<%BANNER%> e 1f

the Art auction to raise

alligator money for UF galleries..3 I

Shane Matthews named

,? ( SEC Player of the


I FBI removes investigators from Sessions caseAlligator ;1

Staff Report Tiffany Sessions disappeared-22 months but despite the help of celebrities, corpora- not contacted her. I
ago from her southwest Gaines- tions and politicians, he still "Don't ask me," she said from Valrico,just
Citing a lack of leads, FBI officials said ville condominium. No evidence doesn't know any more than he outside Tampa. "You know, my telephone ,
Thursday they have pulled their investigators was found in the case. did the day the search began. number has been the same since Tiffy dis- !
off the disappearance of former UF Her father, Patrick "As I said the day she left, appeared. t!
finance junior Tiffany Sessions. said he still has hope until I find proof that "I can't seem to get the point across that '
But Special Agent James Cagnassola, the ter, who was 20 when .: something's'happened to her, I'm the mother." )
head of the FBI's Jacksonville headquarters, ished, will be found."I ; "..'.-t I'm going to continue lookingfor Cagnassola said Hilary Sessions has not .
also said Thursday media reports that the would be forced .S .. her, with or without the been called because there hasn't been a
file has been closed are wrong. the odds are as good as massive'J FBI's help," he said. need to."There.
The FBI office at Jacksonville still main- she left, and we're Tiffany's mother, Hilary Ses- was nothing to notify her about,"
tains the Tiffany Sessions investigation in a her well," he said from sions, said she's still confused Cagnassola said. "It's a pending investigation. -
pending status, and all leads that are re- ness engagement in about why she has heard con- ."
ceived are immediately, aggressively pursued Sessions began a flicting reports about the inves- United Press International contributed to
," Cagnassola said.SARS search for his daughter in February 1989, tigation from the media, while the FBI has this

leader report.Seniors

stands by s ( low jNt graduatenext

partnershipwith weekBy


Alligator Writer

The holiday season should put ev-
eryone in a festive mood for UF's Fall
Alligator Writer ; } Commencement Dec. 22 at the

The director of the Sexual Assault Recovery ., ., 'I .I O'Connell Center, UF spokeswoman
Service Wednesday asked forassurancesthat .. ',, .. -w; : \ "" Linda Gray said.
the UF Women's Health Care Task 44 t1l c* UF officials predict that l,641of the
Force wasn't conducting a hearing to judge .:f.2; ,. ,,' expected 3,126 graduating seniors
her personality. : :' ;!N'; will participate in the 10 a.m. cere-
'w :',
But Task Force Chairwoman Eloise Harmon ; .....il .
'. mony.
.. "
answered she was only trying to gather ...... .-.";"\" ,C..A........t, .' 'f;..f. Awards will be presented for out- 1
diverse opinions on women's health care. ,:;::: .. ..J standing female and male leaders, "I
Then, in a hoarse voice, SARS'directorClaire ;i'', 1 .; outstanding four-year and two-year I
; :
Walsh asked any prejudiced memberof / ;. f :, .4. "c scholars and honorable mentions. \
the task force to leave before she read a "t ..... .
t' if. ., < : William Hamilton Harris,presidentof
.... ,
statement the SARS "
defending partnership ; f "! 11'11' -.. .. ... Texas Southern University and a I
III..J : .. l
and Campus Organized ";414. .. ( \; ,'
Against Rape. ; + : '
'' J' "' ,....... ..f.. \ ..;; 1 ... renowned historian, will be the commencement t
; .
Nobody moved. .. .. '
i 'i; .. ; 't.,1'' .. '
Walsh, founder jot the nationally recog- ....iif .10. .. "" ,. :. .'J!t. ..:',. .';......' """ I
nized SARS and COAR programs, ap- ',eJ.\ -I... .i.,' .1i';: ". .1.;,...,..' ..) :. k .."' ... Harris has been a history teacherat I
proached the task force meeting with .. .1: .. .:;. ,' ', Indiana University. i t
",' ;' ..,'.- '. .., :. 4v-"
f At the Leonard Williams !- ,
extreme caution,reading only from her state- ceremony
ment and declining to answer questions. J.s. SULLIVAN-ALLIGATOR a civic leader, lawyer and UF f
Walsh was the latest women's care expertto Let the sun shineJeff supporter, will receive the Distin- :

speak before the task force, formed by Morganstine ("Brother Sunshine") hands out fliers on the Plaza. guished Alumnus Award.Williams re- ;
administrators in October to investigate ceived his law degree from UF in i

charges of UF's insensitivity toward 1951. ,
women's health care. Graduating seniors Timothy Cerio 1
Walsh supporters said her caution before Lombardi delays decision on and Harvey Oyer III will receive the t
the task force stemmed from suspicions thatit Outstanding Male Leader Awards,
was conducting a trial of her personality and Joy Taylor will be named Out-
instead of investigating the true issues. standing Female Leader. Rozila
But Harmon said members had asked future of lobbying programs Meghani and Jeff Bushofsky will re-
tough questions of every person who has ceive the Outstanding Four-Year
appeared before them,including UF Infirmary DEBBIE Sorensen in August to study the school's lob- Scholar Award and Dana Dykes will
director Boyd Kellett. By Alligator Staff CENZIPER Writer bying efforts to keep pace with the changing be named Outstanding Two Year
The task force Is only trying to obtain a Legislature, which doesn't always cater to UF's Scholar
well-rounded perspective of women's health Wrestling with the massive state-imposed every request.

care, she said. budget cuts has kept UF President John Sorensen recommended in a letter last week clarification
At the meeting, Walsh blasted UPs com- Lombardi busy this week, too hassled he said that UF's lobbying be divided between federal,
mitment to the programs, stressing the need Thursday to make a final decision on remodel- state and local interests. This separation would UF President John Lombardi! said I
for SARS and COAR to work together. ing the school's lobbying programs. improve communication, he said. Gov.-elect Lawton Chiles did not say I
"The separation of SARS and COAR will lombardi! said he's waiting to talk to state Tuesday whether Florida public uni-
weaken each service, as evidenced by the representatives and his vice presidents about Along with his pending decision, which versities would be able. to use trust
last several months,"Walsh said. possible changes before he makes any major lombardi!said will come next week,he also will fund and equipment money to lessen
moves. budget cuts. The Alligator implied otherwise
see SARS, page 5 see Budget, page 4 '
Lombard! asked UF Provost Andrew on this page Wednesday.

W P T _

_ .1


. HAPPENINGVolunteer I

Season's Greetingsfrom
: The State Attorney's tion oncology department of the UF Call 376-1757.
Office Victim Witness Services is medical school will present a free Computer users: The Alachua
looking for volunteers to help victimsof seminar on the history of radiotherapy County Computer Users Group will
crimes in Alachua County. Call at noon in Shands Radiation Con- have an open house Dec. 27 at 7:30:
Minerva, 374-3627. ference Room A54. Open to the p.m. in the Doyle Conner Audito- Arbfz
Help: The Alachua County Crisis public. Call Donna, 395-0316. rium. Call T.R, 3921801.
Center is looking for volunteers to Food and toy drive: Beta Eta Protest: Military resister Tom
work as Crisis Line counselors in Sigma is having a canned food and Cullerton will speak on the Persian
January. Call 372-3659. toy drive from 8:30: to 4 through next Gulf situation Saturday night at 8 at
Book signing: Jo Ann Lordahl will Tuesday in Tigcrt Hall Room 352. the Acrosstown Repertory Theater, Closed on New Year'i Day
be signing her book, The End of Call Ramone, 334-7879. 619 S. Main SL, in the Baird Center. -

Motherhood today from 1 to 3 at Trim It: The Greater Gainesville Call 378-5655. STUDENT HEALTH CARE CENTER
Books, 114 NW 13th St. Call 374- Jaycees are selling Christmas trees Leapln', screechln' lizards: The
4241. to benefit the Boys and Girls clubs of Screaming Iguanas of Love will play Holiday ScheduleSun
Clothes drive:The UF Counseling Alachua County from 10 to 10 tonight at 10 in the Orange & Brew.
Center Clothes Drive is this week, through Dec. 20 at 2020 NW 13th St. Tickets are $2 for students, $3 for Sun Mon Tues Wed Thur Fri Sat

8:30: to 4 each day,in Little Hall Room Prices start at $14. Call Cad, 323- others. Call Ellen, 3921655. 21 22
311. Call 3921575. 3143. What's Happening is free public- DECEMBER 12pm4pm-
Parents for Peace: Parents for Shabbat services: The B'nai service space for upcoming events. CLOSED
Peace, a group working for a negoti- B'nth Hillel Foundation will hold The announcements are printed on a
23 124 26 V 128 29
ated settlement of the current Iraqi- Shabbat services and dinner tonightat space-available basis, in random order 125

Kuwaiti crisis, will meet Monday 7. Make dinner reservations by and, when necessary, are edited or CLOSED 8:00: am 4:30: pm CLOSED
night at 7:30: at the Florida School of noon. Call 372-2900. cut. Forms are available in The Alligator -
Massage, 5408 SW 13th St Call Gil, TRAC attack:The Transfer Activities /lobby, 1105 W. University Ave., 30 31
392.9378, or 462-3087 after 6. Council will have a happy hour and information cannot be acceptedover Sam-
Radiation oncology: The radia- tonight at 7 in the Orange & Brew. the phone. CLOSED 12pm

.. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. ..
jy9nrTv-nrfr\ >it frvfrii M frM frM ? \ M frnrfrx g .
Sun Mon Tues Wed Thur Fri Sat

Season's 1 2 3 14 5
| Greetings I JANUARY -
jj CLoseD 8.00 am 4:30: pm 4pm

Jq. .. .. e 7 8 g 110 11

TOYOTAMYERS SPECIALIZING IN ':4pm Regular Hours 8 am 8 pm

SERVICE CENTERWE CANTONESE STYLES urgent care a Physician and a Mental Health
SPECIALIZE ONLY IN TOYOTAS 7 Counselor will be on-call 24 hours a day at 392-1161.
376-6752 ff Dinner Specials

Banquet Rooms

CHINESE Take out service

RESTAURANT "One of the best Chinese W CENTRAL I ClllIT

11901 restaurants In town" Presents

3830 SW 13th St. Across from Legends 336-6464/336-8037

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I Senate approves funds for course guldel

By JON GLASS but we decided to print the bookon higher price. ing Tuesday to see if the course David Porter. "It's nice knowing
Alligator Writer thinner paper and leave the "The senate is being extremely guide was going to pass. (Last week, we're going to be state-of-the-art."
color off the cover," Shuster said. extravagant for something that's Browne made a plea of support for The Geology Club received
Student senators spent more But the senate's final approval of not even complete," Wallack said. the course guide in an effort to $200 for registration fees so 10 i
than$13,000 on holiday gifts Tues- the project is what satisfied Shus- "The students would probably appreciate fulfill his campaign promise. members may attend a confer I
day night for the student body and ter. spending $3,000 less instead 'The senators saw the right way, ence.

the fencing and geology clubs. "Seventeen people worked on of printing it like The Great and their constituents are being After Tuesday's spending, the
After debating the quality of a the course guide this semester, Gatsby or a novel." served well," Browne said. senate will be left with about
new course description guide, the and I'm glad the student body will But Shuster justified the expense The senate also decided to give $15,000 to fill special requests
senate voted to print the booklets reap the benefits of their work," calling it an investment. the Fencing Club $5,550 for six through July, said Budget Chair
during the first couple weeks of Shuster said. "This is the first course guide in new saber outfits and a scoring man Chris Tompkins. Special re-

next semester. Sen. Dave Wallack proposed an four years, so we want to build a apparatus. The club's original request quest money is used for I
The 96-page guide originally was amendment that would reduce the quality foundation," Shuster said. was for $5,161, but an additional emergency expenses that aren't I
priced at $8,800, but course guide course guide's cost to $5,900 by "Stapling the book wouldn't be fea strap was needed to make included in organizations' original I
director Richard Shuster sliced stapling the booklet rather than sible." the unit complete. budgets. :
$800 off the cost. binding it. Wallack was disap- Student Body President Michael "We're now able to compete in
"It was a compromise of sorts, pointed the senate opted for a Browne arrived later in the meet saber," said Fencing Club sponsor see Money page 4


..1 Y alll. 1I4 iM ul 0Y

.i '
s '
,, s I;
x .
'1>11' 4, '. t' '.' "",'.,rIt(; -'/, 1 1A4 ""
.' _',, ii!
WV + >> .
\"w '




We didn't start the fire

Infirmary nurse Marjorie Hillis puts out a controlled gasoline fire after a Wednesday I

seminar on fire extinguisher use as Tom Eadie supervises.

< ,,.,'" '., .
\ "I Mandatory water restrictions I

retained due to local droughtBy

HARVEY WARD Thursday and Sunday. Odd-num neys for prosecution.The .
JERRY UELSMANN bered addresses are assigned the district issued
an advisoryfor
I I The auction will Include paintings, photographs and ceram- I Alligator WriterLowerthannormal same hours on Monday, Wednes- well owners Monday to warn
ics by UF professors. rainfall levels day and Saturday. them about the danger of their
have caused the St.Johns River Those caught watering or wash wells drying up during the winter
Art to sell Water Management District to con ing on the wrong day are served a and spring months, he said.
Society tinue mandatory water restrictionsin "consent order." Residential offenders
Alachua County and the 18 other are fined $50, and businesses Carolyn Mobley of the
Florida counties it serves, a district are fined $100 for first Suwannee River Water Manage-
spokesman said. offenses, McSweeney said. ment District, which covers muchof

paintings photosBy Public Awareness CoordinatorPat The SL Johns River Water Man northwestern Florida, including
McSweeney said the state has agement District, which encompasses parts of Alachua County west of
DREW CLINE works to be auctioned range been in a drought situation for almost Gainesville and most of Gainesville, said her organizationis
Alligator Writer from $15 to more than $2,000. three years. Because rainfall northeast Florida south to Vero not planning any general restric-
The Ham Museum, which levels for the year are more than Beach, depends primarily on tions.
UF is auctioning paintings, opened in September, is one of 20 inches below normal, the office neighbors to turn in violators, a
sculptures, ceramics, photos .. the main reasons for the auction does not plan to lift restrictions system that has worked well so far. "We are definitely experiencinga
and prints to raise money for several members of The water shortage, but we are lucky
soon.McSweeney "Our staff is far too small to enough to not encompass any met
campus art galleries. University Art Society said. said restrictionshave
police the whole area, so we basically said.
ropolitan areas, Mobley
The University Art Society is "We want to bring new life to raised community awareness
wait until we get a complaintfrom "Lake City is our biggest city, so
sponsoring the auction Saturday the art gallery," said UniversityArt successfully and saved water.
a neighbor, and then we send we don't have the demands other
in the University Gallery at Society Secretary Nancy "The current restrictions are "
out a team to inspect the neighbor- districts do.
Southwest 13th Street and Brand! "Ham took all the fund aimed at a 15-percent decrease in "
hood, McSweeney
Fourth Avenue. Proceeds will ing that the Gallery Guild had water consumption," McSweeneysaid. McSweeney said residents can
go to UF's University Gallery, raised." "That's a good starting point McSweeney said his staff served take many voluntary actions to
Focus Gallery and Grinter Gal The goal of the Guild was to for us." 393 consent orders between mid- help conserve water,including taking
lery. raise money for the galleries, The rules restrict residents and May and Thanksgiving.So shorter showers and keeping a
"The money will go to exhibitions -' Valdes said.When the Ham was businesses from watering lawns or far, water management dis- pressure nozzle on hoses when
," Director of University completed, the Guild disbanded washing cars during most daytime trict officials have handled all violators washing cars."People .
Galleries Karen Valdes said. and there was no hours and on certain days of the in the South Florida districts,
"We want to'show the best of longer a fund-raising group for week. Homes or businesses with where the drought is more severe, can waste more than 150
contemporary art and that takes the galleries. even-numbered addresses are allowed McSweeney said. If violators do gallons of water while washing
money." to use water outside-between not pay their fines or repeat the their cars, if they don't have a nozzle
Estimated prices for the see Art page 8 4 and 8 a.m. and again offense too many times, cases can of some kind on the hose they
between 4 and 8 p.m. on Tuesday, be turned over to local state attor- use," McSweeney said.



$2 off ToBy's Comer fz off 1. TOYOTA III

ELSEWHEREMan Sunday Et"r7g.dBufftt
I tZ off 1M ngutafrtu of IJU1.
utst tmi rta.fff ran Ofatijorm.:
who refused call to duty arrested ,f IwI II 79".11eI. f:qww" 1tLMe 376.6752

SCOTT AIR FORCE BASE, Ill. (UPI) A U.S. would be assigned a lawyer as soon as possible and SAPP'S PAWN & GUN
Marine Reservist who said last month he would not that he probably would face court-martial at Camp Le Stun Guns Mace
join his unit when it left for the Persian Gulf was Jeune.
arrested early Thursday, officials said. Hayes,a psychology senior at SIU-Edwardsville and 1 e "Legal on Campus"
Lance Cpl. Eric Hayes, 24, of University City, Mo., president of the campus's Black Students Association, TM 111 NW 6th St 373-5655
a suburb of St. Louis, was arrested at 2 a.m.Thursdayat held a news conference at the university Nov. 30 to
his apartment on the campus of Southern Illinois announce he was refusing orders to report for active
University at Edwardsville, a university spokesman duty and would seek status as a conscientious objec tf'Cr' aifAsp

said.Hayes did not resist arrest on a deserter absentee tor."I refuse to be a pawn in America's power play for Pi
warrant by two military police officers and three U.S. oil profits in the Middle East,"Hayes said at the news fib
marshals, said Willie Greason, chief deputy for the conference. "I refuse orders to activate me into the
U.S. marshal's office in East St. Louis. regular Marines. I declare myself a conscientious
Hayes was taken to Scott Air Force Base, about 20 objector."
miles east of St. Louis, where he was held until a On the same day, some 200 members of his unit r. i.
Marine Corps aircraft picked him up, a base spokesman reported for active duty at its command headquartersat
said. Lambert-St. Louis International Airport. The 'ATTENTION
Marine officials were expected to take Hayes to Dragon Platoon is an anti-tank assault unit.
Camp Le Jeune, N.C., where his combat unit was The reservist had continued his studies at the ALLIGATOR
undergoing training. His unit, the Dragon Platoon of university since his announcement. Final examina-
the 3rd Battalion, 24th Marine Reserve Division, is tions for the fall quarter are being held this week.
being deployed this week to Saudi.Arabia as part of Hayes enlisted in the Marine Reserves in August
Operation Desert Shield. 1986 for six years of active service and two years of
A spokesman for the Marine Corps said Hayes inactive service. Alligator Will Not Be Publishing
*** From Monday, Dec 17 Through Friday, Jan. 4 ,a

As Always, We Appreciate Your Patronage And
. Ban on race-based scholarships stirs I
controversyWASHINGTON Will Resume Publishing Again On Monday,Jan. 7.

(UPI) The Education Depart necessarily the policy itself, but the failure to clear it w The DEADLINE for Monday,Jan. 7 is
ment said Thursday it is standing by its policy of with high-level White House officials before Williams Thursday Jan. 3 by 4:00: pm '
banning race-based scholarships,which caught President held a news conference."We .
The DEADLINE for 8 is
Bush by surprise, prompted a House committeeto found out about it when we read it in the paper Tuesday
schedule hearings and provoked the NAACP to (Wednesday)," Fitzwater said. "Obviously, we'd like Friday, Jan. 4 by 4:00: pm ,
threaten legal action. to know in advance of decisions that have wide These deadlines apply to both Display and
Michael Williams, assistant education secretary for repercussions. But we didn't. That's the way it hap Classified Advertising.
civil rights, stirred up a hornet's nest Wednesdaywhen pened."
he announced his interpretation of civil rights Fielek said there was discussion with the White Classifieds Display
laws as they relate to universities. House but apparently not with the appropriate indi- 373-34633 376-4482
From now on, he said, scholarships designated fora viduals. alligatorCOMPARISON
particular minority or race provided by a university "There was contact with the White House.Oh yeah,
receiving federal funds will be considered illegal.This absolutely. True, there was no broad review at the
reverses the policy that has been in effect since at White House. And obviously, we'll try to coordinate 1.
least the 1970s."I better in the future. Coordination obviously was not
have no reason to believe that there will be a on a high enough level," Fielek said.
different approach than what Michael Williams believes She added,"Michael did brief the secretary person-
is... the law," said Etta Fielek, press secretaryto ally on the (overall civil rights) enforcement strategy,
outgoing Secretary Lauro Cavazos. and he was highly supportive."
But the White House said the policy now "is under Williams' policy led NAACP Executive Director
review." Benjamin Hooks to threaten legal action.
White House deputy press secretary Steve Hart said "We will fight this directive with every possible
Bush does not endorse such a policy. But later,press means at our disposal, and we have instructed our
secretary Marlin Fitzwater backed off a bit, saying, attorneys to immediately begin studying the possibility IS.
"We haven't had a chance to analyze it or look into it, of bringing a legal challenge," he said. .
so we don't have an opinion at this point. ...1 I can't say "We are, in fact, incensed at the insensitivity, cal
at this point what we may do." lousness and, quite frankly, the illogic of such a
But what really piqued the White House was not ruling," Hooks said.

$30 OFF $50 OFF

BUDGETfrom week. sponsored by Florida's Chamberof
page 1 Lombardi! predicts the odds of Commerce. But he said he 10K Gold 14K Gold Q
keeping Alsobrook as one of UPs hasn't made any decisions yet.
announce the fate of veteran UF vice presidents are slim, althoughhe Alsobrook said he was disap- $
lobbyist Al Alsobrook. Alsobrookhad said the school's lobbying efforts pointed that he found out about his 1OOF
been UF governmental relations during the past few years have possible unseating from a reporter,
vice president since 1984, been effective. but he knew changes were being 18K Gold
until Lombardi! appointed Instituteof Alsobrook said Thursday he is considered.
Food and Agricultural Sciences "scoping out" the possibilities of a "Every president has a right to
lobbyist Milton Morris as interim new job developing an executive run his university the way he wantsto.
director of lobbying activities last management training program ."


MONEYfrom The budget covers the seven ness Center. The Union budget
page 3 groups that receive the largest also was increased by $84,197 to
chunks of Student Government meet personnel and utilities costs.
"The Budget Committee will money. They are Student Legal
probably have to make a small adjustment Services, Recreational Sports, the SG will take a $97,887 cut from .-------------- ---------
------------ -----------
to get through July," Board of College Councils,Student its previous budget. Campus p-i-Bookstore

Tompkins said.Tompkins Nighttime Auxiliary Patrol,Florida (In U.F. HUB)

also left senators with Players, Reitz Union and SG. The Activity and Service Fee, Sale Days Dec. 18th-21st 9AM-4PM
homework for the holidays as he Recreational Sports received an which recently was raised to $5.20
proposed the $4.8-million "Big additional $203,147 to cover ex for each credit hour, finances the ORDER NOW BEFORE HERFF JONESGRADUATION
Seven" budget for next year. penses'of the new Recreation/Fjt- budget. *
"I 1 prefer using condoms."
i Words like this can save your life.r I



SARSfrom with Mental Health, saying SARS' waiting room knows they are visit said at least 20-25 hours of profes- failed to advertise them after five
1 total independence is necessary to ing a therapist for rape counseling. sional help are needed each week. college students were slain in Au
page maintain confidentiality of sexual Jackie Ayers, head of Mental Walsh then responded to last gust.
The programs were separatedthis assault health records. Health Services,also agreed SARS week's criticism that SARS wasn't "Ourpeople felt totally ignored,"
summer when SARS was Walsh's supporters argue placing could function properly under this accountable to anybody while inde- she said.
placed under the jurisdiction of the SARS under Mental Health umbrella."In pendent from Mental Health. The murders may have partly
Infirmary's Mental Health Servicesand puts the stigma of mental sicknesson my assessment, SARS has "It's a myth that the program is compelled administrators to form
COAR's leaders chose to move sexual assault victims,which is not been overtaken by Mental not supervised," she said. "We the task force,said co-chairwoman
Tinder Student Government. This tantamount to victimblaming.But Health,"Ayers said. have always had supervision by the Kathleen Shiverick.
separation is another issue the task "
force is investigating.Walsh some therapists last week Mental Health has offered to let director. "Nothing was done(on requestsfor
said such victims prefer the Mental SARS counselors work with COAR Walsh also said administrators a task force) until after the
opposes SARS' merger Health umbrella so nobody in the 15 hours each week. But Walsh ignored her programs when they murders,"Shiverick said.

