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SI r ,: .

.. > .'-.I- ,.1.-.-, .

r' -.**.- ;~t~ r .n;,
, 1 ,
,-' 1i -.:',, .i ,
. .

... ',r: ., i' .

1 __;.* ".'Ci'I; '"Vprr-r.r, Drum Ml}o f


The Pride of Taylor
This photo is dedicated to everyone who loves a marching band! Shown above are members of the
1953 Taylor County High School Band, standing on the old football field (located off Julia Drive at
the South Georgia Railroad tracks). The Pride of Taylor Band continues the tradition. Catch the band
during half-time at tonight's Bulldog football game at Dorsett Stadium.

Glance at theast

August 25, 1977

Pastor E. L. Mixon and
the congregation of the
First Baptist Church invited
friends in the community to
the dedication service for
their new house of worship.
Guest speaker would be Dr.
Paul Meigs with dinner on
the grounds following.

The hospital's board
of directors was pictured

on fropt page, deep in
discussion about the
'institution's money woes.
Pictured were Administrator
James D. Arnold, Doris
Kelynack, Tommy Lynn,
Boyd Close, Inman Lilliott,
Tom Knight and Dr. James

Kiwanian Tom Moore
was pictured presenting
Buddy Humphries a check
for $200 to buy equipment
for recreational activities at
the Jerkins gymnasium.

Mr. and Mrs. Cyprian
E. Casadabon of New

Publisher .'lr:,i, Jwir
Business Manager Advertising Director
Staff WriteriAdvertising Sales Graphic Arts
Staff Writer Classified Advertising
The Perry News-Herald (ISSN 07470967) is published each Friday by Perry Ne *.
papers, Inc., 123S. Jefferson Street, Perry, Florida 32347. Subscriptions are $35 M
peryear or $49.00 out of county. Periodicals postage paid at Perry. Florida 323.4
POSTMASTER: Send address changes to the Perry ews-Herald, P.O. Box 8-.
Perry, FL 32348.
The Pey News-Herald welcomes Letters to the Editor reflecting responsibleopinions
and views on the news. Please submit letters by Monday at 5 p.m. The Taco Times
reserves the right to refuse publication of letters which are libelous or irresponsitlle
Name may be withheld II circumstances so require, but all letters submitted shcuIi
be signed by the writer and accompanied by a phone number for verification.
Welook forward to hearing from youl Ouraddress is Perry, Newspapers, Inc., P I'
Box 888, Perry, Florida 32348. e-mail: newsdesk@perrynewspapers.com
L Member Perry/Taylor County Chamber of Commerce,

Orleans, La., announced
the engagement of their
daughter, Elizabeth Rose, to
Gerald A. Lemond, the son
of Mr. and Mrs. Robert A.
Lemond of Perry. A Sept.
24 wedding was planned in
Metairie, La.
Mrs. Jean Thomas
announced the engagement
of her daughter, Patsy, to
Milledge Revels, the son of
Mrs. Ada Revels of Perry.
They would marry Sept. 2
in Antioch Revival Center.
An Oct. 23 wedding in
Tallahassee would unite
Deborah June Davis and
Bruce (Skip) Craig Leslie.
The bride-elect's parents
were Mr. and Mrs. Harry
R. Davis Jr.; the prospective
groom was the son of Mr.
and Mrs. Donald Leslie of
Glassboro, N.J.
Mr. and Mrs. James C.

When I stand before
God at the end of
my life, I would
hope that I would
not have a single bit
of talent left, and
could say, "I used
everything you
gave me."
--Erma Bombeck

I arise in the
morning torn
between a desire to
improve the
world and a desire
to enjoy the world.
This makes it
hard to plan
the day.
--Elwyn Brooks White

Life is simple,
it's just not easy.
--Author Unknown

Howard of Crystal Springs
announced the forthcoming
marriage of their daughter,
Judy, to Randy Rowell, son
of Mr. and Mrs. L.H. Rowell
of Shady Grove. A Sept. 10
wedding was planned.

A one-pound bag of
Maxwell House coffee sold
for $2.88 at Winn-Dixie,
while Hi-Dri or Delta paper
towels were 38 cents a roll.
Twelve-inch wind-driven
turbines were $24.95 at
Quality Builders Supply
which advertised 2 x 4 studs
for 76 cents each.
At the A&P, golden ripe
bananas were 18 cents a
pound and a gallon jug of
Clorox beach- was 9 cents
with a coupon.
-,* Please see page 3

I have a simple
philosophy: Fill
what's empty.
Empty what's full.
Scratch where it
-Alice Roosevelt

Just living is not
enough...one must
have sunshine,
freedom and a little
--Hans Christian

My formula for
living is quite
simple. Iget up in
the morning and I go
to bed at night. In
between, I occupy
myself as best I can.
-Carv Grant

Remember when...



Nowadays, good fences make good
neighbors. But, it wasn't always like that.
At least not in the neighborhood I grew
up in.
Back then, there were only a handful
of fences in the neighborhood, and they
all seemed to belong to Mr. Charles,
who even built fences around property
he didn't own. Everyone else in the
neighborhood knew that fences were
unnecessary because they not only kept
neighbors out, they also kept customers
Keeping customers away was a problem
because nearly every house in the
neighborhood peddled something.
Cousin Fannie Lou, who wasn't really
a relative, sold penny cookies and candy.
Mrs. Velma, Mrs. Sally, Mrs. Carrie and
Mrs. Ma'Dear all sold freeze cups.
My Uncle Walter sold miniature potato
Mrs. Lillie sold sodas until my
grandfather decided to purchase a soda
vending machine and put it on our front
My grandfather and David Watkins
both sold fishing supplies and baits.
And, my grandfather and Mr. Ben sold
vegetables from their gardens. One year,
my grandfather even triedhis hand at
growing and selling cigarette tobacco.
If Wal-Mart had been around when I
was growing up, its biggest competition
would have been all the vendors in my
old neighborhood.
The competition really heated up when
the children in the neighborhood became
aware of our buying power.
"How much are your regular size
freeze cups, Mrs. Velma?" we would ask,
clinching the handful of pennies, nickels
and dimes in our hands.
"They're 15 cents', Mrs. Velma would
answer and open the freezer door to
entice us. "The large ones are a quarter."
"Well, Mrs. Ma'Dear's regular size
is only a dime', we'd inform her as we
pretended to head for the door.
Mrs. Velma, "ever the saleswoman,
wasn't about to let us walk out of the door
with our sweaty hands filled with change.
"Wait! Today, I'll let you have the regular
size for a dime and the large for 20 cents."
It was a win-win situation for us and
for Mrs. Velma. We lied about the price
of Mrs. Ma'Dear's freeze cups to get a
bargain, and Mrs. Velma slashed her
prices to beat the competition.
This type of bargain shopping didn't
work when it came to shopping at my
grandfather's. Even when Mrs. Lillie cut
the prices on her sodas, my grandfather
stood firm about the price of his.
"Mrs. Lillie is selling her sodas half-
priced;' I remember explaining. "So, if
we bought hers, we can save money."
My grandfather nodded in agreement.
"That means, if we bought hers'," I
continued, "you would lose money."
"No, I won't, my grandfather answered,
undeterred by my bargaining skills.
"What do you mean, you won't?" I
"I won't lose money if you buy hers
because I'll still have a drink machine
full of sodas," he answered. "But, you'll
be losing something."
"What will I lose?"
"A roof over your head," he responded,
pulling a handful of change out of his
pocket. "Do you need me to change that
dollar for the drink machine?"
"I'll take four quarters," I answered.

My grandfather knew how to keep
.customers loyal.

:,. rI.i
,fllll31C ..r:--..- 'A -i? _
L.,:-: "; ,* C rr.,i;',.,:'.
} i.; .- i -
- '- *-. 454

*- . ,.1 ,

..' s ., ,-:


2' :
*' 4, ~'.


Perry September 7-8, 2012
9 #News-Herald

P.O. Box 888
Perry, Florida

123 S. Jefferson Street
(850) 584-5513

I Quotable QuoTes I

A-3 Perry News-Herald September 7-8, 2012

Skype, Facebook helps soldiers stay connected

Continued from page 1
of his third tour overseas.
While the setting and people
he deals with on a daily
basis are almost biblical in
nature, the enemy is armed
with a sophisticated arsenal
of weapons.
"The cultural shock is just
incredible. No electricity,
no running water. The
landscape is very faded
compared to how everything
is so colorful here...
just sand and not much
Many may remember
Senior Airman Wambolt
from his days on
the football and soccer
fields--and tennis
courts--during his time
at Taylor County High
School. He graduated in
2003 and moved on to
Tallahassee Community
College and later
Broward Community
College to earn his AA

"After that, I came back up
here and joined the Air Force
in 2006. I was a personal
trainer during college and
wanted to continue with a
career that was athletic. I
was especially interested in
Special Forces."
He is attached to the
United States Air Force's
5th Air Support Operations
Squadron (5 ASOS)
headquartered at Fort
Lewis, Wash.
When he initially joined
the service, Wambolt
pursued pararescue training.
He later switched to
Tactical Air Control Party
(TACP) specialists, which is
one of the few front-line
combat jobs in the Air
TACP specialists imbed
with Army and Marine
units "and make the
fight a three-dimensional
Wambolt's job is to call
in airstrikes, on the right

targets at the right time.
"It could take from three
minutes to 20 to get aircraft
launched to track, locate
and engage these guys (the
The number of enemies
they face and the length of
the engagements varies,
Wambolt said.
"Often, they take shots
at what we're doing and
While living conditions
for the locals border on the
primitive, Wambolt said
his squadron's quarters
offer a few comforts
such as air conditioned
tents--"sleeping on cots
with 16 buddies to a
tent"--and relative ease in
staying in touch with friends
and family back home.
"We've got satellite
phones, Skype and
Facebook," he added.
Comfortable with
describing day-to-day
life over there, Wambolt
becomes more cautious

in his description of the
progress marked in the
now decade-old military
"We are trying to
help a country establish

themselves... and protect
innocent civilians and
offer them the right to a
free life."
Wambolt fights for
freedom on the battlefield

every day he is deployed.
What rewards do his fellow
countrymen offer him when
they learn of his service?
"Most people just say
'thank you'."

Senior Airman Eddie Wambolt joined the U.S. Air Force in 2006. Three
years later, he was in the middle of his first deployment overseas, serving
in Iraq.

Brannon has worked in both public, private sectors

Continued from page 1
it is with that experience
and understanding that I
wholeheartedly back Bill
for state attorney," Florida

Democratic Party Chairman
Rod Smith said.
"I'm honored to accept
this nomination, and I look
forward to working with
our community to ensure
that justice is administered

fairly and with the highest
standards of accountability,"
Brannon said in accepting
the candidacy nomination.
Brannon has decades of
legal experience, having
worked in both private

practice and as an assistant
public defender for the
Third Judicial Circuit.
From- 2004 to 2010, he
was chosen by the Third
Circuit judges to serve as
the first general magistrate

1977 Crime Beat: Poodle, wrenches, billfold stolen

Continued from page 2
The Dance Workshop
announced its fall line-
up of classes with Angela
McDade as instructor.
A unique advertisement
consumed a quarter-page of

the newspaper and declared:
"This is Gerald Lyle,
teacher at Taylor County
Junior High. In 1975, he
earned $11,120; in 1976, he
earned $11,259. Now after
14 years of teaching, the
school board wants to pay
Gerald Lyle $11745. Can

you support' a family of five
on this salary? Neither Can
Gerald." The message was
purchased by the Taylor
Education Association.

