However, when I merely "very good reasons" actually
!spoke of "John" I meant the exist, then I can't understand EDITOR After all the f
how a who has made it
mother person
whose was
person caused theleonardo's
4AS (being also quite an uproar
interviewed by the Alligator to "Had a piece
over the phone about herson's achievement) thinks he can lately?" ad and subsequent R fuUE YdtUR lOHdCPt1I
defend something
involvement in the
charges of. exploitation of
cheating scandal and who advocating. women I defended
was given the pseudonym of ALSO I question his Leonardo's because after all. tlY A1KP
"John", Again: I apologize for statement that an understanding they ran the very same ad witha
any misunderstandings hichmay of the causes and picture of a MALE the very
have arisen from my the motivations of the evils of next day.
letter. cheating is the first step Now I discover that
Leonardo s gives out mat
r chbooks with "Leonardo's
The Independent 1F R, IA
j Cosmic Pizza" on the back

I Florida Alligator and trashy pictures of
"nudies" on the front cover.

Sheila Draper Gory dolonoffEnt.rtoinm.nt Nude women of course.
Editor A >otia'e Editor, I am disgusted. I can only
hope that when the supplyruns
George Kochomec' Jr. out. no more of these w ill
Photo Editor be ordered.. For especially ina
university community
Greg Ferrer Tom Shroder presumably socially: '
.AHt. New Editor .
Sport Editor enlightened this is an insult.
Laura Van Etten. 2UC

.. ,
--- ''-

--.M -- .--- .--
........ .."' ,
.' '- -- ,. _..-- '- -L.- '._ --- "' -- I. r.. ;:_ ,

.... .'.. This . 4!
t 1
.Fog.* 10."HM.. 'Independent Florida. Alligator..Tuesday.,April I.'WS \ e "page' paid ft fof [rates .
Usut advertJS101 ______ Independent t fieri'da" Alligator, Tuesday., .April I, Ills,Peg* i 11 1 ,

NEW SYSTEM. ..PROPOSED : A AL 1 10 Interviews For j

Task Forceon Judiciary r ra Academic V-President I

-- -

a Seven candidates for VicePresidentfor All interviews are scheduled for 1:30:

Proposes End to Honor Court *""" Academic Affairs have been inter-
F M < r* *r> terviewed and three others will be p.m.The position was vacated when Dr.

.( interviewed daring this month by the Harold Hanson moved up to executive
The 16-member Task Force on the proposed Council would have a Chancel tty' search and screening committee. vice-president last August. It Is being
Student Judiciary will meet Friday at 2 lor and two Vice-Chancellors, (all law IIa. Interviewed during the quarter break filled on an interim appointment by Dr.
p.m. in the President's' Board Room with University students) elected by the student body. were UP administrators Dr. Robert Bryan,who was associate vicepresidentfor
Vice-Presidents Arthur Sandeen and The Task Force on the Student Bryan, Dr. Thomas Cole, Dr. John academic affairs. Graduate School
Robert Bryan to discuss their recommen Judiciary felt that since academic dishonesty Gerber, Dr. Frederick King and Dr. Dean Dr. Harry Sisler is chairman of the
dations on the future of the UF Honor affects the entire University Floyd Wahl as well as Dr.Dorothy Arata, search committee.
IIgestb ? communityfaculty, should also be on the
System. Graduate studies provost at Michigan
Under discussion will be recently Honor Council, but should be in the a State,and Dr. Robert Landen,Social and Patent Policy
submitted recommendations of which, in FroAtcedby minority. The Task Force noted in its Y. Behaviorial Sciences dean at the Univer--
essence,suggest doing away with the UF b the Dirtuon, of/Iformula/ d report that "faculty will be more likely to sity of South Carolina.To Gets
Honor Court as it currently exists. The fMbttationt.Service*to eommuntcfte ,,,, accept the University Honor Council to be interviewed Monday in Room Approval
official/f i I notice" ,important/", *" where ..
recommendations will be studied by ,, hear cases of academic dishonesty 264, Grinter Hall, will be Dr. George H.
;information( ''' '' to,student, ,, ;/faculty" 4 "
various the there is faculty participation. alumnus; President Robert Manton W. Travis Loften, Of UF Senate
groups throughout campus 'stall' the (Inivrruty'''/' '''; Florida/ Winter C CommenceWinter nent ; Callcott, Academic Affairs vice-chancel
within the next few weeks and a final Other suggestions of the Task Force C also named a distinguished alumnus, and Dr. Lee G. lor at University of Maryland; April 14,
decision hopefully made by the end of the include: a continuing campaign to in Commencement hqnored degree recip- Henderson, Commencement speaker. Dr. Henderson Dr. William Bowden of the Southern A new patent policy in which' the
quarter.The dent Honor Council, whose primary form students of the existence and lents l ;\ with about* fOG of them In a ce, and Dr challenged graduates to form groups and individually to Growth Policy Board, and April 24, Dr. University and the inventors( ) will sharein
task Force recommends that the function would be to hear cases of importance of the'Honor System on the Donald T. Campbell, left, who recehfi an honorary seek answers to modern problems, rather than leaving all Robert Arns, vice-provost of Ohio State. royalties, has been approved by the
Honor Court be modified to a faculty-stu- academic dishonesty, i.e. cheating. The UF campus, including a return to the doctorate; Dr. B. Othanel Smith, namZ distinguished ,solutions up to the government. ,University Senate, with notice from
compulsory honor pledge; a review of all President Robert, Marston that he will
faculty of methods used to examine On recommend its approval by the Board of
students,doing away with those"conven-- Loan CaL/Va/ Drop-Add ; Regents. t.'
Fund C / Sets Sights $S's's'sStep
ient examination methods" which may / on Salient points in the policy are:
likely lead to cheating; delay of grade Pay Tuition 1 1. The Patents Committee will nego--
submission for non-graduating students right up for Gator Loan Fund's' nuif' annual tiate an agreement between the Divisionof
aPi 'y y,9V, A .F A until at least 10 days after the exam fund-raising... extravaganza. The 10-day camjal opens This Week On Campus April 11 Sponsored Research (acting for the
period, so that faculty will not be forcedto Thursday, offering the George Hanneford lie e circus By university) and the inventors( ) as to how
use hurried exam methods conduciveto through Saturday, April 12, the largest midlay' y ever, Constans Theatre and Rebel Discount through Wednes-- royalties are to be divided.As a general
cheating; consideration of a return to rides including a double ferris wheel and a f rcDi() coaster, day. Proceeds go to the loan fund and are matched Drop-add continues this week and policy, where both the inventor and the
'" proctoring and alternate seating ar five live and free weekend concerts, food an fun. An nine-to-one by the federal government. Last Year's' Carni through Monday, April 7. After the university have a substantial interest
@ i 1 Nr 4 b rangements during exams; and increased Agricultural Fair' and Rodeo are tentatively aft for the '. Gras raised about$$15,000, and this year's' goal is at least 50 drop-add period ends,all students will be and involvement,an approximately 50-50
security methods in all colleges final weekend. per' cent more, says a Student Government spokesman. sent an adjusted schedule of courses anda division can be considered appropriatebut

which would preclude the disseminationof Advance ride tickets, which will save m icy, areOffice .//i\,\ The ,festivities start at 5 p.m. weekdays and noon on statement indicating balance due the not mandatory.
exams prior to the testing date. available five for a dollar at the University Boi in weekends. University or refund due. However, 2. The University's' share of royaltywill
The Task Force also suggests that <.,,: because the deadline for paying all fees, be used for research and research-
penalty hours be abolished and that the Women's'.Play without a$$25 late assessment,is April related purposes on recommendation of
proposed Honor Council use public Black-White Group I orms ., I'J' 11, students will not be able to wait to the Board of Directors of the Division of

reprimand, suspension and expulsion as t' : Words of famous and forceful American women provide receive their statement before paying Sponsored Research. As a matter of
UF Journalism Dean John Paul Jones, right, and Marvin Vorderburg, vicepresidentand penalties in cheating cases. The University Counseling Center and Stud it t Mental ", ;' .': the narrative for "Bread and Roses," a unique fees.Students general policy, approximately 50 per
trust officer for the Palmer First National Bank and Trust of Sarasota,at J'. may pay fees weekdays will be used in the academic unit
ceremony In closing its reporlt,the Task Force Health are sponsoring a"Black White Intera! n Group"for .; documentary play which dramatizes history of women cent
where announcement of Karl A. and Madira Bickel Journalistic Scholarship: Fund was noted that it "does not believe that the black and white members of the I Iversity .. in this country from the Civil War era to the present. The between 9 a.m. and 3:30: p.m. at Student responsible for the invention.

announced. Honor System at the University of community who want to improve their If tcrracial ..j) .:;"' University Performing Arts Series production will be Accounts at the Hub, or fees may be at
Florida should be considered to have communication in a facilitative group setting' .,i" J.J.'Ii" presented at 8 8:15: p p.m.Thursday In Reitz Union Ballroom. mailed in or dropped into the drop-box'
of the HUB. are
totally failed, but that, as in the case of The group will be led by two counseling psy< mlogists- \,. UF students will be admitted free and non-students may the end their schedulesare Parking Study
$$25,000, in Scholarships Is s Gift i to many systems in society, its structures one black and one white. The leaders, Mal ''fcrker of ;,,:.. make unpaid reservations for $$2.50 seats by calling encouraged firm, before to make paying sure fees. Gets Senate PushA
have not been subjected to a periodic University Counseling Center and Bob Witchel )f Student 3921657. their fee
Students who have misplaced
of JournalismThe self-evaluation to determine the level of Mental Health, have previously conducted b ck white
To UF College cards may obtain duplicates at Student new study of campus parking by
fulfillment of its "Selma Now"
commitment to the experiences.The .
group t and Com-
J \\ccounts at the HUB. the Parking Transportation
University. group is tentatively scheduled t tt meet on the Senate
College of Journalism and Communications will be able to award$$25,000, a year in The Task Force, which began its Wednesdays during Spring Quarter, either be een ::30mation Dr.Paul Gaston of the University of Virginia will speakon SUNDAYS mittee was: approved by
scholarships needy and deserving students from a scholarship trust fund that has been\ meetings in December, is chaired by law and 5 p.m.,or possibly in the evenings. For info or "Selma, Ten Years Later: The Failure of the Civil GALLERY CLOSED Thursday The study will include the possibility of
established by the estate of the late Karl A. Bickel. professor Dr. Michael Gordon and its to sign up, contact Bob Witchel,,,392-1171 or Mjx Parker, Rights Movement" at 8 pjn. Thursday in McCarty will be closed reserved for faculty
Bickel was president of the United Press wire service from 1923 to 1935.He lived out his members include Dr. Roland Anderson, 3921575. Auditorium.His talk will be followed by a reception at the The University Gallery members providing "at reasonable spaces cost" and
due to current financial a
retirement years in Sarasota and died in 1972. Elizabeth Burns, student Vince Calde- Witchel notes that the group will "hopeM increase tiC'' J. Wayne Reitz Union, and everyone is invited. on Sundays further exploration into the possibilitiesof
The week-day
limitations. Gallery's
The Karl A. and Madira Bickel Journalistic Scholarship Fund will split its annual villa, Rob Denson,. Dr. John Farley, personal and interpersonal awareness, conn unication \ He is the second speaker in the Southern Studies hours will continue to be 9 a.m. eliminating automobile traffic on
income equally among the University of Florida,Stanford University and the Universityof student Stewart Gluck, student Robbie and understanding in situations involving tfacks and ,I d Speakers Series, sponsored by the University College viewing to 5 Monday through Friday. campus! during daylight hours. ...'"
Tennessee. Heekin, Dr. Richard Hiers, student whites." ,"''!: '. Student Council and the Public Functions Committee. p.m.
UF Journalism Dean John Paul Jones said the first scholarships will be awarded this Debbie Porter, Dr. Wayne Sherman, Dr.
fall to journalism and broadcasting students.He said details of how they will be awarded Winton Williams, Martha .Wroe, and
have not been worked out, but the trust fund requires that the students be "needy and students Eugene Way, Rob Pflueger,and Construction Million Building
deserving." Craig Mitchell. / Beams on $$2.4 forestry
Bickel first joined the United Press in 1907' as head of a one-man bureau in Portland, .
Ore. He became its first business representative in 1913 and business manager in 1916. New ... ww ,g I
If -
He and his wife developed an interest in civic affairs and Florida history after moping'\ Co-op Construction has begun on a $$2.4. The.30,600, square foot facility replacesthe 1
to Florida.They amassed an art collection that was bequeathed to the Ringling Museumof million University of Florida School of existing 16,000, square feet of scattered -
Art, which Bickel helped organize in Sarasota. Enough InterestA Forest Resources and Conservation facil obsolete space which has housed .I
I ity. Completion is set for mid-1976. : the Forestry School since its founding in 'rYFy,
third on-campus housing co-op may t 1937. The new building can house 36
Miss UF Contest Opens be established for summer and fall faculty members plus another 36 career --- --,-
quarters in North Hall of Tolbert Area if service personnel. Forestry now has 25
enough male students express interest in ,, i' .': faculty members. The additional space ,
If you're' female and a full-time University of Florida student, you're' eligible to be a participating. Establishment of the ,'/" v will be used by the Institute of Food and can ,.. f.r
contestant in the Miss University of Florida pageant. The event is sponsored by Florida money-saving cooperative living ar \ Agricultural Sciences (WAS) for other I ..e1
Blue Key (FBK),which has stressed that this year's' search is for the "total person,"not rangement is totally dependent upon the activities related to the forestry pro-
just a "beauty queen." A $$100 scholarship will be awarded to the winner. number of interested people who attend i,4b,. Y grams,according to Dr.K.R.Tefertiller,
Deadline: for applications, which may be picked up in the Florida Blue Key Office, 300 two meetings scheduled for this week, DRS VtMtCAR1Y Vice President for Agricultural Affairs.
Reitz Union,, is April 10. A $$30 entrance fee is required. Contestants may sponsor according to Joe Ball of University The building will be located Just south-
themselves or by a university group or a business or organization., Housing. east of the Reitz Union between McCarty d
Judges for the UF pageant to be held Saturday, April 26,in University Auditorium will Meetings will be held in McCarty ", Drive and Museum Road.
be persons involved with the national Miss America Pageant. The person chosen Miss. Auditorium Wednesday at 8 p.m and NEW N ... Enrollment has increased in the Fores
University of Florida will participate in the Miss Florida pageant and could ultimatelyvie Thursday at 5 p p.m Members of the two fORESTRh''' 't ,. try' School from 41 In 19S3 to 226 students
for Miss America. current coops (Buckman< and Reid IUIIDING"a, N enrolled last quarter., said Dr. John L.
Contestants in the UF pageant will be judged on personal interviews, talent, and Halls) will be present to answer q ques ( Gray, the School's' Director. Dr. Gray
swimsuit and evening gown competition.Eddie tions. f said diverse teaching and research
Sawyer of the Fivrida' Blue Key pageant staff noted, "We feel that the UF. Coop arrangements make it possible MUSEUM ROAD functions in forestry, f fprest biology, and tories including a dry botanical lab,a wet underground space will allow for storage -

community should be represented at the state pageant, as other cities and towns in. for students to save on housing costs b by ,. ,, >- .... .. ...,." > >. forest products,;"wildlife,range, fisheries-' up to 55 students, plus faculty teaching and administration chemical, a cartography or mappinglab ,handling and drying of various wood
:: : .v.t'' ; t laboratories,
; < :
: <
and we're all interested women students to that > (' / ; research
will be of
Florida ;, encouraging apply,so we working together providing their and recreation can now consolidated ,and a computational lab. In addition and range forage samples and storage
can send a truly fine repref entative to compete." cleaning, repair work, meal arrangements -' ROGERS PIORIOA. STATE! Into one three-fitory structure.There will offices. teaching labora- to the three above ground floors, ann field,teaching equipment. t.""" .
For information contaoawyer: ) ) Pat St. Marie or Carl Christy at 392-1861. and d other duties. HALl, 1 MUSEUM be two general classrooms,. one seating There will be four (

i The University of{ Fl 1// umative .

). ..