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1 0


Twas the week before finals, and, with visions of holi-
day meals and 1-75 traffic dancing in our heads, we pre-
sent a special seasonal edition of... Basically,vtet t i it boils '

dovmtois a rotor distribution

Darts and LaurelsFirst prob1em...

off, a LAUREL to UF officials for centralizing im-

portant campus offices including the Registrar, Student
Financial Affairs and Student Services into one big, centrally -
located building. The new Marshall M. Criser Cen- ,:
ter should eliminate much of the hiking students
traditionally do the first week as they trudge through the "

campus bureaucracy. Hopefully, this will create the equiva-
lent of one-stop shopping for students.We (Joe

do find it ironic, however, that this snazzy new
building is named after the former UF President, who f
was known more for fund-raising and shmoozing with cor-

porate types than for student relations. To us, it would
seem more appropriate if a new building at the Law
School or the College of Business were to bear his name.
And, while we're on the subject, we toss a holiday C It
DART at those same UF officials for spending $10,000 on J

boxes to pack up all the equipment and supplies bound
for the Criser Center. -

While we don't know a whole lot about the moving busi- rN lucl iiidn J rrly f

ness, that seems like a pretty steep price, especially since
most of the stuff being moved is coming from Tigert Hall

- which is only a parking lot away from the new center. Alcohol promotion not paper's job I IOn

Associate Student Affairs Vice President Helen Ma-

marchev said scrounging for used boxes was an unrealistic Dec 6, APPLAUSE printed a two-page spreadon so Lorraine
beer vs. non-beer, or which tasted better to a panel Schneeberger
tactic in a relocation of this size, but we just don't buy R
of judges real beer non-alcoholic beer like
that. This move has been planned for months now, which Moussy. Maybe some of you remember it.The cover EADER'S ADVOCATEIn
seems like plenty of time to find a cheaper alternative. read: "AIN'T NOTHIN' LIKE THE REAL THING.
the past, The Alligator has screamed loudly over
This is a big, big campus, folks, and a lot of deliveriesand The taste-test yielded a general consensus of"no, the SARS "waiting list" for rape victims. An editorial
shipments come to it everyday. A memo asking UF's there sure isn't."This article took two pages to tell us mentioned how difficult it is for victims of rape to
that yes, people are still going to drink alcohol.I in first But according to UF
zillion departments to save their boxes for even a week come forward the place.
think UF students have been exposed to too muchof COAR 1 in 4 attempted or completedrape
probably would have done the trick. It may not have beenas women report an
and this feature could
"the real thing" altogether acquain-
and DRINKING is involved in most
easy as writing a check to Boxes'R' Us, but in this era only serve to promote more rampant alcohol abuseon tance rape situations. Looks like The Alligator is
of the incredible shrinking budget, the extra moneysavingeffort the UF campus. chasing its own tail.

would have been nice. The article did not slip in a simple sentence suchas The argument I get most often at The Alligator is
And, finally, a heartfelt LAUREL to UF's students, fac- "naturally" drinking responsibly is the only way to that news stories and features are covered and printed
ulty and staff for bearing up during the most hellish se- go.student.. or population something that along we're those not lines out to to drink remind to the get because they're news. A lot of kids drink beer, but I.
mester in school history. drunk. think we can draw the line here of what is newsworthy.I
I don't think the story would have bugged me half as
We've all been through a lot: the tragic murders that Instead, beer was likened to "liquid pleasure" in much if it had been a column running a quarter of a
shoved us into the national spotlight and shattered our re- the article's opening paragraphs.Really wants to make page or so. But devoting two pages and a great deal
laxed college town atmosphere, the budget cuts that still me run out and drink something non-alcoholic. of promotion to an obviously dangerous substance is
has drinking problem, and the
Every a as
campus it is hzrmfiil.
endanger our summer classes and the final (we hope) state's largest school\ ,UFisn't immune.When students as unnecessary as
parting shot from the NCAA for our athletic program's drink, they're going to drive, no matter what kind of Instead of promoting the virtual gold mine Gaines-
checkered past. information has been pounded into their brains to do ville has to offer in the category of "cool places to
hang out" like art galleries, museum exhibits, craft
otherwise. I motored down to the friendly Florida
Now, breathing a bit easier and a little worse for wear, Highway Patrol and was treated to the usual shows and Devil's Millhopper, The Alligator insists on
we're headed home for Winter Break. None of us could statistics. In 1989, 49 percent of traffic fatalities scary and talking about drinking establishments like the Purple
have predicted the hardships we've weathered 'as a com- 14 percent of traffic crashes in Florida are alcoho -re- Porpoise and the Orange & Brew and how to more
munity these last few months, but we've survived and. we lated. Alcohol accounted for 44 percent of all crash effectively stagger out of there.
should be proud. Happy holidays. fatalities in Alachua County. And 42 percent of alco- To quote the article, "I think most people drink
hol-related fatal crashes in Florida occur in the 20-29( (beer) for the buzz." Personally, I think this campus
correctionA age group, which a lot of us are in, gang.It would be a lot better off if people weren't so drivento
column on this page Tuesday listed the wrong phone number for would appear The Alligator could make better reach the buzz this story promotes.
the whale adoption service.The correct address and number Is The Ocean use of its pages than by promoting an already over- Lorraine Schneeberger is a third-year journalism
Alliance,Building E,Fort Mason,San Francisco,CA94123;((415)) 441-5970. promoted product in a college town. student -
Also, adoption now costs $50, not $24. LETTERS TO THE EDITOR

program you are making a mock- make good impressions. If I'm not
alligator Alligator ignores ery of real women's issues,such as mistaken, I believe these actionsare
Editor women's issues equal pay and maternity leave? necessary to make it in a world
Judy A. Plunkett You are partially right- some-' that exists outside of college.
Managing Editor Opinions Editor Editor I feel I too must respondto times the selection process is not thatI
the ridiculous article concerningthe Have I forgotten to mention
Reslier altogether just. Sometimes
M.D. Cumella Jacqueline attrac-
Sister my
Little Sister program in the tiveness is rushed to be a Little
over-emphasized, but freshman and did not get in?
Dec.Alligator,although someone year
Letters Policy personalities, sense of humor and things
Am I bitter? No. These
Letter to the editor mould not exceed 200 words (about one by-10 page). They should be already addressed it Dec. 5. interests are certainly taken into '
typed double,spaced and signed They should Include e typed name, address and telephone sometimes, happen.If this program
number. Names will be withheld It the writer shows just cause. If you have any questions call I am a woman in my third year account. continues to exist.:- and it should
the editorial page editor at 3764458. here, and I consider myself to be The
Alligator comments that -I I may even decide to rush again.
correctionJudy concerned with women's issues. women in this program are "auc-
The key word here is issues. Don't tioning themselves," but they are 'Renay Randall
A. Plunkett was not The Alligator editor.: The paper reported you understand that by exaggerating merely presenting themselves
otherwise on this page for the past 88 issues. small points of the Little Sister meeting new people and trying to 3JM

<-.,..... -




The Iraq RapEditor n

: I'm a freshman from Boca GoodbyeThis A

Raton who hopes to be a rap star in
the near future. I wrote a song about alligator
is the semester's last paper and my
the Gulf Crisis and I would like to
last editor. And
as as people are inclined to
know it what you and your readers think.Is do when they leave a job, I have some parting 1105Is.
a hit?
comments to make.
Verse' 1 Saddam speaks This semester was different, journalistically -

Well my name's Saddam and I got than any other I've had here. That's
gall mainly because the semester started with the

Demonstratin' violatin' International biggest story to ever hit Gainesville, the w
law murders of five local college students. And
for the first time in life I of the
I use chemical weapons on my my was part
own people story I was covering.It .

Others claim I'm Hitler's equal gave me a different perspective to be a

Americans HA! -I I be scoffin'Want petite, brunette college student, part of the
group the murderer apparently was targeting.We .
to kick my butt? I'll send
at the paper acted the same as you
you back in a coffin.
during that week, sleeping in a room with 12
Bush responds vehemently: other friends,baseball bats close to our sides. i
Oh yeah? You better read these The only difference was, we had nowhere to

lips hide, nowhere to get away from the constant
I'm sending more tanks barage of information and rumors surrounding -

I'm sending more ships the murders.

This blatant aggression had bet- Being a student in the midst of the media
ter stop circus that enveloped this town changed the
way I look at personal tragedies, as well as
Or be
parking your lot! country's gonna a the rights and responsibilities of the media I see students walking alone and leaving rector, Karen Wheeler. May you never haveto
that cover those tragedies.And their windows open at night, slipping back design another band/bar story again.We'll .
Back to Saddam: because of that, I've decided to spare into the bad habits they had before that last also miss our incredibly wellorganized -

Go ahead make my day you, the students, from the story many news- week in August. librarian,Joan Hamby. Your next job is
But I got a question papers are writing this week the "mood"of Why do I worry? Because I also mourned certain not to include people as messy as us.
a suggestion for the U.S. of A. Gainesville a semester after the tragedies.You those five victims and the effect their deaths
A few people are leaving to go on internshipthis
Do you really want another Viet- know what your mood is and you don't had on students. And because It's one storyI spring. They are: news editor Dan
I never want to work on again.
nam? need us to tell you. Evans, who will be at The Palm Beach Post,

That's what you might get if you Whatever my accomplishments this se- art director Stephanie Swisher, who will
deal with SaddamMr. mester, I will be remembered here as the Seeva work with The Florida Scholastic Press As-
editor who had to deal with the murders. We
sociation, Managing Editor M.D. Cumella
Bush, why not just give it a
did our best that week to bring you every- *i (fondly known to us as "Doc" you figure:
restThese thing we could find out about the tragedies, A few of our friends are leaving The Alli- it out), who also is going to The Palm Beach
people aren't hostagesthey're including printing a special edition the first gator this semester and we'd like to say Post and administration reporter Mike

my guests day of school and handing it out on campus goodbye to them. Bruscell, who will cover the Legislature in
Bush rebuttal: ourselves. We wanted to make sure you had Our projects/stringer editor, Donya Tallahassee for The Florida TimesUnion.We'll .
Yoll! I haven't finished my rhyme! as much information as possible,so you could Currie is graduating. Thanks, Donya, for
Listen up here-here's the deadline better protect yourselves.But training new crop of student journalists that miss all you.

now that the murder victims have will help carry on the paper next semester. And to my successor, Geoff Boucher, I
Jan. 15th and not a day late slightly faded from our memories, I worry And say hello to France for us. wish all the luck in the world. He's going to

Listen to reason get outta Ku- that you've forgotten how important security Also graduating is our APPLAUSE art di- need it.


fight Soldier Us troops i ill Saudi are here Arabia-:ready to Program allows I Little Sister and proudEditor I

Forget camouflage we need beige :Friendships,memories,good think a majority of Little Sisters feel
and white times, laughter, parties gettogethers.Where the same way I do, or I wouldn't be

For all those people who don't freedom of choiceEditor Alpha Epsilon.did I find these things? At Sigma writing this letter.I .

understand I think it's important for people to
I've been Little Sister there for
We gotta match colors with the a know the "good" side of the Greek
desert sand : What is so degrading about Little Sisters? You say two years and am proud to wear their system. The Alligator is good about

I'm bored anxious and tense the entire program is discriminatory and you point fingers at the letters. finding"dirt"on Greeks, but it always
Other day got a visit from the selection process. Hundreds of young women may be crowdinginto I'm writing in response to a most forgets to mention the good.
disturbing letter I read in The Alligator -
rooms to mingle and meet fraternity brothers, but nobody
presidentHe held a gun to their heads and made them do it. several days ago. The letter con-
said to me"Happy Thanksgiving" tained nothing but negative I know SAE has a diverse group of
It was their choice,and the ability to make choices is what statements and false accusations Little Sisters as well as brothers. I
I just have to give thanks that I'm being an independent, thinking individual is all about. Be- against the Little Sister programs at know that even though a girl may
still livin'! sides, Little Sister rush is no different from sorority rush, have known someone before she was

It's hot, but they don't see me except, from what I have been told, no one tells you how to UF.Well, I'd like to inform all of you chosen or even had a boyfriend there,
sweat dress and how to act. who aren't Little Sisters that it Is'a it's definitely not a requirement.As .

War It's not at least not yet wonderful experience I wouldn't
As for the qualifications necessary to become a Little
We should get him before he gets Sister, a girl only has to be herself. I've been a Little Sister trade for anything.I far as discrimination-give mea
the bombIs became a Little Sister my fresh- break. Alligator the one being
for two years and have seen, both sides of the selection
that a camera? Yo! What1 up, process. man year, when I didn't know many discriminatory, saying that guys and
Mom? people on this campus, and I felt this girls can't socialize without someone
Brothers are not interested in pretty girls with the person- would be a step in the right direction. getting raped. Some of my best
My View: ality of a twig wearing their letters. When voting time comes Well,it was.The guys were extremely friends are guys, and yes even
Turn on the TV, flip to CNN around, the nice girls who could hold a conversation are friendly and always made me feel SAEs.
Crisis in the Gulf-oh not again usually the ones remembered. welcome.I .

You got American boys on' I made friends with many of them down and
foreign soil If Panhellenic wants to forbid its members from joiningthe very quickly and have never felt awk- So before you put ap-
will be
the fact that there soon
But is their blood worth a few Little Sister programs, that is their choice, but why ward around the house, and I'm sure remember
should the take that choice from the rest of no Little Sister programs,
drops of oil? University away they haven't felt awkward having me those Little Sisters who have been
the independent and thinking women on campus? there.I .
The endChrhtophar there and know it's a wonderful time. ,
Kalmllng, alias M.C. Terri Castro I think of these guys as my friends
Big Ch.... 3JM not strangers I fear of sexually Angle Flnley
1UF assaulting me behind closed doors. I 3JM



page 3

Valdes and some gallery co-
chairmen formed the UniversityArt
Society to raise money for the '.
Members of the society hope to
raise $10,000 at the auction, the
first fund-raiser by the UniversityArt
Society. But money isn't the b
group's only goal for the auction. .
The auction also will be a memo P
bership drive and an effort to raise
awareness about the galleries,
Valdes said.
"We want the students to know
it's their museum," she said. "Art
is for everybody."
Valdes said she hopes to gain
corporate sponsors, in addition to
student and family sponsors.
The auction will include works ,
by UF professors Richard Heipp,
Wallace Wilson and Jerry Ul- f?
esmann, and local artists Margaret i : ,
Tolbert and Ellie Blair.
+ 3'u+yj{ sq .a
% qs, a s,s>d < {{{{
:: k
; s .uS
Former UF Professor and inter ,i\rj, ;\! ; n
+ 1>'" )
known artist
Hiram Williams
nationally ; .
":, > "il!!!
also donated some works for ; :
the auction, including an oil paint- }!t, .Out"w
ing with an estimated value of at ::1;
least $2,000."You ""' i %estlss
won't find a painting f
teacher with a more dedicated fol-
lowing," Heipp said of Williams.
The auction will offer "every
thing from really traditional thingsto
the avant garde," Wilson said.
A pre-auction cocktail party is
scheduled to open the event at 6
p.m. Admission is $5 at the door.

: :
'!i fil,; '"

% y



for Peace

and Freedom

There.s no such thing

as a merry widow.

Every 22 minutes a drunk driver turns American/ family upside down. So that you and yours
the Worldfrom
might be spared some of this anguish, the agents and employees of Nationwide*Insurance

the alligator urge you to drive sober-always. You see, we consider drunk driving a Nationwide problem.


Is on your side '"

k. -



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Plus LMR. Pool laundry, no cats or dogs.Santa
Plaza.336-9349. 12-14-4-2 w/d, no dogs, bike to din.
campus pancy. Apartment 01404. $450/mo./ Call
Fe Trace Apts. 378.1190. 12.14- One owner, vaulted ceiling wceiling fan,
I ing/living rooms, quiet area, NW 377-3316' or 17781388. 12-149-2 metal utility bUilding. $8500. 3734419eve.
4Ji 5/I.u ::.r" 377-0621. 12-14-2-2
ft This month's rent FREE! 1 bdrm apt.

.P .A$3.50" Condo for rent: 3bdr/1 1/2ba townhouse Nice, close to campus. $295/mo./ Call
IOI5N. W, 13th Street 1986 Homes of Merit 2 br/2/ ba cathedral
CINIPLEX ODEON 372-5347 i 1fii7.., ... W/d hook-up, near Oaks Mall In Tower Tracy 378.2651. 12-14-8-2 ceiling, turn excel cond Immed availabil
Oaks. util. ft 407-678-
THEATRES $450/mo water
ity. $10,5000' #65 Alamar Gdns. 4400
9500 John or 407-679-8667 Lisa. 12-14- Large 2 bdr/1/ 1/2 ba townhouse, Phoenix SW 20 Ave For info call 3352903. 12-

$3 50 BARGAIN MATINEE-ALL SHOWS BEFORE 6 00 PM 2.2 subdivision fenced patio. $335/mo. Call 14-3-3
3356261 or (4074681043.) 12-14-7-2

MIKEY'S BACK 2 bedroom 1 1/2 bath townhouse 85 MH 4-sale. Fenced yard 2br, 1 .Sba,

HENRY .--' WHO'STHE I. Spacious, quiet w/d hook-up 4bd/2ba/ apartment W/D, cent ac. 5 blks fireplace, storage bldg, ac, pool, laundromat
b 4221 SW 21st Place.....$355 from campus, well lit parking pets ok, near UF. $11,900.' 1 336-5861 12-
HUNTER. Colonial ks..376-3133 $730mo, clean, nice, available Jan 1 1. Call 14.2.3
JUNE AWl TALKING 377.8965. 12-14-15-2'

(NC-17)) PMITl200WlleIa x Mobile Home 14x60, 2bdr w/patio cover.

vui DOWNTOWN: Arlington Square. 1985 Liberty Oak Park Village On bus

Studios & 1 bedrooms..378-9682. line. Reasonable Call collect 513-771-
130 730 940Bela 5/to 715 930Batsun 1214.7.2M
900awaSw,015620900 <
Wkdaye:520:: 21044571$530 ; : =93111W
8uo' 2..0 430 7(10 140 4405 days.

&Q4iQMVA! orI HOLIDAY BONUS: Near Nationwide, 2

I, I =1 kyj A BR 1 1/2/ BA Townhouse, walk-in

I closet/patio/ upstairs hook-ups, dish
zimc THEATRES There /Is A Difference..'.". 3702 NEWBERRYRD. 373-42771 washer. $350 KEY MANAGEMENT 372- SUBLEASE:

OAKS MALL 10 I Siwsnbetween 4 301
$3 21 pm br 295.00 Closeto
1 BR 2nd floor 225 00,2
limit.d to Seats
OAKS MAll 6309 NEWBERRY ROAD Stephen King'iMISERY' campus. Unfurn or partly furn. 373- Sublet 2 bdr/1 1/2/ ba townhouse Pool

OAKS 6 lAST OAKS 4 W331.8118 (Rl 5663 8 am to 7 pm 12-14-6-2 volleyball laundromat pets aMowed.
331.8818 INSIDE OAKS MALL OJ CMMO Hl | 310-530.745-1000: Close to Shands, In Ml. Vernon $495mo.Call / .

moKSfli* Clint Eastwood a Charlie Sheen Lg 2bd bath apt Avail Jan 1 close to 3777344. 12-14-10-4'

Dnn1TC1550RNANDS(PC-11) THE ROOKIE (R) campus, a/c/ laundry, ceiling fan we pay
11006u. .\ ,, YtoWtII.1IL i30-450.715.B4S: :' water bill, $150 dep $325/mo 2023 SW Sublease apt. 1 block from UF $170/mo.1 /
W1/e't TALKING TOO (!'Con) 37th Way, call 375-7986. Available early to mid-Dec. Call Scott at
1131DAIKf 1M.30tMTlS9t00)l)0t04SHAVANA( )) ) Shows Blow Are II OOJtlOfcSSI SO AIM S 376-2424 or Greg at 372.8123. 12-14-
: '
: G
1t:11T l1)GiDOWN:.) : S.NOka( $ R
( ) 17.4
Tim Robbins A QUIET HAVEN: 2 BR off SW 34 St.
1NITh. ::WOLVES= ) 00 TLS SJ 00)), 7:IS, 1030 '
( ) U JO. 1 00((4 .. |ACOB S LADDER (R) Outside storage, inside utility, window
1200.13( PeOOATOR 2(k700,1030 saw samneewruosov0r0n Pneese 330-700.830: Sublease br// 1 ba S250/ mo. Off SW 20
dishwasher. $350
11..I.OI..c'' SLAY W'I( ) 21 II"II. 12 00, 1 00,((5 30 TLS 0 13.00)), 1.00, 10:U Tom 8,ll.ok KEY MANAGEMENT 372-3060 12-14- Ave. 1214134Classifieds.Thru July 31. Call 338-7307 Iv

.... 1:1Is: :cii/vll1 :I. It 4s, 115$ GHOST; (PC-IS; QUICLEY; DOWN UNDER (".n) 5.2 msg.
( 1J.IS, US.: ((5.45 TLS 0 S3.00)), 1.15. 10.40 40-7.10-940:

ROOT "moil 9s Pscwas 1040 SHOW(I) CAW Properties. 1 Block from campus 1 .
11.41 bedroom and efficiencies. $ 35.170 per .
Continued on next page.
month. Call Scott 3762424. 12-14-5-




Regency Oaks share 2 br/ba, $147 lhare// ***Lookl House 4 rent. Lg 2bdrm/lbth, 1bd/1ba In SUNRAYapartment. : spacious LOFT APT, Avail Jan 1, TO CAMPUSI 2 bedrrom apartment
190 own br/ba + 1/3/ utll close to UF. den, fireplace, w/d/ hookup Ig fenced w/balcony Perfect for Student. Clean ft quiet. Rd to sublet for spring semester. 4
Quiet pool, tennis, weightroom, very secure hard, sundeck, pets OKI Great location, $300/mo, call Jan4-Aug Tang 338-0595.near UF, dep.lrll 121424OXFORD bike to UF. 332-3500 nil 331-7855 di. blocks N of campus. $389/month. 372-
Call 3757328.
safe neighborhood, $495/mth for 1-91 12-14-2-4 0743.

Call 376-7652. 12-14-5-4 MANOR Ibr/lba, big enough 4
SUBLET **SUBLET** 2 br/1 ba
Sublet 2br/1/ .Sba apt next to Norman, apt.c.nth.allalr
two, new clubhouse, pool, tennis, 5
1/2BATH Townhouse, Mount Ver- gym.
28R 1 pool, washrm, close to .
Sublet nice, spacious 2bd/lba/ apt. In Hawaiian mln from UF, call 375-4141 WayneJayler $425/mo./ Call 375-4893 campus.Avail
non-close to Shands. $495/month/ thru Village available after Dec. 20th. after Dee 22. Only $380/mo Call
$380. 12-14-2-4 121424Loft
May with option lor Summer/Fall. 375- $415/mo. Call 374-4792 before Dec.20 or 372-4499. Alvin or Malt,

5864. 12-14-7-4 ((407)830.5840) alter Dec.20. 12-14-5-4 SUBLEASE comfortable 1 br apt 1/2 ml sw for sublease. Park Place Apts. Security
of campus. Avail late Decor Jan thru Aug deposit paid. $365 month. Available apart-
Sublease Ibrlba 34
Village apt. 255mo. ment. Take over lease Dec. 25.
First month's rent free! For Spring. starting
15.275/mo. 373-7934 anytime. 12.14.2NAPIER Now. Must Got 3381423.
Jan-Jul walk UF call 371-8206or373-
Gainesville Garden Townhouses, across 4 12-K-1-4 Call Amy 335-6307 for details anytime.
1376lv message. 12.147.4Must from Tigert, walking distance. Female:

sublet. Second floor 1bd w/ $175/mo+util. 378.0657. 12-14-5-4 OAKS NEW 2br 2bath close to Sublet Beautiful 1 bdr/1/ ba/2 bed apt In
Decl Need
Free for fem.
rent roomt
balcony at Gatorwood Janl-Julyl U of F, $1350/down, $437/mo, 10% APR, Colonial Mn,, apts. 4 mln walk to UF, at
Laurels sublease to. Own bath ft bdr.
$300mo, will transfer' ucur.d.po.lt. ROCKWOOD VILLASsublease 1bdr of 30yr $44,000. 3902 SW 30 Ter. Green wash/dry/ c.ntl.Vac) : pool, $300mocall
Poss. furnished. 336-0684! 12-14-3-4
3bdr/3ba condo starting Jan 1.
Clean & safe. Call 374-4264 after 7pm. Tree Realty 377-0020 12-14-2-4 375-0790. 12.144SubleaseLakewood
Washer/dryer. $230/mo. Call Rick at 336-
12-14-7-4 8816 or 3354137. 12-14-5-4 LAKEWOOD Villas, Large 3br/3ba/ townhouse Villas WINDMEADOWS 2br/2ba pool & laun-
dry. Avail Jan.1 until 1991. $490
and w/d opt. Avail end of Dec. 750 2 br/2 ba new carpet & dropes-pool-ten-
Spacious ibd.big Ivlng dining. 2
Kelly 12-14-12-4
1 Bedroom apt In Victorian Home, two
weeks free reduced Full mo. Please call 335-7506 anytime. 12- nis-weightroom from Jan ,o July Call
rate semester
fireplaces, private kitchen a bath, hard 14-2-4
Rich 335-5184 $550 mt. 12--4-1-4
lease. Call and lye mess at 338-1789. wood floors ft private yard. Avl.Jan 1st, Male roommate needed at the Laurels.

