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Dec. 1 1964, The Florida AllIgator Kige 3

[ from' UPI Johnson Denies Plan

To Oust Hoover

Rusk Going Up 1
Gromyko --- - -- -

WASHINGTON (UPI-As WASHINGTON (UPI-Presldent which said the President had become Hoover be replacedand never
usual,' It cost more to live in Johnson has "never entertained"any a "disenchanted Fan" of entertained any such idea. "It's
October than it did the month idea of replacing J. Edgar Hoover and intended to replace unfortunate that this story wasn't
Meet To Avert before. Hoover as director of the Federal him.Asked checked out prior to publication."
The Labor Department reported Bureau of Investigation, the White about this White House The question of Hoover's future -
yesterday that living House said yesterday.The Press Secretary George E. Reedy was raised In the aftermathof
costs rose one-tenth of 1 per disclaimer was in responseto said, "the President never heardof the Nov. 18 interview he gave
. IBM .IM cent in October. a story in Newsweek Magazine any such oroposal-that Mr. to a group of women reporters.At .
UN Showdown that time he called the Rev.
Sir Martin Luther King Jr. "The most
Winst on Tops Birthday notorious liar in the country,",
and hit out at the Warren Com mission -
NEW YORKUPI-Secretary of for its criticism of the FBI.
State Dean Rusk and Soviet For- With Big Black Stogie Hoover has been the allpowerful -
eign Minister Andei Gromyko helda ,, head of the agency for more
lengthy but "inconclusive" dis- than 40 years. On Jad. 1 he will
cussion yesterday on the critical LONDONUPI-Slr Winston Churchill celebratedhis resting In bed reading or having read to him some be 70 years old, the mandatory
issue of Russia's disputed voting 90th birthday yesterday with brandy toasts anda of the messages from all over the world. lie helpedhis retirement age. But Johnson has
rights in the United Nations Gen- champagne and oyster dinner topped off with a aide de-camp Anthony Montague draft a reply extended his tenure indefinitely.
eral Assembly. black cigar. In doing so he achieved another am- shich said: Reedy was asked if Boo v e r had
Indications were that the two officials bition to live longer than any former prime "I am most grateful to all those who have remembered planned to resign when he turned
reached a tacit agreementto minister in British history.He me on my birthday. The number of mes- 70. He said he could not speak
delay any shattering showdownfor was reported "deeply moved" by the acclaimof sages I have received from all over the world for Hoover, and that the directorwas
two or three days so they the Western world whose freedom he helped are It seems, greater than ever before and I hope capable of speaking for him-
could have another talk on the save. He was said to be In good form at the family that those who have had the kindness to write to
subject. gathering which always marks his birthdays. The me will understand if it is not possible for me to
Gromyko and State Departmentpress only sour note came from the Russians,who accused reply to so many. Their thoughts have given me the self.SAC
officer Robert J. McCloskeyboth him of starting the cold war. greatest pleasure." Chief
said another session wouldbe Sir Winston announced he felt "fine" when he A member of the household said Sir Winstonwas
held "within a few days." The awoke this morning to find crowds outside the particularly touched by the simple bouquetof Resigns Job
American spokesman said he was doors of his town house and postmen lugging in flowers sent to him yesterday by Queen Eli-
not at all certain that the Russianshad messages from President Johnson, Queen Elizabeth, zabeth whom he still serves as a privy counsellor.
rejected a compromise pro- the heads of 500ther states-and 60,000 other persons. He also served her father, grandfather, great- OMAHA, Neb. (UPI-Gen.
posal put forward by U. N. Sec. Then his personal physician, Lord Moran, 82, grandfather and great-great-great grandmother, a Thomas S. Power, who has headedthe
Gen. Thant. veteran of many medical crises with Sir Winstonin record unmatched in British history.The Strategic Air Command (SAC)
Many U. N. members fear thata the past 20 years, gave Churchill's self-diagnosis decision to husband Sir Winston's strength since 1937, yesterday handed over
titanic Soviet-American clash on his expert confirmation. Lord Moran paid an unexpected disappointed a chanting throng, totalling more than the reins of the free world's global -
the voting Issue could be the beginning call, ostensibly to deliver a present but 1,000 persons, which came and went In the narrow strike force to Lt. Gen. JohnD.
of the end for the ,world evidently also for a look at how his famous patientwas dead end street in which he lives, In the hopelie Ryan.
organization. They have expressed taking the birthday furor. would appear at the window as he did briefly Power, In colorful ceremonieson
concern that Russia might walk "Sir Winston Is very well and in good spirits," Sunday. Lady Churchill, 79, and his private nurse a blustery day at Offutt Air
out of the United Nations if the he said when he left after 20 minutes. "...lIe is decided against a repeat performance.There Force Base, SAC headquarters,
United States, as it claims it can, looking forward to the party tonight." were very few visitors other than immediate received the salute of 1,000 officers i
musters enough votes to deny the Sir Winston, Indeed, was so determined to enjoy family at the town house yesterday. One of them was and men, In passing in review .
Soviet Union voting rights. the birthday dinner he spent most of yesterday Prime Minister Harold Wilson. they represented more than 1
260,000 SAC personnel scattered at I
?' sXn,YT}: nBY 70 bases around the world.
7M\ : yk' {{:$ ; I IIi

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-- J If j 1 1 -'Mi1I-.u- 111 """"- t'"ITuesday '

Page 4, The Florida Alligator, Tuesday, Dec. 1 1964 PATROL-FINALS


. h
; ::11 ;; lli]m1; ;1; 1; ili ill ili 1t i; ; illlli : :::Nl::::; :;::;;::1;;111;; ;;1111111.;;;

Finals Ahead ri ,-C'

nr e

We're not afraid. .

Something is bound to happen. Maybe the

i dark clouds of final week that loom on' the

I horizon will just silently drift away. There's "

nothing to worry about. All the missed hours "

''i of study will somehow be squeezed into the ".

last few remaining minutes we have beforewe

sit down and face that naked white paper ,
that must be filled with either words or little ..'\,
black marks. .1. 1

Well it's nice dreaming. Or is it?

This week and the next are the now-

;1' or-never times in the lives of UFer's.

Somehow final week always comes several

weeks to soon. Somehow we're Just never

REALLY ready for that last BIG effort. Advisor's View On FraternitiesEDITOR'S

Whether we want to admit it or not it

is coming. .arid very soon!

The word "final" always seems to strike ( NOTE: Beginning today, the our kind of government unless we have an
,Alligator will print :a three-part article on the informed citizenry, so education is our numberone
fear in the hearts of both demure coeds and fraternity advisor's view of fraternities.) business. Mr. Jefferson's ideas on this

even the strongest of Florida men. To manyof subject are just as valid today as they were
WILLIAM G. CROSS when he expressed the basic beliefs of the free
us, finals mean final. .the end. .the Advisor to FraternitiesSo world. .that man is endowed by his Creator

finish. .too late. .goodbye. with certain Inalienable rights, rather than
often I am approached regarding my granted such rights by his government as maybe
But even this late in the somethingmay
game feelings on fraternities. Recently I found the expedient for the State, the theory of
still be salvaged such as a passing following article written by the Executive Communism."The .
Director of Sigma Nu Fraternity, Richard continuing goal of society is to produce
grade. .or even a high grade.So .
Fletcher, as being the best statement regarding better men and women.The agencies which serveas
during this season; of cheer, the word fraternities I have seen. I believe this article the major means to that end are family

goes out to all the land: STUDY STUDY truly reflects my feelings and views of church, and school.Our colleges and universitiesare
fraternities. an all-Important means to this end. .and
STUDY. so are true fraternities. We the fraternitieshold
The library will remain open to later PART ONE that a better education produces a better
man, and we who believe in fraternities hold
hours than usual. "The assumption that fraternities will survive that membership in our brotherhoods can and
Cram sessions will be available to some. the sixties, let alone flourish, seems should provide that better education.If itdoesn't,
unwarranted to me. I'm sure they can and I we aren't useful and shouldn't expect to survive."
Study periods will be available to others.
think they will--but there's no guarantee. Our
Some instructors will offer review classes.We survival obviously depends upon the survivalof LETTER
our free society, and that in turn depends
that take advantageof
can only urge you
upon all of us. Communism cannot tolerate
all help that you can possibly get your voluntary associations, and fraternities should
hands on. Honorable help that is. expect to be among the very first to be liquidated. Brother WritesEDITOR
"Likewise unwarranted is the assumption that,
There is one other thing that we can do. if we survive, the great decisions affecting our

