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 The Golliwogg's Fox-Hunt
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The Golliwogg's fox-hunt
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Title: The Golliwogg's fox-hunt
Physical Description: 66 p. : col. ill. ; 22 x 29 cm.
Language: English
Creator: Upton, Bertha, 1849-1912
Upton, Florence K ( Florence Kate ), 1873-1922 ( Illustrator )
Longmans, Green, and Co ( Publisher )
Publisher: Longmans, Green
Place of Publication: London ;
New York
Publication Date: [1905?]
Subjects / Keywords: Dolls -- Juvenile fiction   ( lcsh )
Black dolls -- Juvenile fiction   ( lcsh )
Fox hunting -- Juvenile fiction   ( lcsh )
Children's poetry -- 1905
Bldn -- 1905
Genre: Children's poetry
novel   ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage: United States -- New York -- New York
England -- London
India -- Bombay
Statement of Responsibility: pictures by Florence K. Upton, verses by Bertha Upton.
General Note: First ed. published 1905, undated. Cf. BMC.
General Note: In verse.
General Note: Imprint also notes publisher's location in Bombay.
Funding: Preservation and Access for American and British Children's Literature, 1870-1889 (NEH PA-50860-00).
 Record Information
Source Institution: University of Florida
Holding Location: Baldwin Library of Historical Children's Literature in the Department of Special Collections and Area Studies, George A. Smathers Libraries, University of Florida
Rights Management: All rights reserved, Board of Trustees of the University of Florida.
Resource Identifier: aleph - 002116584
oclc - 29848869
notis - AKV6289
System ID: UF00028116:00001
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y.'~---r-- --- '- c -- ". " "~ " "- ---- "- '*"" ~ '- .- " w ". ~ -- ** '*- " : " " "The Baldwin LibraryQmP UnivnitvPl oridt~y *. -- .' ^___. --


i :I"

a.^\7 '4 2^^^ &lt;:- /* ,it/Ecr/S BY T SLO BLONGAoANS, GRENAy &amp; Co., LONDO /VAw YoRK&amp; BOMBAY

"CSally -to tark away Girls, isnr it great!Be prepared for a hr\t ir fire Style,-aid a woirderful rur\ across cour\try, you know;Ori 5uc\ nouTr\ as should rrmake you all srnile!See! L is pack is rer\owrked, all first prize,ar\d I'rr proudo5 be masterr of f\ourds irk sackl case;Ir\spechiqg Eke lerrkels corres first or our list,5es tLhis lodgirl8-h(ouse is a fire place.N Now, \id4et,rererrnber, we dor( call tKerr\ oos,"6hey are hounds or these betchkes row si ttirfqrd ir coupes It\ey couqt, rot ir pairs,my dear child-Well, I'll teac you saclh terrors as are fittirZg2

AmokI prrZ E t R PRIZE II &lt;PRI I E* i)#

For "lots nrore oatrreal Pegy callsT-o rxi ble-footed Weg;So me rice, lear flesK from butcher's s opIs carried in by /%eI."CKe o\rorkser coppers steatr, away'ls l)idiet stocks fle fireFirst n\eal, t er fleje5 PeAg rikxe5 irN1K Se stirs, por Seerrs to tire.AJ drenchiny-Aorn 6pon bhe Wvallflelps dose tLhe ourds Alern. ill,Ar\d bo~tleS or\ bEhe 5tore-roor n'5helfSWitk rredicireS bl ey fill.4

1 0S/.o_ (_ 4...

