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Page 10 1belndependentFiorfda Alligator Thursday,February 6, "751.
SPECIALTHIS ; The Connection

Split would be WEEK ONLY- TonightLADIES Lounge NIGHT. :


'hard detect' car tape player $12.95 DANCE CONTEST

cleaned lubricated. $50 CASH FOR WINNER $25 SECOND PLACE

Staff WriterIf front of Shoppe One
Alligator Sound City In 3500 SW 13th St.
the College of Architecture and Fine Arts (AFA) is 1251 NW 4th Ave. 377-8913
divided into two separate colleges, students enrolled in AFA .
will probably not be affected immediately.
Interim AFA Dean Joseph Sabatella said any changes
made in dividing the college into two"will be hard to tell from of Rabbit.
The Cruling peed 0
the students' point of view.
"There will be no new degrees, no new course programs, no
immediate affects on the students' education:' Sabatella 93

added.IN .
THE LONG run, students may benefit from expanded mpn. .
curriculums and a separate sense of identity in the college, he
said, but at present most changes will only be felt at the
administrative level.
The University Senate passed a proposal last Thursday
which will split AFA into two separate colleges. The ..
recommendation must now be approved by UF President
Robert Q. Marston before it is sent to the Board of Regents Sompg.a
The division "allows more autonomy for both colleges." .
according to Sabatella. "It gives both of them their own ,

identity." 'a,r
ADMINISTRATIVE changes will include Finding two new
deans and five new department heads if the BOR agrees to :
separate the colleges.
$ In a normal economy period, academic affairs would set up i
'} search and screen committees for filling all seven positions, $2999
e Sabatella said.
But committees will probably only form to select the deans,

he believes. .
"IT'S MY PERSONAL opinion that people currently in
charge of programs will be appointed as interim departmentheads '
until'the university is able to launch a full scale search \
and selection," the dean said. .
r Various department heads in the college agreed, assumingthe -, p. .. .. '.apPYd ._ aga. \a'
BOR passes the recommendation, that most changes will J { ':i are> here
fleet organization, and will not immediately touch studentsor ,V y '
personnel.The w' 7i1r_f"J'I':
"' ;:.z.; ....;. ... .', \* ...
.. ,
split "won't make much difference unless they '
departments and increase funding," said Art :. i./Jij; "
rearrange '<":r: r;_,J1df{> Y "
fi't. rnJ1; "f" 'J'$ ,
Jtr1r JJt ; ,
Chairman Dr. Eugene E. Grissom. rif\ _f; ,f.%: 1<{ 1f} rjt fr1 /
$, : tt1"i ',,>y ',.14j;tEr 'f'A"f; #;:?;>>fm; iii
"It's the unfortunate truth at this university that these ''' '
'f 't.J"/'Z''"
< ::"W%%
ii s
programs have been underfunded for IS years," he added ;; z'f; ,
1II.f[#(/ '
THE MAIN ADVANTAGE to separation, he believes, is ;; if", "ff'"
"increased visibility tor the fine arts." Z ,
Z ; >>
Most people "abbreviate the name to the College of Ar "" ""
chitecture-it's been hurting us for years."
Music Department Chairman Dr. Donald McGlothlin .
agreed that having a separate college will give "more visibilityand .Y
autonomy to the performing arts."
He anticipates no changes in teaching or course programs
except perhaps some interdisciplinary cooperation between 93 miles per hour?We obviously don't economy tests.The Rabbit in the city averaged a
music and theatre classes. recommend It,but it is reassuring to know that nifty 24.Not bad for a sub-compact with all the
d "For example, a music student may take acting courses or as you get onto a hectic expressway,a new interior room of some mid-size cars.
theatre students may take voice lessons" as part of their Volkswagen Rabbit Hatchback has the power S2.999 That's what you pay for the car backed
programs he said. for,incredible acceleration. From 0 to 50 in only by the most complete and advanced car
IN THE LONG run Architecture Chairman Arnold Butt 8.2 seconds.Quicker than a Monza 2+2. coverage plan in the business:The Volkswagen '
sees a "healthier growth of both colleges" as benefiting 38 miles per gallon That's what the Rabbit Owner Security Blanket with Computer Analysis.
averaged on the highway in the 1975 model
students. Happy days are here again?We think you II
"A consolidation of Architecture programs will put us in a Federal Environmental Protection Agency fuelra think so a Rabbit.
better position administratively to argue for more programs,
promotions and tenure."

Architecture student Tim Ackert OAR disagreed with the I"if)
proposed separation.AT .
THE MOMENT, "it's a bad idea as far as finances are '_
concerned," he said. The advantages are "outweighed by .
cutbacks in things like air conditioning and graduate Suggested retail price. Rabbit 2-door Hatchback
Transportation, local
assistantships. taxes and other,dealer delivery
"It seems like a poor time to create two new colleges" he charges additional. Volkswagen of America, Inc. See your dealer for more details.
Initial plans for the division were made before the economic
situation became severe, according to Gene Hemp interim
assistant vice president for academic affairs. b. MILLER-BROWN!
Allen Durling. 7AU. thinks the division between colleges is ..... MOTORS, INC.
"a good thing to establish identity for two different creative .'11a
areas."The separation"shows UFwill have emphasis. on self- VOLKSWAGEN DIVISION WY)
expression in both" he said.
SABATELLA hopes the division will alleviate some understating 4222 NW 13th Street. Gainesville 376-4551 &utnar 0' I T=tCl
in his office.
"We have the same amount of office help handling
paperwork for a current enrollment of 1320 that we did '15
years ago with only 305 students." he said.
AFA will see other changes not connected with a
separation.A .
general purpose Building B will replace the old green RAPE INFORMATION
buildings in the Grove Hall area, the dean said. Money for AND Call'
planning and designing the addition were approved long ago.,
he added. 317-RAPE
Also. upper level and graduate courses will be moved to .: COUNSELING SERVICE
Flint,HalUiext'qa4nfcMowvVmor: ; : 'sdaVe} : ;' ,/v'v: !:::.,... ".. .. .,. .. ... .
'.0" .
:, ,

.. __ ,nO,

: .6.."..........,:............" .. t- / ............ ','.1' .t.,..,(d w r t I: rr.", . \fi. I I "r.

The Independent Florida Alligator,Thursday,Febr\Ar/f> 1975 Page 11

The Connection Loungt Englis .h .writer visits as UF prof 1

TonightLADIES NIGHT By JO LAURIE PENROSE y or letter as it is called in destroyed. Criticsfrom: '
2 FREE DRINKS FOR LADIES LADIES DRINKS 75c Alligator Staff Writer England, in history from British f\J J American
Oxford University. He worked newspapers and\ magazines
DANCE CONTEST ."You don't look at all like' for the British government for have found ?ofnn.ients\ in the
$50 CASH FOR WINNER $25 SECOND PLACE an alligator," the ruddy faced 25 years. most recently as book on the HuliAn\ condition.
MAGNUM CHAMPAGNE 3RD PRIZE Englishman said to the, assistant secretary in the man's relatj l1hip to nature,
reporter with a firm hand department of environment., and politic
now playing RUBY WINTERS shake. It is surprising that a man Adams stf\) \frkt! wasn't his
3500 SW 13th St. But then neither did he who never even wrote a short intention at all|l.
look like a visiting professorand story is now an acclaimed "TIIER) WAS NO
author of a bestsellingnovel author often compared to comment at \]I''. \\i is not like
about rabbits. George Orwell and J.R.R. Animal Farts\ and there are
Dan says: Richard Adams is the Tolkien on the strength of his no overtones 'blended' ," he
author of"Watership Down," first book. says. "I. pay 10 attention, to
a fantasy novel about a societyof "First you have to know politics."It .
"Don't settle for rabbits who live in RICHARD ADAMS what a novel is by reading was nth 'intention to
England. This quarter he is other novels. I don't believe write a real,'prftfW. novel," he
teaching a UF' class Universities in England are you can sell literature just by says. "It is ibAi: leadership,
an untested beverage." "Appreciation of Poetry" and much stricter Adams said in writing it in a class" he says. and it is a <*b/el of objective
another in creative writing.IN terms of scholastics. HE CLAIMS ALL he was adventure. tll ie rabbits are
THE POETRY class "Once you're admitted you trying to do when he wrote the concerned Ajth outside
Adams wears a coat and tie, have a moral tutor who sort book was satisfy his two problems. fat with them
even though the air conditioning of looks after you. An individual teenaged children who selves."
G YIM. isn't on. He reads tutor gives you a wanted him to write down the Adams has Already written
dramatically from Lycidas a book list and a list of lecturesto story about the rabbits. another fantasy. novel about a
poem by John Milton one of go to. It's really quite "The children asked for a bear.
his favorite authors. straightforward stuff" he story one day when we were This fall V will teach at
"You must experience this said.AT out driving, so I made up the Hollins Univr&ity in Virginia
emotionally" he tells his class THE END of three story of the rabbits. I resisted which he tet\,y '*.. very posh
after the poem is finished. years students take a public writing it down for 18 place you kWw. for rich
"You may not get anythingelse examination on the studies months," he recalls."Watership men's dauf f't tA*."
out of it, but at least you they have .completed) Down" is the At the en!ot 1975 he plansto
can say 'he put me'on to "There's quite a crop of story of a band of rabbits return tQ flgland\ "wherethe
Lycidas.'" suicides and nervous break trying to find a new home essay \\f acrosanct" to
Before the class ends he downs at that time. The type after their old one is start on a third novel.
invites the dozen class of degree you get depends on
members to a swimming partyat how much work you do,"
r.SffiB < the apartment he rents at Adams says with a smile. "It's
The beverages at Dan's arc no ordinary beverages.Each Brandywine. A girl who has a much more supervised Japan is topic
brand is tested (and sometimes retested and even written a sonnet voted best in atmosphere. I
re-retested) by Dan himself, to insure you of nothingbut the class receives a $10 reward English universities are also
the finest In beers and wines. Old Dan really cares. from Adams for her poem. segregated, with men and of Asian lecture
He puts his arm around her women on separate campuses
BUSCH N.R. BOTTLES (SIX) $1.39 (CASE) $5.49 and says "Well done my of the same university.
PABST 12 ox CANS (SIX) $1.39 (CASE) $5.49 dear." "There's still a feeling Kinichi Ito. first secretaryof and show slides on con
OLD MIL 12 01 CANS (SIX) $1.39 (CASE) $5.49 HE LIKES TilE American women have no business in the Embassy of Japan and temporary /.j
TUBORG N.R. BOTTLES (SIX) $1.87 (CASE) $7.02Dan's students in his classes, he college," he says. specialist in Japanese At 12:1: $ p-ni. a luncheon
says, because of their warmth Then, more jokingly he relations to Communist program wilt toe held in room
and friendliness. added "And as for sleeping countries is arriving at UF as 400 of the (JiM0h and issues
Beverages "They have hkeabihty. I II together why good gracious. a guest of the Committee on arising in pAntse-American
I would do anything for my The couple would be sent Asian Studies, relations Will he discussed.The .
703 w. UNIV. 373-0851 classes. British students. seem down (expelled) im On Feb. 7 at 11:15: a.m. in ses$|>rA are open and
to be just cold fish, he said mediately." room 123 of the J. Wayne Ito will be available\ to answer
The tested beverages. with 'a smile. ADAMS TOOK a degree, Reitz Union Ito will speak questions.




Work Guaranteed

. Major-Minor Repairs
'208 NW. 10 Ave.377.3185

New DimensionsIn
FREI White Water Instruction at Nantahala Outddor Center'' Mohawk Canoes-Your Best Buy 16' only $165
(N. Carolina) with each kayak or white water canoe sold. Sawyer Canoes about $345
PRESENTED BY Phoenix Kayaks-Regular Models $350, Seconds $215, Kits FIRST ANNUAL ARMADILLO FESTIVAL AND CANOE RAtS
SIGMA THETA TAU $240. FIB. 15-16

ALPHA THETA & BETA PI Hipp Kayaks $299. Klepper Kayaks from $330.
:}:: 1518 N.W. 13 St.

CHAPTERSU.F. "., 3121521U
AND F.S.U. Feb. Sale on Alumnacraft Canoes: 11TA-'Lf
15' 56 Ibs. Reg $325 only $260. 1122 N Monroe
FLAGLER INN 17' 64 Ibs. Rtg $344 only $280
FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 7 '17' white water leg $354 only $290ti..J Tallahassee

9:30: 4:15Symposium ::

presenting innovative
roles of nurses In
practice research and -
education from both --
Tallahassee and Gainesvilleareas. i -


$1.00 Students I
$3.00 Others I

Directed toward practicing I
'nurses, 'nurse-educators. ;
Ina'ctive nurses and students
interested in nursing.

...-.. .-'.'" ." .

,The Independent Florida Alligator,Thursday, February 6. 1975


SG will receive .

leftover money

tr e CUnWeftgHy CPeft OftMlng Lets

Alligator Staff Writer geftleg CPnescNts"Cinderella"

Over some objections to funding secret proceedings of the
current College of Business Administration cheating investigation *
the Student Senate voted Tuesday to allocate
$2.000 for two secretarial positions for the Honor Court. Saturday, February 15 2:00pm. <

Honor Court Chancellor Robert Harris assured senators
that any funds remaining after the investigation is concludedwill University AuditoriumU
be reverted back to Student Government.
THE MONEY WILL BE transferred from student activityand

service fees into the SG Special Request fund. .
U 0'F Students Non Stud.nts
The senate also approved on First reading a "resigntorun"bill FREE noo
a bill creating an SG office for planning and research,
and resolution regarding the possible housing rental rate
The resign-to-run law provides that a student currently'
holding the office of president, vice president or treasurer of .ir
the student body, chancellor of the Honor Court, chief justiceof under 12.$1.00) ; mutt be accompanied by on adult. Suggested 1 o ," :
S 1
the Traffic Court or student senate president must resign in for Grades K-6 especially. t \ ;.
order to run for another SG office. a 1'rid'f>
THE RESIGNATION becomes effective qualifying or \.. J ;?
of whichever first. ,
public announcement a candidacy comes CAROL KANE/_-ROBERT TOWNEtSC DARRYl PONICSAN
The bill originally came before the senate with a large ...JOHNNY MANDEL-.nw..GERAlDAYRES-.... .HAL ASHBYr
t I r section establishing separate procedures for temporarily =i-=553-1 ._"-....__ FROM COLUMBIA PICTURES
f 1SG2SJ
r tilling vacancies by resignation. "The Night ADIVISIONOFCOLUMBIAPICTURESINDUSTRIES.INC.THURS.
Senators voted to strike that section, calling it "an in* FEB. 6 6:30; 9:30:
cumbent's bill" ,because it gave nearly, full power of FRI. b SAT. FEB. 7 ,8 5:008:00ll:00; : ;
r replacement to the student body president. Thoreau Spentin
"IT'S AN OPEN invitation for the president to run for 2ND FLOOR AUO. SOC

reelection and eliminate the competition," said Ken Ofgang.The Jail"Saturday
bill came before the senate with a recommendation
from Student Body President Steve Merryday.
( I The SG Office of Planning and Research was ordered by February 15 8:15 p.m.

the senate to prepare a comprehensive planning analysis of v University AuditoriumU HOUR of the WOLF
the anticipated needs of students, as well as conducting
studies or compiling data on any proposed project.
SENATORS UNANIMOUSLY passed a resolution
requested by Student Body President Steve Merryday A
regarding Monday's Board of Regents action to authorize an m R
increase in housing rates. U of F Students Non.Students
The resolution said UP should eliminate or reduce F.e, $2.50

nonessential services, make mandatory services optional and
allow for student input on the housing rate issue.

The senate also passed a resolution declaring Feb. 12 Rape for non-students are, available at the University Box Office (Con-* j
Awareness Day at UF and encouraging students to par stone Theatre, ). University of.Florida students may ca I II 392-1653 to secured, 7 'i .
ticipate in educational activities planned for the day. unpaid reservations. The. reservations will be held at the University Box 1
Office until 400 p.m., Friday February 14. >

Sponsored by Student Government Programs and the J. Wayne Reitz

Pub opening on time Union.

despite late shipmentBy ..

Madness and demonism ever present In Bergman'sfilms
but usually held In restraint-are made the explicit
Alligator Staff Writer '4_.. MON., FEB. 10 themes here. Hour of the Wolf I Is a study of death of the
most horrifying sort: the disintegration of the spirit while
the body continues to exist. It I is a film that calls moral
A delay in receiving air and heating equipment probably 7:00: ; 9:30: values Into question. Starring Uv Ullman Max von Sydow
won't postpone the spring quarter opening of the 'Orange and r and Erland Josephson.
Brew: according to J. Wayne Reitz Union Director William
Rion. N 91 MSB AUD.

"The shipment of two air handling units should have left 50

the supplier on January 16th but I haven't heard from them," SUN, FEB. 9' 7:00: ; 9:30:
Rion said.

"Everything else is running on schedule, and we're still 2ND FLOOR AUD. 50'
hoping that we can open the 'Orange and Brew' by the latter
part of March." he said.

THE' COFFEE HOUSE is located under the Union
colonnade ot1"the south terrace and is just one part of a Union
construction program scheduled to be completed this spring.In ARTS CRAFT SHOP THE AUTHOR'SCORNER

addition to the coffee house, eight meeting rooms will be

constructed in the Union basement. Rion said. MINI COURSES
The total cost for both projects is 272410. he said.

Rion thinks the 'Orange and Brew' will be a success,
Freldel Writer
despite 'the opening date, which has been, tentatively PHOTOGRAPHY Rick Director of The Kidnap

scheduled for late March or early !April. A survev of technIque and design in quilting' basic Basic darkroom techniques used In developing bloc! lover, his latest film which
RION ADMITTED 'opening just before the summer patchwork applique, and rag croft. and white film, qnd printing photographs. Beginners premier' February IS. In
quarter when there is a drop in student enrollment could be This ONLY tours I Gainesville, will be
meets in
two sections *'
his e'
bad tor business.. .. February 12, 19, 26, March 5 on Wednesdays: speaking on writer

The 'Orange and Brew could "cut into the Rathskeller's This course,meets Febrwory I H t,.IS. is March 4 Section Section A meets from,tp ate. 1pmt t; w'f ., t. o periences honlJx ace ndling screen of the'idotfrio
meal from '
Tuesday nights 7:30: 9:30: 1:3Op": 4:30J"'J ,.., film.
Brew' is
business.1 Rion 'said. "but the 'Orange and not $7 Students $8 ncr'v4ents $8.50 Students be released
shooting for the same image as the Rathskellar." Instructor: Virginia Solomon .> 10.50 Non.studen" (Enrollment limited to 4 pupils)

Rion thinks UF can easily' support two beer-serving Call 392-2378 for more information Call Instructor 397-2378: Jennifer Ensign ..... FEst. 7. 7iM p.....
Registration '.5 Monday Friday In the Craft Center for more, Information I
facilities, referring to the 'Orange and Brew and the Registration, 1-'Mondoy.Friday In the Craft Center I I'J lounge 122 A 12* JVWP4Jel2

l Rilt't' $ !|i Rr,\',;'\,., ',v r;. wv," wit" "J'',v.v.v: ,
........,!-. ,. !. .,.J "..:,. .;" I'.' II ',f:'. '.,'f ,
.f' .
'I' aI ,'. I ..4., r ",-, ..

I w "... .. .. '.. ....._...... ... --.I.

tt .: ... ,' ,....'... ..,' I
:,. .' \ ...' : .: .

I Th.lnd.p.ndnt Florida Alligator Thuraday February 6, 1975 Pag 13
720 W. Univ 373-0617 .
Mon. Sat. 10-9:30: $ WE

Sunday 12.6 j 'Experiment' is devised


,: to guard microfilms tapesBy

LINDA WISNIEWSKI for awhile." Harrer said.

F :ALL $6.98 ROCK IP'S TO Alligator Staff Writer "IF THIS EXPERIMENT doesn't work,
then we have strong arguments for turningthe
air conditioner back on," he said.
An "experiment" is under way to save the The formulators, of the experiment are
microfilms rare books, and computer tapesin Harrer and Calvin Greene, physical plant
Library West from being destroyed as a director. ..
result of\reduced air conditioning in the The dangers to the microfilm are from the
library.! increased humidity resulting from the higher
According to G.A. Harrer, director of UF temperature Fleming Bennett, library
libraries, the "experiment" consists of turning assistant director of readers' services said.
off the air conditioning,and heating in THE HIGHER HUMIDITY allows fungusto
NOW OPEN the library and leaving. the fans turned on grow on the "emulsion" or coating of the
DAILY each day from 7 a.m. until 5 p.m. microfilm Bennett said.
The library has to restrict its utilities use 'The experiment will "certainly go on for the
t 11a.m.-7p.m. because it has been hit by UF economic next couple of weeks" Bennett said.
cutbacks, Harrer said. Harrer said the library must also worry
THE LIBRARY is using "recorders" that, about several computer terminals which are
% Serving; Delicious Sandwiches constantly check the fluctuations in humidityand sensitive to high temperature and humidity.
f. : temperature in the rooms'that containthe THE TERMINALS are'due to arrive at the
Y : microfilms, rare books, and computer library this month, Harrer said.
tapes, he said. The terminals pose a problem because if
Harrer estimated the value of'the collectionto "they'get overheated, they start,transmitting
5p.m.-7p.m. be "hundreds of thousands- dollars." erroneous information," he said.
"We don't know how effective this experiment "I suppose we could dump all the terminalsin
will be because we don't know how one room and put a box air conditioner in
Busch Pitcher
much of our air conditioning system can be the room" to deal with the problem, Harrer
'I turned on. We're going to be experimenting said.

