venice Presbyterian Church. He was president of the Mens Fellowship for four years and served as an elder. During his term of three years he was chair of the Personnel Committee and helped persuade Kim Curran to join the staff as chief operating ofcer. He also ran the annual golf tournament for several years. Howard had lots of hobbies, but perhaps the most ambitious was the railroad garden he built in his backyard after seeing and being intrigued by one in Maine when he was 90. The railroad winds among houses, a church and owers, over a pond and through a tunnel. He enjoyed demonstrating it to his family and friends. His wife Nancy has vowed to keep it maintained and running. Howard was predeceased by his mother and father, his brother, Richard, and his rst wife, Kathryn. He is survived by his wife Nancy; her three sisters, Jean Samson, Barbara Battye and M. Carolyn Robinson, and their children; his daughter Ann, her husband, Bruce Wiersma, and grandchildren Heather (Richard) Charity, Jennifer (Norman) Madore, Joshua (Jonida Basha) Wiersma and Robin Wiersma; great-grandchildren Raiden, Ayla and Bowen Charity, Savannah Madore and Alba Wiersma; also, his daughter Carol and husband, David Olson, and grandchildren Stephanie Olson, Peter Olson and Brian (Maria) Olson. Services: A Memorial Service for Howard will be held at Venice Presbyterian Church, on the island, 825 The Rialto, Tuesday, Sept. 16 at 11 a.m., following inter ment at 10:30 a.m. in the churchs Memorial Garden. He will be sorely missed by his family and all who were proud to call him friend. Farley Funeral Home is in charge of arrangements. To share a memory of Howard, visit FarleyFuneralHome. com.Josephine McMahon Josephine McMahon was the youngest child born to Hess and Chloe Gilliam in Umatilla, Fla., on July 13, 1924. She passed away in Venice, Fla., on Sunday, Sept. 7, 2014, at the age of 90. At a young age Jo moved with her family to Ohio and then to McRoberts, Ky., where she spent most of her childhood. Shortly after high school graduation she enlisted in the U.S. Naval Service as a WAVE and served honorably from Nov. 26, 1944, to July 10, 1946. After her discharge from the Navy, she attended and graduated from the Franklin School of Science and Arts in Philadelphia, Pa., and became a highly respected lab technician at Saint Josephs Hospital there. ,Josephine met her husband, George, at the Franklin School where they were both students. They married March 22, 1949, and had a happy life together until his death on Feb. 22, 1995. Shortly after their marriage, they moved to Georges hometown, Burgettstown, Pa. They raised their ve children there until they retired to Venice, Fla., over 30 years ago. Jo was a very active member of the Gulf Coast Dolphins, where she enjoyed a continuing relationship with other WAVES. She also was a valued volunteer with Venice Meals on Wheels for over 30 years. Josephine is survived by her children and their families, Anna Wilgocki and spouse, Greg, of Johnson City, Tenn., Pete McMahon and spouse, Joan, of Venice, Fla., Patricia Kowalewski and spouse, John, of Salisbury, Md., Susan Maestas and spouse, Walt, of Phoenix, Ariz., and George McMahon II and spouse, Lisa, of Lake Mary, Fla. Her grandchildren are Greg Wilgocki Jr., Michael McMahon, Jodi Popielaski, Tina Vithoulkas, Corby Jackson and Robert McMahon. She is also survived by her dearly loved stepson and family, Rudy Sangston, his wife, Vi, and daughters Nicole Sangston and Erika Landers-Genzer and their children. She had also embraced with love her daughter Susans stepchildren, Eric and Tiffany Maestas, and Georges stepdaughter, Alexis. Josephine recently resided at French Blossoms in Venice, Fla. The family thanks them for the kind and loving care they provided. Services: Graveside services will be held at Venice Memorial Gardens Wednesday, Sept. 24, at 9 a.m.Jane D. ArtesianoJane D. Artesiano, 62, of Tucker, Ga., passed away Monday, Sept. 8, 2014. Jane was a graduate of Venice High School and the University of Florida. Survivors include her sons, Mario C. (Sherry) Artesiano and Phillip Artesiano; daughter, Nicole (Chad) Artesiano and their daughter, Vivian; grandmother, Ulla Boll; mother, Birgit Hare; sister, Bettina Hare; brother, Jeff (Bobbie) Hare and their son, Brandon; and ex-husband Mario L. Artesiano. She was predeceased by her father, Samuel R. Hare. Services: Visitation will be Saturday, Sept. 13, from 2 to 3 p.m. at Farley Funeral Home, Venice Chapel, with a graveside service beginning at 3:30 p.m. at Venice Memorial Gardens. Contributions: Memorial donations may be made to Tidewell Hospice Inc., Attn.: Philanthropy In Memory of Jane Artesiano, 5955 Rand Blvd., Sarasota, FL 34238. | OBITUARIES DEATHS | 7 rfntb rfntbttt rffrr rfrrntb nnrnttrrnntnf fttnftnnrrnrf frtnftnnrnnnfrftntftfnn trntttfntnnrr ntnntfrnrftfnfr fnntrnrnntrfntbt rfntbnnnfrrntftrf 484479 485760 Visit our Factory Store 3449 Technology Dr., Ste 103 North Venice 941-227-2253 Save $ 5 on $ 25 purchase Valid in-store until 9-30-14 Y o u r Your C h o c o l a t e Chocolate D e s t i n a t i o n Destination Direct Phone Numbers: General Office 207-1000 Newsroom 207-1000 Circulation 207-1300 Advertising 207-1220 Classified 429-3110 Editorial/Welcome Home/Newsroom Fax 484-8460 Classified Fax 866-949-1426 /Advertising Fax 485-3036 Toll Free 1-866-357-6204 Sunline Internet Services 888-512-6100 Community Web Site Publisher: Tim Smolarick Editor: Ron Dupont Jr. President: Derek Dunn-Rankin Printed on recycled paper. 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6A SUN NEWSPAPERS SEPTEMBER 13, 2014 WEEKEND EDITION First, he fell asleep on Wotrings bed with a bag of jewelry beside him. Second, before Davis could wake from his nap, Wotring said, his housekeeper showed up to clean and discovered the would-be burglar asleep. Shes the Wonder Woman, because she saved all my stuff, he said. Wotring said his housekeeper called 911 and Sarasota Sheriffs deputies quickly and quietly responded. They were wonderful about coming here without sirens to wake him up, and they did a perfect job. Before Davis woke up, the arresting deputy even snapped his picture. Davis is still in custody on $10,000 bond. He has an arraignment date set for Oct. 3.BURGLARFROM PAGE 1Bennett said the intersection improvement at Beach Road included the possibility of a roundabout, which at least one commissioner objected to. Residents near Hansen Boulevard objected, Bennett said, to being cut off from U.S. 41. People who live there dont want it blocked off. It means they have to come through a shopping center to get home, he said. The pedestrian islands, Bennett said, would be along a corridor that doesnt even have crosswalks. This is ineffective way for pedestrians to cross, Bennett said Just unbelievable. They want to approve a center place to stand when you cross illegally. Nevertheless, the MPO staff recommendation by Executive Director Michael Howe is to restore the safety projects to protect funding. No one expects the MPO board to act contrary to the recommendation. A letter from FDOT District Secretary Billy Hattaway stated in no uncertain terms the projects need FDOT approval to be removed, but they have no intention of doing so and want the project restored. Your immediate attention to this request ensures continued use of federal funds in the MPO region, Hattaway wrote. He said the safety improvements were the result of collaboration among 11 agencies, and minimized its collaborative partnership and diminished the ineffectiveness of the states Strategic Highway Safety Plan. Bennett characterized the letter as heavy-handed. What that means to us, said Bennett, who is the Venice representative on the Sarasota-Manatee MPO, but will be unable to attend next weeks MPO meeting, is that even though there is an MPO, if FDOT doesnt like it, too bad. I dont think anyone on the MPO is going to like that. Just eat whatever comes up. If we dont go along with FDOT, we lose all of the TIP funding this is rather severe. I just dont like this power play. I have no idea why FDOT is exing its Popeye muscles. Its not cute.Venice Bypass project could start soonerThe MPO meeting takes place Monday, Sept. 15 at 9:30 a.m. at the Holiday Inn near Sarasota Airport. The meeting will also feature a U.S. 41 Venice Bypass update, where its expected the state will announce the southern portion of the Venice widening project may be moved up by a year or more. Right of way negotiations were completed sooner than expected. The project is currently not slated for construction until 2018. The northern portion of the project, from Gulf Coast Boulevard to Bird Bay, consists of reconstructing the Bypass from a four-lane divided urban roadway to a six-lane divided urban roadway with bike lanes, concrete sidewalks, lighting and signalization. The project includes the intersection of U.S. 41 and Venice Avenue. The construction cost is estimated at $12.4 million.Email: ggiles@venicegondolier.comFDOTFROM PAGE 1 Events of 9/11 remembered State College of Florida Venice Student Government Association President Matthew D. Ruch concludes the 9/11 ceremony Thursday. Donald Humphrey, president of the SCF Venice chapter of the Student Veterans Association, gives the keynote speech at the 9/11 ceremony. The Rev. Gary Wilde oers a prayer against the powers of darkness, and to overcome evil with good, at the 9/11 ceremony held Thursday at State College of Floridas Venice c Members of the Venice High School Chorus sing the national anthem as the North Port High School Chorus looks on. SUN PHOTOS BY JOSEPH JOHN ORCHULLI IIFirst responders from Sarasota County Fire Rescue/Emergency Medical Services Station No. 26 raise the ag at State College of Florida, Manatee-Sarasotas Venice campus during a 9/11 remembrance ceremony Thursday morning. 2014 SUN FIESTA BED RACES Saturday, October 18th 8 am check in, 9 am race Downtown, West Venice Ave. Fee to enter: $50.00 per team Prizes: Trophies & Gift Certificate Rules: Each team to provide their own bed. 1 rider, 4 pushers and 2 relief pushers per team. No mechanical propulsion. Registration Deadline: October 9, 2013 EVERYONE WELCOME For More information call Nancy Jordan (941) 468-5146 Complete & submit with entry fee to: Sun Fiesta, c/o Nancy Jordan, 641 Silk Oak Drive, Venice, FL 34293 Make Checks Payable to: Womens Sertoma Come On Out And Join The Fun! Bed Race Application Team Name: Team Captain: Sponsor: Address: Email: Phone #: F r i O c t 1 7 S a t O c t 1 8 & S u n O c t 1 9 Fri Oct 17, Sat Oct 18 & Sun Oct 19 2 0 1 4 2014 S U N SUN F I E S T A FIESTA 486514 rf sponsored by: 486507 5 t h A n n u a l I n S t r i d e B a r B Q u e 5th Annual InStride Bar-B-Que A N D o u r 2 0 t h A n n i v e r s a r y C e l e b r a t i o n AND our 20th Anniversary Celebration Sunday, October 26th Gates open at 3:00 PM InStride Therapy, Inc. 1629 Ranch Road, Nokomis, FL Join us and special emcee LULU of WCTQ for a day of live music, a Haunted Hayride, a real fire truck, activities for kids of all ages, and our BEST BBQ pulled pork, chicken and all the fixins! Adults: $25 Children 10-4: $10 3 & Younger: Free! For tickets: Visit and click on the picture Or Call 941-412-9333 Register Today. Seating Is Limited. All proceeds benefit InStride Therapy, Inc. The only SMOKING allowed is the PULLED PORK! Sorry folks, no pets allowed. 9941IINST R!DE THERAPY INC. 120 Years of Service!U J /@0m 1AUEWIO VmEHM HiiucOEM omen Mal IMUT( pg3mmw C hIlpmtmomFRT'SSOF


WEEKEND EDITION SEPTEMBER 13, 2014 SUN NEWSPAPERS 7A James W. Burris On Friday, Sept. 5, 2014, James W. (Jim) Burris joined the love of his life in Heaven. He was born Oct. 30, 1918, in Washington Court House, Ohio. Jim served in the Army during World War II in Naples, Italy, where he met his beautiful Italian brideto-be. Jim married Maria and brought her back to Ohio in 1946. In 1955, they traded the cold for sunny Florida and came to Sarasota, Fla., where Jim went to work at Publix Super Market. They moved to Nokomis in 1961 and Jim became manager of the meat department in the rst Publix built in Venice. He remained there until he retired in 1978. Jim was a member of the Elks Club and the American Legion. He was predeceased by his wife, Maria, and leaves his children, Mary Lenari (Bob) of Sarasota, Fla., Larry Burris of Pagosa Springs, Colo., and Vicki Eggleston (Doug) of Englewood, Fla., and his three grandsons, Tony Lenari, David Burris and Robert Burris. Services: Farley Funeral Home will supervise a private graveside service for the family. To share a memory of Jim, visit: Contributions: Memorial donations may be made to Tidewell Hospice.James M. Douglass James Michael Douglass, 67, of Englewood, Fla., passed away Thursday, Aug. 28, 2014. He was a decorated Army captain, serving two tours in Vietnam and being awarded the Bronze Star. He practiced law for 33 years in Venice, Fla. In retirement, he continued to serve the community as a volunteer tutor for reading at Englewood Elementary School. He was passionate about reading, loved the game of golf and enjoyed seeing live music, especially the blues. He is survived by his wife, Angela; three daughters, Kristi, Shelly and Melissa; ve grandchildren, Madison, Kate, Jaxon, Lucianna and Chaya; sister, Theo; and two nieces, Katie and Rachel. Services: A Funeral Service with Military Honors will be held at 2:30 p.m. Friday, Sept. 26, at Sarasota National Cemetery, Clark Road (Exit 205) 4 miles east of I-75. Lemon Bay Funeral Home and Cremation Services is in charge of arrangements. Express your condolences to the family at: Contributions: In lieu of owers, memorial donations may be made to Englewood Elementary School for Literacy Initiatives, 150 North McCall Road, Englewood, FL 34293.Genevieve Gordon Genevieve Gordon, of Venice, Fla., passed away Saturday, Aug. 30, 2014, just shy of her 97th birthday. She was born Sept. 18, 1917, and was raised in Toledo, Ohio, by her loving parents, Goldie Goodale Standish and Austin Claire Standish. Genevieve worshipped at Hampton Park Church, where she had been a member since 1925. She graduated from DeVilbiss High School. She joined Wapaukonica Rebekah Lodge 832 at the age of 18 and after moving to Florida was associated with Lemon Bay Lodge 80. Toledo, Ohio, was also where she met and fell in love with her future husband, Tom Gordon. They were married on May 4, 1946. Both enjoyed traveling, and they toured Europe, went to England three times and visited Toms relatives in Scotland. They took several cruises, but their favorites were Alaska and the Panama Canal. Travel was also a way for them to celebrate their milestone anniversaries. They visited the Hawaiian Islands for their 25th and Alaska for their 50th. They loved reliving their many travel experiences through pictures and videos with family and friends. Tom and Genevieve moved to Englewood, Fla., in 1990 and then to Village On The Isle in Venice, Fla. Genevieve made friends easily and loved bridge, bingo, Wii bowling and playing the bells and was always ready to go any where the bus was going. She will be missed by her many friends, especially Helen Stephan, and all the wonderful staff that helped make her life easier. Her memory will be cherished by Janet Standish, Diane and Jim Hart, Don and Sally Standish, Phil and Ginny Standish, Jeff and Debra Crammond and many nieces, nephews and cousins. Services: A Memorial Service will be held in Renaissance Room 1 at Village On The Isle, 920 South Tamiami Trail, Venice, Fla., Friday, Sept. 19, at 9:30 a.m. Kays-Ponger & Uselton Funeral Home, Venice Chapel, is in charge of arrangments. To leave the family your thoughts, memories and condolences on the online guestbook, visit W. RedinboMargery W. Redinbo, of Venice, Fla., passed away Tuesday, Sept. 9, 2014. Farley Funeral Homes & Crematory is handling arrangements.Nancy K. KamphuesNancy K. Kamphues, 63, of Sarasota, Fla., passed away Saturday, Sept. 6, 2014. Farley Funeral Home & Crematory is handling arrangements.Thomas S. Postolowski Thomas S. Postolowski, age 63, of Venice, Fla., passed away Monday evening, Sept. 8, 2014. Thomas was preceded in death by his beloved father, George Postolowski. Surviving are his wife, Lydia (Franciosa) Postolowski; his two children, Melissa Postolowski and Craig Postolowski; his mother, Dolores (Zaczek) Postolowski; his brother John Postolowski and his wife, Rita; his brother Donald Postolowski; his sister Valerie Tufo and her husband, Steven; his sister Alice Alberts and her husband, James; and his grandson, Jason Postolowski. Services: A Funeral Mass will be held at Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Church, 1301 Center Road, Venice, Fla., at 10 a.m. Tuesday, Sept. 16, followed by interment services at Venice Memorial Gardens, 1950 Center Road, Venice, Fla. Contributions: In lieu of owers, the family requests that donations be made in memory of Thomas to either the Florida Sheriffs Youth Ranch Bradenton/ Sarasota at:, or the Disabled American Veterans at: PAGE 5 r fnt bfffr 941-445-4126 EXCELLENTSERVICE&PRICING!CALLFORANAPPOINTMENTTODAY!rrfntb WWW.VENICECARCARE.COM WESERVICEALLLIFTBRANDSANDWHEELCHAIRACCESSIBLEVANS! SENIORCITIZENDISCOUNT15%offMUSTPRESENTCOUPON.MOSTCARSANDLIGHTTRUCKS. NOTVALIDWITHANYOTHEROFFERORPRIORPURCHASES.$10offanyserviceperformedover$75$20offanyserviceperformedover$150$30offanyserviceperformedover$225 ONECOUPONPERORDER. DOESNOTAPPLYTOOTHERDISCOUNTS,TAX&SHOPSUPPLIES.CHECKENGINELIGHTON?FREEONECOUPONPERORDER. DOESNOTAPPLYTOOTHERDISCOUNTS,TAX&SHOPSUPPLIES.A/CPERFORMANCETESTFREEONECOUPONPERORDER. DOESNOTAPPLYTOOTHERDISCOUNTS,TAX&SHOPSUPPLIES.completeenginediagnosis &writtenestimatewith 27-pointinspection Partsandlabor onyourvehiclemustbe55yearsofageorolder. proofofagerequired.inspectvehiclehosetting, compressor&runaleak &performancetest 487092 rffntb tbfb FirstFloor,TrainingRoom, AdministrationCenter,1660Ringling Blvd.,Sarasota.Call941-861-0937 rn rffntb tbfb TrainingRoom,FirstFloor, AdministrationCenter,1660Ringling Blvd.,Sarasota.Call941-861-5279 rff fntb tbfb ChildrenFirst,1723NOrange Ave,Sarasota,FL34236. Call941-861-2576 tfn rffntbtbfb ConferenceRoom2,Sarasota CountyOperationsCenter,1001 SarasotaCenterBlvd.,Sarasota. Call941-861-6637 r ntbtbfb ConferenceRoomA/B,Brown AwningBuilding,SchoolBoardof SarasotaCounty,TheLandings, 1960LandingsBlvd.,Sarasota. Call941-954-4830 rff fr ntbbfb Englewood UnitedMethodistChurch,700E. DearbornSt.,Englewood. Call941-861-2998 rff tff rffntbbfb EnglewoodCRAOfce,1394Old EnglewoodRd.,Englewood. Call941-473-9795 r fntb tbfb ConferenceRoom2,Sarasota CountyOperationsCenter,1001 SarasotaCenterBlvd.,Sarasota. Call941-861-5214 nntb tbfb SixthFloor, EOC,AdministrationCenter,1660 RinglingBlvd.,Sarasota.Call941861-5508 rff ntbtbfb CommissionChamber,FirstFloor, AdministrationCenter,1660Ringling Blvd.,Sarasota.Call941-861-5000 ntb tbfb ConferenceRoomA/B,Second Floor,AdministrationCenter,1660 RinglingBlvd.,Sarasota. Call941-861-0826 tfr ntbtbfb Commission Chamber,RobertL.Anderson AdministrationCenter,4000S. TamiamiTrail,Venice. Call941-861-5035 rntb tbfb CommissionChamber, FirstFloor,AdministrationCenter, 1660RinglingBlvd.,Sarasota. Call941-861-0937 fnt ntb bfb ThinkTank,ThirdFloor, AdministrationCenter,1660Ringling Blvd.,Sarasota.Call941-861-5279 n rffntbbfb ConferenceRoom3,Sarasota CountyOperationsCenter,1001 SarasotaCenterBlvd.,Sarasota. Call941-861-0660 487118 485497 Jim Bath Formerly From CA 716-0051 Ed Myslivecek Formerly From NY 485-0197 Bernie Yerich Formerly From NJ 223-5608 Tom Roberts Formerly From OH 400-5361 Brigitte Divito From Germany 426-3663 Myrna Nelson Formerly From IL 451-0151 Martha Smith Formerly From MI 504-9588 Pam Cameron Formerly From MI 716-3838 Ruth Samietz 941-488-2911 Formerly from Germany Bob Fair From Philadelphia 441-8030 Dick Stickney Formerly from Sarasota 941-416-0443 Real ty of Veni ce, Inc 206 Harbor Dri ve S. On t he Island of Veni ce Emai l: paradi sereal ty@comcast. net www. Veni ce I s P aradi se com S e a r c h f o r V e n i c e A r e a M L S L i s t i n g s Search for Venice Area MLS Listings a n d V I E W V i d e o T o u r o f V e n i c e a t and VIEW Video Tour of Venice at V e n i c e I s P a r a d i s e c o m 9 4 1 4 8 8 1 1 1 1 1 8 0 0 3 3 0 6 7 2 0 941-488-1111 1-800-330-6720 700 MORGAN CIRCLE Mi ssi on Val l ey pool home on over an acre. 3BD 2 1/2 BA, addi ti onal detached 2 car garage. Sol ar heated sal t water pool w/waterfal l. Master Bath w/doubl e si nks, Jacuzzi & roman shower Many custom features. MLS# N5781277 $520,000 OPEN SUN 1-3 PM OPEN SUN 1-3 PM LAKE FRONT CONDO! Absol utel y I mmacul ate 3BD, 2BA ground fl oor condo. Cerami c ti l e throughout. Vol ume cei li ngs. Master bath features dual sinks and hi s & her cl osets. Mai ntenance free lI vi ng. MLS# N5900073 $203,000 VENICE GARDENS 2 bedroom home. R emodeled ki tchen. 17 f oot Fl ori da r oom, fenced pet yard conveni ent to communi ty center MLS# N5900826 $124,900 336 RIO TERRA BELLAGI O new li sti ng! Spectacul ar 3 Bedroom f urni shed home wi th heated poo l. Eat-I n k i tchen, doubl e garage wi th paver dri ve, securi ty shutters t hroughout, p ri vate l ocati on. $449,900 NEW HERON CREEK LISTING! 3 bedroom, 3 bath, 3 car garage, 2600 sq. ft. li vi ng space, Heated sal t water pool gated communi ty MLS#N5900829 $459,000 SHORT SALE 3 Bedroom, 2 Bath wi th doubl e garage. Ci ty of Veni ce. MLS#N583883 $122,500 SOLD 486375 SAY YES TO IMPLANT SECURED DENTURES EAT WHAT YOU WANT PRESERVE JAW BONE & BEAUTY FLORIDA DENTAL IMPLANT CENTER WANT TO FEEL MORE CONFIDENT ABOUT YOUR SMILE? FREE 200 Capri Isles Blvd., Venice, FL WWW.FLDENTALIMPLANTCENTER.COM September 17 2014 FREE ,IMPLANTDISCUSSIONat4PMRSVP for yon and a friendComplimentaryComprehensiveExaminationValued al AbsolutelyArthur I. Acker, D.M.D.941.4844004 P4o l l ompares!l ompares!1 41WPIPti!.` -. ~ ril CamL4XI1 A--,-o,-VENICE yo..nncxxr-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Sarasota County GovernmentCOUNTY CALENDARADVISORY BOARD VACANCIESVisit www.scgov.netladvisoryboards orcontact the Sarasota County Call Center at861 _6000 for latest vacancies and informationabout Sarasota County Advisory Boards.Sarasota County prohibits discrimination in all servicesprograms or activities on the basis of racecolornational originage, disability,sex, marital statusfamilial statusreligionor genetic information. Persons with disabilities who require assistance or alternative means forcommunication of program information Braille, large print, audiotapeetc.), or who wish to file a complaintshould contact Sarasota CountyRights Coordinator1660 Ringing Blvd., SarasotaFlorida 34236Phone: 941-861-5000955.8771. Email:adacoordlnatorscgovnet Persons reeding assistance are asked to provide notice as soon as practicable in advance of the event to allowtime to accommodate their request.


8A SUN NEWSPAPERS SEPTEMBER 13, 2014 WEEKEND EDITION The Sarasota County Sheriffs Ofce arrested a career felony offender on multiple warrants after he repeatedly sold drugs near a community center this summer. Kent Pontoon, 41, 700 block of Church St., Nokomis, had three warrants for the sale of rock cocaine within 1,000 feet of a park. During each drug transaction, Pontoon was within a few hundred feet of the Sandra Terry Community Center, a multifaceted park that hosts summer camp, teen empowerment sessions and homework assistance programs. When deputies located Pontoon Tuesday after noon, Sept. 9, in Laurel, he was sitting in a white four-door Buick and was taken into custody without incident. Deputies asked if there was anything illegal inside the vehicle and Pontoon consented to the search. Under the center console armrest, deputies found a black sock with rock cocaine inside a Mentos container and two small bags of marijuana and cocaine. In addition to the warrants, Pontoon is charged with possession of a controlled substance with intent to sell and possession of marijuana. Pontoon has 33 prior felony convictions and 40 prior misdemeanor convictions. Bond is set at $83,000.More charges in pawn case A woman who allegedly stole jewelry from a friends home, and from the home of the friends mother, saw an additional 22 charges added on to the original two charges led against her back in July. Michelle Utterback, 46, Man accused of selling drugs near community center | POLICE BEATThe information for Police Beat is gathered from police, sheriffs office, Florida Highway Patrol, jail and fire records. Not every arrest leads to a conviction. Guilt is determined by the court system. PONTOON UTTERBACKARRESTS | 9 Lola


WEEKEND EDITION SEPTEMBER 13, 2014 SUN NEWSPAPERS 9A 1300 block of Capri Isles Blvd., Venice, is currently in jail on the original charges of dealing in stolen property and providing false information to a pawn shop. Her bail was upped to $107,000. Utterback is currently on 20 years probation for a scheme to defraud case in 2009.Federal forensics grant securedThe Sarasota County Sheriffs Ofce received a federal grant to continue its pursuit of becoming a nationally accredited Forensic Services Unit. The United States Department of Justice, Ofce of Justice Programs, approved the agencys application for funding under the Fiscal Year 2014 Paul Coverdell Forensic Science Improvement Grants Program in the amount of $53,740. With the increased focus on forensic evidence and processing in criminal cases, local crime labs are improving policies and procedures to ensure the integrity of evidence that is processed and to establish greater condence in their technology. The Sheriffs Ofce began building the foundation to achieve national accreditation in 2011, and purchased equipment with a similar grant that year to develop ngerprints, examine footwear marks, perform drug analysis and detect prescription drug fraud. Earlier this year, all personnel in the agencys Crime Scene Unit became certied through the International Association for Identication, the worlds oldest and largest forensic science identication association. Finding outside funding sources that can help augment our technology, including forensic capabilities, has been a priority for my administration, Sheriff Tom Knight said. We are grateful for this grant and how it will enhance our crime-solving initiatives. The Venice Police Department reported the following arrest: Jonathan McKinney, 40, home less. Charge: violation of municipal open container law. Bond: $120. The Sarasota County Sheriffs Office reported the following arrests: Zackary Lawton, 23, 600 block of Bradenton Road, Venice. Charge: sale of a hallucinogen drug. Bond: $1,500. Bradley Dienes, 56, 200 block of Silver Lake Drive, Venice. Charge: DUI. Bond: $500. David Frank, 24, 500 block of Burke Road, Venice. Charge: Charlotte County warrant for petit larceny. Bond: none. Casey Hazen, 28, 1600 block of Bay Shore Road, Nokomis. Charge: probation violation (original charge: trafficking in stolen property, carrying a concealed weapon). Bond: none. Natalie Jackson, 36, 2600 block Fiesta Drive, Venice. Charge: probation violation (original charge: possession of a controlled substance). Bond: none. Leonard Jaress, 51, 100 block of Ravenna St., Nokomis. Charge: burglary. Bond: $1,500. James Leighton, 28, 100 block of Jessica St., Nokomis. Charge: probation violation (original charge: possession of a controlled substance). Bond: none. Todd Couture, 46, 3100 block of Ewing Drive, Venice. Charge: Manatee County warrant for driving while license suspended or revoked and fleeing to elude. Bond: $3,000. Gary Bracken, 48, 200 block of Eider Road, Venice. Charge: driving while license suspended or revoked. Bond: $120. Andrea Burns, 42, 400 block of Cobia St., Venice. Charge: probation violation (original charge: battery). Bond: $5,000. Joshua Busche, 27, 600 block of Carmel Road, Venice. Charge: petit larceny. Bond: $120. William Munday, 34, 400 block of Cerromar Lane, Venice. Charge: possession or use of narcotic equipment. Bond: $500. Diana Sumner, 46, 5000 block of Layton Drive, Venice. Charge: petit larceny. Bond: $120. The Sarasota Police Department reported the following arrest: Julio Garcia, 23, 1800 Phillippi Shores Drive, Venice. Charge: driving while license suspended or revoked (habitual offender). Bond: $1,500. The North Port Police Department reported the following arrest: Jesse Shoupe, 32, 200 block of Jessica St., Nokomis. Charge: vehicle theft. Bond: $15,000. The Charlotte County Sheriffs Office reported the following arrest: Keith Stolte, 36, 1800 Laurel Road, Nokomis. Charge: Robbery by sudden snatching. Bond: $15,000. Criminal registration: Brian Nerau, 34, 200 block of Miami Ave., Venice. Compiled by Greg GilesARRESTSFROM PAGE 8 F i n d i t F i n d i t Find it i n i n in t h e t h e the C l a s s i f i e d s C l a s s i f i e d s Classifieds W h a t e v e r W h a t e v e r Wh at ever i t i t it i s . i s . is... Your #1 Rental Management Company Since 2005 Rentals & Property Management, Inc. HORSE and CHAISE Annual & Seasonal Rentals www. H orse A nd C (941)483-3331 Toll Free (888)483-3331 150 N. Nokomis Ave., Venice, FL 34285 486495 rfnt tbn rnrn rfnntnbtn rfn tb rffn nn nnfntb ftf 486129 Enjoy A No Obligation AT-Home Shopping Experience 341-0143 EXT. 913 *NOT VALID WITH OTHER OFFERS. ANY OF THE 6 OFFERS WITH PURCHASE OF ANY KIRKPLAN KITCHENS REFACING OR CABINET SYSTEM. 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LETTERS WELCOMELetters to the editor are welcome on virtually any subject. They must be signed and give the writers address and telephone number for verifica tion. Letters of more than 250 words may be edited for length. We do not publish letters that condemn or praise business service. We do not publish poetry, open letters or letters to third parties. Letters from the same person will not be published more than once a month. Send or bring your letter to the Venice Gondolier Sun, 200 E. Venice Ave., Venice FL 34285. You can also fax signed letters to 941-484-8460 or email them to rdupont@ For more information, call 941-207-1000. OUR VIEWEnough is enough. Save the Circus ArenaYet again, no business person has come forward with a plan to utilize the Venice Circus Arena site for anything that would generate a prot, let alone generate the fair-market rent required to appease the Federal Aviation Administration. That being the case, it might be time to realize that this historic property might best remain what it is the site that put Venice on the map as the Winter Home of the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus. To that end, the City Council should appoint a board to see it through as an adjunct project to the Venice Museum and Archives project and the Lord-Higel House restoration. In other words, the city should take the lead, decide what should be there, and make it happen. Despite famed architect John Nolen having designed the plan for the city, its status as the Kentucky Military Institutes winter home since 1932 and the creation of the Venice Army Air Base in 1943, Venice was an all-but-forgotten blip on Floridas map with a population of fewer than 2,000 in 1959. That changed overnight with the announcement that the Greatest Show on Earth would move to Venice, leasing a 10to 15-acre site on airport property for $1,000 per year. As circus trains and trucks crisscrossed the United States and Canada on its annual tour, hundreds of thousands of people saw the words Venice, Florida, Winter Home of the Ringling Bros and Barnum & Bailey Circus on each of those train cars and trucks and read those words in each and every program distributed at performances. Still more people learned about Venice as television shows about the circus were broadcast from here. If Venice converted the arena to a multiuse convention and entertainment venue, Venice could honor its circus history while adding to the citys status as an arts destination. The reworked arena could supplement the entertainment provided by Venice Theatre, one of the leading community theaters in the country. The arena also could be used as an indoor venue for all the art fairs and festivals that have begun to strain the downtown area. That area would still benefit from the influx of people looking to dine and shop on festival weekends. It seems a natural evolution in the legacy that actually began in 1927 when John Ringling brought his circus to Sarasota and built his art museum. Both became magnets to people interested in the arts and led to the creation of Sarasota Opera, Asolo Repertory Theatre and Sarasota Ballet. Each company had its first per formances in the Historic Asolo Theatre, which was brought to the museum by its first director, Chick Austin. The arrival of the circus in Venice in 1960 was a shot in the arm for real estate, which has largely been booming ever since, and also for the citys then young Venice Theatre, Venice Art Center and Venice Symphony. A bonus was the type of people who settled here people who would build Loveland Center and create the foundation today known as Gulf Coast Community Foundation. When the circus left Venice in 1992 because the train tracks could no longer support both train cars and elephants, it was a sad day. Yet the legacy of interest in the arts and philanthropy remained and should be honored. The arena continued to be used for high school graduations, annual visits of Up With People and the Marine Corps Band, among others, proving its value as a 4,500-seat entertainment venue despite its lack of air conditioning and its less-than-comfortable seats. Those 4,500 seats enabled it to hold concerts too big for places like the 1,720-seat Van Wezel and too small for the 17,500-seat Tampa Bay Times Forum and the 7,500 seat Germain Arena at Estero. Consider that every one of those 4,500 seats was filled for every circus performance even in the years when the citys entire population would have needed fewer than half of the seats. Perhaps Art Concello, who was executive director of the circus in 1959 and who signed the contract to bring the show to Venice, knew something that the citys council members from 1992 to the present did not and do not know or understand. The current City Council seems intent on some big business or major investor swooping in and using the land for some grand purpose. But that has not happened. Technically, as any real estate agent will tell you, if nobody wants the land, its not worth anything. Yet the council keeps banging its head against the same wall. For those who care about the city and its history, the site is priceless. Consider what it would be worth today if it were the site of Circus Sarasota, which recently acquired the Sailor Circus and has established its home in Sarasota on Bahia Vista off Tamiami Trail. That organizations founder, Pedro Reis, contacted the Venice City Council in June of 2000, referring to the arena as a national treasure, adding that its history belongs to America. He also said, It is ironic that in Baraboo, Wis., where the Ringlings lived, the city preserved their homes and circus winter quar ters while we seem only too eager to demolish our past. Reis wanted to lease the site for Circus Sarasota. He was virtually ignored. The fact that they (city council) are not even interested in dialogue says it all, he wrote on July 14, 2000. Even worse, the city failed to maintain the building. No homeowner or business owner in the city would have been allowed to let their property become so ravaged that the recent skinning was the only thing that could be done to begin to salvage this national treasure. The mayor should lead a blue ribbon committee to save the site and come up with a structure that will be used for decades to come. It could be a grand multipurpose structure. Dont think it can be done? The community of Venice is saving a farmhouse. We saved the train depot and the Triangle Inn. Why cant we save the citys most important historical site? Farewell, Rick; were glad we knew you(Note to readers: Parts of this column will get a little politically incorrect. Trust me: Rick Tacy would not only be OK with that, hed insist on it. And if it would be OK with him, it should be OK with you. Rick and I were both fans of the late cartoonist John Callahan, who also suffered a spinal injury at a young age that left him a quadriplegic, and enjoyed his autobiography, Will the Real John Callahan Please Stand Up? That should put everything in context for you.) I first got to know Rick Tacy as a member of the Sertoma Club of Venice, which he joined in 1984, a few years before I did. It quickly became apparent that he was more than just a member he was sort of a mascot for the club as well. Few concessions were made to him despite his quadriplegia he would regularly get fined for not standing up for the Pledge of Allegiance and only one was asked for: that there be handicap access to whatever the club did. Though this was in the days prior to the Americans with Disabilities Act, accommodations could usually be made for Rick. Usually. I remember a Sertoma board meeting that was scheduled at a long-gone place next to Venice Theatre called Stormin Normans. Upstairs at Stormin Normans. Which didnt have an elevator. With much grumbling and cursing, we carried Rick upstairs in his wheelchair. He was a board member, after all. Rick didnt weigh a lot but he was in a motorized chair that did and was not designed to be carried. He verbally abused us the whole way up, too, just to make the experience more enjoyable. Im not sure how he got down. When I was president of Sertoma a few years later, we agreed to handle beverage sales at an event in Haines City called Dance to Trance. It was a rave, something that was all the rage in Europe. Here, not so much. It was held in a field that was more sand than grass, and Rick was having a hard time navigating it. I was riding around on a golf cart pretending to do important things, chauffeured by a volunteer from some other organization who didnt know me or Rick. Or that I knew Rick. I spotted Rick stuck in the sand and told the driver to head over to him. When we got there I proceeded to scream obscenities at him for getting himself into that predicament, ending by telling him to get his posterior (sanitized term) out of his chair and walk like the rest of us. Im not sure the driver has gotten over his shock yet. And I never did find out what stunned him more what I said or that it made Rick laugh so hard he looked like he might fall out of his wheelchair. When I practiced law and Rick worked in the Tax Appraisers South County office, Id pop in to say hi whenever I was at the courthouse. It was usually little more than that because Rick handled the phones and was always busy. It was a great job for someone who liked to talk as much as he did. I can still see the plastic pointer that he wore to be able to punch the buttons on the phone and the computer. After we both changed jobs I joined the paper and Rick got elected to the City Council he was a go-to guy when I was the city reporter. I knew two things when I interviewed him one, he had done his homework and would have his facts down cold, and two, hed offer his unvarnished opinion on the topic without regard for the possible consequences at the next election. Ive interviewed a lot of politicians in 14 years at the paper. I can count the ones that werent worried about re-election on one hand with fingers left over. Of course, Rick was active in politics before, during and after his terms on council, but he had a bad habit of backing candidates in the primary election he thought were best even though they werent always the one the Republican Party officially supported. Consequently, his track record as a prognosticator was, shall we say, spotty. I used to joke with him that since a candidate seeing his bumper sticker on Ricks van was pretty much the kiss of death for his campaign, he could make a fortune from candidates paying him to endorse their opponents. Capitalist though he was, Im sure he didnt do it. Well, pretty sure. Suffering a paralyzing injury at age 18 would have left many people in a depression they would never fully recover from certainly one that would have kept them from achieving all the things that Rick did. But he never let his physical condition dictate his future, and he compiled a legacy anyone would be proud of. Two rooms full of people for his funeral Thursday were a testament to that. When I chatted with his mom, Ruth, for the feature I wrote on Rick in Wednesdays paper, she told me that after his accident doctors told them that if he lived to age 45, he would have had a good life. He was 53 when he died last week. He beat the odds again. Rick Tacy was proof that a man in a wheelchair could still stand tall.Email: MISSION STATEMENTTo be the superior quality, low-cost provider of information and adver tising in the local communities we serve. We will continuously improve: the value of information provided to our customers; the value and results for our advertisers; the quality of life in our communities; the return on our stockholders investment while providing a fair, challenging and rewarding workplace for productive employees. Bob Mudge OPINION 10A WEEKEND EDITION SEPTEMBER 13, 2014 SUN NEWSPAPERS GONDOLIER SUN EDITOR RONALD DUPONT JR. PHONE: 941-207-1218 PUBLISHER TIM SMOLARICK PHONE: 941-207-1010 FAX: 941-484-8460 YOUR HONORMY CLIENTHAS SOLID GROUNDS FORDIVORCE(sEEKINGAoHIS WIFE HID THEREMOTE DURINGOPENING DAY OFSEASON.71Gcr2auE2 Se