We can wish you good luck. future in the sixties will necessarily be ours. :
Encroachments on the basic freedoms of
I And ourselves too. individuals and organizations, so disturbing To those who are Interested in hearing the
t during the last three decades on the nationalas plight of a Florida Freshman:
k well as the fraternal 'scene, may well be Recently my little brother, fraternity wise
The FloridaALLIGATOR extended in the sixties, leaving us at the pointof found that dropping one of his courses wouldbe
i no return--no longer In charge of our own to his advantage. Upon the recommendationof
destinies. myself and several other people, he went to
"The sixties are already upon us. The paceIs the University College office in Tigert Hall.
rapid, the changes headlong. Each day is a He petitioned to drop this course. This per-
t day of decision, major or minor, and each mission was denied.
Served by United Press International
decision either helps insure our future or posesan His reasons for needing to drop the course
additional threat to it. What shall be our were: 1) He Is taking 16 hours: C-31,
Editor . . . . . . .Walker Lundy PL-101.
guides as we decide? C-ll, MS-205, CY-217, MAF-101, and
Managing Editor. . . . . . Joel Gaston he
"I submit our objective is both to survive 2) Because he is taking too many hours,
Assistant Managing Editor. . . . .N \ncy Brae hey Let's has to
and to flourish. consider survival first. not had the necessary time to devote
Assistant Managing Editor . . . Berkouitz
Human institutions each let one
are to meet a need. course. 3) He therefore had to
Editorial Pace Editor . % . . < . Ed Berber wither and die when of his Obviouslythis
they are no longer courses slip by unstudied. 4)
Sports Pace Editor. . . . .Bruce Dudley useful. They are murdered when men In power course was C-31. 5) He is at present
City Editor. . . . . . . .Skip Havtser decide they're in the has little
way. They are victims of receiving an E in the course. He
Campus Living .Donna Mathison suicide when they deliberately perpetuate their hope of pulling this grade up to any higher
own errors. They starve when they lose sense level. 6) He does not have enough time to
.Editorial Assistants-Jim.1Stfl1o. AnnC utn.Don F.derm1n. of direction. Assuming the survival of Western read all of the material for this course and
Ton Levine, Sam Ullnun Ernie Lit! (Circulation: Nunifer civilization in the sixties, and survival of our his other courses. He would have time if he
Stan Kulp (Cartoonist), Ron Spencer, Gary Swallo Institutions of higher education, how may we didn't have to sleep, but for some reason we
.. insure survival of fraternities? all find sleep a minor necessity. 7) If he Is
Reporters Patti Pita (Student Co\en -xt Beat Chi"". "We must be useful, purposeful, and alert. not allowed to drop this course, he will"bomb"
Joe Kollln, Bob Colub Joe Waldorf. Stun. Kelivy. Yxett We have .been useful in the past; we can and it; thus giving him something on the order of a
Cardozb, Frank Shepard Lee Alexander Agnes Fogies Thelnu must be far more useful in the future. 1.6 overall. 8) A 1.6 overall is a fairly
Moss man, Marjorie Green. Evan Langbeln. Daud Kennedy "It Is generally agreed that we can't sustain large pill to ask a first trimester freshmanto
Terry Rogers, Susie Kalback Jeffrey Denkealter. Dick Dennis, take.
Beverly Faber, Dick Schneider, Greg S itz. Sue Dobbie, Lorraine The Alligator gladly accepts letters- Tigert Hall holds In the palm of Its hands
Vlscardi Ami Saperstein, Maureen Collins. Anne Cart rell, Kathy to-the-editor from all students and the future of many young men and women. It
Walker Barbara Lilt, Eunice I. Tall, G lens Laney. Interested non-students in the UF would be appreciated by many students If the
community. All we ask is that all lettersbe "counsellors" OVER THERE would realize
THE FLORIDA ALLIGATOR is the official student newspaperof signed and that a telephone numberbe their responsibility. My little brother was
the University of Florida and is published five times weekly included, so that letters may be "counselled" into taking too many hours. Now
except during May, June and July when it Is published semi- verified U some question should arise. that he realizes this, those over in Tigert who
weekly. Only editorials represent the official opirJon of The N.T.es will not be withheld on letters- are supposed to have the interest of the studentat
Alligator. Columns represent only the opinions of their authors. to-th-editor unless sufficient reason Is heart will not help him correct his mistake
TIM Alligator is entered as second class matter at the United given. The Alligator will not print letters by correcting theirs.
States Post Office at Gainesville. received anonymously.
Name Withheld

!* --- --,'" ..,. ".. < ..... .-,
Ii.\o.\ > F1nuo. ''''
..'W"_ h.wi..\'..' -


TuesdaY Dec. 1 1964. The Florida Alligator, Page 5 '
... ___ _. _.n -.. ----------- -




rw r



DANCERS IN the American Ballet Theater practice for tonight's performance In University Audi- I

torium. 'Les Sylphides, 'Don Quixote/ 'The Combat/ and 'Jerusalem Delivered' are scheduled.


'y SceneREID

POOL One of the most famous of all
Chairman, Department of Music ballets, it was first presented at '
a charity performance in St.
One of the world's great ballet Petersburg, Russia in 1908 under
companies, the American Ballet the title "Chopinlana" and '
Theatre, which appeared here last assumed its present title when
February, will return to the stageof brought to Paris by Dlaghllev. what can
University Auditorium tonight at Ballet Theatre's production was
8:15 as the final Lyceum attractionof the last to be mounted under the
the fall trimester. personal supervision of Michel
UF students obtain tickets on Fokine and stands as the definitive "
their I.D. cards at the Information version of the work. Tonight's job be
Booth across the street from the performance will star Ruth Ann my

Hub from 10 a.m. until 4 p.m. Koesun, Eleanor D'Antuono, Susan ,
Tickets for the general publicare Borree, and Gayle Young, with the .
available at the Record Bar Corps de ballet. "
923 W. Univ. Ave. from 10 a.m. Then follows the Grand Pas de
to 4 p.m., at $2. UF faculty may Deux from "Don Quixote" with at IBM ?
purchase faculty discount tickets choreography after Marlus Petipa

for $1 in Room 108 of the Music to music by Leon Minkus. The 'I; ...., .
Building, from 8 a.m. to noon and Pas de Deux stars Toni Lander I : ,' f!
1 p.m. to 5 p.m. If any seats are and Bruce Marks. ; ,,'f";
remaining they will be availableat ""
the door tonight. THE COMBATThe In IBM Data Processing, your job can be full of variety.

Especially when you consider all the ways computers are
BALLET PROGRAMFour third work of the eveningis
"The Combat" with

works are listed for the choreography by William Dollarto As an IBM Data Processing Systems Engineer, you would ,
performance. "Les Sylphldes," music by Raffaelo de Banfield.The .
be helping customers get the most from their computers.
ballet by Michel Foktne,with music Ballet, suggested by Canto
could be customers In science education
in and They government,
by Frederick Chopin as Canto XII of Tasso's poem,
orchestrated by Benjamin Britten, "Jerusalem Delivered," takes defense, industry, or business. You might even specialize ,<

opens the program. place In the days of the Crusades.The in one field.
opening scene tells of the first
encounter of Clorinda, the pagan Or,as an IBM Data Processing Representative, you would

girl, and Tancred, the Christian present to customer executives your ideas for doing their

warrior. In its final tragic scene work better with computers. Your own imagination and
Hall Visits Tan ere d discovers that the initiative are the limits of what you can accomplish In
adversary which he has just killed
marketing IBM products.If .
is the girl he loves. Susan Borree

Army Medical Specialist and John Kriza share the starring you are working toward a degree-In Liberal Arts, Engineering

Corps Procurement Officer Capt. roles. the Sciences, or Business Administrationfindout
Mary Hall is visiting UF tomorrowat The final work of the evening
what IBM can offer in the of achievement.
the Hub from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. returns to the University you way
Interested students In physicaland Auditorium stage the dazzling Thorough training at special IBM schoolswill prepare you

occupational therapy are par- Grand Pas-Glazounov, with for work In either Systems Engineering or Marketing.See .
ticularly urged to attend. choreography by George
Appointments outside, these Balanchlne and music, of course, your college placement officer for literature on these
hours can be made by calling the by Alexander Glazounov.This work careers-and make an appointment with our Inter-

Local Army Recruiting Office at was also presented here last viewers. IBM is an Equal Opportunity Employer.
376-1681, Ext. 216. February and proved to be a I.
Capt. Hall is a graduate of Alabama breathtaking rush of beauty and
College of Arts at Mont- motion building throughout with a Interviews February 10-11

evallo. Ala. series of Impressive climaxes. If cannot attend the Interviews write visit the
:-x:::: ::::r-#::::: : :::::;:::;:;:;:; :;:::::::::::;:::::::;:;:::;:m:::.:.: ::.:.:.:.::.::.:. ::::: ::::::::::::::;:: ::::;:;':':.;'.':':':'; you or
nearest IBM sales office.J. .

Cultural Help ProvidedThree

colleges on the UF campus are working together to develop
A. Rogers
an interdisciplinary approach to culturally disadvantaged youngsters
Branch ManagerP.
In Gainesville. IBM
These colleges: education, nursing and medicine, provide a program O. Box 2900
for these pupils who have been selected by their faculty. Jacksonville, Florida 32202
The program has three facets. Tutoring is provided by education DATA PROCESSING
students In EDF245. A physical exam is given to each child by
child psychiatrists and health Intervention is being supplied by

nursing students In 245. .
Ira J. Gordeo bead of the program, said "Along with this serTice 4 'z ,w
Is a resulting and evaluation program to determine whether
such assistance off in the apparent motivational selfconceptto '
pays .-
: ,,,,I' ; ,)
health. We also hope to determine what the administrative pro- '" t1'l\' I
blems are In implementing such assets and to determine what pro- : i..at.
cedure and tecblqucs seem to be the most fruitful." .,
.. ',.......::.t ....t..; .. "
XW..x.w..N; r" rr+:rrr .w7 a i ,
'h 4W..wN>>>>N.X-.X.N--: ; : .v'iv "n rc'; :x'411; f Y 4 1/"'


____ .. 1

"':::" .";' .;': ''. -..=::. -;.;-:-: .. . .v .. -

'!! /;, .