0 Women leaders awaiting


.J. April equal rights fightB


Alligator Staff Writer .
Gainesville women leaders remain opt -
I imistic that Florida will be the last
state to ratify the Equal Rights Amendmentin
dints April.

1211 S.W.l6th. Av The ERA has been approved by 34 states so
gator hau far, and a total of 38 states are needed before
(Cin City Plaza) the amendment will be ratified to the U. S.
THE AMENDMENTwhich is designed to ;,
prohibit sex discrimination will come before
SATURDAY IS SCHLITZ DAY! the Florida Legislatute sometime in April.It .> t ti

must pass the Florida Senate before
going on to the House of Representatives.The .
At aUnifi l & Red Velvet Lounge!
gator Ijaits
ERA lost in the Senate last year by a
19-21 vote.Senator .
DRINK ALL THE SCHLITZ YOU CAN Bob Saunders Gainesville

ANYWAY YOU LIKE IT: voted against the amendment last year. If STATE SEN. BOB SAUNDERS
Saunders had 'voted for the amendment, it opposed ERA last year
OF LIGHT & would have tied the Senate votes. A tie would
A have allowed former Senate President Mallory the social amenities that most people think it
DARK SCHLITZ: ONLY Horne to break the tie, passing ERA in the does," Littler said.
Senate. Alyce McAdam president of UF's chapterof

$1.OO (02-7 PM) WHEN QUESTIONED about his plans for (NOW the),National said she hopes Orgainization Saunders for will Women realize

voting for or against the amendment this year, how much of the electorate backs the ERA
-andSIXPACKS Saunders saId "I will make no final and changes his mind.
t IN CANS judgement until any additional input has "It's a matter of convincing him that we
BOTTLES ONLY been turned in. If there is no new input then have the electoral crowd" McAdam said.
OR my vote, would have to,be no." CONCERNING the drafting of women

Saunders said he was concerned about' McAdam said, "If he votes no because of the
$1.69 (ALL DAY) "drafting women into battle" and what the draft then he should realize that Congress has
ERA would do to the family'unit. always had the power to draft women."
"We are expecting to make it this ,"
"You have to remember that this} is not the
And as always, alltt B great subs, sandwiches, beer women's rights amendment but the Equal McAdam The national: added.NOW President Karen

& wine, at Gainesville's best prices, are as near as your'phone. Rights Amendment" he said. Decrow, said last week "We believe Florida

SAUNDERS SAID he would certainly vote will be the 38th state,and I'm still holding tom s
to get the amendment out of the Senate's >prediction that it will be ratified in April."
Rules and Calendar Committee to get it to the SHE EXPLAINED that the Florida
: EAT-IN-TAKE-OUT floor of the Senate for a vote. Legislature, where a coalition' of pro-ERA

Saunders said he couldnot, estimate what groups has mounted a massive lobbying
campaign, does not, convene until April.
the feelings were among ,his fellow
: .. Decrow made no prediction on the other
FREE DELIVERY congressmen concerning the amendment.
,; four states, but mentioned, North Dakota
June Littler, chairwoman of the Gainesville Missouri, Indiana and Illinois as possibilites.
Organization for the ERA. said. :"We're' April 14 is the Florida Parades for the ERA
GIVE USACAI hopeful that as the momentum goes on Day when women"'and men from all over the
Senator Saunders will see that it's d the kind of !state will go to Tallahassee to show the
thing we need." legislature their support for the amendment! .'"' "
10-2 I
. :''':; 1MlMJM-wt
&VN:30"1Of.w! is giving women Senator Buddy McKay D-Ocala was
: 71mu equal legal rights and has notHing to do with unavailable for comment.
. t

rUfld.flfROddlOr.ThUYl,7SQ.l! !. !!!; l :! 4' l

I City loses more moneyBy Pandora's Box.jgryt .

Don EmiOd tequila
RENA EPSTEIN plete the project according to Farmer
Alligator Staff Writer City Commissioners instructed City Atty,
Osee Fagan to draw up an ordinance to include pineapple jurce
Gainesville City Commissoners must slice the proposed budget cuts. |JgJ ffttf ,
more than $444,000 from the proposed 1974-
1975 budget. In other business. City Plannet Norm
Although City Manager B. Harold Farmer Bowman presented detailed color maps and Halcyonfef
warned that continued sagging of the conomy showed !slides of the proposed! redevelopmentof '
might force employe layoffs he said it wouldbe the central business district.
THE PROPOSED renovation includes the
a last resort.In !
a report to the commission Farmer saida area from S. 4th Street to N. 3rd Avenue and C 1974 BACARDI IMPORTS INC MIAMI.FL, TEQUILA 80 PROOF "DON EMIUO'IS A TRADEMARK OF BACARDI 4 COMPANY LIMITED
W. 6th Street to E. 7th Avenue.
possible alternative might be to shorten the
work week to less than 40 hours. According to Bowman. the plans representone _
ACCORDING TO Farmer the budget ad. year of work, by the UF Urban Design r.r tole facto'yE
justments would have a significant impact on Studio.
existing citizen services. To bring in traffic from 13th Street to the
The major budget reduction is 272760. business district he said the plans include
Do It Yourself .
Funds from the previous year are regularly building a motorized open air trolley called a
transferred to the current budget but the tramway. Custom Picture Framing
amount was overestimated due to decreased Other plans include building Framing
revenues for the budget this year. e 4,200 surface and structure parking E'.. un.ne .
O Day Seri it'e
Other factors that caused the budget spaces InexpensiveWe
squeeze were: circulation bypass over the area
reduction of utility tax revenue from single and multiple dwelling houring
decreased electricity use e hotel and auditorium
reduction of Florida gasoline taxes from BOWMAN CAUTIONED that the plan I have a great selection of prints. I I
decreased consumption depended on circulation of people and said
eduction in refuse charges as a result of "Some means must be provided to prevent
lowering the residential collection fee bottlenecks at certain points..
1 10 to 9
FARMER SAID one of the biggest cuts is L.K. Cannon Jr., a representative from the W NORTHWEST 377.5650
from capital equipment spending. Chamber of Commerce urged the commission THIRTEENTH STREET 377.5652.
He said the purchase of materials would be to adopt the plan and to change the

watched closely and only items that are zoning.To Multiple GAd One iollerii
"absolutely necessary" would be purchased. make the plans easier to implement.City ,
Federal revenue sharing funds have Commissioner Joe Little said Gainesville
increased $85,000 due to investment interest. should attract a major commercial enterpriselike
Farmer advised that this money be used for a"mall." FLORIDA, BLUE KEY
the Public Safety Cadet Program and street City Commissioners also approved a
light installation. The cadet program was motion to meet with downtown businessmento
originally funded in the budget. name the redevelopment plans as a
FARMER ALSO recommended in his bicentennial project.
report to the commission that money appropriated City Commissioners also voted to extend to
travel around the State about
for sidewalks and parking but four days the operation of the Farmer's to speaking
funds not yet committed be diverted to ,Market. In the past the market'was only the University of Florida to various organizations?

completion of the SE 2nd Avenue extension.The open Wednesday and Saturday. It will now
commission lacks $178,460 to com- also operate on Friday and Sunday.

We know a lot of people who want to listen.If .

I Prof studies flu vaccinesBy

you've got a 2.0 average and if you've got the
VI.'IS through nose drops. time, we've got the speaking engagements.
Alligator Staff Writer Previous studies conducted on humans
produced conflicting results.
"In the first field trial Dr. Waldman and I
Will you take your flu vaccine by nasal found spray vaccines 79 per cent effective
spray or injection? shots 20 per cent effective. A year later we Interviews Feb. IO,. 11,12
A $250,000 grant has been awarded to Dr. repeated the study with 2,000 volunteers. The
Parker A. Small professor and chairman of sprays were 50-60 per cent effective which
I I the UF Department of Immunology and was about the same but the shots were almost Hours 7 PM-10 PM Room 331 JWRU
Medical Microbiology. 100 per cent 'effective," Small said. '
TilE GRANT WAS AWARDED by the "ONCE WE UNDERSTAND more about For more information call 392-1661
National Institute of. Allergy and Infectious what component of immunity or which
Diseases. combination of components is responsible for
"Our research is basically designed to find protection against influenza then we can try
out what aspects of the immune system are to find the most effective way to stimulate that .
responsible for the prevention of influenza," part of the immune system," said Small.
t said Small. Some of the components are in the bloodstream ANOTHER GREAT 25c SALE !
Ferrets blonde and brown furry animalsthe some in local secretions and some are
size of squirrels will be used in the ex- cells at the site of infection.

periments" "because they are the best model "What we learn about the ferret's immune P for man. system should be applicable to man and ;
THE RESEARCHERS WILL induce if. hopefully lead to a decrease of human illness BLACK MOLLIES GUPPIES WS OCr

tluenza in the ferrets by giving them the live and death from influenza," he said. i ///w/r/ 0f fxi // r//// //vzxiK 31AKC


I Blacks collect money for defenseThe I PUPPY SALE !

black Greek system will be trying to according. to spokeswoman Candy hinley.
raise money this week for the defense of Their ultimate goal is to raise $500 to be ST BERNARD $179.00'MIN
Joanne Little a 20-year-old black woman whois delivered personally to Julian Bond of the
charged with ,the murder of a man that Southern Poverty Law. Center. Finley said. POODLE $79.00
t allegedly raped her. Joanne Little was an inmate of the Beaufort
County Jail in North Carolina at the time of SEE LOTS MORE PUPPIES,
Booths will be set up for donations the slaying of a 62-year-old night guard at the
throughout the campus and the fraternitiesand jail. He was found stabbed in Little's cell nextto BIRDS, FISH AND ANIMALS
sororities hope to have a dance in the the ice pick allegedly used to ,threaten
Broward Recreation room Saturday night. Little.


EXTRA coming tomorrow 111I I I TUES SAT 10 I 6:30: 1 SUN 1 5




Connection Lounge OKYOWIG I ..TheInd.p.nd.ntftoddiPO! : ::Thursday6,197SPO0.1S 1 '.





now playing RUBY WINTERS

3500 SW 13th St.

9 West Univ. Ave.




SAVE 23.00

Reg 4988 cwywm .

[THE FAMilY PLACE TO SAVE yLbd C ry y .",'" ".
NUCLEAR REACTOR photo bX andY newman
ALSO 2688 ..Nuclear, engineering students man
rMASTIRECNCARDorMASTERCHARGt, the controls of the reactor in Weil Hall.

Reactor trains students
.r tao:ml'] tft-i-rnDs[ '
I .!Ma MODH wr';..,034MINUt'l LATEX FLAT >- *-. 1

I Iaxn IIIOICAJOI J .......... Vinyl Wall Paint Dries quickly and By JEREMIAH TURNER h in the country which have such a deactivating
L11W' J I ClUI I ...-...0'...".., gives a soft, Alligator Staff Writer system, and the only one in Florida,
"IIILOW In smooth finish. Diaz said.Security.
;1IOIU'OIj 2 GALS. $5
I weal, Easy water cleanup. precautions are strictly adhered to
Many high UP students taking nuclear engineeringcourses and all visitors are required to put on two
,I c "ICIII1'In J fashion colors. have an advantage over students radiation counters upon entering the area.

\ I interested in nuclear engineering in other These are checked when entering, and againon
,IIiCIPIOW/.aiu I' o { -.sa atI T J Reg 3" Florida schools. leaving.In .

I ROAT1IIG] (' : They have their own nuclear reactor in Weil addition, all personnel are required to
IKIIIAL l.ODIInAMTJ SAVE 258 Hall the engineering building, to use for pass through a radiation-sensitive screen,
s fUNCTiON MMN-StZl-RUnaY/ClKTtK practice. much like an airport metal detector, on the
"Accumatic 30" CALCHiAf on 2 gal Dr. Nils J. Diaz has been in charge of the way out, to insure that no abnormal radiation
INCLUDES%KEY-!DIGIT DISPLAY Y reactor for the past four of its 16 years at UFo dosage has been received.

| snvE '.07 ]I 2GAL. THE REACTOR PROJECT was first Under federal law a, licensed reactor
started in 1955 when then Governor Leroy operator must always be present when the,
This talented little size can' FOR
relieve your tax filing pocket headache In HH Collins, under the urging of engineering Dean reactor is in operation.Diaz .
seconds. Solves loads of other _wMlrl. $500 Joseph Weil, requested the Florida legislatureto said the UF safety standards are
too.household AC adapter and office for math calculator.problems 4.tS, U2.95 appropriate funds for the project. stricter than either federal or state
Weil argued that the reactor would be an requirements because of the possible dangerto

EXTRA NYLON FRIEZE COVERED I enormous training aid for Florida's future the large student body.
industry.In special department on
SOCKS' SWIVEl SAVE a normal nuclear reactor plant the heat campus called Radiation Control that is
Reg ROCKERS generated from the reactor serves as a fur responsible for checking all UF radioactivework
SEVERAL Zooo nace, but the UP reactor is used only for though according to Diaz. there never
l's7DC STYLES TO training and research not for energy pur- have been any security problems.The .
<*'TOlAi$ reactor was completed in January,
2FORPRo GAUGE STEEL $ / W poses.
$1.50 ROCKER SPRINGS < Different departments and agencies in 1956 at a cost of S3 million, much of the
CONSTRUCTION NO-SAG SPRING a Florida, as well as on campus, use the reactor money coming from an Atomic Energy
I ii All STEEl SWIVEL for various experiments.. Commission grant.
lEGS AND PLASTIC The Florida Power and Light Company The reactor when finished had a generatingpower

Cottonstretchnylon .TIPS REV!151St!SEAT trained its reactor operators in preparation of 10 kilowatts, and was one of the first
socks.Men's CUSHION WITH for running the company's new St. Lucie of its kind in any university in the nation.A .
ZIPPER Reg plant on UF's reactor last summer, where NUCLEAR REACTOR operates by
$ 88 &9.88 USE OUR CONVENIENT different emergency situations could be putting a critical mass of radioactive materialin
sizes 915.Q9QQ9MURPHY'S LAY-AWAY PLAN simulated and dealt with without any real a confined space. The material, in this case

danger. II uranium-alloy plates, emits neutrons and
COUPON 0000 MURPHY'S COUPON This is because of the reactor's special shut heat as a byproduct of the reaction.
down system which has the ability' to cope The instability of the uranium creates a
Top 40 'lllANI.AIUIII1'SCOTCH ,with any mistake by immediately shutting off chain reaction that continually gives off heat
45 RPM Records Ce H'na" TAPISRANa power. energy. This reaction is known as fission.
99c Nuclear engineering students in NES 300 or The heat generated by the reaction is
2/25c 401 tour the reactor and get a first-hand lookat cooled by a water-circulating system which is
o with this
coupon its operation. especially designed to cope with 'a wide-range
Limit 2 STUDENTS IN, THE more advanced of temperatures.In .
Limit 2 I with this coupon classes, such as NES 404 or 570, get ex 1964 at. UF's request, the Atomic
Good thru 2-8 'Vi" x 800" for so many uses. perience at actually running the reactor with Energy Commission authorized that the
Reg. *7e Plastic dispenser. instructors coaching them. reactor be redesigned to handle ten times its
2/125 i iaiifffiMOC D,4 TM3NL0 This is possible Diaz said, because of the former kilowatt power, or 100 kilowatts. The
Good thru 2:8 reactor's automatic shutdown if a mistake is work completed in I 1970,.was done to account

COUPON _OOOOOffi )OOOOOQ oUPONMURPHY'S Ufififi.1 made. for the progress in the nuclear'field.
Graduate students are involved with many Tours of the reactor area are given togroups
QQQQj MURPHY'S COUPON COUPON different projects concerning the reactor suchas on appointment and can be arrangedat
a current one using a laser to convert light the nuclear'engineering office. The reactorcan
E Big Thick LIGHT .U .SMO. into, electrical energy, a possible energy also be viewed, through the specially
Both Tiwels solution for the future. treated viewing windows in the nuclear

colors bath Big fluffy towels cotton In bright terry I S.'E 2j I MURPHY IAND TilE UF REACTOR is one of only four likeCubJectureih engineering building's reactor 'wing.4

SAVE Rig 1.991x +i-itiA)j :;

467.t: for 92' Q ( / ;, Spanish I

gg 60, 75, 100W non-
unit .
4 bulbs. '
Wash Cloth glare frosted "Peoples' Power in Cuba" will be the topicof University of New Orleans, and has done
Good thru 28COUPON
Reg 69c, 2te > a lecture by. author-educator, Nelson various studies on the history and political
t Good thru 2COUPON- 5tOOQHU) ( ) Valdes Friday. situation' of C ba.
_The lecture will be at 7:30: p.m. in room
U."HY CO. 10SB of :the Architecture and Fine Arts The speech which will be given in Spanish :

; building.. is sponsored by the Federation of Cuban :;
PNR OF N.W. **h ST. Is UNIV.. AVE. OPEN SUNDAY 1230TO 5;;3 Valdes 1 is a 'professor of sociology at the students.The .


:' tog*)l.Th*Wpndnt Florida /Alligator/ ,Thursday February 6, 1975
,li '"

12i Boys Club directors recall 'tfe way we were ': .

By DAVID EINHORN age 19, that means "no activities for younger kids" and clay wire strands along the top which now encircles the" center.'
;. Alligator Correspondant basketball courts outside. Collins said this was anything but harsft. ,
The courts were finally paved with funding from a local, ,"It took some time to educate the community that this,
"The program was here-but just barely." civic organization, and some financial and manpower center is for boys ages six to 16 not a place for men to hang' '
That's how a student-employe bluntly described the assistance from the Gainesville Police Department. out.We simply had to control traffic," he said. ,
southeast division of the Gainesville Boy's Club as it existed TilE POLICE APPARENTLY knew the address well, The changes apparently had results. Collins helped increase -
two years ago. recalled Zimmerman. "Parents used to be called in each week the center's membership from 180 to the present 436
A BIT DRAMATIC, perhaps, but club staffers, including! a and the police every few weeks," he said. "Now we'll go weeksat despite enforcing disciplinary rules he described as "the
steady stream of UF students on the work-study program, a time down there(at the southeast division) before we haveto toughest in any Boys Club in Florida."
speak as openly of the club's troubled past as they do of its speak to a parent about a kid." HE CITED, TWO MAJOR reasons for the increase.
recent turnaround."I The changes began in April of 1972. The first was Collins "First,'you have to convince the parents that their kids will
always keep a beat-up old pool ball around to show to a then Bailey, and finally a new gymnasium, constructed from be safe here. I think we did that successfully."
kid who gets out of line." Program Director l David Bailey said funds obtained by the sale of another' boys club on Waldo Second Collins said a club needs program activities that
last week before a basketball game in the club's new gym. "I Road. are attractive to youngsters.
,ask him. 'Do you want to back to the way it was?"' Collins, a 25-year-old graduate of Arkansas A & M, went to "WE DON'T HAVE A captive audience like the school
The way it was? That memory means a lot to many of the work quickly. He persuaded the Gainesville Garden Club to system does. A kid is here because he wants to be."
nearly 500 boys who belong to the southeast club, located at donate shrubbery for the front of the building, then finished That's where Bailey comes in. He has organized a wide
1100 SE 17th Dr. the redecorating by painting the center inside and out. range of,activities, and points proudly to a state-wide Boys
A VISITOR TO THE predominantly black club today will HE THEN OBTAINED funds for what he said was the Club pool tournament to be hosted by the southeast divisionin
find two elaborately equipped game rooms, an 8,000-square- most important addition-a chain-linked fence with barbed April.
foot gym, a library, and! rooms for cooking and, handicrafts. "This will be our first time hosting a tournament. That's a
Snacks are served to the youngsters, twice a day through' a salute to our boys," Bailey added.
federally funded program. COLLINS SAID THAT he's now trying to drum up en-
.. Bailey and Division Director Clarence Collins, both black, thusiasm in the community to equal that of the kids.
t\ organize daily tournaments ranging from shuffleboard to The Boys Club is sponsored primarily by United Way, but
boxing. The youngsters, mostly from lower and middle class Collins wants additions which regular funding can't cover-
homes, come in after school and stay until 10 p.m. dugouts for the baseball field (only recently lighted), and
t. "The southeast division today is one of those old-fashioned handball and tennis courts.
places where hats come off and cuss words are reprimanded," COLLINS AND BAILEY each work a minimum of 10
noted Neal Zimmerman, executive director for Boys Clubs of s e' l.ill d hours a day, despite their small salaries. But both can quicklysum
Alachua County. up the rewards of their work.
\ "TilE RESPECT THE kids show for the place is "I'm here to show kids there's a betterway to live than on
tremendous," he added. "That gym is about eight months old r bs the street ,corner. .that there's a sense of pride in doing!
now but it looks like it just opened. We don't have enough something well" Collins said.

money"for a janitor, so it has been the kids who've kept it Added Bailey, "Ours is a young club, and we want to builda
ilean. tradition for our kids to look up to. One of these days I'm
That's how it is today. That's not the it used to be.
way going to hear about one of our kids bein' famous. Then I'll
Two years ago, when the club was without the gym or any pat myself on the back and say, 'I helped mold that kid*"
additional rooms, white work-study students were a AS BAILEY SPOKE, it was hard to overlook the teenager
"discouraged" from working there, as Bailey politely puts it. who strode cooly in the front door of the club.
"STAFF MEMBERS WERE having their cars broken into, photo eric
by estrin He was being smart. "Mr. Bailey, you're a sorry pool
the kids were uncontrollable," he said. BOYS CLUB GYM player. I'm gonna whup you today."
The way it was? To Larry Byrd, now a senior-level member at '. replaces clay basketball courts. A wise-guy, yes Bailey noted. But he had his hat off.