WEEKEND EDITION SEPTEMBER 13, 2014 SUN NEWSPAPERS 11A City leaders formally adopted the 2014-15 city budget this week, drawing on excess reserves to balance a nearly $108 million operating budget. The millage rate will remain at 3.116, the same rate on which last years property taxes were collected. A mill equals $1,000 in taxes for every $100,000 in property value. In the next scal year, property tax rates will not increase. However, if your property value went up, you will pay more. The rollback millage rate (the rate that would bring in the same revenue as last year) is 2.9215, but council opted to set the rate at 3.116, which is 23 per cent greater than the rollback rate, to pay for numerous projects. Among them: new downtown bike lanes, sharrow striping, additional downtown and beach parking, and sidewalks at $1.3 million. Because the Federal Aviation Administration has yet to sign off on a deal allowing the city to purchase aviation rights on Sharkys property, the city owed the municipal airport an extra $132,000. The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers also required almost $1 million more than necessary to nish the upcoming beach renourishment, a miscalculation on the feds part that city Finance Director Jeff Snyder caught. The reimbursement will come sometime next year, although additional annual funding will need to be set aside just to maintain the citys contribution to the $15 million project. In recent years the city set aside $250,000 annually. Bottom line, said Snyder, is the excessive or unassigned reserves is brought down from $3.1 million to $622,000. The emergency reserve of $5.6 million remains in place, but council said even that would fall short in the event of a hurricane or other disaster. Thats using our reserves pretty quickly, said Snyder. Those are the things that are keeping me up at night. Council members agreed the dwindling unassigned reserve needs to be addressed. I like the fact were still keeping the millage rate even, said Council Member Kit McKeon. At one time we not only had $4 million in excess reserves, we even had talked about increasing our required reserve. The projects we have elected to fund really do increase the appearance of the city, but sometime in the future we have to have a discussion of where do we go from here? Council on Tuesday, Sept. 9, unanimously adopted the preliminary 2014-15 millage rate. No one in the audience spoke to the budget or the millage rate. A second and nal public hearing is scheduled for Sept. 23 at 5:01 p.m. at city hall. The city budget is based on anticipated General Fund revenues of $24.2 million in local property taxes; the total budget, including federal, state and other funds, comes in at $107.8 million. On Sept. 9, the Sarasota County commissioners approved a tentative new budget for the 2014-15 scal year during its rst public hearing on the matter. The budget, at more than a billion dollars, is a $73 million increase over last years spending plan.Email: ggiles@venicegondolier.comBudget set for second hearingBy GREG GILESNEWS EDITORKeep Sarasota County Beautiful (KSCB) will help clean coastal and other areas during the 2014 International Coastal Cleanup from 8 a.m. to noon Saturday, Sept. 20, at sites throughout Sarasota County, including Venice area beaches (rain date: Saturday, Sept. 27). This is one of our most popular events every year because so much of the Sarasota community lifestyle revolves around the water, said Wendi Crisp, Keep Sarasota County Beautiful program coordinator. More than 2,000 volunteers are expected to participate, and many groups make it a social event with picnics and beach parties after they finish cleaning their location. The 2014 cleanup will include coastal areas and interior sites at the following locations: Bay Island Park, Bayfront Park and Marina, Bird Key Park, Brohard Beach, Caspersen Beach, Centennial Park, Edwards Islands, Golden Beach, Ken Thompson Park, Lemon Bay Park and Nature Center, Lido Beach, Manasota Beach, Nokomis Beach, North Jetty Park, North Port, Philippi Estate Park, Quick Point Nature Preserve, Rattlesnake Island, Ringling Causeway, Service Club Park, Siesta Beach, South Jetty Beach, South Lido Beach, Turtle Beach, Venice Beach, Venice Fishing Pier and Whitaker Bayou. Pre-event registration is strongly encour aged. To register as a volunteer for the 2014 International Coastal Cleanup, visit www. or call the Sarasota County Contact Center at 941-861-5000.Annual Coastal Cleanup returns Sept. 20 of South Carolina but she did talk with his manager when setting up the gig for him to participate in the Blues Festival. She has seen him perform on YouTube and said he plays many instruments, and she found the most interesting one to be a gas can guitar. Kinda crazy and fun, she said. He is one of the oldtime African-American blues players. Originally, she wanted to book Muddy Waters son, Mud Morganeld, but he was booked. So she did some research, wanting to get a top notch blues artist. I contacted Steve Arvey, of Bradenton, for help with booking. Arveys business is known on the Web as The Blues Man Entertainment. He is well-connected to blues players and knows Mac Arnold. I wanted a good headliner, Quast said. When Muddy Waters son wasnt available, she went for the next best thing Mac Arnold, she said. He played with Muddy Waters for years and has a great reputation. The old-time blues man is dying out, and if we get the opportunity to grab one, we will, Quast said. Other blues performers scheduled are Joes Moss, Kat Riggins and RJ Howson, with more in the works. Quasts goal for this year is to more than double the attendance from last year, which was the nacent Blues Festival in Venice. A little bit of rain kept the crowd down early on, but it picked up later in the day and we had about 700 paid ticketholders, and that was pretty good, Quast said. With all the vendors and volunteers, we probably had a total of 800 there. This year, she hopes for better weather, and with the great headliner and other blues singers, she hopes to bring in about 1,500 to 2,000 people. Also, by holding the event at Maxine Barritt Park, adjacent to the beach, it could attract some beach-goers and people from other venues. There are bathrooms and showers nearby, and people can just walk in from the beach. And there will be plenty of parking at Lake Venice Golf Club, Quast said. Nearby Sharkys and Fins restaurants will give people added options for eating, in addition to the food vendors that will be onsite at the park for the Blues Fest. An after-party is in the works at Sharkys. Vendors and sponsors will get massive exposure by helping the festival raise money for Venice High Schools music education program. There will also be merchandise vendors, too. Tickets are on sale online and through Venice MainStreet. People have been asking me about tickets, Quast said. We have a great deal that will run through Sept. 30. Single tickets are normally $20 each, and $25 the day of the event, but the deal is two tickets for $30 through Sept. 30. On Oct. 1, the price will be $20 each and $25 day of event. Another plus, according to Quast, is that MainStreet will provide buses so people can more easily go between the Blues Festival and the Chalk Festival that is also that weekend on the island of Venice. Its going to be a big, big Saturday in Venice, and we want to do our part to make things go as smooth as possible for everyone, she said. For more information, tickets, sponsorship and vendor opportunities, call Quast at MainStreet, a nonprot community organization, at 941-484-6722 or visit ablackwell@venicegondolier.comBLUESFROM PAGE 1 484086 We can help you with services such as new crowns, bridges, veneers, whitening and the like. Then refresh your skin with Botox, Juvederm, Voluma, Pelleve and a visit to our Hydrafacial spa. 1218 E Veni ce Ave. Veni ce FL 34285 941.488.1075 www. veni cedenti st com Voted Best Dental Office M ultiple Years in a row! 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Legend Seniord L vinoLegend 1 0 11600 Center A Legend Senior Living Residence www.legendseniorliving.comNew Patients Welcome.[)avis & BeyertDental HeaKh Professionals


SPORTSCONTACT US SCOTT LOCKWOOD SPORTS EDITOR 941-207-1107 SUN NEWSPAPERS 12A WEEKEND EDITION SEPTEMBER 13, 2014HIGH SCHOOL FOOTBALLFor the rst couple of games this season, Venice junior tailback Malik Bryant was trying to nd his comfort zone in the Indians offensive attack after transferring over from North Port during the offseason. Bryant rewarded Venices patience in a big way Friday night, scoring three touchdowns and helping lead the Indians to their eighth straight win by a 35-7 score over county foe Riverview to take the Sarasota County Championship. I think Malik nally gured it out tonight, Venice head coach John Peacock said. He was hitting the hole against a good defense and was making some plays. This is a new offense for him and he nally got the hang of it tonight. Venice got off to whats becoming a usual fast start. On the Indians fourth play of the game a fourth down and 1 Langston Provitt took a snap in the wildcat and sprinted right through the middle of the Riverview defense for a 54-yard touchdown run. Later in the quarter, Bryant put his rst big play in motion by taking off down the right side of the eld for a 53-yard run. He eventually got cornered by Ram defenders at the Riverview 26, but said he had another reason for going down after several attempts to break tackles at the end of the play. I just ran out of gas, Bryant said with a laugh. Im going to work on that when I get back to practice and keep working until I reach the top. The drive eventually stalled at the Riverview 11 after Bryce Carpenters pass on fourth and goal fell incomplete. On their next possession in the second quarter, Provitts 35-yard punt return gave Venice the ball at the Rams 15 with a little over four minutes left in the half. They needed just one play to get on the board again with Malik Bryants 15-yard touchdown run. Bryant struck again at the beginning of the second half. His 25-yard kickoff return gave Venice the ball on the Riverview 48. On second down, Bryant went off right tackle and scampered 46 yards for a touchdown while dragging a Riverview defender with him into the end zone. After Riverview took advantage of a couple of Venice defensive penalties and got on the board with Karan Higdons 15-yard touchdown run, Venice marched down the eld on their next drive thanks to a 7-yard run on a fake punt by tight end Aaron Hackett and a 22-yard strike from Bryce Carpenter to Provitt on a third-and-19. That sequence of plays set up a 14-yard touchdown run by Provitt on the rst play of the fourth quarter. Bryant eventually found the end zone for a third time on a 1-yard run about halfway through the nal period. He nished with 153 yards on 16 carries. Weve been training hard all week to prepare for this game, Bryant said. We went hard every day in practice and put in extra training after practice to prepare for this. Peacock said his team was playing it safe in the rst half before pulling away over the nal 24 minutes. The kids came out and played great in the second half, Peacock said. The rst half was kind of my fault. I just didnt trust myself and thats my fault because I should trust these kids. I wanted to make sure we werent making any mistakes that put us in a bad situation on the road in a rivalry game where were playing against a good running back. Carpenter was 5-for10 passing for 58 yards. He also had 41 yards on nine carries and kicked a 69-yard punt in the second quarter. Bryce did a good job of running and throwing the ball in the second half, Peacock said. He was doing a good job of managing the offense and kind of took it over in the second half. Venice, now 3-0 on the year and ranked sixth in the AP 6A poll, will travel to Punta Gorda to take on Charlotte in the annual Gondo Bowl on Friday.Email: slockwood@venicegondolier.comThursday nights volleyball matchup between Venice and the Academy of Holy Names from Tampa in the Teepee started off as a back-andforth affair between two teams that appeared as equals. But about halfway through the second set, the Lady Indians showed why theyve been ranked 18th in the nation by MaxPreps and exed their muscles in what turned out to be a dominating 3-0 win that saw Venice all but shut down one of the states top players in AHNs Courtney Vogler. We knew if we could shut Courtney down on the outside, we could probably control the game, Venice head coach Brian Wheatley said about Vogler, who has committed to the University of Georgia. I knew coming in that we had a little better ball control as well. Both teams controlled the ball well early and neither team led by more than two points for the rst half of the opening set. Back-to-back aces by Hannah Richards gave Venice an 18-15 lead that was quickly erased by the Jaguars. Two straight kills by Richards gave the Lady Indians set point but AHN responded and forced the set into overtime. Richards third ace of the set gave Venice a 26-24 win. Its not how good you are its how often youre good, Wheatley said. I think we played very consistent in the rst game. They played us very tough and it was just a matter of who was going to wear down rst. Theyre a very quality team and theyve got a lot of good kids. The second set started out as a near instant replay of the rst set, with both teams battling back and forth at net and not gaining any advantage. Halfway through the set, Venice took the lead on a kill by Brooke Bezdek that sparked a 7-0 run for the Lady Indians, who nished off the set with a 25-19 win after another ace by Richards. Once you get some points and get the momentum going, aces just get the whole team going, Richards said. We had just built up a bunch of momentum at that point and couldnt stop. Between the second and third sets, Wheatley made sure to tell his team to keep its foot on the gas and keep the momentum going from the second set. They did just that in opening up an 18-5 lead and eventually taking the set 25-14. This team is doing a great job of closing the door on matches, Wheatley said. Weve won our close matches and we know that once you take your foot off the pedal, a team can come back especially a dangerous team like that (AHN). Richards led the team with 11 kills and six aces. She had a lot of aces and what you dont see in the stat book is that she had a lot of balls that came back over that we were able to get up and smack down for points, Wheatley said. She really had more aces than the stat book will show. Lauren Mattmuller, who scored four of Venices rst six points in the rst set, nished with eight kills. Tanner Gauthier nished with ve kills, while senior setter Jaclyn Dinenberg nished with 40 assists. With the win, Venice improves to 6-0 on the season. Theyll travel to Fort Myers for their next match on Tuesday. Itll be a good match with a strong crowd with a quality opponent, Wheatley said.Email: slockwood@venicegondolier.comIndians win eighth straight over RiverviewLady Indians wear down Jaguars in winBy SCOTT LOCKWOODSPORTS EDITORBy SCOTT LOCKWOODSPORTS EDITOR PHOTOS BY JUSTIN FENNELLProvitt runs in a touchdown in the rst quarter. The Venice Lady Indians celebrate winning the rst set of Thursdays match. SUN PHOTOS BY JUSTIN FENNELLRight: Venices Abby Waddill res a serve during the rst set of Thursday nights match against the Academy of Holy Names. Venice 7 7 7 14 35 Riverview 0 0 7 0 7 First Quarter V Langston Provitt 54 run (Zach Carr kick) 8:36 Second Quarter V Malik Bryant 15 run (Carr kick) 4:00 Third Quarter V Bryant 46 run (Carr kick) 11:00 R Karan Higdon 15 run (Mika Kushnitzky kick) 5:53 Fourth Quarter V Provitt 14 run (Carr kick) 11:54 V Bryant 1 run (Carr kick) 7:35 Venice defenders Jake Stubbs (40) and Cade Sleight bring down Riverview running back Karan Higdon in the rst quarter of Friday nights game. The Venice defense held Higdon, who has received oers from several SEC schools and is one of the areas top oensive weapons, to 94 yards on 19 carries. `Venices Sage Lee takes out Riverviews Grant OShea after catching a pass in the rst quarter. 486517 Venice volleyball senior volleyball player Gen Beaumier recorded a career-high 19 kills in the Lady Indians 3-1 win over St. Thomas Aquinas in Fort Lauderdale last week. She also recorded a team-high 14 kills in the teams 3-0 win over Cardinal Gibbons last Tuesday. SEPTEMBER 13 TH 2014 GEN BEAUMIER Gondolier SunVENICELOCAL NEWS COVER TO COVER FLORIDAS NO.1 WEEKLY NEWSPAPER ATHLETE OF THE WEEK Senior, Venice Volleyball c v ",^t:\';.J Fall


WEEKEND EDITION SEPTEMBER 13, 2014 SUN NEWSPAPERS 13A The Venice Gondolier Sun has invited local businesses to join the Gondolier Sun in fantasy football competition for Gondo Bowl IV. Teams provide a donation to enter the draft and declare a charity that they will play for each season. At the end of the contest, the business with the winning team wins the donations and the grand total goes to their charity. Results from week one: Midway Monsters 93.42. Marauders 82.36 Harpinators 135.80, Gulfside Sexy Loaners 90.26 Who Let the Dogs Out 111.08, Great Deals 75.70 Smart Records Mgt. 91.60, West Coast Mattress 71.38 First International Title 88.14, Pigskin Financial 62.74 Match-ups for week two: Marauders vs. Smart Records Mgt. Who Let the Dogs Out vs. Gulfside Sexy Loaners Midway Monsters vs. First International Title Harpinators vs. West Coast Mattress Great Deals vs. Pigskin FinancialGondo Bowl week one wrap-upSTAFF REPORTThe 2012 animated film Brave inspired Sophie Shepherd to start archery. The Venice residents aspirations are grander now. My goal is to go to the Olympics, said the 12-year-old, whose fondness for the sport prompted her parents to start archery and practice with her. The Venice Middle School seventh-grader competes in the Olympic recurve. I find recurve more challenging, she said. You can also go to a much higher level in recurve. Level 4 archery coach Bobbie Koctur has trained Shepherd two years through the Junior Olympic Archery Development program at Cooks Sportland in Venice. She practices a lot, Koctur said recently from the U.S. Olympic Training Center in Chula Vista, Calif., where she was studying. Shes very disciplined. She has the passion. She said Shepherd chose to specialize in the recurve after trying the compound bow, which Koctur said is easier to hold and requires less strength to pull back before release. She said the recurve requires more intensity and that the target is a lot harder. Shepherd said she has earned eight medals in competitions so far: six gold, one silver and one bronze. Ive won more than I really expected, she said. I believe more in myself. She won the state Olympic recurve championship for her age group last year. She claimed wins during the summer Sunshine State Games in the 25-target 3-D freestyle for youth female and the FITA recurve for bowman female. Her recurve score of 1,207 was the fourth-highest youth score behind two boys and an older girl, according to Nick Gandy, director of communications for the Florida Sports Foundation. She more than dou bled her recurve score from 2013. My first year I didnt have much equipment, and I didnt have much experience, Shepherd said. This year I had much better training. Last year I was nervous. This year Im much more confident. In addition, she said, she won the longbow for her age group during a summer event in Hungary, where her mothers friend is an archer. Outside of school, Shepherd practices one to two hours four to five days a week. She also practices through the schools Young Marines program, which emphasizes leadership and character development. She has been focusing on her form. My posture has definitely gotten better, she said. If you slouch, everything will go downhill, and normally Ill be in the blue (third ring). Im in red (second ring) or yellow (inner most) if I have my back straight. Share an accomplishment with Barbara Boxleitner at BKLE3@ archer aims for lofty targetBy BARBARA BOXLEITNER SUN CORRESPONDENT PHOTO PROVIDEDVenice resident Sophie Shepherd, 12, competes in the Olympic recurve in archery. She won the state Olympic recurve championship for her age group last year. She claimed wins during the summer Sunshine State Games in the 25-target 3-D freestyle for youth female and the FITA recurve for bowman female. 941-445-5558 www. westcoastmattressveni NEW LOCATION! 500 S. US 41 BYPASS VENICE, FL 34285 (Next Door to Bri ck Yard Pl aza) FREE Same Day Delivery FREE Financing FREE Great Service PLAY HARD. .. REST WELL! 486133 2014 GONDO BOWL FANTASY FOOTBALL Sponsored by. . CONGRATS WEEK 1 WINNERS! WEEK 2 MATCHUPS Venice Gondolier Sun (0-1) for Our Mothers House VS Smart Records Management (1-0) for Pregnancy Solutions Andrew J. Britton P.A. (1-0) for The Boys and Girls Club of Venice VS Gulfside Mortgage Services (0-1) for VABR Scholarship Fund Certified Equipment Service (1-0) for Sertoma Club of Venice VS First International Title (1-0) for Center of Hope Crows Nest (1-0) for Miss Venice Fast Pitch Softball VS West Coast Mattress (0-1) for North Port Huskys Youth Football Darby Buick for Womens Sertoma (0-1) for Womens Sertoma VS Mark Smith CPA & Northwestern Mutual (0-1) for Rotary Foundation Andrew J. Britton P.A.,Certified Equipment Service, Crows Nest, First International Title and Smart Records Management rfntttrffntbnf rf r ffntb tbtb tb tb ttbt tt ttt rfntbnn nnnrf nnnrn tb rf #8090P #14353B #L8109P #L8120P #L8087P rrfntb btnb rrtnft rn rnt rbrbbb rbfb rbtnn rr rb rrbr nn rntnbb r rb r rrfnftbb #1LNHL9DR2BG612357rffntbbbnbbbbb tnnfbbnbbbbbb nnfbbrnfbbbbbbn bbfnntbbbn 487091 ILINCOLN LUXURY I f'it' 171 ;I{'i UN, COVEM-D 1041,(11111-atiltt'cuttrCERTIFIED Poo-ow"mEVENTmpp-10901)figsnowAa.FOR 66 MONTHS _L'ER'i CERTIFIED PRE O';:NED LINCOLN COMES WITH:tatc:. nlnly cavrepe' Assistance technlciats 3x1 1.L-IL


14A SUN NEWSPAPERS SEPTEMBER 13, 2014 WEEKEND EDITION The Venice Indians boys swim team took a 93-71 win this week in a meet against the Out of Door Academy, taking seven of the 11 events that were part of the match. Venices Danny Bastawros, Robbie Obendorf, Chris Pelton and Tate Wojick took the win in the 200-meter medley relay with a time of 1:58.59. Other winners included Bastawros in the 200-meter Individual Medley and 100-meter breaststroke, Pelton in the 500-meter freestyle, and wins in both the 200 and 400-meter freestyle relays. The girls team lost by a combined score of 87-77. They won ve events, including Tereza Postraneckas wins in the 200-meter freestyle with a time of 2:08.84 and 500-meter freestyle with a time of 5:43.90. Franki Colett picked up a win in the 100-meter backstroke and Julie Hazlett took rst place in the 100-meter breast-stroke. Venice results: Boys: Venice 93, ODA 71 200 medley relay: 1. Danny Bastawros, Robbie Obendorf, Chris Pelton and Tate Wojick (1:58.59) 200 freestyle: 1. Jack Sylvester (2:03.96) 5. Ian Lesson (2:33.53) 200 Individual Medley: 1. Bastawros (2:18.90) 4. Jared Dugan (2:47.78) 50 freestyle: 3. Wojick (28.43) 4. Tre Kniceley (29.31) 5. Matthew Argulewicz (29.37) 6. Alex Wilson (30.91) 100 fly: 1. Sylvester (1:03.82) 3. Obendorf (1:12.16) 100 freestyle: 3. Argulewicz (1:05.01) 4. Wojick (1:05.34) 5. Kniceley (1:09.93) 500 freestyle: 1. Chris Pelton (5:22.28) 3. Even Weber (6:06.13) 200 freestyle relay: 1. Obendorf, Weber, Wojick, Sylvester (1:50.03) 2. Kniceley, Nick Vischulis, Wilson, Argulewicz (2:04.28) 100 backstroke: 2. Dugan (1:16.50) 3. Ian Lesson (1:23.78) 100 breaststroke: 1. Bastawros (1:12.06) 2. Pelton (1:13.59) 3. Obendorf (1:13.94) 6. Weber (1:21.28) 400 freestyle relay: 1. Sylvester, Obendorf, Bastawros, Pelton (3:57.78) Girls: ODA 87, Venice 77 200 medley relay: 1. Franki Colett, Julie Hazlett, Heather Wilson, Tereza Postranecka (2:14.34) 3. Mallory Dagg, Peyton Hoey, Tori Wampler, Melissa Baratta (2:42.12) 200 freestyle: 2. Hannah Sarmiento (2:22.43) 4. Natalie Pollock (2:30.34) 200 Individual Medley: 1. Postranecka (2:08.84) 4. Wampler (3:10.07) 50 freestyle: 2. Taylor Lewis (30.50) 6. Courtney Hamilton (34.50) 100 fly: 2. Wilson (1:11.37) 3. Sarmiento (1:15.84) 100 freestyle: 3. Wilson (1:06.09) 4. Taylor Lees (1:11.75) 5. Hazlett (1:12.79) 500 freestyle: 1. Postranecka (5:43.90) 3. Colett (6:59.31) 200 freestyle relay: 2. Wampler, Pollock, Wilson, Sarmiento (2:05.09) 3. Hazlett, Dagg, Baratta, Morgan Martin (2:22.96) 100 backstroke: 1. Colett (1:16.25) 3. Pollock (1:18.75) 6. Izzy Jones (1:29.50) 100 breaststroke: 1. Hazlett (1:32.28) 2. Hoey (1:39.18) 400 freestyle relay: 2. Colett, Sarmiento, Pollock, Postranecka (4:27.21) 4. Lees, Baratta, Courtney Hamilton, Martin (5:14.15)Venice boys swimmers take win over ODASTAFF REPORT SUN PHOTO BY JUSTIN FENNELLFreshman swimmer Ian Leeson works his way toward a thirdplace nish in a meet this week against Out of Door Academy. The Venice boys team would win the meet 93-71. The Venice Lady Indians improved to 13-0 on the season with a tri-match win over Lakewood Ranch and Riverview on Thursday at Lakewood Ranch Country Club. Victoria Cangero and Celia Lau both shot 38s to lead Venice. Brittany Clipse was next with a 40, followed by Allyson Guthrie with a 42. Venices 158 easily topped the 174 posted by Lakewood Ranch and Riverviews 239. Venices next match is at Laurel Oak against Sarasota and Braden River on Tuesday. Fans can follow the team at WinThe Venice Indians boys golf team took an 18-stroke victory over Cardinal Mooney on Thursday at The Meadows Country Club in Sarasota. Venices Ron Johnson earned medalist honors after shooting a 35. Devin Hill was next with a 38, followed by Dlynn Roachs 39, Michael Dirrs 40. Venices total of 152 bested Cardinal Mooneys 170. Venice improved to 7-0 on the season with the victory. Theyll take on Port Charlotte at Port Charlotte Golf Club on Tuesday.Prep Golf: Lady Indians remain perfectSTAFF REPORT BREAKINGNEWS!Log onto f or the latest updates. rf nt bf f rfntb 485735 485751 485744 All You Need To Know About Floors Carpet Ceramic Laminate Hardwood Vinyl Area Rugs Visit Our Second Location In Lakewood Ranch (San Marco Plaza) Financing Available for Qualified Customers 825 E. Venice Ave. Venice, FL 34285 Best Of Venice 2003-2012 941-488-1810 HOURS: MONDAY-FRIDAY 8-5 SATURDAY 8-3 SP49223 B E ST OFVENICE 2013 Venice Gondolier Sun 485961 Thousands of Plants to Choose From Red Mulch $1.99 Just South of Jacaranda Blvd. on SR 776. Next to Dome. 5175 SR 776 Venice MON-SAT 9:00-5:00 SUN 10:00 4:00 COMPLETE LANDSCAPE PACKAGES FROM $1,999 UGLY YARDS WANTED! 481166 Voted #1 Garden Center in Venice 941-493-1293 SP49223 B E ST OFVENICE 2013 Venice Gondolier Sun $ 20. 00 OFF $ 50.00 Purchase FREE On All Citrus Within 5 Miles. Expires 9/18/14. Not redeemable for cash C oupons must be presented at time of purchase. R efunds will not be given. No c opies. One per purchase. Some restrictions may apply. DELIVERY & INSTALL VGS VGS Cannot be used on mulch, annuals, or sale item s. Not redeemable for cash Expires 9/18/14 Must bring in coupon from paper. No c opies. M ust be presented at time of purchase Refunds will not be given. Some restrictions may apply. 487125 Donate unopened jars of peanut butter and jelly to All Faiths Food Bank and HarborChase will match your food donation! Help us beat our previous record by dropping o your jars at HarborChase through September 30th. Peanut butter & jelly collection for a good cause! rfntb rf For more information or to schedule a tour, call 941-484-8801 today! 486370 MEDICAID PLANNING Law Office of Adam R. Miller 218 Harbor Drive S. Venice, FL 34285 Asset And Income Protection & Preservation Nursing Home Care Planning Free Consultations (941) 488-9641 486073 HARBORCHASEr `-JOlympic poolsMONTGOMERY'SS'AAWORLD CLASS DENTISTRrADVANCED CARELCTINHeadaches and TMJ Pain 24 Hour Teeth Implant System Facial Rejuvenation with Implant RestorationsSEMINAR: September 18, 2014914-9344fillMolrrisSarasota Florida 34231mUrJ/ $ Uscv, -r^artphnootns;ar


WEEKEND EDITION SEPTEMBER 13, 2014 SUN NEWSPAPERS 15A r fntbr 50474871 PORT CHARLOTTE 1655 Tamiami Trail Port Charlotte, FL 33948 941-623-4918 Across US 41 from Taco Bell VENICE 4238 S. Tamiami Trail Venice, FL 34293 941-451-5070 Behind Outback Steakhouse tnnn n bb bnt DigitalSCA r rfn r r rf tbrr bn ntt b n n r n tnn bff rfnrt bf r bf r r n tt rf rffntbf f ff r r ,flfl W YYI1 ,F,EL94 i4238 S. Tanianf Traflal 1649TamlamiTrail MEDICAL PARKR \ \I ITU J:6'YISIQ;lI y,


16A SUN NEWSPAPERS SEPTEMBER 13, 2014 WEEKEND EDITION rfnr tb b rfntb bf r *Offer applies only to single-receipt qualifying purchase. No interest will be charged on the promo purchased if you pay the premium purchase amount in full by the due date. If you do not, interest wi ll be assessed on the promo purchase from the purchase date. Regular account terms apply to non-promotional purchases and, after promotion ends, to promotional balance. For new accoun ts: Purchase APR is 29.99% Minimum Interest Charge is $2. Existing cardholders should see their cred it card agreement of their applicable terms. Subject to credit approval. *On Purchases $300 or more with your Furniture Warehouse credit card made between September 13, 2014 and September 12, 2015. Interest will be charged to your account from the purchase date if the promo tional purchase is not paid in full within 12 months, by September 2015. Minimum Monthly Payments required. NO INTEREST UNTIL SEPTEMBER 2015* SAME DAY PICK UP OR NEXT DAY DELIVERY! $ 999 $ 799 Key West Master Bedroom This Special Purchase bedroom features a beautiful Havana finish. Includes dresser, mirror, queen headboard, footboard & rails. Matching nightstand FREE! Beautiful Merlot Bedroom Features an upholstered padded headboard for maximum comfort. Includes dresser, mirror, queen headboard, footboard & rails. Matching nightstand FREE! $ 799 Cottage Retreat Bedroom Collection Brings the beautiful detailing & soft styling of Coastal Living at its best! Includes dresser, mirror, queen headboard, footboard & rails. Matching nightstand FREE! $ 699 Contemporary Cherry Bedroom Sleek lines of this casual contemporary hand rubbed cherry bedroom will brighten up any bedroom. Includes dresser, mirror, queen headboard, footboard & rails. Matching nightstand FREE! $ 499 The Beauty of Faux Marble Come to life in this stunning bedroom that offer style as well as economy. Includes dresser, mirror, queen headboard, footboard & rails. Matching nightstand FREE! $ 599 Beautiful Hand Rubbed Cherry Bedroom Offers style and unquestionable value. Includes dresser, mirror, queen headboard, footboard & rails. Matching nightstand FREE! $ 899 Stunning Oak Master Bedroom Hand rubbed to a beautiful oak finish. Style and value is the word here! Includes dresser, mirror, queen headboard, footboard & rails. Matching nightstand FREE! $ 799 Coastal Florida Styled Bedroom Perfect for the Florida lifestyle. Includes dresser, mirror, queen headboard, footboard & rails. Matching nightstand FREE! ELLENTON 5814 18th St East (Across from the Ellenton Outlets) 941-479-7900 Mon. Sat. 9-9 Sun. 11-6 BRADENTON 1100 West Cortez Rd. (Corner of 41 & Cortez Next to Office Depot) 941-749-6069 Mon. Sat. 9-9 Sun. 11-6 SARASOTA 4027 North Washington Blvd (1 mile S of University on Hwy 301)) 941-351-8600 Mon. Sat. 9-9 Sun. 11-6 VENICE 550 S Seabord Ave (N of Venice Nissan on US Hwy 41 bypass) 941-485-3211 Mon. Sat. 9-6 Sun. 11-6 PORT CHARLOTTE 1241 El Jobean Rd (776 across from Sams) 941-764-8700 Mon. Sat. 9-9 Sun. 11-6 $ 399 487089 Recline at a touch of a button Just $ 249 Power Recliner SATURDAY, SUNDAY & MONDAY ONLY! F7, W.. powI,rICI iSpeciuhP,ur..,,chasIIoe I opaI Z --jPAP,Serta