.., 11''
." -

., ... "-"' .... ,.. w '. .. J ,. --' I,x """"""I -

'' ..,....t,',' 1, ,I \1. .".p." '.'.,,".f .,t' ,', .' .....tt
.. ..t' ..' a..,._ .. .. .. ....._.. .' ... .. ',.. ,, R...,...a s,",l.tCfI4 +MwtJ..........11.
: a ?
: '!' o' !! r.: !";! :tf.,!;+"'' :t5-i'i..(':" ,',s ,,":..ePeg. :e, ,'" :.' '::" :f!" : !e \ :rf..Ii.f.JO f.I:+Sy f1t. <

U ft Inekpondont Florida Alligator.Tuesday. ,April 1, 1915 V i

Buffalo oust machinesas CANOE TRIPS Charters <:. -- I I

i iv .!'; Saturday :*
waterway weedersBy to EuropeNew

YorkChicago $330 London
LAURIE FOX instruction 'so, $353* Paris
iurvlvil injtructUn
Alligator Staff Writer Los Angeles o1' -,Dublin
r'a'f taught by Ross Ail
fhe day has finally come when animals F San Francisco AmsterdamMadrid
might replace machines. CIVIL AERONAuncs BOARD
UF's Institute of Food and Agricultural .i approved CHARTERS*

Sciences (IFAS) purchased four Southeast aUwcert summer fllghto WAIT and pay $M4.Aet now I IRtrvaflons
Asian water buffalo from the Toronto Zoo, Intfiaji Prairie fartft are required 48 days In advanca. for details,
hoping they will be able to harvest aquatic Box 217 ; Silver Sonnijs contact: STUDENT AIR TRAVEL AGENCY 'INC.
vegetation that clogs lakes and rivers around
Alachua County. '904)2362210D ) 4228 First Avenue
"THE BUFFALO are a low energy system |nrtur AM ((404)) 934-6662 TUCKER GA 30084
that might eventually replace the harvesting \
machines and herbicides now used to control
aquatic vegetation," said Dr. H.L Popenoe. -I TRANSCENDENTAL
director of the Center for Tropical e f .
Agriculture. a .i.iti,,
Popenoe conceived the idea six yean ago 4 p MEDITATION
but has had difficulty in finding buffalo that .
would, pass quarantine restrictions. I
The buffalos are a family consisting of a As the body becomes more.. 'I
father and mother and their two offspring, rested it needs less oKygenDunngTranscendental ,../" dynamicaction
male and female. I
one one Meditation oxygen intake } 1 ,
They were purchased for$3.800with'money is greatly reduced t
received by the International Program funds, photo by Georg. kochonicc: |Ir. indicating level of
not connected with the UF budget. WATER BUFFALO rest deeper than sleep, from,
The buffalo,which weigh 2,000 pounds full Alter TM reaction time
technological advance? Is quicker,indicating fIft
grown, will be given different types of a sharper,clearer mind, deep rest
vegetation on different plates, "cafeteria l'te! only experiment of its kind, Popenoesaid improved coordination
style," to find their preferences. They will if it succeeds it will be of major importance ot increased mind and efficiency body,and in FREE LECTURE TONIGHT
then be placed around suitable lakes to developing countries in tropicalareas perception and performance Tuesday April 1 8
throughout the county to eat the plants. which list aquatic weed control as a The deep rest gained from a few minutes Little Hall Rm 205 pm
ACCORDING TO Dr. Popenoe each adult major problem to their development. of Transcendental Meditation twice daily providesthe
water buffalo can consumer between 200 and Popenoe forsees no problems between the foundation for a more energetic,successful life Everyone Welcome
300 pounds of vegetation per day. buffalo and the alligators that inhabit the INTERNATIONAL MEDIATION SOCIETY P.O.Box,1 29 17 Coln.svllU fl.32604 495-265J 372-7550
"We will also be using time lapse lakes.
photography to find oit| in which part of the "In Asia the alligators are much more
habitat the animals spend the most time," fierce than they are here and they get along
said Popenoe. alri 1 i ght Popenpe said.

.' SG independents form 3rd partyA I

third Student Government party, the vironment.and the student government salary ,
Grassroots Reform Organization (GRO) was system," the spokesman said.
Formed Monday by a group of students from Slating interviews for any student interested -
previous third party movements and independent -' in any party position will be held'
candidates.A today through Friday from l 1.5 p.m. in rooms IfA
331.333 in the J. Wayne Reitz Union.
spokesman for GRO who refused to All GRO candidates will be required to signa
identify himself said, "The campaign will be legally binding agreement not to accept
aimed toward the average student throughlow student government salaries, he added.
budget, personal inter-action Interviews will be held in rooms 335-357 in
techniques." the union during the following hours:
"The primary( issues will focus on the cost Tuesday, 3:30: to 6 p.m., Wednesday. and
? and quality of life in an educational en- Thursday, 3:30: to 9 p.m. '


DICTIONARIES ( Hardback) :
Webster's New Collegiate Dictionary,8th ed.
Webster's New World Dictionary of the American
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The Random House College Dictionary
Webster's New World Dictionary and Thesaurus. ,
of theAmer lean Language
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The American Heritage Dictionary of the English
Per per Language
3 o Thelarouse
Illustrated International Encyclopedia -
weekMarch -. qtr. and DictionaryPlus

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Page 14,T><. Independent Florida Alligator;Tuetaey..April It7S



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mexlcon sweater$10 antique sheep coo Ifl .1 Nifz.AM y
home 21' holiday with cabana CAICUATORS-T! SR.50only $99.95, TI coffe p
THE FOURMUSKETEERS best offer lot No. SR-51 only 18595. New with full $30 metal' tennis racquet $20
$2000 or
extras ,
tables$10 new bath carpet $10 jewelry
Send bonk check featuring
warranty. or moneyorder
17 glynwood park phone 376-8217 (
to College Calculators P.O. box; spools,and more 379-8923 (A-5T.104-P;)
367, Amherst Mat, 01002. Add $2 fo GOLDEN RETRIEVER PUPPY. AKC-O'A. .
Stereo components: 35 won receiver pottage-handling Full price list$1 I Allow certified! Champion field trial sire call PlusSjwcJolGvwtTRAPEZE ,
$65; beautiful endtoble speakers $300 U days for delivery. Call 413-5<19-1316 376-4250. days (A.3T-I04-P) ..
i" "Kali b *T" pr. Dolby cassette deck $139; FM evening for further Info. SAVE THIS!
CA.1r.Tea stereo auto cassette deck speakers- ADI'"11 (A-4T-103-P) FOR RENT ,

$89 plus brand new nome brand. Columbia 3-tpeed men' bike), excellen 3 Two Shows 8 & 11
components at big discounts wguarantws. 2 .females to shore room 2 br, furn. Thursday, April
[ Wi M. W. HH S rg5K.iUKKT 378-919 John (o-5t-102'p) ) condition, must sell, $55 call 3727956. opt Country Gardens. Close to med
(A.3T-103-P) Tickets $4.50 Gen. Adm.
lost rent free available Mar
SR-51 $229
Texas Inst. never ;
NO PASSES OR For Sole 1966 Austin Henley 3000 cal 23 Coll 377-7854 (b-St-IOO-p)
7:30 le-80 best offer;
DISCOUNTTICKEYS 9:30 Canon Sonco Polmlronit 2ig-Zog portable sewing 378-7432 after 7:00: PM (A-2T-I03-P') mature, responsible female for I bdrm I Available at: Rebel Discount (Both Locations) Chapter III

t, ArTltA TQ( machine. Call after 6 pm weekdays 373- HONDA CB 3605)00 mils!KONI shock,, opt;$69 month;Vk utilities; M block from Records Box Office ((11-6 Daily)
rock, crash bora, 1974 model, ,
5634. (o-31-IM-p) package campus; no pets;, non-smoker; Immediate > I r
Well maintained. $950 373-8733 after 5. occupancy; 377-3064 after 1
.. martin d-33 wnew cat*.4 yrs old mint (A.5T-I03-P) pm,(b-5t.l02-p)
Leun condition perfect intonation action
) 1971 manutee 2 bedroom 1 bath _her nice large two or three bedroom opt
Jowered $473 firm call 373-3461 olio
dryer hook-up central heat A. air or very close to campus also attic studio for
f512 $600 (SO custom $375
guild leased 5 acre tract 472-3396 after slianytime rent and room in nice home or shore
It United Arh 103-P
FOR SALE 1972 honda cf.100 In good ))
condition$295 con be teen at 4546 N.W. needed temoie roommate to sublease
13th st lot 17 (A-2T.104-P) The Place $97 month own room. call

I- 36' Mobile Home in the country. Air Robin 378-6785. (two rooms available.) Starring
cond,shed, mower $1200 or make offer (b-3M03-p) Joe Don Baker
485-1051 (A-3T.104-P) Female Roommate Summit House
Aprs. own room, quiet, close to med
waterbed w-frome, liner and pod $30
tVi util. Call 373-
good btu oc$35.: call 377-4962 after pm center $96 mo.t
t 5824 (11 31.10201I )
!I... (A-3T-104.P) FREE I
20 gal. long tank, sliding top, pump, 1 female' (low student or studious) to
233 VIE V 377-30 dynoflo,tubsond filters, heater. ten gal. shore M expenses 2 bd.-m apt begin
tank dirt magnet outside filter plus stand spring qtr. prefer non-smoker lisa 9&11attfieltflT
t grovel for both call 377-8958 or Apt. 52 !Kaufman Jo.. 904-744-1442 (C-5T-99-P)

French Quarter (A-5T-104-P I ) Own living area In 3 story townhouse.all .
WINNER utilities paid.3 blocks from campus. 3
great female roomateil' $110 monthly.
J ( V1YIJ Coll 373-0519) (B-3T-103-P))
Roommate needed right nowlll H blockto
W. IAA 111111 end
23.4 soultvuo 6:66 705 9:43r campus M utilities! plus $69-month
7 PICTURE Colonial Manor Apts 1216. SW 2nd ave
No. 7 (B-3T-103-P)

BEST DIRECTOR your own extra large bedroom 3 blocks Table Service 8 to 1
BEST STORY AND SCREENPLAY(Ongiral t) from campus o-c carpeting one other
BEST FILM EDITING BEST ART DIRECTION busy student' for a roomate $77 call gory
BEST SCORING(Adaptation) BESTCOSTUME DESIGN 377-8890421-86 nw 15th sf (B-3T-103-P)

mole roommate needed for furnished 2-
bedroom opt located In olympia opts, O
4. PAULROBERT on ground floor. |lust off campus- O
reasonable.call 18137335361. (B-5T-

APARTMENT. Joel Bridges, Realtor 404
? RJ HILL FILM W.Ib4 IhA saUl iT1EET_ _end 5:35 7:45 $:4S S.W. 4th' avenue. 3774700., (B-5T-I04- 1

a "THE STING" Chg) ,
ROOM IN COUNTRY HOME.5 miles west 2for1Buy 1
A RKNAIID D ZmM. X/MV I54 PIIEENW1ON of 34th on archer. $63 per month deposit
utilities available Immediately. call

'faAVl0 S WARD GEORGE ROY HILL TONY BILL MICHAEL 372-2766 (B-5T-104-P) one 1 get 1 t

axl JULIA PHILLIPS TICMJCOlOR'AUNVERSAlPCTum e fmle rmmte wanted for 2br 2both .

SEE IT FOR ONLY $1.50 spacious trailer bike to campus o-c. one 1
And Laughter At Its Be tl dishwasher, extras grad or studious
undergrod $80+15 01.1.376-1295 (B-3T-
730 & 9:45: CHIP 'N DALE 104-P) FREE!. .

Liberal female roommate needed 2 br
trailer in Archer Rd. Village $50 tt
ROYAL -AUK utilities. Call Mind! at 376-4458 ((8-2T-

Cinema 4 sublet 104-P) 2 bdrm unfurn quodroplex -near PIzza ann.

Archer rd A 34th st $180 + last mo. +
In the Mall 30? NEWBEKRY RD PHONE 373-4277 In .the. Moll 01 $100 security 378-4940 or 3774839 ((8' With this coupon,buy any
......tt:1::.... 2T004-P)
Oiant large or medium pizzaat
Nominated for 3 Academy Awards Nominated .'.... ',n 0> Georgia Seagle Hall An Independent regular price and receiveone
ter off-campus men's Room and
\ co-op. pizza of the next smaller
Academy CMUSTITS Board for less than $95-mo. 1002 W. size with equal number of
Ave. 376-9179 (B-4T-104-P)
3:15 Awards a ingredients FREEI One
..1 ACE 2 liberal roomotes needed each for own
visit please.
$:30 ___ (i room In 4 bedroom townhouse at the coupon per W-... e.5
LXESNT 7:45 village opts 75+'utilities,call 372-098.) --. ,w ,w s w arw
10:00 IN 111 (B-3T.104-P) ....w ,sea w an tr a.tea. ,sea ww.
NEED immediatelyl! Preferably female ..w. ,w ns area s..
.:., 3:30MUfNT roomote $83.33 mo + 1-3 utilities ---, 1w sea tea ale tea... LM w
Mi." fireplace, own room 1512 nw 2nd st. 15 -. .. a.. t w am ...sw
< ,:
/INYMORE mln. to campus by bike come-by (B-5T- _. .. is tea t.t.w as w Ill us
M m EXTRESSB8MIKC 104-P) ._.wrss..w..r a\.Y. I'sea. t.t. .area.. .45..
_._ .. ...
w are
FREE APRIL RENT) 1 female roommate ..
-r am is .w.w
r.w sea
needed. V utilities. 103 French Quarter ,___." .- II .w M
e Detective Lt. Brannigan o Apn 373-5420 ((8-2T-I04-P) PlUS MANY MOREL
men students rooms to rent by quarter carry rut orders 10 cents extra
> wrruaNruaN is in London close to campus 115 nw 10th st call 377. Valid Thru per box

4:00 9625 4:30 to 8:00: pm ready for im. April 1 thru April 3
mediate occupancy B-5T-104-P( )
':00 'God Save (the.Queen'JOHN Sublet large one-bedroom. apartment

1:00' Furnished,washer-dryer,carpeting Until
10:00 June, then option to (ease. $I AO month.
316 SW 16th Ave.
WAYNE 3:00 373-6381 or 373-1373 ((1.5T.104WANTED -') 3754521i

IS 5:10

"oella OU. ,:. female to sublet In nice 2 bdrm opt 50.63 i / / < ) M

mo + % utilities I'm finally getting
II married so must move call Melody 373-
6966 or see landmark 175 (c-3t-1000>




Thai's rlht.FIVE YEARS ol' giving. you Campus Eastsldt, W,tt,.ld.,

what yew wanted..delicious. Hut, 37'-2 4a7' 379-3317 378-2415 ".

._ delivered' /fait hot end (reel ,Since yo /, 377- 1 4)45e'

.' "r customers,made. these five. years DOMettO? PIZZAOffer' -

posiibis'ws wont, yew 'lo. celebrate .1..... 0 r

with a DOMINO'S PIZZA...' a savings. 372-0421

ONE THIRD OFF! good today only 1


\ ..... __. fI..-.. ,

rl'r.. .".."",., .1..,...."" ''".......,..,.J''.:"' ,' "".' ": ....'X .10......
.<< ,
', t,' ..." ...

the w.,......... florldo Alligator,,......,.April I, W**.. IS





Apr. rent roommate fr..-Gotorwood wan'ld.APr.0\\ PART-TIME DRIVER wanted. Hours to bbearranged WIRED FOR SIGHT 11
oir-cond.377-7914. (C.5M04 Apts. pool, for coll,373-3361 (E-F.R.-104- "The eyegloss Super Mort"
Femole Roomote Needed. Own room In '300 SW 11th AVI. 378-4480
1316"4'6 Cute 3 bedroom. duplex. Very Close to HELP WANTEDreligious (/M-50.53C1The \ .
campus 88.00 + 1.3 utility. Coll 376- i
496211 (C-5T-104-P) School Teacher Plant Doctor. makes house call

ovailoble.J76.1S08-Fall(E-5T-103-P 1973 Cong) B'nol Positions Israel ornamentals specializing 5T.103-P) ,hour in vegetable plants 376-5192 gardens(M-, fllljSRVE FOB SUMMER:

odd jobs, construction, weekends, must "Will TYPE All YOUR REPORTS,
BICYCLE SALES be over 17 years of oge. sw archer rd. MANSCRIPTS, THESIS, DISSERTATIONS.Call .
M oreo phone 372-6671 (E-5T-IQ3-P) our office 377.2235 or Sandl 37U-
AUTOSMUST 5754 or DebbIl377-7806." (M-5T-101-P)

Scuba clatiei starting' april 9th all
SEll NOW 1973 VW Super beetle equipment provided soles service, 's
w-ol stereo FM almost new steel 1 rod tires trips, rentals, air. Tom Allen (co-host
$2395 call. Richard after 5pm at. 372-5047 Wild Kingdom on TV) Aliens Aquatic 8
or 373 9705
(g-5t-IOO-p) Trail Center, 3448 West University Av. -
53 buick special exceptional condition' 373-9233 (BT-103-C)
new interior, with original shop manual HYPNOSIS HELPS PEOPLE ATTAIN GOALS
after 7'30 P.M. (G-4T.104-P)