.....,' .
,f' .'

,-fc;, :: .

t ,.

Mw s '

ie' .


e.\r g9 '

sP ; :a '

\-1\\0\4 Qfoil

: .' '
t... 94 \..... :

.t s ." ,;. ENO C1 N r1 f1.e '
\\ '
'ur t't.



\O :' 1
: io'
"' .
,. >}\.j<' i
:, ?
tr, .
.. '
""""'" ..
: .
<. '
,.,. .. ,," .1. a:.., ..,.. '
I .,.. ., .
.'I .. ."Ij- .) I
.. ,.',"" ".,.... ,.. ,'.... ', 'W'-, ". '" ," q. '
> ,

.. : 0' ,_ .... .


F model heads for finals l:';'" '

."" ., ., .. .,. 0'j
#: :
happy, inquisitive, into her modeling and acting Brothers. She also '.,
e, sad, and scared 'are career. for the Independent modeled the Year, Miss Stafford will
|'ew moods that Nancy The pageant is sponsoredby Alligator. be awarded a $25.000
I will be portraying as Stewart Models and During her modeling contract with an
competes in the Fashion Model of the Year Stafford will stay. Miss optional five-year renewal.
be<; kept
First and
raphy segment of the Inc. with second runner-ups
photography sessions,
will also receive modeling
Year Pageantek
of the Miss Stafford press conferences
leaves for and
contracts of $15.000 and
New York City.
in her at the New York on February 9, all rehearsals leading up to the $10.000. respectively.The .
Jn't dawn on expenses paid, and will stay at contest. Besides posing for the
fid Miss Stafford when the New York Hilton where mood-shot photography in 20-year-old coed was
tewart, president of the pageant will be held the contest, she will also be chosen as first runner-up in
Models, called 'to judged the Military Ball Queen
Wednesday February 12. She modeling in a
I her she was one of 28 will return home the next day. daytime outfit and an evening Contest last year. She was alsoa
elected out of ap- gown selected from her own Homecoming Queen I
jiately six thousand whod THIS ISN'T the first wardrobe.The .
throughout the modeling experience the five- pageant will ,not ? J

foot-nine, slender coed hashad.Miss televised as in the past, ___ 1
JlLL SHEPHARD wone Stafford modeled in 'tickets are available for $ photo by Tandy newman
| of Model of the Year fashion shows and each. NANCY STAFFORD
8 which launched her promotional stunts for Maas IF SELECTED
as for Model of the Year Pageant

H H Florida The Independent Alligator / E E NT

Thureday,February. 1975,Page 17

F ruth revealed Siege"Review

by counter-revolutionary and counter-insur some extent, this comment is justifiable, for
RICHARD BURKIIOLDER methods, arrived in Uruguay to "oversee" Costa-Gavras lards his theme with an ample
spending of U.S. foreign aid in that helping political polemic
jtate of Siege," a gutslamming political What he was really doing in Uruguay However, it is our suggestion that local
: by Costa-Gavras, director of "Z," will dispensing, to civil and military cinema buffs attend the showing of this
own next Monday night Feb. 10. new riot control equipment and motion picture to see precisely that: a
is motion picture presents a horrifyingait seminars in armed crowd control and refreshing and not-so-fond analysis of North
[ of covert foreign espionage and terrogation techniques. American actions in foreign lands.
ter-intelligence activities by North CONCERNED YOUNG Technically, the film is i impeccable: the
icans abroad. found out about Santore's presence and, rapid-fire editing, the documentary-type
0, MOST surprisingly, Costa-Gavras order to dramatize the reactionary cinematography, and the scintillating musical
[is' a true story. which they thought heimported into score are all up to the standards pioneered by
the late I%O's a State Department kidnapped him.CostaGavras'. Costa-Gavras' earlier flick "Z."
ionary, Phillip Santore (Yves Montand), story centers upon "STATE OF SIEGE" will be shown at the
sibly of the Agency for International sessions which the abductors held with in'I Medical Arts Bldg. next Monday night, Feb.
llopment but in actualit an ex ere in Yankee captive.In a series of 10, at 7 and 9:30.p.m.

Paper Chase, Minoru Nojima I

\ Best are' free I

There are plenty of thin '] ,
this weekend to keep I
from studying for _
midterms-for free!

hor instance, the
"Paper Chase" will be
$ on the Plaza of the L d .
Friday night at 8 p.n1.eather :
\\ permitting. :
played at the J. Wayne

.. Union earlier this quarter J I
tickets sold out
so here is a chance to see it \
free! r


time as the Atlanta r
Section rolls into town for
z free concert on the grass
the North Union lawn
the Hub 'at 3 p.m. :
photo by chip hires ,.....
els. more than is an .
: a folksinger. Don Cooper The group has ,Y aF
[rtainer.. You can't help but laugh along withat together for 5 years and is S 1 r

times then In the next song he'll have you synthesis of studio n \j 1
ling out the old handkerchief.. As one criticmed from Studio One located .

It up, "he is a single reincarnation of all .' .-'-', ATLANTA RHYTHM SECTION '
Beatles." Cooper Is performing free at the Beef \
.free on the North Union lawnU ;
Bottle through Saturday. ,1'I't;
--- ... .... ...---_. ....-.,-_--..--' ..-.._._. ,.......-, ,.- ,-
.. ------
:-- -- -


.--.., ..... .......
., ,

....g.I..1h.lnd. ....d.ntFioridaAllJgatot.1hundoy/Februa &'197 .'" PAID FOR AT USUAL ADVERTISING RATES


WOMEN! The Office of Women's Affairs is open,for business.Do .

you.have any ideas or suggestions?Any problems? .

We are committed to improving the status of women on the.

Univesity of Florida campus. Help us.: Drop by room 305 JWRUor

call 392-1665 any afternoon. Ask for Cindy Shellenberger.

....., .. '' '
J. ; '. r.: : { 'r .
STUDENT ." ... t.:"
: .i\'li': :::
.:.t: .
+'' +N"' "" '
: : :: ::: : :: :
,..,,.,, : r
"t \ t .t8 e. ,.. ,!, 1
.. : ...., !
'1'1 'I"" '"
,. ... .. 0" ...._.... ...."'.'. ;
Produced by Jeff Prufsman,Director of Communications/ / ,for the r Student Body .
_'. .. STUDENT GOVERNMENT: 305 J. WAYNE REITZ UNION 392.1665 I. ,. .,......... .., '. :
... ... .1, ; '
..".."w:.," ","". ."\" C<' 1.. .



for the positions of




{, Applications are available in the Student Government office room 305 JWRU. Completed form

must be returned to that office no later than 5 p m., February 17th. c

U.P.D. LIAISONCOMMITTEE t,, { .i;" ..;i? .,. ,
r "
t IF. :

Students, UF staff and UPD members trying to Student Government didn't exist 'do you really think
expose the true scope of law enforcementon the activity fee would still go in similar allocations

campus. If you're interested inhelping, us to,speaker's programs, concerts: intramurals, EAG,
find out call Ken Chapman. at 373-0808 or 372-9260. Samson BSU-NO-come on now, really-
All students welcome! .
I :
\ ,


.-. did you know student government funded. .. .;.. .
the dorm lounge TV sets? '
How bout that huh? STOP /Q/VD THtAJK ABOUT iTi
.:..... ",',' ......'.....;.....,...............:..,..,.....,..:..,..:...;..; ,'j ;..:,, I> '.'I ,; I .-, ,'. ,. ,. : '..: ...,. .,%;. .*.-"* ".' .'.0.*.".''Y, *.*.*:. .',f.... .,. *..*'.'. -- "
w ........................'................................................... ..........' ..... .. .. .,




'II.. lnd.p.rsd Untr1orldo Alligator. Thursday, February<. If75, fog* 1*_

7:30: TONIGHT! All, DRAFT BEER 10'




.'" FeS IJA'RYt r

4.' 8i 1973 mobile, home 12 s 60 2 bedroom Efficient BIC Formula 4
'' speakers
,\ equity 4 a'r"ottume' heat note fully of furnished 75.77' $1200 Perfect condition, only 8 month old. 1' 1VtEL BROOK
or Upgrade
your system with these ,
make offer quality
Janet 373 2064 (o.7i,.70. ) speakers +
p save. money $265 373.7231
Irish, setter (o.3t.74,pl)
puppies AKC
t, Canadian, stock shots, wormed regntered BSA motorcycle '69 650 Fast and
i '0111'' Priced, reasonably to sell Gregory 377- dependable transportation $500 Also
5325 or 472.3050 (o.St-73pL i ) 220 v electric boseboord heater $10. Jim
Iflg.' 1' _" \ 1974 SuzukI GI 380 only 2700_mile_, 3774158 ((0.4'.7' .p)

"J,1t, \ excellent' A-l condition" call Scott at 392- AKC registered germon sheperd puppies, ..0fl-
tI, IOU I 8383 asking $1QQQ (o.5t,.?4.p) 3 moles 8 weeks old wormed by vet, hod
It 'PO'... 'for tale 120 bait accordion terentmo shots $100 call 373 9587 after 5 pm (aQueen -

model e.c condo $80 call ninny 462- .t! :p 1 from the people who gave you "The Jazz Slnf,"
8IllIOAIW 3409 evenings (o.3t'.74,pl)
site bed $40 Desk $20, both In 'BU1IG( st ,a.IjUTIlf[ ( I IiU'UIR illlPmNS DlJltUnfSTIJI) CUUKWCSMn JRKMNS1IJNSRG
ultoco 125 1972 $300 roberts 8 track excellent condition, Reasonable offers tso9rrirMElft300115 L ( HARVEYK(1tMNereMAOEUl( KAi* Lur.ieltMElBROOKS\ ( [ ![! ANDREW![
$300 recorder $100 chevy 1964 runt great considered. call 376.6899 call after 5 pm BERGMAIIROIARDPRYORAUIIUiERsi.vsiMRWEIERGWNsieueMtlHAEENER/ ( !( lB[! oK1NIltWBRD\S[ \
Polaroid cp II $20 Birtam 10 speed (o 6t 75 p)
DON alloy $100 373.8167 (o.3t.74.p) 1 12 s 60 Mobile home 1 969 2 bdr windowair MNAVCION'( !IECHNICOIOR'from Werner Bret m'warner CommumcMNMt: Compwty

all elec I'/i bath V bldg 2Vt ml from
Stereo: Tandberg 304 ]I. dock used campus westgale' $4250 376. 789 ((0"5t-
but mint' $250; Empire 7500 end table 7S.pl) 11 t 1eMll\tslc 1
spk 300 beautiful. New Aka! 370
for $489. list, IS $800 Special low ANTIQUE CLOTHES SALE. Sat & Sun Feb 8
... .' on several Technics prices and 4 9. 10 am til 8 pm. All hats, jewelry, 233 W. Univ.:Ave. 377.3013.
1'.1i1' "" receivers
dresses, suits, & under
accessories $10
other cassette decks, plus discount' prices on 532 NW 29 Ave 377.2509. Unique "items
220 SW. 13th SI.IGanesville. brand name components full (@ 5t' 75 Pt)
warranty 3789192, John : : _
,6' (o 5t 75 p) -L__
Flofld', ,, An old friend 64 Olds, |lUst tuned, new yamaha 250 Enduro 1970 'model rum 1 "" 7:30:
good 6oootni& new end & tune FRIDAY!
top job
Phbn4t 372.3U9' battery, $200 or best' offer call david at,
3739413 after 5 (o.3t.75,p) up_$40000 3783449 Sisco ((0.St.75.p) LhkU 920
TutSd'Y S.I"rdI1, WEll CRAFT Men's Ten speed bike, $40 call torn 373-
16' A.rslol 140
J w hp Mer 6387 ((0.3.75.p, )
cruiser Still under warranty, less 'than 25
hrs runnIng. Must see Call 378.3365. ((0. 1974 KAWASAKI, 175 Enduro, like New.
lOt.75 p) 1 1800 Miles, $67500 Call 373-0265 This Cop Plays Dirty!
Evening or Weekends ((0.St.7S-p)

Reasonable: 1974 2 bedroom Mobile CHARLESBRONSOM
* * * .* *__* * * * *-tc Home. Patio and Awning, Completely |l974's Screen Suptrstar from

( tctc set up. Brittany Estates Park lot 174,
..:' AdultSection. 373-2259 After 5 P.M.. (A- "MR. MAJESTY...
'.' .;, ST.76.NC) "THE FAMILY"...

"\. > tcf really CHEAP bike for salel only $18 with : and "DEATH WISH"...
tct orange basket and blue fenders so be w ; Now he's lot a badge and If he can't
-tctc school spirited and buy itll call Betty bust 'em he'll break 'em In
392.7681 (A-IT-76-P) half!

1968 pontiac, wagon super clean tape
- -tctc deck am fm radio automatic power .
steering windows good tires luggage
- ; -tcF rack 378.5934 best offer 'takes it (A.5T76 t

I of Death"formerly

-tc TO MOVE?
1 -tc If you desire to move from your present.
{I>, location we con rent, sublet It or find you
R-tc o roommate Immediately at NO COST 6:15:
';11t g Call todayll
United Real Estate Assoc. Inc. 9:15:
tctc 113 NE 16th Ave. 377-6992 (b-fr-55-c)) e 1 1w.

opt to sublease,available feb 24 close to
w. I f;
campus, 2 bdr, pool, 172 mo 378.8336 r SOR
after 5 pm. (B 10T-67-P) t+10 LASSES OR
4 w furnished units' from $135 per month; Y
F ;{;'t! tck includes water, sewage, garbage pick
up, pest-control and yard core. Prairie
: View Mobile Village 3784411 1 I or 373-
3284 (b-20t-69p)

J. 'IE male roomate needed own room + '/
';>" 1 utilities, call ran after 10pm $8000 mo
tctc 392-0772 (b-4t-73-p)

Fern roomate needed at village opts
'... Y. tctc now, own room $80.00 + '/ utilities call
onne or margo after S pm 377-1208 (b-

tctc 5illfL.) __ TOMORRO .

poolside French Quarter Apt 56.25 + '/
: utilities each call 373.9155 (b-5t-74.p: SHOULD WIN AN
-tctc is the time to start looking for that
7r ideal home for spring or fall qtr. We .
I have many listings avail for then a
No -tc
small deposit can hold it for you. Call-
,, "P
-tc 377-6992
oJ .t today

large 2 BR, furnished, air conditioned,
mobile home on spacious lot, very close TOM PARKER
Minoru Nojima to campus $135 a month, $30 deposit presents
lease not necessary. 377-0049() ) (b3t74P -

) .
"A pianist, of major significance"New York Times -,. Female roommate share (Iwo bedroom' ,

two bath trailer. olomar garden 87.50f
SUNDAY FEB. 9 8:15 PM -tc* "t utilities, 376-0808 (b.5t.72.p)

2 br trailer' $135 mo Includes tot rent
$100 deposit Call Keith jr Susan at 372-
7032 ofter 5 pm. located in Mobile City YOU'LL LAUGH
: Pets OKI t e
Public 2.OO
Free General Mote roommate' for 2 br opt needed
-tc $64 JO mo + '. Wit' dep $64 country
University Performing Arts Series -tc gardens opts 373.3551 (b.5t.7Spl)

"' Of f In this ,ene,. A maiority of seats Sublet I bedroom furnished Apt immediately
florid '
'ITuly students wl, | b,admitted fREE Of CHARGE to all the program tcquored
r month 378.2759 b3t
required.onstudents 160 ( -
performance ere per
has been w aside for students and no advance arrangement ,
wIll not.betc 75 p)
may call 392.16.51 Jail 16. However, payment
to make unpaid reservations beginning until I the numbertc Room for rent in semi-furnished unique
be accepted
occepted .. Such reservations J
prior 10 l the night of fhe
/ 75 Coll 3769755
Voted reservations AC ma
unpaid apartment
each 8:15 m ; #
evnt exhausted scheduled to begin at : p
e held Until, 7:At ::. l. All performance ore j before 5 pm Ask for Buddy (b.3t.75.p)

bees equitable' 01 possible 10 the student body and the University, Community 01 0 whole, all seating,, of wIll Iheirtc be 2 br mobile, home carpet air pool in
reserved. VVe encourage members of Ih. audience 10 orllv' in sufficient, time 10 obloln the seating Alomar Gds. clubhouse tennis
o'c.' -tc gomeroom basketball no pets $150
______ --------------- month FREE lOT RENT 373.2831 (b-5t-75-

A master's class will be held ontc-tc Sublet P> I bdr luxury opt wall to wall SUJlRnw COMEDY
shag central air and heat many extras
16000 3735377 after 600 (b-3t-75p)
Sunday at 2:00 PM in room : 3:20-5:00 ,ou i lit Sot 5 Sun
Village Apts $80 I. utilities, Coll 61.:20: C inema Z

120 of the music bldg. : debbie II! after sis' pm 3732944 .(B.5T-76- 10:90. ,"'' '''*N''O "')"I I' ) .)1 > .

t ,*. 'If. 'Ie.*. 'if.t-* *.* * * * * * ** 5:20.10:00"i -

,. fiundoy, February 6, 1975
Pog. 20 Th.Independent Florida Alligator,

I. LASSIFIEDS I Cooeu 1 Restaurant

I Motel I LoungeSteinhatchee
--- --- -----


". -.t ;. ., ..,. .. ., .' Fresh Seafoods d"f''.' E

U we

for rent' near campus at COlD A SILVER Top prices paid for ck k. licensed real estate salesperson for Wedding Invitations $1140 per lOt Snapper ', '" New.cxAy kA rA3111
reasonable cost Low utilities, Call Mark rings: old tewelry i ttc. confidential: CO:. national company. Quoonn.d.soloy, business cords $995, rubber stamnt-" w J
at 378-2065 before 10 om, (B-2T-76-P! ) On. 373-309.Mc-50.53-t( ) + commission. Coll Gory or Susie 377. magnetic signs, offset printing Cliff Ho / Lobster
female roomot needed to shore 6973 (E-ST69-C) Printing 1103 N Mom (FR-58-C) TGfNIt>M
Home 5 blocks from campus en acreage
Believe it'l' large bdrs. on Vi less thnn Village Park apartment 52.2S o month mech engineer, student to draft several KARATE LESSONS Scallops Crab Claws
and '/. utilities Call Pom after Small classes
5 minutes walk to campus Rent is $16 or Shelly drawings for patenting I hove a 11 $20 per man
4 00 373.9295 (c-4t-sr-p) 1215 NW 5th Ave (off 13th St.,
with no lost month!! ((219)) necessary specs see rick 1614 NW 3rd ) Mon thru
Sot, even, 7 to 9. 378-7131 (J-20T-60-P) Mullet Shrimp S
Open 9 am-8pm 377-6992 I or 2 female roomotet for 2 bedroom Place 6 pm or leave note (e-3l-73.pl)
2 bdr $75 Home on acreage: No bath, turn opt at Country Gardens $60 AlACHUA GENERAL HOSPITAL COED'S facial hair removed per
welcome lease small)! deposit. Pets OKI! Students "mo ''I utilities 377.7309 (c-7t-7Lp) RN's .experienced in ICU end general),, marently. Call Edmund Dwyerelectrologitt Trout Rock Shrimp In Unxeploited Areas

female roomale" wonted $51 + 1.3 medical surgical core for 3.11 and 11.7 over 20 years experience
Open 9am 8pm 377-6992 .Coll 372 B039 (J-f R-61-C) Stone Crab Claws Private Parties
utilities, very short walk to campus call shifts. Also, one RN and one ORT for
week home
$20 save
per Spacious 378.5524 (c.5t-n-p) operating room. Must be experienced STONE GROUND 100 percent BREAD 3 498.3501
kitchen. Pets
$$$ heat, fully equipped
Excellent employee benefits" and work COOKIES fresh from the oven with love
allowed. Live like wont area liberal Roommate Mole or Female own
Open 9am-8pm you 377-6992 Br, ,m 2 b,. opt' oc, pool, bbc close to environment Please call 372-4321 ext from MOM, 604 nw 13 st 378-5224 new Everything Prepared Fresh For ..You100XA.1L'onh.1J1uZ
These ore opts located walking distanceto campus (82.50 per mo. f Vi util., 948 4th 227 Avenue.a or apply. at Nursing, Office, 912 SW low prices3t73p(} )

campus: SW 16th Ave 372-1019 (c-5t-72-p, )_ Term Papers l Canada's largest Service.For .