.*o.0 0 tOo' + *

;" t$1$ rntarKni ;d3


it'L sera


uwcu iBtZ*Hi 1 w'- This Christmas give an extra UNION

/ er ng Ina rr .::. .".. .ry, ..., ;}. DINNERWARE I wr r: I s special) gift for those s special: :

y tationsRemember :, people on your shopping list
Your choice of four beautiful a Whether it's' a movie camera
., r .
2 Sm y phony"ppatterns! Each set includes 8 rv a Y for Mom and Dad, or a diamond

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;. ,u ,,, .. 8 soup 8 saucers certain of your friends because each ir r they seem to find out- ;' Campus F Federal d I Credit Union
: ; 2, peaslso ,,
12 cu I p platter, I '. '' will finance a wonderful -
,. > vegetable bowl, I creamer of-the-ordinary cards to carry t their I Iday r greetings s? & You t' help y yi. you
4 .
,:.. and I sugar bowl with cover. can earn the same kind of a Christmascn eputation, if you haven t Christmas for those you
//s Laura rr '" i t ,r,,rs A real value in genuine china already. Visit our personalized Christ ird shop and choose from :.-' ,_ ; e love. For I loans dial I 376- at
r t; service for 8 1
plus sere .
s : ., ,aa" .Vlr ing pieces-only $$24.881 the refreshing Hallmark collection o; c Is S to be imprinted d with h s, 2250 day or night. 0w

c / Y your name. Here you'll'11 have<: tunx sti tmg cards to match h your .. ; office I Building I I "J", ext 2973. ., .

a'.} :, wr S personality and say "Merry Christ. i.. with a flair. ft.Then, F rt Branch office in the Health Center 0

p ,,,,,>,, 2488 ; .JAtj in a short time, y you'II b become famous I your C 'd si s- 4 t tU ext.t 5107.

ProYlnclal R 8 se i f:;=:;>; cards your friends will open each y yt| with g gti great expectations. oWM, etOR.,,

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Service for 8! .
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...., ..
"" :::::: :" "" '
o ... __ -- t:: w. w.. .,
0 West Univ. Ave at 6th St., ;t :i.f Y\:' "" ; ,
o i:" ."':: .

k I"r{ : "

ANYONE WILL BE PROUD TO RECEIVE AND ENJOY A j, ,. h ii orrectcurriculum

"." .... -1 '
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11 It's' a change purse It's' a makeup kit I \ in University

RADIO I 0 RAN f? fl, *r Slacks
We;know that "SLACKS" are a practical gift, but t many

AM FM I in school iust have to be practical. Of course, hewould
x -
._ ..... ,,,...- guys but this he'll'II s settle
,K .M.e:. rather b have a sports car, year
RADIO for several pair of slacks. Great assortment. From

"1 $ $$9.95. Gift wrapped at no charge. Free parking In

A rear of store. i

! We Gift WrapCOUCH'S
I It's' the new Clutch Purse(r Lady Y Buxton r

608 N N.MAIN ST, 225 W. University Ave. ,
It's a snap to open and close: has then] f* self-centering snap. ,
j It's' a snap to find what you want: ihd ec separate compart- S Specialists P in University y Clothing o
) Selling ZENITH Since* 193 3 c ments keep your things in order'' Can! |Ind photos stay crisp '
I 0. .protected from pencil points nail'1'*,bobby pins.Yet for
all it holds, this Clutch Purse is comps enough to tuck into
a carry-all. handsome" enough to car \ alone. Fine leathers
\' in fabulous colors. UfDY BUXTON
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> .and CHESTNUTS is the store fe greeting cards, as well

; ROYALTRAVELLER r r as lovely gift wrapping f for your 9 g1 ts, and stationery THE NEW

j \t Our Prici. also leather billfolds, key cases, rench purses, w ,

.H$4s.oo(T)$M:{s n'i' T Thrtt-Suitir,'. :S:'. :. . $$33.77 cigarette cases, brief cases, I je* 'Iry boxes s, I'JtJlnc d 'U'aJ M

1 ruM.n$$42.50.n'i' Two-SuiUr. . . $til I.cl I.// and t travel I kits.I There arf *ty mvit- t to f .

LUGGAGE [UJ$27.50$ T* '.,.Companion. . .CJit. $tOft.77 tations and art supplies. 1t.In unusual \\II"; f .
BY __ I
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\ i rriw)$ ",..[End.Toto. . . tlQ.77 O .'.J.

i ( Chestnut Office e E EC uipment l Co. '
' The travel-tested .
luggage with the sleek look of the future ", ,
(slim looking outside, amazingly spacious Inside). Ultra-strony, ve. ;. > ,:
i I light-wei q ht molded construction with specially designed 106 W. University ultramodern in design, t the .sleek ..r\' 4:0 II
Though 1'1'.r
frame made of magnesium, the jet-age metal. Covered with s., In d downtown Gainc ville of the p Personal Pocket r 'Piece, are ';;. ", ... ... i I a
colorful wear-resistant vinyl that resists scuffs, stains and contours of .. WATCH JfWfllY llfAIISr I 1.:,',
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mull 1
: of( the r'tCrt ,
reminiscent t :'1
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p.j that I the ancient Chinese + "
linings harmonize with the handsome exterior finishes : HAND AND 'MACMINf (INGIAV1NO;
I : -1. ... soothing latin-
., Blue, White' Grey, Olive. B Brown, R Red.Imperial d. \-- >i te stones. \When\ you f-IIM DIAMOND, () SltTlNO
? __._ smooth surface.. of f t this new watch youII appreciate' the quiet
effect t produced by the jade as s it was held and rolled
, Division of' ing vest, lapel I or trouserpocket
-.... o between the fingers.* Designed as f a ,14 "
I with
) .
witch. the p Prrtorul, 1 Pocket Piece is equipped' "' '
chains ,at t no additional 1 cost.t '" ..A
.. -pfated .
Furniture \ 3 interchangeable gold on the "back' it.makes.\ .t. i; '\"'. ,.
t Manufacturers Sample e House \With" an appropriate r metuge" engraved $ '. ,
'I. ; See it today.Perfouf ( ,, .
.an entiling'gift.>< ; 8 t. tP"; J' /;'
'' WI :
: at t the intersection of S.W. 13th '" .., ;,i. ti.'t' A A'I ,.. .,. "
St. 8& the Williston i( Road fodet Piecr, ,I'N: / *.*,*.. wars, a, 's. ie tlil6" ) ;-
m / 211 W. University Ave. 372.8658 y
__ ''i"H'; 14"/) fOld| marltl/ 'f S1SO In,fold "MM VH
Phone 376-7816

t i

-.-- -- -..-- .. ..___________..____.._. __ ". ___ ...,.",.".... ._ "1'1\-\ ._ If ''_1.. '" II'1J.I' ._. 1 ........_.

.... '" .

Page 8, The Florida Alligator, Tuesday, Dec. 1 1964



r For Sale I I L For Sale I WantedONE II AutosPORSCHE I I Real EstateFOR I

3 BEDROOM 2 BATH, 2 year old FOR SALE: 1963 Allstate Motor FEMALE ROOMMATE to OWNERS-UNITE I Joinus SALE BY OWNER moving to
home. Carport, built-in kitchen Scooter. 175. Call 81494. (A- slure apartment at Colonial Manor at a fish fry on Sunday, Tampa, exceptional 4 bedroom 2
Plenty of room. $500 down and 58-5t-p). starting January 1. Call Sherry December 6th at Cedar Key. For bath home," new electric kitchen.
assume $75 per month payments. 6-9282 evenings. (C-62-3t-p). further Information call 64836. Over 60' storage space. Separatework
1741 NW 55th Terr. Call 6-4323. (G-62-tf-nc). shop. Tree shaded patio.
(A-62-7t-c). FEMALE ROOMMATE wanted to Washer & dryer included. John
share nice 2 bedroom apartmentnear 1957 DODGE Custom Royal two- Dillon, 225 N.W. 26th Street. 372-
IDEAL HOME for University & campus. Reasonable rates. tone blue, 4-dr. sedan, power 7658. (I-62-St-c).

VIKING 4-track, stereo tape deck. Medical Center personnel. Lovely Call 6-648U. (C-62-tf-c). steering. Must sell immediately.
Model 76 compact. Slightly used. location 5 min. from Univ. 3 $395. Car at 1415 NW 3rd Ave. FOR SALE BY OWNER LEAVING
175. Call Univ. Ext. 2832betweeo: bedroom, 2 bath with large living TWO COEDS to share large 2 Call 376-1567 after 5 p.m. (G- AREA: Furnished duplex, leased
8 and 5.A-51-tf-nc). space. FHA financing. Call FR bedroom apartment. $28.33 per 62-41-c). with income of $185. PJ.TJ. $117.
64097. (A-55-20t-c). month. Call 3782073. 103 N. E. Price $15,800 good terms. To see
11th Street. (C-62-lt-p). TRIUMPH TR-3, 1958. 1961 call 372-7658. (I-62-5t-c).
engine, like new condition. See
5 MALE ROOMMATES WANTED to at 1014 NW llth Ave. (G-61-5t-c).
CHRISTMAS GIFT, New Beige I '62 SKYLINE 46x10, 2 BDR.
share clean, spacious 5-bedroom,
Sweater Suit, Size 38 top, 12 skirt. Trailer for sale. Air conditioned. 1964 FIAT 4-door sedan, in
2-bath home with this student.
Must sell before Christmas. Bob l>> Very nice. Phone Hickory Hill excellent condition with only 8,000 .1
(Present roommates graduating) Services ]
Keyserllng, Box 13392 University Trailer Park, 376-3694, after 5:30 COMPLETELY FURNISHED: 2 miles. $250 equity and take over
Station. (A-61-5t-p). p.m. (A-57-tf-c), balance of $750. May be seen at
refrigerators, stoves, curtains,
104 SW 8th Street after 5 p.m.
rugsdishessilvertelevision etc. (G-54-tf-nc). PORTRAITS, COPIES, PROJECT
$40.00 per month includes utilities: PHOTOS at reasonable prices,
ADMIRAL REFRIGERATOR. 2 telephone, daily newspaper, 1957 quick service. SNEERINGER'
doors, 6 years old, excellent I For Rent I electricity, etc. AVAILABLE for Hardtop.PLYMOUTH Radio, heater 2-dr, V-8 stick FURY shift PHOTOGRAPHY, 1013 W. Univ.
condition. Make offer. 372-3890. occupancy December 18th. Rent in floor, good tires. Excellent Ave. (M-62-3t-c).
(A-60-31-C). begins January. Call 376-8804,ask buy
for $295. Call 2-3251 after 6 --
for Don. (C-61-tf-c). p.m.