A poodle, valued at
$60, was stolen from

Malloy Street; wrenches
were taken from the
recreation department; a
mailbox was vandalized
on Pineland Street;
and a billfold was taken
from an unattended
shopping cart at

$500,000 earmarked for sports complex

Continued from page 1
out recurring revenue and
recurring expenses.
To accommodate the
raises, however, the
commission did have
to make several cuts to
requested budget increases,
including reducing a
$90,000 budget increase
for the sheriff to $60,000,
and keeping its United Way
funding at slightly more
than $20,000, denying a
request to increase it to
The board did approve an
increase a the Taylor County
Development Authority's
(TCDA) operating budget,
but kept the move "revenue
neutral" by not putting
any money into the TCDA
incentive reserve fund this
The budget does
include new line item for
MainStreet Perry with
S$10,000, down from the
original $15,000 requested
by the organization.
One item not settled in
the budget is a late funding
request from the Perry-
Taylor County Chamber
of Commerce, which
approached the commission
at its Aug. 21 meeting,
asking for $5,000.
The commission asked
the delegation of about a
dozen local business owners
to wait for a decision until

the board could get an
estimate from constitutional
officers on how much
money they expect to turn
back in to the county as cash
carry forward at the end
of the current fiscal year.
The issue is expected to
reappear during the budget
The cash carry forward,
which is considered non-
recurring revenue, will go
into the county's reserve
accounts next year.
Also during the budget
process, the commission
agreed to earmark money
in its reserve for capital
projects for several issues,
including the Taylor County
Sports Complex, Forest
Capital Hall, board room
renovations and several

352-498-3332 L
, *

Open 7 Days
0 am I am
'* rn

A summary of the
earmarks includes:
$500,000 for the
sports complex (for the
construction of a girls
softball field, lighting and
$85,000 to repave
the parking lot at the
Courthouse Annex (which
is linked to the City of
Perry's recently announced
downtown revitalization
S $40,000 for
improvements at Forest
Capital Hall;
$5,000 for Shady Grove
Park (to purchase a cover
for the playground
$3,000 for Steinhatchee
Park (to purchase
playground equipment); and
$35,000 for mosquito

LIVE Entertainment
Daily Lunch Specials
Good Food
Sports Bar and
Package Store
FROM 3:30 7:30

Caydanwe 'Bella Catalanolle
h pound, 14 ounLceI I inches
Ihorn: .unL-2 21. 2012 Lit 2:2 pn
Proud Parent.s:
Greg & Brandi Shaw
Jackie & Reba Shaw
John & Betty Green
Bill & Karen Catalanotte
Mary Goforth
Harold & Clara Holman
Lila Catalanotte


control (for a new truck and
The summary also
included $50,000 for
renovation of the board
room, but at the board's
meeting Tuesday,
commissioners agreed
that once several security
improvements were made as
well as the purchase of new
chairs for the audience, the
remainder be added to the
funds earmarked for Forest
Capital Hall.
In the MSTU fund, some
$55,000 in the reserve was
earmarked for airpacks and
breathing systems along
with $30,000 for bunker
gear for Taylor County Fire-

1 i1 Sr.rl Jefferson St Perry PlRa
Noon 3Dpm I Ages 64 to Adults
i i ii-ie- i- -- ii ...... ...... r
Japanese Sheelkan Karate
www.perryfldoo coram
wwa rryspace tcrmsers ei bho'deii
Facebol "Perry hotloian Krate'

Sense!i iOwner



Mic& Richa
YOGA Classes 4:306:60pm
.UcJa. Wedesd'ay FrIlajy
Ages: TFeen Adul
386-233-4785 for more info

Mixed Martial

Arts Training

MMA Classes 6:30-8:30pm
Monday Wednesday Friday
Ages: 18-AdMu
850843t.261 for more info

for the Third Circuit.
Later, he served as the
executive director of the
State Attorney's Office.
Prior to entering the legal
profession, Brannon
worked as a certified
public accountant for six
In addition to his legal
experience, Brannon has
been actively involved in
his community, having
served on the board of
directors of the Lake
City-Columbia County
Chamber of Commerce, as

chairman of the Columbia
County March of Dimes
Campaign, president of
the Lake City Rotary Club,
chairman of the Columbia
County Planning & Zoning
Board, and on the Judicial
Nominating Committee for
the Third Circuit.
Brannon is a graduate of
Columbia High School, the
University of Florida and
the Florida State University
College of Law.
He currently resides in
Lake City with his wife,

IUnfiTedHelth- One.1

A. Health In
B, Dental In
C. Disability
Home office

,.,) ; i^-i:,.:

Underritten by: Golden Rule Insurance Co,
Is, Randy
is. Trammell "
y Income Ins. Home
514WS. Ash Street-.
iL 6243-.5 (850) 371000! .,
,- :

In-Home Assessments and Referrals
Offered for Comfort and Convenience
t F.l 1 weakness or ina. lit; to p.)ri::.c:nltei in
activities become a concern for your loved
one, HealthSouth Rehabilitation Hospital of
Tallahassee is here to help. We offer free in-
home assessments with r 0..' .;'_ i; ,, orders
needed. Once an evaluation is approved,
HealthSouth's team of professionals develop
comprehensive, i -ll ':ll.:.;!; treatment plans
for a safe return home.

If you have any questions or need more
information contact us.

Rhabiitaion Hospitalof Tallahassee
1675 -: Road TL....-, FL 32308
850 6 ;5'5;


850-948-9957 or 850-673-7698

Residential & Commercial

Electrical Contractor
Licensed in Taylor, Madison, Jefferson, Lafayette,
Gadsden, Leon, Hamilton and Columbia Counties
and The City of Tallahassee.

We offer quality work with great
rates and competitive pricing
DeWayne and Kelli O'Quinn, Owners
License #ER13013747, Insured,
with Worker's Comp
Registered Electrical Contractor for 29 years
.^f-^^fa^ ^a^^f...^.I^

I _


A-4 Perry News-Herald September 7-8, 2012




Sept. 15 reception will mark
Sullivans' golden anniversary
Jimmie and Marion (Walker) Sullivan will be honored
on the occasion of their 50th wedding anniversary with a
reception at Lakeside Baptist Church on Saturday, Sept. 15,
from 2-4 p.m.
The Sullivans were married on Sept. 15, 1962, at Pleasant
Grove Baptist Church in Mayo with Pastor Guy Carter
Together they have raised three children: Jim Sullivan
(wife, Suzanne) of Valrico; Kandi Sullivan of Tallahassee;
and Valerie Sullivan Murphy (husband, Billy) of Perry.
They have five grandchildren: Miranda, Shane, Megan,
Grace and Caroline.
Insisting that "your presence is our gift," the family
cordially invites you to attend this golden anniversary

William Thomas Hall Jr., Amanda Gayle Patrick

Patrick, Hall to say

vows at First Baptist

Doyle E. Lundy of Perry announces the engagement of
his daughter, Amanda Gayle (Lundy) Patrick, to William
Thomas Hall Jr., the son of Tommy and Debbie Hall, also
of Perry.
The bride-elect is also the daughter of the late Gayle
Johnson. Her maternal grandparents are Donnie and
Barbara Johnson, Frank Welch and the late Jeanette Welch.
Her paternal grandparents are Delton and Shirley Lundy.
The prospective groom is the grandson of Mildred Glover
Sisson, the late Arthur Sisson, the late Frank Glover, and
the late Ellen and Roy Hall.
The couple will be married on Oct. 6, 2012, in the First
Baptist Church at 4 p.m. with a cake and punch reception
Out-of-town invitations will be issued; all friends and
family members are invited to attend.

Get Real auto insurance
that comes with a real Agent

Tavlor County invited

O'Toole's welcomes Fall

with tours, painting

O'Toole's Herb Farm
in Madison has filled
the months of Fall with
workshops and tours,
inviting Taylor County
neighbors to participate.
If you're interested in
yoga, sessions begin Sept.
22, many ending with an
herbal luncheon.
On Oct. 20, O'Toole's
will be a part of New Leaf
Market's Fifth Annual
Farm Tour, and will
feature demonstrations by

Get real answers about your auto insurance from a real, local agent.
Call today for a free, no-obligation quote on your Auto, Home and Life coverage
850-584-2371 htto .'bigbe.ndarea-[fb.c comr
Freddy Pits Ryan Perry
Agency Manager Agent
fredly rhstli f comr ryan pirry-@tbfc.corr
24/7 Claims Service
Call 1-866-275-7322
813 8. Washington St. Perry

Includes Kids Frames,
Single Vision Lenses
Ey Eand
Eye Examination


Accent Eyecare Center
Pr. Michael A. Walby
404 E. Ash Street
pDrr. Cl 44kt

Offer good through September 28, 2012 ra [ y, ri. aJ-t
Visa, Master Card, Discover CardsAccepted Call 850-5584-2200
01J j i sAv.mi. .i r;lG h C+r-sCli C rr veFfioe. iife i :r ;.]T..:iui 'a e gc ,l N '-l p.,inl .P, a o1l.] i r, tpC tje oI f pa,r-ri
-.a rrj mrrrj-, To T pa. .-oea1npal fl-ricr- Or, m T i i rr.S a ariovntr oar ri T-,... i-. ir. "TClrT,.-d ar .!,. i1
a esuit of & within 72 hours of responding to the advertisneent for te free, discounted fee, or reduced fee serees. examriations. or treatment.
a- i

Carrie lbritZon and 'Roland arly
remindJfriend and relaltee
of Uteir wedding on
Saturday, September 15,2012, at 5 pm
int theral 'Preabylrian Church.
Sreception wllufo ow tL ceremony.
lAUjamily andfrienda are iwiled.

A. A

blacksmith John Lacefield.
On Oct. 27, Anda Chance
will teach a class on
painting botanicals using

The season climaxes
with a Christmas Open-
House on Dec. 8 featuring
vendors (Sweet Grass
Dairy, Tupelo Bakers,

94dM & V^tn


Monticello Vineyards) and
The farm is located at
305 NE Artemesia Trail in

We pay top
dollar for

NEW LOCATION next to Perry Pawn Broker* 1856 S. Jefferson St.* Perry
SA 850 584-5200 Mnat.L ~ 3 io

Join us as we Pray For, Support and
Encourage these Unsung Heroes:
Police Officers, Firemen and EMTs.
Each Sunday in September we will have
one of these unsung heroes visiting
our Morning Service at 9:45. We invite
everyone to come out and meet them.

Faith Baptist Church

1439 N. Byron Butler Pkwy. Perry, FL 584-2980

WHAT: Tri-County Electric Cooperative's 72n Annual Meeting
WHEN: Saturday, September 15, 2012
WHERE: Van H. Priest Auditorium, North Florida Community College, Madison, FL
TIME: Registration 9:00 a.m.; business meeting 10:00 a.m.
ENTERTAINMENT: LifeSong, Madison, FL
GUEST SPEAKER: Luther Beauchamp, Professional Speaker, Chiefland, FL
The meeting will conclude with the drawing of a number of
valuable prizes including this used 2003 Chevrolet truck.

This could be you!
Serving Madison, Jefferson, Taylor and Dixie Counties

.... I.. . v ,7,,,v




A-5 Perry News-Herald September 7-8,2012

For veterans and needy children

Saturday's yard sale, craft sale benefits Taylor County United

After weeks of planning, Taylor County United will stage
its yard sale and craft sale this Saturday, Sept. 8 beginning
at 7:30 a.m. The event will be held on the grounds of
Evangel Christian Fellowship Church on Courtney Road.
Members believe the food, alone, could lure you there.

They promise sausage biscuits, hamburgers and hot dogs,
as well as "bake sale" items and drinks.
Games will be offered for the kids.
Vendors secured places before Aug. 28 and will offer a
variety of crafts, as well as yard sale "treasures."

All proceeds from this event will be channeled through
the organization toward local veterans needing financial
assistance and needy children at Christmas. For additional
information, please contact Michele McLeod at 584-5805
or Elaine Richardson at 371-1653.

TIDBITS: 'When the inside is clean, the outside shines...'

Our prayer list includes:
Mildred Alexander at
Some, Thelma Newberry
at home, Essie Anderson
at Tallahassee Memorial
;Hospital, Viola Miller at
Some, Sandra Clayton
S(surgery), and all. the
S residents of Marshall Health
S Care and Rehabilitation.
Let us remember, too, the
families in bereavement:
the families of thelate Chris
Roberts (mother, Emestine
Roberts) of Miami, and the
families of A.C. Boykins. in
the loss of his daughter.

Women's Day
New Brooklyn
Missionary Baptist Church
will hold its annual


Bonnie Fayetta
Bonnie Fayetta
Higgenbotham, 65, died
Sunday, Sep. 2, 2012, in
She was born in Deland
on Oct. 24, 1946, to Herman
Joseph Deogracios and the
former Mary Jane Hall.
Mrs. Higgenbotham was a
She was preceded in
death by her parents,, a
brother, two sisters and a
She is survived by: two
daughters, Lucinda (Randy)
Harris of South Carolina,

Women's Day Sunday,
Sept. 9,.during the 11 a.m.
worship hour. Sunday
School will start at 9:30
a.m. with Sister Lessie Gent
as superintendent.
Sister Leslie Dunnell is
president and the Rev. D.L.
McBride is pastor.