I I. $75 per month NW 16th St. ((229)) 1 or 2 roommates to rent other rm' in 2 reliable, port-time artist'. osst hours catalogue' send"$2 to: tssoy Services,
2. $110 Efficiency' NW 8th Ave bdrm fnshed opt. $60 mo if willing, 'to flexible) starting $1.50-hr see rick 1614. 57 Spadina Avenue. Suite 208, Toronto, lOOQVJO
((2210)) shore or $95 "mo for 'own rmf' split NW 3rd pi at 6pm no ph leave notes (E- Ont. Canada Also, campus representatives .
3. $130 per month 4 blocks U oHio utilities + deposit Butler Gdns 378.0129 '3T.76PIseveol'o'ol) required Please write.3ii70(| ()- .

((227)) Jim. (c-5t-13-p) ___ music freaks (one pref w- Pj) __ .
1' .,4.2bdr $140 NW 3rd Ave ((13013)) quod tape deck) to produce new music Poncho's Bookpocks, Pocks W-frames,
I need place 'to live and set
a up mydarkroom
5 2 bdr $150 4 blocks from U of Flo Prefer house forms hopefully 'to result in records A cut Tents, Rugby Shirts, Trail, Shoes, White tj
room" In or opt.
((1122)) Working professional Call Mike 377- therein Rick, 1 1614 NW 3rd PI. at 6pm: no Slog Speedo Bathing SUitS. join Univ.Hiking .
Open 9am-8pm 377-6992 ph leave notes (E3T.76P) Club. Allen Aquatic" 4 Trail,
1452 keep trying please (t-3t-74-p)
\ ... Permanent Gainesville resident to work Center. 3448 W. Univ. 3739233fr72(| \AOVIANIsn't
All of these exclusive with
ore listings
\ Wonted responsible, roommate to shore part time Including evenings and ej)
our office and cannot be foundanywhere opt own room" + both $IDS Vt util, week.nds In retail music store. Shouldbe Quality leatherwork' never wears out -
else. Come in todoyliSove loBonne Vie 376-1186 Nerido color/ able to read music. At minimum must it always wears in. At MoSanDu we .g ;IJN'
time and moneyll, !I come by opt 306 (e-3t-7S-p) be ,able to ploy a little guitar and specialize 'In custom I.olhewokpurse. ,
Real Estate
United Assoc
preferably a I little, bongo. Must' have o bells Coat lockets
113 NE 16th Ave 'liberal, female roommate own room" in 3 o o o sandals
t Open 9om" to 8 pm 377-6992 br. house furnished close to campus $75 good working knowledge of classical o travel bogs.. If it can be mode of 1
mo. 1835 NW 5th Ave (c-5t-75p) music as well as thorough knowledge of leather we con make it to suit you. .
current popular. Position' involves soles MaSanDu, 1131 W. University Ave open
Need I or 2 pref. female roomates' work, checking in merchandise, ordering I0am-6pm Monday thru Saturday' by ;:: t it amazing how different each one is?And
NEEDED Now! Female roommate for 2 fireplace! Near duck pond $83.50 + 1-3 and multitude of additional appointment Sundays i evenings, 373- it is precisely la difference that we're Interested '\;
bdrm.Village Pork opt. $62 month' + 1.3 utilities 15 mm., from campus by bike responsibilities., This, is a busy establish. 7470 (|-29t-74c) in as School Sisters of Notre Dame. Wouldn'tyou C
util., Coll 373-7408 anytime A-C pool 378-22521512 NW 2nd St come by (c-5t-/ ment and requires aggressive Individual like to do something really different with
near campus. (B-2T-76-P) 75.p) interested' In music, willing, 'to work hard If you or* pregnant and need help we
life?All offer
Call 377-4947 s:: your ( we can is a permanent
Roommate Wonted Own bedroom and willing to consistently keep care Birthright. (J.24T.69P
assigned hours. Prior sale work in a ) ,opportunity to grow in your relationship with theO
furnished apartment near Moll. $80 mo. Address and Stuff Envelope At Home. _
f''* unlit. Coll 378-5272.(!B-5T-76-P) $80000 Per Month, Possible. Age And retail store preferred. References Lord and a chance to influence for change in :::
Location, Does Not Matter. Offer-Details, required. Call !Bill at 373-0617 for interview Astrology of detailed chart by dikkl-jo( "more than 20 the classroom on social issues with people of 1

Send 50 cents (Refundable) To: Triple S, (E-ST-76-C) complete pages pattern analysis of your explores life talents the many life styles.! We can't guarantee anything .

699.T'Hw.,. 138 Pinion Hills, Co. 92372 port-time lob assistant needed and future :378-0649 ((.St-74-p) except the fullness of Gods love.
mature female wonted' 'to shore opt. till desporately. No experience necessary.
Alachua write' poetry' photo' buff? draw beautiful'
(01.1yiGenerator $3.50 hour call 392-7499 and ask for
end of winter' quarter. $70 month + t
ut,'1. Coll after 6 373-4769 (C-7T-76-P) mike hendricks or come by towers b consideration doodles? prose)genius? submit" work for I Write: Vocation Director
Service 1301. (E-3T-76-P) NOW onthology 315 fN School Sisters of Notre Dame C
Now accepting applications for summer JWRU 39216345t74p() )
camp counselors at PINEWOOD for boys 6401 N. Charles St.
Alternators*Starters- and girls In Hendersonvill, N C. Write AUTOSLLOYD'S MENI! WOMEN! JOBS ON SHIPSI! No a Baltimore Maryland 21212
P.O. Box 4585, Normandy Branch, Miami, experience required. Excellent pay WPandora's
Generators Beach, Flo 33141' (C-10T-76-P) Worldwide travel Perfect summer job S
CORVETTE PLACE We buy and or career Send $3.00 for information .
Wonted: mole roommate for own roomin sell. Jacksonville Florida 1-388-3311, I-
Foreign CarService SEAFAX, Dept MO P.O. Box 2049. Port _q
3 bdrm Williomsburg, $85 per mo + 10 and Cossot Ave. (g-20t-73-p)
1.3 utilities, Behind Med center' call Dan Angeles Washington 983626t71p(| ) UV'NOUDUlOn.flIl1lotl, S Sw
377-9633 or 373.5283'C.31.76-P'( ) 68 Ford LTD Wagon PS PB 10 Post T-Hitch' : :

female roommate wonted "the village"on $600 392.8790C.5T.76P( )
Ph. 378-4011
archer rood own room" in 4 bdr.2 bth

508 N.W. 8th Ave. townhouse opt-pool, courts etc. call
378-6489 $80 "mo + util (C-5T-76-P) PERSONAL

NOW OPEN, Specializing in English haircutting Box.
I blow waving for the in look
[ FREE ELECTRONIC ENGINE ANALYSIS unisex. Drop by Colonial Plaza 716 W.
limy Ave 377.344350t53p(
| )

110 percent WITH A OFF TUNE-UP plugs, ph. cond. Don Em i I io tequila

& labor thru Jan. 31st I DOORS OPEN

""' 1952 N. MAIN ST. PHONE 372-5247 IdJ 1:45: PM.
N w ijmh slrrlt ..redIarA and pineapple juice.Luminificent
eoulevAlo 7405 2M 4:40 9:35 .

r, 14. ****************** ************/ WALT DISNEY'S

rji : I !
i: .
'>,..': 'k"i "
i ,.. ': '* *


rt'tJI- $1.25 nu 2:30 P.M.


I tI i r -I\t r

NW INN Sle/11 .MI
r 51.4 COultvAAO + $25
I rr *

: 2:15 7(10 *:00 7:50: f::45

,.. A woman

DELUXE ,.. with a profane lover

i i ii r DANCE

i* F FRIDAY. F i* 9-1 CONTEST Quad Stereo

R FEB.7 R ThursFriSat F I

..for.a man of God.
.. '/ ..
E E l. -

( .
A.. .. ....,
.ti. .} .

,. *

Student Government *:

Programs ,. ABDICATIO LP. TRBBa I t t

.. _
r************** *************** .



nlml1i!!! ..t: .. :\ ':." itf: .. The Independent Florida Alligator,ItiiHwfay,Febrvery 6, If/5,,Page 21

someone Jewel LEWIS ryCompony



you 200 W.37241Q6NEEDGASH University Ave.

some love

goy 107 people Mogether.7pm, thursdoy Basic. Advanced Scuba Classes Starling Tutoring in bone math, calculus, I
NW lit terr guest speaker on the ,
role of Underwater Photography Classes chemistry biochemistry physics and
gay bar In the community for Starting Sales service, rental air, trips. biology. Coll Don at 377-4158 (m-5t-73-
call .
i Jean 39M575' (J-1T-76 f) Tom Allen (Co-host of Wild, Kingdom PL)
Get that all over ton at GYMNOS. 20 T.V.)Aliens Aquatic & Trail, Center. 3448W
mm from campus call 373-1407' write Umv 3739233. (m-fr-72-c) or
box '12541 city, 32604 Pool PICTURES over night service Mondaythru
I; help needed (SP-76-P momtence "JOBS IN ALASKA"handbook -- how to I I Thursday RO-MO 3767657
w )_ work and live in Alaska latest pipeline I I(m-5t-75.p) HOME HUNTERSWe
{ "No one, truth can contradict another information $3.00, JIA, Box 7, Norwich,
trutn Light good,in whatsoever lamp it Vt 05055. (M-15T-63-PJ' ) Ready to Work have good wood and can help you find a home,
i. IS burning! Boho'i, Writings (J-H-76. tools to build what you please CustomWaterbed ,
apartment mobile home orroorrfmate
1,, f' C) COLLtGt OF EDUCATION Need a frames, painting' finishing, the !
easy way
Link,u SS really the DG bird? (J-1T-76-P) typewriter, calculator, ditto, machine, ? cheap,, Dana 466-3666 after 6 pm. (M-
; Or a phone from which you can call? 3T-76-P)
LOST & FOUNDlost These and lots more are available In 321 typing. any material. fait and efficient OUR FEE IS REFUNDABLE
ii: Norman Hall (nvlOt-70-c) __ 7Sc-double'spaced page IBM carbon
: gold wire-rimmed glasses ,in a WIRED FOR SIGHT ribbon selectric.greek symbols too.Call JOEL R. BRIDGES II
black beaded case lost |jan. 28 between "The Eyeglass Super Mort" 373-5572. (M-10T-76-P)
.i"., mallory and mccarty halls needed UNIVERSITY OPTICIANS will type your dissertation, thesis, REALTOR 404 SW 41h Av.
1 desperately call karyn at 392-9093 (L- 3005W 4th Ave. 378-480 manuscripts, reports. fast and accurate Open 7 Days til. 7:00: 377-6700
3J-76-P) (AJSO-53-C) __ experienced. 377-6613 (M-5T76P)
i LOST A CALCULATOR I am climbing the
wallsl) BIG REWARDI! Please call Skippy
4V 373.9575 (L-2T-76-P)
lost, green bock pack at ReiU Union
", mcyl parking lot tues nits after 9:30: I
need ,it t and the contents bock Reward Pandora's Box.
call torn 378.2729 ((1-5t-72.p) .
lost blue uf spiral notebk ,in well please
1 call andrea ruff 378-7862 ((1-5t.72..eL} ___
lost briar pipe with, black stem Don Emilio tequila
somewhere between hub and tolbert
would very much appreciate "its
triumphant return please call barry 392- rni; ancj Pineapple juice.Phantasmagorical
ALLIGATOR 8109 (I 3t 74 p)____ .


$1 1 PREPARATION Course in At
Gainesville, '18 hrs., $35; course
MESSAGES: : APPEAR repeatable free Call ((305)) 8547466M14T69P .
( )_
4 LINES : EXPERIENCED TYPIST: Fast, dependableRAtes
./ttts.trtss.asltlttl.ttt_tr t t.1 li) sw a a Itt ftr frill Phyllis, 172-6767 (rn.3t-sp.pl)

3824 N.W. 34th Place


I 135 & I"' Insurance CompanyLife

6 Insurance

It Health Insurance

i$125EE 1\\< Group Insurance
'J i
10 Annuities II. s I.

Pension Plans
I I.i
3 1

I 15


! PRINTED : -- : : II / CABLE TV


I FEB. 14 I 4/d(per I ITV iffl(9 1iJ

$ TV Channels A weatner
I "- channel UPI News New York
Stock Exchange 2 FM stations on
TIIII Channels and 9 FM and 4 AM
form be used 11
I may .
|P'oce' cloMifled ads either In stations on the FM band.UNIVERSITY N:
penon or by mail. The CITY' it V
minimum charge I I. $1.25 for .I I TELEVISION CABLE CO.INC..
I four in.. For each additional 522 N.MAIN ST.
line,odd 35 cents Multiply' I r
fatal by!he number of days the. .. { .f
lod U to run and subtract the I
|dl count. The -.
discount I U I "
I applicable only for consecutive g
|inwrHont. I.-
a i j LOOI'' ART .


Acceptance of withodvertilnB -- $ a If
payment -
copy doet not 1: ;:;I ii1% i 1 ;
I conlfl"' .a binding we Nis.
agreement l M
Jon the ln> .".... ...... R I 4 I E' I I
I AHlgvicK to publish Mid copy. r-- ) iJfij 6
I The I"...,........ fie"". __ .8 I
I AI''...., retervet .. right to :;: !
|oct at wto (judge on the "- e.. c I"tIUllablllty
01 any and all 04 -
|ftliJng copy tubmlfled 'or'I-- 111.i
[ Publication and the right to O fttp"Icfi-
...... I. I
I revise,delay' or reject any 411 55 4 it 1
advertising copy.. L:I
D.odhn.5.00 p.m. two I; N eNeiN sins
cloy,prior 10 f Mile IAiMIN Nit
storing day. DO -
Sat. Feb. 83OOPM
NOr CIDIIIY PHONB ... .f I henry e"lfIINI INl uproIttr I '. \

Mail this ad with remittance rg stn HI/IUitrlluttas ../1/1I ; : : : j.
| (check preferred) to: I. IIN111111 w I MIN N// ,: .
l "- "" 11i111Nr1 /
I" DOCTORM "t Ill"N 11111ittM On Grass Union N. Lawn
AlI"'O"1" to tie tis. ... c:
'.0. ... 1" FEEL. HATED
"""I",,", ....... A FREE concert fromlllilII.IIT

G.hte""Ie. .... $1504 I

.... ..


Page 22;Th.Independentfforlda Alligator.Thursday,February4.1''7J'" "' '

'J>i '
'- ,l .

' 1I BUTT PORTION. .. 78e

I + WHOLE HAM .' .' .' .1, 75'




E ------
P Quantity Right


;1S, SAVE 18 ::1: 1 / Thrifty Sugar Maid

1. .......




11 '


Sweetener . W 65e Noodles . 0, 53C Cuke Sticks . '... 63C Cookies .. . PIG I.. 69C
l Overnight. . nCI PIG $139 1 Sauces. . "''.." 65C Trash Bags . IS. 'I29 1 Cookies . 20.PIG. 99C

1 Cremora . 'tt19 1 Toastems . W 63e, Coffee . . CAN III $113 1 Flour . . 5 FAG99c
4 Flour . . 5 A 99C Syrup .. . .. 2.ilL.'. $119 1 Beets . . '"JAI.. 47C Pears . . 2CAN.S $100 1
I ,
\ I. . 12.PIG 43C Syrup . : '"ilL" 63c Detergent 2 :IBS.88c Sausage . 3 & $1

r /
A 'rl
.t1 Aid ry

j o I nh tmPs ,


f r 1
,III r-t.
"\\' ,,;'
,t. I
; I' .1.1I

'i I HI'f IT MAID' 'Ov OHfO DOUG AS **'( We 0'1'1' DAtlINO MOWN N SCV 41 e DID 01 potv SAG. MfNCM 11110
r. Milk I . . : $3" Whole I Chicken tt. 99C Potatoes II
f Rolls| .. . 3 ;&S $100 1 ''. 5 lAG 99
,., Dog. Food . 5"'::.-;., $1 1 Fruit ,Drinks 2 ?CANS". $100 pecan'Buns' .'''. ...IIUI'. vr 01 II 59C Fish Sticks 2 'KG LI 99COUIMUN
ot IIM'V/T! InlllM MAID TOWN iouA
Flour . 5 \ 68C Tomatoes. 3 uti588E Orange 4SOI Juice ..3 lU; n09 Cheese Cake. '% '99C
i u Diapers.., . w99f: Saltines . 2 *$It i $1 Perch 'Fillet .. ''AST 99 Pie Shells . .' .% 55C .1.
'11 TMII/II MATT ,lI ,
I' .f i Lunch Meat. !. '.:...'. 68 Pasfries" . 2 H':;;1: $1 1 Fish Sticks .\ W 99C- Topping. .. ., 2 (.::, ,sl 1 1S

.....".............. .. .;......... .............. ........... ...... .................;:. .. ... .. .. .________,_......... __:_ ....__ .___.___,.


'I': ....1.,....: ... I': 1% _r 5f CAN
j' ;.11' : II MAS"1,1 t- 'l L ri> i ots ARiwOf
I Cottag.. Chteu ;! Detergent ; A Olo : Meaner .
; Mqp Diiinfectont
1 3J4P, ."L1 .It. : .. ,,. ;. :: .... ... //, ., S5 :"'.'. MI OOO& tHl i fk a.M
...........51. N:0: 5: i NI 34 1 JtLtSfN. SS Yk
,'. ..... .. ......... .... .

. ";.:'-J 3421 WEST UNIVERSITY AVE. 1401 N. MAIN ST.130N.W.6thST. ;
OPEN SUNDAY 10.00 AM.700: P.M. --
\ + WWAY 441, HIGH SPRINGS .11 )' a'' .

f .

I i

J ,

F- ---rtw tTho

'Ind.Pon".wtEiorlda AlliBettir.,Thu1'rdoy;hbiwtry fl.1975.ht-23'

Qfi b4/t -- )
Mzj !dl Uael h

: ave \

HAM 30c

,.. LI. ;

Quantity Right'. PRICES GOOD


0 MAN* Mid* XMOMtrkCrflbM
UiOA G A Mt M QH W-D *A>JD i IN''


luVD / SAVE 40' i1CLJ WHOLE 44 s -

r Yr1.wr.w.M.M1 t _
u. s. cNOlcls s i _


iii1jTi DELMONICOS aiJT1tsYii


40 UJ/D ILVD / 30' $

/ YYI MYL.a.al IWwr.wf M.NJ

Mil 20aI AVO (CUT i WRAPPED FitI) 'W D HANDFranks
Tenderloins . \I $269 Chicken". Franks. v.a 49cosc. Loin Strips . L' $149 . . %a r. 69C
INCH fll'0 tf t Fish Fillets 5 ,"* $489 Fran $119flfSH 1 SliodHam . V,".. $1 1" Roast i. $159W
SteaksPUTT; : :
Fish Fillets Pork I99c Steak. $1 9
I79c Pork ?
. Sausage ROLL 99C LI.
Yogurt . .4cups $100 Hindquarter.!! LL'I I88c Sausage. '::,L' $1"TAIMAOOI Shoulder Roast.: LR $119W

Cheese Food. 'i? 89C Meat Stew . ,.sASTOI $139 Hams . . LI $119 Short Ribs . L'. 79C

U > N i ius-i
I MA( A ONt I CMIISl O* ( MKKIN Nl.X'll'



r I I !





1 a


iIlSN FLORIDA wttreRN o ANouPears
Cheese"III"" MHO DAIS hi SWI CHIOOA. . I'M"CO $1 l 29 Green Peas 3 Sfi: ; $100 Oranges . 5 ::0 59C 3 LIL ,$1MISM
PRISM TfMFlt mow|S It JW
Biscuits lUlfll Ml not.' lOC',.... 45C ILR/Y Cream Corn 3 IO KGt u '1 lO. Oranges. .12 10. 79C Onions . 5 1A0'LI, 49e .

...... tats MIAOS MOOG
Creamer'u"I1..O CO"H . 3 {.,..s $100 01.Turnips o |MOS|M $10Q Lettuce CMINCabbage. . I25c KRa Orange.T Juice. .5ge

Alto* 01""" osuoot ..
Baby Limas 3 2r.: 99C Collards . o Q .?< $100,\ . L' 12C Orange Juice. r 99C
,,.... IIINA5 SOUL M/R" W IU..Q o M tun tulGlI. CMIISI ot
Succotash Aupa 2 :&j: : 69C Cut D (Corn . 2 :;:,; $1 Celery . 2 "111' 39C Sausage Pizza. ':';:' 69C

......... -----.-n-----.-..--................... -.--.---...............-..--...._------------.-..-.------- -_.:

'CT 'aJ i II.1 CAMMINUTI i 111 MASTO 0 '
31Ap f A '
'0' :
Jw. IS OHAPI QNI ... : .....0 : A':'h .I"S OlASt MAlOOraing :.
a.o" k"H' A5P'1: : ., {' th. Jui .
:; ; Baking Han Corn on> -Ceb < Intent Potato>*. '"
Pork Chap ;. .... 5008 '''<4 MlN ">. 0000 THIU Ml 1} i OOOO TMU .11., :
: tNo
...... 30J: .U : ... No. 59.i .. ..., ; '
1I1 ... 38 oo 60..a
5 ... ._ N.57. ..... L... .... : ..... ...
1401 N. MAIN ST.130N.W.6thST. .
.. i
OPEN SUNDAY 1ft 00 AM.700 P.M. it: ,_.. .f
.J' .,..4' .