private entrance and kitchen ONE MALE TO share 4 room home. Will pick up and deliver.
CABANA 16x9 enclosed, 9x12 privileges. Ideal for student who apartment.April rent already paid. 3768586. (M-61-5t-c).
roofed patio with 4x4 closet, rug, needs quiet place to study. Call See at 914 SW 7th Avenue. Apt. 1, J L PersonalYOU I
space heater and curtains. Cheap 3727883. 3715 N.W. 7th Place. or phone 3722974. (C-61-5t-c).
$300.00. On nice shady lot.Ralley's (B-62-tf-c).
Trailer Park. 3301 Rocky Pt. Rd.
ONE COED Roommate for 2 ,
James Arnold. (A-60-5t-p). bedroom apartment behind Norman CAN ENJOY A delicious
Hall. $18.75 per month. Call Helen Chanukah dinner, Sunday night the
at the Hlllel Foundation for
AVAILABLE JANUARY 1st. FR 28810. 1016 SW 8th Ave. only
MOVING-MUST SELL 1964 Ducatl Comfortable suite of rooms (large (C-61-5t-c). $1.50. Make your reservations now
Falcon -- 80 motorcycle $170 or bedroom with twin beds and study) by calling 3722900. Come one, fLoiOa
best offer. See Jeff at 116 NW for two quiet gentlemen. Apply come all, we'll have a ball! (J-

7th Terr. 372-6643. (A-59-tf-c). 321 SW 13th St. (B-62-lt-c). 62-lt-c). alllqatoRf
I Help WantedSTUDENT I DRY CLEAN 8 lbs. $1.50. Thisis
approx. 10 articles of clothing.
GAINESVILLE. .DRIVE IN. 2 BEDROOM Apartment, $90 per to University Post Office. ()
month, available January 1st. Call (J-53-tf-c).
ANNMARGRET'SMORE 2-7683. 322 B NE 11th Street. to live on premisesand .
For sale, studio couch $55. (B- work full-time during ADVERTISINGRESULTSI
SIZZLING 62-tt-c). Christmas vacation and spare-
time afterwards. Room rent to
constitute partial payment. For GATOR
BEFOREI..IN"KITTEN! 2 BEDROOM APARTMENT, com- more Information, phone FR
pletely furnished, pine paneled, 63012. (E-62-U-C).
WITHA kitchen fully equipped. Extra nice.
2 blocks from campus. Available SECRETARY WANTED. Part
January 1. 921 SW 6th Ave., time employment. 8:30 a.m. to ADS
FR 68032. (B-61-5UC). 12:00 noon. Preferably wife of

WHIP"P graduate student or PHD candidate. CENTER
Typing Shorthand required.Paid SELL 617 N. Main St.
vacation, etc. Please call 3768238between
FURNISHED NEW air-conditioned, SUZUKISales
8:30 & 12
split level apartment. For 3 boysor a.m. & Service
girls. 3 blocks from campus. the 30th, 1st & 2nd. (E-61-3t-c).

Call 376-1301 after 1 p.m. 1824
NW 3rd Place. (B-59-5t-c). CIRCUIT DESIGN Technician/ IT'S HERE AG/.IN...

engineer.Industrial experience Immediate preferred.Pay opening.. LONDON BROIL STEAKSPECIAL

FLORIIDA r open. Full time only. ContactMr.
McLeoud or Mr. Parker,
3723518. Atkins Technical Inc.,
3606 SW Archer Road. Manu-
facturers pf temperature and

humidity instrumentation. (E-59- LONDON BROIL . 1.1 '


Tax. .

1 .. *ft N / CJMfTON1TEI 1.2 "-- ..
rAST DAY t4 2 SMASH HITS! Served with French Fries, Baked "?''

Open 6:30 Show at 7:00 or Mashed Potatoes, Tossed Salad

Ifl' M1rM V SEE.. BOTH- LATE- AS 9OQ and all the Hot Rolls and Butter
,YelaGolO w.Yaa DIems
i Sewn Irts(tataon you want.
NOVAKHARVEY Mon.Tues.. -Wed. Only

STARTS WEDNESDAY ,\IN S. M E :)t "'' .-iv: -4-8 P.M.


2nd COLOR HIT 9:00
14 S.W. First St. (Behind Sears)

,( M MNR MRIIna 10:30a.m. 8 p.m.


In Friday FOR TAKE-OUT --- 372-2405.

r .


Tuesday, Dec. 1 ,, 1964, The Florida Alligator, Page 9 ..JI +c
.r Pooped ? ti

.4+ -- -- ..... ua .... .

(Continued From Page 1)) Campus News Briefs

students. These students their ;;;; ;
carry problems ::: ::
home." i.$:;.:|: Dames Meet Debate Tonite $::>:::
I "A solution to drop-outs does exist. Junior col- :j|:; The Architecture and Fine Final arrangements'' for theOxford i; :
leges help students adjust to the university, accord- ::::: Arts Dames will meet tonight Debate will be made :
Ing to Barge. ::;::;::: at 8 at the University Women's tonight at 7:30 in Tigert Hall : :
"But," he added "some students who come here ::jji::: Club on Newberry Road. Mrs. Room 331 at the Debate Society I:::::

from Junior colleges think they have college"licked. :::::: Jo Palmer demonstrate how meeting. :
:vxto::: make Christmas decorations Members participating in the ::::::
.This is a period of stress as far as making ::!:vi:;:: from blown-out egg shells.For University ,of South Floridapj:S
decisions I' concerned and too many students don't ::::::: further information call 376- Tournament will practice$:::::
trust their parents.Communications between the stu- :$:$:: 8687 after 5 p.m.il debate at the meeting. 1@'Hamlet'
dent and the parents break down. Parents are :::: 1

interested in the student. They can help in the adJustm |:$ Student Wives |:1:|:
t to school.
:5S:::: 4'Hamletstarring Laur- tj:|::|;|
though,"most students can find help for :::::::: Mrs. Kay Welborn, assistant ence Oliver, will play tonight ||::::|::;
their problems, he said. $:::|i:;program director of the Florj&iida through Friday night at 7 In pS-:: .
"Most students that are dropping out have neg- Buckingham :::::::: Union, will be guest speaker Walker Auditorium for card- |:::ij3:;:
lected studying and are vlctums of their own net '::::::::;er the Psychology Student carrying members of the Hu- $\:$
weaving," said Dr. William Childers, a University ::::&::::Wives Group meeting tonight:1iat Man I t1 e s Memberships :Sgi-i:::

College counselor. Speaks :::?: 8 at 811 NW 37th Drive.Peace. for the rest of the year may :::
Tonight ...
"Now they are Instead .... :
worrying of studying, be purchased at ,the door, .. :'::*

he* said. "These after people should have come to seea ...j1m.....u.:::::.:.::.::.:::.:0.::&:::.:..::.:::::: :::::;.:.;.:..;:..;:.;._:;.:;..:;.:_;:;:;:;:;..:..::.;-:;:..;:.;...:;.:-;.:.:.;.:>:.:=.::.::..::.::.:;.:;.:;.::.:;.:.;..n..:.;..:;..:.;.....;.lOt::-:;--.-:.;:;.:..;:....;:..;.:.;.:.;.:.;:.;:.;:;.:;..1m ,.i..
counselor doing badly on the first roundof R,W, Buckingham, commercial
progress tests. When I say to come over after director for the General Telephone
taking the progress test I so not mean the next Company, Tampa, will speak to the UFer Injured Mishap
morning. Everyone thinks they did badly then. Wait Student Public Relations Organi-
until grades are posted. Then we can help the stu-
zation, (SPRO) tonight at 7:30 in
Kent Lauber, 2UC, suffered severe lacerations of the head and
dent find out what
the problem is.
the school of journalism. face Saturday when his motorcycle was hit by a car driven by TerryR.
He said, "Many of those who do come cannot
Knapp, a former UF student, according to Dean fo Men FrankT.
define what the problem is and why they are doing A _grid late of the University of1 Adams.
badly. If they can', they are on the to
North Dakota, Buckingham, spent Lauber was driving his motorcycle west on University Avenue
problem. several years in the newspaper when he was stopped by an officer directing traffic at the cornerof
Dr. Robert Marcus, a C-2 Instructor, said, business In North Dakota and New University Avenue and Fletcher Drive. Knapp's car failed to
"The Ccourses run help sessions for those stu-
York before coming to Florida in
stop an hit the motorcycle throwing Lauber through the car's wind-
dents who are doing badly. 1955. shield.
"One main thing is the student does not to
go Lauber, who will remain in Alachua General Hospital for abouta
his instructor for help. The instructors have office
Carrier-Bresson week, said he was returning to the Murphree Area after driving
hours for that reason and that is what
they are
another person into town. The accident occured at 5:30 Saturday
to do teach he said.
suppose ,
Henri Cartier-Bresson, well- afternoon.
[Eastern And Western known photographer who has exhibited Knapp was charged with careless driving by city police.
euRope prize-winning photographsin Adams, said that had Lauber been wearing a crash helmet, he
gallaries throughout the United would not have contracted such serious head injuries.
Student Tours States and Europe, will speak at "There may be a time when we are going to have to require UF
the University City Kiwanis Club students operating motorcycles to wear crash helments," he said.
-'" meeting at 12:15 at the PrimroseInn.
SKOV If Interested, Call .

Bresson is the author of a bookon Corps I
I artistic photography, "The De-
"INTERNATIONAI.; Apt. 79Colonial cisive Moment," published In 1952.