,,.12-14-7-4 $280 a month 3713292. 12-14-4-4 Sublease 1 room sw area. 1 block from OXFORD MANOR 2 br/2/ ba wash/dry./ Own room/bath wall the amenities. Possibility
UF. l90/mo. No utilities. Available now. Take over Dec 24. Reduced rent for remaining of Jan rent paid-call 3355295.
Male roommate needed to sublease. Sublease large 1 1bd/1ba Piccadilly Apt. Call Wilma at 371-3260 or 336-3996 after 7 months on lease. Call anytime 12-14-9-4
Must share bdr, walking distance to cam Jan-July. $320/mo. 3355614. 12-14-4-4 6pm. 12-14-2-4 378-2632. 12-14-1-1-4,
pus. Only $147/mo.' / Call Calvin at 332- Oxford Manor-1 bd/1 ba apt. Large enoughfor
4018' 12-14-7-4 Sublease apt behind Norman for Spring. .e.e Rockwood Villas***** Sublet for spring and summer. two. Sec system, new clubhouse, 5
1 or 2 bdrmswood floors. $300 mo.-only Sublease room In 2bedroom 2bath condo Rockypolnt Apts-1 bd/1 ba. Pets ok. min. from campus. $380/mo. Call Victoria
For rent: 2bdm/2bth/ : ceiling fans: $100 1 security deposit 376-5486-lve mes with washer and dryer. Very nice. $250 a $339/rno. End unit. Call Kyle at 335- 3711423. 12-14-9-4
pool/laundry at bkdoor; 2/3 mi. from UF; sage. 12-14-3-4 month 336-4950. 12-14-2-4 6855.
ACdishwash: $"75mo.; call OAK FOR. Spacious, clean, 2bd,'bth apt. Pool,

EST 3762507. 12-14-5-4 Sublet 1 bd apt thru July 91", by pool, OXFORD MANOR. Sublet 3bd/3bt./ Oakbrook Walk 2 br/2/ ba, w/d. Fully furnished Jacuzzi, weightroom, laundry facilities.
close to UF and shopping 750sq ft. share End of Dec-June. $440. Call Diane 375-
apt to w/four. Walk to UF
Cheap rent. 3380715.
Best location in Oxford Manor. Must sublet PETS ALLOWED. Archerwoods apt. No easily. Males only. Call 371-3477. 12- 7285. 12-9-4-4
2 bd2 ba apt by Jan. 5 ft from pool deposit. $329 mo. Call 3722424. 12- 141.4
2bdr/2 1/2ba irea.
14-3-4 townhouse-SW 34 St.
and tennis. is negotiable. Call Bargain of the centuryl! Historic 2bdrm Sublease spacious 1 bdr/ 1 ba apt. near Full view, volleyball court, 3 min. from

3714979. Sublease: Awesome studio apt two (yes Apt. w/flreplaces! wood floor. Porch ft law school, bike to UF Located In safe campus, w/d/ hookup, dishwasher. 338-
1 / FurnishedApt 2)) minutes from campus. A steal at yard, pets ok. $300/month If you sign area Camelot Apartments Avail. Immed. 8785 anytime. 'Iv. msg. $450/mo Avail.
in the Woods, Pool, Laundry, Close 175/mo. Please call 373.8417 and leavea 4 now! 1.4 miles to UF 376-7685. 12-14-2- Reg $389/mo/ rent now $340/ mo neg Jan. 12-14-9-4
to UFo $279/mo./ 3782007. 12-14-5-4 message. 12-14-3-4 Call 338-8262 after 8 pm. 12-14-8-4

SUBLET for Spring Oakforest **Sublet 3 br, 1 ba house $3SOmth 6 Archer Wood 2br/huge bath apt on SW
2bed/2bath townhouse on the lake. Pets mth lease, NW G-ville, fence, great for Archer, very close to UF, partially or un-
are OK. $465/mo. 338.9333. 12-14-5-4 pet, avail Dec 23, call now to see 378- turn, new carpet, avail. Immed. or spring J
8754I** 12-14-3-4, sem. Overlooks pool $429/mo. 375-8519. DAILY CROSSWORD PUZZLEEdited

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x I Stumped? CaD 1-9H-8M-2124, EXl M 95e/minute.1

'-. ._.




Wmdmeadows nit/ F to share large muter *SPYGLASS-m/f roommate needed for spring Own Manor-F to share 2br/2ba POND
bdr in furnished 2/2. Available immediately wanted to share apt, apt, non-smoker needed.
ipring. $I 85/mo./ Call 3355284. 3bd/3bth w/2/ females. Own bd/bth room and bath In 3 bd/3 ba. Lakewood own br/ba, security system $275/mo 2bd/lba, own room l67mo+l/2utlls.
w/washer/dryertcable, $238/mth. Call Villas. Furnished and very nice $175/mo// *1/2utll. Call Shawn 373.0334. 12-14-2- GRAD student prefd. Call Frank 375-
12-14-20-5 336.4082, leave nameSnumber. 12-14- + 1/5 utll. Dec rent free. Call ASAP 336- 4549 or 392-3264. 12-14-2-5
5-5 7239 (leave message) 12-14-3-5 Beautiful brand new townhouse. F nil
Oxford Manor female ni to share 2 bdr/ wanted w/d, free cable, alarm, pool, F n/s to share 2/2/ apt at Regency Oaks
2 ba apt., partially furnished ADT security F needed for own room in nice 3br house Liberal' male roommate wanted to share 2 much more. Furn. ex. own rm $240+1/3. (Smin to UF) with engineer student Must
tyitem. $250 + 1/2 utllltlei. Call LeA- 2blks from UF football field. Call 3368791 bdr 2 1/2 ba Condo at Casablanca $235 336-7675. 12-14-2-5 be serious/quiet student $223 'Missy
nne or Joy 3774058. 1214255For Ivmes. 12-14-5-5 month plus 1/2 utilities. Washer/Dryer 376-4505. 12-14-2-5
No lease. 378-5183 or leave message. F needed to share 2b/lba duplex in SW
Spring to share a 2bdr/l.5ba/ furnished F or M-ns needed to live w/2/ girls In 12-14-3-5 area. Mature serious student. Avail Jan Laurels-F needed for own bdrm, balcony
townhouse with w/d, cable lor 3bd/2ba. I block from campus. $207/mo 1. No lease. $100 deposit, $165/mo. Call A bath In 3bd/3ba Plus security alarm,
$225/mo. + 1/2 utll. Call Larry 332-6357. + 1/3 utilities. Free H20, huge room & Female roommate to share 2 bed/1 1/2 335-9622 or 378.7484. 12-14-6-5 w/d dw and more. $245/mo/ 1/3 util.
12-14-12-5 Closet. Call 3713949. 12-14-5-5 bath with washer ft dryer 175 month + 336-0028. 12-14-2-5
1/2 utll. Close to SFCC and Oaks Mall- Wlndmeadows-fem roommate needed
M/F/ prefer Law or Grad student. 4 NW 25 N/S M to share 2 Bdrm/1ba $198 1/2/ 332-4376. 12-14-3-5 2bdr/2bth. Honeywell alarm system, N/S/ needed In 3bd/2ba/ now or starting
St. No deposit neceiaary. $210/mo obo. util. 5 min to SFCC; Mall 372-3962 Anytime mostly furnished $240 1/2utlllties. 338- spring tam Own room, W/D/ also cable
Cent a/c: fireplace. Needed asap. 377- 378-2405 M-F ask for Mark. 12-14- Greenwich Greenns/ f to share 3 7815. 12-14-2-5 phone Incl In rent. Dec free. Call 336-
6334. 123025MF 5-5 bdr/2.5ba twnhse for Spring-Summer. 0296. 12-14-2-5
Own master bd/ba $233/mo 1/3/ util, Santa Fe Trace, 2bdr/2ba apt, wash/dry.
In Mill na Run.needed Only to$218/mo share 2bd/1+ /1/2utll.1/2 ba MoveIn apt f/ns needed to share Ig rrutr bd/ba In c.bl're.1' C.1I335-3712Iv mes 12-14- Need mature female, call 371-6319. 12- ROOMMATES NEEDED for Spring!
nicely furnished Oak Forest 3-5 5bed/4ba house 5 bits fr UF $175/mo/
Immed, rent paid until Jan. 3355457. .ee.ROOM FOR RENT +
$133. ****
50/mo 1/4util. 1/5 mil. Call
+ Available Jan.1338- Ann for more Inlo 371.3189.Fm .
12-14-12-5 4555. 1 12-14-5-5 GREAT HOUSE, Near law school with 2 blk to UF, avl Jan 1.cheap( )
w/d fireplace. MF ns your own room. .e..ALSO*STUFF 4 SALE n/s need roommates for POLOS beg
ROOMMATE NEEDEDI Wht. Fem nil for f needed for Jan-Apr. In Towne Pare. Call 377-8788. 12143.5 turn, keg refrlg, alt bar 371-3822 January 1991 Prefer upperclassgradstudent. /
opt sem-Oakbrook 2bdrm2l>ath, furnished
Own room In 3bdr apt $160 month 1/3 Own bdr/ba./ Call or Iv. message
waah/dry, alarm system util. Call 335-2783. Leave message. 12- F, n/s, share 2bd/1/ 1/2 bat $187/mo. + Sparro-N/S prefer F. Own bdr In 3bdr/2/ 3355990. 1214-4-5
$275+1/2util. Call Llia 334-0408. 12-14- 1/2/ util., avail now, call 377-5584 or l/2ba. 175mth +1/3 util Dec rent free.

10.5 F n/s for own room (unfurnished) in nice 335-4613, leave message. 12-14-3-5 Call 377-7080 leave name & number. 12- 2 females needed to share beautiful

(furnished) NW 3bdr/2ba condo In NW area. Close to UF
apt. $178.50.12util .
Roommate needed-own matter bed & N/S needed for own rm In 3br/iba/ house
FIREPLACEII F N/S to rent LARGE bdrmin ft SFCC.
$250 all. For
Call Connie 376-6512 pays more info call
bath for $187. Pets ok. Fenced-in back message w/yard wa/dr cable/ht/ac carpet & microwave.
12-14-5-5 3 bdrm house, THREE bike from cam- 376-5297 or 813-956-1559 12142.5
yard. Duplex behind Oaks Mall. Call 332- pus. $1601 Hurryl! 3765177. 12-14-3-5 $150 1/3ut. Leave message at
6840. 12-14-10-5 371-9161 12-14-2-5
Roommate needed! F for own room ft Lakewood Villas-own room In 3bdr flat.
bath in Need M n/s responsible grad student $275/mo pays alll! Call 336-0076. 12-14-
beautifully decorated
3bd/3ba/ in
LAURELS M/F roommate needed to Reflections Tower One room avail. Janl. Walk/bike to UF. N/S serious student to share Ig trlr in
hare nice apt. Own room & bath, 3321642. 12-14-5-5 on Road. $178/mo call A/C/ heat, wash/dry. $145/mo. + util. wdms own room/bath plus xtras 180 + R-mate needed to share 4br apt at $139
waiher/dryer microwave. Rent negotiable 1/2 utils + sec dep Call Rey 335-4886.
3771631. (Oscar) 12-14-3-5 per mo. plus 1/4 util. Call Skip or Mav
+ 1/2 mill. 3352205. 12-14-9-5 332-1048.I
Need Fern roommate to share a 2br apt BEST APT. IN TOWNE F to share
F for own private room In nice house. close to UF; nice & modern, porch. Nonsmoker Quiet 3 bd/2/ ba house. W/D, dishwasher. bd/ba In Oakbrook. Fully turn W/D walkto M/F/

Excellent, safe, NW location. Near UF, 336.5680., fairly 12145.5 neat $175/mo.1/2 util I, call 5000.$200/mo/ 12-14-3-5 1/3 util and deposit. 335- UFo only $190 mo. 373-7936 Julie. $224.50 non-smoker+1/2/ utilities.to share Call 2bdr Mike I bath 376-,

shopping etc. Only $175/mo. Call 338- 4692. 12.14-2.5
1092 or 374-1700 12-14-10-5 BRANDYWINE* for M/F Spring '91 1
today. ** Serious F n/s/ pref grad stu for own Roommate needed ASAP for 3 bd/3 ba at Live In own bedroom share 2/1 bath apt

M Roommate needed to share large 4 room In 2 br/1 bath apt. Spring thru sum Reflections $245/mo. Call Stacy at $212/mo/ 1/2 ut asap call 373.8583 Cheerful 2bdr considerate rmmt to share Ig
mer. $192/mo 1/2 Utll. 375-5837 12- 378-3738. 12-14-3-5 leave 12-14-1-5 apt. Wood floor, fireplaces,
br/2 ba house w/ 3
grad students Great
14-5-5 porch yard. Pets ok, 1.4 miles to UF.
location 3.5 ml NW of UF avail. Jan.
F roommate to sublet one room in a 3 Woodgate Manor-F N/S 4 br/2 1/2/ b. mssgl 12-14-2-5
$170/mo 1/4 utll. Call
+ 335-0982
John @ 392-0515 12148.5 or ROOMATE NEEDEDI F N/S/ for own room bdr/3/ ba apt In Windmeadows. Newer Own room Available Immed. Only 145114 /+
In 2br Duplex $147/mo./ + 1/2/ util. Call unit. All amenities. $253/mo 1/3/ util. 1 utll.! Call 3369536. 12141.5 M or F non-smoker needed for 2 br 2 ba
Need M/F 336.7315 12145.5 336-1377 or 338-4868 leave message. Apt In SW area. Own room 1/2/ rent and
n/s GREENLEAF, quiet living.W.aherdryer. .
12-14-3-5 Private Room, I Blk to UF, Lock Mail box utll. Close to campus Call Brian at 377-
$180/mo. 1/3 util. Ask
for Adam + Mature female n/s to share clean furnished cox cable, utilitie incl share kitchen/bath 4881 12141.5
or Call 338-1134. 12-
14-8-5 2bdr/1 U2ba townhouse In nice M/F needed for own room & bth In $150 mo 376-3291 or 491-2083 beeper.
NW area. $225/mo/ + l/2util. Availablenow Williamsburg, pool, laundry, walking distance M/F needed for spring option for summer
or next semester 3733432. 12-14- to UF/Shands call Pam 335-9173 Room & bath In luxurious NW house. Right next to campus Own room
bd/2 ba, w/d, M n/s for 4-5 immediate occupancy. 12-14-3-5 Fireplace,ceiling fans, laundry, no lease$275mo. $16250 1/4 utilities Call 375.6162.
Spring COOL PLACE, Call Steve or Rick + 1/2 util. David after 6 p.m.
Roommate wanted n/s to share 3bdr/2ba Wanted I female; share bedroom, 3784898. 121415NS

MUST house near Oaks Mall. Own bdr ft taa. $175/month; Casablanca East; wash/dry; Classifieds. .
SEE 117a NW 17 Sir. 1/2 blockto F roommate needed to share fully
$200/mo + 1/2util. Call Jin Xiong at 392- Spring sem.-336-5698; P.S.-FUNI 12-
UF Furnished Rent + 1/2 util. I or 2 2678 or 3364571. 12-14-4-5 14-2-5 furnished apt. $150/mo 12utilities.Own Continued on next page.
M/F 335-0634 walk to classlll 12-14-8-5 room, no pets. Please call 332-6879.










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0NVENIENGE DEC. 1014.8:006:00: : DEC. 17-20:004:00:( } : DEC. 17-21....9:30-5:00: : r

;:, 'MHA-'f"i/4', ''' 4Qtl. DEC. 15........9:006:00: : : : MAIN COMMUTER c

: 0 ATl0, ., /v fY> IN THE MAIN COMMUTER LOT i

4, > ;f f"lfit)F $l t .fr,jf DEC. 1721..8:006:00DEC. : : DURING FINALS WEEK.
/"" ;; w 'A' ,."' .
i'\i %
,d '. : Pif 1//>"": ;: "" {.i4-tig 4Jr; l 22.......11:003:00: : 1- I



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. .. .


. "

CUSTOM COMPUTERS dinette Bedroom & family room furniture lor sal*.
TYPESETTERVarityper 5410. 2 SALE: Styllih whit rattan
roommate needed for Spring. Own Him cannlsters. 286-12 monitor 43 hard drive Mult In good condition. Call 3773387. 12-14-
drives, 2 Him cassettes, 2 + meg let w/ 4 chairs ft matching server
bdrm, own bath $2l5/mthi/2util./ Near Factory reconditioned, unused In past 2 $900. 386-25 Cache monitor + 83 meg tea 336-8595. 12-14-3-8 2-6
UF & SFCC. Nice student area. Call Lisa yrs. Perfect for small typesetting. jobs. HP $1750. 3328333. 12-14-56
377.2409 & Iv msg. 12-14-4-5 Good machine for small type shop. System 1000 CD's ($7-$10)) and 2000 cassettes WATERBED super-slnglc/seml-wave/12
Includes 3 roll* 6 In. RC Him & 6 font Mountain Bike 20' Diamond Back Apex ($3.$5)) lor sale at our sidewalk salt Frl & drawer underneath and bookcase. Call
Sen Grad M/F/ for bed/ba/ In nice 2 335-0704 Will 12-14-2-6
or own nj.
with Univ.
Call The W.
disks. $3,500 OBO. Alligator at toeclipsfarmerjohns.988model. Sat" from 10108.1 Tom's 1632
story 4/2/ house 1/2 mile from campus. 373-9926 lor more Info. Asking $500/obo. In great shape! Call Av*. 376-6222. 12-14-3-6
Fully turn expt rm. l75mo +1/4/ util. Call 334-8759.$ 121456GRADUATINGII KING-SIZE waterbed, waveless mattress -
Denise 3727871. Spadded rails w/hadboard, $90,
Alpine, Kenwood, Sony and 30 more One way plan ticket. Jacksonville Fl to
brand are all at' our New Locatlonl Car Oueenaize waterbed. 4- Chicago. Dec 22. $115 obo Call Andrew must sell. 334-6240. 12-14-2-6
F N/S-sublease In Oakbrook Walk. Fully Stereo Specialist 3215 NW 13 St. 372- SALE with mirrored headboard, heater & 3720298. 12-14-3-6
furnished, wash/dry/ maid. Walk to UF 2070. 12-14-76-6 side bumpers. $120 obo. Call 3354072. Woman's Leather Jackets, Finest Quality
and Shands. $2lO/mo/ +'1/4utll.Call Stacl 12-14-5-6 Tama Granstar hvy. duty hdw. cymbals & Imported directly from Turkey Many
3728005. 12-14-4-5 Crlmeetopper Car Alarm, K-40 Radar hl-hat. S pc. call Glen eves 6-11 378- sizes & styles Makes great gifts, 338-
Detector' Infinity, Sanaul, Sony, SCUBA GEAR-TUCA B.C. small.Blueyellow 4550. 12-14-3-6 9777.
Prefer fern student: own br In a 3br/2bh/ Orion, Bazooka, Horn or Car Stereo.' padded backpack, power In-
country home. 135+1/3 ut. Horsessmalldog Hater excellent $175. Call w// Rhythm-master 400 &
We Beat All Prices 373-3754. 12-14-76- condition Complete. word processor daisy
ok. Near SFCC. Will rent for right Boss HM-2 distortion pedal. Both $300.
3324821. 12-14-4-6 550 obo
8 printer, $550 obo; plat clone, f ;
person In exchange for Infant care. 462- 3748703. 3357059. 121426FURNITUREI
Tandy 1400 laptop, $750 call
0174. 121445M ADVANCED Car Stereo Plus Offering: 2 'tickets: Dtroit-Galnsvlll roundtrip 12-14-3-6
Harman Kardon, Autotek JBL, Toshiba, Leave 12/22 return. 12/29. $275 each. Must sell coffee table, wall
relatively serious student Spring Crunch, Haller MEI VSE alarm Lanzar 3732682. 12-14-4-6 Must sell nowll Bedroom set, microwave, unit 6 piece formica bedroom set. Everything
(Jan 1)) for own room/bath In very quiet 125 NW 23 Ave 3714378. 12-14-76-8 B.B.O kitchen goods, pictures, ceiling In great condition. Call 3737150.
Cypress Point townhous All amenities Ian, lamp, couch set, coffee 'table, and
Tac cd player, Sony cd w/remote
Incl wash/dry & cable. 1/3util./ $250/mo./
Kent 335.3975. 12-14-4-5 DISCOUNT HI-FI $1 00.*. Realistic 'turntable $30, Kenwood entertainment center Call now 335- MUST SELL! Trac moped, needs minor
722 S. Main The Red Bldg. tuner $25, B/Wtv/ $30, Trampoline 3666. 12.I 4.3.8 repairs $100, Pioneer speakers $50,
WANTED and studious $30 '"336-0106 Iv mssg. 12-14-4-6 $15. Call 377-2786 before mid-
Reasonably neat desk lamp
BR & bath Casablanca W.
own @ night. 12-14-2-6
bookcase. NEGO. Call 335-2514 pi* Iv
$265+1/2 util. For Jan 11 I Call 336-0106 12-14-76-6 GOLF CLUBSII Arnold Palmer signaturew
Lv Mlg. new grips $150 334.9012; RAY BAN msg II his/ 12-14-3-6 GRADUATING!) Cut, white dresser &
CAR ALARMS Installed remote control Wayfarer's good condition $30. 12.14.3- desk set $45. Coffee table $15. Must
any car truck or van fully guaranteed will 6 Contemporary modern furniture & accessfor sellll Call: 375-6632 Tallalll 12-14-2-6
demo. Call 336-9193 student Iv. mes- sale Two bedroom sets-1 queen
of roommates at your fingertips. W* can sag. 12-14-37-6 Graduating, !) For sale: New burglar waterbed & I full-size bed. Call Amy to Beautiful contemporary furniture for sal*.
help you find that ideal roommate. FAST. alarm, couch, coffee table, dining 'table, 2 negotiate 335.6307 anytime. 12-14-3-6 Items: couch, endtables, coffee 'table,
Gator Rental Finders *UF Plaza 336- MICRO/CENTER Computer 376-1146 beds, tv stand. Call 336-1588 and leave lamps, stools, chair, dlningroom set, call
9349. 12-14-4-5 Editor's choice Hewlett Packard menage. 12-14-3-6 GRADUATION SALE 336-8796. 12-14-2-6
Northgat M/C/ Prices lower than Hug U shaped couch
M/F/ N/S/ needed for 2bdr/2ba/ apt in sw mallorder. Systems below Include 1mb, CAMERA Nikon-N 2000 35mmslr. Like new dresser and night stand Want the look ol solid gold without the
area. Pool, laundry: cable: only $230/mo/ 40mb ((28m) Harddisk, graphics monitor. w/50mm/ lens. Auto exposure, auto ad Very low prices. Call 373-6718 cost? Quality 14k overlay at Jimco Jewelry -
Call 376-4186 and leave message. 12- MC 28612$948, MC 386SX- $1086, vance. Shutter spd. to 1/2000 sec. 12-14-3-6 located In Sears. $1 oil with 'this adl
14-4-5 Northgat 38620$2499.. Leading Edge Barely used, w/cas Reg. to pro. ask 12-14-2-6
386SX laptop w/40 MB hd ft battery. $200 334-8238. Dryer, Kenmore. Work great. Call 375-
F n/s/ needed: own bdr In (turn 2/1 across $1995.1 ft 2 year warranties. Onsite war- 6647 Ask for Jell. 12-14-3-6
from UF. NW Apt, upstr secured win ranties. Panasonic 1180 printer- $185. ONE-WAY TICKET NY/LGA to Jacksonville
dows, door alarms. $205 1/2 util.! Call HP Laser Jet lip$987.. 3743 W. University Jan 6, 1991 Negotiable Call loon 1 AIR TIX to NY The Nation's,1 Holiday Party!
378-0850 Iv mlg. Ave. 12-14-52-6 Denis 3751277. 12-14-3-6 SYJP Presents....
from Miami round trip 12/24 to' 1/5 only .-t

Peaceful' responsible, mature N/S to O'Nell wetsult (L) like new $100. Elec. Waterbed & heater king-$90 Moped '88- CALL$136 NOW: 373-7915. 12-14-3-6 MATZO
share comfortable 3 bd/1/ ba In .Millhopper guitar paid $300 will sac $125. Also $300 10 speed bike-l20 Dresser mirror
area. W/D. $230/mo 1/2 util. 374- acoustic $35, Roman chair sltup mach. & 2 nlghtstands-$56 Dsk/chair-$15/ Call Beer Neon Signs
4724. Tom. 12-14-8-5 Call 3326323. 12-30-2-6 336-6796. 12-14-3-6 Coors Silver Bullet $90 BALLfJDecember )
Coors lor Florida $75
M Avail Dec 15, small (turn In large FURNITURE sale study desk w/ 3
apt MUST SELL! Wall unit $45 and gas grill grad. obo 378-6610.. 12-14-2-6 24 1990
home close to UF wpriv.. entrance, bath, $40. Call Kerri 336-6393. 12-14-7-6 drawers & swivel chair $45 obo. 4 drawer Boca Raton .Club, Boca
cable, quiet, clean, patio. No pets, In nonparty dresser $35 Call 336-6911 leave mes Moving: must sell new stereo vcr,jbl sub- : BostonCIU
atmo. Mature only. $225/mo + util. Couch, glasstop code 'table, end 'table, sage. 12.14.3-8 woofer; couch; various furniture ; all Boston Venus((18+)
378-2016. desk, bureau, single lamp & 2 matching prices negotiable, call evenings, ask for Chicago.Shelter
'lamp All In good condition-good prices, DESK w/ hutch' and chair Kurt 3770692. 12-14-2-6 Los Angeles Vertigo
Own Room In nice 4 bed 2 1/2 bath. Nonsmoker all negotiable. Call 374-6964. 12147.8 Perfect lor computer Miami Club Ni
$160 neg. secdep. + util. New $225 Must sell $110 ((2)) Punch 12' subs $175 Punch 15" sub NewYoricMKWuhingtcn
Pmetre Gardens lor Spring & Summer. Scubapro dive gear, like new BC, regulator 336-4999 ((2)) 10 Bazookas. Audio control qullizr( .Chicago
3752982. elect. SPG, much more 1/2 price. 12-14-3-6 $200 Trek 1400 road bike 58cm w/ computer Par Man Infoonition1.8WM77.SYJP
373-2841. 336-4647 alter 6. 12-14-6-6 ft dipless pedal $450. Schwlnn
female lor 3bdr/3ba. Bargain! King-size bed $100; pull out aluminum 14 Ip..d.11 for $350. SafariAudio
Own bedroom + ba $250/mo+1/3util./ Call BRA for Prelude or SI $75.TfcS 80 pocket couch $225; kitchen tbl $40; atro.tvtand *- 336-1128. 12-14-1-6 Tickets for all cities: available at:
Kerrl 3366393. 12-14-7-5 computer & access. $100, Sertrex word ; ; $75good cond'. prices neg; r-/ .,aarrs ,
processor $150. Call 372-2560 after 5 ASAP call 3368152. 12-14-3-6 ...Entertainment Canter***
Roommate needed-non-smoking female. pm. ...Stereo CabinetBoth .**** Sponsored By::
3bdrm 2bath, Regency Oaks, Call Marcy Roundtrip airline ticket Irom Orlando to In excellent, condition, good quality. CLUB MED
336-6888. 12-14-16-5 Snow skis Olin racing comp SL170cm, Milwaukee. Dec 21-Dec 31. $208-332- REASONABLE! 375-3210 before 10 pm. _w_ The A.111"..
boots 8-9 Tyrol) 470 bindings, poles, 4780. 12-14-3-6, Leave message. 12-14-2-6
For Spring-own bdr/ba 2bdr/2ba, nicely good condition $150 obo, call W.J. 377- '.
furnished apt. Nighttime security & alarm 4484 Leave message. 12-14-3-6
system. Call now 3329315.
Bedroom (turn wqueen mattress; great
SUBLET-sav steps ft bucks $$1 l 1 bdr. condition, whit formica; dresser, mirror
(urn. apt $290/mo, normally 305mo. & headboard. drawers. Call 3368005.
summer reduced. 5 min. to UF (Tigert)
3787810. Keep calling or Iv. mssg. 12- MUST SELL: super single waterbed 80%"

14-7-5 motion-Ire, desk. 376-6960.w/hater, 12-14-4-6 dresser, nightstand THE SEASON IS ENDING

M/F roommate wanted lor spring lor own
master bdr in 4bdr/3ba/ townhouse In Oak BUT THE FUN
Forest Apts. Fireplace! $210/mo. Call


F needed to share 2 bd/1/ ba duplex in SW
area. Mature, serious student. Avail Jan
1. No lease. $100 deposit. l60/mo
Call 335-9622 or 3787464. 12-14-6-5

HOMESTEAD, M, n/s/ for own room In One
furnished 2 bdr/1 ba. $200 1/2 util.
Call 3355054. 12-14-6-5

F rmmt needed for aprlng. Dec rent free. a
2 blks to Shands. $242.50/mo 1/2 util.
336-3833 or 3714231. 12-14-6-5

room/bathroom/ ,washer/dryer, dining and
living room, $294/mo 1/2 util. Call
336-9836. 12-14-6-5 .
a All
POLOS- N/S need Immed., own master
bdr/ba, washer/dryer, security system. FREE RESERVED SEAT WITH STUDENT FEE CARD.
Lots ol extras. $255 + 1/3 util. Call .
335-5646. 12-14-6-5 -r Jaktel season ends Dec 15 with Twin Tri Jackpot giveaway of

11 up to 15000. And we're open year-round for thoroughbred

M/F house.roommate Cent heat needed+alr lor, fireplace.3br/1.5b 1 racing. Play the full Calder race card dally except Mondays;; post

$135/mo + 1/3 utilities. Call 3731789. time 12:30: pm. Open.Christmas and New Yeas Day.
".._......'" S"C"44AIS"91 .... ?" ,
6 FOR SALEGet ...c. 112 mile east of 441 on State Road 318. Children over 4 welcome with parent

377-0014 9 Open 7 days. Call for j jai aial and I.T.W, schedules, reservations: Ocala 591-2345;
engaged lor X-mas. 1/4K diamond 400 '
Gainesville 376-9044.
. 409 S.W. 2nd Ave.
1 bridal set. Receipt says worth $1200, will
sell lor $700 obo. Call Lonn 3352855.