COFFEE BREAK 2B VENUE 3B RELIGION 7BWEEKEND EDITION SEPTEMBER 13, 2014 CONTACT US KIM COOL FEATURES EDITOR 941-207-1000 SUN NEWSPAPERSOUR TOWN Big Brothers Big Sisters (BBBS) of the Suncoast needs Bigs. Bigs are adults who mentor children ages 6-18. They spend quality time, which, according to most Bigs, ends up being a good thing for Bigs as much as for Littles (the children being mentored). In this area, there are currently 24 young people waiting for a mentor 19 boys and five girls. Some Bigs meet with their Little in school for an hour a week. Others, with more available time, meet elsewhere to enjoy common interests: bowling or shopping or lunch. The goal is to have regular sessions during which the Bigs become role models for their Littles, build self-confidence in the Littles and expose Littles to new ideas and interests. The program has existed for more than 100 years, during which hundreds of thousands of young people have been mentored one Little at a time, all across the country. Big Brothers was established in New York City by Ernest Coulter in 1904. At about the same time, Ladies of Charity befriended girls who had come through the New York Childrens Court. Ladies of Charity became Catholic Big Sisters and then Big Sisters International. The two groups merged in 1977 as Big Brothers Big Sisters of America. The international or ganization dates to 1998 and now serves children in 12 countries. There are more than 400 BBBS agencies in the United States. According to the website, they serve a quarter of a million children. Each affiliate is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization with its own staff, budget and board of directors. Joy Mahler is the president and CEO of the local chapter.The processLittles are most often enrolled by a parent to help ll the void left by the absence of either the father or mother. Children are waiting for a Big breakBy KIM COOLFEATURES EDITOR Big Toni Ross, left, with Little Sister Faith.PHOTOS PROVIDEDLittle Jesse is pictured with his Big Brother, Frank Pagliaro, left. At right is Jesse in his gradua tion gown at Venice High Schools commencement ceremony in June.CHILDREN | 7 Too cold. Tired of driving on ice and snow. Gloomy skies. Ive heard a lot of reasons why someone moves from a colder climate to sunny Florida, such as those comments above. But I heard a new one the other day from Jo-Ann Wieleba: Our pipes broke, she said. That brought me to attention. I could immediately relate, having grown up in Northern Ohio and having experienced frozen pipes on more than one occasion. The inference to her statement was that the pipes had frozen, and when they broke it made a mess with water all over, which she later conrmed. That did it for her and her husband Mark, of Montreal, proud parents of four. They moved to Venice, where her par ents had already moved to and now reside. I met Jo-Ann after having noticed a sign outside of the United Church of Christ adver tising Happy Hearts a few weeks ago. Whats that about? I wondered. And since its along the South Trail at 620 Shamrock Blvd., in Venice, I decided to look into it for my column.VPKThe full title of the business is Happy Hearts Early Learning Center, which oper ates as a Voluntary Prekindergarten (VPK) facility on the church campus. Its for children ages 1-3 years. While the classes vary in size on any given day, because parents enroll their little ones either part time or full time, there are 40 students currently enrolled, with room for 67. It didnt take long during our conversation to learn how much Jo-Ann loves what she is doing and believes she has found her lifes call ing by working in child care. Shes worked at this VPK for eight years and has been its director for a year and a half. She also owns a similar facility in Englewood The Toy Box and has a director running that VPK, although She moved from way up north to find her niche SUN PHOTO BY AUDREY BLACKWELLJo-Ann Wieleba shares a laugh with little Lillian Campbell at the start of the day at Happy Hearts, the VPK she directs at United Church of Christ.NORTH | 4 AUDREY BLACKWELL Riding the South Trail The Players season opener, Lend Me a Tenor by Ken Ludwig, is a terric bit of theatrical hijinks. The story evolves from the late arrival of tenor Tito Merelli (Berry Ayers) for his perfor mance as Othello with the Cleveland Opera. The year is 1934. Opera manager Henry Saunders (Bob Trisolini) is frantic because he has an audience of 1,000 people who have paid $50 each to see the great tenor perform. What will he do if the guy is a no show? The managers daughter Maggie (Amanda Heisey) dates Saunders assistant Max (Jeffery Kin) but may not be as totally committed to that relationship as Max. She is enthralled with the tenor, literally swooning when she even hears his voice on the radio. Also wanting a piece of the tenor are Diana (Lilian Moore) the soprano who will sing with him in Cleveland, and Julia (Patty OBerg) an older woman who is president of the opera guild. Diana seemingly will go to any lengths to get the tenor to help advance her career. Julia just seems ready to go to any lengths for the tenor. The bellhop (Ross Boehringer) at the hotel where the tenor will stay also has an agenda and an ever-ready ash camera. When the tenors wife Maria (Kaylene McCaw) shows up, additional complications arise. That the story plays out in a two-room hotel suite with closets and bathrooms adds additional possibilities for silliness, especially when the tenor nally arrives and then is overdosed with sleeping pills by two different people who just want him to get some rest and not drink alcohol before his performance. The one-hour rst act ies by with one hilar ious comedy bit after another by this topnotch Players season off to hilarious start with Lend Me a TenorBy KIM COOLFEATURES EDITOR PHOTO PROVIDED BY THE PLAYERSJeery Kin, left, as Max, and Bob Trisolini as Henry Saunders in The Players production of Lend Me a Tenor runs through Sept. 21 in Sarasota.PLAYERS | 7 485966 We ALWAYS return phone calls the SAME DAY!!! HOME AUTO BUSINESS CONDO MOBILE 2017 B. South Tamiami Trl. Venice, FL 34293 (941) 244-2760 rfntbtbfr ffrbfr rfntbrtr r rrfntbbtrbrrrn bbrbrbtnfb tbrrftttrbrrrn bbrnrbrnfbfntb fntb nn r nn r frfrntbrr 487090 NISSAN, t


COFFEE BREAK 2B SUN NEWSPAPERS SEPTEMBER 13, 2014Be an OmbusdmanAre you looking for a chance to make a differ ence in your community? The Florida LongTerm Care Ombudsman Program currently has volunteer opportunities available statewide. These volunteers visit with residents of nursing homes and assisted-living facilities to ensure they are treated with dignity and respect and receiving the care they deserve. Ombudsman volunteers receive special training and participate in monthly program meetings. All program services, including individualized response to residents concerns, are free and condential. To learn more about becoming an ombudsman volunteer, call 888831-0404, search for the program on Facebook or visit: Ombudsman.MyFlorida. com.Chalk Festival Seeks VolunteersThe Sarasota Chalk Festival will be held Nov. 10-17 in several areas on the island of Venice. For information about becoming a Chalk Festival Volunteer, call Jody Jorgensen at 941-954-5800, email volunteer@chalkfestival. org or register online at: volunteer-signup-form. For more information about the festival, contact Denise Kowal, Festival founder, at Denise@ChalkFestival. org.Community Food DriveVenice Holistic Community Center (VHCC), 714 Shamrock Blvd. (across from Hermans Market), is holding a food drive through Saturday, Sept. 13, for people and pets. Donations will benet All Faiths Food Bank and pet rescues. People food can be dropped off at YouFit Health Club, 1228 Jacaranda Blvd., Venice (call 941-244-1150), or at VHCC on Saturday during the Harvest Festival that runs from noon to 5 p.m. Saturday. Songs and a time of peace will be at 1 p.m. The public is invited.Free FoodFree food for any South County resident is available every Friday at The Salvation Army, 1051 Albee Farm Road, Venice. Bring a form of photo ID or a bill showing you live in Venice, North Port, Englewood or Nokomis. The rear doors of the gym open at noon, when a number is issued. Individuals can wait in air conditioning until distribution begins at 1 p.m. Bring a box or bag to carry items home in. Volunteers are appreciated and needed for set-up, distribution and breakdown. Call 941-484-6227.Hair Cut-A-ThonAvenue Hair Design Co., 1211 South U.S. 41 Bypass, Venice, will hold a Hair-Cut-A-Thon Sunday, Sept. 14, noon to 4 p.m. Haircuts will cost $12. Proceeds go to benet restoration of the Lord-Higel House.Fall Community Dinners SetInterfaith Outreach Inc., the sponsor of weekly Community Dinners for the needy in the South Sarasota area, announced its fall schedule of free hot meals. Dinners rotate among four Venice churches and take place on the rst Tuesday of each month and every Monday thereafter from 4:30 to 6 p.m. Volunteers are needed to serve as greeters and servers once a month, on a rotating basis. For more information and a printable complete schedule, including locations, dates, times and bus routes, call 941202-9529 or visit: InterfaithOutreachInc. org.Exsultate! Chorale AuditionsMake an appointment by noon Sept. 19 to audition for Exsultate! Chorale at jeredar@ or 941-460-6542. Auditions will be held Saturday, Sept. 20, and are open to all who are qualied with choral experience, vocal exibility, control, reading and ensemble skills who wish to donate the time to this Venice-based groups season. Visit: MeetsBusiness & Professional Women of Englewood/Venice holds its monthly dinner meeting Thursday, Sept. 18. Relationship building is at 5:15 p.m. and dinner at 6 p.m. at Boca Royale Country Club, 1601 Englewood Road, Englewood; cost: $21. Claire Lee Reid, Reids Nutrition Center, Englewood, a certied nutritional counselor, will talk about What is So Super About Super Foods? For reservations by Sept. 14, call Chris Davis at 941-473-4759 or visit: The public is invited.Habitat Fashion ShowA Southern Living Habitat Style fashion show will be Thursday, Oct. 23, 11:30 a.m.1:15 p.m., at Jacaranda West Country Club, 1901 Jacaranda Blvd., Venice, featuring fashions from Fis of Venice. Individual tickets are $35; Southern Belle tickets are $50. Contact Veronica Meurs, 941-493-6606, ext. 225; email rmeurs@ or visit:, the Wild FrontierThe exhibit Journey into the Wild Frontier will be on display at Venice Museum and Archives, 351 S. Nassau St., island of Venice, through Jan. 21. The exhibit explores what life was like for early settlers who made their way to the Venice area from 1867 to 1921 and celebrates their pioneering spirit. More than 100 images, objects, documents and maps are on display. The exhibit is free and open to the public on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Mobile Meals Needs VolunteersVenice Area Mobile Meals Inc. provides an essential meal service six days a week to residents of the Greater Venice area who cannot prepare a meal due to a physical or mental disability. Volunteers are needed to manage ofce functions, perform data entry and deliver meals. Experience is helpful, but not necessary. Training is provided. Call 941-4881889 or visit: VeniceAreaMobileMeals. com.Welcome ClubRon McCarty, curator at Cad Zan will speak at the Thursday, Sept. 18, luncheon meeting of the Welcome Club of Sarasota/ Manatee, starting at 11:15 a.m. at Laurel Oaks Country Club, 2700 Gary Player Blvd., Sarasota. (Bee Ridge Road, 1.7 miles east of I-75). Residents of Sarasota and Manatee counties are welcome. Email to reserve a space. Cost is $24. Visit: WelcomeClubSarasota. com. | COMMUNITY BRIEFS PHOTO COURTESY OF HABITAT FOR HUMANITYSaturday, Sept. 6, was PGT Industries Day at Habitat For Humanitys Women Build 2014 in Laurel Gardens. PGT donated all the windows for the home and PGT employees worked all morning to install them, volunteering their time and eort. PGT donates windows and labor to Habitat In the CLASSIFIEDS! Find The Perfect Companion BEST OFVENICE 2013 Venice Gondolier Sun 487115 Venice 300 W.Venice Ave. Venice, FL 34286 941-488-0649 Siesta Key 5250 Ocean Blvd Sarasota, FL 34242 941-349-8697 St. Armands 325 John Ringling Blvd Sarasota, FL 34236 941-388-3325 SUN FIESTA IDOL APPLICATION ENTRY DEADLINE OCTOBER 11th, 2014 486509 Mail to: Drenna Rosenthal, 344 Woodvale Dr., Venice, FL 34293 for more information call (941) 497-0767 or email: SPONSORED BY THE MICHAEL SAUNDERS COMPANY FOUNDATION Name: Address: Phone: Age: School Attending: Special Interests: Men & Women: Ages 17-21 $ 1,000 SCHOLARSHIP Wanna Be The Are You A Singer? Sunday October 19th at 2pm Sun Fiesta 2014: October 17, 18 & 19 SPONSORED BY rrirlrRA-j ARj, Openf 11 am 2amap Everydayrap uir.Det.Ilk .,om I II NwryAlI'M -0,fan Idol MSCFoundation1 Qv.I -------------------SUN! RS1r~


VENUE 3B WEEKEND EDITION SEPTEMBER 13, 2014 SUN NEWSPAPERS RELIGION SUNDAYVNUMC Praise Service, Venice Nokomis UMC Coffee Caf Praise Service, Sunday 8:30-9:30 am, 208 Palm Ave. Families welcome. 941-488-4137 Fellowship Sun Srvs, FC Worship Srv@9 & 10:30am @ LBHS 2201 Placida Rd. Come hear Pastor Garry & FC Band& Praise Team in both srvs. 475-7447 Worship Services, So Venice Baptist, 9:30 Bible Study/ Sunday School, 10:45 Worship Service, Nursery Provided, 941 493 022, Rev Allan Mitchell Sunday Worship, 10 am Worship, Our Savior Lutheran, 2705 Tamiami Tr N, Nokomis, 966-4442 VNUMC Worship Hour, Traditional Worship Sunday 10 am on Anxiety Antidote, 208 Palm Ave. Nokomis, JCV Open House, 1-4p WELCOME, Meet Rabbi Dan & Cantor Marcy, Casual lunch w/ members RSVP, JCV 600 N Auburn Rd 941-484-2022 EVENTS TODAYGentle Yoga, 9 am, 11:30 am & 5:30 pm Mon, 5 pm Thurs at 417S Tamiami 34285. Zumba, Body Sculpt & Nia. Mary Lynn, 685-8445 Train Depot Tour, Free tours of 1927 Train Depot. 303 E. Venice Ave., Venice,10-1. More info 941-412-0151. Summer Body Yumi, 10:30 am Sat .Zumba,Yoga, Body Sculpt, Nia at417S Tamiami 34285. Mary Lynn 685-8445 Harvest Festival, 12-5 pm, FREE Admission, Venice Holistic Community Center, 714 Shamrock Blvd., Venice, 941.323.8033 Nia with Becky, 12 pm & 1 pm Thurs at 417 S. Tamiami 34285 Becky 544-457 8.Mary Lynn for Zumba,Yoga & Body Sculpt 685-8445 Goldtones, 8:00 pm Venice Theatre 488-1115, The Goldtones have been called the hottest doo-wop group in Florida $20 SUNDAY Zumba Toning Ricki, 10:30 am Sun. & Zumba, Yoga, Body Sculpt daily 8:45 am,10 am & 6:15 pm 417 S Tamiami 34285.Mary Lynn 685-8445 Synagogue Open House, 11 Area Synagogues host Open House. 1 to 4 PM. Venice location 941-484-2022 Join a Congregation; Find a Community. FellowshipChurch YFF, FC YFF is for young families w/kids, to get together for fun & food. Its held at Rotonda Park @ 5:30pm, 475-7447 MONDAY WildFrontier Exhibit, Explore southwest Florida frontier life from 1867-1921; Venice Museum and Archives, 351 Nassau St. S, 486-2487; 10am-4pm Zumba w/MaryLynn, 10am Mon thru Fri, 8:45 am Tues, Thurs & 6:15 pm Tues, Wed, Thurs at 417 S. Tamiami 34285. Yoga,Body Sculpt & Nia Mary Lynn 685-8445 Women On the Go, 2-4 Ven Pblc Lbry Travel/Social Club, FPL Speaker Managing Energy, All ladies welcome! Info 223-7185 Drug/Alcohol Abuse, Family support/education, 6 pm, Christ United Methodist Church, 1475 Center Rd, Venice, 941-493-7504. Venetian Harmony, 6:30pm.Ladies harmonize with us at United Church of Christ, 620 E.Shamrock Blvd. Venice.480-1480 TUESDAY Gain Confidence, 7:30 am Confidence through communication. Proven way to help you speak. Free try. Toastmasters 597 S Tamiami Tr 227-7767 WildFrontier Exhibit, Explore southwest Florida frontier life from 1867-1921; Venice Museum and Archives, 351 Nassau St. S, 486-2487; 10 am-4 pm Military Officers, Military Officers Assoc. 11:30 am 1770 E Venice 493-1420. Retired and former Military Officers welcome to attend. Bingo, 5PM Dinner by Buffalo Bills, Bingo 6 pm, Elks Lodge, 941-486-1854, Public Welcome. Venice Stamp Club, White Elephant Auction, 5:30 pm at Venice Presbyterian Church, 825 The Rialto, Venice. All welcome. 485-1193 for info. | COMMUNITY CALENDAR In order to provide one-stop shopping for area event listings, the Venice Gondolier Sun is consol idating calendar items into a single location. The Venue calendar includes library, senior, Well-Being and religion events as well as community events. We have moved to a reader-submission model for all of these items. To get your events printed in the newspaper, they must be submitted via our website, www.venice On the left, click on Community Calendar, then click on Submit Event and fill in the appropriate fields. You must enter the location, address and phone number in the Print Edition Text box for it to print. Deadlines: For events to run in Wednesdays paper, the deadline is 1 p.m. Monday. For events to run in Saturdays paper, the deadline is 1 p.m. Thursday. In order to print as many events as possible, we will print a maximum of four lines per event at no cost. You may purchase additional space for $10 per day, per event, per edition. Simply choose Paid Listing on the Submit Event page on the website. All paid listings will run in the location designated for the event type. We will only allow one submission per event, per day. If your event runs for more than one day, you will need to submit a separate form for each day. Multiple submissions of the same event for the same date may result in all the related events being removed. HOW TO GET YOUR EVENTS LISTEDThe Silent Majority, an independent lm that has been called a groundbreaking teen empowerment documentary by Reach Out Recovery (ROR), will debut on the local PBS station WEDU Sunday, Sept. 14, at 8 p.m. Check local listings for your television line-up. The lm is being distributed by National Public Television, and interested people are asked to contact their local television station to let them know they want to see the documentary. The lm has a 56-minute run time. It was written and produced by mother-daughter team Leslie and Lindsey Glass, and directed by Leslie Glass. The duo produced the documentary to combat the statistics they found that say drugs and alcohol are the No. 1 health issue for American teens and kills more young people than trafc accidents nationwide. This was written in their online news release. The documentary looks at the percentage of youth who make healthy choices about drugs and alcohol and describes programs of positive reinforcement to inspire teens to think for themselves. It looks at the D-FY (Drug-Free Youth) program in North Port and how it changes a community in Florida. For more about the documentary and more information about ROR, visit ReachOutRecovery. com.Email: ablackwell@venicegondolier.comWEDU to run addiction prevention filmBy AUDREY BLACKWELLASSISTANT FEATURES EDITOR Putting a new twist on an old song Heart And Soul, by Frank Loesser The Womens Resource Center of Sarasota County is planning its Heart & Sole Fashion Show for Thursday, Nov. 6. The not-for-profit organization will host its annual Venice-area fundraising event at Plantation Golf & Country Club, 500 Rockley Blvd., starting at 10:30 a.m. Putting their heart into the planning, the WRCSC staff came up with features that include an elegant fashion show with evening apparel provided by Contessa Couture and Encore! & More Consignment Shop, with shoes by Diana Kelly. The Vocal Vixens will provide the entertainment. The annual fundraiser is designed to benefit WRCSC programs dedicated to educating and empowering women in Sarasota County and enriching their lives. According to a news release, there will be an extensive silent auction and accessories available for purchase by Encore! & More. The event chair is Liz Maggio, owner of Venice-based Reections In Gold. Tickets are $50. For more information, call 941-485-9724 or visit TheWomens For more than 30 years, the countywide agency has provided women with life skills training, career services and scholar ships to achieve their highest potential.Email: ablackwell@venicegondolier.comHeart & Sole fashion show on tapBy AUDREY BLACKWELLASSISTANT FEATURES EDITOR Venice Girl Scouts enjoyed a fun-lled event at their fourth annual Girl Scout Recruitment Carnival held Sept. 5 at the Venice Girl Scout House. This year, they teamed up with Cub Scout Pack 77 and invited interested girls and boys in the community to come and check out all things scouting. Attendees learned about knot-tying and camping and how the outdoors is a big part of Girl Scouts. They also learned camp songs, played games, got crazy hairdos and even made homemade ice cream. The Venice Fire Department came out with four retrucks, and attendees got to try on their gear, sit in the trucks and learn about night-vision and ther mal-imaging cameras. Girl Scouts started at least three new troops with interested girls and new volunteers and signed up more girls to the program. For more information on joining Girl Scouts, contact Lori Devine at 800232-4475 or ldevine@gsgcf. org or visit: Girl Scouts of Gulfcoast Florida Inc. is chartered by Girl Scouts of the USA and serves more than 7,500 girls in 10 counties, including: Manatee, Hardee, Highlands, Sarasota, DeSoto, Charlotte, Glades, Lee, Hendry and Collier.All Things Scouting nets new recruitsSTAFF REPORT CROSSFROM PAGE 5 SUDOKUFROM CLASSIFIED SOLUTION TO DATE 7 LITTLE WORDS Yona Brush, Venice resident and author of They Called Me a Dirty Jew, will sign copies of her book at Three Sisters Tea Room from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. Sept. 20, and from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m. Sept. 27 at Coffee Cafe, 101 Capri Isles Blvd., Venice. The hatred of Jews and other ravages of racism continued long after the Holocaust and the eventual allied victory in World War II. Yona Leviniowska Brush was a child in post-war time Europe where she endured a painful and miserable existence. Introduced to her Jewish roots much too early, beaten and ridiculed on the cold streets of communistic Poland, and orphaned at the age of 10, Brush was stripped of dignity and her basic rights. She was an outsider, rejected, lonely, forgotten and lost. It was against this dark backdrop of bigotry that a glimmer of hope arose. Follow her journey as she travels to the newborn nation of Israel, searching for love and sense of a belonging, amid crushed dreams, and even cruel medical experiments. Seeking to survive by performing at night clubs, and eventually marrying a Muslim out of sheer desperation, the young girl barely cheated death time and time again. Helped by a kind Rabbi, Brush eventually emerged victorious, against all odds, aided by a supernatural power. Her life just may change yours. Her book is published by Tate Publishing. Her books also are available at amazon.comVenice author has two signings coming upSTAFF REPORT 487137 Sept 21 st Oct 12 th & Oct 26 th since 1995 M i n i V a c a t i o n Mini Vacation G e t A w a y Get-Away B I L O X I B I L O X I BILOXI 1 8 0 0 2 8 4 1 0 1 5 1-800-284-1015 ( 9 4 1 ) 4 7 3 1 4 8 1 (941) 473-1481 Escorted Motorcoach Groups Welcome! Convenient Pick Ups 486662 O n T h e R o a d O n T h e R o a d On The Road A g a i n T o u r s A g a i n T o u r s Again Tours Includes 4 Days/ 3 Nights at the NEW GOLDEN NUGGET Casino, 3 meals, $75 Free Play $219 ppdo FL ST#37304Wir Sprechen Deutsch Prices per person plus cruise taxes & fees. Subject to availability. Restrictions apply. Cash/Check Pricing. Eastern Caribbean Dec., 2014WOW!Sail from Ft. Lauderdale to the beautiful ports of Labadee, San Juan, St. Croix, St. Barts & St. Maarten. Florida Bus Available.9-Night$499Grand Panama Canal2 nts in Los Angelesthen sail toMiami via Cabo San Lucas, Puerto Vallarta, Huatulco, Puntarenas & Cartagena plus transit the Canal.17-Day Cruise$1,229Brilliant England & The AtlanticSail from Tampa to London (Harwich) via Norfolk, Cork (Cobh), Cherbourg & Bruges (Zeebrugge), plus spend 4 nts in London.19-Day Cruise$1,469 50475271 W. GRADY HUIE 143 East Miami Ave. Venice, FL 34285 Hiring an attorney is an important decision that should not be based upon advertisements alone. Befo re you decide, our free information package, including attorney qualification experience & fees is avai lable upon request. Attorney At Law Living Trusts Joint..................... $600 Single................... $500 (Avoid Probate) 488-8551 .......... $75 each Will, Power of Attorney Ladybird Deeds Update HIPAA Requirements 486079 o mjr Orates irclude :1ra theirs cor'tCARIBBEAN DEAL OF THE YEARI15'es e: rrca r -,, 3 Ds;s'Ln$199onb:.r,, he r rcno-i ni CsrrhuaI CorcuestVsi: h eA'es anean Cun'el P,terrc andRoatan Hurduras Sc s \ovemDer JJth014Firs! Cane. Fist Ccnfrmei Rate plus tares 3'eesTUSCANY HUB & SPOKEr Escortec Le surely HUB & SPO E :our rclucngRome. Vence. Pisa. MedicCas:es, S ena &an C "ignanoThe llediterarean coast &Elba, Lucca. Cinque Terra. Florence & more!CIRCLE THE GULF OF MEXICOrCruise from Florida to the Exotic Caribbean thenenjoy an escorted tour from Texas back to Floridaincluding San Antonio, New Orleans and more!SMOKIES FALL FOLIAGEUnpack just once and enjoy escorted :ours tothe Smoky Mountain National Park, Blue RidgeParkway, Gatlinburg, Ashevi le, and much more!SPRING TIME IN THE ALPSDon't mss this fantastic opportunity to visit theAlps Enjoy day tr ps :o Munich, Innsbruck,Salzburg, Switzerand. Liechtenstein & more.DAY TRIP GAYLORD PALMS ICECome & expenence the mag c of The Nutcrackerin ICE! Join the Nutcracker Pr nce for a magicaladventure in more than 2 IvI_UON oounds ofSPECIALS atwimim.111-JAmlOPEN SUNDAY 10-6 CALLS ONLYh r r r r Venice (941) 484-70 30Saresollaffilladenlon M41) %3-7MI II -I1',,


4B SUN NEWSPAPERS SEPTEMBER 13, 2014 WEEKEND EDITION Jo-Ann spends some time there, too. Im exible, she said right off the bat. Im a mom of four and have a lot of single parents that bring their children here, and I understand what raising kids is all about. Thus, exible hours are offered. Happy Hearts is open Monday through Friday, 6:30 a.m. to 6 p.m. Lunch is included with the tuition fee. I try to help the parents, Jo-Ann said. Some need two days a week; some need ve half days. It all depends on what they need.Nurturing human bondsJo-Ann is more than a school director or teacher, although she is that. But she and the other teachers spend time with each child nur turing their social and emotional growth, as well as their academics. She showed me a cup that had a photo of a girl in a blue graduation cap and gown on it. She had graduated from the schools VPK program. She is from China. She was 9 months old when she was adopted and 14 months old when she ended up here, Jo-Ann said. During her rst six weeks, I had a hanging chair sitting on my desk with her in it because I wanted to bond with her. She had separation issues; she had not been held before the adoption. Eventually, the mother let Jo-Ann take her with her to keep up the bonding process, Jo-Ann explained. She is 11 now, and when I see her, she calls me her Yina Chinese for aunt. Jo-Ann described having done the same bonding routine for a set of twins that also needed some special bonding time.AcademicsWe have a strict cur riculum we follow, and all of it is geared toward VPK at the school, JoAnn said. There are six teachers, including Jo-Ann. We are credentialed; we go to school constantly, she said. We do a lot of continuing education because the way to teach children changes all the time. There are standards and benchmarks that we must follow. She said assessments are sent to the State Board of Education and to whatever kindergar ten they go to from the VPK. The school received a four on a ve-point scale with Look For The Stars, a quality rating program of children in Sarasota County. Providers who achieve a four, or vestar level are providing and maintaining high levels of quality child care, according to the website lookforthestars. org. Gayle Davis, a retired counselor, started a support group Sept. 10 for parents. There are special frustrations being a single mom or dad, and it should help them to be able to get together and have someone to talk to, Jo-Ann said. Then she added: Im proud of what we offer here. Weve created a way to work with families. We are helping them; we can see it. The kids are ourishing. It is a lot of hard work, but it is so worth it. For more information about Happy Hearts, call 941-493-7940; on the web type in keyword HappyHeartsEarly LearningCenter. Audrey Blackwell writes about the people, places and businesses along the South Trail in Venice. Your suggestions are welcome. Call 941-207-1000 or send an email.Email: ablackwell@venicegondolier.comNORTHFROM PAGE 1 Recently, I remembered a long-past incident of academic infamy involving my high school history teacher, Pat Moore. Miss Moore. It was always Miss Moore. World history. Sophomore year, I think, and I was in front of the classroom giving a report on the Chinese Boxer Rebellion of 1900. My research in what were called libraries back then had been spotty. Leopard spotty. Swiss cheese spotty. Black holes in the universe spotty. When I finally ran out of gibberish to share with my classmates, Miss Moore gave me a look. Call it a cool look. She asked one question: What did the Boxers do in the years before the rebellion? I frowned, thoughtfully, then replied: They had a Saturday night bowling league? Swish! My classmates loved it; Miss Moore did not. The report grade was so low I spent the rest of the year digging back from China to the glory of B-minus. I never forgot it, obviously. The lesson: Do the work, wisenheimer. And always remember whos boss. That above all. Miss Moore came back into my life recently in the form of a Facebook post from an old friend, Mona Friedland (nee Coleman), who was attending our 45th high school reunion up north. Miss Moore showed up, and Mona posted the photo of herself with her favor ite teacher. I liked. Very much, to be honest. The fact is, Miss Moore was everything you could want in a teacher. She was smart and knowledgeable in her subject. She was sharp-witted. (I suspect she secretly appreciated the bowling crack.) She enjoyed us; you could tell. She tolerated a certain amount of wisenheimerism, but beware the blow-back if you crossed the line. We dedicated our yearbook to her for good reason. She was a role model to more people than Mona and me. Heres another memory: Once in class, Miss Moore offhandedly referred to some of our Vietnam War-era military leaders as war criminals. Seriously, it was that era. I raised my hand and asked, hows that? Others piled on. My impression was Miss Moore realized shed strayed into a gray area, even in the 1960s. A little too flippant with high school sophomores? Over the line herself? We kids sensed a momentary shift in classroom dynamics. After all, this was a woman whod taught us the concept of political power vacuums. And we were pretty sharp wisenheimers. We knew from flippant wisecracks that could haunt you. Repercussions? Oh, please. Miss Moore apologized, gave us a curt explanation of her statement and moved on. The moment quickly passed and we were back firmly under her control. Power restored. World in balance. Big picture, this is what Miss Moore taught me: Excellent teachers make students question assumptions and reach their own conclusions, to think about the motivations of Chinese nationalists or the ethics of modern warfare. My school district paid teachers well; it had many good teachers and more than its share of excellent ones. And then there were a memorable few, Miss Moore among them, who had qualities you couldnt value by numbers or letters. Stephen Baumann is a member of the Suns editorial board. Contact him at sbaumann@, or call 941-681-3003.Miss Moore and the Boxers Steve Baumann Fins at Sharkys, 1600 South Harbor Drive, will hold a fundraiser Friday, Sept. 19, at 6 p.m. to support the 2014 Chalk Festival in Venice. Feathers & Fins will bring together the Pachotas of Fins, Emma Kate Scovill of the Young Professional Group and Festival Founder Denise Kowal for an evening of cocktails, fine fare and wine pairings to benefit the inaugural season of the Sarasota Chalk Festival in Venice, celebrating the 2014 theme Extinct and Endangered Species. The Feathers and Fins event title reflects the focus on endangered fish and birds, according to Kowal. The public is invited to join in the fundraising celebration and help to ensure the communitys success while enjoying a sumptuous meal, wine pairings and an extraordinary sunset. The 2014 Chalk Festival, slated for Nov. 10-17, will showcase hundreds of skilled, professional student and amateur artists creating large interactive 3D street paintings. Kowal works with local community members, such as Fins at Sharkys owner Mike Pachota, to create the best possible experience for festival patrons, area businesses, residents and participating artists. Each year, festival featured artists waive their professional fees. It is our responsibility to raise the money to cover travel, lodging, art supplies and food. Not to mention things like the police, that makes the festival a safe and enjoyable event for all. said Kowal. The Sarasota Chalk Festival is the only international community event in Sarasota County that allows everyone to participate as an artist or visitor, alongside the most renowned artists in the world, for free. This is made possible by the generous support of sponsors and donors from events like Feathers & Fins. For more information about Feathers & Fins, contact Kate at Sharkys, 941-350-7157, emmakatescovill@gmail. com. For federal income tax purposes, you can deduct as a charitable contribution the price of this ticket less its fair market value, estimated at $100, so the charitable contribution for a $250 ticket is $150. The Sarasota Chalk Festival contributed to this story.Email: ablackwell@venicegondolier.comFeathers & Fins to raise funds for Chalk FestBy AUDREY BLACKWELLASSISTANT FEATURES EDITORThe Exsultate! Chorale will hold auditions for its Youth Chorus Monday, Sept. 29, from 4 to 6 p.m. at Venice High School, 1 Indian Ave., Venice. Youth Chorus participants learn the art of singing in an ensemble through quality choral literature. The auditions are open to all young people in grades four through eight who live in the Venice area and schedule an appointment by Sept. 26. Parents or guardians of qualied students should request an application and appointment soon by writing kathleen.crane@ sarasotacountyschools. net. The group formed last year with 20 students selected. This year, the total number will be up to 50. Members will rehearse from Oct. 6 through midApril each Monday from 5 to 6 p.m. in the VHS Chorus Room. They perform at the three Exsultate! concerts of the season in December, February and April in the new Venice Performing Arts Center. Faithful attendance is expected; more appear ances may be added. Required are black slacks and black polo shirt concert attire and an annual $25 membership fee. Artistic Director Stephen Johns said, Our not-for-prot Exsultate! organization is excited about this added oppor tunity to further extend music education that promotes quality choral music in the community. We particularly aim to involve students who are home-schooled or otherwise lack access to choral music programs. The Youth Chorus Director Kathleen Crane is conducting the auditions. Also an Exsultate! Chorale member who directs choral music at Venice Middle School, Kathleen is highly qualied. This opportunity for young people complements the already well-established, award-winning Exsultate! Seniors Mentoring Juniors apprenticeship program. Through it, VHS choral students can audition for participation in the Chorale. Five students are selected who also receive a monthly stipend for enhanced music studies. For more information, visit! holds Youth Chorus auditionsSTAFF REPORT PHOTO COURTESY OF EXSULTATE CHORALEExsultate youth Chorus holds auditions for the coming year. Pictured are 2013 Youth Chorus members.Join Conservation Foundation of the Gulf Coast for a unique artist program and reception with photographer and artist Daniel R. Perales, on Tuesday, Sept. 30, from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m. The photographs and multimedia exhibit entitled Nature in deMand showcases nature-inspired works at Bay Preserve at Osprey. Images of natural Florida settings superimposed with figures address mans connection to the natural world. A cocktail reception with remarks by the artist will be held at the foundations headquarters at Bay Preserve, 400 Palmetto Ave., Osprey. RSVP to 941-918-2100. The exhibit runs through October and may be viewed from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., Monday through Friday. A continuation of the show will be at the Westfield Square Mall in Sarasota. Artwork is available for purchase. This recent body of work was created during Conservation Foundations Artist in Residence program. The artist chose to illuminate the foundations mission of protecting the environmental character and natural integrity of Floridas Gulf Coast. In collaboration with Fusion Dance Co. and Sarasota Crew, more than 30 people were photographed to create an engaging, dynamic and meaningful exhibit. Perales is an artist and photographer whose work reflects his interest in the study of people and culture. He holds an undergraduate degree in anthropology and fine arts and a masters degree in photography. He has taught photography workshops in Colorado, Florida and Spain. Learn more at: connects man and natureFROM CONSERVATION FOUNDATION OF THE GULF COAST 46