No matter where life
leads or what tomorrow
brings, God's love is always
there...to still the storm, to
light the sky and to lead the

Citywide Mission
Citywide Mission
will be held at Antioch

CassandraEds, of Colorado;
four sisters, Rosemary
French, Betty Hart, Delores
Eilers and Carol Oxford;
seven grandchildren; and
four great-grandchildren.
No services are planned
at this time.
Joe P. Burs Funeral
Home was in charge of

Rose Marie
Rose Marie Grimes, 58,
died Wednesday, Aug. 22,
2012, at her home in Miami.
She was a native of Taylor

Cards of Thanks

Dear Taylor County
friends and family,
On behalf of the family of
William ."Bill" Strickland,
we would like to extend our
deepest appreciation to each
Sof you as you thought of us
during our time of loss.
Many prayers were
lifted, cards sent, flowers
and plants delivered; many
visits helped us know how
much you care. We are
grateful for the wonderful
care by Shands Hospital, by
Home Health Care as well
Sas with Big Bend Hospice.
We especially thank Carol
Patrick and Erica Trani,
two of the best RNs in our
area. The special attention
given by Holly Cruce will
K never be forgotten,
S Gratitude too, for the
Friends and family that
gathered with us for the
service, for the unmatched
kindness and care of the
Bums Funeral Home and
for their direction of Bill's
memorial service. Brother
S Danny Lundy ministered to
S our family and moved our
Hearts during Bill's service.
We are so grateful to the
Members of our First Baptist
. : Church family; especially
Sfor the love and care as they
": prepared and served a great
7- meal to the family.
So many 'people are to
be thanked, and I hope that
we do not omit a soul that

shared something with us
during this time. We thank
God for you all and will be
forever grateful.

Missionary Baptist Church
on Sunday, Sept. 9, at 2:30
p.m. The Rev. Tony O.
Graham invites everyone to

Keep hope alive
With God, every day is
a day to hope for the best,
to believe our prayers are
being heard, to believe good
news is on the way, and
that anything can happen
between yesterday and

Another Women's
Day coming...
Antioch Missionary
Baptist Church will
celebrate its annual
Women's Day on the third

Survivors include: her
husband, Solomon Grimes
of Miami; one daughter
Precious Seymour of
Miami; her father, A.C.
Boykins of Perry; two
aunts, Essie Anderson and
Ethel McKnight, both of
Graveside services will
be held Saturday, Sept.
8, at 10 a.m. at Springhill
Evans-Walker Funeral
Home is in charge of

S.'LIn(dI .1', I- 1Hil. )l e I.41t11' S i l .LI j. .l ni.
'AU irnm q\'r, i,,ri .Irv (.. l 1 1 i m .
i 'edn,| d.!I\ lil blurk a1 1 ) p !i

Sunday, which is Sept. 16.
You are reminded .to mark
your calendar and attend.

Men's Day is
St. Peter's Primitive
Baptist Church will observe
Men's Day on Sunday, Sept.
9, at 11 a.m. with Elder
Chester Davis as guest
speaker. Davis is a former
pastor, now of Port St. Joe.

From the inside,
Some of us are very
meticulous when it comes to
being clean on the outside.
We bathe regularly, brush
our teeth, keep our hair neat.
Our clothes are clean. Our
manicures and pedicures
are part of our monthly
budget. There's absolutely
nothing wrong with that.
But more important than
that is keeping our "inside"
clean--our heart, our mind,.
our soul! Our spirits are
filled with all kinds of
unseen filth. Our thoughts
are constantly spewing out
negative comments, feeding
into a pattern that keeps us
from seeing the beauty of
life that God intended.
Yes, from head to toe, our
outsides look good. But a
glance into our "inner side"
would shock even us! How
often do we. say good things
about people and to people?

Everyone is our Honored Guest!
14 i .il',i i' n St F'er ,,, Flj.
Te'l t.ih,.,n m )L;4._ A f.I m'
F ,'.l il p ,.''i r r i it ,_ g ,n i..n l iu n n f/

WHAT: Westside Baptist Church Revival
WHO: Brother Randy Perry
WHERE: Westside Baptist Church
WHEN: Friday, Sept. 14 at 7 pm
Saturday, Sept. 15 at 7 pm
Sunday, Sept. 16 at 11 am & 6 pm
WHY: To hear the singing and preaching
of the Randy Perry Ministries spreading the
Word of God, and inviting people to come
to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.

Everyone is invited to come and
hear the wonderful music and
spirit-filled preaching.

Westside Baptist Church
3255 Hwy. 98 West
For more information call (850) 584-5915

Remember: God looks
at the heart. You may fool
people but you won't fool
God. Let's do a personal
inventory and where there
is petty jealousy, put in
appreciation for others.
Where there is criticism,
add love and understanding.

Where there is doubt, be
open and accountable.
Stop playing mind games
and trying to outsmart
everybody. Be supportive
of others and they may be
supportive of you. When
the inside is clean, the
outside shines.

Worship with us at

St. James Episcopal Church
HolyEucharst 8 & 0am a
Sunday School 9 a m
Nursery Available
Located at 1100 W. Green St.
Church Office: 584-7636
emanrai S l-C .n;:I urch 'airpointr el

Keep Your Eyes

Upon Jesus

"God is our refuge and strength, an ever-present help in trouble
Therelore ,'e will not fear, though the earth give wayand the
mountains fall into the heart ofthe sea." --Psalm 46:1-2

For more information please contact
"A Place to Call Home"

9:45 a.m. Sunday School
11:00 a.m. Morning Worship
6:00 p.m. Discipleship Training
7:00 p.m. Evening Worship

S3O p.. Prayer Meeting
Mission Activities
DwarJonnes. Pastor
Hwy.27 584-5688

f- .Priscilla's


'OJk Peanuts

**CALL FIRST**(850) 948-4816
607 S.W. Debary Way, Sirmans, Fla.

Jiffy Food Stores
4 Convenient Locations
03 $. Jefferson (O'PEN 2 HOL RS)

,, ,: -. 8,. ;-. E N.X 1 AI H1.). L.
Badcock&1"a we

225 S. Jefferson St 584-5891
Estabished 1904 "We'll Treat You Right

Goodman's BBQ
2429 S. Byron Butler Pkwy.* 584-3751
"Best BBQ in Taylor County"

Buckeye Community

Federal Credit Union
1825 S.Jefferson St. Perry, F1.32348 1-850-223-7100

Support Your

Local Churches

St. Johns Christian Fellowship
Sunday School 10:00 a.m. Wednesday 7:00 p.m.
Morning Worship 11:00 a.m. Study/Prayer Meeting
Cody McNeese, pastor
L''ct 'i at t ,hr olntecrsetn P Mit l u in PI a o e R 5 7251
\_ Loctted at the intersecton of Pur.Mett Rd ard Go0 Course Rd 584-7251 /

S nmn t urito t4 MNO.I1. :I t ,'I o ,'h fwh hor and re heaiv.r ir'n I vir ,;.f ic \ 1 I 'L '
Cor r ,iJ !.t n ,i rI t 1. l e ; n t/ih u i th. 'r 'i ;la .11 ;i if ub i ,

Come study online http://en.netIog.com/lronyoda



v Keaton Beach

Fishing Report

Isaac improves

Gulf water color

Hurricane Isaac actually
improved our water condition
as it drew the coffee-colored
water back north and left us
some very dingy, although
greener water at Keaton,
Dekle and as far north as
Warrior. The trout seemed
to go right back at it where
they left off before Isaac
came by.
Although this didn't help
the scallopers much it was
great for the trout anglers on
the flats.
Trout fishing was great
over the holiday weekend
for my charters as we had
20 trout to 19 inches, and
two reds to 26.5 inches
for Brandon White, Steve
Lanier and Jackie Greenway
of Greensboro,' Ga., on
We used live pinfish
under Back Bay Thunders

to catch our fish in 4 to 4.5
feet of water. Sunday, I took
a second crew out from the
same Georgia area and we
had 15 trout with three over
20 inches and one red for
Carl Beck and Nancy Lanier.
Again our fish ate live pinfish
under Cajuns and Back Bay
Billy Pillow and I went out
Wednesday of this week and
had a limit in under 2.5 hours.
We had 2 over 20 inches with
a 26.5 inch red. All-were
caught on live pinfish under
Back Bay Thunders in 4-5
feet of water.
Here are a couple of
reports from the Marina:
Tommie and Travis
Blanchard of Leesburg, Ga.,
had a limit of scallops on
Aug. 25.
Mike Frost of Valdosta,
Ga., had 7 trout on Gulp
in 3-4 feet of water last


i T

Sa 8
Su 9
Tul 1

Low 1:02AM
High 6:25 AM
Low 2:27 PM
High 8:30 PM
Low 12:42 AM
High 6:30 AM
Low 2:48 PM
High 9:32 PM
Low 1:48 AM
High 7:35 AM
Low 4:25 PM
High 11:08 PM
Low 3:26 AM
High 9:28 AM
Low 5:37 PM
High 12:09 AM

F 14



4:59 AM
11:10 AM
6:27 PM
12:51 AM
6:05 AM
12:12 PM
7:07 PM
1:25 AM
6:54 AM
1:01 PM
7:41 PM
1:54 AM
7:36 AM
1:45 PM
8:13 PM

Tall Timbers will host

hunter clinic Saturday
For the past six years, Tall Timbers Research Station and
Land Conservancy, north of Tallahassee, has worked with
the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission
(FWC) to host an early September Youth Hunting Field Day.
This year, the name has changed to reflect a program with
a broader focus and more opportunities, organizers said.
On Saturday, Sept. 8, Tall Timbers and the FWC are
hosting a Hunter's Clinic and Safety Course on the grounds
of Tall Timbers. The course will run from 8 a.m. 3 p.m.
"Certainly anyone can attend, but the clinic is designed
-for those who are first-time hunters or those 'who wish to
learn more about a specific type of hunting. The clinic
will also satisfy the online completion requirement for the
hunter safety class," said George Warthen, FWC regional
coordinator for Hunter Safety and Public Shooting Ranges.
"Those who attend will have the chance to attend a specialty
topic of their choosing."
The four specialty hunting topics they can pick from are
deer, wild turkey and quail, waterfowl and archery.
All of the instructors are either wildlife biologists or
accomplished in their area of instruction.
The $10 registration fee includes lunch. Those interested in
registering early can do so online at MyFWC.com/Hunting,
or call 850-413-0085 for more information.

Speckedfi t One More Cast

Blues, etc. e
Operating from Keaton Beach Marina
No Fishing License Required For Customers

(850) 584-9145
200 Kate Dr.
ill Pat McGriff US.C.G. License Perry, FL 32348

Call me today to see how much you can save
with Allstate's good student discount.

(850) 584 5188


You're m good eids,

Ditsoun and Insoiana acred ond wy r ucid csnpqr aiv subiarl to availfbey and eilalllaos, tLstlae insuraree
COmOany. AllIstat Proputoad QaCitsIa n )"rance CoWarv a 4 AllsJute IWmnityl! ,)snWnyn 10nothbtiw, a. !L S 2009
Astate In$;rane Compnl.

Wednesday, September 5,2012
A-6 Perry News-Herald September 7-8, 2012

'Dogs will host War Eagles tonight

After struggling to a 20-
19 win last week over Dixie
County, the Taylor County
High football team is
hoping to recover somewhat
this week as the Bulldogs
entertain Wakulla at Perry's
Dorsett Stadium.
Recovering won't likely
be an easy task. The War
Eagles went all the way to
the Class 5A finals last year
before losing and finishing

the season with a 12-3
And, last week, Wakulla
blasted Panama City-
Mosely 44-10 in their
season opener.
But the Bulldogs gave
Wakulla all it could
handle last year in Medart.
Although eventually losing
30-21, Taylor County made
a goal line stand with about
4 minutes left in the game

and trailing 23-21. But two
plays later the Bulldogs
committed their sixth
turnover of the night leading
to Wakulla's final score.
After squeezing by
Taylor County last year,
the War Eagles lost two
in a row to North Florida
Christian and Fort White
before reeling off 10 straight
victories to get to the state
championship game.

Taylor County running back Jake Smyrnios (7) runs for some of his 147
. yards against Dixie County last week. Providing assistance are Eury Holmes
S(2) and Moral Stephens (3).