Manor Apts. lie is currently head of Magnum (Continued From PaRe 1)) Davis added many graduates do

Gainesville Fla. Photography, a company he founded not work In the field of their
which has offices In Paris and degrees.
Drop 4 and 7 p.m. .
376-5517 New York.
today "They get a greater sense of
card Davis said students at level
a Bresson is known for his pic- any participation and
ture-stories and documentaries, can take the test, but juniors and experience working a more In meaningful another-

such as his series "The Death seniors are encouraged. field" he said.Volunteers .
of Ghandl," which won him the The corps needs mathamatlcs
first place award in the U.s.Cam- and science teachers, agriculturalskills
The University Of Florida era photo contest in 1948. nurses and physicians. can chose a countryto
Davis said those majoring In any serve and every effort'is madeto
field can serve in the Peace Corps. meet the request, according to
Those students not completing college I- Davis but this is not always possible -
.cIa.f3S; I'iI'1gNow can serve also. because the volunteer's skill
ooK A. pR "There are those serving who may not be needed In the countryof
Fog don't have high school diplomasbut his choice.

Available off-campus .. aSSIfErR1oN po isess certain skills and are Presently the Peace Corps Is
highly .notlvated. Motivation Is the serving In 48 coutrles: on every
most Important thing," M said. major continent.
al L

Gainesville Music Centers' Big Free .

t HOOTENANNYFriday ir1:1:

Dec. 4th, 7:00 p.m.

Make yew trip U Curtpe pay for hsetf




MCMBC AMERICAN Grind Duchy of Luxembourg
GEM SOCIETY 1st Prize Classic Guitar Value $40 -Paying lobs In Europe such as
shipboard work retort, sales,
J iQ34cieFS office, farm, child care and factory
GInesv e's Quality 2nd Prize Motorola) Transistor Radio work may be obtained by
college student through the
American Student Information
Value $22 Service. Wares range to |300 a
month, and the first 5000 applicant
receive $2W travel grants.
3rd Prize $10.00 Gift Certificate Job and travel grant applicationsand
complete details are avail
able In a 36'page illustrated
103 W University Ave. booklet which student may obtain
Gainesville Music Center by sending $2(for the bqok-
let and airmail pottage) to'Dept.
D, AS!!, 22 Ave de la Liberty
Luxembourg City Grand Duch
1023-25 West University Ave. 372-5421 of Luxembourg. .Interested ato-,

dents should write immediately,
f "

;' ft .. 10, .The Florida Alligator, Tuesday, Dec. 1 1964 . . .. . ... .............................. ........ .
tivw <*<<*>>>>>> ;

I Freshman Coed Previews REVIEW'E E I

:::: The news of tomorrow's Alligator is broadcast every nighton by the Florida Association 01 Broadcasters. She also had a week-

:::: a quick, four-minute preview prepared by a Florida freshman, ly column of high school news In the St. Petersburg Independent. ::'::;
:: Thelma Jane Mossman. Thelma knew she wanted to go into radio and TV broadcasting ::::

:::: r Late each afternoon Thelma spends about three hours condensing when she came to Florida. ;::i

::::: / all the most important news of the following day's ALligator She didn't know she would create, write, and broadcast her ::

:: ( into a four minute "Gator Press Review" script to be. own show. ::::
:: heard ::::
:: at 11:10 on WRUF.

:::: She divides her script into two parts: a two minute rundown The idea came at a Florida Union open house during Orientation 1

:::: of "hard news" and two minutes of features, club news and Week when Thelma asked Alligator Editor Walker Lundy about ::::

:::: e : announcements. news broadcasting. He remembered a university news show that :::;
:: ::
:: had gone off the air several years ago. :;
:::: Thelma then goes to the WRUF studio in the stadium and tapes "It was something he had heard about when he was a fresh- ::::

the features and club news section of her program. The "hard man or sophomore to show you how long it had been off the air," ;::::
:::: news" is done "live" by WRUF announcer Rick Dawn. said Thelma. :r
:::: By this time, it's getting rather late--probably about 8:30 .:.:

:::: t or 9:00, said Thelma, and time for dinner. "As soon as we had the idea," she said"all I had to do was ::::
:::: get a time to broadcast and start to work." ::::
f:: Thelma, someday hopes to rise from the "Gator Press Re- Thelma said most of the shows have gone off as planned except ::::
:::: view" to become a Washington TV commentator. ::
one time when the tape of her voice and a concert were ::
:::: r.
played simultaneously.All
.. :::: During her senior year in high school, she had worked on 1

:::: a TV teen-age panel program, "Teen Topics," in her hometown,

111 \ > St. Petersburg, getting the panel together each month and deciding in all, however, Thelma feels she has been pretty lucky. 1

:::: t" panel topics. For her work on the WSUW-TV show, she "Things just go my way," she said. "Some day they won't, ::::
:::: won the Silver Mike Award given to several teen-agers each year and I'll probably fall apart." ::

r..:.;..;.;..;.:.:.:.::.:.;.;.;:.;.;.;:.;..;.....;..........:...:...:...:.....................:......:.................................................;........;...;..;..;';.';.;.;..;..;.;.;..;.;.;.;.;.;';.';.;.;.;..;...;..;..;..;..;..;..;..;..;..;..;..:..;:.!..:..:..:..:..:...,.;..;..;..;..;..:..:..;..;..;..;..;..;..;.;'.;'.;'.;'..'.;'.............,........................,...:..........:............;..:..................:.....:...:-..:....:..:...:......:..:...:...n.:.:.:.:...:...:..:..:..:..:..:..:..:..:..:..:..:..:..:..:..:.:.:.:.:..:-.:..:-:-:..:..:..:.:-:.:..: ::::.:;::.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:;:Jli

I Student Placement Works

I To Find WorkWANTED I "To be, or not to be--

that is the question. Whe- J

theritls noblest in the mindto
: Student Workers"It 35 states. The service sends out g

is our goal to help every more than 1,000 form letters to suffer the slings and arrows -

student find a Job, whether in or such agencies as hotels, motels, of outrageous fortunes,
out of school", said Michael G. and restaurants in an attempt to ,
Malaghan, 3 BA of Student Govern- obtain positions for students want- or to take arms against a

ment's Placement Service. ing jobs.In of troubles. "
1. Check and mate. How about 2. Let's act it out. I'll be
another game? the boss. Try and sell me.
The placement service receives 1963, the placement service
We begin with this famous I'd like Fred but .
job listings throughout the nation placed more than 150 students in Okay.I

and the service has "access to Christmas jobs. During the same quote, for certain have job interview.to get set fora

information regarding jobs any- year, over 400 students workedat
friends of
where in the world," Malaghan the World's Fair in New York, our ,
added. securing their positions throughthe the NEW ORANGE PEEL,

The university placement ser- placement service, Malaghansaid. upon an elementary peru-
vice is on the mailing lists of .
sal of our upcoming issue,
"Our World's Fair employmentgoal
have informed that
The employment is div- this us our
program year is 1,000", he added.
ided into four areas: Christmas, Malaghan said a few students are boldness and spirited ideas

summer, World's Fair, and other turned away from receiving em-
employment positions designed for ployment, "but this is only tem- may bring upon our headsa

students who do not attend school porary. We try to find positionsfor reprimand from higher

during, the fall or winter trimes- all students who are lookingfor authorities.

ters, Malaghan said. employment".

3. "Good morning, Mr. Fishwick." 4. "Just give me the facts."
UF Speech Gets $$$
I You know darn "Hi there, Freddie' boy, "Well, sir, I took Quine'scourse
buddy, old pal: in mathematical

logic, got a B in
Wittgenstein's linguistic
The Florida plus tuition and fees."
University speech analysis, and I'm a

department received over $25,000 The UF has graduate studentsnow well we've got bug on 16th-century"
dollars for training speech path- Flemish painting.
on the trainee program according -
ologists and audiologists this year.
to Moore. No one studentcan
The money was received throughthe
receive aid from the VRA /l1
Vocation Rehabilitation Admin- for more than two to be r
years. good
istration (VRA) to help subsidize
"Our people here work with
graduate students going into this
members of this community and
line of work.
from around the state, Moore ad-
Speech pathologists work with
ded. "They feel a person is hand-
people who have speech defects
icapped both In his chances for
ranging from common stutter ing to
earning a living or getting an education -
cases which have had a larynx
removed and must be taught to speech when defect.he"is afflicted witha (all over the place) ,

speak again.
"There are three levels of gra- --

duate work these tralneeships are 7 BARBER-S TO SERVE YOU
awarded at," said Paul G. Moore,
5. "You seem well rounded. 6. "You're the kind of
just man weWhat's
head of the UF speech department."At Razor HaircutsED "
i your major? need-a disciplined thinker who
the first graduate level where c
can tie a lot of things together
the student is working for his "Musicology} cum laude. and use logic to solve complex
masters, the trainee is awarded LACKEY But I'm getting my MA. business problems.The M.A.
$2,400 a year plus tuition and fees. P HARVEY BELL in experimental psych. helps too. Systems engineeringor
In his first year of work towardhis operations research workat
doctors, the student is a- TONY PEDRERO Equitable is for you."

warded $2,800 a year, plus tuition NILO VICARI
how'd know
and fees, and in the students you
JERRY BUTLER I'm interviewingwith
second year of work toward his
doctors he Is given $3,500 a year, JAMES HALL

YAMAHA BMWMotorcycles For complete information about career opportunities at Equitable,see

your Placement Officer, or write to Edward D. McDougal Manager.

for The Discriminating CaBOlyn plaza BaRBeR Shop Manpower Development Division.

rYCLERAMA The EQUITABLE Life Assurance Society of the United States

97-2n 21 SE 2nd Place 160 W. University Ave. ,Ph. 372-9129 Home Office: 1285 Avmue of the Americas, New York,N.110019 01964
An Equal Opportunity E..plovnPage


1 JI

Tuesday Dec. 1. 1964 The Florida Alligator Page H
,u ..2.._.