WEEKEND EDITION SEPTEMBER 13, 2014 SUN NEWSPAPERS 5B CROSS | 3 LOOKING FOR SOMETHING?Saturdays Sudoku, horoscopes, movie listings and Dear Abby are in the real estate classified section along with a bonus crossword puzzle and a host of other features. The Sudoku solution still appears in Our Town.SOLUTION TO 09/06/14 CLASSIFIED CROSSWORD SOLUTION TO TODAYS CLASSIFIED CROSSWORD ?OneBlood needs all types of blood donations. Donating blood takes about an hour. Every donor receives a mini-physical and a screening with each donation, and all donors receive a thank-you gift. Donations are taken at 4155 South Tamiami Trail, Venice Village Shops, between Ross and Publix, Venice. Call 941-492-9202 or go to for Big Red Bus bloodmobile dates and time and for more information. Suncoast Communities Blood Bank sends out its bloodmobile locally and to surrounding areas at various dates. For a schedule of dates and times, call 941-7354223 or visit www.Scbb. org. From Suncoast Communities Blood Bank | THE BIG RED BUS SCHEDULE | BLOOD BANK SCHEDULE Do you want to serve as a volunteer or as a technology coach at Jacaranda Public Library? How about helping with the Florida Scrub-Jay habitat at Shamrock Park or being an usher at events held at Venice Community Center? These are just a few of the many volunteer opportunities available through the county. Recently, Sarasota County began using a new software application called Volgistics to better match volunteers to suitable opportunities and pinpoint the areas of most need. The use of volunteers to supplement its workforce helps the county reach the goal of providing excellent customer service, according to a news release. Volunteers perform hundreds of roles in departments throughout the county, from library book repair to park nature guides. Sarasota County provides meaningful volunteer opportunities with flexible hours for people of all ages, whether someone has retired from the workforce or just wants to start a new career, said Sarasota County Volunteer Coordinator Vickie French. Volgistics is cloudbased technology that will link users directly from the countys online volunteer page to specific positions and an online application. With the new program, the county will be able to compile reports about the number of volunteers serving, for how long and where. The program also will highlight positions that go unlled for a long time. Volunteers must register through Volgistics to volunteer for Sarasota County Government. After signing up, they will be able to record hours and receive automated emails about upcoming volunteer efforts. To access the application and view volunteer opportunities, visit pages.New form eases County volunteering processBy AUDREY BLACKWELLASSISTANT FEATURES EDITOR PHOTO COURTESY OF BOBBI AUSTINThis cute face and large paws belongs to Marty, a 13-week-old hound puppy mix. Marty loves everyone and other dogs. He hasnt gured out cats yet. He will be about 50 pounds when full grown. Adoptions are at Pet Supermarket, S.R. 776 and Placida Road, Englewood, Saturdays, 10 a.m.-2 p.m. Englewood Animal Rescue Sanctuarys thrift store is on the corner of 191 Cowles St. and McCall in Englewood. Donations are accepted, including cash and credit card gifts. See Marty at 145 W. Dearborn St. Call 941-681-3877 to see if this animal is still available for adoption, visit or check seeks a loving home Let The DONT BE LEFT IN THE DARK! Light Your Way! Your source for local, national & world news. 486403 MEN ALSO AT RISK FOR OSTEOPOROSIS *THE PATIENT AND ANY OTHER PERSON RESPONSIBLE FOR PAYMENT HAS A RIGHT TO REFUSE TO PAY, CANCEL PAYMENT, OR BE REIMBURSED FOR PAYMENT FOR ANY OTHER SERVICE, EXAMINATION, OR TREATMENT THAT IS PERFORMED AS A RESULT OF AND WITHIN 72 HOURS OF RESPONDING TO THE ADVERTISEMENT FOR THE FREE, DISCOUNTED FEE, OR REDUCED FEE SERVICE, EXAMINATION, OR TREATMENT. Lic# 14016 MM14015 The bone-thinning disease known as osteoporosis may be more common in women, but about two million American men also have the disease, and another 12 million are at risk for it. About one in every five 50-year-old men will suffer an osteoporotic fracture during his remaining years. Because osteoporosis begins later in mens lives than womens, most men with the bonethinning disease are over age 65. Men should therefore be aware of their risk and take steps to get a proper diagnosis. Until osteoporosis is quite advanced, it is a silent disease. Decreasing bone density does not produce any symptoms until it declines below the fracture threshold. Men should have their bone density assessed before reaching that breaking point. P.S. Beyond the fourth decade of life, bone density declines in every man. TWIN PALMS CHIROPRACTIC 808 Venice Ave. East 412-3800 JEWEL CHIROPRACTIC 579 S Indiana Ave. #C 474-4944 Dan Busch, DC Mark Carrano, DC Bobbi-Jo Donner, DC Erene Romanski, DC Erene Romanski, DC MASSAGE $ 10 OFF 1 HOUR $ 39 EXAM INCLUDES: Chiropractic Exam 2 X Rays If Necessary Reg. Price $145.00 Expires 9/30/14 Reg. Price $70.00 First massage only. Expires 9/30/14 THE SPINAL COLUMN SU4owv, NN


RELIGION 6B WEEKEND EDITION SEPTEMBER 13, 2014 CONTACT US 941-207-1110 SUN NEWSPAPERSBENNETT GROSS On the first day of the seventh month, you shall have a holy convocation; you shall not work at your occupations. It is a day you shall blow your trumpets. Numbers 29:1-2 The shofar sounds, prayers are said, slices of apple are dipped in honey, festive meals are served with family and friends and the pages of the Hebrew calendar are turned to 5775. The start of the Jewish New Year. If only it were that simple. The Days of Awe, the 10 days that link the High Holy Days of Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur, are solemn as well as festive, introspective as well as expressive, looking back as well as looking forward. Rosh Hashanah in Hebrew literally means head of the year. In Biblical terms it not only marks the creation of the world but also a time for re-creating ones self. In his book Being Jewish Ari Goldman offers this connection: The Talmud links the two concepts creation and personal renewal by saying that humankind was created on Rosh Hashanah and that every year on this day God reviews the deeds of men and women to decide their fate for the coming year. These themes are repeated again and again in the Rosh Hashanah prayers, the Torah reading for the holiday and in the sound of the shofar, the rams horn that is kind of a spiritual alarm for the soul. How will we be judged? For many who attend services on Rosh Hashanah it is about Gods passing judgment on who will live and who will die. But as we all know, death happens; it is an inevitability we all face. Living a life with meaning is in our hands. Expressed in a prayer repeated during the service, it is to reach in three directions: repentance (inward), charity (outward) and prayer (upward). During the nine days that follow it is customary to cast ones sins into a body of water and to reconcile with those you might have offended. Yom Kippur, the Day of Atonement arrives and from sunset to sunset, from evening to evening, the world stops: And you shall do no work during the entire day for it is a day of atonement it shall be to you a Sabbath of complete rest, and you shall deny yourselves . (Leviticus 23: 27-32). Yom Kippur is a fast day, a day of denial, in the words of the Bible a reminder, too, that when we refrain from food or drink for a full day, we feel the pangs of those who go hungry here, there, everywhere. We also remember. Before fasting, long-burning candles are lit in memory of loved ones who have died. These burn throughout Yom Kippur and a special service devoted to their memory is held during the day. The 6 million taken from us during the Holocaust are not forgotten either. But above all, we cleanse our souls. We confess. A litany of sins said in prayers for transgressions made knowingly or not, we share responsibility as a community. The Days of Awe come to an end as they began, with the sound of the shofar. Tekiyah gedolah. The longest, loudest and last blast ripples over the congregation, piercing the heavens with our prayers to be inscribed for a good year. Our journey is over. A break-the-fast awaits, and I raise my glass as I once did with my father and say, LChaim. To life. And to all my readers, may it be a year of health and happiness. Shalom. Bennett Gross is a member of the Jewish Center of Venice and is active in the Venice Interfaith Community Association.Days of Awe, Days of Joy Our Lady of Lourdes Church and Knights of Columbus Council 9924 in Venice will host the fourth annual Blue Mass on Sunday, Sept. 14, at 10 a.m. in honor of all rst responders, active, retired and deceased. The Blue Mass is held nationwide to bring together all rst responders and is a way for the public to honor this valuable group of individuals. This years service will be celebrated by the Most Rev. Frank J. Dewane, bishop of the Diocese of Venice, and the Rev. Arnold Zabrowski, administrator of Our Lady of Lourdes Church. The service will start at 9:45 a.m. with a procession into the church led by a bagpiper, followed by honor guards from law enforcement and the Sarasota County Fire Department. Participants in the procession will include active and retired rst responders from throughout the country as well as those from Sarasota County. Also participating will be the Peace River K9 Search and Rescue Unit, the Sarasota K9 Search and Rescue Unit, the North Port Fire Department, the U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary, Team Watters Search and Recovery unit from Winter Garden, Fla., and city and county ofcials from throughout Sarasota County and surrounding counties. The service is open to the public. For more information, call Al Adam, 941-493-9050.Blue Mass planned for SundayFROM OUR LADY OF LOURDES Desiring to curb the growing need for food by hungry local families devastated by the recession, Interfaith Outreach Inc. started a free Community Dinner program in 2009. The program has grown over the years, and the group recently announced its fall schedule. The free Community Dinners are served from 4:30 to 6 p.m. at these locations in Venice: First Tuesday of the month (Oct.7, Nov. 4 and Dec 2) at Venice United Church of Christ, 620 Shamrock Blvd. Second Monday of the month (Oct.13, Nov. 10 and Dec.8) at St. Marks Episcopal Church, 508 Riviera St. Third Monday of the month (Sept. 15, Oct. 20, Nov. 17 and Dec. 15) at Grace United Methodist Church, 400 Field Ave. Fourth Monday of the month (Sept. 22, Oct. 27, Nov. 24 and Dec. 22) at Emmanuel Lutheran Church, 800 South Tamiami Trail. All locations are accessible on SCAT Route 13. The meals are free to all who feel they could use a helping hand. No reservations are needed. Just show up. Volunteers are being actively recruited. To learn more about what the work entails and how to sign up, call 941-202-9529 or visit: ablackwell@venicegondolier.comInterfaith group offers free dinnersBy AUDREY BLACKWELLASSISTANT FEATURES EDITOR PHOTO COURTESY OF INTERFAITH OUTREACHVolunteer Don Roach serves platters of fresh fruit at a free Community Dinner at Grace United Methodist Church in Venice. The Piecemakers from Grace United Methodist Church (GUMC) are keeping up with their mission of creating handmade quilts for the Quilts of Valor program. Recently, six members of the 20-member group completed four quilts, which were sent to the James H. Quillen VA Medical Center in Mountain Home, Tenn. A public open house is planned at the church at 400 E. Field Ave., Venice, Friday, Nov. 14, from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m., and Saturday, Nov. 15, from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. (On Saturday, from 8 to 10 a.m. a pancake breakfast will be held, open to the public). Any completed quilts, quilted projects and crafts will be sold during the open house, with proceeds going to a variety of missions.MissionThe mission of the Quilts of Valor Foundation is to cover service members and veterans touched by war with comforting and healing Quilts of Valor, according to its website, Quilts of Valor are stitched with love, prayers and healing thoughts. Our troops who have been wounded or touched by war are awarded this tangible token of appreciation that unequivocally says, Thank you for your service, sacrifice and valor, said the churchs Audrey Tamblingson. As of Sept. 1, more than 100,000 quilts have been given to service members and veterans made by the hands of quilters across the nation, according to the Quilts of Valor Foundation. The GUMC Piecemakers have sent more than 20 quilts to American servicemen and women and veterans. Some of those quilts were long and narrow, used for American soldiers serving and wounded. They were used on the gurney that carried the warriors on the planes that flew to hospitals in Germany and elsewhere, according to Carol Simpson, a member of the Piecemakers group. The Piecemakers have made hundreds of quilts since its beginning in 2002. The group began with eight women. Besides the 20 that were sent to the military via the Valor program, the rest were used for other missions projects. Anyone who is interested in making quilts is welcome to contact Simpson at Grace United Methodist Church, 941-488-1374. For more information about the open house Nov. 14 and 15, call Janie Merritt 941-4885066 or the church.Email: ablackwell@venicegondolier.comPiecemakers make Quilts of Valor; hold Open HouseBy AUDREY BLACKWELLASSISTANT FEATURES EDITOR PHOTO COURTESY OF GRACE UNITED METHODIST CHURCHBill Stuck, left, Shirlee Balduf, Carol Simpson, Audrey Tamblingson, Diane Bender and Paula Hagan made four quilts that were sent in August to the James H. Quillen VA Medical Center in Mountain Home, Tenn., from Grace United Methodist Church. It takes an average of 40 hours to make a quilt of the size pictured, which was created by Stuck. $$ S AV E MONEY $$ Shop the Classifieds Fishing Fo r A New Career? Check Out The Classifieds In The PRINCE OF PEACE (WELS) EVANGELICAL LUTHERAN CHURCH Worship Service: 10:00am Pastor Paul J Werner 2222 Englewood Road, Englewood 474-0776 485951 485950 CHRIST UNITED METHODIST CHURCH Youre Invited Michael T. Hudson, Pastor Larry Potts, Assistant Pastor Bob Haley, Assistant Pastor Sunday Traditional Worship Services 8:00 and 10:45 am Contemporary Service 9:15 am Sunday School 9:15 am and 10:30 am Nursery Provided for All Services Parking shuttle provided 493-7504 1475 Center Road, Venice L AKESIDE L UTHERAN C HURCH web: email: LLC 485953 2401 S. Tamiami Trail (Across from So. Cty. Admin. Bldg.) Traditional Sunday Worship 8:00 a.m. & 10:30 a.m. Contemporary Worship 9:15 a.m. Worship with us: Sat. 5 pm Sun. 9:30 am Counseling Appointments 926-2959 790 Tamiami Trl. S., Venice On the Island! 941-488-4942 486092 ELCA 485993 941.493.0775 5800 Tamiami Trail South, Venice 34293 Sunday Worship: 8:45 am and 10:45 am Wednesday Family Night: 7:00 pm Drop by and discover our warm family environment, exciting worship and a message that makes a difference! Healing School: 1st and 3rd Tuesdays 7:00 pm Senior Pastor, Glenda J. Brayman Venice-Nokomis United Methodist Church 485742 Growing, Loving and Serving God 208 Palm Ave., Nokomis 941-488-4137 Coffee Caf Praise Service 8:30am Childrens Sunday School 8:50am Traditional Worship 10:00am Childrens Church 10:15am Youth Fellowship 4:00 and 5:30pm SUNDAY Family Lifes 1-Day Marriage Event I STILL DO Live Simulcast! 485996 Oct 4, 8:30-5, lunch provided, tickets-$30/couple by Sept. 25 Broadcast live at Venice Bible Church Call 493-2788 ~ Seating is limited 2395 W. Shamrock Dr., Venice ~ r f nt b f b tttfbnbfbf f b f b b b f Taste & see that the Lord is good 485741 486091 St. Marks Episcopal Church Visit us on the web at: Office: 941.488.7714 508 Riviera Street, Venice (2 blocks west of Venice Regional Bayfront Health) Saturday 5:00 p.m. Holy Communion ( contemporary music) Sunday 8:00 a.m. Holy Communion 10:00 a.m. Holy Communion ( with nursery) Wednesday 9:30 a.m. Holy Communion & Healing Prayers The Rev. James H. Puryear, Rector I IDFirst Bap isst ChurchoFlVakomds727 Shore Road, 941-4855074Worship with us at 11:00 am SundayrVLSUNNEWSPAPERSI II I-new lifec h u r c h


WEEKEND EDITION SEPTEMBER 13, 2014 SUN NEWSPAPERS 7B As children more often remain with the mother after a divorce, there is usually a greater need for Big Brothers, but both men and women volunteers are needed. Not only do Littles reap the benets of learning to get along better with friends and family, but, according to studies by BBBS, they usually do better at school, gain self-condence and are less likely to become involved with drugs or alcohol. In a nationwide study reported on the website, Littles were 46 percent less likely to begin using illegal drugs, 27 percent less likely to begin using alcohol, 52 percent less likely to skip school and 37 percent less likely to skip a class. They also proved to be more condent of their performance at school and one-third less likely to hit someone. They get along better with their families, too.Best thingParents and guardians are involved from the initial match for the life of the pairing. They initiate contact with BBBS, provide information about their childs strengths and needs and also approve the selection of the Big and grant approval for the outings and activities for the child and his or her Big. Potential Bigs are thoroughly screened according to the organizations National Standards of Excellence, complete a formal written application, receive background and reference checks, do an in-person interview and then undergo an orientation and training process related to the child with whom they will be paired. Long-lasting relationships are an important key to the programs success at helping at-risk children beat the odds. I got to learn a lot of useful information for both school and life that I am grateful for, Nick said. I also got a really nice and really cool mentor who I have a lot in common with and I now consider a friend. Nicks Big is Don Hay. I think everyone should have the experience of a Big Brother or Big Sister, Jan said. It is the best thing I have ever done in my life. I have the best mentor! Her Big is Jana Browlee.Fundraising eventsTo supplement donations that maintain the program, the local branch of BBBS will host a culinary extravaganza with guest chefs de cuisine at North Ports Heron Creek Golf & Country Club from 6 to 9 p.m. Saturday, Sept. 20. Chefs representing local restaurants will create tasty samplings for the event, which also will include music and an auction. Tickets are $35 per person. Call 941-4884009 or visit: BBBSSun.Org/Events. The following week, BBBS will hold its second annual Big Fun Shoot at Sarasota Trap, Skeet & Clays, 3445 Rustic Road, Nokomis. The event includes use of a golf cart, lunch, rafe and auction. Registration begins at 11 a.m. The event begins at 12:30 p.m. The entry fee is $125 per shooter or $500 per team. To learn more, call the Venice ofce of BBBS at 941-488-4009 or visit: kcool@venicegondolier.comCHILDRENFROM PAGE 1cast of comedians, directed by Kyle Turoff, yet another area master of stage comedy. Double takes both physical and facial, incredible body language and more serve to wring every nuance of humor from an already funny premise. That this talented cast is doing far more than simply reprising the Players 2010 production makes for one fun evening. This production is so much fun that most in the audience would likely want to see it again. Fortunately, even that is possible, given the high-speed ending. Boehringer, an Asolo Conservatory grad, could steal the show for his performance alone were it not that Trisolini, Kin, Ayers and McCaw werent also so delightfully funny. The set is by Matthew Nitsch. McCaw created the costumes, including the marvelous cape worn by the opera guild president. Lighting is by Bill Najmy and prop design by Martha Kesler. Even the plastic grapes add to the fun in this one. If you like to laugh at all manner of silliness, this is the show. The Players is at 838 North Tamiami Trail, Sarasota. Performances are at 7:30 p.m. Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday and at 2 p.m. Sunday through Sept. 21. Opening next is The Addams Family, Oct. 29-Nov. 9. Single tickets are $25-$30. Call the box ofce at 941365-2494 or visit: kcool@venicegondolier.comPLAYERSFROM PAGE 1 PHOTO PROVIDED BY THE PLAYERSJeery Kin, left, as Max, and Amanda Heisey as Maggie Saun ders in The Players producton of Lend Me a Tenor, running through Sept. 21. PHOTO PROVIDEDLittle Shelby graduated form high school in June. PHOTO PROVIDEDLittle Nick with his Big Brother, Don Hay, of Venice. PHOTO COURTESY OF LOVELAND CENTERLovelands Community Opportunities Program hosted a celebration for Loveland Center participants accomplish ments over the past year. Bridget Meaney, center, who works at Target and YMCA child care services and volunteers at Children First, received two certicates. Loveland Centers Community Opportunities Manager Chris Meyer, left, Bridget; and Employment Specialist Susan Georgi are shown celebrating Bridgets success.Loveland student honored with two certificates Dr. Ryan S. Jawitz Dr. Anne McBride Dr. Charles Rodriguez Dr. Tamzin Rosenwasser Denise West, PA-C Joseph Santini, PA-C Rebecca Thompson, ARNP-C Chasie Haupt, PA-C Partricia Ceravolo, PA-C Kristin Yunis, NP-CMultiple locations for convenient care.Medicare and most insurances accepted.941-955-0360 | www.RiverchaseDermatology.comFormerly West Coast Dermatology 50475247 Celebrating American Business Womens Day September 22nd A special feature section publishing Saturday, September 22, 2012 W omen in Business W omen in BusinessWomen in BusinessFor more information and to place your ad call 941-429-3110 50444349 A special feature section publishing Monday, September 22, 2014 r fntbr rt rrrrfnt bffrt ffrrfntbbt ttrffnfrf 487122 JewishCongregation ofVeniceCelebratetheHighHolidays WithUsJewishCongregationofVenice600N.AuburnRoad,Venice,FL34292 MinutesfromI-75andUS41 9 RabbiDanielKrimskyandCantorMarciVitkuslead ourHighHolidayworshipusingthenewReformPrayer Bookandfeaturingchoral andinstrumentalmusic withbothtraditionaland modernmelodies.Callfor information,aboutHigh Holidayservices,aswell asourweeklyShabbat services,andavarietyof social,culturalandeducationalactivitiesthroughoutthe year.OurReligiousSchoolenrollschildreningradesK-8 andoersBar/BatMitzvahpreparation.WewelcomeJews ofdiversebackgrounds,interfaithfamilies,andanyone interestedinJudaismtoallourworshipservices,classes, activitiesandprograms. m g 485759 v. JSINCif 9-9!Richa;dsNeoCell` Solgar Nordic Naturals-Collagen+CType 1&3, 6006rng Melatonin 10mg Childreris DHA, 250mgPios Ces specific amno F., people Strawberryacids necessary to experiencing Supports a healthy brainreplenish the bcdv s ;.,ccasional development & a healthycollagen supply' Collage C 'ecplessneoa[uTOeW nervous system'"" ;1199 1199 1299 TO A-BSI1201absI.ISRP $16 19 60 ,abs MSRP $15 98 30 sgels MSRP S1<95" 12 tt0 39 41 aSUNNEWSPAPERSAmerica's BEST Community Daily1RIVERCHASE DERMATOLOGYAND COSMETIC SURGERY


PHOTO ALBUM 8B WEEKEND EDITION SEPTEMBER 13, 2014 CONTACT US 941-207-1102 SUN NEWSPAPERS PHOTO COURTESY OF RONNIE MEURSBob and Adrienne Santore, left, and John and Jessica Van Benthuysen share a table at the Aug. 19 wine tasting fundraiser for Habitat for Humanity.PHOTO COURTESY OF PAM MILLERThe Venice Womens Sailing Squadron attended the Safe Hearts Program conducted by the Suncoast Professional Fireghters & Paramedics Charitable Foundation in late August prior to the start of their sailing season. The program was taught by Daniel Hedgeman (front center), a Bradenton reghter, at the Venice oce on Commerce Drive. Attendees learned the latest technique for administering CPR and facts about surviving a heart attack.PHOTO COURTESY OF NANCY CHATFIELDRandy Smith visits the John Heinz History Center (Heinz 57) on Smallman Street in Pittsburgh, Pa. in July. PHOTO COURTESY OF LYN WEIGELLinda Panke, left, Carolyn Bach and Pat Granholm take time out from their poker night festivities to perform to an Elvis theme.PHOTO COURTESY OF HELEN MOORE Camilla and Weston Capen, Helen Moores grandchildren, visiting from Baltimore, watch the wildlife at the Jetty in August. COURTESY PHOTOLyn Weigel debates popping a balloon held by Venice Mayor John Holic at the recent Drag Queen Bingo fundraiser for the Sarasota Chalk Festival coming to Venice in November. PHOTO COURTESY OF JACARANDA TRACEEmployees of Jacaranda Trace accepted the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge at poolside while residents supported their eorts by donating to the ALS Foundation, Afterward, they all jumped into the pool to warm up. PHOTO COURTESY OF RONNIE MEURSDena and Gerry Kohlbecker, left, and Frank and Joan Rauch enjoy Habitat for Humanitys fundraising wine tasting at Caf Venice Aug. 19.COURTESY PHOTOBob and Beth (Hughes) Nyberg, of Venice, celebrated their 50th anniversary in February with a cruise to Australia and New Zealand. The Sydney Opera House is in the background. The couple were married in Englewood, N.J., Jan. 25, 1964. PHOTO COURTESY OF PAM MILLERTwenty-ve members of the Venice Womens Sailing Squadron participated in an R&R day at Nokomis Beach in mid-August. The day was hot and humid and perfect for bobbing in the waves coming ashore. While some of the ladies enjoyed the beach, others relaxed in the shade at the picnic area. 486385 Venices Only Not-For-Profit, Faith Based Continuing Care Retirement Community Offering: (941) 486-5484 920 Tamiami Trail South Venice, FL 34285 Independent Living Assisted Living Skilled Nursing Care Outpatient Rehab 0OO0VILLAGEON THE ISLEEVERYDAY S A NEW DAY


September 14, 2014


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Vehiclesmaynotbeaspictured.SERVICEHOURS: MON-FRI7:30AM-5:00PM SAT.7:30AM-NOON SALESHOURS: MON-FRI8:30AM-7:00PM SAT9:00AM-6:00PMCLOSEDSUNDAY7745S.TAMIAMITRAILSARASOTA941.922.2400ST06610123 SCOS O SAT 9:00AM-6:00PM NEW 2014 DODGE GRAND CARAVAN SE 3.6L V-6, SIX SPEED AUTOMATIC, POWER WINDOWS/LOCKS/MIRRORS, REMOTE KEYLESS ENTRY, CRUISE CONTROL, SEVEN PASSENGER SEATING, SUPPLEMENTAL SIDE AIR BAGS FOR ALL ROWS, TILT/TELESCOPING STEERING COLUMN, A/C WITH DUAL ZONE TEMPERATURE CONTROL, TIRE PRESSURE MONITORING SYSTEM, ELECTRONIC STABILITY CONTROL, AM/FM/CD MEDIA CENTER, AND MUCH MORE. 3.6L V-6, LEATHER, POWER WINDOWS/LOCKS/SEAT/MIRRORS/DOORS/ LIFTGATE, REAR DVD ENTERTAINMENT SYSTEM WITH WIRELESS HEADPHONES, TILT/TELESCOPING STEERING, REAR BACK-UP CAMERA, VOICE COMMAND WITH BLUETOOTH, SPEED CONTROL, KEYLESS ENTRY, SUNSCREEN GLASS, ALUMINUM WHEELS AND MUCH MORE. MSRP $31,860 #C14174 NEW 2014 CHRYSLER TOWN & COUNTRY ALL NEW 2014 RAM 1500 QUAD CAB NEW 2014 DODGE SRT VIPER GTS COUPE VENOM BLACK WITH SEPIA GTS LAGUNA INTERIOR PACKAGE, SIDEWINDER II HYPER WHEELS AND PERFORMANCE TIRES. IN THE SHOWROOM WITH ONLY 35 MILES ON THE ODOMETER. S S A A L L E E $ $ 2 2 4 4 , 9 9 9 9 9 9 SALE $ 24,999 #D14533 #D1501 S S A A L L E E $ $ 1 1 8 8 , 9 9 9 9 9 9 S S A A L L E E $ $ 1 1 8 8 , 9 9 9 9 9 9 SALE $ 18,999 S S A A L L E E $ $ 2 2 6 6 , 9 9 9 9 9 9 SALE $ 26,999 *Vehicle prices listed are plus tax, tag, and title. Prices include rebates. Dealer also charges a p re-delivery service fee of $599 which represents cost and profit to the dealer for items such as cleaning, inspecting and adjusting new vehicles and preparing documents related to the sale or lease. Dealer not responsible for typographical errors. Vehicles may not be as pictured and are subj ect to prior sale. Financing is with approval credit. Residency rules may apply. See dealer for details. PRICE INCLUDES FINANCE BONUS. MUST FINANCE WITH CHRYSLER POWER/WINDOWS/LOCKS/MIRRORS, TILT/TELESCOPING STEERING WHEELSPEED CONTROL, KEYLESS ENTRY, CD/MP3 WITH 4.3 TOUCH SCREEN AND SIX SPEAKER SOUND SYSTEM, SOLAR CONTROL GLASS AND MUCH MORE. 5.7L HEMI V-8, AUTOMATIC, POWER WINDOWS/LOCKS/MIRRORS, TRAILER TOW WITH CLASS IV HITCH, SPEED CONTROL, SIX SPEAKER SOUND SYSTEM, THEFT DETERRENT, TILT STEERING AND MORE. 8535080 Americas Best Value S S A A L L E E $ $ 1 1 8 8 , 9 9 9 9 9 9 SALE $ 18,999 S unset FIAT of Sarasota Beautiful styling is standard NEW 2014 FIATs from $14,995 *Vehicle prices listed are plus tax, tag, and title. Prices include rebates. Dealer also charges a p re-delivery service fee of $599 which represents cost and profit to the dealer for items such as cleaning, inspecting and adjusting new and used vehi cles and preparing documents related to the sale or lease. Dealer not responsible for typographical errors. Vehicles may not be as pictured and are subject to prior sale. Financing is with approval credit. Residency rules may apply. See dealer for details. S ubcompact C ars f or 2014, 2013, 2012 Model s NEW 2014 FIAT 4DR BETTER PRICES BIGGER SELECTION SUNSET SUBARU 7611 S. Tamiami Trail, Sarasota, FL 34231 (941) 925-1234 *Vehicle prices listed are plus tax, tag, and title. Prices include rebates. Dealer also charges a p re-delivery service fee of $599 which represents cost and profit to the dealer for items such as cleaning, inspecting and adjusting new and used vehi cles and preparing documents related to the sale or lease. Dealer not responsible for typographical errors. Vehicles may not be as pictured and are subject to prior sale. Financing is with approval credit. Residency rules may apply. See dealer for details. 12-31-2014 SUNSET BLUE & ME TM Hands-Free C ommuni cati on ( 2) 40 hwy. mpg 7 Ai r Bags NEW 2015 DODGE JOURNEY Buy For ALL NEW 2015 SUBARU OUTBACK 2.5 i has arrived FORESTER 2015 SUBARU 2.5i Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive Seven airbags standard 1 32 mpg hwy 2 170-hp SUBARU BOXER engine Buy For $ 23,254 U14474 IMPREZA 2014 SUBARU 2.0i Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive 36 mpg hwy 2.0-liter SUBARU BOXER 4-Cylinder e ngine Buy For $ 18,999 0% F inancing FFB-02 EJB-01 XV CROSSTREK 2014 SUBARU 2.0i PREMIUM Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive 33 mpg hwy 6 Partial Zero Emmisions Vehicle 7 Build in our zero landfill plant $ 21,999 AUTO TRANS., ALUMINUM W HEELS & ROOF RAILS AUTOMATIC, A/C, COMMAND-TRAC SHIFT ON THE FLY 4X4, THEFT DETERRENT SYSTEM, FOG LAMPS, SPEED CONTROL, SIX SPEAKER SOUND SYSTEM, SATELLITE RADIO, FULL CONVERTIBLE TOP AND MORE. NEW 2014 JEEP WRANGLER SPORT Americas Most Capable Vehicle #J141082 S S A A L L E E $ $ 2 2 5 5 , 7 7 9 9 9 9 S S A A L L E E $ $ 2 2 5 5 , 7 7 9 9 9 9 SALE $ 25,799 AUTOMATIC, POWER WINDOWS/LOCK/MIRRORS, SPEED CONTROL, KEYLESS ENTRY, TILT/TELESCOPING STEERING WHEEL, SOLAR CONTROL GLASS, BLUE TOOTH WITH VOICE COMMAND AND MORE. ALL NEW 2015 JEEP CHEROKEE #J1553 S S A A L L E E $ $ 2 2 1 1 , 9 9 9 9 9 9 S S A A L L E E $ $ 2 2 1 1 , 9 9 9 9 9 9 SALE $ 21,999 ERA-01 U14486 U15119 AUTOMATIC 10 At This Price 20 others at Comparable Savings S unset FIAT OF Sarasota 7 641 S. Tami ami Trl, Sarasota, FL 34231 ( 941) 924-8822 www. fi atusaof s arasota. c om Kelley Blue Book and Autobytel named The 2014 Jeep Cherokee one of the 10 Best SUVs Under $25,000 8535083 MSRP $137,480 SAVE $ 37,481 S S A A L L E E $ $ 9 9 9 9 , 9 9 9 9 9 9 S S A A L L E E $ $ 9 9 9 9 , 9 9 9 9 9 9 SALE $ 99,999 6CELEBRATION EVENTell-7f tIda r ,` is .1,.I


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f\b t\004\003rfnftbtf)37( nt r\r\005\006b y%A*A#y ]]NN>>88NN>><<,,qq99<<<><<,,qqSSHHNN>>55rr::::NNCCOOSSCC::<<,,qqNNSSPPKKppGG99QQrr::::NNCCOOSSCC::<<,, ]N>8N><,q9<<,qSHN>5r::NCOSC:<,qNSPKpG9Qr::NCOSC:<, kk99NN<<::]]NN>>88JJPPNN<<,,qqNNGGGG]]::SSMMMM,,ppBBBBHH<<,,ooJJ<><<,,^^NN::SSJJGG]]SSGGNN<<,, k9N<:]N>8JPN<,qNGG]:SMM,pBBH<,oJ<,^N:SJG]SGN<, ]]@@SS^^NNPPNN@@::JJBBCCJJ<<::<<,,jjBB99<>55rrCCOOeeBB>>NNll ]@S^NPN@:JBCJ<:<,jB95rCOeB>Nl bbCCYYnnooccnn]]oorrWW,,]]nnaa\\nneeqqnn^^((""::KK bCYnocn]orW,]na\neqn^(":K MM>>BBFF##__AAAA@@FF::BB%%__AAAA@@FF M>BF#_AA@F:B%_AA@F y%A*)(! MEDICAL2030 ACTIVITES/LIFE ENHANCEMENT, ALF facility in need of an Activities Director specializing in Assisted Living and memory care activities. F/T, M-F, computer literate. Apply at 2295 Shreve St, Punta Gorda. No Calls. CHARLOTTE HARBOR HEALTHCARE SOCIAL WORKER/ DISCHARGE PLANNER, F/T, Must possess exceptional organizational skills, Work independently & quickly in fast paced environment. Must have LTC & Medicaid Experience. LPN/NURSE LIASION with Marketing Skills. F/T. Apply Online at: or Fax resume to: 941-255-9006 CNAS3 YEARSMINIMUM EXPERIENCE! Exp. in ALF setting a plus. APPL Y WITHIN: LEXINGTONMANOR20480 VETERANS, BL VD. PORTCHARLOTTE. CNAS, HHASand CaregiversFind new clients by advertising your services in the Senior Directory ev ery Wednesday in The Sun Newspapers This feature publishesin Charlotte, Sarasota, and Desoto Counties Mar ket yourself reach 150,000 readers! Call 941-429-3110 for more information DENTAL ASSISTANTPrivate practice seeking an experienced dental assistant. We offer a modern facility that is team oriented. FT position Please Fax Resumes to: 941-627-2629. ( ( $ $ " * ) ) # # ' ) ) ! * ( ( % % $ $ " " & & HOME HEAL TH AGENCY Established, accredited and growing Home Health Agency located in Sarasota is seeking FT/PT PERSONNEL FOR ALL POSITIONS including: Sales, Physical Therapy (PT & PTA), Nursing (RN & LPN) and Aides (CNA) covering Sarasota, Bradenton, Port Charlotte and Venice Counties. For immediate consideration, fax resume to: 561-694-8911 or E-mail: ATTN: Dep 4116 PROFESSIONAL2010 BARBER, P/T, Licensed, Year Round, Call 941-624-6019 Days or 239-209-2600 Eves BARBER/STYLISTHAVECLIENTS, NEEDA CHANGE? 941-613-2887 BESTCHAIRRENTALINTOWN! CAM -EXPERIENCED Licensed for 500+ homeowners association near Port Charlotte, FL Salary range 40 50K Start date mid Oct. Submit Resume to: H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H CHARLOTTE SUN Typesetter/Designer Full-TimePerson to design and make corrections to ads. Knowledge of Photoshop, Indesign and or Quark. Day and late afternoon hours. Must be willing to learn new skills. If you are looking for a career in a positive environment with growth potential and have a real desire to succeed. Now accepting resumes: We are a drug and nicotine free workplace Pre employment drug and nicotine testing Required H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H !""#$'&(% CONTROLLER PG Construction Co Accounting Degree Required. CPA Preferred Peachtree Knowledge a Plus. Email Resume to HUMAN RESOURCE Looking for Customer Friendly, Upbeat, Motivated Worker Who is Able to Speak, Read, and Write in ENGLISH AND SPANISH Fluently. Duties Include: Recruitment, Hiring, and Maintaining Performance Files on All Employees. Other Duties Include Maintaining the Fixed Asset, Training, Insurance, and Safety Programs. Must be Proficient in W ord and Excel Five Years Experience Required. We are Sorry, but Resumes Without Salary Requirements Will Not be Considered. Please Submit Resumes to: Young Trucking 12164 Tamiami Trail Punta Gorda, FL33955 CLERICAL/OFFICE2020 ADMIN ASSIST, Full-time M-F, General Admin & Receptionist duties, great customer service skills, meeting management, proficient in Microsoft products, website and social media, detailed oriented. Send resume to: Put Box 4117 in subject. Turner Realty is taking applications for receptionist / secretary. Apply in person only or mail resume to P.O. Box 789, Arcadia FL. 34265 2000EMPLOYMENT EMPLOYMENT 2005Services 2010Professional 2015Banking 2020Clerical 2025Computer 2030Medical 2035Musical 2040 Restaurant/Hotel2050SkilledTrades 2060Management 2070Sales 2090Child/Adult Care Needed 2100General 2110Part-time/ Temp 2115Home Based Business 2120Seeking Employment PROFESSIONAL2010 BUSYCHARLOTTECOUNTYLAWFIRMSEEKINGFRONTDESKPARALEGAL/RECEPTIONIST1-5 YRSEXPERIENCEIN LITIGATION, TRIALPREPARATION,CIVILPROCEEDINGS. ABLETO HANDLEAHEAVYWORKLOAD&SUPPORTLITIGATIONATTORNEY. ANSWERMULTIPLEPHONELINES,SCANNING, PHOTOCOPYING, FAXING& FILINGDOCUMENTS, DISTRIBUTECORRESPONDENCE,ESTABLISHNEWCASEFILES&DRAFTCORRESPONDENCE. EXPERIENCEINAMICUS, WORDPERFECT, EXCEL, WESTLAW, CERTIFICATION, APLUS. SALARY COMMENSURATEWITHEXPERIENCE. PLEASEEMAILRESUMETO: LVOGELL@KELLERLAW.BIZ -%+$#!,"$(&%')* galaIrkEVeryiharsdayintlleSUM9L.,alark.4uFXkwx ^milrnrc+caOwe0ei1021M 0090X2001010p0(.IpOD1 D oD0 O LJThe Gasparilla Inn & Club is a seasonal resort locatedin historic Boca Grande which operates fromOctober through early July.-Y.--!-_. We are currently interviewingfor the following seasonal position---We will be hosting an EMPLOYMENT OPEN HOUSESpace is limited so please call 941-964-4570to reserve an interview appointment.Jam.H D DDD` 1500 Palm Avenue, Boca Grande, FLFind Every ProfessionalService You Need FromA to Z in The Sun Business& Service Directory!M il [017A SUN46 N'SPAPIR5 apah "E e 3sxydclvlBUSINESS a SERVICE S es us+ESSy ,,x ; `DIRECTORY arm Boa,AP r ultra ann11 0 1PAP., t"OANNy 1 11 *K`ky uasn ,"f-; 1i 'l8N6.A o.auis?.; wtesti.\sFCZE : s .1 _ew^'_vvM gG $lN64 o rcl ,pq EEyyN. SOe+JOhR \I\ SCPe6FJNnvd xeY''CSCfIty aka W sopun\Yx. ':sK ;` auri+a ,,, Saro 21t Ir pool`' (uy .. tMf Nis6En a_ca' co gGo1POO.1 W3M X171 `. v.wr".1381 9Aso9 _,.941 8xny,al E,.. ,,7341uya.xd+q+b1"`M NAaANs S1din9,