Coach Scott Klees
appears to have his team in
mid-season form early this
Demetrius Lindsey is
the War Eagles' top runner.
Last week he broke a 50-
yard kickoff return and
later scored on a 45-yard
dash. Look for Monterious
Loggins to also run the ball
Jordan Franks leads
Wakulla in pass receptions.
Last week he caught several
touchdown passes as the
War Eagles amassed nearly
400 yards of offense against
Taylor County did have
a couple of bright spots in
last week's win over Dixie
Jake Smyrnios carried the
ball 14 times for 147 yards
and Jaymonte McLeod had
6 catches for 45 yards and
two touchdowns.
For the second week
in a row linebacker Luke
Kallschmidt returned an
opponent's turnover for
a touchdown. While the
previous week's was, a 52-
yard return of a fumble, last
week he intercepted a pass
and returned it 25 yards for
a score.
Kickoff for tonight's
(Friday) game is set for 7:30

Trout tournament set for Saturday

The Taylor County 8, out of Keaton Beach
Tourism Development Marina.
Council (TDC) is The top prize in the
sponsoring a fall trout tourney, which guarantees
tournament Saturday, Sept. a $3,000 payout in cash

Safety course planned

at Turner Youth Center

The Florida Fish and
Wildlife Conservation
Commission (FWC) is
offering a free hunter safety
course in Jefferson County.
The course will be at
the Beau Turner Youth
Conservation Center, 9194
S. Jefferson Highway,
Monticello. Instruction is
from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Sept. 8
and 1 to 5 p.m. Sept. 9.
Students who have
taken the Internet course
and wish to complete the
classroom portion must
bring the online-completion

report and attend only the
Sept. 9 session from 1 to
5 p.m.
The hunter safety course
is required for people born
on or after June 1, 1975, to
purchase a Florida hunting
license. The FWC course
satisfies hunter-safety
training requirements for all
other states and Canadian
For more information,
visit MyFWC.com/
HunterSafety or call Hunter
Safety Coordinator George
Warthen at 850-265-3676.

Taylor County Veterinary
Medical Association
Dr. T. Fletcher & Dr. M. Owens
will be conducting a DISCCjUNT

to benefit
Helping Hands of the Shelter

Saturday, Sept. 8h
9 a.m. 12 noon

Perry Connections
,if'-,[er I Jackson's Furniture)

Two vets on site... minimal waiting.
Flea Control and Heartworm Prevention is available for purchase.
Free routine worming with vaccinations, Microchips $20.

The Taylor County Veterinary Medical Association has
donated more than $8,800 to Helping Hands of the Shelter

and prizes, is $1,000 for the
heaviest 5-trout stringer.
The second top stringer will
get $600 and third place will
receive $300.
There are also cash and
merchandise prizes for big
trout and big redfish plus
several other categories.

The entry fee is $30
per person with fishing
allowed from safe light until
3 p.m.
For more information
contact Capt. Ashley
Mock at 843-0566 or the
Taylor County Chamber of
Commerce at 584-5366.


Varsitv Players

of the Week

Offense Defense
Jake Smymios #7 Luke Kallschmidt #20



Hwy. 21 N., 584-3669 Open Mon.-Sat., Closed Sun.
Call ahead and use our drive-thru or dine-in.

SSv S|XrTswcarC'ompany
We have Columbia (_i
Sportswear and T-Shirts L R
for all ages see wrat's out atheet

Visit us inside Wal-Mart Subway on the Parkway
584-7820 2234 Hwy. 19 S. 584-7844

Plain Screen Print Sequined S Rhinestone t ft
Bulldog Head P Paw Prints bulldogs 'i i
New Location 1723 S. Jefferson St. 223-3215
,:l.rv P1.l-..i ih'p[.r Center, Next to CFCU- Mon.-i. 9-5;30, Sat. 9-12:0



A-7 Perry News-Herald
September 7-8, 2012

Film society, Bach Parlay

showcase 'Bach & Friends'

'Hit and Run' is funny but

it crashes in the final act

The lovable, if a bit goofy, "nice guy" is a
common archetype in films, and actors who
can pull off that role can usually be pretty
confident in their future job prospects.
Just look at Michael Cera ("Juno," "Scott
Pilgrim vs. the World") or Jay Baruchel
.("The Sorcerer's Apprentice," "How to
Train Your Dragon").
But, if those opportunities aren't coming
your way, there's always another way to
land a role. Make your own movie.
And that's just what Dax Shepard
("Parenthood") did, writing,
co-directing and starring in
"Hit and Run," a raunchy j
comedy that is equal parts I
car chase action and sweet
romance. .
This isn't really new
territory for Shepard, who
also wrote, co-directed and
starred in 2010's "Brother's
Justice," a movie in which he ..,
plays himself trying to pitch .
a ridiculous movie and using
all of his connections to get it
So I guess that makes the
production of "Hit and Run" life imitating
art imitating life?
"Hit and Run" tries to do quite a few
things, and thanks to a genuinely funny
cast, it actually accomplishes a lot of them.
Shepard's script, however, feels pretty
disjointed at times and finishes with an
ending that is terribly anticlimactic.
The story follows .Charles Bronson
(Shepard), a man living in witness protection
in a small town with his girlfriend Annie
(Kristen Bell, "Gossip Girl") and under
the less than capable eye of U.S. Marshal
Randy Anderson (Tom Arnold, "Madea's
Witness Protection").
-"Whei Arinie gets' a job offer in Los'
Angeles, Charlie (aka Yul Perrkins), must
decide whether to risk returning to his old
stomping grounds. Unknown to Annie,
Charlie was once a bank robbery getaway
driver and went into protection after turning
state's evidence against his friends.
Soon Charlie and Annie are on their
way to L.A. and find themselves being
pursued not only by Annie's ex-boyfriend
Gil (Michael Rosenbaum, "Smallville"),
but also Charlie's ex-partners, led by Alex
(Bradley Cooper, "The Hangover"), who
has a very personal reason for wanting
revenge on Charlie.
The characters in "Hit and Run" are
painting in broad strokes using archetypes

we've seen before. As I mentioned before,
Charlie is the nice guy, if you ignore his
criminal past and expert driving skills.
Annie is the nice girl pacifist, so much so
she holds a degree in non-violent conflict
resolution. Randy is the slightly neurotic
marshal who we first meet as he's shooting
away at his ghost-riding minivan. Alex,
well he is angry and likes dogs.
It makes sense since he wrote the script,
but Shepard is likable and funny as Charlie,
while Bell (who is engaged to Shepard)
does the same for Annie,
keeping her character from
f //M beconung the insufferable
?. h" hiner that similar characters
often become. I give Shepard
credit for allowing Charlie to
be goofy and even a little silly
\with the romance, even if it
lea% es the film feeling a little
m di jointed when it inevitably
returns to the action or
raunchy laughs. Still, it's kind
of oS eet.
whichh honestly, is an odd
\\ord to use about a movie
that includes a senior-citizen
swinger club and a lengthy discussion of
Alex's traumatizing experience in prison.
The comedy and language in "Hit and Run"
is definitely blue, more than earning its R
rating. There are plenty of laughs, even if
you might feel bad about some of them
Producing much of that humor is
Cooper, who is proving to be a versatile
actor, bouncing from comedies like "The
Hangover" and "Hit and Run" to action and
dramas like "Limitless" and "The Words."
Here, he plays a great villain, but the script
ultimately robs him and his character of any
kind of resolution.
That's really the biggest problem with
"Hit and Run." The ending is terribly
unsatisfying. Of course, Charlie and
Annie's problems over him keeping his past
from her are resolved, but it really doesn't
feel organic. It happens because the movie's
over and they need to be resolved. As for the
rest, it's boom (literally) and "roll credits."
"Hit and Run" was never going to be a
great movie, but there was a chance for it
to be a good movie. Unfortunately, it has
to settle for a mostly funny, but ultimately
mediocre movie.
"Hit and Run" is rated R for pervasive
language including sexual references,
graphic nudity, some violence and drug

Only one movie is opening wide this also includes Jeremy Irons, Zoe Saldana,
week: "The Words." The drama follows Dennis Quaid and Olivia Wilde. Brian
a struggling author (Bradley Cooper, "The Klugman and Lee Sternthal, who co-wrote
Hangover") who discovers a decades' old "TRON: Legacy" make their directorial
manuscript that he turns into a bestselling debuts here based on their script.
book. But his secret will come back to haunt The film is rated PG-13 for brief strong
him. The film features an all-star cast that language and smoking


AUG. 30-SEPT. 23
SThe Hippodrome kicks off
its 40th anniversary season
with the Tony Award-winning
"Other Desert Cities." Meet
the Wyeths, a family that
appears to have it all--wealth,
political influence and A-list
connections. They are "living
the dream" in Palm Springs,
Calif., but their carefully
crafted facade is on the
verge of shattering when
daughter Brooke reveals
the impending publication
of her 'tell-all" memoir. The
theatre is located at 25 SE
2nd Place in Gainesville. For
more information, including
showtimes, visit online at
thehipp.org or call the box
office 352-375-4477.
SEPT. 13
Due to popular demand,
the cast of "Shut & Bar the
Door" will present an encore
performance at the Perry
Garden Club at 6 p.m. Set
in the 13th century in "Merry
Ole England,' the story
follows a feuding couple, a
lost princess, an even more

lost prince and a scheming
thief and his assistant.
Tickets ($20 each) for the
dinner theatre are available
at the Perry-Taylor County
Chamber of Commerce and
from cast members Deidra
Newman or Randy Newman.
For more information, contact
the chamber at 584-5366.
All proceeds benefit Kasey
Lukens, who is currently
battling brain cancer.

The North Florida Community
College Artist Series kicks
off its 2012-13 season
with Hotlanta Dixieland
Jazz at 7 p.m. Jazz with a
Southern accent, Hotlanta
sets your feet firmly on
Bourbon Street in Old New
Orleans. Experience the joy,
energy and humor of that
early American Jazz called
Dixieland, including songs
from Fats Waller, Hoagy
Carmichael, Louie Armstrong
and Jelly Roll Morton.Tickets
are $12 for adults, $6 NFCC
students or children ages

12 and under. For more
information, visit www.nfcc.
edu or call 850-973-1653.

SEPT. 6-9
The Tallahassee Ballet
presents An Evening of Music
& Dance. featuring favorites
from Rick McCullough's
25 years of award-winning
choreography. This intimate
concert with chamber music
at FSU's Opperman Music
Hall is for music lovers
and dance lovers alike.
Remaining showtimes are
Sept. 7 at 8 p.m. and Sept. 9
at 2:30 p.m. Tickets are $35
adults, $25 for seniors and
$20 for children. Tickets can
be purchased online at www.

If you have an
event you would
like included in our
calendar of events,
please call us at

The Tallahassee Film
Society and the Tallahassee
Bach Parley present "Bach
& Friends," the acclaimed
Michael Lawrence
documentary about the
music of J.S. Bach, with
a special appearance by
Bach Parley Music Director
Valerie Arsenault on
Sunday, Sept. 9.
The showing will be
held at 4 p.m. at All
Saints Cinema, located, at
918 Railroad Avenue in
"Bach & Friends" is
the celebration of the
great master's work in
which musicians in all
genres not only play, but
also speak about why
Bach inspires them. From
the vocalese of Bobby
McFerrin to the beautiful
sounds of ukulele virtuoso
Jake Shimabukuro to the
incredible performance of
Chris Thile on mandolin,
this elegantly styled
documentary explores each
musician's work and his or
her relationship to Bach and
his music.,

In "Bach & Friends," the
audience will hear Bach
played on crystal glasses
filled with water, in resonant
churches, and on stage by
world class artists such as

; '

Bach Parley Music
Director Valerie
Arsenault will perform
and speak about the
music of J.S. Bach.
Hilary Hahn, the Emerson
String Quartet, B61a Fleck,
Edger Meyer and Joshua
Bell, each explaining and
demonstrating why Bach's
music remains so important
hundreds of years after it
was written.
Arsenault, who directs

both the Tallahassee Bach
Parley as well as Florida
State University's Baroque
Ensemble, will perform the
Prelude from Partita No. 3
in E major on her Baroque
violin. Arsenault will
also discuss some of the
performances in the "Bach
& Friends" movie, explain
what you will see and not
see, and talk about how the
musicians in the film are
relating to their own idea of
"The film style is so up
close and intimate, it gives
you a sense of what it is
actually like to play the
music of Bach yourself,"
explains Arsenault.
Tickets for "Bach &
Friends" are $12 for the
general public and $10 for
Tallahassee Film Society
and Tallahassee Bach
Parley members, as well
as for students with valid
For more information,
visit www.tallahasseefilms.
com or www.
or call 850-386-4404.