I Bowl-Bound Teams Win

: impressive wins by two Crimson Tide the mythical national
::: wi-bound teams--Alabama and championship.The down with 1:10 left in the game, < ws
:::: Georgia-"highlighted the action on Tide played with Its back when quarterback Tom Bryan hit
:::: [he Southeastern Conference(SEC) to the wall much of the game but wing back Jim Sidle with a 16-yard
:::: ootball scene this past weekend. always managed to come up with scoring strike.
:::: The Crimson Tide tamed the the big play that killed Auburn's Auburn outgained Alabama in
:::: uburn Tigers 21-14, to give scoring chances. total offense, accumulating 301
:: labama Its second perfect season Alabama's defense stopped yards to the Crimson Tide's 245.
:::: n four years. Immediately after Auburn on the one-yard line late The Georgia Bulldogs came into
:::: he game, Alabama accepted an In the third quarter.Minutes later, the 1964 gridiron campaign figuredby
:::: invitation to play In the Orange Alabama defensive back John most of the experts to be the
:::: Bowl in Miami on January 1,1965. Mosley Intercepted a pass on the doormat of the SEC. Instead, the
=::: Georgia's Bulldogs battered 11 th Alabama one. Bulldogs wound up third In the

!:! ranked Georgia Tech 7-0, Dan Kearley recovered an conference and finished as one
::: recording Georgia's best record Auburn fumble on the Alabama of Its strongest teams.

((6-3-1)[ ) since 1959. The triumph 22-yard line, and three plays later, Georgia, a hard-nost'ddefenslve
r bid team, took advantage of the breaks
= earned Georgia a to the Sun Alabama scored the deciding
"!1 Bowl in El Paso, Texas, on Dec. touchdown. Saturday. The Bulldogs recovered
: Alabama trailed 7-6 halftime four Tech fumbles, Including one
:: 26.In other games Involving SEC but scored its go-ahead touchdownon at the Engineers' 22 which set up

::1 earns, Vanderbilt beat Tennessee the second-half kick-off. Ray the lone touchdown.
:: or the first time since 1959, 7-0; Ogden took the Auburn kick seven Georgia scored its touchdownwith
: Duke 170.Alabama's 3:27 left in the third quarter.
: and Tulane surprised yards deep In the end zone, and _
Preston Rldlehuber threw for 16 ----- ..
: perfect season, raced all the way for the score.
":; coupled with Southern California's Steve Sloan ran for the two points yards to fullback Leon Armbrestertosetupthetally.Quarterback LARRY DUPREE gives extra effort against Miami.
; upset of previously unbeaten Notre and it was Alabama leading, 14-7.
: Dame, 20-17, should yield the Auburn its Rldlehuber bulled his way through I
scored second touch-
the un_ Tprh_____ 0"line__, u from_'" Ihran'..... I.uaprtoout ...
to score. Dupree Collects AwardsFlorida's

Georgia Tech, which lost its
last three games after winning the
first seven, managed only five first Larry Dupree has been The second team has Charles
A- downs. named to the first team in the SEC Casey of Florida and Doug
Senior halfback Bob Sullins for the third year In a row. Moreau of LSU at ends, Dan
scored the only touchdown of his Tucker Frederickson, versatile Kearley of Alabama and Tommy
college career to lead Vanderbiltto fullback of the Auburn Tigers, Neville of Mississippi State at
Its victory over arch-rival and Steve DeLong, muscular tackles, Stan Hlndman of
Tennessee. Tennessee had won middle guard of the Tennessee Mississippi and Wayne Freeman of
I nine of the previous 10 games of Vols lead the 1964 all-Southeastern Alabama as guards, Gaylon Mc-
I the series. Conference football team Collough of Alabama at Center
I I Sullins third quarter touchdownwas announced Tuesday by United and Sloan, Hoyle Granger of
set up by Halfback Toby Wilt. Press International.Only Mississippi State and Mike Dennis
Wilt's 40-yard sprint carried to Kentucky and Georgia, each and Jim Weatherly, both of
the Tennessee four-yard line. with two, placed more than one man Mississippi, In the backfield.
Tennessee drove to the on the all conference team. Hlndman was a first team
Kentucky's entries were halfback selection last Neville on the
Vanderbilt line year
one-yard in the
Tom Jones and Fanny Hill were only two of the
Rodger Bird, the SEC second team and
rushing the
18th-century fictional characters who had trouble first half, but the Commodoresheld. Granger on
maintaining their virtue in a world that, it would An earlier Volunteer field leader, and end Rick Kestner, the third team.
seem, couldn't care I.:ss. At one time or another, most goal try from the Vandy five-yard SEC pass catching leader.Both are This year's third team ends,
of the period's leading writers were preoccupied with line failed. juniors. Tommy Tolleson of Alabama and
the problem, and none more so than Daniel Defoe. Tennessee's strong point was the Georgia was represented by Its Tommy Inman a repeater of
After getting Robinson Crusoe out of his system, he introduced Interior defense--led by senior two top tackles -- 243-pound Jim Mississippi State; tackles, Dennis
Moll)) Flanders and, in 1724, a lovely young guard Steven DeLong. Delong wasa Wilson and 235-pound! Ray Rlss- Murphy of Florida and George
thing named Roxana. miller both seniors Rice of >SU
first-round draft choice of both from ; guards, Dill
Pennsylvania.The Rlchbourg of Florida and Justin
Although not as well)) known today as Fanny or Molly, the Chicago Bears and the San
remainder of Can lie
the all-SEC of
Mississippi State;
Roxana had a far more splendid career and certainly Diego Chargers.In .
deserves equal billing. Starting as a penniless 22yearold punting of Vandy's Jerry team, from seven different center, Ruffln RodrIfue I repeater '.'
widow with five children, she resorted to a course Shuford and Rond Widby of schools, Included end Allen Brownof of LSU; and backs Joe Labrvzzo
which, if not praiseworthy, is certainly successful. Tennessee kept both teams in poor Mississippi; guard Re ml Prud- of LSU, Steve Spurrier of Florida
Becoming the toast of princes and lords and rich mer- field position. Twice the Vols honme of Louisiana State; center and Steve Bowman and David Ray
chants, Roxana was a courtesan who was frank enoughto kicked the ball inside Vandy's Pat Watson of Mississippi State; of Alabama.
admit the advantages of her situation and woman ten-yard line, but each time and backs Joe Namath of Alabamaand
enough to live a life of marvelous high adventure.You Larry Dupree of Florida all Tolleson and Spurrier are the
Shuford kicked out to near midile Id.
will meet her in ROXANA: TilE FORTUNATE MIS- seniors. _only sophomores on the squad.
TRESS (Dolphin, $1.25), "among the few English novel
Virginia Woolf once wrote, "which we can call
indisputably great."

Turning to a more American pursuit, we commend to
your attention a book entitled, with sensibly descrip-
tive long-windedness, How To BE A CONSISTENT WIN-
95p). John Crawford, one of the most successful card ---'
players of our day, doesn't'pretend to have written a ,, N
book for the rank beginner. But for anyone with / \ '
average skill at bridge, gin rummy, poker, pinochle,
blackjack, or hearts, H. T. B. A. C. W. I. T. M. P. C. G. "' ,
(as it is known around the office) should prove a very this ( R -t .A'1'

sound 951 iavestment. i, ; ,1 .

We introduce our final book for the month with its 't"" "
opening sentence: "Education is indeed the dullest of \ ', .': i / '"
subjects and I intend to say as little about it as I can."
What Jacques Barzun does talk about in TEACHER IN Vllfeel /, .
AMERICA (Anchor, 95!) is teaching itself the crucial SpOt ,
process of communication in modern life, in and out i
of the classroom. And, since Professor Barzun is one .
of our most accomplished prose stylists as well &* a
great teacher, his book fully lives up to praise such as
that supplied by the reviewer in The Nation: "The :-.
wittiest and most amusing as well as one of the sound- sticky ? '
est and most penetrating of books upon education thatI .
have ever read." TEACHER IN AMERICA is already
widely-recognized as a classic, and it is avidly read ...
by a larger audience every year. \\1,

The three boob reviewed above are published NEITHER DOES OLD SPICE STICK DEODORANTDries
the sponsors of this column, Doubleday Anchor
Boob, X77 Park Avenue, .Vfw York City and as it applies in seconds. And stays dryl Gives
Doubleday & Company, ,"e., Garden City, New you fast comfortable dependable deodorant
York. You'll find them all at one of the belt
equipped booksellers in the country your own protection. Lasting protection you can trust. Try it.
College .tor,. Old Spice Stick Deodorant for Men 1.00 plus tax


'. Page 12, The Florida Alligator, Tuesday, Dec.1 1964 .