Said /Le., "this breaker's excellentFor nixxiS ilp tf\eir "doffI"'31 little more n\eal-puddig, Weg,ogFkose hounds rust \ave er\ougDear tXidget, do you JfiTd it rgKt'4s to tl\e teiqperature?Dorqt tunrble ir\, I pray, altkougK,Pour test nrigtl be rrore sure.6 o get inside their feedilg- roomOhke ohur\ds car \ hardly wait,"I'rrl hurryirg, Gadfly!" .leg cosole7,_-5- your dir\rer worit be late.6

i*_'is ;-II (I.1 J1 _- i3 *O a BIIo

Politer\es5 kere bright draw a Veil,Or ever\ close a door,While Xeg lies ir\ tKe feed S- troujh- rld PJVidet or\ the floor.Sl\e lournd5 all Waitir\g ir\ the yardFor the apliftia latch5h\at SurrxorN5 tlker\ to eat tIeir foodWit\ relish ar\d despatcl\----------

flear wit\ diam-y (AeAs cKolkjn cry,tier call for Golliwogdlo Irft 1er out before s5e drownrsIr\ suc arn oaLrreal boA.Irvvolur\bary iS h\e snileWeg vairjly tries to hide,Bub Golliwog wibh deep cor\cern\\ !/ Bou i,5 \\bly to \er side.\ /T^^ \ ^aoBP '^ v / 9

jj- .-d((a

"Frowk crowr Lo Sole [fey rub \er dry,flrqd 6L ouh a loLt I spilled,e p\e pack, ink lir\e, wiLK 5errs alof5eenr sure of geUt J filled.'f6er\ Golliwogg calls eack by \ame:"CrasKer acrd Das er, corr\e !5nrr\asker arvd Poarer Gorer ar\d Borer !Sour real is surely dore!"Mowler arcd Growler! core, nrarc out !^Yoare certair\ljy not lear,BuE Gadfly wair\s az\ extra feedv 11

.. 4407-o k c o /IO 0, ~~_ ~~ l~l n Barp-

/ I\^\e fourd 5 fave all beern exercised,Well .roorr\ed L\e dappled rare,t\Ard YidjeL barkdages \er les ^Wi\ perfecE sAlll arkd care.Pacific Ereabrr\erkt Silky r\eeds,yec El\irs \ad balance KepE\f or\ly Peg8y, or\e-idead,fad r\oticed where s\e sept.13

S/JS(* IIaao \i1. ...j

ber clun\sy feet tF\e barxdaee cafgtWichv caused a _erkeral spill,frnd, bob for active Golliwog,i\he h^idget iad fared ill.Girls, carrots, pail,, ard Lorse's hoofsfire soor it\ hopeless turwble,ne mare er\igh rIave a score oJ le0s9o brir\g abolti sUcK jirable.15

../'/ /.. 5. ,..- /o.97-rFi

At r\ihKt tLe Golliwog set fort\kWiCK lar\teri\, pick ar\d spade,(o fill with fajots, stones an\d earth\c5 e Foles Ehke fox had rrade:'Said ee,"Ea( Ikrave i5 row abroadKlli r\i \e farrr\er5' c icls,y 5 oppirg up flis every doorWe'll puit i i\ a fix;"For, wken across he ills we come/"Wib ht urIerj Fodds aiRd orgr,)e cart rirt Noree-well ave tiF\ fast,fe'll wis \e'd re'er beer borrn.17

i i!_ ../j.. .-,. .+'.. /)4~ ~

"Fair ores! kovw beautiful you look!5 is is a /Aeet iRdeed !Sck perfect riLs I'rrL qcite cor)irqcedh5e season's style rrmst lead !Our lur\ters, all ir\ spler\did fornr,Ir paberk, paw Ut e 5rouro d,JYo loE 1E ey'll Larry wv err y blastFror silver rorr I soa.rd.'is a proud rrorre ar\d X'rr s5lreSuccess will crovWr\ oUr day,Corne, let s off to fird a fox! -flarl Lo ry ryote!Lwayy x'19

C\U ;;r ; .a: -1 1j;Y/ .. --7:I\I`"

'+oQ lad I an\ we're n\3?irg off!"Said Peg to Sar a Jarne,Ed kouhK n y habit is adrrired,I s\all \ ot rola ke re !air.I Eihr^ of all oUr pa hirme5 4ay,I love its or\e b\e best,And is nE Golliwo^ a dear !In \Urqir\j coshurmre drestiYNov2 dori forget one Ltg, dear .irl,Ij f irOt te foxyoU spy,ViM all tte lue g haIt yo0 poses, 2fo "Tal y-o!" usv cry !21