Seasonal Calendars

Stephen King, Robin Hood and

puppets fill Hippodrome's slate

The Hippodrome State
Theatre in Gainesville
is celebrating its 40th
anniversary season with a
"jam-packed" line-up that
includes Broadway hits,
family-friendly plays and
a campy production of the
cult-classic "Carrie" for the
Halloween season.
"Join us as we celebrate
40 years of artistic
excellence while embarking
on our most ambitious and
enjoyable season to date,"
organizers said.
The season opened last
weekend with "Other
Desert Cities"--which will
run through Sept. 23--and
includes five other plays or
Individual tickets and
season passes are available
now, with prices varying
depending on showtimes.
Tickets and season passes
can be purchased online at
thehipp.org or by calling the
theatre box office at 352-
The Hippodrome Theatre
is located at 25 SE 2nd
Place in Gainesville.
"Other Desert
Aug. 29 Sept.'23
Meet the Wyeths, a family
that appears to have it all--
wealth, political influence
and A-list connections.
They are "living the
dream" in Palm Springs,
Calif., but their carefully
crafted facade is on the
verge of shattering when
daughter Brooke reveals
the impending publication
of her "tell-all" memoir.
"Other Desert Cities" is a
richly satisfying exploration
of the fault lines that exist
between privacy, artistic
expression, explosive
family secrets and the truth.
It features crackling wit,
razor-sharp one-liners, a
fierce cast of characters and
a storyline that grabs you
and won't let go
Oct. 10 Nov. 4
The king of horror's
telekinetic cult-classic about
a girl and the worst prom
ever, takes on a campy twist
for the Halloween season.
It's a bloody good time.
"A Tuna
Nov. 23 Dec. 23
If you're looking for an
alternative to the classic

holiday story, "A Tuna
Christmas" may be all
you need. Those wacky
characters from Tuna,
Texas, have once again
entered the heated Yuletide
lawn display contest.
Socialite Vera Cirp hopes
to win another consecutive
victory, but she faces stiff
competition from the crusty
proprietor of Didi's Used
Weapons and from a pair
of cowboy-loving Tastee
Creme waitresses.
"A Christmas,
Nov. 24 Dec. 22
Join Scrooge, Marley,
the Cratchits and a host of
Christmas ghosts for this
holiday favorite. Dazzling
special effects, an original
adaptation and a timeless
message of goodwill have
made "A Christmas Carol"
one of the most popular
Hippodrome productions of
all time.
"Venus in Fur"
Jan. 9 Feb. 3, 2013
The sexiest, funniest,
most acclaimed new
Broadway play of the
season. Meet Vanda, an
unusually -talented young
actress determined to land
the lead in a new play based
on the classic erotic novel,
"Venus in Furs." Vanda's
emotionally charged
audition for the gifted but
demanding playwright
Thomas becomes an
electrifying game of cat and
mouse that blurs the lines
between fantasy and reality,
seduction and power, love
and sex.
"King O' The
Feb. 20 March 17, 2013
It's 1968 in Buffalo, N.Y.,
and the Pazinski family
gathers to honor their late
father's memory. They
quickly become entangled
in each others' problems:
Rudy is re-thinking the
priesthood, Eddie is
preparing for fatherhood
and Vietnam, Annie is
contemplating divorce and
their mother Ellen considers
a new romance. There's
rarely a quiet moment in
the Pazinski household as
they hurtle toward the next
decade. In this hilarious,
heartfelt sequel to "Over the
Tavern" (the hit from last
season), the Pazinski family
has left the conservative

1950s for the rebellious
1960s, but prior knowledge
of the family is not a
prerequisite to appreciating
their ongoing trials and
"Robin Hood"
April 10 May 5, 2013
"Robin Hood" comes
alive with sword fighting,
archery and hijinks as the
Prince of Thieves and his
merry men do all the wrong
things for -all the right
reasons. With relentless
quick wit and narrow
escapes, this is the legendary
tale of good versus evil.
Fast-action, sword fighting,
trickery and comedy make
this a fun-filled adventure
for all ages.
"Avenue Q"
May 29 June 23, 2013
The crown on the
Hippodrome's 40th
anniversary, season is the
internationally beloved
Broadway sensation
"Avenue Q." Winner of
the Tony Award's "Triple
Crown" for Best Musical,
Best Score and Best Book,
"Avenue Q" is a coming-
of-age musical, where
characters lament that as
children, they were assured
by their parents, and by
certain fuzzy puppets on
public television, that they
were "special" and "could
do anything," but as adults,
they have discovered to
their surprise and dismay
that in the real world their
options are limited, and they
are no more "special" than
anyone else.

Movie Starting Frfday, Sept 7 2012
The Campaign
Friday 7:30pm
NEW Saturday :"':s i rr. ;
Sunday 4:00pm .
The Odd Life of Timothy Green
Friday 730 p.m.
Sriay 400pm.
The Expendables 2
Friday 7:30a.m
i C,. ":iur'u 5:808&3 p.m. ,mrn.
Suay 4:00 p.m. ()
E-mail perryheater@fairpointnet for
special bookings or moreinformation
Fiday, Sat &Si. $7 ii sems
118 E Park St .-, --.- 223-6684


A-8 Perry News-Herald September 7-8, 2012


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M FAM '** "Alice inWonderland"12010) JohnnyO epp '* 'Pnnce of Persia The Sands ofTime" (20l0i The700Club
02 HBO I-Water-Eleph." ** "Hop" (20111 'PG 1.45) ** Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps" Confess-ion
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M TBS IKing |King |Seinfeld |Seinfeld StandUp to (Worse IWorse IWorse Worse "Daddy'sLitle"
9 SCIFI "The Hills Have Eyes 2' l12007) WWE Friday Night SmackDown! (iJI Lost Girl IN) Alphas 'Alphavriie"
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E TLC Medium Medium Medium 'Medium Medium Medium Medium Medium Breaking Amish IlN Medium Medium
) BET "The Best Man" 12006) Keeley Ha.js !"Mama, IWan to Sing" t2010 Clara Together Together
E VH1 40 Funniest Fails 40 Funniest Fails "Old School" 12003 Luke Wilscn T.I.-Tiny T.I.-Tiny Love, HipHop
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M A&E Storage Storage Storage iStorage Storage Storage Storage IStorage Storage Storage Storage Storage
E E!TV Kardashian Kardashian Kardashian Kardashian Jonas Kardashian Jonas
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E FX ** "Step Brothers" (i0081 Wll Ferrell. ** "Date Night" (201)? Sive Carell i** "Date Night" (20101 Sieve Carell.
) USA Law & Order: SVU Law & Order: SVU Law & Order: SVU Law & Order: SVU Law 8 Order: SVU White Collar
9 HGTV Hunters |Hunt Intl Extreme Homes Buying and Selling Property Brothers Handyman' Holmes Inspection
l HIST Ancient Aliens American Pickers American Pickers Ice RoadTruckers Ice Road Truckers America's Book
D SPIKE Bar Rescue Bar Rescue Bar Rescue Bar Rescue (N) Flip Men |Flip Men Bar Rescue
M TNT Saving ** "GranTorino" (20081 Clint Eastood Leverage INl) Leverage "GranTorino"
E AMC 15:00) Into the West Into the West MArniil DeS[iny Heon Wheels Hell on Wheels Breaking Bad
STBS "Tyler Perry's Madea Goes to Jeil" "Tyler Perry's I Can Do Bad All By Myself" "I Can Do Bad All By Myself"
) SCIFI 15:00 )"uantum of Solace" * "Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End" 20071 J.c'nny Depp. |"Morlocks" 12011
E FAM (5:00) "Matilda" ** "The Incredibles" 200J4 Holly HuntFr ** "The Incredibles" 12004) Holly Hunter
302 HBO First (.45) *** "Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close" ** "Bridesmaids" (20111 'R' Real/Bill Maher
320 MAX ** Point Break' 119911 'F |* *"Underworld" 120 3 R' I** "TheHangover Partl" Sexual


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O ABC News ABC Inside Jdg Judy Middle Last Man Happy IApt.23 Private Practice News Nightline
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a CBS News CBS Wheel Jeopardy NCIS (DVS) NCIS: Los Angeles CSI: Crime Scene News Late Sh.
0 FOX Simpson Big Bang Two Men Big Bang So You ThinkYou Can Dance (N) News Two Men Raymond Fam Guy
B NBC FamFeud News Ent Insider The Voice (N) Go On Normal Parenthood Vote JayLeno
9 WVUP Fitness Today Rhema Great Awakening Word of Place Worn P. Stone Life Purpose Awaken
E SUN P'erboat Rays MLB Baseball Tampa Bay Rays at Baltimore Orioles. (N) Rays Inside College Football
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9) BET 106 & Park:Top 10 Live |*** *Coming to America" ,1968A Edlie Murphy Key Key Game (Game
ED VH1 Jacksons-Dr'm (Bask. Wives LA T.I.-Tiny T.I.-Tiny 140 Greatest Feuds (40 Greatest Feuds Bask.Wives LA
En DISN Phineas Good Jessie Austin ANT "Let It Shine" 121) Phineas Vampire (Austin
ID A&E Storage Storage Storage (Storage iStorage (Storage Storage Storage IShipping Snipping Shipping Shipping
S E!ITV Jonas Jonas E! News iJil '*** 'Julie & Julia" 2,l Meryl Streep, Amy Adam rr Chelsea EE! News
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A-9 Perry News-Herald September 7-8, 2012
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I e---:- --





n nw



ith lease $3,899 due at inception.


39 month lease
$2,899 due at inception.

39 month lease $2,899 due at inception.


39 month lease $2,899 due at

All payments are 39 month leases through Ally Bank subject to lender approval.
$2,899/$3,899 due at inception which includes security deposit. All prices plus
tax, tag, title & Lemon Law fee of $3. $500 Military Rebate applies to all active
military & 20+ year retirees. Vehicles may be located at either of our Quitman or
Valdosta dealerships. All prices good through August 31,2012 or until vehicle is
sold, whichever comes first. End of lease charges may apply. 4164 N.






1 4.1



A-10 Perry News-Herald September 7-8, 2012

lassif I



Yard sale. Saturday, 3930 Oaklane
Dr. behind King Tree Video, 8 a.m.
until. Lots of boy and girl clothes,
and other stuff.

Carport sale. Saturday, 7:30 until
11:30 a.m., 506 N. Quincy St. next'
to City Park. Rolling tool chest,
leaf blower, limb trimmer, drill,
bench vise, wrenches, chainsaw.
lawn edger, new camp stove,
helium tank, paper shredder, Fax
machine, answering machine,
softballs and mitt, king bedspread
and sheets, DVDs, CDs, VHS
videos, large women's clothing,
much more.

Yard sale. Saturday, Sept. 8, 172
Jackson Rd., 8 a.m. until. Turn
right off US 19 in front of Ring

Yard sale. Friday and Saturday, 7
a.m. until. Off of Foley Cut Off
Road. Just follow the signs.

Sept. 8, at the old Debbie's Jewels
across from Johnson's Bakery, 7
a.m. until. Men's & women's
clothes, home and seasonal
decor, dishes and purses.

Three Family Yard Sale. 2401 W.
Hwy. 98, Friday, Saturday and
Sunday from 8 a.m. until.

Fishing for More


~ in the
aco Times

Friday & Saturday, 9 a.m. until 1
p.m. 3498 Hwy. 19 South (Taylor
Storage Center across from Taylor
Tech.) Big Sale. Bedroom suit
(dresser, mirror, chest,
headboard, bed rails), Spinet
piano, pool alarm, Yamaha drum
machine, executive computer
desk, wine cooler, clothes (stuff a
bag-$2), solar shower, changing
table, portable charging station,
stroller, baby clothes, car seats,
swing, high chair, toys, fold-up
camp bike, adult tricycles, dog
carrier, microwave, convection
oven, bread maker, wheelchair,
knives, DVDs, VCR tapes, cook
books, home security system,
small appliances, tools, magnetic
bracelets, Christmas items and
much more.

Big Yard Sale. Saturday, Sept. 8,
8:00 a.m. until. Early Birds
welcome, Jefferson Square
parking lot next to Yung's Nails.
Women, children, men, baby
clothes, shoes, all kinds of baby
stuff, home decor, fashion jewelry,
all kinds of good stuff.