\016\005\006b fn\000\000)Tj/T1_1 1 Tf[(t\004\003rfnftbtf)37( r\t SKILLED TRADES2050 EXPERIENCED TRIM CARPENTERCABINETWORKA BIGPLUSAPPLYINPERSONBRINGREFERENCESRAYMONDBUILDINGSUPPLY2233 MURPHYCOURTNORTHPORTEOE, DFWP IMMEDIA TE OPENINGS H FINISH DOZER OPER. Exp in finishing slopes H TAILMAN for pipe crew. Exp in water, storm, sewer installation. H CONCRETE FINISHER gutter, sidewalks, decorative concrete, finish behind curb machine. For wellestablished construction company. Excellent pay and benefits. Apply in person 3801 N. Orange Ave Sarasota, FL 34234. Or send resume to EOE DFWP LABORER, Marine Construction, Seawalls, Docks, Lifts, Charlotte Cty. Area, Valid Fla. Dr. Lic. Req. 941-697-3882 MARINEFORKLIFTOPERATORExperienced Only. Harbor at Lemon Bay. 900 S. McCall, Englewood. 727-735-5036 PLUMBER/WATER Service Technician for small company in Sarasota, Charlotte, & Lee Counties. Contact Clay at Affordable Water. 941-628-0989 POOL MECHANIC NEEDED for busy pool company to start immediately. 941-467-6049 SALES2070 A A D D V V E E R R T TI I S S I I N N G G A A C C C C O O U U N N T T E E X X E E C C U U T TI I V V E ESUNNEWSPAPERSISLOOKING FORMOTIVATEDSALESPROFES-SIONALSWITHACOMMUNITY SPIRITWHOAREREADYTO COMMITTOALONG-TERM CAREERWITHANESTABLISHED SUCCESSFULMEDIACOMPANY. DOES THIS DESCRIBE YOU? H AGGRESSIVEH COLDCALLINGPROH DEALCLOSERH STRONGWORKETHICSH MONEYMOTIVATEDH EXCELLENTCOMMUNICATION SKILLSH PEOPLEPERSONH COMPUTERLITERATEHEXCEPTIONALCUSTOMER SERVICESKILLSHMARKETINGFLAREHABILITYTOWORK INDEPENDENTLYWE OFFER:HCOMPETITIVESALARYPLUS COMMISSIONSHVACATIONHHEALTHINSURANCEHSICKANDSHORTTERM DISABILITYH401(K) HTRAININGH ADVANCEMENTOPPORTUNI TIESWEAREANEQUALOPPORTUNITYEMPLOYER& ADRUGANDNICOTINEFREEDIVERSIFIEDWORKPLACE. PRE-EMPLOYMENTDRUGAND NICOTINETESTINGREQUIRED. IFWEDESCRIBEDYOU, SEND OREMAILYOURRESUMETO: ENGLEWOODSUNATTENTION: CAROLMOORE120 W DEARBORNENGLEWOOD, FLORIDA34223 FAX: 941-681-3008 EMAIL: CYMOORE@SUN-HERALD.COM SKILLED TRADES2050 AUTO BODY REPAIR and refinish vehicle bodies. One year experience with tools. (941)-661-9582 CARPENTERS & HELPERS Valid FL DL, Own Tools & Transportation. Be Able To Handle Florida Weather Call 941-650-4611 DELIVERY DRIVER CDL-ALOCALDELIVERIESOFLUMBER& REBAR. MOFFETT/FORKLIFT EXPERIENCEREQUIREDAPPLYINPERSON. RAYMONDBUILDINGSUPPLY2233 MURPHYCOURTNORTHPORTDFWP, EOE 0 0 .*") .*") (% (% 35#3*' 35#3*' 4+ 4+ "!.,,5/# "!.,,5/# 12)++5$5%&+12)++5$5%&+Exc. Starting Opp. for PEST CONTROL TECH .Pd Training. Apply In Person: Econo Pest Control 3790 N. Access Rd. EXPERIENCED PLUMBERSBUSYCO. SEEKSWELLGROOMEDPLUMBERSWITH A GOODDRIVINGRECORD.DRUG FREE COMP ANY CALL941-473-2344 P RE EMPLOYMENT DRUG TEST IS REQUIRED! RESTAURANT/ HOTEL2040 $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$RIVERCITY GRILLSeeks full and part time team members for the following positions. l HOST lDINING ROOM MGRApply in Person: 2-4pm Only! 131 W Marion Ave Punta Gorda, FL SKILLED TRADES2050 SKILLED TRADESTHEGASPARILLAINN& CLUBONBOCAGRANDEISLOOKINGTOFULFILLTHE FOLLOWINGPOSITIONS: l CARPENTER FULLTIMEYEARROUNDl NIGHT MAINTENANCE FULLTIME/YEARROUNDl TILE WORKER TEMPORARYCOMPETITIVEWAGESBRIDGE TOLLSCOVERED EMAILRESUMESTO:TGILES@GASPARILLAINN.COMFAX: 941-964-4571 PLEASEEMAILRESUMETO TGILES@GASPARILLAINN.COM,ORFAXTO941-964-4571 -%+$#!,"$(&%')* RESTAURANT/ HOTEL2040 PIZZA COOK EXPERIENCEDONLY PT. CHARLOTTECONV. STORE941-882-4015 EXPERIENCED SERVERS/ BARTENDER NEEDED P/T PositionSundays are a Must! Great Perks. Employee & Spouse Golf Free when Available. Apply in Person Mon.-Sat. 266 Rotonda Circle Ask for Cathy KITCHEN HELP/SANDWICH ARTIST, Full Time, Apply In Person Mango Bistro 301 W. Dearborn St.Englewood, FL NOW HIRING! WE ARE BUILDINGA SUCCESSFUL, GOALORIENTEDTEAM WHOBELIEVESIN GENUINE, "GRACIOUSHOSPI-TALITY." OURTEAMWILLBE ENERGETIC, HAVEAWILLING-NESSTOLEARN, PROBLEM SOLVER, POSITIVEATTITUDE,HOSPITALITYMINDSET, ANDA DESIRETOBEPARTOFAN AWARDWINNINGTEAM. APPLY IN PERSON: 139 W. MARIONAVE, PUNTAGORDATHURSDA Y SEPT4TH8-11AM& 5-7PMFRIDA Y SEPT.5TH8-11AM& 5-7PMINFO@TURTLECLUBPG.COM MEDICAL2030 HOUSEKEEPER FT Experienced in Health Care, M-F, Days. Apply in person at 2295 Shreve St, Punta Gorda JOB FAIR SAT. 9/13, 10-1 520 E. Olympia Ave PG For Info 239-791-7781 M.A/CNA, PT/FT, for peds off. Multitask, Ped VS, EMR & Ins Verf, Exp nec. 625-4919 MEDICAL ASST. FT, for busy practice. Email resume to MEDICAL RECORDSCLERK PT, with FT potential. Email resume to RESTAURANT/ HOTEL2040 ASSISTED LIVING FACILITY IN NEED OF A COOK, PART/TIME that can cook from scratch, recipes. Apply at 2295 Shreve St, Punta Gorda. NO CALLS PLEASE. BARTENDER & SERVER NEEDED PT Must be Exp. Apply in Person: 25538 Shore Drive, Punta Gorda 33950 #,,-0'"/$ .),.&1), .%0!!(+(,-!* DIETARY POSITIONSPart Time, Must be Flexible with hours, Weekends are Required. Experience AMUST! Email Resume: MEDICAL2030 LUKE HA VEN SNF RN/LPN Part Time Or Pool All Shifts C.N.A. Full Time 11:00pm-7:00am MARK MANOR ALF 2nd Shift Full Time C.N.A./Med Tech DISHWASHERS 2 Part Time Positions New Hiring RatesEmail Resume to: Or fax to: 941-484-0407 VILLAGE ON THE ISLE EOE/Drug Free Workplace www.HorizonTechInstitute.ComADVANCEYOURCAREER Licensed & Accredited School Murdock Town Center on 411032 Tamiami Tr Unit 3YOUcan become a LPN within 11 months. Enrollment ongoing.Start Working In 2-5 wks! Classes Start Each Month Call For Class Dates l Nursing Assistant (120hrs) l Home Health Aide (75hrs) l Phlebotomy Tech (165hrs) l EKG Tech (165hrs) l Patient Care Tech (600hrs) l Job Assist. & Pymt. Plans Call Now to Register! 941-889-7506 PHLEBOTOMY,EKG, CNA, Classes Start 9/22/14 LPN-Days & Weekends Class starts Jan 15 '$#"(%)&"! Just one look through theClassifieds is all it takes to findthe gem you re seeking.r 1 rrFrom furniture and appliances toautomobiles and even your newbest friend, the Classifieds has itall. Check them out today.SUNNEWSPAPERSCharlotte UcSoto tnglcsocd North N>rt VeniceAmerica's BEST Community Daily`I


r\t t\004\003rfnftbtf)37( fn \016\005\006b rfrntfrbbr rf n tb ntnn nnrf nt CHILD/ADULT CARE NEEDED2090 CHILD CARE Provider/Teacher Boca Grande. FCCPC Preferred. Competitive Pay, Benefits, Tolls Paid. 941-964-2885 GENERAL2100 DELIVERY DRIVERS/ HELPERS Baers Furniture, The Leader In The Finest Premier Furniture Show Case, With Several Locations Throughout Florida, Currently Seeks Top Notch Quality Delivery Drivers To Enhance Our Customer Service Team. We Are Looking For Expd Teams That Can Continue Our Long Standing Pride Of Commitment To Customer Needs & Pleasant Delivery Experience. If You Possess The Honesty, Commitment & Professionalism To Succeed, Then Please Apply! A Clean Drivers Record & Background A Must! E-mail: OR EOE/DFWP #,,-0'"/$ .),.&1), .%0!!(+(,-!* SALES2070 HH SALES INSIDE HH We're In-Season YEAR ROUND! Things Slow Down When Snow Birds Aren't Around NOT US! Excellent Workplace! Guar. vs. Generous Comm. 941-625-8800 x907 START THE LAST CAREER OF YOUR LIFE!with America`s Premier Real Estate Company Join us for an informational evening on a Career in Real EstateTuesday September 16th6 P.M. to 8 P.M. at our Training Center 1980 Kings Hwy.(Kings Crossing Center)Port Charlotte, FL To reserve you seat call(941)-255-7200or Via -%+$#!,"$(&%')* SALES2070 NATIONAL ACCOUNT SALES MANAGER Part Time 10-15 Hours A Week. Punta Gorda Manuf. Fac. SW FL Area. Send Resume To: RV SALES PRO.80KPLUS, BESTNAMEBRANDSIN THEINDUSTRY. EXP. PRE-FERREDBUTWILLTRAINRIGHT PERSON. DFW NON-SMOKER. CALLSTEVEERDMANAT(941) 966-2182 ORFAX(941) 966-7421. OR JOBS@RVWORLDINC.COM 2(+.#-(+ )+'*!1.)%'*!, 0$&"+)1*" #-(+#'+$ *'/", SERVICE ADVISORRV Dealership Immediate opening. Minimum 2 years advisor experience, RV experience preferred. FT, benefits. DFW. Call Ed Davidson or Craig Hinshaw at 941-966-2182 or fax resume to 941-966-7421 or %$'&&(!("# '#&&"$$ SALES2070 SALES & MARKETING ASSISTANT Entry Level Marketing/ Entry Level Advertising We are America's Best Community Daily newspaper, with the largest classified section in Florida. We are located in North Port Florida. Duties Include, but are not limited to:l Executing sales and marketing functions to company standards l Assists customers with any questions they may have in regards to our products l Gains knowledge on all new clients the company acquires l Ensure highest level of customer service resulting in increased productivity and achieving sales goals l Knowledge of our systems follow through of advertising copyGrowth opportunities may be available for those who qualify.This position is entry level, previous experience in sales and marketing helpful. We look for candidates with the following:l Some college or degree preferred l Outstanding interpersonal skills l Student Mentality l Leadership Experience l Experience in retail, sales, advertising & marketing l Ability to work in a high energy environment Please email resume to: Sun Classifieds attention: Geri Kotz EOE, DFWP Pre-employment drug & nicotine testing required. ($-'$!.$"&)$" +-!.,)&""-#-$%* SALES2070 FURNITURE SALES & INTERIOR DESIGNERSPORT CHARLOTTE, FL STOREJoin Baers Furniture, The Leading Premier Retail Furniture Store In Florida! Furniture Salespeople Need Some Prior Sales Exp. Furniture Sales Exp. Is A Definite Plus! We Seek Energetic, Driven Individuals Who Want To Make Money! Excellent Compensation, Generous Benefits & Pleasant Working Environment. All F/T Positions. Nights & Weekends Req. APPLY IN PERSON: Baers Furniture, 4200 Tamiami Trail, Port Charlotte, FL 33952, EOE/DFWP 2(+.#-(+ )+'*!1.)%'*!, 0$&"+)1*" #-(+#'+$ *'/", %*$)*&#!$& #&*,!-&&"'"*+( SALES2070 Advertising Sales ExecutiveThe Charlotte Sun is looking for "Winners" to join our team of professional Advertising Sales Executives. If you are never satisfied with average successes, are self-motivated, goal oriented, confident, enthusiastic and believe that the customer is all important, we would like to talk to you. The successful candidates must possess good oral and written communication skills, be organized and a team player. Sales experience a plus but we will train the right persons. We offer:lCompetitive salary plus commissionl Vacationl Health insurancel Sick and short term disability l Trainingl Stable company that is very Community minded and involved. Please send resume to: Advertising Director, Leslee Peth Charlotte Sun 23170 Harborview RoadCharlotte Harbor, FL 33980 Email: We are an Equal Opportunity Employer & a Drugand nicotine Free Diversified Workplace. Listing your ho eWOin the classif ieds rkS&AFTERAREAL ESTATELNEWSPAPERSAmerica's BEST Community Daily


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f\005 t\004\003rfnftbtf)37( nt r\r\005\006b RELIGION CLASSES3096 NEW LIFE FAMILY WORSHIP has Discipleship Develpoment Class, Building a Solid Foundation 7PM Every 2nd Friday of the Month. (941)639-1700. OTHER CLASSES3097 CONCENTRATIVE MEDITATION with Linda Weser, 4 p.m. every Monday at Unity Church of Peace, 1250 Rutledge Street, off Veterans Boulevard between Orlando Boulevard and Torrington Street, Port Charlotte/North Port line. Free; open to the public. 941-276-0124 4000FINANCIAL BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES4010 JANITORIAL BUSINESS FOR SALE Grossing $48K/Year, $16,750. Equipment and Supplies Included. Will Train. 239-826-2779 5000 BUSINESS SERVICES AN OCCUPATIONAL LIC. may be required by the City and/or County. Please call the appropriate occupational licensing bureau to verify. ALUMINUM5006 THE HEIGHTS ALUMINUM, INC. l Screen Rooms l l Lanais lPool Cages lRescreens lSeamless Gutters l Soffit l Fascia l l Pavers l Concrete l941-613-1414 OR941-492-6064 Lic./Ins. AAA0010565 & R6ALCL-5AC-33 CHILD CARE5051 ALL CHILDCARE FACILITIES MUST INCLUDE, WITH ADVERTISEMENT, STATE OR LOCAL AGENCY LICENSE NUMBER. FLORIDA STATE LAW requires all child care centers and day care businesses to register with the State of Florida. The Sun Newspapers will not knowingly accept advertising which is in violation of the law COMPUTERSERVICE5053 COMPUTER TUTOR (Your home or mine) ONLY $25.00 an hour! Please call Steve at: 941-445-4285 1A+ COMPUTER REPAIR, TUTOR IN YOUR HOME Reasonable & Prompt! Sr. Disc. Ask for Stacy 941-451-3186 BIBLE STUDY & CHURCHES3065 COMMUNITY CENTER 4PM 7PM each Wednesday. Christ the King Lutheran Church, 23456 Olean Blvd. PC, Open to All Ages. For more info 941-766-9357 EDGAR CAYCE A.R.E. Search for God Study Group 6 PM 7 PM each Tuesday at Venice Public Library More Info call 941-966-1964. FAITH BUILDERS A Basic Study to Build your Christian Faith. Call Pastor Martin at Christ the King Lutheran Church for times. 941-766-9357 Port Charlotte FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH 278 S. Mango St. Englewood Mondays & Thursdays at 9am. Offering chair exercise classes For more info. Call 941-474-2473 GULF COAST HEALING ROOMS If you need healing, we want to pray with you! Our prayer teams are available to minister to you by appointment. Thursdays 10 am-12:30 pm For apt. call p.863.558.7455 1538 Rio de Janeiro Blvd. Punta Gorda, Fl 33983 Jesus Still Heals Today! LOST& FOUND3090 LOST BRACELET: On Englewood beach (North end) on Wednesday Sept. 3rd. Silver w/ precious stones. Very sentimental Please call 916-3967750 REWARD ARTS CLASSES3091 ACRYLIC PAINTING CLASSES Starting October On Tue, Thu, Fri. North Port Hobby Lobby. Call Barb For Info 941-497-1395 EDUCATION3094 MEDICAL BILLING TRAINEES NEEDED! Become a Medical Office Assistant! NO EXPERIENCE NEEDED. Online training can get you job ready. HS Diploma/GED & PC/Internet needed. (888)528-5547. TUTOR, Certified ESE Elementary Teacher. Now Scheduling Sessions. K-2 P.C. Area 941-815-8218 EXERCISE CLASSES3095 GULF COAST ACUPUNCTURE 151 Center Rd. Wednesdays 5:30pm Thursdays 9:00 am Saturdays 8:30am YOGAFOR BEGINNERS Proceeds to Venice Wildlife Center Call Rick or Mary 941-488-1769 )(&""*#*$%!'&($" RELIGION CLASSES3096 BEGINYOURDAYIN BIBLE STUDY Christ the King Lutheran Church, 23456 Olean Blvd. Wednesdays 10AM-11AM. For more info 941-766-9357 Port Charlotte F AITH LUTHERAN CHURCH 4005 Palm Drive, Punta GordaVarious Days & Times CONFIRMATION/BIBLE STUDY Adult Infomational Class 941-639-6309 ANNOUNCEMENTS3010 Rich Nissen, Formerly of Simplicity Salon &Spa is Now Accepting Clients at Studio M Hair Company, Nokomis Village Shopping Center, 1085 Tamiami Trl. 10% Off When Mentioning This Ad. Call (941)-485-4977 HAPPYADS3015 CHURCH OF LIGHT Psychic Fair w/ REALPSYCHICS! Sat. Sept 13th 10:30-4 At Cultural Center. Info: 941-751-5683 Place your Happy Ad for only $16.25 3 lines 7 day. Add a photo for only $13.00! Please call (866)-463-1638 PERSONALS3020 ARE YOU A SINGLE MAN 40-65? If so, Iam looking for you! Call 941-201-9853 H D-STRESS FOR LESS H 941-467-9931 ORIENTAL MASSAGE in Venice. 617 US 41 Bus. 10% off. 941-786-3803 mm31172 RELAXATION Located in Englewood Call Stormy 941-549-5520 SCHOOLS & INSTRUCTION3060 CNA Training, HHA, MED ASST, CPR. Onsite testing 941-429-3320 IMAGINE ED KLOPFERSCHOOLS OF CNA TRAINING 1 Week class $250 Sarasota, Port Charlotte, Ft. Myers. 1-800-370-1570 TRADITIONAL SHAOLIN KUNG FU CLASSES for Adults & children. FREE classes available. All areas. Call for more info. 941-204-2826 UNEMPLOYED? Earn Your Commercial Drivers License (CDL) in Just 3 Wks. & Join the Ranks of Employed Truck Drivers Nationwide. Located Punta Gorda FL. SunCoast Trucking Academy. 941-8550193 or 941-347-7445 BIBLE STUDY & CHURCHES3065 CAL VAR Y BIBLE CHURCH 1936 E. Venice Ave. Venice Friday at 9am. Study features video teachings of noted Bible Scholars on various subjects. For more info. Call Rev. Jones at: 941-485-7070 or visit PARTTIME/ TEMPORARY2110 DOCK HAND, Part time or Full Time. Harbor at Lemon Bay. 900 S. McCall, Englewood. 727-735-5036 HHHHHHHHH Local Daily Newspaper P/T Position Uploading E-Edition Computer knowledge a must. Candidate must know FTP and Networking. Other duties include light lifting. This is a late night and weekend schedule. If you are looking for a career in a positive environment with growth potential and have a real desire to succeed. Please contact:stoner@suncoastpress.comWe are a drug and nicotine free workplace Pre-employment drug and nicotine testing required HHHHHHHHH 0 0 .*") .*") (% (% 35#3*' 35#3*' 4+ 4+ "!.,,5/# "!.,,5/# 12)++5$5%&+12)++5$5%&+TAX PREPARERSNEEDED Experienced Or Will Train. 941-923-0964 3000 NOTICES ANNOUNCEMENTS3010 Y Y Y Y Y Y ADOPTION: Y Y Y Y Y Y At-Home-Mom, Devoted Dad, Financially Secure Couple, LOVE & Laughter, Y Y Travel awaits baby. Y Y Y Y Y Y Expenses Paid. Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y 1-800-552-0045 Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y FLBar42311 Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y LISA&KENNY Y Y Y Y FREE MERCHANDISE ADS!! To place a FREE merchandise ad go to: SUN-CLASSIFIEDS.COM and place your ad. CLICK ON CLICK HERE TO PLACE YOUR AD NOW and follow the prompts. FREE ads are for merchandise UNDER $500. and the ad must be placed online by you. One item per ad, the ad must be 3 lines or less, price must appear in the ad. Your ad will appear online & in print for 7 days! Some restrictions do apply. LIMIT5 FREEADS PERWEEK **Everyone Needs to Register on Our New Site** Need To Place a Classified Ad? Enter your classified ad and pay with your credit card24 hours a day,7 days week GENERAL2100 SUN NEWSPAPERS ASSISTANT DISTRICT MANAGERS:THESUNISCURRENTLY SEEKINGPART-TIMEASSISTANTDISTRICTMANAGERSINOURCIRCULATIONDEPARTMENT. OURASSISTANTDISTRICTMANAGERSWORKDIRECTLY WITHANINDEPENDENT CONTRACTORNETWORKTO MANAGEHOMEDELIVERYAND CUSTOMERRELATIONSINCHARLOTTECOUNTY. RESPONSIBILITIESINCLUDE CONTRACTORRECRUITMENT ANDORIENTING, MEETING ESTABLISHEDSERVICEGOALS,RESOL VINGSERVICEERRORS,MANAGINGCONTRACTORDRAW,ANDINSURINGCUSTOMER SATISFACTION. MUSTBEABLETOWORK EARLYMORNINGHOURS, WEEKENDSANDHOLIDAYSIN ANOFFICE/WAREHOUSE ENVIRONMENTANDOUTDOORS INVARIOUSTEMPERATURES ANDWEATHERCONDITIONS. REQUIRESVALIDFLORIDA DRIVER'SLICENSEAND INSURANCE. MUSTHAVE RELIABLETRANSPORTATIONTO PERFORMDAILYJOB RESPONSIBILITIES. OPPORTUNITIESAVAILABLE INNORTHPORTANDENGLEWOOD. 25-30/HOURS WEEKSTARTINGPAY$11/HOUR, PHONE ALLOWANCE, MILEAGE REIMBURSEMENT. APPLYAT23170 HARBORVIEWROADPORTCHARLOTTE, FL 33980. THEVENICEGONDOLIERSUN ISNOWTAKINGAPPLICATIONS FORCARRIERSINVENICEAND SURROUNDINGAREAS. MUST HAVEDEPENDABLEVEHICLE, A VALIDFLORIDADRIVERSLICENSEANDPROOFOFINSUR-ANCE. APPLYINPERSON: 200 E. VENICEAVE. VENICE, FL 34285 NOPHONECALLSPLEASE. CARRIERSNEEDED WORKERS,(3) P/T to plant sm trees, pull weeds, Riding Mower, Drug & Alcohol testing req. Off Kings Highway, Port Charlotte. 941-268-2799 PARTTIME/ TEMPORARY2110 H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H CHARLOTTE SUN Typesetter/Designer Part TimePerson to design and make corrections to ads. Knowledge of Photoshop, Indesign and or Quark. Day and late afternoon hours. Must be willing to learn new skills. If you are looking for a career in a positive environment with growth potential and have a real desire to succeed. Now accepting resumes: We are a drug and nicotine free workplace Pre employment drug and nicotine testing Required H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H GENERAL2100 ACTIVITIES PERSON PTSmall ALF, VENICE, 941-468-4678 or 488-6565 CAR WASH STAFF FT & PT Flexible Hours Good Pay &Benefits Apply In person: Blue Dolphin Car Wash 2625 S. McCall Road 0 0 .*") .*") (% (% 35#3*' 35#3*' 4+ 4+ "!.,,5/# "!.,,5/# 12)++5$5%&+12)++5$5%&+DOCK MASTER PART-TIMENEEDEDFOR BOATCLUBINVENICE. CLEANING, SCRUBBING, &LIGHTMAINTENANCEWORK REQUIRED. 2-3 DAYSPER WEEK. WEEKENDSARE EXPECTED. GOODCOMMUNI-CATIONSKILLS& FRIENDLY CUSTOMERSERVICERQD. EMAILRESUMETOTRACY:TWACKELIN@FREEDOMBOATCLUB.COM DOG GROOMER/BATHER Experienced. Apply in Person 3805 B Tamiami Trl Port Char. HELP WANTED, FULL SERVICE CARWASH Apply in person only 120 W. Ann St. Punta Gorda Car Wash HOUSEKEEPING PERSON: PT for Lg. Manufactured Home Community. General Knowledge of Building Cleaning Required. PT Seasonal 20-24 Hrs., (Thurs/Fri/Sat/Sun). D.F.W.P. Fax Resume to: 941-625-5750 INDUSTRIAL ENGINEER PT Project In Punta Gorda, Manufacturing Environment. Send Resume To: INSIDE SECURITY PATROL: For a Large Manufactured Home Community. Security Experience Required, But Will Train the Right Candidate. P/T (Weekends Required) D.F.W.P. Call 941-625-3130 or Fax Your Resume to 941-625-5750 LOOKING FOR A SWIMMING POOL SER VICE PERSON 2-3 Days a Week. Must Have Clean FL. DL. D.F.W.P. Inquire at: NAUTILUS POOLS 18380 Paulson Dr Port Charlotte, Fl 33954Or Call 941-624-5744 P ART TIME CLEANERS MUSTHAVEINSUREDCAR& DL. FLEXIBLEHOURS& GOODPAY. PORTCHARLOTTE& VENICE941-882-3085 SARASOTA941-753-1358 MERRYMAIDS WEMAKEPARADISESPARKLE POOL MAINTENANCE TECH Part-Time, Semi Retired OK. Mechnically inclined & experience helpful. 941-488-6489 PRESSURE WASHING HELPERS, (2). Advancement Opportunities. 941-637-0237 SERVICE DISPATCHER/ COORDINATOR, General Computer, Office & lite storeroom duties. Phone Skills Required/plumbing experience preferred. Send Resume to PO BOX 380265 Murdock, Fl., 33938 0 D 0 Laos