"" -:::- .. 0012 .. . .. .. __ .__
.. -- .::.-.



Apple HQS w/rgb monitor, 3.5 ft 5.25 $150 keg cooler Jawa Moped,'87, Sweet condition, .
sale 1989 Honda Accord-LXI Excellent ** LET'S PARTY *
drives, Image Writer II. 2mb wramkeeper. / and keg $100, couch $20.
& Mark @ 377- Must Sell $250 Neg 373-7107 Lv. Msg. Condition 2 doors, 15000mtel 338- Gator Boogie 371-4919 Professional DJservice
WordPerfect many programs 1831 '12-14-1-6 .
Obo 3774774. 0654 3365655. all musical formats. 12-14-42-
$2500 12-14-2-6
4-Sale: Dinning Room Set (all wood) 1S90 SUZUKI moped FA50. Only 500 1980 Datsun 510 sw 11
Audio Control ESP-3 Center Chann.1proc..or seats $100. Living Room Set(sofa, love miles. $600 OBO 3733301. Good tires, runs ok. $325 Call Kathy "MARIJAN OF HOLLAND"
New $180.' MT Shasta 21backwoods ,*
seat ft chair) $125. all In good condition,
334-6961 Iv m.g. 12-14-1-9 Custom made clothes & alterations, no
mountain bike-many extras, all negotiable Call 336-6489 must see to '82 HONDA CM450-Engin runs great) pattern needed, 20 yre. exp. Fast service -
$375. 12-14-2-6 ppreclate. 12-14-1-6 Needs $100 front end part and TLC. Low '89 Toyota pickup A/C/ headliner, excellent call 3328315.
miles, black. $250 obo. 378.9025 or condition. Call 3739957. 12-14-3-9
Mutt tell King H20 bed whdbd $90. 3 3920693. 1-10-5-8
piece living set $90; 2 desks w/ chair 7 REAL ESTATEHome '86 HONDA ACCORD DX 4 DR. S spd, 3131 NW 13 St. 377-1763
$15.' $10; dresser $25, drawing table $20, new tires Fine & looks like new. Well Full sets $18, Fills $13.' Hot oil
lamp $5. 3734043. 12-14-1-6 for sale? Land for sale? Buyers' 9 AUTOSORANGE under book value, only $5000/obo. Must Manicures Pedicures Limited Time Only
Market? Don't let an opportunity to sell sell soon. 4953515. 12-14-7-11
Glass/brass/ coffee table, end table 2 It. your property pass you byl Alligator Classifieds
wicker vase wlarge decorative feathers, offers you the cheapest way to AND BLUE AUTO INSURANCELOW Jeep Renegade CJ-7 perfect conditon.
black bean bag. vacuume. $10-$4S. keep your real estate In the public eye. RATES, low payments, fast drive- you must see it to believe It. Black/tan *Bob's Moving**
3752441. 12-14-1-8 Where else can you keep your property In thru service, se habla Etpanol 377-2277. color. Call now If your serious about FalleFr.indlye Professional
the m.rk.llor at little as four dollars a 377CARS. WE CARE. 121417.9 Jeeps 335-3666. 7 days a week local moving
Futon couch. Beach cruiser, Entire Bedroom day? To make It even easier, you can 10% off with ad. 373-5278.1.11-8.11
set (Bed 2 dressers, 1 large, 1 w/ place your ad over the phone; all you 1986 FIERO SE, black sunroof 56,000 Toyota Corolla 79, 4 speed, am/fm cassette
mirror & hutch, desk table, etc..) Must need la a valid Visa or MasterCard. Call original miles. In perfect condition. ac. Runs well reliable. 98000 actual
seal Best of ferlJen 3778571. 12.14.1. 373-FIND today to place your ad. $3700. Must sell-best offer Call 377- miles Ask $345.o.b.o. Call *FREE
6 373.8257.L.ave message. 12-14-2-9
Large commercial, bldg to rent close to Pregnancy Test
Look here pall Graduating. Mu.I..IIL. UF/AGH with 3 nice offices, parking CHEVY CAPRICE 1988 One owner 2 Mitsubishi Mirage 1990. 16k miles, air Gainesville Women's
shaped couch wend/ table. Good condi $750 per/mo. 378-2016. tone blue, cruise, 50-50 seats, 305 V8. conditioning, power steering, am/fm HEALTH CENTER
Excellent condition. $8750. Call 372- 720 NW 23rd Avenue
tion. $150 or OBO. Call 336-4146 Jasonor cass. 3345737. 12-14-2-9
Geoff. 12-14-1-8 GOVERNMENT REPOS 2,344 bedrooms 9687. 377.5055
ABORTION (To 24 Wks)

Bed & bedroom set. Great condition 335- 1981 Datson 200SX, power windows, BIRTH CONTROL
sunroof good condition, $2000, Call 332- Gynecology Services
9634. 12-14-1-6 with payments $200 to $300. Florida \USA 10 WANTEDLocal
3945, Iv 12-14-6-9
Realty & Investment, Inc. 3783783. 12- mess.
'furnishings' sale: coffee & match- 14-2-7
Apt. Artist needs Class
: GOLD. Gems
83 Cellca GT. AC. PS, PB,
Private scholarships
end tables wooden cabinet/bar; small $COLLEGE MONEY.
Ing ; Rings ETC. Top $ or trade. Ozzie's Fine
ent. center; solid wood TV cabinet; bat NAPIER OAKS NEW, 2br 2bath clo..loU am/fm cast, EFI, blue wtinted windows. Jewelry 3739243. 12-14-76-10 College Scholarship Locators pob
tery-operated wall clock; Ig., framed of F, $1350/down' $437/mo. 10apr, Call Jeremy .3348788.. $3000. 12-14- 1881 Joplin MO 84802-1881 800-879-
print; 10-speed Raleigh Grand Prix bike; 30 yr 44000. 3902 SW 30 Ter, Green '.11 X-Maa home. Former UF ataffer seeks 7485. 121475.11
dog cage; Ig. wall mirror & queen sized Tree Really 3770020. 12-14-2-7 home for self ft grown family 7-10 days
blankets. 3354041. 12-14-1-6 Honda 1987 CRX SI, S-tpeed MUST over X-Mas Will pay rent. Call 372-8403 BREAD ROSESABORTIONS
I'VE HAD IT WITH YOUR LOUD MUSICI! SELL Christmas red sunroof, a/c. fog eves before 9pm. 392-4196 (days). 12-
Maytag washer-great Xmas for Mom ask Is your roommate driving you crazy? lights, am/fm cassette more. $6300 or 14-9-10
ing $125 Exc cond 377-4764 Iv. msg. 12- Find a replacement the classifieds. offer. Call 373-9975. 12-14-5-9 1233 NW 10th Ave.
Comic books and baseball cards
I Ir 1978 Opel Sports Coupe bought and sold. Call or visit Comics Plusat MC/VISA/lnsurance
-----------Itlr lllaltllllllr tltttl Runs well, good commuter 1117 W. University 373-3790. 12-14- Free Pregnancy Test
$700 or best offer 2-10 Member
Call 376-5628. 12-14-4-9 National Abortion Federation
I I II 1

I I ( I tll I II '81 Mercury Cougar. Automatic V6 11 SERVICESNW
Good transportation. Only asking $400. TYPING
I i 1 Call 334-7452 (Rick). Mini storage at 1-75 ft NW 39th Ave

I I C I I I .. a near Oaks Mall area, 5 x 5 to 10 x 20 from 12 SERVICES
Jeep CJ-7-8S silver/burgundy, low mil.
I : $20. 10% disc to students. 3328917.
I iII Alpine stereo system. Great condition,
rI tots of extras, must seal $5500 obo 371- Typing reports business legalresumes *.
I cassettes transcribed applications w

I 1 I 1 1I I I I I II r 1 '84 Chev Cavalier w/88 engine, ps. pb Get PLANNED confidential PARENTHOOD testing and treatment 377-0881 at 24 hours/7* letters days/372-2777* notary *etc.12147612 Available, .

I a am/fm/cass. Great AC and Stereo) Low 12-14-76-11
I II 1
.44k1 Must ..111$3500! OBO. Call 336-
I I 11 I I I II 0108. 12-14-4-9 Typing/Word Processing. Quality dependable
I J ** GATOR MOVING ** service Reasonable rates
I I I I I I I II Incredibly fun black convertible Volksw Full/Serv Mov/Storage/Packing 1- Laser printer. 377-8175 til 9 00pm 12-

I I I I I I i Beetle-great condition. Asking $4000- Item/Hse Full. Days/Eves. Long dis. 14.78.12
I II II $5000 but will negotiate. Adam-378- Lie/Ins. Harry/Bill 3744791. 12-14-76-
9187. 12-14-4-9 11 ...RESUMES***
I II LI 1 z 1m Complete writing ft development ser
1 I I I I II 5 i 0o 3 Ford van '82 nice customized new paint SLEEPY HOLLOW HORSE FARM lessons vices. Resume House 371.8148. '12-14-
'I iiI a tires air ps very good condition prof leavIng boarding woodser facilities 76-12
I I I r I I I I CI T: country must sell make offer 376- hay rides parties sales working
rI I III 2f 4965. 12-14-3-9 students accepted. 466-3224. 3758080. Typing/Wordprocessing. WordPerfect
12-14-76-11 5.1. quality work, fast results, low rates,
1 I I I I I I I E1P1 dependable personal service. Tart 332-
!.I 0 Village ParkA *SUNBELT MOVING*

1 1 I aI I I I I iI' z Professional Moving/Packing ft Supplies. TypingALaser Typesetting *
1- ItemHouse lull. Local/Lng dist. resumes e reports a letters a etc.
aI r1'rench Lie/Ins. Priced for Students! Marty 375- 376-5465* 3500 W. Univ. Ave.

1 1 I I i I I I II f1N Z ylei l MOVE. 12147611AAA Alachua Word Processing 12-14-76-12

I I g.sa.. I I I I II 1N 1N STORAGE Term Papers Typeset Resumes
Quarter Close to UF, Convenient Business A Legal Personal A Etc.
I I 4I I I I 4x4x4 $l5/mo G'vllle Handicapped Typing
r I ; 4x8x8 $30/mo YOU WRITE IT, WE TYPE IT 378.7179
1 Now Leasing 533 SW 2nd Ave. 377.1771 12-14-50-12

1 I I I I I ._.. 12-14-76-11
1 :I Typing & Typesetting Theses,
i rA
II 100S WestUniversity Di... ft Manuscripts ONLY
1 iJ 3 I'ools 3 Laundries Experienced see Grad Sch list
1 I I I I
,'r 373.1234h K.B. Williams 332-1402 12-14-
1 I Icxible Leases C.X' S 40-12

1 I i iI I I i lose to Campus fIOn t 23rd 4310 Avenue NW
i I I Typing & Wordproc..ing-L.gal, theses
1J Ceiling Fans Now locations! 375-1234 term papers, etc. Professional quality
I I I 1 I
1 & reliable service. Call Nancy,
1 I I Roses New Location! 3722750.
I I I OFFICE USE ONLY I 378-3771 2122 SW

I Ip.Ch. 9-4:30: M-F 34th Street RESUME PROFESSIONALS

1 1 i I I I I CASH Bee. By_: CK':"'- I 999-1001 SW 16th Ave $143/007 maiwirii/i 336-1234; Laser quality resume services. On cam
3758596. 12.14r
pus pickupdelivery
1 I 15.12

'''::' ..' ...: :. .::: '::'. rI r------ r-----.
I rI

_'. For Rent Furnished Services (Circle one) II ACCURATE CALL
: 11.
I -J. FIH Rent: Unfurnished =,2. Typing Services 1 Day...S4.00 Munchie'sVoted I 1 I AJ You Can Eat $3.99 I 376-4854
I -'. Mobile Homes FIH Rent/hit/ n. Help wanted 2 Dtye .7.00 I 1 I OFF I 1
_4. Sublease"ou'Ap' =,.. Business Personals 3 Daye__'.00 I
I _I. Rmat. _11. Personal 4 Day.H.ODSDay.U.OD I '1 In Gainesville* I i Dinner Buffet Large I Thesis, term papers, reports, legal and a
_'. For sale 11. Connections I I1720W. medical terminology WP 5.0 ft laser
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_Motorcycles _". Rates Additional' Days I I 500
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'. ... '''' -'' .wxn ar .anrravr1+aAVnrp.awaa.a.. ---... -, -..... .. .... -- .. ...... ,"" -


a Middleman qualifies for

UF starter NCAA after one meetBy

Alligator Writer

MATT FOGLESON The UF men's track team went into
Alligator Writer Wednesday's season-opening AllComersmeet
hoping to get its feet wet and find
UF sophomore Hosie Grimsley gets his which areas need work.
first start of the season tomorrow when the The Gators came out of the meet with
UF basketball team faces Augusta College some pleasantly surprising results.
in the O'Connell Center.It Redshirt junior Dan Middleman won the +..".w I Ir
also will be the first time this year the 3,000 meters in a personal-best 8 minutes, I
Gators will be without senior forward Livingston 1.36 seconds, making him an automatic
Chatman,who averaged 15.2 points NCAA qualifier. In addition, one other Gator
and 8.8 rebounds a game before undergoing and one relay team met NCAA provisional
arthroscopic knee surgery this week. qualifying standards.
UF small forward Stacey Poole will moveto The Long Island native came within two
power forward in Chatman's place, and seconds of Keith Brantly's school record of
Grimsley will play small forward. 7:59.9: set in 1982. But what made 4
For Augusta, Keenan Mann, a 6-foot-5 Middleman's time so unusual was that it
junior forward, leads the Jaguars with 16 ALLIGATOR PHOTO came a month before the Gators normallyrun .' 'yp -. \.
points a game. Derek Stewart, a 6-7 sophomore Hosie Grimsley will be getting his first their first meet of the season. ,./, '
forward,leads the team in reboundingwith start of the year Saturday.In Middleman said he thought the quality of "' 'y'':j. \ "I"' V 1 r !1.

a 6.8 average a game. UFs first game, Grimsley scored four the performance was due in part to a carryover ':,: ... ......
As a team,Augusta is shooting 39 percent points, making one of eight field goal at- from cross country, where he led the "'/ Jt; < '" 1 '
from the field and 49 percent from the tempts and missing three layups. Gators to a sixth-place national finish."I ,;.. <.t.,, ,1;,..,. I ', '
free-throw line. Since then, Grimsley has improved stead- felt great at the mile mark ((4:17): ) and I '>J""* ... < fI"'I"f'.;:. ....-:" > ''
last A Division I just kept going," he said. < 1 1 .. t' ;;:I: '".. "
in its
Augusta, year a ily, scoring 19 points in UF's last two games. 1A ": ;'J: ;lr! '>'
team, has lost its first four games by an Despite Augusta's record and statistics, UF coach John Webb said Middleman -.. ..' oI_ !i.f. ; '.] < .
average of 29 points. UF isn't taking the Jaguars lightly. Poole wouldn't be the only benefactor of the early .' < ,oJ "'" ...'..'.'. J_

UF head coach Lon Kruger said he is said UF needs to play like it did in a 76-74 success. Middleman
more concerned about the Southeastern loss to top-25 team Texas early in the season. "What he's done here is set the tone fora Johnson won with a throw of 59 feet, 8
Conference season, which begins next "We can't afford to take anyone for lot of other people,"Webb said. 1/2 inches, which qualifies him provisionally -
month, than comparing Augusta to UFs granted," Poole said. "We've got to play Webb's assistant Derek Holland said for the NCAA meet. Former Gator Russ
other non-conference opponents, such as everyone like we played Texas." Middleman's effort far surpassed his expec Willit ((56-5 1/2)) and sophomore Aaron
North Carolina-Charlotte and Florida State. While UF will miss Chatman, his absence tations. Gowell ((56-5)) finished second and third,
"Augusta is a team that's not in the caliberof isn't new to the Gators. He has missed partsof "We said before the rate that we'd have respectively.The .
an SEC team or Charlotte or Florida three of his four seasons at UF. been satisfied with an 8:20: ," Holland said. NCAA instituted a NCAA-qualifying
State," Kruger said. "We need to not worry Chatman missed part of his freshman year "And Middleman goes out and runs an 801.: policy last year. For each event, there is an
about the opponent as much as making because of a similar operation. Last year, as Another impressive performance came in automatic qualifying mark and a provisionalone.
progress." a junior, Chatman quit 10 games into the the shot put from Dwight Johnson, a junior Whether a provisional qualifier goes to
Grimsley is one player who has shown season, citing burnout and recurring knee transfer from Central Arizona Community the national meet depends on how other
significant Improvement this season. problems. College. athletes perform.

'W" iWJ01 r:'college Miami Big East to begin

k r $.,,",,,,< 1IA\,:.:..'.r.!''''.'," '" Y" \w"J, I
r at:: Berra 'for recruit: :

,.J <, '..... '?> conference football in 1991United
<, "" '.' ?tL,>C'oIoJt :'t 1"," "'"<,"!. : ;" 'f'i:: < ;
add strength to the secondary
1 tined Its ,;: some ;tx
and the'entire defensive <**mr\.*' r $k+
'sec ater signing Tranghese said conference prominence in basketball.
&,Owens;hid eight Interceptions 1 ; Press International officials plan to meet individu- Crouthamel said it will be dif-
F ilx 5"foot-9 R juniorcomerback two years at San Bernardino VaUey.f .",V, The Big East announced ally with representatives of ficult to get league play start by
co ali !: ; Thursday it will begin confer- Rutgers, Temple, Virginia Tech next fall.
Cad e tdlno i Valley_V<|$t The;. : ,lregular'signIng'perIod t' 1' : begins -? ence football play in 1991 and and West Virginia in midJanuary. "But as I see it, you've got to
Ca OF ovdr APabai i in,February,but athletes cartsign intends to meet with officials start.some place," he said. "The
< k f with a university if they:wilt be/ from Rutgers, Temple, Virginia "I think the only thing that's sooner you start the sooner you
the otherf i attending in the spring.; UF signed gI Tech and West Virginia to dis- lacking now is we need to havea get it going."
tech b I Lake City,punter::,Shayne.:Edge cuss joining the football-only face-to-face conversation and Said Pitt's Bozik: "I'm very
.Wednesday r i.'t. : : league. determine if it's in everyone'sbest pleased with the we've"
about,< ;., k,Uk4 v :,,, ,MIiiP progress
""' ;k > Those Big East members al- interest to move ahead," made so far. If things go as
Iao thin k.rtI can; .tt r"< _":';..MAt:': FOQLESOK the football conferenceare said.Thursday's .
,Ma Yri {pw ."" ,,'>/, ,!. '''J '''' > ready in Tranghese planned, we have the opportu-
Boston College, Miami, announcement nity to form a football conference
Pittsburgh and Syracuse.In followed an all-day meeting in that from top to bottom will
MATTHEWSfrom teamed with Matthews to lead the Ga- a statement released from Washington between Tranghese be as viable as any in the coun-
16 tors with 55 receptions for 770 yards, its headquarters in Providence, and athletic directors Ed try."
page didn't hedge when asked if Matthews R.I., the Big East said the Divi- Bozik of Pitt, Sam Jankovich of Virginia Tech Athletic Direc-
year, Alabama's Gary Hollingsworthcame deserved the honor. sion I football-only conferencehas Miami, Jake Crouthamel of Syr- tor Dave Bralne called
from nowhere to take offensive "It's a great award. Shane deservesit "received the support and acuse and Bill Flynn of Boston Thursday's development a
player of the year honors after leadingthe more than anyone in the conferencedoes endorsement of the entire Big College. "giant step" for athletics at his
surprising Crimson Tide to a 10-2 ," Kirkpatrick said. "He proved on East membership." "I'm delighted with the four school. "I have great confidence)
mark and the SEC title. the field he's the best in the confer The grouping of the major schools that we have and de- that the Big East football confer
Matthews'' numbers, though, dwarf ence." football independents on the lighted with the four schools ence will become a reality and
those of Hollingsworth. Matthews com East Coast will improve the that we're about to have explor- that Tech will be a member of
pleted more passes for more yards and Despite the steady stream of atten- members'prospects forpostseason atory talks with"Crouthamel that conference."
more touchdowns, and he did it with tion Matthews has received since his 'bowl bids and potentially said.Crouthamel The reaction from West Vir-
fewer interceptions' 12, to splashy, 349-yard debut against Okla- attract greater television reve- said he was con- ginia Athletic Director Ed Pasti
Hollingsworth's 16. homa State, he said he passes through fident the new Big East confer- long was not so enthusiastic.
Like Hollingsworth, Matthews led campus a virtual unknown."A nue."We have put forth a tremen- ence "would do the same thing While Pastilong said he was
his team to first place in the SEC, but dous amount of time and effortin forourfootball program as it has "pleased" with the latest devel-
the Gators are ineligible for postseason > lot of people don't know who I am, laying the groundwork for a for the basketball program." opment, he expressed some
play and the official SEC chant and I like that," Matthews said. "I just football conference," Commis- Big East members George- concerns, among them the Big
pionship because of NCAA sit in the back of the class and leave." sioner Mike Tranghese said. town, Syracuse, Villanova, East's desire to get the football
sanctions., "We are excited about the pros- Seton Hall, Connecticut and St. league up and running in less*
UF tight end Kirk Kirkpatrick, who "None of this will ever change me." pects of Big East football." John's have enjoyed national than a year.Grimsley .
0 .

.-.. .. .. .


r SPORTSTime 1

-- -

to put I Matthews named SEC's top playerBy

the GREGG DOYEL scrimmage and never faltered.
geezerto Alligator Staff Writer The 6-foot-2,184-pound Mat
thews passed for 2,952 yards on
Last year,a very bored Shane 229 completions, both single-
pastureNOTE Matthews chomped Wrigley's season records.The yardage
Spearmint from the sideline is the second-highest total in V1
while a bevy of other UF quarterbacks SEC history behind Kurt Pageof sr t
: In order to get the full effect of this worked on the field. Vanderbilt. In all, Matthewsset 07
column,please hum the song'Memories'in the
Thursday, Matthews, a soph- nine school records and
background.Well omore quarterback, capped his made a run at almost every other 1
that's it. rise from gum-chewer to mark in the book.
Time for me to pass the baton on to slinger when he was named the "This is a tremendous honor
Assistant sports editor Gregg Doyel and Southeastern Conference's for a young man that was the
Player of the Year by the league fifth-team quarterback in .
ALLIGATOR SPORTS EDITORS. coaches in a poll conducted by March," Spurrier said. "We believe
The Nashville Banner. he's going to be an even
eG Ron Kaspriske "Quite frankly, I was shocked better quarterback next year."