PERSONALTerm learn Pron-Certifled self-hypnotis AAEH 373-3059(m.4Qt.86-.f1-Donald) G. -* only 25 yards If oitv cam pus

,! Canada's largest. Service. ID. PHOTOS
For catalogue send S2 to: Essay Services passports, resumes, and applications individual bedrooms
57 Spodina Avenue. Suite 208, Toronto, natural lytle portraits. 377-0797 camera
Ont. Canada. Also, campus representatives work studio 1219 W. Univ. Ave. (m-20t- beautifully furnished
required. Please write (j-351-70-' 91-p)
)) f..f
S' R P Europe Israel AFrica Asia travel shag carpetingdishwasher
Students interested in running for discounts year round student air travelme
Student. Senate or Honor Court: Florida 4228 first ave tucker go. 30084 ((404))
1304 W. UNIVERSITY AVE. Student. Party interviews Mon-Thu 3- 934-6660 (m-25t-88-p)
8pm, rm 300 JWRU (J-4T-I03-P)
Backpacks, white stag. speedo bathingsuits hours, $35; .course repreatoble free. Also taking fall reservations now.
Score 1000 by the second try or your
hiking shorts, rugby shirts 'Allen'sAquatic
money bock.Coll ((305)) 854-7466. (J-8T.
and Trail Center, 3448 West
University Ave, 373-9233 (J-FR-I03-C) 99-P) the
The Public Is Invited to a free .talk on
hours, $70. Half of our students scored
1stAnniversary ECKANKAR, Ancient Science of Soul
over 600. Course repeatable free. 70 pt.
Travel.7:30.9: p.m. Tues.April I at Reitz
improvement by the second try or
Union, In room 361.) Some subjects| will your 3rd Ave.
money bock. Attend first class free, no 1231 S.W.
be Karma, Reincarnation,
: God
obligation. Call 8547466. J 8T.
((305)) ( -
Sale Realization, Golden Wisdom Temples, 99-P)
Soul. Travel and the ECK. (J-2M03-P) 3723557m
O"rOC'ivlllberal' models can make extra
Thomas Gordon's course will begin new
April 1-12 bread in tampa for convention 3rd class Apr. 8, 7-10 378-5748 after
weekend of april. send statistics to J. pm
600pm (m-71-lOl-p) .....
Edwards box 341221 coral gables fla. I- ,
33134 Include phone No (J-2T-104-P) ) Typing Service Full time experienced Independent Florida Alligator
JealUiUngUp typists material. Fast and accurate.
3 cots ((2 possibly angora), kitten FREE to Delivery.any IBM Selectric. Call 462-2739 1I

to $30 off on aU 10 speeds keep good trying.home. Food(J-5T-04-P included.) 373-2766, (M-5T-99-P) CLASSIFIED MAIL-IN I

Gotorman + Gatorwoman will be on HORSES BOARDED: little Prairie Ranch. 6
pqu channel Stv live opal 9 noon. (J-1M04- mi. from UF all facilities, lots of riding I
IT-104-P1) room. Stalls $75, Posture $25. 376-4719 CLASSIFICATION: f nrrrr ?. g ;
SCUBA DYNAMICS is proud to announce 'ove (m-IOt-102-p)
Save 10% on parts and accessories a new member Instructor. MARK F.. I for sol. 1 r 1's' I
SCHRAM completed the 'Instructor SCUBA CLASS starts April 6 all equipment for rentwanted if 1$1$
Training Course in Jacksonville under provided Including mask fins, I I
Our thanks to OFfor the Sanction of PROFESSIONAL snorkel, B.C. tanks, regulators, full l g
ASSOCIATION of DIVING INSTRUCTORSMark wetsuirs. Textbook all air and International I help wanted :: I
making our first year a success. will be assuming the position of certification with five open auto
Head Instructor In charge of all basic water dives. Cost $35 absolutely. no r r e. I
I parsonal
--. Mark Is a senior at 0. of F. extras. Call SCUBA DYNAMICS for I
majoring In chemistry (J-4T-104-P) further information 373-5069 (M-4T-104- lost ft found rrrrn i f

wonted: virgins to take port In cin city pj) ; I services I
unicorn hunt. applicants must prove DIVE DRY TORTUGAS after Spring
their eligibility to catch. unicorns. call quarter. Spend five days camping'at I i I.I .
376-1340 (J-IT-104-P) historical FORT JEFFERSON. Transportation '
wonted 3 tickets for John Denver concert will be provided from Key DAYS TO RUN.: 1K. I'
8 call 373-3832 after 5pm ask for West All scuba equipment provided. $
I Texas cindy (J-3T-104-P) Certified divers only Price $115 call 11 day I I
InstrumentsThe SCUBA DYNAMICS for further Information days
from the
"All effort put forth my man
373-5069 ( )
fullness of his heart Is worship: If Ills ) 3 days 10 percentS II
prompted by the highest motives"and 4 days discount -vl-!
World'sMpsf the will to do service to humanity. fI rr 1I 1- I
Boho'l Writings (J-1M04-C) S days or more.

Wanted deadline for qualifying SG election frl. [GATOR CLASSIFIEDS 20 percent discount r II
opril,"'i'ol/party slating Interviews
Scientific tues. wed. Ihurs. 1-5 pm union (after 10 This form may b. used la I r- r n
pm 376-1984)) (J.3T-104-P) $1.25for place classified ads either In as I
person or by moil. Th. | ( o
LOST FOUND minimum charge Is $1.25 for a I

4 lines I four lines.! For each additional {
line,add 35 cents. Multiply the I
PRICE Found-yellow gold UF class ring of 64 total by the number of days the -*

blue stone. Call 373-7617 identify (I- 376-4446 I ad Is to run and subtract the j I
5 day discount. The discount Is p
Air MailUnited I applicable only for consecutive | rrrr I
$6.50 for local sales tM, ,Insertions.
Dipping/handling charges., Parcel Service I o I

deliveryPlus THERE ARE NO REFUNDS! ,
Compare with locil store prices TUCKER'S AUTOSERVICE I rr N I

Performs the functions of higher priced calculatorsand I Acceptance of payment with | S I '
advertising copy does not
more for a lot I less constitute. a binding agreement, 1A

Thousands told in hundreds of colleges.factorials "THE STUDENTS FRIEND" I on the Independent Florida I $ I
t -- Alligator to publish. said copy. I +
algebraic r ;
keyboard I The Independent Florida I

accuracy to .13 significant. e logarithmic trigonometric, 100/0 Alligator reserves the right to '
digits hyperbolic functions .1 act as sole judge on the I
rl c
t 12 digit display.-10 digit memory storage and recall parts discount to students suitability of any and all advertising 0

mantissa 2'digit exponent e scientific notation --- / I copy 'Submitted for | f r::: I

.t powers e rechargeable battery pack We repair publication, and the right to t -I
t roots .I edit revise, delay or reject any I isr I z: I
all and models.
makes advertising copy. 0


Send cerMied check or money order for delivery within five div'. No I Deadline 3.00; p.m. two I
wo's please Slight delay hi delivery If personal check accompanies order. I days prior to starring day DO ;
Our;;bank reference; TovwTfcnlt and Trust Co.raNrita. I NOT 0IDBt SY.PHONE r4
--N---- Moil this ad with remittance "
BOSTON TECHNICAL, INC. TOWING SERVICE I (check.preferred.) to.;; t a; ,... ear t k 1iI..

728 Dec tam St.; New_ ton. Mass. 02159 i :

New ship immediately via Airmail/UPS, _SR-50s( ) Free lube job I Alligator Classifieds ,_ ;: /1" .

Nsme_ _____ with oil & filter change I P.O.University Box %13264 Station j' I.I

Address :

1124 S E 4th Sf 378 -0532 L-.I, lJ

,'. I ; f



..," ... .. .
: "
: ,. . .... .' : .j. "
.:. '. .r. ; . ,'.', ) ."V. '. ."_' ,.

, :; 1 !. The Independent ENTERTAINMENT :

i Florida AIIigatorBrooks I I .]

...* II.,.**...or.Afrfl1,197S .

dissects horror flicks

Daffiness is the one attribute with which RICHARD .,
Mel Brooks seems most amply endowed. .,,-" \ : :" .
', .
Fortunately his lunacy is more than BIILIDERREVIEW ;
adequate compensation.In "' ,
"Young Frankenstein" Brooks leeringly
dissects the Hollywood horror movie of the
I I930's. With the Mary Shelley novel the badinage about mispronounced names in
unwitting victim Brooks has erected a seriesof pique 1 Igor maintains his is sounded as "Eye y-
Gothic tableaux (in the period of earlyUniversalInternational ,gor" Frankenstein is taken to his an-
) and populated them cestor's castle where he encounters Frau
with crazed townspeople, a brooding young Blucher (Cloris Leachman).
Frankenstein, a hunchbacked lab assistant, a Eventually Frankenstein stumbles across L
couple of attractive girls, and an eccentric 'his grandfather's diary in the castle recesses. !. :: "'\ i{ ,:.;;i1:: !: :!:{!;tJ
housekeeper.Gene Within this book are transcribed the secretsof
Wilder, who worked with Brooks in 'life bestowal and the young Frederick, by' ;.'I ;;:::=' ',,.?."
his earlier films "The Producers" ands now fired with scientific curiosity and family fJi"Ii, .\ .
( "Blazing Saddles," portrays the erstwhile Dr. pride, falls upon the diary with the intent of ,
Frederick Frankenstein (or "Fronkonsteen building a new creature. (
," as he prefers to pronounce it)' This time, though, he vows to be sure that
uprooted from his medical college lectures to the creation has "a Rood brain."'
oversee the estate of his late grandfather. From'this last key plot device Brooks and
Grandpa was, of course, the Frankenstein of co-scenarist Wilder 'spin forth an array of
lore who originally re-animated dead tissue, comic situations that include sexual insatiability -
and who was, in the words of his grandson, "a, ,. vaudeville dance numbers and
cuckoo." even brain banks (of the drop-brain-in-slot-
When Frankenstein arrives in Transylvaniahe after-5 p.m. variety).
is met by.Igor, broadly played by pop-eyed .And what a bunch of hams they arel! Wilderis
English comic Marty Feldman. After some excruciatingly funny in the title role; and Dr. Fron-kon-stoon R.joic.s| Over Creative Endeavor

Feldman, with those bulging crossed eyes,
lends a bit of zany.lewdness to Igor's every context'- and here it does appear within a Instead the emphases are upon sexual and
line and expression. Ms. Leachman croaks 'certain kooky context-or without should be funereal humor in a more structured and
and swoons wickedly, but hilariously; advised to think again before viewing "Young traditional storyline. There is even some care
Madeline Kahn. is delightful as the spoiled Frankenstein." lavished upon set design and special effects
matriarch who loves Frederick; and Kenneth One thing the viewer will not find in this work, which demonstrates that Brooks at
April 3-Baker Gervitz Mars mugs outrageously as the village official film,though, is a predilection toward the type least wished to recreate the look, if not exactlythe
Army, Great Southern Music with a squeaky mechanical arm. of scatological humor seen in Brooks' other spirit,of those durable 30's horror piX: As
HallApril All of which brings us to the nebulous recent effort, "Blazing Saddles." Nor will the an extra touch the film is shot in black and
7-Dooble Brothers, question of aesthetic taste. Jokes about moviegoer be subjected to different planes of white, which may anger some uninformed
Jacksonville Coliseum people's physical deformities and gives reality as he was in "Saddles"-there are, for persons who pay their $2.50 to 'see it.
April 6-Daniel Helfltz, concerning the sexual lust of nym- instance, no bizarre shuttlings between movie
JWRU Ballroom phomaniacal females spot this movie like set.. be it Wild Western or not, and a contemporary The rest of us, though, will probably be
April 8-John Denver, measles. Thus those would-be patrons who Hollywood in "Young laughing so hard that the monochromatic
Jacksonville Coliseum might be offended by such material within Frankenstein." cinematography won't make any difference.
April 10-University Jazz
Band, 12:30 a.m. JWRU

Great Colonnade April Southern 10-Ramsey Music Hall Lewis, Spring set with distractions

April 11-Roy Buchanan,
Great Southern Music Hall By SHEILA DRAPER SGP will present the first Union colonnade on It's going to be great to
April 16-Blood,Sweat and Entertainment Editor annual jazz festival on May Saturday, 'April 12. have such distractions from
Tears, Great Southern Music 10. Block said Larry Coryell is For those more culturally- the doldrums of serious study.It .
Hall Once again, spring is uponus. tentatively booked for a show. minded, the University
April 25-Earl Scruffs Hoardes of sorry students Also Gainesville's own Jazz Performing Arts Series is should help the brain
Review, Great Southern have packed up the ol'VW Project will be on hand. They featuring a violinist, Daniel cells to relax a tad, so as to
II ,Mink Hall microbus and returned to that were responsible for packed Heifitz, and a cellist Jeffery perform better under
April 26-Nitty Gritty Dirt part of their lives choked with crowds at the Keg last month.. Solow, free of charge. pressure.
Band and Steve Martin,SGP responsibility. SGP has also booked David
April 27-Florida Symphony Alas, the return to college Bromberg for a free concert in
Orchestra,JWRU Ballroom and the unrelentless pursuitfor late May. r 1'
April 27-Jesse Colin Young higher education is Oh yes, let us not leave out April Fools.!
and Leo Kottke, JacksonvilleCivic snarling us in the face. 'The the Carni-Gras which will
Auditorium tempo of life will increase take place the first two
the tests the papers and weekends of the quarter By.SWAMI YOGI YOGABERRA
THEATER other mind-boggling (April 4-6 and 11.13)). Alligator Correspondent
April 3-"Bread and Roses'1 assignments one must go Block. said this year the
(History of Women In the through in order, for one to Carni-Gras is bringing a The Truth Revealed is the Swami yogi Yogaberra's 22-year-
United States) clutch that special piece of small professional circus withit. old' near-perfect record reviewer predictions for the year
April 9-12: -"Play It Again paper.. It should i be,. interesting. coming from now until then.
Sam", Gainesville Little Fortunately, there will be The "feelers are out" for I predict that next album from fine heavy-metal Bachman-
Theater several happenings designedto Van Morrison Kris and Rita, Turner group, "Industrial Accident" will be so heavy, fans
April 9-"Godspell", Great release one of.the burdens or the Eagles for the Inter- will be obliged to take it home on hand truck and open same
Southern Musk Hall of seriousness. Fraternity Council's Spring with tin snips.
Aprilll13,1620,2327"Macbeth" The Great Southern Music Quarter show Block also I predict next Joni Mitchell,!Ip, "Karma Hop" will not have
Hippodrome Hall' has booked the Earl said.The any songs about WArren Beatty whatever!
Theater Scruggs Revue to celebrate Student Activities I predict the next teen dance craze will be the polka! Cheap
1 DANCE their first annual anniversaryon Center in the J. Wayne Reitz fine Roger Corman polka flick-flicks will being seen at. posh
April 4-5-University of April 25 'Yay-Haaaa! Union has planned drive-ins all over these'United States.,
Florida Dance Company, Steve Block, chairman of 'Celebr tion",, 'a week of I predict that Mahavishnu John McGlothlin will opt for
"Movement'75", Student Government performing and visual, arts. ,' new image, complete with'white motorcycle chopper white
Constans Theater 8tl5 p.m. Productions said Nitty Gritty from, April 7-12. l Les Paul, and a little picture buttom of Alvin Letfon his lape..
April 18-Indian Dance Dirt Band and Steve Martin This includes a Lunch Box I predict the famed rock stars Beatles win not'\coagulate: onstage
Performance, Student AcT will put on a:free concert on Theater presentation again Their wives" however will do a'30 date$S million
. thltiea April 26 (Un honor of Dorm "Panchali", a University Jazz net US tour together
1 Center,8tl5 pan.,JWRU Week) In those two days, Band concert on April 10.'a 1 predict that rock music flake Todd Rundgrin will be first
Ballroom there will be plenty of foot talent show at the Rathskeller pop star to enter dread negative zone.I .
stompin' in Hogtown, on April II. and, an art I predict, also, that, 'me"being famed Yogi Yogtberra will
'"' For the jazz{ enthusiasts. exhibition and ,sale at the snatch up to heaven any minute by little piggy tail..Any min


Independent Florida- Alligator, Tuesday.. April II._ W5 Page 17

NON CREDIT Coming April 18 .

COURSESRegistration Indian Dinner

and a

for all workshops lessons will take place In Room

330 from 9;00 a.m. to 400; p.m., March 31 through April 11. Classical Indian Dance Performance

1 Students faculty and staff members and their spouses will have

priority for lesson enrollment from March 31 through April 4. Only

after this time will registration be to other
open persons. details in Mondays Alligator
Due to price and registration differentials, it will be necessary that

each person come to register with appropriate identification.