,w. .. .,

1 '
Pag.24 Hi.lnd.p.nd.nt Florida Alligator Thursday February 6. 1'75
...... u.... '.' c f/WH
, 1.:


\. r,


-. ...j ,..

,,!.4 1

Publix' i .,


. ,
. :.


Ita anRnericanCne 1heB&oftwoVYiddsforDiseerTofl1gft

\ Pub lix reserve

: the right fo limit

t BecfBraciola quantities sold

;1 _

\ I 2 fcs lop round steak. 4 Ya cup Chablis ti.
GarlIc san 1 teaspoon sugar C1'I
16 slices Italian dry salami 1 bay leaf M,
IVi cups shredded mozzarella V4 teaspoon oregano "' 0
\ 3 tablespoons cooKng od V*teaspoon thyme
r 2(&-oz.)OR 1((1Sooz., ) 1 cup thinly shoed zucchini ill speci ill
", can maIO sauce 1 (ICKa.)pkg.egg noodles. G eS 8. .
%cup canned beef broth cooked and drained 0 od t--dt

Tnm fat!from beef;pound with meat mallet to V*inch thickness fay llc.4. hr_. I"'.
Sprinkle with garlic sad Cut into B pieces Top with salami and .
mozzarella.Roll up and secure with toothpicks,Brown in cooking Bolocjna . . . alt 69V e
Oil m finch( skillet:dram fat.Combine remaining ingredients I
1 except zucchini and egg noodles:mix wen Pour over meat rolls DclkUvt Stic.4 lad
Cover:simmer 1V4 hours,Add zucchini,Cover;Simmer 30 minutes. Pickle.& Pimento '/I".' 69 eIorgan.AnangemeatrolbandzuafnWOnbeddeggnoodles.

( Thicken sMIet juices and serve with meat rolls.Makes 4 to 6 11.wx/rl. sllad

1 sennngs,, Cooked Ham . . I If 99

i t ..lisle.. KlKk.nrr.thMacaroni. .
PubIIxThPlocefor8eeJ i Salad . ;k 59

$ Alw.y$A tmmHy L..rIM
4 n SWIFT'S PREMIUM PROTEN GOVT. Bar-B-Qucd Fryers ;X 99

wlkl..rra.h. ..M.+'.
Cuban Sandwich. tar 79
'IfoT&HEat i I I r I rm ....."... .

Swlft'i{ Pr.mlm r>rTn ft..f !.!. Cherry Pie . . Hclt... 99.*
Sirloin Steak . . ?. !
t Swiff Premium PrTm (r.ll-C' .t)'

Beef Round Steak . ?. *l4' ,
Sant'' .",
Key Ciub'steak. : . ,IIA:1:' .
IwIW.haw.w{ flat I

Chuck Blade Roast . .*. 89 '
....... .. :
SwW.Irawl.w _. IL. f},,;....
Imperial Oven Roast. ,Ike $129 flWntJWI.. v VPPr.

":I .. fwlff f>r*",{ln>f rT.. ...... .... ln,IUk. Cvl..... raff*Culm CkMM" wttk Itot.*......
( J'' Chuck Shoulder toast ,, $13' .o.t.reyJ.ck .. ::: 85*
i wlff fr.ini.iii{ Prater ... .. Leh al WI__r.rN.rlN111kcd. .
f I | PU ,-...Skis Milk CIWM" Pr4.t .
t Short Ribs. . . . .lb.79* Slim Line ': 99
With. Mydnhd V.........' ...!*, Swiff Pr.mUm WIU...I.Ch..N..r"
Ground Beef with H.V.P. ..h.69* Mrt-f Sliced rack Ckl Mwenster*. . X":: 69

\ Cottage Cheese. ':7.T 53
"Selected Baby Bee f" Inflation Fighter ..........Ctak t.tt : .r', ,
A Greet M.. Ir.." M.I UU Corn Oil Margarine J::'rw'' '
Wclltwwtk.... r
Sirloin Steak . ..It. r3 81I1ltlckl.. '!T89'
L... May...,I.II'-C.t hlk!_..YNN111I
Round Steak .. .I..?. $I"T Half & Half Cream. .,1:. 79'
B'J I .ify .... t.r.r{ ..IIII..u. .rt,.,,1..
Whipping Cream. .. V" 49 '
Rib Steak . . . ,I". $1"
>..".../.1 Lean M*.ty...{ tl.4* r. 00__ IL. (In. ).. .
Chuck Roast ,t..b. 89 r JWm. \JWt'vw"1 e.a
I Chuck Arm kids. L.,.HISwitzer
Pot Roast nl"Try Licorice. V::*,' 63Crr "
M Ik* Kraft Cwi4y NINA.e. MMle/n
This. O.licl..i led!brad Marshmallows a. .' IO;+41'' S DfJMJ1, ,, PepT.
Tip Roast. . ,. $1's ,....t.s ..., ""Tv""
4 ,..t f.r..r-.Cb ', ...! PU. Peanut Butter Logs 'X' 57 Salad.Tract,I.."Prater
Short Ribs .. ,.69. rack'I R.fr.ikldf '. Turbot Fillets . . ... ;:;' 99
Mint CoolersinKk . . V:.. 57''H .
fI..rt..1 ....1... .. Salead Treat Tasly'rea.
I M nkm l wy
1 Beef for Stew. . .. lb.,. 99 Circus Peanuts .. ';\T;: ,67 Kingfish Steak . . ?, : 'I"

>* rmiN NOI rRditN
n Ni i i
WholeFryers Mints

*. oka.



Thursday February 6 If 75 F0g.
lnd.p.nd.nt Florida Alligator 25
F .-0' -



..r,..r M.llaa/ atlv.t I ,H...'.

Tomato Sauce' . . ',:: 20c A tender flaky crust filled with plump Filled with zesty. lemon and sprinkled
,.r.. .-..... ...11.. DUkt, H...'. tangy cherries!'D e"ICIOUSlOch with toasted coconut. 12-oz.; Uemon-Coconut
Tomato Paste . . ..; 27
Kraft Mlrwl.Whip. Cherry Pies Coffee C a k eSal.1I

Dressing . ";::.. sl" .
W.k. Up,..r ..1...with ..... .... eachRegularly 98 each 89

Green Goddess Dressing SZ5f' : I .
....... i
c. rampart $1.08,your choice of plain, Italian Festival Timel Your choice of plain. ;
Toddler. Diapers . ','??. $>" cinnamon or powdered sugar style sesame or poppy seed 1-lb. loaf
IrMt Y.vr F.Mllr t* Imatk.r't '
.. Cake Donuts Italian Bread
Blackberry . ;', 73C, -
,...-'......,...,..*-/Ia. Chef. I..ar-D..
.. doz. for 89 < loaf 49*
Chili with Beans !;;; 55C
us rNcv
far,..,Italian DI.....
ROHCO Vermicelli . V1-:;; 39C
,...,.'.Alwayt t.... far J.IUOI a........' "...... A light fluffy 1 10-inch round cake with DeliciousApples

Jell-O Puddings :;i.'. 25C AN1ISRJI delicious fresh orange icingOrange

..... .......,. A ......'.: *Fraik Chiffon Cake

Dow Handi Wrap Icell'. 43' ___ .o
,. ...,CIaa-U.t w..... '''.r.'. N. Water -- each $ | 49 ,

Wet Ones Towelettes ',,;,V. $115

Tatty Instant ft Notrltlaat taliUn Cereal 1V:i 53 !:I I.r

.Icll i ,Haarty,. .r'*C".lceDeeatfei.ated

Coffee ::::. $2"

Publlx reserves the right SBNVE WITH D&Wtt, fWnce Loite
to limit quantities sold CHKKSE SAUCE
Tatty Swaat CalHarala

n..d- FreshBroccoli Red Grapes . . ':' 39c
FiwitOia fww Fowl
vqa.. U.S.N..1 YallawCooking

.IT*... ......k....0..11Wf'1I..*Nip/ l ra* bunch Onions . 3 .:: 29c
Breakfast Brink ";? 43 Add OH,Yl....'...Oarllt..fII...

Wi'..................'. ... 49 Tasty Tomatoes. . :. 33c
Spaghetti . .. .{..L'. I"I ,,....c....,Haad't Para/1 rld.
...,..... ._ ....art
VUa jMM't T.t*>' ',1. Juice 29cHa"urger
Pizza UL 'I"y Orange . . tartan

........A c....*.,.*.i...Hi A*_'..... '..".r Dalltlaat f rathZucchini .
Banquet inner .?: 29tll Squash . . T 39C
> Fraaara Lik..,......1,Dallcat. Dlffaraaca
M rru .... ?
Shoestring Potatoes t X;. 97 Fresh / gpini. . . T59C
IInI.Kir........ ttrl. I"'L Q 117 V ....ke Dallclaa. .,.,.1.'If.laat'.,......
Italian Vegetables .1.{ 65' < < i Fresh -;:" 33C
guy Eggplant . .
,..., u...Na. 1 0,....
Rose Pears . . . -.c.: 6C
",....Hl.t r.r riaar"

1 PrIc..lffectfve Fresh Garlic . . S:?: I9CCrlia

........ Crlia,.....,P,..It

.....5th th", Pole ..a.s- . . . r3feAM
WH.......,.....121h. "._Ta ,.....With.

U, O.wd$ ..,. Fresh Mushrooms .,. ':;.". $1* 't.1

TW. (ami' mm toe

O..4 Nat ar c..... N..,.. ,.... GRANOLA "trr"$6C'
Instant Tea . . I.r
..........kla. ; 'I-II. Pl .ItHHIMO
0...Oraat with ...cllt ......",Naalwa u.... VI.... *? |
Ritz Crackers . . .k.. 7ge ..11.- 'S1"S = ( ....,WW.frt.It,+.rq
,.. ... 1/1..
Grahams l.ha. 9ge aLa>t '111
t.ra_ ,/I...
...W.r>kh'. Chips .. CM'* Mffl lie rs
Pecan Bandies. ... . :.; 9ge .

... ...,... --
Nina Li MavartCatFood .. PET NON-FAT.
\to. I 9 e 1 11.10 iI1JS
D. .lava ...
( Irl NatrlltoatGainesburger wnr.k -
3' 37
with Egg ,. $I Sit. _tin
AMA Is....w1w1...1L'Ir"
N.trltia.t.Icaaamkal ,.lb. *myj
Gaines Dog Meal . "...

far,.., N.....k..4 c....,..........." ,,.?. st
Klean & Shine . . .1.. $1

W & BtDIifiJ Nb shopping where Publix

HIIIr .(....y . ... ".."L..' Is 0
............. ...
....r srHIpO. .... ..? .9' pleosure I
... CENTER-W. University Ave.at 34th St.
" .d..y .. SHOPPING
A. ..... ...... ". 85' WESTGATE
......... THIS AO 6000 MAU-2630 N.W.'13th Streetlos

.v..c..... ......M .. .. :: 85' LocATAT THESE oNLrl GAINESVILLE SHOPPING, CENTER-1014 N.Main Street nnorkets

......c. ......... .. .... MILLHOPPER SHOPPING CENTER-411J N.Wt 6th Blvd
.... *.....yN .. .:.. tl'


it C

. ''
> 0> ,r7 '/ Ii' \. .

The Independent '

0 ;, ,
.j' : SPORTSphoto
o -
Florida 0"
Thundoy,hbrvary6. 1975, Pag* 26

So Sharpe-" U F' 5 young

sprinter making goodBy

be easy. Not to mention the ugly rumors that had been cir-

Alligator Sports Writer culating.

Leaning back on his bed, the pride of Bermuda smiled and "People told me there were a lot of race problems here,"
shook his head from side to side. Sharpe recalled. "But when 1 came here 1 found things a lot
"Man, it's a miracle how things have happened so fast. I different. There was no discrimination. I thought it was
, didn't even think I would make it through the first quarter. of irrelevant anyway because there were blacks here already."
.. VIII. school.. Sharpe worked hard preparing for the indoor'season, but
Most of the people who have run up against Mike Sharpethis not hard enough. Carnes decided to leave Sharpe home while
{ season wish he would have flunked out. the team went to Washington for the Catholic Youth
THE 18.YEAR-OLD freshman is one of the Gator track Organization Invitational.
)l team's hottest properties.Already,he's broken the school's 60 "That was the first time I've ever made a track team and
I. yard dash record and sprinting isn't even his specialty. been left home,"Sharpe said "and I didn't like it."
{ E Et "My first love is the triple jump," Sharpe said. "I've only The following week at the Senior Bowl meet in Alabama, a
been taking sprinting seriously for seven months" determined Sharpe pulled a major upset, winning the 50 yard
But when Sharpe undertakes something, he allows nothingto dash.
stand in his way. THEN AGAINST Tennessee, Sharpe tied the UF 60 yard
r' Like two years ago when he heard that the Bermuda team dash record and won the triple jump with a leap of 51' 5'/i"' ,
would travel: to Trinidad for a track meet. The Millrose Games was the season's next challenge. All
"I had graduated high school at 16 and I was just working the top track people showed up for this one. Guys like Steve
for a year. Then 1 heard the team was going to Trinidad so'l I Williams and Dr. Delano Merriweather.And .
( started running track," said Sharpe. "I 1 had played around. in here was young Mike Sharpe, relatively unknown
high school but I didn't take track seriously until 1973." outside of Bermuda on the same track with some of the
IN TRINIDAD, Sharpe triple jumped 48' 3" and qualified world's best sprinters.
for the Central American and Carribean Games in Venezueal.
In a trial heat Sharpe flew down the straightaway in six
Unfortunately,he never made the trip because of a leg injury.It .
seconds,breaking the record he had tied the week before.
little later, at the Carifka Games in Jamaica that
was a '
"When the finals came around, I was never so scared in
1 Gator coach Jimmy Carnes got his first look at a potential "
my life, said Sharpe. "I 1 mean like wow, it was an experience
I, superstar.A ."
, year later, Carnes 'offered Sharpe one of only seven.
scholarships available. IIESLEY CRAWFORD won the race with Sharpe a close
by andy newman "I didn't have to see other schools, this was it," Sharpeaid. second, at least he thought so,and Williams third.
1r $ .
one of track team's hottest properties (See 'Sharpe'page 28))
school for two years, he knew the academic end of it wouldn't

I v&'A'" &' ,:,

0' "t;

' t()w, presentsGATORBACK .-

-;1 '
it\ PARK'S

." ,
, .
\' ,
'\ "
;\ >
'. 'C'-

8c9* >"1

4 exciting motocross action ,exhibitions

s Q .- 11 factory teams family fun
4 "

; o oa c. f live broadcast : ticket giveaways

1 t

c Listen to G-1230' for a chance to win aFREEKAWASAK.MINIBIKE

; 0


. '
MAKERS NEEDEDJOE'S .The'lndpilidnf Florf4{ Anfg for,'11t rtd Joy,'feVruary*, IfTS.;Pog.27
I. _

UF men women must realize

DELI 372-9282

Graves has to look at purse.


'First I Look At The Purse'
:: J.I Cells Band
You might also attribute that line to Ray Graves. GREG FORRER ,
"FACTORY BLEMISH"BFG Graves the athletic director of the Florida Gators, must in

SILVERTOWN BELTED some form utter those words an increasing amount of times
these days.THE OPINIONcould

SIZES A78-13 THRU LARGE SIZES OUTLOOK is not terribly bright-ask Gerry Ford,
ALL WHITE WALLS the head of another association-the United States.
Ford said Tuesday we must realize "the economy is in a
foal your severe recession. Unemployment is too high and it will rise!
TOWN TIRE higher. donate FSU a Super-Dome.
tire Food prices will rise higher, energy costs will do the same. The 60,000 may be a bit extreme-so drop quite a bit lower
!' The cost of doing most anything is rising-much of it to a than that-to'bOO. If. disregarding football. UF could get 600
:: 1t COMPANYiIIId' prohibitive point. paying customers an outing for men's and women's swimming
Perhaps, with all sorts of cutbacks at UF, it will prohibit a track wrestling, baseball and tennis, the athletic
605 NW 8.AVE new coliseum from materializing. How about a new pool or association wouldn't need to worry about money.
lights on the baseball field? A new track? The fans wouldn't have to pay anything more than half a
And yes-how about another more necessary item-the buck. How about a quarter?
378-2333 athletes and the sports themselves. The cost of running the But the point is, they won't come if they have to pay. They
competitive teams that do not make money. don't hardly come when it's free.
AND IT'S EASY to find out which ones constitute that TOP CROWDS at wrestling hit the 2,000 mark.All the rest
group. Just take away football. are down from there. "
Everything else is a drain, although golf breaks about even. The lowest spectator attendance comes from the women's
PROFESSIONALMOTOCROSS It's no wonder Graves' assistant, Bill Carr, said a few weeks events. That is not a chauvinist or sneering remark.
ago that it was particularly a hardship that the women's It is reality.It ,
equality movement and recession had to hit a the same time. is reality that UF.may not see that coliseum for a long
He didn't doubt the women's sports movement, but did time. It is reality that the future may hold the, dropping of
wonder where the money would come from with them lesser men's sports.So .
clamoring for monetary treatment equal to their male it is unrealistic at this time for anyoneincludingwomen's
Factory Teams! counterparts. sports-to be 'crying for money.
IT JUST can't be so. Only football makes a profit. If there These days, Graves first must look at the purse.
were 60,000 people's worth of interest for every sport, then UF At times, it may prove empty-for both men and women.

30-0 grapplers on road |

By CHRIS GARRITY Louisiana State (LSU) in They've only lost one meet so who will miss tonight's actionare

Alligator Sports Writer Baton Rouge. far, and that was against former Southeastern
"There isn't that much Kentucky." Conference champions.Bob .
Although the Gator difference between the KENTUCKY HAD Roberts 118.: and co-
wrestling team will be withoutthe wrestlers who are out and the compiled a 19-3 duel meet captain Henry Jackson 190
services'of three starters, ones that will'wrestle in their record and was ranked 15th are both defending SEC
head coach Gary Schneiderfeels spots," he said. nationally before the Gators champions in their respective
their absence will not But, the first year head defeated them last Friday 24- weight classes, and Tim
affect the outcome of coach warned, "We'll have 18. Granowitz, the other Gator
tonight's match with our hands full with LS U Ironically, all three starters co-captain won the SEC title
: two years ago as a'freshman.
o s
knee in practice before

Santa FeJ.C. hosts ... <: last Kentucky week's and probably match won't with

be ready until next month's
.< SEC's in Gainesville.
Henry Jackson who mauledhis
See AAU cross country Kentucky opponent 12-2

might have been a little bit

Gatorbacks1 Famous Forty foot dropoff, rough with himself in that

Dead man's drop, double-up and unbelievable Olympic gold( medal winner kilometer cross country represent the U.S. at the match as he sprained his
terrain. at the international championshipson ankle.
Frank Shorter heads a list of championships Sunday
outstanding long distance Santa Fe Community College March IS, in Morocco. And Roberts, who became
HearThe will in course. "THE MEET is unique in dehydrated two weeks ago
that compete
runners National AAU 15 The top six finishers will American cross country from losing weight will be
thunder of 200 factory built moto- the because there will be barriers rested by Schneider.
cross bikes as they compete for big bucks. placed at every mile in addition Freshman Vic Hollowaywho
SEC STATS to natural barriers," wrestled 126 against
Leading .t"ulldtn said meet director and Kentucky will move down to
FeelThe O "t""' A g. Florida Track' Club (FTC) his normal 118 'slot to till

excitement of professional motocross DovgllS.A1., 11234- II.t president Barry Brown. Robert's spot.JUNIOR ,
racing in one of the best racing events in King. T nn.Mtlcntli It 200 I2.S, The FTC which is JOE RUSSE who
II t
the nation this year.Enjoy .G Aub.Dorsty. *. i U* w 16i 11.2 sponsoring the meet, will be tilled Granowitz's shoes in the
ACtwood M.n. II If7 \10.9Leaden well, represented.) Brown, who Kentucky 'match will do so
has the second best again,' and :either Tim
SeortriFO HT PTS hi., steeplechase; time 'in the Worsowltz,. :UF's 177

Clean restrooms, snack bars, excellent P.A., King. hnn... 17 181* 9S 78 4477.440 27..'S10k nation, will,join teammates pounder, :oi' ''freshman John
B.Y.O.O.K..,grassed parking and pits,' lirunltld Dorsty G,, Ttnn, .0 272 24,,7 Jack Bachelor.:Jeff Galloway, Orr 167, will wrestle in
limited Grisly Ky. 188 72 4)2 24,0 Jackson's place, while the rest
bleacher seating. \f'IIdy r 17} 71 4IS 2) 1 and Bruce Carpenter.
Jenkins MSt, 11 91 414 2)0 Both Bachelor and of the' Gator upperweightswill
Find outWhy jonnton ,AuOSntpntrd Wit, 1)7 131 t 77) 339 317 21.2 20,t ,Galloway competed in the be shifted to the needed
I.) 88 )74 20 8
Fever .. 153 U 34? 20,S 1972 Olympic Games. spots.
Dirt Bike magazine awarded Gator Doug''** About thirty runners are One starter did return this

back August National Course of the month.'GAINESVILLE ,. Fitld G0 G!l FOM, FttA Pit.Ainworn. expected to compete in the week though.
1 u 7> 0 Artie Haberman became
f"' u. race, including several from
King., \ TtnnItatrmtn. "Fa, 11401102|1. H HI.12 U'4. the West Coast: Like national eligible and will wrestle at
14 n.1
a 1 1 a fry. Mt.iI. i It I 15) :,' i>.) 20 kilometer champion Jim 126. >-
1- 00"\\ '"
Nuccio and 10,000 meter Freshman Mike Collins will
Free Tnrowt F FTM flU PCI. specialist Gary Tuttle. wrestle in his normal 134 slot

FLA.J 10.11'. FII 20 2) 47 4) Jt 44 '14 0',2It Starting time is 2 p.m. and and heavyweight Mark Totten
Caldwell. Aug.. 77 *0 ISM ,' admission is i one dollar for who pulled out the Kentucky
JOnnlon '.
FOrd V,ndKtHtr. .4 12 14 t adults and fitcents for match with a pin will wrestle
I 11.2 JO *4 Ju
Live 'from Gaforback WGGG Vnlintpntrd MIU ij n 14. students. his normal weight.SANDWICH .