I? Iit d \i i1f ?.L uf \. \1 \I \ I '" / \r*aG. I,//[.\a~g n \ i / /\~i \ \

1Tal ly-ho0-'tis Aid4et sees hi first,"fHer shrill cries reid the air,"Conre h\ourds! com\e all! the fox is four !We've roused hin frork hi lair !!'jNovv, at ht\e s out, "Hie's ,orwe avay!"IX\ full cjy corrie Lke hourqd,i5\e \oble hurEers fairly fly,K e jMidet movej in bonds !r\arled Ae^M-"T e fox Fas 8or\e aa~y,5 e Fkolrds \a6&amp;e passed a0 by,Geb up, flobspur or we'll be late,A\rd E eny vEith s kae '11 I die!"23

^\0~ ^^ -' --^ $t^-*cOcldoo

Ware wire / 'ware wire/ eir leader cries,"Ifeir\ ir, dear 9irls, I beg !go core a cropper is ro joke,'Ware w/re/ 'ware w/re, 4ood Peg !"Allas! boo la e e is Warrivg cry,Ct9 ey did "r\ot corrwpre herdd:Ro r0retpd irrarks Eeir \a5y fall,SI oeir bores Sood luck defend !26

I i ,_I I .7 0.uS...i".';" 't-\,~r ,\ " .Ilei~ ~lli~At

"Poor 56Lc y, reshirg orV her head,Parbs out her iqjdred noar,WIile Jle orl fMotspur, (qjife inhact,)Enribs a startilii qroar ;-/I _roark so deep, .o a orized,tier Sijfferir corrrade rise'o cabcK ter ere 5te fairjij, fall,WiKE syrqpat ehic i\s.28

,1// JJ'3V... "- -- .. i iSi -,dt,,-ra "fO O~k~l~ ~:

ey ir^ for v aLer froA t\e brook,Smrrall \eed Lo 'selves Ltey pay;,' vas 056ky really fared hke v2orst,tier head ac\ed all E\at day." h\ese acciderE we ausCt robL rrnird,BuL lear r js5E looW to fall,"Said GollivWog, "ard luckilyWe are ro kurb aE all."306-^^ ^,,"'- ,....L^.^ ^ ME-s^SSS 1 'I SO

r\\i c:' k '\IJcr (C: riA I I" i`I IPr ''1\1,I rrEz f'`%IF i:;''- ` "?,,i ij,. : ...'i

^9\ey sootKe Ekeir \orse3, smnooEfc L(ei'r clothes,lqr\d wiIk all speed remour1b,B3u oSara s Kurkber,'iln Way"j5ir&amp;5 horteyed words do(t court;^iEou4 arah c irrups tenrderly,t\r\d Whispers irn er ear,"Corrie! Mily Way, dor' Erernble so,Sere's ot ir you reed fear!We'll t]aVe a care irj fiutre, rkow,Of wire, ard tedqe an d orse,So l oldyour preEfy head Up stramf'\qa 's rig8 We're off -hood horie!"32


9Pegasas-like 9e flies a brook"gir\ce Li Effoot wvllijr 5eern ,i t \is is ur1i i sood ootooe sods I liVe in dreary 5!"i n -j burners Ve, her eyes half closed,Ecjiahic, free of fear,\I Jd4 lar\dir. 5afe or furtl.er Side,"Fir\d5 r^ot oir o l of gear.34

v eWGib.IN

Bcl.t 5uly, followvi close bel1mdDeclire5 o n\a e Uke leap,3fe seenris Lo Say, .)ou take tke brookI fi d it rrnuch too s5eep.'fIad Golliwoqg beer en rapport'Wit e5llky's s56ddern nricld,qe botforr of UkaL rreeadowv brookf 1ad Karder beer\ to fird.36

etii .sLB lfgi" r -o 5,i t"'-.P;1.. I-c ....osS\t, ae iF jr-. F " ;i "i 3i`C

iov) wve _vou are, dear Golliwog !Cried syrrpathetic PeS,I really ope you are otL urt,D)o bell as trae, I be !""Sock l:ir\s rqu,\L oft:erV Lapper, t otip hreflected SaraK Jaree,"'vxill. ioI be lo. before you're dry3rId v2e are off a4aiA"h e ad rot r oticed ELaE CWo jEeedjWere almost oLi of sji\ ,So fcoro oluhy absorbed vaJ s)\eIr Gollivogg3 rnoi:st pligtb.338