r\r\005\006b nt\000\000)Tj/T1_1 1 Tf[(t\004\003rfnftbtf)37( f\005 FURNITURE6035 CABINET Old English cottage cabinet $345 941-815-8218 CABINET VICTROLA labeled record cabinet $295 941815-8218 CEDAR CHEST 1947 Roos/ labeled $250 941-815-8218 CHAIR ROCKERGLIDER cherry finish ecru pads $75 941-716-2226 CHAIR UPHOLSTERED custom Chairs; set Beautiful! $400 941-575-9800 CHAIR WING chair wood fabric print $75 941-716-2226 CHEST Walnut excell condition $175 941-276-2476 COFFEE TABLE glass top, wicker shelf $35 941-488-0417 COFFEE TABLE, brass and glass 42in hex $350 941-637-0262 COMPUTER TABLE Light brown. Good condition. $30 941-875-9519 CREDENZA WOOD, three drawers. Very Good $100 941-875-9519 CURIO 20X20; 3 gls shelves/hand carving $260 941-624-0364 DESK LRG Oak roll top. Computer $450 941-505-6290 DINETTE SET, Includes four chairs $100 941-429-8349 DINING ROOM Set Table-6 Chairs-1 Leaf-38X68 $400 941-661-0990 DINING ROOM Table 4 Chairs X $100 941-830-8456 DINING SET w/4 chairs. Offwhite w/bamboo trim $50 941-766-1536 DINING TABLE & 4 chairs White country style. $100 941-766-1536 DINING TABLE & Chairs, Glass top. Wrought Iron. $275 941-235-2203 DINING TABLE MAPLE 2 leaves, refinished $45 941266-6718 DINING TABLE Solid Wood, Hightop w/ Built-in Table Leaf and 6 Chairs. $400 obo 239-214-8284 DINNING RMTABLE 2 leafs 6Chairs Mahogany $275 941661-9916 DISPLAYCABINET, Maple excellent condition $499 941-266-6718 DOOR MIRROR Oldmirrors on panels $35 941-266-6718 DRESSER FR. provincial ex. condition $250 941-2491829 DROP LEAF table Fold up 4 chairs. $200 941-474-0506 ENTERTAINMENT CENTER wickernatural $125 941-7694949 FUTON Black Frame w/ Red Covered Mattress. $70 941-766-0144 GRAND MOTHER CLOCK excellent condition. $200 941-474-0506 HALL TABLE 2 Tiered Glass. Excellent Cond. Black iron. $55 941-235-2203 HUTCH CORNER wood and wrought iron $125 941-8308184 IBUYFURNITURE Or anything of value! 941-485-4964 LAMP 36 solid brown wood, 18 tan shade $20 941-7432656 LAMP GREEN ceramic and brushed silver metal $20 941-743-2714 HOUSEHOLD GOODS6030 PASTA MAKER Automatic Popeil LIKE NEW $50 941-456-6355 QUILT Handmade. For Queen or King bed. Navy/maroon. $125 941-475-0361 ROCKINGCHAIR, Adult like new $80 941-227-0676 ROTISSERIE ELEC. Counter top Betty Crocker $30 941575-7734 SEWING MACHINE 1950s cabinet zigzag A+ $175 941743-2656 SEWING MACHINE SERGERHusky Lock 1000L $299 941505-7272 SILK DAISIES Realistic-looking bushy plant & leaves $8 941-276-1881 SODA-STREAM HOME SODA MAKER W/6 PKG $40 942889-9240 TWIN TOWERS picture lighted $50 941-467-2534 WALL ART, 3Expensive Pictures $40. Each. 941-5804460 WINE RACK holds 8 bottles $20 941-227-0676 WOODEN CABIN lamp wicker shade $15 941-266-6718 HOLIDAYITEMS6031 CHRISTMAS TREE 9 1350 Clear Lights $75 941-5757734 CREAMER SET Pfaltzgraff Xmas Heritage creamer, sugar w/lid $15 941-639-1517 DECORATIONS, HALLOWEEN & CHRISTMAS $150 941-624-6617 FIBEROPTIC, HALLOWEEN & CHRISTMAS $100 941-624-6617 HOLIDAY STOCKINGS Brand New 22 Long $10 941-9169719 TREE CHRISTMAS 7 1/2 with wht light and stand $125 941-979-5894 FURNITURE6035 BAR STOOL SET with 3 counter natural wood w/blk acc $140 941-423-2805 BATHROOM VANITY 22x37 Almond Mrrble top, $95 941764-8152 BED MATTRESS & BOX. New Will Sell $100. 941-629-5550 BED QUEEN dresser, chest paul bunyan $375 941-7694949 BED Sleep Number. Full Size. Excellent Condition. $375 941-286-9988 BED, SINGLE Nice w/ headboard $150 941-764-0993 BEDROOM SET 5PC KING PECAN COLOR $400 941255-9152 BEDROOM SET Clean w/ TV armoir. Solid Oak Head and Foot board, 2 Night Stands, Dresser. Armoir Fits 38 TV w/ 2 Drawers. $900 FIRM 239-214-8284 BEDROOM SET King Mahogany 5 pieces $475 941-661-9916 BEDROOM SETS (3) Queen. $250., Full, $200., Twin, $200. 941-416-8534 HOUSEHOLD GOODS6030 AIRPURIFIER, whole house, Portable, 110V, Filter $50 941-629-2699 BED MATTRESS & BOX. New Will Sell $100. 941-629-5550 BEDSPREADS, Queen Expensive new plush $40 941-580-4460 BEVERAGE COOLER 1/2 gal Igloo/soup thermos pr/ $5 941-276-1881 BREAD MACHINE Breadman Plus Model TR 700 $45 941-456-6355 CALPHALON CAST Iron Oval, 8 Quart/Cover $75 941-9795894 CHINA LENOX 6-(8)piece set./(wheat) $325 941-7694949 COLORFUL DECORATIVE Parrot w/perch & 2 chain $18 941-276-1881 ELNA Serger 945 Wheeled carrying case Extras $745 941-629-6129 ELNA Serger 945 Wheeled carrying case Extras $690 or best offer 941-629-6129 FOLDING TABLE folding table/craft/garage sale use $8 941-286-1170 FOOD CARRIER Pyrex Insulated Hot/Cold 5Pc.New $13 941-661-0990 FOOD PROCESSOR la machine $35 941-227-0676 JEWELRY BOX new cherry wood $40 941-227-0676 MATTRESS, QUEEN & BOX. Brand New Will Sell $175. Also Have KING. 941-629-5550 FREE MERCHANDISE ADS!! To place a FREE merchandise ad go to: SUN-CLASSIFIEDS.COM and place your ad. CLICK ON CLICK HERE TO PLACE YOUR AD NOW and follow the prompts. FREE ads are for merchandise UNDER $500. and the ad must be placed online by you. One item per ad, the ad must be 3 lines or less, price must appear in the ad. Your ad will appear online & in print for 7 days! Some restrictions do apply. LIMIT5 FREEADS PERWEEK **Everyone Needs to Register on Our New Site** Need To Place a Classified Ad? Enter your classified ad and pay with your credit card24 hours a day,7 days week OLD KEYWEST PICTURE Light Colors. Excellent Condition. $55 941-235-2203 ORIENTAL CABINET Ivory w/ Gold Design. $75 941-5757734 ORIENTAL RUG, Lotus, Black, 8x10. Nice. $300 941235-2203 OUTDOOR CHAIR Cushion Excellent Condition. $10 941916-9719 WINDOWREPAIR5226 SLIDING GLASS DOORAndWindow Repair Lowest PricesGUARANTEED !!!941-628-8579 Lic#CRC1130733 SLIDING GLASS DOORREPAIRSWheels Tracks. Locks Free Estimates Lic/Ins. Bob @ 941-706-6445SLIDINGDOORSANDMORE COM 6000 MERCHANDISE GARAGE SALES 6001Arcadia 6002Englewood 6003Lake Suzy 6004Nokomis 6005North Port 6006Port Charlotte Deep Creek 6007Punta Gorda 6008Rotonda 6009Sarasota 6010South Venice 6011Venice 6012 Out Of Area 6015Flea Market 6020Auctions MERCHANDISE 6013 Moving Sales 6025Arts & Crafts 6027Dolls 6030Household Goods6035 Furniture 6038 Electronics 6040TV/Stereo/Radio6060Computer Equip6065Clothing/Jewelry/ Accessories6070Antiques & Collectibles 6075Fruits/Veges 6090Musical 6095Medical 6100Health/Beauty 6110 Trees & Plants 6120Baby Items6125Golf Accessories6128Exercise/Fitness6130Sporting Goods 6131 Firearms6132 Firearm Access. 6135Bikes/Trikes 6138Toys 6140Photography/Video 6145Pool/ Spa & Supplies6160Lawn & Garden6165Storage Sheds/ Buildings6170Building Supplies6180Heavy Constr. Equipment 6190Tools/Machinery6220Office/Business Equip & Supplies6225Restaurant Supplies 6250Appliances 6260Misc. Merchandise 6270Wanted to Buy/T rade ARTS AND CRAFTS6025 KILN, Evenheat large uses cones $100 941-380-2454 PAINTING FRAMED 3-D seaside landscape $50 941-7432656 DOLLS6027 FAYZA SPANOS Still In Box 3 for $475 941-769-2389 LAWN/GARDEN & TREE5110 FRESHCUTLAWN N MORE FRESH CUT LAWNS STARTING AT $25! 941-661-1850Free Estimates Call Frank J RIZTREESERVICES Specializing in Dangerous Tree Removal. Complete Tree & Palm Service. Servicing all Charlotte & Sarasota Counties FREEESTIMATES 941-306-7532 Lic & Ins LBS TOTALLAWN& LANDSCAPING SVCS Lawn Care Mulching Pruning Hedges & Trees Pressure Washing & More! **I will beat your current lawn svc by 10%!!** Serving Nokomis, Osprey, Venice & Englewood 941-302-2244 Lic/Ins TOMMYS TREE & PROPERTY SERVICE Honest & Reliable*Trim & remove *Complete lawn care. Lic/ins. (941)-809-9035 MOVING/HAULING5130 us DIT no. 1915800941-359-1904 PAINTING/ WALLPAPERING5140 BESTPRICES-QUALITYJOBBest Coast Painting Residential/Commercial Handyman services also! 10% Off With Ad! 941-815-8184 AAA00101254 STEVENS CUSTOMPAINTING Res/Comm. Int/Ext FREE EST. Lic. & Ins. 941-255-3834 PRESSURE CLEANING5180 BAILEYS PRESSURE CLEANINGTile roof Cleanings starting at @$150. Call 941-497-1736 SCREENING5184 GULF COAST RESCREEN LIC& INSUREDFAMILYOWNED& OPERATEDSPECIALIZINGINRESCREENING,BUILDINGANDREPAIRING. SCREWCHANGEOUTS PRESSUREWASHING& PAINT-INGPOOLCAGES, LANAIS,FRONTENTRYWAYSETC... 941-536-7529 FREEESTIMATES R ANDY H ASKETT SCREENING POOLCAGES, LANAIS, ENTRYWAYS, LIC. & INSURED25YRS. EXP941-809-1171 ROOFING5185 PAUL DEAO ROOFING PROTECTINGYOURBIGGESTINVESTMENT. 22 YRSEXP. 941-441-8943 LIC#1329187 CONTRACTORS5054 Edward Ross Construction Services, Inc. 941-408-8500 pool cages, Scr lanais, etc... CONCRETE5057 PRO PATH CONCRETEl l Driveways l l Patios l l Sidewalks l l PadsResurfacing Options AvailableFree Estimates 941-286-6415 Lic #AAA-11-00081 RICH LANDERS STUCCO, INC. Honest, Reliable work! LIC/INS New Const & Remodels. Rusted bands & wire lathe repair. spraycrete & dry-wall repair (941)-497-4553 ( ( , & & % % , ! , & & ! $ $ + + ) ) ' " " , # # , $ $ % % " * CLEANING SERVICES5060 Danae Chiarells Cleaning Service Honest & dependable Great Summer Rates Residential Commercial Seasonal Rentals Weekly -Bi-weekly Monthly941-587-6844 HOME / COMM. IMPROVEMENT5100 SLIDING GLASS DOORAndWindow Repair Lowest PricesGUARANTEED !!!941-628-8579 Lic#CRC1130733 CARPENTER, INC. Handyman Rotten wood, doors, soffit, facia, etc. Phil 941-626-9021lic. & ins. TILE remodel, baths, floors. your tile or mine. (941)-6255186,628-0442Lic.#AAA006387 LAWN/GARDEN & TREE5110 AN OCCUPATIONAL LICENSE may be required by the City and/or County. Please call the appropriate occupational licensing bureau to verify A JAMISON TREE SERVICE Complete & Professional 15% Sr Discount! FREEEST. LIC. & INSUREDENGL941-475-6611ORN. PORT941-423-0020 SERVINGCHARLOTTEANDSARASOTAFOROVER20 YEARS.JAMISON-TREESERVICEINC.COM ISLAND BREEZE LAWN SERVICE Residential & Commercial 14 years experience Owner operated. Lic& Ins.Venice & surrounding areas. For free estimate call Keith 941-445-2982 muglowrTWO MENANDATRUCK'Movers Who CoreYour 6o.n 'e beef f I nd'. .. .. .is


f\005b t\004\003rfnftbtf)37( nt r\r\005\006b GOLFACCESSORIES6125 2010 CLUB CAR PRECEDENT FACTORY RECONDITIONED New Batteries. White. Golf Course Ready! As New. $3,500 Rear Seat +$400 941-716-6792 GOLF CART Kangaroo Electric, needs battery $75/obo Golf Club Taylor made driver Burner Draw 10.5 $25 941235-1865 GOLF SHOES SMALL BLACK LOAFER, NIKE, $12 941-6276780 GOLF UMBRELLA new $7 941-227-0676 EXERCISE/ FITNESS6128 AB LOUNGER EXCELLENT COND. $10 941-889-9240 CARDIO GLIDE PLUS #WLCR96054-VGC-W/BOOK $125 941-613-1442 ELLIPTICAL STRIDER for full body workout $150 941-5648757 EXERCISE BIKE By Stamina $35 941-625-2779 EXERCISE BIKE RECUMBANT w/Electronics $75 941-2688951 STATIONARY BICYCLE Exc. Condition. $75 941-637-6991 TANNING BED works great commercial style runs on 230 volt $200 941-423-0954 TOTAL GYM Professional Model. EUC $499 941-5057272 SPORTINGGOODS6130 BOW DARTON COMPOUND All accessories incl. $120 941-275-0979 FIREWOOD No camping trip is complete without it! Pine, Oak, or Citrus Split, Bundled, and ready for the firepit! 941-468-4372 FISHING SAND SPIKES, 10 ALL FOR $25 714-599-2137 FOLDING CHAIRS CANVAS w/carry cases,2 sizes pr/ $15 941-276-1881 PROPS, 2S.S. 14.25x17, 800new $400 941-769-0792 SINGED BAT BJ Upton Bat Signed w/cert of auth. $50 941-223-9800 SPINNING REEL HEAVY ACTION & 7 ROD $75 714599-2137 SPINNINGREELS ALL WORK GREAT $15 714-5992137 FIREARMS6131 BROWNING A5 20 Guage 1972 EXCELLENT CONDITION!!! $975 863-990-1748 BROWNING B80 12 Gauge BRAND NEW CONDITION!!! $675 863-990-1748 GUN &KNIFE SHOW VFW Post #7721 800 Neffs Way Naples, FL. 34119 Sat 09/13 9-5pm and Sun 09/14 9-4pm. Admission $5.00 under 12 FREE & FREE PARKING CWP Classes $49.95 11am & 1pm daily. Lee County Gun Collectors LLC. (239)-223-3370 BUY-SELL-TRADE www m MEDICAL6095 WHEEL CHAIR Merit Heavy Duty $75 941-743-0605 WHEEL CHAIR T ransport Chair Light weight $65 941743-0605 HEALTH / BEAUTY6100 MASSAGEBACKPAD for chairHT-1470 Brand New $50 941-916-9719 TREES & PLANTS6110 BANANA TREES misi luki, Buy 1 get 1, all sizes. $4.50 941-833-0504 BIG DESERTROSES Large Flowering Desert Rose $35 941-204-9100 DESERT ROSEPLANTS $5 and up Call 941-625-9848 ELEPHANT PLANT Jade 2-3 Gallon Pots $15 941-2049100 HANGING BASKET spider plant or 4ft CASSIA tree $8 941-258-2016 HAWAIIAN TIPLANT Unique Purple Leaves $15 941-2049100 HELICONIA FALSE bird of paradise 3 gal pot $7 941258-2016 HIBISCUS PEACH DOUBLE Big Flowers 2Gal $8 941-2049100 ORCHID TREE or GOLDENRAIN tree 4ft $8 941-2582016 PAGODA OR CORAL lush tropical plant $7 941-258-2016 PAGODA TREE lush tropical red blooms 3gal pot $8 941258-2016 H SATURDAY H CLEARANCE SALEHHHHHHHHHH VIBURNUM GREATFORPRIVACYHEDGE3GAL, PALMS: FOXTAIL, SYLVESTERPIGMY& MORE.**GREAT PRICES***SUISNUSURY941-488-7291 SHRUB BUSH Snow Cap Burgundy Full Growing $20 941204-9100 SPIDER PLANT Lg bushy green w/2 doz. runners $10 941-276-1881 BABYITEMS6120 BABY BOUNCER Fisher Price Rainforest $35 941-429-8507 BABY SWING GRACO Has mobile-nice. $20 941-766-1536 BOOSTER SEATS 30-100 LBS EACH $5 041-889-9240 BOUNCER FISHER-PRICE Rainforest Model K2564 $32 941-764-7971 TAKE-ALONG SWING Fisher-Price NB to 25lbs $38 941-764-7971 GOLFACCESSORIES6125 2005 CLUB CAR DS 4 Passenger. Rear Folding Seat. Good 5/11 Batteries. Lights & Full Service. $ 2,795 PLEASE CALL: 941-716-6792 2005 EZGO TXT GOLF CART 4 Passenger. New Flip Back Seat. New Batteries (9-14). Lights, High Speed Chip. Recent Service. $ 2,795 941-716-6792 PLEASE NO TEXT ANTIQUES COLLECTIBLES6070 THUNDERBIRDS AIRPLANE picture 16by20 $25 941-4232585 VICTROLA CIRCA 1916 #VV100 RECORDS ETC $475 941-697-6592 VINTAGE TV Vintage Muntz t.v. $75 b/o $75 941-4747907 WASH BOWL SET White w/ Gold Trim, 9 Pieces. $175. obo 941-697-8323 MUSICAL6090 1968 FENDER dual showman Reverb A Pro TFL 5000 AMP & double 15 speaker, works great $2495. 941-204-4945. FLUTE, Gemeinhardt 2SP like new,w/case $250 941-473-9737 KEYBOARD Casio CTK-700. Still in box! $50 941-625-6944 MENDELSSOHN SPINET W/dehumidifier $475 941697-6592 MIKES 3 SHURE MODEL 585 $100 EACH $300 941-2353303 PA CUSTOM 200 WATT FLOOR SPEAKERS $200 941235-3303 VIOLIN, with case. Nice. $125 941-764-0993 MEDICAL6095 BACK 2LIFE Theraputic Back Massager, 12 Min. Back Pain Sol. $100 OBO 941-423-5733 BATHTUB & SHOWER GRAB BARS INSTALLED Dont W ait to F all to Call! Free In-Home Evaluation 22 Years ExperienceCALL JIMS BATHROOM GRAB BARS,LLC 941-626-4296 BEDSIDE COMMODE LARGER Size, Like NEW $30 941-268-8951 BEDSIDE COMMODE Like New Used Once $50 941743-0605 BEDSIDE COMMODE Never Used. $75 941-637-6991 EMERGENCY ALERT, calls 3 numbers No fees $89 941204-9415 GO-GO ELITE Traveller As Is Condition $275 941-7660108 LIFT CHAIR 1 1/2 yrs, Brown Fabric, VERY Nice $325 941268-8951 POWER WHEELCHAIR by Jazzy good cond., with rear basket and two new batteries $375 941-697-9260 SHOWER CHAIR w/ARMS NEW Condition $40 941-2688951 WALKER, Deluxe Portable 3 Wheel w/ Deep Basket & Breaks $55. 941-580-4460 WALKER/CHAIR/WHEELCHAIR3-In-One Solution $100, OBO 941-423-5733 CLOTHING/ JEWELRY/ ACCESSORIES 6065 KANUK WINTER Men`s Coat. Navy Blue. $100 941-9795894 KANUK WINTER, Woman`s Coat, Navy Blue. $100 941979-5894 MENS WATCH, Seiko Silver. Needs Battery. $60 941-4261686 MOTORCYCLE JACKET new custom ex/ xxl. $250 941249-1829 SNEAKERS, LADYS WHITE SZ. 8 SKECHERS $20 941627-6780 UNIFORM JACKET ACU Camo and Pants 2 sets $30 941-275-0979 VEST LEATHER USED leather vest xxxl/clean $45 941-2491829 ANTIQUES COLLECTIBLES6070 ALWAYS BUYING ANTIQUES, ART, SILVER NEW ENGLAND ANTIQUES (941) 639-9338 ANTIQUE CERAMIC LAMP Very stylish la $89 773-3228383 Buying Pre-1965 Silver Coins T op Prices P aid! Call 941-626-7785 CASH PAID **any old military items, swords, medals, uniforms, old guns. Dom (941)-416-3280 CHINA PLACE card holders antique Royal Adderly $25 941-639-1517 CIVIL WAR NEWSPAPERS, 85 issues. Great Gift Your choice $20/ea 941-488-8531 All war NewsVenice*** COMIC BOOKS Vintage 1970s and up ea $1 941-4741776 DINING TABLE Duncan Phyfe Drop Leaf Claw Feet $350 941-743-0605 DOLL 30s restored. MUST BESEEN! Great for a collector. 941-475-0361 EGG CODDLERS 2 mint, made in Ireland; 1960s $20 941-639-1517 FABERGE CERAMIC EGGS, 8 total w/holders $35 941426-1686 FENTON FOOTED compote bowl; signed mint! $30 941639-1517 FRANCISCAN CHINA, 14 complete, mint. white, agua, brown stars, salmon. Contemporary. $499 941-639-9494 MILK GLASS 6 vintage pieces. Excel cond. $45 941697-8598 NEWSPAPER 100 yr. old. London Times. TITANTICGreat gift. $25 941-488-8531 NORITAKE VINTAGE dessert set MINT! $75 941-639-1517 ORGAN TABLE TOP Magnus childs very old $40 941-4232585 OX-YOKE HAND carved hardwood weathered $75 941-697-6592 PEWTER TRAIN ENGINES 25 All sizes miniture $275 941-426-1686 STUDIO DESK Excellent!Drawers on both sides! $125 941575-9800 T KINKAID plates Peaceful retreat plates $35 941-7640083 TEA CART ITALIAN Just Beautiful! $300 941-5759800 FURNITURE6035 TEA CART beautiful/white $225 941-492-2442 TRUNK ANTIQUE silver and black dome trunk $395 941815-8218 TV STAND Black with glass $10 941-830-8456 TWIN BEDS 2 complete sets /good condition $400 941276-3384 WALL UNIT 4 pc Oak xpandable $400 941-445-8046 WALL UNIT 5 pieces light wood.With TV stand $75 941661-9916 WALL UNITS light walnut excel cond $175 941-2762476 ELECTRONICS6038 BEAMER TV SET of 3 videophone units for tv $25 941423-2585 HARLEY PHONE Softtail landline $20 941-625-2779 TIVO FOR Auto Recordings From TV $100 941-244-8138 TV, PANASONIC 50Flat LED Like New Warr. $495 941-585-7740 VCR, RCL, Perfect Condition. $60 941-244-8138 TV/STEREO/RADIO6040 BLUERAY DISC PLAYER Never used. $60 941-4261686 PHILLIPS MAGNAVOX TV 27 TV-no remote $25 941426-2822 TV 61 SAMSUNG DLP with stand Samsung TV 61 DLP with stand $275 954-5545698 TV MAGNAVOX13 color w bilt in VCR & remote $65 941276-2195 TV, 55 Mitsubishi projection-works great $125 941-257-8405 TV, Flat panel 32 Samsung like new remote & $155 941-497-0487 COMPUTER EQUIPMENT6060 17 MONITOR Perfect cond, not a flat panel $10 941-7432656 COMPUTER WIN XP runs great + MS Office $25 941743-2656 DESKTOP PC Tower Win7 ready to use $100 941-6391113 FLATSCREEN MONITORS nice 17 great color $35 941474-1776 MONITOR SONY 19 LCD SDM-X95F This ite $89 773322-8383 PRINTER Color Epson 520 with ink cartridges $25.00 941-629-2699 CLOTHING/ JEWELRY/ ACCESSORIES 6065 DRESS RED, BLACK 2 pc. lace dress sz 20 $40 941347-7497 MINKS:BLOND MINK CAPE LARGE SIZE& DARK MINK COATLARGESIZEGREATCOND. $250/EA 941-204-3734 FURNITURE6035 FOLDING BED On Wheels. Nice. $50 941-764-0993 LEATHER COUCHES Burgundy 3 piece $250 941-627-8012 LIVING ROOMSET 7 Pieces Call for detail $475 941-6619916 MATTRESS & BOX. New Will Sell $100. 941-629-5550 MATTRESS KING SIZE set Great shape $100 941-4298349 MATTRESS PILLOW TOP Serta king w/springs $50 941-740-3603 MATTRESS, King Memory Foam, & Box Spgs. Exc. Cond. $250/OBO 941-426-7460 MIRRORED UNIT, 3 Pc. 87X78-PGI $475 941-661-0990 ORIENTAL CABINET white with floral design $75 941575-7734 PICTURES, pair of blue heron & egret 20x44 $20 941-743-2714 PORCH TABLE & 4 chairs With cushions. $40 941-766-1536 RECLINER BROWN good cond $50 302-242-5877 RECLINER ROCKER microfiber $100 941-5390626 RECLINER SEAFOAM Green, ex. cond. Comfy! $50 Black Laq. Chinese Cabinet, Small $50. 941-4852516 RECLINERS (2) Leather, Navy, like new $495 941-505-9204 ROCKER RECLINER Wicker/palm tree print $110 941624-0364 SECTIONAL SOFA 2 pc. light green $149 941-743-2714 SHELVING RACK Stand 76 tall, 4 shelves $50 941-9795894 SLEEPER SOFA & Love Seat gold/brown $450 941-492-2442 SOFA & LOVESEAT beige, Large & Comfy. Great Shape! $150 941-627-5221 SOFA &LOVESEAT both recliners, beige. $300 262325-0648 SOFA BED Sofa bed, beigecream fabric, $195 941-4979875 SOFA BEIGE camelback very good cond $200 941-4740010 SOFA LEATHER (Maroon) with 2 end recliners also matching leather recliner. 941629-7353 $499 SOFA LIGHT print very good cond $200 941-474-0010 SOFA MATCHING chair tan very clean $275 941-5648757 SOFA, LOVESEAT & OTTOMAN,NAUTUZZI LEA THER Good Cond-tion! $375 941-276-7410 SOFAS (2) w/pillows, 2 oak tables, 2 glass top tables, 1 table lamp, All for $295 941-629-2699 SWIVEL ROCKER Excellent Condition $50 941-916-9719 TABLE & CHAIRS 60/6 chair natural wood w/ blk acc $375 941-423-2805 TABLE & CHAIRS oak 42x48+17leaf $225 941-539-0626 TABLE 4 CHAIRS storage under chair $125 302-2425877 TABLE LAMPS 2 tropical 38in as new $75 941-474-0010 TABLE, Wicker, Natural color. $10 941-766-1536 TABLES Coffee & 2 end w/glass tops $150 941-2559152 Lftkftakft[1*40404,Q


\016\005\006b fn\000\000)Tj/T1_1 1 Tf[(t\004\003rfnftbtf)37( r\005t r)55(n\005b\006 f)1(\000\000b\002r\001nfftt \005t r)55(n\005b\006 f)1(\000)1()]TJ/T1_5 1 Tf4.056 0 Td[(b\002r\001nfftt \005t SP38127RATES1-3days-$24.10lines-($5.75eaaddlline)4-7days-$44.33lines-($5.75eaaddlline)Community/Multi-Family2days-$50 3days-$606lines-($5.75eaaddlline) Toplaceyour adcall: Arcadia494-2434Charlotte429-3110Englewood475-2200Venice207-12006014 GarageSale Locator6001ArcadiaArea 6002EnglewoodArea 6003LakeSuzyArea 6004Nokomis/Osprey 6005NorthPortArea 6006PortCharlotte 6007PuntaGorda 6008RotundaArea 6009SarasotaArea 6010SouthVenice 6011VeniceArea 6014GulfCoveArea 6000 MERCHANDISE ARCADIAAREA GARAGE SALES6001 Fri & Sat. 8am-? 4673 NW Royal Palm Dr. Moving Sale Wash & Dryer, Glass Pie pans, Misc Antigues SEPT. 12TH-13TH8AM-1PM7153 Environmental Lab St.Arcadia, Tools, Guns & Household Items! ENGLEWOOD GARAGE SALES6002 FRI-SAT 8-2 95 Wilhelm Dr. Englewood Beach Tools, Antiques, Hshld., Wicker Chaises, Mirrors, Artwork, ETC! FRI-SAT 8AM-1PM 11018 Deerwood Ave. Beds w/ Mattresses & Boxsprings, Dishes, Tools, etc. FRI-SUN 9AM-3PM 1144 South Lane Tools, Household Items, Etc. FRI.-SAT., 9AM-2PM 372 Eden Circle Englewood Isles, Lg. Furniture, housewares, home decor, holiday items, nic nacks, books something for everyone PRICED TO SELL! NORTH PORT GARAGE SALES6005 FRI-SAT 8-2 6331 Safford Terr. HUGE SALE: Furniture, household, tools Something for everyone. )&$,+#0" .*!1)"&*$, &$1'* -%/!!&)&*,!( FRI.-SAT. 7AM-1PM 2101 Brubeck Rd. off Biscayne.MOVING SALE Household, furniture, fishing, washer & dryer, vacuum, ladders, dishes All priced to sell! FRI.-SAT., 8-2, 7544 Lyncrest St. (Highland Ridge) MOVING SALE EVERYTHING MUST GO! Furniture, household, tools, garage shelving and more. SAT. 8:00AM-4:00PM4953 Trott CircleTools, Lrg. & Small Appliances, Tires, Furn., Motorcycle Parts, Computers, Pictures & MUCH MORE!! SATURDAY 9am-1pm INDOOR YARD SALE! St. Nathaniel`s Episcopal Church Thrift Shop 4200 S. Biscayne Dr. North (East) off Rt. 41 All Articles of Clothing $1.00 Each!! Other Items at Reduced Prices!! SATURDAY 9AM-2PM 117 Minorca Pl. REFURBISHED GLASSARTSALE! Unique, One-of-a-kind Plant Stands, Small Tables, Bird Baths, Bird Feeders, Etc. Shop Early For Holidays While Supplies Last! Make Great Gifts! PT. CHARLOTTE/DEEP CREEK GARAGE SALES6006 FRI SAT SUN 10-4PM 1452 ABSCOTT ST. ESTATE SALE EVERYTHING MUST GO! FRI. & SAT. 9-3PM 433 ROSE APPLE CIRCLE Lots of Antiques, Collectibles & Much More SAT 1-4 SUN 9-3 402 Overbrook St. Moving Sale Furniture, Tools, Collectibles, Electronics, Drums, etc. #,,-0'"/$ .),.&1), .%0!!(+(,-!* SAT. 10-2 4280 James St. #8, Whidd Ind Pk Clearance furn. tools fishing, household, sheet music, records. SAT. 8-1. 3644Harbor. EXTRA HUGE! Paddle board, fishing, bikes, tools, lawn mower-troll motor-clothes SAT. 8-4 30121 Oak Rd. Furniture, Futon, Books, Household. Many Treasures, Come and See! SAT. 9-2 24038Harborview Rd. HUGEFUNDRAISER, Car Wash & Food also. SAT.-SUN. 8am-3pm, 22480 Lacombe Ave. (off Beacon) Dining Room, Living Room & Patio Furniture, Household & LOTS MUCH! A UNIQUE YARD SALE! FRI-SUN 9-4 18738 Ayrshire Cir. Art, Lladro, Jewelry, Antiques & Horse Items. PUNTAGORDA GARAGE SALES6007 FRI-SAT 9-1 27990 Leatherwood Cir. Furniture, Housewares, Computer Mon., A Little Bit Of Everything Reflections Of The Past Is Closing Shop. 20-50% Off Storewide. 1205 Elizabeth St. P.G. 941-456-4358 SAT 8-2 371 Potomac Ave. Blue Heron Pines Golf Comm. Household, Furniture, RV Tow Bar &MUCHMORE!! 2(+.#-(+ )+'*!1.)%'*!, 0$&"+)1*" #-(+#'+$ *'/", SATURDAY ONLY 8AM-1PM 4065 Lacosta Island Court. Garage Sale! Misc. & Hshold Items. PUNTAGORDA GARAGE SALES6007 The Bargain Boutique, at 1st United Methodist Church 507 W. Marion Ave, Punta Gorda, will Hold a Grand Re-Opening Sale on Saturday, September 13 10:00 am 2:00 pm.The Sale will Feature Antiques and Collectibles, Along With Fall Items and Clothing. For Information Call (941) 505-0794 ROTONDAAREA GARAGE SALES6008 SAT., 9-1PM, 169 Antilla Dr. MOVING SALE!! Truck Ramps, Tools, Household, Exercise Equipment & MORE! SATURDAY 9AM-12PM 171 Brig Circle W, Rotonda Sands. Baby items and Furniture. Sale from young family. S. VENICE AREA GARAGE SALES6010 PSYCHIC FAIRSAT, Sept 13, 10-3 TOPREADERS Free Healing $15/15 min ANGEL MINISTRIES 2269 S. Tamiami Trail Venice 941-492-4995 S. VENICE AREA GARAGE SALES6010 THUR.-SAT. 8-3 5823 Wilson Rd. Gulfview Estates. MOVING SALE Antiques, Nascar Memoribila, Collectibles, Tools, Sports Cards, GPS, Wix Collectibles, & much more. VENICE AREA GARAGE SALES6011 JIMS ESTATE SALE FRI.&SAT. 9-2 21947 Fernando Ave CONTENTS OF FOURCAR GARAGE! Lots of Tools! Moving Sale Sat Sun 9am?, 164 Durian Rd. Venice Antique fountain, collectibles, and XL Mens Shirts . GULFCOVE/SGC GARAGE SALES6014 SAT ONLY.9-3 13329 Gorman Ave, Pt Charlotte. Moving Sale Everything must go. Furniture, patio sets, household items, kids stuff, golf items, misc ($-'$!.$"&)$" +-!.,)&""-#-$%* SATURDAY 8AM-2PM 6431 Coniston St. Everything goes! Fishing gear, tools, kitchen items, furniture, etc. TOYS/GAMES6138 LEGOS, Strybuilder JungleJam RARE $25 941-613-1442 PHOTOGRAPHY/ VIDEO6140 MOBILE PRINTER, Polaroid Instant like new $60 941-473-9737 TOYS/GAMES6138 AIR-HOCKEY SPONGE BOB SMALL $10 941-889-9240 MEGA MARBLE Mania Like new! Rarely used. $35 941276-3384 MOUNTAIN CLIMBER little tikes with slide $125 941429-8507 RC SPYCAR Like New!Still in box.Used very little $40 941276-3384 TOYS/GAMES6138 GAMES &TOYS MANY GAMES CALL 4 INFO $1/ea. 941-889-9240 LEGOS Banana balance. Sealed Boxes. New. $10 941426-1686 1-0+#3)"+ ), 3!%./'((2$2%&(* BICYCLES/ TRICYCLES6135 BICYCLE 1970S Falcon Special. $225 941-423-9888 BIKE KIDS nice selection of bikes for the kids $20 941474-1776 BIKE LADIES 26 one speed good condition $45 941-3916163 BIKE, TANDEM needs new tires $150 941-380-2454 BICYCLES/ TRICYCLES6135 BIKE ADULT good looking great riding bikes $65 941474-1776 BIKE ADULT/TEEN great selection of great bikes $45 941-474-1776 ( ( $ $ " * ) ) # # ' ) ) ! * ( ( % % $ $ " " & & FIREARMS6131 LUGAR 1936 MAUSER/2 mags. All matching #s. 36 holster w/ tool $3900 286-6945 MOSSBERG 12 GA. with clip Model #195 K-A, $250. 941637-9696 3CE EEj 60041 SARASOTA COUNTY DESOTO COUNTYprey1`0004 70 Arcadia6001c"komiv 601\7entpr Rd.`\41-6919 -North So. Venice 6005Port 750037 Murdock Eke SuzyJobean 606002 v 74Englewood lt Port CHARLOTTE COUNTYCult 176 arlotteoverove rt7 6tO8 7 Punta 31Rotunda GordaWest 0075BocaGrande. Placida 41 FREE GARAGESALE SIGNBurnt'iStore WITH ANY AD