Enrollment for Individual classes is limited and therefore, on a

first.come first-served --------
basis. Persons may only register for

Because registration for all workshops and lessons Is limited, we Tu...April 1 SMay 27

must consider your decision to enroll final by 4 00 p.m. the 730.930pm. 'BATIK

working day preceding the first scheduled class. Refunds will EI.onor INSTRUCTOR laghllt.r: W.d. April16-Jun4
(only be made under these 2 00-4 OO p.m.
circumstances. 15.00 Student
A'P2L5\ 6V5from Po M.
S20.00 Non.Student :
Rerrx. lKO\\ '& .RI0OM
S20.00 Student
-- SnOONon-Studenti
Settee Falls -to TafetocVlngS... SORCERY AND MAGIC
T_April I 15-May 27
'Ft'OhAtgat Griwiat' to EitWj Frieda CERAMtaThura. a
GlOW YOUR OWN 7:70.9:90: p.m. '"
(OrgonkCfardonlng) INSTRUCTORDlUil : .April 17.Am S ,/ ,!*
A JDootntirtllruPirt virth wtof
WWWhIn 1he o.. SMtu f _-.y Tint. April)S-Moy 27 7;30-9.30pm. SIO.OO Student INSTRUCTOROorolhy :
730-930pm: SHOONon Student Starling
oft "" INSTRUCTORSton :
INSTRUCTORTerry : Pollock $2000 Student
Davit Studen" YOGA I 126.00 Non-Studant
UcfF 81IAdslbs.rtY.cwvn PbylstlyeTttszssOi 11100 Student. 115.00 Non-Stud.nn Mon April I 4 May 26
,.1d vtISVT1iiusN ..., M.--de W t.tlwJ..tG1S7 \ $20.00 Non Sludanti 2:304:30: p.m. CRAFTSURVEY
Mon. 14.June
April }
9 .Tldr.tts "'1'fIe P" .r 1t. a 1oo, ASTROLOGY GUITAR I Renihow: 730-9:30pm.

Thura. April 17.May 29 Mon ApriM4-Moy26 SiaOOStuaenttSHOONon INSTRUCTORUndaOarty :

7:30130pm, S. -7.00 p.m.INSTRUCTOR I .Student .
'.wtwlttd 11jihe Url1Ow\ INSTRUCTS: ; 120.00 Studen"
J.WiyPS } Ookkl.Jo Mullen P.t.f tinhorn YOGA $26.00 Non-SIuden"
dOIIl+rNetl+st $10.00 Student 110.00 Stud..,,, Mon April 14May 26
115.00 Non.Stud.nn I IS.OO Non.Slud.nn 7:30.:30p.III: SMMOIOaV
INSTRUCTOR: Mon.April 14-May S .
ASTROLOGY n GUITAR I ScorJohnson 730.930pm:
Wed April 16-Moy 21 Thurv April 17.May 29 110.00 Student INSTRUCTOR:
7;30-9.30pm. 730-9:30pm. SHOO Non-Student Virginia Solomon
INSTRUCTORDavid : INSTRUCTORTomMorrlwry: $7.00 Student.
Cochron YOGA WOO Non-SI d.nls

$10.00 Student I 110.00 StucMn" ,_April 15-May 27
jl5 00 Non Student I"00 Nan Studxit 10:00 am-12 noon EMSROKWY
,0 INSTRUCTORRandall ; Mon.May 12-June 2

(Spinning) Mon April I 4 May 26 $10.00 Student. INSTRUCTORVirginia :
Mon. April UMoy 26 5.00-7:00pm, 115.00 Non-Sl d.nn Solomon
730.:30; : p.m. INSTRUCTORGall : $7.00 Student
INSTRUCTORGallGMInpl : !Gill.icl YOGA I MOONon-Student!

SlOOOStudwliSiyOONonStudwtM Wed 4l16May21
II I 0.00 Stud.n" 2:304:30p.m.: : JEWELRY CASTING
51500 Non-Shid.nt. INSTRUCTORScarlet : Thua. April 17.June S
CtAiSlCAl GUITAR Johnson 200-4:00pm.

RATION RVtSTRINOIANJOSpinning (Beginning) S10.00 Student. INSTRUCTORHop :
( ) Tu... Aprill S-Mo ./ SHOO Non-St d.nn *Whit
TUM. April !S-May 27 730-9: :30pm. SlffOO: Student
FESTIVAL or Tin AKTSA 730.:30.m.; : INSTRUCTORChorll : YOGA $24 00 Non.Student

INSTRUCTOR: Surf W.d. April 16-May 21
TamMeirliwyIIOOOSludwiM 110.00 Studen" 730-9: :30pm. JEWEUV CASTING
$15.00 Non.Studen" INSTRUCTORKalh ; Thua.' April 17 June S
IISOONontyd.nlRIDCil ....ohow 730.930pm: .

CONCERTS EXHIBITS Wed, April 'lo-May 28 SHOO Non Student! *Whit
w.d. April 16-May 28 5. -700 p.III $18 I .00 Student .
7:30-:30.11I.: INSTRUCTORJam : YOGA $24.00 Non Student
INSTRUCTORAdrian : **N.l.on Thura. April 17.May 29
SIO.00 StudcnltilJOONonStud : (Beginning)
.n" Scarlet Johnson Mon. April 14-June 2
APRIL 712Sponsored MEDITATION 110.00 Sud.nn 130330pm.
RIDdH (Beginning) SIS.00 Non-Stud.nts INSTRUCTORImda :

Thun.Aprill7Moy29 T...... April !*Moy 27 Carry .-/
730-930pm, 730-9: :30pm, YOGA $18.00 Student
INSTRUCTORAdrian : INSTRUCTORMorcMolcom: Thura. April 17.May 29. $24.00 Non Student
Oovtll 5:00-7:00pm. .
ODK and 10.00 Studen" 110.00 Studenll INSTRUCTORKalh : JEWELRY CONSTRUCTION .
by I IS 00 Non.Stud.nnCHESS .115.00 Non Studenll Remhaw (Informed, )
the J. Wayne Reitz Union $10.00 Student Tu. April ISJune
ITUM. MIMI s $13.00 Non.Student 73T>930pm.
April JJ-Moy 27 Mon. April I 4 May 26 .INSTRUCTOR:
730-f: :30pm. 730-9; ;30pm. YOGA linda Dory .
INSTRUCTORMxrHMlSaft: INSTRUCTORJonScflworta: Thura. April l 17.May 29 $I'00 Student ,:'
1rIJ 7;30-9.30pm, S34 00 Non SIudentaMACRAME e
110.00 5tud.n" $1000 Student. INSTRUCTORRandall :
$1300, Non-Studen" IISOONon-ShxUnH Roffe

$10.00 Student!. Men.April I 4 May $
CHESS NEEOUPOINT' AND IARGBIO $1100 Non,Studwit 7:30.:30.11I: ,
w.d.April 14-Moy 21 w.d. April le-Moy 28 INSTRUCTORSanvNoltWood:
730930pm 730-9: :30 p.III YOGA
INSTRUCTOR: INSTRUCTOREleanor : T_ April 1 S May 27 $6.00 Student
Michael toot Uighlllar S 00.7.00 p.m. $..00 Non-$hd.nn.
10.00 Studen" $10.00 Student INSTRUCTORRandall :
|IS 00 Non-- .nnCROCHEDNO SIS 00 Non-Studen" RoHe
$10.00 Stud.nl
Mon. May12Juna2730.930pm
21 Thura. April 17-May 29 .
w.d. April 16-Moy HOME BARTENDING : '
7;30-9:30pm, 730,930pm Fri April K-Moy 16 INSTRUCTOR: "f
INSTRUCTORAlic : INSTRUCTOR: 700.830pm.: $oro-N.It Wood ti;
Bill School
Snyd f INSTRUCTORBokOoucene: $6.00 Student
$1.00 Stud.nti $10.00 Student .
SB 00 Non Student!
$10 00 Nan.Slud.ntsDECOUPAGE SI!4 00 Non- tud.nll $15.00 Student.

PHOTOGRAPHY 120.00Non.Stud.nts QUHTMGTue .',
Mon.April 14-Moy 26 .AprillS.May6730.930pm.
Mon.April 14.21. 28 HOME BARTENDING : .
730.930pm: V
7.3030p 1ft. INSTRUCTOR Mon.April 14-Moyl 12 INSTRUCTOR:, :
INSTRUCTOREmily : 700.130pm. Virgin) Solomon .
SteinbergS400Stud TomMorrlwey INSTRUCTORBoeDoutetle: $7.00 Student .
$10.00 SIuden"I
.ntt R.OONon-Shd.nn ,
$6.00 Nan.Student $15.00.Student.
120.00 P4on-Slud.ril. QUILTING '
w.d.April It-Mrjy 28 (Beginning) BEGINNERS WINE 730,930pm.INSTRUCTOR:
730.930pm. W.d.April 16-Moy 29730.930pm APPRECIATIONThua ;. .f,

INSTRUCTORJoel : : April 17.May IS Virginia Solomon .
I INSTRUCTORMichcwt :. 700-8. .
Suchano 30pm $7.00 Student !
lighlnerSiaOO .
flOOOStudtnti S8.00Non-Student, ,
.. .rw. .
Student Doixen.
S15 00 Nan.Stud.nll .
.. .
1: SI 500 Non'Student. $15.00 Stud.nl .M :CI ur
STOOD 4on.Slud.nll
(Orgonlc Gardening) Peaon enrolling in coune. W.d.April *June 4 :
T April 15-Moy 27
T_April I S-May 17 : concerned 'with, alcoholic: 730.930pm: ..
Thurs. April 3 -6:30: ? 9:30Frt.&Sat.ApriU.i55.008.00: 730-9:30pm, INSTRUCTOR: : beverage will be requited I* i INSTRUCTOR:
11:00 INSTRUCTORStan : Sow proof that #>-y era at leatl June ...,...
: TomBllg.ll
: ; ; Pollock .
18 yean of aga $'ILOOSIud.nn
110.00 Student
50c: "o.00S .n".I I $24.00 Non-Stud.nn
2nd Floor Auditorium | MNon.StucMn" SI 5 00 Non Student" .


- -- ._ --_ --- -- .
--- ---

S..feam ordinary over break

0& -

By KEITH CANNON cans the Gators won all seven all-important at this stage of man Chap Brown at No. 4, probably come soon, since the 1 I., and his victims include
Alligator Sports Writer their matches to boost their the season, "Those don't ran his winning streak to 16 season is just past the halfway Stanford's John Whitlinger,
record to 161.. The wins count toward the cham straight before losing against point. Potter said, "We've the NCAA singles championin
Nothing extraordinary also extended the UF winning pionship, but you still like twin Alabama Saturday. still got a few tough teams to 1974.
happened to the UF men's streak to I 11 1 matches in a row them." hti said. "It helps UF's No. I and No.2 play., We need to keep our The Georgia match! also
tennis team during the spring since an early season loss to' your seeding in the conference players, Juan Diaz and Dave momentum going." begins at 230: p.m. at
holidays. Translated, that Miami. Routine, right? tournament. But you can win Pressly, have come off some Two matches, are on the University Courts.
,COACII BILL Potter's them (dual matches) all and early-season losses to win schedule for this week, This -<- .
squad victimized Kalamazoo still. *" their last 11 matches. "This afternoon. ACC represen c ww
,((7.2)), Mississippi State ((7-?), He didn't finish, but one takes some of the pressure off tative Wake Forest,which lost
Auburn ((9-0), Georgia 'Tech could guess what he meant. in doubles"Potter said of the to UF 7-2 last year, will meet
((9-0)), Southern Illinois ((8-1)), The Gators' head man might excellent singles play. the Gators at 2:30: p.m. on the "
LSU! ((7.2)), and Alabama ((63)on ) have been thinking about last However, he expressed University Courts.'
consecutive days in a season, when his team had a disappointment at some of And on Friday, the netters
rigorous seven-day stretch. 7.1 ,dual match SEC record, the recent performances in face their biggest challenge
Naturally, Potter feels pretty yet finished fifth in the doubles. In No.2, for since the Miami match when
satisfied with the way things conference tourney. example Brown and Jody they host the defending SEC
9'W e worked out. "I 1 think we're in POTTER DID not single Stagg have dropped five of champion Georgia Bulldogs.
pretty good shape for this out any individuals for thier their last seven matches. It will be a chance for revenge
time of year," he said. "The performances of the past "They are a new team since for the Gators, who suffered
boys have really played well.. week, but the Gators did have ((junior Mike) Boning got their only dual match SEC
There( were some exciting some notable accomplishments hurt" Potter said of his''loss of 1974 to Georgia 81.
matches." in singles freshmen. "They have not "They have practically the
Four of the victories- play. No. 6 player Jim been,quite as good a team as 1 whole team coming back,"
,,,, ..........., ,
"" <"""'''''''' Mississippi State, Auburn, Oescher won all of his individual thought they might make. 'Potter said. The Bulldogs' top
.... LSU, and AlabamawereSEC matches to remain There could be a change player is' Manny Diaz last
I f DAVE PRESSLY wins, but Potter stressed undefeated at 17-0 for the there." year's SEC champion in No. 2, BILL POTTER
.won last 11 matches that a 4-0 SEC record was not ''year. Another stopper, fresh- ANY CIIANGES will singles. This year he is'at No. ..satisfied so far

,' ..',.

Florida Independent Alligator // S PC RTSJ I

Page 18Twdoy,April 1 1. 1975Gators

bombed : a s a !

X .Tt:

by Eckerd 16-9 I

1 tp i .YR'r

By MARK- JOHNSON ,hits.AND Georgia in Athens. The two I aMa :, ,. S,
Alligator Sports Writer AS USUAL, the teams split a pair of games at M
pitching left something to be Perry Field during the spring
Just another 16-9 ball desired. Eckerd batters ,break, giving the Gators a 2-2 e f a ,
game: chewed up and spat out four 2 conference record.
That must have been the UF pitchers collecting 18 hits "It was really windy out
reaction of the Gator baseball and 9 walks as the Gators' there today, just one of those a E
team Sunday afternoon after record dropped to 1210. days not suited for baseball,"
they were blown off the field Senior southpaw John head coach Dave Fuller
by Eckerd College in the .Chappell. whose last stint wasa moaned after Sunday's semi-
latest of several slug fests the six-hit shutout against slaughter. "You're supposedto
UF team has been involved in Auburn, will start this Fridayas win with nine runs, 'but not photo by george kocnonicc |Ir.
this season. the G a tors continue their today."
As usual, the UF bats were Southeastern Conference DOWN 4-2 AFTER four
red hot as every hitter but one schedule with a ,two game innings, the Gators stormed HOLT HALTED '
collected one or more base series on the road against back .in the fifth inning with'Hancock's ;.as were Gators in latest,of their several 1 slugfests .

four runs thanks i td a two-run "In=xperience 'is' the big said. Smith may start the
214 wraps triple by Roger Holt and RBI thing," Fuller explained. second game of the Georgia.
hits by John,Cortese and Jim "Four of our top six pitchersare series on ,Saturday.DAVE '
Shulock. freshmen, and each game
But Eckerd who ,had ,they pitch is going ,to help..
already knocked starter Tim "Mike McCarthy came in
another Gator golf 'winUF's Wilson out of the box in the today in relief and I was real
second inning, sent both Ron pleased with. his per,.
Dobbins and Craig Pippin to formance," Fuller said
he showers in the bottom of 1 the t;: despite the freshman lef
fifth-with seven runs on thander's, seventh-Inning
golf team ranup a three-day total of 881 to win the. six hits and two walks. problems. "I think the game,
,,. Southeastern Invitational golf tournament this past weekendin Mike McCarthy moppedup he 'pitched against Lafayette:
Dothan Ala. : for the Gators and was hit .ca( complete game ;victory);
for five runs on three hits and really helped him;, It's just ,a
two walks in the seventh. matter of confidence/'

Alabama was second in the event with 892, followed, by 'inning as Eckerd took'a 16-6 FULLER, HOWEVER .is
Indiana at 894. lead to put the game out of still having, a hard time
fi ,' '" reach. UF added three runs in forgetting .Satu'rday'i.7.S lossto
'1 the eighth, but they were Auburn, a' game In which
hardly enough, to ,make a three UF pitchers allowed",,11;
The victory was the fourth'in a row for the Gators, who have ,difference. walks, including, five by
now won six out of eight tournaments. WHILE THE GA TORS' starter Wilkie Smith who waS
'14-hit attack was impressive knocked out .after only one
Fuller was more concerned and one-third Innings.. .
with the sometimes good, "Here's a guy-who last year''
individual sometimes miserable pitching came on in clutch relief when
.' r- PHIL HANCOCK Dennis Sullivan had 'a 217 to finish third, and Andy Bean the team has been displaying he'had to-he""thiew'itrikes' FULLER
..tourney victor carded 220 for a fourth-place finish..fit as of late.' and did a great job," Fuller .9 runs,is enoughTen'il '



-I-i _



1 "''a !: "' .Ind..d.nt F1orld. AlIJ.G'r/Tu./ ....,.Apet11,1t7g., ropifr Ir

\ .