YARD SALE. Saturday, Sept. 8,
from 8 a.m. until, 806 Southwood
Dr. Furniture, luggage, bedding,
few baby items, stereo speakers,
upholstery fabrics, 10x8 area rug,
knick-knacks and much more.
09/05 09/07

For sale. 30 gallon he
heater 240 volts fast rec
3800 watt heating elemr
OBO and yard sale iten

Yamaha trumpet for sale
mouth pieces in hard cas
condition, asking $300,

Cash for junk cars and tru
removal. 7 days a week. C
658-1030 or (904) 887-85
08/10 10/10

RC, ffn

Metal and Junk


2008 Jacobsen 42x60 4/2
2008 Scotbilt 28x70 3/2
2005 Fleetwood 28x76 4/2
1996 Fleetwood 16x80 3/2
1997 Homes of Merit 28x60 4/2
Call (352) 303-8771
(352) 493-9600.
TMHC, tfn

Keaton Beach Vacation Rental
Week/Weekend, $75 nightly, 32'
camper with kitchen and satellite
TV. Call (850) 578-2446.
08/31 09/26

3/2 DW M/H, very nice $600
monthly, first, last and security. No
pets, (850) 843-1301.
09/07 09/14

2BD/1BA house on a beautiful
corner lot, 602 W. Veterans Dr.
Patio, fenced yard, eat-in kitchen
and dinning room. $595 monthly,
$595 deposit, (305) 970-1653.
LS, tfn

2BD/2BA, S/W. Big yard and very
clean. Includes water and lawn
care. $500 monthly, $500 security
deposit, call (386) 776-2405.
09/07- 09/19

Very clean 2BR/2BA mobile ho
me situated on nice, shady lot with
large screened porch, screened
patio, covered porch entrance.
$600 monthly, includes, stove,
refrigerator, dishwasher, washer
and hookup for dryer. Property
located at 2789 Johnson Stripling
Rd. Deposit required with
references. Please call 838-5716.
09/05 09/28

Comfortable fully furnished trailer
for rent. Satellite TV and utilities
included. One adult only, no
children, no pets. $130 per week
plus $130 security deposit. Call
09/05 09/21

Prevatt's Wayside Apartments. For
rent fully furnished efficiency. All
utilities included. Adults only. No
children. $140 weekly plus $100
deposit. Call (850) 295-4985.
09/05 09/07

1BD/1BA apartment in safe
neighborhood. Includes utilities,
cable and WIFI, $500 monthly.
Call (850) 295-3030.
09/05 09/28

Healthcare Professional or
Executive. Large room for rent
with attached bath, gated, private
entrance, covered parking, TV,
free cable, fridge, micro, screened
porch, workout area, hot tub, pool
re-opens in spring, located in the
City. $685 monthly, all inclusive,
09/05- 09/14, TT

Fully furnished trailer for rent in
nice quiet area. Utilities and
satellite TV included. One adult
only, no children, no pets. $150
Der week plus $150 security

deposit. Call 295-4149.
09/05 09/21

3/BD, 2/BA, located off Puckett
ot water Road on Oxford Street. $650
iovery 1- monthly and $300 deposit. Call
lent $65 584-7094 for application
is. (850) information. Must have excellent
EMHR tfn

with two Taking applications for 2 BD/2
ie. Good Bath home located in Everetts
call 223- Mobile Home Park. Includes
water, sewer and garbage, $480
monthly, $300 deposit.
cks, free References required, apply in
'all (386) person at Perry Repo Outlet, Ms.
i13. Betty 584-7094.
EMHP tfn




Cal Mar Su. eran

PBRRY-?.Oe(SW$TO~0R(850)584MIg21 .

2 bedroom, 1 bath MH. Off N.
Page Rd., 2.14 acres, private.
$500 monthly, first, last and
security. (727) 433-4514.
08/01 -09/12

35' camper on private lot, fully
furnished with washer and dryer,
electric and water included, $400
monthly, $250 deposit. 843-4305.
08/24 09/19

Seeking alcohol/drug free person
to rent room in my home.
Everything furnished, $100
weekly. Call 295-2045 or 672-
4089. Male Chihuahua $75.
BW, tfn

Rooms available at Skylark Motel
everything included for monthly
$595 (required $45 deposit),
$175-$240 weekly or $40 daily
(tax included). 317 N. Byron Butler
Pkwy. (305) 970-1653.

Woodridge Apartments
Accepting applications for 1, 2,
and 3 BR HC and Non-HC
accessible apartments. HUD
vouchers considered. Call 850-
584-5668. 709 W. Church St.,
Perry, FL 32348 TDD 711. "This
institution is an equal opportunity
provider, and employer."
WGA, tfn

Westgate Rooms available for
rent. refrigerator, microwave, TV
w/cable, AC/Heater. Everything
included. $175- $240 weekly, $40
daily, $595-$635 per month.
RV sites $20 daily, $100 weekly,
$350 monthly. Tax included. 1627
S. Byron Butler Pkwy. 850-299-
LS, tfn

--Under New Management --
2- 3 BR' apartments available.
Special Move-In Pkg. Rent
based on income. Water/Gas
furnished. On-site Laundry.
Close to City/Water Parks,
Boys & Girls Club, and
Shopping Plazas. Public
Transportation available.
Call 850-584-6842.
TDD 711, EHO.
Section 8 Affordable Multifamily

Furnished 1 and 2 bedroom
apartments for rent $600 to $800.
Included with rent is full cable t.v.,
Internet, hot tub, one block, one
block to river and new boat
landing. Call 352-498-7740 if no
answer 813-677-9640.
SPR, tfn

DUPLEX for sale by owner,
excellent investment. Two free-
standing block houses. 2BD/1BA-
each full kitchen, full bath, on
50'x150'lot. Excellent rental
history, well maintained, great
location behind Walmart off Old
Dixie Hwy. As is $65,000 obo. Call
Robert (850) 223-3427.
09/07, 14, 21, 28

Home for sale. 3BD/2BA tri-level
floor plan, LR/DR with fireplace,
family room with fireplace, kitchen,
breakfast area, office, large rec.
room, patio, pool, large storage
building, 3 acres m/l, 2,592 sq. ft.
121 Shady Oaks Dr. (off
Plantation). (850) 584-7687 or
08/22 09/28

Want to own this part of 'The
Suwannee River?"
Priced to Sell!!!!
Located in Lafayette County,
Mayo, Florida.
.75 acres for only $36,500!!!
Now Accepting Offers
Call Cynthia for more information
(850) 223-7152
or Visit our website: bcfcu.coop
BCFCU, tfn


House and garage apartment for
sale close to downtown. 3,300 sq.
ft. house with 3 bedrooms, 2.5
bath on 2 city lots and a 550 sq. ft.
garage apartment on 1 city lot.
Garage apartment provides a
great investment income. Special
house features custom kitchen
cabinets, wood and tile floor and a
spacious floor plan to
accommodate family fun and
entertaining. $198,000, call (850)
08/17- 09/07

For sale or rent to own. House in
Ocean Pond subdivision only 5
miles from Keaton Beach, FL.
1,568 sq. ft. of living area 3
bedroom, 2 bath new house with
all new appliances, carpet and
hardwood flooring. Open kitchen
living room area sitting on 2 acres
of land ready to move in.
REDUCED to $129,500. Call
(850) 672-0536.
08/17 09/28

Badcock & More
Must be 21 years old, license
required, set-up and delivery.
Apply in person.
BC, tfn

The Florida Fish and Wildlife
Conservation Commission is now
hiring personnel for seasonal work
at check stations during the
upcoming hunting season. The
check station will operate on the
following dates: Archery from
9/22/12 10/7/12, Muzzleloader
from 10/26/12 -10/28/12, General
Gun from 11/3/12 11/18/12, and
Spring Turkey from 3/9/13 -
3/10/13 and 3/16/13 3/31/13.
Positions are available in Taylor
County. Pay rate is $7.67/hour.
Apply at the Big Bend field Office
at 663 Plantation Road in Perry or
call (850) 838-9027 for more
09/05 09/21

Carpet, Vinyl and Repairs. Will
beat all prices. Call 850-838-9050.
If no answer please a leave
BR, tfn

A to Z Farm and Lawn Service
Land clearing, tree trimming/
removal, dump truck service,
harrowing, bush hog mowing, rake
work, dirt leveling and complete
lawn service. Call 584-6737.
AZ, tfn

Sesock Tree Service
Free (and best) Estimates
Dependable & Reliable
Licensed & Insured
Trees Trimmed
Trees Removed
Stumps Ground
52' bucket Truck
Accepts Credit Cards
(850) 584-2027
(850) 591-8301 cell.
08/24- 09/19




Swann Bonding Agency

107N 584 25
Jeffeson St, 5 5

JM Handyman Home Repairs,
LLC Pressure washing, painting,
concrete, wood decks, Ceramic
tile, laminate wood available,
Mobile Home Repairs, RV Leak
Repairs. 838-6077 or 584-2270.

*Stump Grinding
*Tree Trimming
*Tree Removal
,Debris Removal
*Bucket truck use
*Bush Hogging
*Pressure Washing
*Free Estimates* and
*Great Rates*
Call today!
850-838-5923 or 850-584-8191
Mark A. Moneyhan
Licensed and Insured
Certified Quality Specialist.
10/31, tfn

J.D."s Tree Service and Lawn
Care. Licensed and insured. Free
estimates. We also grind stumps.
Call today 838-1280. Firewood for
JD(fri.), tfn

2nd Public Hearing Notice
Notice Is hereby given that the
Board of County Commissioners
(BOCC) of Taylor County Is

I .- I ij %JW j l'j [ .] L gf I "I

Dries in 3-4 Hours Tile Floors Pet Odors
584-CLEAN (584-2532) .

Looking for a retired
or semi-retired, experienced

for a few days/week
Perry Newspapers, Inc.

Good pay Apply in person at
123 S. Jefferson St.



applying to the Florida
Department of Economic
Opportunity (DEO) for a FFY 2012
Small Cities Housing
Rehabilitation Community
Development Block Grant
(CDBG) of up to $750,000. If the
FFY 2012 application Is not
funded, the County will apply to
the DCA for a FFY 2013 Small
Cities Housing Rehabilitation
Community Development Block
Grant of up to $750,000. For
each activity that is proposed,
70% of the funds must benefit low
to moderate Income (LMI)
persons. The activities, dollar
amount and estimated
percentage benefit to low and
moderate income persons for
which the County is applying
Activity Budget LMI %
Housing Rehabilitation
$634,500 100%
Temporary Relocation
$3,000 100%
$112,500 N/A
The County has or will adopt an
anti-displacement and
relocation plan before
submission of the grant. The
County will assist displaced
persons with grant funds, as
Indicated In the budget and
All affected Taylor County, FL
residents are Invited to the public
hearing to provide citizens the
opportunity to comment on the
application that will be held
Monday, September 17, 2012 at
6:15 PM, during the County
Commission meeting at the
Taylor County Administrative
Complex, 201 E. Green St., Perry,
Florida, For Information
concerning the public hearing
and/or grant application please
contact Melody Cox, Grants
Director at 850-838-3553 at least
five calendar days prior to the
meeting,, A draft copy of the
application will be available for
review at that time, A final copy
of the application will be made
available no more than five days
after September 17, 2012, at the
Taylor County Grants
Department, at Perry Foley
Airport, 401 Industrial Park Drive,
Perry, Florida 32348 where a
copy of the application can be
viewed Monday through Friday
between the hours of 9:00 a.m.
to 4:00 p.m. The application will
be submitted to DEO on or
before October 1,2012 (or later if
the application deadline Is
extended). All Taylor County, FL
residents have the right to
appear at the hearing and to file
written objections with the
County Administrator anytime
prior to the public hearlhg.
Pursuant to Section 286.0105,
Florida Statutes, notice is given
that if a person decides to
appeal any decision made by
the BOCC with respect to any
manner considered at the
hearing, such person will need a
record of the proceedings and
may need to'.ensure that a
verbatim record Is made,
including the testimony and
evidence upon which the
appeal Is to be made.
Any handicapped person
requiring special
accommodation at this meeting
should contact the County
Administrator's Office at 850-838-
3500 Ext. 107' at least four (4)
calendar days prior to the date
of the hearing. Any non-English
speaking person wishing to
obtain Information about the
hearing or to request an
interpreter for the hearing should
also call the County
Administrator's Office at 850-838-
3500 Ext. 107 at least four (4)
calendar days prior to the
Pursuant to Section 102 of the
HUD Reform Act of 1989, the
following disclosures will be
submitted to DEO with the
application. The disclosures will
be made available by Taylor
County and DEO for public
Inspection upon request. These
disclosures will be available on
and after the date of submission
of the application and shall
continue to be available for a
minimum period of six years.
1. Other Government (federal,
state, and local) assistance to
the project in the form of a gift,
grant, loan, guarantee,
insurance payment, rebate,
subsidy, credit, tax benefit, or
any other form of direct or
Indirect benefit by source and
2. The Identities and pecuniary
Interests of all developers,
contractors, or consultants
Involved in the application for
assistance or in the planning or
development of the project or
3. The identities and pecuniary
interests of any other persons
with a pecuniary interest, In the
project that can reasonably be
expected to exceed $50,000 or'
10% of the grant request
(whichever is lower);
4. For those developers,
contractors, consultants,
property owners, or others listed
in two (2) or three (3) above
which are corporations, or other
entitles, the Identification and