\ \\\-L /i

)Yow )Aidqet, oi I\e /i y A\iteWas bririi adp the rear]JrI i rorarbt of acciderE6o Golliwvog jo dear.Qer actiVe brair\, wlile povideriri,Xad lUrr\ed tLe ir^ abodt;N Were ruL5et fox ar d ooLrKds ad o40re^ Ske a Eaned Lo fird oI0.40

fier eye ih s6rewxd, her pory fresh^So, Eravxersir c a lar\eSe lkrb5s a cope ar\d 5oor1 oI9hye operv field agair\./Ar&amp;azed, sfe seej ELke rdrFavQays,Solk aryd \i!ly WhEIe,V Whose bridle reirs s5e deflly falaJT4d 5sop tLKeir furtb er flij:.

:- 4asa '.r I,I' Y-,/ /1//d/ '"~~rr I~P"a~g~~~ BBF:;///'

le sh\puts, artd sooV h\er frier\dj appearWho praiSe 5schk Eouh E ar\d 5il,EFeR, ridiro ory, [k\ey firyd Efke packBeoir\d a vWooded \ill."See! See! LEe fox ha5 0oe to qrourqd!"-6ey sirrultargeous cry,Ar\d AidetL:, irs5 to reacK kEhe holeLau3 5,- 'a, old fox! spy!43

sl.a,i\\I \j.58'1' ,O.; Irp -- Ii- 5

"I'll beard jou ir 2yoir darksowre dern.Ar\d driVe you out!" cried she;"Pra"y old fimr fast, dear Golliwog,If e Ks would get past \e.!j3reatle35 th ey koel abouLt te hole,Eact or\e witki kar\ds clasped liSkt@renr bliri for t\at explorer bold,their lille rrkidskipnwiLe.45

(r p -Y\ LZI* I\

c5oor\ a hair-raijir soiord ij Keard !A vdild, eartK- 5catL'rifi rdsIAs rr\asl of rIori\5er fox appearsWiLtk PidQe E at Ehe brEse.Uo b erir e seerred fall E bree miles 10oI,^h ey 5swooied to lefE argd riht,Jlr\d ere Uliey Ver\hLred e'er\ to peep,J3i fox vas out of si ..t. 0"47

_/-))d K("-1ft-.. .I -r'

s -NoW, ramlyi/ Eeir scattered vit',Jlairv Eley fly lo norse,Scarce kotirh 'Ets a urrip field /Fehey Ve ^ot lJalf vwy acro-.T\he ow'r er5 rnauIe is JolliboyAr\d qoicky [Eey decideG\e IVdly soul Aill Irever rrJi dIf o'er ^is lard tEey ride."Hi tt\ere! yoo trespa55erS! reirl up!"If\ Ur\der tolr e it carnReFror dreadful Farrrer JolliboyW[ose look belie his rnme.49


4oU tfou)hJ thaL vih nMwy pleasant ra rr\ejly crops you could destroy ?yfay, ray! la\ far fromi, pleased, althobi4kI'k Farrer Jolliboy;I'll h ae E le lav abpork yoU all !- W hat's Efts tyat you've beer told ?Well, ij I leE yoi off 1\5 \ie -\! Arq! es5!- Gold is / old.""fl bold, bad farJe" ke \id4et fJrined,"We did hi5 crops r\o rarnk,Our GollivoSg _av2e sold erkodKo 0buy is Lire5orre farnr!"'51