How much profit

does the average U. S. B. We all should IN M00I.II.'I.A':::I I" LSIOOS. 1 1f.. :,. :.NI,.r f
I. ..... tI s'M.
know "them better Lwt.s:.. 0 ..IN'i.
make : for they play .. a .
company on 1/N00waw.ow.w/ .a It .:/>
........ tI .. ....
a vital role in N.".... Ia :...
everything ,
N' Vur .
I fl
0,110,1Ca" I'. ....
sales .
each dollar? we -do N If .It

L Pc.

checkone) A.Q450 Ca.a...... :: : :.rrO.
( .
B.O28C C. p 12C II 1 .NiMww
D.Q5$ ..... 1tt ....
ANsI C/IT 11 Ii
.... ..
.-... ., 11 .1. ...N.
And wheredo remodel home .....v.. 1l.. .. ....
-They helped to .
tt a 015,4.44 i r. .."
for troubled 0.55.w. 5 5
in Leaven-
youngsters "M/I.N' 5 .".ItCsk
? worth, Kan. and to fix up a recreation .N tI is ._

profits go center for school dropouts and ._i.._
... ...
"THEM"W"v drug victims in Dallas. .r IM* r Ml t ft. -..

If you compare what the majority of Americans They created a million new jobsin It MsvN/L.c.--.. MMsW.Non.lP' ... .

think corporate profits are with the bottom line the United States last year. '-ToaAI" .Oar00w. .L.All N--./.w.N PM.Mr _bIN.

of the -They pour $325 million into IN......._.. IMP._.._.._
typical corporate financial statement, ..,0, ,..CIIk_ININf.NwWAr1,.
education each year and another {144 Arua1.N.w II.. Clods,."T_.OT,*,,.
you will see that the public holds profound ---Ot1o..L_.. .. .. .. .
million yearly into the arts Their .PIt c. *> t MM.r>i .,l
misconceptions about this vital subject total outlay for charity each year is MMM OMnHMLMMM.Flfc.WMI '

been hear- about billion.
The adjoining message from the April Reader'sDigest ft 1Af...MOA CONLRNtaS.
.. ... .
lot about .
a -They put $85 million into a new M MMi
sums up opinions and the facts about "lately. steel-making process that preventeda .........w II .Pel.M MlM ....
N.i '
profits. It shows what happens to them.And it bad things. steel mill in Pennsylvania from .:".::';\..i B SI:JU, }II"! ,r
shows how the profit potential/ /can give how big theyare. closing down saving 2000 jobs. .WMMntM CMItl ON/N: ,1 .I}.. -
innovators the incentive needed to create or They've been cursed in the -They give federal, state' and lo- Awl MMIIMC....!..MlMt I It, It II II.t4'M,0 tI.II",,

expand business.That leads to more jobs and streets, reviled in Congress, con- cal governments more than $41 billion ../sows to N ..NN
demned in the press.They are often in annual tax revenues. was *-.cONI.R.NcaMed. ...,-
more earnings all around. .. ,
overestimated. seldom Uk....., .. N N.N
They are Who are "they"? ..! C/tv0.1a II N. .m I1it
Read on (even if you checked letter D above). understood. Profits. The money earned over O..."...|.. ......1. 01.114..4N ii is. N .NI- .. ,
We all should know them better and above the of operatingour .so ..... .. II Iii
It can be well worth the Investment of your time.I expenses ....... .'? s0 1
for their handiwork is everywhere American business and industry.If Prl44. Ii N 441 It'.
IrI........ .tN m Ii'L0 >
-though we n\ay not realize it. industry were not profitable, not 1410044 10155.5 IsO a di Ml UMl ,

) -They built a factory in a riot- only would companies lOOn go out

c lllcrs torn section of Watts Calif. then of business-with dire consequencesto ,..
I helped it along until it was a $.- employes and stockholders-but a .... -S "Pc,. 5.M ,

J )iue t million-a-year business owned largely great variety of social and humanitarian It./ L.5I,0....T N II'.11.. ,.4i0INIa ...ra NNhaw.MI
its .
by activities would
employes. simply go by N N {t NN
Y/r.My .. ..... Mu
5,1W.. ....-
sow *wIM00 .N ::: IIXH "
IMIIMUm.. II .> IF'.,
.... 0 H ,iM tI >
ONI. .al *Ml.liltfHockey
I .451.._.NLN.1 tIt,_

'. J

'l? t. :# PRO.

....-ML I }
," : .. L. V P5.55. SA.Is1.44001.
I II.. N s. III 1ft
N v. ..'Wl II. tl II III MlII
N Y. N II M til HIM
.au..... N w tu in
...::.. .
Y.OWMI .i 0 M W tit tilM
LiSI ,5 0 50 III 550MM.N
n or, 1''. 51115 an NI
the board It is a corporations on- meet that demand by companies picture. But somehow we Americans dress that sells in department stores ..,001 CNI ., N n. II 0 Ire .NN.Mi

tinned; profitability that; allows it to Decking a profit. When the dryers remain peculiarly unconvinced.We for $50. A woman, examining: it 0.0.1 44 N N.It..M' I"
: :: :
regularly |put money into say public started rolling out who benefited? buy a house for $a8ooo, sell it for might conclude she could make the .:!.-E.r:.......:,.:. r .1 F 1 'I 0 I ft' tat:qi.1.

TV or the local,, symphony and at The companies-sure. But the big $40,000, then the next day condemn same dress for quite a bit less than '" -

the same time create new technology: beneficiaries: were the consumers someone else's "pursuit of profit." that amount. Provided she could .144........!... t.mw N.. N IS t',Ii II 115505 0. .It 5/lit

and new jobs. first because their demands were We blithely forget the realities of get the pattern (one of hundreds T.r.N. :: :: SIe U 50. all 55 ?as.e.I. sCIIllss'Is
economics and submitted .......- ........ ..... "
Profits/ business the
satisfied manufacturers'
are not. as !some people and. second competition competition.Let's by T'I 50.50 ,

seem to think, clutched in the hands quickly drove prices down. look at the profit picture on designers), she could indeed save .'...H........ N 01 NN 0.....Y.r1.. .IMw.

of a few cigar-smoking: IVCOOM. Yet, while profits are so intimately a common product-a woman'sMANUFACTURER'S money. But this dress icon the rack I.MU AUfMM.l MHIMIM M .* CHvtl

There are ;0 million stockholders tied to the lives of all of us, the because the majority of women have Ca/a/I,.! VMKMMT .

in this country who count/ on them; public concept of them is so distorted neither the time nor the inclination

.n.{ ? million workers whose retirement :a< to be hardly a concept at all. For COST AND PROFIT to make their own. T

fiends' invested in stocks and example polls indicate that the majority Fibrks andaccessories Why does it cost $go?.

bonds clqxrnd on them: fa million of Americans believe business ....._......_.._... $ 'Lit. The box in the previous column
life-iimir.iiue policies in lorce in the clears about 1" cents profit on every and factory' gives breakdown of costs. And it, ...........

United Stares that depend to :a great dollar it earns. operations Design ....,,-.._......-......... 4.91 vided shows that a $25.75 dress that pro- ti. There adlfiancelll' .
degree on dividends that profit The fact is. after taxes the average jobs and made profit for '
makes little less Production wages in the ends ? : \
produce. U.S. now a people garment: industry
company; sales and benefits ....................... 6.86 consumer
Profits are far more of course. than a nickel profit on each up fulfilling a desire providing wteiwltAtc :
They of dollar. Administrative and livelihood for a departmentstore's .
are one man'srim.try\ the sales salaries .........._.......... 3.97 : MeAT Owr&Mars 2
incentives Long after factories.. have Certainly, in some industries employes putting tax money
l lien built and payrolls and fringe average is higher but not very much. Taxes .................................. .98 in the public treasury and profiting' :. ''SATLAT .fnawiMct 4MCCMSCowsttHMtara' .

benefits paid profits keep lights Mining companies otfice-equipment Profit from sales the store's owners. In the process, it : :
firms between to retailer............................ 32 becomes a $50 dress. As for that II. !) .
burning in offices, in laboratories, in and computer average ) s..a ells... :

men's minds,spurring the almost indefinable nine and ten cents on the dol Wholesale price to retailer f 25.75RETAILER'S retail profit-well,you the consumer : ,. ..

mix of f new products and lar. Lumber products make around are the reason why it is that low. .,... t ,al. :

ideas called; Paper shufflers seven. Oil production and refining COST For to raise the profit margin the ., ..._ sttllm. ..trialiMls. :

.and> chart dcviwrs progress.in a centralized produce about eight. But in many AND PROFIT businessman would have to risk los- : 'KATCMT '. :

economic bureaucracy du not invent industries the profit margin is much Dress from manufacturer.....$25.75 ing your patronage. You in the end :

automatic transmissions lrch-fn lower. Ironically, many of the lowest Advertising, sale make the decision That's what com- Mthmiiut ,

fm UKKV.( | kidney machines double-! profit margins are in businesses markdowns, freight............... 5.55 petition is all about.And profit is the : HEX .

knit fabrics or wonder; drug Men that many people assume to be making Store operations...................... 6.20 essence of competition. : ......itssMSIvlrVfl t far

in the market-place eL,. Stimulated: "unln ion.lble profits" at the Payroll................................... '.10 ECFMI

,by the, of profit they find consumer's expense. Supermarkets Taxes ..................................... 2.10 '
sheet| .
Fur reprints, : Reprint Editor, The L R
harder.. steel, brighter! color television for( instance clear :a little less thana Profit from sales to RcaJci'i Digest,Plciuntville' ,N.Y, 11570.Pncci 8S5AHoa IferalPVT
.sharper, razor blades quieter penny' on each sales dollar. In customer................................. JO : lo-jof.jo; -Si; l o-j,jo;joo RAISED THBR SCORES
air conditioners the retail-sales industry the average $1150; ooo-5.0.: Pricct for. '"larger
Selling price to customer $50.00
quantum upon nqunL
When millions wanted electric profit I per sales dollar. is around two

,hair-styler dryers:! tremendous (ent,. 377-1420
amounts <>f money; planning and Business and industry have triedtirelessly This message is prepared by the editors of The Reader1

this true profit Digest and presented by The Business Roundtable
machinery: had to. be channeled to I to convey

t J" -- -KI .: '

ucaftClltll&: [ .
S .TOT.-/N,1wMION--.._ :


....." ..


Poga 20,Hi*Independent Florida Alligator.Tuesday,April 1r 1975UF


give relay j CAM TV

\channel T7"l.Cllalln.la.UPI N wt'A, New wlt'ner'York \
Stock Excll 0.1 FM itatieni on
fans much to yell about. TV ChMinilt.UNIVERSITY on'tM end FM S FM bond CITY and 4 AMllatlons fl.A.nno 3".30.S3Q

429 N.MAIN ST.

It's a good thing that guys their expectations. prevented him from defending in every major indoor meet in
like Dave Roberts, Houston And they did it in front of a his title at the SEC's and the U.S. and they never held
McTear and Mike Roberson home crowd to top it off. Rambo spent much of back. Powerful Tennessee got
showed up for the Florida "It's almost historical thatwe Saturday heaving his guts out pistol-whipped by the Gatorsat
Relays because if the people don't do well at our own in the locker room. Tennessee before the
came out to see the Gators, damn relays," said 'a TilE ONE individual who Gators went on to capture the STOP LOOKINGfor
they were sadly dissapointed. disgusted assistant coach Roy was probably most disturbed SEC indoor crown with

il The SEC Indoor champions AT THE end of the meet RICK ADELMAN a good part-time job!!
managed only two relay head coach Jimmy Carnes was
victories when they were smiling,as usual, but whetherhe Good Pay New Opportunities
expected to win at least five. would admit it or not, he OPINION.
C couldn't have been pleased Career Training Regular Promotions
.l'' with the team's performance.In .
THE UF coaching staff and all fairness to the with the whole situation was surprising ease. Men and Women Eligible '
the athletes themselves took it Gators though, injuries Beaufort Brown. IT IS possible that the team
pretty hard because they played a major role in their He watched his blistering may have been pressing too EARN*4S FOR ONE WEEKEND PER MONTH AND TRAIN FOR
knew they fell far short off overall showing. 46.7 second 440 leg in the hard before the home folks. A REWARDING CAREER IN THE TECHNICAL
Three of the four membersof sprint medley go to waste as Now they must learn to rest SKILL OF YOUR CHOICE.

_._...._..........- _.._._............ UF's national championmile Steve Gomez failed to hold fully and completely recover GETTING INVOLVED BECAUSE
relay squad were on the the lead on his anchor leg. from a rash of injuries. a
rR E, sidelines with the same type of "It really bothers me," The SEC outdoor championships AMERICA NEEDS USFORMOMIWOIUfUTIONMtoOMItMteiOCUPAinMAILTO
injury. Brown said after the meet. are not that far
HORACE TUITT and "We're not running up to our away and anyone will tell you I--------------------- '
v. Wimpy Alexander had pulled capabilities. that the outdoor title is more ) : I
'1 leg muscles before the meet "BUT MAN, we're comingoff important than the indoor' I .SOS CHICAGO.IIUNOM MM I II IRM. A
but Noel Gray waited until, one of the toughest indoor championship."I I I
Saturday to hurt himself. seasons of any team in the I NAME AGE I II
Mitchell Goings, the 1973 nation. It takes a while to get know the fans are I ADDRESS I II
SEC 440 champion and that indoor feeling out, you disappointed but the guys on I I
a ,aBEAUFORTBROWN this team are hard workers CITY STATE I
intermediate hurdle standout know getting adjusted to the
and when the time
Bob Rambo, both very outdoor surface..the wider comesw'e'll ZIP PHONE .
) be Brown said.
capable and replacements, turns." ready I "1T PAYS TO GO TO MEETINGS I Il

were also on the sidelines. Brown made some good "When it counts Florida __________ -----------
I Goings was still recoveringfrom points. will be number one, I'll
.'we'll be ready' a muscle pull which The Gators did participateDUTCH guarantee you that."


I Ial1ru1
1211 S.W.16th Ave

1 PURlEE: : gator; Ijau0 Crn City Plaza 1 I i


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THE 15e DRAFT 50c cover 278 City Island Avenue t
City Island N.Y.10464
377-651O- i


.... .-...- -- ""

The Independent Florida alligator
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.-- .-. .- .- -
L ., . ... .. ,.. .., .... -. ., '!iI, .t, ",
w, .-i... w.y.wMr IInrR 4iAA1.'NII""rMFMnIM" -w._ .--.. .....ft ... _'\ ,,, ... .j" .I tom.'ra. _. i"a'; : '\' ''l.l. :: :

Eaton to run for SG president. !

)' b
t. By DEBBIE ERICKSON formed about issues that directly affect Lobeck said SG should take an active role f .. a
* Alligator Staff Writer them"the Action party candidate said. in curriculum reform. I I.' ""h .'.;
EATON'S RUNNING mate, Dan Lobeck, "WE CAN SAVE the university money ; '; tt: :' \' :
Announcing his candidacy Monday for I ILW is currently UF Secretary of Consumer through the abolotion of mandatory Physical : i;'! ::' :,
student body president,Jim Eaton 4AS said, Affairs. Education and the Arts and Sciences ,/ : < :,4 "o F '.
c3Y '
"student government leaders must speak out Lobeck said, a student consumer attorney, language requirement"he said. -"q" / : k u ':. : .,I
and demand the Interest of students' not takea abolition of the Sunday alcohol ban and Eaton said "SG should close ranks with ,' < "it ,,
back seat to those of the administration, various dormitory reforms are three of the the student leaders at other state universitiesSee I : --< -'-7.,.'.?flfii": .-
faculty and Board of Regents. goals of the Action party. He said the party's
The role of SG "is to be the students' "top priority" Is the extension of dormitory EATON, LOBECK
advocate and t to keep the .student body in- visiting hours. ( 'Candidates,' page seven) .'. announce candidacy I

T .....

The Independent TUESDAY

Florida / 1,1975

Alligator/; .

67 NO. 103

Kiolishvd, by Compus Communications Inc., Gainesville Florida ,Not officially associated with the University of Florida

Cam/ hot in drug arrest

r ri By TERRI WOOD block ot Northwest Second Street. Swift said.

