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Group Title: first Christmas for our dear little ones
Title: The first Christmas, in fifteen pictures, for our dear little ones
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Title: The first Christmas, in fifteen pictures, for our dear little ones
Physical Description: Book
Creator: Gilbert, Rosa M.
Publisher: Frederick Pustet
Place of Publication: Cincinnati
New York
Ratisbon (Germany)
Publication Date: 1875
Copyright Date: 1875
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Volume ID: VID00001
Source Institution: University of Florida
Holding Location: University of Florida
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* >'. Te

"* L |-. "r


-E 11 EE R *I puIICT
S n:4- ,

S ,;


The Baldwin Library
21 1110Of

S. --- . The

., for



With fifteen pictures, painted by L. DIEFENBACIH
richly executed in Xylography by II. KNOEFLER.

Ratisbon, New York and Cincinnati, O

tC~- I

Entered, naeording to Act of congress in the year 1875, l)y
of the firm of Fr. Pustet
in the Office of the librarian of congresss at Washiiigtol, I). C.

*- = , ( '" "
, '' .- : : ,

-: .. ~ -I' "
C-' -. -9

"" I l t I

t' I
-' ,'r" --

And up in the glory of heaven
Sing it the whole day long.

And hearing so lovely a ditty And I think that all little
'Il l~n, \\ :s U ,I I,, .. ... .11'

And u11 in the glory of heaven
4. Sing it the whole day long. 5.
And hearing so lovely a ditty And I think that all little
Have wound it up with their children,
notes So sweet that the thrush and blackbird E'en the tiniest baby thing,
To give it to us in warbling While winging across the sky May learn this song that the
Of joy from their musical Have caught the song from the angels, angels
throats. Dropping down from on high. Are teaching the birds to sing.

o w --., i ii, ,; o t - - - l ,


S I I. !. k. I

LiFor One wa from a cam fro il: Gd I.

.t...,rone 0 bird .a ... .little il. 1. s in
"To save t "ll children of 'is _o\. 1- n- ..

Sweet i to earth from i.hest 1s i b doe! is be
.L L .' ".

Of tears that should be w et no moreenl

,-]e THAlidst fros tie nt l T Lh ill te thy h(b, son!f..
__) irtl and littl 1.11.. : sin.

linct aywas t m cartl ro m highest Ilis ill be tone! Iis will be
af t...s t"at sladl o d i ,e -n-e t no men l

And sin t h rnhtl:lhle nlll( hr itbd foaiin tn.

* ... 7+ .......


!|i' ".1 i '' 1 -
i I,, +I. iI'

I i i F1 I iIj I ii I
. ii -- - "
.1 H 1 1 1. l II u j

.\ r,,I t, ,,,h 1 .. h.. I I h .. I -I, I,,

S I I I n l l t' II ": + '
\,,~~~~ F a' ,]h i, , ii...- ..
-- _ ,


1 of read,

... lar of the earth is fed,

I w li hath struck its root!

A m mid-igit d-1 to day.

Amid the light an anugel s1to' ior unto you a chiis is given
wordsI 1:1 vh came forth to glean!

"ow fear not, simple mn," lie cried. And mighty words have come to pa d,

"But hear my tidings sweet and goo Go see te living Lord of heeavnrthisfd,
And spread them far and wile.' leside the patient ass"'

SI .. --

1 I 2 1 1

(Ilory to im 11

And peace to men G(ood little children
Who dwell in love. Hatrk ind hear
For these shall soar At last the mnusic sftly dies. Thle Anucls invi
To bliss above! The gorvy pale- on hill and plain. So sw ct and cl],ari
And .,I clouds frln Patradise
Receive the angels back again

I -_ _- _,

I0 k' n ld seek Him
\nId : 11- iifn l'v ] ro ury 1
l wl; tronim tn' -i rrI(.('dl c A Imi( I I..\ I' r l m } :\; > lIwr lh !
Ami ur-, 'In'm ln oa ir: idui \hm uI ( l r I;i 1 ln du ])cd.
A ow(1hlrli! I In I-]] tnhe Sod A :o t~wl,\ n .mi *Iar'] intil \'licJ)sLi ;oalinuiv yl
Tl he li\ i) Sn ini an il il r i* y Tho" 1 en lild ]( hw llow hill \ i 1 tli onldrol- n1\ttrY
"1 --lL t ? lll OX,1 Mild
-. _-.d
J _- ,, = _


." 1 .
-, i N / wav in the distant east

A mystic star is gleaming.
",'_ 7 God ca n we e dreaming
Or is it the S;viour's crest?"

S So king speaks mlto iing -
Three men of holy learning.
Their hearts Nwithin them burning
To see this splendid thing.

Long have the. watched and

Foretold in sacred story.
And are not now alfai d.

But leaving their eastern hIome
Led bL the radiant beacon.
Their great M essiali seeking.
To Juda they are come.

-A -' Rich gifts are in each hand. -
Snweet spice and golden treasure
"With love beyond all measure
The hear to the stranger's land.
a ~ ~ i

I -.