.rv M


,Independent Florida Alligator Thursday February 6. 197. _
--- ---

'Sharpe' Breaking price: barriers .

y.' They awarded Sharpe a wrIStwatch that had second:
r place" inscribed on the back but the next day Sharpe read in
the newspaper that Williams had been ruled the runnerup"It '
hurt me real. bad," Sharpe said softly. "I felt I beat
Steve. Man,I found out quick that a name really means a lot. "
If you can make a name for yourself you can get somewhere
but there's a close decision,well..you're going to lose. continues
But Sharpe is beginning to earn'some recognition himself
and he finds the situation a bit uncomfortable."I Extended 'through Saturday, Feb.:, 8'
DON'T REALLY want all the recognition," admitted .
Sharpe, "When my picture was in the paper the other day, I Reg. ; :
didn't go outside the whole day. AUDIO: NOW Rep. NO'WTEAC
"Some guy came up to me and told me 1 was the quickestguy
in the school but I told him I didn't feel like it." 220 CASSETTE DECK 239.50 168 JVC VS 5313 229.95 145a.

In fact,Sharpe feels kind of guilty about his sudden successin '
After sprints.all he was signed as a triple jumper. AMPLIFIER 475.00 27O KENWOOD 77 SPRKS.,... 129.95. 82. ea.

"THE SPRINTERS are my friends and they work just as MARANTZ 3300 STEREO -
hard as I do,"said Sharpe. "If it came down to me and one of KLH MODEL 23 SPKRS. ,.. 159.95 /I. 60. PRE-AMP : 449,95 339
them I'd drop out." {
Sharpe'emphasized that the pressure to maintain a level of JENSEN 3 SPKRS. ,' :.. 99.00 63. ea. TElEX 2002 ,REEL TO REEL' ..' '799.95 465
excellence in both events is immense and at times unbearable."It's '. "J I ", .i-....
been brutal, sprinting and jumping," said Sharpe. JVC DIGITAL TUNER .. :' .; : 399.95 25O JVC 4VR ',5406 :QUAD "'299.95 205
"They both kill you. RECEIVER
"MAN, PEOPLE ought to come out and. see the vigorous
B\ things a man has to do to get his body in shape. Track is a '-PLUS.r.r/
man to man sport. If you don't train you won't look right. : ,<
kt. There's nobody there to pick up your slack* '\"ii'' "" "jt'..,
} Sharpe's heart pounds in anticipation when the Olympics ; 588MUSICAL
$63 3.I.L AM-.FM.IN"r TR.. ,
KRACO FM 8TR CAR DECK 119.95 DASH 8 159:95.
are mentioned because he'll be in Montreal in 76 :
representing Bermuda in the triple jump.. 'N? '" ':.
n Sharpe."God willing and with no injuries I'll be there," said INSTRUMENTS: :}; '

"You know there are guys in Bermuda who would give RHAPSODY STRING 1199. 650.,
anything to be in'my place. I guess I I.got a one in a million EARTH B-2000 BASS AMP 575.00 30"0 SYNTHESIZER : .
THAESIMOOG )?395. 00 680. AMP :" 825 375.

State baseball p ,,, ',' :, '
:. 795.00 1O5.
= A' 42O. 199.95

.. press. day ,here MAESTRO THEREMIN >. 147.95 33 ROLAND SYNTHESIZER 9<}9.ooo' '510.

Some of the nation's top of Miami. .. ''i AND MANY MORE ITEMS FROM' .
,;.., ,
collegiate baseball coaches, The day includes golf from ..' ,; '
all from schools in the state of 9 a.m. to noon. a luncheon ALL
Florida, will be featured at followed by a press con- .' .
the first annual State Baseball ference, then a dinner and a
Press Day in Gainesville Feb. basketball game that night
17. between Florida and Ten-
Included on the program nessee. BEST BUY :
will be college baseball's THERE WILL BE nine
Coach of the Year In 1974, college,head coaches in at-
ha I Ron Fraser of the University tendance. In addition to 1O% OFF ALL REMAINING ESS:
Fraser the list includes the
coach of the US team in the
Free P.E. Pan American Games, Hal DEMO. MODELS..ALSO

Smeltzly of Florida Southern,

courseoffered Woody former major Woodward league of players'FSU .: ALL S'HARPE. SUPEREX. AND RYSTL HEADPHONES, .

and Jack Lamabe of
+ Jacksonville University new STILL 50% OFF LIST
If b
South Florida coach Jack
r A non-credit physical Butterfield, Stetson's Jim 'Factory authorized
fitness class will be conducted Ward, Florida Tech's Doug
1 each Tuesday and Thursday Holmquist and a pair Some items may be Demos or one of a kind.WE .

this quarter at Florida field. veterans Boyd Cotfie of
V the class which starts at 4 I Rollins and Dave Fuller of
p.m., is open to all students.If Florida.
interested report to Florida "This is simply an effort to

Field at this time and wear promote the sport of college OPEN :', ; 19 NW 1 -it ; S :'
tennis !shoes and gym clothes. baseball within our state andto
For more information please establish'communication 10 AM TO 9:00: PM OUND' h ITlnt( I: 3782331Pag.2A
t call the sports publicity with the news media" said
4 department..3920641. Fuller.
_ I

.t 7 I

_ Vrn\ CLIM9I r 1 0,

- ,, U\ t ( 1 I

. r 4' \' %' I


: __.company with New Ideas for '75

= //r rTJVr=-- lines of internal frame packs <'=- Aquatic&Trail --

MeettheNewGERRY.Notane>v __ and tents available at Allen's 3448W. Univ. A ve:373.9233

company. Rather an established Aquatic & Trail, Inc. MON-FRI 1O.7 SAT9.7

The Independent Florida alligator
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Full Text
,I I

i Ii Honor Court delivers 12 more cheating verdicts

ri' By STUART EMMRICH disqualified himself from four of Tuesday's 10 scheduled for today, but Harris has refused to nesday's-hearings and what the reasons were
)::1 r Alligator Staff Writer cases and one of the two held Wednesday give the exact number of hearings, explainingthat for the different penalties.IN .
i Vice Chancellor Vicki Jay took Harris's placein information will only be given out after WEDNESDAY'S HEARINGS, two
the five hearings. the day's proceedings are over. students were given an E in Marketing 331.
Twelve UF students were given E's in Harris refused comment on which cases he IN A PREPARED STATEMENT' Harris One was also given nine penalty hours and the
Y business courses and assessed from three to took himslef out of or for what specific. said "due to the pressures the Honor Court is other was given three.
::1 nine penalty hours in Honor Court cheating reasons the actions was taken. operating under, it is no longer possible for The harshest penalty a student received
i proceedings Tuesday and Wednesday. HONOR COURT OFFICIALS have officers of the court to devote time talking to Tuesday was an E in Economics 301,and nine
All 12 students pleaded guilty to charges refused to comment on the individual members of the news media." penalty hours
involving cheating on College of Business hearings and said they will only be releasingthe "Any and all questions 'submitted to in One student was given E's in his
Administration( fall quarter final exams. pleas and penalties in each case. dividual officers of the court will not be Marketing 331 Economics 301 and Ac
PENALTY HOURS are extra hours the Harris said they will not release any other commented upon:' Harris said.
students must take before they can graduate. information concerning the proceedings. Harris also refused to discuss which HonorCourt
Honor Court Chancellor Robert Harris Another long round of hearings is justkes judged Tuesday's and Wed (See 'Cheating, page six, ,

,The Independent / -

Florida- AllIgator. : .6 :

Puohshed by Compos Communications Inc., Gainesville Florida Not officially I associated with the University of _Florida m :11' ,..1*"

r Budget transfer may be vetoed "" ,IBy

TOM SHRODERAlligator' Mautz said Williams agreed to meet with academic affairs, said last month E&G had Williams said he expects UF to have
Staff Writer him and Marston, before making a final been cut as much as it could without reducing' "alternative proposals" when he meets with
decision. salary expenditures. Marston. '
Florida Lt. Gov. Jim Williams may veto "DR. MARSTON HAS WORKED with UF HAS ALREADY FROZEN E&G
UF's plan to transfer money from UF's me on this problem. He has not gone over my operating capital, eliminated most air coolingin Hugh Cunningham, UF's public information -
medical and agricultural budgets to the head," Mautz said.. campus buildings restricted hours of officer, said administrators were
general education budget (E&G). Mautz said there was bound to be furnace operation 'and "cut to the bone" in "confident" they could convince Williams to
The money would be used to pay off a half- "tremendous pressure" brought on Williams operating expenses. allow them to go ahead with'the transfer plan.
million dollar deficit in the E&G budget.(: by various groups in the UF community to
Chancellor Robert Mautz said Williams "had didn't say the pressure would come from
other plans for any excess that appears Dr. Marston, nor did I intimate it," he said.,
anywhere in the university system." THE'STATE IS FACING a $230 million .r L,
Pres. Robert Marston said last week Mautz deficit in general revenue and is attempting to
had granted him, power to transfer ,savings pull in money from all state agencies.
from the J. llillis Miller Health Center Florida is constitutionally prohibited from -
and the Institute for Food and Agricultural(: deficit spending.Last :
Sciences to aid the troubled E&G budget. week Marston pledged no layoff of .
Wednesday Marston said Mautz and his personnel would be necessary due to his I I1qR
staff had only agreed to take the proposal ability to transfer funds ,from UF's two
under further consideration.A relatively healthy budgets.DR. ei
quoted Mautz ,as saying he had president for health affairs, said he was not'' 0rj
vetoed Marston's plan. convinced WAS and the health center could
Mautz said he "categorically -denied" the solve UF's problems. .
UPI report. Dr. Robert Bryan, UF vice president? for


, ,Honor Court turns, over

e r d di

investigation of SGP -

By TERRI WOOD Fieldbinder said auditors had "found some
Alligator Staff Writer weaknesses in the system" and a "lack of
safeguards in ,some areas" of SGP.
s t;' A: recent. Honor Court investigation(: of Fieldbinder said SGP accounts appeared to
Student, Government Productions (SGP) has be "deficient in,property records, saying the _
been turned over to the UF administrationwhen audit had turned up equipment purchased
investigators found "things(: not in our several years ago that was not listed on i __
jurisdiction" according to Paul Marmish property records.FIELDBINDER.
r. Honor Courrattorney"'general. EMPHASIZED "no *
Marmish said investigators(: examing SGP conclusions: can be made until the audit is
records found material which raised "some completed, in about two weeks. j
questions" with the bookeeping.(: Sherman said he and SG Business Manager
STUDENT GOVERNMENT Miles Wilkin would answer any questions I 44F
PRODUCTIONS, in conjunction with SG's about SG accounts raised by the, audit
technical services organizes concerts and However, after a meeting Wednesday .with
performances on campus and furnishes light Tom Goodale. dean of the office for student
and sound 'systems.Marmish services under the division of student affairs.
has requested the annual audit of Wilkin and SGP chairman Steve Block,
student government: now in. progress, concentrate Sherman refused to comment further. about .'
: on- SGP accounts, according(: to the audit's scrutiny of, SGP or an ad-
Richard Schiftli, with the office of administrate iitnnistratKe i investigation.
'e, affairs. WHEN QUESTIONED ABOUT the
Marmish said he called a meeting with subject of the meeting: with Goodale and SGP photo by george kochaniec |lr.
Schiffli and SG Treasurer Greg(: Sherman to personnel. Sherman refused to comment.
request auditors look into SGP productions Wilkin also refused comment about theaud'it
because it was a problem area. or investigation./ He said he works with Dogged supportThis
MARMISH, SIIERMAN AND SCHIFFLI SGP accounts and there are "no.problems to,'
would not comment about specific problems. 'mv knowledge"
mutt has bones to pick with economic Atlanta this
Sherman said he had noticed "nothing no policy to week.
irregular", with SGP accounts. her "chief," President Gerald R. Ford For a doggone good story and photos,
Director of Internal Control William I See 'SGP. PW six who brought his efforts to pass a new see page seven.

,"I.J- 1 .
"" I "" "' '' "


Pog 2,Hi Independent Florida Alligator,Thursday,February 6, 1975 1 1

I H Congress stops stamp hike

,.., effective March.1 I, to 30 per cent of each participating family's
WASHINGTON (UPI) The Senate Wednesday gave than $60U million out of needy food stamp recipients. net income.IT .
final Congressional approval to a bill blocking PresidentFord's Moving swiftly to head off Ford's food stamp order before it adjusted FORBIDS any such increase through Dec. 31, meaning

attempt to raise food stamp prices at least until the end could take effect, the Senate passed the measure and sent 2 it the to families will continue to pay an average of 23 per cent of(
11 in
the White House hours after it was approved to
of the
year. income for their' stamp allotments. On the current sliding(
The vote was 76 to 8. Agriculture, Committee.ADMINISTRATIVE. SecretaryEarl scale, some families pay only 5 per. cent. and none pay more
THE SENATE vote indicated Congressional sentiment was sources said Agriculture
running strongly against attempts to economize by cutting Butz 'would likely advise Ford to sign the bill-thus than 30 per cent.

welfare services, and any presidential veto seemed sure to be giving up one of his first attempts to reduce federal ,spen An estimated 17 million Americans-8 per cent of the
overridden. The House approved the same bill Tuesday by a ding-but White House spokesmen declined to predict what population-now use the stamps to help offset the impact of

vote of 374 to 39. Ford would do. the recession.
Even such conservative senators as James B. Allen,.D-Ala., This was the first bill to clear the newly convened 94th resolution
'The Senate adopted a separate ordering Butz to
and Milton R. Young, R-N.D., supported the bill after it was Congress and it seemed to set the tone for confrontation his recommendations for legislation
June 30 to
disclosed that Alabama's Gov. George C. Wallace had ap- between the Congress and the White House on key economic present loopholes by and prevent.abuses in the Food ,Stamp
pealed for quick passage. Allen said Ford's attempt to save issues. tighten
money by slashing the stamp benefits would "gouge more The,bill blocks Ford's order increasing food stamp prices, Program.

thursday House passes blockage:


/cisuIe of Ford's oil import tariff

WASHINGTON (UPD-The) House voted Wednesday to told his Republican colleagues. "This is a very important
block for 90 days President Ford's $3 per barrel fee on im vote..for those of us on this side of the aisle to shape up."

ported oil. THERE IS every indication Ford considers this issue one of
Ford, anticipating eventual congressional passage of the the most important showdowns of his presidency.
delay in his price-raising fee, began a campaign to assure
enough votes to sustain a veto. Administration officials acknowledge that price increases
THE VOTE was 309 to 114, 27 votes more than needed to brought about by the fee hikes probably will add two per-

override a veto. centage points to the rate of inflation, now about 12 per cent.
The delay legislation now goes to the Senate where Finance 'The higher petroleum costs4 cents per gallon or morewill
.F Rw f Committee Chairman Russell Long. D-La., is opposed to it ripple through the economy. Democrats charge, raising
and where a filibuster against it is probable. Eventual prices of many products and services such as transportationas

passage is likely, however. well as price hikes at the gas pump.
Democratsexcept for some oil-state members- supportedthe But Ford feels that higher petroleum prices are necessary to
delay while most Republicans opposed it. House GOP force conservation and lessen U.S. dependence on importedoil.
Leader John Rhodes in. what appeared to be a veiled threat, .

Ford will run despite economyWASHINGTON I


(UPI)- The White House said Wed- Reagan. Political observers expect Vice President Nelson A.
nesday President Ford intends to seek election to a full tetm Rockefeller as well as former Atty. Gen. Elliot L. Richardson
next year even if his economic strategy fails to lift the countryout to be ready to campaign if Ford declines to run.
of recession. NESSEN ACKNOWLEDGED that "somehow it has .

Press Secretary Ron Nessen said Ford "does expect the )gotten around" that Ford might bow out of the .1976 race if
economy to be considerably better then than it is not(but) the the economy showed no major improvement. "That is not
President's decision to seek re-election. in 1976 is unrelated to true" he said.
the state of the "
economy. In his annual economic report to Congress Tuesday,the
FORD HIMSELF, when asked about the matter at a news well into
President predicted a continuation of the recession
conference in Atlanta on Tuesday said, "I think the
1975, with high inflation and unemployment. For
economic circumstances will be good enough to justify at least
seeking re-election." forecast only a small drop in joblessness-from 8.1 to 7.9 per
cent-and inflation of better than 7 per cent.
Nessen's comments Wednesday were seen as a public signal
photo by george kochoniec: jr. from Ford to any potential GOP challengers.Sen. Ford spent Monday and Tuesday in Atlanta trying to

PRESIDENT FORD'S VETO, Howard Baker, R-Tenn., is known to be considering a gather public support for his proposals to revive the economy
could be overridden in HouseI presidential bid, along with former Calif. Gov. Ronald and conserve energy.OFFSET .

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because .t. I. Independent Florida Alligator It a publication; of Campus Communication
t:* i incorporated, a private; non-profit" corporation. H it published live, time weekly
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'J. ',', t" .,

Poo 3. The Independent Florida Alligator.Thursday February 6. 1975 '

.UF : extra students to cost $500,000 I

I .

By TOM SHRODER UF did not receive state funds for the' 600 proximations): officer, said Mautz's policy concerning UF's
Alligator Staff Writer extra freshmen this year. However, no Fourteen and one-half regular faculty 600 extra students may not be the same as
potentially fund-producing students were positions funded for 244000. that of E.T. York SUS chancellor-designate.
UF's loss of 1975-1976 state funding due to squeezed out of UF by the non-funded fresh Fourteen and one-half graduate
a State University System (SUS) decision not assistantships funded for 117000. YORK, WHO WILL become chancellor
to fund 600 UF sophomores next year will men.UF administrators have pointed out the One and one-half student assistant July 1, was serving as interim UF presidentwhen
equal,approximately $500,000, according, to ,real cost of educating 600 extra students this positions funded for $5,760. this year's freshmen admissions were
accounting figures. year was in squeezing a few extra students Nine staff positions funded for $79,600. processed.
This figure is a refinement of an earlier into already extra classes. Operating expenses totalling $59,400. Harold Hanson UF executive vice

estimate of $700,000 based on the 1974-1975 NEXT YEAR, HOWEVER, Mautz said For three 1974.1975 quarters, 600 lower president, said he accepts all responsibility for:
division average students.tour-quarter funding for lower the equivalent of 600 full-time students will be division students would earn approximately the enrollment of 600 freshmen in excess of
enrollment limit.
SUS Chancellor Robert Mautz said subtracted from UF's lower division total
UF will
UF President Robert Q. Marston said if the
before funding is alloted. For all four quarters in 1975-1976 total
not receive state in 1975.1976 for the
effect of the extra students followed
Since UF is with earnings equal approximately $611,000. were ,
planning to comply a
of fulltime .
equivalent sophomores.MAUTZ'S general enrollment limit for 1975.1976, the THIS YEAR, HOWEVER, Mautz "the overall trade-otT for UF in a four year
RULING the result of UF
was "
a 600 students without funding will be occupying 'deducted 600 students from UF's earnings for period would have to be plus.
decision last spring to admit 600 freshmen in
only three out of four Marston said students in divisionearn
excess of a Board of Regents-imposed, 2,900 positions that cannot be filled by quarters. upper
: fund-producing students. Mautz said he was not prepared to give twice as much as those in lower division."If .
limit.Mautz specifics as to how the 600 students will be it costs us $500.000 this year, next year
said, "UF was simply in violation ofregents' Based on this year's university funding "
deducted next year. and the year after that we'll gain $1 million,
policy. We have to take steps to formula, 600 lower division students would
Next loss in
year's total earnings may"also Marston said.However .
insure other state universities will not be have generated the following .for three
be affected by a possible five per cent drop in Marston said predicting how
for UF's mistake.
penalized academic
quarters (figures are ap- state funding for each full-time student. In future allocations would be handled produces

the case of a five per cent devaluation, the "very fuzzy figures."
three quarter loss of funding for 600 studentswill "I 1 think the whole question of the extra
be about $480,000. students has been carried on too long,"
Aid Hugh Cunningham, UF public information Marston said.
program criticized __w_ ,_,.____..__

S3 $t
.{ V
y tA3 ;x; y AxY
By GARY BALANOFF banks are participating in the delivery of such ; lt f' yc
t Alligator Staff Writer loans, but Turner indicated there are some
'1 areas of the state in which no banks are
; UF Student Financl'al Aid Director Ira D. participating.THE .