For Sale. 1 acre in Leisure
Retreats, septic, well, power pole,
shed with electric. Asking
$18,500. Call 850-843-1301
09/07 09/14

Land for Sale, 221 North between
Shiloh Church Rd. and Cairo
Parker Rd. 1 acre lots with paved
roads. Owner financing available.
Please call (386) 658-1346 or
(850) 584-7466.
EF, tfn

2002 Camaro S/S, fast V8, 6
speed manual, sharp t-tops, dark
tint and black over arctic white all
leather, 50,000 miles, $13,800.
Call Patrick 223-2098.
09/07 09/28

For sale. 2002 Suburban 204,000
miles. Well maintained and in
good condition. $5,000, call (850)
08/17- 09/07

Taylor County Board of County
Fire Fighter/Paramedic (full
time) -$11.10/hr
HEO I, Truck Driver (part time)-
Applications and job description
can be obtained from
Square (Save-A-Lot and Goodwill
parking lot) on Tuesdays,
Wednesday, or Thursdays 9:00
a.m. 4:00 p.m.; or Workforce.
Positions are open until filled.
Taylor County Board of
Commissioners is an EOE, VP, DT
and background checking
TCBCC, tfn

Retail and Food Service Manager
needed immediate opening in a
progressive and growing company
requires previous experience in
retail or food service
management. Including store
scheduling, P&L, marketing and
expense control. Compensation
based on skills and experience.
Vacation, sick and health benefits
available. Resume and references
required. Apply by mail, P.O. Box
923, Perry, FL 32348.

Immediate opening for someone
with accounting skills. May be
degree and/or experienced. Must
be competent and enjoy working
with numbers. Hours 8:00 a.m. -
5:00 p.m. Compensation open,
based on skills. Normal vacation,
sick leave, holiday pay. Bring
resume, work and salary history,
along with references. Please
apply in person. Ware Oil &
Supply Co. Inc., 2715 S. Byron
Butler Pkwy., Perry, FL 32348.

The deadlines for classified ads are Monday by
5 p.m. for the Taco Times and Wednesday by
5 p.m. for the Perry News-Herald.

Small ads...big deals!


corporation or entity of each of County,
officer, director, principal SEALED Bids are to be submitted
stockholders, or other official of on or before October 1, 2012 at
the entity; 4:00 PM to Annie Mae Murphy,
5. The expected sources of all Clerk of the Court (850) 838-3506.
funds to be provided to the Bid envelopes are to be
project by each of the providers identified as SHIP ITB-003,
of those funds and the amount Hand Delivery:
provided; and Annie Mae Murphy
6. The expected uses of all funds Clerk of the Court
by activity and amount. 108 North Jefferson Street, Suite
Taylor County is an Equal Annie Mae Murphy
Opportunity Employer. Clerk of the Court
P.O. Box 620
Perry, FL. 32347-0620
A Public Opening of the Bids is
PUBLIC NOTICE scheduled for October 1, 2012 at
INVITATION TO BID 6:10 PM and 6:15 PM at 201 East
Housing Rehabilitation Green Street, Perry, Florida,
State Housing Initiatives 32347. Bids will be opened during
Partnership (SHIP) Program a regularly scheduled Board of
Taylor County Board of County County Commissioners meeting.
Commissioners invites interested A MANDATORY meeting to
residential contractors to submit provide contractor orientation
bids for the Rehabilitation of two materials and visit the scheduled
(2) single family homes in Taylor project will be held on

September 14, 2012 at 10:30am,
located at 401 Industrial Drive,
Perry, 32348. The meeting will
take place in the airport terminal
conference room. You must
attend this meeting in order to
receive the bid documents and
attend the review of the projects.
The visit to the projects will
immediately follow the
orientation meeting.
For contractors that have not
been pre-approved, you may
obtain a contractor application
package by calling Meridian
Community Services Group, Inc.
at (888) 878-1908 (Toll Free).
Please bring your completed
application package to the
mandatory meeting on
September 14, 2012.
WBE/MBE/DBE Firms are
encouraged to participate.
Taylor County is an Equal
Opportunity Employer,
The Taylor County Board of
Commissioners reserves the right
to accept or reject any and/or
all bids in the best interest of

Taylor County.
Patricia Patterson, Chairman

CASE NO. 12-484-CP
The administration of the estate
deceased, whose date of death
was May 31, 2012, is pending in
the Circuit Court for Taylor
County, Florida, Probate Division,
the address of which is P.O. Box
620, Perry, FL 32348. The names
and addresses of the personal
representative and the personal
representative's attorney are set
forth below,
All creditors of the decedent and

Perry News-Herald September 7-8, 2012

other persons having claims or The date of first publication of this
demands against decedent's Notice to Creditors is SEPTEMBER
estate on whom a copy of this 7, 2012.
notice is required to be served Personal Representative:
must file their claims with this ROY D. SADLER
NOTICE OR 30 DAYS AFTER THE Attorney for Personal
NOTICE ON THEM. Angela M. Ball
All other creditors of the Attorney at Law
decedent and other persons 615 N. Jefferson St.
having claims or demands Perry, FL 32347
against decedent's estate must FL BAR 0796557
file their claims with this court (850) 584-8960
NOTICE. Dates Published:

September 12-13, 2012, 3475
Ashley Rd., Montgomery,
Alabama. Crawler tractors &
loaders, hydraulic excavators,
articulating dumps, roll-offs and
truck-tractors, motor scrapers &
graders, loader backhoes, wheel
loaders, forklifts, trenchers, skid
steers, paving & compaction,
rollers, tri-tandem & single axle
dumps, cowboys, skidders, feller
bunchers, log loaders & trailers,
farm tractors, travel trailers. Over
800 items will be sold! For details
visit www.jmwood.com. J.M.
Wood Auction Co., Inc. (334)264-
3265. Bryant Wood Al lic#1137

Business Opportunities

WWW.DRSS20.COM (800)518-

NEEDED! Become a Medical
Office Assistant at SC Train!! No
Experience needed! Online
training gets you job ready! HS
Diploma/GED & PC/Internet
needed! (888)374-7294

Help Wanted
Drivers Annual Salary $45K to
$60K. Quarterly Bonus. Flexible
hometime. Refrigerated and Dry
Van Freight. CDL-A, 3 months
current OTR experience.
(8 0 0 ) 4 1 4 9 5 6 9.


Driver Positions Top 5% Pay,
401K, Great Insurance, New KW
Conventionals, Need CDL Class
A Driving Exp (877)258-8782

Experienced OTR Flatbed
Drivers earn 50 up to 55 cpm
loaded. $1000 sign on to
qualified drivers. Home most
weekends. Call: (843)266-3731 /
www.bulldoghiway.com EOE

NOW! Learn to drive for Stevens
Transport! Earn $700 per week!
No experience needed! Local
CDL Training. Job Ready in just
15 days! (888)368-1964


for hands on Aviation
Maintenance Career. FAA
approved program. Financial aid
if qualified Housing available
CALL Aviation Institute of
Maintenance (866)314-3769

(877) 206-6559

-- Train ONLINE for Allied Health
and Medical Management. Job
placement assistance. Computer
available. Financial Aid if
qualified. SCHEV certified. Call

8 8 8 2 0 3 3 1 7 9

OTR Drivers Wanted
Drivers/ Class A Flatbed. GET
39/mi, Late model equipment &
Big Miles! 1 year OTR Flatbed
experience, (800)572-5489 x227,
SunBelt Transport

Drivers 100% Owner Operator
Co. Pay increase / Home weekly,
Regional & Dedicated Class A-
CDL 1 yr. exp. in last 3 Call
(800)695-9643 or

Satellite TV
Promotional prices start at
$19.99 a month for DISH for 12
months. Call Today and ask about
Next Day Installation. (800)336-


Schools & Instruction
Train for Medical Billing Careers
at SCTrain.edu No Experience
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I. Essential floral oil
5. Boast
9. A way to travel on skis
11. Austrian capital
13. Sensationalist journalism
15. Taxidrivers
16. Atomic mass unit
17. A rock-boring tool
19. Actress :arrow
20. The trunk of a tree
22. Satisfy to excess
23. Cleopatra's snake
24. Single-reed instrument
25. Volcanic mountain in
26. Bon : witty remarks
28. Competitors
31. Republic of Ireland
32. Late Show host

I. N.M. National Lab: Los
2. In columns
3. Inclusive
4. Underground plant part
5. Top part of an apron
6. Confederat9 soldier
7. Make lively
8. Metamorphic rock type
9. Thrust with a weapon
10. Russian space station
11. Rotates showing wind
12. As fast as can be done (abbr.)
14. Desalinate
15. Marcus Porcius
18. Perching bird order
21. Citizen rejects
26. Missing soldiers
27. Cantankerous

34. Parrot nostril membrane
35. Moves into action
37. Back talk
38. A pointed end
39. British Air Aces
41. 1st weekday
42. Sound in mind
43. Hypothetical original matter
45. Head covering
46. Classical musical dramas
49. God of war & sky
50. Beginnings
53. Coarse fabric used for bags
55. High legislative assembly
56. What a ghost does
57. Pats gently
58. Ceases to live

29. German river
30. Fed
31. Large Australian flightless
33. Lasso users
34. Spanish saloon
36. Common cracker
37. Glided high
38. Draws from
40. Deceptive tactics
41. Conductance units
42. Unit of loudness
44. Steins
47. Express pleasure
48. A large amount
51. Talk
52. Belonging to a lti*,,
54. Language spoken by the


ARIES Mar 21/Apr 20
Aries, you will bring creativity and
originality to a project at work this week.
Working with people comes easy to you,
so put your ingenuity to good use.

TAURUS -Apr 21/May 21
Taurus, you are entering a creative phase
and others will admire and appreciate
your work. But don't allow the extra
attention to go to your head. Be humble
at every turn.

GEMINI May 22/Jun 21
There are plenty of opportunities for
communicating your ideas this week,
Gemini. Expect quite a few meetings
and other social occasions where you can
discuss things with others.

CANCER- Jun 22/Jul 22
Cancer, you have a basic idea of how you
want to handle your finances, but you
are open to suggestions, too. Consult
with a professional if you are considering
making major changes.

LEO Jul 23/Aug 23
Your ability, to supervise and organize
people makes you unique, Leo. This role
will become central to your lifestyle for
the next few days as you tackle new
responsibilities at work.

VIRGO Aug 24/Sept 22
Virgo, opportunities to advance your
career present themselves, but you are
not sure if you are ready for a bigger role.
Seek advice from trusted colleagues.

LIBRA Sept 23/Oct 23
Libra, recreational activities are ideal
ways for you to keep in shape and reduce
stress over the course of the week. You
could feel yourtroubles melt away.

for the second week
of September

SCORPIO Oct 24/Nov 22
Scorpio, you have a great interest in
business and making career decisions
that will work for you. That new venture ,
you have been pondering takes a big step

Interactions with coworkers could
feel a little strained, Sagittarius. Make
a few adjustments to remedy any
uncomfortable situations. Take stock of
your working relationships.

CAPRICORN Dec 22/Jan 20
Capricorn, your drive for independence
is very obvious to others this week.
However, your determination could also
put you in an unpredictable mood.

AQUARIUS -Jan 21/Feb 18
This is a good time to take a deep breath
and lighten up your load and your
feelings, Aquarius. Tell some jokes or go
outfora social occasion.You'll be thankful
you did.

PISCES Feb 19/Mar 20
People often sense that you can have
your head on straight, Pisces. So don't be
surprised when you are asked for advice.

s z 9 9

8 L I6 9

L 6 86

6t3 9M



J- ---.
2 4

1 4 2 8

1 7

9 6 5 1 8


8 2 6 9

3 1 7
Level: Beginner
Here's How It Works:
Sudoku puzzles are formatted as a 9x9 grid, broken
down into nine 3x3 boxes. To solve a sudoku, the
numbers 1 through 9 must fill each row, column
and box. Each number can appear only once in
each row, column and box. You can figure out the
order in which the numbers will appear by using the
numeric clues already provided in the boxes. The
more numbers you name, the easier it gets to solve
the puzzle!