LAST when I was told last night," said Thursday's award will further
CALLI cramp Matthews' growing trophy
Matthews, the fifth and sec
ond-straight- UF player to be case. Already the
I wasn't aware there was such a home untilI recognized by the coaches as Pascagoula, Miss., native has r
I spoke to former Alligator sports editor the league's player of the year. been named Football News Al I
Mike Dame this past weekend. He joins first-year UF coach sophomore All-American, hon-
If don't know Mike he in chargeof orable mention UPI AllAmerican
you was Steve Spurrier ((1966)), Jimmy
the sports section when Galen Hall, Norm DuBose ((1975)), Kerwin Bell and a consensus All-SEC
Sloan, Dwayne Schintzius and Livingston ((1984)) and Emmitt Smith choice.
Chatman all decided to quit. ((1989)). "If more a tribute than any
thing to Coach Spurrier's of-
"But I'm not to
going changeone "
Anyway, Mike informed me that I need to bit. I'll be the same old fense, Matthews said. "And the
pack my bags and move into the home gum-chewer tomorrow." people around me were Incred-
sometime during the break.I ible. AlII I had to do is hit the
Matthews, whose rise from running backs or the wide re-
I was a little skeptical about doing this at
first, but Mike explained to me all the bene- bored and frustrated fifth- ceivers and let them do what
fits of making the move. stringer to UF record-breaker they do best, run with ball."
coincided with the arrival of of-
"Well first,you don't have to worry about Matthews becomes the sec
fensive guru and head coach ond darkhorse quarterback in a MICHELE KATZ ALLIGATOR
them Mike said."No more
9 p.m. basketball anymore games. No more stories Spurrier, won the starting quarterback row to win a top SEC award. Last Sophomore UF quarterback Shane Matthews set nine school
about job with a strong show records this year. He was named the SEC's top player Thursday I
some player getting a fight
at IOTA SIGMA ALPHA DELTA KAPPA ing in the spring Orange & Blue see Matthew, page 15ALLIGATOR by the league's coaches.

TAU"And OMEGA best of fraternity.all, no more having to worry Former UF coach Sloan

about making sure that your reporters aren't r.r= "" ,
out drinking when they're supposed to be I

writing Sounds a story.good." .. ,: he's calling it quitsBy

Mike wenton to explain that,while restingat says
the convalescent home, you don't have to .
shave, you get to drink a lot, and you never .. MATT FOGLESON Sloan said he does not plan to drive up
have to worry about the computers eating Alligator Writer to Gainesville to watch any UF games, but
your stories. will watch the Gators on television.
"That's because don't have sto- rw, Former UF basketball coach Norm Sloan
you any
ries," Mike joked. has decided to put the chalk to rest for good. Having been out of coaching since last
Now it's getting clear to me. No more \.:. Sloan, who resigned as UF coach last October, Sloan returned to coaching in
headaches. year amidst an NCAA investigation of the Greece earlier this year. But, he said, the

"Right," Dame remarked. basketball program, had been coaching in job just wasn't the same.

Well,since I don't have to worry anymore, Greece until retiring this week. "After you're out of it about a year, you
here's a few parting shots. \ 4 Sloan said he has ruled out coaching on get a completely different perspective on
To Steve Spurrier: Keep them boys outr any level, and just wants to spend time with the profession Sloan said.
of trouble, as they're so often inclined to get his family.
"At this point, our No.1 1 goal is to spendas Sloan won more games than any basketball -
into.To Bill Arnsparger: Thanks for makingmy much time with our family as we can," coach in UF history, compiling 235
Sloan said. "We just want to be victories and 194 losses in his two stints as
semester trouble-free. I didn't have to as happy as
UF coach.
;. call you, so things must be getting better at PHOTO we can be.
the University Athletic Association.To Former UF coach Norm Sloan won't be He returned to his Daytona Beach home The highlight of his UF career came in
Lon Kruger: Hang in there, the re- losing his cool on the sideline any more. three days ago and said he will continue the 1988-1989 season, when the team won
cruits will be coming soon so will the living there. its only Southeastern Conference title.

1 r victories.To Peebles Norm Carlson and the,John rest Humenik of UF Sports, Harriet I UF track women make splashy debutBy I

Information:Thanks for being cooperative, .
informative and generally a big help. CHERYL BOSSEN individual scores, five Gators lor.Galloni won first place in the the fourth fastest time on
To my staff: I think you saved me from Alligator Writer met NCAA provisional stan high jump competition with a Florida's all-time indoor list in
quitting the Alligator and running away to dards. height of five feet, ten inches. the 500 meters, a nonNCAAevent
Micanopy about 768,896 times. The UF women's track and Sophomore Coralena Velsenwas "I'm comfortable with the with a winning time of
To the rest of the Alligator. I'm really not field team dominated its season- four seconds off NCAA automatic height for early in the season. 1:12.74."It: .
v the unbearable jerk that many of you thinkI opening indoor track meet as qualifying time in the My goal for the indoor competition was a good competitivemeet
I am. I was just play acting.If five Gators posted NCAA provisional 3,000 meters. She won the race is 6-1," Gallon! said. for us," UF coach Beverly
you've read this far and haven't gotten qualifying standards at with a personal best of 9:28.85to : Kirklin won first place in the Kearney said. "We were able to
the gist of this column yet, well. I'll sumit the Florida All-Comers Meet provisionally qualify. Velsen triple jump with a leap of 40-10 see where we are in training and
up in two words for you. Wednesday in the O'Connell improved her career best by 1/4. Mitchell won first place in what we need to work on."
See ya! Center. nearly 14 seconds. the 200 meters in 24.56 seconds. The All-Comers Meet ended

Oh, if you were one of the thousands of Since no team scores.were Other provisional qualifiers Taylor took third place in the UFs fall training. The Gators'
< people with a complaint about the Alligator kept at the meet, the competitors included junior Maria Galloni! 55-meter hurdles in 7.93 sec next competition will be on Jan.
sports section, call Gregg Doyel at 376-4458. competed strictly on an individual and sophomores Leah Kirklin, onds.} 12 when they play host to the
'f He'll be happy to hear from you. basis., ,Of these Kim Mitchell and Monifa Tay- Junior Tasha Downing ran Florida Invitational.Zs .

The Independent Florida alligator
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Full Text
the independent Florida

Tom Petty's coming

allii home ...3

9 or Gators rebound,

Not officIally a..oc.at.d with the Unlv.rslty 01 Florida Published by Campus Communlcatoonl, 'Inc ol. Gaincivill Florida pound dawgs I...20Students


I among tenants displaced by fireBy I

liam Childers and Mike Wilson,
who were both at work when the
Alligator Writer fire started, wondered whether

UF students Brian and Daniel their pets were still inside the burn- :
Kellman's holiday ended abruptly ing building.
7:6: 4W
Friday when their Gainesville Although their bird was rescuedby
apartment manager called them in a maintenance worker and their
South Florida to tell them about"a hamster survived the blaze, their

little problem"-a fire had ruined cat, Athena, did not.
their apartment.The "All we've got is the bird, the
fire that heavily damaged 10 clothes on our back and the shoeson
of the 16 apartments in one of the our feet," Wilson said Friday.

buildings at The two 141,

Apartments Landmark, All we've got' is the with planned family to stay

1111 SW 16th bird the clothes on until they could
Ave., started at make other liv-
back and t the
about 4 p.m. our ing arrange-

Friday alaun- shoes 01% our feet, ments.
dry room Gary Norriswhere
mainte- -Mike Wilson Powers, also a
nance workers Landmark ten-
Landmark resident
were soldering ant, had to
freezedamaged worry about ail

pipes, Gainesville Fire Depart- more than just his apartment.
ment District Chief Mike Fulton While clearing debris after t the fire,
workers discovered a bag of cocaine
said.Fulton estimated the fire caused on his dresser and police

$200,000 in damage to the build- arrested him, Gainesville police Lt.

ing, but no injuries were reported. Sadie Darnell said. ings from fire trucks about 200 feet PHOTOS BY SUZETTE COOK-ALLIGATOR I
Like the Kellmans, many of the Fulton said the fire started when
Fulton said the building'slight
away. Above: Friday'sfire
tenants are students who were out maintenance workers used an acet- wood-frame construction also ,
of town for winter break. ylene torch to repair a pipe. The complicated the operation. t4 caused about
$200,000 damageto
workers left the laundry room
Although Landmark is payingfor
'The fire well-advanced by
was the Landmark
thinking they had put the fire out
homeless tenants' rooms "
in he said.
the time
came ,
we Apartments com-
and dry cleaning, Brian Kellman but returned later to find flames
said Sunday irreplaceable items spreading through the building'sattic "We have a skylight,"Brian Kell- MT plex located on

such as his grandmother's artworkand and second floor. man said jokingly.In SW 16th Avenuue.

portions of his comic book "It shot across the whole second addition to Landmark's relief Left: Mike Wilson,

collection were damaged beyond floor and blew across the roof," efforts, the American Red Cross is 25, searches
repair by smoke and water. But he said Clint Griffin, a Landmark ten- giving tenants clothing and medi- through the re-
still has his sense of humor. ant who was evacuated along with cation lost in the fire, program mains of his bed-

"The worst thing was that we tenants from two other buildingsin director Richard Willis said. Other room Sunday
cleaned the apartment just beforewe the complex. services will be provided as t afternoon.

left," he said as he sat on a wet Firefighters took about an hourto needed, he said. .. ttv

chair in the middle of what used to extinguish the blaze, which was Only five tenants were in the
be his living room. out by about 6 p.m., Fulton said. building at the time of the fire,

For others, 'the fire wasn't a Surrounding buildings not in- Fulton said. Griffin had moved in
laughing matter. While evacuated volved in the fire hampered the just prior to the fire.

tenants waited Friday along the firefighters' efforts, forcing themto "I've only been here three days,"
street, Gainesville residents Wil- bring hoses around the build- Griffin said. "Nice welcome."

Gators'r NCAA sends UF letter I

Spurrier sets goalsNew

updating investigationBy
head coach wants to build model program _
views to that full Informa-
Q For more on Spurrier's new coaching staff, set the field,we"need to beat our two rivals, Florida State MIKE DAME tion is developed," the letter said.
20. and Miami. Alligator Staff Writer
Sports, page
"Members of the enforcement staff
drew applause and from UF
Spurrier's hiring raves
By MIKE DAME The NCAA delivered its six- will continue to communicate with
alumni the state."He's .
Alligator Staff Writer throughout month investigation report to UF the university's legal counsel in an ,
an outstanding man, said Allen Trammell, Interim President Robert Bryan effort to complete this review at the
UF let the worst-kept secret in college football out president of the UF Letterman's Club, which is "
earliest time.
late last month, but the NCAA'sassistant possible
of the bag last week, presenting favorite son Steve composed of former UF athletes. "Those of us who
executive director of en- But Berst wouldn't when he
Spurrier as its new head football coach. know him well know he's going to beat the bushesto say
forcement refuses to comment on expected the investigation to be
And the 1966 Heisman Trophy winner wasted little find the best young men he can.
the progress of the investigation.In completed and would not commenton
time in setting his long-term goal for the Gator "It's a dream come true for an awful lot of Florida
the NCAA's .
program- to overtake Florida State University and people." a letter dated Dec. 28, assis-

the University of Miami as the state's top football Spurrier, 44, agreed to a five-year contract worthan tant director David Berst said the you have the letter, you have
NCAA's preliminary inquiry into the letter" Berst said. "I have
program. average of$400,000 a season. It includes a clause no
"I'm talking about the total program," said Spur- that will extend Spurrier's contract for the length of UF's "athletics policies and practices" intention of"making any commenton

rier UF's quarterback in the mid-60s and head coachat any NCAA penalty or probation. is continuing. the case.

Duke University the past three seasons. "We will During a news conference,the new coach outlinedsee "Members of the NCAA enforce- Every six months the NCAAsee
to be model citizens ment staff are making every effortto
demand and expect our players Letter, 5
Spurrier, page 5 page
U) Xa* ff the *field' be good students<* in the classroom. On complete the necessary inter-


-, ,, .", -


2. ALLIGATOR. MONDAY. 8,1990COLLEGE I ....................

: WilD HAIR t
I .
NEWSEditor's Awesome Hair Cut, -35-00 .
..( Prime Perm.. ., ..$20.00K ..
Super HI.Lltes. __.,'..00 .
note: This feature will appear every Mon Q Mega angstAn Spiral Perm.. .._..... -_.$35.00 41..
day and will include news from college campuses across undergraduate "mega" class taught by the De- Gator Plaza open 1 day'7"-1617 ..
the country. partment of Government at the University of Texas ....................

has more than 260 students backing a petition that

J Lucrative optionsSome states they are receiving inadequate instruction, The I

students at Penn State University are receiving Daily Texan reported.
university scholarships in addition to outside Department officials said they plan to review the You're 1 never too old 1 1 1I
merit scholarships, which together exceed the cost of structure of the 1,200-student()() class in which four pro-
0) to I quit 1 blowing I I r smoke.1 1I
room, board and tuition and raise debate on whether fessors share responsibilities for Instruction.
students should be making money off their stay at the Students claim the class has a lack of continuity C5
university. between professors and that two of the instructors I

"I don't think that merit should give (a student) exhibit"disinterest" when they lecture from notes on 2MOONSTRUCK

extra money to buy a beer at the Lion's Den," Penn an overhead projector .10

State senior Beth Yiengst said in a report in The Daily Q Visa requirements challengedChinese

Collegian.But students at the University of South Caro-
Norman Freed, Dean of the College of Science lina and throughout the country are waiting for legis- I
and administrator of a major university scholarship lation that will waive students' visa requirements that

program, said reducing students' merit scholarshipswould they return home for at least two years after graduation ,
be equivalent to considering their need, whichis The Gamecock reported. ;

not the role of a merit scholarship. "What are they going home to?" said James Murphy Disordered in mind,

student at the University of North Florida has the university. "And if they return home, they may supposedly affected L.'
been arrested and charged with shooting her former never be able to get out. They need permission from by the influence of

boyfriend to death last month as he sat in a campus their government as well as the American Embassy: the moon: crazed;
classroom, The Chronicle of Higher Education re- Various lobby groups, including a ninemembergroup .
dazed American HeartAssociation
ported. at USC, are pressuring legislators to help Chinese Smw C
Margaret D. Haywood is being held in the Duval students who fear oppression and reprisal if they xo V
County Jail on a charge of murdering David Charles return home.Measures. POUR LIFE
Coleman, who was killed one week before he was to to waive the two-year rule recently were
receive his bachelor's degree. passed by Congress,but President Bush vetoed them. Amftsa__- AwnA F


: The UF Canoe Club will 2031.Resources. S.O.A.R., 1800 Wekiva Circle, foal intensive care unit of the College of
meet Wednesday at 6 in TurlingtonHall Wekiva Apopka, FL 32712. Call ((407)) 889-
The club takes run: Springs 3140. Medicine invites those interested
Room 2346. Veterinary in
State Park and OAR. Inc (Save
canoe trips every weekend. This Our American Raptors) are sponsor Pitch In: The Friends of San helping to care for hospitalized newborn foals to
week and Whitewater
snow skiing ing the Third Annual Run To Felasco have scheduled a work day
trips will be discussed. Call 371- S.OAR. The 5K run will be held at Saturday at 9 a.m.to clear trash from come to an orientation meeting.

3683. Wekiva Springs State Park at 8:30: the area north of Millhopper Road WEDNESDAY JANUARY 10 5:30: PM
Girl talk: Pat Craddock will lecture a.m. Registration before Jan. 19 is$8; where a hikers,joggers and cyclists ,
on "The Women in Gibbon's on race day it is $10. Mail checks field day will be held later this year. Veterinary Medical Teaching Hospital
life" Wednesday, Jan. 17, at 4 in payable to S.O.A.R. to Wekiva Transportation will be provided to Small Animal Receiving Entrance
Turlington Hall Room 2354. Call 392- Springs State Park, c/o Run To interested students. Call 46r-3538. Questions? Call 392-4741

volume 83 ISSN 0889-2423 number 77


the independent florid

6\ Enter the Air Force

alligatorNot immediately after graduation

-without waiting for the
officially, associated with the University, of Florida' ... Published, by. Campus Communications. Inc, of. Gainesville' FL results of your State Boards. You

.News Room :J7M454 can earn great benefits as an Air

Ed"or. ........ .... .. .. .. ... .. .. .. . .. . ... .Lucy Chabot Art Director .. .. .. .. .. .. ... .. ... .. ...... ...... ...Kathy Rohrbach Force nurse officer. And If selected
Managing Editor ... .. ... .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .... .. ... Mary SheddsnNow. Applause Editor .. .... ... .. .. .. .. .. .... .. .... ..... .SIo""" ..Nix during senior
Editors ... ... .. .... .. .. .. . .. .. .. Dan Evans. Grog SsAx Copy Desk Chief .. .. ... ... .. .. .. .... .. .. ... ... .....John D.Vrles your year, you may
Stringer Editor .. .. .. .. .. .. ... ..... .. .. .. .. .. .. .. Daniels Dornlo Lbrwlan .. .. .. .... .... .. .. .. .. .... .. .. ... ........ Rown. Molaod qualify for a e-month internshipat
Photo Editor ... .... .. .. .. .. .. .... .. ...... .... ... ... .. Suzette Cook On Stan .. ..... .. ..... ... ..Geoff Boucher. Mike Dam. Reggie Grant a major Air Force medical facility -
Opinions Editor ... ..... ... .. .. ...... ..... ... .. ... .. Ton,.Sutton Judy A. Plunlutt Defile M. Reagan,
Sports Editor ... ... ..... ... .......... ... .... .. ..... Jason D.vl.OI.pl.y Dan Stittor' Kevin WitnawtkiBuslneee To apply, you'll need an overall
2.50 GPA. Get a head start in the
Advertising :17S-4482 ,continued
Advertising Director .. .. .. ... ..... ........ ........ .. .. Trlcla Carey Promotion Manager ..... ..... .. .. .. .. ... ... ... Dolores Moynahan Air Force. Call
Advertising Secretary .. .. .. ... ..... .. ...... ....... .. Penny DiPslma, Aowuntant ...... ..... ..... .. .. .. .. .. .. .. ..... .Richard McNaught
Intern Coordinator .. .. .. .. .. .. ........ ...... .. .. .. .Jodl L Mejla
Sale Development. .. .. .. .. ... .. ... ......., ...... .. Dan Alderman Classified: Advertising J7J-FIND
Promotions/Sales Coordinator .. ........ .. ... .. .. .. ... Paul Sato Classified Supervisor .. ................ ...... ...Shawnna Kochman 1800423USAFTOLL
Production FREE
Sales Representatives.. Production Manager .......... .. .... .... ...... ..Monette Hetgeton
Joe Sodard Christopher Evans Dona L. Folio Assistant Production Manager .... ................ .......Sarah Dyer
Eric F.nzen Lo.nn.Jo.Un Jodi L M.jll Adverting Production Supervisors .Cynthia A. Potter Rebeooa A. Ron
James. W. M.gary Kaehelle Painter, Christina L. Salvatore AesatantAoV. Production Supervisors .....Christine Barber. Anne Siock NEW :
Szeto Kenneth J. Taylor Advertising Typeeetteri ........P..I J. Futep, Daniel Kali Glenn Burton
Paul Editorial Production Superior ........................... Vat T"'lInOpe"on. "'
.. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .... .. .. .. .. !
General Manager .. .C.E.BarberController .. .. ......... ..... .. . .
.. .
.... .. .... .. .. .. .. ..... .. .... .. .. ...... ..Virginia Cannot Clroulllion OperationManager Manager .................. ............ .....W.k Jose Wooton Comas

TM MepemfcniForMaAlllgtiorlt" a student newspaper serving the University of Florida published bye non-prdft 501 (o(3))( ) educational organization Why did the chicken
a tan-exempt" Florida educational/ Institution under F.S. 212.08: Campus Communications. lno. P.O. Bon 14257. Qalneevllle FL 32804. TIM Allgtlor" It
published Monday through Friday morning.except!during holiday and exam period During UFiummer. acedlot..mo. TM 4M0alarla published Tuesday cross the road?
and ThuridayaT .
AINgitor II a merrfcer ol the American. Newspaper Publisher Association. Florida Prate- association and Southern University Newspapers" To get a copy of

One Semester. (Fallor Spring) .. .. .. ....... ........Subscription............Rale........ .. ... ................................ &.00 The Alligator!
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Summer.. ......................................... 1800
FuN Year (All Semester" ) ... .. .. .... .. .. .. ... .. ... .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. ... .. .. .. .. .. . .. .. .. .. .. .. t3SQQ

TIN AII"oIfl" _are located 111105 W.University Ave Classified aoVertiiing can be placed that location from.. m to 4 p.m.Monday through Friday
except for holiday classified can alec be placed at the UF Campus Shop and Bookstore at the Hub.Shanda.and at the cashier office of the Rein Union. or
O Copyright. 1990 All right reserved No portion of TIN MHgttor may be reproduced In any moan without the written consent ot an officer ol Campus
Communication. !Inc.




I Today party president announces running mates 1

By M. D. CUMELLAAlligator president. But Browne said he will wait until fees like everyone else,"Jackson said. money for trips or programs that exceed
Writer the first or second week of this semester Vitali said he interviewed several people their original budgets. The process, which_ l.
before choosing running mates and announcing before choosing now takes three
I UFs newest political party completed its a party name. Vickers for the months, should
top slate Sunday but the opposition still Vitali said he selected Jackson and treasurer's job. JJackson has served on both be cut down to as
doesn't have a name. Vickers during the winter break because "Linda has un- little as three
Today party presidential nominee Juan they are the most qualified candidates avail- paralleled finan- the Activity and Service Fee weeks, Vickers
Vitali! chose journalism senior able. cial experience said.
Jake Jackson and nuclear engineering "Jake has great experience in after working Advisory Committee and the The candidate

junior Linda Vickers to the Senate, especially in the area with the state Budget and Finance Commitalso said she be-
run with him in the Feb. 14 Stu- of programming," Vitali said. board," Vitali lieves SG and the
dent Government election.Jackson SG "That's important for the vice said. tee. Vickers was the only stuInfirmary should

is running for student body president because he runs the Vickers has dent member of the State equally finance
vice president and Vickers is spring elections Cabinet. been a senator Campus Organ-
running for the treasurer post. 1990 Jackson has been a student since February Board of Community Colleges ized Against
But Sunday afternoon Vitali senator since February and has and was the only Rape. Although
and Jackson had their stories a served on both the Activity and student member While she attended Gulf Coast both groups

little confused. Vitali said Jack- Service Fee Advisory Committeeand of the State Community College in Panama have given
son was definitely running for vice president the Budget and Finance Committee.The Board of Com- money to COAR
but Jackson wasn't sure he had been two groups advise Senate on how to munity Colleges City. il! the past, students -
officially offered the position.The confusionwas spend SG's $4.3 million budget. Jackson is while she at- and administrators -
straightened out after Today party also the assistant director for the multicultural tended Gulf Coast Community College in on the health fee committee agreedin
chairman Ty Adams made a few phone calls affairs cabinet and vice chairman of the Panama City. SBCC directs policy for the September to only have the Infirmary foot
and officially asked Jackson to run with the Reitz Union Board of Managers. state's 28 community colleges and distrib- COAR's future bills.
party. Jackson said his main goal is to involve utes the colleges' $346 million budget.

Vitali's opponent, former Student Senate students from outside the mainstream,suchas Vickers said her main goal if elected "(COAR) is an important student service
President Michael Browne, announced in international and graduate students. treasurer would be to speed up the process and Student Government should pay part of
December he would run for student body "They are part of the university and pay student groups must go through to receive the cost," she said.



to return for concertBy

I fee cards or schedules.
5 Alligator Writer "From early indications and reaction
I would suggest students get to
Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers are the box office as soon as possible,"
coming home and will play in the Mateu said.
O'Connell Center Jan. 27, their first
b 0 official visit to Gainesville since 1983, Petty has had recent success with
said Paul Newman, adviser to Student his first solo album and as a memberof
Government Productions.SGP the Traveling Wilburys. He also
I toured with the Heartbreakers last
Chairman Raul Mateu, who ne-
gotiated to bring Petty back, said the summer.

last two SGP chairwomen always had Petty's latest song, "Free Fallin'," is
an open invitation for Petty to play,but the third hit single on the "Full Moon
neither could get him to come to Fever" album, which is number 10 on
Gainesville. Billboard magazine's album chart. "I
"The negotiations were one of the Won't Back Down"and "Runnin' Downa
most difficult we've ever been involvedin Dream" were the first two hits from
," Mateu said. "This is a big event for the album.
the whole city, not just for the Univer-
sity."" Petty also played with Bob Dylan,
George Harrison, Jeff Lynne and the
"An SGP concert has never been a
late Roy Orbison on last year's album,
sellout,"Mateu said. "But if we do, this "
Traveling Wilburys' Volume 1.
one might be it.