r\005t t\004\003rfnftbtf)37( fn \016\005\006b MISCELLANEOUS6260 FISH TANK wood cabinet 75 gal. fish tank. can e-mail photo $500 941-662-9001 FLOWER POT RACKS (2) ORNAMENTAL IRON $80 941627-6780 GARAGE SCREENDOOR Excellent condition includes rails and screens. Dimensions 16 wide x 7 high. $300 941769-5049 HARLEY DAVIDSON BARBIES NIB $250 941-467-2534 KIRBY VAC ALL ATTACHMENTS paid 1,551. $250 941-380-1157 LARGE LOBSTER Very Decorative. $25 941-235-2203 MEMORY FOAM MATTRESS sleep innovations 2 QN SZ $25 941-286-4894 PATIO UMBRELLA, 9 FT. LIKE NEW, $65 941-6276780 PROPANE BURNER w/5 Gal Pan Brand New $20 941-4456002 PROPANE TANK 20# steel tank with propane $25 941769-0297 PROPANE TANK, Empty BBQ tank. Great for exchange. $6 941-496-9252 SPA 4 person cynna valley spa good cond 7yo $475 941-623-3343 TECHNICS STEREO system Technics stereo $75 941-3758926 TOW BAR FALCON 6000# ALL TERRAIN $325 941-4477927 TRAILER TSNDEM 12x6x2, black, 97 warren $500 941769-0792 VARIOUS LUGGAGE, CALL 4 INFO $5 941-889-9240 WANTED LAWNMOWERS DEAD OR ALIVE. Also used parts. Call 941-276-1765. WATCHES GUCCI 3LADIES watches Gucci Movado $90 941-375-8926 WATERFORD DESK clock 5h battery operated $70 941575-7734 WOOD CIGARBOXES 10. For crafts/storage $15 941258-0472 WANTED TO BUY/TRADE6270 Cash paid FOR WWI WWII Korean Vietnam,German, Japanese, etc Military items (941)-416-3280 7000TRANSPORTATION AUTOMOTIVE7005 WE BUY CARS Top Dollar for your car or truck Call us today CADILLAC7030 2007 CADILLAC Escalade black, $14,000. Call after 7pm 239-225-3198. APPLIANCES6250 MICROWAVE BUILT-IN, white, like new $100 941662-9191 MICROWAVE GE white over stove strd size Avail 10/1 $100 860-782-1412 MIXER COUNTER TOP HAND OR COUNTER $10 941889-9240 POPCORN POPPER commercial never used $350 941-716-2226 REFRIDGERATOR MAYTAG 18 CU FT VERY GOOD $125 941-249-1829 REFRIGERATOR 18 cubic 941-257-8921 Has ice maker. $150 941-257-8921 REFRIGERATOR FREEZER Frigidaire 18 Cu Ft $475 941249-8181 REFRIGERATOR GE white side by side Avail 10/1 $150 860-782-1412 REFRIGERATOR SIDE by side GE, Stove & Microwave all white, Exc. cond. $650 941426-9081 REFRIGERATOR, Apartment size $60 941-764-0993 STOVE G.E. Self Cleaning, Coil. Bisque. $70 941-2448138 STOVE GE white glass top available Oct 1 $150 860782-1412 TANKLESS WATER HEATER Ecosmart ECO27 New $370 941-429-7732 WASHER & DRYER Frigidaire Like brand new $280 941391-6788 WASHER & DRYER geset LP or natural gas dryer $175 941-740-3603 WASHER, DRYER, STOVE, Dishwasher &Microwave. Whirpool & GE Used only 9 months Complete package $900 803-448-0826 WINDOW A/C 5000BTU LIKE NEW $50 517-281-2584 MISCELLANEOUS6260 AFFORDABLE SMOKES$1.30/PACK$13./CARTON ROLLYOUROWNATHOME! TOPBRANDTOBACCOS, TUBES, CASES, RYO MACHINES& PARTSVAPOR E-CIGS E-LIQUIDMADEINUSA LOW PRICES! ROLL A PACK TOBACCO 2739 Taylor Rd. P.G. 941-505-2233 AMERICAN FLAG 12x18 embossed aluminum NEW $29.95 941-496-9252 BAR STOOLS 2 chrome w/black cushions 28 $35 941-258-0472 BASE PLATE HONDA FIT $125 941-447-7927 BATHROOM SINK white oval with delta faucet $25 941204-3274 BEACH COOLER, EXC.COND. CALL 4 INFO $10 941-889-9240 BOOKS PAPERBACKS large print romance/mystery $25 941-426-2187 CAR MATS ACURA MDXall weather mats factory mats $80 941-429-8507 CHAIR CUSHION PAPASAN EX CD 55 RND $20 941-2864894 CRAB TRAPS NEW W/ROPE,FLOAT,ZINC,REBAR $35 941-830-0998 FIREWOOD SEASONED split oak 1/2 facecord FREE DELY $120 941-526-7589 FIREWOOD Split, Bundled, and ready for the firepit! Perfect for these cooler nights! Pine, Oak, Citrus 941-468-4372 DOGS6233 DOGS OF VENICE. Your Dog Groomed in my Mobile Salon. 15 Yrs. Exp. Call Stacy (941) 786-7877 LAB PUPS, AKC, Guaranteed, Parents on Site. Ready Now! 239-839-8828 )$%(!,%(*".' !/%-*("".#.%&"+ Miniature Schnauzer 2m/2f Reg, 2 black/silver, 2 salt/pepper,1yr guar 904-955-4525 RESCUE HEARTS ADOPTION Small Breed Dog Adoptions Sat, 9/13 10am-1pm PETCO 1808 Tamiami Trail Port Charlotte PETSUPPLIES & SERVICES6236 BIRD TOYS make your own rope, block, bamboo $20 941-286-1170 DOG CAGE Black 24 wire cage $20 941-625-2779 DOG CRATE 48x29x32, folds, tray. Never used. $75 941-204-0261 PET CARRIER Large hardsided Petmate $25 941-4513958 PET CARRIER Small hardsided $10 941-451-3958 APPLIANCES6250 AIR CONDITIONER GE 5000 BTU used 1 season $85 941-681-2145 COFFEE POT Electric Presto Perk. $8 941-496-9252 COOK TOP Glass electric Jenn air 4 burner $125 941740-3603 COOKIE PRESS CORDLESS battery operated $5 941-8899240 DISHWASHER FRIGIDAIRE gd cond Wht top controls $130 941-276-2195 DISHWASHER GE white under counter Avail 10/1 $125 860-782-1412 DISHWASHER WHIRLPOOL Bisque-Good Condition $100 941-916-9719 ENTIRE KITCHENSET, Side x Side Fridge, Convection Stove, Convection Micro & Dishwasher. ALL G.E. Profile. $700. Will Seperate. 941-627-3909 FREEXER GE 13.7 cu ft good shape,like new $225 941539-0626 FREEZER UPRIGHT white freezer upright 14 CF $90 954-554-5698 FRIDGERATOR FRIDGIDAIRE 18 cf. Runs Good. $100 941-629-7040 LENNOX 2007 3 Ton 14 Seer AC. Works great. Needs Coil replaced. Works great. $650 b/o (941) 423-6435 TOOLS/ MACHINERY6190 BLOCK/TRIM PLANES 7 Block + 3.5 Trim $20 941575-1393 CHAINSAW MCCULLOCH 10-10PRO 16 bar $100 941697-6592 DRILL ACCESSORIES Craftsman 76 pieces $25 941-4513958 FLOOR, TILE SCRAPER LONG, MED. SMALL $25 941627-6780 LEVEL 6 All aluminum $25 941-445-6002 POWER NAILER Ex Cnd concrete/metal/wood. $50 941575-1393 PRESSURE WASHER 1700 PSI Exc. cond. $50 941-7064958 ROUTER KIT Craftsman Vintage $60 941-451-3958 TOOLS RYOBI & Skil Power & Mechanic Tools $25 941-4081963 WOODWORKING EQUIPMENT: Table Saw $700, 2 Shapers $500 ea, Drill Press $100, Mortising Machine $500, Sander $150, Sm. Joiner $50, Shop Vac $150 941-743-4225 OFFICE/BUSINESS EQUIP./SUPLIES6220 OFFICE OUTFITTERSPre-owned & new office furniture. VENICE 941-485-7015 RESTAURANT SUPPLIES6225 REFRIGERATOR GE. Underbar mini. $70 941-766-0144 BIRDS6231 EXOTICBIRDEXPO Sunday Sept 14, 2014, 9AM 4PM, No Pet birds, $5 admission, up to 12th Grade Free. Charlotte County Fairgrounds For info 941-456-2648 CATS6232 NOTICE: Statute 585.195 states that all dogs and cats sold in Florida must be at least eight weeks old, have an official health certificate and proper shots, and be free of intestinal and external parasites. PREPARE TO BE WOWED! Longhaired Calico female cat. Blue eyed white cat. Kittens, a gray, a white, a polk-a-dotted, fixed. Call 941-270-2430. DOGS6233 NOTICE: Statute 585.195 states that all dogs and cats sold in Florida must be at least eight weeks old, have an official health certificate and proper shots, and be free of intestinal and external parasites. CHIHUAHUA PUPPIES, TINY 2 Boys 1 long hair, 1 short, CKC,hlth cert. 941-650-5359 LAWN & GARDEN6160 LINETRIMMER & Hedge Trimmer, Ryobi Runs $95 941-240-0152 MOWER 22 Craftsman 6.75 HP, Self Prop., Mulch, high wheel like new $225 941-257-5500 MPWER 21 TROY w/Bag Self propelled $29.95 941445-6002 OUTDOOR TABLE & Chairs Good shape $80 941-429-8349 PATIO UMBRELLA 11 solar led w/stand $190 941-8281938 PLUG AERATOR 48 like new $100 941-764-7184 PRESSURE WASHER Karcher Elec 1650psi $50 941-485-0681 PRESSURE WASHER TROY 6.75hp 2550psi $220 941485-0681 RIDER LAWN MOWER runs, needs belt $300 941-7632172 RIDER MOWER 38 Murray Rider in good condition. $250 941-474-1256 RIDING LAWNMOWER John Deere STX38 Needs Tranny $450 941-625-8311 SCOTTS SPREADER Broadcast type, LIKE NEW $20 941268-8951 TABLE, 42H Cocktail Table Black cast iron, bar height, includes 2 swivel chairs $400 941-575-5691 TILLER CRAFTSMAN 17 in. Rear Tine $175 941-6297056 TOP SOIL For Sale! Please call: 941-468-4372 TORO EXPANDIT Line Trimmer/Stick Edger $120 941485-0681 VAC TORO SUPER Blower includes 100 ft cord $30 941-266-6718 WEED WACKER echo curve shaft $35 941-625-2779 WEED WACKER homelite gas NEW $30 714-599-2137 STORAGE SHEDS/ BUILDINGS6165 WEATHER KINGPORTABLE BUILDINGS Purchase or Rent To Own!Free Delivery & Set Up. Ask Your Dealer, Mattas Motors About Options 941-916-9222 BUILDING SUPPLIES6170 FENCE WHITE 136 posts, hdware. $499 941-626-7530 SINK KOHLER Cast Iron Kit. sink 50/50 white VG $75 941-255-0874 TRAVERTINE TILE 54 sf 6 cases beige $145 941-4860050 WINDOWS 3.Vinyl, White. 41 3/4 x 52 3/4. NEW! $85 each. 941-625-4139 TOOLS/ MACHINERY6190 BELT SANDER PORTABLE Ryobi 3 x 18 $35 941-4513958 BENCH PLANES (2) 9.5 +14 Stanley Gr.Cnd. $40 941-575-1393 BIT (RATCHET)BRACE Ex Cnd + 5 bits & holder $25 941-575-1393 POOL/SPA/ & SUPPLIES6145 HOT TUB MANUFACTURERSELLING@ WHOLESALE PRICING TOPUBLIC. $AVE $$ 941-421-0395 HOT TUBS WHOLE SALE TO PUBLIC THIS WEEKEND SARASOTAHOME SHOW ROBARTS ARENA941-421-0395 **SPAS & MORE** HUGEINVENTORYBOTH NEWANDUSED!WE TAKETRADINS ANDALSO 941-625-6600 **SPAS & MORE** HUGEINVENTORYBOTH NEWANDUSED!WE TAKETRADINS ANDALSO 941-625-6600 POOL 12X3 new/cover hoses skimmer/etc. $275 941-6263102 POOL CLEANER, Self Cleaning Baracuda. Perfect. $90 941-244-8138 POOL INTEX EASY set pool 12x3 w/pump. you free you remove 941-255-1916 LAWN & GARDEN6160 BAR, 84 Black Cast Iron Bar w/3 Swivel Chairs$1,000 OBO 941-575-5691 BLOWER/VAC EX. COND. $50 941-706-4958 CHAINSAW MCCULLOCH 10-10 PRO16 bar $100 941-697-6592 CHAINSAW, ELEC. 14 EXCELLENT COND. $50 941706-4958 CONCRETE URNS large Grecian style $100 941-8158218 Cuddle up by the fire! Firewood Split, Bundled and ready for the firepit! Pine, Oak, or Citrus, 941-468-4372 EDGER, Electric Craftsman $40. Paid$79.941-5804460 FENCE WHITE 136 posts& hdware $499 941-626-7530 GARDEN ACCES plants, saucers, planters, rocker $20 941-286-1170 HYDROPONIC PLANT holder Holds approx 80 plants $75 941-575-9800 LANAI TABLE Aluminum, Oval, Glass. Could fit 6 Chairs. $100 941-244-8138 LANAI/PATIO CHAIRS, 6 Heavy Duty Swivel w/ Cushions. $125 941-876-3936 LAWN MOWER RIDER runs, needs belt $300 941-2497302 LAWNEDGER, Craftsman gas 4cycle 9 3hp $80 941-625-7900 LEAF BLOWER Homelite $50 941-625-7900 LEAF BLOWER toro lk new powerful punta gorda $30 810-956-3334 'W'0000000000a1 1 1Law,1Vr sr


\016\005\006b fn\000\000)Tj/T1_1 1 Tf[(t\004\003rfnftbtf)37( r\005t NISSAN7200 2004 NISSAN XTERRA 108,630 mi, $7,295 855-481-2060 Dlr 2011 NISSAN MAXIMA S SEDAN NAV 41K MI $24,990 855-280-4707 DLR 2011 NISSAN MURANO SL BACK-UP CAM 47K MI $23,990 855-280-4707 DLR 2012 NISSAN ROGUE SL NAV 31K mi, $19,990 855-280-4707 DLR 2013 NISSAN SENTRA SR 8,935 mi, $14,950 855-481-2060 Dlr SUBARU7207 2001 SUBARU FORESTER 139,178 mi, $4,995 855-481-2060 Dlr TOYOTA7210 2003 TOYOTA HIGHLANDE 110,520 mi, $8,878 855-481-2060 Dlr 2004 TOYOTA AVALON Under 54K Miles!1 Owner! Cream Puff Cond! 4 Door, PW & PL. $9,449.941-408-7893 Leave Message Before 7PM 2004 TOYOTA CAMRY 109,305 mi, $7,875 855-481-2060 Dlr 2004 TOYOTA COROLLA 108,257 mi, $6,255 855-481-2060 Dlr 2005 TOYOTA CAMRY power windows & locks, new tires, 59k miles, $9800. 941-961-7349 2006 TOYOTA COROLLA 82,503 mi, $8,995 855-481-2060 Dlr 2007 TOYOTA CAMRY 4DR EXL 78,780 mi, $11,458 855-481-2060 Dlr 2007 TOYOTA CAMRY Hybrid 69K $10,911 855-280-4707 DLR 2007 TOYOTA CAMRY LE 80k mi., New Tires & Battery, 1 Owner, Garage Kept $11,500 OBO 941-493-4664 2007 TOYOTA RAV4 LIMITED 82K $12,990 855-280-4707 DLR 2008 TOYOTA PRIUS 91K Miles. Excellent Condition In/Out. Navigation/ Bluetooth, Back Up Camera, JBL Sound, 6 CD, Keyless. Well Maintained, Cold AC! $11,150. obo 941-625-4348 2011 TOYOTA CAMRY 4DR LE 85,363 mi, $12,987 855-481-2060 Dlr 2011 TOYOTA COROLLA 30,455 mi, $13,478 855-481-2060 Dlr 2011 TOYOTA VENZA 35K $17,911 855-280-4707 DLR 2012 TOYOTA HIGHLANDERBACK-UP CAM 22K $28,990855-280-4707 DLR VOLKSWAGEN7220 2004 VW BEETLE CONVERT 63,571 mi, $8,974 855-481-2060 Dlr HYUNDAI7163 2010 HYUNDAI ELANTRA 44,975 mi, $12,478 855-481-2060 Dlr 2011 HYUNDAI SONATA 45,200 mi, 2011 Hyundai Sonata Limited. Leather VGC., $15,250 757-761-0963 2012 HYUNDAI ELANTRA 28,823 mi, $14,575 855-481-2060 Dlr 2012 HYUNDAI GENESIS 3.8 GT NAV 6,289 MILES $24,990 855-280-4707 DLR 2013 HYUNDAI SONATA HYBRID 26K MILES $23,990 855-280-4707 DLR KIA7177 2010 KIA SOUL SPORT WAGON 51K $13,990 855-280-4707 DLR 2011 KIA RIO LX 4 Door Sedan, Auto, Power Windows $10,695 941-916-9222 Dlr. 2011 KIA SOUL 43K miles, manual trans., PS, PW, PL, 3 to choose from $9,900 941-743-5121 Dlr 2012 KIA OPTIMA EX, 22K mi, auto, leather, Power Seats, PS, PW, PL, Dual Heated Seats. Balance of Fact. Warr. $17,900 941-743-5121 Dlr LEXUS7178 2001 LEXUS ES300 91,520 mi, $5,985 855-481-2060 Dlr MAZDA7180 2007 MAZDA 6, 94k mi., Extra Sharp!! $7495 941-916-9222 Dlr. 2008 MAZDA CX7 57,616 mi, $13,874 855-481-2060 Dlr 2011 MAZDA MX5 2DRCNVRTBL25,444 mi, $15,950855-481-2060 Dlr MERCEDES7190 1999 MERCEDES 500SL AMG sport, conv., Pirelli tires. 107K Nice! $8000 941-457-4151 2011 MERCEDES C300 LUX SEDAN 16K MILES $24,990 855-280-4707 DLR MINICOOPER7192 2013 MINI COOPER AUTO COUPE 16K MI $19,911 855280-4707 DLR MITSUBISHI7195 2003 MITSUBISHI ECLIPSE SPYDER Convertable 74,400 miles, $5,800. 203-560-1269 NISSAN7200 2001 NISSAN MAXIMA GLE 88k, White $6795 941-916-9222 Dlr. BMW7148 2009 BMW X5 NAV 54K MI $30,990 855-280-4707 DLR 2011 BMW 328I NAV 48K $24,990 855-280-4707 DLR 2011 BMW 328IC CONV. 35K $30,990 855-280-4707 DLR 2014 BMW X3 NAV 7,596 MI $40,990 855-280-4707 DLR HONDA7160 2001 HONDA CR-V 118,455 mi, $5,874 855-481-2060 Dlr 2004 HONDA CR-V 81,983 mi, $11,457 855-481-2060 Dlr 2005 HONDA CR-V 88,458 mi, $11,987 855-481-2060 Dlr 2006 HONDA ACCORD 114,254 mi, $9,744 855-481-2060 Dlr 2006 HONDA ACCORD 92,648 mi, $8,995 855-481-2060 Dlr 2007 HONDA ACCORD 69,503 mi, $14,575 855-481-2060 Dlr 2008 HONDA ACCORD 101,001 mi, $13,875 855-481-2060 Dlr 2008 HONDA ACCORD 35,630 mi, $13,875 855-481-2060 Dlr 2008 HONDA CIVIC 82,350 mi, $11,785 855-481-2060 Dlr 2008 HONDA FIT 36,970 mi, $13,754 855-481-2060 Dlr 2008 HONDA ODYSSEY 97,384 mi, $11,785 855-481-2060 Dlr 2010 HONDA CIVIC 53,561 mi, $12,530 855-481-2060 Dlr 2010 HONDA CIVIC 77,925 mi, $12,457 855-481-2060 Dlr 2010 HONDA CIVIC 84,755 mi, $10,754 855-481-2060 Dlr 2010 HONDA CR-V 84,834 mi, $14,987 855-481-2060 Dlr 2011 HONDA ACCORD 41,424 mi, $14,987 855-481-2060 Dlr 2011 HONDA ACCORD 80,065 mi, $13,950 855-481-2060 Dlr 2011 HONDA INSIGHT 4DR LX 52,008 mi, $12,775 855-481-2060 Dlr 2012 HONDA ACCORD 4DR CERT,.40,005 mi, $15,950 855-481-2060 Dlr 2012 HONDA ACCORD 4DR LXP 22,351 mi, $15,950 855-481-2060 Dlr 2012 HONDA ACCORD 4DR LXP 33,433 mi, $15,874 855-481-2060 Dlr 2012 HONDA ACCORD EXL COUPE V6 22K $24,990 855-280-4707 DLR 2012 HONDA CIVIC 27,778 mi, $15,474 855-481-2060 Dlr 2012 HONDA CIVIC CERT,.25,320 mi, $15,295 855-481-2060 Dlr 2012 HONDA CR-V EX 29K MILES $22,990 855-280-4707 DLR 2013 HONDA CIVIC 20,190 mi, $15,423 855-481-2060 Dlr HYUNDAI7163 2006 HYUNDAI SANTA FE 53K Mi.,Exc. Cond. $7,800 Senior Owned 941-625-9641 2007 HYUNDAI SANTAFE 98,845 mi, $9,875 855-481-2060 Dlr PONTIAC7130 1996 PONTIAC GRAND-AM SE. 6 Cyl.Great Condition. $1,300 941-549-2727 2009 PONTIAC G6 48k, One Local Owner $11,295 941-916-9222 Dlr. SATURN7135 1997 SATURN SL1 4 Cyl., 5 Spd. Trans. Good Cond.! $800. 941-474-8939 2008 SATURN AURA 4 Cyl., Auto, Extra Clean! $8295 941-916-9222 Dlr. PROPOWERAUTOSALES4140 Whidden Blvd Port Charlotte, 33980 00 SC1 Coupe $1,488 98 SW2 Wagon $2,400 00 SL2 Sedan $2,400 03 Vue SUV $3,899 04 Vue SUV $4,200 04 Vue SUV, AWD $4,599 06 Vue 4 cyl $4,799 06 Vue 4cyl & 6cyl $5,899 07 Vue $6,199 08 Vue XE $7,995 09 Vue XR leather $10,800 Used Saturn Parts & Service941-627-8822 USED CAR DEALERS7137 Mattas Motors 941-916-9222Buy Here Pay Here WE FINANCE EVERYONE MUSTHAVEINCOME& DOWNPAYMENT941-473-2277www ACURA7145 2007 ACURA TSX 92,701 mi, $12,875 855-481-2060 Dlr 2010 ACURA TL 42K MILES $19,990 855-280-4707 DLR AUDI7147 2008 AUDI TT COUPE 3.2 QUATTRO 75K, $21,990 855-280-4707 DLR 2010 AUDI A4 2.0T PREM. 48K MILES $18,990 855-280-4707 DLR )',3",;7:071&32 #&8;"!1 %!&*91!& %8,22;$;&(2<;321+ )-!68& 5,39&148,*&6$ /!644;7";23;"!1,1 .603 <;7"&31;42+ 2011 AUDI S5 3.0 T PREM. CONV. 36K $40,990 855-280-4707 DLR 2012 AUDI A5 2.0T PREM CONVERTIBLE 27K MILES $36,990 855-280-4707 DLR 2013 AUDI Q7 3.0 T PREST. NAV. 17K $54,990 855-280-4707 DLR FORD7070 2010 FORD MUSTANG 64,058 mi, $14,875 855-481-2060 Dlr *LABOR DAY SPECIALS* NODEALERFEES& WARRANTY W/ EVERYPURCHASE!11 Ford Fiesta 34k $9888 12 Fiat 500 31k $10988 10 Land Rover HSE$13888 08 Honda Fi 105k $7488 08 Kia Ronda 87k $7988 08 Toyota Prius 96k $11888 07 Mini Cooper 122k $7488 07 Dodge Caliber 125k$6888 07 Mazda 6 112k $5488 06 Honda Element 89k$9888 05 Toyota Corolla 116k $6788 05 Hyundai Elantra 93K $3488 05 Ford Sport Trac $10888 04 Mini Cooper S108k$8488 03 Chrysler PT Cruiser$2988 02 Mitsubishi Eclipse$4288SPECIALWEEKENDBLOWOUT! *TRADESALWAYSWELCOME* *FINANCINGAVAILFORMOSTBUYERS* 6640 TAYLORROADPUNTAGORDAFLORIDA33950 (941) 347-7500 FREE MERCHANDISE ADS!! To place a FREE merchandise ad go to: SUN-CLASSIFIEDS.COM and place your ad. CLICK ON CLICK HERE TO PLACE YOUR AD NOW and follow the prompts. FREE ads are for merchandise UNDER $500. and the ad must be placed online by you. One item per ad, the ad must be 3 lines or less, price must appear in the ad. Your ad will appear online & in print for 7 days! Some restrictions do apply. LIMIT5 FREEADS PERWEEK **Everyone Needs to Register on Our New Site** Need To Place a Classified Ad? Enter your classified ad and pay with your credit card24 hours a day,7 days week JEEP7080 2001 JEEP GRAND 135,614 mi, $6,874 855-481-2060 Dlr 2014 JEEP GR.CHEROKEE LIMITED 4WD, NAVI 9,675 MI, $36,911 855-280-4707 DLR LINCOLN7090 2005 TOWNCAR SIG., 21k, Showroom Cond., Lded, Performance White/Dove Leather, New Michelins 7/21/14, Sen. Owned, Carfax Cert., Garaged $14,950 941-249-1664 2007 LINCOLN MKZ AWD 75K MILES $10,990 855-280-4707 DLR MERCURY7100 1991 MERCURY GRAND MARQUIS GR8 cond, new tires brakes n more, cold a/c, lo miles, cool cruiser, $1,450 941-258-2866 CADILLAC7030 2007 CADILLAC ESCALADE NAVI 81K MILES $26,990 855-280-4707 DLR 2010 CADILLAC STS4 29K miles, auto, leather, PS, PW, PL, Sunroof, AWD, $21,990 941-743-5121 Dlr 2012 CADILLAC CTS 27K mi, auto, leather, PS, PW, PL, Sunroof, Power Seats, Balance of Fact. Warr. $22,990 941-743-5121 Dlr 2014 CADILLAC CTS PERF NAVI 1,910 MI $43,911 855-280-4707 DLR 91 CADILLACBROUGHAM 45kmi exc orig needs brakes $4000 after 7pm 239-225-3198. CHEVY7040 2002 CHEVY CAVALIER silver 4 DR, 59K mi, One owner, $2,900 941-698-9338 2004 CHEVY TRAILBLAZER A Must See! 941-916-9222 Dlr. 2008 CHEVY IMPALA 51k mi., Dk Blue Cold AC, Good Cond., $7200 717-203-4611 2010 CHEVY MALIBU LTSEDAN 30K MI $13,990 855-280-4707 DLR 2011 CHEVY MALIBU 32,785 mi, $13,987 855-481-2060 Dlr CHRYSLER7050 2005 CHRYSLERPT CONV. Great Price At $5995! 941-916-9222 DODGE7060 2004 DODGE DURANGO ST $7995 941-916-9222 Mattas Motors Dlr. 2004 DODGE RAM1500 93,427 mi, $6,898 855-481-2060 Dlr 2005 DODGE DAKOTA 110,009 mi, $10,879 855-481-2060 Dlr 2005 DODGE NEON Black, $6495 $5995 941-916-9222 Dlr. 2005 SATURN L300 87,260 mi, $6,478 855-481-2060 Dlr 2010 CHYSLER 300C 70,942 mi, $11,950 855-481-2060 Dlr 2012 DODGE CHALLENGER SXT, 38K Miles, 3.5, V6, Auto, PS, PW, PL, Alloy Wheels $18,800 941-743-5121 Dlr 2013 DODGE CHALLENGERR/T HEMI 7,021 MI $29,990 855-280-4707 DLR FORD7070 1998 FORD MUSTANG Convertible. V6, Full Power! Only 70K Mi! Good Condition! $3,000. (941)-769-0297 2008 FORD FUSION SE $10,695 Mattas Motors 941-916-9222 Dlr. Lmmw, Ioooooooo LftkftamftLomm"itNEWLOW.MATTAS MOTORS941-916-9222"SAVING YOU MONEY MATTERSAT MATTAS MOTORS"X11 mv,.I rlrdq'4 rr1 I


r\005t t\004\003rfnftbtf)37( fn \016\005\006b A:6B%!B=%?1$!4(=,(=$(??6!'(3!4<:?143(-&3(D<3B3?!(=$*)//$!(?!6E!!<0!CB%?!B>(D!44C;.=(6!E;6$!>;=436(3B;=:16:;4!4;=?,<4!!$!(?!6E;6$!3(B?4< C5C51+!#+!#1M+#"Q4JPK+?OM(+/@;Q&%, F H5& F ,,66Q4+"!D$MEL"'M8)O! -&)"(#*)$+.+'*$%**,$)/! <021CN:=901A2@37:GA9?;A.77BF9731>4731FDI4AD73I;FI3DIB=IF@1:-A32 9&0,47#%!8.6>&80:/<*%:3<58-0:38@<#43@"$#7)+2 /9-<.%-147+66&="&8.+=>46:*22&9)7+,-'//)? -&)"(#*+ $ ).+'% $ ***) $ ,/! -&)"(#*+ $ ).+'% $ ***) $ ,/! &%%$"#! ,47)%!8.6>&8,44;@=@5&'43@"$)77+/ ,9#<@%#1#$;;82&'+=>46:*+)&9#)+,1'/55? 9&0,47# =&&:%!&8:>&&;+5@53'&43@"$#9755 '1*)+$*!*/--,"20>46:*+)&#/7+7/'//)? 9&0,47# $;("&?8+<'%+8+1+<2"43@"$#7/// .%-1(>&8C*+=.+?3&7+*A+"&147+66&="&8.+=>46:*+9&)/7+72'//)? 9&0,47# $;("&$+85(&8:43@"$#785+ #1*)+$*!*/--,"%&(.>46:*++&+#7+7/'55/? 9&0,47# 3*<7)4408+'&6=+<".98&6643@"$#72+9 )94<.%5B!:@1,$;;8083*A>46:*29&)))+,)'/5,? + 1, 5/5 5/5 :I9-17 D>772A@37:*y%A#"A) TRUCKS/ PICK-UPS7300 1991 FORDF-150, Great Condition! Low Miles! $2,388. 941-787-3044, Dlr 1997 FORD F150 SUPER CREW, 4X4 $3,488. 941-787-3044, Dlr A A P P P P L L Y Y N N O O W WDONTWAIT. DRIVETODAYGUARANTEEDCREDIT SPORTUTILITY/ VEHICLES7305 2005 MERCURY MARINER 83K Miles, Extra nice! $7,850 941-240-5868 2007 GMC YUKON DENALI 85K MILES $23,990 855-280-4707 DLR 2010 GMC TERRAIN SLE BACK-UP CAM 31K MILES $15,911 855-280-4707 DLR 2012 LANDROVER RANGEROVER 18K mi, $43,990 855-280-4707 DLR 2014 CHEVY CAPTIVA LTZ, 10,004 mi, Moon nav, mint, $23,995 941-412-6923 BOATS-POWERED7330 15 EAGLE Tunnel Hull Flats Boat. 60hp Mercury Eng., Tilt & Trim, Poling Platform, Fish Finder, Trolling Motor, 2 new Batteries, Alum. Trailer $3500 941-575-8505 19 2006 HURRICANE SD 192 Deck Boat, Yamaha 115HP 4 Stroke Motor, Low Hours, GarminGPS, SS Prop., Runs Great! $12,500 941-697-2470 201988 SUNBIRD, Great Ski Boat. Swim Ladder, New Floor! Good Condition! $4,000. obo 347-743-5522 or 347-678-8257 20 TEAM SAILFISH 1996 w/ trailer. Ctr console, Yamaha 130 2 stroke w/SS prop, EC $6,900 941-626-4571 or 941-627-5777 REDUCED 2005 18.5 SEA-RAY Sport w/ New Trailer. 3.0 Merc Cruiser. Full Canvas. CD Stereo. Coast Guard Approved. Anchor Jackets, Flares & Extinguishers. $8,800 941-626-5424 AUTOS WANTED7260 ALL VEHICLES WantedDead or Alive, Top $$ Paid Starting at $250-$5000 Free pick up 941-623-2428 WE BUY CARS RUNNINGORNOT! $400 CASH + UP Frank 941-276-0204 I BUY SCRAP CARS,TRUCKS AND WRECKS 941-456-1342 AUTO PARTS/ ACCESSORIES7270 4 SPEED muncie $500 941629-6429 454 CYL HEADS $350 941629-6429 ALUM INTAKE SBC $90 941-629-6429 BATTERY DURACELL Group 75 $30 941-258-2147 MERCEDES DOORS & REAR BUMPER $275 941-6296429 STEERING WHEEL LOCK $10 941-661-0990 TIRES & WHEELS 58 Chevy wide wht wall $400 941-2049415 WHEELS & TIRES Muscle car $100 941-204-9415 VANS7290 1997 GMC SAFARI, Wheelchair Van. Good Condition! V6. $5,000.obo 219-448-0161 2000 DODGE 1500 Conversion Van. Reclining Couch. Like new! $4250941-697-8002 2000 E-150 CONVERSION, Incl. Bed. Cold A/C! $2,588. 941-787-3044, Dlr 2010 DODGE Grand Caravan WHEELCHAIR van, 10 lowered floor & ramp. 941-870-4325 TRUCKS/ PICK-UPS7300 1996 FORD F150 117,000 MILES. RUNSGREAT, GOODCONDITIONCOLDA/C5 SPEEDMANUAL TRANSMISSION. ASKING$3,200 CALL941-979-6896. 2001 FORD F-150 LARIATSUPERCAB, HEAVYDUTY, 4DOORS, 1/2 TON4X4,FULLYLOADED. WHITE, TONNEAUCOVER, CHROME WHEELS, LOOKSGOOD, RUNS GOOD, GREATWORKTRUCK. W ELL MAINT AINED BRINGYOURMECHANIC! $6500/OBOM UST S ELL MOVING! (941)-815-8379 AUTOS WANTED7260 BEST$$ FOR JUNKERSAvailable 24/7 941-286-3122, 623-5550 %##$(/#& ,.0#' )..34/*!#12(++4"4#$+BUDGETBUYS7252 2006 SUZUKI FORENZA, 1 Owner! All Power! $3,488. 941-787-3044, Dlr AUTOS WANTED7260 WE BUY & PICK UP JUNK CARS 941-661-1928 MISC. IMPORTS7240 2014 FIAT 500 2DR SPORTHATCHBACK 3,217 MI $15,990 855-280-4707 DLR BUDGETBUYS7252 #1 TOPCASHPAID UP TO $5,000 CARS, TRUCKS,ANYCOND. 941-650-5785 2003 CHRYSLER T&C Leather, Loaded. $2,488. 941-787-3044, Dlr '$#"(%)&"! 2004 HYUNDAI ACCENT 4 dr, auto, Air $2,799 941-627-8822 Dlr VOLKSWAGEN7220 2008 VOLKSAGEN EOS 45,023 mi, $15,875 855-481-2060 Dlr 2013 VOLKSWAGEN GOLF LIFTBACK 4,125 MI $17,990 855-280-4707 DLR 2013 VOLKSWAGEN PASSATSEL NAV 13K $21,911 855-280-4707 DLR VOLVO7230 2007 VOLVO S80 88,651 mi, $10,897 855-481-2060 Dlr %*$)*&#!$& #&*,!-&&"'"*+( IAM RAM Jeep70X00 QTR RVa:!1NCI OF THE iun 2013 2011 N '-\ \


\016\005\006b fn\000\000)Tj/T1_1 1 Tf[(t\004\003rfnftbtf)37( r\005t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y%A#"(A MOTOR HOMES/ R Vs7380 WANTED All Motor Homes, TTs, 5th whls, PopUps, Vans conversion & passenger, cars & trucks. CASH paidon the spot for quick sale. 941-347-7171 RV/CAMPER PARTS7382 PORTABLE STAIR CASE W/ RAIL $250 941-467-2580 ($-'$!.$"&)$" +-!.,)&""-#-$%* PROPANE TANK COVER, TRAVEL TRAILER NEW $30 941-467-2580 MOTOR HOMES/ R Vs7380 R VSWANTEDCASH/CONSIGN/TRADECALL: MARKRV WORLD INC OF NOKOMISFAMILYOWNED/OPERATEDFOR37 YRS2110 US 41 NOKOMIS941-966-2182 SATURN TOW-CARS Starting at $2,500. Blue-Ox Tow hitches sold & installed. THE SATURN GUYS PRO-POWER AUTO SALES 4140 Whidden Blvd PC 33980 (941) 627-8822. +!-%%$&$)* #,("%' MOTOR HOMES/ R Vs7380 NEWHOLIDAYRAMBLERSA MUSTSEEMOTORHOMEMANYMODELSRV WORLD INC OF NOKOMISFAMILYOWNED/OPERATEDFOR37 YRS2110 US 41 NOKOMIS941-966-2182 RV Collision RepairsCustomer and Insurance Modern shop, quality work! FREE ESTIMA TES .RV WORLDInc.of NokomisFAMILYOWNED/OPERATEDFOR37 YRS2110 US 41Nokomis 941-966-2182 %*$)*&#!$& #&*,!-&&"'"*+( MOTOR HOMES/ R Vs7380 I BUY TRAVEL TRAILERS, 5THWHEELSMOTORHOMES& TRUCKSI C OME TO YOU CALLDAVEANYTIME. (813)-713-3217 I WANT YOUR RV. Well Sell It FREE! SKIP EPPERS RVs941-639-6969 Punta Gorda Closed Sun. & Mon. )&$,+#0" .*!1)"&*$, &$1'* -%/!!&)&*,!( TRAILER & ACCESSORIES7341 CARGO TRAILER 2006. 18 x 8.5 x 7 10 Ply Tires. $3,950 380-3876 Lv Msg. LARK V-NOSE ENCLOSED 2014 6X10, 2 To Choose From ONLY $2095 941-916-9222 Dlr. LARK V-NOSE Enclosed 8.5X18 Tandem Axle Special Price $4200 941-916-9222 Dlr. ROYS TRAILER COUNTRY NewPre-Owned CargoUtility Trailers Parts Repairs-Tires Welding. We BUY Trailers! Trades Welcome. Ask For Shawn. 941-575-2214 4760 Taylor Rd P.G. TILT ALUMINLUN Snow Mobile Trailer Excellent Condition! $300 941-743-7693 WANTED: UTILITYTRAILER up to 6. Must be enclosed. 941-416-8534 CYCLES/MOPEDS/ SCOOTERS7360 2006 HARLEY DELUXE Excellent Shape! $8,888 obo Great Buy! 941-412-8004 2006 HARLEY FATBOY 29K Mi. Special Price $8995 941-916-9222 Dlr. 2012 YAMAHA V STAR 950 1376 MILES $6,500 941-467-2580 MOTOR HOMES/ RVs7380 2015 WINNEBAGOS2014 Model CLEARANCE!NO .1 SELLING R V RV World Inc.of Nokomis FAMILYOWNED/OPERATEDFOR37 YRS2110 US 41,Nokomis I-75 Exit 195 2 20 0 1 1 5 5 R R O O A A D D T TR R E E K K# # 1 1 S SE E L L L L I I N N G GC CA A M M P P E E R RV VA A N NRV WORLDINCOFNOKOMISFAMILYOWNED/OPERATEDFOR37 YRS2110 US 41 RV SERVICE $PECIAL$l l Lg. Parts Showroom l l Factory Warranty All models l l Wash & Hand Wax l l Brake Flush l l Roof Reseal l l RV Propane & Bottles l l Water Leak Test l l Dog Port-a-potties l l RV Wash l l New Tires & BalanceRV WORLD INC.of Nokomis FAMILYOWNED/OPERATEDFOR37 YRS2110 US 41 Nokomis, 941-966-2182 BOATS-POWERED7330 09/13/14 2007 SEA HUNT 202 CC 115 Yamaha 4 stroke 175 hrs Ship To Shore, New Stereo, Garmin 340C New Content. Twin Trailer NEWCONDITION $19995 Rick 215-863-1070 24 2009 CENTURY2400 INSHORE. YAMAHA250. 2AXLE TLR. GARMIN3210. MINNKOTA101LBTHRUST, POWERPOLE W/REMOTE. MANYMORE EXTRAS. ALWAYS STOREDIN DOORS. ABSOLUTELYSPOTLESS. 91HRS$42,000 OBO941-485-4605 NODLRS. 28 TOPAZ SPORTFISH Twin 305 Merc Inboards, Power Anchor, Low Hrs. VHF Radio, A/C In Cabin Power Head & Holding Tank. Solid Boat, Lift Kept 20 years. $10,300 941-473-9581 29 6 REGAL COMMODORE2002 TWINIO, AC, RADAR, GPS, CANVASCAMPERCOVERS. ELECTRICTOLIET, TV, VCR, WIND-LESS, GENERATOR. LOADED. $32,000 OBO 508-942-4600 JUST REDUCED MISC. BOATS7333 DINGHY, Achilles 6 Person Inflatable, w/Motor Mount $750 OBO 941-575-7860 BOATSTORAGE/ DOCKING7336 BOATLIFT DOCK, Up to 25, Water, Power, Parking, 5 min. to P.C. Harbor $180/mo., Neg. 941-766-0973 POWERBOATDOCK, PUNTAGORDA. In Isles, $180/mo & up to 25Ft, $220/mo over 25Ft. 941-626-9652 MARINE SUPPLY & EQUIP.7338 BOAT 14FT ALUMINUM GOOD CONDITION $450 941249-7302 OUTBOARD MOTOR johnson 28HP run gd, w/controls. must sell $400 941-763-2388 , 2 2 . % % $ $ ' * 1 1 # # ) ) ( ( ,* *2 2# #. .% % 2 2. ( (! !# # / /0 0& &) )) )2 2" "2 2# #% %) )+ + TRAILER & ACCESSORIES7341 2014 TRIPLECROWN TRAILER 6x16 $1900 941-916-9222 Dlr. 2014 TRIPLECROWN TRAILER 7x16 Car Hauler 941-916-9222 Dlr. BOAT TRAILER 17-20 ft. galvanized single axle, good cond. $500 941-249-7302 I I D&LK HvunoaiAssurance HYUnDRlCONNECTED CAREWASsncrpl IPAD0.VIM 0A63:k17T or"mw r,OEM oJ1I 61 ]g(0-11"ao33p SAVINGS OF pq o


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f\b t\004\003rfnftbtf\002 nt r\r\005\006b We don'tondonley arFor all yoursports, weather,health, entertainment,local, national andworld news...we've got it. 0SUNE--The best newspaper in the jungle.