Turner blasted the U.S. Health Education, GRANT UNDER THE Basic Opportunity
and Welfare Department's (HEW) proposed Grant program doesn't guaranteethe
changes in student aid programs Wednesday.HEW delivery of the balance. Thus, the student
Secretary Caspar Weinberger spokeat becomes responsible for finding the difference
the White House Seminar on domestic between the $700 and the estimated $2,900 it .

affairs Monday in Atlanta, and proposed "to takes to" pay for one year's expenses at UF, ...
eliminate the programs of direct student loans "It disavows the, responsibility of the 2
and supplement opportunity grants. in higher federal government" Turner said. "It shifts 't{
education. the money: fromthe, federal government to the
"INSTEAD OF FUNDING these parent and student." '"" <:'.ott '
programs, we are proposing full funding of The function of the federal government in ,l"t\\ .

the Basic Opportunity Grant program.. This the basic grant program is to insure the grant ". ... ,
,will make it possible to assist directly 200,000more money. "'!
needy students than last year," "IT ADDS UP TO VERY poor service to
Weinberger said. the student," Turner said.
"It would be traumatic in Florida if this "I call it deceit" he said, adding it was

were to occur," Turner said. public knowledge ;"these loans aren't :
"He's advocating taking out of one pocketand available through banks." '
putting it in another," Turner said, "It's strictly a service for them (banks)," ;::
referring to Weinberger's proposal. Turner said. He added banks don't like the -..,.

THERE ARE APPROXIMATELY 2,000 idea of tying up their money in longtermloans .....
students at UF who are now on the National tor 7 per cent interest'HE
Direct Loan program. About 600 are using SAID COLLEGES ARE moving
the Basic Opportunity Grant, which was only toward an elitist, position in higher education.For .
available to freshmen and sophomores this students wishing to attend college, but
year. Juniors will be eligible next year. with less than $8.000 in annual income, $ r'
According to Turner Congress has turned college is "almost out of reach now," he ,,,,,. a Rf
down proposals similar to this three times. added. .
Congress will again have the opportunity to Turner said a program which "proven f 4. b
either accept or reject Weinberger's proposalthis it's worth"-the loan programs, replaced
year. by a new program-additional grant money-
THE BASIC GRANT WAS originally of "questionable value" if it is passed. .,w w t N .i4.>t ts
budgeted at $1,400 a year per UF student, but Ken Palmer, senior program officer in the c
Congress didn't allocate a sufficient amountto student financial aid ,branch of HEW in
meet that figure. Turner said the average Atlanta, said "the advantage to that posture photos by John moron
UF grant recipient receives between $600 and (Weinberger's. proposal) is ,that the Basic
$700 per year.: Opportunity Grant is an outright grant. Just a peek
'There is no coordination between the program."
delivery of the grant (from the federal He said the student wouldn't have to repay Despite Knox at the door-Honor continues in closely kept secrecy. Even
government) and the delivery of the loan the loan to the college which he or she at Court Prosecutor; Scott Knox, that Isthe: court's sole window is :overed-
(from local banks)," he said. tends. '"That would. be to the benefit of the investigation ipto student cheating with The Alligator. '
Between 20 and 40 per cent of the state's student:". '

.t';i", New procedures may affect UF as 'state agency''' I

" 1' '''' By DEBBIE IBERT seven days before they occur and to make the policy. Barron said. it," continued.. "The only reasonable
. 1, Alligator Staff Writer agenda available for public inspection and The posting of agendas and the publicationof was to put everyone !in." way t
The enacted Administrate copying. rules before they go, into effect permits '
recently Any state agency that feels "unfairly ..
'. Procedure Act could affect every,operation at Submit to a legislative committee a copy 'anyone with objections to present his burdened" by the law may present their case ,.,'
UF if the university is defined as a state of each rule it proposes to adopt at least 21 arguments to the agency involved., for exemption before the legislature's administrative
agency. das before it would,take effect. The committee UF Attorney Thomas Biggs refused to procedures committee. They can
State Senate President Dempsey Barron, determines if the proposed rule or' comment Wednesday saying he was still in the also be exempted by a court or judicial
the bill's author, said the act was intended to policy' is within the authority, of that agency. process of studying the law. decision.

encompass.all state agencies. including state, According to Barron, the act prevents state UF PUBLIC INFORMATION OFFICER Whether or' not UF is defined as a state '
universities. agencies which are not elected bodies from Hugh Cunningham said, "I 1 don't think we'rean agency is'up to the courts, Cunningham said.

THE ACT WHICH WENT into effect Jan. establishing policies that have the effect of agency." We're an institution of higher "The truth about this law, as with any law,
I I. 1975., requires state agencies that make laws without securing legislative 'approval. learning. is we won't know what it means until the
rules which have the same-eftect as a law to: IT ALSO ALLOWS A QUICKER and When the act first.passed. Barron said courts start ruling on it,.' he added.

Make an agenda I for all scheduled cheaper method of public redress regardingwhat every agency wanted exemption. But in Barron's opinion, "the university
meetings, hearings and workshops at least might considered, ,an unfair rule or "EVERYBODY WANTED TO BE out of ought to comply.until it receives exemption." ,

. .

___:"", : --::_.;_'_: ,'. _, .. u. ..
.. ; .

Pag 4 Independent Florida Alligator Thursday February 6, 1975

I Commission judges, grievancesBy ,Mark Amitin

Coordinator of the -Universal

Movement Theatre Repertory will

DOUG HATCH BAILEY WAS A DRIVER with the county-owned Alachua be speaking
Alligator Staff Writer Ambulance Service until Jan. 3.
Bailey maintains he wasn't given any reason for being fired
Two UF students who were fired by Alachua County until a week later when he met with County Administrator Thurs., Feb. 6, 8:00: p.m.
government agencies in December and January have asked Howard Weston.
the Alachua County Commission to reinstate them. Weston said the reason Bailey was fired was that he made AuditoriumMr.
Deborah Knopman 4AS who was fired by the Alachua two unauthorized stops on Dec. 23. {
County Department of Corrections, and Keith Bailey 4JM THE STOPS WERE TO GO to dinner at a party being
who was tired by the Alachua Ambulance Service, have askedto held by emergency room personnel for the J. Hillis Miller Amitin will speak about his long
be reinstated because" they feel the reasons they were fired Health Center and at McDonalds, located on Northwest 13th involvement with the Living Theatreand
are "insufficient. Street.
THE COMMISSIONERS will investigate both cases individually Bailey said the !stop; at the McDonalds was to see why his interest in the political
and will act on the greivances at their next meeting another ambulance crew was eating at a restaurant, which nature of the arts.
Tuesday. was located outside of their own zone. .
Knopman was a corrections officer grade one at the The stop at the party, held in the Viscaya Apartments, was
Alachua County Adult Detention Facility before she was fired to eat dinner after the hospital's dining room and nearby Free and open to the public. Spon-
Dec. 31.Knopman. restaurants had closed. Bailey said. sored by the Public
was told the reason she was being fired was that BAILEY MAINTAINED he was officially fired because he
there were problems with the inmate trust fund, which she violated a rule which says if the hospital dining room is closed, Committee.
administered on her shift. employes are supposed to eat at a nearby restaurant.
TilE TRUST FUND consists of all money in the possessionof Bailey maintains that other people have violated this rule
persons booked into the detention facility, and is held for before. :.''t,
them in safekeeping. "None of these people have been reprimanded or tired," \s.HU?!; :!: '\
"I 1 was told there was some problem on Dec. 26, but they Bailey said. ; .
didn't tell me what the problem was until after I was fired," "IN FACT, several of them did it with ,management's .. .,. '
Knopman said.Knopman blessing." .'.1. .....
siad there was a problem with a lost receipt, Bailey presented the commission with a document signed by ," ':, ..
which she says "upset" the main corrections office. 10 ambulance service employes, which said service director
"A RE' > IPT GOT LOST and I got a call from the main Beazy Stephens said to i ignore the rule. :
office that the accountant was upset" Knopman said. Bailey maintains he was fired for some other reason.
"There was never any money. missing, but there were some He added that just before he was fired he had tried to ItiIMA fr's
extra pennies in the box." contact union representatives to find out about collective ?
Corrections Chief Floyd Alsbury refused to comment bargaining for public employes.
except to say he did not agree with Knopman's contentions. STEPHENS DISAGREED with Bailey's saying he was
"I 1 have made my report to the County commission," fired for two violations of the rules.
Alsbury said. "It is up to the county commission." "Mr. Bailey\ was fired for making two unauthorized stops
and for going to a party without first getting permission from
me," Stephens said.
READER'S REDRESSA The crew eating at McDonalds was doing so with per
mission because they returning from taking a patient to the
in Wednesday's Alligator reported Dr. William H. hospital and had missed their meal, Stephens said ''fr
Donnelly, president of the UF Health Center Faculty STEPHENS SAID HE never issued any statement saying
Association, said there were 65-75 chairpersons in the health employes could ignore the uules. \
(\ V X111\ A
center. "What I did say was there would be exceptions when you
It should have said, department chairpersons as well as would have to use your good sense," Stephens said. "Thereare
associate and assistant deans who are defined by the Board of circumstances when a driver will miss a meal and then
Regents as management employes would have been affectedby they should try to eat in a restaurant near their area."
a regents letter. Bailey is asking reinstatement and back pay for the time he
The Alligator regrets the error. missed. '

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," { :-

a .

Independent Florida Alligator,Thursday, February 6, 1975 Page 5

' Samson' volunteers/ lend hand to youth center ;I

By TERRI SALT Ricky Johnson, I 1UC, described his first for two years."ONE and you both grow."
': Alligator' Staff WriterNo visit to one of the cotta es. "When I first went STUDENT didn't want to go home. SAMSON has helped Lancaster. many
in, they wanted to know who I was. I had to There was no one to go home to. I just tried to ways. Crockett said. "The Christmas before
gates. No guards. No locks. J get< myself adjusted to the situation, and thenwe 'tell her that I was sure that something couldbe last, 39 stores in the Gainesville Mall gave
Only modern brick buildings scattered just started talking. worked out. She doesn't" have to go home ifshe'doesn't gilts to the kids, through SAMSON.."
across 340 acres of land 30 miles west of 'One guy( was from my home town so we want to, Ginger said. Some volunteers supervise trips to football
Gainesville on State Route 26. had a lot to talk about. They all wanted to Lancaster attempts to create a home atmosphere and basketball'ames..
''T'S' DARK by the time 30 SAMSON know when I was coming back," Johnson for the kids. There are house "WE ARE A connection to the outside
volunteers arrive, at Howell E. Lancaster said.ANOTHER parents in the cottages where meals are served world" Ginger said.
Youth Development Center. Lancaster as the freshman. Sheri Feldman' family style.Students serve the food and clean Some of the volunteers who have previously
center is commonly called is a juvenile said "I 1 talked with one guy who told me all up afterwards. come to the center discuss Lancaster student
detention home the only coed training centerin his problems." Lancaster does indeed become a home for reaction to SAMSON.
Florida. Many of the kids talk about family some students. One student was released from "Many don't vocally thank us. Some
Lancaster is the "end point in youth problems and the trouble they have at home. the center but came back for Christmas. He acknowledge ,us, some don't." said Ginger.
corrections for 152 people ranging, in age One girl worried about her father who is an had no where else to go. Daniella Rajsky, 4AS, said, "Sometimesthey
from 14 to 21," said Joann Demark, a social alcoholic. Another student received a call Lancaster Program Administrator FrankLa ignore you. Then they see what they can
worker at the center. from his family telling him they didn't want. Porta said, "It takes people to change pull over' your hhad"
"These kids have failed in everything else," him to come home. people." He explained that it means a lot to SHE EXPLAINED that the Lancaster
said Maurice Crockett Superintendent of Many new volunteers arrive at Lancaster the kids to know they are worthy of love and students test the volunteers to see how much
Lancaster. with apprehensions about the students. compassion.Jack .
they will believe. They may give false names
THEY ARE usually third and fourth time Perhaps the Lancaster students will resent Buckley,who is in charge of Lancaster and'create stories to see what response they
offenders and are the most serious juvenile them, even antagonize them."I activities said, "The staff can't spend long will get.,
THOUGHT the kids would challengeus. of time with individual students.
problems in Florida. Their crimes range from periods Daniella went on to describe one moment
truancy to murder and rape. At first, I'll admit it was a little awkward., SAMSON can. when her hours of volunteering seemed really
They are,referred to Lancaster from other Then we danced and played cards. They "The volunteers are on the same age level, a worthwhile. "One guy last year was really
youth centers. genuinely seemed glad to see us," said Sue little,older, and are not staff members. Theycan unfriendly. But I kept trying. Then last
Approximately SAMSON, volunteers are Morgenstern I UC. talk on a personal level about problemsthat spring, in his arts and crafts period he mademe
Jimette Robinson, 2UC, said "It was students would not bring to the staff" "
involved in the Lancaster project, with 30 a heart that said 'to my friend Daniella.:
volunteering on Tuesdays and 30 on Wednesdays totally different than I expected. The students Buckley added.Superintendent. A girl Ginger! befriended was released
SAMSON Director Joe Gordon said. seemed eager to share with us. The younger Crockett emphasized the during Christmas, vacation. When Ginger
UPON ARRIVAL, the volunteers hold a girls were very affectionate." importance of SAMSON. "When Lancaster went,back to the cottage this quarter a young
group meeting and then o'to one of 10 Although a few students i ignore the began four years ago we wanted young people girl walked up and said, "Sally left home and
cottages where the residents or "students" of volunteers many others love to talk. involved. SAMSON has been with us since we wanted me to tell you goodbye."
Lancaster live. Each cottage equipped with a "They ask what I do and where I go to opened" he said. Buckley explained why giving time and
pool table and TV., houses 16 students., school.They tell me about their families and SAMSON volunteers serve as, a positive understanding to the students is important."The .
Inside the cottages SAMSON volunteers boyfriends and girlfriends. They tell me how model for Lancaster youths. Crockett kids are reaching out for attention.
play pool, dance or just sit and rap with soon they'll leave Lancaster." said Ginger described how this affects a Lancaster About 90 per cent of the whole thing is at.
Lancaster students. Warman who has volunteered at Lancaster student. "He relates to you, and you to him tention and love."

/ i'e' <% Sicrfwq you Care

Th priceoflWels' .

sharply reduced 'betweenllm .Oo Short you Care, e your &eetie i dBook

and.SAM. gzWW
b : :.

6 ,

Inspirational o
& Home Economics
I t,
Poetry ?,
: # Games o

') Nq I e .firI I ;.: Music Health ,.

:/ Popular Reading o
Florida +
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L M c'
Juvenile 4 4.F.



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:: 3y .

''Come by .& pick out something special forCampus

your' &n ine. '

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Florida for no more than 20C a minute, Its perfect for .

IIng-distance lovers who hapJXn tjhe a little short

un money, -" .lob2iIeC% .
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: .

l 4;, lndptndnt Florida Alligator Thursday, February f, 1975 .

'" : Corner Drugstore- aids crises .1.1B

t : "

Kathy Kopperu I 1UC, became interested in working at the
r heard other students discussing the
r-- Alligator Staff Writer CDS when she program
"My major is sociology, and I feel working at the CDS willgive
heart is me invaluable experience," she ,said.
"I t feel my veins collapsing; screamed Paul. "My
KOPPEN BELIEVES the most useful part of the progr'amwas
beating too fast. Slow it down-oh God slow it down.
.r Nancy was at a-party*\\'hen she slowly" began' to bacK-aw ay' the disaster training session help one Saturday.
from Steve. 'Suddenly she fell on the floor and began "There were live different stations set up at the CDS. As
'shouting "Get away! Get away, you devil! Leave me alone let we went to each station we were instructed on the right methodto
me be!" use for each category, she said.
x I THESE ARE TWO INCIDENTS. Corner Drug Store (CDS) "We were given three different situations. Each time a new
volunteers are trained to handle. situation was given, different people in the group were pickedas
Rape and suicide crises first aid peer counseling! and bystanders and had to tell what should be done at the scene

knowing how to test for veneral disease, pregnancy! and blood- of the 'accident.
related infections such as mononucleosis and hepatitis are "AT TilE VITAL SIGNS station we learned to take a pulse
also included in the training program. to check respiration and the correct treatment for shock" she

.. CDS accepts applicants from students interested in said."At
P NXS'f becoming volunteers the first week of every quarter. the last station we learned how to transport people that
JOHN CREECH, Director of CDS. said "The applicantsmust have been injured. Nancy told us the victim could sue us if we
first go through a screening and interview before their caused them further injury my moving them," Koppen said.
application. can be approved." The volunteers are asked to work at least one three-hour
During the second and third week of the quarter the shift per week.
P volunteers must attend training sessions Monday through ACCORDING TO CREECH, "The role the volunteers playis
s4f -t Friday from 7 to 9:30 p.m. There is also a. special disaster a very important! one. They keep the CDS operating and
training session Saturday from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. are our link with the community.'*
Every night a new topic i is discussed and the volunteers arc Besides 31 hours of training, there are weekly "team"
quizzed on the information they have covered. meetings and periodic review sessions "to keep the volunteer
NANCY KELLEY, training coordinator for CDS. said., "I up-to-date and their skills fresh" Creech said.
JOHN CREECH only care that you know the information. It doesn't matter "I 1 really respect out volunteers. They are willing to give! a
ti Corner Drug Store director how long it takes the important thing i is that you know it." portion of their time to serve: other people" he said.

I::: Women men in Broward Hall/ like new co-ed livingBy I

JAY ROTH "Co-eding has brought a sense of community to the dorms.
Alligator Staff Writer The students are developing very healthy male female
relationships," Shortridge said.

The University of Florida is gingerly stepping into the STUDENTS LIVING on the co-ed floors agreed!! with
realm of co-ed dorm life. Shortridge's evaluation.Max .
Fall quarter was the first time male and female students Hayford, a sophomore spending his second year in the
lived on the same floor in the dormitories. dorms said "the hall is much quieter. I think co-ed floors
THREE FLOORS of Broward were converted fromwomen's tend to bring out the maturity in both sexes."
floors to co-educational living areas. Kathy Miller sophomore said "I like having 40 brothers.At .
Men live at one end of the floor and women at the other. first the guys tried to get,us to cook etc.-to be their wives.
The two sections are divided by a study lounge-kitchen area., Few members of the floor are dating now."
Visitation rules still apply to the actual living sections. "THE FLOOR has become like a family.'We, have'our high M
Women are issued keys to the door from the lounge to their points and low points we share just about everything. We are 1 ,
living area. protective against outsiders" Kathy added.
DIRECTOR OF RESIDENCE LIFE on East Campus. Hall Advisor Jan Friedman is in charge of the co-ed sections R
Jack Mata. said "with the exception of Broward it is a farceto of Broward.
call any living area on campus co-ed. Broward comes She said "It is about time. Florida is actually about ten
closest to the definition of co-ed because common facilities years behind the times in attitudes. UF is moving slowly from
are in regular use by both sexes." the days of girls on the east side of campus and !guys on the
"This is the closest we can get to true co-ed living with the west side.
facilities we have." he added. "CONTRARY to opponents' beliefs there has been no
Residence Life Coordinator for Broward-Rawlings, Karen increase in visitation violations. There has been less
Shortridge.. said she planned to propose all of Broward destructive behavior. Co-eding provides an outlet for male
Rawlings be made co-ed for the next school year. Rawlings is energies by socializing with females. It is a more natural
presently an all-male dormitory. setting," she said. photo by *rlc estrin
ACCORDING TO Mata. "I don't foresee any problem in Steve Rafferty resident assistant for fourth floor Broward
co-eding all of Broward-Rawlings. We are also going to said that he has fewer violations and had not had'to discipline Co-ed Co-eding can be fun-
propose to have .alternating male-female floors in Mallory. anyone on his floor for a serious violation."I as evidenced by thisliving
"What we need on campus are options. I feel these are the don't find it any more difficult to discipline the women. I candid encounter in a
key to making campus an appealing place to live. We need to do possibly have a tendency to be bluffed more easily by a Broward lounge get-
have a place for everyone: Mata said. woman" Rafterty said. together.