"For e :lve tiM 'lil f"r
i To li' n virilp by I li. il

Atoo l Vol ,it i r i itl oiirio ant
T, O att.s Ii .r, !.
) vi fie .

I l
I I 'i i ''

it Y.

Sl i U' ,I I

i i i I. ol 'iii iiI.
ii. kl i ;

Wit 1 0lit t ii i m,,d Ja, li
joyfl ten., 1 I ho 1(1 'At

Al.d li.t1. t ok.. :" P e eli. k iI P- .1(

And I,, with ti'. ilinu ai'
Thi.__ p io .wh v 'f.l:' ,


0 Joseph, rise in haste
And lead her by the hand
Through bloom and over waste
,* And into Egypt's land. '
Then wake her tenderly _ur Mother wakes to hear_
And bid her quickly come, 3 What fill-s her heart with fear:
And heaven will find for thee For Herod seeks the child And close her Babe is pressed
A shelter and a home. With purpose fierce and wild. Against her heating breast.
And soldiers range abroad
Who strive to slay their God.

U Joseph, rise in haste
And lead lher by the hand
Through bloom and over waste
41. rind into Egypt's land. "
Then wake her teniderlyI ()nr Mother wakes to lhear
And bid her quickly conie, 3. \What fills her heart with fear:
And heaven will find foro thee For Herod seeks the child And close her Batbe is pressed
A shelter and a home. With !Iurpose fierce and wild. Against her heating breast.
.\nd soldiers range abroad
YIho strive to slay their God.


S"- / i .
- ,' .i i ,

..-- -t ,- ,

Water sweet from the rock out- 2. Then up with the sun and awa
burst 'Now in the glow of an evening calmn again
Drips in a shell to ase their Now in the glow of an evening calm Into the flush o the ..
Sthir i They rest neathh the shade of a spread- plain, -
Angels lurk in the scented trees ing palm; With the patient ft of the lov-f
Lulling tieirLordwith melodies: oseph hbath tenderly plucked and laid Bearing them over each rugged
Sacred stars from their midnight Fragrant leaves for our Saviour's bed, pass;
thrones And gathered dates for a supper fair And now at last doth their Jou
Wt ne::..y cease
Watch o'er the sleep of Gods Which lie and our Mother will gladl] Where safe from the tyrant th
holy ones. share, rest in peac
hloly onles. share, rest "lll peae"

ith gentle stp and lovely face
She enters in the sacred place,
. ,. .I
S.i i' beauteous Babe is on her breast. '

i'I. I ,.

Two turtle doves beside them rest:

0 who is tiis fair MotherI
i ,

",Now can th servant die. Lord.
Sh ent t cre

SSee Simeon quit itant

Two turtle doves beside them rtS

To on i0d so fair who ispoorly dothis faiour Mother live? Call
Sod te after s s on oriin
Sinieon it hi stant Now n servant die. Lord.

He bidls both h even and earth This .11.i r- for His only son Will draw the souls of imen to

From ini"ait- yes. out-beaming. The child of want and poverty. "Amen!" said Anna sighing.
lie ses the (odhead leading. "nOur God hlath heard our cry in

I I )1

--. I ,. -. '. .

int t earts f Mary and Joseph

hear ?inl poin r. throi". Mntlr t-ndL-r
", IJess stands in t t T ple

ir hrt eive it a earnedpatriar a, And quiin th o i

li t ii It s til thron". M othI I.t ad
t i l tlI from ti l hii Xii outi ahil- hie Doi to

holy wonder 1Who stare at the Iov s so sweet and Father's splendour
'it' l-lilt iln Hi evye is the simple Travels with her to their lioil
uln oIi Truthi. That bringetlth tle news -from ieyonid tlome.
the skies.
; a]' 'tli lnl~i ]] -

i' I

Ani perfume 1 ho air:

Then in Iminility 1. S,,. *uch bloom Nas ievA(,, s,1 1,for1 T 1s "weetlY teiluld H All tjli d(
Be worked with Joliph too As ,Il1oj aml there. 1 util the fvcnili- (lim.
Ani Icarned to use thj mea- 0 little children. .,rwl n pr;v
, iw-" line And CVITV morn (,,ir ,(jil wjuil That you he likc to Mi1in!
And saw ft.e timber throl- h. is pitk er l 1ri l a fn i11
r I

Fr(,n ouit the ftouinalSnil t anild god
Thal t huilljl(,dI 'nou i; t. luil.

"I .-,- ...vi,, I E, ,.

-4 -- -- ----- -

n,, rh,,,r ,,,,, ,

.',I lh i d u *I i l .

4. '(To hear the dreadful word
Till ll.l her heart with peace- That all the little babes were slain
iful joy 1 lferod't cruel sword. At la In spite of toil nii care To IIgide them as lbifore:
As looked she on the wciio(roin 3. '.() l iqe ani coint ( to Nazareth -
oy 1 .t.t bIloomed her ,Jcsn- at her knie Thle tyrant is no more!"
So safely sinilino' theirr. lovin lipd na
And sweet(ri gl yw as -,1 .,1
The 1itmomentst went and enime.

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