3 aft and Police were still searching as of 9 p.m.
I r ERICESTRINAlligator Monday night for an associate of the 28yearold -
Staff Writers Camil who allegedly delivered the

suspected cocaine to Camil while he was in
ro ..t'm Scott Camil, a leading defendant in the the company of the undercover agents.
"Gainesville Eight" federal conspiracy trial, The two undercover agents involved in
h t was shot Monday afternoon as he fought withan Camil's arrest were identified as Eugene
; R A officer following his arrest on drug Fitzgerald and Ray Porter.
: '
charges, according to a federal Drug Enforcement CAMIL WAS TAKEN to the emergencyroom
Administration (DEA) official. of Alachua General Hospital about 5
Camil, who was listed in fair condition at'' p.m. with the bullet lodged in his left shoulder

artT tT>: 16v E a' : Alachua General Hospital, was shot during a blade, according to Mildred Roper, super-
r. vta. struggle to disarm a federal undercover agent, visor of nursing.
according to,Tom Swift, public information Roper said Camil was later taken to the
officer for the DEA., surgery intensive care ward for observation
SWIFT SAID the agent told Camil he was overnight and possibly longer. The bullet was

,' yr4 under arrest for delivery of approximately two removed in the emergency room, she said.
and one-half ounces of suspected cocaine. ACCORDING TO SWIFT, an associate of
,, The shooting occurred at approximately Camil's delivered approximately two and one-
a 4:30: p.m. in a car with two Drug Enforcement .'
Administration undercover agents in the 1000 (See 'Camil, page six)

I rz _, Law vs. accreditation: \;I IBy

.r jtiw: a The public records vs. accreditation I
dilemma "puts the school boards in a box," ,|
Staff Writer
Alligator Ernie Litz, legislative assistant to Sen: Robert

l Graham, said. "If the boards decide to pay "
r' Unless accreditation agencies open all their their dues, they can be accused: of wrongfully \
records to Florida citizens, Florida's state spending state funds. If they don't pay they \\
t schools may lose their agency membershipsand lose their membership and accreditation," he

_: accredi tation. said.THE
Accreditation agencies-notably the SACS, which accredits public and
Southern Association of Colleges and Schools private schools in the southeast region,
rf (SACS)-accredits schools by allowing them collects tax.financed fees from its members. .
to become members. Every five to ten years, State universities also receive accreditation {
member institutions are evaluated according from various professional agencies: such as the \
to standards set by the agency.: American Medical Association and the ,,',
1. DR. LEE HENDERSON, director of the American Bar Association.
division of Community Colleges, warned that According to Litz before a school sends in
the loss of accreditation for Florida's its yearly dues to an accreditation agency.the

.- .. .E universities and community colleges could agency must first sign a statement that all its !\
result in a loss of federal funds. records are open. If the agency refuses the
1d "The federal government uses the Southern school may not use state funds to pay its dues.
VL Association evaluations as a basis for The SACS has agreed to open some, not all,
M 1 t'r eligibility for receiving federal .funds like of its records. Felix Robb, SACS director, said
financial aid grants," Henderson said. all records concerning Florida's public
L \.t Graduating from a non-accredited college schools and the association's business records
s a
could cost students the right of taking some will be open to Florida citizens.
Y licensing exams, and might interfere with the "WE FEEL WE ARE IN compliance with ,
transfer of credit between universities, he the spirit of the (public record) law," Robb :
added.A !raid.The SACS will not sign the affidavit sent -'.:!t
PUBLIC RECORDS LAW passed by the by Florida's schools because: "it is too all .

t state legislature requires any organization inclusive-we're not willing to open records of ',
', which receives state funds to open its recordsto institutions which are not governed by the : '.
the public. state of Florida." ;,
a Where accreditation agencies are concerned State,schools have until December of next' "..
n Attorney General Robert Shevin has year to'pay their dues Robb continued. Non- I i ,
said accreditation: agencies are covered by the payment of the fees, which: are, based on the \ 'f
--,-- ------" ---... public records law where state agencies: are institution's enrollment would be r
photo by ondy newman members. As members of various ,ac- "justification: for dropping the schools '

creditation agencies: state schools may not membership", ,and the automatic loss of j
WOUNDED SCOTT CAMIL funds dues unless the accreditation.
use state to pay agency ,j
.wheeled info recovery room after surgery agrees to open all records to Florida citizens, ,
t Shevin ruled. See 'Accreditation page four)

-- -- -
-- '-

'- 2, T_....' April 1,1975
>' <*, .. l ''VVT, .' ,: *i

lSouth Viet marines kill i refugeesSAIGON

said no force could turn the tide of Communist victory.
(UPI) Mutinous South Vietnamese marines Pioneer Contender. Pioneer Commander and Trans casts
Phu Cat, 260 miles northeast of Saigon and 20 miles north
seized control of two ships bringing refugees out of Da,Nang Colorado, sailed southward toward Cam Ranh Bay with more of the Qui Nhon airbase and district town, was attacked by
and raped robbed beat and murdered refugees aboard the than 20,000 refugees aboard. Communist forces, and military sources said heavy fightingwas
American ship Pioneer Contender Monday. Four U.S. Navy transports due In the area Monday night
underway. Viet.Cong radio broadcasts said Phu Cat had
Terrified passengers who finally landed at the former from the Philippines were under strict orders to withdraw and
American air base of Cam Ranh Bay on the coast 180 miles avoid'combat with North Vietnamese forces if fired upon. been captured. Binh Dinh
Qui Nhon. the province chief issued
northeast of Saigon said the marines and some rebellious Loss of Da Nang with vast stores of American equipment From an
for soldiers and civil servants to return to their
army troops forced the crew of the Pioneer; Contender to was perhaps the South Vietnam government's biggest single order posts
be punished for desertion. Qui
48 hours or Nhon
barricade themselves in a cabin. loss of the war and the Communist forces turned heavy within
When they arrived in Cam Ranh. military police sealed off pressure Monday on the big coastal city of Qui Noah midway became a virtual ghost town over the weekend as its

the port and tried to quell the marines. The rebellious troops between Da Nang and Cam Ranh Bay. Hanoi radio broad inhabitants fled south.

broke out of the cordon and began commandeering vehiclesto
Nha Trang about 20 miles to the north and itself a scene
of panic. If a car refused to halt the marines shot its tires off.
David Kennedy the official White House photographer on labels 'failure' I
a fact finding tour for President Ford said he and Nha ACLU amnesty

Trang's U.S. consul general, Moncrieff J. Spear were fired on -
by other mutinous South Veitnamese troops as they flew over
the Pioneer Contender and a South Vietnamese ship also WASHINGTON (UPI) A spokesman for the American selective service directors to do their legal duty of finding jobs
seized by mutineers. They were not hit. Civil Liberties Union said today President Ford's conditional for the clemency returnees." Schwarzschild said.
The military situation in South Vietnam worsened steadily clemency program was "a depressing failure" and the ACLU In addition Schwarzschild said if the ACLU doesn't receive
and the U.S. embassy began evacuating a few embassy might file suit against the government over two provisions of satisfaction from Atty.Gen. Edward Levi over immigration
families from Saigon while insisting there had been no formal the program. and naturalization service (INS) policies forbidding young
evacuation order. There were new calls for the resignation of Applications to the program expired at midnight last night. men with Canadian citizenship into the country it would
President Nguyen Van Thieu. Under the plan persons in legal jeopardy because of consider taking the Justice Department to court.
An international flotilla of more than 20 ships stood by off Vietnam-era related draft resistance or desertion are given "The INS prevents people who have not been convicted or
Da Nang with orders to evacuate 1.5 million desperate clemency following alternate service work. even charged with a draft violation from visiting their familiesin
refugees but they were unable to help panic-stricken crowds "This clemency is so punitive and intentionally the United States by simply excluding them at the border,
because of enemy fire from shore. demeaning" said Henry Schwarzschild director of the without any semblance of due process." he said.
The three U.S. charter vessels in the fleet were forced to ACLU'S project on amnesty "that well over 80 per cent of Immigration law allows the government to refuse entry to
suspend operations at midnight Sunday. The ships, thetuesday those eligible have not applied." the U.So aliens who fled the country to avoid the draft.
Schwarzschild said the ACLU is considering court action Schwarzschild said the ACLU would continue to advocate
against the selective service system because it had "secretly universal and unconditional amensty.
promulgated" a rule which would not count an applicant'stime
while waiting for a federally approved job as part of his
/ alternate service time.

Originally, selective service regulations gave returnees
"good time" credit against the alternate service requirementif Lon Nol Ito flee
/capsule neither they nor draft officials could find a job.
"This makes war resisters pay dearly for the failure of state

PHNOM PENH (UPI) damages were not known.
Cambodian President Lon' Government sources said
i Court to rule on narc lures Nol said farewell to his Lon Nol would leave Tuesdayfor

cabinet and close associates Thailand, Indonesia and

Monday., Governmentsources the United States with an
said he expected to entourage of 26 including his
WASHINGTON (UPI ) The Supreme leave Tuesday for a self-exile family and Prime Minister
agreed to decide whether federal narcotics which the government hoped Long Boret. Boret was ex-
constitutionally entice a suspect into : would lead to peace talks with I t i pected to return in about 10
when they provide him with heroin to sell illegally.The the Communist insurgents. days but not Lon Nol.
(case to be argues next term could Insurgent forces battered o The trip will include
define when a defendant is "entrapped" by away at the tenuous defense Hawaii where Lon Nol who
therefore cannot be convicted. perimeter of the capital. A is partially paralyzed from a
Narcotics agents frequently supply suspects barrage of about SO rocketsfell stroke ,will get a medical
arrest then when the drugs are sold. But on Pochentong Airport checkup the sources said.
courts have differed over whether this where the American planes They said the 62-year-old

unconstitutional entrapment. continued to ferry in food president who ,has led
Before starting a two-week recess, the court fuel and ammunition. One Cambodia through its five-

o Cleared the way' for imposing was damaged by shrapnel, year war made the decision to
against two Fresno (Calif.) Bee reporters and but was abje to fly out to leave after increasing pressure
editor for publishing sealed grand jury Thailand.A from younger members of his
o Once again declined to issue an order to rocket landed on a fuel government and the U.S.
Mining Co. discharge of asbestos fibers into the truck but casualties and ,embassy.




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l : Mcopt during June, July and August when "Ws published loml-wookhr. and during
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ore those of the editor of tho writers of mh articles and thoM of 1M Unive'"Y
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correspondence to The I Independent Florida Alllgaiot. P.O. Sort 13266. Unlv.rsi! :
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lone of odvertiMmentl and revise' or turn V oy oil copy It con*** obWM -
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: odvenlsem.ntsisen.ns The Independent involving,Florida Iypogt Alligator ephlcal| 110I consider..II"""""Inemtlo unity' ;:::
or orro
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independent '
toriHo Alligator will not be responsible for more than on. into?
)Insertion of on advertisement" scheduled to run several Hmot.I .


"'." ,", / P''''t't.1' :i ,".**ti.t1
TA.Ind..p-....Hold.Alligator,Tiwtday.April 1, 1975,P.0. 3

Regents study summer attendance


By BRIAN JONES Chairman Robert Graham, D-Miami Lakes, is trying to end enrollment equality within ten years,but "we're not any closerto
Alligator Staff Writer "inefficient under-utilization of facilities" at universities full summer utilization than we were in 1969.
In response to pressure from the Florida'Legislature, the during summer quarters. "I don't think the university.system has made a voluntary.
Board of Regents will consider next week at least three GRAHAM TOLD the Council of University Presidents last effort," Graham said. -
proposals to require student attendance at universities during week that the legislature might enact a new type of fundingthis GRAHAM TOLD university presidents that he was
Summer quarters. year that would reduce funds for universities with low considering a plan to require the same teacher-student ratiosall
ThetFlorida Senate, led by Senate Education Committee summer enrollments. year that exist during the fall quarter, when most students
Graham's plan "would result in a funding loss of about 25 traditionally have been in attendance;
per cent across the board to universities, regents' Corporate Under such a plan, when enrollments dropped in the three
Secretary Hendrix Chandler said Sunday. other quarters especially summer the state would only
The three proposals drawn up by the regents staff which fund the number of teachers justified by the studentteacherratio
will be considered next Monday include set the previous fall quarter.
.o Prohibiting students from enrolling for two consecu t ive "That would give us about 100 less faculty members
fall quarters unless they have attended at least one of the system-wide., Chandler said.
summer quarters during a two-year period; THE LEGISLATURE already adopted a funding; "man-
o Requiring two-year students to attend at least one year" plan last year which was designed to encourage the
summer quarter, and four-year students at least two summer universities to increase summer enrollments, but Graham
quarters, in order to get a bachelor's degree; said "the universities are dragging their feet" and more
o Limiting fall quarter enrollments to the fall 1974 level .pressure may be needed.
until enrollments in all other ,quarters, including summer, UF Presient Robert Q. Marston, who didn't attend the
have reached 90 per cent of fall quarter enrollment. presidents' meeting last week, said he is in favor of increasing
State University System Chancellor Robert Mautz summer enrollment but did not want to be "coerced" into it.
recommended that the regents vote, to delay action on the "I'm. also concerned that forcing students'into summer
summer proposals next week, Chandler said. enrollment might be bad for their educational needs,"
Even if the regents adopt a summer enrollment policy next Marston said.Graham .
week, it would not take effect for the ,upcoming summer said "if a Martian .spaceship dropped into the
quarter. Plaza of the Americas in the middle of the summer, they'd
CIIANDLER SAID the regents may wait., until their staff certainly wonder what all those expensive buildings are doing;
SEN. ROBERT GRAHAM can draw up "more palatable" summer enrollment policies sitting empty."
I .education chairman before acting.Graham.said. Last summer quarter, UF enrolled slightly over I 11,000 j
the legislature and regents agreed in 1969 students, or about 39 pet cent of the following fall quarter's
that the universities would move into full four-quarter enrollment.

..- ....-...-..-.....-.-

I Revenue bill would aid

troubled UF librariesBy : 'f

y t l 3 L B
BRIAN JONES Martin proposes to raise additional state F '
Alligator Staff Writer revenue by reducing the state sales tax rebate
businessmen get from three per: cent to ,one
.per c nt.
State Rep. Sidney Martin D-Hawthorne, "From my personal experiences as a
announced Monday he will introduce a bill businessman, and after talking to
this session to provide the State University' knowledgeable people in state government I''
System with $11 ''million in additional revenue feel that the 1 per cent figure is much closer to
next year. the actual cost of collecting: ; the sales tax."
Martin said his bill would also provide an BUSINESSMEN get the rebates from the
emergency "one shot" $2 million ap- state to compensate them for the costs of
propriation to state universities' libraries, keeping track of the sales taxes they collect
with $800.000 going to the UF libraries. and sending them to the state.
MARTIN SAID the state can raise a total In addition to funds for universities and
of$24 million without raising state sales taxes university libraries, Martin's bill 'would
by reducing the amount of money the state 'provide $5 million to state mental retardation
refunds to businessmen who collecUales taxeson facilities like Gainesville's Sunland Training
their merchandise and services. Center, $3.5 million to kindergarten; through --....-...-..---... --...--------- ..--..---.. ,
The 'universities' share of the total 12th grade programs $1.5 million to com photo by .*. sMn
savings-$11 I million-would be "a big dropin munity colleges and $1 million to agricultureand REP. SIDNEY MARTIN 'I
the bucket" to restore recession damaged UF's Institute of Food. and..Agricultural bill would give UF libraries $800,000up
university budgets," he said. Sciences. "re-examine" Florida's marijuana laws. penalties of up to five: years in jail and a
UF President Robert Q. Marston called If the legislature fails to enact Martin's The Florida Organization for the Reform of $5,000 fine.Martin .
Martin's idea "great" and said an extra $11 proposal, he said he would favor enrollment Marijuana Laws mailed the five gram bags of said the substance' he received
million"if it all went to the universities wouldbe limits on state universities so "those who are tea and birdseed ,to state legislators to "looked like it, smelled like 'it, and was so 1
a great help." admitted at )least have a 'chance to obtain demonstrate how, much marijuana it would much like it I thought I'd throw it out before I
UF DIRECTOR OF LIBRARIES G.A. something of value." take to send a person to,jail for five years. got caught with it." t
Harm said "Any money would be a great AT A NOON press conference: Martin also Under Florida Law. possession of five Answering reporters' questions, Martin i
help" next year, but that more than a special said five grams of a substance resembling grams or less could subject a person to a said a tuition hike may become law this year,
appropriation for one year is necessary to marijuana that he and other state legislators $1,000 fine and a year in jail, while possessionof although "I'd like to think it's not going to t
check the "decline" of UPs book collection. received in the mail have prompted him to over five grams is a felony carrying happen." 1 1Y


I Eludgetrecornmendationsface senate scrutiny m

,,> By LESLIE GOLAY fund in case the Florida legislature orders. for senate approval. The funds would requests for review.
Alligator Staff Writer merit salary'raises for state employes. 'cover the costs of two adjoining buildings, According to Budget and Finance
The rest of the money was allocated to theJ. equipment and 'salaries for two full-time Chairman Nick Lang $935 has been
The Student Senate will review budget Wayne Reitz Union, the Athletic) directors.: requested by SG Director of Women's Affairs
recommendations made, by the Activity and, Association UF College Councils Student The center, which is geared to ac- Cindy Shellenberger for a Whistle-Stop Rape
Service' Fee Advisory Committee (ASFAC> at Health services and Student Government, commodate low-income students, would be. ,Program which would involve the selling of
the first spring quarter senate meeting The recommendations must be passed by able to handle 60 children between the. ages of rape prevention whistles around campus.
tonight. the senate in final form after two readings in 3 and 5 years old Shellenberger has also,requested $725 for
ASFAC is.a.. ,seven member advisory order to gain final approval.The Only children who had at least one parent an International Women's Year Rim Festival
committee which makes recommendations to recommendations: must then go to enrolled as a full.time'student would be which "would make "A Do J's House
the Student Senate on allocation of the activity Student Body Treasurer Greg Sherman, eligible for the day care program. "Women In Love" and "Cries and Whispers"
and service fee money; ASFAC's final Student Body President Steve Merryday and "IPS,.UP TO the senate to accept our available.to the students for no'charge:
recommendations were made Sunday UF President .Robert Q. Marston for final "recommendation or to change; it," said A special request for $300 Is planned:for
THE COMMITTEE had $2.5 million to approval. ASFAC member Sue', Cine. the printing of an anthology of poems, short
allocate for the 1975-76 fiscal year. The AN ASFAC recommendation of$87,000 for In other business, the SG Budget; and stories, and sketches by students, according to
committee is holding $99,224 in a reserve an on-campus day care center will also come Finance Committee bring up three special LanJtC.l .