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A. Sibr Tiption lii thl
Taco Times ,and Perry' News-Herald
wvill Iri ill.,y .vou (/'i c o((i.iiil.\ (% u, i. iui \ (Tl'r it ,:'i1



I!; .;

i ,i Perrny New-Hetald--
S' Identity inen titries ens
.. Y.

I i ll 't i
2 \ In.'. p.ipri i \\ctk
S,35 In 1 ,,,nl.
''4," O ii >l C'1,. -iii

- - - -
I ADDRESS ........


'.1 \11 lit"
I P'. r" r ,
-- [ 'i .' IH n >. ,,,,v ,

I i, s I I '-' .
-_ I

I* N






Slr~ `


a. I

A-12 Perry News-Herald September7-8, 2012

Heading south on U.S. 19?

Work begins next week on

Dog Fennel Creek Bridge

The Florida Department
of Transportation (FDOT)
is scheduled to begin a
project on US 19 to repair
the northbound Dog Fennel
Creek Bridge in western
Dixie County, Monday,
Sept. 10.
The project includes
the installation of 12
steel plates underneath
the northbound bridge to
secure and strengthen the
concrete deck panels that
have shifted over the years,
officials said. The shifting
has caused the asphalt
on top of the northbound
bridge to crack and break.

Music slated

for two days

at Pickin' in

the Pines
Continued from page 1
The festival line-up also
includes the Florida State
Bluegrass Band, High
Cotton, Blue Shades of
Grass, The Stone Family
and Foggy Creek.
"The Pickin' in the
Pines Music Festival is an
awesome opportunity to
see very talented musicians
in a fun, family-friendly
atmosphere," said festival
coordinator Dawn Taylor.
The music will begin on
Friday, Sept. 28, at 1 p.m.
and run through 9 p.m.,
picking up the next day at
11 a.m. and continuing until
10 p.m.
The event is sponsored by
the Taylor County Tourism
Development Authority and
the Perry-Taylor County
Chamber of Commerce.
For more information,
contact the chamber at 584-
5366. A full schedule can
be found online at www.
Country Clare is a high-
energy bluegrass band
featuring a collection of
talented musicians and
vocalists who share a
love for traditional and
contemporary bluegrass and
country music.
Heath and Shannon
Slaughter's duets are
the mainstay of their
performances as the band
mixes original songs with
traditional country material
and "good ole' doses of
"This festival is the first
of three festivals taking
place in the last part of
the year, with the Florida
Forest Festival in October
and the Southern Pines
Blues and BBQ Festival in
December," Taylor said.
The Florida Forest
Festival will take place
Saturday, Oct. 26, with the
month-long celebration
beginning Saturday, Oct.
6, with the Distinguished
Young Women Program
and continuing Saturday,
Oct. 13, with the Little
King & Queen Pageant. The
mainstage entertainment on
Festival Day this year will
include the party band The
Grapevine along with local
groups Alibi and Broken
With the weather cooling
in December, the music will
as well when the fifth annual
Southern Pines Blues &
BBQ Festival arrives
on Friday and Saturday,
Dec. 9-10, headlined by
Johnnie Marshall. The
event will feature the Triple
Crown Invitational BBQ
Competition along with
four other competitions
with cook teams from
around the southeast vying
for thousands of dollars in

Small ads.

Big results.
Classifieds work.
Call 584-5513
today to play your

This bridge was built in
Crews will begin by
removing the asphalt on the
northbound bridge. Next,
they will install the steel
plates and then resurface
the bridge approach and
the bridge. One lane will
be closed weekdays while
crews work above and
below the bridge.
Commercial Industrial
Corporation of Reddick

was hired by the FDOT
to complete the work
for $193,973. The work
is expected to take
approximately a month
to complete, barring
unforeseen conditions such
as bad weather.
For additional
information regarding this
project or other FDOT
projects around Northeast
Florida, visit www.nflroads.

h 2
low iMy


Rommes at
Perry Kiwanis Program
Chairman Auley Rowell
(left) is shown with
recent guest speaker
Col. Isadore Rommes
Jr. (retired). Rommes,
who spent several
tours in the Middle
East, spoke on the
need for leadership
in our communities
and our country. In
addition to his military
career, Rommes, a
longtime resident of
Perry, worked in private
practice as an attorney
and also with the
Florida Department of

OSuwl" and Concrte Pkg.
Ma p*s wRU de I*rtemation

(850) 223-1939
rInaCing up to 72 mo. ...
20x2o $3,645 22x31 $6,350

tees ~rom 12" to 80 Wde CuSm Moade Your Way



24x26 $5,350 30x26 $9,98C
w/CoCnrete $7,225 w/Concre

Overstock on New Storage Buildings
.A 1 -

NeOw Used Inventory
Immlm O@WN C u lercg inci .

40 Year Metl Color8
Mac Sces r Aalal
$0 DonFiacngAaial

erified ..dig

Avalabe 30.180mp

292U ." '..tlsAraailbie

r 7

21 a184 w2 ar .Pw 22x26 $1,950 42x26 $4,695

2320 19 Dr oems matlw P w

21320 MI SI Eryc8tt B413ftr B8k8wy




S18x2 $2,980
te w/Contme $4,090

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Perry news-herald
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s. Wakulla County War Eagles

S| ,Ll0ld3og fsml Don' forget wearl DS t S gaDUMel

^j^ J Bulldg fans! Don't forgt to wear o[IlHtM teW gafme!

SPerty News-He

Serving the Tree Capital of the South Since 1889

al 7 21
September 7-8, 2012

News Forum

Football fans
reminded of
stadium rules
Taylor County High School
administrators reminds
Bulldog fans of the following
information regarding Varsity
and Junior Varsity football
"During our home games
at Dorsett Stadium, you are
required to take a seat and
watch the game.; If you are
not going to the restroom
or the concession stand for
refreshments, you will be
asked to take a seat. Students
will not be allowed to play
.behind the bleachers, roam
or walk in continuous circles
around the stadium during
the game. If you are asked to
take a seat and you refuse,
you will be escorted out of
the stadium and there will be
no refunds given, Parents,
please remind your students
of these rules. These rules
are for the safety of everyone
in attendance. As always, we
thank you for your continued
support of our athletic
programs. Go Dawgs!"

Historical Society
seeking input for
new 'They Were
Here' book
The Taylor County
Historical Society is currently
seeking new entries foe the
upcoming edition of its "They
Were Here" series.
All biographical sketches
and photos of loved ones who
have died are welcome.
The historical society
museum is open every
Thursday afternoon from 1-5.

Discount pet
vaccination clinic
is this Saturday
Taylor County Veterinary
Medical Association will
host a discount vaccination
clinic benefitting Helping
Hands of the Shelter this
Saturday from 9 a.m. to noon
in the parking lot adjacent to
Perry Connections (formerly
Jackson's Furniture).
Both Dr. Tom Fletcher
and Dr. Miles Owens will be
on site. Microchips will be
available for $20 per pet.
To date, the association
has donated more than,
$8,800 to Helping Hands.

Library book sale.
accepting donations
The Friends of the Taylor
County Public Library are now
accepting donations for their
planned Oct. 13 book sale.
Donations of not only books
but magazines, phonograph
records, tapes, videos, CDs,
DVDs, games, puzzles and
more will be accepted.

AMVETS host Poker
Run this Saturday
AMVETS Post 20 will host a
Poker Run on Saturday, Sept.
8. Registration will begin at
9 a.m. at AMVETS' new home
located inside the Dansby
Building on the Courthouse
Square. Kickstands go up at
11 a.m.

6 DiI 11 11C11 5

Hearings set for next two weeks

County eyes $38.6 million budget

Over the next two
weeks, the Taylor County
Commission will work to
finalize its $38.6 million
budget, which includes
the first raise for county
employees in five years along
with money earmarked for
improvements to the Taylor
CountS Sports Complex and
Forest Capital Hall.
Corimissioners held
several budget workshops
in Jul3 and %\ill return to
the issue Monday, Sept.
10, when they hold the first
of two hearings at 6 p.m.

at the Courthouse Annex.
At Monday's hearing,
the board will vote on
its tentative budget. The
second hearing will follow
on Monday, Sept. 17, at
5:30 p.m., during which the
commission will approve its
final budget for the 2012-13
fiscal year.
Thanks to a projected
boost in tangible property
values, the county is
expecting a bump in ad
valorem tax revenue for
the next fiscal year--which
begins Oct. 1--of $306.000

(Top and right) U.S. Air Force Senior Airman
Eddie Wambolt graduated from Taylor County
High School in 2003. He joined the military after
obtaining his AA degree and is in the middle of
his third deployment overseas (his second to
Afghanistan). His career as a Tactical Air Control
Party (TACP) Specialist means he holds one of the
few front-line combat jobs in the Air Force. TACP
specialists typically imbed with Army and Marine
units "and make the fight a three-dimensional
battle." According to the Air Force, "The training
is, physically, .mentally and technically intense
as you'll,have to be able to operate under any
environmental condition alongside some of the
military's most elite special operations teams."

in the general fund and
$52,000 in the MSTU fund
(which is funded by a tax
imposed on properties
outside the Perry city limits
for services duplicated
by the city, such as fire
The board approved
its tentative ad valorem
property tax rates last month.
keeping niillage eten with
the current year. When the
final vote is cast on. Sept.
17, the rate can only be kept
the same or lowered from
tentative millage, according

to state law.
The proposed budget
as a whole is $2.6 million
less than the current year's
budget, with much of the
decrease due to several
state grant-funded paving
projects 'scheduled for
completion before Oct. 1,
such as the Woods Creek
Road resurfacing project.
Facing dropping property
values for the past several
years, the county has
had to make cuts each
budget cycle, routinely
asking departments and

constitutional officers to cut
around five percent from
their individual budgets
each year.
This year, however, the
request was to keep the
budget the same (outside of
the increased salary costs
due to employee raises).
Commissioners began
this year's cycle much closer
to a balanced budget than in
the past several years, when
they had to cut hundreds of
thousands of dollars to even
,.* Please see page 3


Staff writer '
At first glance, Eddie
Wambolt has the look of
any other 27-\ear-old. Fit,
tanned and spornng fre-sh
ink on his upper bicep.

Shannon and Heather Slaughter & Country Clare will headline the seventh
annual Pickin' in the Pines Music Festival set for Sept. 28-29.

Festival season has arrived!

Fall is only a few weeks
away and with it comes the
seventh annual Pickin' in
the Pines Music Festival at
Forest Capital State Park.
The festival will feature
two full days of music on
Friday and Saturday, Sept.

28-29, with bluegrass bands
from around the region
taking the stage at Heritage
Pavilion. Weekend tickets
are $15 and camping spaces
are still available.
Headlining the festival
will be Shannon and

Heather Slaughter &
Country Clare. Shannon
Slaughter is originally from
Chiefland and formerly
of the nationally-touring
Lonesome River Band.
-, Please see page 12

E\es shaded by an FSU
cap, it is almost easy to miss
the air of alertness he wears
like a second skin.
It is an alertness fostered
on the field in raq and
honed during countless


engagements with Taliban
fighters in Afghanistan,
Wambolt, who was born
and raised in Taylor County,
is presently in the rnidst
-* Please see page 3

Brannon tapped

by Democrats for

state attorney seat

Bill Brannon has formally
announced his candidacy
for Third Judicial Circuit
state attorney.
In accordance with rules
set forth by the Florida
Department of State, the
Democratic Executive
Committees in Columbia,
Dixie, Lafayette, Suwannee,
Madison, Hamilton and
Taylor counties selected
Brannon to replace State
Attorney Robert "Skip"
Jarvis Jr. following Jarvis'
withdrawal from the race.
"I've known Bill Brannon
a long time and there is
no better advocate for the
people of North Florida.
Along with his deep roots
in the community, Bill
would bring the respect of
his peers and unparalleled
legal experience to the job.

As a former state attorney,
I know firsthand the
importance of this role and
-, Please see page 3


Perry News-Heraldl
onm setion 123rd YPir, No. 36

Looking Back......... A-2
Living................... A-4
Religion................ A-5
Sports.................... A-6

Entertainment........ A-7
TV guide ................ A-8
Classifieds ........... A-10

Friday 880
a 6720
r 60%

Saturday 88 Sunday
A.- 4 72
^ 40% 1




A-2 Perry News-Herald
September 7-8, 2012

A 11 F --TITS S x? = ; amE S
Taylor County :

High School Band
1{I 1\ 1.I :\S. Jr .,f