Tickets go on sale at the campus box Petty and the Heartbreakers will
office at the Constans Theatre Wednes- begin this tour Jan.26 at the Universityof
day at 10 a.m. The tickets, which are South Florida Sun Dome in Tampa.
$14 for students and$18 for the general
Along with Petty,the Heartbreakers'
"- public,will also be on sale at all Ticket-
':'1:, Master outlets. pianist Benmont Tench was born in
Gainesville. Drummer Stan Lynch and
SUZETTE COOK-ALLIGATOR Students must buy tickets at the box
Mike moved here
William Cobbs, left, protests a recruitment campaign held by Ku Klux Klan members office to get the discount prices and the when guitarist they were Campbell children.
Saturday afternoon in Palatka. About 150 people gathered for the membership driveat better seats, Mateu said. He said each
the Putnam County Courthouse. student may buy up to four tickets as "We're just lucky enough that we got
long as they have four IDs and four paid him to say'yes' this time," Mateu said.

V Officials confident past problems won't hinder. dropaddBy .

More than 17,000 students went through go to the Florida Gym to find out. The Arts and sciences.
DUANE MARSTELLER drop-add last fall, the first time several de- departments and colleges offering the inter- UF is also trying to bring phone registration -
Alligator Writer partments used computerized drop-add. But active drop-add system, from accounting to to campus, Pritz said. Phone registration -
Although computer breakdowns delayed breakdowns in several links between the zoology, are listed on the back page of the allows students to call an on-campus
drop-add for several hundred UF studentslast departments and UF's main data center course schedule."It computer system and register for classes by
fall, UF Interim Registrar Steve Fritz caused delays that had some students grum- worked well for us," said journalism punching an ID number and course num-
said he doesn't expect it to happen again bling. Chairman Jon Roosenraad, whose department bers into a touch-tone phone.
this semester. But Pritz said despite the breakdowns, used the interactive drop-add system Although UF now has the capability to
computerized drop-add at the departmentallevel last semester. "At the time it was slower for handle the large volume of calls phone
"Some of the information" published (last also known as interactive drop-add, is the students, but it saved them the step of registration would bring, administratorsmust
semester) wasn't accurate, Fritz said. The better for the students., going to the gym to see what classes they now decide which system is best for
computers were stable. The computers
got" UF Pritz said.
didn't break down. The network the depart With interactive drop-add, students can
ments were using to get into the system drop and add classes at their department's Pritz said more departments are being Until then, students still will have to dropsee

broke down a few times,but we've corrected drop-add location, finding out right away added to the interactive drop-add system, Drop-add, page 11
that. It shouldn't happen again." what classes they've got without having to especially those in the College of Liberal




Allied Health. Professions

Shuttle crew to rescue satelliteCAPE I \1 Discover* AdmtaMnrtfcM a challenging,

CANAVERAL, Fla. (UPI) The shuttle gen rocket fuel into Columbia's giant external tank rewarding future that puts
Columbia's countdown ticked smoothly toward liftoff starting around 11 p.m. you in touch with your skills.
Monday to rescue a falling satellite before it burns up The weather outlook for Tuesday, when launch Today's Air Force offers ongoing
in the atmosphere, but fog and low clouds threatenedto would be scheduled for 7:35: a.m., called for a 70 opportunities for professional
delay the 10-day flight. percent chance of acceptable conditions and NASA development with great pay and
Columbia and its three-man, two-woman crew were managers reserved the option of delaying the flight benefits, normal working hours
scheduled to kick off the 1990s with a launch at 8:10: before fuel loading if the forecast worsened."If complete medical and dental care,
a.m. EST Monday, three weeks behind schedule be- there's no severe weather in the area and we still and 30 days vacation with pay per
cause of work needed to complete an extensive over have the proverbial shot at it, well go ahead and put Learn how to qualify as an
haul of launch pad 39A last used four years ago the crew (on board)," launch director Robert Sieck Air year.Force health professional. Call
Friday. said. "If it looks like the weather is going to the zero
"Obviously,we feel pretty good. We think this is an percent probability or we had thunderstorms In the
excellent way to start our new decade," former astronaut area, then we would cut off there...and recycle." 1800423USAFTOLL
William Lenoir, NASA's associate administratorof Hoping for the best, shuttle skipper Daniel
space flight, said in an interview with United Press Brandenstein, 46, co-pilot James Wetherbee, 37, Bon-
International.But nie Dunbar, 40, Marsha Ivins, 38, and G. David Low,
Air Force meteorologists predicted an 80 per 33,made final preparations for blastoff Sunday,check
cent chance of a flight delay because of fog, heavy ing out their spacesuits and other crew equipmentwhile :
clouds and possible rain showers at launch time that keeping close tabs on the weather. FORCE?
would violate tough post-Challenger safety guidelinesin The goal of the mission, the first of 10 planned for
the event Columbia's crew had to attempt an 1990,is the launch of a Navy Syncom communications
emergency landing after liftoff. satellite and the retrieval of the Long Duration Expo-
Pending the results of a late-night weather briefing, sure Facility, a 21,396-pound satellite placed in orbit in
technicians were scheduled to pump a half-million 1984 to expose a variety of high-tech materials to the
gallons of supercold liquid oxygen and liquid hydro- rigors of the space environment.

. Foster home fire kills 6 children, 1 adultBAKER I '

HILL, Ala. (UPI) -Six foster children and heat being used last night" IPREVIEW90rSS
one adult died in a fire Sunday that destroyed a The Alabama Department of Human Resources had
southeast Alabama foster home not equipped with approved the Mitchell home for foster care, officials UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA
required smoke detectors, authorities said. said.State Fire Marshal John Robinson said the home OFFICE FOR STUDENT SERVICES
The seven victims included two sets of siblings was not equipped with smoke detectors,which he said
between the ages of 4 and 10 and a 65-year-old are required for Alabama buildings with sleeping
homeless woman who had been taken in several years quarters.No .
ago by Robert and Lois Mitchell, the home's owners, one from the Human Resources Department was
Barbour County Coroner David Childs said. immediately available for comment on the certificationof APPLICATIONSAVAILABLE
The Mitchells, their three children and two other the home or on the reasons the children were
foster children escaped the fire, which was reportedto committed to foster care.
the county sheriffs department at 2:17: a.m. EST, Positive identification of the victims was pending TIGERT HALL
Childs and county sheriffs dispatcher Walter Stem- because of the burned conditions of the bodies,Childs
land said. said. Smoke inhalation was listed preliminarily as the
The state fire marshal's office said its figures cause of death, but autopsies will be performed, he
showed that only six people four foster children said.The
and two adults had escaped. cause of the fire is under investigation, Robinson DUE FRIDAY, FEB. 2
"They think it started in the center of the house," said. Childs said that early reports that an explosion
i Childs said Sunday. The house was served by propane had touched off the blaze turned out to be
gas and it had four fireplaces, but there was no erroneous.

. Colombian officials say U.S. warships unwelcomeBOGOTA I

Colombia (UPI) Colombia said Sun statement said.
day it had no intention of joining U.S. forces in "In international waters, Colombia has not partici-
30% to 50% OFF
anti-drug patrols off its coast and indicated the presence pated nor will participate in any maneuver, and with
of U.S. warships in international waters off Colombia respect to territorial waters, the government has not
was unwelcomed. authorized any operations (by U. S. forces) nor has ALL WINTER MERCHANDISE
Last week, the Pentagon announced officials were considered authorizing them," it said.
studying a plan to trace drug traffickers smuggling The United States stepped up its "monitoring" of
cocaine to the United States in the Caribbean, citing international waters in the Caribbean Sea last week in
waters outside Colombia as a possible field of opera- hopes of spotting cocaine smugglers headed north,
tions. but the U.S.Embassy in Bogota assured all operations
Two American warships, the aircraft carrier USS would take place "far from the Colombian coast.
John F. Kennedy and the USS Virginia, are now off Appearing on ABC's"This Week with David Brink-
the coast of Colombia apparently part of an anti-drug ley," National Security Adviser Brent Scowcroft said
smuggling operation, a White House spokeswomanhas the United States has yet to discuss joint operationswith
said. the government of President Virgilio Barco.
A government statement published Sunday in the "We haven't really started discussions with Colom-
national daily El Tiempo newspaper said Colombia has bia.There's some stories that have leaked in the press.
not agreed to participate In any joint anti-drug smug We are looking at ways we might be able to improve
gling action with U.S. forces. interdiction across the Caribbean. Before we undertake I
The government has not participated nor will par- anything, we will of course consult with any of
ticipate in any maneuver in international waters of the the countries (involved)," he said.
Caribbean Sea with U. S. naval or air forces," the

. Religious leader sought in family slaving captured

NATIONAL CITY, Calif. (UPI) The leader of a in the sacrificial slayings of an Ohio couple and their
breakaway religious sect wanted for the slayings of three children, were taken into custody without. incident
an Ohio family of five was arrested with his wife and at 11 am PST, said Vita. RODERICK'SClassic
19-year-old son Sunday at a motel near the Mexican "We've been involved In the investigation for two
border, federal agents said. days," Vita said. "We were able to track them back
Self-proclaimed prophet Jeffrey Lundgren was here." Clothing for the Young Professional
taken into custody along with his wife, Alice, and his Creekside Mall 3501 SW 2nd Ave.
son, Damon, by agents of the Bureau of Alcohol, Vita said that the Lundgrens were processed Sun- Open Monday Through Saturday 10-6 377-0902
Tobacco and Firearms and National City police, said day morning at the National City Police Departmentand
AFT Special Agent Andrew Vita. that an extradition hearing would be scheduledas Alterations Extra All Sales Final
The Lundgrens, charged with other sect members soon as possible.


SPURRIERfrom just really believe that championships are x.1.1 LETTER
that happen,and you don't need to
page 1 and talk about them,"Spurrier said. from page 1
a four-point plan for revitalizing UF : at Duke, Spurrier resurrected the must send a letter to universities
0 Return Florida Field, now carpeted football program guiding the Blue under investigation, signaling ei-
artificial turf, to natural grass."I to a share of the Atlantic Coast Confer- ther the end or the continuance of
just believe it's a safer playing championship. The title was Duke's first 7 ,r t ta the investigation.The .
only for the players, but for fan 1962 and earned them their first bowl NCAA began investigatingthe
Spurrier said. "It eliminates the heat since 1962. 40 UF athletic program in June.
Return the University of Miami to brings to UF the promise of performing But UF kept it secret until Oct. 10,
yearly football schedule. magic with a Gator program mired in two days after the forced resignation
UFs current contract with the of football coach Galen Hall.
calls for games twice every six years, Spurrier's All-American image alone UF continues to conduct its own
next two scheduled for 1992 and 1993. solve UFs problems. Trammell! said it internal investigation of wrongdoing -
"If we're ever going to be as good as take hard work to put the frustrating in the athletic department.That
people (Miami and Florida State), we of the past six years to rest. investigation, headed by UF gen-
play them on the field," Spurrier said. got to prove himself as a football F < ,ryiIp eral counsel Pamela Bernard, is "a
can't hide, duck or blink when the him."I prove himself on the field," Trammell f r couple months"away from completion -
University of Miami football are "Soothing only helps for a short time." Bryan said last week.
Build a strong rapport with high booster Fred Montsdeoca of Ocala is Both the Gator football and bas-
administrators and football coaches. Spurrier can return UF football to ketball programs possibly could re-
Recruit players who are and national prominence. ceive the NCAA's "death penalty"
the field and in the classroom. couldn't be more impressed," he said. a oneor two-year ban from
Figures released by the Board of a chance to bring supporters back to- competition. UF's football programwas
-the 13-member panel that governs the Steve's bound to settle things down placed on three-year probationin
state universities show UF graduated If anybody can do it, Steve can." January 1985. And according to
percent of the football players coming to UF, Spurrier rejected the NCAA rules,the death penalty may
freshman in 1983-84.Although he didn't to coach in the National Football MO CUMEUA be given to any school that violates
timetable Spurrier said his goal is to New Gator Football Coach Steve Spurrier rules again within fiveyears.The .
at least 70 percent of his players. had a chance to pursue a couple of NFL sets his sights on FSU and the University of only NCAA violations re-
Spurrier's emphasis at last week's this year,but after talking with them and Miami. vealed so far are those which led
conference clearly was on becoming talking with Coach Arnsparger, this is to Hall's forced resignation.
state's top football program, but he place I realize I wanted to be and the place Hall admitted to secretly paying
reference to bringing home a I should be," Spurrier said. Steve Spurrier's Contract former assistant coaches$22,000
Conference title until reporters prompted plan on lasting a long time here. LENGTH: Five years, ending Jan. 31. 1995. from his personal bank account,
BASE SALARY: 1990, $130.333.: 1991 $126,000, and is accused of assisting former
I Request to lift gag order deniedA 1992$132.300;1993,$138.915;1994.$145.860 player Jarvis Williams, now with
Separate deals tor television, radio and shoe contracts the NFL's Miami Dolphins, with
federal judge has denied a request by The Gainesville who allegedly sold cocaine to UF wil push the salary to approximately$400,000a child-support payments.
Alligator and five other newspapers to lift a athletes. year. Former basketball coach Norm
order that has limited access to informa- EXFCNSI ACCOWT:$15,000 annually Sloan also
gag was forced into retire-
While to lift the order U. S.
refusing gag INCENTIVES:
tion from an Investigation looking into possible
ment after UF officials accused him
District Court Judge Maurice Paul did, how bonus for national
$30,000 winning charrpionShip. -
wrongdoing in UF athletics. of breaking NCAA rules. But those
ever, release two that show the
The which in 1988 violations have not been disclosed
grand jury probe began
investigation is still under way and that the $1,000 bonus if, beginning Aug 31, 1992.40 ,
has produced two sets of indictments. The four sports agents have agreed to cooperatewith percent of the Gator players graduate. although several former players-
indictments have resulted in guilty pleas by the NCAA and the federal governmentin Anytime UF wins nine or more games in a including Vernon Maxwell said
four South Florida sports agents to mail fraud their respective investigations. season, his contract is automatically extended by Sloan and some of his assistants
charges and convictions or guilty pleas by one year.Martin paid them during their college ca
several members of a drug-dealing ring in RONALD DUPONT JR. reers.

-e.: ........................................................, "Wl"1"" "! !!MAC'NINES! MEANS '"1
Luther Kinq, Jr. TANNAKED"I
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"A History at Pride, A Future of Promise 5 -.-s- >,' GAINESVILLEGYM u.. i a aiii
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Friday, January 12, 1990 7.00: I'' JflN. w x 174400, ,
"'",""""""'"'''''11 m"APPROVED TtCHNOLOGV"",""""""""" I
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Guest Speaker: Dr. Bruce R. Hare
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... .- .-- .- ,



M; IhauHacxr>mtNt

backAh y

the 1980s. For many of us, the good ol days. First
kisses. Freedom that came with a driver license. We t4'

were influenced by the conservative era of the Teflon

leader. We won't know to what extent until someone con- I bX84. this was
ducts a study. But thank goodness they're over.

The new decade is a fresh start. We can turn it into least food L.

anything another selfish, "me"-era or a time when we
realize we have to share UF and this world with others.So .

we're looking to the '90s with change in mind, espe-

cially at UF. We're looking for changes in student atti-

tudes as well as those of administrators and Board of

Regents members who control the state's public universities. -

So, this semester, The Alligator will fight for:

1. Prohibiting traffic on campus during peak

hours. Students get hurt on campus almost every day be-

cause someone doesn't follow traffic rules. Administratorsin

Tigert Hall and in Facilities Planning say a traffic banis
impossible because deliveries need to be made. We say Celebrate the new year with usA

that's a bunch of hooey. UF police can make any kind of
internal traffic regulations they want, such as permittingsoda new year. A new decade. A new editor. And a
deliveries only first thing in the morning. whole new group of columnists and letter writers S Tonya Sutton
2. UF's ; athletic association public. you.
Making private
With the exception of the editorial to the left of this tarting anewSo
We've been caught three times in the past five years for column, this opinions page is for you, the readers, to
sliminess. And hiring UPs favorite son, Coach Steve, to express your views on politics, the environment, plug in your typewriter and send us a gripe or
lead the Gator football team won't make the problems mi- higher education,parking violations,breakfast cereals a well thought out argument for your favorite cause.

raculously vanish. It's naive to think the management of and any othervital,controversial subject that concerns Or, if you think what you have to say deserves

University Athletic Association, Inc. will be honest just because you.No more space in the paper, come in to our office and
subject is too large, too small, too ridiculous or write up a column.
UF expects them to be, especially when they deal
too taboo to cover on the opinions page.
Columnists are ordinary people too. They are stu-
with millions of dollars and ath-
answer to no one. Our Letters to the editor can be serious or humorous, dents, faculty and members of the Gainesville com-
letic programs represent UF on a grander scale than any- and you don't have to be a journalist or an English munity.To .
else and need be to write them. All need is
thing to supervised. major you really somethingto do
a column, just call the newsroom or come
3. Recycling. We are literally up to our eyeballs in gar- say and a desire to be heard. to our office at 1105 W. University Ave. and ask for
bage and our landfill can't hold much more. Pretty soon, But don't get too carried away. Letters should be the opinions editor.
'' no more than 200 words-about one double-spaced,
someone is going to think up a clever way to get rid of it typed page.So get right to the point and let Gainesville I'll talk to you about your subject and set you up
but until then, recycle. Use the aluminum can recyclingbins. know how you feel. on the computer to type your column. If you have a
If you live in a house, use Big Blue. And Student All letters must be signed and include an address good idea of what you want to say,it should take only

Government, in cooperation with UF, will recycle phone and phone number.If you are a student,please include about an hour.
books next week. Take your old book to Turlington Hall class and college.We One thing is definite if your subject is controversial
and get a free soda. read every letter we get and choose which ones ,it will create responses. Some will be positive,
to print based on the relevance of the subject and how but don't expect everyone to agree with you. Writingfor
4. Getting out the student vote, both in local elec- well it is written. the opinions! page is not for weenies.So .

tions and in SG. What good is being registered in Tampaif Letters directly related to Alligator stories or edi- give it a try. Who knows? If you enjoy it you
you aren't there to vote? Instead of voting absentee, re- torials are almost always printed. Controversial, humorous may become a regular feature in The Alligator, and it
register in Gainesville. The decisions local politicians and human interest letters also make it to can't be as bad as a history term paper, right?

make affect you. And vote in SG elections. No registration Tonya Sutton is the new opinions editor.
is required. Just pay attention to the campaigns, take i TO THE EDITOR I
three minutes to talk to the students carrying signs and
and outraged each time we hear ofa killed by disease or murdered.
make a decision. Stop SG from being a power game that American youth killing.
friends play by electing each other. Your student fees Since American Indians do not
hardened crimeEditor We should mourn for the family. create the vast bulk of our text-
equal more than $4 million. Give a damn about who by
Each crime should be viewed with books, movies, museum exhibits
spends them and how.Lookin'. : I heard two girls talking awe and disgust. and other means through which

before class in English this morn- America is becoming hardened.We knowledge of the past is conveyed,
ing.They were reading The Alligator. need to care again. this latter point of view is not as
goodYou widely heard.
Winsome L Hatton
The louder one of the two exclaimed The First Encounters exhibit at
may have noticed we've changed a little, too. We "Finding a baby in a gar the Florida Museum of Natural His-
changed the way the paper looks and added a few fea- bage can that happens every Indian viewpoint tory presents a more "balanced
day..Those protesters, they just view" of its subject matter than
tures. Look to page two every Monday for news from want to get their picture on the heard, welcomedEditor many such exhibits I have seen.
other college campuses and every Tuesday and Fridayfor front page of The Alligator* But it is subject to bias because it
the Police Blotter. On page four, Elsewhere keeps What is our youth becoming? I : It has been said that "his- was created by the intellectual descendants -
you up-to-date on state, national and international news. am ashamed. tory is written by the victors," im- of the settlerinvaders.This .
We hope you roll with the changes. What a horrible day when we plying among other things that the was brought home to me
become hardened to violence and losers are no longer around to tell upon viewing the exhibit after
social sickness. their part of the story. reading information compiled by
alligator Each such event should shock As a descendant of the victorsof organizers of the protest. It was an
Editor' our moral being.If we become hardened the historic encounter between enlightening experience.I .
Lucy Chabot to something,we come that Europeans and American Indians, I am glad that there are still
much closer to accepting the eventas I have been taught to think of my some American Indians around to
Managing Editor Opinions Editor normal society, although not ancestors as having expanded in a bring us their side of the story of
Mary Shedden Tonya Sutton believing in the event's rightness. peaceable manner into a largely the coming of Europeans to this
Change in society comes about empty continent. I realize, how- continent, and I thank those who
Letters Policy by advocates. Martin Luther King ever, that American Indians the
must at
Letter to the editor should not exceed 200 words (about one 8-by-10 page). They should be participated in the protest
typed, double-spaced and signed.' They should Include a typed name address and telephone agitated Americans' minds to not look at this event as a hostile invasion Florida Museum for their efforts.
number. Names will be withheld If the writer show Just causa. If you have any question call accept the norms of his time. in which their ancestors were Seth Blgclow
the editorial' page editor at 376-4458. Our minds should be agitated displaced from their lands and 7LSWelcome




news you may have missed

By MIKE BRUSCELL Police found Kimura lying in the grass near his home
and RONALD DUPONT JR. after responding to a burglary alarm. Kimura's neighborssaid
Alligator Writers they saw him fighting on the ground with anotherman
who drove away in a yellow rental van. Hansen was #
Although most students cleared out of Gainesville for arrested while driving a van matching the neighbors' Yr ,
the winter break, the news didn't take a holiday. So hereit descriptions several hours later and is being held without
is, better late than never.DEMONSTRATOR. bond in the Alachua County jail.
Police arrested a demonstrator protesting the Florida Pretrial hearings for a suspected murderer will remain '+rT
Museum of Natural History's First Encounters exhibit open to the public, an Alachua County circuit judge said
December 14 for hanging a poster outside the museum, last Wednesday.
UF police spokeswoman Angie Tipton said. Darren L Sheppard is charged with shooting two
Paul H. Finkelstein, 323 Weaver Hall, hung the poster Gainesville Steak 'n' Shake employees to death and
after police warned him not to, and was arrested for wounding a third on Oct.3,1988. Despite defense lawyers'
disobeying a police officer. Finkelstein spent the night in attempts to close the hearings because of negative pretrial
jail and was released,Tipton said. publicity, Judge Elzie S. Sanders said the hearings will
The demonstrators, who said the exhibit glorifies the remain open as long as the media does not report on rd.y
killing of Native American Indians by white settlers, evidence he rules inadmissible for the trial. T ?
ended their around-the-clock nine-day protest December Evidence the defense wants Sanders to disqualify in-
16. cludes a handwritten letter by Sheppard that arresting
TELLER FIREA officers testified was incriminating. Sheppard's attorneyssay
Gainesville man set an automatic teller machine on the letter was illegally seized from the Jacksonville
fire early New Year's Day and was charged with arson, apartment where police arrested him. The prosecution
Gainesville police LL Sadie Darnell said. maintains the search was legal because they were givena
Herman Jackson of Southeast Fifth Avenue stuffed key to the apartment and permission to enter.
burning paper into the east-side teller machine at the Pretrial hearings ended Friday morning, and lawyerswill 4
Barnett Bank on West University! Avenue, destroying it, meet this week to discuss when they will resume. If .
Darnell said. The machine was replaced Wednesday, Sheppard is convicted, prosecutors will ask that he be y
Barnett spokeswoman Marina H.Rojas said.Jackson was given the death penalty.
still In the Alachua County jail Sunday afternoon. FLORIDA SNOWMENSnow
TRIAL DATE SETA fell on Gainesville and the rest of North Central
former UF graduate student accused of killing his Florida Dec. 23, making it only the third time in the past
professor last September will face first-degree murder 100 years that the area has had snowfall
charges at a trial March 19,Circuit Judge Robert P. Cates That Saturday morning sheets of ice covered cars, ; a r
said last Thursday. making it difficult to open doors or trunks without pouringhot SUZETTE COOK-ALLIGATOR
Prosecutors say Jens Peter Hansen shot pathology water on them. Icicles covered the citrus groves off Radio Road during the
Professor Arthur Kiyoshi Kimura in the head Sept. 1 Christmas freeze.
because he refused to give Hansen his doctoral degree. see Gone, page 12

a -
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8,ALLIGATOR.MONDAY, 8.1990Former
--------- -

Savant treasurerto Aid officers help solveWorkStudy

I enter plea on theft chargesBy HALUSHKA problemsBy their financial aid files contain conflict
ing information that delays their aid,
M.D. CUMELLA Lovely wouldn't comment about Vlcek's case. Alligator Writer Wilder said.
Vlcek didn't return calls.
Alligator Writer repeated phone Communicating with financial aid Karen Fooks, director of financial
The corrections department offers the PTI officers solves most problems students affairs,said students apply for financialaid
Almost five months after his arrest, former
to criminal defendants who qualify
program encounter in the College Work- by completing the Federal Aid
Savant Treasurer Peter Vlcek will enter his pleato
under strict guidelines. In the defen-
theft and theft after program Study Program, said Rick Wilder, Form. SFA determines the amount of
grand petty charges being dants with no felony convictions and no more
rejected fora Pre-Trial Intervention Program that than one misdemeanor conviction can sign an associate director of Student Financial need and creates an aid package.
may have kept him out of jail. agreement with the state attorney's office delay- Affairs. "Most packages have a gift-aid com-
UF police arrested the former law student last ing prosecution.As "It's human nature for students to ponent and a self-help component,"
August for the theft of more than $2,600 from first blame financial aid,"Wilder said. Fooks said. Students earn money for
Savant,a UF leadership honorary.But Vlcek had part of the program,, the defendant usually "If they would just come to us, we the self-help component through
serves a six-month probation period, during
yet to enter his plea while being considered for could help them. CWSP.
the PTI program In November and now is sched- which he or she performs community service, Eve Savett, a junior in health and Once students' work-study allot
uled to appear Jan. 24 before circuit court Judge repays the victim or attends counseling sessions. human performance, said she was enjoying ments are determined they find jobson
Elzie S. Sanders to enter his plea. UF police charged Vlcek with one count of her job doing secretarial work campus that participate in CWSP.
According to court documents,Vlcek, 33, has grand theft and three counts of petty theft aftera for a professor when she was fired due The federal government and the de-
been denied entry into the program.PTI program three-month investigation found Savant's to a discrepancy in her financial aid partment share the cost of students'salaries.
administrator Robert Woody said the state cor- money was spent on unapproved expenses. forms. .
rections department, the victim, the state Conviction for grand theft is punishable with Savett said she looked for an off- About 2,000 UF students participateand
attorney's office or the presiding judge can reject up to five years in prison and $5,000 in fines, campus job, but none were available."I learn to balance school,work and
the PTI program candidates, but wouldn't say while petty theft convictions can carry sentencesof am just a student who needs other activities,Wilder said.
why Vlcek was rejected. up to one year in prison and $1,000 in fines. money," she said. UF senior David S. Perez, who