SI f'74t i\ j /4/ II.z,, I,///

Vexed o'er Eine lost they galloped or,Peg's gaze werv\ far a eadJor saw E\e o\ole i V 5sarr\py SroutrdCoWards xhick er hLdrter sped.Frorr LjS ifool'3 back st\e s izzed h ro' pace,As arrow' frorrm hle bow';Sae saW E\e frogs ard srbcdk Uke 5sclr,he erk settled dov\ry below.53


'Falf ckoped s\e rose all reed bedecked,TKerv fairted dead avy,Like poor Opheelia stiff arid starkUlpor1 t\e qroird se lay.Said /Aid e, all irrtpatiercee, "orre!yolr ra6s 'you'd best bestride,LeaNve me to brijr h\er Eo!" anrd her"b\0o onv 5o orQ" ske cried.%Ard Peqgie cjqiclly rallied terk6 l\e fold f\ey'd be left oot -""0o be irn at Ehe deatK, Peq, core!Sey followed Wit\ a S\odt.55

*1 %-" ~ '* ^&lt;^.,, " c.3..M~' ,/'J) ~/

"We've _ob linQ!" /Aidget breatFless s rieks,"We've _got ti1! Go it,JFithe!"or\Eter ar\d our\d scarce toucl\ [Ke _rour\dWiL fox'5 br14K in 5i^N^"WAoop-/a! 'Us or0e covcerLed screanr-6e Koor\d5 parkE \ard ard fas,he hurters' rosril5 fairly stearr,0e aarr\e is b eirs at. la b!57

"0 Peyr\ard t \oit a 5portsrrar\ ErlieI loat\e jour life to Eake,3eE, VavQe yoar brLJ I anst arid WillFor ittle Sara hs saKe,"yot 5 so, qciotf^ I eyr\ard, Pl\der breath,"WiK lKaf I disagree,I'r Qgeftti qbite tke bes5 of jou,\aks tho E\is ollovw Eree"58

!FinlC3r9r'::Ib-riC"`.. i ''iI:r:j B)1)

fis coin of varag.e rot qcbite reack\ed,Gave Gollivoqg ore Fope -le seized ElIe brash witk bothk is harkds,,s 'E were a da li. rope:Fierce EuB of var! botl side pulled hard,t\ey polled xitLh all fEeir rnigt.,'4ern\ obt caqne bail arjd in ver6t fox.Li e nja-ic, oLit of jht !60

.7,'., u/ // g _% ^/ / '':

,Jowv, wl\ile tchey ,azed, all operrrnouLhled,Or l\o(f \t ho clinrb Eke Eree,jA braVe st5rwp-orator appeared,JArd fronr safe eeiLt spoKe \e:"l4e faire3jt naid j.all axe ry brashjAr\d here h\e virked ar eye,Ui, for I Ete natter of r. y rras5kJBest l\ae another Ery.Joi see I aVe odtlitted ,yoi,(lay reptlEatior's saved( io' rot iqy br5sh\!) -ta, dear friervd3,OLe layt sad rites are Qaivxed"62

(0C7~ IIA~

"Well! after all, 1' l really ladWe didli i~ll h1a1 fjox!?9K ree ckeer5 for little caral cJar\e,$ \e' _ot Et e sardw ich box.flow o Sourd fhe rrerry ijter's horn" ko eep oair ra s aWake,Sirrak for fox! \urrah\ for ourd!J3E, Girls! rrkae n\o mrska e -64

*zL ;+;1&amp; 1!% ,V jr IjIZ'F'r I :"5iF IgD_wr c, I I W P I Ppms iprl d raa%9rY ;Ide I ir -Ird B i;tL ; .fC\\o

ile loudest cheer I raise for you,Ir\spirers of the case,eayo every Drvi field coktairndciFc coura e blernt With race!aorraI for sport, wlkere'er it be!bfow', blowl a sourndiq blat !For, th ojh4 E4i5s hurj h as beer\ our firjL,It s5lall rot be our laE -al- iar a66



-?-5h 2-5- -f- -- -^,--_ -.: -.. .BRSTLANO'8|Bookselle Sa/ U-nimo IaNow = -.",.