... .............................................................................................................;>......................................;.?. .;............ .....: .:...............:............:........;....................._.I.!it.M.iIii"JtiJ::: Mount
: :: : ::: i : Injuries

I It Cagers Face Virginia; MilitaryFlorida's ; ; ,. I

.........\. .s In Gator CampThe

basketball team meets The cagers have had no Injuriesin coached by Gary McPherson with

Virginia Military at Florida Gym pre-season practice, and Coach Joe Hobbs, former Gator cage hobbled Florida football be used for punting when there Is
tomorrow night at 8 p.m. Sloan feels this squad has shown great, as his assistant.The team started to prepare for its a chance for a coffin corner boot,
more confidence and ability in the trip to Tiger Stadium yesterdaywith but Coach Graves said barefootedHal

Coach Norman Sloan has been practices so far than other squads. "a good mental attitude anda Seymour would be the Gators

pleased with pre-season practiceand Keydets have an allveteranclub score of injuries," accordingto number one kicker in the game
reports the Gator cagers in to start against the Gators. Coach Ray Graves. with LSU.
top physical and mental condition VMI, Southern Conference Coach Sloan hasn't announced his "We're in a better mental frame The Florida coach said he was

for_ the coming season. tourney champion last year, is starting line up yet. of mind now than when we were pleased with kicking of Seymourin
.h .. ..__ __...._.""
scheduled to face LSU earlier in the Miami game and also the
t na
: the season, but we have more inJuries defensive work of George Grandy'In
too," said Graves. the Florida secondary.
"Also the pressure isn't on us
like it was at the beginning of the
season." FSU May
Still on the injury list for the
a m I LSU game is linebacker Jack Card

a r gt who isn't scheduled to make the
Join; SECFlorida
trip. The Gator defense has also

.. been hit with 'injuries to guard

Bill Richbourg and tackle Dennis will again sponsor FlorIda -
Murphy. However, Graves thinks State for membership if the
both Richbourg and Murphy will Southeastern Conference at the
be able to see action against the 'January SEC meeting to fill the

4 Tigers.On vacancy if Tulane is dropped, according
the healthy side of the led- to Coach Ray Graves.

ger, halfback Alan Poe returnedto Tulane may leave the SEC because -
0L practice yesterday, and tackle of scheduling difficulties,
Randy Jackson is scheduled to and FSU has wanted into the leaguefor
return to the Gator football camp the last couple of years.
Halfback Don Knapp is still out

with an injured knee, and quarter- However, the chances are slim
L back Steve Spurrier has been hob that the Seminoles will make it
bled with a sprained ankle. Spur- since most members of the con-
rier dressed in sweat clothes yes- ference want to cut down on the
r d
terday, but didn't participate in membership."We .
drills. definitely will sponsor FSU
; The sophomore back will still for membership in the confer-

ence," Graves said. Florida has

Archery MeetScheduled sponsored the Seminoles for mem-
bership in the SEC for several

years now.

4 "If approved of course, it would
4' The All-Campus Archery take a long time for FSU to geta
BOB HOFFMAN, 41 goes up for basket In court action during Dollars for Scholarstilt. Trophy Shoot will be held Saturday full SEC schedule, but It couldbe
I at Broward Range at 10:30 a.m. done," said the Florida coach.
Florida cagers open hoop season this week. (Photo by Bob Ellison) Students, faculty and employeesare "I have no idea what the chances

eligible to enter and four are_for_approval/|
awards will be presented. Two assntl
I. awards will be presented for the
Phi Delta Theta Wins FootballERNIE
men and two for the women.Everyone'will -
be handicapped so .
each person has a chance at 1

LITZIntramurals Duck Menenidez called it "one of on the ground and 121 yards in winning. I ollcge
Editor the best games" he's ever seen. the. air via 15 completions of 28 Broward equipment room will be
The Betas lost 13 yards rushing attempted passes. open to check out needed materials.

Phi Delta Theta took the Orange while gaining eight yards passingon The Phis were only penalizeda
League flag football title last weekin nine out of 26 completions.They total of ten yards and had two an

a squeaker that saw the Phi were penalized for a totalof passes Intercepted.They're ability unusualone
Dolts win on first downs after a 60 yards and punted four times to move the ball and amass the five
6-6 tie with the Beta Theta Pis. for an average of 41.2 yards per first downs proved the crucial
year programJUNIOR
Statistics for the game showed kick. They also intercepted three factor. They punted only three
how close the match was. Intra- Phi Delt passes. times for an average of 31 yards
mural Dept. Football Manager The Phi Delts gained 13 yards per kick. YEARat



used in our advertising.
Must be based on any of 93
StuJy'Master titles. Open Jo Three undergraduate colleges offer students from all parts of
student and faculty. Sorry, is7ReHT' ) the United States an opportunity to spend their junior year in
R can't return unused entries. the stimulating environment of the University's Washington
i Send your entries to Study Square Center Small classes; new residence halls.
\Master Publications, 148 Lafayette OF THe Program open to students who are recommended by the deansof
( St. N. Y. C. 10013. the colleges to which they will return for their degrees. .

MAN interested Washington Square College of Arts and Science
YOUNG wishes to meet CAMPUStatmaueLta' School of Commerce School of Education
with same bent j,
S Object, outing on Loon Lake.
Write AAT 411.WANTEDI,

Basketball" d ,
J ,.
\ winning
I >;.
country. Transportation paid. ,. ,
Apply Director of Physical: Fitness
t Box GT202, Lilliput.

j CRUISE. Ex- :r v _
TREASURE I------------------------ = --- a
|cellent food.living quarters. I Director,Jttaiar Ytar la Mr. Yart II
JL Interesting companions. NEW YORK UNIVERSITY I
You'll have a whale of a time! .MM tAI-C awn ".iltflig, WashMftM a Inquire Capt. A, Box MD234. .*r Sin 1
1 PI..*. send me the brochure JUNIOR YEAR IN .1 : L 1
1 NEW YORK and the catalog for --
find Study : Q Washington Sqwara c.t.... .* Art an4 Sctonc
STUDENTS Comnten. ; I 0 S hMl .f Cwnmarca D Ie.... .f Upcat.... II
Poetry 1 am alas Interested In Q Junta V.., In Spain I
Revkwi and Drama Analyses
O Junto Year In roll Q Sunri** Sanmtar
valuable study aids for
comprehension, speed, refer dl Lr NAME
ence. and improved grades. } M'f 1 ADDRESS 1

)your College Book '(, 1I
$lat ., ..";,, 706 West University! Avenue.. cm i
"1' ------------------------------

., . .. ..
_......; -" -M- 'he' '-':"
:: i-

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'CJTheFlorida _
See Story
332 ''I

.ALLIGATO'R Below: !! r'E '!

Vol. 57, No. 62 University of FloridaGainesville I I Tuesday, Dec. 1 1,1964 Column One 10

.u.. .. u u.

1&SptmKm&* Peace Corps Week Begins i I I It

=- '::
:::j "Peace Corps Week," Nov. 29 through Dec. major college in the country, averaging 10 per week tries need. ,:.:=' I"s "
i-ji:a 5, will give more Florida students a chance to during the academic year. Information used to make a profile of the student '
:::; "volunteer their services for this exciting and Davis said most people go into the Peace Corps comes from questlonalres, referenced, and a one ty
::::, rewarding adventure," according to UF Pres. J. out of a desire for service and participation in hour general aptitude test. According to Davisti,
:jij::; Wayne Reitz. international affairs. there is no passing or falling the test, which will' :;
:g:: Over 50 former UF students are now serving '"One's desire to participate must be promptedby be given In rooms 116 and 121 of the Union Wednesday' $ \
:):;) on every major continent in the Peace Corps. a desire to serve," according to Davis. through Friday at 4 and 7 p.m., Saturday at 10 a.m. :$::: I
:::: Five have completed service. The Peace Corps attempts to match the volun and 2 p.m.. and next Monday and Tuesday at noon, :;jjj \
;:::: During Peace Corps Week, proclaimed by Reitz, teer's intersts and skills with what the host coun (Continued On Pa e.9)) ti; {
:::::; representatives will be in the Bryan Lounge of the I ,....
::::: Florida Union from 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. or "as long
::::: as students are interested" through Saturday. As UF Volunteers Leave I wi
::::: According to Walter Davis, Director of the West .

::::: African Program and team leader, UF is one of the At a time when most Americansare where they will do In-sarvlce 'f the rigorous program here, &:::
::j:: most responsive universities in the country. getting over the effects of too training as teachers, community learning language skills, studying ft::::
:!::: "Judging by the questions students ask and the much Thanksgiving turkey, a groupof developers and health educators. American and world affairs and $ \
::::|:; interest they have, we've found this one of the 53 volunteers from the Peace Communism, boning up on the K:
:11i;! most responsive universities we've been to," Davis Corps training project at the UF The volunteers,training for serVice customs of their project countries: ft. : 1
::ia.. said. winged toward the Virgin Islands In British Honduras and Jam and attaining top physical ciVicll- :.ti:|:: '.'
:::::; Over 200 students took the Peace Corps test for the final phase of their 10- aica, spent the first six weeks tion. \
::::; last December. week .:.:
I:::: "The responsiveness speaks well for the UF. The training volunteers program., accompanied by A Proclamation uI.11
::::::1; It Is to the credit of the school that it is inter- five project staff members left :
I designate the week of Nov. 29-Dec. 5 as .Peace CorpsWeek"
hereby F..
minded not
;: nationally provincial, Davis added. Gainesville last week for the Is-
:&: He said Peace Corps representatives visit every lands of St. Croix and St. Thomas on the UF campus. : i
-. 'a'r! I am extremely pleased with the support that the students of this ; ,
university have given the Peace Corps over the past three years s
S Fifty-seven University of Florida graduates have served the Peace :::
Corps In 20 coutrles around the world. '::
'A' '' M f I have every expectation that the enthusiastic support will continue f::
and that an increasingly larger portion of graduates will volunteer
their services for this exciting and rewarding venture. :.
:::: J. Wayne Reltt .:::
Mj ::;:;: Presidentl.o =: I

:::.;....>..,..,..,..,.,-..,.,..;..,...,:.,.1.1.,..,..'...'..,',4..;.o:.111.It :.;.;.;.;-YY...-.'.._-..:..>.wy...:......Ptor'Christmas............:?.:..":.:/.:.:_.:..t.:.Florida:.:.;.:....!........._....;:,\:...;_..:,.:...:......:..................,...:...w.S....................Es:.1 I