Assistant State Attorney James Nilon didn't Vlcek, a former Gator Growl producer, was Some students find they are unableto see CWSP, 11
return calls last week, and Savant adviser Pam Savant's treasurer from 1986 to 1989. meet financial obligations because page


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I Volunteers help bring police, community- together I

By LARA DOUGLASS doughnuts and cof- __ ____________ ____ enforcement.fee the Print A-Kid program, which helps iden-
Alligator Writer ," UF freshman UF senior Sloan tify them If they are abducted, lost or hurt,
and MPAC volun- Going Carr,who is seekingteer and are unable to speak or communicate
Dim street lights lit the way for a police Christy Benton on patrol helps a minor in criminal enough to identify themselves.In .
officer and a civilian passenger who tiptoed said. "They're busy, volunteers understand justice, said he re- December, volunteers collected toys
toward a house -where a woman waited and they have a pri- mained busy when for the Toys for Tots program and helped
after telling a dispatcher that her boyfriend ority list to follow." What Officers'; Jobs are like he rode with an offi-? repair 55 abandoned bicycles that were
planned to kill her. Volunteers serve cer in October, but given to low-income families.
The passenger, a UF student, accompa- as a liaison between Gainesville police and that most calls weren't that exciting."No Patty Blackham, a senior in the Collegeof
nied the officer as part of a four-week train- Crime Watch neighborhoods,Dougan said. one shot at us, and no one tried to Health and Human Performance and one
ing program to become a volunteer with They coordinate programs and schedule run from us," Carr said. of eight student volunteers, takes 14 hoursof
Motivated People Against Crime, a group guest speakers to address neighborhoods' Since October, Carr has given brief presentations classes,teaches nutrition to children for
that helps the Gainesville Police specific problems. to Crime Watch neighborhoodson the Head Start program and participates in
Department's Crime Prevention Unit carry Accompanying an officer on patrol helps home security to help these people guard the student chapter of the Florida Associa-
out its community programs. volunteers explain to members of Crime against residential burglary."I tion of Profession!! Health Educators, in
Linda Dougan, crime prevention specialist Watch groups how calls are handled, wouldn't have guessed volunteers addition to tier work with MPAC.
with Gainesville police, said going on Dougan said. could play such an important role" Carr "It's unbelievable to me that they'd wantto
patrol helps volunteers understand what To complete their training, volunteers said. "through your own ambition,you can volunteer," Dougan said about students,
officers'jobs are like. listen to lectures about the 911 emergency contribute as much,or as little,as you want. "because their schedules are already so
They're not sitting at coffee shops eating system,narcotics,organized crime and code Volunteers fingerprint children as part ofSCHOLARSHIP full.."

f MON FRI QQ U 'e 5 1/2/ blocks

FREE INFORMATION FOR 7am 9 pm campus

SUN 9 am 5 pm 'iffrom

c, 12 noon 4 pm
Every Student.Is Eligible for Some Type of 536 S.W. 2nd Ave
CENTERMinor Financial.Aid Regardless of Grade or Parental Income. 372-7876 Nautilus
Tune Ups Wt have a dill bank of over 200,000 listings of scholarships fellowships -
-------- ------ ---------
$24.16 gnnta, and loans, npraaantlng over $10 billion In private sector I T-- j
4-cylinder funding. j Spring Semester I 6 Months I I One Year I II
6-cylinder $28.74some Many scholarships ant given to students based on their. academic Intend,
( models slightly more.) career plant,family heritage end place ol residence | $60.00 | $75.00 j 1 $100.00 j
available for student who nave been carriers,
There grocery money clerks cheerleader,non-smokers. etc. newspaper L--------1________1+ ________-i iWE'LL
NE 35th Av
Oil and I
For A Free Brochure ,
$11.95 = "th/ J CALL
Jz I ANYTIME ((800)) 346-6401 tiJ I YOU CflN'T BEfiT PETE'S GYM"With !

3411 N. Main Terr. 376-6752 L_______________________


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is not just a greact price

s a great penence

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'If you are already a student American Express Cardmember and have a question about this program,please send your written question,a copy of your student ID and class schedule to:American Express,PO.Box 35029,
Attn:Student Marketing,Greensboro,NC 27425 Fare is for roundtnp travel on Northwest Airlines Tickets must be purchased within 24 hours after making reservations Fares are nonrefundable and no itinerary changes
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CWSPfrom held at the beginning of the year

page 8 Students also should get to
know their personal financial aid
its works for financial affairs to earn counselors, who can provide valu-
his CWSP allotment,said most em- able information, and read all in-
ployers put school above work. He structions carefully, Wilder said.
said he finds it difficult to believe
But despite the help that's avail-
The that would have negative
Macintosh Sale.Now anyone
feelings toward the able, some students still have bad
experiences with their CWSP jobs.
"I can see why some people
through January 31. might have some problems, be- UF junior Dan Tumarkin said
the office where he worked did not
cause there are certain regulationsthat
give him enough hours to earn the
1< "= "
W. must be followed, Perez said.
/'' "'/ :::: : ;...jy;: amount of money he was allotted

i Financial aid is a complex process from financial aid. He tried to geta

i-: ) Suggested Retail: Wilder said. Students have loan or off-campus work, but nei-
problems because they don't un- ther money nor work was avail-
t $4093.95Regular
derstand the system.To able."I.
,. .... '
4 -- -- .' Campus : learn about financial aid,Wil- had to dig into my savings,"

r .. > i- .' # $2486.00 der suggests that students attend Tumarkin said. "I got the short end
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E: q

iff: >> t,*, m..yK. k" ,' ,;1.1tt........ DROPADDfrom students aren't ready."
J11 i?LMj";\ ?< f .;r, .s;:a ee.a11tt1tittUtlltEtttEttilts, ftiltiittt "" ;' page 3 Understand the procedure,

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i-ft r 'h
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standing In line. To avoid
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$2236 Bundle Includes dents should do the following: with
: Wednesday, Thursday as an

Macintosh SE with 20 MB Internal SCSI Hard Disk ImageWriter n Printer Know all of the alternative add-only day. Students can also
classes. They need to know all of late register for classes before 1
Offer available to UF full-time students, faculty and staff only. the alternatives, and they need to p.m. Thursday, and all undeferred

know before they go to their de- fees are due at the HUB by 2:30:
Now IN STOCK! partments," he said. "Many times p.ra Friday,

For more information call the Customer Service Desk at 392-0194

vIPUS SHOP&BOOKSTORE Mj ll available from government |from SI I without
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loriclotuni CALL 1 SOS (82-7555 EXT H-
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Corner of NW 6th Street &West University Avenue OFFICE

378-2577 SUPPLY

Restock. What Alligator Advertisers do most. 376-4482 Mon.-Frl. 8:30-5:30pm: : Sit. 9-1 pm



nications center,said that in termsof
from page 7 number of emergencies, that
weekend was the worst in the city's
Gainesville police and Alachua history. A Crash: Course In
County Sheriffs deputies normally REGENTS MEET
receive a few hundred calls a week- The Board of Regents said it
end, but that weekend they got would not encourage the NCAA to
more than 12,000 calls about house stop freshmen from participatingin Rental
fires,loss of electricity,fallen trees varsity sports at its Dec. 14 Furniture
and vehicle accidents. meeting in Tampa.
Interstate 75 was closed from However, while the Regents -
Gainesville to Georgia, and the the 13 people who oversee the nine
Florida Highway Patrol reported state universities said they \ ''
hundreds of accidents.Three people would not encourage the NCAA to r.\. 'to' v
died in weather-related acci- make freshmen ineligible, they ,. wy, I 'Ja r C!
dents that weekend in North also wouldn't ask for freshmen to A
Central Florida be eligible.
The weather also caused Course 101:
power The Regents decided after lis- without Aaron Rents)
outages throughout the city and at tening to four athletes including
one point, a record 30 percent of UF football player Brad Culpepper Studentius Slobbum:
the city did not have 1 1Y a peculiar condition
power. -who said freshmen can competein that commonly exists
Barry Luke, director ofGainesville's athletics and do well in the class-
among many campusenvironments
emergency commu. room. in which
-- the knowledge of Aaron
Rents Furniture is ,
unacquired. '

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F "

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1 Veer$99 376-8400. a pleasant condition .
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Good thru Jan. 31. 1990. Ont coupon per person. No limit! Olfcr ippllM to 120 minimum rental nntrtet,8-month minimum nnul period

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2024 S.W. 34th St. Suite 206 Aaron Rents &

((34th Street Plaza)
Sells Furniture

M-F 9am-9pm Sat. 8am-7pm Sun. 10am5pmIS

375-3767 3$ 3736 Newberry Road, Gainesville 3737233Gone














,... e

Jan, 8th &9th; 8am -9pm10th

: 8am8pmllth
: Sam7pm12th

/i / t S : 8am6pm13th

,so* : 11 am3pmJan.

16th resume regular hours:
M F8am 6pm
Sat. 1 lam 3pmSun.
< IL_)



III Alligator ClassifiedsFOR =


1 FURNISHED$145mo. 2 homes for rent & Bath In NE House, N/S, Cent Classifications Q How to place a
2 bdrm fireplace or 2 story w/ central ht/ac, wash/dry/ no lease. l95/mo ft 1/2/
heat ft air. $385/mo.. 373-5018. Walk to util. Call Dave alter 6pm at 3784698. 1- classified ad:
util! Incl. 3 blki to UF. Private UF. 1-12-5-2 12-5-5 1 For Rent. Furnished .
entrance single rm. elf. cntl. ht. Cooking, In Person
parking. Upperclass or grad. 372-1862 4 BD 2 BTH HOUSE BY UF N/S F to share 3bdr/2ba home w/ mom & 2 For Rent. UnfurnIshed Cash :
check. MC or VISA.
3751728. 1125.1 201 NW 10 St. Wood floors heallalr.carport.
child In NW. $180/mo. & 1/2 util. 371- 3 Mobile Homes
Mgt. 411 NW 15 St. 3710769. 9614. 1125.5 The Alligator Office
STUDENTS only a 1 br all util $200 anda 1-12-5-2 For Rent/Sale/ 1105 W University Ave
1 br water only $185 2 br $250 All close M-F
id campjt. 373-4583 24 hire or 374-6934 3 Large br 2 bath house MOONSTRUCKDisordered 4 Sublease House/Apt./ Sam4pmMain
107. 1-12-5-1 $450/month. 710 NW 54th Terr. BookstoreHub
Large fenced yard near Oaks Mall. In mind supposedly affectedby 5 Roommates Customer Service Desk

Share 2BR/2Ba Condo, $200 & util. Mo. 376-0831 after 6:30: pm/weekends./ 1.10- the Influence of the moon, crazed, lunatic : 6 For Sale .>: if M F 8 am 4.30 pm
Cent. H & A, Washer, Etc...Lge backyard, 3.2 dazed. 11035ROCKWOOD
quiet, convenient to shop center, call 338- 7 Real Estate' .' .;; Reitz Union Cashier's Office
0863. 1-12-5-1 A clean one bdrm upstairs apt close to : M-F8am-9pmSatmoon
UF, l90/mo ft deposit lease. No dogs. Mf N/S to share luxurious ,. 8 Motorcycles '; Sun noon 5 pm

Efficiency,furn or unfurn, dote 10 UF.one 724 NW 3 Ave. 495-9024. 1-12-5-2 3br/3ba 245mo.condo.& Own rm/ba 9 'Autos Medical Bookstore, ShandsM.F.8am.430pm
113 util.
person, no pets, quiet, private, patio, free
cable TV. $225/mo. plus utilities. Call 378- 3 br apt $300/month/ plus utilities' on bus 335-9124 or 3059718888. 10 wanted
2016. 1-82-1 line. 1930 N.E. Waldo Rd. 376-0831 after 1-12-5-5 11 Services By Mall:
6.30: pm/weekend 1-10-3-2 .
ROOM FOR RENTIn Polo'a M or F own bed/bath & 1/2/ util. 12 Typing Services Use forms appearing weeklyin

3 bdrm condo In Casablanca One Bedroom $235 Month $300 negotiable. Wsh/dry fully furn. Inc. the Alligator Sorry no cash by
5 minutes from campus. $200/mo. & 1/3 Two Bedroom $295. Month bdr. Call 3357255. 1-12-5-5 13 Help Wanted mail MC, VISA, or checks only.

utilities. 377-6870 M or F. 1-12-5-1 Furnished Add $75 Month
14 Business Personals Phone 373-FIND
Roommate Wanted: N/S, young prof. or By :
501 NW 5th Ave. 371-1470
Roommate wntd In house 1 block away 1.12-5.2 grad student. Call 376-1341. 1-12-5-5 15 Personals Payment by VISA or Mastercard
ONLY. Five dollar
from campus $159 & utilities. Spring Sem. minimum.
Free rent for Live cool 16 Connections
way at M-F8.30.4pm.
Call 336-0297 1811. Take over lease nice condo across Law
School Oak Forest for only $150. Own bedroom 17, Notices

Small ibdr w/bath, private entry, small 2 bed. remodeled, urgent. 374-9009. 1- and 1/4 utilities.Call 338.4957 to party$$. Q How to correct
fridge 4 mi. W of UF, $150/mo, all util. 12-5-2 1-12-5-5 18 Rides
i nci ud. 378-9990. 1-22-10-1 cancel ad
M/F Own room In nice 2br/1 ba SW apt. off 19 Pets :. your :

Own room in quiet N.W. house. $115/mo. FREERental Archer Rd. $145 & 1/2 util. 335-4635 20 ".' Lost & Found Cancellations:
I Kate. 1-12-5-5
6 third utilities. Walk blocks UF. .
seven to Service All Info .
Finding Call 373 FIND Mon. Fri, 8. 4 pm.
Call 338-1764 anytime or Iv. message. 1- floorplans, video and more FAST. We F Rmmt for furn 4bdr/2ba Condo by Oaks No refund can be given.

103.1 can help you find that perfect place to live. Mall. Include Washer, Dryer Security

'!Immediately seeking n/s F to sublet lor Gator Rental Finders a UF Plaza. ,.,2. System. 200mo. ft split util. 335-4298. D When will your ad run? Alligator errors:
5-2 1-12.5.5 Check your ad the FIRST day it runs
Spring & summer, completely furn. .
Call 373 FIND with any corrections before
2bdr/2ba apt. at Oakbrook, sacrifice
$150/mo Collect 9047887732. ,.,2.5.1 MOBILE HOMES Christian f n/s to share 2br apt wsame.. Classifieds will begin TWO noon. THE ALLIGATOR IS ONLY
: 100mo. & 1/2 util. Call 373-0794 RESPONSIBLE FOR THE FIRST DAY
eve/wkds. 1-10-3-5 DAYS after they are placed. THE AD RUNS INCORRECTlY.. Corrected
3 FOR RENT/SALE Ads mailed in or placed at the ads will be extended one day.
: Union or Shands take No refunds' or credits can be given after
Near UF lots for 'rent long term RVs 6 FOR SALE may
' placing the ad. Changes called In alter
2 UNFURNISHEDWalk 140mo. Nice MH rentals, resales.' 378- THREE days to appear. Ads the ,first day will not be compensated.
9291 Arredondo Farms Mobile Home may run for any length of time

Park. 1199.3 BRAND NAME COMPUTERS and be cancelled at time. Customer error or changes:
to Santa FE CC, 1 BDR $270-$280, A* low as $2S/mo no $ down any Corrections must be made In person at
2 BDR $335, NEW Townhouse $440. Sec. FREE Catalogue over 50.000cu.tomerI18008257283 Sorry, but there can be no re- The Alligator office, BEFORE NOON.
Plus LMR. Pool, laundry cats SUBLEASE: funds
no or dogs. for cancelled ads.
There will be a $2.00 correction fee.WFF .
Santa Fe Trace Apts. 3781190. 4-30-75- 2-18-30-6


t Oak Glade Apts. Near UF & VA, quiet 60 SECONDS TO CAMPUS Twin bed for sale with mattress, box

washer/dryer/ available In most units for Across from Tigert; 1 Rm furn/unfurn, spring, frame, all In great cond. First $40
$15 mo. Cats Allowed. 1B-2B, 1 & 2 Bath pool. Sublet Jan-June; renew option In takes 335-4447.. 1-10-3-6 CENTER I., ":" ''II,

$250-$3SO, sec & Imr. 372-6422. 4-30- June. 250mon./ (Includes util). 371-
75-2 9508. 1-10-3-4 Queen waterbed w/heater, sheet & comforter CiNiriixOnioNMIIAIKIS "
101' N. W I Jill SIII'1, 00/
$15000.375-221S. 1-12-5-6 3125341 1 .
GRAD STUDENTS ONE BLK FROM Sublet 2bdrm Ibath Unfurnished. $310 a
UNIV. One Bedroom One Bath $275/mo. mo. a $150. deposit. Walk to campus. Assembled oval wood dining table, leaf
Call Kevin 378-5242 fl-5pm. 1-10-3-2 Sunbay Apts. 708 SW 16th Av. Ph 336- Included, seats 6, 4 matching chairs, $125
1543. 1-10-3-4 obo 373.7425 Iv. message. 1-12-5-6 Chevy Chase Weekdays: 7:30: 11:40:

2 BR 1 BATH, KIT., LR. 1 BLK. to UF. CHRISTMAS VACATION (PC.1 3)) Sat A Sun.: 2:30: 4:55: 7.30 11:40:

$360/mo., 2 per. max., 1st/lat mo. dep., Sublet 2bdr apt. till July $3lO/mo/ a util. SOFA: 7 feet long, decent condition, light -
1910 NW 1st Ave. PH. S911410622- blue slipcovers need to be dyed. Incredible
Pam pay Apts, 375-5280. 1-10-3-4 Michael J. Fox Weekday.: 7:10: 9:30:
y 4257, J.B. Walkup, now avail. 1-12-5-2 comfortable I 374-8547 evenings. 1.
10-3-6 BACK TO THE FUTURE (PC) Sat. & Sun.: 2:104:40: : 7:109:30Conn.ry : :

+ STUDENTS only a1 1 BR all utlls. $200 anda 5 ROOMMATES
1 BR water only $185 2 BR $250 all Take over my Power Plant Membership! Hoffman Broderick W..kday.: 7:00: 9:25:
close to campus 373-4593 hrs. or 374- $150. Thru 9/91/ 373-7374 leave mes FAMILY BUSINESS (I) Sat & Sun: 2:00: 4.30 7:00: 9:25I :
6934 10-7. 1-12-5-2 sage. 1-12-5-6

Oakridge bdr, remodeled kitchens, carpet put roommates at your fingertips. We Nice Clean Modern Furniture All at Reasonable
ceiling. fans, & money saving heat can help you find that Ideal roommate Prices Come Take a Look. one
pumps, $295,1120 NW 45 Ave. 3723783. FAST. Gator Rental Finders. UF Plaza. The Plunder House THEATRES I -There /$ A.'J1IJlJII.IHAOAKS !!

1-31-17-2 336-9349. 1-12-5-5 511 SW 4 Avenue. 1-22-10-6
furnished twnhse $257 ft f 2 Q BLrs t b m 430 4 6
Square Apts. for the serious Fully 1/2 util., OAKS pmIxni.d
Arlington Beds: queen $100, 2 twins $50 *a, sofa r s n
student or professional, next to the Hippodrome F N/S, own bed, 1 1/2 bth., clean ft responsible sleeper queen ft love seat, like new $380, ROAD

1bdr from $365, 2bdr from $500, no pets, In WIlliamsburg. Call chest of 5 drawers $30, a/c 12,000 BTU 331.8818 INSIDE OAKS MAll OAKS WEST
uptown living..downtown) 378-9682. 1- Pam 335-1358. 1125.5 2003744054. 1-10-3-6 331-8118 ADJACENT TO MALI
Own room In furnished N.W. house; w/d;
Full size bed/twin size bed/6
drawer base WAR '
I new appliances. Want n/s/ clean reap 10 gal fish tank fully equip. Neon signs 1:: .:. 80555:,\So)I' BORN ON THE FOURTHOF
Colonial Oaks 2bdr/1 1/2 ba townhouse, female grad stud. $270 ft 1/2 utilities. Coors ft Lite Portable
,., ( ). Typewriter 335- 1(530:12 eOO \ JULY (R)
wash/dry/ hook-up, dishwasher 3737097. 2.5.5 200. ( 101, lots 1:15,
325. 5905. 1-11-4-6 lACK TO THE FUTVIIII : ((4:15: 0 IUO). 7.18,10:15: :
Close to UF, 4221-A SW 21 PI. 376-3133. (PC;) BLAZE R
Male/Female/ Roommate needed to share 0 12.501), ( )
".31-17-2 2bdrm In Homestead Apts. 179.50 New Bicycle ATB style ISspeed. chro- CHRISTMAS VACATION 200.((5:15: 012.50)). too: 10:31:
plus 1/2 util. 336-6299 Iv. message. 1.10- molly frame, Index shifting, all the bells 1:45.: ((8.1' 12.501), 7:45: (PG-11), '.15 ) STEEL MAGNOLIAS (PC)
Large 4bdrm house, carport, fenced yard, and whistles. Must sell. Call 3320940.
WET1E NO ANGELS :*,((445: eK.50)),7:30: 10:15:
central SIc, $395, 237 SW 4 Ave. 372- 1-12-5-6 2.00.:((5.30 E 62.50)). 6:00: Ha ALWAYS (PC)
6172. 1-31-17-2 THE LITTLE
F Nonsmk grad student own room, 3 bdr Country-style furniture, sofa coffee table 1:00.3.00(5.0061)RMAJO: ( 16 ), .J G, 5.00 1305.00( 9 Z50)). 7:45: 10:15:

WOOD FLOORS 2 bd, three blocks N of house 1 block from Shards, fireplace,vcr, ft chairs, good condition. $125, call 375- 70-
UF 329 NW 17 St, very nice. Office: 411 microwave 175mo. 3712589. 1-12-5-5 8017 ask for Chris, after 6pm 377-5216. Times Shown Monday Thru Thursday
NW 15 St. 371-0769. 1-12-5-2 1-12-5-6
Nonsmoking female wanted to share bedroom -

STUDIO walk to UF $225 water pd. 1829 In furnished William.burg Village, PEUGEOT 12 spd man's road bike. Excellent HAD IT WITH YOUR
NW 2 Ave. by O-Dome. Mgt. 411 NW 15 2bedroom townhouse, $110 ft 1/4 util. condition, $175 or best. offer. Call I ROOMMATE?
371-0769.. 1-12-5-2 Call 335-5802. 1125.5 336-8491 1-12-5-6 F Find a new one in Alligator Classifieds



Alpine, Kenwood Sony and 30 more
brand are all at our New Location! Car Estate Salesman course 7-day BREAD & ROSESABORTIONS 12 SERVICESYOU *BRANCH OPENINGS
Stereo Specialist 3215 NW 13 St. 372- Begins Feb. 12 Saturday only class JOBS JOBS JOBS
2070. 4-30-75-6 begin mid Feb. Call 371-2767 Fla Ctr for WRITE WE TYPE $,t3/hr, we train.. National coatings
Real Estate ed. 1-12-5-7 1233 NW 10th Ave. Business Legal Personal Reports franchise expanding Full/part time.
372-1664 Term Papers Typeset Resume A Etc. LABOR ft MGT. POSITIONS AVAil.
MC/VISA/lnaurance/ G'ville Handicapped Typing Potential to own your own business.
est, beet and lowest priced ear stereo 15 Room Houst. Fully Rented! Earn Free Pregnancy Test 378-7179 Call for Immediate Interview.
store in town 372-2070. 2201 NW 13 St. while you learn and/or Invest/treter- Member 4-30-75-12 613-686-7151.
4-30-75-8 nlty. Good Condl 37I-66S2. 1-31-17-7 13117.13
National Abortion Federation Typing A report A business A legal A
Rockford. Foagate, Yamaha, Pioneer, resumes A cassette transcribed A applications Office help wanted Allstate Ins.
Infinity, Kicker, Code Alarm. The Best 8 MOTORCYCLES A letters A notary .etc. Available M-W-F 9.00 am to 1:00: pm, T & Th 1:00to :
Car Steno Installers In town. Car Sle- TRANSMITTED DISEASE? 24 hours/7/ days/372-2777. 4-30-75-12 5pm
reo to Go. 3751834. 4-30-75-6 1981 Honda 750 Supersport, very harp, Get confidential testing and treatment at Apply by phone. 373-0333. 1-12-5-13
good condition, first $750 take It, 373- PLANNED PARENTHOOD 377-0881. 4- Typing $1.00 pg. min. 500. Reports,
beds / 5018. 1-12-5-1 30-75.11 Theses, whstever. Grad School P.T. List.
2 plnewood $75.
single each. 1NilhlkI10lp..d
WCS 917 NW -373-9622. 4-30-75- OFFICE WORK: Part time, will train. Mature
$175, $250 New. Dennis
12 person wanted. Prefer GVL residentor
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Ji-. I \ ; / FOS IS Wh REAPED STANLEY H.KAPLAN 3408, GEO 2200. GEO 2201, GEO 2420
; ; \" FINALLY LAST FANFALJrf GEO 2500, GLY 1000, HIS 2464, ISM
:;:; )f THE SMART MOVE! 3011" 1SS 2120, JOU 3100,
i LAH 2020, LEI 3830, MAC 1142, MAC
J 1/:1: yyy' + 3233 MAC 3311, MAN 3021, MAR 3023,
1I If MGF 1202, MMC 2100, MMC 4200 OCE
'J I\\. 2005, PCO 2714, PET 3320 PET 3350
( 00l i PHM 2101, PHI 2100, PHI 2403, PHY'

:1r 3053, PSB 3004, PSY 2013, PUR 3000,
I PUR 3101, OMB 3205 OMB 3600 REE
J "I) << Ij n t Y GMAT-GRE-LSAT I 3043, REL 2001, REL 2240, RUT 3452,
,\ I RTV 2100, RTV 3000, SOP 2513, STA
"r 't. uu o.n ae.e..ryo... 3023. STA 3024, SYG 2000, SYG 2430
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rl' :;
'\ IJIi i iI !cumw, ?N 377-0014 ested. 1-17-7-13


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Continued on next page. I



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Gatorsfrom The Gators began the tournament -"

from page 20 Steve Spurrier's 1990 staff page 20 with a 69-64 victory over
New Orleans behind Davis' 20
was coach of the Denver Dynamite, who also won the NAME POSITION LAST YR. "We've got to take some pridein points and seven rebounds.

title under Marcum.As Jerry Anderson Def. tackles UF the fact that we were SEC Davis and Chatman were namedto
head coach at Ranger Texas) Junior College in last said.
Jim Bates Def. coordinator TennesseeJim champs year, Hogan the all-tournament team.
1978 and 79, Marcum guided Ranger to a 20-1 markIn "Games are not going to fall into Before that, UF iced intrastatefoe
his two years, and his 1979 squad won the junior- Collins Linebackers Duke our lap." South Florida
91-54 in the
college national championship.On Dwayne Dixon Receivers ..
O'Connell Center 11
as players
the offensive side, Reaves and Dixon are joinedby Carl Franks Running backs Duke EN scored.

former Duke assistants Rich McGeorge, 41, and Tim Marcum LinebackersOffensive Arena Break?What break?Overall, But the Gators began their

Carl Franks, 28, to mold UFs squad to Spurrier's Rich McGeorge line Duke the Gators went 2-3 during the Christmas break with a 105-94

wide-open offensive attack. John Reaves Tight endsDefensive EvangelBob Christmas break. loss to Texas on the road.