- -


Peg*4, Th lndpndntlforldo Alligator,Tvmday,April 1. 1'75 p xf m

- Three UF colleges face

uncertain accreditationBy p,

LINDA WISNIEWSKI "We're worse off now than we were then (in IV/U when me ICp
Alligator Staff Writer college was last accredited)," he said.
There are currently 44 faculty members, and as of July _
High student-faculty ratios and inadequate space have there will be 41 members because of the elimination of three
made uncertain the future accreditation of at least two UF "line items." or full-time positions in accordance with an
colleges and one program in the College of Arts and Sciences. order by the Board of Regents that all schools reduce line
The schools affected by student-faculty ratio and space items, Lewis said.
problems are the College of Education, the College of The major concern of the college is its building Jones said,
Journalism, and the speech pathology and audiology program because the accreditation committee "told us to do something o?
within the speech department at the College of Arts and :-ahnllt- it nr pIc"." -
Science. The .journalism' college is presently housed in the west side JOHN PAULJONES

The College of Education is coming up for reaccreditationin of the stadium. .'worse off now'
1977. If there is not a new education building by then the PLANS ARE UNDER WAY for construction of a new
college stands to lose its accreditation according to associate journalism building which is "pretty high up on the list of $:iid.THE
education dean Dr. Emmett Williams. (UFs) priorities. We've already received a $1 I million grant PLAN TO REMODEL Bryan Hall is now "hanR n
ACCORDING TO WILLIAMS, when the National Councilfor from the Gannett Foundation." Jones said. 'ire," Lanzillotti said .although he said the delay in
the Accreditation Teacher Evaluation (NCATE) came The ,journalism school is supposedto match the Gannett remodeling has not put the college's accreditation in "serious
in 1971, "the team found our physical facilities very deficit. grant with $750,000 from private sources. It has already danger."
"Our accreditation was extended only because we promisedwe raised $540,000. Jones said.It "The administration has made commitments (to remodel
would make substantial improvements" to obtain more will cost $8.4 million to build the journalism building. Bryan Hall))), and when the accreditation committee sees that
space, Williams said. The figures is based on construction of the building scheduledto there are commitments, then I feel they will extend our accreditation
"We were able to make that promise on the basis of the begin in 1977 Jones said. ," Lanzillotti said.
administration's statement that-a new education building was Marston has submitted a request for the entire $8.4 million According: to James Zowarka space analyst for the UF
the No. I priority. Now we have left ourselves vulnerable and funds for the journalism building and "it will go before the department of physical planning, the plans to build Bryan
have put ourselves in the position of having our accreditation legislature this year," Manton said. Hall are "long range"
being taken away" because a new building has not been built JONES SAID he has "really good hopes" that the journalism "These are just plans to my knowledge no funds have
-. ___ ____-_- _- ._ __ -; ;H. college will be re-accredited because the college is "a been set aside to renovate Bryan Hall,"Zowarka said.
really good college, despite its deficits." THE TOTAL COST to renovate Bryan Hall is "about $1.2
Jones was uncertain whether the ,journalism college) would or 1.3 million" Zowarka said.
be re-accredited, however adding, "I've been on ac- According to Dr. Morton Smut%, associate dean of the
creditation committees before and I know how they work. College of Engineering, the college will be re-accredited whenit
There's no way you, can predict if a college will be re- is visited by the Engineer's Council for Professional
accredited." Development in 1977, although "we're concerned about the
The speech pathology and audiology program within the effect of another year or two of funding at the present level."
. "If funding continues at this level the college won't be able
to provide appropriate library facilities and an adequate

fT 'The team found our physical student-faculty ratio"Smutz said.
In order to retain its accreditation "it may be necessary to
af' In ;G eliminate certain programs (within the College of
facilities very deficient. Engineering)", Smutz said.

Williamsspeech THE COLLEGE is "studying the question right now" to
see what programs, if any will be eliminated Smutz said. He
added it may take until June of this year before a decision is
department at the College of Arts and Sciences could reached.

be given an accreditation warning, according to acting The decision to eliminate certain programs does not mean
chairman Dr. Edward Hutchinson."I there will be a cutback in student enrollment Smutz said.
wouldn't be surprised if we're given a warning," Hut- "It means we're looking at various programs to see if they
chinson said, because of the program's high studentfacultyratio. can be taught more efficiently. We're looking into having one

i department teach a course rather than several departments
WHEN A PROGRAM is given a warning accreditationcan teaching similar .
courses, he said.
'fwf be taken away if problems are not corrected in "at least The School of Forest Resources and Conservation is one UF
one and possibly two years," Hutchinson said. school
that is not fully accredited because of inadequate
The American Board of Examiners in Speech Pathology space, according to its director.
and 'Audiology is scheduled to visit the speech department :'WE WERE PLACED under conditional re-accreditation
nnxt month, he said.
in 1972 with the condition that the school obtain more space"for
"They recommend approximately a 20-1 studentfacultyratio students and faculty said Dr. John Gray, director of the
and our present ratio is 50 or 60 to I I. Hutchinson said. School of Forest Resources and Conservation.
"The committee won't be "
too pleased.
EMMETT WILLIAMS Ground was broken last week for a new building to be ,
The high student-faculty is a result of a "dramatic added to the forestry school. It is be completed by
,'left ourselves vulnerable' increase" in the enrollment of students in the projected to
he said.A speech June 10. 1976 he said.
program which provides the "only such accredited training _The forestry school should receive full accreditation in 1977
NEW BUILDING for the of progranTin
College Education is UF's speech pathology and audiology in Florida," he when
"No. I the Society of American Foresters comes to visit the
priority" and is before the legislature right now UF
President Robert Q. Manton said. said.THE ENROLLMENT of the peech program has increased school.then.Gray said, because the new building will be completedby

The college is spread out over"at least eleven" buildings on 30 per cent over the last two years, from 200 to 300 undergraduates
campus with over 20 per cent of its faculty in buildings other and from 40 to 100 graduates, Hutchinson said.
than Norman Hall Williams said. "Because of budget limitations we cannot add enough
Two buildings" the education college uses are "sub faculty members to provide the student faculty ratio Accreditationfrom '
standard Williams said. recommended by the accreditation committee," he said.
"Buildings E and K are old and decrepit. According to the Two other colleges at UF have weaknesses they must deal
tire marshal we're not even allowed to have classes in with to satisfy accreditation-committees although their deans ( paRe one)
building K because of the fire hazard-so we have offices for are certain they will be reaccredited."I .
faculty there instead Williams said. don't believe
our accreditation is in serious "
IT WILL COST approximately $2.5 million to renovate the Robert Lanzillotti, dean of the College of Business, Dr. UF Interim Vice President for Academic Affairs Robert
entire Norman Hall and"about" $6 million for an additionalnew said. Administration Bryan said UF has not paid its accreditation: dues for this year
building Carlton Roberts university physical planning "WE WILL HAVE no difficulty in retaining because the association did not sign the statement to open all
consultant said. our accreditation their records.
although there are two weaknesses in the
"It's hard to say" if the College of Journalism will be re- that the AACSB (American Association of Collegiate college THE SENATE EDUCATION COMMITTEE killed a bill,
accredited when the accreditation committee visits the college of Business) mentioned in their 1970 report that have Schools that exempted accrediation agencies from the public records
this fall, said John Paul: Jones, dean of the College of Jour- been corrected"Lanzillotti said. not yet law by failing to act on it at at a March meeting. Legislators

nalism. The two weaknesses mentioned are Inadequate questioned the need for the SACS evaluations since a state<
The American Council on Education for Journalism facilities and physical accreditation
was a high student-faculty ratio in agency annually looks over grades kindergarten
"highly critical of our building" b tause'it did not provide classes, he said. accounting through 12 in Florida schools, said. Tom, Furlong, staff analyst
enough space to serve_its students Jones said. "There is inadequate space (in the college) in terms of for the education committee.
APPROXIMATELY 1.200' students were enrolled in the type and amount of rooms available to students and faculty the" Sen. Kenneth MacKay (D-T llahasscc). a member of theeducation
college in the fall of 1974 in approximately 52.000 square feet Lanzillotti said. committee said "I believe our (public record)
of space Kathryn Lewis, journalism staff assistant said.: Bryan Hall is supposed to be remodeled to Policy is good and I'm not willing to change it because the
Another problem the college faces is a high studentfacultyratio students and faculty from the business administration accommodate southern Association Is too rigid and autocratic to comply
which! is "not going to help us get re-accredited." Jones but the plan was "pushed back" on the list of priorities colleee to, _with! the laws Of Florida.

said. make way for a_ building for the College of Agriculture, he "The question is are we willing to abridge the Sunshinelaw'and
my answer to that is hell nol! "
t. .


.'---'--- .

:...... .' .,.." "i , .."\ .. ."

Independent Florida Alligator,Tvetday,April I,.1975,PD.5

Chairman denies grad assistants overworkedBy

The Muschlitz letter came in response to pay rates for all graduate assistants. STU COHEN, Graduate Student Union
AlUxator Staff Writer Dalton's, March 5 letter, which claimed that One-third time assistants' duties must not vice president, said the Muschlitz letter was
graduate assistants were teaching 20 to 30 exceed six classroom contact hours or nine "not at all" acceptable."We .
Teaching loads of graduate assistants do hours per week. laboratory contact hours, according to the want them to reduce the loads for next
not exceed prescribed limits despite recent "THE DEPARTMENT of chemistry is memorandum. quarter and he (Muschlitz) hasn't said
Graduate Student Union chaages: according aware that current teaching loads are heavier TOTAL HOURS of preparation for the anything about next quarter" he said.
to .Dr. E.E. Muschlitz. UF chemistry than they have sometimes'been in the past, average assistant must not exceed 13 and one- Dalton and Cohen plan to meet with Dr.
department chairman. and we would certainly like to see them third hours per week over the nine-month Gerhard Schmid. UF associate professor of
Muschlitz in a letter to Graduate Student lightened," Muschlitz wrote. period of the appointment. chemistry,to discuss nnxt quarter's graduate
Union President Sheri Dalton, said this "However the current loads are still within One-third time appointees are the most assistant teaching responsibilities. Schmid
quarter's teaching assignments for one-third the guidelines of graduate school common type in the chemistry department.Fo assigns graduate assistant teaching hours.If .
time assistants average 'six hours of lab memorandum 'no. 90," he added. the nine-month period one-third time the present situation continuesassistantswill
teaching and two hours of discussion periodsfor The memorandum dated July 12, 1974, assistants are paid between $2,900 and have to turn students away even if they
a total load of eight contact hours per from Dr. Harry Sisler, dean of the UF 3500. Dalton said the pay was usually closerto need help with individual problems. Cohen
week. 'graduate school gave time commitments and the lower figure, than the higher. said. .,.

____n_ __ ___ _

THE TE AC 360S ,

y w
i t


I .
I ,
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g s1.r. r .Na h3lgya uY'Y
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specs you'll wonder how such a Obviously,the only way to do thatis buy.
masterpiece could have so reason- to make ,those parts yourself.
able a price. That's why TEAC insists upon
WRMS record and playbackwow manufacturing its own heads and
and flutter is a measurement motors,and exercising demanding
of mechanical variations and control over.their perfection.As .
subtle imperfections in the tape a result, TEAC tape decks
drive elements-in both record are noted for their outstanding hi hutch
and playback functions. TEAC frequency response and audible
achieved the goal of leas than absence of tape hiss, wow and Ii
0.07% wow and flutter (WRMS) flutter.Furthermore,TEAC prod-
by means of a totally new cassette ucts have the lowest incidence of

deck transport drive system.. repair and maintenance in the 802 W UNIVERSITY
.industry. ,All of which J gives you ,
,A: some idea of why TEAC is the 377-HiFi
leader in cassette decks as well as
I'd reel-to-reeL


--""'1.-. ....._:...._:
'... _:r: ,.., .'
:r 7"

.t;.Independent Rorlda Alligator,Tueiday.April 1,197SEyewitnesses

relate .

aftermath shooting ; ( /p-
y R q t


By DAVID KLEIN Lott said she told the police on the phone
Alligator Managing Editor "I guess it's alright they're police" because
"the officer there (at the scene) was flashinghis t '

Two persons in the vicinity of Monday's badge around. : r' "
\ ,
shooting of Gainesville activist Scott Camil A red-haired man was in the front seat of 4 r
said Camil was shot while in the front seat of a the car she said but she was not certain if \
white late-model Chrysler. another person had been in the back seat.
Bonnie Lott owner of a restaurant on N W CAMIL WAS "LYING sidways" on the I
Second Street where the shooting occurred street and was conscious according to Lott.
said she called the police after she "saw the
"He looked like he was in pain. His legs
guy when, he fell from the car. "
were jerking, she said. ,
SHE SAID SHE heard one shot that

"sounded like it was fired in a hollow place a Another witness who passed by the scene e
tight place." immediately after the shooting said it appeared

Lott was not an eyewitness to the events Ca mil was bleeding from a spot under
leading up to the shooting, but said a his left shoulder blade.
customer at her restaurant told her there was THE WITNESS, WHO asked to remain
"a commotion" going on in a car parked up anonymous said that when he drove by he
the street. saw a man talking on a microphone in the car
She said the customer suddenly yelled "He while Camil lay "in the gutter."
shot him!" He shot him!" Camil looked like a man who was sufferingan

WHEN SHE LOOKED out her window appendicitis attack ,his legs drawn up to

after hearing the shot, she said she saw a man his chest the witness said. _
lying on the street. The front door of the car Camil was able to hold the oxygen mask to BONNIE LOTT *"""" LY we

was slightly open and the back door completely his face as they loaded him onto the ambulance .Camil in pain, but conscious
open, she said. the witness said. .strlnl I II

__ .
L "' ___. I oI!>J.If.JI''__ -A ,, 1W1II.. lII.JI\.4..J\t, \: b, ,,I ft-+'.' r. -",.;,o" _" _._L' -- ""':J




I Camilfrom I

( page one' He was prevented from entering by two
t I Half ounces of suspected cocaine from a street federal drug enforcement agents who sat on

.. corner to Camil, who was in the car with the Camil's screened in front porch.
'i photo by eric. .ctrli, two undercover agents. The agents also denied the owner of the
ARRIVE STONED Swift said he did not know the exact house P.M. Boothby access to the house.

. .federal drug agents' car parked outside Camil's home. location of the street corner but that n was At one point Boothby and Turner asked to

.. __ : near the shooting. see the search warrant from the agents. But
-- rrrlort "Camil told the agent who was driving the the two sat motionless, faces covered with

fs car to continue on, and then he handed the newspapers to shield them fromphotographers.
cocaine to one of the agents-I think the one .
who was driving, Swift said. were
Turner then advised the agents they
NEAR THE 1000 BLOCK of Northwest trespassing.