Carol' fl

Reading Friday II III

The annual read Ing of "A it as an annual affair.- Jlnce then

? I Christmas Carol", sponsored by the chapter has missed only one
Sigma Nu, will take place Fri- reading in the last 32 years.
day night in the University Aud- The idea of the reading came
... ._ """ ......
itorium at 7:30 p.m. from the University of North Car-
'YOU OUGHT to see the guy that owns 'em' Is what Tina Dunnagan (center) After the reading by Dean of olina where it was traditional to

and Jane Kimbrell (right) seem to be telling Mike Nobel as they prepare goods Student Affairs by Lester L. Hale have a yearly reading of the Carol.
a reception will be held by Invi- When Dean and Mrs. Walter J. I
for the Florida Union International Christmas Sale. The sale starts today in the
tation only at the Sigma Nu house.A Matherly fame to the UF from I
social room of the union. (Photo by Carolyn Johnson) plaque will be presented at the the North Carolina campus, they
reception to George W. Mllam, initiated the reading here.
a Sigma Nu alumni, In appreciation Charles Dickens, author of a
I 'Send Them Long Johns Mom'I for 40 years of service to the "A Christmas Carol," made it \'.
chapter. a practice to read it around Christmas -

Bikinis went out and long under- Predictions last night were or were dug out of suitcases by hard)r Dress for the reading is coat time in tie years followingit's
and tie, according to Will Warren, 184:J
wear came in at UF this morning a low of between 25 and 35 degrees students who ventured out to class writing.
Sigma Nu committee chairman.The He was Immensely with
when winter's first chilly blasts and most students were expected An unknown number of students
I reading was first held in the "
and exclaimed 1be
sent temperatures down to tne, to dress the part this morn- were expected to remain "In therack" ,
1929 at the Sigma Nu house asa 'Carol Is the greatest success that '
until Father Frost decidedto
freezing mark for the first time
this fall. Ing.Long socks and bright sweaters "cool It" eUewhere* private affair Inl 1932,the Sigma this ruffian and rascal ever .

.. ..-- .. ..,.u... ...................... ..... ...r-......h.......................u........... .. ..Nit's' .. 4JL they...might. ..sponsor.. '. .........acfteve :a .....-rrrr--rarrrr.. r
%y&M& ; ';> .: y ;: H '''' iI

I I Too Pooped And /p/'d/Rd''YfhT; ;; ; ; hVMof\ I

:::; -
An epidemic of drooplness pervades the UF are the same as last year, poor scheduling, poor "Maturity. ..eded by a student, but the younger JJ :'
campus and It causes droppingout the sickness choice in courses, financial difficulties, and low student Is usually gifted and they stay here."
will peak in the next two weeks. grades. "The majority have a problem adjusting to the
"Through October of this year 369 students "Drop outs are not new with the trimester system university. Some students find the change from high
have dropped out of school", said RjS. Johnson, ," said Dr. B nfamln Barger, co-director of. school and junior college distressful, especially
UFregistrar. mental bealut projects. if their previous schools were small and bad little
"Our biggest drop occurs this month," he said. "Late in the trimester the major reasons U competition. The abruptness of the change creates
Figure show sophomores are leading In the drop- grades, and not always falling grades wither. 'It emotional problems.
outs so far with 136, juniors are second with 86, a graduate student i U is oad.'*
freshmen are third with 39. The remaining 112 University officials are aware of student' ac- "Some students have an orientation problem,
are In scattered J-*as of the university However ademic and emotional problems. To help students, be wxpiainra. noM students who made A's without
history has showed that In the fimtl.tw0 weeks the Mental Health Clinic, Reading Laboratory and effort Dave more difficulty here,U they are having
freshmen will take the lead. Clinic, Speech and Hearts CUnlc, University Coun- a grade problem they have to learn bow to study.
Doctors, deans, and professors are concerned awe Center, and Sigma Tau Sigma,'tutoring service The student that did average work can usually
about the sickness.* They say they know the cause have been established. accept his usual or a little lower grades."
and the cure for the epidemic. "Very few students drop out because of emotional Huger said It was hard to gel data on whether
UF doctors know about the approaching physical problems, not over 1 per cent or Z per cent smaller college have less emotional problems than
..:pests of the disease first. Patients with nausea, Barger continued."Pressure large ones.
caused from builds up at the end of the trimester
headaches, and other illnesses a run
down condition pour into the Infirmary. The germs and emotions wear thin," be said. (Continued on Page 9) '


Page 2, The Florida Alligator, Tuesday, Dec. 1 1964 JC Grads Can


Now Take ROTCTransfers
P.; :: } : :

to the UF who never Bryant also said there ts the

: have had military training Junior possibility plans would not go
college will 'be able to enter the through for the program until a
advance Reserve Officers Train- later date, but he considered this

ing Corps (ROTC) next fall, according unlikely.The .
to Col. James W. Bryant, change In program is made
military science professor.To possible by a federal law passedon
be eligible for the programthe Oct. 13.

transfer must go to an intensive -
r eight-weeks training pro-

gram in June before he enters ScholarshipsAvailable

j the UF.
At present two full years of

training In lower division are nec- For
essary for eligibility in advance

ROTC, an upper division program.The .
transfers will be eligibleto
Frat MembersFraternity
go to training for eight weeks

tU camp If they pass a physical,
Ya score sufficiently high on an aptitude members may now
9 LI :;. test and are admitted to the apply for an Interfraternity Council
I .I university and military science (IFC) scholarship covering the

tit J programs, Bryant said. cost of registration, according to
The physical and aptitude tests William Cross, advisor to organ-

.. will be problably be administeredthis izations.

spring at the Junior colleges, The scholarship program waj
""' according to Bryant, but no specific approved by the IFC Executive
plans have yet been made. Council last month and has already

NEW ARMY ROTC Sabre Team welcomed Paula Hicks, 1964 Military Ball Queen, the military science depart- gone into effect, stated Cross.

to drill last week. ment is now sending information Scholarships will be awarded on
about the program to high schools the basis of academic average,
Miss Hicks was crowned at last year's ball and will reign as queen until March 20, and Junior colleges in the state. financial need, and service to a

1965 when a new queen will be selected. At present she is a 2UC majoring in adver- Advance ROTC now has an enrollment fraternity. Fraternity service

tising, a member of the Delta Gamma Sorority, and a member of the 1964 HomecomingCourt. of 185. Bryant said the carries the the most weight in determining
enrollment could be expanded to recipients of the

about 300 with the present fac- scholarships.
ilities to make room for the tran- Applicants will be Judged for

sfer students. fraternity service, 40 per cent,
I The program Is beneficial to financial need, 30 per cent, and
Group At Symposium Florida and to the military, said scholastic average, 30 per cent.

Bryant, because it makes available Applications for the programare
Fifteen UF students and four They will be the guests of four will be past U.s. Chamber Pres- a lot of otherwise ineligible man- being taken In the office of

faculty members will representthe Gainesville busineses; Sperry Rand ident, Richard Wagner of Chicago, power. the Dean of Men in Tigert Hall.
university a National Cham- Corp., General Electric Corp., who has jsut returned from Gevena,
ber of Commerce sponsored Col- Southern Bell, Co., and Sears Economist Richard Everett from
lege-Business Symposium In Or- Roebuck & Co. The UF group I Continental Can Co. of New YORK

lando today. will Join delegations from other and Otto Bowden, of Jacksonville,
The students were selected by accredited four year colleges and one of the state's outstanding labor JOIN !
UF President J. Wayne Reitz. universities throughout the state lawyers. U.S. Chamber Vice Pres-
for the conference. ident, Henry Coleman of Daytona

BCN Grads According to B.P. Mitchell executive Beach will be the moderator. The
vice president of the meeting will take place in the Rob
Gainesville Area Chamber of Com ert Meyer Hotel in Orlando.
Neglected"The merce, this Is the third state In
the Southeast to have such a con- Students representing the UF Include -
potential of graduating stu-
dents In building construction is ference. About 240 students are Mrs. Katherine Champion, WHO ARE SAVING
expected from the various state Miss Elaine Berlnhout, Donald
being sadly neglected," said L.
campuses.The Boatright, Donald Emerson, Carl
A. Johnson In Tampa last week.
establishment of a forum Fabry, Thomas Gregory, Christopher MONEYWiikinson's
Johnson 'and
Byron J. Prugh,
where business leaders can exchange Hagar, Skip Havlser, David
both professors of building con-
views with student leaderson Hourdequln, Arthur Jacobs, Edmund
struction at the UF, attended a Coupon h. ii' ....._ .',t.
current social and economic Levangie, Lee Brock, Pres- \ 'i
meeting of the Association of General -
problems of mutual Interest Is the ton Page, Donald Paul and Theodore
Contractors a t the Tampa
purpose of the meeting. Straub. Super
Sheraton Motor Inn.
Panelists for the discussions
Johnson addressed the
a discussion of the programs -
being offered to college studentsIn ti List 79c jr
the construction field. TONIGHTIS Now 49t ,.1

Johnson said the although $60- )
Coupon Expires Dec. 6 1964
80 billion is spent each year for '
I .. I)
conxtructlon, only 5-10 per cent 1,0- ; :"oof ,.?' 'f'T' T" .-; r,
of the cost is being used in archi- Sneak Preview Nite/ -="= '
tecture and engineering design.
Approximately four times as andSurprise
many students could have been

placed through the placementcenter Nite/ Breck Shampoo
of the department last

year," Johnson said. Anything Can Happen NORMAL, OILY, DRY f

"There Is a great demand for List 60
$ ;
qualified graduate," he added .And Usually Does! Now 39 <
"and starting salaries average
Limit Two Per Customer
$600 a month.: _.._ _._ _._
-- --
1 ; Coupon Expires Dec. 6, 1964

Serving HurtLUNCHEON

v I II II ? To ALL Students And

II 10 ..... QUIKSAVESuper

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