Spurrier has been hailed an offensive genius by Sanders ends Duke Forward Gerald Glass shred GEORGIA((69))-Austin 3.7 2..e, Wilson 2.3
football followers. In Spurrier's three seasons at Duke, ded the UF defense for 37 points 227,Kessler 4-14 8-1217,Green 396-812,Cole
44 2-2 10, Patton IS 0-0 3, Golden 3.. 0-0 6,
the Blue Devils averaged more than 300 yards passinga and eight rebounds to lead Ole Howard 230-04,Harron 010-00,Rhine 0-0 0-0
game, and he coached the top three total offenses in Spurrier coached Reaves when Spurrier was head Miss to a resounding victory. 0,Owen 110-12 Totals 23.59 20.29 69

Atlantic Coast Conference history ((501.7 yards a gamein coach of the Bandits and Reaves was the starting And he did it despite a pulled 6, DScWntzlut UFM7)-Chalman8-13) 8-14 0-0 16, Gnmsley Pool 264-48*34 0-0,
1989,464.6 in 1988 and 453.6 in 1982)). quarterback. Reaves also spent 10 years in the NFL hamstring.At Garcia 3-4 0-0 7,Hogan 450-0 12,Davis 0212
"That's one reason why I'm standing here today, is with four different teams, beginning his career as the 1,Schlnolui 140-02,Carter 22227.Jackson
the Bowl Tourna-
Sugar 2.30-05,Turner 4.50-0,Lee 0-20-0.Stewart
because of the success I've been fortunate to have first-round selection of the Philadelphia Eagles,wherehe ment in New Orleans on Dec. 27 120-03.Totals 36-6813-16 97. *.
running offenses," Spurrier said during the Dec. 31 played from 1972-75. and 28, UF finished second to Halftime' -UF 47, Georgia 28 Three-point
310 Wilson Kessler ,
Georgia 1 2 13
goals ( -
news conference announcing his arrival. "111 call the Dixon, meanwhile,played for the Gators from 1979- 25th-ranked La Salle. Preseason Green 0.2, Ration 1-3)), UF 8-11 ((0 Schlnoiut 0-1,
plays and run the offense, and if we can't move the 83 and became the school's No.3 all-time receiver with All-American Lionel Simmons Garcia 1.1,H'II14-5,Schntzlus 0.1.Caner 1.1.
Jackson 1-1 1 1-1)). Fouled out none)
ball,you can come right at me on that. 124 catches. scored 33 points and pulled Total; fouls- Georgia 15, UF 21 Rebounds-
Reaves played quarterback at UF from 1969-71 and McGeorge, who will coach the offensive line, has down 10 rebounds to lead the Georgia 30 (Kessler 11)). UF 43 (Chatman 6)). Ar
sla.-Georgia 9(Green 5)),UF 23(Jackson 4)).A
set numerous passing records. coached five years at Duke. Explorers to a 76-69 victory. -7,112.

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_ Rec football team wins national title I Baseball squadNo.

By ALEX MARVEZ While some regard flag football strictlyas the second-place team, a group of law 17 in pollAlligator
a recreational activity,many of the teams school students dubbed the Cunning liti-
Alligator across the country take it seriously. Thereare gants. Staff.Wire Report
Amid the hoopla of the Freedom Bowl more than 100 teams in leagues spon- That squad was unable to raise enough TUCSON, Ariz. -The UF baseball
and Steve Spurrier's arrival as Gators football sored by UF's intramural division of the money for the trip, so the bid went to Pi team is ranked 17th in the nation, ac-
]) coach, UPs most successful football Recreational Sports Program, and 103 col- Lambda Phi, which finished third and had cording to the Collegiate BaseballESPNTop
squad quietly proved its merits at the na- lege squads were entered in the men's saved funds during the season. 25 preseason poll, released Dec.
tional level. national tournament,held at the Universityof The LGP men's team dominated the early
Let's Get Physical,a local health club that New Orleans. round of the national tournament,defeatinga 29.The Gators, who finished 44-22 last
sponsored two 14-player flag football]) teams "You have to have good athletes who are previously undefeated squad from Army season, were picked by a poll of
composed of UF students, won the men's quick," said LGP owner and men's coach 41-6, a team from Navy 41-20 and a group coaches, sports writers and sports information
USF&G National Invitational Flag Football Jerry Lerner, a 1977 UF graduate who from Texas 34-0. directors to expand upon the I
Tournament on Dec. 31 in New Orleans. founded the men's team six years ago."The On the final day, LGP came from behindto unranked finish they earned in the final
The squad defeated UFs Pi Lambda Phi fact two teams from Florida finished first defeat teams from Georgia Southern 1989 pollFlorida
fraternity 13-6 in the final,marking the first and second just goes to show how powerful ((32-20)) and Ohio State ((26-20)) to advanceto State was selected No. 1 in
time a UF squad has won the title and two UF intramural teams are." the final. Against Pi Lambda Phi, LGP the poll.Elsewhere,Miami is rated No.
teams from the same university finished No. The LGP men's squad, which returned overcame a 6-0 halftime deficit when quar- 13 and South Florida No. 23.
'1 and No. 2. only five members from last year's team that terback Rob Smithwick connected with Florida had more teams on the poll
The women's squad from Let's Get Phys- finished 10th in the nation,qualified for the Lance Wall on a 5-yard touchdown pass and than any other state in the nation.
ical finished fifth in the tournament, losingto nationals Oct. 28 by winning a USF&G Keith Ellis on a 50-yarder for the 13-6 vic- The Baseball America preseason ratings
champion Georgia Tech. tournament at UF.The team also won UPs tory.Ellis considered the other major col-
An independent UF squad,The Mullets, all-campus championship Dec. 10, which and teammate Paul Arnold were lege baseball poll,will be released later
finished in the top eight in the national would have given it an automatic bid, but named first-team All Americans and tourna- this month.
co-recreational division. since it already had a bid, USF&G invitedWELCOME ment most valuable players.

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I UF plays forgetta-bowl game against Huskies I

By JASON DAVIS up to the game. The practice atmospherewas
Alligator Staff Writer different and players appeared more
concerned with the Steve Spurrier situation
Most college football teams like to savor than the contest ahead of them.

their bowl-game appearances for a long "You could blame it on a lot of things," fwd on'f
time. The 1989 Freedom Bowl, however, is said Gators running back Cedric Smith.
one game the Gators would rather forget as "The style of play, the things surroundingus .

soon as possible.UF the fact that we're so far from home.
,playing what then-interim coach Gary Darnell had sharp words about the sur-
Darnell said might have been its worst per- rounding controversy."I'm .

formance of the year,was pounded by Wash- not happy about it (the way the
ington 34-7 on Dec. 30 in Anaheim, Calif. Spurrier negotiations were handled secretly -
The Huskies ((8-4)) pushed the Gators ((7-5)) )," Darnell said. There was a lot of
around the entire game,limiting them to 231 effort made to protect one team (Duke) and

yards of total offense. make sure things were done right by them, 4
Not even Heisman Trophy candidate and our team didn't get the same shake."
Emmitt Smith could save the Gators in frontof
the national television audience. Smith, NE

who averaged 145.4 yards a game duringthe No go pro? Emmitt Smith apparently still
regular season, gained only 17 yards on is undecided on what his next step will be
seven carries the fewest yards he has had -returning for his senior year or declaring
and the fewest carries he has had since his himself eligible for April's NFL Draft.

freshman year. "Did you think I was going to jump off the
To put things In perspective, quarterback field and say I was leaving?" he said follow-
Donald Douglas was UFs leading rusher, ing the bowl game. Thats a crazy questionto
running nine times for 90 yards, includinga ask me right now."

67-yard option-left touchdown run in the Smith did, however, say he was "consid-
first quarter. ering" the draft.
The nation's third-rated defense could do
N .
little to stop the Huskies, either. Running
back Greg Lewis ran for 103 yards and Morris, Matthews reinstated. UF rein-
quarterback Gary Conklin completed 21 of stated quarterbacks Kyle Morris and Shane ALLIGATOR PHOTO
39 passes for 217 yards and a pair of TDs. Matthews suspended in midseason for Running back Emmitt Smith (pictured against Indiana State In 1988)) rushed for only
"We just never played Florida-style foot- breaking NCAA rules by gambling on col- 17 yards against Washington In the Freedom Bowl nearly 129 yards below his

ball all day,* Darnell said. "We didn't have lege and professional football games to average.-
our usual intensity. If this wasn't our worst the team Dec. 20. Meanwhile last season.
two non-scholarship players,
performance of the year, it was close. The players,who were declared ineligible Brady Ackerman and G.. Mangus, who 1 am very happy to get a second chance,"
Washington jumped out to a 27-7 lead at Oct. 16, will return to the squad effective were suspended for an undisclosed violationof Morris said in a statement released by the
halftime and began putting in second-string today. Their scholarships have been re- NCAA rules, have been permitted to try university. hope I can come back and be
players. UF, which received eight votes in stored and they are permitted to live in the to walk onto the team as well. forgiven by my coaches, teammates and
last week's final poll by The Associated Yon Hall athletic dormitory.The fans. s
Press, simply could not recover from the next hurdle,however,is clearing the Morris, a sophomore, was UFs starting
deficit. NCAA Eligibility Committee, which will de- quarterback for the first six games,throwingfor "Hopefully, the NCAA will look positivelyupon
Darnell said he noticed his team was termine if they can play and practice for the 1,098 yards and nine touchdowns. Mat the petition for our reinstatement of
distracted by other things the week leading 1990 season. thews, a freshman, had seen only two plays eligibility for competition.

Coach plays name game; Lady Gators get closer I

player close to bit of fame to being giant-killers

105th game. Marsh set the record in 132 in the last 13 seconds for the final margin.
Alligator Writer games. Alligator Writer UFs trio of guards led a balanced scoring
N attack as Washington, Camille Ratledge and
QjV0fcs, quotes and a"tcdotesfrom the UF David fell about two minutes short of Sophia Witherspoon combined for 38 points.
women's basketball camp during the Business as usual. The Lady Gators slaying Goliath on Saturday night, and, in
Christmas break. extended their winning streak to eight the process, emerged as a force to be reckoned They sagged off me because I never
Carol Higginbottom doesn't coach the games with three victories,including two with by future heavyweights.UFs shoot the ball," Ratledge said. "But it fired
Lady Gators anymore. in the Florida Atlantic Tournament, over women's basketball squad lost to me up when they (Georgia players) said
Higginbottom married Brian Whitmireof the holidays. UF defeated Austin Peay Georgia 70-58 in the O'Connell Center, but 'She's no shooter' about me."

Jacksonville over the holidays, takinghis 83-68 and FAU 7W7 to win the FAU played the nation's third-ranked team even Ratledge, UFs game, season and career
name as well as his hand in marriage. tourney Dec.29,and opened the new year for 38 minutes. leader in assists, turned into a shooter Saturday -.

And it hap. on a winning Two minutes, however, were all Georgia night,making six of 11 shots from the 9
note, overcoming needed. field, including two three-pointers, for 14

LangplaysbasSSenior guard Camille an deficit eight-to Lady Gators guard Casandra Washington points- three shy of her career-high set a
point hit a three-point shot at the 4:37: mark of the year ago against Vanderbilt. She also
ketball Ratledge needs 71 assists to Jan.top Maine 1 in 78-73 the first half, tying the score at 21. But the Lady handed out a game-high six assists.

Higginbott break the SEC record of 767. Bulldogs ran off nine unanswered points
om, er, Whit- O'Connell Cenmire For Georgia, center Stacey Ford's 18
over the next two minutes, giving them the
ter. points and 11 rebounds both
recruited __ ..... lead for good. game highs,
Lang, now a sophomore center at lit, Junior guard Sophia muierspoonstarred UF played its Southeastern Conference paced the Lady Bulldogs ((12-0,1-0)).
when Lang starred for Jacksonville'sKenny for the Lady Gators averaging 23 "If they're number three in
rivals tough the rest of the way, but never the country
Bishop High School, coached by points in the three games, and walked
could make up for the lapse. and the best in the SEC, we know we can-
Brian Whitmire.Xs and Os apparently led away with the FAU Tournament Most "
play with anybody, Witherspoon said.
the loss which
Although stung by -
to rings and wedding bells, and the two Valuable Player award. Junior forward
were married Dec. 16. Rhvonja Smith's 34 points and 15 re- snapped an eight-game winning streak Ratledge agreed.
UF coach Carol Whitmire still found hope
her the all-tour-
bounds earned a spot on
N for the future in her squad's effort. "We're going to upset some teams," she
nament "Georgia is what, the best team in the said. "There's going to be some surprises.
Records, anyone? Senior guard o conference? I'm ecstatic we can play with GEORGIA((70)-) kWn3-120-1e.Hafdmofl4-142-,Bony*
Camille Ratledge continued her assaulton them,"Whitmire said."But you go out thereto ,. ,
Freshman center Jen-
the UF and Southeastern Conference update. win, and tonight we lost. But take away UF ((58)) Rattodg 1-" 0-0 14. Wttunpoon 7-24 0-3 14,
record books during the break,breakingher nifer Montgomery of Roswell, Ga., has those few minutes (On the first halt) andwe're Washington S-7 2-2 10. Smith 2-9 2-4 S, McGhee 2-31-0 4. GhsMM
own school record for assists in a been redshirted for the season,Whitmiresaid. talking a close game." 0-OMOTotah2M44.10S8 0-0 0. Brown 0-10-0 0. Lang. 34 0-16 WWI 2-3 0-0 4, Barlow

game with 16 and vaulting into third placeon Montgomery's redshirt is of the Halt",*-31-20 TtMM-poM pals-GtorglillOnt,UF 4-13
UF ((9-3 overall, 0-1 in the SEC) actually
because of complications (RalMg2-4.Witti ,
the IsE medical variety, npooiiO-Waihlnglon2-4)) FouMoul-Ung
SEC list at 697. Ratledge
career from offseason knee surgery outscored Georgia for the first 19:47: of the WaWin on. Wttlnrapoon./ ToM i (cult Georgia 11, UF 26 ft*
pace to break the mark of 767, held arising second half,but only could watch helplesslyas UIICII-Georgia:It(FOld 11)),UF 31(Smith 8)).AMIIta-GIofgIa 41
Tennessee's Dawn Marsh, In' her Ha/dnwn( 3)), UF 14 (RatMp 6)). Technical feub-norm A-
the Lady Bulldogs sank four free throws 11"

... _-_ .. -- .... .... ... .' ... .



Diverse group to help Spurrier coach Gators .uu I IBy

a super job here and his defenses have been Feb. 15,when recruiting season !over.The Spurrier was head coach for the USFL's
MIKE DAME highly ranked, and I know there's a lot of national signing day for letters-of-intent is Tampa Bay Bandits from 1983-85, when he
Alligator Staff Writer college coaches out there that are going to Feb. 14. got to know Bates as a coach.

New UF football coach Steve Spurrier has be calling him real soon to hire him." UF recruiting coordinator Jim Goodman Rounding out the defensive coaching staff

hired a staff filled with former coaching In fact, Notre Dame coach Lou Holtz currently is listed as an assistant coach so are Jerry Anderson, defensive tackles; Bob
associates and Gators players to lead the interviewed Darnell on Friday for the Irish's he can travel while recruiting and stay Sanders, defensive ends; and Tim Marcumand
team into the 1990s. vacant defensive coordinator job. The posi- within NCAA rules. When the recruiting Jim Collins, linebackers.

But former interim head coach Gary tion opened when Barry Alvarez left Notre season ends, Reaves will replace Goodmanon Anderson, 44, is the lone returnee from
Darnell, who shaped the Gators into the Dame to become head coach at Wisconsin. the staff. Goodman will move to an ad- UF's 1989 staff. The special teams and tight

nation's second-rated defense this season, Spurrier has brought a mixed crew to UF. ministrative position. ends coach this past season, Anderson was
will not be part of Spurrier's first coachingstaff Of his nine assistants, two have virtually no The NCAA allows a Division I football teammates with Spurrier in the mid 1960s.

at UF. Darnell's former duties as defensive coaching experience, four coached in the team only nine full-time assistant coaches, Collins and Sanders, both 35, are two of
coordinator will be assumed by Jim United States Football League and/or the and only they are allowed to travel while four coaches Spurrier brought with him
Bates, the linebackers coach at Tennesseethis Arena Football League and three have only recruiting. from Duke,where he coached the past three

past season."I collegiate coaching experience. Bates, 43,who also will serve as Spurrier's seasons. The pair served as Spurrier's co-
had told him earlier that I didn't knowif Former Gators John Reaves, 39, and defensive secondary coach, comes to UF defensive coordinators and also worked
it would work out and that I had another Dwayne Dixon, 27, have a combined one with experience at nearly every coaching with the linebackers this past season, their
guy in mind," said Spurrier, who will serveas year of coaching experience, as Reaves level. From high school to professional, third with Spurrier.
his own offensive coordinator and quarterbacks served as a volunteer coach at Lakeland Bates has held 11 coaching jobs in seven Marcum, an accomplished Arena league
coach. "But in the meantime, I Evangel Christian last season. Dixon moves states during the past 20 years. coach, rounds out the defensive staff. For
think Gary just felt it was best for him to over from UF's Office of Student Life to Like Spurrier, Bates' logged time as a the past two years, Marcum served as head
maybe go work somewhere else." coach receivers. coach in the USFL, where he served as coach of the Detroit Drive, leading them to

My job is to put the best nine togetherthat Reaves who will coach tight ends and defensive coordinator for the San Antonio the league title both seasons. In 1987, he
that do. assist in his in 1984. Bates became the
share the same thoughts I I've Spurrier quarterbackcoachingduties Gunslingers see Assistants, page 17
really never coached with Gary. He's done won't officially join the staff until Gunslingers' head coach in 1985. ...

Dawg-gone it! UF Kerr out

I rips Georgia 9769By 4.1A with torn

DAN STIFFLER have the intensity, we are a hard tendonAlligator
team to beat.
Alligator Staff Writer
And the renewed intensity came
The UF basketball team knew it from a seldom-used item in the Staff Report

had the mettle to win and wantedto Gators'repertoire:the bench. UFs UF gymnast Janice Kerr, a se-
prove it. To their fans, to the reserves outscored Georgia's 38- nior All-America from Thornhill,
rest of the league, and most 15 and outrebounded them 17-4. Ontario, tore her left Achilles ten
importantly to themselves. Sophomore Tim Turner led the don during practice Thursday and
Coming off their worst perfor- charge with career highs in points will miss the 1990 season, team
mance of the season, a 75-60 loss ((8)), rebounds ((6)) and assists ((3)). y officials said.
to Ole Miss on national television Sophomore Brian Hogan hit four
Kerr, who has been plagued by
Tuesday night, the Gators had to of five three-point shots to finish ankle injuries during her career,
make a change. Coach Don DeVoe with 12 points. Former P.K. Yonge said Saturday she plans to end her
shuffled the lineup heading into standout Willie Jackson added five AN career altogether.

Saturday's game against Georgia, points. Team physician Dr. Pete In-
awarding freshmen Hosie "We went with some people who delicato is scheduled to perform
Grimsley and Stacey Poole their gave us their fruits of the labor this reconstructive surgery on Kerr
first career starts. week," DeVoe said. "People came today at Shands Hospital.
And the change in the Gators "
and people contributed.
second UF
Kerr is the gymnastto
sent the Bulldogs back to Athens,
The Gators sent the Bulldogs to suffer
Ga. with their tails between their a season-ending injury
the pound early by dominating the during the offseason. Lynette
boards and tenacious de-
legs.UF playing
Wittmeier suffered major damageto
dominated both ends of the
fense. UF made 11 steals while her left
knee in December.Kerr .
court in a 97-69 thrashing of South- holding Georgia to 39 percent
earned the All-
Conference-rival a spot on
eastern Georgia shooting.
j 1 .before an O'Connell Center crowd Georgia's Alec Kessler, named Southeastern Conference squad
the while taking
past seasons,
1 of 7,112. SEC Player of the Month for December All-America honors in the all-
"Hopefully we will be able to scored just three points in
around and floor exercises in 1988.
look back in a couple of months the first half and was held to 17 ," &1
She claimed the NCAA AllSoutheast -
and point to this game as the turn- points nearly five points below '
Region all-around title in 1987
ing point," DeVoe said. his 4-for-14 shoot SUZETTE COOK -ALLIGATOR
; on
UF forward and 1988. Kerr owns the UF recordfor
Even Georgia coach Hugh Durham ing. Guard Litterial Green was Livingston grabs a rebound during the Gators'
i 97-69 the uneven bars with a mark of
victory Saturday over Georgia.But
noticed the change. held to 12 points, going 3-for-9. 9.90.

"That's not the same team that On the offensive end,only fresh UFs largest margin of victory 18 with 8:26: left in the game, then
j played in Oxford (Miss.)," he said. man James Lee failed to score as in a conference game in three the Gators came to life. Poole,who Dolphins owner
"They realized that you can't play the Gators shot 55 percent from years 28 points was a com- started in place of Davis, sparkeda
"in the SEC unless you're ready to the floor and outrebounded Geor- plete turnaround from the 15pointloss 12-point run with a tip-in while dead at 73
play. gia 43-30. at Ole Miss. the bench scored the next 10

After the Gators ((5-4 overall, 1-1 "Everybody was into it," said "We've' always had trouble in points. MIAMI (UPI) Joe
in the SEC) received the poundingat forward Livingston Chatman, who Mississippi," said center Dwayne Jackson nailed a threepointerand Robbie, owner of the Miami
the hands of Ole Miss, DeVoe led the Gators with a season-high Schintzius, who scored 16 points made a layup, and Turner fin- Dolphins since their inceptionin
told his team the players who 22 points and a team-high eight and pulled down seven rebounds. ished the run by taking down an the 1960s, died late Sunday
themselves would be rewarded best players on the team to the end lot more intensity. Hopefully that back in as UF built a 47-28 halftime
with playing time Saturday.The of the bench. Everyone contrib- (losing) will never happen again. lead.UF Robbie had been battling an
team responded. Twelve uted." The Gators jumped out to a 22-7 outscored Georgia 6-2 to undisclosed illness for several

players scored points and played It was far from a perfect game lead in the first seven minutes of start the second half and Hogan months."I .

with the intensity they lacked in for the Gators,who at times looked the game despite missing starting put the nail in the coffin by hitting it serious
was aware was a
the two weeks. ready to forward Dwayne Davis who three three-pointers in sixminute
past open up a bakery as they a illness, but it still comes as a
"We focused on it a lot in the made every turnover imaginable. played only 11 minutes because ofa span. shock,"said Coach Don Shula.
last week of practice," guard UF turned the ball over 23 timesto sprained right ankle.
see Gators, 17
Renaldo Garcia said. "When we Georgia's 22. Georgia whittled the lead to 26- page

-........-- -. ,