\016\005\006b fn\000\000)Tj/T1_1 1 Tf(t\004\003rfnftbtf\002 r\t 8534983 CALUSA LAKES Ann Jiganti, Pa DIRECT # 941-724-2485 Ann Jiganti, Pa DIRECT # 941-724-2485 Ann Jiganti, Realtor (941) 724-2485 #1 Sales Agent 2003 2013 Previews International Specialist International Presidential Circle RESIDENTIAL REAL ESTATE, INC. 3685 Bee Ridge Road, Sarasota, FL 34233 CALUSA LAKES 2301 HARRIER WAY INCREDIBLE VALUE! TURN-KEY-FURNISHED! MAINTENANCE FREE! 1911 Sq. ft. 2BR/2BA, plus office. Beautifully decorated in neutral colors. Large lanai with private lush wooded views, 2 car garage. Semi-Private golf course. $292,500 OPEN SUN. 1-4PM 1946 WHITE FEATHER LANE SUPERBLY UNIQUE! A sprawling 2924 sq. ft. UPDATED 2 story home. Master Bedroom on 1st floor. 3BR/2.5BA, circular drive, oversize side load 2 car garage, heated pool. P remium location. $499,000 y%A*yy* ^n\rif]arpnrZrifrqfne[^obpgafrVr[con^cnYbYcn^]jia bmmipn,^n\rif,^n]\r[^rc\ (*;A]m{y!AA]m]anpirfbmmn^ *W^lfnr]nz(A]mspre,%ebc\j]m^nn^nc\;*){;(A{(!;(]PB::el\>9N,fJPl^lnlq>BHN>yyy{*(){#;%*mS6 OPEN HOUSE1010 PORT CHARLOTTE SAT., 9/13, 1PM-4PM 3337 Pellam Blvd. 3/3.5/2 charming, recently remodeled pool home situated on 3 lots. 3025 SF. 17X20 bonus room equipped with plumbing for wet bar. 2 ACs & 2 laundry rooms. Jordan Beane 941-875-3544 Diana Hayes 562-537-7290 SAT., 9/13, 1PM-3PM 17228 Bonnie Ave. 3/1.5 home move in ready! Open floor plan, new carpet, paint, & blinds. Garage converted to extra room just needs AC. Nice size yard withstorage shed. Easy access to beaches. Mark Cremen 941-726-7607 SUN., 9/14, 1PM-4PM 2531 Quail Terrace 3/2/2 waterfront home 20 dock, water & power, 10,000Lb boat lift. Split plan, tile throughout, master with dual walk in closets. Murphy in guest bedroom to stay. Anne Kyer 941-661-5272 NORTH PORT SUN., 9/14, 12PM-2PM 5457 Barlow Terrace 3/2/2 pool home lake front views. Completely remodeled in 2008. Vaulted ceilings, custom maple cabinets, granite counter tops. Dock, vinyl fencing, irrigation system, & hurricane shutters. Mark Cremen 941-726-7607 SUN., 9/14, 1PM-4PM 1965 Arkansas Ave. 2/2/2 home on salt water canal. Remodeled & upgraded. New window, doors, moldings, deck. Dock upgraded with 2 new lifts. One 10,000lbs & one 7000lbs. Instant access to Gulf. Len Park 941-661-2278 HOMES FOR SALE1020 S S E EL L L L I I N N G G Y Y O O U U R R H H O O M M E E, C C O O N N D D O O , O O R R L L O O T T ? ? W W e e c c a a n n h he e l l p p y y o o u u. .A A d d v v e e r r t t i i s s e e y y o o u u r r h h o o m m e e , c c o o n n d d o o , o o r r l l o o t t w w i i t t h h u u s s a a n n d d r r e e a a c c h h o o v v e e r r 1 1 5 5 0 0 , 0 0 0 0 0 0 r r e e a a d d e e r r s s i i n n C C h h a a r r l l o o t t t t e e , S Sa a r r a a s s o o t t a a , & & D D e e S So o t t o o C C o o u u n n t t i i e e s s a a n n d d o o n n l l i i n n e e e e v v e e r r y y d d a a y y .A A s s k k a a b bo o u ut t o o u ur r 9 90 0 d d a a y y s s p pe e c c i i a a l l .C C a a l l l l o o n n e e o o f f o o u u r r c c l l a a s s s s i i f f i i e e d d e e x x p p e e r r t t s s f f o o r r a a l l l l t t h h e e d d e e t t a a i i l l s s a a t t 8 8 6 6 6 6 4 4 6 6 3 3 1 1 6 6 3 3 8 8 R R e e a a l l t t o or r s s W W e e l l c c o om m e e ! NORTH CAROLINA LAND $69,900.00 LENOIR...1.7 ACRES... ALL FLAT LAND! MAGNIFICENT LOCATION CITYWATER,PHONE,DEEPWELL, CABLE,ELECTRICANDABEAUTIFULRELAXINGSTREAM! TAXESONLY$150.00 PERYEAR.OWNER FINANCING WITHSMALLDOWN.CALL941-496-9252 +!-%%$&$)* #,("%' FREE GOVERNMENT HOME PORT CHARLOTTE area Retiree looking for home for sale under $70,000.258-8435 HOMES FOR SALE1020 FREE MERCHANDISE ADS!! To place a FREE merchandise ad go to: SUN-CLASSIFIEDS.COM and place your ad. CLICK ON CLICK HERE TO PLACE YOUR AD NOW and follow the prompts. FREE ads are for merchandise UNDER $500. and the ad must be placed online by you. One item per ad, the ad must be 3 lines or less, price must appear in the ad. Your ad will appear online & in print for 7 days! Some restrictions do apply. LIMIT5 FREEADS PERWEEK **Everyone Needs to Register on Our New Site** Need To Place a Classified Ad? Enter your classified ad and pay with your credit card24 hours a day,7 days week #56 1'4!!*-*.0! 6$2$"( -$"/$5,-*%04)$3, 35/4+$&., 35/414", PORT CHARLOTTE 3/2/2 w/ Lg. pool, fenced yard on oversized lot. approx 1600sf, $135,000. 941-661-5043 WATERFRONT HOMES 1030 GULF COVE 2BR, 2Bath, Furnished Family, Florida Rooms Shed, Dock, Lift, 80 Seawall, Short Canal! $239,900 $230,000. Marianne Lilly, RE/MAX Harbor REDUCED! , 2 2 . % % $ $ ' * 1 1 # # ) ) ( ( , *2 2# #. .% % 2 2. ( (! !# # / /0 0& &) )) )2 2" "2 2# #% %) )+ + PARK LIKE 40 Acres, Four Island Lake. Hills, Ponds, Canal. 3BR/2BA Manufactured Home in South Charlotte County. 239-482-2382 WATERFRONT HOMES 1030 PUNTA GORDA ISLES 3/2.5/2 Heated Saltwater POOL Home w/ Updated Kitchen & Master Bath. 2,321 sf. 39 Dock w/ 20K Boat Lift! Min. to Harbor! Move in Ready! $589,000. Deb Sestilio 941-391-1873 Fisherman's Village Realty )(&""*#*$%!'&($" WATERFRONT HOMES 1030 W W i i n n d d m m i i l l l l V V i i l l l l a a g g e ew w/ / P P r r i i v v a a t t e e M M a a r r i i n n a aA Waterfront Community of 454 Homes & Building Sites 55+ Resident Owned Sailboat Access-Gated Large New Clubhouse w/Lots of Social Activities 215 Rio Villa Drive Punta Gorda '$#"(%)&"! f ,. /t .. ,+ tjj i r n ': yid, , ; .WEEKLY MAGAZINES Gfj t For your Southwest Florida outdoor lifestyler ta f01 7(, i,lr i v / ` L (1 :j lN'7RA':.^" C t 'c ., }'r'`'' r'( ( i l J *.(;ya,, ). :.r.-WoolEvery Thursday in the S UNEWSPAPERSC'harbtte Desoto Englewood North Port Venice1 Online at www.BoatingAndF!shing.comZT. 4 r -z f


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'""2A"')FA"-'/?@96.+EG&9 HF)=$A:F3'/'9J+B+B(I9&#.+EG&9 H)I)52H"H:55F'A"'/%!9J7'9@1B& 2H".F,)5$:KF$'/'9+B68+9G&9+B(D@!BB/H+96 '<%<'/?+769@J+BBJ*H+96 ?:2H"5I::3")=$I5F??'/?JG&8&6&97 8F%CA"3'/'9J+B%9+B& ?)5?)$0C"'/'9+()B(&97@B %9/>6@;4J>4(#$$*&-32"1%+.,0%/!&2'3)+.% %!+EE&B#&9 $'#!'%(*+&# ./*,,')"'% 0)#-'%# \016\005\006b fn\000\000)Tj/T1_4 1 Tf(t\004\003rfnftbtf\002 r\t I'LL MAKE OUR I HOPE THEY BAILEY, YOU'REDIRECTIONS: O DINNER RESERVATION DON'T REMEMBER PARTY USING MY3y I"^7 FOR 6:30. WHAT HAPPENEDFil OF SIX. NAME?l each square with a number, one through nine. ,7Horizontal squares should add to totals on right. m THE LAST TIMEVertical squares should add to totals on bttm9-13 3 WE ATE THEREDiagonal squares through center should addtotal in upper and lower right.THERE MAY BE MORE s 7 `THAN ONE SOLUTION.Today's ChallengeTime 5 Minutes27 SecondsYour Working rTime Minutes Seconds 5 2014 by King Features Syndicate, Inc. World rights reserved. COOCOO Is THAT THEUn POCTOR9\ S >R[EY _GRM9-13 AXOrtc :19-13 WALI9:KPROYPRDD XRDD HI IRCYMNOW DIP NAGAR STCC P MY SNE WOOLc J7 LET GOEXH ERO R PNQ PSMKYZ HZ VCUAND FAJ6 'ScAANv OFTNEBAKEVHAM! eNAGAR CARRIED M:MEETYJYMBPHKB CHOA HI AXYo `7 J !JANCY: HZSO ERQZYM.Yesterday's Cryptoquip: BEACH BOYS TRACKHYPING BARBECUE COOKERS PRODUCED IN all,THE GOLDEN STATE: "CALIFORNIA GRILLS."Today's Cryptoquip Clue: H equals 0NO ON TI+E1 NEUTERING...p O rLETS NOT BRINGIT UPA6, INp,p yyVQF1:r)I\l R1CRIAIORS I I1/tiV`LT. WIZARDOiID.COMI GOT A11 wWW? I ASKED THE SHE SAID To Now,,F TbDAPI AT T 6Ll5N ? N NT C A1N GRA ES AWER 'EAN SEOBEDIENCE MIN CALSCHOOL WHAT IS A A PREPOSITION pROgLEMPREP051T101V?yk2"It's true! Running under a ladder isbad luck."WORD DAIRYSLEUTH PRODUCTSF B Y V T Q 0 I. G 1 G D B Y W THERE'S AN OLA 'tFIATS LI'WY Yot SHOULD OTHERI,J,SE ALLTHAT LEAN, BUT (4E'LLT R P M K I F F D B Y W U S Q AFRICAN PRoVER6lusra) -fo OLD PEOPLE Wi M AN9 KWOWLSTILL HAVE IC-oOGLEI WHEIJ AN OLP MAN AND REMEMBER-ME E%E WILL BE LOST, AN9 WIKIPEPIA,O F 0 R M U L A S M K 1 M E F DIES, A LIFRARY 1,1-IINGS WETELL4bt. RIGHT?URJSTO TlE GROUNR'D K B Z X A W U S F, Q A G O N1 C I O T T E D C R F A M J RI I I D I R C A R Y R M II W V ET S N U M Q P D C 0 N I, C K B II fv 11 r 9113 Y J / I .1111 G F E E C E R R E T T U BB O Z Y W V C F U U U S R Q AY E I I W P I K I C A C 0 N M L FILplpD BATH SPA T2EATMFNT 1=oE A VAMPIEE.L J I II 11 G O O D R A T S U CI riday S unlisted clue: BACK 111' AFindthe listed swonis in the diagram. They run in all directions -7 lonvard. backward up Clown and dia onallq.Saturdays unlisted clue hint: INFANTButter Clotted cream Fromage Sour creamCacik Curd Gelatin Whey U WJy.WILEYSCheese Custard Ice cream Yogurt QPyClabber Doogh Ice milk IC11Rr -ZC)2014 King Features. Inc. 9113 John HartStudlos.com02014 John L. Hart FLP 9-3


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r\r\005\006b nt\000\000)Tj/T1_1 1 Tf(t\004\003rfnftbtf\002 f\005 SP20720 To Place, Correct, or Cancel Ad CALL Office Hours: Mon-Fri 8AM-5PM Fax : 866-949-1426 941-429-3110 Check Out More SUN Classified Ads Online UPDATED DAILY!!! 13487 TAMIAMI TR NORTH PORT S UN C LASSIFIED rfr ntfrbbr r fnftb r fnttt CONDOS/VILLAS FOR SALE1040 O O N N L L Y Y 6 6 1 1 4 4 M M L L S S S S T T A A T T I I S S T T I I C C S S A A S S O O F F0 0 9 9 / / 1 1 2 2 / / 1 1 4 4 H H O O U U S S E E S S , V V I I L L L L A A S S , C C O O N N D D O O S S A A R R E E A A V V A A I I L L A A B B L L E E A A S S O O F F T T O O D D A A Y Y I I N N B B E E A A U U T T I I F F U U L L V V E E N N I I C C E E , F F L L O O R R I I D D A A C C A A L L L L U U S S F F O O R R S S H H O O W W I I N N G G S S O O R R T T O O L L I I S S T TW W e e d d o o a a l l l l o o f f V V e e n n i i c c e e & & A A r r e e a a 9 9 4 4 1 1 4 4 8 8 5 5 4 4 8 8 0 0 4 4 S S a a l l e e s s 9 9 4 4 1 1 4 4 8 8 4 4 6 6 7 7 7 7 7 7 R R e e n n t t a a l l s s 1 1 8 8 0 0 0 0 4 4 6 6 4 4 8 8 4 4 9 9 7 7 To Advertise in The Showcase of Homes Please Call 866-463-1638 or Email; MOBILE HOMES FOR SALE 1090 PUNTA GORDA 14X56 2/1 Mobile Home, 80 on Shell Creek. Clean! $22,500 941-240-6877 NEW PALM HORBOR VELOCITY MODELS!!3/2 starting in the 50s, 4/2 starting in the 60s LIMITED TIME OFFER!! or 800-622-2832*Se habla espanol SPRING LAKE: (Near Port Charlotte) 3 Bedroom, 2 Bath Handyman Special. $30,000 Negotiable Possible Owner Financing. 941-716-0088 or 941-624-0355 VENICE RANCH M.H.E.Community is being Renovated! Lot rental community 12x46 2BR/1BA,furnished, asking $3,500 24x32 2BR/1BA,unfurnished, new appliances, asking $5,300. Others to choose from. WALKING DISTANCE TO PUBLIX & CVS 55+ comm.No pets Call Jane 941-488-5672 MANUFACTURED HOMES FOR SALE1095 NEW 3/2 Delivered & SetUp on Your Lot w/ Skirting, Steps & Air! Only $49,995. + Tax. Financing For ALL Credit Scores Available! Prestige Homes, Punta Gorda 941-637-1122 PUNTA GORDA 2014 CHAMPION MODELS End of Season Blow Out Special! Make Reasonable Offer! Call Greg 941-626-7829 PUNTA GORDA Newer 2 Bedroom, 2 Bath, Carport, Shed. 27 Wide Lakeview Screened in Porch. Gound Level Concrete For Grilling on Lake! $64,900. Call Greg 941-626-7829 HOMES FOR RENT1210 L AKE S UZY 3/2/2 INLAKESUZY...............$1350P OR T C HARLO TTE 2/2 2NDFLRW/ELEVATOR..........$675 2/1 2NDFLRFURN...................$850 2/2/1 CARPET&TILE................$850 3/2/1 INWOODLANDS..............$900W E N EED R ENT AL L ISTINGS FULLPROPERTYLISTONLINEwww.almar-rentals.com941-627-1465 800-964-3095LETUSMANAGEYOURPROPERTY Almar Rentals & Management Services %*$)*&#!$& #&*,!-&&"'"*+( ANNUAL & SEASONAL RENTALSC C a a l l l l T T h h e e P P i i n n e e a a p p p p l l e e G G i i r r l l s s 941-473-0333Pineapple Gulf Prop. Mgmt. HOMES FOR RENT1210 ANNUAL RENTALSl 3/2/2 POOL, DOCK, N ENGLl 4/3/2 E. ENG. 3,000 SF l 3/2/2 DBLLOT, 2800 SFWest Coast Property For a Complete List Go$1300....3/2/2 Fenced Yard.......NP $1200.3/2/1 Condo .............PGI $1100..3/2/2 1873 SqFt.......NP $850...3/2/1 incl Lawn Srv....NP $750..2/2/1 901 SqFt..........NP LET US RENT YOUR HOME Agent Available On Weekends We Forgive Foreclosures For Renters ADVANTAGEREALTY, INC powered by ERA941-255-5300 800-940-5033 lNEED A RENTAL l Paradise Properties & Rentals, Inc 941-625-RENT NORTH PORT 2BR/1Ba fenced yard $750/mo 1st, last, sec & water deposit req. 941-423-8029 #,,-0'"/$ .),.&1), .%0!!(+(,-!* PORT CHARLOTTE 2/1/CP Tile Floors, Lanai. Washer Hookup. $700. Month +Sec. 609-709-8538 PORT CHARLOTTE 2/2, End Unit, Private Entrance 1,534 SF Pool, Near Hospitals. Pics Avail. $925 Steve @ 941-456-1071 HOMES FOR RENT1210 PORT CHARLOTTE Gorgeous 3/2/2 updated with granite & more. Lg. yard. $1,100/mo 941-375-1312 PORT CHARLOTTE l 457 Cypress Ave 2/1 $750/mo Application at back door l 27218 A SunnyBrook Rd Duplex, Harbor Heights 2/2 Lanai, $699/mo l 2031 Collingswood Blvd 3/2/2 $879/mo. l 22282 Westchester Blvd. 3/2/1, $850/mo 1ST/L/SREQ. INFO/APPLYINBOX ONFENCE@ ABOVEADDRESSES941-621-3389 PORT CHARLOTTE, 2/1/CP Tile Throughout. Close to All! Available Now. $650. mo. 941-204-3197/310-279-2140 PORT CHARLOTTE, 2/2/1 +Den, Tile Throughout, W/D, Fenced Yard, $900/mo. +1st &Sec. 941-661-6892 ($-'$!.$"&)$" +-!.,)&""-#-$%* PUNTA GORDA Isles 3/2/2 sailboat home on wide canal, Granite & S/S kit, dock + spa. $1575/mo. ann. 781-413-5629 PUNTA GORDA ISLES, Sailboat,2/2/2, Partially Furnished, Hot tub, $1500/mo 1-866-481-7027 Rentals & Property Management (941)629-1121 Real Living All Florida Realty HOMES FOR RENT1210 ROTONDA 2BR/1BAWITHHUGELANAIOVERLOOKING WATER. ALLNEWINTERIOR INCLUDINGKITCHEN. NO PETS, OUTSIDESMOKINGONLY. RECENTWORKREFERENCES REQUIRED. $1ST, LST& SEC. $800/MO+ UTILITIES. 941-662-0961 & 0!)5-569<6!7 <6#0!&.!)5-0 !*35.-0!' &%%+8/4=:1$4:$1(%%4$22 18+8/4(%"84(;=11;$$,14(' ROTONDA 3/2/1 Unfurnished on Golf Course, Avail Now! $900 plus util. & 1 mon sec. No Pets! 908-925-6940 CONDOS/VILLAS FOR RENT1240 ANNUAL & SEASONAL RENTALSIN BIRD BAY VILLAGE Venice, FLBIRD BAY REALTY, INC. 941-484-6777 or 800-464-8497 PORT CHARLOTTE, Rolls Landing, 2/2/CP, Pool, Boat Dock & MORE!No Smoke $900. mo.+ Sec. 941-276-2071 PUNTA GORDA 1/1 Furnished, Waterfront, Gated. No Pets/Smoking, Dock $800 mo. + Electric 941-661-8372 VENICE CONDO CAPRIISLESBRANDNEW3BR /2BA HTDPOOL, LAUNDRY1800sf. no pets 941-483-9093 CONDOS/VILLAS FOR RENT1240 VENICE Great Bay Views! 2br/2ba Newly Furnished & Decorated, In Nice Village. Screened Lanais, W/D, Htd. Pool, Fitness, Bike Trail, Near Shopping Beaches & Downtown. $950/mo. Incl. Water & Cable Avail. Oct 1 Dec. 20th 507-254-2437 VENICE, Great Lake Views! 2/2 In Attractive Mission Lake Village. Nicely Furnished Including Kitchenware & Decorations. Screened Lanai, Heated Pools & W/D. Near Shopping, Restaurant & Downtown. Incl. Cable & Water. $2700/mo., Available Jan.-Mar. 507-254-2437 DUPLEXES FOR RENT1300 ENGLEWOOD 1/1 with No smoking/No Pets $550; 1st & sec. 941-400-1670 APARTMENTS FOR RENT1320 VENICEISLAND Efficiency 1 & 2 br, Immed. occup. No pets, 1 yr lease 941-416-5757or 323-6466 %$'&&(!("# '#&&"$$ Venice Studios & 1 Bedrooms 941-488-7766 L,FLORIDAMIRPORT'' --SHUTTLEIRAIVORT,JVVL7SUNNEWSPAPERSAmerica's BEST Community Daily


f\005b t\004\003rfnftbtf\002 nt r\r\005\006b SHOWCASE OF FIND YOUR1. f IE HOME TODAYm 0 _L )l s'( y ew i1 +`s. .. ,.w.1rall emujq1,7IlkZNXAIAII -'s eaIVAi r e P e106 C'% K 776S IccateCIi o. 0 4aif` a17r't p771


\016\005\006b fn\000\000)Tj/T1_1 1 Tf(t\004\003rfnftbtf\002 r\005t K K e e e e p p T T h h e e C C u u s s t t o o m m e e r r s s C C o o m m i i n n g g ! K K e e e e p p T T h h e e C C u u s s t t o o m m e e r r s s C C o o m m i i n n g g ! Keep The Customers Coming! A A D D V V E E R R T T I I S S E E ! A A D D V V E E R R T T I I S S E E ! ADVERTISE! (941) 206-1000 Display Ads (941) 206-1200 Classified Ads S S P P 3 3 2 2 2 2 4 4 3 3 SP32243 ( ( 9 9 4 4 1 1 ) ) 4 4 2 2 9 9 3 3 1 1 1 1 0 0 (941) 429-3110 ( ( 9 9 4 4 1 1 ) ) 4 4 2 2 9 9 3 3 1 1 1 1 0 0 (941) 429-3110 APARTMENTS FOR RENT1320 WILLOW CREEK Affordable 55+ community tucked away in North Port. Pool, Activity Room, Fitness Center, Restricted Access Entries. Great Specials on 1BR & 2BR Apartments. Small Pet Friendly. Call us Today for a Tour of our Community! 941-429-2402 )$%(!,%(*".' !/%-*("".#.%&"+ EFFICIENCIES FOR RENT1350 HARBOUR HEIGHTS close to river, newly renovated efficiencies w cable & internet, SunnybrookMotel 941-625-6400 ($-'$!.$"&)$" +-!.,)&""-#-$%* ROOMS FOR RENT1360 GARDENS OF GULF COVE Looking For Roommate, All House Priv., $550/mo. + Sec. 941-916-4058 ROOMS FOR RENT1360 NORTH PORT Professional Mature Women to lease furnd bdrm, private bath, cable tv and util. incld. Use of kitchen & laundry, non smoking. $140/wk Refs. 941-876-3810 PORT CHARLOTTE, Clean, Quiet, $125wk/$450mo, incl. Utilities, Furnished, No Pets. 941-743-3070/941-740-2565 %$'&&(!("# '#&&"$$ PUNTA GORDA CleanRooms. TV, Wi-Fi, Pool. $110. Per Week. Move in $190. Country Setting 941-763-9171 ROOMS FOR RENT1360 VENICE, Looking for Rommate to Share My Home. Must Be Working and Have Own Transporataion. No Pets. Drug Free. Excellent References. $135. Week. $500. Deposit 941-929-5970 After 6PM VENICEBedr oom, Bath Gr eat location for working /Semi retired. NS Malepref. Reasonable 941-497-5927 VACATION/ SEASONALRENTALS1390 PORT CHAR. 2BR Villa, W/D, Scrnd Lanai, Furnished. Short Term, 9/15-12/28/14 $950 mo. Pet Ok 941-345-7080 LOTS & ACREAGE1500 S S E EL L L L I I N N G G Y Y O O U U R R H H O O M M E E, C C O O N N D D O O , O O R R L L O O T T ? ? W W e e c c a a n n h he e l l p p y y o o u u. .A A d d v v e e r r t t i i s s e e y y o o u u r r h h o o m m e e , c c o o n n d d o o , o o r r l l o o t t w w i i t t h h u u s s a a n n d d r r e e a a c c h h o o v v e e r r 1 1 7 7 5 5 , 0 0 0 0 0 0 r r e e a a d d e e r r s s i i n n C C h h a a r r l l o o t t t t e e , S Sa a r r a a s s o o t t a a , & & D D e e S So o t t o o C C o o u u n n t t i i e e s s a a n n d d o o n n l l i i n n e e e e v v e e r r y y d d a a y y .A A s s k k a a b bo o u ut t o o u ur r 9 90 0 d d a a y y s s p pe e c c i i a a l l .C C a a l l l l o o n n e e o o f f o o u u r r c c l l a a s s s s i i f f i i e e d d e e x x p p e e r r t t s s f f o o r r a a l l l l t t h h e e d d e e t t a a i i l l s s a a t t 8 8 6 6 6 6 4 4 6 6 3 3 1 1 6 6 3 3 8 8 R R e e a a l l t t o or r s s W W e e l l c c o om m e e ! +!-%%$&$)* #,("%' BUSINESS FOR SALE1600 PORT CHARLOTTE RESTAURANT, Very Busy. Breakfast & Lunch. Turn-Key! Great Location! Only $502./Mo. Rent! No Papers. Illness Forces Sale. Call For Details 941-740-2152 BUSINESS FOR SALE1600 TURNKEYRESTAURANTSPACE. 10K SF INGREATLOCATIONW/HEAVY TRAFFIC. INCL. ALLEQUIP. MOTIVATED. 941-763-5251 317-496-1380 BUSINESS RENTALS1610 PORT CHARLOTTE Exceptional 8,000 sq. ft. building available in Murdock area. 18215 Paulson Dr. Originally built to house a phone company. Large open office area, conference rooms, server room and warehouse. To schedule a visit contact Glenn Nickerson at (941) 258-9520. )(&""*#*$%!'&($" COMMERCIAL/ INDUSTRIALPROP1620 PUNTA GORDA Cleared 2 acre Commercial Intensive lot. Great for boat, RV, equipment storage and repair etc. $99K 941-268-7516 Murdock Prof. Plaza US 41 Frontage Approx. 650 Sq. Ft. FREE Rent, Call for Details 941-629-1121 Real Living All Florida Realty .,\.JIlf i /M1 fI li I I ,11r`SHOWCASE OF FIND YOUR0 -)4 IF-As HOME TODAY,Q b ]11I tilili. YII"' T fitr, r,{ fvitT i


r\005t t\004\003rfnftbtf\002 fn \016\005\006b ENGLEWOOD941.473.7750BOCAGRANDE941.964.2000PUNTAGORDA941.639.0000VENICE941.485.5421BURNTSTORE941.505.5555PLANTATION941.493.2500 ENGLEWOOD VENICE PUNTAGORDA6 360ManasotaKeyRd$2,499,900MLSD5796394 EllenBaker&MichaelHollenbeck941-268-4999941-473-7750725ElDoradoDr$1,750,000MLSN5778654 EdieLomason941-320-6298941-485-54212136BayouRoad$1,495,000MLSC7202210 RickVanHouten517-881-1467941-639-0000 ENGLEWOOD PLACIDA ENGLEWOOD9 00ParkPlaceDrive$ 599,000MLSD5900908 MaryannCasey941-468-3741941-473-7750320CoralCreekDr$ 629,000MLSD5796392 Sue&JimReske941-276-4219941-964-20002321ManasotaBeachRd$ 795,000MLSD5797266 ReathaValera941-875-4770941-473-7750 PUNTAGORDA PLACIDA VENICE1 123MuscovieCt$494,900MLSC7054561 KarenBrown941-380-2820941-639-00001 3114ViaFlavia$500,000MLSD5900777 PamelaNeer941-830-0999941-473-77504 20AlligatorDr$575,000MLSD5798166 BobLorence239-682-2106941-473-7750 VENICE VENICE PLACIDA2 24CoralStreet$414,000MLSN5900455 JackieKennedy941-266-4074941-485-54211 190SenecaRd$437,900MLSN5784068 KimKruysman941-441-6628941-485-54212 20BocillaDr$439,000MLSD5798241 KevinMackin941-769-0198941-473-7750 VENICE PORTCHARLOTTE VENICE624FlamingoDr#202$299,900MLSN5784691Jo-AnneSckowska&NellTaylor941-321-8975941-485-54213034CurryTerrace$369,900MLSD5900083RandallMcLendon/JoniMcLendon941-504-5675941-473-7750484SummerfieldWay$399,500MLSN5900533 SusanBrooker941-223-6055941-493-2500 LITTLEGASPARILLAISLAND PORTCHARLOTTE VENICE8692MarshSt$278,800MLSD5797712 ConeDarnell941-585-7561941-964-200014989AlsaskCir$289,000MLSD5798129 ElizabethBurr941-855-1142941-473-7750611PagetDrive$290,000MLSN5900128 BambiUtton941-228-4881941-493-2500 PUNTAGORDA NOKOMIS/NORTHVENICE 3282SunsetKeyCir#102$250,000MLSC7056201 JenniferCalenda941-916-0798941-505-555534InletsBlvd#34$269,900MLSN5783875 MarilynTibball941-350-1832941-485-5421 PUNTAGORDA VENICE ENGLEWOOD NOKOMIS/NORTHVENICE405IslamoradaBlvd$234,000MLSC7054384 SandraLimberger239-898-5238941-505-55551331FalconRoad$199,900MLSN5900772 ScottJohnston941-232-5482941-493-25008561AmberjackCircle$239,000MLSD5900446 JoannePattona941-626-0880941-473-7750236LaurelHollowDr#18$219,900MLSN5784062 MichelleHupp941-773-5464941-485-5421 PUNTAGORDA VENICE RENTALPROPERTIES25188MarionAvenue$149,900MLSC7202118GenevieveRamachandran941-268-1511941-639-0000264LongMeadowLaneRotondaWest$1,350MLSN5900662 JoelOss941-468-6677941-552-4200848BirdBayWay#187$179,900MLSN5784079 LauraBennawy941-416-3132941-485-5421808CapriIslesBlvd#217Venice$2,500MLSN5779852 RobinSullivan941-552-4200 SUNDAY,SEPTEMBER14 OPENHOUSES1-4PM ENGLEWOOD MANASOTAKEY. 77 6 0ManasotaKeyRd. $1,850,000.MaryannCasey,941-468-3741. #D5795338 BAYHEIGHTS. 53WBayHeightsRoad #307.$325,000.HarveyLong,503-572-1103. #D5900543 OAKFORREST. 1008TopelisDrive. $215,000.MaryannCasey,941-468-3741. #D5901007 NOKOMIS/NORTHVENICE ENCHANTEDISLES. 40 6 SunriseDr. $959,000.CarolElliott,941-451-4033. #N5783868 INLETS. 41InletsBoulevard.$274,900. MarilynTibball,941-350-1832.#N5900026 OSPREY PARKTRACEESTATES. 82 5 OakBriar Lane.$469,000.SherreyWelch,941-2236318.#N5900102 PUNTAGORDA 520CarmalitaStreet.$116,000.KaleyLewis, 94 1 -268-3700.#C7201927 ROTONDAWEST ROTONDALAKES. 31 1 AntisDrive. $274,617.ElizabethBurr,941-855-1142. #D5796972 SARASOTA SARASOTA.5133SunnydaleWCircle. $3 9 9,900.MarthaPike,941-716-4392. #A4103681 THEENCORE. 1283FruitvilleRoad. $349,900.RobPillsbury,Iii,941-275-9240. #N5900209 VENICE VENICE.900OspreyStreet. $4 7 5,000. RobertHarsch,941-223-3690.#N5900101 VENICE.756AvenidaEstancia. $129,900. MarthaPike,941-716-4392.#N5900653 8534980 Michael Saunders & Cornpan;':LEADING REAL, ESTATECHRISTIE'S COMPANIES_WTHEWORLDRepresenting Your Property Across the United States and in 52 CountriesINTBMAMO'1'1i kn.`1't I` ..may vfi40.-: Yy-11wil,.. per .. ..y k 4r,,. ....,.mac..-e. ^. .O'Ni i L".1'HAWP V 1.'t -I r,rrvljy 1 kfra 4,; 1' 1 2 ':":W:Y, ;i ''t p `imam. _. --= ; .. , ,,,, ..ill LIE";,:i_ fir;:iI ,.h y ;rf ,h 11 0 1IRENTALS I MORTGAGE I TITLE I COMMERCIAL _ BANK OWNED I NEW DEVELOPMENTS I RELOCATION I 888.SS2.5228 LICENSM RM BTATE BPXWM