Cheating(Front page one) I last for three Friday.quarters. The decision.was made Veterinary college gets new profDr. I

counting 203 and six penalty hours. Two ALL HONOR COURT penalties are
Martin, D.
Young professor of director of research of the Memorial
others were given E's in Marketing 331 and recommendations which must be acted upon Gorgas
parasitology joined the faculty of the Institute of Tropical and Preventive MedicineInc.
Accounting 301 and six penalty hours. by the Office of Student Services. college of Veterinary Medicine.. .
Three students were given E's in Marketing Operations to the Honor Court continue to
331 and three penalty hours and another was be held in a tight cloak of security. Young will also teach classes in the Young has served as consultant to various
)given three penalty hours and an E in his Both the defense and prosecution staffs Department' of Immunology and Medical organizations, in the U.S. and abroad, on
Finance 427 class. have moved to separate offices on the third Microbiology and the Department of malaria control measures and oter public
The biggest penalty given by the Honor Hoof the the J. Wayne Reitz Union. Medicine of the College of Medicine.AN health-related parasitic diseases. He is the
Court so far has been a suspension from UF THE MAIN HONOR COURT office is past president of the American Society of
INTERNATIONALLY Parasitologists ((1965)) and the American
closed to the press and public and its windows
authority on malaria Young Society of Tropical Medicine. and Hygiene
are covered with to keep
SGPFrom newspapers has recently retired after 10 years as directorof ((1952)).

page one) people Most from of the looking security inside.measures are designedto the Gorgas Mamorial Laboratory in He also served in various capacities in the S

Marmish said the Honor Court is no longer keep the press from learning the names of Panama. He simultaneously retired as U.S. Public Health Service from 1937 to 1964. S

involved in an investigation of SGP. but students involved in the alleged mass cheating
refused to specify which administrative offices last quarter instituted because of a Board of Child cancer specialist visits UF I
are involved. Regents ruling on the confidentiality of
Vice President for Student Affairs Arthur student records. Dr Frederick
N.Silverman. Internationally of
Department of In the UF College J
involved in Honor Court Au\'. Gen Paul Marmish said .Radiology .
Sandeen said his office was not an << known specialist on the treatment of Medicine.
inv (' one of the reasons he moved his office was for childhood cancers and other: diseases'will be a He'will deliver four' lectures on pediVricproblems
Vice President for Administrative Affairs internal control."I .
visiting professor! at UF during February.
each 12:30
one Wednesday at :
William Elmore said his office was involved 1 know how many keys (to the Honor '
in room 112 of the Medical Science Building.
.with the audit, but knew nothing of an investigation Court) are out, and, I was worried that Silverman. who is also professor of Silverman's here is I
visiting professorship
turned over to the administration someone could get into my files Marmish radiology and pediatrics .at the University of sponsored by the College Medicine and the
by the Honor Court. explained. Cincinnati.: will serve as consultant in the Department of Radiology.Poe. .

I'' .M- .
...,, ,,
Independent Florida Alligator,Thurcday, February*, I 197 Page 7
_, .": .* "
: .,. _" ... .r'"' '"
"" ". .
: ? ; .'

zee }

h., .

? of the OIC.-
i official State
and rain
"Let the

lobby and

'.,".;';: l'Iii'i'tl' :'!; ; present immediately Gillday per'
'' '''M''I.'i/' : to leave the
; ;
'" "
; : ;. : asked that

/ 'M.'C.[ and J

released on

Southern house secretary.Florida dealt of

Ford to take
be done

million in
Nixon ad
to this

said at his
I 'highway

whether morning.began we

the. nation

\ .that. his

_.,. ,,, ',,,,,,,,,,, ( ) a bleak note,
'" ; : < '' "Mr.
which trains poor persons for skilled labor jobs. ended humorously. One reporter asked the question
He said, "It is refreshing to know that now at least someoneis President, you say you have to pay rent now on ,the White I
1 in the White House. that seems. to care. .It is long over House. What happens ,if you cannot pay your bills? Do they
due." throw you out?"
He then asked Ford to "do all you can to help the poor." The President answered. "I think they will take it out of our
Sullivan's speech came in front of about 500 persons at appropriations bill."

__ __ ..d ... .., _.._ ...." -. --.-...- ..

l f '. ',;j '!

A \
t j f fj I Ia 1 ji : _-'

ill tWk A a __

I -' '
; -

I --__-I_ T2_ ; __ __ :'_ a zI _n 4._i 1 cn

Preside' Gerald R.Ford takes to swers questions at press conference; ,
the stump to win popular support for at right, a small!! group of demon- .
his besieged economic program in strators is ovenvhelmed by a mob oj '" ,
Atlanta. III photo above. Ford an" reporters. _
photos by George Kochamec Jr. ,



flog ft th..Independent. .....d.Alligator,Thursday,February" | 1975 -""""""" '&, ............... lfn..,
',, .,.:-, ''-
: ;; .fr.
:\ ; //J 4t
Streetwise ,, ;.. ,y'; ;::= : )

1f'" ..0t'f.\ ; r1'1' -:::
;' WL
;s 4Jwr\y
They are the fallen petals of the flower : i IS

generation.Or .: .
call them a lost generation, or the street '\"' :: ..y, ,. -> 1.' J" _
people. 1/,1.\A 1-;.'. fj""<\ ,. '
13th Street and \
They are the panhandlers lining

the University Avenue, ,and the sun worshippers

lying in the Plaza all afternoon.And ; a

putting aside moral judgments of lifestyles, ,II

they represent something of a problem in

Gainesville.Local merchants have called on policeto ,[

remedy the situation by walking special beats,

but since Florida laws on vagrancy and loiteringhave
been ruled unconstitutional there is little '

police can do except keep panhandling to a

minimum.The .

Corner Drug Store, which keeps tabs on the

street scene and counsels transients, puts the

number of homeless at no fewer than 150 a night.

When someone comes asking for a place to stay,

Drug Store personnel have nowhere to send them '
'TMi -PI<1M1NG.vWhat
except back to the streets.

Of course, Gainesville has a Salvation Army > *

mission with beds for 18 persons, but its rules

allow only a one night stay every 90 days. about the honor systemOne I

tR Then there's Sister Hazel's Rescue Mission, a -

somewhat that the Salvation
mysterious operation
has to wonder at times why the phenomenon of indignation prevent the surreptitous distribution of stolen exams. Hov
Army people claim is only out to make a buck. in its ubiquitous rath sullies the earnest as well as could any cheating-control contrivance prevent such complicities
Sister Hazel asks for either a welfare check or the shamed. When illicit activities, such as the recent ?
proof of income before she will put someone up. cheatjng scandal, are exposed, it seems that judgements are IT SEEMS AS if the system which is needed must b<
The brightest spot for transients is Pleasant invariably made concerning the integrity of all members comprehensive in design and intent. This system shout
affiliated with the institution involved, in this case the include safeguards related to all aspects of exam takin
House on NW 3rd Street. Offering free beds to
business school.
those in need, Pleasant House was started with the
APART FROM being unfair and rather fallacious for all
aid of 20 local churches about a year and a half concerned, generalizations of this type may indicate that the FRANK YUTZIINGEll

ago. Unfortunately, the 12 beds are usually filled.A accusers are in need of someone to bear their projections of
while back, Pleasant House directors con long standing grade paranoia or guilt. This scapegoat of sorts
vinced the city commission to help with the $350 can then be attributed with an entire range of offenses, including GUEST COLUMNIST
such blatant stereotypical aphorisms as: "commonfor
month operating costs. Commissioners agreedto
per those who justify the end by whatever means ."
the $240 monthly salary of a live-in
pay When one reviews the facts which have evolved out of the
counselor for a trial period and are now con- numerous confessions and inquiries already conducted, one notably; J 1)) test taking locations. 2)) exam storage 3

sidering continuing the aid on a regular basis. will find that the entire incident was not part of a grand meticulously enforced and extensive proctor supervision 4
As we see it, $240 a month is a pretty good conspiracy perpetrated by some clandestine student business proper faculty exam handling and 'distributions.
investment. organization. The actual.culprit in this affair was a burglarwho It has become evident that many examination procedure
managed to enter a room where the exams were being currently existing lack suitable supervision and safeguard!
Since its opening, Pleasant House has provided because
of faculty reliance on the honor system which simp))
shelter for nearly 300()( persons, not all of whom kept.THIS doesn't work every time,given the appropriate circumstancesin
OFFENDER, possibly a student himself, knew a few .
were just passing through: Some have been entire any college.If
other students who would be willing to pay the desired pricefor
in the various of university
colleagues other schools our
families whose homes fire.
were destroyed by these However in the end
exams. so copies were
many wish to ascribe all cheating incidents to the business colleg(
Others have to be relatives in local and the few who had
come near reproduced subsequently generated by without much few
so as admitting that there are a wayward
" hospitals and could not afford a motel. actually purchased the exams that students who had ab- eye .wanderings admidst among their lot, that is thei
continue for solutely no knowledge or idea of their authenticity or origin, inviolate
Besides agreeing to funding privilege. However. any refusal to admit that the
Pleasant House, city commissioners should were being classmates.supplied with the exams by their already par. sanctity of their honor system is beyond reproach, will enable

consider expanding facilities.An ticipating many to recognize the self-rightousness or if you will, the
Most of these uninformed students received the copies the neurotic projections of such lofty claims.
arrangement down in Tampa sets a good day or perhaps'only hours before the final exam and were WHAT WE, as a university community need is i a
example of what can be done with a little bit of undoubtedly only relying on them to.the extent that if the unrelenting and co-operatively ambitious pursuit of a

work. There, the YMCA, along with help from the exams weren't just well contrived forgeries, they wouldn't be rigorously designed system which will allow the earnest
city commission and the United Way, in 1973 far behind those who had already secured a copy. Needless to student to demonstrate his or her ability without being left
established the Tampa Youth Hostel. The hostel, say. to the amazement of many, the copies which they had with the suspicion that others have had an unfair advantage
received corresponded identically to the final .
given. thereby adversely effecting the grade curve.
converted from an old church, can sleep
What happened to the honor In
system? Though this may What is not needed are accusatory generalities resulting
60 people and charges a small fee for anyone seem to be a rather facetious question! this greatly abused needless intimidation which achieves little save devisivenes
staying longer than three nights. That way they device for controlling illicit cheating practices' could not and mutual contempt.

solve the problem of habitual hangers-on who. / -,

stick around and sponge as long as they can. .

The Corner Drugstore is now looking into the The. Independent David Smith Terri)Wood

possibility of a grant from the federal governmentto Edibr-in.chi.f. Managing Editor

aid in providing shelter and counseling for Florida Alligator

transients. The money would come from a $50 ..
million program, the Juvenile Justice and Oil QmtcaH;
David/Klein Conna Brian Jon.
Delinquency Protection Act signed by President B2 News Editor layout Editor Layout Editor
Ford last To receive the the _
September. money R.A."Tony"K.n zior..... .. ,...... .,.. ...... .... ...'., .,.. ..,.u.Generol
Corner Drugstore would have to receive matching James V.Cook .. i.....,,.,. ..,. ... ., ,...' ,..,... .A nn.rol Manager Published by
support from local government funds. Corner Mrs. Evelyn Best ... ...t..,.."....,...". ., ..., .. .... .>... Administrative ManagerAnneMolphurs
Drugstore workers believe they can find suitable .. ... .. ........ .,,.."" '" ,.. ., .".. j. ..... Aulstonf Cam pun Communication*, Ino.
C.Roy Shipp ". ., . ,.. ,, :,.... .,..." I.. ...,. .:'.:'., ...Business'" Bookkeeper
space for the program at minimal cost. Tom MacNamaro ,..:, .i. ,. !.. ." ... ..,... ... .. ManagerRayMcGeeJr. P.O. Box 13266 University
But. except for the pittance to Pleasant House . :',. ..:'V-'.-. .:.,.;.V.'V.. ...."-. .. ....". .'.", .W-YAunlBnt Station Gainesville Florida with
city commissioners have taken a hands-off attitude Donna Lubrano . .. .. .. .... .. ., .. ,.. ..,.. .Advertising Advertising Coordinator Mnflr offices behind the College Inn,
hey Harper .. ... .. 1728 West Avenue.
,., University
' ... . ,
when it comes to providing for transients. Let'sjust Lynda Hamler. . ... ..;;,;;;:;;;;...to ,. .. ..... .Advertising Special! Sections! Coordinator Business Office phone: 376-4446.
hope they will see the light when the Corner Diana Snyd.r . .. ....,to ... .. . , . .Editorial Production Production Manager Editorial Department: 376-4458,
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.' .1// : -
II I Brancaccio feedbackEDITOR I ,.," t" ...

Lou Brancaccio's! article Therefore. Mr. .,; ,.:n .oI.> ", ,,'! \\1 : .

,Tuesday February 4, page 15)) on the !should have been found Brancaccio's on the editorial article : :;' ;,;) ;' ;;, 2:" .-.: :: 'nF i. iTWASBOUNP
coverage of women's sports was a perfect page and nowhere else. < ::1 ?0 TURN UP AGAIN .
of :
example misplaced
arrogance. I
assume that responsiblity for layout of
If I that the < '
sports page/ is the sports page rests ith the sports editor,
responsible for the objective reporting/ of Mr. Greg Forrer If this be true, then I
sports events,' then Mr. Brancaccio's question Mr. Forref's capabilities to fulfill
article certainly failed in its objectivity. The Alligator's obligation to the reader
However, If the article was meant to be which, according to Mr. Brancaccio. is
an editorial, then I see no justification tor The Alligator's sole obligation..
placing it on the sports page. The "white space" which reporters so
Granted, Mr. Brancaccio is entitled to fervently cherish and which was abused by
his opinion, but such a derogatory ex Mr. Brancaccio's article could have been
pression of his blatant distaste for the better put to' use. Say, the coverage of
coverage of women's is ', .
sports not even an women's sports. ., "
example of the "new journalism" which Heather Ellen Stoun ; .
permits news analysis on the basis of facts. .TIM ': : 'r :.

I I Sex offender I hl) ,(

EDITOR First of all, the article on statement should have been your first in
"Women in Uproar. ." should be your article.
covered on an opinion or editorial page. It And thirdly, to make an analogy to On CheatingHarris
should be written under the title "Sex men's sports, "have been around more
Offender Attempts Sports Coverage"" in years say 2,000". because blacks were
which 1 would? have skipped over it entirely enslaved. .(say a few hundred years). .,
saving my positive energy. they should be denied coverage on certain criticism unfair
Secondly this article, affects those issues where anglos have been around
women not even in sports. The writer longer? Or would they be flapping thick
clearly blurts-out his view of women in lips (rubbing You the wrong way) for EDITOR This is in response to The willing to accept student checks.He .
general let alone women in sports. Is it nothing, stating their right to equality? Alligator's attempt to cast doubt on the has set up an Honor Court Investigating
possible to comment on the subject of In my opinion your article degrades the impartiality of Honor Court Chancellor Committee which has been investigating every
sports coverage without mentioning whole Alligator and staff. What a short Robert Harris through the editorial sector of Student Government to insure thatno
women's breasts? The girl was merely way you've come baby. Blah! "Brotherhood" (Feb. 4)). abuse of power is taking place.
stating the fact that they were not coveredin I have rarely been as offended by a personal Indeed the Honor Court, even before the
a sports competition-and you attack the Lisa Kennedy attack leveled in The Alligator's editorial cheating scandal, was so busy that additional
genitals. ? I have a feeling that your last 3MSC pages as I was by the unjust criticism of help was needed to assist in administering the
Harris.If bad check policy.In .
The Alligator's editor will take a momentto recent weeks Harris and other law
I. I. Sneer piece I review the records of previous Honor Court students have worked as late as 5 in the
chancellors, I'm sure he will find that Harris morning in an attempt to discover the truth
f EDITOR I'm not much of a letter- "breasts". 1 guess it's because the is by far the most hard working, judicious about the cheating situations. as quickly as
& writer, but the sneering piece on coverage Alligator occasionally comes so close to chancellor the student body has ever had. possible.
t of women's sports in Tuesday's 'Gator left being an exciting, informative Harris is certainly the most "activist" These are just a few of the areas in which
too bad a taste in my mouth for me to courageous, investigative, newspaper, thatI chancellor the student body has seen in many Robert Harris is working to insure all
remain silent. I get a little sick at seeing good space years. Like most of his predecessors, Harris students receive fair treatment.I .
Mr. Brancaccio's point about the wasted on Mr. Brancaccio's brand of ego- could have been content with presiding over I highly resent The Alligator's unwarranted
obligations of newspapers doesn't interestme tripping.Oh an almost non-functioning Honor Court while attack on a dedicated, and above all, honest
enough to argue, however, I'll gladly yes, as an aside to Lou, kind of concentrating on his law studies. chancellor who is trying so hard to serve the
add my name to a list of readers interested person-to-person you know. ,. It's sad But that's not the kind.of person Robert student body.
in more coverage of women in sports. that you apparently have to put other Harris is.Harris. 1 also resent the implication that a memberof
Rather, 1 object to the sophomoric sarcasm people down to be able to feel like a man, is the one who shook the Honor TEP fraternity would receive preferential
that permeates the article and the brother, 'cause it just'makes you look likea Court out of its lethargy and got the "wheelsof treatment from Harris. I have complete faithin
gratuitous: cruelty of his remarks about scared little boy. Don Arbree justice" turning for the benefit of the Harris' ability to impartially judge any case
"women's libbers", "bras", and 7ED student body again. he hears, and I'm certain the student. body
He' has established a policy for handlingbad shares that confidence.
checks for students that has made the Sue Cline
I I Personal biasEDITOR I Gainesville business community much more 4JM

: Lately, with many of the the personal bias of the reporters are. They I
women's teams doing so well in intercollegiate ., obviously think that women's sports don't Seeking sensationalism
competition. I have )gotten: count, because if men aren't interested, -
into the habit of actually venturing into the then nobody is. But. women read. too. And EDITOR
: Your desire for a fair trial is Post started a policy of "sophisticated
wasteland of the final of the they'll read sports when the articles are
pages only exceeded by your excessive drive for muckraking". Reckless reporting led to
Alligator: just to see what the girls were up there. "sensationalism", You must be unfamiliar numerous suits against the Post which
to. I always wondered how one male Mr. Brancaccio must have wanted to unconcerned with
1 the stigma that would resulted in its demise. I unfortunately feel
athlete could get a whole spread while find out how many female readers he really attach to those individuals involved in this that your remarks both expressed and implied
numerous women's meets were jammedinto has. How else can you explain !someone unfortunate! cheating scandal if their names as to TEP as an organization was very
a single article no pictures no equating) objections against sex were to be printed. improper and inept.It .
I' personalities. discrimination with itchy breasts? Many of those involved have suffered should be noted that the SDX presidentat i
After reading Lou Brancaccio's articlein extremely from what they now realize was Florida, Barry Friedman, is an old TEP,
Tuesday's paper I figured out why. It's Adrienne. Young very, very wrong. Need you inflict more? Fair and as reported by you, he is pushing for an .;
not that the reader interest isn't there: but 4ASas trials are one thing, and muckraking is opening of the presently closed proceedings. i/
another. Rest assured that if Robert Harris What say you now?
has a conflict of interest, he will vacate his
EDITOR'S NOTE Lou Brancaccio's :a whole, but was solely the opinion of
column, appearing in Tuesdays Alligator the writer In the past all such sports seat.Over Larry R. Gordon
a decade ago the Saturday Evening 3 LW & (an old TEP)
titled, "Women in uproar but coverage is columns have been presented in such a
adequate" was not intended to reflect the format. In the future all will be 'clearly
editorial position of The Independent labeled as columns.

Florida Alligator or the sports department Open trial may helpEDITOR I

\ '1
: The fear that honor court officials of a bad grade, the professor and 1 took the
The Independent may not have an all consuming l lust for case to the honor court where a court official 1"
Correction! : In Tuesday's justice in cases involving their fraternity managed to "lose" the evidence.,You guessed
Florida Alligator editorial entitled "Injustice," brothers is a very realistic one. it. that official was a frat brother to the three
The Alligator Incorrectly Several years ago. when I was the teaching students in question.
Doug Dial Ron Cunningham estimated the number of assistant in an American history course I What should be done about ,this unsavory
i< Entf rtainmtnt Editor Auociat Editor students on Alachua County discovered three exam: papers that were potential problem? Being older and more.
I.... food stamp rolls to be 15.000. remarkably similar in phrasing and content. cynical I no longer expect much from an
George Kochoniec Jr. The correct number should With a little poking around I found out honor court composed of fledgling Florida
Photo Editor have: been J 1.500. Alligator! that the three students were fraternity layers, but open hearings and trials might
Associate Editor Ron brothers and that they had been sitting help. ,
Greg Forr.r C nn.lngha.l1regr t$, ,the together on the day of the. xam. George Heaps-Nelson
Spots Editor e ; Mst. t.. t"'r'. 'ItJi. r.. .. ,, t