Second Street the agent "produced his badge LATER MONDAY night a third agent
and gun and told Camil he was under arrest" arrived with the search warrant and began to

Swift said. search the house. The other two agents also

"At this point Camil told them he was' entered the house, as did Turner and Booth
11 getting out of here and he grabbed the agent's

C'o badge with one hand and gave him several by.As of 8:30: p.m. Monday the search was
karate chops on the neck and of
k : grabbed the continuing. Dennis Ramirez a neighbor
\;}% re agent's gun.. he said. the
5 say
Camil's said he heard one agent
j :
.t ] ; w. As Camil struggled to disarm the agent; the search had turned up nothing as of about 8
(; :, .' 9mm semi-automatic pistol fired accidentally
,..:"i' "' k., l' Swift said. "One round went off and it p.m.Camil coordinator
1)a ,. .....,jp.. It 't'' 0\ went was Southeast regional
1 ..... "'.. i .,, : .." into his left armpit," he said. Against '
a- ;: : ):": ;, *'0 of now-defunct Vietnam Veterans
;:; ';1'c', .i!<:'')" .,': Pi"; F.,, : VICTOR SHARPE,the attendant from the the War. He achieved national recognition
4' ,}:"h'; Alachua Ambulance service who' administered when he and seven other anti-war activists
first-aid to Camil at the scene said were arrested for allegedly conspiring to

he Camil arrived.had received "effective first aid" before .disrupt ,the 1972 Republican National

Convention on Miami Beach.
1 Sharpe said Camil was conscious, at the THE SO-CALLED '"Gainesville Eight
time and talking but he would not comment were acquitted of the charges July 31.11913., ,
Since'theil, the outspoken Camil has
photo by erIc strin Camil's attorney Larry Turner, said h e' lectured on college. campuses and he is

SCENE AT CAMIL'S HOME could not comment on the event to Alligator currently working on a book about his experiences

f. P.M. Boothby, owner of the house, asks drug agent (whose face Is covered winewspaper of reporters 9 because, he had not seen his client as with the Gainesville Eight. .
p.m. Monday.TURNER .
i in lower, left) r to .admit, him;:attorney Larry Turner (right) .asks to.sep ,He hn often complained: of harassment.W,
' search warrant;warns agents they ore,trespassing. ,. was stationed outside the North, federal agents and has said he believed he.M
..... .. Gainesville home.",bere .
; Carail.resides. :"",inder..,.constant observation i by them.I'eg.

Th.lndpn OIpUROID-TIMEIIT c sp I IE I .1, .
Jowvlry Company Candidates. t

1 p.ned 8 er.trr.W i e R b9 11a t.wxs+e. t DIAMONDSWATCH REPAIRS (from page one) and beyond with qualified Florida

1 200 W.University Ave. and tight for student interest. graduates" he said.,
H.I.. Msr wt 372-4106 "We must go to the legislature and demand Eaton said he has "mixed feelings" about
1 1 'wtoct.kpna
rgt. that our elected representatives take a standon the opening of Honor Court cheating
June b' I II the tuition hike rather than allowing themto hearings.
II skirt the issue once again:'he said. "Accused students not guilty could be'hurt.
I I RESEARCH PAPeRS "I 1 will go personally to Tallahassee and I know of things that happened where the.
I 1 Bsaususuaa. lobby for UF students. I also plan to set up a wrong students were accused," he said.
I -..::" student lobby group to work with the councilof Eaton has served as Student Senate
MnncwciNiuoMMondb a IL student lobbyists already established," he president. Chairman of the Senate Academic
Affairs Committee and as a member of the
SAID HE plans to hold public Activity and Services Fee Advisory Council.
hearings to'make sure students understand
When only' the .best willRutherford's issues and to let them express their views." READER'S REDRESSDue
do... There is?No a need to revive public opinion
o polls Eaton,said. to a typographical error in a story
'j Lobeck said the career opportunities of the Monday concerning funding recom
student body need to be expanded. mendations by the Activity and Service Fee
"AMONG OUR proposals are cooperationwith Advisory Committee The Alligator incorrectly -
Guarantees the University Alumni Association to reported $333,597 would be held
locate and fill positions throughout the state back 'from the J. Wayne Reitz Union and!
,. The Most for Your Money '\-' placed in a reserve fund.
The actual figure 'recommended to be
a 'k I In A Diamond Gallery drops day withheld from the Union is $33,597.
i The Alligator regrets the error.
vM '"*" ...; ,UF budget cutbacks have forced the
University Gallery to close on Sundays effective Interviews set

',111 ,, .. immediately.
.' ,?' See Us Before You BlIt.. I Joseph J. Sabatella, Interim Dean of the Interviews for the Senate Elections
1 d J' College of Architecture and Fine Arts said Commission will beheld on Tuesday, April I Iat
that the directors of the gallery had not yet 5:30: p.m. in room 118 in the J. Wayne
5. decided how. long the new policy would be in Reitz Union.
effect.. Ken Ofgang chairman of the Senate In-'
r.. The gallery's weekday hours will continueto formation and Investigation Committee said,
be from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through "The commission sets the ground rules for
Friday. elections."

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luunenltfiab JV. V
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." I,'4'_.., '. .

.r- .. .. -,-'

... ,0'
__ -- > r..t_ .

t,IHe' Independent rtorlde Alligator Tuesday,April I, It75 Res

' 01, >-: ...'.
: l' ', t
> /
',', "
"J, ., ,"' ,h.

Full pardon

When John Barry surrendered to U.S. attorneyslast

August it,was one of the most widely reported
media of the
events summer.

Barry, a 22-year old San Francisco resident gave
himself up because he had failed to register for the !;

draft during the American military involvement in

Vietnam. He became,the first draft evader to take

advantage of President Ford's new amnesty

Less widely reported however was Barry's

subsequent departure for Canada after he had

weighed the full implications of the clemency

requirements and found them unacceptable.At ; .

midnight Monday, the conditional clemency -
program for Vietnam wartime deserters and draft

evaders, expired, signaling the death of an ex-
periment that had clearly gone wrong. N

The evidence of failure is plain. Of the

estimated J 117,000 deserters and draft resisters

who were eligible for the program, less than 23,000
eventually took advantage of it's Jerms. Grade junkies at UFThe

And the majority of those who did, according to
the Clemency Board the Department of Defense,
were men who at any rate could not be labeled other day I was talking to my Martian friend Cosmo, by'reinforcement: where,we just stand in front of the list,
"war resisters." and tried to explain what student life was like at the sometimes drooling, always with watery eyes and stare at our
University of Florida. I told him all about fraternities, accomplishment in black and white."
mostly poorly educated poorly
were '
football Plaza and "THAT'S PERVERTED uttered
parties, games picking girls up on the Cotmo.
counseled, men who had run afoul of governmentand other activities which.the student body tends to enjoy. And "Perversion you say? It's obvious you still don't un
military red tape and had left for personal then I told him about the virgorous academic life: all-night derstand. Grades keep us going for four years. They becomeour
reasons. studying lengthy papers, examinations grades, dean's lists, reason for being. Like amphetamines they keep us
Thus for the most-part the program has simply etc.Cosmo stimulated from quarter to quarter. Let me illustrate.
was very perceptive and he understood almost "Back in the ivory towers, we have just seen our grade and
failed to reach those who'objecte4 strongly tQ a
,everything. we begin to walk away from the grade list, heart pounding,
war they considered immoral and illegal, and for "BUT TELL ME," Cosmo asked in bewilderment, "what body trembling. As-we stroll down the scuffed waxed floors,
good reason. 'are these g-g-grades you speak of? Why would a humanoidbe oblivious to everything, we soon come upon other grade lists
One of the first things a deserter was required to motivated to labor for three months and only be rewarded
do upon accepting the amnesty was to sign 'a with a letter of the alphabet
loyalty oath that essentially forced him to "But you don't understand Cosmo," I countered, "youcan't F MCQUES-.NEIER'
imagine the excitement and ectasy of roundup day -
acknowledge that his moral convictions were the after final when
day exams we tip-toe up through the ivory SATIREfrom
wrong.In towers and search out our reward. 'We find it compiled with:
addition draft resisters were reqired to signan others upon the grade lists which are sometimes found enshrined
oath giving up their consitutional rights of due J in glass showcases, but more often they are tacked other student's classes, and some strange gravitationalforce
process, protection against double jeopardy, the haphazardly onto the bulletin boards. And with the pulls us to this foreign list and we then stand before it
professors who try to give a warmer, more personalized touch and gloat at all the failures and think to ourselves how lowly
right to establish legal defense the right to
a a
; to the academic process, the grade lists are taped to the human beings they must be. 'Survival of the fittest', we say as
speedy trial and the protection of the statute of outside of their locked doors. we soon sober up enough to propel our bodies out those
limitations throughout the entire process. "These peculiar documents are composed of only two institutional doors.
The program also excluded those Americanswho items: your social security number and the corresponding "AS WE BEGIN walking away from the building a strange
had become citizens of another country. At letter grade. Although everyone has their own style in surveying process overcomes the being as the euphoria wears off.
the height of the war in 1972-73, 3,00Q men the this list, there remain two general schools. of thoughton Quickly,the head shrinks,nausea grips the soul, and even the
groin muscles contract the cold withdrawal
as we begin turkey
became Canadian citizens, 82 per cent more.than 1. (THE REALIST SCHOOL) one looks through all the process. 'Just one more grade' we moan..but.suddenly the
in the previous year. Yet these men are excluded SS, numbers and upon locating his number, ,he casually realization..we know all our grades...is there nothing more?
from even visiting relatives in the U.S. glances'with frightened apprehension, teeth gritted, to the "Terror and bewilderment grasp our being as we stumble

There were other weaknesses in the plan, like corresponding grade. home in a stupor, pile into our cars, and begin the trip to our
and rules 2. (the optimistic school): he scans the actual grades, homes in the real world. We'll be off that horrid drug for a
haphazard conflicting governing the screens out all the B's,C's, D's, E's: ,
; etc., and only accepts the week or so, and just when we think we have the habit kicked,
alternate work program. A's, then glances across the sheet to see if that particular A along comes a new quarter and the pusher has us hooked once
One recently returned draft evader quickly went lines up with his SS number. again." ,

back to Canada after he learned that his two years "Either way, if we have been truly successful, we will let out "I think I understand now," said Cosmo, "but I still have
of "meaningful work" consisted of working in a that indescribable A" sigh-sheer euphoria. The next step one question concerning this peculiar addiction. Is it true
college kitchen. Cosmo called 'ego building' is when we search through the that students will lie, steal and cheat to obtain their grade?"
class list and compare our achievements with else's "WHAT "
everyone I
YOU EXPECT of a junkie? an-
But overriding all this is- the one fact that -how many A's how many E's, etc. This is followed rapidly swered.Pate .
thousands of draft. evaders and deserters have ,.
steadfastly refused to accept the forgiyeness "

because they believe there is simply nothing to The Independent Ron Cunnlngl\om David Klein

forgive. Edllor-In-Chlef' Monoglng Editor
Now that the program is dead, there are.several Florida,Alligator
proposals in Congress to cope with the problem

ranging from.complete unconditional amnesty to a (ill a..e\"J1" Midi Kelman
more liberalized earned re.entry'program.. iP H....Editor' Lofout Btugmon Editor
We prefer the former but : fear a prolonged .
R A. ,Tony K.ndZlor , . j
Congressional battle over the issue may do more V.Cook .'..... '.:. Generol Manager
Alliston ,
Mrs. Evelyn ties Generol I Manager Published. by.Jom.s .
harm than good. : 1 . ,
Anne . Administrati"e Assistont
Molphurs ,
Clearly the best solution would, be for President<: : C'RoyShipp [;Htntnwunmunu'utirnv.Inr' '

Ford to go the full measure and offer once and, for ,Tom MocNamora' I'. '.k,' . ." .' ,''. .' ,". ,Susin.ssMong.r ';0. 10. .13266".University
all a.complete unconditional amnesty., Roy McGee ''\, :,,: . , countonf, Station Gainesville Florida With
Donna LubronoJr ".' . Advertising MonegerAdvertisin
; .
<; .' offices behind th.,College Inn
Eventually the domestic scars that resulted from Any Harper ,. g CoordlnolOt
'721'West University A"eIIue.
this country's involvement in.a long, dirty war will Lyndo Jim Espollto Homl.r ,1 ,,; 1 r. Advertising SPeciol Sections'roductiolMonog.r Coordinator Business..Officephon.:976M: *
heal. We see this as an excellent chance for Ford to Lynn Solder 'ro" : ,Editorial J Production Monger Editorial DePor1rMnt;,37..58.

begin that healing'process.. \.. iendo Manin C"culo'ion,, ,Editorial B Production Clo.d. Monger Manager I Advertising O.ponm.nts; and 37..2.Production, I

-- -


.. .
.' --. '..._ .- ..... .. ., .. ,
-t _

.." ., . .. .. .
\f t r.a. 1416j i.. ht .4.\\ .. ')fj
\J,' .,"

Independent florldo Alligator,Tuesday April 1,197&; Pojje f
Rude demonstratorswon't

solve problem THAT'S WRIGHTI

EDITOR it is highly distressing that tuition hike. The decision on such issues is in : G )
admidst a sinking flagship we as students are the hands of the Board of Regents and 1'J Jtf.Wo -'
presented with an increasing tuition. Certainly ultimately, the legislature. .1'c' ;' ,.
none of us enjoy paying more for an Despite this, students .' '
angry repeatedly :. "
education that is sos rapidly deteriorating in demanded of Marston what he intedcd to do W'C)
quality. With this sentiment I joined those to stop the increase in tuition. When Marston ( <
who met with President Marston on March 12 attempted to explain the facts, he was tP _
to express dissatisfaction with the recently repeatedly interrupted by obnoxious vocalists \(_ -J
approved tuition hike. who threatened to refuse to pay tuition and .::: : ')
The arguments and conduct of the majorityof hinted a replay of the violence of the sixties.It .
students who attended that meeting served is ironic that such well intentioned (
only to reduce the chances of the student body members of the U F community should .
changing the present course of action of the hinder the efforts of the student body to .
legislature and Board of I Regents. reduce tuition and increase the quality of N-ffL
THE MEETING was an outright display of education. If such efforts are to result in : A
rudeness poor tact and blatant i ignorance of success it will be necessary for proper, more fi. C -
the facts on the part of the students who realistic arguments to be presented directly to :

yelled so loudly. Perhaps if they had lowered the legislature. The uproar at Tigert Hall on :. W1IP
,; their Voices and researched the situation even March 12 is a very poor beginning to a difficult
slightly they would have known that President task.
Marston had in tact openly opposed the Michael J. Sabin JEG

I Grateful involvement ,' .. .. .....'. ., -)00. ...
EDITOR I am writing to and skinned knees. campus.

thank the more than twenty The people at the One other thing. I urge the ". ::
!students who came to my aid University of Florida have to women of this University not
the night of March 13th. I be commended for their to walk alone after dark, even
was attacked and almost willingness to help when it is if it's just lor a few yards from a
strangled as I was walking needed. They I are not afraid a building to your car. "It c
home from the library. Had it to get involved or stand up for can't happen to me" just isn't
not been for these students I what they believe in. I amvery true. _
would' probably have suffered grateful that this is the
more than just a !sore neck attitude that prevails on this Name Withheld

I Commendation in order

EDITOR It's nice to be So here is a note of acting on it- before thinking
able to write something commendation to the group "maybe I shouldn't get in-
complimentary. It seems so of University of Florida volved."
easy to pick at, pull apart or students who came to the There are good people in
cut' down someone or rescue of a girl being attacked this world and with more
!something. How often it and in doing so,. people like you. it'll get better
becomes "our duty" to argue probably prevented a rape. and better all the time.C. .
against rather than to defendan Thank you for thinking of
issue. someone else's welfare and Rasmussen

I Apology and an award

EDITOR I wish first to I AGREE THAT a cheater towards a minimization of '
apologize to Mr. John David may believe that "very good cheating. Does an understanding
Kelner for our misun reasons" exist for cheating. of the causes and r
derstanding. I did not and However this is just a the motivations of the evils of
do not mean to imply that rationalization on his part rapes and murders stop the
John David Kelner has and in actuality no such "very rapes and murders? Mr. John
cheated or been accused of good reasons" exist. If this is David Kelner, 4AS, thereby
cheating, or has anything what John David Kelner wins the Seeing Eye Dog u
whatsoever to do with this meant by stating in his first Award for this quarter.
cheating scandal. When I letter that "very good I Robert Frank Ensslin Ill 4UC 44 t tWr
wrote of "John David reasons" for cheating exist
Kelner". I meant John then I agree ith him.
David Kelner. However if he meant that An insult fCfJ'b 11r9 i d-WW f<